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Full text of "The descendants of William and Elizabeth Tuttle, who came from old to New England in 1635, and settled in New Haven in 1639, with numerous biographical notes and sketches : also, some account of the descendants of John Tuttle, of Ipswich; and Henry Tuthill, of Hingham, Mass."

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JOIIX TUTTj.K, of JJ()A'i:i;. X. I].; JcirTTAKI) Trj'JI.E. OF r.r*>T()x ; JOIIX 


MASS.; TO \Vl]](TI AFFF AITEXDKD < ;F.X !;AL0(;]( 'aL 



"Plato Avas iispil to say: ' Maiiy .^rood laws wiro inaile bnt still one v/as v.anfipf, 
namely — a la%v to \m\ tliose eood laws in execution.' Tims the citizensof London lia\"<- 
erected many fair niotunuents to iierpctuaie tl.cir memories;, hut still there is wanted a 
nioniiinent lo coniir.ue tlie niemorifs of their nmnunienis." 

— F^7/•/■'s IVorthut! of Hn-jiunu. 

I'iMXTF.D AM> rTi;M^ir!:i> \i\ ■ 
Tl'TTLi; A- COMI'AXY, Ol FIMAL mA il. i-JM \T F :;••.. Icr Fi. AX I>, VT. 




Not long; ago it was usual to apologize in the prefnoe for the publication of a geneal- 
ogy. Its molives, objects and uses ^veie luisuiulersstood, not con'prclifn.led, or miscon- 
strued. By many it was attributed to a weak vanity or ]jrid(; of rcLitionsliipb or :in<e>.trv, 
and regarded as a spurious claim to consideration on account of tlie nierits of others i-r 
those who had no merits of their own. A pedigree was sarcastically likened to a potato 
plant, the best part of whicii is under ground. The guneaJugist was regarded us a 
sort of learned ignoramus, of the grovelliug-, dry-as-dust fraternity, whose pursuits and 
acciuisitions were equally uninreresiing and useless It was not understood liow an 
interest could be felt in remote progenitors, or syuipathies be excited by the trials and 
sorrows of people far distant, or long dead. 

A great clumge Las taken pl.-ioe in tliis respect. Now, not only is it perr-iitted to 
trace out our ancestors, to be grateful for the fruits of their labors, to revere their vir- 
tues, and to synipiitluze with their sufferings, but the old ignorance and indifference is 
seen to be connected with certain moral deficiencies or i)er'. ersion-^, suul the n::.n who 
cares nothing for bis forefatliers or kindred, liite him wlio has no music in liis si»ul, is 
fit for treasons, stratj'gems and spoils, and is not to b<^ tru.sted. 

Even wdio iiave no kindly seiitinient in tlu; matter ot genealogy are beginoin-'- 
to apprehend some of its manifold uses and ap])lication.-. 'Die life insaiunce agent lind.s 
a guide in taking his risks. The conveyancer i:> aided in tracing his bind title.-;. The 
lawym- is furni.-hed with facts in cases of medico jarispru'.hince. The tei'.cher may more 
wisely direct his efforts by know' edge of hereditaiy apritiules aiid tendencies. Tiie phv- 
sician may feel more assured of the correctness of his diagnosis of morbid physiolof^-ieal 
conditions. The story v.Tiier ntay find esamijles of loir.ance in real life, and facts' that 
are stranger than liction; the essayist and statistician a mine of facts and fi;>-a*"e:;, ;ind 
the clergyman when called upon to " miiuster to a niinti diseased," may knosv better how 
to ■' pluck from the memory a rooted sorrov. , or cleanse the purged bosom of tliv pr-rijous 
stuff that weighs upon the heart." 

The theories and speculations of Durwin, of Gallon, of Herbert ypencer, of itiboc 
and others, which haw been widely di.sseminated among tlio, have had nuicli to 
do in bringing about this cliange. " Man's natural abilities," says (-lalton in Ilemlitnrt/ 
(jcniiis, " are derived by inheritance uniler exactly the saute linutations asare tiie forms 
and jihysical featurf's of the whole organic world." 

'■ lioth moral and physical qualities are communicated b\ descent far more than 
they are developed by educaliou, and there is no ascertained limit to tlu- noblene.-^s of 
foi'iu and mind which the human cre-ature may attain by persevering obedience to the 
laws of God respecting its birth and training." — Jiu.-<kiii'.'i PvUi'ical Ecoaomij. 

"To come of resjx.-ctai.ile jmi cntage," says Herbert Spencer, "'is prii/ui facie 
evidence of worth in a iiclitf as in a pcr;,on." 

" How shall a man escape from his ancestors," says KmersiMi. These, and niariv 

more that might be (pioted, are broad assertions of a general law that like begets like. 

[ Ttiis law has reci-ived t!n^ name of heredity. Tiie word is not found in comparativelv 

{ recent ediritnts of Webster, tliougii n(r.v in eoinir.ou use umo!!g writers. It will soon be 

I given a place in tl'.e lexicon. The newne.~-s ci the word denotes the newn.-ss of the idea 

fin its eoiicrete form. Its more striking m-mir.'siations in p';iri!cahir instances, Imve 
bfon note.i from time imuunu'irial. 'iiie rtwtl rulcitln.s id' Mnn.'aign, the iJr.v.iriau ui.der 
life in tiie Austri.;!! Imperial family, tin- historical in-tiuet of St. SiiU'tu, are v.-e!l 
,f luiow a instances. N'icior llugo s;iys "• 'i'lu- goud humor of Lmiis 1 Ttli. nvus ird.frir'J fvo\\\ 

\ Henry 4lh." In aschoirl oi thirty ii .ys nt r^iratford-on-.Vvf-n, Wm. llowitt ^'as!ly idcnti- 

1 fi.'.I tlu- " Shaksp'-r.' }?(iy" (a descendant of Shaks[iere's sister) by his likeness to the 

\ portraits and busts of the great poet. In heredity and environment, Darwin ;inds tjio 

\i^ ^• 4 ^ ',;; 


tvi^liition of man. The iullu'/iiCt' of fiisirouunnt works slowly unci with continually 
diminishing fori-e. Whilt'lirTcdity, b 'iiij^ the sum of the uccretioi!;; of unoounted centu- 
ries and ttMiding constantly to grpiiter tixity in its forms, is well nigh oninipot'Mit in the 
determination of individual character. 

'J'he study of genealogy in its brouder sig-inlicution, must therefore In- oi transcend- 
ent importance. It i-< the s'lidy of munkind. European genealogy which concerns 
itself, I'or the most part, wiili the pedigrtes of kings and noldenieii, liie heritatre of 
honors and titles, of othces and estates, and the fiiciitinus splendors of primo-gi-uitivi 

therefore, except where law or custom cn\'ttes an artitl'dal distinction, is tautali)gical 
and ahsurd asiiujilying tliut desc^'iit can he other than hm^al, and that the cliild is not 
dincOy descended froni tlie moihe!-. So, too, the old notion of t'ne inferiority of the 
maternal element in the genesis of the family — a n nniaiit, p 'rhaiis, of maii's ba'-barism. 
and woman's degradation — has no foandation in nature. Un •^ucli grounds and for such 
reasons it has been our aim to include in this work, as i'ar a-^ possible, all the descend- 
ants, of \vhatever name-, of a common ancestor. Manifestly ihetim?- and lab^-r requirvl 
for such a work l.s much greater than would be nerdrd for a ree^jrd of the ]iaternal 
lines merely, bnt very few are aware of how much greater the work is, for it can be 
shown from general laws and avera.ges that in the aggregate of :?even generations (which 
is about the average number couuuug t;i~:n tl:e lirst .settlement of New England) oi 
descendants fi-om a commim aiu/estur, those l.'eariiig otl'e>r names ibar, the original 
ronymic, Avill :he latter in rlie prn]>ortieM of u-^ m ]. This \-- v-o: -tated as n 
fact, but as a calculation It is in general an approximatiim to th.e lact. I'eir jtreij-or- 
I tioned to the increased labor is tie- value of its results, fur the chauoes are (II to ] that 

j the family characieristio will bo fcund in th.e fem:il-' b-ranches. or, to speak mi>re 

! exactly, that 04 hereditaments will ite foiuid in the female lines t<» one- in the mah". In 

^ vicv.' of these facts and considerati')iis, it sti'ange to find ..)bjecle>rs ti) the compre- 

i hensive plan above indicated; and a cliiss (.)f genv-alngi.-,ts of ree-eut ee.igin e.-JP-d pa'er- 

• liiieists, who exclude on ]'rinciple all not born to the la.mily uaTue Sndi a gei-eaU.'^y 

I seems to tis a!n on the fui>e and shal'.w basis of a. eonveiiTit-e.-il'-'ui. irMic. 

!■ much as a family name is a tietion so far as it iuiplies ajiy su[;eriority of the paternal to 

I " the maternal side in reproduction, and as the root, and reason of the whoii- matter is 

f relationship, or descent, the adoption of such a rule as that f'f the patei-lineists which 

\ for every one admitted to the family table or record exclmh's fifty or si\ty children inei 

; lieirs of the same blood, simply because social cu.stum has changed their Jianies, is a 

; notable of throwing away tlte oyster and retaining tiie shell: of reiectin^- the 

I substance aiid making mrch of the shadow; of putting a symbol in tlic place of t)u> 

(. ■ thing it symbolizes. We know a ]icrson who is descended in six difYerent lines fre.iu au 

I ancestor, in the published record of whose posterity he is not named. Though a Hebrew 

I of the Hebrews, figuratively speaking, he is accounted no l.iettev than a Gientile. Tie:- 

\ writer of this is a Baldwin by four descents, yet l>y this rule wouhl have no plaet- in the 

\ book of the Baldwins. 

I It uuty be admitted, that a special interest attaches to identity of surname. A good 

I or bad reputation as.sociated with particular nanies creates prepossessions or prejudic>-s. 

\ and influences our casual impressions of persons of the same ]>aironymic whom we do 

I not otherwise know. But this very as.sociatiou arises from the ]»resumi)tioii of relation- 

! shi]); and so ii\ every aspect of the .subject and in every lin.e of in(piiry we are inevitably 

I led back to this one'idea of kinship (kindship) as the root and branch, the sum and sul) 

J stance, the long and tin' .vbort. the foundation a!id the cap stone of tiie whole !i.a:t.'r. 

[ If i"- be said that t!i<- pro]ier objects of genealogy are not to gratify the natural ciiiie.^iiy 

', or interest of kinships oi to furnish aiis to professional uork, or material for philosopicai 

,' f,tudy, we reply that in that ca:-e it has nu object worthy of tie* attentie:; of !ii>ings \\l:o 

(reason or of beings who love. To refer to the ri'cords of otiier naiues fe.r the fiiuale 
branches of any particular family is simple mockery for the reason that such records. 
for the most part, have not beeii collected or ]>ubfished, and n-veivvill 1h- ami as :o 
I those which are published, they are to the general reader praeii.-.-.ldy inaccessible in 

i ninetv-nine cases in one hundred. Ir is conceded that everyon- has ih.- right of assign 

[ ing h'is own limits to a self 1 task, Init t!ie work of tl'.e pHt<-,--l;neisf is too narrow 

\ ill its scope, and too artiticirJ. in its cla-^sificaiiun bi n.ierit the name of i:in)ily history ur 

riiEFACE. V 

to 5-erve to any considerable extent tlie purposes, ends and uses of geneidogy. Sucli 
collei.-ilons niiirht be niore apprupriately calh-d ]ied!p'rees or genealoviral directories of 
tlie names of Jones, or ]}ro\vii or l^ol>inson, as the case niigiu be. 

It has been si'.ld tliat such re-<earrlies are futile because of tlie multiplicity and 
oltsciirity of the channels of ancestral influences. Within the perioil covt-red by this 
work every ]K'rsou livinj,^ has had fi-i ancestors (baniiip: the interniarriaae of cousiui;); 
therefore he inherits from any one of them but one .sixty-for.rth part of what lie is. 

The fallacy here is that a human beint: is the resultant nf all his ancestors, like a 
chemical compound of so many ingredients of evpuil ]>roi'.ini.)ns uv values. }3ut \.liat if 
we aduiit this proposition"? The corollary is, in.-tead of there bdn^^ no reason, there are 
sixtv-four reaso;is'for the search; for on this theory the production f>f a i.-ian or woman 
of anv desired ])attern would be assim])le as the compounding of a doctor's prescription, 
by mixin<: in due proportion tlie elements composinj^ it. The law of hereditv is indeed 
siire and univef.-al. but its operations are for tlie most part inexplicaltle. Whence the 
diversity amontc children of the same parents, whicli makes e;,ch one a mystery to all 
the rest? How account for tl)e anotr,al.\ of >va])oleon — hisoigautic intellect and dwarfish 
heart— among tlie progeny of Cliarles and Letitia Bnonapart^•? In wiiat unexi>lored 
regions of genealogy shaU'we look for tlie s]irings and sources of Sh.akspere's mighty 
genius? I'cw explain that strange pdienomenoi; called Afnvi.'iii}, v.-hich is forever 
playing hide and seek in human organisms, the recurrence of remarkabh^ traits or 
peculiarities of remote ancestors, skipping over the intermediate generations, like, thofje 
streams which sink into the earth., and, after hidden windings in subterranean channels, 
come to light again, far distant from their points of disappearance?* Even so profound 
a thinker as Thomas Carlyle, confesses himself in the dark al>out these tilings ivhen he 
savs, in his .s'.//';.;r7f,.v^;''/^<'i-. " In a psychological point of view it is. perhaps, questioti- 
able'wJiether froiu birth and genealogy, how closely scruiiaized soever, much insight is 
to be gained." h is a wise mother that knows )ier ov. n child. Through this benilicem; 
mvstery of transmission, the birth of an infant in whatever grade of social life is the 
openint;- of a future of infinite possibilities, and parental hotpe and love and imaginaticti 
mav paint its future in the brightest colors without rebuke from reason. 

" It was our privilege, a few years since, to sjiend several days in delighted contem- 
plation of Keusett's "Last iSum'mer's Work." This consisted of a large number of oil 
paintings of landscapes, hung on the walls of the New York Academy of Design for 
exhibition ])rei)aratory to their sale by auction. In tliis study we became so famshar 
with the pecuiiiir coloring and the general tone and spirit of the artist's productions, 
that ever'since we have been able to point out a Keusett. when hung among other 
pictures, at a glance. In like manner the accumulation of a vast number of details 
concerning a great number of persons sprung from a common ancestor has stamped upon 
our mind'the"im])re.ssi<!n of certain physical.' mental and moral qualities, either peculiar 
in themselves or in the force and euert,'-y of their maniffstations. These qualities I cali 
characteristics. It is unnecessary to do more than allude to them liere. 'ihut the blood 
is or has been prolitic is a matter of common observation. Joined to that is the quality 
of endurance. Some families increase but do not multiply; that is, many children are 
born, but few survive to maturitv. Of William Tuttle's twelve children not one died 
vouug. The race is not only proli'fic. but is fitted to endure. It follows that wherever 
thev liave been long seated "their descendants will be more numerous, as a rule, than 
those of other settlers of equal date. This is cextainly true of Tsew Haven. Tlie fact is 
indicated in many ways. Of the 5S members of the 2d Co. of Governor's (J uards, in 
1775, 14 are found in this inl])erfect record. A similar pro])ortion is found in the Church 
Manuals. Of the 12 to IG otiicers and directors of the N. II. Col. Hi^t. Soc. usually 
about one-half are of this fold. So of the city banks and other prominent institutions, 
f An accurate and well informed observer says that nearly every i.ersou in the rooms of 

i the X. il. Col. Hist. Soc. at the fall reception of l!<y-2 was of this family. A city directory 

I of the ■•tov.-u born" nf X^'u- Haven, or the Assessor's list of its tax-payers, with 

I valiiaii(Uis annexed, comj.aie.l witha coiMplet- recorded' resident desccmia-.tso:' William 

f 'I'r.tte-, \.(.ubi b.- to nianv a >urpri>iiig revel. ,tion in n-sjieei to comparative numbers, 

i wealth asui socip.l p )siiion. It is said that from one-third to one-half of the taxable 

I wealth .d X'ew Haven is in the hands of this family. In every a>soc.iacioa of prominent 

-The tiieorv of Darwin is t!i;it " treomniulrs o! iniiunierable c;i;.riiLie5, Jcrivi..'. from ■.nr.a'UcrTtile ances- 
irn! sources circuhite in the bloo'l and piopai;ate themselves trencration aUer , generation. The vastly 
prn uer number remain undeveK>pet1 lor want oi' lavur.iL-ii conuiiKin^ an.! by roas,-;-' of th'; overma';?ery 
oi;h._' more potent, in the struffle for points ot atta.Mirnent. Hence there is a vastly larcer nun-.ber ot 
capabilities in every human bein„' tli:'.n ever had e.^p-'essi on. and for every patent element there arc 
countless latent ones- the latter counting I'or nought as to the individual. 


to serve to anv considerable extent tlie purposes, ends and uses of gencidog-y. yucli 
ci.llei-ii<ms ini^:lit be more appr..priuteiy called ]>ed!,e-rees or genealo^'CJcal directories of 
the names oi' Jones, or Brown or Kobiiison, as thecRse nu.iflu be. 

It lias been siiid that such researclies are futile because of tie' multiplicity and 
olfse.uritv of the channels of ancestral influences. Within tlu- period covered by tliis 
work ( verv -ii.-rs.ui livin;,- has had (')■! ai.cesK^rs (baninj;- tlie intermarria^y of cousins;); 
therefore he inherits fruiu any one of them Init one .sjxty-f.n;rth part of what he i^. ^ 

The falhtev here is that a human beinir is the re-ul!ant of all his ancestors, like a 
chemical com]).)und of so many ingredients of e-iual ]iri)['.utions or values. Bui vAmt if 
we admit this proi'osition ? The corollary i>, in.-,tead of there being no reason, there are 
sixtv-four reaso-iis'for the search; for on this theory the production of a man or woinai^ 
of anv desired i)attorn would be as simple as the compounding of a doctor's prescriiition, 
by mixing in due proiiortion the eleiuenvs composing it. The law of hereditv is iiuleed 
sure ai)(runivef.-al. but its operations are for the mo.-t parr inexplicable. Wlu-nce the 
diver.-itv amoui;- cb.ildren of the saiu- parents. \\lii(di makes vuvh one a n\v,-.trry to all 
tlie rest'v How account for tlie anon;al\ of Naiioleon— his li'igantic intfdlect an.d dwartisli 
heart- -among the progeny of ("iiarles and Letitia Buonaparte v In what unexplored 
regions of ceuealogv shall'wc look lor tlie s])ri!\gs and scuirces of Sliakspere's mighty 
genius? I'cw explain that strange plienonu-non called Atuvisin, which is forever 
plaving hide and 'seek in human'organisni.s, the ve<-urrence of remarkable trails or 
peculiarities of remote ancestors, skipping over the intormediale genera. ions, liko those 
streams which sink into the earth, and, after hidden windings in subterranean channels, 
come to light again, far distant from their points of disnppef,rance?* Even so profound 
a thinker as Thomas (,'arlyle, confesses him.seif in the dark al'nut these tlung.s when he- 
savs, in his .s' //•/-;)• 7i?,.s'';-(''^s-, " In a psychological point of view it is, perha])S, questioii- 
ab'le' whether fnuu birth and genealogy, how closely scrulini/.ed soever, juuch insight is 
to be gained." it is a wise mother that knows Jier own child. Through this beniiiccni 
uivstery of trnnsniission. tlie birth of an infant in whatever grade of social life is the 
openini;- of a future of infinite possibilities, and parental hoi)e and love arid iinagin.atio?! 
ruav paint its future in the brightesr colors without reluike from rear^on. 

' It was our privilege, a few years since, to spend several days in delighted contem- 
plation of Ken.sett's "Last Suunner's Work." This consisted of a large number of oil 
paintings of landscapes, hung on tlie walls of the New York Academy of Design for 
exhibition ])rcparaiory to tlifdr sale by auction. In tliis study we became so fannhar 
with the peculiar coloring and the general tore and spirit of the artists productiou.s, 
that ever since we have been able to point out a Kense1t,when liuug among other 
pictures, at a glance. In like manner the accumulation of a vast number of details 
concerning a great nunilier of persons sprung from a common ancestor has stamped upon 
our min(rthe^u!])ression of certain physical, mental and moral qualities, eiiherpeculiar 
in tliemselves or in the force and energy of their manifestations. These qualities I cali 
characteristics. It is unnecessary to do" lutjre than allude to them here. That the blood 
is or has been prolitic is a matter of common ob.servation. Joined to that is the tpiality 
of endurance. Some families increase but do not multiply; that is, many children are 
born, but few survive to maturity. Of William Tuttle's twelve clnldren not one died 
young. The race is not only proliYic. but is fitted to endure. It follows that wherever 
they have been hmg seated "their descendants will be more numerous, as a rule, than 
those of other settlers of eipial date. This is certainly true of New Haven. The fact is 
indicated in many wavs. Of the b'i members of the 2d t'o. of Governor's Guards, in 
ITTo, 14 are fouiid in "this imperfect record. A similar proportion is found in the Church 
J Manuals. Of the IL' to U) oiiicers and directors of the N. II. Col. Hist. Soc, usually 

I about onedialf are of this fold. So of the city banks and <ither ]irominent instituth)ns. 

f An iu'curiUe and well informed observer savs 'that nearly every persr.n in the rooms of 

I the N. M. Col. ili-^t. Soc. at the fall r.'ception of !!>s2wasof this family. .V city directory 

I of the "town b.H-n" <.f X.'W Huven, ov tie- Assessor's list of its ta>;-i>ayers, with 

valuations annexed, cumjiaied with a cn[>\plet" record of resident ch'scenda-its o!' William 
'i'c.tth', would b.' to many a surprising vevelati(<u in respeet to comparative numbers, 
wealth and social p;)silion. It is said that from one-third to onedialf of the taxable 
wealth of New Haven is in tlie hands of this family. In every a^soc.iation of prominent 

-Tt\e liieoi V of Daru-iii is ttKit " f,'eoinn;ul?'s of innumerable qualities, J^rivcd from inr.u>uerTiblcances- 
tri! sourcfs circulate in ihe bloo'l ;u-nl prop;(:;atc ttieinselves ■,'fnerat.ion afCL-r sc-neralion . 1 be Vi'vStly 
pr^: uer iiumbci- remain unJe vcU.pcd lor want ol lavur.iL'i.; toniiiti^ms .'.lul by roiu- ■■■.' f"f th-; ovcrtna'^'ery 
of ihi; more po'.iMit, in the s-.ratTL'le for points of atta^l-.mcnt. Hence there is a vastly laicer mimber ot 

■ captit>ibtios 11. evcis- Irmn.ui b;.':n^' t'l rn ever h.-xd exp'-cssi on, an.1 for every patent elenienl there arc 

d couiu'icss l.ittrit i)'.it.s- the coiuiiinf; i.2r nou;:ht as to the individual." 



citizens it is Inr^-oly rcpresenti-.l in nuiiibcis and inniicm-e, sonietiiiios '■•oiistitutini: ttiP 

I inujnrjty. Vin- instance, wliilo wiitini,^ tlic:,{.' liiicj, \vc rasii;tl!_v talv<' np a paraplilnt 

[ conf:iinin<: Dr. .'a'^:)n's <.'<ntenuial disrnuisc, dated IST'J, and lin'd. a irijucst f(jr its ]>ab- 

i lication, si.^rnrd 1.;- forty-nine am. uii: tin; ni'ist inlturntia] of New ilavrn"s wortliies, of 

! \vlio!U wi- reroi;uizH eiglueen as of tliis linea;;-,-. Ai, lln> fiiiu-ral obsccjujes (d' tin- late 

I Honry Farnain, four of tlie ciLdit l)^ar<•r^ were of 'i'lirtje descent. A iar^e nnniiier of 

• similar Jueis isnglic Ije eited. To some ex;eni tlie same seems to lie li u,. as^^to Ilarlfoid. 

I 'ri\ese tjdnii'.s cannot lie artributed to coineidem-e ur cliaDce; tiiev are too manv. .At 

j least one in twenty of a!l the graduates ot Yab- (,'.dlei';e, from its foiindritioii to the 

I ])re.seiir time, are akin in ilii^ line. In Xor;li Haven. <;onn.,of tMentv two deacons of 

I tlie first cluirch, froiu its bumdati'-n in ITK". to lS(ii, eleven, or one-jiaif are of this 

I family. In some hranchi'.--, tune'-tentiis are Ldmreh members, and .so ','eneral is the 

religious imdination tln\t 1 s''t it down as a fandlv trait. 
; it seems to be the otxier of nature that to tliose who jjaveiu'ich. i.nucli shall be 

;;_ added, and those who have little, the little tlew h.-ive shall be taken a 'a:' v. To virijitv, 

;. strength and exeelleuce of ]diys:eal organization is added energy in the' males aiid 

\. beauty in the females, witli their usual eonc(jmniitants of suecssfa! undert.iknig.s and 

t cai-jy ma.rriag-es. Knergy is lu-rvuus force or intensity wdiieh is said to l.e the secret of 

|. family distJnctiou. Self-reliance. c<jurage and straigldforwarduess are the bieathiugsof 

t l>ersonshappily .s.. constituted. To Le weak is lo Up miserable; deceit, liyjiocrisvfand 

j^ intrigut> are too often iIh' jesiuirces (d' the fe(dde. 

,' Honesty in its broader and deeper signiiieation is the rarest virtue under the sun. 

I The lantern oi' Diogenes, inisnndt^rstood "as t!n> cynicism ,vl' a sor.i' ]ihd<;sojdier, is in 

I reality a symlxd of tiic peering, lottging sear.di ot" man for the nobK-'i woHc of' (.iod. 

I Still this vinue is not so scarce as it may seem to comnn)n experience and observation. 

1. ^\way from the struggles of crowded populations, the comjietitioiis and tricks of trade, 

[ and the c()rrui)ting atmosphere of cities, hidden beneath the surface of human (diaracter.' 

! it exists in threads ami veins, and smuetimes shows its(?lf in patlnes of liright gold. Xo 
very deepi insight is requisite to reeoguize the same si)intnal (jualitv in the pavnn-nt ot 

[•.. a penny fate [j.. -'71 J: the selling of a cow I p. 4SJ1J; the hdeiity of art to truth and 

I nature [p. 4771 and in the " hone.-,; mi'thod " oVthat sublime argutuenf, '-The Freedom of 

i the \N'iU" [p. '■j<]}. Said the (derl: of a huL'-e ( 'onneetiou town to the \vriter: • ' The 

I Tuttles are ho:)est; tluw give me.isure." It has seeiued to us th;it thi'_, virtue has 

i been largely develoj)ed in this race. Under favoraJde circumstance'^, n iw fast iriving 

[. way before the march of l.'nn'in pragri v-;, r.nd t!ie changing eon.litions .d' soe;-i jp;., thit 

ij qualify has been hande<l down in some lines from father to' son for manv ;4enerat', 

i until it has ceased to lie a virtue by beconung a second nature. 

|;' It is surpri.sing to iK.'te how many families owe their collected or tludr published 

i - records, whodydrin hu ^e part, to i>ersons (u" Ttittie liu-'ageor alhnity. <»f are the 

r J)wigl!ts, the i-.dwards, the Siiongs, the \"\ etniore,-, tlie I'hauncevs, "the Tow nsene.-,, the 

t Dawson.-., the 'J'rowbridges, the Coghills, the lluglies, the Atwaters, the 1,'eads,' the 

f.- . Seymours, the Fowlers, the Bron.sons, the Days, the Dickermuns, the Notts, the Doolit- / 

I' ties, the Vales, the Wolcotts, the Bidwells, the Andrews, the Harts, the .Mulfords, the •"-'' 

I'- Mansfields, the Todds, the Humphreys, the Burrs, and perhaps others that we cannot 

i now recall, suggestive of a paraphrase to Fulhii's saying that " in other C(mntries n, en 

I are made Heralds, but in NN'alcs they sire born Heralds'." 

p ■ Xot to particularize further, it nuty be as well to give a general description of the 

f' Welsh character as a summary of what we desire to say on this point. Devonshire (the 

|- • source of the New Engla.nd 'I'uttles) is more Welsh than Wales itself in the distiniive 

\ peculiarities of it.s peopde. The statistics of crime in (ireat Britain show that one 

1/ Welshman to ten Fnglish and tifieen Irish are cinvicted of crime. Tlu'v are strongly 

l emotioii.-il, p..e'ical ami ndigious. " The W(dsh nature," says l^rof. (ireen in his Ulsfor'y 

I of thi Einj'i^'i I'y'ji'i. ■■ is stet;|).Ml in poetry. '■ It appears in"the national festival of the 

' Eisteddbid, and in .a r.>in;'.ut.i'; liter.-iture whiidi iu'.s leavened the inuigimition of U'estern 

I Europe. In the old linu-. "in every house, strangins who arrived \n the mornittir were 

i entertained til! e-en-iide witii tle-ta"!kof maidensand the mnsie' <d' tin- harj). '•Tl'iev are 

j a na:i(m of si.i ;ers. .\!;!-^-;t .•very.iii,' sings. In their own cuuiitry (V\:iles'i they are 
born I'alvitH.sts. Inloieii^n lands tliey maintain ile-Ir homogeneity as teii.-icions'j v as 
dews. 'idle Welsh miners of I'ennsylva'.da hold annual mu.sical contes's, in '.vjnch 

! harmonies are hi-, ird thut n.igiit a-Ti-ni-li sitim ji' >]dr ',■,!,;, ii'ia^'iMe that tb.e oid' li'.-hf 

I of their sunless toil is the miner's lamp. Thi- lui".' .--uiiunary ot' Mis.s ISlalteman in her 
History of Siisipiehann.i ( o. is a.s bdiows: • They," ih..- Welsii peojde of that county, 

j "are very respectable and \\i 11 to do, religious, musical, all readers, nn-iny teachers atid 


college graduates, no llomuii Catholics, euiotional, poetical, practical, stable, tc:upei;\te, 
industiious and honest.'" 

Now the questiou arises, that inasmuch a-^ such " characteristics " arc common niore 
or less tu all families, how can they be ascribed to one aiicesto" more than auothei in 
any given case? We answer, let nssupjiose that all rhe families in which tlie ciiildr>n 
i' of William 'I'uttle or his more reniotn de>cenants married were written up. We should 

L then have a liasis for c()mi)arison. If it were found on yuch comparison that the 

r branches i)f such families as wTc (jf Tuttle descent exhibited more of these character- 

I istics, or exhibited them mure decidedly or mm-e generally than those Itraiiches of such 

I families as were not of Tuttle descent, tln-n it seems to us a fair inference that such 

r -characteristics were inherited from nr through tlic Tuttle ance.->l'jr. Now so far as we 

^ have the material for comparison, in the published genealogies of the Vv'elLs, Chaun- 

I ceys, Pxlwarils, Dwights, Trowbridges and others, likenesses do appear- in the brandies 

I of Tuttle de-scent that are not found to the same extent in the others. And the infer- 

■ en(-e derived from sucli likeness is strengthened by a]iparent. diversities an<l contrasts 

I between the Tuttle branches and the otliers. We do nut intend to pursue the conjpiiri- 

F son: w<' merely suggest it as furnishing gi-ouud f'.>)- a reasonable ]n'obai)ility, and a.s the 

r foundation in ]!art of our own conclusion in regard to the above in<|U!ry. deduced from a 

i vast array of facts that have conn- un-lereeir observation iri the comi)!lation of this work. 

{: Our conclusion is that the characteristics referred to, are more clearly and decidedly 

|. traceable to the Tuttle stock than to any other. 

! It is -[(lain that somewhere ahmg theance.-^tral lines of this strain of Idood a remark- 

\ ablt- eirergy has been infused that has shown itself in every form of human activity and 

K achievement. In theology it jiroduced aii Ed.wiirds;. among educators a Dwiglit and a 

r Woolsey; in art, a Kensett; in lit(?rature, a. Peter Parley. It learned all languages in 

? the sweat and grime of the biacksndth's fei-ire. in ihinitt. It niarchetl to the sea with. 

[ ShermaJi. It wrote hi.stories with tlie halt-bliud eyes of Prescott. The books it has 

f written v.-ould fill a large libiary. It^ memorial v.indows and tablets are .seen where- 

I over genius and piety are so recogni-/.e.1 ; .ind in p-'rl.'aps nejre than one icstaiice 

[ it has changed the spi'it of a weak and hel[>less woman as in Chloo Lankton, bed-rid 

c den, and j^ain-racked for many a long and weary year, into sonu'thing so sublime and 

I beautiful in spiritual strength and grace, as almost to revive our old faith in rlie reality 

I of lieavenly winged visitants. We do not prerend to acrount for it. The history of 

families in tltis respect is analogous on a small scrJe and witliln nariHjw limits to that of 
nations; for instance, a little knot of men on the banks of the Tii>er, energised from 
some unkncjwn or unseen source, build Ilonte. and all men became Komans. This 
energy is called patriotism or love of country. It was an intense and entire- devotion to 
one idea. Those who were absorbed in it were elevated, expanded, strengthened, 
renewed by it as by a divine atllatus, auci the P.oman citizen became the type of a nobler 
manhood than tlie v.-orld had yet seen. It was a new birth. So tlie religious disjiosi- 
tion being hejital)le and cumulative, niay become as pure and absorbing in fandlies as 
Koman patriotism was in its best days, and far more powerful in its formative and in 
its active influences. The world is not only governed by ideas bu: it is sha])ed by them. 
A remarkable feature in our family history, as it would be in aisy other, is the 
branch of Elizabeth. It is an interesting genealogical study. Both the parents were of 
the same Welsh race. There is evidence that the mother had the nervous, sensitive and 
excitable temperament of gi nius. Kichard Edwards, being an oidy child, inherited 
ample means and gave his children the best education the country alYorded. To educate 
is to bring out, and to train, it cannot create talents or character. The ministerial i)ro- 
fession was then almost the only held for the employment of able and educated men. 
So all thitigs conspired to favor the natural lient of their son Timotliy. The process was 
•continued, and in the next generation reached it.-^ highest development in liis son Jona- 
tlian. From the very begir.iung this branch has been noted for its high regard for 
i^ducatioa, it-5 sch-darly culture, aitd its religious disposition. It is said to include a 
larger ■uu.iber of eminent peisous than hav.- sprung from any o;)ier one of the New 
Engl.tiid founders. It is w(mde!fiil, says n lati; writer, how much of the grace and cul- 
ture of Anu-rican .society lias sprung from this root. Tlie same pursuits cuniinued gen- 
■eration after generation in the same families, originally set apart by nature for a chosen 
work, has resulted in a heritage oi confirmed aptitudes, enlarged natural c:".p;.ciiies, 
delicacy and n-finenient of J)hy.-^ical orgmii-.'.ati.m, manner.s, sentiments and tnstes; a sort 
<jf " P.rahmin Caste in New'England." as Dr. Hdmes put it. of which tle.^ Edwards 
family form a. considerable i)ropi>rtion., and in which it h.olds a hig!'. rimk. The same i.> 
true, perhaps, to an e([ual extent of the br^uich of Ilanmih. In most of the others th.e 
COudittoDS v.-fj-e not SO lavm-able, pnd tl;e natural ter.dencies were laore or less j^-erJaid. 

vm . PREFACE. 

checked or^ diverted at the ovitset by the hard necessities incidenl tu life in a new 

i country. Tliey are therefore all the more strikiiii;: when tliey do appear as sliowin<>- tht- 

i force of theoiigiual bent in the face of advcree antecedents and circumstances. 

t Parton, in liis Life of Auro/i Jlinr, norices th-,.' singular i)r..(l,)ndni nc' of the Jem- 

|, inJne el(.'nu-:it in tJiis stock. Of tlie s-'ven_ childn-u (>f liichard Krlwards In- ;1h' Tutlle 

S mother, six were girls. Of the eleven cliildrfii of his son, Timothy Kdv/ards, t-n were 

'. gi""!!"- Of the eleven children of his son, .Innatluin, eiglit were girls. The' order of 

; nature, as to the numerical (Mjunlity of th.e sexes were subverted by some srront;- heredi- 

J tary force. It was also manifested in a superior delicacy of organization. The'phrenol- 

I Of^ist tells us, says Parton, tlial Kurr had t!ie temperainent of a woman. The biogra- 

j pher of Major Wiuthrop speaks uf •• the w nuanly delicaev of his character." It seems 

evident enough that this and ot iter peculiarities came from the Tutlle blood, for the 

j six children of Richard Ed war,is, by his second wife. Mary Talcott, wre all boys but 

; ore, antl though they received the '.ame advantages of education as the children of the 

; Tuttle mother, tliey and their <h'scendauts did'not manifest those i>eculiar traits and 

i energies that have made the name of Edwards famous in New Eni-;-land, and when the 

I Edwards family is named the l)u^.terity of the Tuttle mother is understood. 

I We liave called attention to this point on account of a remaikable claim that lias 

: been set up in favor of the Stoddards as the source of the excellencies of the Edwards 

I race. It ]irobably origiuated in the natural juirtiality of Mrs. Edv/ards for her father's 

I family, when lier son Jonathan became famous. It was tea-table gossip in East \\iud- 

[ sor in her life-time, and came down as a tradition. Dr. Sereno E. Dwight found it th<re 

: wlien inouiriog among the old people for nuiterials for his Lifr of A'dirard.-^, and put it- 

i in his book as n triuUi.ion. It was taken up, in the St>''hlirri1 Ih in.ido'j;/, and, if we 

\ remember, repeated in the second edition \vith the Dowuings admitted to a share of the 

■ ■ lioiior. It appeared again in a book notiee iri the X. Y." Kriuiug Pod. In an essay 
i and review in the Xcir Eiujlander, it was reiterated in still more decided terms, and 
: finally the Rev. B. \V. Dwight, wdiose estimable genealogical labors do honor to his 

i AVelsh heritage of, b/miulaied in the following terms, and j)ublisij[ed it in his- 

f Dwight Gent<dvgy: 

\ " Tiie children of Mary Edwards were widely noted for fine forms and features,. 

1 which came (tradition says) from the Edwards lineage, and to theiii from the Stoddards. 

[- They ('ilmothy Edward's children) inherited their clear, fine, expres.sive features from. 

{ their mother (Esther Stoddard), taking their ]diys!cal and in a great degree tlieir mental 

! proportions from her. Her son .Jonathan was nearly six feet high, and her ten daugh- 

\ ters used sonn-times to be spoken of as Mr. Edwards' sixty feet of daughters, exager- 

I ated, though all were remakably tall." Again, '■ The propelling force of tiie Dwiglus 

I comes from the Edwards connertion, also the personal beauty, tradition says, and the 

\ personal beauty comes to \\w Edwards from the Stoddards." 

; This statement, thoagh qualified by " tratlition says," has been largely accepted as 

! authoritive, the qualification l.>eing overlooked or disregarded. As a v/orthless tradition 

\. not only without foundation in fact, but as contradicted by fact and inference, as we 

I will try presently to show, it would not be noticed here but for the reason that it has- 
been received with credit by many who usually rf'quire a reason for their faith, and has 
caused us some emljarra^.snient and disapi)ointn\ent. If the tradition is true then we are 

■. . committing a .sort of larceny in placing the i'Alwards in our record. If it is not true 

f then it is our duty to reclaim and recover if jiossible the stolen goods. 

I In offering our objections to the conclusions involved in the statement of Dr. Dwight 

\ "vve must not be understood as intending any disparagement of the Stoddard fanuly, or 

[ of the mother of Jonathan Edwards, though comparisons hax'C been made, not in the 

\ best taste and unv.dsely as we think between the father and mother of that eminent man. 

I TJie mother of Edwards may have been a " very snuirt " aiui a very iK'autiful woman, 

i but apart from the tradition, we have and can have no positive knowledge of the 
"mental j)roportions, the propelling force or the ]iersoual be.'.uty " v.diich her daughters 
are presumptively said to have iidierited largely from her. Wlnle as ^o tin; father, Jiis 
sixty years of ministerial life and labor afi'oid abundant means of judging. N(^r can ^ve 

■ overh^iok the opinion of President Chauncey wiio said Vm h;id read all the writings 
I of the iiev. Solonum Stoddard (father of ^Irs. Ivlwards) an.l thought thai his ;il)ihties 
f had lieen "mu(di overrated." 

'i'he real question, howevrr, is one of siuartn"ss or comitarative ability, be.t of 

! bkene.-iS, or of kiiul. .Xnt how great or how much, Imt of what nature. Art> th.eri- sech 

{ simiiarities or iilio>yniiacies as to justify lie- S:oddai\l ilaim'.' \\'e think net. Tlu^ 

\ -Stoddards are English. The Edwards are Welsh. A distinction that centuries of 



coutact aiul inteiv'Oiir.-;e betweon the two races liviurr uiider u common goveruincMit liuvt- 
not been alile lo efYace. 

Of the Downings v,-e know very little, but cun safely ria_v tliat Pid wards was 
extremely unlike Sir George. But let as luok at tl-.e' mutter a little more closely as to 

" A })ioUb disposition," says (ialton, " is ce'itaiuly inlierited.'' 

'■ Wiien a boy," says Jonathan I-Alvs-ards, '" 1 was exerci.sod and conci-rned about my 
soul and was nbuudant in i-eligious duties." Sarah Pieipont, al'terwaids his wiff, 
became truly pious when not mo; r than live years ol' age. 

The mother of Kdwards, strange to say, did not joii". the church nor make ]!rofe.-^sicii 
of religion until she was forty-four years lit age; an I thi-; though tin- ihiuvhter of one 
clergyman, the wife of another, and living in an era and in a cnmmunity of general 
churcli mi'iubership. in fjict, the maternal inliui'uc;- usmuly so str<_);i!,f in sluuging and 
directing tlie phe^tic mind .d (diildhoivl, seems to have been to some e:^tent inoperative 
in the family of Timothy Ethvanls, the father himself assuming the iu'^truction and 
mental training of tlie children, ;uid in his absence, Jonathan and the younger girls 
reciting to tln-ir elder sisters. So f;ir then we nniy a-sert tliat wlierevi-r their mental 
propoitiotis nuiy liave come fnnn, religioi;s teudejicles and mentai training plainly 
did itot come fr<mi their mother. 

If we go back another generation to llev. Solomon Stoddard we ilnd incongruities 
aud contrasts still ittore marked atid decid^ed. He maintained that th.e Lord's supp'or is 
a coni'criiii'j unllu'inre, and tliat all iia[)ti.-;ed persons not scantlalous in life may lav-fully 
a])])roach the ttibii-, though they know themselves to be destitute ot true religiim; and 
this dangerous innovation so fatal to the purity of the church, he did •.nore titan any one 
else to u"[)hold and defend. To Edwards, so profoundly earnest and sincere, this doctrine 
and practice could mjt be otlu^rwise tlnuj hateful. He opposed it strenuously aud 
suflered bitter persecution, rather thau connive at it. This dilTerence ^^■a.5 sim]>ly an 
outward sign of an inward spiritual incongruity. Every nnan is born a Calvimst, au 
Arminian or v.-hat not, and his nitivrevAovfi or less n.ioditied by circumstances and educH- 
tion is supreme, and stamps itself on his opinions, aud expresses itself in his life and 
inliuence. The comparative elTects of the jircaching of Stoddard and of Edwards is a 
further illustrati(m of this law. Tiie sleepy religion, iu baneful fellowship with the 
wide-awake worldliness of the Northampton church as Edwards founci it, aroused and 
startled by his vehement si^irit and his "awful word.-" shook off the unnatural alliance, 
broke up' the hoUow truce, ceased tlie un.->eemly masquerade, and graspurg the old 
weapons of its warfare, resumed tlie conliict. ilencefoith its victories were seen in 
numerous revivals. Such a power could not be coufitu:d to the narrow limits of a single 
parish. It went forth conquering and to conquer. It spread far and wide throughout 
New Eitg-land, crossed the ocean into foreign lands and made itself felt to the farthest 
bounds of protestant t'hristendinn. Tiiis was " the great awakening." We see here a 
marked resemblance to his father Edwards, as Jonathan himself declared, that he knew 
of no church in Western Xew England, excepting his own, in which revivals had been 
so frequent as in his father's. On the other liand, hov.- wide the cmitrast to the minis- 
terial cltaracter and intluence of his grandfather Stoddard. They were akin, but not of 
a kind. Edwards was not an offshoot, but a graft on the Stod"dard family trei;. "By 
their fruits sliall ye know them." 

We cannot therefore be accused of presumption or of arrogance, in claiming for tha 
Tuttle couriection a jiart at least of the '• nervous force" aud tlu' controlling leligious 
tendencies of the Dwights aud the Edwards, for such traits art- as sharply delineu and as 
traceable as any peculiarity of physical conformation. The (juestion as to mental pro- 
portions and personal besiuty is too vague for discussion. The fact itself, of the beauty 
of the Stoddards, seems like the other ]cart of the statement to rest on traditiou or on 
mere assumptiiui. 'I'he comparatively late nntrriages of most of the daughte.-s of Bev. 
Soloinon Srodd.ard Seems to point 'o a diiferent conclusion. Anyway it is of no imjior- 
tance in this connection, for the terms " personal beauty " arc so widely as to 
include every type of the human race, and it we accept as it fact lof wiiich, fowever, 
^\e can ha\ e no (leiir.ite knowledge) Dr. Dv.iirht's description of the .-tyle of licatity, " the 
clear, fine, exi)ressive features" of Timothy Ivlwards' daughters, it points lather to 
the nerv(nis and intellectual Welsh constitution, than to the going, biauny, tull- 
fed and full-iilown English 

Accortting t'. the (ieduetions of tialton ami others fioni the study of geiieulogic:.'! 
facts and hereditasy lorees wo may auticipa'e from 'lie Mime -.iraoi oi" Mood otie'r minds 
and characters of exceptional power and dignity in the lutuit." wiienever the necessary 
CDUditioiis shall ( xist. These LonJlltons are nartiv under th.e control of m^'.n, and are. 

^nib PREFACE. 

suumHHl up in t],« comman,! to love God s.iprcnu-ly .0(1 our nei-lihor as ourself (Z 

covrclutedto great nuellcctual vg-or ami nuotio..,! of crmstitution are ' -V udn 

I penl<, die consciousness of wlucli shoalcl he evr present as a u-aruin<^ c.P-ain^-t 1 e 

. promptm.o-s of ambition, selhshness aiW ,,i;s.ion. Int(-ritv, duxM-fiiln...^ rnd medtri 

; tion are iric-p.t conservators; Lut tle> (,eilv sure ^af. .Miard is a -mum-iv r.'in'.. i tT' 

} Without this no liigli development of inauhood or" of womanhood, of ^ti>.'''nh or If 

! beauty, can be attained nor long maintained. i' .feiu or oi 

I The %vork is not as compleU. as w,. d-sired to mak- it \\>had prepared a eonsider- 

able list of oooks J.. W consulted, letters „t in,|un-y to !„ written and record lu.n iig 

tours to be made tor the purpose of traenu, lin,-. that so far have einded our s e r • h 

XNedesuvdalsoto procure documentary pn-ol^ ..f ,h. Devon-hire .uvmu of the'\ ' v 

England 1 utiles, their parenta,re, ant.-cedants idatinnships, p-di,.,-.-,;" etc Of t),e 

fact of such itself, we feol assun.l from ci,cu,„stantial eVidem.. which'seems as 

strong as such evidence everc.n he. Som. ••..riv.pnndenee to this end was had'J^^;; 

earned member of tlie Ilarleian N,-,.-tv of London. lb- confirmed our vi.nvs and stat.-d 

>. the cost of getting copies of the needed records at !<1 :.'.-> at tiie oetside -Vfter sever-il 

: vain attempts to get assistance we ],.ft th-Muatter in al..•vanc.^ hoping that some enabling 

I circnnistance or state of things wouhl •■ tuni up - "in the sweeUjv and bv " In tlie 

I meantime we continued our elTorts in otlmr diivctions. No serious diliicultV would be 

met, It IS ikely, m tracing the pe.hgree back several gmierations. ]]ernard Chiarit.di of 

I I^ndou adverti...! the Genealogical Manuscriprs of the Devonshire To.hil s h " 'm 

I alogue ot June 15, kSo9. 1 he family, or a branch of it. as earlv as 1091 had lon<^ been 

. seateuat Lxeter, whose parish registers are among the earliest in'th^ Ki.^g^lom 

\ ,^^7''V 1''^*^'^ ^^''"-' remaim-d undone we felt reluctant to pul^lis!,, but hnaHv as the 

w,m hao Iwn long exn^.-ted and impatiently u-aited for, as the mat,. rials alreadv 

, gathered and arranged \yere more than sutiicient to lill a larire octaN-o vnlnuie as theV 

had been twice in p.oparcly by fire and might at any lime be irr^mediablv lost bv some 

; nntors^en casua-ty, and mindful of tin: deepening shadows that cather around even 

ihe onghtest pa Wy at our t>m,. of life, we came to the sudden cmiciusion. about the 

f Isr ot Januaiy ls>s-, to punt tne book at once. ^Ve were enabled to do so bv availin.- 

i ourse t of an ot:..,- by ^uttle^ Go. of Rutland, Yi., made manv vears since, to publish 

■ t at their own risk. Not a line or word of written contract has .^v^.r i^a-s.-d b-t Jeen us- 

., but as we_pen these closing panigra],hs a m-arlv c.uni.h.te c.pv of tho w,u-k lies l,ef<uv' 

i us and It IS our simple duty to say that thc-y h.ave -eneroush" and noblv fulfilled tin-M' 

I task._ lo our sni)scribers it will speak for its.df. If we are spared, and the opoonu- 

^ nuy IS given us, we propose to print, in due time, a small supplementarv octavo .'on- 

t t.uningaddifionsandcoiTections. and we shall be -la.l to receive the same from anv 

, source whatever Communications direcl^.l to 'our present address will reach i:s 

wh,;n'VH!- we ir.av be. 

; In view ,,f tiu- popularity of onr family gatherings and the advantacres that accrue 

i ■ AT\'rV'T\ r «,^sociated elfort,, we here propose a permanent organization of 

|. ■ descendants, to take charge ot the arrangements for future meetings and to further such 

t. objects as may prf)])erly come under their supervision. 

I- ^} "", ^'"-'^ pardon for the poor sketch or notice of Ghh.e I.ankton. wlunn we re-^ard as 

, one of the most beautiful and int.-re.sting characters in our hook. While we wtu-e pre'- 

i'. paring a more adecpiate accnunt. in the Summer of lSS-,\ we were disabled for several 

|. weeks by a severe accident. When sutliciently recovered to resume work, an accumula- 

l tion of unansweivd letters and oth.u- pressing atlairs absorbed our time and attontion 

j until It was too la e for its introduction. In relation to other faults and shortcomino-s we 

: ask not that they he overlooked, hut as far as may be, corrected and remedied, and that 

, ourworU asa whole, mayi,eaccept..dby fhos,. whom it chiefiv concerns, in a spirit 

, ratherol for what.-ver in it is w.Mihv. than of censoriousnrs-, for its failures 

: Jo tlHjse wno have aided in gathering mat, .rials, credit is given in the bodv of tlu^ 

I '™^'--- ,"/""■•" •"■•■ <'""tt<'(l. it is through oversi-ht f,)rwhir]i I ask pardon An i^siu^eial 

^ ackuou-hMgment is due. and is hme cheerfully paid to Dea. Kdinund Tutt]<. ot West 

I Meiiden. (.onn., nnIio, ,„ tlu^ ..arly stag..s. help<.d me far more than anvone .dse in 

I,. collecting what im^dit hr i,rnmd the r.mi..mporaneous -eneah.-v of :lie fam'ilv bv inter- 

i. viewing and corivsponding with (b-xvudants, .■opving I5ih]e reconl.A. gnivo-stmrn ir.srrip. 

; tions. etc., m Ins own and adjoiniie: towns. ]'.,■ also ro ooerated a.-:ivmv in -otfin- up 

i and arranging the hrst family mrMing.- W,. are also indebted to I'l^^f ('liuilrs II 

Tnnr^ ''^if ■'.'■''1 '" ^^'^""^ "''y'-''.'' ^'''''- - '-73-two centuries from liie death of ihc founde.-, William 
lutll^. Ic ua-. largL-:y .attend ol, iti nuiul>cr bcin- csmii.e.c-.l at ab.jut ,,500. A coilecl.un was i.ikea up 


PKEFACE. viiir 

Fsu'iusni of Yali' College, for valuabk- additions to the record of l)ea. Jolin Wliituiuu's 

For the fine McC'k-llan portraits \vf are indebted to tlie. MrCielhiii brothers; to t!ie 
generosity of Mrs. and the Misses Strickland, for that of Klihu Burritt: for that of Wil 
liani 'I'uttle, and in part for tliat of Pres. Tiittle, to J. X. Tnttle. Escj., of Newark, N. J.; 
to lion. Payne I'ettibone. for that portrait; to A. A. Marks, for his ]iictnre, and to tin 
family of Hon. Jliland Hall for the fine eiiirravini: of himself. 

And now, gratefnl for the conrt(\sy \vitl\ ^vilich, almost without exi-ejition. my in<iuir- 
ies have been received and ansv.'ered. and n-i.ainii'ir v.-y j)h'asant memories of ja-rsomil 
interviews, hospitalities and epistolary favors, 1 lay d(nvii, at least for a time, witli a 
sense of reli'd, mv arduous, though self dmposed and graiuitous task. 

(i. F. T. 
New Haven, Conn., Oct., 18-^:3. 

to delrav the incidental expenses of the committee. Thi:> it dii lu'iy and somtthififr over, as we a^e 
informed, but we ^re not able to present ♦^^ures. h.ivins had nothinjf to do with t.'iat part of tlie matter. 

The second meeting' was held in September, i?;^, at Railroad Grove, in West Haven, and v>as e'ven 
more nuraerous'v attended than the lirst. A luiiih clam-bake was served up, to pay lor whicii. volun- 
tary contrib.uions were taken, amounting, with subsequent collections, to nearly $500, as we were 
informed on the best authority. It stcm.s to have been a very expensive and a very unsatisfactory affair 
all round. 

In Fcbruar}', of the present year i'iS;3'i Mr. S. G. Dtividson of Bethany, Conn., took the initiative for a 
third meeting-, which was held at Hit^h'Rock Grove, en the Xaneaiuck R. R., Aiit{. 15, i8>'3. I'our pas- 
se. .frer cars, cliartercd by Mr. Davidson to convey the people from New Haven, were all filled to ovcr- 
fiowinfr. and two more cars wt-re added to the train \^' the R. R. Company, which were also filled. By 
chartering the cars 30 cents was saved to each passen,t:er, the rcg-nlar excursion f^ beine -j-j cents. 
There weVe no general expense^ to provide for, the use of the grove being- given by the R. R. Co. and 
the programmes being furnished by our publishers — Tuttlc & Co. of Rutland. Thanks are due to Mr. 
Davidson for his successful ii-.anageraent of the affair. 

I refer to these money matters because many persons find it diificult to conceive how a man in his right 
mind can voluntarily assume such a task as 1 have partly accomplished, without a prospect or a hope of 
pecuiii-iry recorapcase. To such persons all self-sacrifice is amys'.ery, if it is not a folly. It is my duty 
to say '.n'self-deferse, that in this connection I have not received a dollar ocenting in the instances 
named bi-iow; not that I slould be blameworthy if I had, considering that I have spent in this work 
upwards of ^^v' for postage stamps and stationery alone, but the truth should be known. E.xcep* for the 
purpose ot tracing tiie English pedigree I have never asited for such aid, and in the earlier stages would 
have declined it had it been ofierc-d. d<.-tfrmined that this labor should be. free, even in appearance, from 
the taint of Marjmon-worship. Latterly however, my available resources ha-.-e been mucii ciippled, 
and I should have been glad, for the book's sake, of more help. At different times durinp the last four- 
teen years 1 have received lail unasked 1 .^25 irom the late Samuel B. Turtle of Goshen, Conn., iio from 
the late H. H. Tutile of Cleveland. O.. $3 from the late Daniel Tuttle, then oi Burnside, Conn., and tfi 
from David Tattle of Spring .'ale. Pa . .?5 from W. T. Rigby, Esq , uf Clear Water, Minn., and th-; ^3m^e 
amount frora Hon. Payne Feitibone of Wyoming. Pa.; in all .551. To this should be added the gift fro.m 
Thomas R. Trowbridge, Esq., of New Haven, of the T;ipzf/-r-uzj:e C,:i:ea:ogy: from Joseph N. Tuttle, Esq., 
of Newark, X. J., \\:ri Xcw.iric Ccnteimi.ii ; from Hon. Payne Pettibone, ot the M'ycm-ng C^Ktcnr.ial: from 
Hon. Hiland Hall of North Bennington, \'c. . his own History 0/ 1 '■.•rtnonl and several pamphlets: from A. 
Brocison Alcott of Concord, his AVrt' Coinu-cu'c-ut; trom Mrs. Strickland and the Misses Strickland of New- 
Britain, Conn., 'f':-.- A ?.\{r^'.vs M^-.:::^>-i.i!. 1 he hiart C-en-:au'^y and the Iiiitory of Xc^c Briiaii:; from Rev. 
E. E. Atv/aier of New Haven, th.e A^r Ceitfalogy : from Dea. tximund Tuttle, the'.'''/.vc''<''<(>v/pai'.;pl:!e'-: 
from Capt. Charles H. Townsl;end, the Ton-nscnd C,eitea!.ii:y jx^A several pamphlets; from Pres. Tuttle of'CoUege, the Life 0/ V.'iiiiiiin T'.iftle: from Rev. Samuel Orcutt, the ffistory 0/ li'oLott^znd. 
from A. W. BVuen, Esq., two copies of the American re.ptinl oi ihz Li'/e 0/ John Biiu-nyHW oi y;h.\ch 
were gratefully received. 

C O N T E N T S 

F UFA- ACK. — Upipdltv , Atavism, Chara.noristics ilj 

EmM.AXAI 1(~).VS ^.:j; ^ 

TiTK Nami:.— Kiyinolci-y— Thotli, Ajiollo, Mrrciuy, I'olnies, 01x'lir>ks, Tualhal, 

Totliills in England jv 

ToTun.T,^ OF l>i vox xyVu 

Emkujatiox to Nr:w Ex (^i, and t^x^^y 

llKXKV TuTurr.T. of Hinglian-: — (Ics.-piidant'^ xxvi 

John 'J'cj'Ti.r; of Dovi-r, Nr-,\ ' Himiiislnrp— ilfi^rpudunts xxvii 

UicnAiM^ TuxTJ.E of l^oston— ckscondanTs ^xxii 

John Tcttlf. of Ipswich — dr'srendants xxxiv 

\\'T;.i.iA^f 'I'm r,E of Nf.v- llavun ] 

< Ii:xKA).oi.:v of \'. illiain 'Citrji-'s ;>"-'^rn']ants 1 

l"x J.oc A'i KT; Families 5,.i() 

Mj-i t:i.).AXY.— In\ ,r \Vim. 'i'utLlf's Iv-iato (\\\] 

iuwiitory of Eii/.aL-oi'i 'i'ui i ],■■>; Eslate (jOo 

J.vcoi; >ri',.',Y\. Bioyro'ouiral Xintes (d" GO;] 

t^'lTLKs' Hl;-TOUV OK 'lH L-. JriiGKs, Xotos fron\ G'i-1 

Co;... AAi^OX Buim, Am estry of OOf; 

SlU (iKOT{f4F, DoWXIXTr f;07 

EicnA};i> Cii'.AVTOx — I'lrst Engli-^h l^ihlo i!0<^ 

Mo T'JO.-^ C ; 

■J.ixiCAL Axi) I^uiKCx— Cor.r,ATK);AT. Descent, Avekagi: Duiiatiox of Eimax 

Life, Sfccessiox' of (i]:xEKATioxs on 

LixE FKOM 0(10 to 1SG4 01.:.' 

Lixj: \i';;: oi' fJi; wto.x c,\^ 

Bur EX Fam r 1.Y Gl 6 

Ap]'exdix (;!■; 

Gexeat,ogicae ^'oT]■;s— Ailing- Family, G-JO; Atwatcr, G'^i: Anstin, GO"), Ariuild, 

G27: Ball, G2S; Baldwin, CiU; Barnes, KQ; Bee.-liei. G3-I; Brown, G;57; 

Blakeslce, GHO; Benliam, GU; Bnxkett, C>12; Bradley. Gf;!; Cook, 64."); Dag- 

g-etf, CIS; Dickermau, GJf!; J>oo]iitle. (i.")l ; Tlotcliki.-s, GnO; Hemingway, GoG; 

llepbnrn. GoG; Hart, G."i7; Hull, (ioS; Hopkins, GGl; Joluisi.n, GGG; Kitcliel, 

GG7; :ilanslield, (;G7; ^fix, GOU; Munson, G7'2; <.)lcott, G7o; Ogden, 075; 

Boekwll, G;7; Bowe, (i79: Sedgwiek, G7!»; Sherman, 081; Sncll, 083; 

Speiry, GSI; Slod-l.o.d. CS,-); Stowo, GSC; Piernont, GO."); Todd, G98; Thomp- 

'?')n, 7().': 'J'nnaliiill, 7(i!; Tiirner, 70."). 
AnrM':xoA.- o)lie-;, To;; Jlall, Tos; B.-trihonc, ]\(): Nye, 71'2. 

EKK.VTA ! 710 


AiJurtEVlATioxs. — b., born; bap., baptized; d.,died; lii. , married; wf., v.ife; ■'vid., 
widow: f., father; s., sou; dau., daughter; cous., cousin; sis., si.'^ter; bro., brother; 
I nu)., mother; gr. dau., granddaughter; gr. s., grandsou; unm., iinriiarried; chil., cliil- 

j dren; chh., church; s. L, t<ans is-'^ur, or witlioul childrcu; de.=;c., descendant; res., resi- 

! dence or resided; rem., vemi.\-ed; ini., Ir.xried; rt.. right; couv., conveyed; est., estut<;. 

I \Vhen the name of a tov.ii or locality is rej^eaied in the same ])aragraph the initial 

I letter only i.s used. 

[ (Jther abbreviations, if not such as are in comuiou use, will be understood in cou- 

inectiou with the context. 
Ark.\ngi:mknt. — T lie general arrangement is in lines — all the descendanis of the 
eldest child being given first, followed by the next and so on. This miglit be 
termed the vertical plan, in distinction to the arrangen;ent by gejicralioiis, or Iiorizon- 
[ tallv in strata or layers of generations. The- lineal or vertical method was found the 

i must convenieiit in the actual work of compilation, besides pi.issessiiig oilier advantages, 

1 such as economy of space, less repetition and greater facility of tracing- descents. Tlift 

[ arrargenicnt by gene-rations involves the necessity of turning over the leaves of tlie whole 

I book to trace any given line, while by the lineal i^lan every line is comprised witiiin the 

[ compass of a few con.secutive pages. It is, periiaps, not loo much to call the 

( lineal the natural arrangement. 

'io reduce repetition and the scattering of fainiiie:; to the miniinmn, the final para- 
gra]il'S in the record of a line are made to include as much as possible without confusion 
or overtaxing the attention. The. clear and open arrang-emont l>y offsets is the bes* for 
this purpose; but after setting u]> sixteen pages in tliis wiiy it was found impracticable 
on account of space. Instead of indicating the children, grandcliildren, etc., by oll.sets. 
it is done more compactly by varying the type — names of ciiildren in lioman; grand- 
children in s>r.\h!. CAPIT.VLS; great-graud-chiidren in italics; great-great-grand-children 
bv reversion to the common type, and great-great-great-graud-childreu by enclosing 
their numbers in parentheses. Example, p. 176: 
37. Caleb Tuttle had: 

1. r-'ar;di (jecorrl fn''v given, p. 177. 
II. Caleb. 

in. Thomas. (As his record would be so long as to disrupt the list of Caleb's chil- 
dren, and too involved in itself, it is dropped, to be taken up on the next page under 
the liumber 373.) 

IV. James, record fuUv given. 
V. ]hK)s, had: 
1, Enos. 2. Deborah, ni John Bi-adley and had: 

1, Aiathia. '2, John. 
S.MvKV. A. EsTiiKi:. 5, Phki-.e, t;j. Elijah Osborn and "had: 

1, Eli. 2. Kno.^. 
It will be s.'cn l>y referring to the text that the children and grand-children of Enos 
follow in til'' suiue consecutive order as in the example, 'i'his is the key to the whole 

>;rMHT-;iUN.':.— The system was devi-.-d by Hev. Dr. J'.hn E. Todd [p. 00]. and is 
here used, bv his peimi.-sion. for ;h,- ilvsr tiu'e in any ).ubiicaliw!i. It was a.dopied !>y 
tlie com[ii'ler as the sim[desr an;l be>t knoun i.. Idui. h o'oviates the cuuibrous serials 
hitherto deemed essential, and earh r.umlK-rserves tiie i>urpose ufu ojily of identilication, 
but is also a genealogical hi.-tnry ot tiie per.-on tu whose name it isal i.arhed. K>-ti/,pU~- 
()n ]>age 1, John Tuttle is the"lirsl child of \\illiani; his n!!ml)er is 1 tl>.rou-gl-out the 
<r<-neaiogv. On tiie same ])a<:e is a list of his children, of whtiru >an)iiel v-as the ;M; 
this number, placed on the right of his father's iiumber. is 13. Oii ]^■^^^R '24 and 21 are 
Saiauel's children, <d" whom the Hth is Jo:?iah, whicli n-.:'.!;es number 136. On page 



3^) are Josinh's children, of whom tlif 4th is Jtliicl; liis number is 1364 On i,-wr(. -37 
are Jehiol's chiMren, of whom ihv 1st is Isaiali, \rliose lumiljurii.g is 13641 In' m-ai) 
itulfition we h;ivc: ' ' ' 

1. John, 1st child of Williuiii. 

13. Samuel, 'j;1 •• John. 

136. Oosiah, (nh '• Sunnul. 

1364. Jchiel, 4tli •' Jo.sip.h. : '■. ' y.. ' -■•' /' ; 

13641. Isaiah, 1st " Jchid. — - 

Tliat is to ^!iy: Isaiah Tuttle Avas tho 1st dnlil of th^ -Uh cliilrl of tlic *lih child of th.> 
3(1 chihl of the 1st chihl of William Tnttlc, as r.'iMT-jntcd bv thonmulwr 13G41 
at th<- left of bis name. The same ].lau is pursued thnmg-liout,' Aslif-ilirr tli.- line of 
dcsrent is liiroiiirh male i)ro.<r..'nitors, as in thn above insfance, or female, or made uu of 
Loth. V.'heu the number of children exceeds 9 rlie two IlL^ure-. ccniposinL'- tbe nuiiiber 
are't\'.een t\\-o periods, as on i)a^e r.(Jl , Luciiis'l'uttle Xo 923 10 b.-iii<' 
the lOthclsild of Kphraim, 023. ' ' "^--^ -'•' ^'^ '^ 

To trace tiny line back, d.isrard il,e first fiw-mo on the lia-l.t and look alon- the left 
Imnd side of the ])ag-e for the number that reinains. Tho lu-xt, Jiid;; is found in the same 
manner by discarding the righi hand liirure. 

The numbering of each genealogy foim.s a seiuirute system by itself, havine- no 
•connection \\hh the rest. " ' " 

Tlie numbers in brark-ts with p. refer to tlie paft-e. Other numbers in biackebs 
refer to the branch in which related matter may be found, as [1|, lu'ancli of Jolnu [x^j 
hranch of Hannah, etc. 

A slight mistake wa-; made by tlie draftsman in the drawinu' of tie- Toshi!' Arms. 
Tlie Ci-Hst, instead of resting on ti:c J-hield, sliouM be raisi d aboN-e it and st-parattd hv a 
slight interval. 

In regard to dates, the difi'crenr,- between tin- old and tlie uj^v stvle is now so irt-n- 
erally understood as to need no explanation. Tie- dates jaior to IToi areohl sivle^for 
the ni.ost part. 


N.uiies aiu surna,;K..s their on-in an<l signification, have h«n xhf subject of much 
spr-r-u]ati..n and In early tinie« an individual had hut one 7uune and that ,?.-oi. 
aWyawnrd de.^cni.tive of .some personal p>wu!lar!iv. a.s Lono- Short White Bi-ieh' 
etc. As populati.m increased, the requirements for new and distinctiv.^ name^ miiUi' 
]d,ed. and orcupunons. trades, natural objects and evervthin.- el-e Inue 1-ern 
pressed into th.- service. For the mo«t part tluse are sullicientlv indicmiVe of their to enable any nne to classify under ai.prnpriato hf ads a laroe proporaon of ail the 
suni.iuiLS he has ever seen (u- '-an remember. . ' i 

'I'l.o i.rimitive custom of addimr the faf ier's name to tin- son's l,v w-v of di-bictn n 
cont.n,mda,mmi,tlie Welsh l.n-aft-r sun,ames ha<l become geneVal tm.ono ^h- euui: 
mon.alTv ot The rest ot Britain, and so it happened that the common rhrlsiian naaies of 
Ivdua cl. ^\lllla,M Robert. Puchard, etc.. enter .so la ro-ely into the family nomenc!atu-e 
o. Tlu-;. P<iy\>a'. i n.-y also extended U so us to inclu.le more or less of their i-edi-^ree or 
paternal l.neai:e_a ra.tom which Fuller illustrates in his .p.aim and humorous ^ne as 
folbnys: ;• 1 lunnas a].. \Miliani-ap. Thomas— ap. iJi-liard-ap ]!owell~;M> Vvan 
Vaughn, Jv-cj.vvas horn of ancien.aiul wor.shipful;-e at .Morton, in Flintshire 
in the reigu ot Plenry. \ 111. (l.jOiJ-lolT). This .vucb man. lu-i,,,^ called at the uanel of 
the jury by the aioresaui names, and manv more, was .^Iviscl l,v the iud-e for I'.revitv's 
sake to contract his name. So he called himself Morion.'" j r^ ... 

This exanii)!..- was followed by other gentrv of Wales, who, leavim' (h.-ir redi'-rice 
at liome, carry oidy one surname abri)ad with them, wherebv mu(di tinTe e.jv"-;il'lv in' 
winter when the days are sln.rt, is saved for otlier employment. " ' ' " 

The higlier ranks were tlie lirsl to ado]it surnames. In France about tlie "ml of 'he 
tenth century, the baruns b.-gan the custom l.y taking the names ',.f iheir estates am! 
thiMS the general origin of family names among tlie nobilitv ..f Europe The o'ldest 
surnames m England are the nam.'s of jdaces in Xonnandv. " Surnames so d^rivrd are 
classed as " Place Names." 

Localhies nan.ed Totldll or TuthiU are still numerous in (ireat Britain V late 
writer in the Lr.„do,) Xotrs and Q'lerin, says: •• I wonder how manv 'J'othills are now 
left in England? Tuthill, near Thetford, Norfolk Co.. has been so calletl from the time 
of the great battle there between I'ldward the Maitvr and tlie Danes, A. I) ,S71 
Toothill, also called Beacon Hill, near C;ernarvon Castle. 

Toothill or Tothil] Fields, a lar-e tract on the s,nith-u.-,i sid,. of W.>s'ininster It 
comprised the laud between T(,thill street. Pimlico and ih.- river 'i'hanies " .\n nncer' 
tain boundary." says Jeremy Bentham. li adjoined Wrstminst.-r .VbLrv and^w^-s once 
witliin the limits of the s:mctuarv of that Stow savs; •■ From" the entVv i.or. 
Toteluli tield, Tuttie street is called Petty France." ' ' '"^ ' 

In Ni(diors a--count of receivimr tin- Queen in the Coll e ( •luuTh of Westirinst— oi 

the first day of Parliament. Oct. Bl 1.VJ7. it is referred to as •• T.H.t(di:] I street' 
lying m the wrs; part of the Cjtie. taketh nanu- of a hil! near it. wlii-di is <alied Toote' 
nil. m tln-gr.-ai tield near the .stre-t."— P/vr/''' -^-'.s^ ";V^/^,v,. Kli'.:h.-th. In an ancient 
lease It is called Toothill. ()!!.-n nam. d l)v St.ov in "his .S'//?t, y ,>f I ,na'n,: under th.- 
varying forms of Tothill. Toothill and Tutt'le. [ii BMS, Stow s,",vs" ll,.nr\- I 'co'is'hlered 
the expediency of granting a lifteen dav's annual fair to the Al'iw.' ,)t Wrstniiusr.-i- to 
l.'e held at Tuthill or Tothill (now T.ithill Fields) durii;- x^hh i; tmn- alf trade'sVio'uhi 
c-nse within the city. Again, lie says; " \\\ the lime ui Eiiward i. . l:::.'^!;;,.;) a fr.'-liet 
in t}u: 'J'hi;mes River overflowed at fothvll as Muttliew of Wesiininsfr reoorteth " 
{a) ■ ' ' - 

X ■ NAME. 

f In time of llenry II! it wn- ]).'s>c^Sf(I as a inuiior by Jolm], a ^n-'ichi and 

j KiMi:"s Counsel, who al'terwanls l)ocauH> Lonl Cliancellor of Eii_<;-1aiid. Here lie enter- 

i taint'd (li2.JiVi till' Kini: and Queen of England, tlie Kii'g and (Juceti of Scotland, Prinee 
Edward (afterward Edward 1.) and a great nuii;l)cr of the nolnlity, kniglits and bishops, 

f The house imt being large emmgh larae tents \vt-re used. 

I On the '2')lh of Aug., lii")!. the Lcmdnu and We-^tiidnster tiained bands drew nut 

I into Tuttle's Fields, ill all about 14.000. 'J'jie Sj)eaker and diveis nienibeis of I'arlia- 

• ment ^vent tliere to spe them. 

! At Tutbury in StaiTord Co. are the ruins of a castle built by one of the King-s of 

!• ]SIeroia. and re-built by .J<din of (iaunt. in which Mary, Qtieen of Scots, was conlined 

j loi3(*-70, and again, 1584-815, There hs also a Nonnan church f>r Priory, founded in 1070. 

j Tutnes is the innst ancient town in the kingdom. It ^ tands on tiie river Dart, in 

[ Devon, and consists principally of one long street; sonn- of the houses having jsiazzas, 

! vhile the upper stories project considerably over the hnvcr. The Castle, the keep of 
\vhich is .still in tolerable ijres.u'vation, is a large. circul;-.r, turreted building, sran(lin<'- 

■ on ;ui Itiiiitjisr /rrfifri,/f hionii'i , fr'.i" ir/n'c/i tin' ("irn and r,/,'./'" ih_rii\' tJirir n'ni'C. 

! Toothii! in "i'orkshire is a remarkable round topt hill, near which ther<' lived a 

! flourishing family nearly seven hundred years ago, tiie Mrst of whom was ]>ichard de 

i Toothill, wlio took his surname from the name of this place. It isjdaia that other fam- 

! ilies, widely separated in jioint of locality and in ethnological derivation — Saxon, Celt or 

} Xorman, might, under similar circumstances, assume the same name, and as a matter of 

! liistory, it docs a])pear as a .':urname ut a very early date indiiTercnt ywrts of the country. 

i The first nan.e on the roll of Battle Abbey (lOtJf)) is 'Totehs. 

j. In rJ80 Joh.n le nar])ur de \Vakelield and Eleanor, his wife, granted to '!"homas de 

, Touthill ari annu;)l rent (d S s. whi<^h said Thomas had reC':ive|-,-d in Vi'd'j ivowi Vv'iiliam, 

; son of Adam del Lee, in Old Linley (Halifax) Yorkshire. 

' In l"J>-"7 Isab'd Scott and Alice, her daughter, granted htnds in Hiistrick (Yorkshire) 

I to .Jolm de Toothill, whose descendants are afterwards called de Totoliill. 

\ (.>f the same fanjiily v.-as Ilueh de 'j'oihill and, his wife, \\ ho had grant of ilie 

I Manor of Brigh.ouse fur their lives (I'^HIi -lid -John de Totehill. their young.;r son, after 

■ their ilecease. 

[ They liehl hinds in fee both in Fixby and IJastricic. Tiv^ Manor of To.jihill is des- 

i crilx.'d as '• .Manrium de TtH.)Thi!i, in \'iHa de R;istriclc in \'-]-V2. and Sir ^^'m. de Beau- 

I mont granted to 'J'honuts de Totidiill and W'm.. his son, the moiety of t!i:- town of 

j Fekisi\v iFixby) with wa.rds, marriages, et<-. 

I In Devi'ushire "John (iilford held Ackot of Alice de 'J'othill in I:.':)?.'" 

i- In an old church at Iiedenhall, Norfolk Co., an inscription still exists: "Tn 141)4 

( Richard Totyl or Tuthill was buried in this church," — Blomi'lhhl. 

• Geofl'ry \\'arl>urton installed by Bislio]) Smith, rector <^1' the parish of Sta-pleforu 

■ (Herts), Auir. 7. 14U9. He died, and (Toorge Washington insialleil, -Mav 4. Io04. He 
\- resigned, and Kobert AVycliin in-.taPed., \Kc. 10. b^OO. He resigned, and" ^Vm. TotehilJ 
[ installed by Bisiiop Atwater, Oct. 0, lolG. He died, and \Vm. Felde succeeded, loliS. — 
[■ CluHi rhiiei-'s History "f Ih rls. 

[ .John Tuttlebury, -M, Baron of the English l^xidieipier. 1401, 

I The Xorfolkshire Tuthills w(n-e seated at Saxlinirham. ^Villiam Tuthill of tliat 

\ manor nnirried Susan, daughter of Peter <>sl)orn of Chicksan<ls Abbey. Sir .lohn Osboru, 

f sou of Sir Peter, was ancestor of Sir Daiwers Osboru, (Jov. of N. Y., 17.")4. Dorotliy 

i Osboru, who, says Macauley, " was bcsieg.-d bv as many lovers as were drawn to Bei- 

[ mont 1)V the fanu' of Portia," among them Henry Cromwell, bnjtherof Oliver, was grand- 

■ daughter of Sir John. She nmrried Sir \Vm. Temple. 

\ . BloomfiehTs iZ/v^i/v/ rt/JN'or/w//.-, /,'«r/., describes the arms of 'i'uthill in the church 

{ at Newton, granted one of that mime at Saxlingham. A Chevron .\zure, ;:5 Crescents 

J Argent. 

;, An inscription iu the Chancel of the same church, to " The loving wife of Roger 

»■ Dallyson, son and heir apparent to William Dallysiwi of l-aughton. Lincoln Co., I'^stj." 

1 She was daughter and heiress of William 'I'uthill of Newton, Oent, Elizabetli hi.s 

I wife, and died Sejn. 27, loS.'}, in the iOih year of le-r age. A brass plato (now lost) was 

; inscrilx^d. " Here iyeth the budy of William Turtle, g-eut, who eudetli this life, "^^th of 

I Manh, l.")!ll." He" was born at' Saxlingham and man led the. daiurhter of .Mr. Woolsey 

t ■ of Norwi( h, by wluun he had only one dauL'^hrer, who marrii'd i'oger Daliyson. " .Vrms 

\ of 'I'uthill and' \Vi».>Ise\-: ( )r on a chevron. betwci-n:5 woolp.acks. azure,:! uari'S of tin 

i Of this family, shown by arms i-oidirnud to him, was A\ i'b.M.i T.iilidl f. 4., ol the 
Manorof Tuthill in Cambridgeshire. fath'T of Francis, son and heir of WlHiaui. '.vho had 


.-(.n. Col. Kiiliert 'J'nthill, vlio conuii-iii(lecl o regimuut ieiup. Chiirlos I, and for .service 
rciidnvfl to that moiKUvh imd amis cwnfinueil to liini. 1()40, — Thne ('rtgrr/it^, rtc. 

Tht' crest of the Norfolk Tutliills is A bee Volant in jiale propt-r. — y>oc?/.: ofFdiiL. Crcsifi. 
■■"^ "In llu; Hisl'.'vy of JL I.' if ax by llev. John \Vut>-,)n are sonic further detailsin relation 

to ihe Yorksliise l)iaiich, the iir.->t of whiim was Kicliaril de Toothill, named above. ]le 
h.ul sons Tliomas. ^ilattliew and Kichard. Mnttliew had lar.ds in the graveship oT Ilip- 
perliohn, in lol4, and was wiTnes^ to a ih-i'd in Voo~i. lie had -lohn, who live<l at Silk- 
eley, and who had llngli ;^a witne-is to deeds in \ \'.]<) and .bilm de d'oothill, whieh Hugh 
had Thouias. 

Thirinas, ehh'.-i s.uof the lirsi P.iid-.aril, manii'd Modcsta. Thomas, above named, 
}iad by Modesta, \Vil!ia;u. Hugh, John and i)n>'e daughtei-s. 

WiUiaiu de 'J'o 'thil!, sou of 'I'linmn-. maviii'd Siliyl, daughter and heiress of Thomas 
de Fekisby. By this Sil)yl lie had Mariraret. his daughtrr and heiress, who being in her 
minority at the time of lier father's dtath, wa- in the eu;-:tody oi' wurdshiit of Earl \N'ar- 
I ren (Jid'iu de Warren, Earl of .Surrey i. 

I This Margaret married Rlrhard de 'J'hornh.lll. in the time of Kdwaid III and carried 

I all her father's estates into that family, where they still continue. And is said to have 

f ha<l the lands of Isabel, reku-r of Johii Scot, and her d;iughters. Now, it a[>])ears from 

I several deeds, that al>out 1'2S7.' this Isabel and lier daughteis granted to one John do 

I Toothill, certain lamls in H.astriek. called IJnlands; Ids name is omitted in the above 

i pedig'ree. and it is no further <-eitain vim he, than that Thomas was his lieir, and 

I that his name occurs in deeds befnre and after 13'jij. Most of these descents are jiroved 

f from deeds belonging to Thomas ThorJihill, Es'i., of Fixby, in \vhieli \"S'ilIi;un, son of 

\ Anabil de Rastrick and Ellen, 1iis wife, ihumhler of John S..ot. with Alice, h"r sifter, 

t grant lands to Thomas de Tootlikl, for life, and atterhis decease, to William, son 

%. of the said Thonuts, and if William dieii v,it]i<mt issue, lo John, son of the said ITiomas, 

\ at.fl for default of issue in the said .bdiu. to ail his si^-ters. As Hugh is not mentioned 

I liere, he prol'ably was dead; luu his existence is proved in i:>31 by a deed wlierein 

f 'i'homas de Tothill grants to William de Tothill and his heirs, remainder to John, bro- 

I :hcr of said William, remainder to Ik.igh.. brother (;f s;'.id, remainder to si'^ters of 

I said Hugh.-— 77.://,. Ik. II. Tntluir.^ J//'//'dxs. 

1. Anns of Too'hi!! of Tootldll: (Jr. on a Chevron J^'abk", three Crescents .■\igent, 

R Lysbns, in his Jlldorii of Ciijhhri<^'ji-'}<irf , say> the Manor of "I'l.ttdiill or 'JV.teiudl, in 

I the parish of Swatfham Pi'ior, was m) called from an aucieni faudly of tliat name, and 

t is supposed to h.ive jias.-ed to Co-heiresses in 14'kl. 'I'Jn r.iat of arms of the family U]>ou 

r a mcjiiument still renudiung in (jne oi the cliundu-.^ of the jiaiish, is, "' Argent, on a 

I Chevrmt Azure, three Crescents. Argent." 

I From the similarity of arms it wouM apjiear that all these fantilies were identical 

\ iri oriirin. 

|. 'i'he late H'lU. W. H. Tuthill in the address ijuot.'d aliove, copies from a letter of 

t Mrs. ].nin:-a C. Tr.tile j"p. ]lio] in whieli sin- gives an accounr of a visit made liy lier hus- 

I iiaud to Sirtk-orge L. Tuthill. an eminent jdiysician of kondon. Tiie visit \\a'~ for the 

purpose of nurking inquiries in relation to the Tutliills: •" lie was very politely received, 
and obtained from Sir (ieorge much interesting inbuniation uitli regard to the family. 
The tradition being referred to, that the American Tuihills originally came from lling- 
hain, England, Sir Ceorge remarked: 'The .same family as my own; irr were from the 
('ity of Norwich, and our ancestors were originally from Hinghani.' In the course of 
tlie conversati<jn, family traits and peculiarities ^cere spoken of, amcmg others, the ten- 
dency of the hair to become grey at a comjiaratively early age, and Sir George referred 
to his own hair, which was almost white, although but little over forty years of age. 
The color of the eyes, so universal iti the family, was mentioned: .\ gr^'}'. 
slightly dashed with hazel, whicii was at once corroborated, somewhat to tlie ainuse- 
uient as well as satisfaction of both, by (d)servingthal their own eyes were exactly alike. 
Other tiaits and resemblances were referred to and discussed by Sir (ieorge, who was 
ardiiitly devoted to physiological investigatirms. and lie expressed the decided convic- 
tion that our iu-auchi ot' the family and his own wt»re from the saiiie jiarent stem." Sub- 
scipuuit researches ]. roved that suck was the fact, for Sir (Jeorge was descended in the 
sixth generation from John Tuthill, brotherof Henry of Hiugham, ancestor of th!>. kong 
Ishmd Tutliills. Sir (ieorge L. Tuthill was the a-soriate of Sir Henry Hulford, and the 
personal friend of Coleridge and Charles kanib. lie had a very high reputation, es])ec- 
lally in his treatment of iliseases of the brain. He was knigkt'd in k"-',!'), and died iii 
k'-'.ii, leaving an only daugliter. 

The Tothills of Ireland claim a .-til! more a.ieirut dc.-cent. ;oid if ike old ki-li lusto- 
rie's are to 1)0 credited, their ancestrv Commenced la^fore the ^.hristian era. " 'i'lu-y all 

Xll SAME. 

concur in stating tlicui to h" of Mile^hui (icsn ut, tliiT.ngh tlie Nvoll known srpt ')r tribe 
of O'TooIc (which si'fnis to be but a variat'mn ot' the name) and that their territorv 

■ extended over a i^reat portion of ttie beautiful liills and valleys in \\]iatisn(jw k'nowii 
as tlie fojnties of \Mcklo\v and Kildare. 

They would a])]H'ar to have lie.n a widlike race, for when Ireland was over'un bv 
the tjfif;-li,>!i, they heroically refused to .snbniit to tiieir rule, ca.rryine- on for many years 
an uncijual contest ai^ainst ilie armed hosts of a tyrannical invader. 

: Cfz/'f/cw, t!u' father of Enirlisli ariticinari.s. .-ays "The ()"Toi>ls and O'Birns oi)-ii- 

nately withstand ;i!l law. and \ivf in inijilacahle enmity witli the l-]iitr]ivi! " 

j It is noteworthy tliat he apjdies the name < )"|\iole and O' J'oihill indisc.-rimin.itelv; 

I for ir^ ar^ain speaking of them, he says, '"In IIMI. 'I'assauard and liathcante were 

invaded by the rap-paries; namely, the O'Brinnes and O'Tothilcs the day after St. John 
Baptist's nativity; whoreti]>o)i iti the autumn soon after, a great army was raised in 
, Leinstor to defcai them, both in (.ilcndelory (Glendaloug-li) and in other woody places." 

" In ll3ol O'Toole, the chieftain of the Iniail, at the head of a numerous band, })lun- 
! dered the castle and demesne of Tali.. ghi. (oA n-iiles S. W. by W. from Dublin) slen- 

i " luaiiy of the Archbish.o]) of I>uldi:i's iieople. Mid defeated Sir Philip Britt and a body of 

' Dublin men who had l.ieen sent against Idm." 

: " In loUH, O'Byne and O"j'oo!e touglit a battle against the hlnglisli. in whirli Morti 

I mcr, P^arl of Majch, and ii vast nnmbei- of l^nglish were slain." 

I McDcniiot, i^tlie annoiator of the •' .\nmils of Indaud by tin- Four Masters,") savs, 

\ '■ the territory of llu- U'Tuathail's or O'Toole's chieftains of Ily Muireadhaigh, or Hv 

i ilurray, was quite an extensive domain, in the western ])art of W'icklow, comprising 

- the greater j/orlinn of the ju-eseiu baroni. s of Talhotstown and Shih/lagh, in that count} , 

i, and extended as far as Almain, n.iw tiie hill of .Allen, in the couiity of Kildare. tlius 

: containing a great p."irTion of the baronie.s :,d' Naas, Ivilcullen, Killiea and .Moone, and 

Council in that county. 
i The O'Toolos were in ancier.t times styled pririi-es of linaile. which ap]iears to have 

■ Ijeen a name ajjplied to their" territory, and is still retained in th.e (ijen of Imaile in 
V.'icklosv, they had their chief residence: and tlu-y al.-C) had castles intaruevv-, 

[ (,'astle Kevin, t'astie Dermot and other jilar-es. 

; Tl'cy took their name from Tnatiial, one of the early kimrs of Ireland, from whom 

\ tliey derive their descent, and being one (.f th.e ]ie;;d f.-imilies of Leinster, of the same 

[ ■ race as the McMurrough^, r\\v\ are eligiijle to be kinirs of iluit ]'ro\-ince, Tiie Cele- 

i brated St. Lanienco U'Toole, .Archbisho]) of Dublin, nt the time nf the Knglish invasion. 

■ was son of Murtogh O'Toole. IMnceof Inniiie; and many ilistii!g'i;--hed chiefs of the 
i name are mentioned in the eourse of these iuiiuils. They maintained their rank, and 
I. lield large po.-sessious down to tin- Eli/abethian and Cromwellian wars, wh«u their 
; e.states %\ ere confiscated, severnl id" them were Iviughtcd at various jieriods, and Sir 
; Charles O"i'o(de, an otlicer iu I'^ing Jann's' army, is said to have been the person who 

killed the Duke Schomberg at the battle of th. j^oyiie; and several td' them were dis- 
tiuguislnd otiiccrs iu the Iii-h Kiigachs in the s( ivice of France and Spain. 
> The 0"J'o()les are still numeroas in the counties of \A'ick1ow, Dulilin and Kildare. 

^: The illustrious Prelate, thus referred twis St. Laurence O'Toole, nnd whom Camden 

!' calls Lawrenc O'Thothill, is quite a distinguished chai-acter in Irish lustorv. He ^vas 

I b. in A. 1). 110.). his father. .Murtoirh O'Tuathail" ..r 0"J\-!o!e. was the Chieftain of Hv 

;■ *Miirtogh O'Toole or Tuatlial wr.s Lord of Im;\ilc, and chief of his dan, sometimes called Kintj of 

l- Dublin; m. a dau. of ihe kindred iribe of O'liyrne. His son Lawrence was the tirsl Archbishop ct 

|. Dublin. He died at the monastery '.f Eu. Nov 1 1. ii.-:_,. a. ^S. "The Gaelic St;itcsman Saint.'' Eve 

i ()" ruHihal. sis. of Lawrence n>. Dermot ^Ic.^Iu^ro^ls,'h, and had Kvu .Mc.^Iurray, whom. 1170, Richard 

I de Clare, Kar! of I'embroke, and Chief Justice of Ireland. Called StronErbow. He d 1 176-7, and by Eva 

\ left one dan., Lsabel. ward of Kin^ Henry H, in at a. ..f 14, W'm. .MarshalL Earl of Pemhroke, who after- 

;' wards bv v.rtue of ihismarriaire el iin\ed ttie proprietary of Lemstcr. He was [irotectur of Encland durina 

the minorit\r of Henrv IH. He had a sjn and s.JCces^or, Richard, who was assassin.ited in Ireland, and 
'I succeeded bv j of his brothers who all d. withi>at h--trs male, .-\nselni. the last Earl .Marshall of his family 

dyin;;: in 114.S left 5 co-heirc^ses amon.x wtvim the Irish Instates were divided, and who were tiie ances- 
S tre ses of iVie Moriieiers. I'.ruces and other hi^-onc lami!i;;s of Enj^hind and Scotland. .\iid »o the blood 

I c.f ICarl Ricli;.rd and his Iri^h I'nnc'.T descend. <1 for many generations toearicli other houses and ennoble 

other naiiies than his ov.n; the ss. d . j-. /. ot whom was Richard who was called '"the rtower of cl.iva'.ry." 

— N"tti /roi'i Hist, of lr,-iiti:ii. 

1. Maud M irshall. m HuL,'h Iiii,'od. •/! Earl 01 Nor: jjk; (2; Wm. de Warren. EnrI of .surrey: (e 

Waller l)u-.tan\ ;li;-. Her j;re,c. yreat ^rand dau. by istai, Joan Bif;od. m . Sir '.\ni. L'hauncey and is 
f ar.cestrtss of the Chaunceys of .Vnieri.:a. 

! II. Joan Marshall, m Earl of Suffolk. 

\ HI. Isabel, in. Gilbert de Clare, Earl (Jloucesier, (i» Kich-rd, Eari of Cornwall, brotiier of Kin" 

? Henrv III. 

! IV. Sibyl, m. Robert Ferrars, 4tli Ear! of Derby. One 01 her desc. was Edward, 4th Kmg of Engf. 

\ V. Kva, in. V/m. Bruce of Breknoek. 

; A history of the dijteiidants c( these live si.^icrs would comprise the romance o! English, history for 

i two hue.drcd years. 

i _ NAME. Xiii 

Muniy. and his motlicr a dauglitor ut" tin- kiiidrcil tribe of O'llvrnc — liis ])o.ssfssioii.s 
■coiiipiiscl al)out h:\U of the present enmity of l\iM:ire, from svliirh he \vas dispossessed 
by tlie Eii^-lish invaders and driven into tiie fa.-ti;es-r> nf Wicklow. 

Laurenee. becnnie so celebrated for liis h-arnin^^ and ])ic'tv, tliat when Lc had attained 
his twenty fifth year, lie was made Al)bot of (ilendalouoh. and iiimu the (h-atli of Greg- 
ory. r)i( first Archbishop of l)u))liu. was i)y acclannifioii seated in the archi(;])i.seupa] 
e'lair, in wliieh he contiiiiied until his death in 1]>S0. He was so renowned for his sanc- 
tiry, that in 12-.'(j (fotty-six year.s after Iris derease) lie was cannonized bv Pope Jlono- 
rius III, and tints, says liiv liioo-niphcr, " a scion of thf old Celtic nice "was placed on 
tlie calendar of Saints." 

I /x^"-!/'. in his I'litr.'tiymica l^iitrnnica. snvs that the O'Tooles or 0'Tno£r]iall.s claim 

I ai\ anci'Mit Milesian descent from raihunr More. Kiiiir of Leinster. of tlie^liermonian 

i. race, ancestor of Lnoyaore, the tirst Chrisiian monaicli of Irehmd, contenniorarv with St 

I Patrick." ' 

I Tlie early liistury of Ireland, lieTore the inii'oduction of Cliristinnitv is soinewhat 

^_ obscure, but according to Kciting, (J'Fl<i.rhi:rty, ami the old iuinaiists, the Milesians 

t wete (iiiuinally a cniony fnnn S'.-ythia, le/ar the Kuxiiie and Caspian seas, now called 

I- tlie Crimea. 

j The Scythicins, who were by th.' IJoman wiilers (h'si^nated Celts-Scythians, were 

r the most ancient inliabitants of I'lurcjie after the (lelu:;e. and werr descendants of Jajihet. 

They formed settletnenis in Sjiain, and Milesius, u\\f of tlnir race, became Kino-. 
r Uen-mon, Ileber and Ir, the sons of .Milesius, came to hi hind, with a largo fleet aad'a 

j jiowerfu] army, and after a sanguinary battle, became masters of the whole country, and 

J. acrordmgto A'/'.;^//*,'/, gave to its throne 171 Kings; the most of whonr (as well as the 

f early Kings of Scotland; were descendants of the I'lermonian Branch of this ancient race. 

f Ojie of The most renowned of these Mih'siaii Monarchs wh-< Tuathal Teachtmar, or 

I Tuathal the accepTaide. (He olttained the si.liriipiei of Teaclitnuu , the welcome- or accep- 

[ "table, from his bi'ing Tlie deliverer of the nation fnmi the tyrants of a hated oligarchy.) 

>- Tuathal is celeln-;ned as one <d' rhf greatest (d' tlu- Irish Kings, for his wisdom and 

i valor. In the revolt of the Firliolgs lie' was fona-d to fly fioin ' the kingilom to -North. 

|. TBritain, but returned A. D. 130, and after fighting .t^.j battles was siieces.sful in recover- 

f, ing the crown. During his reign, whi>-h lastcxl thirty yt-ais, lie reformed the 

I and corru;>tii.ins that had jirevailed in pul)lic atfairs and introduced in Ireland a stat<' of 

K plenty and public tranquility never known in it before. 

f Wiirncr naively says, " It must be observed tliat until this reign, few or none of 

th'' ancient Irish would submit to any trade or manual labor, lest they should degrade 
' iheir origin, or bring a stornt ujxin their families; but when they saw'thai by the order 

i of this A\ise Monarch, the legislature took trade and imrnufact lires under their .si>eeial 

I 'Care and management, many of tln^ Milesians coiide^;reiided to follow some employment 

I and to make themselves u-oe.d for soTneihimT beside cutting one atiothers Ihnials."' 

f This good King slain in liattle iiy an usur]>er \\diose nanie is trlveii as Mai or 

1^ Mail, who reigned four years, when Keidlim. t!ie son of 'I'uathal, avenged his father's 

E death by slaying the usurjierand regaining the cmwn. 

? Feitllim was, from his great love of ju.vtice, surnamed the Legislator. He not only 

I gave excellent examples of e(iuitable government m his own ]>rivate conduct, but by 

|; causing wise and v.holesome laws to be enacted, the people of Ireland became more 

I humane, honest and contented than they ever were before. His and useful adniin- 

g Jstration continued for nine years, when (a somewhat unusual circumstance in those 

\ tuibiilent days.) he die 1 a natural death, and was succeeded by his son Catlioire More 

r or Cathir the (treat, from whose youngest son, Fiacha Piarceamla, the O'Tooles claim a 

K lineal descent. 

f The connection, if any, between the 'I'uthill or TothiU family of England and that of 

. the same name in Ireland', is perhajis at this time nnJcnown, at any rate, I have never 

[ yet lieen aide tn obtain any documentary proof that our Kuglisli ancest(U-s were origin- 

I ally from Iridanii, although the conjecture is a jdansjilde one. 

|; _ '1 he celebrated. Fdmund Spencer, \viio I isidid a slmrt time in Iridand. and v/ho in 

iloHC, wrofe;jhis ■■\"it>-»v of the state of hidand." sa.ys the O'Tooles are so called from the 
ol'l Hritish word TmI, /. r. a Hill country. .\nd tlie idea of a cnnnn-n (>r!gin has seme 
support frcm the descriptions and illu-^trations of Heraldry, 'i'bi- Coat (,f Arm,; of the 
O'Tdoles of Iieland being </ Ihni ji'i.^y-.i iit , a rij> ni . The Toiyis of Wah-,. it lion r.'/i/j'/ii'f, 
I ^ ■'■''■'. . The Totliills of Uevonsiiire h 'tun jhi.-xant . s.ih', . 'i lie Totebills of Yorkshire 

i bearing as a crest, n !:,,n st,i n<lii nl , rjuhs; and the d'nthills (d' r o;ibridi; csbiiv and !!ar- 

f. 'eiksliirtj the like crest of a lion itii/uiii/il '/i(l'.-<. ducal! v crown»-d and collared and 

I litiCd, (M-. 


Till! lion, one of tiu' ein'.ileiiit; of tlio liiirlu-st nobility, being the conspicuous beanii!' 
of tlu' fninilivs. \\-oulil imlicate a coiiiiuon di'.si-tnit. 

Nor is an eiuii,-ration of soiu'' of tlic Tribe of the O'Tooles to Kufrland, after tlie 
confiscation of their estates, at al! inijirobaiile. It i- well known that (furiiii: the liavs 
of \^ aliaee ahd Bruce, laiire numbi-is of tin- native lii>ii aetid as auxiliarii-s xo tlje- 
English in tlie wars l.-«etweea that nation and Seotlaii'l — and it i> not an ini])robable sur- 
mise that nuiuy of Iheui after their terui ol' :^:TVir>- expired, preferred to n main 
and make their homes in F.neland. there to live in pea'-e and se.-uritv. instead of return- 
ing to their native country, (b.'vastati.-d by civil «ar and curbed i.iy dis-^ensions, anar( hv 
aud strife. 

Ill U]iiii(:r'-i Fudorn will beluinul a nuimlale issued to David O'Tolhvill setlin-- fe-i-th 
tliat the King (Edward II.) wa^ ahont to ]naich against his Srotti.-h rebels, and requir- 
iug liim, as the chief of his tribe, ihe attendance of all tlie force he could muster coin- 
mauded by himself in person or by some nobkmau of Ids race." — ILjn. V.'m. II. TnthVl's 

From The foregoing it seems clear that this family name, in all its forms, is derived 
from tliose eminences, natural and artilicial, (jiu;e so common in (ireat Hritain, called 
Tothills; and that various familii-s not tracably related to i .icli other bear a common 
pationymic by adeijition of the iilace name of their residence. 

Tlie origin ami meaning of tlic word 'Tot or Tut has been tiie subject of much dis- 
cussion and speculation among tlie English sciiobirs and antii|uaries, and varieuis 
tlieorics had been advanced in relation to it ; leat, withoi-.t presuming to pass judi;menr 
on th.e question, it seenis to us that none of tle-in is so satisfactory as that which we 
found in Allien' Anfi'i'iitus nnd Fnlldort of U''//r, .v/, ,'i/,'/ . pp. v!:.';j, iy'-i, ;J17. This essnv 
is so clear, tliorough and convincing tliat for ourself we feel that no more need be saiil. 
At this Stage of t)ie v,(.!b;"s hisiee,-y it is. geUeraliy SpeakiUii'. a luUi;- wa_\ back to rile 
beginning of anything, and the Tuttle name is no exception to the rule. We cowv tlie 
article entire; 

n.ACKS AM) t.TVMOI.Ot;'! oV lUTllll.L. 

"Tutnall, Tetnal or Tortenhiil (alias Oakflidd), a hill in the Parish (d" C'laines. lie.-; 
about three miles north of Worcester, and had communication bv signals with th.e camp at 
Onibersley. Ostorius' supposed fort, and with Embury Hill 'J'oothill in Ev.dridge. Tiuts- 
liill, Troshiil or Toothill farm in Wamdoii; Tutmil, }^lount ari 1 Tuinal Phuv in 
Tardebig; Toutliill (Totheliel) C'ro.-s, Tutshill Common Field, and Little Tutshil! in 
Eldersiield: Tutbach in Lower Sa]'ey. a!! in \\ orcestershire. Mythe Too; or Tute near 
Tewkesbury in CMoucestershire; Tainal! Biidge near Taltou in Herefordshire, and Taien- 
liill and Tutbury in Stafford-^hire. Djomsday 15ook notices Tothehel in Bloomsicrove, 
Teotintnno \\\ Worcestersliire, Tetelerie' Titehala and Tatenhall in Staffordshire. Tetes- 
thorpe in Hereionlshiiv, Tiitenelle in Someisetshirc. Totehton in Mi'ldb'sex, 'J',,te]e(l in 
York. 'J'otele in York and Linci>ln. Totenais and Totescombe in L)i-\(>u.'" 

Dr. Thonuis in hissurvey of Worcester cathedral, etc., notices 'I'eottington. Tetintun. 
Taterington, and states tiiat King (Jlfa gave five manses of land at Teotingtun to the 
Monastery at Breodun. 

There is a diiVerence of O]nniou as to the etymoloi;-y of the names of these jilaces. 
Some say it c<nnes from the Saxon weird, ■" t'-wiaii," to h.ok out. and otb.ers from the 
Celtic go 1, Teutates. Bryant derives the nann- of ■~\\c\< round hills from Titli, and sttys 
wlien towns were situated on eminences lashiom-d thus round, they were by the Anm- 
nians (j. t". de.scendants of Ifam) called Tith. \\hi(di answers to *=j "^ in Hebrew, and to 
tJto// and riTOOi in (ircek; that they were i>ai ticnlarly sacred to Orns and Usitis. the 
deities of light, who by the (ireciaiis were reprcsr-nted under the title of Apollo. That 
these mounts were not only in (■'reece, Imt in l-'iiypt, Syria, and most ]iarts of the \^■orId; 
that they were generally formed liy art. bein^j- comiu-i-ed of tarth raised very hii.di, 
which was sio]ied gradually and with great exacrness, and the to]) of all was cicoviied 
■with a hii^h Tower. 

Although the Anglo-Saxons may have u--ed such hiils as looi;out stations, still many 
of tbem ma.v ]ia\e lieen of jiuciini Hririsii origin and deri\-aiior,. and the fact tliaT ;J.l of 
the above mentioned hills m- place- in W'orcesrershire are either tdose to or v\-ere upon 
the sides of roads ajipears to tavor tin- opinion that ihey were sacri d to the C'eliic '\'^i\- 
tates, who was the guide over "he hi IK a ud t!ackua\s. 

Bryant-says Theiith, 'i'hoth. Taut, Taauies, are The s-uiie. little di\'ersiiied, aral 
b.ehingiug to the "chi(d' (.'ed <d" ]"-;•} ;•;. That Ivi-eb' ;i . -peaks of h;m a.s :be sa:!.e as 
Hermes. That from 'i'lieuth the tjreeks foimed (~>]JJ^ whiidi with that nation \\a3 
the me,,sL general name of the l>eitv. That it was the same ]>eitv which the (ie'-mar.s and 

I xa:n[E. XV 

I (Vlta^ wor>hii.p.i under the name Tlieut, Ail or Tlieiitates, whose saeiiike very 

I cruel, as we leuru from Lucan. . . ^ i f +i 

I The fallowi„^r interesting passa.-e upon the subject is extracted front the 
I Worrr:,t,T^hire ViicrlUm >i: " Ca>sar. in his renuirh< upon tlie reh^rmn of J^ntum, observes 
[ that M'ercmv was the chief wbj.'Ct of pnpahtr veneration: that there were nianv images 
\ of hint aiul'that he stands as a gui<b-' ovr tlie hills and trackways (see K,h,hu s ^n.rons 
I in S ;;V V, :;;3'>^ and as t.. the identltv of this Mercury with ^^ (,(len), not that the 
I Koman 'Mei'cuiv was aclunllv wor.hiiM.d by that name before Gesar arrived in Britain, 
^ bill stone-; b-in<' -acred to '.Mercurv amouir the (J reeks and Pvoraans. and Ltesar per- 
ceiviu-Uie artificial mounds surrounded by a stone or Siniilacrum were pariicularly 
veiKTHted'he hence concluded that Mercury was the gou held m particular esteem. 
Now Mr B:.wles savs the ]• gvptian Tholh (Thoth, says Bisho], Cumbeidaiui. was the sou 
of Misrain. the son'of Ham, and grandson of Noah), Thot or J ot. the Pl'nneciaii laau- 
tus o- Taute the (irecian Hermes, the Boman Mercury, the lautates of the Celts vSO 
•ailed bv Lucan from the Celtic Da Taiih), l-ei.s Taatu.. arf universally aduatt^-d to be 
he iuie (Hut the Gc.thmau. \[o..ninr, Jan., 18;30, pp. 4o. 4(i, wnere fhjubts are 
expressed as to the identit v of the Egyptian Troth ^vith Hermes or the Gaulish Mercurial 
Teutates and ar-uino- that Taut or Tautates was the Kgyinian Hercules a syml.olof the 
sun \ stone a^^s the first ancient representative of Thoth, Taute or lent (the Latiu- 
i/ed Teutates of Lucan) which bein- placed on eminences, natural or artihcial. aud more 
^ciallv near-roads, wore thence called TothiUs or Teuthills, and in many instances in 
various parts of The kingdom are so called at present. • ^r i ic.v-, .,,-.. 

-V writer desi.-nated as Merlin, in tlie Gn.1l, wan. ^Ligazmc. March 1^,'J. >a>... 
- When the Cimm^Mian Druids migrated from Asia into Eu.;ope they earned wi-n ...em 
their patriarchal traditions, their Chaldean k-n; and tneir eaduuean ^^'i;]'^,"-^- ;' -'^^^l 
with that irraud and characteristic badge of distinction, the name ot J heu-tate. He 
further ob-erves there is no languacre. ancient or modern, into wluch this name is .^o 
eas land iauVrallv resolvable as^he Cimbric or British, and that Thoutaut is nothing 
piore nor less than Hhue-Tad. the universal parent or (^od the lather. Merlin .says ■ .he 
SndJs cherished this revered offspring <if patrimonial traditum. ti obliged by the sunn 
Romans to reUn-piish it for the gods of the compierers. Mr ^;-^-' ; ;^' ^^^ ^J^ 
" It will not be denied that as the Celts worsniped Mercury, that is this 1 ..■ h, tb'^driuds 
secretlv tau-ht the immortality of the soul. Tiie secret worsuu- wa> ... one infinite 
bccieii.\ i^i -. . ,.- ,.1.^ ■. M ,. i>..„ii.< .,u,. v^Mvs Aiercuvv 3 name lu 

C^ic '^Vu^rai^^rfV.;:,; whu-i. Lucan calls him Teutates. A.-ording to my id.a T-r-e T.-uf' T.,: Tut T.^-l Te; are all derived from the same Celtic ro(,t, an.l 
i^re in mime; of places in Kn-land'iiulication of some tumulus ot; conical hiils -l-l'^^^ 
to the great Celtic (iod. Taute or Mercury, when there were I hique ptr Anghn.n plu- 
/•t/Zir/ .s/;"i";"r/r, according to the testimony of Caesar. _ io-m,. liO 

The ipviewrr of Mr. Bowles' work, in the Gndlewaji s Maguunc, >eb.. lb.?i) p. 140, 
ch^erve- " ft is i.lain from Livv that Mercury KvoUO'. (or Kalis) was called among 
the Celts Alcirurv Teulat.^s and'both these tumuli (referred to by Mr. Bowles) were on 
he lik^'s'of niads. Cesar proves the application, for lie says of the Bn oi- that tUc^ 
made Mercury - Viavun ntqHtJtlnernm f/,/.v //<,' hence the case concerning theloo.hills is 
verv satisfactorilv made out." , .,- • i i , i;ii. 

• The name of-Tuttle is thus tracnl back to these natural -u- artitu-ial ^^'^'^^'' ^^^ 
in Britain whi.dituo thousand v<-ars auo were sacred to a pagan worship, and then, t 
L u 1 dim 11 i h-ni.iums to the deified founder, Thoth.* Thot or Tot-ot that ancient 
I^dvanird civilization whi-h ilourished on the lumks of the ^^^^^ ^-Jj- ^^^ ^^g!"-^ 
of historic time The fact is replete with associations and suggestion,- of tht most 
ntee!:;:^ character, for howevel- slender the thi-ead that ^^-^^'^ ^^ ^^^^^^^^'^ 
connection is clear and unbroken, and like the smal wire along ^ l^^'^ . j'"^^; '' :Ji ^ 
rhe speed of liffht and unites th. uttermost ],arts of t ,e earth, this 1' ' ';'_'^ '' "*.^^ 
back to distant and centuries and bnngs tWm near to us '" ^^ ^f]^,,^ . ^ 
meaning of the'w..rdTothill i- -Th- Hill of (b,d. ^'i'''' ^ ;'^>'-' t^ ^'U a e oflb f 
to its p^s.-ssor. like that of Fane, which su-g.-.ts the >acredu.^.. of .he Ho im ot .n U 
and n hose motto is, '■ Bring nothing base to the Temple." - It is. sav> the J..iuh.n 
\</tr^ I'll'! (>"■ ri<s, '■ a r'rand oKl name. ' 

M.nvof its ortho^n.phic variations maybe gathered f'V'';/'-M---duig ao^m .^ 
In earlv unihM-mitv in such matt-is wa> discanled. and tie. same peiso sigmd 
his naii.e to the most imnortani documents. a< de.'ds. cou s ey.,ie-- and ^^ ''^' '''.;'; ' 
w:iys. Even Rich.ard Tothill, an intelligent and edu.-at.-.l man and a tr>.d pniUer, 

*>Tor,ounced Tot or Tule.-The sound of :k is peculiar to the English>.":=-''/^- /-'-;•. 


st'finod lo liavi' no rulr or iriiklc but caprkt'. " liou many ways, " savs Hansard in liis 
Ttiphoijriiphui . •' did Hii-liaid T(jiliill s]il'U his name." And Stow, in liis S'/rcn/ nf Jy'>n- 
do/i. PiU'lls it in tlut-i' ditT.i'-nt ways. Tlic loHowint,- is a partial suniniarv of variation.-,- 
Tiitliiil, Tuttil, 'I'litiill. 'J'uloll, 'I'ntthil, 'I'utt.'ll, Tutli.', Tottle, 'I'otliiJ], Toitcll, 'i'otvle,' 
Tothille, Totfhail, ToTkyll, Totliyl. The Irish ('Ian of O'Toolc is also callrd (Vlothile 
and (TTothill, inuiff'-rriitly. and ilusanjf n.inn- is indicated hv 'J'uathail. 'i'uaihal. (.)'TliOt^ 
hill, (V'J'iioghall, O'Totliville. TouthiU, Toytliill, Totehill. Todiele and Touttlc' 

For a Nsdiiie after tilt' immigration ti".- name appears in >,'!'W England uiulcr ditVrr- 
t-nt di.sguises. William of New ll.avfu wrote it Tuttell and Tuttle, and ))('rliaps in 
otlier ways, llis wife wiote it Tattle. <.)ne of the sons .signs liis name Tutle, and in 
the early records it sonM-tinies uppf-ars as Toutth'. lu the next generation or two it 
settled down to iib pre.-ent form in all the New J-Jngland families, esceiiting amou"- tlie 
descendants of Henry 'J'uthill of liingham, -who have generally adhered to tlie more 
correct orthogra(ihy of 'I'lithill. That Tothill is the correct spelling ap]ieara from the 
history and deri\ation of tie- \<.'>id, and ;s al.-o iin]']ied as to the last s\llahl(; bv tlie 
Crest of the. family, ■■ (.Sn a hill.' The ihange to its present fonnis no improve- 
ment, and is to be regretted. "It is a dreadful name to stranger cars."' There is no 
inagic in it. It n)ay be a consolation to know that the letter T, whicli takes so promi- 
nent a jiai tin its composition, occupying three of its six ])laces, was once a letter of 
great dignity. The Kontan Tribunes indicated their u.ssent to the decrees of tlie Senate 
bv snb.-^cribing the letter 'i'. The Ki,rvj,tians considered this letter as tlie svmijol of 

\\'e should not feel satisfied t.) leave out of this account some mention of tliose orand 
nionumcnts \\irn-h for oo centu!-i»s have sti.od a< ui'-nutiials of tlie name of Tlioth. 

Ho ^eeins to have been the f<. under of the Kiiyjitian (.'ivilization. In the ancient 
niythi logy he is called the sun of .lu])iier, by Mai.', for wliom the luontli of .Mav was 
named, and tin- lir>t nu.iiilii of this Egyptian year \vas called Thoth, and began "al;out 
our '^(Ith of July. Thoth is the inventor of commerce, letters, music and the reckon- 
ing of lime." lie is the (Jod of Wisdoui; he records the final judgments and conducts 
the souls of men to thfir final rewards or ]>unisliments. HC is represented as ibis- 
headed, a bird that preys on serpents, (ignorain-e and viciM and theiefore s;!crt'd to the 
Egyptians. His wife is Ma-t, the daughter of tho Sun. She i- the (io<ldessof Trutli, 
and is cliaractfrized l>y an ostrich feritlier — the einldom of rruth-iipcn l;er head. Tliese 
myths arc jiart of a system of pers(nnfieations. t-mlil.'nis and fabler dcsi^ni-d to tei'ch 
the great religimis ideas of Monf)theism; the di\'ine (irigin and future existi-nce of th.e 
soul, tlie v-arfare of good and evil, and the final judgment for deeds done in the ijodv. 

It became rhi' cu.stom of tlie kings of Egyjit of the bSth and 19th dvuasties to com- 
pound their natufs with those of their g(jds, as 'I'hotmes from Tlu^th, Kameses from Ea, 
the sun. i*>:r. The Isih dynasty began, according to the most recent chroncdou-v, v.-ith 
Aahmes I. about ITCti- B. "(.'. and end' d witli the accession of l{ame.--es. about l-lOij B. CI 
This was tie- ]ifri...d of I'.gypl's gn-atest pov.-cr and prosjiorit^ , and to it belong the 
painlijigs and ]>apyri v.liich have eonie down to modern times, and those ureat rnonii- 
ments vs'hicli have t'Xcited the wonder and admiration of siico'cding a^es." It includes 
the entire period of Jewish history in l\iry]>t from Josi'ph to that of Exodus. | The -2i\ 
king of this dyna-^ty was Ameiiophis 1. \\ l.o resigned about Kiiii) B. ('. The -kl kiui:' was 
Thotm. s I. abmit 10:3:) B. C. lb- was a great warrior and marched his armies as lar as 
the Eujihratis. He exiavated the gnat rock tcmiile of Anienra at Thebes. His son 
Thotnu's II. was the 4tli king of this dynasty, lb- married his sister Hatshe])u. and 
after his death she reigned alone until she associjitrd a younger brother. Thotmes III., 
in the g(n-eriin!enr. and after her death he reiirned alone; in all oo years. He was the 
oth king.d' the iSth dynasty, and is styled Thoimes the Gicat. He tiourished about HiO" 
B. (". He \i-as ])eih:ips the father of that maid n{' ]-;e-y])t who look the infant Moses 
from the rushes. He was succeeded by Iiis si.ii .Vmenojdiis II. and his son Thoiuie^ IV. 
was the next king; and to Idm is the miuioliih that no'.\- stands in tlie piazza of St. 
Peters. It was brought to Honu' by Caligula and .--et u]- in the \';iiican Cir-us. but alter- 
■Nvards removed to its present location. .Vn-i-nophis 111., sou of Thotmes 1\'., liuilt t\vo 
teini)le.s at Tliebes; also the great temple of VA Cksur, and the vo<'a! statue of 
and its fellow, still standing amiuiL,' tin- ruins of 'I'helu's, ami now knuwn from recent 
discoveries to be his own statues. He is su[iposeil to be the Pharioh ni the Exodus. 

* Joseph in Kj,'y|.)t i7'.o H. C. 
'Moses b. about 157: B. C. 
*E.xodiJs i;q[ B. C. 


'I'lic 0(1 kiiifj of tlip IHth dynasty wns Sitlif. aiul tlit' Sd was IJimu'ses II. " tlio 
grear " llic Sisosiiis of t'ao (ircclcs. who liouiislied alioni I'.VA'o I>. C. 

Tliutinc:^ III. of ;lic 18th dynasty ci-fcrt'd ai '»n (Htdio].o'ii.<) tlif hiftu-st olndi.-^k now 
■existing. It is ]i)>^ d-vX hiiidi. It was ixMiiovfcl by ( 'on^1alltine the tircat to Al<-xaiidria, 
and thcnci' liy lii< siii-ci.'.^sof C'onstaiitiiis to U"iiic, wht-ic it now stands in front of tlie 
cliiirch ot Si. John i.atcran. lie also set iiji l)i-toi'i' the icnifde of Anirn at Ilcliopolis. a 
pair of oiiflivks ii)ion whirh wcvc inscrilifd liis if^t-iul: to ^vhicll smni' two <!r tlir<'c liun- 
dred ycais lal'-r, Iiamc-os II. added t\v(.) !:itt-ral coliinins. TIii'Si' oh^lisks riMnain.-d 
^\■llel■(.- they were first crfctiMl until Au<;-nstus Ciesar. Kniporor of nonic, in thf Nth yrar 
of his reign ('2o years B. C. ) lemoved thorn to Alexandria and set them u[i in front of a 
teni]>le ]\f founded calh-d ■■ 'I'lic f'a■^ari'^n." In eoursi> of timeoneof tliein fell and was 
liuried iiinlo!' tlie drifting sands of the <if.-f rt. In h'^77 the ))iostratf one -was dug out. 
renK)ved to London and set r.j> on the 'rhanus emhanknient. In 1ST9 its f(dlow was 
presente<l hy tlie Khedive of Kgyi>t to tlip city of New York, and in the fall of that year 
it was taki/n down i'.nd its removal commenced iindiTllu- sujuMintendence of Commander 
liorringe of the I'. S. X. In l'"eli., 1,nS1, he suree,-sfnl!y eonijileted hi- ta.-k, :ind it now 
Standi ei-ert in the Central Park of New Yorlv ';ity. (It wa- or,]- priviletr" to witness this 
3d ereetiur.. ) The expense of removing it was aliout one thoiisand dollars, 
-%vhirh Win. II. \';indi.-rfiilt is said to have <Ud'rayeil. I-l.velasiN-e of the foundation and 
]iede-tal if is sixty-nine and a l-.tdf feet liigh, 

'J'lie iiieroglyidiies on the foiii- sivies of the Londe,n e)!ielis)< were translated fiy 
Samuel F)urrh. Esq., LL. I>.. D. C, L., F. S. A.. Keeper of (Jriental Anti(piities in tin- 
British Museum. 'I'liey nn- the as ;hosp (in the Xew Yoy]^ Monolith. The centra! 
lines reeount the titles anrl attril)utes of Tliotmes III. 'i'he side lines to I\;imeses II. are 
of the same iniport. Oiu' (if the central lines wijl give aii idea of all the jest: "The 
Horus, lord id' the upper and lo\\-er onn'iy, the jiowerfed hull; erowned in I'as or 
Thelies. ilie I\ing- of tin.' north and scnth. Itann. n •.. I'l-per. ha.s njath- his monument to 
his fathe;. Ilaivnui'diu iHnrus in the horizons) he has set uji to him two great olielisks, 
cap])ed v.ith gold, at the iirst time of the festivals cA' thirty yeais, aeciirding to his \vish 
lie did it. the Son of the Sun Tlujtmes dil) type of t s [>es did it, beloved of llaremelui 
■(llorus in the hori/ons'i ever living. 

Some remarkable discoveries have recently been niade in Egypt about fjur miles 
■east of Thebes. A gallery lias lu-en fouiu! cut in the faee of an r.lmost periu'TidicuKir 
mountain, (tiding in an alnmst inaccessablc cave or \\-r\l. The gallery is 2-")<) tVet long 
and the cive ofi feet dee]). In the well were found some four thottsiiii'l objects, a.moni^ 
tlu^n thirty-six rijyal sa(;To]"i!iages, ^vitli the inner case.s and mummies intact, beloi'.ging 
to Phariohs, (pjeens, jirinces, princesses and high ])riesis id' the Hth. IStii, Hltli and .51st. 
dynasties, 'idiey include among others, Kanieses I. and II. and Siillf I. of tic JSIth' 
dynasty, and Aahmes, Auienophis I., Totnies 1.. II. tnid III., and IIats]ie['U, sister of 
Totmes TU. Some of tliem htive rk'ss eves and lool-i (luite life like. 


The first of Tliis bi;\!ieli known to us is Williiuu 'I'dty], His name staiids at the 

i lii-iul < if a pedigree takep. from M^vrick's Ilrriil'lir \'isil,ij!>ri.'< of \\(ihs,\o\. 1, p. 188, 

: djiied Oct. iA, loOl. and rtcciv^d from Kyoliurd 'J'ottyll, wliose' anus, as descrii)eu. are 

\ the same as ill the froiiti.s|)ie'-c, exc>.'ptiijg that the ]i,)ii jc; i-aiii]>ant instead of passant, 

; and is dilfe;vneed Avilh a mullet, denoting- that he was tiie third son. 

I His arms arc inipuli'd ^vith liie arm.-, of Uraftou. From the al)o\c visitation, from 

j Pohvheles Devon, and from siuidiy Kui'.lish Co. llisioiies itnd other works w.' liave 

; i;leauod the following- a. -C'diit.-- of this liiamh. whii-h, th.ough !)ut a frairraeut, is sulli- 

; eh-nt to sh.v.v tin- .-tandiiii;. chaia.-t.-r and r.ssoei:ii ions uf the family at the timt- of. and 

i a huiiurod years aiitei-<-den; to iliv s.ttiement of New F.nghmd. A I-opv of tiie pedig-n'o- 

[ in Tackett's Devon. Iia^- be.on Icindly forv/arded to u^'by Ainswonh Si)off')rd. Esq., 

i I.ilirai-i; u of Coni:;res>. 

William Toiyl, ealled in the pfdi;;-vce, Ksi].. of Devonshire, was huilifT in loOi!,- 

! again in l-ljs;; High ^^lierilf- td' lJev(.n"in lol'J. and Loril .Mayor of Exeter in V^y} At 

; this jteriod Exeter was t ho l.r,;i^;^■al .-a.i/ii:.! of the West of England, and second only fo 

' ]ion(h>n i]i imporianeo. The gi^vit manniaetnrir.g and eommereial cities of T.iveriM.ol. 

1 Mane]. est. r, l^irmlturham. : u .were insignilicar.f hamlets. In the time of ( liarles tlie 

; Isc it cintained al)oiit lO.diiO inhal-iiants. Its \eneial)le Cathedral was hv.-gati in tiio 

I lotli century. It is a city of irreat aiitiquity — a r.isle.j.rie, and the ea].ilal of Devoiisiiire, 

; whicji is one of the nio^t ht-autiful cnuntics in Eiiglan'k and one of the- larg, .-,t. iieinu' 

i secoi\d only TO Yoikshire in ^izM. In regard to sin-rid^, Eulh-r remaaks: --''I'lie reade'r 

; ^vill not be di.-a])]iiiinted al tie- many annh-ss (i. e. lacking Coats of Arms; siieritfs of 

t "Loudon. 'Jdiey were not so cognizable [jcrsons as the sheriffs of counties. Tlie latter 

j; were men of kno^vn and irrown estate, eminent for family." That he was cm!)ient for 

] family in another sense tjian that intended by Fuller a])])elirs in the fact tliat le^ )iad oG 
;. . children, tl,..;igh jWoluihiy n..! l.y one wife, in t'he pedigf( e liis wife is called 

\ " Eli-zabrth Matiie\-> >•{ Voi ^-aii w^r ■• ;;nd she was doubtless the mother of (.'eofriw. Joint, 

[■ Eobert and Kichard, and pn haps of several more She \vas daug-hter of (ieotfr/.Matliew 

\ of Glamorganshire, which -onu- Welsh ^cenealogisis have traced back to (iwaethwed. 
Prince of Cardigan and (iw.'ut. wiiilo oileT,-, de<iure it from Voikelyne. P.urke, in hi.^ 
Lnn'Jril In iitrii. says the name wa- of considcraUle distinction in Cornwall and Devon at an 

^ early date. Of this line \n as Sir Da\ id Wathew of idandaif, •■( Stand-.ird Bearer, " 

■'v^ Admiral 'I'lionias Mathcw. .M, I',, Cnl. .lidin Mathe\\-, who tonk a le idiiie- pai-t, under 

.l- Ills relations on the maternal -i<ie. Sir ICuduird anl Sir Eevil ( iranville in the civil war 

f in the west of England, (ieorge Mathew. lligli Slierilf of (ilaniorganshire, bVCJ. who 

■ [ married, 1000, EJi/abeili. \ iseountess T!nul)es, mother of Jauies, Duke of (')rnn)nd. and 

j. settled in Ir<dan.d. 'I'obia-. .Mathew. Aichbi.^ho)) of ^'oik. and Cecil .Mathew, uearricl 

I Baron 'J'albot and is rejui -. nu-d. Ijy the iiarl of Sh lewsluirv and Talbot, 

*it has been obnervrd of I'r.e Sa.voc.-i, ;!r.t \\'ncii tlie-/ divided ilu; realm into proviarcs cnllcd in •^.•^Kn:. 
Shire,^. and in [..atin, (_ om;ta;iis o. c C n,int!t:s. framed ttic -o'-'^-rnmoni of tlicm l.-^.m the a-.-.eicnt cu-itoai" 
of the R.imans, froiu whom il w.i; i!i--;(-cridfd xn Itiiiii frr):ii tbeit (jcrman ariLfsn-r^. in cenfoniiitv to 
which they cdsistituted certain ef tlicir c.'.iit' men toj. reside over their Shires, whicii they called li-irfdo- 
mtn. lor. in I.:uii), ( rt>ii!,s rr (;■,■.■..;,.", .i. Kimr Ailrril. ;\ir ir.oic rc-ady athnini^tration of jaiticc nilov.ed 
the Karldomcn cr Counts to make rieinilit-.s vvjir) \v<'re called / 7w- Coiititcs or I is Cc.-du's And in 'heir own 
ton.eue. Shciirfs, i e. the Shyre -reeve from the Sa.xou word OVr,-/« or cVivc.-'c i. e V;-''r".>-,' -craefect 
or Steward to distriliutc jus'ice to the in tlieir t:)r;.vin(i;\l cr cmintv cnnr's. I'lriailv the SrcrVf 
bec.iinc the tt.ift" t.-.>,e>;uti\ e mir-cr. ij.e t.ari ij< iiij; ,ui alteiidance on the Kin:;. Th. v were iwuniiy m-n 
of liit;hrank and Kreat p..w.r II! ih.e realm, la tlie reis^'ii ..f Kini,' Kd-.vard !, th-- rVctiou of Sheriff was 
{.'ranted to the pcoj.le. h-.-tore a:,!V:ntod t.y the !< niLr, ttioi:i,'!i .'•: hvurd II eoa.tiniied !;) anorjint Shcriies i\>r 
.sevcr;il counties. I'-Iections crew .so tumultuous hy statutes of IMward 111 Henrv \'I anil Ilenrv 
V HI, tlie Chancellor Treasurer, i'r( s. o! Kmi/s Council, Chief Justices and Chief Baron are to make ihe 
e:e(-T;r>,-i —■ J / it.\.\\i\s Jlist. t'/ /.r'..' f le 


Of the 313 cliiklren of \\illi:au Tutliill, xlie luuiies on leconl of only 12 :uf known to 
n« and the order of thfse not certain: 1, .lonn, lu. John llulse; C,^ Kichrtid ilnkelcy. 
2 Wrace o (ieoffiw, in. Joan Dillon. -!, J(jhn. 5, Alire, m. \\ ilinun Pai-ons. h. 

Juliana m Hidiard de Hnrnl.nrv. 7, Amy, m. Hill. S. Eli/.al).'th. m. Thomas 

Siuk.-h'v of Pultun. It, Hi.diard.. ni. Joan (Iralt.m. 10, hiol'ert. 11, Daniiiiter, in. 
Thomas Walker: '(;•) Thomas Craii-^ton. TJ, Katharine, m. William Kin>rslcy; {'J) 
Isicholas Drake. 

1 Joan Tothill, m. John. s. of Richard and Joan {Wldtle^^n Hulse-. 1, Arthur 
(ireiiville\i l<>")>i; Capt.; m. Dorothy, dan. of IMchard Iloyle, Lord Arrlihishoj) ot 
Tnani She m. (-2) lienrv Turner, <.Mrt. -Major under Lord Inchiu'iuin in Ireland. 2. 
Sir NiVlioia.s :'. liichard. m. Jane Fortescue, dan. of Jolin aii-l i:r. dan. oi .-ir Louis 
Fortescue" one of the Barons of the Fxrdieqner tnup. Hen. Mil. 1, IJiehard 0+ Ivene- 
den -nd Fi'ord F>o, livin^: in ir.-^iL m. Anne Sutelilie, oidy dan. ot Dr. Matthew 
SntefiiTc fonmh'r of the Colle-e at Ch.'Le^i and ov^r fmty years dean of i;:xeter.^ L 
Mattliew d 1051'': m. Sabinn I'iiftVn'd and l:ai dau. Annr. m. Io.m uev. John Pyndai, D. 
i)' Ma'-^^aret \VhiTlc-i.-Ji, skster of Joan, m. Sir lioLn-r Grenville of Stow, Higli Slientl 
of Co-nwall '^ H.ui.^ VHl., d. Jo2L luid :3 ss (J dans., of whom Sir Kichard urenville, 
Kt 1Y6-^- Hi-h'Sherilr ..f D.von 1.^:;::; Marshal of Calais: m. Matilda Beavil, andainon- 
oth"ei-<-~Ko"-er(}-enville. Kt., I^q. .,f the body of Hen. VJII.: drowned in lifetime ol 
his father iiftlie Rose Friiraie otV I'ortsinouth ; ni. Thoinasine Cole and had: Sir Ijienard 
tirenville of Stow a irallant naval romnmnder; .served in army m Hunirary with \y,pi_ 
Ti'puu- Hi<'-h Sheriff'of Cornwa.ll loT.S; litie,! out a colony and saih-d lor 1- lorula lON) 
y,y\u^v h-^ h'ft 10(1 men- made manv successful vova-v^: d. in battle wir!'. rlso Spaniarus; 
in Marv St Le-er and had: Hernard (irenville. Kt., Hl-h Slu-rilT of Cornwali ioUO; 
m' V and Kt • ^1 U^- m. Eli/ Beavil and had: Sir l^evll (.'renville. Kt.; called 
"tlie Bavard of iaiirland." b. L'.l'o: leii at Lansdouu with a patent Irom C nas. I. m his 
pocket fo- th.' E;u-bL,m of Hatli: m. (ira.-e. dau. of Sir (leor.ire Smith of Lseter and 
I:i^-.ter of ti^e mother of Ueor-e Monk. Duke of All.ermarle: had: I, Bernard Urenvihe, 
'.rroom of the bedchamber to Lhus. 11.: was father of Hernard (mnvil e and granu- 
Fatlier of Marv Grenville. b. ITOo; d. 17SS; m. IT 17 Ales. Peixiarvt-.s ot Cmnwa 1: (. 
1748- Mr I'elailv Her autobio-raphv, edited by Sarah Chauncey ^^oolsey|^J, ])ublisned 
is;'/ •>" Sir John Grenville, V,arl 'of Bath, attended Clias. 11. in all his wanderings 
abroad; d. L.Ol; m. Jam- Wyche ai;d harl <;raee (.renville, m. Sir Gc^rire Gartaret. 

3. Geoffry Tothill, Alderman of Exeter; Recorder lofj::!: arms granted loO;L pui"- 
chased the e«t at l^-amore from the Crosvn+: to which it liad fallen on tne attainder ot 
the Duke of SulTolk. It is about seven miles from EMeter. Polwhele desciibes it as a 
TiUice of sincular be.iuiv. Not far from the villa is a romantic rock encrusted with 
white moss and shaded witli ivv. Venerable trees adorn the and "the t.ark 
beautiful in it.<elf. with its litth- undulating hills and dales, cunimanas extensive atid 
varied nrosnects." On the dec. of his dau. Joan (Northleigh) in lt!3r.» fue esc. passeu to 
her son lienrv Northleigh, Exp (ieolTry Tothill m. Joan Dillon t ,^.,.0^ • 

1 Joan Tothill. nn Rob.nt Northleigh of Durham, b. LkS,L d, Jan. lb, Ib-s ■ 

1 Henrv who was f. of Henrv, b. at D-.m Pri<.r in Devon .March 14, 104", and d. m 
London." ' A Mem. of Pari.'. .Jan. :n, ir.:»:j. 2, (ieorge. 3 JetYry 4 Robert .,. 
John. 0. Robert. 7. Thomas, b, James. 'J, Mary. 10, Joan. 11, Margaivt. 
II. Harris. 

IV' Henrv ' Hi'-^h Sheriff of Devon 1024; called .^f Palmonth (Plymouth). Is noticed 
bv Fuller in "u'-ori/^/cs of Kn<jhu,A; m. Mary, dau. and heir of Nicholas Spekeot Lowton 
^■"The Spck'-s," says Sir ^Vm. Pole in JJi.-<:-ripti.>n of Ihojn, ]>. -JMo, " were ot ve:-y great 

~ John Hulso had son Judec John Hulse. Kin-'s .Ser-t- at law ...i,; one of j''«: Justices of ih.Km|^;s 
Rene ?,M- m. a dau. of M.v.v of WnUcch.rch and had: i, Julu, H,3hop ot <-V'7"-[>. ^"'.^ J,-'''.^;!^^^! 
W V ]\wh:<rd wl-o m a (ia-.L of .-\she and had Richat.l vvlio m. Mari;..ret one ..1 the dau,. ..nd L'-'TS o. 
k'obtrt I-atirnci^ot Filtlotield. and had Ri^iard who m. Joan, of Ki^hard U hiueyli ot I:.,l->rJ nL..r 
Plymouth, and had John who in. Joan Tothill as above. 

+ Izaaclc's Antiquities of Exeter. 

nVaUer Dillon of Ireland. Esq.. son Nicholas, «;>oh.ui .son Robert, f.uhcr of .Nicb. 


ost. and cnndition." Arii'i—();\ on a cioss cngiuved sable, and an (nt^lft displiiyi-d. i.: 

K Nicliolas, d. De<-. 22, 1<V>-,'; ni. Ann ." In tlie chiindi at riuullt-iirli, D.iVdn, a 

nionuni'Tii jMilly defaced inbcrilu'd: " S;ined to the ineniory of Joim, son of Xicliola.s 
and Ann 'i'utliill, jjarisli, who died tin' day of July, . 

" Stranf;eis and friends, if learned or p;ond dr.iw near. 
For bU'-l) as you this torab demands a tear; 
For lo! tlif dust inclosei wus once indued 
With every talent tc be wis- and good. 
Learned, tl-.o" untauglit in all that schools could teach, 
That jodymcnt couk! improve or i^enius reach; 
Yet knew no pride, a .^oul above disguise. 
That noihinp v.isbed but to be trood and wise: 
He lived a blessing on mankind bestowed 
And died at last an offering lit for God." Fohilities /\;-j«. 

2, (irnc-e, b 160r>: d. Dfc. 24, 102;'.; m. William Tmliill of the Middle Temple, 
Esq.. ami had one child, iler.ry, !>. \<\'l'.\. Ab mr Mi niile.s from Exeter, 
to the vilhiirt' 'd" Exministcr :;Iand^; an olil clmrcli in which a inonnnient has lliis in.scrip- 
tion: "This nionnmeat is erected to the memory of Grace, wife of William 'J'orliill of 
the .Middle Temple, Kstj., who had issue Henry, and died the 24th of Feb., lG2o. in the 
bSfh year of her aire, and both buried in this aisle. She being- dac.ghter of Henry 
Totliill of Peamore, then Sherilr of Devon, and Mary his wife. 

Et d-:,f-t ft s::/: ■:>■,/[. 
It Grace could length of day^^ t'lce give. 
Or virtue could have made the live. 
If goodness couldc thee here have kept. 
Or tears oi friends which for thee wept; 
Then had'st tliou lived amonicst us here, 
To whom thy virtues made thte dear; 
Kut thou a Sainte did"si Heaven aspire. 
Whilst h.ere on earth wee thee admire; 
Then rest deere corps in mantle elaye 
Till Christ thee raise the JHttcr daye; 
Thy years were few. thy g! being run, 
Wh.en death did ende Ihy life bcgunn.'' 

Under the eliigy whitdi is reclined as a pedestal: 

* '■ Speake .Statue, tell her s'.ory, • 

Its grace inherits g-ory." 

'jeorge Tothiil, p-rob. descended fn.;m JeiVery, was iJailiff inti2. ai;-ain in lf3<J4, Lord 
Mayo.' of l-'xeter KiOs, again in 1077. l\v mandate of the King made .-Mdermau of 
];\eter l<I->7; !ie.\t y.-ar \\ iiliam. I'rince of Orange, landed at Torbay and advanced wirli 
his small army towards l^xeter. The Trince had been informed that the people stood 
ready to rec-ive him with acclama.tions of joy and that all the gentry of ihe west 
would join liim at his landinii'. Hut the cruel disposition of the King James, and the 
leceiit alrncitie-; of Kirk and -leifreys, had Idled the minds of the jiobiliiy au<i giurry 
with dread •)f the awful eonserjuences of failure. One of the ofHcer.s fd' the Prince .vLo 
]>receded with a few Iiorsemen was ])iit under arrest and con.fined by the authorities of 
Exeter. Tlie next day Lord Mordaunt and Or. Burnet, afterwards Hishoji of Salisbury, 
arrived wiili four tro'ips of horse and found the g-ate shut agaiJist them, 'j'lie Lord 
Mayoi a>si-iied as a reason the o!)ligation of his oath to the King. Lord Mordaunt 
ordered the i'oiMer to o]icn the irate on ])ain of di>ath, and upon his refusal, says Jenkins 
in his JUM. of K.i;l,r, "(h'orge Tuthill, Exp, one of the Ahi'inien. opened it and 
adinittrMl the troojis."' 

Eor several days scarcely any person of note came in. Of the magistrates of l-'.xeter 
only Ald'-rman Tuthill and ("me other at first declared in his favor. This appeared .so 
unfavorable to the Prince that he began to doubt the succe-s of his expedition and at 
one time ],n,p.,>,-d to Pcndiark for Holland. Ihit the s]>irit iind lirmness of Alderman 
Tuthill se. :n :o have inspir^'d tlu' irentlemen of I'evon and Somer.set with courage for 
tley suon b.-an to i-ome forward in gr<;'.t inup.bers and the revolution became an aecom- 
pii-^hed t'.iet. Sul'<e,|uen:ly luing lar:rel v encagt^l in meic;intile busini'ss he met with 
v( ry he:ivy josve-, at ^^a ;uid li.cani'' much leilui-ed in ciri-umsiances, which coming to 
the knt)w!f<;ge. id I\ ing William he irraiefullv awarded him a ]>ension of i'2nU per 
annum. He i> perh ij.s the .^lr. Tothiil referred to as the pundiaser of Hagfor." 

4. John TolhiH, m. and had: 1. l'",li/.td.eth. 2. William, f. of William of the 
.^liddle Temple. \'<'[., Ii. aiioui ICOO; ui. lirace, dan. and eo-heire.^s of Henry lotliill. Jis.p, 

!'..-ietor w;is sold to Mr. Toihill by Sir Henry Ford. b. about u'-30, who was twice pnr.eip.^1 Sec. of 
St.i'i- ;.> Cluis. II. in Ireland, only s. of John Fo'rd of Haglor, ICsij , !>v Katharine d. and he of (icirge 
Drake oc S(lr.^^^^^)•>ys. l!sf|., I.icul -Col. uncer his kinsman Sii John Dr.ikc o\ .\siic. iJafetor was sold by 
desc. of I'othi;! t.i the isl Lord .Nshburlon. 


^ of ri..r,lVn_y 1. l<;o;i; d !.;-> L lUnny. h. 16-3. He m. (2) ,lau. of Sir (ieor^o 
>outlu-(>tu. o, Hales or lliilsc. 4, 1 hoiiius. '^^ 

6. Juliana Tothill, m. IMciiaid cle lUnnlnny 
Tljonias.-^' 4, JOlizuLiL-tli. ,j. Joau. 

9. Eiehard Tothill, d 

and had: 1, Giac. 2. Maiv. 

. Eiehard Tothill, drsnilud in tlu- pcliorej us one of tlio iustiffs of tlie nc'ire 
•asile U.vys , U isfni m I'e.nhruksln.v) aad J,nndo,i; was a priuter and stationer of 
don, v>dM-iv!,<_yvsid.d lor i-rtv vrars at tl... sio-n of tlu' //-//u^ ,,;,rZ ^v./r in Hoot 
street, near 1 emido Bar, durinL- whudi ].oriod lu- printed 7« l)ooks rliioHv <m I'n- Hi ■ 
first license dated April 12. l.",4!). io])rinf book-^ on common law for seven yours- 'roncwed 
May 8, lo.)H. for seven years; renewed for life Jan. 12. lo^S 

His first inq.rint b-ar< date Ocr. 1. l.^■.l. lli^sTi.nd, Oct 1 1,-,V> '• i ]',»>/>./ 
ctec/ion <rnhr w'^f Vi'e nr,,! IMc.flhk !>. of Jjio- P!„j/uuj.-' ' In 1.1V> l,o%,nn*ed -u'' 
>ridgment of the •• fj, ronvks <,/ I'nnJ.indr by Richard (iraftou (his futher-in-law)' 



This edition contains sonn-wliut in relation to the controversv betweon'Tjniffon ""n/d 
Stow. Samo yoar he r>i„ro,! - Tin: Trnnir.,! His'.ry „f U r„ ;, ,n,n J.,';,tf a m" ric^l 
paraphrase from tho Italian of B.indollo, traiidatod In- Arthur Brook with -lonnot'. 
(See WartonV History rf K.^jU.k,. Vol. Ill, p. oTl.; 1„ i;,,:; ani^r^nr^no^'^i 
clcs oj- EivfoiiiO., containing lyi;^ p]... bolides a tabioof tlio b.iiiifrs sImt^IT-: -rul nnvn-. 
Grafton's Kebns on title page and nndor it, ■• imprintod by Henrv j)onham| for l^iVh'ard 
Tottle and Honry Toye. 

In 1570. Hiciiard Tottle printed an Abridgnn-.t of the rhrordde^ whhm eo;ifiino I 
a remarkable l>i-ologne agam>t John Sto.v w1k> r..,,Mo 1 in lo:;!. la'loTl he printed a 
i reatise conuanmg 1 able, and 1 n!es, _l>y H, (ir.lton In l.-,;.,. in ,:onjuncr:on with 
Benneman, lie pirmted ■■ >tj('-,- s ( tti-oiw',^. 

InloT.S he was nunle Master of tlie Stution-r's ( Vympae.v. and hold the ofrh.o for -<iK 
years, and probably re-elerted in lo-S!. for •■l::t:erly haviiuv' retired for iho bru.-l* of !■■ 
health, the Imsiness of the company was sometime at a stand, as appe-us f)v an m-dhvvli-^- 
of the court of assistants, Sept. :-JlJ. los;)." After his rotiromeut tho London biiVn'o^s 
was carried on bv his son. 

In 15^3hej^m. totheeompany for the rojiof of the poor, Tnllies oiiices in Eng- 
liskand Latin, .Moral Phil:,.Miphy, Kon-oo and .Julietta, Qnintins (\irrins in Fn<-iish 
M.r. Dr. ^^ ilsoii on I snrie, 'I s.o l-.nglish Lovers. Son.'.-s and Sonnets bv the r^"^-'l of 
Surrey. A l)ook, " Diall of Princes," bearing his ifnprint, is in tho Astor Library- "t1i • 

,-,.,. ,. , „ ^^'* imjirints. Hansard's 'J'vpographi; 

contains a drawing ol his device of the -'Hand an.l Star," ami of his monognini an. 

■^f^ X \ 


State library at Hartford also contains one of his 
contains a drawing of liis device of the " Hanc 
motto, of which the engraving below is a co[iy. 

RICHARD TOTTEL ^r^l^son^Ennron, ,^ Lomlm, \ lindthat 

^ /'-<r7^~~~'>^ />^. ^'^'' ^^=>"or of Perry Place (now Perry Oak.--) in 

Middhsox, ntar London, was demised, in I-'aS? to 
Sir rhristo[Jier Heaton for 21 yrs., at i'S per 
annum, and in 1.592. to Joan, wifo of Pichard 
Tottill, and lier sons William and John for their 
respective lives in reversion. . In 160:3 this estate 
was granted to Lord William Paget. 

Richard Totliill m. Joan, dan. of Hidianl 
(irafton; /. 1, Jane, m. Andiow Kowldhurst. 2, 
Ai-^. in. Thomas Kowldhurst, 3, Marv, m. .los^,e 
Snyder. 4, Su.san, m. James Hawlev, s. of 
James, s. of William, o, William, (i. Ja"mes, m. 
KIb'n. dan, of William (Joch. 7. J-Jicdiard. ^s^ 
John. !). FJiz.ibelh, m. William Braclshaw 10 
Jiiditli. 11. Ann. 

95. William Tothill, an eminent l.iwyoi'. ( lork in Chancry and'ijor of 
Chancery reports, among the earliest ever publislied, known as T'ltliiU's ]}, p,,rt.i Ht> 

*Thomas de liurnbury, in. Mary, dau. of John Hoare of f^earescomb, and had: i, Richard - Thos 
3, Mary. :(, Elizabeth. 3. .-Vrin. i. Su>ai!. "' ' ' 

*Uenry Denham was a torinor apprentice of RicharJ Totde and prob.ihly hiothcr of tho iv; • of Ri-^h- 
ard's son, \\ illiaiu Tothni of i>hardcl'.'fs. ' Henrv [;:j.i!:.i!n an <.;. i;cc;-i-.;,'iy nice printer '"i 1 ws 
Itie first who useil the scaii-colon v/ith propriety. ' fie was luidei-wardcn of tI;e"Siationer's Co' 'i<^f.-3 " 
— Aints. ' ■"" 




boU!;ht ii fine (-Slate ii.'ar Anicrshaui, in Bucks, callfd " S!uudflo.>s," \vliriv " lie Jiad 
the honor of eutenahiing Queen Kiizabetli." Hu^-lison's ("LrrnU <>f f,>,r,il)ii says: •• Tiie 
old niixuor lious<> of Shaidelocs appears to have he^'ii tlie occasional residence of Queen 
Eii/alieth." A fter the doc. of William 'i'othill, Sharde'oes lucaTne the property of the 
iJralces h_v niarriag-e of his daug-liter Joan .Totliill to Francis Drake, and has continufd 
to he the family seat down to our own time, for as late as lyoO Sir Trywhitt Drake, M. 
P. , was of .Sluudiloes, and High Slieriif of Bucks. Tlie house ha.s been added to'iind 
ehaim.'d in many resjiect.s. Aniontrthc pictures are a tine ])ortr;iit of Queen Klizabefh 
and the L)esiructi«jn of the Spaui-h Armada, in which Sir Francis Drake ])artiri])ated as 
Vice-AdmJral with his relative. Sir Jidiii Hawkins, as Hear Admiral. 'J'he •■♦Monument 
Koom " has several Drake luouuments, of wl;irh tJiat to Montaunie Oi-ranl Dra!;e (172S) 
is vei-y magnilict-nt. 

\Viliiani Tothiil m. Katharine, dau. of John l)enham.-'- Gent, (and sis. of Sir John 
Di-nham, Kiriirht, Chief Baron of the Irish Excliequer, and Chief Jasfii-e of the Kintr's 
Bench for Indand, and one of tlie Barons of the English P^xchequerV Sii- John D.'nham,-} 
Poet, was her nepliew. It is said that Wm. Totliill of Shardeios had ;>j children, of 
whom wen- 1, Joan, and v!, Katharine, Init may be conf(nin(ied with Ids li rand fat her' on 
this point. 

951. O'oan Tothill, d. the IS^th. bn. April 19. IGio; celebrated in Dnnhrx 
MviiK'iry nf Kiiiii., nijij rion.s W'lnoiii. [•'When .Mr. Hooker (s<>e note) left tlie ministrv 
lie sojtmrn.'d in the house of .Mr. Drake, not far from London, a gentleman of i;ieat note, 
■whose worthy consort being v»'sted with such distress of soul, etc. '^^ * "■» When 
lie left -Mr. Drake's family he began to jueaeh in London." — MhUlcv'^ MnqnuUn .^ She 
ni. Francis Drake, K<q., of the rel.brai.d fani. of Asln',:f o.nt, id' the i'rlvv in 
Ordinary; d. 10;j:^. 

*lhe Dcnliam f.unily oricrmated with Lord or Viscoinpte of Dinan in Brittany. Oli'-er Dyn'nam had 
the manor and hiiticirod ol Hanisnd. /c-«;/. Edward L '■ A curious letter from ono of this laiuUy dated 
Lislon, i:;?7, seems to impute inactivity to .he rclorincrs in his nci^hborliood." In T2-2 tliere was d 
b'ooJy b^t..-cen (Jliver Dyni;ani anJ the Canons. John Denh uii, ociit, had whon' 
uin. 1 othill as above, and 

tSir Jolin Donhara, wlio m. Hlean-ir, da.i. ot Garrett Moore, V'iscoent of Dro^hed.^, and h^d only son 
Sir Jol)n I)eii!.;,m. b. 16:5. Poet. (Set y.^h.uon's LJvesof t.'u' IW:k\ . He was made insane by his wife's 
conduct, lull recovered. He was made a Knit;!u Bath at coroaati?n of Charles H He was Sur<evor 
General lor the rcbuildiri; of St. Haul's chh., London, and bv wi!! left t'l^^o and a!I his fees towards 'that 
nobie work He was bu. .March 23, i66S-g, in Westminster .\bl.ev, near Chaucer's Monument' Hern 
(i) II..J4. .\nne, dau. of Daniel Cotton; ^21 Mav 2,, ic^;. .Mari,Mr'et. dau. of Sir William Br-oks K H 
'\S!ic svas a lamous beauty, not without reproach before and alter in. Sncd. k'oo-t under susiiicir us 
circumsfinces; bu. in V\ estminster Abbey."' 

JThe Drakes of Asho, in Devon were a very distinguished faniilv of whom was lolin Drake Lsq one 
of the Council 01 I'.ymouth. a member cf the ori-inal company'es abiished by Kv.v^ J.enes 1 o'' for 
sctinnt; .New I-,r;«iat.d. Several oi his .sons ca.nie to \cw Ei.j,'- ai;d and settled. Richard with two or 
more s-^-ns :--d pmc daui.h;ers. settled in H;-.:!i;)to:i X. H. 

. J"'}.'! '-*''-;'^V'' ■^'^'^'^''"' ''-' '^'■-■■riard. Robert, Thomas, who went to Hartford in Herts .A'nes m:> 
01 Um. i o.e liiej;reat -Antiquary, and Jolin of E.xmouth, Devon, who recovered As.he and'm Mar- 
garet dau. of John Colchil!. and had. ainont; others: 

L Jo.-in ra^Walter. son of William and .lane Grenville, dau. cf Sir Thoma, Raleich He 
T' ,''.' -rr ^'•'"'.'.■■^,: .' •' K'ltharme, dau. of Sir Ph lip Champernown and wid. of Otho (iil ert- by d m 
hadSir U alter Ka>, b. i. = 2. ., J.,„.s R.M.ricH, ,1,. Ann Korte.sque. sis. of Gertrude w'ho m Si'r 
l>ernar>l I raKcot .\she. 2 Gkokgk Rai.kigh, m. Katharine, dau. ot Otho and Katharine iChamper- 
nowr > Gilbert, and sis. of Sir John. Sir Humphrey and Sir Adwin G Ibert 

,.^ I. •"''V'" ',''-''5<^-l's<l..of Ashe, Hi-h Sheriff of Dev -n; d „S=.; m. 1529, Amv (irenville. sis 
to Sir Kk hard .and had; ,. S,k Hkknakd Dkakk, b. abt. 15^,0; • disMnt^uished Naval Officer- d Ian ., 
ij,.; Rave Sir h ranc's, s. ol Edmund Drake, h. 15.,;. the sreat Admiral, a box on tlie ear for as^uminff 
the f.milv arms, S,r Hrancis bcniar of a younger branch He m. Gcrtrur'e Forte^que. and hnd- i John d 
i'..'c; m^ ie.ena. dau. ot John Baron Botelerof Herts, and his wf. Elizabeth, half-sis to Geo.'villie'rs' 
lukeof huckmuham..-.ndhad: i. Sir John. ., Geor-e. d. unm.. .for. 3, Thomas of Ireland- d ./ 
r'.''.;.^^' V "Pi" ""^ If "^ ^i.^'^'^^I^r'^- Devon, of whirii he was Mayor, 1674. s, Dorothy, o, M'ary. 7.' 
l..eanor h. hh/aoctli. m S:r W inston Churchill, (ii. [ohn Churchill, b. at Ashe iwhiie his mo he? w.^'s 
'^^ ('■nr' .;;.-'■' '! 7' ' " u ^!.-"^'^"^.'T,"; "^- S^^rah Jenninfrs. UK Arabella, 4chil. by jLmes, Duke 
■hlii.r.V r V, r-l ■''"'" "'m '"f ".! ''"fi;'^"'3- She afterwards m. Col. Charles Godfrev. and had, .. 
Cha loite m. A .ril .•;.. .;.o, Hui;h Bascawen, Viscount Falmouth and hadiSchil. (/>. Gcorc-e 2, 
Mn.^ m. Jo.m Sherman ;.nd h: d >i. u. Alice, m. Richaid I'-.reiva!. ancestor of Earls of I- -mont -. 
I<o^.c..i D^^VM.ot\Vl.comh, m andh.ul7S.ns..nd3d;ius. ,, .'/7///„„,. 2. /y,r««.-,A ,. W;..-. m . ard 
^.',1 wi.i^^f W.-r K.n.. 'rj'-''" /> '"•""'">■; ^ '■-. t^. - ■■■. '>r.'r,.-, m Kaiharine. dau. of William Totluil 
.nONMd.of Win. K n-slev. 7. //«'"/// '.-v H. Cc>-tr!n/e . 9, ^ ./O'- 10, f ■,.,■•./,,. -,, Rich -.ld Dk .KF 
V y*' o '"'''■^ ' / ' ■■' '^ '!,""*\ '■'■l"^''-''y I" <.>ueen Elizabeth. Jntroduced his tinsman. I-'rHricis 
Drake, a terw-.-rd-, the «re .t Ad ne,,l. f, .„.. 1^,,.,. ^ Ursula, dau. of Sir Wm. Stafford. < '-.Zch 
/'.„W of SharUe oes. d. ,r,<y. ,•>. J .vi. . an ..r Wm. Tothil! of Shardeloes, E-o. ^,'. er hou' Thrm-^s 
!'• ■-..u-r so;.,.rn-.d, a:ter-.v..rd. r u d.- ,,.,.. C. i. .■ . C' lony. 2. („vr,-. /V,../-.- o Spra'-hav, Ks, sun- 
.os.:d of this lamily; I .-,d <i,ue K-.,.i,.,ni , m J,. I n Ford of Ba^aor Dc.on., Er,- . wh," h;. - SirSunrv 

10 Lord .•\shbuito;i. 



I. Sir Wni. Drake, luip. Sept. 2S, l(\OCr, cr'/ate.l l^art., Kill ; Chirogrnplu'v to Court 
•of Coiniuon Pleas; llou^c of Coimiions, l(j(;."'>, he lionght the Manor of Adiuon'h'sliaiu in 
Bucks, of \Vm., Earl of H^dfo/il. He d. unr.i.. Ang. 8, 1()G9, a. (io. and the tiLle hc-anu- 
extinct. He Ijeqaeatlied Ids e.^tates to his m-phew, Wni. Drake, Esq., afierwards Sir 
V\'i)liani Kt, and iv<mi him d.\sc. throuirh 4 or 5 oenerations to Tiioiiuis Tyrwhitt 
Drake of Shardiloes. Ili;;-h Sherill' of Vmvks, 18:]!l, and M. P. Shardiloes became the 
familv seat of the Dra!:e-. 

n. John Drake, ini., ]<i-^:'., a. 4 yrs, 

III. Joan Drake. 

IV. Francis Drake. 

8514. Francis Drake of Walton upon the Thames, ni. Elizaheth, d:i.u. of Pii- 
\lex ih'ntoii: ci) Dorothv, dan. of Sir. Wm, SprinLi'. ('. h\ 2Ci m.; 

1 Sir Wni. Drake. .M. P. for Amersham, Hiirk-^, ICMI-Tn-SS. In llJ'.^O he was 
purchaser of the Malpas F>tates fioni Kt. lion. Lord Wm. Brert'toji; m. Elizabeth, dau. 
andh.'irof Wm. Monta^xne. Lord Chief 15av.-n of Exidiequer. 1, .Mo>.TA(;rK, b. I'i:;!. 
•■^ M \t;v 11' Sir.lnhn fvrwhiit, I5art. ; M. P. foi the city .,f London, i:i4-0',\ in llr.-) 
- Parle of'(ie(). 11: d. 1741. Sh<' was his id v.r., and d. 178S. M, FiiANeis, d. IHTl. 4. 
CH.\in.r.s, d. IGTG. o. DouuriiY, d. IGsO li. ^^■-M.. d. 1G7-,'. 7, Ei.i/.m'.i:tii, d. l(;7<i. 

951411. Montague Drake, b. 107;-1; M. P. for Amer>hani, 10.95; d. 1098: m. 
.lane. dan. and lieir of Sir .Inbn (Jarrard, Part., b. Iii75; d. 17^1. 

I. Montauue i.iarrard, 

II. Marv.'b. 1094; m. in Westminster Abby, 17-31, Sir Pi<d!avd Everard, Part , ^. 
uf Sir .lohn by Eleanor, dau. of Pier.-e Butler, 0th Lord Cahor of Ireland. 

9514111. Montagiie Garrard Drake, Esq.,!). 179;!; M P. for Amersham, 

171"-! l") -•'■'-■' 7- d 17'^>^ a :!.■)■ m P;ibe]la, dau. of Thmnas Marsliail, I'.sij. 

J ^WUlianu b. ll-M: M. P. b-r A. from 1710 xiU hi^ <!., 1790. a. 72: LL.D.; 
m 1740 Elizabeth, dau. ..f John Kaevortli. E-q., b. 172:); d. H.n. 1, W n.i.iAM, Jl. P. 
for \. from 170S till d.. 179.->; b. 174^: m. Mary, so!.' dau. and heires- ol \\ m. Hui-sey, 
Esq., M. P. for Sali<l.ur\, Feb.. i;7S; she d. .v. /., Oct. sm. yr.. a. iO; (2) l^yi, luichel 
Elizaberli sole dau. and heiress of Jeremiah Ives of Xorwich, who d. 17^:4. 2. ■Un\:;. 
LL D rel-tor of Amersham: m. Marv, dau. and co-heire'.-s of l^•v. \N m. W ickham; ms. 
of Ins bn. 's wf. 1, C/-"-^. Dn'l-' Currnvl 1>. ir7.-.; M. P. for A., 179i;-lSOl; took sur- 
name of (Garrard in compliance with the will of his cous., Sir P.ennett < birraru. m. Anne, 
dau of Miles Barne. 1, (4ias. Bennett Drake, b. ISdO; lu. is:'..., ihuiora ib-nnetla, ebl. 
dau of Philip Duncombe. Pauncefort DuncomV>e. 2, Louisa, unni. :!. An.u-. num. 4. 

Charh.tte, m. (ico. 11. Cherrv, Es.p .5, Caroline, m. ^^ m. Daw.-on, Es<|. 0, Emily. ,u. 

Ilcv John Tvrwhitt Drake, rector of Amers. :!. IIkxhv, d. y. 4, Ei.lz.\r,i:Tii, m. Lev. 

Richard Frank, D.D., rector of Aldertou. 5. CaT:I.V!:ixk, d. y. 0, P.vckhi,, hyui- 1,9., 

unm 7 TiioM.xs Di;\Ki: TviiWuiTT, b. 174:): took surname and arms ol lyr^vhnt. 

1770 bv will ol Mr Jnliu 'i'vrwhitt: then aud.Ml Drake ou d. of hi.-, ehh-.^i bro. , .M. P. 

l?l)3'to"d l.slO- m. Anne, dau". an,l cu-heiress of Pev. Wm. "\'v u-kham. 17^9, at SL Georo.,-, 

Ilaiu.ver S(piare, London. (Thomas Tvrwhitt Drake of Shardeloes, Esq., High Sheriff 

of Bucks, 1S30, and M. P. for Am. several year.s; s. or gr. s.) 

II. Montague Garrard, d. 1722. , , , ., ^,-t .. • 

III. Thomas, LL.D., b. 1727; rector of Am.: m. Elizalxth, dau. of Isaac AVhittmg- 
ton of Oxford House, Essex, who d. 1705. He d. 177.'). 

12 Katharine Tothill. A memorial brass in Canterbury Cathedral says she was 
" the vonn•■■e^.t of ;jO ( hil. of Wni. Tothill and survived them all." llu.stt'd's Kent, voi. 
ix p ?.9r) "" Shed. 1022: bn. in Christ chh.. Canterbury ; m. Wm. Kingsley of London," 
Gent "• m.'set. <lated lODl. He bou>rht the manor of Hose Hall iu Herts Co. 1593: bu. at 
Surrat March Ml, 1011. Arms of ' Kiny-slev — vert, a engrailed, argent, crest ou a 
wreath a coat's head. She m. (2i Nicholas Drake, Estp, ami survived him. lie was 
cousin of>ranc,es l>iake of Shardeloes who m. Joan Tothill. i. by 1st m., .'} ss. 1 dr.u. 
]. William. 
II. Thoiua.s of Pose Hall. 

III, Catharine, m. James Penniman. 

IV. Edmund. 

V. (feorge, d. ■■<. i. 1, Wm. 2. Thomas. 

VI FraoVis m AbiL'ai! Stanes. 1, Wm., ni. D<u-otIiy, dau. Sir Fdwavd Bot.der 
of Danl)urv, Essex. 1. ih,rnt}n/,h. July 20, lO:Jo; m. Po4)ert eiilberf. 2, Oith„riiu\ 
m. Thos. .lones. :). IP/j., b. Dee. S. 10:J1. 4 /''nz/M'/v, Oet. 5. lO:]:!. (iM-om i/v.r-vr.v 
Ui'it.. of KfT't and livr/.x'v Pt'Jif,n'e>:--<.) 

^-'^'^' 'JUTIirLLS or DEVOX, 

,n'^-^' .)^''illiftlil» '''"'-"f- "f ^^''■■'■lin^'""'! Arrh.ieacon of Cantrrluirv d ICi:- iHiri.-i i,, 
Uinst clili., rantcrhury; m. Dainnris, dau. of .John Abbott of (iuildfonl Siirirv d 1U;S- 

I. Catliaviii.-, i). ]i;-,^0: d. ir..-;4: 111. 'I'lios. IVkc. 1, TfroM\>; b ]r.;M- d ir.U ■> 
Pktkk. IHKi :i, ('irAK,,K<, ICIJI. 4, Edwakd of Hill, Court, b. Jf;}^- m FbAbftk' 
(hiu.H (,..„. \\cniw.,rrl, hru aurlli.,irTothe Earl of StraiYonl; d.]G!M. H-r bn. <ir 
K.iisl. \>j-atworth bad da,,. Mary wbo m. Tlumias, Lord Howard of Elluvham' 1 
hfhnin!. b. 16,4: d. x. ;. -J. Thonms. b. ](iTO; d J701 a ''')■ m Flivb, -7, ! , ," /• 
Anthony V.M of BruxK-y; (-, Koborr Minrliaid. 1, Sarali; ,u ^\V,n 'WvQn ^lor^i!■'■ . 
ol Admirui Mornr.-. o, Damari-, m. Henrv D.riug-. b ]ii:;s- ^ ,,f sir Fdwird -.'n' J 
Anm.. dau. of ^ir Jolm A^bbundiani and sis. of Eord Asblnunh.'nu 1 Ivl^mrd Vs.,' b 

if 'ftu„:rw;: b'i,ui '^"'- '"' '• ' ''^'^"•""- '■ '^"■^^- "^- ^^^^'" ^^-^-••' 1'-'-' i-y 

IJ. (ieur-c. b. l(i!.-5; bu. 1040: 11,. Ann Spi-inovi'. Sh,- in. (2) Caiin.ion 1 

NVii.T.iAV. b. Hill: ,n. Pris-dlht, dau. of Th..s. d. IGs:; i UVV^;^ '| W-' 

i. \\i.liau) !,.•.., .-(„.„.: ,'.(>,.,. t|. ITCi); unm. :!. Caroline, d. iroO a -V, ^ j-j^^;' 
'^'' ,"• -'"'■■".'"// "I E'uidon. attfrwards of Rirhmnnd. b. lf;74; bad:i'(diii of wlioni" 
l.Antln.nv.M. l).,:lds. O.Pinrke.eld s. 3. Tboma., id s 4 ( 'lui^ 1 'h s d r "v 
m. (1) V has. ol Lymingtoii; d. ITn',; ,„. Elix.a!-rb, dau. of Joliu \VaVt,„.v 'V clAc" 
-' •^"" '■-' Ih.nna.^ Pinrk<-. 5. Ann.'. 4. a,,,,-,. \, ir.:->-d PiT!) -, " /•;///,/,v7 1. 

H. P/icW.h.V>,iK 10. ,1;,,,., ](i:o. II, /v'fe/ft.v/,, b. 1G6S; d imJ9 

III. \\il!ia-u. b. 10e<5: ni. Mar-ai-.-t Coartliop;- 1, Gkoruk b 1^;.-,4- n. Ann 

Buriou-. -. Damak.s. b. l(i.-,.5. ;S. CiiAUi.Ks. b. llj'oL 4, A:n\n b lOtji? " " ■' 
n . Ann. 111. John Povs. 

^'. <'b::r:r.. b. lf;Co;"d. lOCO. 

VI. \S m., 1U:3-:; d. 1(.;-i4. 

VII. Thomas. lt)'3s 

VIII. ];i;/.ab,.;h, pJJi. 

I\'. An-.d. a dan., ](12:1; d. 1046. 

X. Scarab. 1). .-uid d. 1(1:50. 

XI. Dt.rothv, twin with Sarah 

XII. Ann, !&]. 

XIII. Mary, l(;;j->. 

n,.f> »- 170,-1. ,. ,.1 1,: , ,V\ ' ■'""• -• Ji'L-uui-s o, »winani. 4. i-aizaoetli, 

Knovb'.nir ,M '^V\^'''''''J'- ^'■' b"'l-"flary of \Vest,nini,'4or and Ib-.-tor of Ea. 

noNb and I-omhill \\ ,]t.. n, Ann, b. Feb. ITu^;); d. 1702: m. KoO O.smund Beauv4> 

Vi n!:;" ""f"r? '\"u ^^i"-"-'^f-l'Ool.Canterbu,.y. 1. Elizabeth, d. W2i^ Tl?^f, 

of Sir Ib.nry Ox.ndon Part. 2, E]i-/,abeth, b. 178.;. 3. Marv. 17S7: n, Phas illix 

^H^'^U . A'!'! !^ ?.f' ''• ^'"^' "-J'^'^l: '"• ^^^-''t 1 VH), Sir F,.u„-is Hea.l Parr, 1,. UVM 

1 \iii. b -J.v.r 1-1".. ■ xV- ^~';. .i."M>, ,,,.,, .^ir ri'ancs Head l>arr, h. !(i'.i4. 

';„/:,•;■ ';,'"'•'' ^'^'- '"■ ^^"'- i^^^'-^yUm. Pb. p.. mi. s. m- .John, 2d Fa:-1 nf Prid-., 

P'v •, ■ ■' "'"'">• -"■•^^'^■^V"Hiidd.1Sl(;. 1. Thomas, Majur in 7th I.ra.„nn.. 2 
nan, tti, 4th vMi,.<,t Win. Ki,r,.,-ton of 'lotb^n Park M P 2 .Iinmx'v b "^•■s- ,n 

■:;:;;;; Z'-;'-';^ 'vi'^^-^ ^-i —in to iviwam (.ibbn.l-f.r.v -p^aVa ' i;;,;:;n-tt 

Wat..; d bv nirr h''; '"• '-"n' ^"'''''"^^ -^""^ P.'n'sb>rd. dau. nf (J.or^.. Ma-quis of 
iui .h '•\,^'''-^^';'^^' <i'^"- <^"d liHrossof Ib.nrv Monek. Iv^,,.. by Ladv Isabelb, PcLt- 

'-k aau. ol H.nry hrst Duke of Portland, by Eli-.abeth dau. and Jo-h.iiV.i of Wii; j . 

; EMioKATiox TO ^•^:^\■ v.^-.lwd. xxy 
( . 

I esiey E. of ( luinsbuio. '2, Amu', in. liev. Geo. J.iM'n.-;.-, }\o-\ of Aslie. R, n,:r. h'lhrard 

\ y^/.'/ie'rcl'. rliuwfil tlR' Barony uf (.'handos. 4, Sir juj, rfnn, b. 176-; rcj;. Maulstoiio in 

If'iirl. ISi^-V'^; UiiiT; lu. Eliziilu'th. cbvu. of Hfv. \V. ]). jiiul E!izali.-tli Barrett 
Huelit- sis. uf Thos. Buiiet! of he.- Priory; (1) m. Mary dau. of Kev. Wui. Kobinson. ?!. 
by U-t UL. : 1, (Jray Mattliev.-, and. 1', X.: d. .\Iinorica 1812. 2, Edwanl ^^'lu. (len., d. 
! 1810, a. 10. 3, IJev. ICuv-rlon Antiionv, 1803. 4. Ferdinand, ls!)4. ."i, Murv Jane, 

1805; m. Cajit. Gro. Todd ;!d Dragoon Gnards. i. by 2d ni.: 10. Hh.s. P.arretT.'b. ITbl); 
I Caj't. Grenadier (''^.ard^s: took surname of Earreit aceordine to v,-ill of ^rreat uncle Tlio.s. 

! r.arrett. 11,. John \\'n;. Egerton. b. 1791; I deut. 1-lth Dragoons. 12, Eii/.al>etli .Jemima, 

I ni. 1817 Geo. }b)i!>:es. Es<i.. C. B. . Lieut. -Col. :;d Drairo<ui Guaid.<. lo, Jemima Ann 

I Deborah, m. 1S17 Edward Quillinan, Es(|., Lieut. :-Jd Dratroon (iuards. 14, Charlotte 

I Catliariue, m. Fred. F'asliwood Swann. Esq., Cajjt. Grenadier (iuard.s. 

{ \Ve Isive iron.; thus largely into dctf.ils in tliis aceounf of tlic D-'Von Braindi for tlie 

I reason that all the circunistanres ]v.iint unmistakably to i; a.s the .^ouree of the fonr 

{ Tuttle families wlio came over in IG-Jo. 


The circumstances wliich led to the colonization of New England are m.Htters of 
history, and reqnire only a In-ief ailus^ion here. lhii;-|;i nd was oii the vrrge of a great 
civil \var. the end and outcome of wliicli no man coulil pr* d.ict, Imt which would cer- 
tain] v bring widespread ca!ai;iity, ruin. and. death in its tiain. The establislunent of 
the Plvmoutli Cohmy iiad jioiiited on.t to tlie Jhij^Vish refor:nei>. a way of escape fronr 
the religious ])ers'.-<:ut:'ai they liad so lomr endurtd, and fion; the esils of the imoeading 

Between lli'2i> a.ud lolO. thtsc h:ird :dtiM-natlves were ]:ressed upon the lianassed 
and loiiL'- siiiTeriiig people <>f E;ii;-hi;i;'.. On t!ie one htr.d. the' liorrors of i-i\-il war. inten- 
sitied bv leliirious anin.n'.-ities. <0\\ the oiher, n sa\ age %'. ihl^Tness <iT! the fur side of c'0''(l 
miles .d.oct'an. Tliose w\\u eliosi- the latter were certairdy )iot laclving in e.>urage. To 
the knov.ii darigcrs to be braved and hardsb.i[is and sufi't-rings to Km/ endured were julde.l 
tlmse which are always the most dreadftil in anticipation, the nukn.own. Tiie Uianner in 
wliich the exigency Ava.-s met by those wlio stayed and di'.i l)attle, uS i\ill as by those who 
fied to the wilderness, shows that they wen- men fit to l.)ecoiue •' the sires of Enip)ires 
yet to be." 

In the early part of the period above named occurred " the great en.dgratiem," and 
the plantiue' of the princij^al Xe\\' England Colonies. Tl"' more cautious and. prinh-nt — 
those liaving the strongest atiachments and tlie ]arge.-<t i.'.terests at home, would luttur- 
allv be tin most relucianf arid among the latest to le:r-e. And so it hiiiijH'ued tlutt tln^ 
later emi>rrants, tho-e who came l>etween l(J3o and l(J4i). -were, as a general thimr. of a 
higher class than those who came earlier; or ]^erhap.s it ^vould be more proper to say 
the later emigrations conijirised a larger proportion of the higher classes than the earlier. 
The company of Eaton and Davenport, wlio came in 1037, and a little later foun.ded 
New Haven, is a well-kn.iwn instance. The Tuttles came in ltj3.j, as appears from 
JJra/cc's JiisiyjrelnS, from Avhich we copy the fidh'wing ol 


A]U'il 2d, 1(13."). These underwiitten names are to be transported to X"ew England 
in the Planter, Xii hohis Travice. ]\Iaster, bound thither, the parties having brought 
certificates from the minister at St. Albans, in Hertfordshire, and attestation from the 
justice of the j)eace, according to the Lords' older. 

[Signed i BICHABD FEXX, Alderman. 


Jolm T'.ittell. a mercer 39 

Joiui Tuttell 42 

John l^awrence 17 

V.illiam Lawrence 12 

Maria Lawrence i) 

Aiiigail Tuttell <> 

"^ymon Tuttell 4 

Sara Tuttell 2 




Jnlui Tuttc 11 1 

Xiitbun Ihifc.rd, servant v< .'<,hu Tutt.'il 1(3 

(.reorgo ti:i!din;;s, liusliuuiiinun • 2.j 

*JaiK' Giddiiigs 'iO 

Tlionms Curtei, -t^}, Michael ^^■llliamsou, 'SO. serviuits {>> (ieo. Giddiugs 

A|iril 0, more f'lr the i^h^nter. 

Kic-Lurd TutteH . ]ni^oai!dui;in+ 4'> 

Ann Tuttell 41 

Anniv 'l"i:tt('H 10 

Jo 1111 Tilt It'll 10 

iirUvrrc. 'i'llttell G 

Isabella Tuttell, (supposed inctlier <d' IJieljard) 70 

Wii'.iiiin Tuttell, liusbaudrann 2G 

Eli^iiUnb Tutiel) 23 

Jolm Tutllf ?i- 

Anna 'rutTie ' 2^ 

Tlioniiis '.rmteU 3 laontlis 

Marifi Bill 11 

'Die same moutb John Bill, aged 13, came in llie llo])eA\-ell. 

It iq)j)purs from the above lif^l that three distinct lamilics o/i Tnttl'\- came tugetlier 
in the IMaiiter. Of these, Joiin settled in Ii>;^\vitch, Mass,., K'ichurd settled iu InA'tou, 
and \\'iiliam in Xew liaven. 

Another Jolui Tattle came with his family in the "Angel Gabi-iel." in the sau',e 
Y(ar. li;:'."). and settled in D..>ver, X. U. 

John Tn.lhill,:}; came -with his brotliPi- Henry nboiit the same time, liJo-5. He was a 
widower in 1G37. "After a few years," says Charles B. M'-'ore, "he retLin>od to England. 
where he in. a 2d wife." Settled at W'eyi.'ivad, i^aftoik Co,, and left descendants there. 
His I'j-other Henry was of Hingluu.i, Ma^-s., and Sniithold, Long Islae.d. "We propf)^e to 
gi\e some account of all tliese fa'iiili'-'s b^'fore pro.-.-^odi-ig with the :uain obj.-ct (if our 

T'le late Hon. W, H, Tnthill of Tipton, Iowa, had been for many years prior to his 
dec. collecting the gt-aealogy of the Souti.oM family. 

Henry Tuthill. with wf, Bridget, fr.un Norfolk Oo., Kitg., was of Hingliam, 168:";' 
freeman, lG3t>; con.stable.ij 1610. He sold his property in I'U-l, and rein, lo Suutholu. L. 
I. He d. before IGoO, and his wf. Bridget who h:al m. V.'m. Wells, also dec. — 
SiV't-'j'' Cfi'h. Il'ict. 

I, Elizabeth, m, Wm. Joh.nson. 

II. John. m. Deliverance King. 

2. John Tuthill, m, Feb. 11. ICoT. Deliverance King, d. Jan, 24, 1689-90, in her 
40;li VL-ar. Or;e:;t, L. 1. /. 4 son- and 2 daus., of whouj; 
*I. Jolin. b. Feb. li, IGoS. 

II. p:iizbeth, b. — ly, iCGi. 

HI. Henrv, 
IV. Danifd. 

V, Nathaniel, b, Nov. 10. 16S3; d, at Antego (Antigua), W. I,, Dec, 18, 1705. 
Our dau,. Marv Ycning. d. Jan. 11, 1698-9. 
Our 4th dau, Dorothy'; d, Feb, 24, 1683-4, 

Our .')th dau. Deliverance, d. Sept. 17, 1683. ' ■■ 

Abigail Tuthill, b, Oct, 17, 1670; d. June 6, 170.">, 
The above record is from an old Bible, printed 1599, defaced and torn. 

*I)aiig;,ter of joan Tultle by former rnarri.^.ge to Lawrence. 

■■ 'Ihe tetin husbandman V as used io Jesi-^^ those who lillfd their own lands, in distinction frocn 
fEt.ntrs who hired the lands ihey cultivated. 

:Tho p;iri,^h reiE.'isttr of Tharst'-n, Norfciik Co., En^?.. s'.iys that lienry Tuthill oi Thi^^stol^ hsd J^>hp., 
hip. Oct. 2,, if"j7; Vi'illiam, bab. (Jet. 23, iCocf, Hcnrv, bap. June 2S. 16:2 (father of John, of Southold;. 
br. Hatfield, in his ///j^'ry (?/" i;.V2<i.''c-.'//, .V, J . calls John of .Southoid, nephew of V>"i;ii;iin ■ f Xevv 
Haven, evidently identifying the latter as the William who was bap. at Tliarston iC-.v). The date ai^rees 
with the aee of Wm, of X, H., who was 26 in 1035. Hut this coincidence cannot be reirarded in this 
instance as prooi, or as evidence oi identity, as there n-.u.-t have bi^en a sr^eat many '--orteiir.i^r.'rv Wi!- 
li.i.-iis u\ hn^iand. and there is nothing in coiroborati^ ^n, wtiil r ilie prol),ihdiii;> th't Wm. of N. il., wj.s 
i>v~' or near uf kin to his fellow passengers of the Plar.ter are v.ei! nii;)i conclusive. 

jC. crisiables in carlv times were selected from ataoiiij men of property a.nd'.ji>er-ce, and who had 
Jomc kaowicdij'e of U\y.—}\xi/ry s Ifist. 0/ i\\-.v i:;:i:. 


afierward-; r\Iurv 

21. John Tuthill, jr., f-aliod " CluiJl-.t r Jolm," a m;'.ii of note, of ^'rent naturd 
s^u•e^vd^K^sy aiul cnertry; arlulile and of sU iliiii;- lioiit-sty; was -a groat favorite v»ith tbt- 
people and iicid many olfices; jrimicc of tlie jiei-.ce; one of the coiuinis'-ioncrs that laid 
out the '• Kjiiirs Ilifrlnvay," the first ]mldic road that txt.MiiJcd the whole leiiiTth of the 
Island from Brooklyn Ferry to Enbthani]>ton: lufni. of the 2v. Y. Col 
from l(39."J-ftS: sheriif in lOOo; ni, Mehitable, dau. of Marv Weils 
.Mapes.— 7A-,/. li'. JI. TnthUi 

I. John, \\l.o continucil at theidd lionu'.stead. 
H. Jan\(>s. senled at L'ute]i<.y:ue, L. I. 

III. Josliua. ^ ■ 

IV. Daniel. 

22. Henry Tuthill was father of Henry t3d, who was fatlier of Henry :ld, whose 
■dan. Anna TiUliill, m. Jolui Cieve.s (s. of Ke%-. Timothy) Symnie.-^. b. Julv U), 174'2. Ife 
was an otllcer in the rev. a.rmy. and after nne of the jiid.L'es fd' tlie Supicnie co\irt of 
Xew Jersey. Not lontr after th.' waa lie fiouf^'ht a irtietof land some Iwcutv mil.--< in 
length, on the injrth side of the Ohio rivi-r. inchiding- the site o( Cinelnnali. Ih- removed 
to Ohio and, re.>. at Xorth B-nd, tiien called Cleves, havinir becii aiiyointevl hv Washin^;- 
ton r. S. Di.<t. Judge for the ^■orth West Ter. He d. at N. B., Feb.. lt<l-t." He m. (->) 
AMdow Halsey of X. J.; i:)) Susanna, dau. of Hon. W'va. Livingston of N. J. Her sister 
vas wife of John Jay. By 1st m. lie had; 

I. Ann.-!, who lived with her grandfatln-r Tuihill at .Southold, educated at the 
female aeadeiny at F. PIani"i)ton; afterwards a pu])il of Mrs. Isabella tJrahan\, and res. in 
her family. In 1T9-J aeeomoanifd her iV.tlu-r ami steji-motin r to Vv-s. at Xo. Bend, 
when- she nj. Xo\. C'J. IT'JO, \N'illiam Houry H.UTis'>n. then a young 
connnand ui Fort Hamilt'm: afterwaids Presid.'iit of the United. States, 
otllce he d, in the \\i!iT.> Hfnisc at W:-sl!le.i,ton. Sb.e d, Fel). -.^r,, IM^)!.' 
and 7 months. About the year 18o;) the compiler while engaged in sarvt-yina- 
t.he Cincinnati tS: St. Louis Ji. IL, accepted the jiroifto-ed hospitality of one of 
President Harrison, then living a few in.i!es fielow North Ben.d "(Hon. Scott Harrir,'>n.) 
Mr. H. referred to his Tnthiil rtdationships, saying his fa.ndly had always held them in 
Iiigli t,.:teem. Ivev. Josej)!! Tuthill I'urvfa, D. D., is of this family. 

ci'r in 

a rf/iite t.jr 
the sons id' 


John Tut tie, the immigrant ancestor of the New lla.mpshire family, sailed from 
Bristol. Eng., in the "Angel Uabriid;" in luy.j.'* The vessel was wrecked af Pemai^uid. 
on the coast of Maine, Aug. lo, lUoo. He went first to Ipswich, Mass. In li;b'i his 
ria7ne appears among the tirst settlers of iJover, whe-e he r'-ceivcd lot Xo 7 of the 'J(' 
acre lots. There were 24 of these t20 acre allotments laid out to as nniny larson,-. and 
that of .lohn Tutile is the only onr of the t?4 that is )io\\' and always iias lucn owned by 
descendants of ilio fir.-t grantee. He d. in Dover, June, 1003, a. abt. 4o, leaving wid. 
l)oruthy and three children. Wid. Dorothy appt. Admx. He was no doubt of t)ie 
Devon family, as he came from that part of England, aiul tlm same arms were in };osses- 
sion of his descendants. A tradition says that he had a brother who settled in Conn. 
For the loO years all of this name in Xew Hampshire were liis descendants. — ll,\\ 
ly Utarlc.s W. Tvtth', F-^q., pub. {/> JV. E. (Jen. licg., April, 1867. 

*A fellow passenger in the " Aneel Gdbriel ''with John Tutile of Dover was John Cofrswell '" of 
Chebasco.'' He had been a merchant in London. He lust considcr.-'.Iilc proporiy in the v.rLck. After 
Hvinj.; ashore some time in a tent he taib.arked, a passensjcr, in a vessel commanded by Capt. Galleys, 
and look up his abode in Ipswicli. He had an unusually large grant of land, yo acres at Chebasco the 
nevt Oct., when there were only iwo fa.milies residing,'- in that parish. He was a wealthy and pioaiinent 
iniiabitant of Ipswich. He ci. Nov. ic). 1669, a. about sS. His wife, Elizabeth, d. June 2, 1676; chil. 

L WiTiiain.b. 1621; dea. at Ipswich, and d. thr. Dec. 15, 1700, a. 81; m. Susanna . As an 

evidence of his Rt;indin;i, the histc/iiaa of Inswicli savs that after his d. his wid. sat in Ihe mectin.g: v.'ith 
the minister's wite. Hiss. Joh.n was f 01 Nathaniel, f of Col. Amos. f. of Francis, who d, :S'Si, in hi'; 
gist year. A sis. of Francis, was ruo. of Hon. John Went worth of Chicago, Author of the .'r,-«.':<'<7), '/- 

U., b. 762?; d. !6;3, leaving 3 chil. 
HI. ICdward. " 

IV. Mary, " perhaps,'' say.s Savape, " that maid servant of Gov. Bdlingh.'.m that joinc.'l the 
chh., .\ufr. 2L), H'77;" m. Godfrey .Arniitajie of Boston. 

V. Hannah, III. Cornelius Waldo, who moved to Ciiclmsford, Mass, n;-,7, :ind w.-:\s dearor: theie. 
All lived a- Ipswich. 

yi. Abifjail, m. Thomas Clark. 
VII. Sar.ih, iM. Simon Tuttle. 
VIII. I'^lizabeth, m. 1657, John I'ainc. 

Besides the above chil. of John Ci^'sweil, the Kev. E. O. Jainieson, genealogist of the Cogswell 
/ar.'.ily, says tl;ere wis an eiiler d.\u, who ni. arid lived v\ I.o.'.don, 


1. A Dfiu., J)!'!-. n:inie>l l^li7,;i.hfth, and iii. Cjipt. I'liiUp Croniwell. 

11. 'j'hcuias. acciuentallv killtjcl v, lu-n a lad, bv a i'allinir trco. 

III. .John. 

IV. D.irntliy. 1)1. Capt. Sumu.-I Tibhets of Dover. X. ][. 

3. John 'i'littlf, b. IGJO: d. Jiuio, 17"20; ("api. of the Dover Military Co.; Jiul^-e of 
. Tlu'ir Maj(\^ties' Court of Coiatnoii Plea.s, ])rovinee of New Ilaiuiisliire; Sclceruiuu of 
Dover, 1f)^()-7-S; 'J'own Clerk from IGiH to 1717; Town Tnasurer several veius; Mem. 
of tlie Provineial Assembly, 16US-1), l';0.'>-0-7. One of ilie six Dover Comniissioners to 
the >«. Haiu]). Convention. lu 170"i Col. Hiehard W'aldron and .Jud:i-e 'Intlle were the 
"two ])rv)vineial jneni." of Dover to liear and il'-termini' itiatters relating- to ?\Ir. .\llen',s 
Claim." lie was Chairman of the B<)ard of Public yarveyois of Land; onV of tl •• leadii' ■■ 
members of tlie chh. at Dover, and with other Tnenihersof the (General Asseinblv in lOUb 
.subs<'ril)<>d a declaration adversly totransuhstantiatiQn, tlie invoeatiwn or adoiation of the. 
Virgin Mary or any other Saint, and the Saeriliee of the Mass, as " superstitions and 
idolatrous." As ('apt. of t!;e Dover Co. lie had eharg-e of the defenses of the town, and 
■wan often with hi.s Co. in seoiitint^ and huntinj; expeditions ayuinst the Indians. He 
left a large est. ; wf. Mary, exerx. ; Liiut. Tristam liraid and ('apt. I'raneis Mathew.s^ 
named ns trustees for his grandehildren. The hill iu-'liid-d in his home farm has ever 
since been called " Cap'tain"s llill." lie gave if to his s. Kbenezer, who sold it to Jud'j-e 
Willett in K^S. 

1. .Mary, m, John U'allinsford. 1. Kcp:ni:zi:u. ?, .John. 3, D\t'., m. Jantes 
Clements; ('.i) lion. Thoiuas Wallingfoid.. for 21 yrs. Ju.jgr of the Sapreiiie Court of 
Neu- Hampshire. 

II. 'I homa>, b. April 4, lG7-t; d. in Rav of Campeaehv, Ajnil 2(3, ICiO:"! 

IV. Si;;i!i, m. Edward Cloutman. 

\. Jai/.abi-tli, m. Sau\uid, son of ,1 udi;-e 'I'liontas Edgerly. llou. James li. Edgerly 
of J\oehe>ter. Judge C. C. Ple;is. is Tith in descent. 
'\'I. James, b. Apiil 7, Kil):;; i:i. R:»c Pinkhatn. 
Vil. Hbene'/er, g. f. of lln-i. Wtniworlh 'I'litrle of M^ine, (.'oimsellor and Si nator. 

:j:1 John Tattle. Ens., of Dover. Mil. Co.; kilh^d by Indians, May 7, 171'2, while 
attending to .some business at his mil! on th*' u]-/per falls ot the Corhe</lio. His son 
Thos., who was ^^■ith liim. e.^oaiied. Hi- m. Judi'li, dau. \i[ iriehaid and (Stou^'h- 
ton) Otis. Ibise was sis. to Sir Nicholas Stougl.ton,, tlie only chil. of Anthony 
Slonghtoii. I'sij., of Stoiig^hton. in Surn-y, •' Stoughton has continue,' in this branch 
as a t'hristiau name. At the time of the great massacre in Dover (IGSi)) tlie father, bro. 
and sis. of Judith Otis were slain, and her two young sisters and herself w<ir carried 
away; but the Indians were overtaken In a party of soldiers at Conway, and the captives. 
rescued and l;rought back to Dover. ' 

I. Mar\', 1). Jan. 7, PMS; m. .(umes Caiinev, a wealthv laud owner. 
11. Tliomns. b Marc!; 1.'), 1700; m. Marv lirackrtt. 

III. Judith, I). 170-2; unm. in 17;J4. 
1\'. John. b. .^lav y, 1704; m. Elizabeth Nute; (2) Anne Meserve. 

V. Dorothy, b. Mareh vJl . 170G; d. y. 
\l. Nicholas, b. Julv -.'7. 17iiS; m. Deborah Hunt; {-2) Pertha Davis. 

VII. James, 1). Fei>. M, 1711; m Mary Allen. 

3;«. Tliomas Tuttle, b. Mar<-h, lo, 1700: d. Feb., 1777; Selectman of Dover, 17(10-3. 
He m. Mary Hrackett. who d. Feb. ;28. 1773. TIn'y were members of tlie " Society of 
Friends." His uncle James Tuttle was the first of this family who joined the Quakers, 
and most of their descendants are of this .-cct. At its first introduction, the sect met 
with terrible p.Tsecution in [lover. 

I. .Mars, Dec. 2'.). 17-J3; m. D;iniel Twombly. 
II. Hope, Sept. •:!'>, 17"2-">; m. Diehard Scammon, jr. 
Ei. Sarah. April i(i, 17-37; m. J./hn Hanson. 

IV. F,li.-ba. Feb. 14. liJO. 
^■. Sauuiel. Jan. o', 1731. 

\'l. 'I'hos., April 21, 1733; d. July 31. 1S()3; m. Sarah, dau. of \'\'m. and Marv 
(llornc) Varii.'v. 'I'hos, Tuttle, M. r).,"of Xortiiwood, is his g. s. 
^'11. A^i-di. Feb. 2^. 173a: d. 171)3; m. Xath;niiel Varnev. 
I _ yiH. Eb,iie/.-r, Feb. o. 17;;7; d. Dec. 13. I7!)(i: m. Deborah, di-.a. of John Dei-hton. 

I i. Tmiu.v.-^, b. .Aug, 'io, lilll'.; d. Sept. 31.", iy22; distinguished as u .e.iciier or navigation 

I "'"-^ ^■.urveviI)g; tHu;^!^ pulilic schools for iiiJiny yrs.: Seiectiuac i-.nd P.epreseutative; 


hm\x a line l)1oik on sontlnvcst siJe of " 'J'lUtle Sciunre," said to be the lirat brick build- 
in of in Dover. 

IX. Keubcn, >r^rc]i '^G, iraO; m. Eliziilnnli, dau. of Tobias and Juditli (Vstrnev) 
Hanson, and rem. U) Me. 

X. Butb-lieba, Aug. 28, 1741; d. bS21; ni. Jcseph Varnev, bro. to Xatlmniel 

Xi. Tal/iiha, June 18, 17-11 

?>?A. Joli!i Tiittle. b. May 8, 1704: d. Feb., 1774; intelligent, of mild and .'ven tf inner: 
much inclined to tlie 'Friends." but did not join them; ni. IClizabeth. dau. of James and 
Prudence Xute; [2) Anne Meserve, niece uf his 1st wf. Slie d. Julv 27, 1819; lier bro. 
Col. Xathanie! Mi-.-^erve, distinguished at taking of Louisburgh, 1745, afte'rwArds at 
Crown r.;int, in the Fiench war. and d. at second siege of Louisburgh, 1758. .S)je in. 
(2) Feb. 12. 1778. Tbom-is, s. of Peter Ciishing and grandson of Rev. Jonathan Cushing 
of llinghani, who -was minister at Dover, 1717 to 17'jy. 
I. .John, ni. Sarah M. Donaldsi>n. 
II. Paul. Ml. Lydia Jacobs. 
HI. iSilas, l>. May 2, 1732; nj. Elizabeth Jacobs, sis. of Lydia. Silas vras a school 
teacher and sonn'thing of a nuitbt-nuuician. Col. John Tuttle'of J^arnsted Ids e. s. 
Fraiicis Tutth-, M. D., of Soniersworth, a gt. g. s. ~ ' 

IV. Dorothy, m. — — Jacobs. 

V. Prudence, ni. Bunker. 

Vj. Hannah, nt. Samuel Langley of Lee. 

Vil. Anne, m. Leigliion. 

A'lll. Mart!>a, ni. Jacolis. 

IX. Job, b. July 2;J, 174-']; d. Nov. 3, 182G; m. his cou>:. Surah, dau. of James and 
Anne Meserve Xute; rem. to Lebanon, Me. Col. Job Tuttle a g. s. i. by 2d m. : 

X. Ksrlif-r. li. Ma'ch, 1772: d. July 15, 1S43; iv. James Tuttle. Esq., of Dover. 
XL Janie.>, b. ])ec. 25, 1773; m. Juanna Koberts. 

3o4L Jolin Tuttle, d. at sea in 1758; m. Sarah M. Donaldson; i. 4 chil. 

1. Lydia. b. Dover 1750: ni. Clement .Nb:-serve: she d. Julv 11, 1S19. Hon. Sila.s 
Meserve of Parrh'tt, Jtidyre Ct. Com. Pleas, was lier son. 
11. D:tiii-1. b. March 2-, 175i;: m. Lois Leathers. 
Til. Lucy, b. 1755; m. David Xute. 

I\'. Isaac, b. 175s; m. ],•,< cous. Elix/rbeth Tuttle, dau. of Silas. Hm v,as drovrned 
at sea Oct. 11, ]7!'n. Com. by Hon. Benj. F. Tuttle. 

33412. Dai.ic-l Tutt'ie, b. :\I;uch 2s, 175i;; m. Lois, dau. of Pe;ij. Leathers. 

I. Sarah. Mav 12, 17^2; m. Teague (d' DuckOeld, Me. ' 

11. John, b. Dec. 7, 1783; m. Pollv IvSnell. 

III. ^Villiam, Julv 8. 1780: m. Doflv Chas.- of Bucktield, Me. 

IV. B'A^y. !). Julv. l'.s\i: m. J<i<iah"Sniitii ..f ]>. 
V. Daniel, 1,. r,[i2: m. Harriet Chase of B. 

VI. ]''o]ly. 1795; 111. Jo.-,hua Knox of Peru. 
Yll. Lucy, about 1798: m. Bich. Andersen. 

■334122. John Tuttle, Dec. 7, 1783; m. Polly King Snell of "Poland, Me. 
I. Lucy. b. Oct. 5, 1808: d.; m. H. Woodburv; res. Paris, Me. 
II. Flondla, b. Xov. 12. l-slO: m. Arba Thayer, So. Paris, Me. 
HI. Eiueline, Mav 7, 1812; m. John Tu(dcer;'res. X(Hwav, Me. 
IV. Azel Snell. Se])t. 30. 1S13; res. S. P., Me. 
V. Bobcrt Snell. Jan. 22. 1815; Skowhegan, Me. 
VI. U'ni. Hrnrv Harrison, Oct. 27, lSl(>:"Sacramento, CaL 
VII. John Clumdlcr, Dec. 14, 1818; Skowlu^gan. 
VIII. Jo.>ejdi Hutchij-.sou. b. Oct. 7, ls22; res. Providence, B. I. 
IX. Benj. Franklin, b. Aug. 29. 1825, at Paris, Me.; lai.sed on farm; attended com. 
tJch.joi till a. 17. then Eloomfield Acad, one term a yi-. till ;i. 21; rem. to Cal. 1849 and 
renuiined ever since; one yr. in the Placer mines; then e!igai;-ed in constructing tind 
operating light draft steamers ou the bays and rivers of L'al. till lf<,',5^ then two years 
travel and observation in the States and'CaiuAda; m. 1857 Anne 11., dun. of L. W. 'Rus- 
sell, .M. D., of Skowhegan, Me., and returned to Cal. Since 1858 engaged in merchav.- 
<lising; four yrs. Cily 'I'rustee of Petalunia, Cal. ; 2 vjs. mem. B. ".d' Education. In 
1871 elected State Senator for 2 yrs. In 1873 State Seii. for 4 yrs. In ls75 and. '7o was 
Prest. of tlie Senate. In 1877 elected to Cal. Assem. for 2 yr>.' In 1S7S -ipj.t. lii.-urauce 
I'ommissioner lor tbe State l}ut did not serve. .Vpnl is, Isis, api-T. ('..mmis. o'^ 'i ran.s- 
portatiou and .-^eived till Jan., ISSO, when Jtew cons, took eilect. Has res. iu liis j>resent 


liomo 2;} yr.s. 1, Mahy, Sept. 2i, IS.JD. 2, Aiaci: Mwd, Sept. ."i, 1604. 3, 
Lkonauo Urssicr,!,, Fcl). It, l8Tt). 

X. Miiiy Ann, b. Aprii Ul, LSJl; dec. 

;3:>1.11. .Innies 'I'uttle. b. 1 )e''. 2."), 1773; d. Antj-. :iS, 1850: 711. .Tnuntui, drvu. of Jo.sliiia, 
and Joanna Went worth IJob'Tts of Si)iiici>\vi)!tli, li. Oct. 14, I't'.T: d. Sfpl. 27, ls49. 
Her motli'T \vas dau. of .Mark and Elizabetli (Wrnt worth) Wi-ntwortli, wlio were n-jand 
cliil. of ^^ ni. Wfiitwortli. anre.sior of a family, wliich furnislicd ^^(-v.Tnors for N. II., 
for lU'urly 'lO yrs. Burke, in liis Ihilish Pifi-nr/.', speaking- of Sir 'i'homa.< Wentwortli, 
Karl of Stati'ord, ulio was beheadeii May iJ, 1()4]. say.sT "Of thib very illiislrious 
funiily was Win. Wenwurth, who cniiirrateil from the Co. of York in England to llostou 
and removfd suhseqUfntly to New Ihunp." ./oanno Roberts was of thefith g-fin'ratiou 
in descent from (iov. 'I'lionias itobcrts. The X. H. Wentworths iuterniarried witli 
the 'I'litlle dese. of Ip^wieh. 

. I. (.'harl.'s. b. April SG. ISOl; d. Mav 31. 1814. 
I(. Mosi-,, b. .Inly -IC, 1803; m. Mary'.Morrow. 

III. Sarali Ann. Mav 2, 1^00; ui. lier cousin Jolm Williams 'I'uttle, s. of Jaiiif-s 

IV. Joanna, 1). isii'; d. 1^29. 
^'. Charlotte, 1S12. 

\'l. Elizabeth Abbic, 1810: m. Lieut. Col. Harrv Meserve. 
Vll. lhui;iah Cu,-!ii)i^\ b. 182:!; ni. Cajit. J. A. X'nte. 

334.11.2. Tuttle. b. July 20, 1803; d. Oct. 28. 18.")9; 111. Mary, dau. of Lieut. 
Jo.-ieiihaad Mehitable Dore Morrow of Xcv. held, Me. 

1. Charie.- Wesley, lawyer of Bost'in: jiartner with Hon. Caleb Cnshinir, ]>roiui- 
uently conm-cttd with the New p'nr^dand Cen. Soc. Author of \ arious ]>;ipi'rs i)ub. 
in (Uu.litci. Life of Ciipf. .Joint ^fi'S'jn. Compiler of '!'/<, 'J'liVU Fitnul// 
Jla>/ij). At tlie Cambridge Ol:r.Lrvutory in 1871, lie discovered tlie couu-t called by liis 
uanie, "Tattle's Coiutt." It has a ])eriod of 13^ years, and its next appearance will "be iu 
18^'">. lie d. iu l':^81. A tremendous worker, and his d. is said 10 have iicen caused i>v 

II. Horace Parnell, paymaster U. S. X.: Astronomical .-^ssLstant at Ilarw <J!.>serv- 
atory, 1857-02; di>covered two new 'phauns called M:iia and Clytia: al>o si-vera! new 
iiobuhe and a gieat number of comets. In 1859 he was awardeil'the Lulauvie piize for 
his discoveries i)y the Fi\nch Acudciay of SdeuCfS. 

III. Ereeman. 

n'. Mary Merrow. ^ 

V. .locd Stoughton. . ■ • 

yi. Ira. • 

VII. l''raiicis. ensign, U. S. X. 

330. Xidiohis Tuttle, July 27, 1708; d. 1793; rem. to X'ottlngham, X. H., wliere liis 
desc. have been munerous; m. Deljorah Hunt; (2) Bertha J^avis. 

I. (Jeoigf, 1737; d. in EtHngham, 1810; Capt. in Kev. Army witli Gen. Gates at 
Saratoga, 1777; mem. Leg.; Justice of the Peace; m. Catharine' Stevens. Rev. Johu 
(iiles Tuttle, grandson. 

II. Stoughlon, 1730; d. 1812; 111. Lydia Stevens, sis. of Catharine; (2) Hannah 
Sanborn. He entered tlie arnjy when 10 yrs. of ag.' and .served till chjse of Fiench war. 
^laj. Gen. Bcnj. Stokes Tuttle, Hon. Bradbury L'illey Tuttle ami Rev. Alexander Tuttle 
are grandsons. 1, Bp:.\.i.'.mix Stukks. h. Jan. 31. 'iSOo; res. Meredith Village, X. H.; 
Maj. (.'cu. X. 11. Mil. 2, BitAinuKV Cii.i.KV, b. Xov. 11, ISU'.t; res. .M.'V., X. H. ; Hon. 
y\. C. 3, Joifx I'.., 1,. May 20. 1812; d. Auir. .->. 1877. 4. (iii.M.VN. b. Oct. 4, 181S: d. 
May 27, ISSO; m. Eeb. 19,' 1844, Charlotte L. Hackett of X.-w H.Lmj.ton, X. H. 1, A!Me 
FiaacfH, h. Jan. 2."), 1815; d. Ang. 10, 1848. 2. Km Fl-i\i,r,, b. March 11, 1N52; m. at 
Boston, Oct. 12, 1874. Charles E. Staniels; res. E. Concord, X. IL; sec. Ea.-tniai\ A>sur. 
Co. 1, f'luirlieT., b. .Mav 22, Is70. 2. Mabel ]{uth, b. Eeb. 11, 187s. 3. Gracic L., b. 
S-pt. ;10. d. Oct. 21, 1880. 3, Al'inr At'nnnn. b. Jan. 15. 1S,J4; in. at E. <.'oncord, X. 
H , leb. 1, l.ssi, John E. Fry.'. 5. S v.MiKt. G., b. Xov. 28, 1822; d. Xov., 1879. 
HI. Xiidiohis, ni. Sarali Smart. 

IV. Juditli. m. Josiah Ibirlelirh of Xew Market. 
\'. l-;ii/abc;li, m. I'er.T Sti'ilinu's ..f Bartlett. 

VI. l_V'b,,rah. m. Mo.scs Perkins of Xew .Market. 
} n. EsiluT, m. Sanborn .if Xew Market. 
^ 1:!. Ivc/.iah, lu. Jcrcnuah Elkir.o; '2) iJobert Evaiis. i. bv 2d m. : 

JOTIX Ti'TTLE 01" r"''rj-R, X. H. 


IX. B-njamla. 17G4. 
X. Marv. ni. James Stokes. 

I AlfS;. m''^' "^m/^'"- \^'^- ^- -V^H ^- ^"^^ ^- ^'^'^' ^- ^^^"^^ ^^^- '^^ -^^oh and 

f 3Ianlm (Dajuf • Allen. At time oi ias dec. Le vjls xbe l&r^rf^i li,i<d on-ner ^'n D..v^' 

r - 1^- Paneuce, 1.42: d. 1..0; m. Jackson of Durliam 

I III. Stephen. 1744: d. l^ji: m. Abigail Fo^s of Barnncnoa 

I IV. Elijah, 1747; d. lS-28: m. Rather Johnson of Barr." ' 

t ,}^- LO"^^£-. 1^-i'-': ^- 1^—: 1^- Leinuel Drew: ,2; i.ieo. F.j~.> Lrr, cf Abi-a^l 

t ^ I- Sar-ith. 1751: d. 1S19; m. Samuel Ta.-;ker of Barr. ' "' ^ " 

^ VII. James, 1753: m. a dau. of Jotham NTute and rem. to Me. 

I Tin. Eimire, 17.>5; a. 1790: n^. Enoch Jackson. 

f I^- David, 175S: d. l.>-2>i; m. Esther, dau. of Enoch Bnnke'- 

P V 1 ^-T- -^^^^^^ 1~^' ' <^- '^1*^ ^^- ^^^^^ D..:ne a-d had: 1. JA^If:^, E>Q.. ^^■ho m 

Bx-Stiier 1 utije. 
^I. Mary, 176t3; d. 1S14: m Joseph Pinkham. 
f ^1- Judith, 176S; d. Is32: m. Samuel Davis, g. s. of Gd. Janies Ihivis of Durham. 

I .^^•, Janies, b. April 7, 1663: d. May 15. 1709: ir.. R--se, dKH. of John ar-l F...^el O"'*- 

I Pinki-aui: mtrml«ers of Soc. of Friends amone the earnest in Dover; n--r-Iv all thei*- 

^ descendants have adhered to it. She m. (2 1 Thomas Cannev. ' '" " 

^ I. Phebe, b. 1706; d. 1776: m. Moses, s. of Haiuph5-v and E^^b^r S- rbu^k V?- 

f nev, and had 11 chi!. 

t ' 11. Elijah, b. 17CtS. 

^ 362. Elijah Tunle. b. 170>; d. 17S7; in. Esther Va.Tiey. 

I I- Jams, b. 173S; d. 1S16: m. Rose, dan. of Oiis and AL^^-aH Tiblv-t^ Pink'ani 

I • II. Benjamin, b. 1742: d. 1S12: ni. Marv Hussev. ^ " ' 

I ni. Sainnol. b. 1747: d. Oct. >;, lS07: serg. in'Cai.t. Perkins" Co. Amv of th- 

P Rev. ; m. Martha Varnev. 

I ^ ■ "^^'illi-ci, h. 175'}: d. 1S34: ni. Ani^e Hanson. 1. PirEKE. b. Jan 16 17^.5- d 

I Feb. 23, ls:)2; m. Stephen Howard. 2, Joseph, b. Oct. 15. 17S5; re-s TXjvc- Ue w-.^ 

I a Quaker niici?'er nearly 50 years: d. April 29. 1^74, a. s7: ie Sa^b dau •.- Jo=e-/^^ 

^ Pinkham. He was selectman of Dover 1S21-2-3. 1. .1*3 C. b. X. H.-lv. I^'ul' k Q-f^ 

I ker mi.>^io:iary and teacher among the Mtnic.-s: has l*een twlre ntarrit-d and As 

B two sons by wf. and 1 s.. now Nov. lt;74. 7niGs. old. bv2d wf. :j Rose b - "^ 

f 29, 1701; m. Nathaniel Jenkins. 4. Sakah Ha^-scx. b. Jan. 7 1793 5 Ikv b An^ 

I 1^ 1705: d. Dec. 3. 18:50: -schiK-l teacher. ■-•■=- 

^ Of thi.s fam. was the f. of Jarnes Tmtle of Strait'ri. X. H.. wh--» went fr>-iii Dcrei 

(neck to S. when a young- man. Bi-sides Jaiu^^ of Siratford he Lad S'^n Elijah and T>eT^ 
other chil. James, grandson, b. 177l': ni. Sarah Clark and had 13 'ch;i PI- n- 
(2) Ruth Atwood, and had 1 child, a dau. Ruth was sis. of Mtrj.-s Atwood, prnj-ret. r •--- 
■f Atwood s buters. 

On the 6th of Oct.. iSCO. all the children exoeptinir on.- who had d a 5 vr^ n:-=- f- 
the house of their brother. Daniel C. Tuttle, in Dover. X. H. ; their aces are annexed 
Daniel C was the first to die. ^ . 

I. Sarah Berry, a. GO yrs. 11 raos. 

II. Daniel C.b. Dec. 15. l.'^Hb rem. to D.iver. 1S30: d. J urn- 24 l«5fU Hp w^'^ 
Capt. of Infantry, 25Ti.Reg., 2d Brigade. 2d div., X. H. Mil.: com. dated April 25 l>--^9~ 
m. Sarah Drew. 1, Apelink A., in. Rtifus Currice. 2. Jknntk S..d sb<mO ^jo- 're<" 
t>S CLeri-y St.. Fall River. M:i.<s. 3. MakiiX-A. M.. m. Clark T. B-rrv. 4 Anv M nV 

Amos K. Robens. 5. Abuie Fk.vsces, re^. S-5 Cherry St., F:ill River. Mass. 

I. Levina Twouiblev, a. 5S. 
IV. Elijah, a. 57. 
y. Jani.s. a. 55. 
VI. I.v'vev MoutiTonierv. a 53. 
VI I. John" L., a. 51. 
VI 11. D-avid. a. 40. 
IX. F.b-r.ezer. a. 47. 
X. Estlur, a. 45. 
Xi. Bet,-^>v Di'-kev. a. 43. 
Xll. Pau;.'a41. 
Xlll. Phuna, a. 15. 



late the internal affairs of the town. Xov. n KiiiS he was c lien „ t . ' i ^ i ''■^''^"" 

m i^S'- '" ''^'^ ^" ^^''^^"-'^^ "^ '-^'^ - Knnuu,-;;: ^wi^^.rs'punen i^^;; 

for S%'^^''' '^^^''" ''^'^ ''"' ^'"'^ '"' ''^ '-^ ^^^"" "'' "^"""^•>- ^'^^-1' to ^J^-^l'arJ Tuttell 
Jan.. lf;:iS--89. Xirhola.s Willvs sold Iii^ >r,v,- ],,, ,,f ,(, „,.,, , i . , 

Roinely to Richard Tuttell for €;iO 12's (i d ''''^'"'^ '''"' ^"^■^'■^^' ='^ 

Mav, ]0:;!9. Kohert Hardin- of Hnston sold his yum.r .i^)-„..,.t .,t Per.,, .v A' i 

Prubahlv Kiehard Tuttle had lu) other cdiildren tlian iho'<e who rnT,,o witl, i ; • 
the Planter. The wid. Dorothv Bill* lived at lus hou ■, ■ r- . , ,. i } :''''" 

By order of the cot.rt he ^vas tohorc.ponJ^clotv'l^ny^,^^^^^^^^ "^^"i 

to n.ean .h.t he would support her and lu-r child, en ^ ^ ''' ^'-I^r-^^''^ 

1. Anne 'i'uttle, b. in Eng., ICy^H 
IJ. John Tiittle, b. in Kn.^, l;]^:^. ,„ p..,^ ^o. 1,;k, Marv Ihdvoke 
ill. l.ebccca 1 uttle, b. Ill Enir., lC'v!9. 

n.u ,1,,. li„. l,e,„e..„ I,v„„ ,u„, Bo„.,„. ," ',,;,;',! :, n . ^o ■ , .T'SJo.l'' ''p '" 
taiw lomov.xl to Lynn, nn.vl,. f„.„,„^„ ,i,..,v 1091 no-s 1, I'l V , , , i t"'" 

II. ^aiah Tuttle, b. ICxJ; d. Feb. 1, 1719 a (;8- m Jos^-nh Xhwp!! rf r-i ^ 
111, tJ'becea, b. .June 17, KIGO 

.i,i. S;f !::;;;;;;s,'::;;,;'S:'!'Th™r'™''"' '"■" ""-'■"■' "■ '=■■-""• '■■■• > "- -" -«'■ - 


me^i,!;nJd^n"!;e^^lV:^1.^,;i^":\;;r^''•^^^^^^^ is thought to be tho same K:hvar.1 PIoHvockc 

cUi:„ Of ,. s. for wood -^V f ^;';/ a% l" M.^thaw.^y i.uher, wlieru he ■. spoken of a. hJn>^ a 

1. Mary, m. John Tuttie. '^' 

^usanna,^K .Nlichael Martin, Sept. !•.• i6s5 

Sarah, m, .Andrews, 

7' f ;i:is;'iSS>i£H---'''ss^-''" -=:- -^^^'^^^ 

t'. r-lizabeth, m John .K'ey<er 

.>r. KJw.rd A Ho'yohe ol Salem, a dcsc. of the tir.t E.nv..rJ, d. Ma>vi> ^x .f,o, a. .-« yrs, 7 n,os. 







EJisha TuTile, sr.. liad ba]». at Piuiiinev Marsh, Jaliez ai.d llaniiali, Marcli H, 171.~). 

Klislia Turtle had hap. ar R. M:irsh, Jacob, tVb. •^s, 17;,M: Elizabetli, April *), ITiT. 

Children of Saniuel Turtle, bap. at Ruinncv Mar.-;h: 1, Abitrail, June. lU, 171U. 2. 
Elizaberh, Oct. 2;j, 1718. 3. Abij^ail, Nov. I",', 17.',M. 4, Tabitha, J iilv 10,1721. 5. 
Samuel, March lo, 1721). G, John', Oct. 2U, 172S. 7, Mary, Jan. 2. 171)1.' 

Jciauna, wf. of Samuel Turtle, a mem. of the 1st (dih. ar ^lalden, Nov. 9, 1740, had 
l>n]i. by Wr.i. Lauison: ^^'illiam, b. June I'J, 1745. Ann, b. 1744. 

Mary Tuthill m. Dm. Tlimuas Hubliart of Bosrou. An old ; in rhe 
"(Jranary " burying ground iu Bosron, "to rhe nieniory of Mruy, \\i. oi John Tuthill. 
and lo l)f-a. Thos. liub'oart," has the Dc\nn 'J'olhill Army. ]. "Capt. John llubban, m. 
Elizabeth — — . She m. (2) James Franklin of Boston, prjiiier and ]^Jstma.ster, with 
Avhom Benjamin Franklin, a younger brother, the renowned ])])her, served an 
npprer.ticeship. James Franklin d, Feb. 5, 17o<.i. (.'apt. John and Elizabeth Hubbart 
]uid a son Turhili Hubliart. who was ]>ostmaster of Boston, 1770-1. 

Zachariah Tuthill, Eieut. of ("astle William in Boston ifarbor, and one of tlie 
founders of the '-Brattle st. Church," was bmiher of tJie above Mary. 

Benjamin Tuttle, b. abt. 172M; m. Mary 'J'urell. C'liil. b. in Chelsea, Mass.: 1. 
Joanna,"!.). April 2:], 174S. 2, Marv, June 12, 17.30. o. lieu., April 10, 1752. 4, Eben- 
ezer, April 17, 17o4. o, Jo.--eph, Aug. ?;J, 17."").".. G, Hulda. Feb. 22. 1758. 7, Turell, 
July 25, 1750. S, Edward, Jan. 2H, 17(;2. 1), Martha, June 4. 1764. 10, lianiel, April 
11, 176G: m. and had faiu. 11, Samuel, Aug. IG, 1770; m. and had lam. 12, James, 
m. and had fam. 

7. Turell Turtle, h. July 25, 1750, in Chelsea, :*la,ss. : d. N'ov. 27, 18ol; m. Mary 
^^'ilkinson, who d. Nov. 15, 1825; chil. b. in Boston. 

I. Mary Tur(dl, b. .lu]y2G, 1787; m. Capt. Winson and had 2 chil., who d. ; {'2) 


II. Turell, b. Feb. 15, 1788; m. Marv Pierce. 

III. Sally. \). July 22. 17i.'0; ni. William Crubb. 1, S.UiAii Ei,iz.M3KTii, d. 1S45. 
2, A\'m. Fk.vxcis. ;;], 'rrjiKi.L Tt rii.r,. 

IV. Eliza, b. May 10, 1702: m. Samuel Cook T.radshaw; had large fam. From Mrs. 
F]. T. Kendall; corner \N'ashington and Decatur sTi-eets, X. Y. 

V. John, Aug. 21, 1704; "l. June 9,- 1827; unm. 

y[. Benj.unin, b C^ct. ]0, 1700: m. and d. soon: .>. /. 

A'll. Harriet, twin with B., m. Amos Cotting. 

Tin. Thonuis Wilkinson, Nov. 23, 1801; d. Jan. 4, 18n0. 

IX. Catharine, May 13, 1805; m. John Tuck'-rman. 

72. Turell Tuttle, b. Bosfoii, Feb. 15, 170-^; d. Feb. 9, 1830; m. I8l0, Mary. dau. of 
Jibi'aham and ]>ois Pierce of I)orciKster, Mass., b. Sept. IG, ITUd; d. in Phila., Nov. IG, 

I. Turell, b. Dec. 30, 1810: 

II. Mary Elizabeth, b. Oct. 9, 1812; m. \Vm. Soiilhern; res. Boston; Sandwich, 
0]a-5S C'o. 1, M.VIUA JOSKIMIIXE. 2, Wm. IlKXItV. 3, Maky EuZABKTil. 4, \\'INS. 

J,ow Lewis, m. . She m. (2) Wishlade; res. 311 Myrtle Ave., Brooklyn, N. 

Y.; 2 chil. 5. I]r.i,i:x. G, Houatio Hewitt. 7, Hakuikt Cohdkm \. 

III. Thomas Otis, d. y. 

IV. Hairiet Cord.elia.'b. Oct. 17, 1817; m. Aug. 31, 1815, Ueo. T. Hawley of Wind- 
sor, Vt., *. i.: res. 122 Boylston st., Boston, Mass.; adopted 2 chil. 1, H.YiiUiiiT C. 
TuTTT.r, child of Turell, :M. 2, Eva Ar,i<E Kownrj, of London, Kug. 

y. Charles Henry, b. Oct. 28, 1821; d. at sea, a. 19. 

721. Turell Tuttle. b. Boston, Dec. 30. 1810; m. iu Louisville, Kv., :M'ar:.>aret A. 
Morrow, 1833; (2) Mary Ann West, b. MitHin, Allegany Co., Pa.; (Hj'March 15, 184!). 
Elizabeth Aim HiHier of Pittsburgh, Pa. 

I. Margarette Amelia, .hily 15, ls37, at BostiMi; m. at Phila., Aug. 4, 1859, Wm. 
S. \\'itliain; res. Hanover, Jeff. Cc>. , Ind.: G tdiil. I. bv 2d m. : 

11. Harriet Cordidia, b. Piit.s., Oct. 19, 1842; d. Boston, J;ui. 5, 1S7S; m. Louis M. 
Hallowell of Bostnn: 2 chil. 

III. Joseph West, 1). June ], 184 1 ; kilu'd at XN'iur-hester. ^■a. . J uue 13. i^f;3: m. 
Jan. 14, 18G3, in Baltimore, Md., .M.iry Jane Mairioii. 1, JusEl-n WT.-t, ]>. Bait., fall 
of 1803. i. bv 3d m. : ' . 


IV. Mary Elizahr-tli, Oct. 9, 1S50; m. Dec. U, 1876, Il.-nrv Drinkliou^ie. SIk- d 
al)t. Apri], l.s^O. 1, Son, 1>. Nov., 1870; liv. with Turell Tattle," 4th. 
\'. TlioiuMs llillirr, .luly h'l. 185:5: d. Fi-b. 37, 1802. 
VI. Kn lily Maria, July l"l, Is,-,,",; ni. Dec. 14, 1876, Stcplit-u D. McCalla. 1, Sox, 
b. fall of 1.S77: d. Cinod Fridtiy iiiom., ]S7S, u. 5 mos. and 7 davs. 

VII. 'J'un n, 4tl!, A lip:. Si', l.<')7; real est. No. ;-J8;58 Lancaster Ave., W. Phila., Pa. 
Vllj. Amut Louisa, .June 1, d. .Fuly 22, 1861. 
L\. (iror^-iana Ha\vlcy_. Oct. 8. 1SG2; d. Nov. 22, 1863. 
X. Josephine. .May lb, d. .July 6. ISO.'). 


I Brotlier of Pichard of Po.stou. The settknnent at Ipswich, r>Iass., was heguu iu 

j March, Hi:!:', !iy John Winthroi), jr., (afterwards Gov. of (."onn.)and twelve 7)ther.s; 

i Avho were juiie-d next year by Kev. Tlionias Parker and one hundred others from Wilt- 

I shire, Ihi--. Jolci! Turtle joined the settleuifut the same yi ar tliat lie arrived in the 

> Planter, as ajipears by the town record in PioO: "a road four rods wide is reserved 

i throuirh Jidin Tuitle'ji, l.jO acres east of Mill river to the common." He v.-as made a 

j freeman March 13, 16:^.:): Pt-iireseutalive l(;.j;4. In i()->i l.e is called "Mr.." a way beiuij 

i reserved between " Mr. Tuttle's swamp and the ends of the lots."— /W?'-!< Ilht. of 

I Jpsicich. March 13, IGoO, John Tuttell of Ipswich, merchant, gave bond for .£'2000 to 

I Daniel — ffaivax antl Isaac Le^^'ay of London, merchants, to ])ay i'llSO 10 s. in laMvisJons 

I and cattle before Xov. , lG-">0. and he consigned to them goods, 6:c., value i'N]'2 3 s. and 

t a ])enny as per invoice sitrned ijy Juanua hi.s wife. The bond was discharged by pay- 

! meut in full in I6.""i2 by Mrs. Joanr'a Tuttle. He went !<• Ireland about the time the: the 

j' disheartened coloni.-is a: Xe\v Haven were negotiating for the purchase of the city of 

I (ialloway in Ircdand fur a futuiv home. He establislied himself advantageously there 

! and did not return, fl-' d. a^ CaTickfergus, Dec. 30, IGoii. His Mir-- Joanna fo'ilowed 

: him to Ireland in lOol. Slie was before m. to .folin Tuttle a widmv Lawrence.-" The 

' Dane ]>amph!et contain< a /((■; i^imilt. of Jidiii Tutile's autograph. ;'..• 

\ 1. Abigail, b. 162!). "^ 

1 II. Svruon, b. 16;J1. 

\ III. Sarah, b. lG:j;3; ni. 10.~i4 Kichard Martin. 

:■ IV. John, b. m-ii; m. Mary and liad: 1, Mai:y. b. April 28, 1063. 

*Tlie Lawrt-rco (iciie.-il(!:,'v with a ^ obtuseness calls .tohn TiUtell's wife " I'oslcr mother " to the 
Lawrence children. In 1650 she writes 10 Geo. Giddintrs as her son and so call; John and Simon Tuule 
and John Lawrence; John '1 u!tell. at,'cd -,;; yrs. in ]c-o. which identiiies him with Richard's son ot that 
name, she calls hercusm ;nephewc Hcsides WH'.i.'m, John ai;d Jane, wife of Gicdinfjs, she had a son 
Thomas Lawrence who came afierw.'.rJs. They were trnm St .\'b:'ns in Hcrt.s.— ^..-rv;^'?-. 

Geoitrc Ciid.jir.j,--, setUec. ut Ip^wicii and d. J'jne I. 1676. He was Deputy to the General Court 164T, 
'54. 'ti. '<•'-'^ 't-. "3. '4- ?•■, '7-' ai:d 7;. L->ng a ralrii: elder of the ist churuii.— Feic's //■sun'c/i. 

William and Joim Lawrence rem from Ipswich 10 Long Island and were patentees of Flushing in 1644. 
William was a magistrate and miliiarv officer; d. it3Go: ne.xt lii> widow Eli?.at)eth ^his 2d wife) a dau. 
of Richard Smith, m. Sir Philhp Cariaret. Gov. of New Jersey, who founded Lli^abelhlo^Yn and gave it 
her name. .After his dec. she ra. a ;d husband. 

loh.n Liwrence of New .\miterdam iN. V.) 1663; .-Mderman 1^05; .Mayor if-72; one of his Majesties 
Council 1674 and so by successive appoinlmeius to iOo3; bcain .Mayor if',i and "q^; Fudge of Supreme 
Court of the I'rov. of N. Y. iC-^i, until dec. 1649; SheriiT of ijueen's Co. i>Si; .Mderriian" 16S0 to '84 and 
1605 to '72. I : I, Joseth, d. s. /. r. John d. i. /. t. Thomas, d. .v /. 4, Martha, d. y /. ;. Susanna, 
d. s. I.; in. Galnic Minynle one of the Council of the Province and Mayor of New VorV; (21 Wm. Smith, 
.■\lderman. C. .Mary. m. Wm. Whitinphatn. Harv. Col. i^.f- fr.r posterity see >Lis5. Hist. Soc. Col.: had 
amont; others: i, .W,iry. distinKui^,hed fur literary acquirements and for 'benefactions to Mary, and Vale 
Col.; d. 173.;; m. Gurdon Saltonstall, Gov of Conn. Thomas Lawrence did not leave Ipswich till after 
his brothers. He bought the whole of Hell Gate Neck along the East River from H. G. Cove to Bowery- 
Bay.— .W r. 6>/; At-,. 7'.v/v, 1S72. 

From one of these brothers was desc. John Lawrence, .\lderman of N. Y. 1762 to V,:;,and Richard Law- 
rence ot N. \ . who <]. in i.^i;'.. Tiie ci-iMren of Rich.-ird Lawrence were: i. John. b. about 17V-: Mem. 
( onK-: had stv. chil. of whom four daus. in. respectively John Camphell, Benj. F. Lee, John P. Smi'..^^ 
and 1 imoth.y (.hLjrchiT. 

If. Isa.ic. f;r:ui. Pri:iec','-n < oL; Prc.^t L S. Branch Lank; d. 1F41: m. Cornelia Beach, daii. of Rev. 
.•\ Beich. rector of 1 niuiy L.-.r'sh. .\. Y., an had: i. Cof,.si-li.^ Bkach. rn. James .\. Hillhouse of 
Nov.- Haven. Conn. 2. Hakko-i. m John A Post. ^j. Is.\i'ii..\nk, m. Dr Benj. .McVicker. 4. U lt.\ 
Bh.xcM.m. Inrs. L. n\ elies. =..,. nj Rev. W.j.Kipp 6 H.vnnah. m.H<nrv, s of Siet.hen 
Wniney Hem (.! .Maria L. l-itch of N H .After dec of .Mr. Whitney, she m. 2. .N'a'han Baldwin 
of Miltord. Conn. 7, ^^^ m. Bkach, Lieut. Gov. R. L; ra. a dau. of .Archibald Ciiaclc of N. V. 

III. W il';ari, ?. planter ot Oeinarara 

f:>f this f.Mni!y wa, C:u.t. ;amcs, b. Builin-ton. N. J., Oct. i, 17-1; ki'lsl in the naval action 
between the Ameiccan hntfate Chesapeake, which he rommande-.!, ...nd the British Frit;a-.e Shannon. 
1L> dyin- words, " d^>n't -ive up the ship, " immortalize his name. ' He left a ^rfiie and two younfr chiU 
nroii . He was son o! John Lawrence, a lawyer, an.d had a brother John and two Tf idowed sifters •?.: time 
01 r.ri death. 





Mary, h. liJS-j; m. Tlmmas Ininiluim. 
Simon, b. 1637; m. lfj.;;> Jean J'.urnhan 

(C) 1GG3 Sarah Cogswell. 

3. Sarah Tuttle, b. ]fJ33; d. Deo. 1, 1(J66: in. Fel). ], 1P,.>1, Kichard Ma 
•Nva.^ a merchant, oue of the founders (»f the Fi^.•^t dili., Portst'iioulh, N. II. 
Speaker of tlje Iloase. He m. C^) Martha, wid. of Joliu Deiii.^^nn. She \vi 
LieiiT. Gov. Samuel Syraotids of Ma.^s., and lii.s wife, who was'a dm., of Gov. 
of Mas.'^. He in. (3) Elizabeth, dan. of }h-nry Slierbnrnc. She had been tw 
Her 1st husband was Toi)ias Landon, m. U;.~)6: cJ) Tobias Lear. m. ]r<*u: i,: 
Martin. He m. (4) Mary i),-nninir. wid. of Samuel Weutworth. and motlii-r 
Gov. Joliu Wentworth of .Mas.s. She d. .Ian. 'JO. 172-l:-2.5, and Iut funeral .•<' 
]>reached by Krv. Jabez Fiteh, a coj^y of whieli is in possesiiou of Mark lluulc 
worth of Portsmouth, X. H. — M'vni'nvih Mriuoruil. i, all by 1st m. 
I. Mary Martin, b. June 7. 10")5. 
II. Sarah Martin, b. Julv i. 1037: m. Jolm fut! 
I!T. Kieluirfl :Martin, b. 'kj.-.O; Harv. C'.,l. \i\<\) 
never ordained; jjreai hedi at \Vells, Me., and d. IG"^!). 
IV. Elizabetli [Martin, b. HVYi. 
\ . Hannah .Martin, b. lOfJ-l; m. Kichard Jose, sheriff, and luul G fliil. 
VI. Miehael Martin, b. KUJG. 

rtin.'" Hf> 
; Kep. and 
LIS dau. of 

ice a wid. 
i\ Pieluird 

of Lieut, 
'■rnion was 
i;i;r ^^'enl- 

dioolmaster and preai-her, but 

5. M: 
M.Uiv. J 
Mairli :-; 
AuiT. 21, 
MaV.-h 4, 





iry Tuitle, b. lG3o; m. Thomas Eurnli; 

He d. May H), IGW 

,'0, 1G7':>. .Ji.h.i Ca'-ter of 
Tiio.MAs, .Julv 3, J 0^7. 
Samikl, Oct." 31, 1G9-1. 

He m. (-i) Mrs. Hester (Cocr.sweil) Bi>l 

li'uth Burnham, July I, ltjo7: d. y. 

Kuth r.urnluim, Au^. 23, IG'jS; m. Jum 
illy 17. U1S3. 2, Joii.v. Au^'. .s, Ins.!. ;; 
il."]G-<!i. .0. PilKKi;, June 11, ICKl. G. 

lGi')(;. S, Jmsiah, Aut,r. 3, lG!)s. 9. Jai5f.z, Sept.' 17, 1700. 

1702. 11, Bkx.iamin, twin with Nathauit-]. 

Josei.di HuriduiUi. S.-pt. 21'., IGGO. 

Nathaniel Burnham, Sept. 14, 1()G2. 

Sarah Burnham, June 2.S. 1GG4; m. 

Esther Burnham, Marrh HI, JijGG. 

Tiiomas Burnham. 

Ji/iiii Burnham. 

Jani'-s Burnham, m. 

Mary Burnham. 

Joanna Burnham. 

Abirrail Burnliam. 

Ips'.vich: Selectman aii'l Kepreseu- 

10, y 

swich. 1. 


, EsTliK);, 

Clark; (2) Meshach Farley. 

a dau. of Dea. \Vm. ("ofrs\\'ell. 

55. Sarah Burnham. b. June 2S. 1GG4; in. — — Clark, who d. soon; (2) Auc. G, 10^4, 
Mi_-shach Farley, b. Eug., IGGU: d. lGL>s. Xo doubt he is the ])erson named uxCuul'dn's 
Hid. "flWi/tcirh, Cunn. " In 1G94 and 0. Jose'ph SafTord, Kichard Smith, Meshach Far- 
ley, Mathew Perkins and Samuel Bishoj), all from Ipswich, Mass., bought of Capt. 
Jame.-j Fitch of ^rorwich. Conn. , a tract called the ISOO acre i;;raut, which he claimed as 
])urchaser from the Indian Sachem, Owaneco. Subsequently, .Joseph and Jabez ferkins, 
also of Ipswich, bought a part of the IbOO acie grant of the above purchasers. This 
was at Xewent, (now Lisbon) in the town of Norwich. Josiah, John, Joseph and ^^"m. 
Read of Ipswich settled on this tract."' 
I. Jane Farley, d. March G. Iij02. 

Meshach Farley, b. June 10, IG^^io; d. March G, 171.J; 

.■Michael Farley, b. Aug. 2, lG«o; d. May '.), 1707; m. 

1, Michael, b. A()ril 24, ]72(i. 2. Ei.izabktk, Oct. 

4, Pkkcu.i.a. March 7. 1?2.'). ."i, Pkki iij.a, Feb. 


April 12. 171G, Elizabeth 
21, 1721. 3. Jank, Oct. 
23, 172S. (I, ..i.v]{T][A. 

G. 1723. 

twin with Precilja. 7, MjcsHacu, April 11. 1731. 8, Saiiau, D.-c. 17, 1732. "J. 
Kkuecca. Se(jt. 1, 1734. 10, John, July 9, 173S. 

" From tlie above w.' have some of the smartest meti of the Ipswich branch, such as 
Gen. Michael .l-'arley of Kevolutionary ianie — John, who was one of the founders of 
New Castle, Me., where he and his desc. lilled im])ortant positions in that section, \\ith 

♦Nicholas Martin or E.^eter, Dt:von, will dated Auf . k.), io.m, gave i:2r.ot.o St. .lohn's Ilo'spital, h.\cter, 
Eni;. , fur r'jiu't of ihc poor children therein, and alic-WHrds '.(■wards their binu'ns^; out as aporeniices. 
\\ hereunto. Susanna, wid. and relict, added fi3o more v.uli which, two te:ierueiiis were purctiased, one 
in Northgate SI, of Geo. Tothiil, merch.— /V/.'/cf'.j- n'o>c!:i,-so/ Devon. 


few fycfiiUo;is this branch pnxliK-e tln-ir most lullliaiit imui from Mcshacli"-- . Jab'-/. 
<'(>mes from this line, and the imik-s are fill very prolific, ouch produciug from ]•"» to IS 
children, who scattered to thf four (jiiitrters of tlic I'nion, and so far as 1 am able to 
learn, prove a credit to their country and name. From this one comes tlie greater pnn 
of the descendants of the first Michael. It seems also to he themost ]m)lific. I siipi)ose 
the Tiutle idooil accounts for it — and ]>roduces the most men of note. Yon may safely 
draw the outlines of Sarali'sdcscendantri very strony and then not overdo it." — liaifhtlph 
W. Fur'.cy. 

AmoniT the desc. of Tliomas and Mary ('J'ntth-) T'nrnhani was lion, ^ath;ul Dane, 
founder of'the Ilarv. Col. Law School. His mother was Abigail l^urnham. 

0. Simon TuttU', b. IHoT: d. Jan. 10'.'-'. In ICTS he had riglit of cummouage at 
]l;swich; m. 1G.")9, Joan. dau. of 'J'hos. Biirniu'.m; (0) ]tJ(j--^-8 Sarah (dau. of Jolm; 
C'ogsvvell. Avho d. Jan. 'i\. 17;j'2, 

I. John. m. Dec. :1, ir,s9, Martha Ward. i. by -Pd nr. : 

II. Joanna, b. ?e].t. 04, ICOl; m. Packard. 

III. Simon, b. Sept. 17, I'KiT; m. June llj, IGU'J, Mary Rogers. 

IV. Klizal>etli. b. .Nov. -,'4, lOTO; m. Samuel (sou of lioliert) Ayers of Haverhill. 
He was first selectman and was killed by French and Indians at surprise of the town, 

■ An'^ -JU, ITuS. 1, Harv. t'ol." 1710. '2. John. o. J.\.vks. 

A'. Sarah, b. Sept. 8, 1672; called "Mrs,;" m. Nov. l:;, Kj'll), in Ins., Sam'l "\^ ard. 
W. Abiu-Mil, 1). Dct. 7, in7:J; m. A]>ril -27. Kj'jC, Piiilemon Warner. 
VIl. Susanna, b. M.av 7, HiTo. 
VJH. ^\illla^^, b. May 7. UnT. 

IX. fliarlo, b. March, ai. Itj'iLl; m. Buruham. 

X. Mary, b. June 12, HiSO. 
XI. Joualiian, b. June 11. 16^•2. 
XII. Ruth. b. Aug. 10, IGSo. 
Xlll. Anotlier d. soon. 

The name- of six of the ab.:\e oC Simon 'i'uttle are duplicaterl iu tlie 
family of William Tuttle of New Haven. 

61. .Jolm Tuttle, d. Feb. .-,(). irif;: m. Dec. o, l')-^;), Martha Ward; (2) referred 

to as " mother-ia law " in deed dated 17;jl, liy Jonathan and Susanna Hale. 
I. Martha, b. Kiifd. 

II. Marv. b. July 7, lOvM',.' 
HI. Susatma, m. "Nov. K), 172',:', Jonathan Hah-. ,■ ' 
IV. William, d. s. L about 1730. 

r.lR. Susanna Tuttle, m. at Ijiswiich Nov. 10, 1720. Jonathan, s. of Samuel and 
Martha I I'ahn'er; Hale of liiadford, Mas:,.; b. Jan. 0. 17U2. In m. rec. called Susanna 
Tuttle, ir., Jan. S. \~-/,\, Jonathav. .lad his wf. Susanna conv( ved 0. their morber-in- 
iav," (name illeirible iiL mv abstrac't) all their right in the real e.-tatc' of their late 'orotin-r 
\N'ilbani Turtle, late of'ljiswich, yeoman, being one-fifth part of same, bounded by 
dower set oil to their ( h-andn;oTher Tuttle and their u.i'.cle Simon Tuttle. — /:.^•^■f.r Rrrjif.- 
try of JhrfLs ^Vol. 77. p. 43). Chil. b. in Ih-adfoid. " A glorious ])osterity."— CVw. by 
i/u- late II >u. lidiert S. Ihdc, LL. I>. 

1. Elizal)eth. b. 1730; m. Moodv Chase, Esq., Sutton, X. H. 

II. John, M. D.. 17:]1; servt^d in'Kev. war as surgeon. Col. of Mil.; res. Hollis, N. 
II.; m. Elizabeth Hall of Sutton. 1, Wu.i.iam. M. D., .served as stirgeon in rev. war; 
father of 'Jdunnas Poole Hale, Esq., mem. Foston Com. Council; Mass. Leg.; res. mem. 
X. Eng. Cen. Soc. ; h. Hollis, N. IL, April 27, 1810; d. Boston. March 1, l«7i). 

III. Abigail, b. 17:3o; m. 17.".0. Col. WilliaTU Pri'scotr. 

IV. Samuel, M. I), of (.ixford, N. II.: m. Mindwell Tillottson. 
^'. Jou;.than. 7i! Silenc" (,;./ddan!. 

VI. .Martha, m. Kev. P.-ter Po\ver>; Harv. Col. 17.") 1. 

G13.3. .Miiuai! Hale, b. 1733; <i. ().t. 21. IS-M, a. SS; m. 17.")G. Vrilli-im Prescott^_b. 
<iroton, Ma:--~, Feb. 20, 1720; iv.eut. in Prov. tmojis at c,a|>ture of Caj-e I'.reton, 17.5S; 
declined a commis.-,ion in the regular army. In 17?4 appointed to commaud a regt. of 

♦Randolph VV. F.iriev. K<,.- . of NA=;hua. X. H.. v,-ho has ^i>'-nt scvcrnl yca;.-s c-..Ucctitiz liu- history of 
i tlie Parley I'i'n.iiy. aad' 10 wiiom I .-un muicr olilk'a'.ion^, <;e.s 'hat :i v^-r'te-.a" of ^''-^k^ ^^'*'' 

b:-ju-hL ovor in .^7:; bv Michael Farley ot Ipswich. Mass . ;m-„-1 has been scon wKh-n 30 years. .About. 50 
years since, an Knili^h wvitci pubiistied a his-.ory of the ns'i.j m verse. The f;un'!y 'S rcpr-jseatt-^' .".i ol 
V'.'t-'.^h deriv.ition or eariv aiaaltramation .,. , . 

Midi le! I'ariey ('.vith two. SiM.s) Mich.iel and >tcsh.-icii. over in k')75 as ap;e:M lor .,ir Kicaarc 
■S.-ltonHtall, and j-.ttled ',n Ipsvvicli, .Ma-;s. .Mcsiiach in. S.'.r.i;i I'.aia'.uiia asabove. 


miiuite nifu. onraTiizcd l\v tlit- Provincial Cua^'vess, and iiuuclicd wiili it to I-^-xington; 
univinn: after n-treat of the 15riti.'-h, he |irocr(.'dfd to Cainl<ii(li,^e. On the KitL of ,tunt, 
1775, was ordered to Charir.->lo\vn with tliree refciiuonts, and directed lo throw up works 
on Bunker Hill, but Breed's Hill l)eing more suitable, tlie defences were erected there. 
The next day G.mi. Howe, with a force more than quadruiile that of Col. Prescott. after 
a cnntest among the most desperate in An\erican a!\n;ds, and with immense lo<s. >ui'ceed- 
iuix ill dislodginjr him. Col. Prescott was one of the last to h-ave tlie intrenehmt-nt, and 
olYered to retake the position the same niirht if the commander-in-chief would give liim 
two regiments. In 1777 )ic resigned his command and went liome, but in autumn of 
.same year joined the northern army under (iati-s, and was present at the capture of 
Bnrgoyne, his last military srrvice. He was a mem. of tlu- Mass. Leirislature several 
years. He d. Oct. 13, 1 795. higlily esieenied as an ♦■iiergt-tic, brave am! patriotic citizen. 
His statue erected witlun the enclosurf of, and rear tlie grt-at mouumiMU on lUinker 
Hiil, was unveiled with a])propriate ceremonies June 17, ISSI. 

61831. ^V^liam Piescott. 1). Aug. 19, 17(;-^: llarv. Col. 1783, with high honors; 
taugut sidiool in Brooklyn, Conn., and in Beverly, Mmss., at tlu- latter |il;uc two vea.vs, 
and studied law meauwhile with Nathan Dane. foun!ier<;f tlie Harv. law professo*r.>lii]x 
Invited by Washington to join his family as a private teacher, but declined. Prae. law 
in Beverly, afterv.-ards in Salem: rep. that town in Mass. J-eg., afterwards <enator of 
Essex Co. In 1^05 oft'ered and declined a seat on tke bench of tlie Supreme court of 
Mass., -and again in 1S13. In ISOl), to relieve lumself of a part of his business, rem. to 
Boston; served several years as one of tlie governor's council. In 1>^14 appointed dele- 
gate to tlie Hartford convention. In 1S18 appointetl Judge (d' Courr of C'omninn Pleas 
for Suflolk Co., bur resigned n<'\-t ye,\r. In 1820 a delegate to the ron\ eution for revising 
tlie co)istituti.>u of Mass. LL.I). fronr Harv. 182-1, and from Dart. Col.; meni. of the 
American Academy of Arts and Sciences: d. in B<.st.)n Dee. s, 1844, a. 8"-?. I>ain;-1 Web- 
ster ann<nincing his dee. to the Supreme court, tiieu sitting in B(jston, ^aid: ■•.\i ihe 
moment of his retirement from th.e bar of Mass., he stood at its liead for le^-al learnin>;- 
and acquirentents;'" m. Dec. 18, 1793, Cathariiu' Creen, dau. of 4'iionuis Ilickling. and 
had seven cluL, of whom four d. in infancy. 

I. WUliam Ilickling Prescott, b. Salein, Mass., May 4, 179G; d. of p.iralv.-,is, in 
Boston, Jan. 28, lx')')\ Harv. Col. 1814. In his last year at col. while in the dining hall 
a clas-^mate playfully threw at him a erust of luead, which .struck one of his eves and 
deprived it almost totally of sight. Excessive use of the other eye in studv so injured it 
us to ])revent reading for several yeais. Subsequently it iniju-oved and he wa^ enabled 
to use it many lioursof the day; bt;t during the latter })art of his life he ruirld read onlv 
a few motnents at a time, and could hardly see to \vrite at all. I'nder these circutu- 
stances his great historu-al works were composed. VirdittOnd iiud LmhcUn, 3 vols., 1.''37. 
translated into Cierman, French and SinuHsh; lH^tDry "f Jff.vtro, '3 vols., 8 vo, l'<47, 
London arid New York: Ilixtuiy of PltiUii II, 3 vols. , 8 vi^ He also wrote brief memoirs 
of his friends, John Pickering and .Vbbott Lawrence, arid a .series of es.-ays, jiub, in the 
Xorth Aiiii-riian R-yeieir, compiising the chief fruits. id' his studies in F.reuch and Italian 
Literature, on -V'/'i-'rf, Ita'inn Xiirratir.c Pottry, Poftry and Roiu'Dtre of the Italians, 
and others on kindred topics. These were republish.ed in London and New York, in a 
volume of miscellanies, which have passed througli several editions. He was elected a 
corresponding member of the J^oyal Academy of Hi-;tory at Madrid, and a member of 
nearly all the principal learned bodies in Europe, and in Lsl.l he was made a corre- 
S])onding membiu- of the Institute of France. In person he was tall and slender, with a 
fresh and florid complexion, and lively and graceful manners. "His personal appear- 
ance," says Mr. Bancroft, •' was singularly pleasing, and won for liim everywhere in 
advance a welcome and favor. His countenance had something that brouuht to mind 
the 'beautiful disdain" that lowers on that of Apollo. But while he was high-spirited, 
he was tender and gentle and humane. His voice was like music, and one could i\ever 
hear enough of it. His cheerfulness reached and animated all about him. He could 
indulge in playfulness and could also speak earn> stly and ])rofouiully; but he knew not 
how to be ungracious or pedantic." He m. May 4, 182U, (his birtli-day) Susan, dau. of 
Thomas C. and Harriet (Liu/.ec") Amory. 1, C.vth.vki.vk, b. Sept. 23,' 1824: d. l'\-b. 1, 

♦Harriet was duu. of Capt. Lin/eeof the British X.-\vy, who, at the battle of P.Linker Hill and burr.insj 
of Chcirlcbtown, con-imanded the BrUish Sloop of War •' Falcon,'' which lay in Charles River and bom- 
barded the troops u.TJer Ce! Prt-icott on Hunker Hi!!. The sword \\l-.ich Capt. I.inzce wore on that 
occasion descencifd in hi^ •.imi!v to his erar;ddau{;:i'.er, and on her m. to W'm. H. I'.rcscott it cair.t; into 
his p<^ssession. The sword which Col. Prescott wore at Banker Hill also descended to his prandson, and 
thus the two swords met at last in peace, and were kept cr^^ssed over t!ie h^oks in Mr. Prescjti's library, 
untU his death, and then they were transferred by his will to tlie Mass. Hist. Soc, to be kept in the same 
relative position . 


1820. 2, Wii.i.iAM Gakdxek. b. Jan. 27, IsOG: Harv. Col. 1S44; m. Nov. 6. ISol. 
Aimusia, dau. of Jo-eph A. Pcabody, Estj., of Salem. Mass. '6. Ei.iZADETif, b. Julv 27, 
1.S2S; in. Maixli Ki, IS.VJ. James, s. of liun. Abbott Eawrciice, b. Dec. (j, 1N21. 4. NVm! 
Amory, b. .Ian. 2.'). 1830. 

11. rathariiie Klizabeth. b. Nov. 12, 119D: m. Fiauklin, .s. of Hon. Samuel ]")t>xter, 
lawyer and .statesman, b. 171)1!: Harv. Col. 1S12; d. Ib57. 

ill. Kdu;ird (jordon. 1). Jan. 2, 1^01: Col. of Mil. In 18-J7 liecame a mini.ster of 
the Eiii-S. elili.; d. .v. /. April 11. ISil, on a voyage to the Azore.-?. and bu. at sea; m. 


■\va''; educated at Ciunbiid^e, Eng., and was a gr. son of John Rogers, the junrtvr." 
wife was a dau. of Hob. -it C'rane of (ireat Cogshall, Eng. Simoi Tnttle rem. to Li 
ton, .^l;ls<., 172^t. wli'-re hi- d.^sr. are very numerous and the mime coniinued. 

I. Sarah, b. Oct. 11, lf>97. 

II. -Margaret, Aug. 24, IG!)!-). 

III. Eli/.ab, th. Sept. 2(1, 1700. 

IV. Nathaniel; a Nathaniel lutrle of Littleton, ni. liuth Cogswell, June 2 17G0 
V. Lury. 

VI. Simon. 

VII. Sronuel, m. ^fartha Shailuck. 

VIII. John, ni. Sarah . 

C:^7. Samr.rl Tuttlp. tn. 172'). Marrlir. dau. R-^v. H.'njamin Sh ittu.'k, fii->t ordained 
minister at Littleton, Ma><., b. Jan. 7, 1712; ance.Ntor of m'arl\ all of the luiuie now 
(It^TUliii Littliton, very common there and in the adjoiiting towns; large iamilio.s the 
)ule aiHoug iluin. PievioriS to ]':-i)(). Ill f;iniilies of tin-- name are rec. in \j. Sally 
Tuttle of Littleton m. Feb, 24, 17l';i, .bmathan Cogs\^e]l of L. 
I. Samuil. 
II. S:-pl.<-n. 

III. Susanna. 

IV. Martha, m. May 12, 17.52, Joseph Rockv.ell of 3Iiddletown, Co:in. {Mid. Rcc) 
^'. Samuel, had 2;) chil. 

VI. Sam])>o'n, b. .\ng, 2!>. 17:;8: m. Submil "^N'arren. 

Vll. William; William and Sam]ison had 2o chil., and the three brofliers, V>'ra., 
t^ami^-on and Samutd. had 4f5 in all. 
^'111. Marv. 
IX. Lue'v. 
N. Jonathan. 

0870. Sampson Tuttle, b. Aug. 29, 173S; Harv. Col, 1757; m. April 21, 1761, Submit 
AVarren, b. .March 12, 1742; d. June 7, INlo. He d. a, 77; lia-l a large fam., of v.hom 
many of the disc, res. in Salem, .Mass. 

1. Sami>.-on. b. .\pri! Ill, 17t;:i; ni. Sarah Fletcher. 

IL Jacob, rem. from Littleton, Mass., to Antrim, N. II. Hewasljyrs. Moderator, 
3 yrs. 'ro\vn <;i. ik, ir> yi-. Ivepres.-ntative, State Senator, Councillor and Presidential 
Klectcu-. und sonu- time .ludire of the Court of Common I'leas; d. Aug. 20, 1S48; ni. 
Betsoy, dau. of Lnac an<l Elizabeth Cumnnui^-sof Wcstf<u-d, , b. May 2.">, 1778. 1, 
Bktskv, b. Junr- i;;. UDG: 2, Ja( or,, b. Fei).' 4, 17i)S; :J, Nancy, I.. Jan. 17, 1800; all d. 
in Sept., iM)il. 4, lb.TM;v. b. July 13, 1N»1. T). NANev. h. \\h\\ U, ISrc;!. (i, St j;mit. 
1). Ai)ri! 21, iNtl."). 7, I.i ri.rr.v, b" March 1, l.St7. S. Lor;-t;, b. June LJ, Isnii, m. 
Andrew C. Co.-liran. m, ivl,,. ..t" Hanco.-k, .\'. H.; d. .la/i., ISli). 9, LvuiA, b. June 1, 
1811; in. Ibiiry liiitbii ,,r Antrim. ]n. .I\mk- .M., b. .fulv W. ISLL m. Han.nah Shedd 
of ni;i>b,,!n, N. II. 11. Si -AX. 1,. Jul.. IL lsi.-»: m. Ilrnrv 1 >. Pierce of llillsboro (s. of 
}b)n. r.-ij. I'i.-r.,'. (Jov. ..f N. H.. ami bio. of l^aid^ Pi.Mv, Pros, of U. S) 1. O/. 
/>/////.-.>! llili-lvu-o. VI. llAitciKT. h. An;'. ;;, |-^17: m. 1). W. (iri)ne^, of Cauibridg.^, 
Mass. 13. l>A.\e CrM.Mi.N.,-.. I,. Sfj.i, 11, 152'); n,. Louisa Lov,-; res, Pocoline, 111. LK 
Mai:v Iv, i>. y\::y b-|, is-v); ,,1. Sli-'dil of Atitrim. 

II). Jr-si-. lo. Tiib.iiy, a gr. aunt ol TiiVmv. ili,. j^-w.-I-.t .d' X. V, C. 1, Ji-.ssi: 

Ba1!I{. of CoiK-ovd. \'. H.: b-arnod ]>rinl.T's bu-ii i-"s of \\r. 11.,;! and bou^rbt ihe AV//; 

Kinj'.th'l (hiz.'.t': 111 . 1,^ih ThJ'.i nu ,\i:x-i res. in Cali forma -J T vrs.; ha.- bro. liv. 

in .'araai<-a Plain. Ma<s, 


r,:)70l. Siunpson Tattle, h. Littleton, April 10, ITH.""); rem. to Hanro.-k X II ]7S3- 

d. May 24, ISry,, a. 91; m. Fob. 24. US'.). Sarjih Fl.irher of We.stfurd Mass " ^ ' 

I. SaTi.].S(iii, b. May 10, 1790; d. Feb. 10, is.-jT: ni. Mnv ;30, 1820 Marv Me \lli-^ter 

of Antrun, N. H. 1. Hokatiu. 2, M.viJY. 3. .TON.\Tif.\xF'. S. 4, L'L-(r.TT\ m Ju<- 

]ier Tenney ol Vt. 1, Clar',s'l. 2, MuriiA. o, Sali.y Ann. 

_ II. S:irah,l). IVc. 17. 179:^; d. Aprif i:j, 1^77, a. 84: m. Mav 10. 1821, Reuben 
V. aslibiiru of Ppterboro. 1, (Jeouoe, m. Abbv Cheni'-v. 1. Fnnik S 2 Fi;\xkiix 
3, Sakah. 4, Mai;v. o, Sampson, m. Sarah C. Clarke. 1, AV-crt IL '2 7 /--(V C 
y. AhiUK T. fj, Lkonaki). 111. Sarah Wood. 1. JS'Mie. 2, Alio: M. 7 Hicmlv ni 
Olive . 8, Anna, 111. Milo P. Ifolnies. 1, Ut-nn/. 9, ILvinnKi. 

III. Keinington, b. Auii. 2-"), 1797; ni. April 30, 1829, Luoinda Hartw, 11 of Ililhl.oro 
X. H. 1, IJi-Ki-s. 2, Hknkv. m. Sarah C. Kimball. 1, A'!/,, L 2 <7, v; (;,.xlo>/,' 
;3, Abi(;ail, la. Joliu H. Felch. 1, Kufie L. 2. K'/^/'ir. ;i J/'C/,//r. 4, Otis m \lice 
\\ . Baldwin; (2) Xellie J. Baldwin. /, In- 2(1 m.: 1, Mnrris II. 2 ilir.^ ]f .j 
IlAltTWKl.l.. ui. Harriet Dowling. 1, ITomrr R. 2. liii'tph. ' "' ' * " ' 

IV. Anna. b. Oct. 17, 1799.— rty'/.a'cc/ hu Man; and S':Uy Ann Tul'h of TLn.'rork 
3 ( iC ]}antp!fl((ri:. 

0377. Willi;ini Tuule, had a large faui. in Litthton, Mas.s., of whom: 

03771. Jo.^ei)h Tattle, b. Sterlinsr, Mass.; m. .Mehital>le Cijas.-; i. -i dau.-, 1 s 

I. Dan., m. Pannester of llolden, ?*Ia>.s. 

II. Dan,, m. Kendall 01 Sterling-. Mass. 1, llKNtAX. 2, JosKi'UUs. 3, Pw. 

]n. James Carter Kittredsre, hro. of Gratia: res. Clinton, Mass ; had large fam. of \\honi: 
1. Gtooje Fvrdgcc Kiitrtd<ji:, re.s, Adrian, .Mich. 

III. Dan., ni. Stearn.s of Lanrasier, .Afass. ; rem. to AV., X. Y. 

IV. Sarah, ni. Philip Brown a mnsieiaii of X. Y. C. ; S"v. chil. 
V. Peter, b. 17^1: 1,;; (^racc Kiftr''(U;c. 

637715. Peter Tattle, ]). Prineetnn, Mass., 17S1: d. in Hanover, X'. II.. March 13 1.^28- 

a. 47; stad. ined. with Dr. James Carter of Leominstei-, Mass.; o-rad. Hanover Med' Coll' 
rem. to Hanover about 180(1, and I'rarticed and lectured th.-re. His memorv is still held 
in e.-;teem in II. He m. Grace, dan. of Dr. Stephen and Mehitable Kn.Wll Kittved-^-e 
Avho d. in Milford X. H., March 8. 1879 i.: ^ ' 

I. Eujeline, b. Sept. 12, 1ni)<); ,u. Caj.t. ^\ m. ],y,y. res. Plea.^ant Vallev or ViHe 
\\ is. 1, Cji.\ki.otte. b. 1835: m. Geo. Steele, s. of ex (Jov. Steele of X H ■pe'eiboro- 
res. Pleasant Valley, Wise. 2, Ltzzik, b. Sept. 1].]S52: m. Jnne l ]s7-i Robert f' 
Miller, res. St. Paal, Minn. 1. W„t. iJar^riu, h. Sept. 15, ]S7i;. 

n. Erasmns Darwin, Fe!>. 12, 1812; d. Jnlv 2, 1834 at Trov, X. Y..njevcht m 
lbo3, Charlotte Locke \\ hitcomb, dau (d' John NVhitc'omb of Hancock, X. 11 Jolni 
U hitcomb was the first Postmaster in Hancock apjit. ISOO. till d. His wf %\ as cinilottr' 
Locke of Fitchlnirg, Ma.-^s,, a or. dau. of ]?ev. Samuel Lo.'ke D.J).. Prest. IL:rv ('.,11 
1-70-73. ADoi.fuus Daj'.wix, b. 1834: res. Hancock, merclu. succeeded his ^t fathe:- 
\\ hitcomb as Postmaster of H. on the d. of the latter, two Postmasters in 70 vear^ He 
m. Lucy M., dau. of Rev. A. Bigelow of Hancock. 1, Charl,'s Whitcomh, now 'lSs2 stud 
at Bowdoin Coll. ■ - ' 

HI Geo. Fordyce. b. Dec. 27, 1814; ])ad but three months in.-^truction at the com- 
mon school, and when his f. d. was th.rown on his own resources for a living. He is ;i 
man of talent and with a good education, could have taken a liigh j.lace. He has fill.ii 
some town oflices every year for 20 years past. Is now notarv ].uhlic fur ^^'indsor Co., 
\t.,aud has practiced several years in justice's courts. Is often called u])on to speak 
at Fairs. In 1.882 he visited Hanover, X. II. and was at a.fam. gatherinir of the Simonds 
Hethen delivered a lecture before the Grange; subject. The P n'-hidoric Jinrc of Amcri.-.i . 
It IS over 30 years since he has seen any of liis Ijrothers or si.srers; farmer; res. So 
Reading, \i. He communicated this reeo'rd of Wm. Tattle's desc. ; in. .March' 23 1.^4-1 
Loui'<a Delano of Boston, .Mass. /. 1, Gi:o Krni{i;u*;K, b. Dec. 10 1843- d Sei)! '^o' IS-i.^' 
IV. Chas. Bell, b. May 9. 1819: d. .Milfonl. X. H. D( e. K;, is80; held man v otlices' 
o years Pustma-iter of Andier.Vt. Co. seat of Hil!>bon. Co.. X. 11. Town t'ler'k Sec 
Hillsl)o;o Co. .Mutual Fire Ins. Co. Register of Det ds for Ilillsi^oro Co. 3 v.^ars. Sherit: 
of the Co. 1 ye;..r. Asst. .\sses.sor C S. Rev. S.-rvice 10 vears ••well known and mu. h 
beloved in X. Hamp." He left Gen. iiapers of the Kittredsre fam. in MiifVMd- m Lvdia 
Ann Cleves of Mr. Vernon, X. H: (2) Sept. 4. 1807 Cornelia^H. dau. of Leonard' and Vlarv 
1. Diekev C],.se of Milford, X. H.; L by 1st m. 1. Cathekixi: A., m. Frank \V. Cluoe 
ot .M. lialt bro. of Cornelia K. /. 1, LonmrO (;,.;-l,,n. h. Feb, l.".. ls;s. 2. K''itl, 'J'uf", h 
Marcli 30, 1^8i. /. by 2d m : 2, >Kiin-i)X CiiasK, b. June 29, Lsr5. 3, LEux.Ui;. M -.snx 

b. .\n-. 30, 1877. 4, Donald Dickkv, b, \x\rr, 2\K 1879. 

xl joiix TUTTLE OF ii'swrcir. 

I V. (Jratisi, b. Feb. 20, 18i?0; d. Md. Ih-r. 5, 1S(),S: ni. <iilmaii Wh-elci-, of Mil. 

morcht. 1 o. 1, K.VTIK, in. Win. U. Oicutt, lawyer, re.s. Arlin^i^toii, Mu.'^.s. 
! VI. Pipnticc Kittrcdcre; b. Nov l:^, IS-^I; sorved in I'nion army fiom Jiilv ;30. ISOl 

I to July 30, 18')4; liis l:ro. (feo. F. 'i'ultlc, iliiid-.s lie lield a coinniission, but is not sure; 

I m. Miirch o, bS-lG. >rari;i I-. Dennis f>l' Ibm., N. H. wlio d. May 8, ]^<i!7; (•-?) Aug-usta A.' 

I lieddinirioaof Keokuk, Ii>\va; 1). (ib-ns Falls, X. Y.; res. Hamilton, 111. 1, Jessk, b. .inly 

[ 7, l.S()0. 5, M.VKiA Lorrs.-v, b. April 21, Ibfu. i. I'y X.M ni.: o, (ixxrix, b. Jan. 2), is')',}, 

!• -1, Katk Aixa-sT.v, Mav 7, lS7i. 

I VII. AVui. Cullen, b. May 1?., IS-Mk r.^s. Corv/in^ville, rjearficld Co., Pa.: m. Nov. 

o, 1S46, Curoftne Laws of Peterboro. X. H., who d. .i\ i. Ucl 11, ly.lO; (2) Ellen Lan-lev, 
I 1 c. 1, M.\UY Jank, b, Sei)t. n, lSij-1 


j Go7.10. Jothani Tuttleof ^Varo, X'. Ilanip., said to have emifrrated from Conn.; chil.: 

! " I. Stephen, b. M a rcdi 10, 177-2; lu. Sarah Holt. 

II. Sinioi;, in. and had s. Jesse: d. in Boston about ISHO, anil Simon jr., now.. 

• ' 1871: livino; in Fitehlturg-, Mass., and lias de-,eendants living in East Uo'^iou. 
|- III. Joihani, settled in Boscawen. X'. H. 

;. IV. 'rimotiiy, settled in Tunljridye, Vt. 

i V. Samuel. 

■ \'I. Jicnjaiiiin. 

j VI 1. Ohve. 

I Go7.10. Stephen Tuttle, b. March 10. 177v.'; rcm.l^tn We-tern, Vt., 180:^; m. Sarah, 

dau. of KetiluMi Holt of Amiierst. X. II., b. Xov. 1!;, 177-3: <1. Oet. '20, l8ol. 

I. Sarah, 1). June 10, 171(9; in. Chailee. 

IT. Eb:-ne-/.er Holt, b. June 21, ISOO; u,. B,;tsev Sherwin. 
j HI. Stephen, b. .Vu.a-. -2-, Isoi. 

j IV. Ueubrn, b, ()i:t. ;>1. 1^06; unni. ; res. V\'estern Vermont, 

j V. Sally. July 11, isos; ,1. Miuvh ]:», ].s;j-J; 

: VI. I'liliv, mav 22, l-SlO; num.: re-. Sanficrove. 

I VII. Cvriis, Aiitr. lo, 1^13; re.-. Wenham. Mass. 

I VIII. Lnnruy, Sej.t. 2r), 1S14: m. James Ihiskell; res. Salem, Mass. 


! 0-27.10. Fb..iuzer Holt Tuttle. 1). Jane 22. ISOO. '- T'nele Ben;" m. X..v. 1820. Betsey, 

; dau. of Jonathan Sherwin of Landprrn-e. Vt,, b. Dec. 1:!, 1797: d. 0<t. 20 1n?>0: (2^ Mav 

r lo, lS-11, H:uw,ah, dau. nf Jolm Fe'lton of S.. b, OrA. 9, 1809. He is afarmerand ium' f'r 

??■ miller in Peru. Yx. ; i. 

' I. Marcia M., b. Xnv. 11, .1821; d. Ant;-. 7. 1847. 

■• II. Amanda P., b. Jan. o, ls2t;: d. Julv 8, 182S, 

HI. Krs'ali, b. IK, 1827; d. Jan. 12, IsO,-,. 
IV. BoMiia, b. 19, 1-.2S; d. Jan. 12, lN4r. 

\\ Win. F,., b. Dec. in, 1800; m-. Jan. 1, 18Vi, .Marv Jane, dau. of Ephraim Haz- 
! eltincMd' \V, ;t.>n. Vt., b. Xov. 11, 1804: L Mauy K., b. Sept. 7, 18.">S. 

j VI. Sarali Jane, b. June 14, 1802: d. Mav 2, 1870. 

VII. Warien. b. Sept. 19, ISOO: d. Feb. -20, 1804. 

VIII. Chavh-s W.. b. Feb. 9, ISOo; in. Sept. 11, 1S.~>7. Maria X. Pdoo.l, b. Xov. 2.^, 
18-10. 1, hiViNG, b. Sept. 24, 1802; d. Feb. 9, 1805. 2, Evekktt W., b. April 28, 1S07. 
IX. (i.'tnirc, b. 1807: d. Julv 2, 1808. 

X. Betsey, b. Oct. 20, 1S;<9"; m. Aw::. 28, 18.)8, Alien, s. of Moodv Eoby of Peru, 
Vt., b Dec. 1. is;;s. l, Minme, b. May 4, 1800. 2. I.XA Bki.l, b. Sept, 7, 1803; d. 
! Ajiril 12, isOI. :;, 11i;ni;y C, b. Julv 0, isos. ^ bv2dm.: 

( XI, .Marv M., b, Srpt. -..'. ],S42; d. Feb. 19. lsV,2. 

I XII. AOI.e- F., b, D.'c. 0, 1840: m. Edward, s. of Fdward Burnap of Ludlow, Vt., 

I ' b. April :;i>. 1-:',} 1. Waltku, h. Julv 8, 1S04. 2, Auriiiri;, b. Xov. 25, 180.3. 

i Xill. L;;cv II., !), April 28. 1840. 

j XIV. l.uthrr .M., b. Aug. 4, 1848. 

I XV, Ihuma M., b. Xov. 28, 18.-iO. 

i XVI. I !.■!..■ .M., b. Feb. 22. 18V2: m. X(n-. 10, 1809, Egbert, s. of T.-^aac Davis of Sand- 

j gr..v.-: b. Xov. 29, IS Pi. 



I James or John Tuttle, sup. of Dover, X. H., fam. was a Rev. .soldier; had brother 

• SlfiJien and Niius: 

! I. James. 




II. John, 1). nt Aiuhrrst, X. II.; 17TT, <1. 1S4;>: set. in Jt)linsonsl.iiri;-. W'voniin^-- 
Co., N. Y.; i: 1, Joirx, n-s. Ik'rliii, OiiawaCo., .Midi. H. Lvmax. ;J, K.\n-,'<om. 4 
HlR.\:^r, res. Caunon-<bu;-ij-. Kout Co., Mirh. .5, On.\N(;K H. 
III. Jotliuiu, .set. ut v"^cickL'tt"s Harbor, after war of ISIO. 

Siiuoti Tuitle, an oltl man in l^-GO. was living in Lincoln, X. H., fanner and tavern 
kr'fi>or. He wa.s from Littleton, Mass. 

03^^. John Tnttlp, ni. Sarali ■. 

I. Sarah, b. Aul'. '2(>, 1741; d. num. 
II. John, b. Jnly :^>0, 174:J: in. May •:, 177?,. Elizaberli Leiijhton. 

HI. Kli/.abetli, b. Feb. M, 174o; ni. WooiL ('J) Juhii Law; (;5) Gates of minster, i. hy 1st ni.: 1, Lois \^'()(lD, d. a. 15. {. liy "Jd m. • '2, Ei.izaketh 

L.A.T.-, ni. Dres.ser. 3, S.\i!-\ir Law, m. Hivoll. /. bv )k\ m.': 4 Olive 

Gatks. • " 

IV. Annis, b. Mairu l^. 1747: <1. Xov. 19, 17r.O, 
V. Mary. b. May •,'. 1741); .1. ^ept. \->. 17.->:i. 

\'\. Jonathan, b. Sept. :;il, 175:i; in. Aiii,'. fi, 17S1, (.'atliarine Gray. 
A'll. Mary, b. Au-. '^'L 17o-"5: in. Fel). iS, 17S-J. Henry Davis. 
VIII. Martha, b. Xov. 4. 17j7: m. Lieut. Bobbins, and d. a. S2. 
l.V. Aiii'is, b. Aug. 1."), 17(31; m. Francis Whife of Concord, >ra.';s., and had y sons 
and (j fl;ias. 

X- Jedidiali. May 20. 1~,{><: m. Lydia, only dan. of Col. John Porter, lie was at 
last div(i!-<-ed from his \vif<-, and d. a. abt. sO. 

XL Hurotliy, Muroli 2, 1771: m. lai" in life, Eliis, who d. s. i. She d. a. 70, 

at Potsdam, X. V., at lu.'.is.^ ^.f u dian, ol jier sis. Annis. 

Q-l>-2. John 'I'little, b. Juh" oO, 17L:'.; m. .Mav 2, 1773, Eli:^abeth Leighton b Ports- 
mouth. X. 11., Mareh •.?(;, 17.";:i: 13 chiL 

1. John Leighton. b. Feb. ]'_K 1774; Ha.rv. <^;r.l. 171i(J: Jn.'tieo and lav/yer at i'tmcnrd. 
Mass.; Postmaster tii Littleton, ^las-. ; Ci-nnty Treasurer and Siate St-natdr: ai)]ir,inted! 
1S1"2, Lieut. Col. Commandant 9tli IJe^'t. Coin, inf.: made a.ll haste with his ci^niuia.nil, 
yet was a litrle too late to ]>artieipate in the battle of Saclceit'.^ Harb<.r; aii|'oin;ed L-Jrii,'-- 
ado Paviuaster, and d. at NVaiertown. X. \., July 'Jo, IsJo, under very suspiei.jus cir- 
cunistauees, soon after receiving a large sum of <iov. money; sup[josed poj.soiied for tii" 
purpose of robbery by a woman at whose house ]'.e convalescing from a seven- sic !v- 
ness. She was arrested, but during her examin.ation escajied from her guards, nishi-d 
to the river, threw herself in and was drowned.- — Iloiiijliif His!, "f Jcjf't ri'^'H Co 
II. Abel, JulvT, 177.-,. 

HI. Sila< b. March 3, 1777; d. S. pt. 18. 177S. 

IV. Ah'd b. Oct. 20. 177^; d a. I(i. 

V. Elizabeth Cbirham. b. ]7^0: m. Jotliam Hunt; ehil. 1, Sxir.T, Boitx. 2^ 
Emz.Mnyiif A.\.\ Hint. b. Aug. 1. ISO';; d. Jan., 1S71>; m. Xov. 26, 1833, Setii Chaii'- 
dler Sherman, r.-m. to (^Uiincey, 111., and d. three days after her husband; .j cliil., ot 
whom 2 snrv. 1, Ff rdihund, res. Umaha., Xeb.; has large fam. 2, .'<i/K(tnn(i. wid. of 
Jeptha Dudley; lias 3 chil. 3, TlTTJ.K IIuxT, num.; res. Quincey, 111. 4. Tiro.MAS 
GuF.iiX FKssKxni:x lUxx, m. but d. s. i. o, Sis.vy PIrxT, d. iinni.' 

VI. Sarah, b. March 4, 178-2; d. at d'roveland, Mass.. Nov. 9, 1877, in tin- OGth vr. 
of her a. "When I knev,- Miss Tuttle ami Mrs. Fessenden they were at tlie home" of 
their niece, Mrs. Bullard (l8fi2-3) in Andnver, .Mass. Miss Tuttle" was abtntt 80, her sis. 
nearly as old; both well educated and cultured hidi'-s. and Miss Tuttle had a verv su])er- 
ior mind. She had written a number of successful Sunday scdiool Ixioks, and was still 
jiroseciiting her literary work, v/riting fur the press. She was so bright and interesting 
in conversation tiiat students often sought her S!)ciety. Mrs. Fessenden was less intei-"- 
esiing and less gifted, Init both were very good women, though exceedingly unlike in all 
their characteristics: Miss Tuttle was fat, lively, cheerful and talkative, and a Congre- 
gationalist; .Mrs. F. was thin, solemn, sedaie and reserved, and a devout Ei)iscoi)aliaii " 
— -I. L. Purl.: 

VII. Andrew, X-n-. 20. 17S3; d. Mandi, 31, 1784. 

VIIL Lydia. .Inne 4. 17^.1; d. .v. i. at Wayhind, Mass., A]iril 14, 180(3. a. 81; m. Sept. 
o. 1^13, Thomas Green Fessenden. jiiict and agrieulMi'.al writer, b. W'alpole, X. IL. April 
22. 1771; d. hioston, Xov. I], 1S37: Dart. Cd. ITDO, stud, law, but the i>..puhuity of a 
little poem, Jomdhnu's Coitrt.'ihip. led him to thf pniwuir of literature. In London. Eng., 
18I'3, he pub. a poem, Turribk Tn'.rf'jration, ■ a satire of the Medical Profe; sivjii. "lu 


18i)4 setilfd ill Boston ami I),_inocva,-}i VniuUril, a saliro in vov.-m', mid other similar 

])i("Cf"S: edited Wtddij ln--<]M rt^r in N. Y. 2 yrs. Pnic. ]:nv in Bellows l'\ills 2 yrs., 1S12- 

rem. to Brattldboro, Vi., ISlo, and ])ul). The Rrp,rrtn\ a political journal, and edit. The 

B. F. r, lSl()--22. From \H-22 till d. pub. at Bo^, The JVew Enqimd 

Farnor, a we<'kly a-Ticultuial journal of i,n-eat value. He also i)ul). variou.s treatises on 

ni-ricultnr.-il sul)je.-ts and edit--d a JLn-tieu'lt'i ra! ]lf fjisfer. His other writinirs are: The 

La(ltr.'<' Jfjni[,>r, ]SIS: L-ncs ,>f Patent^, ISO"'; Am. ^Flks Con.pared. l^lo.— Brake .-< Ihon 

Diet. ' - J- 

IX. Anna, h. July 20, 17ST: d. 1S-3S: in. Oct. 20, l.'^06. Samuel .Tones, Escj 1 -\n\.\ 

TrTTLK. b. Jan. ;-Ji. liiOS; m. June 2, Is2y. liev. Artemas Bullard: 7 ehil., (.f whom 

only one surv. (1880K 1. Her. Ile/tr// Jiullurd, b. Sept. 23, ]s;5t); now, 1880, of St. 

Josephs, Mn.: in. Aui<-. 30, 1870, Helen Maria Nelson; 2 chih. from whoui Hon.' Hiland 

Hall obtained much infonnatioa about fani. of Jolm and Eli/.abrth Leiirhton Tuttle; 3 

chil. 1, Anna Leitrhton, b. Feb. 10, 1873; d. Julv 10, ^m vr 2 wZ.i'n Nelson b 

Nov. U), \S1\. 3, Alice, b. Oct. 4. 1870. " " ' ' ' 

X. Andrew, Feb. 4, 178;:): d. .Mav 27, 1790. 2, Susanna, h J.v\ \o 1810- 

a. Dec. 27, 1815. . , . , 

X[. Susanna, May 27, 1700; d. Oct. lo, 1701. 

XII. Susanna, b. Oct. 18, 17.H; d. a. 10, 

Xlll. Phtnice, July 20. 17!) J, d. in childbirth, June 24, 1S24; m. July lo, 1819, l{ev. 

Gardner B. Perry, i. SAi'.Air C'AMi'r.Ki.i.. Sept. 2, 1821; in. Peter Parker and liad 8 

chil.,,of Axlioin 2 are ni. 2, Pjikhi:, Jan., 1823; in. her cous.. Alvah B. Perrv. and d. 

soon after birth of her dau. 1. Clir'i. who m. Geo. Griffin of Phila., and has dan' Ethel. 

3. E!.i7,Alu:rn Ldiohtun, June 4, 1824; m. Burton K. Merrill ..f Groveland, Mass., .«. i. 

G38G. Jonathan Tattle, b. in Lit., Mass.. Sept. 30, 1753: scd. in Ih-v. Army; rem. 

abt. 1807 to LandalT. Grafton (.'<... .\. H.; m. Au.^^ G, 17M, Catharine Grav ofSa'cm 

Mass.. Sept. 1802. Chil. b. at Lit. " ' ' ' 

1 Jonathan, h. Nov. 10, 17:!>2; d. .v. i. in Lynn. Mass., abt. 1840; tauL-^ht scliool 

most of Ills life id New Brdford and Lvnn. 

IL Amos Hanlin, b. Oct. 21 17S4; d. Auir. 13, 1701. 

III. Catharine, b. \\v^. 9, 178(3; m. Edward C. Bead, who d. s. ;'., 18o0; widow 
livinLr abt. ],S70, in the fam. of Deii. Tuttle at Littleton. 

IV. Ashel. July IG. 1788: left homea voun^' man, and never heard from 

V. Ibji-atio, Dec. 22, 1790; d. Dec. 1S42, at Barnet, Vt., while Wlv.\^. aiisent from 
h.mue for nied. treatment; learned trade of blachsmiihat Inah, X. II.; r.-m. to Littleton, 
N. H.; thence after three yrs. to Eaton, Lower Canada; returned and abt. 1829 set. in Cole 
brook, Coos Co., N. H., where lie liveil and -worked at liis trade; m. abt. 1812, Betjiv 
Thonias of Acton, Mass. 1, Joxatjian, .^pril G, 1814; d. Aug. 0.1843. 2, John Lkic.ii- 
T0.\. b. Sept. 22, ISlo; d. abt. 1838. 3. Ciiaklks MAKXrN. Feb. 'is. 18lS: M. D. : res. Lit- 
tleton, N. 11. 4, Suii;ATr:s, Nov. in, islS); brought up a bhicksmith, but wln-n 21 vear.-^of 
aire he and hard work " fell out," re<ullinii- in a lasting alienation; taught s(diool in N. J., 
1841-4; stud, law; adm. to bar in N. J., 184y. Has .^ince been prominent in N. J. poli- 
tics (Bebublicau), and twice elected nuiyor of Paterson. N. J. ."», Bktsy, Aug. 9. 1822; 
dist. for ])i.'ty; m. E. Harwood. G, \Vrii.TAM, b. May 8, 1821; machinist ;'d. at 'm\' 
house (Socrates Tuttle) Jan. 8, 18G9. 7. Hokaiio (Lvtf.s, April 22, 1827; destin'v 

unknown. 8, Catiiakine GiiAV, twin with H. G.; m. Nelson, a teacher at Sprin"-' 

Vall.y, Orange Co., N. Y. 0, Maiiv, Aug. 23, ].s:jU; m. J. dm Sargent; res. LitHetoni 

VI. Amos Hardin. Auir. 10, 1702. 
VII. Edward. .May 27, 1704. 

A'lH. Socrates, Nov. 2, 170G: .Nf. 1)., prac. in Barnet, Vt. ; m. 1, MaFvY, d. in 
youtli. 2, LoriiA. m. Frank- Eastnuie,, mendiant of Littleton, N. II. 

LV. William, Jan, 3. 17;*';); re>. many years at Ann Arbor, .Mich; rem, to Kansas: 

m. ; st.'V. cliil. 1. , htwver. 2, , dnrtor: 

X. SiM-ah, ^daroh S. IsOL I.Dai.' 

XL J. din, Feb. s, 1s!j7; m. , and d.. at W'etmore, Lake Co., Mich b a vilify wid 

and cl'ildren.— 7/>/(. SjrratLS. Tuttle. P,il, r--< >n. y. J. ■ ""' 

6387. Mary Tllttlo, b. Aug. 24, \:oo: d. at Grafton. Vt.. April 12, \^i[). a, 04; 
m. F.!). 12, ]:>2, Ib'ury, s. nf Beiijami!-! Davi.-, of (ir.iton. Mass, b Oct 17 17.")S- (i at" 
<.rat;nn, Feb. it, ]v^42, a. s4; s(d. of the Brv., and was with Stark at Bunker liilL " behind 
the rad fence;" 10 (diil., of whom: 


■1 /r- 

/A.^.r/ y^r.,^ 



63871. Dolly Tlittle Davis, b. Maroli 2, \:ii2: d. Jau. 8. INTO. a. 87. She was 
10111:11 kiible f.'.r aiiiial/ility, irood, strong sense, and the doniestir viitiic-.s; 7n. in Roclviiig- 
liaui, W., lliiand Hall,"'- b. Bennington, Vt., July 2i>, ITD-J. Spent liis boyhood on his 
father'.^ farm. .Admitted to tlie bar, 1819; Rep. in Vt. Leg., 18"27; State's Attorney sev. 
vrs. ; Mem. Cong. 1833 to 1843: Rank Commissioner, 1843 to 184t); four yeary Judge 
Supreme Court of Vt. In ls.")0 Second Comptroller I'. S. Treasury; Land Commissioner 
for California, 18.')1-1; (inv. of Vermont, 18-")0-G0; ]'>elegate to Peace Cougtcss, Feb., 
ISCl. Auilior of i//,vr.j/7/ (/ Vrr,/i'>r,f, ^ vo., 18(!8; LL.D. Utiiv. of Vt., LSoO; res. No. 
Bennington; 17 gr. chiL, 18 gt. gr. 

l."" Marsliall Carter. b.^March 7, 18-20; m. at Arlington, A])ril 20, 1844, Sopliia 
Baker Demi 111;, b. Arl., Feb. 27, 1820; he d. June In. 18^1. 1, Fk.xncks IlKT,ii.v, b. 
Dec. 20. 1^41; ni. Nov. 12, 1867, Jonas S. ileiirtt of Troy, N. Y. He has au iron car 
-wheel foundry at Trov. 1. Gracr, Sept. 20, 1868; d. Julv 5, 18*">9. 2. JonasV., Mav 27. 
1870. 3. fyiinc-.'^ Hkl, b. .March 30, 1S74. 2, S.VMtki, Baker, b. Feb. 17, 1840; 
■cashier of the North Bennington (Vt.) Bank (National): m. Oct. 30, 1870. Sarah I'^ay, dau. 
of (leo. \V. Robinson, b. (Jet. fi l.s45, ;it B. 1, Urm'n'j, h. Se]>t. 3, 1871. 2, ll<''hiu»oi] , 
April 30. 1873. 3. Fmwrs, b. Novr 27, 1877; d. June 11. 1879. SiniHclCdrUr, b. 
March 10, 1881. 3, Soi'iii.v Di:min(;, b. Avlin!j:t<m, \i., Dec. 13, 1847. 

IL F.liza Davis Hall, b. Aug. 2!i.l821; m, Nov. 29. 1842, Adin Thaver, jr,, 

merch, at Ili.usick Falls, N. Y. ; d. x. i. at Hoosick Falls, Aug. 10. 1843. He m. (2) . 

IIL Henry Davis Hall, b. May .',, 1823; has a clotlung'and .^hoe store at No. Ben- 
nington; m. .March 24. 1847. Caroline Thatcher of Ben., b. Nov. 20, 182"). 1, Ei.iz.v 
Davis, b. Jan. <3, 1848; m. Oct. 24, 18G7, Honrv T. Cuslimau. b. Ben., Mav l(j, 1844. 
Inventor and Patent Asrenr at No. ]?en.: d. Mav 3. 1877. 1, ChnrltH IMl. Nov. 1. 1870r 
•d. April ."), 1877. 2, Roheri Henry, Aug, 8, 1873; d. Aprils, 1877, 3, Arthar Cu-^ltinati,' 
July 10, 187."). 4, John Henry, June 13, 1877. f). W'm. <',irn>n, b. Sept. T), INH). 2. 
CiiAiii.KS Hiontv, b. }<larch 3, 1853; d. Dec. 11, 18."")4. 3, CAi!om.\K TiiA'i\ in:u. !•. 
March 1, l8.-)0; m. Dec. 9, 1874, Frank G. Mattison, b. Shaftsburv. Vt,. 20, 1846; 
res. Rutland; local editor of Ihitland //r/v/A/ tf- GhM . 1, Lihi Hall, Aug. 4, 187G. 2. 
Dncne Frank, Feb. 2. 1879. 3. hohcrt Ufhry, Oc\.. 12. 18>0, 4. Hilanp, b. Feb. 
28, 1801. ,T, WiT.i.iAM Cakuo(,l. b. June 7, 18'J7; d. May 23. 1S77. 

IV. Hiland Hulibard Hall, b. Jan. 19. 1825; d. s. i. "at San Franci.Mjo, Cab, Dec. 9. 
1851, of Panama fever, one week after reaching the city, via tlu- isthmus, where lie had 
remained ten days waiting for a steamer. He was at the time Clerk of the U. S. Land 
Commission; m. Sept, 19, 1>^19. Jane .\, Waters. 1). Ben. She m. (2) 1852, Benjamin 
Doro, .ind res. a: San F. 

V. Nathaniel 151aciiby Hall, b. Sept. 2, 1S2li: cdiic. a lawyer; now (1883) lieal 
Estate, Loan and Insurance Agent at Jacksmi Mich. He served as Major t/f ilie l^th 
R-r-gt, Vt. Vols., and wa.s in tlie battle of (/ettysburgh; m. Feb. 25, 1850, Martha Bost- 
wick Rouse, b at Pittsiown, N. Y., April 27, 1829. 1, Hauiuet Bostwick. b. Jan. 7, 
1N51; in. Sejic. 7, 1874, Ciiarles W, K<-mieuy. b. at Cana.^toia. N. Y.. Ja,!. 19, 1845; ].,ier;t. 
Commander F. S. N. Has served on the Pacific Coast; I'rof. of Miith. at N. Acad., 
Anna])olis; now (1880) Ist OiEcer I'. S. Stmr. Quinebaiiir, of the Mediteranean Squadron. 
His fam. at Jackson, Mich.. 1. C/unh k I'hifUps. h. 1,! June 23, 1^75. 2, Kni. ]fnU, b, 
Annap,, Nov. 21, 1876, 3. U'^brrt I.irii,rist„n, l.>. A., Feb. 22, 1878. 2, Hii,..\-M) liuii- 
baud, b. Sei.t. 9, 1852: d. A].ril 24. ls54. 3. Heni;v liors'-:, b. Sept, 15, 1879; m, 
Anna M. Brown at Jackson, April 5, iss2; she d. .March 7, 1862. 4, Dolly, .\ng. 22, 

VI. Laura Vanderspiegei Hall, b Jan. 27, 1828: d. at Brooklyn, N. Y., June 21,, 
1875; m. at Benninirton, \'t., I'ec. 15, l,vl6, Trenor \V. Park, b. Dec. s, 1823, in Wood- 

*i. John }Ia.!t, b. in Kng-., \=.^y. to Boston. 16,3; Hartfo.-d. 1636; Middletovvn, iC^o; d. there, May 
20, 1C.73; /.: lolin, Rich.T.rd, S.irih, anccitress of the Weimorcs, and S'amucl .ill b. in Kng-. 

2. Samuel Hall, b. 1-2;; d. in Mid. ic'90; m, 1662, Elizabeth, dau- of 1 Cooiv of Guilford, Conn. 
i., Saniufl, John and Thomas. 

\. Thomas Hall, b S.m-^. 25, 1^71; went with his wid iwcd mother to Guilford; m. Feb. i, i66j, 
Mary Hiland. He d. at G.. Feb. i, 175,; / 3 dans, and 3 ss., of; 

4. Hiland Hull, b. G., Scr-t. ?o, 170?: m. Rnchei. dau. of Daniel and Mary iHall) F.ijhop. a j;t. ^r. 
•dau, of W'm. Hall, who came from Kent Co , Enir., iCjq, wit'l Rev, Henry Whirtield to Guilford. .Maiy- 
Hall was dau. of John and Flizabeih (Smith) Hall. KHzab'th Smith was dau, of Geort;e and Sarah 
Smith. Hiland Hall d. in (t., June 16. i-,Si; .'. 6 ss. and 2 dai's. of whom 

5. Thomas Hall, b. G., Feb. ii, i72''';m. .-Vpril 10,, i'heb'ir Hh'.ch.ley: rem. to Woodbury, Ro.\bury 
Parish, Conn,, 175 ,. thcni.c to Dennint'tun, Vl., 177^. ;-.r.d <1. '.here, Dec. 13. 1^:2: •',: 

6. Nathaniel Hall.b. \V., Conn .March 4, r7r3: m. Oct .-, 17.J4, .-^biuail Hubbard of Norfolk:, Conn., 
b. ?>liddleto,vn. Oct. iS, 1767, dau. of Flijali of .Vl.; d. ir. f.Un;iington, March •_•). iS)6. Ked. in H., 
March 4, i?4:i; /, -i ss. gdaus., of whom • 

7. Hiland Ha'l as above,— O//.-. ('r //,";, //.'•(V«///Az//. 

Xliv JOIiX TUTTLE OF Il'SWICII., Vr.; wed. a coiuiuou .-cliool fdiK-;tfioii; stud, law and pmc. in Vt. ; r.-in to 
("ill., 18.72, aud was i>artiier with G^n. Ilalk-ck, firm of Halleck, Peadiev', BiUino-s 
sinu Park of San Francisco, which did a hi rg-f? .share of the controversial" land title 
)>u>ini'ss of the state, and in a few years lie had earned enough nionev, as a lawyer, to 
invest in real estate, miniiiir and other ventures, whicli all prove<l successful. 
, Ahont lSo(3 lu' took cliar_t;-e of the Marii)osa estate, then owned bv d'en. Fremont 

I and (v.'ntually sold it to an Eastern Co. willi a capital of ten millions. About 18GH 

1 lie returned to the East and bo'ight ii]) the first mort. lionds of the \V. Vt. K. 1?.. and 

afterwanls reoriranized it under the name of the Benning-ton and Kutland H. K. lie was 
I connected with the of the Emma Mine, and was the chief ag-ent in sellinc" it to 

ICnprlisli cajiitalists for five jiiillifms of dollars. He kept his own stock, settled with t}ie 
Enii,li->h stockholder.--, and as late a- la-t 'llianksgiving Day. said to a friend that he 
I considfued the mine worth, twice as much as he sold it for in London. Ih- was a 

I man who S])oke always with great delilierntion, and si'cmed to wei"-h his words .>are. 

j fully. \Vifh a few friends he secured a controlling i)iterest in the'^Panama \{ . \i. (jf 

I wliich he became J'res., and during the ten yrs. of "his connection with it. was tin- c'm- 

i trolling spirit, until he sold it. in ls>)l, to the DeLejseps (.'anal Co. for ai)our twentv mil- 

lions, receiving about four millions for his own share of the .stock. He d. at sea, of 
I paralysis, Dec. VS, lSS-2, on Steamship San Bias, on voyage from N. Y. to Aspjuwall. 

I He wasPres. of the No. Bennington Xat. Bank and liad a summer res. there. He was aii 

inveterate reader, tlnniirluful, unol)a-usive and of grt at nuMital force — A' }' Ti)/ir-,-^ m 
(2) May oO. lS^-,\ Ella, dan. wf A. C. Nichols of San F., Cal., b. bS-iT. i, Ei.rzv H\ll" 
b. Ben.. .\ov. 17, iS-t^: m. Auir. ^^0. b^Tl, John (f. Mc( ■ull,,ug]i, b. Newaik, Del. Sept' 
10, js;',:,- lawyer and Attorney (ieneralof Cal.iPres. Patuima'P.. ]{,; res. Bennington, Vt' 
1, JJt'n P<iri'.\ b. San F. , June 2o, 1872. 2. Kliznl,et]i L:iiir:i. b. No. Ben., Jiilv 22, l'87:3 

0, A'/iu S,ir,(/(, b. July 20. 1874. 2, L.vl-i;.\. ll.vr.i., b. Se]>t. 8, IS.lS; j... at'Xo."Bcn' Vt' 
July 27, ISsi), Frederick B. Jennings; res. N. Y. C. 1, r,rry ']1,,U.\). Mav 10 is'si' 
'6, '1'i;k,\(>h Lttiikh, b. S:'n F., Jan. 0, 1801; grad. Harv. Col., 18s:i 

VII. John Vanderspiegel Hall. b. Fob. 10, 1881; lawver; Clerk <d' the ('(mnivand 
Sniircrne Coart at Bennington: v.\. Sept. 15. 1800. Nellie Evans Lvman. 1, FLOiuLx't. 
July (i, l^CI. 2. Enw.\i;D Jniix. July lo, ISHf,. ■?,_ Adopted, " and nam'ed Cit.vKi.ES, b. A];ril 1. ]s7U; m. (2) I.ucinda P., widow of Fran<-is N. HoBev of W'aterburv 
Conn., Dec. oO, 1880: b. July lo, 18:!7. 

Vlll. Charles, b. Xov. 18. ls;j2; wln-'lesale and retail crockerv merch. at S]>rimrfield 
Mass.; m. Sept., iSoO, Jane E. Cady. b. Sept. 17, iSj;!; d. Ushkosh, Wis., Urt 2"l>^ti2' 
(2) April 10. 1804. at 1-ake Mills. Wi.s., :Miiia C. Phillips (wid. of J. F. ), b. Jvih \A, l^Ho! 

1, E\L!{\ \'.\Ni>Ki!sr'iF.OKi.. March 14, 18")X. 2, 'I'kkxoh P.vki^, June 20 fSfi.^'d b" 
April 24, 1S7U. ;j, .M.\i<Y Dknsv, ]>ec. 81, 1871. 4, Cuaklks, Aug. 12, 1874. ' 

6G. Abigail Tuttle, h. Uct. 7, 107:!; d. Sept. :!(). 17o0. a. 8;:!: m. April 27 1000 
I'hileiiion Warner, b. Ipswich, Aug. 1, 1075; d. May 0, 17-H; s. of Dani.d ai\d ' Sarah 
Ihuie \\ arner.^-' 

I. Philemon, b. Jati. 17. 1008. 
■A. Daniel, b. May yo, 1000; m. Sarah Hill. 

662. Daniel Warner, b. May 80, 1000; m. Dec. 15, 1720, Sarah Hill, dauirhtcr 
of Capt. Nathaniel and Sarah (Nutl) Hill, and granddaughter of A'aleutine lliU l^v his 
wife .Maiy, dan. of Gov. Theophilus tlaton. " " 

I. Sarah, b. 1725; m. 1740. Henrv Sherburne. 
H. Daniel, b. 1728; d. in England, 1740. 

HI. Col. Jonathan, 1>. 1720; (see note, p. oOO, Wentworth Genealoo-y) 
IV. Williatn, b. 1720; d. soon. '^' 

V. Nathanii'l, b. 1781; d. young. 
VI. Samuel, h. 1788; d. voung. 

*\Villi,^m Warner was f . of : 

I. I'.-i"!<--l, v.-ho <S. 1696; m. .Sep:. ^3. i^Z, .S.irah Dane, and i. PaiLFMo.-;. m. Abi-aii Tu>t!e. 

Hv. Jw, J '-■^•7,"'- ^^v,^^"''-'''-T'^^-'-'^'"'" ■■■'"'■' '^- '■' + ■ ■■ ^V'"-L..^•.-. ., D.A.s.t-i.. 3:Joh.n', 4. 
H\:..N.\n, m. 1090. i-)-:i. Thoraas o! Ipswich, 4nd d. tlie-e 173c. = Aimgm- j. . ■* Dane, Irom Harkhamsted, Hens Co., En-,'., to Ipswich, Mass. (see U\-n. /T,-., Vol. 3, p. ,47), had- 
1. >iaran, m Daniel u arner. 1 k -t/ • 

.-,/ ■}}'■ n'!""'"' P ,^l-''-nor Ci.-,ri,^._ ^nd had, amone: others : i, .Toiiv of Ipswich, author of the D.ini Ka>: 
: <\ f' ;iT' . -"-'^ Vk"7^?"'^ ^^^ ^-'''"■'=' f'-'-'^^- '"■ ^'" ^^"'*' "-^"^^ --^f Ipswirh, b about 1716 ; m. 
;hipo^ii1;r!J;;iToU::;j:''''^^'^"" ^"^--^'->^- ^- '^S^. founder of the >• Dane Law p'^es^or- 
in, Klizabeth Dane. m. Tames Howe. 

Apr,Vr7:^'^''s-mr;^*''v''^*r?^n'^'?'^'''li'''^ '-planter,-- ,63;, from St. Allans, Herts Co., certified 
"April 2, i.....3,same duj a, John luv.le. Huibandman aged 21 years. He settled in Ipswich. 


VII. Willinii!, b. 1734; rem. to I^liodp Island. 
VIII. Suiuufl, b. 1737;' in. 1701, Eli/nbcth Weutworth. 

6621. Sarah Warner, b. 1722: m. 174U, y Sl.crbunic, b. 1709; IT. C. 172>!; 
Clerk Suprcinf Court (172'J-;j:M: IJt-p. 21 cons. yffirs(172.-)-46). In 1734, one of the couis. 
to the congress iit All>aJiy. Speukcr 1703 till 17C>tj, tlien a])]), councillor; d. 17(17. I.s 
said to liave litid 10 .sons and daus., and the age.^of .-.evcii ot'lliem, 3 sons and 4 daus., 
averaiTf 07.^; years each. 

I. Sarah SherV>urne, m. 17(15, Woodbury Lnngdon. 
II. Hannah Sherburne, m. Sam'l Penhallow. 1, Xancv, m. Judire I'ichard Evans. 

III. Edward Sherburne, aid-de-camp to (ien. Sullivan: killed at (ienuantown, 1777; 

IV. l^orotliy Sherl)urne, b. 1752; ni. 1778, John Murdell, jr. , s. of Jaoo!> of Ports- 
uiouth, X. 11., and luul 8 chil. 

y. Samuel Sherburne, had large fam. 

^'I. Jonathan Sheiburne, II. C, 177('; in. Xancv Perkins of Rve, X. II., and d. 
1847. a. 89. 

VII. Jolin Sherburne. 

66211. Sarah. Sherburne, in. 17G5, Hon. Woodbury Lani'dou (bro. of Gov. 
John): del. to ("out. Co!ig.. 1779-80; Councillor 1781-4; Pres.'Xew Haiup. Senate, 1784^; 
Judge Sai>renie Court, 1783 au'l 1786-91. lie erected for his res. the house afteruard.s 
known as the " Kockinghani House." 

I. Henry Sherburne Langdon, Y. C. 1785; res. near Boston: d. in Cambridge, 
1858. a. 91: m. Ann, .sis. of 'iov. Wm. Eustis of Mass. 
II. Sarah Langdon, b. 1771; m. Robert Harris. 

III. Caroline Langdon. m. <-!ov. Wm. Eustis of Mass., b. 1753: II. C, 1772; Gen. 
Pev. army; rep. Mass. Leg. 1788-9; mem. Coug. 1800-5, and 1820-3: See. of war 1S09- 
12; Minister to Holland. IJ-ilo: Gov. of Mass., 1823, and d. in ofnce 1825. 

IV. Catharine NVhipple Langdon, m. Hon. Edinuud Roberts. 

V. Walter Langdon, m. Dnrotliea, dau. of John Jacuh and Sarah (Todii) Astor of 
X. Y, C. , bfjtli dec. Her bro., \\'m. B. Astor, made a compromise with the heirs of his 
lister Hornthea to avoid contest of ]i\<, father's \vill. ^^ ho at time of liis dec. was the 
richest man in America. 1, Jon.\ J.\coi; AsT(~>i:. 2, Sai:.\ii. m. liobert Boreil. 3, 

Ei.i/.A Asio)i, m. Wilkes. 4, Louisa D.,m. Oliver HvLancy Kane, and had: 1, 

Ei/iili/ Ador, m. Oct. 3, 1876, Augustus Jay, h. Oct. 17, 1850: Harv. Col. 1S71: ''honor 
man;" Col. Law Scho(d, 187G. 5, WAi/n;Ti, 0, Ckcelia, lu. - — — Xottbeck. 7, 
Wc)ODBiJtY, d. y. 8. P^UGEXt:, d. y. 

662112. Sarah Langdon. b. 1771; d. 1860. a. 89; m. 1795, Pobert Harris. 

L Sarah Slierl)urne Langxhm Harris, m. Thos. W. Wyman, Ca[)t. U. S. X. 1, 
Dai., d. V. 2, Poi;i;.ut Hakt.i.s, Com. I'. S. X. and in 1876 s'up. of ih" HvdroL.'-raphic 
office, Wa>hingtou, I>. C. 

II. Mary Ann. d. 18(j7; m. Caiit. Xath. Giddings Dana, U. S. A.; W. P. 1814; d. 
at Ee.rt McHenry 1833; (2) (:'has. Ibr/en Peaslee, b. X. Hamp, 18o4; Dart. Col. 1824; 
Adj. -Gen. of the State 8 yrs. : CoUectoj- of (Aistoms, Boston 4 yr.-. ; Mem. Cong. 1847-53; 
d. 1866. /. by 1st m. : 1. Maky Ann, m. Wm. ^^'alla. 2, Xapoi.kux Jacksox 
Tf.CU.mseh, 1822; \N'. P. 1842; officer in Keg. army; Maj. (ien. of Vols.: resigned at 
close of rebellion: m. Susan Sanford of St. Louis, M(j. 1, M'l.ri/ Lungdrm, 1S15: lu. 
John C. 'I'idl'all: W. P. Is48: Major 2d U. S. Art.: lirev. Maj. -Gen. Vols. 2, Cluis. P.. 
h. 1^49: 11. C. 1871. 3. S.nnud. M. Jl, X. Y. C. 3, Matiloa. unm. 4, Jvi.ta 
^'A^■ Xess, 111. Jeremiah Page ^^'hipple, whose sis. m. Gov. Joseph A. O'ilmore of X. 
Hamp. 1, XiiiiiA"iii Jlitan. 

6f)2]14. Catharine Whijijde Langdon, m. 180S Hon. Edmund Roberts of Portsmouth, 
!N. IL: mercht. He was a personal friend of Andrew Jacdvson, who when Prest. sent 
Mr. Roberts to make treaties with Japan. Muscat and Siam. He succeeded in tlie two 
lat'er crumtries, l>ut soon died. His s. -in-law, Hon. Aniasa J. Parker, has written a book 
containing a l>ioa'raphy of Mr. Iviberts and cojiies of valuable papers connccte<I with his 
Ja]>an e'xiiedition — jiuii. iiy tin' Harp>-rs. 

T. Catharine Whipple, b. bSlO; d. Cam!)ridge isr,9; m. 18;5H Rev. Andrew Preston, D. 1).. LL. D., b. ]>^11: H. C. l'<2(;; Plummer Prof. Christ. Morals; W.C. ISGO 
and ]u>'aclie;- Tu the C ni Vf-r.'^lt v. 

11. Sarah, b. 1S12: m. i85S, James Buyle. M. D. ; .s. /. 
III. Harriet Langdou. b. 1814; m. ls;;4', Hon. Amasa J. Parker, LL !»., b. Sharon, 
Cunu., 1807; Union Col. 1825; M. C. 1837-9; Judge Supremo Court X . Y. 1, 



i-i:vx, 1, 1840; in. hi All.any l^. Uuu. J. V. S. Pruvn, J.L 1).; M. C. for Ubauv ] 
llnrnd Laugd.,,,, 1.. Wasli. ISIJS. 2, M aky, b. 184o;'m. 1^7;} Erustus Corning j;. ..f 
All.any. .^, CATirAKiXE Langdon, b. ISjC; m. Gen. Si-lde.i Era.stus .Marvin oT Jinie=^ 
ti^wii, A. 1 . jcv-in.o- 

IV'. iMiirifiiiii.';xdnn. !>. ISUJ; ni. ('lui.s. E. l\'rrv (^f Dcllii, X Y 

V. .Ann II. Ltuiiidon, b. ISli); m. ISJl. •rruniaii H. Wh^-rlcr of Dellii X Y l 

\\.M. Kno.v. b. kK4;>. o_ Cakui.inf. KoiiKKTs, 1,S4.-,. 8. Sakaii Ai(iu.sT.r]N4(;. i,i 

Henry \\. beeley, Lieut. Com. V. S. X. - - . '"• 

G628. Samuel Warner, b. 1787; Tu-.t.; m. 1701, Eli/.abetli, dau. of iluakin.r 
\N eiit worth, b. ITcl'J; d. 17'j:!. ° 

I. Daniel, 1). 17()-5; d. iinm. 
II. Elizabetli, b. 17(17; d. 1S46; m. 1702 Xath. Sl.eiburne. 1, JoHV XvTiivxri-i 
SmoujtuuNK, b. 17!t3; d. isr,!j; only ehild ni. Evfdine, dau. of Caj.t. diaries Rlunf* \ 
/v',Y//ior, ni. (Jen. Dau. \\ . \Vhi].nle, 2. r/ariV,^,;, m. (ien. Dan \\' Wbinide W p' 
1H41; Maj.-Cen. U. S. A.; wounded at CbaneellorvUle, Va. , and d of wounds .M^.V '^' 
IWl y, J,^n, 7W.V, Maj. r. S. A. 4, FAizalnUum. Capt. IVaree \Yentwonh I'en- 
liallow, s. of IIun!;iusr, b. isli. 

HI. Abigail Warner, b. KiiS: d. ISOS; ni. Cai't. Benj. Conner 1 M\ky.M ^Y 
b. 1<97; m Capt. Thomas J. Harris, who d. LSoS. ], KU-'il„th .Wrru, m Fli-^ha j" 
.luckerot I5ostou. 2, Man/, m. John E. yiinckfonl. :5. 3f,ny,nr( l>itt-< ni Pliiliv',- 
Aubin. 0, ,/,////,.. 7^/ ;</■///,, otlieer in ;50th Hen-t. Mass. Vols.; dnnvned in Miss Hiver 
1N()-.. , Jo,r-pA Whipple, Lieut, r. S. N.; d. ISGI on board V. S. ship Laneaster in 
1 anania Kay 2, Joxatuax \Vm. ('oxN-(,i:, b. 171J4. 3. Ciia.s. \\AHi:KX CuvxEit b 
,,,'-, l^''*^' ^''''■"■("■'■"■th (J,,.. i..r a full record of destendaut^ of Philemon an<i Abigail 
1 utile \\ arner.) ° 

69. Charles Tuttle, b. -March ?A, in:'.!; m. ■ Jhirnhani. 

691. Charles Tuttle, b. 170^; m. Anna Jewett. The descendants of Charles 
w.-re reiaarkalile lornatural piety and sweetn.-ssof disposition. 

^Si^^}' Charles Tuttle, b. Marcli l, 1749; d. 1S2G; m. Lucv Dod-.', b .Tun- 10 
1/4!*; fl.a. Ul years. " ^ ' • - ^ >■ 

\. Wiiruiin ."<., b. Sept. 1, 1771; ui. Lucv Dodf-e. 
11. Sarah. 
HI. Seth. 
IV. Jedediah. 

V. Charh-.s. 1, Mauv. employed in tlie Biblo House to sew Bible.'? at %\ dav 
and was dl^clulrJred for refu.sing to sew \\o\-^\-:i.—Corr.:><poiuUnt. 

69111, William S Tuttle, Sept. l, 1771; d. April 2], is.-i] ; rem. from Hauiil- 
o,. ..lass., aot. ]soO. and to >ayhrook, A.shtabula (.'o.. O.. 1,^07. Wm. a:.d his faih.-r 
ived in separate houses on the northern dedivitv of ■• Tutth- Mountain " to wlrch 
MMT.lfr'V~~o'"V ^ ^'''''''.'> {^''5 of ^"^^^^'-i^'n; iM. July 2, 17'.»2, .Marv Woodburv,"b 

I. Sarah. b.lVb. 11, ksy:], i„ Ham., .Mass.; d. 1843; m. Dan. Du.ilcv, res \us- 
UnburKlu A^u.d.da Co., a 1 Mn.TOx 2. Mahv Axx, uk — Harvey. " 1, WVli^L 

nJ -^u T !^"'V"'- •*• ^>''"- ii. -M.vktha. 4. William, m. Sarah ■ res 

Harnesvdle. Lake Co,. 0.; 8 ,,,p -, g^.^.,^,^ ^ j^^„^ ^ ,_, __ ^^^^^^^ ^^^.^ •^;^- 

-.0 lS.>,I..tti..M. Monr,,.unery, b. Wilion, Fairtiehl Co.. Conn., Xov. 30, 1S04- res 
ndThis, ;r- J' J""-'^MV>^ ,MoxTooMKUv, Xov. 10, ls2:;; wh.-n lo months okln^ 
• e n th -'oi •!'' " ^"';''^'''>' ^'"'l «'^^-" ^^-'^^^I'l l'<-^ve no Philemon, and that sh- would 
1^; w, ; ' ^"''•'""", "• Mai:v Axx Douni:. May 23. 182<i; m. Julv 3. Isii Anson 

o 1' ,,;>' :=;;''-^^;VN >-Nr.:o.rKKV.2n.Dec. 2. 1S31; he us-d to prav when o v.aiS 
:>' •';; ■ '''■,/.';'''^''" ^--''^'I'-l'; --^T. HI High Forest. Olmsted Co.. .Mian. 1, /,V,„. /',.:,//,<,. 
yr'<nul''ir,i'l"^' rT '^■■'"■""";- ■*. '^''/*v7V/,y«. twin with Slierman. .5. //./r/v/. 6. 
An %r^^^'" P m'^p''- ;': "• -^ '"""• •^- ^'"''■^-'■'•^ W.x.m:, ,;v. June 22. ls;i4: a. 

W^; is;,'^^'rr"-.C^''"- ^V^V'- 0. Pu.LA^nKK W,„rKKu.:Li.,Ju!v 1, ls4..;^ . 
i>-i. . 1, l.V.O, Adda- H<,u-ers. ]. 17/.-, //„//, b. Dec. 2 1 Sill) 

lS'>o' ■./x,'^"''r' -^''"'S'' ■-'•■ ^ -'•'■• "'• 1»^---. Pi. USIS. Celina l^isla.p. who d. Jan 21 
- 7r n o f U • ^-^■'"7l'\^- Crawford, Feb.. 1^(1. ]h- is a laraaT. .iave p.rndssi„n to 
a tramp to sleep in lus barn; hay all in; grain all thre.sla-d and some of it l-a.-^ed- size 





of barn 40.\r>i), an udjoininir oiv. oOxoO; in tlio night tramp lit his ]iiiif' and both barns 
destroyed with all contents except tramp; no insurance; loss .$0,U<JO; tramp afterwards 
caiiiiht seavchina; a bureau; arrested and discharged. 1, LoiitA (i., Nov. lii, Isi'j; d. 
JuuV-t, ]S:W. -i^, L0KTN1>.\ F.. Sept. in, lSvn;d. Nov. 5. ls:3T. ;], Lkvi E., Jan. 8, 
lti'-2>5; d. Nov. l-'i, same year. 4, Hakuikt M., Nov. !^, 18'2S; m. Dec. 30, Iboo, Freeman 
Fo.-ter, and had 5 chi!.;*l'am. ret. to Penn. 5, \Vii,i.i.\M, Nov. 4. lb'3U: d. April 4, 18;i9. 
6. Ai,MlUA C. 3Iarch 2o, l(-oO; m. June 2, 18.>^, Lewis Whteler. 1, Frank. 7, 
Cn\i!i.ES A])ril-2''~!. ISoo; in. Dei-. oO. 1858, Ursula Connor: res. (.ii'iieva, O. 1, J-Jihiie 
•I Oct. 4, lNo9. .■). Ida_, June o, 18G1. 3, Ihn-a. Dec. IG, 18G-,'. 4, AcMir. Feb. 24, 
18GG '/v/r/, Nov. 10, isGO. 8, Nathamf.i. 1'., Feb. 28, 1838: ni. Mareh 4 1801, 
(.'elia Wolcott.' 1, /u/^/»!W«(?, Jan. 9, 18r.2. 2, IITV/,', Aag. 29, ISG:.!. 9, Ckuna \V., 
Sejit. 21, 1n;:!9: ni. at HarjKMSvil!'-, ()., Horace liicl^ox. 1, Frceaian S. 2, Doihar 3/. 
3 CharirsF. 4, Freddie X. i. bv 2d m. : 10, hruAXA L., b. Nov. 30. 1841; d. Dec. 
12, lS(i2. 11, March 20, 1813; d. Sept. 3,- 1845. 12, Joii-X Ckawfokd, 
Mav 5, 1845: d. Mav 1, 184G. 

" IV. Anna. b. Julv 9, 1799, in Antrim, N. II : m. Comfort Wetmore of Middletown, 
Conn.; set. in Ashtabula, 0.; rem. to Madison, t). Cue Sunday eveninir. while absent 
at chu' about four miles, leavinj; the children in charge of a little girl they had taken 
to live with them, their house took lire and a little granddaughter visiting them per- 
islied; the others were saved. It is ndat-d that this little girl talked much during the 
eveuii'ii;- of a little brother v.lio liad d. a short time before. 1. JosiAii, m. Prisceila 
Humphrey; (^2) — Cunningham, res. Madison, C. ;'. by 1st m. : 1. Iluvarc, i\w\ i'.iby_2d m. 
2. ]l\i!N-ET, ni. Calista Morse; (2) Mrs. Ann Calendi-r. 1, Waltc, 
ami 2 ntlu-rs bv 1st m. 3. Samcel A. 

V. Barn'et ^^'.)odbllry, Dec. 20. 1801; m. Maria Heoock; st 
gcr Co., 0. 1, Devi, IN. 2, Mauia Ann, d. Jurie 15,1859. 3, 

4, Bf.tsv, 111. Dati-r. and had 2 chih; res. Thoitip^on, 0. 5, 

Turner. G. John. 7, Fi.ETCiiEi;. 

VI. John SalTord. Dec. 4, 1803; m. Fleanor Hinton; v^) — 
fhild )>>• each wife, and ado[tted one. 
Vll.' Martha S.. b. Sept. 1. 1S05. 
YIII. and IX. Twins, not named. 

X. Marv Woodbury, June 20,1811; m. Is32, Orrin Blakeslee; res. Austiuburgii, 
Ohio. 1, Daunet, m. Almira, " in the far West." 1, Clara. 2, Mary. 2, 
Maku-.tta, m. Mile-- IIotchki<s: res. (reneva. Oliio., 1 child. 3, Miles, m. Ellen Mont- 
gomerv: re.^. Au>t., and had J/rriiian and .'^VA. 

Several families reni;;ved early from Ipswicli, .Mass. to Eastern Conn. Sorr.e of 
William Turtle's de.-cendants also "went th(>re from New Haven. The branch lelo-.v 
undoubtedly belong to the Ipswich or the New Ifaven race, lu'obii.ldy the first. 

At \Velliuirti.m, C..nn.. d. Mr. Jouath;>u Tuttle in the 94Th year of his a. He 
survived tlie wife of his ytuith only 7 nionthr,, who :;t the time (;f her dec. was far advanc«-..i 
in her 93d year. — Ameriraa Museum fur Nor., 1788. 

Sarah Tattle, m. Abel, s. of Matthew Huntington of :Mansfield, Conn.; b. I>ec. 24. 
1748; d. in WelliuLCton. Conn., 1790; i: 1, Maltliew Huntington, killed ijy lightning in 
the house of his uncle Jonas Huntington. 2, Curdon Huntington, removed to Batavi:'., 
N. Y., and became wealthy; m. and had fam. ; a son Curdon res. in Rochester.— //'////'.'/(y 
ton Gtnuiloai/. 

Eveline Tuttle, b. Auir 27, l^OG; d. Dee. 2, 1833: m. May 1S25, AjmiHos Huntingto!i, 
b. Tolland, Conn., Nov. 14. 179-. He m. (21 Nov. 3, 1833. Delioiah h'owland, r.->, 
Sanduskv, 0.; /. : 1 . Marv Huntinirtim, b. June 24, lN2!i; d. Jan. 21. ls;;4.^ 2, 
Evelint- Ciir:u-!ia Huutingtfin, Jan. 29,lN2S: m. Henry H. Smith and liud 1 s. ,vlee. ; r.-. IN"! 
man J.ff Co N Y. 3! Laura Buikhn Huiitin<rton, Sept. 20, 1S29; d. Marrh 30, iS;.'. 
4. (ieo. \V. Huntim;-ton. b. Aug. 24, 183i . d. AugC 24, 1832. 5, Elizabeth S. Huntington, 
b". Julv 4, li-o3; d.'Sept., l.'^47; 

.•t. iri Thonii'son. (iran- 
NoAii, d. Oct. G. 1810. 
\N'iT,ETAM, ni. Letta M. 

; c-ct in Pa.; one 

Jonathan Tuttle, !>. al;n;u 1747 in Coventry. Ti.dland Co., Conn., where he liv--,! 
and d. H" v.-as cros-^im: a stream on :> log, axe in hand. \\\:v\\ h.e tell into the water, 
eutruer 111- luiee witli tin' axe, and w;is drowned. He m. MeJiitable Joyce. She m. (2) 
Hiram \\'est, and d. ai)out Isiu. 

I. Jeremiah Jovce. b. Oct. 13, 1770; m. Patty Criswold. 
11. Jonathan, b.' Jan. 23, 1772; m. Anne Battle. 

Xlviii JOIIX TUTILF, OF ipsvncii. 

HI. Clu'stor. T<'s. Auatista, Oneida Co., X. Y. : roin. ti> Cliautiiaiiua, Co., X. Y., 
wlicre lie V. a-^ l;ill'^<l l^v fall from a ti-i-e. Ik- luul livi^il st-vi-ial years witli liis bro. 
Joiiiitliau ill Vfriinii X. Y.: iii. Bftsy Cowdiii. 1, Icuaj'.od. -2, Wju.iam C. ;', Uosanna. 

JV. L'lial.dil, <l. at Vt-rnon, X". Y., al.uiit 1S07. 
V. J'.lislia, went tn ^ea and was liovcr heard of after. 

VI. Meliitabie, iii. A'anumi Gardner and had five or six children. 

1. Jor.'iniah .loyoe Tiitile, h. Oct. 13, 1770; d. Kutland, X. Y. . July 14, lsn7, a. 87; 
1)U. in Watertown cemetery. \Vhen about 'i yar.s of n. was taken by J)ea, Ixittb- to his 
house in Tvrim'-hani or l>'^e. Mass. lie m. Feb. !), INOG. Patty (iriswuld of Vernon, X.Y., 
sister of Col. Amos and aunt of John A. (jri.-wold" of Troy, X. Y. ; i. in Vernon, X. Y. 

I. Franklin, 1). Feb. 1^, 1S"7: d. Sept. 21). 184'.), bit. at Salisbury, X. Y.. m. Jan. 

Hi, 1831, i'armelia I. and', and had: 1, FltAXKLIX J. 2, EjMil.V P., ni. Gaines, both 

dec. 3, IlARiai-.T Fkancks, ni. C. F. ^^'ar^,er of Kansas." 

II. Frederirk. b. Oct. 20, 1808; m. Aug. (i, 184(3. Mrs. Mary M, Xorton (nee Bulkley); 
res. 1.">') Mich. Ave., Chicap:o: 1 child. FiiKDKincK B.,b. IVc-. 29,1847. 

ill. Louisa, b. I'-eb. :2(]. 1810; d. March 22. 18.j7; 1>u. at Salisbury. X. Y. ; ni. Oct. 1, 
1832, Erasmus D. Munson; chil.: 1, Fkei)K1!k:k, d. I860. 2, Makia LoriSA, m. James 
Cook 18(;n. 3, Maktha, m.Jann;'s Pratt bst;s. 

1\ lulwin. b. Sept. 10. 1811; ni. Jan. 3, 1839. Hannah DibboU ; res. 130 Douglass 
Place, Chica;;-(); chil.: ], ]jIi;'.;ik A.,d. Ai>ril 0. 1844, a. 3 yrs. 2, E.\[0G1;ni'. A., d. Sept. 
2."), lsV)<,) a. 17 vrs. 3, Lt ru"s. b. June 15, 1840. 4, Jii.ifs, twin with Lucius. 

V. Lucius Griswold. b. June 18. 1813; m. Aug. 1. LS14, Saral\ (ireen; (2) Lue 
Thonijison, res. 589 Luke st. , Chicaeo; chil.: 1 , W'm. Hk.vky. 2, CAKiiu:, 3, Ci.AHKXCK. 
VI. Xelson, b. Oct. 19, 1814"; m. April 9. 1845. J,ucy A. White, b. July 27, 1826, 
Youngest /. of Hon. Geo \\'hite of liutland, X. \., who was in the battle of Sacket's 
Harbor. She d. ^Nlav, 1852. He ni. (2) (.'harlotte l^ni'-rson; res. 153 Michigan Ave.. C. ; 
ohil. bv Isr m.: 1. M.\UM. Lof!s\. -J, Li-ev A.; chil. by2tlni.. 2 sons and 2 dans. A 
Xelson" Tuttle of Chica>ro. grad. Y. C. 1881. 

VII. Almeda W.-tmore', 1-. March 1, 1M6: nt. March 20, ISf.u, I5enjamin Hvdcock, 
res. 301 Strttf st., Watertown, X. Y. 

Vi!l. Jeremiali, b.Oct. 19, 1817; d. Dec. 13, lNti6; ni. March, 18I6. Peucw Pieice. L: 
W'yi. I'ir.inr:, b. Xov. 4, 1868. 

IX. Hiram West, 1). Sejit. 20, 182(1; d. Dec. 13, 1S6(1; bu. at \\'aterbury Cein., X. Y.; 
ill, Sej.t. 11, 1850, Lanra Scott, and h;eJ 1 dan., m. to H. h. Heath. 

X. Henry K.. b. May 14, 1^22: d. Feb. 19, 1S39. bn. at Salisbury, X. Y. 

2. Jonathan Tuttle, b. Jan. 23, 1772; wlu-n his f. d. he went to live with Ithiel 
Battle in Berkshire Co., :>ia-s.; rem l8i)2 to Vernon, X. Y. In 1813 sold his farm, and 
rejn. to L(jrraine, Jefferson Co.. X. Y. ; d. North Adams. X. Y., June 19, 1814. He was 
one of the proprietors of a large wuoh'u fav-tory in (jlendale. He m. Annie, eblest 
dau. of Itld(4 Battle, b. Jan. 5 17sn. After his d. wid. returned to Beik.-'hire Co., 1815; 
d. Jan. 29. 1836; cliil. b. Tvrin^ham, Mas--. 

I. Cluster, Xov. 3i.»,"l7'.)5; di. I85'i in X'. Y. C. : m. about 1821, Wealthy Caswell of 
^^"atert()wn, X. Y., win.) d. sev. years l)efori' lier husl)and, anvl hu. at Carbondale, Pa.; 
chil. b. in Lee, 1, Imjwi'x LATiinni'. l-'eb., is-,','; uiun. ; r<'s. Auburn. X. Y. 2. 
AfsTiN BuooKs, b. March 10, bS27; nn -May 7, 1863, Mary F7 Tibld.-s, b. in Auburn, 
Julv 3ii. l's,'7: .v./.: res. A. 3. M.\i;sii.\r.r. Miucs. b. ]s:-]2; m. in Lee: res. A. 4, Xancy. 
b. Au;.;-. 2, 1S24: d. Jul\ 4. 18i;i'; m. Jan. 23, ]>!14, Jonas \Vhiif. i:,,}., ex-nmyor of the 
citv 01 Auburn, 1>. An'i:. 14, l^i;!, in .Monti,n»nn'rv Co, N. Y.: >diii. Ij. in .Vu!>urn. 1, 
JiO,n.i L., .lulv 21. 1^46. 2, A/'/. Julv 20. fsl-S; d'. Feb. 16, 1849. 3, Fnmk d/".. Dec. 1. 
1^5(1. 4, Fnih-ri':!: Li.. Julv 11, 1S53." 5, (rrnr<jr. Aug. 27, 1855. 6, Ilcnri/ K.. May 10. 
1S57; d. at Suspensi,.n Bri<i-e. Jan. 2. In.'m. 7, 1I7///V ^\, Jan 15, l^.V.). s, Z,n,i. Aug. 
20, l,'S(i3. 9. (:i,,irl,:s. h. in Hinnilton, Canada, Sept. 16, 1n67. 5, Cakolinf. Sophia, 

1S37: m. Brown; res. Di\o:i. 111.: eliil., •,' <laus. 6, Adkl.MIM-:, d. a. 3 yrs. 

H. Xancv, b. j-'eh. M, 179S: d. num. at Pedlield. X. Y., Sej.t. 1. ISI4. 
HI. Cluiulicey, b. Ju);eS, I.'^-OO; ni. in Lee. .M-.-s., De.-. 4. 1N23, PlielAc BiadU-y. b. 
Ap:il )3, ls!j:;: ( h\[. h. in ],_■ ■. ], .Iank .Vn.n, S.-i)t. 3, 1^2?; d. m, Mu-s., Feb. 

*bh(i A. Gris'.vold, b. Xassau, Rensselaer Co., X. Y., in 1S17, and when a boy lived with his relative. 
Gen. WmoI. lie was at tir^t eng.-iLjed in the wholesale drfti; business, but in 1S57 became connected with 
the iron busines-i in the lower part ot Trov. N. V., which under his management has been enlarged to 
i-.nniense propo.-tions Thf patents for this Conntrv oi the I5e.sscnicr stccl process were owned by y\r . 
<"'. In ;:.5:, l-.c was eleclcu .Mayor ot Troy. In iS ^6 received the Dem. nom. ujr Con t:., but was defeated. 
Ir. iv^; a;;ain nom.and elected bv i::S7 majoritv. He was a war Dem an.) 111 i:'.;waj n...m.byuie 
UepuDii<-an.i and elected, and asam in lioo. In loo.S noni. lor Gov . of .\ . V. but defeated. He d. a few 
years since, and Us sons continue the business. 



<y\ ISGM.o in ].('{■; m Nor. 24, ls.-,0, Hiram Bli^snf Lpo; cliil. :3, ss., 1 d;m. 2 lu.v Nye, 
b Dfc V IS-'M- 111 Nov 17 lsr,7. Kli/a S. Wrisrht of Monten>\-. 1, Fmnk \\ right , b. 
\nnlS is.-y.)/ 2, Fnda-kk'nn:d!,!i, Srpt. 2s, ISUH. :i, Ar.MixiA. Ik Feb -1, l^l; 
m IJeurv']5ull of Lee (dec): cbil.: 1. hh, b. Se-.t S 18o;]. 2 Irn >./.>;.. Mairh 
30 1857 ■ 4. C'HArNCKV Bit.vni.KV, b. Man-b 2 t,isy:3; re.. Mikin.O.. ISoO: d. b.-pt. 4, lb.,i. 
~-, 'C'liM'i F< liKNitY b June 14, bSol; in. Enieline Carnininysof Canaan, Tonn. : res. 1 itts- 
fiebl M-'ss (•) ]A-rv b June S, 1S87; ni. Oct. ."., ISiM, Win. Henry .May, a; 
res. Pirt^tit-Uh'/.: 1. J/.«m., July 0, ISfiT. 2, li'///. llrury, Aug. 80, IS'il). 7, Willi.vm, 
Sei.t 22 ls;VJ; d. Dee. WK lst;il, unni. 

IV iTliiel H-'tTle b VrniM!,, N. Y., Fel'. 2n, 1S02: luid cbar.cce for several years of a 
laro-e ^"oolen factorv in Lee: rem. to Wdlin-lon, U., ISHS; d. S^n-t. 7. 1S57. ni 1^22 m 
<'io"ben Conn Hlioda S. Miner.wlio d. in Pitrsfield,0., 18(511. 1, Hk.nuy. b. is2.j; drowned 
Julv 4. ls:J4; 2. Stepukx. d. a. 8 yrs. 8. LrTHKi;. 4, Frkukuick. 

■ Y \rnienia Y., b. Jan. 10. IN.M; d. Sept. 8, 1S.)4: m. m Lee. Mass.. Nov. ..), IS..,, 
John T Fenn of Stockbrid<re, Mas>. 1, (iicouGii. b. June 28. 1884; d. inf. 2, Lstukk 
ANN Jane 28. 1885: d. Au-.'28, lso9. 8. Jamks. July 10, 1^8S: d. Aug. 8, sm. yr. 4^ 
John Tn..Mrs(,>-. Julv 24: 1842; lias great niu^ieal talent; lias practiced the organ and 
Viano fnun ehildhood,"and spent several years in Berlin. Prussia in sUidy of music. 

YI Sophia, b. Sept. 14. 18;)7: d. April 4, 1S4.K ni. Milu J. W hitmg ut Lee, Mass., 
who Poughkeei.sie. N.Y., Der. 2, 181)3; /, : 1, Hhnkv Bkn.iamin. grad. I nion toll.; 
M. n. ; res. Troy, X. Y. 2, J ames, d. y. 8. Julia, d. a. 17. 4, OcoiiKi;. 1 las lam. rem. 
to Tri'v, thenre to Amsterdam. N. Y. - ,, , . t r aa' i * i 

\\{ Mmira. b. Apnl 5, ISIO; m. in Lee, June 9, Ls81, Lueius Lyon of ^^ oods ock. 
•Conn •' rem. Mav, lS8o. to Chaudler>ville, 111., he was killed by a horse. ISoS. 

She ni r^i Vpril-^O 1S41 Marev. ;. bv 1st m. : 1. FuAvrr.s Ahmenia, b. Stattord, 

Cone Nov '^4 is82 2. Soi'iirA Almika. b. W'ood.-ioek. Conn.. Jan. 2.), is.,i,. o, 
LoviNtv Cku.i.,' b San-amon. 111., April 2(1, ls8s. /. by 2d m. : 4, DwnniT M'Arv. 
Sept 1 is-ir.. .-,, ^^'.M. Kdwin, t''e'o. 2:, ISI'J. (), (.'e)i:NKi.ius, Jan. 2, 
ISi:/ '7 .V lV\i,-.' liv. in E'.ig. 8, .\ Son, in 'J'roy, N. ^ . 

Ylll. Jnhn Mills, Nov. 2!',. LM2; m. in Canaan, X.Y., >«'"Y- 8 1882, 
rem. to Wellino-ton, ().. 1880; b. SejU. 11. 1S18; d. Wohott, X.^ •• Nov. 4, ISll, dnn. o. 

Jerentiah and Sallv (LMavenworthl Magrauo-h. He m. (2, . . Lli7.aiu.,tu._ Marrh 

2G. 1884. 2. Maiiy Ann, April 8, 1883. i. by 24 m.: 8, Almuia, Jan. 0, lo-14. 
4, Aktiick Hicnky. July 17. 18-17. 

1S44: '1. June 80 
Marv Ma'^raugh 


Pilor to the emharkaridn on tlii.' Plau^rr \n April, lij"'.."), we have no ])oskive know- 
!cd,i;H'. The usual time fif a voyaue rinia (ira ve.s'-inl to Bi:>ston was ahortl fii \vt-,_'ks. 
He ari'ivid wiili )ivs (:inii!y a.h(,)ut tk.e tir-t of .lu!_v. Ahimt a y.'ar hiter '■ Mrs. Elix-aberh, 
'J'litteli imircd with the church in Boston J u!y :24, j(j:''i'>."* Tiieir ar? two suhsequiMit 
entries on I III' <-]iiir'/ii record; " Mrs. Elizahi.rh 'I'uttt'll hioaiMir to li - hapriz ■ I a son 
Joiiatliaii, .luly 2. loMV," and "Mrs. Fdizali-tii d'^ittoli to lie 'oapti/ed a si..'n Da^id^ 
April 7. lij'JVI.'' Th*' cok.>nial recoids of .Mass.. of Xi.-w ila\ea and of Conn, eonrai'i in a 
few scatiered fragutenls nearly iill that is of W'illi^un 'I'uitle. Fioni tie-so. how- 
e%-er, %ve ai'e able to form some idea of lii.s social po-vi'inu, as- ^eiatloiis, ciri:u!u.;iance.s^ 
'•ni]dovn\enls and of his ti-eiieral eh:u■aet^■r. 

in the passi'ni;-er list of the I'lant^r he i-> oalh.'d ■' hii.d)andiuan." The disTin.i;tio!i 
between a hiis'oandinan and a fanner wr.s, (ht- husbiU'lnian was a proprietor pr.d tilled 

his own .■leits; the faruii-T was a h'a■^el>oldt'r ant 

A r'.-e.c. It app -ars, I'lowev-r. from 

a j)etitiou on file in the Secretary of State's oiiiet- in ilo^tou, that Ik.' was a TULrchaut. and 
this nu<:ht be partly inferred fro.n hi- Joining: Mr. l-,atoi,'s co!r,pa:iy. maiiyoi vTiom iiad 
l)oeu entrained in ooniinercia! purseir^ in the old conntry, and uhose purpose w.-.s tr» 
found a commercial city in tie- new. 'I'lie {letition is as follows, ^^•ithouf date: " To 
the right worshipful Tliomas Dudley, Ksq., and to tho luui'is; rates and deputies of this 
(TC!ie-al ("iHirt, now in Ijosron assembled. The liumble ]w--:!tion of .Mujor Xele^miah 
Bowne, Edward Tynge, William Tutituil, Jose])]i ^'-nings, William Payne, .Tohn Milam. 
and James Oliver, with divers others, being' nierrhants arnl owners <d' tie- Itftfii. i.-alled 
the Zebulon, now beioniring to Ipswich." A''s(r<(rt of Pctiti"//. — Intend to st-nd the said 
ketch to the Indies and iisk for two guns to arm lier. Tins is refused. — Ji;'-^.'^. Ar<:fi., 
vol. (50, p. 1(58. 

In UI38 (.icorge Griggs liad ]!ermisslou of the coiut to '-si li his b.ouso nvl garding 
under it anil twenty aerv's of iiis ;.,'ifi." loi i" Mr. Tuuri! (jf Ipswich and Mr. TutCell of 
ChaiU-siiiwn for his redeeming out of their debts."— Y^/-.//,/.'* Jli-'-t. cf Boston. 

'J'his item is suggestive in several particulars. ITrst in tlie use r>f tlie title Mr.f 
which was very rare indeed, esp;ecia]|y in the cast^ of young men. ^Villiam Tuttle was 

*Record of F'lrst church in Boston. 

IThe title Hon was entirely unknown in our records un'.i! iP?5, and subsequently for inany >*e.irs was 
applif-d only to the Governor, and seldom even t^.' Mm. The 'le.vt titic was tliai of Esq. and aieanr the same 
as in FiiLiland, /v»r/. El;/.abelh and j:irries i. Mr. Thomas U'^ils was a rr.airistrate for i; yoars. dep Gov. 
I year and was chosen Gov. the id time before he v,-;.s dij:niried with Esq. The ne.\t title was Gcntlc- 
vian, but seems to have been soon discarded in Conn. The prefix .^Iaster (Mr t belonfjed to a'l gentle- 
men includiiif,' those debi;,'nateJ by tr.e higher marks of rank. Master correspi^nds very nearly to the 
English word gentleman. In Conn, it embraced clergymen and pl.mters of g^ood family and estate w!io 
V. ere members of the (jeneral Coui t. Those bred at an university and those of surticient eduratMm to 
manage tl;e general .-"ffairs of the C',>Iony, civil or ecclesiastical, and who had been sufficiently well born. 
C.'.-n[iarative!y lew of the rtpreser.tati\es of the town, even th.-.ugh they miaht he returned yea; after 
jiar. were Iwaiored with ti'.e title. To be c.dled Mr. or to have ones recoided by th.e Secretary 
with that '.)r'j'i.\ loo ye.^.rs ago %vas a inoie certaii iride.x ;.f the ra-ikof the inriividuai as respe. :^ bir h, 
education'a.'-Ld u<-od'm(iral char;-.c;er th.'.n any one of the high sounding titles \\i\\\ wliich. mai'y men of no 
merit whatever in our v^av of sv.-ii't !ocomo:ior. are content to cij"le others in or.ler that l.hey may be 
enrich.ej in -.heir : urn v., in the same spurious cerrency . " It may be observed by rcfirrence to our colonial 
record.s thr.t there were scores of men of good family and in honorable statioi.s who still did not possess 
all the requisite qualities of Masters It was seldom that voiinL' men of whatever male were called 
Masters. Sir was soraetim.c: api'lied to young 'jentlemen undfr.!rr;'.duates at a co'lrge. CJoorJraan was 
used in spc;tking of tl;c better sort of yeoa\en, l.iborers, ten.-.n:-. ;.nd othe.'* above the gr^de of servants, 
who o'.vned a small estate and bore a good mor.d character. ') here are several 'istarces (f deputies to 
the Creneral Court being called Goodman. Goodwife or Gf>.'..iy .\as ti'.ecorr-..'ipi':iding t\ mini;ie tifie. 
-'/.•■J. was applied to the wives of Masters and also Lo unmarried females of the higher class. Miiiiary 



then lint twfntyninc y,-.irs of ap-e. It also su!rir<-?'ts s'liiu' sort uf eoiiin; unity of interest, 
{lartiH'r.-liip or rt'latioiislii]! bt'tuf(-n W'iiliuni innl JdIui Tiutlc as c(>ni!ii!_>u cifdltor.s of 
Gc()V"-v Ciriii^rs. Tlio lattcf was ca'letl u cavpeiiter, but it 1:5 said was formerly a l-ondrtn 
]iri:itiT. A uiovtgai:e from (icor^a' (ui^'ns of Boston to William Tiittle of New llaveii, 
dat.-d t!ie 8th of the t^tli uiontli, lOo", of a Imuse an>l groiuul in Bea,ron scre"T, L>ost(<n, 
bounded bv street on the north, th.e bine on tlu' east, the lot sometinif Thonias P.-ttitt's 
Oil the west, and the Coninion on the s.",ith, to .sei-are a delit of I'll', is recorded in 
SuiToIL- Driih. Payment of »Ji;.; 10s. was made in corn. Hesh, ere., Enirlish commodities 
at prices current, 'in this record the lot is bounded i^ast l)y Mr.-,. Tuttell's lot. 

C);i the -JCith of Julv. iG:J7. Messrs. Davenport and. Jviton, with Tlu'ir compatiy, 
arri\MHl at Boston, and in the fall of tiiat year Mr. Eaton and others made a ])rospe(;iinjr 
tour of the sho)-e tract oil Long Island SVuind, between Saybrook and Fairfield, for^ tlu- 
pur):osf of selecting a site for an indejieudent colony, which they hud determined to 
])lant, declininir the very liberal ofTers made bv Massachusetts to induce tliem to remain 
in that jurisdiction. Quinnipiac Avas selected, a hut put up, and seven men were left to 
sjieiid the winter.* The m;.in body of the company sailed from Boston on the r-^Otli of 
March, Jind arrived on tlie 14th of April, IiiHs. Duri'ni;- the sumn)er tlu- tov.-n i>lot was 
laid, out and hous,. loi.-^ assl.'.Mied to tin- settlers. (:)n \}:<- -Itli of, lti;;;», the j.Ianters 
convened in Mr. rsewimm's barn and siL'-ned the t'hurth Covenant. On this list the 
name of ^Villia;u Tuttle appears for the tirst time in the records of the Quinnipiac Col- 
ony. It stands on tlie record book between that of Benjamin Eing- and E/ekiel Cheever, 
aniong the ])rincipal men. and towards the h.ead of the li^-t. It is probable that le- 
removed to guinnipiac between the date of his son David's baptism in April, and the 
signing of the Church covenant in June. 

In KMl he was owofT of tie- hiMue lot of Ivlward lir.pkin-, wlio had built a liouS'^- 
on it, and soon after remov^vl to Ilartfoni; became (iov. of Conn, and bmnder of t!;e 
Crammai School that 1/eais his name. This lot was on tlie sip.iare bounded l>y (irove, 
State, Elm and Church St reels unimes giv-eii inoie than a century and a half alte- the 
original survey) fiml was one of eight allotnu-nts into whicli the square w-as dJvided. 
(low. Eaton, h"is brother Samuel, ami Hichard Perry luui lois on Elm st. Ca[)t. Nathan- 
iel 'J'urner. on Cr.urch st. Ezekiel Cheever's, David Vale's and Mrs. Eaton's (mother of 
the Gov.) fronted on (irove and State .sis. 'J'he }Ioi)kins l.n fronted ou State si., from 
the corner of <Trove to Wall St.. and jierhaj's a little beyond, and in depth eKtejuhd al)ont 
two-thirds of the distance to Orange st. In otiier v.ords it in(duded twoiliinls of 
the p-resent square, bounded by State. \\'all, <»rang'' and (ir.'ve s;s. lb nry Hooker's 
carriage factoVy and otlier buildings stnnd on a part of it. The b,d of a creek whicli 
oritiinallv ran diagonally across a corner .jf it was made us.' of in liuiiiling ih.e l-'armiu'^:- 
ton Canal, and is now the bed of the New Haven a.nd Xcutnampton Comf.any's b'ailroad. 
The last named work was luca.ted and constructed tlirough the citv about_J8J!b by tliC 
coinpihr of this rece.rd as assistant engineer, under t'ue direction of Henry Favmim, Esq. 

In Kioii William Tuttle boae:ht of Joshua Arwater his original allotment, man.-ion 
house and iiarn, with certain other lands, recorded in the Pri>i>rUti>r'M /A-vz/v/, as follows: 
" Alienation: Mr. Joshua Atwater passing over to Mr. William Tuttle his lenise, home 
lot and barn, ten acres in the first division, in the Yorkshire Quarter, betwi.xt land of 
Thomas Johnson and land that was Mrs. Constable's, 2b acres in the Neck," eJe. Mr." 
Atwater removed to Milford in in."),'], tlience, iti Ibo!*, to Boston. This became t.e Tuttl- 
homestead, and so contiriued until his death, and, after that, his v.idow resided there 
until she died, in all a period o'f t years. 

As the most intere.sting associations are now connected with this spot of giound, we^ 
])roiiose to give here its subsequent history as briefly as j/o.ssible. In the inventory of 

titles were considered of a ver>' hi<,^h order. 1654 the highest. miHt:<r>- ofticer in ;!i-- colony 
was Capiair..'' — //:';V/.<.'';v"o- Hisi . cf Conn. 

Felt, in 11 h(. of If'sn-'ich, relates :h;u a man was degraded from the title of Mr. for a misdriiic '.nor. 

I'alfroy, in ///.v.'. of Scvj En-^-'ami. says: "There wa.s crreat punctiliousness in the applicao-n of tjoth 
official and conventfonu! ti'-ies"' Only a'sinall nun\'oer of r,f the best conditi'-.n l.iliva;.-. 
ministers and tncir wiv-es> h.vl Mr. or .Mrs. pieH.xed to 'lieir names, (ioodman or C-oe 'wife was 
addressed U) p-rsons above the condition ot servitude and below thar of gentility ■" 

\\m. Hradlord. ti;oUi,'h at the hsiad 01 the lirid;rcu-ater, .Mass., proprietors, a son ol tfie Ciov and hiui- 
seh' crftcn Lieut. -Gov. , was not entitled t<)""Mr. " 

We have cnlarf;ed on this pniot because a school of m-jdern critics, who deny every t'-in;i and insist 
upon proof, have e.vpressed doubts as to the sif^niticances of the title Mr. at tins period la Nc.v England. 

♦This incident been questioned. It seems probable enouirh, however, and lar more likely to be 
true, than the alternat've o'r' its bcin-4 :i sheer fabricaboii. "Sir. Euon, h e.irii; ?e'e. led the -,ilu for 
his settlement, would have deemed it a matter of prudence to leave a safeguard a,-a:a::.t the intrusion of 
the Dutch 

It rests OQ the authority of Trumbull, reiterated by Lambert. 


I AYilliain Tiittlr's o.stute in Jfiio it is caili '1 lii-^ " lioiiicst'-jul," jui.l vuluctl .it £110. In 

' IfJSo it apiiears in tho invi.-utoiy of th^- ^vi(l('\^• as " l!ie lioiru'.ruad," valued at £120. 

I Moses ManstifUl aiul John Allinir, jr. . aiii>va!-.ers. In about;: vcar after her deatii ii 

j %vas sold l)v her administrators. 'J'lujmas, Joseph and N'aluini.d Tuttr]], to Mrs. Hester 

' Coster, \vi(!o\v, for £110. It is de.scrilied as -'Mrs. l':ii/al'eth Tutt'dl's d\velliH<: house 

I nnd tv.'o acres, bnunded Avesi by the honu' h't of Jidiu Hall [\>. l-f-i], iionli by the home 

lin of Thonias 'J'uttell [l>. b'Oj," east by tlie Marlvct Place, and s<Mith by the street." 
: Hannah Jones (Nvf. of Dep. <iov. \N'iu. Jum-s aie! i!au. of (iov. Eaton) an 1 John I'anie 

! Avitnessfdi tlie deed. In this dcsrri]ition of boundaries no mention is mad'' of the strc.n 

j (now C'o'letre St.), the ''Market Place" (upper (ireiui) I'eing named as tl'.e eastern 

I boundarv. 

I Thi-"sul>sequent history of the lot is taken fn-m Piof.W. L. Kin^-.sley's folio, Jli,st. of 

\ Yak Colh-qe, urli<de on its land titles by Henry White, Esq. Mr. Wliite describes it as 

I about 200'fet't ou ('ha]>el st. by about 270 feet on College St. These dimensions enibract- 

an an-a <>r about Ij- acres, while the invntory and deeds call it 2 a.-res. Perhaiis llie 
.street was imdude<i in the latter e.-liuuiti'. On (ieiieial \N"ails\\ crth's niaji, drawn in 
174s, the lot as measured by the sc:ile is about 2o() feet on. Chapel by about oOO feet on 
Ccdh-ixe, and an area of about IH acres. 

Mrs. Coster died Ajiril G, Ki'Jl, a. 67 yrs. Her remains repose under the Center 
Cliurcdi. and her na;ne, date of death anda_s.ce are in.-cribed on the tablet in the vestibule. 
lu lier V. ill .she devise(l this ]>roi)erty to the " I' Church of Christ in New TIaven." to 
maintain a lecture in the s])riny and fall of the _\ear. The ch.uich je;i-ed it for a few 
years, liut finding as the house^became old that it ]u-(p<luced no incon.e, sul.l it in 1717 to 
the trustees of the crdleedate schoc], \<\w immediately b.e^ran lh,e ereciinn of tl^e first 
Col!ee-e buildiuir. whi(di was finished the next year. It was.d' wood, fnuuing on College 
St., 170 feet long bv 22 feet wide, and three stories high. In 17bs it received the name 
of Vale C(dlei:e in io C(,\ . IClihu Yale, ^\ho, bcLweeu lil4and 1718, had con- 
tributed largelv to the school. This building Stood alxuit hi years. It v,-as taken down 
in 1782. 'i'he'Soutli College, the (;ld i'liapel, m)w the Atheneum, built 1701, and the 
Soutli Middle staitd o!t this plot. The latter was begun in 1750 Jiud is tlie oldest building 
on ilu' (■(>Hege S<juare. 

'i'he 'J'uttle homestead was the orrly land owru'd by the college for neatly thirty 
years. !f was the iiist of a Ion- ^erie.s (d' i>ur(d!ases exli'iidiug through a jieriod of icore 
tlian a centtiry, whicli finally broaidd the whole ol tlie College :>:'(;uare into its pooes- 
sion. lu thesV transfers, descendants of Win, Tutth;, who at one time (;r anotlitr owned 
a con'sid, -table ]);irt < f the square, appear as grant<j:-s, either directly to the college or to 
intermediate holder.-. 

'I'he corporation is now a great landed proi)rletor. Hence a ]ieculiar interest attacdies 
to this, its hrst ticcjuisitioii ol'feal estan-. It is now 2-1:;! years since its purchase fioni 
the hiiiians, during %\ddch period it Isas beeti held by but five pro])rietors. viz.: Joshua 
Alwater, Itiyis.; William TuTtie and heirs, ;j() yrs.; Hester Coster, o y is. ; the 1- irst 
Church ol N'ev, Hav.ui. 20 yi>. ; Yah' Ccdlege, 100 yrs. 

On this very spot where William Tutlle lived and died, his great-grandson, Jonatlian 
Ivlwards, studied, taught and a(dii(_'Vi'd his "great and excellent tutorial renown." It 
is now aiitl hmg has been the idiosen gatlieriug plac-e of the students, where, at leisure 
hours, they meet for general purposes or for social intercourse. 

It is here that the class histories are recited, the hist fandangos of the seniors per- 
formed, and tlie fence eiveii awav.''-" 

*Thc lencp cnclnsinc; this part of the campus seems to possess peculiar attractions to the students. On 

i almost any tine day durintj sessions may be seen a row of youttis seated close tOi.;ether on ti'C top 

r.'ii!, and lii.jkiPL; lU a distance like some strange sort ot fortl cone eariy to roos: The corporation no 
doubt woulil cheerfully furnish settees on the campus as a substitute, but that would not do. 1 he lence 
j tills a'l r':C|Uirtnients. and is valued aciordinldv. Ttie Chat)el street side from the South College, about 

[ haliw.iy i-.) t.'olleue street, is sacred to the Seniors, 'riience, to the Collece st corner is the exclusive 

! properly of llic J uniors. The Sophomores Town the Collc£;c St. rail. lieyon 1. there is plenty of room 

I for the Frc^I'mcn, but they are not [icrmitied to sit on the fence, and woe lo tiie t!edi,'elin^r Nvho should 

; dare to tr.urirre-s t!;is unw rilten l)Ut inexpiable law; thou'.;h an exception is made in iavor ot anyhero 

; o: the b.u r;r oar who has htljied to win a colleue race or ;,ame of ha!'. To such the privilejj-e of llie fence 

j on the (."•jlleue st side, below t!ie Sophs., but iiowiicro else, is gra:ited as a re'.vard. 'to all others it is 

j strictly f'irbidden. 

j Every year, a few davs before Commencement, the feHce is rriven away by the Seniors to the Juniors. 

( By i!ic to the Sophs., and b'y the latter to the class tjcl'iw. Thewii't<:r liad the good fortune to 

f u'ltncss th'' transfer of '''j. Cin ';-r,s a-, wel! as students u i.rc }.r,-:^ent in Idi-^c nurr.bcr.,. tillinir the cam- 

pus, the adioinintr streets and sidew.ilks and the balconies and windows of the ncitfhboring' hotels ai:d 
• houses.^ orat'irs, mounted on expre^- watjons, made witty presentation speeches, which were 

j replied to in I he same S()irit, accompanied bv UDrcarous laushter and clapping- of hands by the audience. 

I The v.-hole pro. eedm.- full of that lollickm^ spiri' .if fun v.hich only students near the lont,'' vacation 

can ndiy •:i..\'.uc. 

Wil.LlAM TllTI.E. liii 

'111 th<' evt-niui;- iwilii^lit .ilif placi- is often voca] with cnlli-f^e soi'.^rs, v.-ITk'Ii s'.'n-m to 
bursf torth .s])<HHant^oiisly, and art; catu;:!it up \>y younir Vdi'-is liere aiiil iheri- unti! tlie 
full clu)ru.s tills thf surrouudintr S[)a(;e and thf " Catlicviral Aisle"'"-' " of tlif ovc-rLirrliiut^ 
f'hns; awakening in the niiud.s of lisTcners poetical reuiinisctui.cey of other lands, where, 
more ihai'i in this, sueh siuuids are heard in songs and ves[)er hynins. 

Other and liiore intimate associations than t!io.-<eof successive occupanc}' and owncr- 
shi)) of the same local habitation, connect this Iristory of a finnily willi that of Yale Col- 
lege. ()( iis ten thousand academical graduates, ;it leasi four liuudred, or one in twenty- 
live, art,' kuo\\n to he of ihi-s lineage or allin'ay, ami so of its professional schools. It.s 
ftfficers, tutors, jtrofessors and fello%vs will I).' fuumlin these ])uc;e.=; in a still Larger ratio; 
and of its eleven prosident.s, t"^vo not the least l;ouort.d of the list, ruletl over if.-> (,icstinies 
for nune than one-fonrth of the entire pi.-riod of its existence to tl.'f^ presi-et time. 

The hauls outside the town plot wt-re divide ! to tlie proprietors or their representa- 
tives from time ttj time, according tc) a rule l-i^ed on the amount, of rates })aid. aiui on 
the numlier of persons in the proprietor's family, counting hus'oand, wife and children 
oii]\. Ill the tirst division made in lii 40, William Tuttle is rated at £ 100 of estate a:i 1 
seven persons, showing that the schetlule wn.s made before the birth of Jose[)h, who was 
baj). Nov.' 22, of that year. Of the one hun'lred aiul Ovo {iroprietors, ther-' wcie thirty 
whose rates exceeded liis, tliough none wt-re abo\e l.'l,()i}0, excepting Oov. Katon's, which 
was £'d,OW- In the second division Win. Tuttle's jiroportion was 107 acres. There is no 
record of the " lay out " of the first and sect)iid divisions, but in August, 1610, fifty acres 
of meadow land were granted to Mr. Samuel Eaton, and at tlie same time Mr. \\'n\. 
Tuttle an.i Benj. Ling were allowed to have their meadow land " where Mr. Eatou hatl> 
liis llrst fifty acres, namely, in the fresh inea(h)\vs toward Totoket (Branford). " Tiiis 
is prt-bably thf locality referred to in the record of a court held at New Haven, Feb. 1, 
1(347, when K/.ekiel Cheever })assed over to John Cooper five antl a half acres of out- 
laml within th-- two mih's, one hitlf of it lying in Mr. Eaton'> tiu;iiter, fit twc.-n land of 
.Mrs. 'J'urner and W ni. TuTliil!, the othet h:iif lying l)y the mill high'.vay at the end of 
Mr. EnliAi's iiasttire, lu-xt to the land of \Vm. TuthiU, The same year M r. Perry con- 
veyed land "one end imTting cm the mill roail between laml of \Vm. 'I'little and i^rancis 
s -N'ev.'man." 

In 1044 Mr. TuthiU was granted liberty to enlarge his rate to •G4.')0, and if lie 
removt\s to sell only iie.provenieiits and oulia.nds in second division and Neck. Trum- 
bull says: " The ])ro]irietors .soon began to cultivate their lands 'ui the Ea>1 Haven side, 
and in 1644 Thomas (ireLTSou built the first hou^e. AVilliam Edv.ard.- (father of Rich- 
ard, who m. Elizabeth Tuttle^, Jasper Crane, Wm. Tuttle ami others stion followed." 
.Mr. Tuttle may have lived in E. Haven awhile bcfi.rc luiyiug the Atwater iiro])evTy, but 
I have found no e\ idence that he ever removed his family from New Haven. 

Ciipt. Charles H. Townshend says that Wm. Tuttle and Mr. Gregson \vere the tirst 
owners id' laml in I^ast Haven, and that Mr. Tuttle surveyed and laid out the road from 
the ferry at Ked Kock to Stony Kiver, that his land in E. Haven Avas bouutled by a line 
runidng from the old Ferry (where tlu^ new bridge over the Quinnipiac is) eastward to a 
spring where issues the sniall stream called " Tuttle's Brook," thence south along Tut- 
tle's Brook to Mr. (iregson's land at Solitary Cove, thence west to a point on tlie New 
Haven Harbor near the chemical works arid Fort Hale, thence north along the harbor 
line to thi,> jioint of beginning. The tract was huge and much of it may have been 
obtained by imrcliase of the tiriginal grantees or t)f their successors. It included Tuttle's 
Hill. It was mostly divided up and sold by the heirs to the Huglies. ^Voodwards, and 
others. I'he Foi'bi."s and Luddingtons came into possession by marriage with female 
heirs. Isaac and Kneidand 'I'ownsend boughi the interest of several of the heirs of 
Joseph Tuttle, which is now part of the tine estate in E. Haven called Baynham, the 
family scat of the 'i'tnvnsends. 

rulfJoi* Mr. Tuttle appeal's as proprietor of land in North Haven that luul belonged 
to the estate of Oov. Eatou [iJnci.s' Hht. of WoJlui'j/ord): the same perhaps that his S(Ui 
Jonathan Tuttle .settled on in 1G70. There were lands iu Bethany and elsinvhere 
acquired by purchase in his life, or sf-t off to his heirs or rei)re>entatives in the third 
and iu hitter divisions after liis death. 

In IGOl .lohn Pundersnii alienated to Mr. Tuttle his dwelling house and home 
lot, and seven acres of land with twt» houses on it, which Mr. T. at once gave to his '■■(Ui 

There was an int-Tval of near fortv vears between the id and 3d lilvisions. In 
H;7'? Wflliam Jum.s, Mai^hc\^' Oilbert, "Capt. J<jhn Xash, James Bishojt, .Mr. N\illiam 

■ New Haven is a vast Cathedral with ais^Its for streets." — A'. /'. H'tU'-u Ren:, cf X. II. 


Tiittle, Kog-iT Alliut;-. Saiuuel U'liitchead, l^nvid Atwator, Jonatlian Osliorn, Alliug Ball, 
and James T/aton, wcic coniniissioned to locate siu-h lands ;l-^ luny .stand for town coni- 
inons, and.sufli a^ are fit for a tliird division. — FruprietorK Jirrord. The tliird divi-ion 
■\va.s made in KiSO. Tliere were several division-^ after the third, but the last oiiginal 
projirietor had pass<'d away hiuz before, and their heir.s or r"i)resentatives in inany 
in.stunees disposed of tlieir riirht.s m advance and removed. It is evident that Wiliiam 
TiUtle wa.s sometime a very large land ov»ner. and tluit he must have sold or divided up 
fimong his children the greater part of it before his death. Subsequently the records of 
conveyances by Ids sons of lands in j>o<session, and of i)roprietary rights are numerous. 


One of the earliest matters to engage tlic attention of the colonists was the liuilding 
of the meeting house, immediately f<dlnwcd by tlie solemn and weiirhty matter of 
"seating " it. This cu-toni was general in i-rimitivi- New Enghind. A ccnimittee of 
i^rave men, apjiointed for the ]>nr]iose, graded the seats and "dignified" tliem according- 
to some rule, propincjuity to tin- puljiit perliaps, by whicli they were esteemed more or 
less honorable. The peoj)le were tlien voted into them ojie by one. in accordance with 
certain ])rescril'ed ruh-i. The rules at New Haven were doubtless similar to those on 
record at Wetlier-.fn'ld. where a committee ')f seven men ap])ointed to "seat the meeting 
house'' were instructed by a vote of the town to ol)serve tlie following rules of prece- 
dence: 1st, ]">iirnity of descent. 2d, Place of Public Trust, 'dd, Pious Disposition.- 
4th, }'"staie. oth. Peculiar seiviceableiiess of any I'ind. 

••'I'his." says i»r. Hacon in his Ji'rir llnccii lliMnrii'iil Di.'o'ovyr.cs, "affords us a 
^limjwe of the associations and relative social itu]- irtance of tlie first settlors of New 

The first " seating " in New Haven was in IGH) -7. "Mr. Tuttle, Mr. Pell* and 
brother Fowlerl wi'fe voted into "the first cross seat ar the end.'" This was near the 
l)ulpit aiul aiiKiiig the hiirlic'st in dignity. The women sat iiy tlieuiselves and it is verv 
likely were pl-!ce<l b.y similar consid.erations so far as they v^-ere ajiplicable. In the oth 
seat iji the mhldle sat Mi-s. Tuttle. the wife of Mr. tiib!)s: Mrs. Newman, wife of 
Francis, :J; wlio was h.-r next dnor neiglibor; the wife of .Jasper Crane;? and tlie wife of 
Joshua Atwater. 

In K).-)")-!; another assignment of seats was made. In the cross seat at the n]>]icr 
<>nd, Mr. 'I'uftle, Mr. .lolm Davenj'ort (son of the minister). Mr. Fowler and Mr. AUerton, 

*Mr. Pell. Tliotnas, sc-.n of Sir John Pell of London, was surq-eon at the SaybrooV: Fort, under Lyon 
Gardiner in i'.;,". and in that c.-ip:icitv .vas seal -.viih Capt. Underbill to ihc Peq-dot war in 1637. About 
1647 li" m. the widow of Francis Brewster. Before her ni. to Mr. Pell a fine had been imposed by th.- 
Cour! whic-i: ;.hc rcf-.jsed ;c- pay. and Mr. Pt-li, after marry inj; was 5-,ekl rc.'ipor.<;ib;e, wliich he ako 
refused. Afit-r a pood deal of riifticuUy aboui the payment, and declining when called upon to take t'lc 
oath of lideliiy, he went aw;iy, probably to Fairfield. His wife and dau. were witnesses in the case of 
Staples acainsi Ludlow. -/;,fc->«"j f/{st Pcsc. In /:,i,7->n's h'ht. 0/ West, luster Cc. mav be found an 
extended account of Pell. He was of an old Norlhamptcnshire family. He obtained by purchase or 
grant a large tr.ict in Westchester Co., N. V., probably bv authority of the' Conn. Leg., afterwards known 
as the .^Ianorl;f Pelhain, of which the present Peliiamvillc is a part. This tract -vvas ratified by Gov. 
Nichols to John Pc!l:an-,. !,-ent., in 1666. !n if/j..i the patentee devised the whole tract 10 his nephew, John 
Pell [con'monly called Lord Pell], who obtained a further tonlirmation of the grant from Gov. r)onj:a-i 
in x'''^.-. Two yrs alierwards John and Rachel (Pinckne-v'i Peil conveved to Jacob Leisler, merchant of N. 
v., [who ac'ed m WXv.M ..f the HuKuencnsj si.\ thousand' acres, n'uv tiie township of New'R. .chelle. X. V. 
The (.;rantee and his heirs p.ty to said John Pell and his heirs, as Lords of said .Manor, one fat calf on the 
i4th ot June annually if demanded. Consideration .4:1075 stcrliniT- ^\'hen the fat calf w-as demanded 
each Huf;uenoi p.iid ins proportion. Pelt also eave one "hundred acres for the benetit of the French 
church. Rachel, his wife, made her mark, ■• R" In icot Leisier was executed in New York for high 
treason. liavin;r und.,ubicdiy assumed and e.xercised authority as Gov and Commander-in-Chief of Ne-.v 
York. Thomas Pell d. v. /.. xit^. a. 61 yrs. His only bn.ther, John Pell, D. IJ., of London, an eminent 
i.!.it!ir:-i^a;cia')^.i;vl author of several learned works, was Cromwell's envoy to the Swiss Canton in the 
tun.; of Uie Preiec'orate. "The family is on-j cf great ami. luity." ( for bicg. of John 

■I" lir>.iher r^jwicr"' [U'liliani] was a magistrate. 

^Francis Xewm.-.n Gov. of the Coh.ny. 

»ijasper Cran' ard U in. Tutt'e were n>uch associated in public affairs and were probably persona! 
friends. 1 hev were associated as " fence viewers," and in the Last Haven settlement, and as leaders in 
the Uelaware enterprise. He was ni.iny veurs a magistrate. He removed 'o Branlord \(--.--. He was one 
of the ni'.s: •,,r..nuiu:nt oi the launders of .\"i,-wai k in :':'.-> vvlu-re his name stands at the head ot the list of 
proprieiors preceding even of ttie Rev. Abraham Piersou. The Milford people soon followed and 
the n.ime of Robert Treat. ,<fterwards (.iov. of (:onn..i.-, '^ist. In \(i>i Treat and Crane were ihelir^t 
repr-sentaiive, of Newark in the X. j. Legislatiinj. .Nkirv Treat, dau. of Gov. Robert, m. Dea, Azariah 
<.r.-eic. son rf J,l^;ler. 


■Sen.* Ill tliu -kli loiii; sf;it Mr>. (iihhru-ii, Mrs. Ttittle, Gooiluift- (Tihhs and GonrlwiiV 
Duvis. At tliis s.-atiiiir Jniunlian Tiutle, Jhuics Eaton, Joliu I'lark mid Isaac Turiiei- 
(s(jn of Cajit. Natliauiid) wci'i.' i)laced togeilier, 

111 l(i';i-2 aaolluT assignment of seats was jnaiii\ In the third long seat Mr (iood- 
<.Miliau-;cn, (Sanint-! Van (toofh-nhanstMi, who n;ai ried tho ^vi(h)W of ('apt. 
Tunit-r), 'Mr. Tuttie,\Mlliaui Judson (grandfather of .lames Judson, wlio married Wiiiiam 
Tnttle's granddaughter, liebucca Wells), John (Jibbs and Lieut. Xash. On the v,-omcn"s 
side, in the thinl hjog s,.Mt, "Sisters Miles, i'ecic, l.indon, TutTle and (jil)l>ard." 


In 1640 Capt. Xathaniel Tarner, as agent for parties in New Haven. l)ought of the 
Indians a large tract of land lying on jioth sides of the Delaware river, in ^vliat is now 
Salem Co., N. .1.. on the east, and iu New Cr.stle. Co., Dei., on the west. 

Theohjfct was tophint accdony under the jurisdiction of NewHaven, for purjjoses of 
trade and commerce. The next year (1(J41) nearly fifty families were sent to the new 
jmrchase. They settled on Salem Creek and erected" dwellings and trading houses. 
This was the lirst English settlement in New Jersey. It ])re'rt-ded that at Eli/.abeth- 
towii (the first permanent English settlement iit New .Jcrsev) bv twentv-four vcars. 

In IGoS a comjiany of Sv.-cdes, led l)y Peter Minuit (a disatf'ected ex-Dutch governor 
•of New Amsterdam), had located themselves at " Christina," on the sidV of the 
Delaware, nearly opi)Osite the mouth of Salem Creek. These Swedes and Dutch, v.lio 
vvouhl agree in nnthing else, says the historian, united in ]>ersecuting the Englisii, .ii\d 
.succeeding in driving them off in 164"2. 

New Haveu made a second attempt about 10-11, which was frustrated liy the Diit-.di 
at New Amsterdam. These, v ith other and subsequ(>ut grievances, always came up for 
consideraiion and protest in the meetings of the commissioners of the I'nited Colonies. 
and formed the sta])le of the olRcial ciirrespondence between Gov. Eaton and ''one 
troublesome neighl'Or " at New Amsterdam. Finally an agreement between the com- 
missioners and the Dutch govern. )r was signed at Hartford, Sept. o, 165il. It establislicd 
certain bouudarivs, redres.-ed certain v\ nrngs, and in regard to the l>eiaware matter left 
" both ])arties in .-itntue q>:<j yre'/.v to plead and impnjve their just rights, but all pro- 
ceedings to be carried on in love and peace, until the question coubl be decided here or 
by the {larent governirients of England and Holland." In pursuance of this apparent 
settlement, about fifty men of Totoket and New Haven, in the spring of 1651. hired a 
•vessel, i)ut their effects on board and set sail for the Dehiware.+ 

They had a warrant from Governor Eaton, and he wrote a friendly Irtter to the 
Dutch governor, acquainting him with their intentions; giving him to understand that, 
according to the arlutration at Hartford, they would cultivate 'their own lands, and kepp 
within their own limits. Hut no sooner was his letter received, than the Dutch 
claims were again set uji; the people of New Haven, who meditated a further setllen-»eut 
at D'-lawar,--. and a.i additicnal improvement of tlieir ihtere.-.ts, under an apprehension 
of ])eace and safety, were threatened with martial opposition and bloodshed. They were prisoners at New York, nor could they obtain their 
liberty, until they gave it under- tlieir hands, that they would give over their enterprise 
and return to New Haven. They were threatened by the g-overnor that if at any future 
period he sliould find them on the Delaware, he woiild no"t only lay Indd on their proj.- 
-erty. but transmit them as ]irisoners to Ilidland. This comjiany was nearly ruined, and 
the colonv of New Haven was u-rcarlv injured bv this repetition of ho,-tilifv on the part 
of the Dutch. ^ - . . . i 

In the same year a meeting of the commissioneis was held at New Haven, Septem- 
ber 14th. Of this meeting Governor Eaton Avas (did.^eu Pnsident. The meeliu"- was 
no Sooner convened than the following cunnnuuication sva.-^ made to jt.*5 members: 

*isaac Allerton came over in the Maytlower; he wa,s by trade a tailor. On the deatli of John Carver 
the riisi Uov. oi Piyrnouth Colony, he was made .Assistant " Isaac Allerton, a se? Capt., removed fron' 
Boston to New Haven and built a u'rand housf-, ulth four porcl'.es, on the Creek; this, with Eatun's* 
I)avfnport"s and G.'e-S;>n's were the prandest houses in the town. I>aveaoort"s 'house had t"irte-n 
hrenlaces." [Noted by Dr. Stiles a^ traditions in IlUiory c/ the J.-^.'^'.-.v.] Mr. Allen. -n removed "to 
:>.ew .^mslerdam where he ha(! i;reat sioreiioiiso and carried on an extensive trade wiih the New l^iiir- 
land Colonie';. An old map of Wambados .-r New AtnsterdaiTi , as it was in September, idoi, shows Isaac 
Allerton's buildines surrounded by a fence, close to the site of Fulton .Market. 

On a brick buddintj now standin-; on the southwest corner of Union .'ind Fair sts. in N Hav tl;c 
Trowbnd_,es have this year 1 7iSi] placed a tablet inscribed: "Isaac .Mlerton, a pih'riiii oi' tiie .M.i'v- 
f.ower and the fatlitr of New En;;iand commerce, lived on this ground from lu^'i' until ^i'-,--,-^." ' ' ' ■ ~ 

"^The people of New Haven, not satisiied with the location, propose.! to remove to a ir.ict on the lJe^-<.- 
ware, and in 1631 urgently requested Capt. John Mason to remove with them and take the manarremfnt 
of the company He on the i^oint of accepiins? their liberal olTers, »vht:n the Corin. auchoniies inter- 
fersd Nvitt: ent'caties a^iJ rciusai to consent. — l.t'/'r 0/ "rck/i Mai<K. 


"Tlip IniinMo pfiition of Jasper Crane. William Tiittle and many otliers, inhabi- 
tants of Xeu- Haven and Toiiokot, liumidy b^howetli, — 

•■ That, whereas, divers years since s<'vera! nierfjiants and others of New Haven 
witli much cfiiirge and loss, did purchase of the Indian saLramores a.nd their companies 
tlie true pn.prietors. several large tracts and i>arc. Is of lands on JKitii sides of Delaware 
bay and river, and did presently be^in to Intiid and .set up factories for trade, ,'-ind piir- 
])f>sed to .set np ])lantations within their own limits; wliereby the gospel also mio-ht have 
been carrieil ami spread among- the Indians in that most southerly i)art of Mew Enirland 
and the United Colonies might before this time have been enlarged with convenience 
botii foi them^<dves and posterity, jiad not the whole work byliostile and injurious 
oi)position, made both by the Dutch and Swedes, been then iniured. And whereas 
your petitioners, straightened in tlu-ir respective plantations, :i.ud finding tlu.> of the 
country full, or affording little eneourageinent to hegin any considerable new planta- 
tions, for their own comfort and the conveni.'iice of posterity, 'did, upon a serious consid- 
eration of liie jiremises, and upon encouragement of the treaty between the lioiiored 
Commissioners and the Dutch governor, the year at Connecticut, by auTei-ment and 
consent of tlies.-dd merchants and others, n-solve ujoon a more ditlicult " remove to Deia- 
Wiire; lioj/nig that our aims and endeavors* ijoth to (iod and his peojile in these colonies, 
being assured our title to the place was just, and resolving (through the help of (iod) iii 
all our carriages and proceedings to hold and maintain a neigh li'orly correspondence of 
the Dutch and Swedes, as was assured them, by the tenor of the commission.-^, and 
l)y letters from tlie honr^red governor of this jurisdiction. 

" To these ends and witji these purposes, preparlions were made in tlie winter; a 
vessel v.-as hired, and at least fifty of us set forward in the spring, and expeeting the 
fruit of that whoh'some advice, given at HartCord the last yea.r in the case, l,v the^ri>i- 
trators jointly. Those chosen Ijy the Dutch governor concaridng in it. we went to tlie 
^Ma.nhatioes, (which we might have avoided) and from our lionoivd guverno'- ],,-e-pnted 
a letter to the Dutch governor; upon perusal where(.f, without further ](iovocaiion. he 
arrested the two mes,>em;-ers and eommitted them to a private house, cioso i)risoners, 
under a guard. 'Unit done. In- s.-n* for the i.ia--tev of the ve^'^el to come nii sliore as to 
spe;ik t(. him, au'l committed him al>o; after which, two or more of the compuuv' com- 
ing on sliore, and desiring to speak with tli.'ir neighljors under restraint, he coinmitted 
them as the rest. Then desiring to see our commissions and c^py them out. j'ton;!-- 
ing t(j return them the next day, (though the copies ^^el(' tal;en "and the cwinmissi ,ns 
demanded) he refused to deliver them, and keju them and the men impiisuneil till tliev 
Were forced to engage under their hamls, not then to ]/ioeeed on their vovi^ee towaivls 
Delaware, but with loss of tiuu-, and cliarge to return to New Haven; thrcaTeninir, that 
if he should after find any of them in Didaware, he would seize their giods, and send 
their persons prisoners to Holland; and accordingly they returned, tinMightheir dannige 
theret)y. as they conceive, doth amount to about -L'ei)!). All whifdi. your ]ietitioners 
refer to your wise and <erion^ consideration; and. beir.e- well ii-^^ni-d you wili have due 
respect to tlie honor of the English nation, which now suffers by tiiis injurious alfront, 
taki'ii notice of by all the neighl)(jring Indians, they humbly desire that some course 
may l)e agreed and ordered for the dim repair of theiV losses, satisfaction for their unjust 
impris<uunent, with liijerty and encouragement to improve their just rights at Dela- 
ware, for the future. 

" For whicli purpose they humbly olTiu- to consideration: — 

"First. — That Delaware, in the judgment of those wlm have often and seriouslv 
viewed the land, and considered the clinnite. is a place fit for the enlargement of the 
English C(doniesat present, and hopeful for jiosterity: that we and they might enjoy the 
onlinances of Clirist, both in spiritual and civil respects. 

" Scroiidly. — They fear, that if the English right lie not se;isonablv vindicated, and 
a v,-;ty opened foi- the speedy iilanting of Delaware, the Dutch, ^\ho have laid alread.v 
an injr.rious hand both upon our pers(ms and rights (they liaving. as it is reported, lat^-iV 
begun a new fortiiicatiiHi upon our duly ]>iir(duised lands), will' daily strengthen them"- 
selves. an.d, by large olfers. diaw" uiany ot the Engli.^li to settle and plant under them, 
ir, so hopeful a [-lace. Which will be not only d.lNiionora.ble to the hinglish nation, but 
inconvenient \^^ the cidonies. and of miM.hievons co^^isecpieiK-rs to the person^ who .--hall 
so settle, in reference to that licentious liherty theresulTered and practiced. 

'■■ Tliird'.ji. — .\s the petitioners have not in thi'ir eye, any otlier ce.isidL'i-alde iihue 
within the rnuits of New Eiigland, either forth" enlargejuen'r of the cednnles at ])rrsenf, 
or for the coujfort and coUNenience ot '.oslerity; so if the Duteh nuiy thus opj.Dse us in 
ouv jx-rsons ami rights, if they may plant and fortify u'pon the land wdiich t'.iemselvej. 
the English, Swedes and Indians know to be ours, it mav encourage them to encroach 


anamake further l.ostila attempts upon son,.:- or .;tl'.er of the smaJlcr English planta- 
■ ons to bnug tlu-in under th.,r govunnu-m, and :n;u- .miualo th. Indians ?Nvith\vhom 
tl,. Dutch u^grutrnte themselves by a h>rge, and mischievous tmde in o- ns 
,.owder .ind shot_, to de.pise, and n.ake msults np.,m us. Whercforo, thov again huml"ly 
entreat your advice, uuh seasonable and suitable assistance, amnding" to^he wS;St 

lionoi ot ( Ijii^t, and liie v.elfare ol the colonies ""* 

. ..^m^'.fri'T'"'"'"'^ of this repi-esentation of tlie Dut-h condnct, th-, comn.i.sioners 
lemon.tia ed ana prote.-ted m a letter written tr. (Jov. Stuvvesant, notiein.- b]. sen-i- 
nients contained in tiie letter which he had .sent to Governor Eaton, relative "to the Dela- 
ware settlement, uis violation of the agreement in refusini: to put Uieenwieh under Xew 
Haven jurisdiction, in imprisoning a number of the colonists, v ithlioldin^^ their comud'c. 

?S,-W™ "'^ '^''T-''?" I'-fl'^^'^^il; ='nd also, in their attempting to estabHsli 
toiUhca>,cn.upon the and which the Xesv Mav.-n proprietors had pui^chased of the 
iKUive at Delaware. Th.y declared that til.- Lnited folonils would, bv all 
us .aid awfnl means, vinuicate their injured honor and interests. Thev also resolved 
in lehal ofthepetuwrner. that if they shnild attempt in the cour.c-of the vear to 
h a^f 1 )() mi?"' ,r" '^''V '''"'■' '"' r>,elaware. and at their ovru expense .send 150, or at 
least 100 men well armed, u> a vessel or a.r.y number of vessels for such an ex [.edition 
with a .suitable quantity of ammunition, and with a reMnlar con.missir.n from \ew 
Ilaven government, that then, if the Dutch or Swedes should attempt to om.ose'them 

And ihe> further resolved that every l^nglish pUntation on Delaware bav and river 

x)!v' Trtr ""'T- "' •'V^V.'''* '^': '"""^^^ Colonies, should be under the go' of 
jsew iiaven. — JJior/. aj Got. Eaton. 

This matter is ref^-riv.lto by tlie commissioners oi the United Coloiims (in answer to 
s, tl",l r u r'':' ) '^^'^V' •^■^^'er date X.w Haven. Se,)t. i 1, Ki.:,! : - We under- 
stand that Mr.- Eaton liath written to yon an.,ut th. jusL tiib. Vj considerable- pan- o^ 

rb'^llSl^'n 1 ^^"^^-'^'^i^'^r ''"^ ^^^'^ ''^■^'■= ''•'""■ ^^>^^- ^^•'■^•« fonnerlv disturbed in 
then tiade and planting by force and other unlawful pra.-tice.4. both of ])utc!i ar.d 

«,^i!;i7 ^■?'''^^'^ '""^y icmtiaber, ^aid he L.>th acquainied you with a late unneigiiboriv 
and impei-iou.s carnage or the Dutch governor, ^^].t^n at least fiftv of Aew Haven juri- 
c.ction were on tne way to plant tliere, but were sei/.e(i, imprisoni-d and forced to ret-im 
m , nutnt ""t? '^'^'^f .i"^"'^"*^^-^ i" that .lesign. and hath derived vonr help in pro^u;. 
ing d patent Ihese things by a petition from those concerned in ili... late loss and dis- 
ap.iuoitment liave been recommended to our consideration 

••We are justly sensible of the di>honor put ui.on the English mui.ut bv tlrs unj.i. t. 
aftair and ot our dutv to pre.serve the title to so considerable a place as Delaware, and 
est tf •-' tI^'^'^^"' ^'"^ satisfaction be made to those wronged, both in their ],ersons and 
n io V.,.. 1 ;"'''■ ''''''^^'^^^ ^^'t!' in-.p.iries about old patents and improvenunis ou tin- 

J^Si:"b?loKSmS"""^ '' ''' ''''' '''''"''' "'"''"' ''' ''''''' '"''^''^' 

bn.l .^;"J^ ^^•^^*^'" *^"^\5''^. ^■^^^' ^'^'^''^'^ P^^n'lf were incensed against New Am.sterdam, aiui 
ad the other .New England colonies made common cause with New Iiaven, a war wirh 

w.ii ' TK^ y- ^■"^"'^^'^- ■■ ^^^'^'T one expects a righteous indignation." In lGo8 
T'n,.tn ""i • ^^" -V-'^"^'f5''^" ^^^'"^'1 '^« a against an expected invasion bv th.- 
iuiT\^f']^'-'^'" u ^r' ^'•^'^"^^- '^'■'^ Hi'^torlco! Mnrjazh.c for Slav. 18S3, contains a 

ct rt of thi.s wal . I rom it a famous street took its name (Wall street) and i.reserves 
me memory ot its location. 

for .JV'^«,'-"«',^'V^'y;-ei-y unfortunate for Wm. Turrle that he undertook this enterprise, 
to ,t involvtxl him in considerable loss and disappoimmeiit at a time Avhen th- pro.s- 
pens of the New Haven settlement were very dark indeed; but it was a mosth!ii,py 
tlimg for Inm, his family, po.sterity and cuuntrv, that it utterlv failed In vieu of 
rnlln Tp"" ''^r '''"' "*"'^^'-"' '-' ■ ^^"''' ^'^I'tedness of man and tlie b.-nefident over- 
r n ^ P ™'" "''V'"'^ '''''^' "''''■^ clearly displayed. In IGo- the Swedish Gov- 

1 . ;^; ^''l" ■ "'■■''"''■'^ ^ ^'^'"- '-^ '"^ "^'^"^'' '*' ^'^!'»i ^''^^^ as a defence against the 
tl'^n rl "n"- r'''^!!"^ ^""''" -'"'^npied than it was •• stornu-d bv an enemv n^ore active 
tl,^T t.,e D.acli and mere idoodthirsfy than the Indians, and the garrison put to flight.- 
. u. of MuMdu-toe^imrg ny whi.di ii was known thenceforth si.ttici.mtlv indicates 

] . vo . ™ ??'' '^""■'''^? "^ ^^'^ conquerors. In the two and a quarter. centuries which 

une circled away since that event the United Uohniies have expanded, to '• Tite 

nifed >t:ites, v.ith a population more tie.n five tiiues i-reater tl-an Mi-.^ o'^ Fn-b" d 


"Hazzard's St:;:e Papers, vol. ii, 


"and IIo'IuikI coinlnn'.'d in l'i.^0. Greiit citic'.-; ar.d pinsiioroM-; comi^iimitics liavi' orown 
up around and beyond tliH disputed torrirory, toihf utiuo.^t ii'Uit of tlie tlion iinc;-,-i)l(.;(-,l 
continent; but tJie, comiucrois nt tiie New Jersey Swedes scill hold the fort, junl iln- 
]>ehi\vare jiuvcliase remains in a condition hut little if any improved from that in v. Id-li 
C'a])toiu Turner found it. About fil'ieeu y. ars later some of rhese same men of Ttjtoket, 
\vjlh others from Milford, headed by Ja.-y)er Crane and Kev. Abraham Pierson, father 
of llie first President of Yale colk-jr*', Kobert 'i'reat and Ul>ndiah Bruen, founded on thi^ 
banks of Pas-aic. a jdace at lirst called Milford (after the Conneciicut town), now the 
city of Newark, X. J. 

Foiling- in liis coi:.mcrcial aspirations ai\d enterprises, Mr. Tattle betook himself, 
like his fellow colonists to the cultivation of the soil. In the care of his lau^-e famil\ 
and property and in the performance of liis public duties he dimlult-ss found ample 
employment of mind and body. Besides the education and support of his children, 
numeioxi.'^. juiblic duties devolved u]M)n him — watciiings. trainini^.s, arbitrations between 
contending settlers, disputed boundaries of farms and towns. Juror. Constalde, IJoad 
Commissioner, buyii;<;- and selling of lands and we know not what besides. The Colonial 
records ffives us an idea of tlie diversity of his aetivlties and o>-cupan^'ns. 

In 1G40 he vras a commissioner to decide on an equivalent totliose who liad received 
iuferi*)r meadow lands in the fiist allotment. 

lu 1G44. Mr. Wm. Tuttle and Jasper Crane were appointed fence viewers for Mr. 
Davenport's ijuartor. One of the duties pertaining to this ofrice appears from the '• peti- 
tion of Pioben Abbott and Wm. Paine to have their land on the east side laid out in a 
convenient form to fence. Jasper Crane and Wm. Tuttle were ajipointed to view it and 
consider how to lay it out." They located allotments aiid defined boundaries and in 
sonie other respects were the predecessoi-s of the nujderi! city oi- town survevors in T.heir 
ofdcial cap^'city. 

lie seems to have perfonrtcd the duties of a Pioad Commissioner, for at a court hi-ld 
July 17, IGIG, James Steward was cO!ui)Iaincd of for contempt of Magistrdte.'^' lie was 
wanted to work on roads but had no tools. Mr. Tuttle testilied that he ol]'er(>d to lend 
him tools, provided he would make them good if lie broke them: Imt Steward an-wi-;-c-f! 
that he would not enter into their claws or paws. John Cooper te.stified. that Ix 'wt^ one 
morning v.-itli Mr. Tuttle at the gate, James Steward came along with his .-iiftle^ and 
said; "What! Must I help you work?" Then John Cooper said: '-You must helji 
the town." James answered, he was unsuited aiid wanted tools. Mr. Tutile otTereil 
Lim tools, but if he break them h'^ shall make them good. He sai-d " Xoe, lie would 
not come into their claws and ];aws; whereupon Mr. Tu.ttle said he must make good the 

In 16i0 3Ir. Tuttle and Jeremy Watts were comj^lained of for sleepiui'. at tlie watch 
house. Mr. Tuttle said he was overcome, and Jeremy being sentinel, iie sat do^^'n on 
the threshold and slept. They were both lined. 

He was prominent in the Settlement of l:)oundai-y diiyicaUies. At a t'Vvrii meeting', 
April 11, l(Joo, " It was ordered com>-rnir,g the Indian lands spoken of ai the last court 
that Thomas Jeffrey, John Broekeit, William Turtle and Kobert Talmadge should b<- 
committee to view the gi'ouud which they say is theirs, and to advise them for the- best 
about fencing, etc., that we may not have so much complaint from them about cattle and 
hogs spoiling their corn, which they sav makes their squaws and children crv "—Bacoi''-s 
E14. Disc. 

In the trouble about bounds between Branford and New Haven, James Bisluq), Lieut. 
Thomas Munson, Wm. Andrews, Jolin Moss and John Cooper, sr., were chosen as com- 
mis.sioners for New Haven; afterwards, Wm. Tuttle was substituted fnr John Cooper. 
Branford chose John Wilford, Thos. Blatchley, Michael Taintor, Thos. Harris and Sani- 
lud Ward. These coiumissioners met Oct. o, 16(30, and after full del)ate and consider- 
ation the bounds were set and the case forever endtnl — Conn. JliiK Sor. Ftijitr.". 

A boundary agreement between New Haven, Milford, Branf^u-d and sV'allingford 
was subscribed to May 1, UMi'i, by John Xash, Jijhn t.'oojier, ^\'m. Tuttle. Je-rei'iia]; 
O.sborn, John Miles and J.olm Clark, for X<'W Haven; and B"njamin Fenn, Wm. F(.)wier, 
Danicd Buckingham, Sylvanus Baldwin and others, for ^.Ulford.. — JOiJ. 

In personal misumler^tandings and (iisagreemems among the coloni.-;rs Mr. Tuttle 
was often called ujion for advice or arbitration. •■At a court in Jan., Kvlii, .Mr. I'ell, 
plaintiff, ^Ir. CaiTmch, defendant, for i'oO. were entreated by the cou.t to }eat it into 

"III the same yt-ar, 1646, Thomas hiakcsley of New Havcu wris fiaed for '■' di^rt-.^p ■;(.'. 10 r-i- S.njr^-r^fC".- 
ii: tl: ■ Maj^istri'.t--;:!^ -a somewhat louy a'<sumption of ihe s.'...TL(i!:es.s of ai'.lh>;ity for ni-ea wlio suinclhrcc 
yei^r:; later jusiulcd the decapitation of a kinjj by his own stibjects. 

^VI].LIA?.l TUTl'lVE. Ivix 

arbitration. Mr. Pell (-Lose AntiuODy Thoinpr-.du; Mr. Csifiiuoli clioseMr. Tuttlo, to ^vhoin 
rt'cro :L.l(lt\! Mr., (iiftt-r^vards Gfiv.) Francis Xewii.aa arnl Mr. Craue."' 

"At a court lioUI S^-pt. S, 1048, lienry Bishop .sl;iti d tlial lie had a dirKculty with 
Mr. l^weiiport and had a.-^kcd arbitrn-iopi, bin coald cft ni-nc. iJad asked Mr. Wake- 
luan. .Mr. Tuttie and Mr. Kiidiard Milt>s. The court thouglit they were fit men." 

Courts, consisting of the Governor or j'eputy Governor, two or three Mae:istratcs or 
" A.■^si:^tants," at; tliey were called, and sIn jurors, selected frcni among the" best n^en, 
were held from time to tirnt- for the trial of vuiiou.s causes. 

In tlip records of these courts, ^Vn>. Tuttie often appears as a juror, his title of Mr. 
always punctiliously ol^served. Tlie bdlowing record shows how sparingly it was 
l)esto\vrd: "At a court lield Nov. 10. 180U, J//-. \Vm. Lteto. Dep. Gov. Afr. Benj. Fenn, 
jWr. Wui. Jones and James Bisliop, assistants; Koger Ailing, John Cooper, Abraham Doo- 
little, John Winsion, John ().-horn and Mr. ^^'m. Tuttie, jurors."' James Bishop was a 
representative or member of the Gem-ral Court, Secretary of ."^tate and afterwards Dep. 
Gov. Boger Ailing was Treasurer of the Colony and dea. of the cluirch. J.ihn Cooper was 
Agent of the Iron Worlcs at East Haven. Abraham Dooiittle wasSlieriiY of Xew Iluven 
County, and in this very year of lOtiO w us chosen to superintend the atlairs of tlie new 
settlement at Wallingford. John Winston and John Osborn do not ap})ear prominently, 
in ])uMic employment. The latter is the auce.stor of the Xew Haven Osborns. A 
daughter (Kiizabeth) of John ^^■inston was wife of Samuel Ailing, son of Koger. 
Another daughter (Mary) was wife of Thomas Trowbridge and ancestress of the present 
New Haven family. ^Ir. Tuitle was Juror again iu July, Nov. 8 and Nov. '2-1. 1G71, aud 
he is last recoided in this ca]iacity, June 13. 1072, about a year before his dr^cease. 

In March, 1066-7, ^^■iili.'\m Tuttie took the Constable's oath. 

In 1064 Mr. Tuttie ex]>oun:led to the court about taking the youngest cliild of Eobcrt 
Hill, the widow being will'tig to pan with it. In the afternoon the court considert-cl the 
matter. June 7, 16G4, Mi. Tuitle informed the court that his cousin, Widow IJill, liad 
come to an agreement v/ith him about Naihanitd. Tlie court advised it put in ^^-^iting 
and recorded. 

In 1604 a young girl was charged with pilfering from her master and from ctliors, 
among other tilings some liquors. She tried t.) in^plicate Mercy Tuttie in thf> crime Ijy 
saying that Mercy met her at <ioodmari Thor])e's and drank some of the li^.juor. Mercy 
(aged lA) denied it and the charge as to her was shown to b':' utterly false. The girl'tj 
crime, therefore, was aggravaTed l)y lying and l.iearing false witness. Before sent'?rjce 
was pronounced, Mr. Wm. Tuttie, having liberty to speak, addressed the court, and 
" with great affection" said the young girFs sin was very great, yet /c: did t'luch pifj/ 
?" r, and he JioptdtJie Court irvuld dial Lnientli/ icith htr arid put /<•:/• in some pious fern- 
ily where f<he could eiijoy the inenns af Gi'ace for her ■■^eiuVs good." 'i'he Court, in consider- 
ation of this appeal, and of the fact that others against whom she had ofiended hud not 
made complaint, said that Iter punishment should be as light as comported with a pr0i>er 
sense of the heniousness of her sin, and " for her soul's good " she was sentenced "' to be 
■puhlidy and htcerOy ii-hii>pe.d, ton, ^rrroir after lecture." It is a gralification to find tliat 
our ancestor's ideas about the ])ublic whip})ing-post as a means of grace or as au instru- 
mentality for the reformation of young girls were somewhat in advance of his time. 

The exact date of his death does not a})pear. It was in the eai-ly days of June, 1673. 
The record of his invruitory follows immediately after that of Benjamin Hing, which, 
was taken June 0, 1073. At a court held June 19, 16b3, a pajier was shown by wliich 
Wm. TuttoU and John Tuttoll conveyed to ^Vm. Eassett a lot of 00 acres of outland on 
west side of Xew Haven East Hivt;r, (Quiunipiac) runrdng from tlie Meadows vrestward 
towards Mill River,, bounded in part by land of Wm. Potter and Thomas Beaumont. 
Wm. Tuttoll died before signing the deed. 

Court, June 8, 1074, Mrs. Elizabeth Tuttoll said: "My late husband, Mr. Wm. 
Tuttoll of Xew Haven sold unto John Jones of Xew Haven 60 acres of outland near 
Sto)]y Biver, being part of his 2d division, and Mrs. Elizaljeth Tuttoll, wid. and relict 
and lawful administratrix of deceased, desired it might be recorded to Joftiie Jones, wid. 
of John. Signed, 

E. (Her mark). 

IVIr. Wm. Tuttoll, about a fortnight before his death, appeared before James Bishop, 
Assistant, and acknowledged sale and satisfaction and desired it might be recorded to 
^^'idow Jones. 

Xo will or mention of will has been found, and it is probable that lie made none, his 
v.hI calling herself his lawful administratrix, and tiuit he di»'d suddenlv. 


His dust liPS under the sod of the Old Ureen, exactly Adhere, we know not. A"? 
"sor-ial distinrtioi) was nevor lost sigiu of ev<>u in tho jjlace of graves, we inav couclade 
that lin was buiiod innong the honored men of the colony. 

The last remainder of Ins estate was distrilnited in 1709 to hi.s children, or to their 
hv-^irs. It was divided iiUo eleven parts. Joseph Tuttl^. a grandson, ajipealed fr(jni thi.-. 
division tu the court at Hartford, and deposited l)0uds to the amount of £C0 to make liis 
plea good. 

Fn>m the foregoing we may infer thai Wm. Tuith-- was the oqual, socially, of anv 
of tiie r'oloni.sts; that lie lived and brought np his ehildreu iu a manner beuttino" }>[■< eon- 
dition, and carefully pro\ ided for them the means of starunj^ iu life. Thathe was a 
man of courage, enterpris.^. intelligence, pn^biiy and piety; a just man, whose counsels 
and judgiuents were sought to cilm the contentions and adjust the difTerences of jarring 
neiglibors, and withal, of a tenderness of heart unusual in men v>hose lives were passed 
in .sirifr and conliict with despotism, barbarism, and tlic .savage forces of nature. 
Through all these years, that may truly bo said to have tried men's 'sculs, and to the last, 
he pos.-^essoil rb.e res])ect and confidence of men who-e souls '.sere tried like his own. 

Mrs. Elizabeth Tutile died Dec. oO, IGSf, aged 72 years. She liad ho^u Urhnx \>-ith 

her youngest son, Nathaniel, who, at a court held in "Xew Haven, July 28, lUS.'), pie- 

sented lier will, Imt " the other children objected and the court would iiot allov,- it." 

Tlie inventory (App. 008), tajien Feb. 3, lO't^H, by Moses Maiislield and John Ailing. 

It indicates a ladylike refinement in apparel aiid liousehold appointments. 'J hat she was 

a faithful and true wife and mother we h.ave good rt^ason to hwlh've. All her twelve 

[ children v.-ere reared to juaturily atnid privations, dangers and trials, of which the 

mothers of tlie present day can hanlly form a conceptioii", and which very few indeed 

would have the courage to face or the strength to -i^ndure. In lier v.ido%Vhood, !i"a-^ t 

f.fflictt(ui.-, were added to lier weiglit of years, but tlie religious faith and hope whicJ: she 

publicly professed iu ]»er youth, no douljt supported her as nothino; ej/^e could do through 

j all the dark aud troubled way, and unto tlie end. The nrime of hlizalveth %tas a favorite 

; one among her children and later descendants, esp'^cial'y in the line of lie; namesake 

1 2nd daughter, wliile tliat of William (singularly) wns not given to any of the eigiit sons, 

'• and to but one of the numerous frraedsons. 

Signature. 1(377, ., ^j^,^ 

Ihr grave stone was removed v.ith the others iul8?], from the Old Green to the 
firove street cemetery, and it now stands in the row along the north wall of that enclos- 
ure. A pait of the inscription is still jdain; a is obscure by the cruml)ling of the 
stone, and a part is eutirely gone. Some " Old Mortality" has" recently retouched the 
letters, and brouglit out a "few tliat were before uncertain. It is still hut a fragment, 
like a fidni and broken wl.isper from the far distant and still receding past: 

Ag(^: 7G: ;j1 : 10: 1084 
• ■ "Elizabeth Tutle 

The: blest: live: af • 

They: are: the: blest .; 

That; live: at: Rest 







»■ I. .l.iliii. i). i:i l-',i;i;-l;ili.l, 1'j:)l: in. Kutia icc ii l,;;!;;. 

I il. il.i'iMah. 1,. in K,;L;l:n,.l, 1 ';:;■?:!: :n. Kli!), .I-.^im Pv-.t-^- ,:!.^u\\<■ 

i- •rii..iir,- W.Ms. |r. 

i 111, 'I'hoi'ias. !.. in Ki!--!,^ m.I i\-:]i :.; m. May ^-l. !.;(ii. !:,.;i:;ali !'i>.v,;i. 

^: 1\'. •I.' !)ai.. Im'" '!:;.i!---'..NVh, Ma--. , '.I iih" •^. Ji;;jT;ni. k.M,.-iv:i ]',i-\[. 

I ^ . i!a- i'l, i'a;.. in ' '.. .\i'i-i' ;. Iti'!;-. In if>:,'.s (;,■ ;\ ;,-,(■,.»;, ;,1; I;;.-,! ^T in N- 

?. for ji<.iv I ;.i-;-yi.i^ anil-. \U- s.iliiu :M ^^'.; ! 1 ) ll-'li Hii , *. '^M' I!. ,, '<:] jliSo, ',;■ ii;,,! io 

f .No. I'i ml tlK'-i . ^. ..f Miliu >r. iKiriti^;' ll;:' la;tfr y:\ivs (,f ]>.'.< l\.. ]iO v,a> ;,ii :.!v;.iiu, 

^ aliH vv ■-,•:■ '■:•:! i'c ;• i v !■ ;- l>-i ^r li •! 'i'!;' i!ra,-.. : n j)!! !Mia>aT •:•' ai; ai''! :-.'lii: ; l I'v v !,;.■!.. u - 

i_ i-ov,^].\>-\;_l[iy'i. l'a\'i-i ani.v. t:i 't'l .IKliS ^^■i:1■:l■ i--t.. ■^:;;G; i!v!!_ I'L^iili.- •il}.;^: 

r i"'-r-- ^>"'" a:-;i's ill ;].(■ i lov ^m-i-i.i' - (jaa! i"i . aiiM I !/•;;■ ;*!•:■■ ~ ih 'Im X i iv i I;- J. miih. ::i 

?, li;\'.>. .\ I itr It. iif Th.iliw.s. s"i:U' afi is, l/^'(a. llas-i-i a!a! !i,!}i;i;i;i t!i!- \\ii;o\\..! 'Ml)-: 

I nvn- a<5j'a^lfG ■>;. arl.u:-. 

i; V[. .f,),;, i.M, ii:.;.. in X"\v l!-iv..-i^ N,.v :=•', W!!') V. M;,-.- •>, )(;<•;_ (l-.i,;,:;!, v;:-;-^';-^ 

[ A iIm!,;,;.- -.v. <i.'llnij— iii-^ >:-;•! M. i.'.. i;.. -.m.,- .|;iv t,, Sa:>,;.ri' i)vn:::i. ' " 

r ViL S.xiali, iiiip. !j\ N. i: . .\; :";!, in-!::; :,:. Sr.K . VV. ^i;;:;, .i<-!i,, Sia,;>;.ii. 

^ >'in. la^'alr rl;. I'ap. iM N. if.'V.,-. il, lr::;-,:i. An>-. l;i. ]i\,\: iH-hai':; IviWauls. 

I iX. Simrn. haji. in X. II , Maivl; ;S. i!;[::ii'. 

f .\. IScnJai'ii:!, liap. in N. I!., O.v. Ui), KJl^; <1. .wun. .! iua !:;. •':;, \, . 1,1-. |.i,'i, lo 

I !:is l)Vn. -iii-iav. , Tvlua rr!.-, U In. :^i;!i.,,',|Urlil I;.' , ,)n v. ir !.> .ii.- !.l:..- nl iaiLJ. 

[. -\1. M'Try I). .\i(i-i! -27, liap May lli, i'l.");!: ni. .\iav •.-. K.i::;. .-•,,;iiu'.-l ISimwm. 

t X!l. .Natliaui.'l, l.a;.. l-'rli. V?',i l";.'.-j. tlicn .;a!!c(! --nr Hi;ininr,! , h urrji ■■• m \n>- iii 

f !';6V\ Sa^-ali n^Uf. ' . ■ " ' 

i i. John Tutllo, '■ ;!i:;t:;.i \(.v. .-■:, [•;.■).;, ;{.:!;;.]•■■< n ip.'i , .I;ui. of .l,il;n. 

t \va.-..! AiuL-.n.. ;(.i!).aa<i .!. I n:;:', ;, ;. , w,;. ;:,.wi ,-..i . . ! if ^tc. a ',r, ! in ,i, >.■:,!,( 1 ;,.! i,; .'^a - 1- 

i ilavua !i'. i:ii li:s !■ Wy -n-.-d lii;ij. iit -ci.; it u--\i >iar tn .(oi.i; i'dticr, i)lacks!i:iTh, 

\ ami alx'iw >ann- linif .-a, Id, jnaa.niiii- to Doi'.d, to wiil. ot Win. Ludiiiirtoji, lafd at 

I ."-'toiiy !{i>.'-f, whicli \s-a.s a part oMii.s patrimony. In tin .-o <-onv. hois callrd jnn. At 

^- court in .\. ]!., Nov. 'io. Kiil'-i, .lolm Tnitlr loqncstcl tli:it ho luiolit liavo lil>v'rt'\ to joii-- 

I diasi* .soim laial of tlic Imlian- l)i-\o;i(l Clu'stuut Hill. ilod, Xov, )•,>, li'iX:]. fnv. t7(' 

I Adm. <;ivcn to Son.s .lohii ami Saiuncl, rla- otluT diil. to liavc ilicir part- as ilo'v ciuui' 

}^ of au-o! 
|: !. \\ Nov. 0, Ido."),- m. \o\. ;, 107'.2, Sa mu-l t'larl^. 

; 11. .lolm. I.. Srpt. 1.1, If.'x : ni. .May 2',i. Ids;), .Maiy Hiirroni;-li.s. 

I Mr. /><,rn.,>'>rr.:: /,'<,;>,, J. 

i 111. Saiuuol, h. .laii. '.), ICG;* (Id; m. .1 lou- 1(1.^1. Sarar, .Vcwnniu. 

t IV. Sarah, 1). ,la!i. "32. l(^ti!-v!: m. Sopr. \i). loVo, .lolm ilumiMo.s 

^- ;,-,^';.t,v:.., !,. .von-:;. I'i'M. 

'i''iH' aoovf 1:;,-: tour I'iiiliU-fu Si-l, ;• 'i'i;t;!.-, v.ifi of )■■■.]■]) 'i'l-tllo, Inoiiiai). M: 


E ^'ll. Kliza!..;,!:. 1,. Xo^'. 11), Lap. .\wv. "J I , ICO'I; ni. John Moa.l, jr., of N.-i'valk, 

I Vlli. Davi.i, I.. Nov 14, l']!:-^- HI. .Nov. -J-l. l(;;i^, -Marv Road. 

i IX. M!-a;ma, .lau. of .lohii Tatrif. d. Oct. H;s.; 

i: '.. .iaiMos 'I'iUtlf, on jui-y in N. II., 1" i ido, w in pi oh. iT.oiO: h u a.-- ,■<, of .h.iio.. 

{. v.-iid!,!, 'ior.'fon-, I plarod in tli" .d" his rh;l. a-. '■' t:'.,m!i:!! '.; i- .;, !.,>;, ai!' '1' 

I ••••■<■■- ■<. i;..:ij. T;inh-of V. II. l,;,p. i:, M-lfonl, luil, ai oa s. of .I,,).;;, p,--_ t,,;i, i li;;, 

I- far. ii;o;.. of Idn.. 

P.llAXCIl OV JOilX, 

.11. Ifanuah Tattle, l'. Xo\-. 2. ICVO; ui. Nov. ^, it,;;-:', yamM.-l riark,* i.iub. s. (.r 
Jolm. !i'' \v:i> ii;i i-'i)!ii. M-it!i S;innii4 li'i^mOl tn ".ve;;t iluj uic/tiiu- lioust-" in" K;isr 
iliivcii. 17!!'. r />:..•'-/.) F"],. I]. |7('(>, ;:oiiv. ■'!uii,i laid cait to mv huLci" Join, 'i'littli' 
livto <>;' \. 1!., (!■•(•.■' In ITOLi ci>\\v. tu s. ^^■l)ll(■ll .ir,.| t.i >. Jo-ej/h "laii.l lliiit I Ix-.m-U 
of X;!fli:ihl,'! 'i'uttlr (;;■ ^^^..■^ ! Ni, ry." "Mr. Simi = U'l rhuk d. Fch. V?, 17^0: v.-. pn.v 
Man-li, 1/;;!); soi... S-ii,ir.-l an.! 'i H!,,:,.t!!y rxr.-<. ; s. ]hin'u] :<, ]iuvo or.o thinl r.f Mi/- 
i,!nvaiilrs s. John oiic-ilunl. a:!,' il:.' jost c p.aUv .livi.l.M aiaoiiir all luv dii!." A codi^:!! 
in favor of .-. 'i uaotliy. wiih wlioin tlh- if-iaior li;\d livtd, was \'\h lAf'alcb "^-iaii 
■•'Ai-:< Ha.'ihak (lark <i. 1>.t. -2!. 17()S." 

1. Sai'iiH'l. !.. Au^-. 7. hu'.',: in. ,N'ov. lo, lljos, .Mai'v Brdvn 
I! Daiiio!, 1). March (J, Iful--.. 

III. John, !;. F;'l;. Vj:], l'.i7(_;-7: livinsr ii, 17-20. as per will oi 1 f 
JV. J..,s,'nh. 1.. O.-t. ^0, 1';;^: !u. Nov. :?,. ]7ii7, M:u-aU Parker. 

\. Stci-lu-ii, i). ]>.■>■. 21. l'l._-'): M Nuv. 'M, !7(i-3. Sarali Kill. 

V!. Xniiri!,, :,. Ft-],. 2'\ I'JVe: ill. May C7, 17u;). I'licl,;, Line.;, [she in. (0) .ioskua 
Tiiiti.'. ;;s.] ■ '- ' ' 

Vli. I!a;M:ah, ]>. Ajiril H, iiis.K va. .Ainii if). I7!i;i, .Iciiah Todd. 
\'i!k J'iiiiu',-;;;-. U. Ji;n.'-.]7, jlis;; jn.'M;i^-!k lil-T. .Miii^ail Bus'iett 
JX. .A'v,--a'ii. JK >( ;vc. (j, KJ-^i). " "^ 

X. llo-ier. 1>, .!.an. 2. l''.;r,': m. .Inn. •■>. ITk-?. .]olin MmIi'm-.h. 
XI. Tiin'.tii.-, b. Jail. 5, ]!-U[: m. .i-.m :!1. 17-J{, i:ii/,;ikcrli .Poltcr. 
Xif. Mehit-iklo, I,. May 10. Ki'.'S; ;,,. l),.^.. i,;, IT'J'?. 'i'hoinas j.ov-n. and d. 0:1. 2.i, 
172:;. '.hne_w..,?k'S afrer 'o. of only child. J I, ni. a. "X; wi". and h;id nin- ehik ,S f JVnir 
IL'.i.j' n.n'.-lr//. 1. MKiii-' Aii:.!-.. '■. Uci. 4, lT-i.7; livinir in J7-14-.'), as per dee.i (,[ lauu 
near (Marl-; to 'i'i.onia- Stevens. 

111. SfunneT Clark, h. .Vsv. 7, li'7:!; n^ Xov, l'}, ](\\r', Marr. .ni-. of Kh'-ncxe-' 
and lliii'na;i (Xinceni) Hvown. i). Ap.l;-. (!, I(i7.1, d. I)ee. 31, 1747." lie leni. ii/ Xorrh 
Ilav.-i!, Conn., thence io ^^. e. part of Snathinu-ton, Coiin., vrii,>re h.:' d. .Inr.e l'.'/i7.>k 
^ged si. 'I'h.. Io,;:\;i'y ]ia-; ever ^.^inc been knov-n :is Ck.rkV; Far;;.... 

(Ti"'f'>ir\s IUsi-.ri/ of S'>>ifJ,i;i(jioii., froM-irlurh in p'lrl tJii-^ rc-mil of (h.-x. of r^.'„"ic! 
CUirli l-i (,i;,t II :) 

\. .\!>iadiani. h. Oct. I!, 1«lOl); ;n. O/t. 4, 1721, ^fanha Tvler. 

!i. .M;iry, h. May S. 170:k in. Sept. C, I7;;i. }4''i.-^e.s "ikile 

Ilk llanniih, 1). Anii-. f). 17l,»k 

IV. l);.vi.k b. Sept.' ■, r;i)7; m. .\nz. V,\, 1700, Ih.inr.ah Woodruff. 
V. Silas, h. Oct Ik ITn^I; ni. Dec.":;!, 1720, Eunice Cook. 

-- \\. Isaac, h. .luue 2. 170^; ni, M,-ircli 21, 1734, Mary K(djerrs of Wallintvford, Conn. 

VII. Ruth, 1>. .Iniie 2. 17()0, in. .);.n. 7, 17;:!o, Tkmhd Cnher. and liad Kh-.uior .Tun 
18, 1731',. 

Vtii. lll•/ci^lah, 1). .Inly :;!, i7F'k m. .kui. S, 17.;.j, Ahi Curtis 

IX'. Fnos, i,. s,-p(. 10, i;;!: w. D, c. 7, 17:3. lumice HnsscH. 

X. Al.ii;ail, h. l\-lj. l.-j, 1713; m. Z^Iav 17. 1732. .Jonathan ]?ronson. 

_,- XI. Israel, 1). April 17, 1714; in. An-. 3, 1743, Midiitablc . 

1111. Abraham Clark, b. Oct. 11. llil):i; mil. caj.t., res. S. ; d. Se]it. 23, 1780, 
aged DO; m. Oct. 4, 17^J, Martha Tyler of NVallingford. He m. (2) Oct. 4, 1742, Mar.c'erv' 
Gilleiie of Fannlngton. " > ' o . 

I. Mary, b. March, 21, 1721; m. Dec. 8, 1741, .loseidi Clark 
II. kvdia. b. March 1. 172(1. 

III. Samuel, 1). Sept. 12, 1727 

IV. Kufus. 1). .Ian. l-j. 1730; jn. Marcli 22. 1753, Marv 

V. Keziali, b. Oct 3 1, 1731. 

+John r.ivJ .kime>; Ck.ric in X<-\v }Iaven. i6;^a. Jolm three polls, r.-ar £3.10 four v-rs.T.s. rate 
£-,0: rcia-'V-ed t'j Strjo,.;^. p. History Oi .S-.mtliiinjt"", Crmn.,' .S.Lniuel !si,;<'ic'd sin nf J.'me.s tohn .S. 
ClaiU, Ks'p. f.f .-Vuau.n, .V. V.. t.liinks Sai^iii'jl w.'s o: Lieut U'itliam Clark's t.uuilv, v^-ho cHnif .roiT! 
F.nslariJ t.,) L);i:vl'o.-.tfr u\ -.z-^t. t.-) Xwnhainf.-on. :.',.-o, and d. iC'/i. Mis sr.u Wnli.v.n removed t" J.cLn-.noa, 
Crnn.. aTl h-ci i--: 'H.u' 'H.-ic-s 1 b.on^as ana Tira;,-,hv, o-c latter resiilcvl ia Lrt.anr..i. It I :,r.< r.or i-is- 
t.iken la the itientity ..t J.->seph (1141 :x?, tho crantorin i:n toF.Kenczer Beech'Tof richt in !:i!:J .ci1 out 10 
Gr;indtathirr John C'.ark. then it to-lows th-p.t .lohn lather of Samuel. The latter wis c.^ir-! less nf:iflv 
rehiied to at least twi ni the I'lree U'i-i(ih:un count v Chirk famihes In on wry ra.-iv there ucie 
(Ics'-citdmUs ct 'hr-.^c 'lis'ir,.:! f.irn'.I'Cs of ii-Ciiw viz : I.icut. U'i;!i.t:a. i-snv .! ,■;', .'... ■' '); ■.;■;, s^. r^ U.rv 
ot the olnnv. aivl .!.)hn. H i-:^ a Pliiir nas. John a;ui Tc^othv Cl.irk in M.'n^tarli pet-:ioco"c! t^> t/^ 
an'i.*\.d to H.i:n;.--n, !>c:nc: within t( ur roiies from tier, mfc'i'i,: .',i,'ie-f.;. 

••.Tn 170, T.>!a-. Chirk and wife, Deb.T.ih, of Xjv,- Ib-uen, ccnvc , .:i' io -I'ara,. D'',.ke- ni.i;. ri"ht iU land 
;aC: oat to Naih:uii-i I'.,!i..r. Perha.r, re removed 1.0 WinJi'.a. ....i..ia v. 



VI. Haniiali, hap. Dfv. \1, ]T;1I); tn. Jan. 17, IT."}?. Al)cl, s. of JnsrnK d'lidley, 1>. 
t^cj)!. 20, 172'.), uncle of Zfl>iiia Gruilcy. 1, SiiAs. N(,\ . 7. 17.')7. 2, Axx, J-'ch" 'iij 
nr.U, d. A]);-il 4, nCd. ;:, Em, N..v. 2:;. 17C.l, 4, .\;;i:i., V,b. 17, l'7ii4. (l! .inn.'- Ik', 
iriiij. 'j, liL'i;r,, Drc. 1. nci") (>, J'uKHK. Mairli 7, 17(;!). 7, Hannah, MmcIi 2, 1'^71.' 
VU. !-!('iil)cu, \>A\i. .\[arr!i 1;i. K^S,',! in r.-v. war. Ci.!. Wvl!\'s ii^,i. 
Vlli. Al.>i-aliaai, h. Ai)til2. 1:40; m. in S. Marrh 10. 17(;2. SaiVh", .!au". o|' 'J1>.,rnas 
aiiil .Mar-arrt |X>-al) Iiii4-on, b. Feb. .:!, 17:j'.i. 1, \i;\ki;,1i Aui;-. 1 , ] ?(! 1. 'J. i\)i;c'\.-. 
Sc].!. ;:;0,^] ^il. ;;. J.Yi>i V, Nov. 1, 17;-2. 4, Sauaj!, S.'^t. llt, 1774. ,7, MwViiv .'mi."- 

2o. i::s. 

IX. Eli/.al,-tli, h. N;.v. 4, 174;i. 
X. U. b-kali. 1). Maivli. 1, i;47. 

11111. Mary Clark, l). Mar-li 24, 1724; m. IVc. S. 1741, .hy>i-i,h (lark .4" Wulcr- 
biirv, wlni (1. ..Ian. 1.7 i7-)(J. 
■]. Mars-, i). Oct. :;, 17 ri. 
II. Ab:r.-r. b .May 12. 174-"., 

Til. liuth, \>. A\vs 2s. 1747; in. Si'pt. 1;;, 17(i.7. .loscpli. s. n!' Tliamas lan'-.ton. bap 
June 1.7, 174<"»; rem. ti:) 15iitl'nut<i:i, Conn , r.boiit 1770. i. 1, .Iamks. 2, Hanxah. ;j, 
Tu'i-vfAs. VI. r.Tii. to N V. S. ; 1)ail Si/'ri", h. about \> 12, ai.;! o'li^-rs. 4.' A];i;a, vi. ftiid 
liad !'ain.: rr.-; Jirif., Conn. ."). la ill (i, Jo^^l;lMI. b. .Mai-.4i. )r,'>; m. .Ian. .11. 1707, 

; !' 17r.7; a. In Xcvv !!iit'. about ls.")7, a-,-.! ,^2. lb' 0.. a.b-ul tiii'cc nit^s. .aii.-a-'li^ 

wf., a-cl S2. 41:cy livid t(;^'i;tln..'r (M yca.r.s, l,a.4 .-^ix (4ill., of whom two 4. n-. ioia. 
Ironi ]>nf!in:,'-ton to Ximv Ili-cf., Conn. 1, 11', m. n. of cmi.^. .-ibdut 1^2'.*, a.i:( .["about 22; 

uuni. 2. /.'"■•./(.''. Ml. . ;;. .AV.'/,'.v,'. b. I-IJ; (I, Lf con.s. IM ]i'cr""lNi]i M;:r 4' 

Cldo,, b. about lSi2. 

Chloe Lankton. — VVliile Aai'inL;- lor ilio <-!rs at X'cw llanf.;-,; iL-.; o'Jkt dav, I 
■callc.4 on (7hiot.; l.anktoii, wlio, a.s your readers know, ha.>. bc-'u continod to Ik r bcdfor 
the last fortyscvcn years. At the a,C'.- to' ciL'litef.-n .■,ii<' Iom tii.- u-e of ker limb^. inul 

:i.-'.ant aiui .-'eN-fre 

from liiat tiineha.-; be^i iina!>ic to w.ilk a s*,.p .\!t] 

paia. sli!" is sociable, plca'^anf, and j.ioks youn;;-;- iba.ii ni,-..i!\- \v<,-nee of lorlv. liri- 
hair is a darki<l) brown, eyes reiain all ilnar yo.itbf ul lustre, lif-r iu:oi;irr r^'s'iined. 
ho])efu! and ])ntient. IT-r conipie>:io:i is ^i^o'j;!', and in ydioir A^<- is a plea^a^t "t'ood 
looking person. ' ' " 

Her pre.-eiit lunae is a stoiy and a half liouse, i)ainted whit.\ and siaiid-, a.luiat fortv 
rod:, west of th.e Connecticut W'-stern depot on ilu> iiort|, <■<[.■ ,,f the ro.;d. 'J he rouni 
she o(;cui.ies frotUs the s'reet on one sido. .V low, in' windo'.v has breii sub.-;tit,ut'od 
for a narrov,- one, addiui,' a irreat deal to the cheerfulness of the room. Tlie |il,i/t.' wa.s 
a present to lier. .Mr. liu-^^idl Stur,i;-i's. a H;)ston mil liona.ire, cent ribiitecl ;i he.udivv.l 
dollars, Professor Morse, of telci^-rajihic lea.owii, another lnii.dr<'.l; friends in X<'<v 
York and P!ii!n hdphia i,'avo con-ideraMe. while frieuvls ai lioiu-', .-iid Sunda\ sdiooks 
at lionie and awa\ from hotm- have all to rai.-c tlie cost of the ])iat.-e— .-^bUO I 
think— and it is now huis, a fa-t tor whirh Chloe l.ankton is very thankful. 

In 18.79 the Amer-ican Sunday Schoid Union of I'hilaihdphia ])ublishc.l u sketcli of 
her life, a coi.y of which I remember to have read soiu" yoars ai^Mi. ][<'r room is a 
perfect museum of cariosities, wliich she- enjoys showiiii:. " She luis ])erfecf use (d'he'r 
liands, usiiii,' them to make an variety of fancy arii(4es, some of wliirh lind a 
?;lowsiile. Physioloo;ic:dly, Chloe Eankton is an intere.stiui^ study. That any mortal 
can live nearly half a century. sulYeriii:;- intense burning- ])ain vear after ye;ir, "siii iidin'^ 
the long, weiry lumrs in b^-d" in a 10x12 room, with the dull cert.iintv tliat as'lou"- as 
she lives her sufferini^s will increase rather than lessen, and still lo'ok as vouik'- and 
liappy as she does, is cert.ainly most e.\rraor«linary.— .1/; ,/. IT. /// lAtrhfuhi Inqiiiver, 

The sket.;h above referre.l tr, fs a 12 mo. of 24!ii>p., futHIed, "(lilne Lankton or 
Li-ht l^-yoed the r4oud>. a Story of iJeal kite.- !t c.,n,;wes her yiortrait und'au 
<^n-raviv,- -A he.- l;on!e. It is.o,.e of the most beautiful! n written, pathetic and absorb- 

ini.' ot -torie;-. .- C,,:,rp. 

IV. i,ydia, b. Oct. .7, 174i.». 

11114. Rufus Clark, h -Ian. 1.7, 17:;0: m. Manh 2'^ 17-77 Mir\- wie, d 

March If,. iM-j. aire<l il. \\- lived on V'e r si , S. ' ' " ' 

[, Daniel, b. Feb. 2ii, r.7 1 ; d. Oer,. 1.-,, Y'.\:, ; ,;■,, .iune H, 17?;! !i,;ldah d-o, n^' i-o,-. 
and llenzibah (l!ecldey) \Vo,.d, b. O-f. l.'k ]7,-, 1. F;. rinin-.on. 1. .\.s.^il i,,,,' «, y[;;,.,d, j.]" 
1<<:> ; d. May 4, 1^'.7! ; m. .Martha Fond, who d. Mav lo i,Si'> jie-ed (;.; ' ; ] s^,^, /,/,,' 
m. Jamos I,ev^is, b. Au- \ ISo, ; y. c., 1S24. lie' exrcdled in studies' of' botauv vnk 


I'.UAXCll Ol' .JOIl.V. 

mathtMiiiitios, and was rxti'fiiii'l} fond of (Iuu-jts and iniisic. Ismpldvcd at \A'(st Pi^im 
as a tcachrr, chirtlv of thr cliilvii-cn o[' ilic pi-olV'ssuis in tin- militarv" acadmi v. for'r 
y.^ars, and d. of luiiir f,'V(-r Aii,y. :2t!, iNvO. He rontfiu|Matcd iH-tni'iiin- to S.niihin-ton 
to found an acadmiy. and it is .-::iid tliat liy liis advirr Sally j,f\vis l<'f;. the fund tliat Ix-ar:- 
Inn- name. 1. livirn M . , U. Aiu'. -*:', l^;'-',""; m. S ']>t. >'(;, i ^ li;, ( l.-o. Lewis o;' TMainvill,. 
who (1. .May 111, IStHi. f,--i'd .■)(). (1), Flormrf S.. !.. .Inne ."i. ]s4^. (•') ('i'tlicrinc M 
1). April '.), iS"il. (:J), (i<'o. II., h. Frl.. :Jii,,:j-4. (-li. Helm (i., h. Sejit. VJ. lioij. " 0. 
(.'atln-rino, b. June ."), 1S„".). :], .lames, b. Marcli o, is:j| ; m. F-in-line >tron<j: (>f I .aPorie, 
Ind.. and settled tliere as a mendi. :?. .1-//;/, r.-s.',, Ind 2, ilnofiA, |i. .Jar. -J,", 
177;-). o, Hi;iv.ii;.\H. 1.. I7s[; d. Nov. 4. ]NrJ: m. John f'ase. 4, Sri-.i'iii.N, h. .huie IS 
ITS!) ; d. Ort. L>s, ls:r); ar-d SS : ni. Maivh -Ji). I^k;, Ihith, dan. of (.'lies' and Sara.L 
(Carter^ihm, wh<i d. Sept. 2.'). Is;:). 1, ./,//in.-<, ],. i»ec. l,'), IMi;; m. Jujvk;. is;!!)' 
Eliza, (hiu of Levi IJrown of I'lvmontli ; !>. Se]ii. 7. 1S14. 1 .VnToinrtte L P(4) 1] 
iy4'2 ; d. Maivh ','. ls4-.i. 'J. Kvelun- Lli/.a. h. Jnlv -7. isfd I'ni. Julv S.'lsOr, O V 
Whe.der. (11, ]in\,fn O.. Julv IS, lS(;s. ,0,. Janus (lark. Jan. :;'U "isfll (:): Eva 
Li/.zie, 1.. Antr. Vl, l^^^,^ d !>er, :il, L^;.;, (4 . tn-.,. )ie>sard, .\'i-. n. Ln74. 2. r,/,',./;;;, 
b. Jan. 2', isiO ; d. Sept. l:.!, lS;;i. ;;, /A////./. I.. [)rr. is, L--Jl': m. .May :!, IS17, A!i( .' 
Culver, who d. Sept. 7. IS7.'). (1). Willie I'irrpont ; h. .Lui. 2S. IS.^7 ; d. Oct. 1 ' IS"!'). 
-!, S./ni/i //,/).-(■//-///, I). .March d. 1n2s ; ni. .May, 1 ^'."i 1, ( 'haiiiic.\- Diiidiani: 1'. Niiv. 27. 
182;;. .J. CliirisMi. ],. Jan. is, l-:jl ; d. <'.-i. 2. i"^:;L il. .!„/•:/. Aul'. 2'.). IS-i."); ni. Naucv 
iicach. 7. .<iiii'il. 1). .lau. 2Si, 1>;!S; d .Jan. :;i, ISl.'i. 
it. .lo.x'ph, h. .^hlrch 20. 17.->0. 

III. I'hel.e. b. Dec. 24. i;.V.(. 

IV. Joel, b. Mar.-li i;,.i:i;;; : ni. Feb. 2ii. I7s4, Phebc S.eil. r, 

V. Seth. (Jet. ■j4. 17rO; ni. Chh'e i5a:lev. ]. .'(/.\Xn\' F. . pec. 1{», ];'^'l; m. .Mav 
2(;, 1^11). .b.hri i'.dwa.d;. /, L .l,,/< i, . A. a.n ird'. 2, J[.r,:-I .1., b' .\pii! -J ; , Is-y;'; 
in. Jan. 2, ls.")4. Ivdwin .\. Siainuird ; b. liaddani, <'onii., Nov. ;;, IS-JO; <nn of .(osjah 
a)ul Lydia (lliibburd,; m. (1) .May IH, 1S|:, ( amline .M. Le(k|e\, v.Ik, d. .!ulv ;!, is-.p. 
lie enlisted All;: 1 ■>. 1S'J2. i n < 'o. i', 2l>' h < onn. re-, of vol-. , nndrpp. -er^t. ' For two 
years and eii;-iii niculhs in constant sei-viie aiul nuuiy liai;'es. and had nianv '.nxn-x 
e.=;capes. At K'esaca, .\la. . struck by a piece of sh-'U ;,i,.l boot cm open. At l'.cu;on\ ilb-. 
X. C.. .March 111, isi;."",, sho; tlirou-h the Iniiu-: d. at • loj.l- lior,',, \iarcli 2i> buried 
Southiuiitou with nidiiar}- vw\ )na--iUi;c hoin)r.-.. .Ian. 'i. iMid. "lie wa- a i:;it)iMii 
soldier, and chcei fully u.r.e hi.s life for his coiiuti,." 1, F.mnia .M . . b. .!a.i. 1, b-.'iO. 
2, Carli<ni J., b. .Mav 1 1. Is.-,;. ;j. ,/,//,// ,s'. r. , b. .iulv 11, b- 2o. 4, n.:,r<i a\ .fniv 

0, lS;iii. .-), .jn,i,,iiii /■■., .iuu.- ."), ls.;2: in. Au;;-. ;;i. ls,l', .lohii W . Sav'au<'. 

\'l. .Mary, F.4,. 27, 1 77.'!: m .M.-nch 1. F-'.il , Z.JiIna, son of N.iah ami Sarah ;i[,-iu. of 
Hev. .IiM-e Curtis) (Iriillev : b. 1 riF) ; d. Nov. 2li, 1S12. 
VI 1. l.'euben. .\pril l", 177.";. 

1112. Mavy Clurk, b. .May S. l :u:;, m. Sept. li, i;:!l, .MoM's ^'ale^hi- 2d wL), son 
of Nathaniel anil .\ una (,1 'eck) \ ,ale of \\ al 1 :u- I ord, b. Julv 1(1, 17ri."'i; d. 174■^ She in. 

F2) Berry. 

i. .\ iron Vale, b. .Line 7, 17d2. .Meivh. (d' llrti. a shm-t lime, rem. tt; Salisbur\, 
Conn , beti)i-e 1771; thence lo Charlotte, ( hitiendeii cfuuitv, \'t.; thence to Ohio, near 
.MaCietta, where he d. about IS.'l. ai;ed SIJ. Hem. .Vnna, dani.diier of Cap:. Sleph.eii Ibiv 

nn-rof \V. Hri f.. b. 1 74t>: d. about 17;;b He m. {2i '. 1. I'h.\i.i;v, b. J 7'i2: d. in 

f).,.\u,u. b"), IS.JD: m 17^1), Zeiah Curtis, uhod. ISb) Several chil. : re.dd.ed at .Mi. \"er- 
non, () 2, .\.\i:().\, b. .\])ril 11. I7(i:;: rem. to Madrid. St. Law re nee Co., .\ V. ; d .lune 20, 

IS.-)!!, ai.':ed S7: ni. Loi.- ISarnes 1, y/<//-/ /- /", b. .1 niie -JS. 1 ('.i I : in. Smit h Ibiyniondo' 

-Madri.l, X. \. 2, S,ill;/. b. .\iil;-. (i. KDiI; m. Leonard Simmons, (2i Lvman Sbiimons. 
•■], Ijnini, b. .\u-. 7, V,'.i'<: m. Ira Fiilliii-tou <d' M.. X. V. 4, Ae/.v, "l,. .Lil\- 17, |s((J: 
d. \h-r. 1(1, ISIS. .-,, \ltii,rr,i. b. .Inly 27, 1 <n2 : m. iiichani lb own of \. .■^'ei :i X . Y. 

f), Cun'ij.- If., b. .Iiine;;d, ISO.-,, ,1. Seps". 12. F:li7. o. .Mosi.s, ],. ; d.alioiit bs|(i, in 

Marii t'.a, ().. leaving- t'am.:re<. Abe orLcii. 4. Sti-iii:.'^,, b. !7(;(!:d. .-dioiit ls2o;siin. 
had family. ."), .vN.N.v. b. 17(ir:d.. .\ii,i;-. I'.'. 1 S4() ; m. 17:)^; As.-i F.a laies (,f ( 'ha i loi n , \'['.. 

who,!, at LansinyburnJi, X. "i . . |s(i:i; had three sons and t wo dan.--. 0, i'i)i.:.\. b. . 

7, S.\i;.\ii, ni. ('apt. (.'eo. A I h-n (d' Xew Loiiilon, \'ernoi!, X. \. 
11. ,\bi-;.,i| Vale, b. X...V. 2.7, 17;;;!; m. Oct. Ill, \ir)\, Siinimd Scoviile, 

HI. L.\dia, b. Sept. II, !;:;.7:>;. 17:t:;;m. Livan 

1\'. .\nn.i, b. An--. 11, 1 7;!7: d. unm. 
y. Mom-, b. Mav ^, 17::'.l; d.ied vounr;. 

VL Mos,s, b. (><■'■ I'l, 174';: rem. 'to Charlotte, \t. ; d. l^l-'!, a-ed 7'i; ni. Loi.s Lviuan. 

1, LVM.\.\, b. .Miv ID. 177..;; d. .\u-. 21, ISIU. a^vd (;.7; m. .lau. 17, IS'd, Fativ, d.'an. ot 


IMiiliji -aiul IsaliclluFcote, 1). Oci. '^4, ITTO. 1, Aniin,i]ii, h. Nov. lit, ISO]; m. C. A. 
Scviunur. -J. C'lrolnif-, 1). May 14, l^(l}; lu. llrm-v ^'al(_- I'anifs of M(.iit j..-li.-r, Vt. 

:;. /;..'/'/'■/(,, 1.. Mi^v '-'N, is(ii;-. m. i:. }i. ^vlH•.■l(r. -i. 117///,^,-, i). 0( t. 1, i.-^ot;!!!. Ort. 

■.'0, ]:-:;.■), A nu-lia Stioiiu^ 1, Mavtiia 1-., April iC, ls:;',l. ;>. .lohn S. , (.)ct . 2n, l^AO. '.), 
Win. S., T-\>li. 10, ]vl-2. 4. .Ji;ir;<Tta, P.T. -.M, ISi:; o, inf. , Siik. •?•.). is IS. r>, Ahhin!' ,h. 
Srju. 2t;, ISO;); m. Mardi :!!, iSo.".. Nnali iJesr. (J, llmris. li,' Dr.-. 2■.^ Ks]l; m. Fc!i. V?, 
isy.':!. :>.lar,v Otis. 1. llanirtO., Auir. :'.. ]s;j'.i 0. MaivK.. Frl). S, 1S41. .".Maria L.' 
Oot. :!l. T^"4:. 7, /."/.v. h. .Man-h ",, l*:-!.-); ,1. 17-1,. C'j'. IS-l'i; ui. .M.arrli M. '■[<',^, V.. A. 
_Mattlic\>-. •}, Loi-. .1. Siiit.. IMl. num. ■',. l.rcv. h. ])<■(.• -JIV 177'.). 4, >r<.sl->. b. 
Nnv. '.!, 17S(;, (twin) n s. Hoii-e's I'oin:, X. Y.; in. Ortavia Sniitli, (Oi 1>' t>-'\ Smitli, (:)) 
Jhumali J..M,iiar(l. /. l-y tir>i lu.; 1. .1/ '/v/, h. D.t. il^ isl 7. 2. li'w/. 7/. , Ij. AjMil K.lSl'U; 
m. -laii. is, 1,v4:). Man- .\. .\..r.h. 1,'l'aiurlia ,\nnii, h. Oct. 'J'.', ISl-l; d. .\^lu^ ~0, 
ISU;. /. 2(1 m.: ;;. J/'.^'/.w.// >.. D.v. ii. is-.'ii. /. ;;<! m.: 4, (>,-larIji, h. Nov. T), is:i2. ,""), 
I'l'inidi'ih 1) Dec. 14, ].s:j!S. .S. iiKisiov, twin with Mos.'s. 

V;[. Clil.M- Ya!,f. I; Oct. ill. 1M-"j: lu. Kn^i^l, llou-ii "f Mcriilcu, Couii., Ajiril 27, 

i:»;:: -a. Jiiiic24, itti. 

Vlfl. Mary Yah-. !.. ; lu. , l^arkcr. 

1114. Dlivicl Clark, n. S.-j.t. 5. IT'I"); m. in I'arininii-tMU, Cnuu, \v.-s,. I!^, 172'.), 
Haniiali, .Ian. of .Im,-..|.1; uii<l Hannah n'lailo \\'.H„lrn(T, h. .\n.'-. 22, Kul, in I-".; d. Maicli 
22, i;si. a.-.'.l 77. 

1. liannali, i.. Mar'-hl:], )7::0: m. Si[.t. 2'!, 17.')1. David iJ.arin-s, res. IJri- tol, Cuui. 

II. Ann)>, 1. Sent. 2. i:;:i: r.-s. F.: d. in iH-iliU'ln-m. Tonn., .Mavl."j, ISnO. ai^-.-d HO; 

ni. Nov. 2ii, 17."i:;, Xa.nni o!' p,., ulm died il'cr.- Xov. 1, ]s()s, ;,^,.d 1-1. 1, Oi.n'i:, 

.<«•].;. m, !7.")';. 2. TiiiKM). .\|.r;i Id. i.7."i'.). ••;. Sakja. i>cc. is. I7tii. 4, S.ujAii, .Ian. 

7. 17(;4. ."), A.n.m;. Mav l<i, i:(;;i. 

Ill I'avhl. h. F. !.■. 11. lidl. 

IV. linldali, !.. Dec. ]S. 17;;.'.; m. March ;;i. 1 7 ■'.■"■). Danic-i Allni. 
^■. J'hcl,,-, 1.. N.A-. ".I. 17:;:: ni. Mar. :-;i, 17.7-.. Danid Lanu'dnn. 
A'l .\h;-a;!. Lap. Sc].!. 2, 17""!t; :;;. Xmv. 1";. 17:)!.', Marvin ll-cV^wiih. ]. A (Hrn>. 
d, .liilv. i:r,y -J, A (iiii.p. d. l-"cl., 2-, i7li7. 

\"li. .\lcriia.n . M. .'an. S. 17rrl. .\ ('nrtis. 
^'Fl. '.iiidc. hap. .\p;ii 2-. IMF set. in Flvin(.ntli. 
F\. .Martha, b F.4.. 2F 174'!. 

1114-3. David CFark, h. I'd.. 14, 17:;4; d. in Sonthin-mn D-.c. .',, 177.-.: m. X<.v. 
is. 17.-)^;, I, '/is. dan. i.i .ionMiian and Snsanna. i iiiclia I'dsj .\ nd i cw ,.., h. at v'^. -I n.;e CO, 
17:;(k d. of tfvcf .\uu:. 2h. Isil ; slic in. (2) D.-,.. s, KDl, .\nu.s Hart (d' .^., his '.'A \vl'. 

1. Solnnn.n. h. : d. Mardi 2s, 17S'.). 

I!, i-di-.ha, 1). 17.-)7; rev. so! in (',.;. W'vlF-,' i-r:;!. aial .-.■lid In- saw .\n(h-c linny; 
ni. in S., H; !.n-d. Sh.-nvo.>d, v.dn. d. .d mns. S-j.r. 2.-'." 1S12. a-vd .'.i;; (2) Xov. .'lO. Fsl'?), 
Martha, d;in. ..r .\:;a Wood r, iff. vFIm. d . l\d.. 1.'.,' ISV.I, a,u-cd 1)2. lie d. .May 17, ]S;j.-,, 

au->-d 7S. .-) (d'-il , :; d. yoniiir. 1, Ai.iMiix, 1. : ni. X<m-. 2iI, ISi.;, Sarah ('., dau. <d' 

•i-nild and lamice ,''.\I()rse ('ris>v. h. Anu'. 12, 17sF rem fnnn S. To so. I'eiin 1S:;7. 1, 
Fr,iUr[<-l\ ba].. Xov. 4, |s2F 2." J,o/,..v. hap. Xov. 4, ls2]. 2. 15i.Ts!;v, b. 17-d; m. May 
7, Isui;, Sainmd .\ndre\vs. jr., b. in S. .Xov. 2. i:s;j; ,1. (,f lich.l. .March IS, Is.a'.i; towii 
clerk many yeai's, " a man ol' inteliiu'ence and trne worth, u'ood lookiiic;, Via-11 tVirnicd, 
alTabh., lifiiennis and L'eiit leinanl v. " His wid. d. ."\lav 2d, lSh2, at her s. Fanibf-rt's in 
I'lanlsville. \,L,itnh,rt li.^il i,> t'l , 1>. May 12, 1807: m". Di'C, ls:.s, i:ii/,ahe!h, dan. (d' 
Scth and IJebecc... (I\c]se\- '. Smith of .Middle!'. \vn. ( 'onn. 1, hdlen ( i ., b. Mav d, ISlS. 
2. Martha Clark. .Jnly'.i, l.s.-,4. 2, Jhiinwl, lyix-ihrlh, h. Dec du, lsp2: d." O. 1 2.-., 
iSdl; m. .inlv F lS:i7, ib'ainerd of Iladdam, ('..nn., who d. Feb. 7. Is7n, aired U.-j. 

1, Amelia S; 2. .Mary F., m, O.t. IS. 1S;;U. |7d.-ar ')'. (Iridh-y. d, ^^ilbnr V. 

Hi. Ithnri'd, h. 1 7.-).e d;, ii, s. Xov. .',, isi F m. li-nlah Farnain of Da nbnry, ' 'onn. . 
who m. ,2) De" ;». isl7, Sila.- Tavh.r and d,. .Ian. 2.-., Is24, a-'cd iF.. 1, D\\ iD.'m. X.>v. 
IS. 1S17, Ada.h l.a.Mc Hr.l. ai;d"s],.-m. C'l D.-.-. 2s. !S;U, S.dah Fa rn<s and d. Iiis wid. 
Fe!). :, li^as Sic- ua.^ m-.. o!' lb v. Henry F. Ilarnes (d' Wd.rce-ier. Mass, 

IN', llila <.r ;ii_dM}. m, 'dar' b ;;n. 17!)r. Di'. .b,hu I'ofu'r of \\(dc..;t F(.nn..'s. ..f 
•lucl by his 2il v--f. . hap. .FiimS, 17110: rcui. wot ahnni is-jU; Ids tirsi v. f. was Fy.lia, 
dan. of Dea.. .\aioii i i:iri-I,-on, wie><). Sept. 2i;. 1 ;;i(i. ], .loiix Ali\M--,b. l'( h. 2.-|. 171. S. 

2. Fvni \ .M\i.i\. !i. S. p; ■,::',. I7!.'.t; d. Oct. 12, 17.'.». '■'>. .\i.i;i.';r lb.i'Ni:v, XCv. 2. 
isi)0. 4. .-.\i;.vii .\l.\i;i.\. '.March .';. !m>;;. 

"d. FoF-. n;. hdiphah-t D;ywd and d. in Canaan, Cnii. 
y\'-v. h. .Xmv 4 17)'>'.e m. -ionaihan Hart. 
Vn Sraiir::, h. 1 : 72 : s.-hwoi i-'aclnr; d. nnm. .Fdv ], •'S(i7, 


Mil. Lois, li. Dec. 17, 177i; d. J;ui. 18, 1SG7. in S. : ni. Vi-h. '21, 17118, Sila-i Bi.^.liop 
of E. llav. 1, ilKonoK, Jan. 7, \^{J-2; ni. Aug. -J!), 18:jl, Eliza, rhui! of Mark Lan.-. 1. 
C/tarL.s .v., March 27, Ls:);i. 2, 7v'///% ('., Si^pt 17. 18:;3 :J, S./n//i, .lune 17, 18.7. 4 
Walter Ji , Sept. 2s, IboU. 5, Luf/<n: Fd) :!, 181.;. C, .A,//a.y ir., Srpt. U, 1809: d'. 
April 5, 187:1 2, Bi:nxktt, b. .Marcli 21, 119:); in. Ai>ril 2i», ls}J, >[urv (.'urti-; .2) Jan. 
12, is;i2, Polly (lUmlianij \V(;o.Irr,:t, \vi,i. oi' Isaac. IK- d. .March 21, "iS.^O, and his wid. 
111. Dec 10, 18'm, Dca. Ulivcr Ltuis. /. hy in.: 1, /I, mi/, h. .May lil. 1824. 2, 
Ja/iff ('., Jan. 4, 182li. i. by 2-1 in : 3, J/<//'^ /:'., in. Ithanua- Bntler oi' New Britain.' 
4, L'lri'-s V. '), WUiitiiii. 

1114 3 6. Lucy Clark, b. Nov. 4, IVOO; d. in Paris, On.cida Co., N. V., Feb. 20, 
180;!, I'-u day.s after l)irth of Icltubod; m. Jc'natlian Hart of Hiistol, Conn., who u. .Mardl 
2, 18l.i!l, ai,'.'d CO: (,2d wf.); he in. (1) Mary Coc, wlio d. about 178?: he rem. to Paris 
about 1794 and d. tlu-r*'. 

I. Alvaro, b. Nov. 14, 1788; d. Paris, X. Y., Nov.. I's24; in. 1812. Bei.:;.'v Ihur. /. 
1, J()xvjii.\.v A!.\- Aim. 2, Pu\vi,Y r.i.iz.x, .1. is;;.-, at Osweiro, .\.Y. ;!, Lrei-\.' 4, J.vxi;. 

0, VA.V/.XV.VA':',. 

U. Orris, 1). F.'l). p!. 1701; d. at ()., X. Y., Xov. ?,0, Is-^"). nnuxh. ; jud,ii,T court com- 
mon i)leas; shcritf of (Jncid.a county i8U' to 1824; served in war of 1812; inauv vear? 
can:d coiu.uissioner; memiier stale const, con.; reji. in X. Y. ie^-. 182r.-7; m. F.lizab-iii 
Bigelow, who d. Pec 10, 1840. 1, Jcii.v A.nx. b. .\lar.h 'J, l,sl4; m. F.-b. 24, 18:jd, 
lio.i. William BuUen, b. Clinton, X. V., F.'b. -Jd, 18J1; d! Sjuthport, Wis., (icl. 27^ 
184(;; (2) Dea. (ieorye Bciun-tt, b. Pidi;-oli(4d, Fairfield Co., Conn., several lime,, a ineml)er 
in each branch of Wis. h-j,-. j, (A-.-i'.v y///'/!, July 1, ls:V3; d. Jan o, ISO"). 2, Mcry 
r/^^rfz-'/ifr. in. Pot.-r Kindic. a civil cn-'inoer of re[)ati-; .■;./.; re... IJuiValo. ;',. Wil'.iini- 
Herbert, Inmbfr mendi. and tirst-class biL-ine.-s man in ClTn-au-o. 4, ./.v'/;? Frrincts, b. 
Dec, P44; (1. Oct. 4, 1850. 2, Ji.xxk'i'tk. June 2i». 1817; ni. \\\iT. o, is:!7, J. 6ti.s 
fiiover, b. April, I?,, 1812. at Scipio, X. .. ; iawver, U. S. dist attv. 1,^72; res. Clii'.ai^^o. 

1, J>i!i,i. llirf. 2, ILnrii Tcft. ■^, Otix ll.n'duil'^Wiuu. cu]\. [>•)•.). ";;, .M.\i;v ( I cirrncnK, 
Ai>ril 20, 1810; ni. Sci)t.. 1841, Dr. Frank K. Hamilton, foim-rly Prof, in Cc,i'->a i,.. ,;'. 
coll ; in r>7o Prof, rd' snnrery in X. ^'. coll.; nw of th.> suro-eo'iis in the cas'- o<' Pre.s. 
(.iarheld. 4, iOl.l.KX, April 'i^}, 1821; in. >v\,X., IStl,' S. Randall, lawy.n ; res. 
Xorwich, X'. Y.; rem. t(j \\'is. where slu' il. .f. p. ."i, I'r.r/.AnKi'U, June 24, 182;J; m . 
Hon. Ibuion C. Cook of Chicago, mem. CNm. from 111., atty. i'or Xortlnvestern and r>nr 
linuton, Quincy .V Chicago railroad. 1, D.i't., b. about P^o2. 

1-ii. ^^^•lrren Hart. .\ui;-. 20, 170;j; d. at White Pigeon. '' icii.. A)iril 28, ls)18: m. 
Dec-., 1814, Havriec Page; d. Apiil, is;;]; ciiAng., 18:);;, wiii. .Maria Alexau.ier, having 
7 ehil. 1, Li ri V horis.v, Se])t. 2"). I8I0 ; in P. .\n-tin. 2, Or.i.AMXi Pai.mi-:i;, Xov. 21', 
1817 ; d. Oct ;;, ls7;; ■ m 1S40, Florinda (Joodrich td' Stf)cKbri<lne, X. Y , who d. at Oak- 
land, U'is., Oct. ('., 18.')0 ; (2) Ajn-il N, ],S(j(), Mrs. Elizabeth Barger. 1, 7/'././//, Oct., 
1842 2. 7V.'///-. Xov., 1841. ;!, JA'/vV/'.l ^/f/;V^ J-.-ne, 1847 ; nn ]Sfi.^, Charh •^. 'Ku.-.ii.s. 
i, JJihria C, Oct., 1840; in. Xov., 1872, Elien Orndoff. o, ('Inuiis. July, l8o4. fi, 
lint, Oct., Ps.YS ; m. (.ict., 187;^ O'eorge Perry. 7, W'nrrni, Oct., 1850.' 8. Roi;:tl. 
June, ISii.l. ;j, Liens Lkaxdku, Aug. :10, 1^10 ; m. March (j, 1844, Uebecca (ioodrich; 
5 children. 1, Mnrij Hi'iilsn, Dec. 20, bS-H; ; in. Oct. G, 1SG4, James Chapman. 2, 
Xarioi'. .J:<xhih, Jinn; 20, 1840 ; m March .s, 1870. (,'vnthia Baldwin. 8, IhittW Ai,<i>liru\ 
May 28, 18o4; m. Oct. 11, 187;], William W. Ives. "4, Flor.i Kiln, Aug. aO, 18-")S. 5, 
Cora Jidly Nov. 10,1802. 4, Enwtx Clauk. Mav 6, 1821; d. Jan. PL isjii. ,"), P,ktskv 
A.Mt-i.rA, March 20, ls24; d. March 8, 1^14. 0, 'Ei-ukai.m Anvvno, March :;1, 182.j; in. 
Maiiuda (ioodrich; res Wi-^. ; farmer; justice of the ])eace. 1, /■)!//( U, IF., Oct. :!1, 
18.-)2 2, Jt's.^ir .v., May 0, 18.07. 3, Fl<n'^ ,tn 4A., Jan 10, 18ii'). 4, J-Jloaior 7.., May 10, 
ISO.-), f), J7//7/ 4/., May 2.'), 1800. 7, Onuis Josfaii, b. Dec. 11, 1820; ni. Sept. 12, i8o.'>. 
Laura Beisey Young; fanner; Deansville, X. Y'. 1, /■Vi>n in-c A'l'jiixtn, Xov. ;j, 18.'3i3. 2, 
-•l/;/(2t 7.^'';y«. Jun(! 21. 1800 :!, /A/Z/e . LA /J'/, Sei>L. 0, isci . 4, f V/./.v. 7.'".sr(.'C, Oct. 13, 
1804. 8, Wakk.ex LorKWooi), Marcii 10. 1828; d. in Mexican war, 0, Bk.x.ia.mtX 
BitrcE, b April. 1820; d. of v.-oiuids at Bull Pun Oattle. 10, llii!\M L(^KKX/,(^ Jnlv ;]0, 
1880: ill Jan. 2.5, 18."i7, Catharine A Hnbh.ard; res. Scriba, X. V. 1, 7'r<.^/ - L/'/'/^/'/.v, b. 
Oct. .-., LsOO. 2, WiUiiiin J/Y/w//', d. May, ISiil . :;, -A.v.s/e l.,i,ili. b. Dec, 24,' 18'!:!. A, 
Florcnr, Jf'-'i/, b. Sept. 14, b^O.V ■"). A/I', rf 117/, •/v//, b. Feh. I, lsi;s. IL llAunii.t' 
E.'.nci.lXK. b. Jan .5, \S-]2; m. Oct. 2;L IN.")-"), Isaac C. Jenks, lawMT. and d. A] 7, 
ISO:-'.; res. Janesvitle. Wi.-. /, \ . If.i rrr ( 2, Fhru, Jf, rf. 1 "j. Soium;on r v .1 axk. 
b. Jiily 1, 18;Jo; m. -Ian. 14, 18.5.5, l-idwin (.), Lynuui; (2] Isinic C. Jenic^, former lius. of 
her sis. Harriet. !:'., biiAiion, b. .May (5. is:!"); d Sepr. .'<, is,");!. It. i '(,;i;xt:;.i.v Ma<:ia, 
b. A[)ril 2.5, 1807. 1-5, Ai.oxzo Atj'.xaxder and Faa'UO'S'/.o P'ihi.a.xcek, twins, bv 2d 
m.. b. Sept. 1.5, 18:]U 

ci-a];k, allex. 

lY. Lnsvlv, 1). Oct. 27, IT'.).".; d. Sept. 11, \s\:]. 
\. Lufia, b. Feb. T.t, 1T'.>S: d. Jiiii. IS, j>2:!; m. Oct. 1, ISU'., AmUrose l.yinun of 
Lvoominc; coiiutv, P;i., wiin d. altnut suim.- tiiiu- as lii>> wf. 1, KnViiN C'r.AUic. 2, 
J\MF,s \Vit,mam"son. o, I.rciA Jam:. 

VI. Kdwiu (.'lark, b. IVc. 14, ISOO: :\lerch., X. Y. ; lu. March 14. IS-J?,. 
\urol Aiulcison, b. ^ept. 1, 1^02; Wiud-or, roiin.; d. Jan. 22. I'-^Tv); (2) .May 17, 1^71, 
Mrs. \Vaii-eu X.' llawkt's (Wilbur), b. Aug-. 17, l«r.. 1, M\i;ioN Vioi.iiT.v, b. Nov. 
'J, 1824; d. Xo\-. 20, l^:'"). 2. Vr.i.oxA. "b. .July :^, l<2'::;; d. Nov. lO, is:;"). :1, Maky 
Fkvncks, b. Nov. ;l,'lS:jJ: d. Nov. 7. Ibo"). 4, Minvix AuGlsTis, b. .bin. ]4. 1>^-]'): d. 
Sept^ 5, "l><.-):;. ",. 'li( lA <ii;i;Ti;i-i>i:. b. Sc]>t. 2. is.;;'.); d. Jiuic 2'), is 11. <k AyuEi. 
Augusta, b. Oct. 21. is:',7: m. Auir. 17, IS.I'J, .lohu Ibuir;, jr.. vo.«. Syiacn-t^. N. Y. 1. 
'XifJie dark. 2, yrttu. o. Fn';i/-';ii. Hurt. 7, Haynhs Iamu), ^la.rcli lU, lb44: m. 
l^).sie Jones, 180i'>; boot and shoe dealer. Osweiro. 1, JC!!>:i Jihu^, ISC.',). 

YII. IchabuJ Andrew, b. Feb. 10, iSOo; Ibun. col., 1820; Kev. ; SL-tticd at Sandusky, 
O. , inovc<l to 111.. is72; m. Oct. 1:3, ISoO, Eiuelhie F. Frii^bio of Westnioivland, N. \.\ 
b.Au:;. (i. 1S02; d. Jan. 10, 1S:>j: (2) Ncn-. U, 1S>;0, Damask IJosc Frisbic, sis. of first 
\\{ ■ ^ Jan l:-! 1840; C'i Mav 4, I8U, Harriet Eliza \Miitconib of ■r<'nt])!('ton, Mass.; b. 
April 12. INl'.i.' 1. FiiA>-<.Ks, b. July 22, is;17: d. Sc].:. 12, Ks:Js. 2. Ukniiy, 
b Nov I'J is:3s- a. same dav. '6. EinvfN liosi:. b. l>i'c. ol. Is-i!); ni. .Macy-ic F">liza- 
beth Kull. b. Nov. 10, 1842. i. K'hcln 0/-m, b. Mar.]L2:', ISCO. 2. M.i:>,l Jo.s>', b. Feb. 
20. ISO^ :', S/nnn'O,. A'i.ri.'<, b. April 20, 1n70. 4, Cii \i:i.i:s Cmii.'vos. b. Vv. G. 1842; in. 
Eiiima A. -Udin. 3, ^VAI.TKI: ( >s<;(>oD, b. Oct. lo, 1S44; m. .Ma-^ne Fergnison C, 
Em/.a Fi-OUiiTi-A, b. Jan. 27. 1847. 7, Ai.i.i-.x (V:;\i;i.iA, b. .May 2, 18.V2. 8, 
Sakau Apaii, b. 0, 18")'j: d. Feb. 2o, 18o0. 

1114 4. Hllldah Clark, b. Pec. 18. 17;'.o: d. May 2:;, 1815, a -ed sO: m. March Si, 
1700. naiii( 1, s. of ObcUliuli and Klizabetli (Colton) Alhn of Mi.ulletoyn. Cor.n^. b. Au,?. 
28, 17:J2; rem. lo S. ; niercli. and hotel keeper; found, d. iu his store I'e'i. !•"), 17'.K>, ^vLile 
hi.-: finu. \\(;rc ab.-ent at funeral of his son-in-law, Levi Hart. 

1. .loel, b. Sept. 21, 17-V); ni. Lucy Newell; (2) I'iadania Newell. 
11. F'.li/.abeth, b. Dec. 18, 17.j7; m.' Dr. Theodore Wadsworth. 

III. i'hilathea, 1). July 5, 1701 ; d. .Nuir. 2'.». 17(io. 

IV. Pliilathea, b. March 5. 1704; m. Levi Harl. 

\' lluldah. b. Oct. :J0, 1700; m. Nov. 2:3, ]78o, Ezekiel ^VoodrutT, s. of Isaac and 
Murv {llri.stolj WoodrutT ,)f Cheshire, b. 1701: rem. west about 1820. 1, L\ri;\, b. 
178U; a. July 20, 1807. 2, A(,ij.n. ra. lloxaua Hit<dicock of Wolcott. o. .\;a, m. 
AUiT.' 25, isio, Nornum Ta.-^e. 4, Fa.nnv. m. Se]it. :i. L-l-l, Raymond Pck. 

^YI ' Sabina. b. Julv 2U, llOO- d. Oct. 27. b':;40. aced 77; in. Eliakim. s. of Eliakim 
and Luey ((iridley) Deming, b. July 11. 1703; res. S. 1. r.ALJ'ir. 2, CiiAin.OTTK, m. 
Henrv a". Mill'T. :;. Al.>!lKA. 

Yil. Ph'bc. b. Apiil 10. 177:^: ni. William U. R'll. 
MIL .Xaniv. b. April 12, 177ti: d. S.-[.t. 7. ISoo. unm. 
IX. Daui.-l. b. April 12, 1770; d. Dee. 1::, 177''. 
X. Lvdia, b. 177S: d. soon. 
XL Lydia, 1). May U, 177!). 
111441. Joel Allen, b. S,p1. 21, 11"^. d. D.c. 24, l,s2r,. .b»l llout built a .store 
for him iu S., (IMan'svilb- ■. lb' had a l.Mttb- of Litters which he drew fn.m every 
luornin-;- as an ap.petizer. His wf.. cleaniiii: hcu^e. by mistake put in its place a bottle 
of laudanum, of which he i>artO(ik to the anumnt of a gill. On discoverino- tlie mistake 
he was kept on a rapid walk the entire dav to i)reveut falling- aslecj). Hem. Aug., 
1778. Lucy, dan. of Asahel Newell, b. Oct. 27, H.-jo; <1. May 2, 17s:J. He m. (2) July 
2.). 1780, i^i;ulamia Newell, sister of his first wife. 
I. 0,-tavia. b. Oct. :U. 177:». 

II James, b. Av;-- 4, lisj; ,1. Sept. LY ISJ.-); res at S. ; mereh.; r,i. June 2:j. IbOS, 
Lu.rina, dau. of Hemiu -v, av Iba.llev; .she m. (2 Fe\) 5. is:)2, Daniel Marsh of Litch- 
field, Conn 1. Aim:i.i/\, b 1800; <i Mav IS. 1820 2, IIaki:i!:t, b. isil; d. l^b. 2:3. 
1812. ;i, Amo:s, b. ISLL d,. C)ct. 5. 1.827. 
III. Augustus, b. Oc-t 24. 1787. 
]V. Joel, b Jari. LY KO-Y 

V. Ltiev. b. Aug. 4. 17'.i'.i; m. net. 14. 182:1, IJosuell Moore, jr. ] [ He was cap of 
tlie S irai!-."bar,d; r."-m '.. K.'ii- ieLitnn and bceame dea tliere; ,,wi e 1 a p-irt of --.Moore s 

11144 2. Elizabeth Allen, 0. Dee. is, 1757: d. O.t. 14, ISfKL m. Dr. JJie.Hlore (.fTinrnthv and grandson of Nathaniel and Dorothy (i^al I) \\ . ol I'armuig- 

I'.IlAXri! ni- .unis. 

t'lii, 1>. < '-t. o, ITo','. St lid. ini'ii. wiili l)i'. VA\ 'I'oild. ]t» 1 i 77 t'litcrrd as>iiri;i")i\'.s ;n:ilc iu 
CdI. ]>oui:lass' rci:-. ami si rvfd t\vo yr.-n-.^, tliiMi <i-t. in S. and |iiac. im-d.; lost 1:ii',l;-i'1_v in 
ri-a! I'st. si>i''\: ai;-. of tlu' ^'a. Land Co. lor S., and smt olT many lo lliat statr, most ol' 
wlioni \v«Ti' very niucli dissatNlii-d. lli- wa- al-o ;il;-. for lo'tcry scln-nu's. Kc d. of 
s[u)tt.'d fever .lui'i' 2. ISlls'; alionf two ami onr-iwil'' niontlr- aftrr liis V?d m . Mairh 20, 
I't-'.OS, To Asi-natU, wid. of l.taiund Chuk. "MaKdi :i(>. 17'Ji. ii^i-.'''d v/itli the .-^eicclmeii ot 
the town to cure Mary I'".vans of her jnsjmity for tiitnMi dwlhirs at my own rislc. jiayable 
in six montlis. if slie i^'maitis well, oilu'rwi-e to ji.^tlilim-." — 'J'li, nih,,; W'iOs.nnili . 
I. In. 1.. May ■ir^. 1 7s:l 
li. Nanry J".." 1). .\!av lo, 1 7s."): d. .Marr][ 2!.!. Sin- was a suiievior \v(,.m;!n, 
uu intiniale frietai and lorrrs]! mdi-nt of Mrs Kniiiia Willa rd m|' tin.' Troy . X. l'..Si-jn.; 
lii, Se].!. 1, ISi),^, C'lii-^ti-r \\ lii:il«-^oy ; a man of cim-idfralilo calt aw, hn' fi-eeni ric. He 
d. '^fay 1.-). \-<A:\. \, Ki.r/ \ i;i: Til A"., 1>. Mayo, isjl; ,1. .hily ;j, l-^Ll'; m. May 1-1, Isjs, 
IJosnei' l.')\\ roy. i). Ort. ;!. Kl'-i; s. of Diini.d and Anna, idan ot' Waitstiil Man-oni 
Lowrev of Piainvilk-. V. * '. in i-^l'^. with h-)nor: taiiadit s -lio il a yea;- in \'a. ; stud. 
law Avith Hon. .\ii-el Stirlim;- of r-'!iaii)n: adin. To tln-har in 1 -,;(). ami jir^.c in S. till hi- 
d., Jan. ;iO, In")*!. He was jnstict' of tin' ])rai'>\ jndL;o of )irolialr, jmli::!' of tho nuinty 
court, lui-m. id' lioili iuanidias of ihf <'onii. h'g". , am! an af;lvo ai;d nsi-ful mi-m. uf tin- 
chuivh. F.dlou, Y ('., rx-ol!u-io. 1, <7„a7,'v, I,. V,'h. n, T-O;); V. C, 1^ IS; .lawv.T; 
res. Brooklyn, X. v.; m. Sarah .lon.'s, who .], I^v77. --3. //■ /r-y/. 1.. .) nly 2s, lS;;i ; " m. 
Sept. r,. isi;'). Anna S. d.ati. of F.'.cn.'/..r and F.mnic (Haut' Xo\a->. 1, l-;i-..-!f A., h. 
Mav 7, lyC.-,'. ',', I'Llward W., h. Au-. Ol, IS'U. :;. A'/A„, h. Mandi i'). In:!!: m. April 
•2(),']8.)8. W. S. AUrrl!!. 1. .1 ulia. is^; ;. 2. Ilarrv. h. . I une 11, IS:;.". 4, ]:ii-:nh,tl,. 
b. Ai.ri! 21. ]s:i7; d. < )ct. 27, is^s. o, /■;'•■:.■'''■ ///)h., h. An-. ];'., !s:;it. li. K^hr.,,-,! 
Vi'IuUls.,/, 1,. .liilv 22, Isi-J; V. I'.. Is;-,!. 2. .\1ai;v H,, ir .Hilv 11. l^];;: d, Jan. 10, 
1872. :h ]..\ri;.\', h. .Ian. 11. I^IC: d .lul\ 11. ls.-)2: m. Aii"-. 1, IsH. IN.nn-o i.owrev 
(2dwf.i. -!. XvxcvW. 1; .lp,n.' i:l, I'-'i'd:' d. o.a. ].-,. is2n. " 

Hi. H.arrv iM.D.i, m. lsi)7. Anna Mix. 

[\. 'rin-odor.'. 
V. Daniel. 

VI. Intant, d. 1>>-.-. 12. 1 7'.ii;. 

111444. Phihlthca Allen, l- Man-h."), 17(l-i: 111. May M.Ks'a. ia-vi.> <.f John.and 
Desire (I'alnn'ri Hart: !>. 17o'.': inil. lanl ; res S. : ima-'di. " He wa-^ six feet hiah. well 
pro])ortioned hnidy laeii'.t'-m.nrc. i|u:rk thou^hi, ^o<,d native aliiiity. \\arni imairieation, 
.iTeUerous hut p,is--i.);iaii- " lie d. Ffh h!, 1 7it:!, and deaiiu'.- tie- Imioral sarvici's t wo 
ciavs latiT, word .-aiiie ;iii'i his lathrr in law, Daniel Allen, had iieen loinal di\i,i in lii-- 
sto"re She m 2) Oe^ 1(1, K'.l'i. As:(lie! (iridley of S , alal d. .\u^-. S, 1,s4(i. a.'.'-ed ^2. He 
d. May 20, ISI.^. ae-ed .ah \\.- jived in the ohl'esV iKiildin.u' e,-c!n',i,.;l as a duelliiii;- in the 
town of S His lirst wif.- sisl. r of ihe <a-lei>:-aied ■!.)el Dodt. 
I. Phila. h .\M-. 1TS1: d .\pri! C, Ks;! 
ih MurruA, h .\ju:! f'O. 1 Ts-j ; ,[. m. Wji-hinuten ■•o.;nt\ , < hi.. Sepf 2:'..D:=!2;m Aii.u'. 
10, l-^'Oy, iiU<"y. dan. of Cliarle- Newell, h. .)an I'. 17s."). ], I'll i r, M li i;.\, h July 22, 
180s; m Oet. !)", lsi:!i;. \\ . li. I'.'iossoni; rem to P!ainvill(\ Conn, and kept, a hotel and 
livery stahle: he va- found drow ned nr>ar Helle Doidc, N"W Ila\-en. Oct h",, ISilii, aged 
02: .sup to have li.-en roiii..(l and murdered. l . 1 s. and o (laus. 2, hi ev, h. IblO: m. 
18--2(i, Daiii. 1 S Morley of Ohio. 

HI la-vi, 1). <)ei. ].■). 17!r'(I: res. 0]ip. Coulv (dih.: enL;-a;red extiaisividy in trade: widely 
known in the town of S.. and int. in i)iih alTairs. He d. Dee. :'., l.s2S; m. Xov !h ISOO, 
Pollv. dan of I.viae an 1 Marv (Warn-n^ Xewelh h. Xov. 21. 17SS: ,1. Oet. 11. l^US. aiia-d, 
SO. 'l, EiA/.f.v. A , h An-. l'7, ispi; d (»e;. 2, iS:!l: m. Sept 2, hS::o, Henvv, s of .hdm 
and Ksther ('I'inken Carier: 1. .Uilv2'.l. ISOC,; d, < .'et. 1 7. 1 -:;h 1. A''",:/.' /./-oY, h. -I n iie 
22,1S:-31; m On 20, l:s.-,i.). h'eeve l/ Ivni-ht of Philadel]>hia. 2. hi;v!, h Xov. 10. h'-M .""i: 
lived, (in old lionievteLiii, uiim , and d. Oet 20. I'^Tl: eii-a-ed his e,.llin. prepared suit oi 
clothes anil maih-oihi-r prepa.ra'ions fi,r jiis fanersl some years in advanee, :;, .M.\i;v 
An.n. 1). Mav21, l"-hi: m .\]U'il 2i;, ls.:s, l|,.|iry l-aed-n' Ihitler, who d > /..Inly 10, 
18:;'." a-ed 2S. 4, AXiiiu.ivi;, 1.. Dee. 2;h iS22: m. Oet ! s. 1 ^ !7. -1 eloi North,, em.rineer 
and maehinisr. New York eiiv ] . J,', :, E. 2, hrllhn-t. :;. C/,.,, A .: //■ ,./-,y (all dee.). 
4, W,iit< r S ;,ii, , •• fai h,,v " ^o called in S 

IV John All-err, O.Mav:'-!, IT^lh m Nov. 22. lsl2. h'aehel. daii of Dea Ponna-oy 
and h:i;y.ahe;h (Carter Ne\veli; h M.ay 12. I ."I'le d .km 0. !s_)| !|,.,i < tn . 2ri. 1 '-•2:; i, 
i'"i:i;iii,i;i! K .\i.ia:i;T 0. -Ian s, l^TS; \ .ije med -di , 1-;^: ni .l;uie21. h--12 Ltieretia 
S., <hiii of .Martin and Sally (ll.irti nf New Ihaiain; Jihy.^. in S. ; .- !.. 


1114.5. P}iobe Clark, !• N-v '-K i::57; 'I April i^. 1S2-2, uircd S]: ui >ra!Cli ;n, 
i:.").".. Miiiiiol.s or .l..h\'pli :.iil H:n'lu-1 [C<<\\l>-<) f.nn,u(!..n. I> l)-,-. -J''-. 17-JS; (l..Iaii. ■.'(), 
]'<\'2, nil h\< 'i'^ <)!<l lioni-'^tt'iid in Soutliiu^ti.u, uMrli lie iulnTiti J. ilf ^vas a mil. i;aj)t. 
1. Daiiii'l. Lap .Inly, ITii:;-. ui, Sept. is^ iT^i, Saiali. can -.f .1,-s.> Culc, M D., of 
Kiii^ii<-t(in. I.);u-liani, Soatliiiiii'ion ami Wniintt. JN/m th \'> oicdtt, tlniic',' to INnin. 
Hr was a mil capl.; v.Tut'- a vovk i') viu'li"a! iu'i of tin- I " ni vri'-ali-^l hcJic'f, whi' li \vas 
pi'inted in p.ahiphlet I'oiiu. 1. S.ii'Hi.v, b S.^p; •,^--'. 17t>7 ,', S.\ i.i.v S.Mi i ii , b l■^ h. <i, 
IT'^ii: (1. Si'p'. '.3'>. ITS!. 0. S.vMrri., 1) H'''.' •■ i','.''.K 4. iMii;iv,:, h o,-t. .•?l.i, 1T'.:'2- .j, 
]'.KT-i.v, 1). Ai-ril 4, 1704: il. Aiu: 4, 17'.t.->. i'., N.\N( v !>. Maicii 'Jli, !/.Ki. 7. I.ttukii, 
h Aiur. '2o, i;!)7; d. Ft-b "i;, l.'-O^. S, HkXUV, 1.. Kfb. 4, ISUO. ll, ILVKIUKT, b JlllK- 1, 

II. Jul), hap. April 1-J, I7(i4: 
HI llo-;\vtdl H . l.aj. A]>!-il .7, 17G7. 
I IV. Sctli, III Sarah Slops-r 

F, \'. I^iudie, liap .Iiilv, 17i'':!: lu Tlmnias Barm-s 

I y\. IJarlirl, d. Xov.''J7. I^-ll. iT'-d :;''': m Xmv. v".i, IT!):!, Hii-liu.-H' WoudnitT, b. 

f .\pril 21). 1774,s.',)r Jnlin and CalhavInL- (.r'U-lnudl) W'.MHlniiT; .1. .VpiU i'^, ]^iV:\. lit- in. 

f a')Haii-irt llatT. 1, .IdllN li'-<!iNi:i.L. b. .Maii-ii X!'.), l^i'ii; m. 1 'i ■• ''>, l^Jl. Mars', of 

I Jcn-iuiali Ncal. Jiv ^ F.-b 27. l^rJ. 1, /•V.-v/-/./;//. b. Si-pt. •.':., lS-,'-2; d. Pf.- 2'.), 1^70; )n. 

I; Ort. ::o, 1S4-J, Kli/.abrtli Mnnis. /., 1, Minni.-. '2. ticrirnd,- :.', A"/' », b S.-pt. ','1, 

[' iSC'^i; in. Nov. -J. 1^-ls, I-dij.'ili Manro-..- ;' , 1 . .Ap-vliiic 'J .Xrttic. ;j, l-^>'d>_Tic, :;!, 

I J/m// J/'//, b. :\laivii ir,] is:;:: ni May C7, 1S.1,, Hobart Wanu^' /., 1, Cora. 2, 

I (H'oi'i^-c ',', .\.\ii'\, b. .M-ut1i :Jn. l-^lio; m* Fli/a ililb. i.. l-'.nri,,, b. I'l-d'J. 

f' VI 1. idis'ia, m. Aim- 2ii. 17'.':!. Maw I)i:nliain 

[ ^'il!. (.'ad. b abourn;:'.; :>i Fob. i!i, Kb:,, Fnaicr, dan of Sdas Cia'-k, b. in S. 

I :.Ia;v]! 20, 1772, wlio d. .lau 21. l-^S. lb' ^va.s a mil. -ap ; rem. to Flainvillc, wdir-r.' ho 

I <1. Nil'.. 21. 1^'2'-^. 1, A^n,^, b abcni 17'.ifi: d Xov. 2.--, !^."'i); ki'drdi l_,y ravinL;- in of jt 

r ^^■(•ll ar P. 2, Al.MiK.\. o. 4"i mu-; liV. d. in 1! rtd. 4, >.)i'ui;ONi.\. 

\ IX. Kosurll. 

f 1115. Sili'.S Clark, b net !S, 1700: <i-ttie>l n.-ar iii'^ !. on t'la.i-iv's Fann.s in Soniu- 
l in_i;-lon, \v!n;v hi' d .Vprii Id, ) 7'.ii:. in his S Irh y, ar; li'-nt niili;i:,. .Vb-ni 17.72-4 li.- 
\ built tin' 2il luci'tint;- hon-'; in S Ills d,'.-i'e'n;lants uit>> proml or rh'-ii' a n<'f>ioi''s '.v.jik, 
I andi (dainu-d. perfci-tion for all worl-: .b)nr by Clarks Tin-y h.-.v,- a ;-ood dral <d' fanaly 
r pride —Tinihjirx <::iit]th"ii''n . lb- \\\ Ucr. :',!, ]72;i. I-jini.-c. -.V-.n. .d' San.ini4 and Hannah 
\ Mvc-s) Fook, b. in ^^'allin'-fold, F.d,. 2.\ 17b'.t: d. Nov 27, 1 7 ;o. lb' m. rJi F.-.rn.d , 

iv.dio d. sii^ldfiilv .Jan., 1 ;s;i. uhm! ',;;. 
I. l.oi.-,, b 'Nov 2b, 17;0: ni .Ma\ 72. 174^, .bud < 'huk. 
II. 'J'iniothv, l.)ai>. l)ia-. dl, 17d2; d vonnL,". 
f HI, Patirnr'f. bap. Mav ^. 17-17: m. F.d. 21. 17.77, o'ivrr Po,d. of Krnsiin^ton.. 

f l\'. F.-lhor.b 17:;'.): m' !-',4,. :;. 1 7.7'>. 171ihii .Abs-. ; 2) .1 ndali St.mlrv, Cl; 4'innjthy Leo. 

1 \. Sih'.s, b. .Vui:- lb. 17 bb ni i2) wnb j-ainii-'.- lidis 

\ \\. Ibirh.d, bap. Nos-. 24. 174.'.. 

I 11154. Esther Clark, b. 17:;'.): d. .Inly 22, lS2i, a-ed ^;:l: m. Feb. :). I7.7,s, idilui 

I Moss, who d. ; 2) Mav -J'.. 17.s(», Jinlali Stanley, win. d. X'ly^v . 17, 17>2: (:;) I>re. 22, 

\ 17'J}. Tinu.thv (s. of pea. .larod, Fro, win.d.Oet l,"isi;j. 

f L ddnud-d'id, b. An-- 1 4. 1 7.".'.i; m Jehabod Fnl prpp.T i'disbic. 

\ II. Kstlnn-. bfi],. April 1. 17iil : m. N..V-. 2, I7si-.. Fb..n Fimdi. 

I- HI Knni.-n. b F.4. 2:1, 17t;:J; bap .\piil :1, 17():J; d X-.v. ;;b. IslF a-rd 7^b m Feb. 

I 2:J, 17^:1, 'lonld Fri.-v,.\ , who renn h'airlieltl eonn.ty to S.>nthin;;ton: b. l-'eb. 10, 

\ 17(U): d. (»et 2b, is:;^. ■ 1. 44 y ( 'i, mmc, b. .\pi-il 2d, 17S.7: d.Sept, 11.1^17; i,,. . 

\- 1, ./'////', d,. Mardi bd, isll, ;i;:ed 2 vrs 2, !hj\inf,i\ .F-ui. 14, 1M2, a^-eb 2 days :!, 

I 77//(»;'/7y rA//-/-, d. Sept. 21. ^14. a-nb 1 yr. 4, .N'/-,///, d. An- 0, Isb;, a>j-ed ,s n'e.s. 2, 

t S\i;.\li'(' , b. .\ni:- 12. i;S7;in Xb.v. 2f., "l':-'')T, .Mphin (lark" :;. Id-.N'oi-., b .Nov IS, 

I 17>'.»; d, .Inne2>'. lS7r,. au.-ii nearlv^b: m. , liiley d'isihde 4, .F\Ml.s, b. j-'e',, n;^ 

I 17-.IF d. Srp!. :;b, lsl7, ' .7. 17-i n'i;i:, b H.-e, :i, I7:i 1 • d Xov. 1.1S14: in, ,lbn,ry 

^' Ud-i-br r,, .lisTis, b. .Fine 21, 1707. 7, Fm-ant, d .Ma> n,l7;b. s, X.\.Nei,b. 

I M.-in h 2*^, l-^b;!: d Oet. 12, 1^1 7. '.i, < di \i:rKs, b X..\-. J, lso,k d, Feb 27. ls.70: m. 

•Utne 2:;, ]s:iO, Harriet H. lb as! 1. ./</.•,.. v il7///, /', b. ApFd, 2L Isd: in .\i.rd 21, i^.7.'-;, 
Fllen (.unlr^-\v.-| ikirne-., who d. An.;-, -,2. 1S7:;. 1, lianio, X.,v, li. ps,;i v, |i,,ra.e F, 
V;,v :;n. 1^1;:;. :!, '■b;-b- F Fob. i. is:;s. 1, X<dlie, Marrli 21. !^ d'i 2, c/, ;;/..,, b. 
•inlv lb, 1^:17: w.y.x in ! niim aruiv; m Oct. 22. ISOb. .\nv.4ia i> Idiyne.n.F :;, ,lni,iis, 
il. -.-p; lb, l-i F n: .Fine 2. ls.;7, M;;r\ .! .\bb,,:i ! . " bn-tre.l.. ,\ pri! 0. 1 -b^^. d .vn- 
F 1n;2 2, iier'ha !■; , .!nl\ S. ls7b ':!. l>ai-\M. , -'an 10, l-s;2. i, Fhare - ! i , S.-i.r. 

10 liKAXcir OF JOHN, 

• IV. DuisvM., Jiuu', 17G") 

V. Eliliu Mo-,s, April 10. ITGT. 

VI. Jasiicp, bap Feu. l'^. 1709. 
"\'ll. .lob, Jan. o, 1771: d. .siune day. 

1115 41. Thankful Moss, b. Ann-. M, IT.v.I; d. .Jun.' 30, isiC; va. D.c 1.-), 17^.-^, 
Icliuiiod Ciilpf'i>|)cr Frwliif. lie in (2) Feb. ]s, 1,S17, Atina I'avtliidoiucw. u lio d Der. 
2, \>^'-'A, ill hrr .')4th vfar lb' was a man of lii^^li staiidinir and 'vxcrll.-nt 'nHuenn- in 
Soiuliingron, lioMing various trusts. It is said tln' name Icha'nid was givn liini by liis 
iiiotluT, who, at Ills birth, reocivod intcUigei'ce that lu-r liusluaul (<'ai>t. Culiicppfi- 
Frisliiri had bopu killed in l.iattle. 

1. Sylvester Frisbii', b. .Ju'y ], 17SS; scliool tea ■lifr au'l lunsiriait in S ; d. Feb. 
20, l^-:]; in. Oci. 21. L';l-3, Sar;)h C'huk, wlio m. (•-.>) Mav 12. 1.S2-"), ('ai>t. (iih's Langdon 
(his 2d wf ). and d. .Mav 17. l^-V.). He d Feb. 11, ISlT.'a-.-d S4 . 1, .\>r()X. b. Sept. 10, 
ISl-t; in. Dec. ;jl. !>■■>:, .leinima Tluu-p 2. Ai,i;!;Kr, b. 1S17; d. .Mav IS). 1^21. 

IF Auihu. b. Felt Fl. ;7:;iJ: d Dee. Fj, isp2, 

III. Scir.ib, b. .lun. 7, 17:i-.'; d. .<ept. Ih. F>-:J2; ni. Nov. 2-i, 1^312. FooF s of .\snhel 
and llaniiah (<i:i. of Joel Kuot) (Jridley, h July !), 17,-^!S. A nsefnl and ])roMniU'iil 
man in town and e("clesiastieal .soLdt;t\'. He m. i 2) Betsev Lewis oi' FarniingteMi. and d. 
July i). lS"i:i. 1, S.^MlT.L R., i> Aug. 7, ISll: m .haw 20, 18>!'J, Julia A., dau. (d' Edwanl 
31. Converse; b. Jan. 2!t, l^^F^. 2^ Josiu-n. li. Sept ■}, ISKJ; ideet.d dea. of Coimreoa- 
tional chh April 21), 1SIJ4: in. Autr. 28, 1S:',S. Mafiha Cowlt-^; b. S.'pi 2S, 1S18. ' 1, 
Aht/i'^ji E., J ami -d'.), l><n: ni. ()..-t, F"".. ISd-;, Fn.nna 1!. Andrews. 2^ /v/'/"/ /'., Oet. 
10, lS4."i; 111. (F'l. 10, 1870. -Mary F. Braiuerd. :F J,'"/// /., b. Feb. 12. 18";2;'in. ]»(■-•. 24. 
1800, Sanui(>l N. Hart. 1, S,n'/> /•'., I.. June;!, IS.V.: in. Cliarles Dunhain. ."), C'T- 
nc'.i" J/., .Vug. 2:!, IS-'^i'. li, Ha.x.sAH M., b. Sept, -10. ISFS; ni. John Cnrtiss. 4. 
L\F.\.\T. .">, S.\i:.\lT F.. b AuL'. 22, 1822; m. Maivli 12, 1^4'.), ^\'il;!;e,n Bingliuiu. i. 
S'XV'h .v., N..'v. C, ls,-,i. 2, Mani K., June 10, IS.jS. 

W. Infant, b. ami d. Auir. 12. 1704. 

V. Lucy, b. Se]>t. 24. IT'J"); in Oct. 20, ISlC, Col. Cliaunc.-y I'erter, who d. Sept., 
T), ISCl, aii'i'd ()^ vrs. -O iiios. 

VI. Fhila, b. Nov. 2S, 1707; m. Niov. 20, ISIT, Hop'kins Carter, b. Dec. 11, 1704. i , 
Jane and Li < v. 

VII. Samuel, b. XyxW 13, ISOO; d. Oct. oO. 1802; m. D-'t. 14, ls2:F Fiirv D.Muing. 
Avhod, Aug. :3F FS'.2, aged 'i-\\ (2) VA). s, IS;!.'), :Nrartha .Uwat^.u' of Walliugfoid F 
^'.^XCV, b.'Auo-. 1. 1824'; in. Jan. 2, ISOO, Samu(d W . Sessions. 2, .XxxTb. ^\\\\ 0, 
1.82l>. ;;. Svi.VKsTi:i; \\'., b. Jan. 22, ls20, 4, Fr( v !>., h. Felj 2l/, Fs;.!2; m. D.'c ."l7. 
1S")0, Samuel C. Miller, and d. Mandi 27. is.'i:'.. ,5, k'.oD, b. Dec. 8, !«:;.''; m. Dec. 2r., 
1802, Hannah Patner. (!, S.\Mi"i;i,, b. Feb. 21, 18:38; m. Dec. 24, 1802, .Minerva Liing- 
doii. 7, M.Mtitr.v, 1). Sept. 2. F^iiO; d. Dee 0, 184",). S, Fmi:i; J.,b. May 2, 1811; m. 
Jul v 9, 18.5 -\ IFiraui F, .bdiiisMii. 0. IIstiikh, 1'. Dec. 12,1S41; m. Mav :]!),"l8ti4, Cliarles 
G. SiitliiV, and A. Apu-il 18, 1S70. Id, Wim.iam J., le Dec. 12, 1840;' in. Dec. 22, 1800, 
Annie M. SiitlilY. 

Vlll. Martin Fri.sbie, I). Oct. 12, 1803; in. Sept. 2:F 1827, Sarah, dau. of l{o.-,weU 

1115 5, Silas Clark, b. Aug. 10, 1743. He was a mil. capt. and livrd on ('lark's 

Farms, where he d. Dec. 0, 1828. aged 8"); lu. Thankful , \vho d. -Ian. :J, 18FJ, aged 

68. He 111. (2) June 14, 1813. wid.''Kunice Hills 

1. Iv/.ra, b. Oct. 13. 170."); r^s. on ChudFs Farms. .Many yrs. a di'a. of the I'aptisl. 
chh.; (1. Oct. Id, 1833, aged 0^: in. April F.i. 1780, Eunice, da'u." of Knos and I-:ii/.ahelh 
(Parkiu-j Clark, b. in S., Manh F"), I7(i8. J, LrciN-n.v. b. 1701): d. D>-c 12. 1704. 2, 
Wyi.i.vs, b. 171)1; d. March 21, 18(.)4. 3, Haukikt, b. 170iF, d.S.'pt. M, 1803. 4, F/,ka. 
b. 1801; d. Feb. G, 1802. h. 'FitiK/.A, b. 1802; d. .VuiC- 30, ls2.j. 0, V.\.\v.\y,\:^\\, b. 180."); 
d. Feb. 23, F'^OO. 7, Josi;!-!] s. , b. l^^OT; d. Aug. 31, 180?, 8, Zr.ia lAii, b. 18!)S; d. 
April 10, 1820; m Mav 20, isys, Foderirk 1'. .^^b•s. 0, Mkkwi.n (".. 1>. iS14; d.. Dec. 
3, F-'Fl. 

IF Silas, b. 1707; d. Oct. 2'-'. 1770. 

III. Tiniotliy, b Mar(di Id, 177il. 

IV. Funic-,' b. Marrii 20, 17;2; d. Jan. 3F 183S; m. Jan 10, liOo, (Ful, s. of Cajtt. 
Daniel and Fhidn- (Chtrki Fan-'don, 2il ciui-ins 

V. Mchllaldi- riaik b. 0,'t. F:, 1774; d. of con.--. Jan. 8, ISO^.; m. MaV(di 11,F;04, 
Hubert, s. ui. Daniel and Faehel ( Fangdon i Slo[ier of S., h. about 17;,': li of coi;-.. May 
12, F^-0.-). 1. Danif.i. Si.ori:[{, b. Seia. 0, 1704; d. May 2. 18M3; m. ()<\. 0, 181 1, P.ebecca. 
Wilcox of Middletown, Conn. She ni. (2; April "20, 1n35, S:i;;iu(d Doolittle, und d, 


Deo. 2:J, ISoG, apoil GO. 1, Lif"nt, b. Aih'H 1, 1.>^1G; d. s;iinc cb-v. •,', Jlubcrt Ezra, b 
IVc. 18, 1817; 111. May 38, 1^4:^ Sarah vi nitcli<-,Tk. :J, Jhinid. \,. IVI.. 17, l-r^'JO; m. 
Muivh 10, 1851, .<;arah .V. Halo of (ilavtr-iilmrv. 4, .'A//?/ j[,^ih:, , 1,. V\U. 2. 1S2-2; d. 
]\Iay .0, l82o. o. C'lr,,!;,,!-, h. April, 18:2i;. d. Juiif 10, l^b*;. (J, A'/,// '7/m , i,. .\, 1^24; 
d. Feb 8, \^2r^. 7, ^/"-//'^ A'., b. ^^<■^\■. d. .^lav :!, Isi^T. 2. Mimiitakih Sloi'M;, b. Nov. 
10, V70U; d. Vvh. 18, Is^a. :), Poi.i.Y, b. tVb. ](;, 1S(.2: la. F-b. 1}, bV.2. A.-alii-l, -. of 
t^amuel and Martliu (Lewis) Xewt-!!. b. May 20, 17s>:i; Ids :3d. wi. lb- \\;>'^ a fainuT, but 
found tiiiu' for exten.sive reading and antiqiu'rian le-i-an b. lb- d Apiil 25. 1872. 1, 
i<U<ix, b. Marcli 1. 18:J8; d. April 12, lf<:j!>. 2, rh<irl.K b. A].iil. ]s40: d. An<;-. 2S, 1841. 
3, Lli-i C. b. X\v^. -l-l. 1842; m. Ma'- 11, 18(J2. Anndia J. K-kjI of (/anton. 1, . James K., 
b. July 24, l.^ijd. 2, Charles L., b. Seot. 1, 1>70. 4, Hannah, h. S^pi. 25, 1790; d. 
June2r., 1,S()4. 5, Ixfant. b. AuL^ 2, i>-0]; d. Dec. 1», 1^04. 

\'I. Silas Clark, b. 177.-^; d. 17s:l 
Vll. .losei>h S., 1>. 1780; d. 178o. 
Vllf. Silas, b. June 10, 17S2; d. Xov. 4, 1812; ni. Tliaiikful. dan. (d' Steph.-u and 
Zilpah .Vdkins; I'latT. b. June 25. !77ii. Sh.- m. (2) Nov. 17, 1817, riieii.-/..'r liiii.s of 
Kensington. 1, Ei.i/.a, b. Oct. 1*^. ls0">. 2, X \X( Y. b. Feb. lO, isys; ui. Xov. 2, 1827, 
Oliver Andrew.--, o, Jkukmiaii, li. Sei)T. 22, ISll; d. Mav 20, 1S12. 

IX. Jo.sepli, b. Au-^r., r7>5; lie inheriied the ohllionie.iiead of his f. on Clarlc farm. 
Ill early life tauirlu sch^jol, studie<l medicine, and was a man of much inreiligeuce. Ho 
d, in lt<72, aged S7; m. Xov. 25, 1814, KlizHbeth. dau. of Harvey and Klizabvth J.yon) 
Dunhan-i, b. in S. Sept. 25, 1705; d Jan. :ii). 1821). He ni. (2) Feb. 17, LSio, Laura, wid. 
of Joel Wightm.ui and dnu. of Jesse and Siiali (Wiirhtniau) Thorp. 1, TniOTiiY, b. 
1815; d. Sepi. It;, !s:U. 2. F.i.i/. vuF.Tii, lu. (.■harle^ K. Munn'. 

1118, Hezekiah Clark, b. July ;H, 1710; lu. Jan. 8, 1735, Abi. dau. of Samuel 
and FJi/.abeih I Frederi<-ksi Curtis .)f Wallingford, b. Se])t. 20, 1710; -e^. Clark's Farms. 
In conv. from f. of Samuel Clark, 175^, called '-of Farmington, .s. of ]*lary Clark, wliose 
f. was Fbeiu'zer l^rown." 

I Abi. b. April 2!', 1742. 
H. He/, ba].. June 2, 1745; 111. <vlvia Hill. 
HI. Samuel, b. July FJ, 1747. 

IV. Ephraim, bap. H.f. 25. 1718; res. Soutliiugton; m. , Desire , who was 

adiuitted to S. ehh. 1780. 1, Isaai . b;ip. June ll.'nsO. 2, El'HKAi.\r, ba]). J iine 11, 
\1^0. o, Asi:n.vtii, ba)). June 1 1. 178(1. 4. Ai;r. b;:p. June H. 17S!t 5. P.ji.i.v, June. 
IG, 1782. 0. i;.\( Jli-.r,, bap. Sept 12, 1784. 7. Hannai', bap Mav 20, 1787 

V. Olive, 1). April 0, 1750; d. of yelfnv fever Se])t ;). \^\\: ni N.^v. :3, 1774, 
Sleplien. s. of l>eujainiu and IJuth (Ives) Yale of Wallingfiu'd. b. June 0, 17411; rem. to 
Chesliire. thence to Patterson. X. Y. . where he d. of irravel, Se].t. :b 1818. He was a 
large, strongman; farmer. ], Lvdia, I). Aug, 12. 1775; m. Joiin .Mills; leiu. to Provi- 
dence. Juizeru- conniy. Pa. 2. <)i.i\'!:i:. I). 1770: d. in Chenani:-o county. X, Y., Aiu'il 
24, 1845: m. Lovina llaviland of Patterson. X. Y. 1, Panllnr Yi:'-( . m. and rem. west. 

2, llmiliiuxi Y'lh . res. near Kiuirstou, X. Y. : m, . Peneloix- . 1, Steplieu. b. 

Sept., 1829. 2, Hiram, June. 15. 18:32. ?>. Henry. 4, Janus, b. Jan. 24. ISUJ. 5, 
Mary. 0, Pauline, b. Feb. :3, 1841 . 7. Cynthia. 8. Oliver, J une 2:3. 1^45. 0, Harriet, 
b. Xov. Iv). 1S4^. :! M\i;k Yai.i:, b. KT'O; rem. to Sing Sing. X. Y. : m. Esther Law- 
rence of South East. X. \. 1, S;,pJtiii. 1>. Sept. 2);. l^'lil ; ^n. Sej.t. 22. b^27. .\l)iu-ail 
Miller. 1. Sarah V... b. Oct. i:',. ] s-j.s. 2, Henry A., 1>. March 2>;, ]X-.v:i: d. Sept. 5, 
18:34. 4, Ci.AUK. b. A]'i-il m. 17si; d. of lockjaw "from scratch of nail on his foot Amr. 
24, 1818; m. l^stlu-r Palmer of Patterson. 1. (^n mUdC. b. March 2:5. l^'i:); m, Siuiib. 
Parkt'r, res. at Alabama. X. Y. 2. IJun.s Chirk, b. March 7, isii); nmn. of menagerie; 
has traveled much in EuL.danil a ud Wales, \a\A vi->ite.l the seat of the "i'ab-s in Wales. 

3, Eiiuiifi A., b. Jan. ,s. 1S12; d. Sept. 1, isb). 4. A'//-///" J,., b. Feb. 1, \s\A: d. Oct. 
8, 1822. 5. Hrv.jAMi.N. b. Oct. 25. lYs;',; rem. to Phinebecl:, X. ^'.. thence toS>uth East. 
Putnam county. X. Y. ; m. May IS. 1S(I5, Abigail Delilah Crosby (d Pattei^on, X. \. 1. 
W('^<hi!!f/t'.i!,, Mar. ;J!, 1S!)7; m. .Mar. 5, 18:i:!. Abigail Cou(di;,y (".' 2. ^fu■•<■.s, Oct. 5. ImiS; 
rem. to Xorwalk.O. ; merdi.; m. .\iiu, dau. (d' Levi Ib.wland <d' South East, X.V., b. Aug. 
1. 1S12. 1, Al'igail D.'lilah, .Mav 2(1, ls:;il. 2, Eli/a Celestiua. Feb. 22. 1S4:;. :]. 
St( phen, Oct. 17, t^:;0; d. June 2, 1S;17. :!, A'/';';//, b. Ajuil 25, 1M4. f., (b.ivi;, 1.. 1785; 
d. May 22, 17Si7. 7, Sikiuikn , X(V.-. 22, 1 780; rem, to Fishkill Liiuding, N. \. ; m. 
Su-an Palmer ..f Patter-oti. S--'t., Iso;). 1. b7.'.v,.// J), hi_ \'r, ■'/.;< . \>. Sky. ]:',, l<.[u. 2, 
Jl^n,l,.:!l,i. b. Sepl. 1>^, 1S14: d.Sei.t. :',(). 1S14. :i V<n,,l, rhnr'/!i .J,trl:.<ui . Oct. JC, !,sl5. 

4, /•:■•, 7^, X..V. i;, IsiS: d. Jun.. IS", ]S24. 5, jlrl.,,. Xov. 2i;, W2i. 0, A'/,.-,,-' A., !>. 
Aug. W. i.s;:4. 7. JA/r;'-', J.-m, 7, 1n27; m. Morga;! L, .Mercer. April :'., ISfs, and d. Sept. 
20, 1S4^. S, }], :,},nni.-. b. AiU'. 1, 1^':-'.!i. 8, S.m.I.V, b. 17SS; m. Wright Palmer of 
Patterson. 0, En;>s, b. 1 7;i5; d.M.iy 5, lS07. 

12 ];i;AX(ii or .h;;ix. 

VI. Ol.f.l ("lurk. li. Oct. IS. ir.-)I. I. Zi.iJAii, 1). .Imu' 14. ITTo; in. OlI. (i, lilM, 
.Sallv JJout. li. i:;s. 2. Ann.\, Ai-ril •,"._», 1777. :!. A \i;M\, .liiii'- N. 1 77;i. 4, Mi'si:s, 
Anir. I--', J7S-J. 

Vli. Is;i:i.- Clark, buj.. Mav (J. 17.""):;. 

Vin. I.iu-y Clark, b.ip. .May is. ] :.V.; d. . in lie-- (l-'th year; m. Davi.l, s. of 

Daviil Lijavitt. Ks'|' I'.ctlilckfn), Cmhh. ; \>. -- — , 17-'"'7: il. of cons. .1 an. IfJ. 1S07, ajri.-ci 

Oit. 1. Siii;i.i)ti.\ < I .\i;k. 1). : V. C.. Isoj; d. lS!;n. -j. i-;i.i7,Aiu:Tn, b. : d. ; 

,m. , Hfv. Jhuiic-1 Ha^kcil. pi-fs, I'Mivctsitv ol' Vt.. b. - -; d. ISiS; V. «... ls,)-2. 

;3, l.rCY. b. : d. at Fun Wayi.r, ]■'-•!.. 11. bs,-,<!: m. X,v.-. I'.i. r-1'!. lb v ibr.:,di. ; 

b. StainbT-l. Cmiul. 17^:'.: V. ( .'. !>.;.'. A.M.. William- colb-rc IS.Ji). and \1 idvlb'biiry ■( 

collfj;*'. Istil: S. ■]'. I), isb"). Mid. ('..and j.-of. ( ircfk. I,a»in and Kn-'. lii/Tiiture ISCJ- \ 

M!). r?'; veais: <\. .liilv 17, l^iil. a: I'-.n Wavni-. hid., ib- Ix'.am.' 'liind in is"")!!. 1. ./■.///-. • 

.Mid. C".. INJS. •>. Jjiind L-n.-i't. Miil. C.. lS:JiJ. 4. i>\vin. b. 17'.*;): d. D.-c. :!U. 1>>7S. | 

in hi.s SUtli year; \s-as i;re!>arcd i'^r culb-iJ-.' \\'\\.\\ bi.s l>ros.. but wfiU to Ni-w \orkabi)iU \ 

IblM as clerk of a jirodtirr- iiou.s;'. .A fti^rward ])a!-nicr in a wii-iic-^alc iiiO''cry Ini-^iiiL-ss \ 

witli David L'-c. In ISI-I m. Maria Clarissa Lewis oi' Cn-lvn. Conn.. !•. ; d. 1>>1)7'. | 

lie was a nicr'.-h., baak'-r. sniisraiitiaily owner uf the I'ulton I'erry. hi ]ii-es. oi' | 

the Aiut-rican Ey. bank of X. V. •;. I't^-s. Ilousatonie P.. i!. In is.'s be \va< a trii.slee | 

of •■tlie villai^e of i3rooklyn." I'^im-airi'd in .several bir-v enrinpri^.-s in the wpsif'rn states. \ 

Ab.jii; lSj;j lie built u couiury lio;isc alCircat ri:tr;i:!i'.-ton. Mass., -iviiirb issT;]! famor.S \ 

for its (dd fasliioiu'd |drtiiiv --alb-ry, contaiiiin.; lln' ori-bial of' tli'- •' IVutb; of Mon- \. 

mouili" by J^cnrzf. hi IS-Jo li._> s^riurd a idiartrr for the Ib-ooiCiyn \^'hir^• head Co.. still ^ 

existing, office in Maielcn hane. and, it i- s:i!.i. d.rrv.- :,ii av._-i a.^-^- i.n' '^^M.i.OUO a year for '\ 

fortv vt-ars. in .salarv and diviiiends. ■■ H:' wr.s a Pr,-,l.y.. and ^\•ore a vbit- elioker ; 

aliiio.f invariably." 'l, llhr.ird. ;;;i W,'st l;'ib street. X,' V. C. 0. Ux, >:■;:. b. abont \ 

iNls. ;{, ]).ir!,l' h. aljoiit 1S-2H. 4. /J.i'ri/ht, r. b. abuiit i-<J.';M. Fislu-r Jfowc res. ? 

Brooklvn. iin 1 ('or'ir.'ii -.rives tw.) nmr.;. o, ,'V /;■''/. .'/'. ■>, ^Iicldrn:, \. C . ls:h. 0. | 

Andkew \'.\n '1'[ VI.. b. . m. , Julia "Milipr of Middlebnry. Vr. Hed. about \ 

bSlS. "A stran;,^' old man; onot' drdbieii to live in his bro.'s maunilicent liouse at 
<_ireat HarriniTon. and in- Ic his lif,n,f- in a Vv'aiiini^^ord su-arbn'. He took d.ebu-lit in 
ioiiir walks \.-iTh his wife, and ttu-_\ w"re ol'teu seen toiiini;' over th'' hills tou'ether. 
'J'lioitti'li an eiien;y to beiTLrars. he was always perfoiiniiiL;- some srrau.;e but Icoidiy act of 

benevolence amiinii: the pr„ir." 11. (/i.aiussa. 1). : \i\. . ( divei' i i'oo;lwin ol llril., 

Conn. 7, SrsA.N, b. about 17110: ni. :, KJ.v.ard Cooifwin. bro. of Oliver. 

11182. Hezekiah Clark, bap. June 2, Udo; m. Sylvia !!ill;r.Mu to <;oriv.vall, 
C'onn.. and had iononi;' o;hers: 

1. Sylvia, b. Oct. s. 17so: d. Dec. 4, ISo'J, of paralysis; in. Fel>. N. lSo4, D.'a. 

Nathan lia"rt of Xo. Cornwall is. of Titush b. June 7, I77'b lb' succeeded iiis faJ.her as 

dea. at Mo. C. ; an excellent man. 4'heir 1-' cbil. all became liop-duUy [dous, and 

joiiii'd tlie clih. !>.dore theh- 20tli vear wlTn b. »he i", ascribe.l to a, jmli'ious maternal 

in!!ueuee. 1 , Joii X Ci \ kk. b. DJc. K!. IS'il, at Wes, Cornwah ; Y. C. 1 s;'.l . Pastor 

Pre.sbyterian chh. Sj-rin-ilebi. X. J., is:;:, -!:;; Con-reL;-atioi;.'l ,dili. of Huds m. O.. 1S44- 

~)'-j: at'Uevenna. ().. ls.-)Ft;i ; at Fdenl>uri:and Ciiarlestovxii, ().,2 yrs.; Kent. Conn., oyrs.; 

]>reached in Western Kt seive Col. :', .nuniths, and other p!a..-es as liealth permitted. 

Ib'-d. at Ib.-venna. ()., S.-pt.. 1S71: ni. Junell, is:b(. Ihnih' hvne. (d' llou. Oliver aud 

Sarab (Koirers) Ihirnham. wbo d. at his f's. house in \V. C. July, DMM; ^2) July P.), 

1N4-1, .Mrv' Kebecca K. Moore, dan. of Starr (d" X(U-wich. Conn. 1. S,,r<ih 

0'i(ri.-y". b. yU<\ (1. is:j,l, o^ 1/,,,.,^ ./,,,,(_ I, Xov. o, ]'<-l\\: d. An-. 21. 1^:1^. :j. J-JmiJi/ 

Jfnrl.f. b. S.-p't. 12. 1S3S; d. Jun'e 12, ls.-)l. 4. Jolin ')'/.; r.h. Feb. \. l^ll; d. Pec.^, 

lSi;2. He bdt senior idass in Wes. Pes, Col. to enlist in regular arm\ . and d. in hoiiis- 

ville hospital, after one vear of service, unm.; a nieiu. of the Com;re.; chh. 

o. W,(fso„ A>nfr,ir... b. .lune IS-l:'; ,1, S.'pt., isbj. (1. .I/A'/V ./'i'h>u,.\K July Pi. 1-io. 

2, Trn-s hi;.\\ rrr, b. April 2(i. 1>»;; teaidier of music .several yeai's: faiarier. la 

1S,")2 he won P. 4'. Ha re. urn's first pri/.e of sC,o in a jclowin.u- match a.^-aius! 2') '-ompeti- 

tor.;. hi IS.-,:; he v.-on a-ainsr 2'.* eon:petit(U-s of tbe be.^t P. S. and ( auad..i plowmen. 

ami was aekuouh-dired tlu' champi(ui oi the:-.' two countries. in all the mafclies in 

hitchlield countv. Conn., for 2o v.ars li- enter.-d and uon the li'-^t premium in every 

instance. Jn-ti'ce of tb- jieace i'n <'oruwall, and, im-m. of the No. C. eld,; m, at West 

Hrtf.. ("onn.. Mav P is:!:;. Harriet S. C.^rbin. wlm d. Sept. 2:!. b^;2. aecl do. 1, Son, 

b. and d. i-"eb.. 'is.-i-l, 2. //..'■'-•• r,;,-.',;,, , b, Xn\ . b"). \>::.>: a.lopted. '■). Ann. Ml. 

.\\!i:i.iv. I.. O.;. li. P<os; 1,1. April II. ;s:i7. Pea. Peter Xodine; a mechaidc and 

Ditmuf.: res. Wa. -liin--fon, 1>. ('.. and in \<~-', in tb.e p;/cu! oili.'e, I. A-'l'/'''/' /A-;-,', 2, 

S;/frli .\„n. .!. ./;.,'//// IJ'r-'h'ii.i. !. II ):/.i;ki '. M .Mii.'iuN.b. Au,e. 21. 1S1I>; farmer, 

ji'id-e i>f pi-.>b:iTe, ...entv survyoi', ninsic and s(dioo' teacber: d. at W. C., •.■onn., !'e,-. 

(-'LAKK. ' l;j 

27, lyTl; 111. Sf'pt. 10, 18:;(), Euiiicr .lu.lom of W'oD.llmrv, ('duu. ■ ], S/,'!rui n.>.s,///r 1, 
Nov. Oii. 1n:!7. -2. M.nii .l<:i,c. h. Feb. •,>(!, \sx\, ;j^ ,/,;/,,, .)////.,/,, l',. .I'm..' :.. iSlC:"^"' 
C, IbUV; tfiiL-licr in N»-\v Ilav.-n in In?-.?. t'Jil Clia]),-] St. 4. AUxrf ,/'''■•<.,,, . \>. An-l^ .-, 
1,':;4U: t'anu.M-. o, U7//('.(,v/ r/^;/-, /<<•, . li. M.'iy is. ls,-,i. .",, Soi.oNroN, !>. Scjit. l?. INli; 
ji iiiauur. ill JMiila., and ni. tlii-rc .1 iily '.). l.^lo, Cai-olinc Hi-yiidli'is; n-in. U< Dt-s .Moiut-.s. 
la.; lucrcli. and inanuf. ]. .V-'/'// < 'm-'^'i/,, . h. isJi. 'J, ' .!/.//•/// I'Jmil'i, li. ISJ:; ;; 
^,7/fn-fe', d. Ffli. !t. isrii. 4. r/,^w LmrHt. .^). A',,/, DnniHui. G. l:^T'ln•;|{ M.vKix t. 
Jan. 21, isir,; d. at N.nv ]'r.-.-l..ii. Cm!,,,.. |),v. H. ]H.-,4; m. .Manh 1 ?, 1.^44. Sluddoii 1). in X. P.. .Mi>r. 2!'. \xm, s. n[ Mariiti and l.oiana (DaMnii) Wliittlcycy. 
lie ni. (1) IXl-. ]:.". l^oT. Kiiuic' Smiili. ulio d. .M.-iv !), In-I.;. Hr n'l. (") Oct. (i, l^oO. 
Sylvia Ann Hart. >^i.-<. ol' h'^ 2d \\i. 1. y<illi:in H^irt. 2, H^I-rrtC. dA"7.v. ;!, .f^iiIs,,//'. 
T, Svnvi.v Ann. 1). Oct. :j. is;:; m. Sheldon W'hinlcsry. s, Mai;v iJ.i/A. \>. .Mairli 
31. INIS; 1)1. Aug. 1."). lS,-)2. D. aeon Alison lialitwiu X'ldini'; res., C'lil'ton Siation. \':i 
1, ]Vi('i€ Ih-i'irn. 2. S,<riir,l ;j, Aiflmr l]nn,h,iin. '.I. ('l..M;iSS.\, li. Dec. 24. isli). 
Hi. Sf'iit. 1 i . is:-!!). Hol.ii'ft (.'rawlord Ni.iditi.-. iiicn-li.. Hudson. (>. 1, Crinrfur,! Ji',(ri. d. 
of woiuid.-^ i-iTcivfd at Cedar >!t. 2. M"ii/ llmt. '.\. CLnit Lturitt. in", Xa'|-h>x'1) 
Dec. 12, ]s2l: funnrv: repic^ciiTativc (d' Cornwal! in ( 'on ii. 1 (•;;■. in ISCO: -pres. of various 
agricnltural isocit■ti<--^; m. S.'pt. s. isir, S;ii.ih Aiii.-Ha. da:i. of ('liar'cs Wliitflcsfv b 
Ai)ril Hi, lN2r: d. Jan. 21. isH; (2) D.r. ]!), ls:i, Franci- .Marion Wliittl-<cv. 1, A'//(// 
('[(iriy--<(i, 1>. Aug. 15, isJS; ,,1. Si'pi. 14, IS'T 1 . dolin ( 'otter Slicrv.cmd. 2 ('harh's \V hit - 
fkxtji, 1). F'rc. !i. iSoO. :;. <;,.,•!,! 11 7 ///■/, ..,,//. I,. .\..v. 22. IS.Vk 11, Di'i.iv, 1,. .Ian. 2i!. 
l.S2:j; d. Or'. Iv. l^Tl; la. ■Iiiiic2i;. ls;;ii. \Valtoi- Sherwood Seeiev, taitner, W e^t Corn- 
\vall. 12. Fiji Wii.i.i a.m. 1.. .Iu1.\ in. 1S2-V admitted t^. ( 'ong. • Id;.' in isd'i hv letter fioni 
j'n->l.. tdili.. Ivanawlia. Wis. in lsr2 was organic;' of Ceiii ei' (d'di. . .\e,v liavfti. uuiidi 
lia.-, tlie large..; oi^iaii in the <-iiy: ii;. July 2."). Is.l4. .M.-iry .lane P.elden of I'otsdam, X. 
Y., who d. Aug. :;]. lsr,.j; (2) (ici. 2i>. \^h\). Ann I'oote. "dan. of l.'ev. Orson Cowles "^d 
.\cv, Haven. Conn.; h. Sept. 2'.», is:;.;, ai Wo .;],,;, „-k . Conn. 1. .l/,^■v,' lUhi.i,. 1, Jnb. 
2t;, is,-,;,: d. Sepi. 1'.). l.s,-;.-,. 2. A(jn>s i>. June 2.-), IMIJ. :; /;<.//,„ Cnrl.'. 
h. Dee. 1:;. isf;;;. 4. Ch'nt F<'„U.h. An-.' 22, ISi;,-,. .-,, ir/V/r SlHriro.,,! I, Jan 4' 

1119. E]-,OS Clark, h. Sept. 10. iTll; ih-s. ci;,,.p\, jr;,,...,^, wienv he d. Ane- U; 
)7s2..aged ;i : m. i).e. 7. 174;;, Fiiniri' l,>r,~-.^ eil. wid. AIhJ Hnssell.\,ho d. .fiirv2.') 
I7C«li. aj:edo^:iii. (2) Dec. 11. 170(1. uid. i\e/.iali iJov.^ (sis. i-hmirc i;n>..ell( who,] ".1,,,. 
14. IS1!». auv.l s4 

\. Knorf, h. Fel). 7. 171.7 
n. .Moses. !). Oet. 2d, 17i;2. 

III. Aaron, h. July 10, HCI. 

IV. Marir.ip., Aug.' 2.-), nO'i: in. Oct. 12, 17^0, Jannvs Mclvcen. 
V. Anna. h. Nov. :;. I7hll. 

\[. Sarah, hap, April 21, 1771 ; d. Ocl. 4. 1>^20. ag.d Od. 

11191. Enos Clark, b. I'eb. 7. 174.'.; res. Clark's Farms, wlien- ii<' d Oct in 
182i;, aged SI; ill. M ly 21, 17(j7, Flizalieih Parker, wlio d. .Marcli :;, 1 7,s.\ aged :37. 
He in. i2! Aiur. 4, ITS.',, Fij/.abetli ll.nidrick, who d. Aug. 20. isil. aired 7(1. He ni. (:;> 
Jan. 22, 1S12. Fydia, wid. Fiisha (iridley. who d. Oct. :;0, !S2i;, aued":?. 
I. Knniee Clark, b, .Alandi lo, 17dS; m. Aprh HI. 17sl), K/.ra Clark. 
II. Avery, b. .lune 7. 17(!'.); res. (dark's Farms, where lie d. J nly k;;, ls,-,|). au'edSl. 
Wiicn In.' 111. he built with hi - own hand.-- tlie jionse in whicl; he "lived until h"is dec. 
Hiss. l)eiuiis iiilieritcd thcold Imincstead. lie m. .Mar(di 111, ]7!)1. Anna, dan. of Jona- 
than and Anna (Hates) W'alidey. i>. in i»arhani, Aug. 12, 177."): d. Feb. !), 1 T.'ii;. ai;-ed S</. 
1, Ji;ss!:. 1). .bin. 4, I7".i.'>:d. .M"ay 27, l.s7;j, aged 7S; m. o.-t. Ki, Js22. Faiinv. (hiii. of 
Samuel and Martha (Fewisi Newell of Soiitliington, b. .lime 1."), 1 T '.)',), d, Oct! ]'.), Ib71. 
aged 72. I. Lmnui. 2. 1 7:,irn ■-: :!, Murthn. 2. .\\.\a, b. Dee. 2'.t, Kii?: m. A])ri! 2(h 
ISKJ, Henry \\hi!tlese\. ;;, A\i:i;v. I). \hc. 2'.), 17ii7: d, in S. of fever 0,-r. 22. lS2(i: 
m. Oct. 10, ls21. 17mh..-,ia Moss of Cjcshirc: she m. (2; Sep.p 22. ls2S. jlicah iJuirfr. the 
wtdl known inc(di and inventor. 1. J/.'/// I, ';,■},, ('.a , b. Oct. 7, 1.s2."!. m. Sept. .■;,"'is4.', 
\^ iiiiiiin A. I'inh. 1, (.'liarles W'eilin-imi, Ic F, b. 17, 1S."^^2: Y. mcd. seh. Is74. -J^ 
'riiti-rsii E:,n'ii'r. b. May I'.i. is-ji,; ,!. Nov. s, ISii:; ni. Ah in I'ond. 1, Di;nms, b' 
Sept 2:.'. ISOO: d. May 211, 1--72, num. .",, Oi;nii.\, li. Sept. l.",, 1S(I2: in. I>ec. :ll), ls2F 
.\inos Kraddes. c, i-h.iz.v ni; 1 11. b. Nov. 14, |si»,",. 7. I7mii.v. b. \>r^\ W 1S()7- d Ma'-ch 
7, is;.".. s. llKNnv. b. May s, [sio, Y. C. ls;;.7: th-oj. ;.em., New Have,,, i^;;s. 
I'rearJied in Cairo, (ii-cnn- Connt>-, X. \ .[ Fel,. to An-.. ls:;!»: Frankdiin iile. S(n"!ol!< 
conn-.,, 1.. 1,. <uic year, and taught ihe a-'ademy at that jihua': t'oleu.s, ."n" . Y., throe 
months. (irdaiiu'd and installed at Havana, X! Y. Xov. !l, !S|1. |,; isld rem. to 


b. ^[arcli 

7. 177: 


•y, i:::!: 

<1. No\ 

•. V*. 177 7. 

T. 17r.>; 

rem. ti 

J Durham, N. 

h;vt.T. I.;l 

p. Si^i.t 

. ]], 17>0. 1 

, all iKip 

. Sei-.t, 

4, 1^14. G, 

J3:-ooklyii. N. Y., uml cun'luctrd ii school three vc-avs; thence calh-d to C'oiio-. chli. at 
0;ient. I,. I., ^h; yen>; in l^~i7 rem. to IJiirlingtou, Conn., and to Avon, IS.")!), Preacher! 
a;, L. I., ]"~'.>1 to 1^'iS, since lias le.s. in Avon. Conn. lie in. C.)rneliu Eoirert 
(Jillie.s v.Ilo d. Nov. Ol. ISl'?. 1, J/,i,r// li'., b. Nov. iC, is:)!); vol. April l^Gl, Co'. E, 
foiii-th (.'onnecticiU rejr. , ai'tervvards chun^'ed to heavy artilhTv. Served ualhuiTlv 
on the ])eiiinsa;;i. and in det' of Washington; d. oi' dijditheria in Alexanil'ria. Au^^ 
2'-'>, isr.;>. Buriiil ni S. "'A noble vouiii; .suidier." '.3. A/,u(/ 7>., 1). Jan. 2^, 1^41 ?; 
Cn-iulii I... h. Dee. IG. 1S4--2. 4, Is if;!',: S., b. Oct. 10, ]S4 j. 5, fj,ni'//, b, SepL i:,, lS4s! 
m. Kichard II, Lee. a T'nion .-soldier, and d, April ? 7, 1^7o. 9, Ciiu.r) b. Aujx-, Ibl:'.- d 

Sept. yi, b^bi. 

III. Sarah Clark. 

IV. .b-.-st', b. .Jun 
V. .iared, b. July 7. 177-"); rem. to Durham, N. Y., IS-?-?; m. Anna. dau. of Robert 

and Lucy (Adkinsj \Veb.<tcr, bap. Sept. 11, 17>0. 1, Ika. •?, \\^mi.~. 8. Mkiji^sa, 4. 
SvLVKs-|"i;i;. o. Ai.VAX, all I'ap. Sep't, 4, 1^14. G, Poi.i.v, b. J^-b., 179^: d. Mav ;3o! 

VI. Abigail, b. May 1!), 177U; d. Aug. 10. 1.^1?; m. Xov. '29. nO"-!. h^nac \Voodriiff. 
jr., b. 17;:b .^. of Isaac and .Mary iRristoI of Che.-hiie) WoodrutV, who d. Aug. .57, bS07. 
I, Uki;.sm>. le Aug. 'y>. 17S.4J; farmer; pre.s. of the S. .>^av. bank, and held in high esti- 
mation; m. Eliza Eartholoniew of Northford, Conn., who d. Dee. 7, 1S7;). i, Xt'>-on 
Fiiiijrint, b. Feb. PJ. lb,:-"); ni. March 14, bS"J5, Sarah T. Ibjjiliins, res. Xew Britain. 

1, Alice IJobbins. 2. Artliur Lo'.vrey. •>. Wvi.M-, b. Aug. G, l.^O] : grachnited "i'. nied. 
coL, ISio; practiced in .Mer.den until l;e d. .Mar.;h ;'!, bSk.': m. Ajiril 7, ls-?5, Jane, dau, 
of Lucas i'.nJ Laurlnda (CarterU'urtis^ <d' S.. who d. Hct. 7, T;-y~,. Hem, r?) Feb. 14, 
lb:28, Mary. dau. of Selah and Mary (Carter), who m, rl) !lei\i-y C. ibitler, 1, 

Jane, in. Tlionia.s Hubi-aid, '?, M'n-f/. m. d'eo. Ijutler. '.]. Saijmi \\()Oi.'Ki'FK, b. ; 

m. Aug. '2u, IS'JG, lieu, llool^erof Ke;;sington. 4, Isaac, b. IsuA; lived with his bro. 
Urliane, and d, Aug. ol, l!^•JG; m. Sepr, :;i), ls-_?i, Polly, dau. of Ibavey and FiizMb.-th 
(Tyron) J>unhani of S.. who in. fJi'Jan. P?, ISiJ'.*, Bennett Bishop. 1, /,vo./c, b, Aug, oO. 
IN'?-"): re?. Iladiev, Mass,; two children, 

\'Ii, Kli/abJth Parker, b. June M, 17s:]; d. July •?4, 1S49. of clinlera; m. Xuv. 2i, 
IsO:], Sylvester, s. of Samuel and Sarah iXewell) Andrews, b. May G, 17^~-U; "rem., 1^07, 
to \\"iudbani, eireene county, X, V., thence to Poughkee)i.-ie, X. Y,, where he d, of 
heart disia^e Dec. lo. I^')!. lb- was iun;r a noted sehool teae]u-r in Windham, of ster- 
ling integrity and scru])ulou^ly lionest, modest and unobtrusive, and noted for kindnes.s 
anil ]jap[e,ness in all bis donn-stic relations." — Aiiili-r'i'''s Meiitorvi!. 1, Stsanxa, b, 
Sept. i;i, lbU4; in. March 4, lS-24, Samuel Chichester, a chair dealer of Pearl street^ X. 
Y, C. Ten sons, of wlnmi nine were living in INGS, 'J'lie eldest son d. aged two weeks, 

2, Arohrti A. '6, Fninldin. 4, J^'invdA. 5, Jhurii L. G, Kdtrtird P] 7, JS'iicMA. 
v?, i>}/lvcster A. 0, Sulinoii. 10, I'ii'irli-s ,V. The last two were vols, in Union armv. 
'Z, Uoi)iaa( K. Cl.AUiv. b. July :*, it07; ni. Jan. ]ii, bS>j, Fanny Ik L'pson. b. Sept. 5, 
ISIO, dau. of Amus, ji., and Iveziah (Root) L'pson. He was a remarkably cheerful and 
<levout Christian, and for over ;'0 years an elder in the Presby, chh. lie acted as under- 
take]- in i'ovighkeep-sie several years, but gave up business in J870 and d. of debility 
March MO, ls71, much lainenteil. \, -Orb/nd'i. \>. Sept, :2:j, ls;J4; drowned at Catskill, 
X, \., aged seven, 2, Ihuvut. b, July 11, ItJoS; a teacher, ;], 4. Alfred KU; and 
AijiJ'i'un Xci.rrU, twins, b. July 17, lS4o; thelirsid. July o, ls44. 5, A. X. Audft ir.s, m. 
Ju!i ■ •?(;, bs(;s, Louise Morse. ' 0, A{fn d I'jj.s'j,,, b, Feb, 22, 1S4G; m. Sept, 8, lS(i9, Ella 
Stout, '.',, Xkwp:li. PakIvKI!, b, March 8, IblO; m, Xov. 8, 18>i:?, Luna Ann '\Vattles, 
He was a m<'rch,, then a farmer; d, at lloxbury, Delaware county, X, Y., Se]it. 21, 18o0, 
She m. cJ/.lu-tin Moi-e. 1, Charles Otis, b. "June, 1^:;4; d. of croup, Ajuil. bS;5G. 4, 
Sm,\ i>ii;i;, I.. F,-!,. 2\\. 181:]; m. .lun. 10. 1>:]7, Sally Maria Xelson of Pougldceepsie. 
b. .iune lit, ISIG; res. Poughkeepsie; lumber mercli. FiU- steel jiorti ait aiKrautoi,naph 
sec Ar>!n ',-'.■< jf, „i„ri"d, paVe ;]7.-^'. 1, J'^UvdntJ,, b. Dec. 2'-), lb;!7; m, (.)cl. 1, loGO, Frank 
.McCo:ne!!. 2, Cl^orhs OlUcdo, b. Awj.. IG, !.S4--?. He is chief book-k(M-[.er in the 
Chatham bank. :i, S.nnri', b, March 1!. is.ln; d. .Lily -J 1. l.s.^o. .I, Saiiah Ann, b, 
Aiii-:. G. IsKb m, Dec, b,'. l>;;s, ;?c-e.jainin Dew ey, 1, Shirl.' fi. 2. S''/.n</;/ A'. G, Enr:- 
i.iNi: Ei.iZA, b ])•(•. ]:,, isi-: 111. iicc, 2. ls.-)l,*Josiah Mack, who d. is.-,:',; m. cj) bs.j L 
Jedediah DuuG-y. and Imd two cliildren, Mi:t/Ur and A.rlii'tr; res. PoUiilikiei^.-iie. 7, 
Ends Ci.AKK, b, Feb. I.s, \X2\: m, July 9, IsLk Elizabeth iSou-htim ^\'hitnlu!l, Hois 
a carriage j.aiiite: i.y iraee and a teacher ol music in the sch .<>[> of Poughkeeiisie. 1, 
K'-d.iir'.- I\<rili, b. Oct. G, 1S47; an oriamienial painter; m. Katie Linweber. './, Xi'irrll 
J\iri.-r, b, .ic:-,, iG, is,!). ;) //,/,„ J,,s, ^:t, [i,,. b. Sept, 11, ]S.-);j. 4, Fn' aris Jiowjliton, 
b. June.j, isr..'). 8, ( iiAUi.Ks b. Oct. B!, IS'-':;; m. Oct. 2, 1.S4.'5, Louisa'Caro- 



lino Cowlus, (lau. of Dr. Jonathan E. Cowles of Duvliain, N. V. He gi:uluated at the 
<-V>ll(^g>' of Physicians and Surgeons, N. Y. ('., isl."). In ]><C,2 army surgeon nndtT 
Fri'iuont and I'ope i!i Virginia, then with. Banks in houi^iana, and in lSii4 under Sheri- 
dan in Virginia. After liatth^ of \Mnchrster, Si'pt. l!i, IMl-l, detaih'd as medical 
inspecpn- and o].. -rating surgeon for the Sheridan Fli-ld llosjutal at \\'in-^-lif,<tcr till .Jan. 
1, I'^fi.j, ilu-n went with his regiment into (ieoi-gia. and lemaim li a year al't<'r tlu- end of 
the war. In IsiiH \v:;s pi-aeticing ]ihysician and sni'i.'-eon in i'onghkeepsie and stands 
liigh. Il;i^ been c;iri>i;rr for Duchess eonmy an<l nurnlK-r of the J'ous'likee|)si(- lioard of 
education. 1, M7;7,(/-c/ /'"//.>/•, I>. Mc;. lo/l>;fS. 2, hjhr!,i J>, orl„r. \.. >.dv, 17, 1S.-)1. 
Cadet at ^\■est Point, is; !. :-;. .hn,,ith:n, rV-^rVs. b. Jan, 10, IS.").-,, In ISTl .-tudenl at 
Cornell Univei-ity. 4, Chorhv Uuurt, b. Sept. oU, U-oti. Str,(h-iu in Isll. 

A'lll. l-'n('-, Pi-b. O"). iTSo: ni. IMu'he Talnuidge. Dlsmisst-d from chh. in Soiithing- 
ton to chh. in Pomp'\v, X. \ ., Sfjit. :!0 IS:.'!. Si.K chil. ba]). in S., Sept. o. ]yi4. 1, 
PiiKiiK. ■,', A[\A, :,!, ErxieK. 1, l-^TirKi;. ."i. l',mv.\rj) Pmikku. (i. (' 7, 
Ukx.i.wii.x, ba[.. Jan. 'J:'., isib: il. June Id, ISIG. 

111.10. Abigail Clark, b. IV!,, 1.-,, 171-^; m. ^lay 17. i::'->, Jonathan Ih-on.-on. 
\\. -May 1-1, r.o.i: d. Aug. -^'it, IT-")!: s. id' J;;hn ami liarlu 1 ( le.ick i llronson. She was 
the lir.-it admittrd m Souiiiingto'i chh. I'y I!ev. Mr. e'iir;is-. .Ian. ~\. l?v^-!). lie d. Aug. 
'20, \"-,\. After his d. she ni. three<, the las!, Feb. M, 17(i'.». to .I.ames P'-ckwith, 
and outjivtd hin.i, dyini:- X"v. '?, \','J^, aged "^d. ••She \vas the yonng<-.--t <d' nini' cliil., 
who were ail 1). wi-.liin 1(1 yi-. ami ij nios. from tin' ii. id' tin' first; and all lived to very 
great age. iu the aggregate, 7:17 yrs." — Xi a'^jtiip'^r ijhU.uarii. 
\. -Asa, b. Oct. -i:\. 17;i:-). 
11. John, baji. July G, Koo: in. Saiah Parnes, r?) Mr-;. Hall, 
ill. Ann, March ;iii, 17-. 7. 
IV. Abigail, Feb. IN, !7;;ii. 

V. .b,!;;irl;,-in, I't.c. "JJ, 17-1": m. Mar^-h o, 177;?, Siis.-tnna Judd: rem., 17.'^'2 to 
PandalT, .\. II. 

VI. Son, b. Jan. •Jd, 17-1^!: d. soon. 
Vli, Stei)hen, b. Jan. •:.), 1741; m. Sept. ."), 1771, Elizabeth, dan. of Jo.-., -ph and Eliz- 
abeth ^Jadd) Pulton. 1. i.ois, b. Pec. :i4, P77"i. ".3 Pit i:i;i;, Mandi 'J:!, I77t). ;i, Eijza- 
)iKni, -Jl, 17S',>. 4, Sti;i'IIKN, Dec. x'7, 17b;4. 

Vill. Zadoc, b. Aug. 7, 17-l">. "An active niari iu the ])arish society (\Volcott\ serv- 
ing ]-aiticularly as grave digger and school committee.'' lie d. Sept., 1707; m. Nov. 
P», 17i;o, Eunice Dulton. 1, AuKi.Mh DuTTON, bap. Dec. 4, 1771. "?, Z.viju.', hup. 
Oi-t. C. I7 7f'. :-!, Zk.nas. l)ap. A}iril -j:], 17S0. 4, Poi>a, ba]). Oct. IG, 17.^r>. ."5, Eimck, 
baji. Mav K), 17s!); perluqis others bap. in Southinuton. 
IX. ■ iluldah, April is, 1747. 
X. Lois, Jui;e (i, 17 Iff. 

XI. l.^aae, June '.2(1. 17.71. C 

111.10.2. Johu Bronsou, lia[.. .Udy G. 17:1k rem. to W'olcott. Conn., and d. 
there Nov. Id, \>'.'v>, aged '.do yrs. and marly 4 mos.. the gi'eatest age over atiaiiu-il up 
to 1S.7S within the ancient limits of NN'aterbnry, excejiting one. \\'heii he was 100 yrs. 
old it was cidi.'brated in W'olcott by a centenary meeting, at which asermon^vas preached 
and a good time had. He was <u' great viyor of Ixidy and mind. aCalvinist of the strict 
<-st sort, prejudiced against college education, as, in his opinion, disipialifvin;;: for the 
more Inmest emploNmens. Active in parish alTairs, a very hard wotker, arid retaining 
his m.arv. -bills strength until past SO. At the age of 80 he challenge 1 the youngmen oV 
W. to a ino\'. in^- match with him for a day: but nonerd" them wei'e bold enough to accept, 
lb; m. .March ;;o, 17oS, Sarah, dau. of Peiijamin and Hannah (.\bbot) Parnes, b. Sept. 
'J7, 17;-L': d. Der. 17. 1804, aged 7;i. He in'. (-2) tin- wid. of Curtiss Hall. 

i. .loe!, b. .March !), 17oil; rem. to Purlington. C<nm.. thence to Penn., d.; 

m. \'t,-\-. :j, I7s:!, Cinthea Squire. 1, Ii;a, b. Sejd. 11. 178* ; a pliys. of Ihir. ; m. •' 

Frisbie. 'I, S\Mii.i., m. I'rsula llumpbrey. o. Avis, li. Oct. :J7, li!)0; d. at.Perlin. 
C'linn ,.Ian. 18, Is.").',; m. Oet. •J, isH, Simeon Woodrud'. b, in T'^armiiigion Oct, 1. 17s';; s! 

of Eli.~iia :rid .\nini Miriswcdd) Won-] mlT of W'etlier.-die.d, Conn, ileil. , in Xew 

Britain, (.'onn. : i'ccrmer. 1, /,"<-(''/.v. b. Dec. 1, !S|-3; grad. M.D. at Pittsfield. Ma^s. A 
hiicce^sful practitiiiiiei-and business ii'.an : supt. o{ Sunday school ; n-p. inCoiui. leg., ami 
has filled sev<'ral town otliees: secv. of I;u>S(d iV Erwin .Man. Co. of New Hri'ain; m. Jan. 
•;!', l.So7, Harriet L. Puel. li. Auir." 4, ISll.ilau. of Fred, and Prdi:'. (NN'ri-hO Ibul of 
Simsbiu-y, Conn.: a. p. ,2. Sanuhl /•;.. Mandi 15, 18IS; ■}.. .Pun- '\\\. ISpJ. :;. Fr<i:,;dut, 
.April -J.V, PS-jd; br(>il a physician. 4, .V-//'// C.. b. Apiil 2-, IS-:.-!; d. .Pme 2. Is:;!. ."")' 
Jni, h. Anvil -.^S, 182.5; d. Feb. p,\ ls;jj. (>', Mnrn J>roi,.vjii, -Inly o, 18;;~*; d, in New 


intAXcK or .joirx. 

15ritaiii, ?>i;iivh iC', IS<»: in. l),-c. lij. IS.V;, ^jalll(.ll .1 Woo.lniff 

.Ian. is. lS(i.-). (I.uiTva .M. \\ri;:lit. ]lr 


•'nlv 7. ls:;(; 

an. 1^. l^^, w..,„.rva_.M. nv vi^^nt. iir ,. an a,vr. and s.m-v. cf Cnion Man. »',, „| X^u- 
>ntain. 1. Ilatn- iMi/.a. .A].nl •,>(!, IS-V.).- ,!. .lunc-l. iso'l. ■,> ,.,a.H. Mnvl,' Ian ' 
y*;;!: ha].. March 24, l^ii;^, ovit the in--t!H'i-'.s roilin; d. S.'pt. ]-) Irtfi:; .j 'm\pV ■,'' 
-— l'rml;<uu-..t PMirlrngtoi,. o, Joki.. C, C'v.ntiika, m. Bull .,r I'lvnu)'!'!, ' :' 

X.VN( V, 1 

11. 1 


luiylit. ITtil: rt. Ai-ril 2S. 1S4^. a-ed S4: rem. to W„!c(,Tt \lUi. 

Wli^-ii !.<nvvc.-!iOamltihel..'pii. tolearn hislctterr,: bctorr lu-\vas s vrar^ old I..- irul 
read tlif hihlt- Thnui,£;li m oourso and also everv otlier Ixiok lie coald l"av ],i- ].-ind-> ni, 
Hjs tliirst for reading ai.d kiio\vl.-<k.t. was in.saiiabl-. Hi.s dav.s w.-re .spent ' ii/'lruith-s 
wislu-s and lus ni-hts m dreams ut books, and of c-o!loi;v and of loarnino- for vp-x'r^ 
t^.g.-t]K-r. until se.^n^ no opportunity of obiainiurr a cullep" edm-ation, In- In-c-aiu.- .-n-atlv 
discourairrd as to l;to. indUTnvut. and cKcn-din-lv l)aslifnl. lUs basjilnlnrs's n-i's 
uitensilu-d by a sirict and ri-pn-s^ive home irnvfnnneni— b.^imr \v^.|l ..j.,pt und.-r'- 
wlm-li, joinod ^vitl. Ins dt .-poiub-nt .^tatc of mind, U- .savs, n.-ariv pnu-td bis ruin 'J'ji's 
rfs.-rvr, s,' and difiid.n.-i.-. .-ravt- to bis usual niann.-r .ind df-porfm.-nt an 
ai)pra ranee of r-oldness and inddfcrenff to olbeis. svliirli was in ta<-t tin- .•Mmnlft'.' 
opposite of lii.s real character, f-.r -a warmer In-art, i.nibablv. did m.t beat in ^V,,|I•ott•• 
than his. Hence m his and i>rayers at funerals he\vas cai.tivaiin^'- and movin--- 
to a remarkable, degree. All now livinir who have Imard him sav thev •■ne'\er beard lis 
equal ai funerals." His on tlm (ieatb. of \\"asl,ir,-t,.n is'spaken nf as the m,isi 
remarkalde pv(iduction of tin- kind ever heard in the town and was talked of as sur] 
for vears. The same iss^id of an address he -av at a confereii.-e nf rhuiVhes a: 
Cheshire. It is not surpnsini: tlierefoiv. that he is s,,oken nl as ■• The .-reat nvm .,f 
^\olcott. ' He was dea. of the chh. fnuu bso.-, to Is-l.-,, aiid from ls-2-.' to l.S'T i"-i'o'i-u ed 
the duties or suppli.-d the place of pashn- to the .dih., di-tin-aishiu..- him-^eir in c.'ia',- 
onces and pubhc meetinirs; ivp. in h --. .", years in sncce»ion, jsn to Isi,-,- .^,1 ,„ 
society, chh. and town one of tlu- most a.-tive and hi-hlv t-i.-em.-d men tha^ .-v.-'f Ijv 1 
in W.: somerimrs hoidiu-- is o.- •,>o ollices and nev^r h's.s'tluui ]2 jusiire of the i.e'ice '•< 
years: surveyor of ian.i so h.n- that he kn..-w at on,;.- x/!:.-,v to ^o' to .•omnuuiee trmin'- 
any line m tne town. A. 15ron.-on Aico;t says: ■■ N,, uian ever'^lived in \V ^v];y, vuch 
natural K'lts ms he. r.nd luul he ree.-ived a liberal educati.ui In- would hav, <-,|Tilr 1 -mv 
of th<" irivat m-., this ^laf has [.rodured. - ' -lie impre.>.-d ev-rv one u jtl, 'hi- d- ,.;> 
sinci rity and neain-.., to (i,„i. ' Several sp.-cinu-ns ,,r his conioo-irion b,,th |,voM-"--i 
veise. are irivm m .Mr. Orcutt's J/;.:f.. -/■ ]\:,/,:,ff. (Sre p -js; to •Mi? ] Xe-r" the rlose 
ot Ins hie he s,.,.-;.,-d .leTormiued To d-'sToy h is writ in-s .ual unfonnn:.;. lvsu-,-,.,^ied 
excepting his Journal and .-lu-ht or len oiIut fragments, which his ihui'.rhtm \I,-.' 
]5ariliolom-w. succeeu^.l in pulling oui of th.' lire while thev wn-e bundle.- in \h<- door 
yard wln-iv he had nnule a bontire of llicm. Th- deatli of liis eide-t son Isaac Oct f! 
1S02-. at the a--e of I<. was a lerriide idovv to him. and in his j.uu-na! ot that' .hite he 
givesa touching expr<_-si„n or >orrou. aiui describes hinras •■mv l-,ac tiio v,,,, in 
whom 1 gr.'atly .h Indited." always laiiluul. dutiful and obedient ; apt to iear.r ,l.di-iit,.,i 
with reading; a retentive im-mory; rethvting; i>fnetrarin- in scai|)ulou-] v 
truthliil at all tiir.e>, niodesi. sol»-r and temperat.- in all tliim-s. ' Some verses wrbteii 
by the lather on visuing tlie grav of his sou. ..oou after the burial, and on the niorniu-- 
after a vndent storm, are given in // ,./ 11',./,.,'/. p. •ii»J-'2, fnun \\hich the followdi- 
are copied: 

" When s.ileam darkness veils ihe niidnii^ht skies, 
.\r.d the hu^e tempest bellows o'er the plain,' 
Here i.i ttio du^t, mv once levecl Isaac lies, 
Nor heerfs the howliaq winds, nor drenching rain." 

" Oh_! my ior.<}. licart. rt;sii.'n p:irental jcns, 

^ Nor ho; e : • ft-f. him 'till li.e rin;ri hour. ^ 

Since naa.'h: cot move I-.ur biu jeh.'v.iiis voice; ,-■ 
\'. ;c.t t.'.e .-.iir^j efTo; ts of Almitrhtv power. '" .-''' 
Tfe m. Sept. 10. 1?:;!. Thankfu 
BronsoM. Thankf-ui I 'iarl: \.:i,- 

28. :S4;, aged '.I-'.. -'A uo'.n sr,;,.):..! ,,[f>' vU:o ,d,o. r- d her hnsLand in everv .,„„, 
work. 1, b. .\ug. b-.. i:s-,; ,1. Ort. 1;>, ls,r.', ai:ed IN :2 c, ^,;k h I->ec i; 
irsu; d. in Hitf.. Conn.. Jan. "Jo. Im;s;. „.-,..| >:\: r.sidence luosilv in Wolcoti 'a,ti- ,■ aurl 
honond m .dih. an.i s.,c:..ry; ,;,, May !(. isp; l^xp,-: iouro Ijari "of !^;i rlin-'ion ■ b .lah 
■'• l'-''-: '1- "> "^■*-- •'''>'■ '•-. i-'^T ], /.■..•.„■ y/.. |,_ ApMl :iS. isu- d \y-r 'j;i ]-^[.i 
■2. (I'u-iV II.. b. .Ian. 2i. I-IC: barur,! carria-,- niaki-,^- ..f Cluemr, v Muuso,. of^ 
lord. an;l m. his ehl. dan., Kmily .Muuson. Nov. 14. \:-\V.: roo,. to W at-rburv IMl and 
carried on carrage busin.-ss wirli success till abo.a ^^-■.y>■ j,,,.;, ;„ \-,- I,um!;oi- .V ( 'oal Co 

!au. oi Isr.u'i Clark. 4u-o. of Abi-all. wf. ,d' Jonathan 
■r cons, to .lolu, ICon.-o;, f. of i>,-a. Isaa--. Sin,- .1. .lu,;,. 



till i>(j-J: rtiii. t(i llitf. uiivi V as in cnul l)U-iiKss till d. Nov. 28, IMw. 1, Ht-nry Triin:- 
htiU. 1). Sept. is. l^-l'J; t-nli.-it-il Auir. , \>-l'y2. in 0;i(l Cuun. Vols.; siTvrd as 1st stT;::t. Co, 
A. a ycai- aliout New ()i'U';<ii^ iindfi- (icn, iviiilxs aiul a iiart of tin' tinii- ert-ctini: torlili- 
catioiis luiilfi- ^il•ll. \\\it/.ci; ii-s. Urtf.; ;ii. Juiii- jil, isi:',). f-;ilcn Aiiulia Pliilli]>s ot' 
Nfw York. (li. Oliver Hait. \<. Maivh 20, IbTO. (0). Win. liciuy. h. Srjit. 2-, 1n71. 
Cd), Helen Chaiincv, h. Jan. o, ls73. 2, Alice Kniilv, ].. April' 21, l^-lb. :', Lillio 
Martha, .Man-li C. l":.VJ; d. Mav ai, 18G2. 4, Arthur Ihirt, h. Mav 11, IbG5. :j, .V///^ 
J/., b. Feb. •■), bSlS; d. March ij, 1820. 4, ii'fyk/-i; (7^/;7,-. b. March 29, J>)25: d. Match 
12, IS'jb. 0, V)'t/-vr.// ij. T'lWe, adopted dau.. li. Sept. 1. \^:^~i: resides iti Litchlleld. 
("oiin. '■'). li{AD, b. Aug. 27, 17>^S: dea. of tiiP chli. iu Wolcott U years: higlily esteemed; 
rem. to Scuihingtrn, thencu to Bristol, wliere he still res.(lS74) in liis 8';tli year; ni . 
Nov. (',. l-n, Phebe Xortou of lirist.d. 1, PInht. A., b. Nov. S, 1812; ni. June 14, 
lS;jd, i'r. Win. Andrus Alcott, autlmr of "The Young Man's (hilde," b. Wolcott, 
('nun., Aug. (J, 17'J8, s. (jf Obed, ;aul a 2d ecus, of Aruos IJronsou Ahott, tlie cele- 
biated wri'er. He d. at Newton, Mas,>~., of pleurisy, March 29, 18o9. J>r. Alcott was 
tlic aulhf)r of IdS published volumes of wliich 19 were ediu-ational works. Plireuology 
and ])Iiysical education 31 vols., several of which passed through 12 erlitioiis each, 2 of 
lo editions each, and 1 of 21 editions. Of books for the family ami school library 14 
vols., 1 of which passed through 12 editions, 1 17, and 1 thro. 22 editions before 
185S Books for school library 44 vols. Besides this he a ])rolific contributor to 
maga/.iues and newspapers, of which he ju'eserved cop'les of more than l.OlJO articles. 
llis wife's sister describes him as "an earnest worker for huuumity; ilie great aim and 
l)uri)0se of his life being to make men better — to raise them, jdiysically, intellectually 
and raorally." 1. William Peun, b. .luly 11, 1S:!8, in I'orchester, Mass. ; Williams coll. 
l>(il: while in cidl. he accompanied by apjininimeu: a scientific expedition to/Trcenlund; 
.Audover Theological seminary, 18()"); picached at lleatli and Cohasset. Mass.; lectured 
on clu-mistiy in Williams coll.: set. Cong. chli. at X'o (ireeuwich. Conn., l8G8, where he 
still (1874) remains; moderator, 1873, of West Fairfield. Conn., consociation. He is very 
successful in his, an<l increasing i:i influence and e.steem. He has given miich 
attention to science and especiallv to botauj ; m. Aug. 20, l'^'>8, Sarah .Taue. dau of Ke\. 
David Morrill of Peacham. Vt. '(1), Wm! Bronson. b. Jan. 0. l>7ti; d. 10. ]872. 
(2), Marv Hunt. b. Mandi 17, 1^71. i:!), David Morrill, b. Aug. 20, 1873. 2, Phebe Ann, 
b. Oct. 17. I'^IU; m. Walter Crafts; res. Ala. (1), Walter Narli.-in. (2), Phebe R., b. 

Nov. 17, 1778. 2, Is,ni.\ b. May 1-5. i^lo; m. : r.s. Bri^^.l, Conn.: y. i. 3, Elhtihdh 

'/'., b. Jan. 27. 181 -: unm. 4,' H.\nnah Ci..\]{K, b. Aug. 2"). 1790, diving 1S73): rescued 
a few of her latber's .MS,8. from his l;ontire of them; in, Nov. l:), 1811, Wiri. Bartholo- 
mew of Hrtf.. Conn., b. Nov. l-'J, 17S;3: d. March 22, IS.^lO, aged Cb. He res. in Wolcott, 
and was valualde in chh. and communitv, serving in several olFices. 1, llt(in].\ful 
l:rvi<S'.N, 1). Sept. 22. 1^12. 2, /iv/v, / )i,.irJ W'.'nhnt rd,h. June 23. 1814; d., 
Mo., Sept. 1, I84(i; m. Maria 'i'here.-a Byington of S.uilbingtoii. Sejit., IMl, who d. in 
St. Louis .full. 2u, 1844. aL;-ed 21. ;',. ji,r7l,<i. b. xpi. 3, 1810; in. Oct. 4, 1841, David 
(iavlord ..f WuUin-foid, Conn. 4, ./."'/,' M'v't'-,,. b IM. 3, 1^1- d. next day. o, S,i.n<h 
Jii'ne, b. Nov. 2-', 'iSU); m Feb 27. iSiO, Ira H. Smirh of N(Uth Haven. Conn. 0. 
Kiittra Ahuli'i, b. Oct. 12. 1832; m. June, 1^-.'), Julius Muss of Cheshire. 5, Tii.\XKiri., 
b. Oct 28, 1792; d Ylay 4. 180-. G, S.\t;.\ii, b. July 28. 179:): d. 1>~GG; m. Jan. 3, 1^20, 
Samuel Atwater of Hainden, Conn., (his2d wf.) He m. 1st Julia Hough, in 1811, [4j 
rem. to Windham, N. Y". 7, :M.\i;y, (twin with Sarah) d. Dec. 12, 1854; in. Harry Tuttle, 
res. Cheshire. 8, Uji.vxiA, b. Dec. 10, 1799; m. Sheldon Frisbie; rem. toO., thence to 

ShtldoK . 
1788, Jemima, dau. of Eleazer 

iiomestead; d. Nov. 
14, 1781; d. Feb. 

where she d. July, 18-")4. i. 1, /^v^''•. 2, 7)/ 
III. Benjamin Barnes, b. Aug. 19, 17G3; m. Ni>v. 1' 

res. , Southiuirton. 
l\'. Phi1en,,r, i)ap. 27, 17GG. 
^^ Hannah. 

Jnhh, b. .Ian. 31, 177G: lived in Wolcoti on his f . 's 
m. Hannah le'ot of l'arm!nL''ton. Conn.; b. Feb. 
1. .Iai;\ is |;,j,,T. b. .\pril .-ClSOS; m, June 24, 183"). Esther P., droi. of John 
Beecher of W,d. 1, /.//,//^//, II.. b. Oct. 7, 18:^G; d. InGG. He was dea. of the chh., supt. 
of the Sundav srheol, ''and one of the most valuable and reliable young men of tlie com- 
munitv:" m.'Maiiha A, Tutib'. 2, .v../, b. N(iV. G, 1843; d. soon. 3, .IAtM^/ h'ito/i. an 
a-lopted dauo-hter, b. Oct. 2, 18:;8. 2. Sakah Axx, b. Ajuil 1, 1811; d. March 12, 
]8G^: m (ie.i. \V. Carter, b. .Ian. 18, 1811 . <!..•;.. ol ih.> clxh. iu W«d., and has seisvd the 
soeietv continuiui-lv as clerk and treasurer over 2i>; lias been lb i'. and ^en. in 
C<ui..." [.> -y. He m."(2) Mav 10, 1871. .Marv P. Haldwin, .v. ;. 1. /A >< >\'/ /)., b. \i<-r. 2, 1.^39; 
m. Feb,. 1, 18GI', MaivK. 'dr.u of Stiles "L. Hotchki-s. 1, Charles H. 2, X'^rt/M., b; 



18 liJiAXCH OF .lOilN. 

Mjlv 33, ISl?; 111. (f'jo. \V. A\ alk.^r. 3, h<nrii]i X., h. (twii- with Mary M.); d. Aw^;. 24, 
1800. A, Il'iinuih J., h. Jan. L'O. V-^44: ui. Kliiicr Ilotclikiss. 5. Fr,'(h ri'-I.- U'.. 1>. Oct. 
27, isi.-,. 0, \\'<i'l,ry.. ])•■.•. :^, ls:io: d. May s. is.-).-). ;j, Stii,i,.m.\n, b. Si-i>t. II, 1812; 
in M:ircl! -Jii, lS4f). (■|iarl..itt" i:. Liiulsley or'Wol. 1, Ivuurx",, ]!., h. Mar.-li 21. 1841; 
(1. Vi'l). 21. l^fli. 2, /,'"•-■/ -S. It. June 20, 1S4:!; i>i. Oct. ;U, 1n07, H.nj. ('. Luin, res. 
New Haven. 1, nV'ih. S.' h An.x. 2, ISfiS. 2, Cliarluttr <,'., h. Xor. 0, is71. 3, Jlnr- 
ri't L., \'. l>ci'. 7, 1^44; (i. Nov. li), iNOli. 4, /V. AVv/c , !>. Feb. 2.!, 1>'47; d. Oct,. ?. 
1S02. o. /,',,;;•. /.., b. .lulv 10, IS 19. 0, /-y'l'^f, b. Mav i;j. jy.-.l. 7. h'.4/,> r L. M., h. 
July 10, iS.-.iJ:' d. Oct. 2."'), "l^fiO s, /-JUt/i Jf., b. N.,v. 1, IsijO. 4. I^tkix. b. May 3, 
1815: 11!. Sar.ili Mcrriaiii: r.'.s. \\aT.Ml)ury, CdMii. l,JoJtiiT. 2, KdunrdJ'. o, NcKie. 
4, irW''. •;, S.\i;.\ii M\ur\,b. .luncfs, 1823; d. S,-pt. 7,, 1827. 

111.11. Israel Clark, b. AyvW 17, 1714- m. Aug. .-J. 174;!, in .8., Mchirabb- , 

wlu) d. Nov. 18, 1812, aged !i2. 'I'iicy IxiiU became inenibers nf the .8. cldi. at its organ- 
ization, So\. IX. 177;-J. 

1.]!. Dec. 2. 1744: ni. Marcb l!i. 1707, Noah Neil, b. >!arch 10, 1744, 
(bro. of Jolin <;.;nid of iJ-v. Kollin 11., 1). D. ). 

11. Ingliam, b. in New }b: v. , .laTi. 2tt, 1740: si^. in Wob'^tt. 'Vhv Coini. ('ournul 
of M<jnilay. .ban!', 1 7'.*7, s-^iy.-^: "ha^t Wednesda}' moining \\as foiiic! Ijy tlie side of a 
fence on liocky Hill, iii tlds tDwn, tb.e bmly of Ingliain Clark of 8nntbingtoii. It is 
supposed he perislied \\'ith robb" He m. in l*'arniington, Oct. 22, 1707, Saraji Be;ich. 
1, Juki., A]'Ii1 10, 17(i'J. 2, A\.n.\, Oct. 17, 1770: d. Marcb 20, 18:^1; m. June U, 17Hn, 
Daniel, s. nf l>r. 44iin>tby I'orH'r of \N'aterlHiry. [s. nf Dr. Daniel Porter, an early 
settler in Farinington, .-." of Dr. Daniel, s. of Dr. Daniidj, b. Sept. 2o, 1708. i., ]', 
Jlorii'i. b. Se]'i. ;;o. i71'0: in. ^hiv 20, 1811, H:i!iii:ih. dan. uf j-'.ben.v.ei- Frisbie, wlio d. 
April 11. 1811. Ilf in. (2) Nov. 2:!, 184."), Ksther M. \V. Hull. 1, Horace (,4aHv, b. 
March ll, 1812: d. Aug. 11. ]n;jI. 2. IbmiciliC, S.M.t. 1, 181:!; in. Clu-if.topher I., Ward 
of Towanda, Da., and \va< .s., jb^nry. :!, Hamlet C, July 11, l8lo; d. Aug. U, 1S;M. 4, 
MobiirtC. Feb. 2, J811'; in. JiTusba, dau. of Denj. HroLi.-^oii and has two <hi!(1ren. 5, 
Henry Cliuton, Aiiril 2U. 182o: M. D., V. ('. M. S.' ISJS; i-,. FliziiE., d.r.i. <d Natluoi N. 
Bsttsof Towanda, Pa. [. bv 2d ni. (i, Maruaret A., b. Julv 27, 18U). 7, Sara!) E., 
b. Aw^r. m, 1849. 2. Tiiif'ih'j, b. Jan. HO. i7!)2; ni. C'laia, dau. of Kbene/.er Frisbie, 
who d-. Nov. 18, 1821. Hem Vi) Dec. 20. 1S24, Pollv Ann Todd. 1, Jusepb. b. June 5, 
1812. 2, Mnrv Ann, Aug. 21, 1810. o, Jane E., b. Feb., 1818. i. bv2d m., 4/rimothy 
Hopkins, b. Feb. 10. 1820: Y. C, 1848. 5. Nathan, b. Dec. 9, 1828. ("., Thomas, Feb. 
7,1881. 7, D.ivid Gustavus, March 8, Is:!;',; Y. ('., 1857. 8, Sanniel M., b. May 17, 
183"). ;;. 7i/(-,./,^, b. Mav 14. 17b5; in. Jan. 22, lsl7, Alma 'I'yler; one (diild, James, b. 
March 20. 1818. 4, .l"'//a/ . 1//;^/, b. April 12. lsOii;ni. Jan.', 1822, AVm. !.>r!on and d. 
Feb. 25, 1823, leaving a da a., Caroline. 5, ]):nnil, b. May 20, 1805; Y. C. M. S. 18.28. 
He was a ])]ivsiciyu. and became insane in 1845 and d. 1803. G, ,/o.^tji/i, b. July 11, 
1807; d. Jan! 5. 1812. 3. Sakmi, bap. Nov. lib 1755. 

III. l^arnal)as, bap. Jan. 11, 1701, in S. 

IV. Thankful, b. 1754; d. June 23, 1847, aged 93; m. Feb. 10, 1773, Isaac lironsoii, 
a. s. of lier first cousiu, John Bronsou, who Nvas s. of Jonathan and Abigail (Clark) 
iiM:)nson. (See Biog-.) His health was quite poor for a number of yeai'S. and in 1790, 
thinking he was near his end, lie writes in a sj/irit of resignation to the Divine will: 
"But 1 wished to bring up my cldidren if it might lie; thougli the greatest attaciuncnt 
I have to tills \vorld, by far is one of the most jjrudent, kind and afl'octionate wives the 
world ever produced, who spared no pains to render my life comfortable and agreeable, 

-and was so anxious for my recovery that she would be u[> and taking- care of me whoa 
she ought to liave been in b- d and to have luid a nurse; herself." In consequence, she 
became sick nigli unto death, but recov(>red and lived on a half cif.tury or more. 

112. Daniel Clark, bi March G, 1074; m. . (ieo. Clinton, execT of the 

will of ]). C, 1741. In 1743, Ceo. and Esther Weed, Hannah Clark and Eunice Clark, 
chil. of D;uiiel C. . dec, conv. to Daniel Clark. 

1. Alice, b. Sept. 0, 1702; m. John Weed. 
11. Eydia. b. May 4, 17O0. 
in. Daniei, b. Veh. :l, 1708. }\o was a sea capt. and largely in successful sliip 
|>ing business. !!.■ butli \\\r b-irgi-t Iiom-'- in tbe townslii|) nf W. !t was aimui l() 
fert square and 3 stoI!.■.-^. Hi- m. I'Ji/.abrtli, ll. Si'j)l ;,s!. l7b'S^ (i;ui. of .M;.j. Tbojiias 
and AbiL.ail ,M)M Miles ,,f Wi.Hincriud. Sli- <1. April 19, 1755. ib> m. r^) 

Ibui-iub — . lied. Aug. 17, 1771. Jan. 29. 175), lKun,'\ Clark of Wal., sold tt> 

^'innM) Tut.jb; I'f Nov/ Havcu. a nri;-ro man siT\-ant named Sainps(^ti_ al.)out 20 \fars 
'■>t' age, sound and well, for .i;0O7, old li;inr. 1, Oi;i;i>ii:m i;, b. Nov. 7. 175'!, dau. 
2, A.MKi,!.\, Ja!i. 7, 175!.'. 3, i.uis. Sept. 8, 1701. 4. S.\K.\!i, Marcb 12, 170S. 



]V. Marv, b. Jum- 11, Kll; in. Muv 24. T7;j;j, (Ico. f'liutoii; (2) Nov. S, 1737 Ann 

Pod^y-f. 1, (>i;ki.(KN( K. I). May 24, I7:;;i, 

^'. KsiluT, b. .Jan 21, IT'i:;: in. (if.. \V<-e.i, Oct. 2:J. 1740; Oaniel Clark chiv. U, 
■ dau. Ksthcr \^'. •.■,!. 

VI. ()!,f,li,.uce, 1), .Ian. !"), ]71f;, dau. 

^'ll. llaiiuah, ij. Nov. ."), 1710, namcil in w. u{ f. 

Ylii. Ennicf. Mny 24, 1722: nanit-d in w. of f. 

114. Joseph Clark, 1». Oct. 20, ](.i7!~;; will dated K.-c 2, 17.jU; ])rov('d ut N. II., 
Fell. 2, 1702: ninifs .<. .J-iS^jdi, dans. Lydia \\'],i;']vr, liaiina]; P]nnil>, Tal'itha Allyn, 
Deboi-ah Sanford, Dinali L'urti.s and I.nry Mattht-w.-?; m. Nov. 7, r.U7, Marali Parker of 
Wallint'furd. In 1713. in a (•on^ eya.n'-c to Klione/.rr Bcocln'r, he is called late of Now 
liavcn, now of Middbtown, Tonn. Tie j.rob. rem. to Mid. .soon after b. of Hannah, tbe 
last of liis idiil, recorded in N. 11. In 17:J-1, still of Mid., be conv. to Eben. lieecher 
•oue-tbird of oiu'diftb i>ai-f in (itli division laid out to y-r. f. .lolm Clark. In 17.")2, called 
■of ^^'atorlJury, li" coiiv,iii dau. Lm.-y M:itlb"\\s id Fa.rinint-ton, all riel'ts in New Haven. 

1. .bi-idi, b. .Iiih 27, 17!i'..«: drowui'd in a uell .]nlvl7, 17H. ' 
II. Lydia, 1.. N..V. ;i. 1710: d. Ajiril IS, 1712-i:j. 

111. .loseidi, b. AjniM, 1712: (of Middletown, Conn., 17:]1): d. .Tune ]•"). 174'.': ra. 
Dec. 8, 1741, Mary, dau. of bis cousin Abrabam Cbiik of Sontlnnfjiou: b. March 21, 
172."i. 1, M.viiv. b. Oct. :-T, 174:!. 2, Ai:.\!:i!, b. M.-y 12, 17b"). ;T, IUth, b. Aug 28! 
1747: ni. .Josepli Laid^ton aui] had .Jo.sei)h, f. of Cbloc. (See Abrabam Clark's desc ) 
4, hvi)r.\, b. Oct. .", 1 740 

1\'. I.ydia, b. Nov. :-!, 17]:J: m. in ITetblehdn, Conn., Jum^ 2(J, 1744. I'.ns. Caleb 

Wheeler, b. .MarcTi 21. 17n4: ^2' v. f . lie ,„. .1; Martlia , v.dio d. April 21. 1744. 1, 

Mahtha, b. March 2.".. 1740: ni. April 24, 17Hi;, .lame.-, Lasley. 

V. OeboraTi, b. May 2o, 171.-): m. Nov. ;J, 172.7. .'<aniuel Satiford, jr.. of New 
Haven. In 1771 InT dowtr. laud in No. Haven, as wid. of Sam. Sanford" w as ^old to 
Ebenezcr liarne? for I'l.-). 1, David, 1,. Oct. 29, 1 7;jS; d. He.-. 2;T, 1741. 2, MAiiV, I). 
■Jan. 2, 173'J. 3. David. May 2.s, 1742 Will of Danu\ris S^nford of Woodbrid^e, dated 
Feb. 2.^, 1S17. provefj 1S2]. ' (Codicil dated A]iril. ]S2()i. Elilui Sanford, r.;<p, exec; 
nainesdec. bus. Hasid Sanford: luime.s: chil. : 1, /.'i/c:"./ and las son. In 1842 David San- 
ford made his will. 1, Marvin. 2. <'///■'!>•. ;J, F.-ithfr. 4, Dinnnri-^, wf. of Stephen 
]Iilchcock. 5, O'iiK, wf. of Jereiuiali W'arm'r. 0, S'linml. 7, Tnintan and his son. 1, 
■Syrenas. 8, Si:;/innir, w\\n had club 1, Harriet. 2, Miles. 0, L'<'i/, wf. of Jas. 
\Varner. 10, .1/'//-//. 11, Mii,",-. 4, I7/.kkki., 1). Dec. 1, 174(i. .5, Samt-'k!,, b. Nov. 6, 
17,";;]. Will of Dr. Si-vuniei Sanford proved in N. H., ]^0.■S. Ibiwena and Kliliu San- 
ford, jr., exec. E.-,t, insolvent, s. Siimn,!. G, Eucv, b. S( ])t. 14, 17.0-"). 

VI. Hani:ah, b. .hilv 11, 1710: m. . Plumb. 

A'll. TaTietha.m, — . ATlyn. 

Vlll. Dinalu m. , ("urt's." 

IX. .lolm. b. March 11, 1721; d. W'c. lii, 1720. 

A'. Lncv, h : m. • , Benjamin Matthews, "'■■ h. .Mav 14, 1720. 1, AniAi!, bap. 

May 20, 17.50." 2, Svr.n,, b. .Inly 20, 17.>2. 3, Hk.v.ia.min, 1)." Oct, 13, 17.54.f 

XI. John, h. Oct. 2, 1727: ni. Sept. 9, 1747, Ibmmdi, dau. of Stc'phen Brooks of 
Furinhiglou. Supjiosed the Ca]it. .Tolm (lark whov^ onlv child Posanna, b. Fel). 28, 
17G4; m Feb. S, 1786, Col. Samuel Han of S. 1, .Ioiin, h. Mav 11, 17-lS. 2, PtOsANXA, 
b. Feb. 28, 1704: m. Feb. 8, 17.'-G, C<d. Sam. Hart of S. Hart gen., p. 202, ))er desc. 
Xll, Samuel, b. Aue. 4, 1729; d. Sejit. 28, 1749. 

115. Stephen Clark, b. Dec. 24, 1080: m, Nov. 20, 1702, Sarah Hill, a.s dau. of 
John Hill and wf. of Siepluui Clark s(./ld her right in Iter fatlier's est. She d. Dec. 

20, 1728. He m. (2) Margaret ; will of Stc-phen C, dated .Tuly 14, 1740, ]>re.s. Aug. 

5,1741; names eld .s Stephen, Moses, Daniel, Job; daus. Ann Culver, Patience ^Valter, 
Thankful Clark, Mehitablo Tyler, Sarah Merriman and Esther Spencer; wf. Margaret 
and s. Jo1.i, execrs.: 1729, ]']]>hraii;i Sanford wit. to a deed from Stepln-n CIii,rk to s. 
Moses. In 1744, Ib.uiiel and Jol.i Clark of N. Hav., conv. to .Tohn Thomas rt. in est. of 
fatTier. Stephen Cl.-'rk, diec. 

1. Stejdu^n, b. April 20, 1703; m. Oct, 21, 1728, Catharine Ciranniss of Middle- 
town, Conn. 

*NoTE.— Renj, Mattliews, b. June 23, 1754; d. Feb, 7, T7SS; will exli. by wid. Sirali , dated 1785, 

minor d.iu. Hatin.ih; m. .-\prii 27, 17.S3, -Sar.ili.d. of Jo',e(,4i and Prudcnc't' ( -Mliiit,) i^rown, aiid wid. of 
Samuel Perkins, b. July n, 1754; d. /Vus- 'o, c3;(,af:cd 80 yrs., i mo. 

tHcni. Mat'.licws from Farinin.^lon ia Torrinj;loii, about 1732-3. 


• II. :\I.w.s '•• Murcli :, 1703; m. F.-l,. 20. 172()-7. I>iiiuh ]',i.-;lin|,. }lo d. Aim-. 17, 
17;5(i, iiiul I'iiKi.h itpp. iulmx.: luua.s I>;ini-1 ;uul Ann;;; Tiittlf, John liiuwn u( 15rairti)nl] 
Isaac i^aytnii, .hiool) Blnke.-lfy , Mr. Stiles, .Sainuil and Knhraim Suiiford and stver;;! 
Clarke. 'J'he wid., Dinah, ni. June 'J7, 17:')7. L-inol Dayton (4-2J:) and d. Oct.-}. 17.")1. 

Isratd Dayton d. , and in Juut-, 17()U, Timotliy (•huk "oT Farniington, afhn'r. of liis 

etit. 1, J());i., b. July :30, 17"2S: cliosc tamuH] Tyici- of Wall., iitiaidian, 174v;: set. in S. 

Souili Eiid. wh'-ic h« owned two or nion- haiic 'taii;i ;. In 17./,' Joel Clark of Fanuiuo-. 

ton sold out ]ii.=^ home lot in X. Hav. to Enos 'J'odd. IK- wub a trader, lieut. in the ofd 

French -war. On breaking- out of the rev. ejit.rf-d tli" army as lieut. coL, in rey-. of 

\vhi< h, Ji'dediah Iluntington of Norwich, wa.s cd. At the battle of Long Island, in 

; Sept., 1771), he was taken prisoner, and d. in ]jrison in New York about the close of 

I tliat year, aged 4-^;. He m. .May 12, 1748, ]..ois, dau. of Silas and Eunice (Cook) Clark, 

1 [] b. Nov. ^11, ll;,ii; shu m. (SiDt-a. Am()s Morris of fJast flaven, and (L thereof cons! 

! Aug. IS. 17^1, aged 51 ; buried in S. Amos Morris, rep.. May, 1785; cai>t. of the Traiu- 

I baud. He own^'tl raid occupied the (dd stone house. For an inreresliuir deS'M-iption of 

; wliicli see Thos. li. Trowbridge, jun. New Haven Jiist. Soc, j)a!wr, "Ani-if-iu ]loiiS''s of 

New Haven Colony." 1, }LdiitjiJ,l, . h. Oct, 15. 171^. i, I'ho nkful. Dec. 15, 1750; d. 

; JulyeO, )75:i :i,' Mcsf^, April Ol, 175:'.; d. May 1, 175s. 4, Jo,J, b. 1755;'d. Oct G. 

i 175U. 5, /.,'/,-. b. Oct. -.^7, 1757. (j, I'hanU'nJ,' h. Dec. :'il, 1750. 2, Lr( v, b. about 

I 17:10. 8, Ti.xnaiiv, b. March 'Jfi, 17;:!-.^; in K4(;, cho.-e F-^rafl Dayton guard, in N. H. ; 

i set. in S. on West St., ami svas a man of note in the town: served awhile in rev. army, 

I and aftt-rwards was cajn. of the town militia, lieut. in the French war, justice of the 

I peace, and town treasurer for many year^^. He d. deac<in of the chh. March 1, ISli', 

I aged 7U, having no chil. He m. in S. Feb. 1, 1759, Sarah, dau. of Moses and Sarah 

I (KellogiT) Feck. b. in FarminL'ton Aug. 11. 1740. Shi- ]ii. i3; May \\ IrJlii, Juhu Carter, 

1 ami d., his wid.. Jan. 'Jl, IS'JS. ag''d NS. From lier many of tlie facts in Mr. Tiinlvv:'l 

! 7/^i'.v?f/,'v/ of Sonthington were obtained. 4, .Mosks, b. Scjit. 5, 17:!5. 

'■ HI. Sarah, b. Aug. 2s, 1707; m. .Mcrriman. 

; W . Martha, 1). Sept. 2:1, 1701); il. D^r. ',>:], 172(;. 

• V. I-.stlu-r, b. March 17, llll; m. Spencer. 

' Vl, Daniel, b. June ,s. Klo; m. .Ma;. 14. 1740. J'hebe Bradley. 

Vil. .\nna, June 17, 1717; m. Culver; iV!; l]aio!;. 

;. Vlll. Mehitable, b. Feb. 5, \1\^; d. Aug. 2>. i:-"'>7: m. , Joseph, s. of John and 

: Abigail Hall Tyler, (Nafliau '!'} ler, who m. Ihudud Teitic, bro. of Joseph), b. March 

• 3, 171H; d. Oft., 1741, leavinir'an est. of V54s. 1, Svinj., b. l)v. ?,] . 1710; m'. Aui^ 2S, 

• 1757, r>L-jiiamin I'ook, (.s. of l>avi(i Cook, a lars:c ship owner;, b. April Z, 17:!!). 

I'X. i'aiienee, b. .Ian. ]•.', 1720: m. Ni,v. y, 17:]0, WTlliai!! Walter, jr., (s. of \Vm. 
t ^Valter of No. Hav., s]iij> carpenter , Ids est. dividcvl. 177.O, to \\'iiriani, Patience, 

' Henry, Charles. Mehitalde and Jacob. 1, Wri.i.r.v.M, m. 'l'her)d.>s!a Pierjiont. i, .At/, b.' 

ilay \><, 177S; Y. C. ISOO; d. TS:-):'.; est. insol: m. Sarah Le;iveii \vip.-;h, dau. of \Vm. and 
■- gr. dau. of Kev. Mark Leavenwoi th, b. June 2(i. 17.^4 1. iJcv. \\'illiMm, (Pd'"^"^--' ~. 

James, '-i, Car.Jiiic. 4, Elizabeth. 5, Cornelia. 0. lieorge. 7. Charles, lost a leer. 

2, Loui-oi, b. May 22. 17sO. :!. L"-ui>t, b. Mav 4, lib2. 4, ,hrnj, b. March 2:3. 17N4. 

I 5. WW.i<l„i, Oct. 10, 17s(j, est. set., ISlS, insol. 2, FATIKXCE. ;;, IHCNKV. 4, 

j CirA]ii,K-<. 5, MiciUTAKi.t;. G. Jvcoi;, m. Ivsther : Ids will, |n-ov. N. Hav., lS2l', 

i names wf. J-7>thei, son Woo.-^ter Brooks Walter and thr.'c gr. chil.: W'yliis iN'alter 

! Dickerman, Henry Dickerman and Jason Dickerman E>t. ol Esther Walter of No. 

I Hav., divided about 1S2S to Wooster Brooks ^\■alter and to the lieirs of Laura Dicker- 

; man. 

j X. .b>b, b. Julv24, 172;): m. Sept. 15, 174G, Esther Coodvear and had S\i;.\7i 

I bap. .\ug. iG, 1747. 

I XI. Thankful, 1). Oet 2G. 1725; living 1741 _,,..- 

i IIG. Nathan Clark, b. Feb. 20, lGs2. In a .h-ed of 1700 he i^^ ralledi '-eordwainer." 

'^,_.^ Hem. .Ma.v 27, 17()',I, I'jielie Lisies, who, as on.- of the legiitees u<i Hcdpli l.ijie.-^, <jave 

recei[<t (li2'-!i to Abiah and Jomm.Ii l/mes, Admr-. .if Haiph."^ In 171:1 Xarhan ar.d I'hebe 

sold land t'. l,;;wren<'e Clinton, peril'. [)- the bind !:e b.-.i-ht, 1712. .d' Nath'i Tutiie of 

: .\ deed of gift, .lat.-d Sept. 25., •• Fo.- l,,ve and ali'ection 1 la-ar my 

three children, b' Chi'k, La/ Clark and .les:,e Clark." -ave all of his estate 

;• to be equally d:vi,ied;, Ca!<-i> Tnttb-. Hannah 'I'uiil.',' 'i'uttie. Nov., 

; 17:i:^. J.din Front, tor .€8 ])ai.l liy N. C, , quit-claims t.) a ].iece of land laid out to heirs 

. of Wm. '."utile. ,i!i.l conveyed by sat.l N. C. to Front iti I r:!2. In ii;)! h.' s.-lis i.) .lohn 

;• Prout a •' mansion lujuse." in i7;it'i N. C. aii.l wf. ceiivey prop, to s-. lazjinis and 

' Jesse, on condition of free occupancy by their parent.-. In 1 i"40 Nathan and Fliebi? (. lark 

« «.e!l to Joseph N.>ye4 land in 4th div., laid out t.) Wm. Tuttle. In 1741 Samuel Co...k 



bouirlil of Phebe ("lark, ^vi^l., land fnniH'rly hfloniriutr to Xiithaa Clark, di'c Slio m. 
{'3) ])ua. .lo.sliua Tuttk', [3] and, a^ Phi-l.o Tuttlt-, conv.-ycd her riglit in tlio colloi^c lot 
to Aba To<Id and w f. 

I. J^icli-d, 1,. Ffb. 11. 1710; 111. Jan. 2U, 1734, Maitlic-w Bellamy of rbcsbiiv, 1.. 

June 1. 17iH; ,]. ; bro. nf Ib-v. Dr. J-'.-rpb. "Martbew Bellamy had bup. in Dic-hire, 

Aaron, Au-. 4. ]',■:}<■. Hannah. June, 17;;0. Hv lii.s 2d wf.: 1. Thankvi'i., b. Nov. 23, 
1734. -i/i-'n^. Jan. bl. 1737. 3. Anx, Frb". 11. 17;;s. 4, 1?a< ukl. baji. .May. 1740. 
5, pEi'iiK.v, l>ee. 31. 1742. (i, M.\-iTiiK\v, Ffb. U, 1745. 7. A:\yy.\i, Dt-c 18. lU^. 8, 
A>A, Uu,. Alio- , i;.')!!. !), A-A, Dt'C. li). lb"):;. 10,, Jan. 14, 17."J5. [Nlatthesv 
Beilamv bur!>-d Mav, l7r)4: Mr.-. IJcllamv buried .Mav. 17:)4. 

]1." .1,..,.,.. 1, J — ; livini.-- 1742. 

in. Lazarus. 

117. Hannah Clark, b. April ij, li:,<r. d. ; m. April 20, 171)0., Jonah (s. of 

.Sanuu-1) T'Xiil. b. Feij. id, 1084-O: d. Any. 20, 1730; will name.s s. Abiaham and wf. 

I. Abrahanr, b. Feb. 18,1700-10; only child: Y. C. 1727; stud, theol. in X. 11. In 
June, 1732, invited by the Epis. chh. in Derby, Conn., to succeed Rev. Jus. Mijs.s, but 
declined, huvinir received a;nl accepted a call troin (rri'i-nw ich, Conn. In 1732-3 h'- is 
called of New Haven in a deed to Isaac Jones. In 1733. ■' of Cireenwich,"' in a deed of 
land in (iovtrrnor's Quarter. X. II., lo Micluud Todd. In 1740 he sold dwdlintc house 
and lot in X. II. ih.a was Jouah Todd'.-., bit »' of N. l!.,d''C., to Thomas Wiluiot ; in 1741 
land in (bivernor's Quai'ter to heir> of Francis Brown. He rfiuaim-d pastor <jf the West 
Soc. of (4. I Ilor.-enf'ck) forty years, until hi> d. in 1772. " A mild an.l ea.-y di>]Kisition, 
•and tradition hands down )nany anecdotes (;f him '1 horn: h a ^i neral favoritf he niay 
]\ave a few em-niics. "'^ ''' * Many laughable ditties are related of hun, which 
only show a warm lieart and an innoctiit life. * ■•■' "- Fnambitious and unpresuni- 
ing, n«ine oi his ])eople would sccm to have di<;liked him. Durinr' his ministry 
many were added to his tlock. He d. Dec. 17, 1772, and was buried in the old burying 
iiround in Davis Lane." — M<nil'K Hi-^t. of Gretmclfli. NVhile studying theol. in N. 11. 
he m. Xov. 20, 1727, Hannah Dickernian. b. ^lay 0, 1700, dau. of Abrahan- and Eli/.a- 
. betli (lilover) D., <ind >i.s. of Mary, who ni. Michacd Todd. She survived hini, as 
.apt)eai> by a deed (177-M from Hannah, wid. of Abraham Todd of < ireenwiidi, to Leveret 
Stevens of land conveyed to nn- liy my liusband. Al'raham T. Lm 17.")0 she Avas lu'esi- 
■dent of a la'die.V associati(m in (,i. for (dothing the soldiers. She d. July 2), J 777. S^uiie 
of the datesaud oilu'V valualde iiiformation of Hev. Abraham Tophi's desc. w ;'-kii:d'v 'air- 
nished to mebvihe Kev. Dr. John Todd f>f X. 11. 1, Mr.iiriAtn K, Dec. 0, 1720. in X. II. 2, 
Lois, May 13,' 1732, in X. IL; d. May 22, ls22. agedOO. 3, Jonah, b. Aug. 12, l7:il;d. 

March 17, 1783; set. as a idiys. in Xew Milt'e-rd, Conn.; m . 1, KU ,U.; m. — -; 

had 5 chil.; ph.ys. in New "Milford. 1. KU M.; a merch. in Watcrford, X. Y. 2, 
^Yaiker; Y. C. ISIO; lawyer in (.'armel. X. Y. ; d. 1840. (li, William W. (2), Henry 

B., m. Louisa A. ; res. X. Y. C. (3), Cliarles A., res. X. Y. C. ^4), Alexander IL, 

res. California. 3, Bev. Ceo. Thompstui, Y. C. 1820; Presb. minister in Fond du Lnc, 
Wis. 4, Sophia, m. Sherman Hartw(dl (d" Bridgeport, Cotm. 5, Eliza, m. V. D. Bone- 
street of Poughkeepsie, X. Y. 4, AniiAiiAAi. b. Dec. 21, 1738; d. April 10, 17S7; m. Lydia 
Husted, b. AU2-. 31, 1737. 1. If^n.nali, b. Mav 2G, K.^JO; d. April 11, 1840, aued 87; m. 

Pevnoldst 2.,. b. Feb. 23, 17(!2; d. Dec. 10, 1S42, aged SO; ni. Deborah 

Seelv, li". 1701); d. Xov. 24, 18.Y5 a -red 80. 1, Alice, b. Oct. o, 1780: m. — Baker. 2, 
Abraham. Dec. 30. 1788; d. Feb. 23. 1847; farmer: m. 3, Betsey, b. Feb. 7, 1791; d. :May 

2S, 1852; m. Bailey. 4. Mabel, July 30. 17!l4; d. Dec. 1, 1S48; la. Allen Mead of 

Queensbury, s. of Aaron and Sarah (Mi'ad) iMead. 5, Jonah, Feb. 2. 1707; farmer: ni. 
,Sept. 21, 1815. Lucinda lonlv dau. of Josc]>h and Molly L.) Xash of So. Salem. X. Y., b. 
Etd). 17. 1700. (1 I. Jos,-i.!i X.. May 13, ISlC; fa.rmer; ni. Sarah A. Peyiiolds. (2i, Lroimrd 
B.,Sejn.l4, 1818; m. ih\. \\). 1S4'2. Lori-tta oinu. of Daniel and Susan ILi Ilortnn. (3). 
Cvru•^ L.. b. April 1. 1821; n;. Fi b. 15. 18G!^ l-:ii/al-.eih (dau. of (iideon and IJetse^) Key- 
nolds. (4b Mollje. Sept. 14. 1^23; d. Maivh 1^'. 18;JL (5), Deb,. rah P.. b. July 15, 1828; 
m. Xov. 28. 1818. <b-ori:e AV. is. of Daniel and Susan W.) llortmi. 0, ?*lartin. Aug. 7, 

180;;: m. Sailv . 3, Lijnij!. b. Juiu-22, 1704, 4. M'h^l, b. M.-irch 15. 17(;0; d..Iune 

22, i;03; m. "(.'ideon SeideV. 5. D.nid. b. Julv 20, 1770: d. S<']C.. 5. 1^5i;. in Cortland, 
X. Y. 5, Hannah, 1... Xov. is. 1741. (i, MAin.i.. b, Xov. 21 . 1 ;41 ; d. J iily 25. I,s24. 7. 
Oi.p. KU, b. (A-t. 25, I74s. d. I.Vc. 25, 18M. 8, M.w, o. Feb. !(). 1751. 

lis. Phinohas Clark, b. June 27, 10^7; m. Mav !l, 1715, .\bi..ail Ba-sett. 

1. Phiuehas, b. A]>ri! 11. 1710: will proved 17;7:m. . Sarah Poberds of Dur- 
ham, C(mn.. e-t. di-i., ]782.. b^t,. ,,r Xv'w Haven, will. Sarah (ddl., Caleb. Haiius, AbL 
gail Cooper, ibHhelp.ail, Fli/abeti, ami Sarah, 1, (/Ai.ri;, b. Sr^j.t. 2,1745. 2, Say, 



DEI., b. June 19, 174:7. o, A r.niAd., h. July •?•), 1740: in. Jo-st-ph ('()()()i-r. 4. UAfiiKi., 
b. July 1, 17.")-3; m. Caleb Hall. o JosKni, b. Oct. (i, 17:)4. (i, DAurrs, b. Aug. l', 
175G, 7, Er.r/,Ai;i;Tii, b. Jam- '24, 170U. S, S amckt,, Juiif 19, 17G7. 9, Svraii. 
II. Abi^'uil, b. Feb. 27, ]71S~19. 
III. Aiiio., b. July ;:3. r7'34: mi. Oft. 2S, 1747, Deborah, <\nn. of Aaron Tuttlo 

[4]. lli.s est. u-as adai. by Aarun Tuttlc, . 1, l.ors, b. Mav 1-], 174^. 2, 

Et'UUAl.u, b. On. 28, 1749." 3, Mai;y, b. Nov. 2. 17.>!. 4, ANf)s, b. Miurli D, 17oG'; 
m. pprluips a clau. of .Iosl'I'Ii Tuttlo of E. Haven, j(i|. 

11.10. Hester Clark, l). Jan. 2, 1(;!)2: m. Jan. S. 17U--12, John, jr. 
His \viU proVfil 1747; called Sergt , \vf. l\!sther t-xecx. , and guard, to minors. John. 
The will of E-,lh''r Mun,-<on names (Id. s. David, who %v;i.s app;. guard, to two 
minor ehil., John and Timothv; daus. ]>oiothv and Do rcae- named. 

I. Samuel, b. June ll,'l7l;]; d. Oct. 1!*, 1714. 
II. Dorothv, b. Juno 7, 171"). 

III. David,'!). O.-t. ^. 171>-; m. April ?,, 1740, Abigail I'oiter. b. Aug. 28, 1719, sis. 
to Aaron, and dau. of San.iupl and Al.>igail (Hill) Potter" 1, Cn.vuj.KS, b.Auir. ic, 1741. 
2, DniloTUV. b. Xov. IS, 174:]. o, Davji), !.. ,Iulv 4, llAVr. d. April 22, 1701. '4, Jakko. 
b. June 2.0, 1749. ."), liaoDA. b. Oct. 9, 1751. 

IV. J)onas. b. Nov. IS, 1720; d. Sept. 22, 17t'.l: m. April o. 1740. Aai-on Potter, s. 
of Sainufd and Abia'ail (Hill) Potter, b. Mar(di 1, iriC; both joined the Xortli churcli in 
X. II., 1742. 1, .Mr>sr:s, b. Jan. S, 1742; m. liebecca. dau. of' N.rth. and Thankful (Bas- 
sett) Vale, b. Oei. 9, 17:_!7. 2. D<)K( as. h. April 4, 174:!. 8. AA!!ON,b. July 1, 174-5. 4,. 
LK>fT.F:r., b. July y, 1747. ~k AnicAii. ((dianged to l-'sther), b. .May i:l, 174tt. 6, Doi:- 
OTTiV, b. Xov. 29, 17r)0. 7, SAMii^.r.. b. [)'<■'. i;i, 175^. 

V. Basil, b. Jan. 22, 1?29; m. .May 2. ITol, K.-/,inh Stiles (dau. of Rev. 
Isru'ie Stiles, and his si-.'ond wf. Es'h'-r Ilooker.i of l-'arini;iiiion, b. Aug-, fi, 17:!!: d. Oct. 
17, 1?0S. She was half si.-ter to Ib'V. Dr. II/.ta Stih's. Pros. V. 0. ; res. C'annel(Tlam- 
den), Conn. The e;;t. of Mr.s. Esther Stile< div. . 17sl, to E/.;;i. I-aac, l-%;]i-r j!radley, 
Kfr/.iah Mnnson's lieivs foriner wf. of Ba.--;1. .M.inail, wife of lia/./.ei .Miin.-on d. July 
20, 1772. i, .for. I>i(i.\Ni;s. S.-].L 2^., 17.-,2, N. 'S. 2, Trns. !>. Ma.ivii 1, IT.-..-;, '.i, 
4;;'.t;a, b. .May b"), 17.")7. 4, Isaar, I). Sept. 2. 17(iO. ,">, i\K/i.\[[, b. Mnrrh 0, no:]: m. 
Jotharu Tuttl.'. S!;e d. Au^-. 2, n9'j. 

AM. Jolm, b. Nov. 2i), 17:!l. 

VII. Timothy, b. Ju!n 1, 17;;4; nu'm. Nortii chh., N. II,, Ib'-S. 

11.11. Timothy Ckirk, !>. .h.m.r,, ;';94: m. .lan. :;!. 1724. Elizabetli Potter,!). 
1704; (I. 17.54, aged ou. He d. Jan. 17, 17:12: adm. giv- towid., Edizafieth; ehil. Eunice 
and .Mabel named. 

I. Eunice, b. Dec. 7, 1727; d. Ort, 4. 174:^. 

II. Mabel, !), .Nov. ■"■),17:!0: m. May, 17.-)(», Naa.c, s. of ]i<v. haa<- St;h-< of No Hav., 
fuid liali-iMo. I.) Pre>. E/ra Sfihs ot \' C,, b. S-pr. o, 172'.t: d. .Mandi b'!, 17^4. Invent. 
of Mabel Stile.-;" est., .\pril, 1.m»2. lb r will ti;i.mes live chil : Eunice Lirey Tuttlo, 
Mabel Frost, l^ith Pieri>ont, .Mary Man-<(ield, l\i-/.!ah Maustiold: John Pierpout and 
Richard Mansfield, exec'rs. 1. \'a mck I.tcv, b .luly 12, Kol: ni. .lohn 4'nttle; (2) Euo.s- 
Brockell. She had by liist m two sons and tlnv dau-., of whom, 1, /■■oi'ic Tuttlc lived 
in Augusta. <!a. 2, JoJut Tntl'e. m. and had s. Stiles Tattle, who lived at Branilon, Vt. 
2, IMAiiKi., b. Feb. 12. 17.V5: m. Titus Frost, b. June IS, 174S, s. of Ebenezer F. [182], 
had Sumu' 1, Willard and Levenlt. :!, I'",i,i/.ai'.i;tii, b. l-'eh. II, l7o5: m. Timothv Eaton. 
She d. before 1^02 and left chil. 4, Ti.motiiv Ci.aiik. b. F.'l) 1. 17.5S; d. "pel). 14. 
1759. .5, Rltii. b. April 1. 17()0: m. — •-. John Pierj.ont. ti, .Mai;v, !>. Fid). 22, 17G:J; 
ni. Richard .Mansfield, 1). May 24, 170:3. left two .ss., Riihard and Stilts 7, Kkzia, m. 
Jesse Mansfii'id; had ss. Ch.arles and .Merriidv. and three daus. S. Son, b. and d. Feb., 
1700. !'. Isaac Ci.akk, 0. April MO, 17fi;: m. Feb. ■\. 1 ;s7. F.enice, ilau. of Zophar 
Blakeslv.-. b. Ajuil 25. 1707. He d .lune Ki. ls;;4. 1. I'.,nint, b. Nov. :;0. 17S7: livimr, 
.Mareh, ls7',t, ia her 92d y'';u-: m. l-'.ln-ae/.or .Mansiiidd. Isaac, IvUvin P., Eanici-,, .Mary. 
2, L"rui.i, b. A])?il 24, i7!'i): m. I.cwis (io,.d\car: had tliiee (diil , <lt c. :!, 'h. 
Aug. 2, 1792: d. F(4). 4. ]s!i2; m. Nov. 2s, \s\:,, Lois Cooi)er, res.. No. Hav. 1, Isaac 
Lorenzo, 1). Jane 27. 1S19: with his hi-o., 11. H. Stiles, manfr. of In-ick at No. Hav. ; 
Hrm, I, P. .V H H. Stiles: m. Feb. KI, 1M2, Soj)hronia M Bhikeslco, /. . (1), Isaac \Vads- 
vorth. 1>. F"b, 2S. pspi. (2), Frank I.oivezn. !>. July 12, 1^54. 2, Pois |),|;;rht, b. Sept. 
If). 1S2P :!, lb nry Hobart. b. Oc!. 4. iN24; m. V>ct. 15, In!5, .lane iic.iton. a gr. 
dau. '4' James liatou: d, April 2, 1S79: rep. (\.an. i.i ■.■•.: flr^-^ sr-UctiieMi of No. 
Hav.; as capt. of ( b. K, 15tli reg Conn. vol. inf., \\as ar the battle of Frc(leri(d;.s- 
hurg and the sii'ge (.)f SuiTolk. Ib^ was a b-adln;- mem. of th<> Epis. chh. i., (Ij, 




Jiiiic !,ois, 1). !)-■<•. «, TS4(;. (2i, Fr. (l.Ti(k ;;,,b;ut, 1.. April 1. 1852. (S), . (4). 

, HI. Tutdi-. 4. Kuiili'i, 1>. Julv 22. IT'.i."); m. Lmikui Bfcoks; a. i. botli 

living', .M;m-.1i. 1-;-7'.*. 5. Z.:).lor. li. Atiy.' 24, IT',".); <1. Svpr 2. 1^42,; \\\. Nov. 1."). 
182»;! Car>.'l'i!" Kt-Ni-v, i-<v.. N^. Hnv. /.. 1, \hircairt':!i. h. Aup;. I-^l, 
1.S2^: JK. AaL^ 27. l^"i"i;. iJ. S. Br-nllry of Xn. !h;v. 2, CuiMliu" Luciiia, !■. S>'pt. 30, 
18;^!.i: ai. M:ut1i i:^. is.';?, Sniitlt 'IV-rrill'of Mai .-ii\ (.'a. 3, Sarali .Maiia, 1>. S.-jii. ."i.' K^3(3. 
(5, Jfunn;, 1.. .May ;;i, ISOi; d. Jan. C, 1S40; ni. Fol.. 20, IS'Jii, Hit; i,.t or < '.".rojiiit' 'J'liorp. 
Sliu (L ls;>;). IJf 1,1 r2i Xov. ;), lSo4, Luis I'icriDnt, rf.~<., No. ilav. /. liy tir.-^i iii. : 1, 
Kli/abeth ilanict Byn.ii, h. Oct. 22, 1S21): v.i. Ap;il 10. IST)!, i.r-inu«-l S. Brooks. (2) 

Smith. /, l>y 2.1 la. : 2, Chsirlotte Picvix.nt, i). Auu. IG, ls;iS. o, ""i-'ernon CJr.rk, 

b. Feb. 2S, — — . ' T, /.>/v. b. July 2(). 18()4: in. ilO. 1^:21), K?^tb'.T I'i.'; d... 
ls;iO. (2) -May 12, 1>^2;7, .Mary irristol; d. lb.>.>; (3) Ajifi! 'J, i^.")4, Frunccis Fiizalx-tli 
Jolms.jn, les. X<>. Ilav. /. bv 1st in,; 1. CharU'S Wiljiaiu. b. Feb. 3. 1.V3:'.; d. Aug. 7, 
1840. 2, /:.v,7/c/- ./oy,j./u„r. ],'. Alarrh 22. 1^3r.; d. Sept. 27, 1S3-. i. 2d m.: 3, (.'harles 
Hoiiiaine, b. On. U. 1840; d Mav F.b 184i. 4, F./.ra l-eaiidtM-, .Mav C. 1844. ;". by 3d iii.: 
5, riiaru's lb ri.eit, b. Oct. \>, 18'0". 8. ILnr.-i;, h M:!v21, l^tii'; \\\. Oci. 21, 1832, Fn.iiy 
Todd. 1, Win. Ihirvy, b Ano-. 20. 1833. 2."'(.'(m). Wailace. b. A;i,l'. 1. 1^38. 3, Film 
Amatida, b. Xuv. 2;';, 1844. 

12. John. Tuttle, b. 8i'pi. 15. Iii57: n\. in Xi-\v Fo:;d>.n l.y rajuain .Vvrry. May 
2it, Ifi^;.' Mary i;un<r,ii.-b.-.-'- It; l(;:i3 bf- la.tiv. land iu M. 11. t'l ijm. Sanv.u'; Tiitilf; in 
17U0. <jf N. II.. i;.-'nv. to S.-iUi'l riark. puri ol'mv 1'.. J. din 'i"iitTlr".>, third div., late of X. W. , 
28 ii.-vfs bouud.-d by Mi!) riv.-r, ..b.-.-].li ■['iiub'-'s land. <"t(,-. Ini:oi he is ..alb d ' idaii- 
ter" in 'o oonv. f> Xathan Smi'h. \n 1715 In' is cilb d John 'I'un'e, <r . oi Lelianon. New 
Foiidoa couniy. Coi.u.. in. a i[vi'! ciaiin fd i-li'ht iu .-r.iu.'.-tcrf.d land.-, io Mr. John l*rout. 
Mavcli 2;), 1723. Xuilian (.lark i lij. and Jo.siaii Tiuiit- \'-'<6, [irodiicod a noo- from Siunuel 
'ruttle, signifyinir his dr-sirf,' ;h:if t.hcy shovihl be made adnir.-. on tl..' •:•>?. of .ivlin '!'■•, le. 
lato (d' X. li. . th'c, an'.i il.f v nmvfd the >«ni(', but th<> judge saw ranse to waivt it. 
i :,.,.: ]{.,,■,,. !',;■■. It.r.; 

1. Fphr.dui, b. Apr;! 2, ir,;;0. 
li. Jo!!ii, b. S.-].;. 5. luM. 'n April. 1731, "John Tutde, f.^nvrly of Xew liaven. 
now of j„'ijan->n. in \^'i^dhal!I v"., (oiin.. for duvt r.s.-ause.-,, un re '.-^peeialiy for i;''i r', ceived 
..It" Xaiinui C'laik (d' .\' . ib." soid, 'all ri^dits 1 now lu'V,- or a.m to liave woX (,iir._.v;or,s!y ; 
disposed of beforo June 3, 1 i30." 

III. .Xatiian, b. .iau. 20, l;,b4; bap. Xov. 21, li:iy7. 

I\'. Mary. b. I>.-,-. •?.':,. \>:\>i\\ bap. X-a. 21, 1(.37; in. . I7ph;aini, s. of Josiali 

and Mary (KoVk well; L.;oniis, b. Mav 2, 17;.!8, of K. \\'indsf,r. 1.' Bi-.N.\.i.\!f . b. Sopl. 

25. 1711J: d. July 1, 173^'. 2. FphiVmm. 1>. May 2J. 1727; ni. . Hannah of 

Lebar.on. C'l.nn." 1, ]l-<,n}'}, , b. l?fr. 'J, 174U. 

Tliero w.-::e thr*--*; nio;-e child [oil se.iipo-ed to bebniu ;„ J(diu 12 or to Jame.-'. 
1.10; further ..- -a ;-U needed. 

V. IV-siti-, ba;,. in X. H.. Ji;lv 11, IblO: in. April 20, 172(;. i>anlel 't'odd ; (2') Aug. 
£0. 172.0, .bdiu lb-ad 

W. James, bap. in A<'. If.. April, IbOO. A James and Stephen Tuttle on rate i>ill 
of the north |>arish of Lel^anon, 1741. 

^"11. A/.uba, m. Benjamin Fox, April 13, 1710. of Xew Londf)n, s of John and. g. .s. 
of 'J'iiomas Fox rjf ('onr-<ird. 

125. Desire Tattle, bap. Julv 11, 1Gl)7; m. April 20, 1721, Daniel, s. of Samu.l 
and .Marv 05raddov; Todd; b. .Maiv'h 14, lii^3: d. Julv 2i). 1724, air-Ml 37. She m. (2) 
Aug. 2G. "l730, John., s. of Thoma- and Mavy(.01iust<-(li Ib-ad of .X.-rwaik: b. Aug. 7, 1701, 
of t)ie Darien ehln, 1741. In 17 (3, .lohn" and Desire l^eadi, Idias and Mary Head and 
Danirl Toddi (•.:;■. s. of Samu.-D. conv. to Samuel Bishe.p an eqiial ..eie-tbird of lot laid 
out to SaeiUid Todb lit 17 be .bdin lb-ad e.;nv. to Ibmie! lodd part -A a giis' mi'! in 
X. H., •■! iMUigb- ,.;• J,.!t:i MiniMm ' !, M \i;^ 'I'mdI). b. Mareh 7, 1722. m. M,.'-<iii:^ 
1741. Fbas ..f S;ue foio. 174(; l-iiii. -and Marv itoad eonv. land bdd o. it to Samuel 
Todd. 1, .i/'ry. b. In-r. 12. 1 bil. 2. /'.^(V,. b. Seoi 2^, 1743. 3, M "■U^.- . b. Xov. 

21. ii l-V lb F-'.. \, i74ib 4, V/r, ■//,'. b Nov. lb 174;;. 2. i\ .\ iiiAi;ixt: Tonh. 1'. lb-.-. 

22. 112^!; d. .\piil -i. Ii24. :b i>.\.\iKr, T(.[>1>, b. .March 5. 1721: ni. 0.:t. 13, 17-iS, Sybil 
CarriiiL'-toj!. i5.".3. I. by 2d, n.i. 4, .ins! ui i;i;.\ie 5. .louN Fkad. d, biiii;:!. ID'.vd. 
7, '"N" -.Tii.v.X uf.Vie 

'U.lH-rt Hurr.ou-hs of Wc-tluTitieid, ni :'j.=;. Mnry. wi:; . r-.i S.T.iiu.l Tri-aaub rc.a t < N( -v I r.p.dop. 
< onn, ir=o: d. .\;:u , ;.-'S.>. Ib.s wf. d. Dec. 1672. His s., jcJni Bur:eu^;,s or .Vsj.v I.-me...:). ne Doc. 
i„. If;.., Marv. tl.-'.L;. .-if P.'iP. Culver, .^n.l had (011;:. b ■.>-..-ei. -, I'.'-i. NTnry. b. Dec. ij. 1672, ar;(1 sevcr.u 


■Mary 'I'lUtle, uiidoubt'.'dly J^-sr. from -Iiiliu ]-^: m. D.-r. VS. ll^^O, Daiiit-l Clark of 
Lrl;aii.j!i, C'oim., (iiislu-ii Soc, lii.s'^d wilV'. Hy first in. ho had C'Jiarity, Daniid J'l-hoiu. 
He wp.s dcsc. from Daniel Chirk, sr-c. of the cidouy, ami nearly related to the Clark;.; who 
t'l. dcs. JCIizabelh 8. h Ks'iliEi:, \>. Nov. H, ITol: d. 2. BiLLV. h. i"(dj. 17, 17.",3. 
3, Oi.T\ i;. 1) Seiit. 4. l?.".!: d. Martdi 10. 1^4'.t. in iiGth year. 4. .Moli.y, Aug-. 24. 1700. 
5, .SvLVANr.s, Dec. I). 17.")'?: liad a lan;e fainils. 0, I5f-:>:oxj. Nov. :,>(), J iG'.i. d. .tuly 4, 
1842. in his S2ii year: u-randfatlier of .lolin S. Clark. Esq.. of Au!.>iirn. X, Y. 7. liO.s- 
WJCi.]., haj). ()rt."l7. 171.12: rem. to Vt. 8. An'N.\. July 7, ]7'.r>. 

.lohii 'I'utrle, prohably of the line of .Joim 12; b. about 17o0: Avas a l.joaiinan 
on the Conn, river, and was of or frnni (.'onn. ; had &«. Joseph, Janie.-^ and 
John. 1. JOHV. b. Aprils, 1703; was a Metliuh^i preacher in Ohio "of trcniRi)dou.s 
eneryv;" afterward.s a I'niversalist. lie was f. by o inaj'riagx\s of 24 ehil. ; lie in. (1) 

Abigail , and had G (diik; (2! Sarah. . and had 8 chil. : she d. Oct. 14, 1804: (:5) 

180o. Polly Parker, and liad 10 ehil., all of the last \i\. and luul cliil.. and all were liviiisi: 
in JS7J. fxcept otie. i. by 1st ni.: 1. ./"/ov, b. Oet. 4 17Sj; :]. isiO; and .0 n)'")i<- who 
d. voiuiiT. i. bv 2d VA.:' 7. ,L(iJit\^\ b. Sej)t 7, 171.M: d. X..v. 11, 1.8U:), a^-ed 78. 8, 
S'.'ii'J', b. Dec. 2!"), 17!t2: d. I^40; m. Ja.njes Jev ell. I*. Joseph. Oct. 22, \7i)i': d. Ang. 1, 
18.50; ni. .May, 182;-'-. Wealthy P.ider, wlio d. .May :;i. isiii, aged lil. 1, Joseph Ilawloy, 
b. March ]'d. 1824: began to preacli v.hen 17 yr.-. of age. lie i.s an eminent minister of 
the Universalist faitlt; a fine steel portrait engraved 'oy J. C. Buctre of 2S'ew Yoric ; rji. 
Feb. 2o, 18o.j; i. i 2. Crania, b: .Ian. 2(i. lS,;,'i: m. Thl'inas I'^van.s. ;J. Ccirge \\'.. b 
Feb. 20. 1828: nnm. 4. John Edgar, June 2-"). 18;jO. m. tv/ice and had C^chil. 5, 
Thomas Ainira. b. 1S32.: d. I'eb. 23, 1^12. 0. Hiram ilector, b. Nov. 1C\ 1836; num.; 
i-es. Portland, Oregon. 7, Minerva. July IS. 18:!'.i; ni, J. A. \N iJcox; res. St. la-nis. Mo. 
8, I?alph Aug-ustns. June, l^-b".; d. .Inly 22. 1^11. U. C. i-^r,.nk!in, J une 2S, 1S4.'3; r>or- 
trait paint^^r: res. 'J'itusville. Pa. 10. (Jeitrude M., l.-. Au^.'-. 10. ]S47. 10, Jo/.'/.';'/, b. 
Jan. 28, 17l,tO: a. 18oT: m. A-a Dri-us. 11, I.-ithi/, t'e. (h-*. 22. K'.i?; d. l^J^. !2, i.;,/.^, y. 
Jan. 14, 1799: unni. 13, 3- '>-.;., iK-z. 25, 1800.' 14. Jf,:rt;r. .)nU 2.1, 1^02; d. O.-t. 20. 
1804. /.by 3dm.: lo, ('. /,'. , Pev. jind iVl't. ; noted as an inventor a.nd machiijist; res. 
Xew Isrigliton, Pa.: anil '.) nsore whos- reeoid ]ia^ leit i.>eer, ol)tciihed. 

Josei^h. 4'lie d.'-c nf Jos"))h --xnil Ids Uro. .bd>n, lU'Diber 1000. 

James. Pev. .lolm Tuttle of Camden Mills. Pock Island, 111., an earnest and 
useful nian, is of tld- family, 

IS. Samuel Turtle, b. Jan. 0, 1000-00; s'one ma.-^'-iK ;ri. Jan.?. 10-^4. Sarah, dau. 
of S.inun.1 Ne\vii.iu of N. II. ^^ in 1703 he bL>iight land near \\ ailhigi'ord bnd;'e. 
Simon Tnftle !l, ivit. In i70Glie boughi land in ^^"aIl. of Simon 'j'lntie In 1722 he 
agreed vciili John Huntisfon to diviib.* the lot formerly belonging to the wid. -\nne Howe. 
In 1720 he conv. to Cai>'b Todd lands on east side of N. II., East Piver. Also rJglit in 
land laid (utt to ''my honored grandfather. .Mr. William Tuitle." Tiuth- and wf., 

Sarah, joined th.e dih. in N. IP, 10.'t2. He m. (2di, . da\.. .>f Join, and 

Me'-ey h^r..wt. ae.d wi(l of T!.oi>i:ts B-,ir:'i'-s: and mijiher of ir> (iiil. In 1717 .Tohn 
Frost of Newark, N. J.,hi5l'ro. Samuel Tutile and Abigail hi:> w f. ft)vmerJy -.vf. of 
'ihos Ixuiies, e.n.u . \<> Eb.Miezer Frost right in homestead of f. and .mo , John and 
Mercy Erosi of N. II. Sam. 'i'uttle, sr., d. betwt^en 1731-35. Tn Nov., 1730, Capt. 
Sanual Barnes ])r<:sented a petition to the court in regard to his "mo., Abigail Tuttle, 
wlio luid f:ii]en into discomposure of mind," was incapable, etc., and lie was a])]iointed 
conservator. The thirds of the wid., Abigail T., v<-ere divided to lieirs of Samuel Tuttle. 
1748. S. T. was a larg-e land owni^r and the genealogv is proved in stmdiw vlee'ds and 
t^eltlements betv.een the heirs. In 17.1() Stephen I'lUtie eonv. to S.nnuK.d Bishop 1-0 of 
8th divi-ion laid out to f., Samuel Tuttle. in 17t)5 Steplicn and llarln! Tattle, Thomas 
and Mehitalde ^^■alter. Hannah Todd, Jehial Tuttle and Thomas and Martha Sperry, all 
of X. 11., cmv. to Daniel Atv\ater land in Oih division laid out to Sam. Tiinh.'. sr. 
I. Mary, b. Jan. 31, PN4-o: nt. Oct. 1. 1701, Kbene/.er Fro^t. 
II. .leminia. b. L\r. 0, !';-(J, m. April. 1T'!7, Tle'in.-is .laeo'os. 

in. Sf^■|'he^, b. - ; in. . Paehe: Mansliehl. 

]\ . Abigail, b. .Vi>iii4. li;;'2- v\. .;aiy2:;. !7!7, Daidel Atwait.r. 
V. Martha, b. Maixi; is, ]<>04: m. Felt. ]:,, 1717, .bdm Smith. 

*Thc inventorv cif .Snnuicl Newp.ian of X. 11. v.'.is .iriven to the court Nov. 7. u'Eo — f.j.i'; ni;>re ndcit'd 
afterward. Thomas Tuttle Joseph .\lanstit;!d. iqjprai.strs. jo'ai i.p.l Sar-.i'n, only cliildrf;; aiv^l i'.oiis of 
dec. Simiiel Tattle clainTfd :n t'^-hi'lf ot his wf. .Saraii. J.-'ir.. Xcv.-.TiJ.r.. hi'o. ..lail r /-I'.eir uith ?c-iinacl 
Tut'Js's %^'! . Saral:. ui. .-"■li.'^^.-iil. -- , and d. .v /. r-ii: wid. .-Ma^:'.!! anni.x. bi 1,02 Sar-ut ! Tintio. ia 
behalf of his ohil., who wtre tnc heirs i;f Jo'm Newman, .Ice. toa-pinintri 'f .Mai.;a:i el nej.;:ei:t ol 
trust as adrn.x. aad ot' hor advisers Caleb Tultie 37, and J>.y.5hua Hoichki^s -i. 'n i;-.:'! S. T. conv 
Jand to .\bit,'atl wid. -if lohn .Vownian. 

Tr:iTLE, l-EOST. 25 

V]. Josiali, b. April o, ItJOC: l-ap. Dec. ICvlT; in. June 11, 1719, Deborah Barnes. 

VII. Sarah, b. Jan. 17, 'itj'.;^: m. , .Idlm Moulllirop. 

Mil. Dani.-l, b. Ang. 2:i. 170:.'; ni. April •:^!;, 17i(;., Mary Mansfield. 

Stephen Tattle, 1j. IGsS; m. , Hachel .Mar.stielil. dan. of Samuel and 

Hannah Man.sfield 13;^. In 1 7;)0 he cdnv. riyht :i; f. , Sanim-i '1 utile's 7th division, to 
r)aniel Tnttle. In 17Go he conv. to Ste-jihen Tiittle, jr., land near 'i'itu^; ^iausiield'b; 
furtltor re.^eareh is nei-di-d. I suppose liini f. to 1, S'n;riiKN, liap. in N. il. .hilv 21, 
1710. e. Lkvi. 

131. Mary Tuttle, b. Jan. Ml, ]<5.>^l-5: d. Jiinr -^O, 17G;:!: ni. Get. 1, 1701, 
Ebenezer C^il s.. and 5th cli. of Jolm) Frost, b. Autr. 5. 1677. lie m. rJ) Feb. 19, 1734, 
Elizabeth Aiidrev/s uf Farniingt._.n, Conn., and d. 17-19, leavifn;; 'oy 2d ni. or." <di., Lydia, 
b. Dec. IS, 173o, whom. Jan. 17, 1755, Ihv.ekiah Todd [(>]; adiii. given, 17-19, to wid. 
E^lizabetli and s. Kl.on/.er. In 1755 Joim and Kbenezer jiaid t-19 to eaeh sis. fi:)r right 
In f.'s estate. 

I. Hannah, b. Jiuv, 170<j; m. , Obadiuli Hill. 

II. Ebenezer. b. Feij. 11, 1703; m. April 19, l',3^), Daniaris Ive.s. 
III. Marv, 1). Srj.t. >,Q, 1709; d. Oct. 21, 1709. 
]V. Marv. b. Feb. 25, 1711; ni. Muv 31, 1733, Is,:ac rdakesh'P. 
V. Sarah, b Feb. 22, 1713; ni. Dee. 12, 171-1. Pardee, jr. 
VI. Martha, b. Feb. 14, 17 14 m. March 17, 17-IS. Jonathan iiarnes. 
\\\. Jidm, b. Jan. 29, 1717: m. Jan. 15, 174'), Mnvtha Pardee. 

Vlll. Ai.i.iiai!, b. May 27. 1719; by will of Noah Paugborn, prov Ai)ril 30, 1741, to 
have 10 acres of land in the north ]>art of the north p:iri'.'; of X. 11. ( Xo. Haven) ]>rovided 
she; remain lum;. 4 years from the dale "hereof." She m. Caleb Turner,"^ b. Jnue 18, 
1 724-5. s. of Joseph and Sarali (Ilotchkiss) "i'lirner. 
IX Amos. h. F( b. 9, 1722; d. Jan. 14. 1724. 

X. Thankful, b. Dec. 1, 1724: m. Di-r. 14, 1S19, John BD'Ckett. 
XI. Elizahctb, b. Mareh 3. 172S; m. Xov. 5, 1751, Samuel Pirvpont. 

1311. Kaniiah Frost, b. June, 171^0: n,. — -^ — -, Obadiah (s. of John and liad 
hro. Johnf) Hill; both living in 1755 arid namod in ajireement. 

1312. Ebenezer Frost, b. ImJi. 11, 1707; m, .April 19, 1739. D.nnaris Ivos. 
Adm. given to -wid. Damaris, 1757, h-aac Plalzeslee and, Tlioma- Ih.iy, a--isi;',nt'- to the 
wid. \Vni. Sanford and J(din Frost he'irs ir. tlieir own r:_;dit. She m. (5) Oct. 2 i, 1701. 
Dr. Joliu Hull of WaHingf(.rd (bis 2d wf.),-h. Oct. 0: 17u2: .1. .M:iy 22, 1 TO:! He m. {\) 
June 21. 1727. Sarah Ives, who d. Xov. 29, 17*39. lu 1757 Damaris arjji. guani. to 
iniuor chil. of Ebenezer Frosi. viz.: Amos, Titns. M;i.ry. Lucy ;.nd Ebenezt^r. 

1. :\!arv. 1). March 5, 1739: d. Se].t. 27, 1750. 

II. Sa'uuel. b. ()ct. 10. 1741. 
HI. Svbil, b. U,-t. 2';, 174!. 
IX. Anio.s. 1). Dec. 27. 17 45. 

V. Titus, b. June IS, 174S: m. Malxd Stiles []. 1. SAMCKt., ai. Ruth, dan. 
of Tlieophilus and Margaret (Elliot) Merriinam. 1, yo//r.'f. 'i. Amoinln. 'i, Cluuintte, 
m. \Vm. 13. (ioodyear. had: 1, AVilliam, whom. Xellie Murray (rmis. of Rev. Joseph, 
of Adirondack faine) and had: (1), CJKirloite. (2), Elizabeth. 2, .Miles. 3, Elizabeth, 
m. Col, Francis Marion Crafts, who commanded a reiJt. of X. Y. vids. in tlip Union 

*.\ Caleb Turner .t,'rad. V. C. 175S; d. :?o3. 

+Perlu:ps \ix. par. of Rlioda and Catliarine Hill, si^., who m Vtx. Eli Todd and per. f. of IJeut. Jared 
Hill, b. about 1,-^5. who m.,' about \-i(.-o. Eunice Tuttle ipr'.'b. d:ui. of Daniel;, b. X'>. Haven. 17/9. Jared 
Hill rem. to Walerbury. Conn . , ab'.ut iSno, where th'.Te are now numerous desc. His wf . Eunice was a 
persop. of r;ire qualities of head and heart; of lino pcrs-j.-ia! appcar.iuce, e\-e!i in extreme old ai^e, and 
quite aistinsuiihed in l;er youth for beauty ana spri>^h'linc.5s. The W'.ilerbury Tutllcs called her l.yous. 
She lived with her ynunyest s. and d. iJco, aceri 00. .She v\as blind the last ro years. Chil b. in AVater- 
burv; several rem. to Otiio, some to Greene Co., N. Y. There were i • in all, hut after much inquiry and 
con'tsDondence the names of 7 onlv could be ascertained. Older of b. uiil;nrm'n. I, Obadiah, re. and 
d. le.iv. a younu fain, of whi..m- .\ueus'.us Hill of Cairo. X. Y., has been a niem. of the \. Y. iet^ II, 
Charles, d. in Che-hire, Conn. HI. Hannah, m . Th..inas Welton of VV..leott, Conn., b. Nov. >, 1751; d. 
.\pril i.S. 1S35. <hi> 3d wifei; rem to Oiiii; his three younijest chil., sup. by 3d wife, were, i, Tii(>.\;.-.s; 
.-, RcTU N'., whom. Street ToL^d; ^ Hikscuki , b. 17.17; d. iS-i-': m. Eunice, dau. of David IVincie of 
Wacert nvn i, Dar-^f T. m. PoUv N'ic.hols, (-j; Can-.line Turner 1, Everetand ^ liaus. 2, Chnuiuo f.. tn. 
Jennetle Cievclaua. i. Dwisiht.' 2. Caroline. 3, Ella. 3, S>tir»:an r... m. Ca'-oiine Ckvei-aid, who 
d. June IS, iSso. 7, Hattie. 4, Ha-iruili A. s. A'.c-x.^'.-k A'. , m .Nfarv.daij. of Edv.-.ird ^c^tt. i, Mary. 
2. Dau. G, I /\ ::.■>■ E. -j. Hers\;\,-! O . IV. Eunice, m. I'>ar-:ei Frisliie of \V,, Cont!. V. Jare !. VI, David; 
with bro .fared, rem., yountr. to Ohio. VII. Samuel .\fans;leld, fatlier of Rob-rt Wakefield Hill of Water- 
barv, architect. ;'.nd of Eunice H'.; ten.-.j 11:1! of I'U.vr. La Fayette Co., Mo. 

"■i^i liRXHCU OF JOll.V, 

iirniy. 4, J"li,i. 2. Wiij-iam, m. Aliiiira Tres. ?,, .Joitx. ni. .Mi-linda Mnnsfiold. 4. 
IjKVCUKTt. !ii. . I iilh'. Huston .■>. I'oi.i.v, in. Janu'.s Wadswfurli. 0. -Iri-is m \i)«ou 

\i. Marv. 1). F.b. IJ. i:.V3. 
Vli. I.u.y. 1). IVh. -J:;, 17r)4. 
\'I!I. )■:!.. •niv,.T. b. Nov. 15. IT.V'); csr. div., iTr.l, m C. siirv. hros. and sis. 

1314. Mary Frost,!., i'.-l,. -.'5, ITiU; lu. .May :;i. 17;;:^ Linu. (in Froncli war) 
Isaac (s. (.f i.icii;. i;:...i;i -/.T) Klaiiesl.'r, h. .iuly -..'1, 170;;: d. l''.di. 4. ITOT. a-cd *):;. !Io 
rfs. in .\<i. llavrii: ^idrctiiiuii, ['i')']. 

1. Isaac, b. Fib, 2(j, 17-'54; in. Nov. 2:j, 1 MT. I^vdia Alcoti. 
JI. Mary, b. Oct. la. 17;;.V. m. April y. 1 7-")i;, Eliphalet, Panlrc. 

III, Surali, b. May l:j. 17:i>J: ni, IJt-njainin Picrpont, 1). .Jan. 7, 173-1. 1, .Jkssk, b. 
17-57: d. young. 2, I'avii). Aug. s, 175'.*. :', Aj'.ic.vii.. 4, .M.\iiv. 5, II.wnmi 

IV. 'Hannah, b. Aim. 2'.t, r741: m., I75it, ,I,.scp)i H.dt 

V. Abiirail, b. OcT.^i:-;, 17-in. / ,. , , , ,, . „ ,• 

VJ. r.eiilah, I... Nov. J I'. 174^. s """ "^ ''"•^'' "'■ -^"''■':'-'- Hanu-.s of ^...■shin-. Conn. 

VII. Kuth. 1). Feb. s, 1757; ni. Capt, Fm 5th rcg.. Col. r:b.',,.'/..T IJo-rrs 

of Northford. (.'onn.. b. .Ian. 2'.i, 1747; d. iu 1S'J7, over ^0. ' I, F:iiKNi./.i;ii. .n;.~ m. 

l\ebocca .Mun.-on. 1. M<'r// Ami, 1). 1S17: ni. Ebpnczcr Saiith, of Noitli ilaveu, and had 

1 dan. 2, Jf>/nsoii. h. ls-.'2; ni. . of J-]zia and i Hales) TvIcm-. 2, Ju.mmi 

151. Tliorp; 2 ( Iiii. d. N... Haven. F R'is>.,!!. 2, ,//^^•'^-, ;j, >F\i;v' ni. .lan><l An-, r. 

Xortlifonl; d. in child bed. 1, M'/r/j. lu. Wm. ])c(ii(;ar. ^hc d. in child bed; I'cu. 
1, Dolia, Ml. X(dson Cn, well, farmer; bio. uf ('apt. Cmwcll oi tl,t^ Cunard line. 4. 
RiiMKCCx. in. .lai>'d Angcv. 1, Ji,!i,ren, d. utim. ' 5, Fi.sik, m. l-.!ca/,cr P. liobbins of 
Oawego; shoe inanuf. I, /."/■!/. 2, .huiu.f. o, JjIzh. <1. (d' lUf-a^lcs, aged 14. 4, N//^/, 
d. uni!i. 5. M'ill.liiiu. (i, Ihirar, V 7, hy^iy. All ri'ivuv-d to ( )s\vcgo, N. Y. 

13141. Isaac Blakeslee, l.». Pcb. 2d, 17o:;-4. Stud. eh>'tricity for medical pur- 
poses; ])ainted in \vaicr-cf)!ors. Chorister of the >;o. llav. chli; liad'tine litcrar\- 'aste- 
stndioas; lay reader ir. tiie Fj.i-.. chii. He (L Nov. F,;, INFi, aged SI; in. \,v,-. 2:-!, 1757, 
Lydia, eld./, ot -'ohn and Debcndi Alcott (d' \\'aterbary. b. Nov. 24. HMU; d. Nov. I5' 
17'.1'F 2d cons. (She v.-as a g! . aniit to A. l^i'onson Alr,",tt of Cuiicord.! 

I. Anio.;, b. Nov. (I, 175S; d. -; n, , l-amic (.'ooper. •■ ], Wn.l.js. 2, 

Anson, \\. ; m. . ..'alia Fio-.t. :',, CiiAC.vt t.v, twin. d. yonnu'. 4, FfNi:T;.v, 

twin to Cjiauncey, in. Frederick Fames. [J 5, -J i i.ixi;. b. ; ni. Angustus Heniini;-- 

way. [(.i| 

\\. Phih-nion, b. Oct., I7r.!:); d. ; ni. . Lydia, dau. (d' Pi.diard Fro-kctt. 

1, N'.VNCV, b. ; ni. . Elijah, s. of .John and Martha (Pardee) Hull. 2. liii ir.MiL), 

b. ; m. , Lottie JFainiston. 1, l,n:;!.-<ii. ;^, Ei.mun. b. ; m. . Laura, 

dan. of St;-])h.»n .Lu-oljs. []] \vlio d. at Ce(hir Hill. i;'-ar New Hav., .Martdi 2J, F^7'<'. 

4, EnwAitii, b. ; ju. . r,ucr.tia Holt of Fair Haven. 5, l')n!.f..M(i.\, b^ ; 

111- . Sallv .loie-s of N'ortliford, Ci.nn. (I, Twix sis. of i'hiiemon, who il. voung. 7, 

Lydi.v, b. ; d. aged 30. S. \[.\i;v, 111. Pearly, s. of .\hraliani Hlakesiee. i)^ 

EvF.LVN, in. .lane Sackett and lives on the place in No. Haven, occ. hv his f <•■ f atn! 
gt. g. f. Hea. chh. No. Hav. 

"in. Mary. b. Oct. 10, 17(12; d. voun-. ^ 

IV. Abigail, h. .Jan. 11, 17d5; d'. -; m. , Eli liassrii. F lioxv. b, ; ni. 

Street. 2, Laii:a, b. ; ni. , Havid i'.aldwiu, b. May :H, 17!i2; d. about 

1S70. 1, /./^'.•/■(', 111. Henry Woodrulf of W'aterbury, Conn. ; s. i' ;!, .1 \Ki:n, b. ; 

iti. , Polly Fenn; :2) Tlcnkful Fenn, sis. of PuUv; (3) La.ura Ihitton, wid.'^ 

V. Lydia, b. Feb. -1. 1707; in. Oct. 12, 17S(i,' .lar- d Thompson. 1, Isaac. 2, 
L()i;iND.\. 0, LvniA. 4. Isaac. 

• VL Mary, in. Ezra Pi-^Tpont. (l>odd says she m 175(;, E!l[)halei Pardee. ) 
\\\. Ab'l filakesh-o, m. J^'sse Passeit. lif m, (2) flsther, dau. c,f .)os. ]5assett.. 1, 
Sai.i.v. b. al>t. iNiJO; m. Capt. Cile-; Pierpoiit, liis 2d v.-f. (His Isf wf. was Eunh'e. 
da,:i. (d" Capt. .lonalhan .Nluii&on o.i Northfofd, Conn., from vvli. en ,'ame Sarah Pi..'ri)ont 
of No. Haven, and Hon. Edward.- Pi.-i'pont, atty. jcen. F. S. and aiubas-^rjlov to Eng. 'i 1, 
Ififuiit a., d. iu a ffw i;<M.^. 2. /.',/•,///, d. ageo 25. 8. ii>(//. d. in Kockford.'^ III..' 
1^<70, aged 50; ni. May 21, 1S45, .Jeru.sha Caylord of Cheshire, ('cum., dau. of Rayn^nd 

*XoiK.— I, Kuuice Co.ipfcr. m. .\mi.s EiK^keslee ; b. 1758. :?. Ellv.abcth Cooper, in. Giles b. 

. 3, Sarah C<. oner, m. Is.-\iah Brockttt, h. i7?.4. 1, Fb P.aHScl:., ra. .Xl-i^ail iUakcsU-o - Jesse 

Ra.ssett, iD. Abi H;,ikeiloc. 3, I sa.vj Basset, ::i . liox.ira I'aniee. (h.-irles Basset:, m. HuUlah BurrtLl 
of Rooie. Sar.nh liassclt, m. D:u;J Tutllc. M.irv,i-i', ;a. Levi Tiitllc 


and Sally A. (Hitchcock) luiylord. 1, I-ei>a, in. Saimiol N Joi.-'ri of ]{. 2, Thuroii fJ. , 
111. Oct. 25, 1N7S. Heh-u M" B!akeinai\. o. Watson T. 4. A''^7^V.v, d. aged "Jo; m. 
yairiuel A., s. of (iains 'ratile of Clifsliiif, Conn. [\)] .j, Sf/!ri,/, d. atrt-d '^S; ni. 
lleiivv, s. of Titu.s B'-adlcy of No'.s- Hav., Conn. G, Jjcvk, d. aged IT.. 7, Khu:>M , 

i)'r at , l-tin>as; \\\. Cavnliiif S. WaMur of HrookfiLdd, Conn. 3, Tdlia' 

(twin with Sally), ni'. Sacket (.s. of Joe!) IJlaic.slco. ;!, Daniki,, h. ; ui. Susan 

Hnrlbut, went we-t when young. 

VIII. Sarah, ni. Ira 15radley. 1. .Vskxath, ni. Alhen Munson. 2, Eri, ni. Eunelia 
Bussett. 1, SuraJi. A'., ni. . ISS'l, i'uvid llitcdicock of Cheshire, v'oun. 2, (llicf AiniatJi, 
b. Jan., 1S28; d in Wall., Conn., Au-. 5, is?;); ni. ('has. W. I'lost.. :J,, m. Javed 
Mansfield. 4, LlCY, ni. I.saac Bassctt. 2d, w\\o d. .June, 1,S^2. 

IX. lsa:iv, h. April 1, 1777; d. Oct. ;^1, ISJO; ui. .Mercy Tattle, h. June 8, 17SS; d. 
Marcli 6, 1ND-? [6]. 

X. Hannah, b. : ni. , Satiinel Sackett, s. of Samuel (and Hannah), whose 

estate was adui. in No. H.iv.. 17S1: nauu-dchil., Samuel, Eli, Solomon, Sarah, Mehitable 

and Elizabeth. I, Sa.miki., b. : m. . 2, EiJ. d, Solomon 4. Sakah, ni. 

Sa.muel .Moulthrop. •"), M};mTAKi.E. tj, Eni/Aiwiii. 7, A iu(;aii., n\. 15euj. Dixon; (2> 
James, s. (d" (.'apt.' Jonailuui Munson: 1 cliikl hy b-it m., o by 2d m. 

13142. Mary Blakeslee, b. rx-t. l;;, 17;;r): d. in No. Haven: m. April S, 1750, 
Eliphalet (s. of .luhn Pardee, ^r.,) of Nn. H., b. .May 4. 1 72(;. (He ni. (2) wi<i. Mary 
Bishop, and Jesv, h. April 12, 1771). 

i. Jesse, 1). .Ian'r'_ 1757; d. .bui, 25, 17rjS. 

11. David, b. Aug. S. 175U: <i. Feb., 1S44: sf^i. in Wolcott; m F.dly Spen<er of 
No. H. wlexi. April 15, is(:i2, (2) Piiiletta Neal. 1'?'05. 1, llAXNAii, 1;. Jan. C, Hm'.; d. 
in Ills : m. Jn,d is. of Alnd and Ann (Jleott) (.'iiriiss of \Vol.roit, h. Sept. 21, nSi.!; rcn.i. 
to Cairo, N. Y. 1. /'-/■''/. 2. Jf'nrt. :!. 'r,-,/vv. 4, F'rnv. 5, Ansa,.. (). Ann 
EHzn. 2, Ko.-ICT,, I). Eeb. 2:^, 17^S; m. I'ollv Nichols of Waterbury. 1, .JA.'/y/ Ann. 
2, Estha: :l lla,n/ Sprn'-n. 4, J^fnr. o. "Xz/'^v/. o. Hf.m\x, b, Feb. 17, 1791 ; m. 
Almira Nichols, r2) Sarah Broc!:ett. 1, Ls.'"r. 2, ('/,",•(>.-<. o.Enxiuu. i, J--<^i/i,\ 5, 
Abi'/i'H. (i. JJ'"-i'L 7, i-'"'"y- ^. <'ii,ir!i.'<. !i, lltwin. 10, Ahnlni, by 2d wf. 4, 
Sii.Vs b. Sep. i;-;, 17!I5'; m. I'.dlv Bo<,t. 1, I., iris. 2, /•';■;■:'/. 2,, O'lna. 4, N/'/</.v. 5, 
Laura Aiut. V,, Jidind". l.lf'ith.M. 8. 7^-'///. '^,U,'r]nl. 10, JA-oe'. 5, BAriiEL, 
b. April ;10. ITDS; m. Feb. 25, 1819. Erastus Nichols; res. on the old Pardee hotnestead. 
G, bixi-s, b. Jan. 28, IHU; m. Betsey Alott; rem. to N. V. slate. 1, J^js, ph ])iri;jht. 
2, Ann ih'inhj. ;•!, .\<hl(ii(h\ 4, KiniUxa. 

III. Aliigail, in. Solomon Barnes. 

IV. Mary, in. Asa Thorpe, and had duui. m. Rogers. 

V. Hanuali, m .John Cooper. 

13144. ITaniin.h Blakoslce, b Auii- 20. 1741: d. Aug. 25, 1704; m. 1750, 
Joseph, s. of Samuel and Mercy (Austin) Holt, b. Aug. S, 1'. o^. 

I. Mercv. b. Jan. (5, 17(j0"; m. Jan., 178-J. Hezekiah Todd []. 
II. Elizabeth, b. JnlvO. 17f.;2. ( Dodd says Ebenezer. ; 

111. Hannah, b. Aug."l7. 17t;7: d. {>vr. 14, 1^:1'.»; m. : 780, Daniel Holi. b. July 5, 
17(j7; rem., 17S!l. to Plvnioutli. Conn., thence to llarwenton: selectman sev. yrs., and d. 
June 2;), 1n:;i. 1, .iki^.miah. b. N(n-ihbury., Nov. 20. 1780. Selectman at llar- 
Avinton st-v. vrs., reijrescntative, li'Uit.-col. of mil.: m. June 11, 1S17, Lovice, dau. of 
Isaac Frisbie. 1, 'hcrl /-'.. b. April 10. ISIS; m. July 4. 1S42, .Mary A. B.-ach. 1, 
Charles, b. Feb. 2. 1 Sl-^. 2, /."///(/• //. , .Mav 5. 1810. ?,. Jerrji A'., .July 2(1, 1S'J5; m. 
Marv A. Atkins. 2. Daniki., Sept. I, 1701: m. March 10, isi4, Nabby Bull. 1, 
S,n'n-,i. Julv 1. isi5:m. March 0. ISill, Zenas T.dles of Plyne.uth. 1. Orinda. June 0, 
18:.;5." 2, s"arali F. . ()<'t. 24, ls:i7. 2.. Cynthia A., Dec. 27, is;:0. 4, Ibinilr, N'nv. d, 
1842. 5. W'alter F.. N-.v. b"). is5r;. (J, Fraidclin P.. A;"i! 15. |s5;!. ;}, )!,'r;i A.. Aua'- 
11 lsl7- m. .March. is:'.(). Stiles L. Hotchkiss of W:, 1 .Mary and Eliniia H., 
tu-ins b. .Mav. l^O;. :;, />v/m'./ //., June 17, ISIO: m. June. IS41). Kuuice Ibut of South- 
in-. on. 1." Daniel II.. b. \>\{: d. is5:b 2, Joiu, li., b. 1^45. :;, Willi:'.m. b. isln. 4, 
lb-nivC..i.. 1S52. 5. Daniel 11.. d. ai:-d 11 vis. 4, ./•■///. //., b. J uly :;i . isi I: ,-on- 
ducto'r on N. 11. .V. N. R. lb: m. April 12, 1S47, Mary Smitii. 1. Hattie, b. 1S57. 

\\\ .jMSKrii. -luni- 5, 177;b ^ 

131441, Mercy Holr, b. Jan. (i, 170!); .1. Sept. 1:\ ISlO; m. Jan.. iTs:!, lb /.Uiaie 
s. of lb'v.,.ki;,l. iuul Lydia (Frost) Todd. i>. Nov. 5. 1755: .-.el. in Cbe.siiire, a.ljomnig \\ ob 
tott, and d. there May 1^, 18:iti. aged M. 

'•■'^ IJKAXCII 01'' JOHX. 

I. Ilaniiali, b. April 13, 1784; d. Nov. 22 IS'^4- m (.S0-> T?,oo», .., t , ^ '~~ 

16, 1781. 1, Xanhy, b. Feb. 21,;J- .1 .Jmu- ! IS7" , f ;ol T r '.'^'V > '^""'^ 

3, JULIC., b. Feb. lo, 1^07: d. Au^. 2l' is^i „ M^ W ' w^'^'ft^' . \\ ^^'^"'^"'''■ 

BiCXXKTT, b. Feb. 1. isori; d. Maid. 2f; IS.V.' Fr. i/i.V n ' V ^1' " '^ ^' " -^• 

June 13, 1S18; d. .)a.. lli. ls^:5. 7. VV.'n.oV'^ IM^- " '"^G ^"lo" \ f'"''' 

(2) Julia A. DauiWs. 1 >^.n,A ^. 2. ^^.'. F ' :}' nww] V V?"''^'' ^ "'?'^1">' 
1822. d. Feb. 22, 1S67: n.. May 10. 1S41. iU^Lnl iJI^W ' ' " '''"^■^' ''^ '''>' '' 

11. Jerry, b. Dec. H, 17s."5; d \u<- -^7 m-,<i- „, ika,. i> , ,,. , 

Haven. 1, b.vxn:r„ b. July 81 isof^ "d." {^l^ ',.f ,s F '" Hn^'f ^^^l, ^^^'^ ^'^/'"^^ 
field of Oxford. 1, hW.ih/ b Oct "J! isM ' !; ' ; "^- ■^'^"- ^- l'^'"- ^:^ut■y Mans- 
1837. 3, G.or„, Dec. 15, l.^J^^m .h^v : ''li^s\,^. ''r'^^O "'"u ' ''1^ '• ''"^r*^- 
Jane (F.lmer) Todd. 1, Ellen Elizab-h. Au^ -27 n5^» " //; , ^^'"r '^ T'%to^ 
m. Feb. 0, ls.-)7. Emma Slade. 1 Artbr.r I-tr 17 Is'-s ■> n . "•'^\ ' ^''T ^^- ^-"' = 
Jnn/, Jan. 10. 1S42: m (Jeo Sills of \\ oi; i V r ; -^>/'''^';^l -^"- -^- l'^'^- '^ 

4. E.w.^. Jan. :;0. 1S2:;: d^M ;i, ilk"" . " ,^?; i-'k ,:\^!"''' '}.■' " -'•. 2^ 1^54. 

b;^.;^;:' r'Fd;;in^^rM^s;t \«Sr-T-F^ai!''i;;;^S-{^"i;- ^?' '^^^^ - T'i 

^'^i^T'^ hJ^T-''- "v". ^''^ - >t ^^^^b:ti;be;H;ii?''i:z :;;-i; 

V. Mercy Mclimla, b. J„n,. if, Ko]; innm; ^Jam^2 isoo ^^■"^'^'"''- ^""-■- ^- ^• 

^ 11. Folly Ann, May 12, I^.IO; m r.e-.'2:^. 1S24, Dea. Timntby of Waterbury. 
1315. Sarah Frost, b. Fci). 22. 1712 in De.- V 17U i,>i,n ^,. r ti 

b. Dec^22!i747.- !;' s!;.t V^^/''i'l--r-i 'p ''"^'- r ^''-- ^^'v>- ^'-^'^ '^- "^ ^^i-' 

— -. Au'i^u 'laM. nl .ludr. and 0!i\v (Fnor, Smitl, ' ' 

.hMu.'S>ard:et b'b™'' ^'^'^ ^"^ — ' •^^^""■^ ^"^^'^ ^ ^- ^-'^ t-.F th. t.o cbii. ,.f 



■ III. John, b. Dec. 10, 17r)0; d. young. 

IV. Surah, 1). July ol, ]T.>?. 

V. Klj»'iR-/.er, b. Jan. 27, 1T."33: lo. Jcuiiiua I^aini's. 1, LY>rA.\, "J, Sami'IOJ;. o, 
Bki>ky. 4, LrciNHA. 3, Ki-.kxkzii;. U, Jaiius. 7, A liiCAii,. b, 11.\nxah. 1), 
Nanc V. 

181 G. Tvtartha Frost, b. F<'b. 14, 1714; in. .M'lr.-h 17, 174S, J-mathan ]]aijit s. 

I. Jonatliiiii, b. Aug. 'iO, 1750. 

II. Martha. 1». Oct. -..'8, 1751: 'n. Junatlian Fincli, liis ^(l wf. He ni. (1) Uannah 
ITotdikiss. lie d. of cons. Aug. 10. lyil, aged &2. 

III. Solomon, b. 17."):J; d. of con.s. June Id, l>-07, ag<d-'j4; m. , Lydia Smith [], 

will) d. of c<Mis. Sept. 16, ll^OH, aged Oo. 1, Ixkaxi-, d. Jan. 27, 17S<!, aoed 1 we^k. 2. 
Lyiha, d. of wlioujiing- cough Aug. 0, 17t!0, ag^^-d o. '6, Fvoia. 2d, d. May 11, 17!)] , 
cholera infantuni. 4, MAifiii \. ."),"" J amks. U, Lvdia. 7, 8, 0, infaxts. 

I\'. Ashbid, b. .March IG, 17.-) 7. 

1317. John Frost, b. Jan 20. 1710: ui Jan. 15, 1 715, Martha, dan. of John, jr., 
au>l -Vbigaii (Brucketl) Pardcf, b. ^"ov 20, 1723. 
1. Susanna, Mav 24, 1740. 
11. Ablo-ail, Sept. 14, 1740. 

III. Martiia. Dec. 25, 1758. 

IV. Jnhn, Mav IS, 1750. , 
V. Sarali, .lu\v 17, 1702. 

131.10. Thankful Frost, b. l>cc. 1, 1724; m. Dec. 14, 1740, Jolui Krockelt. 
1. .fohu. 

II. Isaiah, b. ; m. Sarah Cooper, (sis. of I'lizabeth, v^-f. of lAiles Pit-rpont, l^t). 

III. Thankful, b. 1752; <l. Dec. 11, ls-J2. ai:vd 70; m. Nov. 17, 1774, Oliver, (.>. of 
Abel and Lvdia Ixill:. Smiili, b. Feb. 21, 17 lH; d. Nov. 15, 17S!). 1, Ksthki;. 2, Sam- 
vv.i.. 3, Fv.NtAN. 4, SvDxi'.v. 5, JisTi's. 0, Oi,i\ Ki;, b. i;80; d. Alarrl) 27, lSi5; 
„i. Lois'— — , \slu) d. July 20. 1807, aged 27. 7, Lkvki'.ktt. 8, llAKVi;Y. 

IV. K!i/.ab.'lli. b -^-; m. ."Jolm Pardee, :5d. b. Oct. 24, 1704. 1, HiioUA; 

2, EsTiiKK. ;5, Hakilikt 4, Joiix. 5, IJktty-. 

131.11. .Elizabeth Frost, b. Marcli 3, 1727-8: d. ; m. Nov. 15, 1751, Samuel 

Pierpnnt, b. Ai>ril Ki, I72!l; d. Dec. 21, 1820; (gr. s. of Pev. .laiues); s. of J,.,.-;.-j,h and 
Hannali (Ba^sert). F-;t. div., 1S21, r.; F.benrzt-r, .\bigail, heirs of Mabel Hiakeslee, hs/irs 
of p]li7.abeTh Hiakeslee, heirs of llauuah (.'(dlius, ];eirs of Theda ^Vaitel■s. 

1. Hannali, b. June 16, 1754; m. Collins 

II. Samuel, May 10. 1750; his est. conti.-<catcd. 1781; Marie Leavenworili. adm. 

III. Theodosia. b. Feb. 22, 1754: ni. , ^\'il!lal^ Walter, ^vardenof Trinity clih., 

X. Ilav., 1810-12, s. of >\'lUi:ini and P;iii<-ii.-e i ! Mark) V.'alter, (127'. 1. J()i:i.. b. 177S; 
Y,('., 1800; d \Xj'^>: m. Sarah LeaveiP.v;;Mli: e-t. insol. 1, Jlrr ]Vi>'.)i'i/> , P^pis. 2, 
Jdmt^fi. o, Car"liitc. 1. K'izuhcth. 5, ('i>riuU". 0, <J(<>r(jc. 7. (.'hnih ■•<■. liad a wooden 
log. 2, Lot ISA, 1780. y, Lt'CiXA, 1782. 4, Ji;i;iiv, 1784. 5, Wili.ia.u, 1783; est. 
adm., 1818, insol. ^ 

IV. Mehitable, June 2S. 1700; m Blakeslee 

V. Eli/abeth, Auir. 5, 1700: m. , Jonah, s. of John Blakeslee. 

YI. Abiirail. 

V.II. Pet ilia. 

VHl. Fb-uezer. 

132. Jemima Tllttle,b. Dec 0. 1080; d. Marcli 23, 175:J: m. April, 1707, Thomas. 
s. .4 BarLliolouiev,- an<l Mercy (Barnes) Jacol)s, b. Oct. 14, 1077: d. April 2. 1710; will 
])rMV. Mav 5 fob: natnes v.f. Jemima, and biMpiest of 1'20 to Meldrnblc Smith, [1 | -'udio 
Was s'-ix en To me wlien a little- (diild;"' lie h-;d '•• sous but iKi daus, will n.imes l)esides 
Ste-j.le-n and Joseph, excrs., 4'linmas. jr., .lecol) and l>a\id. 

1. Tliomas' b. Aug. 0, 1708; estate div.. 17 11, to bros., bne David adm. 
11 Stfjihen, 1). Dec 2, 1710; built a he.use near the brid;re in l^i^o. Ilav., in which 
Jcisepli Pieipmii, (o-t. e-. t. of Hon. I'.dwanls Pierpnnt ) a fterwards li ved. in 175.s tlu- will 
of Stephen .bic(jlis^pres. by .losepb Pierpnnt. win . V as nauic'd exec, but tlie witnesses 
'!iiuiu-|it was net at that tin)e of stiund and di>pii)>iug mind. 'I'he six cldk n. lie m. 
Jan 11 17:;s H'-innab Tiavte.n. [1] In 1742 he sohP riyhl in bi'n. '1 iumias to oro. 
I>avid.' 1, JuXAii, 1). Nov. 00. nOO; d. Oct. 12. 1750. 2, T.oeviAS, b. Ai)ril 2. 1742. 3, 
Si-i;i';ii-x,'b. .Mav 17, 1710; at Cuiin., 1825, I]li Jacobs nannd adm. of St.'phen's est., but 
not Only ('puilitied. 4., b. .Ian. 11. 1715; d. Oct. 10, 1750, 5, Kxonr, b. Dec. 7. 

30 unANcji OF JOHN. 

IT-ir, of No. Ilav.; est. adifi. 1707. I^aac^ ('. Siilr.?, ailiii. .Io.Sf|.]i Pifi-j)ont, Olivt-r 

Blakoslce and SainuL'l -Mix, coims. : wid. ],ois am] K cliil. liviii._r 1, En/iirr, m. - 

Blakt.'sl.'.'e, and had an unly tdaid and lir. '?.. S,i'///, a, T/iirz't, 4, Ivnidn'l .T 
Bits"j. (j, Tyfiri/. 7, Jonil. N, Ann;. (!, 1)ami;i,, 'l). ]\d'i. V2, V,A\\; d. Oct. .11) 175o' 
7, JIaxxaii, 1>. .Mandi 4, ] 7.>-J. 8. Kuzviiktu, !>. Nov. IS ]s:)4 !) P\tifn( i- !»' \u.>-' 

18, 17T<;. ' ' ■ ' '^^ 

III. .lo><-!.li. h. M:if<-!L !(. 171o; d. ; ni. dune 1, 174S, Kli/aheth Cnrris i 

Maktiia, .Iiil.v ;;, l :4;». 2. JKi!i:\fiAii, June 10. 1 ::iO. 8, Joskimi. Feb. 27, 17.r3; ,]' 

; m .lull. -21. 177."), by l.'cv. .Mr. Williams, Ly.jia Jacobs. 1, Murii, b. Juiif !) 'l77'!'- 

2, Bl'ldy, b. -luly -J, i:7k. d, Z,>f,luii\ ,hiiu' 11, lTS-2. 4, Sc<iJ»tri/, Si'p't. 17. ] rsi/ 

IV. J.diii, b. Dec '.I, ni.-); d. : pst. of dnlu; .U;c..b.s. adm." bv bro. Kzfdci of 178,5 

ins<d.: m. duly is, 174^'. Mary*. 1. Lvdia, b. Xov. dO," 1750. 2. Jdhx b' 
Afarch IS, ]7-")2. d. Iv.kkif.i,. b. .hint' 2d, no.") — ix'vliaps utlicr- 

V. Jacob. 

VI. David, b. Dec. 10, 171S: d. ; iruard. <d' iMioidi, minor .s. of Stephen. 17(33; 

ni. Ai>ril 11, l71--\ Hannah 'idinnT. dim. <d Jo-cph. In ] lol .I,,s,.p]i Sp-n-y and Sarali' 
hi.s \vf., dan. of Joscjd.i d'lirntT, (-(uiv. to David daccdis. ] . Davjd, b. ,Ian". d 174.5-g' 
d. Sept. 2S, 175!l. 2, Soi.oMox. .Mardi'.'d, 1747; d. Sept. s, 17o'). 'd, JIaxxaii', b An^-' 
20, ]7oO. 4, 1)ai;((>s, b. l-\dj. c, n.V!. ."., II.vxxah, b. Feb. d, 175:]. (i, iUviD h 
l>oc. 1. 17.54. 7, Soi..>.Mi)X. li. duly ], 1750; d. Nov. 7, 170;_1. luv., i7;l!).",,f Xo. 11,; 
John PicT]).nu and wid. F.-^rlier,-:-' Uli vei- l))a|.;e-lee divideis, (dd. 8. David ], Jhirui 
h. Jan. G, 17-^1. 2, ('U:,l"ii, b. .^ijc-. ]:!. 1 7S2. d, S-iIonwu, b. Se]it. 0, l'7S7. 4' 
llaiuiiih, b. Api'il 0. I7s'.(; d. Dec. :-;ij. 17'.)1. 5, /,i'/,".y. b. Sept 1 1701 'g iV(v;«' 
h. Se].t. 27, 170d. 7, .vA/.v. b. M;.rcli 22, 1700. S, Kxtlur, b. Mav 2, ISOO. 's, II ax- 
NAii, b. S./pt. 15, 17d2. 

\'\\. Ann.'.s, e.-5t. adni. l;y biu. Pavid in 17dO— had nii>vables in AA'atcrhnry, rmiu.: 
ni. Abiirail; conv. land to bros. David and Abraliam in 1752. In div. au.l set. of oht. of' 
Tlios. Jacobs he reH-eived 211 acres in Xo. II. 

Vlll. Abraliani. b. April 21, 1725; est. adni. by bro. D;'.vid in 17tJ0. 

l.Y. Ezekiel of No. IL: will j, roved ls;;i. Win. and Annni Jacobs exec; d daus. 
Had land in liranftjrd and No. Branford, ('unn. ], Amki.ia 1]a^.s(':tt. 2.' Ei;u \ir 
HuoTiKS. d, Jaxxy Munsi;. 4, Ammi: sliip buihU-r wX (irajunine Point, N. 11. 5 
William. ' ' " ' ' 

134. Abigail Tllttlc, h Ai)ril 4, 1002; d. Jan. 0, 17C0, will prov. .sui. vr.. makes 
her mark, x; s. Samuel to have right in dth div. laid out to Jolin Newman, g. "s. Zopliar, 
i5. of Dauiel.dau. Ann Munson, Sarah Ailing; mentions herinlieritMnce froni Jolm New- 
man and SanrlTnttle, of righ.ts in the 7tir, Sth and 0th divisions; m. Julv 2d. 1717, 
Paniel, (s. of Samuel) Atwater. b. Sciit. 20, l(j04: d. April dO, Hlio; adm. giv. to wid.' 
Abigail, who refused the sann-; res. Cedar Hill, near N. Hav. ddie will of Damaris 
Parker of Wall'd, prove<] 1771, naUM^s n-ph-w, Capt. Samuel Atwati-i- ad;n., hi'r only 
hro., Caleb, beijior "out of the g^n-ernnn-nt :" names, ehil. of lier bro. l>aniei. ('apt. Sam'l.", 
Jolin. Sarah Ailing, Ann Munson. Mary (iregorv and Abigail Atwater. 
I. Samuel, b. June 1, 171S; 111. s";irah l5all, 

11. Sarah, 1) Sepi. 12, 1710; m. Dec. 10, 1742, ICbem-zer, -. (,f James and Abigail 
Ailing of Wall'd., b. April S, 17Id: est. set. Oct., 17r.5, wid. Sarah adinx. and g-uarcf. to 
minor chil., Danniris, Abigail and Eunice: Dand Ailing of ^Val^d. guard, of Abel and 
I'Znos; 7 cliil. named, including Daniel: John Ailing, Macock Ward, Titus Brockett 
dividers. 1, SAiiAii.b. Feb. 8, 1745. 2, Daxief., Oct. 22, 1747. d, ' Abkl, Jan. 30', 
1740. 4, Kxos, Jan. 17, 1752. 5, Damakis, March 15, 1755. G. Aiur,\ii, Julv 6 1759' 
7, EuxiCK, Dec. 10, HGO. " ' 

HI. Jolin, b. March 14, 1720-1; m. Jan. 25, 1748, Mary Ailing of Wall'd; res. 
Hamden, Conn. 1, Joitx, b. Nov. 21, 1751: d. Jan. 4. 1752. 

IV. Abigail, b. Aug. 8, 1722: d. Dec, 17. 1.740, in. lOtl: year. 

V. Mary, b. Dec. 22, 172d: m. }day 17. 175d, Ebene/e'r Ives, whose will, proved 
17G0, natnes \sf., Mary, and cinl., James, Abel and! Noah. In 1771 she is called. Mary 
Gregory; m. (iilead (uvi^Kry, by whom slie hud: 1, ]'h;];xKZi-:a I\"Ks (ii;i-:r.ouv, wlio d. 
Aug. 10, 17^7, in hi-' lS;h year. 2, Srioi'iMix Atv, \-r!:ii (i liKouitY of North Stratford^ 
Conn.: "gr. s. fd' Mrs. Abigail Atwater of N. Hav.," ((.ir. St.) 

*Cepv from,iat)Sth Clinten'c Bible- -taken t)V Mrs. .\b;^;ii! 1 !i-.( 1>ce:k : '-.-Xnd is my w;!! thai :»ftcr 
my dec. my eld. li.iii., Ivsther Jacobs, shail h;ive thi^ Riblo it tli,u slie eutlive me" julv, i-yi. 1, ],aw- 
reace Clinton, was h. June i. 1737; my wf. Eli/;ibenh Clinton, b, Sept. ■_•). 17^:'. Chii'.:'i, 'Kstfier' b. 
Auy. 6, 17'^j; m. Soloni-jn Jacobs. 3, Jes-^e, b. Auir o, 171:1?. -,, David, 6. Aujj. 37, 1764- d. Apiirai 
jjSj- 4, F.anettia, l>. £)ec. ij, irt'S. --., Hannah, b. .Sept. if,, 7772. ' ' 


VI. Ann, b. Jiiiio 4, 17'.36: in. Muiison. 

Yll. Daniaris, h, Dec. oO, 1729; m. Nov -20, 1750, Joiiios Ivess; slie ])n)b. d. .soon urter 
b. of s. Jamos.* 1, Jamks, b. Aug. 11, 17.")1. 

YIIl. Diiniel, b. July S, 17o0: m. I-\-b. 2G. 175(3, l)y Isuiab TutUe, Surah Harri.':;; CJ) 
Aug. 1:3, 17(31, Lois Mansfield, llclivfd on a jiait of the original Atwater lariu: a'din. 
giv. to wid. Loi.s, 1770, and made iruard. to Simon, Sarah and Lois; Sanuiel Atwater. 
guard, to ichabod and J-lnos: Lieui. David Atwater, guard, to Zophar. 1, Zorii.vJt, b' 

June'JS, 17o0; m. . 1, Jo.'ui. 2, Knos, b. Nov. 22. 17.")S. "i, IciLviiou, b. Feb. 11 

]7t:>l; ni. . 1, /.rrenft. b. A].ril 2, 17s0; 10. Abigail Jlawlov. (2) Mns. Sarali Me.s' 

singer. lie d. ia ( )berlin, 0]ii(.., D.-.'. ai, 1S5L /.,!, ],ur_v (.'ordJdia, b. Dec. '20, 1818. 
2, Allen Ijawley, d. yf)UMg. ■',, Mary Ann, 1). Dec. 9. 1816: d. March 13, IS^JS. 4, Edwin 
Lorenzo, b -luly'.i, l^^iO: d. A])ril7, lH3('i. 5, Eliza Jane. 1.) ^Murcli 19. 1S22: d. Sept 19 
l.'^(59. G, Lninan Hawley, b. March 19, 1824; d. .March 19, 1847. 7, Kichard Bloonificld' 
b. April 10, ]S2t!. 8, Harriet Ain.dia, b. Aug. 2o, 1828; d. May 23, ls;i2. 9, Estlicr 
Lemira, b. l^ec. 16, 18-00. 10, Sidiiey Augustus, b. Ajiril 15, 1838; d. Feb. 15 1834 
11, Sarah Abigail, b. Feh. 1!, 17:. 7. 12, Edwin Lenoiii, D.-c l';i, ],s;;>-'. ]:3_ Harriet Cor- 
nelia, b. Oct. 22, 1842; d. Der . istjs. i_ 1,;.- ;.\1 ni., I, Saicaii, b. June 10, 17G2- d vonn"- 

5. Simeon, b. S-.-j^t 11, 1703; ni. ■ . 1, Jinrir', b. Oct. 27. 1785. 2, Jouoilun., 'l-'eb.? 

1793. 3, .^'.tplun. b. Julv 13. ISlXi. 0. Lots, 7, Sauaii, b. Jan 18 1767 
IX. Abel, b. June 23, 1734: .1. A],ri] 2, 1744. 

1341. Samuel Atwater, b. June 1, 1718;'capt.: ni. Dec 20 J744 Sarah dau of 
Caleb Ball, b. Nov. 25, 1723, Haiuden, Conn. ' " • • ■ 

1. Al>.-1. b. Ajiril 15. 1740; d. in Ashtabula Co., O. ; m. . ], CoiiXKi-U's b 

Sept. 21, 1777. 1, CnAr.NTKv. 3Sai!aii. 4, .\TjrAT,iA. 5, S.smv'ki,. 0. Hkt'sky 
7. L\i;AN. 

II. Susanna, b. Ai^ril 15, 1748: d. Jan. 7, 1752. 

III. Abigail, b. Nov. 17. 1719; ui., (uK.flvrar, and had, ainou^>- others 
Andi:kw. f. of IL/-7. B. ' . 

IV. Samuel, b. Jan. 21, 1751; d. July 1, 1753. 

\'. Stephen, b. l.''t'c. 29, 1752: m.. 1775, Eunice Crannis. 

VI. Samuel, b. Sept. 23. 1751: ni. Ivuth Dickerman; (2) ."\!rs. .!;uu' Iiubl)aid 

VII. John, b. Dec. 24. 1757. 

VIII. Caleb, b. Dec. 28, 1759. 

IX. Richard »winan. \). May 3. 1762: d. Aug. 10, 17(32. 

X. Sarah, b. Oct. 31, 1765. 

XL Susanna, b. Dec 29, 170l>: m. Josejdi Coodyear, his 2(1 v, f. ; by 1st m. ho lisid 

3 chii. They r< in. to shore of Cayuga l,ake, N. Y.: botli lived to the age of 00: 7 chil. 

Xli. Tinn)thy, n\., 1781, Lydia lluTiiistou. 

XIII. Richard, was drowned; m. Bede liumiston, dau. of David. 1, Nj:wm\n 1) 

Oct. 17, 1>^0I; m. Nov. 24, 1814, Enieline Butler, b. Mav 22, 1808. 1, Kh^n b S-pt' 
is, 1815: ni. SfjU. 2L 1871, Andrew S. Hanhold of Alorf Haven, A Y C 2 /vv- /f b' 
-March 1, 1819. 2, St:sA\, b. .May. 1805: d. Feb. H. 1s74, ui.m. 

13415. Stephen Atwater, b. D."c. 29, 1752: m. Nov. 15, 1775 Eunice (A'rannis 
1. John. 
11. Lvuian, d. in ^^'e•^t Indies. 
Hi. Caleb. 

\\ . Marijuis Lafaylle. d. in U'hitinghani, \'t.. Julv 2, 183S: m. March 12 1809 
-M-'li.rla. Fii'li-r. 1, Lv.m \n, b. Julv 2'.), ISIO: d. Auir. 1, "b^lO. 2,' Xwev D b' Sei)V 
19. ls:il: .1. Jan. 27. ls4"i. 3, LciiA .).. b Seju, 6, IslS; d. Aug. 9, 1859 4' Lym \N 
(TiiAN.Nis, b. Oct. 28, ISKJ: d. Feb. 21, 1S17. 5, Ci.akiss.v M., b. June 25, 1818;' d. Auo- 
7, 1819. (i IIo;,l,isrKi{, b. Oct. 9, 1820 7. William C., b. June 10, 1822- d'junel3 
1S39. 8. <;eo. L., b. July 15. 18M: d. AuiT. 17, 1^29. 9, Tm .man (C, b March 7* 
1829; d. .\UL^ 12, ls!29. lb. Clai;iss\ M., !,. .r,ine L bS:W: -i. Aoril 11 isi'ij i; ' ^l \,<y 
L., b. A'pril 11, ls32: .1. .Mav 12, 1S57. 

V. Nancv F... m. "iLilch. 

VI. l7--ther, ni. Ciishiaaii. 

VII. Funice. iu. .\lanslieid. 

1341G. Samuel Atwater, b. Sept. 23, 1751, m. Uuth Diclcmuan: (2) Mrs. Ja?ie 
Hubbard, les. llaniden, I'onn. 

* James and Sarah Ives -.vci-c m. Nov. 8. 1753, and li.ul ; i. D.'k.v.AKis, Dec. :':; 175^. 2, S.\', b Dec 
16, 1756; in. Sept. 15. 1773, Jo;,-.- j. )ii.:i'N'K/KK, uviu \vk:i Sar.ili.' 4,' I'.c.nice, Au"-.* 28 17=8 
5, M.\i:v, .\!ar.:li i ... :7'jo. 0, Ei,.^'.:, Dec. i, \-]f:,i. 7, liiiDE, May i, 1770. "' ' 

32 jtKAxrir oi- .JO fix. 

I Catl.nriiir. h. I),r. 21, ITTs. 

li. .larc.l. I.. .Ian. 4, IT.sO; <1. \h'^■ . 115, ls.-)0. aged .'0: in. Oct. 28, 1807, l.ncv Hull 
1, lI.VKiiiKT, 1). All-. ]^. ISiS. 2, Lmka, 1). \),r. .l, [SKI; u\. Ivlinund I). Bradfrv. ;!, 
IU"rii Un'KF.KviAX, b. Ajiril 11, 1812; ni. l.avcritt IIntcliki.-;s. 4. .Jaiiki*, Oct. 2,"]Sm'. 

5, l-lMZ vr.KTU, 1>. S.-pt. 2:;, l^lil; d. ()■■■:. is, isni. r,, Maky, h. .hilvT, 18l'.i. 7, l5r.rsK\\ 

I). Am:. 22, 1821: ui. ('liarlc.< (i., s. of .lanirs and Polly ( lia&srti)" Ai\vatir i/ An"- oO ) 

18-J2.- . • " ' i 

III. C'hl(.<-, 1.. .Julv 21, 1?8I. i 

IV. Kutii, h. March i!J, i;t>;i J 

V. Samuel, I,. yov.:ii), Ksi;; in. Sci..t. 11, 1811, .lulia Ilou-h: (2) .Jan. :j, 1.-<2U. | 

Sarah Bronsmi. 1, Ai.)j;i:[), S^])!. 2:J. ly]2. 2. Culok. h. Hi-c. ;]. IS14; ni. I.t-uis W.' i 

Baldwin. :l, Kdv. ix. b. .Mar.:h 1, lsi(5. ;'. I.y 2d ni.: 4, .In. is II., b. Mar(di ;3l, ls21- f 

m. H. Winter; (2l .Mo'^rs Winter, .j, .f.\.\K ir.,.)nne 21, 1.S27: m. -Jolm Bfacli ) 

6, I'KANrA, b. .Junel.j, l.So2. Kmkhkt, b. June 12, 18;j(j; ni. Piatt llirchcuck i 

VI. Obedience, b. Dec. 12, 1788. i 

VII. Stejdieu Woo.ster, I). .Iiui''27, 17H2; ni. Oct. 12, 18]d, Pollv liict^. 1, ^^■(;()^TKl:, 5 

b. June 29. 1832: d. Nov. 21, 1801). 2, Afi;i:i.iA, June 2!), LS^."). " :'. E.mily. b. Dec ll' i 

18o7: d. Oct. 17. 1818. 4, Am, b. Sept. lo, 1842; d. March 28, 18<;2. " ^ 

Vlll. Mary, b. ,\ng-. 14. 17*J.k in. Sept. 2."), 1810; Anibrcse, s. of Saiuiie] am! hucina -■ 

^^Ilill) Baldwin, li. .June 1, 171'."); .set. in Jewett, O' reene Co., X. Y. 1, SA.\r("T;i, Atwatf.i;, j 

b. S(>j)t. lo. IM7; in. Feb. 22, 1842, Kuiuce, re--. PriittsviUe, X. ^■. 1. ]\'i .'<f C.'. \ 

in. Oct. 10, 18(.)4, Nettie Matroou. 2, Geo. />., lu. Ida hord. '6. Kdirin .)[., m. I'>.ince.s \ 

Osburn. 2, Ht'TU I)ickei;.max, b. Nov. 2o, 1820; ni. Feb. 2;!. 18 42. fharlcs P. Chase. \ 

3, Horace Guodvkak, b. April 17. 1823; m. (.)..-i. .-). IS-i;, Ann Howie. 1, 117//;".^, m. " 

Fannie Tol>y. 2, /.i-^^u: ?,. JJ^igld P,. A,Fr,fnl:. r,.M"n/. {\. Irrn,rj A. 4.SAi;\)i j 

Er.i/.A, b. Jan. lU, 1827: jn. Oct. r8, 18.")4, Isaac B. llinman." ."i, MAnv '^'atii a:;ixi;, b. '• 

Aug. 9, ls;33; m. March 3, 1870, Kneas (iorlKun. 0, Amkkosk .Xuiu.k, b. Sept. 2."i. l8o8: ) 

private April 20. 1801, in 20th regt. X. Y. S.inil.; commissioned at end o^' 'A niontJis: ■ 

returned and ridsed a c(.mj)any oi whiidi he v,as cajitain; was in In battles and l;i!lc;l at ! 

yettysbarir, July 3. 1803. * 

13417. John At water, b. Dec. 24. 17.")7; rem. to (Jen.. a, Cayuga Co., X. Y., 
where 1>»' d JuiU' 2, 1838; twice m. /. by 1st v, f , first six idiildrcn: 

I. .lames, lived in llhaca, X. Y.; he d. about 1807, aged "t: a larije I'ani. of cImI. 

11. John, d. in Ohio manv vcars since leavinu' 2 dans. 

■ III. Horace, d. in Cenoa. X." V., Dec. 1.-,, 1840', aged .jl». 

I\'. AN'iin-,. d. in (4,.a:.:i, X. Y., .May 4, I N-Ii), aged 4S. 

V. Coo'lvear, d. in (ienoa, X. \'., April 14 l80i', a"-ed 70. 
VI. Laura, i. by 2d wf. : 

y\\. Su'-;an, m. Ciotdon liillette. 

Vlll. Sarali, m. Alfred Ward. 

I.\. hucv. 

X. Davis. 

XI. Xewman, m. ?jid had fam. 

XII. Lewis, m. and liad fam. . ■ • 

Xill. Samuel, m. and Inul ftun. 

XI \' . John, uum . 

13418. Caleb Atwater, b. Dec. 28, 17.-^^0; rem. to (Jen., a, Cavu-a Co. X.<l 
liad: ■ ^ 

1. Jason, a phy-^ician in Perry, Tompkins Co., X'. Y. 1, Sti;imii-;x D. and 4 thuis. 
It. Jeremiah, of Hector, Tonipkins Co., X. \ : m. Lucy 'I'illey. He d. isj.s. ], 
Sa.mi Ki/r. 2, Axsox A. 3. Dv.ioiiT. 4, Joux 1'. .I, XN'it.-ox. 0, \Vii.i.t<. 7. 1\u;[i>. 
8. AMi5i:i»!;. !», Lit ^ '1'. 

HI. John (L. of (.Tcnoa. i. 1, Ai.ux/.o F. , b. April G, 180.-). 2, E.Mii.v, b. Jan. 7, 
1811, d. Fel). 0, IsO^. 3, Juitx (i., b. April 21, 181.-). 
\y . .lesse, d. unm. 
V. Bc'^ev. m. Alfred Hart. 
VI. Able,. 
VII. i;c.-ta. 

1341.12. Timothy Atwater, m. Xov. II. 17si. Ly^iia.dau. .d' Havid Huiui.-inn; 
rem. f" P!\ i:;eu'h. ' ■ i.n , ami had lartre fam. 

I. liuth, b. .hilv 30, 17'^2; d. Xov. 14. b^l--); ni. Xov. 28. I,s03. Pandal Warner. 
1, Mkkiutt, b. March 20, 1807. 2, Haxdai, Kvaxs. Feb. 2, 1812. 

A'l \VA iKt;. oo 

!I. i:ium, Julv 1, ITSo; m. Clilce Ciurip, 1). Jniic !), 1788: 

III. WvUis, Ij.'Ort. ('), ITtiO; <l. AprillS, Is?:], ii,2:<'(l ^('?; m. Fob. 20, 181o, Fanny 
rm-ly; (i), "Mav'27, 1844, .Mrs. .(ului (.'iiftis. 1, Hknkv, b. xXpril 2'.), ISb"): d. April -J."), 
l^;,;,');"!!!. on. \' is:;:, CiUliariiie Fenn, b. Oct. -.'-J, 181V: <1. May 11, 18(i;!. 1, l'hrr>s<i. b. 
.\!;;n-!i 'JO, Is:!!); iii. Ausr. 22, 18."")8, Henry ii. Minor, b, .July i?, 18:]4; res. 'rrrrysvill.-, 
Cdiiii. 1,' EvanKi'liiM','"b. .lunu L"), is7:j! 2, K^iijn.r. b. Sept 8, 184o: .•nli^ted, isril, in 
the. 1st Conn. Lii^ht Battery; served three y^ar-^, re-entered the service as 1st Lieut, (ith 
Conn. Inl' : i)r(Mnoted to clinr. for trallantry at iM)rt iMslier; in. Oct. 1.~i, ISO*!. Aliee 
Hitehcoek. 1, Aliee, b. 18<i8. i>, Krnest, Iblb: :;, ClilTovd, ]S72. 4. Kn-ene, 1874. 
3, Don-dart Attnil,r,h Feb. :], b84"t: enli.stfd in tie' I'nioi; army: wa- takiii ].risoner 
and confined at AiubMxmville. While tliere he ihe prison r-eords and managed 
seoretlv to make a copy of tie- d<-ad list, unil when re!(>a<ed br<;Ugh.t it away. This copy 
was afterwards claimed b\- the C. S. (.lovernment. and some tronble ensued. .July 11, 
1870, he Avas aj.poinied U" S. Consul to 'I'ahiti, one of the Society Islands in the Pacitie,. 
salary. $l,(iVlO and fe* s. He m. there, Oct. 27, 187.5, Moetia Salnmn, si--ter tn the queen 
of Tahita,' and canv ini<^ possession of considf-rable wealtli. He has en>;-a;i-ed siicce.-s. 
fullv in the pearl li.-.he! v, and in 1S78 exhibit^-d penrls at the Paris exposition. 4, F<Jin:i,. 
Dec"l7, 184G. o, Citlniriix. Nov. 24. 1^4!); m. .bin. lo, IbTo, Or.^on Pykunan. 1, 
Caroline Aones. b. Mav, lS7o. fi. y^V/,-//7^. Feb. 2;J 185o. 7, \\',d<l<>, March 11. l8.")7. 
8 Fr''„r,.'^ \[nv<h ir),"lS.")9. !>, .liilm. .Mav C, IsCl; d. May 20, -ame yr. 2, \Vvi,iis, 
Hi'. .Ian. :!l,'l8.-»:., Marh-iia Scott. 1. \V,^'<i/. b. Oct. 14, ISo^. i h>/ 2-' /,/. :^, Mai;th\. m 
June 17, l~^(iO. He W'olie. 

IV. Fvdia, b. I7!is; d. Feb. ;5, 187:'.: m. IClam Fenn. /. 1. Lyui a A. 2, H.\ i;i;ii:t, m. 

Sept 4 ls:;t5 Samuel Thuri-er Salisburv, V. Med. S. M.1>.:<1 ■-■.i. if^71. ::. I'.rw. m. 

Barker: Mi<-h. 4, A f(U-sTl-s J-.,"b. April 2, b'-^O:;: d April 1'.). IS,V,); m . Feb., IS J'!, 
KsterM. Hnll.b. Hec. 14, 1827: d. .Tan. 18, 1814; (2j F^- !•"), Merah lluli.coiis. to llrsl wf. {i) 
Ann .ludd Brown- i. bv 1st m., 1. A'i.;„.;,(s //.. b. .Jr.n. 18, IsFI. ■^4'he most un]ironiisi!io- 
orlicer tliat left Camp Hutfoii with the (dd Nineteenth was Fir-t Ficutemini AuiiAistus 11. 
Fenn He w;is but eiirhtei-n years old, of freekied. faci- and awk\N ard ,i;ai! . and was 
rejj-aivbd with surlv contempt by win,l\ and consi (|ncnt;al l.r^ otp.cers. Kveiy 
j)rTvate,SMl(iicr too.'had his juliim "it was consideieil very impndetu in him to be an 
(..fficer. at all: but he had recnii'ted liis forty men and there lie was with a commissiou 
in his'pocket from (iovernor Buckiuirliam ' There was no g'ettiuu- aw;!.y from him, and 
he v.-as assii;red to company K, which was ;i iFmd of Togitnental F.otany Bay. (Tljat 
com'paiiv had been formed i)v transfer of what tin- ca[)tains of tiie oiher nine ctnnpanies 
considered their refuse; but"it was, nevertheless, one of tiie best,inost faithful, truest 
companies that ever went into the service). But three years of hahtin^v blew away a 
good deal of showy incom]) an-1 revealed true merit wln?rever ir existed. Ln.aten- 
ant Fenn grew in 'the estimation" of his fellow otlicers and of all_ who knew liim, until 
there wa.s'uo tongue thrit dared to wag against him. He i, roved liimself one of tlieiiest 
drill mast<.'rs and disciidinariaus in tlu' regiment, iind one of the inosl eom;,.etont oHicers 
in everv position. Before going to the front he uas made cuptain of company C. Oii 
the 22d" of June lie led lus company into the skirmi.sli at Petersbu'rgh as far as it 
advanced, and was then and tliere detailed A. A A. g.-neral on Fpton's stalT, vn?e Cap- 
tain Sanborn of the Fifth Maine; and. mounting a horse v,-hich liad been brought to 
liim, commenced liis duties at once. Wlien the regiment left the Sixth Corjis at Ten- 
nallvtnwn in July he was relieve<1. In September he was ap].oint.-d judge advocate of 
the "division court martial, which tried twenty-tive cases. At Cedar Creek he lost his 
left arm. Th<' sni-ireons at Annapolis proposed to muster him out and _ discharge liiirw 
for dlsabililv, but he protected, and wrote to (General Maclcen/ie. urging his interference; 
the conse'[u'ence wiis tliat In- was retained, and in less than seven weeks from the time 
he had an arm taken o\l at the shotilder he reported for full duty at the iront. and was 
nt once detailed as A. A. A. u-eneral of the brigade aixain, which detail was afterwani 
( han-ed to brigade inspector' He subsequently participated in several lights, lb- wis 
detailed as jiul-e advociHe five dlfTerent times; was brevettod major after Cedar Crck; 
promot(Hl to major in Januarv, 18i;."i; bre.vetted lieutenant colonel for FiUle Sailor's 
Creek, and colonel for 'services during the var.' He is now practicing law at '^^;'"'r- 
burv, Connecticut. Trulv, in his rase, the last became one of the first" — }f<ij<-r T. F. 

V<i'l'.l. Hem. Nov 2«, isiiS, Frances >rarv Smith. ». 1, Fraory "^V., Dec. 1:!, I8(i7 2, 
Auo-asta F Xov. V\. 1871. /. bv 2dm. 2." M'lrii F , m NaacHail: r<'s. Milford. Conn. 
.'}, Frn>::in„. 4, /'.'//;,.«./., b. Sept. 1, lSr>l; m. Dec. v', is:-?, iv.Ae !.; Burr, b Seju -Jo, 
1S.-,1 "r, S,r.ih .{..h Jan 7. lS,-,Fm Dec 7. l^M, Ciu-rlc's Austin. i\ An,.l,i h.. nnm. 
7. /Am'.mV r/,, b. S:-pt. 22, lS.-,7. 8, Lijdii An'ia,la,h.S.>\- 24,18:!',). ."), .M.Ki'iicT, li. unm. 

•"^-i IJK.VXrii OF .lOJIX. 

<i, <JAiN<, .V. I : 111 Klla : (2) Ellen Smitli; {?,) ])pc. 15, ]870. FAh-u ("lark 7 

ANTuiN-Krn;, .1. iiniu s. Amkf.ia K., m N,,v 2, ]8r,3, Willard T. Gou.hvin ■; l' 

naUe,h Ort. 21, ls.->-,. -2 A./r,-.v, Mnyii, lso9. 3, /;//,,, Feb. 14, lsO;j 4 June 

11, l^W. n, ni'p',, Nov. 22, IsiiT. !), .]as(,n r.,in. MarvC. Jolui.son, .s.i. \o Va.wkk 
m. Xov. ].j, 18i;."), Kdwanl \V. Mou-:o. 

V. TiiUMthy. iii. Eunice Ivts. li. M'lrch !), 1801, sis. (>!' Tnuiian D Ives 1 
Si'Ki'UKN, Hi. Jan.'. (iau. of Lutlid- Tattle of ]5nsrol,'b. Mav l:), 18^2. He m (2) in 
FeiiriviUe. Mi.-li.. wherf lie n-ni 2, Ann Mahv. d. unni . ;!," Ei.liKRT J., d. unm.' 

135. Martha Tuttle, b. Man-li 18. IG'.i4: u.. F.l.. 5, 1717, .lolm Sinitli 1. June 
;j. im-^. ^- t't Jo^ei-h. jr. Siie d. about 1734. leav. i. He in. (2) Lvdia Fields, and d 
bef. 1-48, letiv. 2 .ss. hy 2d ni., viz., James- and Antlionv, and Ids wid Lvdia v\ Mnses 
Page In 1748 Jolm and Hannah Howe. Calel) and Slartha Barnes,' Jo)m and Josiali 
Miiith of ^^ aird. Mehitable Smith of K. Hav. and Job Smitli sold rt in est of f John 
.smitli to> Page. In 1750 i^ame i.artios .sold rt. in 7th div., laid (mi to John' Xew- 
]iiaii: Mchitalile \vas then \vf. of Je.sse Luddiiiixton 

]. }lannah, b. Dec. 21';. 1718: m. 1741. John lio\v(,. 

li. Manila, b. Aug. 17. 1721: m. Jan. 28, 1741. Caleb Karnes. (A Caleb Barnes 
ni. Hi ( b.-.shir.', Conn., !)i>e. 5, ITTlj. ],uev :\I(-rriinaii.) 

III. Jol), 1). >",,v. 10, 1722: m. 1747", Hvdia Howe. 

IV. John.f b. .June :',{), 1724; of Walld, Conn., 17 IS. 
V. .Mehitabli'. b. .\ 17. 1 ;2G: m. Je.-<.-<e Luddin ■•?,,, n 

1 .^,w /"■^'■'l', ^"'.'•5'- ';• •'"l^- I'.- !'•>: (d. June 7. "isO-l, a. IS-Clu-hire chh. rec.) 
n 1<48, fonn.M-iy .,) ]■.. H.v. 2..,,w of W^dlM, .sold to Mo....s Pa-e. for €110, rt. in est. of 
f., John SmuJi. in 175(;. with br... Juhn Smith, i^.th ..f Che.-lure- eonv rt in o^t of 
gr. >niitli and gr. f. Sauuiel Tutlh-, sr. He m., E.sther Hall. John and 
Jo-nah Mimh were m, the ( heshire tax list in 1702: Jonas Hill afrerward< livd on 
•losiah. s yhx-i'. It i> highly prob. that he had, an>ong other:s, 1, Josiau whom Jan 
20, 1 , i\), 1 )ia-nkf id Ilitehcoek. vavl was f. of 1. \r,rvn, haj,. .Maivh 10, 178:J: ni. March 1n()4 
John. s. (*1 and .<aJlv (Hradlev) Cook, b. Dec 27 178-^'- rem to Burtc- ' 
1S0:J. ar.d d. 111. IV .Var.h 21. l.'^ls. !. Xabhv, b. .Au-. 10, ],si),->; d. Oct 23 ISOti' ' s' 
Harriet K.. !.. .\,;g. 2i/. lNi7: m. S.abnry, s. of John and E.sther (Cook) Ford, cous b' 
} ro.sp.-et, < onn U.t. 1.-,, 1801; Y. C. l8-jr,; rem. to uhi,,; .Mai..(,V.u, of mil.; (lov. of o' 
1848-.>U: d. at Inirt.-n. o. , May 18, IH."). ;j. Jo.siah Smith, b. Mav 10 1810 4 S-iIiy 
R., b. Ffb. 2r). 1810; m. <i.(.ii;e liouton. - ■ • - j 

^'I1. James, h. Aug. 4. ]7--!i): d. 17;;(;: •' throat nit." I , diidirle-ria 
\1II. l.ois b. S"iit. ;-!(!. 17:;2: d. v. 
■ IX. Icbai.od, b' •7;14; d.. 1730: "■■ throat cut." 

^-]?^•^ ^^^^i^^h Smith, b. IV.-. 20, 1718: d. Sept. 7. 17S!). a. 71 : eons. ; m. Julv8 
],11, J<dii:. s. <.t .Ma;thfiv and 1N-I>ecea ( .Mi.v ; Howe. jr.. b. 17irr <1 .Ian 11 1 78H a "74- 
dropsy, will pr..^- ..X. iluv., J-jyS. 17n». n-.mrs wf. ihumaii. Lois Moulihro,.; Ezra' 
■John Matthew, >t<-ph.m. Hannali Mallurv. ami dau. .Marv Holt, who d l.efore her 
f. and name erase.l by testator. 

!. Matth.-w, b. Feb., 1742: d. Sept. 20, 1743, a. 10 nms. 
11 Mary, 1,. .Maivh 2.-,. 17-11; m. S-i.t. 'l.-,. 1700. +Micha.M 'r..ild. b An- 10 17->9- 
<lu.. 2(_. wt.) . (, 1.4S: d. 1770. He owm-d projic.rtv in th.- West Indies, and is called 

Capt. in re<ojd of probab-. 44,e ui.l., .Mary, supp,)s.-d n:. Holt, and d. about H.-^lL 

d.nvrrdiv. l.!)4 to heirs of ddrst s. Mi.diael , ,bv. : Idi, 2d ..,n. and to Eunice Crafts of Vt" 
In IhOl th.-reniaimb-r -u' .-si. .d' (apt. Micha-d T..dd .liv. to Dr. Eli Todd and Mrs Eunioo 
< rafts of \t. Jos-idi Drake, udmr. S.)ii .Mieha.'i was at sea on vova.-e from the 

Ambro,e ^,Buh ,cous.,; o chd. ,. Elam, n, July .;. ,;£,, Catharine Hitcl^l;ck^ho\]: ^^ly'^^^^^s!" ' 

:X.:: r.-Son of Mirhrtd and .Mary miokcrmap' T„J,5.; will, nnn- in \ H- v I)e • ■- n,n, . ■ 

^'d^^i-vTo ."rs^Ct ''" Huhb.rd..exrs-s,,.s Michael and KU: both \oe.: t^^u^h^Vc^i^f 

^jy:^':.;f''^y,^T'^l^?^'')^'^^^^^ "T" ^!'e worthy Or. Hubbard a^ a to.:"m.Vn?^ror f "end Hio lAd 


AT\VAIJ;i;. Tl ITLK, SMI'lH. 35 

W. Indifs. 1, I'l.i, .July 23, 1769: was loft in rarcof liis lihlf-lico., soiK.f hi;, f. i.y Ist in,: 
Y. C. 17b7; >i. 1>. ; Pres. Med. Soc. of Conn.. IHlo; ])rar. mcd. iiiuny yrs. in F;mnii)i;- 
ton, (.'onii: lirst Su]it. of the " Ucfreat for the hisan,. ■' at llrtl.. A]>i-i],'lS-,M-183;^; d. Nov. 
17, 18:5:]. !i. Gi. " Hi- was the must ])cif.<n liian 1 cvt-r kiuw." (Soc S. W. Williains' 
Aiiifrirdii Mcfllrnl. Bi'ir/nipliy for furihor Hcuouiit and for litli. portrait). He m. Autr. !», 
1790, Ulioda Hill of Faiiuington. who d Manh, l,s-3r); (2) ht-r yislcr. Catlieriiu- flil!,' 
Xov., 1S2S. 2, Pol. I.Y. ;l P^.VMCK, 11!. 'l'lioiiia>: Pliillips, s. (jf Dr. Ebeiiczer and 
Martha (Philli])s) Beardsley, who d. Fob. ]!i, lS'j:j, in 2--\l ycsr: h'av. all lus prop, to his 
wf. Slu' III. (2) Saimu'l Cluuidlor (only .s. of Col. Khcn.) Crafts, b. in NVoudsrook, Conn., 
Oct. 1;. 17i;s, Harv. Col., 1790; fust '{"'own Clerk of Craftsi)urv, from 1792 to 1829. .S7 
vrs. In lN9:j, del. to Conv. for revisinir State Constitution; Pop. in Vt. Log. 179i; 
:o iN.ii); Ko^n^ter of ]'ioi)ati.- for Orleans Dist.. 179U to 1S15: Clerk of tho House 
of \U-\>., 179iai!d 179ii: nieiuber Executive Conneil, 1825-27; .Tudge of Orleans Countv 
<.'ourt. 1800 to 18](i; Presiding Judge. ISIO to lS](j and frum lN2.jto 1828; Clerk of the 
Court. 18;i(Jto 18:;8. Kep. in Congress, I8I1; to ls2-!: <m,v. of \'i.. 1828, and served tlire.- 
vrs; Pres. Cwu.stitutiona^ Convention ls29; Senator in CoHir., IS (2; <i. in Craftsburv. 
Vt.. unud. for his latlur) Nov. 19. IS.j;), a. ^^-1. 1. fimtonl p. h. .Jan. -1. ]79'.»; d. 
Nov. 17, 1S24; in jun. class Univ. of Vt. 

III. I.ois. b. .March 21, 1740; d. Sept. 8, l7i)I, a. 4.".; cn^.; m. Oct. 10. l7Go, 
iiion Moulthn.p. 1). Oct. :]. 174o: s. of Aslvar and .'\nna Cianniss 31. He was lost at 
sea before 17'.M, as wi-rt- also his tin)S.. Levi and \MHiaiu. 1. Poij.y, m. Oct. (i, 178-"> 
Wm. Bradlev, 1,. .Mav Is. 17(k'.; Y. C. 1784: d. IS-!.!: s. ..f Win. and Pebecca Ives B. 1, 
Folhj. 2, VVJ'nini :i, S,4»!iio>t.d. y. 4. A'/fA//^', d. Oct. 25. 1774; a. 8, 5, ^".•<nrd!. 
Ci/r>'K 7, P-'/'.//. d. Auir. 25. 17S9; a. 2. s, h'/u^fh, f/, n..,r, , <). Sn'ni,n,n. 2, Ldis, of 
w'i<'.. Li>is :Moulilirop; d. of d vs.-ntei v S. ].t. lH. 1W4: a. 4. 

IV. Matthew, b. Man b." 1748: d y 
V. Hannah, b. .lunr. is.p.t; ,1. y. 

VI. Iv/.ra. b. AyvU 5, 1752; m. I7::.i, lliibhdi Cliidsoy. 1, I-'.m/.a i;i:tii , b. .lulv 11, 
1774; m. ITIK!, Henia.n, s. of .losc!)h and (Puss^'ll) Hotcldviss. b. .July 11. 1705. 

1, Ii'irri:t. 2, Ib'Titr, . 'd. Siimni'l Jlnsxdi . 2, Ei.i.l.^ii, b. .1 iiiie is. ]77n. >;', S.xMfKi,. 
b. April 8. 1778. 4. Lkvi, b. Marcli 5, 1780. 5, HvJ.ii.Mi . b. .\i.r;l 27. I'^n:-;. fi, K'/,ji.\" 
Feb. 20, i:sr.. 7. Hkkvf.y. Oct. 2ii. 1788. 8. S.'.uaii. b. .Iiuie 2i;. ]7!iU. !). Fi:\xci:s." 
h. Oct. V-l, 17112'. 

VII. .John, b. May :M. 1754: ni. Oct. 2U, 1778. Esther liotcliki.^s; .v /. 
\'II1 .Mattliew, b. Nov. 2S. I75f>: in. hhmice I.,uddin<rron: 12 chil. 
IX. Stephen, b. May H. 1759; d. S.'pt. 15. 1810; ni. D.c. 0, 1781, Abi-ail Hu-h.'s, 
who d Sti>t. 10, h'^P!; a." 52: (2) Elizabeth Miles. 1. Sti;piiKn, b. Dir. 0,1782: d. v.' 

2, Hois, b. Oct. 17. 1788: d. Fel). ;i 1788; ;j, John, Nov. 11, 1785. 4, Lydi-V, Dec. 4. 
1780. 5, Lois, d. v. f,, Ixfa.nt, d. .Ian. 15, 1789; a. :) days. 7, Ixiant, d. Dec. 27. 
1790; a. 8 days. 8,'lNhANT. d. Feb. ::. 17;»o; a. 4 weelcs. 9. EsTiiKK. b. D' c. 14, 1795" 
lU, El.iAli.v, i). Aug. 12, 1 TUS. 11, l.NFAXr, d. Dec. 18, IMiii: a. ;> week.-^. /. by 2d. 311. 
12, STKriiKX. 

X. Hannah, b. .lane 9, 1702; in. 1781. .Icssr Mallory. 1. .Iamks. b. Marcli 20, 
1782. 2, Loi.Y. b. Oct. :!, 17S4. ?,. IIkman, b. April 12, 1787: (\.y. 4, Hkmax, b. Aju-il 
12,1789. 5, Wilms, b. April 0, lT'.t;j; drowne<l Sej)!. 2. 17!i',i; a. (i vrs. 0, .Tkssk. b. 
March 27, 17H0. 7, Wii.i.Ys. 

1353. Job Smith, b. Nov. in, 1722; m. 1747. Lydia, dan. f)f Matthew and 
Pebecca (^Mix) Powe. b. .lune 1, 1720. (she was sis. to .loel 'i'ntth-'s wf.); per. in. .\aron 
Page for 2d hns. 

1. Ambrose, b. Marcli 12, r74S: n\. Nov. 14. 1771, Marv Smith, b. 1751. wbo d. 
in child bod Doc. S-), 1790; a. ;-«.). lie was lost at .sea .lulv 20. K95. 1, Amasa, b. Soj,!., 
1772: d. Oct. 10, 1770. 2, EsTtiioi; Ihr.i , b. .March 4."i777. :;, Milks. !>. Man-l; 21.' 
1770. 4, PoLV. 1). Maroh 12, 1778, 5. A\rn]:(.»si:, b. .Ian. :!. 1 780. ti. Fj.i.i.vii, b. .Marcii 
12. 1784. 7. RowK, b. Dec, 1785; d. Nov., 17s0. 8. Asf.xatii. 9, h iLvmu,, ,i. F.b. 
2. 179;!; a. ;] year.-. 

II. NelieipJah, b. Marcli 28, 1750; m. 1775. Lois. dau. .>f (lideon, j;.. and Drsir:? 
;Leavitt) Pottor, b. .1 uly 15, 1750; d. .lane Pi, 1792, of con-. ; (2) 179:!.' hcnt-, <bui. of 
Sinioun and Abigail (.Denisun) Bradley, b. May 0, 1700. 1, Oii)i;iin. -J. S'l i,nii;.\. ;!, 
Ni;nK\!!Arf, lost at sea, Oct. 17, 180:j; a. 24." 4. Saumi. <!. y. 5. .1 a M ! ■>. d. Sep!. 2:!, 
1785. a. 1 vr.: opium. (!, .1-.\mf-' d. <>!' tits, .lu'ie :'.m, 171)7, a. 2 vr.-~. 7. Loi--. s, Makv, 
9. .I..11.N, (1. Feb. 20, 1803. a. 2 yrs. ; .dn-i. inf. 

III. Lydia. Di-c. 8, 175."1, m. Solnnoii Barms, i.. 1, LvuFv, d. y. 2, LYi)!.\,d. y. 
o, M.'.iniiA. J, L\Mi:s, 5, L-iIua. 0,7.8, Lnfanl-:. 


36 Bi:AXuir of joiin. 

rV. Martha, b. May lo, 18.1G; in. 1777. Xatliniiie] (iraiuiiss, s. of Hiissel], jr., :,xul 
Lucy (l.u(Klini,'t(>ii) ami ^t. s. of l^u^^s^■ll and l.ydia (_l"orbfs) (irauniss. 1. Stki-jikn ' •' 
.Atuc. vii.. ;?, .MviniiA. 4, X.vTifANri:r,. 6, Hi>skm,, d. y. ^j, I.vdja. 7. I.oiV ^' 

V. Elijah, b. Aug 07, 1758; kilbnl in battlr oii I.oii;;- Jslaiui, Sfjit., 17 70 v. 18 
Vi. .Ia;ni>s, 1). X'>v. 1, I7<)0; d. of cous., Au>,^ 177(; a 15 
YII. Jol), 1). All- 11, 17(1:3. 
Vlll. J(d.!i, 1). i7ii.".. 

1355. Mehetable Smith, b. Ai^ril 17, 172G; was brongiit up bv h.>r unrip 
Thomas Jacobs (who liad !• s.s. but no daus.) and left lier a b-i^-acv'of i:2(): ,sho. d. of coi:<^' 
Oct. ly, 179o; ni. about 174'J, .Tcsse, s. of Elipliak.a and Aij'iirai'l (Collins) Luddinrfon 
lied, of drop.^v b'.l). 8, 17i"'-». a. 77; adni. sni. \t. nain<'S .b'ssc, Lvdia hc'w?. o( 1-flam 
Eliphalft, Mchilable- iuid Abigail. 

I. Lydia, in. Edward (ioodsfdl. (•-'l Tlionias Slicpard. 

II. Ehini, lu, 1774. 1^'achel, dan. of Oapt. Tiniothv Tutih-; adiu of hi'< t-si '^ivmi 
to wid. Racdiel >^v\)l., 17sr). ' "^ ' 

III. Edipluilet, in. Juno 0. 1777, Sarah I'ottcr, \>. 17(il: d. Dec. 12, lHr,(t. a. DO ! 
jAiiiis. 2, S\R\u, in. March '3, 1711!"., Joseph Mowd. :}, K( xrci;. 4,' Lois, tw'inWith' 
Eunice. "<, ELii-iiAiJiT. 

IV. JKSsr:, lu. 1770, Tliankful, dan, of ("alcb and .M'')iilabh- (?dMultliroi:) (•li;d-;-v 
v,-1k) d. of c(nis. Oct. V.-), 17!)';, a. :;7; (2) Sarah. Moulthrop. 1, I^ktskv 1) M:u.-]i ''"-^ 
1780. e, ('Ai.Ki; Ciui'SKv. b. An-. 22, >7;)(,). :',, Ltk, h. Julv -JO. 17:»4. ' 4, Jr^TiN-^b" 
Aug. 22. 17!t'). am! ') more d. y. /. In- 2d m., 10. IbcVAXA. 1!, U'vi.t.ys. ' r2^ SauIh' 
l;>, Xan( Y. 14. Li:ui-^. 

V. ^fcht'laldc, m. Stcpht-n, s. of Stephen and Thank-fnl (Smitli) i?r;(d;cv. Slie d 
Aug. 5-2, ls?.">, ;i. :2. 1, .Mai!Y, b. April 2, d. A.pril 17, 17S-,'. ;2. .i|->rt-s, !■■ '\[arci' -'o' 
1784; d. Sept. 8, 1787. :!, Maiiy, April L2. 178;). 4, Ji-tls, b. March:!!, 17ss'; d.^v' 
5, 'J'jfANKi-L'i., 1). Dec. 1:3, 1790. (j, Li< ixda, b. April 28, 17!).J. 7, Ju^Tts d.' 17;)'(; 
a. 2 VIS. 8, Si-j^rnKX, b. AuL'. (7, 171)1 St. .Mi.fnTAi.r.F., b. .luue 28,171)8. 
VI. Ahigail, m. ( 'liristoj.luT Tnttlo. [lij 
Vll. Amos, m. Feb. 2, 17'J1. Iluhi.-di Chidsey, ;Mid had: 1. Ilri.nAir, d. v. 2. 
Faxxy. ;!, I'oi.i.Y. 4. Amos, o, Li:vi. i], SAitAii. 7, .(ksse. S, Aiaiika. C' 
J'7i,A.\r. 10. MinrrTAiu.i;. 11, Ilri.]>AU. 

138. Josiah Tuttle, b. Ajiril 7. innc. b;ip. Dec, l(;'57: m. June 11, 171!J. Dfhor.-.h 
dan. of Thomas and Ahiirail i r rost) Karnes, h. Fel.;. 1, Kl'.lS. in 174'7 (.'oi'it. Saiiiue! 
Rarnes exhib. inv. of esi. of Josiali 'J'utih-. 4.":;72; Nov. oO, sm. vr, , In- evjiij,. 
Avill, whicli nii.s. wf. Deborah and Samuel Karnes (>Krs. March' 27. 17'4(;,' B.-nb Todd 
chosen guanl. to Jehial and Ehenezer. rninor .<oiis. The wid. Deliorali ' m. Mathir.s 
Ilitchcvick, who ap.pis. in.-i tlivisi-.n in 17 Is. 

" L Mehitabh-, b. Aug. >:, 1720; m. Thomas Walter. 
IL Sarah., h. March 2.-., 172:;; m. Lee.S.l, 17.-,L Benjamin Warner, .siic wa.s anpt. 
guard, assistant lo Delioruh. 

IH. Katharine, b. Aug. 22, 172G; d. nnm., 1750; est. div. ■'751, bv bro Jeliiel 
'I'uttle to brothers and sisti'rs. 

IV. Jelii.l, b. June n. 1720; m. Mav 14. 1752, Charitv l>avton 

V. Ehenezer, b. Julv;;i. 17:32. 
AM. Martha, b. Au-.'l, 17:!(;. 

Vll. Deborah, b. Feb. 20. 1740-1; d. v. 
Vni. Debnrah. 1). Veh. is. 17 12 :!; ni.' by Mr. liird, Oct. 22, 17G1, John Bradlov. 

1361. Mehetable TlUtlc, b. Aug. 8. 1720. In 1740 seils n in Amitv under hex 
maiden name lnl7bi reeeived ueed ..f land from her f. ■■ towards her portum-" m 
al)ont 1751, Tin.mas, s of Wm. Walter; botli the Waltei>. f. and .«., were .sliip carpen- 
ters or " wei-h.^-^; " will ,,f '.Vv.i. Walter of No, Haven prov, 1770, lo da i;, -in J;iw .Mehit- 
abh- Waller, one aeie of hf.n i lo be .husi'ii jiy hei,>elf. ami ihe use (.f on.>-h;;] f of m\ 
liouse during her life; graiKNoiM W'm. and Jacob Walter x,: liav • ih- rest of mv est. 
cxceju what sou Thomas owes to their mother. 

I. Williai'i, b. March (i. 1752, .1. A].ril 20, 1821. a. 72. I, .b.ri, b Mav IS 
177ft. 2. I.o'.Kv, May 22, 17Sd. o, i>oviN a. May 4, I7S2. 4. .LuiiY. .March 2:;. 1784! 
5, Wn.i.i.xM, tK r. (i. l7--t). 

II. Mary, h. \uv\\ 2:). 1754. 
111. Jacob, b .\pril 5. 175r;; will prov. ul .\. Hav.. IS21 ; name-^ m f. lather, .=;. Woos- 
tcr i-?ro(Jv.s Walter aiul grandcliihiren Wyllis Wrdter Dic'.rerman, Henrv Dickoi'maii and 



Jason I»i<'kerinaii: est. of Esther Walter div. 1S28 to \\'ooster 15. WtiUer and lioir.s of 
Laiirn I)ir!<pvinan. 

JV. Kaiharine, b. Julv 18, 175S. 
V. Eleanor, b. .Nfaroiru, 1700. 

13G2. Sarah Tattle, b. March 25, 1728; m. hy llrv. Mr. Stih's. !)(><•. 2l), 17.51, 
Beiijaniin Wanner; e^t. aJni. 1800, called of Hair.den; wid. Sarah and all cliil. below 

I. Sarah, b. >[a.rrli 12, 1750; ni. .\nios Potter. 
II. Sanjuf!. 

III. Je^se. 

n'. I'hebc, ni. Danii'l Dornia-'i. 

V. -Marv, ni. Joseph lleaton. . . 

VI. lluch'd, III. Ednuind Dornian. 

1364. Jehiol Tuttle, b. June 5, 1729; m. May 14, 1752, Charitv, dau. of Isaac 
and Eli/.abeth ('J'odd) Dayton, b. Sept. 2U. \7?A}. IlerVm. to IJarlcliaiusted, Conti., beforo 
.17(;(i. tlienre to Tnrrinirfurd alMuit 1770, and d. tliere Oft. s. 17yl. 
I. Isaiah, h. Mav 25, 175:j; ni., 177-1, IJntti \Vils.)n. 
II, Jared. b. Nov. 1. 1751; d. June ID, 175.s. 
Hi. Cb'in.-nt. b. June 2!'. 175'!: ni.. 17S5, .\bi<:ail l>>itir.n. 

IV. Esther, b. Sei)t. 11, 175^; m., 17.^0, Jolnflves, 
V. .land, b. June 2, 17(IM; ni. Itoxana AVard. 

Vl. ("hailus b. Jaji. :;(J, 17i:2: in., 1 7s.s, P.osetia Case. 
Vli. Sarah, b. Sep.t. 10, 170;-]; ni. I'el.-y: Sheimrd. 
Vill. David,, b. Uct. 15, 17711; n.. Polly Austin. 

^^ 13C^41. Isaiah Tuttle, b. May 25, 175;;; built the lirst hou.'^e in the n. e. cor, of 
Torrin<r!nrd, and in ls'U:i built an-'W hou,st' near the hrst, in diie or of whi'di his 
descendajits for several treiierations were born and lived. He ke])i tavern hi both 
house.-. After p.lanlinir lii:; oridiard, h,e ])urned the lield over, tii<t turninir down the 
trees an.l rovering iheni with eartli. This oreluud is .-^aill standinii'. In his early days, 
tliat part of the country was a wilderie'ss. and fir'-s were neces.sary to keep awav bears 
and wtdvf.s. 'The old .Major." as he was calbil, \\ ;i.-, cio.sid.ered a v. ry leinarkabb' 
man, and his sayin«:s and doiuL'-s are ofi'-n (piorcd in thai re-iion. It is" veineinberjMi 
that he used to back his grain four miles to niill. He was mo- of a trio who iirst voted 
the Deiiiticratic tickft in the town of 'i'or.,aial ;■!: i,iii' D'.'c-i-ion at a ]iu!)!i.- nieetiuir th'-v 
were asked by members of tin- o'piiosin:: ] arty to uji that tlicy niiiihi b^- s<'eii. 
The character of the .Nlajor was little iindeistoodi liy hi^^ o])]>onents if "th..-y thought he 
was ashamed of his oninions, or lack>'d couraire to avow and dt-fcnd theiu. Hoik John 
Koyd. in his of Wiiu-litxti r, says; •• A hunly race were tliese South st. ]>iojieers. 
from Still Hiver l>ridge down to Isa.iah Tutt'it-'s. who silted their corn meal for hasty 
]uidding through a ladder. Tie- .Major renia.rUed tliat l.'y working bare footed in the 
stubble fields, that tlieir lieels li,-.-anie so hard that if they ha])pened to tread on the fei t 
of their cattle it would make them lullow. .\proj,ns (,f the Major."' continues Dovd, '' the- 
horse tamer who couhl ride aiiyihing out ( haiu liglitning. lie had in a lot with other 
cattle, a ten year old loill which he oi-.lered his s. and hired man to drive out and ];ul 
elsewhere; tliey went in, and, a Itei- electing the;inimal a loUi;- tiniearound the tieiil, they 
gave it up, and reporledi to the Major that they could luu ger him out. He said he was 
very sorry he had a s. and hired man who could not uct a bull (uit of a lot; he v.-ould 
try what he could do with the • critter.' lie provided hini>elt vith a di^h of salt, and. 
on his way to the lot, cut two s!(Uit dulis; letting down the bars he api)roached the 
cows wiih the sah; as tlv-bull caeie upt-' get his share, the .'^lajor, watching for :in opjxir- 
tUTiity. suddenly s])raiur on his b:iid;; a.way wi iii tlie stanled iuill. s<ai<-(l and bili<.v.i ng 
hide<iusly, ami as lie .,p,-d over the gnuiiid', hi> by i)low.v of (he cbil).-> on one sitle 
or the o;her of iiis h.-ad, as he desired him to vei-r rliis way or that. :ruideil him acr(..s,s 
the field aivi through the bars out into the hiirhway uudi'r full sail. Tliis.' <a>s Dr. 
Boyd, ■■ souit^what iralicates the >pirit and energy id' the .Major and akso of his iW^n nd- 
unts. They were prompt, eueigetic. spirited and couruLieous; and the end is not yet. 
Witli hisbos.s he was felling timber on to)> (d' the ,Naiiie ridiie .if mountains. They 
felle;! a tall tn'e to tliai one-third of its lenirlh <'Xlen(!<'d over a precii)ice some 20 or :'.0 
feel. The Ma joi (!i-dered his eldest bo\ lo :;o our (Jii till Iriiuii. and e;iv aw;iy the \i>\i. 
UrleJ went out. :ind, after -striking a few blows, came hack with a swiinmini: head. 
l)ajii(d was sent out to finish the job. i)ul soon came baidc eipodly diz/.v. .\fier U.a/.ing 
:T.v,"ri)-, in his characteristic manner, at his boys for their A\:uit i>t pluck, the .'vlajor took 


l!ltANCl[ OF .lOliX. 

u,. In^^ ax.- un<l uvnt out Ininsrlf, :uul •■l,,,!-!,,,! »^vuy unul tla- top of the tree un-v 

ho top ...ctiou th. ru-. yu:hU-d lu- l,.-t his p.-.s,..,-.- of mind. a,M iast.-.d <!\r^,C 
h<-, thr-w his :,nM.s uroaiul tlir falling, so-iion a,wl vvnt down witli It '' li' 
hoys hast.-.unir nnn-i thr pivciphv .anu- .loun to tl,,. hmdin^r phir.. and found th.- 
MajoP i,ru,sc._i and v.onu.h.l, hu. on Ins fM-t. wipln- an-ay with o-,',,, i^av.s th- hh | 
tliat was fiow.n- into lius rycs and mouth from a w.mnd in his foivht-ad • Fathor ' s-d, 
o*ieo( Uu- hoys, •you-ve had a t-rnbh- WAV ■ V,..' Ws!' said tl,,- Major, -auurib. 
falL Adams ta was noth.n,.^ to it. - Ih- m. .\lanh -2, 1774. linth," dan of S 
Ainos \\,lsonot InmuKfoni. Conn.; h. Iv.-. 17. l7oh d. .\pril -21. iS;is. If- d \^C' 

1. C'rii'!, h. 1741; d. 177S. 
WairJ: ^'*"''"" '' "'■'' ''''' ' ' '^^ '"• '"■''■ ^'*' ' '■'^- "='•■■'-". -■ "'• i--'-'- M.Ti-iman; r.s. 
Ill Ked.e 1.. .Nfay •2.-..1777; lu. Elijah Strono-, s. of C<,1. John hv his -'d wf Mrs 
M,..Ty (Hoot) New.ll: 1,. Xov. 17. 1774; d. .\pril -.>. ps^'s- ,-,,, X" V^ 4 h'il o'' 
^vh<m^: 1 KnswKi.i,. 1,. Av.l'. Uk Um-. d. Dec. is. isis. o ^,,.,„- ^/ w,',;! ,o] 17^,;^: 
'" -;°'- T'}^':- •''''■'"'• -^^ "'■ -^"il'i'ni,-! and Contour (Jnhn.son) .lone. 1, F,4) .s' 17<Jo' 

"^. 7m t";- -"'^T':^-''"";""V'''' ^l--on.Conn..ulio s.-rv.-d as aid on th. 
st.iff of G.>n. lurthMu a h.-tt-r to th- C.-n.p. . .v.ys; •■ I],, was a luan of n-nncrkaldv tim- 
personal appoaran,-.. a sph-iuhd nd.r and paiti.-uiariy fond or tine horses. His intlllem.e 

d^sM'tf ■•'" h" r^'^T ""rV- '"''' '^""f ^^■'■^^'•fy ^'> throu^liout th.> northern part of 
the state. In the Jornmn'-nl c.ntenmal, f.v \{,.v, Samuel .1 MiJK (;„„ Turth^ is 
spoken ot ashavmo: pluce.1 ns;{])au or^au in the elih.. for whi-l, thanks w.-re vot.-d hv 
he society ,lx;.>,.ed. AiM-il 4. 1S4!.. The following is from a .on.municarioi ,m 
Dea. Niomas A. .Miller to " Brother Burleidi/' and primed in il,,. ■■J.\ ,,„/,/;, 

paper; ■ Died, ,m tlie 4tli of this month, of an alTection of the heart with whirl, he lu^d 
heen trouhlod a number ot years. He dropped <!ead in his barn in tlie niornin.. HiC 
virtues were numerous, his phih.nlh.opy enlarged, ulu.-li onlv thos,- wh,,> kn,"v him 
best eoul, appr,..-Ka... Ky. .,uiek to perceiv-. h-'an n. feel, an.l to ndh-v.. "tlu- 

sufferin,^ humanuy. \\ u], an ,nd,Hnuabl,. .,u.ruy. ]„■ would Surmount and. over.-ome 
the most crmidabie obstad^-s. fb. was one nf th.- first to .udist in th. ten'n..vane. 
cause, and threw nnuseli into that reform when the,,, was n„thin- t,, -aiu but c^bbMoiv 
and n-piuaeli. 1.- .-v.-r remained firm and und:,,l in tiiis (-auM. Onjv a f.-w ii-.urs 
hetore he was struck .h.wn he was ..nga^red in .levising plans for its a.lvaueemen. His 

.^ thf. r? '/'""""f "r "' '"■' '"''''r "^' ^^"^=^'"-il''^^i<'" =^r'- too uell known to the public 
7 f iV't ?7^^' ^t ^l-liivat.on. ^or many y.arsand until his death lie was Pr.^ident 
o \f: d 'i " >' - i -^"^'---'7 ^"'i^^ty. and. if I am not mistakened, was at the tin^ 
onus .leat 1 !'n.^Kh-nt ot ta- ( onu,.,-ticut Stat,- .\nti -Slaverv So,.ietv. His house was a 
leuige for th- tugUlv.^ atul his purs-and team w-...often -mph.yed lo h-lp Inm forward 
to u place of satetv. V. man watched with m,ue interest the advam.- of his catKe in 
this and other lands. Hi.s_ fum-ral was attende<l on tli- f5th bv an immens- concourse 
u ho came from aeiKhboring towns to testify r.-sp.-ct and cas"t tlie last Ir.ok upon that 
countenance whudi had so oft-Mi h-d and cheered th.-m on in the various works ol' philan- 
thropv. )„.r .,j-!„.t..l hrothn: T. A. Mm.,-.- He m. Feb. •2.-,, isui Adah .^-au of 
Danml an.I Mary (( o.-) Hudson, of Tor., b. Feb. f^, 177S; d. Isiir,. 1, .lunv n'riiinia. 

caused b^ a tall. Ihs parents then ad,.pted a n.-plu'W, .lame.. H., .s. of Duniel (t. 

y. Zeruah. b. May 2:?. 17n0; m. F,.rb,-s. r. s. Trov \ V 

). Dee. !», 1 .,.>; ,1. .May 1:) is,;., „. h<-r '»4th v r. ; r.s. Wiuste.i Cum 1 F \ vmf M 
K une2(;. Is,.!; m. [>.-c. :; , , ,s:n, Charles S.-hh.n; r,>s. ^V. o; C ^^^u Ji^.^V^K ^ 
IblO; d. .Ian. .). l.s.i: m. Lu.-ius .b.nah. s. ,,f KraMus- \\',,odfn;.d b Ma.- W: 'SI4. ., 
farmer on the oh! ^ aterbury turnpik-. near the Colbrook lin... from his lirst' m. until 
l.i.s removal t,. the Daniel 1 utile fanti on South .st. in 1^4.11. ] (;,,.,<,, F 1. M-urh 'T 
V^.M m. Xoy 27. ls,i4. iJosu a., dau. of .John S. l^I.-r. and had Franu; b IVb iSflS ' 
^, (.KuK.iK 11.. b. MayeO, 1815; m. Mard, 2S. \^\?,, Fli/abeth Virginia Dawkin^; r-s. 

h'-^k'lH^undll'^r^-" ':.°' ^'';^^^- o^?cf) and occupied the Gr->ea Woods Hoto! pro:>cnv ne.r rh.- Col- 
lonVh ni. Ca.h;u n^^ '•" '^'-^ ^^dd, Cordeba Ruth, n> . .tame. H. Tattle: his .th child, Lucius 

TUTTLK. • 39 

N. Y. City. 1, Edir,ir(1 E., h. Aug. 18, ].S4o; d. -fuly 1), \^\\\. 2. fl'irn N., !.. May :]0. 
ISo-l; in.'Wm. A. FeniH.-ll. o, .JcnnhK.,\). Keb. S, IS.")?. 4. I-amimiiki; Ix , li. June 
18, 1817: i\\. Sept. 1-i, 1841, Clrarlollc, olJ. dau. of .TcliiL'l and Amanda lict^fv (I'as^c) 
Cof, b. D.'C. 01. IN]?, sis. of ^Vm. (i. ('(u\ the ori-anizi.-r ta' tin- Wc^t <'oihi. H. H.. and 
Pivs. i.rtl.c WjiKdiotrr ('.Mit<-iinial, 1871. 1, (V/./a/.'.v r,y, , !>. .Inly '.), ]S4:.>; d, .\i,:il 17, 
lS4'j. •"), .!\MKs 1]., b. Jan. 11, \b\\)\ adopted by his uncle, <lcu. Crit'l 'i'litilc liis 
death, ^icpt. O^i, IHCl , was thf result of an uufortunati' c<mtrov(M'sy \vith his bi-Dthor-in- 
law, ].. J. Woodford: ni. May KJ, 1S4L, Cordelia Huthy. dau. oV Er;istus U'oudbn-d. 
Onlv ?'. "l, Ibthhard E.. h. Oct. :10, l-MS: now (b'^'^O) Iniiian tiad.,i- in .Montana and 
Brit"ish America; unin. G, Kuni ()., b. J uly 4, 1824: d. in \V. X<.v. 4. ]>-"i'.t. 7, X.\mk 


VII. Sarah, b. March lo, IbsO; ni. .(iilius IJurr: res, llarrisvilb', O'lio. 1, LlCiNA, 
ni. Arvus Chapinan. 2, Ei.iZM'.F/nr, ni. Dr. Converse, ij. Ai.i'ii.\ Sornito.vrA, ni. 
lleurv Bacon. 4. riuKi-. 

Vin. IHiodai. b. May 25, VMl; ni. Aimer, s. of John and Sarah ((ilea.sou) Wjilteref 
\V., 1). al.MiiU 1 iS"), rt.-s. Vt., bm returned to \\'insted. thence rem. to Honesdale, Pa., 
wht.'re lie dit^-d. 

IX. Cartdus, b. March 10, 171*:'.: m.' Mary Andrews; (i) I'olly Simcox; clill. by 1st. 
\\\. 1, Jri.tKTTK, b. April K). 1814: m Samuel W. .\ustin; res. \^^ \Mnsted, Conn. 
1. John ?\,h. May 24, l8:];b 2, Juuk .■< JL, h. June 17, 184:1; d. March 30, lSfi4. 3, 
Edtrard, b. Maich'lo; d. Sept. 21, 1n50. 2, C()i;.\!:i.iA, m. .Albert 'J'homas; ri-s. Wyan- 
dot. 111. 1, 7A-/./'V. 2, :\eW^'. 3, AVA//. 4, .J.nm^. o, S.imh. (!, Rn.<r. :,M'i,>/. 
8, Ccrdia. y, P,i.\l''. 10, Dil'iHO. 11, Anne. M, .Makv, in. Phillips King ; re>. Oinro. 
Wis. 1, Pliii'ifis. 2, .<iiiiiiil. o. S.>/)In-'/,,i,f. 4, Li( n;s; res. Ashland, Ohio. 
1. \\'(!Ut-/i/i. 2, l-yi-.'ihjli. ."i, Ca'iharim-: M.. m. .Martin Ballon; res. i'rinceton, -11!. 
1, CAe.v. IT/w. ' 2, Er<'.!'l-Un. ' :J, Li:ur Addit. 0, Adah, m. Chas. Barrow.;, M. D,. 
K. of Col. <iurdoii Barrows of Alb^iny, X. Y.. b. Feb. is, fs-^li; ,v. {.: Omr... Wis.; 

by 2d m. 7, MrCi.i.V( . S, K>fii.v, m. ■ Mason. 9, Cii as. Id, ,b\MEs. 11, 

(iKOUOE. 12. A.\.\[i:. al! re>. 0,'ani!e, Ohio. 

X. L'-veret, b. D.c. G. 1700; m. Feb. 10, 18:10, ( 'hi,,,-, dau. of Anson an>l Chioe 
l<Ti|lette) C<dt, b. Feb. 12, 1797; res. Torriu-rf^.i-d, Couji. 1, Ft.i.knM., b Dec. 14. isiiO: 
ni. June 10. ISol, Orriu L. Hopkins; b. {'okdu-ook, Cuui., Oct. 7. l8:]n; res. in tlu.- 
house built bv her irt. -■. f., Ma;. I.saiah Turib-. 1, J/^'/V X , i>. Juiw 8, Is.-;:]; m. Feb. 
1;{, 1S7:1, A. Bmnedf, and had XVllif J., b. Mav IC, ls77. 2. \. 'He, Ti'ftJr. b. Jnlv 2S. 
I808; d. F.-l> 12, l^i;2. o. Ern.l: Enr.t y>tft'<, b. .hw.i- 24, ls(;8. 2, Joiix L.. I>. 
Julv 24, ls:jr,; u!. .Ian :]. 17/^:1. Auj.ic C. B-'mis of I.vndon. Yi.; b. An;:'. Ml. !8;lo. 1. 
Aii'-iJJ.,]). Dec. 14. IS.'IO; d. March :il. lv(;2. 2, /-b„„;V /.^. b; June 18.1864. ;5, 
Eddii^ L., Sejit. 27, 1807. ?,. Ci!Aur..viTK C.. Pec. 10. ]b:ir. ni. May 10, 18o7, .lames A. 
WiieJ.e.ster; b. Coh'brook, Coun., Mav 11, 18;]7. 1, ('"nt J., b. W,d. Any. 8, ISos. 

1364o. Clement Tuttle, b, Jun.-2'.), 17.--0; .1. June 20. 1840, a. 81. rriu. iunn 
Tor. to Austinburgh. Aslitabula Co. , Ohio, about 1812. While y,.,uiig began studying 
with Kev Dr. TruuibuU'lilist. id' r,.nn.) to prejiare for college and the ministry, but 
ou breaking out f)f the rev. war, entered the army and ser\e(l seven yeais, or daring 
the war. As a soldier, passed tlirough many trying KCenes. lie w:is a deacui of the 
Cong. chh. in Tor., and in A. for oO years. X'ine-tenths of his des-,-. are , hli. mem. : m. 
Dec. 7, 178.'), Abigail Duttoii. who d.'Sejjf. lo, 18:i:k 
I. Clarissa, b. June 4, 1780; in. Martin Mills. 
II. Ara, b. A]>ril 2, 1788: m. Sallv M. Mills. 
ill. Ira, b. .-^pril 2, 1788: m. Charitv Mills. 

lY. Charity, b. March 20, 1700: d. l's21: m. Lewis Osborn. 1. David. 
y . Levi, (1., a. '.I vears. 
VI. Ilarvev. <1., a! 12 veurs. 
VII. l.'hoda Fhilecta. d. F<-b., 1^42. 

YIII. Abigail, b. IsdO, m. Benj. Burt, (2) Hubbard. 1. Josi.Mi, b. J \ine 10, 181H: 

went to sea, fate unknown. 2. Dokinda A., i'. Feb. 7. 1821; m. Albert Smith: re?. 
Austinburgh, Oliio. 1, /,////.v,/, !>. Julv 25. 1815; m. M. and had fourchib: res. 
Wiliou;rhbv, Lake Co.. Ohio. 2. A.u,i>. U. April 10. 18.50. 8, Ah,^,n<i.h. June 2''.. 
1«5;;. 4, (''itroliiK . b. \)n\ :il, l^On. :;, l,<>ti>^A. h. May 17,, 182:3: m. David 0..;i),)rn, 
\\ho lb a vearafler; (2) W. Fangiiuni: res. Wilbtuglibv, Ohio. 
4. Wii.i.i'wi. b. Sepr. B!, l-'25:\l. 1828. 

136431. Clai'issa Tutrlc, O. Jun,'4. 17<'b d. in F,M>tville. O, Mnr.h 1, lS(ii;: 
m. Nov. 10, 1S()5, in Tor., .Martin, el.l. s. of Constan'ine Mills of .Norfolk. Conn. I'lu- 
latter beini: half bro. to tiie f. ,0' Ciiaritv and Sallv M. .Mills. 

40 . isirAxni of johx. 

I. A'oijrail, h. Ajiril 29; d. Juue 13, 1807. 

II Ilarv.-y. h. May i^K ISOS; in. Sept. 4, 1830, Ph. 'he Mont.-itli; res. Mort^'aii 
Atshtubula Cn., O. 1, KuzA, 1). Dec. 20, 1S;!:,>: d. ;it La(ii;uii,v. l.-naiu O,.. ()., .J;ur"24' 
1831. 2. n.uutiiCT.)., b. in ],. (i. April 2o. 1S31; d. ill M.. ().,.Mav K!, ]b.-,l). :j, Hkxkv' 
b. March 11. 1S3(J; in. Ocr. 3, l.^.".."), Sarali Jo'nnson. 1. Ah'rc L'., b. Aut:. 27,'lS.')(i. 2[ 
Earett If., b. in 'rrunibull, ()., Oct. 20, ISdU. ;?, ll.jiranl, b. Oct. ."i, 1S70. 4. \\'.\r. II 
b. in Jack^<)n. Iiid.. May 14; d. An--. 3, IS;!^. T,, Wm. 11., b. Oct. 22, is^O; d. Au--. 2(j! 
1813. t>, .i.vNi: J:.. b. Feb. 2'.i, 1S44; ni. .March 21, ISliii, Otis K. Ma.s..n; r(>s. O.uaha' 
Xeb. 1, J)dl<'. b. Nov. in. iSOli; d. Aiiir. 23. Is70. 7, Fakiiktt H.. b. Feb. 1, 1,^40'; 
ni. Sept. 1. INTO, Alice L. Maniey; re.s, Morii-aii, 0. 

III. Siuie(;n, b. Feb. 14, ISIO; a pironiineiit citi/.en oi' Madison, \\'i.s. ; ni. ^laria 

IV. Alfred. ],. Sept. 27. 1812; m, Feb. H, 1837; Chiris.^a Ib.pkiiis oi Canfield, O. ; 
■res. Ea'..d(ville. 0. 1, W.vitD Simson, b. .Ian. 1, ]S40: ni. Au^'-. 23, 18'J4: Panthea 

Lenvitt (d Richland Co.. O. 1. Hrmst A. 2, Chfui-^ I. 3, Mivtin. 4, Franl.- F. 
2, Luci.\ PosET-;-.\, b. Mandi (J, ISHj; m. Dec. 4. l^O-"), W'drtliin;^- Hall. 1, Jrrli,'/ ('. 
2, Clar'iri E. 3, Fninh Ib'll. :!, S.u;ai[ ('i.aijis^a, b. .May 2, b^4=»; in. Aug- 20, 18f;u, 
C.F.Udell. \, AU,i U. 2. Wnlt.r L. 3. Sn,. 4, I:v.\n<; Ai;tk\ii(V\ Au"- 5 
1852; d. March 20, lSo3. 

V. Florinda. b. March M, ISl.',; ,1, A^^^, 1S18. 

VI. Levi. b. May l.v. ls17; m. .lane Morris. .1. t . ; res. Madora, \\arren Co., bnva. 
VII. Xancy .li,(D-(.n, b. July 20, 18l'J; \\\. Feb. 18, 18:38, Addison Cri.ssy of Sbn-klon, 
X. Y., who d. 1841; (2) .hine 1843, David (.'rosberk of W. Po., Iowa, who d. May, IS.ll'; 
',3) I'fi-diniiDd Pauld, I808. of l)en)iiark. Iowa, ^vbo d. about IS'U. 1, Makif.L.I li., b. 
?ilarch 18, 1S39. 4. by 2d m. : 2. Fiiankmx, b. April o, 1844. 3. AuTiiri; A.. 1). Dec. 
14, 1847. 4. Ci.Ai'-.A I,T-NA, b. Nov. :iO. isil), /. bv 3d ni.: 0, Mati'ik Ai.k k, b Oct 
10. 1860. 

VIII. liufus Freeman, b. .Inly Ut, b'^21 ; left home about 1841 and not since heard 

IX. I'dorilla S.. b. .lulv bS, 182:'.; m. Dec. 14, 1812. Clark C. F(.o)nis, win. d. Auii'. 
fl. lS(itj; r(s. Trumbull. O. " 1. A., m. Juno 8, 18f;2, E. L. Ford. 1, Fiank 
E.. b. Mmv 1.0, 1804. 2. I'loni J/., b. March 5, 18(i7. 2. Imjank A., b. A].ril 3. 1840; 
ni. June i2, 18(;7. 1, AVA^ E.. b. April 22, ]S70. 2, Vn-mm E. . b. Auir. 23, 1872. o, 
0!:}'iii\ C., b. III, ].-"4S; d, Jan. 27. ]s50. 4, MAiiTi.v M., b. Jan. 2o, 18o4. 0, 
CuAr.i.i;s 1'.. b. Auir. 22, 1^^J(;. G, ]j.vii;.\ C, b. Ja1v ;;l, 1801. 7. T., Oct. 2, 

X. Dora F., b. M;.v 2<», ls:;0, m. Sept. l!i. IS.V.', Ireneus M. Foote; res. Madora, 
Iowa. 1. S...N, b. l>ec. ]7, isilO; d. Jan. (i, l^'Ol. 2, ('i.aua J., b. Mandi 19. 1801. 3, 
Airrnni P... b. March 29, b-OV 4, May Posk, b. May 1. 1807. 

136432. Ara Tultle, b. A]u-ii 2. ] i.^:S; d. .Ian. 11. 1.S49, in Austiiibur-h. Ohio; m. 
June. 1^12. Saliy .Minerva .Mills; (She was halbcousiii to Martin Mills.) chil. b in A. 
I. Mary, b. in 4'orrin-i'ord. Coi;n., July 20. 1813: ni. Mar(di. 1831. Thomas 
Makepi;aci- Filidi; ri.'s. Corry. Pa T... .Mrs. Fiteh we are indebted for this record of .\ra 
Tattle's de-cendents. 1. <,'F.(i;[,i \. ni. May 0. lS.~ii, in (b'ue7a, Ohio, Slieldon Hij^-bv; 1 
cliihl. 2, AiiKnirs.v. m. Mav In.").';, A.lriun A. Ibirrows; res. Corrv; 1 .didd. :!, .Maky 
Mahia, b. Dec. 2:1. ls31: d. Ma.\ ^?i>. ls.-,4. 4, IIatikikt. b. 1s41;'hi. Dec, 1802. 11 A. 
Ilut.-un, au'I luid tlire.. chihirfu. •"). d'lroM.vs Mii.i.s, b. July. d. Sept., 1S44. 0, Stki.i.a, 
1840; m. Jan.. l.sO'-, P. X. lAveu. 

IP- Maria, b. May 21, 1>^15: ni. in Ausriid.uroh. Ohio. Feb., 1837. Anuiriah Case. 
1. P.KV. 11()1;atii). iCouu-. min.) e.lncated at Oadesburi:. III. : m. ami has ()m> child. 2, 
lihv. Haim,\n P-u;k, (('oul'-. min.) ed. at tialc.-buri:-. 3, M.vkia, m. and has on'.rchild. 
4. Maicv. twin with Mjiia.; d. in Iowa, ."i, Pkksi.-, teacher. 0, 11i:\ky lIo'W.Mti). 
The above f.iiu. l;ve> in Cass Co.. HP 

lit. .\-:ihrd. b. .Iune4. 18!7; m. iti Denmark. Iowa, ancl h.'is.mes. and, tw.tdaus. 
IV. Pii.'iu- !).. 0. Oc:. H. is]:i: i„. in X.-Ison, Ohio; hrel 3 chil. ; all d. v.; he d. 
in loua. Oct. 1. isi;:;. ^ 

\'. I'riel, i.. Julv Pi. P's-Jl; m. in'o'eiieva, Ohio; had 1 s. and 3 datr-,. 
Vi. Leu-is. b. April 21, 1^2;); m. in 111 ; had 1 child; res. Indianola, Iowa. 
VIP .Martha, b. Sup:. 2. 1^25; m. Kev. .V. IP ('as(.', in (Jem-va; r.- AshPind, Ky. : 2 


VHP {.'i.'ne-nt. b .hi!y 9, 172?; m. :ii Iowa ami had :] ss. .ami 3 Jans. ; res Oass Co , 

l.V. .iohn, b D.'c . 1S3I: ,|, in Denmark. b>wa, 1>^4-V 



X JauiPS. b. .luiip, 18;58; m. ; res. Orci^on Tor. 
XI. Sarah, b. iNo-^i: ni. Pioroe in Dnimark, IS.-)"), and lind 3 ss. ; res. Portland, 

XII iieniiuiiin b. in Nelson, (.ibiu, le:). ; in.; res. Ibmnihul, M" 
XIIL Pcrsis, b in X., iy:i;); ^rad. D<'nuiark Acad., b>wa, ISGG, now a teacher in 

Portland, Oregon. 

136433 Ira Tuttle, twin with. .\ra, d. Jan. 12, ISlU; m. April 23. l^O'J; moved 

from ("unn. to Eu^r'a-viUe, Ashtabdki Co., Ohio, iNUt'; m. Charity Mills (sis. to Martin 

Mills): chii. b. in'Ka-ieville. „ i<- , 

I Bradford b Julv 7. IblO. (su named lor maternal descent from (.to v. hradtord 

..f Plvmouih colon'v): m. "-Ian. 27, lS::i-l. .Inlia A. I3each. He was instantly killed July 

4 1870. Familv lives at Mecca, Tnimbull Co.. <)1iio. 1, MAUCtsM., b. xVi)ril 11, 1<Sd6; 

in Nov. 21. ISilO, Kate Soutliwick. and lias one s., 117'/ ->///( .S. , b. Jan. 12, IMlO. 2, 

AllCM b bee 4 ISkl; m. Sept. 12. 1S(>7, David S. Marvin. 

11.' ElH-n. b. Sept. 2:-!, 1S12; m. Sept. 25, lS'd?>, Sarah L. 'I'horne; ,«. i. ; res. Au.s- 

Lin ,UY '•j^_^J.'^^J;^ ^. ^ ,^ ,^^ .^ >^-,,^. o,)_ -i^^ji. ,^, J),-.,.; ]o i,s33, Henry Paine; lOchil. b. 
in Le Rov all living lSi7n. 1, Ei.izvHKrn, b. April 0. 18:50: m. Nov. 9, l851i. C. A. 
Wri-'ht and had4chil.; res. LeKov, Lake C..., Ohio. 2, AvitF.i.iA, b. Jnne 2t;, 1830; 
m Dec -V) I8n3 A \V. Beach, and had 2 chi!.: res. Le Hoy. 3, M.\T;V D. , b. May 2, 
1841- ni Nov IS 1808, L. L. Keevish, and had 2 chik: I'es. LeLoy. -1, Cu.\m,oTTK, b. 
Jan ^-^ 1843- m Mav 20, 1801, S. B. Smith, and had -I chik; res. Weeping ^^ aier.5. 
Nebraska Tcr o. hVa-duick E. b. Marcli 12, ISlo; m. Dee. 25, l^OiJ, J. L. Powers; 1 
child- res Oil Citv, Pa. 0. Ira TrTTi.K. b. Jan. 31, 1S17; m. June 9, 1870, E. M. 
Hunon- res Le Bov. 7, Hakhikt N., b. Julv 9, 1851: m, Nov. 30, 1870. T. W. (iard- 
ner. 8.' Cn akkv. b. Feb. 25, 1849. 9, Stki.i.a. b. July 19,18,73. 1(1, 11em;y. b. Oct. 

18 1S55. 

"' IV (leor.'-e \'., b. Murcli21. 1817; m. Oct. 22. 1845, 3iar;ha Palmer; res. <- rand 
BaTiids. Mirh" cliii 1. E. Emkkv. 2, lit liKNK V 3, Si;kkn<) H. 4, O. 
Tlie.-e 4 brothers rem. toOrand Hapids, 1804. . ,. . 

\ Harmon P., b. March 24. 1821; m. Au-. 18. 1842. Mary S. Ivekey; (2i Lizzie 
Kintner. Maivji. 1S70: /. by Isf m.; Amf.i.ta A., b. Jan. 2], 18 11; n... Dec. 21, 1809, 
Beniamin Cope, and had 1 child. „ . , ,,. t. , • -■ 

VI Ch-i-lotti' J., b. Marcli 3, 18:^; m. Nov. 5, 1S50, Lucius \\ . Pec!:; i.; 1, 
El, 17, \ C., b. June 20, 1855. 2. Latua 1L, b. Jan. 7,1857. 3, Anna A., b. Doc. 17, 
1800. 4, FuKDF.KU'K (i., 1'. Jan. 9, b->u5. 5. Mabij. A.,b. Aug. 30, 18,ik re^. liius- 
vilie, Pa'. 

13644. Esther Tuttle, l'. Sei>t. 14,1758; d. Feb. 14, 1830; a. 78; m. Juno 22. 
17.s<) J<,hii Ives. He rem. to Harkhumstead. 171 1, an^l d. tin-re Dec. lU, Is-xi; a. 91. 

'l Lolv, m. Cap!. Jerrv Hart ^s. of llawkin- Harl and liis 20 v. f . ». b. m Wnli'd., 
Conn Oct I'l", 17S4; rem., IT^O to Wavne. Aslital^ula C., 0.; (-arpenter. 1, AlUUK. 
m Cv'ril Woodworfh. 1, Dr'/.n'ln. 2, Li/.'<"n<hr. 3 and 4. EJ'rt,, nun L-d:/. twm.s. 
2 \y\\-\\\ m. Sul)mit Coleman; i2)Hiirriet Phillips Tuttle; 2dcous.; res l,indenvilie, 
(,)'. ;-. bv l-;t m.; 1, 111,,-!!. 2. X/-'//)"/-. /. by 2d m.: 3, J- /-/v/. _ 4, (} ,<r<]C. 5, 
yr>-ahd'i (inir,; -'nil tine ciiii." 3, FlDKLtA. in. Slielinali; .V. 1. 4, Jt;KliY. d. 
v." 5, PirF.irK. m. Leonard 'I'utile; had .-ev. chik, d. y. 1. Snimul still living, 
i'; Ju-'MI. <1. V. 7, Loi.V, 1. V. ^, Jks-k, lu. Wooihvorth; res. Wayne, O. 

n. Sarah, m. Arn.mla (Jid'dings (bro. t)f Hon. JoshuaB. Ciddingsid' Ohio). 1, LVCY, 
2. llAitiUKT. 3, AnAMJA. 4, Ai:k()RA, M. D., res. Anoka, Minn. 5, Jonx, res. 
WiUiamstield, (). 

111. Esther, m. \V;n-n-n (iiddings (bro. of Aranda), .1, Jfi.iA. 2, EsTKiiK. o, 

Sakah. 4, I.KVl. 

I'v . J:din, went ^outh and m. 

V. .L-s-e. m. Atkins of Ihirtf.. Conn.; d. ■■<. i. in P.arklii'mnted. 

VI L'>vi. 1,1. Claru l\-ters and ha.l ou,- s. 1, Wll.i.iAM. 

V!I. Dnvid, 111. F.-inny Slade of B. He;!, .v. i., Oct, K', 1829. in Ik 

Vni. Lo;-^. d iinin.; a. 2>» yrs. 

13645. Jared Tuttle. b. June 2, 1700: rev. s<ddier; rem. froiu Tor. to So 
i-!rr.r.,i ():;ra:-'<. C,., N. V. '' Started M:.^ 11. 17;)5," e:,rved o;: n b'rch c.m-. pr-r-rvcd 
in ihe'fam. He d. in S. B., N, V.. in is:;(;: a. 70 vrs.; m. Boxatia. d.ui. of Jam..s U ard 
of Sonuns,; b. De.-. 4, r.i;3. She was of Tne liii geii. .u ^-^^.c. Irom W m. \\ aru 
of Sudluirv. Mass.. 1039. 

•12 KKANC'K 01' .lOJlX. I 

I. F.vis. 1). June 11, 17S9; m. Ilanirt I'liillips. 1, (.teo. MEiiKn.i.. h Jun^^ I'.i. | 

IblH; lawyiM- aiuTJ ihl^rc^ of iVobate in Warren, \^'an■en C'n,, O. ; m. .Ian. 7, \xil, Kmilv > 

I.e.-; CM Ndv. -3, ls."-)-2, .' ulia Adeline Sullivan, t. liy 1^<t ni.: 1, H.irrut, \>. .hil\ :^,6. \ 

lS4i); ni. Ira Nolan. /. hy 2(1 m. '3. Gt-o. F/nUips/h. .hilv^T, 18r)4. ;5, .V</n/ S.'/t'nr. i 

h. Sept. 20, 18of!. 4, .7"/</^ Milton., h. Sept. ^.M, iH.jy. 5, U'///. K!ls>rnrth, h. .Vlar-'li 14. 1 

ISlll. (5, ('hiirlrs. h. May."), I'l-OS. 2, II.mmjikt PiirhLirs. Nov. .^), IM<»: m. 1S:12 Pa\ i(i \ 

llart (2(1 cons.) ami Itad .5 cliil. '■',. Ki.iz.MiKTii AYEi(>. li. .Ian. \?,. 1823: iintn.; wimi i 

south in winter of l^TO-l vitli a dan. of Hon. .Tosh. \\. tiiddiny-s fur healtli. 4, S.\kaii I 

Jank, I). Dec. ."). 18M0: nnni. ; re.?. i/oU'lirouk, O. She had corres. sov. vrs. atr" I 

with one o'i I 'avid 'rutile's desc. wjjo \\a-> then coUe.-tin^r 'J'uttle i;enfalo^^y ; pa[K-rs n..! ). 

found, h, Ki.i.KX 1-1C(',HM.\, h. .)au. 14, 1834; unin.: ifs. Piiiia., with Or/Wni. P.i\ I'.t- t 

11. .lartd, <1. X. /. "I 

III. Hiram. | 

W . , ni. — — Walker. Scv. dan-. ? 

13646. Charles Tuttle, h. -lan. :;(l. 17(12; d. .May 14, iSdO; m. 17.SS, P.MSettu i 

C'a'^c of Haikhani.^trd, t'onn., who d. Hoc. o, IS41. ;i. S2. ' \ 

I. Charity, h, 17s:l; in. .Joseph Fox of (iianh}, Litidiiield (,'o., Conn.; ren;. to ] 

('hilt, Monroe (_'o.. X. V.- acrunuilated a handsoie.e ]iropcriv. and ?;he d. there, h. {., s 

July .J. I8.")0. ■ i 

11. Charles, h. Sept. IC. 1701: ni. ls:;i, l{,.|„c,-a Pike. 1, .Cvxi;, h. .hilv 24, ls:;2; " 

ni. .John Kllioi of (hill, X. V. 2,, I). Dee. 25, 1S:M; d. Nov. 2',t."l812. :;;. 
CuATii.KS D.VYTON, h. .lum-oO, ISW; d. .Julv ."k 1s42. 4, A.v.nm:, b. March l-";, 18h); ni. 
April 12, 1S(J.5, E. K. Hohne.s of Stafford, Conn. ."), Xki.mkM.. b. .June .7. ls4r); re?. 
Center Hill, Conn. i). l-"i;A\e|.:s E., 1). .>ray 8, 1^40; ut. l-eb. 2, l87i>, Prescotl E. Barnes 
ui New Hrtf.. Conn. 1. '.'/v^r?> .^^a//. 1),"<)(T. 12, 1871. 
IH. Peiiial. ^., d. 1814. a. 21. 

iV. Harvey, b. Ajiril 21. 17'.M; m. On lo, I'^Pi, Liiey Taylor, and .<oon rem. to I,e 
Uoy, (.renesee. Co., N. V,, and In- d. There, May 27, 1840. on ihe farm where he first 
.settled. She d X'ov. 2:! jsv^-,:!. •' p,..;- tlie lust 2.7 year- Mr. 'J'uiile has been aTi inh::!.;:- 
ant of Ee lioy, and has ,-vrv jii-iintained a (diara'-ter of tried probity, the most undiuel;- 
ing Veracity, .and strictest inteircity. l".-:,.tul as a imblic ciii/en, ami andable in the walks 
of j)rivate life; respected by an extinsive circle of ;icipiainl:\iic(^s abroad, an<i beloved 
for his private virtues at home, .Mr. 'r.nitle's departure will be fidt and acknowledged, 
not only as an irreparable l..>s lo hi-, famiiyand cunnet'tions. but also as a calamity to 
tlie public at large. He endured a loni,^ painful and distressini,^ illness with i)atiei!Ce 
and foriitiuie. and dit^d rejoieinL'' in the hope of a tinal resurrection from the torn!), and 
believing- that an <'ternity of bliss a waidM] his beantitied soul.'" — Xi /r.^pdjii r . 1, CuAKl.Ks 
Al.JStOX, b. Nov. .7. 1818: u'rad. (ienevaCol.; stml. law uith .1 ud^^' tiardnt-r of Kocli- 
ester, N. Y.: m. AJaria Lo:;i>e Patch, ■!der, ,i:rad. of Ingliam J'niv.; rem. to .^tilwaukee, 
Wis.; crossed the plains to Cal.. Isp.!; roi!.,\ved nutiing- at Michic-an P.iull, Cal.. till ls,74; 
rem. to Auburn, Placer (.'o., Cal.; resumi-d ])ractice of lav.-. Ihis iieen State Seiiator 2 
yrs., and Recorder of the Supreme Court several yrs. His wf. d. in Rrooklyn, N. Y. . 
Oct. 11, 18(j8, while on hi>r return home froni xisifiuir friends east. 1, (7ii'/-'i'-t. h. \[ay 
II, 18.74; Y. (.'. E. S. : assoe. with his f. in j.ract. id' law; m. Nettie Hiown. /. . 1. 
Harry Albion. 2. Charles Wiusor. 2, Fr^'U rlrl.- ri.r.-«'i,. b. Sep. 28, ls.77; Y. C. E. S. . 
assoc. with hi,s f. in jiract. of law; m. Susie Davis. 1, Charles. 2, Made;''. '•'>■ 
Frederick Hairlai\. :5, Fmnf: Ac/^r///, b. .Tune E \^^'<\: num.; interpreter of Chinese on 
the So. Pac. H. ]{. He learned the languai;i' <d' a Chinesf servant, svho had bei-n in the 
fannly over 20 yrs. 2, .Tcli.v Ai;\rAXi»A, !i. April 7, Is^-j:!; m. Sept. :'., 1'''47, Sierlin^i- < '. 
Stephens, and d. Ft4i. 18. ISjl. 1. Fhn-Ula Miiirtti . m. .lohn Hazen: he d. leav. .7 chil., 
of wdiom were .Julia and Fannie. '■], ( 'ATtiAJtix;: \'i;i i\.\, b. Oct. 12, 1n2(J; trrad. Ihl'- 
luvni Euiv., Ee Hoy, X'. Y.; rem to Cal.. 1S,-)S. ]i;is beiu a teacher several yr:s. at Auburn, 
<Jal.: ni. xVpril 8, 1S4.7, Chester E^-tnall Shuie, wiio d. .\u-. oO, lyCiS; farmer. 1, FliTunct 
A<ldl. b. J^ec. 18, 184S; m. >hir. 'l.7, 18i;.7, Henry Sneie.' 1. Cerirude Slade, b. Oct. iS. 
Estii). 2, .Jessie Mm-eiice. b. Oct. :>, lS7n. :!." lua Kate, b, .Ian. 7. ls72. 4. Hc^ward 
Henry, b. .luly 28. fsTt. .-,, KIsuorth St:me. b. .May 12, l^sp 2. //■'■;'/.,'/ T'ltt'r.h.Y'-h. 
1!), 18.71; now (1882) in eniplov of Si>. IV K. \l. Co.:"unm. :',. Cirri, M^n-i.i. b. Aug IE 
I8.7»i; m. April 21, 187:', Hiram Hoyt Kichmoiid. 4, Clmrl.s Umry, b. .iune 11, l8.1s'. 
4, ('ai{(.h,IXH Mi-.i.issA. b. Am:. Il,'l><-'!1: i'ra4. nnith. course. Jr.Lrhatn Euiv; rem. to 
Cal., ]S78: \:\. .Tan. 18, isiIO, |;,.v,, D.-ilfoji Hl.-dn iMetit Epis. ). b. X. .1. lie 
retuin'Hl ttiXe\cark, X..J.. 1.^0.7, a'ld has since d. -i. ^ Slie has been ;l teaidn-r in .Vuburti. 
Cab, yr^ .7, E!>\vAi;r) Dkk.s Ai.I.kx, b. X'ov. Pj. 18.'il: ero.->sed plains tu (.'ai.. 
18.72; engaged in mining till war beirun, tb.en erdisted in the tirst Co. raided in .Vubi^rn- 



■v.-.<,^d and l.t Lieut.: mustered out at Vmi \ n.un: appt. Assist. Quartor Mabte up. lu.s 
75 Yn (Vl L.- • mn. to Ari/ona: .vs. Sunurd. (ivalKuu Co.; m. 18..U. Maru>.ta Louisa 

^""v GeoVi^ ■ l{.;.K d.'^lau.':, 1^^7: m. Hannah TIuU-Iut: set. in tjat.-s, Monro. 
I". \' Y SheVem to Va. with - ss. L Sox, d. y. 2, Mil.Es, n.. and d. sev. yrs. 
.mvv h>av. wf. andtlu-ee cliil. ::. Al.UKKT. m. and res. near B.Hmvdk-, Mo. . lU nhKT, 
; it'ed earlv in war it, Ocn. div.. and d. ol d.seas. .n hospUal in bb.-L 

VI Ile'h.a b ITiiS: d. Uct. Of). is:.l; nu Mmard Hn.uarf. rem. iron, (.enesv (o, 
X. V.tor;ulna;- >li'i: i. Ku.KN. ^.WiM.tAM. :;, A xnuKW. 4, Ax.k,.,nk Kt.ix.^. 

a, (\\iu>i.rN! 

i'>r-A7 t^nrnh Tnttle 1> Sept. 10, IT'-: d. ls4-.\ a. TU;m. in Barkhamsted, 
(^mn':lMe,^;;^luh"^wf.), .!. i,> llrt^., C.nn.. Sept, 174o: d. Oct. 12, 11.^^, a. 

" '"'l "' William, 1.. -Inne, 17^.-,; d. v., South, unm, , ' . ,0,,- v^. ., , 

II Pek- b Feb. -is, 17b7: d. Jan. 11, isr.lj. a. .:3: m, .Ian. 8. 1M>/ K^^'cUt. 
(>,.-noerof(;^uivil!e Ma- . who d. .1 u! v 43. 1S72. a. S<l. 1, t'l.AKlssA, h, Apru 1., 
iwi; m. Nov; lU, ISoS. liussell Smitl> of Sandislield, Mass. 3. .losKPH h. .;an.^8. 
iVl'n't Get 17 184::;. Diadama Wilder of Bark.. Cniu... and d. there .Inly ]., 1801. 
i!b^;-id:nowlivin.:onoldhomestendiuBarlchan,st.:d. 1 ^['-'l^- J- -J'"'"^ •>• ^^'' 
■vim :-l P.-i.K<;' 1). March 7. ISIG; m. May, IS-IU. Maria 15. Stewart of BrookUn, 
\ y' inVon^hkeepsle. X. Y.. wlierehed. \.Est,U,. 2, Hlrirn H. 
lli Whitiio'-, !'. 178;t; nu and had s. and dau. 

IV. Luther; b. 17V0: m. 15arker of Canioa, (Vmn.; .«. 1 

V. Sa'iv, b. 171»:;; ni. ritaunee-^ Phelpsof Otis, Mas--., and had h ehd. 
13G48. DtiYid TuttlC, b. No. Haven. Conn., Oei. 15. 1 77U. Aliet- ,1 of his^p:^r- 
.,d:^ vv^" take. l,v his eld. lu-o. ( Major Isaiah Mo luing up, and hvc«l witli htm rmt,120 
ve-irs,.f a>-e- re'u " I7;l^, to \-,.rnnn, Uneid.a Co. N. \ .: bon.i;-lit land and built a .Lve,.ixiL' 
Uui^e: \l IK.] visited 'I'or. an,l m. Polly, dau. of Major Samuel Austin of ^-^^^y^ 
with ln<^ bride renrrmV. to the wi!d.-n,ess.- He was v,-ry active, and public .spirited lu 
buildJn-ehnrehes school houses ai.d all the imblic imiu-ov.meut.^ in^eded m a new 
ment; ("m:, of luil. : u mail of strong mind and sound ju.ig..u-ui. though without educa^ 
tional advantages, excpt the winter d.striet school. ■'^r.'^'Z'^'^v'V^^u'Vll'Jc 
He was throwH from his carriage and killed m -i lyie, 18C4. Mrs. I'olh iutih-d. D.c, 

Is.H, a. '•,'_,>^'"^Yi,a, 1,. .M-rit, I^^O.'; m. ls:^2. 'j-iieolhy .lenkins, b. in Rarr-, Mass , Jar. 

2't 17i*;i- shed, a Mar a.ft.-r. , , • * .i 

' II ■ Harriet b Nov bSDr;; m. 182H. lier Uro.-in law, 4'imothy Jeiduus. At tlie 
( of Hi los* his f.'and had to depen-l on himself. Tau-ht scluml. ^^tud._law, and wa< 
ftdmi'ted to the H^'^o Soon after openod an oihce m \ er m iN.-: lem. o- 
?hSaCastb. ProsecutincrAttv. for Oneida Co. 1840-5. Cnder the appointing power 
of the State held the othce' for ten years of At.y. to the ()neiua Indians and .ecured 
the unbounded confidence and respecr of 'hat peculiar people who imver .t".'-';'^' '''",, 
or'forgive au injurv. In 1S41 was .>lecf.'d to Con>^ress, o-am in \>-U,. again 11. .80U. In 
lS.-,7 W was a ],roTuinent candidate for a s.,at on the iH-n.di of the ( ouit of Appea,^. tiu- 
hio-lmst post in the Judiciarv <,f the Srat,-; and more than one- has been named "i nom - 
narmgclmv.ntionsand public prints for the candida.-y .,t t.overuor ol N . \ ._ ^^^'^^^^ 
an ami-slaverv d..m. till in 18,-,5 he abandoned the party to winch ^Lese ,nnnciples .set • 
obnoxious. Hed. at Martiusburg, ].>■^v^^ Co , N. V., (attendingcourt). Dec. ,4. iN). a. 
01 4 1 Cii \K).i;s MnNT<;OMKUV. b. Sept. 21. is:;0. In eonnection with his young hio.. 
assumed the .ntire mana-emont .d' his fathers farm, and wiH. sn.di '^idust ry. . g^^.d 
judgment ami success as to excite tie- admiratiou -d the neighboring tarme. suu- 
became mud. interested and took a semi-parental i.ruh- ,n the nuunv boy. .la L Ham 
C.d 1852; stud, law: admitted 1.854, ami taken as partner l.y h.s t. lli> hea th taii.n.^ uc 
traveled to the far West, and afterward t:.ok a sea vovajre to Nrwtoundhuid : in Ma>^ 
1855, Ann Eli/.abeth Stevens, and next year with wf. and pan-nts went to Nu-m . .s vv 
Provuh-nce O^ahamas), and re., abt. eight mos. for his Inaifh, !.ui, without beueht. lie 

*N-oiK.-Vern,.n w..s set. princinaUy by r<:op!. fmra W mstcd and ad o,nn,o '^^^^^^f^^^^^:^'^ 
Conn., who formed a company and laid out a mwn plot '" '-^"/;^1''"^' ^^f "^.nd ih ^^" lomw^^^^^^ 
a. Vernon Center. The tev/n was or-anize.i by .net of J'.-^'.. f-eb ,7. '\^^-J"'l ^J'' "' ■' '"'^" ."^^^'nk 
di'ected to bo held ,11 the heu=;e .>t David T.ntle on thetir-t 1 ues(l:iy m AunI, i,-ro. 

^Xorr. -Discourse at the funer:d of H,.n. T^muthv Jenkins, delivered in ';■; '■;:;-f //^I^Sul^^n^e 
Ca,.Ie. Dec. ... i;:;>,. by Rev Samuel J. .Mae. uilh proeeed,ct,'S ot ()ne..;... Lo. iv.r, ai.d o. t,.e su,.. .n-. . 
Coeri of the tiflh Judiei.d District, printed at Syracuse by Summers Brothers. 


r.t lu.nirand <1. ; .-ons ) I .-r -JU, !-,.,(.. A youn^^ man „f run- promise and cult.ur * 
^ H.UAM l.TT.K^ 1'. ISJ;^. ^ra,. Ilam. Tol. uith his bri, ; stud, law and was 
taken inn. i,aitn.T>!,,j, wul. lus t. ; H.Tt.-d Di.t. Atty. IS.VJ nnd lield for tlnw s-i.Tes.iv',- 
Terms r. nine y.-ar.) He m. lS(i2, CornrlK, Danl.v of Ttica. X. Y., and reuiUu-re th.. 
following yrar. 1 he strain oL a lar... civil ,.ra,-tir,., combined with his duth-s ,,1 
I rosecntin- Aity., hastened his death, which took ida.-c u. IStiS. Th.- Ttica i.aorrs con 
ULUKMl iml oi.ituarn-sandbio- sketcho,. L Moy,, JhtnUi, b. 1^(M. -, Clu'rh^Tunoilni 
h. lM>h; da. 1 yr. ,y 1 un:. b l-fi:!. 3, Ft.oi^A. b. S-pt.. lyi^S; with her aunt, Mrs 
L. .l.-nn<'tte Jenkins. colleer<-d and Imwardod most of tliis ivrord of ih'Sf,>rul"nt- of r-mt 
Duvid 'l-uttle; m. June, lyTo. W. .b-rnnie liickox; res. Oneida Casth' " 

\\\. Hiram Dayton, b. fS(),j; num.; res. on the old homestead in Ver • held in hi-}, 
<'.stimati(,n by his :oNvi.sineu; ■'lus uord as -ood as his bond;" has been Supervisor tvvo 
or three yrs. J he old home is venerated and L.ved bv all the dese. of ('a]>tain David 
am! Its character for liospitality and imiohburly kindnt^s is wdl r:iaintained bv Hiraiu 
D. and his sister. 

ly. Mary Austin, b. iNlli. unm.; re.s. vitb h.-r br.). in the oM houu^ 
V . Charles, d. y. 

^^J\ •^''''!;\''"":'H'"','-- ■'"'r','"' '-^•^' *'^""'l'il'-'-"f I'-'^-i'l Tuttlo-sd.-sc); m. Jum., 
US-Jo, Jo.sia]i Wlupide Jenkins of Harre, Mass.; ,.,,us. of Timothv s.-t in ^•(.rnon Ls^O- 
lawyer; eminent and successful; of rural pursuits, puldic spirited, a<lornedhi8 
farm and planted long- rows of shade trees in the public .streets of Vernon These now 
lofty and hu grown, living and beaut, ful memorials, better and more endurin..- monu- 
ments than the granite that laiarks his last resting place, lie d. of tvphoid fever Oct. 
lyo.; a. 4. yrs. , lUvin Ttni.i . b. May -t, is;!.i; studious, considerate, mature in 
judgment, and .s„ helptul to his mother, that he seemed to fill his fs. j.Iace in the fam 
txrad Polyterlnue nst. at Troy, X. V.; ..tu<i. law and bciran practice. Th.. war 
breaking out - he did nm leave hou,. .- writ.... hi.- mother. •■ until the s..coud vr. as mv 
t^econd s. went at the lirst call. au<i lu-. i<l wa< so nece.sarv to the fam thai I felt "j 
eouid not spar.- hnn. But the following y.-ar when the ariuies became .lecimated. and 
He President called for ' three Inmdred thousand more.' and the militarv committee .d' 
the c.uiuty decided to raise ano her regiment, Davi.l, bv th.-ir recommendation was 
appointed Adjutant. In the work of o,vani/.ing the regiment 1 14ti X V voN ) he 
was nuleiatigalde. and received his com-ui-^ion as Maior. Col (h-rrard, then recenth 
m eommaml at W est Point, was its tii-t Cohmel. On the arrival cd' the re.^t at VIbauv 
David wascomnu.-imied hieut.-Col. by the(u.v. on th.- rcaminuuHlation ot^Col Cerrard' 
J he regt. remain. -d one month in cuno at Arkn^^ton Ib-ights; the,, oideivd to the front 
and taking pan in tlie baitb- of F.ed,-ii.d...l,„ru-, ,,n!v three mo... from its or..-ani/.ation 
buosecpi.mlv engaged in all the Inatle. of the ' .Vr.'iv of the Potomac.' it ;;irned the 
tit(e by winch it was every u here known, of • the !i-hting regt.' At the battb- of (ie'tv^- 
burg t^ol. Jenkins, comm.ude.! the regt.. Col. (Jerrard commandim; the bri..-ad.'. Soon 
luter tuat great battl.' Davio uavc,;mmi.ssi<u,ed Col. ai,<l a few months before he died 
u'comniandedth.' brigade, and his name had been forwarded for a com as Pri- - 
.en. le was ,n the battles of i'rederi<d<sbur-, ' •hancellorsville, ( b.ttv..b,n- Pappa- 
hanuock Stat!on,_ Pri.tol Station. Mine i;,,,,. WiUlamsi.or;. Washiu-ion "Heb'hts, 
ana lastlv in th. ci-eadful carnage of the Wilderness wheiv he fell brav.d v (dein-dn- 
the enemies Icittenes " Promtiie ir,/.v',/,.y/.,„ X,:fl.n.d l.tdlhlmr, r: ■■Killed hAhe 
battle m the W ihh-rness. May h. ]sri4. Col. David T. Jenkins of \-ernon. Oneida Co X. 
*„. •■^'''^- -'^^•"'uchof th.-greathi-iory.d-di.sappointed i.opes. -^v or;hv ambition, tender 
atteclion. weep sorrow and unspeakable grief, mav be comi,re<sed in the record of a 
single M-ni, nee. In the lo.-s of Col. Jenkins one more elVerin- has b.-eu .sacriliced on 
ttiec.stly altar oi patriotism, a career of brl-hl xoune- promise' .-losed, a si.eiv of active 
usefulness t.-.-mma-ed, a .our.-e of in!lu,-m-e in th.'- communii ^ when- he had been known 
from c,,,ldh.jr,d and ha.-l oroua into a ,,-fd n,anhoo,l cu ojT. and a hoiue bereaved 
of (Mie in wluuii all The dumesfic aib-cllons wer.' Strom, deep and f.-rvent He was a 
young man ot more thai: ordinary worth . .d' more than a ve,a..v abdit v of culture of 
solid qmthties and of commanding i,,tluen.-e; and it is d ,.e a 111, e to tl^ li vi mr and the 
dead that s.i-li ..Jiould be houord in a e,,,,, fu! rememluaiice.- The r,'/.w 11, rnhj in 
speaking o| our hes.e.s i„ th.-.t l,;,tile savs: -In that cuifli-t >ve lost Col D.avi.i' T 
• lenktus than whom a brave- or imue meri;(u-iou> eJicer never livd. lb- was ac.-ounted 
■one OI the l,es, engineers In the .\imy of the I'oromac. who w,-re n.-t A\-esi r,,int .nadu- 

n!^''T''c''"K''\^"""-H,"' ^"t"'" ■^'- .'•^"■'■'■n^-'^elivcrocl in ihe L'nh. -.hh . Ve.-.n..n. N. V, Sunday. 
IP M m" r''/' i,r'''' f'^^-'-'V t'-'n'"'-=^--- ^•■•'tl'. -^ bi,)-r,i|.,:,i.,a s-Kclch by Ansun J. Upsen, i'rof. of Khct 
in M.iui, K.'A. .-Vib.-'nv. Van ."^cntliuys.-n, i.Mati--i, i?5- 


TrTTLK, 45 

iitfs. lie \\:is iiimc-(juaintO(l witli tlic science of iU-ins when he mtcred ujujn l\is 7nilitarv 
cai'eci', hut imlu-;! I'lmis <tii(l}, leiili'il to ;i.cii-;i!-, ready iiiid c iinprclicnsivi- niind, made 
liini tlie superior lit' must el" tlie volunteer ollieci-s of siuiiL-if rank. i le was rin-id as a 
discipliuarhui. hut llie testimony in the army is that In- was a mosi exi-cHiMii o'ticer. lie 
participated, always t.iravely, in the; urc;a liuttles of Fredieksl)U!i;, CliancfUorvilie and 
Gettysburg, and now leaves behind liim an undying record. Jle was one nt' tlie hesr. 
surveyors in the county, and j)revious to joining tlie nrmy, had entered on u pruniisin"- 
practice as a lawyer." .Extract from the Uiira Ohm rri r: "His (Cnl. .Jenkins) ahilitv, 
integrity and unas.-uming worth, caused him to be held in tiie highest estimation wherever 
lie was known, and he was considered one ot" the iiios* jiri'mising young men in tlie 
county." 1 miglit cupy long jiages from obituary notices regarding hiju in our conntv 
papers, l)ut the above v/ill sho'.v the estimation in whicli he was held, and I will now 
finish tlie record of tlie rest of tlie desc, of my f. — .i//'.v. 7-Y"/v/ ./. Ilick-i,:.-. 'J, .1 k.nnkttk, 
b. July C, 1S;JS: d. a. ."^ yrs. :i, Amki.i.v, d. inf. t, J.wils;, b. .June :2'2, \<Aa'. 
left Hamilton col. with about twenty otiier .-iiKk-nts a feu weejss after " Siimpter"; went 
out ^^■ilh the " ()ni»:da Cav.alry " as 1st IJeut., ami Served for one year. His hro.'s regt. 
(I'Kith) aniving at the front, and both bros. desiring it. he was transferred to the 14(ith, 
and soon after received a t'apt.'s commission, lie was in 24 hard foisght battles, besides 
maity sk-iriiiishes; was wounded in the Peninsula cnm]ni.ign, ami very badh' woundeil 
at hiittU' iif (iettyshurg, after which he received a commission as ^laj. " lie continued 
in the army until the close of th.e war. ha\ine- seen n.s much hard service, I ilare assert." 
say.shismo., " as any other man in it." i'ruf. Xovth nf Ihnnihon ('ol. in Ids war rec. 
of that in.Mitution says: •'(..•ip;. .lames E. .leiddiis, wdio had been a leader in Col., 
proved himself wmthy to lead v.hether to quiclv death or to gla.f victory." He m. Feb.. 
ISJO, Kli-'.-:iieth l'iet<-e of Worei-ter, M:,-s.. and is ;;ow in business in New Yo'k. 1 
^rllhd \V<:s!,biini. h. Fell. -20, 1N71. 2. VJ-///-.' T'fl'Jr. h. .\ug. lij. ].s::>. ;,, M.Uii Ki.i/.v- 
15KTK, b. .'une !», IN-il: in. Aug., 1871, .\lo;'ris P. Brewi-r, a lawyer, .'ri^rinjiiiy j|.,,i;j 
Verona, X. Y.: res. Council l-Jlur/s, Iowa. 1. .ji imcU, . h. May ;Ji). Ls72. -l~\':'injTii.tiU% 
h. .fuly 17, l.'-.7-t. (j. .]osKi>]i Wtnei-i.i;, b. Dec. 2*1, istC; m. v>ept. 10, l.st2, Alice- 
Stealey of \'ernon. I^ives at home v«itii his mo., managiivj: the farm, except wlie-.i 
engaged in hi.s iirofi-ssion of civil engineer. 1, Jjuiiisd, b Feb. 14, liS74. 

1365. Ebenezer Tattle, b. .inly ?,l, I7o'2; m. 175;]; sold hunt in No. Hav. to 
bro., .bdiiid Tuttle; rem. t;) Lifchiield, Conn; d. 1773. Son F.!i admr. and guard, of 
8 minor cliil., Lois, a. 14: Khene/.er, a. 7. and -fosiali, a. 4. 
I. h;ii. 
11. hois, 1-. I'^-.V.). 

III. FI)enez.T, b. 17Gi;. 

IV. .Jusiuh, b. 17')'.> 

13851. Eli Tuttle, b. aht. i:.7S; d. 1792. iu Hansingbavg, X. Y.; est. adm. 

ill Washington Co.; m. :d>t. ITsO. Ann<, wid. r.f .loliii (Jouldi I'armalee; after his d. 
8he rem. with )ie-r chil. to 0;n'i(hi Co.. N. Y., aiid d. thr. 

1. F:ii, b. in Wasliington, hitchtield Co., Conn.,, 24, 17S1 ; lived at Pul- 
aski, X. Y.; rem. to Piikville, X. Y., wdiere he d. abt. lS(i9; m, 1, Poi.f.Y. 2, 
Sai;aii A^,\. 

11. .John, b. April 7, 17S:3; d. Se]it. 2!l, 1.S70, a. 0;!; lumbering in Canada in earir 
fe; set. iu Sandy Creek, Osweyo ('o. , X. V; m. .Ian. 17, fsipj, Hetsev ITurd. 1, AxN.v, 
.,. Se])t. 12, '181:-!; m. Dec. lo, is;J4, John Hollis. 1, Wm. (I. b. Apt'il 1(1, ISlU); d. Aug! 
80, 18G2. .lolni .l.>.^h't,i,h. .Jan. 2!), 1841. o, C.f/'Jv//, b. Oct. 2.7, 184(;. 4, /rinni-t.h. 
.lulv 7, IM'.). 2. Hi-.i;kc<a. b. Nov.. 181.0; d. Am;. 20, lt.jl;m. Nov. 27, ls:;:j, Knos 
Salisburv. 1, L>}lo>,, h. .lulv 11. is.iO: d. March 2;}, 1803. 2, J,'(,^ir<\ b. Dec. 11,1887. 
8, JoscphiiH, b. 184.""): d., a. io mos. 4, f!,', b. .Julv 15. 1851. 8, Ki.t/.a, b. Oct. 25. 
1810: m. F.d., 11, ls48. Hiram (iettv. 1, AiJn^'fu', \>. Sept. 11, 1841. 2. S:,i,/,i,/. b 
.Fuly 22. 18!0. 8, 7.V '.v,//, b. Sept. [■{', is.-,l. 4, J.'ru,", Vvh. U, ls55; d. April 28, lSf;5. 
A. .ic^.-'KPK, b. Au'j:. 8(», ISJS; 111, ,Ian 1, 1840. Catharine Snvder. 1, Mcyf/m A., b. 
Xov. 4, 1840; d. Fel). 15, 1854. 2, //- .N, v /' , b. .Ian. 12, 18,08! 8, //.»/■// 7/.. b. .Ian. 
25, 1850. 4, Jo.^fph J., b. Oct. 11. 1851). 5. .\r,i:f,, b. March 18, I82(t; d. Dec. 27. 1878: 
m. Sept. 18, 1848, ("raharine Arnistrv)ii.:-. 1. .s.,.s/// KUzuhdh. b. Oct. 10, 1840. 2. 7:':/v/, 
Amisfnn,;/, h. Oct, 28. 1851; gra>!. Y. C. I.. S.. 18s'0, taking the 'I'ovvnsend j-rize; In- 
had taken the "Hftts prize at the junior examination, 1870. Collected this record of 
desc. of his gr. f., puMislifHl in the ',87,7. 'v ( >,//■ y.>rs Sept. 11, ls,!t. At a fam. tnecting 
of abmit 00 of .lohii 'I'uttle's desc. at Sandy Creek, Se])t., 1870. I'izra .\. delivered ;in 
address which was ]iub'.ishcd with the ri.'cord. u. Doi.i.v, b. Aug. 18,182!; d. .\pril 
28, 1874; m. Oct. S,- 1810. Truman Harding. 1. .'^almon 8', b. Sept.'lS, 1842; d. in war, 


hllASVU OF .It'll .V. 

1S'()4. 2, Gilbcrf X.. ]>. .!ai). 4, 1b44. :j, ,////yw,v /;., 1.. Mav 81, lb47. 4, Fr,inr<H K 
h. Feb. H), 1S4!>. 7, Ntman, b. Jiilv S, IS-?;',; m. Jan. :{]', l8.-)0, Alniira Urigi^^s. j" 
,-l«/t 1'^', //,(//. , b. Dec. 0. lS.-)n; (1. May '2il, isrc. 2, ,7-V(rt lii'i'ju--^. b. .(au. 30, IsH.^j. 'i' 
M<n-llni Jl.. b. Nov. 17, ISiM, s, .Joiix, ]>. Au;;-. 4, \>^-irv, a. Sept. 15, 1S:>7. 9. Ctii.OK 
1). Marcl\ I."., 1S5!*: i!>. .Ian. ID, isi"), W'allvr I'uMr.-. ], Dnpuit II nrd, b. March c" 
JS4!t: (1. .Nil.;-. 11, isG-i. 2, .lAr.v, ,n/ /-; . b. Sept. 1, ]S,-,l; d. sVpt. 2;j, 1S(J8. :j. Endr.r'a 
■J., b. Jan. '7, 18.);]; tl. .Xnv, -.'7. l^H:!. 4, 7.''.7/. r., b. Au;;. U, l.s.^o. b, ^[ar.slurU 11' 
1). March s, is.-i7, ti. Vb'^d 11.. b. .Miuvh ."i. ls(,',\ ]0. Ki.i, b. An-;. Is. 1S2S; ni' 
March 25. 1S:)4. Can.lin-,' Hobin^oiu 1. 11'//-. .//"//•.•<. b. Oct. :-;0. 18r.2. 2 ivw !h,Vy 
b. \^.^^^. i:i. 1-71; (1. S.-pc. 7. 1872. 11. L.\ru.\, b. Feb. :). 18;11 ; d. Marcli 14, 18r,:J; 
m. Jan. 2."), 18")2, Kphriai!! Carprnti-r. 1. >}■ lUim Tnfflv, b. March 1, 18,5:]. 12. IJuTn,' 
1). Dec. (;. ls;!2; d. July 24. 1872; ni. Manh 22. ls.-);j. Fphmini (.'arpentcr. 1, FAiUe. 
Bilo.", b. .Inu.>;l is.-,ii. 2. }far!j J,u„is„, b. April 2(i. 18(iG. :]. Minv KHzn, h. July 24 

lib Mar\, b. Aus:. :;u. 178.-); m. A)n..-< .Mien of Orir^kanv Falls. N Y and d thr 
in l.S.'i). 

IV. .lamr.-^. b. Dec. -Jll. 1787. 
V. Ho.lcrick X.. b. X..V. 2s. 17'.»0. 

137. Scirah Tuttio, b. Jan. 17. K;;)!); d. -Xi-v. :;, 17;J1. In 1719, '^ being- of lawful 
rA'^*'." she sold to .lunathac .Maiisliel'l one-scventli of a two acri- lot and house of 
Sain'l Tuttle, Sen. lu 1722 Sarah 'i'uttle sold to Daniel Atwater her rt. in Uncle John 

Xcwnnm's e--'. lu 172;l-4 i.s ( :db-il S;a-ah .Moiiiihrop, wf. of Jcr'm: rn. .bdm Moulthiop, 
Jun.. b, .March 17, KiO*;. .-. <d' Sr-r^-r. .lohn and Abigail (Brad1fv)M. of K. Ha,v. Hod' 

172:. a. :;i. '^ • ■ 

1. Jolin. ;hd. ni. Ab;.o-ai! llolr. 

11. Sfeidn-n. living;-, 17-">S: S.Tut. 

Hi. M.-!iuable. 

i\'. Sarah, ni. 'I'inK.thy Russfll. 

^' Marv, v.\ .bihn Diiwson 

Vi. Abigail, ),. 1727; v.\. Juut ;;0, 1747. Daniel Coudsell, 

1371. Johli Moillthrop, 3rd, draftfvl in 17.5.".; m. Abi^^^ail liolt. 1). Nov. 22, 
17;io; \\.\H. of Daniel and .\n;;a (Snr.Tl),i 11., ami sis. of Anna, v.f, of Ti;u. Daw.son. Slic 
m. (2 I Samuel Shepard. 

!. Davi(i; sup. d. in Jersev ]iri.-on shi]>, 177il. a. 2(); ni. ib^jizlbah 1 

II. Jolin. 

III. i?euben, <1. y. 

IV. Koxauiia, m. 1777, .\bijah F-irdt-e. 1, .\i;i';.\ii. 2, ls.\ \c Hoi.t. ?,, PoLi.V. 
4, ("i,.\t;issA. (1. y. .".. .\r;i,i.vii, 0, ,M\Ki.t. 7, S.Mi.Mi.d. y. 8, (iI';')t,'<;k. d. Sept. 1, 

ISil.'i. a. 8yrs.: dy>. '.», .\.nn\. d. .!an. :j(). Isiu;, a S.t yvs. 10, S.\i!.\i!. 

V. IJeub.'u,' b. 17t;:j: d. .inly 2!i, 1814. a. ol; ni.'S'ov. 18, T;!)2, Jlannali Street, h. 
March 8. 17G7, (dan. of \{v\. Nirholas Street, jiastor of the elih. at iv llav., 17.5."j--l80H, 
<ind his 2d wf., H.-mnali. dau. of David and Hannah I'anderson Austint, d. 1848, a. SO. 
1. D.\xn;i, l-!ow}-N. dOct. :;, 171'-5, a. 1 yr. 2, M\i;i.\ II., d. 1841, a. 4.5; unni. ."i. 
-<'r.,M![ss.\, d. 1742, a. 4 1: iinni. 4, DA\ii;i.. ;5, Di;f.iA. 0, Svi^nky. 7, Rktbe.n. 

1374. Sarall Moulthrop, m. 'I'innjthy Uussell; b. Sept. 29, 1722: d. bef. 17.58: 

lifid 4 chil., all buri'-d at two funerals, two in each i^ravr-; :a. (2) John Pardee, jr., of 

No. Hav . 1). Jr^ne 27, ISDi He m. (D Dec. 12, 1744. Sarah Frost, and liad James, b. 

Man-h 25. 174G: Martha, b. .luly C, 1747: .lohn. b. ]>ec. 10. 17.50; <1. y. ; Sarah, h. July 

■yi. 18.5;!; l-;ij.Mie-/,er. b. Jan. 27, 17.5-5. ,". by 2d ni. to .lohn Pardee: 

1. Susaniui, ) , . . ,.> , .., 
1 1 Tl i b < let. i-j. 1 ifcj. 

11. i;osanna,\ 

111. .lohn, [Id. i>. Ori. 24. 17fi4: ni. Klizabeih Hrockett. 1, IDioda. 2, Es-niKi:. 

:;, II Ai;i;ii f. 4, J<i!iN. 5. I>i-.r>i;v. 

iW Fydia b. .Inly 22. KbC 

i375. Mary Moulthrop, <I. b.-r. i:;>^: m. .lohn. s. of Jo1,ri and Sarali (Chid.sey) 
Dawson, b. in I", Ihiv , (,., abt 171'.). Mr. ('. (.'. Dawseni. couipib-r of the Dauson 


froni. \\h:i-h ', \u- 

i-ount IS taken. 

■r.'(iit to M;-. i'piilv U'oi.h'n of X. 

V. for a r. i,:;w !:ab!i- iu*!;iory as hi d.-ites and otiier inf'>i-ni:;tiun in 'elation to .lohn D.-iav- 
fon. hcT irt, it. I'. 1!<- \\.-i- a ship crupenler and nniriiu-r, an.l siA'cral tradini;- voy • 
:'.<^es to the W. Indii'.-; oiu-e tak-'U ))riso!ier by |iiratt.'s anil badly n.'--c-d. He owned 
«'onsidc-!-abb' land, and hi-- :ii.iin i'lsiness v>as farniinu'. He ri n.. to So'.ithingtiMi, t'onn., 

Tl"lTLK, MOLl-TIll:ol% KA^VSON. 47 

iibt 1702. Aftord. of his wf. he livftl with his s. 'I'itus in New llrtf., Com\., mid d. 
there Mav 19, 1787, n. ubt. <',s. The four chil. 1st jiaiuud were ))up. in E. lluv. (chli. 
record) .lune'lO, 1757. 'J'wo more <hil. ar.- given by Mr.s. E. Furnswurth of Spencer, N. 
Y.. viz.: I'olly and Martlia. 

1. Marv. b. abt. 174-2; <1. unm. 
H. Timothv, b. 174;3. 
III. Titus, b. Jan. 13, 1748. 
iV. Sarali, b. Feb. 2, 17o0. ' • 

V. Pollv, b. abt. 17") 7. ' . ■ - 

Vl. Marilia. d.. a. alit. 17. 

i704, and d. tiiere about Oct., \b3l, a. 07. 

1. Holt, 1). Jan. '). 177:!; m. Irene Shepanl 

II. Thomas, 1). Jiilv •2>'. 177."); ni. (.'hloe (Lin-h-y) Ibiwd. 

III. Marv, twin wiil'i Thoma.-.; m. Chrisloplier Tultle [dj. /. i.iy 3d ni. : 

IV. AbiJ-ail. b. 177S; d. y. 

V Anna, b. Snuthin-m;;, C.nn.. Au,L^ 7, 177H; m., 17nS, lb nry Meloy. 

VJ. Euneoia, b. S., J>.r. -iij. 17S]; le., Ib'Jd. .b,!,n I'r-M-oti. 

VII. Bristol, b. June V2, 17s.j: m., \^Vd, Sybil Merrill. 

Vlli. Timothv Joim. b. Aui;-. lo, 17^S; ni., ISK:', IJuhajiiah Ibdierts. 

IX Lvdur, i.. Feb, 10. I7'.il; m.. 1«1:J, .Moses Beecher. 

X, Seth, 1'. i7!)o: d. it- Nelson. X. "i .. Sept. 10, l^^o-"); m. Lydia Bates, who d. 

-Juiv b^4r. ' C)ne ehiid. < ir.Mtl.Ks, b. abuut is^."): d. soon. 

'XL Eleazer Andrew>. b. March l^, 17US; in, Cynthia lloberts. (2) Mary Baker. 


n. Holt Dawson, b. Jan. :>, 177:;. Surveyor ,.f ],i/hways in X. H.; <1. 
Aiu:. •2j. 1825; ni. .May 20. 17'Jo, Irene, dau. of John aitd Elizabeth ( Bradley; Shejjard, 
t> 170',); d. in W. iiav., ronn., Oct, (I, 184G, a. 70. 

1 Anna Julv :,l l7;M:d, W.-stlield (Middietown i. Conn., Dec. ;5. 1N0-.J: m. Feb. 
10, 1S14, Olioster iW-lass, o, X, Hrtf.. Dec, 25, I7s5; .1. W . \h.-. 22, 1^01; Vsrncd 
coopers trade, but folh)wed farnlini,^ S chii b. X. ll'tf, 1. Emii.v ( vkknk, Xov, .), 

l,^l.j- m Fowler, res. X. Hav. 2, 15i..n.\.i mi 1Iai:vkv, Oct, 0, lsl7; ni. in .N . Iiav. 

April 25. 1S40, Dccia Diana Wilmot, 1). Milford, ('(.nn., Feb. 21, 1S16, sis. t.> Martha, 
' - --- •- " '• ■ „ ,. r .. • 1 -uerch, c>f X. Iiav.; 

ctioii'-rv anil 

1S5S. :! /;,//•/(/;,/>'/>.', /',rv.s, . I une" 24. ISii;] 7. Wii.i.i.vM Bi;.\i)i.KV, , ,, , . 

in X Iiav Oct 2^. 1^5o. Marilia Lo.hina llorton. b. Bristol, Conn., Aprd l-,jfc,.0; 
r.-s,, X. ibn. 1, r/,.,.. A-,;-.^:. An- 2;*. l>-52, 2. J;"rr;tt /A-/'-,;;, N .v ;.() 1 ,r., . b 
>ni.(>MuN Johnson. Oct. (].1S;14: Y •'., Is5;; stud, Y. Then, Sen. ; nrdani.-d aitd install.;.! 
i.astorCuni;-. chii,.Sh, iman,Conn..C'ct. 14, ISGJ; resigned on account o! id l.ealll. Hj,, 
and huf- since res: in X. Mav.; m. in N. Mav Od, (i, ISO:',. Mary Flliot. b. Bralth^boro. 


Vt., dnn, of Jiulirp Suiii'l and f^opliiii (Flint) Elli'.t. 1. FJUol Cf(C>^t.i r Julv 10 ^<i;\ ■> 
uXtiua^ophoi, Mair-li 11, KsTO. ' - • -• 

II. Eliza 'ren-sa, b. 17i)fJ: d. iu Oraii!i;»\ Conn.. Ffl>. .' . IS-IO; m. St-pt. ;!0, IS-J-J 
HMlomoti Jolin.-v-in, fariucr and tcaclior (his "Jd \vl'.'); l>. l',-]). !), 17s(;; d. in OranLTt*, Jmn' 
10,184;}. 1, Soi.o.Mox. 1). April 1, lb24; res. Washm. City, Nevada. 2. Da'^ii) Ai.r,iN(; 
I). Feb. 14, 1^20; f-nlisK-d, l>-"ril. couipany F, 4;jd n-jj^V. X. \. voj.^. ; d. in N. flav 
Auj;. (), lb!()4, of wounds rccfivod in (Micrau-cment at Rajipaliannock Sla., \':i., Xov 9 
ISii.-j. ;-!, \Vm. lloi.i, b. Oct. I'.t, 1S-?S; V-nlivtcd S-'pt. 7, IS'li, conipanyF. Tth Conii'. 
vols.; ))ronintcd to Sci-ut. 17th sni. nio. ; 1st Sci;,--!., Scj4.. lyi'l:?; discliarftd 
Doc. 31, Is'j;]. by rea.vun (d' ri'-enlislnu-ut as vctrran v<dunirci. and coin. 1st 
Ficnt. March 10, 1,><IJ.-,; disfliariccd July 2d. Isii-"); s'>rvcd nearly 4 vt-ais. Parti.-i- 
I»atcd atl'ort Iv'oyal. Pulaski, dames Island, St .loim's Bliifr'. I'ortotalitro', .Morris Isiainl. 
Fort Wagner, Drury's Jiluff, liornuida Hundred, Fort Fisher, and captun' of \ViIinin<'-- 
ton, besides imnicrons minor en^-agoments. At IJevmnda Hundred was spveniv 
wounded in tlie sidi-; m. in X. llav. [>ei-. 5, l*!-'.";."), IFumah Jerusha Shew. 1). I'rica, X"'. 
Y., Jan. IS, lt-';M; re.?. X. llav.: manuf. carriau'e tvimntinus. I. IF?//. Arfi>-ir. \\ 
Feb. 2(5, d. Aug. lf>, l.s.VJ. 2. JA^/'.v l^r.^u. b. .Inlv 27. lS.~,i")/ •?,, l.iUi,,,, A\,',7/.', b Oct 
25, 1800. 4, i'ha><. Sfom. b. July 2*2. lN(i:i; d. Sept' .0. ISi'ii). 4, ]>Af., d. v. 

HI. Mary Leonora, h. Oct." !), 17!iS; d. Saybronk. ()., .iuuc 10. ls4M;"m. .V. Hrtf., 
Conn.. He,-. 1. i^l'.). .limu's Calaway; farni'T; b. Harwinton, Conn., F(4). 27, 1>'1I(); d' 
Kingsville, ().. Juh- 2<;, 1>'70. 1, J".vmi;s, b. J uly 24, I'^Ul; lu. in Ashtabubi. '(>., Sc-j.t. 
oO, 184(1, Piebecca Fitzirerald; b. Austin])urij,-h. u'. .lulv I. 1S17; res. Ash. () 1 ILxfir 
Ann, b. Feb. .•>. lsl2:\i. May 21. 184:t. 2^ .J,',nf.-< \Vi'y^>n. b. Jan. 22. 1^44. 3.' I[nir>/ 
Fayetie. b. Sei)t. 20. 1^47. 4. I'^rrir E' . b. .lulv pi. Is-f); ,1. S,pr. s. isf^l. 2, 
\Vm. Hui.T, b. Sept. :..;), Is21: ni. in Medina, (.).. .luly b".. IS.'xi, Helen .Mar 'I'elTt. iV 
Munroe, Mich., July 20. 1S3;J; res. Ashtabula. <). 1. 'M<' rii .li'S'jihinr. h. Feb. 4. IS.'i:! 
2. Kjjic Arn"uda. \k Aw^. 30. \^''V-',. :), FAVKTTi,. b. Dec. j7, I82;'>; d. Austiuburirh. 0., 
Aagl 26, 1828. 4. Mai;v Jam:, b. July U. 1S2(); m. .Maivh 1. ISJO. Harden Cluiuncfv 
Williams. b. Jan. 2>. bs2o: res. (b-ncva, O. 1. S.iral <'.. b. Aj-ril 2.'), ls(,7. 2, Alhcrt 
C, b. Aug. T), 1^4s<. ."), Sakah, b. July 1-^. ls2S; d. .Madison. (>.. i-'eb. JSi. I,s.l7. H, 
I.rCKKTirs HisM-.n.. b. .luly S. ls:;i; j" is:;2. 7. <)iiksi!:s 1Iawi.i;v. b May Ui, is;j.-;: 
in. Aug. 14, 18(;2. Mary Jennette Tharer, b. Sejit. (i. INIO. at Ashtabula; res. Savbrook, 
O. 1, iL'ta Louisa. b."Aug. N. ls.fi4. "2. Hm ru Ediniyd. b. Mandi li.'. ]8iifi. 8, 'Hkxky 
Dawsox, b. Jan. (!. 1837;" enlisted Se])t. 2.!,"lM)2, Co. D, lltli X. Y. A'ols. : killed 
at battle of Cliancellorville. \'a., .Ma_\- 3, lS(i3. lb l-",i.r/A. b. Sept. 2."), 18:i'.'': m. April 
14. I'-^rj!.;. Joseph Brett, b, Mav 14. l>-2(;; res. Ceneva, (). 1. Jl.'rrlct. b. Aiig. 12, l"^')^. 
2, Ahhk,h. yhu-r\\ 4, ISfJl. 3, /A /VA'/. J ulv 2, ISOii ]n. F.mii.v Ikkxk, b. April 24, 
1841; m. Oct. 2(), bSoO, \\m. Stone, b. FrieCo.. X. Y.. Aui.-. 13, ls3(;: res. Tittawassee! 
Mich. 1, /(/'/. b. J\:ly 3. ISGl. 

IV. Jennette, b. "A]nil 2o, isii.j; ui. in X. llav., Au::. 2N. 1824, llar/.illi.a Mor-=e, b. 
Fitclilicld, C<mn., Aprils), 1801: d. \N'e--t Haven, J une 14. 18.;:;. 1, Hknuy Sim'.i-ark. 
b. Austinburi.di, 0.. April 9, 1827: d. July 27, ]s72, in Olney, His.: m. in Homer. X. V., 
June 11, 1852, Martha Sophia Stewart, 'b. Dec. 3, lS2(i; Ves. Olney, Ills. 1. WaJtcr 
Slncdi't, b. Macon, (ia., ."March 2(;. 18o3. 2, A)ni,i .Jnnulfc. b. AiM-il":^. lsr)."i. 3, llmrii 
rrdnij. b. June 1. 18~)7. 4. Mirilin Kdint, b. Aug. 30, ISoS. .-,, CAy/v; Minnie Mui, b. 
Aug. 30, 181)3. 2. Ei.iZAKKTii Jkxxkttk, b. Vienna, N. Y'.. Sept. 2!), 1S33; in. >klay 17, 
1800, John ^^'oodruff Catlin, b. Harwinton, Conn., Dec. 30, 1S32; res. West Haven. 1. 
Jtvnie U/i^rs'i/i. b. Julv 14, 1S(;;;. :!, Ai)i:i.Aini-; 'riii:Ki.s \. b. March '), isiO; lu. April 
2.-), 1872. Kollin \V. Xeale, b. Southingio!i, Conn., Dec. 7, 1^2:-:: res. S. 

V. Wm. Holt, 1). Xo. (iuiltV)rd. Conn., .\u--. K!, 1S!>i»; formerly mercht. in X. V. 
('. ; now (1873) iirojirietor of " Pockview vlneyauls ami fruit farms" at Westville, L'onn. 
(Steel ].ort. eui;. bv H. B. Hall iS: Sons, 02 Fulton street, X. \.): in. in Orange, Conn., 
Mav 11. 1834, \M:'rtha, dan. of AValter Wihuot. b. .Milford, Cimis.. Dec. !),MsiO. 1. 
Wm. Ilr.xuv, b. Sep:. 10, 183."); d. We-^tv., May !), ISiiD; in. in Troy. X. i'., May, 
ISoO, .\ntoiiiette Pierce. 1. IF///. /A /j/-//, b. MaiVh. l^ii;]; d. Xov., ]m;3. 2. Ei:axi:ks 
E>t.\iA, b. .lune, ls3^: d. Dee. 21.1841. 3. F.!>\v.\i;n Wai.iki!, b. X^v. 2ti, IS-jO; rrmd. 
Wa.shington lust. , Oirnm-e, ( 'onn. ; stud, law in Milford, Westv. and Vale law School 
while teacher of. -(diool, ;iiid in otlb-e of Lu/,ou H. Morris till admitted, to the bar. To 
liis etlorts in I'^'i'^-O and subse(|uently. the institution in Conn., of the order of 
" Knights of Pyhthins" is largely due; "elected iSiiO, (i r.nud Chanci llor of the Order in 
Conn, a.nd dip. (J. <'. for Xew Fug. I'he "I^awson Lodge" of Fcdr Hav. named fur 
liim. He has also Ijeen j^romineul in Odd Ftdlowshiii and Free .NTasonrv, being AV. M. of 
Hiram Lodge, Xo. 1. <,f X. H. In l.s72, he ]>ub;i.-.lied •' //,-■ C/.s,'/, <;>' f/tr 7'nrrf J/.y.v- 
<f-/-/( ,v,'' a translatloii by hiniNelf from an Italian historic romance of the 17tli century : 

j)AWsox. 49 

K. Ilav.. C. C". <'li:itfie]d & Co. U<; traveled in HiUDpe and puhlislied a vol., " Ihymlirffi 
\V<iiir(i_iini/.-< in Jn'iii'iK Sr<,ffu/,,I, /t./ljy ii ,i(I Sii-i'u," 12 uio. , hijli ]). \<. ; New Hav.. (-ieo. 
II. iruliUKuid A: Co , IbTo: m. in N. H., Jum.- oO. Ib(j5, Alice Auiru.stfi Smith, 1). Autr. 
1"). 1«4!), dan. of Willis .M. Smitlj. Es(i. 1, JA/ry J/ila, h. An^r. 7, mac,, 2, lL>,aird 
P(n-k. b. July •>. 1n(j!<. 4, (iKn., h. On' *). 1S4'2; ni. Fe!.. 5, ISGU. Julia A. 
Ackeinian. b. Windsor L')ck.s, Conn,, 1^4-"). 1, Uciitcia h'rne.stinc , b. Feb., 1n(;S. 5, 
Fi;.\NKi,iN Trni.i:, b. July l.'j. ly44: fruit fatiner and manuf. of domestic wines; 
serve;! six nios. as private, Co, A, 27tli Conn, vols.; res. Westville; m. Xov. 6. 
1872, Nellie, dau. of L. \\". Peck. G, C.vitor.tXK Ivks, b. Aug. i), iy4(). 7, Ei.i.a, 
Anzonktt.v, b. Aug. ;-) b><4:i. 

VI. Henry Shepard, b. New llrtf. July ;j, 1,^11;!. Mercli. and nuumf.; cont'er- 
tioner; lias bnu I'res. , now (1><78) \'i(;e-PrLS, and Director N. II. & Derby li. K. Co.; 
])irector Yale National I'ank; Pres. New ilav. Water Works Co., with whicli he 
lias been ]>roniineiiily connected frnin its organization, about iNoO; an energetic, }iublic 
spirited and usi-ful citizen, to whcun New Unv. is indebted in relation to many enter- 
prises of public benetit; in. in Orange, Conn., June 4, IsMH, Elizalieth Ailing, b. Orange. 
Feb. 17, 1S17. 1. Hk.vuv S.NftTH. \k Aug, :2-2, isll; d. l),-c. 3, ls(J7, unm.' 2. Sidxkv 
Iloi/r, 1). Oct. 27. 1842; in. Oct. 10, 1871, Sophie L. Pierce. 1. Il-uri/ S/np'trd. b, June 
22, 1872. :i Ar-.\ >r.\ Edv,-.\R[), b. Feb. 2», IMl; m. Aug, 20, 1X73, Katie F. Gray, 
4, D.vviu Ai.oNzi), b. Jan. 11, 184^; d. April 2. 18(11. 0. Tiijcodoijk Sukiwud, b. .Mav 
15, 1847: d. April 14, ISGl. G, M.Mtv Em/.vbkth, Ij. Jan. 15, 18-i*J; d. .March 20, 18Gf. 
7, C!i,\Ki,Ks Ai.i;ij;r, b. March 31, ISoO; d. Feb. 1, I80G. 8, Fi.dKKxcK, b. Nov. 
10, 18.j4; d. Mav 27, 181)1. The five chil, who d. \\ithin a [leriod of about ten weeks in 
ISGl, were victims i>f di[)htheria. 

137522. Thomas Dawsoil, b, Southington July 28, ITTo; d, in N, Ilav. of can- 
cer, Jan. 18, l8:47: farmer and r^bot maker; m. in Northford. Conn., C blue yLinsley), vvid. 
of Sylve.->ter Howd; sl,e d. in N. of lung fever, Sept. 29, 18:j;J, a, Gl. 
1, Holt. 1>. about ISO.-,: d. y. 

11. Thomas ll(dt, b. Dec. 7," 1807; d. Licliing, O., June 8, 1847; m. in Caldwell, 
N. J., Nov. 27, 18;^:}, Abigail Jacobus, b. March 28, 18i53; rem. same yr. to Northford, 
Conn.; rem. to Caldwi-11. I80G, tliencc to Ilartfordtown, Licking Co., 0., 1840. She ra. 

(2) , res. ;tt Condit, Del. Co., O 1, Stepukx V,, Nov. lU. 1844; d. Aug 15, 1855. 

2, M.\KV ADKi.i.NT-:, Jan. 28. 18:^,1); ,1, i^f ,1 ., j vj_ Kki j;kx 'I'ikiai.xs, April 10, 1841: 
d. June 7, 1847, 4, Aikkn ^Vii.-ox, b. Aug. 28,-1844, 5, F.\n.ny, Jan. 7, 184G; iu. 
Jan. G, 18G2, Lawrence Ilouirh. b. Nov. (i, 1887; re.s, Condit, O 1, Xd.'ic Diiirsoii. Nov, 
21, 18G8. 2. Frank, Mav 28. 1870, G, Cirr.OK, Jan. 4, 1848; m. Sept. 11, i8G0. 1, 
I,i«ih Dilh, Sept. 15, 1870. 

111. Marv Adf-line. K\,\\\ 25, 1810; m, in Northf.. Conn., April 25, I8:j8, Horace 
Smith, favmrr, i) No, ILiv. Jan. 20. 1811; res. \Vallingford. She d.' July 2. 1887, b-av. 
1 (di. 8 weeks old. 1, Mki;it D.vwson, June 11. 1887; m. .May 18, 1857, Lucy C. 
Wriirhi. b. Vv'inton, Conn., Auir. 7. 1840; res. ^N'all'd, Conn. 1, CIkih. Liizertif. Sept, 
24.1859. 2. IF/'/. 7/o/r//, (ict.^:!, 1861. 8, JA/yv/ /^/^/^ Oct, 8,- 18fi4, 

137525. Anna Dawson, b. S. Aug. 7, 1779; d. in Union, N. Y., Feb. 2G, lf58, 
a. 79; a very motherly, e:irnesl and pious woman, and universally beloved; m. in S. 
March 25, 1798, Henry Meloy,* b. in No. Branford. Conn., March 25. 1778: d. suddenly in 
Fnion, .March s. l8Gii, a 82. They lived together GO yrs, lacking 1 mo. He Icariied 
the coojier's Trade, but bec;aine a niiM-tdi, In 1^07 res, (ui Ishuid of Trinidad, W. I.; em - 
I>loyed men to muke hoL;-sheads which he extJumged foi- mobisses and l.ok to N. H. 
He was in the NV. I. trade many yrs, in 1812 he was 0110 of a comp:iny \vln> lirted out 
a ])rivat«HM'. The vesse] was lo-<t in Charb-^ton harbor. Rem. to UrounieCo.. N. '1',, 
liought a tract of timber land, and was merch. and cooper manv vrs. He was a man of 

*Ed\v:ird .Melov. u'. of Henrj-i, b. in Ireland May i6, 1734; rem. to N. Hav. i-jy.i; learned shoemaker s 
trade, afterward went into the shipping L)usi;'.css and became wealthy. He tra led ir, tlie W I and the 
Mediterranean, and at the be.:rinnin.g- of the revolutionary war owned several vessels. His losses were very 
heavy In coiisecpiencc of the \\ar. and in consideration thert-of the s'overnmfnt save his heirs a valu.ibie 
tract of k-nd in (J.Mo. He m. in .V. Hav,, in 175'S, Mary. dau. of Jeremiah and ,Mary tliarberi Parni.-.lee, 
and had Henry as above anvl an onlv dau. who ni, (."apt, Haldivin, a revolutionary soldier and officer — a 
blacksmith and worked with IJavid Beecher, (f. ol Dr. I.vman I'cecl'.er). in N", Hav. at his trade, makinq 
a,>:es and hoes. Capt. B, was noted for hi^ benevolence to the poor. Their sop, Jchn J'a!dwii,b. 
Branf.jrd, Coijn., Oct. 13. t-^-4 ; taupht school in LitchticlJ, Conn , in his youth. Founder of the Bald- 
v.-in Vniversity at Herea. Ohio; m. and had 7 chil. See steel portrait and biof^raphy in L>ti/i,s'' l\,'/>cs!- 
to> y, Dec, 1S67, 




, aiu! of excellent natural jihilitiu.--. 
ill }>ossf.ssion of liis g-. s., W. A. Mi 

He left ill II 
lov of Wasliin; 

S.S. an Hiitobiot,rra|,liiriil .'.kt-t.-l 
:ton, j). r. 5 rliil., all Ij. X. H. 

I. Harriet Lewis Meloy, b. Jaii. 14, 1791J; <l. Clienaniro Forks, X. Y. , Pel) •.'■> 
1878; for lialf a ceutuiy ideiuified witli the social and relio-ions history of the villa>n"' 
"a shining lio-ht," ••the stronirest soul," (funeral striii'.u): in. Jan. -1. l.S>0 .lohu Barkiu-' 
Rogers, b. JJ.-,!e, X. Y., May fj, ITlJij. s. of Simeon of (.Tuilford, Conn. (S('c " Ahivilsof 
Binghamton." fo:- interesfing acrounts of tiie early life and adventures anioiic-r ihV 
Indians of his ni.nher. wliu was Mary DaikiM'. daii. of Jehu of Branford, Conn )^ Mr 
Rogers \v:,s a mendiaiit, niilh-r, deah.-r in dairy pro.lurts in large quantities for tlie 
eastern markets. Postmaster und.'r several administrations, but removed bv I^-es 
Polk for i.olitieal re:,s..n.-. Mmiljer of the state leg., lb-14. Countv supervisor as Ion- 
as he v,-ould serve. Pi'ob. to him mon/ than to any other man is due the i)ros^- 
perity of the village and vicinity, M their golden wedding. Jan. 4, LS70, the fam 
gatliering numbered over oO, ii!(dudi!ig 7 ohil., 18 g. ohil., '.] o-t. g. chil. 1, Ur-:\KY 
ArorsTis. b. A iril :j(t. ]s-,'l; res. Chenango Forks; postmaster;^ m. Jan. o 181'3 Emina 
^VilJard, b. Marrh ID. 1S2 ; d. April li. ls63; CJ) Feb. S, bsBfj Harriet A Ells 1 
Jlxrriit Kliz", b. .May !l. 184:1; m. May l:), ISCS, li.-v, Isaac Mills Elv. pastor Presb 'chh" 
at Chenango Forks (isij:»-71). h, 1S7-2 Mr. and Mrs. Elv estal)lished a select scho«d for 
girls. 1, E'uma W illard. b. l-'.4i. y, isf,!). 2, \Vm, Ko^-crs, b. Feb. 18 l,s7 ] o 
Ildr,, .)Lir;/. b, Xov. 8, 1^4."); m. Sept. 19, 18';ij, lion. Jerunie ij. Laiidfield, b. Ha7iov<-r' 
Delaware (•<,., X. Y., Xov. f!, 18-.37; tanner; mf-mber state leg., lS(M-7-J: Ks Xewark 
Valley. X. Y. 1, Henry Clark, b. Mayo. 1808; d. July 28. fs7(3. •>, J.-rome Barker 
1). May 7, 1871. 8, ///wr, ^Lloi/, b. Jan, 2S. 1848; m. Dec 25, isnij, Robert D Cillson' 
b. Oct. 0, 182G: R. H. ticket agent at Hornell,-~vi]le. 1, Roirers. b. Oct 24 -1867 2' 

Willard Eliza Chittenden, b. April 21, l.'-i;o. 8, . 2, TitKODoKi: Simkon, 'b. Oct U 

1834; formerly postmaster of ( '. F. ; rem, to Binghamton: in. Sept. 10. I80I. Harriet 
Xarcissa Johnson (dau. of Rev. Le(uuud). b. .Manchester, Vt., Dec. 81, 1,'<27- d on board 
steamer Arctic on Fake Suj-erior. Sfi-t. 10, 1871. 1, ri„rri^ iluU'h b June 21 d Au.'- 
29. ]8o8. 2. 'rV.,. 7V//'7/ b. Julv i;t. I8.YI. 8. Fr<:d. rid T]..<>n.,r. April 11 'l.^.;7- d 
Jan. 27. ls,"i!>. 4, C'h,tf, nnfu I'intrh. b. June 2o, Is.".!". .->, J.^hn B„rh\r b' Vu^- 14 
1805. 8, .M.MiY Ann, b. .Vpril 17, F^2i:i; m, Au-. lu, is hi,^Jev Fulla.-ar b "iven; 
Co.. Eng., Sept. 11, IS] 7; cashier Lake Shore bar.k, Dunkirk. X'. Y! 
b. July 14. 1S4?. 2. J/.//-.// J.<ii,,jl, ,/. h. March 2y, 1S54. 8 JLiltn 
1860. 4. (t'/v/ /.'„-/. b. Aug. 7, 1870. 4, X-uI!m.-\.n 
31, 1852, Eli/.a Thomas, b. A].ril 10, 1881; res. C. F. 
2, Wilt. Thiiin".", b. June 5. 185!;. 8. Ihnni Mnrti 
b. Feb. 14. 1805. 5. ILtUie Mdoy. b. Jan. o, 1801). 
in. Sept. 18. 184!t, Janu-s Ilagainan; farmer; b 1)( 

1 r 7 1 ■ 1 -11 1 .T , . .-. 1 T , ... , . 

1. i:U-,!htth A'ifr, 

''iirric. b. Jnlv 2. 

Stkxkns, i,, O'-x. 8. jiS28: m. Aug. 

1, AuKii Ctirri'-. 1). .Iulv26. 1858, 

n, b. Feb. 14. ISOU. 4. Lid,' h',;-d. 

5. Jri.i.\ E1.1/..V. b. Oct. ;',0. is.-jo; 

11. 18111, in ("irei-iie, X, Y. 1. 

Mary Dui nil, b. March 2. 1^51; d. Julv21, 1852. 2, John B.irl.n- h 2 185 
JiiUo n„;/rrs. b. Xov. !). 1S55. 4. J'ldifh /.'/,7?.v.,,v. b. Xov. 1, l.S(];;. 5 L.ii„/ln'/ F^illnmir 
b. March 7. 1807; d, March 13. 1871. 0, William, b. Dec. 4. Is82; d. Mav.5 1887' 7' 
C.utoLiXK ILviani-.T, b. Feb. 10, 1885. 8, Cko. Willlvm, b. Oct. 14, 1S88; ri's. Bin.- • m' 
Ai)ril 1, 1854. Zane Knapp, who d. March 4, 1804: (2) Sej.t. 21. 18ti'4, Lida Jane Reed b 
Oct. 28, 1848. 1. (jio. Worthy, b. Feb. 1!), 18i>8, and an adopte*! child. C/uir/r.s Ain/iishis. 

(\ f* 1 TM \ I'TX- V T IT 1 !,"IT-I.^ I. 1....^,^ 101*. -1 i.'.,^*. i^-» It. 41.1 


in (ireeoe, 
len, X. Y., 

O _, _ ,,,.,... ,, .^..._., .>„ ..,„, 

0, Catii.\i;in-k Ji-LiF.TTE, b. June. 1844; d. Sept. 28, 1S48" 

il. Henry .Meloy, b. March 9, 1801; res., Is78,' Ellicottsville, X. Y 
X. Y., Feb. 17, 1828, Xancy ^Vaterman. b. Otsego, Julv 18. 1801; d 
1S55. 1, I'.riirAKr.NK. b. March 9, l.s42: d. Auir. 2r, ISoti! 

HI. Frederick ^Yillianl M-loy, b. Feb. 20, 1805;' m, in Greene. Dec. 8, 1880, Martha 
Emilia Williard (dau. of Dr. Samuel), b. StalYord Sj. rings, Conn., Xov Hi l.'^OV- d 
March IL 180S: (2) in W. Hav.. Conn., Oct. 21, 1S09, Su.^an France's .Melov McCaVthv 
(wid. of Sergt. Thomas McCarthy, Co. 1. Kith reirt. Conn, volunteers, who was killed a'l 
battle of Antietaiu, Sei)t. 7, LSrr'i, b. Orange. Conn., Aug. 27, 1884; her g. f. a bro of 
Henry Melov. 1, W.m. Af(M-.sTis, b. Au.u-'. 20, 1882; Y. C. 1854; lawver.^Yashington. 
D. C; in i).\\ 10, 1808, Mrs. Emily Josepiia Stewart, b. Washington. Julv 2, ]S4l,'\vid 
of Ahxa.nder Stewart and dan. of Wni. and Isabella (Bond) Xourse of \\'.; res in Muir- 
kirk Staiion. M<1. 1, Kditli Widurd, b. Oct. 8, isiiii. 2, h.ibcUo JUttridwKsc, Aj>;-il 15 
1871. 2, John Willmid, b. Sept. ,s, 1881; merch. ; les. Portville, Cattaraugus (.',,., X.' 
Y.; ni. Frames Abigail Williams, b. Sejjt. 19, 1885. 1. Fraive.t, Ajiril 4, b«08.' 2, 
Fredii'-n. Dec. S, l,s.;4. :]_ jniry. Au;^ 12, IhCO. 4, Jo/t/i F'lr'. June I4' 1^71 .;' 
S.v.MLKh Hlnuv, b. Sept. 8, ls;]0; los. Washiiigto!) . D. C. ; clerk in treasurv d'epartment; 
m. O.-t. 11, 1^71). Anna Isib.ella Xourse, b. \^■ashington, Xov. 2, lS.-)2; sis. of l-imilv. 1, 
Ar(/i"r yo'n\<t. h. Marcli 8, 1S72. 4, Ai', b. (.'reene, X. Y., Dec. 9, 1888. 5, 


,\NNA, 1.. Aug. 8, 1S41: in. Nov. ?,0, 1.%.J, Geo. livder, h. 'J'rentnn X Y Sent 
1.), iy44: n-s (inat \ alley, X. Y. 1, ChnrlotU C/iri.-'tina. Nov. 10. 18CG 2 Vllfo-rd 

]]U!<a<J. Nov. l;^. 1.S72. 0, (,'ii.Mii.Ks Fkkdkkick, b. Dei;. 17. IS-KJ; re.s Attica NY • 
editor and jHiblislier ol' Attint W' Xors; fonnerjv editor and ptihlishcr of the True 
Fatriotoi Vnhn. y,.\.: m. Sept. 22, ISOO, ('ar..]ine Antoinette, dau. of Oran.'-e and 
Mercy Ihtclu-ock, b. China. N. Y., Oct. 2S, 1,S41. 1. Gnn-e. h. Uvominc^ Wvomin.r 

ler., .Inne:j0. 1871. 7, Eowakd Uichmom), b. .June 12. 1S40; res. Coibicana Navarro 
Co.. 'iexus; iinni 8, 'I'liKouoKK, 1>. IS, ISlf); d \piil y i^r,>< <) 
M.\in'ir.\ H\rii.v, li. ]\iay 2(i, ]yr)4. ' • • • i . ■ -. 

IV. .lulia Ann Meb.y. b. Nov. 12, ISKJ, ni. at Tnion, N. Y.,. June 21 ls;jy Hev 
,Tudali J.. Kiclunond. b. Ihirh.uii. Schoharie Co., N. Y., April 17, 1S07- d at She'tFu-ld 
Ashtabula ('o., U., .May 14, iNuS; gia,l. .Madi.son Univ., Hamilton. N.' Y., is'^j:;; Bai>t.'. 
minister :).") yrs: s. of Uev. Ednuiml liichmond. 1, I'tiKoixntE, b. March 2, 18:^7, 
educated at Bapt. bniv., l.ewi.sburtrh. Pa. An able and successful lawver at Chattanoo-ra' 
Tenn: m. .Ian. 21. Isil2. Harriet IScr--. rt, b. Ma.-sillnn, (.)., Aiiir. 17, ls;j.s i Chini,'.^ 
};<rn,rt. I),..-. :]. ]si;2: <1. ,)ir,i<' 7. INM. 2, (irir, ri,,.f„„t:r,,..,l (tam.' L'.mo.), b. 
o.t. IK. 1S(;4. ;3. .<-//■,//, X„v. 17, 1S7(). 2, i,. :. Injo- ,„ in 
I.iogonn-r. Ind., May 12, l.s(.i2, Louis Davie- 'llmnuis. I). Klldiait Co., Ind.. May 12 IHMO 
(s. of Thomas, wl,,) was the first county clvrk of Klkluuti. elert. d, l,s7t of Klk- 
han County: n-. (i<.-hen. Ind.; dry p.od> menh. 1, Fr^ml \V,n-nn Manh l:-; lS(i:J- 
d. Oct. r.. lMi4. 2. r,/,v,v,„ /,,,,/„//„. An- 21, isr,,-,, :;, K.nlnn-i;, \m- 17 lS(iU 8' 
<;il.\Kl.K,- Hkni;v. 1;. Dec. 14. b^42: in.Tch. and ,lairv faiincr; n-s. Kridit-.n, horain Co., 
().: m. April 2. iMio, Mary Tracy. 1.. (Jran-vr. ()..' Oct. 1'.), lS4:i: (dan. of K.-v Abel 
Tracy, Mr-ih.) 1. JJ./rri.f Tm,;/. Dec. 27. Isr,:, 4. (Jijac!: .Adki.f.vk. h. .\pril l:-,. ]S4(i; 
111. .Inly 1(1, iMiM, llarv<-y HartholoniciV. 1.. W'atertnw n. N. V.Fe!). ]:\. 1S41: ri s. Ai.' 
Fulton Co.. (.).; (iruiTizist; in C. S. sei-vice 8 inns, .juiini,^ the civil war with 'A luos l" 
jtV,7A. S, 1S(17. 2, //c-Z^cr/, Julv 2s. Isc,;,. :\, /■)-,,/, rirl; \h-r. ] ls71 .-, FniA)'- 
EiucK MKl.dv. b. March 27. 1S4S: res. Clev, land, o. fi, li,\Tn vki.vk Dec 2o I's.-iO- m 
•iTine 8. 1.S70, \\-i,i. Fihvard P..c,].-y, b. .lune S, 1,S4,-,; ,vs. Bri-liton. O. 1. Fn'„;. L'irh- 
■.■n'y/i/I. b. .Ian. 7. 1>>72. 

V. Crace Amelia Mehiy, b. .luly 4, ISlo: m. Nov. 1, ISiJI, (.■harles K^'-bcrt K.-eler, 
b. Bmghamton, N. Y., A].ril 4. isni;; d. Nov. 2, 1s77; niercli. 1, .It lia a'x.n, .Ian. 12,' 
1N38: m. Dec. 0, bsoo. Ciiarle.s Barllmloiuew .Mesereau, b. Union, Feb. 27, 1-^27': merch.'- 
res. Fulton, 111. 1, Orirrc K(Wh. I'eb. 27. iSdr-i. 2, Cathinii,,^ V.rU, Dec. o, isc'i. 2,' 
AiiEl.AiDK Amki.ia. b. 2\\\<s:. 20. ls';3(;: m. Jan. Id, IS.YS. Leomird Me'lancthon .lohnsoni 
M.D.. b. Kaysviile. Pa.. .Tan. 24, 18M0, (bro. to Harriet N., v f. of Tlieo. S. l.'oirer.s). Ho 
■served in the civil war as sergt. in ;jd reo-t, N. Y. volunteers. At Fortress Monroe and 
at tlie Elmira i)rison couip. for the confederate sick soldiers; res Creene N Y 1 
Stdla Trory. Aug. 2(1, 18U1. 2, liar rift, Oct. 3, 1871. 

137526. Eunecia Dawson. V.. Snutliiiiirton. Conn.. Dec. 2ti, 1781: d. Dunkirk, 
N. \ ., March 4. 180.5; m. 1820 in Batavia. N. Y., .lolm Prc<coit (his 2d \vf.). b. San- 
bornton, N. 11., March 28, 1787, (2) 1S20, Simeon Aldrich. Onlv child bv 1st m.; 

I. Harriet Mead, b. .June 2r>, 1821: m. .lulv 81, 1841, Elijah Dresser, 3LD., b. 
Pans, N. \., Sept. 15, 1810; res. E. Otto, N. Y. "l. Cei-iias, b. Sept. 2, 1848; 
enlisted Oct. 21, ISOI. Co. B. 9th regt. N. Y. volunteers; at battle (jf Cedar Mountain, 2d 
Bull Bun, Berryville. After Berryville, taken sick and sent to ^Vashinglon; returned 
to his leg. Nov., I^m. and took part in (xen. Mead's Mine Bun campaign, battle of the 
^^ ildeniess, 1804, Todd's Tavern and Spottsylvania, and while on a raid in rear of 
Lee's army went within the outer works of Bichmond and distinctlv heard the alarm 
bells of the city. Again taken sick and spent the rest of 3 vis. in hospital at ^Vashing- 
ton: m. in Dunkirk March .T, 1807, Margaret Avastasia O'Connor, b. Holland Landin^^ 
C. E.. Aug. 2.-), 1840; res. Dunkirk. 1, F/l,,i, Sept. 11, 1808. 2, Emii.v Eim:* i \ b' 
•Ian 2, d. Nov. 2, ISlK. :J, Mosks Bkixhku, .Jan. 4, 18r,l. 4, CitAitLi.s Cokvdon. 
Manh 20, l>."i;L .=), Laiiia Piikscott, March 28, 1858. 

137527. Bristol Dawson, b S. .luuc 12. 17s,-): d..M.'iii!en Conn Vr\> •">5 is,^-)- 
m. .Man-li 1. 18i;i. Sil,y] .\krrill. h. N. Hrtf.. Conn , .lulv I, 178'.); d. at n-s. of Iki's. -in- 
law, .locpli Sig.un-hey, m rb-istol, Couti., .hily 27, 1S71;8 chil. all b. N Hrtf.. Conn. 

I. Elliott -Marshall, .Ian. 22, 1S14; painter: res. Waterville, Conn. ; m. Oct. 1 
1838, Esther Smith, b. Harvvinton. Cum., Mav 11, 1817. d 1'. Auir. 25, 1S42: .v. /; (2) 
Jan. 4, lS4t;, Bos-tta N'orth, b. IMvniouth, Conn., Nov. Id, JSl'.i. 5 (hi! ' 1 M \i;-ii u.i", 
Sept. 20, d. Oct. 4, 1S40. 2., .lune !), 1850; n-s I'lv. :; Wii.i.vki. Fi i rorr' 
Sej-t. 21, 1852; .1. Sept. 21. 1853. 4, F];i:i)I.i;ick i-'.i.ou.nT; Feb. 15, 1^57- d. Feb g' 
1800. 5. FiiKi). \Vii.i,.m;i), Sept. 17. 1802. 


II. Mary Atiti, May 14, IsHJ; in. Sept. I:!. 18:^7, Norton C. Parsons, b. Enfirl.i. 
Conn., AuiT. 18, 1810: d. Broad P.rook, K. Windsor, J luio <5, ISoO; (',') Dn-. 14, l.S")8, Urrin 
JiisseH, b. K. W., L)(m-. 1, 17:»2; d. Jan. s, lyr;j i, Ci.iffuku Dawson, Nov. 14, 1S;;.S: 
served in L'nion army 4 yrs. and S nios. ; starved in 3d Conn, and bth Conn, veteran vol- 
unteers; in battles of IJull Kan, Roanoke Island, Xewbern. sie^e of Fort Macon, South 
Mountain, Antietani, Fredericksburgli, siege of SurVoJk andsieg(;of Petersburg!! and Kich- 
mond; res. Bristol, Conn.; m. Jan. '2, 18114, Elizabeth Lovelett, b. England, Sept. Itj. 
18-37. 1, Sortoi, CnJl'ord, Sept. 1, IStU;. 2, AuviiiK, Aug. 28, 1840; "served 8 nios. in 
3d Conn, volunteers and 'd yrs. in I'ith Conn ; ns. Bristol; m. Sept. , 18u(J, Marv E. 
Spencer, b. Houlton, Me,, Jan. 18, 184(j. 1, ('Lira Mav 20, lS(i7. 2, Enlhu- 
Slb'il, Auir. 1, 1S71. 

III. Eveline Abigail, b. AjmII 2«i. LSbS; in. May 2. 1841, Ihw-.n Kussell B. P-rkins, 
b. W. Sprinirfield. Mass.. Ai>ril 10. 1817: res. .Meiiden. (,"oun. 1, Cii.Uii.Ks UrssKi.J,, b. 
Jan. 2."), 1844; tn. Jan. 22. ]8(;7, Carrie F. Deyo, b. Highland, X. V.. Mareh 2. 1847. 2. 
(iKo. \\!i.i,.\i;d, b. Aug. U, 18")U. o, Jcdsox XoiiroN. b. Dec 7, 18--)2. 

W . Minerva, d. v. 

V Juliette, b. Maveh 18. 1821; ni. Urt. 14. 1841. Henry W, Hi-^>rll. b. E. W., I)e,:_ 
2;^, 1.M8. 1, Ei.i/.Ar.KTii E., b. Aug. b, 1^41; ni. Sept. 1, 18(>J, Charles \V. Daveui.ort. 
b. Newlane, Vt.. Oct. 1, 1820: res. Bd. Bk., E. W. Conn. 1. JAlln, b. Nov. 2:^. ISOk 2. 
liUi M,iii, b. Julv 2o. 1807: d. Julv 30. 1808. 2, Et ( u s II.. b. Jan. 29, 184."). 3, M.vnv 
M., b. Jan. 27, l"8."i:-;. 4. Katik j"., b. Sej.t. oO. E^:)7; d. Ai)iil 0, 1809. 

VI. Sibvl. d. y. 
VII. Sibyl. Nov. 2!. 182.-): ni. June 9, 184."i. Jnse]>h Sigourney. b. Spezia, Italy, Feb. 
17, 1821: merchant; ie>. Bristol. 1. Al.i'.rciiT Mai;sii Ai.r.. b. Aug. 1, 18''>0; rn. Nov. 4. 
1809, Angle Mauross, b. Aug. 1. IS.jO. 2, Fi;.\Mv Wii.i.akd. b. (h-t. 2."), is.")*!. 

VIII. "Marilla Elizabeth,''b. Oct. 31. 1828; ni. Nov. lo, 1818. (b-orge Ilosford Evans. 
1). Chatiiani. Conn., Nov. 4, 1824; res. 15. 1. W.M. 1Ik.\i;v, b. Sept. 9. 1849. 2, Mauv 
EsTriKK, b. Dec. 1-"), 18-)4; rn. in Troy. N. Y.. Aug. 22. 1S72, Drsun P. Woodruff, b. Avon. 
Conn., July 13. 1S47. 3. Gko. Bikukit, b. Oct.' 14, \Ku. 4. IlAKr.TKT Mii;a, b. Feb. 
9,1800. f), Hakkv, i). .luly t^, 1N03; d. Aug. 13, 18Go. 0, Anna Emzat.ktu,. 1). Aug. 
17, 180."). 7. NF.iJ-n: Makif.i-a, b. Jan. 27, 1807. 8, IIauiiv, b. Jan. 17, 1870. 9, Srnv].. 
b. March. ls72. 

137528. Timothy John Dawsou, b. Aug. 13, 178.^; d. Cazenovia, N. v.. 
Mari.di 2. 1>S4:>; a niii.>-l excellent man; cnjuyuig the esteem and love of the community in 
which lie lived in a very high degiee; jierfectly honest and truthful, with his lathers 
peculiar tendency to Immor. and an almost womanly gentleness and tenderness, traccal>!."- 
perha])S to his mother. He was sonu-whar above the medium stature and jjoss. a fair 
degree of physical vigor. He m. in \\'.. Conn.. Feb. y, 1S13, Buhamah Roberts, b. (.)ct.. 
22, 1792; rem. to Canton, Conn., thence, in Isil."), to (."azeiiovia, and in 1822 to N'fdson 
Village wl')-. he l-ejit public hcuis" many yrs. : again to Ca/i'., 1S:!S ;in,l ];,.pt pub. lujii.-e thr. 
Very fond of com]>any and noted for hosi)!tality :!nd practic-al bi.'nevo!encc-. After the wii.r 
of 1812 the country was overrun liv poor wayfarers, beggared by the evil fortunes of the 
times. Many of til es(. found his door open. He nui.-id iXu: sick, kept the footsore till 
they were healed, help-d the destitute to clotliing or shoes, and assisted them to find 
employment or sdf-help. He was supj'orted in all this by his wise and frugal ludjunect, 
never weary in well doing. Fond of ])ets, he laid the art of nuUciug every helpless and 
dei)endent creature love him. Mocks of birds canu' daily every summer to \w U-d l>y 
his hand. Charitable in judi^'meni, le.- allowed no censonousuess or gossip among his (dui - 
dren. "If you have uorhing good to say don't .-ay aaytliing." lb' had a sToi'c of huisior 
and amusing anecdote, and was usually very cheei ful, yet sLitlered sometimes from extreme 
depression, i)nt the slnidows were short lived and the sun soon shout; again. He had'a 
strong alTection for his kindred. A remote, common ancestry or identiiy of family name 
endeared ])er.sons to him as if life-long friends and be never fiugot thi'm. A true friend. 
A genial co:npauiou. His word \va- niw in liis family, yet so hiving and imlulgent, tha' 
no one wislied it otherwise. "Hi^ lib' was gentle and the elements si.» mixed in him 
tliat nature might staml up^and say to all the worl"!. this was a man." 

I. Lucia Eunecia Amelia, b. Canton. Nov. is, 1.^1:',; d. in Hloomingdale, ill., Aug. 
20, 18.')2; m. Jan. 2. 1^32. Fre<leriek Avery Kinney, b. Nelson. N. Y., N(,v. 4. lMi7: d. 
in Bernadotte, \\\<.. Julv 19, \xTi\\. '• In t-iiucation and refinement hardly fir bir [)ioneeis." 
1, TiMoriiv I.r.i;, 0. .\pril 23. 1S3I: d. in l-hieville. N. ^'., S<'pt. :10. ls3t. 2. fuKontCA 
(jKACH. b. Dec. ."). iSio; m. Feii. 2i'>, 1S.")',I. Charles {biodwin. |i. Aug. 10, 1S;;2; merchant, 
and farmer: res. (iioiMe, Kunt-('o., Ill<. 1, l.'h-'i.i y\ irt'^n . b. Jan^ 18, 1803. 2, L,i>"ri- 
Denton, b. Aug. 21. isdl. 3, Xi irton A-,, b. Jan. 2, 1871). 3. Rati-: Ei:i.i;NtA. b. Mardi 
2.5, 1838. 4. Maiiy ACGLSTA, b. June 24, 1S42: d. Aul. 20. l8.";0. o, Fkkdkick k Dkv.n. 


' . , ■ » HI.- hv i; U accident van ov<>r liv cars and 'lorli Icijs 

.-,; l„ui:;.^ and biid^r'' .-ari-cnt.-r and Imildrr; 

i,-,„-ki,ui»t.T t-. \ H. li. 1.. 1, '■'"":;.; ,^;;,. ,.;,ii,„,i ]Niii„^7ii. ,,oi. n. y. v,.i,iiu,-.;iy., 

.he state I'm- c:ire ..f sick atul Nvrmiw^ed s<ddic, 

Lhestau-fnrc:ire..t s.cK aiui ^^^"^^' " T' , ^ , 1 ,.,. ,^,.^s, 1. De... ^;(., 1^4.); d. W.^^lu, 
Anuapnli^. Md. t-es Addison N\ i; ,' ;\^;'^,, r;^ ,,;,,,„,..! Ind. .nd Ik.ik KHuL 
1>. C, >!an- . 0. 1SS4. ,^^^'''''''•:■' ;^^^!^ ;*' li;',, ' ' ,eut ^^■ith otln-r rat. y^. men of his 

i„ W. C. (a notable dist iiH;tiou), Hi ^ ',.:';: -^, ;,■,,,„■ ,,,„i n,.t Nvith>ta udin- his youtii, 
lie wa> a .I,li.ent, methodical and ;;''^1''''-^''r-' ':;;;,;!,,,, ,) „,,,„tul ,„,..tical 
,.tthehiKh-.t etHc,ency. .^^^ --,' ll'l^ ','..; \-'*;,,tes,ltur. V. ^. vols., 
tions. His .cravestcate n, (■a-/,.-n,.v.a inM-uUed ■;'* ;1"J ' \' ' - ^h-velan. . <>.. -Ian. CH, 
.1. in W. March G, 1804 a. ^^ yrs., 11 n,o. 1 '>-'/; ^", \^„ i,,:,,... ,, ,„ne 
1803. Ensel.ia Fleiniu- Moore n.-ce „t IhuK .1. H. ^^ uU | v . , ^^^. ^,.^,,_ 

tiM. 1S4:,: ednc. at Oneida Conterence ^,.n ^^'^''^ .?;/,;,,;::,;! -A especialh the >.,oi- 
S:ate Tniv ■ lawver: editorially coniiecte.l wuh se^ <■! al '" '\ ;}':}" l..', \ .,■ r j ^.,, ^1,,, 


vounK'-st menu ot the body, and ,s alu^nb^a '^^-^.^j^^^'^^^ _,^,„ ^ 1^^,;, Uertrude Amelia 

hv Pres. r. S. reij-i-tei of tho land otti 

d;iu. of :^tajor Horatio lielcher .d 

• ■,;. -I "^ , N- ^- i^w in iQf!- les <a"- ■ idiiu o .Maioriiorauo i..i. ... . 

V':;::.: t^!:' iri^-r rv"^;^:^.. J,.;;,'::!':;;:^;^^.^^; \ U ^; ,--■ 
: ::v:" ';..>' ■■ «'.....^ l;:■'^^j,'-f ,::-,.;::;-;,;'^,;::'^-;v::;,nl..:;-":' V;:^^^^ 

1S4:0: rem. to byra.-us... N. A 1^^;>. ;' ' ^;:"';. , - j^-.. ,.,,,„ ^ , _^arian, Mirh.. and xv 
l«.pt public lionse at Oran and a De pbi, N ^ . '' ' ,';! :,„i.,,„i „„i,.,, whicl, he has 
<.duefVlerk .-f local ticket depf. li. IL: transle red to ( ' ^ Z' " ^' y ^ ,. uK 

lilh-d for 1!) vrs • m. Jan. '2.^, 1^4.^). Sarah Adeline kon,^ b. I oin]" • -^- i-- .,'.p ,. 

OTllV .bmx, Nov. •->!. 184i); tel.-raph operato,. -", IS. '",''". , .1,^ i.^Tk llel..n 
.eastern and s,u,then> division ol '^^^^ ^i;-;; -'.; , ^l",;^- 'V > ,;U ko. ,sa. An^. ^S 
Dann 3 ( )i. I VK.i; .kvM K-. b. .Tan. i .^. b^.)-', 'I- •'"'■•'-'•' • '• 

,i S..i.t 1.-. lsr,(b .-.. llKNKY I1<h-,ai:t. S.'pt. l^. l.M.O 
VI. i:.lvvard Seabrie.k-luly :?:3. IS'i'i 

veralvrs bo.,kke.-per for \Vhcat..n & IJobin 

in ISl'.t; trea-^iiier 

tution of th 

saddlerv an. I IS.'ISI'.'. 

h. many yi>. 

). 1. l''i.I>i''\ 

, ,.„ , ,. ..-. ,.,, Col. of I'har- 

. .1 !■ ,. (■!.,■ 1>,,,„. .V Co an. I bi'<-anie a partn.'r m L^ 

om.;; :•;■<•:;:;;,;' Hanirio^savk,:^: etn,:;.;.,! is.,.,..,. th. 0,.,... m., 

kind in S. He invent,.! and patented several valuaoe ';;;!;!; -','; 
harness hardware; ,<ee st.-el portrait ,n Iknvs.m -.O, n. n ^' ^ > " 1; ; 
riaris.a Hannah Mar^h. b. D.-c IH, isO-Mdan. o Mo..> N hm^ 1 • 
pn-.ident Onondaga, ouuty kank; a 1m cu.. .;! ' '^ '^ ^ " "V.' ' ! I , ' " sT 1 

^k^<;<^, .tune :k isoo. ■}. knu-.vK.. M:yM>" K. Sept. ,. . ^- ;;, ^^ ;' ;,; ^^ ,. ^,:,,,,,,,,i,i 

macv in PIdladelphia : receiv.! the aimnu. ^-Ul nn^.a! ''-, -'•.'"" ' "■ 
H,.Mr.i: Wni'.ATwN. Mank C, ls.-,r.. k .buiN H.vkkk.:, .b.n. k,. IM,-,. 



Vll. Mar^Aun Auiru^ta. April 2~. IX'^i'r, n's. 'I'dlcdo; uiiin. " A ^'ifli'd ami iu-cdiu. 
plislu'cl lailv, td wlimii Tin' CDiui'iliT is iai-i;-fly inilciitcd for aid in piThcriug- tin' iiiatrriaU 
for tliis rt'conl (of Oawson i;-ciifalnixy) liy ('. (.". Daw.xni." 

Vlll. ("Iiarlcs Carroll, li. I-^cl). A. 18:]:': mii. to Dcs Moines, Iowa, wlnnc he \Nas hook- 
soUtT, pnMishcr and stationer, county superintendent of jmlilic scliools, real est. ami 
iiisiiraiiee as^-ent. (see portrait enjrraved l)y Hall. frontispiectMif I'awson lioolo, cont rileitor 
ill jirose and vei-se to papers and inai;-azines, a Nohrmeof whicli has lieen coliec-ted and 
pulilishcd for private use; o-i-ad. law scln)ol at Ann .'vrhor. iNlifi. In iSC)',) heeame mem. 
(if tlie lioard of trustees for tlie sjirinL^ i-rojieriy al Saialoi,--;!, and manager of the eoni- 
l)anv's business in ^'e^\■ Vorki'ity; eotiii): ler of desr. of Hnhert 1 );i \.soii of K. l!av.. ('onr... 
))iil)lished lyTy (and of a companion volume of desc. of otlu-r aimeslors of the Dawson 
naiiie). from vdiicli this record of the desc. of Alpir;ail W in--ton istal:<'n. He m. acoi-dinii; 
to tlie order (d' tlie Societv of Friends in l'.ro<)lvhn. X. V.. .leanneite .Mar<.'.aret Siinonson, 
b. Stateii Jsland, March li). 1S2H; res. I'laintield, X. .1. 1. How.viil), Mav -^Ij. iMoT. ■,',. 
(\>i,.M.\x, :^Iay 7. IS."")^!. :k HoHKiiT. Auif. 14. ISHl: d. July Ki, 1S(J8. 4. ("' Wii,- 
MOT, Dec. lO" \^iu. ."), C.vTir.vKlNE I?rirA.MA)i, Xov. -Jl, 1S70. Also an ado])ted dan., 
Mary Hill Dawson, 1.. 11 Xov. -21, ISol^. 

137529. Lydia Dawson. i>. Fel.. lo, i;i)i; d. Ellicottsville, X. Y.. .lune -^o, is;;.-): 

ni. in X. llartf. Jan. :20. \SV.',. Moses Beechcr, h. Hartf. May ."), 171)1; alxntt ISU rem. to 
l^atavia, X. Y.; iiiercli. there; afterward accountant in tlie laml ollice of tlie Old HoUaml 
Land (Vi. ; transferred in 1S07 to otlice at KUicott.-ville. He was in tlie company's em])loy 
20 yrs. Afterward enu-aeed in the map llUsine^s. In ls;!0 ajijit. hy uov. of the state of 
N. v., surroa'ate of the county, which oflice he heUl eiirht yrs Hepeatedly appt. hum 
colli, uiid notai-v ])nl>lic. He was u'eidal. kind in disposiiion and ;ui exi-idleiiT neii;lilM)r; <jf 
literary tastes and skill, fond id' music and jioetry, id' strict inti'i.'-rity, and a mem. of the 
Epis. chli. He d. at Dunkirk while making- a visit to his daus., Feb. 14. ISfST. He m. a 
2nd wf. Mav 2G, 1S41, Kmmu Xewcomb, b. Vt.. ISOS. and had ;j chil., vi/.; Asliur (ieo... 
h. ISli. Aitluir Herbert. 1844. Walter Henry. 1848. 

1. Sophia Mersenu, b. (Jet. ."), lSl;5; d. Se]>t. HU, 1867; •■ A ben'uvement of the 
whole comniiinity;" m. April 21, iSol, 'I' Rowley Coluiau. b. Covent ry. Conn. , 
Xov. 9. 180H. He lived 2 yrs. with Hon. (ierret Smith, who put him as clerk with his 
hro. -in-law, Mr. l^.ackus, in I'eterborou^di; rem. to Ellicottv. and l>ec, a merch. In 18-14. 
agt. for Holland Land Co., land jirojirieiors, and bouiilit an interest in thi' projierty. In 
1854 rem. to Dunkirk and t>sta1). the Lake Shon- liaidv. of wliich he is now (1S78) Fiest. 

1, CuAtM-Ks Ili:.\KY, July ."i. 18:52; d. Aim-. IH. sm. 2, EMit.v. July:'., d. Di-c. 9, 18:;:;. 
M, Ai.T'.EiiT EMli.ifs, Feb. s. lN:i."i: ni. Frli. 7. iS.'iQ. Emma Melissa ('hapm:i!i. b. New 
Market, X. H.. O.'t. 24, 1842; d. D. June 20, 1 (i:k (2) Ajiril i\. ISdo, Eli-/,a linssell. b. 
Mav l;5, is4:i 1, S,>p/,i<t .J<nu\ March lo, ISCl). 2. ILtrry Trini.iin, Jan. 2:3, 1802. 
i. l>v 2d 111.; 3, Find ]!».■<..■,■//. Xov. 1:3, 18G'). 4, h'nufi Snphii, March 2:'., 1S()8, .l. 
-4^i/'V Zt'//.v.v,7^, Oct. 28, 1^':70. 4, Lviha Bkkciikh, Jiuie b^. ]8:J7; d. Oct. 8, 1.^72; m. in 
Duuk., Jan. t), iS.'iL James Henry VauBureii. i). Feb. 2. IS^JI; merch.; (s. of Henry 
Broudliead VaiiB., u kins, of Pies! VanH.) 1, 11'//,. t'ohnnn, Oct. :■>, 18.-)7: d. April 2-1, 
1858. 2, FAU n ColiiKin. April 26. 1861. ;i Tr"m<iu Cnlnum. Jan. 1, ISt;,""). 4, .A////,.s- 
Lyiiutn. Ajiril >'', 1S67. 5, .)[<iri/ ('nhndn. Juiu' 25. 186'J. 6, .Jiiiin:<]Liirij. .\nir. 4, 1S71. 
5, KiJ.KN Sui'HiA. Aii^-. 25, IS-lii; in. in ])., .\pril 27. 185',t, Capt. Patrick Barrett, b. 
Ballyknock, Ireland, .March 10. ls;-i2; mort. wounded at Battle of Williamslmrg-, Va.. 
May 5. 1862, d. ne.xt day at Yorkto\vn. lie was ]iostinaster of Dunkirk under Buchanan,, 
ami held for n.'any yrs. iinportant trust.-': in employ (dErie H. H. Co. He was a meui. of 
the Cath. Chh. 1, " J/.//-// ( W///////, Ju 1 v !). isdd. "(J, .Mvitv Win.i.KS. Dec. :31, 1842; in. 
Jan. 2, 186fi, Sam'I James (iifYonl, 1>." Ashtabula, O.. .May 14. i8:]l. 7. William Tkt-- 
M.W. Feb. IS, 1845; m. June 15, ].s70, (irace, dau. Charles Kennedy, Sln-riif of Chau- 
tauqua Co.. X. v.; res. Dunk. 1, .L///-.V. b. Jnlv :](). \<rl. 

11. Harriet Winston, Aim-. Ki. islO; m. Dei-. 24, ls:5:l Di hx EiukIi Sill. b. Cooi)ers- 
town, Ai-ril L!. IMl; d. Feb. 12. I8(i!». Publisher for 25 yrs. of the Ctit.t r.i mjns Fn,- 
iiKiii. 'lA'.ice candidati' for Pres. l-llector. In 1S4-'1 me.-^sena-er to i'on\-ey the eleciorial 
vote of the -fate of New York to W'a-h'ii. Aut. for Xew York Imlians, api>t. by Pres. 
Lincoln, ISdl-I. .\ man of v-j^at influence in liis Co. 1. CiiAi;i.i;s Di'.i.os. .Viii;-. 2^. 1^4:); 
sue. liis f. as propr. and ed. of Tin Cd'td riiiii/ii.i J''i; ( um n . but rem. to Ellicottsxille ami 
bee. a farmer; m. .\ov. 25. I'-ii:). Sophia L. Pettil. b. Fairview. X. '\'.. Jan. I, INi'-;; dau. 
(d' Amos. L F'lith F.ttU. \U\ s. Isc,:, 2, 7- .vwV. Dec. 2, ISd-. ;-;.;i. .May 17, 1^72. 

2, Hai;ki:;t l'.i;!.'-!i!:i;. .May li. ls5:;. 


Kmilv l-'raiic's. .Mar.-h W. IMS; m. 

larlaii Coleman i bri 

IL). b. l-'eb. 1). l.s[(;: toiwardiiiu- and com. merch. in Dunk. 1. I-'la.mks Ivmilv. .March 
22, ls:-i<); m. Dec. 12. isCd. Theodore Hinsdale W'hittlesev. b. Dec. 17, is:};); Hour and 


gniin mcrcli. of Ii'dclicsTer, N. Y. ; s. of Hon. Fird. ^V. 1, KiniJij ('oliiuiii. 1>. Sept. 12, 
1N(;2. -J, }'ri(lu-irk. Doc. 2\, l«)o. :'., dmn, Fih. 7. Isc,.-,; d. .AJ.iil Hi, ]m;7. 4. //.//•- 
Af/^ CohiKtn. O.-t. 10. 1860; d. Jan. 2'^. Is(i7. .■"», //<///■,// I'url:, r. Nov. •.':!. Isii!). -j, 
Jn.TKTTi; t'i,.\i;rss.v, (i.-t. -JS, 1,S4;-!: 111. in Dunk. .May 4. ISC,!). Dr. David ( iil.l.s .Mliiii:, 
Itoino. plivs., Ii. Xorwalk. ().. .Ian. S. IfiAi: Sur^-. V . S. \'oU. dniin-- civil war: r^'s. i ). 
1, Flvr.iin , Aii'T. l:!, is7-i. H. (;i;v<i: Finkcia. .Vntr. 1. I'-l"): lu. Oct. 14. ls(;7. \\m. 
FixT. Hull C'ancicf, 1>. <),-t. 4, 1S44; onlist. ar N. V. ('.. .Inly 10, IMI;], .-^crvt-d 'J yrs. and 
o inos. ; appt. ront. (,)iiar, .Ma:-. Soit;-. ; hoc. di>-c. Ort. ."). I'li"); n-s. Duck.: liaid waro ui'Tr-h. 
1, Ji<n, Mrdnwr. b. Nov. 'I?,. ISCS. 2. lUrtr.m, Culhnm, .March l'.', ls;(i. 4. H.MtUfKT 
S(.pni.\. Jiilv (.;'. lst7: d. April i:). iS4s. .,■),^ H.uii.a.v. .\\\)i. \:\. d. Nov. 2-2, 1849. 
IV. .hiiicttc, Fcl). IN. is2(l: \\\. <)i-t. 9. 1S4S, I'ctcr \"aiiHt>n.^s(da.M- Skinii<'i\ b. i;ca<l- 
in^^ N. v., .Ian. 7, Isl.'j; incrcli. 1, Fi,oi;kn( k, .lulv V\ lS4it. 2. Soimiik. JuIv -Vl, 

V. William Henry He. chcr. 1>. Dec. -24, ls-21 ; edit, and pmp. (d' Th, Whhj Aih:o- 
cale at Aii^^elica, .\. Y.. IS.l.'J-H, and i-onnected \vitli other ne\vspa])er enierpri.-^es. 
" Autlior of nianv irraeeful jinetus"; res. Fa Salle, His.; \\\. F(di. 'lA, iyo^, Helen .M. 
White. 1, Eva, h.'.March 1."), 1S.")4. 

VL Marc Jane, b. Ant:. ;31. 18-24; unni. 
VIF Moses, 1,'. July i*;.' 1827: liardw. merchl,. cashr. Nat. Bank. Warren, I'a.; 
in. Oct. 22, 1S.")1, Sarah Tavlor, dan. of Abijali Fitch Tayh)r of Nnrwalk, Conn.; 1). Aug. 
28, 18yF (2) Aiij:. 2, 18.V)". Emily E. DowDer, b. Fob. 27, 1831. 1, Jks.^k CrMMiNG. b. 
April 7, IS-vl 2.' ('i[.\kles EMi'itsON. b. Oct. Ss. ISoiJ. 3, KroiiARi) ('.utv, ii. Se],T. .1. 
1800. 4, 'I'lU'MAX ('OT,>t.vx, 1). April 7, 1802. o, llAina- Dowxek, b. F(d). 20. 1S04; d. 
Ai)ril 22, I80o. 0. Mauv E^nrKK, 1). May 30, 180o, 

Vill. Charles Mortimer, b. Jan. 31, 1820; has been editor and ]>ub. of newspapi'rs in 
Ellicottsville, Sabula, Iowa. Dunkirk, Honiellsville and Ooinvav, and now, 1873, ed. and 
pvib. r/, ,/^.vv, ^ V,m,ii Fnr Pre^^.y at WellsviUf. N. Y, ; m. IW. 22, 18r)2. Amelia Eliza- 
beth Ilastinirs, \). Feb. 7, 1832. 1. FlciA Emii-v, b. Jan. 23. 18.'34. 2, Cjiat.i.F-.s Mo^ks, 
h. March 10, 1855. 3, Si'sax Ji'I.iktte. b. Jan. 3. 1857; d. May 20, 18G7. 4, UfY 
• Stoxk, b. Sept. 8, 18G5; d. March 12. 1866. 5, Ei.tZAUETir Fisitkk, b. Jnlv 30, 1869. 
IX. Lvdia, b. Dec. 27, 1831; d. March 3, 1832. 

X. Fiicia Annette, b. Dec. 27, 1833; d. May 7, 180G; m. April i). ls.-,l, Hicliard L. 
Carv, I). Boston, Erie Co., N. Y., Feb. 11, 1827; mercht., postmas. of Dunk, from March, 
1804, till rem. bv Pres. Johnson, 1866. 1, Kkiiakd i,iNC()LN, b. July 1, 1854. 2, 
ErciKNi; CiiAKLKs, b. Nov. 21, 1857. 3, PHiJ,ir, b. Mav 0, 1864. 4, LtciA I^kixtier, 
b. Mav 0, 1800. 

13752.11. Eleazer .A.udrews Dawson, b. March 18, 1798; res., 1813, North- 
ampton,, ; m. Sept. 4, 1823, Cyntliia Kolnrts, b. Ajjril 4, 1804; d. Pompey Hill, N. 
Y., Aug. 30, 1849; sis. of Kuhamali"; (2;; Mary iHiigin-), ^vid. of James Baker, b. Rocking- 
liam, Vt., June 8. 1805. 

I. KoUiu Faureat, b. Marcli 25, 1825; d. Ilaydenville, Mc, Aug. 24, 1857. One 
of the earliest manuf. of gold ])ens at Syracuse; rem. to H. abt. 1846, and manuf. exten. 
gold pens and silver ])en-holders; owing to his ingenuity and skill in adai)ting machin- 
ery he estaV). in 1N51 the firm of Dawson, barren \' Hyde of N. Y. O. ; m. March 23, 
1847, Jane Fli/.abeili Lewis, b. Middletown, Conn., Oct. "20. 1825. 1, >F\i;v Isabella, 
b. Ang. 9, lSo5. 

II. Fucien Augustus, b. Aug. 10, 1820; n-s. Si>ringticld, M.ass. ; broker and capi- 
talist; m, Oct. 10. 1855. Ellen Eliza Pierce, b. ]\tu, Mass., Ault. 2«, 1838. 2. Fete 
Ei.T/.EH, b. .lone 24, 1860; d. next day. 2, Ci.aka Eliza, b. Feb. 23,1807. 3, (.'iiatia 
CvM'iMA, 1). Julv 5, 1871. 

111. David berastus, b. Aug. 13, 1828; d. in Cliicago. Ills.. Sept. 24, 1804; farmer; 
he enlksted in 13th Ills, cav., 1801, and was O'larter Master Sergt. ; disc, on acet. of 
sickness; m, Nov. 7. 1^(1(1, Flecta Chase, b. Dec. l:;, 1842; d. Aug. 18, 1806. 1, Henky, 
b. Ai)ril 9, d. 17, isi;2. 2. Nkllie F , b. Autr. 29, 1804; d. Feb. 23, 1805. 
IW Fredcriek De Fovi-st, b. Dee., is;;:); d. March 12, 1841. 

V. James O'Donnell. b. .Ian., 1S41; res. Partington, Ills.; went sontii, not Iieavd 
from since. 

VI. Marv Diane, b. Au:r. H, 1S48; m. Jan. 1, 1874, Chas. D. Pease; res. Spring- 
field, Mass. 

1375:3. Titus Dawson, b. .Ian. 13. 17 1^; d. :\Iarch Fl. 1^ !(». a. 92, in Dac.ln-, X, 
Y.; serv. in lo-v. War and wa~ a half pensioner; res. at dif. periods at F. llav., SoutIi- 
Ington, New llaitf. , Oneida Co., N. V., Lenox, Ma-s. and Danhy ; m. in (.'heshire. Conn., 
Aug. 20, 1778, Sibvl, dan. of .iamos and Sarah (Smith) Denison. cous. t<j the tir>t wf. of 

56 15K.\ NCH Oh' .1011 N. 

Tiinothv Dhwsoii, the motlu-rs hfing thuis. of S;un. Sinitli. Sin- was h. Oct. 14, 174(5; 
d. IhmlW. Auvr. 14, 18;^,:, a. Ul ; f..r sVv. yvs. l)liii(]. 

I. ' John. h. Julv 27, 1771»; iii. Tlia'nk I'lil \^■al•^^•^. (2) Betsev Cooper. 
II. .Manila, h. Dec. 10, 1781; m. ItOo, Alx-l IJarnes. 
HI. 'I'itLis, b. March y. 17S-5; in. Lucy Lockwood. 
]V. Sibyl, twiti witli Titus; ni. ISoO,' Elihu Doolittle. 
V. Jainc.-^ Dcnisou, ]>. Fob. 3o, 178^; iii. Isll, Charlotte IMioadcs. 

137531. John Dawson, July 27, 177!t; .1. in Si-cucer, N. V., March lo, 1872. a. 
(ty. Settling in a nt^w country he led a labivfjdii^ life. Very succes.sful as a Inniter, 
aiid ail excellent uiurksinan even in old age; niAer used liquois or tobacco: m. in Paris, 
Oneida Co., X. Y.. Jan. 6, ISO'S, Thankful, duu. of Litut. I'phraini Warren, b. Oostown, 
Vt.. May 14, 178.3; d. in Dauby, X. V., Xov. 20, 18;^), a. I.""). (2) Dec. 2!), 1831, Deisey 
Coo]!cr. b. (iostown, June 16, 1781; d. Danl)y, Nov. 5, 18*58, a. 87. 

I. Morris, Xov.'20, 1803: in. Oct. 7, 1827, So])hia Smith, 1). Aurelins, Cavug-a Co., 
N. Y., Oct. (5. isOC; res. \VeIlsbon;uuh, l\i. 1, Am \.\n \, Aug. G, 1828. 2," H aumon 
J.\C'i;s()N, April 13, 1830. 3, Cii.vs. RviAO, Julv 31, ]8;!2. 4, "Joii.v J.\m Ks, April 2;<, 
■1834: drafted Feb. 22, 18(54, 108 Pa. Cav. and d. in hos at Clarksburgh, \V. Va., Aug. 
11, 18(5.3. ,3, \Vk.\i.tiu.\. June 21. 183(5. (5, Kith, May 10, 1843; d. Sej)!. 3, 1844. 7, 
<ii;o. S.Mir}], Sept. 1.3, 184.5. 

II. Plarmon, March 12, 180(5; d. June 10, 182(5. 

III. Alinira, Jan. 9, 180.5; d. Waluish Aallev, hid., Oct. 1, 1834; in. in D., March 
10, 1824, John llobari, who d. April, iSfiO. 1, D.\r., b. Dec, 1824; d. y. 2. W.vlteh, 
b. Ai)rii, 182G. 3 and 4, Twins, d. v. 5, 0i'hei.i.\, b. 1830; d. 1843. ' <>. Edmcm), b. 
abt. 1822; d. v. 7, Dau.. h. 183-1; d. v. 

IV. Fnii'lv, Nov. 8, 1807: in. June 23, 1^33, Asa Phelps Button, b. Mardi 10, 1808; 
d. in Danby, June 4. 1834; (2^i April 14. 18:'.8, Ib.wland SluM-iiian Wovu-n. b. Pauld- 
higstowii. Duchess (.'o., N. Y., Ajiril 3, ls07: d. XewHeld, N. Y., t)cT., ]S48; fanner. 
i. by Istni.: 1. As.v Weslev, March \0, 1831. i. by 24 m.: 2, Li(iNn\, -Ian. 27, 
183!); d. May 23, 1^41. 3, Ciikstkii L()'iF;xzo, Oct. 2('), !'^40: res. Flysses, Thoiapkins 
Co., X. Y'. "4, OfiiKi.iA A., Oct 11, 1.^44; re,->. Sulliv.-inville, X. Y. 

A'. Saniantha, June 27, 1811; ui. Xov. 1(5, 1820, Crawbird l'^)X, b. July 13, 180S; 
d. in .Mich., .March 11, 1S3(.1. (2) Sept. 11, 1830, Pen-r \' b. llerl;in"ier Co., X. 
Y., Feb. 4. 1813; ns. Muiigerville, Mich. 1, Kmki, ink Adams, Aug. 1 1, 1832. 2, Wm. 
Joii.N. March 2. 1^31; res. Venice, Midi. 3, Ci;i:sti;k Daw'su:;, Dec 1.^,1833; res Shi 
awassee Co., Mich. 4, Axgklim: S., X'ov. 20, l,s;]8; res. dwasso. Mieli. 3, Cuawkohd 
S.\MiTKr,, June 30, 1^42; d. in V. S. A., typhoid lev., .^lunf()rdsville, Ky,, Xov. 3, 1S(>2. 
G, A Twin Buo. ; d. v. 7, Mn/iox, Dec 8, 1844; res. Duplain, Mich. 8, Cassammi.v 
A., Dec. 14, 18.54; res. Venice, Mich. 

VI Xelson, b. June 18, 1813; ni. in Spencer, X. V., Xov. 5, 1833, Lorena Cowell, 
b. Feb. 23. ISls. 1, Mykox Havili.ah. b. Maivh 21, 1^37; enlisted Aug. 12, 1802, Co. 

1, lUOth X. ^^ vols.: d. r. S. hospital, Beltsville. Md., Xov. 1, 18(32, 2, Ai.miua, b. 
Xov. 21, 1841: d. cons. July 2, 1801. o, Juiix. b. Dec. 19, 1842; enlisted Aug. 1, 1802, 
■"OOth X. Y. vols.; in several engagements, in one of which severely wounded and disch. 

ulv 12, 1803. 4. Kriii Diana, b. Feb. 2:'., 1847. 5, Xancy ]>ei.1'1iink, b. Dec 18, 

VII. Chester, 1>. April 7, 181.3; ni. Sejit. 1, 1840, Margaret McKnitrht, b. X. Y. C., 
...ay 10, 1S20. 1. Skth Wakiien, b. D^'c 10, b^ II . 2. \Vm. A., b. June 14, 1.843; d. 
Sept. 2, 18r2. 3, E^.v/.wnnn Tjiankkv].. b. Oet. 14. 1818. 

VIII. Marv Ann, b. Mav 20. 1817: ni. Se])t. 22, 1838. Isaac (iernian; fanm^r; b. 
Charlestown.'X. Y., Julv 0, "l8(34; res. Manslield, O. 1, Isahei., b. Mav 27, 1840. 2, 
IIOUACE, b. March 20. 'l843; d. Xov. 20, ls33. :!, LvniA Ann. b. O.-r. 22, 1843. 4. 
ZvciiAKV, b. Xov. 22, 1848. 3, FinvAun Dawson, b. April 1, 1n30. 

IX. Milt<;n. b. .Maivli 1, l.-sOl; fanner; d. July 27, 1S03: in. Maivh 4, 1840, Mary 
Ann Schotield, b. Sp.Mi'-er, June 13, 1820. Shein.'2<l. Oet. (5,1872, Samuel .Milh'r of 
Wolcott, \\'avne Co.. X. Y. 1, Amoketia C eutkioi:. b. M;iv 13, 1^38. 2,, 
b, Oct. 25. 18(54. 

X. ll.urii't FJi/a, b. June 3, 1820; ni. Feb. 27. 1818, Kdgar l.oraine Morse; fanner; 
b. Vt.. Aug. 8, 1S2S; (J) Lnrius Martin, June 28. 18')3; b Piehtield. X Y., Oct. 5, 
183^': res. Ithaca, X. V. 1. Wai.i.aci-: Adi-.i r.Kirr, b. .luue 0. is,"il; res. Chicago, Ills. 

2. F'i;A\( I.- Wii!;i:i.i-:i:, 1). Awr. c, 1S33; enlist. V. S. ,\. 1872. 

137532. Martha Daw.son, b. Oer, lO. 178): d. Cu-thmd Ceuiei, X. V., Sept. 10, 
1801; a. 80; blind for 3 yrs. bef. d. ; m. in I'aii.-., N. \.. April 10, Isi)",. .\l„.l Bai-nes (s. 
of James), b. F.ii-mingio'n, (.'onn.. {)<•:■. -..'3, 1773; d. Cortland, .Mi.di., l-'eb. 7. IS03; a. 80; 
faiiiu-r; rem. fruni Oneida Co., ISJ3, toiJrand liapitls, .MiiJi.. t lien<-.. t.) (_', .rlland. 





I. Iiaiu, 1). D.'c. 9, 1800; m. in Paris, N. Y., Nov. 18, l^oO, Juliet Austin, b. Sc].t. 

25, ]S0:5; IVS. ('. v.. Kent ("n., Mirli. 1, IHAM, <1. y. 2, M.\1!'11[.V M.MUA, i). Oct. 'J7, 

lS::i;i. y, Maiiy Jank, b. Muirli 2. l-:!-"); ni. '■ Turtle. 4, Hokac i: I.amuitk, 1). 

Miircb '27. ^^^.W. ■"). J\.\ii:s, <!.; a. 4 nins. (I, Juii.x Mn.Tox, li. M;urli 27, bsyu. 7 mul 
>■. Mu.o anil Milan, twins. U, Kijza, I). Scj)! 17. 1S44; ni. —Davis; ;Jl-1i;1.; ]<\s. 
lowii. 10. l.l-c:r.N Dkmsox. April U, 1^47. 

II. Setl), Nov. '20, 1S07; ni in Caiiulen, X. Y., Anipjia 4'nttlc, [ ] Marrh ]2, \KU\; 
<!, .V i , (»•■( n, ]si;:!. (2) in Taburir, X. Y., May ."i. 1S(;4, Maria ban\<>s Wbcclp.r. b'. 
A}>ril 7, l^'-vi. will, of C'iias. \\he('lfr ami (bui. of lleulct and (yntliia Barnes; res. Mc- 
<\aHu41sville, X. Y. 1, Ai!(iii;s rrri, Fel>. :>, bSi),:). -J, Cvntiha A.mki.ia, Xov. '22, 
lH(i6. 3, An adopted son, FitEDKiiu k, b. .luno 1, lyOO. 
III. James Titus. Feb. 11, lylO; d., a. abt. ;j nios. 

IV. .Milton, Jan. 22, 1811; d. :^larch 24, li>t}3: m. at Oriskany Falls, Jan. 1, l,So4, 
Laura, riau. of 'j'hos. Thames, b. Farmington, ("onn., May IG, IbU); res. (.'ortland C'en 
1, Fdnvjn WooniUKV, Xov. 4. 1N:!4; res. }V]^ Prairie, Xewayun Co., Midi.; serr. 8 vrs. 
jis j>riv. and Scrut. -"uliKi-gt. Mich. Cav. 2, Ar-(;rsTT's Mii/iox, Sept. 10, l^':j(>; res. <;rat- 
tan, Kent Co., Mich; serv, ;-! yrs. Co. F, 2(1 li'^'^t Mich. Cav :l I.rtv Ja.nk, .Ian. s, 
ISoO; (1. Aul,^ 14. li'Ti'.t. 4, h:\yj Ccimts, Ajuil IT), 1n4:1. .■). Fi;a.\ci:s A.manda, April 
3(1, ISbi. (), Cii vs. Si'K.NCK};, Jnn('2:3, 1n.")2. 

\. Marv Sojihla, \u^^. 20, Isl;!; va. lA'b. 24, l.^:],"}, .lohu WoodruiT; res. Uneida, 
Katoii Co., .Mich. 1, Mamv Dklka, Marcli 10, ls::8. 2, Jam: A:sf anda, Juh 24, 1S40. 
VI. Sibyl Amanda, Sept. IG, l^l-"); d. A))ril 2:J, 1S.-)1. 

VII. Jan'ies, .lulv 2H, 1817; hotel keeper; .in. Ort. 2M, bsT">, Silenre Woodruff, b. 
Feb. 2y, 1S2;3; d. Pla"infi.-ld, Mieh., Jan. 17, 1852. (2) Dee. 24. 18r>:J, Maliala llaym-s, 
b. Jaiv22, 1811). les. P. 1, 4'KviMri:.NA Fli7,ai;k'iii, July ;-3, l^^Ji). 2, F}ab.i. Dee. l!i, 
1851. ' 

VIII. Piti Davsou. Feb. 7, 1820; m.: .v. ?. ; res. \Vis. 
IX. Svlvia Ann. Sept. 29, 1822: d. Sept. 2-i, 185(). 
X. Ab.4. Oct. 2;:;, 1N21; d. April 27, 18G0. 

137533. Titus Dawsou, b. Marrh 5, 17^5; d. Spencer, X. Y., Sept. oO, b'^5n, a. 
74; m. in Lenox., Madison Co., X. Y., Sej.t. 1, 1811, l^uey (dau. of Job L(jckwood, t. 
rev. Sol.), b. Len., Aug. 25, 17'.i2; d. Spencer, Xov. 4, 18()8," a. 7lJ. 

1. Dau.. b. ;uid (1. sm. (.lav. 
II. Son, b. and d. ApvU 1:";, ISIG. 
III. Sally Eleanor, Aug. 3. 1818. 
]\'. Fdward Kiley, Sept. l8, 182U: d. uiun. Sept. I'J, 1815. 

V. Martha Maria, Feb. 4, 1822; m. Seiit. 14, 1843, P'orbus llumiston, K. U. police- 
man, b. (it. Harrington, Mass., SejU. 2S, 1820. (s. of Dea. Jesse Humiston. b. Hamden, 
March 10, 1700; d. Dec 20, 18:2; m. .Mary Ray). 1, Kdwahii K.vv, Jan. 8, 1845; res. 
Ffiirbault, Hioe Co.. Minn: tel. operator. 2, Fr.MCK PKi;K(r.\, Jan. ](!, 1817; res. 
\\ inona. Wis. 

Yl. Phebc Isaludla, June 10, 1S24; m. .lane 30, 1842, W)ii. Stevens. (2) June 10, 
1840, Ji-rome Judd, b. Xaugatuck, Conn., Aug. 1823; d. (Jrafton, .Mass., June 23, 18G7. 
i. by 1st m.: 1, Fi.KNOH.v," b. a. 3 yrs. 2, Lucv Maki.\. L by 2d m. ; 3, Cii.A.]!i,KS 
F:i>\vahi). Feb. G, 1S50; res. NVorcesit'r, Mass. 4, Caiiui.j.nk Ismikm.a, Jan. 2G. 185G. 
\'1I. Jleruion Freder-ick, April 30, 182G; carriage maker; res. Ithaca, X. Y. ; m. ]>ec. 
S\. 1855, Sarah Jane Quick, 1). Nov. 12, 1833, s. i.' 

137534. Sibyl Dawson, twin with Titus; d. Oswego. X. Y., April 15, 184(). a 
61: m. in Lenox, X. Y.. Dec. 21, isijl), P]liliu Doolittl.-, farmer, b. Xov. 4, 178G, bro. of 
]|on. Silvester Doolittle of (Jswego; s. of .Maj. Jcud. 

1. Lucy .Maria, Xov. 24, i8lO; d. (.)ct. 8 1830, unm. 

II. William Youul;-, Jan. 10, 1813: m. Xov. 2, 1.^37, Cinderella Ibdmes, b. Rens- 
s.ebu-ivill.., X. v., April 17, 1813; d. Feb. 2, ISGO. (2) Aug. 4, isGl. Caroline Holmes. 
1, Ll'. V .MAiitA, Amr. 17. ISiiS. 2, Kiocnk Di;.\i,T().n. Xiiv. 25, 18:;0; d. (.)ct. 20, 1S(;2. 
3. Si:- AN DKi.riitNi., Aug. 21, 1847. 

111. Joel Car(du\ May 23, 1N15. d. Iloricon, Wis., Sept. G, 1S5G; lumber nierch. ; 
m. 14, 1837, Pahnvra Stephens, b. Lridirewater, Pa., Autc- i, 1815. 1, Ef.T.KKT 
<'ii:tis, Aug. 2^, 1838; d. Dec. IS, b^40. 2,' \Vhi,tiiia Joski-him:, .March 25, 1SI2; 
res. Oshkosh, Wis. 3, Svi.vks-)'i:u Lk<i'i; \.m), Jan. :!1, 1845. 4, Fi.ovd Lr.r.itA.sso.N, 
A[.ril 2o, 1847. 5, Fi;.v.S( Ks Ab.'.i.i.M;. Oct. 14, 184il. (i, K.m.m \ I-j.i/aiU'.ti!, April 22. 
1S5!. 7, CKAKi.f:> Ki.tuf, Sept. i:!, is.^,:',; d. .Nbu-.h IG, 1^55. s. I1iiw:kt' J..i:i., 
Dec. 14 1855; d. Dec. G. 1850', 


IV. Kli Barnaul, June 13, 1S17: d. Oswogo, July 24, ISJU, unni. 
V. Saml. Woodworlh, July i), ISl'J; d. N'ov. 14, sni. yi. 

VI. JuiUfS Au.stin, Nov. 1, 1820; foundry i)attern maker; ni. July 1'2, ls4(;. Immii 
<-(;h J:iiza Thorpe; b. March Si, 1S:?5: res. Dclavan, \Val\vortli Co., \\"i.s. 1, Ki,[ 
N.\i!n, .Nov. 13. 1S47: res. Brooklyn, N. Y. '2, M.vhv Ei.i/Ar,F,TH, Jan. 18. IS.IO. :',. 
Fi,oia;N(i-: Adklaidk. July 20, 1S')2. -1, Anxa Kav.nou, July 2S, 1833; d. Mar.'h 7, 
18i;0. 0, Fkkd. Tiuman, May 12, IS.")."), 

Vll. F.i^liert Denison, June 29, 182:!; faruu-r; d. St. Louis, Mo., Aug. 10. 1803; 
enlist., Aug. lo, 1802, Co. V., o8th Hegt. Iowa \'ols. ; was at siege of Vickshuvg; d. of 
dvs. at 45enton Barrack, St. Louis; m. in Bradford. Hock Co., Wis., Oct. 13. 1847 
I)iana House, b. Jan. 25, 1820; d. Dec. 23, 1860. (2) Se])t. 21, 1801. Delia Louisa Davis', 
b. Oct. 20, 1827. 1. Sci.r. V Aisti.v, Aug. 5,1848; d. March 2, 1850. 2, Jri.iA Josi:pii- 
inp:, Dec. 3, 1849; teacher. West Union, Fayette Co., Iowa; ni. April 14, 1872, Newton 
C Abbott; res., 1873, Dover, Fayette Co., Iowa. 3, James Fexm.mokk Coovki;, .April 
3, 1851. 4, Wki.thia Am5Ei;tixe, Oct. 23, 1852: d. Aug. 9, 1853. 5, Ai.bkkt Ei.iiiu, 
Jan. 20, 1855; d. March 8, 1805. G, Ida, Jan, 8, 1857. 7, Ada Li;mii;.\', 
Jan. 18, 1859. 

VIII. Julia Antoinette, July 17, 1825; <1. in Oswego, Aug. 5, 1844; m. \N'ni. Fuller. 
ship carpenter, b. Eug. ; res. N. Y. C. 2 chil. 1, (iKti. 2, Wii.liam, adoi)ted bv Hon. 
Svlvester Doolittle. 

IX. \Velthia Melissa, b. Sept. 9, 1828; d. May 5, 1844. 

137535. James Denison Dawson, b. Feb. 25, 1788; d. iu Fowler, O.. July 
21. 1805, a. 77; ni. in Lenox, N. Y.. Oct. lU, 1811, Charlotte Blioades, b. in Barringtou, 
Mass., Jan. 31, 1790; d. Jan, 11. 1871; rem. to Danby, 1813, thence to Prowler, 1810 

I. Julia Esther, Jan. II, 1813; m. in Fowler,' O., Aug. 1, 1880, Ahimas Duu.I, b. 
Canton, Conn., July 11. 1811; res. Freedom, Portage Co.. O. 1, F.dwfx (iAUiiTTT, 
Dec. 17, 1831; res. Vassar, Tuscola Co., Mich. 2, H?:ni{Y Rhoades, June 30. 1833. 

11. Lorenzo, Oct. 18, 1815; d. Newvill<.^ DeKalb Co., Ind,, June 4, 1870; m. Oct. 
10, 1839, Emeline, dau. of Ira Case, b. Vernon, O., July 12, 1819; d. Feb. 27, ]8f;0. (2> 
Feb. 14, 1801, Catliarine Augu.sta Ilcadlev, b. Bayctta', 0., March 9, 1819. 1, Jvma 
MAtUA, Oct. 8, 1840; d. Feb. 7, 1860. 2, Ai HKitr Addison, Jan. 4, 1842; res. Concord, 
Ind. 3, L'l'.SLi.A Amelia, Dec. 20, 1845. 4, Pirri.KTrs P., June 3, 1848. 5, Vioi.a S.. 
Jan. 11, 1855; d. Sept. 11, 1800. 0, Clakknce, May 20, 1858; d. Nov. 15, 1800. 7. 
Fl,Oi!FXOE (.'., twin with C. 

III. Angeline, July 15, 1817; m. March 1, 1838, John Jackson, grocer and farmer, 
b. Julv 15, 1810; res. New Bedford, Lawrence Co., Pa. 1, CuAur.OTTE, Jan. 21. 1839. 
2, Jou.\, Feb. 2. 1849. 

IV. Emeline, Dec. 28, 1818; m. Jan. 8, 1840, (iilhert Buchanan Walker, farmer, b. 
Dec. 1, 1810; res. Bazetta, O. 1, MAKiiAT.KT, May 31. 1841 ; d, Nov. ] , l,'s02. 2, Iu.a. 

■KiiOADKS, Sept. 19, 1842. 3. Wm. Bkeedon, March 7. 1845. 4, Oilbekt Dwvsox, 
April 18, 1852. 5, Ciiaui.otte Eli/.atseth, Mav 19, 1856. 6, James Addtso.v Feb. 
20, 1858. ■ ,' 

V. Maria, June 30, 1820; d. Dec. 10, 1829. 

VI. Kodulphus, March 27, 1822; m. May 3, 1855, Adeline Charlotte Hill, b. Har- 
weuton. Conn., Nov. 4, 1828. res. Lin wood, Butler Co., Neb. 1, Cir.vTa.oiTE;- 
issA, April 13, 1850. 2, I^an'i, (iAI.ns, June 20, 1858. 3, Estei.i.a .Makta, VrV). 13, 
1800. 4, .\Iai;v Ei.TZA. .\hiy 21, 18(i2. 5, Ai.vAiii;TTA V., Dec. 7, 1803. 0. Bknj. 
P^RAXKi.iN, Feb. 5. d. .\pril 0, 1809. 

VII. Addison, .May 21, 1825; m. June 18, 1S02, Car.)(ine Phoades. b. Feb. 4, 1S33: 
res. Fowler, O. 1, Fi,c)KEN<e .\dki.e. Aug, 31, 1804, 2, Fkank ErciE.vE, Jan. 10. 
•1800. 3, 1''d\vaud EvEUETT, Nov. 10, 1809. 

VIII. Pembroke, Feb. 7, 1828; m. Oct. 24. 1S50, Marinda Sii^der, b. Dec. 21. 1827; 
res. F. 1, Is\i;i:i,, April 14, b^52. 2, AirrtKo, .Ian. 15, 1857.' 

IX. James llarnton, Nov. 22, 1832; m. .\!ii] Hathawav; .v. ('.; res. (uistavus, Trum- 
bull Co.. O. 

1374. Sarah .Bawson, b. Fe!.. 2, 175ii: d. D.c., 1837; a. ns yis. ; ni. 1783. Al>e] 
Fuller; rem. to N"w Ilartf., (_>neida Co., N. Y., thence to Caroline, Tompkins t'o . N. 
v., whr. shed. 

I. Marriii. b. .June IS. 1784; d. ii\ ]?:irton, .V. \.. April 14, ]8(M: a. 80; m. Salh" 
Lockwood. 1). .M;.\, ',S;;!,i; ,1. M.'ireh 4. lsr,2; u. i;2, si,-, to Luev. wf. of Tim.-- Daw.-on. ]'. 
Cvitrs, b. Feb. l!i: d, .Ian, 14. ls:;7, 2. Ci,\i:ic. l>. Ju!ie8. 1822: d. Marc!; 10, IS}:',. 3. 
EtVA.MM) Ai.i.KN, h. Sepr. 1, Isj."); i,,. 1845. S.'.liy Ann Hamilton. 4, HfTU .\nn, 1). -inly 
30, 1n2?; m. John Severn. 5. L(-( v Ivr.y.iAM, li. F*b. 20, 1831; m. \<iv,\c Mannbii^; res. 

Sp(nu'cr, X. Y. ('), EsTifKit, b. ^fny G, ISi^T; d. in Hi'.iton, Sept. 0, 184S). 7, Sarah, b. 
Mav '}, IS 10; (1. .Itine ."i, 1S4',*. 

II. Murvin, !). A])!!! i:^, 17SG; <1. Julv 17. ISO.",, 
111. Pollv, \>. Litclitlrld, Coiui., Sept. H, ITn!); d. in Sprin-ticld. Ills., 1SG3: n. 74: 
ni. in l)aiibv,"N. Y., ISTJ, J().sfi>li II;. ^ar, wlio d. in S.. Sept. 1, ]s:;0. 1, .lii.irs, 1). 
ISl:!: ros. S". '2, Mviio.x. b. ls20: ivs. Mo. 

W. A\:<'] Burton, b. July 10. ]71)-2; d. Cundof, N. Y., S<;pt. 24, 1S70: a. 7S; a p*Mi- 
sioncr i'(jr war ol IST^; m. Nov. 1, l.'^,:37, I''di/.al)i't]i Cornwidl. I, M.\i;vi.\, b. ^"ov. 24, 
1^28; res. (-'. ; .st-i-v. ;! vr.-^. as vol. in I'n. .\iiun'; :-i-\ . rimes wnundrd; ni. Dl-c ;J0. lb.")0, 
.-\,i:nrs lloiion, b. Olx,"vo C'o., X. Y., 1«-.*G. i, (;,>: /Jini.>i<, b. Jan., 1S.V3. 2, .T.\r-oii 
C"(.)HN\VHi,i., ]). Jan. t). lS;jO: ni. Lydia Jaiu' Wliitli-y, b. A])ni 3. ISoiJ; ivs. Candor. 3, 
Joirx Smnis. b. (_)ct. 22, iSol; m. May, l-^.ll. Sarab Jane (Arm.strontr) Khinehtiivt, b. 
Feb. 14, lyiG; r< s. GiotMie Co., Pa. 4^ Ai,k\.\mii;i<, 1). Sc^pt. IS, 18;-)^; d. in sf'i\-. of 
(."onf. Army abt. 1SG8: lu. Sarah Jane Papet. ]. Jo/tr) Burton. 2, ^frr/■ti/l. 5, S.vH.vii 
J.\XK, b. JiinrSO. lS:3o; res. Tioira Center: ni. l''ee. 17, 18oG. Tuins S])ear, wlut d. .lan.. 
1S57; (2) Mav, ly.iS, Strpben Hif-t- 1, Chorhs Jim-tn,,, b. July 10, l^.VJ. 2. K'izuJuih, 
b. JuU 2, 1s"(j7. G. Pnia-E .M.wriUA, h. An-r. 2.-., j:^:j7; re;:. Itliaca, X. Y.; ni. Mav 2i). 
1858, \\m. Fr.-d l;]ioades, b. .March 4. 1S24.' 1. Ann FJh^t ^ b. May 2y, I'i'A). 2, '(ho. 
Burton, 1). .\piil. 18GI. ?., .\fyro/i Jour.", b. .Mairh, ISG;;. 4. ILarrut Van Ordm. b. 
1SG5. 7, K()iJi:uT Coknv.kli., b. July IG, 1839: res. U'averly, \. Y.,seiv. ;] yrs. us vol. 
Un. -Xrinv; st-s-erelv wounded in tin- foot and cripplf-d for life; ni. Jan. 13, 1>'G:1 Julia 
Arnee, b. July 4. 18:J5; (2) 8>-pt. 12. ISGit, Mary Brink, b. 18ol. 8. Ai.v.Mi 
BOGAKiH's, b. Xov. 21, 1841: res. C. : scrv. 3 yrs. as vol. lOSIth X'. V. regt. : severely 
Wounded in lec^ and ci'ippled for life: ui. April is, 18GU. Cin-nelia Camera Xewman, b. 
Xov. 0, jS;j4. 9,;i.Ks, li. O^-t. b"), 1844; res. Br.>\vn-vi1b-. CnionCo., Pa.; 
serv. ;) vrs. as vol. in In. .Vrmv; m. Dec 20, 18G7, Marv Ann Davi(Kon, b. Feb. 20. 1844. 
1, Kliz'ilnth f.'iriniJa, b. Au^-! 20, l^'flS. 2, /.Vr h'l't" . \>. O^t. 2S, 1S70. 10, .M.\i;y 
EnzAiiKTil, Oct. 21, 184G; res. l-'nyette Co., Pa.; ni. .\u-;- IG, IbGo, NVm. Franklin 
Franks, b. Axiu;. IG, 1888; serv. 4 vrs. as vol. in Fn. .\imv and wa- some time ])risoner 
i.t Anders'inviJle. 1, ri//.^.'<rs Ornnf. b. Mav 20, 1S()7. 2," yrl.son fsooc. b. May 15, 1870. 
8, JiJii, b. 8e])t. 20, 1872.' 11, Jamf.s \Yim."rAMs, b. Oct. 2. 1851. 

13755. Pclly DaAVSOn, b. abt. 1757; d. abt. 1785; a. 28 yrs.; ni. Xatbaniei 
Barnes; res. Soutliing-ton, Conn. 
I. Xathauiel Dav. 
II. Lucy. 

1376. Abigail Moulthrop, b. 1727; d. of gravd May lO. 1702, a. G5; m. June 
30, 174,, Daniel, s. of Samuel and Mary (Frisbie) (ioodseli, b. June IG. 1724; d. July 29, 
1705, a. 71. Inv. £'70; div., 1705. into G equal parts, to hrs. of Edward, Daniel, Isabel, 
wf. of Joim Wise, Abig-ail, wf. of Benj. Barnes, Levi, and Ame, wf. cd' John Shejia'-d. 
I. Edward, b. Mav S, 1740; d. of eons., Dee. 25, 1781: he pined away, and d. in 
consefjuenee, of hard nsaije as a prisoner on L. I ; m. 1770, Lydia Luddinf^-^ton, dau. of 
Jesse and Mehitable (Smith) L. [l>:8l Slie d. of liver complaint, .Wig. 23, 18lo. a. G7. 
She m. (2) Feb. 4, 17N3, Thonnis Sliepard, od, and had 4 (diil., viz.; 1, Elilui, .March 0, 
1785. 2, Ellas. 8, Lydia. 4, Jacob; d. June 5, 1700, a. 7 yro. ; dys. 1, Jl''.ssE, b. 
Mav 21, 1771. 2, ,Makv, Sept. G. 1772; m. 1702, Morris Scott." o, Mi:iinAiu.K, Marcli 
20.' 1774; m. Russell 1, Nov^A Amnndu, July 2, 170G. 3, }[iir!i Ann. 3. 
Jot<([)h. 4. J!'i.s.iitl 5, Uoyiiri'. G, Xr/iu'//.' 7, Laezer. 8. (rcorgc. 4, Amk, Feb. 7, 
177G; in. 1707, Joseph llolt, jr., b. Feb. 5, 1778, s. of Josejili and Hannah (Blakeslee> 
Holt, and bro. of Mercy Ibdt. wf. of He/.. Todd. [6] 1, Jjiluni. 2, L'lrnti'i. 8. 
N(tnctj. 4. Kdirurd. 5, Mi(ri/. 5, .\M()s, Aug. 9, 1780. 
II. Amos, 1). Julv G, 175'l: d. .v. i. 

111. Daniel, March 2S, 1754; m. Desire, dau. of David and Marv tWri^lit ) Potter, 
b. Jan. 25, 17.".5. 

1\'. Isabel. Xov. 5, 1757; m. 1781, J. dm Wi.sp. 
V. AbiLrail, April 21, 17G1; m. 17^1, Benjamin BrMiies. 
^'I. Levi, Aj)ril7, r7G4, m. Eunice (Jiiberi. 
VI!. Ame. March 22, 17G7; d. May 17, ISi:;; m. 17sO, John s:iei)ard, 8.1, who d. of 
typhus fev., Xov. IS, ISlu. a 4G. 1, J i;i;r:MiAii. 2, Xaxcv. 

13S. Daniel Tuttle, b. Aug. 28, I7h2. In 1755 conv. to .Ie],iid 'I'uttle rt. iu 
Sioit'i Tu'tleV. 7th div.; res. Xe. llr'.vn; m Api-il 25, 172(;, :\',:iiy Nhni^tield, , (-is. I,, 
F.ben'r, wiiod. Oct. 1^^. 1740; .-;. adm. by D.m'l 4'llttI.■^. Will of "!>an'l 'I'utrle. e\liib. 
1772. nms. wt., .Mary, aiul Sam 1 'i'uttle, e.xecrs., I'vnj. 'I'lundiull, Ti;os. Mausiiidd and 
SaiLi'l Bishieji. wit. It was not ai)pr(»ved, and orilered to be tui lile. Christopher 


Brockett of Wcatlior.sfield, Cumbcrlaiii] Co., N. Y., (Windsor ("o., Vt.,) a ^rr. s. of Dan' 
Tuttle of No. Haven, appeidt'd from ilii' din-i.-ion of the court ;;s to tin- will of ^aid Dan 
T. C'apt. Ezra 'J'uttle joinc.l ])ro(-k<'tt in Iionds; t-st. insol.; may liave had other oliil. ' 
reel lid imperfect. 

1. Sanuiel, b. F.-h. VI, ITOT. 
]I. Daniel, in. Cljristian, dau. of Ehene/.er Norton, o. March li. ITOS. 

III. Mary, m. Jfin 17, iTOo, Jacob Brockett. Slie d. June ".^O, ITtiO; iho in. (:>) 
Nov. lo, IT'iD, Sarah .Munson and liad Mnnson, b. <)ri. ,';, ITtJl, IJenajali, .-Vsaliid, Uri, 
Eli). 1 Makv. h. Oct. 10. ITo"). -2. ("uKisToriiiiK of Weatlierstield. Vt. 

IV. ' Eunice, 1>. IT:!'.): m. Eieui. Jared ilill," b. Aug. 10, 1T;5(). (-//;/■<). 

1381. Samuel Txittle, b. Feb, n, 1727: ii'. May 12, 1752. Sarah (;dau. of Jolm 
and Ih.nnah li-iyi llumiston, b. Sept. 10, 172o. She was wid. of Thomas Turner, wlio 
d. 174!.', and Sam'l Tutl'e adin. hi:? est. He d. in Xo. llav., Xnv. 2o, 17^4, insol.; wid., 
Sarali, made her X niavk. Est. adm. bv Josei>li Pierpont, Basil Munsoii and Samuel 

I. Susanna, b. A['!il 17. 17-")o; m. .lames Allen. 

II. Jemima, b. 17"");; d. March::). ISOU: m. t'ha])in Byron. 

III. Samuel, b. 175^); m. t'hloe, Todd. 

IV. Lemuel, b. 17(iO; m. June 1:2, 17?^', Lydia }>a-<sett. 

V. Daniel, b. Oct. 4, 17()."^: m. Hannah Manslield. 
VI. LycHa, m. Caleb lUakeslee. 

13811. Susanna Tuttlo, b. April 17. 17.>]; d. Au-. 9, 1.^29, a. 70; in. Jame.^ 
Allen, b, 174G: d. Uct. 11, ISIU; jes. Piyniouth, Conn. 

I. Uri, i). 1774; d. Sept. IS, 1^2o; m. May 1, ]7'.jo, Susanna Todd, b. 1771; d. 
^larcli 19. lv(J7. 1, Ai.piikus, b. Auir. od, 1791;' d. Xov. ".i, IS.],^; la. Isabella Xorton. 
1, Jf'D'tii,- /;.. b. Sepr. 21, 1S2I: m. April 24. P'iiO. !:iizabeth Gridlov. 1. Eibert E., b. 
Apriieo, It-f.l. 2. .!'/(■/•..'. b. March 1, l<2i:; in. A].ri! :^;0, 1^37, Oranire Bradley. 8, 
C'^'/vV.-.', I.'. March 23. jb2o; m. Eewis V'iillia'ius, b. Se]<t. 2o, 1S20. 1,'l'rHnk. b". Jan. 

12, \^r^{). 2, l.vdi-\, 1). Xov. 19, 1S.7J. 4, lhri,ji,t J., b. May 7, i'-,'7: m. Frances , 

and had cliihi. i-. Jan. o, ls(il .">. A'l<nn'\ b. .luiie 10. V-\\; m. Ib-nrv l.vman. He d. 
July 13, 1S70, a. 44. /..• 1 , \\'alhae, b. Sept. ;ju, ].<:,:,. 2. Ann, i>. Feb' 1, ls(50. 0, 
Alplii<js,h. Ai)ril IS, l^ol: ni.: res. in Xew Haven. 2, B.v.nsom. b. (.)ct. 25, 1799; d. 
March 1. ISiil; m. Oct. 25. 1S2;1, Hosetta llus>ell. l.: 1, ['ri. b. Oct.. iS25: m. Ciiloo 
Bradlev, who d. Jnlv 2:1. iSio. 1, l.illeite K., b. March 17. LSVi : d. Auo-. 2, l>>r>3. 2, 
Jason B., b. 1851; d". July 2s, l^U:;. :!, Frederb-k D.. b. Feb. 4. 1S5S; d. .\i;ir. 1. iSRrl 
These three ciiil., a re^pertivelv 12. 9 and 5 vrs., all d. of diphtheria within a jieriod of 
five days. 2, OUrr, m. Xelson" Ibjllister. i, ('hild, b. Sej-t. 80, 1S55. 2, ( liild, b. 
Feb. 1 . ISnO. :J, ('■Jiinhi. num. 

II. Benajah, b. ];78; drowiu:d Ajiril 21, 1840; m. April 17, 18i'0, Susanna liusseil. 

1, Amwtia. b An;'. 21,1800; ui. Oct. 29, 1S2M. tliauncey Jordan. 1, Ediii'uid. 2, 
Ann; AIL, 1,>. June 7^ 1S02; d. April 9, 1S58; m. Joel (luirchill of Hamden. Conn. 8, 
Jamks, b. Feb. 14, 180(5: d. Sept. 10, 18;J1, unm. 4. Pii.kv, b. Marcli 8, 1809; d. unn.. 
5, StrsAX, b. Jan. 1, 1813: d. unm. ii. Mi(,i:s: m. : <l. in Cheshire, Conn. 

III. Jeirv. b. 17M: d. Dec. 1. 18(15; m. Feb. Id, 1807. Orphia Tolles, b. 1789; d. 
April 25, 1S57'; r.^s. IJrislol, Coini. 1,, b. Nov. 2, 1808: d. Oct. 18, 1834, unm. 

2, Bl-ut(>x, b. Feb. 14, 1^10; m. Julv 81, 1S42, Hiles Jane, dau. of Dea. Xelson Tuttlo, 
who d. Xov. 8, 181(3. 1, Ai>f'ni.' fti ., b. Sept. IC, 1841; d. Au;:". 8. 1852. 8, CiiAin.o'fi-K, 
ni. Zenas 4'olle^, Oct. 18, 18i)4; y. i. He d. .\ ulT 21, l.-^()8. 

IV. .loiiah, m. Jan. 1. isur. Bo^etta Bradi.'y. 1, Oaiiiiv, b. June lb, 181)7; m. 

. 2, E.Mil.V, b. Aug. 20. ISIO; iH. Daniel E. X'orton of Bristol. Conn. ;.•(.<. 8, 

Luci.XDA, b. May 21, 1818; ni. Bird SutlilT of Bristol:. v i. 4, 1I.\iii:iI::t, m. K.dliu 
Andrews of Biistol; ,v. i. 

V. (4ara, m. Isratd Jacob Wrifdit uf Bristol, (;onn. 

VI. Sallv. 
Vn. Polfy. 

13813. Samuel Tuttle, b. 1759: a rev. s.)l.: conlioed (ui the .lersey rris(Ui Sliip; 
d. Julv ;», 1.^02; a. 48; k. bv tall fiom a lo;id of liav and run over bv the cart. Adm. 
o-iv. t.'. wi.l. Chloe :uid her bro. 'ilieephilus To,!.!. A U-. K;. lS(r2. lle'm, Chloc-, dau. of 
'I'itus Todd I'll, and icm. .\o. I'av. to M idilleiown. ('.>iiii. Iii- wid r"tuined to 
X(.. H,i\-. and ni. (iranni.^s. She is called < 'liloe (iranniss in 1^10, when her e.-t. whs 

j *Oba(1iah Hill. (s. of John) b. Oct., ;''o7 ; m. IP'.nn.'h Frost av.d Iiad : i, Eunice, b. Msrch 2S, 1731. 

i ■:, S.-\rah, Mnv -a, 173^. ,•?. Mary 01,1. 5, 173 ■- 1, Jarni, per. oilitrs. 



dist. to li<-r c-liil. FAhviird, I.viikui, Simi'l, Titus 'J', Jt-ssc. S;indi, Marijs and Esther 

1. Sally, b. No. Ifuv., Sept. If), IT.^T; m. Oct. A. ISK!, in Litchfield, ("onn.. Wm. 
Way, li. Xoi'tliticld, C.'i.nTt.; rem. St-jit.. IMT, to ('olcsviilc. iirtjonu! Co., N. 1'., \vlii-. lie 
d. j\iiy 30, IbliS. Shed, in No. lluv. Oct. 18, lyn-l: a. 7?. 1. \\ll.r.i.\M !•:., h. in Ply- 
moutb, Conn.. S*-|it. 7, 1sl4; in. in C(dfrivillp, Sept. -1, 1^:5'), Miirpuct WChij, wIkj d. in 
Tioga, N. v., .-\uir. iG, isdo. 1, ./'i/m /,., h, in (.". Nov. i, is;js:' d. in Tio.ya, .\ug. 2'J, 
l-SoU. 2, ,7<?/(U .1., 1). in Tioga, Nov. 2i), ]n4.'); m, June I, ISI'.'J, Cliarlcs 11 Lanih. h 
Flora L., b. June iit), iy70; ve.s. Osw.-go. 2, Sauly, b. in Xorthli.'ld, Conn., Dec 17, 
1815: d. in Tioga, April o, I8ijl; m. Dec. 17, 184:), Silas Preston. 1. llrnrtj, b. Sept Oo' 
1844. 2, Udnh'ili .f.,\K Nov. ;■], 184.-). ;5, H7//;V'///. b. May ;^, 1>47. \.' l.^z, rm^K 
Sept. a, 1N4^; d. a. 2 yrs. 5, Hurah }[. . \<. May 12, X^'ji); in" Jirae i», lS7(l. David j'ni- 
BoycL'. G, l.iizerii''. h. Feb. 11, ISoo. 7, >7/r/.v, b. April 2, IS,",:). ,s, Willi, m 7.., b. 
Aj)ril 17, 1850. This fam. res. at U.swego, N. V. ;!. LoKKNZd F,., b. Cob-sv., April b 
1820: in. Oct. 25, 1848, Khnira K. Footc;"'(l. Julv 20, 185S; (2) June l(i, 1S5!), j'.illie Mc- 
Culloue-h. who il. .hilv 22. ]s(J(J: (8) March 10, i8ij-'. Harriet Kdward.s. /. bv'lst m ■ 1 
Cliloe C, b. M:u(h 8. 1>51. 2, Albert P., h. .Ian. 20, 1850. ;j, John F., b. July 7, 185s' 
i. by 2d ni.: 4, WiUino A., h. Dec. 2(5, lf>(iO. .5. Kdm'ind L., b. Aug. 17. 1802; rns. 
Ilurpersville. Brooiue Co.. X. Y. 4, Ai-ONZU E., b. Feb. 20, 1820; in. Jan. 18, 185;-!, 
Sarah A. Sinipkins. 1, Win. A., b. at Afton, N. Y., April 13, 1857. 2. Joint L b 
Jnlyy. bSOl: res. Windsor. N. Y. 

11. Edward, in. Sally Clinton, b. in New llav., Conn.; d. in Toole Citv, Fiah. 
July, 1807. 1, Ei.iZA A., m. May 10, 18;:!^, Jos(.[)]; A. (iranuis of llamdeu, Conn.; rc^. 
Mt. Carmel, Conn. 1, Lcahdcr Cook. b. :May 20, ls41; d Sept. 22, IblU, 2, S-isai, 
Adtlin, b. April 14, ]sl:); in. May 3, 1804, Albert M. Ives of Mt. C.\y. 1, U'ilbuV Mark, 
b. April 1, 1S05. 2. Watson Sherman, b. Jalv 21, 1800. 8, ('hurb.s WoJJ.irc, b. Aio-' 
25, 1814: d. Fol). 4, ls45. 4, FJnnrn Foot,, b" Jan. 1, 1840: ni, Nov. <J. 1870." Dana l7. 
Cooper of Mt. Car. 5. A/iiia Fuzn. b. Sept. 17. is47; in. April 'Z'A. 1807. James Dack- 
worth; res. Pittstield, Mass. 0, ('//(/rlf.s Fd/cin, b. March 27, 1802. 2, S.a.kaii, in. 
Joseph Meachani; res. 'i'oole City, Utah; 5 chil. 3, A.NGKLIXE. m. Win. B. Adani.s, 
(dec): o cliil. ; res. Toole C. 4. N'oiiTox, m. Helen Elizabeth Utley abt. 1850; 2 .ss. and 
;> dans. ; res. 'I'oole C. 

III. Lymau, b. No. llav., June 15, 1700; m. Manila, of Jude Tuttle [4]; b. 
Kovv'e, Mas.s.. Marcli 7, 1704: res. Hartf., Conn. 1, k^iiAVAiU) Wdoriinaix;!:;, b. June 10, 
1830; m. in White WuUjv, Mich., Jan. 1, 1S50, Mary Treat Northro]:, b. in Al!;:i.ny, n'. 
y., Jan. 7. 183'!. 1. Fdimrd Xort/iroj,, b. Hartf", Juno 2, ls02. 2, Ltzkunk.' 3, 

IV. Maria, in. Dan. Todd. 1, CoiiXi:i,iA. 2, Cm, ok. 3, Samifi.. 4, Edwakd. 
\'. Samuel, b. June 7. 1705; rem. eaily to New Hav., Conn., v.dir. lie servtd 

appreiitic e- to the late JaiufS Ih'ewster, carriage m.-iker, and for a number of yr.s. carried 
on business for liim in Aitizan St., N. H.; abt. 18:!2 rem. to Louisiana and lived abt. 2 
yrs. at Baion Barou (/hunneviiU-, win-, he d. from effects of a sim stroke Dec. 12. 1834; 
a. 30 yrs. 1,7. .v.); !>'■<•., !"<:■}[)■. a. 31 yrs.,/',////. ///■/•/. He m. Lm-ina Thorpe; she m. (2) 
— — - IhuT of New Hav. 1, Makv a"xn, b. Aug. 12, 1810; d. July 3, 1.S71; m. in N. JL, 
]\Iay 31, 1835, Hansom B. Hyer: II chil. 2. Axms J., b. Aug. 2.5, ls2l; m. (.)ct. 0. 1S41, 
Henry Lord, (dec.); 1 ch. . (drc. ) ;!. Makia .Iank. b. Oct. 10, 1823; d. .Line 20,' 1.^24.' 
4. Joux Are.isrrs. b. April 10, 1S25; woiked on farm till 10 yrs. of a., tiien apprenticed 
to a carpenter: at 22 liegaii business at liis f.'s did stand in Artizan St.; rem. to Morris- 
ania, N. Y.. and lemaiu'-d 3yrs. In 1855 rem. to StfrFuig, Ills., and in 1802 be<;an stjition- 
ery and book bus. In 18 Sapj) L. S. guager at disiillcry of .Folm S. 3Iillerin Sterliiiir, one 
of tlie largest in the F. S. ; m. at Danf)ury, Conn.. Dec. 31, l;r'44, Marv Hodges, and 
their silv-'r weddim;- was celebrated at Sterling \)x-f. 3i. bSOO. an accouiit"of whi<di was 
publish. \1 in the loral iieNcspapi-r. 1, >'.///; //rCl. . b. May 5, 1840. 2. ././///, //. , b. Nov. 
15, 181S. ;;, .If-//-//, l>. ,h\i\. 20, Lv")!). 5. tii:(iiu;i; }ili),i;s, b. Auc. 27, !s27; d". July 2, 
1851; m. l^ec. 31, 1S4;. Helen Kennedy of b'ochester, N. Y.: 1 eh. (dec.) 0. LrMX.k."M.', 
h. De.-. 31, 1.N20: d. .l.-ui. 5, is:;,*. 7, Edv, ai;|) S. , b. Jan. 25, l.s;;o; ni. June 17. is.")l, 
Janette .Vtual.-!' of N'-'.-.' Hav. He d. .'an. 0, 1S50. 1. JMtrard S.. d. Auir. 30. 1S50; a' 
4 yrs. 2 mos. 2, .I/.//'/'./ .1.. d. .lulv I, IS.-.i;. ;;, Miri/ F..i\. .Lilv25, IS."",0. aia'i anoth'-r 
d'v. S, Jaxk E,, b. ,\pril 13. ls:;3; m. Dec. 31, ]840rcharles .M". Sreh-v of Hrid>'vpo-t 
Coim. 1, /-v.////: Fdirord. ' - i • 

VI. Titu.s I'oild. d. in New Haw; a. 10 yrs. 

Vll. F.siher, b. Feb. 3, I'i'.ii*, m. Jacob i)oolittie; res. No. Hav. 1, CroKCK W.. b 
:March 2L 1^25; m. Urt. 17. 1817. Mary Cornwall (d' MiddUrndd, C<'nn.: ns. N. Hav. 
1, Gcorfjiaa<i, b. Nov. 17,1848; m. Nov. 28, 18G8, Henry Kobiiuson. 1, Ceorge Ilenrv, b. 

02 iii:.\ Ncu OF joiix. 

April -21. 1S7I; res. Xo. lliiv. 2, VJf<i M.. h. Oct. 'M, ISV!; in. r)cc. 1, 18?0, Julius 
Blake.slfo of Xn. H:\v. t?. W K.. 1). 3hurli -i'l, IS-JT: d. ]")ec. 2. 1,S2!I. ?,, Ki.i/.ru 
F., Aug. 2s, l.s:',l; tn. J'Hi/.aln-tli Ihimlin of Southiiii;toii, Conn.; rt'S. Iiriil'^rcjiort. 1 
€<ir'os. ' 2, J'di'i.'i. ». llV///r/-. 4, Ks'I'hkk K., 1.. Feb. 28, d. April Ui, ]s:]-l 

Vlil. ,I('ssi\ ni. I'aola-l Bartliolonirw. 1, Kii;ti,a.M). 2, 1-;.nsic..\. ;j, ].,rKi;. 4, 
Hi:.\i!Y. .-), lli;i,i:x. 
IX. Dani.d. 

13814. Lomxiel Tllttle, l). ITdd: d. Vn-r. S. lS^n3, a. r^: a llfv. sol. and a i)ris. in 
.It-rsi'V I'rison Ship; rem. with his hro. Daniid from Xo. Hav. to Plvmoulh, Conn., abt. 
1700;' ni. June 12, 178>!. I.ydia Bassrtt. ^\l^o d. S.'f.t. 12. 1S2!). a. OS." 

I. Phileiida, 1.. .May ;;i, i;sl);d. .May 12, lSl(|;ni. Soth Tliomas. lie ni. (2) 
Laura A. Andrews ami had sev. cliil. Seili Thomas served an ap]irentiefslup at carpen- 
ter trade with 1 'aniel Tuttle of Plymouth, (.'onn., an Un<di' of Ins first wf. Ih' was verv 
quiet, umihtrusive, faithful in the ])erformance fif his duties ami was called hv some of 
the smart lads of Wolcott, "Daniel Tuttle's fool" — an error of jud.Lrment, as subse- 
quently was made About ISlo lie boui^dit a prop'/rty in Plymouth Hollow 
of llenian Clark, and began to nuike clocks. This industry pro.spered jrreatly and the 
village of 'I'homaston (named for its founder), containing 2.000 inhabitants, is one of 
the results. Tin- Co. emjdoys over a half million of dollars ca[)ital and lias hranch 
depots in X'ew York, Chicago, San Francisco and London, lied. l^'Y.K The Wi/fer- 
hiiri/ Aincricnii (d' Feb. 4, that yr. , contains an obit. See Ili'nn.-^n/i's Jlist. of Wiiterlinri,' 
for biog-. sketch and steel jiortrait. /'. by l^t m. : Two Daus., Philendaand anotln'r; 
l)otli d. y. 

II. Lini. b. .March 21, 1701; ni. Lemuel Larkins .y. /. ,• res. I'ristol. 

IIL Lvdia, b. March I'J, 1704; d. in .Vshtabula Co., 0.; m. Joel True.sdel; 3 chil. 

IV. Xei^.n. b. Xov. 22. IVVis; (Dea.); ni. Oct. 22, 1820, lliles llorton, b. 1708, d. 
X^ov. S, 1874; rem. from Plyniouth to Cheshire, Conn., Xov., ISO:-?; now in liis 84th vr. 
1, Ilri.ES Jam:, b. Xov. ll', 182:i: m. July ;J1, ]s:42, Burton Allen. She d. >. i., Xov." 3, 
1840. 2, BvKON, b. Aug. 2:!, 1S25; (Shelion A; Tuttle, nianufs. and dealers in carriages, 
Plymouth, Conn. • I School Committee, Town .\;rent, Selectiitan, Justice of the Peace, 
Kep. in Conn. Leg., etc.; m. April 10, is."");-;, Candace 1>. (dau. of Oliver and Harriet 
Bunnell) Smilli. 1. IlitKn' A.,h. Sept. 20, 1^01. 2, VrUli, }];in>„. b. (Jet. I!!, J8G7. 
Z, M.VKY A., b. A])ril (i, 18o] : m. March 2'>, l^.V;. Cliauncey Moulton; .v. Z. (2) Albert 
Piatt. 4. >L\UTii.\ A., 1). Sept. 30. 1n80; m. March 17, 1^57, (-Jarner L. llumphrwille. 
1, Mnrn J., b. Ault. 15, 1>^01; m. Walter E. Bevans. 2, ILnrirttn L., b. Dec. 12," 1S04 

3, Btrilnt. 4, J.'niis Ir. 0, Bt/ron L. 5, Bihxi:v L.. b. Oct. 12. 1841; m. April 7, 
18GS, I'Tora E. Bishop; res. Cheshire, Conn. 1, IVimcy L. 2, Vb>ra E. 3, AlUu B. 

4, FMher X. 

13815. Daniel Tutlle, b. Oct. 4, nOo; d. in Plynunith, Conn., May 7. ISCO; m. 
Hannah Manslield. 

1. Betsey, b. Dec. 4, 1700; d Ai)ri] 10, ISoO; m. Oct. 27, 1808, Archibald Miner of 
Wolcott, Conn., b. May 23, 1784; d. Marcli 10, 1S77, a. 03. Rep. in Conn. Leg. Gyrs.; 
Town Clerk of W. 25 yrs. in succession; Justice of the Peace 20 yrs., and Selectman at 
various tinn^s. 1, Hkxkv, b. Dec. 17, 1800; Kep. Conn. Leg. 4 yrs; Town Clerk of W. 
2G yrs; Selectnnni 17 yrs. in succession, and Justice of the Peace 18 yrs-. Xov. 17, 1877. 
lie ])resei\red at Farmers an<l Mechanics' Bank at Hartf. , for payment, $150 in bills of 
their issue, 1S47. He had, also, $00 of the Plnenix Bank and $1 of the American 
Bank. These bills were found Itet.ween the leaves of a pamphdet, where they were 
placed 30 yrs. ago by Archibald Miner, and remained until discovered a few days since 
by Mrs. yVn\n-.—'f'>r(lPiiper. m. Sarah J. Clark of Wnterbury, Conn. 1, TlirVir.i. 
whom. Sarah J. Warner. 1, Dau.; res. ^Vaterb. 2, ILviuui-.T, b. Dec. s, V-W: m. 
Ceo. W. Welton of Wat., and d. .May 20. l.soO, leav. one Cum., who m. Leveret D. 

n. Lydia, b. \pril 27, 1700; m. Oct. 2.-;, 1»10, Lamberton Tolls of Plvmouth, Conn. 
1, Poi.T.v, i>. Sept. 20, 1S23. 2, Oitiax, March 18, 1S27. 3, Hakkii;t, "Sejjt. 2, 1830; 
all unm. ami liv. with ])arents. 

'-^ HI. Polly. I>. Xov. 14, 1707; in. Josiah, s. of Joel Truesihdl of Bristol, Conn. (2) 
Thomas Miller. /. by l.-~t m. ; I, J(ii:r,. 2, Liriir.i:. 3, M KiirrAhi.K. ;'. i)y2dm.: 
4, 1>ANIF1, H. 5, M,\j;n II. All living al Claysville, Pa. 
1\'. Sallv. Jan. 31. ISOO; m. Orrin Jerome; res. Wis. 


1S816. Lydia, Tuttle, m. Caleb Bhike.slee of Ruwf, Mass., s. of Seth. 

I Eiios, ]). F<-b. ■-.''•J, r(>!o; d. ^Nluich 2(j, 1S~7; ni. ryi\tliia, dan. of Hiw'uili H>(1- 
fiflfl who a j'iin. 1(1, IS-io', a. oS. 1, Cynthia, b. March i'j, lyOG; in. A])ri] 20, lS2tJ, 
Jiule S Tuttlr. [4J 2, Nancy I.angdox. b. in ll.ath. Muss. ;5, AN'.y.r.iN \ Koxaxa. 
4 C\'i.Ki5. 1). iriclinioivl, Ma.-.s. o, UooEii, -b. in Iluwe, Sf])t. 9, 1821. 

II. ilorace, Oct. 19, IT^O. 

III. Auveliii, .luiK- 11, ITs.t?. 

IV. Elson, Aug. 25, 1791. 

V. Kdwaiil; tlu- ouly one of this Faiii. liv. in isTS. 
XL Jared. 
VI i. (.•aruliiu-. 

13G9. Josiah Tuttle, y.miitiod by mistake.!, pr-b. v]d. s, of l?.n; m. in Water - 
burv Conn., .liuif 2<i. 1V4(.). Nuonii, dan. of W iiliani Lnddington ot \v . lit' d. Sept. ^2, 
17-iy. She m. (2) Dec. 6, 17."jl, (iidei.n Allen of W. and had St)lo!non, b. Oct. 7, 173:i. 
I. Kli/abeth, b. May 5. i742. 
11. William, b. Jan. 14. 17-1:J.- 

III. Aniv, b. May o, 174."i. 

IV. Il.'>-ekiah, b. Aprd T. 1747. . , ■ , 
V. Levi, 1). Mav y. 1749; (Eleanor Tuttb', adnix. of est. of Eevi I uttle of Eircl>- 

fiold Conn , .Ian. 1, r7s7). 

Oneol' the abnvf b-nns ..f .b.siah was f. of Je.-,!ah 'J'utile, b. Feb. 11, l.,4; fron; 
Conn, to Sh.-idnn. Vi.: farmer; ni. in 15raudon, Vt., Feb. 10, 1795, Sarah Ann U eek.s, 
1- Dec 2'* 177''; d. M;'v !), bslT: cltil. bap. in Sheldon. 

l' " 'n;;;iuk'fnl, b. i)ec. 20, l79t); m. B.'njainin Wa.^her of Slieklon. 1, Jumau, r. .>. 
CUntonvid", N \. 2. J kI'EDTah, res. Mi.-'souri. 

II \nna b \n^r 19, 1^00; m. Jonathan IJor.rdnum of Burliuaton, \t.; (2) .Iannis 
C-trtis'of'ciarrncevilk-; C. E. 1, Makta. 2, Sakau Ann; m. lb;^l Landou of S... 
Hero Vt i bv 2d m. : S. Ei.i/.a; ni. Joseph Galla-her of Albur-h, ^t 4, Anna. 
5 IUkjuct: nl. McFie of Clarencevilh-, C. E. <!, Uknriktta. twin with Hamet. 

' HI ]e'i"«iiah b \n^- 22, 1nU2; woolon manuf. : after-Aard a nierch. m i.ssex. v i. ; 
m Eli/a B.mrdman. 1, Ann Ei.iza, d. March 10, 1S51. 2, LrnA Ai.MniA, m. Jere- 
n\iah French of Burlington, Vt. :}. .^i.nur)' Chai-man, r.-s. Ih.rlnurton; arni;':i:,t. 4, 
ilOHVCi: Boauuman. d\ Sept. 1. is64. . 

IV Sarah Ann, b. Nov. 12, 1S04: d. ISl^: ni. Albert (hapman ot C laren.-oN dJ*-. 
1. 11ai';riit Sophia. 2, Maktiia Mauia. ;i, Sahaii Avis, m. Hawks ot Aiempms, 
'iVnn 4 Ai.i'.KHT Tr-pTLK. ni. F. E. t'orry. re--. London. C. \N . ,,,,,■ 

V Sheldon, b. Jan. 1, IsOS; .1. July 7. Im'.I): n.i. Ceo. ]■ arrer ot Lerkhhirt'. 
Vi 1 IUnnvu 1> 1S29- ni. 1>49. !•',. ^^^ Einirman of Bristol, Wis. 1, I'ntnkh., ■>. 
IS .1 '-^ 'M-id'i i'J" and AJ" twins, b. is.j.'L so nearly alike that intin-iate family fnend.s 
c-m see^uo ditlVrence and their own mother ofien niistake.s one for tlie other, 
<nnnces of a vervauuwn- character often iv.saU. 2. JusiAU Ttni.i:. b. l.v,i on an. 
island in St. John's Kiver", Ca. ; d. of cons., lSo2; was editor and proprn-tor ot a news- 
paper in Wa.'^hintrlon Co., Wis.: a man of capacity, quick, wit ar.<l luuno--; 
in in Bristol 1^6(1, Marv Thor]). dan. of Herman Stiles Thorp and his wt., F»«-.y. ^^■hos,^ 
f 'is the sole survivor of the sis^uers of the Couth, of Conn., ISls. j.. (mly cluld: ], 
/;<<>,■'/<' b 1857; stud. law. 3, LrcY Hta.EN. b. Munn.e, Mudi., IN-L); d.. a. b. 

SV Josiah, b. Jan. 5. islO: nurch.; many yrs. Mem. Vt. L.'ir.; unm.; res Essex. 
VlT John Ebene/.er. b. Nov. 7. 1812; sailor and Capt. nn tie- Lakes :3U vrs. ; then a 
farnnr in Salem, Wis. " A jcdly, whole-souled, man, wnlely km.^vn 
and r.spected;" m. is:",:), in < lev.-land. O., Jane »i. Lyon, who d. thr. Aug^ 1S4.,; U) 
.lulv 19 ].S44, Eliza Ann Arvis: .v i. by 2d m. 1, >Luua L. b. Nov. 9 1^40: m. Oct. 
■ I fsr.O 'John Howe lVnedicT,M.[>.,b, Aj-rd s Is.Ki: grad. Med. (ok, Cmcnnati, O ; 
r^s. nauby. Conn. 1. /.-v/ ^^..b. ism. :. J..^i T.. b. ISIJS. 2, Infant, b. amid. 
Aug., Isi:'.. 

14 Sarah Tuttle, b. Jan. 22, ir.Di; m. S.-pt. 10. Kjs,-,, .Inhn. s of Henry niuuis- 
um of N.' 11.; s.-t". lu No. Hav. Inv. July 2. iiV.H--: Thomas Tuttle, SamueM laric, 
Sa.muol Tuttif, Sr.. appraisers. 

I .lohn, 1>. Oct. 24. l('»s(',; m. llaiinuh lh\y. 
H Lvdia, 1>. A|.ril 1, ins9. 
11! Sarah b. Anril S. ]i\'.K\: m. Mnv 2i;, !711. Jam-s Lradley. 
1\' James b >iav 7, li;9i;; m. Jan. 7. 1719, Sarah Arwaler. 


14.1. John Illimiston, Oct. 24, IGXIJ; i.i. Juih^23, 1711, Haanah Kay; ivui 17;]() 
fiuiu No. lluv. to Xortlitifld (^Piyiuoiuli;. Coim., uhr. he was voti-d into tlie'sd scat'of 
ill.- meeting housi- in iroJ In ]7;-i7 lie conv. toTlios. ("ooj.rr land in X. IT. lai.ioutto hi.s t 
John Humiston. He d. \)cr. 7, 17()7: will dated Jan. 4, 17(;.j: nnis. wf. Hannah 4 .s< 
John, David, ealeb, ;Ephraim, dau.-^.' .Mary (Dorr V); record ilh'ixil.h-: Sarah Tutt'lc and 
Hannali Ailing: s. ]''.nniiai excc ; H<t,j. 'J"runih;ill wit. ^Vill of wid. Hannah dated 
Nov. 8, 1771; prov. 1787; nms. 4 ss. and :-! ni. dauy. as above: Jienj. 'i'rnnih-.ill TIuks 
Afan.stield and Stejihen Jacobs wit. 

.. .Vpril 8. 171:]: rem. to IMyniouth: d. Mav 2o, 1781; sup. f o( 1 M uiY 
l7(;-i. Ashur, ^. of Jac.if. and Elizabeth Barnes Elakeslee, b. Ma 





. abt. 



1; m 
















, b. Feb. -JO. 171.">; m. Xov. 1, 17;^.S, Su.-^'inna T.^dd [Gl 
b. JuiieliO, 171S; m. Hev. Kdward Di.rr. 

. b. Jan. ;-;0, 1720: n.. Hiirh Bas.sett: res. Plvniotith. ] Dwin 9 
to SoLithwick, Mass. S, Joki., nni. to S. "4, Lyj)i.\,'iu ■i'imotiry 
Atwi\U-v {a,<(e). o. H\xx.vH. (i, Uhoda, b. 17.j1; d. .Vug. U!. is;;]; -^ ^q. ,„_ i)g,._ o,- 
1774, Jacob, s. of Elihu and Rebecca Stanley Dai4:trett of Atiieboro, Muss • b Min-'l' 
1748; d. Feb. H, KfKI; Henry Da-gett. Jr., adm. (^app ; I, S:<r,'h, b. Jan.'>>, 177fj' d' 
Nov. 9, i8o2; a. 7(1: ni. IJrv, Sherman John.son; Y, ('. ls02: d. 180G; 4th jyastor'sd dm^:^ 
chli. in .Milford, t'onn. 1, PLOger Sherman, h LSOo; d, Jan., 184'J; a. 44; m. CathariiTe 
Woodman: tin- wid. rem. frotn X. H. v.'ith her dau. and soon d. (1). Sh'ei'nn^n, d. a v 
man. (3). S;u-ah t". , m. Stuart Barnes and soon rem. 2, Clnmncty, b. June 7 l'77'9- in 
Mehitalde Mulford. wlio d. July, isr)4: a. 75. ;!, Rrhcni, b. Dei- 14 178! 'd >iarch 
2(i, ISIH; m. Xai'thalia Daggett, who d. Aj-.iil 4. 181:^: a. 44. 1, Xanni, b. Mav 27 \i<4- 
d. Aug. 14. 1S(J7: m. May 27, 1S41, li.-nuett Brouson, 2.1 cous., bus." ;jd \\[ '{,,■■] nt) 7' 
Bkd]-., m. Piiihard At water. 

V. Sarah, b Sept. 10. 172o: ni. Xov, 19, 1 74(', Tln-mas ' who d. 1749 ,2). 
1752, Samuel Tattle, {ontt). 1, TiTcs, b. May ;J0, 1741; m. Sarah Blakeslee and had • 
among others: 1, Ilhoda, m. Dec. '6, 1705, Joseph Hileazer Camp. b. in Bethh-heni' 
Conn., A])ril (!, 17(50; Y, C. 1787; stud, wiih Rev. Dr. Smallev; ord and inst. 1795 at 
Northfield, J.itohfield Co., Conn.; dismissed 1837, and d. thr. ^[av 27, I808. 1 Alilert 
Barlow,. Feb. IG, 1797; clergyman; m. Feb. 3, 1829. Mary .Ann Wild-'r of RindW, "dm 
d. ISijO. (2) Frances Ann Stearns of Boston; res. Krisioi, Conn., in 1SG9. 2," Halnii 
(I'arwood, June 14, 17it9; m. Oct. 29. 1845, Louisa A)in (lark of X.. v, ho d rs4s, ,2) 
Jane Fidelia Xorton: res. Baraboo, Wis. He is a Col. of militia and a macistrute 3 
David Bu.-hrod Washington, Feb. 8, lf-04: .M.D. ; ni. Fanny J. Fox. 4, Klizab.-th S. ^ 
March ii, 1807: m. Nehemiah Iveml>erly of West Haven, Conn. 5, Jose]d'i W.. b. Mar'cli 
12,1809; ni. Lucy A, Brewster; res, Baraboo, Wis. 0. .labcz .Mc'Call, 1). June 2()." I'sil ; 
ni. Mary llcaton; res. Catnpville, Conn. 2, .\LK\A.\ni:i;. Xov. 25, 174-3, C, .fosse Oct" 
7, 174'!; m, MiT.-li 29. 1774, Phebe Humiston. \j)',sf\ 12 (dul. 4, S,u:.\ii, Ju'lv 21,1749. 
VI. Kiihraim. 1). Dec. 5, 1T:.;U: m. 1,), c. 1, 1757, Su.sanna Ba.ssett.' Hi's will. daV. 
Feb. 8, 1802, juov. lyOii, <d' No. Hav., nins. wf.. Siisanna, dau., Sarali, dau., Susanna 
-Mix, sons. Ephraim or Abraliam, .loci. Street and Caleb; Benj, Trumbull, Giles Pier- 
pont, Peter Eastman, wit. : est. div, 1SU7. 1, Joirx, b. Oct. ;:J, 1758. 2. 's.\i;\u •^, 

Sus.inna; ni. Mix. 4, Efiik.m.m A., rem. fmm North Haven tn Wall injrf ord and 

ni. Ihtiuce, ilau. of Jolm and Lois Bead.s Hull: set. on the old Ht-nrv and Russell farm 
and d. thr. 1, S!u-rh>cl.-. 2, Ilinnn. :;, Du'.nn. 4. Willis, has l)econie wealthv;' res 
Tvuy. \. Y.— /).'vis J/ixf. Wir/l. 5, .loKi.. G, Sti;i:i;i', b. June 28, 1771. 7. Calki"., 
Vll. Hannah, twin with l^phraim; m. April (i, 1752, l-'.jdiraim .\lling. 

1412. Caleb rfumiston, b. IVb. 20, 1715; cd Humiston Hill, Plvmouth, Conn 
In 17(;5, communicant i>i Waterlmry chh., and d. thr. March G. 177G; bu. Plynn)utl; 
Ilollosv; m. Nov. 1, 17o^, Sus.mna, dau. of Dea. Samuel 'l'..dd [(11 b Die 7 l"7i,S- d" 

Srpr. 24, 180G. ' 

1. Jrs:::e, b. \h-r. 12, 1 7;!9 : d. .soon. 

II. Sarah, b. D,c. 9. 1742: m. 17G1, Stephen Bn.nson. 
HI. Ih'nmJi llumist.)ii. l>. June 25, 1715; d. Dec. IG, 17SG: n 
s. of Danii'i Lord of Lym.-. Conn., ii. .Apii! 4. 1742. He in. (2) -ian. 
Di-kins,,n. lb- d. Dec. 22. Isi ; . a. 75. 1, E(.i:'-..\i;i:Tir, b, \piil 4 
l^-2^', 2.;. b. 1771: d.. Per. 1-1 , I7s(;. :;, PiiivKAs. b. Sept. 
10, lS-12. 4. P\Trv. b. Sept. 2, 17S2: m. .1. Sicvm^. 5. 11 \.\x.ui, 1-. 

IV. Susariiia. b. ,Iun<- 19, 1747: m. Hun.^'-i'rford. 

V. Jesse, b. Dec. 1, 17411: m. Abi-aJl Blakeslee. 
VI. M.diitable, b. Jan. 1, 1752; n\". 1770, Isaac Fetui. 

. l>e 

<■. !i 

'5, 1 


10. 1 





: d. 


e 9. 



: d. 






VII, CoiitiMit, b. Auof. :^, lTr)4; d. Fob. 8,177o, uniu. 

Vm' I'lH'br b !>(■(•. "o, IT.IC); (I. Oct. o, 1844; ni. Marcli 20, 1774, .Jpssf, s. of Tlioiiuis 
Tuine!-of New Haven: d." AjTil ID. isyi, a. 87. 1. I^, b. Oct. (i, 1774: d. May OG. 
1843 2 e'vi.Ki;, Ort. '2-:!, lT7iJ. :] and -I d iuf. ."l. l.rci.\D.\, (i. IJdNA.s a. 7, N-\Nrv. 
8, (~A[.viN. Ks(V <.). Hknkv. 10. lIiiiAM. 11. Lt:( V. 12, Saijaii. 
IX. ,\r,nc. h. Julv 2i, n.-.'.': in 1 77"), Samuel Sn' litT. 
X. Maitlia, b. IK-e. '20, i;t;2: ni. 1781, I>anifl Tetter. 
14122. Sarah Humiston, I^'c '■<. 1742: d .h.ly27, 1^22; n. May 17, 17G4, Dea. 
Stephen Bionsjuof W aterbury. H<' d. I>ec-. b"), bHV,!. 

I. Marcia. b. ]^'-r. 17. ]7r)4: m. ;7U4, .lohn Kin.irsbury. 
U. Jesse, i.. .hine'.l. Hilli: d, Feb. 4, 17><S. unni. • • 

III. .bihn. b. .\ii:r. 1, !7iiS: d. .Ian. 22, 1782. 

IV. Su-iuna, le V'.<-. 27, 177(i: d. On. 21. 177:5. 

V Content Hnmi-ton. b. .Mav 14, 177:;: d. Maicli 2'<. IMIG. unni. 
VI. Bennett, b. Nov. 14, 1775; m. 1^01, Anna 8niiiU. (2) 1820, Flizabeil, Maltby. 
(3) 1841, Xanov Dairtrett, {•'i>f':) 

VII. Susanna, b. .Vj-ril (!. 17s(i: d. July 14, IMl: m. June '23. 180.:.. Jcsepli Burton 
of W. 1, Mahcia. in. June 27. INJt.l. Willard Spenrer. 1, Sii.s,/,/. b. Sept. 22. 18:J1. 
2, Firdi i-irj, .1., b. Ni-v. 7, 1 >->>. 3. Jnxi pli Ji.. b. X(.)v. 27, \>^-U\; ni. .lulia V.. dau. of 
Charles Warner.' t'omterlv nf Saii.^burv, Conn. 1, Cora S., \>. Ur\. i;j, IMJj; d. Xov. 2u. 
1872. 2. Sophia B.. b. Mar(di 21i, 18li7: d. Aug. 2.'), ]8i;7. I, \Vi//i</r.t A., b. Jan. 24, 
184U; m. Jan. lU, isi^d. .\ua:usta Fdaekuian. 1. Catharint- L., i>. Oct. 1, I8(if). 2. Wil- 
lard.'b. Feb. 21, 1870; d. July 21. 1870. 8, Marcia B., b. July, ls72. .■), Jfnr// /•;., b. 
Oct. '28, 1847; d Jan. 1^. 187>.. 

141221. Marcia Bron.son, l'. I'-e. 17, 1704. d. Mareh 21, ISi;'.; m. Xov. o. 17<.M, 
John, e^. of Xatlianitl Kini:-<l)ury nf \V., b. Franklin, Conn., 1 H-c. oO, l,tl2; V ( . I.nC; d. 
Autj., 1^11. iu V. at the liouse ()f lii-< son-in law W'ni Brown, with whom he liad !-:evei'al 
yr-s!" I'e.-i. At the a-'o of .sfvuteeu lu' was s.'u: to hi- umh-. Dr. Charh'< HarJuis, an 
eminent minister of Somers, Conn. XeKt yr. entert'd Y. <'.. Init soon left and engaged 
as a marine on board a j)rivateer; made two cruises and assisted in takii:-- two pri/.e<: 
during his lar-t cruise be was dantrer<nislv sick. He again entered Y. C. aicl 1 78H. 
In 17SS entereil the Law Seluxf of Je.dge lit-eve, and in 1700 admitted iu th.e bar of 
Lit(ddudd Co. lb- set. next vr. in W. and was Town Clerk from 170:; to l.>-d«: Ju>t;ee 
■ of tlie I'eare from 1700 to i^:J0;j;ep. in \.C"S. 17 times. 1700-181:;; Judi^e of Probate. 
1801-18:54. and Judge of Co. Court, the la>T vear ]>resjding Judge, lS()l-l.s20. He was a 
verv j)opultP.- and woithv man.- — 7>r'.,//.v/,;,".v' Jfixt. "f It :!tn-U>ivii. 

■ I Charle.- I)-'niii">on. b. Xov. 7. V^)■y. m. M:nvl, :'.. 1^21. Fli/.a, dau. or Fre.lerirk 
Leavenworth 1, Fkedkukk Joirx. b. Jan. 1, 18-j;;: Y. C. 1840. Stud, law at ^ ah 
and in the otliee of Hon. CharU-s G. Loring of Bo>tou; admitted to tlu- Suffolk ( <>. 
(IVston) bar March 10. 1848; afterwards si)ent seven nios. in the otlice of Th.)s. C. 
Perkins of (/onn. Opened an ot1i'-e in Watevbury in spring ui 1S40: Hep. in Conn. Leg. 
1850, and obtained a chart. -r for a savings bank which he ha-, continued to mana-e .-im-,- 
that time, and v.-hich probablv inriuon<'ed the future bu^ines.s of his life. In 18-):^, m 
connr-.^ion with the hit.- Abraham \x^^, he establisln-d thr Citizeus' Bank, now the 
Citi/eus' Xational Bank of Waterbnry, of which he is still Pres. Betinng from the 
practice of lav.-, baukiii- was his prineipal business until 1808, when Vi- became Pre.-, ot 
the Sroville .Maiuif. Co., to which lie has since devot.-d a large part of his time. He i> 
also Treasurer of the Bronsou Librarv. which has a permauont fund of S2O0.000. and 
Director an<l Tru.-te.' in various ot]ier'bu<inc.-s< . n^'-'ous and ]uibhc eorp.u'a- 
tions. He wa;> a mem. <d" the State Lou-., IS.-jO. l^^S ae.d ls05, M-rving the last two yrs. 
as Chairman of the (.'.nu. on l^ank-. In 1^0.5 he wa- of the Com. <.n the ivvisuui ot the 
statutes of Conn, lb- has tak.ii an active part in the publi<- improvements ot tin- town, 
and his name ha- b, ,'n brou-ht forward in connection with .some .,f the highest offices 
in the state, but he lia- no in.dination for ]..ditical life, and seeks relaxation frcuii busi- 
ness in literarv oc.up.atious and iu lo.-al public aliairs. He was elected a uiei.i. of the 
cori. of Y C."iu June, l<si : m. April 20., .\lathia Buth. dau. of ^\ m. H. Scoville.- 
b. March 21, 1^2>. 1. Wiilia,!, Ch<i,-hs. b. July 2, IS-"):;; <1. March 2, lsG4. 2, JAn-.v 
Euin'r.', b. June'.). 18.'"j0. ;!. EtHth iJinix, b. Fei). 0, 1800. 4, Fmhrirk John, b. July 

?, i8o;;. 

'Succeeded his elder bro.. 1. >L Scovillc. in the business, which has t)ccome one of the JarpeM and irost 
prosperous in Waierbury, known as ihe Scovillc Manuf. Co. 


II. Julius Jesse Bronson Kingbury, h. Oct. 18, 1797; stud, with Kev. Dr. Heinirtt 
Tyler, tlien of So. Britain, Conn.. Kev. Mr. Harf of Plymouth, and Rev. Daniel Parker 
of Ellsworth, Conn. In lW]y, throui;h inlluenceof Hon. David I)aygett, tlu.'u L". S. Se!i., 
was app. Cadet at West Ft. Mil. Acad, wiir. he grad. and was attaidied as 2d Lieut. t<') 
2d Keir. Inf.: ordt-red with a detachment of troojjs to Sault de St. Marie, at tlu^ outlet of 
Lake Su]ierior, to assi't in building Fort Brady. Here he reniaint-d three or four vears 
under Major (Col.) Cutler, during which time (wliile on leave of aljscncc to the East) 
he ni. Jane C. Stebliins, sis. -in-law of Capi, W. Becker, also of the 2d Kegt. He was 
next ordered with a detachment by sea to New (Jrleaus and Nacogdoches. Afterward 
stationed for a time at Mackenaw and Fort ( iratiot. During the Black Hawk war in 
1832 lie was at Chicago, attached lo the Commissary Dt'part. and saw much hard and 
dangerous service. While there he luuight for seven hundred d()]lar< almut tliiitv-six 
acres of land on the nortli east branch of the Chicago Biver near its junction with the 
south In'anch: also al)out two acres on the .south side of the niain river; the latter tract 
in tlie heart of the present city, and the former but a little \*-ay distant. The land, after 
much litigatitm. is still in y)o.«session of the fam. and of great value. Wlieu the pur- 
chase was made in 1^32 Chicago contained \>ut five small stores and two hundred and 
fifty iidiahilants. The present ••Kingsbury Square" was named for him. He was 
afterward at Fort Niagara: later, during the disturliance on our north eastern frontier, 
he was stationed at Hancock Barracks, Houlton, Me., thence to Tampa Bay. Fla! 
(Seminole war) where he remained tliree yrs., (excepting a short interval), and his con 
stitution was so broken by tlie climate, exposure and fatigue that he never recovered. 
Oil his return to the north he was stationed at Sackett's Harbor and afterward a second 
time at Fort Brady. Thence, early in 1847, to join (ien. Scott by Vera Cruz, assistinir 
in the capture of that place, and more or less engaged in all the battles on the march to 
the city of Mexico. For goad conduct in one of these engagenumts he was breveted. 
Throughout thecampaign he acted as Lieut. Col. of hi.-> regt ., thouirh l)v rank onlv a Capt, 
\Miile convalescing from a .severe attack of l) fev., (ien. Scott sent him home on 
sick leave. In Dec 1848, ordered with a part of his retrt. to California, where he 
remained two yrs.; while there was promot.d, and tr;snsferred to (Uh ]{"gt. In 18."")0 lie 
returned lunne. too much out of health for duty, and spent the next two yrs. at Wash- 
ington and at the East on sick leave. Then, on his way to St. Loui-^, was detained at 
Detroit by sickness, where he spent the winter of l8.')2-o. ^^■hile there, owing to some 
misunderstanding with the War De))t., not impeaching his integrity or honor, his name 
was stricken from the anny roll. Considering liimself unfairly treated he declined to 
make any explanation or hold any communication witii the Dejit. Before he died, 
liowever. he settled all his accounts with the Covi. and received a balance that was due 
him. He d. at Washington, when on the j.oint of leaving for the Ea^t, of a mali'.-nant 
dysentery, .Inly 23. lNo(i. According to his ex])rfssed wishes his remains were brought 
to Waterbury and buried in the old ground l)v the side of his fatiu-r's. 1, W.\i,tku. 
2, ![t:m;v \V.. b. Dec. 2'), 1837: grad. We<t Point. 3. Maky J.wk. m. M.ay, 18o0, 
Capt. Simon' Buckner, V. S. A.; afterward a (ien. in Confe.lerate Army. Shed. abt. 
1870 at Elizabethtown, Ky., leav. an ojily dan. 

HI. Joh.n Southmavil Kinysburv, b. Nov. 18. 1801; m. Jan. 25, 1827, Al)l>ie H.. 
dan. of Daniel Hayden. 1, .I.\,\if.s D., b. Nov. 22, 1^27; d. Mav 7. 1831. 2. (iEOi;(;r; 

B., b. Sept. S. IS-H); !,!. of East Bloomfleld, N. Y. : she d. leaving 1 cli. 3, .Makia 

A., b. .May 1, 1S32; m. May 1. ISoi). Ware; (2; in 1874 Lefevre of New 

Hochelle. .\. Y. i by 1st m.: 1 ch.. ll'tri nl. 4. Svr.vrA E., b. Sejjt. 7. 1^34; m. Mav 
1, l.So4, Elizur D. (iriggs. i. K'.anjHth Si.\K\.J<ii,c. o. Jamks l).,b. Sei>t. 7. IsioC; d. Jan. 
lit, 1S37. (1, IlAitRiKT A., b. June lo. 1S39: unm. 7, Ai;i;ik S , b. .June 2<» 1S42 s 
John J D., b. July 27, 1>^45. 

\\ . Sarah Susanna Kingsbury, b. Nov. (i. 1807; d. May oil, 1)^40: m. Wm. Brown. 

141226. Bennett Bronson, b. Nov. 14, 1774: d. Dec ii, I8.')0: >tud. witli i^-v. 

Jolm Foot of ( lie.-hir. , Conn.; grad. \. C. 17'.J7. In 17!(S appt. 1st Lieut, in Provisional 
Army id' V . S. ami began recr\iiting sf-rvice May. I7!i',). His regt. with tv.-o others 
quarter-'d at Scotch Pl.nii:s. N. -1. : \lisliundeil in' Cuej-ress ISUO. " He stud, h'w with 
Hon. Noah P.. Ileiiedict of Woodbury. Conn., :uid" in 1S02 admit, to Litchfield Co. bar. 
From ISil!) to Isjs annually aj)pointed .iustice of tin- Pi^ace, anil again in 1n27 and tliree 
successive yrs.; afterwards refusing to serve. In May. 1.S02. (Uie "of the Asst. Judc-es of 
New llav. Co. Court for tw.. yi-s. In May, 1820, Pep' in Leg. fur ^Yaterl)urv. lit 1S14 
became iuiere-ted in n,-,auuf. InlSlSwas ihe 1st i>r-s ef ^he new Waterbur,' Bank, 
and held the otTn-e until his dec. lb' was u!i extensive lan.l owner, a successful farmer. 
a good lawyer and an excelienc man. In.l'oi.. 1 s;J:;, h.' united with the clih. of v.hicdi 
his f . g. f. ate', gf. jr. f. had l)een deacons and. was himself made a deacnn in l^;ls. [b> 


spent inucli thiic in tVif collection of facts, liistorical, genealogical and traditionary in 
relation to the early history of Waterlmry, lie liegan this work as early as iH'iO and 
pursued it at intervals daring the rest (;f his life. After his dec. hiss., Dr. Henrv 
Bronson took up the work and the J/i^f'/rj/ nf liV'^rA/zr^ was published in ISoS. IJe m. 
May 11. isni. Anna, dan. of Iticliard Smith of Koxlmry. Conn., and sis. of Judge Nathan- 
iel and ll(jn. Nathan Smith of New llav.. Conn.; she d. March -i, 1S19: (2) May, i!<2(K 
.Elizaheth. dan. of l>ea. lienjamin Malthy of Branlord, Conn.; she d. June 12, ISlO; (:^j 
Mav 27, ]N41. "Jd coas. . Nancy, dau. of Jacoh Daggett and g. dan. of David Iluiniston 
•of N. llav.; shed. Aug. 14, 1^(17: a. s:l 

I. iieorgfj. h. Fell. 2:. 1S()2; d. -lulv ',>1. is^O. 

11. Henry, b. Jan. ;](i. 1SU4; Y. C. .M. S., IS^I; Prof. Mat. Med. and 'riiera]). V. 

C M. S., 1S4:;-.")-,*, and (s.");V()ti I'res. Mi-d. Soc. of Conn. Author of various puldica- 

tions, as Add r,ss to Ct ndididf^i h-r M. 1). ])i;ire< . lS(i:',; ]li'>g . Xofis of Prof. J^,n //>.v, 

1807; lAfi <iod Clioiui-fn- 'f llin Jldplt 1. livji i.-<,,l, \H',?,; Hist. oft/,rf„f,f,'nitf,//treri'r 

in Xi ir JLrr., \}<';2: Srl,'nr, u.s II J[,Ip, r: I iilii ritn ,,,-, trxo ] fiitd ril in-i : [)ultl, r/.s C„„s,'/: 

mtor. lS7t): 77/. }[■'<,. ji Pr-'h't m. 1^77; 77/. Horlj, Cor, vniin nf of Oou,.. and oth-ir papers 
in the colh-ctions i.f tlu- N. llav. Col. Hist. Soc. besides nunicn.iiis other contributions 
to medical and general lit»'rature; m. June 8. 1S:11, Sarah Miles, dau. of Sam'l Lalhrop 
and g. dau. of Joseph Lathro)). D. 1>., of West Springfield. Mass. 1. S.\.MrEi, L.XTiii.'oi'. 
b. Jan. \2. 1SH4; V. C. is.i,'); m. Nov. :!(l. isiil. Fannie E., dau. of Dr. Tlios. Sto.bhinl 
of Sevmonr. (.'unn. 1 and 0, 7>//'x. b. .\iig. -2!). ISIVJ; d. ym. day. :), 'rin-ntas Slinhlo rd. 
b. Sept. 21. ls(;4. 4. .],,..lo}, llomnni. b. Dec. 27. 1S(;7. o, Slori/ lMh,_i\ 1.. Sept. ■:';j, 
l.^tiO. <i. S,ir:i]t Fi-imr,.-'. b. (_)ct. -21. 1S71. -2, (ii'.oiioK, 1). Sept. '-^.S. \>^-M\: d. Jan, :^l' 
1837. :i N.\Til.\N S.urni. 1>. N'.v. -il). ls;;7; P. H. V. C., 18."/<J; m. May 8(i, bssi. Char- 
lotte Ann. dau. of Burton Pond id" "'orringf.ird. Conn.; d. Dec. 7, 1S71; (•>) Marcii li. 
1874, Jennie F.. dan. of Samuel Camp of Plaintield, Conn. ('. by Ist m. : 1, Alu-c ]'i,iid. 
V). Any. 2.). ist;-i. '2. //////■// linrho,. b. Se-pt. 'i, 1S(54; d. J'un.' .^. IS').-). ;:), .J.,.s^,l, 
Lnthi'op. b. Aut;-. ••32. isr.l); el'. June 17. isiO. 4, Wilhn r Xntloi 1, . b. Nov. •2i), 1S70. /. 
bv 2(1 m. : ."). .],„iih ('n,„p. Ii. Jan. 1». ls7o. 4. Stkimif.x Hkm;y. h. I'Vb. is. ls44. 

III. J.-sse, b. Feb. s. l8(i(i; Y. C. . b^-JH; M.D.. IS-J!*; d. uum.. Aju-il 14, IKJI. H.- 
"vvas a ]ihv.s. in Nn. llav.. Cunn. 

lY. ■Thomas..!-. June 4. INOS; d. April -20. b^"il : Y. ('., 1N20; an Episc. clergyuKin; 
in. Feb. 1:1 ls:-)'.t, Cvnthia Elizabetli, dau. of Cyrus M. Bai'ilett of llrtf.. Conn.; \Vho 1!. 
.Jan. '20. ]Sr2. a. '^i. 1. H.\iihii:t Anna. b. Jn"ne2. 1S40; m. April 2s, IS44, Kev. Pt-r.-r 
Voorliees Finch nf (ireenlield. Mass. : r^-s. Denver. Col. 1. /:V/7//. b. D,-c. 17, l.s(i4. 2. 
lliiirii ll"hart. May 1, ISCS; d. Jan. lib 1S7;;. :], Kilicard riroii.-^'o, . b. Jan. :;, ]S'7(). 2, 
JuiJt*> Hiiu.\i;r, b.' A]^ril :-!(). 1SP2; num.; res. \^'. ;}. l\in\-.\.i!D Bk.nxett. b. June 12. 
184:j; Y. C., l.^(J5; M.D. ; unni.; res. N. Y. City. 

Y. Elizabeth Ann. b. March :'>. 1M2; d. April <>. is 15; unm. 

Yl, Susanna, b. Feb. 2(i. d, Autr. 12. 1814, 

YIl. Harriet Maria, b. S.^or, lH,"lSb-); m. Dec, s, is|l. ZIna K., (s. of Peter) Mur- 
dnck of Meriden, Conn, 1. M'vkv EMi:i.iM:, b. Oct. S. lsp2. 2, Ci;i)Kf;K Bko.vsu.n. b. 
Febr 2:.. ISlii, :-5. Zina. b. May 1. bs5ti. 

A'ln. Pi.dierca Taiutnr, i). F(4>, 1<>. 1S22; m. Douglass F., s. of Lucius Maltby of 
Northford. Conn., and d. .v. i.. A no-. S. 1S4."}. 

IX. Susan, b. Jan. IK, 1S24, 

14125. Jesse Humiston, b. D.c 4, 17-W; d. Feb. 20, D^:57; m. (2) Ahigai! 
Blakeslee; res. Plymouth, (.'onn, 
1. Caleb, d. unm. 

11. Sidnia. b. Aj-ril 22. 17S(3; d. May IC, 1841; ni. Dec. 1. 1S(I7. Sherman Pierpont. 
{bro. of Jolni, the puet. and gt. g. s. of Ib-v, James of New Haven), b. June 20. I7SH; 
farmer and manuf. ; res. LitchTn-ld and Farmiugton: drowned in Lake Erie, ^lav 7. 
18o<i. 1, MiNEKVA. 1>. Sei)t. 4, ISO'J: d, Aug, 27, l.'^:)7. at Litchiield; m. Nov. 27, l's27. 
Sherman P.. s. of Dr. Eeuben S. ^^'o.l,hva^l (d' \^■aterto\vn, 1. liorlnl P'uvpo,,i. b. 
Is'M;!; gra.l, Forr Eduard Sem,, ls.'")7; ttachcr; unm, 2. Miif^rru Purpohf. b. IS:)!;; m 
Aj)ril.'is,"i7. Caurboce Judii of Watertown. Conn. 2. (iKDiniK, May 21. IS]!); mnch.; 
Mem. ('(inn. L'-g. ; res. Bristid. Conn, ; m, April 2b, lS4(i, Ciiroline E.. dan, of Isaac 
C. and Eunice M. B»-ach of Plymouth. Shed., .v. /. Jan b'^. 1S74; (2i Jan. 1!). is;.",. 
Marv Titus Ha/.cn. 

ill, i'.'r.netf, m. F.^li, 2:'., 182(>, Emily \Yarner, 1. Bknxktt, 2. MdiiKis. y. 
Cvi,i;i;. 4. F.Mirv, 

IV. Mnrris. m, hJi/a Clark, 1. Va,\/.\\:v:\\\. 2, M.xKTirA. :'.. Er.iz.v, d, Oct, 20. 
1S72; m, Thomas Sent. 1. Morio),. 2. FAIxu. :], KVo II. , b. Fe)). 14, lS(i2. 4^ 


14126. MehitabJe Ilumiston, b. Jun. 1, ITo'i; d. Nov. -2'^, 18::25; m. Jfuy 7, 
177<t, l>;'.a< Fcim. s. ot tlimaMs. Iit-d. Miik-Ii is, IS2."»: ivs. Wutcrtowii, Coim. 

I. 1/tmis, li. Au>:. ;iO, ITTd; m. Ort. ■.>;, lT!t:>, Mary Cnrtis, Slit- d. Sept. 1(1. 1S47. 
1, ],1MS, 1). Dec. 2'.). 171M. -J. N atii.\mi;i., 1). Ffl.. IJ.'lT'.ii;. :;, J'.mu.v, 1'\-1). i. I7i)s' 
4, Pun. II' C'l iciiN, Dei-, s. isdO. o. NN'ii.liam ili;M:v, h. Oct. '21. lS(i4. (1. M.miy, 
Oct. (i, 1S(l(i, 7, Makia, s. Mkiiitai-.i.i:, (t, Mi.\r,i;v.\, \>. Nov. 7 and .'^, isKj- ,1 X,n-' 
Id, 17. is, ISlJi. 10. Mkiiita);!.k Maima, li. .Inly -js, isi-..'. 

II. Ahijali. 1). Awne 'Jd. lTr-3: in. Mny lit, 17!i;!. Hcxfnrd; rmi. to Halt Md 

III. ,'\!fliitaldr, 1). June 81, ITTH: in. Siljis liuoth. 'l. Isvac 2, Adimsox. :]\ 
i^n.A^. 4. Ifi II!. 

IV. Sahia. !.. A])ril '2, 177ii; d. July !>. lS(,!i. a. ^M; ni. Maivli 2*). ISO!, Aaron Fonu 
jr. IK' (1. Urt. 4. His. 1, Isaac, h. A]ifil 2V,. iNO-.'. 2. Bii;i;. Au>r. 24, 1S04. 8' 
KosF.TiA. 1). Ajird 1.7, 1^(.7 4. Xanc v Ui-.xkokj). h. Nov. 17, 1^10. 5, \Vii,i.ia.m 
Bkxnktt, 1). .luly 11. IMM; re.^. Plymoutli; wealfhy and iinniiiDeiit ; in. .Maiy K. Ckil- 
ver. and liad one child, !>. .May •J4. ISC.S. (i. Ar.i.)\o. res. Ihirwinton, <'or,ii. 

V. Kosetta, li. Dec. lI. 17^1; in. Artliony Newton and liud two duus. 
\l. I^ede. 1). .Ian. 10, 17S(;; m. Fuller: d. in Kent. Conn. 

14129. Anne Humiston, K. Jnly 24. 17o;i: d. .Funed, lt;-2.j; III. .Julv 5. 177.5, Sam- 
uel, s. of John Sutlill. He d. (Kt. 14, 1S::2n. a. 7.s. 

I. I'.etsey. I). Feb. .^. 177H: in. Abel Ilurd and had 4. (diil. : res. Kent. Conn 
II. .Martha. (.).n. 2U. 177S; ni. .lonathan Reynolds Warren. 

III. Ih. XV, b. March :-;. 1:nO; ui. Cartel-; r,.s. K'avenna 

IV. (files, b. March 1^. 17S-.2: ni. Hetsev Hlakeslce. 
\'. Content. Jan -is. 17^4; m. Cah-h. Mn-... 

VI. .\s(-nath, Nov. i)-^, 17so: ni. ('art^r and had 7 chil. ; res. Porta<,re. 0. 

Vil. lluldah. h. Nov. 2S. 17S7; ni. : .v. /. Shed. .Inlv •>•"). IS4.'). 

\'lli. Samuel 4'odd, Jan. 2i'>, 171)0; unm. 

iX. Dennis, b. Sejit. 12. \:U2: m. and had 'y chil.; res. PorUiire, 0. 

X. Fsther, May 2U. 17it(): i,<t Hrndleyville Litchfield Cor, ("01^. 

XI. Lester. Se])t. 2t\ 17!IS; ni. Atwood. She d. in Medina, (>., 1S44. 

XII. Aunis, Se]it. 11, ISOO; m. David Strong-; res. Warren. (>. 

1412.10. Martha Humiston, b. iV^e -JO, \:ry>; ,n. Jan. ,•), 17S1 (Jen Daniel 
Potter; d. April 2i. 1NP2 (s. of D.-a. Daniel aiul .Martha Hay Potter); V. C, i7S0; a- 
tnan of great inlluence in Xorthbiiry, Conn. 

I. Horace, V. C., Is'M: d. I^'ll; m. Xancy Slou-'hton. r.2i Abrilla Qulnibc; /. hy 
Lst in. 1, Ei.iZA '2, MAi'.tiiA, /. Iiy '2d m. :). MauvC. 4. Oi.ivkk. .5, SopUKuxt.C. 
(i, Nax(V L. 7. ll('H.v( 1:. s, Ki'iinArM. U, C.\'i ii.\i;fXK. 10, Licv. 

IL Anselni, in. Julia Turiit-r. 1, Sali.v .M. -2. .Ii"i,i.\. H, MiXfiiVA. 

in. -Minerva, li\. ls7."); m. Sei-t. IS. isn, ];,.\-. Lu.rher Hart, eld. s. of David and 
Hannah (ihulsoii) 11., 1>. *ios]i.-n, ( onn., July '27, I 7n:.!: learned his father's trade of car- 
penter; Y. C., 1S07; ordained at Flyniouth. (onn.. and tliece remained till his dec, 
Ai)ril •2->, l,s;;4, of lung fever. Rev. Xoah Porter ]i!ea( heil his funeral sermon. Durinjc 
his mitustry at P.. hve hundred persons united with the chh. He was a Fellow of Y. 
('., lS'2'J-:ll; /. 1 ch.: LiTUKU I'oTTKK, who d. Auij. '2^. lS-2'./. a. 5 mos. 

IV. 'I'ertius Daniel, b. Sejyt. '2*1. Kti:!; liv l,s:,7; dea. of the chh. in Plvnumth; m. 
Jan. '). ISl."), Catharine Stougliton, (■2)(H-t. '24, lS'2;! Juiia St(ni,L:-hton, (;i) Esther Pa'rnes 
Frisliie; /.by 1st m. 1, Er.w.^iu*. '2. Daxii-:i. 4'i'.i;th s, b. .Ian. IS. ls-2i): V. ('.. 1S,")S; 
an ordained minister: taught school l-^ast and \\'.\st ; stud, law; unni; n-s. St. Louis,' 
iMo. ;), Hou ACK, ni. May '27, lS(il, Cjiarlotie Pierce. 1, 117///-//// /A, b. Feb. 1!*, ISli:;' 
2, .)///(/'/'=.)/'., b. Oct. 17. ls(;7. 4, LiTiiKi; ILmm-. m. Sarah Durand. 1, lulirnnl , b 
Jul\ II, iMil. 2, Fi'inl.-, b .Inly ;;0, lS(i:!. .">. PtonKirr .\.. m. Liu-v .Manville. 1. 
Lnnisii. (i, J.VMics Hkxi:v, m. Mary Robt rtsnn. 7, Minmk. m. Xov. '20, isiWi, Edward 
Manville; res. (it. Rarrini:to:i. M;iss. 

14o. Sarah IlvimistOn, b. April S, ICIi;;; m. .May •2(i. 1714. .lames Mr.idiey. b. 
Oct. 1'2. KiSS; s. of Xatbaniei ;ind Ruth ( DieK-e.inan ) R.. s. nf \\'i!li;ini H. the lirst uliite 
res. in Xi>. llav. Jann-< llradley rem. to N(;. Ilav. 17'2-l. whr. he bought abt. -loo acres 
of land. 4'lie hens" lie built is still standiuL''. It is related by his desc. Ileni\' Bradley 
of .\o. Hav.. fmni whom mnrh infoi luation resi'ecting his o\vn and other.Vo. Ilav. 
families was nbiained, that wJiile .,|> ;i \oyai:-e io RosKm M'illi i-orn .'i vinieui sto:iu ilrove 
him 5" far out of his course that the vcsm-I linally landed at one of tic W'e.^t India 
Islands, whr. he sohl his r(un a! double pi-ice. On another oreasion. the X'o. Ilav. 
bridge over the (i'uinni])iaclK River was .so damaged by a fhx^d th.i.t but a single plank 


reinaiiu>(l. He hud liecn inoiuiwliil*? sppiulini^ his Sinid;iy in New IIuv. He rciichod the 
lividiTi' aftiT(hirk, iind niiauare of the accidfiit (Toss*-.! in safety. And not till mornin^^ 
■was he awai-t- of liis ap]iareutly mivacnhjus c^cajie. James I'radh-y and wf. ai'e tlie lirsl 
names on thi- list of tin' Xo, llav. (d;li. nianucl. His inovaljlrs disl.. ITHSl, to lliitlt 
BroekctT. Sarah Durcliestcr. .Miriam }5rock«-tt, Lydia HUikeslee and A!iii;ail Basselt; 
•J^amncI Street, adm. 

1. Moses, 1). May IG, ITl,""); m. 1 7;5!». Surah Andrews. 
II. Knih, h. ITUi; ni. Samne! Hrockett. 
III. Sarah, h. 171S; m. 1 T4N. Capt. Dorelu-ster: had '? dans., hoth d. in New ITuv., 
■unm. 'i'lie, 4th wf. of Wni. Dorrester. d. in Cheshire, Conn., Jun. IT. ITCf. 
l^'. Miriam, h.]?-^!'; m. Imio^ l^rockett. 

V. Joel, b. 17-2-2; m. Miriam Ifohinson of Is. Hav., 1). Dee. 1, 17:^.1, dau. of Jolm 
4Uid Mary (Barnes) li.. and niece of Tlios. iiobinson, who m. Sarah Tuttle. 1. Kstueii, 
111. Miller llawley of (Juilford, Conn.; (0) Ifpy.ekiali Miller of Middleford, and had 
Biiijiiniiii, Illnnu. Jf.trriit, ('iiir<i. ':? and ;3, D.vrs. 

VI. Lydia. h. 1724; m. John I'lakeslee, res. No. lluv. 1, J(jiix, rt-m. to N. Ilamp. 
2. Jox.ui, m. Elizabeth, dau. of Samuel Pierpont. ;3, Kt.MfE, unm. 

Vll. Abio-aij, b. 17:>Hi; m. 17.")0, Samuel Ba>>s.'tt. 1, S.\>ruKi, 2, Uicnjamix. o, 

■Obkd, 111. and had 10 chil. 4, I>Ar., m. ■ Ilumi-ton, res. \V. Spiimjfield, Mass. 

Vlli. James, 1.. Nov. o, 172'J. 
IX. Demas, b. 17;jl; m. Nov. (j, Ho'J. Lvdia Blake.slee, 
X. Obed, 1). .lunr 21. 17:5;J: ni. Marv -^— . 

Xi. Zuer. b. 17:57; m. Mattoon"of Walhd; 2d wf. 1. Asa of New llav. 2, 

<'ai.i:i;. ?,, i;i"iir. m. Wade; rem. to N. Y. S. 

1431. Moses Bradley, !>. May ir,. !71o; m. 17:',!i, Sarah Andnws. 

1. Aial, b. 1742; rem. to W'olroti, < 'i.n.i. ; m. Hannah Todd. I.AUKIAIL. 2, 
KdSAXXA. 8, John, weijj-hed ;;(H) lbs., ?ind ^v;is stniny in iirojiortion. 

II. Tiiimthy, b. 171::'); rem. to \\'.. I70!h and livi'd in a small loo; house till 1772. 
when he built a frume house, still (1S74) (iiTU]i;cd by dcsc. " He was a mem. of the 
•CoiiiC ehli. ; a good citizen and icind nciii-hbnr."' (l-'ora humorous t-crentricity (;f telling 

reuiarkable stories see biog. skirch. Hist, W'oleott, ]). 20S|; m. . 1. Asaiii:t>. 1. 

Afinhd. \, Alpheus. 2, (Mange. :S. Lyman. 4. oluiidn. 2, Ihisittn. :!, Alp/ten^!. 4, 
Binzillji. 1, .\xahHl. 2. Hernion. :{. Sti'iihrn. and twd more, ."), 'J'l nmthu. 1, Marietta. 
2, Burwell. (1), Auonsta. (2). Fram-es. (:-;i. Jes-^e. (4l, Nellie. ;!, ' Ivuersou: (1). 
Wallace. (2), Win.-^luw. (:]», H.-rtie. (i, JAV/,,//,/. 7, >'/« p//, /). m. and had :3 ehil. 2, 
'J'IMOTHV. 1, Amiis.i. 1. Harry 2. Levi. :1. Kaehel. 4, Jeminia. o, Hiadama. 2. 
Ziba. 1, Harry. 2, i,avinia. '■',. Nancy. '4. Ai/i'Tt. 1. Harry. 2, Alpheus o, Voluey. 
A.LinU'i. 7), 7'A,/*, . i\. (7ii'»\ :!, Zir.A. l.J/urr^/. 2, L'lrii'iln. 'S. yc.-iri/. 4, Moses, 
1). Sept. 25, ]i77. \.L'it. 2. N/y^v^'e/-. ?<. lU'ey' 1, Charles. 2, Klias." ;:}, p]dward 
Burdeti. U), Lilbi. fji, Kdwanl. (:]), Haiiie. ^4), Harry. (o), \\'illiam. 4, 
.•j. Mary. (5, (ieorge Adelbert. (1), Jolai. (2), r.alph. 7, Nancy. 8, Jeunnette. 9. 
Harriet. 10, X'irginia. 4. i.'ijnlhui. ."j, A.masa. 1, liiirh,!. 2, ILirri,'. 'i, Jc/niiaa. 4, 
Cfildc. (!, Amon. 1, Miiriii. 2. AJIhii. luid :5 chil. ;l Leici-t, luul ?> dans, and 1 s. 4, 
j^iiU.y. 7, Cm. OK. s, Lvdia. t). Hhki-.k. 
HI. Sarah, b. 174t). 

1434. Miriam Bradley, I'. 172i); m. Enos Brockett. 
.1. Abraham, b. 174"); d. Sept. t», V,T,\. 

I. Abigail, 1>. 1747; m. Cri Ames;- (2) Caleb Ives; res. W. llav. i. bv l.<=lm.: 

1, Dau.; m. ' . 

HI. Enos, 1). Hot); m. Sackett and had Schil.; all lived to ]>ast the a. of SO. 

], Jaikis, rem. to Trumbull Co., O. 2, Sai.i.v, in. Harrow of Wall'd. o, Hannah, 

in. - — Butler of Noiilifuik. 4. Patty, m. John Torton. ■"), Justi's, m. 

Todd. (), Tiiu.MAs. 7. Jkssk. S, Lkvi. res. No. Hav. 

1435. JaiTiOS Bradley, l'. Nov. ."). 172I); set. in Southinirtou; in. Jemima , 

Avho d. Feb. 11, 17i):!. a. (;0; ^-J) Abigail, whod. his wid.. May :;o,' ISll), a. S;j. 

I. Nathaniel, b. NCv. I(i, 17."i.j. 
II. Mehitaide. 1). Dec., I 7o(;. 

111. Jeminui, i.. May 4. 17oS; d. Sci^t. t5. b^H, a. n:!; m. .May 1, r.Nl, Ashlel, s. of 
Noah and Surtih, dau. of Pev. .leremiali Curtis (iridley, 1). i'eb. 2:!, 17(i',»;of S.;d. 

*Uri \n^e.s, bu. in Grove Sc. Cein ; b. 17715: d. Doc. i(\ 1S57, a. 78; ni . Mehiiable Mix, whod. Sept. 3, 
s8.)2, a. 'n ; b. 17:$ ; had : 1, .Mi in tahlh, b. 1? i ; ; d. Jure 15, ii3 = , a. 3 , ; w f . of Charles D. Hine. 


ilarrh:.';, lS?,o, a. TO. 1, Ai{TF.>rAs, 1,. April 8. l',!<-2; d. Vc\>. 7. ITliO. •^. Kitji 1. 
March 55, 17.S4: (i. .Maicli ■^, ls()7. H, .lK-Mi\r\, ],. Sei.t. 4 17S(; -} -Vkti- \i \-; J \vr"n- 
Miiyo. 1799. 

IV. Im, b. Fel>. :'., ITtlo. 1. Asknath. 'J, Km. :!, Su;\ii 4 l,i avfv 
V. Sarali. li. yiiiy r, 1707. 

VI. lli-lily. 1). iVl.. ■,';;. 177.".: in. M-ty 11, UOti, Jotliani JiuUl. 

1439. Demas Bradley, l-. 17:;i; m. Xi.v. (;, 17.V.t, Lydia r-lakesl.-c of No. Ilav.: 
est. adj\i. 17S4; wid. l.ydia, adrnrx. 

I. Jacob, in. and liad ram.; went awi^y mid ncvt'i- hfitrd Inim. 
II. Isaac, m. I'liss of Xortlififld. ('oiiii. 

III. James, 111. M.diitable Olcoti ..f Woleott, Coiiii; lu- I. -ft home and iiotlihu- is 
known further. '^ 

IV. Amos, m. Rlioda, dau. of Iihauiar Tutth- 141 
V. Mary. 

\l. Susanna, m. (t!u-d liassctt. 

143.10. Obed Bradley, b. June -21. 17;^:!; ],,. J.^,,. -JS, 170:!. Marv, dau of JmIiii 
and lU'borah Klakesh-e olc.-tt, I). 1744; d. in .\(j. Hav., Marrdi (i, ls-,^o. a", si. His will 
nms. wL Mary and says of s. Jesse. '• if he believing- I shouhl ever return home." He 
Avasaln. to start on a journey and believed he shr.ujd never return Oited and Wldtiu'- 
to iiay unto Hede Turner, who with I.ydia, Deborali, and tlie heirs of Marv were to liavt- 
lands in W'nlcott. 

I. Jesse, m. Patry, dau. of Ithamar Tuttb- of Xo. Hav. He ,vas lost at sea 
1 71)0, on return from ^^^ I., on bri^- Hiram, I'ai-t. Davidxui of Milford. 1, I'uij.v', 
only child, m. — — (iriliith: res. Onundag-a Co., X. V. 

II. \\'lii[ini/, m. Betsey, ilau. of Anion and Sarah ( Martin) Parker nf M( i-ideii 
(Vmn.; b. July 10. 17^0; d. ISO^I. a. Mi. 1, Jkssi-:, b. ISO'.?; <I. in X. J.. is^o. •.?', 
Hkmiy. b. Api'il -Jo, l.sOk m. Marion, dau. of (..'eo. and Lucretia (Saiidf.>rdi Leete l' 
i/^'/^r.v /;., mayor of Eml.enton. Venango ('..., I'a. :}, Haukiet, b. I800- m L L Eisho,.' 
res. X. Hav. 4, Aiu.iAir. b. 1S14; d. IsOO. 

III. Obed, !u. Chloe liassett, dau. of Obed; cous. ; nin. IMO to Crawford Co Pa 
1, IIiKAM, b. b'-OO. 2, CvMiiiA, b. lsO'3. :i Edw.vhd, b. iS'Jo. 4, Kmfi.inf b isO'.t 
T), LoriSA. b. lsll;d, in Xo. Ha\ . 

IV. P>ede, m. P.-thnel Turner, rem. to Lyman, Xew Hamp. 

V. l>Ld)orah, in. (Hover Street. 1, \\'i"iiTi.\(,. rem. to Xorthampton. Mass., and 
bee. wealthy. He owned half '.lie stock of the Parsons mill, which ]iaid a divi- 
dend of .J 75,000 in 187,^. He d. uum. in ]s7S. Inv. s48;:i,;:!55.T8, all but about .s^O.OUO in 
personal j.roperty. His w. dat. June 2:1 1S75; devises his pro]>, to the chil. and gv. 
chil. of his bro., Alpheus Street, and to sundry towns and public institutions in Mais., as 
follows: Smith College of Xorthampton, Ma"<s, Agri. Soc. of Amherst. Mount Ho!v(')ke 
Feni. Seui. al lladiey. Home of the Frien Hess at Springtiehl, and Rev. Simeon Miller, 
|.1,000 each. Income of .>l,0(lO to be paid annnaliy to the enijiloves of the Parsons 
Paper Co. The income of .v;112,5()0 to the jtoor of "the following towns who are not 
paupers or in the alms liouse; X'orthanipton and Holvoke, s25,00O each; Amherst and 
E. IIam])ton, ^0,000 each. So. Hadley, -So, 250; W. Springfield. so.OOO:' Hclchertown, 
Williamsburg and Agawam, .•S4,()fj0 eacdi; Conway. $2,000:"' Ashtield,C'uniminutoti and 
Worthington, si. 500 each; Cranl.y. sl,750: Co^^hen and Plainlield, .$750 eadi ; Ches- 
terfield, W'esthampton, Huntington and Enlicdd, .$1,000 each; Southampton, .'^2,0t!n; 
First Cong, soc. of Holyoke, $5,0uO; inc. of .^oOO to adorn and im]>rove the Holvoke 
cemetery, and ^1,000 for Catholic Orphan Inst, in Holyoke, " House of Provid.ence/' in 
all about :j-U of his est.; another ;J-9 in trust for Whiting Bradley Street durino- his life. 
with conditions. The income of the other o 9 in trust tor the b.'n.4it of his three nieces 
and their heirs at lav.- until ail are dec. then it is to go to the worthy jioor of the above 
named towns, the same amount to each as before named, doubling- the flr^t beijuest, and 
$5,000 more to the Cong. ciih. at Holyoke, provided ihe house h:'s not chanizvil from its 
present ItKiility, and Hot to lie without a settled minister one vear at a timi'. In addi- 
tion he gives to the (.'lark Inst, for deaf and dumb mutes 'at Xortlmmpton, .-sl.dOO. 
Haynes H. Chilson. Joseph C. Parsons and J. S. Medllevain, exrs. Ak-tn'rt ,',;■]. ,'u,ti d 
irllL 2, Jkssf. a, Poii.v. 4, Sai.i.y. 5, Ai,i-iii;fs, m. I. KHxtt, m. Albigence 
Smith. 2, /'"/''// .1. '.;/,, m. Pobert A. Houston and liad: 1, Heniy St:v..t. :J. //,///•//, ui. 

Xancy , who m. cJ) Perkins. 1, Whiting l^radley Sti"e,.t, the devisee of ^V of 

his great uncle's est. 

VI. I-ydia, m. Dennis Parker. 1, JiLi.v. 2, Ji'i.iFs. 'A, Lrous, twin to Julius. 

4, HCSSKI.F. 5, LVDI.V. 

lIKADLr.Y, Iir.MlSTOX, TniLi:. 


VII. Abigail, m. 1st, .lost-jili Tutllcof Xo. Ilav; {2) Jdlin Salisbury, res. Kdiiiburgli, 
Saratoira Co. . N. V.; only ('. by Htm. 1, Isaiah Bi:aj)1,kv. 
Vlil. Marv, d. iinni. 
IX. PollV, d. a. {) yr:?. 

144. James Illliniston, b. May 7, lOOd; proniincnt in Srall'd, ('(niii.; st.'lcri man : 
ot'lrn IJeji in ('nun. I.t-i;'. ; jn'opri-'tur ol' the old mill wliirh >Tiil hoars bis nanip. ti> wliioli 
lie a(bi('d wodl curdiiii:'. dyfimr and drcs^ini;- of rlcoli ; a lar^yi" iMi-;iii('Ss wliich be omtiuui-d 
until liisd., Aui,'-. 17, 1747. His uill dao'd 174C.; 'in my .")(itli yr.;" \iv<>\- Ufxtyr.; \vf., 
Sarah and s. Danivl exrs ; Saruli iruanl. (d' .Iannis, land.- in ('hcdiirf and Tori'inainn ; m. 
.Ian. 17, 17111, Sarah, dan. (d' Ebcnr/.tT and .Vbiii-ail (Hoaton) AtwaiiT, \>. A\n\\ ii, K.i'.iM; 
slu' ni. (2) .Inn.' ■.'-^. i: }'.). l>.-a. Timntliv Tuttli.^ nf (;in'.-,hi ro [ll], liKs 4tb wi.. and d. his 
wid. May .'S, 17(;i. 

I. Daniid. 1>. XciV. id. 17"J1; m. Luiia Ib.wp: si't. in C'liPshirc. (.'unn.. uhr. be d. 
July 27, 17G7; will yvnv. X. Jiav. ITHS; mns. wl. l.vdia and chil. Lydia. Patience, Jelm, 
,f('ss(\ Daniel and Catliarine; slied. .Ian. 1, ISbM, a. s:-!. A wid. lliimi-^inn m. in I'lie^hire, 
April -20. 17(it), C'apl. Hull. 1. Sai;vii, b. Deo. 11, 1741: d. Sept. 4, 1 77:i. a. Ml; ni. Jan. 
20. 17G1. Samuel, s. of (/apt. Samuel and Sarah (Hall) Hull, h. Aw--. I"?. 17:17. He ui. 
(2) Hannah, b. 174!): d. Ajivil 4. l>il], a. r>'^: wlm had anionu' Mtbers Samuel Hull, who 
m. Alma llumisinn. 2. Ha.waii, Ii. Marcli 2. 171o; bap. April. 17411; d. Auir. 2:1. I7li7. 
8, Sti;i'1ikn, b. .lulv 17, noj; bap. Au^:'. 2o. Kol; <1. Sept. s. 1 7t>7. 4, LvniA Roave, 
b. March 17, l7o4: d Mav 2, InOo, a. ."i2; m. Mandi 10, 1774. Feter Hall of Che.shirf, 1). 
1746: d. Sf])t. 2."). is:32. a .sij. 1, ,A.v.v, . 2, M'»u.sfu\ m. .luK-2 7, bSXi. Chloe (/oolev. 
1,- Saniutd H., b. Se],t. 20, jSlVS. 2, l.vdia, \>. Xov. Ki, b^ld. " 8, Lvdia. 4. AsidtH. b. 
Mav :l, bSl2. o, Dinah, b. O-r. 7. b^'U'. ti, L,,i-, b. F.b. M. 1^17. ■.■'.. /,>„,,■/, b. 1770; d. 
1S.-,V). 4, .lA'/r//.v. .-), J/e;;<>r .l/"-,//.y, b. 4uly !S, 17S.-); d. March 2^. 1S4><. "(i. J-'Z/'e. n>. 
Thankful Morse. 7. .I'V- rf. n. /-",/../• /■j/''v'r/. d. in SdUtbineTiui, (■(nin.. ls;](;. 9, S'/Hi/. 
10. ]}'■/.<( I/. •"). Patif.nck.. b. Xov. 2S, 17.'>(;. C. Daxiki.. b. A])]!! 10, 1 r:!0. 7, Damkj.. 
b. 17(jO; d. Xov. (3, 17s:',. .<:. .loiix. b. -lune :!ii, 17(il. U. .Ikssk, b. Marcb 12. 17111; set. 
on a farm abt. a mile west nf the P. !!. depiit Ciie.shire; d. March 12, 1^:12; m. Mav 2. 
17S(i, Lois, da.u. n{ Aniu> Di»)little. who d. Fel>. S, l,sl7. a. si. ], I), ml,!, b. Sept."2o. 
178S; d. Oet. 22, iSUo. a. 77; m. .June ];'. ISlC, .Inliana, dau. nf .Taf.-d Ives of Cheshire, 
who (I. !>•<•. 28. 1S88. a. 42. I. Chaaneey Ive.. b. .luly i;]. Isb^. 2. .bdm Danbd, b. 
Sept. 9, b'^2(i; m. Emil\- Barnes. 8, Julia Ann, b. Is22. 2. .A.y.v- .V'nrl, !». Inc. 22, 
179t); m. Oct. 14, ISlS." Eli/.a Pre.-tun. 1, I.anren A.,m. Hannah M.iss. 2. \jA<. m. 
Ehuu Cook, b. Anr. lo, ISlT), s. of 171am au.l Ih bccca (IhadlcN ) Cook. (1). Eliza A., b. 
Feb. 6, LS42. (2k' Theodore A., b. Maich 17, b'.M:.. (8), Amtd'ia P., b. Fei>. S, is.-)n, 8, 
.4^.7,r/, m. Samuel Hull, who d. May o, 1S81, a. .") I ; saddler and harness maker. 1, 
Alnta, ui. \\'\\\. Kelsey, Y.<^\. 4, Julm. m. Pbod;;, dau. of Sam'l Xichols of W'ldcott. 1. 
Je.sse, rem. to X. Y. S. 2, John Latimer, re.-. Cheshire, .i, /,»/,v, d. May 81. iSKi, a. 
20. 10, ('ATti \i;!X!;, !>;. Sept. lo, 17^'-"). D-aniil Carrineton. 
II. Stephen, b. .\.,v. if. 1728. 

III. Xoah. b. March 1, d. Sept. 8, 17211. 

IV. Janu^-^. 1). Oct. 2s, 1781; m. Abiah Ives of llamden, who d. Dec. 10, 170!; (2) 

Hannah , who d. Auij. 28, 1707. He set. m\ tlu- (iittaus farm, now known as the 

Hunuston farm, in Wall'd, and d. tbr. Sept. IS. 1S12. 1, Ja.MKs, )iro]»rietor of Hum- 
iston's mills, abi. a mile ^\•e.-;t ui the \'. ot \\'aird, extensively ('n<;ae-ed in wool carding', 
cloth <lre>sinir and udllimr. 1, {'hifmiri i/. 2, y<ni<-ij, \n. Almou Prest<in. 8. Bitseij. 
m. Harmon .Morse. 4, M'lri'i. m. Samiud Allen, o, Li/nuin, m. .lennii^ Jo!ui>on. (i. 
Chiirlix. m. Lucy Bmuson. 2. LtMs, n-iu. to Ohio with his faiinlx . 1, Mthx. 2, 
Sdlnild. 8, I'hUi). 4, M'ir>/. •">, I [ill, mill. 

V. Xoah. b. June 18,. i787; d. June 18, 174.~). ' . . 

15. Daniel Tattle, b. April 18, lOtU: m. Hannah, dan. of Andrew Sanferd of 
Miiford, Ciuin.. b. Feb. ID, p;0'.». She wa-< admit, to the Mil. chh. Dee. 28, 101(4. In 
Dec, 1700. Andrew Sanfovd jires. for ]irob. an inv. '.if tlie est. of Daniel 4'ntrle, who d. 
iniestate. and i'ei. for aiin:. for the wid. Inv. taken Xov. 0,1700, L'18.'i: Samuel Xorton. 
Jomithan Bald-,\ in. appiai>ei.s. ■•In 170-1 Andrew Sanford eonv. to dau.. wid. Hannah 
Tuttle, and her t v.o ss., Danitd and .\ndiew, land in 2d .1 division, boue-ht of ('apt. ^^"nl. 
Fowlei-."- — Mil. J,, Hid K'f. In 1707 another conv. froui Amlrew Sanfoirl to his sis.. Han- 
nab 'I'nttle. Cbil. bap i:! Miiford. 

1. Daniel, ba;.. Jan. 0, Pll'l. m. Abigail . who d. 170'.l, in her 77th vr, 

11. Andiew. bap. Jan. 20, K;!)."); m. Ann WoodrniT. 
in. Hannah., baj). .Inne27, !0S)7; m. Auii;. 28, 1727. Danitd C'urrinetou. 
IV. .lerr.sha, ban. S; or. 1. I7<li). 

72 liKAxcjf OK .loirx. 

152. Andrew Tuttle, l-. -Jini. •,'(_;. J(j!)."i: d. in Milinnl Mun-h i». IT.Sl a. ST; wit. 
to the will ol' Niitjiaiiifl [■'arraiul of >[. Hi-) Joliii llarinii cciiv. U> Aiuin'w Tuttli' limiu; 
h>X. <m-luir<l:s, liuildiiiL'-s. t'T'-., next to Aiuln-w Saiifonrs. — Mif. IjimJ Par. 17"2.") KIhuc/.it 
Fish of .Mil. convened to Andrew 'J'tittlc IToO .losipli Woo'liuty (;onv. to i)ro. and si;s., 
Aiulri'w and Ami Tnttif, a<Tfs at lli^^li Plains, Milt'oid, ITof Samuel Iline to Andrew 
'I'uttle. in. consid. of a one-half li^^lit in New .Miltord. made over t<j my s., Daniel Iline, 
by A. 'J"., land in Milt'ord i-t Biukini^liani Plain C'). 178:-j-4 Andrew and Ann 'J', conv. to 
Satnuel Smith. iTtil Andrew 'I'uttle to A!ulre\\- Tuttle, jr.. (nie acre, a part of home lot, 
tor .€.:?0. He m Aiitr. T. ITi!!. Ann. dan. of l.ieut. .lohu and Marv (Hall) Woodruff, of 
M.. b. March ':. 1711: admit, to Mil. chh. Auu-. 1, 1742, and lier foiir ehil. bap. sm. dav. 
Sli- d. in M. Pel.. -'7, 17^7. " . 

1. Ann, b. Julv "2, HoU. 
II. Hannah. b.'.Nov. IS. 1 7;«. 

III. Andnw, m. i2) Eunice, wid. of Timothy Kogers. 

IV. l-jinice. m. Dee. .*), 17(iri. John Colhreth. 

"W D-riniel. d. \'t\Vi, and his est. was dividi'd among his tliree bros. : Andrew Tutth.:, 

\']. liethiu-1. d. 177S. (Milfoni i ee. ) 

VII. . 

Vlll. . 

1523. Andrew Tuttle, b. M. abt. l 7o."). In 17s") conv. toZachaiiah Tomlinson 

•the old end of the hatter'.s shop where 1 now work.' He in. ■ -, who d. in M. Sojjt. 

7, 1776, a 41 : sup. tlie mo. of tlie fir^t 4 ( ; ("J) Kunin-, wid. of Timothy Rogers of M., 
vlio d. April (i, 17H.~). \\,- d. in M. Oct. '.?:!. 17!i4, of cancer. Son Bet luiel appeared in 
<-ourT. 1791, Ijcing then a minor abt. 15 yrs., ami .losi.ih Pogersof M. guard. April 
14, i7i'."j, .\braliam Tomlinson of M. admr. of est. of Kiinice 'I'unle late of Mil. (dec.); 
chil., XN'iJliam, Mtiry, Betsey, Chaidotte and Drusilla. He also e.vliib. a. will of Andrew 
Turtle, hus. of Eutilce, datr'd <)i;t. S, 17!)0, wf. Kunicc, execx., which names ss. Heni-y, 
Andrew, Hethuel and William, and provides that the heirs of Timothv Hoi^ers be 
1. H.-.,ry. 
II, Andrew. 

III. Bethuel. 

IV. William. 

15233. iCetllUOl Tuttle, b. 1779; jeweler, and partner with Marcus Merriman in 
N. 11.; m. Dec, 7. ) 7!H), Hannali Keb^'cca. duu of ('apt. Henjamin and Al)igail (Doolittle) 
English [4], who d. Jan. •,'!). l.s.'C, a. *27. (2) Jan. 10. iHiS. Julia, dau. of Isaac and 
Thankful Doolitth- of .V. H.. a cous of his 1st wf. Shed.a. 7.S: her est. adm. by Ueul)en 
Bice. He d. Oct. P5, ISj;',, ». :34: adm.. yr., nms. wid., Julia, and 5 chil.; ]<]. 
Poster, admr.; James English, guard, to .lohu Todd; (Jains Penn. i^uard. to (ieorge. 

I. N\'iHiai!i, b. A[)r'l 5, Isni), jeweler; built the lirsi brick store in Nesv Haven; 
.still suinding on State St. He rem. to Suiiield, Conn. . and d. there. June ;!, 1S49; ni. 
July 7, 1SJ2, Abigail ileaton of No. Hav. In 1S72, liv. thr. with his dau., Harriet Louisii. 
1, James IIkvto.x, b. Jan. 10, is^tj; m. Jan. 1, 18">(), Almena Hamingway of Fair 
Hav., Conn. He d. Soj)t. 24. lfj."")2, (sup. at tlie South), and left one dau. 1, AUcr, 
Jostpht'iu, h. !)<•(•. 9, l.Sol; res. F. Hav. 2. Sak.mi: Makia Aiugah., b. Ajuil 10, ls:iO; 
m. April 2. IS."".2, Heurv L.-wis. (d'His Shed. Dec. 21, XfHYS; f. and chil. rem. to Kan- 
sas. He m. (2) uf.. 1S7(), 1, I,hi (-<■/,, n'.r,, b. Aug, W. ls,r2. 2, /A///.y K'i;icut, b. 
Seja., IS.")."). ;;, .Maiua BKisKCf k, b. Feb. 20, ls:5;}; d. May 4, ls;j4. " 4, HAititiKT 
LorrsA, b. .May ."l isir,; unm. 

11. Jo!in"Todd, b. Sept., IJijOl; grad. Y. C. Med. S(dn)ol, 1S;'J0; rem. t(j New Vork 
( itv, where his ]iractice was large and .succe.s.sful for abt. 40 vrs. He d. in N. Y.C., 
Jail. 17, l-<7b: m. Feb. 2."i. 1S24, Sarah Ito-ers cd' Miil'ord. Conn"., b. Aug. S, isn.'); d. in 
N. Y., Jan. 7. 1S';7. 1, Jri,!\ A., b. J;in. 9, d. Nov. 7, ls2.-). 2, (iLoiK.i; William, b. 
Oct. 1, lS2t!, imjiorter ami dealer in toys an<l fancy articles, and ]>iopriefor <d' an exten- 
.sive estaldishnieut on Broadway. N. Y. City, long known as "''i'utth's iMuporinm," the 
largest and most complete of iis kind in the V. S. : invcntnr and i)atentei- ot the •' Baby- 
Jumi)ei-," from whi(di he n-j.ji/ed largely; d. in N. Y., Nov. 2S, IN.")*!; unm. :■), Id.\, b. 
Feb. 1(), !S4f>; nn April. b'-Ti."), in Ciirisr (dih. (Epi.M-.'), bv her uncle, Paac Ibriry Turth-, 
D.D., Pawrence Voorhees Cortetvou, M.I)., Y. C., IS.")!). She d., .v. ('. .1 ulv M, istii",. 4, 
L.»!-|s.\ J.. .\^^. -J-.', 1SI7; d. J:in. 2d. IMs. 

Ill, <ieorge, b. Oct. 10, lS(i|; Irai-m-d printers' trade, ami for many yrs. cairieii on 
a \:\vj:< printing bus. in New ll:i\cn, linn .d' Tuttle, Moiehouse tV. Taylor, [irintei'S for 
Yale Col h-g^e; m. July II. 17;!1, Nancy Maria, dau. of Joseph and ]>i'is (.Nlix) Trowbridge 

TUT'J'L E, C A K Ji I X ( ;T0 X, 

N. II.. [Ill ^vlio (1. .lunf :?s. 1S40: ri) F«'l>. '-?:l IS-Ki. Hairict, dan. of Elijali and Hallv^ of X. FI. He (1. April Ki IST'l 1, John Wii.i.ia.m Ti;()Wjn;ii)i;i:. h, ; ni". 

I^aliflla I'Ti/abrth AitlilxMt of N. 11.; .>•. i.: lo. St. C'IuikI, Minn. -2. Nancv .\Ia]{IA. 
ni. Jc.Iiu Iluic 'I'aylor of (Tlastfiibiiiy. ("oim.; irui. ti> St. C'loml. Minn., whr. lie d. St-pt 
1.S")N. Icav. Is. 1. ,/'////. J/.. ]i. 2 nio.^. aftiT f.^ dec.; now liv. witli lii.s nn). in X. H. 5, 
Maky ()i,ivr\. (!. .\ii-. JO, is^O. /. l.v -Jdni.: 4, CiKomiK IIknky, h. July (i. IS-lS; snc 
liis f. ill tiic ptintinir Iioum'; ni. Mav •,'»;, 1S74, Bessie S. Collins and Lad: 1 liogcr 
li'.'//<,/-. 1.. Ai)ril :5(). IsTo. ,-. i.y -Jd. in.: 

W . Cliarles. li. Xevv llav.. Her. 11, l.sKS: (1. in X. Y. C. on liis l.irtli day. ]SS-,>; h\\. 
in Millord, C.>iiii.: clerl-; in X. 11. dry ^nnuls store ,N yrs. : rem. to X. Y. C and ^vas clerk 
for Manice, Booth tV I ttord, a well known dry goods, in wliich he was afterward 
a ]-ariner for abt. 40 yrs., tirin of Booili iV Tiittle. He was a mem. of the Common Council 
<jf X. Y. C. ; Vice-Pri-s. Ohio A.' Miss. K. 1?., Seevetary and Actinir Treasnrer of tlie Union 
Pacific B. W. daring- the whf)]e jieriod of its construction, and Pres. of the Adirondack 
I\. K. Co. wlien h.' (1. He was notid for inteijrity. cht erfiilness. and kiii'iness to the 
needy: in. a.lit. isTl. llelen, daii. of Col. Isaac T. Ko^'crs of Milford, Conn., who d. *■. i. 
.Slie was a niece of the wt. of his half-hiu.. Dr. J. T. Tiillle. 

\. Isaac Ihnry. 1). Pel.. 4, ISU; nieni. No. Con--, chh., iStjS-^Cl; g-iad. Col. Col. 
and (ien, 'i'heo. Sem. of X. Y.; Hector Christ chh. (Kpisc), Bethielu-m^ Conn., lbt)9. 
For many yrs. Bector of St. linkeV (Kiiisc. ) in X. Y. C. ; ■^■D.l). "I have known him 
since he was al colle<re, and never knew a letter iiian thr.n ]\i- ."— liir . Joh/t W. (.'lark. 
Itttif t" Ci'iiip.. lSS-3: in. Sept. ^S, IN P.?, Sarah Paimalee, dau. of Capt. Beniauiin 
Beecher of X. I!., [:3] who d. May, 1S74 1, 11. Ckoswkij. Ti ttlf., d. in X. Y. C. 
Xov. 10, 1^.S2. ■" A most useful mem. of the legal profession. Althouoh only ;5o yr.s. of 
ii. he had (.lone more, \)c\ ., to liirhten the labor of the conveyancint;- 1-iwyers in the exam- 
ination of titles in this city than had i>etore been done or even attempted hy any other 
laborer in that field. His th.ree huxe v..]^. c.f Abstr;M-ts of 'ritie, coverinir all the"lav;Jed 
property from yUth to ]-.>rth St . east of ;jd Ave., and front 7-jth to l"2Uth St. west of Sth 
xVvf., (or more strictly, east and west of the conmuMi lands), filleil with most accurate 
maps, were siitricient ]i:-ir)f of liis imln-'ry. IP> unremitting- I;ibois ii])i>n these h(-)oks 
no doubt hastened \n> death; and it \vi!l be a source of regret to the entire })rofession 
that he (lid not live to com[)lele the remainder of his series of titles, two otlun- vols, of 
which were nearly ready for the press. His personal character wiis tnost v.-orthy ." — Xi >r 
Yorl: Eriniiii/ Pi>s! . 2. Jti.iA. ;>, Makv Br.Kfii kk. 4, 

A Daniel 'i'uttle d. in Milf(;rd, Conn., June Vi. 17ST. a. -21. Al.x. a John Turtle, Mav 
14. 17i)li, a. 22. Sup. of iliis family. 

153. Hannall Turtle, b. June 2';, I (".;»;; m. Aug. L's, 1727, Daniel Carrington: 
Mid.. Hannah, adinrx. and guard, to Sibyl. Lemuel Carrington appt. guard, to 'rinu^lhy 
And Daniel, June (J, 17-.>I>. In 17o'2. Daniel and Xoadiah, sons of Peter, convevcd. 
I. 'I'imothy, t) Dec. 1, 1 7-2s. 

11. Daniel. 'b. Mav -JI). 17;jO: ni. Philin.i Cillam. 
111. Sibyl, b. Jan.'s. 17;«; in. Daniel 'I'odd. 

1532. Daniel Carrington, b. May 2(i. 17:'.0; est. adm.. 1772, by Samuel Atwater: 
Ste])hen Ball, ap[ir.: m. Jan. 1(3, 1752, Philina Cillam. In 17;jl he con'v. to Jabe/. llotch- 
kistf, " rt. in land laid out to Peter Carrington that would have fallen to my fatlier." 

I. Daniel, b. Ajiril 11, \~i7io; ni. Sejit . 1."). i7So, Catharine Ihimiston, dau. of 
Dani<'l. [niiti) 

II. UbedieiK-e, Dec. 27, 1 7o 1 . 

III. Comtort. Julv ;il, n-K). 

IV. Philina, Feb! lij. K-l.S. 
Y. Jason, Sept. 12, 1759. 

VI. Sibyl. AuiT. 2(:, IKH. 
VII. Mary Ann. Sept. 17. 17(1;]. 

Vlll. Merritt, (.)ct. 10. 17i;5; wili .lafed July 11, [irov. Oct. 15, i;02. nms. wf., 
Beliecca, and chil., Pidly and John; m. Beln-cca, dau. of Di'a. Stephen White, who d. 
March 4, 184;J, a. 78. i, Poi.i/r, d. ISIil; m. 1SU7, Enus Ailing Prt\scott, b. Fel). lH. 

*Thc .S'/.'-r// (t/" .I//,o/_>«j tor .-Vpril, 1S75, contains the portrait of a converted Indian who was chc^sen 
ii chief of the Chip;)ewas on account ot hi^ many darin^; victories over the Sioux. His last battle 
was between St. Cioud and breckennd£,'e. when he took four .-caips. He was converted under the mini.s- 
tratio'.s of J. G. Kni^iega'-.towh, an J-id'an misii.-i^ary, a-.d ba:> by tl'.e na.nie of haac 11. Tuttlo. A 
letter fr<5m the mi-:sioa.iry to Rev. Dr. I. H Tutlle, dated at W.hite Eartli Reservai-on, Jan. 30 1870, 
occupies :; V)af,'es of tre S. of .M . above specified. It contains an account of 'li ■ conversion and baptism 
of the chief, and, amonfr other thintjs, an Indian's version of the origin of the Book of Mormon. 


1787: s. uf Benj. ;uul Haniiuh (Blaki-.sUt-) P., and iifi)lio\v uf liebecca, \vf. of Hou. Kow;i.i- 
Shenaan. He was a niei'']i. in X. llav. 1, limj. Mio'>t, h. .Tunc 4, iNQlt; giad. E'art- 
ridgo"s Mil. School at Middletowu. e'onn. ; Capt. of the N. II. (iniys, ls:}4-sV d. March 
15,"lS.j7: 111. Hannah Maria English. 2, Jfurri/, li. 1811: i»r.)ni. iiu-rfdi in N. II. ;) 
Niithnii n. 4, /A-/V/.-, ]}.oxh. o. ^^ "/■'/-. (J. Kun.-, AUln;/. 1.. 181!); d. M:iv •>7 l^.-)?' 

7, (r-nnji. S, M,ii;i Prh,,;-,!. H. dU n r Sl, ri„n „ , h. March 24. 1.S24; an Episr. clorgy- 
luan; founder of an ocdor of ctdiliatcs. 10, Emihi Amjustd, b. 1S'.3G; mem. of an E]>isc 
sisterhood: res. X. II. 11, 117/'V",//. l',', WiUjinu W.ninre. h. Oct. 28, 1829. l;j 
Fnine-s^ b. lS:-]2. 14. Vr,<nl\ b. ls.•^-). 2. .Toiix Wiini:. b. 1 7fil ; d. Mav. 1 :!»4, a. :J vrs. 

8, KEiiEfCA, b. D'-c.o. 17il2; \i>'>4) d. Sept. 17, IsiU: m. Oct. VI, 1 s:J 7. Koger Sherman 
Prescott (bro. of Enos A. P., wlio ni. his sis. Polly), b. .Ian. 27. 17!!'.): d. .lane 12, b^.^ii; 
m. 1) .Taly 14, 1S2-,'. Sally Jeaniiette Toralinson, h. July 5, isij-i; <]. :\I;iy 2ii, l8;j(;, (dau.' 
of Isa-ic, and sis. of Mary Ann), by wlioni he had, amonir "thi'is, Charlntte Alida. b. Oi-t. 
2, 1828: in. June 24, 184.'?. Wooster A. iMisign. 

1533. Sibyl Carrington, b. .Ian. S. i::!2: m. 0(t. :i, 174s. Daniel, s. of Daniel 
and Di'sire (4'ut;le) Ti.idd. .lune 12, 17o7, admit, to fall cnni. in Derby daig. chh.. 
Sibyl, wf. Daniel 't'ndd. and sm. ti.ue b;tp. thiei' chil. : Mary, Daniel and Katharine. 
In lioljheconv. to Daniel Talmage, interest in Cbiistojiher Todd and Wm. Bradlev's 
grist mill in N. II. — he was then "of Darbv." He boaght (yl acres, at 'J'arkev IliUin 
Milford. (f Jared Ibtckingham. — .V/"'. R.r.. I',./. 14. /-. 178. In 1774 Dan'] 'Todd of 
t)anb_\ sold (i ai-res at 'rarkt-y Hill to Sam'l and Michael Peck. Est. of Sibyl 'I'odd inven., 
17!)2: ss. Joseph, Daniel nmd. 

1. Mary, b. Jaly Itl. 1740. 
II. Dank-1, b. Sept. 0, 17"'!; in. Eunice Hitchcock. 

III. Sibyl, m. John Wheeler. 

IV. Catharine. 

V. Joseph, b. Jan. 4. 1771: liv., i;i)2. 

15332. Daniel Todd, b. S-i.t. «.i. \~:A\ m. Mandi 27, i:7o, Eanicr Hitchcock. 
I. Jo>ei)ii. b. .Ian. 24. 17'it.); d. v. 

11. Daniel, b. l),c. 24. 1777; liv("..l in Derby, ISUO: d. March S. iSiH; a. HO: experi- 
enced religion abt. IsfiO, andrrthi- jaeac-hini:" of Ib-v. Mr. \-m\ Xest, aiuNoon anitrd v.ith 
the M. E. chh. at (.'ornwell, Tonn. : nin. abt. 1M2 to W'iiiiesvillr, X. Y., wlien it was a 
wilderness: rai-cd a fam. of 12 chil. and d, thr. ■'Father Todd " \s a~^ an exemplary 
Christian, a devoted friend, kind iiarent and u-^(d'al citi/.iii. Hr retaiiifd his vivacity 
until a week l.tefort' lu' d., hi-< ren^on unimi'aifcil to the la>t. and earnestly exhorted Ids 
chil. tf) meet him in heaviai: m. IJ<'tsey I)ickerman. 1. Maiiy, b. Sept. 29. l.S()8. 2, 
fA'M.\N, 1). May 81, isd*;. 8. W.m.. b." Dec. !), 1S(I7. 4, John, b. .hine 22, 1810. .-,, 
Kmz.v, b. Jaiu"l7. 1812. 6. Hi:rsKV. b. Xov. 18, 1814. 7. I-^Ndcu L., b. Dec. 18. 1814. 
8, Damkl, b. Dec. 2i), isis. ;», David M.. b. Dec is, ls2U: m. Jun. 12, isjs. Ohela 
Strong Babliiti, b. Jan. o, 1S2"); fainiei-, res. Hodman. X. V. 10, M.\i;iKrrA, b. March 
20, 1828. 11, Ji i.iA E., Jalv o, is-J.",. r2, Jd-^kimf, b. Aai:. K, 1827. 18. Mki.Issv, b. 
Jane 22, 182ii. " '^ . 

III. Samuel, b. Xov. 4, 1771). 

IV. Sibyl, b. Feb. 4. 1782: m. March 11, Isot, Elisba Tickm.r, b. 1-Vb. 2(), 1777: 
serv. in war of 1812: res. Uatland. nrar Sackett's Harbor, X. Y. : d. iir Cheiaang, X. Y., 
March 9, 184'). Sibyl, united with the M. E. (ddi. in Derby, Conn., when 1(5 yrs. of a. 
Her hymn briok and l)ible were her constant companions, and at her d. she was doubt- 
less till' oldost Mefli. in America, and ]>fr. the oldest in the world: a memliership of 84 
yrs. At the a. of '.i8 shf wa> ' ii'^ small and spry as a girl": retained her facalties to the 
last, iind d. near liodiiian, X. Y,. Jan. .">, 1882, one mo. iud". her lOOtli b. dav: 12 idiil. 
1, Ilni.vM. b. D(<-. 22, 1S()4: liv.;!; m.: .v. /. 2. l-:r.\i(A. li. Sept. 1(1, IsiiC; ni. Oct. 
lo, 1882, Mills .1. Pierce; r-'s. Cornwall, C<.nii. I. Ulr^nn 11'., b. I)<-e. 7, ls:J4: m. : 4 
chil. 2, Frnli ricl: ,/. , b. Xov. 4. Is87; in.; 8 cldl. 8, Lovis.v, twin wiih Ennica: m. 
Anson Williams; .s. i. 4, AJ,^lIK.v. b Sep-t. 22. ISOS; d. \s\\:^■, m, Aaron Slade; ."i chil. 
.-), HAi!niK-i-. b. .laly 10. l^bt; d. Sept. \\_ t.sp.i. 0, Nom;, I.. Ocf. 14. ispj: d. Dec. l."i. 
1818. 7, i:i',iy..\. b. Nov. M. is].""); anm. s. \\\\ S., b. Sept. 24. 1S17: d. Aag. 
lii. ls78; m.: 2 •>.-.. 1 <!an. '.(, .biiiN S., b. March ].""), l,s-20: d. .laiv 22, 18I)(k ni.: 1 s.,^1 
daa. 10, LrriiKi; .M., b March -Jl, 1822; d. Dec 2, bs8."). 11, Euskiit O., h. Mav 6, 
1S2.3: drowned March 20. isbl. 

V. .Io!;arliaii. m. Hhoda \\'ard of Cor-nvall, Conn.: i2K\nnn Batter.-~on of Wnrren. 
1, SiMKoN. 2, h'liiinA. 8. 1!ai;kii:'1. I, Amtlia. .■). .Mi:i;Wi'N S.. a;.; o chil.; res. 
Berlin, Conn, ti, K.M i.i.iN i:. 7, Cva's A., b.Oct. 18, lS2ii; m. Ajiiil "J, IS.Mb .laiia (i. 
Miirsh, b. Jaly 14. is:;.-,; d. X,,v. ."i, bs.-i7; (2) Aug. 11, Isr,->, Mary .lane fM-win, b Dec 
18, 1888; res. Xeu .Miifiu'il, Conn. s. Svi.vams. m; 8 chil. 


VII Marvin lived and d. iK-ar Hodman, N. ^. 1. Lkoxakd II. 2, I.okenzo D. 

■A, Cak'oUNK. 4. AMAM)A. .->, KT^sKLf. W. U, F.MM.N. 

'Vlll. Kuni.-f. d. y. 

IX. Edward ('.. killed I'V f^'H ^''""^ '^ hor^e, a y(niug man. 

Xl' r'mVn^n.'m''l> Marli L"). 171»S; d. S.-pt. 20, ISM; m. April 14. ISls. Betsey 
Howe.wl.o d. .h,u. 11, is:n; (Ol o.t. ;}1 . ls:;-i. Harriet ^hopurd, ^vho d^Sept. ^^. I'^'-'J; 
,•:!) S lS.-,7 Kuuire Piatt (iwr llani». 1, i.KNVis H.. 1.. F.d.. 4, \»U>; m. I»er. 4, 
Vslt^Klvin. M;:,..-: n-s. ^^•au,■o.da. Ills. 2. Aiah.x K. h. Nov 2(.. 1.00: d. uue^. 
is:,- kill.d in a saw null: m. March -24. 1^^4. '.vdia lord. ^ l-.M-KX J.,U.lan. ^- . 
1><-^V ni \Mi' s is4i; Latl.-r Min^T: vs. \\ mdl.ani. O. 4. Marv ^ .. b. Mandi 10, 
I's'^it- d is:)' ' .-) " I!f.i;k(( A A. L.. 1>. An- On. ls:^T: m. Nov., IS.IG. Edward \\ lute, wlio 
d ~IVe. 10, lS.-,S;'c.') Feh. ti. I'^tiO, (i<-<>. C. Harrison, (i, EiMCK H.. b. April 7. lSt;2. 
XII. Edwai'd. 

1 ^.nf?'^ Sibv] Todd, 1'. al.;. IT-".": d. May 11, IT": m. July 10, ITTO, Jolm s of 
( J,r"anu.. W i.i.M5.'hnson) Wlu-ler o, H.-rl-y. i,. dune 7. 17:.0. He m ( , Nov. 
]m'i777 Sarah Johnson, l.v wlmn. he had Elijah. I77s, >anuiel, l.Sl. anu Mhvl. l.So. 
" I ' John Todd Wli.'el.'r 1>, H.-a.-nn Falls. Conn., May 4. 1777; atfr Ins lather rem. 
w.-st was loft u-ith his Tudd gr. pan-nts wle. ros. at Derhv Lauding. Ccnn.^ He set 
at Sevmonr, Conn. ; nu-n;haul : •■ en.^rgetie and ono of iho h,-st eitr/ens (S/>"r,>r . IM. oj 
Srvw'nar, whr. s,-e portrait.) He d. ISC.s. a. 'U y.s.: m.XAU, Sally Clark ot \N ood- 
brid-e.Conn. 1. John C.akk WiiKKi.Kn. only s.. h. l.-i.: n.ereh.. a.ul ^ruf. ot 
an-er^ nninv vrs al.-o a nudcer: rem. to N. \. ( . ai.d d. thr. I'eh. S, iSM. a ^^: 
ui Vharlott;-;dan. of Joel and Hutli Stoddard Cliatlield. h. i7t'5: (i. 1^48, (s.s. of (.>hver 
S'c'hattiehl who n>. Ahi-ail Tattle). 1, Ihmn. b. 1815: m. Nancy Hoteakiss ol N. 
Ih.v b 1ST)- IV. \ Hav 1, Charlolte, t.'. Francis A. b, Maiy W . 4. Henry 
Wakeman. 5; John Chase, (i. Bessie Maria. 2, Frai.cs. b. Sevmonr. Cor,,, .. ISl, : 
m O C. Pntnam of N. Y. 1. Flora Ko^alia. 2. Frank C. 8. Junn-s H. 4, Lmaa 
a' 3, ]I<.,rnrd. b. isilj: .1. is^s. 4. .J<J:n. b. 1821-2:1: rmi to N. \. C.: elected t., (Hem.) ISoU: stronudy oj-posed to th^ .Kt.nsion ot slavery nuo tlio nortlnves^t 
terri'torirs and the onlv one of tlie six city members who voted on that side He deehnecl 
,. n,umn,uaion in \>^n. He was a war Deni. : opposed the Tweed nng and retired Hon. 
Tanunanv Hall. Active in the convention of ISTO. and m election id \\ m. H 1 lavei- 
u.averto'niavoraltvand in obtainin- the charter of b^7;:;. Apj.t. I'res. Dept. of 
and \-essnrent, and mem. of the board of Estimaf and A].port,onnient and Commis- 
sioner of Ac.-ou.its from ls73 (6 years,, <loing all h- .-ould to reduce ^^pens.-s and taxes: 
named for Mavor ls7S, but declined: Ve.-tryiuau and Senior Warden ot Anthon .Memoiia, 
chh. (Epis.)manvvrs.: Snpt. of its Sunday school 12 vrs.. n, Alice Stanleyot N. \ 
1, Josepliine. 2. Alice S. 3. Elizabeth S. 4. Maria T. ■> ;V..v,.^ b. s2,,: m. larl^ 
E. ronve..eof Mass.: res. N. Y. C. 1. Cha.l.sE, 2, Almie W . .J, -Mlud ... C. 
Charlu'J,. 1, Marii. S, y-y/iw'/./A. .1., a. 2\ yrs. 

•17. Elizabeth Tuttle, b Nov. l!», lOttd: '" ;l>'l'",l\^'=Vls^^: ''';.^''''''^fVn'^M'!i 
Inv. of liis est. -iven to court at Fai.liehl. Conn., Nov. 12, 1-24. U140;_ ss. John and 
Daniel, admrs.:\vid. living and fours.s.. John. Danhd, Samuel and ^\llham and th.-e 
daus Elizab.-th Cireen, Experience Sentiori (St. J. dm), Melutable Read, and lieirs ot s. 
Eleazer: Ednnind Waring and Samuel I^-eler of Xorwalk to dist. est In 1 ':-*> J"ljii 
Head, jr., omv. land to s. Daniel, then a. abt. 21 yrs.-A.r.n.//,- l)j,<l In ..5. ^^^f^-^ 
Bead of Norwalk sold rt. in err. f. William Tnttle's third div.— ,V /'■ Ihn- Dc-l. A John 
Reed for s.-veral o-eneratious\,ccupied the ancestral home, and ..cscendants are there 
now. "Five Mile Biver • i.s five miles west of Norwalk village. 1 he tollowmg record 
is largelv from tlie Pk'hJ (rCnKilixji/. 

I. " John. b. 1()07. m. Hannah . 

H. Daniel, m. Elizabeth . 

lil. Elea/.er, m. Abigail . 

IV. Samuel, m. Sarah . , ,- ,, 

V. William. i>. Nov. If., ITuS; m. Nov. 2S. 1829. Bachel Kellogg. 
VI. Marv. 

VII. Eli-/.abeth. m. Nov., ITl'J. Jacob (ir.'en. ,. ,, . ti- -ii i . f 

VHl Experience, b. 1707: m. James St. John (p.uhaps his 2d wf.) His will dafd 

S.-pt. 4, lI.'iO, nms. wf. Experi»-uce, dan . Abigail to have w.-aring appard and i40. s. 

*The Reads of Salisbury-, Conn., descended from Thomas, bro. of John. jr. 

70 ]u:axcii of joiix. 

Isaac. m>\v on s^ii c>x])('(lition to Crown Point, s. Iv/.ra and s. Samm-]; bros. David KccUt 
and Moses St. .]o)in, liorli of Norwalk. cxcrs.; iiis X mark. 
ix. M.-hitalde. 
X. Ann, ni. Dec. G. 17oS. Kliakim Warint;. 

171. John Read, l' IGOT: m. Ifannali. jiiob. wid. of Klca/.cr llant'oid. an<l mo. of 
Josiah Whitiiev's w f.— iiit'errt'd fron dist. of Iut dowrr in ]'i^>9 [W/tilmi/ den.) "In 
17;>7 .Tolni Hf;"iJ, foi' and in hchatf of liiswf.. Ihumali, and as irnard. to Ids s. -indaw, 
EU-a/cr. and Marv Ilanford. minors. i|uit rlaiins to dosiah Wliitncy." 

I. -loliii, ni. dulv 0, 1770. AMiy W liiUu'v. 1, doiiN, h. .Ian. .S, 177(): d. Nov.. 1777. 
3, John, h. X.'>v. 1, 177S. 3, MosKs" Utc. 14,"l7S7. 4, ^(>^\VKl,l,, \>. dun.^S, 17!)."). 

II. ' 'idl.iddl^U,.. 

172. D?.,uiel Read,* b. abt. 1099. •■He was a man of consideralile distinction." 
He built a mansion on the old place in Norwalk. which was in good order to witlnii a 
few vrs. . and a ])art of it is now (ISS-J) standing. His gt. g. s.. Newton Ib'ad of AiU'-nia, 
N. \.. found tiie fam. records there. The land was conv. to I>anlel by Ids f. in 1720, 
and Diinii 1 be/dt on it directly; m. T'lizabeth . 

I. I);uHtl liead, b. 1721; d." in Norwalk, Conn. 

II. Abraham, 1). 172;J; rem. to Colund>la Co. . N. Y . : ancestor of P»ev. lb". Villcroy 
Kcad of Camd'-n, N. J., and of ib'v. bldward A. ]>ead, piistor Pnt(h Kef. ch.h.. Madison 
uve. and r)7th st., N. V. C. 

III. Eliakim, b. 172."); set. in .-\meida, N. Y., on a farm still owned by his desc. ; m. 
.Sarah Pdchards. 1, Em.vkim. 1, /,'///((?//. a ilisting. nurcli. in X. Y. C. : patron of Cole, 
tIic artist, and of many ii'.en of letters, lied. IS;!!',. 2, Simko.n. o, yii,.\s. 4, S\.Mi:i'J.. 

3, PHlXt;\s. 6. E/'.KA, m. Esther Edgert'm. 1. Stirl')!/. lives on the ol<l farm: -takiis 
great pride in huntinir up th^ uie-'-stry and u'lMe-alogy of the fam.:" amv., .hiiif. l'-^^'2, to 
the Com]>. sonn- iirms not found in tie- lb-ad book; who .says: "Nearly all the Peuds 
left large families. Tlie nanu-s of one generation of one branch wouhl be a. long list, 
and those wlio have come of the Kead-Tuttle alliain-e woedd ill! a considerable brc)!:, and 
tlie compilation of them would put off the ])ublication td' your \\-ork to an indefinite 
future." Mr. Pead is the autlior of Tlit Kn'I;,' Histori/ of Ann i,i,t , X. Y. lb' m. Ann 
Van iVyke. 1 , Henry \'an Pyke. 2, Alliert Francis. 4. Catharine. '2. ]-'itr//. ?>. Uomcf.. 

4, duliiiiifiii.-i. *). Ih'irriit. (J. Aliinr>i. 7. Btixty. S. CutJic rim . !), Kmiilnr. 

IV. Penjannn, li. 17-]2; d. y. 

^'. .Jam"es, b. March 21), 17d!i; cajit.; a nuin of great enterprise and a ]iatriot; m. 
April 17, 17';'J. d.Kinna C:i-tle. ile d. .July 2l). 1^24, a. .s7; hi- was a prominent inislness 
man in Ann-nia, Dutches-^ Co., N. "\".; farmer, niercht. and miller. Fdeven of the P! 
chil. left large fanuli.-s. 1. D.vniki,. b. Ai)ril to, 17()1. 2, Hkiuhn. b. Sept. 2, 17i.:S. :!, 
El,i,T.\n, b. March 12. 17t;f;. 4. Jhssk, i). July 16, 17(J^; m. Feb. 12, 1707, Joanna Car- 
penter. ' Tbe f. of .b-s.v,. liad bought :i soldier's'rt. o\ bouMty land, and he and his bro. 
Amos searched and found it in Aur.dius, St<-ul)en Co.. N. Y. 'I'hese bounty lots were 
laid out (Uie mile square, and made eacli of the two bi'os. a farm of ;^20 acn-s. Hi' settled 
on it and d. there Aug. 2."), 1S::31. 1. .]:tU<i A., b. (h-t. 19. 1790. 2, Jnonmi, Oct. 8, 18U2; 
res. Anienia. 8, lltsu/ /!., b. Jan. 2n, bsf)."). 4, Elna A., b. Mar<di 18, 180S. ."), J,(,i}es 
CSept. 2, 1^10; iKotnuisfr: liv.-N ,,n Ids f.'s honust.-ad; .v. /. ."). Stki'IIKN, b. Sept. U, 
1770. <), Amos, l)t-c. 2S, 1772. 7. <in.iiKUT, Sept. 2."), 177."); res. A voca, Steuben Co. . N.Y. 
JS, J.uoT., Fel). l.">, 177S. 9, J(>.\NN.\, twin with Jacob. 10. Pktskv, A])ril 2l , I7sd. 11. 
lioiJKUT,' Jan. 29, 1784. 12, PiioD.v, twii\ with Pobert. lo, Piiii..\, A]uil 8, 17^7. 

VI. Benjamin, b. 1787: ni. Aj-rll 2.">, 1 7ti."). Pethia \V( .-d, p.-r. .lau. of Charh-s iuid 
Susanna Weed of Stamford. Conn., b. .Vug. Ml 174."). 1. P>r:Tiii-\. b. May 22. l^OC). 2, 
S.\i;Ait. 1). abt. 17(i8: m. Mav l.~). \:^f\. (ionld Hovt, b. abt. 17(;:!. 1. M'il'l<nii Jlmri/, Dec. 
18, 17SJ>. 2. Hiin-ld. Ai)rirPi, 1790. ;5, ./c/r//, Juno 28, 1792. 4, M^irw. Aug. "), 1794. 
o, Alniini, Sept. 4, 179(1. :;. Hi;N.i.\MiN, 1). .Maivh. IP, 1770; m. Jiin. 12. L7!):l. He tty, dau. 
of William and Sarah (l?om-dir() P,,,rcton. b. 1770. I, Wl^ii"iu.h. 20. 1794. 1. 
Maria. 2, Catharine. :!, |-:iiza. 1. William. .">, Emily. 0. 7, John, and two 
more. 2, >^trj//<e/, A>. Vi-'.k \^. \','W. P.Vnn. 2. bJi/a. o. Fanny. 4..bdin. 'A. Jh'i^jitmin, 
m. Juliet Pouton. 1, Julia .\un. 2. WiHi;im. 0, Wdlliam. 4, P.eiiiamin. ."). Eineline. 
0, Cormdia. 7. llarrii-i. 8. .bdni. -i. J,n,n.^ .U. .">. II7///V/^/. m. Fli/.a Weed, i], ./'V/ira 
M(tn'>n, ni. Cormdia ,M. Down.--. 1. -lames Marion. 4, Fi,i7,.\i;r. rii, l>. June:], 1770. •"), 
D.vNiKt., b. Vv\-. 11. 177S. 0. Knos. o.-t. :;o, 1 ;87. 7, Anotiii-;!!. 

*Prob. f. of Eli-/.ibi.-th :\nd I'hebe RraJ. uho ui. respectively I';r;iol nm! .-\nihony Stodd.uii; Kli/^ibe'-ii 
was aiu-csLfcss of Gen. Wee T. and Hi-n Ji.lui Sht-nnau i-ice Ai.ij).i There is al^o ancllitr line of dc.=;c. 
<_il the Shermans frum '.he lioy,.s to ihe luf-lo afinmy. 

tuttlil. read. 

V'll. F.zra, 1.. Manli G, 1740; (i. A|pril 4. I.'>()7: in >f:iy 'J-2, 170;!, Saiali Kf-llfigo^, d. 
April 15, ISlS; >ft. ill Anu'iiia; i''in. to lludsdii, N. V.: aucfstor ut' tlic Kcails of (_'i>k- 
sackiH. N. Y. 1. SAitvir. I). Fel'. '24. d. April ;iu. \l*\r,, -J, Sakaii, 1.. April I'.l, KGlJ: »1. 
Jan. 27, l^-U. A, i.oi.-^. 1). Sept. 10. KOT; d. .luiic -J:'.. 1^4:;. 4. ItnswKi.i.. 1). Xcv. !i, 

17(39; in. ]!ead. r^i.<. of his hro. l'!])cr.t'tus' wifr; res. ('ox-^•ll■kil•, N. \.: slw i\. .July 1, 

1S;-]1. o, .\aiio.n. l>. April 20, 1771; m. ami had ■") >--. of \\hnin was 1. Atir"ii. who had 
s. Thi'i-oi! of liochvilli', ills, ti, Jr.MiMA. h. Aug-, -ill. d. Sept. !». i:7:J. 7. KrK.NKi rs, 
twill with .Iciiiinia; ni. Fid). 17, ISOO, Jane Read; he d. .Man4i II, l>i47. 1. (■'t'oryr, \>. 
Fob. 17, ISOO; in. Sci'l., lS-2-2, F<tiirr ivi'iiipton: rrs. (_'ox.-a<d<ii'. 1, Jam- Alalia, h. July 
2."3, ISO:]. '3, Bnij. F., h. Julv O:-!. l^'.'S. :!. Ih4..-cca. 1.. April CJ, \s:V2. 4. Sonora, li. 
Au<'. 1, d. Auir. -24, 1n;](I. ."",,"\Viii. li., h. \]<r]\ 0, ls;-;s. O, h^in,l''i. 0. Oci. 2, INOI; d. 
Sept. 14, islif? :-!, /:■'//'^■^ h. July s, ls;(i.-,. 4, S/,-.///. b. Sept. 1, is07. ."., Il.h, ,;;i , \k 
Mav 14, isio. (j, Kihnird. h. »)<-t. HI, ls]'>. 7. J/^./'.///rA /■, ii. Marrh i:^,, lsl5. s. 
Uodolphn.^. 1.. .\]iril 17, IsiS; d. Julv 22. 1S22. '.i, .h'n,, h. .lunc ;;i). d. July 20 1S24. 
8, Lediana, 1>. On. s. 177.'); d. Frh. HI, 17M.). !t. Lvdia, h, Sept. OS. 1777: d. July 8, 
ISoS. 10, !lr[,n.\ii. !>. S.'pt. 2::!, 17S'). d. .Ian., XK)?, 11. F/!:a, I). May 20. 1-7^:1 

VIU. I-".lijah, li. 174-"); s^-i. in Auu-nia; per. f. of ('apt. FJijah, :i4th if-t.. war of 1^12. 

IX. Klizali-'th, III. Ort. 17. 17.')I. Aiuhh-r, !>. Oct. 4. 1727. s. of St.'phcii and 

Dehoiah (liovt.) 1, Da.mkl, 0. Julv i:',. 'l7.")2; d. S. p.t. 19, 17.')4. M. Hannah, b. Feb. 

1, 17.'J7; lu. Jim. 4, 177."), Kl>,'n.-/..>r \V 1, ;]d. of Stamford. 1, i-yizul,, th , h. April2."), 177(i. 

2, Marif, h. April 11. 177s. ;}, _][itrtl,u, h. Nov. 24. 1 7S(}. 4. Kh-i,,-,,- Kihrl,,, b. Oct. 
2'J, 17S2. 5. /(/.v^/// .1 //////./■. b. Mai >di .■). 17s.-). C, .!/»>///. b. A ut:. l".t. 17S7. 7, Unnmh 
AiuhUr. 1). .Vuo. o'). 17S1!. 4. Lvdf.v, b. Feb. 2;i, 17.")'.t; lu. Fcl>. 12. 17Sl. Jonathan 
Wpc<1. 1. //////■'/ 11.. b. Jan. lit. 17S0. 2, Sillij, I'. March 20. I7s:?. M. J.ndw Amller, 
b. Juno :l ]7,S.""). ' 4. F.i>':'tn.< ///;,./■///;/.'-./-, h. May 1*1. I7.'^s. 

X. Fydia, in. I)uvciipo!t. 

XI. .loaiina, m. St-'phcn Wariiii^:. 

173. Eleazer Rcr.d, m. Abi-ail . hi A[.ri), 1722. .lohn Head, jr., of Nor- 

walk, f. of KIca/.cr, wasapjit. adiiir. of his est. In Jan.. 172:1-4. .lolm licad. uuclc ro 
Elea/iT. minor and youi;L:c>i s. of I-7lca/cr Head, late of N.. kV-c., was appr. his yuard. 

I. Moses, was iirautec with his Oro. ]-7!eazi-r ami oihers of Verirenncs. Middl(d)ury. 
Salisbury. >-i'\. in \"t. 

11. " Fdeazer, b. abt. 172S and ^et. in Xeu].ort 1!. 1.: a miller; d. Hn;]; n,. Ilaniiali 

. 1. Isaac, b. March 22. 1747. Siiii. the Isaac Head of Stamfoid,, '-at \\ hose house 

for 10 yrs. , iiicludiiitr the Revolutionary ])eriod. tiie almost weekly meetiiisj-s (d' the 
Method"i.sis were ludd'; besides f iirnishin:.'- more than his <]Uota for the supjiort ui the 
preachers, their horses and travtdim,'- expenses. After freiiueiit iietitions. tlu- town at 
that time under tlu' inlhieiiee of the ('oni:rei^ati(jnal order, t,ManTed lo • the fanatics ' a 
})laco — a mud hole on ihe common — on wdiii h lo liiiiM a chii., whiidi was (h'dicated abt. 
Ifeiy, and G yrs. afterward> was paid for in full. ■— U h ,.t;„;itun J/i-^f. "f t<t.iin. 2, Fi.i7.A- 
liKTU, b. No'v. 20, 1740. ■]. Fi.Ka/.ki;, d. Aui^-. I'.i, i;.71; m. i-di/.aOeih ; res. New- 
port; miller; d. ISjIj. 1. L'l/Ai./, 1). at Ot. Baniiiiiton. Mass. . 1771). 2. 117///'////, b. I 772: 
m.; lived at X. but d. at Dartmoutli. 1, Kli/abeth. :1 Klr./zcr. b Auii". 20. 1777; m. 
Elizabeth Iluiui)hrey; res, in X., but carried (ui bu-iuess in So. Oaiolina, and was acci- 
dentally killed on i>as-at,M- home. 1, (.)liver, 0. 1707. 2. Fdizabeth. m. James M. Eoou. 

3, Penelope, b. and d. isoi). 4, Oliver. 1). ISUI ; was a mercliaiit in X. : m. Clarissa 
(Jardner. (1), Oatharine. b, ls21: m. Fdward llammett. (2). ^\'illiam (.'.. b. Oct. 11, 
183:^; m. A--nes M. Clark. /. Kate W. Tavh.r and Oliver C. [')]. Hannah F.. b. InO.-,; 
d. 1S4:1 (4), Henrv. i). l.'<27. i.~)). (».. I). 1S20. ."), SaniiuJ M.. b. bsO:! ij. 
Catharine, bS).""); m."\Vm. F. Smith. 7, John.; <1. ISus. s. Mary. h. isoil; d. l.s;.-,7. 
9, Eleazer J., b. ISU; m. Marv Cook. (1). llarwood. 1). l,s:jS. (2), Charles, b. and d. 

l«4o; res. X. 10, Ph(4)e Ann," ISl.", 4. A'-V-:,,.'„ /•//. b. 1 77H; m. Albro. H. Ri'h,r.yi, 

h. 1778; m. Locke. G. Stn/i'td }f.. b. 17S(.); m. Dayton. 1. Samuel, res. Part- 
mouth; m. Sylvina J>. Bennett. (1), Sa.rah, b. isOl; m. Pr. Meiciu-. (2), Charles, b. 
1S27. (,:!i, F.iiimaF.,!). IS:;:-.; res. .Mv.-tic, Conn. 4. -A////-, b. 1701; m. Frift r.da Heath; 
res. Xewiport; he d. l^:)!). 4, .bmx, 0. 17.-i:;; d. 1S:!',I; m. Sally Swan, (2U'etsey Paker. 
i. \;\ l.^lm.: 1, .b-amni. 2. .lohn. /. by 2d m.: :!. iidwin. I, Sally, m. l»r. Turner. 
f), Klizabetli. m. SluiOeth; (21 Wm. II. Mumlord. C, Mary Ann. 2. /.v./,/r, 1,. April 2."), 
1797; res. X.; m. i'atience Muume. 1, Nathan, m. .Mary. dan. of Henry (i. Head; res. 

Nev/ Bedford. Mass. d), (ieo. W., b. 1S.-jI. 2. FIsie. " ;!. .\un. m. H. r-ev. 4, 

S^anih. ;{, UV////;.// 7/., 1). Mav 11. 17;^G; m. H.innah 15:;:ts. 1, William Oliver. 0. l^<ls; 
re,s. N.; in. .Alarv Ann i>ates. 'o, .Matilda, b. isOl. ::. Win. P., ruin with Matilda. 4, 
Geo. P., b. lS2:f. .">, Charlotte E., b. lS2S; m. \Niii. II. Cardner. G, Edward C, b. 


iy;34- ie> X.: in. Curoline Slicnimii. (I). EUu, h. ]ST):5. (-3), Ida, h. 1«.V',. 4, Olinr .1,. 
h Murcli 10.170!). •"). yathnta> I JL. h. \\>vn IS. is;)4: in. Eliza Ivl^.'-ttortb. 0. .S/n//, 
7/ nvin with Natliauiel Sanders Vars. 7, M(fr>/ Ann, h. A]n-\\ IH, ISOl; m 
Wni Kldrid'-e. t<, /;//--,//•(/. b. 3[aich 1«, isoii. 0, /■7/r„. twin \vith Edward. 10, s;/„.. 
J 1) July ^^. 180S. 11. Eni.Viiu . 1.. .Aiii^. 11, 1S1((: m. .lolm D. ('(nrell. 12, J,/,. 
EUm, !>. Ffb. 'll, 1S1:5: m. Jnhr, Hu.-lifldcr; •'). Wij.i.iaM, i.. 17.V.t; res. \. ; d. !«•,?!.). 1. 
Giuvqr 1'. 17><"3. '^ Th"irnt:<. h. 17>!4. :! >V///y, b. 17Sii. G, Davih, b. Marc-li l."j. Why. 

res. -N. i. l)'iilii.\K IM)2. 2. U'hn-ni. 1S04. ' 7, IIa.nnau, b. Marcli 27. 17r)7: ni. 


174. Samuel Head, ni. Sarah. 

1. Saniiul. m. l)iH-. 2.'j. 1 774, Estlicr Hull, dan. of Josepli and Estlier Sceloy llul!, 
b Oct. 20, 1754 1, Samuet,, 1>. Oit. o. i;77; m. March 12, 17!)T, Polly Wewi. 1, /'"%. 
b Julvo 'l7!)S 2 >''//^'/'^, b. Sr{>r. 2. l^ilO. ■?,. ii,,>r<ir,h. Jan. 1:1 1>50:'>. 4, Cl.i,'i.-<s</, 
h March lU isn.)." o, //r/./.y A' "-''s 1'. Feb. 2y. IS07. 0. AVA</-, b. Feb. 22, ISOy. 7. 
B't.-"'!/, h. A>.ril 7, ISU. S. '.l.v^A,/, b. March 2U, IM:!. !-», &if///, h. Jane 29. ISl.j. 10, 
W'if'i'"'/,!. A'.itr. 20, !S17. 2, A>Ai[i;i., b. Jan. --'><). 17^0. 
n. .\biiah. 
Ill TiLiiothv. in. Nov. IN, 1702. Sn^^anna \^ fed, who d. Oct. 10. 1 (Ho. 1, 
SrsA.NNA. b. Mnv 10. 170."). 2, L'liiAii, b. Oct 2rj, 1700. :5. Sakah, b. ()ct. 2.""), 1700. 
4, Timothy, April 1. 1772. o. l.i:r.i:us, Fcl>. 2o, 1774. 0, E/.i:a, May :";o, 1770, 7. 
BF-rsKY. Se])t. 10, 177^. s, 'I', b. July 20, 17S(l. 0, I'olly, b. Ain-il 21 , 17^4. 
10, Na.nty, b. Aprils. 1 7S(;. 11. lU fis. b. July 10, 17sS: in. 1, Ezra. 2, J<>/,/i. H, 
Edirin. 4^ Ezoi : all d. y. 5, .Jhik Marin, ui. Ivichard 11. ^iitchoil of Nantucket: 
res. Hnd.'<on. N. Y. 
IV. Niithaniel. 
\'. lle/.ekiah. 
Vi Hannah. 
VI!. Fliel'e. 

175. William Read, O. IS,, v. lO, ITOS: m. Nov. 2S, 1720. Kacbel. dan. Mr. Josepli 
and Sarah (Fluiu) Kello-j:. latf nf Xnrwallc. 0. July 1."), 1710. 

I. Joseph, Oct. 80,"l7>!l. 

n. William, b. .March :^,0, ]7;3:;. 

III. Joanna, b. Feb. 20. H:)"). 

IV. Hannah. 1>. Nov. 2:J. 17:-!7. 
V. Sarah. Dec. 27. 1740. 

VI. Jacoli. b. in Norwalk: ni. liuhamali Benedict: s^'t. at South East, Fuljuun 

Co.. N. v.: farmer and innkeeper. 1. RrTti. b. 170'.l: m. Read: (2) Elli.-. 

and d. at S. E., lS.-)0: v. /. 2. Hi ii \m.\ii. 1772: m. Dr. Howes of S. E. '■'>. Jacov., d. 
at New Canaan. Conn., leav. a fani. 4. Stv I'liFN. lived at Kid.Lielield. Conn. o. ESTiiKR. 
b. abi. I770afi;. 0. i>uTV. 7. I^AA( . d. in Newtown abt. I,s20. S, At.u^.UL. b. ITSo; 

ui. \Vo.)drull:: res. His 0. Matthkw, i,. 17^7; liv. in N. Y. C. andd. al)t 1S44. He 

wa.s an Alderman and Hank Pres. 1. AV/.r///. 2. (uoiij,. :5. .b/,/;.v,,/. d. leav. a fam, 
in N. Y. 4. M'lttJutr. i'.i Norwalk, Cunn. o, B, by fancy (0' his f . . had no name 
but the letter H: res. N. Y. C. audlnid: 1. Charles of Port Chester. 
N. Y. 2. Eliza, ni. Charles Dean of Port C. o, Henry. 10, I.i.wis, b, Aug. 2S, 17S0; 
went to N. Y. C. al-t. InIO; m. 1S15. Maria lb-own. 1. Ailillniitnu . b. O.-i. :!. ISM: 
merch: num. 2. E, nH c" ml . b. July 7. IslT: was in hu.siness in I 'ortland St. , N. 'i . 
with his bro ; wholeval.- shoe dealers. :5, Ehini. b. March 24. IslO. 4. Aindmld, b, 
Muv 10, 1S21: ni. James }\ Cogswell of Jatiesville. ^Vis. :,. A>hr,in . b. Oct. 10. 1S22: 

m. Hiram Eami)ort of N. Y. : 2 .diil. 0. l.< iris Ihimiirt. July 11. iS24; m. . 1. 

Palmer 'r<Avii.send, b. Nov. ]■). l^.'tO. 2. Frank, 0. J vine 2s. ls:.-,(;; lawyer in N. Y. ■, 
Cdthuriiii . 1). Nov. 10, ls2C.: m. James 11. W'h.-eler. merch. of Boston S, Eiiun'i. Jan. 
4. lis:35; m. (iould H. 4'horp. nivrch. of N. V. i\ SJ. Anwi. D.-c. s, ls:!7. 11. Joux, b. 

1701; d. is;}7: m . I. .lolmA^. ls24. 2. l',< njnnnn Ern,il,-lli, . :;. M^iru. 12, Ei.i, 

b alit 17S;}; res. Brooklvn. N. Y. 1, .l<irol- //. . a Outeher, N. Y. C. 2. Ihirbl }l :!, 
AVi 7/., an Aldrrman. N.' Y. C 4, llV///,/,,, //. T). DlrL, n.^o,,. 0. /Va// /A. of N. Y. C. 
7, Cl>"it"tti. S, /.t'r,-'(in. m. W. C. Jones: imblishrT: N. ^'. C. •' An enter])rising and 
thriving family." — /.'-./?/ Irr/i. 

1752. William Read, M-n.-li '■'>(), '[]■)'■'; m. Mar*- Na-li of Nev,- Canaan, Conn. 
1. W'iUiam, wiili i.iru't. (iibbons was the lirst to enter the f(n-t a t the Nt-.n-ming 
<;f Stoney l^.il■.t, July lo. 1770. lie was one of the forlorn hope of 20 meu of whom 
17 were killed. He was also at the nias.sacre of Paoli, Sept. 20. 1777. 

KEAD. 79 

II. Matthou- 

III. Jacob. 
IV- Eli. 

V. l.saac, 111. Klizalictli l^dtk wood. He lived .Konie time in Nova Sofia hut 
iX'Luriifd and d. inS tamford, Conn. 1, Is.\a( , 1). Ffl). ], 177::5. In liSfiO, in his SOth yr., 
\vas still in busines.s with his s. Uco. W. in Pliila. ni. Dec. 14, ITlii). Elizabeth Ann 
Wig-gins. I, Miniha., h. at Fiankfonl, I'a., O.t. 10, ISOl : ni. Couiad Mevei-s, a }>ian() 
jnanuf. in Phila. 1, Isaac K., b. \SiA. 2, Chas. E., Feb. G, l!So'S. J.yi'n,'- 7'., Nov. 
l^iO.-); was shipwr.-eked at Matamoras. H. (honjc IE., ,lul\- 81, 1817. One of the 
progenetors of tlie Native American Party in 1844. and was their candidate for sheriff of 
the Co. of Phila. \\as in the jewelry with liis f. at 24) ^S'orth Ond St. He 
was in N. Y. C. on business when Ins l^t cousin, Nathan Henry Head, was blown up 
by an explosion and he was compelled to serve on the jury of inquest, but did not know 
the connection of dec. with himself until some yrs. alter, m. March \'2, lt*ui(, Anna M. 
<iebhard. 1. Lewis (i.. b. ()(-t. 11, 1S40. 2, Anna E. . Dec. 19, 1,S4'.2. ' o, Isaac, Aug! 

4, 1S44. 4, (Jeo. AV., Feb. 4, ls47. .-), Martlui M.. Sept. 1, l.s.-,4. G, \Vi:r.'l5. S,, Mardi 
19, isr)7. 4, O.sindn. m. May, b^:-.:;, Ann.-i y\. Sanders. 1, 1,-aac' (i. 2, Eva Anna. 
3, Osman. 4, Reginald D. ".""), .lolm S. (>, Anna M. 7, <;eo. W. S, Wm. B. 9, 
Henry. 10, Conrad M. 11. Charles E., res. (in;at ik-nd, Susquehanna Co., Pa! 
2, Ei,]z.\iu;-ri', b. 1774: m. Hi-c 2:!, Is'.i2. 1m njamin Ilovt, res. N. A'. C. 1, .<nUij, 1.. 
Feb. 23. 1794. 2, .v //.■»»"/-. Man-h 2.', 179(i. ;';, 1), ,i}.iinu,, .lulv I's, i:9S; d. Feb. 'l3, 
ISO]. 4, y,', /.vr//, Aug. o, isOO. o, /,'. /,^'//,/„, Nov. 2G, ls02. (i," A'//,- //„, , ,f uue 2. ISOo. 
7, Jiiiins^ S, ,/////,/. t\\-iu with James^ Sept. 19. lMi7. 9, Kiiiiiwr, Nov. :!, ISlO. o, 
N.VTii.vN IIoYT, b. 177G: m, N..v. 2s, 1^97, Mary b. Juiec 10. 1777, dan. of John,' 
jr.. and .\bit:ail (Hoyt) Hoyt: per. m. (2) Pebcvca JetVry. 1, ls,ni,- Hlal.-t4>r^ b. Marcli N, 
1800: d. lNo7,- constable and coHe(-tor at White Plains, N. Y. ; m. Caroline Gednev. 
2. Jitrn}, Win;,, in, :.. Julv 2s. ISOI; d, of cons. ls:-;4: m, lUith Kush, 3, Mani,\). April 
10, IS02: d. .\pril 13, Isii;;. .i, M,i rii! . h. U.-t. 2. 1,S04.- m. Wm. At'herton of 
Patersoi\, N. J. o, Mmfh'i J,>f/ilini. b. jum- 1, ISOG; m. John (■•allatin; res. AVahlen, 
Orange Co.. N. Y. G, Jo.',,. Ib'ijt, b. Nov. 9, isr)7; a baker at Ihr^hwick, L. I.; m. Sarali 
'i'aylor and liad 3 chil. 7, J" nn.-i i',,ri,, Uns,, . A\i^^. 2, iSll; res. S%\lft's Isbuid, 
111.: ni. Martha Taylor and had 2 c;iil. ,s, H.njuiniii JL'ijt, b. Aug. 3, ISKJ, a marble 
fini>her in N. Y. C. : m. Eliza Young and had 2 cliil. 9. .sV//v'// !■'.<' iziihitJi, b. in 
Manuiri.neck, July 2G, 1S15; m. Edson Knapj> (d' Sliawanguid<, N. Y. 10, .h»<i ph 

Wiivr,!, Uniii, lie was a steam engine builder in N. V. C. : m. Henrietta Taylor and 
had 1 ch. 11, y,itl,,iu //./,/■//. nnichinest: burned to d. Feb., ISoO. in Hayne St., M. 
"\ . C, in (-o]\se(jue)u e of a boiler explo.sion. Tliere was imtliing left but a snnill jiiei-e 
of liis shirt, about tlie size of a man's hand, which being of a peculiar material, liis wife 
identified. He m. Caroline To\\-nseud [11], who d. of grief twovrs. afti-r her hus. d. ; 

2 cliJl. 

VI. Abigail Head. m. Nov. 4, 1709, <". Ells. ], Wif.t.iam, b. Oct. IG, 1772. 
2, A];i(r.\iL. Feb. 2, 1774. 3. .M.\i;v, t)ct. o. 177."). 4. S'i'ki'hk.n, Julv 2, 1777. 0, Axx.\. 
Dec. 22, 17 7S. (i. .Mo.m>. Feb. 12, 17s4. 7. J.\(()i;. Sejit. 5, 178."). ' S, Kuij.\,maii, Julv 

5, 1787. 9, ]-ii:tsky. Nov. 9, 17'.iO. 
VII. Mary. m. Fiteh. 

VIII. Naihan, res. DalUton Spring. 

177. Elizabeth Read, m. Nov. 19, 1719, Jacob Creen. 

I. f]lizabeth, b. Nov. G. 1720. 

II. Elijah, .\pri! 9, 1723. 

HI. Eleazer, Feb. 2.-,, 1724-5. 

IV. Kuth. Feb. 2.1, 172G. 

V. Asahel, b. Oct. 2-:., 1729; m. Aug. 18, 17-").j, .Mary I'eitit. 

17.10. Ann Read, m. Dec. 7, 173s, Eliakim \\aring, b. July S. 1717, s. of 
E!iakiu-i and I'^lizabeth iBovitoni \V. Thev \\-vv>- mem. of the Darien clih. in 174 1. 

I. Elia!ci!u. b. abt. 1740: m. Jan. 17. 1771, Plud.e l^outou: rcn.i. to Troy, N. V.. 
i;9S. iinl wax tin-. Senior Waidi.-n of St. Paul Epis, (-liii., from ISOl to dec. ,' Sept. 4, 
1S2-1. 1, V.\.\\<, I). Oct. Pi, 1771. 2, Ha-N.nai!. Aug. 30, 177.1. :!, N\tii\n. 0. Mav l', 
1777: m .Nbuy H,'ut(m, 1>. .Vorwalk. Conn.. .\])ril 21. I7s9. d. F..|). S, is.-,9. 1, d.'i.nir 
Ilni.rii li'"/ /■-.•<, b. Nov. IS, ls-2:j; ,,r Tmy and -'Ida Hill': lawyer, m. Feb. 27, IS.VJ, 
Mary Carolini- Plioenix, dan. of .lonasjund .Mary (Whitney) Pliomiix (and sis. of Stei)hen 

Whitney Pler-niv. \\ ho c,i:!<. d tie- (-(.nil>iialion of tbe Whl'l'ii/ l-'.iinihl of C.ini., .a Iloblf 

family history in tlin-e .piarto \'ols,, and .-ibout 2,s00p,p, 4, S-rKl"-iiKN, b. March 9. 
]7s;>. Tj. \[\\\ \ii, b. .lulv 19, 1793. 


• II. Zaccheus. b. Oil. 19. 17H. 
in. JL^:^:ii'r b. 'J'liie 4, 1744. 

IS. David Tuttle, 1>. Xov. 14. ISOS; set. first in WalliiiL'fnnl, Conn., and .Man-l, 
14, liifi:], conveys hi.N linus-,' and lioinr lot there, six acres and otiier }>ai-cpl,s of land to 
Joseph Iloult. I ?;)(), David Tuttlo, .sr., of ^~ol•\valk, conv. to -losiah 'I'uttle rjola, j,, 
land formerly hclonirini: to my trrandfatlnT, \Vm. Tutth - aLso a.s attorney for mv"^ister. 
^Irs. Kiizabeih Kead of X<jr, , riglit in tliinl division: IT'^S. conv. to Tlios. Sev'mour of 
X. Same day Thos. Seymour conv. to David 'ruttic. jr., 10 acre.s in Canaan, near 
Stamford line; Jan. 'il?, 17:]1-"-', conv. to s. Nathan. (Xof. I,<n,il li,r.) Me. m .\o'v -Vj 
K59S, Mary, dan. of Mr. J'dm llea.l of Norv,;dk. [\v d. 17:.-J, a. abt. SA. David Tutf.t- 
and John Warino; gave i)onds to adni. ]ii.s est., Jan. ](». J 7.") 2 luver.torv talcin Jan -Jj 
18.V3; t'S4!) 9.S (id. John and Joshua llaymond, apprs. In tin- fornnition of tin- chh. at 
Darie.n, Conn., David 'J'uttle, Tlnjs. l«ead and J(niathan Bell (close) v reiateil) were 
leading men. Mr, Huntington, in vf Stdmj'ord. tran.scril)e?; a clih. rec. of the 
Darien Soc. rehating to the seating of the me-etiiig house, expre.ssing more fullv the 
prof-eodings of this cusrom than ar.y other parish inllie town, and weirwoitli pres(,"rvim^ 
as a curiosity of tlio times. Besides it indicates some of tiie principal men of tl)at day 
in that part of th.p town. (Jn the first vnte the society i|i'ci>i.-d to seat the nieetini: liousj^ 
by a committee; 2d vote, ye soc. allowed ye 1st pew'to be ve hiest in diirnitv; ;ii^l vote 
ye 2d ])ew ye next hiest: 4th, the fore pt-w to be '.k\ hiest; ."Jth. the tn-nt pew bv tlm 
great door to be ye 4th hiest: (ith, ilie corner pew at tlie northwest to be '^th Inest. 
and so on to the lUth vote, settling tlie order of tlie pews in dignity; lOtli vote, Capt! 
Jonathan Kainient, Capt. Jonathan Bate.s, Sergt. Jonathan ikd], sr., Samuel Bishop and 
Daniel Read chosen a com. to seat tlie meeting lujuse; 14tli vole. Mr. David Tuttle, Mr. 
Thomas Bead, ('apt. John Bainuni . Mr. J^dmund ^Varing, Mr. Jonathan Bates,' IMr. 
Nathan Selleck, ]Mr. James Slason ;ind Mr. Jonathan Bell, all to sit in ye fore pew;' 15th 
vote, Dea. Bislio]. to sit in his seat before ye pulje.t; lOth vote, ye eoiueiy inslructed li* 
seat tlie remainder according to their own di.scretion. 
1. Solomon, b. Awj. 2(;, I(i'.)9: m. 
H. David, b. Man-li C, 1701; m. 

HI. Mary. b. Nov. 24, 17C4: m. Feb. tj, 17H1, Bichard Higginlx.tham, and had 
4 chil., recorded in Fairfield, of wlumi were Richard and Mary. 

I\'.- Nathan, b. Aug. Kj, i:07; m. .Mav ti. 17;!1, Ann (lilbcrt. 
V. Katharine, b. .Ian. 2, ! TOO. 

VI. Ann. b. W-r. 2S. 171:;. 
VIl. l.ydi,-,. b. July II, 1717; bap. May :jl, Hli). 

Au F!i/.abi-ih Tuttle. d. in Smmford, Nov. 20. ]70(). 

One of the daus. of David Tuttle, sr. , prob. m. Jolm Warins:, b. 1701-. 

181. Solomon Tultlc, b. Aug. 2ii, 1(!99; m. Mary—. >In 17;!0 he Ixnight; land 
in Norwalk. Conn., of Isaac Wood (Nctr. Bee), and sm. yr. he ajijiears in the Lite-'ilicld 
'J'owu Kec. as a land buyer. 

I. Mary, m. Admer Stevens, b. Nov. 30. 1720. s. of Thomas and Sarali Stevens of 
Norwalk. 1, Ar.u.vii.v^r, b. Dec. 4, 17o0. 2,, b. Mandi 27. 17r)2; m. Sept. 
21, 1771, Nathan Dann. b. Dec. 9, 1749. s. of Nathajiiel and Lydia Stevens, sis. of 
Admire Dann. 1, Kihr.ird. b. Jan. 2o. 1 772. o. Han.vau, b. Oct. 14, 17.");;. 4, Sai;.\ii. 
b. Aug. IS, I7.I0. ~i, Soi.uMu.v, 1). Mandi 12, 17o7. 

A Parnel Tuttle, m. Aug. 2:!, 177(;, Sammd Benoyer, b. Aug. 24, 17.")4; 

An Elizabeth Tuttle, ni. Jan. 13. 176:5, J(.:>iah lloyt, b. .Maridi 14, 1741-2. 1, 
Bhoda, Ajiril 11, 1704. 2. Anna, .Inly 13, 17G8. 3, Mercy, I>ec. 0, 1770. 4, .losiah' 
June 12, 1773. .l, Isaac, Aug. 14, 1775. 

182. David Tuttle, b. March 0, 1701: m. Martha ; rem. f-rom Norwaik to 

wliat is now ilie north j)art of Nt>w Canaan, Conn., then a part of N., distant eii_dit miles. 
There was but a loot jjath from his house thnnigh the \s(iiids to N. His house was one 
and one-half mill's north of the vil. of New Canaan, near res. of his g. s. , Sam'i P. Tuttle. 
He kept a i>ublie house tor many yi-s. in that tlieui ^\ild country. The Conir. chh. at. 
Darien was formed .lune 7). 17M, and among the nu'uibers then enrolled were Bev. 
Moses Mather and David .and .Martha Tuttle. At a court ludd at Fairfield, .Jan. 10. 17.")2. 

*A Je^;^e \V;ir!np in St.iniford m. Nov. 5, 177?, liinh Wce-d . 12), Jan. q. 177;;, Jemima I.ounsburv i, 
Ruth, b Oct. 23, i7/,j. r.v ^c! in.: 2, frudtnce. Doc. -2. 1775. 3. .Sariih. l-'tt'. 11, 177s. 4. WlCiani, 
Oct. 6. 1770 5, (.'h:irles. July 3, 1781'. '., Nanty, .Vu;;. 15, 1704. 7, Henry, Marcli 17,' i7Sr',. o, .Ann. 
July 15, 17S8. 


]);ivid Tuttlo {iiid John Wariii':, both of Norw alk, giivc bonds to iuiin. of David 
Tultle, hitp dec. 

I. Danirl. iii. Mercy Bri.stow of Newtown, Coir.i. He lived and d. at Xew Can. 
liiv. on rei'. at Fairfield, July oO, IIG:^; E))hraini Smitli and Peu-r lliisted, appraiserf: 
David Ttittle, adnir. " Serviee Book" mentioned. >[arcli 20, 1TG4, Neli. Benedirt. 
Martin KellD^ir and Peter Ilnsted a])pt. to divide the e^t. to Mercy, the wid., and ehil. 
1, D.AMK.l., m. Naomi Stevens of Newtown; (2) Abigail I'enoyer; re.s. Newtown, after- 
ward at Pioxbury. and iinally at NeAv Canaan. /. by 1st m. : I. JJunid, m. Dairley 

and lived at AVaterburv. Conn. 2. ^it!t. b. Julv IS, 1778; m. Amv Daiev of Suiithburv. 
Conn.: cliil. 1>. in ^. 1. John ^Y.. Sei-t. \?,, 1SU2. 2. Kliza, Aptil" 21. ]SO-l; d. Aiiril lb\ 
180o. o, Amanda M.. h. Feb. V.',. l^OU. 4. Sallv M., Jan. 20, ISOS. .-,, .Mvron 11. W., 
]). Jan. 21 IMO; ni. Dec. 24. 1n:!2. Harriet .M. P'eck, b. Oet. 1. 1S14; d. Nov. 2^. l^fiS. 
He rn. (2) Jan. 2, lt>70, Clarissa J. Stone of Ferry vilie. I'onii.; res, ]\i;uichester. Conn. /. 
by 1st m.: ( 1 1, Mary I., Nov. 8, 1833; in. (ieo. W. ]>ement, re^. Bantam Falls, Conn. 
(2), Myron F.. . b. June o], V<]~}\ m. Oct. 10, 18.70. Lucia A. Theal, res. Stafford Spring, 
Conn. (3), Sarah M., b. 1S37: d. Feb. 10, .sm. yr. (4j, Sarah M., b. March 20; d. May 
22, 183S. (5), Jlenry C, b. Sept. 4, 1830: m. Min(>rva Wheaten. res., Warnn, Trum- 
bull County. O. (li)". Amanda M., b. Jan. 9, 1S42: m. Jvlward Dunla]), re.s. \^"est Staf- 
ford, Conn. (7), Frances ]>., b. Dec. 4, 1^4.7; m. June 10, J'~''07, Susan A. (Tritfiu, (S), 
Cieo. \V., b. Aui:. 21. 1847: m., and les. at Meriden. C<jud. ('.)). Loval 1^., b. Nov. 4. 1849; 
d. Nov. 3, ISOsr I'lOt. Seth\V.,b. Sei)t. 20, 18o2; d. Jan. 21, 18/,4. (11). Harriet M.. 
Ir. Julv 8, iNoO; d. Dec. 12, 18US. G, Loui.-a, b. Dec. 13, 1811; d. Feb. 20. 1812. 7. 
Harmon L..b. Au^:. 13, 1814. 8, Joseph P., 1>. A]iril 2,1819. ('.*), Emilv Ann. b. 
Dec. 10, 1821. 3. Xofhat, S., d. v. 4, yaih.iH S. .7, Anna. G, Luriudi.' 7. Uuth 
Ann, b. Nov. 29. 1777. 8, fJit-^n/'xn. >'.: by 2d m : 9, S.nnud }\. m. (2) Wid. Harriet 
Bctts, i bv 1st m. 1. Kr:;stus \\., h. Scjit. 7, 1825. 2, Augustus S.. Ajfrii 7, 1^27. 3, 
Sarah A., Feb. lo. 1*^29. 4, Flizab^'tlt, March 20, iSol. 5, "Augii.stus S., Dec. 20, 1834. 
G, Maria, !Vpril 3. l>o7. 7, .Mary, Aug. 18, 1838. i. by 2d m. : 9, JolinH., b. Jan. 17, 
18o0. 2, Lkvt. 3. Fnos, ju-rhaps the pt-nsionei-, a. 78. in 1840, living with Solomon 

. n. David. His est. was aj)]ira)sed at Norwalk, Jan. 27. 17G3, by Hezekiah 
Defore-t and ("laji ('.') l^avmond. 

ni. Eli, m. Dec. 8.'l7G.:., Sarah Smitli. 1, M.\r;v, h. May 8. 17(iG. 2. H.onau. 
Nov. 2o, 17G7. 3, Iviiuixv, Nov. 29, 1770. 4, K.\Tr., Sept, 15, 1772. 5, Abi;,\i,a-j, 
Dec. 27, 1774.- G, JoUNsox, Oct, 15, 177-7, 7,, Oct. 20, r,79. 8, PfiKi-.K, Sept. 
1.1, 1782. 

IV. Enos, m. Abigail luv. sIkjv. n at Falrfirld. Aug. 20, 1792, I'ol; Jo^ej))] Selli- 
man, Timothv Piead and Gold Selleck Penover di.'-iribuied tlie est.: all the cliihh'en 
named. 1. Patty, b. June 18. 1770. 2, E.vo>-., b. Mandi 20. 1779. 3, He.nkv. b. 
April 9, 1781. 4, Anx.\, b. June 3. 1783. 5, Azon, b. Aug. 30, 1780. 

Y. Ebeiie:/er. ni. July 7, 17G.7, Charity, eld. i. of Samuel and Abigail 'Lockwriod) 
Penoyer, b. Feb. 4, 174G, (sis. of (iold SellecK PeMo\er). 1778, Eli Tuttle appt. guard, ol 
3minorchil.. Fois, Eiieiu/.t r and Josiah. thil. V). in New Canaan, Conn. 1. rb\Vfi>. 
Jan. 8, 17GG: m. Dec. (;. 17S9, Sallv Richards (sis. of Ambrose, an extensis-e h'ather 
dealer in N. Y. iW He d. at Chardon, (iranger Co., O., Jan. IG, 1847, a. 81. 1. J/://'e', 
b. Aug. 10, 1790. 2, Putlph, Dec. 19, 1792. 3, ('Mharine,\ Dee. 25, 1794. 4. llituim. 
Julv 4, 1797. 5, Chfir^e^, of Plainesville, <)., linn of Tuttle Bros.. deal<^rs in hardware. 
G. 'B>/ss,l/. „f Chicago. Ill.s. 2, Lvi.i,\. b. March 10, 17G9; m. Alexander Haiiford: r.-s. 
iianlius, Onondaga Co., N. Y. 3, S.mith. b. Sept. 21. 1773: d. y. 4. A/.oH, b. July 
20. 1775. 5, S-NfiTH. b. June 20, 177G: m. and had a fain, in Litchfiild Co., Conn, (i, 
AuTGAiL, Feb. 25, 1788.; m. Dunnivan. 

*Abraham Tuttle. b abt. itjj; m. Martha (Jau. of Samuel Burr of Fairlield, Conn., and Xewbury, X. 
v.); h. 1776, and had; i, I'uir. 7. Robert. 3, Alexander, 4, Jofin K. 5, Emeline. 6, Sarah, 7, 

^Catharine Tuttle. b. abt. i5cx5 : m. Henry Randolph Stanard and had : 

I. Warren, b. Salin-T, X. \'... April 3, iS iS ; a preacher of the Free Meth. chh,; in. July 14, iS-.q, Sarah 
Fitch Dana. b. Xor-.valk. C'Mui . T)ec . 21, iSs'j. at Byron, X. Y. i. FR.\Nkt,i.-.i D.wii.-. Xov. q, i>j; : 
enlist,, in 7?d Ilk. VoU., 1S62, and 'erved till close of the war ; stud. med. and grad. Rush .^Ied. Col,. 
Chicai^o, Ills. Practices med. at Marriiiville. Illi,. :, He.nkv .Anon. Oct. :;. iS.;6 ; enlist, in i=ic*hregt. 
111';. Vols.; d. of disease at Memphis, Tenn . Aug:, i, 1?'^$. 3, Cath,*ki,\e Rhi.fcc.\, b. Xov. 4, i?^? ; d. 
April iS, 1864. 4, James tjurney, b. Xov. 2G, 1&50. 5, Elias Wai;fkn, b. May 7. iSt,^, d. Sept. 17, 1854. 
6, MiN.sESv.o A ALICE, b. May 15, 1857. 7, Makv VALONit:, Feb. 22, 1S59. 8, Geo. W., Xov., t3' i ; 
d. Jan. K3, i8r.i. 


VI. ■ Mabi-], J!i. .Ian. 10, ITTo, Barnabas M>Tvir.e. 1, Sali.y, Aug. 7, ITM, 2 
Betsev, !>iT. 1, i;:'.!. ;:;, SA>r!F.r,, o.i. 27, ll^:',. 
! A <,'all!;u-iiii' 'J"!i;tli' oi' .Xrw Canaan. Conn.. 1.. aln. 17*)U: ni. Mairli ',}, i7<fj 
\ Isaac Kt't'ler. ba].. Xrw < anaan. .lu!y 2'k K-VI, ami d. ihr. .Ian. 2:',. \x:',l , a. SI. 'uis /,! 
i vvf. lb" ni. (1) Saraii , wl;o d. >(.-}ic. '20, 17!»;>, a. :j;j. 

! 184. TNTalhan Tuttle, b. Aug. 5. ]7(«7; m. in X. llav. Mav ti, 17:-;i. .\uno Gilbert 

I of X. Vorlc. 

I. Xatuiui, b. Jan. H. 17i>l, Mf^icy (iivenstitt. He wms por. tlie man of tliat name 
of Litrlifii'ld, Conn., and l)ouglit land 1S()',> and >.-ld '[XiC,. 1. Knoi u. b. April 11, 17(;j- 

■ in. .Mav -J. 17.<-"). .lane \\'ilHa!n-on. 1, Il',, b, Feb. 2:!. i:S!). 2, //-V.v. y, 1). Mav 4 

j 1700. "8, llnrrht, b. Aug. 2:1 17!S:l -1, ('I,>f , ■!,.■<, i,. .Jan. 1, 17!)fi. .-,, Silh/. b. Feb", (j' 

j 17!';'. 2. .b;i!.v, b. >t:\)X. 21, dlo: m. -Vi.v. 2(3, KH."!, Is;il.>.d Ca-n,.,-. 1. .Vz/v-//. ;-:.' 

\ Flo.ML'MJ, probai)ly the iJ'-v. ,■^^l, who livi-d at \N'cst| ort, Conn., 1S40, a. 7t>(pensiun; 

! m. Nov. IS, 17SS,"Sal<>nu' Phillips. 1, FAiii'uid, b. April 12. 17s9. 2, PoVy^ b, Ajiril I2' 
1701, b', A'->fi-. b. Oct. nt, 179:1 4, Z-'/-,-.v, 1,. Julv ;JI. 179i). 4, yr.i.LKCK, m. Oct lo' 
17U2, Xaii-v B's^siv. 1. .<^/',-/. b. Aiu-il IS, 17'.!:-!, 2. 'V.'/rA.v, b. .Tun._- :l 1791, :-!. 

;■ Si'Jy. b. -Jail. 4, i:;i.i. .">. Mkikv. m. (J.-t. 20, 17^i;, Xathan .^t-lcv. 

: 'n. liahuah Tuttic, d. Xoj'walk. May :n , IMl; ni." .Jan. 0, \~:u , Sanim-l 

; Faircliibl (his 2d wf.), b. at X. April 22, 17:j:.l: \\(' ni. ].>t Sarah -Jones, who d. Mav 2:1 

I 17.i.5. Flo had. 1772. a part of his faTluTs homestead, bnildinij-s, fulling mill oii'Mill 

1 Brc.-k and .") acres of l-nd. He w a- a (dorh fuller and weaver. lied, at Kidi-<"fif'hl, 

i C.)]m.. Oct. i), lS2n. in his SSth yr. He a s. of .lonathan and, Eleanor Whitn.n Faii-- 

■ ■ cliild. 1. Sakau, ^^ Xov. 9. ]7.^>7: d. .Jan. L"), 179."J: m. 1774, -John 'iret'-orv, "lie in. 

twice after. 1. N.'/-.///, b, Julv 11, ir7.'). 2, llmnmh, b. ]-Vb. H, ]77s.' s! J'> b 
; March 14, ISsi.l. 4, 7/ /- //. b. Hec 22, r;s4. .•>. FJLnh, !h .\k ^^ \>\. \, L7S7. (J, B.!^>t^. 
\i. Feb. 20, 17;)iJ. 7, Jof,n, i), April 2.'j, 1792. S, i]r. ,,!/■, rO, 1>. Dec. ol, 1794; d. Jan. 20, 
; 170^, 2, b. o.-t. 2, 17":)'.;; m. .lune 24, 177'./, I'lanitah J^ennett; b. May 20. 17.58; 
ho Wiis a v,-ta\er, af:er\var<ls a fa.riner; rem. ISijo from X'. to I-tidgeiield, Conn"., wlir. she 
d. Xov. 24, Is-lO. \h- .served ai S.-igr. in the Kev. army from the burniut;- of Xo:-\valk 
to cl«.5- of the war. 1, 11 , 1). Fr b. 2, 17SI); (buhier avA fi-m.or; m. Marcl; 2!, 
IsO!, JUioda, dau. of Henj. and IJhoda i.Vlb'u) Allen ai \^'eitporl, !>. A].ril 22. 1777; d.' 
at \Vestj)<)rt, Conn., Sept. 21, 1S.')4. lied, at ^V. Sept. 1, 1S02. 2. Eltmnir. b. Oct. :l'9, 
Vify.i. d. April 2"d, 1S71, in SSth yr. : m. at Heading, Conn.. Filias, s. of Abi-aham and 
■ SiiL^anna (Woods) rulling, b. Sept. 2, 17^1; d. Xov. o, 1S40; farmer; set. in Hidgefield, 
Conn. :-!, S'i,'>U'l <r.. b. Aug. 2, 1792; d. Dec. 22, 1S28; m. Dec. •"), 161:1 at \\eston, 
Conn., Arela Adams, b. Jan. \'S. 17^/3; still livins-, 1870. 4, B't.sni. 0. Fei>. 7, 1790; d. 
Sept. 17, 1870; m. at Kidirt-f, July 0, 1.S19. Israel' Mead Wiiitloek, 'b. Jan. 17, 1798: d. 
April 29, ISiJS. d. Ha.wah, b. !May 1, 170:J; kejit house for iier bro. at Jl after his 
^vf.'sdec. and d. tlir. unui. June l'.t,"is;^j. a. 70. 4. Bktskv, b, Feb. 7, 170.7. 

III. Rebecca, ni. April 7, 17.7S, Silvanus Seidi>y, b. X'ov. 17, 17eS, s. of ElipJialet 
an.'l Sar.'li iHoiiy; Sceley. .\ loyali.-it of this name in Stamford was lej'orteJ ''" tlanger- 
ou- " in ]7c-'0. i, Ax.v, b. April 4, 1700, 2, Hax.nah, b. June 9. 1702. ;i SrrvAXts, 
b. June .5, ]7o4: m. Xov. 10, 178:1 Mary Iloyt. 1, JIoHu, b. Mandi 2.7, 1784. 2, Am,', 
b. Yvh. 24, 1780. :i, WiJU-im Kiii;i, b, 'X'ov," 13, 1787. 4, Kciji;cca. !>. March 14, 1700, 
.5. X'atuax, b. May .5, 1708; m. Oct, 20, 1780, >dercv Tuttle. 1, Auroi,., b. Mav 8, 1787, 
2, Sail};, b. Jan. 19, 1789, '6, John, b, Mav 2:1 1790. 4, A'fnd. b. Julv 6, "l792, -5, 
Eiui^t'i.'^, I). Ajuil 11, 17!)."). (j, PoUij. h. Feb. 20, 1797. 0, Ei.ii'iiai.kt, "b '.MarcJi 17 
1770. 7, Hoi.LY, b. Dec. 2:3, 1771. : 

\ 2. Hannah Tuttic, b. F:ngland, 10:j2-:i d. in Hartford, Conn., Aug. 9, 168:1 a ."iO; 

bu. in till- old Ce.iter chh, grave-yard o;i Main st,, where her inomorial stoiuMs still 
standin::. among otller.^ of thf Welles family; its in.-.crii)tion (|uite plain;-'" ni, 1(;49, John, 
only -;. of William' and .\[.i;-gaM t Pantry J'antrec). )>. alit. 1029; freenuui of Tlartf., PO.-iO: 
Will dated S-[it. ]. li;.7:;; iuv. taken Xov. 2.">. -ann- ^r.; chil., Joliu an.d Ilantiah— Marv 

* I'hf.' r,en. Diet, cf W'w Eaer. sup V>t dau. of rCi.-U.ird Tnttlt- of P„,str,n, r.n uh.u croiuid I h.ivc (n-tn 
unable, to cjiscover. ( ir.ainistancfs al; point u> t.'-.c d.ia. -,'. \\':\\\.\:n Tuttle of Xc.v Hai-en a id t'c -rave- 
stone establishcj \h:t 'dfuity. ' ' •■!»''- 

tWiHiaa\ I'aiilry taine uvcr in icj^; Wealthy and advaiiLcd in years: selettmap o: JTaru ip-.i a^-'in 
in it.43; cons'.ablc. i"(.->. ' ' ■* ' ''" 


noTiiiimfd, jmili. |>'>s<1iuiMim>; tik (-J) June 2:!. Ifj.")}. 'riii'inas, s. <>( T]in;iuis* ;ui:l Klizu- 
l»-ih (Di'Uiiiii,^) Wtllt.'^. jr., li. aht. ltl-2T: (.'uartcniKi-^T:-!- imil<>r M:ij. Jolm Musmi, U'^nS: 
]}(']). M.ig. ;it llarti'., l'/-(i-2-;>, aud is s.Mi<l lo hi luniinl a- a -raiitct- in tlif Koyal Cliartfr of 
('omi. (pro!), his f.) ![<■ was rep. May l*;(ri, as-;>!:iiil ti;';.s. and was kilk-j sui. vr. l)v- a 
fall fro'i;! a r!u.-ny tr.'c. Jt!V. t;.!o-!i hi Haiti', Aii;:. -^U. IWS, I'lO'.lO ]<)s. Cd.; ('lialtels, 
i'."")'.)!). Adin. irivm :■., wid. Ilanna!!, II^' uasihc la ri^tst and lallr-.-^t nian of his time 
JLi Hartl'.: of strnii.:,' mind and <'StimahU' rliaraclci-. lii\. of est. :,i Mrs. llajinah Welles 
cxli. Se])t. <;, U')^'-'>: lUvidcf! by the cur. rt. to .Idlm rautry d.'.nldc poi-iinu, and to all the 
rest of Mrs. Wtdles' rliil. .'qiial i>orlioiis. Mrs, liiilwrl'l and Mrs. .Mccks to irrrive each 
;i pi,-'-c of o-o!(l aih! a ^>f\'\ riuir that tlu-iv nio'thor li-fon' Ikt sickiu-ss did allot and i^-ivc 
tlirni; the two ynui',i:rr ss. to he clothed out of the est. l)efore distrihution. 10- eliil. h. 
in WCthcrsfiidd. 

1. John, ha].. Mo'vh 17, looO; lu. Aliiirail Mix. 
II. Ilannul!, h. .\u_''.. H).",'2; d. nntn. ]'o7'2. a^conlinir to Savaire; li;;."). accordiuir to 
W.S.Porter; 1/iit Miss .Xjary X. Talc, tt says she d. hefore An,c.',. IfiM , as an acci'mTit 
of the est. of 1 laniiah Pan; ly e.\"h. to the court of ]irohate in llrtf. in Aul'-. . I'iTl. 

III. Marv, h. i-ioh. after <e]it. 1. lUoo. when tlie f. nnule his will; m Nailia;u(d 

IV. r;el)ecf:a U'elles, h. Ma\ , IC.l.l; in. All-'. KS, lOSO. Capt. .lames Judson. 
V. Thonia^. h. Or-... lll.',:;'iu. 1«W!). Mary Ph:cklea,(di. 

^'I, Sarah, h. April, K;.")'.!; iu. Nuv. 7, I'lT'^, .hihn iJidwell, jr. 
Vll. lchai;o.l, Nov.. Itfl'l: ni. S.-],t. 4, ICS-}. Sarah Way. 
\IU. S;iniuei, Oc^. V>i\-!: ur luitli Jiid.-.n, -i-. to James .Jnd -on. 

IX. Jonathan, h. S. pt.. Uc'U; d. --. /. aht. UJDd; kille.l l.y a j.iece of hh-ck falliair on 
)iis Tlionias W.'Pes ailm. hi-- est., which rhe couri of avsi>tams. on iietirion of all 
hut tiioadmr., onler'^I d;>Trihi:led, Xov., If;;!!! te 'l honnis. iciuihod, Samuel and Joseph 
^^'elles, Jolm Hidw-:-!!, fi,r liis ivf. Sarah. i\u-\ hi!;'es Jnds;in. fee liis wf. lieheccM: Tlioinas 
:ipl>eal.'d, May. i(i;)i, '-iiiiiiiini,^ thi' c-;t, of iiis accordinc; to the Ihi^^disli law. \viri;oiit 

X. Joseph, h. An^.. ]\',(\7: d. KiMS; ni. Kiizaherli, dau. oi ]:iea/er Way. T. John, 
(I. y. 2. Jii--i;iM(, d. v, 'P,. Jostn .\. d. v. 4, Ei.i/.ai;kt]i, \\ IV.'M; ui. Wiliiaiii Pow.dl 
of Hartf. 1, y.'V-.'V//-. PC X.v. 4, 17:.0," Fletcher Hannev of Mid., Conn., whod, ])e.-. 
14. 177:.'. a. 47, She d. J une 14, 1 7^."), a Dit. 

2,1. John Pantry, h;ip. Wetlu^-rstiehi. Conn.. March 17, Pi."">0; res. Ilartf. ; d. April 
4. 17ofi: gravestone >;iys a. !ll); •• evit{eiitly a mistake," sa_\ s Hon. L. M. Hoi; wood, "as 
he was hii|). the Suttday sin-e.-rdiriLr h.i^ hirtli." He wa-- ene of the richest iner. in HarTf. 
Wni. S. Porter's Jfi^f. _\"/iri.s nf Cim,. -ays he left to his chil. and g-rand chil. an 
iiumense estate. iniJudin-- a pasttire of ■,?.") acres on tlie east side f)f Front st., now in the 
heart of the city. In 17f'l Anne Trill, wid. of Thomas, ohtalned permis>iou to sell land, 
ahour MO acres, oii the east side of the ^r^-at river iu Ilartf. her l;usf>and ha;! (d' John 
Pantiv. Ill 17'2;> J.diii Pai.rr\ iii Cvvk'^S i..f -Vi aci-.-> oi laud wiiicdi he gaves to Xatjianiel 
Mix o"f X. 11 J v.; calls hiu. hi'.- nephew. Mas IU, 1 7-?n. John Pantry and wf.. Airiuail. of 
Ilartf., convey lands in X. Hav. to Satnuel Mi.x; also lands not .specified in the will of 
Thomas Mix; witnesse.s Aaron Cook and Ilanmih (ioodwin. Thomas Olmsted of Hartf. 
alsr) appeals an heir of Thomas Mix in rii;-ht of his wf. Hannah. 7''roni about 1729. a. 79, 
lie was PU]H'ranuuated oi- derani;:t^d. -fohn Pantry, m. Ahii;-ail, dan. of Thomas and 
Kebecea (Turner) Mix of X. Hav., hap. .Ian. O'J, IGliO; her mo. \vas dan. of Ca])t. 
Xf'thaniel Turu'^r X'. IhiV. She was livinir April 'I'). IfJOl. 
I. .lolin. m. Mary X'orton. 
II. Aln,yail, b. .Ian. 11, IfiTS-O; m. Pichard Coodman. 

*Thomas Welles, b. 153?; came from Xortharaotoa Co., Entr.. and was the nmon? tiie tirst settlers of 
Hartf., 1636. He was the tirst ireasurerof the C~onn. Co!., and its. 4tti Gev ., \i:.(,--.^. He ni. in Kne. 
Eli/.ibetiCHunt; -.^i abt. I'^.i'i. Ivlij^abelh, dau. of Jolui Deiiiingr. and wid . .if N'athaniei F"(>ote: s.i.hy 
2d in. She v.-;i' sis. of J'ihn D'^mi.'i^, in Gov. VViiithrop's charter a^ one of the prantees, whese 
r. s. , .lacob Dentine, ID. I'.h'zabel';, dan. '■■! Richard and ICIizabeth (T\ntlei Edwards. Gov Wellesd. 
.Ian. i^, i/_st)-''-i, and was bu.- in Wethc-sfieid. Sut his refiia\r.s were rem. to Hani and rest with those of 
several ef the ctl'cr earlv yovernors. His v.-ie, dated Nov. 7. t6;;.;, gives to s. Thom;'.s "my meadow 
and swamp in Penny Wise, on tlie soutit side of the fence; also that lour acres cjt .swamji which I bcLt;lit 
of Xathaniel Wiilett, and my upland ot tlie cast side of the j:;reat river, by the Hopkins farm, wiih.iuc 
the fence, having; sold that within the fence to Capt. Cole '" Will names Mr. \\'aris\vorih and John 
Dc'ir.inET, sr., supervisors. Mrs. Welles d. July ?■•, lojj, in .-''..Sth yr.-. names John, sr., ^bro.) and 
C:i;-t. John .\l!vn, Es>;. i. John, ri. abt. i:'.;:, Elizabeth Hournc. She m. -y^ Johr, ar.d rem. 
will', four .ss. to Stratford. 2, Thomas, m. Hannah iTutt'c I'antry. ^, Samuel 'Ruth; Capt Samuel, 
t'^.C-.': Thad^leus. i'-)5; Samuel, 17.^1;; '., 17=!; Hon. ('".i.ieon wa": .'^cc. of the Navy; Samael. bro of 
Thaddeas, iOj.-, had Sar.tucl, who was the f. of Samuel, the celebr.'ited banker of Pans, France,. 4, 
Mary. 5, Ann. 6. Sarah, m. Cant. John Chosicr. 


III. Iliiuuali, b. alit. IG^JO: m. Hczekiah 'inodsviii. 

IV. Itflwcca, baj). April i^y, 1(590; m. April iiO, 1718, Nuthanic! Jones. 

211. Johu Pantry, d. iu Hadley, Mass.; iav. taken April 1, 171:5. II.> i;my. 
lauds in X. llav. to Caleb Mix; in. Mary, d;'u. of Johu and K'utli (Moore) Xorton ,i[ 
Farniington. Conn.; bap. Xov. 21, 1080; she ni. (2) Solomon Bohwood of lladhn-, h. Julv 
2, 1()1*4; tl. April -20, 1702, and had Kiith, b. April lo, 17-?2; Sarah, b. April" 5, 172:/; 
\N'm., 1). Feb. 4, 1720; Solomon, b. Dec. 2G, 1727; I'benozor, b. Ajjril 7, ]7:j1; Mary, h 
Jnly lU, 17:^:1 She d. at H. May 24, 17(i:^, a. 7fJ. 

2111. Abigail Pantry, only eli., ba].. in llartf, Ma.reli IG, 1712: d. F.l,. lit. 
17Go; bu. in W. llartf.; inherited .t'u<- west part of tlie Pantry farm in W. llartf. on 
Avhich tlie meeting house stands. The properly is still in the j>ossession of lier des.-. 
The Farmiugton turnpike runs throairh it. Slie m. Feb. 20, 17:39, Dea. John. s. of 
Kev. Samuel and Sarah (Stoddard) Whitman of Farminglon, b. Dec. 28, 171:3; d. in W. 
llartf. July 9, li'^OO, a. 80. He held several town offieea and for nearly 50 yrs. was 
deacon iu the chh. at AV. Ilaitf. ; near the close of his life Ins hearing became impaired 
but with an ear-trum{>et was alile to liear ])reaclung; (?) Jan. 21, 170S, Hannah, dau. 
of Ebene/.-'r and llachel (Skinmn-i \Velle> of W. llartf., b. Nov. 4, 172S; d. (.)ct. 28, 
1802, ( pu.^f. ) 

I. A!)igail, b. Xov. 1:3, 17:39; d. March 12, 17:)8; ni. Fbenezer Welles, bro. of 
Hannah, 2d \vf. of D^a. John ^\"hitma]l. 1, Ar,o;.\ii,. only ch., bap. Fel). 20, 170"^; d. 
s. I. April 2, 18:32, in \V. llaitf. ; m. March 17, 17Sii, Sinuon Belden, who wa.s Dep'itv 
Quar.-Mas. Cen. in F.ev. war, and d. in W. Havtf. Aug. 10, 1809, a. 04. 
II. John. b. Jan. 31, 1743; m. Dec. 0, 17(i4, Anne Skinner. 

III. Lucv, 1). .Ian. 10, 174.-); m. Dec. 3. 1707, Cajn. Charles Sevtneuir. 

IV. Sarah, bai). March 1. 1741; ni. Feb. 1, 17<<9. Thomas Hfut Hooker: (2) A])ril 
8, 1779, Scth ColHus. 

V. Eleanor, bap. July 20, 17o2; d. y. 
VI. Samuel, b. July 29, 1753; m. Abigail Abbott. 
Vli. Eleanor, b. July 20, 1755; m. Feb., 1170, j-3benev;cr Faxon. 

21112. John Whit)nau, b. Jan. 31. 1743; d. Sepr. ]2. 181:',: res. W. llartf ; m. 
D.-c. 0, 1704, Aaua, dau. TimoTiiv and Huth (Coltoni Nkiniier f/f llartf.; bap. Nov. 30. 
1740; d. W. Hartf. Sept. 14. 1S00;"(2) Oct. 28, 1S07, wid. Pratt: chil. all ba]). in W. Hanf.' 
I. James, Sept. 8. 1705; m. Feb. IS, 1798, Abigail IVatlt r. 
II. Timothv, 1). April 13. 1708: bap. Mav 1, 17(i8: m. l8ll, Laura Sevmour. 

III. John P-tntrv. b. Xov. 20. 1770; ni. 18:!3, Ann Maria }3ulklev. 

IV. Anna, b. May 23. 1774: m. Timothy Balch. 

V. Euev, b. Mav 5. 1770: d. unm. Awj:. 8. 1795. 
VI. Eunice, b. (_h-t. 25. 177^: d. MandTll, 1779. 

VII. I-:unic.-, b. J:.!,. l(i, TTSO: d. May s. Isp',: ,,;. Dec. 8. 1802. Lemuel, s. of Lemiie! 
and Tabitha (Xott) Hurllmrt. b. 1778: had dan. rc-s. at Valatie, X. Y. 
VIll. Kuth, b. Oct. 19, 1782: m. Xov. 15. 1S09, Dr. AsaheLTiioin])son. 

211121. James Whitman, d. in W. Hartf. April 10. 1833; m. Feb. 18, 1798, -Abi- 
gail, dau of (iideou and .\liii:ail (Olmsted) Jiidh-r, b. Feb. 7, bap. 28, 1773; d. Feb. 10, 

I. Emily, b. Feb. 20, ISOO; d. Oct. 8, 1^75, unm.. on old homestead in W. Hartf. 
II. Charles, b. July 28, ls()2; d. May 10. 1^77: :n. .Xov. 13, 1S33, Henrietta, dau. 
of Edward and Clarissa" (Fitch) Perkins o"f Hart f. , wlio d. .\ug. 31, 1837: (2)1842. Jane 
Holmes of Salisburv. (.'onn.. wlio d. .Line 19. 1874; res. P;ivsnn. 111. 1. Cl.vk.v Fitch, 
b. Dec. 8, 1N35; m."June 14. 1855, William Dodd. s. of Abiier and Adaline (Dodd) Perry 
<»f Hold -n, -Mass., b. Sejit. 3 >. l83Li; E;l. and Pr,)]!. of A<' nas ('". ycirs nnd liu-'irrlcr; 
res. Pay.son, IU. 1. Arthur Jlnri/, b. D(>c. 3't. 1857. 2. K'hr,i tyl l\rki,i^. April 13. IsOl. 
8. George A'ntn-. b. July 20. 18i;s' 2, Ei>w.viiu Pi;i;KrNs, b. Aug. 13, d. .Xov. 23, 1^37. 
3, IXF. Dai'. 4, Cii AKi.i:-; Hui.mks, m. and lia-<2chil.: re-^. San Jose. Cal. 

III. Edward, b. .\!arch M. I'^iU: lu'.p. July 20. 1800: cierk in Hartf.; d. on ve-se! in 
Chesapeake Bay. Aug. 13. 18:'>3. unm. 

IV. James, b. Aiu-i! 10. bap. July 10, 1S09: res. \V. Hartf., \Vhitman plac; unm. 

V. Maria, .March 25, bap. June 2, 1811; res. with bro. James. 

211122. Timothy Whitman, b. April 13. biip. .May 17(;S: .<tnd. med,. b,it bee. 
a mereh. in Williain.stown, .Ma.-^s., in Co. with his bro.. .lolm I'antry, and (i. thetf .^lay 
4iO, 18:J0; m. ISll, at Pownal. Vt., Laura, dau. of Ca[.t. Charles a.iid Lucy (Whitnnui) 
Seymour, cons., b. Feb. 4, 17S0; d. in W. Oct. 3. 1857. 


I. Rutli. b. Jan. 7. 1S15: d. Onmge, X. J., July, 1881; iii. Oct. 30, 1M83, Edward, 
s. of C'liailfs and Naucy (>Lanninir) Lasstdl, 1). Schoharie, N. Y., Jan. 29, LSOU; WiUiani.s 
Coll. 18'28; Prof, of Ci'u-niistrv tlicrc ISo'i. Foundt-r of Foniale Scin. at Auburndale, 
Maj^s; d. tlu-re Jan. 31, \sr,2.' o chil. 1. Ei)\v.\Kl), h. Aiifj. 17, is:34: d. Oct. ifi, 1860, 
uuni. 2. L.\r!{\ \ViirrM.\.N'. June 11, 18:50; unin.; r.s. X. V. ('. 3. Timotuy. Oct. 11, 
183N; in Itu.sinrss on Eong- Island; uniii. -I, Ki.l.K.N. 1>. Mandi iti, 18-11; ni. Dec It), 18r)U, 
Herman Dav (■^. of Hon. ITcrinan) (m)u1<1 of Delhi, X. Y.; re.<. Peoria, 111. 1. ClKiilex 
JTftirt-ins. F'eli. lU, 18ti7; d. Xov. -2. 1879. 2, /i//M A''/* /(, May i-^, 1808. o. Bd'Cdrd 
/.//.'(v.-''/. June 17, ISTd. 4, A/w Klivi, Aut:. 13, 1S71; d. Nov. 4. 1NT9. 5, Cii(/,art/ie Brutn 
Footi, Mar'di 13, Ins;). ,-), l.orisA, h. .May 18, 184."); re.s. X. Y. ('. ; unni. 

211123. John Pantry Whitman, b. Xov. n, bap. Dec. 4, 1770; set. in Williams- 
town, Mass., 17!t5, antl with hisliro., Timothy, were tlii- prinr-ipal nien-hants thr. for 
many yrs. .Aciiuired considerable est., out of which they gave largtdy to the colleiie,- 
d. thr.", March 18, 1834; m. June '.?(;, lT!)tJ, Lu<-y, dan. of Ciipt. Charles and I.,ucy (Whit- 
mun) Seyiuour, b. D.'C. "23, 1708; d. Feb, 1. is."):j; 2 cliil. 

1. Seymour, b. Aug. 15, ISIJo; continued his f.'s business in ^Villiamstown and 
d. thr. March II, 185G. " One of the strongest pillars of the church fr<un early 7nnn- 
hood to the day of his death."— /Ac J)r. y<jbl,\ m. Jan. '2'^, is;j:^,, Anna Maria, dau. of 
Charles and laicy (Beuuiii) Bulkley, b Sej't. 21. l^Oo, in (iranville, X. Y.; still living, 
1880. 1, JoifN Sf;ymo[-!{, !). Xov". 7. ls:i;j; Wms. Col., 1^04; I'nion Theo. Seni., 18(J(J; 
clergymait in O. ; m. June 13. 1800, at Auburn, X. \ ., hillie Arne. 1. JoJm 3/'</'ro>'. 2, 
Jfir// E'/i. d. inf. 3, Mm in Louis'i. 4, Vh<i.rU.-< ^^^iimonr. 2, Lucv, m. Dec. 
20. Ib58, liev. Jtdin Tatlock of Adams. Mass. 1, .John. 2, Seymour Whitiu'iK. 3, 
ll"//(. 4. Liiry Orrit. o, KUz.ihdh Ballly, dec. 0, Jnr..:^. IJoyd. 3 and 4, So>;s, d. 
inf. 5, Fkaxcks Aubik, unm. 

II. T.ucy Skiune-r, b. March 5, 1808; d. .-<. i., July 13, 1S31; m. Oct. 10, 1830, Dr. 
Henry hyman Sabin. 

211124. Anna Whitman, b. Mav 23, 1774; d. April 11, 184.-); m. Timothy 
Balch, b. Oct. 0, l.'uS; d. Xyv., ls'42, Plattslnirgh, X. ^■.; 4 chil. 

I. Betsey, b. May 4, 1704; d. June, 1«04; twice m.; .x. {. 

n. Che.ster, b. Ju'h 20, 1700; d. June 3, 187o; m. Sept. Id, 1821, Lucv Stnedhn-, 
b. Jan. 8. 1800; d. Mav 21. 1S42. i., 8 daus, 1 s. 1, C.UiULiXEE., b, Xov. 12. 1^22; d. 
vs. i., Junes. 1842; m.'Dec, 1811. John Banker. 2, M.viiv \V., Feb. 21, 182.'); d. Oct. 
15, 1846, unm. 3, Cei.k.sti.s. E., March 1. 1827; d. April 1, 1S42; unm. 4, Lvkza M., b. 
Ana. 18. l'?20; m. Feb. 22. ]6~)'), C. D. Vauirhau, uierch. at Amliov, Ills. 1, Lnffu J... 
A])ril 17, 1S58; m. Dec. 25, 1878, P. M. Janies, hiwver at A. 1, Harold D.. aln. bbSl. 
3, Ilutlif ])., Xov. 7. 1800. 3, Fro.'/?.- ('., March 17, 1^03, 4. Fruhri'-l: X., F<'b. 1, 
1865. 5, Tr-7/Y/c y;,, :\Iarch 11, 18fir. 0. /,»';/r >■., Feb. 0, 180;i. 5, Ei.iz.v A.. Jan. 31, 
1832; d. April 24, 1847. 0, Lt( Y S.. April 13. 1831; d. Feb. 1. LSIO. 7. John Timothy. 
b. Oct. 21, '1830; in. June 20, 1872, Margaret J. Travnor, b. Mav 1. 1850; res. Kansas 
City, Mo. 1, Mary J.onis,,, b. Jan. 3, 1^74. 8. D.u.. b. Feb. V), 1^30; m. 1857. C. H. 
Vaughan, phvs., and d. at Malont.-, I'raiddin Co., X. Y.leav. inf. s., who surv. the mo. 
jibt. a vr. 0,' Dki.ia M., b. Aj-ril 27, d. Mav 11, 1842. 

III. Juicy, b. March I'.i, 17;)1); d. .^. /., March 19, lJ?40; m. John Smith. 

IV. Eliza, b. Dec. 1, 1^01; d. Aug. 8, 1s2S; unm, 

V. Henry, b. Xov. 24. 1802; d. A]uil, 1S75; m. at P., at (dd homestead. 1, Hem;y, 
res. at P. with mo. 2, Makikti A, dec. 

VI. Ei!iilv, b. Mandi 20,1807; m. Mav 9, 1826, James W. Banker; fanner. Amboy, 

His. 1, .'l). March 2. 1828; d. Aui:. 12, 1829. 2. Skvmuiii \VniTMAN, b. :March 

29, 1830; m. in Wis., April 2, 1s.-,0, Klle'ii LasseU; !) chil. 3, Anxa B., b. June 12, 1832; 
d. in Arizona .lune 8, 1.S7S; m. S.-pt. 24, 1857, Luiher J. Lasxdl; .v. /, 4, ^V.\l. Hknky, 
b. Jan. 4, 1835; farmer; m. Dec. 16. 1864, Mari;i Malhtt. 1. Fr<ii>h. 5, Plait. 1), Mav 
31, 1837: d. March 30, 18:],^. 6. Ei.iza Boss. b. Oct. 2, 1S41; m. Oct. 23, 18G5. Bev. o'. 
G. May. Cong,, now preaching at Bockton. Ills.; chil. 1, Fnink. 2, Grace. 3, 
Gertri'dc. 4, Win. 5, J."<:y, 6, li'Miert. 7, l!ii ii.viiii Iv, car]>euter; m. I"eb. 9. 18f)8, 
Martha Lewis. 8. Enwix .Iamks, b. .lune 2'.). 1^14; farnur; m. Jan. 27. 1N70, .\uvora 
L. Stimson; res. Xcb. 1. M',d,t,r. 2. Fdn.t. 3. Arthnr. 9.* LtCY Ei.KANdi:, b. Sei't. 
11, 1847; d. at Alton. Ills.. Ai)ril Kl, 1S70; m. Julv 1, 1870, Shafen Frye. 1, Hrrh, rt. 
2, Jfirhon. 3. l7,,i,-',.-<. U). l':\ni,v l-j.ix. vi'.KTii.' b. Nov. 30, L'S50; m. July 8, 1874, 
James W". liolnus, irec. frnm .51i>. J. \N . Hanker.* 

Vll. Marietta, b. \.,v. 15, 1^0',); d. unm. .Npril 4, l-^lo. 
VIll. Joiuitlian Whitman, b. Aug. 5. 1811; d. at P. May 11, 183S; num. 


IX. Will. Skinner, h. Oct. 22, 1^1'A: liiercliMiit. hotel kiepcr, etc.; in. Sept., l.s;!4. 

I an ailojited dun. of Minnung Hhavh of Williainstowii, Mu.-s.: d. at Sar. Spiiiii;^, lsr)S; cJ, 

Nov. :i(), 1S.-)S, Vesta A. C'liilii (if Sar. Sj). 1, M.vxmni; I^.i.own, 1). Powiiai, \'t., Se|,t^ 
2;3, ]88(t; ni. and liad 1 c'h., d inf. He is jiastor of tlie .M. !•;. clili. at La.'ress, Wi.s. H,". 

i 111. 2d and has s. ]\'ifltr Moiii<>i. h. abt. l.s;2. 2. Kdwaim) ."v. 1.. May, ISH',); d. in arniv 

hos. licxiii^^ton, Ky. . Jan. 1, \><iV-]. 22d Wis. XuV.-. o, ('.\];i;ii; ^'l•>TA, !>. June 24. isiiu; 
111. Nov. IT, ISSO, (Jeo. 1). Iltirvey, of Karley, Ihirvcy \- Co.. whoIe.x;iie diy n-oods, Ho<ton." 
>hiss., res. Aubiiriuhih'. 4, Xkli.ii-; \N'niriN(;, h. l-'eli. 21, iNiJo. o, J^rLLiK, b. Man-h" 
29, l.vyy; d. PVb. y, ISU'J. 

211128. PvUth Whitman, b. C)<-t. 1'J, 1:s2: m. Nov. lo, l,vuL>, Dr. A.sahel, s. of 
AVjcI and liuth ^d'ridlev) 'J'lionipson of Farinineton. Conn. 
J. ^laria Sherniaii, li. Nov. 15, IS'IU; nnni.; res. F. 
II. Seth Whitman, b. Ai«ril 10. 18i:5: d. Jan. 2,s, 1S14. 

III. Ann. b. Jan. \?,. ISlo; in. Se[>t. 28, l,s:-](j, Angustus L. Earliour; (2) Marc'.i 1. 
18.")0, ^^'In. Sedgwick of NV. Ilartf. 1. Fi;edi=.hick l>i;\vis, b, Feb. 7. lS.',-<: d. Dec. <)" 
1848. 2, IIexky Whitman. i>. July :^!t. ]S4(): m. 24, ISCS. Harriet W. Youn-s." 

I, Anna Voii/ir/.s. h. May 2, 18()9. y, 'J'heodoue Au(;isti s, b. March o, 184:3: d. Auo-. 

II, 1864, ill Wabasha, Minn. 4, Wat.tei; Edwaiu), b. May lo, 1845; d. Julv 1, 1840. 
i. by 2d II!.; 5, Wm. Tkompsox Skdgwkk, b. Dec 28, 1855; in. Dec. 29, 1S81, Marv 
Ii., dan. of Kichnrd Rice of X. Ilav. 

IV. Jane, b. Mandi ^O, 1S19; unni.; res. F. 
V. Jolin Whitman, b. Xov. 11. 1.S21; d. A]iril 12. 18«5; unni. 

21113. Lucy Whitman, b. Jan. 10. 1745; d. May 4, 1810; ni. Dec. ;], ]7(i7. 
Charleis, s. of En.->iira 'J'iuiotJiv and Rachel lAllyn) Seymour, nap. W. llartf., Jan. 29. 
1788. He held various town oilices in Hartf. ; served as Lieut, in Rev. Arinv, 177tj; 
('apt., 1777. In letreat from Long Island his regt. was in the rear guard. Heand wf. 
admit, to chh. in W. Hartf., 1790.^ He d. thr. Mav 10, 1802. (See 852) Cliil b in \^■ 

I. Lucy, b. Dec. 2:!, 1708; d. Feb. 1, 1853; m. June 2G, 1796, Jolm Pantry Whit- 

H. Huth, b. June 8, 1770; m. Xatlian Benjamin. 

III. ('liarles, b. Jan. 17, 1777; in. Dec. 20, l8U:), Catharine Perk-ins. 

IV. Sarah, b. July 27, 1779: m. Sept. 27, 1807, Jedediah Wells Mills. 
"W Laura, b. Feb. 4, 1780; d. Oct. 8, 1n57: m. 1811. Dr. Timothy v.oodman Wlat- 

man of Williamstown, Mass.. and had 1 ch. 1, liiTii, m. Prof. Edward 1 assell i^f 
Wins. Col. 

211132. Rnth Seymour, b. June 8. 1770; m. Jan. 1. 1791, Xatlian Benjamin, 
h. xMarch 7, 1709, in Egreiuont, 3lass. ; a paper manuf. in Catskill, X. V., whr. lie d. 
April 8. 1.S13. Hi> svid. then rem. to \\'iir;amstown, Mass., and d. thr. Xov. 14, .^^57. 
" She was endowed by nature with a lovedy dispo.sition and much energy and good 
sense, and she was trained after the good fashion of the times to industryand skill in 
every department of womanly duties."— 0/v//. , _V«vr York Iinljj.tndcnt. 

I. Lucy, b. Eg., Oct. l"l, 1791; still liv. (1882); m. Xov. 1, lsl4, Alfred (s. of Rev. 
David andJeru.sha Loid/ Perry, M.D.. b. llarwinton. Conn., Apiil 28, 1780; Wins. Col.. 
1808; Rush Med. Col., Phihi.; set. Stockbridge, Mass.. iNlo; prac. nu-d. thr. to 1888: 
rem. to Ills., and d. at Perrvto\\ii, Sept. 10, 1888. !» chil. 1, L( cy P.. 2, Ai.tkkd \N'. 
3, David L. 4, Joiix B. 5, Makv, m. Sept. (i, 1847, Rev. J. E. Ford, A. B. C. 
F. M. to Syria, b. Aug. 8. 1825: Wuus. Cob, 1844; Union. Theo. Sem., 1847: emb. for 
Smyrna, Dec 29, 1847; sta. at Aleppo; rem. to Beynjot, 1S55. to Lydon, 1«58; returned 
for health, 1805. and d. at Oeneseo, Ills., April 8, 1MJ(), leaving this message: "Tell 
the young men of America thai on them rests ihe conversion of the world." 0, (Ikokce 
B. 7, Xatuax. 8, Cll.VKi.Ks. 9, Sauak, m. Rev. J. (J. Dougherty; ns. w'yandotte. 

II. Ruih, b. Sheilield. Mass., .May 20, 1794; m. Jan. 29, 1S21, Rev. Charles Jenkins. 
b. Barre, Mass.. 17.^0: Wms. Col., 1818: pastor 2d Con^-. chh , (ireenfield. Mass.. from 
Mav, 1^20, to Julv. 1^24; afterward of Portland, Me. He J. a. 45. Shed thr .v i 
July 4, 1822. 

III. Charles Seymour, b. S., Jan. 18, 1797; m. May 21. Is27, Caroline Ihilkley, dau. 
of Joshua Rol>!iii:s and SaraluTaintor) Bidkley, who d. in Williamsiown. .lul v l'. 1844: 
(2) May 25, lb52, Jane, dan. of Wm. and liuldah (lb-own) Bmler, b. Northamiiton, 
Mass., Sept. 18, 1S'04; nu-rcdi. in Williamstown. and afterward in Pittsti, i<l. Mass., whr. 
lu' d. Feb. 18, 1870. 4 chil. /. by 1st m. 1, Sauak P. 2, .Makv. 8, Fua.ncis C. 


IV. Gi'o. Wliitinaii, h. Catsk., Fd). 21. 1804; m. Auir. '-30. ls:^3, Adaline Powell, b. 
Marrh 24, 1S14. :il Malonc, N. v., fiau. nt I>i-. Horatio and ITaiinalt (Hiisscll) Powell ; 
mcrcb. in All>aiiv, X. Y. ; o eliil. 

V. Al)liv, i>. Jan. :,l), ISOS; m. Ajiril 24, 188:?, Tlfiii-y Lyman Sabni. M. 1'. (as his 
3il \vf,), b. .May C'lt. 1801. s. of Jrsse and Kstlier (RiilkK-y) S. ot' Willianistown. He is a 
pbv.s. tbr., one of \\if most prominent eiti/ens. and fornniny yrs. a trnstee of tbc college. 
1 Lrcv 2, Hnii. '•). Hknuy. 1, }"!.i7,Ar.i.TH .">. Ar.i;i;v. 0, Chaki.ks. 

VI. Sarah Maria, 1... Feb. 22. ISlii; m. -Inly IS. 1^4:;!, I'rof. Jnlm Tatlock. b. 
Anolesea, North \Vab•^, (i. B., Di'r. -J. IsuS, s. of \Vni. and Mary (.lones"* Tatlork: Wnis. 
('of IS'M- Prof, of Math. tlir.. ls;',S to \>yi\U: re-i.L'ned and hetran prart. law in Pittsfudd, 
Mass., and ivs. thr. Ordained to ministry, Oct. P2, bS."',2; LL. [). Western Reserve Col., 

VII. Nathan, b. C'atsk.. Dec. 14. 1^11: Wms. Col., 18:!l ; oid. Miss, of the A. B. C. 
F M April 21 1S",(> havinir stnd. one vr. at .\ulmrn Theo. Seni. and two at Andover: 
in April 25 1880 Marv (Uaddiny- WheHer, h. Providence, R. 1., Mareh 14, 1814, dan. 
of Sam'l (i.'aud Eunna'((iladdinf:-) Wheeler, of N. Y. C. Sailed, July, 18:i(!, for Argos, 
tireece: stationed next at Athens, then at Trel-i/ond, then at Smyrna, and Hnally, at 
Constantinople, whr. he d. Jan. 27. l?:;"); wi<l. and ehil. returned to V. S.. and she d. at 
Medford, .Mass., Maivh ."i, 1871. 1. S.\.Mn:i. (t. W. Bi:n.t.\min. b. Argos. (^reece, Feb. 
13, 1837.' A well known artist. Author of 77/< 7'"rf.- und the (ir<'i,\ a poem, Thr C7imcr. 
of'Paris, ■d)M\ (,r various mn.ea/iii,. articles. 2, Fk.vncks Skvmotk, m. Sej.t. 23, 18.)H, 
Rev. A. 11. Johns.Di of Middleton, Mass.: now a phy^. in Salem, , Mass. 3, CiT.^l'.LES 
A., Lieut, in lieu-^. .Vnny during the war; res. Conu.i, Mi-^^s. 

211133. Charles Seymour, b. Jan. 17, 177T; at a-e of 21 began business for 
himself in llartf and continued a niereli. there for more than oO yrs. He was treas- 
urer of the tir-^t ecclesiastical soc. 1^24-13. (hie ui the Vice-Pres, of tlie oldest saviiiu-s 
banks in llartf., and chairman of .the loaning com. for 30 yrs. : director uf the Am. 
Asvlum for deaf nrutes for 30 vrs., and held other responsible p(jsitious a)nl trusts. ^He 
m 'Dec 20 1803, Catharine, d'au. of Kev. Nathan and Catharinf (Pitkin) Perkins of W. 
llartf.; b. Jan. 20, 17^;2: d. Feb. in, 184fS. He d. Jan. 21, 18.-,2. 

1 Julia, b. Dec. U), 1804: res. Hartf. : an invalid for 30 yrs; unm. 
II Catharine, b. :\Iav 25. 1806: m. Dec. 5, 1827, Calvin, r.. of Atnbrose and Polly 
(FJy) Day; b. Westfield, Fcl>. 20, 1803. Many yrs. a commission mcrch. m 
Hai-tf and one of its wealthiest and most valued citizens; 4 chil. 

Ill Charles, b. Nov. 2, 18U7: a merch. in Hartf. 21* yrs. in Co. whh his f. and 
35 yrs. alone. Has been treasurer of the 1st Kc(des. Soc. since 1843, the othce having 
been held bv f. and s. continuously for GO yrs. He is a director in several banks, etc.; 


IV. Edward, b. Sept. 28, 1809; d. Oct. 12, 1810. 
V. Harriet, b. Sept. 27. ISll: m. May 8. 1844. P.ev. (ieo. Jeffrey, s. of Col. Daniel 
and lluldah (Gridlev) Tillotson, b. Farmiugton, Conn.. Feb. 5. 1S05; Y. C l82o: Y. 
Theo. Sem., I83(l; ord. at Brooklyn, Conn., .May 5, 1831. She d. in Brooklyn, Conn., 
Mav 8 lS4ij, leaving 1 ch. who d. inf. 

"VI Natlian Perkins, b. Dec. 24, 1S13; Y. C. 1834; Rector Hopkins (.rrammar 
School' llartf., 34-3';; tutor Y. C. 3!) 40; Prof Creek and Latin, West Res. Col., Hudson, 
Ohio 40-09- m Sept. 7. 1S4!, Flizabeth, dau. of Hon. Thomas and Sarah i^Coit) Day, 1). 
Feb.'lO, IsiO; KenvonCol. conf. LL. D., in 1807; res. Hudson, Oliio. His youngest 

s Tliomas Dav Sevniour. b. : Prof, (treek Language and Literature \. C. 

" VII. ' John'Whitman, b March 24, 1810; Y. C, 1837; prac. law in Hartf.; unm. 
VIII. Alfred, b. Nov. C,, 1S17; d. Oct. 11, 1818. 
I\ Albert, twin with Alfred, h. Nov. 0, 1817; d. Sept. 10, 1818. 
X Marv b Nov. 1. 1S20; m. Oct. 28, b^40. Russell (Goodrich, s. of Russeli and 
Harriet (Kinu^sburv) Talcott, h. Hartf., Auff. 15, 1818; a merch.; a nuin of udUuncc. He 
d in Hartf ^[arch 3, 18(;3: leaves 1 ch. 1. M-Vuv KiNCisiifUY Talcott, b. Nov o, 
1847- res Hartf.. mucli interested in both .art ami genealogy ; .-oinpilerot the \N oodbridge 
Family; wrir.u- for the Is ,M-eparin- an elaborate w<uk on the Seymour family, 
from the MSS. of wh.icli Miss Talcott verv kindly and geiu'rously copied (at onr re.piestt, 
with care and lahorand in themidsl of other pressing engagements, the >eymour descend- 
ants of this branch; and al^o thos,' of i:ii/abeth (Tuttle) Kdwards of the Seym.nir nam.': 
besides the Whitmans an.l o.!HTde,M-en>iants of John and Hannah iTuttlei Pantry, tor 
which we aremuidi ind<bted. 

XL Fniilv, b. Jalv28, 1825; res. llartf.; unm. 


211134. Sarah Seymour, !>. July 27, 1771); m. Sept. 37, 1807, Jededijili Wolls 
Mills, b. Ni'wiiigtoii, ( 'oiin. , .liiii. 2, 1782, 8 of De:i. Jodt-diuli and Saruli (Aiulrt-ws) 
Mills. He was a faniu-r in \\^>st Hartf., and tlm yr. of his ni. bouijht tlie IkjuicsKmi] of 
Ensio-ii Tirnotliv Sevmour in W. Hartf., and liis f:im. lived there until IS70. He d. Au^'. 
2, isr>9. She (f. Se'pt. I'J, \>ii}2. 

I. 1>. 21, ISOS; ui. Aug. 17. ISH-l (2d wf. ), DtivicnVardswortli (irant. 
b. Blooiuiield, (^'onn., 171tS, s. of David and Klioda (<'ald\vell) (Jrant. He d. in B. 1S(]2, 
^^llod> in \V. Haitf. Aug. Iti, 1SG:1 Had 1 (di., \\'im,is Mti.i.s, who d. inf. 

II. Lucy, b. Aug. 27, ls!0: in. Sept. 2;i, ]S.5:J (M wf.), CiiostiT, s. of Ehenezer and 
Miiry (Coltou)" Faxon, b. W. Hiuif.. Sept. 14, ISi),""). She d. ii^ \^'. Hartf., Nov. 21. 16^0, 
leaving 1 dau. , Jcma L., num.: Kiniwood, W. Hartf. 

III. Charle.s Seymour. 1). Jan. 22, 1S1:5; ni. Aug. 21, ISKi, Kdizul)eth, dau. of De^.. 
Samuel and Anna 11 (Shipmau) Sillnuan, b. Chester, C'rinn., Julv 'J, iS2h': res. \V. Hartf. 
1, S.VK.ur Anna, b. Julv 20, lf'49; d. Sept. 1, lyol. 2. t'liAurKs S.. b. S^-pt. 14, 1S.V2; 
m. Nov. 8, 1877. Mary Arnold of W. Hartf. 1, /v///// .1., b. Nov. 11, 1S78. o, Lii.i.ik, 
b. .Sept. 28, 18o4: m.'Sept. 28, 1^78. (ieo. \V. Harris of W'eflu'r.sHeld. 1, f.irl, h. Fe'o. 
1, 1871). 4, Sami-kj.. i). Nov. 11. \m^: d. Oct. 2f^. 187:J. o, Maky E., b. Oct. 8, 18(5:5; 
d. Julv 27. 1882. 

IV. Sarali Jane, 1). April 8, l>*]t); m. May 12, 18:!l.i, lb'ul)en Cliarles, s. of Elias \V. 
and Jane (.Mulhollaud) Hale, b. Lewiston, I'a.. ()i-t. ]■>, 181:); adm. to bar in Center Co., 
Pa. ; res. L(nvisto)i to 18:J''; rem, to I'hila., and was survey(jr of the port 4 yr.s. Quarter- 
liuister-general of Pa. from ISlU until his d. in ,Keadsville, Pa., July 2, 18'j:3; wid. and 
fam. res. at J^liillipsburgl'., Pa. 1, Kiev. Cr.ARi.Ks Kkubkn IIai.e, I). D., Asst. Hector 
St. Paul'.s (Epise.) (dih., Bait.. Md,. and has ))ub. a number of theologieal works. 2, 
W_\r. Wir.i;i;HFoi;rE, b. May n, !S41; m. May 11, 180<i, Anna (jraham Patteison. 1, 
Caroliiw Patterson, b. Ajiril lU, lNi;7. 2, Miiude JLde, b. June i'), 1808. Z, R. nhni. 
Chaiiil'niina, Aug. lo, 1870. 4, M'Uhur Whifnwn, b. Julv 12, 1>!72. ;j, AuTiiru, b. 
July 5, 181:}; d. Nov. 1(3. 184o. 4, Satiaii Jam:, b. Feb. !i". 184".; d. Oct. 24. lN4o. 5, 
Laiiia Cahot.ivi:, b. Oct 11, 184(!; m. Nov. 11, 1S74. Jolm Adams Mull. 1, Ihiiliru 
Ihirol'l. b. Di'C. 15. 1S75, 2, l.mrrave John, b. April 10, 1877. 0. Jui.iA Lr( v. b. 
Feb. 5. ]s49. (J, MvJtv Eltzauetii. b. June 17. ls.")7. 

"W Lauia Whitman, b. June 2, 1818; m. Aug. 22, 18G7, Edv.ard, s. of Hczekiali 
siud Eunice (Stanlty) Stddeii of V.'". Harif. ; the m. ( h Julia Pamelia, dau. of Moses and 
Piudenif (Hulburt) (ioodman, b. .May 7, 1.S14; d. March 2">, 18»>I).) 

21114. Sarah Whitman, l^l'- ^^^r^^^ 1. 1T47: .1. Jan. o. lS;-;7; m. Feb. 1, 17(;y. 
Thomas Hart lioolcer of Farmiuu'ion, Conn., b. Se|)t. '■>. 171"); lie joini'd a comiiauy of 
vols, from Fai'm. immcdiaiely after Lfxingtoii and uuirched fur the Uev. army; befori- 
leaving lie ga\'e freijihim lo his shive, saying: " I will ii^it tight for liberty and leave a 
slave at liome." He d. in the atm;.' Nov. 2<i. 177o. He inlicritcd ;i l.-irge est;i.te from liis 
maternal grfinrl f.. Cajit. Jrt.-iali Hatt; but it is said he wasti'd it in extrav;ii_r;mce. He 
was of the ."jtli u-rueraiion in desc. trom Hev. 'I'liomas Hooker. He was s. of Pvgi. r and 
Mercv (Hart) Hooker. She m. 2d. April 8, 1771), Seth, s. ni Robert Collins of W'.'liartf. , 
1). Nov. 37, 1742: d. Dec, Id, 17!'1. 

I. Abigail Pantrv Hooker, b. Jan. 23, 1770; m. Satnuel Tnlcott. 

II. Thomas Hart "Hooker, b. March Z. 1772; m. Betsey .Alills. 

III. Seth Collins, b. Jan. 27, 1780; d. Oct. 0, 17138, in N. V., yellow fever. 

IV. Lacy Collins, b. June 2, 1782; m. Itev. .loab Brace. 

211141, Abigail Pantry Hooker, b. Jan. 2:-!, 1770; .1. March Ifl. i8.-,4: m. 
Jan. 2."(. no."), Samuel Talcott of \V. Hartf.. b. (Ha.^tenbury, Conn., An^. 12. 17(J"); d. 
Jan. 20, IS.")!]; s. of Sammd and Mary (Smith)']'., who rem. to W. Hartt. 1788. and was 
a (dothier thr. 

I. Eli/.a, b. Nov. 7, 171).-.; d. Au-. 17, 1S21); m. .Mav 10. 1824. h'l-v. Am/i Francis 
of Brid:rehamptoi,. L. I., b. \V. Harif.. Julv M . 171);5; Midd. Col., ISID. 1, HooKK A.. 
b. Mav21, '{•-JUr. m. .luue (I, l-^.-.l, Isaliella "<L Hodges; res. N. Y. C. 2. Sa.mi Ki, i'.. b. 
Julv 2.;, l.s'2l): d. Jan. 2:i. ls:!l. 

11. S-,n\uel, b. Marcli 2', 171»S; d. in W. Hanf. Nov. 2^. \<A: m. Jan. 10, 1^22, 
Cvnthia, liau. of M^-y. Albu; ;ind Cviithia t]b>iii<ei) .M.-oit of Manche-tiT, Conn., b. Aul"-. 
4,'l71)!i: d. Jan. 2J, 1^2:!: (2( April 22, ls21, Liiceli.-i. dau. (.f Solomon and Betsev (Hi(d<ox) 
Brace ..f W. Harif.. b. April 24. ls(r.; d. J:in. 14, ls;j;i; C.\) I>ec. yi. lS!!i," .Miir-are! 
li'-svis 'lau. ul and .^.'a; '.;-:i ret i.b Ml nil •,•.:>) Sa^-e of Crii;;i v. i 11, ('■.uu , I". Sept. ]:;, 
1810; d. Jan. 14, ls-,1. ], Samik[. Ai.iott. I.. X'^-r. \\\, ls-}2; d. .\p,il lo. Ism; 2. 
Cynthia LtXKi.t.x, b .luly 12, lS2r); il. March 7, INlil: m. Nmv. ). is.Mi. Samuc, \\\\\[- 
man, s. of Suniticl and l-Jizabetli (Howard) W . ; res. on ihe old \\'hitman farm in W. 

SEyjIOUR, WiriTMAN, 1I00K]:I{, COLI.T>s-S. 89 

Hartf.; (2) Oct. 3. 1877, Saruh E BicknHl of Ashford, Conn. 1. Mary, h. Ajiril 22. 
ISOO. 2, Jlrnri! Vhirl; b. Feb. 1^, lSf)4. ?,, K(k;kr Houkeu. b. Fob. 7, d. March 23, 
1827. 4, Ei.iz.U'.KTH, b. .lun." l;j. 1S2S; ni. May 2."), IS."),"!, Jolin Wliltnian, b. l^ec, 1828; 
lie cl Sept. 2o. ]S70. 1, JW/<V, b. Marcli (J. ]s.-)4; d. 2(). IN.^..'). 2. San,. T., h. 
Mav Itj, 1855. 3, 'J'lUii Isnhd, b. Au^'. 27, ]S5!». 4. John Ihnrard. b. Oct. S, ISdl. 5, 
jA>ili>\ b. March 8. b^(J4: d, Marcli 2;i, ISCS. (j, lA:,xu\ b. Aug. 13, l.-CG. 7, //''i;/)"d, b. 
.lulv 2, I8(ji». 5. 'i'lKVMAs HooKKH, 1). June 9, 1830. 6, JosKi'ir. 1^ Aug. 17, 1832; in. 
Nov. (i, 185(J, Fllfii A., dan. of (iidfim and Ilonrietia (Brace) Deniing. 1, Etta hahd, 
b. Dec. 22, 18.")9. 7, Is.viun.i.A, b. l>ec. 15, 1835; d. Dec. 5. 18(.;5. N, Sah.vii \\'iiitman, 
b. Sei.t. 2), I83s: d. S.'pt. 30, 1751. H. AitTHTK H. NEUKViLi.i;, b. March 13, 1842; d. 
at Falniouth. ^'a,, Dec. 3, 18(!2; mem. of the IGtli I'egt. Conn. vols. 10, Oscar 
Di.KWKi.i.YX, b. Feb. 11, 1845: d. Mav 17. is52. 11, Adrian IJonaj.i), b. Julv 14, 1,S47. 
12, Mary Fkwis, b. Aug. 17, 1849; d. Oct. 27. 181)4. 

III. Seth, b. March 7, 1801; d. in \V. Hartf., Se})t. 25. 1848; m. Oct. 8. 1823. 
Charlotte Stout, dan. of Jnines and Irene (Fnsu;i!) Butler of W. liartf., b. Jan. 3, 1804; 
d. Hartf., Jan. 4. 1875. 1, Joiix Bfii.KR. b.'^Enfield, C(iiin., St pt. 14, 1824; Y. C, 
184(>: taught lIo]dvhi< (J ranmiar School, Ilai'tf., someyr.s.; .--et. Xeu Britain as hi'.vyer, and 
Avas Mayor, 1880-1; m. Sei)t. 13, 184S, Jane Croswell Coodwin of \N'. Hartf., b. Jan. 3. 
1827; (2) in New Britain, March 18. 1880. Fanny 11. llazen. 1, EUa .ha.nii,-,h. Nov. 27, 
1853. 2, J'jJni Cro.siirll, Oct. 2Ci, 1856. 3, Smnnl Huohu, Sejjt. !)., d. Oct. 7. 18fJ5. 4, 
Geo. ShrruKin, July 27, 1869. 2, F.i.tza Ax.n, Sept. 27, 1826: d. Jan. 5, 1831. 3, Sk'III, 
Nov. 4, 1830; res. liartf.; in. June 25, 1850, Maria J., dau. (ieo. \\'. Corning of 11., ^vh<) 
d. ^[arch 24, 1862; (2) Julv 13. 1865, Sarah E., dau. of Hrimou P. and Ann E. (Turpiu) 
Allen of Longmeadow. Mass., b. Jan. 26, 1840. 1. Miiun<: C, Autr. 20, 1859. 2, Al'cn 
Ji., Xpiil 8. 1867. 3, ClKtrles JL, Jan. 8, 1S70. 4, Edirard <\. Feb. 28, 1871. 4. 
Ci?:<)R(;i;, Jan. 8, 1833; Y. C., 1855; in. Mav 28, b^G2, Laura AA right, dau. of Jo-eph E. 
Cone of Plurtf., who d. April 30, 1863; (2) May 16. 1S71. Eleanor S., dau. of Wui. S. M. 
Hurd of II. He d. at Niagara Falls, May 29, 1871, while on Nveddiiig jouniev. 1, 
Ed-card Conr, b. April 30, d. Aug. 23, 1n;3. 5, Jamks. b. Feb. 7, 1835: a v,eaUhy 
oommi«sion merch. of N. Y. C. ; in. (><t. 1, 186!). Henrietta F., dau. of Hev. Ain/.i Francis 
of Bridgehampton. L. I., by his 2d 
Eirderirk, Se])t. 14, 1866. 2, Enmri.^ 
3, 1869. 4, fJnir^. Oct. 24, 1873. 6. 
l.Oi'iK Ji i.i.v, 1), Jan, 8, 184'>; d. Jul' 
Hartf, 1, J/;,v 7\. June 25, 1870. 

IV, Marv, b, April 22. 18)6; iinin.: liv. in lS.s2. 
V. Jolii'i, b. Jan. 21. ISU: d. Oct. 17, 1M5, 

VI. Henry, b. May 10, 1815; in. An;:. 26, 1S41, Flizab;-th Welles, dau, of Samuel 
and Sophia (Kilboariu) \Miitiiig of ^\', IL, b. Aug. 30, 1819; res. W . Hartf. i, 
FiiANCis W' Julv 8. 1842. 2. PIi.iza Sdi-iriA. Aug. 20, 1S46: arad. Va.'^sar Col. 
3. Aiur.AiL HoOKKi;, April 15, 184«: d April 15, 1856. 4.~ Emki.ixe Fr vncks, Oct. 10. 
1849. 5, Sarah \VHniN(;, Ajjril 21. 1S.')2: ^■assar ( 'ol.. 1876; teacher iu Atchison, Kas. 
0, EM/.Ar,KTii Hannati. Aug. 6, 1S61. 

211142, Thomas Hart Hooker, b. March 3, 1772; m. Sept,, 1798, Betsey, dau. 
of Dea, Jedediah and ."<arali (Andrews) Mills of W. Hartf. [l>o-'<^]. 

1, Sarah Jane, m. May 17. 1^30, Kev, Iti.ibert Shaw (d' Hoosick, X. Y. 
II. Thomas Mills, a wealthy nierch.; retired from bu^iness; res. 2s. Y. C. ; m. 
Martha Ilowland. 

HI. Julia Ann, b. I8l)3; d. Sept. 5. 1807. 

IV, Harriet M,, 1SU6; m, June 13, 1831, Azariah Eildv of Hoosick, N, Y, 
V. Abigail Talcott, 1>, 1809; ni, Nov. 11. 1829, f:dward A. Stanley of \V, Hartf,; 
rem, to Circleville, O, Shed, at ("anon City, Colorado, Auir. 26, 1880. 
VI. Eliza, b, 18ll; m, John Bun. 
\'U. Edmund Foster Mills. 1>^14; res, Indianapolis, Ind. 

VIlI. Julia Ann, ii. 1^15; m. — — Sherwood; (2) Soutrelle, 

IX. Catharine, b. ]S19; m, Atcinson: (2) Miller; res, \V. Hartf. i. bv 

1st m.: 1, LiDA \V, Atckisox, m. Feb, 21, 18^2, Cupt, Henry P. Goddaid of Halt., Md. 
i. by 2d m, : 2, A Sox. 

211144. Lucy Collius, b, June 2, 1782: d, Nov, 16, 1854; m, Jan, 21, ls;05. 
Rev. Joab,., D.D., h. .lui'ie 1:1, 17^1: Y, ( '. ]s,U:,,rd. Newington. Conn,. Jan, 16, 
18115; li, 1861; D, D, Wins, Co!,. 1>54: s. of Zenas and .M aiy (Skinner) Brace: f, .-liil. 

I. .Mary Skinner, b. May 5. l^ui): m. March 11, 1827, P.ev. Jolm 4'..;!d. b. Uut- 
land, Vi., Oct'. 9, 1800; V. C., 1822; Andovor 4 yra, to 1826; ord. and inst, at d'roton, 

wf,, Mary S, Hedges, b. 

July 23, 1842, 1, Ja,ne.'< 

Ed//,ir. April s, jsiis. 

3, Art/i'/r Whiliug, Dec. 

CiiAi:i i->, 0, Nov, IS, d 

, Oct, 2, 1837. 7. CiiAR- 

■ 16, 1^7.'; m, (.)<•!, 14, 

1868, Frank Bulklev of 

00 BKANCir OF irAX.S'AlI. 

.Mass., Jan. '•',, IS-^T: L-alicd to Edwanis chh.. .XDftliaiuptijii, ^las.s., .Ian. HO. 1!^:);j: Alin 
ton St. Conu-. clih., Pliila., Nov. 17, 1^:;(;. ami n. Pitrstidd, .Mas:.., lSt:.>; 1). D. Wins. (',,!.. 
l.S4."J: .selected. May 10, IS'IU, by tli.- racitic H. 11. Co. t.. drive the golden .-[lik.-, ninl to 
cniuiueiid tile completed work To tlie [protection and hle-siiiLC of d'od in the ceiel. ration of 
tilt; oprniiii;- of the road. lie d. Aiitr. "JI. I'To. His works are: Lff "/■<■•< t" Chililri n. 
IS:J4: secmid series. iJ^-jS a;ul isi;."); Snnli ,//',■< M,i, ,/!(//, iS-'j."), iciiriuted in En^'. ; fni'c.r 
lifnin'.]>^o'y, Sandnij S,'ho»l T,;i,:',, r, is;j(.!; yV///// Ma,!. Sinrp'r. l"s:!;J: (inut c'lti.s, 1S41, 
three e<Iitioos in Eny:. ; J."st Sisfi r nf \\'i/"i/ii/i>j. LS-tl; Yci'inj Man, 18-j;;. three editions; 
S'tiiiplf Sk/frh'S. l><i'6\ Sforirs TUn^^ri'ti nr/ Sh,>rt,^r Ctifurlii.sni , 2 vols., IS.'iO-l : Snii'imr 
(Uciiiiiii'i^. 18.yi; i>./«///(/'./- "/ .S-/tW. 18.")4, seditions; Qiu^tloii^ on tlw lAvcx vf th, Put- 
ri'irclis' [■^br): On tl,( '/.)/> »f Mo.-«'y. IS'lll; fJn .f.,sj,,_l,i itud tin- Jmhi, s^ iSC;?; Ai,'j>l „fflu 
[,->rd iiiid uthrr S!oru.-<. "js.-)f): BiMr Co///ji'i/u'"/i, ISC,:.!; Fiitnrc I'n iiisliini nt. isn:}; .Vfn'm- 
iain (V,„/.v, TS64, 4 vols. ; Wat, r I)"re innl oUiev (ums, IStiS; Sl,ftrh(s iiud fm-iilrnfs, 
IStvi-S; Xntsfur Bnu.y (n Crarh-, iSlUi; PuHs/.ud, DiiO/nH/d.-t. \bC,'.): Uihfs and 'lluanjhts 
for Chri-<fiiia.-', IHlu; \Vnnni/,'.'< /,' /.v /''■-•■, 1'"~">T. to Nshiidi (Jail Hamilton (Ahiiriul 
responded witli Tr"///"/''A- U'/vj,7//.v.- S rjit'/ds tn J)'ir:\s y>.^t--<. l.S(J7; M'^nnilain F.oircrs, IS:;!*: 
Suiisci Land, or, thr (inat Paxtfic S'oj.r, iSii*!; T//I I'oir, r of 'I'r'itlt, rnntritmted to ihe 
MdV of Biisini.-<x, 1S.57, be-ides contribution to various maga/.ini's. 1, .tuHX Wll.l.T.VM, 
b. GrotoB, Mass., Oct. 0, d. Oct. 15, 18-27. 2, M.miy P.ii.\( k. ]>. (irotoii. .Mass., St>]it. C^, 
1828; d. Jan. ?>[), 18(i5. 3, M.\K'IHa ("oij.ins, b. (iruton. .Mass.. .Vjiril 1, I'-;!!; m. March 
11, 1857, Pev. Cha-. J. Hill: Wms. ('(dl. and Andover. He was pas. Presb. clili. at 
Whitehall, N. Y.: Cont;-. (dih., Xashaa. Ellsw(U-th. aial now (lSS'3) ,,f Aiisonia, Conn.: ?> 
chil. \, Anhu H7//;>,'/,.-\ b. .Mnrch '2o, 185S. -I, Jnln, y^"/f/. April 10, 18ii:i 'A, Miriaia. 
Oct. 28, 1807. 4, John Edwaiuis. b. Xorthampton, Mas-., ppc. (>, is:-];j; Y. C, 18''.5: 
valedictorian: stud. theo. wirii Pre<. Mark Mopkins; set. (.'erLtr;il Cong. idih. in Boston, 
Mass., Eeb. 2, 1800: m. Dec. li, ISOD. Elizabeth llarriei 'I'lioiuas of Au^-usta, tia. lie is 
now jj,i.stor of the Cong-, ehh. of the Hedeemer, New Haven, Conn.: :J chil. 1, Vir<jlni i, 
b. Dec. 2. 1801. 2, FaI>-1. Dec. .5. 1804. 3, Vvh't Alexandra, Eeb. 21. 1n:2. ."), S.\R.\u 
l)t;XMAX, b. X.. Mass., Ano-. 30, 1830. 0, LiCY ISit.u i;, b Phila., Dec. 21. lS3t); d. at 
Mont Clair. X. J., June \\ 1878: m Wh-. 18, 1802, Alb.-rt :\I. Hiu'elow, Est..; res. X. Y. C. 

1. Vaol, Sept. 2."), 1803. 2. .I'dtn Alh, ,t. b. May 11, l8iiS. 3.'/."ry /';///, Dec. 18, 180U; 
d. Julie, lo. 1878, at Mont Clair. X..I. 7, Axx.v D\M'-(n;Tir, b. Nov. 2, 1841: m. Mandi 
il, 1807, Frank K. Padihuk, M.D. : res. Pirt-^tield. .Mass. 1, Modi />'ra.;\ d. a. 3 mos. 

2. liosfi. h. Julv 21. iscn. 3, Ah-rr. b. .Uilv 20, 1871. 4, M"r// Todd, Eeb. V,, ls74: d. 
Feb. 9, 1877. "o, Fnu'/.- K'/'f nr, b. April 2i;, 1^^7i;. 0, Ilr.a-r ]\'/ufntt/i. b Atig. 12, 187s. 
8, S.\>rti:L W.M.i.i.Y, b. Nov. 8. 1844: d. S( pt. 20, isli',. 9, J.\mhs S.mith. b. JuP." 12. 
1S4S; d. May 17, 1871; " a voting- m:\n of rare promis(.>:" m. Mav o, ISljO. Jermie Burton 
of Uloversville, N Y. : 1 child. ^ 1. Mohrl, b May 10, 1S7! 

II. Martha. L. Xijv. 2, 1808: ni. Antr. 28. 1832, Pev. Samuel X. Shepard. ord. 
].as. cdih. ill Madison. Conn., and d. thr. Sr>pt. .30, 18.50. Mrs. S. res. (1882). witli Ivr 
dau., Catharine, in X. Hav. 1. S.vxrh:!, }^i;\( i:, b. I'el). 4, 1834; rem. to California. 2, 
S.\K.vii Ei.iz.MiKTii, Aug. 8, ls:',0; 111. Nov. 17, ]>-5S. Pobert Pell, lawyer, Mt. Camiel, 
Ills. 1, Martha A'n"/,()ct. 20, 1S5!); d. Mav 20, lS(i7. 2. E/niO/ 7^W;, Jan. 3, 1802. 

3. Jffud M.nian. Alio;. '}. 1S05: d. .Mav 3, 4, Mrfor C/f/d',, April 25, 1807: d. 
June 15, 1877. 5, (odlnx S/apard. .lulv 10. IsOO, 0, Fd,rard (Irnn, Vvh. 1!), 1872. 7, 
(.'atharioe Kliz<dHth, Nov. ".), 1874. 8, Virnilun , Feb. 27, 1S77: d. Ai)ri! 13. 1878. O.- 
Bartiii", April 10. 1878. 3. M.\I{TI1-\, -Jan. 24, 1830; m. Sept. 0, ISO:), ^Valter Homer 
Davis of X. Y. C; .y. /. 4, C-VTI1.\i;[.\i:, Oct. 10, lsn;m. <-)ct. 24. Is70. 
.\lvoid E. Winchell, M.D.. of X. Hav. (3d wf.) 1 <di.: Flor,nn Rrnir, Sept. 18, 187S: 
d. May 15. 1S70. o. Tims. (iiaFKtx, b. .\pril 23, 184S; u ]irom. musician in X'. H.; 
organ'.st Trinitx <dih. several vrs. ; also id' Center chh.; music dealer \vith C. M. Looniis; 
m. Mav 0, is73. Adella M., dau. of Dorus Clark of X. H. ; .*' ;'. 

111". Seth Collins, ]). Amr. 3. isil; V. C. is;]-.'; tutor, 1S;;5-S; stud, tlieo., X. H.; 
Prof. Matli., Del. Col.; editor variou.^ pap-rs; Hrsi editor of 77/c ,Y'o-/// A)/n rd'an in 
Philii.; pas. chh. in Bethany several yis. ; now ( If^S-Ji of Phila., con. with Merc. Lilirary; 
n nm. 

iV. Joab, b. June 1C>. Isl4; d. .v. /., Pittsfiehl, .Ma-;s., Se];t. 22, 1815; nm. chan-^'d 
by Mass. Leti-. to Edward .loab: Y. C. \'al., 1s:t7: teaeher; stud, thcol.; ord. pas. chh. in 
Lanesborough, and con. til! d.: lame fioni inf.; m. May G, 1S45, hyii/.abeth .larvi- 

Watson of P., wlio m. Oi llopkin-^ of Po(diester, .X. Y., who d. She is now 

(1882') a matron in Smith I'oi., Xiuthaniplou. Ma>s. 

V. Samu-1, Feb. 24. Isl7; >'. C. Yah. 1^11: tutor thr.. 1S44-4S: vt\td. thro.. 
Andover Sem:; teacdier sev. vrs. hi .Nov.. I'^S-J. in business in X. ll..tirm, O. B. North 
iVCo.; in. Aug. 10, is!7, Sarah Poirers North <d' New Britain, Conn. 1, S\-^irt:!. 



^6kt}\, b. May 14, 184S: d. Aug. -li). 1840. 2, Hknkv Mills, u. Ncv. 17. 1849; d. Fel.. 

' ' VI. John ^Vhitman, .Inly <t, 18-24; in fcMf U.-altli ulwnys; d. in Xewiugu-u, Conn., 
Jan. O, lS4'i; unni. 

21116 Samuel Wlntman, 1>a]). -luly -2'.). l",:]-. res. on tLr Pantry fanu in W. 
IMitr now orrupird ov Ills -l.-.-r.; 1„, was kilKnl l.y kirk of a hoi's^' Jan. -J. 1810. a. •).; 
m. Ma'rcli:-)!, 17.-<4. Al.firail Al.l,.,tt. 1.. Dec. 10, 17(k'; d. S.-i-t. 11, 1844. 
I Samu'd, l)ai>. Apiil -JU. r7S.-j: d. y. 

II Saniutd. ni. Elizahftli Howard, a gr. dan. of Dr. Lyman ol Coventry, t onn. 
She is still Jivin-- l.s8'2, a. 'Jl : reads for herself, is well inlonned and has -ood nu-niory. 
I IlFNKV LYNfAX, AnihevsC Col.. 18:3!*: taught school in Tenn. and .Mo. "J yis. : giad. 
Mtd Col.. Phila., 184.K Vi-^'f. in IHiLuMue a7,d FreP],nrt, Ills.; srt. m D.-s Momes. Iowa, 
l8rV lu Dee ''0 IKio Ellen, .lau. of Samuel I'lionipson of Klliu-ton, Ce-nu. 1, ±.ll(U 
Wrsi hJune 1() lN'7l'. -2. M<in/ EHniluih, 1>. Oct. 0, 1873. :;, A/"//./ 77/"//>/^-'", b. 
A1--i'v''^7' 1S7()' •^' (JFo V Fel..']-!, 1S17; res. \Ndnona, Minn.; in. -Nov. 1. l^.').). Idi/.a- 
iVth Z 'ciark of We^tport, N. Y. 1, /■;/r../^/A, L. Jan. ;?.k IS.m. 2. /A /m// E.. h.^Feh. 
«> l^-)0 ■) -/"//" 1' \'ov. 11, L^i'.l. 4. iA.'//iW, b. July 17, lb'G4; d. (;ct. -JS, 180.). o, 
),V,' V l)'\|.rirr. ls(J7. y. Fi.iz.v, h. Nov. :',. isi!); m. (let. s, isr,v\ James Smith of 
Hartf "l \luri!>- Flunnr. i). Julv 5. 18i;:;. 4, Cuaiu.ottk W., b. Oct. LI, lS-21; ra. 
m'iv 17 rs48' Dr Levi Wells Fla-^-; re>. Vonkers. ^■. Y. 1, Ibnrnrd M',Vs. b. July 29, 
iy4\»; h'at nuuuif. 2, Mn-vHo, b. Jan. 14. IS.'.L 3, Sa„n,d ^\■hltn,an, b. 1>1>^ l^': d 
\u- 1" 18r,4 4 A'/.-v Wtdtuntn, 1). >Lueh Hi, IN-YY 5, ^'^ -. .4 '/.v'/.v/".v, b. May 22. 
18^T 7.w;<r/ 'v..rA.,, b. Aug. 2s. ls,-iU. 7. Son. b. May lU, d. May Kl. 1804. 8, 
Dan 1' "Mav :il d. June 10, 1^05. "). SaMVJ:!.. b. Nnv. 7, 18-2;!: m. N<.v. 4, 1S.)4. Cvnthia 
J.areUa; dau. of Sa.uuel and Lueretla (Brace) Taleoit: (2i Oct. ?>, 1S77. Saran K dau ot 
Samuel and Esther (Freeman) Koekwell of Ashford, Conn.; (3) Jan. 4, 1^82, Ellen 
lJod<.-er<- res Carroll. Carroll Co., losva, 1, .lA////, b. April 22. ISCO. 2. lunnjL., b. 
Feb"l;! 'lN(;4 :', Kxt^ /-.■>'/,,/•. b. S.-pt. s. Is^Ts. C, E.mki.i.nk. b. ^ept. 12, ls2(); ni. 
M-iv b'l8.^.-) l.'ev Mvrou N. Morri>; rrs. .\. Ihutf.: Fellow of ^ ale Col. E /-''-_". 

4//: ,t b Mi reh -M Is.VJ; d. Mar.-lt 2li. is74. 2. dms. y.,rtn„. b. Aug. 1!). IsfiO; \. C. 
ls.s-> ' 7' loi'N H C b De.-. 2S: d. Sept. 2.""), 1^70; m. May2r), IS.-.:;. Elizabeth 'lalcott, 
sis ~o{ Cvnthia Lueetta. b. June V6. 1S2S: res., Conn. ;■ .V singuhudy consei- 
entious and iiiirid.t man.- 1, M'-o . b. Maieh (i. 18.14; d. April 2b. LSm. 'l Jnho 
ImlhCh. Aui,-. 22, is-V.i; m. Oct. In, l^M. Aithur Poller, s. of John X.and Mary n_ ortei) 
Dow; stock raiser. Cheyenii 

•^' Jnhn Jlur.ird. h. Oct. S, l^':;i. Hennepin. M. 

/,,tl>\ b. Mandi :L \^6A: d. Mareh 2>k n. J.tzlr. b, If''''--^ 8. Ji'-'-';iL i-^- f^"" 
30 vis at San Franciseo, Cal.; m. -Mis. .Mary L. Bonuer. 1. J-/>n I <:-;.■, 1). l^M. 
'lli Elizabeth, b. 17S8: d. in \V. EartL Feb. 28, 1S14, a. 2*;. 
IV. Abigail, b. Oct. 20, 1789; in Sept. 12, 1S12, Tiniot'ny Seyinour, s. ot Mioses and 
Anna ('Sevmenir') Vioodman: 'she d. in W. HartL Dee. E, 1812. a. 23. 
V. 'Henry, b. 17110; d. in W. H. S-pt. IE 1^14, a. 24. 

Vl. Emma. d. v. ^.1 1 » 

VII. Euev, m. Kev. Alvin Sedgwiek, b. \V. HartL; fT'^d. \N ms Col; settled at 
Ogden. N. Y."; i.rearhed in otlier places; d. Sj.eucerport. N. 1., May 21. E-^(.S; has uau. 
Mks. S. AiiNoi.n of Sjieneerport. , ,, , , x\- ti ,r c, .,t 

VIIl Harriet b. Any. 20, 1799; ni. Kev. Epaphras (.oodman. b. W . liartL; &et. at 
Torrinirford. Con'n.; res! afterwards at Chicago, Ills., and at Cincinnati, U. 
IX? Emelinn, b 1^01; d. in W. IL April 4. 182.".. a. 24, 
X. .Iiilia, d. in W. IL; unm.. a. .Y".. , , , , 

XI. Laura, b. 1807; d. Sejit. b. 1S:!3. a. 2(:;. All these early deaths by .'ons. 

21117. Eleanor Whitman, bap. July 20, U.YY d. Nov. 30. ]S27; m. Feb 8, 
177ti Ebene/.er, s. ol Thnmas and Elizabeth (llobart) Faxon ot Eramtree, Ma-;S., b. Dec. 
12, 1749; rem. to \V. Ilartf. ; maunf. of earthenwar.-: d. Jan. 11, 1811. 9 chil. 
1. ' Ebenezer, b. Fel>. 13, 1777; m. .Mary Colton. 
II Elihii, b. Xov. 0. 17TU;m. Elizabeth .\leott. 
HI. Eleanor, b. March 19, 17^2; .1. ^. /. ; m. Jan. 0. 1825, Theron (.t >ew- 

ington. Conn. ., , • ,. • <• x' 

IV Sallv b .hiiv 1:; 17S4; d. Mav lO. IS.l..; m. June 4, 182>, Levi Demmg ot .N . 
V' Eli;.a' b. An-. 18. 17b7: d. Slav 20. l^llo; m. Mry 2.1, l^lo, P.v. ( hester 
Colton b. W. IL, Conn., 17<4; Y. C, IKIL s,'t. Con- ministerat ilrentv, ood V it . 
and at Lvme, Conn.; home n,.-si<inary ui (he \YeM and .1 at .seu ( ar.isle. Y, .e^. 
13 D.-.o" llrwa.s nf !),a. Abiiah and M,'',rv(i. CJir.n. J fi r A .\ N .v, b. Jnl\ 2... IM.. 
" ' ' l>f43. lU-v. E. Ib.ger Johnsou of New C, O., b. Jan. 14. 1S14. s. ol Anson 

m. »"»ept. 


and Hiildah (llui.tington) Jo'.uison of Pliiinfifld, Conn. He d. Sejit. 7, 1802. f2) Nov. 
1"). IbC)."), l)ii-k(T!u.ui K. Hubbard of N. Cnr., 0., b. Nov. 15, 1812, s. of Solomon and 
Ek-rta (Ashley) H. of S;ui It-rland, May:;., who d. Dw. 16, 187;}; Notary Public, Justictt 
of tlie Peace, and, la^^t 12 yrs , Postniasier of N. Car., whr. his wid. res. 2, Chestku, 
b. .June 17, 182!); in. 18."3.S,']jaura C, dan. of Alonzo and Enieline Winjr, b. Feb. 10, 1842. 
lie is a diui.ffi-ist at Carson Citv, Nevada. 

VI. Nancy, b. Ante. 29, 1790: d. W. H., .Tan. 14, ISllS; ni May 15, 1817, Frederick, 
t^. of l)»'a. Al>ij';di Colton, b. Sc]it. 11, 17!10: d. Sept. IS, 1HJ2; farnicr. 1, FkeI'KIIICK, 
b. March N, 1S18; stud. ]n\v in llartf. In 1841 associated with Kdinund B. <freen, Esq., 
in fditiui; 77/c .V» "■ Knglund Wirkhj, a literary journal ])ub. in llartf. In 1842 rein, to 
Cincinniti. <>., and next vr. admit, to practice by the Supreme Court of Ohio. 2, 
CuK^Ti:!:. b. Nov. o, 1819;' farmer; res. W. llartf.; m. Oct. 14, 184«i, Marv A., dau. 
of .losiah \V. and Mary Ann (Heldeu) (iriswold, b. Sept. 11, 1819; d. Aii^:. 23, 184i); (2) 
Jan. 4, 1805, Julia .\., dau. of Leonard and Sophrotiia (Mack) Butler, b. Sejvt. 23, ]S2G. 
:-!, IIkxi'.y, b. Ai>ril 12, 1822; d. Nov. 24, 1845. 4, IIak]:i):t, b. June 1 T , is-^G; m.May 
12, 1852, Freib-rick J., s. of James and Irene (Ensign) liuUer, !>. Sept. 11, 1820. o', 
EmvAHl), b. March. 19, 1828; d. Oct. 28, I80I. 0. t'u.AUi.oTjK Amki.i.v, b. July 2(3, 
1832: res. \V. llartf. 

VII. Amelia, b. Mav 12. 1793; m. Timotliv S. (.'oodman. 
VIII. Thojuas, b. Aug. 9, KOG; d. March 28, 1855; m. Oct. 7, 1819, Marcia Maria 

IX. Charles, b. July 4, 1799; d. Clarksville, Tenn., July, 18G7; m. May 4, 1823, 
Lucy Ann, dau. of Oliver Steele of New Haven, Conn.; 12 chil.; b. Oct. <>. 1804. He 
was a printer, bookseller and editor; rem., 1823, to Ctitskill, N. Y., and conducted the 
CaUkiil Recorder until 1831.; then rem. to liutfalo. N. \.. whr. he started tlie DaVi^ ."^Icr. 
In 1843, rem. to Clarksville, 'I'enn., iuid liei;-an to publish The Priinitire Stiiinha-iK an 
Episcopal journal; at tlie sm. tiuic t sial)!i;-l;cd 77-!' Chirki^rille .hrj', /■■s'-ni'm, which soon 
became one of the leadinof papers of the state. In 1803 elected a matristrate for the 
Clarksville District and was a Notary Public till his d., July 18, 1807. His wid. d. May 
21, ls74; bu. (ireenwood Cem.. near Clarksville. 1, CH.un.Ks Olivich. b. Fcli. 18, 1824; 
m. June 4, 1850, Sarah C. Hi(d<man; (2) Nov. 10, 1854, I-'.llen 1). Hicknuui. 2, Hkm;y 
^VII^r.^I.\^', b. Feb. 7, 1820: m. Se])t. 11, 1854, Eunice U. Wood 3, Li:oN.\nr> (tOoiv 
M.vx, b. Nov, 20, 1827, in (.'atskill: ui. Nov. 20, 1854. Mattie E. \Mlkinson. 4, Emii.v 
LuNSFOnn, b. in Catskill, Sejjt. 13, 1S29; m. .Auir. 28. 1S53. Melville Aitchin.leck. 5, 
J.\M.Es (i.vTF.s, i). in Hutfald, Nov. 2ti. ]s;!l; m. Maria L. Brownintr, May 24, 1n50. 0, 
LvcyAmck. b. in 1)., Jan. 1^, 1m:;1; m. .lames tilascock, Feb. 25. ls58. 7. Mai;v 
LoniN<;, b. in H. , March 19, b8:;0: m. John V.. Wilcox. Dec. 0. 1855. 8, OE<)K<.r. 
Benton, b. in H., M:'.y 13, 1S38; m. Sitlnia L. Finley, Dec. ]3, lS7i. 9, John Wei, - 
MXOTi">N, b. in B., Mav 24, 184i); m. Florence Herr'ini.:, Feb. 22, 18r.O. 10, IOstiiei; 
Mead, b. in B., June "ll, 1S42; m. 'I'liomas Waddlinu-ion. Feb. 5, 1804. 11, Sakah 
Jj.\]{KEi;, b. in Clarksville, Nov. 17. 1S-J4; m. Nov. 5. 1870, Benjamin A. Whitlock. b. 
Se](l. 17, 1843, s. of Capt. J. K. and S II. ^l;adfor.l) Whitlock from Virginia; farmer; 
res. near Long ^'ie\v, Christian Co.. Ky. 12, Caiu)1,ine Crane, b. May IS, 1848; m. 
Dec. 31, 18l>8, IJobert \\'arner Tliomas. 

211171. Ebenezer Faxon, 1>. Feb. 13, 1777; d. Jan. 7, 1807; farmer of W. 
Hartf. ; ni. Nov. 25, 1S(I2, Mary, dau. of Dea. Abijali and Mary ((niylord) Colton, b. 
March 30. 1775; d. .^larch20, \sr,{)- gr. dau. of Rev. Benj. Colton. wliose wf. was Mary 
Pitkin, sis. of (iov. Wm.; cliil. 

L Laura, b. Sept. 9, 1803; d. 1880; m. Sept. 2, 1828, Albert W., s. of Abel 
Butler, b. April 15, 1808; d. M;ir-h 5, 1858; druauist in Hartf. 1, Chai;i,ottk, b. June 
24, 182!»; d. same day. 2, Lai UA Jane, b. June 17, 1S:;5; d. Aug. 13, 1830. 3. 
At,i;kiit Lee, b. Aju-ilVK), IMO; m. March 0, ls(i2, Marg:iret Caseoi Haiif., who d. June 
14, 1S74; (2) ]hc. 1. ls75, France-;, dau. of Hon. Iv/.ra and .Mary (Hopkins) Clark of 
Hartf. 1. .]//■-;•/ llV/Z/.v. 4, ('11 A i;i.Es b. .Jan. 4, IS 17 ; res. 11.; utim. ^ 

II. Cheslei, b. Sept. 14, 1S(I5: farmer W. II,; m. .Iniu- 12, ls:5:i. S:irah, d:iu. of 
Wm. and Saiah <Smilh) Deming of Newingtnn, Conn., b. Isli); d Feb. 20, IslS; (2) 
Sei)t. 22. 1849, Delia, dau. of I'^dward r'. ami L/elia Heming Seymourof Herkimer, N. Y.. 
who d. Mav 20. 1852; (:]) Sept. 29, ls5:!. Luc\- S., ilan. of Jedecliali W. aitd Sai'ah Sey- 
nnjur Mills, b. An-, 27, 1810; d. Nov.. isso. ' 1, 11i:m;v Maktvn, b. Feb. 13, 1S:10; d. 
Hilt(ui Head. S. C. .Line 19. I^fi2. 2, \\'m. Eduaku. 0. .May 2:'.. ls;;s: f-armei- W. H. 
3, .Ifi.iA Li"( v, I). Nov. 0, Is.'i.p 

111. Lewis, b. .i;ui. 2(;, lsi»S; merrluuit at I'ji-lewdod, Ills.; m, Jai\. ;M. 1S:;2. Siirali 
<«.,dau. of 'J'imothv and Sarah (( i ridlev) Perkins of W H., I.. .Marcli 24, lSi2; d. in 


Payfeon, Ills., .Sept. 30, 18GG. 1, LKwrs ^''khkixs. b. Nov. 28, I808, in Quin<'v 111 • d 
Aug. 10. lS-!i>. 2, UwiKiA.A I'kkkins. b. De.-. -2:,, is-ij; ,n. jupc 12, IbGo, iWivid'w" 
Thompson of E. 3, Ai.r.KKT i.EWfs, b. Nov. 7, 1S.")1 ; d Julv 20 185'^ 

IV. Julius, b. .Murcli 27, 1810; d. Jan. 12. IS-jy, ' --•'-—• 

V. ("harlotte, b. Sf])!. 19, ltil2; d. Sept. Kj, ISU. 

VI. Jane, b. Oct. 7, 1^1.5; res. \V. H. ; unni. On the 2(1 of Jan. she was run over 
in the Asylum St. depot and received injuries- which made tlie amputation of one letr 
necessary. She d. 3 days afterwards, Jan. o, I'rl^:}. She was an estimaUle iadv and 
universally respected. Some yr.s. a.!;-o she was active in Sandav school work, it was 
then the custom df the Cong. chh. in \N'. Ihntf. to divide its Sundav school, all sidiolars- 
under 9 yrs. of a. meeting- in the old divtii.'t school house o[)p.)sit(>" tlie chh.: over this 
dejiurtnient Miss Faxon jiresided. An Elmwood corres. of th.- Jlnrtf. Vourunt, who 
com. these facts, says: '■ The writer recalls with jdeasur.- her kind unassuming ways, 
wliich made it a sad day when the 9 yrs. rule ct)miHdled his removal to the largei^scliooL 
She left behiini her only pleasant memories." 

211172. Elihll Faxon, b. Nov. n, 1770; d. llartf , June 30, 1S47; m. Julv S, 
18U7. Elizai>eth, dau. of James and Lucy Teny Alcott of II., b. April 22, l'784- d. Dec' 

I. James, May G, 1^08; d. at sea, March 17. IS^O, while returiiing from Curacoa, 
W. I., whr. he had lieen several yrs. I'. S. (/onsul. He wa.s for five vrs. Suro-eou in u' 
S. Xavy: m. -\(n-. G, 1S32, Frances Emeline, dau. of Daniel Bunce, jr., "of Ilartf b Nov* 
12, ISO'J. 1, D.VMEL Emhu, b. ^w. 8, 1834; printer and publisher, Buffalo, x' Y • 
liieut. in 3Gth Regt. X. Y. Vols.; d. at Kegimental Hospital at Fair Oaks Va June I9' 
1862. 2. Makv Jank, b. Fob. 11, d. Feb. 25, 1837. 3, Ei.iur Jamks, b. Au!;'."25, 1838': 
printer; BaiTalo; m. Sept. 22. 1859, Kebecca McLane, b. .Ian. 28, 1840. ' lle%vas Major 
3Gth Hegt. X. Y. Vols.: killed at Fredericksburgh, Va., May 3, 18G3. 4 Fi; vncfs 
Ei.17.abi-.tii, b. June 11, 1841: d. Aug. 20, 1842. ."., Jamks \V'irLiA v Sept 7 l^-'V d 
Feb. 23. 1S44. ■ - ' , 1 ■ • • , • 

II. Ilenrv. Dec. 17. 1809. 

III. Sally' Ann, Feb. 17, 1813: d. Feb. 19, 1S17. 

IV. Waher. i). Xassau, X'. Y., July 3, lylo; d. Dec. 28, 181G. 

V. Hiram, b. X., Awi;. 11, I8IG; bookbinder; res. Windsor. Conn.; in. March 31, 
1842, M. Maria, dau. of \Vm. and Margaret Collyer of Boston, Mass., b. Oct. 2, 1.^22: d' 
Jan. 12, IbGO. 1, \Vm. IIij;am, b. Jan. 29, 1843; U. S. Consul at Curacoa.'iv I 2 
Edwaiju BibSKi.!,, b. Br<M)klyn, L. I., June 24^1840; machinist; Hartford; m. June I.y' 
1869, Elhi J., dau. Richard and Catliaiine (.Cosi'Tove) Farris, b. Mav G. Is.jU. ] Charles- 
Jiroicn, July 10, 1^70; d. Jan. 27, 1772. 2, l-:ihr<ir<l Jln.^siU, b. Autr. 12, 1.S72. ' ^, (tko 
Ai,T3ERT, b. June 12, is.jO; bookbinder, Hartf. 4, At.kkkd Howaud. Ant;-. IG, 1n!v2; m. 
Xov. 12, 1874, bate T., dau. Jolm :\Iary ^Foryth) Robinson of New Briutin, T'onn., b. 
March 31, 1S.")4. 5, Makia hj.iZAr.UTir, Dec. 27, 18o4. G, ^VAI.TI•:l{ Cur.i.vj k Julv 18 
185G. ^ ' • ■ 

VI. Charles, 1). Xov. 13. 1819; printer and editor: <1. in Washington, D. C., Sept 
5, 1871; m. May 1, 1843, P^merette E., dau. John and Eliza \Villev of""W. H., Conn., b. 
Dec. 11. 1820; res. W., D. C. 1. Ei.iZAr.ETir E.mkkettk, .March "lO, 1S4G; d' Jan 21 ' 
18G7. 2. CuAiu.Ks Wnj.Kv. b. Dec. 12. 1849; d. March 13, ls72. 3 K \tv Sfukw ick' 
b. Xov. 21, 18o3: m. May 1, 1874. Waldo .M. Tastit of \V., D. C. 

VII. William, b. April 7. 1822; luinter and journalist; for five vrs. one f)f tin- 
editors of tlie 7/'/ /(o^/y/ ?:,-< iiiiiy Pnss: I'hief Clerk of the Xavv De])artn!ent from I8G1 
to 18GG, and Assistant Secratary of the Xavy, 18GG to 1SG9; res. Hartf.: m. Sept. 20, 
1847, Anna Olney, dau. Horatio and Ruth (Bailev) Cushing of Hanover, Mass b (Kt' 
23, 1&2G; d. in Hartf., March 10, l8o4: (2) Marciri8. lS.-,9,'Lucy Eaton Cushin-r". sis. of 
his 1st wf. : b. May 18. 1N29: d. in Manchester, Conn., .luly 3, IS^iT. 1, Wii.r.TA>f 
Bailev. Jan. 17, 1849; ariist; has resided for several vrs. in I'aris. France.' 2 A.vx\ 
CrsHJXii, Feb. 14. ISoG, 

Vlll. Eb.'u.-zer, b. W. H., May 2G, ls2o: m. July 21, 18.-):j, Ambrosia M.. dau. of 
Lewis A., and Mary Jenkins of Baltimore, Md., b. Jan. ;U, 1829. He was an Architect 
and d. in B. , .Man h 8, 18GS. 

211177. Amelia Faxon,!.. May 12, 1793; m Dec. 1, 1S14, Timothv S. (iof.dman 
Cincinnati, Ohio; his 2d wf. (He m. (1) Abigail Whitman.) She d. Sept'. 9, l,s72; he d.' 
May 8, 18G9; merch. and lianker. 

I. Abig.iil V.'hitmau, b. May 2"^. ISIG; d. Dec. 17, 1^31. 

II. Henry Horace, Feb. 25, 1818; .Miami I'niv., 1837; admit. 0. bar, 1S39: Counsel 
and Judge Advocate Xavy Dopt. during adms. of Eincoln and of Johnson; now, 1882, 


lawyer in N. Y. C. ; ni. I'ec. •:, islO, Ivsthcr A., (l;ui. of K. P. and Ann (Croniwrll i 
Langdon of Cin., 0. 

HI. Cliurles. I'l. Oct. 'Jl, 1S19: liuHncicr; n-s. rhicuLCi). Ills.; m. ])rc. '21, JS-ll, Ciitli- 
arino F., auu. Win. M. and Nancv Ix (Arinrs) Wiles, 1). Sept -ii'i 1S24 of LehniKMi () 
]\'. Tlion.a.s. b. Mmrli 11, ]v2l: d. Sept., 1S0.7, 
V. William Au!'-usTu,-,, 1). Nov. '.?. ls;2-,>; hank.M-: res. Cincinnati, ().; -m. .Inn.-. 
1847, Lucy A., dan. I'liilip and Hannah (Pratt) (Jrandin of Tin., b. Julv ■.,>:), LS-27. 

VI. ■ 'riniotl'.y S., .\]iril -Jfi, b^'.'-"): Marietta Col.; Sec. Cin. Ivjnitable In.snrance Co. • 
m. Oct. 12, b*^4S, Julia ]]., lian. and Kunice (K^-erton) Shinnian of Marietta O 
b. May 1. 1827. " 

VII. Moses. 1). Jan. 5. IS'27: bookkeeper; res. Meniidiis. Tenn. : ni. Sallv, dan. of 
Cliarle.-; and Kaclul . Markni-) F.xier of Cin., ()., b. Ma\ I 1, ]s-y.\, 

Vni. Francis, b. .Mav 3. 18'Jl': in. March l:], is.-)l , Alice Foster, b. Aug. 29, 1831- si^ 
of v^ally; res. X. Y. C. ' 

212. Abigail Pautry, h. Jan. 11, ]07S-0; d. Jan. 2(5, 170S: a. 2f), trravestoiu- ni. 
Richard (Joudnuinof llant.; b. Man;li2:'.. lOiL'j (s. (d' Ifi'dianl and .Marv (Terrv) ( ;o:,dnian 
who were ni. Dec. s, li;.")'.)i: d. May 14. 17:10, a. i'u. 
I. Miuy, bap. March 7. 17(12. 
II. Mary, bap. 2^Iay lH, 17lio; rn. benjamin Burr. 

III. Kicliard, Xov. 4, 1704: in. Sai-ah 'W'adswnrtli. 

IV. Timothy. Sept. 22, 170u; ni. May <i. 1731, .bamna Wadswortli. 

V. Abii'-ail, in. Daniel, s. i)f Tlioinas Ensi_;n of Ihutf. ; l)ap. Marcli 2(), 1704.' She 
udm. ti> chh. in \^'. II.. 172^. Cliil. bap. there'. I, D.\Mi;i., Ansr. b^, 1 72S. 2, Am- 
r..\\\., March li, 1730. 3, H vciiKi,, Nov. 7, 1731; d. abt. 17';i; adiu. >i-ranled April 14, 
sni. yr. to hdea/.er Fnsiu-n oi Sntlield, Conn.; m. .\->vi\ 2!t, 1 7.-)0, hercoiis. Jjenjaniin Burr. 
4, ll\x:>Aii. Sept. 3). ]n3.".. o. Kr.i-.A/. \i;, Oct. St, b^37; in. Lydia Buslmell; lived in 
Sutheld. Conn., then in llartland. 1, 77no(forr ./., b. Se)-t. '.)."]77.^: in. Jan. 17, 17^)1), 
Luciiia Barber of llartland, 1). Xov. 10, 177."): d, Ajjril 21. 1^48; n-ni. to Oliio. 2, 
TiinotJu/: m. Chloe Bnrnhani; b. Marcii n, 17G~>. rem. to nldo; d. Sept. 28, Isll. 3, Ja,'!. 
m. Eunice Xewton; rem. to <.)hii). 1, Pimhiti JoJms.m, b. March 23, 1708; d. .Mav o, 
1804; in. Khoda. dan. of Capt. Austin i'lielps of ^^■inrlsor, l... Ajiril 29, 1770:' d. O.-t. 7.' 
1847. She m. (2) William Hooker :d' N'N'esthanijitu.n. .Mass. and d. Oct. 7, 1847. ."j, 
Li/dia, m. (ieo. Treat of Ilartlainl. (>.. IfnJd/ih. m. (ieo. eiillette of K. (iranbv. 7, 
Cn/idiicf. m. Stirlinu' Crosby. {-^ Dea. Ste])]ien (iriswold of llartland. 
V[. Ksllier, b. Oct. 3,0. 170:1. 

2122. Mary Goodman, h. May in. 17()3; m. B< njamin, s. of Thomas and Sa.rah 
Burr of llartf. ; rem. tu \^'iIul<or and wereliv. thi-. in 1737. In Avill of Ident. Iiichard 
Goodman, dated Oct. 12. 1703, he braves tlO to Ids sis. Mary Burr of Westlield. (See 
Burr book. ) 

I. Mary, bay). Hartf. July 31, 1"2(;. 
II. Benjamin, baj). Hartf. June 10, 1728; prob. d. y. 

III. Benjamin, bap. Hartf. Xov. 9, 1729; d. in SuffnOd, Conn., Dec. 18, 1758; m. 
April 29, 17.").-), Rach.el Ensiirn, dan. of Daniel, who d. abt. 1701: adm. granted Ajiril 14, 
sm. yr. to 171ea/.ei Ensiuii of Suiileld, Cdnn. 1. B.^ciiici,, 1). in S. March 11, 17:jO. 2, 
Nancy, 1). in S. Sejit. 2.-), 17.")7; d. ihr. Xov. 24, 17.'J9. 

I\'. Timothy, b. Aiiu' l'>. 17:!1; m. in Suf. .May 10. 17.54. .Mary P>rooks, per. the 
same who ajipears in Wilbraham, Mass., 1781, and had s. Timothy who set. in Mt. 
Vernon, O.. 1809, and has desc. thr. (See JJurr h'e/n ii/"f/i/.) 
V. Hannah, b. in WindMir, Jan. 20, 1733. 

VI. Abigail, b. in Windsor, Aj.iil 4. 1730. 

2123. Lieut. Richard Goodman, h. Xov. 4. 17ii4; m. Xov. r,, 1749, Sarah, 
dan. of Ich.abod Wad-;\vorrli. He \vas wealthy and i)romiiii-nt in Hart f. , held various 
town oiliees; joined the chli. , 1741; (1. Xov. 2 1 ," 1 703. His u-id., Sarali, m. William Hall. 

I. William, bap. Sept. 21, d. Sept. 2."), li.'.O. 

11. Huldaii. b.-ii). Julv 22, 17.13; <1. Jan. 27, 17.")9. 

Hi. Sarali, d. O.'t. 2i," 1 7.")S 

IV. Mary, ba[.. in llartf. l-\b. 2, K.-.""); d. Xov. 11. ]7.")0. 

N'. Hey.ekiah. baji. in .ia.n. 3o. 17.')7; d. Xov. 9. 17.18. 
V!. Sarah, bap. in Ibirtf. I>.'c. :](). 17.V.)- d. b'eb. I, 1700. 
Vil. l?i(dnird. 


21237. Richard Goodraan, l). Ffb. 10. l.ap. F.-l). ■3-2. ITCl; .uli-^red 177(i ;uul 
served ]-2 luos. ill CdI. Sun.. \N yllis vejj;. ; on duts ^i^iiiu at Wlnle I'laip.s. and airaiti in 
]77!I-S0; a pi-oniinenl eitizeu in'llaril. . wlir. lie >\. July -JO, 1S4."): ni. Kii/.alieth, dau. of 
^lexuiuler iuid AMifiiil Hunt of Wetherstield, t.. Ky,'. .\. V.: d. Nov. 10, 1S(J!», a. (in. 

I Sarali Hunt, b. Feb. 10. 17S.S; d. Nov. 2.;, ISliJ; m. Oct. S, ISI.""), Steplien Buek- 
LiiMl (ioo.hvin.b. Auii. -i, 17^:5; ivs. \Vether.-<ticdd: d. Sej.t. 14. 1S}'.>. 1, F.i.i/akkth Hi.nt, 
b Nov, •.?2. d.'pec. 'i^. ISltJ. 2, l.KVl, b. Feb. 'is, ISlit; m. Sei>t. 10, ls5fi. Adtdaide A. 
BUnn l)^Jun. 18,1^^7; dau. of Simeon and Saiab (I'.alelO. 1. AHujrf. W'j.r'l, ]>. .luiu> 
:^,0 ].S.-)7 2 .s'^,yy/,,,/ i>.'/.v//A'/,'/, b. Mav l,s, INUU. :',, Al.liEUT \V., li. .July 11, 1820; d. 
June 7, lS>^o'. -1, Maky Ann, 1> >ei.i. "jl, IS'JJ: d. Dec. :^0, i:s;3s. 5. Sakah Fm/.ahktii, 
I. IH'c.' -^l, lS-24; lu. l>ec. t24, 1S4'.*, l-lvastus Augustus Kiuirs'oiii'y ; .v, /. (», Snci'liKN B., 
b' Dec. 11, lb"3i); sailed fioiu C'alifoiida fur Australia June V8, l>^-");'>, and never heard 
from after anival at Au^^tralia. 

11. Abigail, b. April >■', KMI: d. July S). lN(i4, a. 74; uiuu. 

Ill Bichai'd Jav. li, 17S(.); d. on passage from Havana to l'en<aeola and was ])u. at 
sea Aug. '-^l, \^'2l, a. oo; unui. 

IV. Amelia, b. Oct. i), 17ii-2; m. Oct. S, is].-,. Hea. Lynde (Mmsted. t>. in I-,. Hartt. 
Dec. 5', 17yO. s. of ?ili(du;el aiv.l Abigail (Morr.iw ) (_). ; merchant; Majnr of l.-t Co. <d' V'-'oX 
Guards :jyr"s. ; l>ea. Cimn-. <ddi. many yrs. ; d. O.-t. ]."•), is7(i. Mr-;. (Olmsted d. at Sara- 
tno-;i Springs, Dec. 2i\, l-i^i!(i. a. 74. i."Ki.iZA])i:i 11, b. May It, ]s]7; li. July lit, 1S7S; m.. 
Stait 9 \HH-i, Nathan C. Eiv of N. Y. (.'ily; Ahlermau; Pres. of the l^>oard of Aldemu-u; 
Srtpervi.s(u- for luaiiv vrs. -aw] has been a,cting Mayor; Now, iss-?, Pres. of the American 
In'^titute and of the P.'ter ("oo]^er Fire Insurance Co. of N. Y. C. 2. Amelia AmuAll., 
b Julv Ui, b^l'.t; m. Oct. T), 1N41. Thos. P. Case of Troy. N. Y. : who d. 0,t. 22, 1^42. 8. 
Join- Lyn'de b Mav :^1, bv28: in. Oct. M, 1S4S, Jane Sophia Boanlman, b. l)e<-. '27. lS2o. 

1 Jcnnu' Jnhlui, b."Julv 2>\, IS.V?. 2. Fr,'I. L^f,"h . !>. A].ril ■','). \^r,<. 4, Hknkv Kino, 
b' Au"- ;-j1, 1S24; TriintvCol.. ■|S4f5; M.D.: m. Dec is, IS.').""), Anna Maria Cdm-t'-d (4t]i 
cous.h'dau'. ..f c"(d. S..lo'm..n and Kh'.-;a ('J'rcaDO. of F. llartf. Jtr. O. is -i.ivj.arinu- a 
ii-eueai.)gv of the Ohnsted taudly. 1, .'uin" AnuU^i, b. Oct., d. iNtiO, 2, K-Un. b. Jan. 
20 ISf}.")"." o, Muni, twin with Ellen. 

V. John K..\l. in Brooklvn. April 24. 1^4!), a. ."",7; merdumt in N. Y. C. ; m. Mar- 
<^aret NVilliuuison Haines, who d. a'. T-i. F Kk haup, b. July 2s, isiS; m. Fhcta \V. 
Chfnevnf Manche.ster, Conn,, b. Sept. S, 1^21: res. Fenox, Mass. 1. lii'-h"!'!. b. Aiiril 

2 184(j. 2, Rnsalk (Ivu.ti, b. Oct. 2'.l, ls4S. :;!, /;..w/., b. Aug. 0, 1S:)2; d. .so.,n. 4 
imd .-) 7><W«**/.s- (twins), b, MO, 1S.")I); (L .-o^n. G, Klictn JJlinn, h. Oct. \~y. 185!!. 2, 
F.LTZ u;etu li. b. ^hncli Fi, l>-'2-'): m. Julv 2. 1S4!. James H. Heiuing. wlio d. in Paris, 
France, Fob. G, isG4. 1. I^ohil Jl-'in-.^. \). Oct.. isj.".; m. June 12, 1S71. Jean Marie 
Hertell' of Darmstadt, (b-rmany. 2, C^iri'lu,, Sunnnr, b. Mar(;h 2o, 1S4S; m. in Paris. 
F'-unce. Mav Hi, 1S70. Hor;!<'e j. Jenness of Portsmoutli, X. H. o, Enf/t/if JLrcn/. b, 
V F, Jan." 2;!. d. April, is.'il. 4, J/,/,/,- i:'/,,//;,,/- 4/,nv/-/ri7'f, m. M. Augu.'^te Ostron: 
res. San Francisco. Cah o. Ulrhnrd (ionihiuni, b, Ai)ril 1, 1S.")('.; res. Brooklyn; uiim. 
G JiiiNt.^ 11.. A]u-il 17. is'<n: res. Denver, Color.-ido. 

Yl. :Mary Ann. b. 1802; d. Dec. 2(\ lS")o; m. June 8. 1S2.-), Alfred Holt of Hartt., 
b F>ast Hav.,"Conii., Jan. G, 1797; <h Nov. s, ls-j7, a, oO; she d. -v. t. 
VII. Eli/.abeth. d. March 10. 1808. a. Si vrs. 
Yin. Thomas, d. May G, 1^09, a. 4 yrs. 

2124. Timothy Goodman of \Y. Hartf.. b. Sept. 22, 170G; m. May 7, 1735. 
Joanna, dau. of Jos*>ph and Joanna Wadswerth of llartf.; a gr. dau. of Ca})t. Josi>ph 
Wadsworth of Charter luemorv. s. .d' \Vm. Slie d, Mardi 10. I7G8, a. 5:3. He m. (2) 
Nov. 29, 17G7, \Yid. Elizabetli"\\\ortli of Hartf. Jolm 1'antry conv. to gr. s. , Tim- 
othy Goodman, by deed dated March 4, 1729. 70 acres of land in \Vesl Division of iauds 
in town of Hartf.'. bounded west bv the Fannington line. The Huston (.lir<inirlt of ^lay 
2. 17C8, states that on 7, 17()S. tl'e house ''of Mr. Timotliy (b)odman in ^V. Hartf. 
was burned with all the furniture and rlutlies, whicli were very rich ami costly. 
Jerusha, dau. of Daniel Ensiiru, who lived in the fandiy. ten yrs. old, was burned to 
death. \W(\. March 12. 17s'i, a. 79; all <diil. bap. in W. Hartf. 
1. Jf)aiina, ni. Samuel Stanley. 

11. Timothy, liap. Marcli 7, 17:!i!; m. Mnitha Spcu<-er. 
Ill, Thomas, b. :March is, K:!'.!; m. Sarah Seymour. 
lY. Abin-ail, b. Oct. 4, 1741: m. Ah-xander Catliu. 
Y. 31arv. b. Feb. 12, 1744; m. John Pi. rce. 
\ I. F!i/.abe;h, March ]ti. 174ti: m. Pev. Samd WOodbridge. 
\\\. l-:i<diar.l, b. April 10, 174s; m. Nancy S.-ymour. 


VIII. MehitP.ble, bap. \\'. Hfu-tf., June 24, 1750; d. Mux 2, Isr^S. 
IX. Moses, twill witli Mfliitalile. blip. \V. Hurtf.. .June 24, 1750; in. 1779, Amv 

21241. Joanna Goodman, m. f^aTimel Staiiloy, jr., of W. Ihirtf., bap, .Ian 11 
1730. lied. \V. Hartf., Nov. 17, i7U;j, a. (k!. She d". lii.s wid., Feb. 2.")', USUO, 'a. Gl' 
prob. the eld. ch. > > • , 

I. Joanna, 1). Oct. 4. bap. Oct. 0. 1705.- ni. Aug. 1, 1770, Ashbel Shiphard of 
'Wintonliury. Conn.; rem. to Kin^slioro, N. Y. 1, UiaND.\, bop. Jan. 18, 177y " 
AsiiBEL, bap. Jan. 3. 1777. 3, Amand."., bap. Aug. 4, 17S1. 4, ADOLriirs,' bap. Nov' 
1, 171S4. 0. Olivkk, bap. Sei)t. 10, 17!J1. G. Jo.vnxa Goodm \.n liap March'' 17<)(; 
7, James, bap. March 12. 17US. • ...... 

II. Timotliy. b. Nov. l.*,, fiap. Xov. IS, 175'.). 

in. Milly, twin with Timothy, bap. Nov. 18, 175!i; m. Oct. 2, 1781, Allvn s of 
Allyn and P'di/.abeth (Smith) Seymour, ba]). July 22, H.'jo, of NV. 11. He served in Kev 
Army; rem., 1S02, to IJedfield, X. V.; d. thr. July 15, 1S20. Slie d. at Lenox, N Y 
Nov. 13, 184(3, a. SG. 1, Allv.n. b. ()ct. 10, 1782; d. Savanjiah, Oa., Oct. l.^i, ls09 2 
Ayer?, April 23, 1784. 3, Kai.pii, Oct. 11, 17^0; d. at lu-dlield, unin. , Jan. 0. 1872' 
4. KoDXEY. Sei>t. 17. 17;)4. 5. Mii.i.K, Dec. 1!). 178G. G, Bkt.shy, A]>ril 13, 1787 7 
Ira, Aug. 2G, 17y6; d. next day. 8, Ira, baj). Sept. 14, 1797. ' . • , 

IV. Samuel, Til. Oct. 6, 177G, Ai)igail, dau. of Josejdi Waters of Hartf.; b. 
Marc)i 1, 17(;i. 1. Roxaxa. 2. JoskVk. 3. Hokace. 4, Nakisy. 5, Samuel. G, 
Abraiia.m. 7, Webster. 8. \\'ATRors; all bap. in \V. Hartf., Dec. '29. 1799. 

V. Nabby, bap. Nov. Kf, 17G5; m. Jan. 1, 1788, Alexander Stardey of Farmington, 

VI. Hannah, m. So[)t. 25, 17tt4, Dr. Josiah I']veritt of ^^■in(•hestc^, Conn., his 3d wf., 
b. Feb. 27, 1749, s. of Josiah and Hannah Nol)le (Hinnian) P^veritt. He served as Capt.' 
of a Co. of Conn, troops in tlie northern army. 1775-6; afterw. j)rac. med. in \V. ; d. 
Feb. 5, 1829. Shed. June 27, 1n'2G. 1, Hax.vah B. , b. .)une7, 1798; m March 8 IS'^5 
Rev. Henry Busbnell. 2, M vrv, 1). Dec. 27. 1799; d. .May 2',). 1S07. 

21243. Thomas Goodman, Ita]). March 18. 1739; d. in W. Hrtf. . Sei)t. 7, 1807, a 
70 (■.'); m. May 13, 17G4, Sarah, dau. of Moses and Haehd ((ioodwin) Seymour, b. ^\^ H. 
Feb. IG, 1740; d. there Jan. 25, 1798, (2) Mrs. Ruth (Skinner) (iay, dau! of Timothy and 
Rath (Colton) Skinner, bap. March 11. 1739. wid. of Hev. Nathaniel Hooker, and next of 
Col. Fisher Gay of Farmington. She d. in \\'. H. Sejit. 21, 1820, a. 82. 

I. Sarah, bap. March 31, 17G5; m. X'lv. 1, 17n'.), Klijah Oridley of Farm. She d. 
there Feb. 12, 1792, leav. 1 child. 1.. Sarah, m. Timothv Fitkin I'eVkins of \\'. Hartf. 
II. Timothy, bap. Atig. 10, 17GG; d. Jan. 25, 1770. 

III. Timothy, bap. Sejit. 9, 1770; d. at Demarara, W. 1., Dec. 7, 1788. 

IV. 'Chonui:^. bap. Aug. 2. 1772: d. x. i. at \V. Hartf. July 10, 1800; m. Dec. 24. 1795, 
Al)igail. dau. of Col. Timothv and Abigail (Skinner) Sevmoiir, bap Nov 7 1773- d 
Aug. 7, 1824. 

21244. Abigail Goodman, b. Oct. 14, 1740; m. Feb. 2G, 17GG. Alexander, s. of 
John and Margaret (Sovmour) Catlin of Litchfield, Conn., b. Jan. G, 173^-0. 

I. Abigail, ba])."W. Hartf., Dec. 14, 1706. 

II. Lyndc: Y. C, 178G; cashier Merchants' Bank. N. \. C. ; d. Is33; m. Helen M. 
Ki]). 1, Joifx Mortimer, b. May 28, 180] ; Y. ('., 1^20; prom, business man in N. Y. C. ; 
Pres. (.it. \\"estern R. R. of HI.; m. dau. Nicholas William Stuvvesant, a desc. of the 
Dutch Gov,. Peter S. He d. in N. Y. C. June 13, 1881 

III. Mos.s, res. Vt. 

IV. Aaron. 

V. Alexander. 

VI. (iuy, res. Vt. ; was in partnership with Capt. Thaddeus Tuttle [9] in lumber 

VI 1. Frsula. 
VIII. Almira. m. Stephen Twining of New Hav.; Y. C., 1795; steward of Y. C., 181!' 
tod., 1832; Dea. First Cong. ebb. 18 9-32. 1, Aeexaxder Catijx. Y. C. 1820; Pnd'. at 
Midd. Coll.. and afterwards at Y. C. ; civil engr. ; he surveyed, located and built, as chief 
engr., the first railroad in Conn., viz., the Hartf. iV N. Hav. He ul.'^o made the first sur- 
vey, location and estimates for the N. Y. >^' N. Hav. R. R. (the coinii. of this ^vc!^k being 
a rodman in the leveling party) fall of 184-1. Dea. of the I'irst. Con;;, chh. in N. Hav. 
from 1856 (2t3 yrs. ) to date (1882). He m. a dau. of Prof. Kinsley of W. I'oint; has a s. 
"who wrote a fine descri]>tion of the ascent of Mt. Blanc, jjublislu-d in tlie Ni'ir Enah'.nthr. 

GOOinLAX. 07 

2, An'N, 111. Aiiir. lo. ]NM, Pnil'. James iladlfv of Y. ('., a di.stiii': (Jreek M-lmlur I. 
Marrh 30, 1801; d. Nov. 1-!. IS?-:, a. 51. 

21245. Mary Goodman, K.l,. l',\ 17-14; m. .(ohn PiiMce of Litdificld, July 1, 
177:^; prof. V. ('.; a ctlflirattil teacher. 

1. 'I'iniolliy, .1 aht. ISOO, at Camden, S. ('. ; unni. 

H. Susan, m. James Hraee, s. of Alicd Brace of Ilartland. He set. iu Litehfield. 
Conn., and d. thr. April, lS->i, a. Cj. 1, John Pikhc k Bu.vck, principal of the ilartf. 
Female Seni. number of vrs. ; afterw. editor of the Hurtfoi-d Cuurnnt. A lilerarv man 
of niucli aliilitv. 1, (Jmrlfx ]j>rin<j linicc, a man of talent and philanthropic aims and 

iU. Sarah, with her half-sister, Mary, tauirht a famous school f<jr girls in Litch- 
field, \vhi(di attracted pupils from all jiarts oi the country. 

21246. Elizabeth Goodman, March Ki, 17-10; m. May 27, 1779, Bev. Samuel 

Woodbridire, b. (ilastoubury, Conn., Jan. "^'j, 17-1(); s. of Kev. Ardibel and Jerusha 

(Pitkin) kdwards Woodbridge; V. C. , 176-); minister at Easlbury, Conn., 17»j6-7; 

Chaplain, l!ev. Avniv: afterw. set. as a farmer at W. Hartland, preachini'- occasionally • 

d. thr.. July -j:! 17:»7. She d. Feb. is, 1818. 

1. Aslihel. / , 1 11,1 ~w'A 1 
,, r ■ b. Jan. Ill, 1 I NO; d. V. 

HI. Elizab.nh. b. Jan. 'U. 17S1; d. July 20, 1790. 

IV. .Krusha. Aug. 17, 17^2; a leaclier; d. unm., Feb., 1833. 

\'. Samuel Edwards, b. May 29, 1788; m. Mov. 30, 1810. Mrs. Elizabeth (Joodyear 
Eurnham, ^vho d. ])ec, IG, 1819; (2) Jan. 21, 1823, Mary Cossitt of (Jranby, Conn. " He 
rem. from Hartland. Conn.. Perth Ambov, X. Y.; a successful teacher there, 
and d. Juiv 2, IHfi.Y His ^^n\. d. Julv 2, 18(j7: haa 2 chil. bv 1st m. and 1 by 2d: \Vm. 
K. \V,,m!)J!kii>(;k of Little Falls. X. Y. 

21247. Richard Goodman, April 10, 174S; -m. 1771, Nancy, dau. of ('apt. 
TiuKKhv and I.vdia (KelloM-g) Sevnu.ur. b. Feb. IC, 17r)l of \V. llartf. ; d. Jan. 27, 1792. 
He d. ii'i W. 11." Mav. ls34.\x. 81;. 

I. Nancy; b. March G, 1772; m. April 14, ISOG, (ieo. Allen of Southwick, Mass.; 
b. Suftield. Conn., 1781; rem. 1810. to Marlinsburgh, N. Y. ; d. in Prospect. Oneida Co., 
N. Y.. May 24, 1844. She d. in Oneida Co., N. Y.\ Feb. 18, lS4r,. 3 chil. 

11. Aaron Goodman, b. July 20. 1773,; the first postma'-^ter in AN'. Hartf. and hehl 
the otiice until his d. March 2s, 1S32; m. April lo, i,s()4, Auuira, dau. of Asa and Marv 
(Cole) Co.ssitt, b. (iranby. Conn.. Dec. 10. 17S0; d. in Plaiufield, X. J., Xov. 13, IStlN; >. 
chil. of whom. 1, EnwAKD, b. Dec. 10, 180."); grad. Trinity Coi., Hartf., 1N30; admitted 
to the bar 1832; City Aft<uuey of Hartf. lS.-)0 U> 'G.l; ' d. July 28, 1882; tlu' oldest luem. 
of the Haitford bar and one of the most widely ktu)\vn and res})ected hnvyersof a S(diooi 
that is passing- away." — Hartf. yeir.-^ paper Ohit.: m. at Poughkeepsie, X. Y.. May 20. 
1840, Marietta B. Freitcli, b. o'ct. 23, 1810; dau. of Bronsou and Marv Ann French; she d. 
JulyO, 18G3; (2) Feb. 23, ISG."), Sarah L. l\dmor, b. Butternut, X. Y.. Aug. 23, l.s2G.diiu. 
of (ieo. Shepard and Sally Lowe Palmer of Albany. X. <l . 1, llirJuird Fnnrh. b. .^>iil 14, 
1841; Trill. Col., 1803; Payuuister in U, S. Xavy."l8Gi; resigned. l^^Go; grad. .Mbany Law 
School. ISGG, admitted same vr. at Hartf.; luis been an oditcu' in X. .Ier~e\-. 2. K<liriird. 
b. March 13, d. March IC. 1S43. 3, Kbrard, b. Dec. 12, 1S44; <l. Jan. 2.-), I84G. 4. 
William, b. Oct. 14, IMi-.: d. Xov. 28. lS-48. .-). (Jro. Fnihrirk, b. O.-t. s, 1848; d. Mandi 
24, 18G8. 2, Ai MiK.v. b. March 14, 1809; unm. 3, Jri.iA, b. June 14, 1814; unm. 4, 
Samuki., b. June 12. 1818; d. Mandi 2S, 1S19. T.. AAi;o\ C, b. April 23, 1822; Pres. 
Phonix Mutual Life Insurance Co. of Hartf.; m. iu X. Y. C. .Vpril 9, 1857, .\nnie 
Matilda, dau. of Robert Pav and Matilda (Hatch) Johnston. 1, Endbi, b. Jan. 30, ls;.')S. 
2. luhrard. b. Peb. o, 1801". 3, J/(/wV. b. Aug. 24. 1S02. a.t Wotneid, X. Y. 

III. Pichard (iootlmau. b. Xov, 30. 1771; m. Dolly Strong of \\'estli(dd, Mass.; he 
(]. March 2, 1841, iu Ills., leaving- (diil. 

IV. Elizabeth, b. Xov. 20. d. Dec. 12, 177G. 
V. Moses, b. Julv 12. tl. Julv IS, 17?S. 

VI. .Miletiah. tv^iu with .Mos- s: ni. ,May 29. ISO."). Daniel Hosnu-r. b. AV. Hartf. 
Dec. 5. 1774: rem. to Kiuir~ton and Vernon, N. Y.: she d. while on a visit at AV. Ilartf. 
Oct. 1. 1813: he (1. at Kiu\rsborout,di. X. Y,. 11, 1810. 1. TiioNtAS, b. Jan. 7. 1807: 
d. Dec. 1, 1830, at Xorwich. Conn. 2, .Mai;v, b. March 10. 1809; m. Julv 3, 1832, F. W . 
Case of Kiiii:sbnnuiirh, X. Y. ; farmer. 1, (!<<• r!<,tf.c. b. Xov. 1, 1^33. 2, Wilhur 
Sherrrum, \>. \\yv\\ 12. 1837. 3. Muri/ l-:,inna, h. Au-5. 7. 1839, 4, ,A?///,.s' U7/i!'//r, b. 




A)>nl (}. 184^1. ."■», L. Eoamer, 1>. Jan. 13. IH-IS. 0, Thoinns SJurmc/i, h. Feb. 3 1849 7 
Alice ^faud. ]>. Auu-. 13. lN.-)7. 

VII. Lydiy. 1). July (I, ITSO; d. :Marcli IS. Is,")!); m. June (I, IsOli, Luciu.s, s. of :\Io-.-s 
and Su^^iini'ia (Welles) (iaylord of \V. Ilartf., 1>. .Maich 2il. ITS]; d. June 22, lS(jr,, i 
XaxC'Y, 1). Dec. 2, 1807. 2, Sisanna \Vkij,ks, 1). Dec. 5. ISOlt; rl. April 14, I'sM. 

A'lII. l.ncia. 1». Nov. 11, 17S2 (twin): d. .v. /. ()<a. 30, IS.")!; in. Nov. Hi, 18!!), Saimicl 
Smith of Siieiirer. Mass., li. 17^0, s. of Isaac and Huldali ^Hoot; Snulh. lie d in West 
field. Mass., (let., JNlii;, 

IX. Luara, h. 1782: twin with l.ncia: m. Ncjv. l."), ]8()4, Hoswell, s. oC Xeheiaiidi 
jind Elizabeth (Morley) Looniis of St-iithwjck. M;iss.. b. 17sl; d. in S. Mav 22, 1^23: (2i 
Ba/.alee], s. of ])ea. 'i'liouias and Kei)ecca (Ives) Hough of .Meridcn, Conn.," b. .Mar.di 27. 
177(J: rem. to Atwatev, 0., 1818, wlir. she d. May 10, lS(j(5: he d. ihr. kuis. 31, 1S,")S. 
*She had chil. liy Ist m (See Loouns book, vol. 1, Xo. 12H1).) 1. I^lcia .Ann, 1). De.-. 

I, INOr): m. Nov. 23. 1S3(), Asahel, s. of Asalud and Bethia (Palmer) (irauj-er of South- 
wick, b. Jan. 19. 1801. 1. ,S./////o///- 7.. , h. Feb. 2.""), 1S33: in. Feb. 22, l,s(il). Martha F. 
Loomis. (See Loomis l)ook.) 1, Walter Looniis, li. Dec. 22, isGO. 2. Kliza Ann, b. 
Xov. 4. 1834: unn\. 3. Lin-'m .l.iin , b. Di-c. 23. bs3(.): lu. Nov., 1,^73. Horace Sjiencer. 
4. Onin As,ih,L b. I'Vb. 12. 1S39; ni. ls.-,9. Sarali .Jane bMsiui:-. We.^rtield, Mass. 1, 
Orrin. b. May 12, 1SC,3; d. a. 14 mos. 2. J^urton Ib-urv. b. .luh 17. 1S{;.-,. rj, Aridiv, b' 
Dec. 28. 1S73. 4, Fli/.a P.i.sing, b. Jan. 2(1. 1S78. o. Alirt Cii.sfn,, 1). Feb. 1(1. 1S44; d. 
Jan. 30, 18-V). 2, Lack.v Ann. b. March Id. 1NI;S: d. Se])T.. 1S(;4: m. July 13, l'^33. 
Eemaii Palmer, who <1. Sept., iMi."). 1. 7.r;///v/ .]///,. b. Julv 10. 1S34: unn.i. 2. DuroiJn/ 
Ali/'ii-'i. b. July (3, ls3(); unni. 3. C'/mrif// L"tuil'i. 1). June :;u. is;]!); d. Juiu* 17, 1N14. 
4, ]i>'u,iiiii Gooihiiun. b. Oct. 11, IS 11, at 'Sourhwick. ."), Jhrnljl 7'.. b. 1S4.1. C.,' J^llm 
C, b. 184S; in. Chailcs Saini><ou of Pj-ovideiice. U. 1. 3. Fi.i/.a. i>. June 23. Is'lO: ni. 
Feb. 27. 1S33. Pezalee! HouLdi . .\t water. ( ». 4. I!i( ii ahd ( b .( uiM an. b. Julv 30. 1sl2: 
d. Aug. 18. 18.")7; m. .hiiu- 10, ls41, Ibn-riet J. Aldri.di. 1, J/.>',„ S., 1). Mav 20, 1S43: 
d. Dec. 20, 184."i. 2. Fruu/.- .!., b. March 4. 1S47. 3. JI, rh, rt J., b. Sept. 22'. is.i",. 7). 
John. b. May 10, 181."); d. Dec Is, ls.")l: m. Mavr h 27, ls3y. Fucv A. Houi^h. Atwatei, 

0. 1, 7iV(7/«t, b. July 24, 1S41: ui. De<-. 24., (ieo. P. (M)odwin. 2,' Riurrra. b. 
Jan. 18. 184."): m. Aug. 24. ISCT. ]-.dwaid F. llavnud<ei'. ( 'harlestow n, O. ' :',. (,'onilirin 
J., b. Marcli 23, 1847: M. D. : Ibur Vail.. Mbdi. " (i, Thomas, b. Nov. ."). 181s: ni. \h'r. 
6. 1842, S;aali Jones, ,v. /. , At water. O. 

X. Flizabeth, b. .Inly 17, 17S4: m. Julv 1, 1S()7. .Vbraham. s. of William and 
Zurirah (.Murdoclo Ward. b. .Ian. 12, 17s3, (d'"(;iovf rs\ ille, N. Y.. wbr. he d. Sent. 27. she d. in W. Haiif. Jan.s. psiU; 7 chil. 1. Fr.rzv Ann. I>. March b. Is'oS; d. 
^;ov. 2m. ls;54; m. N. W. ^\'clc]|. b. Salem, N. Y. 2, N.vncv, 1). Sejit. s. ISU!); d. D(>c. 
15. 1834; m. April ."). ls:j3. (ieo. C. Cheduell. 3, Fi.kanu;:, b. Au>:. 3n, psH; ,u. .March 

II. 1833; M. M. Burlingame. b. ])ir. S. ISOl: d. Kino-sboroutrh. N. Y., Feb, 19, 1S4(). 

1, Edirin, b. March 10. 1S34. 2. ir<//v7. b. Feb. b, 183(;. 3, J'J, ,i i,.n- Junr. li. Sejit. 21, 
1841. 4, PiiF.KK, b. Aug. 1. lsl,-j; d. D,.c. 23. ]S34. .), I1ai:i:!KT. b. Jan. S. IMS; d. 
0.:t. 17, lsi;3; m. Freeuuui (,'. Huiwn, b. Nortltan;i)ton, .Mass., Auu-. 22, ISlO. 1, AUrr. 
b. Nov. 2, 184G: d. July 23, is.-)?. 2, Francis J., b. Muv 2(1. 1849. 3. Flora .]/.. b. 
Julv 31, 18,53. (5. Wn.i.iA.M, b. Nov. 13, lS2a: d. Julv 13. IS.IO. 7. Makv b Nov. 1, 
1S2-2: d. Oct. 2S. 1S47. 

XI. Joanna, b. Oct. 2, 1780: m. Jan. 24. isOD, John, s. of Dea. Thomas and 
Keb.'cca (Ives) Hough, b. Southwick. Mass., April 23. 1784: rem. to Martinsbiirgh, N. 
v.. 1809, and liv. thr. in 1870. Shed. thr. April 29, is.^l: 10 (hil. 1, I'liiLKTrs (i.. 
V). .May 13, 1810: m. Sept. 2, 183G, at W. \'ernon, N. Y., Annie Pigbv. 1, Lnria, Oct. 
13. IS ',7. 2. Gar P., Aug. 25, 1842. 3, J),li,i M.. .lulv 17, 1S4(). 2,'Fr(lAE., Oct. (\. 
1812: d. Aug. 3, 1S41: m. Sept. 1, ls:;i. Leonard Pitcher, at Martin.sburgh, N. V. 1, 
7/.</vev, Jan. 24, 1833: d. .Marcli 3, 1835, 2, .'j.rl.. .Jnd^iou. June 12, 1830^; m. Auirusta 
Moore; res Iowa. 3, -/'/''/'/. A,//, /,.//',, April 2, 1 s;;7: d.Mav5, ls43. 4. ,A/////.v 7/.," Jan. 
8. d. Nov. 11, 1811. ;^,, Fi:anki.i\ P., b, Nov. 8 isir,: d" IS.VL m. Lvdia .Martin at 
Washington. Ind. \: Siilrvst, r . 2, FJliot. 3, Mult. 4, FlJen.hnn. 5, D^HiM. 
4. Lri (cs (fwi, (>!;!). .March 15, ls2l; d. .lulv 0, isib, 5. Lkwis. Mar(di 31, 1S19. ti. 
<:'ini.i)-. b. Sep(. 10, isU; ,1. Fel). 23. IsilO. '7, Pkkkv S., b Nov. 10, 1S21: m Jan. 
l\, 1819, FlecM L Crosijy, b. Jan. 1. ls:j;). 1, /■V/,,, M.rHn. Nov, 20, 1S49. 2, Cc'. 
Jl.rlnrl, .\\>v\\ !, 1S72 :'., Juli,, J),.r/rr, July 20, ISO:;. S, A I.M I i! A J .'. b. March 17. 
ls2(J: m. Jonaibau (ioodale of New Hartf., Iowa. 9, Di;r,lA .M . . Julv 23, L'-JO; ni. Jan. 

21, 184il. at .Martinsburirh. .\. Y., (ioodale, b. Oct. 24, 1S21 i" o'ri), /;., \h-c. 21. 

Isp.). 2, /•;'^/, Oct, 30. ls-,.Y ;j. A,,,, Af.. .March 10, 1805 In ('.'.vuv \N , Mav 25. 
<1. June 8. 1S23. 

.\ll, (b)odnian. b. April 8, 1 7s9: ni. .Ian . 1 , isjO, i;,4)t'cca, dau. of l)ca. 
Thomas and Pebc.'ca (Ives) llongh, b. .Vug. 29, 1789; re.s W. Hartf . manv vrs, ; d. in 


Wokottvill.-, Conn.. Nov. N. 18:^1. She d. in Hudson. <).. M;iy, IS^y; 7 diil. ], .Nancy 
-SkYMOIK, S.'pt. ;;n. ISIO. -2, E.MKM.NK. S, I1k.M;Y. May S" INKJ. 4, I'li.i/.A A., 111. 

-John 15. , .Tiiii. 1, ISl.l. 5, 'JiKis. Kk iiAKl). 1.. July 17, l.S-.^l: d. in Caliroiniu, 

J8.">1. 0, Srs.\N- (lAVi.oui). b. AiiLT. 'J. 1SJ-4. 7. Mai;v Licia. Sept. 7, is^'S. 

XIII. Childs (.'oodnian. b. Nov. 7, 17iil; d. in W. HiatC. S<-i.t. M, ]S(;U; in. Ai-rii 8, 
^H2■^, Sarah, dau. of Je.<-<c and Sibyl iStccI.) rortcr of \V. llartf., b. Scjii. 10, 17ii(i; d. 
Nov. 7, lS()(i; 4 clii!. Amki.ia Si:v.Mni k, b. Sept. 1-1. IsvM; m. April 10, 1.S43. Noadiali F. 
Kmiiions, b. Kasi Iladdain, (,'onn.. Feb. S-k 1S07. 1, AI-.riind<rFr(iiikHn, Ajuil 4. IS.'^pO. 
•.\ AdiUt Elizii'uth. .Inly Kl iN-ri. M, J/"/'.// Sr.j^hi,,^ .Maivh K, d. Maivli -^W, bSdO. -I, 
JJiirrirt Ain'lifi. .)n\\ 4. HSfJl. ','. IIakiukt, b. .lime 00, \fV.): m. Dec. HI. ls.-,1, Samuel 
W. C'ou-U-s. b. Farniintrtoa. Conn.. Nov. 1!, 1nJ7. 1. ]\'('Ur r. .\pril4, l>i"i7. :,', Arth'ir 
Jittnix. 0'-\. ol, in;-.!. ;;, .iK.XNir. L., b. Oit. is, is;;i: m. .June 2s. IS(;(), [lenrv C". 
Andru>. 1>. D.-c. "Jl. 1S2ii; divoic-. ls7l. 1, l-j'hn Annlii. April 10, Isr.-J; d. Uet/ 17, 
X^'yT). ■,'. ll'irrit HIiz.i'Ht:,. \\\y:. 14. lS(i4. o. /v'//:,,. May ;i, isr.i;. 4, Cuaki.ks. 1,. 
Nov. l(i. isjr,. 

21249. Moses Goodman, 1'. .imie-jn, bai>. W. Haiti. .June 24, \',^)^; served in 
Rev. army. WJieii tlie i.exiiiirton alarm r'-ailied \\ . llartl'. lie coniinanded a To. which 
went at that call: later he was adjutant in t'ol. W yllys' regt. He was a Dea. in ^^'. 
Hartf.. and reed, from the Hartf. Cfi. .Ai^ri. Sof . a silver cuji bir the I'cst cultivated farm 
in the Co. of Hartf. He m. 117'.» Amv, dau. of Cap:, 'riiirnhv and Lvdia (Kelloiiir) Sev- 
mour of \V. Hartf., b. Oet. 15, 17.")(J:"d. Oct. 7. ISKj. He d. AuL^ 17! isMl. 12 chil. 

I. .\lo.-e.-, 1>. Sejvt. 1.'), 17S1; ('apt. in war of 1S12; di'a. in tiie ehli. ; d. at W. llartf. 
Nov. !). 1S:!1; m. April h-(S. ls()7, rnideuee, dau. of Lenui'd and 4'abitha (Not;) Hurilunt. 
li. Newiiigtoii. ('oiii!.. .Iiiueo. 17s;;, d. Sept. 1:1 17-")7. .") (diil. 

11. Amv. b. \).r. (i. 17S2; m. Nov. 21. ls04. Asahrl Porter of W". Hartf., b. May, 
1776. ill Fariuiuiiton. Conn.: d. Any. 22. ls:;i;. Siir d. .liine 4, ls:|7. 2 (diil. 

Hi. Folly. 'b. Nov. 27, d. Dec.'.".. 17S-1. 

1\ . Horace Henry, Dec. 22, 17S."); Wins. Col. ISf], valedictorian; mendi. in Boston 
n;aiiy yis.; afterw. a lianker in Cincinnati. (.).. w Iir. lied. tinm. .Ian. o, ls4i). 
\'. II. my 44ioiiias, twin with Hoiace Henry: d. Nov. 14. b'^UO. 

VI. Timothy Seymour, b. Nov. ."i. !7s7: d. May S, ISIH: n^, Amherst, Mass. : rem, 
toCin.. O. , \\\\v. lie was cashiiu- of Ciii. Saviiij^s IJaiik: m. Se])t. 12. 1S12, Abii^ail, dau. 
of Sammd and Abiij-ail (.\bbotn Wdiitman, who d. in \V. lia.rtf. Dee. is. lsl2:'(2), Doc. 
], 1814, Amelia, dau. of l-'.beni /er and }--!eauor (\N"hitman) 1'';;koii. S chil. 

VII i'.i.a-phras. b. ,lan. 22. 17'.iiJ; Dart. Col.. ISID; mihI. wiili Rev. Dr. Nathan Fer- 
kiii'-; and at Vale 'I'lieo. Sem.: lici'ii-.d by llanf. No. .^--ociation, 1S20: o:d. at Charles- 
town, S. ('., an evaiijzidist. ,laii.. 1S21: iust. at Torriiii^'ford, Conn, Mandi, ls22; opened 
a select s'-liocd ihr. and trained youii^'" men and women for teachers, college and ]>rofi'S- 
t^ional pursuits, aided by his talented sis,,Mr.-^. l-"ax<jii; the s<diool bi'came wididy known; 
m. ]>ec. 1, 1S2!). Hannah, dau. id' Samuel and Abigail (Abbott j Whitman; IsiJtli-em. to 
Dracut. Mass,; lS-10 rnii. to Cinriunati. ('.. iMjught the \V<iU:!,iiiiin iif thi Viilkii (anil- 
slavery), whiidi he editi-d and ]>ub. till IS."}!); oit;-ani/.ed the "Western b'eform Book and 
Tract Soc." In 1S.")1 went to Chicago and i-ditcd b)r oneyear the Clrristia n J'lrii : assisted 
in organi/ing and sup.plied the ]iulpit of the lir.•^l Cong. (dih.. mnv. in jioint of numbers, 
the second Cong-, clih. in the F. S. — alit. 2,000 memlH-is. For some yis. was the western 
sec'y of the .\m. .Miss. Assoc, disbu rsin,^:- all funds to tin' home missionarii's in the N.\V. 
Edited the Fn> IF. .</ at Chicago. hNery moral reb.rm. jirotracted meetings, conventions 
<d' churidics. ri-xivals — temperance, colonization and anti-slavery — hiM'ariicstly advocated 
.and worked for. His w t. d. <)ct. 1. is.'iO. Hem. (2>.June."), IS-l"). Helen Maria, dau. of 
Chaides Fuller, 1,. Simsburv. Conn.. Dec, 22, ISOi;; d. March, 1S70. lied, in Chicago), 
.June .J, 1SG2. I, Hk.vkv VNihtm a.v. Oct. l."i, ls:!0; d. .Ian. 7. bs4;l 2, Mosks, b. ()ct, 

4, 1S:1;^,; d. .Ian. IS, is|:;. :;, Samii.i, Ibrnvi i.. Sept. (i, 1S:;(;; i,,. Nov. 2. isi;!», Fouisa 
Clark, dau. of .loscph and Fannv ( Kitidieii > Hardin^;-, li. Taunton. Eiur.. Aug. 2."), is:j."i. 
He is an otllcrr in Tieas. Dept.," Wash., Int. Rev. 1, (r/v/.v, Dec, 2, ls74. 2, IKurl. 
8ept, 1-1, is;s. 4, H\ui;ii;t I-j.izaiu/i ii. .\iuil ;}. lsl2: d. .\)iril 11, 1S71: in. A]u-il 1. 
1867, .John C. iMiicii. vol. F. S. N. from Dec. 7. IsOl. to April 2, ISbC; commanded F. 

5. steamer. Sumpter; rank. Master; afterward com. baric. Kinglisher. next. Chimo, and 
iastlv the monitor, Miantonomah; res, Exeter, N H. 

Vfll. Katharine, b. Sej.t. 2s. I:;M; d. at W. Haitf. Nov. 22. bs:;7, m. Nov. bS-20, 
1818, Samuel, s. .,f Fciiuud and Tabith;' (Notti Hurlbuit. 1>. Newiiejton, Cor.n., Mai-ch 
V.\. \~xyy. d. .Ma.rcl, V\. isoi. 4 chil. 

IX. Fannv Fami'lia, b, Dec. 2:', IF.!:!; m. .Ian. 2(i, 1S2.J, Sylvaiuis, s. of < 'liarles and 
Si.iali Wright,"!). I,>utchess Co , N. Y., Aug, 2:], 17'J7, res, Cin", U, ;:1 idiil. 

100 nRAXCII OF ir.VXN-.VH. 

X. Muivia Miiiia, h. 2sov. 2. 17'.)') (twin); liv. in W. llartf. ISHS; m. Oct. 7, ISU) 
Thnnias, s. ol' Elifiic/.cr and Elrnnor ( W'liitniaii) Faxon, b. Au;r. 7, 17l)(i; d. Maieli -j's' 

Xr. Maria .Marcia (twin with the al)()V(>), d. uiini. at ('in., (')., Nov. '20. 1S4S. 
Xll. William, 1>. 0<-t. 17, i;07; ivin. to Cin.. ()., 1K)7: mc'n-lK. hankrr. inKlcrwiiter; 
l"'r('S. \Vashin_i:tou Insuranrr ('(). I'roui is;'.!): ni..liily -js, iN'iS, Mari'-arct liand Adams" 
Dec. 27, J8()4, in \M^i-as^ct, Mi-.; dan. of Dr. Samiir'l and Margaret "(Austin) Adam.s'. S. 

cliil., of wlioiii a dauiilitrr m. }Iai-ri:-nn, a wealtliy mi'idi. of ('in., firm of Ilairison 

&' Corjper. F.\x.\v, m. Katon, an aTtist. 

218. Hannah Pantry, 1). abt. KisO; wii. will of ]ir-v ]nn. .J.Om in 17-?(); d, hrfor.v 
Au^-., 17;J7; slif inlierlu'd ay'icai ^^-^^. in J-",. Ilaiit. and in the Paiitrv ]iastin-.':' m. IIczi-- 
kiah, s. of Xathanirl and .SUdu'taMc (Poitcr) d'oodwin of IIartf.,1). IfiSfi; rl. .Ian. M- 
IT'IC, a. S7. -Miss .Mary K. 'i'alrott irivcs date of Ins d. Sept., 1 iiiS. and hu. in tin- old' 
Center burial _uroi:nd ^re]ir. ."). He le.. a -Jd wf., meuiiMni'd in Ins will. 

I. John I'an + ry. i^)ai.. Oi-i. -!. 17Ii/- S;irvi-y(,i' ,,f lli-hways in liartf. ami held otluT 
town oliiees in 11.; m. T'fb.S'i, 175:], Anne t^pi'nccr, ], An.n'i:, ba]). .April 14, 17.")4. -J 
II.>lNNAH, bap. Ma% is, i;,",,'., ;;, HKy.!;Ki.\if, bap. l'\-b. i:;. 17.77; d. Jan. -ii, isci). 4' 
John Pan'ii;v, bap, April 1, 17')it, 5, llKzr.Kr.xu, bnji. Man-li -JO, l^dl;.!. June l.v'J;J or 
"53. 6, El, I.I .Ml. b. Feb. (5, 17(;:i 7, Ai!h;.mi., baj.. Mareh 2-J 'l7(;7.' S M \kv 
Dee. 25, 17(•|'^'. 

1 1. llannali, iv. ^^'also:l . 

A Ile/.ekiah (ior.dwin >>[ E. lb;i-if.. Conn., m. Se|)t.ll Isll jviiilv d.m of 
Eliab and Don-as Williams l>ra,n, b. lh<- . 21. 17!);!. of E. ![. /. : 1 . 'l-^aa('i-,' b J,,n 
29, ISl;;. 2, llora.-e Elv, b. Jul'. ;jii, l.s],-,. :;. l-:niilv .Marv. b An.- ] 1S17 4 Fdvin 
Olmst.-d, b. Nov. 24, I.SUI. '■,, Frrd.-riek. Ii. Oel. 22, 'iN-J."); 'd. Oct. p,', ]x-2t\. 

llezel;i:ili (.'nnduin, ui. Peb.era, daj. (dMa.i;ob and Diad.-ina (1 1 n bbai d ) ],.)onns 
h. De.-., ]';7t>; n-s. ]51f>ondielil. Conn. 

1, n,.y,i-kiali (.ioodwui, b. Maich 21. 17!)b; d. Nov. 2s, ISdS. 2, AluLrail, b. 
180;>. H, John P.uiUy, 4, (leoiye D., mem. v'nnn. Li-^j;. from Siiaron l^Nl; f. ni Polu-rt. 
and Julia, t uins. 

1, Erastus D. (ioodwin, b. Jan, 7, l.S2o; Pep. Cwn.n. Lei,-, fioni Salisburv l^^CO- 
liad 1, Julia, b. April l,lSb7. 2, Eanra A., b. },i:.v, ISIO. :] Charlolte b Oct IS-'T 
A, Julia, b, .April, lS-24. 

214. rtcbecca Pantry, bap. D'-.- b"), ]W2: (]. Ft'i). 2S. ]770. Inherited consider- 
able property in J-l. llartf. a;\d in die Pantry pasture; m. Apiil :Vj, ]7l;i Xatlianiel" 

1. 'Mary, b. Sej)!. 8, 1714; ni. Walker. 

11. Pantry Jones, lived on Front si., llartf., on the (dd Pantiy lot; he held various 
town ..)t!ict-; l-fl the bulk of his property to Id.- m-jJ.ew. Xathaji"iel Junes, biit liis i-es. 
on Front .St. he yave to his sis., Abi^^aii Killjourne. Ik m. March 4, 1741 Jerusiia 
Cadw<'ll, and d. abt. UUn. 

\\[. Abi^-ail .tones, m. Capt. Xathani(d Kilbourne, b. Ja.n. 1.5, 1 7:^1 , s. of 'I'lionia.-? 
and .Mary (Hi,i:>iins) K. of ]■:. llartf.; sea eiijit. ; d. at sea, June l-l, 175'.), and his bro.. 
Thomas, the mate, d. sm day (ui sni. ship, a suspicion of Hiurder bv the crew. She d.' 
in Hartf., Jan. 19. 17!IS, a. 71 ; bu. in ('.-nt-r .-hh-.-vanJ; her stone i' ; '• Whc-u (iod 
d.<th call we all must <.^(., ami bid farev.-e!! to all bcl()\>-." I, Ri;iii;i e.i.. m. Isaai- Ma-^on 

2, M.VKV Anx, bap. in i:. Ihutf., Apii! 2S, 1754; m. Walker. », Srs.\x.\.\ii. 711" 

Joliii Kunce of Ilai-tf. 1, Z^v.v.v, //, it> llartf.; for numy yrs. di'a. .ofthe<-hh.; m. 

. 1, Janies .\I. 2, John P. Punce, Prts. of ihr Phn-idx l']anlc of IPirtf. for Uianv 

yrs. Two of the mo.^t ])roiniiient citi/..ais nf Harlf. 2. Xndm ni'. I . Of this fani. line 
arc l-Mward M. Biince, Cashr. Plueuix Pank id llaitf., .lonatlian 15. Punce, Prcs. 
Pho-nix Mutual Fife Ins. (,'<,. of Martf. ami F. M. I5unce, Commander. P, S.'x., at 
Charlestown, Mass., >n':i\.i1 SiaPou, 1.^7;!. 

l\ . .Inhn Pantry .lom-s, b.-ip. Aui.^ !(, 17:5b; kept a tavern in E. 11,-trtf. on the 

Pantry farm; in. ; cldl. b;;;.. inllai-tf. 1, .1 i;i;i-sH.\, April 1, 1 ;5'.). 2, MiiiiA\| l'\, 

Feb. 1. 17di. :!. Xatii \Mi:i.. Xov. 14, 17f;2; devis.-i^ (d" his unci,-, Panlrv Jones of 
lands iu llartf. and E. Harif, in 1700. 4, John. 

23. Mary Pnntry, b. ab,,ut !f;.54- d. Mar.-h 25, 172:5, a. W.)-, bv will of Inr mo 
Mrs. Hannah Weli.-s, i,, l,avc a pi.j;-e of -..Id atal a -old rin-; m. Xathaniel, .s. uf 4"h:i:Mas 
and iJ(4)eec.i Prurneri Miv, b. Sept. j.p i(;:,i; a. d.'t. ! 1, 172.5; will [Unve.l at Xew Ilav., 
Dec. G. 1725. gives to s. Xathanie] all r.-ai estate t-xcept the " Poplar Hill " land, whlcl! 


lie givos to f^r. s. Xathaniel Mix. To dan. Hel)ecca Kowf, UlJ; to daii. Ilanuuh Mix, 
J:'l(Mi, am! to cacli of his gr. diil. (cliil. of Kebecca), T) sliiliings. 

I. Marv, b. Nov. IH, IGS'2, not iianicd in will of f. 

II. li.'b(^-ca, b. Nov. 20, KiSl; in. Mattlicu" Ihnvv. 

III. Xathaiiiid, 1). 1V,'.I2: m. Anna I'anncU; (2) Hrbt-cca Lines. 

IV. h'annali, liv. in ll'2~). 

V. Sarali, b. .laii. 12, 1099; not naincd in will. 

232. Rebecca Mix, b. Nov. •?:]. d. D,-. t;, iTijO, a. 7G: m. iM-b. l.ITK), 
Maithcw, s. of Jclm and Abigail (AKo],^ i;,.\vc of E. Hav.; b. lY-b. 14. l(i^:,: d. lire. 29. 
17")0; bro. of Sti'phcn iJuwc, \vlio.-::r wid. Marv (Peck) ni. 172!i, Pt'a. 'I'ininthv 'I'utilo [9]. 
1. Mai-v. b. Jan. 21. 1711. 
II. Abitail. b. .Jan. 17, 1712: ni. Mav l:-;, 17>](;, Stephen lvo.s. 

III. .John. b. May :>. 171.7; d. -Ian. 1 1. 17S9; ni. .July 9, 1741. Hannah, (dan. of .loin, 
iuid Martha Tuttlc) Siniiii ('//(^t 1, .M.v'i- nii:\v, b. Feb. 20, 1741. 2. M.vr.Y, b. Marrh 
22, 1744. :]. Lois. b. Manh 21, 174fi. 4, M ATniKW, b. March is, 174S. ,j, IIan.naii, 
b. .hme C, 1749. 

IV. Sarah, b. Oel. 2i), 17Ui; in. Daniel Olds. 

V. Hebe.-ea, i>. Oei . 22, 171S: m. Fel.>. 17. 1742, .lorl Tattle. [GJ 
^'I. Hannah, b. .\uir. S, 1721; m. .Ian. Iti, 17-1'], Ste]4ien Thoniji.soii. 
Vll. Lydia. b. .lune'.O. 17-'o; ni. Job Sniiih. 

2322. Abigail Rowe, h. Jan. 17, 1712; m. May 18. 178t), Stej.hen Ives; d. ai)t. 
17-!o. whin iidni. of hi.-< est. was given to wid.. Abigail; the .j clii!. named. 'J4ie >.vid. 
><lowo!- divided, 1797, to heirs, or legal rejis. of .loseph, hrs. of Sti-iiheij, Hilary, hr;-;. (d' 
Keb(?rca. and hrs. of F.noeh. 

1 Mary, b. July 18. 1737; l>ani.l Iv s, gininl.. 17.r2. 
11. Pvelieeea, b. Feb. 27, 178^^; in. Wiiliaiii Bradley. 1, Frii;KTf.\, d. y. 2. .Io'-:i,, 
<!'. v. 8, WiJ.i.iAM. b. .Mav IS. 17i!8; ni. Oct. G, 17s,-,. "Maw Monlthro}). 1," P''''//. d. v. 
5. "U7V//'///7. 8, S,j/n,„>,,;^ d. v. 4. L>'rnfi". 5, lio^cirrU. 0. Tt/r^is. 7, 1' ''h;. x, 
iJiiiilntli Roin. 9. .sV/'/,v -//,.' 4, Ai;i<;.\ii., ni. 1791, Nathaniel Gah-, b. 1772; d. N. 
llav.. 1S13; wid. rem. to Tauntim, Mas.-;.., wiihh.rr daii. 1, Hn.-oinu. in. <'harle-; L. A. 
I'ottier of New Hav. 2, ILn-ni, b. .huie IG. 179S; drowiuMi in t'onn. Riv. at llartf., 
-.Iuly2G, 1817. 8. Jlarri-t J/rdl,/. h. Oct. 7, ISOG; m. 1827, Albert Convers; (2) Jann-s 
H.- Anthonv; res. Taunton, Mass. 4, ]Li>'htJi Fust, r, b. Oct. 17, ISQS; m. Eeni. l]e..-rh(!r, 
Jr. [:;j r^.' EUz.ihUh.v.K. IVla Baleh of \\'. Havif. She d. ls27. G. J;.//-/ J/"., <!. ISIS. 
1 , ynliuiiiul. N, J.fiiii. 9, Fiinini. The la^-t three d. inf. ."J. Ini-WM', d. socni . 

III. Joseidi. b. Oct. 2''), 1740; Jon.iihan Ives, guard., Tl^o; in. . lu 17S1 

Jos.-ph Oilbert g-uard. to minor daus., A.lilu.ML and Jo.\,.N.\.\, and lUivid (irannis, guard. 
lo Kt'ii!. 

U'. Stephen, b. Mandi IG, 17-11; res. North Haven: est. div., 1798. to wid.. S:irah, 
<hi!.. .ioSKi'ir, \\'iLi.i.\.M, in 179'.i alil. l.'i yr,^. old — Abralnun Blakeslee, guard., —, 
I'tMj.Y. St'KKV and P.mtv. 

V. I'7no(di; Ste]ilien CoojKT, guard.. 1757; d. abt. 1797, when Ids est. was div. to 
J<is., Mary, and hi's. c)f dec. bros., and sis., l!ebecca. 

232G. Hannah Rowe, b. .\ug. 8, 1724: m. Jan, IG, 17-1.7, Steplieu Thomi)soii. 
lie m. (2) .Mars' Hahhv-iu and had .lames. 
I. A mo'-, d. y, 

II. Amo.-,, b. A ng, 2, 17.71 ; m. Mary Tiiom].->o]i. 1, I1i;/,i;k(.\h, d. y. 2, ^Vl:,l.I.^M. 
8, Ei.i/Ai;T-.iii. 4, l^A\^. .7, M.\i;v. 'i. St sax. 7, Piih.kmo.v. 8, Asi-natii. 9. 
Hti.iMH, d. y. FJ, Ili.zKKiAif. 11, 4>rin::;, d. y. 

ill. Mose-., b. Dec. 28, 17.74; m. De^-ire jloulthrop. I, HA.NN.\ir. m. John Hem- 
ingway. 2, Dr.<n!i;. 8, Anna. 4, CiiAitnKs. -7, (';i>sa. G, Svi.vkstki!, d. y. 
-7."1-!i:t--kv, d. y. s, PjIitskv. 9, S.m;au, d. y. Id, S.MtAir, d. y. 

I\'. Hannah, d. v. 
V. Stephen, b. .hm. 11, 17G0; m. 1779. Lois I'.radley. 1, Auors-irs. 2. Silas, 
d. y. 8, Ha.nn.mi. d. y. 4, Oi:i.AXiiii, d. y. 5, PANsn:-.r. d. }. G, S.MiAir, d. y. 7. 
Hann.mi. 8, 

233. ISTatLailicl Mix, b. lGi)2. lu 1728 received de-'d of 82 acres of land in 
Hartf. from his .1 ilm Pantry: will dale<l May \:\. 17.77: um<.v. f. lo becca. ;• , atid s . 
Nathaniel .Mi\ to h;i\e 8 .acres in S7irk-hire C^u.irter, .\. 11. , and 2n acres in Amit_\ Palish. 
<ippo-;ile 'Piniotliy i'.rdr^ I'ann, etc.; i!a;i. .\m!i:! .Mix, s. .labi/, ixis. lb- d. Oct. 2-1. 177G, 
Ji. Gk inv. l"977; m. .Ian. 22. 172:'.. Annali, dan. of l-'-nj. and Fli/abitli (Sperry) Bumudi, 
b. Ocr. 11, IbliO, d. Se[.i. 17, 178,1. at b. of -. Jai-e/; (2, Aug. 8L 1782. Ibd.'ec.-a. <hn.. of 


lt:i!i.l. and Alualt Bas-ett Liu.-s, 1). Vvh. KiHT; d. Maicli V2. IT^O. a. S-2. 11. -i- dmv, r ,Iist. 
178"J to AiiMu AlwattT, wf. ol" Jercmiali, ami Jalx"/ Mix. Iii 17;).l she is iiamcd in a i-diiv.. 
U) Aafon 'J'ntllc of land laid out to Kal))h Lines, witli llannali. \vf. of .loliii Thouias, 
J(>sci)'i and J^f-nj. l.iin-s, and Abiali, wf. of Silvanus i'larlv. — X. II. Luixl lid'orO. I l,v 
1st in.: 

1. Natliani-d. 1,. .Nf.nvh 11. 17-?4-"'); ni. Saiali ]>,iadl.>v. 
II. J>rcp]i.-n, 1). \nr. ID. 17:iS: d. May -Jl. 17:!<;. 

III. Jahc/.. i). Sfj)t. 12, I7;)l; iji. .Ii'ndnia Brown. /. lu" Od n;. : 

IV. .Mary. 1). .liui.-!J, ];:j:!; d. .hii,.- 11, \rM\. 
V. Siciihcn, d. Si-])t. 1. 1787, a. '-il yrs. 

y[. An:ia, h. A]i!-il "J. !7;!o: tu. •IiTcuiiah Atwairr [:3]. 
VI 1. Stephen, h. April IS, 178'..». 

2331. Nathaniel Mix, 1>. Ma.r.di 11, ne-I: d. S.^pt. -JD, 1749, a. -r): m. Sand,. 
dan. n{ Aimer linidley and -in. ol Manha, v. f. of llez.-kiah 'I'Mtt le [:i |. Ii. th.. disi. ol 
her f.'s e>:. in 17--^-") slie is named as wid. of Mix, and as lia\ini^- s. Narh. Shr ;;i. 
('2) 1731. !{ezehiah Ilotcddiiss and liad 1 s. Sin- d. hi ISO'!; est. div. same w. to thf fon,- 
(ddl. of her s., Mat)]. Mix, " the onlv peisnn now intere-;T.-d in the est." .h-sse 1). Mix 
to liave lialf th.e old hona-tead and l"oi in ^V,-stt;eld. 

I. Nathaniel, 1). .\ov. 17, 17-!'.); d. Nov. Oil. 17sl. e-t. ,|iv.. 17!Hi. l.v Ol.adiah 
llotehkiss and J( !>•. Atua;er te, Jesse Bradley Mix, who had Poplar Hill, dan. "hois, s. I"Ii 
and (l-ui. Sally. Ih-in. Thankful, dan. of .'oiin .MlinLi'. o. 17oo; d. .\\\v:. s, is;)]. Sli-in. 
(2) Jan. 1, 17\to, iintlierford Trou In idire. v.hose s. Josrph l)v 1st svf'. in. hois Mix. 1, 
hois. d. .lune '.".», is.pi, a. (■>.">: ni. S.-p; •.'.""). 1 7r'(;. ('apt. .lo.~. ph 'l'i(e.v!ii-i<ii;'r [11 1; ;!c!:ii. -2, 
Jksse 15k-VDI,kv. 8, .Ki.i. d. Nov.' 21. InH. a. 'io: 'I'inioiliN lUi-sett.'d.. 17:t(i: m. 
(-'raee Peek wle> d. dan. !H. isi.;.'). a. 7^. 1, AV/.vA/' P.. d. at Ihirhadoes, \\'. ],, Oer. o. 
lS8f). a. 2-"): remains hmu^lu lunne. !, S.w.i.V, d. nnrn. alit. 1N2-"); when adm. of e-^i-. 
^dveii to-Eli Mix. dist. to bro. ami sis,, thr. weie :', shares of F.a^rle Baid< stoid<. 

2333. Jabcz Mix, h. 12, 17;!1. Y. C. 17ol. d. (I't. •",, 17(;2. a. ;ll ; m. F-i.. 
12, ] 7-')'.i, .lenuma Brown. In. 17'Jl Pranei^ Brown ap])r. u'uard. to tin- onh' idn!. .^hlrv 
•and Anna. .Slie ni. (2) P(!e 12, Uiif. .'e:rniiah Barnet of N. II. 

24. Kebecca Welles, h. May. Kmo.- d. Nov. 5, 1717: m. Aiiir. P!, ItiS'J. .Pun-s 
Judson, h. Apiil 24, Iii.-)!!, s. of Pient. Joseph and Sarah (Porii-r; Jmlson nf V\ ini.i.sor. 
Conn. He was a de})Uty to the i^en. rouri. Pii-ut. of draL'-oons. andrajit; res, Siratfoid, 
Conn. lied. Peh. 2."}. 1721: in. (2i Xov. 2t). I7!S(;<. co'us. .n' ids 1st wp), Ann, dan. ,jf 
Sannt-.d \\'el!s and ui.l. of.lar.ies Ste.d (d' Wetlif-r^iiidd: .v. /. 
I. llannali, b. .May :;(.), PiSl ; m. Papt. James Lewis. 
IP Sara.ii, P. F-.di. ic, P3s:p m. (),-i. 12. 17US, IP-v. Nathaniel (dniuneev. 
IIP P.d..vr... h. Pr'o. 2o. V'.<\: d Pel). 2'!, I'I'.IS, a, 14 vrs. 
W. A\'i!Pa::i. o. Jan. 4. Pl^5. 

^■. Joseph, b. June 10. I(is7: m. Mareli 14, 17()'J, Hannah, dau. of IP-nrv ai:i 
Deborah llawley of Stratford, b. Oct. 7, Ids!). 

VI. .Jame.s', P. April IP IHSH: m. Pec. IS, 1727, ^[a.rilia Pewis. 
VIP Phel.e, b. Det, 12, ICiOP ni. Jnne2iP 1714, Joseidi Powis. 
VHP D.ivid, b. .\n,-. 7. 1G'J;J. ni. Mar.di 2:t, 171o, Plula Srih-s. 

241. Hannah Judson, b. .M;iv;j(),; m. Nov. 11, 17(i2, ('apt. James p.-wis of 

I. John, b. Pee. 2f>, 170;]; in. Sarah Sherman. 
IP -M.ary, b. .May PS, 17U(J. 
IIP James, h (.)Jp 12. 170S; m. P.-c. , Kdl, Xaond Sherman, b. :May 12, 1712, sis. 
of Sarah, who m. Jolm L'M\is. 1. \\\{ u\-:\.. b Mareh 19, 17.'52. 
IV. Pavid, Jan.' 5, 1711; d. 17S1; y. ('. 17:30. 

V. A!)iirail, b. Nov. 'J, 1722. 

2411. John Lewis, b. Dee. 20, 170;p m. D. <•. 27. 1727, Sarali. dan. of NaUianid 
and Abiu-ad (Hanford) Shrinian. b. Sopr. 8. 170S. 

P Natliani. 1 Sln'rnnin, b. June :>, J7;>0; m. 1. X.v'inAMKr, Sin:i;M.\x, b. lli)?t: 
d. is-.'s; 1,1. Sarah., dan. of ('apt. Abraluna P.radlev of N. IP I (71 2, IP\NN.VH,b 17--j7: 
in. Obadiah Hoteldds.,. 

II. Amos, A\ig. li), l7o2 ■' 

III. Xatiian. 

IV. Sarah. 
V. James. 


YI. John. 

VII. .ludson, 1). March lU, 1743; m. Tec. "J."). 1777, Ann, (hui. of Dr. Ayiir ;inil Muvy 
Tonilinsdn, l)a[). Juui', 17t)U. 1, C.\TE, .hm. lU, "i77'J. 2, Dan, Aug. ."), 1780. ;J, Sauaji, 
Feb. 11, 17s:j. 1, PiKhecca, h. Jan. 2S, 178.'}. ."i, Hknky, 1.. Nov. :], 17^7. (J, W.m. 
Aguk. Oft. (;, 17S9. 
VIII. Jolm. 

241112. Hannah Lewis, b. 1757: d. Nov. 2-,\ 1n:^1, m. 74: m. Fob. 1',', KIVJ. 
Obadiali. .■^. of e)i);idi:ih IIotcllki.■^s of Hetliany, (""(Uiu., b. Sept. 4, ]7(j'2: Y. C. 17sS; .\| . 
1).; d. Jan. 2S, 18:5-2; di uiri;-isl. in X. H. witli law, X. fc^. Lc-wisand Mason Dnvand. 
Tht^ elib-i ()l)adiali H()t(:hkis.-s was a Idacksndth. 

I. Silas, b. Ort. 11, 1784; d. Oct. 2, 1790. 

II. Fi'wis. b. Dec. 'J."), 1786: jirac. incd.; dca. of the 1st chh. in Xew llav. iS-b'j- 
ISalt; d. Oct. 14, iy''M: m. Hannah, dau. of Dr. Jnscjih and Olive (Clavl:) Trow!irid-r. b. 
.March 24, 1702. of Danburv. Conn.; d. Auy:. 24, 1S7;^, a. 81. 1, JosKj'ir 'rT;(iwi;i;n)..r,, 
h. Feb. li, 1!S21: m. Di-c. 24, 1848, Mary 'Bunco: he d. 8cpt. 2--), IS'bl. 1, X- /.-('.v. ni. 
Oct. 15, 1874, Fa.nnv L. Sanlord and liad 1 s. ; n-s. X. 11. i', S(r<'.'i IjUJ. h. Sept. 28. 
1853. 2, I'^I!AN(F.s'Lkwis, b. Feb. 17, 182::!: ra. John F.n.-lish: [4] 5 chil. o, Oi.tvi v 
C'i-AKK, b. Aua-. 7, 1n24: ni. May 2!l, 1S70, (ico. Edward, s. of (-iad and lloxiuui Kici.' 
Dav (liis 2d w'f.), b. March 19. 1^15: D.D.; yjastor Edward's chh.. Xortlianii-ton: since 
1802 Prof. Ilobr.'w and Sacred J^iteratnre V. C'. : nn-ni. and .sec. of the Am. Com. for 
revision of the Xew Testament: comp'der of 1), .s-rrnihints of Thini'iix Di'ij. lie m. fl) 
Amelia Oaks of X. 11. 4. Sai;aii A.nx. b. Xov." lU, 1S27: A. Jan. 15, 18;Jl. 5, Sap. \il 
Taitan, b. Oct. s, l,'s:;2: d. Xov. H.;. Is,).",. 

III. Ibtnnah Frances, b. April 7, r7;((i; <1 May 4, 1815. 

242. Sarah Judson, b. Feb. 10, liis:^,; d. May :n, 1745: m. Oct. 12, 17'>S, by lU-v. 
CharU'S Chauncev (d' Stratford, Conn.. l!ev. Xathani(4 Channcey, b. llailield, .Ma^^s.. 
Sept. 21, IC.Sl; s.'<;f liev. Xathaniel, and g. s. of Pres. Charles Cliauiicey" of Ilarv. ('oh 
In 1702 he was one of the five persons who reci'ivid the first degree conferreil by ^ . C. 
(lion. A.M.), and so caHed " the first born of Yah'." "rd. ]uistor of tlie Cong. chl.. ar. 
Diiiluun. Conn , 17IH). Pev. Eli/.nV Goodrich, whom, his g. dan., Catharine Chaimcey. 
succeeded in 175'). and theii-dau., (/atha.rine (ioodricl;, m. Pcv. Ihivid Smith, v.ho uas 
pastor from 1790 to I8:t2. malvinii- 12() yrs. durir'g whicli the Ibndiam jiulpit wa.> in the 
]io.-«',s-ion of one famlK-. t;i-v. 'Xatiianiel Clnuuicey (L l"eb. 1, 1750. Jlr was a Feih)W 
of Y. C. from 174() to r752. Of him it w;.s s:iid. --he was not a large man, but a man of 
great ]>resence.'' 

1. Elihn, b. March 24. 1710: m. .Mar.'h 2^. 17;;0. Mary Criswold. 

II. Sarah, b !m4... 1711: m. I)e;i, lsia'4 IVirritt of nurhani. formerly of Stratford. 
Conn., b. 10^7: d. 1750,- s. of Steplien, and unrle to l^lihu Burritt, g. f. of the •• learned 
blacksmith." 1, S\i;Air. bap. Xov. 2, 17:-;4. 2, Isi;.\ki., b. Aug. 14. 1780; an interesting 
voiuiir nnin: d. in Dnrluun, nnra.. May 25, 18(iO. W. Axx, Imj). Oct. 10. 174:]. 4. 

CirAlVr.hls, bap, AtiL'-. ol, 1740: a Ib'V. .sol. 5, \Yii.i.iam, b. 174S: m. , who d. Dec. 

8, 1798; reared a fam. in the X'. \\ . jiart of Conn. lb- d. in Beth!<4iem. Conn., .Nov 
14, 1802, a. 54. l. llmninh, <l. Feb., 1704, a Id yrs. 

III. Catharine, b. Se])t. 22. 1714: d. x. i. Jum' 11, I780: m. 17o2, I'.enjamin Stiilson 
of Wethersti(4d. Conn.; V. C. 1724; d. 17S0. 

IV. Abiu-ail, Oct. 2. 1717: d. Xov. :), 170S: m. A].ril 5, 1749, 1749, Hon. JaO-/, 
Hamlin of Mid. (s. of Jolm atu! Marv, dau. of lb v. .Xaihainel Collins, and g. s. of Jabe/. 
Hamlin), b. Jnlv 2S, 1709: Y. C. 17'2S: I'ol. <d' mil.. Just, of the Qimriim, Chief .bnlo-e 
Co. Coni't, JuiJiie (d' Probate. A.s.-^is. in Ooh.nial Council, Pep. 01 .sessions, Speaker .d' the 
House, mem. Ib-v. Coin, of Safetv, Ii^^t .Mayor of .Miildh-town. De;i. 1st Coui'-. chh.: <1. 
Ajiril 25. Kill, a. 82. He was 4 t'imes ni. 1. Jon.v, b. \>rr. 11, 1752; d. Sejii. 20. 1770. 
2, Mai;<.ai;ki-, June 22. Kofi: d. .v. i. Aug., isi7. a. 91 : m. Sammd Canfield. M, AnioAii,. 
Mav 4, 1758; d. Sept. 10. 1759. 

V. Xalhani.l. b. Jan. 21, 1720: m. Jan. 10, 1750. Mary Stocking. 
VI. Elnatlian, I.. Sej-t. 10, 1724. 

*Uev ClKirlei Clinuncev was rector of \V.\re in HertfonKliire, Kn.;., in 1627. He eniij;ri.tcd to New 
Enf,'.. and is nnteMur of liW >jf the ti.utie in tb-j I.' . S. Kev. Isr;;el C. oi St-'imtord w:w his ,-,. ^...o ( a a:i>t- 
cey Mcmc-ia!, from which a large part of this lucord of dtsc. of liev. Nathaniel and Sarah uudsom C. 
is taken. 



2421. Elihll Chauncey, 1> Mnn-li --24, ITIO: d. Aj)ii! 10. ITOI; rcj). J)uil\aiti in 
Conn. Let;, biennial sessions; i'lprt(^d couTin. :'>'.) vis. witli ojic cxcoiHion, wlien in ihe 
iioitliorii Tirmv. ActiniT Col. of ri\f:t. in Frem-li wiuv ; Tlif. Just. Co. Court; nvhuUI not 
tjilif tilt- oath": sus]iertr(l <if favoring tin- torics, and Indd no otrict; dui'ing tli.' ]\cv. wur; 
ni. Maroli "2^. 1T:SI), Ma'-v, d:ui of Saml. <iris\vo](I, I'^q., of I\illin;;-\vortli, Cmin., udio d. 
Miindi ], ISOl. a. Si. 

I. Charles, b. l)e-.2S, 17;i!l; d. Jan. IM, 17-10. 
II. CailicUin". b. April 11. 1741: m. Im-K. 1, HoO. Hi'V. Klizur (ioodricli. 
III. Sarali. b. De.-. 22. ;7-l-2: d. Aug. l.j, 1741. 

1\'. Sarali. !•. MavS 174.""i; d. iMarcb ID, \K2'A. a. 7S: ni. Lemuel (.'iiernsey. who d. 
Julv 17, 17'.I4; (O* ]-^4i,'l',), M'it'). Simeon Parsons, l^sq., wiso d. July 1-.2, ISII), in ,S7tli yi-. 
Me in. Mareli Hi. 17")^. Ivmicp llosetter, \vlio d. Ai)iil r,\ 17;>1. .M )•. Par.sons was 
rep. Conn. Lei;-, several sessions; J ustice of the I'cace; Cupt. Kev. Army; Town Clerk of 
nnrham 17Sf;\o ISili. 

W- (4iarle>. b. -May 0, 1747; in. Abigail Parling. 

24212. Catharine Chaillicey. h. Ai>ril 11, 1711; d. Aj.rijs, ps;!:), h. SO; remark- 
al)le foi- o(),,(l sense in dumestie aflairs, sweetness, franlcness. kindness and jiiety; sur- 
vived her husband nianv vrs.. lioiiored and beloved: m. Feb. 1, 1 7-"^i'.l. Ii'ev. Klizur (iood- 
rich. b. Hoclcy Hill. Conn". Ort. IN, ]r:;4: d. ^^.v. 21. 17U7: V. C. IT.'i'?: M.A.. 175.^, and 
tntor: o)(]aiiied ;i; 1 >Lirhani, ('"un. , 1 7'^!'!: nn-m. eorp. . Y.C., 1 77<i; S.4'. 1 ). . Hrinceii,n Col. 
In 1777 (T.ndiihiTe uith i'r. Stili-s for tin- j'residency of Vale Col.; tin' vote a tie, juid he 
gave liis own ra-^tiiii'- vote for Or. S., an act whieh wa^ a souree of great ].leasuie to hiu> 
i'vei after. On the I7t)i of Nov.. 171^)7. he lefi Imiui. in examine some hiuds in hitiddicld 
Co. l>eloim-ini: to Y. C. and next Sunday preaejied in Idttddield; ne\i moridng ])roe.cded 
io Xi.rwalk and, was eiitertiducd in the'hosiiitabh:' family of ('apt. Titus Ives, and tin- 
evening s)ient in ]iiea>;int conversation. 44ie next nn>rning, soon after rising-, he d. in :im 
apo])ieetie lit; reniaiiis rem. to l)iiriiam and funeral sermon jiK^ndied by l?ev. Dr. 
I > wight. 

i. Chauneev, b. Oct. 2(1, 17~)!l: m. Abigail Smith, f2) Mnvy Ann AV<dcott. 
II. Kli/.nr. li. Mar.di 21. 17()1: m. Sej-t.'"], 17S.-,, Anne ( Wiibird) Allen. 

lii. Samuel, \>. Jan. 12, 17n:i. m. July 2!l, 17^4 Kii/abeth 

1\'. I'dilin Cliaiuie.y. b. Sept. \i\. Kli!; "l'. C.. 17^4: d. 18it2. mini.; lawyer ami 
land spi'cnlatiir: re-. ( 4avei-;ii4< . N . Y. 

V. (Iinrle-- .\n-nMns (ioodricli, b. .Mandi 2. 17(iS: d. unm. lv()4: Y. C , IT'G. Less 
vigorous than the other ss. . he |)o.— csxd a lin<' ta-te. pnetical geni',i-~. and amiable 
<lispo-ition. Stud, fo!- the ministiy. Imt loo elo-^e appliialion affi'et'-d hi- imrvou> system, 
whi'.-h so,)n imluced a ]>ermaiient menta.l derangement. For several yrv. lie res. with liis 
lii-o. in KMdgefield. and was aide to mingle with tlie family, e\re].r dining severe i)arox- 
i-m~ of liis mahnh'. \\\<- nature was naturally deli(-ate. tender and full of giMierou-; syni 
parhie-. ilc iibon'ndi-d in prayer. (,fii-n in laim-uauf 1 1'e mo.-t fervent and imi"iilun-ite, and 
at n;!dni:;iii hi> f-im. w.-ie not unf .eipe-ntly awakeil by his .-trains of mu-ii- so sweet and 
so pl.-iintive as to prevent shcjiiliir bir hmir-. At the close id' his life the (doud was 
\\i'lidiawii. and the -an of riuhteoM-iie.-N -liowii brightly upon his darkened mind an.l 
beiiu nl)ed aft<-eiion-, and he converged calmly and j'i_\ 1 iilly of his approatdiinLi- de])artiLie. 

\d. Nathan, b. Aug. L 177H; d. y. 
Yll. Catharin:- Ciiaancey, li. Dec. 2. 177-'): m. l\ev. David Smith. 

242121. Chauncey Goodrich, b. Oct. 2(i. 17.V.): Y. C. 177ii; tutor 177!); lb-]'- 

in < oiin. Le^. tor ilaitf. ]7'X',: M.-m. Cnu^f. 17'.D-1SUII: piacticed juw in llaitf.. State 
Coiii-ilh.r |.so-i.^7- [-_ s; j^,.|,_ ps()7; Maycw of Ilartf. 1S12: Lieut. -Cov. o)' (\mn. ISDJ; 
.\lem. llirtl. Coiiv.: d. .\iil;-. l'^. IMo. allection of the lie;itt. '■ His ;ittainments as a 
side. !:ii vserc extensive .\ I I he bar iio mall stood liigher. .V wise coun.-ellor; an aide 
and uptight nni'^i-^trate, ;uid an example of ;dl that i- \ irinous in the juivate relations <d' 
].{<■:--]]', ■fr.,ff .][.,„.,,■,.,': ,11. Ab;:'.-ail dau. (d' Dr. Smith <d' Hartf : (2) (»<-t.. 17N!). 
Mari-mn.- (dan. ,.f ( P)v. Oliver a nd Lan ra (.'olliiis) Wolcott, li. Feb. 10. 170."): d. ISI).";: 
di-^iin::u;-];''il f I,- l>,.;nil V iiiid wit. l-'or bioL,. notice and inadeipiate |) see Dr. (iris- 
\^o!d- /.'(/'"''//•.//, (',,,//■', For a verv tine and b:-antil'nl en v.'ta vin.':'. from ;. painting' by 
Ivirl.',-e- tC. ■•■.-,,,'/ .]/■,-'/;•//', p. l.'ii.' Slie wa- -i.-. of Hon. I''!ederick Wob-ott ( y^-.s/i ami 
<d <io. . Oliver WolcoTi. >eeond S.'C. of the 4'leasiuy .lllder Wa-hingloii. 

242122. Eiizur Goodrich, ii. Manh 21. i7til; d. Nov. 1, isp.i; y. C. 1770: vol. 

lo ilete.iij .\e\\ ||;,v. 17,'.l: ,-ftel' riie et.ei;iV Icik l)o--e--ion. b.'ing tiled he lay oU a bed. 

wh -i.- In wa- b.iy .;e:l i,, iP;. l,i-ear-I 'b\- a Biit. sol. Tnfo|- V. C. 1 7S I -;J;" prac. law, 

Ib'li. Leg. 1 7:i.'). ;iiid lor iiKiny yr.^.; se\eral time.- (derk and Speaker id' the llou-e; .M. 


€. ITDft, i)resrnt at t]i'> last m-ss'kui in Pliila. ami the first in Wa^h.; Collfctdr of tlir I'mt 
of X. Ilav. IHOl. but tiinicii (Jilt by Mr. Jrll'crsi.n, tlnai t'lcicil ]^•|.. and soon aftn- Mimh. 
of (.'dunci! (Senate) and aniiuayy till I^IS. He was without interiui'-sion a Mem. of State- 
].e^. or Cong. 2'A yis. ; Chief Judge Co. Court of X(>w Jlav. Co. K! yis. ; .ludge df ]''rol);ite 
17 yrs. : Mayor <if X'. Ilav. IS'i);! to \>i22. (hen resigned; meanwhile was Prof, of Law and 
Lecturer Y. C., and im in. of the Corporation and Secretary 28 yrs., to lS4(i. Fi-oiu ent. 
Col.. ITTo. uninterru}>tedly connected witli it 7J yrs.; Id.. ]>., ^'s^^^)■. ni. Sei)t. ], ITSG, by 
Kev. Jonallian Edwards, I). ]).. [S]. Anm' NN'iihird Allen-- <d' (it. I'.arrington. Mass., b. ' 
Mar.di i), 17<;H; d. Xov. 17. ISIS. 

I. Kli/.ur, b. Oct. ;!. J7S7: Wnis. Cdl.; la^vyer at Tlartf. ; m. Oct. '2'). ISiS. Kliza, 
<lau. of (I'en. Ileiii-v Champion. 

II. Cliann.-ey Alleji, b. Oct. 2-A. n'.iO; d. Ori. 2:-3. ISOd: Y. C. ISIO; 'I'litor lSL.>-]4; 
])a>tor Cong, -MiddletDWu, Conn.; Prof, (d' Khetoi'ic and Oratory Y. C. 1817 to 
1S;^<I; then transl'erred to Pnd'. of Pastoral Theology; ])ublished a (ireek (irannnar 1S]-1; 
Ivitii. /,..v.s-'-/,.s- atid (ire'.- At'.v.v(>/i.v ]S32; viihov Qii/irterlt/ C /in\^fiifii Sjierf/rt'/r sevtvral yrs. 
Fron-i IS-JS t.i IStio .'ugaged in the suiieriniendence, various ediliMus <.!' the IMc 
lionarv of X'o.-ib \\"eiisier; ni. Pri'.nces Julia, dau. of Xoah \V(d).->fer, LL. !>., (hexicog. 
rajdu'r.) 1, lii-;v. CiiAiNci.v. Y. C. ls;]7; d. ISliS. -.>, KD^VA]{U CoiU'. 3, lO.V. 
AVii.i.r.v.M I1kni;v, V. C. ISIM; tutor; d. 1S74. S. T. D. -I, .)ri.i.\. o, F!;.\ncks. 

HI. Xancv (;,M)drich. b. ,'an. L 17:i-J; d. .Ian. 14, 1847; in. lion, lloiry Leavitt 
Ellsworth of La Fayetif. Ind., b. ^^';rldsor, Conn., Xov. 10. Hill. He was tw'in bio. to 
the Hon. \\')n. W'oicott Ellsworth. (io\. of Cimn. and Judge id' tlie Supreme Court of 
Errors of Conn., and tlu' twins were the v(uini:est chil. (d' Hon Oliver Ellsworth of 
Windsor. Conn.. Second Chief .!n-ti(-e of the F.S. He gra.l. Y. C. ISHj; res. in Hartf. 
abt. 1(1 yrs. A])))!, by (ien. Jnclcson, lies. Com. among t)ie Indian tribes .south and 
\vest of the Arkansas. In this service he made extensive circuits tf)^vard tlie Pocky 
Mountains, in om* of which lie was accompanied by "Washington Irving, \vho Ihn.s 
obtained the materials f<H- his work uixui our western prairies. In abt. two yrs. lie Wcis 
called to \V. and jilaced at the head of the U. S. Patent Olhce, wdiieh he rendered one 
of the most u.s(d'ul and pojmlar depts. of the (iovt. After abt. lU yrs. he lem. to La 
Fayette. Ind., and engaired with zeal, energy and great success, in the purchase and 
-settlenu'iit cd' C. S. lands, by which t!ie norther;i ]iart or the state wa.s greatly benetited. 
He returned to Conn, in conse((uen(-e ni' ill health, and d. at Fair Haven, Conn., Dec 27, 
lS-")>^, iu llie C.sth yr. of his a. He ni. (2^ Catlniriiie S;niih,a cousin of his 1st wf. 1. 
Hkxky ^^'lr,I,t^^! l-ll.t swdsnii, b. 1S14; Y. C. is:i4; lawyer; rem. to Ind. ISoo, and 
jifier ls.")0 was coun.st4 titr S. 15. F in his tel. pat. suits. He was fo-r some time 
Sec. of Legati<ui and Charge de Affairs to Sweden; d. Aug., 1S04. Author of S'/v^'Acv ';/" 
t/i< I'ppir Wiibiis/i ]',iI!,i/_ li,<l.. S vo., 1S88, and a contributor to the Kn\rkrrhor};,v 
^Tiiijiiiiin. 2. El)"\v.\t;i). ;;. Ax.MK: she dictated the first telegram sent m-er the first 
American teleiZTajdi, that lietweeu Washington and Baltimore; '-WHAT ILV'l'H (iOI) 

wporcin:-! . 

242123. Samn.el CTOOdrich, b. Jan. 12, 17(!:i: Y. C. 1788, and joined chh.; ord. 
ax Pidgefield. Conn.. July d. 17.^1). Often called to' aid in settlinii- eccles. difliculiies; 
dismiss, hI at his own request Jan. 22. 1811. Inst, at Worihingion (Lerlin), Conn., M.-iy, 

HThe seb.'sion ot Cong-. wa.s drawine; to a close and i'. was no: thoujjht prob;ib'ie that tlio bill would be 
reached. Prof. Morse, who had despaired of its pass.uje, was preparuis- to leave for New York. In 
the morning. Miss Annie Ellsworth, then a y.iune; school girl, called to con^fratuLne him. Herf.uher, 
then Com. of I'atenf!, and an intimate friei:d ol Pr^f. Morse, liad watched th.e House till ih.e last nionicnl. 
She said ; "'.tr sent rre to tell you tliat your bill wa-, pa^.'^ed. He remained until the se.ssiun cCsed, 
and yours wps the i:>-Si bill but one acted upon, and it \vas p.issed just tive minutes before tte adjourn- 
ment ; and 1 am t.o,:;!ad to be the tirst one to tell you. Mother says, toj, that yon must come home with 
me t'-' breakfast " The srra'eful t'rof. th.anked her apain a:id a^'ain.and assu'-ed lier that she should send 
over the wires the rlr.-,t messaiiic as her reward. The mr-licr was talked over in the famdy and Mrs. Kils- 
Worth suppcsted lt;e messai;e v.-hic!i Prof. .Morse referred to her daijLrfiier, and this was the one subse- 
•quently sent when the line ti)Ctwefn Wash. :i.rid l?;.'l. c-uiiplcted. Albert \'ail, his asst. beinff at the 
Sloant Chare L)epot in Rait, .and i"'rof. Mor.-e in the Chamber of il:e Suiueme Court in Wash., and the 
circuit beint; found perfect. I'rof. .\T. sent t" .-\nnie for h(rr mevsacre. and it came: "' i^'h-it halh C'.r 
-v>ii:ii,'-'ir " — the tirst message ever ir.insinilttd by a rc'-ordii.;^ trleurarh The si'>rv has been otten told 
■with many e-xacjeeralions. and has roamed about l'ant»:.'e with much. r.jmaiuic material aitaclied to it, bet 
theabove is the simple, true statement. 

lOG branch; of haxxah. 

ISl 1. :md coil. till-. 54 yrs. }[o ivjul tlic Bihlt; tliroiii;-]i in coui^" several Times ti. liis 
ruiiiiy, beirinniiig- ]S()r». ci.rniili'tetl ISO!), "1-2^ '\.l_ •](; 'lil, "-^l . "j;;, •o.-,, -o; 'os ■;;() •;>.) 
and ';?:5. He was sul)j<Tt to iiout for many yrs. , \vlii<li af^last alVerted Ids l.rain! Attrr 
tli;il Ids lucid intervals were few; d. a1 Berlin, A|)r:l 11), ]s;>"), il 7-2; m. .lnl\ '2!) ITsi 
I'lli/ahctli, dan. of Col. John Kly.^ At tlie a:.;c of 20 I'dizaliel li ,' lietler known as Bit-fV 
was very liraidifnl and In^ddy acconiplislied. ••Almost as lianrlsome as l^ets.-v Klv'^ 
i)ccanie provei liial. After m. and riMn. to i;id-<{i(dd . a yreat chani;-e oc<-ni red' i;, fh,, 
f<prtnn(s of lier f. and ex|i"ctaiions fro?n that Sduri-e wi'Ve cut <jff: hnt she /ealoush- 
devoled ]iel-.-elf to her duties and W:i-. a jiaUeru of coii-j ii -a.! co-.ipera t ion and tidelitv 
She was a gn-at lover of tlie heantifnl in nature and often niii^ht he seen at the (dose 'if' 
day retired and alone in contemplation. The lines i,r i\,ll,„-].; aiiproiirialid v d.-s<-rihe tlie 
scx-nes slie loved and the tf'nij)er of }ier inind; 

" The moon awoke, and from her maiden face 
Sheddinjr her cloudy locks, lookc-d meekly torih 
• And wiih her virgin stars walked in ihe heavens ; 

Walked ni,£;h:ly. ihouprh cmh ersui^r ai .she walked, 

Of pur ty and holiness and G'jtl.'' 

Her last illness was lone- and painful. Slie d. March :>. ls:!7, a. 7-2; surv. lu-r his 
two yrs. ; 1(1 chil., of wlioni "2 d. y. 

]. Sarah ^^■orl]^ino•ton. 1). An,-. 7. 17S."): m. Anms Cooke; (2) Frederick W'olcorr 
11. Eli,;aheth, 1). Ai.rii 2(i. irs7: ni. Kev. Noah. s. ,,r Cliarh-s Coe, Ks,]. : V. (\ 
ISOS; has keen i)astor at New llanf., .\. Y . ('. and (ireeuwich. Conn.; res. X. ihiv • d 
ISTI. 1, Cn.vs. (iooDKK II; Y. C. isti:; Lk.jk Cul. Co!.. iSiVj. -2. l-d;i;!'t:KT(K C\u- 
I'l-.xrKK. -M. A. ■.',. Hi;v. S\\!i it,; Y. C. isr.S: ,i. is.iii. 4. Ki.iz auiVhi Hi. v. 
HI. Ahigail, h. Nov. 21(. I7ss; m. liev. Samu.a ^^■hitth■sev. 
IV. CharU-, Aufrustus, h. Aun-zl':!, 17'.M); n.i. Sarah l^pson". 

A'. Cathaiine. h. Dec. i, 17'.'!: ni. Daniel Dunhar; Y. C. 171>-1; d. ]y4i: lawver. 
lu-rlin. Conn. ' " ' ' 

VJ." Samuel (Jriswold, h. Aii-:. 10, 17!i;!; m. Adeline ( Jratia Iha.llev; r2) Marv Hoo't 
\'II. I'dihu Chauncey. o. Nov. IN. 17llo; d. .lunel). kr:)7. 
\'lll. Mary .\iin Wolcoti.i li. May 2'.i. 17'.>!i; m. X. Ik Smith. 
i\'. J-aiiily (.'hauiK^ey, h. "Nkiv. 2o. IsOl; d. Oct. 2o. l^i'-K 

X. hauily Chaimcey, 1). X.a". lli, ISO."); m. i;,.v. Daiins, s. (.f Samuel and I'oilv 
(Mead) Mea.d of (ireenwidi. Conn.; "tk C. 1S2S; res. Hostun. 1. S.VMit.r. < Jodi'!;!' !(, 
2, Kmiia- (idoDKicii, 111. h'ev. Ciiailes Bahcocd--. (J-^M^c. ) of Boston. :k A i)i:i. mdi-: k.i.v. 
4. U'diri iiiN(.-i.iN Jk.v. 5, lIi;ri:N. 

2421231. Sarah Woi-ihinp;ton Goodrich,!.. Anu-. 7, i7s5; d. Scot, u |s|-2 

She was distinc-uished equally fur tier love of hooks, of tloriculture and of 'lahor. Slie 
was luted tor Yale Cuk when twelve yrs. .,f a. ami cried hecause ylie c(nihl n<it enter. 
In Iht po-iiion a1 Litchii'dd .die -^uslaiiied the r.'Iation .d" mothei' t.. ua rd tin ee ^^rts of 
chihlr.n, vi/. ; tlM.seof Mr. Wojcott ky hi.-> first m.. and her own hv both inarria-es; to 
ea(di and all ol' wlionr slie showed a irenerous and tender ati'ectioii ; ni'. Amos Cooke" Msii 
of Danbiny, C,>nn., (s. of Col. Jose}di IMutt and Sarah Bene.lict Cooke, and trr s -d' l.'ev. 
Sam'l Cooke uf Prul-^eport), h. 0(«t. 11, 1770; Y. C. 17U1; d. Mav 1:^ iPlO He wis 

'■'i'^''." i!"^^" f''-^ "'■'''^ ^ ptiys., eel. for his successful treatment -i small po.\ by inoculation at a hospital 

iretjory, phys. 

■»It IS \sntten of tlie poet. Percival, that after his grad. at \ . (. . then a vuuntr man about -o. he returned 
hoaie to Ker;MnL;ten (Berlin). '■ but found few who could respond to his own ooeiical and cultivated 
mind, yet there was one. the dau. of the Berlin pastor and the sister of th<; late ' Peter Parley,' whose 
beauty of person, eloRant raanncrsand refined tastes made her an attractive ctimpanio" . .\t the parsonaee 
he was aUvays a welcome visitor, and with this young lady lie ' botanized in the tields and poetized in the 
library. It with her that he found his most consrnial socie'V ; and it is her name which occurs most 
frciuently in the p.. ems he now wrote. The foll.nving is a specimen of the breathinjrs of his passion : — 
' ''"''.'-' T"""""? ''' '''i'l'^i'if,' 'I'er the hills. The dewy roses, hh.ominj' fair. 

\\ nil softened li.i:ht and colors fray ; Glitter around her fatheks ha\ 

Throu^b L-r-n-e and valley sweetly th.-ills But still mv Mary is not there-- 

1 he melody ot early day. The fairest ro=e is far .wa' ' 

This was perhaps the most charming' aoiuaintance that iVrcival ever liad with any lady. Both were 
youiit; and iref In.m In the dewv fre-hn<.ss "I emoiion ihere was a delicate and tremulous eni-'V- 
nient which inspired ihepoet's verses ; and this lady, like the M.-hland be.iutv of Burns, will ever live lU 
the ideal passion ot 1 crcivals verse. But this n-ver became an affair of the heart The vouni; lady 
was already ciiK-aucd to another, and -avc to Percival only the affection and sympathy o'f a familiar 
friend. -7. //. '/.,r./ ../.;./,•„,;,/ Z.<-/Av-.v<.,/-.7. G\ /Vr./r.,:/, p. 4J-4J. ' 



uncle to Km-. Dr. Sumut'l Cuoke of St. P.;u-tliolome\v (F.pisc.) clili., X. Y. (', ; (2).linio 
'Jl, ISio. Hon. FiL-dcrick, s. of (iov. Oliver ;ind l.uura ('(.llins Wolcitt of Litdilit-Id. 
Cnim.. 1). Nov. '.i, 1707; Y. C. llXii, with l; liouors; Salul;iti>ry option: Cleric of 
the Court of CoTiunon Plea.s 17!)o; Cierk of the Supreme Cuuil of ('oiiii. to isSG: in 
17!*n a|iiit. .IndiTi- of Pi-.)!)ate ;iik1 auiiualty re elcctod for-Uyis. : iiU'iii. ('onii. L^^-. 1>00- 
:■!; Statt Senator several vi.-;. : I'res. Litehiield County Vnr. Mi?-s. and IMiic. Arl.s and 
S<-ienees; Mem. Corp, Y. (.'. A devoted CliristuMi and one of the most honored citizen.-^ 
of Conn.: d. .iuu<- '.^s, 1S37. (For line ]M,rti-aii. .-ee ]]''>/, ■,;// M, /,nr,,'in'). It was in his 
father's Icitehen in Lite hiield. that tlie old leaden statue of ( i-or^e II 1. (torn from iis 
jK'dcstal on Ijoulini! (ii-een. X. Y. C, and taken to I,.) was niehed and cast into bullets 
hy the ^^'ol^ott f:;n'iily. [lie m. (.liOet. 10, Isilo, IJetsey, ilaii. of Col. .loshna Huntintr- 
io:i of Nor\\ich, Conn., h. Nov. S. 177-1: d. A]iril •.', ispy h\- whom he had : 1, Man- 
Ann (.'oodrich, 1), Auir. U, lsi»l: u,. May "JO. ls-?7, Asa Whitejieai! of Newark, X. -J. 2. 
Hannah Huntington, li. Jan. 14, ISii:!; m. .Vjuil '2\ . IK'.-l, Pev. Frederick Freeman of 
Sandv.-ich, Mass. '4. .losliua lluntine ton, l>. Awis. -J'.i, 1S(I-1. 4. Flizaheth. li. Marcji (i. 
ISOG; in. May -J-J, l^-,'7. John F. Jac];-^on of Xewark. \\liose eld. s.. Frederick W. 
Jackson, is (ien'l Sujit. Feiin. Ih K. ~>, Freih'rick Henry, h. .\ui;-. 1'.*. ISO.S; ni. Aohv 
llowland. ti. Laura Maria, h. AuL^ 1-1. ISll ; m. Marcli :;. l.s;;i, Fol.ei-t (i. Ihinkiii. 
Fsq.. of X. Y. C.) Sei' .Vpijendix.' 

I. l-lli/rthetli Cooki'. m. Fiehard \\'ayn(.' Stiles of Sa\anuah, da.; i-es. i]sS()> 
Morristown, X. J. 

II. Joseph Piatt Cooke; Y. C. ls-27; M.D.. Harv., ]S;',:i; d. at sea. returning- from 
X. Orleans, l:^;!5. 

III. Charles Moseley Woleott, 1>. Xov. L'l). ls:i(i; lias a tine e(jujitry seat, .-adled 
" Poscneatli," near Fishkill Landing, on tlu- llud-on. lie owns several farms and a 
larL,e iiuueant of villae"e pro])erty, aiid i.-> acti\ely eii;'M;rid in advaru-ini;- the di-velopment 
and pro.-peiity of tin- muL'^hliorluiod. In (-(Uinection witli ]d< hrothers. J. 11. "Wdlcott 
aiid y. 11. W'olcoli of X. Y. ('.. le.' coini'.iis-,i')neJ d'eci--, (iii-.hs, IXo., and afler ]i'\^ d^ ath 
Samuel \YoleoTt of Cleveland, O. . to compile an aeco!|..l of ihe de'se. ,,f ll.Mirv Wolc.iTt 
of ^Vindsor. 'rie- result is T/,< WWm/f J/, /,.„,-,',//, a (puirto vol. of a'-i. ICli pj... 
elegantly illustrated with steel eUii-ravinys and aulotvjie fae-sinule- of old deeds and 
otlmr family relics. He m. Xov. l,"],'^4;h .Alary K. (dau! of Samuel (i. ( .'(;,)dw itdi and hi< 
1st v.-f.. <iratia, dan. of lion. Ste})hen i!owe Bradley); d. Xov. lo, lS4."")(h.t c(_iiis.); p^) 
Xov. •.2(i, ]S1<). Catharine A., dau. of Henry Paukin, K<i\.. nieich. of X. Y.. wLo for 
forty yis. wa> an Elder in Scotch Fresh, (dih. (Dr. Mason's); ii. June (j, JS17. 1. Fi:i:d- 
}.K]( K, h. Dec. ■>;, ]S44: d. .March Oo. ls4o. -J, 1Ii-:.m;\ < iooi't;!* n. I,. Julv iP,. ps.",:;: Y. 
<;. Ph.K. IS7:!; ( '(d. (.'ol. F. 1,.D. is;7; m. May •^•2. is;;), Julia Sierlimr; d;ui. of Hon. 
Waldo and Klizabetli (I'Ulsworth) Hutching-s, h". June 1 ;, hs.")."); y-. g\\ dau. of Chief 
Ellsworth and Xoali AV(d)ster. He is Lieut. -Col. O;^ Pe.iit. X.C.^S. X. Y. 1. (I'lnr, 
b. March 14. l^so. '14, is "heir rd' all the a-'es," with \vho-~e j-.auie the \V,Jrnii n.r,,r'il 
closes, ■was born into the fauiily while that work \\a_s in press. He is fleM-end<'d from 7 
'.lovernors. viz. : William Bradford, Od (iov. of Flymoutls Colony: Thomas \Veiles. 
John \Yebster, ^ViHiam Leete. Hog-er ^\'ldcotI , \vho wcie Colonial (Jovs. of Cnnn.. aiul 
Olivin- ^^'ol(•ott and \\'illiam \Yoleott Ellsworth, who were (iov-^. of the state (if Conn. — 
Wolcctt Jft/,i. -i. (Jinrl,sM,,x,l,_f/. b. .\u.u-. 11, l^s-?. :-!, K.vru.MiiNK IFwki.n. b. April 
29, 1S5.5. 4, An.m-.ttk l.'ANKtx.' b. .lune'-J!». is.^r. 

IV. Chauncey (biodrifdi, b. March F). ISlli; il. (Jci. -JN, ISOO. 

\. Henry (irisw(dd, b. Xov. 4. ls2:>, trained to l)u>ine.-.s in Boston. In isi:^ went 
to China, and at Shauiidiai represented one of the eaidiest lirms in the new- jiort ; souje 
time U.S. C<insul. After a vie-orous and succe.-.sful dev<dopment of ihe fr.-uie, hi^ health 
failed, havinu' contracteil malarial fever. 4'he Cerman baths faih'd to i-e^^tore him. and 
lu' relurnid to X. Y. C, where bed. at re... ,d' hi.-. b;o. h'lederick, 11).") Waverly Place. 
May 8, 1SN"2. He wasi-udowed \\ifh uiuommon si!-eiieih ami beauty (d' person, natural 
Pueri^y. and hic^li moial ti'aits. " lb- d. iii firm trust of a better life throimh ChrisT, his" See port., lFe./ce// J/, „^ . p. ;;[(i. 

VI. .Mar\ I-"rances, b. .Iul_\ !». lS-2:!; m. Im'Ii. -I. JSF"). 'I'liemhue Frothini;duuu of 
Boston, i, 'riii'iMjuKK. Harv.'Col. IS7U. 

2421233. Abigail Goodrich, b. Xov. -J'.i, 17SS; attained a mitiomil fame ami 
usefulness throuu'-li the .l/.//,, /'.s M.n;.i-! ,i< : m. I.'ev. Samuel, s. of PotrtT Xewtou and 
Aim (\Voodruir) V\ Idtllesiy, b. Dec." IS, i;;.,; d. ISFJ; \. ('., bSOo; oVdailied at Xew 
Preston, Conn., 1S()7 to lsi7: then to(dc (dKU;.'c ,,f llie !).-af and Dumb .\syluni at Hartf. 
In Fy^ti Prinoi[)al of the Ontario |-"em. Sem.; afterw. rem. to the Sem. at Ftica; rem tc» 
N. Y. C, IS^iH, and became publisher of the M<i(ht rx' Jf(tf//(:;ine. 


I. Sam lel (;oo<lri<h. b. Nov. ,^, 1S!)9: A. M., Y. ('., 18:51; tutor; d. 1S47; ni. Anna 
<^"oi)k Mills. 

il. Sou, 1'. .AlarcL -.^O, d. Muirli l}S, ISII. 
111. Cliarlcs CluuuiiM'v, b. S.'pr. •,', IMv!; d A])nl 20 181S 
I\ . j:ri/.alM'rh Ely, 1-, S.p:. •2!t, ISI.-^,; d. .lai,. 2V,, isis. 
V. Henry Martyii. b. Aug-. 10. lS-21 ; jirac. law in X. Y. ('.; dec. 
y\. diaries Aujrustus, Aug. -^i). iS'-Jo; a seaman. 

VII. Mmily riiauiK-ey, Jan. 17, l^?.-,: m. liev. Lucius Curtis, b. Torriiic;ti)]i, C:,un ■ 
Wms. Col. ]S:j.-.; Aiidovei- Is^l; iustal. pas. 1st Cong, clili. at Woodburv, Conn.. IS-li';' 
r^'si-nod from ill ie-altli, 1S54; sub,-^._-(iuriitly pas. chli. at Colcliestcr, Conn., till abt' 
1S7U, llieii rem. to \\'is.. and pas. at a clili. ibr. 

2421234. Charles Augustus Goodrich, b. Aug. 19, 1790; d. June 4. Isc-.)- 
^ . C. iyi:.>; author of /.//v.-r "/ ih,' ,%//,/•., of Un- Dcrb, ration of Lalepcnddne, A Srlmoi 
}lis(r.r>/ of Hh Citltcil tit,it::S and otber works. '• lie was natii rally a very gifted man, 
iiw\ a most aci-nmpiished .scliolar. His mental organization ^vas active, though of thai' 
s.-nsitive nature which caused him to .shrink from' rough contact, with the world. His 
love for his fellow men was refined, charitable, and of tlio most enlarged order. Aft.r 
51 life spent with a single view to elevate mankind, the good man is now gathered to Ins 
fathers" and another of tliose bright li-hts that jiave adorned .New l-hudand is put o;;r.-' 
--f\(ir },_:rJ: I'iiins. m. Sarah Ujison. 
I. Sophia rpson. 
11. Sarah I'pson. 

III. Charles (.'hauncev. 

IV. Arabella Tp-son. ' ^ • 
V. Catharine Chauncey. 

Vi. Sam'l (iriswold. 
VII. Frederick Augustus. 

2421236. Samuel Gri.s\vold Goodrich, l>. Au^^. 19. 1798; d. in N. Y. c. 
Mays. ISiiO. Author and eiHtor uf about 170 Vuls., of which, in iSoO. about sev-'ii 
millions of copies had been sold, and at that time about three hundred thousand coj)ies 
were sold annually; among tliese were about one liundred vols, of popular juvenile 
books, published under the title. ■• Feier Pailey." ilie su< of wluch induced other.-, 
n isiur spurious works under his title, lb- edited tie' ToL; n . 1S41-04: .lA /v;/'.v .V'/.v- ."-// 
;m.<1 I'lirui^'s ^Li'jnun,'. l.s-U lo l,s.-)l: C(,n^,ul to Paris. 1S.-)1. and thr.'u, h\ 
Iremd,, FaoIs I ids Ap,,;n, S!of[.[i<i:u. Ills' nrh^v,, (yCn^/raiiLnior, l„<1 ostri<l , t S:„'iol : 
author of 7//.. (),:tr(isl, and other j.orms, J.^;!^. iUustrated. b^;.-)!: Fnnr], fl,]hrfini,s, 
\x\\: S'.;fr/i..sfro,o n St.uhnf.<i li7/,'/'/r. U.roU. rUnns „r n Lif.' I'iwe, 1S.07; I'/osf rations 
'•J tin ^'|f■'■■o' Ilistar;/ .ftlif Animal Kinaaon,, Is.V.I. "lie nl. .\deline (iratia dau. of 
Hon. Stephen Ib.we Bradley: (O) Marv Fon-J,. i. bv 1-t m. : 

I. Mary i;], b. Ilartf. ol't. ^ij. ISIS; d. Phila. Dec. PJ, ISPV m Chas. M. 
N\ol,-,,tt [aot,). i. by ■.2d m.: 

11. Francis Bf.oth. b. P^,,>. D,.,-. 14. IS'JC; Harv. (.'ol. isl.^ .-everal vrs. Paris corrc 
spondMin of th,. X. Y. 'J'i,„,s: '■ Dick Tinto." Afterwards ollected and ].ub in a vol 

'■n:,..r,,l S:.;trl.,s ,f Paris. ISiA: Th, <\.orl at- y,>j,''l,'an, lSo7; Man Cpan thr S,a, 
bV,S; II ,,,1,,.^ ,,j- p,,,,„f,i „,,,/ y;, ,;,i,,,„ ps.V.i. 

HI. I';mily Lmi-a, m. Ajiril 'iW. IS.-.i;. .Xathaniid Smith (cous), b. 1S;;1. 
1\ . Ch-.mncey, d. in Wasji.. D. ('., .Jan. Vl. bS.-,(), a. A\. Of whoju see nu^nun-inl in 

l^''-"l'trlva.s af a Uf, Tinn. Vol. II, p. \\\l . beginning 

'■ Oh. te'l ine not tl' Kden's fall 
Has left dli'<e ks hiir;l-,t en all; 
For one I ki-.ev\ troai very birtfi. 
Who s;arccly bore iho staia of oartli." 

V. Ali.-e. * * * * 

\'\. Mary \V.d<-ot;. 

2. lL,Jc5. Mary Ann Wolcott Goodrich, b. Mav 29. 179ib no bss -ifod 

/;'!■'/''!•/ '.'"'■ '•'"' "'"^■. ''..'"' '-'^•""b''' "'■ h.-r jiortical comi,,.sit'ions s^.- S. (i. Cood'rich's 
/...'",'" '■"/'^ "t " Lif, 'J'i'or. vol. I. p. 4^.1 I'hidovc.'d witli uncommon lovline.^- an'l 
t'""!',''"" '^ ',", -.""I'aTbi, <. ,a:ie'-t in spirit and purpose; bu- fifty y<'ars a uumi,. of the 
"■- ' yn^-. c d,. Ml Wo,,dl„u-y, Conn.; >!,- h.^came io mauv --trivi'iu" soul., a counsellor 
".-..i Mm-.cI uhuM. tluv will ion- «di..risli. Th.' first in everv -ood work, -h.- 
lir^r'rli /•! '■''''^" ''■ ' '''' ''■'='■' ''' "'''''■''"'■"• i"M':"i0.gon.'rgy anil I'tlici. ncy ;•> all 
■'' "" '■' '''I'l'i.^' t!ie at horn.' an 1 in di-taui mi-Mon;ii-v field-. She \vas on>- 


\ -url,. <,f mothers wlio for nmnv vrs. met t-.yvh w,-..k to pmy for tliejr f<>milit'.-, <iml 

V> 1 Th s re tin- vas vew ('u aV to her. ai.d she continued to utteml .t fli the ^v.,ght. 

'';;' nul t e r- '"n^arlv all hs nten.hers nuule it inn-ossihle; an.l tlu-n, as the stated 

• •,, ,nn<l .heol.sen-ed the hour alone in her own home. bhe was a hr -lit 

i;::;;^' r lu- • :i hern.e.nory >srev..n.<l in NVoo.lhury. (^- ^f;^'> "•- -'b l.V- 

r-o\ <i ,1 T.n "D lS7->- ni Pel-. •-2-2. 1^10. Nr.tliunn-l ll-^n-'dirt Snath, h. D-',-. ,. 1..)..: 

■; i ^,',l'Sd;,H '.;.«;' Hu,l, k,.„ ..f.:..v^N™,, i-,,, „,.,.,) Su.-„.. v. c. m:.-. 

I • ■("' .,,, 1 r.u- 1>^-"'S:,nd 1N4T: .Imh-r oV Piol,ate lS.iS-4-2. 

'"■^' 1 MaA-^^lizabetb, b. July -1, 1^20: n.. -lohn J. Mondell; hnvy.r; res. ^ewourcr. 

11. Caroline Henediet, d. Oct. :3o, ls;;5. a. o yrs._ 
III. Nathaniel, h. l^Ml : m. Knnly h-msa (,o.,drn-h (cons.) 

242127 Catharine Chaunccy Goodrich, l.. ivc. •'. ITVo; d July Ml Ij^^h"} 
. -0 \ViVh /deposition nnc.,mnu,nly tender and atlectionate. a cultivated mte lee 
:'ud■^ hea t earlv sanctitied hy divine grace, she spent a long lit- n, c.mtnmed acts of 
f^^lM.^s ^ ^ * * '' With her last l.reath she wh,=],ered, •• in nu" L atUer s houst^ are 
kindat.s. _ l).,vid Sndth, b. Dec. lo. niiT; '!l"- ^'- 1''-'j: "■"'l- -^^ l^'^i''^"!- 

,,,.ny -';)}:;;}':%J\J^'-',';^^^;,^0 he otliciated as Chaplain to the Soc. of the 
(onn., \\''-';/l^'-J'-';V.,,V,,,,al meetin-; and preached iu the Hall of Cong, in \\ . 
;i"v r -' : -r^Jhis dan , Mrs. Kils.vo,,h^ in Fair Haven Conn. March r>. 1S,;0. 

,'-■ n iA H.,v- Co' Fellow Y C. His 1st ^vf. ^vas Betsey Marsh who d. soon. 
" '% 'othJrinMiaunci b. Au. '2: . IdOO: nu lion. Henry L., s. of Chief Justice 

''"'l,'"EHz;:r\.,udrich. b. May :». ls02: V. C IS- set. ix. Ogdensburg, >. Y 

i). Lni/.ui rhr:.i;„„ ^,,.rh/tor-" after in Paient Ofiice, ^^ aslungion; d, l>-,3: 

T%.Tr^O ^iehie ';;;;. •^fC;d:'Th,nna., ,h.nnv of Leicester Mass., who d. at 

Nov 4 1S;31 (2^ Susan.dau. .d' Joh.i \Vad<worth, F.c,., cd ^. \. .. by 1 ni. : . 
ciiu-'-KV ^oooKKH. d. a. ^ yr,. i. by ^d nn 2 (inu.>Krc). \N .^ns^vo,^i = . d. a. al.t. 
V,-. oVv. MrKi:.vv. d. Julv, IS.VI. a. 14, whde prep, lor col. 
' • 'lil 'Flizalvth Marsh, b. May 20, ISOG. 

IV; Chauacey Goodrich, b. Uct. 17. ISO. : d. ^^^^-i;-, ~ ' • ;'^~''- 

\. V uiuu.i i„i,. oi iviiiii ,1 Vch 'i is-^s n\. Jan. 2., Ib33, Hettv lies- 

v'",\-«sLvk: i-bv l»i„,. 1, Ilinv ll.,>,,iKD, ,, V-'u .... ->,. lll.N..^ lA..t, .M. 

24215 Charles Chauneey b. >.., ;;; -/ -l^li^i^Sl-.'^S £'"^0^°^^^:!;^ 

Ja-.nes A. IhUbouse, At.}- to Loin u J f- ,.,, founder of the iirst A-ricnltural 

v.s._a lecturer on /-'^P-^--- ^^c 1 TTt'i'd: ^luldlebury Cob 1811 ; m. Abigail. 
Socieiv m ( onn.; l-on. deg. M- A. i . V . ' ' ' ' ■ ' - , , ,, ,^,^ ^ 

dau, of T 

iolmls and Aidturi-;;;;!!;;; of N. H.; b. Nov. 9. 1740; d. Dec. .4, ISl.; .r. 

dau. <d'Bev. James I'ierpont ,-1"-.,, Ku.- :sn 1S19; Y. C 17;)2, at ir.; in 

I. Charle. C hauncey, b. Aug. 1 . 1 ■ . . , d- -^•..'^i^/^^;,,,;,,,^,,, r,hrrfalnW<i 
1-^ir rlclU-.Tcd an oration b'-tore tlie r. 11. l^. >oi., on y /"- ^'^i ; ^ ■' , ,^ 
'!•''••,!, bvreo of the Soc. ; prepared for col. under Col. Jarcd Man.sf.eld: 

I'a., 1S3,; lawyer; LL. I\- ^ . C. ]:- \- '''■ :^} \ P^.,, ,; ^s-M 1. CilAiM.Ks, 1.. An-. 

II l.'Iil.n ( Iniiiici-v b Jan. lo. 1 i . -J , <!■ .^I'ln >- . iot<, >- ■ ... 

II. 1 Uluviann i . . ^ <<,^ (i.'- 'tU Phihi. : nianv v.-ars a director and 
time one of the editors ot the ^ '''.''(, ^'^V /.j,/.,^,,, .^,,^^1 StaU-'-ov., in important 

;V-'stuu;''.n. :;;,.';,':, ^i,i;\r:ahu,, ;.;.,,,;,„ s„v„.,.,.rv„,: ,-,.,,. ,.,,i,=. ,. //,■„,■,•<„,,. 

w„l",.h;:o:i\!', 'a: Au,''";ii;»: »: ^' : i.i« '- «f. «- '^''-'-"■- -- "' '■■■- 

'I'iill. Dwi-in. [!-;] _ . , I 1 1 1 v< I 

IV. Abigail, b. June 27, l.S.j; d. June 11, ISi b 


V. Natliani.'l. h. Feb. 27, 178!), Y. ('. 1^0 J: d.; adiu. to Pliil. 15;ir: ni.Juii.- 
^. 1S:]('), Elizabeth S.'rvall, old. dau. of Saiiuid and Xancv Salisbury of 13(l^t'(n. Sli<- d 
Z\I ly 2'2, isr)i). Thf J'n^foii 1) n^ij JrJ,-. ,-(1^, r mn. an intcrpstiu';- olnt iiury. 1, Ciiaki.ks 
}! I'liiv. 'J. J/.iiir. :'j, Fi!A\( [^; (I AUUXKi!, d. inf. 

2425. IJolbanicl Chaiiueey, 1>. -bm. -21. 17-?0; ^^ c. 1740; Ju>-t. of tin- I', and 
liig-hly i-r>j):H-it.-d: rc>. Mid., rppi-r Houm'^ (Cnnnw .-11); d. Sfjit. :^. IIUS: ni. Jan 10 
17)1. .Mary;lng of M.. b. D.-c. 7, 1 7-Jl : d. .Marrh 0, 1771; (•2)1775. .Mr... Susanna 
(lilhi-rr of lli'limn. Conn., xvlmd. WJ'i. 

I. J. dm Stocking. An-. •,' 1 , 17.')1: b^liT hoi-.~cnian in K.-v. army; killr.l hv Jbitish 
Cavalry nr iho Stduiylirill li /Iiav I'liila.. afttT he liad suntMidcrciI. i»"('r. lH, 1777, 

II. Saraii, Mai.di V"). i7o:^: d. St'iu. ;;. 1 7T."): m. Oiivt-r Stanb-v of A\'airfl; 'i'. (' 
17'iS; d. IS]:;, l, (iiM. W.vsmxcno.v, b. .Jnnc :.'"i. 177."i; Y. C. 1 7i):i:' lawvrr of V\'all'd 
tlion (d' Mid. id iroMd ujuit.'; n-ni. \\'( st and d., IS'if. 

in. Mary. U. 1>,'.-. '.». 1 7o I ; d. S.^i.;. :'.!», b^lC: m. i;7b Tln.s. Jcdnison of Mid., who 
<I. 17!);); {S) Nov. .-). ]71r,'. Pvcv. I'dijuh Paisons of K. Iladdani, 1.. Northampton, Ma->s. ; 
Y. C. 17()^: I).nin S-diolar: ni.Mn. Corji. Y. ('.; on.' of tho tir-t condin-iors a;ul contribn-' 
tors Atn. h'oi,i. ^^l:|: d. -Tan. 17. lSv'7. in soih yr. His b^t \vf. was Eli/.abi th Jbjn-ors of 
Ijoston: t:i) .Mrs. .M.llicfnt Sj^T.rrr <d' J'. Ihiddaiii, 

lY. Al)iu-ail. S.-pt. lo. 17oii: d. Srpt. :;u, V,W: in. Xornian Morrison fd'IIartf., wlio 
d. 17n;',; (-3) 17SS, Cah.d) P,nll id' llartf. 1. Nni;\i\N. Marrli ].■}, ITS-J; d JMdi ]() 'l7')() 
Y, Nathaniel, b. Mav Vi. l7.jS; m. Abiirab oh-ott. 
\\. ("atharinf. 1> May :b d. Nov. bJ, 17(''.:!. 

. 24255. Nathaniel Ghaunccy. b. Mav lO, nOS; d. Nov. 20 1S2o- m \oril -^0 
17S2, .\lii,i:-ail Ohcttof Ibirtf.. wlio (b ',\ 2', 1S;5^. [s] ' 

I. Lncv. April b:, 17^;j. 
II. Sarali. A])!il. 17Sf;; d. :\iarrh. ISbb 

lib Siorlvin;;. .Jan. 12. d. Frli. 17. 17.s|. 

W . Mar\. Mandi 10. 17^7; .b.lnlyl'. 1^;;:!, in Dov^r, Kv.; m. Feb. 22. ]M)7, Klijah 
Arklvy (d' E. ilad. 1. \<ii;ma\. May 12. IK)'.); d. lioriu-.-ter. 1S42; ni. bso!), .lane Eliza- 
beth \\;.i-(ui id' ( at>kilb N. V. 2, MAi!if;TTA, F.-l,. 11, 1S14; res. Buffahi. ;J, .Iokn, 
Au-. 2S, l^ilb d. I'l-ndli-ton. S. ('.. .\biv n, l^O;]; ni. Nov. ]i), iSoS. Marv Jane Moore' 
1, FJhjih.l},, S.'].-, 17. l^:!!i; d. Fid,, l:;. 1S44. 4, Ei.iz aoktji. Mandi "s, ,1. J-i,,.. is 
bSb). 5. Ei.i/.vin.Tii. Ort. :-;i. l^oo. ,,,_ ,,,,^ .^u^ -]s_|s_ jriij;.]^ ]>,,l„-rts: res Ibiffalo 
^^ ^^ildla. !, b. April ID, 17-:!), ni. 0. ,-. 22, b:l;:, Dorotliv Cone; r.-s. Bnfbdo, 

A'l. Cath.-a-inr. b. .Inly 2:!, 17!)1; r,i. April 2;b ISIO. Anson Treat of Mid. 1, Euwi.v 
I1km:v, b. March oO, isll : d. sanif yr. 2. Ili:.\i;v ('iiatnckv. ]). Vive. 27. isb2. ;5, 
t^usAN Amki.ia. b. Ori. :;o. LsKl. 4, i^'i I A i; I .K>, b. April s, isli); U. ]),.(•., l,S42. o,' 
NYiiJiAM. b. Seiu. :!. 1S21: d. Si'i.t. 12. 1^22, 0. Ehwin, b. .Jura- 21. lS2o". 7. Hak- 
KiK.'i' Smkkim.. li. Niand) 2^^. IS-j."). 

Ylb III ni V, I,. April ;]. 17!i."'): has Ik-i-h a niereh. in Mid.. Conn., Yal))araiso, S. A,, 
and in N. Y. b : io:dc n It jidini:- jiarl in Imildinu- the I'aiuuna \\.\\. Ahr. lS(;:)-70 an 
eleoaiiT and r.wtiy n:onnn.i-nt was ert-eted at .Xspinwall in hoimr of \\\\\. lb As])in\\all, 
J. dm b. Ste)ilii-n-; and Ib-nry < 'lia un-i-v. wliosf bu-ts in /;./.n nlUf arc earvcd on its ba^e; 
in. Srpt, 20, 1S2U. bury \\'otjnor.-. dm. ..f Joseph Al-.p of Mid., who d. {Ihx. 
from lb,//;/",-. (r.,,j b br( V'. h. .hily bl, ls-.>l; d. Ort. 22. lN2b 2, brev 
Ai.-^or, b. Oct. 4. ]>-22; d Jhim/ 2'.i. i-:;l. :]. l'li:.\i;\, b. Feb. '.I, ls-.i.~): Ibnv. c'ol.: ni. 
Nov. r», IS.'):]. Jane, dan. of Sand. J. !lowi:..nd. 4. ('i..\i:a Ai.soi', b. Jniv ;). 1828; d. at 
sea Feb. 14. ls:lb o. b'l' JiAKi) Ai.snf. !,. \'alpaiab-;o. Chili, All;;-. 8, is;!:b d. Dee. 12, 
is:;;, f;. Fi;i;i) .\i-(.i sir^, b. \ alparai-^o. Feb. 20, 18:js. 7, IIklkn, b Mid Conn.! 
l-'eb. 10. ls4b 

\'1I1. Abiuail. b. .bm. 2:b 17!)7; m. Isbb An-.d Chapman of E. ll;id. 1. TiMdTiiv. 
b. Jan.. 1811. 2. .b.iiN. b. .M.-indi. 11. l^^Hi. :b bi;AM i-, b. .him- 4, isfs. 4, CA'i.iiA- 
JtiNi; Jfl). b. April 4. bs2tt. -'i, Eii.i.Mi. -bilv is, ]s-J-,'; ,1, An-', bb bs28. G, IJfssKi.i.. 
b. .luly 12, b-27; d. Ajni! ;b b-'.V2. 7, .MakV, h. April 1:.', 1^27; d. April ;-), bs.V2, N, 
S\i;.\ii. b. S.-].t. o. Is-ji.): 11. Ji-a:s! ill-., and 1(1. Nb\M;iri., b. Jan. 2.') is;;-j i i' IIi-mjv, 
b. \'>vr. 2, I>:;o; d. Nov. !i. ispy 

I\. John, b. May 20. 17!>S: ni. Jan. 2, |s2;'., Amelia K. (b.odrich of Wetherslield, 
Conn.; re-, bo^diester. N'. Y. 1, A.Mi-.riA, b. ,inlv 2!). 1824: nr J.-ni. 1:!, 1S47. (Jeirv 
Ibooks of PeidlCid, N. \. 2. l-b;.\x< I..--, b. 1", b. !)'. 1s2ii. ;), botis.v t^b,' b. Nov. •J(J, 
1«27. 4. John, b. Amr. 15, ls-,M). ,->, A-ma: lb. b. .bin.' bj, 18:12. (i. bt-( v. b. .Jnlv 
22, ls:jb 7, ^\ M. (i., b. .bine27, bs:iii. s, 1Ii;ni;v N., b. A]irll 12, 1S4(). 


2426. Elnathan Chaiinccy, !>. StiU. 10, lS-^4: Y. V. 1743; d. May 4, ITOC: 
witli liis bro., .\:iT];;iii!t'l. stud, witli his f. and entcn-d Y. C, 1T8'J, tlu- youjigcst of liis 
<-lai-s. On account of ilic raid^ of lii.s f. liis name stands •2d on the class list; his intimate 
friend, Xatlian ^Vllitin^■. Ix'ing 1st. Ho was an accci)tal)lo]u-cachor and received several 
v»]]< to settle, bnt declined, in order to take care of liis failing f., who made liim very 
liberal ofl'ors. At ihis time, in conse^juence df over exertion in ])itcliiny Iniy in the 
•'" — chall<n,^ad by \\or);meu, ti> '• kmtw w liat acnllegian could do,"" — had a long 
>i<kness. fnnu v.liich he never fnllv" re'-overed. His f. liuih liim a house and ga^-e him 
a large fariii. He iilled a number of civil olhri-.-; C'a]it. of Mil., and '• ] I'oiind among 
]iisT''a])ers an animated, ]iatriotic and ebKjuent spi'ech addressed to liis Conqiany:" fi/nj,. 
rev.'; o])]iosed to tiie ado]>tion of the ImJ. Cons., and on the questi.m coming before the 
voters, made a speech against it. and .■di bur four voted against the ado]ition. In his 
later yrs. resumed preaching; m. Feli. (>, 17b(l, Klizabeth, dan. of Kev. \Vm. ^\"ort]l- 
ini:loii of Savbroi-k. Conn., 'li. Fr\). 2;, ITC^: il. Feb, 10, ITH:!, a. f.-"). (She was wid. of 
1'.')!. Sum'] (i"ale of Cdslien. N. )".; m. Ajuil 20. ]'i:f2. by \v),,im s],,. had Asa ^\'. and 
Henj., tlie l;itter 1). A])ril -J.'). 'l'J>>;. A\ Hunkei liiU fought bravely; kilb-d a Hrilisli 
oHicer. .--aid io be I'iiiaiiii. and t<;ol-; p<..ssi.ssion of hi^ })ur.Ne. watch and other aiticle.s; 
all .\v\( ri'-an olHre;- look- tin- things and never letunied them). 

I. N.-itiianiil Willi;. m, b. Sept. I'J, );i;;!; d. Jan. ill. 1S40: entered Kev. Army at 
ix. of lo. but undiu- ])roii-cti;)n of Col. -lohn, wlio had m. his mo.'s sis.; pen.sio)ier; 
,st veral tinn-s iJcp. in Conn. and held v;irious town otlice.-. .\ large man, of fine 
]'ro]>ortion>, great ])oY,(,'r of end'.irani;e, line llowing >]nrits. intelligent and Avell read. 
11 Catharine, b. Ani;. <). 1705; m. KeuifU liose Fowler. 
111. Ehiathan Flihu. 'b. March b"), 17(i7; d. Ap.vil ,■::. V.r.]. 

1\". Woiiliington Callii]!. o. M:;r' b -i'?. ITT'J; cai.-d for by his .sis. , Caliiarine. At 
IS \v(.-i;t to White.sTov. )i. N. V.. bought l:ui-1 and soid it in a yr. fm- doubli-: ret. to 
l.Uirham; t.ii!ght sthool; went to Cla\ ouir!; and tatiuht in the family ol' Major Van Po-ns- 
sellaer 2^ yrs. . \vho?i- si-, m. (ien. Pliilip S'Oiuylei and \^a.-> mo. of wf. of AleXiinder 
lianiiltoii:" stud, law witlv Flihii (lo.Hli-icIi, h'sij. ; Town CbTl; of Durln'.m 20 yrs. to 1^11; 
7n"in. of I.CL'. 7 or 8 s.ess. : Constable: S(dion! 'i reasnrer and ^'isitot : .lesticeoi tie.' Pea'-e 
ti'f vrs.: much em]doyed in settling estates, which he did w.-jl and '-harged moderately. 
'J1ie two baci;eic;r brothers. X. W. and \\". <";.. became rii.-l:. 

24262. Catharine Chauneej", b. Aug. c. ]:r,r,. d. April ]2, 1&41. A bram-tte, 
tal! and wol) bu-med. manners un.iiri-cied and attractive, and sN^cet Toned voire, and an 
object of ^troioj' a-tTec-tion. "A beautiful i.nrl! .\ boanrifiil c!;irl!" said Klihu Clianncev 
-f'i'hiia.; m. >b!rch LI, ITil'i, K-'uben Pose F-^wler of PurLam, b. .Tan. 17. 170:]; taught 
<iist. school in (iiiilford. Conn., when lo; lem. to ><'e\v lla.ven and became a ])romiuent 
Tuerch. of the standing of Titus Stre< t [ 1 J and .Xbiali.nti Pradiey [7]; Sjicculated in land at 
\'\ liitestown, .X. v., rpper Camidii , \'ermont and. the \\'yoming ^'alley, Pa.; rem. to 
■'..'linion. Conn., and witli Pr. .\aron I'dlioit enuaged in making steel; at last. 1S09. rem. 
to Madis.ui. I'onn.. a.n'l d. ibr.. Am:. Pi. Is-iP -...M. 

1. AVm. Cluiuncey. b. \\'hiTe.~to^^■n, .\. Y., Pec, 17'.'0; d. June 50, 17',iJ. 
II. \Nni. Cliauncev. b. (Jlinton. Conn., Seiit. 1, 17ii;j: Y. C. IsiG: tmor. ISP.)- 
28; Piof- Chemistry. Mid. Cob. ^'t., li yrs.: Prof. l;hetoric and Or.itory. Amher.-t Col. 
o vi-s.; i)asTor at ( i iv.'ulield. Ma.s--., l,^'-'V-7: Mem. M.ass. Peg., IS51; Conn. Senate. lf:04; 
o." Durhaui. Coim., -Ian ]■')., in s.sth yr. .\iiihor <d' T//c Sci'ilu,i,/l (''>rcrs!j, 
lS(i'-P. ('h:i::nr. i; M< if.'-riiil. Is.j^; Ili-'loiji <'/ J ) 'I rh-i in . ('"uii.. ISOO, and a series of gram- 
mars; contributor to neriodicals; ediror, in P^4o. of Pne I /iii-( r&ift/ Jidifio/i of M'(ii.-<tir.i 
JHrti'u, <'/■!/. and as n.liil vol. of Jf, „ru,','^.s of M ,:•<. lUirrii IP, /«,'':/■ i'bW, /•,•"' LP. D. Pa 
Favetie c'ok. isilp VA. July 25. ls2.'). Harri.'-, dau. of Noah A\ebs:er, PP. P.. Pexicoy;- 
rai'iher. and \\id. o!' Fdwa'rd Cobb ...f Portland. .Me. SIi..> d. March :]0, ],spp obit, in 
i',._,^>.<',i /,'.<:••/■' o ;• and A'. Y . dh.-., .-.u r . 1, IPniii.v Ei.i.sw ()i:Tii. 2. Cn Aiii.t.s Ch.m N( ];v, 

<Tad. Amher>T Col.; lau-yer. X. V. C. o, ^^"II.!1.\M \\"0!( I HIXOTOX, grad. .\m.heist 
<'oi. For 25 yrs. a Wall st. lawyer, speculator and jourualist. Has been a nieiiroer of 
both branches of tlie Conn Peg.; Chairman of the Conn. <Jrthographical Commission; 
wididv known, as a iinancial writer; contributor to Magazines and n<'V,spa])ers. Author 
of ','■,. niii }'."-■•-• /." W'liil S rui . largtdy an autobiograidiy or relation of ]>ersona! ex])eri- 
enci-. and of \\'all st. speculatiems and speculators. 570 l>.p. ; Oranire, .ludd 
».VCi,>., ])ub.; /'/"'//'•.?• IP"///'// /;/" .1//// / e'(/ a:ni some other iiuok>. I ](• ri-y. in J hirliam. 
Conn. . tiie la.->t tell yrs. of his life and was 'J'own ( 'b-rk from 1S72 to .laii. 1, 1 '^si ; d. ihr. 
S' pt, \>, \^-\.:^^ 4"'i. ii-aving wf. :' clii!. 4, ^^'i.l.- ri:i; W ixi ii i;i.i', Ij March:;. 
P^:f5: d, 'Sri.t. 1. b^42. 

111. i;ii/.a Ann, Pec. 11, K'.io; d. M.rch 24, 1S4'». 



IV. Cliiis. Augustus, April l:], 17'.)^: d. S'j.t. i:'., IS-^f); (l.-rk witli Win. McCiackcu 
of New ll:iv., ISl"^"; taiiglit school in MadistiU and (Iniilortl; jiriii'-ipal clvvk \\itli Heniy 
Lviuiui in Mid., scv. vrs., and Ikt. ]iartnci- ^vith Aaron INa-c He ua.s " :,n liont-st 


V Ciiibnrinc ^^'(lrIhin2:ton, ni. .losfj)li Winbnrn Hand, wlio d. .May '^'i. ]S-|l,:i, 
o'J: Y.'C. t^'i;J: Solicitor, I'ost (Mfic, .'CO yr^. ; Clii.'l' Clerk, Patent Ollirc, S yi>. nil d. , 
I'dder in Presli. ehli. (His nio. was dan. (d Col. Mejos of the liev. and si.-^. cd' 'iov, 
Ecturii J. Miii^s of uliio, P. M. Con. of T. S.) 1, C vi ii.\!:ink Cii.m .\(i;v. 0. M.uiv 
ISIkuis. 3, r^Lviiv doANXA. d. CiiAi .\ci:y Mk1(;s: Y. C. IS'50; lawyer; d. Isc.."). n. 
CATiiAi'.rM'; CuAfNtiA'. li, Ki,rzAi'.i;iH \\'<)ii'niiM;T(i.N'. 7, Chaki.ks Fowi.kk; W nis. 
Col. 8, Emily .loANXA. 

245. Joseph JlldsOH., 1'. .Jiiii" U), KInT; m. in Stamford. Conn.. Alaridi 14. 17n!i. 
liannuh Ilawlos ; per. rem. to Stand'ord, a.nd f. of tlie Joseph and faTii. rrcordrd tJier.'. 
1. Joseiiii, nu Oct. 5. 17-i'), Sarah DiiniiinLT id' Xorwalk. Conn., \\liod. Sej)!. !t, 
IS."):;- {2) in Kociie-.ter in ve Hnv GoviM-nmenT, by Ivory llovey. .March 'J7. l7o"). Pidifcca 
Kide'r. ^1, SAHAti. h. Hec. P^, 1711: ni. Kpenotus \\'<'\)b. 2,' .U», \). Oct. Oij. I7d4. 
;i .loiiN. ii. .\]iril l"-, 174(i: ni. Charity Smith. -1. Amos, b. .1 une i7, 1 74!t. o, l;i-.);i;icA. 
b'. Sept. '.?. 17-V!; m. .lau. Pt, r.7o, Selleck Jones. 1. Jl.nJ.n/un. d. Se|il. 'Jo. 177."). 'J, 
jkiz<ibt'ih,h. S,-pt. 14, 1777. o, I'l-'nUw,, 1>. May P2, 177'.». fi, IIa.w.ui. b. June -^'O. 

24511. SaraL- Judson, 1>. l)c<-. \x, 1741; d. April 'JO. 17n7; m. May ;10. 1702, 
Epenetus \Vei)b, h. Aul;-. fi, 17(U); s. ed Ejien-'tus and I'dizabeth (Pockwood (jf (iri-en- 
wich) Webb. 

I Seth li. March lo, 17i;8; m. Jan. 10. 17;)0. Ann .\i(diols. 1, Andhkw, !>. .lau. 
H 17'.tl; in. March 14, 1^14. Sallv. daa. of .Io;op]i Weod, b. An--. P», I7!IS. 1, 1P,7- 
liain (irlllin\ b. Julvl, Isp":., -J, Saicmi, b. Mar<h 1(1, 17il'l. ■\. Wai.thk, b. Ang. PJ, 
]7!).^) 41 Ma];v Axx, b. Dec. 22, 17iis. 5, At.hkkt, h. Mandi 11, ISill. 

IP ' J-:i)e!ie/.er, Ma\ 27. 17(.'>1: m. Au--. ?,0. 17.^d, Pheh- 'I'odil. 1, Pt |-(s, h. April 
G 17S7'- ni. .\pril PI, ISOd, Thaidvful Pock\cuod. 1. St/!cis', r L'JJ<>„i,i/; di, ir. \,. .Jan. 28, 
1S07 2, .P/'/'/.viV/. b. June 21. PSL'S. i'., Charhs Lnr/,-/ruod. h. Dec. 24, ISOIl. 4. ('or- 
7/^/«"a, b. 'u<-t.'l7, 1^11. .J, IJuroi/ I'. ,,'(,, :•<"„. b. in N. Yi)rk. Nov. Pi, iSKi. {\. -Phftir 
KUzdlnth, b. Dec. 11. 1SP,>. 2. .lA.\fi;s, b. Nov. 2."), 17SS: m. in P.edford Doe. 2;i, isp!, 
Rhoda Hail, wlio d. Juned, PSiS. 1, .\hif/<ny. JiiUii,h. Ani;;: 11, lM(i. 2. /'/iilu-.\). \]m\ 
14, 1S18. -P Ei',KXE7.i;il, 1>. Marcli 27, 1791. 4, Dai;ii:s. b. .\pril 11. 17!io. 5. 
E.i"\ \Tii \x Tooii, b. Sept. P"), Uiio. I), Haxxa!! Toon, f\ March 2, 17UN. 7. (;kok<;k, 
h. Oct 17. 1SO0. ".s, KKi!KC(A,b. F(b. 11, 1^0:5. !», IIaukikt, b. Dec. 28, P8O0. 
IIP .Jarod, b. Aug. 2P ]7dt). 
IW KiHMK'tus, h.'.March 28, 17d8. 

V. Sarah, b. June !!>, 17(i9: ni. Aug. :]], 178((. Xiiduds. 1, Ei-HNKTi 

Aug. 12, 1814. 2, Chnrhs li'ifiis, b. Jul\ ','(), ISin. 
'''Vl Elizabeth, h. 3Iarch Id. 1771. 
\11. Fr.deri-.;k, b. Marcli 2:!, 177:1 
Vlll. Judson, .Ai)ril 1 1, i77o. 
IX. Puah, h. Julv IN. 1777. 
X. Kobecra, h. Marrh P".. 1782. 
24513. John Judson, b. ^n-W 18, 174(1; m. March 17, 17(;8. Charity Snnth. h. 
Julv 4. 1747, dau. of (iahrl.d and Mary ( IPdl) S. 

" 1 Jaun^, b. Die. 2o, 17(;8; m. Nov. 20, 1790. .Vnne Moieliouse. 
U Marv,' I). Julv '.M, 1770; m. Jan. 20. 1791, Solomon Smith, jr. 1. Mosks 
Will! am'' "-'an. 7, !'7'.'2 2. 11 ai;i;ii:t, .Mareli d, I7'.l4. :;, Makia, .March 20. 179(i. 
4 Ermr," •lune 10, 179S. r>, M ATiroA, Aug. (i, 18(i0. li, John J m.-ON. Nov. p 18i)2. 
7' ,l\Mfs' Jan. 0, IN!)."), s, .lii.iA 17i,r/. m;i;i i(, Ajunl 20. 1^08. 

' 'ill J.diii, li. Juno ;;0. 1772: m. D. e. 2;;, 179S, P.JIy Wardwidl (dan. of .(acolO, 1> 
Fel» 19 177"). P SAMri'.i,, h. April 4. 1M)P 2, .b)>i;!'ii. duly Ph IS'Jd. W. Cii \Kri>. 
Oct.'?.' l^tto. -1. ^Mai^v Catiiakink, Sojit. 11, 18itp 5, Joii.n \Vu,i.iam, b. June 2. 
PSIO. " (■), livNXAii NPmha, h. .lulyMl, 181:!. 
' IV ' Sarah, o. Nov. d. 17 To. 

V Ch;oiiv June 1 !. 1777; m. Dec 24, 17'.t7, .Abol Pna;'p, b. June p), \i,b. s. ol 
Kathan and Mary (Puckuuod) K. 1, Aj.fkkL), b. J, in. 1, 180(». 2, NoAii, Juue dO. 

V. Sarah, b. June 19, 1709: ni. Aug. d], nN(). .Moses Au-luus. 1, r,i-K.NKiis 
\\v,\\. b. Feb. II, 1787; ni. .Marcli 2.">, IblU. IPudicl McCormidv. 1, lPi//<V//„. b. Nov. 
1810. 2, (!:'iri/r, b. Sc])?. 22, I8pi. 2, AuiOAll,, b. Cct. 2, 1789; m. Nov. 0. ISP!, 
aiues, s. of' Janu's and Sarah Knapp Ibjyt, b. Aug. 25, 1792. 1, Janus /-yiictrd, b. 


VI. Lewis. March 22, 1779. 

VII. KfI.ecca, Miiirh 2::?, 1781. 
VIH. Joseph, Feb. 21. 17S:^. 

IX. Amos, Oct. 14, 17.S7. 
24 G. James Judson, I-. April 3, KISO; m. Der. 18, 1727, Mnrtha Lewis of Ptnit- 
foni Conn. In 17r)4 Maitha .Inchon, wid. ol' Capl. .Ianlf■^, hito of S. dec, rcdeascd to 
Sam', and Hannah 'Whitm y rii^ht in dower, bouuded in ]>ari by lands of David. Jose])h 
and James Jmlson. Had '■[intiy snrely" a dau. ilannali, wliom. Mareli 2(i, 17'"il, Samuel 
Whitnev. — ]\'nii/i<;/ FaH'. 

I." Abi-rail, b. Sc[it. la, 171r}. 
II.. Sarali. b. July 8, HIT). - 

III. Euniee, 1). Oct. 24, 1717. 

IV. Martha, b. May 18, 1719. 

V. James, b. Nov. 27, 1721. 

VI. Lewis, b. Aug. 2o, l';^;!. 

VII. Bettee. b. Sept. 2.^, 1725. 

VIII. Hannah, d. of small-pox Dec. 2:'>. 1760; m. March 20, 1751, Samuel AVhitney, 

b. Stratford, Dee. LI, 1727. He m. (,2j Martha . 1, Jamks, b. Aug. 10, 17:)o. 2, 

Sami-kt-, b. Oct. S). 1757. 

24G81. James Whitney, b. Aug. 10, 1758; farmer; weaver; Rev. suklier; d. 
Mav 21, INll, a. 88; (for auiugraph St;>' Wliitnni F'lm., vol. 1, p. 93); m. in Newtown, 
Coiin., Aug. LS, 1777, Eunice Johnson, b. Dec, 17.5(3; d. Kov. 17, 1822, a. (iG; (2) Mrs. 
lUioda Peel. 

I. Abraham Johnson, b. Marcli 28, 1778; m. Pliileua Adams. 

If. Hannah Judson, b. A])ril oO, l':82; ra. Samuel Charel, a Jfajor in the war of 
1812; res. llaver.-^traw, X. Y. 1, Ei:tskv, m. (Ico. W. Snedicor; res. H. 
I'll. /erah. 1). June 10, 17S4; m. Jane Demond. 
IV. Luth Ann, b. Nov. 7, 1785. 

V. Jerusha, b. April 14. 17S7. 

VI. James Lewis, b. May 2o, I'SU; blacksmith; rn. Maria Cass; res. ^\ atkms, X. 
Y.; had ]\Iai{Y Ann, m. Starkev. 

VII. Sarah, b. Aug. 23, nuO; m. 1810, Aniason AVashlnirn; blacksmith and farmer; 
b. May 29, 1789; rem.''l819'to Vermillion, O., whr. she d. April 13, 1859. He m. (2) July 
22, bSliO, Mary Ann Rose, wid. of John Rose, sr. He served in the war 1812 at X. Hav. 
and New L<indon. Conn. 

VIII Philo b April 27, 1792; blacksmith and farmer; m. Oct. 1, ISlo, Jerusiia 
Wlieeler, b. Oct. 10, 1796; .1. Sept. 21, 1829; (2) Dec. 14, 1829, .\urelia Wheeler, sis. to 
1st v.f., b. July 23, 1792. He was accidentally killed April 6, 1830. 
IX.' E/ra" b. Sept. 18, 1793; m. and had chil. 

X. J'^.li, b. Feb. 25, 17il5; shoemaker, butcher, painter; m. Dorcas Austin. 
XL Ethicd, b. .May C, 1790; blacksmith and farmer; m. in Hector. X. Y., March 20, 
1823, Eli/.abelh Leonard, b. Dec. 23, 1803. He became nearly blind and quite deaf and 
lived' with his s. Zerah in 1873. He was a soldier in the war of 1812. 

XII. Abel, b. Sept. 23, 1797; blacksmith; m. Oct. 1, 1821, Elvira Trij.hosa Reecher, 
b. Rridgewater, Conn., ;March 28, 1N02; he was an assessor at Newtown; rem. to O. whr. 
both were living in 1875. 
246S11. Abraham Johnson Whitney, 0. March 2s, l"; 7y; s.-t. in Siamford, X. 

Y • m Xov. 22, 1799. Pliiiee.a Adflms, b. ti(i-;hcn. Conn., Sei)t. G, 1/83; rem. to Caton, 
N.'V., wh. re he d. Jan. 30, 18G2, a. 81. She d. Xov. 2J, 18j3. He served at Sacketi's 
Harbor in 1812. ^, ^ 

1. Alonz.. Adams, b. May 0, 1801: m. >ray 0. l^-Jl, Fanny Pitts, b. Dec. 29, 1801; 
rem. to E. Charleston, Pa.: iio^tmastcr and has lilUui scv. town ollicc^s. 

II. Chine Hutch, h. Feb. 27, 1803; m. Jan. 1, IS^O, Chri>topher.Deyo of Coxsackie, 
N. v.; b. Jun.- 21. 1801. 

HI. Elozia (Jray, b. Oct. 28, 1805; m. Xov. 18, 1827, Oliver \\ ilkmsfin, farmer, 
Xov IS 1795. Shc;"d. in Townshend. Vt, Sipt. 23. ls.-,7. 

iv. ' JanifS Lewis, b. March 12, ISI)^: ni Oct. 7, 1n27, Lucy Maria Hall <u Danby, 
N. Y. Shed. July 7, 1S4I: (2) Oct. 2S. ISll, Alaria I'Jdred, b. Otseg,), N. 'i,,Oct. 21, 
1820. He is Just. "of the Pe:w-,. and Supcrvis(»r of Caton. 

V. Eunice- .lohnson, b. Julv L'2, I8Pi; m. Isaac (.•r<-aiucr ami d. at ^ arna, X. \., 
Dec' 21, 1S39. 

VI. Emeline Amanda, b. Xov. 4, 1818; m. July 17, 183S, Xelsou Cowan, b. 
Cayuga, July 2, 1810; Pres. of the Butler Collier Co., operating at Pittston, Pa. 

' " 8 

ll-i V liliANCIJ 01' HAXNAIl. 

24C813. Zei'ah Wllitney, b. Junt- H;, 17^4; tuun.Tund cunit-r; rem. to Slate of 
N. v.: 111. Fi'l.. 1!), ]SOS. Jaiic Dcinoii.l, 1.. Dei-. 22. ]7S:S: ivs. in X. Y. and ^Jicli. ]!,■ 
was a soliliei- 1812, and iH-nsionui', and d. in Mich. Jan. lo, 1N7;!, a. S!'. Slie d. Juno 2'\ 
1843. He and Ins son.s gave the luiiiie of Wliitncyville to tlie little villaoe in the town 
of Cascade, of whiclt town he was the JuNtii e of ;he Peace elected: of .soils and grand- 
sons, 17 seived in war of ISGI, and all e.scaped without a wound. 

1. Uuth Ann, b. Oct. 2.->. IsiJS; teacher; ni. Ai)ril 5, ]8;?S, .h-nathan Mi/.ner, b. 
<jos]iin, .\. Y., April 7, b'^Oo. Slie d. of cancer at 1-Javenna, Mich., Sej)t. [], b'^'Ci'.l. 

II. Peter Isaac, 1). Oct. 5, ISIO; ai;-t. for ])alent medicines; ni. Oct. .t20, l6o5, Bel.sey 

III. O.-^car F., b. Aul,^ C, isb.'; ni. Xov. 2y, ls:!7, Electa A. Ervant. 

IV. Iv/.ra, b. July iU, ISIO: in. .March 12, 1N42, liannuh Hodges Dupuy, b. April 
21, 1S21. Soldier in war of isc,i; ix.jstniaster. 

\'. .■Miraliain Johnson, b. Jan. lo, 1^20; carpenter, niillwi-ioht; enlist, foi- o vis. or 
the war in 2d l". S. infantry; at battle of Monteivy, Vera Oruy.r<-'herabHsco, ChapuUe- 
pec and Molino d(d 1^'y and capture of >b-:5;ico; mined for jrold in t'al. is'nios. ; m. at 
Whitiieyville. Mich., April 26, 1S52. Julia Ann Morse. In is(n Ik. was 2d I>ieut. of ?,d 
KciT. Mich. Vols. At 1, St bat. of Bull Hun. Yorktown, ^^ illiainsbnri;-, Fair Oaks, pro- 
motiMl to rani-; of Capt. 7 days bef. Kiidimoud. retreat to llaiiison's Landinir; in all the 
battles ol <b.-i'.. Pojie's campaiLriK eiidinir at 2d l>at. of Bull Hun. Becoinini;- rheumatic, 
he resi>;ned Sept. iU, 1>H'ri. His wf. d. at (irand Itapids, Mich., July 12, l^lio; lie m. (2) 
Nov. 17, IStl'i, \"iri:-!nia Amanda Chatterd-in, who d. March 20, \><i.>><: (8) May 18, 1870, 
Fnuict s Bennett, l<. London. Eng., Dec. 15, 1^40. He has lived in Mexico, So. America, 
Australi;'., Canada, and in every state of V. S. A. 

VI. ("lu-.ler O.Jjorn, b. Sept. S, 1822; m. Sej.t. 20, 184.-,. Anuuula Malvina Duj-uy, 
b. July 2, l^lo. ile lias always lived a fmntier life. Jn ls")ij crossed the ])laiiis lo (/ah; 
returned same way -Aug.. b8i)l : si-i-vid 4 yrs. 2 nins. in Fnion Army; wounded at Pitts. 
bur),'' Landing. 

VU. Martin Van Buren, b. Xov. 21, l'-:i2; m. Feb. 2U, 180;j, Harriet White, b. March 
Ij, 1n:;o. He is Sui)ervisor <>f .Alaska, Mi'h. 

24C82. Snmiiel Whitney, b. (At. U, 17.",7; s.-rv. KVv. sol. 7 yrs.; d. Jan. a, 1808; 
111. abt. 1783, lluldah Stlllr-ou, li. Xewtou, ('oiin. 
i. John, b. July 2i), 1784. 
11. Annie. Xov.":3, Ks."). 
ill. 'rhomas Judson, b. Oct. 4, 1787. 
]\'. Oliver, April 22. 17Mt; d. Dec. (i, 1n2s, uiiiii. 

V. Ib-nvv, Feb. 14. 171K!; m. al.t. ls!14, Betsev Hard; he d. abt. ISlO. 
VI. Sally", Dec. 2!). ITOs; ,n. in Westerh,, X.'V., Ajiril 20. 1820, Andrew Snyder, 
faiiii' i, b. Jiin ■ ]■>, IsQi): ri-s. on a beautiful farm near Clarksoii C'onicrs, X. Y"., in 1.^74. 
V!l. Susanna, b. De,-. .-), 1800; d. in Westerlo, 1821. 

X'lll. Is.uic J, dm, Dec. 20. 1^05; m. Mav. ]s4o. Martha Ann, dan. of Dr. Elijah 
How.d!. 1.. .May ly, ]N]y. ,.,.,i,_ x,, Brockport,'X. Y. 

247. PliObG Judson, b. Oct. 2. ir.lH; m. June 2'J, 17I4. Josepli Lewis of S 

1. Ib'bccca Lewis, 1>. A]-ril 14. ]7i:); d. Jrdv 10. 171:,. 

11. i;.-b,cca Lexsis, b. July 22, 1710. 

III. 44ioni:is L..-wis, b. Aug. 17, 171^; Y. 0. 1741, and X. J. 1750; d. 1777. 

1\'. Jo.-, ph, sup. the Dea Joseph whf> r.'iii. to \\'aterburv. Conn. Hud 
b.Tiit'apI. in Ib'V. army; father of 1. Cil.VL'NCKV, who d. in Soutlqiort, Onin., Ajtril 
2^', b'-'5.-|, a. '.'-5. A Hev. sol., anl mem. of \\'ashiiigion'.-, Lite Guard. 2. A son, a 
m.-rcli. in f. of AV/.v/,,/ ,/., y[. ]). . and of /,',,-. H'///. //,///•//, D. D,, rector of the 
elih (.fih'- Holv 4'rinity ill l>ro.,]<.lyn. X. V.: b. L'l'difiold, Coiu'i., isfi;-!, f\^ Hki'.f.cca. 
111. .Ian.. 1>M, .lab,-/. Huntingion 'romlinson. ]. diil.on, b. Stratlord, Dec. jl, 17S0; Y. 
C. 1^02. prac. l.iw in Fairfield, Conn,; Ib'p. in t'ong. ISIS to 1S27; Oov. of Conn. 1S27- 
;J1, 4 V !s. ; r.v-itMicd bs;;i to l^emme F. S. Sr!i;iir)r. .and at'ler serving his teiin of six yrs.. 
retir.-d: d. l-i Stratford 0<-t. S, is.-rf, a. 7ii, Li,. 1>. 2. J/,i/) wi/t.],. Jan. lO 17o4" :;. 
y,'„.!;,\K .\nu 2:;, 17^-7. 4, S,,n>/i 7.7 ,r/.v, I,, l-",-!,. 27. 17-8!!. ti. JI.:„finnt'a,' (i Hi".. 
bap. •In!.'., 17'.';. 

2-lS= David Judson, I,. Aug. :, Hi!);;: d. .\la_\ .■>, ircd; m. .March 2'.), li l-'!, Pie4>i , 
dau. of i-:phraiMi Srili--;, 1,. .\|:i,-.l. 2-'), ]i;M'i; d. >l;-.\ 2''i. 170."), a. CH 
!. Divid, I., S.-pi. •.'.;, ixp-,: ,,,. .M,-,,-v 

H. i'h.'h.- K F.-b I'.), 17IS: „,. 17:;:, M-'HIm-w Curti^, !>. Dec., 1712. s. of C.-iot. 
Ji,.-ial. Curtis <d S;ra!l'.i!il, Coud; i,.,,, t,, X.'wiown, Conn., where slie d. Sept. ]s, ] 7.",8. 


III. Ahoi, 1.. Jan. yi, i:ei. 

IV. Ahrl, 1). Fcl.. rJ, ]-;Q-i: d. July 17, ITT.^; ni. 1744, Sarah, dan. of Jul.son 
IJnrtun of Sti-at. ("2) Mt-hitiililc 'I'oiibi-y of Newtown, dan. of 'I'Jiouia.s. 

V. Aynr, 1>. v;;>. 17-2.1; m." 1 740, Il;uuiali Curtis. 

VI. \Uah. \k X\>n\ Oi;. 17:?(i: m. 1747, r..'ninmin Stiles. 

VJl. baniel, 1.. April -Jd, 17-2N';in. .laii.:il, 175-2, Sarah ('urti.s; (2) Feb. SO, ISO!', 
Mercy Burritt. 

Vlil. Sarah, h. Oct. 17. 17:10; m. 175n, Stejihen. s. of .Mirahnin Curtis. 

IX. Al)iier, h. .luiU''.', ]7:>j; ui. 1 700, lianuali, dau. of (.'apt Rtile.s Curtis of Strat. 

X. Eeliy, b. Feb. J2, 1737; in. 17o(;, William, s. (jf Peter Pixley. 

2481. David j'uclson, b. Sept. 2!. 171'!; Y. C. 17:!S: fir.^t i)astor chh. at New- 
town, Conn.; d. Se()t. 24, 177(i; ni. 1743 Mary. dan. of .bjsluia Judsou. 

I. l)aus,^hter, m. Stur^'-is IJurr of Fairlield, Conn.. 1). 1700; d. 1705 at Newtown. 

1, D.vvu) JiDso.v, b. N.. June 4, 17eo: d. .hily IS, ]S-,0; ni. April 12, 1S12, in r.itcli- 
fif'ld. Conn., .\ tmabella Slieldon Keeve, wid. of Aar^n Hnir ]'ee\e fO|: i-eni. to Hicli- 
mond. Va.. whr. she d. Jan. 11, 1840. 1, J/.//-// J-:Ux,<lnth, h. Feb. 7, d. S. j.t. 11, 1H13. 

2, ^Ylll. Sheldon, b. June 7. 1S14; d. Her. 17, ISaS; in. at (..'ueva. N. Y.. Dec. 7, 1S5,", 
Laura P. Sani'ord, who d. Julv lo, 1S37, a. 21.'. \ is. 1, Win. Sanford, b. Richmond, 
Ya., Dec. 2.""). 1854. 3, llirruA T>t n,n\ b. N..v. 2:;, 1817; d. Nov. 2o,, 1809; ni. May 2(i, 
1841. David Oli])hant, te;i ineichant X. Y. C. 1. David J'.uir, d. in Paris, France, Mav 
Kt, 1801. a. 22 yi>. 2, (-'eo. 4\i!bot. 3, Fnmk. m. Annabelhi. 4, Anna E. 4, Daud 
\hidi:r,i. b. Oct. "lO. 182fi; Y. C. 1834: stud, law and adni. to bar at I'ichnn.nd, Ya., but 
])referrin*:' commercial life became mem. firm of i'atteison iV Ihiir. During tlie war 
lie mem. \'a. lh)use ot Delegate.-^, also of tlu' Com. Couiicil id' Piidimond and Cl:aii- 
man of tlie Com. on Finance. In 1803 the \'a. Home Tns. Co. was tir,eaii. and lie was 
elected' Sec. In 1S07 Pres. of H. Chamber of Commerce till 1S72: I'res. ^'a. Steaiii- 
sliip and Packet Co., and held oilier oilices. lied. Aug. 3, 1870; m. April 10,1844, 
Julia Ellen Denni.-on, who d. A])ril 1. 1800. 1, Ib-ni'v Dcnnison, b. Ajnil 30, 184r>. 2. 
Kate Waldo, b. Auir. 14, 1^47: d. Nov. 10, ISjO. 3,' EUen Sheldon, .Mandi 20, IS.^l 
4, David .lulian, Jan. 13, IS.-,:!, o, v'liarles Howard, b. Oct. MO. 18")1:.'.. June IS, ls,-)8. 
<3, Kenneili Stuart, b. Jan. 1, 1S02. o, Klbuduth Mnx,n.. b. Oi^t. 28. 1822; d. Dec. 
10. 18.55. 0, Th'^nni>^ }hil,!„,rd. b. Sej.t. 2!», 1S28; d. Mav ;j, ISOO. 

II. David, b. 1757; V.><\. (d" Newtor,, d. in N. H. N.")v. 23, 1700, a. 33. 

2485. Agur Judsou, b. Mardi 23, 1725; d. July 5, 1700; bouglit tlie well known 
jiropert} on \\ liite Ilili.N in 1 Inntiuijtou, Conn., where he res. and his desc. for a long- 
time; m. 1710, Hannah, dau. ni Elijihalet Cui'tis. 

I. Ai^nr. 
II. Hannah. 
111. David, b. Ai'dl 15. 1754; m. Fdv 3, 170r;. Cri-sel, dau. Noadiah Warner of 
Southbnry. 1, J.XNirr, Nov 21, 1700. 2. r>o.\.\!,i) 1> Marcli 25, 170S; one of tlie 
pioneers of ]5urininghani, Conn.; senator Ithh di^t. 1S:',4; m-xt yr. built the ^toiie store, 
one of the first buil.iing> in 15. Ilel'ore June, 1830, h.' and Philo I^as.-ett b;)uglit tlie old 
Leavenworth bridge and removed it, oi- ratliei- built a new one, rear llawkiiTs Point, 
Iiefore the village was settled. The-'Jud-on Prid^c " was a sort of monument to liis 
name, and was carried awav bv an ice flood in l'"(d)., bs,-)7, and immediar(d\ rebuilt by 
Ins wid., Mrs. Polly M. .hnisoi;, and Dr. Martin V,. Passi'tt. He d. Se]<t. 2. 1847. {^liist. 
oj'Jkrh:/.) He m'. Feb. 10, 1.829, Pidly Maria, dau. of Lewis and Charity Sheltoii of 
HuntiiiLi-ton, Conn. 1. Jfurid Loris, b. "Dec 0, 1830; Y. C. Is51; trav. exliuisividy in 
Europe; returned to die M.irch s, l,s.-,s 2. ,hni<1. Nov. 10, 1S33. 3, Mory, Sept. 27. 

2486. Rnth Judsou, b. April 20, 1720; d. .!um> 21, 1S14, a, S7; m. 1747, Peiija- 
rnin. s. of Lieut. I'^ancis ami Mary {Jolinxui) Siiles <0' \^■oodbul■y, t'onn,, (cous.), b. Feb. 
11. 1720: W C. 1740; the lirst lawyer thay set. in \N'.; was su-]>ecied of conservatism 
duviiiL l!ev. \\;>,r, and sufTcred a<-cnrding]y ; d. Nbarcli 15, 1107, a 77. 

1. I''rancis Stiles, b. Now l:;, l';4S;"d. .\pril 5, liOO.; set. in Salisbury. Conn.; in. 
17s:-',, Sarah Nic'.M.lsof l>erb^'. Conn. . w ho (1. M.-iy 2:'.. IS-M. 1, i x. ' 2. 4'iI').m.\s, 
1>. 1'5'b. 2. 17S0; re>. S. ; m. Nov. 2»;. 1S20, Sarah Vu-usta Newell of S. 1, 77-i///"-v .{'iiji:.s. 
tin.. Aug. 2-?. ls:n. 2, S,> KU:,ilulh. .ln!y 0, is;!5. 3, Sai.i.v, i>. April 17. 1780; d. 
I'ec. 12. 1S5L m. Nr'V. 17. 1S(|,-,. Newman Holies, Fsi|.; res. Sali.sbury, Conn.; con- 
nected wirh tl.e iron works. 1. }-iuii'i'ls X.. b. May H), is:i7; engaeed in the woolen 
in.ills in Wolcotl ville. Cum. . abt. i.'-:!7: mills burned m 1844, then wirli .lohn Hunger- 
ford joined the I'nion Manf:;-. Co., and made <loe skin cloths witli succe.s.s till 1872. when 


]h- snlil. Ho liiis lield various oflicps, jiihHs lii<rli]v estefiiied- 111 M-iv '^r -i^ia jri;,., a 
Uo^c\yk^ss, h May -9 1^^4; d. May. ISGti; (2; Dec. 22, 1S69. M,^. iJudnd^K. llavdeu 'lau' 
of ( harlcs Bronson of W alerhury. 1, hdward H., Jnlv 17, lb'4S- m Mav 4 187(j XfiJie 
M. Wlieekr; ivs. E. Bradford. Pa. 2. Francis A., Aiuj;. 29 iw'l- (Tsm)^ 9 l^vf 'h 
Harriet, May :J1. IboT: d. June 17, 1.^07. 4. Horace, aViH 17. lN(iO ' 2 V^a/Vv^rw^iu-' 

ol ^> aterl.urv who d. May, 18- i; (2) JuMe 10, lS7o, Laura Wood, adoj.ted dau. of Ex- 
Gov. A. H. Hr.lly ot Conn. ;i ^V-r/'y. 4, Fnderkl: 4, Rwsom 1) Dec '>9 K'tO- 
luorch. of Ariryl.', X. \.; ]„. Marcli 2, 1820, Haniinl) Pruudfit of A. ' 1 ,SV</v//; Varia' 
Nov. 4 1822; ni. Dec 7. l^;4•,^ John A. Patterson. 2, -SV/^v^;./.« Jane, Mav 10. 1S2G; d' 
Sept,. 28, lb-3/. S,JIa7i)ia/i LUzah,Oi, iiei)t. 20, 1S2H: ni. Oct. ?, 1855 John P-irry 4 
Aiidrtw P., Dfc. 12, 1830; d. Oct. 1, 18:{;i. o. Sum ana R.. AiuV 1 18.J7- d ^\vv\\ U 
1855. '^ ' '1 

II. Phebe Stiles, b. Jan. 18, 1749; d. a. 1 vr 

c •,"^^^ ^^''^'f-^ ^'^'^^^?l^'l^■ V^' K'^^' ^- '^I'"'' ^'' ^-'': "'• ^^^'^-^ 12. l'«i, Olive Pierce 
btiles (?); m. ('2) Jiin. lo, l,9.j. Isurah P.ood. 1, Daviu Jiu.^rr,- l, (^(^t 10 1795- ir O.-t 
10, 1821, Ann French. 1, J/>//v/ Ann, b. Jane 7, 1822; d. Dec 2N ]845 2 Jl'nnHt f' 
(twin %nth M. A.), m. April 15-17, 1854-55, Jeanette A. Shelton." 1, Anna h Ai.<r 5' 
I80S. 2, Adelaide, b. Feb. 8, ISG'J. 3, Zephina, b. Sept. 8 1828- d Jiil'v ^i 1830' 
4, ^/i» iT^.. b. May 19, 1832. 6, Add,ruh, h. Jan. 28, 1834; d. March if 1853 (V 
Av.!]ustaM., b. Nov. 0, 1836. 2. Patty, b. Sept. 25. 1789; d. Sept 26 1794* 3 M^ry 
Axx.^, b. Aug. 21, 1780; d. Feb. 19. 1810; ni. Xov. 27, 1808, Smitli Downs. 4 Be.N- 
J.^MIN, b. June 21, 1798; rem. to (Torkville. S. C, and d. nnui Sept 1855 

ly. Ephraini. b. Jan. 15, 1753: d. Feb. 7. 1821; in. Mav 7-10, 1780 Sarah dau of 
Joseph Trowbridge 01 Souihbury, who. d. Aut?. 3, 1810, a." 03 1 PhVbi: b'Xov 9 

1782; d, July 21, 184-^: v.\. Xov. 22. 1804. Be\'aiuy of Yt. 2 'Pt-tii h Feb 'is' 

1780; m Feb. 27, 1811, Beiij. B. Osborn (his 2d wf.). 3, S.vlly' b. Jul'v 20 1789- d' 
bept. 4,1809; m. Xov. 22, INOS, Benj. B. Osborn. 4, Ei'hkaim EuYSTts b ' Oct '-^4' 
1/91; d. April 0, 1858, a. 00; m. May 22, 1817, Sallv Osborn; res Clvde X y' "l 
^'aihanHla^U^, b. March 24, 1818; res. Southburv. 'Conu. ; fanner; unm 2 Sarali 
An(/u..t>/,\,-. May 2o. 1822; m. April. 184G, Melzar Whittlesey of Galen x' Y 3 
yln^«/if//f .0.,-b. Oct. 4, 1823; d. Dec. 9. 1838. ' t,,>. 1. o, 

^^- J^'~'^\r^^^y''inSi\lcs, h. Ang. 25, 1756 (Esq.); Y. C. 1770; d. Feb. 12. 1817; prac 
law inA^oodoury, Conn.; la. 17nG, E.stlier, dau. of Jeliiel Presion. 1, Hmujift b' 
March 13, 1787; in. Sept., 1S17, Henrv Brown of Southburv, Conn ■ b' Feb 8 l^*^'^' 
I. J{en>i/, b. Feb. 9,1817: m. Feb. 10, 18-10. June E.. dau. of Dea John and E<th'er 
(btr.we) Stone. 1. Charles, b. Xov. 28. 1840. 2, Henrv, b. July 7 1850 2 l/f//zV F 
^■\'ir^W^^--^^^- •'^' /"^"C'^'-' ^'- ^^^- ^'^~^' "'• J^^^P^-'- Osborn. 4, JIaniwh S., b. March 
J?; if • ,;'' /-"'i'^'V''"'' '-^•- ^- ^'''^- -' ^^''^' ff Columbus. Ohio; m. Martha J. Stron-; 
{i) Dec. IJ, 18/ (, Emma Sullivant of Col., O. 0, li?A7^;- 6'. h March 18''G- re^ 
Columbus, 0.; m.. Mary Hiaman; (2; Sept. 2, 1803. Isaheiia Wood. 1 Wa'lterV b' 
June 18. 1801. 2, Helen, July 2G, 18GG. 3, Flora. Jan. 14, 1809 4 Harry L \'m-' 
IG, 18/0. Lo\veHT.,b. Xov. 15, 1873. 7. CV/-//-^,> .4., b. Xov. 20,' 182.^" ^" ITuni 
9 Jlor.ire. 10 JArron. 2, JE.v^-^•ETTE, b. Oct. 4, 1790: m. Charles Hanson Curti's 3 

{^"■IZ-ii!"' ■ '^"?- V'- ^'^- "^^ ^'■'- ^■'' ^ ''"^- ^' Jn^>'.k"un P., b. May 9, 1794; d Dec" 
1.), I808 unm. 0, l^HAXCKS Blkkk. b. May 8, 1801; d. Feb. 12, "1804 7 llvsnY 

m P^n ^ r^%^f Vv^ '!"-',^^- \'^'^-- "'■ ^"''- ~'-^- 1^'^'- '"^*'>-'^- French! per: m. 
July lo, 1831. 2. A/lai L4!ur, b. Au-. 9. 1837. 3, Mire Marin, b. April 2 1n40 8 
MAmKTr.N^ EsTHKK b. Julvisj812: m. Oct. 5, 1839, Geo. Snutli of So.'pritain;' *. V. ' 

?^ H T V iu"V'':\''''- KP^'^-;'i- l'-">; ^J- ^n>t. ^. 1794. 2, Kc.uKKUK, b. April 5. 

1,94; d. July 29, 1N,2; m. March 4, 1M7, Cieora SihvPa. <lan. of David and Sibvlla 
(Hiiiumytou) ( uriis; ba]). Xov. 2:J, 1794; d. Xov. 27, 1852 1 F'ra'.,!/i ! b Xov 
!^L '^I'-J"- I''-'"; 1- 1-"'^. '■■ ^V. Kirfland. 3, lU-Ffs. b. Jan'. 14, 1790; d "sept' 29* 
A!^'*;--.f.-.'^= ",'■ ^"'\''- ''^-- '^^^'^^'^ C'"'''^' ■'■ ■<■■■ ''• Oct. 10, I87i;. 4, Eli/a M., b. May 
2i, 1/9- 1..,. June ],. Ih-,'2, rh.rh-s C. llinuuui. 1, JLh.. h. .-V-pt. 5, IsCO. 5. Jon (- 

r'^'V 1 Vs-v • '•"'!= "'• ^^^'^ '- '^'■'^' ^^''''y '^''•'^^•'^'- *-• ^^-'^- ■ 1. ^'''"-''". 

6, 184S. 0, Xathan.M.. b. (),'i. 15, 1807; d. .M:Mch 25, 1812 7 Fr:\xci<\ bXov 
4 17. n. F.4>. 10. 1S40. Kiyira H. Gedney, who d. F.-b. 11. 1:<45, in io.r 20Ui yr^ 2) 
March. 1840 Frances M. bhelion. 1, (;rdnc>/ A., h. Aug. 28, 1842. 2, FfnraJfaHa^ 
n. Aug. lo, j"^-jI. 

Vll. Jud^on, b. May 30. 17G2; went to Salisbury, Conn.; d. X'ov. 11, 1705; umn. 

.TUDSOX. ]17 

VIII. Plicbe, b. July 2■~^ 1704; d. a. 12 vis. 
IX. Nathan, h. Mairli 12, 1707; Y. C. 1787; r^s. Seymour, Conn.; d, in Sclienectady, 
!N. Y., on journey ISOii; ni. 17:'."), Plu-lje ]>ayton, who d. July 1-i, 18:i4. 1, Nathan 
JUDSOX, b. Feb. •<!7, 17i)(J: m. .Seju., 18111, Marhi Birch of Suli.shui-y, Conn., wlio d. Nov., 
1849; (2) April. 1851, Mr.s. Jane Joimsou of Lvons, N. Y. 1, NitUutn Judson., b. June 
22, 1820; m. Sept., 1841. Melissa Plank of Wolcott, N. Y. 1, Anna Maria. 2, Win. 
Jud.son. 2, 11, nri/ Birch, 1). Jan., 182o; ni. July. 1810, Mary Babeock of Penn Yan, N. 
Y., who d. Mav l8.j:j; (^2) April, 1835, Miss Selover; ehil. bv 1st m. Albert and a dan. 
iJ, Putnsom Bii'd^ryr. b. Oct., 1826. 5, ^nufh D., b. Feb., "1828: ni. May, lS,-,:3, Louisa 
Nelson of Auburn, N. Y., and had a dau. G, Sril>,>, b. Oct. 4, 18;3:]. 2, P)ii;i;k, b. 
Dec. 5, 17il7: res. New llav., Conn. :;, .Mixekva, b. Mandi 25, 1801; ni. June 5. 
1827, James l^):Ltii of Norwich, Conn. 1, Jicn^n. 2, Pluhc. 4, IIaxxau Xak«'1ss.\, b. 
Dec. 24, 1814; d. Sept. 15, 1849. 

2487. Daniel Jud.son, b. April 20, 172S; d. Xov. 14, 18i:;; m. Jan. 31, 1852, 

Sarah, dau. of Capt. Stih-s Curtis, b. May 17. 17o] : d. May ?,{), 1808; (2; Feb. 20, 1809, 
Mercy Burritt of Strat. 

I. Stiles, b. Nov. 18, 1752; m. Julv 17, 1777, Xaonii, dau. of d'eoru-e Lewis. 
II. Silas, Aug. 31, 1754; d. Dec, 1808; m. May 12, 17:7, M:u-y, dau. of Col. Sam- 
uel AVhitney of S. " 

III. Phebe, Oct. 10. 1750: m. Jan. 7. Ti 78, ^^'il!iam, s. of John Brooks, Esq. 

1\'. Kebecca, Nov. 15, 175^; m. Ktv. .'ibraham Fowler of Salem Soc, ^Vaterbu^v, 
Conn., Sei)t. 7. 1798. He d. Nov. 10, 18!5, a. 70; Y. C. 1775, A.M. 

V. Charitv, Dec. 19, 1700; livinu'. in -o,,,] bc;ilth. in 18.30, ;i. 95; m. Dec. 9A , 17-0, 
Elisha Hawley "of Bidgetield, Coun.,'l». March 14, 1759; d. April, 1850, a. 91; (s. of 
Tlirvmas, jr., and g. s. of Rev. "I'honiiis llawley, the 1st pastor of B.) .\t the age of 18 
"was drafted and sent to N. Y. ; his I'l-g. w;is staTioned at Corlcar's IIouiv, from wlucdi the 
retreat was so liasty tliat thi^ .•^ohliers threu ;iuay tluir Idankets and knapsaclvs; Elisha, 
however, retained his. and his Col. was gladio share with him during the stormy night 
which frdlowcd. Soon alrer his rn, lu' •,nu\ liis wf. joinrd the I'j-esb. chh. in K., and v/as 
afterwards eh'cted Dea., \\ hichollice In- htdd d.uring life. lie al\\-ay^ had excellent lieaUh, 
and his vigor of body and liund continued to tho last. ]lurin,iithc last summer of his life, 
in Ids 91st yr., be would work nearly all day with Ins men in the field. At the age of 80 
{18?38)he n>ade the 4th of July address at K., and closed with singing '"Hail Columbia." 
He A\as for a, time cliorister. In all his business transactions his chief concern was h^st he 
should charge his neigl\bor more than the artitde sold was really wortli. Tb"" Avn si ly trade 
a cabinet makt-r. Abounding in goo<l works, his name will lon,i; be l'ra,i;rant anujug the 
])Cople where his long life was spent. (An obiiuary \\-as written by Bev. Mr. Clark.) 
"It is strraige to see in this ^\•OI•ld a man who al\\ avs, and under all circumstances, 
seems to have as Ins nntster motive th>' wish to do just ri.^ht; yet such a man was Dea. 
Hawley. (Jf a ji-'culiarly mild and anuable temjier, his countenance wore a tranquil and. 
smooth exjinssion. His liair was tine and silky and lay as if oiled, to Ids liead. 
He had a soft voi<;e ami an ear for music. He was a caliinet nuiker by trade, a chorister 
by choice, a deacon by vote of the church, and a Christian by the grace of Cod. In eacli 
of these things he found liis ])lace as if desi,irned for it by nature and providence." — S. 
G. Goodrich in RccuUictioiHi of a Life Tiatc, vol. I, p. 225. 1, Elisha. 2, JuDdOX, 
merch. in X. Y. C. 'i. IitAD, niendi. N. Y. C. 4, Daxiicl, 5, Bev., a mission- 
ary, dnnvncl in crossing Kaskaskia Biver, Ilk, Jan. oO. 18o0. For lines writteu by Mi-s. 
E. H. Sigouruey on the event, see V)id, vol. 1, p. 521. 

'• Oh ! ye who mourn 
With heavy temples ')'cr the smitten son 
Slain in his Saviour's service, know that pain 
Shall never ve.x him mure. Peril and chang"e 
And wimer's blast and summer's sultry heat. 
And sinful snare — What are they now to him 
But dim remembered sounds?" 

•6. Chaixcey. 

VI. Dainel Judson, b. Nov. 4. 170:) (f. of Dovid^: <1. Oct. 4, 1818, a. 84; m. Sept. 
10, 1799, Sarah, dau. of Solomon Plant td' S. 1, Sa u ui' Amaxda. b. Aug. 1, 1799; ni. 
Jan. 14, 1824, Bev. r>avid Lo^-ih'U, jae-tor Cong. chh. in Southington, Coitn.; b. Hartf. 
Oct. 0, 1792; dcsc. from ".u-ood old .lohn Ogden"; Y. C. 1814; slml. '■) yis. at Andover 
and one urch-r Bev. Pi'of. I'itch: ].:'.~ior Cong. <dil.. in ^Mjuthington, Conn., 1821 to 18;U>; 
at ^Vhitesb(n•o, N. Y., at .Marlboro, Mass.; resigned 1850, and retired to N. llav.. Conn.; 
■elected mem. of Corp. of 11am. Col. aiid (.'(uj). Mem. of .\m. B. of Miss. He d. Oct. 'iX. 
180o, just 42 yr^. frotn date of his (udinaiion. He pul>. a Treat, on Baptism and Fare- 


well Sermon o;i lv:iv. S. 1, C^if/jiiriiie. A. 2,'/. J. ;], Jn'in E. 4. AhJ,!, . :^ 
Jhidd .Jiul<>h, h. Wliit.\-, X. V., Doc. 24, ]s;!7; Y. ('. IRfil; 'J'hco. S.lioul isiiS an.i 
licensed lo ])rt'acli, hut ill-liealtli; n-s. X. IIu\ . witli mo. and sis. 2, Havid, i). Nov. ?,{)^ 
ItjOl; d. Sept. 17. lSir>. 3, C.vth \kink. ]'i,.\nt, li. Feb. 2, lN(i'"); m. D.'c. 2"), I.^^Hlj' 
Horace Ifoldeu, Esq., of N". Y. 1, D^n-ir) Ju(ls'>ii. Y. (". ]8(i4: LI.. H., Col, Col. lS('i(J. 4" 
Mahv KKr.KiTA, 1.. .\iiril ]i), l^r^ir,; m. J:ui. is, 1,^8-J, ('apt. John W. Steiliiiii- of liridirel 
|)Oit. CoTiii. ."), Davi;) Pi,.\NT, h. April 16, ISO'.I; Y. ( '. ls:;i; read l:i\\ init pursued 
jiiercHiiiile career in his native town; d. Stratford. May 1;!, jSijIl; m. isijj Eli/.ahfth. S., 
dan. of Key. Frederick Gridleyof E. Lyme, Conn. (1, Jij.ia Mahia. h. Jan. 11, IMI ;. 
ni. Sept. 10, 1820. Rev. John H. Hunter of Fairfield, Conn. 7, \Virj,r.\M. h. June !•,' 
I8I0; Y. C. 1M34; prac. law a short time, then v>-ent into l-.usinr-s with Charle.s Cood- 
vear, in\-entor oi' the vulcanized India ruhher. S, Daniici.. h. Oct. (1 ISK)- d Dec (J 

Vll. Sarah Judson. h. March 20, 17G(i; m. Dec. 0. 18(J2. John, s. of John lio(Uh of 

2488. Sarah Judson, 1». <>ct. 17. 1780; m. FTnO. SteiJien, s. of Ahraham Curtis 
of Stratford, Conn. 

I. Jerusha Curtis, m. Stephc!, Lewis. 1. CiiAnn v. h. M:U'-]i 27, 17'>'.i; m. Nov. 
24, 17'.il, Joseph Shelton. ii. Au--. 27, 17(J."j; d. Sept. 1, isjs. a. s;'-. and had hesiih^s several 
who d. num.: 1, JLnry, d. 1843: ni. Helen, dau. of F!on. E. W . K'ing, V . S. S(-n. from 
N. Y. 1. Henry Wri^dit. 2. Dau. 2. PhUo Sf /■"/>//, rem. to l^uston, ^Lass; m. Ceor- 
irifuui Albertine, .lau. of Beni. Piinott Iloiiu-r. '■',. f^iirnf! AV/v','/, n;. Marv Jane 
Deforest, dau. of Linsou and his wf. Jane tHawley) Deforest; iJaue and Ihjn. t'harles 
Ifawlcty, I/ieut.-<n>v. of Conn. cldl. of Cyrus Hawley.) 4, XiU'i'i/ J,'., m. Hon. X. C. 
Sanford, who d. leavin^r imly s. 1, Henry SheU(ni Sanfoid, i,L. ]). , hite Charge de 
Affairs of U. S. at Paris. France. 

II. Agur Curtis of Strat.. h. KoS; d. 1841, a. .S3. 1, Lkwis, h. pisij: an old time. 
luercliaul of X. Y. C. : d. thr. Jan. 2ii, IN33. Iti his 97ih yr. 2. ]5i::s.i.\mi.n. b. )7!)d: d. 
Feb. 10, issi, a. Ul: some time mem. of one oi' tlie iari'esl dry goods fimis in X. Y. C. ; 
re.s. Cra.mmacy J'ark ; came to X. Y. IMO and in 1S12 his bro. Lewis joined him in 
Pearl St., l:iier in Broadway, then at Broad v,-ay ;ind Rector St. and at last' in Daane St. 
Benjamin bec-aiue the foreio-n representative of tlie liouse and resided over 30 vears in 
France. He returned about iMJIi, and took tlie in (Jrammacy Pari; whert^ he d. 
lie ni. a few yrs. before ISCiO to h\- 2d wf. wh.o survive-,; 3 (ddi. living. He was active 
ill bii.siness til] over sO. lb- \va> fi_)r mans" vrs. a promir.etu mem. uf St. (ieort'-e's Ejiis. 
(dih.. Rev. Dr. 'i'yng. 

25, ThonKLS Y/elles, b. O.t.. lOoT; d. :\!:ir. h Ki. iGll.-,; m. lOSK. Maiy Pdaekleach. 
She Tu. (2) Kjiio. J(din Olcotr of Ilaitf., and had 4 chil.; (3) ('apt. Joseph Wadsworih of 
Charter Oak Memory, who d. ]73l, a.. 81. Her 2d ami 3d husbands were appraisers of 
her 1st liu-band'v estate, and doubrle>s in mental reservation imduded the widow in the 

I. 'Thomas, b. Oct, 10, lOfiO; m. A«e-. 2o. IMll, .Miiyail , su]). d. A u-. 2.1, 

17.-)0. 1. Thom.xs, bap. S-pt. II. 17|s. d. bef. his f.V e-t. v.-as dist., leavine- chil.: 1. 
Thoiixis. 2, ll'i-i.ah. 2. Da.mki., lap. Aug. 2.Y 1722. 3, .li>iix. b.-ip. Aug. 13. 1724. 4, 
Bi,A<'ivi.K. s.(ii. bap. Aug. 13. 1724. .■>, M \i;v, l)a]). Jan. 2S, 172S; m. l7'ol. Sieiilien 
Fowler, 1). Dec. 21, 1711); his 2d wf. (He m. ^I) Au<;-. 10, 1:40. Rhoda IJanei-oft. who d. 
Jan., 174s, leav. 1 s. ) lb- set. in PitisSield, Mass.; rem. to state of X. Y. 1, RIiihIi, b. 
April 10, 17.V,^ 2, IV,„'h',.,rh, b. Jan; 4. 17.")4; m. .Meriam Smith. 3, Ah!^,;,i!, yUrrrh 

23, nnO: in. Asa Xoble: luM! fani. 4. .)[, hifahlr, b. Feb. l-i. 17o8; m. Di. Porter of 
Winston; .<. /. 5. Siirah. Aug. 20, 170(1; m. .lohn Lee (4' Hartf. 0, Anms, 1-^.b. Hi. 1703; 
ni. Irene l-'owler of .Xorlhford. Comi., aunt of Pie.f. W'ni. C. l-'owler. 7, J/.'/7/, .\uir. !.">, 
170;"); d. Feb. 1."). 1700. S, 11',//,.^ Feb. 20, 170S; d. y. !), .I/.//7/, Oct'. 12. 177i; m. 
Daniid Fowler. yZ) Martin Phelps. 0. Joiix, bap. April' 0. 1730. 

II. John. b. Dec. l.\ p;<.c.': ,i. at < 'olehe^ier, (''onii. 1 . .loll \. li. at ( '. Xov. 24. 
1718; (L Ai-ril 21. lirA 1, M,n!ii.. b. Cd. I74--L rj.rher.' Alav 13. Isp.l. 1, .M;i rtin. June 

24, 1782; d. at Cap.' Iji/abe;!,, \\<-., F.ii. 1<I. l,s.-,l. (1), Martin P.. b. Cape Eli/.. June 
5», 1821; neucii. an.l i>.'i.!ker ;ir Mar'i.'ii.i, • >. ; m. .-it M., Sej^t. 2'.i. \^\'J. Ihoiiei Ibnb r of 
Durham, Conn.; .V. i'. i2', Cli.irb-. H. b. Oc! . 2.'. ls32; nieich. in M.; ni. in N . "\ . C. 
.\iu-il 2"^. 18.-)'.). Cornelia, dau. of ^Va-hlngton \an Zan/.l .0' X. \. C. j-'.dward FreemaJi, 
b. Ajuit 3, 1800. 


26. SfU-ah Welles, h. Ai>ii1, lOoO; d. ahl. 1700; 111. Nov. 7, 1G7«, Jnliii ]]iiIu.Ml, 
jr li" iiht. Ki'll: d.'.liilv ;j, lc,u-2; s. of John ;iu<l Sarali (\\ ilrox) Hidwcl!.* 
■ '" "]. John Bidwrll," h. Sci-t. 1, lG7!t; d. S.'])!. :!, ]7.")I. 

II Uannali Bidu-.-ll. h. Au-:. 81. KiSO; ni. ITOfi Jos<|.h Jtidd. 
Hi Sarali liidw.dl. b. Auv:. lii, l(;s] ; m, S<-i'T. -Jo. 1707. ("apt. Jo.slma Kohbm.-;. 
IV 'J'honias 15Mhv.dl. h. Dcr. 27. U^^'J: d. 17ir.: in. .M:ircli OS. 1710. Pnuicncf ScoTt. 
1, Tiio-MA.'^, 1). Mas- 1(".. 1711. y, Ar.iii.ui,, b. Au- . 1S\ 17i:!. :?, .Iunathax. b. Jan. ]-2, 
]7i:) -1, AUDM.I.U!. O. (let IS, 17]lj; V. ('. IMO; d. 17s-i. 

V Jdiiatliiui lUdwell,! h. Mandi I."), ■(•S}: ni. Pre. -JA, 1711, Martha Butlfc. 
Yl. David r.idvvtdl. b.'lfiST; d. June 24. 17oS; m. Julys, 1714, Mfhitablc Webst.'i-. 
YJI. James, !>. IGOl"; in. Pw. 8, 171:5, Kuth ^^tauh y. 

262. Hannah Bidwell, b. An-. 81. IGSO; d. 1707; m. 170 ;, Joseph, s. of IJ.ut 
John Ji:dd. Ilf r.i, (0) 1718, ^ava}l U'inchel, and d. abt. l7r)G; rc-^. ]• armingtoii. ( onu. 

2GV:i. Joseph Judd, h. Apiil 1. 1707; m. lUv. 2r,. 1781, Kuth Thompson, who d. 
Julv I'J, 17."",(i; (•-') l7-">;\ Maiv Clark; r>-s. Smuhn.^non. , . 

■ I Kliiathan. d. 1S07;' ni. l>oi.s ; ns. S. 1, S.u-.AH. Aus-. 10, 1 .GO. 2. Anm:. 

b. May 15, 1708. 8, I.ois. b. 17oU. -1, Jotham, b. 1778. o, Kt'Tii, b. 1, <G. h, bis- 


II. Lurv. in. Jaiiu-s Plant, 

III. Hni'h, b. 1740; lu. Elnathan Hart. 

\\. Martha, m. Nathan names, i. by 2d id.: 

V. Pliebr, b. 1758; v\. John Neal. 

26aJ0. Ruth Judd,b. 1740; d. Nov. 27. islO, a. 70; .... Kh.athan s of James 
and Tliankful (Nortli) Man, b Farn,in.unon, Sept. 10, 1 ,80. He o. Aitu'. 20, l^.^l, a. Jb. 
He was a mem. of the chh. at XorthinL-ton GO yrs. {(/e^r. j ron, Jlnrt (.rt'i<.) 
1 Li.iLis Hart. b. Sept. 80, 17GI; m. Ann \\ ilcox. 
II Martin b. Mav 17, 17G7; d. Aiu-. 4, 17^10. 
HI. Ubod Hart, b. June 14. 17G'J: m. Elixabetlt Edson; ^3) Cnarlotte Donnan. 

262131. Linus Hart, b. Sej-t. 80, 17G1; d.^April 10. 1810; m. An- 28, 17s7. 
Marv Ann Wilr(.x of Avon, Conn., \vho rh 1S:!G. a. 71. 

■ 1 Zin'. 1> He.- 2 17SS: d. Oct. 1. bSi;7. a. 7'.»; .hit. me;n. .4G yis. ; farmer nr. U 
.\von- m Oet' "i; lsl::i Uh.K'.a li. isw.dd. b. .\u!r. 1, 1702. dau. of Ashbel and Elr/.abet.i 
(WoMdrntViH.'; livin-in l-7i. 1, EiN^s (>.n;i, b. Mar.-h 20, l^^l5^ 'n. O,-^ 80. ls:j... 
Marv Ann I'enntield of N. H. . nvIu) d. at A. Hoe. 0, lSo8; ,2) An-. , IS-.... I .-imees h. 
Beeksvith of N. London; (8) hvdia S. Booth of Simsbur^. 1. /. '^vx, // Z>.».^^, Jan. lb, 
184G 2 CM'n b. Mav21. 1S47; d. in 8 dav?. 8, Mant'.' Flih'ui. hept./2o lb4s; in 
April IS." 1SG7, Eli AMcrman Hart. 4, In-,, }[:,,;.'. July 28, ISll). 5, y , :rdl h<hra^-rr 
X\.v 10 1S50- m. Sept. 14. 1-70, Jane E. Bin-;4,;.m. 2, PAi-i.r.w (. uisv.-..i D, Sept. E^. 
1S17; m; Jan. 7, is8s. Sinn-on D. Chappell of Avon. 8, ErmtAiM \N ,.m.iui. f, Nov. 
21 1819; d. Man). 80. 1S22. 4, DAf., b. 1S21. 5. Di \XA, •I'nieo. ls28. (L .^-p.. J'. 
1S25 G EriiKMH AVA. Feb. 12. 1S25; m. (h-i. 2. 1858, Sarah Idi/abeth Spenrer. b. 
Jan '''0 bS87 He dc \lavll 'siiS. Slie m. (2) (b'o. Coodnow. \ . ( .^r.uh,! hl.iz<ih,th . 
b. YYb.'7, ls,5C). 7, l!i-s4i:i.i,' Hkxms, March 15, 1S:!8; drowm-'d in Farm ni,t;-ton river. 

■ H ' Ad~na Mareh 27 1700; m. A].rih 1S15, Encv WoodriUl, b. Jan. 11. 17si); d. 
Julv "' 1S72 He wa., a iallow chan.ller and ace. an est. of .some ,'?15,00l>. "A n^an ot 
m-eat 7m n-al worth." 1. H..i,i.v, Nov. 5, 1817: m. 1S41, Ceo. M. Hale, a jeweler; res. 
New Haven, 2. Ni:wi<.x. Jan. 11, 1821; tallow chandler; unni. 8, ( '• ^'i'^^)- ^^,Y 
29 1825; .0. islG, Havid Stod^h.rd of A. 4, Cicv. Mandi 2S. 1S27: m. 2b. Isls. 
julnn Er.iiici--; S) diil. 5. M \!;v, Ai^rii 25, ;s20; m. Newton Peck. 

HI. Julia, 1701; m. Isl2, Austin Gleason. 

"^o!m Bidwell, sr.. d. .rSy: his tan y..rd appears on the Hartford map of ''5|-^ on an islami m Little 

River His wid., Sar.U-., d. June .-.. .6^0. Their chil. were: .. John, jr.. 2- /-?^'^'t'';K .^ ''\; \Tn oi 

.ei-M-'eldandd. ,^02. ,. Sarr^uel. bi 365": &■ ApriU. .715: m. Nov. m, .^7;^. Llc/abeth .^>:l"^,:^f^"-.^°J 

Thomas o; Middletown, and had: .. .SVzr,,/;. b. Se-u. 20, t.,74^ 2, .Sa».'».^. o. Jane i.. -^^ '^ ^- "; ;"^/:„- 

Daniel of Cb.Uhaci., Conn., b. Nov. ib. .717; <\- P'-'C- 'r'-' '"M^r-V^'.rV^" ^^r l-;,- v.dVn c R who 

,7'..- h.ul .? cial. o! wl'.-.m the -:h loha. vr. t. ot Kdwin M. bidwell. h-'!., ot 1 lov.dcn.t U ■■• ^'■n" 
iscollectinp- memorials of the F.idv.ell family. ;„ .h'c.ry, b. J.m. «. .77v 4. /'■•'"!„>,, b. Xos >. i...4- 

., iVnth,tnif!,h. Nov. 4, 1783. 

" +A Hann.-xh I!id-.vcIU dau, of Jonathan of Winds^or. m. 1760 Sam. Foore f.>-e J';"''.^ '''L^,^' P' ,;.■ ^l-.,,;^ 
l>ea. Thomas Hidwc'.! d. Dec.?, uV,:- in the cVh yr. oi his a^e, m Canton, (. onn.. an .r.-.n pida ano 
Sle.'idfast as a wail (..f bras';."— /'//.v.'. Cdiection 0/ Lonn . 


IV. Ihith Judd, b. Mav ;3, \im: m. Nov. 2"). 1S12, IMiiiu'HS Peiinfifld, 1). X. ]}. 
Oct. IS, IT.s.i; d. Alio-. 8, 184-:. Shed. Dcr. 11, iNtS. ], M \i;v Ann, Oct. 4, 1S1;5. -j^ 
llAiiVKV, Juno 7. ISll. 'S, M.\i!TiN, .\u<r. :'., ISKI. 4, I.vima, .M;iv :.'9, 1«11J. r,, 
Lemi'KL, Ai)iil 17, IS.'l G, DcvMS, ])'<:. ^i, ]6i'j. 7, Fidkma. Sept.. 10, ISi^j. s^ 
E.MTIA-, Se))t. 11. ISiO. 9, lloiiAti:, June 11, l^ol. 10, I'ltANcEs Xhwki.i,, Nov. 25^ 
18:lo. 11, IIakuikt A., Aug-. 3, l*>:i). - 

V. Martin, April, 179.'); m. 1318, Dollv Xewell; rem. to Jack.sonville, ill. 

VI. Aiiielirt, Mav 18, 17i)7; d. Oct. 80. 17l)s. 
Vll. Denuis Hart, Se]it., 1798: m. l^-3."), Elvira Dutton. He d. at Siieiinan, N. S., 
Sept. S, 18(J8: farmer. 1. Inf., 1>. and d. ]S27. 2, (;()iixK.i.r.v E., b. April G. 182!i; m. 
Nov. 18, l^-V.', Wn). II. Kee.ler. o, .Mai;v E , b. Sept. IS, is:!0: m. Ennej) Si-eny. 4, 
JosKi'ii DrxTiiN, i>. All--. 1, 18:-J2; m Marek 28, 18")1I. -Mary M. DiUtou. 5, IIkxiiV .M., 
Mav 37, 18o"); d. Nov. ;!, 18'j2. 0, Ei.iZAiiKTir J., .Ian. 9," 18o8; m. (.)et. 1, \Si\\, Ma<li- 
son"j. Morse. 7, IIaukict Ann, Oct. 7, 18:!9. 8, \V., Feb. 20. 1^42; Uuion 
soldier and d. Fairfax Hospital, Va., Oct. 19, 18(32. 9, .Adi;!!: .M., Nov. o, lt544; m. Oct. 
22, ISr.S. .Tolm \V. Spencer. 

VIII. ' Ava Hart. <.)ct. 24, ISQ:); m. Nov. fl, 1827, .lulia Ch-ampton, b. Jan. M. 1804. 1, 
Edmund C'ltAMcTUN, Ju!v 1;;, 1^29; m. Oct. 10, 1830, Harriet J. Alfoi-d, b. Nov. 11, 
1831; res. Sherman. N. Y. 1, K/k-n Marin. .]nw' ]^, 2, CVm/v. Edai'.rd, MurcJi 
39, 1800: d. Sept. 9, 18t;9. Z. Frrd'jn'r/,- Al/nJ. .May l.>, 1^02. 4, IfnryStepTnni, Mav 
10,1800.' 2, Ann Makia, May 22, 18;U. y, Wm." Hi;nj;y. Jan. 20, 1800; m. Oct. 11, 
1S70, Emrc'ii'a .^[. Sp.'irv. l' Li!in,i, Dec. 18, 1871. 4, Jt-ui's Bin:\VSTi-:];. b. .Mav 
20, 1839; m. Oct. 22, 1MJ8, Julia A. Sj.errv, b. June 2, 1817, and liad .Vin)n>: May, Sejit. 
lo, 1S72. 

IX. Amelia Hart, Jan. 1802; d. June 8, 18<i8; unm. 

262133. Obcd Hart, b. June M, 1709; d. April IJ, 1^40: ni. Julv 28, 1793, 
Elizabeth Ed.'son, b. March 3, 1773; d. cons. Nov. 10, 1798; (2) Dec. 10, 1799, t'harlotte 
Dorman, b. Oct. 10, 1780; d. Feb. 27. IMm, a. 84. 

I. Sopiirouia, April 21, 1794: d. July 14, 1814; n\. Jan. 9, 1810, Jo'^e],]! Hart, b. 
Sept. 18, 1787. He m. (2) Lura Due!. 1, "l^i.iZAr.r^Tir Ei.viiiA, Sept. 23, 1^11; d. Julv 
4, 1814. 2, J(K\ATiJAN,'Jane li.', 1814: d, July 0, 1814. 

II. lOdson, b. Ajiril 12, 1790; Y. C. ; ord. Piesb. : miss, aniony the Mi'd). Indians; 
jifter\\-ards preached at Si):-inytield and Irerard, Pa., several yrs., thence to Mor^aniield, 
Ky., 6 or 8 yrs.; afterwards at New Albany, Ind. ; health failintr, he went to New 
Orleans as aqi. of the Am. Bilue Soc, but ilie war caiin' and he ret. 1802, and in 180o 
sot. at Baird's Station, Ky. , Avhere he d. Sept. 19. 1N07. " A man of earnest ])iety and 
strong' faitli." — Lonincilk Jouvjud.; in, Oct. 15, 1821, Helen Preistlev of New Bruas., N. 
J., b. April 11, 1798; d. at New Albany, April 4, 1801; (2) Martha A. Dav. 1, Saml. 
H., Au!:,^ 23, 1822; d. Nov., 1807: in. May ISod. Hacliel Ellen Enuu-y; T) chil. 2, 
John Preistiey, b. Ant,'-. 15, 1824: grad. col.; niendi. at Faducah, Ky. ■ m. and luid 8 
cliil. 3. pANDui.i'it S. , Sept. 10, ls20. 4, Edscin K.. Oct. 13,1831. 5, CiKo. Ohed, 
Aug. 7. 1834; during the war capt. of a steamboat running (m the Ohio and Miss, rivers 
between Louisville, ^Mempliis and New Orleans; ni. March 13, 1855, Addie H. Slent of 
Lex., Ky., b. ])ec. 3, 1834, in N. Y. C. ; 4 chil. 0, Jo-kimi B., Aug. 4, 1820; m. Juliet, 
b. Jan. 3, 1S35; niercli. ; 5 cliil. 7, Hkij:n E., April 23, lS;j7. 

III. Norman, b. May 10, d. Nov. 9, n98. 

\\. C.'corge, b. Nov. 10, 1801; clotliier; rem. to Sherman, N. Y., and was a farmer 
but let. and d. in Farmington, April 3, 1809; .v. /. He was dea.; m. April 3, 1827, 
Esther Hawley, b. Sept. 3, IS'iO, dau. of Asa. 

V. Hira'm, b. Jan. 25, 1S04: m. May 22, 1S27, .Mary, dau, of Eiu.s and Dorothy 
(Hiirgins) Put/Dins, !>. .Mav 29, ISOO, at Wctherstield; rem. to Lysander. N. \.. 1831, 
thence to Po^-kland, N. Y"., 1830, wlir. shed. May 20, ls:]0; (2) March 22, 1810, Verona, 
dau. of .Amzl and Huldah (Barstow) Norton, 1). OnilO'rd, N. Y., Jan. 15, 1815, and d. at 
Lisle, N. Y., Sej,!. 21, 1S58; (3) March 22, bSGO. .Marv, wid. of John L.icv of Pichford, 
N. Y., dau. of i-h.ilip T. Kellogir, b. Feb. 14, ISOH. l", Ib.i.KN Ei.iza, June 5, 1829; m. 
Pliilander Jenniiu's. 2, MAKY\\ti;t>')- v, Oct. 12, 18:;2; <1. Oct. 24, 1843. o, Fn.VNCKS 
Adki.atdi-., D.-c 2 7, 1-12: m. Irving B. I'rentice of .\\\v;irk. 4, EiisoN Haiimon, Oct. 
32, 1845; d. Sept. 22, V'Wk 5, ('(>i,i>i:\ XottToN.. Nnv. 8, 1850. 0, I'^DsoN Amzi, Jan. 
31, 185:;. 7, Sakaii Vi:i:.)NA, May 21, 1S55; d. .May 2, 1^00. 

W. Norm. Ill, !>. (),t. 11, l>-05"; m. b^2(;, AcOline Hart. 

\'ll. Trunian, I'Vb. 28, 180N; n\. Lucia; (2) 1841, Harriet Langdun; (3) Sarah 


Vni. ITarvey, D.jc. 29, ISlO; m. Sept. 22, 1S;«, Harriet ^Voodfol■d, dau. of Corral, b. 
June 14, ISl-l; fanner, \N'. Avon. 1, T)a;M.\N WooDFonn, h. .Se]jt. 9, lb;54; lu. May 
30, \^r)(j, Marv.Tane Woodford. 

]X. Melidtha. April D. iSlS; m. Oct. 8, is;;."^), Aretas Skinner, 1>. Oct. 22. 1P04. 1, 
Adeline, Sept. 12, 1n:](); d. A]'ril (J. Ib'l-S. 2, E.mii,v, .luneb. ]S:!8; m. .\])ril JO, 18i)], 
J. F. Cusliino;. o, t-'ii-- '■., -Ian. 2ii, 1S41. ■!,-(;i;o. 11., Marc], -1, LSI); in. Dec. 2;!, 
18G9, Svlvia Eades. T), 11 enhjetta. Nov. 28. 1S47: d. lu-li.w , is.js. 

X.' Seth, Aj)ril 10, ISlO; res. Macon, Oa.; X. Y. C. 18ri; m. Matilda Miller. 1, 
OUAIU.ES, I8t2. 

XI. Emily, ]"el>. 28, IS]'.); in. Joshua S. Ileatli of Oollin.sville, Conn. 

26215. Phcbe Judd, 1-. 1753; d. Ai)ril 3, 1831, a. 78; m., s. of Jolm Xcal 
Of S., bap. .luue ItJ, 175}; d. Feb. 0, 18;!1. 
I. Che.ster Xeal, d. a. li). 
II. Kachel Xeal, ni. Chester Thorp. 
HI. Silvia X^'■ll, n/! 'I'honias Atkins, s. of Sand, and Eunice Wrightnian, dau. of 
Eev. John. b. March fi, 1778. 

lY. Koswtdl Xi-al, Hi. Oct. 30, ISOG, Laurind X^al. 
V. St.uhlavd Xeal. 
\'\. Elislia Xeal. ni. X'aonii Frost. 
VII. .lohn Xeal, b. Mav, l7i)i;; d. Ai)ril 25, 18(il; m. Xov. 2:>, 1819, Eucy Hall, res. 
S. 1, OiiKix, b. Xov. 10, 1820; d. Xov. 2:!, 18G;J; m. Jan. 12, 1817, Maria, dan. of Caleb 
and Lucv (Sloper) Savai^e. 1. J-V/// W., Oct. 10, 1847; d. Sej>t. 2, 184.s. 2, dairies JL, 
Xov. 12," 1840; in. June 22, 1871, Anna Aldrich. ;!. Aii'U, Jf., Au^--. 4, 18."i3. 4, Orn'n 
J., Avg. 8, 185G. 2, M.viMii.v, Jul\ 8, 1822; m. March 20, 1813, Birdseve Cadwell. 1, 
Fran/.:, .T an. 2>i, 1844: m. Hec. 2."), isi;,), Abby Ere. 2, Cluirles, June l,"ls.-)E- m. Sept. 
22, l.s7r), Ella William--. 3, J/'//'/, Dec ;;'i,'l S."ir; m Sep;. 22, ls75, ivnid Jones. 4,, Julv30, ls47: d. May 3, isfn; ni. June 20, 180G, «ieo. A. Eevvis. 3, Hai;vey, b. 
Oct. 10, 1827; in. Ju!v 20, I8o0. Annis Matthew.-,. 1, W<ilt<:r, June G, ls.")3. 2, Carrie, 
Feb. 18, 18G0. 

2G2156. Elislia Neal, m. Dec. 2."), 1814, X'aomi, dau. of Daviil and IMary Ann 
(Hitchcock^ FroM, 1., Aui;. 10, li02; d. Or,.r;;-o, X. V.. Mav IS, lS.-,4. 

I. Lucy .M.. 1). April 12, 1S17; d. May 24, ISfi--); in. May 14, ]s37, E. W. Ibiy- 
inond; coal dial. v; r>s. S. 1. Adelixj; C.'Sept. 20, 1838; in. Fr<'derick SutlifF. 2, 
Jfari/ ./., Oct. 25, 1844; in. Jackson Martsn. 3, Laura. E., May 23, 1817; d. Jan. 9, 

185 r. 

H. Levi C, Jan. 9. 1819; in. Xov. 4, 182,8, Amanda Siitlifl'; rrs. S. 1, Imociixe, 
Sejn. 22, 1840: m. Jan. 1, 1857, Obver Woodruff. 2, GEOiun:, Oct. 9. 1841: d. Av.i:r.. 8, 
1815. 3,- Geohoe, June 4. 1840, d. Jan. 20, 18G4. 4, Elisiia J., Dec. IG, 1848; m. 
Sept. 28, 1870. .\Iaria A. Merrill. 5, Wai tkk, Oct. 10. IS;. 9. 

HI, Kosweli A., Jan. 2E is2l; i>c!_^:!n life as a ine(dianic; ace. jirop. and is now 
pres. of several inanafacturinLC comiKuiies; rep. S. in Conn. Ee^^, 1874; m. Ajull 14, 
184G, Eunice. Atkins. 1, Maky E., Jan. 17, 1847; m. Oct. 11, 1871, Theodore McKen/ie. 
2, LLovDO.Dec. 30, 1852. 3, JosEi'iti.NE X., l).-c. 31, 1855; d. Aug. 21, 1873. 4, 
Stephen, leb. 1, 18G1. 5, Jema T., March 7, isr,:!. G, Fanny, July'lS, 18GG. 

IV. Marv A.. June 11, 1S23; m. Oct. 30, ]s45. Xath. Coleman." 1, Maktha A., 
Sept. 8, 1847;" d. March 31, 1875: ni. Xov. s, ij^ri, Alonzo Vansteenlnn-jrh. 2, Eeimia 
P., June 24, lsi49; ni. June 24, 1874, Katie E. Mattison. 3, S.vnAii M.. Jan. 4, 1852; d. 
Mav 23. 1S72. 4, Kosweel )>., Jnlv G, 1854; d. May 23, 1872. 5, Maky D., July 21, 
1859; d. Mav oO, ls71. G, Doim; O." Mav 7, 18GS. 

"V. Eli'sha, 1829; d. Oct. 27, 1S48. 

\\. Angeline X., m. Xov. 11, 185G. Jo.shua JiiUs. 1, Lieevn, March 1,1859; d. 
Jan. IG, 18G4. 

263. Sarah Bidwell, b. Xwz. 19, IGSl; d. Dec. 3, 1744; dan. of wid. Sarah Fid- 
^vell; m. Xov. 20, 171)7, Cai)t. Josluia Fobhins, jr., b. Oct. 21, 1GS1; s. of Joshua and 
Elizabeth Fobbins of Wethersfield; (2) May 3, 1739. Caj-t Thomas Welles, b. May, 
1G7G; (_2d cous.); his 2d \vf. He m. (F Hannah, ilau. of e'apt. AViUiani ^Varner. and Isl 
<:ous. of Fhib-mon Warn.'r, who m. Abi>rail Tntib of TpswiiJi. His 1st wf. d. Sept. IS, 
1738, a. GO. He d. Sent. 21, 1741. a. G5; s. of Ifobn! and Elizalaih ((ioodrich) A\'.'lles. 
I. .\atliani.-l, 1..' S,.|,t. •;, iTi.S; ^r..\\■y. 11, 1735. V.:r,\ i;.. 1.1. Ins. 1). March Ft. 
17l;i; d. Xov. 7. 17G-1; dan. of Hicliard and Sia.rtha (t'urtis) H." 1.;aie Dec. 13. IT-G; 
<1. March S, 1740. 2. IticiiAi-i), Sej.t. 21. I73s. ;!, .lo-iii-A. Im-O. !), i;40. 4, Sae.aii, 
Aug. 7, 1742. 5, Xatie\mi:i,, Aug. 2i, 1745; ni. Oct. 19, 17GG, Elizabeth l)eming. 1, 


A.'</ntr, Aivr. l^U, ]?C.7. '2. Kushit. \)vv. 22, 17s {. ;), ,Si/!rcsta\ Nov. 8, 17S0. fi, M u:v 
Miiy 81, n."31. 7, EuNU i:. An- 22, :7.j,-). 

II. Zcliuloii, Aug. 'J, 171(1; 111. Jan. G, 1787, Savali Morr(M,. 1, C'omfokt, Pel). !<!, 
1738. 2, Sai;.\h, FoIk 7. 1741. 8, Hannah, .hiuo4, 174:i 4, Zi:i;rr.ON-, Ort. li), 1744^ 
5, Aui(i\n., .Iuu<-'27, 174S. 

III. Sarah, .Jan. 2.-), 171-2 

fV. .loliu. .March 81, 1718: m. Dec. 18, 1780, Sai,.h (mxkIiIcIi, who d. .)ulv 14, 17.')t;. 
1, ELiX.Ai-.Kiii, l'\'b. 11, 178S. -2, Luis, Aj-iil 1. H In. 8, Jkiiiki,, Mardi 8H,"l7J-J. 4, 
(iiDiuiN, July 2\. 1744. ."). Sakaii, .hily -,",1, 1747. 
\'. Hannah, Maicli 8. 171."). 
VI. Joshua, Juiif !!», 1717. 

VII. Klizabeth. St'i.t. -28. 1719. - ' ' • 

VIll. Ahiirail, Oct.O. 17-21. 

2636. Joshua Robbins, jr., l). .lune 1!», 1717; m. Aug. 2G, 1742, Maiv Welles. 
1. Eunice, 1.. ,lMiiH-.i8. r;i:j; d. Jan. '2, 1750. 
II. Asa, Sept. 2'.i. 1744. 

III. Mai\, Anu-. 18. i 74(;, 

IV. Ahit^ail, Ai-ril -29. 1749; d. Aug. 8, 179(); in. 'I'homas Hani- of W. ; (2) Maivli 
2.'), 1778, Dr. 'Josiiih Hart- of New Brit., h. April 2S. 1742; V. ('. 17lV2; stud. nu-d. with 
Dr. Putter of ^^a]^d.: was Surg, in Kev. army; licp. Conn. Eig. several sessions; dea. 
of the. chh. in \V. 1798; lived on his 2d wf.'s place on Harris Hill, a little soutli of the- 
villago of W. ; after her d. rem. to .Marietta, U.. and lu. thr., (8) Miss Anna .Moulton. 
He was several yrs. dea. of the ehh. m Marietta; rem. to Lowell, ()., and d. thr. Aug.. 
1812. His 1st wf. was Abigail Sherman of Soutliiugtoii. Conn., m. Hfjo, who d. of 
small pox, Jmi(>4, 1777. 1, Bk'I'skv Haut, h. Dec. .22,1778; m. Titus, s. of Samuel 
lUick of \\'. ; oiijeLMe.i to going West until she had m. him. 2, Clarissa, b. abt. 178I'-;. 
d. Jan. 2."). 1871, a. ^<N; m. ^^'ing Devoe of Maviett.i. ()., and rt-s. on Murixingum river, 
4 miles above M. He d. Fel)., f8lis, in 90tli yr. 1, ./".yiifh. lives on old homestead. 2, 
Kinchin, m. Hon. (ti-o. Barker of (>. : res. M. Iy74. 8, Willidrn, n\. a gr. dan. of (I'en. 
Israel PuTnam, and they have his military coat and liis uf.'s bridal dress, which is made 

of brocade sill;. 8, Cyxthia, b. abi. 17^2; m. in .Marietta, Vance; res. (_'olumbus. 

()., wlir. she d. 1872, a. 90. 

V. Sarah. .March 12, 1751. 
Vi. Hicluird, March 1, 17.")8. 
\'ll. Elizabeth. June 19. 1 7:.o. 
VHL Eunice, July 2ti, 17."')7. 

. IX. Joshua, -Vug. 7. 17(j8; iii, ILinnah. dau. <if Di*. .losiah and .Vbigail (Sluman') 
Hart, b. 17H9; d, at Avon, Conn., May 2S, lsi;2. in 94th yr. 1, 1Tann'\1[ 1Iai;t, m. 
Koinanta U'l.odruff. 2. Ai'.k+aii.. m. Colier Steele, 8. 'i'lioviAs, m. M.-iry I'.iirkette. 
4, Dami.i., d. unm. 

267. James Bidwcll, b. 1(;91; o. May 7, 1718; m. Dec. 8, 1713, Kuth Stanley. 
dau. of Caleb and gr. dau. of Timothy, only child. 

2671. James Bidwell, b. Julv2G, 171G; d. Jan., 1782; m. Jan. 12, 1747, Marv 
Norton, b. .May 2n, 1780; d. .Ian. 1, 17(;2. 

1. Marv, b. Jan. 8. 174S; d.. June 8, 17o(i. 
H Luth. b. Ajui! is. 17.5!i; m. Elijah Hm.sdale. 

III. Marv, b. F"b. !). 17.")2: m. Heiirv I5raiiiar<l and rem. to (>. 18U1. 

IV. James, b. Ai)ril 80. 17ol. 

V. Huldah. b. Oct. 10. 17:iG; d. April 28. 17()0. 

VI. .\uu. b. Apiil 7. 17."i9: d. 1m4i. 24. 1S84: m. 1779. James llosmer of Hartf., b. Sept. 
80. n.-)!; d. Aug. 19, lS:i7. 1. Ja_mi:s lUnwKi.i,.! b. Sept. 27, 1781; d. 177s. a. 97 yrs^ 

*Byistrri. Dr. Han had : i. .M^ifiai!, b Feb. 3. i-Cf> ; m Thomas \VeIi°s of W. 2, Ju^iah. b Dec 
lu, 1768 ; d 15, 1769- 3, H;inn.ili. b. 176.J ; m. Jr.shu.i Rubb'ns 4, Emily, b. Fi-b. :. 1771 ; m. .^!a:vI., 
i7°<;. Gideon Welles ot W. 5, Josiah, .Ian i .. 177-,; d v. 6. WUliam. Muri. 'i 4. 177^; in. Saiati 
Waters Wolcoii 7, Thomas, b. Dec. 14, 1771., in. Hlu.ibeih McClelKind. 

+ He W.-IS one of a committee of three ehe others beiny Mr. Ward and X.ithLuiiel (';.)id\vini appointed 
by the se'.conen of the town of H;irtf. Dec. 30, 1^3;), to cause a "lurvev and map to be in:ide of the towi-. 
as i: Was laid out in \f.;.,. For this work the coin, en'.'.'ir'-'d Wm. S. y'nr'er of F.irniin' the weli 
known ?,UiA-evoi and an:li| ulin produced in 'i-ne liie verv accurate and complete !na;>, pu'jlished 
\u Sr,i,-a\f /f,ir//orJ In I,',-.- (l.'Jci; /V'.v,-. cdiied by W .^^. U IFirtiey. A copv of this worl: inscribed 
on I' e tiy Icif, '• l'".lihu BiirriU, prc'^''nie<l bv Janv.-s Uosnicr, 1 l.Tiiord, ("onn .. .iuly. iS^li," now ih'eh. n, 
1S82 1 lie-i betore uie. for the parpo<e i-f makjrij ,1 traci"!: ''f ^iaid map; for u-liieh pr vile^re I am inde'ned 
to the kind--e-;s of .Mi.-,s .•\nii;i C . Stricklum! of New F.iitain, Conn, 'llie m.ip bchinj^inf.; to thr .'.sior 
Library copy h.aving been abstracted by some . 

liiDWKij., iioinitNS, inxs[)ALi:. 123 

umn. llo was vory promiui'iit and ]ii^;lily ostcriiud in Haiti', ami Ifft a lare^ property, 
priiicijially to tlit^ Haitford 'l"ii(()lo:;ical Si'ininary, ot whicli " IIosiiu r Hull " was coiu- 
])l('lfd l^Sd; coiiipilcil and inihlished the JL'.siin r Finiiily. After d. of lii'^ sis. , Mrs. 
I-Siill. lu' lived nloni- ill till- old hoiin' op])osite the olfice in Harit. 1?. ('llAKi.KS. li. 
Aiu-il 10. n^."). :5, Ann. h. Ainil ;jO, ITS!); d. ,•<. /. , .Marrh T), 1S,"3T; m. Loren/.n Hull, his 
L'd wf. 

VH. Hiildali. 

26712. Ruth BidV70ll, l*. April is. IToO; d. June i?:;, ITS.i- in. Klijali. .-. of 
(.'apt. John and I'Ji'/.aln-th (tole) Hinsdale of Kensiniilon (Berlin), Conn., h. Ajiril 1, 
1744; hlaeksnuth. He m. (:3) Sarah Haniels. lie d. June 2(), ITH;!. (His si^.. Lydia 
llin.sdahj. in. Samuel Hart, and \v;is mo. of Mrs. Kiniiia Willai'd and Mrs. I'ludiis). 
I. Hlizaheth Hin.sdale. 
II. I?o\ana Hinsdale, h. Jan. 10, 1778; ni. K/.e.kiel Andrews. 

2G7121. Elizabeth Hiusdale, 1>. Feh. (i. i?:.-,; d. Ant>:. ec. 1S44; m. July 20, 
1793, Klihu (s. of Kliliu) I^iirrin. 1>. 1^04. He >et. in .New Britain, Conn.; furiuer antl 
slioeiuakei'. A few years hefore his death their relebrajt.'d s., hdihu, \\ rites in liis 
journal: "I have recently visited tlie burying- ground whore sleeji the ]>atriarchs of my 
native village, and a large congregation of their childi'.-n. I made my way among thc^ 
simple moiuiments till I paus.-d,. thnugliifully, ]irayerfully, nieeh'ly near eiie er'(;ti.'d to 
file memory of Klihu J->uriitl, \s\in d. Jan., IS-^l, a. Go. It seeiued as if 1 had cunie mk!- 
deiily before a mirror and seen a departed face thei-e. It was the same luuiie my own 
stone will bear — if ever one be erected to m\' memory — but ^vhat age shall it record".' In 
what land shall it be raised".' On the same slone was engravcil th<> name of Elizabeth 
Burritt, out godly, beloved mother, who, to all her chiklren, both on earth and in heaven, 
Aviis the most jir'M-ious friend This side of Jesu^ C'lai-t."' At unothei' time he refers to 
her as " my godly mother, whoso prayers seem at times to surrnund me like a whisper- 
ing atmosphere." \ 

I. r'dijah Hinsdale BunitL b. April 20, 17:i4; d. Jan. o. IboS, in Texas; leurm-vl 
trade of Idacksmith: grud. W'ms. (\A.; had a tasK.' for mathematics, and gave hi< atten- 
tion to that science in oider to become a surveyor. He est;ib. a boarding school in >>ew^ 
Brit., C'oiui.; author of an astr(Hii>mical work used in sclmols, Gcofjrdphii ofiJn- llmnns, 
and of st:veral other W(n-ks. lie headed a small colony that unfortun.itidy went to Texa^ 
in 18o7; edited a-weekly ])ajier in Ca. some yrs. He was \\-iil built and large phy.-^i^ally, 
Commanding and diinutied in aii]iearance and addi e-^s; a man nf rare talent and worth, 
but somewhat erratfc. He m. Oct. 28. isl'.t. Am; Williams \V:,Ts<m of Milledgeville. (Ja., 
b. Dec. 4, 1797. 1, Ki,iz.\iii;rit. b. April 22, l>22, in (ia.; d. Ort. 2>^, 182(1. 2. <ii:. nun: 
Hl>;si-).\l,E, 1). New Brit., I'^'b. 2S, lb2(;; d. June 20, ^^;7o, in Santa I'arbaia. C'a!.; m. 
Oct. 20, 1849, Marian Leeds Par.-ons, b. New Lmidon, (.'.mn., Sept. 10, 1829; dau, of 
Thomas and Fram'es Calhuriue ;C"happe'.l ) Par.sim.s. ;ind sis. of ll<.ii. ITuhard I'huppell 
Parsniis. M. (',. and ediiDi- of iln^ ( lex eland ((.).) 7V.///// Ihr'ihL She m. (2) in Hartf., 
(.'(inn.. April 30, 1877, Abel Ijenjs(jii Breed, mereh. and manuf.; ri'S. Ib81, X. \. ('., cnr. 
Madison ave. and o7tli st. 1, France^ Cd.tluuine, b. I'^'b. 24, 18ol; d. Feb. 11, \<^■^. 2, 
lUdKird Cli'ipjiill. b. June ('.. lN.",(i; d. Jan. (i, ISoQ. 'd, Fnnici.-- Por.-nn^ b. De.-. ol, 
18r,8; d. Dec. 9, 1874. :! Anna Fi.iz Atu.i ii, b Nov. SO, 1829; m. April 19, iSfiO, J,,^eph 
B. llawkesof Charlemont, Ma^s., win. d. at \'ieksbuig, June, 18tM; (2) Hev. Mr. l.<'wis. 
wlio fl. in Ch.arlcston. S. I '. ; iMi Jo-^hua D. (iiddings. 4, Jri.r.x Watso.v, b. Marcli 11, 
18;>;); m. Aug. lo. 1s,j2, Dr. W arner N. Dunham. She d, P.ncktown, 111., May 20, l^CO. 
1, vlr/(A», m.'j(din Burke. 2, (r, >>,'/(■ :!, Mniinn. ,"., Kij.i.m! Hinsd.m.k. b. .Inly 11, 
1835; d. abt. 1S79; m. Dec. 20, ISCO, Matred E. Tilden, dau. of Hon. Daniel, Judg.' of 
Probate of Chn-eland, ().; res. St. Paul, Minn. 2 <diil. 

II. Betsey Hinsdale Burritt, b. July 22, 179(i; d. 1S72; m. Aug, 24, ls29, He/ekiah. 
S. of Jo.sej.h W. and Lovisa ('. (Warner) Seynnmr (d' Hartf.. b. Oct. 29, 17S^: an l^j'i-^co- 
palian, and his wf. joined that communion. They lived several yrs. in the i^urritl 
House on the Hinsdale ])la<-e in New Britain. 1. lxr..b. l'"eb. 10. 1S;H; d. ^ooll. 2, 
Hi;m:v (iui-woi n, I). May o, is:!-J; d. May 2ii, ls">;!; an interesting young man. and ihe 
onlv prop and hope of his parents. 

"hi. Ilmily Burritt b. An--. 12, 179S; d. ls:;9;m. lS:;.s, ( 'a].!. Ta\ lor of Texas. Caj-t. 
of a ve-isel whieh carried the colons to 'i'exas in ls;!S, mo. aial idi. d. next vr. at 

1\'. (ieoiive l^nrriit, b. D'-e. .", l.'-'i'i); d. .\ug. 20, 1S22, in (ia.; a young man of 
.ureal hop'e and a^y.-A pr.'Uiise. 

N'. .Mary Hurritt. b. Feb. l,s, is.^i:!; m. May 211. IS-J.',. \^a(len ^ViIliams of Ken- 
sington, s. of tiideon and Funic- v' '<|\^ le.-.-) W.- ^iloemaker; afti-r a few yrs. left his wf. 


and went to parts nnknown, but subsequently found in Pliila. with a cljaiigcd name, 
smd 111. to a beautiful woman whose parents became broken-hearted on tlie diseover> . 
Mary obtained a divorce, and supported herself v.itli needle, and built a house in a tine 
situation on La Favette st. in ]Si-l. 1, Ei,rz.\i!KTii BiKin'iT, 1). Feb. 10, bS27; m. .Mnv, 
1S4:} Wm. Millerof N. J). 1. ^^i//^/;/^ b. 1^18. 2. C,'inr/<:% If^Vy, i\. ISTU. :^, Wi/inrd', 
1819. ,4, .Ir/// '/.'•. IS.jl. '), Henr!j,\>i~->'-i- G, J'Vnlei'ir, IS'ytJ. 2, Ax.v Wat.sux, Nov. :Jo', 
1S28,- m. 1><V>. (>'eo. X^'autih of Torvina:ford, Conn. 

VI. William P.urrilt, 1.. .July s, isur,; ,1. ]),.,-. 11, 1S87; in. May 2.-), 1S2G, 
Coh's nf Ken.-^in^ton, Conn. 1. U'li.i.l a.m , b. .Jan. 17, ls:!0; m. Oct! 22, l«rj2, Islizal.eth 
Hart of New Ih-itaiu. 1, L'llii A''ii-iib,t/i, \k .)<\n. 10, 1^3 1; m. Jan. IC, b>^77. Albi^rt F. 
Fuller of Clinton,, and had May. b. May 27. isTU. 2. WiUir 77"',„a..-<, 20, 
IStM. 2, .Joiix Coi.Ks, b. .lulv 14, 1n::;4; m. Nov. 2.'),, Mary E. ^^^)odruf¥ of N. B..' 
whu d. AuiT. 4, bSiiU; (2) Frances A. Gale, Nov. 5, IS^;,-). ], rVf/v;> 7>', , Nov. lU, 1^:I57. 
2, LilUc B., Ajn-il 13, lSt>S. 

VII. Isaac Burritt, b. May 81, 1S08; an earnest and useful worker in chli. and soc. ; 
gifved in prayer, exhortation and olT hand ])ublic sj)eaking; m. (Jet. itj, 1^';!2, Nancy, 
dau. of Selah Barne;?; .m. i. 

VIII. Elihu Bnrritt, b. Dec. 8. ISIO: his early advantai^-es of education liuiiled to the 
common school and a small library of the villaire. An anecdote of his school days shows 
the benevolence of his character. The hal)it of whispering to each other in scliool hours 
liad f^nown up among the scliolars. 'I'o check this the teacher adopted a ]>lau of placing 
a ferule in the liands of the first delincjuent, who was made to hold it until it was passed 
to the next offender and .so on; the last holder being detained after dismission of the 
rest and se\'erely ])unished. One (biy about five minutes beforf^ dismission, a hirge boy 
who iield the ferule contrived to entrap Lucy W., the largest and best girl in the school", 
into an act of whispering and so she became ilu' liolder, a.nd would have been ])uni<he;l 
had not Eliliu, whose synipatiiies v.-ei'e arnLi>-nI in view of tb.e impending crisis, drew 
the punishment upon himself, and became the s'-ape goad for all the sinm-rs of rhat 
day. A severe currHctiou \\as admini.-tf.'red to him by the teaeher, but he bui'e it joyfully 
as it saved another tiom ill-mei-ited jiain and di.^grace. lie was very modest and his 
diifidcnce so great, that lather than meet the comyiany at the marriage of his sister, lie 
ran away, and being missed, was fuund after much search hid behind a liarrel in the 
cellar. This difiidencn attended liini through life and was only f)vercome %\ heir some 
duty or pi'inci])le was involved, and then he liecame as bold as a lion. 

His father dying wln-n Flihu was 18 yrs. of a., he apprenticed liimself tn a 
blacksmith and lejirned the tradi- thoroughly. Having an immense thirst for leamini,^ 
he devoted his spar»- time to reading and study. At tlie age of 21 he entered his bro.'s 
scliool and ga\e especial attention to mathematics, with the object of becoming a sur- 
veyor. He made rapid ])rogress, but after one term in the school he found it nece.ssary 
to return to the anvil. Every S])are nioinent of his wm-king hours were given to study, 
and seeing that the langaages could be acquii'ed under su(di circumstances with greater 
facility than mathematics, he procured a small Greek grammar, A\hi(di he carried in his 
liat, and recured to at every oi)porttuiity. Mornings and evenings \vere given to Latin 
and Fieiu li. After a short period of work, he was able to devote another term exclu- 
sively to sttidy, and went to New Haven for the advantages of proximity to Yale Col., 
but being ashamed at his age tn ask for helj) in the elementary studies, he deter- 
mined to learn G"m-k and H<direw without aid. He began with limner's Hind and a 
Greek Lexicon with Latin deMnitions, and his success was such that he leariu;d not oidy languages, but also the benefit of self-reliance and the power of will and applica- 
tion. During this winter in NVw Haven he made ra])id progress in the languages aiici.'n) 
and modern. The next year he t.uight an academy in a iieighboring town, but his health 
beginniiig to suffer from confinement, lu: became a traveling salesjuari for a maiuifai'- 
turing com-ern; then bought an interest in a country store, wliiu-e the financial roversicii 
of 18;;!7 found him, and s\ve]it away all his savings. 

A ni-w dejiarture being m cess^uy he ^^•alked to Boston, about 125 miles, lioping 
to find work and r'pii.irrunity to study, but failed and retraced his str]is to ^^'orceste^. 
where he found liotli. and gaine<l adiuit'ance t<i tin' large and rare library (d' the .\iiti- 
(juarian Sociery. wlien- he spent his evi nings .-imi leisure liours. Here he found a ('elto 
Bjxton dictionary and giammai', and %\:>.s soon able to address a lettt'rin this language — 
<lated Aug. 12, 1S:JS, the liist and oul\ erne ever v, rilten in tliis country —to tlie '" Ib.yal 
Anticjuarian Soiiciy of Franre." In 'eturn be received a ccMnmeiidatory lettei' ol 
U( kn(n\ledgment. and a very large vol. bearing the seal of the society. Havin.ij beeonie 
more or less familiar with all the hingiiages of jMUope and seveial of Asia, he desired to 
turn his know ledge to ))ra(;tical arcount, and with this view wrote a letter to Hon. 

BUllRITT. 125 

E'bvavd EverctT. Out of this grew tin olYer f rom Mr. Everett of a I'lec course fit Harvard 
Col., Avliicli he was coiupelh-d to decline for tlie reasim tluit liumual lal)or iu counectioii 
with study was indispensable to Ids health. 

AVmut this time lie heg-an to lie known as '* 'j'lie Le;nned l>lacksnutli," and iu 
1B41 to lecture by invitation before Lyceums and Associations in ditTerent parts of the 
country. His first lecture entitled " Application and (ienius," was delivered sixlv times 
during the iirst winter. Among the first at New Haven (in a liall on Church street, then 
used as a Congregational cluirch, and now known as the " American Theatre,") before 
the "Young .Mens' Institute," of Nvliich the compiler was a member, and di.stinctlv 
remembers the lecture and the lecturer. His argument was that there is no such 
tiling as genius, and that success is tlie result ot patient and ])ersevering ap])lication; 
and the impression made at the time still remains that he emliodied in liimself and illus- 
trated in his history a partial refutation of Ids own theory. Between the words Appli- 
cation and Cienius, use tlie ]ilus sign. 

As mere scholarship, learning or the acquisition of knowledge can never .satisfy 
the soul of an earnest man while so much suffering exivis can lie alleviated bv 
human effort, he soon turned his attention to philanthroi)ic labors. One of the 
objects to engage his attention was the Peace Cause. " Peace on Earth and good will 
among men." To this lie added the advocacy of freedom, temperance, self culture, 
cheaj) postage and other reforms, and in furtherance of these objects, established or 
edited several public journals, lectured, wrote letters, tracts, and newspaper articles, 
and devoted himself as wholly to human jirogress as he had done before to learninr^. 

in 1840 he went to England in tlie same ship that carried the news of the 
friendly settlement of the Oregon Question. Here he remained three years working for 
the Peace Cause, traveling, lecturing, writing, circulating " Olive Leaves," organizing 
" Peace Congresses " in London, ^Lanchester, Brus.sels, Frankfort and Paris. In iy47, 
the year of tlie great fau.ine, he visited Ireland and spent tv,o weeks \n going from hut 
to hovel, and was so greatly distressed by what he .saw, that he made a .strono- and 
earnest a])peal to his native State for aid, which did much to intensify the sympathies 
of the l>enevolent, and resulted in sending a ship load of provisions from iioston to 
Cork, which were received with joyful demonstrations. 

While in Euro])e he had oUserved that the high, rates of international postage were 
very burdensome to the poorer classes; and on his return to America in 184'J he went to 
work with his accustomed zeal and energy to bring about a reform; by lectures, letters, 
tracts, jiev>-spa]iers, jjetitions and visits to Congressmen and high otiicials. To liira more 
than to any other are the people indebted for tlie ]iresent increased facilities for interna- 
tional coi'respondence. 

On his return in 18.15 from a second visit to Europe, he, olvserved the increased 
bitterness between the North and the South, on tlie suliject of slavery, and was 
extremely anxious to avoid a rujUure. His plan was a compensated eruancijiation, the 
money to be raised by the sale of the puiilic landi,. He lielieved it feasable. and labored 
as ttsual to bring it about. But it was too late. \Mien vrar became inevitable he retired 
to New Britain to the home of a beloved sister and t^vo nieces. 

In ISO:;! he returned to England to fuKill one of the purposes of his first visit, 
namely, a pedestrian tour to gain an insiglit into tlie condition of the \vorkin!;- classes. 
In l8(Jo and 18()4 he wallied from London to John O'Croat's, and from London to Land's 
End, and published the results of his observations in two separate vols. 

In lS(i5 he was apjiointed Consular .\gent for liiriuingbam, hhig., and, as such, 
visited various manufacturing establislnnents and collecteil information concernincr the 
industries and [u-oduetious of the territory included iu his consulate. This was pub- 
lished in a large vol. of 414 ]iuii-es. abounding; iu vabi.ible infoiniatiiui, and withal, a 
very readable and entertaininu' honk. Copu\s were siuit to the State Hejit, at W'arhine-- 
ton. and iu return, yiv. Seward sent a highly complimentary huer to the autlior. 
While at Birmingham he also wrote 7'Iic Mis.^ioii of G i;nt Sujfirhnj.s, ^oO j'p. He also 
continued his corres])ondence with tlu^ London Peace Society anil wrote ai tides for 
variiuM i)a[i('rs. designeii to intere-^t, instruct and lienefif the young. " His whole soul 
seemed to la^ tii-.-d with a desire tu do tbo.-e tliiug'-.s whicdi wouhl tend to mitii;-ate suiYerim"^ 
aul bless uiankind. No man ever lived wlio-e elVoiis seenn d more unselfjsli or ]ihilan- 
thro]>ic ill tluir cliararter and tendency than those of E'.ihu Buiriit.' <)n resiimim,'- his 
studies at Birmingham he found tiiai six dilTereiit alphabtts, and many woi'.ls and 
]>!'rase;' of other languages had escaited his niemoiy, \>\\i they were regained with, but 
little effort. He returned to America for the last time in 1870 and resumed his residence 
at New Britain ^vith liis sister aivi two nieces, the latter having jiresided over his house- 
hold during the four years of his residence in Birmingham. He had managed to save 


■cnoug-h oat of liis consulitti^ to ]>u_v tlic ilcljt incurred in iiinrlcisino; ]i!s farm. It wji.s ■., 
•|)Ovt'rt_v-5itrickcn tra<-t, all covered with sioisrs \slien lie l.iju^lit it, Imt witli luiicli toil 
lie Improved it., ii-i-.-atly. Here lie wrot.' r//r///_v///w// f'ti J^'w-^ -.iud mosi of ihe " insidr 
lu-rirles •' in his ])aper. T"/-/// cr/id Sontl,, \scie wriiteu ,^1, ;, barrel-head in hi.-; bnrn. 
" Tlie prospect from my hill," he says, " is iiiiii!,Tdliceiit, and I enjoy it more and more." 

In ls;4 he made arrangements to g-o 1o Kngland to work \\\) a grand interna- 
tional '• Peace Con;," hut while on the way to (,»neliecto embark, a sc-rions illness 
compelled him to al'and'Ui the undertakini^ and ret^irn home. Afterward his labi.r.s 
were limileJ to his nativi- city and its neii:;lil)r)rii()(.id. He e^tabli.shed three or four 
wet'kly meetings iu as many dift'erera parts of the tnwn, for the benelil of thnse wjw) 
lived at an inconvenient distance from the established (lunches: and pidd all tlie im-i- 
dental expiMi-es out of his own scanty re^durces. lu one section of the Xdwv. he erected 
a building to accommodate o'H) per.-.ons, dointr nearly all the work with his own hands. 
He was deeply interested in the ])ublic scluiols, and as a inemlier of the local Hoard of 
Education, 'freijuently visited them and addressed the i)upil.s: always a niost welcome 
visitor. So in everv good work In' c-intinued active as lono' ashis stivm'-th wa.-. sutRcient 
f>ri!. ' ^ 

In the Autiinin of IN'TS he fully realized that his releas;» was near. Less than 
a week before he d.ied he >aiil to sunn- fellou -men:ber'-- of a c)ub whocalh-dto i;ivehini 
the i)arting hand, " I hardly know wjn'tln-r t" say -■.,.,<! evening or ii-ond-iive." " He was 
a sincere Christian, and was readv for the to i^o up hi''-her He d Mandi 
1S7JI. a. Gf). ■ . o 

Prof. Longfellow says: " 1 alv.'ays had a great admiration -for the sweetness 
and simplicity of his character, and was in jierfect .syintiathy with hiiu in his work. * 
* * ■•■ No-.hing ever came fn 111! bis ikmi tiiat was not whole.-ome and good.'" ^^arv 
Huwitt writes of his " stiipendons knowledge of ihe huiiruaires," his '■ ])rodigious learii- 
Ingr" his " larire and b:>nevo!en* heaii. every throb a senriment of broiherliood to all 
manki!\d." Of the lant;aages to whi.-h he gave sp.-ei.-il attention were Amharic, Arabic, 
Basqne, liohemian. (.'eliio-lireton. ('liahhtic. Cornish. Hutcli, Ktlnopic. Flemish, French,' 
Oaelic, (ierman, (Jr.-c!;. Hebi-ew, Hindostaui, Hi;m:aiian, Icelandic, Irish, Latin, Alanx! 
Persian, I'ldish. Portuguese. Russian. Sanuiritati. Sanscrit, Spanish, Swedish. 'svriac, 
Turkish and Wcdsh. (See Life, by Prof. Charles Xwirhend,4S0 pp., with steed ])ortrait.) 

IX. Kuince NVakeman Larrett. b. May 'J, isl.:',: ni. ,\i>ril 24, IS;:;;-^, Jabez Cornwall 
of MiiUlletown. Conn.; joim.':'. In lS;j: he. went to Texas and d. thr. Nov. S). same yr. 
Mrs. Ccu-iiwall went we.-t a- a teadier under tiie jKisroiiage id' (jov. Slade. She was a 
passenger on the steamer .\tlanii'- when it was sunlc by a collision on the lake; losintr 
everything but ni-lir dmhes. She b-b.avcd wiib, gjeat coolness and, intrepiditv and 
Avas oiie of the few saved; ni. ^Oi Mandi 17. l-o.'h X. ,\ . Sawyer. Pnd". in C liica^-o Fidv. 
1. .Vi.ox/.d Bfi!i;n r, b. Fell. 11, fs.-.d: m. Nov. L ISTG. Sarah Lavin.a McFwing. \, 
Xnlhiiit Fiillcy.h. .]\\.\\- v.), \^~'>^. 0. .l.\.Mi:s !l(is.M];ii. b. Auif. o, ]S."J7 ;> d'l: \cT •'Ti.icp; 
b. .}\\\v^ 4. ISfU). 

.\. Alndra Ihdwi II P.n n ett . b. .] uly :?7. 1 '.nfl; m. Nov. -,'4. LSot;. Stej.hen Lvnuui 
(s. of Stephen an.l Nancy Tryon) Strickland of ( f lastenl)ury. Conn., b. Sejit. 2C,"lSl;L 
He was ^^ ardeii of the borough of Xew Britain, and active in eidarginc; and lieautifvimr 
the village. He d. March 'M! ISUo. Elihu Bunitt had his lionn- with :Mrs, Strickland 
a.nd her two dans. L A\.\ Coiinvn k.m,. b. .):in. -24. is;;^"; with hci- sis.. KUen L., accom- 
paiiied tlieir uncle. Kliliu Ihirritt, t.. Fngland and pi csldcd nvcr Ids hous(diold iu JVirni- 
ingham. To the Misses Strickland 1 am principally indebted for thi-: ac'ouut of the 
descendants of I'llihu and Elizabeth (Hiusdalei ihirri'tt, and for oilier valuable inlbiiua 
tion and assistiuice, for which 1 de.-,lre to expii'ss here my sincere ihaidcs. 2. I7i.i,l-.N 
Loins \, b. .\ov. l(j, ls4(i; res. New Britain. " ^ 

267122. Roxana Hinsdale, b. .Hme lO, ]77S: d. .Ian. 4. lS:!-.>; --a w.mien of 
]>ravei- and liieiy; left smue intere.Ming written reiniiu-cencesVd' rtdi:,'-ious expei-iences;"' m. 
Dec. 11. WW. F/ekiel Andrews of New Brit., b. Ma\ ■J"u ri7."): Caoi. in the \var(d' IspJ: 
farmer: d. Sept. M. p--;,-)-,'; (2) Oct. 2tt. Ls;5;;, Hnldah Coodri(di. b. Jan. ,"». 17>^^. dau. of 
Stt-jdien and l.vdia ('i'errv) d'. (d' Sim.sburv. and will, of Luther Mos,-^ who d .Ian 2o 

1. .\lfied Andivws. b. Oct. \u. 17'.)7; ni. C.-indine Hart; (2)Maiv L. Shii^nian. 
11. Tb.c.^ta .\ndrews, p,.,-. If,, 17!i~!: d. Jan.. 2o. ps^S: m. .\,,v. ■,■;. fs-J:!. Cap!. 
Ibyar.-, s. im' San,'.:.-! I'o'l. |-. 1. .V N n , b. I'-c. !l. 1^-J"j; d, pec. lsr.4. uuni. 

ill. Alluia Andivv.-s. b. Id. IMH: ,1. Ma\ ;;(). bS.-Jl.iinm.: •• Itopefuilv pious." 
W . Infant, b. ^!arcll s, d, Mar-.di 10. IM):, 
V. i:iL\iu .X.uton .\ndre\vs. b. .June 27, 1S(H: d. .\ug. 2.""). 1><2."), num. 


Vl. 'y.\ixYv Bidwfll Andrews, A})!!! i;3, 1S07: m. Aju-il 21, IS.l'.i. Samuo] E. Curti-s, 
1). Manli 8, iJr'OS, s. of Leveret and \luth (P.arnes) ('ulti^^ i>f Southiugton; shoemaker; 
later in life a plioto^Tajiher. Slie tauiilit srliool hef. iii. and w;is for several yrs. after 
311. verv i(Iii-ic!it. hut lost her liealtli and v.ns bedriddfii ."i yis. ; \v;is one yr. in In.-^aie' at" rtica ,\. v.; n-ni. to AVaterloo. Wis.; recovere(l, and in hitrryi's. able to care for 
fainih andeiijov lifo. 1. FhaNCKs Mai'Iox, May 80, lH'-Uy d. Aiiril'ST, IMiO, at Madi- 
son. \Vi-., uiiiii. "J, J'-UW i.N IJdDXKV. May fi. ISoO; da<i-uerreaii in Madi>on: hi. May 11, 
1S."")9. I'lva'siniren falter. 8. X.\Tii.\N Si.i,ah, 0<t. 19, iS>!S. -I, <;i;(i);(;k 1m!i:i), Oct. 11, 
]!Sfl): d. .Unie^]'.2. L^~)4. 

VII. Ezekiel Andrews. July 19. l^ii!': learned blaeksniitlitradf: taui^-lit s(dioid ; res. on 
Ids s- f-'i^ ]>Uu'e, 2 miles west of' X. B.. and runs the saw mill erected by Ins <;•. f. more t)iai\ 
100 ^-rs. aco on llie Qiiinnij-iac riv.-r; lias b.'cn ma.iri.slrate, selectman and mil. oiiic'-r; 
res. "sume'^time in Texas; m. Auij-. 7, lb:J;3, Sarali Elizabeth, dan. of Ifiland Parkier, b. 
June Sti. ISM. 1. Inf., b. and d. June 27, 1S84. 2, Ax(:f:vim;, b. Sept. 7, lS-'<~); m. 
AiiiT. 24, lb'57, l,<'sier Shelton, s. of Harvey and, .\nna (Hroiis(/n) Hill- of Hartf. , b. May 22, 
183o- lias en";i"-cd in erectin;'- teleirrajdi lines and tire ;ilarm< Chil. l>. in Hartf. 1, 
Gn>r> Enaf,n.K^i^v.i■ 9. iSoS: d. Feb, 11, lN(i2, 2, Ar,i,!, I.nuis,, Oct. 2o, \h:m. ?,, 
Lola A/x/irin, .luw '^i). IsiKi. 4, J/./'/'/ fj^f-r, Oci. MO, 1871. 8, Xathax Ib.sMKi!; 
Pee. 28,1887: d. Sejit. 9. I'^lo. 4, Fkam^.in Hai.1,. July 81, 1889; d. July 27, 1848. 
5 liuPKnu' Bai.dwin, Oct. 9. 1841: m June 4, 1807, Enima'H. Fiske, Sjuiniilield, Mass. 
('.". _\r;NKs HosMi:i;. Nov. 9, 1848; m. Fell. 1, 18()(>, ^\'ilbnr H. Fiske of Boston, b. 1841: 
j-iee.t. in Tnion arniv; shot throu^rh tlie Iuul's but imrtly recovered. 1, ]hir,iriJ. b, 
18G9. 7, Nathan Halt., March 7! ISi'i; num. 1S72; been a rover, and driver _<d'^u 
1>ublic curriai^-e in N. V. C. In 1^71 madi> a mem. id' tlie detective j.olice of N. "^ . C. ; 
luis an active mind a::d v. oiabrfuUy i-roliHc in eK].edieu1s. 8, Fkamcux Hi.^-suAi.i:, 

J<e}>t. 2ii. 1840. 

VIII. Nalha.n Hu.-mer Andrews. June 28. 1S]2: d. of fever. Oi-t. 27, 1887. in Te:;a<. 
uum ■ learned carriaLCe luakiuj;- tra(h' of (.'has. Hoadly of New Haven. 

IX. Roxana Andrews, b. April C, 181.-); tau.u-hf school; m. May 20. 1880, F:nos M. 
t^ndth of Lennox, Mas^-, : merch.: sold Ids ])bice on Hisrh St. to the Fla<ri;- fam. and rem. 
to X. y. S. She d. in L. of rin\-^. S<M;t. 21, 18.-,4. He in. (2) July Hb 18."")'), Lucy Alvord 
•of l{roiid.all>in, N. Y.; res. N. \ . C. ' 1, Jam: Ki.i/.at.kth, .Mandi 29. 188(;; d. A])ril 27, 
1887 at N Hav.. Conn. 2, Kxos Nathan, Mav 2t'), 1>88; d. in hos., N. ^'. harbor, 
Sept." 24. 1>;!;4; Faion soldier. 8, Edwin A. M..' Jan. 20,1841. 4, Evkuktt, b. Sept. 
5, d. Sept. 29,'ls4.K 

X. Jane Loui-a Andrews, Feb. 2. iSbS; m. Sept. 11, 1S:'.7, ^\ iHiani Mile-;, 2d, ol 
Goslien, (.'oiin.. where she iL v. i. A]'v'A 7, r-^!2; ••beautilul and lovely;" her monument. 
in.Go'^heu Hill eemetirv. 

XL Elijah Hinsdale Andrews. Awj:. 11, 1S20; d. Oct. 80, LS21, of er..!!].. 
Xll. ICUen Maria Andrews. Sept. 1X24: rei. 18(',7 at Wateiloo, Wis., with her sis., 
Mr.-. Outti-.'^. 

2671221. Alfred AndrCAV.S, b. Oct. 10, 1797; taught .school; after, in carriay-e 
hiid waeou makiui;- busiue.-s, and uunle the lirst cast iron ]douclis in tha! rei^ion; Supt. 
of Sabbath School in Xew Brit., 1S2C., aud teacher or Sujn. to 1877, 'w yrs; tem])erance 
and anti-slavery reOuiuer; failed in business in 1887, by reason of lire and soutlieru 
re]uulialion: S"ecretarv of the Salibath School Fnion "for Wethersficdd, Berlin and 
vicinitv, 1882 to l88ti:"app. dea. Cohl''. <ddi. in N. B.. Oct. 28, IS.")!; much em.pjoyed in 
settletnenr of estates, and held various p.ubbc tiusts. Author of (It iint',.f,'[nil ,i,,<l 
tWlcxii'sHc"/ Jfi-^f. '■!' y^r h'rU"i/>. 088 pp.. 1807. Amh-urs }f,:iu'>rkO, 0r)2 pp., 1872. 
IJc^cn,(i:',<t.s "f J>iii. St,j./n/i Jlni, dild pp., l87o; d. abt. 1879: m. Dec. 10, isiy, Caro- 
line Bird, idaii. of Abijah and Anna Hall) Hart, b. N. Y. C. April 5, 1798; taught school 
before m.: d. .0" s^i.^ted fever, Aug. 22. 182;'.; (2) Sejit. lo, 1824, Mary Lee (dau. of 
Joseph and Marv Lee) Shipmati. b. April 14, 1805: tea(du;>r. 
1. Julia Ann, b. Nov. 1.7. bsiii. 

II. Car<dine Hart, b. Dec. 4. 1822; the fust baj*. in the imw mcetiii:;- house. 1^4). !>, 
1828; a teacher before m.: m. Jan. 21, 1^">2. lllisha li. Fbidgiiian of Helcbert. avu, Mass., 
s,,f Oliver; res. EasthaiUon, Mass.: b .\ug. 2. 182:'.. 1, Ih.i/.AUi'.iTi Cni;\ wi:i.i.. Maivh 
0, l^-):!; d. i-^.'b. 22. 18.j-t'. 2, Oi.rvi,i: Biiti, Maivh s, ps,').-,. ;j, Anna J ii.i.v, July 9, 
{sru. I, Ink\nt. b. Nov. (i, ISOU: d. in 8,1; hours. /. by 2d m. 

HI. Margarette. b. .Vu;;-. "U, 1'^2l): sosnuill and feeble her (i rand father Ship- 
nuiii .<aid slie'"'\\as th'- h-ast ,,>' ;dl Oo.!.- mci.M.e-.; but l>ecarie a. la'ge and stately v.oman 
of 18.") i)Ounds :ivoirduj'ois: m. Oct. I ;. l^oO. James Biinis Merwin, b. May 22, 1829, 
Cairo, Oreeiie Co., N. Y. ; jeweh-r; edito:- of suiairy jmirnals and lecturer on teiuj.erance 
and education; app. by l'r<'s. Lincoln, Sept., 1801, chai)lain-at -large to l'. S. A., oncond. of 


Ills ordination; with iiriny of tlie Potomac and at Wasli., iSjil-ri?; citv ]ins])ital, 
Brooklyn, lS0:2-63; in latti-r vr. a]>p. " \'i-siting Chaidain " to all liosi)ital.s in.dcpt . of tlu' 
East; rt'S. ISGT, St. Louis, Mo., whrre in 1873 lie was editor and pub. of the .fmirnnl of 
Edncatioii, and Pres. Western Publishinf^ and School Furnishing Co. 

IV. Eliza Shipman. 1>. April S, 1828; lu. Sept. 18, 1850, Sidney Smith of Plain- 
ville, Conn., 1). July lo. 1837; joiner and lioiise builder; afterwards an e.\tensive mauuf. 
in 1'. In 1807 mei'chant in Kansas (djcavenworth), and dea. in chh. there. 1, Wai/ikt. 
Si!)Nt;v, Sept. 7, 1821. 3, Ai.KjrrJ) Ammuows, Oct. l(i, 18o7. 

V. Edwin Norton, b. Sept. 1. \'^'ol\ had a natural taste for mechanism, and wa.-- a 
brass worker in Mcriden until about 18'31. Amh. Col.,lS(5I; I'uion 'J'heo. Sem., N. 
Y. C. ; "excels in music;" ord. 1804; chaplain 3d Peg-. X. J. Cav., 1803; resigned 18C.'j; 
preached in Soutli Canaan, Conn., 3 yrs., City, Champaign, 111., and Chicago. 
1, AivFKKD IlEKBEiiT, b. Dec. G, 1870; d. July 10, 1.S71. 2, Ai.fhkd BuunnT, Nov. 36 

VI. C'ornelius, Nov. 1, 1834; m. June "o, 1803, Ann Eliza Andrews, b. Jan. ID, 
1833, and had; 1, Maky LixoOi.N, b. April 11, 181)."). 3, Dau., b. and d. Oct. 31, 187K 
VII. Alfred Hinsdale, b. Dec. 2"). 1830; extens. nianuf. and sells s(diool furnishing 
goods in Chicago, 111. The Co. employs over 100 men, and their school desks are sold in 
every state; lost by great fire in Chicago, Oct. 9, 1871, !i<47,000 over insurance, but 
factory, lumber and tools saved; m. Feb. 6, 1873, Ella Cornelia, dau. of Newell Matson 
of Simsbury, Conn.; b. May 13, I80I, at Oswego, N. Y. ; educated at Mih\ankee Fern. 
Col., and Packer (_'ol. Ins., Brooklyn, N. Y. See his steel portrait and very handsome 
autograph in Andrews Mem., p. 37-1. 

VIII. Jane Louisa, b. April 23, 1S13; d. Jan. 35, 1844. 

IX. Herbert Lee, b, June G, 1844; helped A. H. Andrews in Cliicago a yr. then 
went to Leavenworth, Kan., built up a l)usin(>ss and sold it (o Ids bro-in-law. Sidney 
Smith, and returned to tlie Cliicago estab. Has an iuveiitive genius and obtained several 
valuabilc iiatentson school furniture and ajtpliances. Has improved school desks in the 
way of comfort to the scholar, saving teachers one-third of their trouble in^ 
order. Has a natural tast;- for drawing and the beautiftil in nature. 

X. Jane Louisa, b. Aug. 10, 1847; in. June 6, ISfit), Lvman Allen Mills of Middle- 
field, Conn., b. Feb. 35, 184f, s. of Bev. C. L. JHlls of Boston, and Ins first wf., Eliza- 
betli, dau. of Dea. Vm. Lyman; only child, Hkhiuout Lek, b Feli. 20, 1808. 

27. lehabod 'Welle?!, b. 1600; d. aft'^^r 1700; Commissarv in ex]->edition of Sir 
\Vm. Phipps, 1000; Hig'i Sheriff of Conn. Co]. 1701; in. Sept. 4," 1684, Sarah, dau. of 
Eleazer Way. 

I. Marv, b. April 15, 1080. 
II. Jon:lthan, b. Sept. 17, 1080; m. Ruth Bull. 

III. Ebcnrzer, b. Oct. 5, 1004; ni. Dec. 27, 1737, Bacliel Skinner. 

IV. Sanih, b. Dec. 1, 1701; d. Feb. 13. 1703. 

V. Anna, ni. Eleazer Wny of Soutliold, L. 1.; rem. Hartf. 

272. Jonathan Welles, b. Sept. 17. 1089; d. at W. Hartf. 1743; in. Oct. 15, 1715, 
Ruth 15all, b. April 31. 1003, dau. of Maj. Jonathan and Sarah Whiting Bull. 

I. Sarah, ni. in ^^'ethersfiel(i Ajirii 3, 1710, Josejih Andnis of Newington. 
11. Ruth. 

III. Jonathan, b. Fib^, 

IV. Ichalxid, m. Jan. 3, 1751, Abigail Bi^-clow. 

V. Joseph, m. March, 1745, Maiv Bobbins. 1, JosKi'ir, b. Aj-ril 14, 1740. 3, 
Sakak, b. Sept. 13, 1847. 3. SroTir. b.'Aug. 3, 1840. 4, Eluak, b. Jan. 10, 1851. 5, 
Sa.\hf.i., b. Dec. 10, l,s,-,:l c, M.m;v, b. Feb. 4, 1850. 7, Ei.isua, b. March 13, 1858. 
8, CuHiSTOPlIl'ni, b. March 11, b^-iOO. 
VI. Elisha. 
VII. Anna. 

2721. Sarah Welles, b. 1710: d. June 4.. 1703, a. 77; m. in Wfthccsfiehl A]-ril 3, 
17-10, Joseph Andrews of Newington. b. abt. 1707; d. Sejit. 11. 1775, in N.; s. Levi exr 
oradmr.; s. of lienjr.inin. .Insi'ph,, tb" .^^cnU'r on 'I'linzis River a:tfl wf. Mai'v. 
1. l,cvi Andrews, b. I'.-h. 33, 1747; m. Ciiloe Welles. 
U. Ivutb Aniliews. l:a]). .\!arc]!, d. Aj-ril 5, 1751. 

Hi. Klias Andrews, b. Feb. 10, 1753; m. Nov. 30, 177S, ^^Jurt ha Welles; (3) Nov. 
30, 17S0, Ta.bitha Bissell of E. VN'indsor, Cnnn., win. d. Aug. 15, 1S!5, a. 00. 'J'liey 
lived on the old Iiome of his f., west of the mill pond in Newingicn. The house in 1808 
was dilajiiduted and deserted. He d. April 15, 1837, a. 74. 1, F.nos, b. Aug. 20, 1770. 

AXliUi:\\S, WELLES. 129 

i. 1)V 2il 111.: 2, Ci.AKTS.-A. 1). ^ov. 4, 1781; livt^dwith her }>aroiits at the old home of her 
gr. ]'. .Ii/S('])li Andrews; luim. 

IV. Sarali .Xiulrews, b. .Ian. 12, 17.30: m. June 6. 177G, Dfu. .Tedediah Mills ot \\ . 
lltirtf., lived in cor. of town of Farniin^'-ton on Ilai tf. road, lie was a sh.tcss- 
ful farmer; liad Ei cdiil.: a son, Ca])!. Mills, lon^- kept a liotel on lirow of tlie hill nrar 
tlie sfho(d iioiis.'. I mile east of his f.'s place. 1, ,1ki>epi.\I[ W):i.i,ks Mii.i.s, m. S.-pi.27, 
1807. Sarah SevnJ.ur. 1, C7/',/?'ts-, res. W. Hurt f. 0, /w/..'.v X7////'/'/r, b. An-. 27._ l^H); 
d. Nov., 1S80: in. Sept. 29, 1S5;5, Chester Faxon, his od wf. 1, Julia Tan-y, I.. N'l.v. G, 


27211. Levi Audrews, 1>. Feb. 23. 1747; d. May 8, 182C, in 80th >r., the house 
in which he was b. (standi no- in 18G2). He was (.'lerk and Treasurer of tlie ('on<r. ^^'"•f. in 
New l^rit.; several vrs. in INlil.; on standing conuuittec of thcchh., 1807-1823; 
a very successful fanner; kind and cheerful in disposition; a great lover and.j)roinot or 
of peace. " A fine, s-euial and social specimen of ]iis race;" m. Dec. 20, 1770. ("hloe, 
dau. of Capt. Kober'tand Abigail (Barnham) Welles, b. :May oi, 174i.i, at Newingion; d. 
Jan. ll,is;)7, a. ()2, .julct and unassiinung, a great lover of order and home, and a 
devoted Chnsrian. 

I. hevi b. O^'t. S, 1771; d, March 10, Xewberue, N. Car. 
II. Clilo'.-. b. Nov. IG. 1774; d. Sept. 10. 177.J. 

III. Chloe, b. AuL^ 19, 1777; m. (iad Stanley, jr. 

IV. Ellian Allen.'b. April 7,17n7; Y. V. 1^10; stud, law in Farnungton; prac. in 
N. Brh.; iauulu select srlujo! thr. several yrs. ; hlep. in Conn. Leg. for Berlin, and for 
the new tovrn of New Britain its first yr. in IS.r.l: Magistrate and Judge of Probate; liad 
a sole t srhool for voung ladies at New Haven and Boston. " lu 1S22 apj). Prot. of 
Languai'-es in Univ. of N. Car., at Chnpel Hill; ret. to New Punt, in 13o9. In conne.-tion 
with Prof. Solomon Stoddard v^;.s autho;- of J /;•// .-•/.'■■.^' J.''tu, Gnnnhuir. of which Co 
editions have been i.ssued. He i)ub. many other Latin instruction books, of which 
tlie chief is the large dictionarv on tlie basis of Vy':und."—J)roJ,-c'.'^}lidy.lMrf. He d. 
in the midst of his labors March 24, 18,38; LL. D. Y. C ls4s. Steel portrait: in. Dec. 
19 1^10 Lucv dau of Col. Isaac and JAicina (Hooker) Cowles of F., bap. June U. 1,'Jo. 
1 'Lkvi' bap.' Dec. 7. 1811; d. New Hav., Sept. 20, 1880; bu. thr. 2, Is.\.\c Cowr.ES, 
hap Dec 12 181:!; ni. Sept. 1. 1S39. Jane L. Thomas of N. H. 3, Lrrv Anx, bap. 
Au'-- G 1S1,3- m .\uo- 24. lsl2, E. D. Sims; (2i Vm. M< Ivinley. 4, Jti.iA H(U)Ki:it, 
bap. Junes, 1817; in'. Oct. !l. 18!8, Archelaus ^Vi1s..n, Es-p H.- d. Feb. 20, 18G2._ •'., 
Hoi{.\CE, Aucr-. 29, 1819; m. Julia B. Johnson. G, tJu.uK, bap. May 2,, 1821; d. >ei;t 
2,1839 a IS'- m. Prof. E. D. Sims 7, Cii.\i;eks L., m. Eliv.abetli AJden of U . Havtt. 
8 MAtn- b. at ClKipel Hill. N. Car.; res. 18G7, at New Brit. 9, El.i.EN AMKi.r.v. bap. 
Sept 3 bs31- b N Hav. 10. Cooswei.i., b. N. Hav.;bi!i). New Bnt.. 
June 9,' 1833; m. Dec. 20, IS.l.i. Pedro P. Ortezof Yalparaiso, Chili, S. A.; summer res. 
N. Brit ; winter. New York or Washington. 

272113. Chloe Andrews, b. Aug. 19, 1777; m. Nov. 3,179[n (iad Stanhy, jr b. 
Auc- 13 177G s. of Col. (iad and Marv (Judd). The mother ot Mary Judd was Marv 
Bui-nham, of great beautv and accompli.^hments, dau. of Rev. \N m. Burnhnm and Judith 
(Wolcott), de^c. from the Burnhams of Ipswi.di. He d. ai s.^.a coming Incu Martiin.)ue 
June 1. 1820, a. 44. " He was gifted by naiuie." His wf. '• was gitt.>d by nature and 
grace." She d. Mav 1, 1S.31. a. 73. 

1 Levi Andrev.s Stanley-, b. Dec. .3, E^Oii; d. Mareh 2,, lsHi4. 
11 Frederiek Tivnk Stanlev. b. Au^r. 12. 1S02; m. July 4. is:i,^, Melvma. d:..u. ot 
Samu.dC ami Anna (C-aiklin-) Cluunb.-rlin. .vho d. An-. Hi. 1^13, m m-r 2.sth vr. ot 
Fcarlei fewT b at Saiidisfielo .\Ma<s. ; n.iercliant and exten>-'ve manut. ot hardware m .N . 
Brit, and has done much for the improvement . beautifying and extending the "'"^i"*;-;^ 
and reoutation of tli- villa-e. 1, Ar.Kui.n liimKKT, b. Aug. 2, IS:,!.'; m Dec. 1. lHi3, 
Sarah J. ],o/ier. 2. Fithi'LUKK Hknkv, b. Feb. [). 1^41; d. Oct. lO, isl-.. 3. U m. 
Cji.vMUEiti.iN, b. A])ril 14, 1NJ3; d. Julv 31. Is41. 

HI. Wm. Ihirnham Stanley, b. July 18. IsOJ; an extensive manut. m . ompany with 
his bro. Fred. 'I'. an<l other-.; uiini. ,,,.,. ,-.-,•, 

IV Hubert Mont-om.nv Stanlev, b. July 21, ISf'G; d. July IG. Isv,^. _ 

V. Alfred Hamilton Stanh^y, 'b. Oct. l"., I^IS; d. Nov. 13, lS3.,at (.alve.ston, 

^""""vi. Catharine An-liv. s Stanhv, b. M.y 2.;. ISll; m. Sept. 3. iSj^^- l^^j^^X .J:^^''';-^' 
b S<'PT 24 1M)7. (Ius2d wf.) Hem. (liJiine in, ivjO.Eh/.a S. North, b.,\oy~,.l>U., 
d. April 18, 1S:_;7,' leaving chil. Walter, Henry and Theodore Augustus, tie was an 

]30 liliAXCll OF IIAXXAH. 

ONtc^u. iiiaiiiit'. in X. B. 1, Mauy, b. May S, d. Sept. 9, ISID. 2, l.oi'isA Catil 
AHiNK. 1). Ai)iil 7, lS-1'?; d. Mtircli 2(;, 1847. ?,, Fkkdf.kic Nuiitii, b. March 17, ISll; 
t'iili=;lc(l Co. A, lotli Hegt. C'ouu. Vuly., C'apt. Bidwill; uiude 2<i Lieut. ls(i:i: m. A]iiil 
1.-). ISHG, Muiv \\'(4cli of Forestville, Conn. 4, (.'atiiai;in):, b. O't. 10, isiit. 
\ II. MKry Cliloc Stanley, bap. June 3, lb27: d. Au-. '^^O, IS'JS, a. llyrs. 

2723. Jonathan Wolle:-?, b. 171S; d. 17!)S: \n. . 

1. ,)anif.s, b. \'iry.]; m. Lucy Welles; (i) Abiy-ail Uavlord. 

11. Dollv, b. Sei)t. 2.-), 17.")7; d. uht. ls::«; ni.' Babcock. 1. Cii aulhs. 1,. .lutie 

•21, 17>)!.», of Boslon, Ahiss.; d. thr. Oct. 19, 1.S4S. L Eiuiline, b. Hartf., Oct. 11), isK; 

m. Penfield. 1. Cliailes Babcock, b. Hartf. May 17, 1841; m. in St. Paul's chit, at 

New Hav., Conn., Aug., 1874. by Ucv. Clias. H. Fislier, (Jarafilda Moliaibi, dau. of 
'i'hos. P. Suiiili and gr. dau. of Ebenezer Smitli of Boston; s. i. 

27231. James Welles, b, 175:;; d. ]8o7; dea. of the cbli. at Xewington, Conn.; 
in. ]>ucv Welles; (5) Al)igail (iayloid. 

1." Beulah.b. Oct. ^^9. 1780; d. March 20. 18:jG; ni. April 22, 1805, Elibha Stoddard, 
li. SeiiT. 10. 1779: d. I>ec. 81, l8ol; set. Xewington, Conn. 1, Bkutiia Bkui-ah, Julv 
17, 1808: d. March 9, 1852; in. July 17, 1^25, Erastus Francis, s. of Maj. Justus F. o"f 
X. He m. (2) Icr sis.. Coi-nelia. 1. r/,,<.v. St'Xhhtrd, m. June 18. 18(33, Ellen Eliza 
Bovinirton. 1 , Ciias. Herbert. July 7, l.Vi5, 2, Thos. Arthur, JuneG, ISfiS. 2, Tims. 
.7.,'d. "March IG, 18f)0, a. ;j2. 3, Lrfur,: L., d. A]>ril ;j, JnMO, a. 8'. vrs. 4, J<n„rs 11., d. 
May o, 18o9. a. 5. o. Flj>rn. 0. AY/.//. 7, .I/.z/v/. 2. Ei.isu \ ^L\su-\,.b. Jan. G, 
ls!l"l: set. Wethi'i-sfield, Ills.: jeweler; d. Oct. L 1^50; n>. Julia Merriinan of Southing- 
ton. Conn., dan. nf Anson, b. June 12, [^■29. ], 117///,. J/., l,. is.",; d. 1857. 2, Faninj, 
b. ja!u 5, 1857. 3, Cdkmj.ia, Aug. 27. 1813; i,i. Dec. 30, 1852, Erastus Francis. 4, 
Ali:\'is TvAWitKNcr., June 23. IslG; in. and ;;et. in Burlin,i;-ton, Iowa, whr. lie d. of 
cliole'ra. 5, CliAi;i.i>, Nov. 11, 1819: ni. Dec, 11, 1^53, Hep:-:ibah, dau. of Dea. Jedediah 
IV'ining; d, .v. i. 

II. Jann-s, b. Harif. X(/v. 14, 1783; d. at St, Francis, in Canada, isi::",. ], Davm) 
Amf.s. 1>. Springiield. Mass.. June 17, 1827; M. D., LL, D., D. C, 1.,, \Villianis Col. 1847; 
A,ssi>t. Ed. S!irin;jfild Rip'iblki'ii 1848-9; A^^J^t. Pi-.,f. Lawrence Sci, S.. ilarv. Univ., 
1850; B..S,, P.arv,' Univ,, 1852; M. D, . Berk's M.-d. dbui. 18G3); in general ben]; sellin- 
and pul'. busini's-; in city of X. V. 1857-58, lirn, <d' (L P, Putinmi t Co.; rem. to Tioy 
1858. t'. Xorwich, Conn,. 1^70; Cliairiuan V. S, I'-v. Ceni., April, 1805; Sjiecial Conu'. 
r. S, Ptov.. July, i8GG; U. S, ^'.'Mn.r. to En.rope lvG7. In 1870 received thanks of both 
h<iu.>es of ('(j:ig. A]'-))t, 1870 by C'V. ,jf X. Y, a Cuuji-, to ie\isc tax laws (Assess, and 
Coll.) of 'State of X. Y., and iirei!;ired two rej'orts and a code, reprinted in I". S. and 
Eurojie; and orie of the first acts of the b'i-encl! Xat. .Vs^cniby after conclusion of German 
war, ordered translation and oHicial pub. of Mr, W ells' rej.orts as Special Conir. 18uS-9. 
In 1874 unanimously elected by Inst, of I'lancc to (ill chair of lM) Associate, vacaterl 
by d, ot John Mi.arr Mill; sooli after D, C. L. l)y Oxford I'nix,, hhig. ; LL, Y). by \Vnis. 
Col. (-)n retirement from \Vashington the merchants of X, Y. presented several 
thousand dollars as a "token of their esteem foi- hi.^ nnsrd. integ., high ])ers. char, 
sind as a sli.irhl recog. of his inestimable services U) his counirymen; 1872 Cniv. Lee. on 
Political Science V, C. In 1873 delivered address at annual dinner of Colxb-n Club; 
1875 Prest. Dein. Soite Conv. of Conn. In .March, ]s-7G, sue. Dr. Woolsey as Prest. Am. 
Asso. foi' 'pronn'j, of Siiciul Science. Steel ])oi-traii by H. W. Smith in Wi'des iTerudlogy; 
m. May 9, 18G0, .Mary Sanford Dwight, dau, of Jan'n's, of Springfield, Mass.; (2) Miss 

^)wi^:ht of Xorwich. Conn., June 11, 1879, in Calvarv Ejiis. chh., X'. S, C. ; a sis. of 

Mrs. Fopi.vce Barker of S5 Madison ave., wL of Dr, P., "l, J>'irid Dirlqht, b. April 22, 

Ill, Mar\, b. March 19, 1790: d, at X. Ajnll 4, ISGS, a. 78; m. Mav 2G, 1812, Allen 
StiKldard, bro*. of Elisha, b. Xw'^. V.\. 178G: <l. Xov. 14, IS45. 1, M Aurrs Wir.!,Ar.D, b. 
Marcli 3'L 1814; <1, at X. Dec. 5. "1805; m, .May 15, LS5,I, Frances So]dna Welles, b. Wi'tli. 
June 5. 1817, dau. of (>'eo. and Prudence (Doming) \Velles. (He and bio. Kufus rendered 
valuaide assistance in collecting desc. of .lohn Stoddard). 1, Murrns J,, iri.'., .lune 22, 1S54. 
2, Mauy Sui-iriA, April 13, 1810: m. May 2S, 1840, .John L. A].gar of Newark. X, J,, 
railroad eULrineer and track laver; d. in Hartf. ()!' ajjopli'xv. ^hircii 10, IsGO, a, 5(> vr-< 
t. .Ul,n .s'/e,?,/,/..../. Xov. 4, 1841, 2, h,:b,il«. >'ey;//w, Feb."22. LslL 3. J.nn U,,:u]hij, 
.March G. IS 111. 4. ////•<//,/. d. a. G nio^;. 5. ,A>.A/.' /'/v(/^ r^'c/,-, b. Ajiril. 1S52. :;, S;pnkv. 
Sept. 3, lSi;s; d. April 15, 1M9, 4, I;i il>, M-.r.-h 19. IN22, Dea. of the ,dih. at Xew- 
inuioii and d. Jan, 30, bSTO. a. 17: Ui. X'lxv. 27, 1^5:;. Saiali. dau. of (bw). vwA ]b t'dence 
(l)emine-i W.dles. 1, J/'O-.v//'/// .-^ //<//, Dec. 5. 1854; d, Apiil 1.1SG7, 2, Eiidbj WJU^. 
Ant:-, 19, 1S5G. 3, FfHik R'lf^^, Jun-.-G, ISGl. 4. A"!!,,,;- \Vihi}iro^>. June 17, ISGG. 

AVELI.F.S. 131 

7224. Ichabod Welles, m. .)aii. -J, 17.-)1, Ahiiiail Bio, i,,\v |,s]. 
I. Al>!n-ail, Urt. -2'.), 17.")1. 

II. .Man-, 1.. Manli 2-L J 7.:<;'.: m. Ei.a]>liias Stoddard. 

III. .\sa.').. Sc])T. :(), IT^."), 

IV. .louailiaii. b, Marcii -21. 17(J8: d. Mardi fi. lS-21); iii. June U, 17Si;j, l^.-tliankful 
',dau. of Hczidiiali and .Vnni" Ainhcwy and >istiT of (.'apt. Kzckiid .\ndre\vs), h. April 7, 

1771: d. Jiilv •2r>, 1S47. 'I'h'' linuso in whirh lie was b. in 17()H is still owned and omi- 
picd (bS82) "by liis dul. Nancy an.l Wyllys \V,dlcs. 1, I'oli.y, b. Oct. n. 17'.,) I. 2, 
iMrcit.vKi.. b. Feb. (J, 1707. o." ("yxtiei.v", b. Feb. iii, 17!)'.). 4, N.\n< v. 1>. !S<-i)t. (i, 1S02. 
o, Wyliys. Jan. 14, lNn4. 

V. Milly, b. .Ian. •.'!(, 17fi7; d. -May .3. 1,^42. a. 7.-), of palsy; iii. Marrli 1',', LSI',', 
Amos. s. (if .Vbc] and Imuiicc (r>ti.ddanl) Aiidrrus, b. W. Mar, h 1*7, llO-O; d. Fob. 21, LS2(i; 
a'avp ,$o,IKIO b\' will til Nfwinirton clib. Alxd \vas a iie]i]ifw of J'',pajili)'iis Stoddard ■who 
ill. MiM-y Wolios.—y;,.v,-. ,;/• ,/,;/(» S/oddanl of ]V.h;;J). W. Patin-.-^on. Dea. Aiidivws' 
Jftt/U'lr-^. !:ives a iiiore ])aiticular accf)Utit: uives to his w i. Milly 4^100 yearly; to sis. 
Ivutli Wcilu'i oil tliH coiiuiiou lot, ."lo acri's; histLM>- Ihuiuah lliirljnrt and J^ydia (ioodwin 
the 40 ai-re inruuitaiii lot. 

27242. Mary Welles,. b. Marcdi 24, ]75:'.: m. in Wnhorsllr.ld, (,'orm., Nov. 2."), 
177o, F.paiiliras, s. of Tlionias and Marv (Campi Stciddard, b. in ^^■. .Jan. 22, 174N; d. \V. 
Mav IS. 1702: she d. W. Sept. 10, lS2.i 

I. Marv Stoddard, b. \V. Matrli 1. d. Sept. 2i). J ,"6. 

11-. Mar'v Stoddard, 1>. Nov. 11. 177S; d. Aug. Ifi, Is.jS, a. SO; m. Doc 9, 180;^, 
Wm. Goodri'di of W. who ,1. .lalv 14. lS;^il, a. r>S vrs. 1, Wilmam, Aurr. 29, 1804; in. 
April 1. 1s:j2, 1-iujv Drlden \Voli,_-s. lb- d. Xov. 0, ISiJG: she !ii. (2) Sei)t. 2-''), 18oi). 
Froderick Hills anil lia,l 2 ohil. 1. Frederick Kelh-y, b. .lune 12, :s42. 2, Hohuid 
■Ju-dsou. 1). Uii. 21. 1844. 1, J<i/;ics llliiw. Marcli 2:!, ]>:■?:.)■. m, U.'.>:, Ann Jt aiiiK^tte. 
Rislev. 1. Flora F:ileii. Oct. 20, 18--)y. 2. Miiuiie J:tui, Jan. 2, iSdl. 2. Win. Welles, 
Dec. "7, ]S:-!4: m. .3ulv o, ISDO. Marv Ann Biro;,- and liad Win. Welie.s, b. Oct. 2, 18G1. 2, 
]\L\t;Y Anx, A])ril 15. 1800; d. Ma'rch 17, lS2s. 

III. Eli Stoddard, b. Ann. 11. 1781; in. Nov. lo, 1820, >iary Ferrc of At^awani, ^la.-d., 
b. Harif., Conn.. Attg. ;-50. 1787; dan. of Mosesand .leruslia (Easton) V. }!»■ d. W. Se])t. 1, 
1822. 'She ni. (2) Mav 8, bSo-l. Ueo. Francis of W., b. Sejit. 14, 117."); d. Nov. 21, 18.T8; 
she d. F\'b. 4, 180(1 'l, Ei.i Wkt.i.ks, b. W. .Jan. 2, 1.^22; in. in \V. March l.">, 184;;, 
Martlia Francis, b. W. .Tun»- 18, iSiSI; dan. Geo. and Sallv (Ibitler) V.; res. \V. 1, Mary 
Fraiirii<, b. W. Oct. 2."). 1>4."). 

]V. .Mella Stoddard, b. .lune ].j, 178;;; d. April 2'.i, 1787. 
V. Unldah Stoddard, Ij. :>Iav 20, 178.-): ni. .Ian. 22, ISOO, Svlvester Butler. 1, 
Julia Ann, March 2G, bsll; d. April V\, 1.82G. 2, Tn mm.otte, March 20, 1818. o, 
Mahy Wkli.f.s, Dec. 7, 1S1.5. 4. Dudley Ei,r, Dec 17, 1817.; set. Fittsfield, Mass. r,, 
IlrLDAiT, .T-.ilv 10. 1820. 0. Ru.i:v. Sept. 22, 1822. 7, Lois Fii.vxeKS, FVb. 17, 
182.5; d. F.b.'ll. is2n. 8, Svi vr.sTKu, April 20, bs2'.\ 

VI. Mella Stoddard, b. Au>:. 1, 17N7: d. Mav (\, 1J^08, a. 81. 
Vll. Harriet Stoddard, b. Oct. 10, 17'.»0; d. W. Oct. 2."}, 1808, a. 78; uuni. 

2726. Elisha "Welles, b. alit. 172:1; d. 17S0; m. April 14, 17.57, Lvdia Deminir of 

I. Elisha, b. Sept. 27, H.'iS: d. Washin<rton, Mass., F>b. 11, 182.5. 1, Ovid Piijlo, 
b. \V. Aug. 18, 180.5; M.D., and one of the orig. founders of the N. Y. Acad, of Med. 
(1847); luul charge of the IHrh St. Cholera Ilosjiital, bS4n; app. by Gov. 15sii res. Fliys. 
of tlie Citv of X. Y. , 18.50-4; nieni. T^oard of Ed., Vestrvruan of "St. Peter's F^jis. ch'h.; 
m. Dec 2"7. 18:50, Christina, dan. of , Hav of N. .1. " 1, Crtoriir A., b. Dec. .5, 1,s:tr. 
2, Ci.ira. May 20, IS:];). :;, ^r,,|■)/. Oct. 27. 1^45. 4, IauhuI K.. Aug. :iO, 1S52. 

II. l."niuel, b. .Iiilv :;. 170.;; d. at Y<;nkei-s. N. Y., unui. 

III. Levi, b. .lulv 10, 1705. . . 
\ I. .lared, b. Oci. li, 1";G7. 

27263. Levi Welles, b. .lulv 10. 1705; d. 0<-t. 2:;, IS2:!: m. Hannah Welles, b. 
1770; d. Mar(di 1, 1S(i!i; ,2) Nov. l.'lSl:;, r.,>tsey .Mather, b. Feb. 17. 1 7N:i. She in. (2) 
Oct. 2s, is:;:,. Eli Smith, and d. .v. ;'. ,Jnlv 20, ISGl. in Sjst yr. 

1. L"vi. b. Ne\\- Britain, Conn., Sept. 4, \',\^2\ d. .liily 11, 185'!; rem. to (Juincy, 
111.. \.]e le he b.:i;om; pimuineiit a:id iniiueiuial: in. in (lark ('<i.. 111., Nov. ti, (S'/l 
Anna. dau. of Zephani:'.h Anie> of .M.-xss. 1. Emz V Ann, b. An^-. 10. <1. Nov. U;. 1S22. 
2, Elvky, Xnv. 10, 1n2:!; d.,hilv 1!), ls7;;: m. at (^ Oct. 2. 1S4:;.C. A. Sanger. :;. ( '.miolin i:, 
•bni. (i, 1SJ7; ,,,. Decf!. 1,^07. W. I!. lienncson. 1, A'/,'// l!7//(.v, b. Se'in.' 12, ls);t). 4, Ann 


Em/.a, April 24. ]^?0; in. Sq.t. 24, l,s4it, P. C. J^eller. 1, /v/r.v/ W'Hl,,, Nov 5 l.^-.n 
2, /.'•(•;. Hf //->'. June 3, 1.s2;i ;^, Lrniurl, Xov. 5, IsiJd. ,j. I.tcv" Feb. (i 1«:J3- d' <;f..f' 
14, 18;J6. 0, M.VKY, July 27, 1^84; d. Aug. 11. ISoo. 7, Lkvi, b. Marrh ] d Oet ] 
183.. 8, Fm.en. b. Julys, 18;iS: d. Sept. 30, 1S;^,9. 9, Sox, h and d June <) IMJi' 
10, IJouAn.; L., ]Jec. 8, 184(J:d. July 20, 1847. . ■ • •, ■-4-i. 

ir. Lydia, b. Oft. 24. 1703; d. in Yonlu-r,; m. Jan. 20, 1S14 Au^'ustus s „f 
Abijah and Tliankful (Seymour) Flan-g of W. llartf. ; slirjeuiaker and tanncv- reni to 
^onkers, X. Y. Slie was a v.-onian of .sterling qualities, genial, social and hapl)\' 'n,. 
(1. Jan. 21, 1842; b. Marcdi 10. 1784. 1. Makci.v M., b. Mav 31 INI.V d \u-^ 'n' 1s-,i 
3,J.Tivi \Vj;lt,es, b. Feb. 14, 1817; Y. C. ls:!0: M.l». from iol. 'Piiv.s.'and Sup-'' X Y ' 
184(; m. June, 1848, Charlotte S. ^Vll^tlnaa of \V. Ilartf. 3. Xi:\vton 1. Der^^ 17 1819'- 
lu. June, 1S.j4, Ellen II. Goodwin of 111. 4, ErirA.N. b. .lulv 20. 182i). at ^V Harr'f ■ m 
Jan. 30, 18.jO, lii.s cous., Marietta Welles (dau. of T.en-iuel), who d. Feb o 'l.s,-,i" I'V, 
March 7, 18o4, Julia, dau. of An-^on Baldwin, firm of Haldwiu & Flao-g hat nianufac' of 
Yonkers, X. Y. 1, WUUaiu Wdhs, Jan. 20. 18ol. 2. Susan Buhhrl,,, Aju-il 20 18.j(5- d 
y. 3, J/"(//rf«. ^[areh 17. lS.-,9. 4. ./"rz/KMr., Mav is, l,sa2. :,. FJizaWth PnJm, r -Vurv" 
26. 1HG8. 0. L(-rv A., b. Feb. 17, 1822; d. June 7. l.^.^S; m. 18r,5. John Olmsted ' 

III. IJoratv.b. Aug. 11, 17:).j: d. Xov. 21, lS(i,j; m. iJ.-e. 24, 1823. Pamela, dau of 
limothy and Lury ibedgwick) Srdgwick, b. Feb. 2.S, i79s. The nu.. of Timotln- Sed^r 
wick (Mirn-au Webster) was sister to f. of Xoah \Yeb.-,ter, rr'piesentativ in" Conii 
Leg.; wealthy. 1, l,T;vr Skd(;wick, b. Feb. 2.-., 1n2.k m. April 24 lS4s Harriet" 
'|''^.?L1^V''^- l'^'""''" "^" ^'^'^vington, (.'oun.: b. Xov. 5, 1824. 1. Ikrmau Fmn.^i. h 
April 30, 1819; m. Oct. 11, ls7l,Xellie M., dau. of Capt. J. J. Ladd. 1, Harrbt A-u-' 9* 
18/2. 2, Herman, d. soon. 2. llorao Lenturl. h. Oct.."), IS.-,.^): trrad. Shrdlhld Sfipminr- 
School. 3, /i7//<.,b. Jan. 17, I8li4. 2, Lkmuki, Hisski.t., b. Jan. 2, 1327; chosen dea 2 
yrs., 18o9; and re-idected indetlinitelv 1^31; d. Feb. -,>.-;. ls:!)7. greatlv l-ui>ent'ed- m J unci 5 
18:)i»-, Ellen Hart, b. Feb. 23, 182s. educated at llolv.,!;e; dau. of Xoinuin 3' Lr(]'£Ti\"' 
b. Oct. 37, 182S; ni. April 2o. 18:.5, Albert D. Judd, b. Dec. 4, ls:;0: mannfac; in Xew 
Krit.; chos. dea. tor 2yrs., Iso'.i, and in ISbl ind'linitelv; dis. to (.'hapel sr chh in Xew 
Hav., 1804; res. Wall'd, Conn.; s. of Dea. .Moiton Judd of Wall'd Conn 1 Cnlhariiu- 
M'elle^, b. Jan. ,^, ISIS. 2, (hn. yL>,-l<>i,. Sept. 27, \xh\\. :-;, J//,-, 'l/„,y Od '.-,' lSfi->- d 
June 30. 1804. AUuyt L.^ Dec. 20, 180.j. 4, Catii af;i.vf.. Feb. 1.-., IS33' d Fel)' ^ l8.-,o' 
IV. Ihiiinah.b. Aug.. 1797: ni. Sept. 10, 1S21, Clu-ster Hart !>. Fel, 7 1 79;V- s of 
Aaron. She d. Sept. 1 , 1823. He m. (2 i her sifter. 

V. Elva, b. Sept. 11. ]s,,(»; m. >jay 12. 1S24, Chester Hart. She was a oood 
scholar and a devout j.erson. Slie inherited ]u'o]>ertv fnuu her un-le, Lemuel Welh^'s of 
Yonkers, who was wealthy. 1, Lkvi Weij.j>, "b. June 7. ls2o; Y.C ls40- stud 
theol. at Union Col.; licensed to j-reacli by So. Pre.-^ti. of X. Y., ]s:,2; miss, to tlie Hor'- 
inaiisofX. Y. C. one yr. ; afterwards re."!<,r of tlie colleev e-jVminu.r school l!-ooklvi' 
X. \._; m. at X. Ibit. \\h-. 27. IS.",!, (.'eorgiana Xorth. b. ■lum-4, ls2o. He was a .list' 
lingu,:-^t and. Cernuiii scholar. 1. L>ni[.M II'., Sept. s, l.>^.l(i. 2. 11'//;./;. yorth, Au>'- 
11, 18")!). 3, ILirhn-t Winthr"p. Aug., ISiJ.-); d. S'>i)t. 2. 1S07 2 Juti.v HK.\r-v b' 
Aprd 13, 1828; m. Jan. 4. lS.-,3, JaneCri.swold of W . Ihutf., dau. of Josiah She d 
Aprd ,'. IStU. 3. Haxxah Jeaxxettk, b. Marcii 9. ISoo: d. March 10, ls.53 

M Lemuel \Vatts, b. July 4, 1803; m. Xov. 15. lS27.,Abi Langdon, dan. of Ira 
and .A bi(Laukt.ui) Stanley, b. March 12. 1S07. At 9 vrs. of age she could memorize 
%y]tl, astonishnig accuracy a thou.saud or more l.a<^ae•es of .^.-ripture ],er week, in compe- 
tition with orher Sunday school