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Full text of "The descent of man, and selection in relation to sex"

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Mai'ks, notations and other marginalia present in Ihe original volume will appear in this file - a reminder oF this book's long journey from the 
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T>iiKixo (be vitcct!N(irD n-fifwU of tlit rtr^l edition ol 
iJiin woik. (mWishcd In letl, I *»»i «Wp (o iulrwluc* toteral 
im|wrtant cofrcclioDn; »rnl n*iw that inon- Uni* hA« «la[i«^I, 
I liAVO endfavDiiT^ U> pntfit by tht^ fa^ry iHtluil Itirou^h 
vbicb Ut« book hA4 pciMHl, nn'l Hiivtr lAkfii jiiUj)uUi)sr* til til 
Ihr rritiriitiin itliiili M^euj (o me sound. I urn flim graitly 
inilflrird In d kr>:u number of i-oirti^otideiits for thr cobkj 
miimouon of a Ktirpnaint; iiumWr cf ucv lactd anj romtrks.' 
TbfM tiAtc Wn (^1 humnrouis tlut J luvo U*eii ublo to vuw 
only thp mijTB* iirijHirUui wri™; iind of iju-ite^ hk wi-ll as of 
tli«t wirtr iiii|HittiiEil cDrr4X7tj(}ti3i, I will iippru(3 ii liM, Siimc 
mil tlTofrirntioiH luic hccn rnttodnced, nad fotjr of the old 
<ir4ifring>i Lavc been i^plac^d by better ones, done from Itfo 
by Mr. T. V. Wood. 1 must ^pQciall} oulj atttnitioti to 
«(itn^ cibtfervni Lons which I owe lo the kinilm-ut of Prof, 
Htulry (K>tt^il V4 a 8upj>IrjiH-ii( al Uiir r:id of 1'>trt I.)^ nn 
\\k\t nnlun: of iIil- liilTvmii^-A U-lwirii Ihr bruiiu of \\\m\ 
and thv hijrbfirapo. I Iiatp Ik-ou |viTtteijlar1> gl^cJ lo gjvi^ 
Ihf^v fvUirrtilRin*, br<<Ati»} ddrinp the last fi'W **ai>^ *<-'veraI 
m'lnnirvL on \\\!> mibj^cl bflv^ Bp7n?flr*d ■*« Ihi* Cfiiilin^-ni^ nrid 
tlif'ir im^iortiirin* Iias Uieii, in %m\\v cukm, i^roiilly i?xiig^'nttt^ 
If) popular viiteiv. 

I rmy lake Ibm 'HTpnrliinitT nf rpnwrkinE Ihnt my cntjea 
fr«<iQCtitly oittuua' \\\a\ \ Attrihiik nil cb&njrei tif eorpf>r«a] 
flTticlore and tMnUt pou-^r trxclu^t^ly to tJ\o Datunt uyloc- 
tivfn nf torii THrbtKit^e uf Eire ofl^ri called iF^)i^l'ir''^'^i>''- 
)i«mi^, PT^-n in tbr ^r*t e^litinn of Wxif. ' Origin of Smrdi?*/ 


I dif^tinctly ^i\M thai prt^t woi^jhl muBi I>n aUribulod to 
the inheril^d *ffpcU of une aD<\ diBUa^, witli rwpoet both to 
ih? badj and mind, f slan atinbillpf! Rorre flnnnrl ui rniidi- 
fit-aliHii t(j lIip Jin-i't iiml iJi-oloii^-ed aL'Uou of fhttiij^t^il ^-AftX' 
dUioii« of !ifv. Souk iilloutiucv, Uo, mu^l be iimilv fur 
ot^dKiouril rovOTBiorm uf alrm?turL% rwr oiuel we for^il whul 
I huvf tulluU ■■ rorn»liiti*d " (arciwlh. mt-nnm;;^ Un-*r<>tjy, Umt 
vorioTii; p^rU cif llii? itr^iuiKLition iirr ir Himr [inknnwn utnu- 
ner *o connpoted, tint wlitii oiiir jfjirl var^i's, jo iln dhiTH; 
and if variations in the one arc a(.ruiiiuIa1od hy £oK'ctioTi, 
other parte v'lII be modttiod, A^aiD, it has boon ^id by 
flcvorai entice, Ihat wh&D 1 Found tlial uiauy dt'tmlB uf jiifna- 
ture in man could not b» explained ihruuj^li iiittural sfl^c- 
linn. r invndi'd m-ximl wlcrlirjii; 1 gavr. lunvrvrr. a Inli^r- 
ftbly cicnr «k«tch nf thb prini^iple in ilic lirat i^lition of lEie 
' Ori^n of Specie^' and I there ^Utcd that it vt-M iipidLcnblr: 
to man- Thin pubjecl of eexual edection ht^e Vcn tr^yntpd 
at full length in the present work, etmpl^ bccattae an opjior- 
tunilywaaliere Htfit afforded me, I Imvi* \ivtu Klruirku-ilh Ibe 
likrncsjL iif many of llir linlf'fnvourubU* irititinrHn cm suAual 
RclcctirMijWith tboflo which oppcurcd nt tir*t on natiind iu'lr-c- 
tion; »iioh u, that it would oxpiain gomo Tow details bat 
certainly w« not npptimHe lo Ibo entent to whieli I bav^ 
emplrtyetl It. My convict ion of the power of Jtexual iekvtinn 
n-rnaiiiH unnliakt'ti; but it U probable, oralituwl reriain, Uiut 
[ipvrrrti of my cvnicluflimiK will hereafter \ic fmmd crronctcnu<; 
thita Clin hardly fail to itv tho vaa: Ju tho first tn^lnK.^nl of a 
eubjoct When nftturoliittii have bot^iuo fauulmr with tha 
id^ of wTiial srlfrtion, it will, a» ] lifUpv, be nnu-h riiorii 
largfly arr*'|"li'd: aid il Iihji Jiln'Hdy limi fully nnd favfiur- 
ably received by aevfral capable judges. 

I>OWH, Bkcrkhh AN, Eeht. Brs^ttm^ir, 1S74^ 

First Edition F*b. M. laTL 
SvooQd EdiUon SopU 1871 












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40, note 


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34, note 


u^ T-x|iUiiuil hf itilikfitMbn on nift- 
cWuv'hI I»nrii-iiiir-. 
Intflliecntv in 4 l>iib.iiin. 

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Si>ik>« uf lumour In <ii-<g^ 

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Kuithvr taut* 011 tiTUtfltion In uian 
tnd trimklv, 



1 14-11 V 

IU«R>rit.Ti|: poHcT tn tho 3niFrr «il- 





A^uiflition of ^XT^^^jcnc1] l<^«niin*ls. 




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Dhifiinii (»f thn iitUv b»(ie. 




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Vol. 1- 




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Supnrnunierary 1111111111* hml dlj^t". 




niJlTiiiLlMiji|4'iirLii;£ irt niiiiih 

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ilriRin, uvuuji" oai^aiiiy' of hkiill i\\- 

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hulolL'ficft of ttina. whtii Ire* tr^ra ft 
dlTu^^Jc* for [itLift^tin^, 




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Durkiuuc af jililri a piMlK'tinii «|CRtiint 


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Not* by Profi'fcor naxlcr «n Ihn 
<]cvolo|>(nfint of the brniti in mnn 




T^pM'm] or^na of mate piir-MitLc 
worm* for hohtlnif rJi** lena]*. 

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OnwU^r ^flrinbiJily vt mule tEiin 
fonuilfl; dtreot bcfiou of ihr en- 
virvomcnt in t^v^ing (ilDL^ronccs 




P^n-irl .i| (h'Vi'lfHpniPPit of jirrituhof- 

thiiir ifHiLMnifAJon in oua or Ix^ih 



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Cftu*«i of i-ictad ft xmlt hirlhii. 




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Kurthrr fiun* on niAiiUl poiwiri of 







I'^rjqihtiU of ''^hiiLmif]i>enji. 




MimhAtl f-n protubeninon on hrtlt' 







AlUcli mi^rit 1-ctvrecn p4irei1 litrJ*. 




Albino bireU not finding pAnncn, ni 




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EtitpUf' bv tiunnninfi'Mrd* in oouri- 
('jliml vlth pi^pviiit fit cninmr Ui^n*- 







iiiittoil to and sc% ftinnn. 




Twtn fur U**' bi'miliUi] |iri'inikiim( 


with tbo l>>nTT (iJiim^K 



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Itni* HwrMf'Irft. 




C^jiAiriLirnriiirTiHriMi^flinmH'if miiriiHlK. 








ted Ed. IBM. 

In i Voto. 

Id I Vol, 


Vol, I. 





BelfttiTtt eizes of maJ« and femals 
whales (uid eeals. 




Abuitce of tiuks in mnle miocene 




Di^Hon on Hiiul differencss of bals. 




Reeks on advantaga from peouliar 




Difference of compleiioQ in men and 
vomcn of an Afriuin tribe. 




Speeob subsequent to trin^np. 




Scfaopenhauvr on importance of 

courtship to mankind. 




Beriflion or discussion on communal 

marriaKce and prnmiscuity. 
Power of choice of woman in mar- 




ria^ amongst saTagea. 




Long-continued habit of plucking 
oat hairs may produce an inber- 
it«d effect. 

Di-1'' ■_ri 

I, Google 



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ciuinrKK I 

m i' lfw ipt or TBtf nairnvT nt bah fiuiv anirt mini tnnv 

lunt In nmit <•>! IS* V>«ar uii>ih«l« ^Mib^r]J#m<-nu point* of oof^ 
■f«eitl«a»— Ii«4TiT^|iuitiit -lEudiim^QUiry •tni^uvpc■, niDtoEf*^ wn*^ 


or rm vaii*» or oiviLonnrr or 11411 mil torn i««n rcviL 

VHiiibilil/ irfbcdj uii mlitA ia tiuD— laliEriUfife— l'4iiH*r>f *iuiHtn]iljr 
^L«v*nr wl4liqa tS* vajra la m^n v In ibr Invar animAU— Diitv<t 
MUi^tu-v^lhi T"iti]*lfi'iir uflirv -KlfcotB ivf iLc LiJcn<w<<4 use lunl -IbLuc 
of |»fto->lff™iT*J <i<j«lunm<?flt ■ lEr > Ml Lui] -'(>>rn^luu»(| vArSaLlori — 
Jtirtpf faicn wc flig^liaiuificrT^-r— Xmnml'^tUii'tioii— Mull tbr mwt 
dMnlatnt anirniil lutlm imrkd — Ini^nTTunH-f r»f h|a i>firpr»n?itl >tnj'<rifn>— 

«|Um| *htpfl »f LK* •tDll'— Na)l*ctijHB^AbH<ICfi of ft tkil -DtfoiiiK- 

CHAt^TEk l[l. 

miTiT"r or r»i iiTwxt powaa ^r tuv akti nn uia ahquul 

Di* 'filfc'VH* i* vhKaI po«ar lotwpbii tha h\ghHK tpo uid the Iovkm 
^■*T<ps Inmwfini -<^tfti<ft LmtltL^'U ^nnimnn— Thu omotbni— ruri- 
tmiy - foiluiko Attfui^u Mwik*:^ I hi«|[lniiti«i — Ra^on — Tn^ 
|[r«i*Lvc wt9nv«(iL«ib— TooU jtu-l ife*|iaipi iiud tpir 4alni«l>— j\b- 

0*4,v|4tttiuli«wcia,tu]flmUaiit ... . . . m 






Thuinnrtl ■finnn—KuiidAniflTiriLl prnp^-iUnii— Thf 'jwaJuir^ M ■'wml uni- 

TdbIh — iirtgin nf Atrithtlttf — ^rrii|f£lr-^riri np^Hi^rvi immni'i* - Man 

■ wftpM ■mriiAl— Tlio inon emliinrtjf uit^bpl ^niMni-iaoonin^t"r ''llxrlua 

|>i'ni»l£int i Dill ill')!*- -TfiQ bixiIhI virttiiv aluri< rH^utLi'il \-y •iivuifUA'— 


I>» Tfll PBdLOMflVr "r THE IPTir J.f-T U At, AVf 11'fak.L TtiCVLTIt^ 

Ailt^Tii^ivitiivit (if ihn iDtfillHtUftl pGWan through niiuml hIctiIou— Irn- 
|K>r(ini*rt rtf <ifiiuin»n--Sfld*l wvl itinml l>u.silii»»— Tlmlr *li'wp|-i(imrnT 

Ituid ntiJAiw— KvLdsiH thai niv|hH<l nauona wvn nTi» barlwroui* , IW 



FrBEliKi^ rjf riitn in !■» niiirimt Mrics— Tim ttntural >nt<iii» frfii-^liiifu^id— 
AUjillvn (Jinrarlcn nf p<llir+»t \jilm'-Viirlniii iitihII |<>liiljf of rrMm- 
Mnni.'? tieLWfTi limn ti\:\ iht Quintruniiina KinV of iiiin Ln vhf niua^ 
rnl fcValwik— HirlKpliCft ■inri annqtiily M atan— \»iiiniifn r-i1 fniail i-nn- 
nrcilmir llrka— Lrtunr tlAffM In Th^^ ji#iir-Al'>fj nC mwi. on tilL'ffiNl, 
flmtl^ fnm liia iltlo^lint unil tnvindljr ffriu liit ntnjotiiiv— l^nfly to- 

ov Tiai BAO** ar ma* 

Pinra— AnrnmriiUi 1tj faviMir 'if. uixl op|w>*>rd u\, raQklni ihetn-c^ltd 
furvA nf matl «> clitlmur *p«rif«— Kiilvii|iR«if« — Hirir«j)VlluilJi tnil P'>lT- 

In twxtT nM mirnl >wl«««n lli( n>n"l ilf*rin<Tt fftf** nf tftun— Th* tUti- 
ft mtn ivhf<n hi flpa| 4pmd ov^f ih* *ATth'K»oh m:* n4l <l**»n'lrrt 
rrnm a hhtfU ytii — Tba 4»TiiiHrinft *^r t«oH -'ntt rnmiaium i*f «o™— 
Ttia «ir>DL> «f Dri3iv>rijr-^lif:li1 innm-noA tif [bv clfr«i lUiEim hf ihf 
AAndlTv^HB of lifr— 6l;f III ar na infldftHM of nataml M^«BtJoii— hntual 







ciiAmt* vut 

na^mxt uj uii^t hluhov. 


P^/fimy— Thf ijiklr«loDr|rTDirkl)}'nii4*nflr>| tLfOiLirh hi- 
ulHlactifn— FjfBnMHilUHi vuLo^Vtrit/iLjLty uf iIih nuili*— Chmr* 
iTtftH bj Ub* fvoHl*— :t*(iiBl mrufvrvd laith imlural ■■k'tkHi— in- 

Uwjn/.Ki'l u LliriiM lO >H- iUlutkuiit TvAvma tin »<v*r*l farm 
«# iiil>«riU«cv-l'4t|tHt vLj aoa h« kbd Ui* jobc^ w mo* D^iA«4 
ifaPBUck HanlwtK^Mi- 0«|i|^Jp<ajoDt i^n tli« prap>n»nnbl tunilj««" at 
Ika ii*o«*Hiblhri«f£l#tiiii the ■luniBJ kinifJoni— Tli* |-r«pcniMk itt Un 
■■111 ^ Evtalvu lo brtvmi HkiBtL^rji '...,,,. IK> 

Iq»u— ArFtr?lli3ii- i.>u«un<4. tHonilaij ivciui fhbriLpt'iT" vinitiirl/ dt- 
vtlop^d; iliiri^rfihiam; ^iIaui; ^hin^-im DM ftfy^uiml iKroTOTiiiIillltf 

cmr— I1)«*«fl|4m. ixviw^ty w-l ci^kum-i.'-nlf-'iii*™. eHUiur«, fur- 
^hf4 villi tfiHR limu, ■■|i|jiinnl1> v no oiuuncut : bulla . tulda- 
llill^ iH^ilitipimiirj i^iinii n rn hnih inn . i ■ • . 

CB.vrrEU XI- 

(vrTTuruM AAi Horn*.) 
-B^Ultr Tivkkik^ liitn- r^lDiJi>tamni:inl*botJb 




nblUtr— (■»«■ of ihfl <LilF4tian<-^« in yoluuf lirfweuo t\yo mtXtt unJ 
fvcniilAB^Muikmi^f ftu&iln liiiiEfirllM mont ttritLUntly t]c>louA-1 tbon 
llio ifiult-i Jirlel^C cnlnviH at i-4iivryi\ia.n Sumtuhrj «m»i i:4ibcl4tlj|]g 
rciunrlu vu i\te *«o&Juy m-iiihl i^iianfoUin of UudcU— BiMti tod in 
MUM «ODlpBr«d . . ' . >W 


■j;coiii>4iiT iJiirLi. Gn,&iucTiBB (fr rmuu. uirucBiiETL ahs ULffit-u. 

PiUMi Caarlfllilp mJ bMlli* of th4 ihbLm— LbrfernLxi; of the feniAlv— 
Hal«.brlKtil vi:tliKirt aatl vriiiuicQUl jip^m Ja^t« i olIitrBUwi^uoliar' 

binfdlii£'"4iHiou ■l>iir-^Fl*l>'« "ilN ivlli kchii brlLliiDtl}^ i^uli'uroU — 
htti^llve i^clukirr— 'rii« ](»« uiJUn^rlMUOUa lvIvuid i.\f \hv I'cuiLk uanmA 
bu iv:i.'T>uulcil Tui i>ti Llia (trlu^'iplc of (jruUM-UiiU— UuIl' I1i}j« builJiliif 
UffiiM, nml '-ukh'^ L-jiHiv* "f Oi«- iWJi HHil ^^mn^ Avnimij^ijA; Uillor- 

livc— LiuM«, kjntOt-vor— OFiiHEiiLiritJil aj^jwruiitifiw— Stfuii^uiIiTTurtDCV 
m ACritolurv bvtwi»b tb* hv»»— Culuiin - fcioKUikl diflcRntca ulinoiil v 
^aE«4 orilh tjir^la , . . . • . . . W 


Gfliniil difloniiTiB -Ln4 trf bi^ttlv tJpfoUl wviipuii* Vvuvl orguiH-Ia- 
•tmiichtfl mum D -T'»V0 unlit" unci diiiiPDit--D(io»rhttat]'L, porntanaQt 
And HbUfiAl-lJi'tiblc Mii-i fiajflu kiuidkl ni«bl(*— Dt#|>liiL7 of onii- 
ULt* tj Uia oialu ...•■*.. ■ * , ACQ 

CHAKrEH 1.1 V. 

Cb«lM «ttrttd hj tlie ft)iA»lB— LouKth uf riiun*b1i>— CniiAlnd birkb— 

UbouI qaiUtlc* Mill Uohi for ttiv tiuAJtiful -■'nfcj-riicp vi miiLiiaiti;^ 
thtvn li^ chu funhlB fr |ranlcular Ui&lc*— Viidiibllti» uf ttiRla— Va- 
rttlloiu m«irtlir™i ■Irfii]K-!.«w? of Vir;»ncn— Knnniiilnci <4 oeilU— 
tirviatlom of 4!hinpidr — Cue of Peaoock, ArguA plicvanl. and Unv 
«IJCiU <W 


DlHUK^ov M VI vhj ih* fDtlH tlflnv if 'ittn» >jwp1i4, tnil bnrh iwtu af 

pKvd iO v*dinua iilrup(uT^« uTtJ In hrijfbtly «Dlot(n>d plurnju^— NidLQH.'A- 
Uon la r«lMllOD 10 c«Lour— Ujae of uo^UI plitmAirg ddrkr^jE Ui* viaUr , tU 






TTx iiiufcrtiir* plui«n ^ f»iliwi l* tfc" o>>ragltf <f tho tamnagw la both 

MiuMTui ■tolarploiupcf llw>dliht— <^ |L> tfi rat— <f U«ii|j 
\u Ui* W4* of ft* ««fld-Pn4Min u^Mihiijr -Cap^inablj-nt' 

D&nl* «r« 

isMmAkT «iraL vMtAAvm^ or MAiautA 

bifk ImpwUDcc— 4Jiwdi4 fiu oTtba mlv—kUaiH «f Mia»— Ob the 

coattkb XVllt 

V«lc»^X*fiH' libit hehI fWUlUriAH Id »o«lt - OIauf li^vr-^nprntnl 
^fOtm bair -t'*>Aiwurtb« b«ir*i»d»ki»— Aw>«ifcluii»^«M>^tho TmihJ* 
b'Jnf '^■^m nr^aiBpnnn) iLar 1J14 mfllff— (Vlatu jHnl qniWDBMA Jim to 

<Ii<4m»4iii»»;4 (f »|*rt* *IhT >4ri]V ■(■ A^luU iiuailriijwi*— 1M tbt col- 


PART in. 


AND (y>H(^l^rvKIS- 

l>lfftv«ina NtwMn ue tnl vwiia— C^di» ofioiiri (IlflrriDiiB «nd of 






On tlie «Tf«ctB of the coatiniwd Hleotioa of womaD ■ooordiof; to ■ dlf« 
Tcreul almidjirJ of bojiuty in «jtcli fKio— Oo ihe chubh whioh LDlarfwo 
with rKiXLiEiL N-lv^-tinu iu olviliied ud vavige utknu— OoDditloDd fa- 
VDurMLLir U> fh'xuul i*t^ei:tioa during primevnl tJinoH — On iho JiUDDer 
of w;ti4jEi <pf K-xuAt rtvltfotion witb juuikind— On Lhu wojuvq iu uvage 
tribup hbViu^ miiuo power tO ctiooBQ tbo'ir iiuxbundn — AbHDH of hilr 
on thv l>od}^, aud deveLopmuit of the baud — Colour of tha akki^ 
ESuiuoivy ^ 




UuD conclusion tlinl mui is dwHnded from »in« lowar form— UannAr 
of dpvclo|iAitDt^<4L'iieBLofE7 of mu— IntflLJectuii ud moiml fKOltiVB 
—Sexual Sctact'ion— CoDcLuding nmtrkB ,,.... e^ 

BiTFPL»nHTi.L Nun .,,.. •,.-■• ttA 

iHDIl Ml 

Di-1'' ■_ri 






The iialnre of Ihi* ffJIiiwitif? wiirti will Iw bmi iin(l4*r* 
iood by u brii-f awonrtt of how it ramp to Iw BTiUrn. Dur- 
1n^ tiuoj rcnra 1 t-i/Ilt^lHl nolrt on ito ori^rin or tl<i^:^Dt (A 
Qiikn, villioLit luiy inU-oLioii uf pablivliiii^ i>n ihe Hub)m-U 
btit nlhi'T with thff dHf^mtimition not ta piibhftli, u 1 
thou^it tbiL ] fibuuld tbut only add to the pr^jndici'v n^iunit 
Qiy vii'tti. It nvinivl to xnif HUlllti^nl ti> indicate, in Llie tirxt 
edition >if my * Origin of Spyci^n,' UiDt b> thift work " U^hi 
vuutd br tlirvkiii vn the oh^n of mari nTtd hit hiitoryi" 
and lh» iiiip1:i'» ibac man imiiit lie JiirlndtKl wilb other 
or^JiQir Ifcinjpt in asiy fsyiicrui c'oiK'luaion ivipcctiiijC hii man- 
ner ot nii)ii-jrai>cr on lim t^nnh. Nov tiie caw wenfd a 
vholly dmcivnt nt^f^-^l, Wh^n « Dntumtiit lilci* Carl Vogt 
Yi-nlurt^ to Mjr in \m uiJdrOBn ha Pr«idi.-nt of Ihr Nationil 
luHtituli^rn of (irttrvn n^'>^)> " {jerfurmv. vn Eurojjt' au 
RK^iirkf. n'u4^ )rtufi souionir In cr^fltit^c iiid^poidAiUu (4 dtr 
tfjuiitt! pi^^f^ m raphes " it b Tnaailc«t thnt at IcoM m Inrtcc 
nnmbrr ot naitiniBtUt niiwl lufmil tint «p«*ei^f< an* ihe rnudi- 
fitd diflscTPitdniit* of olh^r ji]i.H*ifl«: and this ^peoiaUy bolda 
good wiUi Iho ^oiiiJ^'CT fLud rmn)i nii^jnih^edt. The x'<^iit*^r 
^B u III ber accept iht tk^Ktmy uf nACuvnl ^^iL'trtiniK Uii>ut.di mhuv 
irgp, whi-lbrr it'ilh jtirfi*H» th** frjtni>? must dn^ick^ that I 
||»tiT^ pTt^Hv c\frrntr<i it« iiriEM^riaiKt. Of tht uldor <md 
T ' hjrff iLk I jjliiTil F4-ir(i{v. ninny ufLforUiiiattrly nni 

t : -'h1 to «\oIulL'.m in ovi>rv form. 

in rT^JiM^|ai'iK€ of Uk- vif^« rM>w adofiUnl by i^oat lulu- 
rvli>t«, and w>ucb will altipiulHy. tn in wery oi.hrr cniGf\ tx? 
folluvr^ by oUivr« wlio ar« uol urivnlili^. I have Uoa led to 
% 1 



^ TEB l>EaCiiXT OP MAK. 

put togcthfi" my nol^s. ho as to ki? bow r*r Ihc (wnr^rnl con* 

du»icinw arriviil ul in nij foniit^r works vt-rv a|"[>lii'jili1v Ic 
man, Thit setiiKHj bI] thy morv dvKimblc, aa 1 bftcl nev^r 
dclihomUJy npplird thf^w viowff to t »pcHc* liikcn mugly> 
Whrn vrt' o»>niinp otjr atfpniirm In nny oru- fiirri^ we un- de- 
prived of the ^'t'lphly ar^'\iinoiit^ diTivod fp'Mii t!i*» nflliir* 
of Ihc itlliniliri wlikli <x.iiinin:L lu^t-thtr wliok' i,'roui.ifi of 
orgHni^rns — Lhi-ir jrt''*>^f"p^"i'"l ^I'tstnlmliini Iti im^l iiml [Jiva- 
ent IJmos, and llieiv g^^^^lojijcal iuoccwion. Thp hoiruilonieul 
■tiucturt'. embrvolfi^-iL'uL dL-vdijpment. ami rudJnifntoTy 
or^Hiii of a ifp(-i'iL<.>i rrtnniit to hp (rmiHidiTHU w1ii<1lit<r it hv 
man ur any oiUft aiuTiml, to nhiHi itiir atliMiLkou luuy Le 
dirciUd, but llio*e f^rrut daMe* of fads ntTord^ as it upppurn 
Lo ii;(', iirii|ilp niid I'otii.'liiMVt- i-vi(li-iJL'L' ni fuvmir itf tlii* |inn- 
cij»k gf >frndmil ovolutiou, Tlif *troij|^' supjjoil dori^'oj from 
the olbcr ai^ument? should, howctcn alwjiye I* kvpt boforc 
The raind. 

Tlic* *oIl' object of Ihm work ict to conaidor, firstly, whoth- 
cr mnr, liki- every jtbcr »ij>ecJc3i, is* dcsrriulcd from sutni" pr*- 
eTfiMing form: sef'nndiv, tIip mHiniiT af liis devflopmrnt; 
aiid thinlly, lUc valut* oi the iliftuivotoe Mwwn tlio Ba-L.>alW 
ractf» of iJiJin, A* I %\in[\ cnnfmi- tuy^iL-ir Ui Xhvsi- poiiitH, it 
ttill not I* ner***«iry to d*«i^nl*p in delnil tlu- dilTofi'iicrii 
bi'twtt'U tbi' Heverul ructr — uii L-nLriinnin ^ubjoet ^ibidi liflA 
bt^ETi] fully diMAiPMil ill iiuiii,\ vatuJihk' wi>rkH. Tbr lii^li 
Aiilu|iii(y of mnn has I'ecptilly boi>n di*nmn»:tnil<'il by tlie 
lubouiTi of u ]\<>si of t'litiiK'til hilh, be^^iiiniii)^ wtih M. ik'n- 
rbiT di? Prrtlirn; irnd ibis h tlie iu(liM|n*ii?yildi' iHir^in Utf nil' 
(iorfltnnding liiu origin. I jdidll, lliun'fim^ t4kc tliiM cun- 
clu»ioD fi^r ^mll1cd, enti may refer tny nadertf to tbo ad- 
niitHble ItcjiiiKes of Sir rimrli'H Lyt-ll. Sir Jnlin LubWk. 
and othvr^, Nc^r lihall 1 Iluvl- oucui^ion to do l\^o^L• thun to 
alhxl^ lo Ihc tLDkoiint of ciiiTrrcner bctiroen nnn and tlio 
aiilbrii|HitiirtrjilinnH a|ii^: ft^r Pmf. UtixK'y, in ibf it|»tiiirm 
of riio*t loiijjK'toiil jiid>;i'F, liaa tuntluiivoly sIkwii tliul in 
twry vifihie chnrartt^r man difFcr!» leas from rbe biphiT np«, 
thaji llu'w.' do from ibe lower nieiidjer* cif xUr hjmik- onler of 

Thift work contain* han)l> any ori|;mal fiicts in rc^rd 
to man; but hm tbr oni]rln>.ii>rL«i iM wkJoh I nrrivi-il. nflrr 
dmirin^ np a rongJi draft, appeared to me inVeivttirg, T 
Ihou^'lit that tJicy rnijcht intcrcrt otbcm. It has often auU 
(nniHOi'Citly liwn a?w^H4Hl, Ihat mim'v ori^fin nrn ni'Vrr be 
known: but i|rnonmof more frequenilv l>ej7rtH conttd«no4' 
than doea knov-kdKc: it ta tlioae who dnow liUle, aud imt 





tliow vhtt fcrnnr itkucli. who m iMwitiviOj kwvrt Uuit ihii «>r 
UkAi pitiLletii v'iU urvcr 1w c^ivvJ liy eciriioOs 'Hie cott- 
dLpirjfk iKaI tiian i§ ihtr ri>-dc«o«utlani with ulhi-r Mpni-it^ of 
«i.>in-' aii4<li^n1, lowfr. Ami eilinoi fonii. in n-tl in aiiy rktf 
tii^^\ l^ir^nk l'»t])* cl|,»o i-amf to Ihin c'^fiHiimoT), Vklik'-h 
btHy tfrn rniiiiitELiiittt f>v x-^inU riTiimfil lla1B^all^(4 tnH 
p1ij]ii»iih|^,; fnr m^tim^^'. t»y \ViilIiM.'*\ H^xUy* Lyi'lU V'o^t, 

Mori 1, has r^n^titly (IHiiJi, niih A wvmjk) wUi. 

lii 1^ 'i. ;■ ii ^i^ ' NittiHwJit Sclii>|>riiDjfrt|^<K'h]chtc/ 

in «-LkJ] hv UiWy ilm-tis-w thn |p-iw-jilo|cv nf ntnii IT line 
wriri fuvl i|k|«-unHl IriTforp my r-fxiy hitil Won vritt^D, I 
eh^tuld |iri:-h4l>]y avvi^r Jiave efrIupltr{(^] il. Ahnosi all tlie 
<oiidui>>iUH ci nliich 1 luvt- arriti-d T liml cvHinrnLol Uy rliifi 
iij1ur*1ul, wh^tf' knoAlin1;^rT rn mnny |u^inU 10 much fuller 
thon inmi\ Wlirrcvir 1 have add^^l any Wt or viet^ frum 
Prjf. IIa<-kt^'H vriUny-ii. I jjnr ]m jiiillirjrilr In tlie IfXl; 
othrr iiaU'iiki-^In I ]4-4V<' ■* llxt^y i>n^ina9U vCuod in iiij rmmj- 
0CTii4, (vccn&Wjlly giving in llic foi'l-cioU* rffot^ncf* to his 
«i>ri;^. a.^ a cuitf riruiUt>n <kf thi» luurv ilouhtful or inlervit- 

iVaring miny yrnfv it hfls JFromfd lo mo hijfhly prolwMc 
tliaf ti'iLiAl Tvleiti-m Tan ^lUjed an iiiij)urtaiiC {vtti In ilif- 
fi'fvutuitin^ ihr nuvM of umn: Imt in my ' Ori^^iu of Spe- 
cie?' OJr*l irfJili»n, p, II>OJ I conlrntrtl iMy*cU hj m<:rcly 
dltoijirjif In llir4 U'li^'r. Wlii'n I t-umf In aj<p1y llii)^ v]>'4 I13 
in«ii, I ffinn>l it iEu!tr<|i^r^flyt? ta Li><at xliv \^ho]e Kiihjod m 
full dfiikil.' 1 Vin*i*»ji',i'nl ly thr .iwonil part of tlic pH'r^i-nt 
work, !n-*!ih(^ nf *ij*xii:il M'Wtuin, liiis p^li-uilni tn ,iii in- 
oriliiL4lo h»n;.'lh, ruBiimrei viih lh(» ^rft \tBrl-. but Ihi^ 

I had inicDded Adding tii thi* |)n!iviil lolumrA 1111 ttamy 

il>f*i rial 

■ t'Ua 

- 1 tr.n Ur 

■ ^'' 

1*0T, p. ¥li ft T^rr cuiTiiPii* r4(«r ah 

rK' cpriff^iL nF iiiiiit AciitLliiT wnrk tiJU 
I t^&V'| UifL iiuVlLitinlli^ l>r Kr^ncva- 

i^f" klvUn hibOv ill ibt haitff i^fUoil, 
ifit mlH made in ihe jfijwd of lb* 

*fhfi. tt rkb cJiJiK w^jfii iJii* u^'tk Ami 
ft|i|iiHrnL Kibl d^rOHi'iJ Otr pl^^J«'L jE 
MiUii] **lH>,|ioii, anil ha-i n'Ht oe full 
kr4i[NirE«fti4% tLtio^ 1f1^ lauhU^'bl i^nt oT 

ft \wwj kbtt nunatr in bi* variou 



.,.^i.a are expressed in tl 
uitlerent races of man. But owing tc 
ent wovkt 1 have thought it better t 
separate publicatioiL 

43S Nmk Jbu 8lrH< 

Di-11 ■_ri 

I, Google 




UlWUt rOMl, 

tQ nun igtd Ilia la»*r mhwI*— MiHv4fMiai»iu fAiuiHfimirM>im4ii>rv - 

r<|it*>1afU*« urauM, A«-«Tlift bMrin^ «t Iham Uicm biwI cIimo* ef facU 
on lb« aritfia umu 

III wlio wUbtff lo deHil{> whnlhi^r min \n tlii» ntodifiod 
dcw^ndnnt of wmc prc-cxiftirp foTm, would prohabW Rrrt 
^nquirv whtrlhfT qi^n tariff. hfiW'-ver >^1j^lilly. in linijtiy 
■triivtorc am\ in iiH'ntal fucullin; ami if iwf, whHhrr th« 
TiinAtinnti arc trnii^mittrtl to hi* offiT^rini: in ■ccordflnct wUh 
till* 18«K whuh nrfvjtl vrjili tW Kiwer .ininia]>^. A>;dni, an* 
lh(S vnriiiUtMift t]i« rviuJt, ujt fur u our i^ai^riiuL^o iH^nniU 
na lo ji><)^ of ibc wnic ^nrral cou»p-ii, end arc thoj gov- 
*mp4 bjr the tamp p^neTsI laws, as in the o*te of other 
oTj^m«ai«; for iiuiajirv, bv corn^lation, the mhcntt^d rffocU 
of lue And diFiMC. Jtc-? Ii^ maTi «uhjrct to ^intilar malcon- 
frf>rrfiiifi<)*tfl. the t4>m1t ttt arrenle«l O^Tielo|imeTif. of redupltoa- 
hou of porta. &e., dikd doea he diSTiUy m any of hiH aDODiahet 
rrvrniofi Uf s\mtf fomrrf and nm-n-nl. l.vjn* of nlmi'liirr? It 
fpighl nUii naninilly be pnqTiirpd whHhep man, Uke pf> mflnv 
<Mlier aniDHAK has jeiven nee to variettce and tuh-racea, dif> 
frrini; Iml ulijcTitly fmni rach othfr, or tn Vwri-w [lilTtring 
lo morh Uuit thw/ mu*t be rlatArd fl« dinubtrni sjinfi;**? How 
are eucli rocce distributed oi'cr thi? Torld; and Imw, wlirn 
iCtiNVeil. do they rvatl ou racli ulher iti Ihe fimt aiid mk> 
***«lr ■ . r iiinn»? And tf> with nmny olhor ]K>int». 

Iff vrrtild Tirni romc to the imporUnI ptnnt, 
- ' I litJi li iida Iri iiLi rvHK' hI io ru]itd a rati'. Oii^ Ur Waa 

nnJ iM."t*re ittni^fjh^ for txialt'nce; ami eonw^iiently 

l*> tienrliciil lisriatioiu, whether in body or mmrl. bpiBij pr^ 






[(A r>f ini*it, wfiii'hi^vor ferrri iiuiy l>o :i|»p]iod, eticrnocli i>a 
mid n.-plm-L- o(»t flncjllitr, so tliuj siiMH' iiaallj liHuitii" ex- 
tinct? \\v ihall Kcc Uiui lUl thi^to ^jumiom, on jj]i)t.'«4l i» 
oVvjoiis in ri'-»ptct Xo mort of Ihom, mujii. br unan^K^I in Uio 
aillmiduvi;, ill Uit *tiiiie iuatin«*r at vi'nh ilii' lo^ir atiliuuliL. 
Buf tho ««vcml considf^raiiotiA Jti^l referred tif luay be cou* 
vcnicntly dcfcirrd tor ii hnic: nml nc will firnt ivr h'ltr fnr 
ihe tmdil^ kCnirruri' i^f iiiun fnlton^ irnivi^, Tiinrt' iM' \i**- yW\u, 
of liH Jwcent from same lower forn^. In futrc<'fdiii^ chap- 
t£r» Uk- iifciitdl Li^nx-n» uf niuri. in compnmi^u wiUj thoM: of 
ihr ItnitT HtiiniMlH, will W- (-i>ni«iif[*n*i1, 

Thf BtfitiUf SlrUi-(jire of ,Uon-— (l n ooforiouf lliat ninn 
i* L'linMj'urli'ii im i\u* aauxf ^rijt'r»\ Ivjh* i>r mrHlr! ns 'rtluT 
nmmiTiaU. All \\iv honn in hip fikcloUn oin he o>iii|<in^ 
wjlh currcvpoiiding boiio« in a ini>tikv,v> ^t. or ai?al. So it 
U wit-b hui ii]Li>^(iH^. ni-rvi'H, bWd-vi-wr*!^ nrTil inri'mal vk»- 
ccni. Tbo biuiii, Iht ino^t iinporlnnt of n\\ the nrKUriJ^ fol- 
low* the Mtiif lnw, OF flirA^u hy Htmli'.v nud oIIit nnnt^niTfiUi. 
Bi*cbi*lT,' who in h lifiMil* witncki^, Jidiniln ihni ^'^rv rhu-f 
fi^urv and TciJd m 1lu< brum ut ii^iin bda il^ uriulD;<_> in Ihat 
gf ihv imtiK: hul lir: fldd.i thni nf no prrind i>f df*»wl'>ijiinpnt 
dn lin'ir hr^int |iprf**Hly aanv; hot <'^)ntd jurftrl iigrm'in<*nt 
Irf? ^^^^'^'^■t^'d, i<jr olhvrwie^' lhv>ir incnln] |:iower^ ur»uld Jwvc 
lirrti Ibi" «uuf. Vu![*iim" n-niarks: " l^ai diffL'tviitTn r^leti 
(]iit pxiMipnt vrilrr IVD(\'>|i|iit1<< dr riinmmr la cvdui dm lEjriflM 
t^up^rit'urs sont \Atn nkiuimc*. 11 ui: fnul pn^? ^ fairc d U- 
liipihLis ^ n?t tjtard, L'hi^mun' uit bicii jiIu-b juvfc ik« uat^es 
oiithropomoTjifiPt jwir k* c«r»i*U*r(^ buhIoiii^uc* dv aoii ear* 
vcfi« c|iK> ooii\-(.-f nc W Font nrm Friilnmpnt dtm lantrr^j mtim- 
njifr-r^Tt, itini* ih^iiie de cprtMirih i|iMdntii»irL<>, tUt^ ^iirrKini? 
CI lie* mai^ft<iu<v/' Itiit it wouM l)« DU|)t-rMNriUni li(rrv lo jfii'c 
further <ktidU on iKr (:irn"*p'>ndcnf<? Mncc-n huid ainl Ibe 
bf^bt'r iiiJiiiiiiiJilx in ibe btnirhiri' of Ihr biain uiid all (dbvr 

]l 111115, hfiwfvrr, liT worth while lo upeeifr a fuir poiuU, 
noi dirrrlly oriibTinunlj miinrvli'i! wUh •!* nirlun-, lij wbipb 
Ihifl i*<>rrM|»ondcnco ^r rvlRtJ<>DBliip U vpII rfj^wTi. 

Man tH liable to vtTPivu frutii tW luwer animab, Afid 
tn coiniminJcHt« to iWm, orrtJiin dinfam?*. u» hifdnipbnbia, 

tinM ovKhnr.rm wi-ll i» Tl*«-rf ••* UrmU" >' l^o lur In VUy*^ tWA. |< ^H■^^ «fl 

Itl Bill AoM, Kri-^vfiiiiitf tii*» \'ta\n. vn"i"l Jt* M n*Jlt, 'L^nlmlw Pri- 


r. X. 

uoMOUKiicAL i^rHixnruiiRs, 

imh, the |>lnncl«n> sjptitlif, chotor-a, h<^rp<iA, Ac;' end 

ti-i fdct iirmt« tlie dot« ftiiiularitr * of their Iimhi^ unci 

jJfKvlt IiotD in mJDiatf etnidure and crtrnpoBiikm* fflr rnnn> 

tininlf than docn their tx>Tiift<bhiMa nni^cr tlw t»it ancm- 

'[n\ ur Iijr the aid of the Irrf chcmir*! ■nuljsii. Monki-vo 

■ liahUi \a ttnny of Ili# Mine nnn-^'iinEji^ioiiG ttiutiAN at w 

r. ihut lUnfti^vrt* wbi> carrfuJlv oLtoniiii for u kirjp: liinc 

Iw f V^fu /4iiirff in itJt lUttiTc Umi, firiutjil it liiiliK: Ui laldrrh, 

itJi th« Ufliul Bjtnftotnfi, and whirh. wlicii <>ftr»n n4:iirrint, 

t» co«iPimi|i1)tni, ThcM nionkcfs aiilT«rcil aUo from 

tjHi|il4<Kj-f ill fl;irnutn linn of tbi- truu^th. uml cafaracL ju the 

j^Ve. Thp vo«ncrf onw olioq Kheddipg Ih^ir milk-tJ:M>Ui 

«tcn died from r*ve,-. JJc^dicince rrodno^l the ^dtnc **fT<xt 

iti ihrm «■ on It*, Mam kiiLdri <■' llJunkf^^ hivi* a h(r<*ng 

i\c for lot, coffee, lad E[)ir]luvu> liquon: <hvy ivill hIho, 

\bAV€ inTHlf KCD, ntkoko totNicvouith |>t?wmr.* JtMim 

thftt Oil- tialivti^ of ui>rl]i'rahU'rn Africa f-8t<h Mm 

ild UImmiiu by v;c|Xi«ioc t««wU Wftli auon^- bo^r. b> uhidi 

icT oic made dntn)^. Ho hiw #ccn iwinir nf lhi->r jminuiU, 

hlrh )ie kept in (vwiflnpirtfrit. in tliiK Miitr: and hp ^rv<>i( 

lauHiflM« aoeouni at IliL-ir Iwkaviour and strange cninaee». 

>a thr fnllowinj; Diomin^ thej vt-rc very croM and diimal; 

Lt'V hHd Ihifir aching hnttdi «rith both hanHv, and varni n 

Kisl pitiatik ojihrc^ion: when bci^r or win& Mna offered 

liem, tboy turned ttviy vitli di?i«u£)t» Lnt rvlisli<.<d the juici: 

if Icnion*.* An Ani«ni-uu mr>iiki"y. an Ali-lw*, kHpt ^*^i^ 

tioff Hnjnk on hmndy, would nc^rr l»MK-h it acftin, tind tliiw 

dp wr4i'; iban tii^uj uku. Thvtv IilAij]^ furtA ]ri>jvi< Ik>w 

imilar tJie Tirrtrt oi Itite iniifcl Iw Jn atonkvjv and mnn, 

till Ur»w flnnlarly Ihcir wholn nvrvoii* evrt(Di u alToctM. 

Man i* infi^trtj villi iniiTi^l faiiifttLr». *>EUfiiBitH mije- 

1^ falsi eff^i^; flDd is ptagnr^d hy e3((4.Tfia1 paniiiliM, all 

if whirh tielnnt; to Ihi; stme gcnrn nr rami1r<*4i nf thofc in* 

fnUing (ithvr mavinviK *nd in th«< oaae of scabie* Ta Ui(> 


pi.l Iff fii' ' r'Un^nri;*! V'.Mf'Jimy Re* 
pU». Jilt I'W. 

l^dUfWTly r.' < |^7l, DL 

uw lilt 1' : nMfeH fnj 

.«» wa Hrauf vuImi^ bvtv«4 

im l^a ^Avao fiMiL at am cml^ 

t>»*v=tv, '-- .ti*iitiati!iiiii*bjllia 

MlTIk' ■ .''lit 

•■ '" « J« iS»urathlAr«.' 

* 'ftic MiiLO uatb ATD itninoTi M 

Mr, A- Nh«i(« lufirtii* morlmi fiv krpl 
III <Ju<«tv'lHU'lt in AuatrBliK llirvD itt- 
<lLV>'iEMli Iff Tlir fiArtnlAr^S' c^J»#' 

bt^'Dt ill tnj WB^i lh<T HL^uirvii ■ 
•nvfitfiA-m for nini. »hil n*' antrik inf 

-Rnii>ri.>'nLWribt#aii; u .^1a^v,k 
r^ ai <ui ite AfehU*. L viu.. Tot 


Mine apcci«e^* Man is subjoct, bkc other riainnialA, birds, 
ami rvt'ii iiiMi't?,' in titnt niyiEt<*rifiUH Inw, whirli ckum'S orr- 
tain norniA] |)roc(>ti8rK, liuHi lu gnatdlinn. ni: ^'<'t] hr Urn mH' 
turatioQ ard duration of various diAva^'fi, to follow Lunor 
rwriotla. Hia wimmU nn- rL-imiri'il b> iJtt? mini' jiruiruaa of 
ncoJing; nnd the HtumpK Mi after tht^ umputtilion of hia 
Umbe, ffl|H<ciall; during an carlj ombrycnk pcnod, occa- 
lioiialli' i-HTWcH* wiiit [lOrtLT *t{ tvj^vmiraiiva. an in the luwi-sl 

The whoh pri>ccw of that mort important function, thn 
reproduclioiL of (he fepetic^. ja i^lrikinglv tlii' ^me in all 
nummtU, from the (ir*l ni of oourtBliip by Uio male,*^ 
to thf birlh >irid niirtnrini: nf the yoiin*;. Alonkr_vi« an 
borrr in RbrMihl ar^ bel[ilr8h h rtmdition aK mir iiwn infants; 
and in Fortain ^i^u^rn thi* youni; diffiir fully ae mnch in 
appcaranf^f* from Ibc adulu, nx do onr ctiildrrn from thrir 
fiill-grdwn parpnrn-'* 11 bih lnvn (if;cfd !jy wimi* vrilfris 
aft an important diet inert ion, that with man tiw youn^ arrive 
at mntuntv at & nmdi later ajfir tliur un.v othor am* 
mal: bill, if «<■ Wk tn Ihr rnri^ nf mankiml wbirh inlmliit 
tropical countnce the diffcrrcnce le not grvnu for tiio omng 
it bcli'^veJ iHii to Ih- adviiL till Ibt ii>;e of fri»m trn tn fiflufm 
yi'nni." Mnn difff^n: from tt-ntnnr: in bi/p, bodily Mr*»ii^h, 
batnn-?^, &c., oe wolt aa in mind, in tlio Mime TimrnLT na do 
the t«-[> SPIOR of innny uinmnuiU, S« Ihirt Llic rorri'j*i»i>ndenrc 
in gt*nvra.] ntnictiiro. in Hio miniitp slnidnre of lh*> (ii«n«j, 
io chemical coinposilion ami in t-oii»Utulion, brftwcren man 
and tlitt hif^hiT nriimaK t^jH-iiiitily tin? Hiilbriipoinorpboua 
apTA, i< oxlffmoly clote. 

•Dr. W. LmuW LirnWr. 'BtHu- 

• WtthrfHfvvtlnjnHr-lHiiHnr-lAY' 

i«ipli.-<»n »IJ«nprat lj*»-if Viul Pi»- 
r1i>llr-lly,- ' llHif*Ji A^Krlfclif>n,' IM'J- 

AmtHrjin 'IntiriiJkJ '>f s.-kiiwn*,' vitV 
t*li. p. N^, hM vFidii ■ t-W iiDffvriiME 
fmm frtLfin ifii*. i1*n«nor 1 t|i»ll 
fWtiLcn to thtA*a1>Jfif<L 

"1 fmvn ffirt^n thfl wftlftico fti ihia 
h*ir[ i»i HTf ' VitrtiiUn nf AnlriiiiU aiiii 
riVilA lirHllT r"lnr»tic-Jiliiin," VnUU. |". 

f«^liD■•hurDATUvlftn:l■rt^^« Primum, 
emir), cul^imtu, t«aii(4i iih]>pi'iii Ml. 
YfUtK. t\iii itlu in llnh'in 7^■**^01^i•^\* 
{Brtilaryit) iD«dk(iii ulmAUum «■!« 

vir Lb FP^U'' alMdrviini^iH CAUtu* #t 
tfl^HV, li'v rijiht 'VirlinA^mit pmhBVttkH 
(^utMltrnv i^uHlfiib lix'i vi, alii c mill- 

l^iTrUh el HrrhHi ni>Tal>KTir iJnm In 

ano^Ditliiiln, [MutuWimu* Cuvinr 

oitiTjiM.Eiifiii f urplm fiohvt IndloMrltrt- 

t/rnmnU lii>minlliiM ft Qn^TuniATiIji 
i-r>fi«irimi{i. NBTmt onjir* i'/r;ftWT>hii- 
liirii qijctHtmii In rurnmiiL iiii-Mc^n 
««[iCHii|ii rtmlnamm •lltiiLapumf %^ nb* 

mtiiiiL Firtmprr c-lif^VuL junLon**, 04 
<l1|jnf>Ai.-fb«( III ULrhlk,ii1*Iv'*^hilnva 



qtorphnij^ g|i<7< |ij tV^lfKi^f Humt-I 

Ui rj!ifii*ni>UBlim AH'I Ihr ■iithriipfv 
IMJI, p, M. 


ciiAA r 


Bmhrifi^nu Dfrthpminl. — Ufa w dcT«lo|iHL (ri^m an 
OTuIe, lUiut tl)i.- ViMh of tn inch in diamdcr witich dilfvr* 
tti nn n*Hjvirt fnmi th«> niriilni '>r ollvr nrimoU. 'Die «m- 
bnrn it*?ti 8t Ji vptj mrlv ponoil can haToty Ixj dtfttinsui*^'^) 
trxnn ifamt of vUifr itirml"TB< of the rrrtcliril*- kinj^dnnr Al 
ih'm iH'Hntl llip iiHrri(<» run in arrli'likp hnm*in^. as i/ to 
curry lUr IjIocmI t<> limnchiir wlitdi orv ni*i |nvtrHl in the 
hi;;lii'r V'.'rUibruU. ihmjgh tlir sltt^ frn thi- ?itt]L?3 of Ui^ nrck 
Mi^l n-niHin (/. g, Gfi. L), tivrking tliL*ir forinrr pocitioil- 
Al 4 vaniMrhiil liilw prh<>d, wImti ihp eitivrnkliM arc do- 
trioprd, "tlw f€*t <»f liunU ami [lumiiiAld." an tlic illiu- 
tnoii8 Voii Bher miiarkv, " Uhi vvinj^ irid fi<<Tt of hirdK, 
DO {«>• Omn Ihu liundt and T'-trt of man, all ansc fruia \hv 
Mn)f fnoilnmi-nUl form.*' ll it. say* PVoif. Iluxle^^." *'nmte 
in thp lal«^T pta^^ of d«vohi|iriM<nt liiat tPio jfoun^ humim 
tnucff prvetiiU iiiartnl diff.Tvncra frooi Ihr votii;^ npr, 
vhilr Ihr IaIUt dejiflrl« it itjutli from ttic do^ in ilfi drvcKrfi- 
nu'nlji^ nc Hip man d<it'«. Slanting' aa Ihfa lad aiatertion 

A* *onif- ft my imiirr* fiiiiy ni'VJT hjvr ***i*n s drewing 
rf Jin embryo, J haT* pven oiio "f mar ird another of a d<^c, 
al about Ihr mroo 4'arly ?<1bu;<> of dtvulo|inicn1, curcfully 
cnpiipd fn^m ivo wwrkn nf undnnbtnl a<t'iiniry.^* 

Afl«r llio f<»rcv'>"niE sUtiJirKints irinde hy siich high ao- 
thoritini. il would \n* ba\jrt(\iitnM tyi\ my i»ttri lo ^-iw a num- 
hpr n! finiTiwt'd jMjiitn, ulirwinj^ llint Ihr rthbryn of nuin 
floet*lv EfatemhUv that '>f otli^r irinnniijilii^ It miy, hf^wpvor, 
b# added, Uui l^r liumari iiiibryo likowU*^ ri'4i'ii]U<:b tf^r- 
tjiin Xrnt fnrnw nh^n iidiAlt in \iititiij» puiiitu of nlrucitiir. 
Ftir ihKttiKy*, thr li^4rt. a( firtl rxiAl^ lu a iimplr pul^nting 
T««"l; Ihi- tjicrela arc vrjid;*(i t]irr>»<rh a clooail pnsM^c; 
anil tht^ sift roi'cyi jijTiiccl-i IJki- ;j triit< lail, *' v-xk'iidiit>^ [^i[S- 
cidrraMv heyond ll>c rwHinimUry It-K*-" " 1" tht? rtn- 
lirt»» of all aird^nathirp TrrtcbmUa, fi^rtain clatidN cnllrd 
Ih* rrtqiom WiilBiiiia, (rorn^i^fHinit nith, and dc-t lik^ tlir 
LHlnoynnf fri'it'jrvfvli««.^' Kr^-n at a lotw embryonic period, 


Thr bwitfi flobrro ■n»>n' 1^1^^ 



4,- <-*-a«j-flvt 4i,j* 4\\A 

} t 

^*v< b*fm oOkC' tttl. I, p. AAA- 

.11..' ■ ■,- .lf«wrft(pi rn h>* 'K.'IiAp- 
'" ■ ! kViraifiu ill * iVn'. 'if ApioT' 

|<. 17. 


Okj^. t 



monlli f««ch iboot the hida vtoj^ of ilpv«]opTit«iit m ia Ji 
taboon yrhvtx »<luH/*'' Tlio j^tmI tiii<. nj^ Pn-r^iwr Uwi.*ti 
nifJArioi," ■■ tt'lii^^h fcirnui Ibr fulcrum wbrn «i>mllitg or 
walking, ri- porhapt llt«» n)o«t <-harAct«n«tic tioctttiarjiv id 
tht buuidi) Btru<1ari':" bul ib in *M)brj<>» *w>ut nn itirh 

p-hortrr ibsn Ibp (n'h<^rs- ond, uiHtflftd of tuning p«r»Ui»l lo 
thtro. ^r>jf'rfO'l dl aki iingte fron tb« »idi.* <if tlit^ fof>t. tliiu 
i-niri wil)j thr* |irrtrMD«^n[ LMLiii(i-iii of TKrn |iiirt 

it* [!■ , ' iTiJUw." L wii! roncfodr «>tb s quot«ti^n from 
Uiivlcy.'' vh^flftrrMkifs^, doMninorifinAtc in a ditfen-Dt 
vrn^y from a <to|£. birO. frog fw Adt? ftaja, " Itie rv^Ay U m>t 
doubtful for i ii>ain«M; vithuut qQCCtioA, Ui« modi- of uh- 

Sn, Am! xhf <^rlT lUe^A of thr drTtlopmrnt of mnn. at^ 
<?Tjti<iil with Th<^i*p of thp animflLf^ immediately M'lU' him 
la the WAk: vtthouT a doubt id Ui«ec Tcvvecu, he u f^ 
&««rtr lo epcft tbnn the npr^ arc to tbo doR. 

Jttn^imr$iU. — Thi» ^ibjrrl. though not intnuKLrnlly mord 
impoftant then thv l%o luM, will for 64*v<?nil n-O-^oim bv 
itvMtud Imtp mnrr- fiillt." Nftt one nf ih*^ hightr nnininU 
can be namrd whiHi dooe not bctar «om<> p«rt id a r;irlimeT>' 
twy coi>dilioD; and nun form* no exception to the rule. 
Bii'limmtary organs rniwt he- <1iMingiiiFihfil from thnw tbnt 
arv nriMvnt: lUoufrb In »<tm^ eate^ tliB diBlinctiun k% not «nsj. 
The fnrrorr ire eitber pbnhitrly u^ekw, siich fi:» the mum- 
m»> nf dihIp i]iEfMlrii[)Hls or tbp inct^rtr UHh -if nirnmAnlif 
ivliK'b nrvt-r eat thtuiif-b the gQina; or they a^.- 'if ^uch 
»1ifhl n-nnce to their frearnt poncMor*. thnt nr run kitinlly 
^Lijipir^r tl *f lhi»y wofp rlMTrlnppri mi*lpr thi> rfin*i<lir>riA whii'h 
now txi*^. Orjjjwfl (u tbie latter *tate orv not BtritlTy nuli- 
pK-ntnry, hut thrr Jirr U'r»rh[i(f in thin clir*Tti»>n, N%x(»cmt 
rirjEHnu, nn the othrr hnr»d, thntcg^h nM fully dpvpli>ji»'r1, are 
of hijfh servie^ to Iheir pofw^^eorR, unrl tire eapehlc of furthor 
ctFvi'Ui|immt^ lludiinert&r^' oriran* drr ctninonily VArinble: 
anil thH k partly inlellijcJhle, m they nrf» ii$e1e»»i, or n<rurly 
u^^lttA, and roD&^q^^'^^'y "'^ "'' lonfrer flnbjcrU^d to n«1i^ral 
■w*1cctiitD, Tbey dftep b<^romc whi>!iY »u(n»fr;a«L Whrn 
thb ownre, Ibey are iieTerthetew liable to occm^ionA] re- 

it«**diii«,' tew. *. n, 

IT jun 

pef, ^rumvirt mdlmenuli Innnlln* 

ISivtri ailiTiiniMr 'Uk:i]ii«iimi vn tliln 
wholi" -iiW.-i, minipr Ihr thiJr **l J>y»' 




■pp?«rflncE^ throu|;b rev^on — a circiim*itftiit'e well worthy 

or alletilioii. 

mctiUrj Ktm to hove been dinit^o at that ^-ioi.1 ul lift* 
whpn the nrgnn is chiefly iipi?d (and This h ^^ojierally diiriiiff 
itjatimly), and nhi> mlittit-uut'O flt n oorn*rt|)t>Hdin;c jicnoi! 
of hit:. Thi^ (rrmn "diiiiwc" doc* no| rr-Utc ini-rcly tu llie 
|pjupn<*il Hrtinik of miifirlp(i, tint inr1ii4li>i a rliminitli^d t1ow 
of Mond to a jiart or orpm, in>m Iximj; ^ul>J(■t*l^d ta U'wcr 
AJtvnmtiojiH *>r |tn-Mun% or finm ImTHnin^' in pny nt^y ]rm 
hMiuMWy *i<1ivf, Ftitdimrnft. hnwrvrr, may ocvmi ix\ tin& 
eox of thow rarti- which art- uunnallv ptr^i'iit in ih'-' other 
eex: aud auni ruilimt'oU, a^ we nhall hrriNii'liT mv, hnvc 
ofUni oriKi""ti*fl in n way drKlinrt from Ihonf* hpre rrfprrpH 
(o. !n M)>nc copcsy orjcarw have been n^ductd by mi^ans of 
nalunil bKltffUoii, fniiii huvinj; bunmte iiijurioNK Ut the Ji|»e- 
cie* iiudtT chflriKt*<-l hiihil* of life. The ftrod-WK at rrducttori 
iH prohnhly often nidrd throiixh the two F>rliic-LplcEi of cnm- 
(itfiiiiaLii^ii aiuJ «tt>uo[jiy of |:ruwlh^ but iht^ lattr bL[i;^f0 of 
n.'duo1irjii. after (UiciUM> hm dono a)l (hat (.'un fairlv ho at- 
tribtitrd to it, ani\ when the wiving tfy btj cfTrdi^d by the 
coonoTriy i»f pnmtb wmild be very njrtall." an- diltlmlt in 
uudi^rnldiid^ The EiiitJ and eompEet^* eiipproaflinit of n pnrt, 
nlrcnHv ii»o1c-mi ntid murli rcdiuM in crui^. in wh:i.'h caso 
netlber coiii|M»n8ation noT fi'^imniv <jni come inl" play, in 
p*rhflp« inlcUifpblc by llie aid af ihp hv[w)fh*Kifi of psutft^m- 
fcift. But fl* thi* whole subjM of ruJimonlary oriions liaa 
bwn diArtidfipd unt] ilhjvlnirrd in uty Fonni-r vi>rk!</* I ut-eJ 
here fav no moro on Ihj» head, 

rhidinirnlH of tnricnTE) muridce have been ob^rtcd in 
manv pmrls of lb<* human UHly:'* and out n few maaclea, 
u-liiL'h nri? rciT'darly preeert in some of the lowi;r animals oan 
occiiniijunlly U' dfii-i'U-iJ in mnii In a i^rcfttly rcitur£*cl <oiidi- 
lion. Kivry onr^ miiKl hiivi^ iioIicimI lie power wbiHi mnny 
snimale, cft|K*cialiv h^rw*, powii«* r»r tnovia^ or twitching 
Ihdr skin; nml idlft is cffeded by the panitiftilnji mrnasui. 
llvniniinU of thi* muflcb in «n rtTloient ft[«Uj arc found in 

" Inline fwnrl ftllTcl^'nn riTi :|i)» 'ij}"- 
je*l liflr« b?i-n fiicn h-w 3At*mi^ Muni^ 
■fill MWm, iti ■ Tr»riJ*pt_ 7nrptfi|f rtrto.' 
INIO, ynl. vii. JLllt. 

»'' Vtr(«il''l!i<>^ Animal* ■ri'l I*]iinl* 

iihI B{»7. fit* aIw IMklu uF>i|it-'l'«k^ 
» Far Wuricj\ M. Uirlifin) t-^n- 

Ki*!iy. lftS3.i.p»i.jiviii,iv n'iii».-nhftii 

lliD " iiiiupk pritlrui (111 li iimm.* 

m"n\ prfil" ^iKiftinT iriiiJ»i'lo, I'lUod 
" klimil] |n™l^ricMi/ifi|;^'FiiTfillji]tlitj 

«Wfii In ihi' Immi, l^ut P^T""'* ■*"" 
tltfie Id tLma in i man vr ]«» rwir 
mvnUoj cundilioira- 


CmAW. 1 



fMrtna* jiirU ol mit lri<div#; for iosUiKv* the mcacle nn thn 
Tofi^hiiilr bj vKU'b lhi> tyirtirowH arc ntitfc^]. Thi< f>{aiifrinn 

fyntein. Trt^i. T^invr, ^^f l-ldmUirizh, lisc (ui-«Mr>iisll)- li^- 
tiTctnip w he inSorms oie, muKiilar Iwi^iculi in nve ililferenl 

-aitoalionr, lumt^'r in iht' nxillo-. ni^r Ihv di^apuljr, Sec, all 
of wblch nitiHt Jn* r^frrri'*! tn li»r trjiit m cif Uk* pinniVu^MM. 
tie htB flbo ahi-wii " Ihai lb# mur^n/ifji ^tffyialif t-r WtniLT^ji 

naiiit, but 111 HnM-ly flUiiHl Xti ihe /nnjiirW^f^, <K^iLrn-i] in IIm» 

fro]jorlJ<in c>f aIkiqI tlirt*^ |icr cctil. iti U|maril of IJUO boJiA;: 
I- nJtk ihnt ih.:a taueciv aJIurd* "an rtCLiienl itliL^trati'^D 
of thr ulAlnfnc^il 1li«t ormstociul aoil fudiirFntdn ^IniHurva 
an wpc^iaUj iinUo 1o variation in amui^nwrt/' 

Supiv f«iv |f«r»oik» hut<^ lli« power of Ti>ntr»cliB^ Uie 
iup^ladal mncrle« <>a Ihcir «^i1|)a: And Xhet^ muHclp« tire 
in A ritmblc And pirtinMy nidimcnlMrj coitditioii. M, A. 
d«9 Catiilulle Ii' - ' ' MJtiiU^ to I114T a curious iivtiner of 

thb )4Mij(-ooiitjj, (<'ti<.'i> or {nhi>Htaii<« of this jKmi>r, 

n,H vtll Eix of it> iiittijuuL diMcli^pmciLt, Mr Liui^ki^ u JumilVt 
in whii'b t'lw TiKiTitxT, t+»" |M>'wfit hfiid "if lb*- faniilj, cuhM, 
whi'B A y<>(ith, |HEch Aevenl h^;ivy books from Iiip hoa'l by 
tbic m<>vrnti-'nl nf the ticAt|i nliaa^; and Ji^ non vrnt:t-ra by 

f^rfij ruling Ibi* fml, HU fntbnr, mictc, gTHiidrmluT* and 
Lfi llin^ chiMri?fi i>c««i>«tt Ib^ Mame power Ut tbt- «amu an- 
Udujil dcf>rw. 'Dub family b<^-aitii: dividi^l uiifltt fp^<'ii' 
tiuDu tfgi) in1» l«n t>niiif'biTt: h> thnt tlif h\-ai\ i>f ib^ nlkovp- 
vi«ntiOKivd bnticli if cotirijn in the prT«-nlh lii-^-rvo ti> the 
iHsd of th« oilier bmnoti. TliU <)iHUnt cnu^n r^mitc* in 
l^oot^i'-r |i»l uf PniiLiT; iind on Uin^j ^i^lct*!! whi^tlkfr h? 
tiM naiJn* fAcully^ iiTjmihliaii'h' cxhibjti^<.l hia p^jwor. 
CUK offers » tcoivd iliu^tntuiu how firTnixIriil may Ih; 
th*- truhMi;!^ ,rni rif m HlfHiluh-tv iiM-loHH f^iralty, pro^iaMy 
d^riiu] fr<*in our r^mnt* w^mi-hnnuin proijoiiilori; *incfl 
mdny iii(^kc>> havo, and freo fitful I ij utv tbt- fjinr*^r. of lttr)^ly 
mutWi^ lli«<ir ■■cdljiiL up ami iIoH-n.'' 

T1i« tfxlrinnic muM^kii vhiHi ^rve to movf* tbo external 
ur, and tiicintriivic mu^ck-?^ which rnr:»vt iht- dilTt-n'ril parts, 
>rr in a radlntentJtry c>>iiditL>>n in man. untl they all b*«lon|;^ 
|*> til* flystFTri of Ibi* panniru/ufi: Ihry nrr oliw) \nriaT4r ia 
'd^rdopnMDl. r-r At Ice*l in fiinctior. [ Iiav^ ncc-n one lo/in 
v}uj ct^tibl drav |)i« wkulu «Hr fonrardfl: other men ran 

« FVf ir TDfUT, ■!■■« 1JC0«4] li'ui. te Uku «ud AAliPfU; 3m, » 

* Sw aijr *XKT*Hii#Q t# li4 &h- 


(E«lh«r «lrli xhv vAnviii* fi>M» ami |j 
anti-Jifrhx, tra^ui and an1i-traf-iH. &c.t 
amtnib vtri-ntrlHi-n ami Aiipimrt Ihr ntt 

poev ttiat ttio ooftilti^'i> of Ih^ ?]i«tl ii-ryft 
lioii» li> tht n<-onniic niTvei bul Mr To>| 
Ipc'itnjc nil H"" kimrtu vviilriK^i* on thin In- 
lh(> rvt^mn] jhi^ll ifi fif no {liMinc^ ijm* 
L^himiwEizFi- liUii oian*,' fir* curioiislv lik^ IJ 
Ih*^ [m>ptr miucfi'd Nre liLi<wt«> but ven 
o^t^d^^" 1 am nUfl iiMurf<l by the keeper* 
OarJetiH tlint fjit»e arLitiiulA newr mm« or 
■Q tliut ili*-y trv 111 iQ (NfuuUv nidimcrktuTJ 
iUoft" <4 mail, u» far a^ fiimlioD tn oonccm 
HrjiitiriU, iiH vti^ll Its l}ir |irop*[ii1^irA of niHD. I 
Uir |M»w<?r of crM'lin>f linir oar*, vn' rnn notl 
llioii^lt I am ro( «ittpnt<f) ullli lliin vlew^ 

txpufcij to ddn^M", and 90 iluhtiic 11 liMifcthcol 
Ibi-ir oirv but little, and Ihuft graiiii«llj/ loi 
mnTing (hem. Thh voiiM be n fiarallel d 
thofct laniL* Ani} licnvy biH*, which* from ia| 

inldtnK iiAVr not bfVD rK|kOAri1 t<i tliiT ilUci 
prpy, nrni hnv<* riiiiAiv|ii(^IIv lost tho powoj 
[vjnff? for tii^-ht, Tin- itiitiiEily to move IhcJ 
ivtrol a)»n* j». hciirrvi»r, (intlly rorajioi] 
:illi ivhid'k tWu run 


Cur. I. 



niJiiTicnt of il in foiinil in Iht* fTctriUs;"*' an-]. a« I bear 
from rnif, I^n^yrt, it v it^jt r«rclv ali»^iil in Uk ni>i^nx 

Thr i><ii'l*nit<-l A'u||>t'ir, Mr- Wi>'^lrH'r, iitfon&i iw of 
(jDt JiiiU- i-H* utiunlir in iIk' p.^lrrnuL t-ar, uliidi lit ltii» ofUii 
fklovrrrd b»tlt in iih-ji mitl w[>iQt<i^ awl *>( wlili-h lip pt^rcphvirl 
th« Enlt AjiniBrflrirf- Hit tttvitlHin m^f Rrvt caU^ to Itiv 
subjv^t whiUl «l work oD bU fiinire <>f Puck, tii wliKti hv 
hit*} ^fiiTu itoiiilml cara* Hh uhh thiiH Uil tn L>xjiiuiTiit %hp 
<iur> t>f viiriouj lDotlk^M'r. aniJ v>iiIih'' 
qurnll.f iKiiur ciirrftilly lHi>^' of nmii. 
Till- ^ii?vtiliiril> n>tf*isl^ Jif 4 liEile 
bluTit jMJiaE. nrfijociiij^ frnm Un* m- 
Vdnilyf-^lln! marinn.or Wii. Wluii 
|>rf'H'ni. il i^ fti-i >-|it[HHl at tiirlli, ntid, 
uc'eorOifti* to Vnti- Ijudwi^ il^T^ff 
mon- rivqucntlj in [itAii 
trdanan. Mr. W'iHt1ii«r ijutk- 
nu^d of on> vuch rdiM;, aod 
tbr nreompAnyinL' 'Inwipj;. 
TliiSt^ jWdU iiol finly I'rojorf iniinntfl 

ofli'fi n lidlc iiL. iih iU )ii>]D«, 

60 ft^ (u U> Tt-i II ih^ lu'fii] n 

*iciri-d rnim dirvctly in fr»i(il «r ^c- 
binil. Thi^y an- laniiliK* in *ijf, anj wiinrwliat in jmsilion, 
[•tiicdinj^ vtlhvf a liltln hif;lu-r or low^f : and thv-y iii^dK't>iiie» 
(H^cnr fin one itiir aiii] iiot nn tla- clhtr. Tliey are »<rt ^(jrifirii-i] 
to mankim], Utr 1 (k>Mf*rviMl n ffliv in onn of IIih KpiiUr- 
wi-'iiV^}** (/l/fW f¥ft:tfriith) in our //HiVn^-ioal (JatiiloDSL an^ 
%1r, I'!, ItikT I^cik'-Atcr wU^mirt mi.- of aM>tlii-r <iiw in a rhim- 
|iArmv ill l\:v j^nrd^'w 9I Ifnitiburg. Tin* hidii (klivin»Kly 
ennpitia of the ♦xtTCfue nmrtrin of thf car folded inwsnlfi; 
jitid lliii f-ildiiu* flipi-ar? lu ljr lu *(>mtf itMiliifr n*mitH.-ted 
with thp uhoK- rxtrrnnl f»r Ni-iiijc |irnTwiLriiily iifi-w^vl hiM'k- 
vnrde- In many m^wk^y^ whirh do noi flarirf bi^h in the 
ufioT, •» IjuIhiak Aod i'nite ttp^t-Ite of macacuft." tie upfAT 
[joi'iitin of tbr mr it MliRhtly iioinied. iind iht* itiHr^in \tt not 
dI jtll ft^ldcH mwnrds: Iwl if the mnr^n wera I0 lu- thui 
fuMrd, a sli^liE poiul litiuld Utft.-^NUiri]) fircjeet imtfLnfs to* 
-lift tUfi i^iilr^^ ami [iruUildy u liitl4> ouiwnrtU friini the 
ilan? r>f tl>r (Ht: iird thin t Mri^v^f to bt^ tht^ir (iri^in in 
man; «»«, f)n Ihe «(lier lianJ, Pruf. L, Ucycr, in an Mc 

M »i- — »; ^.*. Ilitfirt, -KlrifHrk' in ll«wr« Wiim. anJ MitttX't «Ptl- 


|jai|>cr rvccniL; pubbaJied,^' nminUiDi^ that ihd vholo tmo 
LB line of mi'H' mrijiiilit^: urn) ihiiC thr pm^liopH orv oo4 
ri4l oii&». but fire Hnt> in th^* inicrfml ivniU^^ on i<ii<-h flila 
q( the ptiiuL** riut liiivinii; t>tvn fvilly dcTcioi>rd, 1 am quito 
Tf^aily ht ndiiiit tliHt tUi» i* llie L-nrrrrl MjiUuBliuu iti muik.T 
luetAUoea, £t» in tltotc figured bv Trof. Me5«f, iu ulitch 
thLTc art »v«ra1 miiiuti^ |x>ini>^ or th^^ vrhol^ ni>rji:»i ii 
sinuimK, I Iljiti- iii\M-lf WL'ti. tliiuu^'h [he kiutineM vf Dr. 
L. [>own, the <«r ctt a inicnK^pbalovui iilioi, mi nhi^h ihere 
b m projtfcliuii uii tlie ouudd^ of the helix, and »ot on the 
innanl fcldod t^df^ir, •» II14I Lhir4 poinl (sn have no Mnlion to 
a former n[vx of Ibo t*r. NLnt-rtUrk'iM in Bouie ««»«$. my 
ongiMl ^itv. that ttio potnb^ otv v<^i'iffC9 of the lipn of for- 
merly tfnvt jiiid iiuLiiEm t-iin<. Httll «eeni8 tr> nii? [rriilrflhhv I 
think *t} Irora liii? frvqin-nty of thmr occurivntv. an>1 from 
the ^cn^ffl] otrrf>|>f>lidc:ici^ in ptMition willi thni of Ihr hp 
of a poiiMFil oar. \i\ i)TiP oa^^t*, of u'hirh n (thi^ittt^tph hcut 
btvn t^ni iiii'> th<.< pnijt>i.'tiou in ou Ijir^e, thai «ui>i>OAiiig, in 
accorr!nncp wilh \*Tof. Mfvcr's xicw, thr *-nr to be made |>er- 
fe;?t hy Ihi? ei^iiial di'wiopmeitt n( thf> ^nrlilii^ Ihroujfhoiil 

mti»d to tni^. our in North AiriL^nrn. iind 1hi^ ollirr in Hug* 
lindt in whUh thti iim-ct inwjrin it n<-T at all foMi*il in^'anJe, 
but lA puiuted. flo thftt it tUwel/ n.'wmb)tfl the puiiited ear 
of uti ordiDHry 4|i]iidni[ii'i1 in ontlintt. In ckiii* of Ihr^r <-iim«. 
vrhirh na:i thai of n youii); HidrS, the father ojuipart^d th<? 
ear nJth the drawtni^ vhich I hnre gt\rn " jf thf oar of a 
monkey, the C^jiitpifh/t^iin ifi(f^i\ and My* thai Ihi'ii oulliiiea 
atv^ cIoMly sLijiilur- If. m llieiv two rtisrJ, thr iiini^ni hud 
been fohlcd itiwardpn hi the iiinniu] tiiaiiror. an iiiuaid |jro- 
j^ion fnti«t bnvp }>p*»n fnnii*?ri. I may add thul in two 
ottier caeca the outhue atill remainti vomcwhnt jioinlvd* al- 
though till? margin of thi- uprer [lurl nf {he f:ir w nonnnlly 
fnldrd ifiwnrdM — in nut* t\1 them, howtver, very niirrowly. 
The folli^Aini: woodi^ut {Nu^ 3) ia aa nucurate copv nf u 
pholiMEra|jh of ihif fir(u5 of nii oriin^ (kindly M-iit iiir hy 
Dr. Sitsifht'), in lA'hirh it may lu^ nfi^n how (tUTt^rcnt the 
pointed nvitlrne of 1I10 (?ikr it' at Ihi^ iHTjud rii^iii jt^i iididl 
condition. wh«n it Ih'/iib h vlmv pjii-r-il rc?si-ndi!nnii< i'i thnt 
of mar, If U i>vidi*nt t)mt Uw f^jldin^ owr of the lip t>f 
nidi au car, unlcm tt chanx''<l jzn«tly ilunng itH fuiihtir 


HO ■ 

s whole 4'Xt^iiL cf tho mar^n, it would have on^vered fntt^ 
u-third of the nho]v ear. T«'u caws liuve b«n ixniunuui- 



Cfl«r. L 



Un thr whoW. ii utill ptccmn to mt probftbJc that lie podaU 
in ijLit^lLoo arr in M<ttii4> r»>et^ Ixillt io man ami AitM^ tMtligw 

The nklitatin^ nicmbmii-, or third rynlld, with itM ac- 
cf«vinry mrn^lf^ hikI cithpr Klnidurni, is r^pri^inUr wpU ile- 
vvloped in IfirdB, aii<l if^ of much foiicti<>uAl iiiit>orUBi>« to 
Ukui, tf it vau U- iii|mil,v <lTu«m acre™ llw^ tirli{>1v ej^WL 
lit u fotinU ii) Miaiff rr-|aiii<i( ii>c1 Aniiihibisnji, nut] in rvrtajn 
ifialM^, aa m «luirhji. It U UiHv w^ll d^relopod in ikn* (vo 
]i>iitr Ji'itiioriA of llio Hmtsitmliiui wtivH. luimeh, in ilu- 
^uioiHiin-tuvtn iniJ tnonutitaEt. ami iu «oinc Nw of t'h» higher 

iiBftJ», A* in th« valrtia. But in mtixt, tho qufldminfiiia. 

id ntoet othv RUicnmfll^, ii <'\ii;t», cui tf iidmiltcd by all 

latoniMtf* M» « viei« rudimeDt, callod the eejEtilimar Md." 

Tbe tfUM* at BBiell ii4 of the Uik^kmI iinpcirdimt' lo the 

^mvtiT numbvr of moiitiRfllJi — (o Bor^(^ bb ihri nimiiinntfi, 

IE) ttNrnii>£! ihfttx of du)g«r; to otbei?, aa the laniiv^ira. in 

Dn<lrii>> lh*ir prey; to ofhrrn, Ji;niin> ii* iIk- wild Umr, tar 

i>lh iruipofn romMncd. Biil tho ticn^v of fitipII ia of px- 

ixviOKly HUthl (ejflce,it »nj4 «i<itn lo tlie dark coluureO racea 

0.'Skfcin«plauU4>^<tA. ii.p.t1i; 

lii. h fM»; IbbI, m tl« WbI^k < l-nir. 
tiHWft*o'KufakWraih.)e5i «» 
■bo E Kb«/ (ln«l AniMtalil Anal- 


PiiClii ii «oNkeiih*l Uitrrf in ^1V^<■*4 
■111! AuA^ral^aii* Ihiin in KurvbeiuiB, 


<if men, in ffhom it i*" mi:<1i morr lii^^hlv iic'vi^lopwl Umn id 
thi." white «ud civiliwd raore." NL-verlliL-K-ih tl *loe* not 
unrit rheiii of iIhte^it. luir ^iiiJc iKt^iti to jlK*ir fnoil; nor 
i\aea il prtvciil tkt' KA<]uimnux from jjlncping iii Ihc rnopt 
it-M ntmoftjihcTC, nor mflny wivn^ra frvni chIIii^ Imlf-f^utjiJ 
ni^nt, Tn Knrniipflnn ihf [lov^r "iillers ijrivatly in clifl"*.TiTnt 
induiduatf. tl^ I am Ufuuri'il by uu <.'riitiiL'TiL im turn lift vim 
|joiWp,vH'* I]iis M-Tiftf highly riovrlopnl, nnii who hHS att^'mlwl 
to Hh' snhjrd, Thojir wlin hrlipvp in ihi' phnoiplo of ^TarU 
lltl OToKilior. will not rofldily admit tliut Ui^ siiim^ «f Binrll 
in iU |iiT':<L'iit [itulL? w'tiA urigiiiJiUy MCijuinH] hy nicin, hh he 
nnw t'^ivU. flu irihiTJta Wiv p»wer in nn (^nfi'i'hlod and m 
fflt ni<liincn1flrv comlilion, from simw i^flHy pro^i'iiilor, li> 
u'liuiii it viait highly fiLTvioetblp, ami liy vliom it x\n* tMii- 
linuiilly \tt^iM]. In llimic* niiimal* u-hich hrtvr ilii^ sftiiw liighly 
dcviih>]»(:fl, snHi [kfl (log? nnd horftcfl. ihc nxol I action of pi?r- 
fton4 mid i^f pki'i>ii ifi atxiu^ly A-'<!»u<.'i^lL'(1 vxiilj Llu'ir uduur; 
and wo f'an 1Iiuk itorliapA iinth'rcuuct hiut ii iv. av 1>r. 
Mumlflk^y litv truly rtrmnrk<*ih'^' Ihnt thy* Jionp<^ of Mncll in 
ninn '* i* Rin>nilorly ciTcclive in rooalliiig vividly the ideAB 
«iid iinAgt>a «f forgotten ecen<'« and plaoea/' 

Man diffora oi>Hfli<i(^utiUBly frouj nil tfie other Primatcfi 
Jn hniig iilnioAt iijilvt'ch Hill b frw iihort Mni^'^dirig hatrc 
sw» found ov(»r thr grvntpr part nf Ihe body in Iho man» 
and Tno doun nu that of tlif* U'umar- TFii:! dilTcrcnt racvti 
dilTrr tiLiU'h in h.-iiritu-Fv: micl Iil the individiuiU of Elic ajiiniT 
rnt'p rhw Imin nri' lii^lily vnriuhlj*, not ouXy [n nhntidnnw, 
but lilsewlflc in position: ihup in pomo Kunwonp lliv *<li«ul- 
(Itrni arc t[Uili.' liitlcL-d. ^^hilht tii ullii'm llicy lirur llirck lufiH 
of hair.'" Thcrc^ cun \n- liulu douhl thit lh»* \mr^ iIhik 
BCftHi^rrd <*vor fhr body nrr thj* ruHiiTirntfl of the oniforni 
liniry t^iit uf Ihir luwtrr auiiiiAlt. ThJ» \icw it iMud(>jvd alt 
tho more* tircitxiblu, am i1 la kaown that ib^o, ihorl, and t^jiU* 
coloured noiiY on thr liiiih9< iind other pnrt-i of Ihr hody, 
ucfiijiiiinAlly hor-mno devehip'-d into "lhj(*k*H, hiiig. ant\ 

■iTh« ft.K«um. Eifrfin hy ]l\nv\-*AAt 
uf lliv |*jwiir ot wiii'll ii.i**ishh| b* 
lli0 njLti**" of ^}4ll; Ara'^K'v it ti*il 

titlmm- M, llnLiiiiiu rfimliv *iif l» 
FmruUi'* H"iJL<ili''\'<l'4'MUiin, v 1*iT3» n 
Vlf •nh'Tta tli«t Ike npaiLiMlr niiJe 
fjiprrlinvnu. aikE pra%«i>t thul fCfffrw* 

in l*<ii Jftrli li> (heir 'xUurf Vt- W 
llf Id hi* nudL- *amv ourtniin b>>tavTVft 
Uov* on Uh' t'jjrtnh^iiifi rri^ltfwn ibr 

Cvrr af Hn^kL fiJ ittP fdltivnn^ nml- 

c>rt|ii? liuily. J IkBxr. l!jvrFfurtMtH>krn 
id Oik icur of Uir^ ^IdtTi fiJnkuri^l raiv* 
litvinf b Hn*^ n-piin fil" ■i[L^1l liidO ih* 

nrUici.L'Ifriil »m I^HH, i> 114 

■ K^:l>rij*hl,t<'l'i'tirir. KirliiiriiB Jur 
liiuiv *«i iiit'n>4'Mi»'4i'n K/ippnT/Uhl 
Inr'pi An-liiv fiir Anil, umi Hiyfc' 
1NTT. It- 47- I'-KnJl 4t^i' t'n'-'' U*ti^l 
b.1 iLi* *uFj *.-\irtiiu* p«p<r 






f(int«p ihrk luiir«." vhen aboonnalljr nourialiiMl near 
iiklMtUndirx tiifliiiBiHt Hiirroi*.-*."* 

1 am inforcicil Uy hir Juiih« F)m<4 that oftcti Mtcrtl 
bJi^uiUri* i>r ■ rimih Jidti> fl firu luJis iu ttieir «iretirviiri^ 
■nic^oh Utftger Ihso tli^ oilimi: mi th^l ^vcti llib vIi^IlI ptf^iil- 
■inritT Mrm* lo b^ inhi-rik-ti, Th™* liain, too, w^tn to havo 
1^ ' ' : ' . for in Ihc rhimiianfirp ahi) in tTrtoia 

u j-.-^iUt: Iruu t^K' uuk.-iJ ■■ki:i iiUnt- lla- oyce, ami <or- 

hntry «ov«ring of llw m|wrriliiry rif^gsu ia i^oiw hu- 

Thi- Uni- ucioMiki' hnir, or Mi-uilltJ b[}U)rn> with vhk'h 
Iho liatiian UitiKtf tluung Ihi^ ^cth nvytiXh u llit<^klv 4^trrrix!, 
lofTu^ a niort curious cub(% It U lint deido^-rJ. <Ii.irin^ the 
Bflli umntli, ciD llir ■■ti'brovks Btiil Wv, mid nfrjvtmlK hjuiiO 
tJ)» ciioiith, «biirp it iv mtidi Jonifor than thai nti ihu hvni\. 
A nM/iietttcho i>r t}ii« kind wm olecn^^^ by K^chrkhl " on 
ji fnmir Tu-Iia: liiil Uiix is timl M> viij-priBiiif a i'jii-uTK?tjiiiv 
a» it iiLiy »l fifit n|}ptiir, for ih** two sfxi* (riTi^mUy riTW»iii- 
LEf rjdi <4lirr Ju nil eilrri^al cfinrarU'r* iJuriTi*; nri caily 

IientiJ of imruih Thv i]ir<^iii>rk nml vrrnfi^-'irK-nc rjf lliv 
\airt 4^11 all pirU -^f Thi? f<i tul ho'^iy nrv tlie cuitiH- ux in tbo 
xLih, I'll! nrp Hulijpct t<» muHi vamMlity, Thi? wliulr lur- 
ficr. iiul'jdin^ vwd llif rurt'lii-ml atiJ t^r^. Ik lliut^ llilikly 
cktIiW; ttuL it 11 a fti;niificnnt fact tlmt the t^flliiu of the 
hsiuU and the iok« of the fict nrr tjuitc nnK(.<iJ, Like the 
Inferior Hiirfw^w of all frwr extrcnuiii*? in mnai of Ihi^ lower 
■ mmalB. Aa lli»fi <An harJIr tw an acciiiiuUl <.iii:4'Mltiioi% 
!)«.> u'u>Uy «irrriujc of the fcstna probably rc-inn^wiit* the 
' -im-tit i^iiil nf hnir in thwe tiiAmmaTd w)iii?li ar« 
11^'. Thr«^ or foxir oui-^ hav^ b^on rcr^rdvd uf pt^r- 
a-fiif lK-r(] i*jlh thtir uliuli' IhhIh* mt*^ fim-* tliic'kly toi- 
criM niih flrir Innjf liain:; tin<1 this tlraii^« ci>T)ditii^n is 
I«ir<-itjj7ty ifib<*nt(Kli ami U corretnlcd wiUb an abnoruijil cim- 
ilrliritv i>f tlic tiYtIt/' Pnif. Wvx. HrnD^t ioromtsi iti4* thut 
he \ia» mtnpah*il llir luir frnm the fucf* of ii ninn thus char- 
ftrtrriiUMl, tififd ilxmy-^T'?, with tlie laikn^u of a fuHun. and 
Jludfi it <|Lil« f^iuiilax in lenlure: tbt*n?f"iriv av hi- ri'iiwck*, 
lh*» r^w mny T«> attrfbiiltHl to un nrrp.;! of rl^-flli^pmi'nt in 
tht hjiir, tojrcihpr willi its ci>ntiniied irrualh. SJnuv deli- 

«> Piwrt ■ iMlvn on Sfit|r>r«l IV 


. r Anijnl- 

il f. W7- iVnf A to*. Brtntll hm f 

tatX*t it-^ Kia. Ix^rti iu Ku>MD,niih| 
lhn> f4«i|lkriijii«. 1 hiva nnifnl 

"and onn^'; nnd tnpy rii 
EitU' uii^a, liit^y do nut lut Ihrou^li lli] 
LliL- »vf<nlrr]ttl] jnir, ninl I liHvr Im'i'Ii nttst 
Pitiuh nic>r« lidljlLt to dJTuy, anfl niv 4ij:rLl 
other li^dli; liul \W\h h Uiiiictl l>y M^me 
Th<?y nn* rt[»o riiiirli irjurt- liiil>lr tn v*iry, 
ami in %ho pcnoii of tln'ir ili^-vHopraoTitJ 
tvoth/* In tht Mekaiun ruL^n. o» lliir 
itifldum-t«»t*1h ntv uwiiully furriinla-il witFil 
Ftnga, ftnd arc generally «ound; thny also 
other mcjlar* in &ue» lew rhau in llit- Ci 
Vrtd. Si-h.iJitTkui»<r'ii lu'cfiunt* f«r Ihi* dil 
tilt* roc« bj " tJif p<i6tcrir»r dniliil f>f»rti*>n o 
ahiJijH sliurti'jK'd ' in Uump (Iml nn- rivilii 
»hort«ii]ng niuy, I prcfiiTnt-, W iittnljurnd li 
habitiieJly f««!ini; on soft, tDokt-J f»od. nuJ t 
jflw's lr», I jitTi infunuiil hy Mr Brwcr thai 
cjuitw El cODimon ^irairUce in thf> Ftiit^d St 
wiiic of l]ic muliir tLvth uf cbilUr^ii. aa lUi 
i^Tim ]nriii> irpough for Uiv pvrf^cH dt^vt'lrtpmi 

With ri'rtprcl fn ihc nlimriitnry i^nimK l 
nil [if'fjium *5f iwlv fl singli" ni^liniPiit, n.impfy 
flpf.iC'TiJit^ iif t)LO oa'cuiii. Tlu.' co-'cum i& a 
rrrtiriilum of ih<' infpilim', i-iidiug in n ni 
extrem*lv lonp in many of Ih^ lower vi'pcUhli 
ma.]*. Tn tht^ manuplal k<m1a il b acltulty m 
i9a long HA Ihp vlirlp ImwIj." 1( is H>[iit*tiina 
1ft long gnduaJk-tap^ric;- poirt, and ifl t 


Cup. L 



•tnctcd in jmris II apfoaK u if, in (y)nKqiii>Dro of cftiui£ft1 
dtct or lubiU. IK4> <iiv»ib hml fvrcufiif inui:b #hoiienrtl in 
nrioitK an»nwls iAii> vi?Trnifrinn a |ipi>fir1jtpf bring kft aa a 
nHttTiM*iit of Uk" 8horli?ii«<i purl. 'Hutl th» npiwadii^ u 
* rudimrrt, ttr niaj iiifrr from iU fnijill ^rji^, and fnon Ibi- 
FV)rVi>ri* whirh I'mf, r»npurini ■' hftt <yfll*^io<l ty( iu tmrift- 
KitifT in iii4n- ll ift ort^jjioflttlly quite flWnl, or ^i^in i« 
lirv^'lv dcveldpeJ. The i-dEbnjci- i* eu)fiiHilDi» completely 
rlr*«( frir ImH f>T t»fi.thmU ftf its IpOi'th, »iih ilio rortiiiiml 
|>flTl confishn^ Qf A flflttcivcd f<»lirl ^xiwn^Hri^D. In tli« oriD£ 
ihid apiJctid^ce u Ion;; mul crrn^oludxl: in iiuin it at'tAi^ fnwt 
IhiT ma at the Abort cn-cum, and U cammonly from f^ur Vi 
liTi* inches in IcOffUi, f>riiv only about the third of an inch 
id (liaii>et«f< \ut unly in it ufirlm, \mi it Ia Mintftimtv tlie 
t«u»« of d«4lh, of which fart I Iinrr UlHy ftrard two in- 
fdiocfv: this H diK^ to Fmnfl lt«rtl b»dii^?^> piuIi as eccds. cn- 
tn-ing the pWH^. Hiid rM[i.<(iii^' i[itfniiiiiMLi<m.*' 

Ill «cino of ttii* h)ntvT Qiudrunuinji, in 1h« LfMnuririJD 
nnd ("omiviin, n^ urll an in niADT mnr^upiitls, Jhcrc »* a pn*- 
«iA^- iw*r lli»* Imwi't vin\ "f tlif* liiiiiu'iHT-, i-alltd ih?" Nti|ij«^ 
('indyloid r'>rnmrii. Ihrct(i;-h nhn'ii Ihe pmil m^r^ of lh« 
forr Umb 0nd often iht icivat ■rt4>ry !>««, Now itt the 
Ijuini-rm of inen. lli«-ic is ^mmlh' i tra<-p of this psnsii^, 
vliidi i< wtrn^^imn fairly urll d^colojiod, Mnx. formed by a 
tlvprMin^ lux^k-likc Tiri^:o«j« of Ifonc, compkrM br n lion*i oF 
1i^iii4-n1. I>r Striilti*'n4,'^ ulio hu^ i'hi4i>1v nllcnuli^d ti> the 
tuKjrvt. Iitfs r<*»r fihrwn thul thiw T'^'t'uh*nty t* Honiot j nieu in 
brnti<d,A< it hnh r<ti]frrd in n fnthf<r,nnd in n^ Irii^ tb^ri four 
onl of hi* pi*Trf»ri i-blV^r^'T| W^ht prffcrni, thf jm*Ht nfrvn 
tntarahly t^ffws through if^ atirl lliijii deuriy iikIkuIis that 
it i» the hoiiiolofriic an^ fudiinent *>f Ihc supm-^^ondylriid 
fojvmon of th* Iw^r nninials. Prof. Tumir rt^tjniHii^, rnt 
h« inforiM m^, thai it occurs in alonl one per cent, of 
mcT-nl rkpli-toirfv Hut if thfr nt^cMnimml dcvtlu^iiiciit of lliia 
tiructun? in man U, as w^mf prohsiMt*, dui^ to rp-vf>r«ion, it 
i^ a rclunt to a Tcry unj irnt Btatc of tilings, hoca^iso in tho 
hi^hrr Qiavdntmana it ih aItm rl. 

•• I ipii rnTiroK*!, nixi llif Ai^t Dnnto- 
ihWi Ahn ilrvv Ji1I'iTi(i"n U- Xh\fi \itru\- 
1*1 *lri)Hii<r \n ihdh; h^ bii ^ Cf^l 

■Ifi tri Inithwipni w-t'tv'tt tfli iJiifl pro- 
cw l-y Pr (iTul^r^Jn tht -Bullpen 
il4 t'AiHil tTrif' 'k Si. P^U-RtUuiirL'.* 

'»ilc^cTi>rl in th« 'CimoUdr^ du Sot 
(irrtli> (if OrtTiny, fhc t^'ntt'iiTt of wj 
Bn>nT' ppTioi!, ak numv tif* t-i^hl tiu] 
were pcrforalt^d; but this cilnioi 
Ihinkti. mi[;lii hi' liue lo the cuv»^rn 
'fnmilv mult/ Aj^ni, H. Dupcmt 
of ppr^onitfd hon<* in ihc <Tttvcn of tli 
Ifelrmgtiif: iti (W Rriiulwr iicnodi w1 
*orl of titflrtti/t At Arifc^louif, obaenrpf! 
tfl bo prrfirntcd; *nd M. I'mncr-Hvj 
fvni. in tlu' »<iriir* lYiridjIinn in buntv 
should \i be Ml unriolicofl thai M, V 
IHw rnndihon if cf-mmnn in iJujinobe 
inrm'^liii^' f»rt lh«i nrinftit rim-ii, in 
Pises mow freqiierlly pr^ippnt pinion 
lh<-it(> -jf Iht* lower amowlei tliau do tbe 
iiiuw <ti-nui \i\ W ihnt tb<' iirni-nt ni 
nctirrr in the bug line oi doec«nt to 1 
lilcf progvnitom. 1 

Id niHfi. thv oM 4HM-eyic, 1of*olhcr will 
bnc htn?afUr to he rfo«cnbcr), Ihoi^b I 
phiiify ri-[>re»<'hl ibiA jr^rl Id Mur vtf 
an p»rly i>iiili?}onir f>criod it ii fret, » 
lUc lonif cxtrrmitirt: *■ rnur )m* *prn * 
L) iif A hLiirkJiii f-itilino. K\i'ii lifter hirl 
in oiBnaia rare and anomaloiu ctAts.", 

naO- Siu* lAIT. b 110.. 


CiMtk L 




t^ffiMl rudiment nf n toil. T\w os rocn-x in rfiori, iimullr 
i»i.-tv(linj> i>»lj four vert«brv. all nnchyinonl tti^pthfT: anil 
tJws*? >n> in * mrliPTeniirv roorlitvvn. Im thpj consvt, witb, 
th«^ii*'-p1iori "f th4' hnnil oni*, of th"^ rent rum ai*>n<H" Th< 

Jir** fiirtii4i«d vritfl »»iic btrukll lUiiFtrln; ctnr c>f irliif*?i, hi 

1)\ 'nif»|y M Q rudim*-nUn' rrpotHion of tin: cxti-nMir of 
|Im< Util. « iiiiuck which is tut Ur^v\y 4l«veiv|HM] in 

llii' fr|iitiAl cjivl ill DUin rxtfntb only t» fir Hownwai 
At Ihi- liifl flninHtl ir Cni lumbar wrtHnn; hnl n Ihrmr}-!)] 
viruritim (Ihn /ffum fn^ijviif^) nin^ down th<? fixin of Ihe 
iftcn\ |iari «ff IliP Hpiiifll c«tial, aikI rvi'D 4lnii;f tlic Wk i>f 
tJw ct<rv:-ral hr>nn. Tbij upjHTf |«rt nf thi» fltami-nl, » 
IV^f. Tumrr inftirm eti^, ifi iin^oiibt^lr hnmologtiofi irilh 
ti»c fpisaE roni; but llic lover port a|»|Airvtitly tonai 
uw-ivlj itt tW juiu RKi/«r. or T**cuijir iov''T*iinK mi'mbni 
iLttn in thi« cit**» Vw ni cotttx may Iw tJiid In no«fVia «, 
ti-Hb^f' of ^ imporl-artt a ftmcture as the «]>iiial 4i>ra. thou^b 

Tin 1i>ri]Set rncJineil uilliifi a hiMty [-aiifll. Tliv f(illnwiii>! friit. 

fir which I am al#o indr^Hcd to I'rof. Tumtr, thnw* how 
clo#cly Ihe « coccyx coiT«j»(>nd* with Ihc tnic taJJ in lh« 
Wrr nnitnalB! T^tiH^ikn hnn nxviilly diiicMrenfil n1 Ih^- ei- 
[jTBiity of thfi ciwvydt'oJ br^m* u vitry (i^^uiiar 4?j)nvoIulul 
body, whk-b ja tfjiiliiiuous U'ilb tin.* iiiiJdK' tUL-rnl artery; 
mid lliTi iliMf^Trrr M Kntaa- mid Mi-yt^r in t-xumjnc Ihc 
Inil of a nionii<T OfamctiFi), ntid i^f n («t, ir both i^f whirh 
Uiey f'luiiil a niiiiiturly tvnvoLutrd IxkK. Umiu^Ii wA at l]ja 

The rcpro*l»ctiiic ev«tcm ofTcTs vfln<*na nidimcnUiry 
blru(!ttirt3i: but tlii^^ tlifTi'r in uul' ijii|mrl»nt i'L'Hpei.'t ft^*iis 
l\w f'jrt^t>in^ cnM«. l!(»n; ve an- iiqI <vinccnivfl wilb Ito 
Tr*li(r^ of a pflH which doc» nol bclonj: to the i^pcrica in an 
i^dlcirnt (tatc, liiit wilh s iiart ^ITIHi>nt in the vnc f^t. iind 
n*pn44fnlcO in lh« uthi-r by a inert rudim^tit. XcvprtbO' 
U-w. the ■ ■ ■ cf #iich mdimpnl* i* an <!iHkult to e^- 

pljiin, oil if lh^ -I'lHirrtEi' <-ri*Rtior of 4virh aj>cc]4-p, 

aa in th^ - <*p».t. n-.'ivaf!(»r 1 ihnll hnv* lo rwrur 

ti» Ihcur ' find fhall *hru thjii Ihcir pre«cncc (fim- 

i-raMj ilqu-rd* nn'iily rn irhoTitnnri', Mini a, nti [ifliU ao 
i)uim) br <iQy #*>x havirij: bp^^ii I'^HiHlly truiisiniitt'd ti> Iho 
otJicr f will in this pkci^ i^^nlj (ri^c lomc inBtonrnfi <it nuch 
nfttimcntK It in well knnvii [lint in the iiiaka of oil idodi* 

«• Ova, * Oft th* JiUnr* of UmW lUa, (. til 

Tfiiiou ot ifiii orgin, *nd his r* 

ill Ur- cAse oi those mammBli in vhio 
tiifiirrHti^ for in the irMli-n nf rli<- 
bilufdJ**," Some othor rmlimimlrtl 
to the rT'|:imdudiYc «j>ti:M lui^'li! lia^ 
The t>enriiiff cif the ihroe j^reflf oh 
U uiLDiMtakciblcw But it wniild Ire 
citpitLilutv the Lin^ of nr^iimi'nt ^iipn 

?1ii of SpMies/ Tlio Ikomolopcal (*(tn1 
ramc in the roem1>er» of thr^ ^iiio < N 
Ritniil tht^ir dnuvzil fn^in n mnmtimi 
thth their eubi^oquont ada|>ljition to 
Oc any other view, thi.- nimilarilT i>f' 
lijind nf n nijin nr mniikrv, Ifir fiHit o 
of a (i>al, tho W[n;f of a 1>at. fto,, U i 
II iH UQ fcitiiHfic rxptaimiioii t'j jimei 
Ih^oti frjrmisl mi thv- nmv Uiviil plun. 


tu'liiiir.'iiVrjr ^-vn^ |( feTBrUhli tn Je- 
Aibjof VprltfiTir»b«.it^iL.fcii pp.aTAi,<T0k 

In Duv 4tA ^ 

ly, lh» |« 
of the mi 
pihL'' la 
|4IU 4r1tk 
»i»h V Ih 
^x. which 



Cui^ L 



vclf>pQieot« v« i«n dunrly uiulf^iAiti), on IIk« pnnci^u of 
rarulioD BDptrvGtLice AT .1 i ' ' ' < i ': hh prriod, atuI 
'ing luhrrilvd irt 4 tnrn - <■ if jh lljflt Irn- 

rO« ol vomi(*rfn^l^ dLifi-ri'iiL i'trmi. .^^.I'uld aLlII n'Utn, 
or ]c«i perfect!}, ih** *'!nwlurr of thrir oininntj |*ri>' 
iiitor. So ctliPT . I n \tMv* ov<T U*rn pivi'Ti of Ibo 

rinr>dI''U' fiwl tini! '\"»fl <'f a niuri, 'l'>jc» wfll, Iwt. 

^rlilr, dc^, (sn at tlrft lunlK \k lUMin^nMiM frutn rmJi 
i»er. in order lo xtnilvntlutid Ihc ^liiimcv i>f rmtinirnUiry 
109. wt baT« only to M^f^poM th«t « forratY profftnilm 
>Mi!d the tiirU in qaoaliOD iu « perfect ctatu^ intl thul 
inO^r dianpji] Imliili «f life ih'^y bCiMtot ^nst\y rvduri<d, 
\ihtn from AJihrIc iluufr-, or tbroj^jt tUv latural lU-^U'cti^ii 
if l)i(Mr iQilividinb wlijch wt-rc l^«l cnrTiiiiilR'r^ii ■«illi a 
ip^r^Qouft |ttil, aided b> tb« other m^ans prtvLou^lr Indi- 
Thufi wi> vmu i]iid«nUni1 h<^w it Ivk mtno tti imv* llmt 
and lit other Tert«4^n1r jriiriuU Iictc bf*-n «?riii>itru(-liMl 
Minu ^ixre) Tmiikl. vhy i'in-y [toni tlirju^'fi (Kl^ ■"citjo 

»lHfC(^ lit llirVi^luptllt-flt, aiKl whv ll)i?> rtlilLII I'LTtlllU 

»dii»«iits m coninwTt, Con^'i^upnUv uv oujitit fnukly to 
rlmit tbcir comuianit}' of dc»crat; 10 imk^ nnj Qihcr vkv, 
tu silmjl Lhkl i>ur njtn felnittun.', and ttidt of ttW tlii* aiii- 
■roviid vu, It a jtAtK anart: Uid to enlnip our Jud^mfuL 
'faifl contjuflion » Endtl); >{rcn^thciinl, if vo \oo\i lf> Uic 
>idWtv (if tb^- whi.'le uniiiMl ^rk^y ami coiuid«T llie v\i- 
kcv derix^ fr-m th^r afHrntift* or «lfts&i£caiiun, iUcit 
iphk^l <ii 
our :uixirji 

mf t<)ipiu\hpn iJecUre that tbev u-ere deowiuM from detiu- 
[odf. MlutU \fa4a 110 lo demur to lUia Ki[ik.iuni>ii. But tto 
im*r «ill befortr long <i>uie, whi-a U »'iU ho lliiiujrht voo- 
Ifrfol that naluralijAt, vho nvrv wHI ne^uainted witJi the 
;i~^mpani1ivc Ftructurc and dcvflopBic&t of man, au'i otbur 
iiAcmmIri, Khiiuld U»\e Wliem) that «idi wiu iJw wurii of 
wprate ad of creittion. 

' \% mill thnl irrDisiiiicfi vliich Toadtf 



^ VSS ?aH-«XT OF KA2L Fur L 

-k ■ x.N^''* .V ,>» ^..■i^'^lFVT Of KaX FVOM SOKI 

. ^ . N '*- * 3 £N < Birj T"in rJTrftTTrninff 
v*^.fc ^ TV -^-^w^s: w ABM iiivri^'fiBto— Ar- 

-.-.^^ X. * ^^ ..\-^«^h£^^ «:«'d«4^BlI'-^■kni- 

\. ' .^' > -*,'• *-\vvt to much Tiria- 

N I -■ .* s ' : s-"v TTKV ire quite alike. 

*^ ■ - ' ■ ■. * .*\-,>> A-r: :^h will be dUtinct. 

' .' . ^ ' ■ - vTS'^v m the pro- 

- ' - '^ v*ir:s of the body; 

^ ■ ■ -^ . . ^ .- ■ •■ '. r- i'.*:ii:airtl ^kull, 

■' ' ' ' ^ VN ", i.'.,\i^ vtn theiv is 

^ 1.*. , I. , . ^ *. . '■'■\:^ \yi i]w same 

■'^ ' ** ^ - . ... V .' ..i ^"}. S^yth Aus- 

' ' * vK ^ "\' ' "^ "■.■^: ?"^ hj^^mopene- 

' *'''^ * ' .,'- ,<v iv\ \-i (*:ii>ienoe '' 

^.' , -"'■-'I'O ,i» arva as 

', "' -i. :'.si:::\s mo that 

A'- -^s \v. the fefl- 

V- . ■ * -,r.\ -^. aHnornia) 

'« ,■ .." 0,^,^1 *vi;r^* pre- 

.1 , '■■* * . -A *.;' .i/'i- '.''rv.< iHiv^e of 

"" '■" "''^ '- '-•-'^ •■■y l^v; r.:T;..-v • -r,.; ;.- Iv .;rM'v alik^ 
m »r,v .«„ ..y, ..f ,.f., ,„=..-. .;.,i :., ,.,;,., r-, ^^y\^u^^ 

U. ' '^' „,. .,i,=.. ,1..; ;,,.. ,„.„.,, ,. -vrf.-rminc 

••m-ftm.' („...,viM,„„ „.u„ ,,„,»,. v.,,, ,.,.^!:s^i i„ „,;. 


.A , " 




*'n » 

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".■^ '' 

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, L- V 










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'h'i V 


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Di^l ir-] 


Ciur. IL 

HA3INBB OF DrrBi^iPHic?rr. 



rcinljiKf vitli tli^ wvpta] rirrintirin*- Mr J, Wood htt f«>- 
conUd * lh< occurwicv of tf^S mMfrulBr vunaUoiui id thirtv- 
U3t «til>Jc<t«, ■Od in anothrr -rt of Ibo uttup uuiei!«t nt> Uv^ 
than r.AS ■ i->' fti>piirrtnfe on boUi fiid«* of Ihu 

t"*^v t>iiir,: 1 M ftiK", In (hff 1u4 fti-i, n«| om* 

h^Ij oat i^f iJ;L Untrlt'iiix 11/ > iiilulU iinnijtiji m 

r1»-'fitrt!m'* fn-tm (?ir KtiiTiiijirii i .j* of ihr tiiuwtlliir 

< 4DaLoELUCaJ \v\i UK^k*.' A Kin^lf- Wiy prv- 
^^ joniiuiry DumWr of tv»'nl}-t1v^ rlltJhrni a)f- 

itonulit]«4. Tlir AitiJP tniwd^' ii^mofmittf vnriiM in mnny 
jf: thiw Prof. UuvliBtcr dnKTiUu ' no live than tKirn^ 

Tb0 fuuidiu old doototiuM, WolfT,' iii«i^j4 1h>t the In- 
tcnul vwxTft arc more vtriabfe tlun Uic rxtmial wula: 

kvmin^'tiM. Hu hiu i*fni frrittrn n tn^tiu- on 1h<^ ^hmrc 
of lypkil rmripW of tbc Ti*t«ra for MjirewnlAt]":!. A 
difniwkwt nn llii.* Lmu^idenl of Ihr tivirr. Iudji:*. kidEK'}':^, 
k*^, tA of the hitman f^J» dirinc. »oui>d* ulnDji? in onr 
The raristrilily or dir^nity of th? mental fdkculti«« (n 
of tbv iMiiKT nitr, oot tfl mention Ihi* ^roitrr difffuvnonc 
tvrm tfae tnrn of dliitinct rMv*, if h> notonoui that ni>t 
's word np^l li<m> lie aiid So it Is with the Vyw^r anJinitk 
AU wLo hflvv hod cbdfK« of cuctiaKcriM >diitit Ibia fac*, und 
w fvr it jilaEiiljr in f^cir ilo^ ind olbi^r dotimlir iiniiTLnK 
8r«liirt «|ioHiiny intieli iteit Mck Individnjil monkey of 
'1) 111 kt<[i| Uaic in ;Vincft had it^ o-bu paxtlliur 
• I vnd ti'tri|v-t- Itp itientinikf (iiLr kiUviEi rrmirlc- 

n\\H^ for itH ht^h inl^h^r^nr^; and Ihr kcx^fc-n; in the Zoo- 
K'prul OardiTfi:! i^-itttd oul to mo a m'^^Eikt^j, bdonpn^ to 
thr ^vw World diiri«^on. H}Ual!y rc-iititrkahb' fi>r incefli^eiire. 
BfTifi^rer, aUo, ir '^- ■ -^ 'hp div<Trei1y in Uic iwh^niii menUl 
vhorai-iris nf tlh - of the same spvcim nhKh hr kepi 

in rorflfciuty: ani ^jie' n^irmty. m he nddi^T U pirlly innntr, 
&nd ptaiil/ IhL* r*vaU of Ihr mani^er in «hich ih^y La?e 
It Irvat^ or njumtn]-' 

I haT«« i*1«ovhuTw * MO fnlly dlacHMed Ihp tnihjf^t of 
lohetitatioc, thai 1 nrad hcrv add hardly aaythini-. A pvflter 


JVh. B*2>l Viv.'Mn. r &U ; 

• SRhiik-TLkcrl(>Hn,- IL I. 4. Ab, xT. 
IfMjrrr/fnrriyn- -nn tVirifiw^/ 

Mdct J>Mi)Md«ttbii,' ivL IL ^All 




iv.iirlvr ■( :.i. ■> '.'A\f K\r. o.v'rt::^i *:ih wspect to the 
irA*\>r--s^ v :' z-x ti-.v: :r.:::r:j:, jj »i'!I as of the mo^t 
imi*"'::.:^v V '-.-r. . :< Ts ■::i :vi:\ :""*?. :r. arv of ihe lover ani- 
mal: :':'..'*,;^:', :'-.: iA*.'.^ irv ^^*■.*^ *',;> fl!:'*::jh with resjiect to 
iho \-.:zt-T. S^ -i^ it^jia^^ :* r;^t'-'.:4t '::;flV.i;i*5, their inns- 
n*>?:"*' .< \'\'.:\:i^< :ii .*',:r t?.'4>, h ':>^^_ a>J other doroe^ic 
.ii*;:t\^!* Hi>:*^^> *;>x:a! '^a^'x^ an\ rAVt*. iTecoral inielli- 
j;iti\i\ ^<".;r.i4;^\ \i,l at'.i! jr^W. :i^r.;yr. A^.. ire oertainly tran^- 
n^:::csl \V'.:h v.wii \»,* >^v f:r.-.;!3r f^tvT? \:*, dimi^l e^erv fani- 
\\\ : aiiii ^*^' v..'\x Wv.i'w. :hrv*i:i;h ;!:v a.l^v/,raW idUtur^ of Mr. 
i.ii:!''ii,-'* :'t\ii -^x-w.xi^ whu'h itv.|*l-.iv a w>in<lerfully complex 
r»»Mi*'*TM!^'v. .*f \vx}\ fA^whirf. N*:v.^ |.» W inhontwi; and, 
i^n iho o*^>r ]\\v.\\. ii is tiv ivr^.i*;: that insanity and de- 
tt-ri'^rati^l ii*r;^Ml TMuors likewi?io run in fjimiHes. 

WitIi r*>)4'i: to The i:4u^^ of ^ariaVility, wo are in nil 
t*JM> \iry itii^iTJiu: In*! wi- isn ?^v Th^i in man af in the 
lottir ini:ii:;i!^. t:>'v srand iti some relation To the i\*nditions 
T't Hhiili (,i(!i >]viiof ha^ Uvii i'.\^\v^\l. ihirinc ^^veral pen- 
onnj-'ii*. (v*n:r*Tii'atoi1 nninials ^ary iiior** than those in ft 
iUi\'- •'■t tiaiiirv: n\\y\ x}\\^ is apjviroiu:T ihif to ihe ijiversificd 
atiJ ilianiriii:: natiirx' of ihi' vor'^ii^^^is i* u^^iih Thov havo 
)-i.'r» sii}»j»'ti,"(i. In xhh ri>]^'iT 'Aw i?:'TiT<i^r r-.urs of man 
r<'>»'iiili!'' J<*ii^>iAat(il aiiiiitjil^. aii.! ?;.» ^s» il'.o individuals 
nf rli»' sirnr r.ui", ulion iuluil'riini: ;i *or\ w;.it' una. liki^ thai 
'tf ArmTira. \W ^<v tIio inlhumiv of il;^orMT:o! t<»niliTions 
in Hii' iM^rr rivilisi*.! nauon^; f^ir tho i^vni^xTi^ Ivlnnjring 
T" *lirT'T»'Mt LTJi.tis ..f Tiink, rtn.1 f-'Il.-MiM- dtrToT^'nt .Hvuiia- 
tJi'Ti-. ftn-^iiT 71 ;:ri'jUiT riiii^i" of rhanuTiT ihnn do iho mom- 
Jn-r^i iif J-arlijinms t^aMnn^. liiii rhi* unifi»nniTv i>f sava^ros 
lia-^ i'f(»:"ri U-m r\ji;:;:».Tai^"d. atiil in >i-i\\f lusos vnn Inmily 
li-f ?-aid to »-xi^t.'^ h i>. iirviTt)u'lr>s, ini orr.»r lo s[M*ak of 
niJin, '"v-'n if wr l<n*k only tn ilio i-r^ridilinn?. tn xWiirh he haa 
U'<"]i <\|i'wi]. as '• far ni-Ti' d<itiu'slitaTnl " '= tluin any otln>r 
aniin;d, S.uir >jn«-*' rai-i-!^, sii,[i ,is rln' Anstralian^. arc 
Ti-(1 '-xji'j:^*! to niriro Hivrrsilird condilioTis than aro ntany 
^\»-'-\i-^ whji'fi jinvt' a wiik- ran;:i\ In another aTid Tiiueh 
iii'tn- inijtoptaTit r<'S|ii'it, man diir*'rs w id»^lv from auv striillv 
iF'itiM'^li'ati'd anirnah f'>r Ins hri-i'ilin^' hi^ iiovor Inn;* lnvii 
rorilroljfrl, i-iTbt-r \,y mdhndiuil or nmonscions sokvtion, 

»"'ll.r.-Tliflry fJ.-niii.: mi h.r^ulry 'if ()ir h'*l: nnrmsn hmUn H»nl vis- 

'"» « .'.""" "'"' V '""■'■' ' "'■■'' *»■"■ *'^'' "*'" f^ftli'f ^^ ftli'l mi-llirr vm 

" Mr lUlf- r'-iimrk. i- TU^- Njininil- >|Miio M-in.-^liMi in Imnrtlh iih-1 unuii- 

im -ii. On ,\ijjii/^HT|H,' i-Pi:!, ihhI, il |^ inoni-v .tf rJ]eek.«pmL| iif rn>*lril». Hml 

I VI J, iKiTri ri-'-MM^f fjf III-' TfjfliiUk- '-tth'- r.liljfjtiifi fYTfyrr."* 

»iipr,i' Nj.riih AhmtIhhti tti*ip."rjiH iwo " Kliiini'nl h. 'Tr<"flti*r« on An- 

4il Tlifiii HFin-miillHiiiiilHriii lJi( i^hnpc tlkm[f>|(>^,' £ng. truihliLt I6ft,'i n "05, 

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I. Google 




Ko c«c« or bodT of men lit* Ijuod «u oorai'WtJflf auljju^tod 
by olW niui. Mt Ihut irTtttiii intlmduflls ffH>u)J bo prv 

(VffTvd, SDf) ihrK tinriili«i'i'ittft?T fcleeli^l. fmrti wititrhour (-1- 

ccllio^ in 1 ' nivtcrv. Nir 'i hq isftkp 

ami female <n inlrntioiijU' '^' ^ttd 

ialcl»d. tfXtvjrt 111 tlip ir«U*ku<»«r in-v* nf i i^n 

icrvftaiikr*; uad m lliitf caw inttii uI>ori^l, &? iiu^ h^-q 

ri|mTtTiK lli«> loT iif airfJiwlMl M-Jn^tivii: fur ii i-i a«»vft<Hl 
tLal luftnj ull nwn w^rv r«n>d m thv vilUgm inluiliiUnl 
bjr Ihf lErvnaiticn ami their UU wirti*. In SjiAns. nUo, a 
fLrriri ijf nrlrrtion vst rotlownl. far it voa Faadcil tltat ^1 
childn'Q hU'^M W <*KBmiii4^ Hhu/llj' afl«r birth: Itt^* aril- 
foriui'O dn*! li^^vroiu bcini; prB«iTf4, Uic oUtf-re l<'fl 1« 

If v«> rottfidvr •!! th<* rx^-* ol nun w tormimg ft 4iBjil« 
■cicft, liU nn^ it '■n-irmon*; but »onit m^iunilc race*, w 
AjoffrinatN aimI I' Etti^f itT) vkI^ ningi*<, h 

■ifl)»)ii_T of ntn iiuy wiih mttr^ iruih t>e i.'t^minrpil mtJi 
of inikty^nninnK fpcctc«, Uns nith tjut of dom^^U- 

Kot onljr (lo«f TftriiUlUj ftpp«*r to W lndac«<) (□ lun 
■dH lltf U»WL-r Abimati Uy IIm MUue i^nn^l caaft«tf, but in 
tiotli Ik* *atr\» fMrl^ of Ui«* IhmI^' vrr flT«i:^fd tn ii iliwlr 
i- -\nnfr ThU bjiff b««ii pmpp<t in f^ich TliII ^Mftil 

i>. . iihd iiujUctat^ttf, Utfit I ttee4 Ikt:^ ouIy rtftx Iv 

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lit ih w VTSU» 1 

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714 okc^l «ir ntftew Uh« im v«lth hv Urina, 

T^t* c^Tr^-lfiiBi; L* mil .T, iifJiI" ftbt l«M I 

toit>tiiM<aaflw<iitt«ii»iiiiB h «*ht* 

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THE liJ&CKNT np MaX. 

Pi»T L 

Iboii totWJ* MonutroifilJis* which irmdnate intf> EliglU 
viimtion?, an? IJKcwwf m puvtWnr in rann ani3 the low«i ani- 

b» riHL'tl For both, uk Ijutj bui-n sIll'WIi L^ Utdon' UvutTr^j)' 
St.-IIilfliri?" In my work i>n the vnriAtion of domestic 
aniinjiU. [ hxv^ nttpmiktfvj io srrnTi^p in n nule faahinn t1ip 
itvrs of varjaUon uriiitrr thi* rdlowm^^ licade: — Tiic iUra?t 
jiud firlinitc- nction of chnngi'fl ronditioTis. ae irxhibH<^d bf 
fill or Drnrlv itll Ihf inrl^vidimls nf th« linin^ 3]>et-iti;^ varying 
ih lli^ ^airif uiunner iind<.'r ttii> eaiiLC oiii-'Uin^atice^H The 
tffeuls of lliL- IwriH-fontiiiuvU uew iir disiiec of pnrl^, Tl»"^ 
t(*ht**uiM of liainoio^fkUH jmrtH, The vnnahility *if mulUjik 

tiart^ <. 'iim 1 10 neati on of ^t>^lh; but of Ihid )ah' 1 have 
uund nu ijood iiifitaTH-u- in Uil* rnitc cif mnii- Tlic- eiT«:U uf 
Uiii rmM-'hunicH] jir<'i.-*iirn of onn mrt on otiolluT: ns of ttitJ 
jHilvb I'll tJit' craiLJiNii of Xhv infaitt in the womb. Arrcitfi 
of dt'VL-'lo|*iai-nt. Kmlinj^ Ut ilir. diininuluiii or sujipixttfion 
tii ["Url* Thf* r*-ii]iTM*umrn'i! of lonjir-loi't churnott^ps ihrougli 
r4'Vi-r»ifm. Anri Inpllv, forroloted varioti>>n. All thf-sc so- 
latlfi^d liLHP 'ilM^b ^'M^i")^v !■■ iKUii uiii] lh<< hitter aiiiiimla: and 
ificitt irf Lhi'iii i<vi-Jk io pItLiilri. [| u'oulii Ll- HU|.<vrl!u'.tus liere 
to (Umiidii rdl <if Ihim; "^ biit AcvcrnI arc ho iinpnrlnnt. that 
llkvjr niiiBl Ih^ Irt'itli^l at t'OTiF^idorublo Tffngth. 

Thf fHritci arfd Dffinitf Action of Charufed Condiliom. — 
*\%U ifl LI moHl iicrph'iitT]^ i^iibjrrt. Tl i^nnnt hv driiti-il thnt 
iIm'Iiti^iF rnndJIJons priduci? some, and occa^i^xialU' n voji' 
t|di'f«M*i I'lTc'ct, on orKBTiiBirfl of all kiudri: and it »v«ms 
Hl ilnl iiriJndJr Uuit if xiiflirir-nl Ifrni^ wrTr ]illciWL*d thJB 
IpriiiM I"' VfM* liivafiahb r«fin|l. But J Imve fniled to obluin 
miliar rt^h'firii tTi fhvi.kur i>f thii4 ooiiclu^inn: and valid rea- 
liftlli M'df !<■' i»rF(i'il nil Hii* olhiT !<idL>. ut li-r»l his tut t\e Llie 
|lllit'irr<rii*>lp* HlrmlLir(4i urc mn^^^rnoii, vhiHi arc adapted 
W( »(ptr ml iPoK Tli[>rp cnn, however, U' no doubt that 
flfA^'ft"^ iviitd^l loiiA iiiiliLri' an iiliiKtst irulollfiili- »ritoiin1 vf 
lltf'iM'HfifW Miriahdilj, tij which thi> wholt^ orfranualion ia 
|li|tt|pi|iil In fnuw di-irri'i^ plaatic. 

Ill Ifiti Uiilliid Hfatfv, »I>0T4> 1,000.000 eoldiam, who 

1< ' 'IllilK 4« III nir 'VirUilctn of AiLlmnlt kl»0 

't , St«> 1-0^ Pluuta Uluicr I>onk4BUi:«lE4ll.' >ol^ U 

. .M'U 111 lh* f'hap till kiitl <iriM W .1 V Ii»r«ni1 

PtiiHint*." l»Jl hii* lult'v il^A^k |»ubhiiliHj t vuluftblh 
■Ma} 'D* rliitliii-nt^ij .liu UitiDiit-,' 

I ItM rlrr^nikKAi A** 11a lafB iiuirh rUw, In l^v 

^1, . .^ >«L ' 





t«l In lli« tide vttr, vn« nifOimml, auO th« dt4iti9 ia 

TwnpdH." frVxn 

it ii proved tbot 

li^ni liiHl " ill* Sur* wh*-rv Ilw [thv^iral ^-tviuiti 

Lb 111 ^fuut BJidAtinr tak^n plaiv. ipil ibi* ^tutr iJ lurlh, 

rliiili LitJtiJift-ji iIh' iiTii:»tn', i^vtii tu «xurt n hiavLihI influ- 

u^ on iJw Hlihin*/' tor inftnn^r, it if oeiAhli«hf4l. " Ihflt 

;i(k-ncv in iht' Wwlem Slat», during ihe if«r» of Kro*tli. 

fmU til |jrmliir« incrrwc nt Biaiun'," Oit thi* iithof KftDiJ, 

ia coriiin tluit with nik>r>, ilivir lif^f tlvlo^v ^'r<iwtli« ai 

trwn " bv ih^ irrvdl itiltt*n>noc lK-tv4>ru thr ^aiurv? of »ul- 

r* Slid fBilvtm 111 lliL* iip;Vi ut tti-iri^ul It'll .tiMl iH^lili'L'ti iimnL" 

lr> |{ A Ufyvh^ I'nilniviMiml Ici in^i-t-rtJiiii ih** iititun* if thu 

•i 14 nrt on hUiIdfi^; I>ii1 hv nrriivd only 

iiiiTK-K. rtml Ihi-r ilirl troC n-blr- !■> rli- 

:lt\ Uio ul^TtcioD of \hv iatid. «Oil. Dor vvi-ii " iii any <t)D- 

■lUn^ drfrrri' " In Itu- abnntUnn^ i>r the ort'il of th*^ rom" 

U aif lifr- T\i'w Iflltrt iHinefuKinii W iliriH-tly oii|*om>i1 to 

il Arhrod 4t by VilicmY^, from tht- Blaliblii>4 of tlie b^ght 

the <ioiiAChpU in iLifforrnl |i«t1» <>f Fntiicr. Whrti vrt 

i;ii|inn* ll»' difTpfvnri-i in >;Intm~4- >M»iwern tin* I'olynfuJiin 

\ttt'- nnJ th<" lo!HT onli-n" vilhin \hv Mm*- lelaiKle, or bt*- 

tW inliulhlutili^ of tl>(.' fertile voIoihl^ 4iv\ tim Tuirn-u 

HifUrnlv rtt ll'i> itatm* ointir]/* or ift^in Ttrtif.vii r]u> 

int nil tlip <uii4rm iird ir<vlrrn Hh<ti(^ <kf ||i<>]r timn* 

rt \ht^ menu* '^f fTitj*ifUni*o *iv mj di^t'reiil. jl Ik 

iiblu to »ti'id liii? conrluiiuTi t!iAl b«]ler futul 

i-umfort iJo )Ditui:nc« Uotiinr. Ilut the prc<t?di[L^ 

ilriurutp Ali«-r liov ihtllridt il 19 tw arrive tl any urn'iin- 

Lidt. 1^ HriLloi> hiiB Ut^ly proved Omt, wilh tW in- 

i^ilanti <vf Britnin, rfeidcnc^ in tnwnji nnd cerlain vc^u- 

iEii>n« luvr ii doK'riuratiiii: infliiriuir on h^igbt: asd lie 

if'.T^ 1]iul Ihr n^iiU U to u i^rtsin vil«nt ]BbofitC*d, «tf >i 

ii-ntiM' Uu: rflM> in the l^nilHi StAf**?i- l)r lS<*tJd<ie fnrlh*-r 

'lii'^tT< tint «tKrnm^r n " miv mitiiini; it*: mriViniiiTii of 

iyni(^l di-vt'loptii^iTt, it ri*<*fi lii|Ehi.irt in eiMtf^ and moral 

^dietlirr oxlirnal 4yinditiuiiifl produce 9T>y oilier dirc*c!t 

Ill HillMj W.I 


i<t<-kifr'ii'nirlur]i ut 
iU lEM7-«*, iv- UI, £«;>« Ut. 


I'lTi-M <»T] hion 1^ not known. It migtit hiTe been expected 
itiul iliiriTi'iiri-H tii climate would hive had 4 mtrlnd infln- 
t'jjn', jiia.-^iiju' Jj u>i the Junga and kidneys ue bion^t into 
aL'tiviiy iiijrlrr a luw tempemure, ind the tiTer and ^dn 
uihlrr :i lii^'Jj Drii'.'" It wae fomierlv thought tlut the colour 
iif thv fikhi ]iTi<] the character of the hair were determined 
Uy ]i<^lii *iT hisLt: and atthou^fh it can hardly be denied that 
Miiiif vth-i-l is iJjtis pro<luced« almost all obaeirere now agree 
lh:il tilt' rrTi'ct Uoiy Utn vi-tt Bioall, eTfiH after exposure 
iluniii: nijitiy ii<.'t-^- Uut this eubjeot will be more propertT 
i]i>i iis^nl nhvn \vi' treat of the different races of mankind- 
^\ u\i oiii' ilciiiu>tif aikirnala there are grounds for beliering 
IliJit M^li] LHii] ibijkp directly affect the growth of the hair; 
Iml I li:i\i' iioi uii^t with any evidence on this head ia the 
u»M" of num. 

/V^.^ i-f fhr incrfased Use and DtsuM of ParU^ — It ia 
\\v\\ V\.\\\\\\ \\\\\X (L^<^ strengthens the mnficles in the indi- 
II. I ml!. \\\u\ ii>iii]>U<io di^u^, or the destruction of the proper 
II. .\K\ Hruki lis \\ww\. When the eve ia destroyed, the optic 
n. I V .' iil'iru li<'i i*iiii>s ]iirii|ihieri. When an artory is tied, the 
t.thiiil i[iriiiM<-N iiiiTiMSi- iii»t only in diameter, but in the 
llii.l.n^ . \\\\\\ -rrrnuth wt tlii-ir eout:'. When one kidney 
i.<i 1 ■ in hi I fiom ihsi':isi\ ihe other inereascfl in size, and 
«|>>, .lotiLlii vvi>ik HotiiS JniTejse oikly in thioknefis, 
Ui\ \\\ Uw'^U. In'tii .Mrrxiuir :i jrreiner \reif.'ht.-' Different 

,MiM-o^\ ^,iUihiJill> fi'H.iw,il. If'uit to I'hjin^ propor- 

j,,.„. ; Hou yrwi-^ -'r ihr luxly. Thus i( wje ascertained 

I. \\„ \ iuu,\ si^Hi"- t Commission " ilint the leps of the 
.-.,!.,♦ >iii].t<'i.>l iH 111"' l;ii*' ^^J|^ vnTi' lonirer by 0.517 of an 

i„,i, ij ni.»-.' oi Ml** '..^Kii.T''. iliiMiL'h tlie :*ailors were on 

li.Htu »*i-'ii. "UiNi rlirir Mmw were shorter by 

I ( „,, ;,n \, ^s\u\ ih-i''f"ii\ "111 **f }miportii>n, shorter in 

,,l„^ r. Hun U "I hru^hl This shortness of the arms 

J, .i|.]Mit,(»ili lUu 1." ili.'n ^>ii'nl<M' ii-ie, ;»nil is an unexpected 
f. iiH U\\ '"illi'i ' ihM'U^ iiM" iKi'jr unns iu |nilling. and 
U..I hi , i^tii^Kil Hii.*h<- Wiih s'lilors. the ^irlh of the 

II. h|. 1 Mo .l*'|iM. oi lh.> iiiJrp rtiv jirejjtor, whilst the 

I I Mil* ihi'"l. \\t\\-\. ninl hif>s i^ les.^, than in 


- *■* h.,il.> n0.l>,. ' (I * "I iMh I'l* •^\ ^t^ 1*1. .liiv*^, "rrbtr Jm 

III. . \\ II— I I'll".' -!«..» I" *...l 1 Mir»n.irt,L-tlnMii .iiT Knoolrtn." 
|.,(, I. I .. L ' .1. M*v.. l.rH :". il-^hhlV H.v.llefti. 

-■ I I.'.' f-ii ■>■ 4iiitK.-oo. .- \-t ill. -«' "- ' lik^ r-l>kMilh«ii«/ A^' Uy B. A. 

mt -. i-^k I..L h' Ui l..« ' \ 40«n..1i .'I I.^HL.M, I'^.H^, ^L -JNt, 

Al>t».ri to |l.-|.» 'IkiHilMll,' ItO II 

V"-y. ir-] 


w 1L 



lai-? hvn-ditaf^, if ihv imm*f htkhiU of lift- woi* F<i^iwi><i 
liinnj; nmnv ^cil4-m1i'jRi^ \r> m*\ Luuwn. but it In ^nilmli!*-. 
'itggfr" sifrihi]T(^ ih4- ihiii ti>>r< aivl ilittk armt of iliv 

If Mth their I411TVT rLtrvQii- 

ui . '-.ii^ to ('ma*," iihn livd 

tint ift^^iiiiy nii'l <irxiOTii5 in flt«l-catrhiuf£ (th«r hi^tiMt 

«rt iod ififHn-i k* h^'O'^tiUr^; tlirn^ tn nrnJIj *.nnc'ilimit in it, 

fur ihr M^n of > Li-lt-liralnl iomt-nitHi4<r wrill JitLliii^^uiiJi liim- 

iii, XUitttfih lio kvt liiu fnlhi^r '\n (rhi|ilti<*v()/' )iut in Ihiif 

it ie tiiml4il Afitiludo^ qtiito as niucfi ^ Wlil,T atriKlurr, 

<vu'H In br tiilivrihn]. 1l in iiiM'iinl (hut Ihi* haml* 

II btw'iiriT* ntv nt hiKii br^fitr thii» Ifcikwi* of ;lw 

inU,v.'^ hV'ni tlir corrrhtion wiittli ii-xbti^, aX Xt-^t rii pf>iiie 

i,*" }ietnrv-M llii^ ilwi'litjitiiciil of Iho ivvtmnilin nml fif 

to juwk, U El i>ij«ifiljk tiLAt in lliiMu claivi^ wltkCli do not 

lUrur niiicli niUi llicir liantb ami fiW. iKf jflvs wouM [jc 

lureH in ^[tp fmn-' thia caniw. Tlijit th^y an* gi^nfrelly 

1II1T ID ri'dnftl jmU riviUu^ men thun in Itftnl irrorkin^ 

\rn or MimcH, Ik crriiiTrL Itut with nva^fn, nn Mr. HrrlHTt 

[wncv>r " liM mmariiM^ tho gr*i*t^r no* of Ihr jawH in Hipw- 

iH>fln«. uiK^oolccrl foiy], niiuld aci in & dirrH umnuLT 

innaicntorjr mutclis, ond on Itu' Uhtti^A tn which lliry 

ta^li^U In inrinlf. I^^rif; iMffon^ birth, tito vkin nn tb<> 

Irv Iff tfir- ifvt i» tbifkrr iluii on nny '>lh'^T \*ar\ of Ihc 

rj|v; ^ niu) it nn lianlh tir ili>»blHl ihul IIiU lk dm* Ut 

inlifrii^d p-ffoctM of prrttttire duriuic A lonf; >«rite of geo- 


II i« familiar in i^vry ont^ tlctt uilrhri^ktrs snd eii- 

ivenvrv hahl<*1o brfthf>rt-iti>ftiU-d. uhiUI nn-n livinjf ma^ 

mt »rf <l<jurB. aad wprt'inilj wvojiv?', nrr i:cni<mlh' Unp- 

iS^lttL" Slr^fl-HJ^hl aiwl hin>!-*^i)<h'- 4y<rtaiiil,v tnul to U' 

ihcrikfl*" Th« inferiority of Eiiroi»<»Ans, in oompiriiAii 

tat*, h m. 
V - TU VirlvlkB of Aiilmd* iiii4*r 


t***^. »r IV A. iiiPiiM rftiiiiLift 

y . ..„ .*<i. M., ,.r- *?.. L'.UlUm? 

' ^iii.'T* t«inr 
ir tLf vfwi 



i» of the orgina tkeoiMliw. 
r^mart^d on the large mxc* of Uitr am 
i>t th« AnK^ricfin aborigines, and mrni 
riMiiurkaUy ac-uUr pover of eiiiol). 

FilninR i>f Konhrrn A»i«, Nfi-iinliit^ tt 
ally porfflcl wnnes: ami Prirhnrd h 

111 ^|ily-(|t' vi-l i*i nil w>i] M.--orgHi iH . " 

The itumrhun Indmnft inhabU th<' h 
anil Alcidi' J*Orbif:nv ttalcs " thnt, froi 
[njj^ H lii^lily rHrefteJ ttiinoajthenr, lliey 
and \iiDfii of uxiniordkiiary ilimetiaioiul 
thf lijiii^n »ro \ar^fi and more niimcroiii 
Tht^Ai> nth^rvatu>n>i hoi« bM^n diiiiblmlf 
t'jiMully mcanired manv Aviiiara^, an t 
tlir^ htight of bfttm«!n laoOQ and IV 
fonii* m(»** (hat tJwy differ rnnnpiriioui 
flU dUkt raci.^ ftovn bv him irt 1Il<i ciivm 
of ihdr bihljni. In nis tublt vt mojiMi 
of mdi man in iukva nt LOGO, and IhQr. 
arc r(di]c<^ 1't IIiIh standard. It ia b4 
(ended annfl of IJie Aytuura-t ar** sboiirr 
]W«ii», ftDi! much iituirtor Ihun tbor*' of 
nrc likf»i»r ph^rt^r; nnd they pref^nti 
i7Liti«nty, that in f-vrrry Aymare luaif 
actn^ly ehorlGi tban th» tibia. On aqj 



Cvtr- IL 

MANNKK or [>KVK|^?KK»T. 


at lliv tvfiwT In Ihnr at tlir tiUn ii> IM 9t1 In 9o2: wftiM in 
iwu ICtif^>jwiiiui, iTira^uTHl lit tbe haoic tiiDP. Iht^ fr-murA to 

til V1L Tlif huvivri;i u |jkoiiii£i> thorlfT MAlin^ly l» Uw 
fnrrana Thin ' ' :- of that jmrt of thi? liiut* wlticb ia 
Diural to llir ' itrfi lu Ir-. uti -upp**i4^1 trt mt- by 

Sir FuHm."?*. n i.u>^- 'A K.itJv\x'iiJtalion hi rt'lalioii uitli tli' 

jfi>'aHt ir*frH?»i! Viix-lli uf iIm* Iruiik. 'J'hv Ajnienii^ jirc- 

ilir ['Ktiu t»r Hlrut'lurt*, for iiiHtitiiL-e, 

ihrjr uit^ii arv tn lfat>rou^hJ\ i-vrlim^HM^ii tti their cold 
Bjx'\ I^^Fti hUh.Ii', thnt when fornnriv curriixi iluwii by lilt- 

^ .''< II' :- '- U'V <»Blf<ni pkiD?i. ind vl»en now tempCed 

^■jrtii U iii^j wi^jtH (o thi" /<nl<l-wefthiDirii, they fuffcr n 
rri^lfnl nlP of ntjitliilitj- N*^rrthrU»t* Mr, I-Whp* fiiiin'l 
n few pum faniili>?p wtiieh bad survived diirit^' two i^n^ro- 
^'loafz auil Uc- jiinorfrfl tltat tii*y Mill inhcriUHl thtir rhiir- 
nrli-viiUr [UHD^uinniv^ But it wnc mnTiifrxf, rvpri wilbmt 
i&<«tir<']n<?ni, Xhii tficm peouliaritioi' Iifld all deoTeii&edi 
«ihI oik m^ djumoent. !)iar i»dic« v«tc found rot 1i> k' 
vrj ^IL1I>^ 1 tnn^ti^l *> tlind^ of thft mi^n rin Ihr hi^li tdnlrjiii; 
V I ' ftrnora Itad boco]iit> aom^u ht^t lonirthcnco, oa had 

11.. 1. ..^p».alllii>ij|fli in d Inv di<)£tn*. The aitunl vjcanuit' 
mi-nU ttiaj \v nwn liy ronMiltrig Itr, Forlnii'ii ni^-mair. 
From iWe ofani'vutiooK. Uiciv con, I tJiink, i>i' no doubt thnt 
n^id"-mt- diiriii^ mnny ^jim-rflluinn ^t t\ ^rrnt <"lorniu)n ttnd», 
hn\\i dipc*^;U' Bnd indirfdly. lo irduco mh«nted modificfl- 
Ih^iifi in Ifir ya^y^ifttloivf (if ih* IkmIv." 

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tlir UlL-r fiU|refl *>[ his ey>?t<^noe thniu^di th^ inareae^d or 
d«crt«n'd iisp of pait."". ihe fat-ld irnvr ifiven sljew ihal hw 
lijihilily rn ihii n?*|ft^'t luii: nnl \vt^ t'wt; wad nv ]i[»ititi-1y 
kninr Ihnt th^ rtmc kv holds good wilh the Iniver nnimntii^ 
r. . -liif v,t^y wo ftiav infer Ibal wWu «l a remote rpodi the 
of TU4n wrn? in n tmimition»l riaU\ ai\t\ wure 
ijiLLij^'irii: from 'jiindruTiodi: into hipodii. rAturul Fni^li-ction 
w>>uld probably LaTcr beeti jfreatljf aidi'd hy th^.* iithcrilod 
I'ffrt'tx rif ib«* Tii<-rva«rd or diiniuiihcd tms of the different 
pNrtft r>f thr body. 

jtrrtf' of D*i'fhpmtrtt- — I'hon* ■■ h diff^rvDoe between 
ffrrtrited ilirvtiop merit ond nrrcjftcd t^rowth, for parU m titc 


IOC DKjCEXT of lux Pam l 

f ■■■ ': ■^:a'-e or'-nu* to st^>w whilst still letaiiung their 
•rA7'.\ y* :■,■■::.■- Varioxi* morcftniHtits vooke under thii ±'.\'X s V ^. 0^ 1 cli?ft'U«l4itf, w ksovn to be occasion- 
nV.y :■'.■>"::■■«:. I: will ^uffi** for our ponHMe to refer to 
:':.'. iT^^Tt^l -'::u:v.-Altfvi^topiii^iii ot mttri^vpuloiis idiotfl, u 
■lr'^7:' 1-1 w, V ■^: > ttwmoir." Th«r tkatU are smaller, and 
t:i^' V ivv.lur^i^r.f <<f the bnin are le« I'ODipLe:! than in nor- 
mal r*>:i 1":;* f^*Tlr3l fiDUf^ or ^h^^ f^rojection orer the eje- 
It '^v-i^ ;:; ''^^?>"> 'ietelopfti, aikd the jaws are progniihous 
t- .\:\ " ''=r:y.- r ' dv^nee: ?o that these iJioU somewhat re- 
htiel' !t i':.* i< \^tr '>[.v^ of tiiankiiiJ. Their intelUgeDce, and 
iti'-: -f :h<:r iiu-iual faculties, are eitremelr freeble. They 
i:iiMi>'t iUi,u'rv the |K>w*r of *peevh, and are whollj incapa- 
11-- --t :-ri-I-L:i^4\l anention. but ate much giren to imitation. 
Th'-y arr- ^?r-»i'.^ md iviEiarkablv a\-tiTe« contiDoallr ffoa- 
h"\'.\:\.: un>l jumpiu^ aU^ut. and making grimaceis. Tbej 
*-('xti\ ;i<i*-ii>! <air^ on aU-fi^ur^: and are curiooslj fond of 
ilitiJ'irij u> fiirnirureortree*, Weare ibus reminded of the 
»i*':^-'ir -h'-w w }-\ almifcst aiJ 1».\ts in dinibing trees; and this 
a_a:ii TN-nrr^i^ iit^ bon- IdiiiW and kid^. ori^^inalJy alpine ani- 
tlla!^, 'iirliirlit !<> fn?k on diiy liilbx'k, liowi^ver iuiaU, IdJoU 
al-r. r-'M'ijLf.b' du' li^ttor animaU in s^nui? oiher ie#i»ecf?: thus 
?-v\>Tiil i;l'i-^ are rii>»nW i^f ibeir k',-ir\'fuHy ^melliu^ every 
tu"iirliful "f fii*vl U"for»' oatiritr ir Ono idiot i* described as 
'►ft'ii iiiiiiir lii-f ni'iuih in aid of hU hdiids, whilst hunting 
fur lioe. They are oh\-n lUtliy \n ifieJr hjbilif, and have no 

si-n f de^tni^y: and ^'v,^ral oa^^s have bwn published of 

th'ir Uniir? liviui: reniarkablv hairy.'" 

f!firfrshri.—y[:iny i^t tJie I'a^es to be here iriven. mi^t 

hav.' iH'i-n imn^diic-e<i undi-r the la^^t headinjr. - \Vhen a ?truc- 
Uir<- y ftrresl'-d in if?; di'volopment. but :i|il] eontinues grow- 
int'- "Mlil it (JiiFf'lv re^vnibtes a (■orresih'^ndinir slrueture in 
i'iiuit- hiuf r and adull mf-mlier i»f iho same gnmp^ it may in 
iii»" .-*'(rsH lie r-^nndt-red as a ro^e of ri'Versiiin. The lower 
irii-iiilif'r>i in a ^niup giv€ us somi^ idea how the eommou pro- 
^t-\utitr viiv^ j»rriljahly conf^tnieted; and it is hanUy credible 
thai a i'ijiii|rh'\ j^rt, arrestf^ at an earlv pliose of embryonic 
di'V*']'»[»]rie*iK I'himld iio on growing so a^ ultimately to per^ 

■•■ M-'iii"in' -iir !■* Mi cuter pliali--*,* ob**Tv<0 ihc inil*oile irnrlUn^ their 

■ ■"''7. \-]: :'". ii': l^p'i- ^TI, I "4 iVK toml. Ste. on IIiIa uttne si^bjrot. hdJ 

" I'n'f' Liivi'4H-k ■'TiiPi^ u|> thi-djArao- im the hhmrimK nf idii>li'« Dr. M^iuJa- 

Kriii liml. fikc irllriT- hy rBlliTitf Ui^iu le^v, ■ Hi-ly aikI Mind," 1^70, pp. 4e-5l. 

/i.f'i'i : ' J'lMrNiil "f ^f■'lbtlll Si'ii-iK'!!,* I'liitl huH ul'«o^ivHD 4HtTikiDg nau of 

Jiilv, l*^'^ I'r. SfPPii i''\'\ti- Jtmf nniL hiurinuw in ui idioL 

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iU proper funrttoii. utili-s* il hml nrf|uirnl iwrh power 

Li^|Hiu&al or Afrcvlcl J4nicture w*» iK'niul The iiiiuf>l« 
rsin of • mlcrooephnWe idk)4, in h^ ftr n» ii n-tvEiib^-* 

ml of •» tfW. 1M> iti lhi« aefkiC be «*ld to oflrr n COPP "f 

j(iQ." Thrro drr otW ruBn which conr morr HUkllv 

*f*uUrlv ^HfurrtU;!; ld ilii^ E^u^t-r ir]c.'iTit<iTi cf Iho ^rr>;ip U> 
'\iiirh iDflfi Itplniijts, uccAUOuIly iiuikv tli«tr njiiM^arimv in 

lA ibj - VflmrtbMi of AnimtW nn- 

inl-ut»*l U* nn* WfffJ ™r« r«feV ftf 
[Mntumtwtrj i>«inmK la imniDa k' 

1j fr<nn oac n«H. ia vhirh ■ 
c(Afl«nl munim vx<arrrA in 

(|>*I»W- ItHl I (I'M* 

tffmt *•• I>M«in/Miiv.-^ 

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111 wttitrir Mtti iluir bJ rvirar- 

t1 villi **«|iu (a I'm |iT\HbAf»]u, 

Itr '30 lliv bpw^ ]. mii'l nf 
ffnrwlf h«i<i ^"^'lM^l iiifrtrmn- 

iWrmlllViT*. 1 1 '* > I'll ^1t 'WL1 
mm hormrLllj fibiv tvd 

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lo bj Pr Btib^ « -KHM inrv 
Iwa w*m»» *«* I^H'vtf r-^'Hikfil 4nd 

tluvrl . ■ ^' I ' 1 run 

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irftiic 111 iflvm >i'tH<ij'4»ik rri, t>n 

k« *ttl4. vv vka;r nf ir il-nM if icliJi 
_IMinnii» laniTll vr li«ir hrtA 
bl InEll "T^rv I'tf IllAfllLill^t. 

wWi mir* Uian « Mnirlr {Wf . 

■J«i> JltnHttc-l iki/^Jj «llJi Eitvt'U 
lif4iUfLf»lL, lhd> frHjiiMit r»iri i>f r«-pEr« 
^Ivljlani Ln £0** *DfL \«f'iix4« wjihi^* 
lo rvttrBidrL I va* ■■■n^j ''<i I" lhi4 
[hnn«li frot Ov^nV laUvffiiriiiU iim 
HAiD uf Ukv k'litliifettar7ciii {wfaiMi 
iboftt tLan ito d^bu hhI tlt«f*IW«i, 
u 1 tup|*iiAL tiftil nnilrarl i prlnmr* 
iltnl A»nJtlinf»; l^ul PruT. tn^gi^nV^ur 
!'■ Jnniiiiir-hpn Z'ibHkrift,' K v lltYl \ 

('II ISa '4hL<r hvi'l, ».-r<inliftf tn Tlk# 
iti'ifi^iKi liiJJf>' ii'l^irwr-l 1>> I't. (■hjii- 
EJi^r, oHi}i<^ |ia-iiiri.-J"< iftir-in-, wlu.'h 
1* jHrmt'lr-1 ''till H^K'ijUtAi lH»nv raja 
[Mi EnOi rrlF' cff I ivijilnil rlmln of 
t"»f>f-, l^i*« *••«<- llii t^*"* ■U'ftciifTj 
iJi blrinlLiih' Ifinl >tt "r iwitiy <MmiH ■'in 
vn* 'J'K 'If ■!" t-'t'* "Hifli^ "»li;M i"*y- 
l**' ih^-uitti f***f»i"r\ I Hill m/'iniivd 
in [ffr Zoiiiiivr'fh ihil lJipn> Eft ■ r-AMi 
■ m fT*i-pl rfif g Fiian JiAVJEiirtifcfiEf fmir 
ftiiLTcra AuJ iKiJLiy foiir Irxb- ' I vk* 
ij^ikdy kil In thfi onn^'likioit thii ilie 
|«t*4^nf« <if *ii|VTniinitu>«n iti^to 
ntijrJiL If rlufl In rvVBTxiPin Vpnin \hf< 
fw>A rbnl tiii'li Jiifri*. imi mHy nn 
*Tr>i»*lj mltvtlfail, l-'iJL AM I lh*irt >>« 
tIciH, hod tl^o £***" "^ rvF'ivih 
■Aer imnutJiliDnJiliD liin nirniAl djir^rii 
nf ihp iWvr >^plrt«ni4 llnl I hh'ti 

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IRT Viinnlirin Tin44>r Iinmr»ikpfltLnn 
wfcy I tif'* plm* liiilc MiHfi^p mj ^^*' 

fvnri|r*l L~«>D»ciri[|«J] TTirT"W|ll N'T* 
t«tltCll?^ tt liiVJ^ma n'ir>>-4>, JTlUTllK'll 

mm Mrrwml iIovt-lo^Tiui'iii itrij rtviiin-iQ 
*n irktiniBtjttjr r«liiii'i| jh* < •-^nn/d^ ; V'tt 
\*rinuii hTTiK^tfm ifi at, fivtitynn- or 
mltrmutl i<r»iic(librk, im h v ■ i-fp'A fml- 
mtv^ hifl-l ifffl'iip, Ap,, *it f'^Hiin-nily 
jvroin[itnir>l ^y \^i\yiiu-ijli'iit Tlib 

HmIiH Bfi/l UiiLnr- f>ri>n'f*>-.' M H>l- 
>lrb ftVl 41 |Ttmi|l( il l» Ltir >|ir-ntl 
fiVHTB* U* jfl*** hf^i AU^brrtLKvr tli» iiLi*t 
Itiiti ihnm l< nm mlniitm TsrHfTi rlif 
klv^tfiilriifiHiii i»f •iip<miL'n<^'4r^i ilifLl* 

l^mifvnlint af man. 

b-i:::. '-. ij^ i- : : -i::*! i:; '.zm ^^c^haL h'Liniiia smbrr*'*; or, if 

c-rrr.i. v ■;-,-; ',^.,-, ^^i^i-ii^i .1 a 2:i-*'tTr whi^h U uomul 
-n :-:^ ^T-.r r.^r-ir^':^ ■■:' tr:-e iT-.'^;:'- Tli»?« rvmarfei will be 

l^ -jr. ■:> "'^''^'' m ' ^ i^t" -'-er^ ;nd'ii-_if* fp.-'Oi ^ doable 
oriTi:: =■::/. :t ■ ::*::t:\:t --^'.7.^*:** Ar.-i -,■*' > ii^s^p^. is in the 
Tra-'^-:::il*, :-:; 1 rL::^'.^ ^'rpiv. iri-.v-?! :< ir; no waj dciuble 
^1 '-Tt :> r^ 'i^'^\-z i *i:-;^t ::::crc.i~- ^'.-i- as ::i the higher 

:: r.? •:t-'j:: :'r.^« t^o i^x^r^'i"':" ^TJTt-s, In a' I tiuainuU the 
u""-::.- 'i iT-.vl.'v-r-i frvE* :» .' ^:t:■,:.^e ;T"-iii:;:ve tuN?s- the 
.ni-y. T :< rr: n* .^: whi^h i-^Tvi oTT^ud; and ii U in 
"['.^ ■» r-:? f L'r. Karrv, '" b v :h^ lAM't-st^^n^-v of the iwo 
i.-iTZL -..i i: *'--:r l:^--fr eiTreLUi:;^^ thiC tbrf >,^_v of the uterus 
;j- 5'rT_— i :r. ::.iir.. vihiit' :ti Th',^*t' stiikmIs :ii nhkh no niicl- 
di-r '"'r:.:^ r '■ -iv iri:^:?, rhv vvrniu rvniain umiaitetl. As 
'■':.r :- -i:::. ':l: i: :he uEtTti< i>rx«\U. :ht' 1*0 o>riiiu be- 
'^•:r.- .Ti-i-Hi.,;. -i'li'^rttr, up.til a: tt*iiL::h thiv ^rv Wt, or, RS 
/ '■^r^. H'.'^'T- "\ the J'-h^v of :?.e uur-js." The an^lefi 
'if "..^ -i'^r-i.-^ .i^^ ^':-' T-r-hi.i-" [iv..- vvr*r,ui. ^^i 11 :r. juinuil? 
a^ .'..i-?. 'jp :n li-v ?-:ilv a-i :':\i' ! '"<t ;»;>:? .ivA \ *v-ur*. 

N-",! ir. "AuJiiTn. an ■*■:,!! -u- la^o? ar* i^ ■: \vrv :T!:re«jiienL 
it. y'r.'.fh r;> niiivir'? u>.rii* i^ 'i[rn:s:u'i «■::; ^^rruia. or i> 

t'. '**'-::, n-:-»';it " tht irriiile '*f toTUcmraiiu' *levelo|»iiieiu." 
iii\i:.t-t\ -r: r^ffl.:! r-"!* i::>. 'Ucro :vr:;;t:'? wo ha*o all in- 
i"»;iri"- "pf it -:;r.:'!" atv-^-^I i'i <■i^^\<^\"U\^■ liovol-'-omt'iit, "'illi 
'-'i'-,^i-*^i^i-f.i 'jr'-'*j\i anil i^rfei.: funotioiuil i1cvt,*loi*moiii ■ for 
'■j'fi'T -i'l<: f.f th'" i^iirTi.illy -i-[iMp' uUTHs i* ui^^iMo of ^ht- 
f'rjtuirrj ifi'- r-r'-j-'T orT^-f <^f ;:israti<'Ti- In <»t)ior aiuJ raror 
'H-t-. ^■\'i rh^rirnT riTfrinf' uivjui-^ iiri- f"riTio<.l, oskIi liavitijr 
it- \*t'i\.*-r '»rifi"' iiri'l j-a^riairi^'* 'No >m]\ ^^faize is fM^^otl 
|}ir'M»:"li 'liiririi/ tIm' -pnlinarv rlrvib»}»iin'm v>f Hie oiuhrvo: 
w/i'f |T [- 'liflirTid t(» U'li*'V'\ thiiujili ^>i.'rha['« not imf^''"ibU\ 
Miiit ripi' iwf -.iNj|(l<', minut*-, primitive tiilvri shoiiUl know 
\iitv. rjf -M/fi nn '■xj»r*-.-.-i'»n niav lie upotll to -zrow ini" !«(.> 
»ji"'iTr<T uT'Ti, imh Mjfh n wi'll-consirurti*il oriliie ami |m^- 
i-ni"-. iin'l *fi'fi funiirfi*'! v.-\\h tninuTrtiis nmsi-los. nerve*!. 
I'Utitil iinil v*"-^|t, if lln-y \t»t[ nn( fiinnerlv pa^si-d ilir*^niih 
A iniilHr r**iir-i' r»f ii*vi-l'i|,itK'i]l, a^ in !he case of exislin;: 

" ■ •■i- It a Vitff'- *h1I Itimri-n in , !*-;*<, p. rt^t. l*nkr,-,..»..r Tiimi-r in 

BTliH'li- III 111- ' i\.-U.i-.'-\\n fif \hjiiMiity ' F'lMi]iiirj;h Mt.-Ju'jil Jouraiki.^ KctnTi- 

mifl l'fiv-k'il'-|'V,' V'pL V, l-.V*. |<. •'•i-i. dry l^'l.V 
■ ntc-ii, ' AriiiT"riij ''f V'Tl^lpfnu*,' v'pI. 

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txwrMiiiab. Nri oii« will pn-li*ni1 llvt m pMf«ri i •IriKiim 
«> th« sbnorma] [loutik aUriis in ooiuan couM St? tin: rr»uft 
nf t:>et« rlttDCC. Bui (he Eiiiiici|ik< nf n-vi-TUEin, h_r «hir|i ti 
ffin^T'l*^ Ktrttcturo i* e^\)w ha^k mio 4<xi<d(*ncCr inifiht Bcn« 
ft» ihr i!tii(tc r^r itd Tttll (]<-vrIifinKiit, n^D after lh<? Inptc of 
au enn'miEju^ ml^rval i<f time. 

rn>K<htf3r Caiw*irini, iftcf flu*cu«nn(; th* foTf^p^nn^- and 
rariou.- ■naloprrHW cur**, irfivo^ o1 ILc *«Tri^ o"iv. I iLiion a« 
1I141 llv wMiio^ aiKtthf-r iiLMdinr. iit ihr rn«* 

of Pi" ' ■M^'" whirh, in womo oi Uic <^uH(InjmfinA 8n*l 

olhrr nvmrruilji, nvnnAlly coqsjiUi nf two poniona. This \t 
lit, roDtliti^n in titr liuiniirt f<Kit^ wlifii two EiinnthH oM; luJ 
througti Ams:^ <)t^rd»|»moat. it Aorm^iimM rvu^uiim thuK in 
ftuiti tfbpD •(lull, iikurv cB|xv:ially in Iho lower proimathrjiui 
rmiv. FlriMT ('ani*«trini mftHi»rk« thfft Hornc and>^nl j^m- 
^mtoT *ti mnn m«Et hare h&d tUa Wne noriiMilly dividtyl 
lEilo lino iv>rti«trts, irhkh aftcnAnrtb became fa>»rfl toirftKrr, 
tn nam Uir fnmljit lump coTuicln nf n Hin^Or ytw^. hut in 
lilt Mvbfjo, snd in ohil<lTGn, unJ in slm^wt all the lower 
nomniaU, il coosUta of two paecvH 5r^iar7ili>fl bj n distinct 
mturr. Thii nalTim (traudoniillj nrrvi^tx tiioo> f>r i™* 'li*- 
tiDdlj in nan ift«r maturity; and rkjiv fn^ncntl^v in nn- 
ri*ni1 tfian in ivcent craiiid, ct|>*^iallj. aa Caairstniii baa ob- 
(PTOyl, in thruK* i*thtijncd from the Priflf and br|onK>"R b» 
the bfwhjroqJttbc Kypry, H«To again hp como^ lo tho •nmo 
^onrluftinn «s ill IImt ntialo^oiu rase of tlK' rtuilar bonni. In 
tbi*s nttd rAhoT ittfljiDCOft pppi*nEly lo htf K*ven» t^i« c-auw.' of 
ancii^l racm appr^oftcbinj: Ihc bvrr ammiilH in ccrbtin chnr- 
w-li-f* tiirin* fnniurnlly (liuii ilu ibe iDodfrm raco», appi-«n to 
I*, that th^ InlUr Mmnd at a w«nfewliat gr*fllCT difttanw in 
lb« lon^ lin« of dcaccnt from their cnrij Aumi-hunuii) pro* 

VarirnF oth^r an'^nafiea in man, moT^ <»t 1p^ anjilojrnus 
lf> the fcr^poini;, have hrm adranccd by dilTcront authora, 

■ ' **, l^uril 
hw fMinil 4 

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Ml- nl humtn ti^^tcLf 

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Dr, tetfslM'la iIe« -nurHTA 'Mft 

t+f («il (n flhtut two jirfl rt-nt- E>r inIxII 
*liiillii; ht slfc" TTm»»b< tJm' It mf-™ 
^tiiwEilfj mvnn* ifi iT"i;iiotliiiitf 
bkrtTKnol nf lh« Arvin fw^. Than tn 
ndirPL a«r •[»^ n. t^l'lnrcllvl "tt tlip 

miUfi .(ill* »-Wk nnUr*; 'I'nhnn. i^t 

■U'j>riL>liii lI^^I' 'tart* ■nifitrf.'' M^^Miii^ 
la?! ttntl mofr mrniry fimfn^r hu 

or jr^fuiOs, hA» ihraWQ (InnliU en mf 

TIIK ijE?m:km" ok MAJT. 

AB i»H« of r^wraion; liut Ihrn- lui-m not a WuW drtijbtfiiV 
for n« hnre to descend evtrt'molv I*>^ in the mammAHon 
ScHo*, bffou' tt'L* (iii<i fluch Btrin.liir<jf^ imtmuUy i>r«K'»L*' 

In mnii, \hr rniifur trrlli »n^ prthilJy rlViHrtiL in*iLru- 
mvnU f"r mfl^lK-atinn. Util Ihnir tnn> canino charflclrr, as 
UwcTi *^ rtirmrliE- " ij- indtLnloJ Ly Ibe onical lt*nti of tlit 
orouii, wliirh (rrmiimlffl in nu nbLunr jMiinL i>t t-inivt'i [iiit.< 
wuni antl (iat ^-r fi»il>-concavp within, at the bnM^ of wliith 
rarfacc thrre ia a k-eblc fTOintncnce. The conical form ia 
bolt uxprratt-il III ih** Mt-tanijiTL rniL'H, i>A^'jjilly Lhi* Aim- 
IraliQD, The cHninp ie tuotv ilt<-»ply iinplimtud, and by a 
sUuiiijer taiig Ibun tlio inci*i.»i>."' Ntverlhclc**. Ihifc toolh 
no IcTTijjrr v<>TVi<K iriiiii an a ^iieiiuT Lveupon tar teHiiii^ hi« 
pnotfli*** t)t \iTey; it ni/ij, t U<?rt'fori', as fur av iU |iru|ioT (unu- 
tion is t'onc^ rilled, b*^ L-()ii«idf?red n* riKJiiiirrntary. Ir CTvrj 
Ur);v rollw'liwi of human -ikulU ^*riiTi*? may bt* found, as 
Hw'kH " oU^rri-a. vilh thv uininv ttwth proji^oUnx eoiieid- 
tfrabl_v lit'jund th*^ others in (hv wmc ninrncr «> fr the an- 
thro|M>in(ir|.dioLiB a|jo8, bnt iu a Jess degree. In thp>ie raspji, 
open ipflvi^i* Iwtwocii Iho tcctJi in tiic oi»» jaw aiv hti tot 
ih^ rn'^lition of thi- i'fininr> of tUv oppoititr jau. An lnli;r- 
tpaooof l.hi* kind in a KnfflrikuTI, figured hy Wa^er, isuur- 
priwiiijrly wide,*' t^ijiieidt'nn^' \n*v- few aru llio unt'iunt 
ikulU whirb haw bn-n rwiirtirml, nimpjin'd 1i» hrrnl skiills* 
it U an internjilirg fact that in n( It^wl three cast's tlie cftikine^ 
prcrjed kr^-cly; and m the Nuulolle juw Lhey urc apokcn of 
UK cniimiciuH.'^ 

Of th*i anthr(ipomorj»hi>np apra the malcB alone hav* 
tlieir cauima fully dcvdopud; Lut in ihv fcmnlc sorillii, and 
in h Iraa de^rM? In llir ri-nmlt nrHn^, Ihrw Irrth project enn- 
aidcrnblv twyotiti Ihe olh*^rti; thcMoro the fac^ of which 
I have been assured, thai vp'umun vomotimrB lirivp ci^iuidcr- 

•1 A wlbwlo HjriiH t^f c<HiKa ill jrivita 
bjItU i^mifrry W.'Hll»»ro,"lH*i.-li-» 
AiiuriialLfn'Ujiii. Ml fp, iS*- Aiv*icwnr 
l*Ji^rimkl lit AniT- nttd l'hi*l«l>iffy,* 

which aavn JTpn pp*^iMi»I, 'irvuhmii. 
Wt* aiTwIni 1(1 Ihti^ a^ I ^lufiiiinhl, 
lU HAjq thiL Kdcrliritf t" my ihoory, 
* oirtry iruutoni conJiUun r»f mnTwufl, 
Jvririjc ■!■ ri«vo1ai»iifii(t. t» »« «[iljr * 
miuiiB In nil imd, F-iit nliM (nw mi ttid 
iu ll^in* Tli\» Jut* tml nffpm t" iim' 

EPurifHlof 'le<«Za|i|iH(iL,havifiv H'' tf ln- 
i\iin bi rvvcrvi'^ii i yoi hijH<^ -pirifiri'in* 
mlillit t» iifwtfvtd mud accuiuvlabVJi 

iHel Any friiv vt'fvii'vaMi'.f^f InVAnce, 
in •hrin0(iiii]f itiiit •riipjilifjiriir Ui4 

vH/ iJiDillil rbuL iitjuri'itiv BlfWrrnii1i< 
tifi«,aiirli Vfl'tjvpplikrtil rn h/Eirnrfrlibloa 

t'UfUv 'ivliidtt liavc riu rDJutiMii b* ■ 

iiuij iturliHl, ii noil H Tiuniif iimlu- 

A ■ Annljimy <ir VnrT#r»imE«i,' vnl. III 
IMA. M Ja^. 

«i-Cviitr«]lii Mi>r|-hnl4£iV I*M, &. 
II. A. rU. 

V.tut UmriftLiir imll, ft IM 

** r, c«ik^i liiftWh, Mfi ■ ill It tf'ttt u* 

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it ihrlr iH<4«dihtml tfn<(il ilrvf^lrtpnii-ni in nmn b a t-uu ul 
'T'T^iott lo in apr-hk*.^ |>f.i;ftnLtur Hi* wbo rrjocVf< wiUi 
•>rti Uie Mid Umt llii- »hit]ie at liia uwii cvmints, Arul ihnr 
ii»ii\nil f:ri<ai ilvvt<]i>|>Tii4'»l m nttipr iii<*n, an- 4i>p to our 
irJT friTTfn'hffB ^aviri^ >v»*ci proviilfd with l(»t*^^ fonui<ll- 
\f xa^tirriK Mill prvilml^jr ivirnl, hy ■m-i-rin^'. Ilip liiii- of 
bU ilciicriil. Pur l)iLiii;<)i tic no Imi^'tr inUud^, nrr ]m» thm 
pavrcf, lii uiw Uici*r 'eelh m» iiciip4>n^ Ik' will iiriy^itt^iouslir 
rHncI lii:^ " MnHm^ jiiUF^Ii^Ti'* (thiM uaniRl ti\' Sir t\ 
Hrlll." ^ ■» to «:i]HMv th^m t«aJy for action, Uk« a ilon 
]fTr|i«rt«l in ltf;kl. 

trr* propr (o lite QQa<lniiitar»a or ikTfii>r nitftiuoK l*rof*iuor 

|VlacOYn'h '^ cjLHiEiin^d forty iiiak sulrjoriit, nti^l founcl 4 mm*- 

r}v, calird bv liJni Uir iiuOiii^imbJcT, 111 ttmi-tmi of th#[n; in 

Ibrw LithrfA ih^itj VA9 ll^mont vhi<^h i^iir^oenlod ihu 

iuru(I«; AB(t in Lhr rviiMiiiiTit; (ri;;}]lH*ii n*> IrHfM? of it. In 

1I7 t»i> DUl flf lllirt^^ fi'MUltr «LltijkK-tJi WlIJi Ihlft niMM-Ir (lr> 

Vrlf'poil nn both Ciid(4, Iml in thrvi' nlhtru lltv nifltnunUiry 
UjrAniciil ■« picaetiL TIiU mudtlr, llii^rtfun.', tti^jwam lo 
br much mim* nHnmoa in ihr mntc Hmn in ihr fi'innlL- km; 
tncl <>n tl» \xUvi :n Ibo dcwc-nl f-i ii»oii lii>in ei^me lower 
ronn, llir fact m iiilt'llij^iUo; Tar at Iiha Wii iK'Ifrtfnl m 
crvnnl nf tfa^ lottvr fliMinnlp, nnd in nil 4if llinif^ tt Mrrvtu 
rxdwLvdy to tad llio maU' in the act of rfrvpwiiittion, 

Mr il. W<i»kI, tn Iilh vbIuuMp HTii^K of [ifijK.T*,*' hm* nii- 
noi«4y rI^<Tiliocl A vaM ninntirr (>f muM^iibr v.irititif)i]ii in 
mnn, trhirh rrm-iiiMc nr^rinnl pItui tiiriv in Uio lov'^r eniinelA 
thr Ti\tiu'U-f wbu'li rWi'lv lt--u'Ei]}i[r thiirir ri'i^iilnrli |irfM-fiL 
rn 'jTir nmrx'ul albi'J, fii^' C^iifk^lnEii^nnn. ftra itn nnn>^if>iiE lo 
\k 1i«nr v\Mti bp<-cif]fil. Iti a Mti/lc tJinlt etibjcct. [m^in^ fl 
Mmn^ linrliU fninn^ mul urll-fifrinrrl ^kiih, ivt \i"*» lltHh 
M'v^n Tf Tiij>nUr tftmlions wprvohiM^n-pd, nil of which f^lamly 
r i niiM^Ira f>rT>]i?T til varioQft kJnds of apef^. Thr^ 

Eiurjt, iii iwlnnw, bail (III both u(3i<h (if liU Hf*Qk a IruL- jukI 


'— -^r «f 


IMA L'l' 

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|||'*r or flip 


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ff yil, t<9; veil. ir. H^fT. f ^^- vkl. 
IT I IM^h i^. I iriHT li^rrr mM iTmt 

linK ithiwri ill l^fiir M*iTiM'ir trii tht 
I .HiinirtitHtr^ I* Trii'i^A-^L ^^c-'lrv **>«.' 

tJiP**^ HOiifPiiW, titv 1»fff*l itti>iti1'iir> flf 
(]-iii P^hniAb-^ (tnulBLkiiiB.AlH', in ifio 
riiiwli-" liiil^itf to (d^ni^^EuFTj rMLbit in 
tiiEJikAl* *li]l \<rtv' (n 'li« v«]«t *if* 
bdtiwr^ut )n ihs Limurvlilea. 

\t II] jiiiiiut one out ot »Uly lj 
I. In till! loHiT t\ln<]fiitK-K Mr. Brudk^y '' 
tclor fijijtM rtiMtitarAt t/uir^l^ in brtlh f^i^t of 
L'le hai3 Jii>1 ii]i tu IJial time Ltiii rt'i'unln] in 
k ulwa^vft [irt-aeiit in IKl* ■nthropniiiorpliiiun «[ 
clc» of Ihc hnndc mid am\»- purt* which urc eo 
hamHcrihlic of niHri-^Hrv t'.itu^trioly liabl*- I" 
► T£4cniblc thtf ooprospomlinp mitBck-it in llir 1^ 
k" Suth rnjicmhlnnrr"* jirv cifhor pctfert i^r m 
in th<" IflUi^r itiAiy ilwy iiTf iiiBinfi'Mlly i)f n Ira 
iro. CorUm ^finalioicK iiti- tnoro coiiiTium in itl 
irtt tn tt'omnn. withimt nut Sriiijf nblr to n^al 
n. Mr, Wnod, nftnr di'm-riliini: mimprmjs vnl 
Si tb<^ fctll<iwiiif' firL'f^iiHTit ToiziJirki " N4.italili* dt'i 
I tbt ordinary tyfir nf Llii^ iniiiiriilnr [tlrucliErm 
[vm AT dirrrtioiifl, uliiHi iniiAt hr> 1nk<^n lo indini] 
lown faclur^ ul much iiuportancG to n compre 
flwl^r of ^nrm! nnd m'icntific nniitomy/'"' 
[hat Ihi* linknonn fnctnr in rr\rniioii ti n r^rm 
[ittlcncc may bi.* ndjuitteii ob m tliL> ]iij-lu«t dc^srv 
It in <|Liiic iitrrcdiblc thai a Timn ^llt>^ld t 

tUy PT»f, ll*cFnl]»l« \r ' Ppoc 

L <'Ti(ijTii*n*Tj in * Ji>iin)>l i^f 
[ill l'hr*-\'r./., irLji, 17*. 
ijibI urAiuLaij I T'>iTr.' ii*f^ 

liH 4ifvi]rviill'<n«. nrirl An<l» 
■nil' ihnonitihlin itrr miil 
|iii till! A'T'-- nnii*i ir^<ii<1lyH in 
jnll*. in tli0 ffk^ Af»^ 

fiiwirw <ioviivRnJfi liiiA I in 

A* II niii^uiUiil frctik ft Emu 
not uh Jrrlakp tn ■■f-* It li 
inn irt hour in m|«hlr iin i 
aftft H cmbitlen-ii mi ■>i^i"ni 
InTirinitrr. itlnLJllinif r\-pn 1 
liilHi ijfiiiUii'T "f Tiia fln'i [irr 


Cur. 11. 



mi'Tv Bii»k>nt aljuormtllv rttMrmUi- ci^tnic apM in no li« 
thflii >rr4!D or hU muMMM, if tli«ro hji<] bvm nt) goixt^iic 
oHUiMTEion Ixrlvccn thctiu On Ibc other hand, if tiiaa i» 
(Uvoeoded from (ome npe-like rrraimy. no vnlid n«An can 
be uniCDcil n'hjr c^rtjun hiim^Iu* Ahonkd nut cmddt'nly fv- 
sppc»r After on inlrrvA) of manj UiQiiMinil epiitrimi-»iiM, in 
tM ttirie mADHpr iw with fitrann, aum, ntid mi]|««. <larlc* 
iy>lMin^1 flritio* aciikl^nlv n^tppoar on Ihe lejra, acH *boul- 
- an intrrvnl of Imudred*, or murv prubeblj^ of 
r I 1- '>f ^Derahonn. 

'I'bwe vanoiu etws of reverskm nrc 00 cloacly relAl«^ 
Co thow of ruilinM'ntiirj oriEuu gti~cd in ihv fir>t ctmplrr, 
that mafijr of ihptii loi^ht have 1>pcn indifff^rvrilly inlm- 
duovil rlthvr tJioro or faore. Thus a hunmn ui^nifi lumitihed 
wfitii cxiniu4 HUij In- rtnd to trpnaetiU iu a ruOiuicnlar^v t'»:i- 
ditton, \ht MMc orpan in itu Dorrnnl ftato iu C4>rlajn mum* 
cnoJs. Some pait* which ore ruilimentflry in irnn, «» the 
i» iToccjji in twill MriLi.'^. Hin) Oit.' muinrnii? in tl^t- mult? aex» 
•rr ulvrHy> jirL'tfrnl: vliitM othrri, irueli cm lb« ftupraoOQ- 
ilybiil fomnii-ti. ofily m^i-iiBionally Af>pr«r, nnd therofor* 
niiglit hnn^ ti*-fii intmtlin'<>il umliv tlie he^d of rewraioo. 
TheM Mveral r^rvereionnrv aEruf^uirvi. ax irr«tl tm iho tTriclly 
ruitiim-nturj one*, irvoal the divccnt of man from Booie 
Lowrf fonn in an unmififAkaMr niiiiiaf<r 

Cftfreialtd Vari^wn. — In mjin, » in th« lotver nninuiW 
nwny Uiwiurvx nrr mi inliiiuilHy n^Uiinl. IhRt nhpn nne 
f«rt Taji«« «Q drvfl Anolhsr, nithjiiit onr bein^ ablo^ in ruttt 
cnn, to aaai^n any n<aK>ti. \\\- tunnoL «y wtnthcr the one 
]inri fc'DVKrnt LIm? ulJu-r, it whi-lhcT \tnih ntv goypnind hv 
i^tTiL- (urticr diTn*]opi^ fiarl. VarioiM inoD£lro6itiw, n^ 1. 
(Jf^iTr V rc^oli^dJy in^t«U. oro thua bttimfttdy contK*rl^d. 
1 <iit> 8tnH-liins are jiariiitilurly linh]i< to fhftnp> t^- 

^ _ *e HW ttn the rppf>9ijto wdfi of iho body, nnd in 

ihr upprrartd lower wtrcmilicft. Meckel loni^ ago ramflrkcd, 
ihni u\wn Hie niii^^lM of tJir iimi itepnH from thi-lr jirnpi-r 
tViN*. Uwy aJiiKiii alv^yii imitntii thosf of ihn ]cp; find w> 
i^.nvfTtfcly. with the maflclw i^f tliL- li-i^o. The orcanA uf 
ijj-hl ami hrntin^^ thp- IMh sml hair, ihe colour of tin* Mkin 
and of tiie hair, colour ami conatitution, iin< more or Ivm cor- 

#f the t*v« ■aiiiiBlk fin 
■^■t mp hf mnrkiiv. * It will I4 

r' iAf^ntAK 
Ct«« IE: tlitt CiUimu: • U ^J^ "V, ICAd OV U- 

lillh ici » •nflli'Jtnlli tiiiirk9-l trinnnrr 

fiifrjfi]^^ '>r 1lrii I^jLEH LitiiiTJ ihrfLE'i]iln 
nt irii T'l'inn i-r Iah "f -iihinifliio*. ill 



Put I 


rplatpd," Pmfewor Sf'hnHfThaiiHeri finit drew Btleirtion t<i 

Uirl Ihr HmnKlj'pronoimreH fuprn-orhitnl riti^PiF., whTi:h lire 
*it ('h»rurt.frjj'iit' n( thi> lower rnr™ of mati. 

Iloei'lpfl ihe varmlioup vint'li t'aii Ih* (jrauped with mon* 
or li'«i [>r[ilralhilit\ tniJi^r Ihc foregoing h^aile, thrrv i* a largt 
<rUiu of \flnji1.F»tiK whidi riiJiy Tm- proriMttiiiilly nillrd ^|i(iii- 
taneou», for lo nur ignorftnce th^y appar tnariep wnthonl 
any excnting; i'diL4e. It tan. liuuTvr^r. \*v ^hfrwn thai ^ich 
vHi'iHlioTDL, wfit'lhrr (.'oriNlHl irix "f ii|i;;^i1 tiulivi'lufll ililftr- 
OTiCPS or of fflroriBlV'MjnrkoH cinri nbrnpl <!mfliioiiii ol nlruo- 
lure, Hf i^end much more on Ihf ron^titulioL of the organism 
thrill »n the nature of Ifif t-nnrliiiuiis to wtiicli it Tihh lieen 

Rat^ fif fnrrtase. — Civilleed popuUtioTiii hnvi? In?pr known 
undor favoumblc oonihtioiir^, an m tUv I'qtIkI S1ati-a« lo 
double their mtpibcni in tA*ciilj-fiT« >yntF; ftnd» actrord* 
ing 111 II inlr'iiljitjon, by KuW. thU mighi. ornir in a Titt.U 
over twelve jwirn.*' At tho former nlv, ttie preeont ^lopii- 
btion (>r the I'njti^t SUtri^ (thirty inilliflns)^ wnuLd in fi*^7 
years cover the whole lerraqueoUB clobe m Ihiekly, thrti four 
mi'fi ivould hftvc lo statui on eacli 6(]uuri' yjird of tmrfucu. 
Thr prininrj or fiindunK'ntuI Hietk Irt th** 4^iinliniin1 iiirn^juui 
nf iTiJiTi is i\w difflciiUy of j^aininj; Bub&iRtence, anri of living 
in comfort. Wc moy infer thit tins if the caPt from what 
we Ht, fnr inKUntH*, in thn Unili^d Si«tc&, wheri' siilwiRt*?MWT 
U «afiy, 4iiid thor? i§ pl«nTT uC room. If eneli rDesne word 
suddenly doubled in Orrnt Britnin, our number would bo 
r|uic1(ty dfiiihlrd, With ri*-iliKi*d rnlion« thiit prinmry clirtTk 
nctu chi^flv by n>atnilnin^ marnapfs. Th^ groat^r dwith- 
rattf of iiiiHnU in \hv poorcjit ilaMts is uI^j vtiry important; 
HB wril m thc> gn'uliT inortnlity, from vmHoilk i|i»iMkKr<«, of ilia 
inhab:tnnU ol crowd^rf nn<l mi^oi'jkMe hoii^i^ij, nt nil n^vt^ 
The I'lTecU of eevirrtt irpidi-ioiLTi jiml var& arv wjoii i-ounter- 
bflUiw'Orl. and inon' thnn coiinlrrliiJjirK'cd, in nnlioiiFi ponced 
undor furi>unihli> rondilif^nK, Kmigriition nliin romfi; in iiid 
lis n tcmpomry elieck, but^ ^vjtli Lbe e.'ilremely poor clajuoe, 
not In nny ^eat eilenl^ 

There in rriLEion to niittpctrt, a« MaUhQA ban rnnarkcd, that 


••Tho jHitliurtUw fui ib«w «:»<frml 
■LM^VHinU ttn aWnn in my * ViiriJitinn 
orAfiliDLl" nndoT t'onicwilcjiLlun^' vol. 

en*i in ah^i- 3xk\\. vol. h. vf aif 

[|*f nirniAfdc^ntirni,' 
■See tbaDrvPR»mnnMr'F.MuT on 

lUv T. M*Lthiu. vnl, i. L»tve/p. i, 



UaVSI&A fil' DtC\'Klx>P3irJfiT. 


i)io ff^LinnliiHiiP ]»vrr In mclvukWy lift* in lurlnmua. iKan in 

f^i. ^.,^ hCiid£tr«iiot«lUD0buf bi*i-Q Lflki-n; but fmm tlio wii- 
rurrml iivtiiiuiny iif niHMnmrtt^. niul of nihf^r: vha hai^ 
JflDg TvAi^l^l with j^uch JMH>|4<>, it H|ip««r0 tlui thf-ir fiuniliir* 
ATT nuallj ^mAll. ujiO l^ri^i- <>nrA ran-. Tliij may l>^ (wrtlj 

4'iTUik1nf fur. a* it in (ii'lirvnl, lit (hr WiiniTJ awkliii^ tl*eir 

aiitf^ ilurjhf' jt li>n|; tiiiv; Iml il i> highh L<rolial>ir titit 

. vthv ofu'ii t^xflvi iiiiM'li hanS^iip. anl nliu ilo not 

?^i much iiulntri'tjs fuftil a.4 oiiJIj^ih] m^n. woiJct h^ 

imIIv Uif* |irnlill*'. i haw nhvvm \n a foniKT w-rk,^* 1h«t 

I oijf iiijTii'«ticj(ed iiimiinif^^le iind lurtls. iiitl ull our cxil> 

fed plinlvt ar^ mow f«ftjlt* tkui Hu' rom*«fK)r(lin^ ■pi>< 

in a tftatv <if nitur«. It w nu vnlid i>t>ji>ctioii to Uii« 

uaoo thai iDJUiab ^oJdoiily bU|/|r[i«l «iili «d eicvn 

frtofl. or Blien grown Tri^- fal; iu»! tlifti inwt |1nrW on 

d*l*n rcTOoval from rcrr poor to vrry rirh wil, nrc mi- 

T<<d raorc or kvA elcriK'n W« luigbl. tlivif fijiv. ripect lliat 

nuld lie r' '-tit thin u-jld Tm-n, It m nliiti proliabk 

j*l lh*-ii: 11 'Witj ot rivilim-*! nj»tM*nh wttiiM li>-{<iinie, 

«'jlh Mir d'XnifitR' jujttitaU. an inhf-rit«d cliaraottr: jt it 
Ii-ut knovn thnt with mankind a tcndcaicj to prviiiucr 
ii» ruDt in familiM.** 
Nofvilliitundini; tJiat Mvaf^eii app««r to Tti» hts ikrolift^^ 
inn iiinlua^d p<-<Ji>!4:, Ibcy voultl mi doubt ni|ird],v ini.'nHijrc 
th^ir mimh«na urn* mtt by nmu* mtviift njfidly ki^'jtl ilovrn 
111? Santiili. irT hill-InU-^ 'if Indka, ha\9' r^^nrlv AlTiinkd 
j;<)cd illnidnition of thin fuct: for, ai* vhvwtx by Mr. Huii' 
r." llii'T Imtp inrri'Avd al Kn i^tltT^iknliutiir mU- Binef 
(M.iiiatioii has hvi-h introduo«<d. oth«T pe«ti1oDcee mill- 
tr\i, iuul TAr rirmly rvprrsd*rd. This incnusv, how4?Tcr, 
<*nld nil havo l*wn powiM*' hud nnt tbru' nidc pop[<i 
■rvjtd itilf- iW fldjomini: dtfeUid^, and vorke^i for hir>. 
lajctit ahwiikt ilvnvji iiurry; yvl tbrrv is aouw prudt-'ntial 
finint, for t)i«y dn nut romnionly nuirry iil tb^ L-arlu!tt 
itJo aj*f^. Thr y-HtUjC '"<^i> Q>^ often rt^qiiind to sFiov 
>an KL|i]ffjrt a *ifr: nnd ibry yrnprall* bave fir*l 
I> I' |>ri<v with which to purHjiis;** Iilt from Ikt par- 

IVilk dava^ECH Ui« diftkulty of obuirir^ nubHlEilcnco 
onaJlj liiiiLU tbt-ir nuTiilirr in a timdi imirL' dirfft 

If- LkAalinaligOL' «<;UL|^ III- l?'-*! k "Tn. 
» Mr. SAlfvkli. -totUA tod for- by W, W iluuur. IddK |il 3a». 



P*n I 

m&nncr thnn with rJviliMil |i<^opEcr, fur &\\ Iribcn [xrriodinillj 
AUlT^r fnitii Hi'Vi-n' fjuiiini'H, Al fnAi tirnri ^avitj^i'^ >rc 
forc-ed to d*vuiir iiim'd bad i^ct], and Ihoir hoflltli (tin hnrd!y 
tu] to Ijr injuriti. Manj accuuniB lifl^e bvvu iiubliahed *>( 
their prolrndiit^ Elfiiiuichii uml mtiiriiiUHl iUnht iifb^r unri 
during; faimnea Th**y are tjipn, aim, oi»m[)olK^d to wiitidvr 
mucii, and, ts 1 was arufured in Ati^tmlia. ihi'ir infants poneli 
in Inrp- ni)inlii*ni, -■\^ famim^ii art- jientMlit-nl. d<"|iL'iidiiiK. 
chii'lly on t-Kln'rEit' «i-HBon^ nil tribi^s mui^l Rui^tiiiilo m num- 
twr The/ cmmut Alt-aiiil.v and r<:^tdarly mcreti:M.\ ax th^re 
ia no HniUclHl int'ivutf in flit- hu^iiiIv *if f«m1. Siwiij/iTi, wht-n 
hflttil pr«f«cd, vncrcarh un i^ch oihi^'v tt>rnlonL-i, uud war 
U tlie resull; but they aiv indeed nlin^>«t alwnyt^ ;it var 
with llki^ir iiti>f}ibi>iirfL TIr-jt dri^ Einble tu many a^videiita 
on liind and walrr in Ih^ir iv^uivh for food: and iix «i>me 
caunlriui ibey auHer iiiudi fr^m ihe larger beoMf> of {yrcy^ 
Evun in Indifl, djft1ri?l» hnve been depopulait^^d by lh^ rav- 
ut;CA i>f ti^crv. 

Maltbiiii ha« di#cu««rd thcH^ K'vcral chccli^, but hv dcr^s 
not lay »troi« enough rm whBl U pro}«bl_v ihf ninci impnr- 
tnnl of a]|, namely infoiilicidc, rapetriully <*f fiMtiok- infaotft, 
iind flic biiliJI of [jriH'iirin*; jilirrrtJinL Tbi'w- fhniH.iiT* Tmw 

frevnd in iniiiiy f|«rtrT«"*r« nf th^ wnrld; and infaniiddo swma 
ormorly to have pn^ailtd, tin Mr M'l^nmm " ]uui shown, 
an u )dil1 mott' rxlrmtivc mnb-, TlirM' jirarluvM aj>iK<ar tu 
Ixnto (inginatpd in mvages recognising the diWUmUy, or 
rattier the impoMibilily of mifjportinii all llip infant* that 
dre Lorn. lioi-utioM'tui*!* mny nUn \u- iiHdwl tn Thp forp- 
giniiK ohvclu; btit tbie doc^ not fallow from failm^' m^Bm 
oriuWietcncc; though tljortf is re»flon to htlirTc thai in some 
I'oani (aa iii Ja|viii) it ba^ bnn iuli^ntiuniiHy enckiiragml he n 
m«ranA of keeping dorn titc' prtpidalion, 

U Avc loOK back Il> an ntreimdy niiuitr r^nnh, Ihtforc 
Mknn hwd amved at th.- di^iily of manhoodj tie wnidd httvp 
been guided more hy imtinrt and leee by reason than are 
tbc lowMt MTaiffA nt the prt^Henl Itme, Our early mtni- 
hiimnn progeidl'im would ii4>l huv^ prvf^liiu^d iiifjinlu-idi' or 
polyandry: for the iimtinctv of the towt^r niiimalt aie nev^r 
ao (>«nrvr1«d " at to lead Ibcm regularly to debtruy their 

«filiit«1t an ffti Qi>b1vr ilitn ilm luil^fl' 
of UTWD rvu ef mvn, aii<1 hv And* 
hiiiiMir. ilirrvfbrc miipellH tonskn- 
irvduM, io ft form] uf thu >uhpMilikl 
un^iAloij af «tik/i|i h* tjijir*Tm w fit 


V%A^. U. 



owti f»ff*Tmrp. nr tn V <j«if4^ iStfroi^l of jealousy. Th«vtt 

n^itraiiit frmn ttiarriii^'r. and 

■.I 'I'tHJ Dt un I'Dflv •fic- HriHir 

li, Iriil i^kccktf of »o«ii' kincl, cilbvr priiodiral or conAUot* 
RiUHl have kepi (Sown iheir niimtx'n. even morv ttrtfttf 
Un" -- iMi i^jflljii);^ Ain^'CL \\lut Iht' prcfiiMr ndturi> of 
i! ' >< ^rtr, ^r r«no»t m. ony morr thmi Htlli timM 

1 I- '■'' li'uw thfll r>or«^ and «lUe, which ofv 
r. i^ djiimalc. wIk-ii lirat ltirin-d loutw ii) 

-^ i«i-d al nil iTiiiriiiouii mtc^. Thr rlrf>lunl, 

V L,f :iil1 kiioun iinimAU, wnnid in a f*v 

1 ii»ck ll>' whult* iv*iHiL Vhv iiUTvaje of crwy 

y mail W thi'iknl Uy noun? nu'imn; 1>iit not, 

■I BM^n. ri'timiks M tlic [kCtAck« of Ijetud-i c>l prvy. Np 
ojif ktjII iitt^Ejiiic- lliBl th« att\ial poirrr of roprvJudiifn m 
itivr wild tun«?f aiLil mttit- uf Aniiehva, was »l llrit iii uij> 
vMiitihk il«|;ro« i^erfUMHli or thnC, u «fl«-h dUlriei Iwcumc' 
foltv nocked, thin «tnkf j)oir<-r va^ diniini«h«d. No d'>ijlit 
ju itim <'a?>e, Mul in uU ullit-n^. tniity checks dOBCUf, nud dif- 
fciint cK-cxj tiudi-r diiri?N-nt circiiiiitUDCCB; ponodictl 
dntrlhs (icfM-itdiu^ on u^ifat'uarflbLe MflsoDs, Wing prjbflh))' 
ihv mil."! iint^trlatil of ill Sii it will luve I)wd wil.h iht^ 
ArJy ijrof^aiton of nan. 

^ahirat SftMiitnt. — Wr liHti> nnir »rn thai mnn is vnri- 
atli^ in Uniy and laind: and that tliv vanutiun« ttrv indu<'ed. 
rilliiT dirw-tU or ituUrwf)*, hv iJir »nnw f;ei)t-ral cumM^. ntul 
»lH-y \Uk tnmf ffvm-nl JnwA, nia vnth the lovt-r unitmiU. Maji 
hftn (|>Tr*d widely '>vi'r ihe fact of tlir cjirth. And most liavc 
1 ->i3. dtiriii^^ hiri imi-fvant int^'mlloii *' lu IliP irio^it 

■ ! . t<-BdilkM^- Th** iiilnhituriis fif Titirm d*.'l Fm-go. 

:!(** cf Uood H'^fK', and Ta«nm&ia in thp one hcinl- 
;i t>-. and <Ff lh4- An-(jc region* in Hie other, iiiu^r hntt.- 
fiafiMMj t1irc'iii:h mnny climiitos. and chanjfi^d tlicir haUtit 
many rim^^n bof'>rc llity reached their present home*.** 
Tilt- rarif prtv^refiitorK of man munt sImi have lerdcil. lik^ 
all iitluT AAJmali, ti> havD incrva^ed bi^yond tli^rir [iicpuDfl of 
■alisi*li-iicr; (her rauri, Ihercforf, oc'i.^i>nflll_y havp been 

a«ii*«t]^ fiih nf iMt«i«4r« w III* 

•ff t<^k<.Ar?'i^rT^->f ■frtikfu L-iT^«- W|*jit 
■ ■ -r-rni 

Milt M hia liliffiMl inirfinitt feUtfl b*- 

ojUa nam* fr"^l rMiiinik* lo Vliii 


^.^ >1 ■ takk'F^L' 

.4ii«ii U(»bM,' Itfilt }>^ I^ 

1^" p 7At. 


?A*T L 

«X|MM4ft li> > atrLi|>]^|p for «*ii«t4-iipe^ mm\ i4>n*i»<^iK'ntljr to th* 
hgiil Li4 of nuEunil HcUviiaiu Hi^notirinl VArtati<infi of all 
kimlii will th»u», rilhir ocfwijiwilly i>r ItAljituAllv, haT« licpu 
lirrMTv^l aiv\ injiirmnfl r»ne4 c1iTniiiati>it. I do not rot<T 
to ftrvn^'lj'-inflrknl di-tmliutiD of Dtructuri\ wliicli otvur 
od1,v at lonjE intrrvjiN of liinr, Lut to mrrv indivrdual dif- 
fpTT'nrpK UV kihivL, fur in»itiinrp, ihat the niUfiC'lM i>f out 
hande and f«<'1, which il<rtorDiin« our povron of movement, 
an' hnbl^> like tho*^ of tht* Lowc-r cmmii]*/* tn ini^cMfanl 
vuriiihititY, If 1hf*n thv prop^miarf of ninn inhabilmg tnx 
A»lnvU oepeoidly oxk i)ii<lcT|>uiiiff satne dunj^e iii iu conil^ 
iim«^ vf^tv iljviiied inlu tu^o njiial ImxIii**, tlir our half 
vrhu'h incltiiliH] nil the- indiriHiiitB Ivut adaiited by iLetr 
uou<T« 4>f iiK>vtMU<<»l for f.'aiiiiii^ du1it»L«t«iK«, or f^ir dufi.^id< 
mg thmiwlvr*, (TiiLihl on on [ivr»rii;?r flimirr in i^nTiUi-r nuir- 
bt-n. juid |k^t^^>Ato morr oUTf^priiig than th9 otWr and le^ 
well 4itdL>wvd half^ 

Mmii ill Ihr ruiltHl xUtr in whk'h Iw nov Kxistn lit i\xv. 
nojit dominnnt ArimAl that h» <>vcr njitMini^^d on thiA mrth. 
He hii)« Hpnnd in^irt' vrid<'K thnn tiny '>lWr hij^hly or^iiitt^ 
form: mid nl! otlirnt Iieuv yit-ldtfl bx^fori- him. Ilp^Tiipm- 
foelU (mot 1hi» jmiiH'ii'f KiLpononty to hU iul^^lhs^r vtal fiK-- 
ullif^s til \t\s MH'ml hahilB. which knil him U> aifJ imd di^fL-iid 
hi« fi>ltm\>j, mill Eo fii^ (iir|ion'ul fttriiiliiro. The Hiiftrruic 
iiiipdrliiNio "f th^^w diflmoliTv haa J>i>n) [■mvcd hy the Cinal 
Hrhitniiiiriit ft the Imille fur life. Through his powt^ra of 
mtclUx't, arlit'Hltttc lnl]i•^la>^> had bwn *Tohed: and on tMh 
hi» wondi-rfnl Acli'nno^mr^iil hux timinly d«pt'ndtH|. Av Mr. 
rhnHfuvy Wriyhl irtnaikt: "* "a |i*yclio1oi!ic»] ntinTyKt* of 
thf* faoiiiiT of Ipnituap* ihows, thai even th^ fimHll<»«t pm- 
fii'itocy iu il iiiifht rtquirt' mom hreln poH-t*r than the ^r**al- 
fjil pn»(h'i''my in aiiv oOier directinr."' Hr hn» iurnUcd 
4IkI !>= iihli' tri \m* viihims ^x'eQ|x:^Tl*. l*v*la. Iraftf. Ac, with 
which \it^ -Wcndn hiTni*»^lf. kill^ *-r iutih<.e V"?)- and oth^r^ 
wIh* »h(Hiii!< Uvu^ lie lih!^ iiimfi' mfl* or cnrjcmi for fishing 
or croBfting oxvt to m-iglihouniij' fi?rtili^ iKlamln. ]!c» hat 
diM-oT<.*red Hn' nri uf mnkliig iin\ hv wliitli hard and *trin(iy 
root* ujfi hi- reEuIcTvd di^(T4lih|i', nnd pmiKoiiciUB nx-ila or litrV 
innocuoua. ThU di«MTrr>' of fir^. prr^lmhlr tin- ^rt^alt-Sl evtr 
tjiade tij uiui. excepting tuntiua^, dui(^ fn>in before the 


Ml Ttsflw *-'' *'"' ^'i 1*1^^ F'l' ^^- 
ySf 'lit. -i»ilin'TriLl«'l™6n'"'-il»vuuliir 
III lltr'n ii<i>lril<uti>in Lhiil llit/ cAlili'-it 
b* ««ll qIhwoI in Aof of tSu abort 

irTnu|«L~ Then oiOKliv dlff»T bvm 
<iij til* rtT>|WwLto >li« «f lb* Hiaa iDdl- 
t hIiia] 

•> l.lrniL- of Niiturjtl SdI«cI<(1D| 
■ N'lrlli Jlihvricwi K**>fV,' Uct ti^ 



K IJ. 



of histoTT, Tbi-A» MTPnl Inrvrnttons, by wfitcfi man io 
ndest date hns b^comi- ki i>fv-<-nimeni> arc Uk' Jir<<l 

iii-tiir>r^'^ i'Uriwiil/. inui|ri»aiii>n, %vM ninwi^. I ciiiimit, Uirrt- 
f(>n'. uudcrTlABit Itow it i» tliait Mr. VValmce*^ naiDUiiUi 
timl ■' mlurml wlitlioa ixraVl unlj lm*e ruiluweO llie tavui^ 
VLtU ■ bnin a littk* ^UNTiLir U* tltal of «ct uptv" 

AUh<faE:h ihf inli^lKxIiiol poTrrw and Hxiaf hiiMts of 
innii irr nf |iHniinfiiint iiu]ir)flnniv tiT lijin. %v ii:iia1 iii>t 
timlcrmU* tlicr iiuporUntrr of bi* bwlily fllrur-(iire, to irtiidi 
fubjVd tbc n-n'utlmirr of tfii» chapUr irill bt ili^v»ti?<1; the 
il«vi-lMj»ri>vnf -if ihc iritHlwiiinl «h<l s'lrial or ntornl fniuU 

!■ ii;titnrt with iirr^iiiriu U no t^sT matter, nst 

'ty one who Ua* lih-d in livirn inryti^Tilnh vil) fiilrtit T<j 
irovr a etoii^ villi ft^ triie an aiui us a Fuegtoti in d«fcn<jiiig 
himvlf, or in killiux bir^lif n^^uiivfl i\w riuvt ^^'onmiicmattf 
prrfiHiitMi in ibj- mrrHatnl w-ilan nt the rnitAi-liu of HiM 
naoi). arm, »n<) ^hotild^T, and, further, a ^ixc at^ii-e of toocfa. 
In tbroftin;: a eiod' or ajiyir, anil in iimnj olhiT adionf, a 
man mtivl iiind rifrrkly on hw !vv\: mi'l rhi* n^'niii di'mHiiJtt 
fM'rfi^'l (.-fi'ntliiFitjttion of rnTiuTCiii^ rnni4rl<'a. To irhip ■ 
Lbt in1<j tlw rui:!t«l '.uol. ur to forni 'i bnrltd ^jiear ur hook 
m I<JD(', fffnumti* th'* im* of a T*<-rf<*i'| Inim!' for, ns n 
f«piibk jncljt*", Mr. Srhontrrnft/* r^^arke, the i^haplng 
mlfl of blone into krl^o. luuict. or arru^'lir'Atls^ ahi'wn 
ertraordlnarj aliilEly and \\>ufi [tt-At-t'tee" ThU i^ la a 
jgivat cvtctil proved hr tho fiict Ihnt ^mmcvjil men prodiaed 
m rliviMin nf labour; vtmh nian di«I not niaiiur^Hurc hla own 
fitni tiwit« or mile pcilterjp but eerlutn individujilf appear 
to liave (Ivvol^d (bcmfrlvcn to mirh work, no d^nbt rvceiving 
in rxctiniife the produce of ibe obaee. ArL-Euruki^-i.-r^ nrtt 

an. Thii BmitjKi it iuD» fuHv (ii»- 

«vm4 IB Wr Wollhvi^ 'iWrLhU' 

J vbbjb «]| ih4 '-MAT' 
r n Um irrffc ur rr^nl*- 

l<#ru.<i UK ' lliffcf g<i Hmii,' hv 

«aff «r ut WHM A)Kinn[9hwii aa.Lpv 
fiAtfaa Kiiptiv.ici viAKtrIc i>ftb1W'nl 

r*ri--r'- --.1 Id injF tut 
I ■ hm K*J 

' . ■ ■ ' Jt 

Uk^Th .! Se- 

lf Om^QAAf , : , m tt« 

* Aolhm|toloirii^Bl Kitifitv.' Mat iHC-k, 

|i. c:lviil. [ c*hnri*i| lion* nvilpl '^uirtuui 

o'liNiDMh aKrtbn U t L t iW t-im itf 
imiurmt •bIhIIooi UfiPHcf^^Jly \'- Mr 
TUrwln, qltlroivh, » u WfU knuHfi, 
Ik: i^rut'li i/tit Uic ii^n iJiOcf^^rtnli nily, 
wl f»bb1>h<^ iL, Oiijiitf h not iivilh ilio 

■■^^tfVtfJ by Mr. ]j*irti. Ttll \D 

Vitk^ h*»itfNiiliir»|s<[*4'Iiciii."- 'imb- 
Lifi Uuurii'i:* J<'uritiil if nr^ti- ftl ^cL- 
ufi.^«. I'l^l'. \'^''. J>r K.iJk^f » Uk*. 




our Ano44torf Ihou^hl at ffrin<hiij£ <'h]|>ped \Unii into sm'>i.Uh 
tooK Unt* vta hatiAly di>uU. ibat a man-Ukv tLniumt uliu 
potwi:*iHl a hatid and ann ^ufRon-nity |»p-rf<vt t» Uitiiv Ji 
■toiLc* nith prcciKtt>i), or Ut form £ Ihnt into a rud# tool, 
could, Willi MiffidcHt prartitr, n* fnr is m^cUamcal skill 
n1ui}0 V* L'onc^rtked, iiielii^ «lmi~Bii nmihing vhtHi n civiliunl 
tuon ean atakt*. Tbt' ntfuoturo ol th^ hand in lhi» n^iwcl 
m»y U' ri>in(>nrrd with fhat of tlie vc«r4il ur^ns. wULb in 
Iho s|x>« nr« uned for uii^ring vamiiii fi^riiU^ri^^, or> as iji 
oni> K^'iius, aiufiiioj ndoDCi'r; tut in man the cbiviv ^imilur 
viM'uL iir^tiK luivi* tivLM>iiii^ ttdaptct] ihrougli the iiiJuTitci] 
rffivta of iiM* for the tiUvnnw ai an'ivultiXv Inii^uage. 

Turning' now l*> Iho ncnn^t allii** ol iiu'ii, and th«rL'fort} 
lo ihtf Wsl n-pivwnlativi'B «f our rarl>' pr^irvuitors wo find 
Ihul ih«? hmiOit of iJu* (Jnudnimutiu "r*.- I'tinntriittHi i>n tlip 
Ninir i^riiornl (Hitloni up our n^vii, but itrc fnr I^^a* pLTr^otlv 
pda|jkn] (sjt divi-[?itit-il UK^. Tlieir liuiids i)u Dol ktvc f^^r 
locoiLLOtioii Ml u'oll titf lilt- twi cif a do^: a!4 may be i^i^n in 
ftUdi tntinkn^fl jm lUt^ L-hiiiipjinnv nnd urnnj^T wincli wulk 
on lh<.' ouU'f inar^'iriji of Mir |iMlniH. or ttn tht knucKli'*." 
Their hand^, hc"Ji4-vor. uru oUmmibly adapts for climbing 
tier*. Monkeys *oi*c t^in bninchce or ropw, wi(h the thumb 
on fine nidt? and thi* fln^i^n mid jiuhii on \hi^ otht^r, in thr 
ftHiBK* inmint^r Jitf vi'4- ilo, Th(*y (<iin tliuf^ nlno lift rulhur laifpe 
ol>jM:*, mich fls the riftk of u bottle, to llieir mouths- B*- 
}nj.irifc Itirn c>\i>r mJihu-'*, and tH^rukli dp rw'ifi «illi tli^ir 
hond^ They ai-^ae rjut^, iuAwdi, or othi^r snmil obji'ctB with 
Ihr thumb in oppoAJtioii to the fingers, and no doubt tliey 
thiK ovtmrt r^Qpi »nd Ih^ yonii^ frtfW Ibo ni^AU of liinU. 
Anioi'ic^an nionkeyi^ In^al tliL' viid oruiij^^^ on the brAncliefl 
uulii lh<' rind ia (TAckei], nml thnn tiror it olT with iUc fin^crv 
cif thi* two hutulK- lu n vrild stJili* ibry brt^ab opoii hiirfl 
frujtfl »itb ^nne«. Other nionki^ya op<*D muM^I-»iliell8 with 
thi< Lao tliuiiilia, With tWr {iiitivr!» thvy pull out llmni^ 
wnd hur*, and Imiil for i-m'h othi»r"ii pamflittm. They roll 
d*jwn rttonri, or throw them ni tl»eir eneiiiiop: nevtrtlivlrw, 
thry an- L-luut«> ju thc-He vhriotit^ actions. And, a^ 1 have 
invM^lf w*vn, uro <[Uite uuabtu lo throw a «tou« with pre- 

It wt*mM Xi> ni^ far from irue iIiliL Wnin^t' ^' oliji-cTti are 
gniA|XKJ clnniiuly " by uiuuki-y*, "a mudi U-** vpt^'mWiMd 
or^& of prchcn*i«n"" would hate served them'* equally 

* OvT*f], * AiiAtomr of V*n«|irBi«.' '■^Quirtorl^ Havitw/ April lv«*,^ 



cii4r rt. 



vipXi with Umr prtmni li3Ti<te. On tlie <yin1niT7, I mmt no 
rra.-4»ii X*j <loulil \kil nion' jHTfrctlj n>na(rvirtcd hanH* iroQld 
iuiir \nHn uij ■livAiiljp ti! l\t*^axr iiniiiili't! ihiil lli^^t' w«« 
rji 1 tliu« rvri\k-n<i1 li-f Tillrrl for uirritnn^ trvof^. Wc mjir 

Im-n ilL^ilTdriU^iiiLiP iur rliitibiriK: t^r tht- nH»l HrbitrvAl 
in'>nk4'j> in Hit- »fod<), it«mclyF At«le« in Ani^riiv, C«Miud 
lA Afncn. and JlyloUir* in 'Am, an- titln-r thumbtcm* or 
llmr kiiv |>ur1u1l)r oJjiri', ai> that Ibvir Unilw iin* convvrUicl 
lala mtTv e^T^twa^ hooka." 

A« 0Wti Q» «oni^ nticienl mcrttiW iii Ui(= k'^uI ^i^ritw uf 
(lie IVjiutV>^ on>p l^> U> Ici^ Hi1ii>ri'ii)» ohitl^ Ic> k ^'haii|{^ in 
Its niaTtiiT-r til I' ■ r . :iilj*ij4iTKv, ot tf* fioiHi* fhoiii:* in 
lJ»r surruHixiiTi. n. r.otw, Ixf- hatitiial ii]a]LD<.'r of prv- 

<^\i-^^'wn ^fi\i\i] h'vt» b^;i ijirjJiTii.i.i: viul tIiue* l| uouU hnrr 
'jt'i.11 feivl*?n.Hl ajorv atnelij utiodni |>liIb1 or liipr^inL Ila- 
U*oM fn^iiMHl billy and rocky difltrifU, find onlj fnim 
riH^rwil^ Hiinb tijgh trix^:^* Ani ihoy h«vc acqujred dlniMtl 
Itio isoit of a dcijf. Mtii aloiw has bocomc n bijicd; nnH ire 
cnn, I think, p«r1ly wc bow he lio* come I" nt^LLtiLr bi« errcl 
uttiltifk, uliiHi fonn* one of bw in-wt f*i^nB|iioiK>iH chsirat*- 
U*n, Man ojilU nr^l hn>i.- Atl/iin^t] bid prv^^Eit ilnjiutmiit 
(i^iMlion in Ihr norbl wlE}ii»iiI tfn^ umt of 1ti» bunds ^lii<b 
*rv> Ao ndmiraMy iiiinjir4>d l^^ nrt in ohprlinnop 1» bit will 
Sir r. Bdl "' iiwlf^ i)itil " ibi" JmoJ nupjilic^ ull iiintruKuntrt, 
aiw\ hj iU L<iirri*i|ji'itdriirj^ wilU ifir inlMWt ifivr* liliii uni* 
vi^feal tlomininii/' But ihv bnncU nnA armf cmiltt bar<lly 
hate bit^m<- ^•r^ftt-t «nuti^b lo hute manvif&i'^iirr.-ii wt^apoiia. 
or In km- Eiiirtnl t.tatm ani] Kp*iir« ivlfb u intr nun. hh luti^ 
a« they vera habittially o^ed for locomoHon and for i^upprt- 
iitg the whrnli* irri^i^bt of ih^ ^K>ily. or, b& h*er>r(? remarked, 
HI InnKK* ib'iy "'^K' n»mviall) tUt*-*! forL.liinbtTix In-™. Suib 
r'>»^b Irr^tniE'nt wr-iiW nU'^ hnw hlunUd th*' )»i?nfli? of tourh, 
^iti nbii'fj Iheir ili^titnli^ \i>^' lj[ d^-pend^. Vinm flic^^ 
catitm aWr it vnuld bnvi< \jlvi\ aa nitiaiilnge lit fTiiiii tu 
bc<>otnr n bjp^l: bnt f<ir mAny prdoTid it tn iiidiE|wn^bl« 
IliAt Ibt' sniu inil irbole u^^«-r jmrt erf Ihc t»ody should be 
frvp; AOrl br Ritlid fnr thiii «'ni1 ^fdiiil flriuh on bi^ ft'4'L 
T<i irvin 1UU grml ndvautiLirci Uic fvct bcvv, bi^i^n rvudcrod 

** Iei fl^frtt^it lytt^ArffiJut. M tlie 4 bdieroliniborthirithv'ifnrWiil ilw 
ribM' fW^W*. iwd vf Uq bB«« rrffD- •1H<4f«i'frft. I du uol kii-irt^ U -Iw' 
Iwlf <Tf^Af#«. fr^l Ih'«. »• Ml Kl>IJi i-rvi-it nuti.^MhftitirrH'nl tricululh*. 


t-u vtitfbir 'Jru£d«^' not, p, n^ 


TRK Dtt*CKST op MM. 

Put L 

Hat; and tli«* frn>H1 iae tin* Ikh^i ins^ulhirly nkodiUmV l^^otigli 
Mb has fntail«l Uic nlniMt [y^mplot^ tc8& of its powvr uf f»rif- 
lirnsiuii. It acctmj» u'itli ItkL' ^'riiiciplv of tliir cliriflitin nf 

iiMTlolojjciuil InbouT^ prvvftihni,' lhr».iU)(Wtt iJu* unimol kinj^- 
lorn, tlipl nji the htuA* Im^cwiu^ pcrfoi^fr*! for pr^hrnsion, llio 
fvpl hIuiuIiI have U-lxidio p<-rfectvi] fur iLiujjoit uuJ Imomo* 
lion, Willi ioiiie Mvages, however, Iho foot hus^ riot 
allogcthcT lo*<l ill" prviiciiBilo uowit, 00 nlicwn by Ihdr 
maiuier i>f diuilNnj; Inm, ana of u»iii^ tliOTri In otlier 


If it (>o en aclfantagG to mAn to itnnil Hrmly on hiM fi?ct 
mil] Ui liHve liiA lieuil^ and snnsf fr>c. of tvhidt, fimii lilit 

Sn»-«ininfiit tfuf'c^st in the tjj^Itli? of iif«, there can be iko 
otibt, then I cnn kt no rvitran nhy it Ahoald not hii\'t< U^cn 
udvuiilH^Miiiri Ifi Ihi* |>n>g('ijitnrH nf ninii Iji haii* Wroint- 
mofv umi niort t*reol or hipodni Th^y woiil*J Ihiie hav<? Icen 
buUcr ftljli* to dvfmd tbpiUJwKw with atcnicH or clubtt. to 
attnrk thrir prT'>. nr <4)LcrwiKt< lo filiUiii fiHxL Thr fKst 
bullC indtviduaU wouM in the long nm hove riii^ix>^ed hf«t, 
uid hiivr Miniv*d m larger nuinlx'r«, If the ^onUa and 
B fttw nllti'd forni:^ hud Wrmiir i-TtinL<t. if irii^hl hiivt' hti'tt 
ar^iiL<], u'itlt fiMvnt foroo and [ipfiarml truth, ihtd an animal 
rmild nut lijitt bi'oii ^radualtv conT^rrti'd iioio a c)uadmpciL 
into H l<i]u'd, iH hW the iiidiviihiiilH in an imprnit^liau* condi- 
tion woiiM hav>T Imrn miK-nihly ili-littt^d fcir pro^rcAFion, 
But Vke kikt^M land this i^ well wi>rth> <jf r*:'ftcctioii) thut thv 
anthrcpomorpliou^ a]}fs ar^ now netTra)!}' in an ini<.TiiK*dia1« 
condition; And no cne doubts that tht^y arc* or thr vf\ia\p 
viell adarded for their conditinns of life. Thus tlje gorilla 
rum with a sidelong shnmMinfz gait, but inor^ eommonlv 
pro(rrew*?i U\ re^tin? t\ii M hont Imiidi. The bn^ armed 
fl|ie* occaBionnlly \ir>^ {heir arms like cnitchc*, fwinjring their 
htH.lj« furn-ard between iheni, und fome kinds of Hy]ohet«^, 
ttitJiout haviii;- bwn taught, *'Bn walk or run iii)n*fhl >v'ilh 
tolrnihU' LjEjirknt'fl.'t; yrt thry tmiv^ nvkunrdly, and liiiU'h 
)u0» secnrely lH«n man, M> we, in ahort, in e^iolin^ mon- 
ke>'S a manner oJ pfojrreMion infonni^diati* between iHal of 
a (|ijndni|>nl and n thpcnl^ hut, a^ an nnpn^judin^f) judjfc'^ 

turn vti tHit B\K(* by ■vliioli mill hv 
OJtlEi* * lilji«>i: * nitftrLidh* HvhAp- 

ftinntfvHhl^ljW l>^^ f^ »T I'r. 

tVOd C«HB of llj« UM of Ul* ftM H ■ 

prtbcvnit avuHt faf fma; whJ liu 
atowluaa on th« minntr of pnjtf n*- 

i»bn lit thA higher i>t>«^ Ia irhiHi I 
aLIuJ* ill itiv fulli>viiiii v*r«jrr«|jtk ; 
H« k!^ Ovm i^ AnabQin^ of V«rti^ 
i>m«,' vol, lU. p. Tir 'VL trtiH ^icitf 


n rmf Hnva, Ij ('nriHEilimnii rim 
Vfvi^lim MuJuli-H 'ti lit V 110 il' Air 

thiDpaLc^{^' irTv, f- UO, Ltcpunt* 




suKstER or ucvjxoFJuurr. 


ntrr* nMirW lo ih« n Ui thi* i)iM'Jrti|:H<iU] typp, 

A* tilt prni;;enit >rj ■>! uuui bcmnc inntc unH mori' rnvl, 
■itli ihcir immf- ntu! flrnw morr »iifl mon- mntiifinl Tor p™* 
hftikiit'i; nuA 1' -i'ts nilH tht^r f«^l ftnrl Lt»jc« at th*] 

niu« linitf iiii^ r<»r [^rm biippur! and ^roptietfioMi 

^ncUn^ it^h^T Lhdii^i'K of Mnii tun' nnul<l Imvi- Tit^EMnn* tii 
E»nnr Tbv p<i|vU »<»ul'l hnvt To he btofKlrnrrl, ttic* tipiiwl 
vtiliArW curTfxl, nnd ibt" hciid flicd in iB «lu-n^d position, 
til nliidi rlidrfj^M lidve Ihevii HllAitinl by man. Prof. Achimff* 

[of Ib^ b'jtiiAti #kiii! mrt the rcviiH of bi^ fmi pn^itioD; 

iml lh->e ptt>oeAMt« »r? nirtrri in ihe urmi^. rtjtMiftaiiBf^vl 

;c>. An<l An- ^inallvr in i1i^ ^rjnlla t|T«n »» iuiil Vamui^ 

ihrr Admctun-*!. which itpi^'ar ^*>nll^<l<^^ wiiU man'n rtvci 

T«iiif>nH tni^ht UtTi' Imvi* Vkh-h ihHv'I ll i* li-n' ilifflrull in 

liirtido h'tw f*r tlio*^ tfrrrlut-xl moflLlJu^ti.tfi^ arc- (he rvBtiU 

|of nalurnl selettion, «q(3 how far al flK- mlirriierl clTr^:U of 

l1hi* incnvu^il u^ nf iT-nuin |«rlK, nr »f l.ln* HHion nf oni! 

i-}jart on uioth^r. No douM iIk^o itusb^ of chaogf ofl€D 

ICT>-(>|ienitt; IbwH whon rPTUiiD miiwh-ii, nni] Ihr crr*In of 

ififin*! f4r «hirh xhvy irv aU0chf*ilp Wrf^nip i>nliirg#i1 by balil- 

i^iml UK, Ihu ahewti Ihut cvHam arlKttiB fin.^ buhihiallr p^T' 

tonnnt And mtiil hr w-nir^nMr. Hrmi- Ihi^ iruhviiiunU 

Inch fB-rforirftd th^m bffil, wr^uM tend to £inTiT4> in pvar^r 


Tb>* frvp ti>r nf llir jitiEin iiml hjinUh, [mrtly (hf rjtuu- 

H in an inUirtct manner to otlicr iiuHlillt^lionF^ of Mriio 
on?. Tlir I'lirlT am\v fnrefrtiliern nf iraai urre, an f»rcvi'n»*ly 
!at«d, prohnbty funnjihrd with ^jrvut rnnino 't<i«lh; hrit rh 
\wy t[Twdnn\\y acc|U)rci1 the hahil of u»inp Hlonc-4. chihi-, or 
iHhcr tt*ii|M)i8. for ^i^'hTir)- with lltrir ^'l1f>rrllo» r^r rivii}f. they 
'WouM ufv ttK'ir jnvb nnd M-lh hw: and liw. In lhi£ c»>-<% 
iho in*'*. In^sirh'T ttilh thf teeth, would hcconif reduced 
'in miu^. A^ nv rr>Ay feiO ^tlTmi^l ^urc frnri iiiridtni'mlih^ aimlfi- 
lp»u* cm™. Ih a ftiiurr ihifttcr Wi^ nhul! mM with u doBuly 
|uirii1lel (Af>c, in the Tednriinn r>r I'l^mpkle diwipjienrnm''' '^t 
ibe rnnivn Ipcth in ninlf niminflntR, njipjirrnTlv in ri'ljitton 
trkth U«^ d^dopif.ofit of ihoir homa; And m hoiin*6, ta r*la- 
Uoo to tbcir hnhit nf ftuhiirig; with their incinrir tccUi nnd 



Id t)i« ndult nuilt Emllirttiftriiiinjlioun afuN tu Ruti* 
jinfl nihr;K, hnrr iiuibiPLl, it is ihf ^ffrtt i>ti tlie 
FkuU (if tho jrrcni flo\'<ilornicn1 of tf»« jjin-iniT^ifB that 
c«Uf«6 it to dilTt.*r tut ^it.-ath in mdnr rt^8^(-Ifc fiuni tl:4t nf 
Ifliiii, and lias i;i;'L-Ti In tli«t» immmW " i Irulr frightful 
phyMOdnomy.'* 'J'Jirrcforc, ni^ |hr jHw-i nnd ti^lVi in mairtf 
projfcitilorf gradually Wome reduird in »Ju-. Ihr atdolt 
ekull wi>\jtd havo ^tLTie to reBcunble mort* piid inou^ ttut of 
ejcwtms man. Ad wf ahuH ht'fvnflcr M*r. a grvnl rcdnHidi 
nf thr rfinir<^ tt^lh in tlif in/ili'* wiiuUl ainio*! t^riiinlj 
aff*>ct lh<* lw>(h nf Ittf fi^males thn>aj;h mbi>r]taii(.-r. 

Aa fh* varioua irn-'utal focijlliai jn^dufllly *lovHt>pft) 
UiPTnwU™ ilu* liniiii w<juM fllnnwl (M-Hflinly Ixvnmp tnrgjcr. 
No <ino, I pTVMJtiic, dnnbu thai the ^argp |>ro|<oriiiTn which 
the Mec f>f t[idrr« Win bt-nn to his l>o<!ir, rfim[MinH| tu thr 
Mmi^ |Tri]|ti)riiiiii in Itir j^nrflta or fining. U <]{u;t>ly conntclM 
with hiK hi;jhor montnl pr>w4if*. We mwt wilh rl'"*8r*(y analo- 
goufi fact? u'ilh in^Mf?, for in anib Mi<? oi^ri^bral t'h»;;t!ji »n 
of L^virMciriTiruiry diiTifii>ifi>nK, mtiiI in nil i\\*r ItyTiii'iiiiptiftv 
lhC(i<* pin^-liii ail' many Vitncr- Inrifcr limn in the lo«t intc-llt< 
gml jjrdci'?. *ijfh a» bf^j-tle*." On the uUkt Ii«n4, no oiie 
Eiij>pos<^ ih£t tho tnlolWt nf any Iwo animals 'it wf »ny 
iwfi men can ht^ dtvurntpk ^uk«*iI by the cuhR- <wnt«'nt» 
of their iJc;iU». It is pprlflin (h»f. thrr<* mny In* rxtnuirHinar^ 
tn^nUl adivity irith an extii^melv »inall aWhite maaa of 
nervnua mntter: thvia Iht wcjndcniill> divt^rHiltwl trtfltiocta, 
n*rntiil powrm, und fltTrrlioir^ of utiU nr*' iidiorioiu, ti'l 
th^*r <^T^1rrat gnn^list nrv not £>> lir^^? an the 4ti)nrt(*r of % 
nmli piriN limd. rrilvr thiti ii'>jnt ^f vti^ir. tho brain of 
*n ntit if tmo of thi' muxi mnrvoIlDirf* ?ih»m> i>f tTmlli'r id Ihr 
>S'oHf|, porhflfP m""»n^ no thnn iho hnim (»f a mibm- 

Tlii-' ht-llvf iKat tht'i't t^xi*lK in iTiaiL some <ltjw rc-lalwc 
hiHwH-u th'* nAi^r of Iht* bruin hdiI Ihr* devi'luirniriil ftf ihr 
i]itrlli>ctiial faculties i» Mipport^d hy thf cnijiarivoc of Ihv 
Hlctjll^ iif AoiMfc a&J civtlip^d rnc-o««. nf ancient and modem 
Hc'if.ile, and by the analog of Ihe wholo vprti^hmr^ wrV^. 
Or if- UAmani Karjn ha* proved," Uy Mionrwwfnl miMdUitr- 
ment*, tbal the mean iidimal ea|ia<?ity nt thi* ►ktill in KtirE>- 
]M:*an*i h ^'i.'S oidkie inrhf*: in Ampneans d» ^: in AMiitieK 
t*7.1: nnd in AnKtratinrs vnh 81. y culiic iDcheB. Pn>fOfiw»f 

f* - Dl# C^rmuvi ilrrTMn™flt*»lftp 
JM M«H SCml'v- I'm, ti«, tiA'i. f- 

itbMV-^ni tfiir 1111* Hit nrrUral L'UiiTlIa 
ft ill*" /'-<'*«^m »^/flh 
*'' IlktlwsphitfftlTfionwltTW.'litftt, 

Ca*^ n. 



Bmra** fonmT tbit ili« nlnrto^nth fmior^ tknlb frum 
^nvt^ In ParH wen Urger tSnn ehota frofn Titilu of tbo 
Tvfirtb ccnlurr, in Uk- proporlicin nl H^4 lo H?<; ami th«l 

.1! ihi? fr^ntnl part t^f L)i« skull— tbo loat of ihc tn- 

f[ii.-tillvr9, rndiaril is p«fvudd«it tbat Ihe jjin^MTit 

inh^hitfltiu fkf RriUin hn\-p " mtjch irtnn^ ispdHmit f>Tiiiii- 

ca0M" than the tnciont »nhnTiiUnl^ NoT«rthtti?w, tt miiat 

Ir «i)niillril tlijil jri>n)e :iku|N of it-r^ hi^Ii autiqujlj* fludi 

« thv ftmmi* oii« of Ni«u<l(>rtlui], art- nvll di-vr>lo]K<il bdiI 

capackoUB." With n«p«c1 ti> Ihv tower aniniiiU* M. K. 

i^tel,'* hy cinapmnxt^ the crania <}f tertiur) ami rvcvnt 

DMijBniiil<L hflVingiiig to the Mint* itmiipv. Iihk innii^ i» tht* 

ttjif 'TxiPion ihat the brain w ^-ntfrHlly Inrjf^r mikI 

iin anr rmrrr cttrt^pli'i In \\iv iiK'rc ii^ci.'iit 

ihj thr itOitr hwid, I Imn* uhfrun *■ that th<» bniiDs 

dommlic robbile art considerably rcduc^^d in bulk, in 

Dinf^ uiili ihtHv t>f tlie wjbl rabbit or bare, and ihh 

tay be il*.nbtitw! to t»i«r barin;^ been cla*i*h' rouflned dur- 

mamr |:fDcnitinn>. lo Ibat thrr hare CTceHcd Chpir inltl- 

, innlliK-li, M>ivMs an^ inlunTary rDovi'ni'?rilA hut liiUi*. 

Tbtt lETtdtttllT iitcMaatiij: v-ei;-ht of tbo brain and dkuU 

mm mttil hMfc irflurrceii thr dovrlf>pmc-nl of the sup- 

^rtJn^ apiBal rrtluinn. rn^rc e«(«(*ri;i|ly nluUl br wa> Ib?- 

Mnin^' errd. Aa Ihia oharifjo of position w^ei Inrirt^ brought 

Irfiut, Ibc intrmil |ffi^'iurr ^f thr N-qin ^^'iH [il.^c* bnTr in- 

*nm) Ibp fnrm of ihf fiknll; ttn injiny fjirU sb^w Hnw 

ily Ib^ {ikulJ tti tb'jti iffooted. Fllhnol^^^ihifi Miove 1h»t il 

m^hfin) br tSr bird c?f cradle in whi-rh infjaiit^>< ^lr■-'p. 

hintiisvl ftpainui r>f thr mirKrliv, and n rlmtnt fmm q RPi'^^rr 

um> have permanently modified the facta] bone^ In yr>iirg 

'lY^yna wb<w beads bote beeoiiic iUcd vithi-r nidi-wava or 

irk«-ards '•winjf Ji dirtiwp, f>ne of the two i-yeu bn» i^hnrged 

pootion, ud the ehapo of titc flkuti Ime been nliorrd 

ft , . . Vai;l# « Lor^um 


« In ik>f iattmUdf injclt Jj»t t*- 
fcnvd K PwC Brft^ &■■ veil r* 
MiarV'd. iktx In fniiliw^t mttion'^ thA 

htwiPil fc/ it* ;'"-*i'«]iii>nn irf « cHAh 
AltevUvnri' Tub)*. vtAfe 

bk HiiDJ ll»1 *>njid triii<< 

NcHt fwnft^j .: . , . -!..! .n i*** *&% 
H* lilfc Ua Uit iXAcf IvQil, villi 

fvi, r.hjtr th* iDiub «Kpjt0Lty of Iho 
■ku^l of the tnclfDi Tntfladjtn o| 
ly^ort ia jTr«Uir ilian (JiM af lAMWa 

*i-r-)iii|»EjH<rvnAfl» <1c« t^i^^mOfm^ 
nifil* 'itibr I>nujVliutinD,' vol. L 


ii|i|iitionll\ I'v iW pr^'wuTV of the brain in a new direction.'* 
I li(t\i- ^ltr^Ht lli:iE Mitli ioii^'UAr«1 ralibite even ho trifling a 
Liiu-r ii-- Mir li^j^nLi^ fitrwan] of onif eardraga forwArd Almost 
i'M'L\ Unii of ilu Aull on that side; so tlint the bones on the 
i^^tpi^-iiti- ^ut^ iin loii^T j^trii-ity com«f)ond. Lastly^ if any 
iihuiiiil n\-w w iiKrt'AA' ur diminish much in general size, 
(mMu^iI ciii> iluitL^^> in till meiiUI (towors, or if the mental 
|iL>Hii^ wi'ir to W m\i\r\\ iiu-reaiM?d or diininiiihed, without 
rtiM .'iviii vbiiiiK'" ill Mk* niu* of the boilj-, the shape of the 
.i,\i\\ >u^iiKi jdini^t tvrTainlv Ito altered. I infer this from 
^^l\ i^{'-.\-i\;ii\\yii-^ ou dohK'pitu- rehbii:;, »ime kinds of whieh 

\u\\f Wx \( 1^ mm-h IdipT thnh the wild aniniAl, whilst 

^*i\^^■^ ■ \tA\\- i\-Lsm\\\ ikoiLrlv the same ^izo^ but in both cases 
Mil' \'\i\iii lut-> 1'ivo uim^h r\\liK\il it'lativoly to the size of 
Ihi' thnh, \i'\t I \tas lit tir^i mui'h ^urjiri^ed on finding 
th'ii lu .lit lUo.i^ i{it>t>i[s iKo tikull had Woine elon;nted or 
il>lLjii'ir^'liiili( . U^v iiiMaiuv. of two i^kulli^ of nearly equal 
Itit.itUU, \\u- ^•\^i- U>'iit u ^tilll raMnt and the other from a 
Liik'> i1t>itiv lu knid. iho fonocr xxtis J, 15 and the tatter 
I L isu 111 -< lu Irui^ibA' Mm- of iho iikOfii marked distinctions 
in Jillm'iU iM\-- ot itu'U i> i\\M iIk' >kiill in touie h elon- 
iMlid. .tiul lU »'IIki> U'lUitU'di iioU iu'n' tlie explanation 
.uvi'i'li'il U\ \\\i- Kii-^\- \'i lUx' Viibbii> iiutv hold good; for 
WrhLii u»nU Ovi'ii " ou'ii JTii'Iiiu' nn^tv lo braehy- 
ii|-li.ii^. .iikI ui!l nti'ii w v\A\\wK\-]'\iiiU :^^ *' and tall men 
iiMi In" 1 1'loiMivd v*ilU ^!iT* t.ui^rr !iud li*ii;:\T-lu*di^'il nibhitfi, 
a!l nl iilitili liil\*^ ,'1.>ni;:llid >kuIU. ol illV il»liih'iv])halie. 

1 i\^ui {\u--\- ■•x-\K-rA\ f;ul^ x\r i.iin uiulor>t;ituL to a oertaiii 
r^lnil. III.' uuMiw ^*v wbi^li []io LTiMt si.v iuul iDou' or less 
iiioiiiliil t'oiin of till' >kull h;i\i' bi'i'ii :in|iiiri-il by iiuii: and 
Uii:.' Hii' ili*nEtr(ri> I'minmily di^hruh\i' of him in fom- 
l>.iiL.kto Mith till' lu\(or animaU. 

Vhiillu'i' liu^^t rim>|>irtjou> diir'Tiiiir lirtwirn ninn and 
Itu toiirr akiiiMiilr^ is tlir n:ikiili>'-^^ 'if bi- ^kiii. Whalr^ and 
|iui j«it,.,;, [iVhuvat, diipm^':^ /SJn-niHj unl llu' bip|h>pota- 
noi iLir iMikt'd; ntid tilis nijiv lit- iidv)irifiiL''-oi]s to thmi for 
,,liiliii^: II i^li iUc water; nor w'i\iU\ it be injurious to 

■-' * lU.MH i.'l^''n lYiflii BlU' 'Km ''( 1 '■li"'ii«ik''r, uTicn* Uie hi*»<l 

■ ti I.I -I II ..I. I hi4«'^, ilii' L'UtH'K '»r llt'j ii Ilu'-iIumIIi h'-1'l f'-rH'^rl. the rnre- 
I >ki I -I'qmv Lii ' .\iLtljTii)iitWt|>. hi'jvl '■■ '^"Mh' ' riP'iri' r-iMibiliil And pmni- 

ii I . n J I M. |, k :■> lir. tJniT'HM iiM'M 

■ I'll' I I .^- I ■'-« II' n.^ llrL) ** ■ Vnriiilh'JN '.f AniiiiMl'/ Ar.,v'kKi. 
-'^- 1 .'I' I *"il In mi hiri p. I IT, "PI "I" ' I'ltL'Ml-ih <.f tJic ^liil]1; 

, I ' >M ■> .LI 'I lit. iM.Hlifl. p. n:r. Mil ihi- 'fli-i uf ihir IrpppihL' nf 
ii. -V b<il h iIh< Ym lunn'iiit.' on*' nir. 

[| I L , k.llM'khlt'Ll |-"-ll1.liL |1*H ** <J||'P|-'41 tt\ S'l llljHIIIU'll, ill ■ All' 

1 . L. > . ii..Lt Lit httk imnlti., niiH'l, HH |liM]vlfi,;- KuVic*,' Oi-t. i§«r, p, 4]^. 

Di^l ir-] 

I, Google 

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•"i - *-, TT. ii^ it^ at vmnitli. m (bo spmci, witicb inliabit 

:|Ki«^ UK (h^ fur of fiiiiFr^ dnJ nttC?V, Klc- 
"fln> ■re iilriio*t Kiirlt^'v^. nnJ ab ucrijiu 
..ijii-l «jii 1 11'^ ih;*ic!i ff:nTi*TlT liTnl tiri^Jrr ati Ardir I'U-<", wrpr tcin'fvd wilJi lon^; uu^^I *>r iiair, ii iri-juVI iiTri'^t 
«jrficttr nt* if llic ^xiitilif v^h.-lic-i uf loUt >;rni:ra hud Wt llietr 
hiirr n»trrir.i: frfim c-x^KAuri' to hpal. Thia tm^eAri tb« 
Ti^nT<^ prolwMr, jui ihi> cloi.ih«nt« in hidta which liv? on d<^ 
luU ntMl c-fnl UivlncU an: ^iiorr hoirj ** thnn ihi^v on Ih^ 
'Urutk- Mny vo ihi'i Inrrr thiit mjin Wam^ diveetnL of 
UT itoin httrinfi %horij!^\nAi\y inli&biteU tHUUt^ tro|iiotl UdiI? 
Ml Uiv U«U 14 diidijr n-Uiiml in thr iiuiU' «rt on Uir r-ht^i 
'imt fdtv, Mii'J ill liolh vKPfi ni iho jiiiKlion ol all four hmht 
with Ihr tninl;, (utout^ Uiib jftfiirt^iii-r— ou Ihc «d#unif>ii<in 
laI iKc liAK w» Ivat Lvfuri! irimi Innatiir i-nvl; fur I}u' |BrU 
rhith Ti^tw rrrUin modt hair woulii iltc& hnvc K^rm mo*it pM- 
-(cil frixa tlic ticoi of the eiiii. The ci^^tn of Ui« UfAtl, 
irtdtrver, ofTcni a cvriuus ni'i-piioii. for «t all liiiiiyi it muni 
nv. boon ora? of the inori txpott>d jMirl*, _Y*t il U thickly 
lothH witli luir. The foct, howorer, that the other itkcin- 
■r>T rif the ord^ of rflmiiff^, to nhirli ifiHii Moiip^, h1- 
j>u|*li inhjibilinfT vnrioiu hot n^ioni, arv uvll elolhcd vith 
lir, j:roer#IIy Ihiik^et on the u|>pcr Mirfacr/' u oppo«cd 
tht KUpfTiftilinii ll Hi man lH>enme naked llirottf^h the 
lion of the tun. 3lr IMt Wiuvcis *• thut wUhiti tliu Imii- 
U jfi iiD nihAiito;;e l'^ itinn to be ii-.>(JtMU' of hoir, nt he i« 
LUtt eimbWd t<j free I)iiii4i:-lf of tbt> mniUtnde of tieka (ncori) 
and oth<rr pnn»fltcfi, Willi wTiich he i£ often irtfteled, atai 
wliith wuiv'titucs eau^e uIc4'iat]on, But wlicthrr tbitu evil 
U uf iiiflleient maf^riliide to havt? led to th^ dpnirdnilf>Ti of 
hi* bvidj through tidttjnil selocti4>n, may be UuubtT^d* since 
none of the niflny f[iiHdnijn'd* itihibitnip Uip trofile* hrivi-, 
1* far x 1 knov. be'|uircd anv fip«<cifl1U^d mf.ini of Mirf 
The VKV nhkh Hxna to mc llio ma*t probabli? le that man. 

vOvrtt.Vtii^Mnj of Vftuhnim^ 

'■^tfftar fti-IIIIiW r*' 

N>£ G^dAtkW torn. Li. 

I lbs hiwl nf niiri 

<ni.- hair : 'Ikp on 

tfjnrJ4 ''^^IJ tiirf*''fi. 

llBBlt - irinUt 

htlrttthinnpTMi tlh^t»k, whmir te 
!>■«]> riTiltptl olT. UinH in thr khwiT 

* The ' Nitlurftli'i m \ tmnijiiii.' 

Mr Dol|*B r\irw, I n»j qoiita th* ftJ- 

IrrtriTia pn«iip« l>iHii Air W, Donleon 
f Vurtiif> of V;M-fei»l*,' vol. i- 

!*7ft p. 4tf": - ll 14 "nH l*> ^n » l>nir- 
(Ic* ullfj 'he Au-ITbIIiwi". ^ll-"!" l''C 

r«Ti»iii|i'llri>ijtlv<iib(t io»inff4thimi 

In *i>iiii> Hjkt^'if^ tff \iavAcnti it Je loij 
nnd U fomn'tl *>! t^^iily'totir vt-rfl 
siitc of A Korccly veihk *timip. r 
four vpn*>V»r* Ir sninr kimU nf Iwl 
tivc, uhilftt 111 (he umiLilnll t\iv^ an] 
cniifliil TejtcVrn^, or, nrronlini; Ih Oi 
fivp, Thp Inil, tt"hpttj('r il K* lung 
tapc^Ts louahJB th>^ ond; and lhi«, I 
lliv nUophy »f tliv li-nniiiiil muult 
nrlnripfi mid nrrvn;, Ihrniigh diitiM'^ h 
of Uie terminal Wnc«, Hut no rxplnl 
1* ^i»tn uf tlw K^*"^ illvfrailj whid 
Icnifih^ Hcrf, JiowMtT> wp arL^ luon' 
with ihc cPin|>Irtc p\t"TnfiI iJiMi'|irnnij 

pptltf conaiifTc L-f i^o porlBODM, ■^^pjn.^rall 
from cflfli r.tbrr; Ih** SbsbI ptrtim « 
nwri? or {►"•^i jurfwlly phflnripllpi! aiifl fij 
B&S lifcp ordinary vcr1<-l>ms nlirrvnb L 
portion ttrt not chnnnHlrH, nrr almoit 
rmrniMr tnip vprtfhnp A lai], (Hoii^ 
h\^ U r^lly jtK^ni in inau nail Vhe am 
and ift i^nittniclF^cI mi txiictly r.Tir mm 
the iprmmnl |irirlion ihp Tprtflhnp. m*iki 
on* qnitp nidimfnlAry, ^einf- rnm-li ivdi 
ber, !n Ibp hiwi! [H«tioii. ^ 

Jim bhltihl finnl 





irv. Tbvsie «rc t>f fuiHrlfonil impAriaiHv hj imppoHiiH: 
ri^nnm'imrnitil imrtf iin<l in otbrr viy«; jincl th4*ir iivndilirj' 
tt'^n '•'■''. nfi.^J vttb ^h-' rnd i*r ?i-mi'<^iH'l otti- 
liidr << rfirrbni]himrjr{vtj<iiix o|im. Tliia iniM^lu- 

fiofi i> III' "-rlbj'r ■■ UrovM foravetly M4 n 

liTti. tliervfurv. it( iht l«Kit caurJnJ vf-rlcbm* in in^tii ihm] Oip 
Li;fri<.r ufHti fliQv bav« U«u elTi^^t, dircvtly i^r itiilirtcUy, 

Buc uhdt Arf- wo to «h^ ubout the ntdiiftpnUry nnd vnH- 
i]« vcrt«br» of the U'muiuU potUoo ol the uO. (oriaint: 
fAKvyi/f A notion which Km oftrn Wn, nncf will ni> 
n^fnin l>? rldicuM. nnmply, itiat friciton hHh bad 
felRitfthiiij; T« do with tke dTM|t;ieoninL-<> f>f the exionul por- 
tioo of Uv IdiU ij( Df>t m ndjouloru nx it nt (inil Appuam. 
AndiTum*' nl*iti-H ihjif tfir **ilrpinp[_T ahnrt Uil nf 
^aoM'W hnnn»eu« n fi>rTQ#d of cloven vf>rlebrH<, iieludih;: 
te imbedded bnul one*. Tbc cxli^mtty 10 tc^diitf^iia nnd 
^vnntAiiui iiQ fi-rt^firr; tlii*t u MirrnHrd hy f\\f txiihmttilaty 
4^n(«, F<> minute Ihot toother tLoy urt only ono Ltn? and n 
Iialf in !«n|rtb. ppiI tbciu? arr pr-rmdm-rtly buit ti^ one diilc 
tn tJi4- fiJiHfw cif A booJt, The Irve \^rt of thv tnil, ortly u 
bilk iboTc vti inch in lirn^th, indudfti only four moro s^wll 
Tprtrbnr, Tln>: fhori luil it c«rr["! prect; bni aboHt 11 qiivir- 
l^rof lis tntil lerfrili i^ tltinKU-r! nn li^ il<*H to Ih** T*?ft; nnii 
tbu trrmir*! purl, whirh itifhiilpR thp hook-like portion, 
M»nfp» "In fl1l Tip lb** mt^^rRpjir^ }M>fwwn rlic nppiT divnr- 
pvnX poftii>ri of tb<^ iiuJloMtK*^;" no Unit Vi<' auiinal aiU on it* 
AEiH tbn^ rtnd<*r» il ro(j|:b and ralln^iH, !lr, Andi'non thuii 
mmf vip hiH nbtpTTfltirirL'^: *' ^Ht^'^p f#HK ^em \*> top tf^ bntc 
only onf oxptHn^ifuxi; tbie toil, from iu eliort eizc, is in tb« 
monkvy'" ^'wy »i*<''J i* *il* down, and rnrpjciilly becomea 
plar^l ijndor tbii FLnimnl ifhili^ it m irt this ntliltidp; an^ 
from thr ciKur>ttlfliic« Ibat il tk'i^ not vxt(>Dd b<<vond tbr 
ritrpmilY of tbr iufbinl tubitriHiitii*. il sn^tns ft^ if tbr iail 
oripinnlly had ^v^n b#nt round by th^ will of tb*' itninml, 
LDto Ibi* iak'r>ipHri> M'*ocD tHo colloBitice, l'> fswapf* brin^ 
pniWHl brt^H'ti tlimi hihI ibp itrntmi]. and IIlh( 111 Litiii^ ibv 
«itrviitnn> beo«in« ponnAnpnt. ftttinir in of iuHf vb^^n Ihv 
<irp>n huppone to be aaI upon." Cndtr Ihcsc rircimnpiuncrii 
in nul narjirinnK 1^"* ''"^ uurrarv of Ibi' (flU sboidd Unw 
»(m rnughj'n"! flfid r*Dd<»rod rnll'tu*, and Ur Murie," who 
irpfixlly ob««rvcd tliis ^wcie^ in 1b(> Zooio^f4l ClArdooi, at 

■ >Pnc2«0l«f,ft(O,*l«Tl|L»0. •* rTW.Z«.1(«.Boo,*l«li.p.TAA. 



r*tT I. 

well RS Three ojlipr oNimIv hIIW ttmnn uitli ^ll^liMy l<iiigi*r 
lAili^ ta\t Ihflt *li«^n Ihe utunml nts di«ii, th<r tnil "''is rKM?cfi- 
«iril> fiinml lo one aMc i*f thr bnlWli*i mid wliellier Inug 
or Khort i(K rnni ii; (vnuyvjiiPT^lh" liwhlp In Ix? rtiljlwd or 
diflfed/' M "c iK»w hnvi^ ovi'.k'iuo Hint mtililnhonji cmx^ii- 
»ioun11v prodiKT ^n inhrrilrH f*ITr'tt," it 15 nol verv iiii|*nil)- 
nblr' tliwi in thnH-lwili'i'l moiitpyt, ibp ]ircjeclinp part of 
the laj), boin^ functional lly u^elear., dtoulcl nftrr mony jrcft- 
emtioim hnvr^ ln^cuniT^ rudiiiifulnrj niiri ilUlnrlcd, fniin Wing 
continiiJiUy nihhoil oni! Hinlnf]. Wt si'e llie projivtiu;.' part 
in l.hi» condition in th(' Mafactjs ffrumifUA. nnd nhaoliitHy 
aborled in iHi? iV. irc-ii i(J«fiiji mi^l in hi^rml of tbp higher 
jipc*. Fiiinlly, thi^n, iiu fnr hr «c mn ji]dp:e, the tAit liai; <li*- 
apprflrcd in man find Hie iMithroi»r>m*>r|T|imiB Hpow, owing io 
i]u' li-rminail |H)ilioii liming hwjy injiiml by fnctirm during 
II loiiji Inpsr iif tinw; tin:' Im^nl end »^nftln^ddcd portiun tinving 
bocQ reduced qdU itiodiiieil, to na to bct:oiiic auiUble to the 
i^rvL't <ir MrmtHTrMit pi>idf.i(in. 


I have imw fudefivoured to shew that wrnnr of Ihe inoal 
dUtinr-tivc chrtrflricrs of hjjui hjiv<» in nil |irohiiliilitv bepn 
rtciiuired, ritluT directly, or mrFfc ommonly indtrcctly, 
tlip.iuKli iijilur^il K'Kvlion. We ^liould ln-nr in mind tlial 
ninrlifinitiont in ^Iniriiiir' ori'on?iti(utiori which iln not *rrvr 
to ndBf^t Jin orynnitm tn its hnl^iU of hfe, l'> lh<^ food whkh 
it i-inifiiriii'i'. irr pHHii^cly to \)iv biirrrjiiiidrii^ L'uiidjIiEiiiM, 
mnrot hftvp U^rn thujt ncquiPtd, \\> riitut not. howi^ii-r, 
be loo confident in drnding whnt mi?diftcnti'>nh nre of nnrvioc 
Ut itu^h luTitiK- vf ^linuld iiruieniber tiuw IJItle wtf know 
nhoi^t Iho UM of many pjtrU, or wlxal than^ifea in Xh& blood 
or tiflBuea may wrv* to fit nn ofEnniMn for 1 new rlimnlc or 
new kindu of food N"op muni we foi^'et Ihe pnnciiilr «f 
lorfx^lntjor, liy vhirh, nr UU\ore fio^dtrov ha« shewn Iti the 
raw '^f man. many stranirc rkvintionti oi &lrurtiir<' nn' tin! 
lo^Klu-r [nd«[H*ndently of n»rf»'lalion, u rh^in^jp in mu- 
part ofton kadn. thron^fU th*' inrn^niJed or rieorenflrd iiw of 
other port*, to other chanpi-* of r quite un<:xpected nMiire, 
U h alio ttirll to retlert on siirli faet^. hh Ihr wnndcrfid 
0mrth of gnlU on fdantii cauiwd h} Uiu pojeon of an tiswct. 

III Ul* Lktcll. IbIiiII 

)!iTp4n\in1cnrtJn^ 0«»0f tilt iftpir- 
piiE-l^ liitiTaiiAl rilHt'* 'if iiHPi-i]i'pr> 

«ij|i)<'<^l ' VhiblL"ii i."pr .Aiilrtivl* iriil 



(^w. II. 




Aod ttu lltff n-fparkftblt cttth>:n of ctilfrar iti tht- pltUMf^e oC 

pWTDlA whrD frd JKl irriiiili (tubi^n, ijt iniMTilluTr^l uith i)w 

(koth^ti vf loo'!*;*' for Vf run IhiiiJ *»« tlk4t tl>c ITimU of tint 

u <f tfUcTVtJ for fvtnv tpvi:\a\ \www^ ml^til miJuOP 

' rluiiiKnt. We -^lunltl a^jHiullj^ fiear tit luiiul UiHt 

- for wiRh' uMfaZ paqviw, MvxiM probebljr In>coiii« Jinnl^ 

hI, Btlcl iniKl^l Im- loti;^ inlivrttrr]. 

fivpD to ttir tlirevt Jiwl iixljnxt rt-^ulti< of naluro) »>-UrlioD; 
iUl I nau Hiltritt. jifirr rtadriig lli<^ t*4Miv \\y NA^'t*Ii on 
pbntp, Kn<l tlip rriDHik* tiv ttthnu^ autlioo uilh rw|4H't to 
4mi»ali>, monr ^[HH'iftlly lliow nxvnlly mad* by l^of<«»or 
Hm-ji^ Ihiil in tfie rtiHirr nlilion.-i of my * Ori^'in of Sjh^- 
a<9 ' I |JVftui|4 dlL*ilmicil lob much to tho nttiuli uf uutural 
ft^Irrtioo nr tin- ^ujiinil of i\w fittest. 1 haw aUpivd Iht- 
Bfiti «!i1ion of th^ ' Origin ' m ae to ponfln^ n\j rpmnrku to 
MdaptiTP L'han^^w <ti 4lrud«re: tMil 1 am convint-od, from 
tl»r li>rlit jEdittGil rlutiDj: i^T<-n the InM frw ytoTsi, that vrry 
nuifiy ^Imrlnrini vhit^h nnv ]«|i|t#ar t^i ui; iiAplfAH, will h»rp< 
aitci" Li« pmvod to be uM'fuJ. ariil will thi:Ttfoiv cruaii^ uil/iin 
of natural wJi-cUon. Nt-M^Ttln^c.-u, I dul iial fni- 
("ontjilifr lUlficirntiT Ihv f>xifil<nrp of RlMifliir^ia, 
, M far a^ we nn al iJrof«»t jud^<?, uro DC-illiti-r bi'b(' 
a1 nor injuniiQA; nitil Uib I Uc^lir^r Ui l>e our of tlii^ jn'ml- 
owTvi^U iiK yi't tlrtm-twl in my wofJc, f in*y bp |rf»r. 
Itoii to my, nh some cJiciiw, that 1 haJ tno di^tiDei objects 
ill *it?« : Gr^lU. to hlicw ihal piwrii^ h«l mil \tvtn w\mraitAy 
rn'af*^). nrnl ic^oiully, ibM inituml *4»l*"ctioti hflrt Wrn tiip 
ohiivf UL"cn1 of rhurgi^ tl-koufti !fliEH> nided by tbc inherited 
' i~ 'I nliil. and Fiii;litli by (bt dLn-t'L nelicjii uf tlif MJr- 

< < <ii<btif>nif. I wti» rioi, hi>\\t'VL-rf jibK* t<^ HUTml tliL> 
liL'MT-- uf my former bfb^f, tben almost unirorsa!, thnt 
li T|KTT'^i hni\ liiw-n luirjiitt^ly (T*«li>d; and ll»in l*»d to 
y I' ■ ilK'H (hil yvory i)<'lni! oT Btriietun.-. t\(.'*?|*l- 

g r_. .:...:.! , inis of f«>mc wptvinl, thoii^b unrccojiniBrti, 
maL Any our witb ilii» sj*!! nipt ion in liitt mind wonW 
mmllv PtCend too far lhl^ action of natural B«Wlion, 
fwff fiuhitg past or prf^cnt times, Homr of r.hiKic who 
U tbi' [>ni>iriph' nf rroliitinn, hwt rp|pe1 niititnil nAtfv 
. w^Tm to forp-i, vhen <hlieiAinj: my book^ Ibnt 1 had 
oljjtTL'ln in licw; hmcr if I hnve errrd iu ifiT' 
1 v>li-<'tifvi y^TPni powrr, nhieli I lun »vry far 

lit probteni a few alcpa \rt 
i:inl^ mii^t tiiivi* hfti) if* HlirJi-Ti1 
whaU'Vor the}' miij be, vcrv in at-l 
gcticolt^ ilunik^ n k'nt^lhoncd peril 
rcAMD can Ix? an^ifCiK^). iho reiviltl 

icHil, ounmif 1k< kept luiifrirm thrl 
tlHJU^h tilt- injiihoi]>; VieII 'm' (tnin 
of character uoiild, however^ natural 
tfiimoft tiiiiformil)' f»t the noitttf mi 
ih^ free* inlercroH^Inff of many ii»*1ml 
eivc pvriotb, the Kttmi> urpiniKin mif;l 
quire Fijcce?»iv^ moilitli^lions, which 
in a n^flrly iinrfonn txaxt as 1i>n^ afi i 
maiitui tlir idRtr unH there wan fm 
ivflirf'ci lu lh<^ eviring cmc'rit wr ti 
Kp^kir^ of flt>'ca1If-d ppontanerms vn 
hit mvi**h mcirt- cloeirly to the C«iial 
(irvnciiMn« thnn t<i lh<* Miliirr of thi 

form iiii}ivHua1 liilfori-oo*:^ or aliirhi i 
■rrrc Ihi* i-JirK firo^^iTMli^r^ t>f tiiau' 
fomipriv indncpd hv tti*- »u«ui 


Ctoar. IL 

mansbe op DEVEUjPWENT. 


fiemn, aUo. an vr friull brfinftr^r wc, UiBl vnrimiA uininpar- 
lant rhimHcr* ' ' - i< ncrpiml hy nan throv}^!! tii^\u,Al 
n-Kotit^n^ An n J r>-r<j<ii]uiEi of cliiiiij^t mufit \rc left 

tu ifif a?«uiiji-(l iiJiLfijijfi McLiiiii i>f llii>%'' tiiikriiinii nj^^ruiiv, 
vhioli ucfaiifitiAlly iiiiiurp iltoDifly nmrki-d i\i\t\ AlirLt|it d^- 
rialiiffiit of ^Imrturf ill onr d*>mcMic (*r(.-lui-i»oiib. 

Jbd^u^' imui llie LiilritB of Bji^ai;*'^ ami iff ill*- ^rrfulrr 
nuititwr at Uu^ (^Judncniiiuji. iirittKn^l mnn, gml pr^ri thi?L[- 
a|H«-liki; pctiifitiilorv, pKlmWy liv*^d in tnicictjp WiOi vtrjctly 
Htfi»\ jiriii)i4lH, n^ftlural wlfrlion »orikvTiiEiiv telu on ttii* indi- 
iidtiiil, tkriHich ihu pnwfvutian uf ^uiUhunA wliicti ntv 
Lrnr^LUil to xht comiDUiLitv. A coniRiHTkity Hindi JNthiiJi-^ 
a \hty^p iiumlvr of uell-eD<li4i^i] iniliitilimU iiiciv^HeFi iti 
DiimbfT, and ^B vicionoiiB oivr cIIkt k'js fntourrd omi^; 
«vrn fiUhoitf^h <nth lojinnito mrmlicr cainA no iiilvnntijitrc 
iiTi-r llii- olhcrv «f lhii ^nrni^ roniEnniiity, ,\i-wic-i:il<>i| iii^cli: 
\ta\*> that!- nc'f|i]ir((l niuny ^L'^ul^ka^Ji* film^'Erjri-d, wt^L^li un* 
of liille or nu prfiiv' lo ilir indiTidniil. *«ch ajv tlii- |iollen- 
roWrtiinji iiptmmliEs nr ihe «lilig »)f tlih> unrk<^r-triM>, r»r Ihr 
erv»X JAVH of R'ldic*f-aQU, With Iho bi^Jior ^>cifll AniinalB, 
I mil tio( Auarr tluil niiy jitnicCun* ]ini> \ta^ti mutirivi) solely 
Tiir IIm* ifond of th<> (ritimitmit^', though Enriir nrr of ^itriktuT- 
Axr torriW to it. Kor iLislrtiiff?, tho ln^rii!* of niimnonl-J anA 
ihV jcTvat riiiitir tLi'tli iif litjImoiM npjjtiir tu Imvo beeu ac- 
<]T)iroi) Uy tli^ maii-i as U'<'(1|kiiib for wtiiul ittnfi'. Inil tbfy 
»n' Uf*t'l itj i|rfi'iir>r of l)it ^K'fd or Iroop In n'>:iiMl !o o<*r- 
lajii inrtilid p4iwi'» ihi? rJliv, as H'l* pliull M'e in tlie Eifdl k.'linjp- 
Irr. IF wholly ililTrrrnI; for fhcn* faciillK's* \in\'v \\ dik^ny. 
or vwn twhiAvAy, \:m\€n] fur Ihc Iwnrfit of ihc coHimuinty. 
mil llie itiditiilua]^ ihiTfof liflvt- at tht Miiie ttute t'liined 
nn Advitiil^gt' inditvi'lly. 

It hw iifli'ii Vt»n olij(*rt4'd lo fiiiHi views up tin? furc- 
KojD;;. tlml mail it cjnt> of tPu- niuit iioljtk-Ae and di*f«no^l^^ 
crvitliirr^ in tlic ivoH-i: and (hat 'furinfi; hiii cnrly uiid Ecco 
wflUf^irltjted ffiiidiliTiTK lu' waulJ liav*? hvtn slill jjmiit' 
hi-lpk*M^ Tli« l^ukf <if Ar^>tl. for iiinlflnce, inaists'* thnt 
"the humnn frmnc hn" fJivi^rirnd fT^m the *lnniurt* of 
hrniw^ in Ihi* dlnvlinn^of gr¥Bl<?r pliy*iriil iiH|il('**ni'** >nil 
iiri-*iilcm<w. Tlidt i« to 6nv. it i« a (]ivr-nfonri> which of all 
nllwn It in iDont inipnwiltW toftv^riln? to int^re natural w^Iec- 
linn *' TIp aHdDrpv ihi* tinkoH nni! iinproiirL<tt<d Kliiti^ of the 
boity. ike abwnvr^ of ^ivai li^lli nr clnw« for J«foncp, thi* 

••< frinicvil lltf^< l«ax p. «l 

wtitch llto Ijiuvr art- 
llH'ii full de7flo|*im^nt Ijy '*i' "^ 
UfMl bj Ihi'tN ft>r iSkflilin^ with Ih 
which nro not ttiua i»rovnJwl. mm 
In rt'ifOni l*> lioflily srw or ^ 
vht'llier riuiii is »ie*->*mlH] fmin 
Uir ch]m|*iiKi-'t*, or from odi' us 
iiml. thi;r»'f"0.\ wo Cttrii<"t *ay whrtli 
and ^lPiiT>ucr, or >Ti»flll*>r nnd wpa 
Wo ahouid, Iioi*o<t, lnnr i« nriiiJ 

in^ eTi*i\i Ti|xi\ »ltrD^th, UJirl frrcir 

ffcnlTa, oould defend iUfllf fii»m nil 
mpa Ixavo bwtinn; M»cifO; aud thia 
Imvt phrrkrr] the ju*(}uin-Tni'Tit nf I 
ti*fi, auch w vymynihy snd ihe lov«i 
it ini^'ht liavi' Ih-cd au immtiit* mlig 
ii|inJti;f frmii >«fni' rniiifiiin^livr^ly wj 
Tlip ''mnll *itrrnj,'tb «n(i fpivd of) 
lal ni^a|Hi|i«, A*. . arc iiitut Ihajj l\>U| 
liis iiiit-llc-iMEul |H>u<'nt, ihnnj^^b wfc 
himnHf woapotii<, tool', Jrr.^ though | 
Imioua frtdlr, uud. AeeuiiJty, ti} lti& 
)ciil him lo f^ivv nuf! rcceiv^v aid Trtf 
oountry itt fhr norld af)OUtid£ hi a ^ 
^TtottK l^tiMt/ than Stuith^m Afnc^ 
mi^-ro ft^arful |i1iyftH»l Hnnkhijii fhaii 
(inr ol thi^ pHnir^t fif rjiop*. thot of 
iin^lt in SfHah'Tii Afi 

4n t)ia AtriiA 


cmak flL 

inraTAL e^wkkSh 


mvflg», Ittd ihty i»hfil>t1«iJ voni^ Ksnn rontin^nt or Ur^a 

ic now tbc hf^ttio of tlic nnmiT' Ancl nAlarnl At^Irclion nriKJn^ 
fn»Mi tli4* miTipfltitfnii fbf IrlVx' with lnU\ in >ioinp biir^ l^rg^ 
tna •« oD(} i.<f t)u<ei.\ lii^'t'ltjvr with ihv mhiTLlMl t-lk^vt^ o( 
hftUt. would. UDdcf favouralk cxiitJEliotiii, have ftulEccil to 
liw nun bi hU pmwiit higb jKutUioti in 1^0 organic salc^ 



Tfc* Jilfirifmfiii nmni^ pfiv«r bolvccn the ti^T^eil ap« hud liic lowal ht- 
aifftt immnni**— -i'«n4Mi inatitioU m i^/immfLn -'L'hr funnUivit -rimmtv - 
liillUtiH) — AtkQLJ'JiJ UvliiUT}! Iiitiit;iiitliulj ^Diiauu rTV|fnAi«d nil- 
fii>T*gwat— TOft^ liLJil *iv4pviiB (i*^ by ubjiiiaU— AUtmciiiiit, valf-ouu- 

Wfi have M«n iu tlir* lift (wn dmptcr* llmt mnn lienr* 
in hB bodiJj rtructurc rhnr tmrm of his <lo«cfiil frcmi homio 
iowrr form; bnt it muv In.' utv*^J Uihi, aa mau Jiffff* *o 
gri«lly irt hiH iiii*ri1ul |Kiwi*r froTit nil hIIht uniniuU. th<»rp 
tntud be wotnc orror in ihii; concluMort, Ko doubt (he <iif* 
fef^DCO jD tliia rvvijeLl in tiiormuuH. tvi'u if w^ cniiLfmrr Uie 
mind of onu of Ui« ku-oEt fuvng&a^ who Ilsdi ^o wordE to 
csprcn finj uaiaber hi^ber than four. aii<] ^ho uft«« hArdl,Y 
any aLrirai^L trnim for L^iiiiTrion (thji-rls 'tr f«r i!h^ «ITi*ctiiinV 
with th«t at thp raofi highly otgsnip<x^ np^. The HifTi^n^iK^^ 
vould, no doubt, btdl r^iuAiii jniminibf, L-tm if one uf rh>^ 
hi^hrr ajJrt hml Wn imfiiMVi-il nr piviHu'd n* miirh B'* n 
don l"** '^^'^'^ ^^ comparison with ite paront-form, tf»? Tolf 
or jflckAL Th* Fuet;innEi nink iinrniKsl ihe !^l«tf^l bar- 
man*: Irtil I Vint voniUmaWy istrai-k with siirjinw how 
Oy the lhr4H> nnlLTi>Fi on Jj-^ntxl H. M. S. " Beaele" who 
id lii^ mmt yeam in Eiijflamh *inil rouW Utlk n liltW 
InjjpliNh. ro»mMod u» in (]ic[x.t«}Lion and in mont of our 
\ent\il fjtouHic^ If nr> nrf^nnic brln? cice^plintr man liad 
i»t'>*f^ any niontal |>o\yei\ or if liin power* hud Wn of a 
io}}y difT^rvnl natunf fmu Ui^w of thn 1t>Ufrr auimaltf. 


Pakt I 

Chen we «houlJ i»*\*r have Iweii aMe tu ccinviiiee uuraelvi?* 
thttl otir hijifh fiii'nUii** !iHtl \hvx\ i^rnthmWy iL*vi»]ojusi. lint 
it con bp ftln.*«n thftl Ihon* ifi tit* fimilnnu'iiliil ililKreiifo of 
LhiB kind, W<.' mUBl u\hii admit llmt i\[vtv i-^ a uiudi uklir 

a\i a Iflmprfy or Inncrlri, artJ fine *>r Ih:* liitflKT n|ws, tlioii 
Ift-lwet'ii uii apv bh4 iiiaa; jtt tliia lutiirvdl i^ lilli?ii up bj 
iiumtiork*fi< ^'rudaUoiiit, 

Nor \9 the difference slight in morAl liUpofiltton beLween 
A bflr>iariiirL Mjc)i a8 tbe iiiati defcritx^] b^ llu' nli] iiiivi^ntor 
Hjron, wbo diiihed )iik child on thf? rock* fur drojt|nnp u 
bo^kcl of fK-n-urcbin^ and a Ilrjuard or I'laTkh^rii: md ju 
iiiti'llMi."!, Iwl^iiifii a wiva^'e wbn iih*h liHrdly any ninlnwl 
Utui*. ftmi ti Ntwton or Shukf^iR'ftrt, |)iiIrKiicc*j of thit. 
kind httwoon the highest men uf the li^difbt rduCB mid the 
loa'pHt s(Lva;^i>4. aro (►"iirn.n.lwl by tbt- fiiitfil gnidulioiifl 
TlKTofuro it a poMihlc thnt thc3' tnight \>a^ anit be dcvd 
apud into each other. 

My object in ihift chapter S* tt> eh*w that iliero h no 
fumfauxntnl HifTcrrnco bntwcvn ii>on and thr hi^hi;r mAni' 
nml* In thi»ir irit-iilal facidtiw. I'lai-li dixiwioij of the 8iibji*ci 
mi^ht bjivo b^<-ii c^xtviKlod lulo a a<*parLklo l*^v. but mual 
Uvrv hr truitrd bncHy. Aj* no rliirwilirfltinn of t!u* tnciital 
pjwiTfc han bt-iyn univt-nylly art'i-plii-d. I ^^liall arruiipc my 
reiTiJirkB iti tLo ord^r iiiout LOin'onieiit for wy {>iir[KJse; jnid 
will ti\rci ihoM fpd* w'hirh havr Mnirk mi* most, with tho 
hojip thijl tf«»v njjiy proihu*fl *irimn office I mi fht* rPFtdpr, 

With rot|H't'l to fttiimalpi \vry low in thv scale, I nhall 

S'vn some additintml Wis under Si-iiinl SMcctioa, whrwin): 
at their it^enlnl prj^t-ers are miirh higbcr llnin might hn\p 
h<'n ospoolrd, 'I bo varmhihly i>f tho rneuUioe in ilw in- 
dividuals of tho Mmt !pr<^icp is an imporinnf. point for un 
an(i soniD few ilbielrations ft'iH hcrp Iip ^'I'on. lint it ivould 
be »ii)>rHlnLiiiji; fa rnfrr into many iltdaila nn tbia hoad, for 
I haiv found im frt^ipUTl i'iif|Liiry, Ihnt it i* ibtr imnniinouK 
opinion of all thow who have lon^ attended In HtittnaU of 
many kind^* incbiHini: birdn, that tbe individuate dilfor 
Kreatly in fver^y iTi*.'rital i-hararlorixiir. In wljrtt miiiinor 
Oil* meutal i^wow wcrt Urat developed in tbe Jow^ftt or^n- 
iflme, i? ns hopclra* an rnquirr a» how life itself firat origi- 
nflled Th*>i(> nr»* prnhb*niR for tbf diKlnnl fntiin-H if Ihej 
ar* *ver to bo solved bv man. 

Ai< man foMcw^i'* llm nam* crnapii an the lower auimaK 
bit fimdnTiir^nl^il irnii1ii>io^ riuo^f hi- tlir uimv. Uan bMH nbo 
aomu fuw inetiiK^f^ in c<'itu;kLjD, oa that of e«lf-proaervAtion, 



t Mr. lit 



ffTTiAl lov*, Ih* loTo ftf the moilhrr for hrr n^vbnm ofl- 

,.r jjf^. tlir ikniii^ [iifM^M^ 1>V tir Ultor lo mn\i» ani) ao 

:4ri!i, lllll Endo. |itrTLii]j«, I121 fimouihul fvuirr inttiiK-Li 

[lull ihot^ iiudMNwil by Ui« autmAbt whiHi cumt- Ucxt to 

him in llie t>?fh«. Tkir oiunj^ lii ihe K«»lcfii i»liiiitl«, tad 

I'M' chinipiiuve in Africa, hnM \^]A^tvfm^6 on uhi<1i tlu^ 

- rl^ nj» 1>ritb vpvnw fnlliiw tl^^ mnw habit, il tTii)cht 

: Ihai tiui» Ajuf ihir Im Juntinct. Inil wc cnnnot frvl 

it » tMt ttu» rvHtili of ttiifli aniiiutb hsiiog diniilar 

il |>uurAa!tjj ?i)iu^luT t><jwen) of rMttoaiDK'- Thv^e 
»Lrs. ttb u*' ikini »4JiJiiii.\ Mviiiil llii' nainy iHTJMUUfUA fruji* 
*nf th(^ 1m('ji-«. uhd luan Eios iio enrli knouloii^t*: Uut na 'Xjr 
inirkiib, viim tukru to fun'i;;!] lunds. »iiiJ vht-a 
E : ' < \\ iiiil ill iJit* 8|iMii}^, uf(<rTi mi \KnMtaiHif hrtW, 
vludi UifV ofli-rvardfl nvoid, w« nnnol f^el diire (hat the 
do not Wni frotn Uii-ir own cxiH^h^iuxr oi from timl 
(li«'tr |mrvul»< vhat fniitx to trWt It \», lumi-rp'r, c^t^r* 
kin. tts w« ahnJI pr*«ont]T r^e, Ihnt ape* hnvif en intliit^- 
JT9 ilrvttd of K-ri^tfbtf. und [>rc>bably of otUe^r ij^o^-eroUD 

TUt^ ff'Ufi4'^B AiDd the cviiiparulivQ eiitkplicitj of the in- 

Atiiiii in thr hixltrr ntiinmU uir rtmartiiltir in cunlru^t 

ith tli'iMc rjf thr lnvi^r LinimitU. 4*tivu-r iiiLiititiiULf'cI thril 

'hiwt and JUclli^i>n<.v e^IhiuI in an invnivt' Ttitji> to ^arh 

tfar-r; ati[| hiiiii? hiiic Uiuil^''^ ^li^t Itie tlltt'llctluill fikt'ul- 
h-v (J tilt higher nriiimili have Item gnuiuAll) drvi-lciju^J 
ro&i Ihdr ir>tind4. But Fuuehot. in an in1cic«tin^ o^Any,' 
nhtrihii ihal fiu rtnh iuvene ralMi really exislH. Those 
)iLK'l« whicit fwwictfc the moni wr»ndiirful inKtincU arc tor- 
linly chc afco»t irjVclltjr^nt, Jq tin* vtrlobratc wncp^ the 
imziL iult4li^'enl uivnjher». uum^]^' tiHht? atul nirrphibiHiii], 
Id do! [iLnttou coiBpl<?i iiitiJnrU; pnri ainou^tt mammnlri 
tc nritiiiAl niosit rfniitrVabl* f<>r il* in^lincU* iiamdy the 
w-r. iei tti^'hlv riittlll^^i.-nr, »6 will Ih> iLdmiCted by &\vry 
who hrii rtflid Mr Mor^in'* cxcdicnt work.* 
iMthi>iiiEtL 1h^ tin»t dairning? of inlollix'f'nc?, according 
Mr Hi'iImtI Sp(»iioer,* have bton dev^lo|i«l thrcmgb the 
lultiiihc^ii':']) and t^o-oriliniition uf rvHax uctidnti, and al- 
hou^n trJitij ot the minplcr in#lin(l« ^rniJuatc into rrHcx 
irtinnfi, «nrl i^an hanlly b** difiHrfc^iiehed from ihpnt. nn in 
Ijjv caw of youU); aiiiinaU ftickm;;, yai the muro (?aiiipjex 

find t^tlL mOf pp. I1H-H& 


P4VT J. 

inttiiiclN ttH.'m to buvi* ari^iiinlM iiidpji«Ti<1«i]t1y of InteUi- 
^nc<T. 1 am, lii>wo\i^r, rory for fruut wj&lim^ to duiy thdl 
mMiDdi\'4^ flclioiifl may htnv llicjr flxivl niid iinljm^hl cTuir* 
acter. and be replaced l>y uihors |n»rforinrd by the aid of 
the frei? will. On the other hoTKl, w^mo intelligent at-li<*tia, 
ftft^r Wine perftiiiiK-d during u'whiI ^enfiiiiiiriiM. Iimnru' 
eoiivt'tTed inlo iiiritliieu emd Hre inhtritiHl, nu w'htn Inrds on 
oeuEinic i-ilniicLti luirn to nv^^ii! man- Tlic^e actions uia^ 
then V liflicf t'l be ds-tiaiW in I'liKraettT, for Ihi'y nri- no 
longer porforiH<>d tlirou^'h rt'ai*o:i or frum cxpc^riinu^t*, Util 
tbi; ^n?alpr rnmitM*r of tlir uioro ci^itipkit inrtincU oppcjir to 
liavr Urn ^'iLirii'd hi u vlicillv ililTerBnl iiiaDner, thrttu^Ti the 
nalural »ole(.lioD ot varidtmim of «ini|>kr in«tinclivif Hctioiu. 
Such viir]aIion5 uppoiir to an*v from tlio wime anknown 
fMii]iis4'« nciin^ on lhi> efi'i>]irjil rir^nlkiilion. wbkh iiidiic^ 
sli^ilil variulroiih ttr imlivuliml dillVrLTiccEi in (»thcr iiarte 
(jf ihir IrtM^j; nnd thciH- vnriniionA, *iwiiig t^ oi;r ijiowraueLV 
are ofleii finid to arihi? fijionlflnoon^ly. We ean, I Ihiok, 
Ofjmi? to no otlior vuiidiiHtoii Willi rt*s|»t*ut to tho oriirin of 
Ih*^ njorr foiiijjlos; irnlinrU, whi-Ti we n^llirt on thf miirvel- 
loiia inalinetii of fitorilc worker-antfl and beee, which leavi* 
no offvpniig to inherit the i<tfccte of expcrieucx- nnd of niu<li' 
floil hahita 

Allhonj^b, aa u^* leara from the abov^ mentioned inaectd 
and iht- limvcTt a bi^h di::^!^*^ of inltlliKt'nfNr ttt ecrtuinly 
rum pM 1 1 hi*' wilb riiin|ilr'K iik^lini^th, niid ulihi'ii^h nrllonu, 
at Firdt Winil voluntarily i-an aoon tUroujirh habit be per 
fornk^-d with the i^|iii<kiioi( ond errlninty *}f a redrx action, 
ypl it is nnt iinproV)ah!e llmt there is s certain uixioiitii of 
jutcrfcrt'ncc ln-twcrn f.hi* dtYcltipmrnt of free inlyiJi^enev 
and o( inaliiiLt,— «hie)i latlei iniphe^ *ome inlieritcd modi- 
fication of Cht? bmili. i-ittle 10 known about the funetiona 
of the brain, but wis mn pcrrrivc thut as the intelleolual 
iiow^rfi beeonie highly dev^ihipedr ihi* viirioLH ]mrU of the 
Win must bo connected by very intri>:ate ebannel)? of tlw 
frotflt intcrcomninniration: «nd an a contc^fuonct Kach ecpa- 
mk [iprl ttonld peHiape lend to lit* lew well fllied to afHwer 
to iiarlk'ulaj- ^i-nciutionB or aKfiociattons in a doflnito and in< 
hentcci — thnt it* inMinrlivp — mnnncr. Thrrr attinT^ evi-u to 
rxist tumc* rrlation Iw^lwern n Viw dfgri»i» of intrlli^*'m"i* uiid 
fl t1iv>iip tvndenox' to the' farinaiion ol fixed, thoncfh not in- 
herittd habit,-); fur nti n Mjiatioufl physitifin nrnmrked to Tne, 

Kr*on»i whn an» flijjfhlly inibecih' tenil In iirt in everything 
routine or hnixt; and they avc rendered much happier 
if t}iiti iH L-ncouT^t'^. 



F, lit 


t luT^ 1hoii|;hl thin dijiri^uicn vorih prinf;, hocwitw* vFit 

IT ^mmJ.T uftTWrmto \Ur mcotnl |ioH'*'ni of (fir htjrhrr ani* 

tri«t&, AnH n|iprU]k nf itmh, uhi>n ur mm^MLrr' Ihiir iKtiirii^j 

fooDflod 'i[i lSi> [iM<n:orT of p«l ci-i>nt@, on T'lrmi^h!. roni'iil 

^jiikil iiiur4:iir4lioo, ifiUi c^triJjr flimibr Actions inttindivi^ljr 

fnmirH hy thi- liivrr miirnjitit; in UiU \aiivr r^aw The ea- 

lUttind BlPFltufl^ nitl]€jtET linj (HltisdolBl llttplliglTQr^ OD ih^ 

Mft fil the aniiiMl <liumg cftcb ^acooseixf jfcnor&tioa. Nu 
^Kitoulit, aA Mr. ^'dUc« hud argu*^.^ mucJ] i^f Dx- Intrllit^rnl 
^Bvnrk r)niii> liy rnmi u tltir to imitiilinn nrvi not In Tftv*n; 
^V^ul llirrv 1^ ihisi ^Ttat difTerence bi?tti'f>«n liin adioiu ui)d 
^V |iulU> of Ulcia-' |ii-ifnrtii<^ \ty ihv Imurr amcimK nnriuty. 

Uut nun cannot, on hU firtx triHl, niMki*, for inEiantMf, a 
B4f*nc hafcli4-l or a caaoci tlirr3iij;h his pov^r uf iaiitation. 
|p baa lo leura bU Bork bj pnif^liit-; n fj«<\»T, on tlip ollipr 
tntl, mn mukc iu dnni nr cAnnl^ ntid n bird iu fictt, u vrHl, 
jor iK«rijr «» vcLL and a spider iXA iivonderful wrb, ^lute aa 
rpll/ lj[f Dnil Imjt il trit-w ;ih uliru iiM nml i-.ijwritii™<l. 
To rdum to ouf tnini<^dintc ^ubjwjt: U»e lowor nnimnlK, 
flik^ niAD. maaifesllj fed j:»lea«iiii.^ and f)0!T>> happiiic*^ aud 
mJH'nr- Jiappinem it. uevvT Ix-tlir i-\l]il>ir4-() llijiFi bv y^rLiri^ 
Bnim4lh, j^rh of frnppi«, IciUphh^. lambii, &c.^ wlir^ plA^in^ 
to^lbiT, likt- mir own ditldiYO. Even in^ectft plav ^^jjfcliicr, 
■wm hi* bMTfi dnHxiVm] lij Ihnt i>.uv|3cnL olnprrvi^r, R lliilier,* 
pTtlin Miv ant^ cbaninjt nud prctcndini; to bite each other, Ltlco 

Tbe lirct that lh« lo«"er Aniniali dtc excited by the aame 
ifjnotioas M our^lvca la fc ^rll (wtabhaht'tt, thut Lt inll 
twit lir uHnv^nry to w«ar> tlit rt-fldci bj many dcuih, Tcr- 
'ror Shdt ill xhv mtrnt manci'T «Jii th«m ae on na. caiiKir^ tbe 
tunMl«f lo trfmble, tbr h^^nrt to ptitpilatr, tbv ^pUiDcter* 
ittt l»e relaxed, and llie batr U' '^aiiil iiii i-nib Siir^pii-inn, tbn 
foftftprini! i>r ftan w cmiiit-ntly < hira^^t^riitic of most wi\t\ 
iftniniab. It w* 1 thinJc, impmnnblc to rcfld tht nctoiml ^ixon 

8ir E. Tennenl, (»f (liu Iwba^ imir of Ibp ffirmW :^b*pl»int^ 

at dt*coTit, without admitting;; that Ihey intentionally 

ipmrlii^ dvccil, and well know whnt thfry an aU^xti. Cour- 

i9gf Htiil TimiHiiT are eirr^roely varinble qimliliri^ in tlu* iti- 

iclividuiilit of xht nauw spvcieB, la it plaifily Men in our doge. 



YMG Me«^KXT or MAK. 

Put L 

4««k M»^ feuPM «rw ilM«>aip«rv<]. and oo^tlv turn 

^■^ Jlffuir 1*^ c>**^-*^^P'^'^^ JUKI ib<w qiialtruA «r« 

Wifcxntr' K^vrv our kiioKH |]ii« |ij||||p aniaiiilii 


Xttit^ ftlK^xloU"* b«ve been f>iiMi?liril on tlie 

. aimI Hrthiri * i^lalr tlul the Aiii«>rjcjiii imt) 
,*y» ^\x\<-\i they kfpl Iflnir, ccruiiiN irveiiged 
^i. Sir Amlivw ?4tiiilli. a ^ooIu^jhi hIichi^ ^'^ntpu* 

^, ., V v» kntmu t^i itiuDy pvnwitt. told mv the 

ft i<f ^liich he WLi» hiniAclf nn e_ie-xvitDi!9«; at 

\Uv s <!■* hj( Uoiwl Ho|«^ uii offi(TT Imd ofleii [ila;^!*^! n cer- 
mu UWui^ And llii^ Amm«), niciiit; Uim uppronrhui^^ ont 
|ttituk.i 'iH iwmiW. ^ouEvO ^Aler into a hol^ and liUHtily 
UMKW mihw Mn*k mud. whti-b Ik* nkflfnlly clflaht^ri over Th» 
^iVf flu Jk* i^bw'i) h\, lo tlit^ nmuKi^mcnt nf mimv Uv^timd- 
9W K'tr Unifi ikfliTujinU LI^k* iMkbcion ix'jiji<:ed and tn* 
Ithihltf^l AK<<iirvt# 111- MIT liiH victim, 

I'Kii lt>tr ft 41 ikt>|( Kir T^iH lUAJ^tt^r i^ nott>riou?; as an old 
Vhrtlvr (fiinldllj HijkK* " A iKii: in Ihi' diiI} Ihiii^ on tliiu oarlli 
ttuil liAVtt I'lti iii^irr Hint h<^ luv^ hiiiiE^'ir." 

In llitr fM^»>)y ^' tJmdi a doff hnn licrti knoirn to care^b 
|(H irmMiT, iiiul i*vi**y 011^ luiH Itf'snl [>f tlu* du;; nulfi^riDg 
Ulwli"' «tV*MHit»», t^lm Ijck^l thv Ikiiml <ft tlvc o|^eTiit<^r; thi» 
twin, i4ii1r» Ukv o|N-r«h<iti niin Tullv jtulirkii bv nn iniivaflt- 
\tl iWl I M'»wKil|;*'" *'' >'"^'*** 'i'' I'^i'l " h<-^]rt i»f Klonv, uwint 
liitr Ml tiiti<MiiL' Ui xUf l4Hi lii>ur of hiR itiv. 

\m \^lu™rir" Itn- Will flwkml, "who that reads Ihe 
|MMi'li>t^a iM<'tMi>'« iif mfilrrnul urTL^L-citkii, Mari^d ro often 
rtt Hti* ^iMiLi'ti "f all i^ntr^riH. nnd of tho f^maled of all ani- 

rU, h*«H diiiiUt lUol tilt" print'^pk oF uctii^n in ihi^ tdme iii 
I ivi> ni*^f ^^''" "* "mIfiTinl nffr^-lion exhihitud iii 
|ti4k Ol^til lllllillM ■1>l'*>(^> ll^^* lionjc^r of»?orvi>d iiu Auicn- 
,414 mtiitU) (u V fhuki ittTi^rully drtvjUf; u^tuf t)u' Hk*^ nhlrti 
idad)M**' '^^' itifikHh nod MuvniiiH mw u IlylnhRt^e ua^hiii^ 

aiii( 111 riiniikii >MfiiVii>* fur Ihe Ii^m uf thc-ir yonn^^ fli^f jt 
fu^ ''. »ii-rd th" rU'jith of t'lTtiiiu kinds k(i>t iind^r 
i-i»i' H, 111' Ml \-\ Miidirn 1" N. Africn. Urpltnti ra^nkcjn 
ttftv ■ltti^'« liiln|<lnl nnd rflrvfnllj ^'uuidt-d Uy ihn niher 

* ' rliTri"V. 


,|r»itinT« :' 

■If <tf MliiJ Ml i\\f T^ovi-i 


mrf," Ajitlt MJl. n 1\ 

■■ * Df I Jjffl*BtcrTraUiUa; p. 






hoiU ttUiW nnd feniak-?. Oar F^malp halooo' 

had Ao rv^'ioiii a \irnn \haX Uie ttul onlr tdopCLHl vouuf* 

iciokvn'b uf oU)^ dp<H:ic0, but ftitW rr»iinf ilo^f iin<f rntH, 

hirh »hr nrtitmonlly turned oYTim, H<>r kiii')nn«. how- 

di4 not g<» ^) far ae to thar» li«'r food with hi^r ai}<)ti1ed 

ine, nl vliirh Bn^m u-ai >iiir]rri«n!. a« Ii» monkr.^ii 

iliTiili-il rvrTy^IiiMi! i|iit(p fnirlv ttilh tlwir nwn J'niUlg, 

Kiiily haJ a fiuv iiilyllu:!, for ahi' iin* mwli ftsfiTH* 

^bf^UK wT*ti'IiiH|, nni! irurnwlmti^iy et*miiioil tbij 

trti'i fw*, inul tticJinui mi>ri* fldo hit off Ih^ claw*," Id 
tc Zooloeical Oardeue. 1 litard from ihi' kei-jwr that ad old 
ilvKiD (1^. I'Adrma) limd adrvfitcil a !thnu« monkrTy; biit 
hen A >ouu>[ dnil mid miitiihill w<»iv pJncod in tlic cap^, 
lie f<rfir*ixl to j^vrirvii^ tli&i these ui<>uki\V!», thuu);!] dintiiicl 
(perl**, vpre h^r neartT rvlfltit*'*, for the at ort^v wjrtti'd 
ic ItJiQiDii ±nd ddoflcil hi>lh of fbrrn. The yfniTi^i Rh**"!*, 
I I «iw, TU zrfalljf djM.'i.iEit«'ii1ed at betii^' Ihuo rejtrrltfd, 
ind it vfiulil. tik^ u batJifhtv chUd, unimv mid ittFnck th« 
I'jufip linli and mnn^lnll whrttrvrr it toiild df> !-:> i^it.ll 

nf<:ij; llibi Mtndud ('jtdtjng gn-Hi mdi^MiAUfiir jti t) H 

jbalwon. UuQkovd will nbm, acvurUing lt> ltr*hrn, di'K-iid 
llinr muter when atlnirked Vv any one, m well oa doca to 
thoni thfy Are attadii'd^ fttim Ifio aLhu-k4 of other uogi. 
tut vrc h«fv tfE^ndi on the jtuhjcf^tc of >\ni|>Alhy and (iddily, 
U* tthirh 1 idiall r«Tir. Soint of Bn^liru'H iiionkey» Irxik 
niiHi di?Hg1it in f«s^in^ a oorlain old do^' whom they 
livlikod, u well iki aXh<T ntiiiiuiUf in vorioua inj^cnious 

Moat of iho more f^omplt^t cmoliortc nrt* common to tlie 

liifhcT nninuilH nnd oflrsilvcs, Kivry oni* tins jci'n how 

»1oiti> H il«>: M of hi^ ntu^U-r'? ttlTerliitii. if l^VtelRtJ <hi Hny 

iht?r cmiliire; ntrd I huvc otiti-rv«d tlie uin)« tad wrth 

iiiikoTx Thi« i^bcw'v that nnimnN not only love, tint have 

wrr to ho lovrtl. Aniiiuils irianif>-*ily ffH *^iniihiTion. 

'hoy love apppilpnllon or proiae: and a do^' oarmng a 

iHokt'l fcir Ilia matter i-xhiHta in a hi|rh dcRTPc Boff-com- 

Iftn-urif iir pridiv Thfrv cnn, 1 think, li no dmilil Ihwl a 

i»a ff>--U «1iamc, na distirct fmr* ft'^ar. Jind P'>rneih[nR vpry 

[fee m™lrnty wh^'n ^T;?^inic l"^" "flin for ffiwh A icnut 

kig iri;of)tft ihc fiiuirlJb^ of ii litllv diig^ and iUh may Ik- 

r *» V *ri.- nL-h^m liny rrnimpli dWivlWlne my w-fk. Tlnr""jrn I 
'■ */ July^ IWI, p. trii'l. in*! frmnA llwl I n^uM nrftplllj 

f T -fifcibTy «f thiAi^ M'ncwirhm* o*iiri<tiUkThp>hiiff IrTffa 



Pj.1T I. 

cfAhd mugnsiiiniity. Scviral dImtvith luivi- itntcd that 
moakc^vs certainly disbke Ix-inp luu^-hiTd ni'. And th<^ somo- 
Hmtn inr*ut ima^inarv olfffmv*. In Ibo Zoolo^nt^l Gar- 
rlrrm I tnw fl luihiii>ii wTtn rilwuy^ gr>| inio a furious ru;;L< when 
hi* keopi>r took out a k-ILor or bonfc nmi rvmi it nlmid to 
hiin: ditd hi^ ra^c muei du violent ihiitT ft^ 1 witijeK)t.'d on 
one oiTjution, In- hil bin Jiwn \f^ till Ihp tilo<>d flowt^I, Dogs 
flhow what may in* faTHv wilk-d a iruai? rjf ^jummir^ ae dis 
ImL-i fn.*n3 iiirrf- [tlay; [f h bit r)f slick or olhiT t-iirli olijpi-t 
bi- Ihrown to nn>^ hr iiill f>firn i^arry it away ior a fihorl 
diflaut^o; and then ^^jiiultin); duwu with it oi\ tlic ground 
clobi- WurL' hiiiu v'lll trait iiidil hU niAKlrr rniitf'^ iitiite 
doM^ to tiklrr it uu-ay. Thf Hog; will thi^n sp;7.e if and ni8h 
nirny tn tnumph, rppeatm^ tUo tiame maDa-uvrG, ditd evi- 
dently enJDjiuj^ [he piai-timil joki?. 

Wi* will now turn to the inoro int^ll^tnal «inotione and 
faculties n'hich arc v«ry iiuporlaut^ as tunning thf? l>fimfl 
for the dt^vi-liiptiipul "f llir hiji^hrr mmLal jiimi-r*. AtiinmlK 
muTiiri'Ktly irnjoy ^citpmont^ nnd utifler from nnnHi, as may 
be »(^n hilli Jo^, and. iiti^ordinj- to iU^n^t^ix. wilh mifuki-ya. 
All unrinHfti fi^-I Vi'fj^r/>r. nnd rnuiiy t^Afiibit fnrit^sttt/. Tht'y 
Homi'lini*?s *.nfTfT from thiH lntt<>r *)niility, ofi wln^n the hunluf 
plaVB Jintica and ILua atLincta thi:m; I have nilutrasod tUia 
with d<<('r, and no it U wtl.h the? nury dianioM. and with itomo 
kiadkf of wild-diicke. Bi^hrn jnvfg a cnriouti dccounl of tbo 
iiutrnctivc dii^fii]. vrliith hi« tiiouki^yb fLihiljUi^d. for ^naki.^: 
but tht^r curiotity wnn f^> stmiI that Iht-y conld not dtaisi 
from ix^aaionally ^alinlinj: their liorror in a moFt human 
faiihitin, hy liTliri}; up ilif lid of tin- 1jt>x in wlikii tLi' biiakvH 
^vFfr Vopt. I wa* »o much mrprim**! at hi* flftount, that I 
took a ptufrt!d and ci>iled-up snake into the monkoy-hounc 
at Ihi^ Znolri^firal i)iirdr*ru, ntid ihe exLileriieiit tfit^h^d 
wflfl one of the moat curious (iwctarlcu which I evur hoheM. 
Three epttica of Cercopitbtt-'UB were tlie moit alarmed; they 
dartlK-d iLhout thnir ctii^^, imd nltt<ri<d »]tAii\ mgual iTWh of 
dan^'cr, whii'h wcr* undet^twxi br the otlicr monkeya. A 
few youn^ nioDk«>s and <>m M Anubif Ijaboon abnc took 
nn notiee of lb* Buaktv I thi-ii pldftnl lli*^ HtijfTcd *pi>clinrii 
on the f:T<^und in one of the larptr compnrtmenLs. Aflor a 
time all the moTike\^ collceted rouQil il in a large circle, nnd 
•taring intently, jiresented a n^oel ludierouf; appparnnci*. 
They tooimc filTwnely norvouA: bo that vhen a wooden 
t, with which thfy wrre familiar nf^ a pbythint;. wac acci- 
itally mnvpd in thf Etmw, undor which it wan (mrlly 
ldd«ii) they all inslanlly dtarted away. Th«Ae mduk«ja 









Wlwre^i Tory difTerenitf «hen u dufi Hth. a mouM,** i 
limine tiinle, 4011 othrr tii'W nhjcct^ wert placnl in tlu-'U 
vuTtf^ ftir iSuijgli Ai dnl friirEiU-i>it{. Uu'j *noii np^ririKlii^d,; 
'haiMlled dod cxMUuneii Ihi^oj- I Ihfn pluced • livr 4nak9 
Q a |w}ii'r tup- vi(b the Ktoulb louBflv clo«ed, ui i>a« <jf 
4* lai^er crnnfurimriiu- Otm of ilir ninitkRVK intBinltvli-)/ 

aiHi wUiiiti dAflifd »4»j. Thiu I wilDi^Hwd wJeilI Brchni 
tw« d«^nti«^, tf^i rfutnkcy tirtrr iiiimkr\, ttilli li^^d nunrd 
high Aod tumi-tl on c^dc 8td<?> couE<l n<ii rMiifl InlciDa a iikk 

lyiDR ^<ii(>ik »t the U4lori- It nnuEd Hlin<i»l uppcjir u^ if 
rnonkcy^ ^i^d ^cffoe notion «f sookijEicfll AtlinitioF, for UuMt 
ki>|it by Hr^ttm mhibit«d A «tninjr«. Oiougli iiL~ki>Ulceii, IQ- 
frtinctiTft drmd of iDEimvfit iTXinlf iiul froj^. An 'trAitfi. 
■l*i>. b»» l>e«*D kiiowD to be much aiamitKl at th<: tint ^ghl 
(if * Iwrl W 

Thr pTiDHj>[e of Jtnitaficn i* *1rQ&}7 in man. and eipe* 
i^iallT, w I Imtc iny*df <'Wrvcd, with iiavnffce> In crrtmn 

nwdid ittnUtt of ihe tiniiu liiis U-uili'iii-j ie ti 11^4: ir rat ei3 to 
■a <atnicnJiil«r> di^^rn-: iionio iiL-mipiii^K' ;mtL^[ili und 
tdhfiVt at the ronmi'JU'^TrK'nt '>f intlnnjinnlory wiftcning of 
the brain. iincon8i;totipty tiuLiulv every »i>id wlijch i« uU^reii. 
vhi<thrT in ihvir cwu mr iu a furvup liif>|;uHp,', uud cwry 

Kf4iirc CT nchon which » pcrfonncd ne«r them." [)wor ** 
» retiiark«<i] tlml no Hniriinl voiuntarily iiTiitnt'-^ an ac-lion 
|>«rforTutd by nidii. uniil in tiic a^ccudinK tfoalc vi? como 
to monkcjrA, which ort' well known to be ndiculoiu looikeni. 
AniokaU, iT/^weiier. «i>inHiTrk^a intitate eacb otb^r'e actir^ns: 
thw two cj>csfiefi of wolvpd. wJiich liod bin^n reared by dof:^, 
Icamrd to hnrk, n^ dw> wmi^timc* the jackiJ.'* but whellier 
this rsn \» onllp'i vn|iLntar\ iniilui^on lb anolhvr qtii<itir>n. 
Bittld tEm'.ali! Ibc ion;^' of tbuir parent*, and ■omrtim<*i f>t 
t\ihvr bird*, and jmrnli^ me natorioiw imilatorft i"»f any 
(vnind which Ib^y often b«aT. Durtrni rlt^ la Mallt- piv« 
an M'C^rnnt " of a don vctiTt-d by a oit, who kitrnt to imitate 
tliu wril-kiinvrn i<-lu)Tt of a cat licking hi*r [»««**, aixI tliiH 
washing her van? and faee: ihift wafl aUo VEilnoiMc>i hv Iha 
ebrated naturalist Audoiiin, I have rectived nrvernf eon- 


■ I htm five* « aliort noMiixit 0^ 

« W C L. M-r.m, ■>.« HmI, -if 

» J>r. n«ii-Pm On Apl>"-i< 1^^ 

IUlrTr»r<iVfihH^4~ |4i«7. p MM, 

I'hf pfltcHts iit maiiy auimfllo. 
of inriitntion in tljfij voiiii^;, ond 

tlu'm. Wo wo xh[y v'Utn u i:ai brij 
kiit<n»H «Tiil 1)ijrcoii ilc In MhIIl:- 
ojiiih tin lh»* |'mf<?T almvo rjiint^iJi' 
iiaw^kft which 1uii;;ht tbt-ir y<>tiD(: dr 
mrnl nf iliMdnn's ^"X HikI <lri)|»(>inj 

«flC<-TLr and tocn bnnpiig lliirm live 

Elerdlj any fHciiltv [& idok' ii[i|iol 
tiiJiT proirrpw <if rami l)ion A Uff\H>n. 
ffiit IhU jiowrr, e*i when a csir if-inh''* 1 
Lo *pniii: 'JO ilw |«vy. Wild ainmatij 
nli«')H)riT A^'hr-h Tliiifr 4'n^^n1, thnt th 
[>ntftrJicii. 1\t. linrtlErlt baa ^vt>n IM 
t'nriAMt tl:ii» TA^ulty id in monkeyfl 
rnoTikrTu in aH in [lUyn, luril fn pin 
frciw liio Zi^i^loci"^! S-x-irty at the ]>r\ 
fflch; hut ho '>fToTT'd lo ititc floiiMo I 
kivp Ihrrip nr four *>f thrm fnr n f^u' i1 
one, Whfn Offct^l hnw b*> criild jVi 
wlidUrr a paHitiiljit niiirkry ttoukl t' 
lip anvwi^tvrl that it nil i!n]irTn!rt1 on 
Ion, Jf when he i»ae lolkit^u' m>i' f^ 



Cmt9. Itl. 



Smith, rtmjn^urd bini with jot nrti-r sin nlifriK^ of niiu 
moBtlK I tud 4 iloiC whn ft-as f4%nf:«* and ntrrfc to jilJ 
rtr w i ^g' T** Al^i 1 purp08crly Iri^l fitfi ni^^moi-v nftrr nu nli- 
o»iM>9 of lli*« voin and hv<j Ua>^ J w>.*»t iiivr flu* >iinHW 
whfTP hf^ livcA, and choulM 1t> him la mv old rudiiuer: h* 
nlmtd iku jo>. bul inMaoth MloMt^d Tiie out uHlkin^f. nm! 
obtyv<l Qie, «iacily a« if I h^ parU^d wiih him only lialt 
AH h««r bof'>n?- A tnin of f>!d ft^^c^ialions dormant dur- 
ing 5vr Tf-AHi, }iwA IhuA b^>ii iribtju;lnriif>>ii!^h' n^iikf^Tii^) in 
biv itiina Even onis, ad P. Hubor" huj* di-nrlv du-wn, 
r^'toj^nuoJ their fclluw-unld b^Ion^ng lo (he t«n»: i.->irn- 
iiiitniii flftiT ji H-j4imlJi^n of four iitorillis. AhrnuiK (-jlii 
CTrtainJT bv ftomt bi^aju JudR* of ihtf im^rnU of tinio bo- 

Tlir Imiiffhiaiiim 'm rinp of thi^ bi|^bci^l prrro^t ivi.-H of 
man. Br thif faculty he udiUk former tiiiu^tK iiud idL-qs^ 
iniIq»crJi?ntly of the will, nnd thii* crcetc* bfjlliajit ami 
nftvr! nvultA A f^tn't, h* Jj^bh Panl Itichler remark*," 
"wbo anuat r«doot vfactJiL-r bo nliull make a chnnnkr «iv 
Tt* or no — to Ihf devil wiUi Kim; he i* only a fluj^id oryuH*/' 
DtvnHiing g]v« Ui thf^ l««t notinn of lliw rowor; ai -h>rtn 
EMuJ apiJn ea}^, *' The drf^am in uti lavolimtflO' i^^^ '^' 
piM'try," Tint rnluc nf Uie prcjcJui't^ of out imn>:mjitii>n 
dppprHf of roiirtf- on Ihi* mimbrr, Hc*-timry, and rlpBnn*u 
vt oar [UiiTrL-ttii^ng, on out jud^^Eiii'nt and l^tiU* jq DL-kcliDg 
or rrjpctitijt tlw imolualAry coinliiiuilimis, ntid lo n c<:r» 
tAin pxt9t>t on oiir power of voluiitnrily rcinihintng ihi>in. 
Aa doRT). cats. horT«8, ar;d frrof^bly all th-^ hij^hcr fiDiTiiala, 
pvi-n liirdK"* hnw vivid drnimt*, and tbU Ik obi'wn liy Hieir 
mnv^EiirnU and tW sounds uUiTf^d, v^n muM Admit thai tUcy 
poawM »cine pnwCT of iniajtiuutioti, TIjvrc must bt- *i>mi- 
UiiMK apvrial, wbjVh rnUAi-i; iln^^ to honl lu Ibi- rir^ltt. am] 
ps|>'^mily diirirtj: moonlig^f, in That r?nnfirkab]<' imd mi-lim- 
oboly nuiiiitr (al)e>) liAytiij^. All dci^'fl <io ui^t do ^o; and. 
neri>rdtii^ U\ }\nun'niK'^ they t]f* nof Ihfii IrH^k itl Ihe Tiionn. 
but at fntKi^ fi%M point ficni the hrkn?,on, Hotupmi think" 
that titoir iiiiApiiaiiotiA ar^ disturbed by the la^rtii' ouliirf^a 
of thr *urroundin^ objmrt*, Hnd oonjan^ i]|» lH'ff>rv Oii'in 
fantjutio imaccf^: if IhiA be »o, thair fcclinpi itulv almost 
be lalled Hit(ieratiUou& 

■ T>» .1-f.lnn, ■ Rtnii of Iftiita,' »ftL 

* tn'-^iiU^ MMitfiXt'a'Iniiv tl. t^ I Kit 

■■ ■ FtiiiliV* Mi'uldli* dvAuimBiUi* 
l«7a,Tnm. \].f. l«l, 

Wtv iiif^tJLiK^p, ])r. llavp^^ in hie iki 
Sea/ rrpcatedlv roinark^ that hi» i\ 
Uif to drau \he [ilc^il^i'i iQ a irimi 
M>[ianitcHi vrhvn Ulp^y cmtuv tc thm 
might Ik' more evenly iii«tribu(cd- 
vsirniTig wliirh t\w Inivcllrrs r<H*eivJ 
ccimii^' Ihm and dau^vtovt. Nl<u'. 
tmtn tlir rx|Hn'ip[iiv of rjK^h individi 
rf tfip Mrlfir Btid wiii(>f flffp, fir fi 
Uial i)i from tiihUnct? Tliie intliiK 
iLrlcwn MiiL-r ihv tiinf^ lonK i^". v^b<^ 

Arctic wolvf**, the pflrunt-etoc-k of Ihc^ 
\iiiir acqtiirvd an mtstiitd jinpt'lliu)^ Lh^ 
l*n;j in u eto«e im<:k» uheu un thiD ice,' 
Wc can only juHgc l*y the circiiii 
AGtioiiH are jicrfiirrnt^i, wlu-lber thcv t 
to roumn, or to lUe rut-iv u^dtvialioii 
|irinc i|>l(r, hciircvrr, in intimutdv coa 
A ciiri*^iifi <'rt«" hnft brwn piv^ri tij 1'm( 
§«|ioralL'(i bv a iilate v>f f^]a» f(»[& ofl 
ntvckcd witli tWi. and who ^ftcn iltdl^ 
tinlnnrf> ngxiriftt tho glflfV^ in Irving to j 
that Im.' me KiBictinifA oom|>lctc]v dlill 
un tliiiM fur tliree monthK, liiil al )a|j 
nvHMl In <lo sn. The* plat'- nf glnw «i 
tlic piko vTAXild rot altuck t liMg. 
III! woiiJd ileYuur. 


uektal JMWBHH. 


M«v fri cU:^ hiRbU'JJ rvi^^Ti ODOC aj-ftii^^ i1. ti^ vmjid for s 
nn}* Af«Kini<-- a >Jiui-k with n n indou-framt'; 
ii : i».nlt^ fruni Uir jiik*;. tm uaulil jtriLti«bl^^ m* 

fipfl oD Uie bftlurv of IJic ittipoJimcnt, and W cutiliouA 
uiW truli^^m L-iri:uitifttai>UM». Now with rtii>tikt_\>. w 

'T' >'. FniRi an tclUin *>tnf prrforirM^l, i* wifijetiiiLi? 

ri. pn-fruL thr aninin) fr*>iH n^jv-nttng It If we 

U.'itiuii' U:i- JSifT^'r^■^H^' l^'lwo^^ti IIli* iiwnLi-T and ih^ f-iki' 

JHt t<J lij'. *i:. <ii inii**n ot i4fcoa Wili< io IliUi'h str«>|lxvt 

\d Enorr ^H^Tutti'iit m ibr »iic Llun ihi iilhrr, thim;^li th^ 

.i" uiivu rwviTPii mnrh ih^ morp eewiv injurVi <«ii we 

linfAiii in \ho oat ot inaii that A Hiniihr ditTrrtrticv impltCa 

frHWwiaiti tif a ftiDiUnii'ti tally itifTrmil tULiul? 
uuA^u rulubtt '* tlkAl, whiUt trcfi-'in^ o wiilo Aod arii] 
un ill 1Vu», }ib lwi> Ao^ iulfervi) ^'uvlly frvm Ihinil. 
hI tlial Im-Lwi>i>ii iliirtv ami rmy tmicv 1)117 nivhiHl down 
hollow* to tacwrch for w^nt<>r. TU\4o Iwllowfi wcrv not 
Jioyvv Attd tlKrc vrrc do lri>v« In Ihe&i. vr aii^y other dff- 
'ficr in thr vo^i'latior^ mJ u*i thry «^n< nlAoUittOy <]rv 
i^'fr c-uvhl fuiiv IpTFti lui MTii-lI of tlitiii|) uirih. Thi- il'ttf^ 
Imvi.ij »» if \\k} knt-u tlial a dip in \hr ^'ronml »>]Tvtvi] 
»i-ni rhf beid chflii<v of tindinfj water, mi'l lliiLiit<'aii Km 
Ftrn vitftPtwfil ihi' Mirtr IkrhaTJoiir in oihE>r nnimak 

I fiaiv itfrn, M I (Iftrt-?4Ly havt* >ilhiw. thni ulim a fonill 
i^*ct \a thrown on th« ifmund beyond Iho n^eh (.i one of 
clrpluiita in Ihe i^ootot[i«ttl Oardf^uo, lir U'ttrs throujiji 
tnttiL nn thr jrriund iK-yiUrfl tht- nhjn't, h> \Unt thr rur- 
ml rf'rt*4'i*"d ftn aII rfid^** may dnv** th;» oT^joit wilhir hi£ 
ii:h. A^aiiti a vc'll-knowo rlhmilnKi^U )lr, Wf'i^trot>i>, in- 
V10 thai ho ofcwrvi'd in Vi^nru u U'ar ili'liT^far^ly 
with hia ]>aw a vunyol in aocne uflN'r, irh^ti wnt 
itee til llw battt i*f hie tape. Ki aa to drtw a jHivf <jf ll<»at- 
j>; luvafi within hu rwidi. Tboae nftion« iif t!»i' Hi*[iliiint 
1I 1>4^r CAA hardJT he at1rihui<d to inj^linrt or inherited 
iliiU /a the? would lie ttf Utilr a«r to nn omnia) »n a «Tat<- 
tiaiura. N^oa, what U tho dilft-rvuM hctv-ri.-n iiu^h uutionR. 
rhirn pvffomipU hy an uticuiliv*tc<l tnaii, and |jy one of th« 
&Ji«r aniDialn? 
Th« Mtaii^fl awl ttit dojr l^vo ofi^n found wat^r a1 n 1»tr 
rd» and II10 coinnd«ncc tender v&ch niviiri--itarKv« has 
iDa aaaoritlwl in lhi*ir MLlnila. A ciiUjiat4<d maa wi^uld 

M>PaiiltMllMtthvdMAiitimQff.'mi,aHn ^f.V^ 


pcrliap* niake some gpncral prnpo^ilion on the 0Dbj«ct: but 

rroni ull lliHt hi* knitw of ^ava^-cH il ih i^\ln'irLf1y lIouUUuI 
whtftht^r tJii^y would Jo ^o, azkd a do^ u-rtainlY wouUi ni>t- 
\Uil a i4iirn^ a& well n^ a dc>^, wnuht 9icardi In lliu i^mc 
\iny> Th4]ik|;3i fn>ijiu-iilly dij^pfutirlwl . And in brill) il 4>.'^'i]ti< 
t() iy* vi.\Vi\\\y an ud uf rL>ae<iri. wlit-lliL^r or DdI an\y ^trm^ral 
projjo&ition ^m tbr ?iilrj'rrt is tonscinij^ly |)lni.'rfl K'fifri.' Ibr 
niind^^ Th*' taiiic vioiilil rtp|dy t<^ i)n* **l<»|khaiil *nd tin' 
bear mukiii^ eurroiiia in tht uir or wuU^r, The- BBvn^fc w<m)d 
i.vrluin!j ni'lthiT kiit'W ni>r nm* fiy nliul 1xm- iht^ d'^Wvi] 
uinvpmpnls *prt» <>fr(*cl<^d; ypt liip Aft moidd !)e gitided bv a 
fLjdi.' procot^ of n-afturiitiir. aa tiuri'h &» would a |.diiloau]rEii.-r 
in luA lonjcir.lL I'haiii nf iiinbictihinK. Tli(*n' wtmltl in:* dmiht 
Ijp Ihiii diffiTT'iii*' U^iwppn bim and one of tbe ht^'h^r ani- 
mals, IJiot bo 40i]1d tfiko Eiutiro i>f mudi f(li|^hti?r nroiiiii- 
dlam-tti Hint t'omlit-imj*, iind wuubl idif-rrvi- *iny njinii't'li'jri 
lA'tUfOU tbrm nffj^r iniirli U-an pxpflriprc*. and Ihia would 
be of i^uroiiiouhl L<n|M>fi;itK'o. 1 kr-pt a dnily tcLord of Ihe 
aH.inim <»[ <*in' of tn\ iiifMiits. niid wlirii Uc ubs iibniit rlcvi-n 
EDOtithii old, And Urforo \w roiil'l »]t<wk a i^ingle word, I vaa 
coDtinuaUy atruek wllh Uie muter quitkuenh, with which 
flit HOrlN of »bJ4-«'lji rind f^uiindi^ wi-iv- Litvac-iiiltHl to^j-tbi*!" in 
hn mind, {^oiiifMirrd nitb tlinl of nifijit int^lligc^l dnga 
I ever kn^'w. linl !be liiiflitT uniinids diff<*r lo exadly the 
Hfiuw vny ill ibic |Kiwi-r of MNtM-'iation frcini E.luHf )o^ in 
thr Knli^ Eurh ni^ tbr |>ik^, n»i woll ii: in that of dmnin^ 
iiiftfivLue-i diid of '^Iwn'i vatLoftn 

llip j>romj>i]n^* ^>f tL-fli-^n, nftor vi*ry *hort fx|*riencev 
nrc \\ffi\ ^hcwn l*v l*>r following- nHiorif^ of Annrrican moii' 
keyPp whab Mtnd bm In Lbt^ir order. HootiEger, a most cari^- 
ful abtfiTv^r «lMti^« tlmt when bo Hr^t f^avo e^j^ 1o bia mon- 
keys ir Pj:trn^iAy, tticy ^mnnhcd Ihrm, ond Ihm loot niui^h 
of tbt*ir coiirfiili^: Jifffi^Mrds tbcy (jently bit ii\w fml n>>iiinit 
pottji; hwrd Lody, mid pu^tct^d <^fT ihv biU of nbtdl hiIIi t)»^r 
finffors. Aftrr cuMine tlipiiip<clvrT» only ontr with any sbnrp 
twdn tlu:y wnald not toiicL il a^ain, or woidil bAiidli fi wiih 
th<i grt^tofil fiiulion- Larji|W of uu^r wor4> ofl^n giTon 
them wrapped op in popcr: and It'^TiK^frr PomcHiim-j put a 
llTe wavp in Iho |.(appr. 8n ihal in hAKlily iinffildiEi^! il tliry 
get filing; lifter thin hod onrt happoned, they alwa)-» Urat 

■ TmlL fliiilrv li«* iiualiavd aiOi hrtidv, ' Vtr ltiirw'*ii\ i>iUr*/ m Ihc 

KvhirjL H nUkfi, H« ui'U u iilitf. ar UU. UHlk ]ilB'4'rU^lJa and £»«>*,' 



cbi>. rii. 

MKKI'At. Pi>WKIta 

Tliv follDwiti^E I'JUvsi rcUlv li> Uo|^ Mr. Co^uhtJtiu " 
vin^l ivr(\ vvtM'diickft. wlii^'h Tt^ll on Ihr riirtlii*r !«iilr uf 
B vtrvam; hit re1nvv«r tnoJ 10 hring owr both nt onc«s but 
coiibl m>t pu('i?enl; flit^ llifc, tlmuf^i ik-iit lifure known 
(o niRlc u fi'flilu'r, i!i-liJii^r;tl*-W kllli-il cm*. IrxmKlH *>"*r tba 
otlii*r. end Muni^ for the d**tkil hinl. C*>]. Uutthinswti 
rvUl<^i liiitl tvro |Ktriridi^» vitv shut at uutv, -jiit' bt-ing 
killrrj, lhi> oilier wuumlftt: t^Lv Eulli-r tjiil uuidV» und wuii 
caught by Ihe relrKVcr, who on her rriuni riimi? X'totv iN'* 
d«i3 bird; "»lu! ntirpjA'J, ^videLtly ^catlj pnxxlcd, and 
mttvT 4>np nr 1«vu triiiN. firuiiii^ r^tit^ i-imlil not tukr it up 
without p(>miLttinjf tb« vftnji<* at tJit vm^cLd bml, the eon- 
vider^ a tiuniivtiU iW" dilibtfratcl^ murd^ved It bv giving 
il u itvtre crunch, ninl utii-'rwarili hr<>»)gbl avaj Wh to- 
gothfT. ThU vati thr oiiI>- known imitnnt'L' of ht-r i-vtT huv- 
ui^ ttiUullj iiijuii'd anj ;^aiiif^,'^ IJrrc ac hnvo Tonnon 
thottgh uoi A{\iilv j-vrftT-t. for Ih** relri**T»>r mij^hl havp 
brouitht lh<' wouodrd bini firal jimi tlK<n rcluruvil fur EFu* 
dtflid '"lu'. ax tb tlitf i^j^i- of t)if two nild-dtich^. f jfiTr? t.hi- 
above o«M^. aa reBiin^ on Ihe I'vidoiico of tww indpppmU'Ut 
witni*jc-(, and Ik*ihu»c in \»Ah inHlflniMsn the njlrifvi^rs?, after 
di'liU'inti>>n, bn>kt ihrou^L^li n iutliit whirh U iiihrriti^d by 
thi^iij (ibal of &0I kitlinjK lh(> ^vme relncredj. and l.)er3U);o 
tJkcy ilktw bow !<tr>nff thcnr rt-tijioiim); fuculty muni luvu 
hri^'ii to oviTiNimr Ji fl\iii biibit- 

1 Kill coDcbid*' by i^iK-ting a r^ii'tarlL by tUe L||u«tnciu§ 
HumWdl.'^ "The muldt'iTa in ti. Amcricn ruiy, * I will 
ncil fiiw ynii thr dulU' wh^Hi- Htr-|» ih rHAipHt. biil ta mnn 
rrtmn<i\— the on<> thai r^neons bout; '' aud a^ he adds, 
'* Uiii fioj'uiar *rJXt'riwiLiii, diclAted bj long nprrirncr, com- 
bau iFiv >V)U'i)i i>f EinJ^nuiM mjicbiim, bcit«r pt-rhupri thiin 
all the ar^me-ntp ot epoculativo philosophy. !^jcTc^th«- 
k«p porno wrjlem fwn yvi deny that i\w bi>:!icT aninialii t"0&- 
»osei a imc* of riiHin; nnd Ihoy I'ndpfli'iitir to c^KpInin [iwny, 
bv what nf^fimn Lo be mere vt*rbia|;Oi^' all Buch facta a« thoee 



** Ur, Ball. In tiSn nig>l Itiii^mtlbs 

Vt'-v y mitiiid 

Til lLuU^;EMuit ,*ii 

■^'I'MThtnil Kiimtlifii' Glut tnuit- 
lU.. vul. ill, p. 104. 
^ 1 ixm tfimi Ui UnA Ihnl Mi tirntfl ■ 

vERUii> »ncj IlitiiiEtv, KmtVB on Fn^- 
tluitkkn// ]nA. j\ W\ La ^Epentinhr of 

iiiihnaW lArs "Tilt ilLiUiuitiuin, \u- 




11 hn&t I thinkf m^w h^ftn ehcwn Ihnt n»m mid th^> higher 
aaiinaU, es|>oc-ia]ly tlic rrJinatos. liavc ^ome fow irttitinctd in 

<!4]1I|TT|IJ|L. All llMVe ihn HHIlie F(4*IIM1^, illluittOIH, flRll {^L^EIMI- 

tiiinA> — ftimilar piusionti, nirwticjim^ uikI I'uioiiuiiB, even iHo 
niorrr ixim|ilex imcs *"r^) '^'^ ji:ftlmi*"j, •ii«pinon> I'mukUun, 
greTitudi?. ami niBgn'"^"f^*tvi they pmrtine ilwvit nriH aw 
nwtif^lui: iUvy upt [<oan.-1imt*» Kiui'viUjblv to ridieul<>. niid 
even hove a h^iik of biimoiii; they feci wonrlrr and turi- 
oflity; {^v>y powpua itie same facilities of imiljitinn, ntlrn- 
liou, deJiiiorutior, i-lkuice, nu'inory. ima;;nifllniii. the assuej- 
ntioiL ijf idnif, juid rriiKm, though in vi-ry di(Ti<ivtil dc^^ri^t^. 
Th« itidividiinlH of the ^me s|>efiPH gradiiat.o in inU*lli>rt 
frotu absoluTi- imbecility to hi^'h vxt'oll(-tk{.'f.'. They arc o]ai> 
linblr In i]i>niiily« thnuj^h fnr ht^^ nftrii than in (.lie c^w uf 
inHn/"* Ni*VJ^r1h'"tMi;, mnny itiithorK hnv^ inhivlnd Ihnt inno 
ia divided by nn iiieu[)fr'ohie barrier frum all the Iowit oni- 
malM iii liiK meuUl fiiruLt ii<i>. I roriTu*rly inude n L-olleLtioii 
of nliovc a Muoi'u of MJeh aiihomnii:, hut tlu^ aw ahuaal 
AVfirlhbiw. ftft thoii M'ide dilKrrneo and niimbiLT prove the 
dinieiilty, if uut llii? iuiin>iijhiliu^ cif ilie atli-mpt. It hwa 
been aweru-d that miiu nlutic iK cupublu at \iro^Ti.-t^&i\-v im- 
provt^mimt; Lliat he alone iiidkca uac of tools or fire, dome*- 
licstei4 olher amriialT*. or [KhmenH^ jiropfHy: Ibnl no aaiinal 
hoa llif poMAT of flbs I ruction, or of forming penend con- 
cejits, ia M.lf-eon»ciu)ih nmi ti.miprtdifnd.'i iliM*lf; Ihal no ant- 
Uial t'iM|diiyn laij/^Lia^'; thul rnnii tilun-* hni: n m^niii* of Wjmly, 
h linhlf to ejifricp. htm Ihr fMm? of iTTGlihulf, mystery, 
&i^; Irelivve^ ill Hi^d. oi ib endoivtU willi d iihnsi'jt'iue. 1 
vill haxnrd li few ri'inarlcB on Ihe nmre important nnd in- 
terc*tin^ oi th<*c ixiinl^. 

An lihinhtip Sumner fettiierly niahdmnml " Uml iiHi[i 
alonp ifl cufiuble of prpjp-j'iwive iinpruvrniotit^ Thnt ho ia 
cu|iuble of ineomparnbly gr^^atfr nnd more rnpid iujprovc- 
mrnt thai^ tn ttuy other animal* udiikll» of no diFijuile; cind 
thte i* mflirly dm* to bifl power of epeafcin^ and hniidib;; 
down lii» acquired koowlf-djic. With nninmln. hxikirg first 
to Ihi* iiidividnji. every one wlio hn'^ hiid niiy ei|ient'r>c-c 
tn eettiti)? trojw, knowi thut yoiinjc animals can be tjau^hl 

AttA. vhkih b«t* b*«A drfVTi, *vm in 

UK fu n*£ iLiiOfli nn btUrr Atuiiitutlriii 
ti}BiL « tw«l mntkV 'ilNft iitcEnplkyii-^l 
Ji*1i(ialivtna^ ll^nl i^ XU* tMUiikfi(i<i(| 
tbM bvHuw yuu tiut |[Ltc 1*" ihfDjr* 
difvnol kiLiiiM. th*y oiupI Otvnffnru 

hnn^tl^irfrvm ntiuTw. ti 1^ Jlflii?ijit 

r>iin hhVH myy dnntit (■■ (n an fnlmsJ^ 

f ■*' L-pf MnfcaBiriir. 
"^cl■' MiiTituvVD AnAmAl^,' by I>f. 

V'FiLal Srlniii>r,' Jill) Iff?!. 
'■ UuL-lc^ l> &ls d LfvU/Aail4al- 






miicb mom vMn\y thnti M ntttm: and th«y cm\ Iw* itilkIi 

ior« M^ily appnn(-hc<l tiy m ^ttemy. Kvi^rt villi r^^p^^i't 

olil scinuU, i\ m impotfilik In <ttt(li niimy in Utc^ ntiiitf 

itv* hihI it] ihr uinip kiiul dF tni|>, or tn ili^iny ih^'iii bf 

Miiftp kind of fHtKOffi; yvi i1 ia iitiprc*hab!i^ llmt aIJ eli^uld 

luivc ^riakcD i>f iK* ]>oijKtn. iitiO in^potuiMt- ttint nil nhoiild 

iiif ly<i-(i uiufclil ill ■ trmti- Till*)' tmrnl li^nrn mitfiinn b/ 

>iQg Ui«ir bMhn'n caught or poisonvd. In Norlh Amcr- 

\terv ihc fiir^Uflring ntiimuld linvi* lon^ bftrr punned, 

tii<jr tj:lnlv]|, anunltiiir to ihi* tinflnimriui ttwlimony of nil 

in^r^ an ilmmit inc:riMliblc omourl of sapiciiy. oautioii 

__^.^wuiiu^L but Iripjiing fia-i Ixwn tlnrtv mi Uina mrrir<l 

OVr iltBl inlicritmic:^ }my \ma'Mr ItAVt* r>)iiio into piny. I 

hm ivciNT«id *^wnil ftccounu itjjii aIk^ii UL';n^['lj^ aro 

set up ill any tlinlrirl. tantiy, hiiit-< kill t]u'iiiiu<|vfa by 

Lylnif ^minil tlxj uin-^ 'j^t tliat in iIh? fiiutw of u vor/ 

frir yt^tn Ibity li-jm to ovi-kjij UiIh ibiiff^, ty toeing, aa it 

roulJ a^jpnT. tlieir t>uiiiniOr<i ktllr-J." 

If WG Wk Ci* inn*4:<wivi' giTrufriilionn. or l-> Iho rne«T thero 
no donlii ilmt hird^ ana otlur finiiruilA j^ro^liially bolh 
tqair* and Ium^ i-biuion hi r^ldli<iii Ut iiiitii or olhi>r vne~ 
lim;" and tlu^ cAQtion if t^rtnitdy in chl^f jMirl an in- 
lipritod hohit or iivtinct. bTil in |»ori tlir^ rcmilt uf indi- 
■viiTuHl etfurierioe. A gond 'iIinbtv*^. Ijemy,'* slnti^. Hinl in 
'di'tnru ft'hL-ro fox<v ar«- rnuHk hiiulisl, (he y<>iingf ou firitt 
Itiflrinc UifiT burrowF*. arc Tntonlretfibly mui-h more vary 
liun tbe old ones In diatrici4 vti^re tlu^j nre not much die- 

Our darneftlbc dog»i are dusccnd^ from wolves and jack* 
■U," nnd though lEey may not \mve gainod In ^^unring, 
and may have \on ir n'anncu nnii NuapiDion^ y^t Ihoy Imvc 
progroM in (^ertnin itioral qualities, tuch as in allection, 
iM-n«rlhmc«, temper, and jiriha>th in general Jnl^lli- 
_ 'nco, 'rii* common ral ha* cf>nqucrcd and hcaton m^v^rul 
Mber specitt* thmu^lioul P-uropt, in pwrtj* t>f North Am^r- 
k«, N*™- Zaiand, and K-c*mly in Fonjioga, as wcU ah ftn 
Ihr Riatnland of China Mr. Swinh-x^.^^' whn dcso-ilKA Un]&3 
Lvo latt«r oa^K attiiliulc^ Ol« victory of the commoD nit 

Vff blllttaul rtia«ja«K with dr 

If U^itiuy 'JoudJiL of Rv(«rahv> 
kp, Hat 'Ongia «r apMdHk,' ALh 

lit* Auiinaax.' nouvellD MIL tlOft |ih 


H1f*c tlif «T]il*<nL?» nn Chi* hemi ^n 



ov^r iUn Urgi? }fuji fiminffit t^ iU Hiipfiior running; smi 
thi» latter quality m^y urrtUahly ho ntiritmied to llie lin^iitual 
excnjioiT o( uil Up fatullK'B jn Jivuidjiii- L'xIirpuiiDii liy iJiaii, 
iiK wi<-tl Hit hi iK-nHv n\\ IIli- !r» ruuiilikK "J' auiL-iniiLiUHl 
rmt^ having 1i««ii contintmuHlv licKtroyLyl Uy htm. It ifi, 
however. poH^ibli: lliat iUv eui'coii^ of Xhv CKiiunnyn rai Ji\ay 
tri' duL' tti [1h having po-ui-iwd ^iviiti-r ['Uiniiii^' iUan ibt 
folio w^apE-c-ivK, tfrforc it twcunic n^^icialwj with man. To 
iimiaUiiL iiidopcmicntly of any direct (rvidi.^noc^ lliat no 
nninuil ilnniij^ lUt? cuunH* of ngiv hu** pi'i^grttoinl in iiiti-lL<i?t 
or other rn^^ntul fooultit'ii. ie to hi-g the question til tho irvo- 
lutiuu of »EK.-L-k'd. \W have »een tfiat, according [o Ltirkt, 
eiiFilinf; rihiuiiiiu!?! fHrlttii^ing li> Hivcrul oiiIith hnvc h/gur 
hniinK ll»iii their anrirjit U'rlinrj prt*tol_vpi*B, 

ll hnjf oftrii Wm Mid that ii<ianiinatuK''« any tool: but th*; 
eLlin[ifni^H' in a 4Uli^ ^^i niktiire crsck-i » tiafit't.' fruit, f^tuii^^- 
wbat hki-> n wHlmit, with a Hton<*.*' Ki'n>o^"er '^'' Miailjr tflii>;ht 
nr AiiHTicATi n^cinkcj lliUtf ti> lirnk ^i|)c-n IijliJ pdhci^riitts; 
ni>d nfterwarvlfl of iis own accord, it uspd rton^ to oyvn 
oUi4^r IfJiiO^ of lUita, UH wt'lJ uk iHtxef. It lliu^ ilUo rcni<iv<^ 
Uir mft rind of fnitl ihnt hiui a dif^i^rw-ahlr Ihivunr. An- 
filhcr nionkyy u!k* laujjhl to o|X'n ih^ hd ■>f a liir^'e hui 
with a Bliek, and nfk-rw/irUH it unci] iht >li4-'k nt* n Irvc-r to 
imivi' hr-jj^j^ hitrlii-jL. nnA I tjiivr nij^rtf Aoeu n ^uung ortiiig 
put n «tU^k into n crcvict^. e)i|i lii« hand to the olhc^r vuJ, 
and »jpo it 111 {hi [»ro|n.-r nuinnrr an n lever. 'J'h*- Innu^l cic- 
Iflmiili in Jndia >\rv wiW kntmu tti hn*ali nfl" hrarches of 
tivt-» and u*i* thom tn dnve away Iho (lii'B; uud thij? iMnn? 
act bo* tiocii obtfcnffd in an clufdiunt in a i^latc of iiatun?.'" 
I \in\t! aeen n ytmny, ornu^, whti) nhv Ihnu^bt b(lii> wah ;5alng 
t» Iw whi|>|iLH|^ eovor and proteei hi>r*i.df with v blnnkot or 
Mta\\\ In rhc^e *eviTal t'awii nlonc-* niiii *tick*' *^rre l-ih- 
[■tojcil iw ini(i]e]ni'nt»; hiil Uu-y riiv hkevvi^^ nakI a^ «*■«[»■ 
oiiH. BHim^" Ma\QK, on the au(l:ority of ihi- wilt-linowM 
travi'lNr SchJmpi^r, Hint in Aljyf«iniji "b<n tlir Iwibimus 
Udim^ing t<» one *j*eii^» {f\ gplttiia) dt«»'ontl in trrn-»n>i fnun 
lb*' mourititiiM (o plunder The fieids. they wimetimfs en- 
cxnuiur lnxi[4 of another B|»eni.i {C, humtflrynii), ami then 
ji (igbl pnflue* T\\v ilr\tn\nf roll down ^ivat fitiHictf, ^vhi<^h 
tin* Hamadryaii try to nvoid, and th^n b<»lh H(>7<'ie«» nrnkins 
a Kr™t iipr^ar, rush fu^iou^]y a^-iiiufft im li other. Hrrhni. 

p. sea. 

■, ft!-:** 
■ ' Mil* rli-bf 1^' B, i. • T4. St- 



yW. tJL 



Isu altM'k Attti ^rv-AiTtM oa a tr^tuj* ol libbi»np iti tlic ro«n 

iif \l4TEihl in Al»\H<ili]A- Tltr tjiilxrnnt in rx^Liirij fti)ln| wi 
tuonr »!9m« duun lKc< iitniJikUin, ^tirii- in; hiri^i^ in 11 iimirH 
ihtfoJ, ihut Ihi' flttack(r!< buil li> Icut ft ii<;k^l> nltvAl; ami 
the ji«jw wtti ut'iiullj ih»*"(l fur a tiiiir HKitin^t tUt* tiirmau. 
It i!«i4'rvw n-utiev ihttt (bi'»- tiabcH>iJh IIiua ncii>ti in ^outrrl. 
Mr. WalUcc " on three <MM«»ion« m« Icitkalo omii^i oc- 
I'lkthjiGiiiiw] liy llieir jtuutij;, " hn'iikiii}; olf ljrai;i'lii-« arii] llie 
j^rvRl ■f'iijT Irvit iff tliv l>unnii Inv, ^UIj «vt>rj Ajijjt^niiKv 
of I ing fiK^li a fJiouri ■>f iiii«»iL«» a» elTfs^litally 

ke,! I apfirowhing hio iit^nr Ihe 1t\<e" Ai< 1 have 

rv|>vMl>:Uii pi^'n, u ch]ii»|>*in«tTe wtl! thmv any ahjvvi ti ItmirJ 
at ft |fj>oD vhii **Sijw\f \t'\n\, an*\ ihf t-rforc-'iiif-TilLonird 
Iciliruiii ni ili^ C^|v of Qood lli'ijii' |>ivjiftr(H) miii] for Lhe 

In Ih^; Zoological Oanifii*, a in<knkcy, which hid ir*^k 
1^h« ii»aMl to bn^k 'jpen nul*^ wiih n i<lrin«i: and f uhh 
Mttured by Ihc Jccofhtv Mial af1r>r Lu(in|{ tho atoue. ht- JiiJ 
jl in Uic ^tnit-, Ami wouM not Ir-t nny othtT mcjnkry lou^K 
it. Ilppr, th«l. B* hav^ ih* icies of projM'rJv: hut thii iHi^n 
je coiijvit'ii to every flo^ witb a bont.-, and tu iiic>-i or all 

Th*? I'lik* of Ar^jvll" remark*. Ihat th<? favhioning (if 
fln iccij'lf'nii'nt for ti Kpctial i>urf>ci>c i' fitrAuhEtcly |>i^i'iiEmr 
lo aaa: uirl lie cun?iuf«i^ tliut ILU forriie an iiDiiiKiMJrAbIt:* 
^If Mnvc-ii liiitj ami tin? brutca, Thift is no iloubl u vtiv 
inii>'>rfAht di^tincrioD: but tbcn* appsre to mc much truth 
in SfT J. Lubbofk** siiggwtion." ifijit when pnrm?val man 
tir»t iiJft«l Hint fltoiiftt for ony purpose, ho wmiM have acoj- 
d^^nUNy i^iliulcwd Ihem, and would thm hivi? used Ihe 
♦ bMrji fr*>!mt'nlfl From iMs ^Tep il w-^iM bf a smnll <nm 
itt hu-tik ttr rtinia on p«r^*0Hr, nad nut a \ti> wiJi- ctop 
l»» Wbior Ihriii nidrli. TIun Inltrr advnmi', lii^rvi-r. nm) 
hai'i* t.iti>r» l-^n^ s^r?*, if we insy jud^^e by th^ inimmip* 
inirfTnl of time wliidi *lapr<^d bcfort- the mon uf llic n^^o- 
filhic pi-ric'd [cmk 1(1 grindiitg hue) politdiui^ ihi'ir ?<toiic 
tuok. In >)rV3kiTip ibe Aim*, ae Sir J, Liibl)f>rk likiuiiw 
ffrmtrkd, ftpirkti vovild har« been emillcd. «ud iu i^ndins 
ihi'm Svftl wixdd bavi' lurn rvnlvrdr tbu^ (be Ttrti ii^nul 
m^lhcl^ of " otttftinirp fiif mnv hnvfl originalnd/' The 
rkatiire of tiiv itould bn^^" hei^ik kjitiwn in \]iv niaiiv volcfiiiic 
rrpiiiu tt'livti Uvn dci-nfiiomxlly Ibmn lbroii>rh ftm**!-'. The 

■i-Tlii kUl*7 Ai<ck>|v^o; vui, I o-ffinicvii: Mac' Lta«, p^.l^AUT. 


TflK t>Kiif;KST Ul' MAN. 

P«» I. 

itiithr[i|fljiiiorplioii8 ai>e8. ^ilJcJ ^roUblj' \>y iutftim-t, build 
TiT lhi-iii**4vi'* Ifl-nipiniry platfonim; tiul im mimy inni'tUfSit 
afc larg^'ly i-<>htivlli^<i bv n^nporij thr (iiin|tlcr onci*. audi 
NH IhiH of Ijuiliiiii^ a philfutiiu luJglU ivuJilj |mhh into n 
voluufiiry ani^l (.'OTkH<<iuu« ad. Tlio i>ra.ii^ im kncwn Xa cawt 
itHrIf nt nii-hl with the letivt-** of the i'flndanuii; anU Brt-lun 
^tutt'Ti tliat Otic tjf hi» UiU>uiift UKtnJ li> jirutc^i't iIm^U frum 
Iht' liL^l of thv »iiii Ij}' thir'V'iziff a Bri-uW'iiiut ovi<r ilf; hi'nd- 
In tUi'Ai- ■ci'rrul kubiU. vp }inibubly ftw tbi^ llr&l tUpfi to- 
^j«i>U #111110 4»f (bv niiiLjili-r kills Murb H?^ ruiHv arrbitii'tuiv 
«ttd drew, a» they aroee aniongftt lJi& varly progtmtom of 

Mtn'at Individuality. — It wtiuld ljt wry diftlcull for any 
one with even ifiucti mon^ knowlnl^ Ibnu 1 jH>M»Lt«. ia 
Awiviiuiuv Ikiw fnr nnimnlE i'\bjbif nnv trnci-^ of iU^w bigh 
iiK'ntftI fioHvi>i TIm»- dillk'nlry un^fs from tbi^ impoE^iljiL- 
jty of jud^iii^' ulml |NiK*r-* fUroiJi-b tbf mirjd uf uu uiiliiiiih 
and Bj^nin, Ihii furl tlinl whtpni ditfj^r \it a gr>?ai c-xlout in III^ 
mcaniQj- ubich tb<?-y iiliriLiiti' to Ihi- oUuTt- ti-rmfi, cniises a 
furlbiT difbnilty. If our inny judt'c fiiiiii vnrlifU^^ urtlrlt^M 
wliir'li bflv** Wn puhlwb^d lotely. in*> grflftt^st fltr&a* Ab^eiud 
tu U' Luid trti tbr snpjuHt'd L-nliri.' ttbjwm^t- in ntiimolfi of the 
jionfT irf sbi^trnrtion. or of frjriiiiik^ gpniTuI i nnofiitK, But 
wbf<r A da^ iO'>B aiiotb«T doj^ al a ilLetance. it i« ofloii clear 
Ibut he [jL^rvcLvt^n Ibat It ia u d(i£ ui the dlmlmci; for when 
lilt ^He mnn-r bin wboir mnnnfr Middrnly t-hjm^j>A, if Ibp 
other ilo^' Ih? n friord, A ri>i'^'nt writ>?r rviiictk^. timt lu all 
such niM*J it i? II piirp ii--t^iin]|>|jna Ifj niwrt ibjil Iho mental 
Mri in not <>jurnlinily nf dif i^jiitk^ iinlun* in thi> Jiiiifiijil n^ in 
tuan- If tidier t^ivn what be percoivoft ttilb hu? «'mM.'c: to 
a lurnlal con(*cpl. ihrn m. do Wb." WbiMi I itay lo my 
t4Trrirr, in an ^agt^r vo\^e (and 1 have made thr trini many 
iimf^pj, " Hi, hi, vhere is il?'^ etic at onee takw it a? a eijjn 
that KomclhiRi; i> to Th.- bunted, nnd ^'iitrally riri^t bxJks 
tjvii^kly all nroiind, and thf^n ruHbo* irti^ tb<* nrnn^t ihii^krH, 
io §eeTil for any jramc. but finding nothing, fho look* up into 
any nci^hlKHiririjf tr** for n si\\iirtv\. Now du not Ibtriv 
flirtionE rlc^itrly nhi-w thai ibt* had in bvr mind a f^nt^rul 
id^ or i?i>no<Tpt that pome animal la to be diacoTcrcd and 
huntr^d * 

ll mav }w frw-lv adrtiilti^l 1li»tt no animal ia ar»]f-con- 
flcioUB, if by thih lenn it in jinpiii>d, that he r^fleL't* on ftiich 

«*llr ll<»fcbiui),lna]riiarl4pi»riUkllbll«t|ln|li*-fiindiicbiraIltwL* 



Cba». Ut 



|MiiiUi^ M vliCDCff 1m cnmet or vhilbpr ht wjU go, or wli«t 
u lifo in<) il<«lli, Jin*I Ml forili- Btil lirnr nui uv fi-i'l mrv 
tluil AQ iiJ'J (itf;: with in excellent njemory aekI A^trnc [Hjwtr 
flf im*^tMit<-ti. lu oJinvii lijr liw ilttunks iit'*vr reflitjta on 
htA ps^ pIvnKTim OT pmm^ fu tliv ehM»«? And \.Ui* wniild 
Iw H funii i<f «"If-*x»nr^'i*^iWD**M. Hn (be other hni^d, 4« 
BliHinrr " hjH rr-iturkei}. how liule eau the linrdMti.irkrii 
wilt' i>( a ilei^Kktl Auitnilun HUnx^\ ul>'i u»<?» ^^-ry ft'W 
fllinlrscl fl«*rJs, and L-aiiiiot o>iiiil ai>'>vc f'liii, eii.'i'i b''r *c!f' 
I'otiKi'rtJiiri'w:. f*r n-lli^'i <'H the ikjirurt* of her oa^ii I'^iMetu'e- 
11 1" ceriemlly sdinittei), thut Iht? higher AiiimJkU |X4eedA| 
nieiiHirv, uiimtioti, atHicijiliim. and even ««~»r)e imnjcuiAtioa 
nnd rr^Miti. If th«<^ [»<>wvr>, uhieh dilTer iiilmIi in ilifTiT' 
enl snJmoK trv eapililt? of iuipiHivciiH^-nl, thire ttciiuf tiu 
gn?at i[ui>ruiMbilit_v in uiori' tumflex faculties, «Uv.1l q» the 
hi^i«r fornix of uUttnetiun. und M^tf-touiOJutiKnf^f. &e.. hnv- 
inff Iven evoUtd tlirou^h the d"'el'>i inirnt nnd combiiiiition 
of Uk Eiiiipler <irii-!!i h 1ijip» Ikvei uffft'd n^tiiiitt tlu' iiew« 
hcfo tTiiiimjiineO ilifii il It im]xiMiEfti* tu s^y ar what pr:i[i>1 
in the HK<'ndinjt fcnle nniiiinJi^ beininr nipnMe of dlwlrmlioru 
Ae.: bat nbn c«n ntj Mt i^lrit a^** tlii* fierHi'* in our young 
(?hildrv-Ti? W'v uic a1 lead lUait «uc-b powers aro developed 
in cliildrrn br imiicrrrpUblc dcjfn-ni. 

TtiMi fliuriiJilh retnin Ibvir niein^il indi^idualily im iin- 
(|U49lloii£blc. When lUT votiv annken^ « tram of 4>ld 
iMfWieuitinnK in thr mind of the U^fori^mentiont'd clo^, ho 
nniH hiii^ rrlaiiied bii mrnljit inrfividnnliiy, ninmn^^h fiVi^ry 
niom of hm bcdin bad pn.tlial]ty iinder;*^>re eh^in^o iztore (luin 
finre during \hv inlrn'4i1 of fivp rpam. This do^: tui^flit hnvn 
brought ffiruiihl I be ar^funienl Iwhly ndvHnei'd to eni'h 
ftll ^(flnlKJMet^ find «aid, " I abide amid all nu'-ntrd rmoda 
mid all tnalrrial cbdrif;e». . . . The teaehin^ thnc iiIoihh 
Unw tJn'ir imf>rcii*mi!ji »* Inj^arie* to otbcr atoms billing 
into ihe pUeeii Ihey have vacated ia cxintradit^torv uf tbo 
nU«r«Di:« of cvnFii'iai]>urM, and in tbfrtrforr- f^Ue; hut it W 
Ibp timehinj; neeemtlAted by piroUitiomim, cotk(«qn<*iit1y the 
liypoihwi* i- a fal*? one/' " 

/^/lynuijK- — Tlli^ fai-ully hiin jtwlly Wii ron)iidrn*il nn 
01M of the chief f^ittlinrtionA between mjin snrl the lovi?r 
aniiQAlf. Bui man, ar' a lii^lily ei^mTitlfiit jud{*e. Anh- 
bidhop WlialeU reiiraiLiL^ " iv ni»l Ibr only Jinlinjil thai I'an 
mtkfi lUB^r of hnguAgo lo pxi>rf^ whnt if pnHing m hia mind, 

«MViirftfitoii»H tar UTWiri* lUr- ••Ths E<v. Dr. J. «'C(inn, ■ Antv- 



Paut L 

end onri undrrAtJind, mnrtr or li^t^, what i^ t*^ cji\ir(^as.od ljy 
«nolher/*" In Pflffl^'aay Ihc CffttM ucanr whtu txciled 
utt«-ri Hi li'Qvt »iK (JiHTiiiL'L ^niiiifb, n'liii:4i px4^i1l< hi 'ifher 
monkeys HiTHilnr nTintjona.''* Thr rH^iTk^tncnln <*f the fco- 
lurta uml ^feluitr *if iiinitkt'yff rire tiuOi'lBlotid \\\ \}^. ailJ 

11 j& u rnorc remnrkfl1>]r finrt thnl Ihc doif, finer bring domDi- 
liL-ateil, ha8 lemiit lu Ijuik ** in u[ li^atl tour or (ivv iliblinct 
tones, Allhoii^h barkii)^ iti a ji<-w art. tnj duubi Uil> hjIiI 
parrnt-apecica of thr dug cxprc**cd Ihcjr fc^liDK^ ^>y critd 
nf vfirifni*! kind'*. Willi llir dmii>'«^ti<'BlK) dog wr linvt* Ihe 
bark of 4>agorDoe&. as in llie cliatte; tliat [>r Aiifjcr. at woh as 
fCronling; the yrip or lutvl i>f drupnir. nit whi^n siml up; 
f?n* buying Bt niglil: \hf ImrV of jny, js rtln-ii §t-arf.iii^' on 
n nnlk with hH lua^fer: Jind IIk< v^rr dietincf one of do- 
niniul flr !<iipp!irHlin(j, ii» ^vlirn wichirsc J**r b d*ior or window 
In bp o|>fnpd, A*'i*i>rdiiic In flniw,i-Hri. wlin pwid pnrticiilur 
iiIt(*nlion tu ttiL- [^iibjt^cU Iho dr>iTiL'^LK< fowl ulU-rii at U'ur^t ti 
doion ^ipiifii'nnt *oimdr»,*" 

Tli6 habilnal usp of ftrliniUtp Iflngiiage is, howpv^r, 
pccTiliartij infln; but be ub<ji», in eonimun witli tbo low<?rani- 
tuuIa, i[iiirlic()lji1r crii^A li: i^JLprcM* bii^ mmnin^, nidrd by 
gefl(nrf« nnd th^ movompnTe of the imisdefc of the fa<*e.*' 
T!iifl od|>ecinlly holds ^-ood with Ihi- mon.' tinipl« and vivid 
fwlirigis, nhicb pir*' btil lil.llr i^TnuiHi'd with out bijjInT in» 
tclliffpnco. Our cri*?8 of pnir, fpur, eitrpri^e, oh^vTh t'iir^ll>pr 
U'itb (heir irpi»n>T»riiit*' wctiimr. imO the inunnur "f a 
tnnibrr lf> brr IHovcil riiild. an- nion» rxprrwivi' Ihnw Hiiy 
won!*. That whk-h di^tin^iiielK-^ timr frijiri t!it lowor ani- 
nmln iH not Itio undtrfllnntling nf nfliruhl<: [wjiindfi. for, 
KK rxcry r>np krinVK, dogn imdt»rftlHnd many wnrHn nnd h»ti- 
t^nooa- In this ro^pf^cl Ihoy aro at Ihi? ^nio Bta^ of d«- 
rdopincDt afi infnut--<. liHwr^^n fbr a^-* af Im and twelve 
months, wlio iindf'fTit«nd muny word* und sbort Minion™*, 
but cnnnot >vt uttor n sinpk word. If it not the incro 
arUciilHlimi wbicb ift «ur d^^tin^^i^billK t^lMnider, fur par- 
mtv nnd otJinr birtU pootSB tbi*i |nrai*r- Nor ju it tbi* mrn- 
rnpnnly of rrtnnoclini; dftliiilo ^ornid* with dc(ini1f idr-ns; 
f^r it is ceitjiin Lbal soiiii' piirroU. viul.'Ii ]m\K biH-ii luu^'hf 
to ftppAkf eoTiniH'l unerringly wnnte with 1hinj>^ uod ptrwMi> 

•■ RenjIJ^fiT, <^iil. *, if-T 


Mr. RH T.'l-fr'i v.'i i,,T-Fi-Tl.i.r"'.rli. 



c-AP tin 



with <*vi*nU." Tli^ IrtucT snimHU tYtffvr from msn ftolHy 
in hit fllniudl inllhitrlv Inwr power of AMfWiatiQf; ti:i>;o11i«r 
the nio^t dm-r<iCr(l itoundn nn<i id(«j(; nitd tliin <jhvioiuljr 
f1i>]l^clK nn chn bi^h Hprplnnirrnt of hiK uipntnl jirturprK. 

A^ H^rDu Tu<>i£i?, ono of the fountJers of ihi^ noble Bci- 
ri»re ^f j»h"'''l"lO"- otscrircf, IbDj^iuiK^^ is an nrt. like Woitt^ 
or liflliin^; hut irriting HniiM hwvr lipi'-n » iH-lti^r Kimil**, 
It fvrtainlv i? nol n fruc* mi^tinol, ff^r ^vi>ry lan^ufi;.'? hat to 
U* liuirpt. It diff-^i*. howi-MT. w hIt')> tftit n\\ vnUuni} arta, 
for man tufec an irwhuKivr hi»Ji>m-}' I'l »jj»«ik, us ivi* se^ in 
lbc< bahblv of our >oijn;; childr^'n; wkiitt no child hm nn 
iiulitictitv leiidfntv lo brew, Utkr, or nrili-- Uoreotpr. do 
phlUfUigiftt iKiur tiipj^rtftv thai any Ur^iiagi^ hna )>t<rn d<^- 
u1>«nitclir uivooT«d; jt hai, bcon slowly arn\ i]Dcon<4ciouf]y 
iJfl'vt^li^ijPil hy Kinny j4i?[ik." Thfl viundH ulterHl \\y birua 
ofTflr in tOvwhI r*sj>*cU thft nfiarrnt flnjil*>>ry M lun;:uajfe, 
fur nil lh« mi'rtiWr« of ihc Aam*? dpoi^tC)4 ultcr llic 6am4> in- 
■rinrtUr rri** rijin'«>ivp nf llirir rriiol jciuii: Miid all (lie 
kimU which «ng, ^^tpt! th^ir |>nwcr instint-tivHy; but the 
flotaal *'>n^, 3D<] ptcu |!k' lall-notw. we l-.'iinil from ihcif 
fwivntu i>r fn*trr-pin'»i»- ThrM- -toiirulH. a^ Dflidt"^ Bar- 
nnslofi *' brtfl proTcd, " nrp tto mniv innntf Ihnn lan^un^ 
U in mnn/' TIwt find alttfiiiplii to iinc •' mny br rflmpiiird 
to lb* iiiij"^rfi*rt cnd™*vrMJr in n chrld In liBbblc" Tlio 
ycimp irmL** continue pnicti*iii|r» or ha Ihv liirittaU'hi-rt 
My, '' ttvoHinj^-*' fir t(»n or t*lf veo ircmlhA, Thrlj tlrrt 
«ij;eay» show hardly n rudiim-nt of Tbo future son)?: but aa 
Ibcy grow older wo can ["crccivc whnt Ihcy oru aimiu^ al; 

• t k^n SfiHivfrd wnml Jsturl^l 
MveoOT* to liil* t^i!?L AflnitriLJ Kir 

B> J<^OllvUl. *lxHTI I KciTf 1h^ lit; * 
paMifWl Ahifif>^. «Biiiiivi» mn that bri 

■ r l^ii- T*'-LI*ilrriM, H »i^ll (W* 

(JirlT nuiimk Ho vtiil 

■ " 1- tii-^v Ptnitat hrwflV- 

f..*.-' I J "f Tii^'ht" Ui P^c»iiL»llMiy 

lal\ ilir r 111 ^^ ' .K'Ki, *rfl nrr** f*- 

« -r-t^\ i,i,-< -xJ iIliIJ'4|i>- T^ Sir H^ J- 

TuiiiAV* fnthtr, he imr^l t;>ihkl tn Ihif 

-1,-tir.l ni'>miui; " * ■Ji"rt Mc*wnoe, 

*tilfl» «w rtffv.vr oEiL'r rKprntiv] jiOff 

fab rMlitf* i^llL III r<-1-l>-] ^i^- 

Ifiitl- ^ -rnii^ia iloc vliirh onrir« inUt 

iinfflflh ^h* open wlniJ*"* : 

- 1, , "■ 1 liT -' vMnli hml /"t 

■uti'' ■ 'I **» f*tJiiir »|ii»l*^ 

^ 1^ , r )i-. jlfi kiro, to 4li« 

A- MonL-hliiLti iiirijuiit iiiii U]4il Ik kii^-'W 
t ftBrllnu whlp^h imvi'r inmli 4 riii.fnkft 
III ktylFiir til G'-miAr "u-vnl iiio*Ti1i>jf " 
\f wnutiwutiimviKtii] "^""^1 *i>',i'M 
f^'ll-iSI,'' !*> lJiO»r!i -IrHptrlknt* ' I'rmlrl 
vM •DVtmT 4iLh(T M«Ai I'Viv^ 

•• Si'L' vipiii. jHfioit ramnrkh "tt Ihin 
(ipii»i f-v l"^*^ W hitnf^r, in hl*MiTlP»V- 

Ha tl-^rvt* iIliiL ill* fls»W '>f H*-imrim- 

flift-'fl, *liii:lr. iu Uio iA&r<Lli>pii*nt of 
UpffUHiT^ " iriirt* Iwlli ciMHi*trin*ly 
■nil Uiki>iinv1i3ii«ty ; cridwl'ij-lj v r»- 
;»nrjl* ihn imniciliBi* hIkI I" I* it- 
t«4j(<sl : iirKwiu^iitihly r* r>fnAlM tJlO 
riitlfn't i**!!!*!' I uL'in ■<.■!* <.'f lJ«r- H''U'" 



PAkT I. 

nctd ni Ufil (licj urc siiid " to flinp thdr 8ou« round." Neftl- 

lillg:^ wh it'll lliiit' l*»Hriil llic mn;f af il rliAtiiul ^[Hi'ii-ji, ^irt with 

Ihc coriftrj-binJe ixlUL'UKid in ihe Trr<il, li^flrh ftnd tiflt^innt 
tlitjr ucw hong tt> Ihcir offniiriug, The sliirlil uHlural dif- 
fert^ntvfi of eong in tlir *nmi: x|ii'iii'j« iithaliiLiiiv (Mteci'iit 

markSf ^*lo proviiidnl ilidttcU;^' uad tUo Bontit of allied, 
though dieilnct S[>ri-u*fl nmv U: iiiiiijmri'il uilli tbr lim^ua^a 
dibitiiit-t rmwB of man. I hnvp ^ircii Ih*? foiv^aiii^' do- 
lif h> (ilu™ tliflt hn iu»tiiu'livc U-ndciic^ l^ aojuin: an art 
fa not poculwr Xo mun. 

Willi n*fipeot lo Ihe origin of articulate Iniifftingc, aftt^r 
ImviHK H'jid (in llii? uiic ^illc the iii^hl^ iuttTL-nhiiir vvorks 
Mr. IlrUKbij^li Wi'dgwtiml^ llit Kev. V. Furrar. Jiiiil Prof 
leidior.** and the tbli^brotcd lecture* cf I'rof. Max Miil- 
iiij Ihti oIliLT nidf. I rauuol Juulft tlial lanjiuat'c owe* 
lU origin to Ujc* imilatiou and moJiCmtiou of various natu- 
ral soundf, (he voice:? of oihcr aniinnls and inanV own iH' 
HliUL'Uvi' cHl's, ajdvd hj tt^uti mid |;l-a1.ujtb. WIicli »e Ircat 
ot jn'xual itdw-'tion wv ■hull loe Unit prijiK'vid iniin. or rallier 
wme ejirly progenitor of man. proljobly first iiaod hi** voice 
in |]iridLk^i])g triK' uiunicHl L.-adi.'ij<.'i.'>H. that h in ^ingiii^. ^a 
do *?uint^ uf ihu gibbuii-api'^ ni tin- |>ri'6enl djiy; ami wu may 
conclude fron a widcly-dpreud nnnlog:v, thot this (lower 
would ha\e hi.'1'n f»]wL-i»lly i'ltt-rtt'd during ihi- coiirtsUiji of 
the eexc«, — would have cipri'SHcd vitrioue tinotione, tuoh as 
love, jcnlousj, f.Hum|>li> — nnd would hnvc served os o chal- 
lengf to rivals. It ie, Iherefniv^ prDhahle that the imitation 
of niueit*al onoa b_v ortitaikli! uounds may htivo j-ivi-n riee ia 
irordfi eiprc^wve of vnrioii> complex emotions. The strong 
fwidfrtfy in niir nenrr^t hIIIps, the norknVH. in niirrneepha- 
loua idiotii," and m Iht! laulmrouH races of inankiml. t*i imi- 
tate whatevi-r they hwr tii'MTieh milicc. a^i iK-ariHi! nn the 
Mihjut nf imitHtion, Since monkeys certainly uudL'rslaod 
much thflt It eaid to Ihem hy man, nrd whm wild, utter 
elj|:nal>Lvii3 of danger lo ilu-ir fellows;''' and >ineo fowls 
pivL diHLinel warnings for danger ou tho ground, ur in the 

IjiEqpiu*,' by ihii Bdv, F, W Ynrnr, 
iet& TfaoHO vdrkit urn mont ijitcirinil- 
Inr. Htflfcln-lio I4 I'hyt. dL do Pn- 

Inin^^nln] bt fir, niVVi-n iMt-i tfif 

li^BtLot by the Sflcnpt if l^tn^nifv.* 

trvlmlra,' l*kOT, p, lfl«. WiUi mtrml 
[T. *»*pctvL, I bun ff'iviit] pnno fluta in 
niv ' Jnurrjul of Kw&rtlia^' Ac. ISifi. 






frkr from bavk* |hoUi, a» wofl w a tJiird ct^', inlvUipblo to 

jtTiilJiln] the (jruml <.f d Iu'hpI »if [.»nn, dmf thus InliJ hi* 
frllo* nwiiikv]^* (he iulvr« of iho t'3i|wi'Ud iUii;;ir.^ Thi* 
vnuM Lave bcru ■ JIr»l xtf^T' <■> ^^^"^ formntkon nf a Inii^n^uKC. 
A« iho ifolc* wa* nwl mf»rv nnrl mnrp, r.h(» vochI or;fJHi>* 
vnuld hate Wn Hln-n^^hL-nHl uud (K.Tf«<<!loil Ihruuuli Ih? 
pnnciftle i>f ibr inlifrilitJ HTccle of uiwi and thia wauH Iwnre 

tbe cuntiJiwxi umj oI b&^ua;^' and iIil* dfrvcl'^piikODt *>i thi? 
l>rain. Ieai an dixiljf tx^r^ii fur Kurn; iinprorlariL The uieuUl 
p<ywfry in wm*- **ar!^v progi>nilnr nf mnn mtutt havi- Turn 
irH>rt^ hi^lil>' dcTr-Ui|i(ii itiai) id any oxitlirx' ape, before cvon 
Ihc moat j«i|H-rf(^t t^mi if »|«M:i:h finilil ba»e CTiint* inlo 
iu«; but u'l? miiv confid^'nllr Wlipvc thai ' Ihi- t'fnitinu*?j 
u*e and odi^ncomeut of ihiji powor would hav** reacted i*n 
1li«- RLJitil JtaL'If. \i\ L-imMiiii: nud t^uriruJii^rini? il l(» L-drry uu 
lon^r lrain« af ihnu^ht, A compU-x train or Ihou^ht can 
no more be ccrncd en wilhoLl Ihi' aid i>f words, whether 
A|Hikeii i>r sih'iil. Ouu a lonj^' iiik^ulrtl urn uJUicjuL Ihif um> 
af 5cur(« ur nl^^t^^ni^ It ii)»|icarv, ttU/*, thai oreit an oriii* 
nary Irftin »f thought aliiKifl k^iuUcja. or h preall^ fflcili- 
Inlt'd hy tuitnB funn of tan^iiii;;L', fur Ihv dumb. deaf. Hiid 
blind prj, Jjium Briri^mnn, wih .>>j-;'>rvr^l l-> unn hrr finRcrh 
tthilat dreaintiif;»" N\'\trthe]*w- a hn)i hu^ii^a'ivu of vivid 
and ronnecU'd idiw* may pat* thTi>u;ih tbi- mind wilhoiil the 
«td of wiy form of langnapCj as wc mny infer fr>m the 
niotemeulA of do(^ during' (bi-ir drwiuit. TVe have, aUo, 
•«ii that animaU arc* ubiu to rt-uKon to a ccrlnin I'ltt-nt, 
mnmfrflly without tJic aid rif Ifln^iteirc Thf intinmte r^^n- 
n^ctiou Wtvi^'zi tbt' hniTii, d^ il iri now dr'vi.-liiiit'd in ue* 
■nd Uit^ fflcutly of »|K^*ob« :m w'HI xihi^wii by lluwi^ curitiua 
cMt^ of hmin-diHCAitc in whirb jipo^rh is sprrially nlfcrt^d, 
»* mhen lb? pwncr lo rviopniliiT MrdwUntivf-' ]>■> In^t, whil«t 
olhor v'f^rdf lan be corrvcTly i^vod, or uttrre ftibnlantivoa ijf 
a rrrlain chw, at aII cif^|>t the initial IHtriv of Auhftnntivcf 
and pf(i|wr riamf4 are for^ntleii.*" Tln'r<* J8 no more ini- 
pro^iabdily in ibo fjonlinted iiAd of thi» inontal and vocul 
or^&Eid Irvdin^ to iahcritcd changes in their ffructurt: nnd 

fmir.' ' ' r I irL'ifv on (hi* t'lr*- 

jm I « )Irfiuir"itt*< Afii- 

•• M*ny f iiriftQ* '*-f* huTi* b«>ii J*- 
m»ilM>ii AtiKiwln." l^^o, |i, 27, -M.f*!* 
Ihfl Iritf llPrliiiil I\t*nn»,' lij Dr. Ah*- 






Tut I 

fiincti'>nB, *hfln in ihe I'asc of haod-w ritinp- wbit-h ilependA 
pHi'tlj mi ]h*- fiirni rif [hi< liuiitl Lirifl pmll^' on iMt' tliiijioiij- 
tinn of the mird; nii'l hniiflwnti»a i* ri^hnirlv iliho riled- '^ 

iinv^' litU*ly iiiKist(itl ihnt Lhe un' i»f Init^'iLUgo iELL[>H4'v: tlio 
power of forimng prmrrnl ronrrptft:- iitnl Ilint ns m- nnirDrtla 
are HU|>|Kisr»l {t> |j(Jfm'vh this [Krwrr, an iiii]rtihffjl»k- WniT 
ia fcnuvd belULt^n tlit^iii nud m^ri." VVitli rovpc;! tu juii- 
mil^, J hiitp nlrrndy onrfcrtvoiirpd to show thnt tli*^y have thi* 
power, s( ]i'9^[ in a nidt* am) indjuprit ik'^iei'. At fzir nv 
conccnaa infanlB of from ten to olvven monthn old. and di*af- 
mntm, it nfonit" to tor incn^diM^, Ihat tlioy ahoidd k- able 
to (X'niie':! rertaJn Munidrt with (rriaiii ^'ftu-ral jiWs &a 
quiokly aa thoy dd, unloifi Buch idE'ns Hrt<' aln^ndy fi>rnjcd 
in th<*ir mim]^, TJif snnn* rcniflik ihajv bf exU-nJcd ti' the 
tnorn infpllignnt Jintmn]&: a^ Mr Lo^lk' SlepliL'U (jbsorvyfl,"* 
"A do^' Iruiiiot^ u >:i7nvriil conerpt of i-nla or tlii^fp, nnd 
knows thr conwpondiDg nuiJs at n*ll as a pliibwfjiber. 
An^ th(> cafiacily to Tinderatanrf Is ae ^or>d a pruuf uf vocal 
intdligcrncc, though m an inferior dctrrrq, n» the capaoity 
to spenV," 

Why the organ* now mtd for (peeeh ftbouJd bave b«yn 
orii^ally perfected for thU piirposr. tothrr thnn nny other 
organa, ii is iinl. dillii'rih 10 ^t*»'. AiiU havt I'lmhiderable 
powers of irlrrcomtimtiuntioii by rnriius of tbt-»ir atjtt'rviia!, 
aa b)ie»n l»y TTiibiT, wluj delates a wholr chnplcr fo ilirir 
lungua^'- \Vc mij^ht havo ii*i.'d onp flngera na pfllr-rcnt iti- 
fltmmrntA, fcir n pcrflnn with pnirtiro t^aii report to a douf 
man every word of a apeech rapidly delivered at n public 

FlAflt* timlbt ilMiirdiJr-iUnh,' if<L, Ii. 

• I^oturu im < itt l>*rvrM»Si Phi" 

tonnpliy r>f lAnifiJijfd,' )ti7R. 
*»t!io jiirlutmnl -f ■ .liillft(niiih#J 

IliElolr«;fi*i,»ii-^hH*fV>r Whifney, vlll 

limn iTkytlim^ llifit I <!U) 'B^. H^ tv*- 
PiBrku r rMpiiUil tifi>l T.i»pi|l"[irSiinl- 

mniii nf tbn j-oimr i*f ItihiliiTiv, M thfl 

tJcrtmrVnifUw^-. (hrrfflmliv wunMftiin 
mftht tJli<*ajtlit ibMliite^^ lin|4iwiU« 

httti'i i-aiiu-A M.-1 t*1(liipul n UKil With 

nrl fl"!* "Iinrt of M llU*i'* Brnnit pftrt' 
iJcAiut. llinL mt ibfunL !>'r> /d"', m>t 
*ihi*h4iifff U ii"1 ft huitiun frtiin^, ait-l 
dijiL ildiirminfii ilu Pol liL<i-"iiiv |i» 
fa«!<l ^f rM^rrn vritJI O-^y limrii la 

r(>.^k(?T) wonlh" Mju Mnilor [■>■» lu 
iulk<* ^' Lrvluru ■>ii Uf' DurVm't 
I'bilrt*.-i|*v nr I,iiTitf<m#p' ja7Bt tJiirJ 

lr*rluro) Oi' fi'lli^intf uplKiiT-in ! 
"Tbprr U no Ihoiii^M villnmt "i^hl^ 
iw ^iiib u (I»*re arc ■'ipl- *itlir>iil 

niri« hoTr lifl (TK-r-n t^ t|iw wnrd 
UiKLirM ! 






aivctini:; ImiI '^^ I'mv of nur bandH, whiUl thuB cmptoved. 
witolit hare hi^ti h M-timix im^t^itvrUEriti'f^ At. a\\ Ow higfirr 

ll iL«fe ulmninlr priilniUIr ifiiit IIii^h- Mnuf uremia *iti\\t\ 
be alill ftirthct <!*vfio|wd if tho iion-cr ri( comiininn'ih'm 
had to In; icipicvt^, and thte has liwn effectoH \>y the nit) 
nf ndjuifiiii)!; am) »rll nibf^liit ijarii-. iiaMU'!\ i\\v Um^av mitl 
llpit.^ Th*" facx of the hi^jhtT •jii.'* not uhtik Ih^'ir vd«I 
fTtpftiK? for efif^tii. Qo doubt il^prn<l« od their intdiij^rtirr not 
Iipvih}? Ij«<rii iuiTif?K-ii1l> atlivnnMl Tho |ii>4»i>Ffiii)n liv (hem 
of oTf^ti$, ttfaii^h with longi^'unlinm.'J pmcliLi* ini^ht Iimi« 
hten uW for E[>eecli. &Uhou^fi rot thQK iiwd, iji pnnilklnl 
by lilt <'a*e nf [Tiiitiv liinli whirh |Ho*i*fM rir^iwrw fittfil for 
•inpiikt thoujch fhtt nc^cr mix- Thun. tli^ rnj-htiu^ial^ 
and crow havt tucal or^aDi> ^imiUrlj conMnKi"', ihvte 
being vwd bj' Ihe former for (Jivriirtcfl amg, *inil hy tlip 
lalUf only for t-rajikinj:." If it bo tikod «hy apt'- lia\c 
not kad their intrllcrtt developed lo the mwf dfjifr^' n* 
thAI of num, ^en^ral enueefl i>nly can V nmngtifxi in hmeu'^m'. 
And it w vnmijionabtc lo t-iptcl any thiii^ more ilotinili^, 
coiL^dcrin^ *j\it iiriionint'e with re^ptvt \a the .luixt-jiiiip 
AflgM ot dev^topment through which each creainrp h»» 

The formntiiiii of HifTrri'iit lHn^ijfi^i->- anil nf ilirtlinel 
fpQci^T "nd thp proofs ih«t !tofh hav»> h*oon dordoi^nl 
ttiniutiii a gradual procetrf, urt- curiou«1> [«irttllel-** ISut 
wi- enn linti' ihr fnriiiali*'" nf manv wnrHw furthnr luuk 
ttun Ihat of lip^Pt!, for v <«r perceivo hov Ihey actiuilly 
aroae frtjiii llie imilalitiii of variouii ^undit, VVp firnl in di*- 
liuirl iaujfua;:!-^ vtrikiii^ hr>m»1o);i(« thtp to rr>inmtiTiit\ nf 
lirv^cfil, and annlo^e» dn*? to n einaihir prow-^ of fdrnmlion. 
The BianacT in which (.'irHaih li^ttrri or *ound^ chaii^'e whrn 
nthen r4iaii;ri- is ^rry Hkr rorrrlif.pd ^rwlh, Wp hBVi* in 
Jioth r*iei Ihe rrduf ligation of pflrl>i, rlitr effwlfl of long- 
coEttinucil use. antl eo fortlt. Thu frEM|i)vnl iirenuncu «f 


* ^^ tooe jii'rrJ rvnorluiA till" »f' 

IllnK' fnL H t^Jt'J- r> Ttt An ^r«iU 
Lvnl'itiHiivr. Ur. T(Wkir*lL fcmmfli* 

BrUM MM; jr<, b> ^< idfU, Jin«r 

ftiT ImJuiioii. - Kw'ivi'hn in Ki'vila 
ipat Lm vDcn lilt i1ovD|ri|Mi>vur Krai's- 
ibc Antiijuitjr uf Uab,' IhtS, cbnp. 



rudltnentft. boUi in language* and in species, h fitill mora 
rL^rnurlcji^ili' Th<' li^tli'i' m in tli4> \V'>ri) fjr'i> iiii'ii^a /; *o 
tlinl in thr pxpn'Mion / ahi, u nuporllui-»ue jinH UBclrss rurli- 
iiioiil liarf Irt'L'ii iL'laiEiL-t]. In iIll* ^ijclliji^ aImi uf noirlt^^ It^tlers 
<>rtr>n r^MimiiL aa the rudlmoQU uV iiiKk'nl ft^rm^ of ftxituintt- 
ation. liJtTij;uEip<d, liko or^'Uiii< licrngi^H nin tit^ i^lj^f^cd in 
groiJj« [iiiLli.'r gfcups; aoJ thtj can \jv clftHbtd t-iflivi njilu- 
rall}' aoeonlin^ l*> dwcvnt, or arlilk'iallj by iylhvr cliurai.'. 
tc>ni- I>omJnunt Inngnngi^if nnd diulocts sprcrid widrly« and 
leail to the jfr^dual exliiic.tii»ii iif rrthcr t**rgHea- A Ijin- 

Kaev, like fl epeciea, whon r>nco extinol, DeT«j, as Sir (X 
_i?Tl rcnmrkf^ rpnpptmrp. Tlip «iTnr Inngunge never liaa 
two hirt1i'|tlHrr>^ Di^Mnrl InTi^imp'^ rtuiy lie cn^f^'d or 
biended logeltier." We wee \arjalihl}' in every l'>n^nie, and 
new wordd arr rontinuitlly cri>|)|iinB uji; hul aa IhiTr- ir a 
limit t(i ilir [mwrr* of Ihi* mcinnn,, singlp wnrrls, \\]yo whole 
kngiia;;es, 'Taduslly Ixrt'onie e\Iiuel. A^ Mux Milliter'"' Iluh 
well mimAi^; — " A struggle fcr lifo in c^nMnntly going 
on nmriu^fil tJip worHs and grammsiiral rnrnii* if eacli Un- 
Kue^'C. Tilt belter, the shorter, the crniier ff>rinit ere con- 
»t»nily puining Ihi- upppr band, and llioj owp fht»ir Mif[^e» 
lo Iheir o\rn inhi'reut virttio." To thftft» more important 
cpinfira of the mirvival of certain words, mere novdty and 
fa^ihfon may l>e iiddiHl: for \\n'iv U in lln- mind nf man a 
rtron^i love fir elipht ehmReii in aW Ihingw. The uurvivd 
or [ireHervalioa of cerlHin favoured wjrda in the filrug^lo 
for«iiBtMice U niilHra! tdiv^tion. 

The pcrfeetly repidar and wonderfully f^omploic con- 
armetioii fit Ihr laripingL*s *tt many Imrlmrotm tiHtiont ha^ 
often b«m fldvanepd as a prtvif, mth<*r of \h*> divine origin 
*>f these Unj-iia;:cF. or nf iht hijiih art and former dvdisn- 
(fon of thr-ir fninrlerfi. ThuA F. von Sddej-r'l writes' '" In 
thwe Irnicitngoj whir'h n|»i*?rtp to hn at. tho loueit prade of 
inteHectual cultarF. we freipiently ol'snve a very hi^h and 
elalmrafe dejrrer of nrt in Iheir ^rnimrniiticrtl KinifUir*-. Thin 
\fi eF|hjeiflIly tho cnm "»th the ElflPfjiiP and thf l^pponuin, 
and many of {he Amerinm UiipiiHjr^'M,^^ '" Itiit i* i^ AMtircd- 
It an ^rror to Mpvnk of any Innpmjie an an ait. in Ihr jrnue 
'if it* hovinp been elahonilelv nnd mt^thodjeolly fonn^d, 
PhilnlofiutB no* adnut that mnjuptions. dcclenwon^ Ac, 

• Soe rvmarkv M th« fiftw* Uy iho » ■ Nitnnv' JuiYiury «h, IHTo, |V 
Ifcff*. F, W, Tutu, in nn IntPn^Uriff t^T. 

vip|>m*-lD*KMiift,'SanvkMlb,l»TD, D&Maft, lAOH^p. M. 


ctM. iH 



orifitinnUf ranted an <ibtinc1 wonl*. »iiki% joinnJ t.nicHbcr; 
liM w«Ui'1i voniri rxpmi> tin* EniMl i;1>vm>ii)1 n^lnrMiMV l>rtwriwi 

hm-rr b«wn uxh.hI by tlic men of moit rncnt ilurinf; thr rjirlieAt 
mg«^ Willi rvw^Hvt tn itprftvlinn. IW following tlTiixIni- 
U»a will bwi ^licw Ih)v ettfiily w« may err: a Crmoid iioiite- 
UiliT* fM»n^Utii oi 110 k-w tHan lAO«(h)0 pinx*« at nhrll/' all 
uTmitgnl nitli |u-ffiH>i nyinrnplTj in milinring lini^B; but « 
iialumltt^ 'h^i^ nM ^uti^iJiT an snimuJ of thr» kind ae inuri- 
|irrfn:t than a (jiUlrnil imi- Aillt <-iim|iiiriLtivi.-lj t^n }rart5. 
Aud with nnrii* f>f ihr^i- titirr» nliko, ptrj^jiiin^ on ilu* o[k|M.)* 
site sm!<« oI thf bixly, H^ ju^tty <Hin«id4rH the dilT-.'N'iina- 
liuii am] t<|>n inlWirni c)f iif;{on* n* the* ieM of (irrft'i^tion. 
So wilb Uiixiiii>f<«: I'^ip moni ftyntni4<tnrai1 Mml roru|k!rx au^lil 
not to be nnki^l obove irre^utar. abl>rcvia1t'(l, and bo^tard- 
ifitd Uui^jt^n* wbidt Iidvi' Imrnmeil e«(>rL'!«iv(* Aoftlh niid 
iiK«fat fi>mut of vomiLniotiou from vaHout conquering* l-ud* 
4iiCTT-(l, or immijfrant racei. 

FroiiL ibvtse fvw ttiil iintRTfei-t. n-msrks I couirluilr tliut 
tb» MtlTfwdy eouii>kx sind rr^ftr t^omtrurtiun *>t mnny 
borbaroui laDiniag^f^ i* no proof llmt tb«-v ov<- tbdi itriL^in 
lit a «jjB>iial wl of <'n'(i til 11)7' Nor, hk vt> bft^'^ M'f-n, ij-ttih 1li<^ 
facruJty of articnilatf* «nvLrh in iIm^U olTcr iiliy ini!Ui>L-mtilb 
ubjeciioD lo the belief Ibat nian biM been devclopca from 
kume lovrr (omv 

^N^f vf Htaatg. — Tbia mium baa boan doclamd to tx' 
peculiar lo luau 1 refer here only to the p1c-a»ur? ifivcn 
by «erlaiit f^t^luur*, forinn. nnd Bounde. and which may fnirly 
br cnllt**! n wn^ of th<^ limitiftjl; irith ciiltivit^od mt'ii jul-Ji 
M^iiMi|i'*(L? anu hi^tfrei. intimnlclj ow<xiJil*d willi comiflrx 
idi^fl]* aiiii trains nf tbouifht. Wlirn vi^ li^holH n iiinle liirH 
d^Jjibomli'ly dbfhviiiff bi» praci'fu! |>!unn'B or uploiidul ou!- 
oiin4 hicfon' tile feTiinl**. wbil^'l otht-r birdK. iinl eIuik iWo- 
mt^, make no hucb display, it ic iinfo^ible In d'^ulit thnt 
ahc •dmiri># tbc braaty of her male portiior. Ad vs'omen 
ejfryvihpTr d<*ek thema^lr^s with Ihc**- |>li)iitiw, the l»«nily 
of tticbomameiiTdoaimot be disputed- Ae^? «ha11 ««« lat^r, 
Ihr nf*ifi of hnTnmiii|r-bird?i« urn) the pbyin}; fUJA«if-cfl of 
>*nw(>r-b»rdfi srp iBetpfiilly ciniHmriifi'H alth y:i\iU'-ri\\ii\iriv] 
i>bj«>rt4^ aiwl (tud riheu^ Ibac thev mnat r'3o^4T*> eome kind 
of plffiaure from the flight of .imil: thjTLjt*- With the i^reat 
mawTJty at nniniaK how^vpr^ Hio trndc for thn brniitiful la 


raannrMgniil i—iiliKiiniai iiiii 


vonfinvd, a* far m vr tuu juit^-, tu tS<^ ultraclion:* of tho 
itjipttftjii- At>x- TIl(' mvfM^t v^tnitHh piuit^il ttnih hy mut\y umlc 
LiriU during; Ihi^ fl^aAon of loTt-, ntp n^nsiritr nHmin^d hy llir 
fi'innliu, uf Hhcrli iavi rvidi'iit^ will Lt^Kiifler bt* i;itTiTi, It 
rt'iitRlo iiiritn hnil ihv^u invnim^Af nt njjpnvinilii^ Uit" lieuuii- 
ful L'oliiini, lh(t aniaiiK'titt, ^ind twcvk of ihmr miilcr purl- 
Xii-tf, a)l 1h« labour aikj un:fioty <*vhitjit€d bv titi- lolltrr iit 
iJittjilnyiTJ)^ riii-ir (Jiiiriiif* l)vrorv (In- fvfiiH]i^ wnulrl Tiave \tvvn 
iJiuiwTi jiwny; nntl tliia it it iriipo*yiibli* to admit. Whv tor- 
tdiii bright odIuui'* elicnild *.*\c-itf plfOJ^ure <aiiQDt, f pfC* 
Humc, be t<K[il)kiiiiHl. Hii| iJKti'f lljaii hIjv rrrtarii llavourn aD^ 
pccnto arc iLjrroonbk'; but habit Jitid luiat^thm^' li> du witU 
tlic refiuU. for that which is ot timt unpluai^Anl to our Knjieti, 
ulUmHtvly boeoiriM pleawni. And habiU niv inhmtt^d Wltfi 
rt-npi^ct to iimindi:, HclinliolU has <.':c|j|jiLni*d to a tcrlftiu 
txti^ikl (in |»1n>K»lfi;2i''>il i>rinci]iUv, why linnncmit^ otiJ err* 
t«hi rndvin:'*'* ar* a^fiv^aVl*. But b««id«fi tbin, nnundt^ frc- 
Hui-iith- ri'turniLj; jkt irrL-^uliir iixtiTvaU aro bi^^hly diaagroe- 
libit', iiA rvi^ry oiu' vill iidmit vhi> bat^ lisslcnrd nt nijcht to 
the invgiiliir Itaipjiiiku; of u rop<> on bonrti «bip. The amo 
pntiELptL- at^eiiii? lo ruiiLi:* into play with lipiou. ha the eye 
prrftn* *yinTHi'Lry iir fipuri'-t mnin? rcf/iilur rfiiirmii'i'. 
Ps1i4'nif of llm kind nr« ^mployod by fivrni tbc l<nr««t i^nv- 
&^s fi? uriiamcnta; and they liave L>0(>u devolupL'd through 
M^tunl selcL'ttuii fir Ihir mluniini-Tit of tiomt> iimir ninniiiU- 
WliflliiTr we can or not ffivi* nny rirnMii for the- plonniiiv thus 
^(rm-d from Ti»i<m and hearing, yet man and :»any ul tlio 
litwiT anJn^sU aiv alikt* jdt^aAcd by the vamo culourt, frtnce* 
fill EihudiriK tLnd funiLF* iinil tbf* mmc nouDdu. 

Tlie tn^rr for llic biMtutifiil, nl Ico^t ujs far ua ftuiule 
Inaiify U ronfvmpd, in not of h *j>x'ial naTid-v in llu- Lnman 
nnnd: for it OilTcr^i widely m Uiv diffcffnt nuvA of niaji. 
UEid jf not 'juilu tbi^ uriic vvc*ii in ibr ddr>'n>iiC nnfitni)^ of 
iUf «imc» mrp- Jiid^in^ from tho hMecna ornamr-nl*, and 
tbo ef|ualty hidtyme tn\i»ic admirt<d by mo^l !tJL\Ui^.-A> it mi^bt 
be ur^i-d Ihiit llii-ir H'Hlhi-tir fAfidty un» not ■»■ highly ili** 
volfifN^d V- in cvrfnin nnimnla. for [n^lanL'f* a« in bJnia. Ub- 
vinioly no an>niiil would bo L'vptibit: of admiring andx ni^cuea 
38 tbe biitvi-rrFi a1 iiif;*ht. a tM^juitifo] IaeifIu'iiih^, or rcfhT'd 
inu«ii?i but *iicb high tnnt^s an? ncquirpd tbroof^h cultiir*-, 
flcd depend rni coiopkx a>»xj<:iutLon_"^ thi-'y uiv not enjuved 
ty barbanAiif< or by iiriedti^'ati-d [H*r!ii>]i.v 

Miiiy of Uie fiLinllkv, wbi<li hav** brm of Jiif^lininblp 
■ervicc to man Ttr bm prt>^]vs.*jtt^ advntici^uK'nr. Kutb aa 
the powers of the imagination, vonder, curioaily, ftu undc* 


[Ckm. 11 l 



of p\rif(-iTH*nt flir riuvu'liy. luiM UnnUy luil lo Ii-b'I tt) la* 
jiric'ii'iLLt chnn^^rv of maiamf und fn^ion'^ L hur*^ nlliiJcii to 
ihl?^ |j<ijiit. brcaiiffi' A it^viit Hiit>^r^* hat mjdljr lUed oa 
Capri4:4< " UH *^nv *A tilt iiioit reinurkilile and typical differ* 
«'ri(c-> Wtwi^x^rt j^kiQ^K and |jruu».~' Bill not ouly i-mi n^ir 
jjuttinllj Lmdor^tand hcru it U lliAt lUAn 1^ frvn vnrii>ti» <-i>n- 
fklin^ iutiuenc^e rendered caiirioioui. but ttiat the 3ott^r 
AiiinidlA Jin*, a:s ^c «htill lirreafUr sici?, likc^witfc cupricii^ud iu 
Ijkfir jifTii'lioiiK avrmiiFiM, Aiid wntv nf ln-nuty. Thnv w 
filei> r«ASon to tiupecl that ihisy love aovell^, for its owti 

Briff/ in fforf — fifU^ion, — Th^r^ ie no eviifenr* that niAn 
vtn^b al>irigiiidUj riiduwod vhitti iJii' tnuofrliii^ Lrliff tu fiw 
i-tiKErrv'E' 4if un (hrmipiiEi'nf fiod. tin tho cvtrilrnrv (hen! 
in iiirk]ili^ ovidcrLr^^ ilrriwd not trrnw ItatlY iruvHloTAi but 
fruiu mi'ii iiliu liavf louji ruudL-U will srt^Htrt's Uiat tuiURT- 
unit rMV liuTi* exiHiL-d, and hIiII t\i*li who Iiht* no iJt'u of 
onr iir mor? x^dti, and wlio have nci wonli: in tMr fati^rtias^ 
tcr ex)in«« budi ail id<A/' The <)uratii>ii ib <>f txiunfe wlioUy 
diiEiilc-l fr^im IImI hi^'hL*r oiw», wbvtlK-r ititiv c'xinU a l*rL*utof 
ni>d Kulcr of ihf universe; and this hw U'on dn^wcri'tl in 
the nlTinrkahve liy tome of Ihe highi<M inWll«L'iA that have 
i'v»-r f.vut^d- 

If, hrmr-^cr, wo include imdci the teitD "rfligirm" the 
hcli^f in tiua<u<n 4ir «piilluHl ag^tiden. the qu» ^ whollt dif- 
fi.-tvnt; for Hue U^lirf Vfiiirt f^ he univi'T^il with Ihi; leni 
viviliatd rart-^. Kor is \i dilTioull Iu iijiupn^huikd Lo^v il 
airc«e. Aa miuh fi4 the lEh{i'>rtant faoidtii^s of tho ima^in;^- 
tiiMi, iT'ieiiIlt. aitd ^'Hrioiiity. l-a^fctlwr with aomc pciirt^r of 
iraumiiijft \iw\ U<lx'Oio fwrliRlly d<^irrh]|H'd, ittnn w<>ilM natii- 
mllr craTf- to undrrvtand irbat vft» |iewtnji; Around hini, 
and v'luTd fiuvi* V[i;;i]i'ly rfn'tnliifrd on tiif i^wn ^^h^Ioik-o, 
A* Mr. M'l^'ntiJin '* hwsc n-rmirk^f], " Soirir rifihnnlinn of 
thp |»h>^nriiT>i>nB of lifo. a nun tuxttti ti^xnn Utr hiEiiifi^lf< find 
tfkJLi^i;!' fniiii llit> univeraahly tt \U Hit- mim^vIi-'bI liypollie.iiH, 
luid llii- first iif iK^fiir tci rnrn, WH*iiim Ui liav^- bi^'n thnt tinlu*' 
ml |ih<titi]inona nrt iMTitinhk to tli^ proecnca ift nnimnLti, 

» • Tl» Spwaeor; luc «h, lt«, ft 

I>b1<><-1 111 thf^ K«« r W. rtrrvf. hi 

lit J - ' : 1 , 

and «>^^ 1M?», iiL S44: ftad «f#>JA|lj 

nf*". -TO. 

■> -J at Animiit* ncd 


THK DttsC'KST vV Ma:J, 

pbintii, \u»l lliin;^ unil in Uiv forcnM nf nature, nf nfkch 
fiuritx prgtttT>iin^ u» adion an men apc conacioTiH thty 11i*in- 
lelvVB puwtse/* l( it nlsu prvU[*lt'. ua Mr, Tvlur han ahcwii, 
rthil Jr^aru* ihu> liavo (irnl jfiveii ri»t' t<> Uii* Ui>tio(i of >i|iiriUt; 
for nviLjfc* ilu not rnudily ilintin^^uiiih trlworn faibjoctiTO 
und Dijjectntr iiiipK-s^iunK When u hivu^:!' ihvmuH, Lliu 
d^un?^ wMth upjif'tkr Ejefun? htm uro Ix-lit-tci] to hnwt <:tinti> 
from n diKinin^-, nml to stdiui owr him; or 'Mlic ^ul of 
t\w Orr*mrr gui-* <nil on it* tniydK, aiki (■"mc* hnriii- wllh 
u renieinbrantv <>r wUaI il has neeii " ^* Bui uiilil Iho fju^nl- 
tiCE' of imu^'inalioTi. <-i)rJr>ecity. ruiBrrn« &c., had been fairly 

V'pII alrvi'likjirti in ihv tiiimi of innri. Ilia (Ircninn v^oiilil riirt 

Lave M him to believe in spiriU, ttnj moro than in lh« tuiie 

uf H dop. 

lUii* li^iiilrtii}' in MiiVN|^(v In iimi)riii<> that natnnl objWifi 
nnd oj^civi'if'v oiv nmmntcii by eiJinlual or livinfc i*Mcnoi>«, 
id I^rliajre illuF<trat(.-(1 hv u liitic tmA wliiili 1 onct- rtoticLil; 
inj tlo^. a fiill'^'nurn »n(l wtj wntibh* nnimEil, *"»; )yin^ 
on thp htvp-n ijunnj; ti hnl and etill day: but at i little d^e^ 
tan<T a ftliulil hreeip ULXTiHiuTially ciiuv^d an iif^n |»«rjnk»l. 
tt^hk'li irouiil bu^^< l^uGo wholly diifcr<*;[ttnlL\] hy tli« dog. hud 
ony OIK* i4ood near it. A« it vss, every tiiiKr tlint the jtnn- 
W -liffhlly inttviHl. the iKi^f i^romlud liecL'ely aiid ImrWI. 
Hi- mn^t. 1 think, havt> ronEoiu<d to hiniMf in a rsipid inJ 
urn'onaL-iouw iii^iirK-r, timt moTenirrt with^mt any D|>i«irrnt 
rftiEKc irdii'iirtd Iht- [i[T*H»'nLV i.^f T^iirie t^lranirf llijn^ agfnt. 
nnd thnt no <lninKf*T Imd a n^rhl to \h^ otk hiit !e»nt'^ry. 

Tin* Irlief in tfriritnal Mfrotivti vniild rui<ih' |iu«t itili> 
th(^ Udirf in tin- etittrnoM of one or mnrp gikda. For iuiTn>:i'ii 
^^'nuld nntnraJly attritmlL' to A|)irrl^ th« f^ine paHionf, the 
*ame Iov<» of rc^ni^-ance <iT wmpl<*t forri »f jn*li<v, and tht 
Biimi» affwiiorfl which they lheireplv«> fnA. Thr Fm-^ian* 
appear to t>r in thhi rt^ped iD an iQt^rni«diotc ronditinn. 

lad |hHiiwliifn4iiiB.»1^»Jr>«*. tiiiL rpth 

riv*iL n^rii lonic faliail or oibfr oV- 

<ihji.rt t* lliun hhfuniEli t^lk^***! rtlll 

rAr^<t uiil JuJv'*t*i:<^"li««i«iijthinf 
« It inh IbtUl'Hft* pdfrOf « IHOVrHlMt It 



iV. lit 



^lutfklin^ •■ upL-dui^nsT York MiiivUT ik-i^taivtL m 
it fnlenin niAoncrt ** Oh, Mr. Bynoc, mxtch rnin, irmch 
V, bl'iw miirh: "snfl thin uaacvHWiulj n pi^iriJinti**- mm- 
iitlinic-iil for wAfttii^^' liuiuan ri>':Kl. So upun ho rt:lLili>iJ nuw, 

nittoh rfiin »ni\ hiv\v ft*]!. YH ur rniili) lu'vir iliMHin-r tliat 
tlit^ rut^imiri bvtievitl in nhai no ehoukl call a <>vil, or 
|.ir»r:tin<i] any trlixn'iiA titi.'?!; and .K-miity Butluii, iiitit ju^ti- 
flat>l? priiff*, Hloiiily iiijiitiliijn;'<] ihcil itu-ri* uitu iin Jt-til in 
luuJ- ThiJ^ iatti<r aM^rtion is the irktjTv n>niarknl>lo, aft 
itii Hi\]ip-» UiF belief in Imd jipiriU m far mure tuuiiuuu 
tn tfuit in ^twd unoft. 

TIjc ft^liii^ of rcli^'ious (l<-vi>lioa !« n bi|>hljr complex 
% (ijiLififliiig uf luii% coiiijiWU- TtiibiiilH^iiJti to un hkuIUiK 
irl mjit<'riou* iti]iiTnur, ii i^lroii^^ ^tiiKt of dvpi-rKWint,^' 
r«r, rcvrivncc, grnliludj', liojjn for tbf fiiliiri', nrnl |)crluipa 
atlier eli-riirnlH. No Uin^ rxiuU! ^'^jiiTii.-nn? h[i ronndi-x jid 
lolitju uutil ikIvuhlviI in lii^ L»1olU*c1ual Lind iivitl]! fauul- 
rn t*^ at Kiwt >i ininl.-mtolj- hi/Jt hti'l. N'rvcrtlirii^-. wc 
Hpf »^rirp (lirilnnt njtpnnnrli tt IhU ^Intf (if iniTu] in Ihr (U<f'|i 
i\v of a <lu^ for hid ifiUfUr. a^^iX'iaUHl t^ith oonitilotv eub- 
iMUon. sonir ft^tr. and porlinim olhcT f«-lhijp(, Tbc Iw- 
^imir of a dng vhrn rttiirtiihg to \i\k mnf^i^ Aftrr nn all- 
ien, ere), ori [ tiinT add, of a monkey ti> hie bi>}vvi<d kt*L*i>or, 
W(d*?lv d]ffrf>![it from thaL lowardf* lln-ir fclliw^, hi thf* 
latUT t'lisc thff inmsporu of jr>y nf|wnr to \w umn^^Uai lew, 
and thc**-nwof or^nftlity j^ in t^virj nctioiiH Pfufoemir 
Draubid) pftn-n vr fnr »» to muLntnin l^iil a du^ IoijKh on hU 
nuBtL-r Oil on u j^m)/* 

The wimtr hi^rh irK'ntal facitllitra whicli i!r»t !«] man lo 
fVw\^ in unft-rn »ptrittiat n^-ridi<4. tlini in fi"ti>btKin, |N)ly- 
>ifiitt, and tUtmiaU-ly in rannothri^m. voulH infnUiblr lead 
rim, dK lonj; A* hif TX^ft^oniriLr [JoAers n.'rnaim^i) |>i»o['lv d^"- 
lopwlp id vnrioiH 4tr«h|^e HUiK'ntitiotut aiul f'i]Kl>>m#- ^laii^ 
tneep uro lemblc to think r»f» fii*"!-! ai^ the wurifico of 
m bi-in>r" lo a bloa<l-loviTi^ ^^, tlti' trial of iniLOL^ent 
inn by thp f>rdm1 ni |>oivrin (ir firtt wiliJicruft. Ac-. — 
il JM well oc^*<]OTiflltr t*> rollot't on lhf«" »«i)rr*tili">tw, 
Ulcjr siicv ti» wiijii nn [nfliLid- drlit of ^'mlilitdi' we ovtt to 

AprA, iv:vi, u urn 

^ n r 1 

I 'Mj, ■ Jaur' 
•li.l Ula r««l 



Past I 

iV* iiii|irov(?nient i>f nur reaiwu, to fcienra, and to our ai^- 
tuniuku-jj knuwUnlge. M Sir J. Lubbook " has veil ob- 
»<TVciJ, " it L» not too mudi to My tiiiit Lli<: Iiorrililc dntiid 
riF jinkni^u'H k>vil liimgs lik^ a rhirk 4-litm1 thvrr »jkiH)£<> Vitc^ 
uDii euidilti^rt every pl^^aaon^/* These niieenkUo and ldJi- 
rrt't f^niBc<|ii<riKcfl at our highest fai:iiltit>a iiiay be cuiiip^tK-U 
will) lh(« iiirit^'nt^il and nccB^imiu] niJiLtulivx of th»> inntinct^ 
(if th«* lower aajiuaU. 



LOWER AXiUAlfl — etfntinite4i. 

triii^in 'tf ttpEBUM^— S^ruififlfr DMVfvn tfiftpwil Inaitm^u Mtn ■ ^kM 
uiliiuil—Ttjv- Ilium ciH]iir<iijratA:lii1 iriaducUcniv^LiDT uilj«r Iff* (wnbA^nt iu- 

Tinan> viLUlFBtl «t t lour bUmtd or dfivdaptufiut-TlJe IniitorunLM^ ijf tlie 
Ja^ownt df ttid mdmbcr* of tbc ^naic ODiiiiiiumlj au wodui^l— TruiiLiiii«»- 

1 FTiLV BuWribo to tho jnclgmcnt of thos« vriUrs ' 
whn mm'ritniri fUat of all lh« dtlTvrviiiv-i k-LwM<n ni^iii ami 
thi* Jowfr jtniiiinUT th« momi ix^jxtc nr coiuck'Ui^i^ it IfV far 
ihi' mast iiLi|H.<rUiit. TliU eenu-, as^ Mnckm(oeh ' remark*. 
"hill u ri^blfiil Bu prt'iuaty over etery olfier priiJi'ipli* of 
liuninn nclion; '* it io fiiimm<'d up in thnt iilmrt but iinficrioiin 
ntynl titiifhi^ M) full (if lil^*h ^k^lJit]LlIllOL'. It in Hie iii'ni Jioblp 
i.r ^dl tlki< nllri1>at«<M of tnan, lending liiin irilhoul & momeDt'ii 
ht^^iiutiwi (o riak hie liff for Ihat of a fellow-crrtlurc; or 
flftcr du* (Jrliheraltor^ imp^lW *im|ily hy Ibi- drep fwUng 
of npht or duty, to sncrifloo it iw som'^ irroat cauw?, Im- 
manud Knrl rxcluitri!*. "Duty! Wondiuun thouifhtr tli«l 
workrtl nc>k11ier by fond inninnnlionT fla1t(>T}% nor by anv 
llizrat* but nicroly hy holdinf^ \t\i thy naked Law in the »oul. 
utid Till eKdiriiok; fur Oiy?<t-1f aluayv revereiict*. if nut ulwavn 
otKtdic-ncc; (wfrrv whom ill upjic-tiivu ara dumb, however 
MCTctly they rebel; whrnc? thy ori^nal?'"* 

»'pTi|iiM«^r Tiuiw.' Mill oilll, Ih- 
&?1. In diLft iT^rk 1 1<- ATI ' ifn-T* will 
b*? fr^unil all i>iiv11ni( ahoudI -if Ibb 

»fii^ Rtt iMUnte, on Uii uildeH, 

■* llttwh^lH i>r HtUiWUviaMf-1 

,v. }\\ 



(-un.Huiimmk uUititv; aiiO mv ikvEr (-x<'Uh; tot txiiichiug i^u 
it, if' thi^ impuuitjillly of ht-rc j'ntaiinfi il ovi^r; und b^cnilA^, 
aa far aa I kni^ff. mi <jRr Iijij* ajufcr^iclK^ci il i.MidiJ*iv>.-ly frum 

the fliitly i~»r t^u- Ion<T itniiiiHh iJirowe li|;Lt uu t>ue of the 
^^BglitT»; J•^v^bK^I facutliw <if iiiJiir 

^^FTlu' folloviui* pro^Khihuix M'eiiiv 1» mo in a hiffh dofrrou 
^Hcbatrli? — nnmcly, thtti nny aniind wluitcver. ^ndo^od ivith 

8M uell, nr nwrly ^n wi>lf di^veloppil, as m innn For. f^r^ftif, 
the &<fi:]iil iDoUiitlfi Utid an uniriul lo luk^r plttisurL' in tlic> 
)HH:it-ly of itc* fi-'lloH'A. U) fivl n tmtnin nirmuiil. i>r tyrnpntJiy 
with thrm, and Xa ppfforin vnHmit si>rvic»'i for lh4?in. The 
0prviocB may U) o! u dHijiit^i Jiuil evidoutly iDdlintiive na- 
Idk; iir Iht^rv iimy lie fHiU a whTi mti) nnMlimwi. nK with 
movt ni t)]« highi>r nw-ittJ nniniMlft, to aid t>i«ir fFlLovi's IQ 
certain jfcncral wnv?. Itiit tli^e fccUi^ and aumcea «iv lij 
nu uiciiuH riti't^tli.'O To nil IIh- itiiliviiiuulK cif thi* uiiiii^ fl|HK'[n, 
only Id tiji>iii- ciF the *lttno auocwitii>Ti, Stct^aJlif^ ju iii^>ii aa 
Ihv itifiit^l fflcultk^fl iiiki] bfc<:imi* liii^lily dcvi'lof<ri3, ljiui^€» 
of all fiHKl iii-fLiiiH And Eiiiitixex woiilil Ih* iiiiM-^i^irll}' |iukmii^ 
tliTou;;li llir fimin of <;^ich inilcv^duAt: find tlmt fcdiiii{ of 
flis8dl ill fill tiijn. or c<vcn iiJ^ry, wlileh invariably rt^tilu. 110 

< Jit. Hmn r4w ■ liM T UnitU mtiA 

j|4ni (iviMKiiL- iMft fs us^nt) a 

tBCOlJ-Ml Bfliaib fOtbv** wlia fuifl 
vriHcn on lU» Hit>)«eU *ii4 vhoH 

tbn^ Vi' n^D'^ Lr*n iiwii', uail tlxiv 

Mi>. Sip J. LuhlA^lt. KiA (itbriK wifbi 

MUUfl TTi P ifi'rii -rUtrf* KJnfiW 

In bn pflia^inlxl BCirti, 'LIlillUTUEi- 
MMltttff»tM 4 ~|- "*i •fhll- 

•ifhL'^ villi B- 1vi» "f 

Anln Tib im. "* Li4i> U* 'jUief v 

llitfmonl IWvllj.if pc^apirt of i>iir 

ttlifl, lie ftUi irinwt^ "-jf, ■< III lll> 

ivD hflkr', i>io f>ir»rul ffvl liii>i VB (ii^ 
i^mnLC IrUl llt.>J(lih>i. CiJt^ Uf< llOL Vbt 

hi*itiitH-ii] ' .I.TTpr II 

hJl fKUli M trf . '■ ■.Th **^ll II 

'■■*Tlii£b trt tii>^u^.L.L^ uT in^itfe ]ii 

for |n«lararv, ^Th> F.niui^rui* miiil \ht 
Will; laWk ^ 4tl I *nJ Plhip" t*iu** 
th«£ thu miiFfel vlw' L» 4i«i|n'iFv<| |^ 
Kwb ilHll'Idual il«rlr>f lu- 1 f-iliiv, 
Ob Ut* ifittcrsl Vhori' -^^ ^s.^IijIIihTi 
I'^it 4« It IrBl iiktfiutLi£> inifc-hiiMi', 
TLc irrii-TVritf vf ktl L'iim>rLt(i>l in*i(iKl 




PiAT 1. 

lAi- jhaU bc^ri'Ufter ^^, from iiii;^ un^aUafied in^nnct, wdqIi) 
jiriM-. jin uftrn av h va^ }.ii-n:i-ivttj Uiat rhi: rinJunng and 
alnajfl prt«4>rtl wx-inl ini^liiirt hmi yN-l<k-cl to tuitiiL- other in* 
Btinct, at tUrr tiuu: dlroiunrr, but ndthor enduring in lU nn^ 
htiy, mtr li?uviitg WhiuJ it a vi-i'/ vivid imjtreKtiuu. It i» 
d^r lliai niiinv iiiitinctin^ dotdn^v^ hucIi uw thut of hiiri^i.-r, 
are in thoir riatHhr of short dnrotion: and iiftor bi?mg antie- 
luii. Jirv nut r>-H(lil_y tir vividh n'calleil. ThirJt^, after ihtf 
|>(i^vq-r nf liui^.ijfif had Utu a(?c)uirLHl, and i\w wuIu-a of 
tin.' cumiminiij ccmU Jn- cxprtwoH, (h** I'ommnn opinion 
liuur ttHt'li MK'iritKT uu^lil ill art fur tli^ juililir ^'otxL woidd 
njiturntly bLvi>iiio in u [iiimmouiiE d^ifrt't' the ^'Uidi* lo acliou. 
Hut it ph^uld l>o 1>LinLe in ULind tfint however v^i^t^i wri)eht 
we may aTtrilut^ lo putlii.' ftpfnioii. ni:r rpgAnI for tlif* npprfv- 
batitni mid dMa|>[irut]utL»i] <>f t)ur fellows di^ptridft ou *yiO' 
^}'! ulilcli. itp; III' f<}iiil1 iM-i% rifTmi hti »»c-iif.i;]l }urt of i\u* 
^noJHl irt^linff. And iR indeed lift fniindalion-iitoni?^ LasUtft 
hokul in Uir individEiul would ijUi»tQt<;l> pkv a vL-rv im- 
IHirlfkUt (lurt ill ^Liiditij;> the iwnduct of moli nii-mU-r^ For 
iJu' ii*Hiol intUiKi, logelher witli mcpflihy. i-*, bke nny olhar 
inHtiDct, ^rvEitly ?tri.-t]|;l]i^iit^d Lv nu1>it» und ho c'unM^UL-ntly 
lAiitdd 1h' oihvlirrii'i' Ut Uk' wi«hi*» 7iiilI judf^nirnl id llir ciirn- 
inuTtit}-- ThpE^ »«T(rni1 FiibordinAU propofiiliona must now 
bf diBcuMed. and some of tli*m at o>[iBiderabU lent'tli- 

II may In- well fint to prriiiiM' tliut I di> oi>t wiwli to 
tnmnrain Ihat anj «;trid)y tooinl urininl, if ita LnUtlnHunl 
faculli^f were to becuijie &t aitive aiid as lii^ldj developwl an 
In man. uonld aoquirv ovactl^ tin- sttxnv iiiurtil %irn*v ai our«. 
In the Htxiity nuiiiDtr ni: vtini>np Bitimnh hav<* Aomc rtcnnt.^ of 
hrntitv, tlouj^h thev admire widf^l) difTrreat uliji-ett. >o tli*?y 
niitfhi hiivf fl 4enfe of ri^hl Qud ttrciu^. Ihorij^h M Ly it to 
follow widtly diffrfi'Tit. linos iif nWiirl If, for iD«tanct» 

lo tnko -jilii iiu- r^»wf, i[i**n were rtvirt'd iJiidtr preofnelf the 

nnttKt* rnnditJoTiH A» hiro-beea. lher« l-iq lijirdl;^ b^ ■ cloulit 
t^ial uur iinimmM fvmulcn vrtuld, likf* the workcr-bvc«i» 
lliink it n wti-n^l dnty to kill xhth hroth^rn^ nnd rnoth^ra 
would nthvo to kiU llieir fertile duuchten; and no one 
would think of interferin*:,* Ncv^tIIicIct*, the bee. or ony 

<Ae«iJ(BiT; Jiiii< KfiIj, ]»:i i^ Ml). 
*» np«rlG4 bBt, V4 may t«| »iinu 
muld mvlrv 1u ■ mlUliv vilinlnn of 

ft**, mfli Ihp 1ti1»iii "f iiuri^ nr Haul 
ftlBtJtibl'iMi-U^.j.ilrWr^ mlJ priH' 


iHhll (la ilmiliAt ■rlitthflf M «uliIi! m 

irAbuijaiitLnir f [>4r*mj>m in HcrtU,* 
■Thf^il-vi^'fll |{pY*w.^ .^i'fH, Ifl7il| p. 
I* ivj un t^ii Mint Ulu«itKi LOU, hBVfl. 

[hut n^mol : adiI hy Uilj^ [ prauinoi 



CuMt. IV. 



o1l>pr tocifll ftitinul, uutilil ^in bi our vup|KXte<1 i'bm*. a& it 
Mpjintrv 1o mc. «ctiT>i' fn<liri^ of ri^til or wmit^, »r d I'cxioi 
«C3Cficc> For r4flk indiviJiutl wouEd Lo^rf «d iuward icnse- 
ot ww mu iiig tvrUtiii Alrtm^er or uion.- L-iiduriii;; tnAtijicTs, 
una otbort lr4« aronff o^ unduriu^; iki timt th^n* «otil4 
often \f n slrug^lc 00 lo whiHi impuko should bo followed; 
Httd mHaiovivHi. iK?>hutiF'fiic-1icrn, or t*\vu miivery wimlil be 
Mi, m pint impmiiuit^ vn-rc i-omjHin?d duriniz ihoir tucotf- 
nnl )iaM4£<^ tiimu^h the raird. Id thi» <«w an Jnuard 
iiHJiul^ir A«*iil<l fell ifii' HTiitnal llrul il wo«i)d \i»\v (le^h l>tlli-r 
to haflft folJoved tliL* onc> mi)>tiUc rather than ih^: other The 
OD* conno oir^lit to h^T.^ Wn follovrcd, nikd the other ov^ht 
Dol: lh« oTie voiilil hnv« (hn^ii right and the other wron^: 
but to tbofti} ttfrmb 1 iliiU rvcur. 

^uiAi/iJy.— AnimalK of many kind* arc weinl. wc find 
ttM» dtntinct ffperiefl living tng^iher; for eT^mpl**. wm** 
Amcrtcao mookoTn; And unilcd tt«du of rook:^ juckdnwH, 
and ^tarlinfu. Man ^hcwt th^* Hime fectiug in hi* «iiong 
love for dn'iig, 'Ahich Ihe dog ivluma with inuireM. Evi>ry 
OBo uut have tLolicxHl hrw mTiH'mllo hfin^cr, do^-ii, rthocp, 
Ac-, >rv vhpti 9!f«iHf»iI fnim llirir (<mi|uinjoitA, ttnd v/h»{ 
fltr«fi|^ muUiHl affc'Clion 1l»> ttfo fortiior kjnd^^ at lea^l, ah<>w 
on Uidr rtunion. Jt ix i^unou* to vprruUtr or ihr irchag;* 
ot m do£, who witl n-^l fxvKTpfuilj^ for houre in a room wjlh 
hU ira»t«r or am' of ihv famiW. vilhout Uiv least Dottea 
Witig iahtn of him; hiil if left for A ahf>rl time by hirnAolf. 
Iwrkt nr hnrtU dif^iriKlly \W vilT rn^nflnp kinr att^'nlmTj ti 
the hjphor ftoctal cnLitiHl^: anfl pnu ovct in{4.-Mf., alLhoti^K 
ftrttrH' nf thrw: are (MJrml. and aid oup annlhcr in rinry im- 
Hiriant uatu- Thp ninti roininfln riuloni *^rvicv in thn 
fiigfaer animals la to warn one another of <lftii;rer hy rnv^Dd 
of ihc tmrtcd !»pn*r* oF nil. V.rrry sporiMnan tnow», ai llr. 
Ja#cpr mniiTkft,* how dit&mlt it m^ in qppmarli qTiimiilt^ In a 
h«rd or Iroofi. ^\'ild horM-)> und i^ttle du tiol, I bt'lit-vc, 
nmkt an> dnnpT-Mi^Hl; but Ihr artilndr of iiti> nnc of tlinn 
who flnct ditfcovprp i^n pn^niv, tvnrriH the olhnrii, Rabhitft 
Btaoip loudlv on the ;:roiird with tb<*ir hird-fet-t a* n Pisniil: 
dmp and Aamoia ito Ibr muk^ witli ttuir fnrrfnet^ iiLtRring 

oiaI dmf vnnlrl tedJ to Jh« Hijury ff 

ntf. Oi ■ ft nf Thn Hi*fh hiivn 

ip"»*i * : iliL r"il ■'!' L!jri>jn>- 

' ^e^ •<■ W ■* I" •«« Ibtl 

r r>r i^h'r* nlt.Utl'jtij \n 

Uif }iriuf of Ibdr mumpli WiniM tv 
*<iiioi!r<| tli« kni^ll of clip vjrtii? "( 
muniUhH '" Ic »* E#^ Snhnphki rhvt Thrt 
F<t-]Evf III UiQ i<L^r]Jt&iiGiL4?i? f'f I irMii^ l'EI 



P*»r L 

tikowU^ a whUtK Mnnj birdf, ami aom« manmala; post 
ai'nt!Ht»l«, which m (he cubo yf ti^dd are edid ■ >ci'utTully to be 
tlir fc^riinEcP, TUv lni<k-r i>f a Lmn[i \t{ immki'j.-v iirtM m tlin 
gcnlind, nn^l tittun (;rii« rxprtu^ivc bt^lli of ilntig^r nnd of 
Biietyy 8'X^rti animulf {jorfonu man'; lilUc i^<rvLC4-4 ri>r 
"rteh (ithri; liorw^ iiiliMi\ ami iiiwj* lick vnvh lUhrr. «c jiuy 
i:]W>t whiL'h iU'hi**; monk*'i* B'mvh <iicli oTht^r for nslnmaJ 
{}fitDeiti»; find Hrehin e1«1t^ iLat after a irmip of tlic <.>r- 
coffithfcim iiriaeif'virijUii hag rualieil tlirtvu^li u thorny Ijinko, 
tach mof;kcv «trctc^hcji itMlf c>n » bmnoh* mid unothcr i&on- 
key ntting l>y. " txinAcicclioufly ^* cxamineA ite fttr, and Gx- 
trarlh rvi-ry thoni «r burr. 

AttiiuuU alcxi ix-rilcr more iiQpnrtjiiil ftcrrvin'A 1o on:^ nn- 
olhci; tliu» ;vr»lve# and Kimc vx)f^v U-asU of prey tjuiil in 
pHfV*. and -lid nno anoihi.*r in aHackiDg thiMr vkr^litiiF. Pdi- 
iiirB fiflh in cf^noorl, 'J'hc llnTondryJi?* bibnoiifl lurr oivr 
uliiru* l'> lind inm'cl^, Hr.; aiii! wlii-n thoy i^iuu' i't ii Inr^i* 
fine, Lb4 mnny n^ can 9t*nd r»imd. hjrn it over lu^rtilmr uod 
c^iruv Iho boulv- ^o<:uil uhiiiiuJh umludly dcft-nd cnch other. 
Bid) bimmx in N. Amcrieii, uhr-ii thrrr it rhiii^r-r, \\n\-*f thn 
cowe nnd ca1v«fl into the middle* of the b^rd^ vrhd^ thoy d^ 
fend th« nutdide, I vhall atea in a future chH|it«r ^tc an 
ai-(*riiiiit (if tnn yminx ttild bnlU at (lirMinj^liam nUurkinjt nn 
old <*np jn concort.ond of two*iUllionB lojjflthnr trying todrivo 
uud.v a tbil'd Ftallitja fri^aj a trui>|J of inaiT.^. In AbyMima. 
Bn.'htn i'ii<Hiiiiitt-nH| a t^Tvai inioji t-f tiiibtiiiiiK wIkj uvr^' 
cToBtma a viilloy: ^omc had nlirmlr a^f^rndr*! Ibw r>)ip<*Mlo 
ta<*ui!tairi, autA mvw nvtv uIjII in ihr VkkUcj: tlu' latl'-!- Ati'ro 
rttEuc<kt-d by tho dof^t, liut ihi* old a^vlif-t EUinu'dTntdv burri^ 
down from the rock?, nnd wifii moulhft widely opinied, 
roared 4a fearfalLy. that the di>ga quJi^kly drev hnvk. They 
vftTv Aj^in oDccunij^f^d ro the- atratk; but by thia tiire all 
the hnhoonn tind roaMvndiMl tbr bri;;hlH, excepting; a youa;: 
(*nr, jilioiit T-ii niKiith* old, whr, bxidiy cHlHrg fir nid. 
diaib^d un ^ l>lork of rrtck. und wa« iturroundod- Novc r>nt> 
of iht- InTKCflt miilffl, a Tnie hero. r«n\p dovfti again frrjnj tin; 
rufiiininin. slnwly Wf*ni lo thp »yit»ng onr, r<inn*d him, »ad tri- 
umphAnliv l<'d lum a«-a>— Ih^ d'>^ b^^inp loo am-'h aHli>n- 
inhi'd fci niftkr jn nltiiclf. I cannot trflisit ziviiii* oin>t}i<*r 


Si, Tt*. F*pr an» m*« ^if lJ^<* iii'iitVi^rK 

Tih T4> <fi th« nriJuK« af .\l'»ru, 
■hns* i-iht<iniil<innt lln^lun iMrfc* 





•ccDc which «ee vitncncd Irr ihw famo AAtuntlist; on onfilo 
^hvt] a yriuHK ('vfnopillictUB, wliich, l»y diii^iiijf tc* a braiKli, 
nK al nncP rarrtt*! off; il vriM \out\\y Ltr asiialHiite, 
upon whkh lh« oihcr mcmbrre of Ihr troop, wilh mutJi 
iipmar. ruihi^ lo the ifM-ur. turtuuiiiJMl thu en^it-, find 
'n]M out Ki many f«thPnt, Ihut h* nt* lonsur lhoui;tit of 
ift |]K'J. bul only how lo cfcnpc^ Tlu* cnjclt, na Brchm 
•irmrkK. UMAireilljr vuuld never s^in atlack a single mon- 
ey of A Iroop.** 

It » ccrtiiiD thiit «Mocintc(l onitnnlK hnvc a fncliitf of 

V4* for euch olhi*r. ulifrli ih not. fi-ll hy Tinn<»nHHl adult 

liiindU. UtJU' far iQ iiiosl c^lh Lhoy flvnirilly r^mrnUiJUO 

in The poiTi* ami iiIcamucji of ofhi-^ni, it inorc douMfLii, i'fl[»!'- 

nfllly with rf«jrtfl tn |)lnafciin»* Mr. HiitTni), howrttT, whn 

~ till i'3:4H-]|L<rit [ni'OTin nf oWrvAliOD,^' M«1>.« Ihjit hir^ innonws, 

liirh llvwl fni' in Nnrfolk, tm^k "an i-xIrnvH^isnt inhr- 

t '' in a |jiiir wiih n upbi; *m] whvnrvrr thr fi'in*lr lc>ft 

I, eiit wad *urrouiidod Liy a lro*)p "ecrcominK hornMc nr- 

Limjilion* in ln-r hoiicigr/' Il u* tiflru diflkull lo judf^ 

licflbcr auimnU \mvo mr feeling fnr tho EufTtTinga of 'Hh^^ni 

f their kind. Who can aajr what oowf feci, wht^n tlM-y stir^ 

ruuil uiEfl ttUrv intriUlv mi a J^in^ or tlitirl eomijiiiui^ii; 

ppJkrc-Titlr. liowoi'tT. a« Hoiuoau rvnmrktf ihoy f«'cl no 

ty, Tliat animnle wneliirc* arc far from fcclinc any 

yriiji^llii B Uhireiidin; for IUe_^ will v\\n'\ & wuniitli-rl ani- 

ma] ffnm fho hcrfK or pnro or irurn' il lo dmth. Thin ia 

n|mo«! thf t|[arko»l fflcl ifi natural iii*t'»ry, unlc**, iudffd, 

tliP piplansliori vfiit'h hn>4 Vwvn su^^e^lt^l i« imc, Itiit their 

ft!mt:t or reap>^ii Icudfl Uit^u to cxprl on injured comiwiii' 

n, hr\ Liii^l^ of prrj. inrlndlnj: man* afiuuld Im* tcioptiid 

folW the Ttwjp. In ihis ease lhi>ir (induct le dM imich 

ore^ Ihan that of the North Ami^nc^n Indiana, wlio Iravu 

IiPir fi^rMp comrwl™ in prriidi nn thr plainf^- or lln^ l-'ijinnn, 

p-ho. wh(ii thj'ir jiarpnis p**t old, or fall ill, tm\ them 


Many nmmal*, howpv<T, cvrtarnly «ym|inlhijv vitli i**cli 
Mh<-r'i: djutrott ftr danfffr. Thj? if tho oat* even «'ilh birds, 
i'aplnin Stan«biir/ ** found on a mU Inkc in rt^li an f>ld 

}kr7^AifTr«) In WururuL. v1iii-h 

iiiiTm in 11< itft^t-, «ii<t ail* 'fnuTnl 

tiiiti tn ini^K- |»iTrltnl r[iv« l>y 1|. 

■ikI Mr Bell 'itEiai-*. fKiin *hjii hv 
hu *Ma of Xii* k&hiu of thtju uda- 

titfutv'TT* V 11*. 
" - Ahul* of Mw Af Nil JUhL,' 

'»si» J. l.iibMafc. ' pTf liioron'o 




hAve bc^n wt>ll fix) for a lonj^ tiiuo by liifi companicnp, Mr. 
IMyth, OS In? inrornin mc» 4nw Indian cn>Wrt fcc*lin(i Iwo 
i>r thni* nf iTicir L-(kin|m[kiiiri)i uhfrJi v^n- blirjH, Aiict I ^wivn 
heartl of an anflto^oAi^ ta^o viih ih? d'^moetic rntk, W* 
rnajp", if w* rWiw, cull thcfl*; hctioiid iciBlindive; bul bucIi 
rasn lire lumh ^*i> mn* for Ih*- ilrvrloptui-nL of uny sjK'i'iiil 
jujilmfl-" I Ua\f mj'&plf ution a dofi. who n^xr t^ntspd a 
cat w}]o }a) ^ck iu a iHt^kt'l. au>] uBt a );redt friirn^ uf liif«, 
wilhoiil K'^'"fK '"'f I' f'*w \h'kit with Urn fongM^, ihi- fturest 
ugn of kind fn'flinf: in a *i*>g- 

It must be called bjriii|raiby ilial lead* a coimg:coua do^ 
to % at any one who atHkM liia maafer, as he certainly 
X Mw a pvriton prctc-iviiitf; io heat a bdy, tth*> hml 
timid liltl*]- doe on tui lap. and iLf Irial had never 
jp^n majji? befor*; tht hill*' croaUir*- in»Tfln11y jiimp^'d 
uway, fml iift<^r Ihc |.ird(?(KU'd kmlmj: «^ ovtr, it wjifl 
raillv pjithrti*- (■> ftrp how pi-nn'Trnii>:!Y br Iriiil tr) Mck !ii* 
mifttrvu'ii fur**, ftTitl cnnjforl h<?r. Ttr^lim " «lBl*>i tlial wh<^n 
a liubooii in ti»nliin?mt'nt was pitmucd lo ho punmhod, l)n* 
ulht-r* Iritii Ui prcilt'tl. him. II, rnuKl. havr U*rM *ympnthy 
in the <«i?ee alx'T* giren wliic^ led Ihe btibtx'n? and C'er- 
opitlim t<i ikfcitd their >Tiun£ comrndt^n frQin Lhc^ du^ 
and tht* vJi^li\ 1 nill give only aruy oihfT inidsncr' at Kym- 
fiatlicUo and heroic ronduct, m Uio r^o^* of a litlk AoK-ri- 
ritE) itKirikry. Scvml y^mr* a;r<' n )(('i'l>cr at Ihr I^ulitf-ical 
^Jurdriiii Ehnn^xl mc nomr do^p find *cflrrfly hrnlt-d woutuh 
fyf\ Ihc iifljrf- t'f hifl ortti in'tk, iiilljcttil on him. whilfll knfrl- 
iii^ oil Ihr llni^r. Iiv 'I (lint' fudKiim. Tin' tilth- Ariii^riibU 
monkey, wh^* whs a wnrnj fripnd of Thit kfopor. lived in llu* 
i&niv Idr^c toiitpaj'luicul. and n&t dreAdfiill^ afreid of th(^ 
grcul Tflilmun. Vcvrrth^-U'Ri^ ast ^ixici lui he niiri Iiih frleud 
in poril, he niched to the ivmuc* Rnd hy Kcr<^mi( and bilo* 
ao diAtract^^ Ibe baboon that I1ic man wo» able t'^ nvapt*, 
after. aK ihe Mirf^mi tbont^ht. ninnln); j^n'nt mk of hlh tif^. 
Btwd^ji hivfi and *yru|totby. ummab! L'\hihit other qoali- 
tiee conneclol uilh thi' boctal iuelmctf* nhich in u* would 
nii>r^l; and I aj^ee with Aj^nlz " that dnga [m«K 
icthinff very like u conwicucc. 

■ PiB AiiioH«an il«*»»r,' tMA, |» ATI 
ft wry jrrmnjf t«1lnfi.airr(f«l A*r«> sy 

u At Ur Ruin «UtH.*-anut>wiid 

'/J ft «nir«rTf ii[Tiiii;i< (Voph arfiii'iiiby 

KiM^r ; " ^ Vvnlft] an-l Muni l*ci«nta,' 

"' Till til* WiIh" U i. * t/v 

F. IT, 



Dogft powHtt »mo pu^v^r of M>ir-c^nmmHOfl, «ml ihi* rlcx?* 
not (ippr»r to bi* wholly the rMuli of f(iHr. A* Br?iuWlj ^' 
ivmarkeH tlirj uifl rcfrftjn from ^tr«lin^ fouii in llir ubBL-iiL-e 
of their inflsier. 17:ey haw lonp l>a^n Hrci>pt«d u ihi! vwy 
ty^it of hdohiT uDiJ *>t»cdt^ii<*. Jtut Uic rkphunt i* hko'wiiw? 
very faithful tr hi> driver or keeper, and prohijll) LT^Ubulers 
him 318 Ihp 3«*sKl«r of Iht? hen), I>r. II<>ul£tfr iuf*>rinii rne 
thai uD (kphaal, wtiteb h« ^m ndinfc iii Indin, bixninr rto 
d(vf»l> iMk^K^x) thftt liL^ n^mniiiinl riiuk rn>il iinlil tlx- rii^Yt 
dny, u'hpr; hr wak pitncNil-^l hy nii?n with r^ptfi. Und^r 
fiuch c-iriuui^laELi^'.' i<li.-|.itiaula viU mtihc with their truuEcn 
Hiiy 'jhJL'rt, d™d <<T aliM-, li> plm-c unilfrf th**ir Vmiw. I<* 
pTOVont th**ir imking ^Ic^i^t in the nun); aiifi ihe (inv^-r 
wAfi ^K^ilfull) afrfkid Wni ihi.- aninidl ph<>iil<l hdvc acuv] Dr< 
Houki-r nf}d cMi&ht-d Iiiid Ifi do^rli. Hut llir itrivrr httiMt-ll 
lU Ur, UcicktT nib^ niwun^d, ran no rmk, Thii< forbcaranc9^ 
imdcr an «m«rcency to dreadful for a h<«ty aaimalj ia ft 
pHondt-rfnl pnii<f uf nohto Sdfiltly.'* 

All animal* hvinjc in u hndy^ whidi defend Ihrmm^lvca 
DT altark their cnirntiep in norcc-rt, rmiat JndfH be in ani 
dt»gr(H^ raithfvl to one aiwither; sml thot*> that f'ltlow 
UskLt muji t>u id njine ilv^im^ o^n^iUcnL Wht-n iIk' Ijuboona 
in At>>>Aiiiiji ** pluTnlrr it ):nrdni, thry silrnlly follow I.luir 
l^adpri anri If nn impnid*?iit Vf^iin^ anmi^il nk>it(« n noiup, 
he rcttitVH a filup from lh<' olhtm lo IoikIi Ihui jiIiticc and 
oliiiiiinrr. \lr, fiallciii, nhir Imh hnil ncrlh-nt o|i[Hjrtnni- 
U*m Uft obwrviBj; Hit hair<uilcl <«ltk in S, Affirw, Bavs?" 
that they (winot tndnn: ctitm a inoincnturv pCT^wlijn frum 
th? hp(<rd- Thin- art? ru-rnimllj' ^bllilih, ami Hi-LT<|tt iht i^mb-^ 
mon d^^TRiinfttion, (^^^pkinff no brttc*r lot than to b^ 1«1 bj * 
any nix- nt nhu hirt rtiuwjzU »i']f-i't'tiancu iv ocx^nt Uic jmj 
tion, Th(* inirf] who timik in th^h- uniniab fnr h^nii 
iraidi aF>iidiii>n>Jy fi^r thri>^ wh's by ^ni:ung ajtari, vbcw 
jtrOf-MiAMt di^'iHipiiion, and tliv#c thry lr«in 9* fon>oiei 
Mr ''^ult'in add* Ihul Mich animaU an> rare ami vahiaMe; 
and if n^anr n^rt horn Ihry ^'^uld ixx^n ^k Himmiil^ij, da 
lioito arp alwavH un thi^ look-opl for Ibo indivitluahi vrhidi 
■waiid^ from the hurd. 

Wilh ir^pcct li> Iha imptilac which l^ds ccrUin animab 
laaswciaLe tpgetlivr^ and to aid oci<- nnothrr in mnny ways 



THK mwTKyT or «ak. 

Pim I, 

wo may Inf^r that in mosi at^i^n thin- iifv implM hy that 
ABmc ncuM f*t satiefadion or |>lofL£ur4r whicli they oipen^ 
eiiff* in jH-rfmiiiitii; ntluT u»-it[iic:livi' HL'tujua; t*r Lv Uie 

nri" tln'ckcfl \Vc» d«* thia in irinuin^^ToMc inflflnco*. and it 
ifl iliuNtnilrd in n nlriliiiiis' itin:rni-i' )'^ tUt? uci^uiit.'!] iiifltiitrlh 
of our domi'^liciitci) imlnkjih: Ihtu u y^uiiA ctK^|ili<>rd'r1ijip 
delights ID driviii;; und ruDninje mund a Hock of [ihci-p> imt 
iinl in worrying liii-ni: a ^vourig (ox-liouncl d«lt^lil« In liimf^ 
in^ ■ fot. v,Ui\f% friuv nthrr ktuda af <loj;«, a» I liav« unt* 
livfiHiii. ulUily i)i«ri.-^nJ foxe». Wlmt n Hlron^ fivliiij;: of 
inwnnl Kih>»FEiolii>n luuvl luuivl u bini, hi> full <if nrtikritv, 
to hrnocl (hiy nf!pr lUy over W ejy?*. Mipratorj' binli? are 
quilt uiisfmbli: if »l'>|>|K:d fmni imjiriUinir; ijcrtiups tlnty 
enjoy iiTartin;^ nn ifii'fr lonp fl^RlU; H"i il is li»rd f<* h^ 
]irviT thrit tfiL' |>Tinr iiiuumi'ii s«<^"-\ tU'^t-nhod bv AiuliilKm, 
ivhic'li *iUrlrd «m TmiJ ai:, iln^ pri»[M'r llmi" fof if* joiiriiiry *il 

iiTohaMy mor^ tUsn n tlinitbaiiH mil^s <riiil(1 hnvo folf utiy 
dV 111 <l^in>£ Au, Some iD^tiricU >irv Jci4.'r]ii]|if^d h>I>.'1_v Ity 
jmiiifwl fcrliiijf*, nti l*y fi^r, whirh Irjiil* to jarlf-pn^wnnliciu. 
nnd is in wmo cmu^ dii^Mod inwurvlh ^piK-inl ^ncmivt^- No 
one. 1 prcenmei can nnalyM: ihv tvuvniioRs of pleaauri; or 
piiiri. Ill many iiibtiiiueii, }iiiuL-vrr. it is pnilmMi- thjil iu- 
iJtim^l* *pc portinltntJy follo««! from Ihe more forup of 
irihcritanc-o, wilhoul the stiTituU]ft< of t-ilhrr plv^urt or \Ht'm. 
A ynung [nniitfr, i*]n»i! k firnr wvotw fK-Hrtio. apimrcutly f«t(- 
not h«]]t \yitmUnii. A nquirn*! ih n t'up? v^lio put* th** mil* 
whi'h it fiiimol rnU m if i** I'ury ihi-in in Ihc ^aourni. c^aQ 
liflrdly lie ihoii^tit ?'■» ai'i ih«B< <?ilht?r fn>Tn pIpBMin* or j«ftin. 
llt>ii<^ lh« ("omiiiuii UHU nip lion Ibal mcii rniksl be iiiiprlb^d 
to txtiry Actiiin by rxjwriencini; fonh< pl^^xiirc <jr paii niay 
1if» ^rron<*oi]i;, Alibmi^h n hnbH may l>v Mindlv and int- 
plioitly FolloTTod, iDtlc*itond(*nt]y of ttny f^b^jisiin' or |>am fHt 
nt lilt' moiiif-iiU ytrl n it fw fon^iMy nnH nl»ni]itly ritiTkrtl^ 
R ni^*U'* M'Tiiie nf disMttiLfriHi^^in 16 j^rnornjlv i^ipnenrod, 

It bn^ ofirn bc'cit aniimcd tbat Mrli^ldl^ H'cm in tbf* 
Uni pintv ri'iidi'n.'d Kiidl. aiu\ \\\t\i thry fM as li (ihim'- 
fjur-iifT TJr(^'^Tllf'lrlabU■ rtht'n apprtnitnd from carb i>tln>r, im*l 
t'omfnrljjbh whilst tiR^'Thpr; Siit it is u morr prolijihb' virw 
tbnl tbi'ii* KiTiNfctiim* vrvre firwl il<'vi*]n|M-<J, in ordrr ifial 
lluitte oiiiiuilB vbi<>b nonld profit by licinp in wcicly, flh*>id'l 
bf' inductil lo live lotEDtbcr. tn tliu t^iiR- mainxf^r nn ihi^ oriiac 
iif buni^pr Aliil llio (ilensutv of vnlinp wr<rt-. no iloiiM, ^rvt 
noqtiir^d in ord^p io indiirv nnimabi tft cut- Thr frdinz of 
plensurv from vociotjr ia pn»bii;ilf an eitcnsion at Iba |«ivd- 

CHir tV, 



IaI or flUfll alfecrioiw^ fl^ncc the »ocial inatinH ie«m« l'> bo 
dctvlop^l hy tbe voudj; reittainiu^ for b Ionic tiino vritb 
thrjr pniiU; nnH ihi* ^ilrritinn mny hf 3if,lvilnit«'[l it> pjih 
lo habil, bni cfaioCtj to natural at^Jf^^liot]. ftltit tliot* nni- 
niala hIikIj were lirnditrJ bv Uvinp in clow nrwHriaiioii, Ihc 
ibdivuiimU irliidi Ir-ot thr j^nuU^« j»fr**nrr in *ifH"iriy wiul'! 
bed («caf« vRTinue dan^ere, whiUt those that mrefl I>>]irI tf^T 
lh«ir cuinni<l«tf, and Urcd politurT. vould |>*^riB!i iu jjrtali^r 
numSfrv. With n-*!"!*!-! t<i the nri|j[in nf Uie pan-ntrtl iin'l 
fihftl offcdJoHB. which nprarcrtly lir at ;ho bnn- of th<* flju^iiil 
Jn^liiKt^ nft kuow iiol tlie stt'pa by wliii-h iIk-t have bivn 
jCiiniNl; but w«* niMV UtU'T thai (t h«* Iwun lo n hir^tt* cAii-Tit 
Uirottffh natural (flection. 80 it has utaiofit cvHainly }K^cn 
with ihe UDiuual ajiJ op]HJ*iie feeling of hatret! Viwcrii tlic 
nenn^l r«laUt>iiK, as *iih the worker- !h-iu( which kill iheir 
hrothft"-(lrf»™*s r»nd wilh tlic ^uccn-boee which kill Ihcir 
ilAii|:liti'i-<ju^eii?>. the Jt'sin- tfi ik'tiln^^ Ibinr uudn.fFil rt*l;j- 
lioiii havm;; Iili-ei In !hr« rau' of tii-rvicc? to thi* (.'omiriUTntV- 
I'nrcnln] ftffi'Hi'-n. i>r5'»iiic fixSiriX which rcplacrji il, jin^ iKi^n 
lit-Wf-loijeit iJi offiain jiiTiiiiuU ^-vtrvmcK h>w in the mule, fur 
eiamjtle, in Mar>lii(he£ luuI iL|»iior!i. II U aho oeeutionally 
prr*CDt ir ■ few mcmbi^rs hVti* in a whole group of animnU, 
at in Itie f^enufi Vrfrflc-iibi. of earwig. 

The all-imporlaiit rmotiou of ftymfrnthy i* dUtinct (rem 
that of love, A mother may pawlonatcly lore her sleeping 
and j«rtdive irfanl^ but *Uv L-mi liurdly mI mich tinii^H he t^h] 
io fvol *ymTiothy f'>r it^ The lore of u man ft«r hw dop ts 
dUtinrt from j«*rnratbyf ard n^ \t that of a iAksr foi hi*i mas- 
l*f. Aflsn^ Smjui forTih>rly argued, ae hs^ ilr. Haiii rp- 
cently, Ihal the havh of JTnjpwtliy !io* m our &lrci»i; rotoii- 
tixyrew ct foiiner ^tafes *>f pain or [ileasaro. LIcnee, '^ the 
tight of ano^h^r penon enduring hunf^er, cold, fHXignt*, tv- 
r\vt^ in Ofi som^ rccollertion of th**«'C «tatM, whith *ir(^ ^lain- 
fal etPii in jdcii," Wr arp thus impelleil tn n^lirvc tht* *nf- 
ferirfft of another, tn ordt^r rhal our owii pfonfat feelingi^ 
nuy be M Uii' Mmc tim^ r^IicAW. In liki- mnrinL'r im- nre 
h^l In parltripate in MiP filpAi^iirf^ of othrrv?' fltil T mnnot 
frw how thU li^w «5plain« the fact that flvrnpathy i« «x- 

SUiLtiti'aiib.' A!*™ Mr RfinV 'Men 
lid n-l Hmti ^1i?iufk' IMa pu 9M. 
vd K& in. Mt- Bun MiAa. Ihiit 

i ' iiitirtwT ," utA he 

II- TwiVfir Tbti' TPi« pvtvm tvn<lA- 

I'd, n* ntlirn in hi* uTrm^, mtr niiLir 

ll| . i'V *Vri»Ji*lJ];t ilEld L'f-'»l 'lllu-^" FL" 

inmsU, ^uf *Il t^ia mcrriftno." Bui iT 
H iiiiicftrt 10 tip tlrr PRK. Fymrnth.T In 

«4ri[-fW HD iiiilLrj''t, it* fflt-^TViK would 
giv- r^lriv-T filca-ii™, in Ih" KitnLA miin' 

lll'l l■•^.llC«l.t'1L«L■l^1, llTk Itl'fn'fV fT£lJbkeiJ| 




cited, in nn iminoiiiiirnblv ttroiu^er doj^rce, by ■ beloved, 
than Sy nn inHtffrrmt piT^rjti- TKr mere fifhl of aiiiTermg. 
indp|>eiiii<'nily ;if l(.<ve, wmilil MifFln* lo vaM up in itK TiTid 
T«ooJliK-tion& aad a^«i>e]atioTi^. Thv oir>luiiaiioii may lie in 
the Uwi Unit, with Jill ammolf, i?-m|mlliv i* ^in^rt^d 9o\v]y 
liivnrdK thr nifrnVh-ft ^ff Ihr luinii* I'nmtniinitv, srd therefor* 
towards koowr, and mozv or lecd beloved members, but uoi 
In 4iU th* iitfliv)du4l)i of the «amc? :ipc(Hn, Thi* fnH ip niH 
mon- ct]q>ri»n^ Ih»i tliut Ihf' U'ura of tiuiriv nnimnls ahoiiJd 
be directed a^Ainrit special enemiee- SpeciOH wbtdi arv not 
^i^cibI. eucli nh liuDh aud tigcra, ii^ iluubl feel Etpiifinihy for 
ibu ■ulTiiin^ of their owu joun^» but not for thnt -if nny 
olhcr nnimnl. With mnnkind, &i.*llt*iiiitft^, eiperiunce. ant! 
itutlaliuii. probubly adJ. dM Mr. TCmit hufi hbowri, in Urr 
jjowi^r of «yut})alliy: fur we uit' M by the hojw of roci'ivitig 
gofMi in rrturn to Ticrlorm act« of fympnth<iic kiadneM to 
^t]iei>; Aud 8Vf»[>riThj is much «(ri.'it>r:}t'-rieil by hah&t. tn 
fxtt eomi^ler a uiniiaer thi* fot'liu^ may biivu on>;iiinTr(K 
iE» one of hiffh inipirtorcc tc all thow animalt vhkh 
Biri «Eirl 'It'fi-nil oi»i* nn»ib>*r. il will have beeD iiRTVMwil 
through natunl Aelec-tion; for tliotc eoiQniuniUc-«> v'hic'h 
incluacd the irrcntcflt nttmbrr of thr most vytnpnthctic 
mrmhriTi, wniilH flourish ht>ni, Rtrt^ r^r the ^ri?fltfvi1 minih^r 
of olTsprin)*. 

It lA, h«Ar*Tr, iiniioHV'iblr Ui deeidr in mnny nisr-* wtn-lb- 
PT rrrlum mcial in^tinriE hnrr l»rrii nfYjiLiri*(l tbroii;;^! ruitii- 
rfll aelottiou, or are the intliroct rcMiK of othpr inMinct^ nnd 
Fut'iillieA. HuH] att tiym|mlli}p ruLHL^ri. ex^-iL-ritiEicL*. aud Ji Leiul- 
eney lo imitation; or npiin. whttbvr tliey «iv jtirnply lh<* 
result *>f lonC'COBliiiued hn^it So rt^marh/iblc nn instinct 
HH the |r]jtij[i^' n'titim-bt itt 'Mitii ihe ei>i]iEUUiiiiy of ilati;!:er, 
e«it harrlly have hoen the in<life<:t ix'kuU uf any of Ibe^e 
facuhien; it n)iij»t. therefore, hnie ber*n direrlly nci^uirrii. 
On Hie '-ithvr hanrl. the hflbil fulktwed by the inaW of mme 
■oeiftt jiniTiialK of ijrferding th*^ cortiniuiuty, »nd of ntioek- 
JniT tlieir enemies nr t)tcjr |frry in cr>mert. may pfrhiijw have 
nnflinfll'?t1 fnvri mimial svm|MilbT; bnl eoiirngf, find in most 
eitfert I'ln^TiKtli' »fiu^^ hnvc hrer previously flcrjuired, prob- 
ably tbrenifh Ffltiiriil fcieoticn. 

Of thp TsrioiiB inaimetfl and habits, nome atp mnch 
wtronver than other*; liint ia, some either ffive more j>IeaB' 
urn m iheir yxTfrtrmamv, aiv\ morr ilintmo* in t.hrir piv* 
v^lioii, Ihitn others; or. whieh is prohAhly '^uito si- im- 
portAnt. they arv, throtiph inheritnree, ir\<yrf perjipJcntly 
fnlloiKinl, wilhont 4!Xeiting «ny fi|)cdal feeling of plc-nHuriT 




or p«iD. VC9 are our»p|Tps conscioiw Ihtit mtnp hnltiU ure 
much onort- difticult to cnire or ctiui^fc Ihiixi ott^rrH. Htiii.v 
■ firxigiOr innT urun l)i* iibu-fvi<i1 in itiiiiiinit hr-lwiim clttVr- 
tfDt m&iinflF, or bnwc^o nn iniiinct amf ^^iri- tiabitLuit 
^ivpCtfQtion; a» whea a ilog; nu1itr» afur s Iiiik, ib ntiukL<d, 
pMttuiM, holUUa. piir^un sgaiii. or n^ltiiuh unliiiiuni I'l bu 
iDiMter; or m haXv^^n th# love of a fifmulp d^i)/, tor he-r 
jOttQI^ pUfDjrtei and for her niaftcr.^for ihv rta^ ht^ iK^rn 
t*t clink liu'jiy lt> ibi^riK hh if hulf hkIiuetk^iI fif ii^il ui^mriipd ris- 
ing hfr niAihcr. Hjt th<^ mtwl <:uni>ui< im-ijmv Ld^ivu to 
tiH: uf uDe iDctinot ^Uin^ :Ji<^ t'fttiT of ni^itjmr, » iho 
mij^nilory ia-ttiiirl i.^iihJ.|(jFTiiig The EJiHleriiul iiihlnirL Tht* 
ffiniHT U wondorfiillr «troU){; a cvniiiiw] btrd will dt Ihe 
proper A««ou Wat her Sf^r^t fi>.'Biiii<t the wimi of hrr cn^i^i 
until i1 U bare nnij bhviJi^. If f-aii^pc your^ Mi]tn<~»n 1'^ l^sfk 
out gf the (rc«h w*ti*r. m which lht'> toiiUI t^oiitiEiuc to 
€:iist, jind Uih?i nninti^-ntiLfiinlly to tcimniJl iiiiriflc, Krery 
<iBe koi^u-H bftft' 4troT»^ Th>> mnt^rnal irn-iinrl in. handing 4»von 
tix]k>c1 ijinld lo f[ii.-j? ^niit (lii»>-er, t!n»u;;h iiiUi hutJtuItL>ii, 
And ia oppcuitiOEi lo Ihr iriMlJiirt of iu^irf>n^-v-rVAtinli, NVvrT* 
lh«lMft, tJi* miigiflton; in&Tinct is w» p-nverhil, that lal<» in 
tht uQtumn ?imiih>ur, houw' murtiiia, jiii<l iiwifU fr4'<|UMitly 
drM<rt liieir tcnclvr j(jung» kavin^ Uiom Ui prri*h mi«(ir*bly 
in Ui«4rn«4t8" 

Wo <tiii perceive thflt on in.-ctinctivr impiiW, if it ho 
in nuy uny ninrr tjiTHinnl tit :i ^jN'riofi tlinn 4i»t»r' <iihcr ur 
op[»q*M'<! inptinrt, would I* ren'lerLvi lb* mun? |K*t<Tit of 
IIh' Iwu Itm-u^li Qutuni] stlecliou; for lb<^ irdivirliinlH which 
bid it tno»t nti-«iij;ily ib"vHi>|^'il wrtiiM cHrt'ivs in hrgi*r nnni- 
l>tr»- VVhttluT Ibiq it lb*> i&t^> with tbo iiii^tuIjiiv in forii 
pari^oii wilb ibi- njBt^ritHl in>lir(t. may In- 4Ji»ul*in), Tlir: 
grfjit |H.-rvi-iU'iii.x<, or wiraily intmG of tht* f<*niit?r al fi*rlain 
Mflfaan* of (hc jmr during the vhofe ^&y^ may giw it for 
a timr inran^onnl force, 

Mah a siitcial animal — Ri'i-tj nn# will ndmit Ihnt mnn In 

•urt ,«^- li^*iliifai<;tf< Wl»u/t Sal. 
I '■ *n»." t4M, |i. St'**, wv 

I by lfi# Uluvtrinw Jm 
I I <i 'I 't,' 4vt' 1^24, ftuil Lk* 

-!■ ' ' ;>-,..i iNni twnU* 

UIubJ «t|^ on iha ^nl lyf *ttU\e 

luUf'ltod Marij MrJv, nob yd cli 

jy ■ l-CH |i]k |(l^ in kVrf ** Kl- 
<ttlf>kfMil oiiJi'iiitv HtUr'^Kirli ili[* In jiut 

p tU, Kcjr ^■if^\<jnukrj ' liitr*lup> 

MUn^ p i KjHiLlit i-Mrti Iliv< l'r#n 



P*»T L 

II Aocial being. We see thit in Tii« ilialilce of eolitude, and in 
hilt w«Ji /or nTciety bt^yi^ml llmt of hut uwii fjunilv. Soli* 
iiry ciinfirLOtni^nt in onf? of thi^ u?vprvcl puni)thnii^iiU which 
can be iollicloil. Some autlior^ tii|fpoM* Uioi man |<niiH-vn]ly 
tivi>i) m hin4,^1«^ fainiliL>i: Uil at tTi« preM-ni flay. Ifti>ii^(i ^ia- 
g\c fiiindio*;, or "nly two or tlirev tojEdlaT, Timiii Uu- *i>li- 
tudcf i>f wmi" w»voi»c InniJs lJi<'J jiln«y*, it«L fjir n* I cin 
discover, holii frwntWy rclnti'inrt with fitli^r f-imilio* in- 
hubitiii^ lilt Bflini; Jislnd. iiitvU fumilii^ OLVUBiuiidlh niiv-t 
i;i c-i.iiiurLl, iiti<\ uniti' for IIunt orutUKJii di-ft^tKr, It l> ii» 
argumoni Agnintt xava^ m»n Innnp n tficmX itnimul, that 
tht? triljee iiiiiaUtiiitf adjiuvitt didtncTo ar^ aljiiobt always 
Hi uar vhilli («di ullier; fitr tin? wiLml iiijitiurls iivvrr ex* 
ti>m1 Eci nil lh« iii4iridQAU i>f the iut<nL< tpucit-j*. Jud^fiu^ 
I'rtHA the nrmlofEy of the mojority of th^ <Ji:orfrHTi>ann, it U 

Iiri'liHUTe tlial Ilit* i-wrly ajif-like prtij^t'r^il"!" uf man werv 
iki'uiM- *o<.'iah litil 1h]i* it wA r»r tuut-li iiHpujiaoci' fyr hb. 
Although mnti. m he now citntA, hn^ i{:w ^fxrcinl iiMfincUi 
bariDg litxi Huv wlijcli hj> Hirly |in>^'rTiiUirh iimy ha^i* |n^*- 
0Mied, ititt itf no rwiiHon uliy hv idiuiild iiul havo rotiiinod 
from on t*3ttrcinply rcmotr jK-jiod junne df/r*^- of mMinclivi; 
Imv am! i^riiijwthy for his fi?11owii. W? an* irir|pi>fl all rnii- 
scioud that »i- ilo fKWiwjt AucI) t<ym|>atlLvtK- fet'liU)?!; "'^ but 
our conpri nuntr^A iIom not li*11 li*i whHlit^r they arr in- 
atirtHiv«, liaTin^^ oripnated lon^ ap> in tho »niii« mantis 
00 vith Uie lowrr nninuilK. nr wli^llirr fht^y hav« bNfU oc- 
i]uirv'(i liy i>jii^h of Uf^ fiiirini; our t'arly ivnrs. Ah iiifln \-* Jt 
vocinl antmAl, it is a1mo»i oi^rlJiiii ihat ht? vool^ inhi^nt a 
Icndt'urr to Iw fniliful Ih lii> n^mraiJ^Ts, aud t^WdioiiL to 
l!ii- hiut*^r nf hliL Irihr; for thi'*i» ([ualilii^s uw cimnumi to 
imiHl tftvta\ ar^iJkiaU, He wt^iitd cf^-nd^ucnily poiiKw foinf* 
Cfli>acUy foi -t'lf'commaiij. He woulJ from au inherited 
tetkd^-nt^y \tv willing to tl^fcnil, in (^u:i{yTt. with ol!ipr?<» hLi 
follow-nien: and wouli? h«* irady to aid thorn in any way, 
whiHt did not (on v'^^'ly int^ferc irith hi« own welfare 
or hh oivn utrwf^' dcnin-*. 

'Vhc (ocnni aniirfiln vhlch (ttitnd nt (lie l>«Uom of Itu^ 
jicale arr iriiid*-*! Aliui.»bl eiWnBndy, and tbo*f whuh ^Iflod 
higher in The iea]<^ an? Iar^'4'ly guided, liy appoial iralinrtx 
in the aid wbidi tltcy- ^rc ta Ihr mvmU-r^ of the afimc com- 

k-<-Tr.ii.r til* ^V^^'lfl^* 1/ Mpint^* 
fpVMKlot BtlLVTWOr lEHlltTflrm Ui w. 

bat ihU Iha rivv «f Lh< lWiii>r . . . 
I^nnnot or ibt lifllrr , - , llifuii> ■ 

Our. IV, 



munity; hm Iher aiv likf^nW in [Nirt Imp^ITt^d liy iTiiitiiul 
rJovu «Dd »yinpatfkv< auUted ip^tfir^uUy bv «ofjiu aiiLuum nf 
rca«OQ. Aliho^^h man^ iin jii^t n-ninrkn!, hu» no f|>ccio] 
IriritinrU tn l^'ll bim hov lo auI hw fi-Ucm--iiL<-n , hf Allll 
liUfi Xhv iin}iul^, and with his improved int^li<>c1iiiil tatml 
li« troulU iiaturnUy be much kukW in tbi-i mjrf-rl by 
ri-ii«in ant\ rxjimrinv- tnh1iiu-tivi< KVirtpntly vi^iiTrl Jilui 
t:d\iAv tun) to r«lu« hi^iv thr nppr[>V]^tii>n of hit ft'ili>Afl; 
fur, flj Ml, ilaiB h-BR clearly yhran." tbf lovt- of priiirtr uud 
thi' Mfnin^ f('i»liiij( i*f floE'). Liiul th*' Mill utmn^r horror 
of scorn ftAil infiimy. " atv tluo !■> Iho wnrkin^ of Bympa- 
th)r.'^ CuztN.'qiiea!)> man would be iiillutiuiril lu tlif? ]iigli< 
4«t <l«f;ree l>y fli« wi9)i4<a. ti|)pru}jutii>n, nnU bbiiLv f*T h\» 
follow mo n, UA t^pn^eictl Uy their jc'^iuri^ Ami lfLnj£ua|f<;. 
TfiiJ> th*' Mrial in«tJm-U> wStrh inu^l hsv*» Ijwn ariiiilreJ 
by mnn in a v^ptt' nulv «I<i!^. And pr:>tAbty even bv hib oaHy 
apt'-iikt- |>ri>jfi.'ml'>ni» nUll in\r Uic impul.^c to #omr of hi? hcxt 
DclimiK; but bip ni'lioriM an- in Ji higbrr i)i^)n'»'i- ili-lixniinpd 
bj lilt* p^pietrtpd u'l^b^ L»nd in>)i(itkont of bt^ ftihjw-tnen, 
and unforluuAtcl^ wry oiu-n by hU own nlronK fw^l^^^'i ^^' 
tuTVA. Hut riA bivi*, )iy>ii|]iithjr nnil M'if^-imiiiiJtiiil [H-i^oiEUf 
strenglbtn*»d hy hnbit, and ae tb« powt*r of ivHK>niit^ bp- 
<:omt!H d'^riT. ---J lliut mnn tao ratgir justlj Ibi? jti<lfj;i[i<.'rilB 
of biM fclbjin-*, hi- will fi-i-l hiniH*lf hnpi*lW^ apuit frurn ony 
tran^tory pU«pnn- >>r paiu« to <yirtiim linoa of onHuH. 

lit* niix'*' '^*-'^^ i]oi Lmr— uul that any baibHrijui vi unculti- 
vntnl man cv^tiUE rhuv Itiiiik — I am tht HOprviihi' jir^^tp of my 
ovi'D ooncinct, and tn Iho wonlf .-if Kiinl, 1 tt'ill not in tny own 
|Amin vufUli? iUv ib^iJty of hnnuinily. 

7"** mort fftduruiff Suri/jt JntUnrh r^m^tttr the Itss ptr- 
MfUni in^tiMh- W'^ haxr nol. howttf-r« jih yi>t ooiwideri^d 
the main jHtinl, on ulni^i, from our jirrw-nl point of vii^w, 
thu whole i)iii4tir>n of tb« Rkoral fl?n»o Xxtrta. W\\r ahonld 
fi man feol that h<' oufzht i^ filwy one ivnitiDCliro dt^aire 
mih^^r thin anoth^r^ Why i« hr bUtcrlr n^tcrHful, if >ir< ban 
lu-ld^J to a fclroDff ««i9{> of ^lf-pr«6fTv«1iQn, and han not 
mltpd hi» lift* to *nv*' Ihnt of a fclfow-creatare? or why do« 
hv Tf^tft hjtviti^ tUtli'U fnod fmri hun^-r? 

It IP eridcnt rn tb^^ first ptir^ tital «ilh mankind Iha 
iltotinctirv tinptiUi'A have dilterrnl ^Wr^es of ^tron^li: a 
KiVAg4> will riit his imn bfp lo un» iTiEit i»f n nn-mbLT 
the same commnnity, but viU ^< wholly iiidifTcKnt ab\ii 
a ifirttnjfvr: a yuuu^ urn! titnid mother urged by the ma- 

•t - H«M4l uia itdTtl ad«tu%' )■«, pL tM. 






tvmol instinct will, uilliout a niomeiLtV litraitaLiun. run the 
urtiilc'Ht 'lun^r f[ir hrr own infimt, but mit fi^r a mere 
[oliov-cn'ulurn- Ncv<?r1tuji-iu innny u rtvjli/oil iiijini or 4>Ton 
Ijuj, wltn nrfc'tT Wfor*^ ri^kptl Lif life for uiK»iliL-r, but t\t\\ of 
oonnigr^ uiid vVEiipafliy. hji^ iIii<re;jUNKii.l the inKlinrl of wU* 
pwwfnntioii, and pluni'i'*! ul ojh-c idU o (orrcnt to mvc 
!i iljuwiiijit; iiiAU, tliotj^li a 'iinngr-r In i\m ca^e man is 
fmpt^lkil hv tfif MRtt.' iii'^Iirii'iivo riinhr^. which niad^ the 
licrnic little Amrrifaji in'Hiki7. foriTicrlv 4ti--M4'rjlrt<l. auve liid 
ke^jH.'r, li}' 4iHni.'kijt;t: tlio ^rojil niul tln-iuJi'd ImlHioTi, Hiidi 
aotiond as Ihe atx^x^ ap[iear tr> hr tJip *iin|ilr rf«iili nf ih<» 
^renter idrL^iiKlli of Ihc Micial vr niutvinal iiiAtincI^ tlian 
Ihiit of liny Hihrr initiml ur molivr; fur tliey nn- tierfonneil 
too iii>?trin1nri'rmR]_v for mllf>chfln, or for (lU^Oiiun* ur piun 
to be fi^h at ila< time; though, if ^rovenlt^d by any coiii^c^ 
diKtroh ur tfvi-n rni'Ai'r'y iiii^lit lif fiOI. In a liiniil ihbii. on 
Uio ot|j<<r hnndf Ihr iri^tiru'L of HTlf-prvKLTvulion itiifhl bo 
Btron^, that fi^ w^nid l>c iinnblr tn finrr biiriHclf to run 
^iirh rink. [it'HiHph iiol ext'n for bih nun rhibl. 
1 bilk jwari- thai iir^ini.' pL-r^oiiK muiutztin ibril iii^tioiu peT' 
fkjnnr<l inij'iilffivoS/. us in tfif ahovp toN'*. Jo no! rfnr<: undcfr 
(he itnminic^n of Wm* nioml hrii«o. ami f^niii>t \tf tallied moml 
Thi^y onfnio Cliia ivnii \if aiHionM done di^lihi-ralvi}', AfU^r a 
viirUirjr ovtr crppodin^ i](«ipM, or whrn promptiHl hy si>me 
^xrUcmI niotin* Wni il ai'iH'im Mrnroi-ly jMuiAiblr to dtuv 
ary cWr line of diatineTinn af ih\s kind.*'^ jW far aa i^x- 
altwl inoti\i-? are KJiicfriieJ, iiiauy irmUucvH li*ivr Iweii le- 
cf^nlwl of Kivaici^^. iWiitutu of any Wlinjf of pmmil Iw- 
ncvolcucc Inwardfl miinknni, nnd not ^jidrrL by nnv rcl[^ii>U9 
JnotiTi', u ho havi.' iIuIJaihU'I) eaLrifjoi'il Ibeir live? un |»ii»- 
omre." rathtp ilian U*lni\ tlnir ^ooifAi!»; ind ■urtly thtir 
(-■undui't iin^'ht to he L^ntfit^ttnl lUx morab An f»ir nn ddilx'ra- 
tion, flttii Ibe »irtor\' iiivr i)|i|nwin>j inoiiwi arv i^^nrirnixl, 
animal* may t>o «j?<^n dmibtinj; bel^vevn ofjjK>»«(l inalinctei 
in re^ruiTiK tb<?ij oflH|irinp i>r nunwd*^ from dani^'r; yet 
ihrir •di<hnii. Ibou^i ilonr for (hi* ^ood iif otlwnt. nrr nut 
Mllud <ni»mb Mofvovi»r, Brivlhiuf! p<*vfoniied ven' ofi*n 
by ui, vriW ol Usi be done without dtlilj^rHtion vi ht^iUk-^ 


no Krv4lbiu1i Liitf adJ I'liJik S|wAL^Ii|f,' 

linnllnia Trt'lfn>rn (naUrivl biiJ Amufcl 


■* L lintt ir^ipiKwo iui.^t*otv<. Hunt' 
Ir iT iJmc F^kliitfi^mAt IjiJiiiM* aho 

Mil 41. 'At livtrariui U>' I'l^ria i^r ili?ir 
□iWii^uM'^r]' 111 viir rJvarniiL of B«- 




tic>D, and con tbon hirdlv bn iljiitiiiifiiifihrf! from nn inj^tinct; 
rH vuM'Ly no oiir will |in.-U-iiO ihal nnh si\ aclmn i;ea«v« to 

in^rwl. Oti tilt* foiifrrir^. Hf uW f.-i.'! ifmt HH acl raikllut 
ft^^ eujmidtnxl Hi jii'rfwl, i*r U6 |"'rf»rnicd in (lir nio?! m^blu 
umnrr. unlnn it bi* dimo iiri^uiMvi-ly, v-JDinnt ildilH^riitjojD 
»r I'tTi-rl, in tlu' ttimt' niaiinrr n^ hy »i n^A^^ in wli^m fhi* 
rt'^juiBilo tjiLuJttiob ate jiiTiut«>. ILl« wh>i lo furcf^d to osvr- 
wmc hi* frjir m wniil (jf ayiitinUiy lii'f<trr ht flct», Ji-ncrvi-r*. 
tbowpTor, in ntt^ n^} higfur c-riAliI llinn Ihr Tiinn ^'Hokv 
Innate dUpot^iliori lenii^ him it> n good acl witltoul effort. 
m wr i^niii;r| iliit|iii>;uiAli ItrtwrMi nmtn'»- nr r«iiK all 
;lc1ioiu *ii t curtain <-luw »■ murul, if pt>rfomiod Uy u inunil 
[Wnj;- A uK-niJ bcini: is tntr wl><> in cApiJc ol contf^nnnc 
[iLH ptiHt aiiil future acliiin'* or nitrfitr-H, hth) iif aj^fin^vin^ii 
or OiKipiirDvin;- of tht-m, \Vr hnv*» nn ren^on lo icuj>;^i»^ thnt 
nny <>f tfir Il»v*t nnimnlK havr this oiiuKity; th^T^^f^.^[■, w\nn 
a \fivfmjti(lljiriil tUt^ i]rs^'h H <-fiiti1 otjl of liii' uliIit. or n 
luoukeV fu^'i.^ Janj^i't tu rcritrvit- il> toninidv. i>r Cuko! Uiuijjt? 
©f on oijibin monk(*f. v* do not tall il*i f<inc!ur( moral 
Bnt ill tW rfls^ ni msin, wim nl^^ne rnn wilh certainty b*» 
runktHl If a munil Ih-in^', adiona of ii o^^iin Han jm? c-alU*d 
luorol, whclhcr [KTfoimcii deliber^lely, /iflrr a ^Irog^lr with 
op^tinj: motive?, or ImpulM^vly iLriKi^h luftiiid. or froTii 
L<; (rlf<i1^ »r iilowly-gaim^) Kabil. 
But lo rpli*rn in *iur nnnrw jnmeilfale mibjwt. Al- 
though inni«< inptim'tJ nn* ini>rv ]]OX('(.Tful than oihi^rri, and 
Ihii* l<Md to mrrfi^poiniing nflrin*. yrl it w nnt^nnliTr-, Ihjit 
in niiin ih^ ^xrlal inMii^ttn (iiK'hirling th^ Irivi-' nf [yniiAP 
and tr^r of Llnmi^t |vi»cfv ^rvtitiT ^ironf tli. or Jiuvo, ihroiti^h 
Ifiiig hnhit. a^^^nircd srntilrr strrTiglh thnn thr instinrts of 
•i'lf-piV«»?rvnti<^n. hl»ngpr, Inst, vpngfanrv, Si<-- Vkhy iinftx 
^avs man rv>rrd» cvori ihoujrh Iryir^ U^ banish auch T^ret, 
that he han ttiWuvtvii thr nnc nnluri! impiilHr mthfr thnn thi* 
nthi^r; ind whv dm* h* fimh^r f^-nl (hut h<- oii^hl fi* fp^r'-l 
ht» ci>ndij<-0 Uaei in tliiri n-sp^t dilFi-'r^ pri>fotindly fK»in 
Ihc )oTHT miitiiaU- Nrn^rthi^l™ wr inn, 1 fJiink, mv wilh' 
fomo dcjrroo nf cl"Mfn«'«J thu rmtirnn of this ditT*^r<'i]r^, 

Man, from thr aoiiiity '>f hiA mi>tital fKijItiCK cannot 
avfiid rellT-i-lHiiit [iM*[ itTi|iri'viion4 irrid iitrn^i^n nrr iTii^'<^iillY 
and clt^rlT pAuitifr throu;rH hi^^ mind. Nun- nith t^uHn uni- 
raalfl which hw- permancnlW In a ht>dv. tlie Ftocia) Itislinda 
are ever [irewnt and iHT^i^it^ni. Sitcti ariiriijtlii im' ulwHyv 
r«ady in ultfr t*n* djni;<"r-ftijfniiJ, (o iTcfcnd the* cmnmunity, 
and to xitf aid 1^ thrir fHIovi^ in flCTordanct* with their 
halita; they feel a1 all lime^ withoul the iiiniijliii of any 



?MT k 

Uyr llk'iif: iht.'y en- iinlni[»|»y if lun^ miianttt^i hi'm lli?m, 
mil) iilaav^ liaj)pv 1o be A^ain in their ^L>m|>anv. S-> il i* 
with our?**'!vrs, l\-i*ii whcii ut ort; t|iiilt' iilmr. how- oflm 
jIo wp think wilh fiU^nfiin* nr |miii nf ulicil oihi^ri^ tlnnlc of 
u«,— of t}i^}r iiuft^hed approbation or iltHnj^irobauon; and 
ihut ull folWs from B;rmj>}it}i)', t tandaiin-ixln] <lctiiriit «f 
ttii- uici^il itkvliiic'li, A tiuui who pw]L*»;i-{] no tmcs^ cif Mirii 
in»4tinctH voiild bo an uunalurcl monster. On tho other 
han(3, the tli**ire lo Mti^-fy liTjuj^tr, f>r nnv pua^on audi e*i 
YonHiMinri'. IK in iIk iialuri* ti-i]itM>niry. nml <«ii for n timr 
be fully MttiJJtcci. Nnr in it cnny, prrbnpn hnHly poihj1>Il>h 
to call up with complett? vivjijuew tin* fvi-litit'. f'jr iii3ljfiK-<.\ 
of hiiTi^i^T; nor irji]*.^^). as hatt often hi^vn n-'iiiurk^-'U. of aiijr 
suffi5nri)j- Tlic? itwiinct of jclf pr£*»^n-nMon in nr>l frit ex- 
rcpl in the in-i'urjiLv 4hf i|jin^'i.<r: Hiul niJiiiy a mviHfil tiRM 
Ihouglil huiifiolf l>nive until he h&B njet hifi ciu^uiv fnce to 
fot'tf, 'Vhv wjaJi for ftnothcr mnn'a propt^rty ia pcrlwps ufi 
ppfMittt'-nt fl <1*Air? a?* nny Ihsl mn 1h' fiHnK'd; Uul rkiTii In 
this cA&e the Mtli^fn(?tion of actntl pOAsneion \e ^i^n^nilly 
n wcftkcr fwliiii: thnn Ihf Jtwire: niHnv a tlijtf. if not 
hnhiliinl on(», nft*>r -lum-w hcu ivonili'n'i) why hr mIoIc* homr 

A mail (rannol prereiit \mti imprt^diunii oftoi repairing 
tlirotijzJi hi« mincl; hi' nill ihnv hi- <>Hvi"ii fo ujaKt" a mm- 
punnm U'lwcur i\\t impTe^fli'~»rifl of iwat hun>rnr, vrn^rouncv 
Knli^iinU iir UiLnK^r alu:nm^l dt other nivn> t'i>»iU wtlli Ihc 
u]hh»1 i-ver-prvMDl iiKtLiiL'i of «ynnp8thy, nntl wiili hi^ 
tar\\ kiM>v(\c^isc of what ot^icm ccjiknidtr ut (>miKi' worthy 
nr hluTticnUt-- Th'in kiitiwletl^'i cannot be bADi»hcLl from bit 


■• KilMillT ur liAlrtil Mtmi* *W to 'lO 
ii^nrt] -^. Tfmii •»iy nUm iluii tfwi !»* 
Uirffll'-P Ctr HBna AtP(*tJ<>TtrD cif >iki<< 

■n' ■!*« mi !'■ (i]il< Lf^ili *< raiv tiii'ii 
Ait.l -Ifwii^- Uofi^ <*{hm<ilJU if iFiF* 
llviH^r fiL luirjtf, tin *U- tux Ivti^n? 

iWIWiif vniiM Ihuavnm t^ if innjtii', 
■ml u ^rtfthity m niiai ivninUiji <'nt. 

rriiiv#f«. iM" lUf irUft •■rill iiwiinj'1, 
FiThiri whiM *• Pi"*' «' •■Virr*. it 
Wi>itliJ h|'y»L«i.r iJitt *H»ntvEMne nf l^r 
•Wtl* tirul |J1-M* V<»l ULlll tiK-OL 
11 it^ I4 H>t U wuulil La k ahibII «!«)■ 

ill abj f^i^ lA tfkikfifVr lUiL fci>nhr> M 
tny inorrLfvr >if lli* huimi' TnNf if h0 
rji|i] ilrjM*' lilifi wii IjblLir* iiriO Ljiii Ixb 
cciiiia l>ii- c-iimiii. ^iir \' >T |*n>l«Ll^ 
llial llip i^niiiiUt'ii tufiAcii^ofv ftr«ll4 
ri'iirvt-'li ■ (uatL f<>r ij^uiiikir hin *i^- 
myx fiilliwr il *aali\ rvt'i-mi^lt hJm.H 
he liifl DOT nrtiiifnl lniii>i^lf Tv dv 

#ri4-iiii.i>4h''j^t>t <>■ riiLiniljry 111 uVifili 

jfi>h.',inf4i trnuld. b/ iIhjimkiIm*, Ita^a 
***T IM u* l( w Tiivr*«irv tLar lIich 
IripJ^iiii'K L(>i;iil^vi witli •jiiiy>«(L/, 

ftlld i>t*«Mlc»(I I1V Itll" »^l of TlMflh, to' 

nlru^'iii^n, nn.l tr- low -ir rwii of God, 
^*frif«< hii^ *i>i-h fnl'lrTi ruh* w^uld 



i^ur. IV. 

UoaAL SHNi^R. 



miu^t vixl from iDttinclivp *ym|>alb)' in rMormed of greek 
rnuifii'iil. Hc' vjll lliiin ftn-l i^ i! lie had Ivt^ii bHulktHl \q 
roll>ruiiiff A |>riwnt Lhpliiict ur hubit, And UiU wiLti all aiii- 

The above ca«e or th« «wallov nlTarJa ar illuiTration, 
tbou^ch of « rvTcneil OAturts of a l«iuf>urtir}- tlnm^h (or the 
lime iiirocL^ly pt^nti^detit itiritinct (^i>r()UcnD]( cnikllirr in- 
tliii^ which in tifciinlty <]oTihirHiii 4>vi>r nil olhfn. At IhQ 
pn)p<>r KBtfoa Ihoftc binl^ mm'Ih oil dii\ [on^^ to bo uii^r<»h.-J 
wi\h Ihp ifivire to Rii|[niLc; Uit-ir tiiihiU ihut;^!-. lh<-v Ih^* 
C'lni^ rt)«ttlf«F, an* noivr mill rMi/ri'>fa(t- \n lloi-kt, Wltilkl 
lh<-' uiolhur-bifd u fiMnhD^, or ^r^rjdirt|^ over (it*r Eiivliiii^^ri, 
Ibr mnlrmnl iiifitiiict in pmbahly 3tn;iugi.n' tliau tht* mixra- 
lijtj; bul th«> in»<tnc-t trhicJi i« Uir mcin^ iwrtUtfiil gains 
tk« vvcUjry, aiKl ot U^t. at a moiuoQt «El«ii licr youn^ on«« 
Art oiTt ill hi)fbt. »lii< Ukr-4 lli^^lil diul detcirtd t)u*iti- Wlirii 
Airivi^ At tb« ctid of hor Icmg jdurnt^y, fluJ lUc uti^mtory 
tii^lirkt't ha« cea«cd to act> wbaE nn net^ny of rfMit»rtfe th^j 
binl wuulO frtJ. if. fiimi }*iii^' n^luwi'd itilh ^;mil iiienlnl 
icUrity, lUw coiUd iiot prevent thi- imugc c<>iii(tj|]iily fuuutn^ 
-tbroitgh h«r mind, of hi-r yuuii^ on-b p^ritliing in iLe bleak 
norlh from ixdd Hiid litiiij^er. 

At Uio mciiiicnl nf aHioti^ miin v\l] no doubl b(> apt to 
fDllotT tht^ ^rnn^rr iu^pulvt'i and Ihuttgh Ible umv iMX'a- 
«ioiia11/ prompt hitn to thi* iiubWt vWhI*, ft will inon- tutu* 
,ttK)ii)T Mild luifi to jETniify hiK own di^tirt^ at Ihtr cKpeiu^ 
of otltcr men. Rut after tli^e-ir graliriiutiou vUeu \Mai iiml 
wpflkrr irnprivMioTkii ere jiid^*><l hy tin- evvr-cndiiriiig *-.>fwl 
iivliDol, and by hiH di-tp fr>fArd for thr good [>pii'Li[iik of liis 
ftllottv, rvtributicTi nil! *ijrr?iy couie. Hi- uill thrw fii-l 
irmocte-, rftppnlancp, regret, or ^mmo: thin blt^r feBtiti^, 
1l»v«%«r, rtlat«tt nJinost CJCclnsiTdy to tijo judj^niLut ot 
ollitrx IJr will t^mM-ciii^iitly rrti)!*!* iium* or h^<M llrinly 
to Art diffpTTfitly for the futari'; und thin is mnnripaeo; 
U'T oonF^iGDCO looks bAck^'ftrdp, lad »rrvc« as a guide for 
tbi! futbrr. 

Tlir imtui^ and ttienplh of th« faolinjcv nhioh we call 
Wgrtl, »lkAUii\ r^^pf^nlancr or ninorse. depend upp^rpntly 
not iftAj uii thr *fn»npt>i of iho TioJat^d iiuiinct. hul partly 
Oh iW tttPTi^h of thL- temptation, nnd oft<*n Mill nnytv on 
th/*^ juri^HDE of oiir folfow*. lJi»vi (av eoeh man vnlMt-i iIik 
B|i|j[fvi:itiriii nf clbiTH, deprfid* on tfk* StYi^niTlh of hin in* 

Hflli' or ae-]Tjiivd fwliii^ of nvinpflthy: and on hia own cA- 
pocity for rraM-nioir nnt th** mivFt** mnH'H|u^iCF'F' »f IiJk 
BciA AijoIKl-i rlrmpnl is moflt important, although not 




D«OMean*, tlio rovo^UM 61- fc^ar of lliu Ooib, or SpinLs itv- 
livvnl ill h} i-8](li man: auil UiIji Jipplii^ eA;)F!aa]l> in cuiirb 
of ri'mor*!*- Sfc-vitrsl critir* hftt* ohjwteH llmt Iboti^h onmr 
Rlighl r^^n?t i>r rcjieiilancc may be i<i|»lajii>^l bj iho view 
udviM'dti-d ^n llii« rtiri|ilt'r. il is ijiipowible Oils to urtouiiL 
for the B<iii!'iJmkiiii( foi*liii>r ct rpinorse. Bui 1 emi tvv link' 
forrr m (hm obif^dion, Afy criticp do not (irtint.' whnt thciy 
tLiean by itiiiurw. hiiiI [ uuii lltid iiu dt-niiiliLui iiii|)1jLng 
mure iliau an orprwliolnuTig iiKniM.- <»( t4^)ic-uiuu(.-l<. JttmorHi' 

to u»gp-i\ i>r n^tiiiy tu imiik It in Inr Truin 4trunge Ui^it 
an iu^Uikcl jo ilicu;; atid bu ^^uoruUy tidiiured, Ufi iiuiUtquI 
lovr. fbould* if disnt'vjfcij* Irnd to tilt d<^piT*t miM-ry, a^ 
Winn a* thp inijin'«)on nf \hv y-jist fHTihf *jf iniinhwiU'iii* iti 
wakened. K«t-n whvii an dc1ii>u jm uttp08vd t'> Do ^p^i/t^l 
iiistini-L mf.-ttl,v Ciir ktmn llmt aiir fiit-iiclA jinil «]UjiL> (lr?<pj-t{- 
iiK fur it in inmiigh !i> cniiii« gr4«l mittrv. Whn m*i donlil 
th&t the rpfii?aL to fieht a auA through fear l]fi« cuDBt^d 
mnnj tutu au aic^^> "■ »lmnii!''' llunv a Hiiidcx\ it in uiid, 
hnii bvi^ri ^tifrtfd 1o th» bottom nf bia «oul by having par- 
taken of unclean food- Her« id auotber <:aae of wkat muat, 
1 think, Ijc ctjlbul ri^iiuintp. Dr. lAnilcir nt'trd «^ m mn/iUtnlrr 
iu W<'0t Au&traba. und rvlati^i," tbat a native on bid fnrjn, 
after Icojnx our nf bifl wivi> fnim '^W>*iin'> mmr aD<J Mid 
tbwt " hfl wap j:rofti(' tu .i di<r;iikt (rJl>o !-> 4penr a woman. 
to pudi^fy hin m^nso nf duty to Ini" wife. I totd biiii Hiat if 
b*" diif >*(), T iffntild "(eiid him In prUrin for lif'- tli' ri'miiin''d 
abiiiit ihe farm for ^omr months, bul ;jol »':ccT.'k>djnj;ly linn. 
lu\d comitlaiiktr! tlint b* i-ould not reel or eat. thai Wit vUrA 
Fiplrif wa« bjinntin;; bim. booADse b^ bai^ n'>f laki^n » lif^* 
for herp. i trn^j infxnmble, nnd aunrt'd him Ibiit notlun;: 
■bfiiiM fiave him if b*^ did " KevtrlbHeh* IIip mnn ili^ni"- 
jieon-i^ for rn«>re Ihan b vt^^ir. and [h*.-n r«^Uim(<d in bi|^h 
i>mditii»r; nnd hit- other t^'jfr li^M Dr. Iwiudor tbM bt-r bii^f- 
bnnd bnd lalirn Ihi- lifi? rif Ji Aninan iN-toriL^irip in n diMant 
tnbei hul il waft impowible !*» obfnin l<*^rai pvidenr-p of \W 
act. Tbr hrtnrh of a ni!'* hcW i^rrMl bv iht tribr, will 
tbu*, im it wpm*^ (t't^ riw* tn thp dpopi»d fiidin^. — uml tliU 
quite apaTl from Ihe e<:>dal inMitxIi'^ oxc^ptinjj in bo far 
at" tb^ rule is ifrourid<^1 on \hv luHf^mtiit of lb** loinmunity. 
How *o muny crrnn|V<^ wipcrfilitinnii htvt* utIm-h tbr-oii^botil 
the world wo know not; nor enn wc tHI \\ov aomr> prul And 
enmctfp auib an uic^t, hatc^ coiiit; lo be beld in an ab' 


,C**r. IV, 



lorrcDM {vhich i» nf>i howcrrr i|aite uojvcrul) by the 
[ilowesi Hvapm It u cv^n dcuUfitl wh^lhtrr in ^omi- iribn 
■inooat would I* lixikwl **n with i^ntttcr horror, thfin wonlii 
tikt marriajfi? i>f a rtiin with ■ voEnmi bMTJfi? thv Mimo 
Tmtnt\ tho|[j:h iT*»f fi ri-Iiilinn. '* To vinUlp thin Uu id a 
cnmv uhicli iIlo Aui^tralmne hold in tUe;;realort rtUiorrmcu, 
in the ftyn-vinf; rxjKtIy nith tcriftin tnbes of North Aiimt- 
jpHr When thr qin-itirH i^ [nii in fitlipr dinfrici, is it "'owe 
to kill a ^irl of a roTT*i^n Tnbo. or to uutrrv n ptrl of ane'^ 
ouBp 4tii jDjiftrr junt ufipjpitc to our* ui>ii1ii Ix* j^vm with- 
'out hrirtnlifw." *• "SXr mn\\ thrivfi^rp, r^^fct Ihe belief, 
ilcly innMed on i'j >i>mE< whttrr^. thul llic ubh[>rr&ii4.« of 
Ircp*1 U diat' to our pcKscsatiif* a hpccml 4JiH)-iiit[iliu1iil <<in- 
^ieii€«'- On ihf irlidi' it ]* intHligihK TJ^nt jl m»n ijr^od 
tiT fV> powerful n wrlimcnt m rt-ini>r?'.-. tljoii^li urj^irig hb 
Mipnv v\\t\u\in.'i]. ^Iiould he Ird I'i m^t in n amtiurr, whirh 
h<* hat Ihhti taught tn MjL*vr t^rvwi at uix npiniinn, urn h ns 
dHiinmj: Itinisolf up to jiiftlicc. 

yUmi [jroriiptv^] Iry }li^ ly-iiisri'-mTiV will t)irouj(h long 

habil aoqciro ttwli [>i?rfi'pt ifiHf-roinmnnd, that hU dntirce 

|j»n<l pffuion^ will nt Wt jieM inttartly and wjthi>ut a fltrug- 

•]f In lit* tTHrifll sj^mi^Hfliif^K »\»] iii^lind^, ii\drirlrti^' biA feel* 

ij; for iho judfjfiK'jil nt hin ff?l]owi:- Tli** (till Uungry, or 

Ihe *fill n?i*i>p'/fiil nmn will cot think of Mcnliii^' food, or 

if wnikkih^ hih tHi^ism-e. It i^ |iUF4iilile. r>r a^* »e hIihH 

irfrtfiir WH\ rt'i'n prolialdo, that the huliit of aolf command 

riii*, likf trther liaMtf* t>c inh^rit^d. Tliu* at Wl iiioii comc# 

lo fwl, lhriir];-li acfjiuri^d Hni jicrlispa iiilmntfd hnbil, ihnt 

|l tn 1)Wit for him t« olipy hi* itjor^ (joniflitnf iiiipidiioii. Thu 

tiprriotis woid i^uj^W *ofm* fiKTpIj- to iiiiplj iht roniwioHs- 

*»f Ih* tiisteikce of a nde of coiidiirl. howpvt-r il may 

lav ohifinjlw!. Kcrmtrly it miwt hixre U^eii ofleo ^ehe- 

icntlv iLP^'^'J lliat an inanll^'d gi'in^mnn ou^hl tu Cishi a 

lufK Wc cvi>n *i_v that a froinler «iwyft( to noini, and a t**' 

ricTor to rHricvr caior. If ti"'.v fail to CO »o, they fall 

In thf-ir dulv ai>d «<l wnvt^dy, 

f any iK-srrtf *^r innlinf.! U*ariinp to an flrlion op;»mu»d 
|o thf £ood of oth<"n» *i3ll n|*pfjin*, when r-^ralk^'l lo miii<i, 
It MtroTig 1^, or MrriTi^r thao. thr finri»]l itiHiin't, a iiijiti 
[]] twi no ki^pn n-pivt al having followed it; but hi* will 
coii«irtoo« thai if hi* conduci wpr^ known to Wn fcllowf, 
tt would mpct with their diKn)iprnTiiLtioii; and fi-w aJi; A'J 
4«litUt« iA 0yni|iothT aa not to f^el discomfort wht*n thia 

■ K. D. Tflnr la ■ (.'MiUiApAmrf fbenrw," Apii\ lK;i, p. rOT, 




?*» t 


if rc»rtlue(K If ht hOB no *iioh *j-m[iath\% anri if hi* (l«troB 
IrrtfiJnfT to bnd oclion* nrc at fhf lirni: etrt/Dg, nnil when tc- 
c«ll*'(l fire not o^ri-iiinhtcn'd b^' llie |)t?i>iiKt<']iT tnn'ial tiiMihHs 
find tlie judpuont of olber>. iIj^d ho ia ci«<^Dtial1> a bad 
lufln;'* and Ihr tn*h rratroiniii^ molivp Icfl is Iht fi«r oJ 
piini^hm^nt, nml Ihi- rmiTirtiitn Hmt in ihr Wij^ run if. 
would bo bi«l for hie tiwi^ scflieh jntew^ta lo rogartj th<» 
^ockI of olhcrv t'Jilhvi' Ihui^ hin 1>^*rl- 

It i« i>hviiwfi thftt pvi^rv oni- iniy *it!i an amy e«n*cif»iioe 
gratify hia own dtK^irc^ if (hoy rfV nol iiihtrfeiv with litu 
fffKirtl inKlincU. tbnl is wilh the gotid of utbcri. bill in 
ordtfr t<i be quili' fn**? lr[>m nc-lf-reprnach. or st !*««[ nt 
ftujciciy, it ie «lmoel noccwory for him in uvoiJ fht rliump- 
jjroljHtiinxi. uhi-lhi'i' ri.'ii&uuaMe or iii?t. of hU frllow-Tncn, 
Nor iQiUL hi.' brc'tfk. ihroii^h the fixod hAbl1» of hi^ \iU\ fsnp- 
ciAUy if ihrtr nrr »tippof1c!il by reason; for if he dowi.lM? 
vill nwiireiily fpH OJrtatif^fBvluiTi l\v imj*l liki'niw* ovriifl 
Ih* roprohalion of the one God or pods in wh^m, jhchit*!- 
iiJi: to hi* kniiwMgf? or suiK.Tatition. hr timy bi.-ht'vt: liul m 
thin (';iM< Ih4> mUlilioEiiil U-nr of divitir |iuni3k}imni] oFtcti 

rJi^ strirt^p Sofi/it Virtiifs tii fii'sl lihnr nvfiirrM. — Tb^- 
ibovo vi^w of the or]>rin n^d njiiurr- nf th*"' mornt flr-Tiiic. which 
iv]U lu what we oti^'ht Lo do. aiirl jf iht^ cotcM'icDcf whidi 
rr<|)f<ivt« lu if vir (liw^boy il, iioei>rdH ax'U wiIIi ivlmt ut- hoi- 
of thf irnHy nnd unclcvflgprd condition of thif faculty in 
mankiDt). The %irtuei^ which diuhI be praclifed. at lea^l 
^iiorilly. by rude men. «o rhal tbi}-y may aModnt^ lu a body. 
ntc tb"ir which nro tihll rfcoi*r"icd an the mwt importntit, 
Biit they nil.- firndited alijjLibl i-xi.lubL\L-ly tii rvlaUju to Ihr 
men of the ^rne tribe; and Iheir oppfmlles arv uot re^Jirdod 
AX crime* m relaU*>n to th<* men of nlbcr tril"**. No Irihi^ 
n*ijld bi)hl (opj'lhcr if inunlrr, ri»hU'ry. irt'rtch^TVH A.i-, nrrr 
common: ronBf>f|iitnil\ STidi tnmcn within Ihe limile of 
the Mm* Irilw "' nrc Wndi'-l wilh cvi^rlnfltinj: infmnT;"** 
but rit-iht »n «[irh iii-ritimcnf. hrynni^ Ihesc hniits. A Norib- 
Atncrrionn Indian 10 veil plivwed with Uinteelf, and ii hon- 
oured hy olher». «h»i be 9calp« n mitn of nnothcr thb?; aod 

ti'i'ii* ift^u '.f lliiHrMPi crimiiLolfl, who 

•• S»» ftlt nlil" JIflir'lc ill ill IT ' fi"Tlll 

MF- '^- njWtlii.itV jriii'La* (111 l\\v tm- 
KrTivw/ im, |>^ d»^ «ml 140a, |.. tfl, 




morjll ssyssL 


a Dyak cnU off the head of on uncifTendin^ pcr&^iii md dricR 
it itf a Irophv- The inurdrr ^f infants Ii4a prevailed on the 
lBr^r<^i fi<«l* thmiighm:T thr worliJ/' and has inec uith no 
rrf>roflch; but lafonticide, Mpoomliy of rcmiili-i. liof: Ik^'h 
Ihoui^bt Id her jsnoA for th^ tribr, or al IcHBt iif't injiirjiiiif. 
ftnicifJi' during fnrmor tinif* whs nni gfnptnlly fftustdpTpd 

'as a cnmo/' bul ralhor, fn>ni the courajro diBj^IttyM, ab »n 
honourable atrl: and it ih bIiII t<ntctiHd \yy Mitm- jflpmi-civi* 
VijHyt] and nflVAgo nition* ip'tthoiit rcprcwh, for it dai-ic mtt 
obvioiuJy ooDcem othen of tho tnlw. It hfl& boec lecordod 
All ludmu TViD^ L^uriPcteTili'jUhJy re^ivun] ihrtl la' }j»d 
tvibbud and atraugl«d uv nrany tni^li'ni Ui did hit 
father before bim, Jn n mdc i^itc of civiltMLtirn the roh- 
bery of fltrangerb i&, indtL'd, gfocrally tciUBjdtrrd aa Lou- 

Slnrery, althovicb in »oeii<^ vaya bcncftcifll ^unnjr ah- 
Crent times," is t ^r&ti rhnie^ Tf^ it was rint so rognrdvd 
until <|iiite r«i?nl1y. €\tji by (lie inuft vivdivKl nntjor:^. 

^And ihU wa4 r^jiircuilly the ca«c, hci:iiL]iii? thi* fhtm brlonjir-d 
in pfr^TnJ lo 8 tTior difTrivnt fmni that of th^ir m»strni. 
At Ifarbtkrtaik^ do ucti rr;^rd the <if>iniou of tln'tr u'oru(*ti, 
wivrtt «rr I'.mnionly trciitf^l liitc *l«Vf«, Mo*l wiviigr^ an* 
nUcrly mdlff^rert to ihe jiuir^nn^e f»f Rtran|2^rfl, "ir t^ven 
deJiK^t in ^PiluKMinjr thtm. It is wxdl knowij thait th-? 
■ncrmrn and cliildrm of Ihr S'ahh'Amrrit-aa Indinn.-t nidrd 
in inriiintiii Ifu^ir etiPRiiof, Som^ m^g^K tph^ ■ horrid 

'pleasure in cnjelty (o aniiimK'* hO^J humanity i^ an un- 

<knf^wii virtar. Nrvrrihplf^*, lnvidnt lh<- fnmily afTfctiifiHr 
kindnru is tommon, f>j^pocially diimg Hckii«f«, botv^^fii th« 
rnt[idT(.-i> of th* Mitie tribe, und i* wmciimw cx(endtd b^^ 

,yj.»Twl tbi*iir linjiln, MiiTijfi hifk"* Imifhin^ nrcrHinl of lh# 

''kindn«* of the nri^r'- woiTM-n of tbc intirior to him I'a well 
kntiwn^ Mau> i rinlAni.^'?^ t'<.itj!d \k sivcri of the j|r»Vh' rifUlity 
of idtVHpv loimrdi; rnch othrr^ Init nrit In tlniii^r^: cviniiivin 

.cxpcncncc juctit^n the muim of the Spnniord, " Never, 

■ '['hfl fkir>H4 im^ortf wMf^h I !*•»* 
niK fltili ia It> Kr, Gtflftinl. In Mm 

'vur ui Ihf- *u1iJkI vf JnlkmLHdf jn « 

• linn m- t'vMrIa la L*«ki'« 'lEk-b-if 
Hi *tlf*»<J *Tif I, IWH. jV 

h *» *»Mt knowtfc U(iw enm- 

S|«aWi fonfine-L For N* * ZrufBtid, 
Mfl rh«- rnTfl^ 'ff fht *< Vr»i ip-ik/' nrj^l 
IVrr tlv ^hvilbn ItlvTMl*. MolW, iw 

■ p*iMi, fi't !ii>r*rLi'tf. Mt- Huiutl-iii^ 
r4l RffiMv,' iWfli, jk at. 



?xn I 

nirvcr Innt an Tndian " Tlivn raiiniit he Melilj wjihmtt 
Initir Aiki) thii funrldiEiufiijil viriav vt ncit nirc^ bcttrron the 
mtmhiTH tit thu Mint; tnbc: Ihuj^ Miiik^i> iVk heard the 
iir^ri> wotjifd U'Hchin;! their youiig dnl(lri.'n to Irjvt the 
truih. Thi*, n^iii, ia oue of iJi!; rtrtuvv wJiidi ljccoin<:[i no 
deeply rooted m tl:t.- mind* that it 10 (wmctiii^f* |>ra«li^ 
hy Miv-Hipw, ffvrii iit. n high cont, towards ^tran^-rs; hut to 
Uo to your onciiiy bag rari^Ev tM.y-ri ihiiuKlit a nu, a.* the 
history '>f imidifni iliplHiim-y [o<i plniali? *he«K, Ai* j^oimi h* 
11 triJw hiis El iN'r«j(m*r(l Imilrr, din>h(*dience bec"f>iiJOT a crimp, 
ntid r^Vi>n nljcict 6L;l>rinA£iuti le- lunkut al u» a mcred virtue. 

At duriu^ ruik 1iuM'« iii> iiiiti) cajl Iiv^ iisi-fLj] or fnithful 
to hiii thK' without eourugt>, ihh mialilv hae univi^rsallv 
Wen |4nocd in the !iij:hoal nmk: jjnd altluinEh in (ivili.npd 
eouiilrJtfc a t'cunl ji^t tiuud mmi muy W fur iimrr u»t<rul to 
tilt cuminUBilj than u hmve om.', *\* i^imol hdi> in^tiiict- 
ivcly tionourin^ the latter ubuve a cowartj, howevL-r Iwiitrvw- 
teiil, Pruih'ine, on the other hund, whlfh doe* m4 onn- 
c;cru liio welfare ^f others, thoujrh a very useful virtue, 
ha* ni*vcT been highly L'stcemud. J\s nu man urn i^racLiae 
the virlues nt»c"j-*«irT fof tht* wi?lf«ru of hit Iriht wiihuut 
M^lf auerilue, ^-If <:cniii)nndT aiu\ the jrowcr cf cnditrnrLeCi 
t}ie»<; tjUahliet hmv been at ull liiJit.'^ h]|;ijly and liuhI jually 
valut^d The Aiiii-rkitii vjivAf^c voluntarity iubtitiU [u llic 
ino«t horriil tmiurein without a jfrc^iiT to prr>re ami ulrenifth- 
en hb forlJludi* and Mrurap.^ and ue earkntjt help Hdridrir>^ 
him, or vreii un Iiiilinn Kakir^ who^ from a looliKli religtoua 
irmtive, svin^ i<ii»[ii-iidci] l\v n hook burie<l in hin tienh. 

TTiL* oiher ffw^lted lipH-rft^TitiTir^* virtxjr*i, which l\*^ not 
obviouitlj, Uiou(-h thc-y may reullv, alUct the wi-lfore of tiw 
dbc, liUTC ncrrr Wen i'*Winpcl liy jjivnge*. lhoo;;h now 
(bly appreciated hy eivjIistMl nnlinn);. Tin* j;rrnl<*t inlpm- 
liemiK:^ ifl un rcpfwit'h with i*uva/ea, L'ttcT Ueeudoutncsfl, 
Hud iinruitLind eiJine»> pn^vjill to an nnloumliEi^' r-xli^nt,'* 
Aft snon, hnwerer, aa uiarriaj^ whtther TKily^rtiniift, or mo- 
rlOJ^>Tn''u^ heeoiricp rommor, j«ilouay will lead lo the ireul- 
mticm ni female virtms ^^*^ lh<>*- h^'i^K hLmouii!d, trill teud 
lo «iiff«iid I'j the untLLarried female*. How flowly it itprvfldf 
to Ine male jmx, we sw at th^^ j-'iewjil iky- Chftttity cmi- 
ncnily r«|uir<!* M.']f*<'HimiijimI: lh<'rrfoir it his>i Im-itj liair- 
ourfd from n rf»fy enrly period in the moral hittory of 
dvilisfd man. Aa » ciLi]i»ri]UL-[Kr nf thiitv the ^enedei^ prAc* 
lieu of iHtltliaey haii bivn raiitwl from u a^niole iN-riwl aM 

Uon «f Ak-la H itik b<«l 

cur. IV. 



M Trrltie." The Iistntl «if iiulfc^iic-y. whjth 4|if>c«re 1o lui 
fo Mttirm] *• I'J tiv thiMt^bt hinale, and ^htvU m ut i«1iu(ile 
flD aifl tfi rhA»tilj, ji* « ninilrm virtue, >i(i(>cr1«inini; txclu- 
aively, » Sir <r, ^vtAunroii mruirkV' <" HvilLun) lifp. ThiK 
Mt riurvp liT ilw anrnrn rcli^cvtv ritct if v«rioiu Datu^nft, 
by the (lniviD2» **n Ibe i»-4lLi i^f Toiupcii, and bj Uic pr«c- 

Wu Lavi* n-'tt rttn llial aclioriSs nrr n'tmrririj by Mrap?e^, 
nnd wrtc prnkxiMj *" re^arflfil liy |.i|ir[i>^kdl iimn. hs k**"J "' 
hill, uAvly *» lb<*y ohvKm>ly alTect thr wHfari' of lln' tnbi\ 
— out (hot of till* 6|Ky^i«t, nor thnt of »a jndividiml m<^Tiib«r 
<if tJitf Irtbtf, Tbb ixinelueimi a^rt-t» v^i^W wilL Tlie tmli^f 
thftt thiT ci>-ntiiXl moral m^aM* U abon^iiully d(*rit4<l from 
Ihc MciJil in^Uncti^, for both ttUitc at Hnl cxolusitrly to 
Uii* commuriJiy. 

Th(? chief' utdtt* of ihu Ifw tnnrnlitj i^f tava^, ai 
iJccd by our M4n<3nrri, nn*. (IrMly. Ihf ixmJinemcnt of ^ym- 
ilhy III tb»» wirif lri*»^ rvtnn*llv. jumrr^ iif n-nhnning 
ituirK'ii'Ut to rLC^'n^c IIli^ lva:'Lii;( 'jf inany lirluufe, osfie- 
inlly f>f th^j *iHf'Trir»rdm|c virtui.'st, nn tin: (^rntnil wlfnrc 
ihp Irilw, Ssinpcf, for inslflurp, full in irarv ilie muHi- 
liod evila eoiiMMjuv-Eit oD a want »>f luinTU'rautLv tharlily. 
And, Uiirdly, wnik pnir^r of iiHr-ix>mrMfid; for ihtK 
»wpr has nnl Wm iTtun^hcneH throutfb l'*ng-«)ntinti«d, 
rhai* iaticrilcd. babil, inUruUiiin and rvlipon. 
[ li^vc riili-n^! iiiln tlir abovi- dHflilx I'li tlu' iinmnnility 
Mva^i'*,'"' bi-ciii)>4' fntav iutboi> ha^o reci^iitly lakon a 
ligh view of tlieir monl inilun.-. or ha^r atUibntrd mo(t 
if ibdr rjimm lo niiMHLcn En'in^olcnrr *■* T)jt--(? aiilhors 
.|>«if In ryrt llii'tr cniulHskn on eat-A;^ poMVAtii^ thoe* 
[rXuti wbkh Hjyr (*»:rvit:caMc, or c-xt-n ntxtfviiry, fur llit? 
islrtfcr r>f tin* faraiJy iind of tb*- tril*. — (lualiliM wbidj 
tmdoabtcUly clo poeccfid, and often in a liifch dojcivc. 

CMfrhi^iii^ Pf*wiritj.^Tt w« i«niined fonrorlv bv phi 

i^tn of Ihc dcrivaliTe" kIiooT cf iiiorAl^ Uial lb« 

inodfltir>ii of tiiitraliU lay Iri a fnm nf Sf*l fith nt'» ; lint 

|r»re ren-nlly Ibr " IJroaic^ hanpinom prmdplr " btti hoCTi 

il pTomincntty fonrard. H m, howeT^r, more oorr«ct 

"%v\i-mmj |o f^in*,' r«L f|, ]\ 

* Tin Irnii >* ii«nl in an tM^ffU. 

. II, 



Pint I 

lc» fpfalc of Ib*^ leltcT |.'rincipl? at tlif eten^nrii, nnti not. n* 
Ihe in;'tive of i.'miihirt. N>.'v*"r(}n'l'*>is, nil 1)11:' hiiiIiim^i whirsr 
work* I liavf* t'uiii(ulU'<l^ wtlh n ff» (■xi-"»*f^tioH«,'' wnli' ad 
if Mifh' nm^i he n (ii&tinrt ninlivc fnr cvrrv artifitj. ntnl tlint 
Ibis imihl W ns*ri('iftli»i i^'JIh som** [il^'ftunrp nr fliii;kU'ii*ktiv 
Uul >riai] P('i>iiii: ctrii^n to QE't inipiif?iv(-iy, Ihiit h frnnj m' 
•timi or long hnbit, withool miy ro[iK*ioti:*nr»a of [>lefl*iiry, 
in t)if> Miaiir irmiincT ha iloci^ pro1inl>1y a ^x^ir or iint, whrn it 
lilindlr follove its in^litii:ta. L'adcr circUTii^tancce of <rx- 
In tni' [JiTil, MH duri»i£ n fin-. wlii?n n mnti ruJcHvouri to tave 
ji fi'llihw-cri'aturp tritltont n Tnomoni"* bt*tjlntinn, h*' mn 
hnHly feci pl?ajJurL\ iin<^ t<lilE !(■?« ba^ hr timr- In tcI^ccI 
on lliL- l]i■lAHli^f4l~tJ1l^ ktbii'b lii? mi^ltt 9uti^i.i]iifJill\ rK|>t.'ri- 
tnfi- if ho iliil not niiikc Ihr rtitrni|*1- Sbou!'! bt iffti'iAwuli 
refl*^'^t over bin niAn rondud, be wonbl fwl tbiit then: iie* 
H'itbin lijin tin inijiulKivt.' ]m\Kvr wiiU'l)' (tifTi^rent fmrji n 
K'uKh aSivr pinuuns or hit|ipuit*u; und Uiid dt-^uu to tc: tlie 
dci-ply plnntcd n>cin] indlincU 

In the i-a^i? tkf the lower atiirnalf It eeemi' much more 
nppr^rr^'l* to Fp^nk of their ^orinl iiidtmvfpT ok bdvinj? bc«n 
dcvclopwi for the ytnyral j>'uud laib^.-f ibiin for Iho ^'cnrrnT 
hflpjiim^iw of liw ii]w<iw- The t<rin, jfL-ni'ml ^wnl, unn In- 
defined n« Ihe ronnii;; of ihe izrL'nii'^t nurulx^r of indivrilunl* 
in TliII lij^niir Lind hi-jlllb, wilb nil llirir fjieultieH fH-rfecl, 
nntJrr ihe einfljnrifcs to which llicr ari^ mhjr'ctod. Ah thv 
fiocijil tiLsUudFi IniIIi of ttmn auA \hr Invhti animals have no 
di^nlit hivTi rii'tolnppd by nnnrly Ibr *nmi» nli'pw* i* wimid 
he fi'Iviiebk, if foiiiid iJTacticaW*. to u*o ihe srtmc definit.ior 
in both CMW"*, mid tn taki- an lln? *1anditnl i>f utoiulilv, tKi.' 
fC^nnnl (Tf*™! <3T wdfftt* <^f Ihe <vimnnriity, ratluT ikon tbe 
Ifenrml hnppincw; Hnl thid defiriiTifin wnwld perbAp» r^qnirc 
Mini« liruifjUion on a<\'otirit of jinlilical Hhic& 

Wli*u a man riilm hi* life lo iatc^ ibsl of a fellow- 

pl^Miira Wr, II s-Miff**!! •!*>. in 
ft|« F-Bti' on flnnPiirr «n'l HiMira 

tti (■mifrt'milciri r\f ihi' ^nr(fiiiP thni 
tnv ImpalHL Jiml**1 ViwvtJp vaiiip- 

r>1»-4<ii^ hi*. ] '4rifii4 fnii think. 
HiP -InhfliT in* n Vh'^h '"Tifii*-'l, tiinthtf 


C»At. IV. 





<-nmtan, t* Bpcms alto more coirwt tf> («,v thai lir scU fur 
llkt! irvopnl fpn»\^ miller tliin fnr llii- ;^<nrnit h4|i]>in(iK of 
(1- No <jt>ult Uic wvlfjtnr anil l\w happiiicw nf Ihu 

iiriNh hflil^r l)>vn ftiyt' il)>i t8 diM.'i>Dtoni^d anil uq- 
ppv. We lisr^ fttfVB thai o^v-ii al un *«pk p<?riod in ih& 
lory iif mnn. thf ri|nr3r*ij njethrA «f thv c<inijtuinii\ will 
i» uiitumllj itifllH^u^'ll lo n Iflrpr 4*Kli>nt the c«Midiii.l t>f 
her; t»\i\ an a\\ 'aihU U-t hu|>pLiie?.^, thr " iffivlort 
bfrpboi priDL-iplv*' nilL hcivc^ U:tv[i^c ji T[ifw.t irnjictrlanl 
etooorfary pu"k' nod obj«-"l; Iho f-nrtn] insiiPfl, howpK'T, 
rr w;1h pympoihy (which It'^d* to our rt-[:ftrditis ^li<; 
rciliatiuu mitl [libji[f]>njl)uli(iii nf ulhrm). fiatjziiif ivrrnd 
(he Tiriiuar^' tuifiulv* int! ^lidir. Tliui^ ihi' nrproorh it 
rc^nant^cd of \my\tif iU\^ fmindilron of llir nol>k^1 i*rt of otir 
tialun? in the ha^e |>iini.i|jlL- i^f Nelflnhrtivm: unti^w. in-ieni, 
th* iatkfifdcli'Hi vrliidi every ariinul f#*li», vchvn it foll<kW( 
tt,^ proprr in^tinrtK, nnd the (tiaMtwfaction fdl when pro- 

The Hi&JiM mid opinir^nti o( thf memlwn of the utroo 
ntniinlly, r^iTi-^HNl nl Hf*1 f.rnllv, hut lotor bjf writing 
sUn. either fnmi 1h*> Hnle piiiilet of nur ivinHiirt. or Ritr^tly 
reinforuc tli'T »'toial iueiYurU; nui^h cuthuutij, iicwevcrT Have 
viinotiiMfit ■ IradenrT difvctly n|i}HiJun] In thmr iiutiticta. 
Th(a latler ft<1 ii^ woll esprnplifiod \>y Ihn I^k' of fffl/totir^ 
thAt IB. Ilie lair i>f Ibe opiiuoti of uur ^luitlft, and nol of 
nI] our mi]iifrvTii«^n. Thi* hn<iirh of 1hi< taw. i-tvn wbim 
the broach ia kn«»n to b* ?irictly Hci^rt/daiil with imi^ moml- 
Ut. ha* <•!»:''? many i mafi norv ngouy ihun a nwl cnmc. 
We Myxk^rnlw Ihe iBmc inflnmr.* in Ibr buniinjc irnw nf 
ohnmc tthirh mnit "f us ha>i' foil, ev^n Hfl**r th*' inlprvnl 
of xtart. uJifii laHin;; t<t mind i-^m*? fl€t'idr:ital Lreach of a 
trifling, ih<t\^a:^ fiwd, nile of fftiqoKle. Th*^ jmlpnni! i^f 
tbL* coinniunity will fferfrilly U' ^mdt^ by lomf tnd(* ^t- 
pen«n<v of tHint U IjwI in ihe ]nnf£ run for nil llii^ uitrnWrw; 
but ihU }\i<\srt>*^ni will nrd nnvly i»rr from ipn^ranw *nii 
WTOifc jn^wpm nf MV[i»iiifi;>. Hence Ihr MraHgwl custotiu 
fifw^ Hir^Tftiti^Tift, io cxvm^ttpti* opt^ofciti^Ti to IHp \inr *p!- 
farr aiul ha;iiiiin>*H of ninnltinfl, hnve hi-o-itn'' iill-T^nfferftll 
Ihrntijfhmil thf' world. Vk'v ^rf tbis in Ihr Virror f«d* hy a 
H*nd<.>o whr> bn4k« his ewtc. an'1 in many other e«eh ^h*-»«. 
It woijlil 1m' dilVn-ult lo diflinciiipih ^<^een ihr n^morw fell 
hy a llird«^r> who ha* ikM«l to ihe temputWi of eaiinjc 
unclean fnod, from tfint fHI affer Nimmittini: a th«ft; but 
ijbe former would profaab1> h^ tbo more acYcrt. 




How io many abfiird rules of conduct, a» well a« n^ many 
nhMirri rc'lijciixja bela-fc, lm\u originatoii, v*-*i 'in ii-jT kuow; 
nnr how it i* lliut fJ»ry Hhvi^ brfomr, In ull c|ii)irlrrii nf Ihi- 
worlds 60 deo|il> impn?«9*?(l on ih^ m\nt\ of inmi; but it U 
worthy of rcinurk llint a bclitl cuiieUiiiIIv iiLcuk-utc^d rturirg 
Ihi* purly yi'Hrfi of lifr, wliilnl tiu- liniiii is iiii|in*B*Jl]|''. n|i- 
pcare to acc|Uiro almonl thi» uiitEin* of ah irAtitii'1: an<i Iha 
vpry rwi^mr of nn intiliucl in Ihat it h followed indcptnd- 
pntiv nf rrtiKnn, Nc^ilKfT emt wir pny wliy r^irnin mlininihle 
virtues, tufh as Iho love of truth, art- iimcN nmrt highlj 
a|}prv(]6ii(^l by suine *avH^ tribes than hy others;" nor, 
a^in, why fiimilpr i!ifri'rt*m'e[i pn-viiil even aiiioiigitl lii^hly 
Civiliaod nnti<in8. Knowing; how firmly lixi>U nuiiiy t^trangc 
cubtoiua and 6iii)i-i'tilition» hrtvc becoiDc, wc n^'cn feci no 
•urpriiM* tlirtl Iho Btflf-ry^'iiriling virtues, supported as they 
arc by rnwntt, nhould nnw iif>|>i^ar to m^ »o iiriljnil as tu Ih* 
thiju^ht LonatL*. although they were nol valued by man in 
hii i*ar]y condition. 

Notwithstanding many sourcoF of doubt, man turn gt^n 
crally and ri-adily distlnj^uiali iM'lwfi'n Ihv ht^hr-v -ind lower 
moral puIob, llic hicher an? founded on thp ■jocinl inalinctBj 
and rchitc'to Ihc wflfnTi' of othi^nt- Thoy fire *uf>[iorttd by 
thi^ A[i[ini1in]iiii] of our re11<in-nu*ri »nd hy reniutn, Thi^ low^r 
niW. though Home <►! them when implying eelf-*acrifico 
hard!)' dowcrvc to hv cullvd lowrr rclutt chu^ily to m^lf, mid 
arisp fmm fiuhlic o[>ini«ii> iimlnn'd by r\[H'rii'rh'i* him\ taUi- 
vation; for thoy ar« not practised by rudo tribes. 

Aa man aavaiiL^e« in civiliMitioii, and txnaW tribu atp 
uniterl into tar^rr rnmmunitirji, tbi' *imph'fcr repiwin wtuiU] 
tell cneh indtvidiiat that he on^ht to extend ]\i» (social in- 
etincla and ay[n|»al]iies to all tht- mcmlH-T* of ihir satnr na- 
tion, though |ien*oii:illy uiiknowfi U> hiau Thi* point lu'ing 
once reached, there « only an artiJieinl barrier to prevent 
hia eynipathica extending to (lie mvu of a\\ ^jjlii:ma< aiul r^m. 
If. indeed, «uc-b men arvBef>arflk4t frnrn him by ^n^nX difTc-r- 
CQiH^ m appoflrunco or hnliitn, n^pnHenci? nnf<*rtanjilHy 
shew* n* how long it ir, l>ofor« wc Wk at Iheiii at our Tl-IUiw- 
crrMturi^H 8yin|Mtby Iwyond Ihe t'jrrfiiieK of man, Oijil ia, 
hunuLiiUy to (he Iowlt ummali^, sict^ini' to be one of the liitcvt 
moml acqmKitioni^p It i« spparcntlv nnfcU by aavai;-es ex* 
<«pt towgr^fl th'>ir y-ets, flow liltte the old Romans knew 
of it ifl ahown by their abhorrent tfladiatorial cjthibitionrt. 

4iCiW-l intftJtnf'M Mti uu'Hii ^t Mr uiMnUni- t» ibo Th*afjr of t^ttunl 
W«tl«n< in 'KrlPnUfl'' *»Hlmrff>.''Sj^pl. S*!ocliOD,' 1970. p. AM. 
!&» 14B|>, null niuEc fiiU/ m bk'C<ii- 



cjur, rr. 



'the wry ii!«a ot buni«uitjF, as Tir v I could nlmenw, waa 
m-w to QifAt uf ihv iJnuchm or tlir r>m|jAi. Thin virlui*« 
oac oJ th« noljlofll with which man xf eiidoveJ, iv^tiip U* 
Vtiv lUcJil^ulalK fi'oui i]Ur bj/iii^tliiea bei'iJiiiing nrntv t^titlvr 
and monf wiiltiy diirii*t*(l. unul tlitfj' ar* Mt*od«l to all 
»caikDt bcin^t. A* *at>n an Ihix virtue it honoured nnd pno- 

^tiwd bi »uiiiv few Liieii. it #pivadv thri^H^li iTifll]-ui:lKm and 
riuiiipltf \v tli(- }'i»un^, uud tvenlutilly bMoin^d moorporaivd 
Hi ptitlic opinion. 
The hiyJu-vt iics^ible f^*^* in moral rulhiiv i» whrn we 
rvcogniM Aac ve ouj^ht 1<i ei>ikfn>l our thi^iif^ht^. and *' not 
ibvcfi in tDnuwt thouirkt to think niniiii Uic -lin-i thnl tiiudi^ 
tiie |iliit no plmMLitt l<i lU."* " Whdti-ver niiiki-H may Ixid 
ictioa familial Ic ilip inind, rend^rv iU performance hj eo 
lascb th« ttAitr. As Mari-iie Aur^lJVJft long tgo euid^ " Bueh 
jn iin^ tii> hHbilUHl thoiLf^hlK, Muh aim will bn thr rhflnt-lt^r 
of thj" mmd; for the w-uil ia dvpd by the thoughts-'' " 

Our gnsa< jjliiloaophcT, BLitIxtI Sj>eiK.tT, hue roi«ul!> 
rXjJjiilH-d bin virttift (HJ ihr HlOMd ftVlW. Hr «iy»," ■* I bi»- 

IJpxf that Ihe <>i[.ir'n*^nc*'* <>f utility or^wniewl and t*ynfltili- 

it*^ thri>ii^-h aU j^ast ;^L-tJtrttlii>ns of t}ip htmiTiii nit-i". hate 

bwii )]rcxlni.-inic ri>rr»poniiii3jc nunlifirution*, rth»h- hy win- 

tioiiod tnknsiBi«fiJ>r and AiTUtnulafion, haro become in uii 

eerUiii facultira of mural inlujliuu — ifHaiii emolioiis re- 

■pundtDfiE 111 ntfht and nrong ciarduot, whirh h^vt* no ■■J[>p*r- 

ont busia in the individual expcnenccp of uiility/' Thrro 

m uol ibe lr*al iiiliPn-Hf iTiiiirolialiility. a.* it m*iilh tu uie. 

in viriucju* tondpncLM \iv\nn mow or lost strontfly inhtTiTed; 

r, not to meittioii Ihr varimi^ diBpfiPHJtii>rg and litibitsi trans- 

ittt^ by niuijy of fmi~ dl»lnr'^].K^ HriiiLLJiln to ttirir utTaiiriiijti;. 

1 biiv hu«rd of aiilhi-nt]i- ta*"; in whkh u diwjro to lUnl atid 

a i*ndc«icT In lie* oppeaK-^l to inn in faniiUoi^ of the ufiper 

raitk^: ii>d as ^tfaliiLf; i^ h rare c-riintf in the wnalthv dtir^^-^, 

w* ^n lurdty a^-wmci by uctidc-ntul eoincidtia^i' fur Ibo 

tendency oecurrinK iu two or three memher* of the Mme 

frnmily- If liad Ivndeneiea are Inn^iuilted, it h pnthblile 

that ^od oii4« £r« liki^wiBfr trtiumitu-d. *rhut the tXatv of 

tJifr body Ly afFet^tii^j; the brain, ha^ prent infliieni^r rtn the 

iiHinl t^ndraeiPA in known ^o rrott of th^i^p vho have niif- 

1 fn>m «hh>nie deraii>:eim^ntjj uf the difreEtji^n or |]^'@^ 

he s^mc £nct ia likeiripc iihewn by the " pcrrerfion or de- 

« ' riM Tlicufflm of Ujc Ki4|>e«tfr <■ U^umv Mr, HUl Tn Buirj't' Mcn- 
II- AuralitoAatooiiiiHit'Et^-tninvLit-, tel and Moral Aaiuoc,' 1»CJ|, p, 7U& 

\WS ** '^ 

the earliest 

insanity is no- 

principle of 

^''*'Kv"'irtUn"'!N>»'t'«' tranamiflsion of virtuoue tendencies 

'u\ \,. .1 ii"*-'!''« a^^BtaTice to the primary impulse 

* ■ ' .rllv ""*1 indirectly from the Bocial instincts. 

us tendencicB are in- 

anch caacH as chastity, 

. c-j that they become 

li^nntl nil Ihii nu-ntal organization through habit, in- 

A iVilhnu f..r ^» Moment that virtuous 

(; ' V .MM|.^""«H>r^'>'»^*»l*'^^t*«>ftinBu. 

, - v, U^ ">ty t.. animals, &c., 

. \* .k.nI nil Mul nu-ntal orsfanizatioi 

.„., „ U'A li'-t III tin- KtMi>fKlcfor hfe. My chief source 

,^f MnuM Milli ("'""["^''l *>' n"y f^^ii'li inheritance, is that sense- 
|iiHK< iM'iliim"- ""|i"'i"1iii<'nK. iind tastes, such as the horror 

^^f It Mimf'"i fm ^h^in fii'ul. ou>rht on the same principle 

1^, \h. I kithliol I tinvr iiol met with any evidence in 

mHIM'"'^ mT 11"^ hmmnilMilMh nT HU|H'rHUtious cu^loiiis or aense- 
lltMH li*((flli^ ♦i)llii'M/ih III ilnrlf it If fHThiips not loss probable 
ititHi I*'"' **>*li*>«l" "\it'M iiripiiri' inhcriled tastes for cer- 
I II hi l>ii^il" "T fiMhl Mr rmr nf rrrtniu fm*H. 

I'ltiidl^ ill 'fd irihlini'lKt wliiih no ilouhl were ac- 

iiMH^d liv Hmii iii« liv lhi> Lkurr niiiiiuiU for llio ^ooil of the 
i.tiliiMi"'i^l ^' ^^ ^" r^i'Mi Mir iiiHl luivi' ^ivoii to liLin some wish 
t ,1 »tlil l>l^' tl )l>k>i II. nniin^ Tiii'ljii^ itf M'lnjmlliy. hiuI have com- 
Lfi^lliii III Ml !>■ M'jikuil tlii'jr u|i|ii'ii^iilton nnd dir^approliiition. 

tfiitff 110^^1 "ill liii\'' Mrrvi^d him ill a very enrly period 

ilii ii MiJii Mill' nf iU')il 'U^d HToii;:. Hut iifi iMOii ^Tiuluiilly 
itiluiKi hI Ih Hiii'Mi'i iiiiil [>MWi>i\ nnd wufi mnhli-d to tniec llie 

lHHii' i*^<*mh' nni"('i|m'i H oT his lUlinns; nn he acfiuired t'wi- 

\\\\i'\^\ l\U'»\r'U"' l^> h^JiTJ biiucrMl cuslomH am) superati- 
|liai>*< n" \y*' ti^jiiiiili^kl iMnnt and more, not only the welfare, 
\i\\\ ll*i' hhn|iN^i"'" of Itin fi'Uow-nien; nw from ludiil, follow- 
\ti^\ oh lii'tu^llMul i^t |hkttiiiiri\ iiirili'uc-lion and example, his 
^\ in\"i\Uu^i' \wln^\n^ umvv \v\M\vr and widely iliffused, ex- 

titltdiofi li^ I id idl iKirn, to thi< iinhccih>, muimed, and 

tiHo t o-ii'K'"" mi^hd^rin nt Kudelv^ mid flnnlly to the lower 
Hliun^Ut "*^ Moidd hio hlimdani of his morality rise higher 

• hUti<M«.i / lL,kl) iiihlMllia,'lB70.p. (JO. 

Di^l ir-] 


(***». IV, 



liifthor. Afid it ii admittwl b^T luumliiU ot Uio «lmvD- 
'T MiiuMfi And by AOinn inhJittornHM. UiaI Ihr ^nffliidAn] of 
inonililj biiH HM-D >ijiii'r ikit vArlv jieritu] in Ihf lii^l-'ry of 

Aa a )htni|!i£lr rasj fomctinKn Ijc mnm i;oii>£ on btlwecn 
IP viiHouii iriiiinHit nf llir bivri'r nn^nknU. it iv not Kiii'j>riN- 
tluil Ih^rv th<f 111*! be » Atru^k' in nian b^U'wn Lia social 
ijjt'tB, willi tbeii tltriiwi virtum, ami Iub l^rttcr, iIujurU 
rinii-tjUhlv rtrv>n^r liiipulN-f or iJcitir***- ThiK, mm Mr. 
Ulton ^ iio? r^in<irkf<d, ii^ All thf- l(«e s^r^mitt^, fl« man bus 
tierg«{ (rciui A ftAte i>f Lmrbaruin nittiin a ci^ingiamlivrly 
tent j»erio<!. Aftvx huviiij- yivltl«U to iome icuiiimtiou 
feci a f^ciLAi' nf <iifBUitiiifnHLoii, Bhamt^ rrT^rtitniioo, vr tc- 
trrie. aiiubj;!>jiJt lo llir fiTTiiit'^ cfltiMtl by otTiei puwt^rful 
iih'14 or Oivrri*!, u'hi'n K^H uc^lulk'NJ ^r baulk?>ij. We 
llDlotc thr wp^kr^niHi irii^kiwioti of il ynri tcmTitfltiou wKh 
■vi'T piVMinl AT)* j«1 iiD^iinrcn, or wilh hnbitit. ^iiiiiprl in 
irN- voiitb flni siren L'tlit'ii^ dwiiiig "nr ivliolt? hvpi, until 
tlicj Iiiiu: bvcumr ulinoft ttu fltT*jnf: as LuslmL'ra. 1/ with 
IP t till pf a I inn fttill brfon* lu wr tU* ual vii^lcl, it Ik Ih-itjuw 
ilw social instmct or some riHU>m*i^ nt tb? mnm(*i3t 
laiEiinant. <'t Ix-rflBm* nc Lttt« Itftrul thaf tt viU ajipoar 
UK hurt^jift^r ihr strm^^T, «b«n riaii|m>n.l wilb tbi- uxiik- 
^nf j iti fir^^^i I )ii^ Iff llie tcn>plfltinn, nnd Wf rcnlifuc Ihat itri 
&o]a[]iJ|] fhijuUI ULUH* UA biia^viaji. Lfookiu;; t^ futuxi^ g^a- 
~i-rjiUiMt», ibi'fv }* ]>»> rjinw* lo fiTir thuX ihv HU'inl indindu 
vi)l ni'ciw «<*t''r, nrd wr nmy *iyM*ct tbnl virtuons Imbils 
ttiU ijr-iw *tn<uj;'.-r, breominj: ic.'ilrai*? fin'd lij ijihivilaiut'u, 
Jti Ibi^ t*»4i* ilii- hiriij'j^k- WiwcL-n utir liinbrr and K^wlt iiii* 
|nldv« uill U.' Utu M vi-re, juid viHuc iriU T>c UiumpbAiil^ 

Svmnortf »>/ fhe lust ttuti Vhnplfrt. — Tht-w cm bt no 
»iil>t IW |]|< ilifTrrvm-r- Lf^worn the minil of tbcr lowrot 

II «ii*l tli4it of Ibr iii>!ln^[ nnintJil i^^ inm"nt**. An an- 
iri;|H>m»T^il)one /ip**, if In- t'-folil inU' a lb^Jnlh*^^^^no^^■ vu'W 

hi£ ovu cnM-, Would niLniit tbiil tbtm^li bi^ luuld form 

artful pliii) lo pititidpr n j-^inWii- — Ibntij^b li^^ roiild iiiu' 

inr* inr \ieUt*nji ^r f<*r tjrt.'akiii^ opf» nuts, y^t llint ih* 

loughl t)f faflliioninif a riuiic inlu A ti»l wjui quite hvyauA 

iw ' r July, l«*^ p '.lih, w*il] r»- rnlit*f> tv<»iu>.' nrt», p Mfc Thi- 
Mv«l*/ «>l. 1. (^^ 1«4i Hviu to k (nvrn Ti^ttit «inJ wtmje- 

" ' .<lt«iaM ODHIckE* lIitffDDCL. 




hi* wr>p*_ Still Irw, IK hi* u-«uM Ailmll, tvmlil h' follow 
cul a troiD f^f mctapliyf'irsi n'oeoniik^, or edv-* o nialht?- 
mHlical jiriibUm, oi- rtflrtt vn iM. or 4<l>iui'e a ffntni] iialu- 
nil *t^ifinv ScjrH*- ILJJVW- liowt-vor, vrjulJ |iroW>]y ilwlurt' thai 
thfv couM nml (f^l Miniirr Ihc hcniilv of th<^ ojl'^'ur*:!! *kiti 
uiid fur cjf tlii'ir ^larlui^i'Ji in iiiurim^-. Thi?y tMHild dJiiiit. 
tlml Ihou^h rliL^y 04>u1d lEiuke otfirT n^tL-fi tiudervUwd by cHi.'S 
som*' nf their in'-.nvption? und 3i»i[ilfr ^viitLl^, iht? notion <if 
pxp]r)<^in^' flfllitil^ Mpflfi by ilfflriti- wfiiriiU hfltl ni-vt-r crrrtwi.! 
their iiithijit The\ niiji^ln insiht thai thEry nifiv ready to aid 
Ihrir Ft-ltow-ap(v of thr name ttviiip m riuiDy wayj, tn rtak 
Ihrir \'}vfK For iln'tn, niiil in foiki- 4'hnrp* nf tljoir i>r|ihim*; 
but th«*y wi^nld be f«r<*d la avknowlwlg*? ll»ut dipint^reMed 
law for Jill living,* i-fcali^r«, lliu most miLIc ulthbutc of 
mill], UHn i]iiLtr bi-yiind Ihcir ciiiiipn-hriMJoii- 

NpVi^rtbole's Ibo difference m inmd Ihctwoon mnn and 
live liifc'bei" aiiriiidiN ^real a* it la. rejtaiiily is uiif of Jt^-iee 
iind not ijf MiLtf Wc hnvp i«-i-n tlml llir «*ns<'f* nml mJui- 
liorif, ihe vorioiift v'liK'tion* and fncult^^ff, mich a^ lc\o, mem- 
ory, flttciilum. trurioHilv, imitaliou. reasou. &e., of wliiclk 
nmo t>opiU, iiiiiy U- found in mi incipictnt, or vicn luiinetimVA 
in n voil'dtveloped eondilion, in fhe lower aciniab. 'Vhcy 
ttrt mini iiiiolIiIi' nf nmir iiibi-rili^l ii[i|m)*tritK^iit, n^ fti- we 
IB th« dom^lic d'*j; fom^Jrircd vilh tht* woU or jat'kal. If 
it could \te iJiuved thfll (vrLkLit bi^b iiw-itlul pouciy, autrh 
an the fnnimlicj*! nf jfcnrrjil c'onf'p|>l5, nirH-oriKi'iotHneHK, 
*o,. were ob*ol»iklv iJ'vnliar Xo mnn, whirh ArMnj! ,'VlrrmHy 
itcniblfiLl. it \n lud LrTi|M^>Wilr ihai tlieae ijuulitie^ aiv tiiii'rely 
fli* iiioidpntJil wiHolti: of olhrr hiirbly-ntlvaiuA-d inUlk-etugt 
fat-ulli^: and ihcft airain ntainly the N-^ult of the contin- 
ijril 11T4' nf a jn-rfKl taii^uiiK^. At »bal a^^ dtw» tlie new- 
hiym infant jift^scfr tbo power nf abidraclinn, or boet^UH' nt^t* 
ironicion»« nnd rofl*x*t on iU i>wn existence? We rnnnol 
aTWtter: Tt<»r ran up khhuit in rrv^irtl lu ihi* HHi^^ndiit^ or- 
^iinic^ mvL-. T1ii> ItaK'Urt. half'tiis'tiiict of Imi^nui^i^ ^tiH 
hvaTf< thr ^t^inj) fif lIh enidiisl <'v»lDtioii- The ennublin;; 
Ih^lli'f in fi'id iH nnt nv^lvfr^l with innn: nnd th<* lu-lirf in 
fl^nnln^il U)^^n<^n<J nrifurLiliy fnlLtnci fr>m 4 4 her mental 
jh>wfr5, Thi* nK*Tii| *^iw |x-rl^iu|iB' filTotds (tic br-t nncT luuh- 
fM dinlinrtion bctveen man s\nd fhp lowi'r anfiimliii IjuI I 
iieetl say autbiiiji! 011 Oiit- heud. uh I have bo lately ondeflr- 
»urn1 lo idiew thni Uir nwu\ iii-ttlncLH* — tbi? (>riiiic princi- 
ple af tnarr* iiioril r*>nfllit»tiou '* — utilh the aid at au^liw 


ta-IlKTbviiflitAOf Mofcun Aiir«tliA'A&.p, U>- 

vP, V. 



int4>IIffr1u4l powrm nnd thr* ofTortft ai habiU Dattinilty km) 
tu the golddi rulv. " Ac yv a'i>iiIij that im-i^ i^houlcl do to )mj, 
do yi* to llu'in likvuriA^;" unci tItU hv* it tb(» fcundaiioD ol 

Id Llie neil i^bA|jk-r I »hatl luakv uiptf fpv n>TiiNrVA r>[i 
Ihe probable aiojit anj mt^ftru! by wliicli Ihfl iw»v**r4l lucntal 
Aiiil mamJ fnn^uhKn of mnn hftvr boon ^railuultv t-volv4s]. 
Tlml Mich e^ijluliorj i^ nt l^a^E |>i»<«ii)i]f-. i^uj^hi noi io U^ 
d«ni«d. for «* dailj «t- Ibi^wi' rac-ullm ilcvfllopin); in ovpry 
infAQt: flpil wr may ttmr li [)OTf^Lt ^rai)ati>^u froui tbe iiiiud 
of nn niter m]mi<v loukiT limn Ikat at an mufiml lirW in Ihu 
ecikl^, to ihe QUod of a Newton. 



AdftikAiiutNul kjf Hi* iauJlwltuiS, loHan tlif<Ji]^i bjtlural Btttctiim - Emj->rtBD» 
itl miiiitmii— ^fcl•J Hid in<"»l furUkU'* '(iirJt 4t»<^n|anMIT ulrttii Utr 
liniiwur iltv B«ULe (F^U.' Nbluinl tdvL-Uuu lu «lT«cUu^ tif [livd DMJUii' 

TnR mjbjVbi Lo be di«ruw(\l in thijt chapter arc of the 
li}gh<^T infenvt. hnt tttf tn^to^ by me in nn impprf^^oi Aitd 
froffiriviJliiry inunilt-T Mr \Va!1aot'. in an ndniiniblo ^nit^cr 
befoic tcU'vTvd W aficiivfl *Uni mnn. after be bad |>4irtiu!ly 
acfjuir^il thoSP intMleHnni imd nbnrnl f^K-idtiei^ ^vllirb difi- 
tln^xti^b bini fnvm Iht' [o^tr auiiiKiIrt. u'oitid hvM* boon but 
little liablt* l»:i boilily nmilifrAtionn lbr4tii}cb iiatnnil Tteli-tUan 
OT Jin^ otbisr moa&ft. Per man vt onflbti^d thrrfrn^b biJ hh'wIbI 
faniltifii ** Ift k^*p irith an nnc'htnirt^l bodv m hannonv with 
tbp '■hanging nnfvrrHP** llo hut lermt funtrr at sduplinfE 
Jiie babilf to ii^ir «indilitJf^p of life. H« inrenU a^npooR. 
tfioK nnd various iitraln^inin lii iictjcurtf foori find to dofvnd 
him^f ^VhtT ho mi^^rati**: inlci ji rnldtT tllmnl*' b*- utv^ 
clotbt-s bnild< pbt^lii. oini Tri^k*^ lir^; and bv Iho nid of fiTi> 
iooki fiKjd irUirrwifi- iridivr*tililf Hi- aids hie ftllon-mcn 
in manj' wni-R, «nd iiri|i<-L[iAti>«« futiirt i-vcntii- Kvi*n at 4 r«- 
mote ixrimf hv practUod »om« divi^tou of Inbotir. 


• ' AUlkfOp>l(«i<«l bvit*; kU^, UM, f. 4trIlL 



PiVf I. 

Tbo low«r animals. <fn Ilit* otJior Uartd, niu^ have thifir 
hodily stnjcturc uiodilUd in ovtUt l^i survive imtlt-n" givotly 
rhaii^'i^J i-ixniiiiionn. Tht-y »»li»( V remkn-d hlrongrr, or 
Aoquiro luurL* <rlti'otiv« f«elh or olawA, for Oi>fi?n«e RgaiD«T 
ncfl' (Ttn"injcn; or they muflt In? rcdut^ni io size. »□ aa to e»ui|ip 
detflHif^H mid ■Ijiiii.'i'r, Wlnni rhi-y iiH>rmi<- inifi ii cnlilnr 
I'liinnlt, iUvy iiiuel V^C'omi? clothed wilh Ihioki^r fur, or have 
tlirit (sunlit III ioniK nltcn^I. If tliry fnil Ei> It- fliu^ mudiiipJ* 
tlicy will d'Asr" l<i ptiBl. 

The case, howerer. ie widely differont, iw Mr \\^olls<^ 
hiiA rtiMi JLi:<|]<T insi^trfll. ill jtklj<JU Lo llit* iulellri'Iutfl and 
iroml fiirijhii'* of mnti. Thwip fui'ullir* iin- vnriahU-: luid 
wc hflTO every rvaeon ti> believe tlial tito varintionH tend to 
be iuheriltd^ Tlieri-r<in*, if iliL'v nrri- lon^n'rly iti liigli iui' 

fior^tncv to priiiu'i^al man nnd lo hU Li|R'-lLk4> prr>^-<riiiloTi, 
hey would lieve been perf(tl*d or advourcd lhrc>ni:!i nrtturul 
«tii.<i<noii. nf llii' [iiLrli iriLjKirlaiK't' <if Ihi- inU-IWlual farid^ 
tk¥ [bt-rt* can In- no doubl, fur niun majnly ^>ni'» lo ilK-m hifc 
prnMrninnnt pontlou in the world, AVe cdu scr, that in tho 
rudi^it *Tnte ot hkiKv, tIu* iuilividuMln wlm «i^ri' th^- iimiii 
fc^^-afiuUH, who mvL-riU<d and uavd lh<" bunl MfiiiMHis or tf'U|^, 
and who wcm br*t aide (<> d'^'fr^nd l!i»'iii^'|vf*fi. wmtld rraf the 
jfr^-Htril finnd)i>r of rdTiiiiring Tl*** tHhe*^, nhich inHm!*<d 
the ]ar)><«t number ol iik*u thtits t-jidowiiL w^M jni-TvuBe in 
uuiuljt^r and nitpplant a1hf^r lril>n, Nuuihers dr^H-iid |iri- 
oinrily otj thr monriG if tnhaUXt^c*', anA thit di^nda partly 
on the pHjrrieal nature of the country, but in a ruuc^li hi^luT 
degree on the uHh which iff IhiTfr pTOilisni. A* a Iribr 
int'rt'iiM-* and k vU'lorion*^ il ik ofirn *till fntlhor ircr^sMd 
hy tl»p flUorption r<f other tn'h*«,' The BlnLuii^ aiul j^tri-:i;:th 
of ihe men of a Inlie ure hktwidt i>f luotm- imiiorlniur fnr 
it« m«eeH, and lho»i^ depend in rmrl on th^ natnri- hth] 
amuuikt of tlu' food which e*n be oWiiit'd. In Kuruj^f the 
awn of lUt' ItrouKi" jteriod were viipEt!»oti-Ll lii h nu-v niort- 
notr#Hii1. and. judpn^^ from Iheir f^vord-hflndhu, nth 
larger handii:' but their (Oiecew was probaUy etitl mow 
due tu 1hi-ir «upi*norilT in th« arts 

All thftt tte Imow about tovjipiTi. »>r Jnay infer from thdr 
IraditionA and from old monunient*, Uir li't'tnr.'* of w^M:^ 
iH i|oite fcirgol(f*n by Ihe pretent inliAbitftiile, h|i*hw lliJit 
fron:i th«> remoteet times euoeeazifut iribis huvc bupplantt-d 


Lttr; 1101, 1^ t|]>. tUi 

t VorlLiT, 'fide Vud. Sa N«L* tlK^ 

cuh V. 



oUicr Irilx^-v. Kclim uf «'>1jdc4 or for^otli:!! tnU« Itdv^r btfcu 
tiisrovvn'd tlimuah«ut ihr ciitduM] r»»>n*>nK (if llir miih, 
[jn tic T*iM j'laiiifl of Amrrkfl, erul oji llio i«Jnt.'tl u^lnniift 
iri tlie I'doifW Uivni:. AI clii^ pj>?4^iiL \\u\ riiiliwd jinIiuuH 
arw I'VutivlLcrc *u|>|>|jiiLliii;£ tmrluirutiv tiutinii*, t-it'tpUcg 
uht^re Iho chnuitc v|»p^>6oi* a flco'lly liiiTrik.^r; and ikn-y ftiio- 
i.yvi\ nmlr)1)> tljiiit/li iml t'XcUihiwIy* Uirim^U Ihi^ir url^ 
Mhi<:li <kh> tht proJtK'U of the mtelbei^ Ii ii, Ui«rcforv, 
fnghly firobibli* iJuit with mnnkind the intcllniiuiL fariil- 
;if# huiv Ui'n mnirtly Jtij^J ^riiilu«ll_v tnTfi-H*'-] ihrni^h thiLii- 
rai jteje<rtj<in: tind Uit^ coctdujiori i^ ^flki^nl for our fitir- 
|wae^ rnd<>ubU'(]l,v it would bi^ inlrrv^lmif tti Inicr the tlr- 
rrln|jmriit of (<iit-li ta-^aimu^ Tnt^iiliy from th<> Ntjitr in whirli 
it ^li^td in \hi* l«>nvi sniJiiutn to chal m which lI eAialcf in 
rmiii; Utt titftther my ability uqt ktnyir\vdgv \icvtaiin thc^ iit- 

It ile;«TVee Doticcr that, as »rxH] u Uk- proccuitorb of 
uiaii twt^iGC fofinl (ni^d thi» [irobaMv occurivij nt ii tnj 

porU'^Ticv voiiM httvc' iit<-reoH<i, nnd niudi tnodifli^ th» id- 
Iiflltitiinl ii'mrr* m u way, tif hbiph wi* wp ofily tmrri in 
Ihtf lLiin'«r aninijilhi, Ap<^ aiv iniioh jilvn t'J miitalion, bb 
are llie Iimri^l navuytb: and tin.- Hiin|.jit' fact prei i^jtirly it- 
fi-rrci! io, thjil "flrr n litni- mi ■riiiml run U* luicv'ht tn ihe 
Aflme |>lnci^ by l^*> fanit' 8orl «f Imp, hlicvt? Uut antnL^U Warn 
by eiprrK-iiCP, Atnl imilatr Ihr- r/Lulimi iif olhur;*, K*iu, if 
HO]it<r iin«» miin in % Iriln*, mtifft )Ui)fA<^iciUfl tlifln th« othii-r«, in- 
ventod a mvr ^luirv i>r vrapon, or ^thcr meaii^ i>f aMAck or 
def^'jiiT', tin? filnifii-il nr^irinli^nnl* wilbout tbc wmialiiULV <if 
mvfb rtwtrinin|C pf-u-nr, irontd |>n>nipt (*;# ftthor momhpr* 
To imiUft^ liim; arK] rjil wxild iho^ (irtifiL Th^^ babituat 

firncliiv nf r«'4i iit'U iirt intitit likru-i.-M- in hjitii' ilt^hT d^^^ree 
flrt'li^li^rii the inli'il<"<!- If Uk* ni*w imT-ntirn ncir ar im- 
p>»rtAn1 (>rkc> th<- tntx' M'tiild innTd»(> in Diiuiber, i^preud, and 
Kiipplnnl otbfriril*8. In a triV thus ivndored mor? njiiot-r- 
'iu^ IhiTt would nlv^nyn In.' a mlbcr jr^vatrr rhnncc of tbi^ 
Urth of nthfT m|ipriftr and invcnlivi* moialKT!*, If wicb 
mt-n l**fi HiiWjvh lo irb><rit lhi?lr nipninl sti^ priori ly, (hi* 
chaiic^ of (III* birth of -<li1l niorv i&j;EM>iou? tTiC'ii)l>cTt would 
Ik* winc^hjil ItfUer, niid tn ■ rrrj miiaII fri^ir dj^idi-dly 
hpXtPT. Kv^m if Tbpy l^fl no rbiidrf»». ihc Tribe wfudd elill 
inclti'li* their blrod-nOuljori^; jimI it )%Hi Ihwii adrprluini'd 
by HfcrimUurj4jt ■ Ibut by jini«?rvijiH «od brvi'dm*; fmm thr 




?*KI L 

fuiiiilv of an imiiTifll, whii'-h when Hljuiehtrrrfi wji5 fouii<l 
lo bt iflh^lili.', (hi: <ir*ircil cliaroctff liub been i>ljtaLne>], 

Turuioi,' noir to lb« etx^ial and innml Eocultif^. In order 
tKil iiniiievAl nifii, <ir lln- ji]H-'1ikr |ini]^i-uitorft of niiin, 
ehoula berftii^p »<Mtinl, th*y JnHl^l liav^ ao^iiired the Miueiii' 
£tim1ivc ft^elint'B. wliidi tm\»r] other jtuinmln to Mvti in a 
E>u4ly; Htiil |]ii7 no duubt fxhiU(M IIl4^ fiiuw g;4-ni'rjl iIik' 
position, Thpy would hnvi^ frit nfimoy wh^n separated from 
tbi'ir conir8dc»« for wKotii lli^^ \vuuld imvir fdt m'Iui^ ilt-^rL-ir- 
of Li^L-; Ihey would liHie u-tiritnl tjiili nllirr of dait^ir^ ind 
littVL' ^ivtii mutual nul in attiioL or dcf(7ii<'C^ All ihh hu\thvi^ 
n^mr di'iatT of *T]n|iathy, fidolHv, and courajje. Such Kcnal 
ijunliti**-, \hi> paranirtiint rni|xirlaiUL' of whii^h (o llii? Uwvr 
uiuiiialfi IP dift|»uttHl li_v DO oiiCt w^rrc no dmiht arqnijfd by 
IJir |iiiit:rnitoni of man in a Hiniilar nmnni?<r. riiunily, Itinm^li 
naiurnl ^el^^cnrn, Atd^ by irthertt'^d habU- Wtu-u Iwo tnb^K 
of pnm«vBl man, Uvmjc in tht umc country, cfimc into 
c(impotirir>[), if (otlirr cIiviiinAtiinvr^ Ix^ing H|uan tlip on* 
ttW^ iiK'li]di>d n ur^t number of oourat^oous. aympattioUc 
und r«ilhful m<:mljci'fl, wJio ft-rir fllnnTn ready lo Viirn narh 
oHuT of dHnp**r, fo a'u] nmJ d^^frnd pjicIi nthrr, ihU iHIm' 
wouJil dtiot'tjfxi boltvrand uoT»<|Urrfhf olJivr Irf! it Vv bonio 
in Kiirjil !ion nl!-imjHirlH:it in Uie nt'Vrr-craj^iiifc' warn of mv- 
sj^pj, lldolity snd i^Miragp ninat W. Tin- iidvuntiLgf whic^h 
iIiB<'iph]i'-'d r(olilii.TA bAvi- oior umiitfciplmod hord^t fullnwe 
fhii'fly fnmi thr oonfdi-nci' wliii'li i-jidi nuin ftrU iu hia 
comradoA, 0*»cs]i*i)fe, ne Mr. Bfifr^htit Ham well nhuwn,* Ia 
of thtf TiLflM-rtt rdlui.% for any form of govommcot ]« bctlt^r 
than nnni^, SpIRkIi and rontnitious fifojile will not coherv. 
and witlioiTl eolji-wnk?!* nothmif «in bo cffocltni, A trib* 
rirli in Ihr nlnivr i^ualilirv would ti}>ri*ad and be vitioriouft 
i>ver nthpp inlMSt hut in llir cimrn' of lim^ ir MOuld. jitdg- 
injt from all i>aet Jiiftiorv, V<? in IH turn ovprtomc by ttom« 
othi-r IrJhr Mill nurri^ hitfHly *iidiyifed. Thu* the *0<:ial 
and mnnil quAlitict woukl tind »lowly 1o advance and be 
diffiiffNl Uirnugbont the woHdn 

But it muy Ix- Jkiknl. bnv uitbiii llic limits of lli^ namr 
Iribi' tltd n Urtp* niimlHT of m^mb^rv firtt beoonie endoai-d 
with tUwe Miciat and moral (tnnUtic^, nnd how was lla' nland- 
ar<! of pii^lb^inv t«iit*d? t1 \h H^lremi-ly <l<iuhtful AvbHhtrr 
\hvi olTiifrinf; of th« more vyuipulh^tic And ben«Toknt par- 
ts™ 4 iTinBrV*Merefir"'/#nlcl« l****; July 1, IMB, ■ifioa MPWiulfl 

Phv>imu4 l'«1Iti».* Enth* * rift- pDbUthod. 

ttr Kvrlcv; :r«ir. IMT; April 1, 

CmU, v. 



eutfy <>r of tho4« who wrn> tlit* mneti riiflifii! to thfir e'irn- 
ndf4, vi^uUl be rv>Arr4 jn j[T«atcr nurnVn tlinn Uli' fhJHn'ti 
nf eelHuh himI Infuiirrf^uv pureiiU lieluu^jag to iLe nnm^ 
thiw. n« who tm rviLdv to Hlc-^tlil-■t^ hia life, a« iiiad> h 
■■n^ bu been, rather than Wlray hU (Ml1lrn(I(^^ nonl<] 
<ifti*ti Imvi* lui uirsprLii^ !■■ iiilienl luh ik'TA' ndliire, TIec 
hravofit mrn, whii w^n- ii!wA\'!t utklkr^ to <'fJiHf 1** ihi* fruni 
in war, dn<! ^ho fivcly riiik^'^l Ihrir h^cii for oihfn*, ^vculd 
oti tin iiit'rri^-4' jirnsh in ljr;;*'r rumWr* \h>t\\ i-ihcr mrii 
Th^^ivforn it linHtf i^-v-tuv |iru>iflMi^, lli-it th* nunibpr i»f in*n 
^if!^d witli «kIi vjrtuw, i-r Ihut tht fUuuhnl of thL-ir ci- 

«, by the «urviviil nf Ih* flttuirl; for vtv ir^ iiol h*ru ^jioalc* 
inp of one Iribo btiog vK-(i>rioTi» over annlhcr. 

Although the cirLiirntiTamva, lefl<3m|E t** an incrwwp in 
Ihc numW of tho«ii? ihur- ondowtd tuitlun llie mnw ink*, 
ore too complex to br ricnrlv frillr^wrd out, w (tiii trnrc! 
ftom? of the pro^sMi" <^pA In ih^ fw^t i^ni^**. ns thF> ppa^inn- 
ini: poutrrsiind fop*»Bi^ht o( thi: mumtfrnv ^jultiiiil- iiii|ircjvuj, 
wii^h nwn wnulil Mkon kjini tW if he Bhtrtl hi* frllow-mrn, 
he wonld commonly Kc^ive aii-l in reiiiro. From IhiH l?n' 
motive lie mij^lil Ji^quir^ the hotMl of nidmj; hU fL'IWn; 
nnil Ibr hnbit <if pi^rforruin^ liciicvolcnl jrtioni^ c'^tUjiiIj 
jtfrniTth^ris ih4* f^t-Tin^' of «7mj»alhv vhic'h gix^% Iho fir*l 
iTDpulw t<* U'lJL'vok'tiT inLtr»n*. llntiits. morto\Tr. followed 
during; duiiiv ^^rniTntioris pn^imMy I»'tk1 tn }»• iTfclii'riti'<!, 

Bnt iinothc-f iioH nnn'h mr*ri? iniJMtTfiil PliiriuUtr to tli« 
dcvH''4inn!iL| tit tbc wxjrtl virliitn. is jiirorrlrd by ihr pr/iinci 
Aiid tlir liUmi' I'f (Hir frltow»tm»ii- To IIip tor^linrl nf flym- 

Cilbr, HE wr hsvo sln^iiy *roTj, it ie pnmanly due, thdt wu 
nbitiintly beel'jft both ynthe And bluinc nn c*thciii, wliil&l 
Ht li»Vf fliT* foritirr riml duwJ tbr Utl^r whpn epplied to our- 
■^Jf«»; and lh» imtinct nn ftouM u^h ori^imil]y acqiitred, 
lik« aU th^ oth«- social iuattnHs, tlimiiifb n^iLunil wlivtinn. 
At lio« early A period ihv progrrilnrs of man ir the oouive 
of their Jorelopmijnt, became capobk^ of fcrlin^ nnd bring 
impclkd by» tbc pfai&c or blamr of tln*ir frMi>w-i'n5»hirf^. 
wr fTAcirnt of courio »jy- Iliil it apprnr* Ihjit ev^-n dngg 
3ppn<iflto tTHxniniffcnKnl. prniei', and blwixkr. Thr nulrjt 
Mr.iifr* frcl the wuliiUL-nt of ;?Uiry. jt,* (h*'y i-l*'nrU «Im>w 
tiT pTn*<jrvm;f Ibe tiiiphics of lhi*ir nrowtvn, bv lh>>ir hubit 
of DXC«t«xve hftanlir^, nnd even by llitf extrvnic cnrc wliich 
they l*ki» of Ihnr TH-r>uM^il a[>|)e»ntm'p "thI dci'cuTilinns: for 
tinl«i» thev rt^-anlvd the o;union of their comnidce, auch 
habile ^^*ild bi w^nwlcw. 




Part L 

Thoy certoinly fovl ^huinc nt Uicr broach of »omc of lh<'ir 
loMtr ru!vi<r ntii] jii>|niri-iitly rcmc^rMv ocv >lic-wn hy lliir (.ase 
of th^ AifVti^hfln vhi> grt>\r ihin unci i^otiM nol ri^^t (rinii 
Eifiving ddavod to inurdo' dome other wun^o. ^ fle to ^- 
pitiale liift tfta*! wifi-'n ?*|nril.. Tli"iii^li I haw imi mi?t with 
nvy othvr recorded cum*, it in firitrc^ly ttvdiMo iliul n tavBf^, 
whti wiU HiiTJftcc hh liff rfltV<T Ifinn In-tmy his Iribr, or otio 
u'lii) will dflivi-r IiitiiK'if V}' itt< h pri»»ii(-r rulLi^r Uljiq biedk 
JLU pruti^" vuuld anX tvfi rviuurew iii his mnic^t ioul, if ho 
liii(] fnili-il m A diitVi ^vhich lir hcirl Mt^fi-ii^ 

\Vi> iria> therrfon- ruiiHndr lha\ j>niii*\jil Hinn. nt » 
vcTV roniole iieriod, ^as inrtiii'ncvd by tlu- inaihio an^l Mftine 
of Flip fdlow*. It jfl (*bv»tu[i, ttint Ihu nn^rnVni of \hv name 
lnlj(< would ii])]iriivp nf cnndiKt wFiiih ujifiLijiiil eo LImju 
tf> U' f<>r thp {T^ncral pood, and would ri'iiroWtp thnl which 
appeartd evd. To do pood imt(> ijthen»^to Uif unlu othtw 
Htt ji' woulil thry nhoTjId do tii»t« you — is ihi- fciiiiiihititii)- 
*;ti>tic of mi>rnlity. It i^. lhcr*'forr', hnrtlly poftibli;- i^ o\- 
iit'^-Jtuto liir riiijjtirlauLf duriit;; rude liun-'t nt Iht' lu/e uf 
nniU' nm! the* drrjid (if hliinuv A innci who wn*i ni>1 irnprlh'd 
liy any dccK m^limtivc fcL*linjr. U\ ftitriUcc liirf life r»r thn 
jjood of olM'jB^ yt-I ufln nuiH-il lo *iith aclioiih by A oi-[iStf 
of glorj, irituld hy his cvnmrlo wcitf^ ihv <4inic wi*h for 
gloTT in oth*r inpn^ and vouid fllrtnirlhcn hy <"3icici>p ilii* 
iKthie ft^liri}^ of Hdriiinitrrni. Ik- rijf>-ht llitiK di> far tmirvj 
^■ood 1o hin Ihlio tlun hy U'^Ettirifi ofT^iiriii)^ with a teuduncy 
to inherit hi*- own high charaolcr. 

With irifn'MHt'il i-v|ierivTirt* and rra»on, mfln ficurivw 
the mori^ rt'ini^tc' iTiruJ^jTu-iKL-r; o( hte nt'tivvt^ and lhi> folf- 
iPEflrriinjT virhn*:*, *iic!i hr tt-mj^cmnrc, ch*i*tity» J:r,, whit^h 
diiririjr i>arlT limi^a mv. 8*1 w*- hniv Iifforp -y^en, iil.lrrlv dit- 
ivpurili^d. C'liit? to Lic hi(;h!v iMtveuml or oven held fticrcd. 
I nn^l rHil. hfmcvi-r, iv|Htir nhnl ! Imvu Mid on thi* hcjtJ in 
the fotirth i^hrtf tpr tTliimnteJy our moml tmw ni c<ifiKcirnwj 
boconicB a hi;;hly rotupkji (^nlniiecl — oHpnatinif m the «d- 
c\n\ iiuiiuctn.Uri^rly vuidrd by Ihi^ ■pproliiitioii of nir frllnir- 
mtn^ Tlihid hv rciii;nn, H-If'fnli>ml, und in luti^r time* by dct-p 
tclifriout fccliii^fs, aud conliriu^'d br inif[T\ieiion and hnWd. 

Ir nibfl rot Ih- firf^itlU'ii thin fLtllntu^'li h lu^-h himiduEJ 
of mnr4ilTly C'^*^ 1*"' " <3(phl or no itdviinlii^* to nwU mW^ 
vidiinl man %nt\ bw ■jliiliiivn ov**^ llit- <»thcr men of th'' iwino 
Irj^H', irl Ibfll nil irn.-r»-aw in ilv tiu[id»rr of ii»'ll'i*Hd<»vod 
m?n fiud an ikLv« net-in <rnt in Iho vtnndnrd of momlily will 


■Hr V«l|*r« «lv4* 

la hi! H'nDtnbubonB w th* Thoofj otf rffetunJ 

Cmi9. V. 



othi^r. A iritiv* iDciarliiitf innny mcniWrf nhe, from puMvw- 
Ing ill A higli Hr^rrp ihv f|hint nf ^xitriDlif^m. Ilrlelllv, obedi- 
t-ncft, eours^e, and trmfiaihy, were alnuyb rt^aiJv l« aid one 
tinntlifTp And to Mtnfici: thr^mnchv? for the C<»viTnoTi ^rxrd, 
iL'iuK) U< \-irli>rii>iiK nvi^r ihimI i>lh<*r trilirM; nnd llikn would 
|pa iiftlurvl Rt'l^jrin^ At all Umv^ (hrnii^-hoiil Ihc wnriil 
Irib--"* tittw BUfiplaiilnl olhi-r tnl#n; Htid nn momTit/ Ik ooe 
LiEi|virtanf rlriru ill in Hirir iiiecpw, thf^ <tfin^j4rrl nf morality 
nn<l th» mimlH*! of vrcll e-ndcvod men will tlius (■vocywiicrc 
tend to rise anJ uicrtat**- 

It i\ hunrvvr^ i-itry (lifUf^ult lo form any jndg^ment why 
one pniiifuljir thl« and Dol another ha^ btn-u suoconTiu 
anA ha* rwro Id the *vdle of civiliMlEOTi. SUiiy *avAK™ nre 
in tlie cirrke cwHliiioii as whrn firtt diEcovcn^l i±r>voral o^iv- 
turu*s niro. An Mr, Jtni^'hot han n^iHnrliyd. we are apt lo 

IrHik d( l>rO',|lTS^ At noiiiidl tii htiTimri -mirif^Ij; liiiL hiritnry 

rt'fiiti>4 tlile. TIk- iiicitn^ta did nrit (Tvvn ruicrtiiin tbp idra, 
Kor Uo Iho l)rivnt/i] iiAtioiiF at llir pn^Acnt dny. Accoriiicf; 
l>i ATinll'i-r lii^li jtiirhorlty. Sir Ur'try Maiiie,^ •" llw ^-n-flilci 
pari t'f ruinkind Itat n/vor tli*wri a particle of dt^irc* that 
it» a*il jantiimionn should \n: improved," i*rojrTw nccma 
to tieprnil on msn^ concurrent favourable ci»it1ittoiie, far 
too L<o«n|>h>x to \rc Followcrl out. it han oft«n h<*vn re- 
marked. Hint a cnol rlimnlr, frr>m trading to indiiittry and 
|n ili«> vftrioa;^ 4krl'<. lutt fiM'ii lij^hty fH\iiiirnhtf 1)ifir|j~', The 
t%i|T]muux. pr«*«d Iv liard n-^c^witj, have HTiecL-odiid m 
many tr):fnioTW inrf^ntirtTin, liut thrir rlimnti^ Im* Wn loo 
fii*iprr> frr rfiTititin™! T>rnt:rp« Virnwdir hnKilt, wlirthi^r 
r'Tic-r wide j-huiiK. vi llirMi:;j3i the donti? fori-slp of Ih** tVfpxB. 
or al*>ni: ih^ *horr* of ihr wn* havp in cv^ry raflo hrcTi hiRhly 
dfitrinuiiilal, WhiJFt oWrvinj; Ihr hnrlHintiiit inh4l>itantA 
of Ticrra dM t'urjro, it *1n!clt nio that the poewwion of 
9^np im*pi"rty, a fiss^t nVi mIp, nnd the- jniori o( nianv faini- 
livft Tindvf a cliipf, Wi»fn thi* indiKprnujil*!*' n'r]ui«ito)t for 
ovih^alK-B. Surh hdhitri nTnioal neec^itate the c-iJltJvntit>n 
i»f tlir jrround; urn! ihr fir*t sh*|w in cultivnlioii snjuld proli- 
flhly r«tih, ap I havo nltcwhrnt chi-wn/ frr»m *omc nu-h inv 
i-idirnl ad Ihi" seoifc of a frinl-lrcc fnllrn^ on o hcrp of rrfnpc, 
and pm^ahnic "n iinuMiiillj Tiiji- viim-tj. The piT.iMi.'iii. 
bowarvr, of th« fir«t nd*nn<<o of iiivn;:^!; towards dvilination 
tft tt iifToeot nuoh too difficult to he aolvcd. 

<*ABrtH l*»; IMI. p. W. Tor "Tlir- V»rt«Un nf Ar»ltn»k iTid 

la*; A|«|lL.HI«,r4U ^ov. 




Put L 

XniumI SflKtion tiacffitiin^ ViriHttd XaJwn^.—l hive 

hitherto unly (X<n«i<lfroJ the ndTnnrem^^rit *•( man fr'irn a 
Birni-hiiTti;!!! [riKiilillnii In tliul itf tht^ itxHiern svnttp:' Hit! 
fiOTDC ^cn»l^k^ cii the Jifhfm of nulurtil tL-k'oli'jn on tiviliwod 
nutiuLta may be w>trth uHding, Thift nuJijfvl iin5 htrn nM_v 
Jin'Uitaod h\,' Mr W, R ifrcif/ hikJ firptim:Rlv lir Mr. WnU 
inrr iijid Mr Walton.*" Mrjfcl r»r inv a-iuarkM ure taken ffoiii 
l.htvi? Hiictf flwOioi'*. With s^oiTifjes, the wmk in Wlv «r 
mind an> Kion eliminntoH: am] Ihoiw (hut Giimvi^ rnEiimnnl,v 
exhibit a viirorous *italo of ht-ttllh. We civilised mei. on Ihe 
other haiv]. do our uLruo^t fn rhn^k the? priH'uwi ^t elimiim- 
tion; lA'c liiijld shtIuttj: for th« imfK>(-i)oT Ihu mdiuieii^ und 
thi* Bitk; we inpliluti^ jioor-Iai^'i'i; and our nycdicol m<'ji exert. 
\\\i'\r nlm<wl flkill [« Mvi" ihc liff of eM'ry mit* lo Hit la&t 
m»>menf- Th^re it ^^^a*on to Vrliflvo Ihnt vin:dmitir>n hiii: 
jjii-HL'i'ved HLuiiaaniis who fruni a Ho^ik o>n9tiluCk>n nonld 
fiiniii-rl}" liBxe nin.nimlii'd ti> Mrwll-jnix. Tljtj?* |]ir uejik 
m<*mbflr* of tiiiliw*il noridi^i^ pmpnicute thyir kimL No 
one vbo has ntlciided to the iTtx^diug of dr>n]e«cic anitnnis 
will d{itibt Ihal thf» TikiiHt be hi^bly injurjoii^ lu the rai-^ 
of rouQ- It IX fnirpriKiili: how tuicrn ti wiml of cure, or cart 
wrongly directed, kadi^ to the deirtDeraticn of n tiomcriic 
race; but excvpling in tbr oise of msin lifmkielf, hnrdly any 
on« ia *o i^Durunt ub lu h]1<.iw he voret uniinnl* to brtcd- 

The nil! wbirh wr frej iiTi|H'llcd Eo i^Wr. In llir h^dfih^w 
In msinly irn inru^ental rraiilt of the in^tini't of tj'Tnpaihy, 
which ^t'oa onpnally ner^iiired lie |>art of thi.' soetnl lusliiu'l^, 
hui 3i]lhM:i|iu-iilly ternliTii], in Iftt iiiimtihT pn-vvniKly titcH- 
C'rtlttd, tnom li*nclor nnd moro widely d(fTu«>ri. X"r could 
w* cheek our ftvmpotJiy, even el the ur^iit;: of hard ruL44>n, 
wilbiiut ihTtmoralifHj in Uie iioblmL (mrl at our niiliire_ 
Th"? nur^con may hnrden h]mi4:ilf whiUi pcrfomiin^ an 
operation, for he know» thflt he It' BctiD): frir the ffuod of hiti 
jialipjil; but it ure utrt' inli'rifiiir>»!lv io ii<r;7ln-r Ihe umk 
and helpletu, it eouM only !» for a rontinff^nl h*"n"fit, with 
an fUTrffhelming pre*ent evil. Wi? mubt Miei'efui't' h»'ai" the 
undoTihtwlly Imd efTecU of th^ weak suniviag and projta^at- 


*<Fru*r'ii MivuiuiC ?qit iMIs ^. 

rvii nuriiiirk*f ila ««i«T* anil * rv|i>iiKt>4 
in tht '«f*pt*lrtr; 'Vl JH ■ii'l ITtli. 

1.^1. >n>l hy Vt L4«'»-n TiJI in IM 
■ii«,' nU 1M», wd b/ Mr, K, U^ 

•Ian.,* Jiiti ly ta'It. I hchc Ekvf^vdi] 
iJiM> from M^vi^ral 'if lh«B writ«i9L 
■< Fnr Mr- "AmUhip, vh ' Anihrnpcv 

Ml in * MuiiiitUn'* Winr^mui.* 
Aac-lM«tp.»ia: itlii&titaBrHtvoTk. 




ing their kind; but ilieT« appc^ra to br At Icift oar ohcck 
in kteady nHinn. iififiiHy TH?it 1ln:> wertker ami infpr'Mir nn-iTi- 
bcra of ftwioty il« not funrrv »■"» /rLvlv ad tlie isCitiiii']; ind 
thi* chi^ck might lie irdrfinifi^lj mcry-niH^ hv tic wx-flk iu 
boilj Of min^l rpfratnirg fivim marrijigp^ Ihnij^h (hi* in mori- 
to w liopod for thuu C3pe«|«d- 

Tn pTcTT roanlry in which « iirg^ nUndiDf; arm)' b kept 
up, thp linpKT vt^urtg mpu »rv rnkr-n by (hi* (xmscriplmn ur srs 
oDhaiod. Thov oiv Ihua f*ic|H.iH>d to oiHy daitH <J«riii(£ wnr, 
arc (ifli-n kmiitnl liilii vwr, auJ aiT* prrvt'iilCT.! from ciarry- 
ing ijurin^ th<* \mmc of life. On Itn- oIIut hind (lii* *LjilPf 
and fcoblcr mm. mt\\ poor conslitution^i, njv Irit *l Umae, 
uiid ixrnt^4Li4'ri1lv hav^ a itiueli b^ltvi chdiicc of ETiarryin)! 
aild propM^nlin^ lliL-ir kind." 

^Un flfcuinuUlr^ prnjKTlr nnH tfffUjriitTi* jt t<» his ihil- 

L. FJ> tfiJil tit'' i^Iiil'Irm fif till' rlHk I^m^i' 'Iil A<hHiil<ip^ dvrr 
(he p<M>r m llie nice for liiiceew, iodepemi^Tili^ nt hnjlily 
i^r Dicntal joijvnoriiy. t»n Ihc otlicr h^mO, the t^hilUrtn of 
pHivrU nho BTc Khnr1-liTi»<l, nnd arn thrrrfnr^ on nn wvprujif 
<io6cient in health and vigour, <-r>ine intn their prn|v?rty 
^ftowr than othrr rJtildrcn, taxd will he likrly i<* mam 
wiHiPT, nriH khvc h l*fy.'r nmnhrr of olThprinj; tr> inherit 
their mfrnor cr<n»liliUii>ri-H. Bu! thtr itthriilance ^^f prop- 
criy hy ifsr-if Ik rrry fnf trfin nu rvil; for vilhuul thr atvu- 
TnnUiii~kn of cnpilal ih^ art^ oouH not prijjn'*'^ ArttI ii U 
(■hi(*fl> fhpoiifjh thdr |>ovt!r Ihut the L'iv:Iiaed twt« havo 
tended, mid nn- tiow l■v^^yli^^^p I'llrmiinj! ihr-ir i"rtn;.*e. 
tf* lake Ihe pUee of iho l^iwer riwM^, Xnr doe« iho 

lerale at^ciunuUliou of wealth int^fere ^ilh the firocesa 
nt Mi^TiiMfT. Wlh-ti fl |n>or man ht'^mti-ii nind**niitly ni?h, 
hiJi cilildron rntcr trvd^^ or profc^AMnni in which thin^ is 
»tru|ecle er»un^h. ba that tho aide m bodv and mind ftcit^- 
ccvd nmt. The pn-^rm-i* of a IkkIv 'if wel!-iii'>ifrii*i''d nicu, 
who h-ivu not to idU-ni' for their dflily bread, w iinpt.rli*nl to 
a degree vrhieJi i^duijol W ovfr'e»timat«il; a« all hi^Ti intcl* 
leciual vork ti <:niTied on *!iy them, and on ^iicli work, nv^ie- 
nal projfTttj of «ll kmdfi nmmly dopcrdt. rot to niPtition 
other and higher adiaotajicK, No donbt Wi'alth when very 
(freol tende to roor<»rt n*n mio iui>]4'^ dron«. hnf their 
oiimW is nvrtr lar^': and some depw of elimin4Uf>n hens 
nrH-ur>, for w dnily ivt rieb ijicri, who happen to U* fooU 
or pT<*fligale. »(|U9ndk>riii^ nwar th^r wenllb, 

Vrimojfrnitnre with <'rilailca cslatci* in a tiiow direct evil, 



ViftT I, 

tliuvgh it innr f-^nii^rlv luive hivn p3 grral Jidrflrtft^i> lij th# 
crcatKtn i»f a ilorniuniU t'law, nnd onv £;ovi,'riir:n:iit i» Poller 
iJiaa iion'-\ MoM tlilt^l Mtu^. tliuuufi ifurv m»» Iw wt'iik in 
body ur miini, iiiurry^ wliiUr tho youii^irr >:(Hik, howfn-pr cupi^ 
ricf in thrive risjicrlii, ilo not sq gcrK'niUv mnrrv Nor can 
vvorlhltM (Mtvt HJ<l^ wIlli cuUtileil f.Hl^ilea jijuimiivr llii'ir 
Atultli, tiut Ttort, ni^ I'Ut-uLlior^^ tho roUittrin^ uf dvil:H0<1 
lifi* wrc ^ comjih'X tlint pnTn»> cf>rnjici;>ifltofy checks inlt^r- 
vmie. Tlie TNiTi nh<i av- rirh tJiirmgh prlmofci^hrtnri- iin* 
able to soleot ^nerAtioii after pr>ii4^ra1i»[i tlir moiv boniilifMl 
anri dmnrin^}; unmcn; ntid thi^H<^ mtut gfncrolty bo liealllij 
in ImmTt hthJ noliv<' iti miml. The vvW roti^^ijin^nw^, ■^culi 
a« thi^T may be, of ihe cDutmuod jirNhmnfltion -^f thf? .<u[no 
lino of dc&coikt. wilhout any [H'trL"ti<»n. r\iv chi-rkcd h\ iiicn 
of rank >iltttiy>. wihiiiii): tn rnc-rpndr r)fi>ir wp^Jlh And fiowcr; 
and tJtis they effect hy marrvii*;: ht'irt'M<*H. Hu( Ihi^ iLni^'*' 
lers ot jmruiitfl ivlm liit^r prodHtid wtikIi' £'hi!iln'ii, nn* [In'm- 
lu^lvrs. AX Mr. (Inlton'" hiis shcun, njit ti> hv» (Urilt*; nml Ih"* 
nolilo rAinili-?^ nrc cciituiuitlly cut cff m Ihe tlitxcl hnc. niid 
tJi^ir VL<nlth fl'^un illif* Hoiiir nirli^cliuiittiO; Init inifnrhiiulrlv 
thin i>hiinncTl in not 4lrtprrniD«i] by fiup^trinnly of nny kird, 

Ahhough ckvilii^ttoii thuA checkfl in mfiny waya lice 
aclioii nf nflliir«l H'U'ilitm, it Hi>|i*r*"nflj favour* the lu'lti-r 
drvv1r>|im(Tiit ol lie hoily, by mrnnR of j^ooil fi^cxl omi Ihc 
friTdurii frojJi (iccrt*i'in«l hardbhipe. Thl* inny be infcrmi 
fri>rri civiliM^il nirTi biivri^ Uvn nxind. fthrrcvLT cnin|<Ari^d. 
to b<* y>hy);irfliW ttrrtnj-or thiiii w*VAf"c>J-'' Thov an[X'ftr iitui 
to liHii' ifiUJti finHct> of eiidui4rircc> ut hiif ,br^n pmvpii in 
iiiBiiv wdvontiirirtin cji^iv^lithin*. Kvor th^ gtv-ai li:tiiry nf 
the rich (^nn b<- hut Iilt!p rfptrimt-iitAl: foT tht cxpL-rrflliuu 
of lift' <if 4^»ir fl]i6lt>i.nicyf nl At) Bgw ond of Ijoth wx"* i* 
rer>* little intmor to thai of bealtby EoglUli Uxes in Ihir 
lower cIah*o^'* 

Wtt will now Took lo ihf intrlWhinl fnrnltini. If m 
eioh pnifl^ of *OL'K?tT thf* mfrabrrs vvi»r(> diridrd inln htn 
r*qiinl lifxtiits Ihi^ o»c includiTi;; Ih^ inlf'lli^c'tiiAllv Fiiiitrrior 
nml fhi* r>Thi»r ihi* intrriir ihr^ir fitn br liltir <}<iTibl tbjit 
1hf foniii>r ^I'oidd HU(M^-f»d hi^t m all nocijpBtii-iiit, mid t^^nr 
n jTH'/itiT nunj})cr of cbildrrn. Kvier\ \t\ thf Iriwc^t uaWit- nt 
]ttt\ ^kill urd EiNlity mtint hv nf Mir»(^ mltiinlii^: thtiiigh 
in m&Dy occupntiona, owinj; tc thu gnat cbvU:oii of kbour. 

" QudifTrRtriK, ^Ea«ufl rim Coan 

Hftfv ill" flAti Hihl i^hIIi ■Wumni 
■C«inpvnll» L«i(*tlij,' mo, p. 111, 



A vory Hinftll omf. Hence in riviliard lulion* ihi^fi' will Iw 
aomv lendcDCT to nr incrct^o both m iht nutribcr and in \hv 
riJiutlard uf iW intrllMluiilly aUe. Dm I ilo not wia!i to 
oisert tlut ih'tt irntitrni.}- may not bo moiv thau counter- 
balanced in rthrr » jvr, m- hy rhc tnulti|>]i(4tiAii of the rctlc- 
tpM arv\ iJii|i[uitJi.-ri1, bul ev«ji to audi Uh tti«ea, ability 
anil be iKifiic u<Kfiuta]^o 

It hfl* oHi-a lic^tx objected Irt ^iffwji Iik*' tbr forr>;oir(r, 
Ihdt the moti *n»n<Til rien wlio Imvc hwt lirtil Ijit^* Ifft 
DO ciflipriiif; f^ iahi<rtt tbcir pv«( inteUcci. Mr. (Jalton 
Myp," '' I rrvrd 1 mta udaMc i<* solvt the aini(il« quctdion 
whrtWr, an^ hfiv fnr. rti^n nail nrnnpn vrhn «rr tinHlij|;ii« 
of p*D]iu are infertile, I have, hcuevpr, clieun tnat ineo 
of eminence am hr no intuu aa^ Great UvrgtieA, Ibe 
foundcrfi of bpnrHt^nt n^llgioiiit^ ^rvmt plii1[Hi»|]ben ami ili^ 
covcrere in sci^ruN^ nirl the pro>prw» of niAiikind in a fur 
hij;li«r di-nnw H ilirir voHta than by leai'ini> & numeroua 
lirnKeny. In thf< r»p nf rorfHir4«l itruoLiin-n, il tm Ihi^ ui)«e- 
tif>n of tbc vlj^^klly trrl t^r-i')i4^>iri^l Jmi th^- dmitnalion of 

«n'6tidn of trtr^D^ty-tnurketi And rare aDon^ali^«. th»l ieidt 
to the «idvan<xTment of a »i>rcice.** So it »ilJ be ^ilh Ihc 
intolle^'tital fantltics, t^inre llif* Hinii^wlifll abler men in eaeh 
gt^dv of Ki>cii>tr BTieeeed nlJier better tlian tbv le^ able, and 
con*eqii(?nt1y ineririuc ia nitmbi^r, if nnt othrnrim- prmx^nted. 
Wlirri in nny iialkm lb? stanclaiiT of inieJWt anil tbe nnniber 
of inlellectijfil men hav« incToateil, we lonr u^tpccl from Ihc 
Hvr of the dcTi'ition from au avfiv)>:r, thai (■riiliicii'v of 
jTrnitiK tt'ill, r\t uht^vn h\ Mr flnlron. Appear doineu^ttit mora 
frnitj^ntly Ibnn beforcr 

111 fVt'arJ to the roorjil rjualitirfi, w>me ellmlnntion of llie 
warti di*|>fmitjinii i* nluayjt in pfnpTfw e^tn in 1l»e mwrt 
civiliH-d HAtionh. 51a]craolor« are execntrd, or imfirrMincd 
for lon^ |>i?Ho(l«. wj Uml tJirj cannot frwly trariMmil ttieir 
bai-l qctalilifr*. MeUm-holicr tni^ m^r« peraoni are coDlinetl. 
or commit <uicidi\ Vif»!fnt aud qiiarrcUome mrr iiftrn 
come in B bloody end. TIip n^s^lbw uhn trill nol follnw any 
fit^dy oceiifiafioTi — und tbU r<'b<- *>f I'^trbflTHrrk it a j»r*«l 
chpck to cirrlianlmn " -on^isTiito to newh-rt-irlrd countrirn, 
^rlwn? tbry prnr:' ui^fiil piofTwrt. Inlitnpr-niu^ ii «* hi^ihly 
dtftinjcljvo, tliat the Mysrctatiiin of life of Iho intrinpenite, 
at tbc ape of Ibirly for instance, i« only 13J* yc^n*; wbilal 








for the rural Jabuorera f>t l-:nj^1aiitl at IHp *tnn> act- il u 
»50 yr^rF." I'fr>!liinit<' Wf>mpii brar few chiMrrn, nn*! 
iprofiij^ftte mm r«ivly innn\v; U^th >»ITer frnin fli>^i'ahe. In 
Ibu brvvdii)^ of di>mo«ik- oiiimiilii. Uk< «ltiuiDAtii.m of Ihusa 
individunb, thotEsh fow i.n Dumhcr, vhii-Ji jitv in uny mnrkrd 
mannf^r infprinr, it. hy tif rnrAHiG nn iimTnprirliint Hrrncril 
lowaiiie Evcccra. ThiF eepi^cielly holf)« p:ioo with tnj;in<>^u 
rharact^TK which Lfijd to reappiatr ihrnuf^li rci*i>i*.'n, fturti ju 
Wflrkrw'3* in nhf^'p; and tjtiMi nidiikinii mmi' "f Ihr »v<»r*i rfin- 
po^iljon?. vliic^h of'<io^ inn Ally withciul any n^^^i^Abl^^ miinn 
make fhtir a^'pramiKr in familii-*i, may |il'iIiu[u Ik- revet- 
i£joii« Ifi n tttyajii' kUI4% frciiit w)ui'|i wr an' ruil n'rninrr] hy 
very mnny pciK>rHlionii. Thif virw ^cni!: irnirnl rrrojiniflorf 
ill tbe oouuDua t-Apivebiuu thai tiiicli lueu are tlit bkck 
BhM*p of th» fuinily. 

With ci^'iliAfii nntioiift. ftf fur nit un A(!vquc'i4] i^tiindard 
nf inonilit^, iiiiil hd imrt'Hii^i.'il niimlxT of fttirly ^i>ih1 iiicn 
aro ooncernpri, rmtnrnT ft<*l<X'(ion spjiflrenTly t^tVoeU Imt. IJIMp; 
Jhoti^h tbo fundatEitf^tuI social inMiinrfs xvitc origiuuliy thiw 
gaimiL Ftut T havr* nlrcjitjy hn'u\ v\\n\i^\\, wh'thi tr-^'nUn;: of 
the lowor rac^s, <^n tb? cnnwt^ «hic'h load lo thf* nrtvcnoe 
of moraUly. iiamrly, tl»L- appmbation of ouf Mlviw-im-it — 
Ihtt fttnmi^Oii-ning nf onr sympathies Hy hflbjl — oTample nni) 
iinilAUon — roaeoD -oxpcrii*ncr, nnd ovrn *i^lf intcrpfit — in- 
virurtiuiL diinnj; yont1i> sntT rpliiflri'ifi fpHinjfA^ 

A mo9{ iraporUnt obatado in eivilikti^ counlries to so 
inprcofti? in tJi<^ numbrr of men of a Hutit^riw i-law hiif hc^^^n 
■IroTiKly iani*tri1 i»ri hv Mr flrpp *iitil Mr. (Jnlton,"* r^rnrly, 
the fact that th<? very pfXff niid rivkii-i^jj. who atv c>fTon ie- 
(-toHhI Irt' vifv. ttjmont intanabh nmrrr raHy. whilst the 
('Mrrrtil nmt frTHjiil, whn nrp p^'iirnilly oibf^rwi*!* virtHruiu. 
marry hitp in lifo, s^ that they niui be uhle t^ eitpporl Ih^m- 
wlvCTi rtiii] ibi-fr I'hildreu ia comfi*r(. Tli*'Pt ulio marry 
e*arlT produce within a |pvi*n prrifKi nnt mily s grojitfr niim- 
bcr'of jc'^n^nition^, but, a» (hewn by Dr. Duncan," th^y 
produce many mort- diildn*n^ Tht' ehildreu, moreover, tb^t 
are born by motUtn durin;! thD prime of \\t& are heaTt«r £riit 

Vl ^ULiftinL* Id vr^aivl In jintlli' 
pti'y. *v I>r ¥mrr. ' luflti'im^ rpf Vi»- 
T\ntv c^n y-Jrtilii*,' ' Nm. Awn- fi* 

UhI, ' MvrnlUMri V[mnHli>r/ Aui;. 
IMfr, p llf. The |:«T. r. W, ramp 

I'FriHT^ Mttf-,' Ana, im. Pl I«4) 
1jO»« a diffitf^tkt view, 

KJiiibuivlj. ''^^f A-'*J«' t*- w^< : '■'>* 
nqM^alLKt *f |iiirBliiLf UTuV-r rhf tirli^of 

^ l*«ofi*lity. I'trtihi 4 TtiiTifirT,' 

mi Sh. i1«o, Mr^fn. -[ler^ti- 
'■rr Gf hill*; tip, mt-wt. ftf plwr**' 

CUf; V. 



Larger, aikd lli«n-fi»K' firulmUv tnorv vij^^iroup, thnn ihoet} 
lrt>ni it other prrioi!*, Thiif th*> ivekk-M, Jt■^^nlJi.^3, nmi 

qujc'JccT nite lliuii \Uv provul^Ttt and sciumlly ^itttrmiA iNcm- 
k-n- l)r ftv Mr. (Ifcg ptiU ilii- cii*e; " T\\*: nit'eWtv.. s^uafiJ. 
nnifpirii^^ IriKhmjin mtilirpIlM lik*> nhliils: the fni|«il. foro- 

FjiinliMl in liin faitli. uicacioutt anil ilij>ri|>1iii^i3 in ]ii» inut^ 
li^rjTf, |iH3ui>t bin )i™t ytyim in Hlru^le and ifi (^^liLiaoy, 
ruorrie* loi«-. nnd ]<<avor fcv WhinJ hiin, (>ivi-u a luiul urij^i' 
imWy iKvpM by u thuuhaml S^irrnA nml n thiiii)<fiTkd tVlrn 
— unil in m tUiu-n jrriic'niTioiiNi litt^-Rklha i^t the poyilljitinn 
vouM he I'dw, hut tivi^-auth* <^f Uk- i)ro|>*rly, <>f tlio povvtr, 
of ibt' iui<?Uftrl. vcioH IwlonK lo \hv tiri^'Kiilh t*i ^uMtnir 
Uinl retiminoO. In rh(< iit^rnnl ' Ktru^ln fnr r'i£iat*not>,' it 
iroulj Iji? titt inf^Hor and tw faTouivd ract thut had pr^ 
saikd — and uitvailed by nirlue ntil of ila i^ochI qiialifii-H 
tin of iix toiilU'" 

Th^rc orr, howctrr, wm^ <'h€ckfl tc (his dowinrard Itnd- 
ency. We tiAte wen Lhul llir ii]triii]]f:<rHli' puITit fi-oin m h\gU 
rale of morUlily, uml llu' oirreuitl} proiliguir l«iv<* frvr 
olfBpriny, The poorrfrl clnswo* crowd inlo lowni*, uiid it 
Jia^ Wn proved Ky hr Stark fn>rn thf NhiliKhrH nf ii-n 
yt-arv \t\ Si»tUod," (fiiit ni »[| ng*:' Uh' tl^uUirutr ir lu^lJitr 
in t>tfrt^ tluin in niml di*Tnct*. " nnd during llo fir*! five 
yi-aro rpf lif« tliif lowii denth-mtf* U Hltiii^Hl exiutlv dr>ii1il<- 
Umt of the rural dUtneU," A* thcwe ri'tumu indiidt^ buth 
tbe ridi and Oif poor, »o donlil more thnn Iwirr ihif num- 
hvt of birth* would bp r*>qiiifli1e to kpoji vip thr TnirnJiir of 
the Tpry poor inKnliilnnts in Ihu toivna, rtlativt^ly to lliotie 
ill tlie iifualrjr. With wonicn, ninrriEi^' id loo cnrly an nge 
i« hiifhlv iHJurioun; for it hns hppn (oimd in Frnncp llml, 
•* fwici' An many irivp* iiikIot Iwonty die in Ihe year, as diod 
fill! of \\h' -ianie ninitUT of thi? unmnrriwl/' TIk- incir- 
Ultty, nUij^ of )iu*l)aDd4 under tw*'nt\ U '^ m-i^Ktivrly 
hifibV'" hni what the i*nu«? of tins may U\ wome doubt- 
ful, 1a.«1)j. if (he nipii v]\ii pnidcnlly dvlu> inarryii)^ until 
lh*y can brinjt up th^ir fflnidiw In eonif*iri, ttvn» lo wteet^ 
iw tbpy nftrn di, vnmen in th? prim* of lifu the mlc of iti- 
rrPM*<» in Ih** hpu^r Hjijw wniild In- only »li^)illy l^>**pned. 

l! wae i*4loblkhed from nn nnormoiw limlv of iiulisitiui. 


our hifbfHC uftbcfily id *su.'h 'V'**- 




takirti duHiiy 1B53, iKit thi; uiitimrrieil mt-n throughout 
I^r8nc^> WiA'prn thn ngps <if iwi-nl}' ami H^lily^ i\k< in a 
ruueb larger proportion than tht> married: for iiiflUncc, out 
i>r rvpry lOOf) tuimurrii-'t) hipji, Ijrfwei-u llie a^cM «f twenty 
rtriil thirty, 11,3 luiHuulEy diwl, wbtUi of tht' ruurrit'd oiik 
it.o died," A similar \nw wm pr<»v<d to hnUi jeoc-d, riurmjc 
tilt! )fiii?i IKO:i uml ]t!(r4. Willi lite enfn^ puipuktiun abi>i'i- 
Iho *i>f*' of Lu'<-|lU ill Soutlaiui: for iti-tnin*, oui nf ^rm" 
lOOfl unniarrifit men. Mwrcti Ihc iii^f^ of twrnh' ntid thift\, 
14.^11 uriTnially di*.'d, whiUl »f ilu^ luarrit'd onl^v 7/^1 ili»-d, 
Ukfit lA loKK than lialf/' Or. Stark remarkft on this. " Baoh- 
clorUood tit more dmt rue live la [ifi-- Ihon the mrtfl unwholr!* 
Giitni* tmdifc, ur tliitn iVAiilfiior in nn L1ll^th»ll'ml^tll* htniH- 
or dki^lrict wh&w Ih^ro ha& never heen tti" mo*it ditianl al- 
templ »t ?4inttttry improYvintnl," He conftidere that the 
li-KJii'iicd inoriiility i* Ihf- diivd n^dt "f "" inurriaj^i*. and Oit* 
m4>iv ro^ubr d>>m^Mic hjibit^ nrhicli nttc^tid that ctiitc/' Hn 
udmiit.. iiLkvever. that Ihc intoiJipcrflti\ profligate, and criraj- 
nul I'lmtM-n. uUi)»^ dunlinii tif life rti kiu^ do nut <.-(>iii rnonly 
miirry: and it must likv-wino Ih^ admitted that im-.u xi^ilh n 
weak coiifttitulioD, Lll health, or uny great intlnuilj in hodv 
or ndnd, nill t^iien not uish lo marry, ar will be reJiH^too. 
Ur i^tnrk Mvm£& to hav^ c^onni* to the* concluiiion thnt mar 
rifl^ in iWlf IK n main rn^int^ of protongml Itfr, fifiin finding 
that ngvd inirrieO men Mill hare a eon^idei'able advanlii^ 
ill Ihia r«|]«t u\i?r fhi- unmarriL'tl <if llio sami- iidvuntrd 
n>;i'; hiit ivrry otiif iiiiint hatr kriovii in*t:inr»-« of nirn, u'hi> 
vith Wi>flk hculTh during routh did not mnrrv, and y>^t hav^ 
gurvivod to uld a^, though n-'riidinin;^ vi-ulc. and ihi^nrfoi'O 
zaiwfiyii wilh k l>Tm-niil i^hajici^ *d lifi- nr <ir mnrnin>'- TJn-n* 
in unothpr tvmufkablc eircnnipfarc*' i^'hii?h Affms to mpport 
i)r Slark^« condiifioii. Darndv, ttuit widow-- And vidorttrra 
in FmiR-f' suJTer in coinpHriftin villi tht* iniirrri^d n vvry 
htavj rate of mortiihty; Imt Ur. Kntr nUrihut*** thie l*> th** 
povrrty axid evil hahit« ct»n*«^ucnt on the disruption of 
th** fflniily, find tr* j^rief On \hv tthoU* we may tomludt* 
with I.»p. I'crr thot the Itsifler njortnlity i>f niarrKd Uun uf 
uninjifriiMi n»rn. whirh M*i*nj* to le a p.'-minl law, *' i» mainly 
i3u*" lo the consljini Him in sit ion of >mpi?rr*?ct ly[>e*i, and to 
Uie aJcilfnl ael«ctioD of the Imal individiioh out'of each t»uv- 


■Df, Fun, iWil, Tli* ijuo<*iicn« 

•• I K*w« ut'fi ;ljp iMflrt of lie 
TvijJi Aitnual Kiriia uf JUnllit 

mill *i] ■rudt- j(j rhr M>a)l> >vwp,' 
Oil i;ilf. I«4?k >ki4.h !>'. Fmn tfou 



eevtv^ gen^rtlioriL " the 9ol*»^lk»p iwlntinp nnlv in ihp mar- 
rUffL' MAt«, and ntlint; on all i>]r[}u:vu|, uiUlioi^luai, und 
mtfnl 4jiuilitirA.^^ \Vr may. llirtcForr. icircr llmi »iiuiu) uiiil 
ffood nipn vho mit of firutl<Tii<iii ntniain for u tinn^ uiimMrriod, 
do iK>t »u(f«r a Tiij^h rdti^ of m^frulity. 

Tf iSi' vurioEif L-hrvk* »pe4.'[fii*il in tJ:r twu liixf juiraj^ptut^ 
ami |i«rhRp' ot)i^r« nn y^t unknown^ dn not pi^vtriit |h4> n>c-k- 
kflK tfie ^idoLts ;ind otli^rwis*^ infvriuT mfmbf'r? of «ixi^ 
from ;n4.'n-<i.Hjii^^ nl a ijukki^r tuIv xhan tiw ticlltir da-fi of 
ttii-Uj Ihi- iLutiun vill n-tro^iniiTt', em luu lOo oft«] occomd 
in iUff [lisdii'T (if lh« woHd, \W uji^hl rrriicmW thil pro^- 
rinas ji n>> invBh:>hl<- nJi?. It is vt^ry dirTi<^Hlt t'> ^>y why An? 
civiliE^cd riai»>ii riiiwJ, iKwoiupf more piiw<?rfui. artd apriiaia 
moiY Tridclj, Uifln anotln-r: or vihy Ihc mme miiion |in>- 
gr^«4^ more f^iiirtlv at one timt* tlinn At niiothcr Wt- rnn 
only iMf ihaL il d^p^id^ (»□ na iditk^c ia the actual Dumt>er 
»f tlur |Ki|hQ]jitt(jn, on Uir iiumW of tlir mt-ii tndoivtd wiUi 
high InEplIfvluid and mr>m1 fnonltKs ^^ ^'■''^ f^^ f^" lH«ir 
kitaudunl r^f t-sn-^ltfiitw i.*orijr>rffll ^truclurL* appotra to bare 
litlli* iiirtm»niv, i"^n'|>l 3it fur n* vipn^r of bmiv h-iilji lu 
Tt^our cf DiincL 

li W Wu uiged Ly Afveral vritera tFial u h«rh iiilfrl- 
Wliinl imiiin* m- mlvHtjlJi^^foiL* li< h imlfiui, tV {ild Urrrks 
vho i^l<Tod nomo iirmd™ hii:hr"r in iiilHIvol than nny rttoo 
thai IwB i-Tvr eTii*t<d,^ i>Tu:lil. if ihc jmwi^r of naluml wW- 
tion *vrc' fvul. In luvv n**'ii -^lili higher iti tlip *>tli\ iiL' 
diMt^od m mimhrr, ami rioi^kotl Ib^ vltolti of Kurop^. llin* 
Htr ItHVi.- LlifT taril a»;^iiiikplt<kn, ta <\Uvn mad<- wKh rcbpt^l Ul 
cori^ori-Ht «lriii^lurE-4. thai iheK h coiue innate tendeno\ io> 
vurd* i?otitini»^l di'v>-l*»|*(rioni in mind niid body, Bui ilo- 
TeltijuTiciil of flll kind* i!rpoTid»< or Tnnnv roncurrcot favonr- 
JlliJp oiM-iiTi* 'tan *****<, Xnhjnil u'Wtiiin flc't^ onlv tenlativHv. 
Indnidualc* "nd nu'C-H iLiny biv(» aojiiiry'd oltIwia imli9|tuUlile 
ridvATiI'i^-^. »t]d ri'l linti^ jirrUltnl fri>]n failing in olhi-r cf^Jir- 
actOT^ TIjp fit*vk» nisy 1iii»"p r^irogrfldpd fir-m a irant i^f 
ootiercnce l^tvf^n ihe many ttrnall elnt'^. froni the inuill 
U£i* of iWr vlinlc [tiucUt* fnim ttir firairtji^i' nf tlarrry, 
or from oilr^ino >3i^i»j(ia1ity; for th^r did not fiiicciiinh tinlil 
" they ""etc cncn&led and corrupt to Ibc t^rj cort." " The 


'L^f ITi<»* I fHhHbJ««| 

' ""I thy 

ifk'bif uhI qafuiivMU.* 





Put I 

we^km nuli«njt of Kurfj|Hr. whu O'^a i^o iiiiiiik'UKiimlJy nur- 
p068 their foriikcr suvac^' riiYig«>ni1or», ainl i*ian*I nt Ihr siim- 
nut of (^iviliiuituii, owt- itltlL' or nonv of iJiiir HupLTiurily 
in iltrt't't inhi'ritnnn^ frnin llu- uli] (inri'kfs though the}- oira 
muclt lo th» wriit^n wnrkt iff thni wonclvHul ]>«i>pW. 

Wliu can potiiiivvlv eay why lh(> SporiaJi naUoii. £o clomi- 
iJKut 1^1 oiif linic. liJM htH^u OUihih'hI in Ul«* niir. Tlir tiwnk- 
etiii^g cif llip nfllbni^ of Kuropt* fiv>m Ihu dark m^ps in n i^till 
moTc peT\Avi)tii^ pr<iblfiii. At thai early ^nixl, oe Ur. 
Gullikii litiH ri'iiLnrki'il, Hlni^Hl «I1 the ii[<>ii uf u ^eiilk- nature, 
thoin' givtn lo mwlituluiii or eulturo of tlic* minii, luid no 
rcfufif- tic<*pt in ttif hfr»oin of a (.'hnrch whl>^h <3cfnftndR(l 
ceiiba^'y!"' nnd this rrmh] fiiirdly (nil tn h^vf hjifl a rle- 
tenoratitifj inftiionce on ^ath ^Uivo^iw >;i:'iii-rBtki>ih L>unn|; 
thi* j^iUiv pvtiiic] the Holy Inquiiition jiolcttril with c-xtremc 
vatr thi" friThl nnd hoU!*-*! TufH in ortti^r to hum nr imprinon 
Ihein- In S|>okii alont- «omo of Uio ttet men — tbose v/lio 
duuliteij a.ii<l ijurdtiiiu?i1. AJid Aitiiuul (loiiUJn^ Uieir can be 
no pr(ign-.« — wi^rv «<liminjiti'il ditriiiK thri'i' c^nturi*^ tti Ih* 
rnto *if thouennd n yr«r, 'nn* evil which th? Catholic 
riitirili hdb fhuF' elTeL-ted it iin'oikntiihlv, llLtiugli iii> di>tiht 
coUEiti^rhulint^ifi hi H etrtJiMi. ]ii^i'[ta|iM lu a l^i'^r,4_ itx|t-Lt in 
othiT :i^nv.:; nvL-rthrlcMi, i'lumpi^ Imu pKi^rciwd iLt nu un- 
paralh.'liil laiv. 

Thi' rMutdrkflblo eiieeera of th« Rngliali as eotoniste, M>m- 
parnil to othrr Kuroin^uu nations, hai W<n oscrihcd li> ihfit 
ilaring iind |iiTi>rj^eiit energy; '* a nt^ult which i« wiOt illuA* 
Iruled bj 00113 jiarinjf iho procreas of Th*» CanadiBiiG of I*'"!?- 
IiaI* uniJ Fnrneh i-%1ractioD; Lul who tan say h*>rt the Eog- 
lifih iniiiMl thpir ftitty^? Thrn* i* n|J|mrftil)y morh Iriitl* 
in the h«hof that lhi> nondprful prfiirn^^i of ttii;' rniliHl 
St4tf?, A9 wvW ns tliL' L-liaractei- of thv ponyile. are f he rcfiultn 
of nntnml itL>l^dion; for Ihi* mure 4'iLi'r^i'li<\ r-'^lli^sn. anij 
counii^wiu m*ii from nil paHi of Kurop*- huvr c-mi^-TUtt^d 
during th^^ lutl U-u or tavlvr )ri.-[irroti'>n* lo tliol prent raun* 
try, ami Uum- f hi-n- siureerhn] htvl." Liiokinj^ to the cltMfant 
future, 1 do not think that the Ki^v. Mr «CmokL< takod iin 
txai^^erated vivv whca beaay«: '^ ** All othrrtcricn of ci«ntft 

•fnl Ui« jwiiafti ftun^linl ofinUlU- 
■■ L4Pl WtnlviiiilJit UaltediJUlM,^ 

CttAK V, 



— -»» Ihat which reflulIM in th^ roltLini of TDiml iti Grvrnw^ 
QD(1 tluit vliich rvflulttti iu \\w cftipira of IComo — only u]>- 
|(i»ar tik ^■V1- jinr|it4*i- nnd inltin wIipH vie^mxl in couuecttaa 
vith. ^>r rnih'T tie flubotictijiry lo . . _ tho jfKflt itr^Aui of 
Aifjilo-^Kon (iiii^Tfttion lo the wcst'^ CJh*cTirc u* i* the 
pri>li]i'iiL uf llir viKmifr nf i't\[lip3lii>u. K<> t-sn nt leant ccc 
llial A natiun «hirh imHlnvd JuHii^' a [<>n^th^ne<l ueriwi 
Ui* jjrujik'Hl numbrr ol lii^hlj inU'lWlufll. i-nLifrdiL". Tjwvc, 
pntriotjr. imil U'lii'V^hleiit uivn, woul^) gcm'niltj pfuiil over 
I<>a8 fuTnurcal iidtiorLfc 

Nalurnl »clc<'lion f<>Tlovrs from the Htru^^k for i'xitX- 
CJlci>: aDil l)if« fn>m :i ra^iiil ralr nf itirrruKfv 11 ik itiipi^Kiblr 
not t<i rcjtrct bitttrrly, tul wUeihcir wiwly i« flnotfuir mtvu- 
lion. the nir at nhirh mnn U-txd* lo incrcarf-; f*jr liiis aads 
In tflrliarou4 trilx^s Tn i[if:tiiti(i<lc jiinl nmiiy <irhi*r i.<viK 'Jik^l 
in ci\'itiW natHhriB t<^ al>ji'vl fxivirly, oi>libncy. nod lo the 
hitr mnriijK''^ ''' ^^i*^ prmUiil, B^ji a* inaw ^vfters from th« 
wmi** phyhiriil i'i-JIb m thi' louir nniinnU, hi- Im?- ni> ri^'bt lo 
tfXpiH.'t an miiuurtily from Ihi' i^tiIk c^nfimju^int on Xhv itruj?- 
^W for Piiali-iit'i-. Hjitl lit iiril Lfvii Hubjtt^li'd during primr- 
viil timw to iiaiuni iwk*L"tiou, u«UT^^tlty Ut- vrixikd never havp 
■ttiiine^i to hi,* prt-M^ni mnk. Sine*' wc ap^ hi nmny piirlK nT 
ihe wurlr] rnuriiKfuti uri-aj* nf thi.^ iqiihI fi-rlili* lfin<1 cfijuihU 
of mfj|H>niii^ uuiEK-rtiut hufipy hoiuni, hu! |>cr>pl«d unly 
by • f(TW mndcrinj; Miva^i^, U mitrlit \v- nri-iiH timf tfir 
■Intggl*' f*ir h.MiMiniv IijkI TJ*^T Ihvti Mifljiii'irll)' st^vere to 
t&rce man ufruiLnU U' Mh lii^jtio^l AtandAiii> .Tufl^'iii^ from 
nil tlinf n* Kuttv- ol imiii and llir Icm-cr imimiiln, ihcr** him 
Nlvjiy^ iM'rii tiirUt'iriiE vuriiibjlily iti tltHr intrll^rlitHl Jtnd 
moral fft(TUlti<«, for a Meai^y ndvanoe through nature ?i4>lec- 
tioTi. Ko doubt fui-h «dv«iici> doniambt nmny fftnnimblt; 
nmrvirrvMl i-irMiwi^lariM*; but il may w<*ll Iw doiiV]fi»d 
whvtlifr th*' molt fnronrahlr tr^tnlil hsve fUltic^, had not 
the rate of increase been T&\tl^. arnl Llie coiue^u^ni strui^'^le 
for «?ii«t«tiRie eilmnely »everi>. Il t^wn ftpptttra frozn what 
wcF Mi% f^^r ictitancr, in yttitif of S. America, thaf n pr^|tlc 
wTiieJi inaj bo rallei] ;:iviLtst^d, aueli u^ (hf Spanish sfllJera, i» 
liable 10 become indoli^nl uni] lo rC'tr:iirTDi]i% v\h>>ri tfK* fV>R< 
dilioriA of life orr vcrv' roM, With fiixtilv civilifcxi Tiniioiut 
coniinxii^El pin^nw d^'TtcrHh irk o ^ii}>i»n1inAfi> ileyiiv j>rt rala- 
rol wleciic^n: fur Buen italktcj^ do duI »upT>Liint aiiij t-xtift- 
miimtc onr ^n^llitr ac^ do .lai-riu^- tribe*, NovcrtbricH* the 
ttmre inli4Ii^e&t ir^-mtteni uitbin iW puime i^ormnonily hjII 
»iJon«d l^etter in xl\* long run limn the infenoT, and louvc 
4 more ouist^roat prog«nj, and tliiit h a form cf nfltnml 



PfctT I 

^l^ioD^ Tli!i moTu I'Bidvul <su»od of profrruM mam to 
cuiLiiftt uf a ^ood cducfltt'>ii ilurln^ ^xaith whilM the hrnin 
is j 111 prt-»!ii tilt-. Hii:l or 4 Li^li «litiji]Aril of >.*VLvllviii;t% Jitciil- 
vrU^ br 111* »blial nnJ btst uitO. ttubodiwi iti Iho Uw^. cuft- 
luflitt niiiJ tiadiliont of Uic nfiT.ii^n, ami mforccrl \>y jmMic 
npjTiinn. It vihriiild. licwpvpr, tir htirnp in piiiil, ttijil Ihc rn- 
lorttiru-nl of public iipiniori dqien^^P on our npj>ri?».''isU^n of 
thv L»|"|irohfliif>n nml iliwiiprobjit^'H of otlitrs; mul ihtt ujipre- 
mlion is fduinlcil on riir sunpHihv-. tthit'h it vaa UanWy In? 
douliU'd wa^ ->n^Tja41y Jcvi^loiH'^i t.^n>u;;lk nahirnl Hrli-^'tion ii^ 
ctit ill tht? mmi i:npurtant «kiueiit8 *jt tlie eoci^J iii«tinct«/' 

Ofi tltf ti'idtnff ihai aU HviHseA naiionn ii'ft^ once ^iir- 
liiTtiiiA^—T]iv pren'tit MubjL-t'l fiofi betrn lif.'aLiri] ld bo full and 
fldminibU- o muiiii^T Ij> Sir J. Lubbock/* Mr. T\'lor, Mr 
M'lx-Diina, and otlirn:, that 1 nrisl Ik-iv ^ivi* nnly thi^ liriitf- 
«>4t AuiiiJiiarir of tlieir reaulU, The ar^iiiiv-nU itxviifl^v fl<9- 
vanei>J by 1U* Uwko of Argyll "* an<l formerly by ArchUahop 
WhntHy, in fnrnur of the l^clicr that nmn aimi^ into th« 
uiifid u>i a I'iviltKL'd bftti^'. uiiil (hal all nivii^^L'^ Imve tiiuce 
iiuUi'iyoiK" ii<>n'inlaln>n. florm ia rit* ivi^ik in ccmipanft^in 
wirh Tbow? ailtuui^i-Ll i>jl llie olber sJdi'. Many iialkm^. no 
(louLt. Iiavo fjlltfU Awuy in Hi'illiutiou. and itiim<> iriay Uavv 
hi\>K-d into iittrr ltarljnri:tn\ Ibou^h nn ttiii; luilci' hi-mi 1 
liav** in(»T HJfli ni> oviiirnfv, Thi* Fin'gian* vt^iv jiniluibly 
comp^Uod by utWr ooniiit^rinj; lkord?« to setllo in Ibeir 
inbufpitablt (ymr»ln\ uiul Lhty nmy hnve lMS**iino in iMfiiwc- 
ipji'iit'i' Aitiir\tlLiI TMon* ib'i^iibil; liiit it voiibl br ilillirall 
to |irov*> ilmt tb*>y hnvn fallen riiich below tlio Botooudi^ 
wh*' iiihabjl tbc HiKfit imrtn cif Itriuih 

Tlii* I'vidnur IW all riviliM^il n^ilitin* arr \hr ili^niid- 
nnlft of hirhnrianii, (^misitft*, or the '-np ^idi-, (if rli^ar trncrfi 
vi lli^ir fonnt>r lo'n' cuLdition in r-till-cxiHtjn;- ra»1->ii]», br- 
ll-ffFi. laii^'ua^^i:*. ^<\i ami tkii i]ir ftllii-r vH}t\ of ptiviifK that 
ittvntrM orL* indo-[H>iidrtitly able to nue tbrmK^lvn; a f<TW «t<'iK 
in ihi* fcaJo of riviii»u)ttc>n> and ]ta\e Actually tliuA Hmd. 
T))^- pvid^Tice oil tbe llnit hoad U extremely cruri<>iifi. but 
coatiot bt* Kere pven: I rifiT in ?iaoti cart*'* nw that of thwart 
of 4-iiu rite rat ion. wbirh. n? Mr, Tylor clf'nrly •■hew* by n-fer- 
rnt*** trt tb<^ V'-trAa »Xi)\ nmi\ in flomfl places, ori^.'inat^d in 
counting the fiJiKtrf, lirvl of unt^ Kurd tind of the 

■M km uiikli inJebiAl tA Mr. JiiId ■■'Oq the Orifiu cf CiTiliuLiiaJ 

llitp<uljlKt:«ft.L]vi<t1rx'a«']j*s>rH' iait7. 

ir. V. 



nllirr, utn] liislly ot iKr Uh^ Wi* hftvp Inuvji nf ihi« in tvar 
iWimtil jivstptn, ami m ih^ domain rHTni-rals. where, 
llcr tlu- v., MJik-li 14 nU[j|KirL'(] 1i> [k nil alitirevEUtcd pirturi- 
rlmiiUlk l[Jtiil. nt )>u<o rji) Ut V(-, ^<--^ wliru thi> olfirr 

ti«> doubt irfl* U44>(1. *iu n^in, " wti^n wo epeak vi 
iTue-^curc Ard wn, wc ore tftiiuLin^ by Uie vi|,'«siinal nyi' 
nil. eakL-lL HM>rr thij» tijeiilly imiile, Ktmidlntt fur 2(^ — tat 
me nmn ' v a Ml^xioili] cir furih wouLl put it-" ** Aciord- 
Ij! to a \aT^f Jind incrpa^ir^jf f^cl^xil irS |ilLiluI'j;,'Uth, t^verv 
ii^MLri^c U-an lliF* iH^rk^ of \in sluv unil ^^nidikLiI rvoEulbir 
it U with Iht- art of untinK* f*>r l*'tlfM un- rudimcob of 
kUm»l fi*pTvsonUu<in*. U h \uu{\]y (HiN-i + ilr Im read Mr. 
"Vf'LffinsihV uorL"'" nn<1 ri>^t »iUnU ihh\ alimwl al) <ivdi**?d 
nahon^ elilJ rulajn lnL(CT< of nm-h rudi' hnKitii ^r^ llu- f^mriidf 
iplurtr trt ttivrt, Whui n^niml iifilioir uh l!n' Kiiur- .mllinr 
iii,, niti Im» n<»ini tlifll vi'ni ririgiuiilh unm^^moiiH? The 
'iiniti^e idea L-t jiiF^ticCi as 4hL-wii by tlic Llh' of titLltl^ und 
llipr L'a.<otii;i t>r iilii<h wMljCr.i i^lill rtiimin, nn^ liki'wi^t 
ickvt nidc', Maht rxiidinj^f fluiwTftition^ aro tUo nrrannniti 
former filw relipt'iis bflicf*, TliC hijrhc-al fonii of reli- 
ictti — i\vt >»ri(nl idfii T>f *i()d buliii^* T*iii Hiid lij^iii^ ri^Jdtuus- 
It* — Ml* Liiikm'U'n dMring )'rinn*vs! tim*'*. 

Tiimine to t}»o oUj<'r kind of cvidrnw: Sir J, Lul^bock 

la ?hH*h ihiif Wipn-- fHLji^ft^ biivt- n^reiitly irtipnurd a Utile 

wiiiu* ijf Ihiitr »im|il4-r urt*. Krom thr ovtri-iutly iiirioun 

^colJ^t nhich he ^i\tf i>i the vrnpi~>ni, tni:>|N, nnd iirlfl. in 

Le Aiii'tnpr^i Mi\n^oE in vnrjoiiq [^rt^i of 1li4> witHd, il t^nnrnd 

douLted tLlEl tlu'M-* Imvi- ii«url_v all becm inJ^-poiideiit diH- 

»T<Tif^ iTiicvplinc pcrhnirfi Ihr nrt of nuikinj; tiTc,'" Tht 

ili*lniliRn hftoniprai^i: is n good iiuIhrpp nf on** smTb indp- 

nrkrit Tli-(^aivr>\ 'I'he TahicjADj when fire! vjsifed had ad- 

int'p^il iti mnn> rrapi-t-bi U-jnnd iIil' i nluiHUnl? uf tutifit of 

U' fiihrr Prtlyiip*^ifln iilntidt Thi*rr nn? no jusJ grounds 

•r lii^ bdief Ihat tht* bijrti ndhin- of ifao ftiitirc IVnivians 

id MeAicAiiH WHH lirritnl friHii abnud;" itian^ ualive 

i('wiiie\Hitu^l1<-iii Ank'KtvhrruUt 

lb* *twnt btthk>r, .n tfi ■ NorUi 

. ^[»- 

■ AfLjull 

I vii Fvl', 

-._ I" Anllift>- 

ilflcv fmiitft Uati m llLini4-iiv(ii] rJiv 
Old Tc*(aiiiT«LL" 

yin »'h*mrf ill TtlftrV'fjirl^ Hl-tiry 



P*w L 

plflhtfl vwrfi Ibew otJtivsleJ- am! a fow native tnimnlit c!o- 

jtBVPlk'iik'd. \W filkoiilii hvtiT in min<l Hint, j[j{]>^iii>^ fmin tiiiJ 

KIJIHII ittflUl-lKV itf MKll-t llHK>il>|iairll.-h. « WAMitinM^' ('IV« fnjiii 

wuuJd n<ft linvf iirmUitnl atty murkL-J t-Rr*! on iIil- jHihv«, 
utilt^w thiL-y liful f^]n'iHiv Im'I'oiih' »i}Mii'wt»i( mlvimri.'f). Lm^k- 
iu^ tij Ik vt.'r\ rumi>lv |x*nod m tlu* hjiJltiry of ilm worl<i, wi» 
iiml. to iinr Sir J, Lubbock'^ w4?ll'kiiowii teruiH. a palto- 
lithkr anrl Tii^olithH^ pprii^; nnil im uru' will ^rvtiuJ tlml 
tiiv arl cif i;nu<lni;f rouj];h tlint tccl^ wa» a burrovoiL on«. 
In nil [uirU *»f l*ui\»|ir. ni fur ctwI ha Greece, in Pal^nUiie. 
India, Jnpnn, Kpw ZnEilnarl, nmt AMou. itidudiiij< K^pt, 
llinl UxiIh haw Wu disLOM-rvil in abniidaDcc; and iii ilicir 
iL»r llir i-tinliiiy iiiliHtiilnntn jTljiiri no trmlilum, TiLerr- jh 
a\ao imlitvf-t oviiWini" of Ihoti' forini?r Ui^^ l>y tb^ ThiniwT 
nitd MiicLi^nt Ji'iAF. IIlikp Hkw uiii tiurdlv W u d^JuLl that 
Mr- i^tiHliilHrtl.H of I herti' i'ui]|ilni*«i, uhji^h Enc<li]c1r< ni'iLrly Ihi? 
whole cinliwtl worM, ^vi^r^• ^tirr in a barboroua ccndilion. 
To bclk'v*^ thflt nja!» was aWigimlly avilisod and then buf- 
fennl iilti-r dE<;^nidulioii in »o many T<tgionK w Ic liike a 
pitiahLy lov vnw of humiin nnttiw. It h apparently n tnicr 
and morr chocE Tnl ik'V Lhat ^ru^ivw Itji^ W^n itiiirli iju>rt< 
j^enpial (han rvtrof;r«<»ii>n; th»i nmu Ikiw rin-n. thou^'h liy 
Blow and inliMTiiptf-d stc^'i'i from a lowly condition to tho 
hi^hrvl htnmlnrd a^jrei atUtn^ by him In knowl»>d^f, nifirala 
urd religion. 




ritmi *o1 thr (Juri'lni'jiuifc— |f«f;b Hif rnnn mih i* rirThj'Uct 

Tritiii 'Ha BRlMClir*— Lftrlj nivtm^jn^HA fimdiUim tjf th« V*rt*Tir«U— Cmi- 

KVKS if i1 br jrranLeil Ibat Uii* diffprrtir^' }H>lwi'Pn man 
nnd \ih wsiWHi alliis ih an jfivBt. in r-oqxiroal structure m 
flomp rutifra|]^1« nutnlnih, ,ind «lthou|-]i w* muft Kra»t tbut 
the difftirnn* lirtwci-n tliL'iii iv jniiiirii^tr in irrntjil |Miiv(<r^ 
yet tlin farU ^itn in Uie i^niUti' tha[itifr« sppt^ar to decUrflp 

CftAP. vt 

ArnsmEs and GESE-aooT, 


in thr pUirutt lautnior, lliat man Is deptitinlcd trtnn some 
linrt fr^iii, nciTniriiMflmlinK lliut [;H>iiticctin|E-1ii^^ hmrv not 
hitherto lin*i5 ditf'nvf'TPfi. 

Mat! \» liatilf to nuiueroii^ slight, and Jivmifit-'d ^aria- 
i'liMO^ uhirli are iuEhu'fi] Sj llie atiiw jijeiiL-ral i^hubps, hti^ 
^nvnrn^d tm] tmtivmittod in ftr('c>rdHnc?o with thc^ midl* gi>n* 
«>rel Uw, a^ in Hlc lowir aniTiiaU. Man hH§ utTtlttplipo en 
rufiill^p ihni lie bun uecepMitxl^' W-ii eipircil |*i nlm^^'lr Tir 
<-xwUiict^, *ml cfl[i*o*jutijih' lo milumi mrkttion- iU Imn 
^ivcn ri»c tc inanj r*ici'?i, eaifnj of wliidi dilTer w» niudi fr>m 
etnAi uMier, tEmt (h>*y Imvf' nftcTi Ih-^ii rjtnkr'fF 1i,y iiahiniljhf>4 
m d>stiu<H KpK-ivk. Hid Ixiilv la uouKirticIecl utt thi* ^aiue 
h«tnoloi!icnl plnn a^ thnt i~>f t(licr niAnkFifil*, Mr piiMtr^t 
tlimiigh the winic iitiHM'h uf f-mlinolu^'iral (li'v<'|iij.»iiKTit. fie 
rofdiDB many rudiui'^iilurv uuti luelt^ Hiruclurw, wUich no 
(JouU vrrc f^iK'i? KfTici^W-. CLdrmicni ficctiKiixially make 
IWir r^-«pfipar«nci» in hitn, which wf htiri* tpBKnn lo bptipvo 
wer« po*ttw«i?<l In- hie lurly ^rojfonitora. If the on^ia i>f 
tnnn ndd Vcrti wlioHy difTi-rent frt^iit thai of fill ijiUrt ani- 

cr'p1ii>r)t: bul aui.'li Jill d'ltuiEvtr^n i^ incnxliVjlr.-. Tlir.'r^c a]y- 
pe^ttnllceik, i)ii Ihf oUtirr tiMJuf, utt- intr||ij;ililt-, nl hiiM Ui A 
isir^p* fftlPiit, if ntat) is Ihp oo^lew^rHiint with fjlhcr mjun- 
miol^ of K-itie iiukrM^wii tiiifl lower form. 

SdUJc null) ml in tit, from hrin;; dii*ply iinjirrsM*!! willi thi; 
tnrnliil nnrl EiiirilTinl pnciT*m of men, nav^ tiivii^rd th« whol^ 
or^nnic woHd ioto lUrec kinKdom^ Ihe Humun. llu^ Animal, 
autl ihtf Vei^Urhli-, thuv ^Iviii/ tn rrij^n h M'prdriiU< kiii^clnin/ 
Spiritiinl fviwprp ntniint tip cfimpflrfd or clnHcorl \tv ihp niTtu- 
nuiri: hm he niav emlciivtmr i" ?lifvi\ us I havi.* floiK', Ihot 
Ihe iiieiilal fHi'ulliej; of tiuin niipl Ihc hiui-r nnirHuls iIh mil 
difT^r in kiml^ althonph immi»rw>ly in dopix^. ;\ diffs^n-ncc 
in ilcgixc, how«ycr j:tva{. J'>es iiui juetify an in pla-.inii man 
in El rli^tfnrl hiM^ilom, an itill |>0]'}iti[iF( 1k> tK<[<t iltiixlrali-r] b)r 
coDjparili;; llio mrntfll powrrfi nf two inscrti, n«mfly. u lot** 
cua or ^0*1 Ic -in sect and an anf, Hhuh undi:»ublcdl> brlon^ 
tn th^ ffliu^ Ha»A. The ilifTereiiee iK b^re ^'t-ealer llmnr 
thoufch of ft Eompnhflt diffmrnt kind frmn, ihul ln-lwoen 
man ami the hiehc^t nininTrial, Tin* fi?ni«lc coccim, whiUt 
yoiinj!, atinchpA Itfi^lf hy it» urohiwcift (-> a plan); *ncks tho 
*8f, but never moves npiin; tt fcrtitiin^d mi*\ \uya vf^ffn; and 
Ihia ift titf vholc bibtory. On the otJicr hnDd, to dci>aiW 


« 'Ie4lik*i *(railUl of LfLC i^i-^jI^fii ■»- <ii(j/ Will. 11. ItA^. J-p, Lff^lftlTk 

lh«f. Nab 



P^T L 

thr hnhitf and mental powrm of wnrWrr-tuibs vould rrciuire, 
as Piernr niiW hns slievn, a Iftriii* viAumir, I may, how* 
ev^r. briody specify a few ]>oin1^ Anit cc<r1amly ootnntuni- 
cate mfoniialuin to moh other, and M'veral uuil« fnr ihn 
Mmi* *f)rlt, or for gimn'M ttt [liny. They rt^<x»^ni»r tUcir 
f*llow-«ntt an*>r months of flbfence, and fM ^ympBthy 
for *acli other llity buiM ^rt-ol t(ii(icep, keep Ihtm rU-iii. 
diwi' fhc t!<*orfc in tJu- vvrrufig, ■ml \trm,l wnlnr*. Thry 
mnkt^ roiiifl ne well n= tunrol^. undtr rivers, (itk! UmipoPary 
briduefl ovit iWm, bj ilin^iu^ tojj;tiher. Tht) txjUfct fuod 
for UiL' eoiniiiiiiiity^ nv] wIuti jiti t>1jji'(^C, too liir^- fnr en- 
trnnt:*-, im hroi);;ht to th<> nrfil, Ihry ifnljirjEO ihp dror, n&d 
AftfTwanlft build tt Lip aj^aln. Th£> More uii beeils of wljicb 
th^y prevent th«* ^ennination, and vhini, if d»bip. are 
brou;;hl «p to tlic Hurfnco to <iry. 'J'hcy kotp ;ifititf1ra iind 
oth^^r insi-ff* nn milrh-env*. Thei ^ ojit. to lialll^ in T*-^ii- 
Idr hands, and freely «8oritic« their live-s frjr the <y-n»incin 
wcoL Tficy t-rni^imlc utvonJiii^ to u prvcvmccrU-d i»ljm. 
Thny cnpluri* *l:ni'ti, Tfu'y iih>it tlie f^jl^ *<f Iheir nFihidni, 
AC AVfll at lh<*ir '»Avn egp* an;) cccooriK, intri varrn ^nn* of 
th* m*t, iu -jr^jirr Uial IlK-y may be quably haLtht-'d; and 
irndlrHH Kiiiillar ftrl* rutild hv yf\^vii^ On ihi- tthfih% the 
dilToroncti in nioTLtfll powor botwoon ftn ntit nitd a i^ot^c-uji b 
iinmeiiAG; yet no ono lias ever dreamt nf pkcJng thc«o in- 
At^-U III diMtliieL elui^kf«, mudi !«# in dihlLn<<l kiiij^dittna. 
No doul>t tho diFTfirciiee U bnd^L*d ov^r by other initPOUi; 
and thi» in nol Ihe crtw with ruB» arv^ the liichrr npc*- But 
*e bave eiery teB«i>r to Udievt* ihat (be bre^k** rn ILe seriea 
arc Kimply tho rwulta of many fomiM hartujf become t%- 

Prnfes-or rhven. rfhinp rhii»fly nn |he *trtirtiin> of (be 
brnui, hiih dividL-d tliL^ niuinmatiJin ^irii^ itilo tmir muIi-cIumm** 
Onr of Ihff^' he drii)Ji'> to man: in nnolli*T \\e p]jmr> botli 
th<? Maniipialg anri thfl Mniirtiremfltn; »! thai hf miik^ nian 
aa ilJBtiDcl frnm nil nther mmiinmU m are Iheai? Lwo Intter 
l^mitp roiijoiiird Thill vipw bii* n*>t hi*<'n nrn'pti>il. hk fnr 
M I nm Awnrp, by any ralurab^t fnpab1» of foririinjc an in- 
dependent jut^jirment. fln*i liwj^fore need not hero be fur- 
ther numiilcnil- 

We run unflerptnnd wby a HnwiliralTftn frititid^HJ iin any 
tingle i'hnractL-r oi "t^An — ev*n an 'tcptn w wondcxfiilty 

■ SvTiik- nf iJni tf-rmt iritffviriiif fv^ vvn^intf Anih' **.. IWS, d»ft *L'li)' 
tni kiL>4ii Ly Mr Hull, in lilt ' K^lu' iVnirltDi, ' |I««iit <1a I*tii.i Mvutlc*,' 
UcgtfWgv^ ■dmlrfthifl voric, *)Ur- 




Chip. T1, 


eorapki ind imporbnt tm the Lraiu — '^r 'itt the bi^h d^ 
rdopment of the nirntiil fric-ulljn^ it nfimvt tcmt t'^ |iiy>v« 
uuMtUfadorj, This priDcipIc hne in<ic<tl bcoD thcd with 
hpnf*n«|iTrruui» iiiBti.'ta; l>ut wheu thus tlasaw! li> Uieir 
tubiu or inf^inc-U, the tirnntf^ment (>rov«il thuroti);hly arti- 
fkiAl/ CJaH?ifiraiioi»» mny, of count*, tic ba»cd on uny chor- 
nr-Trr u'lmli^iT, «!? uit »t£i.\ colour, or the eleiiicut iiiliubilifi]; 
\m{ tiMturalivU tuiV'O lon^ f(*lt a proronnd conviriir^n llutt 
fh'_'re t* a rutturni Jiytrip. Thu ayatciii, it is ii(»« iiriicniilj 
4tliTullr«i. iiiHBl ln^, a* far hk jMi?*ibh% ^iiK'Nlo^-Hitl iii iiirflnpi*- 
mput. — thflC ill the ci>-de«cen<laDU of ihe ^iii«> f^rm mn^i bo 
kept together in crc icroup, a[>urt Troni thy 1*0-^4x1 f^H in mU 
i>f any olber ivnni buf if thr [rArviit*f«^rnLi> iirr rrlalril. ko 
V1II bo thoir dcAcuodfiQtj*. »im\ the two gTrH|>« logHhor wilt 
form « Ur^r j^rnup. The amount of dilfi-iviui^ Iwtwwo 
(ho fiFvenl groiipK — that ik th<- iimmrnL i>f modi Hi-^l inn wliuli 
«*)i hue xiit^ir^jTie — U oxpreeeed by moh form* n^ goni^ra, 
fdtnibo. ord<'o, and rluKB, Aj wo hait 110 rtt^ord of Iht* 
Hfipii of dpfif*--!!!, ihi* pfdtgrpi" r4*n in- £lim**m'n"d imly tij i>b- 
wfTJng the dc;;r<«a ^f reecmblanci? J>otw<>pTi tbe beirufi 
wbidi nn." to he elAAird. For Ihia objoct narHenmfl |JO:u[a 
of ft-«*rnblBncv uri' of niti'^h ninir ifnpoTlwnci' ihun tbi' 
amo^int of eiroLlaritv or dii^iiiiLitarit^ in a few i>oinl*, W 
two UDin^f:e6 were rDunit to rfSfljiiiUt' eafh other in 11 imilli- 
ladn of vovd* nnd [wnnt* cf conAtrnction, they would b(r 
univorvilly reropniwl fl* hnvins «t>runff from a eommi>n 
Miurt^, fiolwitlislaudiii^' IliHt they dilTtn^l f^n^all^v in ^nnt? 
few vords or |.)0)i)l« of forwl ruction. But with orjiunie 
hnJniT' the pnmT*j of ri^inniblnneL' must not cftrntinr i-f fl<Jrtj>T«- 
tion.« to ^ifitJlur hnhitfi of lifv: Ivo HtiMtinln rriHyp fnr mnlaiLoe, 
bnv(? hAd their wIioIl' frum^ji moditiL-d for living in tbe kiter, 
ami ytix ih<^y will not be brought ony atvircr to eneh other 
in Ibr nyT-lrrn ll^nee we I'nn i^ee bow (1 U Thitl rc- 
KrmMflno^ m several uoimportaut itriHturen, in iul-Ipk 
And niUnnerdory or^in*, or not now funrtionnfly netire. ex 
in nn cmhrjologicfll condition, are hy far the nuiKl *i^rvicfl- 
Mf for elasjiflaitioD; for Ch^ ean hardly be duo to ndupTft* 
lions wilhicL a lute period; and thii» ihcy reveal the old Iid«* 
of descrnC «r of Imp flfflnlty. 

W^ COD further ee^^ vhy a jrreat amount of ni^jrlitiention 
in Bome on© ebarartcr ouKhl not in l<v»d im tn ^epnratr widely 
any tm*o nr^nJKiRK, A purt vhirTi jilrefldv differs much from 
LL« Bima part in other allied fonud haa ulnady, according 

< W^vml^'ICcdtni CUm ^niuKVU,' M a IHi\ f|^ ST. 



P4n I 

u> ih<^ t)u*or}' of Ltvi>1ulion, v«Hi.>iJ nnidi: mnfie(|ii€nilj it 
woiil'l (A)i !<it]i< n» the or^inUxn remainvi] vxpodod lo the 
tiairit- eicUiug CLiLitilionO l« liable lo fuHhcr rariotiotift of 
Ihe Mimi- kiiM; hii*! Itn?^i'. ir lieiiffii'ijil, woitld be pre«<-rvii<I, 
A&d XhoA be oontiiiLiiiilr uitjfiiieEUL:!. in mouy iiupi Ihf cod- 
tiijued dcvclopinvDl vf a pai-t, for instftnce, of ihi; iiunk of 
a bird, or of the teeth <if a mamntal,. would not mi! fhr tjjr- 
cics iu gttinu]^' itet foud, or Tir aa> ullitfr objecL; but uith 
mnii Wf (Tin viT no ilcfinit^' liifiJc to tbi* cotihiLLnnl i]tvelc>p- 
monl of tlj« brairi siid menial f^culliaA, »& fcir ii« jidvunlagL' 
ia euiKvrui'U. TlKTuftjrv' in Uotcniiimik^ the poaition of man 
in iUr. iiAturnl oi K^]iirjili>i;irnl flJ^il■lTl, ibc cxlreinc duvdup- 
ment of \m hmin nught riot lo outweigh u multiiudL' of rc- 
sembluucve in uthci \cva im|X>rtaut or qiiitc unimportaiit 

Tint ((Tontpr Rumbcr of uAtoriliKU i^Ilo havo fulccn into 
conoid era tit'D the nliuk- slrucluir of umn, includiDg hi« 
meiLtul fut^oliic-.i. haw follnua'd BlLiineiiljAch niid C*ii\ier. 
«nd hnvi; [ibtrod num in u crparntc Urdcr, under the tillo 
of tLo Biiu^Ekaj and lliLTcfoic uu £& cuualit; with the orders 
of till* Quudrum.ina, CdniUuraj itv KecL'ntIv uiany of our 
bc?t nnttiriilij-t^ b^vc rcturR-d tu ibt vitw first propnundH! 
hy LiiiiiitTUs. *-« n^nmiJuililf W lu» M^'Hritv, aud lm\e iilaueU 
xcitin in 1hi> lUimv On\<^r M-Jtb IhiT (JuniirumAUit. uudtT tbt.' titl(< 
of tlic Pniii&U'fc. The justice uf tlii« conclutioii wlU be ad- 
uiitlivl: fur in Ihi^ firnt jtl^vf^ rtt must lit-iir iu miiul Llie i-om- 
pftpativc ineipiinodiiee for olflMificalion of the prent rirrrlop- 
ipeui of tiler briilii in man, nm] ihni Ihr itrun^'lv-iimrkHi 
diUfivTioi** Wwpon tlio skiilliJ rif man and tho t^umlru- 
niQua (Intviv imtiKleil upon ir)- Iti^tborT, Aeby, ami olhi^ra) 
H[i|i(ity'n1Iy fallow fmin Ihric dilTi^rpnlly drvrlnprd timiiH- 
r» ttii? ftor<»nd |dace. wo mii&t nrn»<»iBber that nearly nil thfl 
other ftud nupre' lnii>i>rtniit diffprenrra ln't^rt^ii rnnii ^rid the 
QiEHdrntiianfi nrv mttmUvilj Hi1ii|itlv£> in thHr mitan', tind 
rclntP ohietly to the crcd ixtfition of man: ench a« tlio (rtmc- 
ture of bis Wad, foot, and |iul\is. Uiv? turraturc of his kplne^ 
and th^ )KMllion of hU Iiwid. Th« fjimily '>r Sr^U oiTwi 
A l^lod illtintmlion of the ^mnll imp'>Hnnr»? nf i]dflT>ti>e char- 
flder# fur clatttlficfltLutL TljeMf diiiiiTfila dilTe]- fiuiit all uthcr 
Oflmlvoni in the form of thi'ir lvnli« umi in tiie vtruolur^ 
of tlicir limhn, tnr mflrr fhnn doe* ninn frim tho hijrhfr npM; 
yrl in mti*l «Y*fi'in*i. frviin that *>f fuiirr (<» thi* rnf»ht rtfmt 
0119 by Mr. FJover,* al^aU htv ranked as a aoere family in the 


• ■ ifoe. Z^oKf. fiab< tMI, ^ 4 

Oil-. T1. 

AFrivnrtr-s Awn i»KXKAr/K*T. 


Onfer of th« Caniivnni. If ntAn lit^r nnl hepu h\a own cloul- 
fi«r, ]i« would never havt^ thought ol foundmj; a aefiaratc 
onW for hJH nwii a-ifiitif.m 

[| voaM I* Iwyond rnv limiU, anrt ijiiitp ho)'on*f my 
knowlcdg:c, cun t<i jwrnc the inmimchiblf poiala "I efnic* 
turr in ninth Jiidii rt^cir^w uilli llii- iithrr Pnrn4li"»- Our 
^rcitl tuii^muti iind philtimtjOii-r, IVfif. fluxltrv, line luUy 
diMTU^fcJ \\\h Mil>]riU'^ hititi conE'liidc? ihM mau iti all part* 
g( hit (TfUMiXfiTiriif ilifTtM^ li-t^ fn>in iTie }iLj;lit<r aih-i*. {]ian 
thM<! do from Mil* lowtr uii'uiWi of (he uinic proup, Vnn- 
vcqucntly thc^re " i« no ju»titic4lioii for placing lunii in a 

In an early part of Ihis uork I brau>;ht forward various 
thcU, twills hoir da^rlv man A£ri<t^ in con^iln iittou with 
tliv highpr niHimnftUL nnH tliii: Jigr'-(>ni4<ni mnH <)epeii<i oq 
our cIOBO aiitiilariU in luinuk' rlructuri: unit (^^u-imt-al com- 
jw>jtit>n- 1 g*ve-^ IL-^ ii)^E4m\?i. our ]i>i)utit,v lo llin Kimr i)i«* 
iWH'i^ ami to Ihr- iLfUi<k>i or aWM jmrntitpi;; niir t«wtN in 
conimoD for tlit* i&mf ^tiinuluut^s. anJ Iho »EmiLar cflot-U |}fo- 
liuoi-d by thcuj, aa wdl an bj vuriuun (Ifvgv, aitd olJit^r «ti(;h 

Aa flmnli unimportant pomta of rca^mb!nnci> bHwocD 
man BikI Lhe Qiuiilnim^Eii nn^ not tuiiiiiiurily riulit^Ml in sia- 
tomattt? workd, uiul u. nlii-ii nitnieroiu. th«v doarlv revent 
fliir rcUtion^hip. I will i<pf^ifj n frw wjch pftmU^. fht reia- 
live piwilion of nm f^itiiivi iw maiiffjstly i\u' Bam»>. an^i Ihe 
vuh'^uE oifi[>Ui^n£ aro di^pln^^^t bv iK'^rlv jfiuiiljir iik'ivi^mofila 
nf the miirtr!n< ant] ^kiti. cliirtly aboTt- Ihr cjrbroTrii Atirt 
rotmd ih** mniith, Somr frw (?vyirp*i-innn nr^. inrlopfl, iilninEl 
the damr. ad in llio wi^opmj; of ci?rtflin kiQilit of morikoya and 
in the Uufrliir^ noirin madr by othvrt*, duriii;; uliicli llit; 
rornpr* of (h^ inntith nrr limwri Jwckwnrrln, anil iht* ]owi»t 
cyclida vn»klixl< The (it«rnal i?ar« arc cni'ioiuJy alik^ 
In ii»n Hit ncK ip much mnn? |>n>miniMit than in mnal ition- 
k^y*; hul wc mBT Iracx* tbi^ coiiiTni.>no(*m<-ui of mi a^jiiilino 
(rur\miirr in The iio*c of \hv Hoolock (liJibnn; anri Ihin in t!»c 
Semnopitjifvtij' murifu \t< t^rrii^ In a ridiruluiif t'ltftiiue^ 

The fucci; tit many mnnkrys jin? r>rnjmi*?nl«i «'ilh boaH(. 
vbi*kffre, or mrnifttv hcs. Th^* hair on the bwid jrrowg lo a 
^(<al 1<<n^lli if^ ^Tiii' ^|^eclf»>* rif tSeiuimiiftbKJj"; ' and in t!»n 
Bonc«1 monk«y {Marant* ntJUfut) il miliuit-* from a pabil 
OQ th« CTowD, vith A rarting down the middle. It i« com- 
monly nid thai the forehead gtves irr man hJ9 nohl« »itd 



Paw I 

inMlerti^a] wpiwnrantp; but llu* tind. hjiir on tbp li«id "f 
the Boonet monkey t^rniinafea dvwimanlii abruplly, «nd bs 
BUcccciicil by Utxir io iJiart 4ind fine tlut nl a Iittio dutntlci; 
th*i*ff)r*'1iC3if!, wil^!i fill' i-\prptinii ft( thr r)r|)foW!i. np]Hiir> 
lile tiak^'d. It ha= b-?*^! *>ri'i>rwni]jfJy a^^Hod Ihat ('yi^browt 
nol ptvflnit in any mouke^'. In Uit epttii^w ju-l unuirj 
Hir' Hr^rmr nf HHki'iliirT* uf tJw foMHiiui ilifTci* in dilTiTt-nl 

indiviJuiilfl: and E«chricht alflt^s ^ that in our tlijUlfrn fhc* 
limit iN'IncL'ii tftf Imirv sniip dud the uaktHl f<^ri^hra'.1 is 
fomrtimr* no\ woU dcfintfl; s» iliu! htTL- wo wrii to have a 
tridiiit! ""aw of revcra^n tJ> a proiiciiitor, in whom IJia fore* 
Iwkd hrtil iM>t an jrrt ln-rume <|uit*^ nalti'd- 

It JB wdl ktiovn that Eho hPir oa our «riiii iL^iidii to 
COiivcrir<" from nbcivc and hfhff to a point ot thr clb<*w. This 
[jLirttiiJb HTmnj^^'Jirnt. »tf utdik'.' that ili most ut the !^>Avr^r 
mumrnalt, is coinmou lo Iho gorilla, (^himpan^tt-, orang. some 
epccb** of LlylobMcer and r\*:n t<> j«>m[- ir-w Amcriran mr>n' 
kfv*. Iliit in U^hhftfm (XtfiliN tbi- bnir iiii th*^ fon'-nrm ?*< 
dirot1^*d dowiin'anle or towurde iLo w»ibT jn tlK- ordmary 
mnniii'i": and ii3 //. U\r it in nearly erect, with only a vi-ry 
Hlight. rnrw»r<1 irrliindinTi; *n that in thi>i htMrr ^ii^'t'iit U 
is in n tiMr^ilLimat Mate. If can hardly bt* doublixl that 
vith nitvt l^ala^laL^ the thj(:kn(<4<i of thf- hair mi tliii hack 
and iU dir<'clicin, i* iiclnpttH! tn throw off thp min; nvrn thn 
tran^jvcrer* hnirt on thi> forr logg of a dofi may i"*rv« for lliie 
md when tie 16 coiK-d ij|i a^Wp. Mr. Wallaci-. wlio ha» tuns 
fidly idTiilied ihe hjihtli of Ih^ nnm^, n-'riiLirkv t^uf thr* co^i- 
vcrpcnci^ of thi> hair 1o%-ardji fhr elbow nn thr aifT» cif Che 
omng nifly W c^plaiiioii Bb rtervJng ti> ihnm "jff thi- rain, fiu- 
this anrmnl durirtg rainy wcsther aEt^ trjlh il» i\in\» th^nt, iind 
tvUb tho liandfl clBKf>nt rnund n l^rnnch or over xXt' hcad- 
Acpf^rdinp In Iiirin)pitoni% the j^niilla aIbm '*nit8 in {>^Uin^ 
rain with hm handu 0T«r his h^ad/' ' If Iho ahovo evfdai^a- 
ti«n ia correct, aa secmfc jFrobaHlr. tho diivctiftn of i\\r* hair 
on our own ann« olTn> n rnrioiifi ipcc^nl of our fori)n-r Ftittr; 
for T\r> ono EU]ipoft<-( thnl it )* now of any nso in throwing 
off the rain; nor, in our pre^fnl nt^X, corditinn. i* it prop- 
erly dir<*tled fnr lliw picrimjip- 

It would, howcvf'r, ho r*^h to tm&l loo much to th« prin- 
ciple of Adaptation in rt^jard lo thr direction mf the liftir h\ 
matt or \\ih eorly proj^eniiorn: fnr it i* inipLnnlilc to itttdy 
the fl>;urca giv<TC Uy tl^ehncht of thr armnpcmcut of Ihfl 

•'r*Ur Jie KicJiEuuf J« lliw*.' ■ ij^-hhI M H**J*i, 'Th* ktAim 
iL<L. MnlUr^ 'ArohW iRij-AuL und KkU-l, Book/*^. L, lK7li K IAA> 




Out. VL 



bftir on tho huiruui fo^tuii (tbU boiinf; the ttmp m in tlio 
adult) ord in>t obt^ nilh thi* ^irullml <ih*rr\fr thai othci 
Hnd mur^* l-oi])!)!*-* caiihtii lr«vp int^r*^ri^l The |Htinift nf 
cf»Tivi>r)^^i:tt tcL-Tti l» stand m rtc«u>j rrlatiin lo ihofv p'>]Hls 
ID the cnibnx* whicl^i njv U^t r|ii*i^i in cjurtn^ <I^Tplop]nrnt 
Tlier*' nj»p***r«i nUii, In fiUI Homi* Mfltinn l>phi'ppn fh*» nr- 
ruai:L.-iiii?i3t of lliL' Iiair ou thv limbo, und thf> c^out^* of iho 
nu'dulljuj' arti'rii-j,' 

man and ccrUic Ap<« in the a^xivc nnd in many nthfr (jrtinU 
— -wmdi fu ill having a tmK'il forefwwJ- long lufthrs ou Uie 
hold, Ac, — nro ill niK-'ouauly tli« retull of unbruJcvn iu- 
hfrrilan^t from s «>ininott pnnrccitor. or of «ub#(^uont, n* 
v(-r>iuii. MaD>' of (h«De r«seinb1aQtr« are moitr jirulitiMj 
due* \o uiia!i*);oiiB vnrtAtion. whicli foUova, a« I havt^ eliv- 
vhcrc attrinftftl to nhcv,'*' from co-dc«ccndi:d org>lm^mi 
having H HiMiifjtr i-iuthliii^lioT^ ami hnvjii;^ Ik-ctl Mitnf uti hy 
hko mudut iikJuiLint* Bimitar modiGcatioiu. AVitli re4|icc1 
to the similar ditvcliOD of the hnir cm the fnrr arm* of mnn 
Hni] cerlain ir^r^nkpyK, re fhiA rharactipr if rmnmor tri nlmni^j 
all lh« (inllih>|>oniorphoiw ap«, it may prtibablv Ih? at- 
tribtitrt) to iiihfritaucT; but lliU i* not rcrUin, (w »*tmc wrj 
di»linct Amcricar nxinkfly* aiv thus chanic1^rLw»d. 

Althou^rh. oa wr huvL- no^ Bn.'D, man ban no jiiai rifht 
to fnnci 1 >r|Hira1r Orrh'r f(*r hiK nvn fFCcritioO, he* rnay phT- 
hape claim ji ilifltmct Sub-ordi^r or Famiit, Prof, ITiivlcv. 
in hia U*t work." <ii\»ltH Ihc Pnmatw into ihrvr Kub- 
nrdrm; namiOj. iUv Anthmptila' wi(h "mn alnnr, Ihr Simi- 
ftdw iTiclnrlin^ moiiLi*yii of all kmdj, and the l>>miirid* with 
th^divi>rsirM cerifra nt lemurs. .Ap farae difTvn'iKfa Jn cer- 
lain iai|H>rtnnl p<»irl* nf (ntnuHiin" nro <-ont:rnitd. man niuj 
no donbt rifchtt/ rlaim the rank of a 8ub'<iH«r; »nd this 
rank is loo low, if we lonk cbklly lo \ua Tu«n1al faculiiea;. 
Xpvi*Tthr1<-u, from a ^^nratripii^al funnt of irii^vr it H|t(>^art 
that IhU nnk w loo hij^h, and that toAn otiKht to form 
m«Mj a r^niily, «r |W»tiiblv wi^d ouly a Sub-fatiiily. If w 
ima^Di^ \hrtv Tinea of d«aei«nl |>rrv>>ediTit- frotti o ntmrTkitr 
atock* it in qaitr ccncvirtblc that ivfy oF thrm ini>rtit after 
thr lap«ff of a^efL \}p ao slightly rhanKod aa atill fo rpmain 

* Od iKi hfetT in RylotiAlH. to * K>i. 

tliff 4w«iHB itrtiiVffv aikl othflf 
Il^U, Hl't \fL <Unr vol II. |jU«. 

!, ffli* 441. EwlinfM. >ti'l t M. If^ 
I. Ottii^^Antt- at Vtriit>nii^'^nl 
lll^«l>. WsllKv.'C'^aif&biiUoiuU 

p. IM. -The rarlft^i^h tf ^niufcl* 

Mid tninm Liniltr f»viir*4lP4iloi]; vol. 

*" ■ An Imr-rlBiliffli Ia iJi« r|jiiHifl< 
<«t*ua nf AiiiiunW IM9, p. W- 




bvcoDiQ m gri*ni\y m<T(hfii d ua to dpBcno to rank as a dmUnct 
SuVfamily, ci civod Ordr-r, Bui in Ihm t^anv it iii nlrnr>:il ivr- 
(ain Ihitt Int L^inl lute Anuld otill mUtin through inKiTilfliu'i* 
numrri>u>i muill i^riinU of rpHMiiblimrr with Iho mh^r two. 
Hop**, Jhcn, wouM occur the dittkiiltVi at prt^acut in-'oluUc, 
liiFW iiiuih wfi^ht we "Jiiirlil Uf *i»i/ii in imr rlii»jii(U'jitin[i« 
ta ftl»tn;(ly-mnrk»'d (lifTi^rcm riJ iu toriir few point^s — that is, 
to the amoiial of niridificntj*>n iia<:lcr(?Tne: anJ ii<jw iriu^'H 
to t'lfiMi? tvHi'mlilant<e in iiiiiikcrnirFi uitimpcf riant points, nx 
indifniUh^ tho Ibcn of ikKccut or Hrnwtlogy. To ahach 
much ffri^ht tn Ihc fnr but *troDg c1ilT<^rriioPs ia fhr? riiiwl 
nhvjon^ anH pprhap^ the aafeal i^uurae. Ihoufjh it apf^ura 
more crarrorl to pay ^rcul attpnlton i<y thr many Hmnll rti- 
^cmblflnrcsL, nai fiitin^ ■ tniTy natuiH) daw inca lion. 

In forming a jimgmcnt an this head with rof^renLV fo 
nian, w* itiasl ^lanct> ut tht- uluMiilication of thp Simiudir. 
ThJR family it« rlividrij by alrEinM afl natiiruli^lv [ii1i> (h(f 
Calnrrhinc >r'<*i>f'» or Olri W^rM nT>nl<e)-tt. nl] of \ihk-)t are 
I'hamc'tenM-'d (uti (hdr name tiprwawi) i>y tht* iitvuliar slnic- 
(Ltrf' nf tln'Jr nottril^. anr! }ty Haviri>r ftTi:r pnmohir* in rai-h 
jaw; und into th* PlfltYrrbiuf Rrr-up or N™' WorM monkk?y* 
(induiliii^ two viTy <lih1i[i<'l Hulj-p'uti(>H), all iif wliicb are 
c-haru(ir-nvn1 hy difTfrn^ully i^iirinlruHiMl rr^wtril*, ami hy luiv* 
inff fljx prciriolnr* in oni'h jnw. Some othi*r (aiall ditri^ri>m*o* 
mijrhl be Tiicnli*>fioi:L Nuw man urn^iii^f^tionahW holnn^^ in 
Kin fl<*nlilinn. in llif> KlriiHun' nf lirrt Mii<lriU. ami Hni\tv niiitr 
report*, to ihf' Tniarhinu or Old World dlviHioiu nnr ilow 
lif rtwiEiMc the natyrliiDca more clo*cly than the *'nUt' 
I'liiiH^a ill liny eharactcis. eiceptin^ in a Uv <if i\tA mi:eh 
impftrtanco and npparniilly of xin adaptive nntufv. U la 
Iherefon* a^inf^l all ^irfiWhilily that nomr New WorM *|jiv 
H<*» vhoiild haT# formerly varied snd fimdut^nfl ft mnr-hlce 
crtTiture-* with all Ihc cJirtinrfiTo c^hunkctor? proper to Ihe 
t)V World diiiwon; lo*inp at the mme tinw all it* own diii- 
tinotite i'haraplere. There can. conajiq u<'ntly, Iiardh h<t a 
douU Ihat man ia nn (iff-phool from Iht Old World Siminn 
stem; wnd tliut nndfr n sT'^nniUv^irul jioint of ifiew be mutiL 
b(i(*lflpwd with th* Calaphm<> divtflion," 

Tlie anlbropouKJtpboua apea, namely the gorilla, chim- 

VfllUUnfulf llip ittmT< flkHlflrn- 
Mr at liforn^ Mil m ^-Tnino^i. 

fliUrwikriYi. rfi>o; i»tvj p. itrn^ wim. 

flmitinl'lr, llin ^L»ilnr1ii- ^Wvh «nnrit 

Fliipklvlp.— IfiM^TwdlUUrirrniifoAri- 
tTnrlTii; ki ilkA I'LiiirUirk'*- Mr- bli- 
vifi Mill aTh^It* l>v lii4 •mm I'lrir i ■«• 



|j«iu£^, amtifZi fluO h3rloUlc^ un? by nuwt n«turaUd# (Vtp»- 
raCtNl fnwii Uir Liili<?r Old W<.irlJ iii«>nk«v», aa a difiUuct tttib- 
jfi^jupn I am «w*ri> tha: <imiiolH. reKin^ i>n l»u* slrat'liire 
of tbv l>miti, «lu*:f not admit the i^xiflinrt of thu tub >rri>u|s 
iind tjc^ ifiiuLt tL JH ■ brukvu one. Tliut the vrnug, a» Mr. 
St- <i. iliviiit ri'UMFkvL,^^ " l» one of the mciii pecuhar £»d 
•Wrfuht f'.iTiiti to l«* imjiit\ m ih<^ OeUt-r." Tht? rrouimm^ 
U(m-aulhii>|ju]tJi>i|ilj{rt;t Old Wiijy UM>nkoy«- '■^<-' ai;:Jiin lii- 
vidH by BoiiL« iiilur:i|jtU into tiPi:i or ihice iiTLdtler a^Jb- 
Kronpf; the gctnu SpiritK^pilbccutt, vtlh it.-i iivtuliur mux-U' 
lulled ^ointcb* bcin^ tTic t.v^n- nf titir *Ufh Mub-^n>up, But 
it «)rfi(iuv from M^ Uaudn~'9 wonderful dte^ownpn irt Attioa^ 
lb«t tlur'ittg Ihc klW>c4<tic priod & term L-xi^Ud th(^r<\ vluf^U 
I'OiniivliHf SriimitpitlivrLiM Hiid Macii^us; and ibi» jirolnibly 
illit«tnil4« tht- iiLtinTkor jh which th« otti«r and hi^b^r grou|« 
vcre "ati- blrndcd lo^reihcn 

tr Ihr iin[hnifjiiiJkoq>bikiM rt]iw Itn fidmitU^ tu form a 
natiiril jEiib-grotiji, ihon as man Agr»i>« with thi^m, nni milv 
111 aU iZx'Kie chankct«r» whkh li« puMC^^es iii (Ximincin AvtUi 
itic ultob' rufarliiiit.' (fniup. but in nUitj' itwtdidr r|ianii.4i']>, 
cucJi nn tbc «bci^o('iT af b tnil and of cnl]o«ttio<i, an<i in ^i^ctuI 
jkppetrjnce, vg may infer thai eonie ancR'nl meiDbcr uf the 
jinihmvi(itiiiirjiboiii4 tutK^rou^ ^axe birlh to ihilii. I1 i-f not 
probable thai, through the Ijlw of ■n^lojEouj: variulion, a 
nwmbcr of one of ibc jthrr lower stib'^njupi* shoulil have 
given rW li> a nukHdikt* i-[-<'aiure, rf^fiiimiTi^ tlif hr^litr aii' 
tliro]wQii}rpboiu upopi ti\ to inanv n-tpcctf. No doubt nmii, 
in cr>mTmr»iK»n with trio*t of hi^ allien has iindej>;oiir ui» 
ftlnifirnifintT iirnomi: oJ inojUflt'Bhon, C'M*flv in (onsei^nernre 
of the ^i^al d£<VL'iopUK^1 of liig tjrjun and bi:^ otviH yH>!ELt(3D; 
n«vt.-rlbi-li-A*. ur itiinjM )Nurr ifi mind rhfit he *' is but one of 
ttTTrnil pxc«?|jti'>nal fonii* (if Primalps." ** 

K*erv n^iturali^, uho bdieve^ in the pnneipk uf rvolu- 
tion, nil] grant Ibal tlic l^o nmiii divixioiiK nf thr Simindjp, 
njntielj ibe ruinrliinu and Phjfyrliire monkcijifl, niUi tlieir 
flnbjrroupBj bote all proceedt^d buhh' one extrcnKly 
ancient pro^emtor. TUt caily tWi-ntUiiU <if tlii* proK'^ni- 
loT, btftirt ihey bad diviTffrrl To «ny t'onsidpruMn r-vt'^nt 
fmm (neb *>tber, w<*iil'i Mill ba^^e foniivil a »iii[*lL- rjiiluml 
jh:r<mp; bnl ttvaie of the ?[fn-im ur iiii-ipjt-nE yt-wiTii vmili] 
bavi* itrefldv be^un lo iridiLrnt^ by t!n>ir riivrrginp cbBractrrB 
U:e future diftineliu markjiof tfic CaUrhine and I'lulyrltinf* 
iliTiMOft&. nenee the nLeiiiLK^iii nf Lbm supposed jimienl 



t»<t»QHict £Hlof, 90S.' roL vL 



r^BT L 

erotip would not Kiivc hvra hv umfunn la llielr J^^atJlioD* or 
in lln' flriJi.'lurt' of fTn-ir in-fltrils. ar* im* th*» etinling PBtfl- 
riiicc iiKiLkL'yK 111 uiic way nitd thv I'LutyrhifLCA in uni^thur 
way, tiijt v'ouM hnvc rii-wjiibkil In tlii* rc*8[>ect ll*r ttllicd 
I^eTrtiintln-. wtiich dllTer greatly from esch other in tlie form 
tif (lidp miutKltti/* Aud tu on eilnoidiiury dugrcv iii their 

Tlie f'aiarhln^ and Platyriiine monk^jfl ^gtw In a inuItU 
tu()« of dittradera, tu is ahvwn b> tJ]«ir unqueatLoauUv be- 
JoTiKinx io nnr am] the Minjc Order Thr mniiy chuntctcn 
MJiLoh thpy filitspwi in c'i>mmi>n cnn hsiR^ly lisve b^tn iml^ 
(icudv'iifly Jictiuirtd hy !fo iiifluv UiAtiuct apLvi'^jri: »it that 
Uitw- iharmti^ni inu*1 h*iit ln-rn inbrrlhii. Kiit n iiatunilJBt 
t4'nuld iiiidoultt^dly haro rniikod as nn »po r^r n monkey, tin 
uncii'nt form whidi ]Fo^L'a4r:J iiiaiiy chtirtiL^U'r; t.-u]iiiiioD to 
tlie CHlArtiin^ Hud Pbilyrhiiii< ciioukL-^^. utlki-r iliuntL'tcru in 
AH iiilt^nmiliatc oomlition, dnd i^timo frw. pi-rhn}w, dLflinct 
from lhc«*c non fi>ijnd iu vlihtt i^toup, »Vii<l a» laati from a 
^ri(<Hl(ij7if:ii] |i()]iit lit vie* br<h]iiLnt l» tin* t.'alnrfiiiit or Old 
World (itnok, wc tniirt cciticliidc. ro^rrvcr much tlif ci>nHu- 
6EOI] Miay ri'volt our jiriile, lliAt oui i^tly (■rot'enLtoie woM 
ha\t lii-i-n jjro^erly imi< dt-^i^'iiaEM.'* But wi^ muat uut fall 
into Ihp error rf tLi(>|>onini; Ihnt Iho rnrly pvtigt-nAtjrn c>f the 
wliiile Sirniun ttork. Iiicliiijinf^ man. U4if^ Jdcrfk-al mth, or 
even closely reft^inblcd, any oxi^riD^ ape or monkey. 

On ihr Ifirtft/ihti^ anil Antiiif/ittt 0/ }fita. — Wi" ari* naiii- 
rally li^d ti>on^inn\ ^Iilti' H'eih iho t>Lr1b]i1iiL<e uf man nt that 
utajp,' of dciifcnt when our prnKcritnfH di^rriicd from the 
rulnrhmft fclfirk* Thp furl Hint rbpy MnnjjpH to Ihin Etnnlc 
I'k-nHy flioM^ flml tli«y tnliabiied Ino Old \V*<*r|d; bul not 
Au.*lfnlb nor imj ocronic inlrtn*]. rti< »r may inft-r from ihe 
luHs of ^i^piaphim! diKtrlbtitmn, In cnch ppciil n^jj^ion 
of \Uo Wi^rld the living mammflle an? cloudy rolati'd t^ thp 
extiml fptfirji*^ of the ^aine re>nwn, It U !ln'r>^fort prolaUe 
thnl AfricH uut formerly inhfthiir*! l-»y «<xftncf afir* clrwely 
allird to (hr ^Tillfi end chimpanzee; and a" thefp twn apo- 
i-it'it are ni.ivir luaii'N iit^nmt alUej, it i« 4i}meuliut itK^re 
probablv ibat otir wrlr provfonifon litwl on the Afrienti 
coniinmt thon ^lucirbcre- But it i* UMtr*» to (prculntc 

Hrvr*. Murt? iDil Mi'hTt gp the 

*-*!. Ill, IMft. |k ft 

■> tlli'W liiiMi<<niit|'ilMii«afiiiiftiri' 
ph^lrcL. t^M ' ir#b*f iiv KnUtoli^iDi; 

iit wIiil^Il lie ifi't* In iltUil 111* vioifl* 




imt ttc Dryi^iiilLieruii '^ of tifirtcl, t)c«rlv m larn:* ad a 
Tn8Ti. nnd ciiArlT uUinl tip rirlolmtfti. PXif^H^I ]n Europe 

thr? rtrtli hu£ lurUinly uiiUergoue tEiuny En<flt rr^olutiunt}. 
uml ihin^ Imji liivi] niiipli- lime frjr ini^rnEitui on \\\t* Urgeet 

At iht period &□<! place, wlifnever duel wtim^Tcr it wn^, 
wb«n mill finit Id«t Hk liairy uovvringr hf probably in- 
JtQbit^d a kot c;cfat)tnr; a circa mfrtoni^e favokii^ble fur tho 
fTu^ifrruua Jit^t on whu'ht jud^'iDi; fn^m aoaTut^y, \tv njli- 
lintiTi). Wf aru f*r fntin kimwing how h-mg aao i1 wda whpn 
tnan firct dii^r^ from thcf C»tarhino Btock; but it may 
have occ«n#d »t an epoch aa remote ai* the Kot-i-rnr pemd; 
for tiiai ili<* lii^'htT apt* 1jh<1 JivL»rrt<>*i frinri tht* lowiT npi^ 
A* oaHy nfl ihr Upp^'f MiocPUP period ie ?l>rvn bv the e\H!' 
fiR^ uf llii' Dr^^tptllieeiif. We are alau cjuite i^'iKirniit hi 
how ntpicl a rufe f>rpi[iiifT[if. wbcilior liifth ov 1»w in Ihe 
fook', ttiny fw mndiHc"! iindrr favnuntbli- circumslrtncrsi wo 
lidow. lniAeitr, ibat ^'mie liftie rel«i[i*^l Ibi- Maine fiD'rn <iur» 
iofs ID ent^nnoiiit j^ptte of tiiiio. J'roiii ivbat w^ kvl* going 
ftu under domt"iiti«lir*n, wc Irflm thnt wmc of Ihe co- 
"iwcrjidhntft of (he ftirip t^iecii* rim> be not at all. snine 
a littlu. and luine ^<Mly ('bAn(«C4l. all within the same period. 
Thii* it inuT hnvc been witb mnn, who linw uudcrjciiTir u |fr<?iit 
AEJtnimt of moibrii-ntidTi in tiTtAin rlknr>4(-trr% in <hiri]iNri>Jiin 

with tbe hi}-}iora[X<4. 

Thr KTrnI bn-nk in the niicnnic chain l»?twHn man and 
\u* nmri'M iilli**, wbirh rnnnnt br hriii^trd nvpr l»y imj pi- 
httiil nr bviiji; i^pecto*. ba^ often be-'ii advancpcl ae o prave 
iibjrc.litin to Iht bolirf tb/it nmn ic di^irt-ndt'd frt»m ^ame 
)owi>r form; hut ihi* nbj*'i*tion ulW uni :i\y\\vur a( rrmi-h 
w<>i|!bl to thowe mho, frnin general reasonH, believe in Ihe 
p^oimil ]]iiiu*i[Je at vmduiiini. Brcakn oflv'ii nctur In all 
]iarU nf tin- hTir3i, notnn Iving wi<!c, *h«q> nnd tMin***!. 
{*tbt'Tf Itfw a»i in vnrions di>i;ri?ee: ra bolwwn tbc <*ron^ and 
iL4 oeaftTBl iilbi'f — bi'inrcn l\u' Tfl^■^iu^ ami Oie ulUi^r l/e- 
rnuriiT*'— 'bptwivn tlio yU'i^thnnl, mid in a mnru ttrikiujr mini' 
nrr li*>r«r'n lheX>mitbnrfivnchnfl or Kcbidnn, and oil other 
iii>jtjnm|p. Hill iKehe liiniLs di-pi'tid niL-rrly iin llii? iiuiiLbeL' 
tif rrlatol Uttrna nbT<b hsi-c bi-rniri' cKtinc^t, At kouic fu' 
tu^c [H?h<hl» tttit vrry diBtnnt aw mea^ureii by centimV*. tbf 
milmtl iai*i' uf man uill alnicK^t eiitlwitily eflermiiinti'. ami 

vPr f. F>H^U U^Jor.^Rnr \m SLi^w PmUn trvuf«« «b lul!*:' 
Jul tin Ha Ntfu^Mu 1*. IffTt JM 


THK hlWi:>r«IT *>F ma:*. 


r«[;]Act>, thp lavitci* r^xo^ throughriut Ifio trnrlfl. At the 

linUM.-ti haft n-iEMirWI." will nu ilnuliC l>c rx1<-jntiri;iti?iK Tkc 
brrak Ixrtworn hihii ami liU nt^arc-ti Atlici^ will lhi*[i 'h* a-icl«rj 
for it wjU intorvrni* l>ctwfi"n mftn in a more tiTiljjJcd tXaic, 
aft wv tuny ln>p-\ t^ru tliiiti liie CiiLiL-iifiidLu uikI --ijuitf ape as 
low nv u biilifHin* inhtc^l of u Quw belwccn tJie i]<-^ri> or 
Aui^tmliEkii ond tht." ^rilla- 

in vtmntK-\ mnii with hid upehke |irojj;eTiiIor^ co one vlil 
lay much Mirw on thi^ fnct who rattU Sir i\ LyclPct dU- 
■'Utihittit.'* wli''it> IiF hh^;\'»i that in nfl th^ viTrL4-ljiniti> c-lhuu^ 
thi' dLK'Ovory of fosril rcirjatriR Ijt^ boon & \cry ^^ow and 
frjrluiiniiA jimttw, Nof slumld it be f<hr^*otUii thut tUi»e 
rpgifiTiH ^ihifli urt' Ihr imiiiit likely tn Htriinl n^tmiliiB fttnin-ii- 
ni^ limn ^uth ^ine i?:itLnct ap^-ltko creature, hase not m 

ytt U-i-il sijiirflit-d by g^f^>logl^ti^ 

thtft man ^p|iirar4 tu tia\i> divcrvrL-d from \\\t CatarhiDe or 
Old World liivUiuii of !h* 8iiiiiQUI>L>, afCfr thi'*<> had di^ep^&d 
from th(* Noit World dirirtinn, Wc «iil now endciivour to 
folIo^\' the reiiiule 1mcc» of hi«i gcn(«k-^y> truiitjrk^ |irJnci* 
})uUy Co iht mtilLkfl] alltuilifi L>et^Mii ttii- various i-Eui^ws 
and orders, i^ith .-^c^tm- >\\^\A rt^foreiai' Im tfit' pcrioclrf, v.b tar 
dr^ a)if>*rtftiii('d. I'f llirir >^iuv('*?^ivr .i|i|>rjiiii]irr i>ii llic I'nrlh. 
The I^niund^ RTi»nti HpIom' sml ni-ur to the Simiojld*, and 
coiidtitutt' a virry dj^tifict fuinily 4>f t]jv I'muUtLB, or. aCLXjfd- 
iii^ To Hii>U-l ami <>UuTH. a dUliiici Onirr, Thin ^nju^j 
i» div@rf]firtl nrd hr^ikrit to an ifXtrBordlnnry di^j^vo, and 
incluiie^ wajiy abi>rT«nl forms. It liaa, tiiert-fDre. j-roUibly 
fiilTrrvd niTjHi 4?*linrlioii. M"ii»l of llir rpinaaiUn mrvivi- uii 
i»landA, fiurh o»- MndflffDR^'Ar and Ihv Malapn nrdiipt^lugOp 
vlierc tiit-y IiBvc not bct-n exposed lo «> wvcw a competi- 
tion a!» thoy Atiuld buve btvvi (.lO iie1l-ti1oc'lp*il t-oiiliii^'iilfl. 
ThU tZTT^up lihcirif^ prcM^ntji many Krodaiioivf, If^din^, lU 
Hurley ir-Morki^'^ *' ioBfiuibly from the crown mid sninmit 
of the animal rn>Ation dovrn to «T0£inre4 from vhleh ther^ 
la but ti dlep, m it (CL'nui, to the lowvnl, iiimfk'^t, nrd loA&t 
intrllif^riit of Ihr [iljiwnl^il mntniiiailm." Knuit t)ji^>4' vari* 
fiDft ii>iiflid^TntLOR>i U ]» pn>lj«ble that lli« Simifldw wpro 
oTi|:i]ial]y d<-i<;l4>iJ«d front th<^ |frog«mto» of the exiatiog 

Ol«r. Vt APF[>nTti:S AND QBKEAlXHiV. 


LL>miiTidjr; SDil thciw in tltdr turn from foTitw 0tiw<lm£ 
xtry low in fti^ nitiiiiTimlian ^prj^. 

The MfliwpmU hUdiI in inany luiportanl chsracUra 

IKIow the plii»nul mjiiutriiiU. Tliuy ajtiH-Arvd at an e&rVwr 

[^rtlrigirsl ni?ri<k<), nnil l\w\r nn^ wux fovnii*rly mui-h iiuinr 

.U'tuive Uiart at i>r«<Aent. H^noe (he Pb<r«'iiUln an* ^n- 

rrollf .'■Qfipofv^l to tiAvc levn <lT'ritc<l from Uit Imj^ket-ntata 

or Mjir^i[*inU; Hi*t. hiiwfvrr, fmm form* ri«iJfl\ HTM'Uihlixiif 

tit v\LHUik;; Xfur-ii|>iiiLe, UnX fivim lK^^i^ *iirly pnkgi]ni(i>jt. 

^^Ir ML>iioljr[ii:iU are pkniK allnxl la Iht- MitrHU^iiaK funii- 

lug n tliinl »ii(l «tiU Inurr liiviiiiuii in lUt* fjjnti iiidiiLtimlinii 

Bim*. Thi.7 «re ri'pr-t^uti.^J at th»^ pT*'srnl duy ficil*»ly by 

lljt- OttiJltiirihrmliui <xtn\ Fxhulim; ami tlie-*- tMo ftjriiift 

may Ih» uifely tmnith'n'il n» n^lni t>f n muih lnr>jor ^riiu|L 

rc|>ri:'iitt;U1ivc« ol vhult have bivn prvntnui ]» AiiHtinlia 

ilLtou^h «uai« ffivuitmlile cuncurTtriJr.i^ uf clmiuialbtKefc^ 

TbL- Munolrt<mAtA are emioeotiv jnlerMtijij^'. a« U'^Itii^ in 

[0rTcmI imporlotLt poinU of jiinicturt: townrdf Ihr doi* 

if rcptiJa. 

Ill iiilenifitrDg li> tnio« the jEenenTo^'y of tl^v Muiriiiiikli&. 
■tad llu'rrff>n' of nrmn. luwrr ilown iti thf netifT*, isv Iktchtic 
iftTulved in gmilfT wnil jirvnlrr i.bMiinly: \t\\\ jih a ni<i»it 
nwbtejudpv.^lr. Parkier, hm remarkt~<<].WL> liatv f-iHx! tvu^iori 
to wlicTi\ thai no Inic Ijin) r>r rrptili? inkncnc* in the liiroci 
lioe iif iWi.-iil. He ftluf uiri1irt4 t^i nn- i^liftt tii^^eniiily and 
kuQu']«d^^ cnn tlTeot. may comnuIi Prof. Htif^kolV workd.^' 
I will coDicTkt my^irlf wiili n few grnrtnl ro-morW, \^.vcry 
9vn\M\'u>n\*t will sidmil tbnl The five ^jreal verleltrnTe eln^i^a, 
liuinolv. Ttiflinifittla, htrdti, rejrtjli>v. airi|ihibitt|]e, uiii lUlte^, «rt 
defender! fmni jinmr (»ne pi*>tri1y|>e ; for tliey hnve much 
ill fJirnmiin, i^jier-iallj diirinu Thfir emhryrinic" *tnle As 
tlii- eU^ of Ii^Fk'^ 1^ ili<- niiM lnulv or^iinietM. jinrl apfi4^m<d 
Ijtfnri' ihr ojhrrs, ur iimy mtn^liido tUn\ a\\ lln- mi'ii*)irr> *»{ 
tJip vertehr^T*- kingflf»m nrv» derived fn>ni ^»>me fijhltk*"- nni- 
mjil. The Ulief ihal ummol*< m difilind an u Eiionkiy. an 
L-ivp}i[int, a hummiii^-ftird, ii itnnkr. n ftojr. »rd n iUU, &f.t 
rmild nil hjive fifininsr frnm llie >JHine [iRr<>nti, will npfienr 
morwiroiw to Iho?^ uho have nui iiltLiiclfd tti tik- Tetict 
]>rci|rrȣ uf aalurul lusUtry. Var thU lii^ii'f iuipliiv tfit< 

i-CTC Pn,f 


h« fm>!iftr* the plitlum « fSfm of 



PjLftT L 

lorxmfT cTiPtoncf of Irnkfi binding do«cly logellwr oJJ thiw 
forms, luiw ku uttrrrlv unlike. 

^VvlTtl]^ln«l, il i* ihtIhim ihwt jinnijtf of iniTtinU hnvp 
cJtiFtfii, f'T lio now oxint, which wnc lo connect ucvornl oi 
tlio i^ifiit v^rti^brati.'' doNOf more or U^** c]ostl>> We have 

ami l'rv>f, llTii;l<y Iiub diticovxTiHl^ arnl ia Lijrfiriin'iJ t>y Mr. 
VttiH" ftml i>llirT^ ihnt t^i- DinnMimjin^ air in iiiAnj' Im- 
porUnt t.>hnnict^r4 imvTincdUt^ Iketwc^n rerlaiii re|>lLt«fc ind 
cvriom birdft — l]iu lirxle refi-rnjij lo LoiiiK thi* v^iricli-lribe 
(ilM'If t-iidi-ulh II ttiilvly-ilifTujbtil n-numnt of it Lnrjcrr Ktunp) 
and llip AtL'hoojitifryx, Ihnl vinrtgp SF'i'oiiilarv bird, u'iUi ft 
l<y[^: iJjtuixl'Jikf' laiL A)i;ain, Qceordini,' to Pri^f Oniii." Ibo 
IHilliiuEinuriaiu — ^rejil awi-liuird-i furuifllml with jmildlea — 
QTViami mauT ttlTiniluii vilh IitlK«, qt niUn-r. utH^^riling to 
Huiloy* nltli ampfiil^jiai)!^; a Haw nliidi, indudiTijf in \H 
hl^hvii Uv^h aim] liidiiM, it- [ilnihl) a\\\v(\ Io ihe 
{jhikoiil fi^hi**. Tbvat! lulU-r tiiliea twtnntfd during Ui*? **rller 
j;c<Jvii;it.iil [KTiovlsi nn^ wore constmclcil <hh nhat |j4 iMtd 
a ^t'ti*'nili»i"*l ^Vi".\ tliflt is. th^-y iipeHr-Titiil (]|vfr>4iflKl ftllliiU 

ideo so d^<«r]jr allied to ampnibinn" and tifth't*. that uutu- 
ralksts long r1ifl|iii1«'d in whiHi nf ihoM* ivo ilnsu^-M lo mnk 
it: i1, ttnd qIm flotii^ fvw Ganoid fifTii'e, have h^n prv^rrred 
fn»in littler rxtint'liou hy inhabiimj; rivi^ni, whirh are liat- 
l-iiim of fi'fii^**. rtud nr<* n^Intrd to ilu* ;rn*n[ *Hti*r* of tU« 
ijtt'flM in llie eaiiK- way that jflinmt ar%* to f<.ntjn**mB- 

T.«i^liy, nii(- iiiii^lir iiJt'tiilKfr uf thi' JiiiitiHiM' and dJvcni- 
nvd rlan'of t)biit<fl. lumtrEy. tla^ Iqeui-'M or aiuphloius^ &a n 
different from nil other fiehcf, thai llackd iiuiiotainii that it 
<juj^ht tiv funii a diHliiiet duM in thr hrrrtelirate kiniednm. 
ThtH futli la roinarkuhlL* tor \U nejrativi.^ characlfre^ ii oan 
liArdl.Y he mid to pofupM n broiOt vrrlH^rul c^tdutun, or heart, 
&(.v; M that it whn da^xed hy r.h? oldor imtuniliH!:> anionpit 
th* tt-omift. Many yvan ajjo Prof, Ooodsir p(>n*t»ivivl tliut 
thf* lantxloi |>rr»ciit<id w>mtf aRinilim with the AA^'idians, 
whirh arv imi-rh'hnLtf'^ hi'miH|dinHli1[% mpiriiw iTi-atures per- 
inai^«iitiy attached lo n suj^port, Thpy hnrdly aji|wnr like 
aniimilv, and con-tihl of a wmpk, tou^'li. h^utliery Mck, with 
tvci tinall nrnj<<i-t i nir im!k*i^. 'I'hrv In-dong lo the ^rnlluH' 
rolda of lluiJcy — a lower dirinon of Ihc ^Trat km^uui 
of the Motluaa: lint (h*y har* recently iccn plnct^ by nonit 
natitralMa nmuof^ thn Vermes or woniM. Their brvw 

■ •r«lMM«laf;; IM<Mk It^ 


Cup. VI. 

ArFivrriKs anu fiE\EAUH>y. 


4i>iD4wh]it rL-<(^iiiIili< lm)po!e« ip ithii)H%** anf) hnr^ Xliv jHiAi^r 
of Axi^iiumin^.' irvfiy ubouL M, KoTakifiky " hoa lately oU- 
Mniit ibai llir Unit* of AsC'i«luii?t are rrLatt^il to tlie A ert*^ 
brnin, in Uunr munnvr of ijL*v^loi>mt'Ot, ju Iho rvlaiivi* puai- 
titrn i>f iho r<'rM>iiM xyHtcnt, nnd in iKis^ff^jin^ o ftructufir 
I'UiwIy likf Uie th^nia *ii>rAitUa of vi^rl'tifut*' uiiluibIh; and 
in thu lie Ji4^ bi^un hiiiol* ivjiLliriiiOil by IVof. Kuplfi'T. U. 
Kotak'V^ky wriU'^ lo itto from Najjlt?. tkat lif- hua iio^' mr 
rifit llic^ uliMTiarictriH yvl UiriUi'i'. nuA ?<liiiuld hw r^iilu 
ho urll tfilubluhei], Uie whole will form o di^oovei^ of ihv 
rrrj jfrr^tr^t »nltir, 'l^hti.s if wp may Tv\y on vm\iTyo\t>gf, 
pv^r llif* f«fprit giiiilp in i-lHuil1rnti<iri, it nvxnt thai vr liavr 
at IfiDt gained a rltii^ U 1lif> source wh>^n<:e th? VfiTtfbraU 
wi-nr iJenix"<J." \\V ahoutd then be juHlifieJ in believing 
fhal al an pxtPPiii'-ly n^rifih' jH'rimI ii ^jroup of aninml^ I'i- 
*(!, r«fvmbline in mnny ri>iicc!fl thn larTr of oijr pivf^nt 
-ijiaus. wiiirli 'JiifCTg^ into Iwu ^tvtii brunt he?*— I he one 
ivtrij^radiii^ in flr^rUipiumT iirid produfin^ tlu' iiivh-mI Haisi 
of .Widinik-'i, ih^ othi^r minif tii tli*' rron~r> Jinii i-jiiiintit of 
the miiiital kii)*^doiri hy uniiig ^dth lv IL« Vvilebnilfl. 

We have iliii« fifT er]<l<.'avjui-ed mddv 1o TT«oe tin' ^ene- 
nlciH^r nf th<? V<jrtrbra1a liy Ihn aid of their mutual iifhniticit. 
Wp witi nuw k«]k (o man jih h^* f-iUtu; mid up ^halJ, I tlnnk, 
be abk jaTtially to r(«iore tlie elradure of our early pro- 
ffiMiitom, dunii): motwtftvi.- jjthodti, but not in du<- onicr of 
iinj**. Thi% i^ii Iht t-ITpptMi by inpflnu of the mdjmiJntM 
wbiph nuin tiill r^Uiniii, tiy tht* eharsflera vbich occasion- 
Ally ijidk« their appearaui-^- in him thir^u^fh rtvprHicm, and 
by tlip aid tf Mir primifih'Ji of inor(»b4>[o^y iind ruihryobgy 
Th» vaHcjvt tsftfr t" "'bi*'li I eball h^TV alhxle, have 
givm i& the preriou* ehaplerK 



» M IW Fdlhfirl l-^«AiU I liM the 

jinJ llt«n4bn hnt* y*«n Ijvftqv hhj 
(Ckf f ndunllMi lk« loconioAfT lurs 

til S^iiJflrnmH Mit •ti|»f*nlt* jnn^n* 

htvl, vti BfimVurt^L &n 4 ten flnt 
ItlflHicnl- It «i«v *■ pkctrh^l b* me 

iffm fV«U OcttTnl * 

* KM t flin IpkHTipl lc» tild ikiil hun* 

of |«|i«i« III Ilia * Arrlkltv d* I^liwl* 

Iaa lfii« iLDlQTVlivt rtii'irLji, (. a^t 

tn .l|lU"»» jnj T".t. T ' I -'. .-T ^t 

(jiulr tlidi^friu, n ijHa 

ntluviv^lliT'' ^ . ' I rVPB' 

irtj™ ifinp h«jr I- ',. J un ttt' 

vcricljr' |iir !ii . .'iTih^u viiqlir 

^ l'ailll|i4Mlfill, ■4fv<to «i|ii]»Lr> f-n>milji. 


nito fvr 44 Iff 


I'Mt 1«tr VTt 




Tliv pfirly ijhik^o'I*"* "' «>*" >"^l hate betu o^ice cxiv 
i>rf'(i wich h«ir, l)<*1]i «'n^< having bf«rd«; Ihcir t-rtrw wtre 

b(]ilitp ui'it (iiiiTidiHl ^\ith a Ihil, liuviiij^ tlit->J]>fr ttLu?<L'ln(- 
Tiii-ir Jimb* and bodii^a wvrt iduo ueivd on bj' munj uiuntU'* 
whic-h t\avt Qnly orcAHionally rouppt^nr, btit aro normjiUy 
(irewii! jn tlie Quudmumna. At Ihia ur stjuit^ earlier petiiMl, 
Uie grvAl arti^rv &uti nerve «f the huiutMiA rfiu Ihruu^'h a 
mpTuH^iLdyloiti foranit'n. Tiic intestine ^avc forlh a much 
Urgi^r diveriiciitiJiu nr ftpciim tlmii timl. nov Pij^ling, Tiif- 
foot was Ihen fir^lien^jl^, jud^inj^ from the conditi'fri of tU^ 
t^reut toe 111 iJi*- fa.-lLin; aiiU 6vr pnj^enitora, ni) doubt. w<?re 
iirlii>rrji1 cii lln'ir lijiUjiri. 4ni] fnijiirnrri] liimit' wnrrn, TorrHt- 
clad lanil, Th« mal^e had grtui cantn<f t««tli, vhiHi ^orred 
llnrin LLfl fonmidabk weapooft. Al a iiiti<h carUur ptriud the 
uttTiii vrns doiibl*: th** I'lcivta w^rc voidi^ tJirou^h n 
rlo»crt; and the cy<? wan pro(ocl<^d % e third eyelid or nicti- 
Uliu^ membrane. At a eiill earlier the prog^lora of luaii 
muKf halt* lti<f<» Mi[uatii' in Hti*ir hnbitit; for morfiholaf^y 
plninly tfll*" ti? thnt our tuniw ronetft of a modiM flwim 
bInJdti. nhicL uiiee nerveii a-i u CIohI. The cWfli ou ihe jteL'k 
iu i]ik- <<iit1>rvu uf man ihi>u' >vhon' iKl* bntuL'hUv oikv 4*xJ!ii|L-d. 
In Ihr Irinnr or wcrkly rmirn-nt periods' of Bomr of our 
riuii'tiuiip »>' ap[tHrHilly -ttill relaiii traoett of uur iirimiijdtal 
Urtbpla<.'e, a Khun.* vtaMhed by tht? iitivt. At ubout [hid ^imt* 
rnrly p^'tiod the true kidney* W4-iv replaced by the rorpora 
voUfronn^ Tlii^ heart i*ii4led aA a f>tmi>te piili^lhig veAHfl; 
mid tti« chorda ilurdnliti look Ifae plnc^ of a vertebral colufon. 
Tbirw «arly Anre^lcin of man* thiui fwrn in the dim rrctwett 
(if timp, mimt. bttve hfon ni Mmply^ or flivn still niorp ftim- 
pW t>r|jfanLi>^d Ihan the hnoel^t or aiuphioiru, 

Thrrr IH tmr otbrr imiiit ilt'ji-rvinjt a fuller iioli<r. It 
IjflE long Htvn known thnt in thf> rj-rt*"brrttp kingdom one sftx 
bear^ rudiments of various aojc^^ffty tiartd* apperlainia^ to 
tlie n*prtHluvlive -ly^tem, wlii<:h prHj>erly brlouK t'* the op[x)- 
nit* Kpx; and it hiiJ njiw Vtn nKtitaimnJ Ihut nt a very i'jjriy 
etabryoDic period both seiea po$«eaj Inic male and f^iiialo 
}i<Lii]di<- ITeiire Home reinulp pniK'*"'*'"" "^ the uhii1<^ vertt- 
||nit<» klii^don) apfiein: t(j hflvt> l»tfi>n hormnphroditr or indro- 

iou»'* But iiri'e ve encouMei a aingnlar difHoulty. In 

■ Till* b ihn cijidiuiun uf rruf. 

(Jo^-nWbT, elk* tjf [)'t til|chfi*l sit- 

' Oi-uiiiktrifr<iTf icviE^DiiJi Aual. 1^0. 
1. ■'Til. Tl)« rHuli ti«a Wtn ut^ivJ «t 
i^hbOj fnna tbc fltod; of th*. Aat' 

(■lilMii: bill Ii upMn ftWri tlii" ro- 
»«f¥.h«* iif WHltiAyrr f* ^u-itivl m 
^ Jau(ii«I <Hr AHil. fliil Hi^tL" 18AV, p. 
tAI L, tJmL lliti vrtuiit iT|r«iM uTwidi 



Cliir VL 

Arnsmcs ant> nKXKArHiar. 


with the ofljar^tit |ist£9H|^?> in iln'ir I'wioiila? pro^UDne: they 
Ijoar dfio niiJim^nU of mamicer. and samir umtc Mnrpupiab 

(WwW b# ad(1«<4. Arf *v, ihon* tn Fuppnu- thal^mo ex- 
tremely aodpot nemirial oonlinticd aii<lr«)^rn)ufl. ailcr it 
bjul ■f'riitinHT ihv i-hi*'f dtnltriHuiiik nt iu rhins >ni1 thprt^- 
frtTP nftpf it had divrrcrtJ frnni Uw» )ftw*T olnautf^ nl it\^ vet- 
tcbrete kitiffH*:*!!)? Tlii^ sftins \m inipfobablt*, /or wi? Iiave 
tn lo*)k I'l fi*h»^. fht* lo^^'^>lt of afl ihe cIhkh-w. to find uiiy 
rtiU ^xirttnl nndropv"f»"i UiTnifi.''" Tlint vntiouji ncccswory 
p«h«s proprr to rach *i^a, nrc f'>iin<i in a nidiiiif-ikUry con- 
dition in ih? oppoHiti> jspt, mny bfl P^plnmeil ty fcu*^h organ* 
hftrtn;: been f^roduallv uaiULfvd tiy the i>iic kojk, and then 
tranAniltHl in a mon: or IrMi jnijKTffNrt Mstr ixt thr- otTieTi 
Whpn w^ iiTAl nf wiual 8«lwtion. we shall meet with in- 
oumirmblt infstancea (rf Uiiu fnmi of IniiiBwiraion,— a* in the 
raw of tlip npiin*, pTiitnrit, nnil liiillinril nklmirs, iKt^uin^) for 
hflttip *>T orninTi£»nf hv tiinln birdis ftTid jnh«nl'>d bv thp 
fpmalifb ill An imperfect or rLtdifn-^ntdry cviidifioia. 

Thr pfifiHwoii \ty nihlj' m;4inrii3i)H uf fuinlitxiHlly iinpcr- 
f«ct Thflmniftnr ir|piiiK is, in «i>mfT nupf'Otti, Mpfrctnlly cun^iiK, 
Th-e MonotreniaU haw the pri>|>eT inilk'Sfrrelin^ glarid« 
witli tiri/in*v, btil no iiippU'ti; and an IhMi* aiitmniN ttjind 
at tho VPTV bnftCT of Ibc mammalian ceriiut. it i< prolMtMr* that 
the jirogenitor* nf the elow aUft had milk-^rrreliny i-'nnda, 
tmt nT> ripj>]ep This ooncbitTon is MrpprirTed by what ifi 
kfiovn of Ihnr manner of dvvL*[opm-.<[iT: for I'rofr^icor 
TurtieT infr^nnt mc, on the BiUhority f*f Kollikrr nnd ! jinjcfrr, 
th»t in iJte emhryn ihp rnninranr-y cl*"dft cnu hj- disiinrtty 
truci.<<l l>efore thf nippk^H art in the koU visible; find the 
drvrlopiiii'iil of HiiiN^>*MM- pnft^ In tbt' iiiditidtial j^tt^rmllj 
rpprwf-ni^i »nd nr^r^nrrlH trith thi* drt-rJipinml of supiM-jtstw 
}>«ii]pi 111 the MiDO iint^ ^f de^tnK TUf SlAr^iipiaU t^ifTer 
rmni llu* MrMioln'trinfa hy |mt4i-H>iiii; i]ip|i]<Ti m> lliat prob- 
ably thnvt ^r^nn »ere Rmt aoqiiired Uy ihL« Manupialii, after 

uEiLltnT*, Ihinitfb upti i rccwnlly vtlhuiil 

VnuivMflk.' «<^l is;. ^Tn. 

mt vail ■■ in *%'n« "iliinp diAi^. vNi^r* 
h In fbhrt Tuifmut 4ri<-laibritrirtrBi,or 
ktinv^i Hiti iifiiUi'nl Or. Zi^^rf' 

fV>r IfilVflHiiM. in lit 'Ttriiujrt td 

THe BKSCeifT OF )I.\K. 

PlkT L 

haul <!tver(f^d rmm. ntid uivn ithm'i?, tho Monolreirnlii, 

(i ttT'j'c llirTi 1 ranitniitli'il fii Ihr |i|m-*.NJlAl mniiinmli ™ No 

iiouB, iifl';:r tlu-r had niypruiimat'-'k ttLi|uirf.'i] liitir prrat'nt 

,Ejn- How Ihi'ii HTt^ wi- til Liivoiuil fi^r imiU' imiiiifriiiU 

^ iiDg nianim*? U ie poej^jbli? thai tJicT vpn? first de- 

Tdo|ie<l ill thf? remakB Aud tlicii tninbft-rred \o the inalM* 

^B U mi5 be )>ugg<^Flcd. m atmihvr vicw^ lliAt lonjc «fttr 
^K|}ie progt-niture of xlx^ whr>l« lUAiiiiiLAlnn cIam had ccofod 
^Bti> lii^ nzi(li'ogvricii.i^. buth ^i.<u<4 vii'lded iriilk. jind tliUf nmjr- 
" UhrJ lUdr yminir; nnd id tho cow.' ol ihv Murdupidlj:. tliat 
liolli H\\i'4 CArrk'd thdr ^vi>unv ^^ niarsu|iial 7«(i>^ Tliif< vill 

malt* of exi*tmg bvngtuithoup t\r.\ws rcc<nvo liio i^fy^-s ot Ibfl 
ToinnW in thHr sbdoniiitnl fnkuihi-A. tmUlj iht'in. ni\i] vitrv- 
irsrr^R, Bft aam»* Miet*-. notin^h Ih* v*>iirg; '* — thai ivrialn 
aihrr iimli; iifili*^ hatch \\\v p-'hp wiihiD Uu-ir iriouUi« or 
Iminchtiil mvil-ji^; — Ibnt <ritiiin iiihK* UhuU laki; tliv vhap* 
M« nf ricgH from lh« fi'iitalcA, and uiii^l them round Ihw 
own lliif^lis ki>tpii]£: Ibt^m thrro uiild the tadpi-^W arc born; 
— ||ih( cifrtain hihIi* bird* umkrlwkr Ibr wb'ilr duly tif inru- 
bu1i/in« and tluit mjtlv pigv^rtn^^, eih \^rll hh IKp fi^mflU^ fiH<d 
Ibcir no«tJint?» wilh a »ccri-1iLiii fnfin their err^phn But the 
alxi^o suggeKt ion lli>( jK'iairrwl to mi' front On.* ttiuiii umit 
jrUiiiU nf tiulc" TimmmuU boip^f ao mnoh more fitrfoc-tly <1e?- 
vrbM-'^f^ 'bun Ihr nidimcnt* of ilje othur ntKemttty rv\)TO* 
dinrivp pnr^H, which sre foiiDd in th*- ono t-vi though i^rowr 
ttie nther. The munimirry f:hindFL nnd nippl(^, o» intj 
(frii*t in mulp inmnmnU, ain indeed lifirdU }«■ inllrd rmli- 
m^nlary; th**y nr#* mcrrly not fnlly dtvrlcipivl. npd noi (nn^s 
_ticn0l1y acUvc. Thc>' art^ tympAthr-tifnllT nfTi ctcd nnd.^r the 
flui-nc'i^ ot (X'Hain cIU«i*pb, lilti- lln' ^anie orj-AiiK tjj Uie 
It- Thi-y nftiTi trrreto a !fw dnip* <>f in^llc Ml birth 
■t pabcriy: thia latter fact octurrtil in the <'urioup laai'. 


hintrThbm ilnt it U iruiiv inul- 
IMr h'n*- Kuh '*fliiH TidYi? ti^-n 

iaK *riil i»it' IjilUf ft^irn ih^f* nf 

M'jiinip.iMinlA ^vq, fcW>, * Uir*Tiolr 

'*T I'r, Mm Un^v wi ilm ni4iiJiniirr 

Ift 'V^iVL Juurnil of Hnjaoju.' ApUJa 

1Mfl, n VAPh. fWir *}iii1 he W <«fK 
twrvTif <^f Oin r»rvr-1rtpiii*m "if Hkfi|« 

■ tftinl r*iiirl4hinpii1. <Iti main r<<)iH<i 
hiiii^Vi'iipf il>r oil in itji-tF fii'-ull». H« 

rnnn, nt ■ ]'n*\ itvOin ft'*^. n^ StL 
MM* >iif.L IV MKf; &l» i*r<)f Tur- 
iivr» in * Jnnmti r>f Aiut. cmt I'hvi' 


CUur. Vf. 



before Tcfcrrtd to, when* a jounj; mon poMCVM^^ tv.'n pnirn 
iiF EMiiminiiv In iiiAn aiuI M>riic filhi^r mclv iiiAiiimnU 1hi?H9 
orgaDs have beon knovm occaHODclly 1o b^r^mne «" vvoU 
developed dnrinj; in«(uritT ta to jield a fair Mtpply of milk. 
NVi* if ft'tf Kii)t|HiH* iTiul Hurin^ m fornipr pr(>lonRffll |H'ricMl 
TDflle mammslfl aidod th^ fcmnlp^ in nimini? their ■-iflfiprinR,'" 
Miiil thai fiftcrwiirdA fn^m uinii^ uium' fa» froiu tlie |rpjdtic- 
licii vr 11 vmnSU'r [tuintH-mf iiiuii^) iho mn1(^ ci^ivoil In ^ive 
Ihi^ nirl. fhtiiMT of the orpitii^ dunnj: mniuritv w^^uH lend to 
llieir U'cr»iHini! JnAdi»t^; and U*.»m t»i» wcH-km.Twn j»rmd- 
fil»s of mherrfuni^. this ■^taie <if inacilvlty wwdd protjaMy 
Im* tnincinilt*^ In iht innloa lit thp eorrMiiODdm;: op.* of 
Tiifltunt3'. Iliit nt *in oflHirr nar thcw orcn'i'' w-iultl be left 
tinnirpcted, to thai thf>T wQtdd be ■Imoet pqiiallj well d^ 
velopL-d in tlio youcp of both £CJi«f. 

Conr/utUM, — Von Bfl^r hna df»flfn^ fldvan«^ont or ptN>^- 
r(«A m tlii> orfffttiic si^jito IhtIIit Ihan nny mit' d^, lu restiii;; 
»n till- jiiiinunt iif i)ilTi'n<i]tiiiii[>M und xin^ciHltMitiDn nf Ihr 
ftevfrrat part* of a beinCt— >^'f>^n arrivM nr mitturitv. ha t 
«lit>uJd be inclinfd to add. Non up ori^aajfinff Kat* bp<:onn; 
^l^llrlv ndnpfwl t/i divrmifit'd Ihirn nf life l»y TiiniiiK "f niilii- 
ral sclodion, lh<.^ir parle will barir bocom*? m^rr and more 
rlitferf'riliatvil *Dd sjimaliitnl fnr viiriniii fajK-tioiid from Ibc 
AdvHnla^ gninpd by the diTiKioii of phyinnlofnc-al Inbour 
Tb-* same |>art nppeara tiflen lo hurt heen moddied fiwt for 
onr piiqioiif, nnd (hor lonit aff<>rwHnl* fnr unidr? nUicr niid 
4|iiif« dt^trt^l piirpotM>; and time all the- parta aro Tvnd^r^d 
more *iid n;otr (x>mp1i^a. But ^^urh oixntibni m1:I1 retain* 
Ihr ;r'*npnil tvjH* f*f stniftiir^ of Iti^ pnippnit/ir frrnu whirb 
it wad a^xiri;nct[d[v di^rivod. In aixxrrdanoo witb thie vi^w 
it MTinsi, if W[' tiirti lo jrfoldicinil cvidnipp. Ibat cjr;rani3a- 
tion on lb* wh«|r hat. advnnrrd Ihroufrb^tvit thf v<yrh\ by 
flow and int^rriLptcyl ^ops, In the ^n^At kin^dnm of the 
Vrrlflirala il hm Lidintnatv-d in man. It iniiHl im>1. hirvever. 
b\» ^iipiifit^fl tlul ;n^Dp« of or^fanie buinfpi are ttl«ay» *ttp- 
plnid-'d, and ffiwpprnr bj' eoc^n Af thrv hnrc gjxr:n birth to 
otbL-r and urT^rv ^--rft'ct groupa- Tb*- laltvr Iboujib Yielort- 
ona or«r Ih^ir pri-ik-rMaort, may out baT« become betl«F 
adapted for all plam< in tbi^ rt^r^nomy of nature. Home old 
form* Bp[Hiir to hav Minivf^d frnm inhabiling prolorli'd 
firte«. where th^' ba««- not been exposed to ve^ severe com- 
p^ilion; and iUrsr. nhvn aid ti» in concilructinj; our gtne' 


TEE i»ksci:nt op mak. 


fllopea, by giving u^ a fair i<lm of ivtmi-t oit<l luftt popul«- 
tinriA- hui VM« niuict tml full into Ihc t^rrar tif Inokini^ h1 llir 

Tho moil uudoDt pfuj^t&ilors in ihv kiii^iioiu oi Uic V(*r* 
(cbratn^ nt trhich «c arr able lo obtain an obscure jtljiiiccv 
appan^iJtl.v ci>ii«Utei} of a ^jonp of marine aniniaW n7«cin- 
hlfn^ the* larta^ i>f eiifltin^ A&ciiJisni. Tbejie oniiiLaU proh- 
ibit gavp. Titv to a jr^^r *^' li»Ji<v. a* lo^'ly orinitii^J i> 1hi? 
lnncr>M; Rml from Ihfx' tbr <initoMi»., >in(1 ojIkt 1UIii« Hkr 
Ihe I-i'i.iidii'iin?!!. mwfel liai* be^n d?reloT>ed- From *L»oh fish 
n rttj .-mal' advunct would aury u* on lo Ihc Amphibians. 
WV hnii^ H-i'Ti Ihiii binls Hm! n^iililrvH ur-ri* utin^ intiriintpk 
f^nniH'te'i ^>t!Pth*'j; and fhi* ilonotivrnata now <*i>nnr<?t 
mnnmifll-? rtilb rejitilri? in a Hli^hl Jc--(;ret'. Btit no ooe cad 
HI |in<«i»iil Ni.\ liv wbiil Ihir if i|i-4ri-Ti1 Uir tbnv hi^hor am! 
NflRtc^ti cljii^u^, nnnidy, innrnmali^. bird?* nn<] rt?f»likG, vrfTO 
itt^nf^ from th? Lnu Wifr verltibrat* tlaa^eK iiamcl^p am- 
jthiluHriH aTid fisbiii- In Iht* ^'biwi of tiihiiiiiihI^ ibo »i4^pa ar4 
not Hilfic'iilt to conopiv<^ wbirh W frttn Iho iut<<ii<iit Mono- 
TieiiLfltu Ui [\iv d[LCtif[it Mfti^uj-inh. ami fimi) th<-.«c to the 
nrly pfi>fli*nit'jrji of lh(' T'^^^'**"!*'*^ Tiiammalfl, We mny 1^"* 
Bsccnn t'> tlic Ixmandp^; ani Hut interval m not very vttIo 
frnin ibT'se lo Ibe ^iiTiiftila-. The 8imio<^ip Ihrn brnnrlifd 
■-»(T intn fwti ifrt'Hl ftlc^niic. the Naw^ WoHd ami (*]ii World 
nti^nkcyfi; nrd from tbo Inttrr* at a n^mfilc? fxri'xl, Man. the 
wuiiiler aiiJ ^luij of 1h« UnivcuMr, ji^cniMled. 


■.Ilic inhnblUrrtA ir the •Mihfiivi 
.il* t'ivtua plJhuf •*'i'ul ill*- fii^i* 

pUlc djitId nf Ttifal ^hnnirTB hi ■ friit- 
nttftiL 1^rtOi«|ii«">>. Umr ff>-l <*Ji'- 

of *ui>lt iijiriipl4, KvltiiT Vi\<A*x <liBa« 

h»MlT t^M In rifi itHr nuimi In nifu- 
In* ■mklv |i-'rkiU t^<--w il if it [n^t»- 
U«>'^iwfi'f tfi*f in <K<i Ht|;^<f anil n^kV 

olJirr daiM*h ri>Mi> ntrntl vt K>>M'>t- 

neb V t7»n1r }4rl<'"t»; Ihlx wcqitcl Iv 

■fp il4-«>viirl4^1 fri-"i »n nnhiut >.1lh-l 
f llic fiWLiir tr-lnj ,\*-'>Jl"^ Mnnv 

rjik-fif W flvm. *^ l»n- i'*tnti <» "f 

i?r<>l tunrpb, IW. ivmftUnir in Ifi 
Frnitpll i^taii'J utA VTvi.f.' Jftt. Ti 
1*71* th» HiFyiL ->! iliv pfiKin _ 
ImUrhnl 111 t«iH, itt^k*. lf<»M; tf fhe 
Afwl in ifirvr: kliA*o M TIib iLiic-V 1a 
Ibiir ; ttiofu nf itit» e^w** In Hvr , iinLl 

Ahfitr nH ** mil .TiHflff, « twiinrnl 
|itffii!d. it h^p^TuilniiiUly of iltv rlrlit' 
(liiirti«<i^ f»f ani- pnJM«* fpf liin'lioa. 

umiM nnt,«li'n inr-« jrtJnM, hr a«Mp 
(■h uliiiOk'* - onit'iuiiillw ll Dtlk'ht Tv 
lhu> iftnunjIlAl ihr^nuh alivt^l bay 

U«rfi 111 f'lill^iir, Hn'l «iiE|Ul h*^ 11^4 ro 
i-liiiKri^ nTrtw"! ii»rtiMi|lt 1m * »li"l* 
9t^t T>iii« ti'ir>'<]ijH^'>ti, ir pcHuml, U 
hifhlv nuiark^ilr ; f'-T Oil' ptH'iA fif 
l-itiIaTIh^u ki icif}t n^HmmHl, *im] l^o 

nijiin- nl|j(T ilUl (trr^rtiiiftk llnm !»- 
inv'iiH 1IJ iIfc i^rtiijcnl^l Mrthplqfx f^ 
ibmv iinJBUi]*L 

Cmif. Vlt 

THE iurn4 oy jiaw. 


Thiu ve lifiv« given to riao pedifiix^ of proc)i^mi« 
fcncth, l*ul fiol. il niMv he *iiid. cf TtM^ cjuality. Tlio 
WTirl*!, il Im»i nflcii hrrri rrm^irkiiL flpji«it* a% if il Ii-irj Inng 
hwn pri>[>Grini> for the flclvcrti of miLti: niid ihis, in fyn^ ^n«o 
b :<1ni1l.v trur. fur he o«'i'« hi^ birth U* a ton^' liii^ <-f pro- 
grtiitor*. U wiiy *iiiKl<" ^'"^ «'i '*"» I'luin hml in\tri r\iMn\^ 
man uoiikl n<tl hntv Wn nt;ir'i]y whni lir now U L'nlp^ 
we wilfully tlottt* •>ttr eve*, wc nwy, wilh our ^»re*fnl kuowl- 
k1^^ flpj>['{>xifiiLifi<ly riH^T^Tiite imr (mrvniuge: nor ii<«<l wi^ 
f^l eshfltnccl of it. The moil humljlo or^nUm U lomo- 
tliiug much hifi-licr titan ihi^ LDi>r^anLc d(i£l iimler uikr Toot; 
£tid no one with ad unhiae^Hl mind cad ^ludy an^' living 
crcnttirt, houwcr humliJc, wiiboiit hoin^ struck wiUi tti- 
ihuEiMm at Jtfi marvellous ttnictnre adiI propcrticA>. 


ox mi: ]uac« VF MA)f* 

iTa ill ''zi^iHi'i^f, inl 'i^ipriM^I tri, niilirtjf 1I141 «'-.-i>all«'{ tvvb nT intb 

fiOfV f^H'hjh" mU <if lT*-Jif**'LaiiM iu <ppp1> Brill iikiri^j t«' 

t«#«f| U;n rnr.*! ...,,.., ., ■iiiiu -Ttifi >4tti »»* iimiittli<<ii licAf** '^^rrbl 
■Tier lliT (Wl£ Ot^ rK.* n<)i it'«wT*j>4tM 'r^irii It >titi:r- f-air 'fix '-iTiCK^tiuii 

of ne^m — 'Riu furniAla'a '^f rwra— Tli« cIikU -if I'PiMi'rk/ -4Jif*it [(iMuceif*. 
Of ibe dlmt tfHoii of ihp (roi>iittiiM» vf ttf*— ^ll^ht or uc iDflBOm ti( 

It U uvi my iiiti.'Mlii»ii ben? to rlnfcrilw the M-^v^ml tO' 
eallwl nwt oF nf^; but E am nboLic U* tfiiqtiire whiil i« tho 
thUic of die Hiffcreimv Mmxrr ihtm unilrr a elawifientory 
point of vieu. nnil h<i* Ihey li*vi> ■»rigindleil In dH.'rmin- 
U3j; uhHhtT tno CT iiu>K- Jillivd fnnnt on^lit In be rnuktnl 
a* »|vck» itr vrtneli^^p. nut tjtii tuts nrc pnirticftlly piiidH h\ 
l|t€ fnllowin^ ri>n*nlrrntioit>; njiinrh'. thr 3mr>nHl i.f rhl^r- 
^'Bo* ImKh^^h 1h*>m, nrKl wherhor «Tinh dilfvrenLv- reliiU' to 
few or many [»o-iiia i>f .■•Irurturr. iind whrther Ihoy (ire of 
pliy4H)bF);nsl iitjpornnoL-; liiil irirtn* rapr'i-ially wlirthr-r ih*y 
are conttanl, t "1111*^1 nncy of rheraelei' tt wbal ta cliiL'fly 
valurd and auui^lit fur by iinluralUta. Whnirver it uan w 
vhewn, or rt<iit9i?n<<1 proJmblt^, ihnl tbi- fnrnm in ipf-ition 
have remoincfl rJinind for n long pcxiod, Khi* i>eeoirte» art 
arfiirnftil of n»ttrb ^ei;:l]t in favonr of Lrealinj- llinii an 
^fireie«. Kren a «Ught degree' of tterlUly bctweun any two 


TU£ i>i^ici£NT or aiA2t. 

Vmt k 

the litorilitT vhicit in bo fpincnil a rot^nlt ^f llk<< ct<tt6\ng ot 
■*\n-i:kf^ in a •tdU^ of i^aturo. Kimid Ihcde etvvral vi^uaid- 
eraliun><, it may U' juvtlv iirgvil lliul itii' perftH't ft^rliliK 
of Ihc iiiErri<nircL>l raevt ol diuei* if cdtalilijihtvl, would 
n<ft aWlutrly |>rci;liul<- u» froni raukiug iliem oa djalJiRi 

lodi'pviJtU^iitJ) uf fcrliUlj, tilt* vhamctcrn |iriT(it-ntcd by 
ihti olTK|inri)C tntm a <-utM hnvr b*^n thoii^ltt U' indit^tu 
n'h^iht'r qt not Ihi^ jtnrpnt^fomq ought to lie runted as tp«- 
i'i« or vQrii*u*e; but akci' curL-fullv sludyjiW Ihe t'ridcnee, 
] have cutiie tu llic cuurluHi<ju llmt mi trrtirml njli-« of Ihif 
kind uuD be iruhUxJ. The nrtUiiAry N'kuII of a crontri is tli« 
prtjduclian <rf a Iflcnded or ititcmi^Ji4t«- furm; but in cer- 

UilA LiBtti ^^JUIl' i>f lli*^ offnjinJiK lokr i:!(j>tlj iiflrr crDr |ijirrflt- 
form, mtic] tomt ufttr tht oitior, TWit U ^po^^^jiily Apt 10 
occur when Ihc jjaicni^ di(for in cIiurat(i:rB whitli fir*L 0|»" 
|it<ar^d Jih Huddrii tuHdhitii'd (tr inuiipilrti^itii^'^ I rvfri lo 
IJiin i>om1, U*cj(UH' Ur 1{i>)Llf» informs nw Clul ho ho^ fnr- 
queotty »cf» Ju AfiicA tlie olTe|j|iiJ^ ul iivj£rL»pj «rtj>i8ei with 
lii^iulier« of oilier mtreti, eithi^T tiJiiiplfli^y bliit'k or f^ain- 
plctcly u'hili% or rarely pirbnld. Ou (he olh^r hnii([« it it 
notoriouf* tint io Amefk^a niulattoc^ cuiiieuudI/ (jrniont Qti 
Sn t tail red iatt.' H|i[ti'ftruni'i>. 

Wt Imve [io>4^ jrcTi that a iifitiirpJUt mijEht for) hJnuicU 
fully jiiMifli'd in ranking \hv rmt** of inun a> iiiHlinrl *j»^ 
cif'tf: fnr hj> fian fuund that Tliey aiv diBlm^iiiHlit'd by iimuy 
tlitfi'r*^Di:i3 it .irr«('lun- atid iy-ii5lilT]tii>n, fonic bi'inic of 
iinpi'Hann'. Tluw difTprwn''™ hnvi*. '-i\ut. rvfrniirjiil nimrly 
constant fr«r V4ry lonjif p<>T-iod^ ^f tiiii^. Our DAturaliat will 
]mve beni \a tavnv dcr^nvp ittlliiritccd hy the enormoua range 
(■r mull, whirli h h ^r^nl nnnniAly in Xhtr rlnu i>r mNintniiU, 
mankind bo viewed a^ a ^[n^]e ^iiocice. lie viH Imvc t>e^n 


k Ihe diMrilHili'iti uf the Mrvcml wi-tullcd mi-fti. 

kich Jirrofcjl u'ith tUnt of o!]n-r Eirjlouljt^llv llwtillcl *ptf- 

ci« of inammAU^ Finftllv, he mi;:ht nrpc that thv mutnal 

ility uf all the nicnt hax uut ju yi.'l Uvii fully provi^d, 

eT^ii if |>n>vo4i would iioi bt an «if*ulnte pn«>r of llielr 

vppcitio i<ii-Dtity. 

Jill 4 tottu fnkurj 

rrit Lrii|-^:l.l- 
df^rnliLj, vli>!- 

lliriijjfTi •tIccUl'd, Ttiii afjne. Mid n# 
Ji<iikil tiff iiiJtrr rr*iiuH iif vt''rlEil^ , htv 
ttv <rii-M*ritnL r^uinx <^ i^frtiLii lui- 
tu'iBii 'Jiirrrrrjort ill llic i'bi>*tllu^ivu 

Till 14- \i. 9-1- 






There tt, hovfver, no i)oiil>t thai the nirii>i]« rafE«« witon 
oorefuUj' comiwnil and iomau»<I, r^tflvt mu«h fri>[u mc-Ii 
<»iltcr. — rt» in Hic tcitnTc of tlic hsif. IIev n^laiitc ]]ri>pi>rtinns 
of «I1 p«n* pf iJw Jmtlv/ ih^ rapaHtj nt Ihp l^ingt, ihe form 
ami c«)4nty of the ^JtuLI* and v\cn ib the cofivr>lutii>iid of 
thi' brnia.' Jltil it would be an i?adlciu tdpk tf> sfH^cify the 
nrimmiiif pnint* of ^liffj'tvniir. Thr nin* ilitTcr nUa m rno- 
fltilufLon, in 9Lv]irimlitulL<iTi ani io tjabitily ('> c^-rfaji dis- 
caM^. 'Hurir mt^iilul dmr?i(len«tJi9 an- likl'^^i--<e mtv ills* 
tjncl; dik-fv at i[ unuM iipfiAir in thi^ir 4-nioiictnRl, hfil 
pftftlt in Ihoir imflJf^cUirtl fuculltc*. E%\"iry ono tthi> ha« 
nad llie i>ppciruiiit> of o^itipanH^ii. muel Imt^ Im-vti titrm-k 
witli tlw mnirmil ln-lwi^-n Ihr iiidUifn, pucn ninnkH', aI)o. 
ri^ncK of 8- Anif^c* and thf^ iL^hl-UourU'd, talkative no- 
H^rot.-^. Thiifre i8 a uruHv aimilor euulfiul lwlwe>r]i IIlv MaUjji 
•ikI l^e I'apuanc,* uho )ivl« undi-T C^u^ luimt* |ih_viictt] i.'on* 
dittonv, and arc w^pnraiod from each otiirr <nilj bv n narrow 
#j«f^ of «oa. 

We trill tirti Donaid<>r ihtr ar;nim^'>^ta wbieb uuv be ad* 
Tanctti m TuvoLir of ilufjiix' tbr rnt^v of man aii dUtinct 
fpfvjo. ard thru Itir jir^iniM-ntH or Th*- <>tbcT side. If a 
nal^mtirl, who bad nt>ver t>efore seen a Ko^ro, Hotieolot. 
Antlnilian* or Monj:ol:an. were to compare ihcm* hv woula 
it ofirv |H^r<*ivo ;1int thr^' dlfTfrt'd iit a imillitndr vl rbar- 
tcifn, fome ^tf dipht and eotne* j>f coneiderable tmportnnee. 
On enquiry h^ would find thai tb*>y ^'t'lv adupU'd to hve 
nmW HiiVly ililTrri'til rlimnt**, and timl tbry rliffrrrd j«jtim*- 
wbjil in bmlitv r<^ikRlitutii~)n srid mi^ntnl dinpn^ili^n. If h^ 
VL-nr tbi*n Ir4<i ihnt hundreds of dtiiiilur ^rit.'rmL'^na could lie 
hmTight front tbi* wrnM- nmntrii'n, lit- wauld H*»ur'.'illy de- 
oUre rbaf Xh^v nrr^ an ^ood flpO(-it^ it*- mnny to urblcb b«t 
'had Wn in thir bubit of afllidiv spccilic Danic«. Tbi» c-cm- 
rluMnn nriiald fii^ ^nnlly ^tlr-Ti^'tbi'nHl hs H^r*n ii4 he Iiap] 
isccTteinecl tbfit tb<v4> form« hnd ull rvEumi-d thv Krimc cbar- 
■rtfir for many certurin; and thai n^irrocK, B|)pfircnlly 
iHvnfiful wttb piltfinjf nej^ruf^. had llvei] at l^a^l. 1000 _y<^ara 
A|fr>.^ lli; woLild aho hear, on tht^ authority of an cxcdicnt 

■ Srt.fvi irivtAia-Ts Mr Vikf-UftlF'* no 
ontxM of ih* h-fnin of * Bii»K*'*iiiim, 
li-nill TTiUMiot' 1^5*. |>. alfl 

* M'illi R*|>c('L irr lliir Puuiv* iii llis 

bntriii- F-;;;rj*riiiii ojiv« r.r aIkhi sifn- 

Iwl IL Tmioiiot «T> fThifl I'lurmUry 

of lh^ Huinfln Kk(**/ KuiT- trvEvlat,, 

d J' <ri (hn 'Uolto rlpt n»^4, p, ^^^s Ihil h* *-■• far frojri flnU- 

ltfMr'4, IV<^W 4*v-i liiilianA,in>iri*'4i] 

I iiik in i|jf MiUliirv 

L. -|»l*Hiti« erf ,\<T>Cfl 

, itn lilt iav""'Jl> "C 'J'* 



P4af t 

«bftcrv«r. Dr. LvQd/ that Iht huaian ekitll« foiin<l in ih^ 
cAvc* of Jkiutt, cntotnbcci with irnnv extinct niAitiniulf*. lie- 
loDget) t"i ^hr «irin' tvp*- w (hut now prcvjiiling iLrnUiihout 
tho Aiucrioa[i Continent, 

Our nalurftliM wotilfl then pcrbanA turn to geoKr<iphi(.fll 
cfislrihiitrnn, urn) hr wniiM |imJ>jihlj- d(*Hiirc timt lho»? fr>niu"v 
niubt be cliHtjrtcrt s[h><?i«>^. wJufh differ- nnt only in app«arn;u-r% 
but arc Jittrd fnr Itot. Oa wdl i^ dAin)< or ilrr countries, aiii\ 
(or tW Arrtii' n*>[ion!A. Hi* nii^lit 4|i|K-a1 tx Iht^ fjiil HiaL 
no fppci(i^ in the |*roU|> nc3:t to n\nn UMnrAy, tfie (^uudru 
mana. L-au rtM^L a I*jw (cmueraturf, ur any confl»[cr*bI'' 
dianKt" of d[in»lr: arid that tni' ti|K-i'i(vi Hhjf')i ci>m^ rrt^r*'?l 
to tnati bnvp novpr hccn rm.nx^ to mulunty. ivon uiitii-r tht 
tpinpcralt dimalc uf Kiifopc. Hl' would bo drrplj ica- 
pre«iei4 nilh the fad. tint noticed by Agassi?/ that. th« 
ditFi^rcnt nccn nf man an- diatnbulcil over t!w world m tht 
fiHJiiit' Eonloj^cal provjiK'v^, li* ih(*w trtlialiiird l>y iindtfoMcdtj 
difttinrt sfwc-w and genera /^f infimmal** Thih it^ manifp^Mv 
tb« i^jn^i* with the Aufltmliuu. Mou^^Tibnii, und Ni^^ro rucOH 
of ninii ; in a I^.^k ui-ll-imiikrd iiinnii'T ivilEi Lhc HoiU<Dlnt«; 
biit plninly with tho Pnpujinj; und Mnlnyt, who nr^ vm- 
roted. as Mr. Wallacr has sIk^vm. I>v tn-urlj tht- minr Ime 
wliii'Ii di^Jiit^^ i\w jcri'al MuUjaii ami Auslmlinn z^jiilo^ii'jil 
prorincL-n. Thi* AI>r>n((ino* of Atmhiiftt rnnffc throui(hout 
the Continent; nnd thij" al iiret appear* opposed Xv the above 
rule, for friOBl. ttt Iht i>nii)MdiiiiiF»or TlieSnutlit^ni hnO Nurth- 
em li^vea JilTor ui([«ly: >*l nomo fi>rt' Uving foniif, nk th« 
opoasum. nin^-« fnun Uic one into tho other, ta did r'>rmfrly 
*om4' nf (hr- ijigantir MpntJiTa. The Kiqiiimaii)t, like oflier 
Arotio animals, fc>x(end rotund tlir wholo polar rc(j]<»n*, U 
^llf^^ld he ot«crYed that Hip nnionnt <»f "liiTcrcnc*' iK-twccn 
(hi' mammals of tlir fteTpml aoologicnl provjneeK does T^ot 

■J>ijtvn ur iiiOT* liUifina tfhkh bOriie «e|' 
thant WliiT* thai ih*ji r»n rwocnUA 

l^vpr vim* flf Ihfl mwl Tmntfl/- 
inaiknl not* rjuuic4 b« t<1niiliA*>l 

fn^ifhi ^Avfl Mffi enniji&l item whut 
>iiiB>itii^it Arlttcaon mopiibJKl Thri« 

M<4qpk \fi1I nna i>4ii1riiVii I'TypH of 

>ir|foia| til tha ■i^TH'^aH- -l#-ti'irli>'>ii "t 
tht rm<if>ainr' !£*■*• of M^n/ l^^'i, 
|\ K<IK itpvAhliir f' yr'UKbf UrriLiiiiii 
itlifi uma to IIBII1I4M ILm I am ku 
fi>Piiivl liir Mr fffnrhi, irwtbt in (he 

■«r|i. Afftrn, vhrn I liwkhd it ihn 
i4*Itic if iirri;no]ih fit, 1 iciPcH Killr 
(wo 'tflb^iTv of Ihii «iiftl>li«hincAf t tiolh 
c<>i»pcl''iit jmti;<^ thil Tiv hmJ ■ 
*trmt;|v mufVul vtfrv Ijpf ef fn 
liir*w; W .^ri*r». .^c^« mjiI ijlidjin 

hjKri'l^ but fiA tit ■*e*|[rw iniwmi^ 

■ Af ^uMfd t'» KfitL abd G1ia<lfo, 
*Tj|iM of UuiVind; 1HM, p «JU 

I'Ut r V.^ lliEPlh> III ttt l}\umhflt\ n- 

Jul; , 1««0. 



rofrctprtnd with Uw ikprc of (i?^aratu»n bptir«n thi* lull'tr; 
Ki lluit il k'^n fiurill> In- eon^L<l>^riH] a« dn Aiioiiiftlj Umt the 
Nt>gru ililTeis iiiunf^ miil tiu» Aiiif-ruait i»ui-h li^fe» from ihr 
MlhvT roMtf of mun. tliQii i]o thv iitiiniiiub of ili^ African oiul 
Auicric&n ciMitiiuiit^ fn>nk thr laamijiaU of Ihc otlirr pror- 
inc^ti. Man. il utAy W a^Mf^l. doM r»ol api^ar 1o have 
ul)on|^iDAlJy mliaUicii auj o(>+7diii'-< iHuud; «ait m thu rv 
«|>ci't, hi' rrvtiiUi-^ thi- iithri ini'iiiU-m i>r hin tLuw, 

mnxv kitid u! tlumi^tie ikumiai tli<iuiil bi' rtiiJ^vii >fl ruch. or 
at >\t<itii<a\\\- tlt»liti(U l.hnL ir«, w)Li-lhcr any nF iLi-rn urt* ilr- 
F<c<*niL~-4l fnim riiaBtin^'t wild tjiLxus, ttv^ry nntiirali^l would 
hy minh ainss un llic fact of their exteniuJ pfiniaitrj< bt-ioi; 
Miri^ciflcallj (li>4iii(.'l- All tla* uiun? «ln^jv irouli! Im Inii) mi 
\hii luct, a»i it wMilii W an exceptional on«; for 1 (uu lu- 
forini:il Ij,v ilr. I-Vimv llmi the inwt iJitTrrL-nt kiiidt iff il<>)i;9^, 
fowtf^ uiici rig^miic, in'Kngla&d, Rn> inf^tcH hv th« tAhio ape- 
i^it'e of iWiculi or h<y. Now Ur. A^ Murmv bu/i cvtrvfullt 
r^nmiDt^il thr EVilUiili LkilU^cfi'l itl <liET>Ti^rit ismntiii'< rroiii 
lh>> Jifl^r^nl tjkv^ <>! mdn:' anJ lie llnd^ tlifit thv) ilLtTt^r, 
not oiilv ill uilijtij. I>u1 i» ilu- Mrurtiiri' c^f Ihnr i:Luu:< Mid 
limlwL 111 i>T*rT oflsp in w'hiffi m^inj epvfimf^nfi uiri' oh- 
IbmBtl ttit ililTiTL^mx^ wt-r? conv^Uiil. Tin' inirir<'<»ii itl u 
■vimlintf lUiip in llir PBt-illr j<M»rr>) iiir Uinl trhr'n Ihr IVrli- 
.cutl, viih TFliioTi wino Sindwicli |j»liirLdi>n on boanl Huunnei}, 
!itrbV«U on to tlir h'^dioA of thr Ki^eIuIi idiloiH. tiry dird in 
fhi- rixin^ of rlir*v -ir four ibiyv Thi-«* iS-ilit-uli wrn* iljirLcr 
ro]/ii;)re<l, and &p[jt<an><J di!Ti<r^ikt from x\i"¥ii* ]>ro|>ier Ut the 
nntiTt* of Chilor in ^^outli Amcrkii, of which \w gave inc 
Kiu'cinKix*, Thi'ii'p HpJiin, upju-nnnl lniyiT iiiiil mtirh tufti^r 
IhaD tluiYtpean tio*-. Mr. Murray (tnx'tjn^il fonr kind^ from 
AfriL-a, nam*U, from Ihr Nt'Vfof? uf thr rophT» and Wrat- 
pni irojutt, from tht' Hntt^ritotii and Kafflrs: Uvu kindjt fmm 
ilie nalWee of Auftralia; two from Xorlh ami tuo from 
Srjulb Anirtif-a. Tn llus* titl«r cafl«r il may be preaiiuivf^ 
tluil tlir IVIiotill ratn^ fnim nathM inhuNiiti^t <Ji(TvrMit 
diflHHA- With iiiA^t'i jiliifht :JtfU4'titrDl di[T<ivnci'^, if i^n- 
9ljiti1. an: ^Ttitilly t^U'i.'nieil of bix^iiHi.' \ii1ije: and Llii- fact 
uf rbrt rai^« of iriun l>4-irii* infivL^d Lv piriL<ili*s wKH-lt a)v- 
fiTiir to fx^ tpooific^^llv liutitKi, niiKht fjtiHv l>r arict\i tu ntt 
ur)_'tjinrrl lint the nee* llinit^'lvn^ ought in )v cla^^nl u 

Out Mipponed ualunlJM liarinf prou^^dtd U)iu for in 

■'TnoMok R Sot. vf Uinlurvb; vol. nil, IMl . ^ Cff, 

UNE (/BRARY. STA:;(^^|N^ssam 





pAit L 

hid iiiveMi|;atioi:, would ncM i'ti(\a\vt nhrthcr ttin rsc^ of 
iBi^n, wlifii fm**j"J, wi*rt» in nr-v lif^iv -^t^rile. Hi- iiiigbl 
coraiiil xhi^ work " of Prf»feit4'>r Brooa, a eaut:oiH anJ plillo- 
ftophical otiBt-ni^r. nuii iu IhU he would fii^d ji^od cTuiciu>c 
thnt f">mr fiici'* »rr** nuiti* frHilr iiippihitr, iur eT»Ifltirfl of 
an '-.]iitC'i^l\(r naiLiip in n^gfird li> i>ihpr racw. Tliu* it has 
b-i'j ' ii d thai Ihv native v^om^ii of Auatmliu ami Tiw* 
luani.i iiEi'Lv iirudtict' I'Tiildrm lo Kui'0|M<iin nicii; Uiv ^vi* 
dcni«, honc-vor, on thiii h(*Aii hru now boon ehcvn to be 
almMt v&]iiHe(^. The- lialf-cjiste^ an- hiUrd li^ tlie pure 
lilaok^: and an aivoiivil hn^ luli'ly Wm fiuhtiuliM of rlrr^n 
half cofltv youthr murdL^rc-d und UuTixt at tho «aini> time, 
whosf^ rrmnins wprc foiioJ b; iIji.* imliL^r'" Attain, il haa 
oft*-?! Ijppfi ftsid tliat when ninlatUrf^B inlenuarry, ihty pre** 
dU4-o ftrw c-lidtlnn: on tlii- lyihtr hand, Lkr, Bnclimna, of 
Plijirlerliui/' [>iwlivid) u»wrU \hM \u- li«> knowji rniilallo 
familiM vhifii hurt* inl'>rinarriei3 for BL*veral ^i^LeraULirUp 
and havtf corLtirtu«d on hd AVL^rai^L- nn fvrUlc im rillu-r jiqk 
uhhik'^ ijr pur? bWki. KiirjuirirM fnniirrU lunik hv Sir C, 
Ly*!l on lbi» huIjj*^ M him. n«i h« in^^rmti m*, tn iha 
le condueioii." In ihc Unikd SlaU-s ihi* i^euBua for Ihe 
ir IS5I iiirhidi^, Mii.iinlii[){ Uj Dr. Hnrlmifin. 405,751 
nuilattoPJi; and thin nuinVj4<r, rnniHii^ring all lUa rirr^um- 
ftLanei^ uf Ihe caM'. Beemi amaJI: bat il nt&y [tarDy be at-- 
ormulfd for hv die di-^^m^lt^rT mid liih^amlout- |riwilio[i uf ihf* 
cliliv, nnd hy lJi<^ prolij^nKv of iht* M'omt-'ii. A cinlam amount 
of aWjr|itioii i>f iJiulatliH'f^ into rio-rrooA aiuH always bi* Jn 
pro^^rL^w: euhI this would lead to jin ajkiwrvnt iliminntion of 
the- furntir. Tfic tid<n(>r vitality of mukttut-tt lA i»f)ok«n 
of in a trijstvoi'l.hy work '* w a wdl-knowD phciii^rornun; 
and lliis, altlioiigh a diff^ivnt ronAldpTAtlon trom their Ims- 


*'On tliD rirrnomfUB i>f lljlirMity 

m thn {^aniiB I!dm0.' ¥-bi[- ItwuIhL 

■•t^n ihe iaurvrilinif Irtiuv by Mf. 

T. A. Mumr, \ii :Il^ ■ AuClimp^lfi^ . 
Uvfin; A|>li1. lEfld, fk liM 111 tFin 
WUBf C'JunI Single iki- iJ>l'-u]«rj| [h U 
AmlfBlliin nflm'li ^fio hii<? FkitIk? 

p«1lh SlVfiiPt •I'lili- wJi*^H • rotaoA 
*!■'> rtk«vb of ihi* NuL. J"i'iviUrt>' *-f 

■fii] Nd^^'a« orihnv li^lifw rilnnnb- 

□uril^ I^niL*. Ilii llii-ullLirt fiiiUJ, )lr, 
WtiiiTkHHl |l4Ak-lii iitifirm* piv ihul thfl 
^ 4)rn>ir« '111 Ih^f (ioM ■ '-iii^rtliM^ir'i a^I- 

■ biftitiin ilrU 4i»uUtl"*- ^ln »M ii«1 i'l- 
Unufeir/, ti llt^ kJjiUiFiii trv fuv fDil 
hickly. iblt bpLK»- Mr Kh^Io »- 

int<ii lutr- tIaIUiI juuI rtamint mi tl)« 
tWj.-H(ir Amnh'mii Kcildivm,' tij B. A. 

Cmat, VIL 



flnpil f*fttlilj, tnay |n-rLH|i» Ix' ailvAni-ti! fl?* ft (*roof nf the 
Aptx-itic c[iptinHii**M Lif til'' ]iureri( riKvM. No doubt both 
EiEiiiiM] iiitl vi't;i'iaMe hj)jri<ifi, v>-]irii pniduo'il frnm pi- 
trvnic)): Ui»Einj.'[ spcrm'S, arp liable tn nrvnuUnn* iltHtli; hul 
the friiTOCtr^ of tiiuldtliWd vtuiDot li^ put unUi.'r the outo^^rv 
of ejtH'UH?ly dJftliiKl ftprciCT. Tlic ctirnmrni Miil<\ ^i iitflori- 
oiu for lon^ life And visoi^r, nud yo; fo «lpril«>, nhiwH ho\v 
littk nccftiMtn (.H>iiii«ctiuD lliorv* U in hybrids botneen 
loKM-Bisl f^nilily and viUilily^ othvr auttlf^gi^utf caaefi cuuld 
tn> cited. 

K>L-n if il flhould lit'ro&Ft^r b^ (itu>«x] that h\l the mcca 
iif mi»fi H«'rr' in'ifeilly frrlile lu^iflhtT. htf whu wua iin.'liiied 
fr^tn oihor reasons to rank lln'Tn iix dii^tinc-i i<{iir<rits, rai>^ht 
wilh jusliev «i>'uc llut ftTtiliiy ami sl^^nlity ore ni>t «if»^ 
[nli-rMii.iof f|>ei'itiiMli?iriiit'nh*-«. Wf kiitiw iliiit fliete i^ialj- 
[JL** lift uiU--i[^V uffi'Olod bv tlmtif'fil tHiiiJitioUJi of lif*. OT by 

clo*v inter-LKic<lkii^, aiiJ that iJicy arc xovcrocd by hijchly 
c-omjilex lakVH. for in^tAiioe. i}itil of the ungual fertitJty of 
eoDifm^ orcvuc* l>«tft'tvn i\w eainv two fl|ioc-K»e. Willi fonftft 
ivhirb munt br rarik^d ah iindonlit^'d »pr('icf« u ]>rrff?ct n(^n» 

f'Ttistt: fnm llifwt* which Rff cbuilLitcly siprilf whr-n crnHnni, 

to Ihofv wLioh art almc«<t ijr ojii^jK^'.^ly fertile. The de- 
^revft of .4i-rilily do m>t niiin.Md^T «lTKtly with Iht Ue^jrers 
of dilfi-r*'in**» lM»lwrpn thr psrcnit hi riti-rnd slnn'hin* ar 
hjibit^ i>f lifo, Man in riiany rw|>eclfl inay Ih? compared with 
IhoK' auinmb wliiih bmi' |f>ii;j bi-m do:iii-<ilii'alc?d, imd a 
larjf* body ftf i.-\itU-litx' c»n ti- adi-nticed in fav'oi:r of lJn> 
j'nllamun doHntiCt'* that di>mcati<ikti^ii tcnd« to clLiniiiatc 

Kih I inAy liiEtt nirniml Mir r«wlrr 

'4 utlity, ■nUt tQL« Ibo ID>M|>«U* <tCfri- 
ftJin Krttm tut bt frtfi^l VA.-iiJiir lp Uy- 

fcfi..= '.I ■■'.-. fvlalr ciH^rt ***]ic.'i4ily 

UHi IP kjFlaiDt sDd fliurh 

U'-- I.! .Wij<»iipDorloonl'i- 

ruf;' '1 Ifn-TriiLffl. irr f*ii»iirt«t»'>ft »ino 

inflinl t^aJliMiii*. t"t MB liiMv* ihii 

*'hD' ■ ' ' .' Ti- 

IImi ■ rii- 


' ^d 



when mv^Tl Xt ttiM* tluwbtM lf*c4i 

-hfifrn Tit mt ilhM. rnl. IL p lU«Mtd 
■ Oriihu vf S|*cii»,' Ml ftlA p. »ITX 
ihiit (Kp lOnflij of dioBM) «p»L*« bu 
itH ti^iL ii<<L^>'rTiI tJinriiith UBVurik] «*■ 
Wciiub: 4b mn Hrf l}|«| vbcn '<■« 
&nrrH(iK<r«lrM«1v h^n rHrtdirtil tvnr 

4ii4 iiwvfir miiU iFi^iiitJKnl*; fur, ■* 
It* «1#r1li|T lripiv«««M.l*tf*TftiLil fti*«r 

lb br-«4l.*i>l tfi Ivl cihl* ajuflv In- 
i1nMui1**1ll lit i4n<(4i4i|inthmAH| 
mlrri«]*, Jtm iIi<im< Im * ¥cii jt LwrliCT 
ir>]« j^r AUhlJl^ ll>»Ti il^t* Knth 
llmiLTf «Ait K(ilhuu-r Lkvv pnmi* 
lJi*t in p4<n Lsf iiliuit*, k'kcluJtijji 

fiutii Biftdn whlth, vrliHj i-pkhdJ, 



TUK j»k?*;kst ov man. 

P*»r L 

Hjv Elcnlily irhidi ta fio |c«<hi>rdl ix Tc^vM of Lhe crottia^ of 
H|Kiit'a ju n :<t»lt of nnturc rrttm tl»9i! w*vrmJ (mii»J* 
<:tiitioii!(^ it Jiixv th- juvllv Lir^itl ihul thtf jwrfi^l frrtility 
cf the mlcrcrcia^.^il races uf umu. if c^tabli^lioil. ^ro^ld 

Ind<p«ndcii1t)r of fcrtilitVp tho chAraclcr? prewnW b]^ 
lite ulTajJiiug UoitM a trow anvp Iwtn tlumj/!il In iuiiii^utt* 
vImUici 04* [lot tittf ptiri'iit-furm* uuxitt to U- rnnkiHl on »pc- 
<iM or Tarielicf; but o(l**r carofull.v *tijJyiii(Z the ovjJence, 
T }mvi* rtiiire Iti lh«' i'it]ii.'lu»iii>[J ITmI tft ^\'Uvra\ nilen of thin 
kind ca» Ln' truHU'J. 'flu? t>rJim»ry n»ult ol u crosi* ifi Uio 
production wf u Ijlondrd or inti^rm^-dlotf foirn; tiul in c«r- 
lain ('aj^4 ^uuie uf the oir^i^riiig Ibke tluHBly ttUvr \ttiv \f&rvi\i' 
farm, and evuu- uller Ibi? cthtT, 'Tiutt i» rsjiL^cinlly upt to 
occur i^'licn ihr pm-pnt* differ ii2 characlcn which fli*t ajh 
pcqir^d 98 mtdden T^Harion^ or nmnslroAlIle*/^ f i«fer to 
llii^ point, bL'caiiae Ur. Kohlf? lufc^nrLv ntc- Hint he hoa fro- 
qui^nlly pc<"n in Africa ihr offej^nn^ of nc^roct cniJftwd "*ith 
memlj^is of i»iher ra*?e*. eitlior cftmpl<'lo\v blaek or coin- 
{lUUly ^'hilc. or rart-ly pit-tiuld. (in the other ];amJ, il itf 
noUiridiiiH tliiLt in Anirrira iiiuluttoe;! commonly jirf'M'nt dii 
intPiTiit^ilisili* a]>]u>arancti. 

W<- huve niiH :<i'4-[i timt a nnliiriiliil mi>;hl foi^l hinifiolf 
fully jiwtjfinl in niiikiii;; Tli** rft(-(»» of nmn a>* <h»liiic1 njic- 
<[i«>s; for he Im^ found fhat tht^y ari> itiftt]D^uiBh<><I by many 
diffcmiL'ea lu ntructurr ami ronali till ion, *ofnir hrinp of 
iiTi|ii>rfmuT, Tin**' rlilTrtiPEtrri baiv. fil>n. n^inaiimvl miirly 
conslant tor vi^ry lon^; |>eriodft t>t ti(»K>, Onr nfltural^^t will 
have hifen in some cltirrt't influrnttd br the tnnrmouB rjingc 
of innn, lAhich ih u ^mif iinoinnly in tbr c-hit^ nl niiiTnmuUr 
if niJinkiTkd be viewed fw a ^inple epecie?. He will bav>> been 
etrink with ihe Uistribuliou of tin- 'titral =u-Laili-il nwe*, 
wfiidi mronK V Lih llnil of othrr inidciitfiioilly diitintt rt|W- 
CIM of ninn;mJiK I'innllVp he rni^^Uf tir|;e (hnt Ibr mutual 
ftrtility uJ all Ihrf niLL'» lian imt an yvi ht^mt fuUy [jroved, 
aiid evi-n if proven] vouU not br iiii iiliHolule proof of tbdr 
fif>ccifio identity. 

wkkh ncver|ir«l(k»ailDirLt icvdj tfut t^riiuvTi vlM'll'pn. ThijAomT. uiJ no 
fat nrv ultwEtd by iba IMI011 erf Ihv 
ndirr t|iKl<i^ u iJif ttii jfif Iho ivfltr 

lUir 4/ ilm^ r^'niiriK It it linrv ii^aui 
f™U* irriUk^'ilili In m1j*I tJi* untrn 
■(vrilp ilJJl«i'll4A}■^ Wlik'h Il4»l< llf'fKl) 
navftil to ji^lil ••vlaL lu Ukar tho aoiu* 
Dr«cTiatx. wtif<n Ui0 ifi>niiFri alitiifU 
VII^ICtI. vpuij-^ Lave invn guLUnl 

kinirti^ iliirimki'iv 111 Ibv i?oa>t^luliua 
<]f tJi4' riifjnulw'iu'i- riintkiii ur tilt ipP' 
vit* i%fiiilt Bit <.'n.<HmL 
'•'TL« ViLFinlLUJi (if AaiiQiU,^ Aa-, 





C«*r. TtL 




l>n tht other tide of the qQ<«l»oii. it our nif>|)ow!il nalu- 
ntbt vcre In tJiqtdrc wLrlhrr l)ir titvmt of innn ki^*|i ili*- 
t^nd lik<> oHiii«ry «pwi(*, Mhrn minirloH iof^>thi?r la Urge 
niimbcn in tIi*^ i^nac coumiv. ho *ouM imaictltait'tj <Jt*- 
onrr that tlii» wju* Ifv iin riwiitir- Ihr [rur. In 1Er>/-i) hu 
wnotd btihuld an imtit«-iifr ntotiunt] jHipnlnliorL of Negroni 
aiu\ I'urlxj^uofc; in L'bj]<x% dTiU oflicr fiArl' of Stjuth Amer- 
ii'a, btf vciuM lith'.ilil thi' nhole ;ii>|>t]tHlii)ri njii*iftiii>^ cif 
ImliAkf niwl SjMnmrdi fklrrtioil in fiinr>ii»i itrj^r^^***^"^ fn 
iHjmy ptrlA of the fain<^ continoitl he woiiM mci^l yyiih tW 
iiKRil v<)ni[>lo\ rriiVTi^ bi'twr^en Ni-^mmv. [iiOiaiiM, nuJ Fiini- 
p4?*a«; auU ju(i;:iii|; fmiii thrt v4'^ul>1o kinj-Jfim, Mich 
triple cTMf^ ■rTord the tovcre^t tr>-l of Hr- tniitufll fertility 
uf tii« paimt fornnt. In out- inLiixl i>f 1|jf< Fidfij- hf- ktniilil 
Had A knalt jutpiilalion rf tnirit:L^f I'olrnnimii nti<\ K[1>;1l.0i 
blond; «»(! in the Fiji ArrlujHU^ a p<i|/ii!uli'>n of IVly- 
nttABfi iin^l Ne^jiliKi (tci*^^! in all (feg^reM. Mitny anftlfii'rius 
cttM» could b« •d^il; fur injt«rct-, in Afnr-ii. Hi^m^ t!i<? 
raocs of vmn ftrr not Mifk-ifntlr ilt^tinct (o in1iJii>Ll tlir »irnr 
oountrj aithoiil fiisk^n: and the ahHCDce of fu»[on HlTitrds 
the upual amt limit (c«1 of 9i|>ecific rtUlinctiiu-u. 

Our tinti^mltKl wniild likrMiri)^ be murh ilii^liirhrd n« 
boon sa Ue jierc^eived tliAl thL> dtatirdlvi* cliarnHei^ of nit 
U« ncca wvu- lifift^j jtirlMc. Thia fu<t fttritct er^rj- one 
nn firvl WfioMir^ ihi* nt^i^ro xlair^ in Bruil, vfltn Imvr hn'ti 
inilKiriJ*;! fram all parts of Africa Tlie win*^ ri^mark hoUa 
gDod n\X\\ ih'' Poly n ".-si una, ui^d iritS niflny Mh^^r racve. It 
mav U' iJfiEilttn^ irhrlhi-r nny rlirtnulrr rjiu [n- immi^i! whjt-h 
1^ dielindit* of a rar^ Atid U c^natnnt- KntJigt'i. rvon 
vilbin thp limits of ihf Mmt Iribt*. ar* not ncflrlv ?i^ "ni- 
fnrm in I'hamHrr, «■ hasi \ttH'n oUrti iutt.erU'\]- tfnttriifot 
vwten offer cenaiii f4Tii!inntic«. mnnc strongly mnrfcod than 
those ucxiininf; in auy "tht^r race, bnt the*i' ure kT»^>wn not 
to Ih^ ^f iv)Tii(!ant r^^nrrfnt''* In ilit* M^ntrnl Aiucrii^n 
thbof, ^nlour and h3inn<-'in differ eoEuidvmUv: tt^ duos 
colour to a eertaJD defr<*. ard the shopr rif (he fenlurri^ 
j^reoliy. la thr W'^rnx** of Afririi Tln^ fliajw nf the 8kTj]l 
\ari** mvich in F-^me mrv»fl; '' nnd ro it ia with ovcrv other 
charM-tFr. Kuw all uaturaliaU have leanat by dearly ^>oii^ht 

" Per IhiiUii»« with iIao ab.-'njinn* 

■■ mil r ilio ■u'^fv** fpt ■««*■• rTrnri'iii'f- [ntcrEmi- r-ritfrvA 

aUcve and IndUiUk *ilh a mlAUn L'f 4nLl -S*.-* err "B«j4jotl mnd ■> Lnad 



PiKT I, 

aiu of ^ncorii^tant c^tmnK It'rv. 

iu^ Uiv ntcvM o{ man Ari diatlDtt 4peo[*>9. f« Itiat 1ti«<y gmdu- 
fitc iiiL> cnch otKcr, indL-pvnitcoUy mi many uuva, ut- fur na 
we L-an JLiiigc, uf Lhi-U' haviE^ iDti-rcro»oJ, Man 1ia» Wn 
ituUkni more oarvfiill}r than any oilier anirna^ ani] \H there 
ia the Kreatcst potwibk divonity onionK^t uipaU^^ jui^ya 
whether he should hr dawfU a^ a win^-U' *t»**''*'^* "^ ''"■^* ^^ 
u£ Imo (Virey), an three (Jacqainot), m ionr (Kunl), flvp 
(HlumrnliiK^h), *ix (HutTLm), ^vrtn jJinuttTl. ci|;ljt f Aj^uai^ili), 
I'lpwn (rirVerin^O. rtHivu (Hory St. ViiHTHM. s(i\l<H-ii tl)ra- 
nkouhn^), tu'vnty i^vo iiMorU'itl, eixtv (rrnvvfuni), or as 
aixty-tlircp, accordinfr t> Burke." Thw liivtrsity of judg- 
tiic^l clopii imt pnibv lUnt th4> raiMV niJ|^ht ttut Ui ht- luiik^ 
iu epoci^a, trul it dhew» thai they grailimle \nU> nu'h olhvr, 
nnd Ihut U in hanUy ijucmibl^ tv dj&cuvur <^]ear dietmctive 
rhiirapter* bHwi*s»n tlirrn, 

Kvcry iialuralifil who hfis had Iho miffortunc to und«r- 
*ulie ihr di.'siTijitjiiji iif a K^i't* '^' lii^'hly vaiyjn^ ur^D- 
iKTikri, hu* tntountrn'^l tuai'jj (I ■iit'ak nftt-r c-iffierieiici') pr^ 
cink'lr likf that *>f inaTi; nnd if uf o raatioua rlii* posit ion, 
\ii^ All] tiiJ hy riiiiliii^ all tUc furiUB whidi ifrnduale tutu 
tutJi aUaT. ucidL-r a Hrij^li:' miwck'*; for lit »ill «iy to biiu- 
f^'if that he ha" no rijcht to trifr nnnkr** lo ohji^rtfi vrliich hf 
lanriLiI Uterine, i^a^ift^ nf tlij-i kind ooi-ut in thi* I liiler wliich 
imlnd^ti Mian, liarriLdy in cvrtaiu ^.-^iwra of [uuEiktyi: wbiUt 
Iti t>t\i^r Kvntnt, aei in (Vrt-opiUicciiN m<wi ^f Itir »|woic9 
<nn h*- dHi*riTjirLi4l with rpHniniy fn thp Ameri^'a]^ fie/ilis 
CL>biis 'he uanoua foniiB aro raoktd hy Kunu- nuluruhidfL 
aa Bpvciei. liy uthrrc of mete ic<'4t)Crn|>hkn1 rati-*. Now if 
numoniuit itjH-Hrr^'im nf ri-hu» won* r-nllrrt**!! fn>ni jiM fnirli: 
of South Airtricfl, and Xh-j^ fornix whii'h at [m.Mi-nt ap|)far 
ti) hv H|flH'i tit-ally di>liiirL wrn- fi>urid rii irrndiuiti* ini'i ra*"!i 
olhiT hy rime vti»|i>«, ih*'y «oul(! Udllnlty tw> nixjk*»ii At nn-Tf 

vark'tii'ji or rorcs; nnd lli[» cuiir«e \ia» be«n folioatyl tiy 
niott nalurfiliHtb with n-sipeui I" th** ratwi *if miwii. Kctit- 
IhcleHi, il iniwt be <'(*nfwiu>i] thai thpro arr fornw, at l#fl»l 
iti Ujc %vKL*taUI<: kinjfdoni.^" uhidi wc canaot avoid muaiiig 



'■)!*■ 4 jC<4(l diHii>*J<jr] <*ii till" 
Hdhjw^ 111 Wftlii, ■ ftlt^-■tlL<l. in fn- 

lVS-«]Ei.«yr. L h*i^. Eclon «>rui- nMh. 
•bot« «|IU[D«UUI Ooiii If. 'I'uiikv 

UiA7 »4«^n, IM^ p. iV 

x><ni^-nt 'r^Vi-rHl iTrtliLCtf <*»<> m ■>>■ 

' UuiBEiihiic Miittji-iiuuirvji.* R, iV laas, 

M. V14 lib I'P^r* A<> i^my II** mail* 
■El tonsi* Lti tilt C'orji)>uiiLLPi of K 


Cbat. VII. 

TRR RArKS OP M/i^r. 



Soim: mtlurnlUu have intflj ^inploycj the twrii "*a\i- 
w** tfl ilwigiwU* friniis whii^Ji [n:r4i«<i mniiy of (hctehjir- 
criiitutt of itut nyvctiv, \ntt "rlndi harJIy dfl*urvi> *<. high 
a mnk- Kgt if vr rrtln^l nn tlif^ wt^i^fhty iir|f<in>ci>^^ dWvt? 
^i«»n, fiir mtEiii^ Ihf ni'V^ rif rtan !<' iU^ <lignily of aiji-imi'h, 
ttod th« ind«}x*ruUe ili(lii'UUK<9 on iIil' uihi-r huIi.- m k'Hitiii^ 
ihrm, it fttcin^ lIijtL r.hi' r,»'rMi "'Mjl»'^}*i:it* " mixlii ficrt be 
n*fi! with |iropri»ly. Bui fmm L^np hs.h\\ the term "' rm*" 
«vi)l [•crhap^ aJvnvis bo «iiiploved. Thv ehriiof of terme id 
Ir vt f>r imfiurUiDl in ikat it in i]f?iirali]t- lo ufv, 'M fdr 
fHnaiUr, Ihr Mtnir Inrma for tin* "inmi' di'^^n'i-* (>f JifTiT- 
('0. VnforiuraUly IhU caii rar«k be d<»ae: for the larger 
4;mefa fEeiuffvlIy inHinlt- Hiwelj-alKpil fumiN iivliidi ean 
fct diittiDfruiiihc-d i>iily wiih xnHch diiriculty, whll<t tiie tnu^ler 
^4-n<^n wilfiin the Aim*- famtly indiuie fornija Hint Jirv (kt- 
ft.vllif dialiALU jH aEI luuft In- raukL-i! vquiillv at bpiviei. 
S<i apiiit. hfpMJM WJtliin iht' uimi? \Arf[v ffyims by lu mt^ujia 
^*ll^eIftblc each other to llic same riepier: v>n the t\mlriiry, 
MtRH' of th?(ii i<an |Fi-m-r)il]y he Hrruii^^i'd in Utile ^roiijM 
rtmuJ oth«r njiccio*, lik^ vntHUtcw round ])lau9l»." 

^K The quL^ion whrlbrr rnimkini) eoiuunU at a\w or several 

^■k««ii« htti of hite \v41n Wn rttiieh dJ^eUHfied bv nnt.hri:i)iolo> 

^^Efilf. vho are divided iuw iho twu ndcouln ui TtiLiimx^mfrtt 

^^pd ladyjri'nidt* fl^o^e' who do not admit tlio pnh4^i[>le of 

H^roliiti^^n, ttxtifi hnk at Kjiecie* OiS Bepdnitc r^^nUonM, ijr lu 

' in soHw [iianiirr at ditJincf, euritltPL and Mit-y iiiLtst Jteide 

u'tiat foirmfc of rnaii tlu-y vrUI eoiMtdcr » ^f^"^''*'' ^^ ^'^^ onal- 

i>X\ of thp tnrtb<j*t c<*rnnioTily ptirflocd in rankir^ othft 

or^-nnic ln'ing* *-■ fj-trn-^ Pat it U ii bnji.'li"'"?* t-nd'-avinir 

u> drvidi^ thiB point, iiuiil itoine dHiniti'tn of tliir l4>rtn '' spe- 

cii'^'* in p^nernlty lU^u-pt^d; and the dctinltint niuvt not 

inrUjiIt- an ind<*r*-nrdna1e elenieiil wiieh at an (let of err-ation, 

Wo mlglil fl^ veil flUempt nithout any dL-lliii1ioD to deeide 

whether m certain nurrthrr i>f hou^ici nhnidd he called a 

. ^' Lin, or city. ftV hjiTP ii jinictii'Hl illuAliitliiin of 

■llT in the Dever-^'ndjnff double wliether manv 

kH]y-^]««f nidminnK tiird*. inaecla, and )>l*in1a, wbiili 

Limwnl irnrh idhrr n'*|i**<'tnrly in ?iiiMh Amcrirn 

KtiruiM% fihiiuTd be ranktvi 0.9 a^^c^'tvv or ^ogri4p)i>ra1 

\i Aod tli« li^e hdda true of tlie productions of mtuxy 

■■Oilffin irf»p«(ilfl*,- Ml ttllL p. I& 




RjiFM do* ewliirtin*,* ira\ 



ulaniie fiitnut^ >t Pomc Fittic diriance from (he ticArtsl 

ThnH> niitiiniHtUT on tht^ olhi^r hand, vim &clinit th^ 
pTiDciulc (*f rv*>LiiT:Jon. «m1 Tilif if Tlow admiltei) by (hr ^ 
inujTJTilj ol rifting inru. urtl fcH Jiu dujlH thai all lliu rnn^i ■ 
of nun ure <]<rsc^<ii4leL.I frviii « rin^k* primiUvr nl*>ck; vhcthor ™ 
or nol thry mn\ thmk tif to dr-fli^TJut^T thi* rurc-i a» du>tinct 
apcciwi. for thi- jmiV*- '»f r-xprtvainy tlii-ir aiiMiiiiil rif iifTer- 
i>iicie," WUh uiir di>ink>sUc untiiiaU llu' i|Uotfli(JD wli?tlxfr 
thL- TArioud mcvr hare urlM^n from nrr or more »prri<« in 
Homewliat difTi-n^nt, Altluivgli ii inHy b/ adinitlf^d itiaT all 
the raoB^ &ii veil aa all tlu- nalui^l ^ivoit^ wtlbm tla- ttoni^ 
gtntin. liavL- ^prun^c tnia tlir ramr- primitive stock. }r\ it 
U n III Milgr^'l fnr itiii<'i]u-~ion» vliHWr nil th<^ doine^cic FBcefi 
of the <Id|j. for instance, Imve aovjuir^ their pr»eul aicoaot 
of rli^rri^tici! hiucv miiil' out? viivcit-f wn^ fln<l itoiin'riioatA] 
lij inwn: f>r whHbnr (hnyowi* )u>mi» nf lln'ir fhamrti^ni lo in- 
heritance from dtflincl ajK'oief, which had nl^^i^Jy been <lif- 
fervntialed lit a sMv uf iinturr With mnti no surh i|uc^ 
tioD ran »riR4^, fur Ilp cnniiot tie HAid to huvt- bi^<n dDmi:«ti- 
cotrd al anv [■articular |R'rioit, 

Dunn;? :iii nirly ^tn^*" >" ll»^ Oisirr^iHf uf lh<^ nuv^'i tif 
man from a i^niRinn stock, the diffcrvnct'fi botwt^ftn th» 
raee» and Iheir numtrer muit hare been pmaLl; consequently 
iitt Tar dH llit^ir iliKlin);iiiAhiii|^ charaielr-rx are enin-vrneiJ. they 
then had It^fj; rlaim to rnnk at diUinct ^peoiM than the oX' 
i*Ung fo-ralled taees- Neverlhelew, so arbitrory is the lerm 
of ^(Jteitit. ihat *ueh early ratvn would f^rtiaj"* havp Iwen 
rankH hy fonir' rmtnrnlir^is m diAtnt-'i arjeeies, if Their dlf- 
firrrticrtt, nlthon^'h e\ti^meh ?«li^ht, had brrr mr.n* ronwtant 
than they nru at f>reient. and bad ni>t gmdnalrd into rarh 

Tl is however pomible, thcnJifU far from probabk, tlial 
the early pro^iiiton of man might fnrmprly bBvi» liivprgod 
miirb in rhara<"trr, nniW they Weome iin>re wnllke <^ach 
rithcr Iban nnv nnw *tUIing nrn™; but that *LdB«iueutly, 
ae f\ippw!e(l hV Vofft,*' They eonverpp in chamdur. Vt'h&n 
niaii *elertji tfte olTpprinK of tiro di^^tinet tpcci« for the 
Kami* (ibjprt, b*' ■fimrliinp* inducrs u ronKidfrabli* aiiionnt 
of convergence, (W far ap sxiKrol appnamnoo it eonc4*rnod. 
Thb is Ibc cn«;. as shown \i\ V<»B Nathu*iu%" with the 

»T.V ■ 





ini[wuv«(! bleeds of ihr pig* whxt*h »rr riowfndwl fmm two 
difitinct fp^i'ii^.s; vnd lii a h-ai marked marinor wirh rlie im- 
provpil hr*^i*(U of i iitlliv A grt-rtl niinintiiipl. (iralioltl, iiiHiii- 
tniiiD liiat th^* jui(hr(ipr>m4>rfihnuw ay.t du not Tomi it tintu- 
rnl 6ijl>'gruup; bul iW the omn^ i^ a highly dt'V^loixid 
gibhnn or Hrimio|>]l)in^tiJi, ilie thimpuiitt a hi^lil^v devt'!- 
oped maoa^is, nn<) Ihr porilln a highly di^veiopecl tfuiudnll- 
If thin c-oEichibitiu, wliJcn rr^ta al]no«t €:(cltii'ivdv on brain* 
rli]mi<1i»rK, U' iirlmTttt*d, *v phouh} liait' a itAAi.' uf L'Diiver- 
f;<mc-(* el l(?a«t m external rhorsctor^. for Uio antliropc>- 
iiitriphiJUH apes an? cc^ilaialT uiolt like cnch other in mAi]> 

ft>iiit», lliuii thfv ar* to oilier apw All analogirsl ivspm- 
iloncw- an rf n vhnlc \a n llsh, max indottl be ^ati) t^j be 
OM'fr of C(jn^er*:ence; but thi* term )io* ncrrr Hrrn ap[itie<! 
to feupi^rficial and adaptive n?^inbtanceH. Ii would, liiiw- 
crer, be *xtrvnidy rnih l*> ultribtitD to couvortfeuce dote 
MmJlAritv of ebarnrt^r m mnaj |ir>]iiU ot ^trmturL- amou^nl 
mojilled deic^ndanu of widdy dirtinrl *-viiipi. The 
of a cr^Btul IS deU-nuiuvd ftoUtr hy th< moJcciilaT 
brcFii. «ni! it in iml Mirpnuiii^ thai cliMinLiltir subnUmi'tft 
fhouTd fiomotitn^ ;iuTim^ thn Atnut form; but with orgnnic 
bcuifT^ vit ikoM bcur ID itiirid ihat tliir form ijf eacb dc< 
pe»t1-i OIL -in ii^liujlf at irjnipld nluhons, naTiir-ljr on v^Ana- 
tif>«ii;, duo to ^'ftuu™ fnr lf>o Lntncnt<^ i*> ^f^ foJlowrd,— ^n tbo 
nature *A ihc vanaliont |>re»rived. thcM dfp^nditig '>ei the 
jilmk'il rofidiLfiTih, and hlil) mur** on the i^urronmling ur^ 
g«niHtniJ vrtiio^ comix'te wrth L^och* imd Inntlrr on inherit' 
ftnce (in ibtirlf ■ mirhiatin^ eltmcnt) from JanuEcenible 
prog^i1r>ra, alt <>f which have had their Joritis dHenuioed 
through ci|unlly i.-oirtiplr-x KbitionA. U nppcArr incivdihio 
th^t fhr iTmdifii-<l Jrju^ndanlA nf tun iir^sntMiiK, if tbe*e 
diffiTpd from p^di filher in a mailed manDer. ^Iiould v^*t 
fiflcnrardp rttnierct ^^ dowly Oft l*> Usid to n crar iipproach 
to ^d«-niih Lbmu^hcmt thrir nlnrb' nt^arrif^Hlior. In Ihe 
futc nf llic convrrgfiiit mrrs of pigt abnve referred \k\ evi- 
dence ftf th^^ir descent fr^.^m tw; pnniilivt- Mocks *f, acrurrliiij: 
lu Von KaUiuaiup. alill pkiiil> n-Uiui-d. in rirrhiin lioncj; of 
tlL«if ftkulU- If the mcvf^ of mnti bud de«cend«d, aa i» ^vp» 
po«ri^ by HOmr na1iimll«t», froui ti^o <ir nuirr ajiecns, vrtiich 
dilTered froiTk v-m^I) oIIk'I ah much, i>r nmrly hk mriHi. »s A<*m 
th« rKanp froro th4" |p>nlU, it can h^rkllf he doiibt<?d tlat 
mnrkrd di/Trrcii«4« in the structure of (certain hownA would 
•till \v iMwtvvrMt^ in man a* he now (^Ut». 


Allbougb the eiiiting rbce« of man di0^r in mhay re- 




ijiei'le, as in colour, liair, tliapc^ '>f *kull, proportiftrs at \he 
botly^ &r., ji-t if thc-ir v^hi»[c ^iruf^luii ln' l»t,*'H itifii <"Hfcj<J* 
rrulitin thi-y on* fouinl i<j fuM'iixljW «k1i other el^Mily m e 
niultilude <}{ pvjintfi, MnB> of thrw nm nf nn utiimpnitiiiil 
or of so tin^^uler a iia'iin?, that it U i^iirrnnOj imiit»>liaM*- 
that they nhoulii huvi- Utu mdi-i»>ndvntK ooijum-d \f\ 
hhoiiglml)} distinct *pfcic» or rocc?v The snime Kfiiurk 
hold* go>y.\ u'ilh enufll or grrntpr fiHVe vJlh r(*|«'t1 lu llw 
QunK-^miijt poinU of mcutnl •itmilahtT belweon the moH Ji*- 
tintt laiv* of iihitl TIh' AmETLcnii ■IwrisiH^a, Neijrwft *nd 
Kuro|H>ans ar<? At dlfferpul from fAt-h nthrr iti tiiiijul ii» ariv 
three rttcts Ihut i:*]j ine iiuiTievI: ivl 1 was iucc^^iftnlly aliurk. 
whiUi. liiin^' Hitli ihi- Ki^-^intm mi inmnl the *" U'.'niilr/' 
with th» mflny Jittio tmil* of chnnu^tpr, iJuiriiifl Ji<jw 
ftiriiiUr thi-'ir inicla von; to uiirv; iind «o if wni^ n'i'h a 
rull'lilociilnl nrj^ro with whom ! h«|i[ietiL'(I oin?e la bt» iiiU- 

He who will tt'fld Mr> Tyl-Jra atid Sir Jh Lubbock"* in- 
lert-vlin^' wiirkii" van haMly fail to 'b& <!eopl}' iiri|ir(^Ke<i 
with Ihc clo#c siwilnnty l>ctv-c<-n llic m^^ti of fill rnvto in 
tubteh. difi|iu»ii(.|o]Li!> arid libbiUK Tlilb U hhonn by the plcu- 
uri" whii^h tlj<^T ftll inki* in duiuin;:. rudo uninif', aolinf^. 
paintinp, tflt'uojnps and otherwise doc<^>rfttiiij: th*tiiM']vo»; 
ID Ihvrr tiiuliLHl i'uT(i|ir»'h(*nf<iou of t'»'-itiiM>lhn^niiji*\ hy tb« 
ijiKibc L*xprPH"i<>n in their featurw, and by (ht nimiL' iuaH^t^u- 
Jirtc criw, when cicitod by Ihe Mmc eniolior^. TKi* nirai* 
Iflrity. iir Tiit)K-r yciifity. is tlrikin^. when er.tiilttt^ti:<d vitb 
the diifc^rvnt o:prcwif>n« and c-rin^ made by dt^linct dp^ee 
of n>nnkey». Tliere it gifod evidcnt-e l!iat the art of *bf>9t- 
in^ uith bow» and arToiv* ha* nol U'Oh hamli?d d/>wn froir 
ony common pro^milor rif mjinkitid^ yrt nf. WrafTCpfi iind 
\iWon hm 1^ rfnuuki'ii,'* tUf ^l^nii' rtiTDw-bi-flili^ hroi]j;hl 
from tht' inost ilrsliitil pnrU of the worlJ. aii'l in ami factored 
ut the moat fi'mf<tr pnno(i», nrr nlmont idi-oiicid; and thJH 
fact ran only Ih' ac-innLiifrd fnr by Ibr viiniiiri^ otir« hn^injz 
nimdnr invenin^n ^.r mc-nlal pr^were, Tht* eflinv obfli?rvflti''n 
has lieeH made by nTi-hn-oln^i&tn** wilb PCftpi'^'l in i^irrtHJn 
n'idrly-pri-vub*nr nmaripnlji, Mich nt «i^<xa^i>, Ar.; and with 
rf«p«cl to v^rioiis unijile bcU«fc and (<n«lom«t such S£ the 

» Tyl(if% • Bvrly liy/^ r.r Vf.n- 
htruV IMBj T(ih fwpv-- I" ffHJJh'- 

■J-iMrn4l"f l'rhiir^l-»4:^^»1 i^iH/v^Tva 

p. a. 

Crut^ Vlt 



burying of the d^d imd^r mrgulilliic ttnicturee. I Temem- 
htr oWniii;; in Smiili Atiiuricji.'^ tlciii tiwiv^ u b »j many 
otbiT i^Mtrtd of tN 4'orZcl, mi;n have ^z^ncrn^lly chiMi^n tUo 
vumtniU of lofty liilb, lo throw up jjilat of fituut«, eitLe; i£ 
8 record of nome remarkable oveot, or for biin'ldj; Iheir 

Ki>iv when nnhirflli«t*- observe a dofte agreement in 
numenoue unalt details of habiii, lulca^ and did^nwrtioiu 
bo1vo<m two or more domi:>1if rdct!tf, or between nearly 'allied 
tuturnl fnrniis thry utv t!u)> fact a» an argumt^iit tW they 
arc d4fiwi]d«d from a conitDon pro^^citor viho wai tliii^ en- 
dowed: and ccDbfquMitly tbat nil nhmjld be cIoa^^] under 
flu- ?wtm? vjK<i'in. Thr ttuntr U)pittH>ui mny \w appliH with 
much for<« to th« races of iDan. 

Afl it ie iiuprobttUe that tJic dddiviuuh and utLimpirtnnl 
poinU of fCzteniHance !iptu'<^pn thf *rvi*ral nir« of injin in 
iiodilj utruduriT and menial faciiltke (I di> not here refer to 
similar eu«lOEu^) iihuuld all bavi.- h^n imlr|jeudrialy ac- 
f|nired, \\wy mtut bavi- bocrx inherited from progL»mtor» who 
hud theitc »tne rhnractere. Wc th"* jfain #i>nic in^ii^ht 
into th? ^arly ^ale of man, befure he bud spread &tep t-y Btt*|] 
oTer th« faee of the eirlli^ The ipreadiiij; of man to regtonf 
widely separated hj the ACAf no dnitht. pn-crcii^^l any HH-at 
anioiint **r diverp^^m-i? -if olmnicffT in \he acvi^ral r^t^K, f*>r 
otherui»e «<? should ^on^^limet me^t with the f^itie mxr in 
di;r1inc4 ennlinrnt!*: and thii in never ihc TiL*e. Sir J. 
liubhnrk^ nftfT r»im]i«riii^ the nrls non pnLclifii<<l by luvii^eM 
in all f}nrta uf the wi>rld. qxioifieE those which men eould 
not hnvi- knoirn. wbcn he nr?t n-anderfd from hi» orijfinal 
birthpljM*; for If on*'c Wml th^y vtwM urvfr bnti? hetti 
for^oltcn." He th^ie ehi?wg that " lh« f^pear, whirh i« tiut a 
ilE\H»pmrDt of ihr knifrpcijnt, and tbe ctuU vdiich h but 
II lon^ hammrr, are the only thing* left." He adrtitlii, bn*- 
evcr> that the an of making fire protiobly had been already 
dif^'uitn^.ftir il it (-rTmmoii i'.» liI] llie rat'eA nuH' ejLijiting.aiid 
wm kuoirn -:i (h» nndunt cnw-inhabjIuiiU ef Eu^>pe. Per* 
hap* the art of mokinj: mdc cflnoi^^ or rafts waa tlkewi*c 
Liio»n: hut ha nmn eKi5li-d at n tviwiX*^ epoch, ^vhen the 
land in many pLaees itood u1 a tcty dilterent lei'el to what 
It doef now, be would have hem i,blc, without the Aid of 
canoe*. t*"i have spread wSdelv. 3ir J. Lubbock further re- 
martu ht'V itnprohaM^ it in tiiat ouf arlieet aneeetors eould 
have *' court v<I m h'l^h aa i<-n, eonitidenn^ thnt m> mAny 



Pa»t L 

racf« DOW in i^iUtciicv i-Annnl \^tA ^H^jrand roar.*^ Sererthe- 
tew*, at this ^arly pcrirvlr th^ ttttrlWni:t1 unci tncrth\ fnra1ti«i 
of mau coulU Ujir]l> ^juvc hvvn iiifL-rt<^r in any e]Elrrn>o dth 
groe to tliofir |ii>«ui'».-*htl al iirt-nc-Eit Ijv thi; luttvot »aT8£n; 
Dlhorniw printevul miiii could uol hurt' been jao cjoinentl^ 
uTioocwfui ID llic &:nia?ilc (or life, n* proved by bJi «*rjy 

Aiiil viilu i}ilTtIHii.iN. 

Krtijn tlio fujHiumctitAl ilifrvrvu(.VJt 1x?lvkv«ik certain Ian* 
(fuat'^^s fiomt (*tiloli.>gi6tf^ hove inferred l^nl when man lirat 
iHvnTiiT! widdv ililTii?L'it, ht uai^ eihI ^k -^ruiilunj;; uiiiin8l; but 
it rnny h*? >tt*pcetcd thil lrtl3;;ULiL;t."&, far io*o i.-crfvel thau ad^T 
n^iw t.|>i>kcii, aicloti Vy £1^J^tll^e^, iLii^iltl tmvc Wr:i uped, and 
yet liax^ Ipft fin tnic»« fin «nh>i(Hjiienl unci iiuirr hirhly* 
dcvH<*j»L*ti Udj^uui. Wirhr>ul lilt* i*oe of some langiia^^, how- 
ever imperfect, it iii^peir* doLiMful uli^ther aiarr» intellect 
cohI^ Hove risei) tr> ihe tUnilarct iinplivd Ziy hi« dominiiat 
pfttitiou at an earJy pt-riod. 

Whellit^r priiiii-iAl innu, nlieii he pnneHfted but few aria, 
and 1hn»» of the nidrtd kind, nnd wlien hU pownr of tan- 
^utfff^ wai* L'xtrcruely imjirfct't, would have deeorvwi lo be 
i'bIImI iti.'u;, iiiu.ll dipL'iid nii tbir ileJitiilirjn whiib a%X' emploj. 
la n wried of (orini- piuduaEinj; in*L'rii,iMy fwim iome ape- 
like ercatorc to nan *w be no^' existfl, it would he impoffiil>k 
to 111 on nity dtliiiik poinl hIk-u i]w u-tui " ntuti " ougbl lo 
bt uitLHl. yut ItiiK IK a maili^rof vvfy liliK' iiiiportarie«. So 
n|[nin, it in slinoart n matter of itxiiffrrrnee whether th^ ^- 
nalktl Tae<-« of irian arii- lliui- ileAi^L^iiuii'd, or Are ranked a& 
B|K*ei«^ or duL-8uoelL*4: but llio laflor i^m appears ihi* more 
Ap|>roprirtte. Fiiuiliy, we may conclude thai when thr prin- 
eiplc of rvoliJlion h ^'iwtnWy arrrphnl, nn it Hiimly will hp 
boforo long, Iho di&pntc hetwpfn the monoponiftla and Hie 
polygtfti^iU will die a eilcnl and unt^hfirrved death- 
One otlKT qucflion ciu^ht not 1o bo pnsaed over without 
notice, nauKly, whether, a* in p-imi-Miimtt ^L-untir^d* twth aali- 
«pei'it*> ur met* of itruii hn* h[»rt]n^ fn>n n vmgU' \*tCir of pro- 
jCi-nilor*. Wilh tnir d-^mertie nnimnlB a new race can rc^vlTly 
be fonned by carefully malchiit;' llit imyii]^ olT^iJiriiig from 
A singit* pBip» or oven from a sirjilu indiTiduul |toK<ettin|f 
lome new Gharacli-r; hut mopt trf c>nr race« have been 
formw!, ni>t intcntionftllv from a wlecH-d iiair. but iincan- 
ddouftly hj tJte pre«ervstion of nuDy individuali which HaT© 
varied* however ftbphtlv* in some njK>ful or desired manner. 
If in one eountn- Atrriii^r nnd bpBiier h'tr^fH, Lind in an- 
other country lijjnl^r and tlv^ter onDi^ weiv habitually pr6- 






ferrn], we mav fed »aro Uial lwr> dinlirct »ijL-hrepd» would 
W produivd III lliit r'iunt> ■■! tini«-« uit(ioi.u sny rme pittr 
havinji bcpn Ti^imntlfd nmi l»rr<l fnnn, m titla-r tounJry. 
Vuny nuTii ftnvr Irrn iliti^ fLinniTl, aiul rhi-tr riintinrr ttf 
iotninXion ii ckieoty analoptu^ to thai *>i nalnrsl f^y9vi<^. 
\\c know, mIio, that the Uur^t^^ tiUc^u to thtr I'alkLitLd blaoda 
liAvir, during j;utciwivi< f,'riit>m;bi)», Ifecromo KUkjilltr ami 
wcokf^r, vhilct tbow whic^h bnvcr run wild on llio I'uraiiU 
luve acijairctl \iu^t aui tuanncr litfltL}; find sueli cliangci 
arc n WD i f i*i[I h' dtii% n^it (o hiiv t>iiL- juitr. but lo hTI E.I11* initi- 
ridnftlfi liATiOjc Iji'fii uibjcrlot) tr> tbc mvhic coiidttion*, Bidi*cl, 

kn ftuch CAdM art? nul deuienJed from any 4irg]p j^rr. but 
from DOny indiviijuab t^hu^h have var^rd id dilTcri^nt dc* 
i^nti-n, liut in thp Minr |t;rncriil uinrmrr; iikI ftf* mav mn- 
idudo that the race* oif man havo been Mmilarly ptoiliiced, 
thi? modificfttioufl btnii;; e-itht-r thf dirtd rctiJl of ei|fO«uto 
to dJirrrt;nt i^Dtidifioiui, or thr indirtrl ri^ult tif rikic fonn 
of 0«](«tion. Bm to this ifttn»r euhjVl v/a tliall prci^ntlj 

On Ihf Hxiinfiii^Ti nf tht Rfiffv of }fan. — The pAtliaL or 
complete eitinttK'n of tuaity r^L't'^i oud fub-imi-a of ruau 

■"'" itnHfilljF ktl^lUlB Humhr>jdi k** in South Amr^rirpi a 
which vm Ihc fi'ilf liviT*;" rroalxire ihat could epcak 
a word of the Uii^df;r of a hiai IriU", Ancient nwinumt^ntfl 
And atono Bm|r[(*inc-niA found in all [>artii of the wi^Hd. about 
Hhich no tradition ha^ Wen prrfcncd by th« proMnt in^ 
ita. indii^t^ mun'li ei Unci tun. Stniw nniall aiul liiiikt^u 
I, nmiuat* of former Tm^^^ dill min'ivo in if'tlatod 
iiiit ffMKTilly mmmtainouji diMricte. In t'urope the an- 
cient ncfi welt* aII. arri>rding tn SehaafniaiiBMi," "Muwer 
in the s«ak Ihiii the rudevt hvin;- iiuvaf?^**: ^' Ihev rnu^t 
thcrefotc Jijiyc diffrrc-d* ta 4 «'Ttnin eslrnt, from nrr ex- 
j*1ing^r%t'. The rpiniin* H(^r-rih*»d by TVofpitor Hm*^ fmrn 
If^K Evxiee, thoOj^h th^v unfoitunaicl^ af^EK^ar l'> haii- tH*- 

Jonged to a ntnjck family, indivril<^ n riicf with a mi^*i Miigu- 
lar t-omliibatinn i>f low or liminiiK, and of high eharncter- 

tictifn, Thb rae^ it- *' cmimh diffi?roTit from any other, an^ 

,cient or modern, that we lia^-e heard <if."" It diffrrptl. 
lbervfoTi\ froxi the fjuateniory ncc of the e&r^niA of Bd- 

•vTiwtfUtiKt ifl -A«AliropDl<vi<«t 



PjlMT L 

lln^Jlv^>llnl^ll^* for hi* I'xistciii'o*' Hn Uaj^ lnun UvM in the 
Cilrtnie reffi^ine '>f xhf North, wild rnj wood for his o^ofis 
itT jjii|>Teijieiitv. uuil uilh vuly iAxihhvi ha fuv), aiti] ujcltinl 
Krow (U Jritifc. Jn ilu- touthi*ni ('xtrumity of Aiii<'rk*A Ihe 
Fiirpiiina Mirrivp witKniil the p*otcct.ioa of rlothc«, or of 
Hiiy building uortLj itr Ire lutlei a \w\^h In Huulh Afriui 
IIk' ahiuH^-ines w'ftndvr cv^r arid nlaim, wh(?n> riuii;;crati)i 
lit'iLft:* itbouQc)> Mun rnn withiiiann tlic drntilr inQiif^ncc of 
till- T<*nu nt till' foot of (he llijrialaya, and tlkc p^vlaleiitUl 
kliori'N of t^>piofl) Afnca. 

Kittrctioi] MIowp dibllj from the comfrJilinti of tribe 
with tnln% iiDtl mn' *tth rmiv VarioHR ohfokn nrw jiIwn^-« 
in action, wrvirg |r kppji rfotvir ihi^ nnrntitrfi i>f «.Moh fnt-^cc 
lribe,-^udi ftp iH^midi^nl Ittmin'--'. iLnTiiaiiii: halnU nnc| the 
conti'ii(]i-n1 ili'itfjiH of infants. |irn!onjrr-il tiK'khng, wiirv, si;* 
<idrnti;, *]rkuo«j. hconhoiifiiifipj^ Ihr *tcfthng nt vom^n* iii- 
lanticiii?, and <-ipcciftUy Itsftcncd fcrtilily. If any oue of 
i\\eit i'1]i}ck« iniTiWHt^ ill puui-r. vvvji tt\\^\iX\\\ tht* Iritw Ihiiii 
AlTectf^d U-nt\ti to dccriNUc; and when of ivn ndjoinin;; tnbv« 
onp becomes lew numcruas and let* jjo^^erfrd Ihan ihir i>1h*^rj 
the contest !« ftoon 3«?ttlod by war. tlaii^htor. canmbaliBm. 
tJavcry, luid abimrplion. Kvpu nh^ri a weaker Inhe lit liot 
lbii?i aliruptly nvrppi uw*y, if it nn^-i* U'giii^ ti» ik<TrHW> it 
generally /;oi*a on deci^A^ing until it heoom^a pxtincf-" 

Whrn eiviliwrfi naltoc^ conio into tvHitad with twir- 
1>anan« tlic Mrugclf ij* »hi>rt> rjrepi wIutt' n dindly tlimfttr 
^¥*t ita aid to tlio native raw- Of the cttusc* Arliicb Imd 
lo the viaoty nf driliweiJ nuttonts Bome atv yWm and Htupli^, 
othi^jt rompfpi: nn*! otiwiirr \\V oiii lu-i" Uiut Ihi? iruUiv*- 
lion of tho land will W futsl in mJiny unyt to »;anitt(«, for 
(Iify t-aiiDot, or w\\\ not, ohan^e Uu^ir liabite. Stw aUea^ea 
ind vjppii hflVf* in *rinr ciwn iirovi-tt lii^hlt deNlriiHivi-: and 
it ap|H?are^ that a Dc^v iiii^i^8^ oftrn r-aiiM^>i mnoh dt^jitlu until 
IbiWe ^*li*j Are imwl MiBCpptililc to Jl* deftrtiftnc sniliifncff 
aiv ^rudtiullv wp<H|i'd r*nt:*' ant] tw^ ir mav Im* wiili tlii-- pvtl 
rffert* from ppirituonp Uqiiorci ha weEl w- with the un^on 

?uemb[y ^tr^D^' tuMe fni- thciii filitrwn by to nwny ^rofut. 
1 further app«ani. iny«t«iiou» a8 U rtie fai^-t. thai th« Rrst 
mcolinji: of diftinct anil M^p4mte<l jieciptL* pmemt^d dU^dM." 
Mr SjnriaU who In Vanrouver li^ltmd clfw^ly nttrndrd t« 


4W)»fW uiviyoiH* Itcw^Tiu on ill* 



the ■«bject of L^jclicction, bellerc^d flial chAneixl bflbiti of 
life, roiHir4|m'nt i»ii tlir aJtvnl uf F^uropt'KiM. Imluirii trturh 
ill hnl1li> Jic U.VN D^'^^S ^TtAi Atcos on Ui« ii|i|ir«n.'riUy 
Irillidg eause llial iJic Qnthr* Wcoinr *'br*'ii(i^n*i! nniJ iiill 
hy tln^ ccv life aroiin'l rhein: \hp\ Use th^ m»tnf« for wt- 
crtioD. on*! i:rl m nc'ir oDia m Th^jr ^^late/" ** 

Tlie ^lAiie t"f ifitrir oiTillMition »cpmi* (*> W n inTwi im* 
portatil oleniMil in Iho fuctc™ of crmi^mrin;; nntionA A 

hflriBiM; now ADv ^itHi fcnr vvuiiM In* mli^^uloLiEt^ It is 4 
not^ cun<>ua fa^^i ae Mr. Ungdioit hoA n^timrkptif itml liii^^- 
Al£r» rfid not fonnf^Hj wHaU- away loftjrt tLi^ cIawJi-jiI tW' 
t^np;, wt rhcy now lin br^fDrr nindr-ni civiiueil imiiuriA^ hwi 
they done m. the old moralist)) would hnto miuod ov^r tho 
event; but tUwe » o« luuejit iu anj writer of ihat period 
nT<T Ih** pt*ri*hing loirl>«nan*." Tlie irjowl pi>lent of aW 
the cati^? of cTUnclion, App^nrf; in mariy c^juta to be lpt«.tnrd 
f*;rlility and Ul-hoallh. e«pecia)lj atuon^t the cliildrcn, *ris- 
in;; from «himgM conditfonfl of life, notuithstflnding rliAt 
Ihc r^rw roiitiTliont: muy not ht injunou* in tliom»dvai. 
am iijuifi JndeijkJ {^^ Mr 11. U, IToworth for hnvit^ <»II«J! 
my aiteniton tci (his anhject. and for bflving ^iveii m** !n- 
formnhon rttipcctint; 11. 1 huTC collected ike following; 

ynxtan Tftsmartii was fir«t coloniaed lh« mtiivs tret« 
ruufihly ttitinmkd by aomc at TCOO and by olhcn at 20,00(1. 
'Hirir iiuihTjit nws wmn ^irrjill) n^dikod, chirfly by t^fibtin^ 
with Iho Kn^lish mid with *soh oUwr. Aft^r lh<> tamoua 
hunt by all The c^ult>Hi?tft, kKlTi the rvmainiitir nnlirc-i tlr- 
li^rird Ihi-irinrltRi up to iJii* i:>ivi*mtnittl, fhrv *i»n*i*lril 
only of l^ individual^ who wrro in It;;!? tranflfKiHyd to 
FlindriY hiAttd. Thi# i^lii^d. -iifuau-d Utirf^tni Tzumacua 
and AiJ^^lraliH. m f.trry mib'i Uin;?. and from Iwi^lr^ tti rifibt- 
eiju indin: hnmd: il <rrinB iicnithv, and Iho nflliv*--? w<tc w<»I1 
Irratrd NVi'^rtlidcw, tbt} jufftrid prt'itlv \ti h^nllb. In 
1834 lh*»y confitMfd fBonul^k. p, ?50) of forty-»cvtTi adult 
ibtlfa, fortT-<jgh1 laiolt fctnalciiT ard J>ixtrrn childivri, or in 
all of 111 M>a!f- In Iftar, f*idy t^ttv bitndrvd l*?ft. As 
th^y contina^ rapidly !o dt^oreaao. and ait they tbcmM^lvM 
thou^M that tlury should not prruh m> quioklj cUowhctt. 

Amva, 'B«<«r* ia4 Stoillv uf 

1* 4JJ, 

■ ,411 th*'«'«»nuinE* hop* ifiv^n 4m 




thoT «i?nf removed in 1M7 to O^ulor I'orf in the Kouthcm 
parr, "f Tn.xmaii)tt. Thi-y then cniM^^Jni (I)w, 20tli, IftlT) 
of fr>tirtc*<^ti iin*n, twrnty-twn wrtmrn flrui tf-n chiHr^ti-** Btit 
tl]<- chaiii^c of f'iic did no ^od. I>]^otif<^ and df^aih ^lill pur- 
pueil Hit'iri, And in 1t^(t4 i>iil' inun Iwlio i\ivt\ in ISfii)), aekI 
lljri'e tdtk^rly woinen afoHo njrvivf*d, Th<* inf^rlUil} *^f lh« 
woincn ie cvca a mure rrmftrknblc Iticl tban Ihc liability 
uF all Irj ill-litattli ttiii] d*:<alli. At tlif lime wlini uiily uine 
w(]nit»ii were loft at Uyitor t'fjvc, Ihvy told Mr. Bvnnirk 
(p ^^C>), th«l only two had eTcr bomo children: and tUcec 
ttfi" liHd lr]gttli*r produced onlv llir^^ L^luldrenl 

Wilh rwp^cl; lo the coub? -jV Thio t-iUuordiDary eUlfr of 
thino. I>r, Sloi^r rcmArkit timt d^nlli foMitixpd tli'^ attempts 
to civilj** Ihp nnlivpfi, " If Mi lo ihcmtcUf^ in rrism a* 
thoy were wont and uDdi^tui'bed. tliov would havo rearo<j 
ijtcrt tliiHrrn, and there wntild buvc Vpu Ic** mdrtrtlity." 
Anoihpr rnrrful jibttfrvcr of thp njitivt'ft, Mr, Dnvi*, mmju-kft, 
'^ The birthg havi? been ff^w and t)i« doath^ Dumerous. Thia 
mat hdvr tri't-n in « grt^l mt^fUTt- owiu^ in tUvii <liaagc 
of living iLtid food; but more bo to their Niniulimcfil from 
the mfiiiilend of Van Dicnicn'« Land* and coD«oi)Uf^Dt <le- 
prp»Ti*n rjf spirits " (Boiiwitk. pp. 3SS, 330). 

Similnr fmis have Wn fibwr^rd in two widvtv dilTaf- 
cnt part* of AikFtralia. Tlip L^cbrflkd i^Kplorc-r, !lfr. Gicg- 
ory. ttdd Mr. BnnuiLk. Ilml in QureTinlniid 'the want nt 
repTodiK^tion vn* hcdng alnTndy folt witti thci hUclu, nven 
in the mofll rccfiiny Mttled partfr* and thai decay would tft 
in.** Of thirteen aborigjnea from Shark'^ Bay who rislicd 
31urcJni!on liircr, twrlvc di«l of conniunplion within thnv 

The decreaae of the Maorl«B of N'ew Z^land has l^pn 
curtfiillv iiuvlijEAled tiy Mr. F<'nlon. in an adroimMe H^- 
porl, iinin which nil the frillfiwing >HtatFmriit>v with one 
«x<<«Mion, Am takon." The decr^uo in r«mhpr nincp 1S30 
ia ftdmilted by every one, indudiug (he iiAlireo Ihi^rrL^tlioSv 
nnd in f^lill fitt>!ic1ily prnjrri<wi ii>f , AUhfiu^h il hjin hilb^rin 
hpfti found impostilitp to t^ke an actual ociuuk r>f tho tia- 
tivc»« IhcJr numlien vcre carefully ealimaled 1j> r<'»tidcnL« 
in many diHlriclBi, Tlxi* nvixU u^cumi trimtwutthy, ittiil !<howK 
that during the foart«<ii ycare, provioue to 1868, tho d^ 

"Tlb^itt^tbtauitcnipul of lfa« titiv. ^V\: knJ Uio ' !E'Ul of lli« TMiit^ 

vrnAT or TaMiiAniL Sl^ W. TlvniMtn, »l«bft.' 1*70, j*- U"L 

'VnrlpfW of V^ot-BriT*! LiTt.' \VT'\ " *l.»Ucri*llflTi» On Ujp AbnrlfflBftl 

Tr«L t ]■ 4t, InhkbiUubt of ?(«« ZcHdnriHl,^ p«b' 

I^ahr^ Ufe of (ha TMDAiiiuu,* L$V«L 




rmji^ wiw l9At prr cx'at Snrnr of liif lrii>H, tlni^ c«rv- 
fullj ^urninMl. fivrii nbov(> s hvAjtreJ mile* apart. «omc 
on ibc coe^. fvimf Intsnd: And their miAnA of »uliniHtrrirc 

■MUt} liatHl^ dilTL-rnl lr> n ivrUiii rxtfnt (p. 2fi), Tlxt* Ma\ 

;natnber ia 18-W ui*» Micn^d to bo S3,7O0, uuj in 1>*7?. after 

■i socotid inlcTVui of Wrlf^n yf^Ln, ADolht^r ^^iuu.h woa 
tftki*n, ami Oiv iiTiiulier U ^-i^^in &f4 unlv ^6.3A9. «lir4jii>f a 
dt-i^rt^ii.' of 3'i:2^ |WT ci'Ct] " Wr. IV-uton, ufi^rr Hht^uirg in 
drtAil Ihr iQfiifHrirnry of th<* tariou« cait»ta, ki?iriAl]v a^" 
H^iH iri v%|ih«riuli<tn nf ihtt> fvlniiinlrijiry 1ll'l-^1-lLV|^ smh 
u new itiaeo^M. Xhv prf>llipi£<>' of Iht wiHnrn, drurk^nnms 
nn, &c^ L-oncludcf on %'vifi\iiy eTcnim!^ ttiat il depend* 

|rhirfljr nf» Ih* im prod not iveiip«8 of the women, and ud Ui* 

'•xtrirtfdinary m4>rlHtil>' of Ibi? youiifi children (pp. iil, 31). 

'In prukjf uf (bi-( Tir ihi'Wji (ii. HD) tlint in 1844 Ihvn- najt im^ 
tion-itdiiH furirvpri- 2.17 ftdnlt^: Kher^^iiii in IXjW th^rp wa« 
only iMii? noD aditll for every 'S.^ adultFt. The morlality ^f 
Ihf' tidull> LB a1$Q K^^^l' '1'* nddiin^ an n fnrttirr ivii]>^r of tTif 
dtvrcjini' !hi> )nM|iuiti1r of tht> Hoxe*?; for fewi^r fen»fli<-* nr* 
horn tJiati muToK To this Ult'^r jKiijit. dr-jK-iidirij: ivHiupa 
«u n nidi'ly iliMitiii t-a\isi\ I *ha\\ r#"lMni In n fnUin' i^linp- 
kr, Mr ^Voi-hd rnnlrjiAtn with niAt'>ni'3hnii>n1 the de^rpflcv' 
111 Ncir Zi.'nUnd v^ilh th« iiK^rett^ tn IrL'Und: countrio^ nol 

."Tirry diniiiiilnr in rliitiiito. iitid vh^o* Ihi* EnKuh[tHiil9i now 
redh>tr iirikHy ^ibiiUr hahitfl, Thr Munric* thi'mftfhtji (p. ^^) 
"aMribute their decadence, tn nome mpasuiv, to Ihu intro- 
duHina of it*y« food and dothinjf. and the atl^ndanl change 
of haUtfi; " and it rill he t*^cn^ ^vtlCD nr uDiuiidrr Ibir luUti- 
emv of thA:iifid tr^iidil ji>n* vn frrlility, thnl Ihry or*' pioh- 

|ttblv ri(jht- Thv diininntii^n Iw^f^Bn hr-luepn ihp VPftr* IH.'^O 
mil Ig'IO; and Mr. IVnlon flhtw-s <p, -l»l that uUut I&^O, 
(he art of mamif«< hiring piifrid rorn (mni:M->, \-y loug 
nn^ in water «'a« di*eover^1 and lnr^*ly pra^'tised; 

find thif pr<ivf» that a chaitf-e of hobite mos Wjrinnini^ 

ftmong^t the niiliveE, vvm whra Xrvt Zenlnrid man ituly 

Ihinlv inhabltod by EnTOpean?. Whrn I rii»ited ihc Buy 

if Tfifamlri in 1835, th* dr*B* and food of the inhobitanta had 

alrrwiy \wn irrnrh mc«!ifi<'d' tb*^v nii<nl polatr>fK, maizi*, 

end other afrncuUnrsI produN>, and rxdiani^rd tliL-m for 
[Viah tMAuufocturfd iffjoda and tobacco. 
It m CTtdiwt from nmiiy vlalemeiita in the life of Bishop 
Pttttewn,*' Uiat th^ M^lnn^anj of the N«w H^bridi^ and 

> ' U& bT J. C. PiiKMn.' b? C. II. 




;;rt?e ui litutlfi, and perk^tied iii larg& mimtiers, whe!3 tbej^ 
w.'ic rciii.-*icri lo New Zi'ftliiHiJ, Norfdit UltmdH am) r>lhcT 
saltiliHtriiG [iWr«, ill (in)iT Ui Uf i-<\nfHiM eu rniwiuiijincx 

The (if'crvafle ot tht' nstii« iiopulali<>D of Ibe ^andwiicdi 
UlfiniJ* Ml OH notorioud ee tliat of >«w ^tahnd. It bob bem 
TOLJsrEity PritirmUM liv IIilihi- Ih^hI i-n[wUlr i>f juJ^in^r^ llimt 
^Uivn Look (lificovorc^ the IslanHt in nTl#, iho pojinluiion 
a[iM>iinleU lo uLoat GOOA^OO. According tu a tuiM.- ceiieUA 
ill i-ri-ill, ihr immhrrs Ihcn were l-IZXU^O. In IH-T^. unU nt 

ibkt-ii. liut 1 have Wu aU^ to obtain 011I7 the folluwiuj,' 

SflTIVI ^3n*LlTWH 

A«au«l T*f# flf 4li«ii>Ma 

pvr •P^at- «miblBC ft 

lUt^rtpt .iurilit IMS 


bMvwq Uta auMMHlv* 

f#w fvn(iii>fn m 

cvpMim , IfmcoccdXAM 

hrlng titki^q aI Invf^ltr 








fi7,OS4 j 





3. Id 



a. 17 



W*- here fe^ Ihnt in th<» iml-^rvnl uf tiwiy v*^rs. WwAen 
183V fiinl iS7:f, th* populanon liiu dvcrvntt'd m> b*« Lhon 
MXfydsht per cent.! Tfait ha--^ bwn ottritiutcd by nift«t 
ftnr*T> l<f ine prndi^jaej of Ihe woiqhi, ti> fririin»r IiIutkIj 
univ. and t»> th^> *crv*rp la1>^nr impcwod ou [.■oii<|U-,Ted tnb** 
<md to nowlv introdin'c:! discBws, which hnvc hcnn on •?*■ 
rrnl i>rrnKinii)> rxtipmply destnicllT^ Xo dnuht ihpfw and 
i>th<>r (Dc-h caae«« llavf^ betn hittlily «f11cipnt. and iiia^v ac' 
count for tlic rxtmi>rdmj»rv riilt nf diy-'triwi^ liptwrrii tJic 
ynn t»^2 and J^3r.; hm t!i« mnut jvilnnt nf all iIk^ chUHm 
F^onifl tf> be Ic^i^itL'd fertilitr. Aocvrdin^ to ]>r. UiiBcheti- 
burger of the V. S. Navy\ uIhj viait^^d thcw inlands Mwwn 
1835 Brxd 18:^7. in onr di: Irifl nf flawNii. cmly tw^-nty-fivo 
mi'D out of 1131, and in aiiotlior iUetrkt only ten out fit 





(>37, baJ A fftmiiy vilh »* mnnf n» thrre childivD. Of 
piglily ri]«rrHt] ODrMrii* nii]v Ihirty-'iiTH* liiiit i-vit tmine chil- 
Urvft; n&d " liio oMkial rJjHjH ^'iu» on at-rru;^' uf half 4 

aliniiKl pxunly i)|p «iiiiij' nvtntp* rr uith tho TsRmfkiiiRim 
ai Uy^ter Coi^h Jai'VC'S ^iio puI>tLg)i«<l lite Jli^iory in IUVS, 
vnyd t)i4t " CaiuiliRf ithti have thm- diililnu iin^ Trn^il tnun 
rII Uxm: thcih* lulling morw, un- rvHBii^inl by uifu of laml 
ami (>tli«r ^noc»ijn^:«.'iL<<Dl^/' Thit uDIMimlJiknl vuactmvut 
l>y iLt gyvrimut^iil well shewn how infrrtilr iht hily' haul 
W'oiijw, The Iti*r A. Bithu^i iuUhI iit thu JlauaiiJiii ' S|ji'tv 
tAtor' in lJ^'tfr« Unit a lar^o pntf^orlbn of ttit cliililT^u die 
at cuilj a^'iTi, fimi Uitili<jp Sulcy lufurms me iLuL lliis i!< slill 
the e^iv, ]Li>t u ii: K<^ ZtMiliUul. TJilv hnjc bciu uttrilutod 
to tlir iir^Wt i>f th(' iJiiUri'Li Ijy thi' vi'Dmi^n, hut it it prol>- 
Blily Jn lurf!*- fiJtrl iliit- tit iiiD^Jtt ui.Mki)f^ uf riiii><lIlutioD in 
thf* diiUren. iti nilaliun to Itic UHicui.-d forlilily uf thoir 
jiiiiTnL-*- Tbrrt bi. moreov-r. il fiitthrr r*^ni}ihinrc to the 
i-u>4r Ltf Xt-u Zj-.iIhiii1, ir (ho fjirl \\iat tIkt' Ih ii hir^r* i>i:t<i>Mfi 
of nielp uvtT r-.*rijalv lirllia: the oenfliiiH <>f 187^ ^AVf ^I.GoO 
a»*Kf^ to S5/^|7 fcmal« ijf iitl Ji*^-N ihiU i^ iVj-rJU »Mih-« fgr 
rvtry llMf fi-milrv; vhrrr'H^J it) aII rivili^rt (viuitiriis ihc 
fc-rrak« (^i^cceii thr* miilf'^. No doubt thi- pivilli^uit of Iho 
lALiimii may in ^rl Jicconnt f<ir thrir miliII f^rtilil}; but 
thvir I'liMM^I huhjie rif life in a much nioro prubabk* ouuim, 
iiul whit'li will at Ihv «aiiitr tiini^ aotviuiil for the itLcn«ji.-d 
uiortnlir.y, fniH^i-inllv '*f Iht i-hilrln^rr Thi- inJands ir^r*- 
vi*iri>l hy *"'Mik in 177!*. by Vanpouv^r in 17VI. an*] oftm 
tnli'i^'jtu iin> lj>' whuh'r- hi l^^lli nYiN-iinuarii'^ arrivnl, and 
faiKnl thai id(»Fjilrv Uiu\ la-vn nlnjidv [ilmlifchfih »ti*( t»tlifr 
viiafi^cj <tri't'lflH! Uy llji- kioj;, Aflrr IhiA [>oni>d th»."iv wo» 
« mpid chan[^^ in Aliiruf-1 nil the huhil^or lift- >'f tht iiulivi«, 
Kill llit^y ?iiiLiii InTumt- '' llii' iruiHt HviTiu-il i4 \\iv I'urilir 
J^lundt-:'*-" (*nif *->{ tuv infrirmantj, Mr (.V^aa^ who was 

*n (in thi- inUrtdK remark? that the nalivt-j^ havt: ttudrr- 
im- n g7f«t^r change in their hnldts of life iu iht< counte 
[uf fifty vvurtt llian Kn^-U«limrn tluniii; a thnijAnnd yi-»ni. 
tV^m infonnfltirn M^fi-iM'H frum Ri*hrt[i Stnh-y, it *hM'> mrt 
k|H»Hr thai tho jhxir^r clasft-J have ^ver niuoli changed Th*ir 
l#hct, alihf>*"jch iriaijy nvw kiiuis nf fniit hflvo httn intro* 
lilurfili Atic] lh(^ Nti^mt-rniir \t !ii iiniv-^rut »rM\ Oviii;g, how* 
tpvnr, tM Iht'ir [Hifth^n f«r imiiaiing IvurorH^ans, Ihcry altered 
[th<^ir riuiihTT </ rlrr^ing at iiu 4'Jirly jj^riad, tnd lie Ufti- cif 
i1("1»,iJh' diiiiL? Intinu? vi-ry griirnd Alth^iiii^h tln^s* 

Ln|m Bp(ri4r itiMMiRidcmble, 1 can well bcli«V0, from wtiat 


it known Willi reeiicct to unimrib. Ihat they nii^t office 
tu Ii*KM-n Ihv fi^rlility of (hi.- nati(<»." 

I>a;it]y, Mr Mnrnnmnm i.intru** thnt th<* low tncj 4*' 
IfradH iiiiiabitaiilH of tlio Anriainan lelands, on th« caetcm 
null; of llii' OiiU l^f BtJiifc'fll, ure '* i-miitejith suite ^iliWe tp 
Any chflcgQ ot fliinntn: in faH, taka thi-in iiwiiv from ifaoit 
inland bo^ni^K nud ih^y niv- almost certain tu clic, and lliat 
itn}*^^»fiid*'iillv of dh't ur i.-'XlratitniiH itilliieiiffN." He fur- 
tlnTf araU'M ilial the iiihabitftnU uf llic Vallpv of Nihhi), 
wliicli ii* oxi.n-nirly hi>l in ^timincr, and also the vanon* 
liill^uilwf of IndiA. M)lt>»r fnmi i1_\><eiil<^r> ami fpver ulien 
on tilt.- pldjut: and thoy di€ if they uttutiipt tu poflii ttit? whoie 
jfnr ihcro. 

We HiM' see thnt miiiiy frf Ihe U'iVlor THres of mnn an* 
apt t> suffer inucli in liciltU wlii-n iiibjecte<1 to diAii^d 
comlitiotiA »r IiaIuU uf life, Atttt iil>1 eiduHivcly fruni lH.-in£ 
tnini^tiorlt'il ta a ni>w rlinule, Mrrc nlttTMtinnia in liAbitft, 
which do nol appear injurioue in thtniflflvoit, g*>cm to haTe 
tiirn !iimr elfeel; laid ill aerrrnl tnjrt^ the LhiMri'ii are jmr- 
li^ulurly habU* in Kuffpr, It hiw oftt-n been Knid, a* Mr. 
MacnainarA remark^< thai man ran resist with iinjHinity Ihr 
greji1e»t iliver>iilieK i>r tliiriHl'.' and oihvt rbuu^f^. bnL Ihtf^ Ja 
Inift only of Xh*> civilju'd nuew. Man iri his wild enndilion 
ar^irtfi to be in tliia rcflpovt almost ji* nusreptiblc a» bin near- 
fttt allies, the anlhropoid a|ie«, u'hi[<b have ii<<Tpr yet sur- 
Tircd lonff, when rem6v«d fwm Ihelr iibIjt* eovinlrj'. 

L«-«f4ned fertility from cban^fed eonditionrK aa In the 
(«^e of the Ta-imaninna. TllfioHf^. S^mlu-iHt IvUndfrv, nnd 
ap()ai¥iilly llie AuHtraliane, \» ?U\\ mr>i^ inlereetJttf- than 
Iheir liability |o ill-b^vilth ami d«ilh: for *t*ii u alipbt de- 
g-T^p of irferliJitv. i^fwuMriml with tbojie ullicr e«ufftr* whirh 
lend to cheek ibi* inowaiic of -^rprv pnjmktiun, wonld fiooncr 
ur latrr lehd to i-xtindion. The illiniimtiun ot ffrtiliiy niav 
Vm* <?xplAir]rr1 in uotnt* rswe* by ihr ])TOlMy:tn'V of ibe women 
(as (inlil Ulelv with the Tahtliani^K but Mr, t'cnion hw 
!ibL-uH Uicit thU eijilaiullou liy no ruc*an« §iil!1cra with Uifi 
N«w Z««lAiukrft, DOT do«M it w'itii tii« Tasmaniana 


■Jkrv**' Kt^T-ry "f ihi Itk^MtKH I^E- 
ID llJ^ Htn^lv-ii^i ]*liiid>.' 1^1, |>. r* 

■ V or wt HnuoJ tlic WcvU.' t MA. vol. 
\. [4 tri I tf>vt iJiv c«D>ii* bf Lbv IV*- 

«n1 >iutK tiiiliir kill Jf iHrit i^i* tCr Cdbu, 

V'Ti ' nli^l ill mil.*! 0«K1I 1 h>T4 COfll- 

|4ml ifjv Y'>uniiiu» QipirfM ulUi tba« 
tfiYrii in »9r«ik] oT Ibi- «liriTa-a«aiH 
wnrka 1 h^i* ■vmJIt'il tliH ■>i>Iiaiiii fbt 

-TUe Indkiti MmiMl OmUa; 
?4i.^. I, len, PL MO. 

UmUa; ^ 


THB KXTixrrms (vp kacfa. 


In tli^ p&\tfv aliove tjuotoil, Mr, Mannnmara givfS reigns 
for ticli^vin^ thul Xhv iiihaiiilHTiU of <Jjf(tnoT« vu^jt^i^t ti> 
iHJilarJa nrv npt to If nU'Hk: Imt ihiJ i^iMint apply in ^^v- 
i-ral of tht> alH>v<' raw^ Sumr wrKi'tw hnw *u^*itrrl Ifml 
the 'iluri^nvti uf i^lf^n^lfl havt^ fUfTcrc^l m fi^^rlility ari^.l liL^ultli 
frum long continued inti-i-bn-'wUiiif: l»ul in iUl- abo^t' ulics 
lQf(>ril1ilT liJw foieu-idml I'm Hij*i'lj wiih thi- nrrlval of Ku^ 
n>pcaiitf lor » lo admit thi« itx|]JniiAtinR> Nnr hnv^ we at 
|nnM*i]t unj KiuMm tn Mieie Ihat titan in liii^hly *'>[ifiilivi* in 
tlw ?vi] i'ffpi^Ts iif inl<^r-bfrei]in^. oii|it^cHilly la htvua m) Ijiri^ 
as N«7i Zfuland, ond llic Snndwioh nrcUifX'Eujfn with iu dt- 
vrmifrHl ^l^UiMnn. On lljt- it^Jiitrur^', it t« kuuwii lliaL tlie 
prtwriit iTibabiiuniii irf Norfulk IsIahi] avi> n^-arlv alt c^oiLMinA 
or ix^r ri4aU^>nN» j^^ arr thv Todafi in liidm. an<l tJir intiilnt- 
aiil:^ <if mifMH' (*f Hm' M'MtTTi Nlrti^d* of Srodand; and yut 
,Um))' dL-vm Jtt>i to htivtf riUlTurKl in fertility,** 

A imith mor^* prdUibic viuw w *ug>rtBtL*ii Lv tli^ flualoi-y 
of the louh«r ani[aA]>- TIjc rr-|iTiHliict|vr itrAtoai rjin Ih< 
ah«vD to b» w^ceptibl*' t<' an oitr&ordiimry ilt^xf (thougli 
wliy we knov not) to diAnifi'd i^mdiliunw fi lifin and tiiifl 
HiuicTr|viibi1ity U'litU both in iH^nHuifli nml tu pvil n-^ulia. A 
Urg? ofilWtion of f^c^U on tlii^ mUjm-i a gjvtn in Hiitji- xviii. 
of vol i)^ of my ' Variation of AniinuU And I'lant;^ tinrlor 
Uomt'itTir'atioTi/ I (im hi-n' \!iv*' only Uit- lirk-fettl uliHtrni^t; 
ami cvi^rv onf iiitcn*itpd in ihp Mi^'^'^t mav consult Un* (ib»ivc 
work. Very blifbt cbangn iiKicat^c thi- hcallb, vi<{uur and 
f^rtiliiy of moflt or all or^'anic buing*, whilt^t oihvT vhan^t 
niv knovn to n&dCT a lar;pc nnmbrr cf aninialii ttti'ik- Ortu 
of thr mtM familiar ctifn, U that nf Inmril eU'|j1mnU not 
Wodinj: in Initia: ihongh Tli**y often lireed in Ax^, wIk*!* 
tlio fcmalt'f HTv alliM'c^d fti naia iiIhuU IIk forrftii t^ Homc 
CKtcnl, am) art- thn!< pWvi] imdi^r num* nnlnml tiotidilicjii^. 
Tlii" raKo of tnrinnK Am^Houn Tnfknt*»r4j )w>lh «exet of wbioh 
hate bf^en kept for ntany y^wfr io;:i-iljt^r in thiur ovn ccuo- 
trifs- and yet liave vn-y riirtly nr nrvrr ^rnl, i* a man* npjni* 
ijie in-<iaii(-«. li(-ran*e ^f th(»ir rvhlionthip to man> II ia 
rrmnrkahl^ hf»w sli^rbt a di^nj-p in tlir ennditiotiB itUvn in- 
docet feTL'rility in h tvild aoimiil ubin ratitunMh aitd tliin Ih 
the mi>K' Mran^c an all our domo«lT<fllr^ animalp bave Ik*- 
coma more fertile tban tlwy wer* in a tUlc of naturi.'; auti 
intp of tJiC'ni can re^hl Uw un^i larrnataral ctrnditiorin vJlh 

FW Ult Ti-Ul*. iV I'M. 1141, ' ^1 . : 




Vt%r k 

ujidimi»itiU»r1 fertility." Cerlivii^ gTUV|ie of ajuiuiU are 

mijHi mcnv lirthl^ thiiH olln-r* U* \n^ nlWlwl by nt|'1ivi]y; 
nnii ^ftrmlly nil the ^porioH of llio mhiv ^tup itre alTi^clcd 
iu i\iv Miiii*^ iiiunriLT. But wiuvtiiiiL^H a .lii^k fp^ir* in a 
j^r'^tif k TL^ndend KCi-rife. whiUt iIlv oiIivn are nr>l ao: nn 
thi^ other hun^lt a ninslt^ npmrp may rvlnin iU fcrtthtv 
^vliilhi Jtiost of (III.' otEirrfe fuil tu brveil. Thi.^ iuaI?4 ano 
r<-MiikU<'4 of Bomo lifieoioa whi^fi oonlined. or vrlu^n allawcd to 
iivr alitiii!'!. but not quite fnrr, in tWir nntiw cutiiitry, tit^ver 
iiiLiti'; ot1irr« thij« I irriiTii^l:;nri-il rn'ipiintly iinJIr hut ticvi-r 
jimdiirt- off^priiiji; ath*-rs again produf^ wine oJTt|mii|ij, hut 
ftAvor than iu u irtato of uaturL-; itnii tm bL'urtng jq ttiv abr>T« 
i-iLHW of niiiii, it U iinniirlitnt to rnnnrk tbnt lb« jouu^ Krv 
a|>t ti> !»*• im^afc and nMf, or inaffonniHl, jind tci jwrith at 
an early aife^ 

Stfin^ ]»ow };;i<rii-rHl it ibi:* Ihw iif tftr -tiisci. plibility of 

tbir rrpnuliictivp uA^slfm to Hiiinj^'cd condiUoiii; nf lift% and 
that it iiiiM? j/'Xii i^ith o\»r nearcet allit**, the QLudrun^ana, 
1 can htirdly ditulil lh»t it ap^jTii-i Ut n\tin iii lii-* |M-irii4>va] 
«iilo. Ilvnt!i* if iovMirtw of any r»*><> nru indut^t-d ^uddeniy lo 
clianec their habit* uf life, ihcy becoii^e moif or lew »tenlp> 
and ui&\t yuimp olfvpHuK lurTer in healrli. in rlie aanie man- 
ner ond Trcim lh<* wmc cauw, as df> the clffphnnl nnd hunt 
ini^'leofiiml in Tridiju mimy intMiL^y* in Aiiu-rieh. unci h boat 
<d AiiLTiiaiR oF nil Icindv, an mmnvAl from Th<-ir natuTiil cod- 

WV I'HM «i*i* why il i» ibiil «briri^fne*, whi* have loti^ in- 
luthitrd ii^lntidp, and who murt hnvc Iwrn lut); ex|¥irtKJ to 
m-arly imifirin i.*'nulili'»nf<. ^b^nibl he iipt'ciallv offireled hy 
any change In Th<>-ir tiahlt«, as -lot'iTis ti-* h^ tht* eB^-*-. Civilised 
tncoAcancoHainlT nvitt cbanj^-rt of all kind:' fnr bHtcr Ihau 
Mavn^fc^; nnd in ibi^ n^«pr-r-t Ibt^y rc9Leni1de dmiH^tientrd All)' 
mnK f'ii' llinii^rh tb*- latl^r iwrnetlniPd *niffer in b«^ltb (for 
jnelanfe Knh^peait t]t^^ in IndiflK yut Ib^y ore fiirely rcii- 
drrrd »trrrili\ thttnyh n Uw tiuh inRtnnnv brti- lanrp rr- 
rr^rdt'^l,*^ T1i» immunity of Wvilfot^d ratwi and doinnttjriitp^l 
nniTuah h |>rcb«blr duo to tlic^ir having hcni subjected to u 
j:reMlir i"a|i"||(, ami llii-rtfiiri' ImriJijf >rn»Mn jwjnu'wbjit m*nv 
ac<'U*l()incd, lo divrn^ificti or varvinR ctmditiont, thiin Ih*^ 
majonty of wild entmals: and lo their havLnjr fotnicrly im- 
miKraled iif Wu riirrled front cviTintry lo countrk'. and Id 
diif^rent familiu* or siib-rAcr* liavinj^ int«r-cto«Mcl, It ip- 

CmAw. VI L 

Tue BXTiKcnox or uxvtsL 


irp Ihnt a croM with riTiliMd imce4 it otwt gtnjt tc ba 
AUiri^riital rnci- ad jiiimiinny froQ) 1)i4- <vj| i>~mFe'|ii(?ncea uf 
dmjrij<t-ij tf.-ndilioiu. Tliii« the i^ivium^ ofT^i^ripj; from Ihe 
TiiJiitiiiii» and l-,H};lb«h, nlii^i) EiE-lt)(?<l in PiUuim l?Iun<l, m- 
itvjbtfd to rupiiily ilittl the Ulond vtm ^oon i>vfrsiocki.-d: 
itid IB Jane Ib.iii lluj were ri^mnted lo N<»rf'»lt lulainj. 

iiiAkin^ ji littiil •>( IM, Ui*rr (Ui-y liki-wtjcr itir-ri':^*ri] no 

Isl^ini tn lii^ni'. I]k->' tiumbr^rvd in Joiiuan' l^C^. JJMt f^uuIb; 
llif main niid fi-iimti*? L-riiL^ in nrntlv rn^iul muiLltrrK. 
What R c^^ntrm^t <lv--i lliji^ eiakj prt^aoitt villi th^t <jf tli« I^hm- 
iDdTiiuri9; tlir N'^rfnlk hland«r« I'nciYtfW in odK Iwdvo and 
a hnir jnun fmm Till lo 30(>; wlirritiM llir TEUirndtiiniiH ri*^ 
rrtajittt dunntf fiflrcrt yiurv froro LSD to 16, of which latti^ 

is?? Hi* iiiitivi>f of full Muni in iht- Sandwich l&lfltult d(f- 
cr*Nwrd bj 8081, uhJIpl liir hsH-outi^!, who an* Wii-vi^d to 
N* htallhW, }ni:r^'ii«<><3 l-v KIV; but I do nftt luon- whHhi^r 
lliu ln(1<-r tLLtmlii'T iDt.iudtTj lht< <iir«pnii}( from the half cnnlvrv 
or only lUf lialf^a^t"?* i^f ihr fir*t erUf-ntioD. 

TIk' ojjii'^ u tiicii I hjiiiv hi>[v ^v«'n all rebU to aWrigint^ 
u'ho \tati- tri'in ^ul>;H'Ii-d to nr« ^coditioUB iUf lU^ T<«u1t of 
{}tf immij^rniinn n( fiviWficii ntcu. fiut ilrrilitr nticl ill- 
lit*a1tl] tfonW proliablj toWov, jf Rivngn vnrp rompi)*IM \%J 
anj fjtt»e. ^iich aa IIk' inroad of a C4>nquerin^ tribe. Ut 
^fuiert thpir hnmrc jind li>rhaii|^' tlu-irbsbitH^ ll ikiiii inlfir* 
^^tiuff cifrtkoislaik^'*' that lh« ohtvf ^^hin^k ti> nild AniTEinl* 
WoiniiiE doim^slinilcx!, «hkh implies tht pow^r of their 
hrf'ding fivi^v wliPii fii-<i rftfitrjr**(l, wml unt- chi^f rb#M^k In 
wild nirfi. vfi'h brnuii^lit into mniaet with oitdiKbticw, iur- 
-HiriaM Ui ftirm a aA ili^i-d rai'e, » the w^wa^r daio^It, flcrilitj 
Jrom fbflTiRrn r^imlitintu nf !ifr. 

KiiuiU, Alib>>ui:h thr >:raduAl Hrcn^iA^ aiid uhii[iat'> vx- 

'lilirtirD uf ihr? nrvt uf ti^Au Is a b:jriily c^^in^tf^i ficldrm, 
du)irndia;i nn ii«Dy r-uuw^ whtcb difTt^r in different pUoo* 
ftiul nl different liino; U iv the jnino prohK^n xs ihal fire- 

;wnh"<l hv tbe I'lllnHiim of one of the h»)7h*T aiiirnBl*— «f 

fonii homit. tir in'tniiiv. whieh diMiT>in.ikr«*rl from Snitth 

L, Hoon aftervAi^U to be trjiUci'tl, vrithin thr mhii; 

LJliMir>fTniftl'C'lkiifi|T**t-* LtAy 

?om* ai rtmamnt^ Mat tMi. 1««]l- 

^iBiLvLi-Tj |iiarti|4f« tfb f>Diii Uiit 
' U«i»al(iib ■.■*B«««,^ Abil fttitL kir, Cote 






(lUtrii-Iy. liy i*oij|illt*4s (roti|» at Ihv S|iUMiai|] luino. Tlu' 
Ncv /ciitniukr M-tni): cunFciriiiH of thii^ imriilUilifcin, for Ihj 
comparer hiA faturo Tate with Chal tjf llii? nati^v rftt dov 
almost 4al«niiiuati?i) b%' rlie Furojx^an ml Though rh^diA* 
cuHy i^ fintki to our tmaj^uatiuu, nml rvuUy irrval, if vte 
viali Lo a^cerlAin the pm^im:' c«iiti<f nn^l thrir manner of 
Odion. It tjuglil not to }*& sn to nnr wiini>n, stf long na we k4V|i 
trti-D(iily in unnJ Ihut llu' inc-ri'a*?v of tfldi Bi>L*fi« aud «ch 
mri- fx miiiHljiiillv rhrrkn] irt inriou-i u~ay;i: m tlinl if aay 
iM^u' clK-ck, fTtrti a jli^bE om\ l>^ EDprnidiliMl, t)i# ran> irUI 
j»urvl,v jL'L'rL'LiF*^ in numtH.T; aiiU docr(<a^in^ nun>b«re nil] 
wionrr (tr lairr Uwl In ntiiiriifin: llif <'ui1. in mu?*t t-asft*. 
baing promptly dot«rinini>d ]>y ihc iuruads of ct^n^iftTtnij 

0» M^ ^Wfjinfinn af iht Rarrv uf .Ifun.— Ill fluinv i^aiM 
tha L-miuJnif of diiitiat't nu'Vi hmt knj lo the fomiutioo of a 
nrir race. TLi* urign^kr fort that Ihi^ Kuiopcanii and Elin- 
dorif^. who hfliing ti fh^ »&ni« Aryan HJoi-k. and ^posk a lan- 
f[Uapf fuiu1umi-null\ tb«' «aui^, wlvv widdy ta ipi^oarano^, 
vfiitAt Iviirt'prjiii?' differ hxjt little ffom Jm'», wno hHt»n^ 
to ihi^ Sf-milii- ^nnrk. iiml G[H-nk tf|iiili> nnntTii^r iMu^ia^t*. 
Uta Wen ui'i^i-iuiiU'd for l?^ HrifL-a.'^ Ihrou^h ix^rtmn Aryan 
braUi:h(^ hariii): In-vn lur^jily in-*«*«l br indiifi-nom tribw 
(hiring xhi'tv u'ijIo dilTiiAkm. Whon two raifV); iu Hi-iiu* con- 
IJict tro^^p tbi? fir«t result i^ a b*.'ler(>^t*Tiouup mixtiii>>; thiu 
Ur. HunU'r. in Ji'scribia^ tb^ Snntub m bi1t-1rilKT« of IiuIia, 
itny« tliiit hnndn^lfi nf iniiHTrrprib}^* ffradnfionii may b« 
(rflC^id " fnriin (be lil^ok^ p^miiE Iribt'* of the znotuilAlDS to 
tbe tall (r]ive>uu1uLtrt\l nraliiiLiiit. willi \\\a ii\\.v\\wi\m\ Irrm, 
ftthn iM'i**, and liiirli l»ni iiiirrou bi^iLil;" ko lliut it j« n*-otfi'' 
iary in cnarti: of jnidit'i^ to ask thi' «ilr<rf«e» wbclhiT l)ic> 
■fr Sjintjili^ c.r lUndimn" Wbdh^r a heterofc'vn'*(ius jji^it- 
y\»t KUch «^ ih^ inbabjlacte of »omv of ihi* \\\\\v\'c>\^i\ 
ifllandp, fonnoJ by \\\v t:ruMinK of Wn distinct raet^ with 
f(rvi" ur n» |nm- inrnibrrf^ b-H, viiiibl ever bynmiE* honici^iip- 
oan, ii» nci knonn from dir*d *^Tidenot*, BiJl at \iitii uur 
domo£lioak'd anin^alii, a croto-brtf'd con rcrlAJnly be fi^rd 
and laadr uniform by mn-fid »i*lrclifjii '^ m IHp roiirnp nf 
a f<v j7i-riiTr»ti<mji, uu may infer that tbe fr^o inlercruaeinu 
of a brtcro^^neouft mJilure durinic a i"i^K draLvnl wuuld 
Ly ihe plat'i- of v«ti<iion, and ovpreome any tvndtmcy 

*'nr( Aikfriri>i>alo,rr.' trutHlMLtm •i-Th# VirUllnii nT Abkni4U tud 

'AiiUirTjj<i>]f»f R<n\<v.'.Tiji. i»i^ u.n^ I'lufit* urHlcf DoruHllMaoiL,^ voL LI 

»<1'lr« AiifiAl* c/ Kuril Bcikgai; h »& 



TBR rosvArtox nr racir 


Ut revHfioii; w ihfli the rrflswl mc^ woiiH ijltim*i«*lj b**- 
cone homop!ai.<r>ijH. Ihoufili it iiiu:hl luiT i^aitakf' m an equal 

Of All ihp ()i(T»mii-(T£ twtwp«ii ibit rkcui of mm, Iha 
colour of the akin ii ihv mo^l con^pim^Mj^ »j\4 rnw o( tfic 
l«n(l itmrknr U <i«i fiirnierlv [litHii^hL lliat difTL-ttiirt« of 
thw kind couW !»♦ *<xt>uQt(''l fiw \n- h'lm t-xpu^un* I" ilifFer- 
tni cliisam; b«t Falla^ tln4 vhf'wrd thjil th» i* not unable, 
and he li&^ ^inL^e Ijeen Mloir^l lij nlmohi nil nutlirtipoli)- 
l^icU-" Thi« vicu' bu been rej««l44l chii^llv U^oavitt* iho dit- 
Iribullon of Ihc varioutlT rnlourrd iM-rv, inuM I'f wlioni 
■iii«l ti4V(> long inKa))ii*'it iMr ]trn«cni Iihiti'v, Aopt nor C}' 
iticid^ vith corr^poDdtn;- dilTq<reDc>M <il Himati?. ^onw 
liltlc vcigbt iflAj be pv^i to »u<:h tiiat^ up t)uil of Iht.^ Dutch 
families wlin, >A wi* Umr mi i^trHlrnt ntitJioritj,*' haw rot 
undcr^'ODe Ibo Ico^t change of oolniir aftvr fVAidin^ fi>r thTv<« 
fdrnlufiiu ill SfivitU Afntu. An Ar^uuitiit un thf Mine side 
mar liLmriia^ ht ilratrn frini Ihi' iiuifonn apptviratu'L' iij 
|Y«rioiiA pftH* of Iho world of ^|#ict fia^l Jrwp, tl^oti^h the 
'UiriroTmity of Uie latler Imf Wa -luiiK^uIiut citty;t'crflle<l.** 
A T«rj damp or a very ^ry atmoi^^^hpn- hH>- U-in ^iippcdMl 
1o be more miluiDtU) in iDodifvio^ Iht- toli>iir o( tlie *hiti 
iban mcf* he*!; hiil at: P'OfM^ny in Smith Amrridi, ai^d 
Livinf^topc in Africa, arrtviMl at dijimotricallj oppoAilt* 
roodiwiona «il}i iv«]>rc-t 1o dampinw dtmI dtjt »«-«». aiij cou- 
cliimn oit tbU bf^d mtiAl be cmi?id?n»d »£ vi^ry doiibEfuL" 

VwioM fact*, which I have pivn ^IfitTilicrf, pro** lliat 
iht* colour uf ibe ^tirn anil hair i> wimHiiiM'^ ivirivlaU'd iu a 
inrpriuiij; maniKT with & complete immurlty fr^im the ac» 
tioii i>f Of>rtaLn rep'ttliK^ [lob-)!]^, and from 1li« ailfickf of, 
cerUJri {nrajiiU^. |fi-rhr<- it nmirr#<f| tn me. Ilutt ii«^roM. 
nfid oihvT dark titn^s nught ha^r Hi^iiirfvl thdr dark linUi 
hy Ih"^ darker iiidividiiiil^ ti^i'Afjiij): (r^ytit the dradlT inf1iicn<Jt 
of like rritii^FiiH nt fh4<ir nalin- rfiiiEi1rii-«, during » lor)* i^nefl 
of p*ni^ratioiu- 

I aftuwards found fhat this Mme id«a had Mn^ Rffo 
cvnifwd In Dr W*Ui." It h*s lon^ bom knovii that n&- 

hfe>s-' It^^ 14it \i r '"^ IT* "** '** 
ld«TM hr KiiptH|iSi, In hi* ■ K«jCr4jro 

uir Afiuint|*>|nr;<\' t^ia f*n *xi'iii' 
l*fil ■uiini*«>7 "Ml* **i4rn'« *• ri«v»i 
hj tiMrm, *!** rr-p***v" iww. Mi- 
ll Pl M4. tW^ 
I' Jilt >fc^rpw Bnaih. bB i|ri'itrt( h* 

IT. »W?. p. TJI- 

■• l.ii-.n^vIikMi'* "Thv*!* Kill] P«- 
^*fvU^ In * AlMnitv* IflW, inv ***, 

** Tw Jl IQI't rrJal Trl^n ^ir K'-ml 
4h. m :ttl u\.l y*i}-r.<i,^i \n hk K*-< 




f*ua L 



f^roct. and cvcd mnUlloM, arc Atmoet comptoldy excmi>t 
from Ihr vcllow-f^vrr, m d^hiictivc in tm^jioil Ain*^c«-*' 
Tfifv liUwjhf i^i:«|K' lo II Irti'jii" I'xlrnt tlfi> faliil irtlennil- 
XvitX U'ven^ i^taI firt>vuil nluii;- at [v^l ;;6W mik*^ uf Vie 
jihnm ->f Africii, 4m] vcluch mitnmWy tausc onc-fiflh of the 
K'hIItt sKllfT* li» rlir. fliiil jmcitlmr rtftli hi ri-liirn immo in- 
vtthdod.^' Thif immunity in Hk' rK^^ro eeonis to bt partly 
inlirn^nt. dqjcudiji^' on mmjt- uuknuwH peculinriLjr of con- 
KlilLitiun, nml [i^rll^v Iho rtvitU ol ai^rlliEiAlitnti^c- Pou- 
^hot " etatcfe th4l tbo Dr|«ro rofon^^^ni^ recruited noor th^ 
8oiui4Ui. ami lorniweJ from tlic Viceroy (jf Rgypt Ujt Uw! 
llcik'uii wur, vK^uiioJ (lit ^^vlltuv.fL-viT olmont »<|UfllIy uHh 
ihc nc^'''**'* £»ri|;iriftlly hrou>rht from %'nn'ju» pftrU of AfricA 
bii<.l lif^vUfhjiifL^ ti:* tilt' i.'IJiiuiU' of i\nf ^Vt^al luJii's. TIjuI 
fitvlimaliF^ilicin |>lav^ a |iar1. in uheun ly lh<-' muiiy i'iuo» m 
which nrgrcKji haw k'^Jinr Aoni<-whjit hnblp to Tropicnl 
f*\iTf>, ttUrr hnx'my: n>iili'il U'T n'tiw linn' in fl ciiMiT cli- 
Lto,^^ 'Hie nature of [)»(■ t^hniAli.' under vhtcli Iho white 
\m\v Umg rftiidcd, likrwUc hii.* aoiuc inth^ncL' on thond' 
for during Ihr fvJirfiil i'(]irli>iiiti< of m-IIi^w fi-vrr in l^iiki'mm 
diihng 1837, Uv, UlArr found that th« death-rate of the int- 
niiiTTAnU vtr^ pm|H>rtional lo the latitude of th« Cduntrj 
whence fhpy hod cnmt\ With tin* m^^trti Ihc itnmmiily, ■■ 
far otf [t ifi the n^ult of acchinatiHalion, ]Tn|Jin» axpo^vrv 
duvioL' n pmdijfioii*; Int^-tli of liiiif; Tjr Hie uhoriifim* of 
tropical AriipncJi uho have r<*tidri! Ibrrt- from Hint' inimt'- 
mnriul, art' not i'\uiti[it ti-uiii xi-llow f^v^r; and ih-* Krr. 
TI, R THBlnim <itnir». thi\\ ihiffi- .uv dihlriclt m Nurih- 
tm Africa which Ihc tijilivo inhA^]tflnl^ urv oom[jL-lk-d 
nnnnalW to leave. thout£h Ihc ccgrow c&n rcrnAin With 

Thttl tli<- imrnnnity of the no^ni it m any df*rr*e oor- 
rrlntnl wilh lln* cnloiir "f his fkiii tP n inrr'' conjecture: it 
mav hn rorrrlntnd with itomc* ditTi'n'iice in hif hWwI. iicrvoil* 
ST>tciH, or other liuaca, NevcTthck-a, from the fi<"ls abovo 
nlLiidrd Ut. anil fruni smitii' ciinnei'lion appjirrnll* milling 
Mwfcn CAmplwtion and a hindf^ncy lo cinsiimpion, Ihw 

(i«v H* fivmi in my 'Vnnulr'ii '-f 
Xn»fnit« nttAti Ttnmnaif^tm.^ ml. It. 

IT s«, fr,r *ii.Jw.p», S^n aixl fifi'l- 
i|wii,'Ti[ji* rirMfcTiklml/ T" "' 

■■ ' Tti^ HiitiiVitv erf <be irundii 

iT*iilij't i>i .\fiil-mii"lnpir.' tmniliu. 
■nul^pi* rw«* in hit * Tnwt^'* 




ftiDj«Huri* secraod to m^ nut iiuprQt«blc. Consequently [ 
rndt^ftTourvnl* wiOi Uit iLttL- nm^i^w^*' to a«ci.Tlnin h^v fur 
il hotrU gr^ii. Tin* UtP [Vr. DniiiHl, vhri liHtl I»i[>; Uvnl (irt 
the \Vu4t I'lft^ of Afnca, lold int? that he dM not bclifve in 
«nx ''ich rvljition. He v/aa hiniwlf unuftiidlh fmr. mid liuij 
with^ljiTMi tlir dinmtr in n WiiiulL'rrnI mniim-r, \\'h*ru hv 
lint ArrivfO a« « boj* otl tliv <'uA^t, an old uiid ^v|x htrncrd 
o^ro thiti predictviJ !n>m Iiia ui*t*jir(inci» tliit iliis would 
pmTC the i-w*. f>T- N(cht>tH"i, [»f Anti^-un, nfu-r liMsfti^i' 
tUviHkd to thif mbj?-ct« vnt(« to mc thnt rhirk'Cf}|r>uivi) 
Evropv^ns esctpc th? rcllo^ fever more tlinn Ih*r4<^ that arc 
!tghl-ni1ourn4, Mr. J. M. Hurriti alUij^t^lher ik'niLS tTiat 
Kuropdkxw vilti itark hair wilh»dAnd a hot chmulv buctt^r 
tban otltcr mtn: oa Ihe coDirary, cipcnciM:^ bu taught bkm 
10 malcin;/ a itOedimi of in^D fi^r »t>rvioe on the (ohj^t rtf 
Africu, to phocpT tho(*c irilh r«l hiur." A» far, tlK^n^foro, an 
ibcM' *ligbt IntlicatioCf cv, tJicrc iccinft no foundn1if»n for 
Iho hjpnihraia. l^al Macfcri'^is ba« rvtiiltpd frrnn Ilir (krVrr 
and tUrk^r HKliTidunTu hariTi>; rturvivcd b^ttvr durmg long 
«Jtpn«ttre to fcTcr^Kx^^ noting niiA»Tii«, 

■■tOtllP AiflTltf rpf IFWt 1 riFnUlflf*! 

^wWiuli Iwn lbs Diivclif -UfBinJ 
Afiiit> *• inminiii. tt ifn- tui-^ivtvi of 

iVvt fiitP lirtti fh-nM»4| JirlllJ f-at \i<f- 
liv rvWir i4 lie fr'niml t[»fH<ikh]niii^« 

Uhl tfrt rKHJBlitllthitl ; B3l L( l>l<lllh' 
daffT* ilf fplAllifl bdlfiri'i*!! Oil] ('"lililr 

til Eif*>f*<^ii - 'I*" fiituui <kf 

v'i'A t44li'«t(<) in iriiTiFAllftif tr<>r<W] 

r^qnl, ■* m Kim1«M of oornimrlNjn* 
K*v ^anf iiLtn, ill lfi<; f'Ti^i^ wtivravt 
thft niE an <lai*h, hii\' iliirt m-i 

■AHi fc* Ai-|«Tmt, »fl<Jr ■i.>nH' ih'Kip*nit 

cTiluur of Hio K*ir nEiiJ L»(i>t i Lul iimaE 
llnliilil* Ui irci|iuail cU»iui^ riir]i4|ii 
ti'j twh n-Htivn AijuM bv •i\n-\'trivi. 
hm thf mvcwIiiTBtioii r* wrJl «nrtli 

wniTJ obinIniH-L. H rmnfii W itf r-Mim 
[prdAlinftl UHQ Ilk tnlcitiinjE iin^rk fi-i nDy 
punirLilnr VFWkiv Tli'-<>r'rLt«lly itin 
ndiilt nnil*) be rif hltfli Lhlfi-^i^ at* In" 
lUi'irlni.' 'idf' fiti>uiife TpJ rfhti'lh H hiH'B r»f 
iriEin lEihtil'Uliiu fr>rii h n^imrUi i^vrtml 
nr nFiliniJiljj *r*['li.-ii] rtftn*!'-. ^lllt^| 
liitvK TifHrviiTir' ilArtE-ntlni^rr-l hy Ehv 
Mitcr |frt-i'i*nT it'll nr nlnr'i-lu'lTrHl nr 
iliiFk e4>ini>tuiilr^iwL triiiivi'luLitn rjuriiib' 
H Inns* -ii.TftVHiriTi i*f ?'*f"ri»lliiii»'," 

•• ■ ATithr^'|iiiT'ii,'ii:iil B<"ic*,' Ji«. 
Ixil4\, p %tk. 1>r ShaiT«i ulpti> ari^i>i 
wUh fuii|fr-.itii [»i'I!ii"i' Mnii [i"i|H'rW 
rruiiLa'>fi' ]lt7n,fk l]"l,ilbiii It tiiu ^''4H 
Hfitirrnl hy «mnM nifiLlrrtl ritn*r'fti IhHl 
|j^urri|>cui» villi li|/}iL Tikir nii'J H'lri-I 
cnfniMniinfUHiilTiilp-* fiYMTi<li-niiMi' tf 
im|i1oit niuEiinui thjm fior^riA wUb 
■IvW IrEiir uri'l Hillow n'rHnpli^iJi-MP ', 
iirirl,«n Ivf «• I Vhni* tJirfp nfiiw^nf T^ 
Ll' jf*xMl iffTiUTjilh Tijr I flit r-'iiinrli.'' '^il 
Thd oth»r JittiH^ Mr IIhIiHl-. .f < 
Lf^ro/* wJiij l^a* liii'l nKitp drrkt k IT[*4 
undiT h'lir* limn Aiiy uOnj riP^n," lij 
ib'> rhntjitji of (hf^ Wrmf Afri'-m ronul 
{W. KuL'Vv "Afmiu. PhvM, Mii.-h; 
T^-il, il, p, YlUX. hold* n Jlrurdj uppu- 




I>r. Sharp? romark*,** UiaI a tropical aun, vhich burn* 
nnd 1rli^tr[» n ikhiFr ^kli^, ilnrn nol inJLin' ii hlo'k rmr al alt; 
anH, Hb hr adrlv, ihu U nnr rlij<> in hflhit in th« icdivi^uaU 
for children onty six or oij-ht ui-^uthf- clJ art oft^D carried 
nlmut Hiikni. hikI iin.- iiol affii-lrd. 1 hnvr lir-rn iU9tirr<l Ijy 
n mtniuiil tiaii, that iiomp ycHni n^n diirmg ouch Kiicnropr, 
but nol diirinj: the ^viEltc^ hi^ hanJ^ botanic marked »tU) 
li^hl broAu jidlcTifH. likr. uhliuu^li lurf^vr Ihuu In-i^klfs^ uud 
thul ih(.'ft<* puTohoi vcrc iK^wr nfr»L-UHl l>y iud- burn tug, i^hilrt 
thr K-hitc part* of hi» *kiD ha^r on several ocouion* been 
mudi inflATrked tiiid blifitered. Wiih the lowt-T animaU Ibore- 
LB. ulftij. a cobvtttutionul ditkrt-nco in liabihly tck (ho nctii>n 
m the ffun U^^rcni thojc pad* ui the fkin clottjed with white 
hair and nthpt [inrtfc** Whflttipr llie Bavmg of The Mn from 
b^^iDp thus burnt It! of BUllioivui imffortanoo to uccouut /or 
\i ikrk Iml hiivui^- Wu ynidiiali^v nrtitilrnt by man Ihmii^h 
naliirul ht-lrclmn, I am unable \c, judgf^ Tf it li^ »o, we 
e]iould have to a^iiniu thai the nativi'u of tri>|]teal AmcriciL 
huve livt?J tJjcK- far a iniitJi nhorirr tlniE.* liinn the n<*^>c« 
11) Afnc'a, nr Ihc Pnpnnna in thp Knitihorn pnrls of the MaUjr 
archipclaiio, jlihI a* the lightcr-eoloured niTidT:>u6 Iia*-c re- 
Bided iu India fur a tjjurlt'r lime tlian thp darktr JtlHirtj^iiuv 
at tht' OL'utnU and iwuthcrn part* of iho [H-mntula. 

Althoiigh vnih onr piv*#rnt knowlcdpe we caonol ac- 
eounl. for the dJITervnt-j-H of eolimr rM ihv rai-e* nt mnn, 
through nny adiantn^^ thiiE ffnincil, rir frem tht^ drrrd adioa 
of climate; yet we inuHt nnt <{kjiti? ignore the latter agency, 
for thi>re U pij'jd rea»fm to believe that iome infieritcd effoct 
Ik thu4 produccri-** 

We have ^eva in llie woond chapter tbat the coodlttona 
of life affei>t the drvolojimonl of llie bodily frame m a dtr«et 
manner, and that Ihe dTertu are irrtnsmitled. Thu*, a* iv 
ifl'iieTiilly iidirtiHi»d, Ihp KiiTfipt^an n-Hlpr*- in th^ l*nitfd 
StatPH iind^riro a slipht hnt exlraordirary rai>id cliacge of 
appearance. Thrir bodion and limhs hpromr pIonifotH; and 
T lirjir tuyjii CrA Hftj]\*, that. dntin>r thp late war in the 
United Slat^, good evidence wat afforded of Ihip fact by 





Ta« Jm ruurt ^lli»Lini{l|r*.' Oi-E. I'). 
ICU^ ivTMi rin til" cflc*-^ aJ rfp^iHlrnnTP 
In Ahr«aiiiU fciif] Aril-i4, fml mli^r 
«(ii1'V»M a/m, t)r &j1I» C< I>m- 

] «aa, «. ft 1 *tAU^ tm Uif- ulhurity pf 

iit-Ttnint fMMiliv* tpiilM tn Gturttit. 
lijkif iM'i^illJrMl ill lh(i ''i4>iJlM< 'iS tvn 

Tl F'lrW lnf<Tin" irn* ihn »li» ynl- 
c\\i'w in ttif? Ami*'* trpotty la 


ru^ VTI. 



IP riiliciilouK nppcAniuf'r pti^t^nitci bv the German r^gt- 

liiKntf, vhen divg»t>d id rcari> -inudt^ <7fclb^^ luantifmlii^ 

\vi fill; Ann'ridui tnnrXi'U HJid hIitiIj nrri' niiirfi |iir> Inn^ 

for Ibe i»t"ii in i-trn «tv. Thi-w t*. *!«>, u coimi'krat^* b iHj 

' evidence fhrwifi): i}mt in the ^oullicrn StaUa Ihc lioitai-' 

iv^ of ihe tLinI ji'^iiefalirjii priw^iit a niJirki<i1]y diffpn^nl 

appfHtrancc from tlw fiel<l-i(Uvi?«," 

If, ItrtirrT^r, ir«- look to ihc meet of man m iliBtrilmfed 
OTirr ihe AAirM. wi.' mutt iitfer Ihal tlieir L^lmnichTirlit- iTif- 
EJ^rcncefc cdnuot bi> ui^ci.mitltd for by ihi* dircc't. Action of 
diffpreni omiidoa* of life, rvrn •fttr cipiwure to Iheai foi 
nn ftinnfuwja period of iim**. The l*Uf|UtiDaiiT Mvt esoluiive* 
ijr OD aniniai food; Ihov art lUiUKd in thuk fiir ami ore 
C3tpoc»ed to intrnAp cold unci to proloncc*:! do^kn1:»^; >€t th^)' 
not itilfrr ID dny f*ttnnno dpgr(>? from X}\f^ intiabilanle <^f 
>uthorD Chins, wUu livu entirely ^n vt'^c^tablt food, and 
jue exiXk^ed dmtnl lukrd to a hot, k^iHiik dimah-. Tlic 
^iitw'lotni*d Fii^;ria:iii livr fiti thp msrinr pmdiiotiftn= of thpir 
iJnhonpitnhJc (horn; thi? Bri|ocud<M of Brazil nuiidi^r about 
Xhv h'tl fonvtfl uf |]io iiiltTJor nnd li\r rliirflr an ^v^vinh]t! 

!irodtkc1ton«; yet thi^-w tritrt* r'sc^ml*!* i-urli i>nKtr *o closclj 
hflt the Fucgianf on Wrd the " BprtjrK* '" ucrv miftakf-n 
by Mom^ nrH:(i1iaiH fnr HotitnidriK The B^tim-iido^ fi^ain, 
w wel] iij tht- f»lhor miubifantu of tropii-iil AmLn'uai, uro 
vbolly different fp>ro tIjc Ni^erof* vlio inhabit the <inpo»ilc 
ihom of the Allanllr. an- oipiHt'd t^i a nearly aimilar di- 
mub-Aitd fallow Dcnrly thi> t^nw habitti of Iif4*. 

Hor can the difffrcncc* Iw^toTcn the nwt^ of man he 
innted for hy llio inhiTilM clfpeifi of thp inortMWpd nr 
lccr«ucd lUc of'nttrtf*. eictpt loa ^viite ioeitfnd'KanT dogr*e, 
Wpn uho hiihiliiiilly \\%v ill <7iiioi-s. iijjiy hnw thrir h"^ ritrme- 
v\ait stiintH: thri^ v.^hrt Inha^ii Infiy n'^riwi* niwy haw 
thtir chrwlfl i?nUrjp."d: jiiid IJjo^t' *ho C'n^rantly u^c /^^rtain 
»in]W'or^'nn> mny Im^r (lir iHiitin in vhicJi the>' art' lodi;itl 
imewhftt mrr^awd in tixp, utid tbrir frtturwa ronse-pH^ctly 
litllf ino(liCi.'d. Wdh rniliMd notions, tho porh^rd "i^ 
ff Ihr JM»K Troni b'jwiuvl iim-— Ihi* habitual play of diffrr- 
Vnt miiixrlM wrving to mprwai rlifTrrenl ^nkolionj:--fi[i^ i}|c 
ini-rra«>Ml 4i» of the brain from givatcr irlrDcotual nrtiiity, 
have logflUwr |inidnriMl a uiu^iil^'rahle f^rci on Ihrir gyti- 
i\ mppnnnci^ whnn compar«l wilh bux^*^.'' locr^asH 



?Ata I 

Urilily EitAtiirf. witliout any c'*rre?^|ntoJiu;' ificr««^e in Ihc 
Mit* nf Ihp limin, may (jii<l^'iii;; fnm r'li' jiri'vimiKly ii'liiir^rH 
CMC of niM>il*^J. Jiiivo ^jvrn t" wmo mtcft an wlonoiti^fJ ^M 
of t1u< 4)Tjltt-(|iH^T.'f^liHlk' Tvjie. 

IjwUj^ tilt hilk-uiwUTilood pri]icl]>k ^f ourrc^lalw! Jc^ 
velopiucnt Jie* wnirtimo* comn inli> action, ii*j in Ihc cimc 

ffupm orbital ridfji'i^ 'i'Uv «»loiir of iLe ilcin and hair an* 
[Jninly convlaTi^d. n* U tht* tcJtttJrr of thr huir wUh it* 
i"iTlnur iTi 111*' M^irulaTU^ of Nurtli Ani*ric»." Tlir ciiloni nW 
of ihL' tkin, Btid thtr wlour viuiiicd bv it, ar« lik^vUc in 
soiiiir maiiD«-r vtmrc^tix!. Willi Uic fjrcp<i:» of *liivj> tJic 
miitiVr of liairh within 3 givim tpai^i' rtru! llip niimbi^r ni 
Llic*'r!(<Ti't'^n' |torcr uri' rolflt»<l>'' H we ro*y ju'ltfi- fnim 
the annlogy '>f onr <[oniw*irnti?*l jiniTnalri, nrnny uioflifiiMtiortF 
of Atnictiiro in man prdbnbly ooni^ iimlcr thin prinrtpio of 
cori^iated ticTclopiiitui. 

W* \ifiVO now fl^etj thai th* (Ht^mal fharndpriiilic* iTSf- 
!eTtncri bc(tt-f('n lli* rarup of ninn tannot Ik* accounted for 
In A KHliKfjU'tnr^' mnmii-r liy Ihr dirrTl mtiim of tin- i-iimli- 
Uorw ff life, n<>r J>y th*^ ofToati of llic c^nlinur^l um of pHTtit, 
nor TlLivtu^h ihi? i>nut-iplt at 10 1 Mat] on. Wt- nru therefore 
It'll l<> ('nqiiir^' ithrlhiT ti|i]{hl tn^lirwlnal ililTi-r^nL-c-*, t*i whkh 
niflTi I* rminrntly IinMo, Tnay T>«i hnvi> hci-n pr*?MrTod anij 
Auprtciilci] (luring a loug serie; of ^L-nurallons ihrutiKh nntu- 
ral *Hi'dhm. i'nl h-vv v.-v an' nt mttyi* in**t liy th** nhjoirtmn 
Umt tH>nufiGia] vnrintioni: jilrnc cnn he tha^ prc-H^iTveil; and 
&s far a« nc an< eaikhleit Ui jui^lj^o. ulthou^-li alwjtyn \\iMc 
to err on lhi« hen*!, none of th<.' ■ItlTtTenrt-* Iwtwccti the raovA 
of man arc nf nm ilirrrt ^r fprrinl fa^mcc lo him. The in- 
tclln'tiinl mill nifirii] or tm-irtl fiin(lti«-h inunt fif [MUtw Im* 
tteppl**d from (his rcmuik. Tiie jjiviil. ^Hriuhilify of nil 
fho oiternAl <liirL*n'r»ri'?< between the nice!* of man, likcwiM 

iriihnilr* Ihut (liry i-amn'l ht* nf iinich iniponwi : Utv if 

imfwktlnnl, iHfy woul:l Ion;: ftj^-n hnvi' hcn?Ti cither liv^-'l jitiH 
pr*>afrvcih or diminatcd. In thiB respect mnn rc^enihlt^ 
Ihojw farm*, eal1«Hl liy naturftlbU protean or |H>lymorphio, 


■ Mr rmiWn .uin fK- Ain«rif«n 
rltil ifi llip *)ii>(o Ijibfl at lh< Hiin' 
rJio ifipiiilirr*. i<f nil lUffm qihi tiolli 

i* ■» wfint mid tiBiiii w tbH t^Ta 

tftf"iir« ii Sirtr^ irt»] uifl, 

•■ Uri *],*■ 4Liii.ur ■jr^fti'^liiikli-Hlriifi, 

f^Tiv 111 l^c tlttn, |»r vT^j^lriife, r Hrti 

Cii«r. VtL 

CTtti^irrvHR or tiir wuin. 


wbich hairc nrmarDrd cjrti^rncly tarinhk, oirinjEr, u it »^(*tiw, 
tfi uti.-TL veriaiionn liein^ uf an fiiililTrTyrkl riHtiiro. niii) U^ 
their hutuiff rhitf cticApecl lite Kotii^n of naruml ^'li-cUoii. 

We hnxx ihu^ Ur been Imfllrd in nlJ our Allcinpl* Ut nc^ 
€OUlll for ^h*^ diffrrpfici^fi beTwopii xhfy mres i)f mnii; liitt 
lfa«e remAiw ont iin|Joniuit iL^^ont-y, aanit'ly Sexual SHec- 
tiitii, whirh Appi«i7 tn hji\r ft4:(vit |Kivt.-rfull> nti tiinn, fim 
rn mnny olbiT animnlp. I dn nrt int>*[»fi tn n-^rri th«l m'x- 
ttal (vfloction will a<.'ct>unl f^r all thtr rliiri?ri.Mkcc^ k^hv4?i^n 
t))t^ TAcn, An unrxpbiimnl U'liduuiit ia k-ft. abjul wlmlt 
■ft'^ <»n only «iy, in our i^omnt-r. tlmt a* ijiili^i'luick twv 
continunlly b'>m vjth, for inetancc, ticodf a litflc rouncUr 
ur iinrruttifr, ttw] viiih iio*i-fc n liUh* luiif^n ur sliorltr, sulIi 
lUight ilifftinnc^K uiitfbt bootjnic BikU ftiid uniforiv. if Ihi.' 
unkaovn agencies vhich inrinccd Ihfm wen? to lurl in d 
tiwre t^onstaiil nmiiner akW 1iy Itjft^'Mxmlirueil inlt^rcrnrit- 
inj;, Such tariatiuitf n^jit^ tiiLilvr tliu |tr>viiJuiMl t'kiiu<, ix\- 
UifTcit to in our wcnnc! chapiter, which for thp irant r>r n 
l*(|pr term ore oft«*n r«llod fijiftiitiinpmift. Nor do I pri^fniJ 
that the effi^ttH (tt b<xuiU K4oL-ti*>n riia tie imiit-atoj wjili bl*i- 
ctitillc prcciHon; bul it cnii br fthrwn thnt it houI*! W oti 
ln«ip1icoMe fuel if mAti harl nol lieon moitifli^l i>y Ibi* 
ji^nty, which ap[if^nr» to hniv at^tpd powerfully uii innumcr 
jiMc oi)iriol»i. Il <«n furihrr I"' 'hean that ilif OiiTcn-ncct 
Iwlft'wn IhtJ mcM of inan» ax in colour^ hairinovt. furm of 
frnturc*. Ac., arc of a kincl which inicht haTr been ^iijicrtwl 
to ^om« nniior the inlluenof of st^kiial fi«1ectton. But in 
oriJcr to trcut Ibii Mit>j<^r1 |>ropi*rly, I have fnund it iiccc»« 
wry to \'Af* th^ wliole aiiiiim) kinl^3unJ id icviov, I hiTc 
theroftin- <i*To[*<l to it ihe Sii.i>r<] Part of ibU uofk. At 
tlj<^ cltiac- I «hall return to mnn. and, Att<T uttf^inptLn^ to 
fihfw how far h* has l^H^n rmirtiflotl Ihrnaieh *p\ml m-Wv- 
tion, will give a brief Bummary of the chapters in thia E^ret 

K«TC OK m ftjHBRnuivau jltttt Drrrtancow i» rav SrartTt^nit 

■n"r> in ifir tiruclurv '-f lS? br^Ti In man diiiil Ihr ipv. which urn^c 
f^mp Elftr^i t«m (itr*K hik> iiol in fTinn |i> nij rmrL thoiii^lt rh^ !>i>h]i-rt 

ihAt ntmnit. ^n ilio Ahviv* nf Mich ^i»»|»lrhc<»ii ktrnriEim m tli.» ihh^ 
iMinrlubcvol Uiennbral lirmibpbvmv »tTh lb- jinMcHor oumu ivf th< 


Pavc t 



whjch OTF to vh^ KiM* 111 mHn. 

Kill l^A iniFh llmT ilw> ilin« ttnif?|QT« ln^u*MLoTi fti^Aii nvlV 4«v( 
opHi in Aptv' a^ 111 hfirrhMii Itrnirit^ or «i"ii Mlrr: nml ibM il i« f^hAniN-i 

|iHrt> Willi <irvi-lir]inl.>iiiiti)> oC |iil«h<iiI on v H^^'uri' ■ ^iwt>kf JUffrci 
«[ion in o:irnp*iniTiT»i *iiii(rirnj. -Vnfrifvnr. il U mlmitlctl by ercrjr on^ 
of the long Tcrm nf itnnl'imi^r-t ■h'^. <>( IaIa jrfin. haT^ ji*1d ^prfji 
fcllwitjon to (hoflmrigeiii«i]l of Ihc pnoifliMlini ml<T tind ([71-1 vrtut^lij 
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Ih* irrporlfthf ^^lfl^^lTnPW whir^h Ihry jimrt*jiT, ynmo ypfj t*l*» to onv 
ftnothcr" iJ, tr. p. 101), 

Th^i^ rvrniiiTi)>, Ih^n, 110 ill»frii1c am in llm rPrwrntilAniw in fiimlii' 
nifintAl ('hnrii-^^i^r^ lirlKriTii thn HitV I'lviii unci maii'b ; nor nn^ m La 
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fnUtl hy ilir i)|r4BiiT [<n»lni<jiiri of the roof of ihr orbdit; Ibftt hiA |pH 
iind iiiH ntt\ a* n 'ul^, le^ ■ymmrririfuJty di»^>H^d, nnii prtv«nt %>] 
p«ler n«mbpr nf preondnrv pItrAli'm*- An<i 11 14 adtin^rnl that, bm ft 
Tule, lirniMi.thi^ tomprtrooceipirnl nr "Pilemal perpi-nrtinilar " flmira, 
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fninilf nmrif (Mi Rnl if in uli^ rli^nr, IhM none of ttifwdtfTeivhr'eflixrneli' 
hiUw A ^jLTji doinnrcntloh U^tirepn If iv nmnV mid llm ajres brain. Jn 
n»]»t:l tn Ibi' iitoinal tK-rt»ml»iiUr flwnn* of CiralblH, in Ibf* humnn 
brain for in»tjii><^, Prrfr-jwir Turnrr mtintknt^' 

■In foojc Hmms il nppfim -iimply n> Fin md<*nl-aiion of rh*^ margin 

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■!« the< rij;bl heiniBphore. it pro«tide<l Fnt rouj-lcnLh" nt ah imb nitt- 

UlnD^hvii i^ ' A^l>aa'1liinurrn iLm |£, 
1iaj«»baj] Ahadtmi*,' Hd. 1. iKfiS. 

***€trniolDtiloD>of tbo llcininnf.^nl^- 
bniai T««wnpbi<^lT C'cvidendi' 

eiur. VII. 



ntiTxi r iluihi'iiiti|ih4.'r*. Thp imp^rffra ili4liiiriiiniif inn fli«im> 

in T'. .of Imrniri timiri.'^, jlh ■ifrn|4iu1 DlilU Ef* n^iimriiiUik lU*- 

r, vr(rrl«iii anpcrAcMl. <n^l ni«rkr<J. Hovndhry tcniroJuti^ii* 
idtfi? It f'ttr ftiid eM>nn«4 itv p^rkiUl vIiIl the oc^rl^iii*! itfht, 
tliodonr Uwttr-4or tbwbfidjrniCirfTi l>f«1i>lliw rititK^uiaiiinl AMnr«, 
Ih* ifhorUf li ILp fiCvniHl |«rL*lo wifkiuT llv^nn-' {L. i\ |i. 1V1. 

Tli« rthfil^rktlorj of iht oitorn^J jerifnillculnr ilMiiirv oT OmiiolH. 
I hxvforv. U Qui ■ iVL-'Liutl charwitvr i^f xw buniiiii Ijcaiil, On iliu irihrr 
lian*!. jl« tullJcfdopniont i* noi^tntittaiil thnnniKtri'i thf hifWrn^w'^ 
tirfti& fur. in th« cFiiiDf*nw<v the nkk>rc or 1»9 nWrk^io obhlcrfttinii 
nf Ihocit^rnal p«rp>culL>'uUr fiulr<4* bf " briil|f iri|; Lu(ivofultLi|i!»H"»iJ '-»!<' 
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"The throt iimawnviis >it Ilio Liniii ai n > lk)Jtipa(i£r>P jiip>E JmTitjiiJ, 
pTDTc, thfti lh« ipncfbltMliuii tvhiL-ltOmliolel has all«in|j[«i to <1fuv 4>f 
ihv UL>iiip[H* •nfflin of Ihii Am, rt'iiui^fQff pour^Julion aiiU Lbc iixi 
m)iD«iil of th»8M«nd, tiFoiinpuTtoJl5 ^thBniu>t«rlHrir fualuru- tu (h<t hm^n 
ot tbH MlnW, It bf noiTioiLnt J^lrer<Ml]}raplllio■l■f1^ In^'nEif miK 41mi1- 
nitxi did lh« bMtn, In tliaw rjartli^Lilnn^ fmlnff Ihe U« *liU<h irnLiluJi'C 

Ulidn. I wn liKiiiKil t4> (Ixink Inal It bas dbUvl ifi ihjv h(■lni"|^!l^r^^ al 
ImiC, in ft naiijorilr uflhc Imiiis uf thU tntinal nbioh h^vc. up to thit 
tin*, b««n flgHfipif or df«vriM- Th« m«rnf ihI |Kdiluri ol rlio w-twnd 
bfuitfintV ^oiiTol ulion i« cvtderjtl^ lioM inaiwn^ Aiid htt» um vW, I Ittt- 
lUtvi-. oalj hi^n i*eTi m the fimin |A i rrooril'^rl In Thr* iviiimimki'tUEinK 
Tbr> ^}iNtArIn(M] HFTAJiji^miiiil iii ihv i^tJEivnluliitn* iit thi' L4ii IhmiiI- 
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dicuUr. *uk«u«. n murk uf 'ti«Iii>rtt/kn M wi-^fi tlic ftigliir a[k«» utkI num. 
th* **|Deof sOfh ■ <K<rinL*tlvo di^inu'lvr woulil bv ruiuli'i-cil mrv ilttuM- 
ful I15 ihi' Mninmnr rif Uif\ liraln Ln Ehw HlatfTlLiiu- npi-* Tr fju'l, vbilv 
thv l«m|ioru>w.-i'||j|lsL buut* i>r tJJH fikhI iiuiisUiiit of 5o]ri &» lh» rMd- 
rb'ne^r i>]d Warlt). apT?« It u ueavr icrr itriHwIv i]fM-|i»|fnJ in 1I10 
Krv world iwuL it it Alriont In lh« imifilirr njiUi^iiiii . nuliiicntary 
m A/lvia ;^unri inum 4jr Iva^ obliUr^t^ ty bridging oourotulkunj in 

A chitrafl^rvhti!^ ki ihu« fRriAbbr vjlbin th* bmlfvor a Hknjflv [Cr-oup 
cui 1]Hi« it4> j^riHl lAiiiriiiriLh' vntim 

K n further mUilAiBLcd. Iljut the J^rw of A^Y'i^i^i'lry at tin* i^>jivi> 
lutioiiof Ihf Iwa ti'\pi in the huitmn brsm f* Biitiji%'r. Ui muc'li iridiTiiJiml 
vnfiatlen; uid thftt. In tfn^ui imlividiinlB of tbr Bunhmaii iM^o who have 
b«*h vncninallbo^n >iid huIcl of iho two hfmLi| hermit Are t^iifiULvr' 
«bU ln« eofliplJaftMl lUid Enonnrmrfif^irLdnl thmi nOtx' Kiiroiwin hrain. 
ivIrlliblDMkdir EiiilividiiAJMor tiii-rh|iripHiir:<v. ihnr i'ciiri|iii^ilr vnriri niTm- 
niTtrr ljniirv>' riffialili^ Thi» ^>( uinloijUr^y ihr r«tf in tlh> hmln itf it 
T^untf OHilf chiiQpanirv fiKUrvU ti> M. Hdx-ik 4' L'unlrt' iJi<h Priiiial<%' 

p. 1«S. a|^ 11.) 

AuifliM nofitou th* queriiofi of «b»»1ulo ub&h it it ctln^:i\i»\n-d llut 
ih^diffi^fmwbftvMTi tli*1tfgHt atiti Iha smjitlaiil httuJl^r tiiiirmrttrida 

AN,?'* ft,/,tT tifeptvialij on ihv *• Hu^i-t 'On thn AoaioiaT jf /V- 
FfFkO ' lull* iTi Uirt Rr«m nf EA'f-^a lfjidfjf'Au«;'|''k>i>pr*lkn^Qf ' 

t<i« ' t'nJL^«villDkrB of liiD ZuirJoukiil i^uciviy,* leov. 

«e7»i -.-' J .. liiiubtti^b; tew *. 




Part I. 

ajiJ Che litritcfll i'hk(iip»nipf<'j oronuiic'r brmin. 

MorfovtT, Ihittif u onf* (iiR-umvUtLoo ii^ whjVb thv or*aJr^■ bud chira- 
pumrriiV lirairi« ivtttnitilf riua«. hut in whitrh tltoy diilot From tho lonr 
pfM, And That ti iho ]>rcu<[L» qI two coqjara caD<ltf^nllit — (b« C'yii»^ 
r«dr7'A'& bnvln^ bitl nni>. 

Til liutt ur llmv Iiaclff 1 ilv uuL ImllaU' iu this jrtr tt4T4. Co ftopCttC 

"80 fit 4H i^L-ri'Unil I'lruciurc f:(jci,llmrrr'n.'. it if cIvAr ibiC idbii dif' 
f».rK liw fmm i.hi- iiIilih^lmiiju-^ cr Thi^ ('fVffi ihiut llii?>>i< J'>*if n from ihc 
CDi>nk6rf, finil that Ifir ihflrrwri'v brlwn'Ti rh« traiD ol Ihv chinipiLnEiNj 
and of TiiAli H alraLitt insLgiiiIl<*ni vUun t-ompfcrftl vHh tiut l*i*»*ri 
LliL' L'bLriipHriM*' bnun Jttid ttial «jI h liMrriur," 

Iu ttiQ ijaptrrtu Mrbii'Jj t huir? irfi'Tri-'d, TiofpsHir BtH:}LGfT Aum aul 
di:[itrtt^ MCOnd p&rt r<f thii ^Lnlirtiif iiU tiut ho tini mftka Llio Lrrrilrruil 
rainnrk Ihnl lI lk nut wondvrfLil rf thri lirmti;' tt aei iirni;j; mni • Itrnnir 
•rw vory difltmrjC : mjhI rt^nirntly, ^^^ly uii (o jirwtrl lliHf. " If wt i ikvo«- 
vivi^ly vumpHrvltio tiTHJiidf Hm^kn Kilh tbuLof ationng; Lhc bminof l'i;i 
Hittk i|][4t «>f AdiimpflnzM^ ; i^f titin »iih thuteif « tpknllKj^ml 141 ^^u utA 

Ci.^i^thri-1^ fjriTutt, Slt*n.-fiA. //iijAi/f, wi; ^hnll not iiii."*'t wilIi a t;n4UTr. 
or GiDTi m* <rp*t II. bri>ikk iik ihv ^Ivk'^ *'i di.«cti'|>ii>i.ut 4>r Ul« ctmiLtLu- 
lir>lts 4* Wr llltll balwtul; ihu bruitt l)l tk tllUll Hfld LikUl of Wl iTHllfC vr 

Tit which I rr^Ay. Ttr^i\y, that mh^Tlinr iMt nuprllon be iru<*cir fabw. 
II Tijt» i;i]ihlng vhnii'VAf ro du uith i^h' |>rir|HPiiHlori«iiiiTiH«Uil hi 'MarrM 

UoM aloiir. but lo ihv siructurc of iht- ftUW biajii. If rMvAH>r 
filwliiiff biut icinu U)v l^jubLu li> rvlcc b^ p. IM uf iht wtTh Ijc 
c^riticiHf^ in fnct; bo vould luvo found the folkwinj^ fMuncv ; " Ami it 
li d n*Hiiirknhl4i oirvumALanufl that thouyb. wi far am oar |>n'MU[ Lnovl' 
>dirn itroddf. ihcro *« <-Tio truQ (trnctiiniJ bn>al; id tbu vfrii^w >if funnn of 
J^lmifLn bniln*, %hU btahm diH't ftol ho halvAi^n mnn and Ibr nianllk« 
a^icii, biii TH'twwn ibf* k^wr^r ftud Tbi* b>«i*4l SiiniMHH, nr in -iihinr 4<-irIjs 
birtirfrn Ibc l>M am] Sfw WuiU iipL<4 bii<] nionki^yi niii] i\w Lcmunk 
Kvrfv Li^iijui wbidi ha* (i-t lnvn iijtiiLLiicij^ in fjurU bite il* orrrlirlEum 
[ipinlally v^JxiMr frrvn niKivr i ami rl* pui^f rinr IoIki, witb llu^ i^niLftbwJ 
iiLiKU<fior «<imu and hippuuippiu iDinor. mnrr or l<x nvlinipnUbrj, 

4n'rvl»*<Hririi i-ntitvly hidd 
-««* n Inrai' fHWlrriiV ■ 

Ifkn a|*H nn tfin iVitilrary. ha* ifjin'rvlw-Hrini mtitvly h£dd.»n, poitorirfiriT, 
by lln' <MTi-liril |iily»v iind |kiwi-««* n lnr|p.« p.rtlrriiV Ci>n^XJ with a Wfll- 

Tbi* »EhU'iim'iiI Hiu> a >trji:lly arviini(« aci'ourd of nhat "a^ known 
■Imn if wHf nj>vl" ; nn<] it i)pw not apfwar to mr l'^ Ih« in"n- ihikn up- 

SMPpnlly Vfa1ccnc<l by ihp lubivqijent d1W>7F^ry r>f lJi« rrlativHy Hinrdl 
lotfpkipnn^nl of thv (lOkdirior 1oI»b tn ihi^ SiamAn^ and in ihc Jfowliikjc 
moiikttt, Ntir.vi1h«4tiiiidinKrhii i*itrvp(ionji[ 1in>tlty(d 1h^ jnHUfriar UiIh* 
in (Ijhw larni d|iH-iri?. (10 uiic will prrltnd (bat Ibri'r Lmhi^ in Hit- hliirht- 
mI d^errt. aimnnh-b [lusw uf tin- Ji'iimra. And If. inatMd nf puttitiR 
Ilafvli ou[ i\r itj> naloml filiHv-, a* E*ri»f(HUt Biih^hoff uioft uniwrounl- 
abi^ ibviu^ DM writ^ th« nrin if aniJaaln b^ ha* iiii»*itii tn mmilLim a* 
fajfrn*!: //or40. A/A*™«, IW/^dv'"" Hn^ohnleM. Stmnr^thti'i*^ (yn«' 
iVpAotai^ l>rH^/Afriuk ifiU^ri'Uf, iVAu, f'iJ/irAr^j, Uapalt. /pnur, 
Nf^v/ftf. I Vfinliim f^i rrafltmi llmt thu j^nal brrak hi ifiih M^rk* liw 
bc-Ewirvn ItitfxW' mill ^mur. and ibkl lbi^ break in ccmsidrnibly un-itEvr 
tbanthat bclHccEi anyotbcr (wo term* I'f thai icrln. rnifouor Biscboff 

Cu^f. VII 



i|0urM tJw brt that Um^ \witit* bv wruU, ^JmlkilH bml Hi|ae«»int Uw 
Kpanlinn c€ tht l^murr frvoi the otlief Jv»nai(4 «k tUc tx-ry ^uoil 
bf lb* iLiffcrvM* ift lhdrc«rvlifKj<h4awtat*; ttfl thfti l'r«iruta»>'J»wi<r 
h^ ihmIb Um lubovLu ulaenaUMiii m Uw Hiunw of thin dvvrript'tiu uf 
Itw liisin v! lb* JAtmi l^iri* - ™ 

"AihI It b HpnriAllT njinarkablfl LhU. In Uin lUv^lopntfliit of ltii> 

IvptMcnl bruti. ui iJujm- uicrjlirjii wbkli arc iiommanlT^ sitjit^anl t4 
«|iproa«h llku ttAiJf in Ulwt rt«|«GU. ill. ibc lower (uffubrri of l(i« 
niUTHUlM fflwFL" 

twfMtn^ iba anftnfp tit IhrmlulE hmin ii a>(ic>pnin], ihpn. Ibov^r^ 

AnntUmNK uliliiLuTiH |ji iiur hnihAvlnJ^r, vhich hciva hwn mmlo Iry lfi« 

iwvFrlm iY »< Eiujiy iainii|-4UjJv <IliHtj|; llm itMAl icri ymnt. fuHr 

i.iilI «Lii|i I luiuU III im}. Uut IL tiAsliTTij Muil. Lhai. 

I'l'ti-T Wivivn \hv blult hrniinuf rriAii ami up--*, liiry 

■ - --- I" r»«JilT. *iJ<iIv4Uff<'r.'ot,U<»u«i Ihirr fxliiMi luridrt- 

[it- :ifi. 'lilTiift'iUfT" in *hii imHlv (,J flirif iji>vi-|r.jLiTtmr Vn otH' w*fIjIiI f^f 
lEiHiT' Fi'^ilj Lliin I I" mTiU4L ihr r«jnv ^iT im> ar^imcni, hf lurh fanda- 
mmUl tliJ1i*r>iioH of <kvHi4ij]ii<ii[ n>4iJ> piiu- l^tiE I Ji-iiy Ui»r ltii>/ 
du Mkb^ tin till' i^nlivt. tUrtv it a tui}ilma^auA '^Tvnivni hi Uie 
dewlopo^nl at Uir btsin in unit ami &(■<% 

Ofmlkilrt oriBitulfii the >utL-ri<(rJ Itmt ItidTV i» a fundjiiiiciiiAl dit- 
f«r<ini^ (n th« dAVa|ii|iirii-»i 4*! tli» bi'4.ii>« nf A|tn* ami Cliht rjf iiuui— 
K4ii1tliiig in Ihi*: tli«i. in i\w npp^ tlir fLiki^Kttti fir^r mulfr th<-ir 
>p«r»num W tUtiaidl en tlw pcaiLTlor rvf[1i~in of ihu cvrrltra] hcnil- 
>|wm, tolilk'n lu lb» lininiui fqrfiiis Tlif nitlt^i Aii^l li*4H>i[ir* vihlljirini tIJB 
tnMil«l Inbn.** 

Tlib r*nrjal lUEcHitnt b bailed ufHjn two oL^rvulioriB, tht tnc «f a 

iWrdof^d." «Jiilc III"** *•( Hi* frftitnl Liilw v^r* " hnriijT ifi*lw.'»il'»'l ' " 
|1, C- (X V), ancl Ifi^ rilhi^r rif & hiLiTtikn ftrtii* aI r fji* 'i^nit or '^fnl u'^k cif 
nUnicn<tnU'>n. in wlili'U <>ruliiijrl uulafi llmt iLr iiiHuln wo* unr-ur«ii*(l, 
tmL tfto; ijwfrrl liuttK ~dcB iiH^i*utF*^ r^tiiciLt dc lobv juiL^rivur. iin« htjb- 
»HfT H"" iT'^fc'MJy iiidi'inc 1a »^i4rBtioii du loW ccc I |i Itftl. irf'^-Ti'd uii, 
A'Aalkciri Oo* fvfti- rjw-iut'. 1^ nviv dc U tutfue t^>^imlf]«!*1 cncoro 

^«!L<(J ' till. » 1*^1 

fi- iil> anl^'rirura hi i1g«iIi»^ii>«iiI |<Ili> 

[fti^tnLi' P4f|ll'«J1t:l ft]rJLi»CEILUlU il\*- 
f r*ihU« tfhi« U fniiu, I.'Il'iEziiJkU j'r^' 

b ". '.-.1 * ^1'. r»r.[«"-itii-'li J" vli» C"-'U' 

r. hi^^vtiKM H9t\*n' du 

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trti^ '< J -^11 •<tit^il Ill Ir^ iiii^nic^ 

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t'ElnHfinH ft itih FrinnUtui. ^h -.j, TbU 

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howeT<?r i I'L Iv. t^ s\. ihtw* ilie Kd- 
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Tlin* irism or tbn brftki an itiivii iu Plalc 11- Agi- 1, 9, S. of bIm 
■nris ciUtL ihtfiirtRe l]i< u^^rxr I»uth] &ji«L mfcrjor viv*« vfllM hvnit- 
«ph*n*i bat not ih<r Iriiwr xiw. it i« wnnhf of nntv tlAt th* flgurt 
by no niH«nt huArt ahi liniliiJrt'* ilnt^^rifiTLon. iniwniirh Mlhc<fl«].rtt 
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man EimrkiM] (htili aiif of ttiuH iiufui-i; iu'lu-uuO id llif liriTrnur hall 
If III** flifuri' i> -:i*i(ifi:i:, it iji no Wiijr jusiiflaGratiolol's i^onuliiaMiii; * U 
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lungtamEH HVAnI que in pin toiii|x>rmiJi «p(«rml«ivinL, IM |ill« fmntAiii 

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hiiLtl uf rliF brui; h&9 iH^rn lundt' iLr Biibji^'r of rvnewrd ujvnli){iitMfb 
b^ St'hiiiMk, lttP*-hi.|!. I'»*»«.h,"' HI J mi>:u |artnuUrIy by Kckflr.^whoae 
vorh i« not «<nl|? (ho latr* I, but tj Tu lb(i JiJOdl compltto. aLvmoiT on 
thD iiibjwL 

Th4 Anal rrtiilU of (hpir 1ii(|ii]ntt icaf Iv iFumanI ith m foUrTir*:— 

1 In ibh liurunn fi«riift ifin ^ytv^n nuiih^ U formi-d In the <!oufK of 

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thacci^biAl hrui^j|>hrTL<4 mtr imtKttb Bod ivuiid«d iwilli ihf vioriilwn 

nf thi' kvLimri tli^pmakuij j, and Uiey prajfcl Irih^kwanb fu iKj-opg the 

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Itttv^n (hi> rml of ihfi fonrtfa iind th» Mglnninf; nf thi> tilth mnnth 
of TcpUI lifit. 1)111 t'Irlvr JM cuTufuI Ili jiofnl out UinU inA vnly Lhi> tluii\ 

TarialLon. In ifj twr, buwr^cfn i*fo either Lbe fruritaJ or the temi'oral 
saU'i iItv i-^rllfTL 

Thv Ami wliji^ji ii|>pi«n. iji fu-t, livh <iii tlm iriTi'T Tu* i^f (lii» Ji««ii' 
•phem (i*»nn'-<' iiiiiMN-«iiriinolnt, wlii> Aaf* nor iwn in hsv-* ci^mionl 
initt fiv^ la IjtK fiTiii«. ovf^'Jookorl H}^ aei-I u rtth^r ihr itktcrrkJiJ fvr^wn- 
dSi*iiW(LiixL|*il4i-|4iririUd), ur lliki rji!<»Kiii' Miilru^ liifstt t*o biilrrr cJij^^ 
toXetlicr Biid 4!vfniuii]]t njtitiiiiu mu wm niJutUvr. At a lule tho 
oocipJta'fancUhL i> the rarliei' of tnv tno^ 

X At Ibn Ullur luft of tUtd tvri^Hl, tnothrr Mtilcui^ ll» " |xMt«rl^ 

C'vtal,' or " FiiviiT<i i^f Kuluuli* m dvvvIcfiHK ^ktij il » ftillownd, fn 
coiirw nf I ho mill nicmrh, fir iha (illirrprmi^ifuil cuLoi of the rpantbl. 
Srlcldl. Iffinpomt Md tHiipitid Mjm. Thnn> K l^i'-woTiir. iu»rta»rnvi' 
nw ttnl in"!" uf llrnw i^unxtAnllj' n^iimr* Wfi^rr Uin-ilirr: Mid il is 
remKrWjic Uiat. in ihn bwin »l lhf.< pfrii>] ilcttrltnl and Ajfunnl t; 
Ecker a c. }i. 41^ 13. Taf. II. fis^ 1. -.2. S, -i), th'^ 4Ei[<.-ru'(Mii|«»htl ^di'iu 

Siuun ^ariA^/j^l flo 4'hAnM^Ur^alJL^ «jf lli« bpti'a bniin, »' jv wbH. jf »at 
tt-r liaifli'jihl ihhii l)i* fl^iEifii ut KoIhihIo, aAd i* much nii>i> mcrlLtd 
than ihv (ifc-ivr fn'Olal inlcL 

Tfthing ihe fjH-'U as iboy iiovr >uniL ti apinftrN to mr thai Ihn ardvr 
uf tliit apfrratniitirdf Ibv HiiLv^ aiiJjMrt in iJjt ftrtnl hvmau braiiMV in 
pcrffxi fiArtiinriT vilh thi.' rviietal diycLiiTk^r of riolLLtiuii, and vktli the 
titw Uial Dull bu b«n tvcdTnl from »jiiie ajw Itto fvrtn ; ih^juffh thare 
OAit bo Qd donhl Ihat Ihal fomi lann. in niaiiy rf«|Hi<E<. difT^'rvni troto 
any ni«inilwi nf Ihn /Vtmafm nov Lirmjt. 

Viin BawUinjfbt u<, half a {-rniiiry iif^i, thai, in ihe (unrv of Ihrir 
i1e4 cUpment. all led anhnaJi put un ml flnki. Ujt- chanu'[f<n> nf llir ^rvfilT 



'•■l^ri**r Ait ttfriHti Anardimntt 
<|prfiirrh«n un-l w m'titniffiii «uf d«n 
Uftwhlra IUtiii!>('hini] d<« UcEtachcn 
n^tlwr Affih,' ' ArcJii« Air Aalhre-' 

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QevmIiIzij lltJiiili|ihAj-iu Im F<rta iea 
U*n*«hfrM* MhjJilT fir AaihtfvHlO' 
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cudf fUuiUf to the bUu:l . ..... ., at nuy l^-^vr viimnl lltkuultD 

ft Ibll^ *iiJ If Li vitfiii |ii> furihrr. voiila Iiati- ui br gmiijAd vuoHg 

In I^Iei? iDAnDcr.tho bmin c»f « humvi fort^ii. %t ihi^ Hfih manlh, m^t 

Ani-l4<piihv<<i(v> .ir nmr\i\i <>»*-} \\tf up; for il* h«niinji«r>^ with llirtr 
frrar l^rilrrinr IcitHlrr. iiTiil wlih no lulH ImL thp vyltun &ai| the niitc>U' 
rirm firviiriit tLc cltmrw-Urbhtiu* ftniiul k>ntj ici ihr £^t*>u\' tit iho Ant'j- 
(iiih'- ix*r. /Wj>i>i/-4. Hut it i* niwUlv fivf. « *ii»t"<lpt [riiiiBrkt, tbnU 
ku jL) wiilcty opf ri >yjTiui Afurq^ jl difftra from the hr^\n of ^nr Atlu^l 
HATUhAri. Nil iIliiiIK It WOtlld b* tnuoii mDr« i4iiiil«r lo Iha btnlii of ah 
ajf Kbfvii fti'litb t>t n tnmnMml. Bol wv know nntliin^ whuLu^vr of th* 
iVTvk'iimrnl uf Ih* limn in Dir iriArnxHrt^ In ttip PuiyrUmi [-prif-rr. 
I^oaIj tjttvrTHdoti Kllh vhLcli 1 iLiTi APuuiknifil 1* ilnr lo fAnHli, who 
liHloJ m Uw bniu of n failaJ i^fftJi AjirUtt. in fHMilttni lir |[i> Mrlrian 
AmuTo *nJ (h<* dt«p fi^kvrmr n-^^n<H (Hily it v^rr dimllow uktfto-Tf idi^.'- 
X^vibii flftoUtiJcvn UiguUitfr ujlh 4h<' mrttuNiiLux'u thul thii inUro- 
UrBponl »iikii« ItpnM^nT. in Hurli i'tfltwliim nri thp SAinnri. wbi'<l( finr- 
«VBl nw^ mna of (qW fin ih^- nniorftT IiaIf oI iTif i^vlprlor of Ihr nrn*' 
bnl hwoif^tf¥^ «<r iiLnir Hi aU. un^ljfitliMslh^ wi fur il* \i j^hi*, ulTurrl* 
lair cTidvurv m fAvuuf uf Ofat Jokt'? lij^KKli^fis^ itml Lhr fHAlt^rivt vului 
•pf«Af before thi.' «ntfnii>r. In llic bmini uf \ha Jtafyrhir^t. BliE. jt b^ 
ft* in0ia» UtWenf-^ '.-h^t Lhe riil<i wljJc}i iniiT bfiM )r<>t'iJ fur Mja Piali/rfniui 
nUitih lOlhcr fWar^HHi. Wv bare iio inforrnatioci vhnii^vor rtifwIiniT 

j4nf\nvi^Bi0r7J^, ntrthiiij: tnji Oir i^L^roiinl <if ibr limiii «f lln< niblHtrt. 
ikfAf fautK ^ranJy rtfi-rmi in. Ak [he pn^fj^ril moii^i^nt Uirrv li licit ft 

iTftin di> not ftppfftr in tho ■min'r oritur a5 n rimiiV 

limll'^lvt opcTfc* hl> pHfiH-ii i*)[b tlu^ ufi[iJjrii>i(i ; " 11 t'l't tinngoroui 
Jtn^ IvH BnumV* Ju coTitiJur" irup ^'itn," I f'lnr ln' riitj-l Iim'>' furpL>U**fl 
lhi« Kintid rnMnn hy ;*»• hmr bp hiul n-iuh^H ilir 1^(M'll^ln^ nf liir ifif- 
fffcru^vs betTFTii mni And n-iic-*, 1il rTii* tx'iily of Mi w^jrk, N'o iloubi, llio 
ftiivltri^tftiilliiii vt Ltri" iif llic numt it'inBrkHbliutintnlnjii*'']* lih lln- ju^t 
urii]'-nilAt>tiii£uf ihipniftinuinliHTi bfAiM wbicb husF^L^r Iv^mi ujiuIk nuuld 
Jiftiic ivtii lilt flnl u> mlmit the injiiiffli>ji'ncy of hh dutit liivl he bred to 

Crxffil tij tho ftlv^ncff of Inquiry. Tha mUfnrlmw j> thm, lib' tnncluitlcma 
tt* ton «nip]i>T*d 1^ p«i»nft inOCHD|k*taril in Hi^pnwjialfi Ui'ir fmiTirlH- 
lifin. at BrpTimcn'ti m t&rAnr of rbviiranthTn."' 

Hut li E< iitijiirtftni Ut tviiDbrlt (tiiir, wb>-lFirr GrutiiiH Ma> Ht;hl it 
■TT>tiC in hi? bypoLhnit miwlinc tbt r^Wlvv ur-ht nf nj-ppiimiKT of 
ihfi teiii[oriil iitkri frmt^ fulci, the fut reniftiiiB; th*i. before Hibcr trm- 
parikl or fronUl nuhi. ftppnif. the fa-Iftl brftin itt man prD^ritfl clvnrwur* 
wb»4.iEi nr* fi'nnd imly iri ihi- luvivt crcmft cif ih" J^ifnatrH (Iph^mii; "Ut 
Iht I*'TiiriP*j; vhl Ihftt Ihu n ctftj?T[y w*mt «p -(hriijlrl j^tpppt rn li^ Ifm 
fiftsr. if nun hia tvsulit^ from Ibf jrnvlual im^llflt'ntlon of tbo umo 
twtit u [bill r>iiiii ttliiub lbo<jtbur Prifhatf* buvtf yi^runjE- 

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ri-ii |-.(itfuru<-<# ■>' l\\t iitalv Vftriulfllitv uf llii' timlr»ii.'« inti^n^'l ^J 
Ifm fi'ifiMtr-^tAiiBl i^tiiiLL'"^^ *'IJ' '>i^"iliL uli^-ihtn - IrTht-rlUiikv^ lU i^itm*- 
e|i'4iH.Liif |-iL^rii<il> oriJlV'^Ht H.-L>riir^|>"jiifl(ii; muAfitf uf iJiv iva-f. auvI k> limitnl 

Ki JimJ tliv j<pti»if ur.- iirt ikuMUW lljn-uufi rc^utl *<>1i.^'ljon -^ul^|]4trll4oa| 
tin ih* pr\k|B)rt>i-iiifcl iiDiti^mrB ^f |lt« t<#'T ruxc* lliroci^'koul lliu uliiumI lUuf - 

With onimtib which ha.v<- their «cxm fcpjirutod, th« 
lunW iioiTtwiitij' dilTtT r[i.i[it tlii* rt-riialv^ in lliuic or^'nne 

actt-nt- Ifut Ibc iioxc« ofU-it (EilFrr in wmit Jhintrr Ua* culk<<1 
Heriirnlflry K^\un1 c^m^l^t*■^H. uhirli urr nut din-idv nui- 
tiif'tM with Itu' act it ri']irt»l»iclinn: for in-itnno(*. the itinli- 
jHi*sowc^ (tilnin rtpnnR nf jrnw or l"Com<'tiriii, ut vUith 
i\w feudal'' is fjiiitp ilrutiMilc, t>r luis Ihrni mcyrr liijihly-ili'- 
vi>U>pi>d. in c-riliT thai ln' may Tvadily find r^r rcficli luir; or 
af^aiu tli^ ninlo tiJi!> niic^rinl or^u;v of pn^ht'iiaivri for huld- 
inj; her secnroly. 'Hicpp httpr nrfcuiy*, ot inflnlulv ilivfrxi- 
fit4 kinrK *rnniuftlc into tlioao wlicoh arr commonly miikcfl 
nh prinifii^. nn<] in ^nnir iiwn («il hanlly U- i1iatiii;rui»iK'0 
from ihfm: wo fire intlflno'S nf IhU in tin* nn»|iN-r n|)~ 
jK^m^AtftA at the a|>cx of tlii^ aWotncn in malt' innrrfjt, Un- 
Icw inilMii we (xtnllim Ihf term " pnnmr>r " lo tlie rcpri>- 
dlK'hvo |.']flni1ii, it ifl flonivoly p^MJhl*' tn dwiU* whivh ought 
to l>r filW primarv unil whu'li r«>c»>ndarv, 

Tht* fnmnU' nH**n t\i\Jfni frvim ihv n^ule in having* nivsna 
fur iho roil rifh mint or protection of her >Dun}2. iiicn a$ 
tlie mnnininr} ^IjuiiIk of mainnia[», and the nhdominjil mcks 
of thir inarm|-iii}». In 4i>iiit* f(*iii (-a»i<!^ ^Wt th>> tiialr [infl" 
Wm^ similar or^nnn, which tre wuntirf; iti tbe feniali?* such 




ju tliF nK:«pUcl«o f-^r t)ie ova in ceriain male lUbc«, aiiJ 
liiiw** iruiporarilj ilrvi-lujJrtl in cxTtuiii duiIl' frt^- The 
fi-luul<.4L of ii»wl Ux« *rr pforidoil with n ti^x'iu] aiiforatUN 
for txtilei.'tjii^' Atid carryiiti: |H>tleii. aud tlieir ^vljAMlur it 
nuulilii'il iiitu a stiri}; fi>r i)it< iMeiio^ uf itie ]anw ami thf? 
commUQitj- Mabj nnwiar ntf-ii cuuM be ahtcii, Enit t^cy 

ditfercnco^ quiti? uiiei>rLiUH>ifHl Milli th« primary i\^}tr.H)tK^' 
live OT^sm^t aii<J it ia vftli lliTTt: Uiat ve un^ inor^^ i.v{n.-L'm[]y 

iif iho male* bii^ wvnjtoni 4>f oir^iKV <^ir nif^nt^ ^'i i\vii.'ni-^ 
n^aiuNt livnK lim tT^Qfly <xiUii4riii^' and tarmufl vmaiiKuU, 

lt««)d^ Ih* priinarr and woomJafV nt^xiial iliffi'rmcwi, 
Mjch «fl ibe fi^rvjjToinjr, Uk- nult« auJ (t^inal*^* ol boiiic aoi- 
innU ^liffiT in wlnmlurr-H n-latnl in i\i\lvri.<i\i \\aUii% nf life, 
imd nol «t all, of ©nly mdirw-lly, to Ih** rfprmlucUv*- fuiic- 
licritfu TliuA lUe femalct» uf irrlaiu flif^ (rulii^uiie iiiid 
TuhiLiiiili') iirt' tibmil'^iirki'n, nliilvl thv timb^, liviti^; m\ 
tiowi^n, hnvi: ii.<>«Eh>i dc^hliJlc nf r]iandilrLL<>.i 1 he riiak-si 
of c^rlaJA uiolltb atid i>r *un>e ti u^t jii.'tuii> {r. y. Tujiulb) !iu^« 
tiuperfecr, cluM.'d iiiniiUiv, aii<l cuiinoi fooil. Tho «<iEik|il^ 
tncnUl aiali* *'l certain i'irripodi** live? tik<^ cpiiib^ttc- ptanta 
4'ktli«<r f)n ibr fi*rnal«- i^r thit lirrniiijitirmlitir ftiruk* ami ari^ 
d««<itut4^ *yt « mouth aiul qf Lnvltf-Tt^iK* Litjlrt. In Uivi 
itOLv it is tilt- mule vhkh UOif \n-%n modiliin). ami han IcdC 
ti'ifuin iiiij>riil:tiil nrj^ni^, wliiili (hi- fi'itm1*-v iiikyMvi In 
olhifr i.iK'f It i?4 1h« fi-iruilo whivh \t»s loel fjiioIi parU; tor 
hjcUmii thv fntiak* glun-Monit iri drdtitutc' of wiitjc^, oa 
iilmj fltr many f»-iiinl*- inntliK, iimni- iif whi»'li ni'viT h'%\v 
th^'if cix^oon^t Many fifJinl? fibtiwitic CTiittdc^eai^t Lave l*ji% 
thrii- uatuluTif It-iis. In #oiue uiTvil-beL-tlt? (CurcEiliuni^ii^) 
ihi'TV u a gn*iit iliiTvn-ntr briwis^i Xhv inn)t> and frimiliv in 
the kiifflh of Iho rostrum or enont;' but Iho m«anin£ of 
thJH <unl uf Dianjr uialugou» tlilTriviLci-N U not at aU undtT- 
tftiwd. DiUtnTtiixa of ilructuru Ix^tunnn thv two ae*xvn in 
Ti^lul^on hi dilTprvrnt habits <>f life an.* ^iicrally oi>iifini.-d to 
the Wi'f aiiiiiiitU; but nitli suiik- fi'W liinl* thi* lirok <if Ihr 
i^iuIl* diffi-r* fn*m thai of th*- tvmsb^ In Ihi' Huia of Xei 
ZvAlnnd till' c1ifft>roiicr 10 irontktfiilly ^leut. and we b* 
from Dr Ruller * iliat tlve male uirk hiM tixmi^ bvak in 

t W«|wMd,*lta4im CUhi. aflD- > KirM aurl ?t|4rwa. - JntrvJiiolion 

lav, I 4B. d<MCAi 1u ^rU Hu^bt, 





r4>T 11. 

clii^ttlinif tiif Urvft' oi izi8L-L'l4 out of Ut^^a)!!! wooiU wliilat 
till' ft'riiEih- I'ntUr'^ i[i(- Miftt-r \mr\* u'ilK ht-r fur Iemi^it. iiiiit-h 
c-urvinl and iitifiiu honk: tiud thiiN tht^y riiutunJJT niil i>noh 
ulluT, lu niy*l to*<'>, i.lilTt'ivui.'iTi of bIiucIliji! Lelwi'i'ji tlw 
fteictiB are nure or Ui^ dir^nrElj^ ooiinctlod v-tIIl ihi* pro|JA|^* 
Ijoti i>f tbv ^|H?Uiv: iliUM a f(.'muk\ M'hidi hiu lu iiiHiri:th n 
iiiuitit^idc of o\a, if<\Min^t more foud Uian iIjl- uudtr. and 
t'oa»«<juentlT r«C[U)ri>ii spe<-ial meaub for prociLriii^ it, A 
male amiiLuL vtiidt Jjven for a v«rj abort 1itiic« miKht Iom; 
iU iir^aiiA for jiroirurJiiii! tinn\ lliTuugh ili^uHr, uitliuLit iJi?fri- 
mvM; IjiiT liii' would rvtuin hiti t^>ooinoltve orgautr in a p^r- 
itiA dl)il4-» »\j thai ho ieiiitIjI ivai^ii Uie femalt;. 'Dk' feiimlt^, 
on till' uUn-r luiiid, iiii^c^it »yif<-!y Umm' Iht or^im for tljiiig, 
i^wijtiiiJtM^*, or vTiikiit^. if -h<< ^railually acquired habiu 
wliidi ivudfrfd nurh puwi-rs Htn-lcM. 

W«» an*, Imwi-viT, 1 ^'n* t^oncirned only *itJi n^^iujil utlvo- 
tian. ThU di-ptud? uii ILc: tulvanta^c ^vhidt t^erttiin mdi- 
lidualp Lave ott^r otherv of llie Mutitr ai-x and ^pnJ^A *o\v}y 
ill r<«|W'*'l of ri*j»rvidu4'lion- Wln-*[i, an iti lli^ rasM ahor* 
incnliunvd, the tv3 eoxca diETcr in fliiicfure in relalLoii to 
ililfrri'ut liJibiK Lif lift, Ihrv havi! ui* doulil Li^^ti tiiodifutil 
through niktitrul t^iluctjon, nml by inli^jrilniL^t^ llmiit-d to 
^^n•r aui Uio -am*- Bi!\. Su iiguiu thi' primary «\i«al or^aiu, 
and iJuHH' for rioitnshiii^ or prott'ctiri^r ^li** yuiiri^, 4ouie 
uii<1i.T th>? wirii'" Kitiuiinoti for those inOividuflliJ whiHi gcii- 
ituIlhI or injufiahtil tlitir ulTfHpriiig Wat. ftuuiJ lta\t, ctrifrt* 
;irtri'ArM, Ihr grt'Mlwl niinttior to inherit IliL'ir nup'noriljj 
wbiUt tlioti; whicli ^'x^neratod or iioiirMhod Ihi^Jr olf^prity 
budly, woulrl Wnvr hv\ frw to iiilit-nt their weukiT povew- 
A*i (he mjd^ htit In Had Ihr ft^malu, li<* r<^i)uirv*« ur^raDA of 
Hcr^o and lotoaiutioii, IjijI iT Ihi-^o '>rj»nrp are noccHWiy for 
tlie <ith*-r |*ur|nKrti of Vitv, [11 is ^cniTnlly llii' <"jwe, th(<y will 
linrp i>L*(*n il<>vfkj|ii>d thnmjjh nutuml )H"U'(.'tiL»i]. \Vli**ii the 
nmh* liLL4 fuU[id llie fi-iaalt, lie ^oiaeliini* ahrtoluti^lv rt^ijaifr^ 
|iTehi-nHi|i< orf^Uii}' In hold I^t; ttiua Mr. AVallnir iafitriaH me 
that the mntni nf rcrtncn moth* tNiitDot MJttie nilli Th« fc- 
malca If th^ir XAvti or feet aic Irokrn, Thr irialr« trf many 
oct>iinlc r^mvlaoeani^ when adalt, hsTe their \^gH nr\i\ «n- 
tciiftit modified in nn ritroorfiirary manner for tU» pw- 
hen*inn of ihi* female: h'riee wt- may :<iii»jrtrtt that it w be* 
c^uve ihtt* uhiamla oru tianha) ahr>tit by the WAVffi L<f thd 
o|>eii M«. thiLt they require the^c nfK^na in onJer to prupA' 
gat» tWkr kind, sud if eu, th^ir ilrviihjjiriii-nl Ijhm Wn the 
ivBuit of ordinarY or DAtnral »oleeti'>ii. S<^u>c aniiiisU ex- 
trcinoly low id the HtAc hum boen iDixlified for tliiti Etame 





C^MT. V[tl. 



piirpoM; thn* Ibf nial<* of crrlftin paniaiUc iromitf, itliea 
tnWy erown, have i]w luAti E^nrfnii' nf iKi* r.i'rmiTml [inrl of 
Ihe-if Ikcidivs r«it|;hutK4l liku u ra*f>, *nd «-jlh ihih th^^y coil 
round tiJid prrmaiir-nll^ IxoUl ilii> fi^EiLAk'*.* 

Wlirii tin- luo )i*>x**i ffillfiw fiArcIv T^e Aani^ habiU of Uf^, 
ttEid Ihv mAii" hi» llw Bciidury or lo{>jnt<>tivo orjc^n* mure 
htjfhty (lticb|jrii tliAn thriM of the frmuli*. it utiy bi.- llial 
Ibp (wrfrrtiiiT of tbi*ti» is inilisjienwbli? li> ihe Di£lt* foj* lilid* 
inc the fciitale; but in ilia vuM iimjunlv of tiwn:. tlKV gqtvc 
oiUr lif give nav umlv nil uJiiLiituK*^ ovit 4ni>tli<<rp tor with 
i^ofEi^icnl timn, llir In* urrU-pmlowed mak'^ would ducceed 
in peirinf with Ibo feunule^; ami juJpiix froia the *lnic- 
tun; uf l)]« fi^mnlv. ihrv HoiilO Irr in iilt oIIht ri:'»|nrl» 
fvjtiAllT wi^ll Ai|jB]i|i<(1 for tbnjr finlinarT liabilfl of life, ^^ioce 
ID fiurh cwea Ihe nul^ havi' m^^uirvil |»p««iit .ilruc- 
lurr, iicjI fmin Wi»g bi-ltrr fil h^*! lo nirviTi? In llip htnipglr 
for I'xiRtpocv, but from hoving ^Ainod an ttdviiDta;;^,^ over 
other uuln, and from haxiii^ Irousmittnl tlii.i Hilvuntoge 
t« l)ii-)r iujiIl' filT»{irir]^ nlnni\ Ai'iti«l )ii*lri']i<iTi miiat hrr« 
hAi'o come into Aotion, It wae [he impc>rtAnce of ihie dis- 
tiiiclioii nbiili kti mi^ to dt^i^'iuti? lliid form of teWtioti 
■■ 8«xmL Si4oi-tirii. So n^fiijn, if (hi- L^hit^f iv^rviiv rt'mU^t^*!] 
to the mfile bv hit pichi^ne^k r»r^iui« i8 to [>rcvriit tUo cnonpt? 
of Thi? fi^iimk- ln'fori' Ibt- urtivn! uf other mtikn. tjr wln^a 
attjiiiiiltri^ by thnn, thr«» fitpiti* will JiMve h-rn |U'rf<.iflcil 
lliroAi^b tcauu] MLf^MKHi, that w f>y Ibr infmntfl^fr- iioiiuircid 
bv ivrljitri iniljiiihialf i>ver Ibeir iiviilti. Bui in iikmI uLaep 
of ihiA kinrl it. iff iRi|)iMtib1(^ to distin^uiuh botu v<:<ii tlu' i-fTucU 
of natural arul ^cauuI evWiiun. Wiiok <'hnj>l*'r!i (^oiilii be 
fiUu! wilh fktjiiU nil Llir dlin^rem^ra IfT^tHefU itie w.\cs in 
tbflir «*riflory, locomotive, ami prdioTini!* or^iu. A*, bow- 
pry?r, lb«c BtmcturE-4 are not morf intorMiinjf ihan olhf-re 
mlitplml for Ihr onlitmry |iiirf»'iHt'^ nf tifn \ nhuW (mx* Ibnn 
nvpr almost (^nliiclr, pivin): nnly > U^s- iih-Uocok unJ^i eiu^h 

'nicTo nir nmny other (tlmtlureM and in«tfnctfi which 

• U. l'«rrii«>tTfenrt«B thta PMnrKv- 

I'll!''! ■ 'I'L [tifprrcir''.ll*f i'l 

lliitf^i i"tf'ifii|ffM>irlir'fi'«t 

nolbriVi; hflCd ilLiVIilri|ii'»l ituwiiL'li lli» 
rhoU'c vf ikt fvmHW- f Ttn'l I n"t mol 

Ilnruulii il |"p**rU>- f"f nr? i-n* m t'uvf 

thil I iiialnlilTk Tfint rhv ih'AT if iko 
fnntnlr ]>Chl anvl^iutjf !■» il" wiOl i|i« 
.Icvr-lriyanprir, lif llio (lfT.^('Ilhlln Of^nTI* 
iu tlitf mulb 



PiRT n. 

iiiiut have boen d^f^lopod fhroui^i vpxhaI Gi^lectinti— «tirli 
iw the wenpunji r>f otTf-ictf nmi Hit' mtniw of doffiKv* — of the 
iJtHl*.> ti'T fij^hlin;; wilh iiikI liri^ih^' «unv l)icir nt^Ll:^— llu'ir 

IrivniKrB fur produiini: loraJ or iiutrvmviitul [iitufc — utkI 
thnir gInmU fnr riiiHIinir: rklfror*, iHuti «f ihrM' UfLrr sinn-- 
hircp wFTinp ■>nly lo allnr^ oT oxoiti- llie f^mjilp. It U fltur 
thftt Ihtsc thoract^T-i urr Ibt rtHuH ijf eixual iind D'jI uf 
rvrdiiiftrv wl^^iiori, tivn^v nnurmivl, urLiTmHrut^Tiltvi, or unal- 
tractive maice would guccoocl ^-qunlJj w^] m th^ iMtllo for 
lift; MTid in Irarinv * uumertrtitf progfuy, but for tlw \h<a- 
cJDt^o of bi*1UT t'ndcivri^d timt^jf- We iiiu}' iiifrr l^ial ttiTi^ 
wi>uJd Ix' the «iw, bi^cnuw- the fcrnflltr, wliith aro urijiniioi] 
HTid LiunrMflTiu-Eil-'rt, dft' ab!t l» hiirvjvr Mnd iiriK'fvjilc iheir 
kind. Sp<oufl«rv i^fxiiul fh^nicUiv of iLv kind jiui w^fi^red 
to, will br fnllvfliBnwcd in tKo foUowicjrihjipIrr*, iw hHn*t 
in i|]Hii>' rvH|ie('tr4 ii]l»>r^Hlin^', but Ewpi-iinlly am r]('|<-nding 
oil thu wiiU choit'(\ nnd nvolrj of the indivutuiilB of ntlKir 
fcx. Wlien wc bohcTd tito ni«Llc# ^^htiii£ f-ir Ihc poMcmion 
ci \hv r«ujhTe, i>r ^^vi-ral riiafo liiriJ* di>;[iUyjng Ihetr gnr- 
peoiiJK plumn;:t', and porfnrm)n^ Mtran^o uiitit^ before- «n 
officmblcd Ijodj of females "« rannt^t doubt that, though 
led by inftlinet, Ihe^ know whar ihry uiv aboul^ And «iq- 
bcioimly cierl their cnt-iitnl and boddy powm- 

Jii^t lut mnri can iriipr'jve Ihf br<i*d of hla ^Ami>-<^X'kfi 
by tlie Relei.'ti'>n of tbot« birde U'liidi iiiv viHonou* m fhc 
cwk pit, M> Tl af*iK«ni thj»t the ^tronin^ftl ami na*! vijj->fi.m* 
rT]ji)i*«, iiT thnxr pmvidnl villi (he lip^t u'cupOTUi. litVi^ nn>- 
niled in»d'*r nature, nud hn^* M 1o tli^ impmic^iiLOnt of 
the natural bwci^ <»t ^ppcira. A hL^^d de^rtvi* (if ntnaliiltty 
1r;ttlin>: t« Hwiit' ndvnnla^p, tiowrver ftli^ht, in n>iloralH 
riiiidly onntcBU woidd ^iiflKt for tho work of KSiLial m-W- 
tion; and it in ivrlain llmt n^ronJury ii-vual HiaraelrTH nrv 
4-minr-n!)y viinnblr Jtii^ an rnjiii iiin ;nvo boaulv. ni*<.i>rd- 
\ti}Z U' hm hlnudanl iif taslo. t<^ bi* nyiV poultry, or more 
rtnelly enii itiLnlify tin- bi'Huly (^Hifiniilty »i(|i]in*<l by ibe 
p^Ttni Eipecit-K *iin j;'ivn lo tbf' S. Krii^M bantam n nr-w and 
elc;;nrt. plnnirfff, on rrect and p^nluir iaTriAff(»--(«) it ap- 
['TAn' thai ft'inale birdi in n h'lalo nf nature, have by a loni; 
octecli'^D i-l the mor^ altntrtiiv tnalee, addvtl to ll»cir bi>tttity 
or utlKi- nttractkf i^ualiliei*. No duuU this implin |miv(fr4 
nf dipr^rimiEmfion ami I*i*Ip f^n the p*rt nf th*' frmalr whii^b 
will at Jir»l ap|>ear oxtrrm'^ly iniprnbald'*; but by the fattti 
to br addnrH iwrntfler. 1 hv\K* 1o Ih* able bi ?'lirv\- tlmt Ibi* 
ffiiimleA actiiallj* haix* Ihtiit' |»oM'Lnv. Wh«^ boux-ver, it is 



Ciur vin. 

srxual BfctEtmoK. 


■AhJ ItiAl tbo lov«r tLDUnttlfi ha«« a Benee of beauty, it itiuftt 
fiot lie usppDM'd (hjil 0uch «cu^i? i» i^mipaTnblt vnxh t.lint of 

for the benuliful in amriald, ami that m tbc lo'HTiit 
rn\tifpt^ nhn a<Imirr ami il<-i<k Ihi-riijirlvrj^ with Any hrillratiLj 
^ItU^ncp, or curious objtct- 

TroBi our igconuKi.' tm wvcial imiitta, the pivcise miin- 
ni*r in vhtdi c^vtiul tu^li'f'tir'n 9pU ji^ somfwhnt unt^E'rum, 
NcvcHh«lcH if tJjoK naluralieie who already Micic in th« 
muUbiltl^ of hptfciis, will rvnd iUv tuWnwiiig HiapU-rs, tUvy 
wil^ J think. n^Tvtjt milx mo, tbut kl-kujiI «clbt(iuu hut pln^i^l 
an important part in Ihir history '>f the t^rycnnir world, H 
is i'«'rtaiii rli^l uitiiini^'at al:[[<i»t jU! aiiiiimlH ihert' in a Blru^iirlv 
bi*tWM>D tlic mjiliv for th<' pofuwion <rf iht finialu. Tli^a 
fact U HO notoriouF that it would be ^upcrfluoiis lo jfitr in- 
staiKfs. Flenci* the feruaW have Ifae opjurriuniiv nf Hi-lrH* 
tnfs OQO oul of «*T«^ inalot, od the tmi^prmtjnh iLit Ihmr 
imntfl] cftp*'-rty "liliir* for tho fxcrtinn of a chrit'c- In 
innnv r»*#« flpcfinl HrcHTrirtanrr* leiut tn rinkf ihp virugulii 
bvlwfvii lUi* nmk'd imrticularlv tt?^*ru, Thu« the inaloa 

■our tni^alorj bird" gcnrrallr nnivc at tbcir place of 
ling bef'^re th^ foinalc^, ^o that nianr iriBli^f arv rpndj 

oontE-'^iil for cnHi fr;:malc-. I am tnfurmcii \vy Mr. Jen- 
Kpr Wpir> that Iho hi((l-fatrh*i> a^wrl thai thij* in in- 
variably lhi> eiiPi* with thti iii|.'htinf:ak- an») bUckmp, nrtd 
wilh r^apcrt to the loitor he con hinuiclf conSrixi Ihi' »taU'' 

Mr. Snayvlaiwl of Urijrhtrtn hoa bt^^u in tho haTkil, Hnr- 
ir^r till- limt fony ycftr*, nf cat(rhin#f our niisrat'iry lirda on 
th4>ir firii arrival, and h? ba* nofrr known tin- fiviu1<« nf 
&Dy ft]N>ci«^ to amv« hcfon* IJivir niaJcv. During: fxic i>F)nnp 
hi" shot Ihirty-Mini? inuk-» of Hay'.i wa^tai) (Bwii^U^ HiiH) 
hffnff hi* mw H singlr frniiilo Mr. OouM hjut iiKT^tiiiTii*il 
by Hic (liwpdiou tif Ihoi**.- Hoiiica whidi arrive the fint in 
lliH niunlTj. tfiftl ihr nmltr icirnt' in-firp Uie feirialet^ Aii»i 
tho likf holdR good with moil of fht^ ini;rTati»ry birds tA 
tht" Inik^ Sifttea.* Th( Hifljcrily of the mflle Rilmon in 
our Hveni, uia iviiiitn^ vip fmin the twii. an> ready tn hm^d 
Jjcforif Hi^ fenuili>«. Sn it nppL^am to he with fro^e &nt\ 
toe<f]& Throughout the gr^-At ela^ of in»eet« tlii; main 
filmoul alviijs artr Oi« fir»f lo einer^i* from the pu|«1 Fitati?, 
ICO that they ftcneratly nltniind for a timi; bi^furo any femalea 

< J. A- AT)Eii,'«n Uf* *Mtinrp*l«uid 
ZfitAa^jt littwi t'uUa(*k p. t^ 

WihTj>r ltlM« If rlnri'Vltiin-4:nmp 




Pint a 

rsri iK> *fipni Tin- miifie of Ihia i!ilfereju.t> Wween tlu- matea 
aiid feFTmk>B m llu-ir iitnoJB of arnvnl «nd matuntv in auf- 
tidciillv nt»vioti0. 'rlic»!M.- tnaks which annually liret mi- 
gr^rptJ irilii Hiiv i-ii(]ii|rvj (»r nhirli in ibe H)inj(jf were fint 

lnri;c?ftl DumUx of otTspring; nnd the*? would lood lo ia- 
hpril Airniliir in^rinrfi; niii) ronhtittiiion^ Tt tmiiM be boni^ 
in uiind thai it would haw lovu im}>uF»il>lL> lo change very 
tttatmully tliv litiic of ai^xiuiI ittiituril.^ in thi* reiiiiklf^ wilh- 
mit nf ihp ftntiii* limt'ini^rferiDg with (he period of th« 
production of tbo jouni;— o pvnod vhich niual be deter- 
inintHi hy Uit? sflLinrw of tJir- yrgir. On Hn* wlioir tlirre r8n 
t» no doubl Umt ^ith nlmofel ^11 fliiinialiJ, in vliii^b \he e^xei 
arc ftcpriratc, IIh-tu U a comlaiilly rt^cummt »tnigglc b(^* 
Iwftui Ibtr »ial(» for On* |ii»«4<iuinii of tin* WmW 

Our dilBcLiU.y in n^pflrd to wxufll &ckdion Uob in uiidcr- 
etandiag huw It is llmt tlit- lualt'o T»liich t(junm-r »tht'r inalcUt 
or IIm.ih- whirh ]ir«vr tlir inoul tiltmrltvp In tlifl fi*nml(«, 
Ware a Kivnl*T niintbor of od^f-rirg lo inlicrnt Ihcir fllp(^ 
riority lliflu lh<?it Ltattu and k'«i ^ulractivi? rivaljt, Unl«B» 
ihi* roiiull duVit follow, tlit churactcr* which gittr to vcrtain 
TRttkf' nn fidvanlAKG over others coutd not be porfcc(o') and 
au^uiL-ijti^d tliniu^i ceiunl PL-I(!i^lit»u- When the ve^va eiist 
in exactly i^quul numliiTnCf iho vurtt ciidimud mnlv* will 
(cxccpl fvUcri.* polygfinkv prfvaib*). nJlicnatcly find f«inalc«k 
nml leLivi' EiH iiLit^iy ofTbpnnfr. ah ui-ll filterl for Iheir general 
hiibits of lif*"* 4Lii tho lH*l-t']id<iwi'd ninkii. rr^'in ranoiw 
fade atitl t;oQi<ldi.valion», I rurmorly infc-rrrd ihat with most 
tatmaU, in which eecoudary f«>ual characters arc well de- 
veloped, the mjLl<if uonnidenibly oxcctnlcd th<- fomalui in 
QUiiib«r; Ifui tbm h nijt by any Divans ahvay» tnic If the 
mMlCH vfVTt ti> the f(?iiia1t<ft a§ two tc one, or as throe to tvo, 
fir cxcn in a pomcvhat loner rutio, the whole atfair would be 
ftfinple; for the ludter-ariii'^d nr niorr nltriu'tivc innh* wiiuld 
Wvo thtf luriit'it numbi^r of offeprinc. But nfter invcsli- 
gafiniT. M fur m powibltr, the nitnicrunl |jro|>orlicin ttf the 
RCTies, I dr> not believe ihut rt\\ grriil (nifiualily in ni)mbL*r 
cummonty rxidH. hi uiort ciiu'e al<xuaI doUolion &pp?Are tO 
hfflvc been dfcctiTc in tbc folloning ninnmT, 


* K^m wliK fliiK fAftntn In aIiIf^K 

•it irpn^rBlly amiurf licfcji' llir f^ninl'^ 

m»ij li'muiphmlfu pluniB nrr 'iic'|i->- 
^■ijii-u»« that UpUtcIr iiiilc'^fk*! ftintle 
«.'9«ftft An not nidy ee tftc Mm* M^J. 


Ijirt yfl t*k* tinv EfipriM, a birr] fnr irutinn*, tinrl iUtiiI? 
Ihc fcm. ' Hrt iato l*i> i'*!!!*! I>vlir*, Ihr 

finr iTTti'i vigiiTfKui tiiiil U'ttcr'[hiiiii^hi<] 

in(lHi4}iuU. luu Ihv f'lhiT i>f tht lou v]f;r>rui|ji liud htfaitliy. 
Tbf foribrf, IIk.'IV <-bd be Itlllo tlcub^ frfj*ild be n'ady to 
Itrmd m ibo tipriug Wure Ihe ulJi«n>. «U'! Itu* t^ itii- upm- 
ion or Mr. Jciinvr VVoir, uh^ h«£ cuvfiilly itUiuled to tho 
habiu <if hirdf <lunnje manj j^nr*. I'h^fc con m]«o b« no 
iluiiltt lliJil llir inuel vigurmif«. Unt-ni^iiriflied aii<I i<fuli««t 

nun I 'iiic f>(T«i>rintf.' The moIrA, a«i a* htir Men. 

firt . . ;v«]j to Lrwil Lffnr^ the ft-iimt«»; the rtnmg- 

nl, UtiU HjlJj 4UII1C dpm« tllF IwKt sriQi>cl of xUe iml««, 
lirivr awflv the vrokcr; nnd tiir fornvor v^iuM I|i>-ti unjle 
ttttb ilw VKiro Ti^vrmiA hhi! }i>.>ttrr-iJnttrL»Tir(l f-nutlrt, tx^- 
oiiu^ 111*!' ore tlic fint tu [in-ixl.* SuLh vii-orjue ijair* would 
vuft-l; W4r l/rffiT numW of otT*pnn*f iJinn rhc retarded 
ffiHAlpfS whirfi vould be i:i>in|M?lI<Mj uj imili^ uilh ihp con- 
quered and Iwfe wwvrrul nmtn, duppo^ng tlio em^-kiv to be 
notncricftlly cqul; iind tlii» i» ill CEut U wonted to n^ld. in 
thf> CAiinv of nwcMciv? gintralione, tr> tlit^ iize, ^Iren^h 
Uid coiin^e of lh« loslnf. i>r to improw thrir wivponv 

But in vrn~ nunv inr*^ llii- riAlcj^ ^%hiiii (-omjurr Ihrir 
rivnU, do not nHuii) rxieee^ALon r>r the fema|i>a, md^^^^nd' 
*ntlj of the chftKc of thf' Uttff. Tlic cojrtj<hii> ff nni- 
imdn u bv no mran» ki iF^inipIr and ^lioit an ftlTitlr an 
might be thc' light. Tho femaW art* roo*t oicUoil l)_v. or 
prefer psirinj; wilii, the more omnmcntrd mAl€«, or thort 
whtiit «r* Ihi? Imsl tonpitpr*, or pUy the Iwsl antic*: but 
it lA obvinnsly protiable tijiit Ihoy voulil at jhr< ^nmc lime 
prefer the iiior* vi|*orous mid HtHt mali^ aaO ibih ha* in 
Mimi! OAH^ boi'ti rnnftrrn^d hy Jictiia] oLiivri'iiiioii." Thii8 
the more ri^roiit- f*mak*, whub ore the lirnt to brni:<l, 
will hoTe the djuk« of mniiy uiAlct; and though the; luay 

' Ikft ^ tvirUtbi itldflciL'* on the 
p#rlrtnm1 i\frijrh*.'>ifU. Vj J. A At- 

later WaI^ MfifT ih' ■i*pUlfinUl Av- 
Mnmim *r Um Mnk ••jis ihid ttiv* 
**w* MM lo ha tmBtlcf mirl Hlnr- 

«r*| niU t!>e KM* nTlhq t«rlitr lir-jrlt 
•vni iti 4tl iwjpHto tltft lurt cvrfKTt 

> HpTTninn MfiUir hM cvrnii* fo thin 
hknin run*'] mlnn vliti rwjwri f^Ohi'W 
fmnHtr liot* ithif^ aiv thu Itmt t" 
enirrkriL rrrim Hf T'**l* '"'"■li J'"' **" 
i.l" r-in«Thi»tili' r-wi". ' ittjvviutuu^ 

l^*M, lo ihJr rir*c€. KvDU oltli liinJ*. 

i}ii) fi'rFKiTr, V I (>riiT fmrii Wr, Jonnor 
W*i», lill 'li*cTt lie* lubtc iflLfiUin 
Jitnd or gTuvr* wokk. 

[>?-.■*! 'w 




P^Bt It 

not olwny* *-*lMrt the *1n>ni:*,il or lir^l ormt*'!, thi^y will hcp- 
lect thw»" i^hich fiTV ligi^n^iM aiifl urll arnipil. aii'J in olhef 
ifmccU ihtf in'>al filtrai'Lv+^^ Butlj kl^xi^a. IhcrWoi^v, fjt Aiioh 
^Ifcrly paim wnnld Af^ Ai»\r i-X|>Ininr^, linvc an ■'Ivdut^cv 
ovi^r n\hfrn in n^nrin^' nfTsjiring; and ihw Hj>|iHrr]tHv Iihs 
euJlEc^i-'*(i during a lon^ ci>iir«»v of ;;L-ni.-ralioiLd tu adj not oiil)' 
l6 tljf »trvnj;1fi lUiJ fijclitm^ p<}wrr» of Ihc innlrav liiit Ub«- 
u'itr 1i> tbrir vunoLiu <]nuaiffiit> or otJK'r iillnirtloTi«, 

In the cnnvorfc and much rarer cuee of the inalot sclfvt' 
iriK iinrticular fi^ciuili^K* it U pUiu Uiat Ihocu.- which nvjt 
fhp mott vi^oroLifi iiml hnd I'nrjqiipreJ oihpr», wmild huvi* 
the freest choicL^; atid it U almost crrtam Ihat Ihcj vould 
helmi ^ ij^^iii'irtin Jin well lui wtlmi'Iiv*^ r-fiiaW Sudi |«iirfl 
wouk! hiisv nn adi'imtflg*^ in roaring utfwpriitg, nf*»rc r(|ir- 
cially if the iimlc had the [owcr lo defend ihc femnk^ during 
the jwiriEig'*i-MM»n iw iiivni-H v\i)t jimu* iif the ht^licr aiii- 
null*, or md^'d Iwt in f>r(>TicIin|i for thi: yi>iin;;, Thi* khtjio 
principle* would fipply if e-ach *ex preferred ami aelceled 
iriTfaln iiulividuaiTi of tlif- n[i[tf>Hi(i> ^fx: HUjifH>8int- llmt x\wy 
aiulnc?t(^rl not »nly tiic niori^ attruriivt^ hut ]ilcewl*e the mort' 
li^roUH iudiTJduaU 

Num^ritfjl I'rrjportion ff ihf Two Sfj'ff.- I huvc re- 
insihe<l Uiaf he>UAl ^elt*L'H<»ii Hoiild 1h' a ^tmpl^ affair if tJi« 
mulcv wcpc eomid^ruhly niort' nunnrou* iliao tlit foruftldi, 
Tlenee 1 ts&t- led .i inv»1igdtt\ nf f^r u£ 1 ciouM> the pro* 
portion* hrtttTf-n Ihi* twn »iexo! of ns miiny aminiU n» na*. 
ftble; but Ihc nialerialfl ore «eanty' 1 will here give only o 
brief fthfttrai'f itf Ihi- resnUri, Mulnin^ Ihi' iMuil^ for u fcU|>- 
plcvmcntorT ditfcruivion, lo ns nn( trk intorfcw with tb<* eourv^ 
of ray flrCTim^nt- l.loiiiwtieated animaU alone air->r<i Iht 
ETifun^ <kf ttsi^i^H iL r Ti i Ei;r the |>rr>[)i>rli(>n]il ntiitilien^ ai birth: 
but no records hme ht^'.-n aywcinUy kt^i-t for Ihi* purpovo- 
By indirect meaDL, h<>weTer, 1 have tolli'dcd o consider* 
alile lioih of HUlihtiiM, from iihiHi tl appe;if> lhj|[ v/\ih 
m<Ml f>f m:r do]no*tif uritnnU fhc pcxe* nu^ npurly cqxni] at 
birib. Tlinti S0,500 Linhs of rfli.'^vbcrw* havr- Ik-ch recorder) 
during twenty-one yean, and tho msle hirlh* were in the 
fi^mnle birth« a* ^\i/: tn 100. In ^^reytiuundb ihv infi\miiiy 
i* jirrvHlrr thrill willt any of hrr nniranl, ri>r nut. of 4>8r!4 hirtllR 
during twelTo years, the male birtba wore to the feniAl<^ ah 
n<*J t<» too. It IP. htiwevcT, in *>me tle^re^ HnuMful 
whether it In mfe ro infor thnt tin' pfnportinn wouV] In* (he 
nnni« umler nalanl c^ndili^ne 8a nitliT d^rnotti'-^itif.n; for 
ehgttl 6nd uiitcnowD difTerencte iu the condilivni afTeel th« 

Q>Av, vm. 

sicxDAL siaRonoN. 


Eroporlion of tb« ti>iN. TkiiB with manklDd, ih^ uiojo 
irUi[» ill Knfrlunct nrr 110 IOI..S, in I[av<i4 nr- 10S.6. nrH with 
Ihr J^Wtt iif LiTniiU nt- i2tt, in H*» f<-iiiiilr hirthi: Tlrrl T 
iliall recur to t^e runout poini of tbe exct«a of mulo turthft 
in the 0up|)t«ni«ill to thin i^ltaptcr. At Ihc Tape nf Goml 
n(j|x^, hirvmvr, nuiht i-hilitr*'ri nf Kiini|Htiii ftiinctinr havp 
born born diinitp i^ovenil j^rs in th« proportion of be- 

Ktir mir |iri*iTif piirpii*i- uv jin' I'onrrrtK'd with Ihi* pro- 
poTtion of tilt' KJ>^(> not ^nU^ nt birth, hut a]so at nmlynlv. 
and LhU M-Jda atiolht'r L'lrTrtctil -tf i]ritiSt: for i\ ii* n uiOb 
ttfcnlflin^ fuel Ihiil wilh mAn tln^ mim^iPT i>f mnlpc dvmg 
bf foiv ^r iliirin;: liirth, an'! durir^ tlie tirtt few voare of in- 
fantji if nn]ttJi'iMMj birj-Tr thnii tlmt n/ rrmjiti'H rtu iL 
olmod cvrlmnly ik with mal« lAmbic« mid pmlmbly wiib aomo 
oth^r Arinrnl*^ Tfic mali?« of mdii: upcciti^ kil] otic- unotlicr 
bj' llghlin^: or Ihe^t ilriiv ijii4< »iiolhi-r atirjul until Lht>y be- 
cwinu pnvily L.»niiomti>d, Th^y mxisl aW Ih* cftrn rxpnso'J 
to vnriou* "innficr*. whilst kvauJoiin^ about in i^a^iT search 
fnr tht^ frmnlee. lu riuny kind« of fi&h iht iiwl<'* are muoh 
wnallcT thun Ihr ftmnlt^ nnd Ihcry an^ JiuLtviM ■jftrn to be 
l> llir latter, ci Ifv oiher IWic^. The females of 

W& st"}*ar to dii- earlier (ban the mal^; th*»v ftre 

flbo habk- t^J uc <JwitroifTd on tbrir nrals. or wbilnt id ctiaryjo 
of their louiK, With inM'i'lH Ihr frniub* Inrvn- arr. nftrn 
lari^ thnn th<:4e of the mst^, and womM crnspqii^tljr 
ht mart bkelj lo Iw de\ourc*ti- !a Boinc CMtn ih^ maUhs 
frnnalM Mri* Ipni iu-1ivi< uiid b-u rnpid in IbHr niovi'mmitA 
than th^ maleti, and oould nr»t esosjw 90 well from d:ing*T. 
notice, iritb dniinflU in « «1jiI« of nuture. wo rniiHt rt-ly on 
mrri* ftfitiiuBtirin, in oMvr u> jiidpi- nf fhi* pTOpnrti'mn of 
ibe scx« at inatuhty; aud ihii? <fi biil liitic tnwIwoHliy, <*x- 
tt Bb<?n ttic im^ntiabty J? ?^lrmi;:ly iiuiked. NcvediH-lrtS, 
far at n jinlpmrni mn hi* fominl. w*- iii*iy iv.m-bide fn«m 
the facts triven in the FUppJcm^^nt, that the tuahv of i^nmc 
f&w inunnnnlsf nf criiuiy birdK of wiiiie fibh and iiuocls ar9 
ronpidorahly rnon^ nnni^ouft tban tho fmuibd. 

The picporlion between the wucn ntidLinlc^ iJijcHtly 
during iutt'crtiivi* ythffi: thun nifh mcf^ionit*, fcr every 
100 mnriv horn thn idalbon^ vari^'d froir 30T.1 in one y«r 
to &3.1I in an-jther >far, and with err-yhound* from ll(T.3 
to S^.V3. Hir h'irt bin^-r uiJintH>rH Urn IrtTiulatin) tlirnEj^'li- 
oul an nrrn mnr^ cxlcnmve than t-^nj^Und, thi^ar iliutuatiLine 
would prolrably bav».* diha|i|>rar>'d. and Hieh ft« T.hi:y nre» 
would hardly BUtlice 10 lead to ofTecli^'e seTual M>lertinn in a 


Vam TL 

«Ulc of nftlurp. Neierilif^lft**, \a (ho i^a*« of »r>me few vi-ild 
riTtiDiHls. fUh ^trun in ihv nu^ijilrini^nt, thf pn^imrtioikh m^jq 
to fluctuat"* ^irhpr Hurirg ^liiTiTOTil wasnise or in riirf.Jtvrt 
lncAliUi» Hi a *LiHit-K'ril lic^jrcc 1o {*a{\ it> *iK-h A-lt'clioii, 
Fnr it, K>]oul(l 'h* nlisrrvfil thai hhv ml^Hnlage, pHiiirO ilur- 
ing oerlflin ycnrs or in rtfrtnin loniliti** Ux Uiom' rn4l<'s 
whidi were *Ue to conquer llioir mals, or were the most 
HttrJU'tivo tm tht' ff'iruiltw. u'ujIiI probabl^v hv lrM[i4itJiIIt.<ti 
to the otT^priniT. nnd ^ould not »ubfii?i|uiTnt]y be dimiiint«d, 
DuriDK tbt? fuccecdin^ ectwoD», whrn, from the counllt^ 

etPor^fr rir nnri* nttnL<?tlvc rnalca prov:ou*ly pToduued 
wuulil Hiill UavL' ut It-Abt a£ good B chnocc of Ic^TJnfc off- 
aprirp as the weakfx or loa* altraclive. 

ilU UM wciuld foliov from ail actual invqualUj in tl^e 
number of thr sciMi for if CAch mah urt^iLreji iwc or more 
femak'ft, niALy nkalee cannot [>air; and the lattpr unturx'illj 
will be Xhv wiiikiT ^r ksa attraotirt? m^ivjdual*. Mftny 
mnminnU nnfl Mmr few bird* mr pchx'iiiiouN Imt with am- 
iiihU li*>lfingjng to thp 1f>wor rluMPs 1 havf fniinH nn piviih*iUT» 
of thiH liLhlit, Th«' iDtollotluul iiouiTe) of tfUL-ti aniniol^ ara, 
[>rrhai>«, nol »iil1inrn1. tiv liiid thriii lo ccrllL-i-t. Ami K^^rtl a 
h»rpm of fpiim!rs. That pnin** n^iAtiEtii pvUls iM-lwri^n Jifdyg- 
aiuj aoii rh<.< dL-vuIirpmunt of flOcon'Jary iiKCMial ctiaract^r?, 
ftp)ipiini m'jirly trrtjiin; nml llii* MipfiDrlrt Ihr virw tliHl a 
numt'hca] propniiflornnciT of u\h\i* would bn pminrntly 
favourable {o the action t?f aexiEal t^l^tion^ Keverfbi'le^a 
trmiLj luiimuU, wlii^^h hit Birirtly iniimigamo;!)^, pAjiL^^ially 
binl*, ditpUr Krongly-mflrkod s^t^ondfln,' 8p:(Ba] eharaotwa; 
wlillat ioni« few auinials. wliich are ]>olyj;4imnue^ do not have 
HUi'h ehftmclent- 

Wo will HfFi brtrfly nin tlirough the mamnmK *od th^n 
turn to bird!?. Tlit t'ordU rctma to W pi>lj>nHO""u», ami thf 
mnle ditfrra eonnideraNy frnm \\\v f'^nial*'; pr- it \t- with 
*i'>mc hnboong, which ii^^ in hordo L->>utaimng twice an runny 
adiiit feiiiaiffl ha tiiJiIvH- In Soulh Amrrica llir M^^Uit 
cfiraifn ^in-^i-nXn w*JI-mArk<id wxnal diffCTVTicw, in enlour, 
bfard, ni^d rnr^] or^ran^^i ari^ xhv jult; i^fuenilly Uf:^ with 
two or (hnn^ ui*'*^: Ibe mnli' of ihi* f'rfu* /»t;>Hri"Ti»)i diJTen* 
«omuwhat from the femnl^, ard appcnn^ to (h* pMygJtmtvua.^' 

(nun, 'B-wdofj Joumtl *»r Nut flmt" 1. 1ift|. k 77. "n MtmIv. 1lfi\gffvr. 

ifij|,, un Qncnph- -KAtaiyculi.: fl^u^fCiUT* von r»n- 

Our. Vllt 

SHXl'AL SHtlXrriOH. 


Little a knata on this hcwl vith iT«pe^c1 to must otUvr 
Eiifijiki-}^. [mi soitit- «[M-i^tri in* Jirricllv mi>ii(tfrunjnif4, Thi* 
fumitmut' nri^ ritktUiitilv p'^lyf Anions, nml they [>n'?<i:nt t<r-X' 

of tiiAitiiiJiha; i]iif ii4>IiU ^ooil^ in^rtHjiiUIj' m their uvjipuriit, 
but aImi iti ^i\hvr chartintiTf- Mt>«t do«r, cnltLc, and ^htrp 
are jH~i|y|ja4ij(jii8 ; ai? arv iiii>pI iui1c-l>jj^t^. iJiuu^li ^i.riii(? ai'i! 
moni>^]]ioii». Sir Aniln;u- SmiOir in «|iiiU;iiig of the? bjiU*- 
lopcii of Si>iilb Afrits. mjTf Ihikl in hf-rdfn uf about a Jojtrn 
Uieiv HUH rnnrl^ wofv Uihil otti- iiiuitjn- Timli-. Tliv At'Lalir 
^n/i/i>pf Hdi^a uupoan to Lc the in-Mt ini>nlinuti* polv^u- 
uuM ill thr world; U.>x Tallju^" t<tali-^ thiil the iitair i)nvi.:i 
anay ntl rirals, ami *jrill*'i>!K a li?r»l of nbcut u iLUthtJivJ f^- 
iijiijw uikil kiijff to}^-thi>r: tlir; f<~iEiEi]r It h<inilcw and hoA 
jioftrr hdjr, IjuI diH^fi TLot i>thi-r«tiMi- difTir niLirfj fmiii \hr 
nialv. yh'} wlIJ liom*- uf th^ l-aJklaod Itljuidh and ijI th« 
V^t^ttrrn Statvi of fJ, America ii poJypimoiia, but, t':tciep4 
iti \i» ^miir'T MXfT ami in tU^ nro])ijrtiifii» of liiv lia*ly, ililTi-ra 
but little from thu nijin*. The xvild boar prv^uU wi>ll- 
Uiarlli'd fftiuiil i^harat^tvra, in ]u^ ^'rcflt tii;<k:i aiul toinv olber 
iHiiniK, In KurnfK' nml in \mV\a \w Ivmh a t^ltriiry lif<% i*i- 
cept <JvmiiL' tia* bm.-djii^* s^'iutuii; Itut oji is bcbtvod b) Sir 
W- tllUoi. Mho liit> hni] many iijiptrxiiiiltji-f^ hi [iidiii of ob- 
««r^ii)g tWii Animal, U« coiuottA at iLi* ^^oaod with several 
f^nuilcrt. W'hctlKT this hold« ^ood In l-hirom- w doubtftJ. 
bat it trt !Mi[i[H>rl«d bv »oiue L'%itViiiTF. The adutl Jiisl* 
Induti doi>lianl, Ukv The boar. poa»c« much of hi* Unic in 
eolitiiOi'i but au Dr. fampMl aIhIi'«, wlitti witb oLht-re, '* it 
lit nr* in fiml iiior'> cn\f mnh> irith n whkil^ hrrd of fe- 
meltfi;" thi? larirer malrs ^ipclliDir fir liillinx lb*' emaller 
mid wnikiT cmm. Thi* irnip diffrr* fnmi ihr fi<mjlr in hi* 
iuirnonee taak*, proatrr ?!».■, rfr'ti^rtli. and tndnrnncp; so 
jrre»t in the dlPTrrfm^ in Ihr**' n^^jHxl*. thai Hit maU'r^ wbtti 
rnn^t are vslnwl nt on^flfth morp than ibr frmalo*-*' 
nVie oe'soa of fvlber pai-hyiltrmulfiii^' anirnnh diifc^r very littl« 
ar iHit al all, ind, aw fur *& kruiwri. Ibi-y arr mif imUirattiirld. 
Nor hire I hooni of anv spt^^if* in tho Ordi-r* <if rh<*iio|w 
tora. Edentata, Inawliirora ftud Bod^nU bein^ poljgamoua, 

(roL iiL IMS, f. UJ) f'«v « lata* 

' Pr»- Auilic' 80B. of BttDnln' Hay, 




r*Atf iL 

«xc'C|iiitig LhaL rtiiioii^'wl flu? riocknU, til*- fnnimciii r»l, n^ 
conliufl lr> camtj THi-ttiXchvft^ Ijvi?a with ^tvt^iI fenuiL«s. 
N{rvtrlhd<?«» ihr two ^xi?8 of ftujiiie t-hAiia (VAvniaVi) JilT^^r 
ill ibt' r}itinki.'U'r urid rnliiiir tjT i:erEuEji pulchiii rjf liair on 
thfir rJj*iuSO<*fT.*' Atkl many kindf of bat* ((.hoimptcro) 
pre*!*!!! iHrll-raarltril K'Mml (lilTrifnco*, chk'% in \he mal™ 
j(n(ifti^4*Hjng ndrtnff'ToiiB glsruU ami poutho*. uiiJ by tlu-ir 
ijciii>: <>f u li^tUt-T oolour,'* hi the grcnt order of Itodeats. 
Wb fnr N> I <Mii [itirii. Ilir KrKi>« rai^lv dilfir. and vth^a they 
do »o« it i» hut iilight.lj' in the tint oi the fur. 

Ah I ht*ar from Sir Andrcv Smith, the lion in Sonth 
ArHrn vonirlimoi Vtvvti vrith n Mngli^ fi^miil^. htil generally 
wtth m*tTi>j noi}, in out} eit^e, w&a fmind-wUb a» uuiy dh 
five fL-nmk-a; n^ thul hr l-t i^olyifranim^t, A:> TnT ni^ T ciin 
difin>vi'r, hi' is (hi* itn\y jMiUgsmJiil jujinjiffpit all th** iprree- 
tria) CArnivora, und he ii1l>ii(^ pTYM<uta woti iirurtfi-d dc.\iial 
charucti'is. [f. }jouvti-r, wt- Iwrn 1o thf? ninrixir rjirnivorii, 
n* ut' *h[ill hf^'iifii^r tep^ ihr ratt Ib vidply *litTr-ntnt; fnr 
ttinrj f^ijccu'* of ^(^al^ otTer cxLrttordinnry HL'Jtviol ilLlK'rt'nct«« 
ttlid ttn'X hr*' cHiinc-iiMv polyx'unouiL ThtiN iicirrfiiirg l*> 
P^roii, thu miilo iu*n-4>lqthtkiit <>f Iho Sf>uth(rm Occnn fllwAVK 
frot««.-ra(*« »rvorfil fc-tiiAl<'^, and tli« ec^a-lion of Fontor ia tmd 
to In* surrouiuji'd liy tt\t\ti Iwcrify to thirty friiudi-.v To Qw 
North, thi- may wriihotir of Strlkr in acoompntiiml ly ^vcii 
a ]trri'^l<^r [lUTnhor nf frtiiulte. It it aii liilcrejttiit^ fa<U m 
1 Ir. (till n^Injt^1l^.'* thiit in t)t<- itloiio^<}Iiiii>ijf< Hjn^rltis. *' i>r 
t^icvr liTinji in tninll i^ommunitioii, thriv U hitlc differeneo 
ju flM^ U'lui*(*u the iiiaIi-» and fLrnaK-^* in tJL<- »ocia1 ajK-cif«» 
or niThi>r iht«i» of ahjj?}i rhi* rnal4« har^ turema. Ui^ maW 
itrn viwtly Inrifcr tlian the fonuk^ti." 

Amoii^'Ml hMh, many s]>cci€s, lUo »exc* of whicL dllTeT 
^rtjatly from loich other, are certainty niono^»niou«. In 
fJreat Pitlain wc ?rc wcll-murltccl si^Mifll diff^mnctHV for 
iMtttnriri.*. tn lit*- ifliUJMliu-k v^htch pair> w ilh a ^tri^li* friiisTe, 
[ho mmtfinri liljirkUird. unit Uw hnlllmdi vhicti ia said to 
[Wir fnr ]iff». T am iiifiirino'l l*y Mr, AVnllanr tlmt tin- like 
in Inre of the C'hcilti'ri'r* ivr rotiigida* (»f Snath Auirrim, 
an<I ol Tiiany othi'r Ijinh, In fctcnil ^•I'uiip*' I hav* not been 
alilc U' iliftuv^T wJu?LlitT lUi- sr-ci^ic* nrr pulytiamoiHi or 
tnonc«air>(Miii. U-mou my* that blrdi of pHraJiup, wi rpmark- 
ahh h->r their b^-iuaI diffrrriire*, arc polypicuou^, but Mr> 
Wallui-e ilnuhts whether he had iulTlcieiit evfdrmv, Mr. 


uSh Elf; IMwnV tiH«tlvni ]« vdW v«], iv., Jw, 1971. 

tTtuv. VHL 



Salvin tdU mv he hiu ln-r-n M lu b^lirvr llvat Uiimming- 
IhtiIa an^ pok^Rioni^' The- hiaIc uiibn-lkifil, rrmnrkiiM* 
for lim cnutlai pluin^, c(>HaJti1;ir PcertiA lo bv a poly^Aiiii^t-** 
1 hdnf 1»roTi uKturvfl liy Mr >ti^nti«r UVir Anil bv otliet^, tUat 
\i i^ ^i)!!!^^)'^^ (^'ittiiton for thrio n(iiTliTi>.-if to frequent the 
sumir iit^t; tut ^(Iji^lhirr lhi» It a cam* of jioij^ray or poty- 

The <!(illirnn-jr i-xhibil ulmoit lu* MtrorijcW mjLrk<'d w^x- 
uhI ilifTereii^'i^ U8 linl^ nf ]knTJLtllm' or lnjTiimJii}>'liiTtth. ai^d 
manjr oF t}i« iruccUifl arc. s« i« w(<]l kno^'n, pofy^riKnia; 
othm Wtng vtrirtly tnoaognmou^ What a <onlruf1 U prv- 
w^t^d lielivecu ih^ hpip* of Ihr luily/mnoii:* |>cMr'CK'k or 
^eDAant, mid tho maiko^!aDicii0 f^nHt-f^^rl or i^aKnii^I 
Mixiy ^iniiliiT cujo^ti cnukl W- >fiv^ri, an iu fhL- ^mu^r tribe, 
in «1>ifh th*" ii*iil*fl i"»r Ihi* polygifno"* rnf^-rmilxi*' uml hlii^k- 
Cock (LfTiT v^^utly from tht' lofjiulv^; M'liitsl tin wsi'S of the 
imini'jjrtiijckmi n-*I j/imur nml ]i(jniii>;n:i dilfiT vi-ry Irltk'- 

offer FftTouvly-riiftrkL'J tKrxmil ■hfTtTL-iK't^^ &m\ Ihu fftvnt 
l)tii<lnnl ((Hit tnrda^ i^ miilI In hi- [ujly^iiuitut WiUj tin* 
lrr«llaton«, OKtr<rm«ly frw ^ppcio* <fitlrr »>\i]Ally, tittt tli« 
ruff (Jlffw^/M /lu^wx) afforjfl a markiHl f?xcci>tioiK aik) tUia 
Kpivira » Ic-lii-trO liy Xftiiilnx" t» I**.' > )>4i)y^niiii«t. Elt-ntw 
(1 Kp|»Air« iUxi ntanixiTSt hirflE thftro v^rt^-Ti <>Ki*T:i fL clow ro- ' 
tatiuu lN.-LMt.vri pi<l.\;:a[uy and IIk- <l«vt.'Iup:iie]it t>r itrougjy- 
iuark<-il «i-\iial ililT-r^-Tii'i^. 1 iinhrfl Mr. H^itHlMt. jkf iUv S^cto. 
Li>j;ir«k Ijfiiili'tif* whfi hflj hnd von" Urp' ci^pmcnce with 
IfinU. qU'tlic-j- tfi? tiiali' liu^-fj|iai] {vae of ttif (ialliiiKora*) 
kjw polynia TTiOJH, &i](j I na-i ulriiL^k by IiJc *iiJ*\i'orin>r. " I d*> 
net knov, liui .-(hniiE^I think iv> from Kin ^pknJi'J ci.>lMUt^** 
It ilrniiTviv riiiliLi- Fftnt iJit- iik>tiii<.'f of |Mirin>- wilh i 
ftiiiflo fi^male IS easily ki*t viiidi-N- domotticiUion. I^h^ wild- 
iluct 15 HtnctJy [tnuioiTAinoQiiv the dora»?fr1ic-dDck Ui^'tilx 
(M>ly|{iininij^. Tin- Ilc^. W. 1\ Foi inforiTiK iiu' llml nut 
of j:otii4^ hntf'tatTiixl uiKI-ihfrkft. on n lArjri? p<*^>) ■■> '■'* 
nvi^hbourhond, ao nuuiy mftlhnU wo-rt> flhirt by tho j^me- 
kLi<|H'f tbur inily nnn wa^ ]pfl for ov*^ry «ov«-ii or oi^fhl fo- 
mnl*^; y^t (jriiMiLklfy birj^- Urtxnk* were rvAir^l. The ^ujikq- 
fowl 14 atrjotly 11)11 iuib^niL)u»: bill Mr. V^\ fliidb lliit httt 
Liinl* MUivc^l U*i rthm b<? kwpe one cook to tvo or thj 

"'"■1 , lt&.an ULTil/riaibt BirJt of 3ir«l(-H,'l*«r 

I'" ilH AH p. fv. tn4 m^ MdiUru nJi^i J^^tls^ 





Vaux IL 

tu HA. C'diiAry-birtU ptir in a rtotc of natnic, but \hr- brcvd- 
i^n in Hnglrtiirl ^uivM^full^ put on« niat« to Twir iir ftve 
ftfmaW. 1 httvo noilytf'J Uti«e camw. aa rvndenn^ it prob- 
able IhnI wiltl inonn^mnu)! Apc'C^iey miffht rvadilr ticcoitie 
v>it}n»r f,Ptii]iorHrlI} ur p<»nii8n*>nTly |iol\gHmmu- 

Toci litilv iri kl]u^^lL of ihi> IiuLiIe^ ut rcpTile» and lbho8 
to iMi»bTc> iiH lf> »|H<nl< of thi'ir inarriiiKc arnuijfcin^nb. Tfic 
Klickl(--I)]i('k <4iLit.ii»roAt<-iu), houi-ivr. in itaid 1o lu> ii ^nUygii- 
tiiitl;'' flJiJ Uiv iiialt< during Lbe lireediD^ ^Q^oii dilTera 
can^l-iTniniLtljr frcjiii the friiiul(\ 

To i-um tif> on Tlit> ntPKriH chnnigh trhkh, oa far ok u't> 
con jud^. w'xiial iylttlior; ba* lotl lo tliv development ot 
wvm\i\ttry n'vunl Hinnu-lrn*, It Iiil* Utu i*lu"wn tliRi Uut 
Ur^t mimlnrr of vigktri:ti:ir nffKivring vill li« r««re*l frotn 
the pulriiii; <j( ihv .-trvjti):^t tuA beot-armcd mal«A, tidori- 
bu* ill rini|L'<]* ty\trt (iiUvr mjilr-*, witfi IbiT modi vi^uruus nud 
bcfft-nouriHhvd fcmnlofl, which ere llie tirst to bri>«i m llic 
tiprjiiji:. If Micb fi^umlen a^kcl xhv lucri' n11ratiiv».\ n»tl at 
uw> Himc tiinr vigorauib nuiti^ Ibi-v will n*ixr » lar^i^r imm» 
W of <>lfKpnD^' tbiin tbe n^ltirded fMiial««, vUivh mnel pair 
wilb the Itas vif^uruuA am] h?*H aUi-attiivi' main- Su it will 
kw ir thc^ morp vlifntMUfi inub^ M^b^i-I tlu* more ntlnictivo 
end at the aanic tiiuo lieAlth^ and vig^irous fcmal^fi: and 
iht* Will Mpi:'L'ihUy ]jolJ j^ooi! if tUe iriiile ilefentls tlie ft-ifiiile^ 
and kid» in pmvuhn^r foa^ for Ibo vmin^. The iuhiintAjc» 
ihu* ^aitir^d l»y 11k- mure vi^ix*u8 [laim in rearin:- a Inr^-r 
Duailrertif ulTuprinit hint nppitrt^illy utilVii-i'il [f» ri-nd'-r H-iiial 
«i?]rctinii rffji'jfnl. [lot a IftrfiC ngm>.*ni'<il viivpniidfrftnoo- 
i>f ttiolA OUT fifmuli^'i will l>e still lunr*' HlVieni; *Iiethtfr 
the pivfioTidftmncD in naiy o?<<uioiinl and UictX, ur jientia-H 
ncDt; vihcfliiT It <ic<-ut^ At lirlh, or afti^rwardi^ from ihe 
grcHk-r dt-iIruHioh at Hie feiiiflltH; or vrhi*tht?r it ii;din!Clljr 
follcwv from 1Ji<f praotiro of poly|i^iny. 

The MaU ^neraUy morf mtutififii ihan ihe Ftmalf. — 
Throu^fhout the nr^imal kingdom, vhcti the t^jn'i ditfer in 
external ap|»ea[uikii'. ti t?. uillj raw t-xc^ptiuun. thi* male 
ttbirti hat l>wii ihe nwra moijifiwl; for. iccnoriiUy, Ibo fe- 
iajU« rHoiim ti cinjirr rejcntblonc^- to ihp yourji: of her own 
siiccio^, am) lo t)tht<r niiult rni.-»ilK^r^ of tbe Niiiie group. 
Tbe catiBe of lliit K'cimt la hi- tn the mulM of ilaiod dl 
onituol^ hoTinb: ftrongcr (ifwii>>nA thon tb<^ fenmica, IIenc9 
it i« the ma]e8 that tight tt^elber and fti^duloiisly dlflpUy 

ir. Vllh 

8KXUAL U8I4»1*ll>N\ 


their ohann^ l^fore tltr fen^aU«: inf] lli^ vjcton lTftn»mit 

^wir riUfj^Hurilv lo thivr n^ulf ijirf<|>rinf-, Why IhjIJ) ta^XLtt 

Ho Hut IhUM fttviuinr ibu duimU'rv of Ihdr fmUiorv, vjll [hi 

>ii'i<lcnxi Iwrcnftcr^ 'Vha\ thv i»ak-« of aII inauiiurtlfr liq^li- 

ly i^vrAni^ ili^ fi?fiTa!«« U roloff()u& Ii] i'verr one. Sn ji U 

'ith banb; but i]iati\ <!(ick linlEi i!o nnt iiu muHi pur^iio 

ben. w tlk^plaj Ihcir |ihiiiiA£4'> pvrfoiiti fli-ai]^-!* luiLit^B. 

]d poiir forih rhoir »<>n^< ii: iK-r |jrv>iL-iioo. Tiic tiuilo in 

\iv ft'w Q*h ohotncd ow'tnA murli rktc cotter liian llic fc- 

[fiinlr-; um) the fflii»T i« tnii- of Hllijfnino. am] aiiixirditl)' tif 

E«traehfan». Tfart>ii^houl Iho Lviormoui l-Iau: i>f mi^oi'U, 

aa Kirtijr nrai^rkn/' "the bw iji, tlint the male shnll ec'fk 

,thi' frtiiAU'-" Tun jijiooit jinlhoriiii^, Mr Blai:'kuji1l an<] Mr 

J, Spenoo Bate, ttU tnc tLai Uk- mali^ or Mfjulk^pj a^i iruft 

are inbrc nctir^^ nitil rnorr rrrnti*' m thrir hitbitK IIlhh 

tmiiW. Whj^ti t'lf oTgHTfcfl fif i-iftHfl nr I'lCi'Nmfilion aiv 

■Hi ja tli<* uno m-ic of inBii-\a itml miatiio^iTiD iir^rt uliui^iit 

m ihr Dlhrr« <ir whcii. nji U fni|iLHi]h thi- rxuv thry ar<^ 

iKin' hjjjfhiy A-vi'li^^fmii in Ihr rno iliuii in llni 4'ttlj<*r, it ie. 

ftr ^» I t-«[i iiisi:j>¥r, ^IhiobI iinariftMy ibe m*i]i- wliidi 

ttrwi; Hint th<» mal^ 18 tho mofc flctiv-o momW in Uip court- 
lip of ihe*'* 

Tttr fL^uiHlo, on Uip oih4*r Iwni). with tho ntnvt nxn*fj* 

!«Dft, i« Ion gogor Ihon the ihaIc Aa the iUu4tn<»u4 IIud- 

*r" hiug ag« oWrviHi, *ht- irriK-rallj - ri'i|iiiri"a tu W 

lurliHl:" iihu in puy, inul may "flL-ii I* m-c-h (■ml^uvouriiig 

Tor ji I<»ng timf tv^ OW!i|>f fmm thr ninlo, Kvirv <>Ji?orf<^r 

if llif lLull1l^ of uniuLbix nill In' aIiU' 1u nil! tth tiiidi) iminiiivs 

thi* timi- It iv shown hy vuHouk fiiv't*, givun hi-ivaflirr, 

i(i J>y thf^ r>]-£(ihf fiiirly ottnlxit^lflc io K'xiial ft^h^ction, 

lat th« feniAk, l)tiiit>;l^ ivimgicii-iitiTfK |m^vf<, ^fiicnillj' 

Effrtu «oiiir i-h(ji(*(T rtr*! iK-fk^pt" attf mule in pfurirn^niv to 

ihcn. Or rlie in&y d<'^|>t, as Apfxiinirc^ wnuld «rintctimt« 

Ld ui l<x b«Utrvt-. nut Iho iimk' uhich Ik ihe iiiii«t uMrurtJv^ 

JitT, ^ut the one* vrhWh \t thr UjiaI chntiutiful- Tho ex- 

>• Kicbj aiiJ 9]i*rLc«. 'loIiuluL-liuri 

lu 111* rkiliL » tiir mnJo fw ruiU- 
'iii*rv •^tifi, ti'ii jmur 4iiiii- Oip 

tIP lit qIu'Ki if I* 'f-rii. *i"i-[ iiii> 
mule hM «vlI-i|aiaL^^|rAl fi^fljfB. All' 

«» hapfogiMiivJ by Uid duUb 

oliii'li arc bmn ^n lJi« Mine tAU utih 

rtn«i> Ut T^ii. I '. n.l of 

tfir' hiiiL*. i* ' I . r 

•« KH«Jn :i. 1 I ■ Ji(&l 



Pajtt U. 

^Eozi r>f t6irL«^ chuicc on tLo p«H of tlio foTDuk nonu a Uw 
iiliijiitt us ^^iictiil OB the ta^vrne^ of tlie male. 

\Vt» niv nnruntlLj' ftd to 4-iiqiiirf- uhv l)ie aift)^. In so 
inunv fiEid each distinct cIJiK^r^, iiaV' tH-'t'nmt* luarv tfA;c^T lUaa 
[\iv fi'iiijili-. Ml timt lit' M^iirL-li4« for iivi, ami fjJoi^ Ihc Dioro 
ftctiw |iurt in ruitrltiut>. Il noitld l>e ti>i tuivuntnge Ami 
toinu Yitti (if \yov,*T if cich iH^x ticiirciLod fur IUl< uther; but 
wli> ^hoLilO llif iiialt^ uliucbL olwavs Uc Iho wckcr? The 
ciTult-t cf |^la.nU nfUT fortiiiutti^ii litLv« to W mujn*1ked for 
a tiiiLc: lionee lh^ jioUrn i« iLoi^rd»An]y brou^ltl lu liter U-uiaIc 
or^HiiK— U-iri^ |i|ji(vi:l on (Im* '■ti^niu, \iy rm^iti^ itf iUM'i'iJt or 
Uui vtiiul, or Tj\ the ipoDUuuoufl DiovemenU of il)«> Htnmctiii; 
tnt4 in liic Alims Ac. hy llii; ItKomolivo power of tlit' an- 
tlu-]'<iv<toit]R. With lowlj'-nrgnniHtfi lujnxlu- uiiiinnlsv ^vr- 
niuiunUy allixvd io thi* Bume e|)Ot ancl hoving th*ir wxoe 
fi-IiniAtc, Uic mnlc ricnirnt U invarialily brou^-ljt lo tlie 
ff^mnlp; flTifi <»( thitt wc ran hpp Ihr n'jwnn. fur i*vt*n if the 
o\« w^TL' Jt'lUL'fkiid before fcrtiti^tion, wni <li(l not ivqiiirc 
»ij|iii"i|m'Mt iiounpliuiciit or |>rut(.-cliuii, lliiTt uould vl'I le 
gjvslcr (lirlu-ullv in imntporling thi-m thrin ilu* uuili- elt- 
nii-iit. Ixijuum;, U-inj; lar^'ir iJian tht lotL-r, ihcy urir pro- 
clidcfj iTi far KniHlltrr nunilififL Bu llml Jiianj i»f lli'? luwti 
animjiU jifi*, in lliisi ruMjKf.'l, anuloi^uuit wiih \t\uiUV The 
inalT*» of alTiJioU and aiiuatic Aniinnls having been led to emit 
thvir ferttli?(iiij- ck^nient in lliiii wajt. it J^ iiatuml tliat any 
of tJj«ir 4l«»c('niLxnti^ wliidi roiu> lu Uic voaLc und Lk>c«mL' 
locomotive, should rclAin the «inn' habit; ond l.h(*y wonid 
aplirottdi ihp foniiiK' a* rW^-J^ ii> pok-iijt:', in "r»lt»r lua In 
risk tlitf Itjprt of IJii' ri-rtiliMUK clt^uii^rii in » lou« |jfl[*-iii:*> i>f il 
ibrrju^li Ibc wiUi-r. With *f>tav ffw of 1iL<' mwrr aniuuU, 
lijt^ fi'nialt^f^ jilthTio HIT t\xi*t\. nnd i^it"* ?Tm|i^h nf lIu'U' mutt 1m< 
till' owkt^rs, JtuF il ij dLltjiiult lu uiidi-niluud v^by Ihi' nuiKvi 
of MpwiiffHT of nbk}k lUv fmtjfj'nitujfi wi-rt' pnmoiilijilly frrr, 
(•hoiild invflj-iaUv Imvc Aoqnir'd Ihe haliit of apprimrhing 
the fc-maU'N in&t«id -jf bt-in^' a|»|>ri>afh<^l by Uicm. But in 
all emM-f^ in (tnltT lb»1 tlu- iiLn]i-« thiinLI u^'k cfHric^iilIy, it 
wnuld ha ncci^a^rv that ih«y elionld }m ^ndnw<^l with strong 
pu^ii>nd; ajid lliv aot^uiniiieiil of nuch |>dkMiouF would liatlt- 
nilly fi)Mow fnmt ibr riion* vn^-r b'nvin^ n Ijir^i^r numlEf uf 
off^nriD^ tUafi the lf«« oagcr, 

rbe gmt ««£WQO«a of tlie irtuln liai thus indlrecUf 
led to tnvlr mum tuore fnK]U4fntly dftvirlnping w<:ondAry 



■narkA, * Tflball ilvh 1JL4 i»Lna hvL d*r 
VeniDiiFDri/ uijt, . . did ftnilan 



difXuul f-IiAncU'r^ tlun l^ic fnnnl<^«. Hut the Jcvclopomit 
fkf uicfi choTurtrrs woiilil hv ninth ajdeJ, if 1)>e riide* wvue 
jituni linliiiT ic Mity ih^n ihv fcujul*^ *aM 1 viKKJuUfd ihey 
wva< — oTWr a luit^ fttiid> of duRioticatnl nniniuU. Von 
NatlnifiliUy vrtio has Iiati very wii^ f-xiu-ri^i^cv^ u Mrongl^ 
of tlir f«Tiic o)iiK[oo," [foo'i (?v)diTU(?v nLK> iii favour of lUw 
njHi'lutioTi i-iiv* Ic jirfnltti.vl t>¥ ii comjmriiioii of thr two vtM^n 

lirr i»f nicanLjivinv^il^ wu* iHAiK' i*f tarioin tfliria of Uic body 
ia liilTcrtni r&ct-^ ami llic iiihi urn^ fituniJ in aIiikes^ cwvy 
QMu to urMvDt u pn'Aier raiig« of ranalicn than Ih^ women; 
bul I snjll hAVL- to necar to tlii« euUj«ct ill u filturv cbu|>- 
trr, Mr Jh Wow)/' whn tiHK t^iirc-fiilK' aUnniJiHl In Lbi? 
vuriiUiOB ot Uh' mu^'tev in luau, puis in itoliof the aonchietoD 
thill " tlif! tn^-aL?flt numtM-r c>f atjoioru^lilifii m i^i^h avl^jvct 
U foun<] in ih<* mn]»/* Uf haii |>r'^i-imu;ly r^itiJirkcvl tiMt 
" alloj^HiiLT in W£ DXiUjtiU^ fL« varielic? uf nHlunlancy were 
fciuuk) tt> lir h^ll ]iH riJiTty n^niji jii^ in fi:!iual«!t, niiiLtraatiii^ 
Widely ^I'ilh tiw j^rost^r frft"ju*n(-y "f (iffirkmy in fi'malo 
ttfurr iUTuriJftd." !'ruft*«.»r Mmaliali^r iiki:T*ist tvuiark**'^ 
thfll VflHiitinnA in tlir iiiu«rUK " an* pmtwhly ninn- (<niTTim(Ki 
itt mal^ th;kn foinftlM/' UurUiii innaclw which ak not 
nonimlly [>rv-«^il in mflnkinrl nrr kIm) ixtare fnMiuciaily <!«' 
T#lD|j«d iu thf rruifo thin in ihp f^mnl'* rinc, uUhongh i-ii^rp- 
lioun Iu 11ii« riih' ^iru* »ai<l io u««ur I>r- UurT Wilflrr'' Las 
lahuhltcit thr <uMr> (if 1.^2 iiHlivhlnjiU uilh sfupr^runnit'iurj 
<(igitXi **f nliith Si; were iubU*=. aivl 31*. <»r l<^»i lUnn tmlf. 
fctiialt-!*, lIu- nAijiiliiDj; '^7 U-in^ of uiik»uv\ii WJI^ II tfhuuld 
UOt, iinur^rr, |jr «vrrlc)i>ki'i! tlmt Kiimrn HcUlM !Pon* ffr- 
qucfilly a-ii'loaviMir ti> cono^Jt) & tM"Tnnty i>f thi^ kiiul (hati 
nicii. A^aia, Ur. L. Uticr UNPtrla ihrtl tlir car* of mm) aw 
tuDrv vannltlr m form F.hnr IhiiH- of a voman " liOilly the 
tMnp^tiiro 18 m^To variflhk in mnn lliflr in irorimn,** 

Til* vnutte at Ihi? grrflii-r jTi-m-ral rnnalHlily in ihu inaV 
m-x. ibun in tht* fi^nulr iit utilnown. i^x<:«pt in mo for U4 mm.-- 
ihiitUry M-Mul rlMntctt^re are cAtraordintthly VDiiatK% &ml 


B'k'lv dtr S«vtf«: Anihrnpnlor 
Wn c*^^k^l lit Vt. W»|iJ<*ili iVifn 



Julv, IMl |.iv j-ia bbU t«4^ 

— Uw Mu-t H'^Mi. .^(K & IBM, p,il. 
"'AtihW far rnk AuL kcil 

1 >ri. ^4M 

:>:. J. sii«i.LMi Iti'iiirV.i'ij ibv 

l*'f-l-Hr«>iar* L*' mui, am fi««n d' lit* 







(irv unuatly conlinvd ti the matc«: and, a^ we ihall urcKcnUv 
Bco» Ihiff fnct i^ U [» cTfrtflin extent, intelligible. rhrou^En 
llio Artion of fvxnul ami iLaiiiral >4'Wlicj[i niHle snlinala hnvi* 
Ufi-^u rc'nd*r«l m v^ry iDany iiutanOEtf wiJcly ihElvrtmt from 
their fcmolf*; W ir>fle(":iirli,-ntly of »rlcctii>n the twv »exe*, 
from iliff^riug rimfilitntionally, leml U^ vary in fi iwiiieohat 
dilTtrt'itl maiim<r^ 'I'lii' female* hajt lo ^'xpcml much cjr)(iirtio 
flintier in thr- finurttion of her cvo. whereas ihc male tx- 
iMkdamtJrh r>ree in fi>'rc-^ eonlHt^ Willi liiB livals, tti nriiu- 
flflrtttjC aliout in rtnnli <if tlr Urnnk', in i^terlinic lii» Toiee, 
|Muiriiix 'nil i>ilorifi-nnu« Mcrr-tiiHis Ac: and this fipeniji- 
tun? H )£f<nera1ly conepnlrslc-d vithiii a ethort periods The 
grcut vigour of thr male during the nrjiKon of love K<enu 
tttivn tJi intpnHify hl^ cviliiiirK^ inrlppr-ml^ntly nf nny mark^ 
dilTenoifre from tho female." In rnaTikiu*!. and ev*u oa low 
filial) in t^r ornanio seak aji in ihr l^ipifToptrm, Ihr lorn-* 
jirrniiifp <-if thr l.mly is hight^ in the luaW tlian in Ih^ i^ 
mak\ fK^'Ouiimmed m lln- C'liBt* i>f man t)j a nlowor pulae." 
On thr V hoir ttir i^npi-rivHturr of tnnlt'T and forrr hy lliir 
tan KfXPs U prr>lin>*ly n'^ai'^y eqnaU l^o^^^ <^ff^ted in v^ry 
ditftn-iU ways and at Jrffc-rcnt mti-s, 

Kmm till- £-niwrK jufit uprilUnl Ihr Iwo witr* iiin hardly 
fail lo dttTer fc<>nieivhat in conititntioD, at li^ast durjii^ ihe 
bn?i^din^' suuton; and, althou^li tlicy may be nubjrct^ to 
(furlly Ihn tRinc rnnditinni;, thoy u^ill ivntl tn vsry m a 
difff^nid iLa&nor. If 8i:ieh variati<>Ki4 are of Do Berrieo to 
dtht-r .M^x. they will imi U; ni('niiiuUtc<l and inen-^aivd by 
<itxn»l nv natiirul »elflClion, Nnvorth'>lw»^, Ihoy may bucrooM 
pcniiantnt if \}iv v}t<:]i'mg eaiinc nets permaneiitlv: and >& 
iu.^>rdanri- niih ii fri'i^m-nl Utrtn at iithrtUmuv lln-v nwy 
b? Imn'ntittf^d r<k Ihat wx nlom* in vhic^h thi-y Sn^l nppvaroiL 
Id UiiTf c-<u? tlic two KrXfB will C'lfnio to prtf«eDt |jcnnaiiefit» 
yi.'t nfiJiitpurTjtnl, difTtTMnriv nf chanLcfrr. Fntr Entdaruw, 
Mr. Allrn ^rws tJist with d lance nnmbt^r of birtk inhabiting 
tl^ie nurlheni and BuutUem UDilal Staler, the Hpecimeiks 
froTU tbti vouih an> dark^r-colouivi) thftn IIlokc' from the 
n<krlh; and iW\n seems to le the ditiH:t result of ihr' dilTcr- 
uijuv ilk tcjupcrralurv, light, &l'., U-tweeu the two ro}jioD«. 

«r Ihfl *f«TnitAa flqid: t.ul it'i* ema 

bMit for ijuuae* rvuutr irhtwAai^ 

bHvnw Idtfhitr iXi^ouiV'l lit tlis bH' 

oq| KMfitd; IM«^ p. Ml. 



€**f- Via 



Now, in («Dii* fen ciuefr* ibe tiro ^ie« of tli« Mme 0p«ciee 
Htip^Kr t't liavi* lurii (lilTrrv'iilK HlTedol: in Ihi* AffUtwM 
/^rtiWtM Ihr lunW hnv^ hnd Ihrir rolour^ ^rc^tljr trtcnHi- 
tm] in I)r' -mitli; whirrt'u^ vijIL Cat\iimiitt nrj^mtfEiiiM it jA 
tho fciTiALrj whidi hDtr tvotk (liUd hiro4.-1'.Hl; Mith ^»rJiyi/H« 
pfij/i>f the fntialc^ hn^f hp[:n rrnilL>rvd cxlmncly iitriitlo 
in liiil, Uklulfll \hv Mi«lr> r>'m«iii n<-ftr]y uniform." 

A few oxfvf>tiona1 i.-aiVk occur in vtiftfiiii cU^fiH of anJ* 
nuU, in which th«- frmiUcv itij*tuad of the molcv h«re ncs 
quirv<1 n'^ll prtinoiinf-w! HPtomlBJjr H'KiiJit chrtnic<rr8, *«ch 

brighter voloiirss, ^-ivrttt'r erat-, rtri^ujfth, or itil^jnadty- 
^th iiirtJh rliCTC hjv Kontrtimr^ (m^i^ a complete tnu^dpufti- 
foTi of The oT'linflrv rhMnu'lctK prr>|irr lo fwh m-i; !h*' 
ft^iuivn hnririt^- (kvoitu' lh« DQurt- ca{«er m coTirl&lnp. the 
mnli'^ mifcfliriiitji; r'irM]»nr[itivr|_v ]ia>*i>e. hut ni'iiaii'iiUy ?■> 
lifting the niore allrsciiTc f*?inal<>-, as w mny inff^ fmm 
the r««ii!l«. IVwUin hen bifd* han- fLu^ ]jt*ea rendered moro 
highly tnlriurrd or i>thi7nvi>r ontnmeiitoit, a uvU ^ mons 
povk>rf»l ^nd fiuffnacioufl than 1I10 coi-k«; thi^e* (.^hnractcn 
win^ IfBiiflimlteif 1'> 1I1C ffiualc r>fT0|intig aJcn^. 

It niftj lir mipj^Im! fhflt it! Mimi' nuv-* a dottlik* pnumi 
of PoWtion hnF Iktu i^irricd on; thut Iho tnflW Havu rc- 
IccI^ the niorf Htlnnttivo fi-LiTdli.'^, uiiiJ IIk^ luttci' the more 
attnctiif' JimW Tht!i iimnfoi, tiuwciiT. Ihdii^h tl rni^^ht 
lc*d (o the nn*di!i(-fltioTi of Mh w**(V, umild noi innfc** tho 
ocic ecji dilTrn-Dt fi<>iii thv <rlhf.-r> unli^ itiriccHl thi'ir iasXm 
for the befluiiful dtlTL-r^i bin thiv i« a HT]|i[i>jHiitoii t<jo im- 
prolmblc to be Korlh conAidc-riiig in the i^tuc of uny AnintAl, 
^JtccptiDg mno. Thcrf sk^ Iidwctct, jujiti> aiiiinab in whidt 
ihe wx«« rcaeoihlc i^<'h <irh«*r^ Tjolli htttig ftimi>h«r1 with Iho 
ft*me 0TtiuinfatA> nhieh unnlo^y ivnitld M'l uk to mttributc 
Lo thff "jcimcj of MTXiml H*l-viifin hi furh (.a^-h ii may be 
Anggwlpi] with iTL<>rc |>1aii>4l)>L]iiy. that tlll^re h4i» been A 
Joiihle oriitiituji] pr«ocM< of «>%H4i sdnt u>tj ; t hi* wore njtor* 
ouv And |in^iiirif«i* fi'tunliv n^lci'liTip thr mrjrc' attT:t*-tivf and 
<ngoroop mnkf, th<i ]Mi*r rejecting all T*Kiv|jt Iht nma' ut- 
Irftctivc ftiralev Bi.i from whnt «*^ know rf the hnhit< 
of HTiiituilv Ihw virw ik hiinHy prnlkihlr^ for i.hp msAr is gi^n- 
«ralJy cn^nr to pair with any fcnojo. U ia mcrv jirohftbl^ 
tliat Uio (irhftDieuU trncimc^r to lictth sL-Am wi-m ncqnirrd 
Iw oDo iwx, |[c*nrm1]y th^* mnU% and Ihi-n Imnvtnilr*^ to ih« 
oRrprinjt of holh texn. Jf, indeed* dLtniif- a ich(;tliaie<l 
penml Xlw injile* of nny aqieciitt wi-n- ^jmilly In cxt-iifiil Ih*? 


■ 'Htnn-iljarbl tlu^AfR rkndC^ «U,n(lL,«M, 




fcmftle^ in number, flnd tlicn during ftDo1h«r knj^henfd 
pcri'Hj, hilt iiiidcT 'lilTcrcrt coniJir}on>, \hv rcvcfw wwc to 
oroiir. H <loullc% lull Thil HlmnliHMnM^?-, (irnri'^m tif »r;ii]j|l 
iwkctir>n DiEf^ht iM^il^' \i^ inirriiHi on, by ubioh Ihu t^«'o :^oxm 

\W Abjil] hprv-jifipr >4io ihtit mjiny flnimAU rsEmt, of uliJt^h 
Q^ithO' Aox i« linlliUQtlj I'oloTjrt'd ur E>rotid(.'ii with efrevial 
orrmmfatl*^ wid yH Ihr mrmbrrw of both spxihi or of onf 
alone hflvc probably a^i]i]ir^H fimplv eoU>iirK, j;uch hk vliitR 
t?r blHok. thr^u^'li ivi^tk\ aelttliun. The abr^^iK'ij of bright 
Lintsi ni nthrr itmnmrntai tuny hr 1W result cf tariatiuiis of 
Ihp ripljt kinH ik«vor having cnrurrx'd^ cr of thp iittmuiU 
th^'riifiL'U« iiavj.n(* j»[fft.'rfrd jJiiiu Waik ur wliiti'. UWure 
Miir* !in»r Eiflrri Irt'i*!! iIi'\i'1<i|ihI rbrniij'li miltiml H-lri^ntiM 
for ilw *jilcp of protfctiiiTi, at\t\ thr BC'^apniiniit through 
MULtuO H^lKtioii ui i't>rispii:umj*' L*i/lniir>, Jij^praif l^i have Wni 
Misiiptitmv rltiH'kril frtmi t>ir< i]iLugL<r thii^ inrurrt'tl. Hiil in 
otboT co*(vi Ihr mnlcf^ duriii;: lone "P" "'^^y 1^"^*^ stnip^lnl 
togHHer for the poMpMiuti of IIr' feiAalos. ami yv\ no vtTi-Lt 
will hnvi' ht**ii pi-oiUtccd, Eiiilc^tub n krpiT inmibt^r f*t olTvprm}? 
iTfTe left by the iiiorc succL-s^Hful ntaloa to inherit their imix^- 
riorily, ihnn W Uii? !«** t-iif('f»ruh niul Ihi?. «-■* jireviouKly 

Si.'A(.i]il tiLvtiiiii nv\t ia a !;??< ripjitiiifi iciminrr llian nali^ 
ral H'WhoTi, Tlir hitliT pnnlnri't ifK i''lTr<'l* by \{\t' !(fi' or 
diNitb at aW n^cv nf Ibo moTfi f^r l^if«^ tui^rf^Mfii] ind^vidiinlfc 
DtNitU- iu'lcfi!, TioE mri'ly rnfru*B frt>tti (be ct>cl!i(-l« nf rivil 
ruiilot- Jtiit ;pyn'rn!Iy fb«* Uh MicocHful mul*? mi>r*ly full* 
lo obtain a ff-maUv or obtains n retarded end lofn ti^nrouft 
ttmnU^ lati?r in tbr H*Hi»nn. fir> if iHilyi^aiiioiu. nlitHiiiH fewi-r 
F^milTi-*; «o thai th*»r !mt* fcw(*r, !«* vi;r>rr>un, or iwi i>ff* 
ffpnn^. Ill ri^j^ard to *tn»ctriree acijinrM tbrough orditiarr 
ar ruLttcnil vr-lmirjn. tlirri' iH in iiitMl i^ftHM^. a« b>n^' an iW 
conditions of lifr rrrnnin the mrtic. a Itiidl to fho arnuiiut 
of aOvfiDtaccoud iii'>Jili<.atii*n in lelntion !■* errlniri npccial 
purpo*(^*i; Jitit in reffard \n slnielur*n flrUpl^l (ft ri^ki' nnn 
male vii^torioiw ovrrnnoiher. citb^r in li^-hiirip cr in oharm- 
ioj> ihi' ft'rnale, tben.' i* no definite limit to the nmoutat of 
AdtmitUK^oiiii itkodifloHlion: RO that aa lon^ nii ibr pmpi*r 
i-ariatiftn* ttri«' lh<? vork of m-suaI Meetion «dl go on, 
Tim rirennt'taiicf* uiiiy (wirlly Breoanl for ihn frrqiii-nt and 
oxframdMiary amount of variability pfptPTit*Hl by ficvf>nHflry 
■cxiuil rhametcT*. Nrrirrlbpltv^, Tinturul R'b'oTirn will d<*- 
1<>rmine that KUrh riinnirlrin itifiall mil hv »f4|iiBri*d by Iho 
7icti>rjoue niaW, if they would Iw highly injurioug, tfritb^r 

ra*r. \1IL 



¥Uy mprixliTig Itio mucli of iIipit vttAl [nyvfVT%j tv hy tfipnfu 

[inp tli^m to iny ^-tmI daoffirr. Tht ik-tvlopmrrt, JwwevtT, 

fnf rtilAiD litrurtwrtv— of the horriH. for inj^lan»'. in i^rrUin 

itnyfii— hifet hnm t^rtiixl lo a unrd^trTiil ortr^iuc; uni] in 

M^iTin ^'vof to an rxlt'.'rni: whidi. il* far ut Ihi^ AV^nr-rikl cin- 

ilidnnB «f life fcrr rouci'm<*i, miirt lir #Jj|:Kl1v iuj»rii*ijii In 

ilhr mnln. rrrtRi ltii» TaH Wf Uarn Ihflt ihf iMviiiUnjfT^t 

wJntli fftvoiircd rrtol'.** (K-nvi? frwru oorjmicnnjT nthcr inalf'^ 

^11 liatllr oi tuurlaliip, ami Uiuv Ti-^ivin^ a iiunif mtth ]<ro^eny, 

re m the !rny nin i^rriilrr Ihmi lhn«i> <1i>rivi>(! from rnOier 

aiiorc wrfpct j>daplatii>n to ti^cir coiHiition» of lift. Wc 

JlmII furiliiT HTi?, Hml it rmiM nrtrr Imvk* bwn mrtlirij^tprl. 

that Iho piwrrj to rharm tho F^msli' ha^ (torn^lirij?^ boon 

[inorc important th&n llie i>ot»ct to con^ut-r utlirr tnn]vtt in 

Lxwa or iviicitiTANcic 

In i>nier t** tmcI*rBt*ii»l ln>w nfttml K**lnTtion hut ncind fin 

limy Aaimiilf! of mativ cIji^av, ajv\ tn the rrxjn^c nf fit^ea 

lait i^mdnccii a i'OUt[rii:uiju» i>%uU. if d fit-t^i^huarv to hr-ar in 

IpiinH the IflVH r>f i[i1i(rntjui(«, ■» far 4u thi\v iinr knnw[i, 

I'wrt fliictind vkmrAU iw inchHcfl iimici ffie lcnn '*in» 

i^riUnrc '' — th»" ImnMiii^fin. an'l ihif d».-velu|niiuiil i>f thar- 

■<-t«rfi; but a« Th^^o ^oiieniUy ^o loj^<ihi>r. tbo tlUtini'tion 

ift ofli^n cit^<<Hooh<-rt. \\t nn- tfiiji diMinclion in lltoM^ chtr- 

U't**Ti' aliifli «rr 1n«r>-fi)tttr<(] fb7iMi^»li ilie early yMirw -^f life, 

till »rv di^vi>l'>[>eii <»nty al inntunly or during; <J<1 u^i.v W« 

thr xano (lijitmction morr rltMrlT with ^efnnrifirv iviiul 

'chjirm-i^rs, fnr Ihon* iin* 1rHit:^riiirtf«l (hrougli tmlh "ii'ip^, 

thoijf-li dtrv^ofivd in one alf>TiO' ThoL thov aro f»K'Bert m 

WtIi .vx«» 1* matiif<^Eit ithrn tno f|)ccit«, Itavinf: xtmiiifly* 

ii^rkiH) ct?>iiuil 4-h«rArt^rc, nro cr<icMx1, for rsc'h trnnrniiu 

lb(< ('hanK:Evr>< proper to iIa own mnlc and fcinale wx tu the 

lylmil nfTupHnj^ of ntln-r wx. Tla- Mino fmrt is likvwiM; 

lifnl, when rliAracten proiR-f to ilu' mjiU >re orr^AkTQ- 

'df-vclrt|»ed in Ibe female wticn sh*^ ijrovp olH or bccoitifa 

ft^MV^i!. ax, for in!(lHrrLr, wlirri tlie LijiniiiijU fu'ii asMimttt 

till' rtcmmjf tniUfrndwr*, huckli-*, aouih, i*puni, roicc. and 

r\rn piigrtacity of tti« cock, Convrrwly, ihc Mai« tliini; i«' 

[«vkI«iiL prion- or iMd plainly, wirli i-^NirAt^] males. Again,i 

lt<lt-}K<ni1( Ttl ly of old njfo or i1uk'*io. dinmctL^r* aiv occ** 

tinrtally EraTiaf(>md from Ihc ni»k to tbc fcmol?, u wticn. 

In <«rtairi br€^U of tlie fowl, Hpors rejenlarly appar in t.[t« 

rMme nnd healthy fomalc But in truth ihty an* dimply 

IfTplopcd in the female, for in f^cry breed each detail in 






the dlructur^ of tht fpnr i« trflnnmilti'H through 1h« femnlo 
t<i her imaW off&un^ig- Man> iMtH iiill liemftiL^r Ije ^i*f--u, 
nhi*rf^ iht- fi^ni^it^ vxIiiIiiEh, infiri' tir !i'?« jji-ifi-L^lly. I'liHru^'- 
t^l'fl pro^ior lo the miLl(.\ in vhonk Ihcy niubt hnvc Ix^ii lint 
ijevvlu^t*(l» aud then tiunbfi.rK'ii tu ihr fi.'mAU-. TIjt- ui^q- 
vQTKtf fiUv uf iho Uni dovL'h>|jiueiit of diutnotii'r^ in the f«> 
[njtli: aiKJ of Imnffortui:!! it ttu? tiiiili.% ja h^u frecfuciil; it 
will Uiirrrfinr Im* \hII to gi^r »"H0 fctrikjn^ mfit^m^T, With 
booa the polleii^colittt^tiD^* aj>|tatatiL« is used by the f^nsl? 
ftloitc for j:nthc;rtii; (Hilkn for Iho Innn^ ^d in niodt of tJu 
speci^^ it i« partiHih tlrvi.'[i>]iLiJ in the innW i<^ whom it » 
guklt> ugL*k*jt, ifi(] il lA \wr(vcx]^ itvvoloped in the nial^ of 
iiombu* <ji Ihir huinWc"-|jcc/' As nut a Mnfc'lt oilier Ilymeu- 
optrmiJ^ in«(Hl, n<>l fvrt\ thf ^^n^K whii-h i* do^lv nUicd 
to the Ik^^ it provided Milh a [?on>>ii'Oi>llecfini; iipjiarfttus, 
*c have no jtrtmad* for MjjifHjnm^ that nmlt fftin |*rim<Ji- 
dinlly n))l*>r[H! ['ri!U*H lu wrll ,j* rhi^ ft-Timli's: nlihuti^h ut 
havc soiiki^ K'4iHi>(t to ^u^poct f hat uiaId innnimnU (inmonhalU 
BUcklLtl th^ir ^ruung da ncll xli lljt- ft'umlifc^ l^Aallj, Hi M 
eajtei of n'tcnifw, i-Luructvrt jitp trAmumttud lhruii);li two, 
three, or niaiiv mere gcncrnliun*, and «rc then dcTrJo|>fjJ 
Utider Lvit^iiEi uiiknmvu favuuiithlt.' i.t>riditt>'iL«^ Tlut jai|mr- 
taiit di^tiiictiLiii hL'tufvii truuvEiiinuun mid dkYVL^lojUEiL^iit will 
b(: liCTfl kr^rl in miinl hy thi^ aid of the hypothcAi* of (»n[i- 
gpnt*** Arii.<rding to fhiH hjfuithe^ifr, cvi-T) unit or C'*h|1 
of Iht.^ bi>dy Ihro^Vb olT ^eiiimultu or uudev^li>pi><) alorriB^ 
whifh arc. iraufinniini U> the t>(rj|'riiTir of \itA\i wxcj^ nnd 
ant mill Mill ill i hy H'lf-iIiviMoiL Thrj nmy mnnin iindi*- 
vdoped dtirtnj; the oarlv yuai^ ol lif« of dunn^ Hauoes^ivo 
ffAnenttiona; Aud their ih-vi;h])nitnl into imib or m-II[(, liki? 
Ihnsr from whiHi Ihry W4*rt- drrivrd, i^rprndu on tht-ir flitin- 
Ity fi>r, and union ^lilh other imitd or c<*lJ8 prcviousij do> 
velu|wd ^n the due order of K'^Jwlli. 

Inhtriiarxu at crreepondinif Peri^nis of iAft. — Thia t«nd- 
ttnvy IB vtv]] eil»Mi.ihHl- A new rlmnKtt-r. jippeurinK in ■ 
younff juiimiil, whcthfr it I»Ktf throu^^hoitt hit nr ij: only 
iranticni, vitll. in general, rvtt|i|K-flr in thr? otTfipilnj; At the 
tittiiEV ii({e mid InM for Ihi- wriir- time . If. un thrr ntla-r hand, 
a TWv C'hArAcler nppoiu^ nt rinturicy, or cvfjn during old 
Vige, it tcnde to reapp«af in tbo otTAprjne At th^ aaine Ad- 
vanced A^ Whvn derJAli'iiU from Uni ruk- ot^^ur, Ihe 
triLncmitted ehaiuMftn; miicli oftojaer oppear before, ttuin 





Ctur. TllL 



j«^ Kitllui'-nltr lit initlher tfork," 1 «t|l lirn* [nt-iiO) f*j^i> 
ivo or llif'*' intiHOrfs, (or the imkc of rraiilliriir ih<' Kdb- 
jiTl 111 lliv I*. ' "J, In tevtifiJ bnrtrf* of llic Fowl, 

i)uvn-<v»x> < • L >.'Ti». Ilit< yniinj^ binia in llioir tin^t 

f>lutiu>:r, [iml Ihi.' tLclults iiilT«r yn^'oilv fr<>m oiic lui 
'«41l«rr. AB H«li at ffjm Iheir L-i:>iiirui^n puivnt-frTiu. the OtiUtis 
hantiv^: ADil lb<>*v chartetere sre Taithftillv traii^niitff^d hy 
«Ach brciNl tn th^^ir oH^piiDj: nt the (.-itrn^dpuihiiiL}; pi-nnd^ ol 
lif^. For iDHlitnc<\ iW ihifkrnii of ^jiHiigloi] }|iiinlmr}>«, 
wliiUI eovcnnl uUb down, Imw a r(>vr ilark 0):«>1b un t^ic 
iieftd »k>l nit]i[»t tut urc not plripcd ki};ritu'lindly« iia rci 
ifiBiiy oi\n-t liiH**'"-: in iKvir flirt Ime |>lunut^r, "Tliry nn- 
bvAuUfullt fx<[]iaEk<t,~* tlifil » i<6eh fralhor ir IrniibVvrdeLy 
jjovkcfl ^F>^ nMitjeron^ (Inrk Imm; but in tlifir Arrotirl |i!uTn' 
ti^ iJi^ fi';jih>^r>i s\\ tit^-oini* hj>nnglrij nr li[ipi^ wilTi n iTrirk 
FouDil *))ot." Hi^rcc 111 this iin^otj vniiiil ions hnvt* occmrrod 
at, nnd Ijwn tranenutlfd to, Uir<^ ili»1inrt prriodn nf lifft. 
The Pipwrn olfor* a more renmrksble caw?, Wfliise Iho 
Qbc>ri^nd] foicitl f|Hxn(« do<v not uiickrgn uiiy cliaii^o 
»( jiliJU^Af^i* HJtli rtrlvimring u^, <'icp]>(in|; lluit nt inutiirily 
th« tifvtt*t b<«<iEni« f[M.>re iridf^ivnt: _<iet Ibi^ru Ari> hn?<«d« 
whicb do nM «<-qtiirc their rhoTBcicfwtic rohur--- miUl lln-y 
have nii>i]1tp<l Ivn, iftri-i*^ <\v rmir 1jiiic'>; iliiiI 1iif-*r inodifii'U- 
lioutf of pluouL;^ itv re^vlnrly IranfiiniUoii. 

/nA^rifci'ir^ a/ forrrxpflndin^ Sma'ttji tif thp Vint,- — With 
nmm&U in a blnti^ <A nsTurc, uiiiuniirmblL* in^taiiuLH c^Lrur 
of chataciriv Rppcann^ nrriodirjilly at rtilTcrrnt Acn^onn. 
W** 60* Ihh ir tho bcms of thp Map, njid hi tJio fnr nf nrrlic 
nnimnli^ whith tiot'oniw thu'k nmi whiU* duriii;.' Wm- friutor. 
Maay l>inl& aniuiro JirielU ciil(nir» nml othrr dtTrtrnliotm 
during till* brci>din).'-*oo-"n n|i*ne, Pallne fiUlPs,'^ thiil in 
8i}>prin domratir (Titllr ond horwa Womo hKlit<^r'Col^njr[?d 
dnrinp Xhv uinirr, uml I have nivsrlf ii!t»rrvi'<l, mul lirrirl 
of «iniiiar Uron^Ly markod ohaoge^ of colour, ih^t ia, from 


l-Mitn-nrMi, ibcm* mllodM I*, 'm Tally 
unLbnriiT 3^ ■ iprai CTW}i?r. Mr Ttv- 

th** KrrrLl* 'i(\hr- pl^rvan, ■TlEMl«<f tfl in 
Ihn foUowl'kif run^frBph, ■"> ■ V«n4' 
liuii uT Atmiiiiin,' Ail. yi>l. [^ |'|s TW, 
Sifl; VH-il II. 1^ 77 

OlLrlur-i *>Ti\it\*,' M'^ (v 7. Hn \lt 
tmnarfMMJi'.tn'if i>i>l'Hip ■''T Ihrhhifw, «r^ 



P4>r IL 

bromuftli cj*am'Colour or rtnidinli-hrowii in m prifwt wliil«, 
io mrmi jtunirji in Kiixlninl. Allii'ni^h 1 ilo n>il kmiu- itiiil 
ihi8 lenrloiirj u. i^hAn^^ ili<? colour of lli** wiat tlunnp t\\t- 
Urvni a»>rt#i>np ia Iraiiprrunwl, yi^t U piolmMv i? »o, lui all 
hJirtcW iif i-nInHt iin' ■triKi^ty ifihi^rir*tl Jjy the hnrn-. \V»r in 
Thin form nf inhc>nTjimKT, ha liinitm] bT Iht* aoa£on^ moro 
remArb^ble iKaa iu limitAliou tj> age oV vc-jt. 

of chamdt'm t'j t>fjth anoft ie ihe cniiimmim fortM 'if i»- 
hiTitnmn*. nf li»Ji*i uith liiriw? taniituilji whii^h ilo mil prr^rrit 
Mroh^lv mnrki'd pi'Viml (iilTrTcnrrji, tin'X inrlrcd Aillt marr 
of ttit^ie. Bui chdfut'tciH »iv di>iiji'\vliut roiiiitLr>i]lj Ieumh- 
f*rM?d i-\[.'liHivol}' to thai *t'\. in xvhii:}i tfit'V Jinit ajifH^^ir. 
Amfkir c'viil^'iirc ^n this hmd hn^ hixn adviin^>i in my ni^rk 
mi ^ Vhrifltirrri untkT Ilnnic-sticalion.' Iiul a f*-* ihhl*int*<*s 
ma,v lifrru Ije f;i%«n. There art- t»ro4>(}« of Xht i^hvi'i* nml ^uL, 
in whirh tl»^ honi5 nf thr iiinir clifTir Kiviitly in «hnftt^ frnrii 
ihwy rif the fnnalf, anil iIicm^ iliffrreEH-e^, rtr<|niivil umler 
dome*il^<?ation, spd n^j^ulariy Lranimitlod In ilic r^diue *«c. 
Aa A nilc, it lA the frmnkji nlniir lit taU vrhirh jirr InrUwv 
iHpII^ ihi* fnnv^poiulin^ rnlrmr in lh*» niflli-fc ln-in^' nifcty-rfxl, 
IVjth ttiUti lirootlu of tho fowl, fhv I'haraL'ivre |>i^>(ici' to eooh 
»ci arv- tni]i^ii}ilh<i) tn ihtr fnaim' j>rii uhrric. !^i> jfriivnil idi 
thu fonn rtf irnnHmi»4iinti Th^l it i^ Hn jir>oiiiAly viv^n vnriiu 
tiniiB iu L-i^rlam hrci-iiec uro truimmLltcd cijuuiJy tu b'llh ^.\o^ 
Thf'fi* nr*' nUn trrtAin :<uJj-Ij(i*w]* nf tlit f»nvl ill wlikh thv 
niaki^ oan horOly W rlr«tinpi]Mi«-(l from ono :4T]oth4'i, wfatUt 
the r^nmlcA ditftr cuiiJ^itUrahty io culmii'- Tlitr jfL'Xi.<9 of ih^ 
jii/rvui ill tlip ]iwn'Ml-»fM"i-ip* t\(i iiai tUtttir in aiir ntprriai 
cHanKl**r; nevprt fiet*>**, in orrtain donir»tiiiitod btrri]« Ihn 
mtiW in colouring di^ta'UTly fmm the ft-mak.^^ TUt wftltle 
in tlii> Kri^]i«h TfirrirT pi^'t^on,, iimt llir uniji iri thr !*ii(tt(<r, 
arf Diori* highly dovi^lofxfl in the mnli' Ihuii ifi tin' (i'n«iJk*; 
AJi'i Al[hi>u^h lhef« dianulL-r» have hnvu iraiticil llirmigh 
1trn;;-r''tDtiiut«l 9vhH?UoTi hv iimii. tlit' vli^'lil dilT(<rr<nn>4 hiv 
twccn ihc ^ws BIT ft'^bolly cl«c to Ihr form c»f inhiTitflnre 
U'lui'h hnh jirv\Hi]tMl: fur thfj have u.ribt-[i. iLi}t fioin, bat 
ralhor in oppoiitiou to, Ibo wi*>i of tbc brcodi^r 

Jl<»t of our dcnicstic r«rc^ hare bc<?ii fornitd by Hip 
ftccuDiulaiJon of many sitglit rariatiun^; and on Kiinc of 


ITS. ^u. tUv, vft uuiiW ■M«vii«s 




tP 8ttc<ve>dfie «t«p» hftTP brpn trurminiUf^ to nne »ex aloDe, 
\\ <oTDv lu both it}\^. tfi* Ktid Ml Ihb difT<>i-f<(it KroiHJi of tb« 
iir npfxin all urndntmnx In ivrfTi ;;nwt m'\iiiil diMimiUr- 
ilj Bnn ryjm|ilH.j' tititiljiriu. Inulnni^ru hitsp uln^mU tiL*»*n 
xncii villi the bivt^Jr uf itiv fiwt ani] |>il'h>ti, /iticl iiii^kr 
UAiUio iin«logouf rAfir? ar? comiiKin^ With inimal^ umkr 
iloniMtintion* lint ^'hHhrr in nnlt^ri' I tvill mil vi^iiturr 
lo «a^, one kx n^ftj l<Kic rharaotf^m proper to il, find nuy 
thuii come ■amrvhAt lo rMc-uiLIe th« opjwjniU' wji: fur in- 
stanre, the inft)<^* of toiri'* hn-t^ih of th^ foTvl huvf Inui IhiMr 
inuHuliui: tuil'TilLLrTii>J and hfickti^, Ud thf* illv^r lum'l, i\w? 
diffrrvmi* l>i-t^"-n tlir ^r^c.i may W iiiciviisii! uiulrr TlinnL-»' 
ticHtinti, AR with Hichrtii ^hcfp, in which iUo invcn hnvi* Uat 
thoir honiA. ApiiEi. I'Santler^ proper to one ^\ may hi»*J- 
drtily a^ffjuir in tht* orhi-r *ri: mb in Ihosr Mili'brrtijb uf Ihe 
fowi in uhE(<h ihn liciti: ncc^uiro upwr* v\iiU\ yoiivji;; or. a« 
in certain Polish sul-liccd*, in whkh the fcmnios, n^ there 
U nw«iii [« ln-lirvi-, ^jngiimllj luxiuirt'tJ a l'IvbI, and itul> 
»e<]titfatly traiiEfnrrcd it to th« mftTc^ All ihvift.' vu.n-t ure 
intcIJigiblc on Ihe hrpotliceiFi of penironcPi^: for thrir dv- 
[H-Hiii on llie grmmtilua oi t'«TtHiri |>Hrlh. uflhrHi^li iircwnt 
in both «cx«ii, bocomlcir- through iht' iniluciii*^ of domt*ticu- 
lion, cither dormant or d«v^]i>|>^l in cither ^jl 

TlhTV Is anv <li1Trru}l ipj^'Mion wUirh it ft'ill 1m^ cmi- 
rnnifnt lo ilrfrr 1*^ u future i-hujiti-r; nhim-ly, itli-.^tluT n 
chArac^«" nt ItrM H<\ck<pr<l in both ^^xm. c^hH Ihroiij^b 
A^lci'lion h* limilf'd in its Hpvoloimipm Xo "tip wx nlonr^, If, 
for mAttLneOf a breeder olwtTvutj that Aom* of hu pii-ytm*) 
(of vrhkU thr i?hiinictcrs« nrp UMinII> tnuirFfrrrcd in an cqiml 
di^jrp^ to both iu*Xi^) \-nT\f<\ intn paTp binp. conld he hy 
lon^; i*"li1iiHwrl selection n^&kv a lirooi^. rii which lhi> iiinTca 
alonr* jihoiiM \m* of thi« tinti ^vhiUt the frmjilfit rcmnincd iiii' 
i:'hnn)iod? 1 rill hf^n* only vny, ihnl this, ili-Mi^h pE»rlinpfi 
irnt iitif.iti^tiibIo, Wi^yld be eAtnniL'ly JilTiculL: ^'r tlu- rttlurul 
ri*»till of Lirwdin^ frtmi th<? ;ih1c'-Ij1u<? mnU'* iAiMi!<l ln' tn 
rbun^r thr whole *torJ: of lioih iipxos ti^* 1h^» tint If. h^w- 
^rer, variationB of the dcaired tint oppcari'd. whirh were 

ivm the l]r?(t liinilcd in Ihi-ir ilivrhipiNtiit in tlir iiinlr kpx. 
orv irrnlil not h« Ih* Ictisi iWf^rvUy in makiiij: a hnw\ 

jth the iwo gcxtfl r>f a different colour, 9a wd<ed hna htvrn 
effected with » HiAyjuu hreeil, in vrh\v}t Uii' riijtin hIoiec iiiit 
drcnt;«d with blnclt. In h aiinrliit* ninnnt^r, if any viimtir>n 
flppcured in a fi'iiLuk |iLgC(ja. which wu- frrvm th^ fii^l «oi- 
uiiiU linirliil in it» divrlopmrnt r^i rhc^ frmnlcfl, il wmdd I™ 
oftkv 1<j make a hmpfj irith the fcmalni atnno thu« chaructor* 





P^kt LL 

Utfd; but if Vbo rnriition waa n^t thiv i>ninnft1t]r limitccl, 
the pr<iec«s wi^iuld be fitreiuc^ly tlifficult. |rt'rhat.i4 tiupoe- 

On thf Itflathn brfxtf^n tht PerM of Dfrthji'nrnt t*f a 
Char^ifter fitiif it* Ttyirt.vmi'ixittu ht dh* Ser '/r le hiflt StJYs — 
Whv ri?rtmii chflmeters KhmiM \w inlimtoLl hj both flrn-f, 
and iilJii^r rhirjifli^m Uy futf t^\ «Ii>rn', innrrrlj h* ihnt av]c 
in which the chanoler ftivl a|i[H^An>cl. U in iv>o«t caso^ (juite 
iinknawn, \S'o caiinut rvca conjtduw why with ccrtttiii 
Fiiivbmvljt of Oil* pip^iMr Njirk Mnr, llicmgh IrHrHuihod 
tbroiifrh th? f«]Dal^> should he i.1ev«lon«d in 1h<* nmlo Al'>ne. 
AhBl?<l t'V(-ry olh^r charactri i* i^^ujilly tran^tfrnrcl to both 
s^xn. Wliy, igsiin, vHh ml^, th^ lrrf/H*r-*htfll colour 
should, wjlh rare oxccptii>ns Ijc i^evdojw'ii in tho female 
alone, Tlie xrry Hinit cliamttrr. ouc'li lLi jL'fitiriil ur >u(icr- 
nLimrmn' iiijdt'^. roIour-hlindni^M, Ac, miiv with manhiml 
hr inhcTJl*>d by the nialr^ * ftf one rarniU, fttid »n an- 
rithcr farnitv \ty thp f[?IHall^^ siU^nv. thtut^li m Wlh (*njin» 
tmnttnillcxl Ihroiigh tha oppnEilt' ii* w*ll re thT/in^rh tho 
i«amc fcj." Allhou^h w<- art Ihtia i^norunl, the twi> follow- 
ing nilo* ■CTTU Hfli-ii Ju hol*l miiiil — llmt tunAlii>i]<i uhirh 
flnil apponr T/t i»ithor tpx al a Ulo pinioi] of lifr, frnd li> bo 
developi<(! in i\w uiuie t^x a]oiii.<; wliilftt varialittne u|iit;h 
l^rnl afipeur t'zirlv in life in cithi-r ffi. IpthI fii Lr- i]i-Tf'Tn|HMl 
in M|h fpx™, i am, howi^rrr, far from nip|wiBmi: thul this 
la tho flnlf* ilf^t'.'niiinmj: cA^ne. Ab f ha**' Dof cUrwbrrc dia- 
(^unorl thii iiibjwt, anil a* tt hav an impnrUnl biairinjr on 
ioxumI (H'locfior, I mimt hc« cnlrr into icnflrthj ftnd aotne- 
whftl Intricule delaiK 

Tl i« in ity^ir |iTcibaUc tbat any t^hnntctCT nppotrin;; n1 
nil rarly Ag:c wo^iW (end i*> be inhcritcfl <?n^'"^lT ^y Mh 
w*:ipft, fi>r tl»o ff 11^ dn rril dirrf truidi in ermaliliitiott b^foro 
th*^ pnwf*r of rqirodnction i* puni**!. Cn thi' otb^r band, 
nffrp thiw p'>n'cr ba» bei'n £Dine<1 bh-I llic w:(w hav^ er>roc 
to difri?r in c^Dntftitution. the g^mmnTe^ (if ! mtj again u«» 


fdlbtmpfiM»frr«rliJt biH Snn tilfltTv 

•0 rt|-c*i«i™J ft I'TOpbrr jin Mr Ti'irM- 

fom in |4ni'TnB, nf thn tnnMnlM^irittt^ 
v^l'jiir V'^'>'^*ft «Wio.ABd lliafiMiii*' 
tjiTi ikf ft vu^-tirrnl vilh ihl" f hlirw>- 
Wr. In- Mr*^ "tt I" II plnjfotar ritrum- 
•inn ihil Mr Dnrwin aheuM bftv« 

l)if HiFtiifit rolnjn. of mViI« b> « rnurvt 

Jim ■«■ 1(1 i^mnri^r rn/ Uifv^ fm^ TbU 
I hitfl rtUmt; t*v^ U iJ EVEiijirliftt-lQ 

* RDfcrTTm* art' ri 'Ml ria iiiy ' VariH 
Ttrvi of AmimftU under DoimMi<iiiticiL,^ 

rn*!-. MIL 

»EXUAL ^EI4ffTl-l()X, 

Iho Un^ni*^ of paDgriK«i#) vK\c}\ an? cart olT from vmili 
varjiiii: wH in Iho one fcjt uriiulJ be miii^li mcin? likrly ti 
puvniK ihv prr>[H-r ufTiHilii'* fi.r Tiiiillnx wiih l\u* tiwLi<09 nf 
\Uv Himr %os. find thu.4 bocomTnjc itcrclopetJ, thai uitli thi**; 

1 WA* llfst Ic'i.] to in{**f Ihur u ivtutum nf this kind exutnj 
from Uk« \tt% lliut ulit'itrVrr Ami in wlmtc^vr mioiiikt Ihe 
•dull niak ililTrit inmt llit^ ncluU fi.'Timlr, Ik- OiiTfr? in Ilii< 
n«i« fiunnr^r frutn lli^ voLkii^' of Loth m-w^ Th^ ^tEierulity 
of thb fwi in quilr rrnirtrhnhk: il holilx goi>1 vith almost 
nil RinnmtnK bir<]>. iimiihiliiaiiM. hiiiI flH^it^H; t\lm with riiHny 
crurilBOFanH. «['itlf<rvi« amJ MTit(3 fi^u' ini*M-l#^ ciich ov ocrliun 
urtho|jL-ni ami l(l*rlli[lii". In nW Ihcic tiuim Ihr ramtion>, 
ihroiitfh llir fti-i'iiTiinlj|i(in .i( v,\i\vU i\w ma\^ ac-(.ii)irt<iJ Lk^ 
j>pr*I*cr rjtJuciLlirt <iLHrfl*'T*»*, iiiuwi huvu oc'tiirnvl ul u uom**- 
wfial lulL- pt-rinti of lift: ntln'rwisi* Ihr ynimn mnlcr- wnul'l 
huvr Ih-i'Ii nimilnrlv <'hjirsrti-riffi-<1: nn^l ixinfmnml^lv wiili 
oiir rali>, the ranaltonA arv tr[ii]riiLitl«ii lo zLU-t ■kvutiifx^d in 
ihe 44!ttU njulrt aloni'- Whrn, on thi- oilier bnrul, lh<' miiilt 
mall* c^li*M'ly ri'npnilili>« tIip voiirtg nf Wli -irH'a Mhptf^ witli 
nu^ oxoeptioiuii, bcin>r aJiKO)^ he p«tiera11y rewinLli.^ the 
«tluU fi-iiiitio; anc) in ni^Mt nf thnr olhi-* Ihr vnrialinttfl 
ilir<iii)£h whioh ilip vonng and ^^W ai^qnifv^) tlioir pri'a'iit 
clinracl^s, |>ri>lohly »j<TUPriHl, nr^oitlin^ to cur ruk-, itiirinK 
yiMiUi. Ititt Iht-rc IK here r*Kim fur ilimht.. fi>r rlmnnltrm sk' 
ftnmrlimrri tmntifprnd lo iln* nffuprinj/ al ati ciirlur iikt thun 
IhiC al u^iicli lhi.7 tfi^t ai^fKihrct.] in tlic fiuivrtt^ pu (hat thr 
irni-'nt-i iiLuy Imtf ^ntini ntirn JiOuUt "uO fuui' frziti-^ri' 
Xhair charwiere in Ihi'ir ntTaprm^ whilial yoiinif- ■riiiru' ur"-, 
nwr^ofer, ciaDy animals, in whiL-h th*? two st^^ofi thiecly re* 
wtiiUli' pncli ntliiT, 411*1 ypt iKith ililTt?r frurii Uieii' young; 
ind h<>r« tht» chntnrtprc of the ndnlts^ iiiiut hnvL? bcvn uc* 
qiiirrd late in Hfoi di'vl-i-iUH *'■*'. Iht^ae elinnnli^r*. in nppur- 
*nl coiilrtLi1i>"tion In cnir rulr, iin- Irrtn-tft*rrf*il U> hoth ■^I'ies. 
VTe ninrt not, howrTtr, ovi-Hook thf |w>snbilily or <n-tti pruh- 
ability of tumr»five tAriulioiih i.f tli*' ^Arttf nalurv orcur- 
Hnj^, iimltr ^iijicivurr Ij> ^iiiiiltir rMrulilinriH. Mtniirll^iifniHly 
in lK»th M-ira flt a rathnr lute prriojl i^f lift*; jind rii llii-t vav<* 
Lbe rariatiijiip wmM lit- IraiipfetrHl tij Xhr otT^i flint: *if In'lh 
atXM at n viirrw\n.^tuiinit Ul<- uni'i nnd there wi'mhl rJu-n Ik« 
no tvfll mnlrniliction t^) the nilr flint viiTiiilinn^t oct-urrini! 
NU in life are Iransfrrred eirlaciMly to thr m^^ in whiot 
ihw fir<t apiioAroTl^ Th.i» laiti^ rii'*' ft'^^nip lo linhl tru* 
iDffre (cent^Mlly than the pcconiJ oni^. nnmi'ly, Ihat vannti'^n» 
ivhidj oecyr iji dLh&r t*i early in lifir 1*n'l lo hn truuaf<rr«i 





P&feT IL 

to botli *cxc8. An it vnf oliviottAl> impowSle ertn to o«ti- 
mak> in hi>u hr)^u a nuiDlik^ of i^ni^m tlirniiL'hnui tlir »iiinial 
kiiij^ilmii tiwiti^ 1u^ prvipciPittoiL* held ^'<ii>a. it oocnrred t^ 
iijt- lo inri^tijfutc rutin* ittnlcintc w cracuki iiutttiuvn. uiid 
To rflv fni llii- rt'AiilL 

All o\i.i'll«Dt cade for tnv^etiffation it atTordod bj tho 
DoiT fnniily. In alt Uie sjictH'*. l>ul ont\ tl»^ hwiiH rtrc <3t*- 
vi'U)}niil imly in lliir iTiiiIris iJun]|rh <Yitjiiiily 1mn^mittr->l 
Uirou;;!] i\w fi.^ruaJc*', nnd iftpflljl<* of almnnnnl <li>\-itlniirfio-nt 
in tiii'tii. ItL Ihr ffiuiltvr. on Uit oIIkt liuiid. tJi< (riuak* 
\h prnviiW witli horn*: m lUrtl m llii* i«]M-i:iw, tht liornn 
ou^hti aceorilm^ to our nilo, to appour oarly in lifu, lon^ 
bc-ffirt- Ibe Iwij tviva arv insturv aud tia>r €uin« to dJfTcr 
much in Lnrtutitnlicn. In ull Ihe other spedes the horns 
ij\^;£lil To a]>(h>tr later in life, v:\uch would Ivod to Ihoir dc- 
ttT[ifhiiietkt in lliai vex aIuiio. in riliioli ihi^y firM njif>parM 
in iIk' pn>xpiiitor nl Iht- v,-hv\s^ h'fiuuly. Now in »^v^n «pe- 
ci":». JiolfkiiffinK lo <!ijtind i*rclion)» <ii tlic fnmily tmJ lu- 
liahLliny <!JIT*'n.^i)( ri't'Ji'nt-, in whiil) t3if> stii^« iilone W^r 
horiK, I lind Uut ilu* honm Jtrnt 4{>fii^iir at iKinudi*, loi^m^^ 
froru nine mfnitli:* oft^r birlH in the tocWk to ti*n. Iwclvt? 
or ovpr mt^ie iri'inthH in ihe «tflg« of thp six nlh^r mul Ur^rr 
t^pvc K'^/^" But U'Llh Uio ix'iiiilL^r Uiv ca^t> ia widely dirfcrtrnt; 
for, n> t heft]- froni IVof. N'ilMinn, who kindly inmle ftji«ciflt 
en<|Tiirii'e f-^r n^e in l^iplnnd, llip hm-MH Rpni>nr Id t\\v yoiia^ 
uuitiiuls utihiu lour i>f iivv wctkn aflor Nrrtn, ond at Ihe eanK- 
tiiTu- ill IhiIIi M-\tr^ S<i timt hi-rp He !m\T' ji fclrui-l.tin\ dt^veU 
opc-il ul .1 moiit uniiBLmUy vurly agp in on? fpeeitii' of lhi> fam- 
ily. »tid ljk«vi0e «onunoa to botb B^xts iu tliin one tfp<vitfn 


In i^evora] kindt of untclo]>f«, only the nialt-H aro pro- 
vidtd with horuri, whilst in Uiv ^rf^ltV oumlx»r Wli w?xc« 
Lear liiirn*. With reKpt^W (n thi.* perirtd nf df-vebiirment. \lr. 
Illylli inrnrtnv niD that ther« vr^t^ at r>ne tinic in Uk' Xonlojci- 
ifll (Jnitl^n^ a joun^ koijdoo Mnr n/rf/wiWrflit), of utiich the 
f[HiU-i ftl'>ru? lire honw«]» uiul uUo tlu» y^mriff of n fllowly- 
ulla-il npecies, ttic eUnd |Jfl/, orpt]#t> in whidi b-rth i>es«i 
Arc horntJ, Now it tb ui Hlricl eonrorniUy witii our rule, 


* f iiu muoli iVkflf H] Ilk \\i C?ii|fpl«i 
fVr htiliiti ]o*>)a uniiuLrn* iVpt rat In 

?iiUf)4Eiil fruii\ Mr ft-ir>*ru(iii, Uir 

fnlliviv -Jnr, L hnr* bo ilkUik Ur 
ElitaD Aikl i4ti»ni f'Tirtafiwiijaiim Pot 

!JM; ■ij'l for ihtf 1?. r*ry»>irinw uid 

■airin I'riiiiirri^iit 

IliUwm AfMd- of 

Z«Dk«. Sac' icf «T, PL T4I. 

of r««ru, ■« l.Jeirt, H<«t«Tl, 



that in th<; rnuTijt f^^lc kofidiM, Altb'>ii]fh \tn jiUimi\\A old, 

Euitct5 AUainin] br lh<>m: wbll-'. in Ihn j^ung niaf^ rlnml^ 
aJUioti^h o«iJ) lliivc luonthA M. Hk bornn WL^re ^Ir^dr vcrj 
Ditic^ liurj^t Ihnn in thr koivW. U in iiIhi a ndlireiiMt! 
tic\ ItuI ill the pT*-n^-hnni*vi aiiUJopo,** only n fow of Ihfl 
femAk«, iliutif our lu fi^c, Savi* horziA. aiul thv«c fire Id a 
nKlime-nUry ■lute, IhmiMh vumTHmi-n nUm^ r<Hir im-lh-i l*nig: 
so tliat a>^ for a^i cini'rrnt ihf> |:<Ui^(«^oti hf litirnc l\v Ibu 
uialtn aWf, lliM t|irci<f_* is ill «in iulermeiiiat^ lOiKlitiou, 
niiii ihi- )i"nt« fl>] iioi Lijiptur wMA alicmi livt* i>r ni.v iimiitli^ 
aftsr biilli. 'l^crrfoh^ in coii;|)«nH>n iritti wlmt liUb vo 
know of tlie (lvii.-lo^iiii-ai. uf Iiil' horji» in olhcf aiitcLopoSt 
aiid from rlui wi* tlo kiiou' viih rwiiM>ci lo th^ horns of 
dtxr^ catU«t &C-* 1hn«(? of Iht^ proie hcimfni nDtcLopo aj^^ 
{tear at un int^nrtHtiali' jt^rjoi) iif Jiffk — thai 114. not vprjr 
oarlj, as in uaUlt aud Hhf<«|f, nor ivrv \aie, oa in the larger 
dr^r and nnt'^lnpni. 'i'lic li<iniK of tLhrc<],i» |E<^aE!(. and raLllc, 
Khivh an- wHl cli'^frlujuii m U'lli fi?ic*, Ohhi^U not *|mU 
oijuaI in ei£L'. <iiii lu fi'li. trr i.Mrn «4H-a. ai trirlh or «oon afl«r- 
rtdfd*-** (Jiif rule, hiHTCTPf, ■wni* to fnil in so«n^ bnr^i ai 
^liwp, for tnfllATirp merinnM, in vhlf-h Ifie nimii aXimp nrt^ 
Ikcmod; for I cnimot tind i>ii tmiuirv.'* that Uie horn^ are 
dLTVt'lopn) IntPT in lifp in tliU ItirM than in oii]innr> rihrep 
in tfiuoli bolh ft?irw arc liomi^il. lii^t with d<inu'Hli<'atfHl 
ahcop t]i« pn.;teiK<: ur uImiei^ of lionu ip not a. finuly lUcd 
(-Imnu Ivr; for n rrrljtiii ] import i<«n uf Ihr ni^-Tiiui ■■m** ln*ur 
AiiiaU hontf. anl KOinv' f^f xUk- r^uit^ &tv< tiiirnke^; and in mofit 
brtv<ti )i<jm)f:rw <ti« an' cnx'Qrti^rtiallT ]»r<idiJCt-»3. 

!)r. W. MAr»in!l Unt- Iciti-ly itiudi- n tpoi-jfll itiidy of Ihi- 
prohiWnim't^ mi i-^^iniuon on tUtt lii>adr of bird*,** and he 
L^umtti (o die foUiiwtnic ct^ncltiniiaj: — that with Xhaw ape- 

■ AiiBifia/ </ VcrtflirtlciiJ toL iii- f. 

■■ I '4B«* Ijhu aaKurr-l |>iA( iba hunjv 
al y»r aliicf Ell ^citL Wtl^v fpe ivJ 

•ay* U Ml, (onl 11^ MinrtinrfH t^m 

fiivtifil'CfK:* iif iLl- fruulal IfCtric In oal ' 
thai iJif t.^n\j mtfur ta yVifi aufnKl 

■illi mpwl Iff Elit pir^ilii" t1,\x'\i M 

AffiD* the >*, lion^vpr. h Iip«r4 ml 
*hniJ Ifl whltfli. ^ villi EurrbtfiL iIib 
nrdtBlfiDD t«Mr IviTiin ! «(i-l Mt, WLa- 
«Ana R«wl« liifwn III* ihAi fn on« 

live sNtrrrnl It* him. « y^HH '*t^ 
Kirn f'ri KpIv IfHh, tlp*it alKUV*! hiirhii 

in *>niff-nii\ij y'iiii ii>lf , ilm fl»»*l'>p- 
manl of thv liiiTTiB n.'\'iiiTrxl itaLitri 
ptTli>J oV lll*r [Jjflii in Wrtl-(i tlitv^i, In 
wlj'uh bolk Ktc* *fT< h"mvHl. 

lAbdWahatt Ankiv fbr 3Liri<1Vtfiv,' Ban'^ 







pAst n. 

cion in which thvy art confined to the males, they arm 4«vcL- 
o^H-tl hiv ill life: wh<'rirHi4 with thi:i4i> sLjjiHTiffl iii i^liii^h llu-j 
■re oomujdB lo the- two yexu*, Ihry juv Ui?VL-lu^h?U ui a vcjy 
cflf!> pcrwl. Thw id rcrUiitlj a Atrikiiig cnntimutiou Kit 

my Iwo IrtWkJ of JiihrrilnjuT. 

In uiost of lli*^ fe|>ocn!tf i}i Ihi* a|>li'mliJ EitmUy of thr 
Ph«iu<itutA, ihr [»a]o,4 ililfirr ^o^lpi<-Ul:m^iy frt^iii thu frniak^. 
am] Ihf'V :u-t{iiin- Ihrlr ikniniiii'Tils nl a rathiT Iflif jKTioil uf 
lif^. T1u> varoci (^^jtiimmi {Crwtnoptihn aanlvm)^ howcv^T, 
utTcrH u I'diinrkalilc i-*mv|iUc>ii, for bolli nt^xrn ytitM-tts Ihe 
Ajir rniifhil jjlLiim'K, iht' Urgi> rar^ltifl* and Ok- oriiuak>n 
vdv<?t ubi>ul tlic iK'iid; [ Umi lliut til! Ihi-?c' thnrn^Ur^' ftp- 
pc&r vi:<ry turly in lifi? in ni'i-itnlniuc nilh nili', Tlic mhjit 
mnlp can, hnwpvpr^ 1h' fliAtiiiguiNht'd fri>m the arinit fL^inato 
by the proatuo** of npnrM: ami foTifommlily with c»ar rule, 
Ulpm< ilij ui>t iH'Kiii 1*1 lie Jrvi1ki|Jt'ii lii'forp l.hi> U]^- rif nit 
monliiK ii^ I ONL iL^j^urni.! by Mr Hurlb^lt, and t^vim at this 
ftge, lln^ tW'j ftL-it-a cun Ijinlly U? ilifti in>,niiflhrd.*' Tiio male 
Mild frnrnti< IVHrix-k dJITi^r niiiKpir'LXrUKly from vnrh olhrr 
m alnif^i't iivj?ry imrl of thvir pliiniii^o. excq^t in tho ek-gant 
heaii-trtfil. wltitri in ro^nmou io Wth M<-\t«; and 1hi« in dt-' 
v<?lojinl viTy i'nrly in lifi\ Intin bi-rorc Ihi- oLhiT cirniirmmU, 
tthuh aro L^ji)fkni.<d lii tlic jualon Tho wilil-iUict filKre nu 
anrtli.»K'JU» I'ikMv fur tlu- LehuUfiil nr*'<'n six-tiihiiu i*u tin? 
wing* ii: rfmnnon to licrth tvxvt, llmii^tli diilh-r and »iiiimo- 
lA'Iial ^molkT *o llio f*^iHa!*.\ and ii is {lovcliiju'd raily in lifoi 
whilst \W' cui'hii Uiil'f™lln'is uiul ullitr onianiT'iiln nf the 
malu wrt dcvolupod laUr.*" Hi^hu-on iiiiHi t-xtri*iiii.* i-flja»i of 
c]o6c sexual rc^L-iiiblancc and wid^: disHiniilariiy. M' Uioec of 


** In bhf< wmrnnti hwiDgli (/far* 
man. II Mini 1wlli «ni» uF tbe Jqvii 

lliUJ4:i: 1 fully rii>irt«) tlmt LL tlie 

«Li!t«ln|tr'l r«fl)itr In LiTp than In Umt 
vnjiijjhuj pv-w-'ui'V , hui M. Hciri «f 
AiniConJtm infnriiiia ntc, llitl wjtii 

aiuir Wftlii uf (hfl T^rovluiiji jvnr> of 
h Apftilai^ (i>jiif<pTuii 'Xk A}>ril lltriJ. 
HflO. ln»*4 «•■■ nni .tiili-ranrr In nirt 
dpvvlupii)iiiiluri]i<:' ipyie*. Tlio*|inr', 

I fir**»in« that I "KnulJ Ki^a t>Hi> id 
foPbiO iftny .M1>ri-iiii<« In thr r«t>« i-l 

dvTii|L»jini(UA liiiJ Lir*ii ut'M'T>t<i nA- 


* In A-kinc 'itlirr bih^Ih nfOi*" I'lii'k 
IhtaUj ttiu ^^ivputLiiii dJUvfv in ■ f i««l' 

ft •Irgtv.' ill tliL- 1«o trxv* ; bul I liava 
iiiiT }iciMi htU lit ■llhE'i<^i'^ hhrll'cnr ila 
I'lkll i^-VQln/PkfiiTiL >■ •■Uin Ivlii iji rir« tn 
ihi. iL»fl1ii' uf HULili p^icciK. klmii ill Ui« 
mtili' irf lilt* i-nnjirii-iii iliiL'k, hPk oir^hi 

EhU Iw Ihfc fUC ■Ctv^Jlitf Ii> HtUI PUlf. 

Wjih Ihr K\l't\\ Uf^vt<ff>fi<tf%, •* 

liiiVe,liuvtvor,A cue I'tUnr kimh L)ju 
iwn ivtu Jiffur cuivpk'ui-iuBU in ^ii- 
fial plumit;rr^ iln* tii « o«i»»l«li^rfl*i|# 

il«ClTV id a**.' "l-vculuili. Vl)lL'.']j irk jPllH 

VkliUfi In i»4K imi^P %u-X ifTvyiJivivMla 
Lit fKi' lirnAUv >\.iU' Ihi* >Liuiitf iiiklu 
4L tlr<i inOivly rv>4^i)'l4' On- rt'iii»it*. 
■ijil fh^»- 11 irri'ji»h urhin- P|ii*Liiiliiin. 
■vliirli liii'fiiiM^ |jur« uliilv al nk) oiT- 
livr nifi '\\^n 1K«1 «( wlii^'li (h* aJu^t 
iimln iiiqukri* bi* r}|hiir vid iiioio 

-«« Au^ulxjh. ' l.iniklJi4t|pictJv1 Ulogm- 
\i\iy* ti>l. liin iMAi Vl^ mI*1HI. 



Otur. Vtll. SEXITAL HKLKLTIOM. fi^l 

tW Cro«80t»tilork aiu] pcocock, many intcrmwliaU on«« couM 
W ^Jvi'tL. Ill wtitdi Ihe cliiUHctt-m fullow uur Ivo rul« iii 

;\& tn<)>4 in^.vt* cnKigr from Ihc mipcl fitai** in n ma- 
tun* ruiiililiiJEi, it 19 i]i]u)itful u'liiitliiT uie [XTiod itf <levt-lop- 
im'nt t'iin dtttniiirii.' Ihv triiiMfu'ivncu cjf Unir fharucli-'ni to 
<ilit or i*> Wlli *ex<fl. Hilt wo <\yt not knikw Hint lEu' c('li>urnl 
Krjilis, frrr iutiL&Jii.t', in twu *<|>t^'iL'Fi of biJllL'rllitrt. iu oiii.' of 
whicb Iho McxcH ililTrT m t'-ilour, whiUt iu llie othcT llu-v 
■re alike, aro d^-T^ldiwcl nl the name rclniivc ^Li^* in the 
cncHH^b. N«r i1o U'l* kiwtw ulLettier all t)io m«1{*'4 aro niiinil- 
ltuK<iu»tj^ dL*vd(»|>i![l on thf ^'inp« ot Iho uutiv AfwyieM of 
UiUrrl^y, in which ctrlnin c*»lfiim*ti mArkr< nrt mtifiMtl to 
oriu M-x, whiUc ultiiTH mi' L-nrEinniL in liofli t^e^ey. A dilTiT- 
pnco flf ihit kiml in tht ji^nod uf Ui'velojiBt^iit ia not >o 
iiitpri.r1^lk- a* il ma_v ot ffii^t ii|i[t<-ftr; for with thr Mrlhop- 
Im, lA'liiL'h BMumi^ Ihoir ji.IuIi iiii iml h\ n Mn^lct mcta- 
miTjihi^PLS but by a ruci*' nn i MLHulty-, Iho joun^ niaK<B 
tif A>jnii! hiH.'L'iefr Hi /Si>l rewinbk- thr frm/ili'*, ami i[cmnre 
their itiHttnt^live maicuhne characli?r»^ onlj nt n lAl^rr imnilr. 
Htnctlj oiinloj^ou* au*tv incur At tht; tfiiccu^ivo moulta uf 
oprtain male c-rustac'i'fins. 

\\'^ ha^L* M jC'l L'onflnWtHi tho iran»fi?reTioe of rbnractprs 
n-ktitx-ly to tlicir |jcrio<l <?( di'^rlnpTucnt, oTiJy iu flpvciL-a in 
a nnlural «Ut^^ nt' wil! ijnv limi tn iftpiui-slii-fLtcil niiiiimK 
ftnd tLn<t tout'li oil moiitftruvtilK'S nnd <l:bicAH0t4. TIk^ pr^«enc« 
ftf miicnmtni^rjiry iliuit^, iind tbt al>M-ntr^ of certain j»ha- 
Ijiu^k-K, imint \\r t]t'U>nn\:ttt\ hI an cnrly nntirynnir pt^ri™!^ 
tb*-^ tt-'tidvnoy tM jjfuriiEt' bWdiir;^ ip at k^Qi!^t (<on^i^n[tul, aa 
iff i^jbftblj c»lc>kir-bl[nilm^K4 — yil IIicko ixcii linn ties, niid 
olbtT Miniliir ntK*. nn* nftfn limitf*!! ir tln>ir traTieini49)oii 
to oi» ee:s; fto chut tlit- rule tbat cbomctom, developed at 
an v»r]y penm). irnd tci In' trLiii:<znitli'(l in Iri^itli tipxi-fi, ]u^rr 
wholly fflilu Unt thJH niW, nn Moro rejtiark«>d. d*j*^ not 
•ppwir Ui lit^ nearly so iroiKnil act Un? **t>nvcrw* nnc, nHiutly, 
that character* whiVh n}rfi4'fj] hilt- in lif^ in unn i^i'ii nn^ 
1ran«mtt*'*l f^rluaively to the saiiiy bi'K. Frcim tIk- fail of 
Iho nimvo abnoni'^kl pi^fuIittHticj^ hivnminif attoohinl to one 
«f\. bii^' bi-foM- ilu H£*xiJjil funi'tin^fi ujv nHivp. wr iwiiy 
infpr thai th^ro mn*t b* eoniv dilforenoo botwi'(?n tho *(?i<*8 
M an exlrvra*ly e.arly a^e. With rwppct io KrKijnlly-ltnult^d 
ilJMOMTK. wi? kncm Ino littb- itf thr p*»rJod nt ^v^hirh Ihvy 
iingi&At»» to diaw any eafe eonolnaton. Goal, however, 
sctrma to fall niidcr *>iir nih-, for it Is ijtntTally cjiuhl-U by 
tnt«inp«Taiic« duHrig nmnhixid, and h truniimilti-d from ibv 




PxtT a 


fttHor to his eonn in a much mor^ msrk^d manner than to 

his diiitulitcre. 

th(t Jiialcv i]ilTi*T tnnii 1li4'ir r«»i;jh«rliv<» f«ni3W in thf ^IiApv 
or dcvL-bjiiiKHt of Oioir honib, fureljtad, iiuin**, ilt-wU|». laiL 
ami Ikumji on tTit* tiLifulilt'r*; and Lhtw |HHiiljHrilifH, in al-- 
curdiLMct; wiUi our niL, are not fully (Wt^Lopcil until u 
rathor Utc i>friod of life. The bokca of do^ do nut dilTor, 
i>JiL<('[il Llint ill ciTlniii lin^rdn, f<H[>i<[.-T]i]l> hi llie ScuU-li divr* 
Jinntid, tlic tniiltf 14 nuti^h tur^'vr ami hi^avicr than Iho fc]iLal&^ 
aiiii. LI8 ue «hall sco in a fuhirr^ rhupler, the mali^ tsoc* on 
JiK'ri'flviiLf; iJL liiy.i^ Uf »h uitUMiully laLi< jMriml (if life, which, 
ot'conlirtg to rub, will lucount for hin inori'iuit'tl ftixc \mnc 
tran^ri^ittod to hii^ mnl<^ ofT*prinji: nionr. On the other hnna. 
the torti>ih4>^he]l i-ulutir', uhji-li iu r.^itilined to ffiiiiih* taU, 
i» qtiitv ilialintt ut 1>irth, and Una i^\Xiv vi^luti*^ tht^ rvilu^ 
Tliere is a hived of pi^on* in whicli the uinli* alone na* 
streaked with hlflck. And rhe strenka can h*' del^et(*il <*v<'n 
in Iht uodlJiug^; but thoy hcuunif mttrt^ CHjriS|neiiouB ut eaeh 
succeasive mtmlt^ *o that this cojie [mrlly r)p(»onc,H uiid parltj 
fupportfi the rule. With the Knglith t.'nm<>r find Puiitor 
|}i^eonf, Iht? full di.'VLlo|.<iu(?!U ut the \^altk- wid the crop 
ot^cum mtiuT Life in lift*, uiul r^mifonurLldy with thi< riilt!, 
theao character* art- tranftmined in full p'tfr^'iicn lu tho 
malcit iklonc. The follgwinjf t^a-ie^ po]-ha|j0 ci>iikt.' vvithiu thO 
claw prpviouely athideil to, in wiiieli t*nth win* h»ve vitrinl 
in Uie wnjc tnaniur at a rathi-r lati- pcriud t>i life. amJ tiave 
eonwquenlly traniirern*!] their mm- chnrm^trr:' Ut hotli sexes 
at a rompflpnnding l.iJi* |ieriai: and if an, Ih^r e**U'fc *ire 
mit i)f*|H'kKL<d [o our riiU-; — tUoro exiHl auh-brciilp of the 
])igei>», defcribed lj> Neiimeisler,"^ in fttiirh hoili tvxta 
chancre th^ir oolonr dnring two rr Ihrpc nujiiltii {ua w |jk<i- 
wiK^^ the r»Hf with Ihe Almond TvinililLr). inrvt-rlhidtTHe. theviti 
clini^jLTi-h. lliiiugh iH't^urrirk^ jjUher hiU' in Lifi% an* conmiim 
Xo \nt\h wie*. One vflHely ^>f the C^anapy-hird, tinnipJy ll^e 
Ixmdon Priiic, otitisi a tivtxriy luuiuj-DUB ca»e. 

With the IhiiHnl^ of thi' Fowl the ndLerilanit- of ^^tioub 
charaoterft by on? or 1}oth Hej^i>«, Rp^mn genertklly rletcrmimuj 
\jj tUi^ pwiofl at which *)uth cliaratlt'ra art dtvilo;»Ld, Thua 
in all the many lirtH^^lrH in whirh Ihi- ^dull iimU-dilTei^ ^'reutly 
in i-tjhiHr (roni th<' fk-rualo, a^ welt nu fniin thr wihl |mroHl- 
apecu'K, lie ditTer* uU<> from thi.^ yuuiif: t[iak\ ^*' thut the 
iivwljk'iu'ijuii'ed i'hiLJiii-li-ni iniiAt hair iiptjeart'd a1 zi rullier 

tear, •■ H, U. F» Vh om or Uia pi^foa vayatfcur Uti^r: l<4a.\ |L S7. 


late fwriod of Uh; On ihv ofl^rr hoiid, in m^ of Uic brt<i\Lf 
ill wliirh thr tno m<xi7 t(->i-[[ilj1»< i<m-li olln-r, (lie yoiiii^ aiv 
rrkliiiiTvtJ in ntwrly tiw ^mv Mnnn^r a^j their parvtiu, uml 

ivirlv ill iirr. Wi- lm\r' iuMjinn-ii nf t!ii» fnct in oti IJaj^k 
iinJ u'htlii iiriHxt, hi viildi Uit* vfiun^" and ijld of bi»lh H-^icrt 
jirt aliki'; lu^r taii it Iw lUHinluiiitit Ih^il ihrro i* **>m'.-(litn;; 
p>mlnr in a hUc-h nr uIliIj- |iluTFm^v, whlrU lemU iv \U 
immfmvncv io iHiih m^xiW'; for iLi^ iiiaK<'^ uIuik* of iiuiuy 
naturii f-jrvclut are eitlj«r tlsck <ir wlhtr*, tlti* fcnmli-A Wng 
illlTLTrnil; iviIouwiL With th* Hn-^-fllli'd i.'iickiM* HTilvbr^drt 
vf Hi* firtrl, in whivh th# fcmnK-r>< are iPunDipVMvlj (r<>uc'ilW 
with JarL stri^n-*. \toih Bcira and lln- cliiikriLt un' njioiiml 
ID umHy Ihi' Hiine iriiiniitr. Tlii* \ncn\ ptiim>i^r< of th? 
Si*fc»ni;hl hnntitm w* th** wiiiK' m bolli scv*?*, uikL in t!ii' yo(jn^ 
ciiicki'ii:^ the iviii^'-ft-'ullLi-r? arc iltsMrn'tU'. Iliituj^li iiit|iMrri^k'lly 
lao^. ^fibnj:lHl HainburgM, hnwovor^ oilrr u |inriml pt£fi> 
li<>n; for ttu' Iwa wsc*-. Iliod^rJi not qiiil'.' uljkr. lYvtiEiUe 
tatli wlLer iiLurc iliMi-lj tliuji ilo the nir* cjf tlir uliorigiiml 
pAr«llL<4|(H:i««; 5'cl Ih^T fflr[|uirif th^^ir c^lLara£-l(>r]#tic^ jiluiaitge 
late in life* fot tfK^ chitkt'rif ait: <listiiK-liy iieDL-Jllod. With 
rv8|kr(1 lu othtrr cliarHrli-rn tr-(iifi.*i i-rjliiiir, in Iht* n'iliJ-[MirOTlt 
ri|}ociT« n:u\ in nuMt of the dornrsiii* t>r(>f'[|ii, tho mtilm alono 
noM<** A mll'di'VrlopL'J cojub: but in llie vovjiii: v»f the 
SfwntFtli (iy»} It i« l^ir^t-ly i1i<V{'l'i[>Hl n\ a very i-iirlv u^'^-'. lUiil, 
in iLccordanc-k? vilh tlni^ rjirly <itfT(«]o)Ji[irni in th^ mnlc, it 
ifi of iinunuhl ?<ijH- ill tbt mJuU f^'itmlL'. lu lli« Gauie breeds 
]iu^fidcity U (]cvi>!r]|u*il ot n wr>ndtrf)jlly ^arly fl^e. of u'liioh 
Ciirirnifl pronf* could lie givr-n; imd t.hi* charnolcr ii^ Imrd- 
mitlMJ C(i lji.ftli }4exi?. eii titbit llie bens, fruiii llivir e\treiiia 

(injfnw^'ity, orn now j^orK-niDy exliibited in 4i']>flrttie |)»?na, 
^'ilJi tilt PoHdi brwd?* the h'>Ti> pr<ituhrrnncr- of the skiJl 
vTiioS ^iijifHjj'ls llif ireft ih |mi"iirtlly di'v*'lij[*f'd tvcn iM-fure 
Ihi' i-lnokrriK nrr* hntvlivil, ami tlio (tlhI itaolf floi^u be^,'iiu 
lu Kru«, tbongh at fire!- frnbly; '" Jind in rhin hrcfd the 
udiilF^ ftf hntfi H'Kf^K »n< I'Lura (.-tended by a ^ivat bony pra- 
tnl>«mnoo ani an immpact^ i!rt*i. 

Mmilly, from wtml ui- have now ween of the rflatJon 
vrldcii cxiste in mony nahmil v|j<^ciiv and donietitii'aivd raccfi, 

" flit fvU imli-JularT* aekI fr-rVivfikf • rtvpr I to ihn liiflmr nn'uniiK tin mk 

ana] J 1h«*<- |--'JijU if^-gic'Eiij^ e^a »«- iiui -lill'.-n-iii't'b vN.<-h hutr nrni'il im- 

ffsl r<fivb of tJic TutfL i»^r ■ Virlii- ilp^r iI-iimiiraiMm mi Ji*;iibvii Uiil» 

t^unuf AniTnkln (Hid ?luil-> tuAvt \}v miuc vrtrk under tbt bfwi of «i0h 



:^4l fUB DBSCKNT OP MAN. Pimr tl. 

between ihi* pcrimT nf the tleVL-lopmt^nt of tUmr chantcXcn 
and tlw luaniTT of thflir fninsxnisniori — ftir oxamiik, the 
AtrikinK tmi of lUc «rl> growth of tlic hi>riw iji Iht rtfiii- 
deer, in wliirh IhiIIi ni'X«< Iwnr luiriitf, in ('iitEijiiirimHi with 
lliLir much Uu^r ppoutli in iliv othdT iip4id«f! in which The 
inalc nlcinc bcoiB boruH— wp may cont-luae that L>m, tli^ugU 
not th^ aili-* niiiiir <»r t'bimii'Ii-m tjtiiri^i: i-nluwivi'Iy (nlu^ritni 
bv <>nf> riC*]c, ii^ their il^^vtlopnif^nt at a Idtn ugv. Ami Hf>t'miiily, 
Imit <HJt, UiiiUf'h fti>[wueiilty a Irbs I'tlk-ieut caane of i-harac:- 
tprn h.>iiig inh<-riloi1 Lv b<4h w^t'it, i* Ihoir fU"V4'lopm<*iil al 
aEi curly u^'c, vhij^i the ^M?e <]ilfer but little* in conflitu^ 
iiuu. It ap[ivEir4, lko»i^vi-r. tbnt »i>mr dilTer<?iK't^ lUuHt fJttHi 
b<^tWH-n thr fi^Xf* fv<*n iliiring m vi*ry t-iHy einbryunk pi^riod. 
Tor I'lkuructi'Ts d^vcLo^«d at this a^o not raroly become at- 
Im.'liHl Ui une m-i. 

f^umnian/ anef concluding remarhs.—Vroni tti^ foregoing 
(lisruwmn nij llii* vimuufl Ibw?< ijf iMht-riUiK-c-. ^v Wni tlmt 
tiip t'hftraclcn: of ih** [wm^nt* oftpn^ or vvmi goutrally, tend 
tr> b*>comE^ dc-vt^1u]jed iii tlit' otrd|>i'[ng of the ^amc- bo:!, at tho 
^iinf Ht^, Hnd jxTBiKiiiiiliy »t llit> KUfriir M'HHon of thi* year. 
ill which thi^Y liri:t npitfimnl iu Ihi* jiiin^ntfi, But thwp ruk*, 
ciiviii^ to uiiKiiuwit lauauj^. are far from belri^ fi:£cd. Henc« 
dnriitj^ (ht* ]nudi1i4'Mti'<n of a vjR'clt^ thi* tmvvvHVtvi* (.■hnngi'd 
may ri^tuhly tw trnnnmiltix^ in difTcivnt wnyi; tanu- to t>no 
aex, and bohr' tii kittn somi.* to the ulTaprtn^LT al oni.- a)?e. and 
soni^ io tho tilTfprin^ al all a^vt. Not only ari' ihi* itiv* of 
inhiTJiotico ['Tttr4?mcly complex, hut wo nrv tfic cnuMK n'hJch 
indiK'f flnd ^i^vern vanahility. Tht* vartalJuLtn Hiua Imluced 
ar? pi^e^ned and accuniulaU-d by stAiial ^I'W'lion. i^hich 
ia ju iUdf UTi oxiremely compkx alfnir, HcpcndiTi&r, a» it 
d(if«, I'll Iho ftrdmir in hivi?, the nuini^'e. And tlie rivalry uf 
the males, jw ^^ell aa on th« poin^w of ptfreetitiou. lln' ta*le, 
and will of the fvnud?, Sexual itelcctinn vill aI«o W Urge-ly 
domiiiati.-d hv nnlnral wleotion ri-mlin^ toward»< the ^^neral 
welfare of the specioi. ilent'L* tin? mnnni-r in whuh lh« 
individuals of cilhcr er hoth iwxr» have hrk^n alfcvlcd thrt>uj;h 
M'Knnl wj-lprlion cannot fail In lie e(>m(dex in th« hightwt 

Wtirti ranntions owof lat« in life In one »cx» and are 
(r*xiiimiftr*l In the Hfime 9M at th<? same age. the other set 
and Lhv yonn)- uru WH uiinLudEfi(?d, VVhcn thry i>i^"ur ]at4 
in life, tiul nrc tron^nwtt*d to both wkcs at ttii." aann; agCp 
Ihr youn^ alone are l^ft nnmodihcd, VaHaLicras, hov^«r, 
may occur at any ptyrio^ of lift in one ikoi or in hoth» and 




Cm^r. Tilt. 



be Inui^miMH to bnlh tvxfi^ nt nil ii^iv,. ami Uii^n all Uic 
iniliri^tnaU •^f (he ajK^f* arr iinnlnrk m^idirird In the fo!- 
loniuj; chn|<1ifi>i it vl|] lie m-i-ii UcaI ail thi.'t< lEt^c^ frc- 
qiifiJIy oE-i'Lir ill Hiihinv 

Sfjdifll (^W'tion CUD Ti4<vor Act en any animal iMforc^ tlt« 
igt for reprtxltniion arrivt*. !-Tcm (he jfrtial caftorneM of 
ihv mulr it ha* >ini«'nLlly acW ou tliU «*x ami noi uii Ih*? frv 
malt^. Tiw nukfj hav<> th»9 hoomr* praviiJmJ vith w«j|>eni 
for %hliii|; wilii (Jirir rivaK vitb oryaofi lor diKovcring 
imH fci.'ciiri'ly ^lolilinfj !lu' f*nn:i!<-. and fnr i-snUii>? ur cliHrni- 
m^ bcr \\'\hi\ the »c>Pti differ in Ihfw ^^*p^'Ltr^ it i^ »Ib4o, 
ftA He lidve nei'U. Ati eilituR'ly ^'riii-fiil lu^t' lliat ftjc adult 
mull- dilTtT* morv or \va from iho vonnp iiiaU'; ind wt> may 
coiKlilric from fhif Wt thai ihi* iHcccftit vi* %iuiatirinc, by 
whiiJi lht.» fl'lull ttiali' l>''i.*iiin' irmdil^fil, ilirl fii>l goriirrally 
otvur mueli Wloic tlif uge for roi^ruduciion. Wlieiiover 
iiome or niAny of the Tariuli-^n* orrurrod POt\y to lif^ (he 
ynung iitaloi would |iAriak4> iiinro nr tfvu of IHp ehfliiicti?T« of 
lU? Auult nuikji: ami dilfcronc-oi uf (iiift kind l>ehveeD llie 
oM and young m^lff miiy bo obKi-ied io nuitiy vi^ccm of 

U ifl probftbk' thflt younj: mulo LtmmnU hUTt oKi-n ttnded 
tf> Tary in a dihiiuit ulij<)k maild nut imly hnti- Ini'H of no 
[iBe to Them al an <*arly npe. bui wniild havo In*!'!! achiaJly 
irijnrtoa* -os hy ar^itiinn^; hni;lit onltiurtf, whiih would 
rcntlrr them M^nitpiciioiih to their cm-miiv, 'V hy iLifiuiriii^ 
»rruri(ir«£, 8iicli av firv&i hihrns, wliicb would (^ipi^Md inu<^h 
vlla) ioTce in ihrir dcTrlopmrnl. VnmlitiriH of Ihiw kind 
ocnirrinp in thr ynnng matpK vniild jilmm-l ci*rt»inly bo 
f'limiiuilfxi thmu;-h natural ?i?l(*c-l]<in, With Eh<^ adult and 
pxpim-ncrd niaW. on llii: <»lhrr Iwml. tbv aihaiiln^*'* '^*^ 
rivpil from ih** at^tniifiition nf fiMi:»h rhaTRplrr*, wn*dd nu>rp 
tfiar cvitjiKf^rbaknco »ofnc cipofturo to dan;^, and «0Tit& loaa 
of viUl f-irn.-- 

Ak ^amtione wbioh givr to tbr main a Mirr <-baTicD 
of comincrin^; otlitr tnal^«, i>r of tindini:, *cci»nni:. or charTO- 
ing the npfiriHiEr n.'t, wrfnid, if thi^ ba|r|ii-iu*d fii «n« in 
tho fomaU, Iht of no wrvirft to Uvr, ihey wouUl Uf>! he |«i*- 
eriTfd in her throujfh feitial »c1«(tioii. VVc have al«o ^od 
^dt^nce «ilfa (lormi4|rr:Lted Jkiiiinajy. that tMri»tion» of all 
kind« ttiv>, if nri wirpfnlly nfloHcd, *ociri Wf 1hrou;i*i int^r- 
c-ro^Ln^ and ftcddctilfll doaih». Con^i.^ciuonliy in a ^talR 
nf nalnn*. if larbttiEii^ of ih«- abovr kind ibanot^d lo ailM 
in IhL- frinah^ Im*-, and to Up tmnrmittcd cxoltiti^rh in (bir* 
tine, Uicy Hould l>e e^tfcincly liable to he lo«t. If, Lo^cvcr, 



Vahx U 

charactcpa lo their (ilTt|*ring i>f li^ih *^iw, the oliarft<!(*rii 
which wtn: H<!viLTilji;;i^!UM to thr mhli? w<>uM hv ]tmi-r%fi\ 
hy ttif'iu rhrnuxl" *i^»ujil *i-lrHirin, urn! Ih<^ Iwjt wr-xi* wouUI 
m cooiT^iwocP be mofiifJod in thf* pamp? warinei, AkhoUj:h 
fim-h fhar<ioler& vrvrf of no Ufe to the Knwlfa; l«il I »IiaU 
liirr^rttT hnvi' tfi miir In**p inon* irih'it'jiti' i"r>n1iiip^HH(»8 
l-riptly, tlip femnle* mftT fl™utr\ nnd nppflri^mly haw often 
ttcLjuin-il liy traiiflftreute, dittn]<.U't> fii«u thi- muIi- w-i. 

A* vnriiiltoun orrurrmit Inl.r in lifi*, miil ImnAiiiiLlf'd to 
ono &*x al'»nf?, hav*? inccwiontly Iccn Ukvn advnMfl^*!.' of ami 
Htvuicuiljil'.il lliruLi|j!] a».'\uu1 M-Wtiou in n-Uiimi U> thp 
roprcKliiciiou ^^f the tywf^; Ihcrt-fom it Bpfn^aiv, al firet 
aifht, nn un^cv^uritalilc fact rlial t^iiiiilar vfiridlimt- litkro 
not fiL'ijnt-iitlv Ufii nctmuuJiiU'il ihr'ni^h antunil M-Wliini» 
in lybtinit to Ihr ordinmy hnbilt <if life, H thii; liml od- 
carrel, tlw iwo *cx«^ would often have b^va dilTerfutlj 
rnrjrliriecl, fur the va\iv. for iiikIhik'o, nf rHplurihg prey m \tt 
Q*cji\'nu^ from ddfi^-«r, DiilorciK'r* of thi* kin<i bi*lweoii 
the iyvK' N?.\(* d<:» (.nH^abliriially oicur. i>jnvijilly hi tlie lower 
eUiiie-i. Htit Ihn iTji|»]HS thar the lw-i> jn^-H Ftill'.m difTflrenl 
hnViiU in fhfir istnipplrfi for r:iiij|i'ni r^ wliuh la n nvrv cirvuui' 
alariLi^ wjlli lit fii^Inr aitiinalh. The L^a*e. h<»«"evcT, t» 
wiilcty ililTt>ri-Dt with i1k< Kproduotive fim<lti^rn. )n nbich 
respppt the ms** jicfi'wftrih' iJctFi^r. Kor xarinlioce iit slruo- 
lure whjt'h are related to the** fiiiictiorts hsut- nftirij jn'oi^'d 
of value to one sci, and from Imrinj^ anwD nl s late period 
of life, Tiavc been trnn^mittcfl to otw *ci alone: ftna «:eh 
vanatfora. (hiis pr^-icrvwi ami tninxmiUpd, hnxi* givr-ii rite 
Xf r^yyimlnn' f'fxuni ihiirflol^orVH 

In Ihe follrmirti; ehapd^iT, I flhnll Jre«t of l}»e Bec'oodary 
*eiual eharacler* in animal* of all phit*r*, "iid *h^il1 riidrav- 
our in eiich cojl* to oppW th<^ [Trint»[ilo* ctf)lflin<^il in thu 
l>reiii'"nt <}ia;»ter. The TonT>t, flnsM.'* nil! iltrtaiu iia for a 
tery tiliorl Tim<>. but llie hiphtr fliiimiiU, rajieerally hinU. 
mtiftt W tr«a1rd at cni]Bi>UTBMc" len^Ji- It should Im^ homo 
in mind thnt for rrnu^nK Mlnndy A»i|.'iieiL. 1 iiilcnd lo gire 
only a fev illiietrative inclaneiv M the inntimcrahle vtnic* 
turwt hy the *i<I of vhich llie male find* the feniiLlr, ttt, 
when fmitid, hold* h*T. Otr the nlhr-r haml. all stnicUirw 
and mMincI^ hy the nid nf whirh Xhc nml*' cvirM]oer« uth&f 
main", iiiid by which he allure* r* ex<ile* ihfl fi-mnlr^ will 
h(i fiilly dUeu«K:<d, ta thvw Mve in manjr ways Hie nifj«t in- 




animtilv hfionging to various cAw^m, 

j\jf nil or»?, HK far us J can discover, bu paid atlfMition 
(q thr rrlntirr riim^>rni nf tlii- tw> jvxcfi throughout th^ 
amrnat kinj^i^nn, ) will Urri* hIvp fiub mntPmU nw I hav? 
li«ai aMi.' I'j (uik'ot, iiltliough till')' ait' ^'itrvnitly impcr- 
frcL TtK'j f'oriitiM in oiilv a t:w iJlPtJUtn^^ of ncliuil rnri' 
m^raiion, nmj |U«» mimlirin am nf>t vrry Urgp. An tht^ prn- 
jwrli^tn* urt- kiioini wiiU L'f^rluiuly only in maukitid, 1 will 
flmt givv lhri» tit- n HtAniiurtl of citMi|iariwiti. 


i/ori. — In Kn;cUnil during kn j^ars (from Ifi57 to ]66S) 



nitmhi-r i>f <'h;1ilrr'ii Imrn Hlivr vmrlv h«is TOT, 

r^O, [ft lh{* |>roiJ0ttL>n of U»l,o innlc? to lUU feniftl««^ Bill 

in 13S< Uir mvir Uiilib llitvui-Uuqt Eii^Und were «b I05,ii, 
iiiul in IfifiA M Kil ro 100 !/tfiling to Krpiinit<^ ilJ*(rit'U^ 
in Biickitij^haniehirp (where ahout JOCH' chil'Jfvn ere im> 
tiualK bijrri) lilt uir^n }no\ion'n-n of male to ft-mali' birllie, 
duririg Uic wholt* pprioti of the ahore ten yvun, waft ju 
109^ to lOQ; uhilM in X. Wale* (vKcre ihc svrmgt an- 
oiml binhh arv n^T.'J) i1 wmi bh higU as It)6.a tu lOO. 
TAkibit a MUL Hmallcr di^trict^ vix,» KutUndiihirc (wh<Jrv iIia 
Annual bihht ftvi^ra^p cnl.y '3^). in 1864 the nnii? l/irlh» 
uerp fld lUJt. and in IH6'^ a?) only 9T.0 1o in[^: Imt evva 
rn Ihii: BtnAll timtml tlifr nvcnif;L< of tli» 7385 birttix ilunnfc 
the whole tfn ycnre, wa* o^ 1^4.5 lf> l(K*: thflt i» in llit? wmft 
fitlo as thrriu^'hoiii Kn^ihiTid." Tin- pnoj>orlioiif arr some- 
time* ftli^htly diMurlivd L>y unknown ciiUffC»; thuti VtoL 
Faye ^Uli9 *' thiit in ^omo di6lrlct« of Norway tbcTc haa 
been dur^o}^ a decennial period a et^y dellci^cy of boyfp 
^vhilid ill f>lbeT» llic tippooitc cvndilion Haq i-xivled-'' In 
Frnnrr diiring forly-foiir yv»T* ihtr mnlv in tin* frmalr hirtliit 
liat^ »>wn ns JOG.i lo ItX^: bm during this period it haa 
occurrtHJ tivc linirti in one d-rimrlnj^^nf, and aix linies ed *i>- 
nthrr, Hint Ihr fmialo hiiths havr rm*rdrd Ibr niHli^. In 
ItnoJin tlLi^ avora^e fii^p<>rtion i£ A£ bigh a£ Ifi^.^l, and in 
rhiUlclphm in U>e Unitt^l SUtn aa 110.3 to lOO.** The 

i>4 Cwktrtr.OtfUmT far im* tfl 

9ttvt ryf V'-f, Yiyv'i tf^Bifhws in 

'ilriri-4 mn<l K>f«rirrr MhlicivCbiniTjf. 

1««r * ^ SI1. For riillwJ«t»h^ l>r. 

•-ft' IfTt Fcf Ih* Cbiw of (>:nl 
II^QiiDttl<lv^''C*4liy ]iT. 11, tl- 

jnQuli iufcpniiBfioii ir f\*4ili OD ihi pK* 
ppniciu of urn ftka. 

.J .Gooi^lc 


Pit* U. 

rivrtn^n fur Kt]rii|ii.\ (liilunnl \iy iSirkt^ji from fi1>ijiit f^^rrnty 

, million liirtl^s i> lot: nialv« to* lOl) f^rnknlo^ On ihe othor 
liAiui> wiUi wliitt ilitUix'Ti Lorn at Ihi? t'iipv pf Uood Hopo, 
Ulv prirpirtimi of mnli'-s Ic^ ko lnw n»^ in llut-hiiitr iliitin^ xiir- 
cweiv*> yosr*. twtvwn Ht) ntid Uli males for evt^ry UiO fflinal«*w 
It ift u i]iu}:ubr Ittct tliut with Jl-ab tiic pruportk-u of male 
liirthit in ilt<i-ic|ri]|y lur^rr ibmB wtrli ITlirUtiuiiA: IhuK in 
rm^TA Xhv |iro}K>rLn>ii in n*' I IH, in Brp^^lAii as 114, ftnil in 
liiTouia A^ 1;;0 (o lUO; the (.lirioCiau birtUo in tlie^e c^uu- 
1rii*ft Ik'iiiK tl^ii' Kunu.' iifi uHud, fur inKtiiu(.-i*, in Uvoula uft 
aoi to KJa*^ 

Tiiff, I'aje Ti'itinibA ihhi "a *tiU greater prcpoDdertDce 
of iniak'Ji u'^iuUI In.* m«t with, il iluMth dnick both »exce in 
cqiifll T*^rtporlion in tfic worob ond during; liirth. Birt the 

,uct ifi, thut firr t'Yez'j lUO Alill'l)'>iti ffiJiulej!^. we hitv^ iii »ti- 
cuurjtri(?» tnMu 131.(1 t« lH,li *uU-lh>ria luftUy. Uuring 
firfrt foiii or five years of lif".', a\»<^\ niirc m^ilc chiWrvn 
dio llmti r^MriHli^ fur oxnM]|>Iv in ICiif;lHiii1. clurin^' llii^ firti 
y^iar, I'-tti hoyit dio (iir rvt^rj' 11*0 ^irU — a jimiortiuu wUi-^h 
in l^'raiicc h *till mcirt- iiiifnvoiirflbic/" '^ i»r, Storkton- 
Hough accinjiitfe for Jht-so facts in pari hy th* innre fp<^ji>pnt 
dofcctivc clcvclupmuttt vt nuAw iittui <if Ftmuli<:^ Wo hav4> 

'Icforc fccn that thr male sex i« more varuiblr in etnirturr 
llian iho fvinale; and TflnatioD^ Id imjKirtftnt organs voiili 
p'UtTaily Ijt LDJuriciua. Hut ihv mkl' of tin? liuily, [intl cupe- 
cially trf Ibe biwlf In'in^j kirinl'T in nw\v thnii fi^nuili' irirmilii 
ia another canto: for tht> mak-s an* Ih^ifi mon? Yi-iUh in 
Iw liijiirtd duriiiic jiurturitton. t^uBtnuuiilly thv &tilM>i>m 
imhIitvi hfr tnorc' tiLimr*miiM; nn<1, n* r liijihiy f'(hni|ii'1riit juilji'i*, 
I>p. Crichlon Browne." helievce. iiitile infants often wflur 
[in liealth for hoicic }vurM After birth. OwJii£ to tkifr «ice>9 
ill lilt! rlt^tWutc »t nmlv rhitdcvit,}i nl birtli and fur 
Boine time «iibeoqu«fitJ,T, and oving lo tti^ oxpomro of grovn 


il bu iIju Jew*, hc M 


•* ' BiiLtiti *nil Pomitfri M^illtii^ 

I"f. Wimli *l"i.i tiLiwr^ ( Taalli An- 
tivitl Eff^trl* cjf flirrh*, I^c4l}», Jii?,, \Ji 

In ^lUVLtniiivfN ft ffinoi LIaHIU^ to 
lb* roiii|i1». Thr fv^ riL^viWrif, ^f 

feivl irrpQft'itjitiota*! ppcdlturii^ due lo 

*'Wni Hltribtf LmuhUa ABjIuin 

Plrir|Ai-n hii* jrorM lW Ihv hrvl Of 

Ti-Timlt hv F- fLbftAroD lo^]) ^n rlmim* 
frTPiipr, nriil J'y l-filh lit inripveriki 

vi^Tiiftii it FriirrL oimilur than tnin : >*« 
I»i, rM,iir*i». ' Ki'iTundhj, r«rtJlltj- 



men lo vbiiocis clanfcrv, and io Ihcir Irniicnojr to fiaigrale, 
fiti' firrimli'ri Ir all olil-ttfltlt^Hl «>ii)rtn<^. w)wrv i^inl'Mt-aX 
rp(VTii» lifivc Ixvn k'-pt," nrg frmiK) [o pivpnndL'rttlo con- 
siderably rtvCT the DUlk'-», 

h seisms At lirat et^fit a mj^lprloiu feet that in ditTer^^tit 
imlioor, uiidiT fhffrrv:it I'-Jiidttioiit n^d clitiuto?, in >J(t|fK-Kr 
IVajwia, Wp-ripli.ilio, ilolUml, I'mnci-, KrjzUnri Antl the 
Unit«d Slfltoe, the vxopr^ oi inal^ over feniAtr births iu loe^ 
vrhrii thcj un- il1ei;itiitvAtv tlino when lc>ELlrmutc,''* Thisi 
h«« brrti rxplninnj hy <niT*Trnt wtiiirra ill inonj dilTercal 
tmy;, BH fwii> lb*> nt<*lher* h^iog generally young, from the 
Urp.' pri>pnrti*>ii i>f firat pTr)-imr;ti^, A<. Bi^t w* huve jwea 
th^l mnlr iiifiiniM, friwii ihr Ihtjip kixj* of nu-ir hi'jitln, MilTrr 
more IhAit femnle Lnfaiitir lunr;; {>aiiuhii':kDL aTi<i afl th^ 
moth«7% of iilr^tliiiLaU' cliiliJttE] nnut !ju- inr>t»" liwMt Ihan 
nfhrr u''>nu-'Ci hi uHdiTK*' h"d liiMouni. from tntiout f^uiiv, 
such lu- atU'nftpti' o1 t'orictfilmetjl h\ li^'hl lai^irj:. hard wortr, 
ilii^rt^ of imnd. Ac, Ihrir iiwih" mfanU nuuld prjpuilir>u- 
alily Bufft^r And ihi* pn>UibJy if the mo*t eilidciit of dl 
the miifate of llie pmporlion of iiialcr to f^'innfoi hom nWvo 
bei]]^ li;4^ aiiiuu|i;f^t illi'^irimuir i-hiMieTi ihati aihoiv^A tit*? 
legifinuti-^ Wiih nu'^t inimuU th^.' ^-THiior fcm- of iho idull 
mue than of the fcmalr, i* dno lo Ihr i»troni:cr mnic* haviD^ 
r'OiKint'TVil the ^ealv^^r in tlieir stru^lj* for iiw pi.i»«(«sJon 
of ihi? fviTiatov, «iLd nodr>uljt i1 i» n^iits^Xo Ibi* ffiot tliat th« 
two fcxw of nl [ciMt Home nnimAls tiifTrr in wiac at hirth- 
Thns we havo the riiHoriA fnH lliiil we mny nltrihule the 
coore frvqaeot dinitht^ of umlv than female mfantv, Mt»iH<ialty 
aimiRpi iht- illr^ilJinntc, at IolhI in part lo nrxuaj ^ckction. 

U hftK often hefn f^iipimApd IhnI thu relative Age of th9 
two parmC4 ddermiutv the c«x of the otT^fring; and Trof, 
TiL-uc-hiuL *^ ha:» ailvnuccd ^hai Uc ccmiiiiltr^ sufTK'ic-nl cri* 
ifrtin^ (lith ivfiiKvl to man and certain dnmcUirjiifM ani- 
majfi, th»t tliia na one iinpoHnnl tliongh nol the Ai*k factor 
in thf rttiilL S« again tln^ jji-rmd nf i]Mpiv>?nalii*tt ivlu' 
tivHy tn Iho *tate rif th^ female hat h^n thniighl hv sntui* 
to be the oHL-ieni cauiio: but rt'icenl uhHTsatiiMi^ dtMounle- 
Uaiicb tliia briief- Auxirdiiig Ln Dr. Etlucktuu^UaiJ^h,** 

' With %h9 BTV* ftuflpuji nf 
l^iinvitar. mOfilli]^ to Uiv Kiciiratr 
Ainn rv4y«iN«w»rAn>frii|Uviuv- 

rtil.'kim.ll r*<r>.p.fiO, |T»;,El[« won>- 


on BEilI'Som fliililm On tllfffhl 
milflphllilnn Iti F,iitf]iirxl,i4v Kspin 
c-r Uef^iUar tiiotni rtrr 1 f M,' |l Jiv. 

■ Lt'iif^bmn, in Watfi»r 'll^ndir^r* 


■ SArUlhaapni A*oa of Phil«dal- 



pAMt a 

Uie u^a8i.m of llio yeau l}i<? jtovertv or iiri<akh of tW [iflT- 
criiU, rmdfucv m Ibc counti-y or in ciU<«. the orotumj; iif 
forci^ immi^ftnt^ (cc, nil inllur-nrc Ihr proporlion of 

lh<*»*>^«?pi With iiiHTiKiriO, |Hi]jgaT*»^* hwK ji!tj> \ivvt* HupnrH^l 
to iciiH lo tfur [jirlh of a gn.'^ittT prO[»ur|inn of fumiilv iiiianid; 
but Dr, J, (.'ampWl"' cnrrfuHj ntlmdr^l t'l ihi* Mil-jrrt in 
tlio baTonrfe nf Sinni^ nnH ni>!iHiuJiifi (hfti iTip prnpr^riimi of 
rmlc to fi'iiMli? TiriliH jf llLf> HUtiio of^ frorri itHinn-^jiiTimid 
iiiik'Hf', llHrvlIjf .iii> HnifiLJil l»^* Ix-ni nTntrinl ?*(» hij^hly 
poUpinimiA At the ICnglJth r)iiT-bnT>c, Atid vp thnll imtrinli- 
uiAy »cc Ihnt his iit"k' and fttnule olTtprjii^ aio fl[iiit*it Gx- 
nrtly rnufil in iiuiiibrr. T will now f:hv Uic faiilB wUirli I 
have colled^d vitb rpffi«ct to rh« |»roprtrtioiia] nDmbt^n: of 
the r^xi-a of vnrioud aaimab: aud will 1h<?u bri-.-f!y discu« 
bow f)ir H'trT-lion hiix crmie inla pUy m lii^iiirniiniii^ LHk 

//iflfw*,— Mr TbffpfmpinrhiwKvN *rtl:inH lu t^labnlBl* form* from 

thff ■ RjiPlnc TftJonilar' ihr hiriln fif riv>n-hrir*(*» during • pcnnrt ff 
lti*MW.y-uuv Vl■Jif^ vit- fi'nm ]M'] hi HWT; lh4W i-cinj; omRlPvl. pu un pp- 
lurijc wr(T iW >'ar ijntili-lml, Tb<' u.loJ liirtTi- wrrp Sfl.iOO," oftn^ial- 
\ns *>t l'^.''^' miLic? Hnd 1^,7VT frmnJrM. i>r in Ehfl pro|inrtion «f OO^T 

thAT Afv ilmwii fn>ni iiXl |»itt* iif KTiirlund, diiniijr 'iifvnl y«4ni. m> mnjr 
■irli iriiiuli i'iiiiniti<rt<iK 4'niijihii3i« rhm iviih r K^' tTrmnulin fiotsr, fir hi li*ft«t 
i*lrh Tfio nuv'Jmr"*', thn iwn «<ic«t jin* piPiiTiin»*l in Krmrit.i pijiibI num* 
|jpf>v 1'[i<i nm-li)niiit(j> hi i}ii> |l^l|^1^TlllTl< iliirinkf nmrj^ivi* yi«r* am 
olt'wlit lilip llj<i**- whivli <Kn'iir with iiiimkiTnl. whi^n 9 "rriall ivml titirilj^ 
popiilnloil ftirrt wt'iTi^idiTt'ili ihuj in l8VJihc maic lirncj «ctp n* 107,1, 
hm 111 l^fiT fti only 1W,S I*. IIKI fpinnlnj. In fhu InlmUloU rolgrnv 1h« 
ppup>rtlan> rt*/T la cydflM, fhi ihhIh* ^^u-uhIbcI tIih fomHiw- tliinri^ 
KJI ii»f-r4*v«kvi> viwrc; Jiml Mir ri<inAlr<« j<ti'rnir<i llin rnftk^ <)imTI£ t**^ 
pvriinlt auih of fnuf ymrv; l^iL.\ hnwript, ruky hv ai\'itWnJi\\ ; ii l^uMt I 
uh (U'K'lH iiL't.liiric uC tlitr Uml tfitli rimn iii |lw ilk^i^iiiii/il tabtii in Uiv 

Av'- P'n-iria ■ fH«fini-l flf t^r« y^n^ from 1S6T to IBG^ the 
birtluof a Urge minib«r rjf ^i^avhixiutii. tbrvu^h'tuL Knfriiind, w#ti' Milt 

fof iijin'fullj' (jiTnilHlihj: (hi* rmiili^ Thi' rri*oMffl Nrth* *vtv< W7^. 
ofpnei^Tiae <if WlliQ iiiijli-> uu*] U'fTU frijiAF^t. Itinl ii^ hi llu' |iniiT<*rlii>Ti <1 
lin.l m*li'* I'J UWJ fiTrifik'*. Til-' irr-ftttM ninhinlimi? rKcs, U> 1^. 
*li'-ri iTift ]ir*Jivirli'Hi **i it* OH.S "uikv rni'l in 1**0T^ r^' I1I-.3 iiiftl'*^ tn 
mo fomnln*. Th" hKivm n^cfnco |fniiKTl*'i|> of IKM fi> lOU ir- pr«kl«hly 
n«ifly crrrf^l tn Ifincn^p of tlio f^rrvWuiML Imt vWivr il vt^^uld fiolji 
irlth EiEhnr dnntfetllcni'^t hrnrnlA In kri wmn Avgrfv rXnutittn]. Mr. r»[H 


kept i>f t\m nijinh^r 'if ii>4r*« wlii^S 
p^>v^Nl hnrwn oi- prflinBTuMr >h|i(>*l 
iIj«Jr f'tilm iiihI II ^Wif^r^i" [loiUv, m* 
vht^vinkf *"*■* in'i'fTilf' ^J>«r fiifbly 
aaruirad ind rtihtf cloa^r-tiitiitiTfnl 

MUiiiu%i huvt bH.<jmev ihai ik4 f^ 
fhvb Ml* tlli^i tif tho itiAfv* Mini t4 
prmliiiiv tlvlftf t*m\* That Jurinif 
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ill|iaii»«m -ilh rh* ftmalcs^n iKtubrtritr whitb i? noiuiHiiniwcArtied 
\v iv\ ctinimii Jc^rrt^j.Aftd ihdr wklnly ililTi-nnl ■jtjHjktnnco, iii«y AOOOBlit 
in fliiina iiiaCaiMMA for ihvir r«litj in «A|J4cit]niim^ 


«^ Auutndui.f iof D4(r"*iii*ehBn 
Ijilinr \'rL. <l n V Jn^rr. Kir ' 

■ 'fir Siii*|j. 7A\t MiUt Wiwlcr- 

" innlh^f ffr»*i tijiJiriM* Willi" r*- 
■Mt Iv «ii» i^lu*, Pr^'f. Tb^«ll of 
tfjBaln I'lm kiiriiiMii ^^F^i.Un/ ttlv- 

T0.IW1 I, 1^ :eitti. tiK'lik" U if fvlLlAlV 
•pii|ijniira'vf«nanily «aiTmiDikDrtlun 
Uio iiiaI** 

>* Ff«&, UB Ujti •utjek-t, Mr, U. 




S^mo of the l<«tr ( nHlBcmii^ trr &Ii1f ti> prnftaj^Ir llirir IclitJ ivt- 
^iitl>. Aful tUi* ■ill AiT-^rjni fur Uib- cxUttJiu r^fiTj uf llit Mikki'>: tliun 

frvcii tVfiaij '*rkl nUMHijf^ thivc ti*^ fi'itn*! ^'iiLf JL9 iimlvo. 

Wllh *4aae utlu. ill., ,h> Thn^J! at^J Cr|.«^i?>t. m Ftiu M^tli-r iufvrmj 
nu^ itwrv II rh^fth>n to ivEivt^ ilihl [hu mitiet uv ruutih >lua'tijf-llvwi] thai) 
Ih* IfOiAlj^; nmi tin* ihuiilil fit]tJjLiii Ut^lt ■■iiriEj^ kitMNHitiif Two 
Attftf tji tjc ml lir^l tqckd in ikitmlHr. *hi [li« i^thvr [iuikI. ^lUJItr Uoat 
tiivarklili tAkm £kf ftvjfc luolr? thnii rfiiutir? of ttiF 1>ljuLvJiJi' niJtl ut 
V.yini\\'itiH »» tUii* Alivri^ vf llrtJiJ; llim Willi n iik^^-jr* ici Itii^ Enltrr 
fCmiUk ^ ffiKi^ni-iLP miitcM Lli0 '•fa' tUy incluilttl AT in«li-'<; Uni ht 
iUiT'-' ■-' - '*■' ' 'hw (»roriotnion»nf*# in*f bt- "luij li> fcjiK* unkTuivn ditltrr- 
triv .mln i.f lli<i TKu H<lx-4. With (-n^ t't thr hi^tiiT Urjixihiiii 

(.'rxi. in fMa*iiiiU'^ Kriljt llAllk-r fimMl Ili4r iiijlI>^ U\ tf rimrv 

llLluKfoit* fcJju tlv C«D«Jh. Anruniiiii: lu Itie lai^f •'1|k*ji.'i|i.h» of Ur. 
lMi|>cncBlblfi«thc roi?iic Hri[i> !(> U' LhcoftM *ilh»Ucoutmun UriliaL 

The proporii&t f/f fh$ ttxts in rfUition io rmlural fthdion. 

Th^rt* js ri'iiA^ti 1o tunjfcv^c tlial in »om<* oa4o« titAii ho* 
by wl«li»*n indirrctly induiiirril hti own h'\<pitf(Iii('iti^ 
jjuwt-n* iVriaiH u-irrii^ri t^iul U> |inHiiK'»*OurinH (liHr vho\v 
llTt« ti]«iv cliil'ltvii trf uni^ sva tiEUfl tjf fill* olLi^r: iiiid lhi< 
1^ h(j|ilf ^ittiti iif iu»rn' nuiiiiul:!, f:ir iiL!(taiic<% Lvt1A^ Ami 
l^M*; IhiiH \\t. Vn'righi nf Y'lilrTwIry Housf infornis ine 
tbal iMi« of liiA Arab marv<, ttioiLj^li |>iit ^m-h Imi^ tu dif- 
fenml hiirftn, |ii\n]ui^ Ht-voji filliia- Tliinixli 1 fiavr very 
|]tt1t> i-ri^fk^nn* nn tli»H lirjul, nnalo^' iroutd leSiJ to the W- 
Jie/, thut iht- tendency I" prudiico either »e% wauld hv ia- 
tim1<^<l ViVv &bn*Ht vycty otlipf ^nutiitritT, for inttAni*!^, thnt 
of jirodtitiiiK tujtu: uml fcni^criiiiig :hf» n\>av-> t<>nfl«ncy 
a jfoM Auth-~*ril>, Mr* J. l>owmnj>, Lap rtJitiuiaiiiL^Atcil to 
1I1P* t^flt- uliirh tHreui In pmvr Lhut tZtU tloi'-t ttirbr iit <vrtjiiii 
familW of ahort'liorn tatllt. I'oL Mntvhnll ** linn Fwjpntlf 
found on cArcr»l rxnmiiiarion that Hie Tvdfte« a btU-lrilw 
tit Inilia. n.iii^p-1 of 11? iiialtH aud ^4 ri^iiiuli^si nf all «|p**^ 
that ifl in ■ ratio ^f 133.3 b^aIcm \o lOO f«enato. Thr TodM, 
who arc boljrandrmifi m ihHr inarria^iiv, duiiiig fmuiiT tiniiw 
invnrinMy pnu^li^K] fnmale infanlicido: bul IhU pracike 
lia« Hon bovD Ol«L'Ot:l(mu(^d ri>r a coriiiiilcniMi^ prriod. Of 
Uie diitdrru U^rr niUiin \t\e yt-An, Uw liiak't arv tiiiir« 
RVinprf^nt limn tho fimnlt'^H \n ih** j>i>>nortion of ISl to 100, 
Colonel aocminte lor tint fact in the follnring 
ili^vniotit- mniim-r. " I^<1 ii* fur lie piirpifM-' of ilhiMiiuiion 
Ink** llirw fmnilii^ idj n'juvHhtir^ an iiv^ra^c of tlii^ eiilirv 

4& 194, IM, 




Pmt IL 

no wmti a wiri*ri*l nnpilirr liwh»ii\ Hniirt only, wltilht thv thini 
iijulhi.-]' Iift8 llirw ^oriA anJ ihivo dAUgnt^ra. The Cint 
molluT. folJowini: the Inlhtl ctintom. ilntmyn fcjtir daughUni 

llnrti kilh iwo diiu^htoi's and kp("['ii one, as ulso }ti'T tJirw 
■oiu. Wl- have then fruni U)c Uik-i^ faimlii^. iiiuo ^oo^ sud 
ttiriH- (I«i>^hl4-rv, uilh whidi lo oijnlLniK' Lhe lim^^ Hut 
whilM the inn)(s Mong to fiiinili<« in whicb the tfrnd^iury 
tu inoiluce BHiiM ip ^rtai. ihe feuidcfi are uf tlioec i>f a ood- 
vtrw' inc-li»NtUrft, Tliuw thu Uuk iitn-iigllir-uii wiili I'udi gen* 
emtinn, until, o^ ui* find, fnmthcA ^^row lo have liAbitoally 
tuort? Biiub limn dau^htois,'" 

'rtiHT tlirs r^ull ucmld follow frtim the aboT^ form of 
infnntiddi^ nH'ti^v iiLni'Ut corinm; that in if w(^ tt«Biiir[ir tlut 
a H'\'|]riM)Lii.iug li-mifiK-v f* ihli*riU"fl Rul o*- the above 
uuinW'ra are io ejilreiaely scanty, 1 have si^rcliotl for addi* 
tiono) rvidciifv, but citnnnt 4ic<'i<lc whcth<rr wlut I have 
found ir< fniHr.worlhy; i)4*vi^rthelc«» ihv fiicU uiv, |>PThaj>fl, 
v^orUi };^viuK< TIk' Muuni^a uf New Zenlaad h^M} IvOf; jirao^ 
tUcd Lnfanticidc-; and Mr, Fwitfin •^^ JrtnlfTi thot lie " hoa 
mt'l u'itJi }[J9|anLT?9 *>f women vhr. have d»stroypd ftiir, His, 
tuid r\rfi jitvi'u childrtii. ini>riUy fcmolt'*- Huw^'vi-r. \hc imi- 
veixil l>'^nhKlIlJ iif Hu>H' VjsI t^tinhflt'il tt> judgi'> ii con* 
dUKivi< lliul lliiK 4*UAtom hajt for mar}' yoar« ljee<n almort 
rAtinrt, IVrth/jLly the yf^ar lf{35 may hr nnmrd an iht- iHrriod 
of il!^ <f'n«i[i^ ti> fiUt." Niiw airiiirigi^l (h>- Svw 7<'aluiuler«, 
a« tvilh tlir Tod^, mute births ah^ cooeiderably m exoeaa. 
Mr, Feiilon rrmarki* (p. ifO), " One fact ia certain, nltUtiuich 
the erad ppriod iif ihp cnmnu^n.^pmenl of this uiti^ular pon- 
dttiou nf tho Ui^>r<>i»i>rtJOti i>f Ihir M'U^b caunot be demon- 
xtrutETfly i'iXrt]. it ip i^iitlt tli^ar that (hi^ ci^urw nf dr^:reii,it- 
trap in full opMnti^in durinx llii* jvura li^riO to l!*li, whrn 
tltc noil-adult EH>|ju]fition of llfti waa being produced, ani 
Imn roniiiLLH'kl w]1Ij ^ivnt i-'ntrK,'( up lu itiv pn^reril tinie/* 
Tho f-illow atiitflnirnts art- tnki'ii from Mr. Konton 4j». X6), 
bti( ua tW niiiiib('r^ art* iiol [arj;^\ ard af^ the ccnana vab not 
wtumlr, ujiiFiinn ri'sulls funiirit \*t e\[»?t?twl, II sJiuuld 
Ijo bnrn>» in niind in thU und thA foTlowin^ cuk<ii, that tha 
normal »U1e of «very popiilati^m i* an e.fceaa of women, at 
leail m all dvlhw^d t-fmiitrit'K, chiefly tiwin^ lo lite gnmtvr 
mortality of the miil<- kx dnrinii ^'outh, und iMirtly lo acei- 

In I6fid, the njitivo \Ktpa- 

denli o(A\ kinda later in Ufe. 

■* Aborifiiuil InliftblUAi* ftf K4« 2<BtBiiU : lt<f*trniu«irt Repftrit* 1669, |lM, 




Ifllion of N^w j^W;(l wnv tvttmnlr^c! a* ormAiMinj; of 31,607 
mill** ftn<J 21,303 frmnW rtf ft)! npfTi, that i* in tlie ratio of 
I30,:i niftlf^ to n)t* ri»rnal**i, Hm diiriif^^ tliis 4aE]i« year, 
and in wMam ImiitJ^ diMnotB, lb*? ntiniburn w^n* jucvrtiiineii 
i(itii mitch roTfr, Ami the niuku fiF «lt o^cf wcrr hrre 759 and 
Ihp fftnai™ fil*lj Ihjti is In thp mtio of J?2 2 malea ta 100 
f«tD6>M 11 » icow imfT'>rtArt fnr u^ Uiat duriug tliif nme 
jpar of Ift*j8, Llic «or*.njf«'f nmlcv Vkilhin tlir wmn- flirtlrirt 
WPTi» foiinH lo tir I7*i, jnci tht »ijri<ntfirff fprnul^ )J?, Iftat is 
in \hi^ ralio *4 IV'^S to im, It mav Ix- AdrltMd (lial iii Iff^l, 
al wliith peni^Tl fntmlt' tiifnritirhlr linrt i»iilv \alf\y rrnB«), 
tlu* <ii>fl-a'/H/* inalr» in "iir tlitlrirt Ufrp iSl. nn-l th*> ft*il- 
fji/u/f{>i otil^ ini, thai is in the ratio of 144.8 iimIm to 
IDU ft'iiia[». 

In the Stndwieh iHlamltf. thr nialoK ^-xciM^d thi> fi^ninlcft 
in number- InfAiilicidc wa« formerly ^ra<^li#o<) theic t^ a 

fritflllful F>t««t, IrtU WH» }'} TH) I)LeHl]?« 4'nlll1l}0ll t» fi^Qllle 

incaola. m it uhown 1>y Mr KlliV' '"■'^ ■i' ^ ^i'>^<' ^■^i> in" 
formr<i V»y Bishop StaM' niifJ thi' Itfv, Mr. Coan. Ntvor- 
Iftelan, Sfirilher apporenUy tnifllworll^v wriCcr, Mr Jarxw," 
wheav of«MTratic)TiA •P»f^ly lo (*i<^ whole nrcIiiix^IaKo, n*- 
markx; — "Number* of ttomtu ar? to W fmitiH, who con- 
fees to the murder of from thrff* to ail or f'lghi chiWwti." 
and *!*• adde<, '" frmalfn from Iwidk c(*nBidcrftl \vm useful 
IhaEi niaW wr>n^ iiiotr nftiin d'ntrdjnl." Kmin nltut u» 
kaown li> oooiir in olJi^r parin of the world, this statrinpnl 
IB proUiblt; but rnvsi lit rweivfj uUh much caulivn. The 
j»raclHv nf jnTAntrridr criui'd nb*»ul th«" yt'tir l^lt*, whirn 
idolatnr na« a>>ol]t)ifd ani) mi)^i>Tuh*>t nettled in tUp [«laDda^ 
A tiuvfu) CV-I19UH in r^ofi r-i tlic adult mid ta^nbli- m«n and 
wnmr'n in thr iijland <if Kahili mid tm oni- Hiril rict of Ojho 
(.JarTffl, (I, I'M), ijivcf nv:i ninli* iind :t7?'l foaiaks; Umt ii 
ID the miici of iv^ii>< t*; IW. At lite mdu- tiujc the niLmber 
iif nubli>* uoiEiT fi>iirtt<t'n yntn. rit Kdtini auf] iiTirl^-t «*i^hl^en 
in f>ahu wn^ ITtt?, and of frnintc^ of iht^ amif^ a^rcv 1179; 
and hc^rv uo liavu the raiJo of l?^.75 oialee to 100 fcauiks. 
In a rendiii of all the Ulands in tF^5Ci,** the males of all 
n^o* amount to 3>V'£<^< and ihf. fcrmnln* to 3CJ,r<f8, or av 
10^.43 to |0£>, The mair* urdrr wvrnti^^'n jnir>< Hniouot«d 
to 10.773. and tti^ fi?mal«fl undor tho aanko aj^ to 9593, or 
tut ns,3 1o tQO. From tht^ o«n»as of 1873, tbc proportton of 


■* 'KtmiilveTfaTnvrtkfmwh Bk *T>i'i# U j^rta In lh« Rev^ n T 
lM>.p.*». ^ 



P«KT tL 

inali4 of ill Hj^HA (liic-hiiljn^ lialf-nvdtq*) i<^ ffCttaW^ h a* 
1^5.36 to ICO, [1 mtul bi* bftrnt- Lu luind Itiit ill th«Be re- 
'^ume r<>r iJu- Siindwidt Islnrnlft jcivt- thf prtTportioji r>/ liv- 
ing mftlr'A In liviTi^ Ti'iimW, nncl ni>1 cif llir liirllih' ntid jii*4g< 
inp Irom all civiliecd o<jimtriet llio proporti-^n r>f mslM 
would hare Wti ci^iuidtrnblj }ii^bvr if tlit uumU^fii bad 
rvfcmHl (-1 hirth*" 

Fr^in the ei^veral (&ntm^ CA^^ ^'^ ^^^^ ^x^v roRMn 
t(j twlicve tlkflt mfAuUddrr jJimlntH! in Iht luamitt ahow^ 
pKplmDn), Ic-ritU h> itrnkf n miik'-prnltiriiTj; ratr: but 1 am 
far from eiip|>o(<ii)i! ihnt thie jiiradK^ in the raeo of miin, 
iiT HurnrT jtiiAuif^fiut jirui'tfbh wjlb ulhBr Hji^ivfr* ll^t be^D Lb4> 
fiohi di-u*rminiii^ ooli»» of aii •xei't* of ma)(» Tliofi- may 
be Kmkc iJTkkrto^vn Ltw Enulinj; Iti thi- r^Milc in iJottrrjiKiii^ 
t'lLtw, fthii'li (jiiM* alrtudy bfi'LHiK- h4.iuiru hai iiifirlilF- lk> 
»idiTK tU<^ if(r\'('m1 L-uiJKL<H prvvfou^lv Hl]iid<rd t'K lh^ iJ^ijaU-r 
IftcililT of porturitk'ii rtni"jni;nl wvniji'j^ ami the kvw ron^^ 
qiipnt injury In Lbf»ip riiwli- irrf:iiil>, i*<>"ld irml In i[icn*n«9 
tnif |iroj>i>r-iiou tt livo-borii rnu]*-- li> fvin^K-^. There doeii 
n^U hmrcvrr, *rc-m In be iitij iin<*«iMU';r connt'ctiou between 
FiAVRgp life ntid n mnHced I'lewK of ntiitn^: tJiHt im if M'l* Tiny 
juicl;;e by Ib^' o-iuiracti-'r (if Ihe «rAnty i>fT«Trniic of tbe Lately 
fxif-ting TnKinjiniAnK nod nf the c^n^-uvd on^priu^ of Ih^ 
TflhitinriA nnw inbAhitiTig Norfolk li^liind- 


n*l It- fl«-'jrtpli. Rpw.; Till. t. *MA. ft, 
ftT h titc tiflU nf L'nUfiiruiji ittcut Oit 
yrtr 11^'. 474 cli«l tUo hhUvo*. f^' 

fjk'< m-^il^flll ffcn»*>< J, '*' 4". |hTi*Ji- 
iKlf- 'I'^'i^''^'' *^'^ tfACnl um .Iriv4-fi 
fTFim Llii'ir ufiUiic Umlr ii*|hI k^vt ff^'f 
Ihc qtr .>f ii-ir^lL |[f ttUribflUf iMt, 

inifTvaiftiirLi'X'icimHloitrir'^] IBoMtin 

Dii^itiip: kiiiT he kiiwHi nn-ir Irimv w1if(ti i 
nr Ui'iA *» i!uc^ iv • riiilurn cf fi'iiuilB 

iliifiPtf vnT*f Vi'iJlli Thn Cuit^r tlur- 
iu»rii\ •f'rfifilJii^ |i3 hll ahhIh/j. In 
vrrj i'Pi^i^<i>fM^ l{i> fi>1>)« Uibl ' iu 
rtMirl'lb- |^^"IF^rtJ u *(in*r la nnl 

cmif** >k lt«il »rt iSi^rtifiTp. if I*r. 

P^ifl rif Vnloii«| Ma^iair* v*f«, 
full' it»n rnpltt i1iv|viiaf **( \t\c n^ 

l•]lA•^^^^l fiUiv*^ i>f initr tii>|*H'| r||q|, 
h* In tlifl i-niwM ]nb*ty fivtn. Lh*4r fr-r- 
tility [lAB l>c«B rJamibipli^^J friiiii 

ftcfi^finju. |i"Tliik|*. cpf (itfthpmn^lfii 
inunj m^fD rtnialo puppi'o ifif J*- 
>(rL>>'Til rlifln rimJiK jii>' iv- Aitlttfifi 

mil itiiPT fli4» Ml ii>tJiil */\{h fi^^.^Ti pltT-r- 
Timiii'U^ rnf'-mnittlfJv, I Iikjw turtli- 
kiilf n' tU*" ;>hi|«iriirin *'l t|ic f*u« In 
nay l-n<Nl.«\v^'iiTLFi/ rn?-^ ^"'■fJ'^V "i^i 
lhiin> till' iiitir lilrtli'-HTx Icltjtr fLPimlift 

mrnl' ■ ' J.ij* f^rtnler"^ Li n»^(i* 

tlnii ■ 'iF» \n ''"Hni" r»-|*ot« 

fii'.r ■ ' 'I I'litfli "l^ii-fw --■ hfU' 

Mfvoiiuii; 4Ui) n •inri iirii nl'I'^r ihjit 
lh« ftuWe fUI-li^ rjj' thi '».'t tiH*i 

^tiiTi OH »yi|pjriflH(*My clrrtpijfd 
nn'Tij t^ifl tTt4f ni«lp<^ ll>p>ii2li ^^^\* Jn«i 

vljtifK'r wc iiiiu -^1 llj' «^i'«# (>r4m<l- 
|J*4. ibvriTrril f >r ilir riTr (vm* Ittrafifi ol 
nn*l0 lilnh" In irrv> In Hir^iln, fhj ili« 
titlker Ifnrnl w<' hnv^ ti'Pn (tibt »illl 
tinnm nlLliN aAiI «h<rf . irtiii^li nrf Uio 
iitluililf f'lt I'lc >uiJTtc<tf ohiif-r oCH 10 
In iluipiynil iftltkfx'i* niiv ULCTartfrt^ 

ihe fcrnfllu tfr illfhitf Id «amu. 

riiir. viii pRopoftnox or toe spctis. 


Ail Iftr nmli*«i ami fomnW of ituior iinim*U ililTw nomo- 
¥fl»t in hfibiU ftTifl rtm ^X|>om>d in dilfoTPnt (lt*gwiw to ijiin- 
l^pr, il is fir^jlttlk- llial lu uiHiiv ca^nt^ more of one Ai-i than 
of ilif' olhvr an* huljiiualk flt'JlT'iyvcl^ Ilul as far a^ 1 can 
trace out the c'lmplir^ti'^n of mcuicit* an indU^rnmiiiJitc' 

_ lily iht* «viL-proJu4'iii^' ixiwor tif tlii' dpe4.-ieti. WiUi slrtH- 
ly itx-ial iminmU. dikIi nr nccit nr antj, wliidi produt^ iv vn«t 
nufiilxT of t(*'ril(- ami krlik- fi."ni*iU>i In comiwriwin wilh 
ihe fiiajM. and to ivbom tliia pr«pond«r8n<'e is of paramount 
iinporlAncc. m <vn tttn: that ilioac cvtmmtiniticfi iffooli) llour- 
iiJi Invt vrhfch ronUiii«-rl frnial(<« haviiiK a sTrniig inhfrJlL-rl 
tdcncy to produce more and moro females; and in niirh 
an uncLjtinl (wX'producwiii t^mlcntv wouM be ulti' 
'itiMtHy j^iniM) ihroug[h nntnriil Hk^ilinrL WiiU atiiiii^hi 
livinL' in horde or iroops, in which the male* r<in»(* In the 
frnnt and iU'fiMu] the Wni. at wiih tJit hi*"^* of Nurth 
Aiiu-ri<a ami oPTtain IkiIhuhiHj it J* tMHicttvnlik tlmf n ra[U<s 
j>r»ilin'ini: tiindETcy niiirht Ir*? <^u\it^\ Uy TiaturAl wWli'in; 
fur the imli\ii.ltJa]» of ihe bi'ltti' U<.'f<.'iidifd ljirr<Ja uould ItuM* 
more numi-'rou* d«4oi!UduntM- tn Ihe cuju> of luabkiocl the 
fvdTanlAiJEi uniting from having A prcpondrrtncc of mm in 
the Irihi* it Huj^jHittrd tu In* vue (^liief uauM' of Uw prartlci;! of 
TetniUi^ infaohcidc. 

In no ca8c, il* f^r aa wc can »ee, would an inhcrrltcd tcnd- 
t^ncy lo priKfui'iT IhiUi wint ih tijtial nuiTitn-is i>r tn jiror]ii<-e 
nno p=rt 111 rxppw, he a din*pt ndvunlaff** or ihwidvantdiro In 
crrliiin jiidivicludh tiiortr than t^i rjthi-is, for ii«tjm.x\ an 
inilividu*! iitih a TendcTK-v lo prodtiot- more nialw than f^ 
nia!*'fl trouh! tot stieoiW lirtt^'-r in thn bMh for lifi' than 
an individual] with an u^uMftilc IriidrrcT; and thcnfcirr ft 
tendency of thi^ kind ronid not Iw jrainctl throii;:h nalnral 
a^lcction. NoiTrthelcsi. thrrc arc o^rUiin auinmU (for rn- 
Mnncr, fli^hr-A arul rimjn'^Uv) in vhirh tvo or lanh* mnli'i* 

ir to W nectwMirT for Ihc fort ilianl ion of the fenuile; 

th* ma}vt acturdiu^jly Urpely prt|>ondenUf*, biri il ja 
ry an mnarK nbvioij^ how IliU nialr^prnd tiring lendmcy 
mnld hnTfl h^n flo]ULred, I fonneily lhfiii;iht (hat whflu 

a rcnilr'iicj lo prnd iitL^ Ul<^ ttro f^^ra ii> crjudl nuiiitivnf ^as 
advunlnjcrortc In Itit* !t|tiHi(>A, it vrouhl follnv from natnnit 
«e](irtion» but 1 now see ttifit Ihe vhflJo ptobkm is to inln* 
nte Utat it ia Mf«t tu lMt« itA Aolutioa icr the future* 







ThM* obif«»t«n «Wm In tbf I«vm< plft4«»- HtiLliHcv nli>uf* U<4lwc«^ 
dimcnhiHi) ; colour; nJiiknh'Urx nol *^<|uir^l t--rorc udtmllj ->4toMii^ 

Wtrti Bnimcle bctonjritjg to t!i« lowi^r daNvc», tlir (wo 
»eji«* Are ui>t mrfly uiu1l-i[ in tbr tintw inchticliiiil, nml (h4»ii^ 
foro soc'oriilftTt di.'xtLiil chimctcrF t-^nttoi be dcvelopt^t. In 
mttn^T ra*o*5 where the (tic* arc wi>aratF-, WU an? jirnmi- 
ncTitl^v Hllnrlicil to Hnintf »(i|i|mrl. iirir) Hit' imo riLitnnl Ri'nroh 
or (Inij;^^* for Ihr ol-hrr Worunvpr it i* nlnitwi cvrtaJN tbat 
thc«? anim/tU have knj iiupt^rrccl kdm« and iiiudi ifv tnw 
mE^tal powiTi, lu ari^irenaie each other'* buuut)' or otlior 
iittrii<HionF. or to feci rivolrr. 

Ucne» 111 ihe*« cla*tc» i>r Hub-kingdiHUA, >udi ha llio 
PnMoiM. Creknierala, i-Cchino^t^rniJiU, Sooloddi. w«ond- 
nry fcxual c'hi&niHonL, ut the kind which vc hnvr lo ron- 
sifler. rlo noi iicriir; Br<J thi* faH a)^rei44 with (he Mmf 
llial HU4-h tbjinioicK ir tht* hi^'lii-r dAKitv have Ihvd ac- 
qttirrct ttiTough scxiiiil .■M>lr(lion, which fh''p<'nH» <iii Uio will* 
rlwiiiv, nnA phnji*»» of rilhir vc. X4*tprlh»lRf« fioine few ap- 
parent t.'Xoi>plt<>ruj occur: iltu^, at I hoAr frum Or Bait^, 
ttic in»)c«t fkf ci*-rlniii hi^toion, or mtcrnni |)arn«:tic vronnn, 
dilTtr Flight!/ »ii ool^iir fmni the fnm«lr*; hut wo havp nn 
n-aenn lft*U|T|>o»e that suc'i diflcrvncc* haw boQit au;;nicD[od 
lliroiiicK -trximl wlcctlmi, I'onUiviiriC'ra hy wWu-h the mnln 
hfilflfi Ihp fiTnflle^ ftn(i which »r*» indiftjirnHihie for the pmpa- 
^lion of the dTJOci», Arv iiidependticl of »cxiia1 ii?Icction, 
Mild hair ln'i'Ti hcfjEiirvd thmciKh nnliiwry H-W'tiuii. 

yXany of thr lnwt<r toioiale, i^bfth^r hr-rmiphri^dttM or 
villi H-parulc H'xtA, arc ^maiueatH witJt the iikvhI l^hlliant 
iinl«, fii urr hIemIihI nnd ulrijial in im vlej^unt rTkaiini.'r; tot 
\miiu\«, mtttxy mralfi and prftAiwrmouoft lAclimnr), wma 
|elh-fi»h (JWiiP«', Pr>rpiU. Ac.), ioiiio PlaDaria-, maov aUr- 
fjhe*, Eohini, Auidinn*. Ac: hul wv may rom-hid** from 
the r^mins nlre^d^ iadieaTod. nftmcly, fh^ union of th^ 
Iwo triu* 111 aoina of thi-aie uniiiiuta, the peruian^i^lh Al^u't' 





madition ^f otbtrr^ ■»(! thr If>«- m'rnljil poverr of dl, thiil 
■neb €ot(jiir« lit* ni>l fTT*- 9* a u'ltml itr-rnrlirin, n)i<l liiiTr 
004 btvo tcviulrMl thn>uj;h omnl election. It «hoiil4 be 
borne lA viind tliat id no cai« lwi« vc mfTicirnt erid«oc« 
that roloiir^ hnvp hr^n thus jirr]iiin<rl. i-Ktr|it wh^m nnr 
«n u iBQrh mom bnllianily or coiiapirii^u4^ cf-loiin^rl thsn 
tb» oth?T, ami whrrrr thrrr v no <lifTirrvilct iu hubittf txlvtVD 
tWaoxvs MifflHrnt in iirrt>ii(tt fnr thr'ir *\i\Tvrvni c'olnitnL 
B«t Ibe cv*d*iii>o le rencli»rc<J «« <y>pipleio as il run cvpr h^ 
Ofllj vbrn Ibt! mor^ Ofiuuif-'fiUHl tridnpJuHK aluit;»t alwjijftt 
tllC miJ^^, VolbDlJlhlv tlijiplnv itirir rillncliOMK Itt-riiv Ihr 
olhcr wi; for we i-nnnot ncli''vn that fiuh di^plflV li Hjio- 
bow, ftod if It \rr mUnziUs^Kih, tvi\ta.\ ^I'l^cliLitt «il| nhtiotl 
iBvtilably fi>tl(nr, Wr nuiy^ iMnn^-^r. «xtrn<] thiM ^ODrlii- 
ilon to bolli Min, when coloiirrd alikt^, if Ihoir oolnurs urv 
plsinlj mnituf-oim lo ihitw of i>ue wi aloite in cerUin othei 
v|M^»4v lit ihc ttiBo j?roa|i, 

llou, ih^n. ATI! v'l^ to account for the bcnutifiil or ovrn 
^rf^niot vutiiuiH •>( wnny iriiriirtlti in tliL' 1i?u<<«t claMes? It 
■pptfart douMfuI vluHhtr tnrh cnUixir* ofU-n nt^rve u a pro- 
IcclkOo; bill Ihot 1TC may v'a>i^lv rrr on Ihu himd, will he 
idiniUt'il Uy eiierj on^ v^hn r>wis Mr. >Vflll»o-\ exrctknt 
MMV i^tt lliM tubjvi'L tt wotilil U'A, for iiisiaiK'O, at lirvt 
«ccur to nnj An? that the IrurwpnrrncT of th^ McHunr< or 
Jdly-flsli, K of the hirg)ic(il wr^ii.'V fo ihciii a^ » jirotfcfion: 
imi wlwtt u^? are rcmimW bv Jlutkol that nol ouly th<' 
Mi«diBVtr bat injtny finating ntollnncit. cniAlnrf-anv and oven 
email OCMRtc ftsh™ imrtflkc nf ibiji sam** glaaa-bk** appcar- 
tae^ often acoomjiainoii Tv prmiuauc colunni, wp «in biixily 
doiiM (hnl they InUF cHniir- the notice of ptiajfic liirds and 
(»thcf ('MnTTiL**, W. niaTcJ iii aififi <^nvinced * tb»l tlif bright 
tinla of ocriaiTi ^poni^co Linrl uj!u<ltLiTic< htvct us it pmlirL-tLnn. 
OcQi'-<pzcuott« c*>fo«rs an liknwi,*i- fK-ncficial to nifloy animala 
a« a warning tn thr'ir ^ould-bi- dcvourers thai Ibt^y aro din- 
Iwt^fiLl, or thfll Ihoy po«HMB *omc appt^ial nicaju at ilc- 
friKr; bul tbii vubjcd will iv djAruwr^l niorr ronv<<iiirntly 

\Vc can. in our ij-nomncc of mofft of Ibc lowoat auunal», 
otily My tiial iWr l>ri>rhl linU Tf>n\\ r>ilhrr from Ihi^- rhr^mi- 
eml Bitnj^ or tbp mmiite Mrnclure of th«ir lij^iip^, indf*- 
pooikniJT of any heivfil thwi li-mviHl. Hardly any colour 
a^ fmi-r than tluij of arirriul blood: bul ihi'tr 1%- no nwHrm to 
•iippow that the colour of ibo blootj i« in iteMf any advnn- 





Vakw It 

taj;o; anil tbouph U addA U ihr bonuty of the inaid«'n'« 
rliRtk, uo one uill prrlrnd tli«I i1 itju^ Ih-l^ii Hrrjiiiir<l for Ihi* 
puqyf&o^ ^o agniti u'ith many animalt, f^jiMiaJ)' tb^ lov-^r 
ooea, Ihe bilo b ncfJir coUiUiyi); Ihtui, a» 1 nm infomttil 
by Mr TlHurm'k, ihn <>xt.rrm<' Tiraiify i>f Ihr Koliik' (nakrtl 
f«9-til(i^) ifi rhieflr dii* I" the hthary pUfKl* being *«» 
Utr^MJ^h tJit lra]ii»1ui:ent intcKum*"**-— tiiiJ tH'ttuiy bt^m^ 

SrijliuiJy «f nil wrvic* In lhi'*r nniiTmU TJi*- tuii% tti'lhv 
CTCJiyioff Wvp* in «□ AnK-riniii fi^wtl ar<^ <K'*f nbcH by <ivi*ry 
one Aft gor^pouif: yet uu oue sui^po^cK tiiaf then* liuU arv 
of ihi' IwLit MilvArtritgt* fti thi' iTiw< Hturing in mind hnw 
many Fub^oci^f clfMK^k annJoifmuh Xq natural oriranic c^im^ 
pc>uikd6 liave bct'U r«;rf;iitlv fufuivtl by etttuiiHtt., and wbicli 
exhibit !lie tuoBt iplodidid owlumv. ii uonJd huw bera a 
«1ran^ frii-'l if piibt-Uncr^ similarly (^biiwd hfld nol ofccn 
ori^natciL iiHl£-}>i.^Mik'ff Uy itf tiuy ur-etii] vtal Uiut gamed, 
in Iho iJouipKa luborfliorv of linti;- or^iunuaia. 

7'ft* unh'ii-intj^'im i^ Mf MuUujica. — Througltont tliis gcv&i 
d]Vi#]i]ii uf tliL' aniiiiitl k-iri^Ooiu. on inr mr i ««d diJO>vi>r, 
Kcnndfliy^ H,-:iMal iharacU-r^, j^ucti a* wc arc licrc co^Mdc-r* 
ing. n^T^r icour Nor could Ui^y be ex|wefe4l in the three 
]<ivc«t vliuKcv^, ramcly, in the Af-i^idmiif, I'oljxofl, «nd 
Itrnrhk'pddM (oinBli luting llio McilluK^citda nf (uimc* 4tithoT«), 
for itjo^t [if ihi>4> animatM ui^* jiefmanotilly jillkcd to a *uiv 
pnrt or havr thrir »cXf4 unitfcl in the Mmr irdjv irEunl. In 
Tlie r^arm-llibnint-biala. or li^alve *lie(U. [i^rmaiiliioibtthin 
a not rare. Ia tbu ncit h];^'hL<r dflu «r tlii> Crui'.'njiKida, 
nr vinnnivr idtillii, tfit' Kiri^ arc «itbrr aiiitrd or iic-|iani1('' 
Itiil in Ihr loilfT CiXfiv t)i(> idaUi^ n^^'er jMib^'iu cp*viml ^tfyjtni 
for Aiidrn^*. Bt^t-unn^'. ar charrnm;; tbo fentali«. or for hglil- 
lajc villi othc^r itinW, A^ 1 atn infnTtrifil \ij Mr (fvyn 
J4»flrprii, tho afi[e fXl<>Tii«] di(f«»r*nr*i^ Wwnm iho *prc* <'Ci»- 
aie<4 in the aJiuU di>Tn«limca dilTi-ring a iiltle in inrm; for 
in»tnnce, (hi? AJiidl of thi; niatv |i(-rivinktc iLUi'/rimt Utiorra) 
i« narrnu-nr and has » m<itv Hongatud «|Mr4f than thai of tlic 
femakv But tlilTttinrir* of ttii& nnlun.\ it may be pn>"m<"d, 
arr diriilly i'cnuicTti'<l *ilh the art of ivjiT<Hluctiuilp ur WitJl 
llm di^t»>lf^|.itnTt of thr ova. 

Th<< GaMcruporla. though ccpabl^ of locon^otior ind 
forniihi-d vtith tnipiTfrt-t vyt^. d^i not apfienr U^ Iht dulm^i'il 
with Ktifliriviit raontal p^wrr* fiir i\w tm-mlnTi <»f thir rtino 
»3 to elruggW togttlwr in nvalry. aad t[iiJ» to aciiuire hsc* 
andarj M*:iua1 <'bnrad4<r«. K#Tvrthrl«fe8 viih tIi<^ fiulni'iMlf- 
CTOiu inutcntpods or liwdaiuiLa, tii« pnirtni; ta iuvcvdi.*d by 




ir UL MOLLUSCSL 2flt" 

IixiiiM^ip; fi>r thf>4(! diiiriMU, ih'nt'h hormAftito<1it». arc 
ittBiptfiku 1i; Ihi-^r Klrurliirt' lo |»air Io^Iht. A>pii»U a*' 
tniirk*/ "(jutc<ini|ar a tn VtM'iH$inn d'rrWrrrr Itv ninnurt 
«]r# liriiai.-on^, ui- uutjiil j»«^lru tit iloul« la f^Lictivu 0^ 
l»S«y^ ilacM lo* iDouvwu<^nr« H \es rILiik« 4|ui pi^[jiAi«a1 ot 
iIjU^" Thew aniniAl^ um^osi' a\to hihi.^jiIjIiK- uf Hrniip iTt^- 
;:reu of pofiniincTil 'AttiiAmont: in Ati-untv olwt:>nnT. Mr. 
|jiii^ffaE<-« mfi^nikt iiir thjit he* plnroi a pair ^f ]anJ»*Ti(iJls^ 
ill'pri>^jdT>4 ^'HTtlvM. AFUt a tfhorl ttiiie the ftroii^ nnJ 
hrAllbv mdiviitiu] diMippearH, nnfj wa* traced hj iU trnrk 
fkf fjin^r ifviT u wall iiklo an adjoining wHI-f^lnckeil ^aniin. 
Mr Lonedal* colK!luOl^d l\M U hml dnM-rlet! lU tickly mate: 
liiil alt*r Ml aWntr nf twmtT-loiir hour* it rclurn(*il, nnH 
Hpfviri'Dtly fnmTiiiiiikalprI thp rfwnH of im Hiircpdiftil fx- 
^K ploraiioik, for Loih tlir^n nlarl^J alaii;< tin* name tmtk and 
^Hc1i»pF*™nH nwr the wall, 

^H Kvi-n in iKt* hijeh('«f H»mH of (tin IfnTliiHrii, llin (Vphnliip- 

^V oila {IT ciilllHidhrt, III wJiirli tlkL< Mxvt are ^i^jmraUs ^.Lt'oiid- 

arr viMi^l ch^rarU'ri* of the prt*rut kiml <K* not, ;ifl far nn I 

^^ can ilitrovrr. <*r*-«r This is ii tTirpririing drcnmsinnco^ iw 

^H 1b^f« nniEnalh (i'>e^(«8 highly -dir^'^l^peiJ At.*]i9L«-or^'ari» and havo 

^H 4:onaidriaMp iiii-nUl puwco, nv will lir ndriiitli'T] h,v vu-ry 

^H ontp a'hn hflK wafHirri thrir artful r^ndpRVniin; m «iic-npp from 

^^ an i-nuiij-' LVttain Cophalo|f'>da» however, ato oliaraL-ftT' 

131^1 lij fine rxtmordjnnr)' m-iuuI rhfinirtrTr. naiiirl.v ihnt t'm 

tt>alp rlnmont collrcU within onn of tho nmi: or tjnilndpi, 

whkh Id thL-n caat ulT, and clin^'in^ bv if^ £uckiD;;-diac^ lo 

tlip fprnnlr. ]\\v>t for a IJtiu- nii aidrrpmilt'iJl lift-. 8i> frirrL- 

p]«1vly doflii ihfl rflft-nff flmi fpneHitFk a *opnratc aninmL timt 

il waa cioienbml by CuNicr as a puTii*i1.ic woini iindrr the 

Inainr nf Hcd^iwlyte. Riif fins rnnrvflh>iip" hT rtK-hin.- \\\ay 
hn diuKd u a pnmnry mthar than at ix acooudary avxuul 
Although with tlir MoIliiM^a itextial aelectinn dopH not 
»«im fo havp comn inln pky; yrt many itnivalvt* and 1>it'aK<r 
fJirlU-. autb aa toluk's. vid-^Ph scalli^p?, &c nrr liruulirully 
irnlf>an-(! hikI tthrtpt'tl. The rMl^tnrft do nol A|i|i^:4r itt inrrAl 
^a^m 1*1 br '>f ony iwe a* a protection; thf^y aro prohabiy 
tJie dirwl itsuh, ac in ibo low(?^t clawc*, of thr nntnrc fif 
|1|0 tUsuea; the palt^mfl and Iho sculpture of iha «hM] dv- 

lip* r&p4A« at de In Clai«' Aij., I ha<« rtvcn Id my ■J«Qm*J flf lt» 





pAKi a 

jiendiii^ on it« iri»nner of growth. Tliv amount of K^l 
Menu to be loflti^Dlial t'> a cerlaio eiCent: for alth'>tigfar 
njt Kp»tHI_T ^tAlod by Mr <iwyn Jt^Urm, ihe ttliclU of 
flOUK' ^^j-fi U4 livinje nl n prnfoiiml dppLh HTt^ Wi>*1it]jr iH»l* 
ourod. vet w^ p«nor*lly we the lower mrfncw, w wr|| «> tlw 
pArtu toYffrd by Hit miuilltr, Itno JiiK**'*'*''^''^"^'! 'J""^! I*"*^ 
H|i|irr iukI ripriail titrtnrn* In sohu' iiisri*, lU witli «MU 
livinp anioDi:^ ^^ral* ►ir hri^rhUv-tinled f-m-ww^Hk^ lh« bright 
ttTUruTv ttiajr t€X>f av a prolMttuii.^ But thAt many of the 
nudibrnnch mollu^-^i, nr ki^k-sJu^. m-e nK Iv^MtilifulK ciilaured 
as ony &hi*iis may Iw BWH in Mf^rs. Aldor nnd llntkcoi^k'ft 
umi^m^ocriL v'ork; ftud from information kiudly given ntt 
by Mr- Hiincucl:, it M«mi wttfomoh i^oubtful <vhHh«r ih«M 
colour* Qj^uallv wrvo iw n proicdior. Wilb som* spfciM 
Ihin nia> bv tJje t-Asv, an wilL one kind which liti.^ on lh« 
f^rt^ii Iruvcf of ulvii'. mid IB ilu'lf >.>Hfi!ht'|;rT''C'n, Itm niany 
brighny-colOHifd, wbiU, or olhrrwiw; coimpKiioiis aji^ioa, 
do iTol nei-k i'nTucahfif»nl; whilcl agnin mkih* i^qimlly cnn- 
tpicuoutf tfpt>c*i(». UH wt^ll uh oXhvr dutl-cokiurW kindf^, livo 
iincicr *t<*nc* and in dnrk rocwwp*. So thnl with th*v* nvidi- 
hranch n>oTlii80v. colour appaivnili iIihv nnt )<hiiul in tiny 
clnpt Ti-*lBticii to ttio imturc of the \>\awh vhich ihvy inhabit. 
Thc«c nnknl >cii-9i1tii;:v nrr lirrnirtphroditr*^ vet Ihcy pur 
togfrlhi>r> RF dn Ifind-cnnJlis mnny of which hsvn pxtrf>m«»lT 
pretty «bdJp^ It U conmiablo thil tn-o hiTmaphrod^tce. 
blttiirtf^ by <'tu'h olhi'rV ^riwtiT tigiuty, mijElii iioilr nnd 
kflvi> olTftpnng <rbiHi would inherit ihpir parf^te' jn^atfr 
l>*aiitir» But with fluih Inwiy-LirtTmihtxi trcaturfw tbu ia 
ffxtn-mrly itn|in^Uib]i'. S'nt i» it al nil nhrinii* bnw llifl 
offspring frrm Ui^' in*>r€» bt^nutiful pair* of hermaphrodit^it 
would haw any advantftge over ibe offoprins of th* Icaa 
Ix-milifTil. H^i tut to itit-T«aM* ifi nnmber, utiUiv im1n-il vigour 
And bmuty i^-^uN-ftllj- coincidwl. Wc havij not here th? oft«« 
"f tt number of innEcft becotnini; irhlur^ before the fpniales, 
uilh thi- morr bi-i\ul ifiil nutl^v wirrtrd Sv th(* morv vif;oroiu 
friiuilcsL If, indrrd. bnlliflnt roloure vrtv hcriffltiiil Ic « 
henna phrftdile aiiiriLul in n'lalion lo Ha ^eiieiul haliil^ of 
life. Ihc nim^ linphflv.iintL^^ intiividimlii would luoe^ed \^Ai 
And would int^n^or in numhnr; but tbi« would b? a caic i>f 
iinlurvl and ool of apxual aelemtion, 

*l hflT* ^ir>a rOvoftV' '>1«rtv«' faring Hy lli* twhn^nri nf U^iuniH 

■ mrtwia in^UmcHof Ifui mHuKih'* nf * I'l, Man* Im \vai\ ill*ruHH>c] iTjk 
ILgM i^n ill" «<«1itPtni **( * fnmi]pvn<n toh|«l kn lim |hj<^i ■*" O'r .V'lnplli'fr 
Ini'fii'iiMA-iifMtM *•} iht «arf«B rArrirBU^r of Hr-iilki*#f, -Trvw Hivtos 






U'omi*). — In tli}^ Hjli^ allhou^li thp t^\v^ Alirn ^-|iiirAtir, 
«oai4^tii»M Jitter fn^iu f*aL>h oth«T In (■t>am< l4'r« of «nc-)i \tn- 
|*0l1nnrt Ihnt thcr hArc- Wn phrnl iitnl*T (lidUntt ^'t'Tii-ra 
or ^^^'T\ farnitiM, yi»t» i1iiri>ri'n<it4 -to ncri 4H>rii of Ihi- kmil 
nhu'h oan b« Mf^lv fl1trit>iitecl lo e^^xiial i^ltH;U'>nr T?i^e 
diuinjib tuv ofk-n Wulifullir coloured, but jlb tU« »im« fla 
not Oiflrr m thin nt-|it^i1, wc nn^ but littlr tontuTmnl wiih 
Uicm. Even tlit* Nvnicrlians (hough vo Inwlv orKQniM^, 
''vie jn lieanty wid vnricly of tokuriug willi auj other 
l^up in tht* invyrL^-bnt*! trnt*;" yd Dr Ml'IiiIlwIi • oan- 
not diKOvtr thftt tbca-i" rolcur* arc of any ihtvL-c, Thi? 
MedeaUo ^uttt'JiiJH Lteojiu? tiuller-culLtun^, a^njrclJQg to 
M. Quuin-'fBffn.' ufur lliv |.i4:nu(] cf n}|>roduct]OD: and tliia 
1 pivn^iur may 1)*^ iLUributnl t^ their tcH vi^orou^ c-ondi- 
lion ftl thai linii^, All Huf^i- uont^lik** ikiiiiiKilf ii|k[Min<ntly 
atimd too Jov in tlii^ nonlo ft^r tliv iDdiTldnala of oither eex 
to txuX anj choice in >c-k<cting n porincr. or for thu indi^ 
vUtiisIx of th« Min^ fi»>j to ^mggli' to^i^thrr in rivnLry, 

8tih4nna4om of Mtr ArihropoJ^t: CUfci, Cntstacta. — 1& 
Lhi< gr#«t r]n« wi- flM nm*t vilh iih(!oij1il>-(1 n^vondnrv hpi- 
ual churaoti^rA. ufivu tlfvi^lupcd in & n-inarhiiML- luanuer 
irtjftjrtiiikiirrtj Ibr bubiu of i TiiMnciiniK jin- vi-i^' impi-rfrrlly 
lniJ>wii. sir>d uf" ^unnat *>Vfilain lh<* use* of many Mrurtiinv 
j>ecuJiur l« ont- .<.'X- Willi tlit' W<t pa^ai^llic ?<|jt.iK'* Ihe 
i[iitb-ii irr of jumill tair. uitd tliry nlmi<- iin* furninbril wilh 
yvrt^H FTrimmjng-K'g?, ant^nnsi and *u>ii»;iM>rp>i^*; 'hr f^ 
niaico Wing dv»titutv of th«t organs, with tlu'ir budivv often 
ti>iL*mtinx (if a nun- ili^tkHj^l miiJ». Kul ibt^- exirhurili- 
vary difforvnoc^a hctn«on the two iu?vr« arc- nt> doubt nlnlvd 
lo iheir widely dillcrem habita uf life, and confot^ucnlly 
do nol roJirrm us. Tn ^uri^iiH ^'nixtnri^iis, bi'lun^iiii; lo 
djMin(4 fnin]hi."J, the anlrnor niit^niuE- niv futiiiidtfd MJth 
peculiar ibrvad'likf hi'diL'^. ubicli aiv UrUetxd to act ns 
smeMii^^-t^rjcana. and the^e ar^ much n>trt^ nxwuvrfiVf in the 
mtlett than in iUv fc^muloj. An th? nidkv, withriil uny uii- 
uvual devdo^MiK'nl uf ilic-ir o1factor7 or^nv. notild .itniotit 
Mrtainly h« able ^ouer or later to find the ft>ma]<«, the 
IncrittMd numlx-r of tbr sthcI I injc-t breads ba^ prulaNy bueD 
iK^iliiiri'f) through w^iial wL^-tion, hy Ibr Ih^U-r [wnviJijil 
mnlpt bflviiig been Ibe iriore aueeedsful in finding partiier« 


I'Hann* ^T^ Ilv«li),' 'Be^od 



PimT It 

ttnil in p^rducin^ offfpvinf£. [-'riti Uiillfiv hu dc^criM a 
renmrkulk' OiuiJi'iiiltk- fipoiioii of Tanam, in whkh the male 
U n*]Jrfwnlt*il \ty twu dUliiul funiiK, vhh-h nevrr gniilDnl*' 
into «iK-h othrr. in thn one fonn tho ria]? m fumtAiied 
ttjtli iziuiv iiLititifrotJs bme-lliufT-lhrf-adti, and in tlte i>tJ^r 
fonn M'iih ui4jre powerful and ini>ri* vlon^iod chit1» or 
pinrrrv, which wnr to hoUl tlio fmmb. !"'ritx MiilJcr sug- 
^'eblH lliat tLt«L' dilTc'(i^nci-j bi'lwetrn iliv ivj iimir formn t^f 
the tiame ipoci^e ntay ^lave 'jn^inuiLHl 
in certum cndindmiU hnttnjc vjiritni 
in th« nniTtlxT *>f th»» ^im^lliii^-tlin^ada, 
irhiki other imiiurluflls v^riBd in the 
ahafK^ uiL<t TiU^ uf thi^ir cbelar; vn ihat 
uf tlir iartnvTy lhrw> vthirli wrrf 1v9it 
nbl9 In Hnd the femeJe, anri or the 
]Att«r« tliow H'liich were bt^t nblf 1o 
hikhl her, tinri* tFfi thi* ^-i^uliwt nuin- 
ljt*r of pro((<vny to inhoTit ttcir r»- 

Tm Hiiiie iif lliL- Inwi-r rruxtnoennn, 
Uiu ni^til uiit^-nor antcnnn of \ha niak 
(litTrri* grwilly in stniHnrr- from tht 
Iffi, Iti** lalt<*r n>wniMing in itn sim- 
|>Iq taperinf* joinii thv ant^nnet of tlie 
fcniolr- Irj Lhc innlr tht; motlifjnl 
nntvnnn U cithrr iwoll^n in thtr mid- 
dJo Of an^larly bmt, or convi^cd 
(Hg, 4b Into an ele^^nt, and «om«- 
1iiti(4 vcindt>rfull)r onmp1ox> prehen^le 
ortrnn." It n-TViw» uo ) hcur from Sir 
J. LubUjck, to hold the fcmnlp, and 

«. i'^n^tr\^Mm.^^.Tmy ^'^^ ^^^* "^^ purpose one of Ih? two 
l^^^rtb-.ii'hi'" ^''7"^"' iwflfrrinr iejfs |6) on the Mine «idc of 

ti ¥t0uniwimirSnH!np\*? thi' ti*>i1v iiii ronvrrli'd into a fomcfm. 

f L.ftToMr£tl!ii», 'n anothiT family ihr inferior or poa- 

Irrior untcrmit aro "curionsly nig- 

^ag^red *' in Ihp mal<*i: nltmiv 

In the bipUvr a(3etnoi«n^ Th^ smtmor l*pt am dotdopod 

inlo chdr or iiincun; ami el:*?** aro ^-^nvTAliy Urii:*:^ in tht 



**riMtBitl Ar|taB»nl4 far Dir«in.* 
BoflUTi tnntUl If4fv^ ^ ^4 the 

wKi' k 1 ki ^.- II. .-' I >* 'J ii'i'-il *[( ' St- 
li'i ' L'lilikfrUB- 

i-.w nti mf l.l|ll^■* 


Mur <>' rTtl ITU;,^ vol, il IKU, t^. i, 
4W l.ubhrxik ID ■ 'rnn-»i< Knt. *ot' 

ini>nrLi-pnM rn-lnH» ^v Irtu HnlW« 

lAT. IX 



irrnlc IIihii jii tli>* fi'iiiuli-, — fo iiiiirli m that iW iivirVrl tnlue 
of Ihi* imU4? Mljbl(^ crah idjmtr iftitjuruit}, aM*»r<Ung ti> Mr. 

In Jiisnj *:|im.'ii'* IIm- c firhr nrr tti iirimfiml vjr «» ih"." «[hkh 
■it? KitJo tif tlio body, Uit> n>rtit'ti«nil <in^ Iwlh^, h> I una 
iufomwU by Mr. Katc^. ^em-nJlv. tliuu^h nut invariably, 

in Ui6 milk tban in tlt« kmnltf 'Vli^ ivio t-hrlo? of ihi* miilt^ 

r^omo of ft«wifc 

ofU'fi rJtfff^r in rtmdniv (figfl 5, ft. anil 7). iW (mailer opo 
rrTviTttihiJ^ IliUt Iff thv ft^miJi^ Wlml ndvnntA^ U ffDinod 
hy ifirir im-^iuility in ^iu' i>n Hir ojijioAiti' Mitlr* of Ow \Hn\y. 
anil by llif- innjijujity hi^tnp nmch gr»>au^r tti Uiv vmk* [Itoii 
in tb^ foEii&te: mill why. i»lt«ii tfccy *re of oqiml ^iw, biHh 
nnr (rfti-n miicli Ijitvi^r in llir rnnlr tli>D in tlii' fciiutlif. Is not 
tnmrn, Ap i ln-ar from Mr. B*t«?. lb* rholj^ ar* M)in«tini^ 
of «ucU lenglL u>d »£« ihot thv^ €«»Qot jxmbly U.- ii^cd 




Past IL 

for CAJTyin; fcM>d to th^ mouth. In IW mAl*« of crrtaiti 
freidh-u'dl^r {miwiih (PuI'L^innni llie right log is aoIobIIj' 

rr than tlic whi>lo bodv,** Tlio ^'mrt -lav of Ui* cm* l4?g 
j|# dxhi* imiy ikid tl^t niali:^ in liichMnif with hi« rivoln; 
ml thii will m>t iirY'niinE for th^tr Jm^qiiHlily in llie fi^mal^' 
on tho i>]t|K'ejt^ Hidr« of th(> hcdy. Ln Uvtu^ijijuri, at'Lt>rdji]|* 
U a ritatrmtnt i|Uo(c<l liy MiliuvI'^^mnivlV' thf male niui 
Uir ft-iTiub' livi' ill tli^ i^Amr Emrniw, aiii) tliiti aIk^wa IIihI Ihi^j 
pair; Ui<' umir clofv^ tlL<i mouth -A \]\f burruv nith osiv of 
iU ihclit, wlui^h i» tii«riiiou>h dcvflojiej; sit tlinl htrv it 
iniltrvrtly »i(-rvi'>i iw ii rtnutnk of <!j*fi'mtv Thuir mflin ueit, 
however, tii (krobahly to ^osn and to ei^care 1hi> fcrinale, and 
lliie m Willie iasUiiun, oa willi CTaiiinjuTUB, in kuuwii tu hv 
Ihe cavo. Till? iniilv of th^* hvnnil qt iioldivr cnb (Paj^uru^t) 
for Vi^nkfL irtjicthcr, rnrrit^ about th< thtll inlmlit-**! bv ihe 
f'-'Hialh" " Tin' ti^\»."^. hrjwcver, uf the i-ijimimixi tilmn^-cnib 
(t'ur<i'«(/* pitfflijai, lui Mr. bulv icfonnis im% uuito djrm-llj 
BftfT Ihc fcmnlc hw moohcii hrr hnnl nhcll, whirn *ho i» so 
soft Thai vhe wihiM Ite iojiirHi} if Hi'itv^ by lTi<> ^Irmif^ (liiK^ers 
ijf ibu Diiik<; but uit tint lk cmii^ht ntiil uirhod aboat bj 
ihr male before lut^ulUng, f>h<: could then be ^nzcd witb 

tYitx MuDtr sUttvs thai oertain upeeiw of Motitn rnv di«- 
tin^i'hiMl Trom nil oEhi^r ain}khLTKiiL^ bj thv frntaUi^ Itnvin^ 
** th^ cnifl] Iamd1a< <<f the rKTullii&ite pair uf fe4>t (froiluced 
ii]ti> huok-bkc i>i>xvHi9, of vhi<:h the nub^ Uj liobi Witb 
Ihr buti'lh of tbr llrvl jmii,*' Tlir ib-vt'bi|Miiriit t>f tbvM' luK>k- 
lik^ pivioe^f^fc tiAti i^robabtv fuU^^t^d from lh»at* f^inalee 
■nbjtb wrn? Ihe llnl^l mxrunAy ln^bi doniijf the act of rrpro- 
(tuWiiin, biLVing li-ft llu- Ur^rrj^t ntim^ipr of olT)(|trtn^ An- 
other Brazilian anipbipod {Orcheiim Dortt^init, fig. H) pr^ 
B«ntE» a cttdir i>f tlimurpliijtPU like that of Tnnaici; foi ilitn 
an tu'o mab* roriri», whirh dllTcr in Ikp Mn^Hurv of Ihoir 
rhclip," Ag eith<^ chela voiild certainly guflkc Xa hold 
lb*; rviua!c% — fi>r l^olb ate anw uwd tn thin purpuse. — ibc 
two nial« ff'niiA prcbahly oH^cinutix! by Eame haviiig ^^ripd 
in on^ iiiAnncr and Bcirtic in aiirjflKr: bolb f<.iriii^ ba%inj( de- 
riv«l iTrlaiii !i;M*<'iHk hul iiparly «|ual lutvanLji^i'H. fnita thdr 
difTcivijtlv Kha|MMi crpinii. 


villi flrurr^ in Tru'- Ew>1uif. Sk/ 
nil Mil Afv-ff «|iit*nuirk1' i^'lli T4»|<^'L 

Fmnh lCof«i(i uij tilt Ftuui vf fl. 

C!kAr, IX. 



It I* not knovTi Ihul rrmlo crtrclacoAn^ fijjht lo;p?(hcr for 
thr |HMu-j^i>jik lit the fcinaK^. Imt it m jiruWIjl^v tiie ciuw; 
Tur tk'ilh ni<i4t ATiltual^ mIu^ii i\w rmlr iv lar^i^r tbnn thiT 

ImvmtE fr>U8lil qttli ptiirr mn]<.^ iluriit^ nmfiy f^viiurutiuDH. 
lb mod of thp orrler^. ro|kecifll]y i» like higfie^l or thu 

Bntdiyvini, tiw malt* a Uir^t*r tUiui the Ti^maW: th^ parn- 
Bili^' iftni'ra, howcvtr, in vhi^^h the ^exir** follow iliiri-ront 
liuhitFt L>f liff, rtrTiI iiLutI or ihi- KriU>iiioatiacii iii»M he ok> 
(^"pli-'l. Tbo rbelii" of fimiiy <-rurttJoL*iiTi[4 ore weafKini wpIT 
adiLpled for SgLting. Thiw when a IJcvilcmb {Foriwvt 




rutt DusciCMT or si&N. 

P^n JL 

finfifi rHtrtnif, Uir lialttrr wtu mk)Ii ihnmit oEi iU Imt'k, Ami 
had ^v»?ry limb torti fmin ir>i lioJy- Whrn u>Trrnt mnl^x of 
n hrjiiiliAit Uelajimns. n ^|»ccj(« fLirnii^hcd with iiimuuM 
»iii<rr*, Vkvif I'Imiii lupUn'r iti a kOsi^* ^i"s?vl !>>■ Fril/ Udl> 
IT, M^iy mtililalKl nnd kilK-iJ 4>it(- unulhir. Mr, Hnir j>ut 
o Iut^k'? iiiak f^^rriNi^ nifrnai* tnU' 4l pAU of xiakT, Inhiitjjlvd 
by u fvjEinle wliicli wuh |ihtiv<.l uitb a sirifiHi-r jiuLle; \tul Ihv 
lutttrT Wflfi 104111 (ItKpotFi-uiu]^ Zlr. Bttt^ uU^lx, " if Ihvy foujfht, 
th*? vktory waw a bl<j(x!lcw on<7. for J wiw no wouml*/' This 
Hhitit' Lmhirnlirir ii^jiunileil ii trmU^ SAJtil-hki[i|i4'r (f^ii i-riiiLiiiuii 
tin i>ur :ii'4i sh<>n-'*), liQfnmnruft mariniis^ ttfm lU* fi^iiiuks 
boili iif rthwrn were liujirisonrd in the *niut.- *i«ti*l wilh 
many imliviJtial^ of Iht sann.' &|><'<'ir*. Tht> fi'mak, wlim 
tbu* (^vorti?*!, 6»jtm joiu^^d llif olh«.-ri<. Altt-r a liiiit.' Uw 
iLinlr lut^i put iLiE'^in inlo Uir nuiir vi-^d; um] Ik- llini, oftrr 
fiwimniirg aliotil fnr A ttm«» jAJthM inXf' fhp f-nnvil, nntl 
wiiliDul EUiy li^fhliti^ al ^ntT t^uk away iiiA wife, TIih fact 
tfbcust thnt in the Ai]i[>hi}K>it;i, an nrOrr lint in tlir ?rii]i% t)ic 
hlhIcw ami frmakv rpci^gaii^ cdch other, ami urc muluailj 

ThL* mpiilNl jioMi* of Ihe CriiHtiUTTi orr prubnMy bi^irr 
thufi Eit ^rtt tigbt iL|)}H<irj( prsilmlltf- Any one \\\ta tnc« to 
caUli <»n*? uf th>^ •Ji'jrC'CTd!/*, to conini^n on troplcul toft*t«. 
will |H.i[:t-ivtf bijw uary Atu\ iilerl tht-y hpl'. Tlii'ii- i* n Hrfj^ 
cmh {liinjuf. latro), fouml ait t^onil UhindE, u'hJHi mak^« A 
Il])<li licd of Ihc picked tibrc« of Ihecoi-on-niit, at tb(> boUoai 
uf a deep Inirrow It ff4?d& ^n ihe fallen fniil of thii tiw* 
by Uumri^ aS tht- hurk. librc by Itbn-: ami tt uluiiyM Wgina at 
tbat iTd where the three cyc-likc d^prv^iioDft aitr i^itiiatcij. It 
Iben bfvak? through one of lhe*e ej^ by liammerin); uUh iU 
ht«vy froai pjnet^rt, and luruin;- rnund' rxtrnctd thr albutni- 
nouHCorrwJtL itx ruimw pwlrnor ptticez^ But lUt^i^HCtion^ 
arv pfflhAhly inHlinrtivo, 50 that Ibev uouTd bo p^ifonoL^f] 
as wt'll by a yoiin;; animiil aa by aii old one. Tht rcilE<iwin)2 
cnH\ howeitr, ran banlh In' wi fiitkinhri'd^ u iTniiu'nrllu' 
natural J£tt ilr GirdnoT," whilpl watchinp a ^"re^eraf* 
((SoUeir^ufi) making U* huirow. Ibmt Mimr rJif-ll.- low^rdn 
Un* huls- OiH- ro1h*d in, ami tbrw cilhrr *h**lU n^mAitm! 
witlim a few ineh^ii of tho montk In about Hve minutoe 
lilt crab brought oitt the ^lell «Uich hod fatlen in. and 
carrit^t it away to a dUtanfs ot a foot: it th*n mw the 
tlirriT <it1i<-r f^hi>!lfl lyin^ nonr, nnd evidently tbitikin^ that 

IBM. |K 111. th»tvgrL««nitKnij'Jcur< tba h«hiltHt)f 






thi-y niij^it likrniw ^i!l in. rarrM tliviti In tht- nfrul vlieii- 
ii liEicI hid Hie lircd. It u^>ij|lI« I think, ^h* ilitfrcuU ia Jix- 
tiji;gulrii Uiiw tutX trom «uu pi-rfunnril hy riiKQ ly tbo aid 

Ur. [larp rinw not knovr of &nf wcll-uioiki^ fAM of dif- 
ffrroj>oi? of i-olour ill the tiro svxtv of i>ur Uriiihli omitrtwttriji, 
la vhi( h mt|H^I Ibr srir^ <il t^r IiI^Ikt uitlmul- mi itfleu 
(tilTuf, In iitriu' t^ps hi^tft'(^r« (lu* luai^N ut^d U^niuio^ diEfvr 
^Liplit]> ill lint, lul Mr. BnU IIudU not n^oiv thjiii muy tm 
iUXiiuitlMl for lijk iLrir (lifTrrviii [iiiliitK of life, ^iK-h u»^ by 
tho mult- ivandfrinj^ nifirc about, and l»einp thus tnoiv tl- 
}ioK^ hi iJitf ii^iKt. l>r. I'fjHvr trk-^i lo diMtinifLiiiili l>y ci>li>tir 
the s^Xi'* uf Ifit' M*it'nil »|it-rii*h vhirh inhiibil tUr* lUiiHlinA, 
but failucl, v;ti:i*pt uith onif «|>«uJi« nf Sfiiiilla, fjTci]>ably 
S* fitjfhftra, tbe male iif wbit-h m deHcribvd b£ Iwiii^' "of 
a b*rau|jfu] bliiL^li'^rtwii/* uilh ahiil* iif Ibi' atijifiLrJu^t 
c'hvr77'rvHi, nhikl tt« frmnh' u: cloudod with bmsvn nnd 
n^y, "villi the rod about bcr much leM iri\id tl^au in llt<- 
iiiali'" *' [ti 1ht>T riL^. y;e tuav nuf^HVl Iht- u^t-Tit'y of Hr^xiitil 
sti-lcdi^^D, From il. Bcri'^ oht-r\-aU*nw im Uiiphmfi, wlivii 
plac^^l in a rrMcl illuurinalt>i by ^ (^tieiu, we have reiL^un 
ro M>ei^ lliat ev«n Ibe l^ui^id cTUa(jtiCi.-«ns can diBiiiij-ui«li 
coiount, W'ilh S4phiriTin <»n ocvanic fcntm nf hicilomo*- 
fracn). tht- riuiW arv furuit^heil uilh imnittr ^Jiiehlii »r rell- 
Idcc hMlicv, which 4>xlu1nt bv4iDiiful dmu^in^f eojoun: iUaW 
nfc aWnt iD the fcmaltr^, and in both ioiw of nnv ^juxir^." 
ft wmdJ, liowev*-r. he i.'tlri-mely rahh lo lom-lnd** iJibI t)it!«^ 
euriotir, oririnu- j^ctri' to atlmcl tht* ftinjtln^ I atn inT'innvd 
by (>Ji» Muf!*T. ihrti fit xhv finuik of a nruilikin n|>i'cie* of 
G«1ii^imn4, t\\f \v\\iAi^ bodv t< of b npnrW uiiifiwin grc-yUh- 
bro^A'tt. Id tbt- iiiuliT thir T>utiltrn>r \iari of Iht (.-vi^hAlu ihorttt 
i* jmrr vrhitr, nith tW jirtti-nor \iutt nf u rich K'^-^^^^^t KttniJiti|[ 
into dart: hr^wn: *nri it ir rpm*rkab|p thsl ihcs* f^Jonw 
are liubk< to rJum^^'c in Ihe wuree of a few mmulo^— the 
«hHr tjivrnmiii; i!irly (firy or n-PD tiUrk. tbi* k""**"* *" '™bt|.' 
viacli ni iC« hhilinnoy-" It d^jrviffl Mfiarial natit^p tbiu Ihi? 
maJeaUo tiol utriutre Ihtir bri^lit oloufr' until Utty b^(^m« 
fnnlnrv. Thi'j nppi^r to bi- innrh jnon? nmiH-nnif thmi Ibe 
fi'iniiloi; tbry diff^ir alio in th*.'- lar^or sw of Iboir chi-'iav. 
liT Nome Fipe<'ir?j at tbi^ ;;eiiU[^> ^irutiably in all, th< ■•.■Tr?^ pcur 
and inbublT E)ii< vimt' burrfiw Tliri arc- hUh. n>i vf Itiiv^ 
HVD. hi|:h]y inlelbfE>^nt anJiDitU- From thi«a<T nti^Mitf coii- 

P Vr riu rwcr. Ill ■ I-nm, lUanw. » C]«u^ * I>|f nrcUf4j«ft|«a Ovptpo- 
FtxiMtHnf., L I »m IihUH^I U tfl (l«n," IttCt. «. tt. 
5A£e for tir Favrr'a iiALtmrbL 




TOR lltO£KhT (iW MAK. 

Piw (L 

»<3vnitions It ^^mv pToMilt^ Tbat the rioI^ in ttiis tjMwi** 
hjii bei.i»iiir t^il,v orniuiic-utLil iti ordi.*r ti> nitnct or cjccik 

[t h&» ^Wit If^it eMU^d that the male OeLAAltniia 6c}«b not 
atqiiirt? bia c^junpiciioud colourtf until mfttiirc and iMeHy 
rt^uHy lit W'hI. TIiih H^'mK h j^rmrnil riilr in th<' trhnle 
clflda in reepoct to th« many remarkable etrticturaJ tiilfer- 
i'ucvn bctwerii xhv M'XL'H' Wt' idiuil ht-'rettfu-r lliul iLc uiiuv 
1n\r pri'^iiilmg l]irmi>*liuul thv gtviit tuh-kincToiii of the 
VtilC'brala; and in nil cn«> il ie *>miiiontly clibhinUvo of 
*li4rat;ter^ wliicb h&vti [kvu aniuireil tlimuKli i^i-^ual sfli*c* 
liun. Vfii'i hiiilWr*' Lfiv-.'* *rj»ir tthkin^^ iimtiiin-ffii nf thi* 
law; thiia the ninli* siiint-hi»|>|>rp (Orchcsliftl doc-a mtl, uuIjI 
iit^jirlj full gri>ivu> »u4U[ic \ur* lurgv i'l;Lti|rL-ih. nliit^lj aw lery 
(liiri-rtiiUc c'">rn(tnicl^(i fri>m ttu'U' <>f the fi^nuM; whiUt 
yooTiff, hi* cW|wr» row.'inlilr tlio*? *>f the female. 

r'ksH, ^nii'ftrit'ia (S^nl^^pfj.^^Tln- »fX*^H do r>'it ^i>n^ralh' 
Uifftr nmeh in L'i»loitr, hul i\n* tiulvti art ulu-n ilurki-r tlmn 
tJie fenml*^. nj» inny lic':*t*rn in Mr- lltackwaiVFt nu^ificcnt 
work.*' Ifi ftiimp hpp^'jpfi, Imwwfr, thf i1lffi?rj^nw is corspieu- 
OUit: thtiH thu fc'iuak- .if Spara^nujt epiarcjiiiivfut m ^Li!liAt> 
ifreen, whlUt the atUtU male Ijaa Ehe iihi^imiii of o fine yel- 
low, wtlh il»r^»> ktrv^iiiJcliiiAl lilripp* "f rich rfd. In ivrlaln 
npcrirj(» of Thcimi*iirt tho hc\« c)ubrl> r«hcmtik- ciU'U uUut, 
In othem th^y ilifTer much; mid atuila^oxi^ cumv iH^cur in 
many othor ^'en<>Ta. It ia oflon difAouU to fay ^hirh of 
the tvo fexi^ deimrtM motit from Iht- ordinary culoru(i>)n of 
t?ie jr*>mTa In wblHi the uprrM* Vliiii}^: ^"it Mr. HtiirkwiLll 
(hmks L[iAt, nil a ^eiK-rul Tui«, it U tlit» mal^; nnd Canc- 
strini " rvmirk* Ihnt in rertnin jcpiitni thi- niuW can bt 
Hpl^ifrnlly diariiiinijshjid uith vrm<, l>iit thi- fniifllrs witii 
(ITCTit diHkulty. I am infoniK^l by Mr Ulnck^iall that tiic 
w-jtrsi whiUt yftunjz untmlty naeiiihlt eacli other; and both 
often upderjjo gK»t ehnfig^s in ("oLiur diirini^ t)ieir pu*^ 
ccwivo moult*, Ijcforc urrivini; at iriatnriK, In othtr ea*eF 
the male ftlnre Ajtpnifn It chitniTf- iT>luur. Thus Uie male 
of the above brtpht'On|r»iirvfl Spamwn* ul ([r%l re*embles the 
fvmnle, and aequirM bb i>efubdr linU onfv wbcn nciirly 
fldnlT^ Sjn^tpr* an? prswi^sci! of uculf ***iih»'^. nrnl e^blbit 
miicli inttllijr^^nci*; as i» well knoim, tht^ fvtiintr* ofU'ii uht^n" 

Nut I'hIixb; vol, t. ^Mfr R, litTK 






thf §*' T thnr ofcc*, wliioh tPii^y oflrry 

alH>ii1 I n Hvb, Tho miilr^ K^ixli ciurvrly 

for iIm^ fcmjiti *•. hihI Imvp \jtvn aevn Iry (.'Hiienlrini Mini (■ihrT>i 
lo Gght fir |4o«cHi|ot3 of Ihcm. Thu Mtntc dulhor oija that 
thv uuiflii of iUv LwD »eLf» lu£ Wa nWrvcd tii uWiil IwvDty 
«fic<-i««; and ho AaJfprU p^witlvely thni 1h^ fi^Mi.al4> i^J«cU 
fomr f>f th<* ni«lc« who cMiit her, tlirualtnit thvni witb opod 
icuuifltblni, and al Uf4 nftn li>ti£ lin-iiliition acrr'pf* Ihc 

fliimit-nilli winr <:nDtirfcDrv tii4l ttit wtJJitidfk'-'J ditTorL-iit<t* 
in ii^l^tur ln'tm-^n thi* 1*11* rif frrlfliii j|H'ri*si arc lUr n.-Aul1ji 
of «exiu1 s^ocIiod: thon^ti vc* bftvo not hrnp Eh^^ U>^t kini) 
of rvidriKr, -Ihf^ flE»|l]lI^ l^iy the iubU' ^^f hid vriitiEiidiU- 
Froin tin" citrrmc MirUbilily nf roltiiir in tlir mulr of nnnr 
fMcice. for iiwlance of Thtrutifti Httrtiitim, il uouJd aj^ix^ir 
Uuit thtfftf «rxu«l chararicn of Iho nink's Hum; iiot oa yH 
hcimmp uHl ^irrL riirmlrin) dmu* llir iMimp mrii'limMiii 
frowi lb(? fact tli-fti lh>> inalee of wrtain apecii-s present Iwo 
formii, iliffiTioi: from r»ih olhtr in Ihi- ^iii- hihI li.ii;j'Lh of 
titrir jnu«; Jinr) thi>^ n^tniitjls uu cif thr hIioit i:ii>i'i< <J iH- 

Tbi- mair in ^uiicrmllj' much mtjallrr Ihais llii^ rE-maZ(<r 
•LnmrtimrK in arr rnlrn<iniiTijirv d^^ni*,''* urid hv jk fdrt'cci t(i 
l>o I'Htrcmdy caalK-it^ in riukiiij: Li? u'ivtino^^s a^ th^ ftritiaio 
often Citrrini her ivjt)t<» In n dmiKi^ouji ]iilt:li. Dc^ Cirwr 
wn- a malr iliat ** ifi thf< miiM nf liif> pn^pdimtnt^' f-Arf^^sc^ 
wa« »oi«od by IKc obj«ct uf \th atliQtiuuit, envf?lo|>L'd by hor 
iu a u<^b HU1I II11-U ilfviiiircrl. » tii>thl n liidt, ju he nchU, /IlltT] 
him with horr^ir And indignation-'''' Th<* Ki^v. n. (', Csin- 
brwlK'" w'counte m the following: nL^nnt^r for ihc txlivmc 
ninalljina of Ihe umlc in Uh- ^'rau.i N<-[>bilir '' M, Viiunn 
Bivi* a ^'raj^bir auL-ount <>f Ihr npio wny in ivlijeh the 
diminutive rr»alo cwnp^'e from the ferocity of Oip fL-iaale. 
by glii^iiif: abivil ^rxi pliiVEiig lijik- hikI cork nrtT hrr hrHlv 
and aJoTi^ lier ffipinhc lim^w: m mch a purj^uif. it le tyt- 
d'^nt iW the- chancer ^f cecafic vould W in fjivi>iir cif the 
enia11»^t rnaiey. while \hv htrp-r oTir» uonlil (all i-nriy vie* 
UjDi; thnit graduaJly a ilimjnulivp nice of iria1(f« would be 
HcJcct^d. untti tit l^t tlicv uiuild dwtddlt' tti Ihi* Hmalint 

>• ,lihi. '/ ,i....i, !■ \r.(ii". l- . lit* lltjt 
do LjJ Hr-Illb 41^1, l'] W n-'- l';'t'L*'M 

m»l». Ifl />W«"^ m^ffff. In F>il. •pn-'ji-, 
pad. OlhiratatL mciwrrTlnriif i^o-*- nf 

riikl yf SiltiNi'c; I MM. .lull, 11 <i>|; bul 
t" Bm^iiiolmiy." vol I. ini*. p, »m, 






pj>mT tL 

riinrtUiniL,— 'in imX jiTuhiihly ht llic >ix>- wc nE>vr m^- l|irm« 
i, ^, f<* sriflll at^ :m In- a sort of pan*it^ Ti|wn ih*^ fi^mnlc, 
nutt eilhtfr lii^Ti«^lh lii^r uulicT- i>r too agdt ami Iik» avmii tor 
}it'r tn niti'li wil Itoiil pniir diflirnlLj-" 

iiittlert of w^veral A|>M:i(a of Thcndiori " have the [wwcr ol 
iiiMkiit^ d firulntuliuK JtmiTid, vrhiM ihi- ft^nuliTj* htv mule. 
TIk' ■(iparvlu^ conwrt^ of a trrrnlod ndisp *T the hwv of the 
Atnlumcn* a^fliuM ^viiiili Uk- lurd hiudt-r [mi of tlie tborsx 
iiL rt^Mhvl: nml iif llim iLlrurhirc> iml^ ii Xtiiw 4^11 1h< t]^ 
Uxt<-i\ in Ihf fvmfllcs. It drsc/Tfii n^tjc*' tliJit scv^ml wrili^r*, 
induilii)^ Mtf wfll-kiii>Aii HrdL-1iiiuI<.>;:iF<l ^Vzikkt'iiaer. Iiave 
doclaro*] lliAT *fiidrr> an- ntlnittuil by miiftic>' Fr^ni llie 
ftimlo^iy fit" thf Orihoplcru anH lIoTnopUra, tu bn rkw^lwl 
in ihi' lU'M cbfipliT. wc iiiiLj f»-<»] rdnii^At hjiv Utal ihf 
fltndulalioti iL-rvo*. n«k HViitFin^ fAua bellpvt.'*. to call or to 
cxrili* frniAlf; Ami Ulip U thr firrt cnM' knonn lo uk in 
tlif n^oendirig K«le of l.bp Animal tiiigiloiu uf Miunds emitUd 
for thi^ pnrpune." 

CU«i. M^riopoda — In ueith^T of Ih^ tiro ord^rt m thi* 
cloff&i. lilt' miUi|ii>d(9 ond r*f'ntlp;^|p.1, can 1 fimj ally •*ell- 
TnaTki'd irijJlano'H itf i^urTi h(>M]Al ditfi^rt-iurh kis rn<>np |ijiTlini* 
larly (^i-HK^t-rii n«. In Ohftufrir titi'tntf*K LowovtT, oiid |>k*Hiapft 
in 5->iTif fpw olhrr fprricn, the mnlox differ nii^htly in irolrjur 
from the fviimW; h\ii iIup (ilimir-ns ii^ a Uigl»'y variHijIr 
B)>ovic<8. In Ui^ make of tbf> Utplmioda, Iho ]<>i*ir Mort^tn^ 
rithrr In rnr of ihc ontrrior or of the piMiciior M^ttientj^ 
of th*- hf)t\y art> irndiflf'd \nUt \nvhenit\\p honks whic-h H*rvr 
to M<(^un.- 1hl^ fL^rnalf- lu ttoni^ 4fM>ciofl rif luhi^ tlio tani 
of Ihf mnlr nrr funiJ^lLrd with mrjiilimticnLi aiukrrs fur Ihe 
Minp pnrprtii»> Au wo ahall bj^p wln*n wo tr^nl of (n*ivfK, 
it tsa nitich i»'>rt uiiumielI 4in.iimHtjrK<. Iliat i1 in Ihi* fi^muli' 
in liitbohiii;(, nliiiTi ii^ nuiii^Tii-i) uilli |]rrlii-ni:id(- ntir'-''^^^"^ 
at th« trriT^mity of h« bo^jy for hoMinjj the male.** 

h |kr }f IE tin 7<>ij1''1--'pii, in fir* 

luiv iri ' ' ' ' ftir» nui-tju-fftii-, 

^^^l>L'^"■ ■ ■" |i'.-(tk'L'»iHini*, 
*rr ■/. ■! n|,' IHfi'J, |i»VV 

H Waribrrikflr «r I'. i;(irr»ii>, ' lliiiT. 


Dtvti«li»J arvcerv jnwnJ b* ihn imIh Air •^■iBf Iba fnnnli 
wnom tnnrtn itit v^jboi. of whTcli il» iiifitnlniF i* nut unilpfkim 


*«Jba^oi wriicii lilt iiifitninff It nut anAifU^nA—mni-r. 
wivyi In lii* UlHciij lb* ■WEGK-'TtiyMniir*— l>l|'tf r4— llviMii'lcrA^lJ^rjiuip- 
1'' !' iIjk fusln. iiiifrh Jlvi'niAi^:] tri •rnirtuiw : ph|rn*i>fl^ : 'i^lnam 

. xiiinJ <]Ltl>*rm^ kn poliiur ItjnKnuptrrk, )-ut;n*£itt tail 

Is lljf immonH' diu* of insects th^ B?3;t<* -omelime* 
i]iir«T in t^ivir Iocr>nio1ivi>-orG:ftDs. and ofti-ii in th<^ir rtimnc^- 
or^nfi, «* in tin? |3w:tiurtltyl nml hrniitifirlly filiiniojr im- 
FonnK 'if tht maUt nf mcinj iponrB, In C'hl<x*or, <ino of 
the Kphcmcrff, Thr iriolc Ijua gTvai uWUr-^d ci<», of whirh 

iht fciitaK' in irilfrvlv ^lirsntituU"-' Tlii' iwi-lli Htr nlmrnl ill 

Oir fcnmlm <tf fvftnin tniprlj", flp in lh<? MnfilliHre: arid 
hero the foindcf are likewitv win^'lt-«. Ilul wt: Hrt ilnrfly 
<^rn*rHfd lA'Hh Ttnu'run-t hy whif'h nni- ?mil? is ennhh^d to 
coD()a(7 flnnlhrr, oilK<^r \n bnttln or coLiHehifii thrnuj^h his 
atTFtij^lli. pugnicjty. nntAmmU. or ehueic. T]ie iiiuiinit-r- 
shli^ oontrivnnri'K, thcpi'fnrp. liy nhitrh Ilio mulu U nMo to 
mnv Iho r^-iiifllc. ma}- i>c hncfly pnesixJ ov<^r. Bc«idcE flio 
coiii|i1r*x Mnit'liETrv At thf &|ie.\ of till' aMi.-mpn. \t1ii(h 
rtuflht porhnpp |o hf mrki^rl iti: primary' tirpuie,^ " it lk juton* 
iftliinir" a" Mr B, P, M'aUh ' lift? rcmnrkoH, '* how ranny dif- 
f'TiTit or^Njtjn JIH" wiiitrrj in hy nnhjir f<n llit sj'i.'jjiirr;:!'* 
in*ijn*ffi''**^l rthjort of pnnhling Ihr mult* to ^rasp IIk* foni.ilo 
flnnJT,** The niaiulibW or J«w« ftrc «otn<!(imcp U9n\ fnr 

DUD ?«r/f4]. >tV. t«M |>. 1^1 WlLU 


fkrf iu <li>«J> -hIIltlI ^itr?*^ mthI ^n'mil 
■ iceU'ni apHiflf ntirtni^t>*f*- Hut tftpir 
Imprlin'*'. fpTfli (I luni^lLonil wlnl nf 
*icii*, V Mr- R, Miirrn''hU" lii*« rn- 
matkr-l u< mo Fit* jJtol'uMj hr-ftti n/**. 

«JLfM'ti4-Hrji«^ In litM* oi|tjin# «f^uM 
•ultlM Vh |<rf'^piii [btf EnterePAflnif r?f 

tvbpjtinl- Tlril Utit tun Imnllj bo 

Iti* i-jut". *in «n*i Infbr fhjfii tbe mioT 

Mt.">TJp<lc*-™("iie.f[i|ililtlflfl«, BfTJTin. 

*t;**'hK^hri* 'I" ^»ivt: H LI. iHiA,*, 
!M; vnA Wmlwrrud. 'TmirHr-L KuL 

Mr Mfl4?l>«vMiiFk infnmjrt mv ^viJa 

I'PL'MUir IfV l>f. Aae- Mr^cp, My 
ii^vp^4'i. vtA oAB fuLr frtrjliinM» »*rtjfo 



Pau 1L 

i\u» (lurjKiK-; Ibun lite inulv Cvrjf^^Ua contniuM im iitfiiro|i' 
((«n)UK inunl ill (oirir clcgnv jiUiiffl U> the Dm^^n flipc, ACt) 
hub iinriieiiw coinx^l j»wM, 1110113' (imcfc lt>ii^er timu tboec of 
the rrjimlr; and tliey arc nmiroilL cuHlfvirl of Iminj^ InnUml, 
eo thnt lu^ ix thuK i-nnbU'd to ci^izr^ hrr with^ttt injun',* Ono 
of \}\e stiAiZ'hccil*'* of .WirtL Airimcn {Lucanu-v tlafihtif) 
utrt'ft lijtt jjjvv*, uliitli un- muL'fi |jir;^'i'r [liim Umw of ihr fir* 
mnle, fnr Ihi- natno piirpowj^ Inil prolovbly likrwiw for flphl- 
1114;. in one uf ilic daiiQ-tviu»p« ^Amrmipliifa) tfii juw« iu tfio 

piirptisc«: iho malte, e^ I'mfcwnr Wiv^lwood ohnirv™, '" 010 
eftcetdiufc'ly anlc^ui^ aeUiiT^' tJieir tMuLucrs round Iho nock 
with Ihdr ik-klv-»h[i|>cti ;■*»;"* vhiUl lUe fomales uM 

th<M; <>rj£niii; for biirrovrinf!; In 
lACid - Uuiiu anJ nmkiii^ their 


Thc tarn of the front-lCRB 
fliX' liiliitril in Jikiiny iniiU- Ik'i'II™, 
or aru fumuht?J uiih l>roed 
cv((i<ion4 of huin ; an<J in 
mH»'- ^^Hirrii (if ifc^trr-tM^'Ll*?* 
th^v are snnod v^ilh a round iUt 
eucKtr, try Ui4t ihc ituL]t nia> ad- 

lien." to Ow ulijiju-fj hot}} at ttiv 

^(^ frinfllcf, li L» iL muoh nviro un- 

^^ u*udil L-ii'cujiietuilL-c l! jI tlie fe- 

Uifiltv o f ^>j]ie vf »tv r - IhviTc* 

( Uvtipyutf) hrtvc thvir gIvUa 

MiJtutuf ihicklj' ►«»! itfitti hairi^ 
AH un flirl lo tix<; muJc- Thi' (c- 
tiiitU"!i nf soaxii <ilht^r hbtf r-ljwtlet 
Olv'lrnponin) have their elftm 
punctiiiiyl for the r-nmtj pur- 

Cc,* In thi* ifiiilr fjf Cmhrti tru 
. ^ \KhW\i 18 rlilaC«d iuto a hrmA 

horny plal*-, with minulc riK-tiibrunt-ftUff clota, iriviufi I0 it 

Vtd ft <'fB>kni oiibrnrliut ITrrrr 

II. IMP. p|i UOA, ^<tf Vi. Wnl^li, 

• W« hum liniv « HiurpAiiT to-t infl( 

urThrrnrinlo nffnii' EiJMi«wr| *.[>*'< |m 
of Dj^4Us *iid «f ivrUin tf-Miei of 

iiifrL np Ifilcnnnlrtte rwMinivi f*- 




CmtF, X. 



m flnsvbr Appmnm^-^c* Likp that uf a rii^dk.' In the niAlr of 
IVnlKo (a K?tiuji of iM^ikb^i a fvu of ihi} middk JouiU vf 
Uic onlroDii' An.- ditiilril Mitd fviTu\thci\ on 
l)i« ififi-riur iurtaiv wiiti tir«1iii>iM i>f hAir, 
<'X«clIy liki* tboMon ihc Um nf the <*ara^i 
lU', "aiuJ ot)iiiiii&lj for thr jmituc end," Ln 
null* ilr%j^0'l!in>, '^ tlu* ajj-i-mlftgcs at Xht- 
lip of Uio Uul art: ULudifird in UD ulai<ut 
itiruittu rarifljr of ircinmiH |>tt(Um* to rti- 
Warm lo cmbnw fh« ncc^k ^r ttio U- 
L^ityy ia Ibc itioI« t>f taiui> in- 
fn-ir^ ihu Iwf^ Arc fumiiJird uilh iiiHtulmr 
hp\tn%, loKihA or epnnt; or Ih*^ whoip Irjr is 
bowed or UudieDoa, but Ihib u^ by no muiiiiB 
iiKAmbl): » iiaua] tboraurtrr; or vnt^ (Hiir» 
or all ihrM pun an; HongitiM]^ i^mrtimtffc 
to an ciUn^ii^fit lfnj:ih.* 

The tcxeb ijf luan^f' B|>ei"ii3 in nW i\K wr- 
d«n prc«cnl diUcrmKLii^ of u'tiii^h the nuuii' 
in^ A» oot UJidortilood. One curious caec 
i« Unt or ji LH^Ilt^^ (fiK- HOr l^^'' r^'^t^ <'' 
which hM Ivft mondibk much cnlLirK<H] : 
»o that the mouth is preatlj di*t'>rtL'd 
In iuiDlhorCAnihidoiulH>i?Uc^Kiir^KnalhiJfi," 
v« have tha cue* unique' n& Tar Ai^ knowit to 
Mr. WoHuton. of ihi? !i<?n<l of the f^rruale 
bviix^ much bmndt^r uuJ birp?r> tbuiif^li in 
m van«blc d*^cTw, than that of ihc- mol<i, 
Aiij nuiuber uf nu.^i cb«<« euuld bu ^iv<;ii 
TlieT abounr! in tlio Irfptd«}>teM: ono of 
the Diotrt cjclruordinarv u tlml cvrtmn mule 
battfrfli(« huTc their fcirc-kc* niorp or Je** 
atrophied, vrjth the tlbis nnd tarsi ri^diicrd 
lo mere rudimcntiiry kiiobfl. Thu wia;:ti, 
ahoj in ibc Iwro u-jlw oticn dilTrr in nruni- 
tion/* jind iOTtifliiiie? confiidnrabily in oiidire, an in the Ari- 
fvriii e^luf. wbicb wn^ whtwQ to mc in tli*- Itriiihli Miwcuni 
liy Ur. A. Elulli-r. The nmtcJA of ci*r1iiin Sfnitli Amcrricnn 

Prn Ifl Tip1irrHli«w4 
Ht", ni4l* ; li'HTir 

p. IDS. Tlic r->Tl'-BLfi^ »Ul4nirnl ft>xjut 

rt^. itL n^ «a l3« 



kdd tliAL Hid vinr* tfi h^cfIaiM H^niAD' 
<if4nrH i"f* itliLirJfUBt 'F'pMnriiJl H^- 
iiinEiiri^' lA^T, (III DK 4a)<lUrar Ln tHti^ 





PlftT IL 

hultepflii.** ha\c tufts of bftir on the mBriniis of ihn vings, 
and liorny fJiitvpurrid'S rm [lit disis nf iht' iio-li^ilor jiajr." 
In i»c™ri! Hnl]*h btilu^rEliw. UK nhi-ttii l*y Mr W*'»ufoT, iho 
malr» oJonc arn in yinrU rloihpd with i^ixiiliar «nIfK, 

The nw> of the bright light of thf» fpmnlp ^l.iw-yofni 
Liiia been *u1*ji--fl to muub diictinaion- Tbi' laub m fevblj 
lumiriiiu** w urc thr Urvd- nnit '^vrn Ihc ryyi- It has b*Mi 
Au|>|!J>]ird hv 4IH1IV authors that llie light ft^rvM 1o frighleo 
uway ciitinus, and by othcr» to ^ide itxc mole to tbi; fcmalGi 
At )ju((^ Mr. IMt " oppnirh io hari* fit>!\iMl ibr (finiriill}: Ut 
flntlfi Ihsl 8)1 ih»» T>Mf»|tvrifie which h»^ hfle tritd art- highly 
dijstaptL'ful to imiet-tivoroua mamiiiJilB and binb. Uoirv il 
i* in jii'i-'irdimi* *ilh Mr. B«tiV xitnv, lifrrBftrr (n Im* *k- 
plflin*»(i, that uxuny i\\f.M.U mimrc Xh^ Lomj^yn'l!!' clop">ly, 
in ijTd*^Tto be iijjfttaktn for them, imd Ihua lo f»Ajv iic*t ruc- 
tion. He furtbrr Ih'lipvj* that tlir Inmiivmt K|ii<<'ti-«: r»raflt 
by ticing nt onc^i rccoj^jeoii aa UDpetfltshlc, U ie probable 
thai the Mme tipUaution may l>e eiU-mJwl to the Elati*r«, 
brith wxw t)f which MTV highly Inniinrntit It i« not kii<)arn 
why the nmg;f of ihc ftmtilc plowwoTm havo not l-ctn 
(levtlu|"Kl; bul iii hi^r |irrt<rril t^fdli- rJii.- How-ly rw»*-nil)frt 
a lana, and iik Urvu- art wo lar^jL^ly |>n'yL*J on by iimny ani- 
itialF, wc can iirdcrsUnd why flh<' hw hern rendered to nmcb 
niiin.' litniinuUK jind <-iai»[iH'Ur>iH Tlian the iiial?: anil w)iy 
thr fjirTBT l!wm»ti.'lvn( arr liki^vvifj.^ liifniur^m. 

iHlffrrrt<€ in Stit bftw^tis ihr ^V,fw,— With in*ect* of d] 
kiiifli^ (li^ ni»let4 art< coTninmih Hiia^Vr Iban llu' female: and 
Ihiit difTcrrncc can often by dt'Efi^led even m Ihe larval state 
So C'>n*idfrnhlc i* the dilTcrenre h^turm Ihc mole Atd fcnuil^ 
coooons of Ihe flilk-moth {Humhi^r mnri), thiiJ in Franef 
they an> jw^jaruted by u prirhcular ni-ido of wet^-hiiiji>'* In 
the ItiweT cln>w8 of >he Jtiniiinl ktn^idoiu, thr* ^wuivx Hist 
of Ibo females w?em* g<?n*rally t<* dpnonfJ i-kn tlioir dosi^lnft. 
inif an enomiou* num)K.T of ova; and Ihifr may to a c'^rlain 
irK(«-Tit. JHtbl jEriiiLJ Uklh iaveeT^ Hilt 1)r Wntlmi' han duj;- 
gwipd a much morr pri>hablfl eipUnntian, \\^ Hrdi;, aflep 
earcfuny atlfmlini,' {<\ the dmdopmtni of Ih^ cal^rpillara of 
Hutnh^x cynlhirt iitu] tfUtntirrtnL and i-aju-eially In ihal at »oine 
rl\fArf(<d raii?rpiLbir^ reared frono A ancond Hroor! on un- 
nalural food, " UuiL ui propctrlioa aa the tDdividua] moth 



SolBDM lfi»>lcir; 1H\ ^ Kl^i^.^^^t iriF»'lhrKNc^'..r art 

duj*. X 



li Untr, *o IS ihe Umi* r*qmr**d lor ita uvtomorpho^li loo^r: 
«iid for tliin nMAori Ihr frinajc. wfii^h iti thr luriccr and 

^rIll Iw |irec«d<.M tn' iIk' injile. whidi ia ciimlltfr uii^l ha^ less 
li> malurt/' "' Now fi.-i moM. inM-tif* nrc :^licrt-Uv.:i:l. ami uti 

a<^Vfmtfl;;oou0 r j i1k' kitml.' to be* trnpiei^naUd o^ ^k.>u lu 

drst muliirci] in htrnf tiximbt^n n^ucly fnr thi- m!vrm of tlit^ 
femftltfl; and thi^ ajs^m would [inUirfllly follow, u Mr A. 
H, Wftll^Tf? biiH ri'iiirtrki'^J/* llinn^^'h iiHluml HrUrtion; for 
th(^ itmilkT niA]iu Mciild be lir«t inftiurvdf JinO Uiiu would 
procrcat*- & larjrc tiudjUt <>i oflf^prine irhlch would inherit 
the rMiui'cd »!£!■ *jf Ibdr iiia]<? paitnlfr. wliilst ih"? larger 
iitak'K from bvin^ matumd lu1<Tr would It'uvv f«v<;r oft- 

Then? ftn-. h*'wevi>r. i?xc«]>1tonK lo the rule of male in- 
aocIa tK^m^' KiiiAltc) than Ui« fvmaku: uiid lomi* of tbc'iu; 
pxccption? aiT jnMliffib!*, Siw dnd itrtnKth would be on 
advsningo tn lb*? mnle*, which light for ihe pr>fw*»stion of 
th^ ftf<muk<^: and in (iit^uc- caii<w, uti with tin? ^hk heotU* 
f IjU(flniiiL>. thr md<"F nrc Inrg^r thtn thr fpmoW There 
arp, however, oth^r WiIph which nrr not known to fight 
logylhiT. of whji'h tht' inali^ oxcvod the femiUoti in duae: und 
\hr mcnnin;: of thin fjct. Ih ngt kiiown^ hut in tmtiir nf lhi^<v 
rsfti't, flfi wiih tli<» hup> nrn»Ht?£ and Mi'gAHomn, n^ cgn at 
Ira^t 8<v thtit UivH' wr>uJd Lk; no Di>oi.'M<itv for tin' laak's 1o 
In- nmulliT Th.iD llii- fniiiile*, in nnhr In !«' trmlumt Wfom 
IhLfm, for th™^ 1>nHJcs nn» net whort-liTfd, And fhpr^ wonid 
be Am^tEc timr fi>r the puiritii; of the ^iii^ So u^^in, male 
dniifiiii-rie^ (LilieDuliila-) hfp wimeliwiia w-nitihly 1arK<*r> And 
nuvLT xmall^^n than the fcmatr*; ^* and a^ Mr ^Infljichlen 
bHic\cp. th^' do not concrtlly ^tur with the feinaint unlil 
a u<*fk or mrtiiit^Et Iijih t*lHpii->t. and unliT ih^-y linT«< ei»- 
euiaed Ihi^ir |*ro|h-r niAicnlinc eolourt, Bnt the mo** r^nrj- 
f>m cue, nhcuiri: on wljul <xi]ii|il^^ and fra?^Jly-u^i'I'louked 
Tplation8. wi triflin^r a rhnrat-t*r jtn (UlT*rfnoi- in mk(* bpiwi^n 
Iho ae\m cmy depend, la Ihnt of ihr arulcnt'' Hymoiion 
ti'.rn; for Mr F Smifh informs in*' Ibat IhroTJghout D«arlr 
th^ whole of thit Vap^*^ group, tho maW, in accoirduic« vith 
the goacnd rule, arc miller than thr fomfttM, ftnd rmer]^ 

J*'Tr«vMl Kat. Rod.' M mMl 

Vl|. V. f\ ("-H. 

u-JvTtjraitl fit Prr- rCnt Mfv* r^^v 
41^. IMT. r >>«■ 

X fior ihb nil o«hAf autDinMt* 






About a wiyk b^forr tbcm; but amongst thf Bcc», tb« mate^ 
fif JfWt melHfiva, Anfhufttm manvaliim. and .1 n f AopAurri 
ar*r(«*rfjra. and uinop^^l the Kntjioroii, tho mnl» cf Uic 

esplnfiHtior '»f lhi5 annmnly h ihar h mmrin^i' flight H al>- 
aolatdj ii/!ci.-ujiry with lh«e «pcc]H, nnd IJ:t umk' TtH|uin» 
jHtttt «tmi^h and nic in onict li> carry the female through 
th^ sir IncToaeed eize has here been acqninid in opp<wi» 
troTi to lb(.' UAuaL rc>latioii between rsic and ttic pcnod of 
drirln|imrnr, fnr ll:c ntftlcfs tHougli Ur^r, cnivTg* beforo 
the HmallT feinnlet 

We wdl Qt>« review the fterertv! Orders, nelectinii; such 
frtf'tft u» mrirr rinrli< ubirfy conrrrrt ut. The Ijcpidrtptpr* 
(Butlerflice and Mothe) will be r«tamed for & sep«rato 

Order, Th^sanure. — The metuben of lhi& lowly orjJtaD- 
ifted ordiT an niit^lrjct* dull-ralm^red, mini;tc^ iiiMrcIf, with 
ugly^ nhtiAct Diiiuhiip^i] hfwlg and bodin;, Thrtr xetes do 
not dilTor, bul they are interffitinj; &» shewing us that tbc 
miileii pay »iil(di>ut* tonrt. tit fiiti fiimili-K pven Imv tht^a in 
Ihe Hnimnf ucrtlc. Sir J, Ijubb^rk " wirK: " It i* vrry iunu*- 
uq: Io M^e ttiefce Lille creaturi^ iSmyrilhttrvx luit-us) co^^ael- 
lili^ to^'lher. Thi* Tnjite, wliieh U inueh «rriidler thnn the 
fenk(i3r, mm: rmjrd hor, nnd Ihr^y butt onv* AfuWhrr, ftjirclmg 
facL' to fuie and imiiutj^ backward and fuivard like ivrct 
pbivfiil Tjinilw. Tlim the ffumlc^ |in*h»nil» to ran away nod 
the tnrtle runi* nfler her with a oncer nppenwinfe of angcr^ 
j^et* in front and wUtudn fncinj; Ixer a^^aiu; then *lie lums 
coyly round, but he, qokkcr am! mrrre aetirt-. *(]'Vitllei roimd 
loo. and wcms it* whip her with hi* nrti^miir; then for n 
bit tTipy Hiand faee to fare, play willi thetr antennft*, and 
Atiifm (e be all m all to ont? anotbcv,'' 


Order, Diplt-ra (File*). — Tlip »exe« difft»r liUte Jn colour. 
The ^jTvati^nt difFer^neo, kmiwn tfi Mr, V. Walker, in in Ibo 
ffpnuF Ilibio. in wbicb the male*, ere Macki^h r>r <i«)tc bUck, 
and Ihe fvinalefi ol>iciin? hrriwni*h-orarpp, Thr g«»niu Kla- 
pliivmyta, distfwcred by Mr. Walloce" m Nc* Gtimua, il 
liiKhly rriTinrkjiblr, tk% Vhr iiiAlre arc fnriiiiihinl wJtIi honu, 
of tt-hkb ihe f«mal«« ar^ qniie d««titute Th^* horns «pring 
from fienealh Ih* eyeft> and eurioualy rewcmhle tliot< of 
« xtajT, brin^ either bmnelird or iMlmnted^ In cnc of the 

^ ' Trflfn«cL tiouMk fiat.* v^h urt ■> ' Tf-o lli^ij Afvhli«li«o,* *«1h U- 


j^lhcj equal thtt whole \to*iy in l<-ii^th» Tiny mi^lit 
il to Lie aJuptnl fin fij;Lttn^. \nxi ha in <jhc ^wtita 
Lhey at4^ uf ■ li-uuliful pink iHil^jtir. wl^fnl with Wack, witli 
fl }^c GcntmJ flripc. and u tkcn; ittiwcU have uLto^thcT 
B vor> cfcguit apprarauce^ It ifr pefliape iiioru pri>bubLe llitit 
ihcy £(<rvi- aa ornutiitiiu. Tfiat llif mali*i ^f tome DijiUTa 
fi^ht loicclhvr in certain; Prof. Wai(wooit ■' hn^ itcTorAl tmtci^ 
Hrr this ifcith (hv Tt|(iila* Tin? lu^lra 'if lAhft Dijilti-a 
appan-nttj' try i<i wm the fvniatei by iJuir rnu^k: \i^ 
Sliillcr'" valchcil fcir M>tne time tvio m;il<4 of an i'lristalU 
rtmrtii^t' a frNi«W; thr^p liuivr^^il utmvir tier, ami lli^w fit^itL 
ei4e to aide, uiakm;; a Li^b huntuiini^ bolrt ul thj.* Mimi* Inuv- 
QimtA *uitl inoKtii[toc» (fulicidv!) alHJ tfctm in atlrac^t o«i'h 
ntli«r by hiiiiiining; uiu) I'rof. Mnvir hjiR n^cnilv H'l^'pr- 
tajDed th&l the liAirv on tie anteiirm- of Ihv umU! \ibmti> 
ju uiitENMi with ibc iiuti4 uf u 1uttiuj{-fork, within thi' nuisu 
i^f tb^ anundH ornitlM by th» f^mal^. Thr lan^>r hair^ 
vibrate »yni|>dIbL'tLcally uitli the ^avL-r uoIoj, tutd Ut^ 
tihoHiT hajr» Willi ilit- bij^hrr onrv, Tittinhn^ uImi anrvrtn 
that hiT tj.iE rvpe«|r<31y (Irnwn ilo^'ii a vrhok xwami of gnuts 
uttorJii;; A |jartL>-i.t]dr uoiv. It may bo aidtitl iliK 
iHul fai'ulliw «r l.h*" J>if>U'r» art? prulwlily iiiKlj^r lliau 
ill nj<fft oth«r in^vte, in occorJanpo with tli«ir hi^hly'ilv- 
velopcd ncrvoua aj-item.'* 

OnUr, JJfmipttra ( Field -Bi]gii).—&Lr. >'. W. DoujcIam, 
who haa pariitularly aUcaJed 1o tJi^ Bnliflb tpeeioe. lias 
kindly givt-n uie an i^vjuut oif their »«xm1 diffei-ciiL'^-K. The 
mole* of ltn^^<^ i^ftf^ioi ari; funiiah«d with win^n, irhilM the 
fetualtrt aiv ^'m^Kfu. thi* vrit^ dilTor id Ibe f^iriu vt Uioir 
lodini, «Wiru. aiiL^iiiiu^ and lai^i; but aa the signidcation 
of thcjpc cUfTcrencrn arc unknown, thrj luay be hcrt^ pOoAL^d 
over. Tlie feifialiM are ^er»t?rally larger and ruoiv ri>bu*^l. 
than thu malu. With bntUh, HTid, on far aa Mr Daii^lad 
knowfi, with ciotic s^ccic^, the «w* do net conim<>n1y diilcr 
much in coTour; but in abont «i)[ Briimb «neri<« tbo mnV 
condidorably (torh^r than Iho fi-mjilt*. and in about four 
i*T *pccic* the female is darker than the niclc- fioth 
BBXBfl of iioin^ species ar^ beautifully roloored i and aa thecv 
ineecta emit an cxtiL-inclj nauM-cuD odour, thvrir eotiaiiicU' 

i» ' iCcdfVii CliR«lfla«ifon of I tu tmK "ortt. ■ On ili» AnibMDy «f tht Blo-r- 
» ABuwnauiif A*.," Vtrh- d- ti- V. rvmi-'V^^t^ JUf «ti«[, "ih^™i>[ur»ilBiM 

JtliriT ^ (111 if i*. Mtrtt.ilt- \llitti- ULU^I ii|vlifiif plbDli'T !iiAt. feU-l On,\ 
Ota NalunlwU' 1K&. ». «<l UiJb »<i&J wjua «dM« Am td ^ihe-- 

- riiMi n T rmiirililMWlhia |«r- 





col'>un may i^rve u i fll^ml lli^t tliov «t« nupfllal^iltf 
to in^octivorou* aoinm!?. In i->tTLc frw ca«c-A Uicir roloan 

4p|ietir lo lip (]ir*rdlj TJn»t<>4'ti*r: (tm* Piiif, IIijITmiaiiii in- 
Torm)! riiL' tliut lio c^ijutd hardly dUtiBj^uLdh a aTiialJ pink &di1 
^nrn :^p<<ric« frotii Ihr btittn on the tnuilu ot limt;-lrew, 

Sumi* 9pitii'd uf h^iJuvida^ niaki^ a Undulating noise; 
and, in iht oaw of Piratci stndutua, ihxti id oaid ^ to be 
plT«cted by the wor^meni of Ihr nwk witliin the pro- 
Ihorat-ic i-airily, At'C(>r(line to W«triag, Htduviu/t ysnona* 
iufi aJiuj pdriiluUli'si. But I linvv im rra?iim la Auppuae lliiit 
(hi« Lt^ a b>tua1 ^haractf^r^ fxcoptin^ thai with hoil-xocIoI 
iDBrfrr* thvit ievHit- to W iio u» for scuad-pTOducing organs, 
luili^n it l)p Eiji a H<Kiml i«U. 


OrOtr. //or/fi»/;^fra.— Every ono nho haa waodered in t 
tropit-al liirwl iMUTil hHvo brt-n julonijlifHl iit tho din nude 
by the male C'liv^djc The- frmikltTS arv muto; of Ihr Uri<c;nti 
poet Xi'Dorchus t&yt, *' Hapuv tlii.' Cicadas lir^. hiicc ihty 
aU hyve iok<el<.'iH H'iv^*' Tin- tioidc^ ihui Uitfdv L-rM^y bt> 
plainly hoanJ cin hoard the ** itrajck," when aiichomi at t 
miartcf of a mile froici tie shore of BraAil; aud Captain 
Hanijock ^^s it eon bv lieani at iho disfanre of a in)lt*. Th« 
Gr<x-l(9 IiiniRrly kt|i1« and Ihv ('hinnc now ki^rp Iht^u- in^ 
fffU ill l7L}f<■^ fitr llir h^ikt^ of IlieJr Hiii;:, ki tlmt it mii^l 1^ 
plwisinjj 10 thi? ear* of Home men-*' The Ck^adiil* usaaJly 
»m^ dunii;; the day, uhJ-^l th<- Kuljforichir appi^nr to be 
nij^lil-»oitpi|i'r*, 1'hi' mmitd, iirmrdir^ lo LindniH^*' \a pro- 
duced hy the vJl>riilioii of Ihe li|js oi ihe fipirccTt^ which 
are sec into motion hy a curr«»t nf air emitted from the 
Irmdit^if; but thin virw hu*^ tntfly litH'ti iKhpiiffd, I>r-. Powell 
ap|xarv to Uaxr proved '" tliflt it ift produced by thj? ribra- 
tlon of a niembishe, t^t into acticju by a pprcial iimKtr, 
fti fhe liviu^T iii-'-rt't, wbiUt «tndu1ating, thifl m*^rnbriine can 
bo tnen to vibrftlr; end in the dead insee! the pPdfwr ^oLtod 
is bj-'ard. if llri' Mi(i>ele. when n Ijtllr* drinl und hiiMlrnt<d, 
\h jmlled witIj Ihe poim of n jnn. Id Iho f^mnle the whole 
eornplrv muflii^ftl apparatus w prvermt. hut ii much U»« 
deyelr<}^ted than in the mate, and in never unfd for ^rodu- 
dng Gound. 

■ WtM«^ud, ' Ui^*ni CitiHL of In- 

Wtv-tViHrir* ' UibIi^H r'ljkH;ni*4Ttnn nf 

»■ ' Tr»ii-j»^L Nil" £<4Lalid UullUt«; 

CHir. X, 



Willi rvip^ to <W Aljj(4*t of (lir rnnftk^ l>r. ITHrtmnn, 

says,-'* ■' tlir ilrumi are now (Jum? *Ii!i «iul Tllu IW'»1) hoirj 
in aU dirvirtiuiin. Thiu I Mk-^^' to Iv tIu* niantui Kfiitiumuft 
ir\nii tUt^ Mta]<«. ??1an<liD^ in ihii^k Hni^tniit ii^roiitA abiiut 
n.i lii^^U a^ niy liiiiiJ, whirrt- }t iiiiiUi'ds wciv dniniid mli'. 1 lj1> 
^rrvaiJ Ujtf fcmuU'K coniinj; nrouuU thi- liiuiuiiiiii^ mjilon."* 
He fliid*. '*thi* }>ra}M>n fAu^, 18fi*<) a dwarf ^icoi-trcc in 
my K^if^*^^* |ir'>(Jutwi alxjiul fifly l4i-va- of Cir. jirui'rwsa; 
nti<l I N^vcrnl Lime* Tidtieed ih^t fein^ili-i t<i ali^lil uvor 
a tiialii while* hif vi^ uttono^ hiv cUnj£i»>£ notn." FriU 
Miltkr wnl«s Ifi m^ frnrn H. Bmxil that he hes aftpo 
lifUiird Ut tk inuskikl e^Jiitcvt LHw^'t^u two ur tltri-v iiukvt 
of a tfii.ri?» witli n |»rtinilnilv I<iu<l voice, noatcd ai n 
cuiiJskler«M»» *}i?tance Irrim cich othi^r: a* »(»i>ii an one 
lijui finuhc-i hi^ ttfuifj, aUf>tKcr immeilmlt'l^ lit^'Liu, aud 
Ibrr umitliiT, j\« Iherr is mi iiiiirli rivnlrv l>i*tW(^'j] Ihu 
luolef^ it h prol^hle (l:al lln' f^nial^ tioi only Pml tlwm 
Ijj Uitir wmndtf, hut thai, like fvmal* LinK ihty are 
rictt^l or alUinifl hj Un* miih< wilh (hi- riUHl artrMi.-livt^ 

I lia*e not ht-ard of acy wellMaarkt^ cum* of orna- 
riiriit.'il iH(Fi*n'm''"ii ln-twwij Ihe inisrw of thi? HomopJera. 
llr Doutflx^ informs dio ihnt thf^* aiv Ihivci Bnli^h ajw- 
di^, iu irhkh till- iiTalr m blaik i^r murkeil wilh U^ck Ltaudl. 
vbiljit xho fpinnlrc nrcr iinhMroloureil or ob^'im*. 

(»n!rr. {'irtho/itrrti (OirXcl* And (Ji-asalifjj^pefsV — Tho 
mnl(*f in lli>> llir<>c (iilt.-ilonu] fnmiliiv m Ihit Unter are rC' 
luaikflble for iJieir m^tiital p«»<i*, Domcly IW AchoLidtt 
fir m<-kK!<, the VjiminlitU' fur vhiHi lliere in no eijLivalenl 
Kofillih name, and th? AcridiidEr or ^aubop|>er«^ The 
^fridtilaljc^D r>rLidtL(:«d hy »j>ino of th«- Ijocuvtida' ij^ ao tond 
thill it rin U< Ticnrd duririp the iiijfht al Ihf^ dtettaniv of n 
niilf^;'^ And Ihnt iT>n<]r bv c^^rlaiu npone^ Lf not unmudicul 
evtii to (ht Ijiurijtri ear. ^o that th^ fodian^ on tht- AliiU/>m 
»fi Them in wn^t-.T L-tiffm. A!l ijbii-Tver* nj^reo thai the 
indrt jmr cif hf*r xti rail rir c:tritr' the- miil* frmali**. With 
rifiiii 1 to Itif niffrariirv k'< »*!>■ L»f Ituv^iu. K'>rtii hjw gi^en " 
uii miert^titiR tTUO of ft*k*cli^u liy the female of a nial«. 

*■ |..iiiili-linir.-'|']>B<ttL Lkaalfivt.* ««Ht. 

K^bfwni *lT#b*iilH Iltii»'lirwkwi in 
«0drwliA4.*|1ll1,tkah fori Ihi^u Jn 
vtin vckkaiaccml L imj^um HofU^ 




P*»r IL 

Tlur iJial^i^ of thiM p<[»eoJee (Ptickpttfhm piiifriitorittt) wliiUt 
eoii|jlLHl urih tlu* fuumlb tftniluliiU< from uti^lt or jctloiuy, 
if iii^priiachiYl by oIIkt inni™. The hnu*c-cnckct when aur- 
(iriMHi HT infill NM«4 iw vuitf* h) wwrii iT* fellowa,"' lu 
Nurtli Anii^niii !iiL- Knly-diJ {i'tat^pkyll'um cvnfupumt one 
fff tK4' |jxi]>ti(k-) ii JwicrihoiJ '''^ a* nii>iiniiTi|r o)i the u^ipor 
lij-aiuJi™ nf a 1 iv^-. .niii In Ihe evening' h<>ginning '' hU miU^ 
'jftl/llv, wbilij rittJ iwtu i»iuc from the u^ijifhtHiurui: tree*, 

mill llu* ^TOVi* r<^*^Hm.l ullli 
tho cflU of Kat^-did-ikff'did 
tilt? livc-lou|: ukKlit." Mr. 
Biitni, in MH*ftkmt£ i>f tim Hii- 
ivip^an fi*m-cnckfl lone at 
the AchttiilA'l, flnyj< "tlic mole 

biiiijirlf iij Ihc fVinirig ai ihi> 
^DtrjLiiOL' ^>f [li^ Lurruw. nud 
»trii1tiljLU- until a f(<nmlt< up* 
{jrotiiJi4W« wWii Ilk' Joudor 
nnt-t-* are *ii<\x*e#loO by a more 
mlxliii^ii :i>n«\ whilst ibo *vie* 
<^'6tifiil lEiUHK^iun carc'R^tf with 
\u9 anlrnrir Ihr- irmtr he hu 
wcjii,"'' l>r, SeH*1dpr was aUe 
lo oicito Olio of llltw* illMHdJ 
to AiiBnvr him* liv ritUjine on 
u nil' with iMjinll/*^* It) t^rh 
«exe» a re[iiarkabli> auditory 
a]»|jai;iliJ^ hap hvtai tlincovertfJ h> Vou Hii^UiUl, »ituiili<(l in 
ihu front Jirat_" 

In ihc lliicc FmnitiQe the eounds arv dill«rerit)y pro^ 
tliicvii. Ill lilt" iiiiiln of tilt* AcliHitln- ln>tK niiig'CuvrrH luivp 
l\ko iflnic npr^flnitii^; nnij thi« in the llold-mckot iOfuUuB 
^atnpfstrii^ %. H) eoni^LitE. fif ile^etibed by LanOoifli of 
fmm 1-(1 to 158 ntiuqs tnuinvtrw? rh)}^» or ttfth (if) cm 
(h<' tindfT ^ide ►if one of th<? retriirfj' of the wm^ eonr. 
Thi^ toollitO nervun- 16 mptilly ^eratx^d acivisfi a pruj^'tiii^. 
AitKtolli, hard nvrrurv (r) on ihv u|^f»er surface of the o]>po- 

'}utiii| n^ri>. 


Art *Ii1j> ^if ;i4Tf 

of * Wtmr-UBfTUi'n, miinEi iJ>iiiCE4k- 

pd dtfur*. upper aHrfHiiA of wibtf- 
'owDf. If Kh tho |in>jei-Liiir, iiurfum 
Borrura^ r A^nu wlilcb lit* iMth 


" Stlben WhMflL'XjL iTIin. oT ««r 

» Jlkn4k.'ljiHa4«rprA.v Kn4ilui>l; 

•J 'Th* K«tarhltn ''H lti« AinAMont,' 
tvil u |A«», p liiV» Mr KtlM fiaa t 

Kba ibitt i^utiLtA Soft sW vri» 

Hill ^a. 

O'^nutrtu Mfcufl d'Antf- CMitpk* 

fFmiMli tnn«rii 1. com I, ISM. d MT, 

•■ - Z«ilvt>rLf^ iSf irt-iuiphan- Zo- 

Cur. X 



lih' wing. Find one win>: U ruWiH 0T*r ihi* cllmr, and 

then the niovpinpTJt i* rvvcn^rd, Ik-lh »iii^ arc rfti^tl i 

ItlUv at tlje &ftme imif. »o as to ircnta^w th^ reaonaikoe. ]ii 

Aomc^ rip<^i» ihi- #uif;-(x>verft uf tli«; mftk'^ 

aro fiiriLixhtn] iU tki* tiiiw uilli ;i IdJr-llke 

piftte." I hrrv ^'ivu ii (^mwiiij^ (fig. i?) 

of tlie ttftitli uTi the ttDdcT aidv' of thr ncrv^ 

urv nf Bfiullitfr >jwt.-in of GrvlhiK viz., 

^. domfsti<u$. ySiith rc»p«ct tu tlii^ (*iT- 

ruAtioti of |h««« teeth, ur. UniW hiu 

Ahevkii " lliu[ i\\ty hAi^ iH-di il»*iHiJ|>i<i] hy 

the aid Lif tk(lLH.*iLuu, fn>iii tK' minute 

■caln and hftir* with which Uie niugfl 

the ColeoptvriL But Or Urubi^r furlhcr &h<^iv» lltat tlidr 
dDVriojniK'nt ii in pari iliriH^ll^ ihw to llie nhrnuUis fmiii thr* 
rrtctii>n of cin*i wine ov<-r tht* Mht^r 

In iht l^JiniBlJiU' (hr uppi^eiu- ninf^coven difft-r fruiu 
*riiclj other in ttrutlurt (d^r. i:J>, niifl Ih?' aHhin tniiiiot.aH iu 
ihp laft fAinily, be rr^erw'^l. The left winj:, vhirh ortn nn 
ihe lniWp lii't u\rr the Ti^'lit iiiirig whicL ri^r^t« a^ the nddk. 
Unu of the norvurv* [a) on ihi* lUiJer turfur.'e of llie forriii>r 
i* finely ^crTUt'-i!, nriii i* »cta|hh1 npTHM Ihr protnjornt nrrv- 
urea Oil ih'» iipprr siirffl*v uf the njnio^ilt^ or li/hl \tiTig. 
Id our BriliJli i'huf'fitttira virirhttftima ll Apf>efircri to me 
that the f^errntr<l nerrurr it nifjbocl n^niM^t thr rntiTtdcd 
hind-eoni^r of thfi opjiohih* wiii^, tbr ^dgi' *if whieh 14 
ihickeDCd, ecluutod Itfouti. and V4<ry dharp. In llio ri^'ht 
wioic. but net in tW left, thcrr is « liltk- pktr. iw tman* 
pArent an talc, HUrroiiTulf^'d liy nrmiiv^. and eslf^rl lht> »fiiH'ii- 
liim. Jti Uphipjti^er ritittrri, a tiic^mliL^r at lliiu Mno futnilyi 
vnr Havr a riEriou^ Huboriltiiuh^ mKhficiiiion; fiir tho win^* 
coven aftf gn-Atly rediu^ in R\Zf, liitt '' tha poali'Hor pnrt tif 
the pro-thorax i* t'kialod inlo u kind cf doiiic ovi?r th* w ing- 
c'ovi-ni, Bikd vtbirh hv pniluvbly Iht- rffia-t of iDrrnuiiig Lhf? 

We tinia *».v IhtiJ the imLHiral ap|uimln^ i^ m*>re dilTer- 
vntiAti'd ar n\M'r]-.\VM^i in the IfHriihli'he (whirh iiirhidi', T 
bffli^ve, Ih*' moFt powrrf^l |icifomi^r« in the OrdnrJ, than 
in th« Achetidn^. in ^hich IkiUi niny-cnTert have the ft&iiie 

•> W»t4ucNt. ■ ||«tl«f a dim 1/ Iti- 'ZfliM^li. U>t «i-*nuLh. XuuW; IL 

hsfti; *oi t.f.4*a t<ii. ['ri p. lo'' 

"' iWftrdtf TanftppHnE il#f l/wu*. " ^^ta^Ai, ' HnJrrn t'liuifc of In- 








slru<*lure and tliv Nimc fundi^in,'" T^^uuloist, twirvit-r, ilv* 
t(<ct<*il in otip of U»' F.o<-iiiiti(fH>, namoly tn livcticiis a );1iort 
ami narrow ruw »f tmall to(<ih. ukk* ruJimvaU. uri Iho 
iufurior hurfHcr nt Uir ri^lii kviiij^H'tiTrr. whiHi amifili™ 
tliiT ottiLT uiLcl iii lU'VDt nEiH3 ns thn bow, I oEuorvnl tha tamo 
rudiiuoniary F<lruclur<' on thi- urti]f*r ^idt- cf llic ri^ht wine- 
ruvi*r ill /^AriK^ffiNru WnV/f.Kvirjiri. Uciirt- Vf iitay itifi't vitli 
conful^'iati* thuT thir i>h-ufit]<Ia> arr flwccnd**'! from a form, 
in hliidi, &f in {\k ext§l.Lu^ A(liei[;3£i?H Wli vkin^r-cotcis had 
(wrnitnl in-nnn'S on the under wurfuri-, aird rouW l)e imJif- 
fcrpnlly iiamI nv tliir bow; but Ihiit in thv LQc^uMtidiL- the 
Iwo Ntln<^-ci>v^re ^radoallj' Itocanie diiTorfntiaicd and per- 
f«<rl<'d. on Iho prindplo of tho division i>r labour, tho on^ to 
a(^1 rxrtiiMvHy nn tli<^ bow, ant\ tbo olhi>r nr the fidillr. Dr. 
<iiubi.-r tjiki> rbt-buiJiL' vit'A. ami bast^hu^n tliaT iiLiiiitirnlarr 
l(*^tb «n Gommooly fcuciJ <*a lii« inferior iurfaiw of xh* 



right win^. Bv wh*t Fl<-p* Iht' itt'iri* (Jiuplr jijn>ar:iTaf In 
tbo AclirlidironjtiQatod, wp Jo n^t know, but it in probuhtu 
that lliv iMNil |Hirtiijtiji vf lli« wiu£'0>Ten originally ovcr- 




Yia II 

lop|Mnl cnrJi <d}in ii> thtj il» sT |iri^i*nt- hiiI thnt the fric- 
lion of the n^i^urvt produced u ^mttii^ ej>uml, ns is now 
Uii? c«** with tlio iriin;-covcri» of ihr ftnjfllca,'* A ^r^tin^ 
■Dvnd thcift niiimoriiilU nmT amd^ninTIv Miarli^ bj Uu; mult^, 
if It eorred themi ovor >o littld 
Alt « Ut^ciill ti) thr? frmnlo^ 
nLi>rl]1 riMiliU Imvi^horn inlrn- 

hy vuriaiioiu iii lUe roujjli- 
n*-** of ihi- rn^nuri'M hnvmic 
been crtrtiminlly prwcfv^Mi. 

la Uac IttAtnik^ tlu^O F^m- 
Uy^ Tinmt'ly Iht- AiTttliuUi- or 
2W«lio]i|x<r4. tlip iitridulntmn 
IS prwJuixtl in n vtrydiff^reiit 
tiMimi*r niid a4<('r>rding Ci) Pr. 
Hcuilikr, \n tiol jiri nhrill ri^i in 

litii*-r rtirffloo <*f ih*' firimr 
(fijf. M, r) u TurniKliod witli 
A 1i>iij;;iliifliiifL] nrw of mintiti', 
clp^iki, larn.-pl'tliapt^rl, plni-lic teeth, from 85 td 93 in niuu- 
bw;'" am) ihtttt- nr* sLTttjiod acroH« tlio aharp, ptgjncting 
nrrrnn"*: on thr »in^-4X)VfF», which nri- thai* inttd*- lu vfbrati- 
mfed r(«E>iiRd, Kama *^ my^ that vheu odo of tlio iiiuk^ 
Ik^ii» to play, hi* Iit^iI " bL^rido t\\*- ^liaiik of thi- hincf-J^g 
lH-n^rfi X\w thi>>h, uht-ri> tI it UxJ^ri] in n fiinim' ih'^j^iH>il 
to rcovivo iU and !ln'i» i|r-Jiw« ihi? J*'^' hriptly up and dowiu 
!Jc i]<H* not |jhiy Uifli liiMli'i to^thirr. Iiut :ill'--nintrly. fimt 
iipun ntii* urid [h<^ii on thi' oilier" hi niiiny titpnicu, IJjp 
boAP 4if Uio ubduEui'n ii hol]i>»i^d out into a ^ivat mvity 
vhii4i i* kn;licvrd Ut jir^t an u r^ouiidirj^ bnaril- In Taou- 
ipora (Pig^ I''), n S, Afnciin ^»*niiH b*^)i^n|finjj£ to th*- Aiiiike 
fftmily. vfe ni4.'0t willi u iii-w uiid rciiiarlmtilo rrkodttlcatii>u; 
ID \hv fniilrfl n fiiiilTI iiolrhril ric!^L< prttj^da c^LHcfUf^ly from 
PAcli flidtf »f lhi> »t>rlf>)f)rifi. agaiTiPt it'hirh Iht* hind frmora 
uTL^ mfiLu].'' Ai i\iP iiaxh' U fiinii.Hti(!d ;vith win^ (the' 
ff-i[V4lr iH-fo^ n'jii^'hw^t. il ih ii'iiiiirkiiblr (IihI. IIh- llii|{hji miv 
not nihl-i'd m iln? ii^tial manner K^'ainnl th** wing-ravwrfl; 
liQt this may |tertmp» \ic aitcciuiiti^d for by Uit* uiiuBiially 

Itln^ U>|f or BTprHUilliRKur^- 
LuiiJLu T. UiiT mriiiuliiEiuir rJiitn: 

■ Hf W<1*b tT*> lnf<>rm* me tfiil " LoniJoifc.iWd,ii lis. 
tuml n^iikt* ■ fnbltf ffWiti^ ui'Iiv i'j * Wtalnruml. ' Modem ClaHlAofr- 






>ni4il1 fizc or the liinil'lc'f'it^ I have not b<<e4i Me to dxajiliih' 
the iitfirr i^urfm^r' tif O^t thij^L*, w^lnrfi, jiifl^iiig fn>in JLUAlo^^y, 
would Jn> finely t<irral»vi, Tlii* s]wci<'fi of Piii>umftrii hnw 
bt^cn mi>ri? pnytjuuUlj m<Hlilii-J fur tlie Mke uf HtriUuLation 

luwcr fl||un? fuuAlo 

rpp*« ffritf*. nulvr 

Ihnn tn^ otli^r orthoptorcitii iiucct; for in the mult* tho 
wliule tioily huj^ ton ronrertcd inlo a uuHcat titvtrurni^uU 
liein^ di-itf^niied with nir. like a greni pelTuoijl bljidilor, «o 
iw to incrrniir th<- rn^nnaiiot^ Mr, THmnn infornifl mp Ihal 
at tlic Cai'C uf (ioixl Hope ih&e ]ntevU maXe a wonderful 
iifiiic i]Lirin^> llie DJ]^fit- 

In (he Thive forri^ng fATnilir^t. ihff femnir* art- ulmo^l 
a1wa>tt cWtifule iif an ellJcit'iit ninviicnl apjiar&tui, llul thvrw 
ar» a f«rw I'Vc^^plionc li> t)ti» rul». fnr fir, Gniber 1ia» #h^wn 
ihnt b<rth tr:(n« r>f Kfy^ipp*$fT riiium arc thu5 provided; 
though Ui«' orgsn« differ in the miilp and fptnalo ia n ^N-r* 



tain extent. FIcncc we cannt^t fitippofc Ibiit thty havir hten 
trunkft^m-tl fmm the mulv tu Iht fiunale. ha n|)|ii';Lr> Ut liA«e 

^ihtfT ■nitual^, Tliey mu»4 bavc Wen iadvpendmlly de* 
vt^lope^l in the lu'o 60104'. whioh no 4ouM miilufitly call to 
fndi other (luring tlu- uiiAon of lf»TC. in mgmi f:>|]KT Lo' 
eirbli<Ije fbut ii*A mooifjlhf to J^itdoi» In Dectirii») \\tc fc- 
mul«v hfli* nidini«Dli of The itridu)al*>ry or^'nrw proper to 
thr iiijtlc; from lA^lioin it jj* pprbjibk' thnt thi-ft havo bvcii 
l.raii«i«'rral- T^trndoir* aJki fnutid i^urli rMcitTmitl> nn Ute 
uiuler Htirfaio uf the nii>c-coyor« of iho romsio Achetjds. 
and Qn the femora of thr iGinalc AcndiKla-^ In Ihe Jlosio[»' 
tf<ni^ «}w. lhf< fi>mji1f« hhVi^ thr jimfH^r muKirnl Hpfmnituji 
in a fuiiotiordi^tB eitalo; ftui wo ihali hureaft^r irii^ in 
olhi?r diviriiofio of tiic imimAl kin^Jum with nmiiy infltancjen 
of ^tnictiirt-t p^>p^r in ihr miiW tiring prfwmi in « r«di- 
mi-ii1ary omidilion iii ihc FeiiLaio- 

l^mUib hn^ oUorvn] iiuuLlicr lHlp^>^t4nt fjuH, nnmrly* 
rhat in (lif frmAlcv iif the AcrichiiLr, thp EtridtiUtrng ti^tb 
on tht' ftiiiurd louiaiD tlirou^hc-ut life in Ihe mniv condi' 
i\nix ill uhji'h 1(1(7 \\r*\ *\t\ifAt during ihr UrvaJ Hntr iit ImiIK 
wxvf. In iho m^lfF, on Iho ollior hand, tht^y bocomo fxir- 
tkt^r devL')o|Hv3, jitLiI AC-[]bin^ their |x-Tfrct ntrtKiure nt the 
InfA moLilr. xrhnn llio insoet U mntuiv and ivnily to hrpoil. 

From Iho fnt-ti* now pvcn, wc wv Ihut the mpunfl by 
wliirh Ihr rinIom of tli^ OrtViplfni itToiStnv Ihrir MkiimU nrr 
^Xlrein^lV divPMiflfd, and aro jil1oi:i-[h<T ilitTirenl from IhoB** 
employod tir Ihi- lloinoptrm-" Hut thr>n>:hi>ut Ihr animal 
kin^hiin wi- nflrn tlnd Iho t^tmf chjprf gnimd by iho rncif^l 
div?niji«d moans; thir^ ^tyMriH duo to the wh(>l«' orf^iet- 
iioo luTiap nndcr^^'oDr muhifiiriouji chartftr* in the courw 
nf ngi^ ind Hii part nftpr ]Htr\ fnnoc) dt^«*rpnr vniialinnR 
wero tak*?n adrania^e of for live ^m<? irencral purposo. The 
dirersily of rnowitt for prndunnK Hiun^l in the Itirrr fmni* 
Iii4 of Iho Orthopir-rn And in the Homoptflro, inipn«<4fl lhf» 
minJ with the hi;;h im{»r>rtaDce of these HniclureA to Ihe 
iiia]''t. fur ihr »iko itf ojiltin^' ur nlhiriot^ llro frinitlrA. W«t 
rii'Pi* fwl r>f tiirpricopl Ihonmoiint nf midilcnlirin irhioh th* 
OHh^iplera hn>o nTidci^one in Ihw* ro.i;iecl. ii wo now know, 
from Dr Souddor'^t roumrkablo di»f.'ovory^" tlial tliorr 

V l^nJAia l<>' ' f ''■ '.'ail rn<«r- 

lit). ^^*^ ' 







tnoTH than arnplo time. Ttiij: na1unlij;t Iku Utotr 
id a fo8»il tnifccl in ihf Dnx)n]ah r^ruiAlton of New 
EruruwK'k. ulilrfi in fnrnii^lirr] vilh ^' ih^r wi^ll'kiioun lym* 
pnniiin or ntndulu1i»x apfiumtur of thu tuat'^ [jocar.iidtP.'^ 
The inwfl, thoiii:^ in "i"*''! n*s|iti:li^ n^laKcl io llic Nturi^p' 
r*r«. R|>ppBTt. <« JH sfj *\ftt*n Th^*-jiu* wiih vpry ancii>Dl f<>nri», 
to (^firnt'cl the two relfllud OrOcre cf the Ncuroplcra and 

I hftvp but liltlff nn>r* U> wj on the Orthoprera. Soido 
of Iht Hpecitfl an> ii>ry pii^&ciou^: wln^n two amk ficld- 
t^ripknU (drpUttA fnmyitnfnji) nn? txinfinrr] fojcHhcr, (hey 
Hglit fill <iiifl killa the othpr; and tho t|»<Aoiiv of MnrJU art* 
JtfHcnln'd ** aittnteinriii).* with ihdr Bw-ord^likt- fn>ri!-liiiilie, 
like hii'wii'ii Willi their aabn^i. TIh' ('Mrn^n- h*t*\> tlH-^' io* 
*ppts in iittlfl httmhoo oflgpt, an;! match ihk>m Ijfcr >;iimfl- 
c^L'k*.'' Willi rc4|iei-t to culonr, wini* tsf>tit li.»t[i.M* nre 
liniu1iriil!ik^ iirLiJiiiienleil: iht pcitlerior wilt^ liein^ ]tiiirkt*d 
vtith red, (due, ami hlm-k; but lu Ihrntiichout the OMi^r 
the fcxcn rarely diiTtr much in coJcur. it if not probable 
tbAl lhe%' riwe f!jt-ir bright li»t» fi> Beiiul iM-Wtiuu. Con* 
^TMtTUoni: colfiurr mny ho of luic to ttton? insoft*, l>y ITitjck 
notice that they are impaUtabli;, Tlmt it ha» hm\ oh- 
*orvi*d ■• (hat a brlj^ht-cdoured IniiiBn loti^sl was invari- 
ably r*jt*1i^1 whi-n ofTeml to tunin and Insardjt, Somo 
(.'«*»**< Iiowpvvr, ftR' known of M'mni ditTn'riKT* fii n^lHiir 
in thi* Onif-r. The mat? of an Amprii'mi crif'k^ " is ^e- 
•crihrd AS hnuf rts white nn irory* whilst fhi.' fciniLlc Miit'-a 
frmn iilmnul nhrlr Jii nn'(nii*h-yi'il"W or itiinky, %U. W^Uh 
ilifornifl m* thai the adult mole of Sptflmm ffmrjral*tm 
(onr of thr I'hjifmidM-t " !» of a tdiiniiii: l>rowni*Ji-yellov 
r^ttinr; th*> aHtilt f^nuilp tiPTHic "if a Hull. <i|Hiqu4', eiiii-ri<oti4 
brov»; the yoiin^ of hoth pen* hrifiir ^■tn*' I-nsfly, I 
may mi-nllon that thr inalL- i»f nne curirjuit Vind v( i-rkket " 
ia furniiihf'd with "* a long inrtEibrHTioiiH [Lpiu'iKlafi'. whirli 
fallt' oi^r the face like a toiIj'' but what irs iififf may hv, 
\t uiit known. 

OrfltT. -V*wr»^f*M.— IJHIc n<rd hcfv he naid. ejicept ai 
lu i-oNfur, III the Fphi ini-rida- IJit Hexw* ufleii differ sli^litly 
in their oUcvro tinti!;'* but il it not probahio that tb» 

<* V«^«fAl - Modem CIah. <f Id- 
■ttiTv/?rl i r. If?; fiit ^eicfA. f US. 

Til? 1*1* wM* of <jr. pAluriJii ist 

Pnr.- rli>' Kiriiv triAiiricr. 

*n - L .. t' *tl. 




malm om IhvK ronderi-d Qttracrtivo Id tbo fciikaTc«» *l'tie 
liiSflli^liiIjF, or draff>n-l!it'*, arr «nmtn*^nto/l with »[-lrnfIiH 
itrctu^ blur, vi^ll'm. uiifl \triiirliriir itii'tHlIrr linihi unfl thi- 
KXC8 often diffvr. Thun. iw JV'>r. UisCivtiud n.-uiurkB,"*' 
llitf iiirtlftnif ti>ni<^ <'f Ihf Apri<»ii:Hn\ "nrr k*f n rirh IjIuo with 
'k «'in^, wliiUl tli<r fpmali'« ttn» firn* );n-i'» viilh (ol<>tir- 
winE*.'" Bui 111 ,lj/rian /Jajn^uni tlit^uo ooI-L^nrt) ;irc ts- 
M'lly T>rvrrw»l in iht^ ti«<i iHrMv*'' In llit- c-ilinMvr S\ 
AuiCTJi^n ffetmt of llelEvrina, the niAlt^ a\rine hAvo ti hcttu- 
liriil cnrminc n\^>t ol Ihr l«m- at oach ^ini;. lu JndT juniuA 
\)n^ liniidi |i»rl nf thf nlxlnmvii lU llit^ motr u 4 viviil ulttii- 
TiiuniK' bluf, mid id the f«mak crnM^gnim. In th'> alLitvi 
Afcnuit (fntn|ilin5. on Ihc filluT Qiuid. aud io »Oeu« otbcr 
gpnprii, th*» sp\r« liifTor hut liltlr in i'<jlmir. lii rhts^lj- 
alEiwf i<ffttti thr<<ii;;h<iut tlif' animol kinplnm, nmilar rau^ 
iif llir wiia diirtTint; j.'rt»lly, «r ti-ry lulle, or not al ailJ, 
»rr of frnin<«nr cHxtirrrnfi*. Allhoi»jj;h then' W wi »iiT<' u 
diirprt'iitv in «»U'iir bftwecn ih** 'ecsc* of many lal>clUiIidn?, 
it JA ohi'H dilTituH lo say whidt U t!i« morr bnllianl. and 
thfi ordinary colAralton of 1h? Iwo text* it rv^-rr^vif ■& w 
have juH Accfi, in one spcr-ice of A^nn. h w not pri^hnblc 
tlml tlirir ooIouch in Any i'ul' Ihvi* buii ji^aiiml V a prol^c- 
lim^. BIr. MiicIfttL^bUn. wliu han doidy ni1«-iidod to tMl 
fnmily, ^rilw t€ wc that drjici^n-flif>- Ihr tynintft T>f th* 
Instvl'Utrrld — are ihp I^ daT'lc uf any innPiH lo W at- 
toe kc<1 by lunU *«r rlhor <!nnniN*, iind hv U-Utvi^it llut lh*ir 
brithl ("iloui;* (urni.^ if a wM^al HUrmiiwn. iVit.iin diu^n- 
nicn ijtiffin'nfU' arr flllrat.*)^^ by {lartii^iiUr cv^lnikr^t Ur. 
ratLrrEim cbMn«l *■ Ihal tho A^nonidn-. of wbn-li tJw nia!e* 
oitr Wiiv, ?rttM in niimlct? on Xhv Muc Unel ftf a lliihing 
Ifne: vhil«l tvo oUicr «|>ecif<i w«k attnoted bj ahioii^ 
while u<»lnnr», 

(t jji an inli*n<Mnn/ fad, flr%1 nnttn^tT hy ftrlirht^r, tltat^ 
in t^ATlTil ppn<?ra Itf'lAnpiic tc tw.> ftiil--fr»miln?=< fli** raaloA 

arlly iitr llir frmiilf*; hut ihM Uirit l>of!ii*K in u tfioH Mmn 
anmnio a oonnputiouA mitky-btiio tint, ovrm^ tr* fh" p^jda- 
lirin i>f 4 kind of ml, ^Lihlc in clhrr ami alcf>liriL Mr- 
Ktiipljit.^}ilLiii Iv^Trr'Vi^K t^kflt in thr muTc at TAheltuta tUpfma 
this chAn^ of ci>1»ur doea not oecMir unlij nearly il fortni^^ht 


toptp« c/ 1 ''n*. KflL Sne. 

"■'Msil.f .1 - .1. a r Iff 

dabMd u iKh ulrimli>t for Hn fat^ 

Inirinr fvU on tf 4l«it*fl. A hm. Ami 





P*»T IL 


till; mcUmorphoftia. when the acx«« are r^> lo 

Certain fjiwit^ of NcuroUicmi* pn>«cnt, accnrElinft to 
Broucr,^' a curious tote of dJiuorphifrin^ fiotoe of tliv fenmUa 
havJTig rjHinjiry winga. whilst ofliirra tflve Ih«ji] "' vory 
fmhly nt'ttcil. uj- in thL' mwUw of the «imo ipficivii.'* Kraticr 
*' CJipUin* the p^ti.^Lonlcn>>ll cm Dart^JnJaii pnnL-i]>kft I'j tho 
«iippfi«iiii>n tliAt th<* t'lrip^r? ni^1lin>! i>f the v^itia ik h ii^oiu\Ary 
^xuol cttftraclvr m Ihe iiLjxUti, which hAf( b(?cii ahrupUv tmiin- 
fcrrwl iu »omo of i\w h^maWf^^ inftU*il i^f. m g^'iiprallj occnr*, 
lo ftlt of them." Mr. MncI^adiUo informs me of another 
intflaucc of diittoriiUuut iu wYi^rul 0p?c:iu« of Aj^rion, in 
vliiHi Muur individnjiU iirr nf ilii oran^r rolniir, ani) lh(«o 
are invariably' f^malot. Thi^ is pr'>bably a oa^o of revereioa; 
for iu tlic true Libdiulcr, ythnu ihc vcx^a iIlITit in colour, 

lo be c}e«^cikdi>>i from mmc ftrijiiordial furiii v^ludf rc^m- 
bW the f.vpicnl Tjln^Uulu! Ill iu h^suaI t'bi^tattrnt. it auulil 
nai he Mirpri^ing tliut n UnnUney to vtiry in Ihi^ inAnnp!r 
^buuld occur ui tliti ftntaleg uluno, 

AlibnuKli lUMiy i\mytya-i\U'% unt larift-, |K>Ai'ifijl, ami 
firreo inK^tn, lh<? mnlt* havv-j rot bocD oh»ori'od by Mr» 
MatLacblan lo firfil logiUicr, uxcepling, m be belitvoa, 
in womv ijf ll^it' HnmUi-r ipivifn of AKriofi. In aiititbcr Kt""P 
in Ibia Ofdrr, namHy, thp Ttffmitro or whim anlf, both 
•Mca at Ibc tiine of awurmin^ may K- Kvn juimini; aixmt, 
" llu? iTirtli- «f(i-r Ihi- fi^nutTi.-. •ometimcn tu'n chaxiTi^ oiio 
friiiftlr, nti'l contotniin^ %ntU icrrat **nii;crnr'i3 who *haU 
rtiii tlio jjiiic."^' The i^^rwpfl* /PuWi/Tir^A Ja sal'l to 
mHku a n<»i*o wtlb iU jaw*, which ik ajMuuTMl hj other 

Onior, Fli/mfnfpter/i. — Thai iuimilable obaervcr, M. 
Fnbrr,'*^ in dcKrilion^ th^ bcbit^ of Ccrotris, a wiwp-lik^ 
Inwrt, H'tuaik^ Ihat " f pbu frwuifnlly i-nwie b(^U>iien tlifl 
malce for the poMUUon of mmc partif^ukr f^malo. vhv tita 
an appamitlT uDOontcrned bcholacf of Ihc »(,nj££lo fnr m' 
premary. htki nh^n thp victory IB rlwidrrl, i^iiiflly fllrv avajr 
m comi^^ny vitli thi^ ooniu^TDr-'' WoHwuod ^^ mlvk Ihat 
tho xumXiv of nnc of thu uw-fliiv (Tun t bred iaa-) " hnw bfm 

}<4«Mti*rnr !*«,!> IVi. Wntinff-.^r FAlirx'in 'KvL Ilia. Il#- 

" Kiih} tint fptavv, ■ lotz-hlurt. w ^1«w/ ,\yrA ^P^i.y. m 

Ent«nfltif*.' ^*il, ii. I'H, p, l\ "" J.iumiil cf iV*. rtf Eeioniolw, 

■ Itmm^ii,* T^mrviilU* Itfanuln,' Hnr/ HvpL ;Ut, l^U, p, U^ 

*^^ 7(1111. \. |\ IIH. 


ULi». X. 



found lifzhtiGj: lAfotbrTf unlh thHr inAitdib!««i 1o^k<>d/' As 
M. Kairc ^|ii.dkB *'i tLc tuuk? of CerLtrrib fetnuu^ l>j *)ljUiiu 
a ji^riitiLhir ft'imitr, i| niAv \»* v>i-\\ in bchT in ciitrid ihjit 
innccU hclnijgiuK to IhU tinier Imrc th*^ powtr c*( rrroirnu- 
in^ (^kIl uth-^r uflii loii^ inlenab v1 tiTiii-, uitiJ orr ilArply 
&llarhe<i. ¥'tr insranct-, Pienv Hulx-r. uhi>r&e aLTUfuty no 
fiut (toubttf. jsqimlcil Emtn^ ariU, 4Q<i wlirn^ aftrr iin inknnl 
of four nmiHii**, llu'v iiir-l nllur* nUk-h IiaiI ffJUiM-i'lj t.e- 
lon^cii to tfM> »a[rie c^ninuinity, ihey r«eo^i^il and oartni^d 
one an^tfirr vrftS Ihclr Anhiiuff. ilact thc^v U;cn »tr»ntct*ra 
thfj wmili] hflvr fitii^lii tngi^thiT Ajiniinj wbfii two vum* 
muniliee tn^tige in a balUo, tli« Anu on Ihc ramo aicIl- eoin«- 
timo «U4<')( cadi othrr in iJic ^i:ni--ra] ixinfu^aion, but Lhey 
nnrkn pr^rrrivn Ihpir mUtn);r, und thr onei aiil coolhi'A Ihi' 

ill Ibif Onli-T jlifjbl difftmiui^s in t'oloiir, acooHing tu 
M'H, [in? tvimmrin, luir r-cmnjiiirLioiiji ilifTrrrm-iii an- mri- i?i* 
cppt in thi? UTtii]]r- of lUcfl; vH J>olh ffX't of oprtain group* 
ure 9u lirilhAniU njluurcil^for iiiHtaJut in Chf.vfti», in which 
vrrniilion unJ mrtallicr grvrnt jirtn-ail — lh»1 "f nre tcmpU^d 
to fttlribntc tho n:fluU lo «iiial wkction. In Xhf Jchncu- 
uMiniibL'. 4L^i'ijr^U:if! lo Mr. WaMi." the males lit almoat 
univeruillv li^hUir-tuloDrciL tliiLn the fonml.s On |[m' oUier 
Jiand, in ihe TcrthrciJinick' Ihc inah-it art J^>nl:^aUv iturkcT 
tlian lilt' fenialee. In tla- Sirid^lif iUv Hwr* frrniicirtly 
dilTor: lliut fK' mali> uf tVtVj- /ur^flrnj is tiAn»)pil uilh 
orange, vhil^t the fcimilo is <lark imrplf; hul il jj rlrHuiill 
to sxty whioli ^x i»i Jh** mon' nnTainrul«i in T'rwrafj: athim' ir 
the fpinalu u mudi Lnt'^t^^i' i^uK^uiid than tlio nial«. I din 
infoniK-cl by Mr K- F^mjlh. iliAt IJie mntc anU of aeteral 
apocle^i arv* Mark, iho femnlPB hrin^ tivi arnxiH. 

In 11i(.> rnniilv «>f Boes. f^F-«'iftllv m lht> solitnry 9pocif«, 
«» I hrar frnm llip wntr i-nlonn>lo;;iPt. Ilw nsxra oftrn ilifTl^r 
in colour, Tho miili* nrr gf»nc-mllv Ihr hHghirr. iinfl in 
Britinburr 03 vo|l a» in Apiitltu?. much ni'^rr vitniiljl'- in ri^lr>iir 
ihitn the' riiimltw- In Anthsph'/'^i rr/iuu tliC' iiial^ i^ of a 
rifh fiilt'on^-brovrn, whiUi (W fcmn^i' i* *jUTlt' Ma^^kr so ar^ 
th^ frtiial^e of ^oii^ral -^'ei-i<^ of Xylocnpn, the mnlr^ being 
brigtit yellow. On ihv i>lli<'r fanml ETil' fi'iiialob of ^imc 
fipe^iiv, N« *>f Jjor/frrnit (uJerj, am rnudi brighter cytlourH 
than the males. Sm-h difforrMLW in rrtlour oar hardly he 
Mccounlivl for hy ihr wnUv VErg il'^ft*nuplf<»> «nr1 thiiH r^ 
quiring prot*Hiori, whiUl the rr>nkil<« are wi»tl defentloi] by 


■■ r. 1fa><r, ' KnvWrrhi* tut If* 
)Uarm .Ua T'^mmtlt^' 1«lU.pp. llA,tC& 

•• ■ Piw. EDfwiKiIne. ^^-. of Pb J» 


Pjiii a 

thdr vtin^ El. Milllrr/'* who ]ia% pnrticuUrljr attrnJcd 
to th^ habiu oi bwn, nttribuii'fi ih<*ttf- ililTt*n;>tn'*« iri wlniir 
m <.'bief pari lo ii-iual s^'li-ctioii. TLai Wru iiu^L- a ki\ui 
fKTH'iitiim nf ci'liiut ii- ct-rUiii- Mp mv* timt ihr iiLJif<^^ 
search wigMy aivl 6j(ht f'lr tho f^r4iAp*B:ifin of the fmiAlrs; 

f>r Ihi' miiU> tiriiijt in rt'rlajn sjii-'ru-ji Inrf-er Hiaci IhnM- nf 
tht* fpinnlw. In -orn** <'Jt»ii* iln- maliu aro fnr ini^n* numi*it>»iR 
Ujun the fcTiiult^, either ceily in the sea^Jin, ur at all liiii«s 
MDil jtTui.'[?K. itr, Iik-hII^: uiiciVfiH lUt' friimtt'-i in uUrtT rriHtv 
nrr Apparently in rxot^fs. In )!<»i[ir «fX7ciiV the more tri-aiili- 
ful male« ai>|>car in ha^« been selc<1t>d hy tijc fcmalo^t; ami 
In ot)if<r« la*f inoix* Ixpuutiful femal^ii by the malef. Ciyn* 
wvjuctitly in tTTtoin s^^ncrn (Mtillcr, p, V'i), llic miili'rt <*f 
tlu- hi-VL-^al fcptrief dilTL-r uiuih In appraruru'i-, uhiUl [lie 
f^mal^A am atmcat larliJitinpii^hahle. id ■>lhor f>eiK*rii ilie 
rcvcrrN? opcuw. II- MuEI'^r [M'lirYr> fp. Hy) lh«t the mlonm 
izhimt liy iirtc M^x rliKiiigh m-iiutl ^><1<<( linn linn' ifii'Ji 1ioi-ri 
trauef error] lq h ^anabti^ do^'r^'O (■■ Itio otl^or bi>x. ju&l a« Ihv 
Jii -col Ice ling cippnrutn.i i>f tlio reJiialc- hn.i ciflrn Ih-pti 
iTHifrrrr'd in Ihi* mfl]p, lo whom U U iih*olntH_v n*i-lrvs.'* 
Mutith KufopfFa maket^ a ^IndiilalLn^ noU»>; and Aocord- 
inj: lo Gouivau " both ^rxwi Jiovc thi* power. He aHnhirtMfi 
tlif» Miiiml to (hr friclinn nf thr thinl un<l prvppiling hIk 
liominal B^^Li>nta« and I ^nd tlial th^^tie durfocet un.* inarkH 
with n-ry lim-? nuif^iitrie riilRc*: Iml *« i» the p^jrchiij; 
th"nn'ic' rrilhir into whiHi th** hrAi\ nriii^nlatPij nnd IhU 
(■ollar, \/h^n wrnloln?i.t wilh tho txiint <tf a ntt'i:1]<', cmilH Jhc 
I»roptr eriuriit- U. i» mllirr nurpnnitjj/ 1?ihI Ti'ilh Kt'si*- ^thonlil 
huvp ihu pcm'trr of strichj luting, sw fln> inabr is wingod And 

lii«ii -ir'itcllQ fl^itl* DHrviii * ' Hv^ua 
H.^i*irtiil»|Hii,' Ml. iwi,p 1^4^^, ■tit,. 
mji 4tipMT<nt1v hftvlnr frflc^^ro] mui^ti 
fill ilkv tutijHC ot^U iTi4i V ihn 
iittlfo 4)r Biviihl 1iH« arv knrrvn ta be 
|>f<B.1u<vl fW>ili Urifcft'ilindl HiY4« Itiirr 

thfir n»iiM r.ft'.jiTinff Thin i> nnfn- 

firtllu^l fi^ 4 innli, utiLrf; ['Trt^Otol 
■Kfitrt YlifeFvti>r fv^niuilni; Uii' •nWi 

?irv* whk-■^ «ciij1i| pi*>Juii« niiiy ft- 
am)iimi Wtdifirt yoiiu^ rmikJo* vAulil 

(UTeliJnriil Otrflinrf<^4*r«.i>r t^rrr(M4lr 
lEruiiirpii^tf- * To luk-- ■ 1-ur •villi 
fr^liiiHT} itriiimiU u FtL'*r)i f^fkTM mm 
|n*ililv; ir q fp-niult 'Y niiv niilr 
p^oivlnii-xl iir Mnl miTi irw^-i h\ a 
iii»lir "f 4 Munt hrpvrl, Bv^ (itthit^r 
Affil rv(|i*t? oltVftiiii' «rrr tq^fnl lb- 
iTfi'JLor- •il! it Iw |Ti>i>-nili^i llhjit ii<ti 
irotn4fhllilTrn v^mM r'lr likk»*r^t « 

Krth'lffitTi'r f TJio ib-|4li-*ifir'ni <i| 
ni-'f uhnriL'^U'i* 1'y iln •ii^riJf iriir^ii-T- 

I lmT# mrWr-iaml ti> nhfti* in Ti»f 

lYTir^ (pi' ■nST<^'^4«| t* Cli* r»wQr <'f 
iintMml «i'l«'tliMi. 

(IBM nr tiiui^' *«L. 41 p^ gi4. 

Ciup. X. 



the fct»k wingksA. It ia Qotorious that Bocf ciprc» vtr- 
liuTi <-iTwlii>[ii^ Hh ftf Ai]^*r, by the l»[it- of ihvfr hiimTiLing; 
mid »o(wr4iufi lo il. Uutk-r [p. 60), the innU* «f pomt epe- 
ckK make • pmilior »Aging aoiw vhil»( par^Qing ihc fc* 

OH^Tj Coboffrfa fB««tlM). — Many bwlloe ar« coli>ured 
eo &« to rc«eiDt>1e the zturfaccb whicK ihty hah\iMa]\y fre- 
qu^iii. unil chcry ituiv i>»r.'ji|ii.' tlir'ii-cikhTi l\v ihi'iT em'miiv, 
llthcr Kjwi^iof, f<ir itutniirr dinmon^i-hci^tlw, arc ornrtm-^it^'l 
with «plvn<lid ecfloLiTK whidi firt often urifln^od hi riti|iL^ 

ctax liardlr »«rve dimlLy ftt d (kroteclicin, cxc«-|r1 in the i^i^^ 
of certain llower-ftH'dtii^ epccJtw; Uit tlj»-y ]ji&/ K-rv*.' hb h 
wamlng or ineari> of r«i(ttfDUioD, on the univ priiit'ii'k' a^ 
the phci»phorc<cri>cc ot the frlow-vrann. An uith bri^tti^* 
the roloiir* of Ihi' i^ff «•*« Jire jfi'nrmlly aljk*', «<■ hav-- [jfi 
cti(k&oo thai they hari- he^n paiued throa^fh t^iijtiil 9f\vi.'- 
tioi]« hut Ibm b il It^i?! poMihlr, for Ihry Tiuy hiLvt- 1.r>rn 
rietfliippil in oiitf ws »nit lhf>ti tninfif(>ri^(l lo thp rthfr; 
and thi« view is even tn come dfj^rv^ probable ia those ^oupa 
which poNKva othi^r nTH-TMiirko) vromlnrj m-itml chnmc- 
tPTK, RHnd heeling whi^^h CAiinol of rotirte behold each 
othfr^'e iK'auty, iiuver, fc- ] hr*r from Mr. \Vftii'rhi>Li^\ jua., 
t-^^hihil hTi;:ht n>hi*jr», tiii^ii/]j Thi*y ntivu Unre puhtlirri 
mnts; Imt the explanation of th*ir obfcanty irsT ho thut 
fhc'j ^ruf-ntly iithithit cure* anJ otluT oWure ttatL'>Ti9. 

Siniw' f>iti^irfiTiH«, I'ufii'i-ijilh rtrlnin Priotiitln-. nffrr un 
^■xceptinn to ttrc' ruk' that the poaon of bMll^ do nr>t rhiT<-r 
iD ciilour MojI of Ihfiw irf<ctii urc- larce uod N|)JenJi[]1y 
(rolfiiin^l- Thi* iriHln in thp ^ni>» I'Vrmiw,'' u'hi<h 1 wiw 
in Mr. BateA^B colleotion. arc ^ncrally n>ddcT but rathf^r 
duller than i\n* U-tuhhs^ the \Mvr Mng: colowrttl of a mun^ 
ot Ifta uplrndicl ^oMrn-jrrfM-n, On \ht oth*^ bund, iti one 
nprricn the moic i^ irotdcn-fnY^D. the feraatc bcinj; ri<:^Jy 

r^itfi ii4k«4tiis«ti hv lir. It"^ »-* 

'T'iiM«L KuL S'^-' IWt, |i. «v I 
mill lix{^ (ho f*w f4li«r rvf In 
qbl'<h I hftvr hr4n1 nf « vrilfor*n« In 
I'riVmt Iwinnn tin ■''jw cf Tmtltvb 
K'lrhY v)>) ^p«iHW'''' IhitaIiiK U Kn- 
brtiiuVvv,' 1'^. Tit, (■- 4iM ^ mrftttnn * 

Mntfnt R, Trimpft <ad Wifcrrl-irti, 
jnn ^ 4iifhrm ntr .trim I AmrJliMfliii» 
til.. Jk [ViuMibi Mil T'Mitv^ lb« 
muln «/ Oifl IslWr HfiniF iiifi« ol" 
■rtirolv oil'ui^ tTifu ihr fhimlr In 

n7i0i rirjItTif** iHf HIaJ* ■« l>l»r^t 
«Pii| ttp ftnta\f- mitrtr^ v 1i u V*- 
tin^iNl. nf « (Lirk M'li? (iil»ui. n'llh 

*■■('»»« /i/a*. •* 1 hntr rmm Mr 

i>4TKl W, rv^rtt/t'if^ hAifnC I ftlfo^ 





P*>l U, 

Unii^ u-ilh red and parp1<^ In the jR;^it» Kfiunralda Ilif> 
puxni dilTi-r »u Kf**^*?' 'D cmil-jiir thjil lh\j ha*t> btvu nu^kotl 
MS (.liAtinil i<]H-i'i»~ in uiir H[ii-ni> bcrtii ntv at a U'uutlfiil 
ahiikmg grwn, bul iho mnlp hoA h ivil thcrfai. On t.lie whole, 
Afi f:u- fia 1 foulO jud(jt% Hiw friiiiLtcto of (Iww; PrJODidw, Itl 
whWh till' M'tr.i difft-r, iir<- roloured criiin- riciily lluin tht^ 
mal^H, and Ihi^ 'Vim not acc-oH wilh Ibc common rnlo in 
rc^garri to tojour. wtu-u acquireil tlirouf;li t«x9j|] »fl^ina 

A fnnsl rcmarkilili- iJisfirulioti bctwn-n ihr tfxn at 
mODj l>wtlcf is nrwcnTod l>\ iIk* pifat horn& wliich riw 
from the husi). tliorju, oiid clvpeiu of Oxt auke; and in 

Fl* It— niLlAiHmA atlna Ifiipxr (Uurv. fn&hr trtflumt^ : Invrf flcntiv fvmUv 

few luwi* from tlie andti turfncit uf the body. Tbcws 
horn^, *ii ih^ grwil family ol lb" 1-aiicrllft^ru^, r*'*t'inblr 
tb«« of vnrir>iw <|Ufldn;pod«, m.^li u* ^Up*, rbin->cerft9e*, 
^o.. and irv vnmd^rfiil both from thrir «lxr atid iMvcrvi&d 
idupM. InMoad of rJi'tcribinn OnfTii. 1 liavp giwr ft|{t)ri« 
of th<- maW and f^niaU'fl "f w>mr of thr more rvmarkable 
frtmw (Tiirs, 1 rt t-i 20.) Ilr*- feriMb-* tmiTiilly onhibii ii*di- 
minU of iUf hr^rrw in ibr fnrin "f *nifllt Icnnla or rid|:r»: 
hnt Mimr nrr Hr-ditul^ of <»Ycn tlif ■liKhl«( nj'lttucnt. On 
ihe f>thi»r band. |)ir hiinin iir»- rn-wrl.v fl» W'^H dnvi'!o|w*d in 
tbi^ fironlo bj- fh Ibr ninli* of ri-"wru* Umifrr . nnd (^rdy u 
little lc» vdt developed in th^r fmiaiifs of mTntr oth^f spe^ 



Vn*^^ JL 



cittt of thb i:ciiu]i and uf C(>i>nfi. I em iDfonnt^d by Mr, 
Ltatra tli&t lire Ixiriw tUi not iltlTur in any mnmicr »jrn!»[H»Rit- 

m ir^k«r»iafti» o^iA'ruM lUwiMi mald-i 

flO- 1^— Phu»w fHintK 

f^, »~Dl|«l|gn fvfc^ 

' ^ 

ing villi tlir nion iniPoriADt cliaraclcmLk Jifftri'iicr!^ br- 
Iwwci ih* itfnral tiibuivbk>nK of the fainlljrr tkus viiTiin 




Past a 

Hm fcome soction of th& jzpdua OtithopTiagiu> ihvt^ «ro ep9- 
ciort whkh Imvu- b BiiijEl"'' i\<*m. aiui ijlmn whitli have Iwo- 

lo alniufir nil ni;u>» tin- hcjni> nn' n-innrLilili- from Ihciv 
exottfiive \rari;UiLliTy; i^t thai a graiunU^d forii^f ran l>« 
formed, fnnu tbc xnuM highly iltvtUtptd iiidlea lo oUifr» 
wi dr^'TM'i^tr ItiJil thi-3' ciiri luir»'!v .III- ilUtiii^iUflMii ffinii 
tb4> fvmal«i(i- Ur^ Witnli *^* foiiTk^l Inst in I'hananj^ t^irnifn 
ttn? hornfl were thric* a^ !cii^ in tiotiic inHli?« (l* in oiheri- 
Mr. ItiiFi?)!^ «flr»r p^Btiiinirij^ nhaw 4 huiiflred muleic jf Ontha' 
pkitijui ranijtftr ((k^. UlOt thnuifhl that lir hiu1 at Uflt dm- 
covered a fpi^cicA m wliLch tLt li^rus did not varj; but 
furtlitr rtiK«rdi provinl tiiv coulrnrj. 

The cJitroordiDAry nix^ of th« horrii, And their nidrly 
dilTeiYiil tti-Uii'luit ki i-lLrA«ljf^]lit<3 Ioiiuk. LudicuLe that ihey 
havt' Ux'U ruriiie*) for Bunu* purpose; but iheir eiowiive 
\firmbitit> iti the inaU-n of thr mmr iip<^\f* Iciidii to tho ifk- 
rin-iHi' l}(jk[. ih'if' piir|uiM- rs:iit<>l W uf & d^Hiiitc njhiure. 
Tht liorna di> not ihuu iimrkx of fnotioD, as it lUi-^J for miy 
ordiiLur^' yvork. Sumo uuthor^ aiijiffOic" that u thr mule* 
Urtiirtoi' ttlxiot i»iuh imtnt ihMii ihp ftnTtHli-A, Ihi-y n^jiiint 
hoTUi 88 a d<>r«nc'e agmuat tb^ir <>ncrmii>«; but iJt the homa 
arc Liflf-n blurtf, thf^' do not mvhi well jidafitrfl for defence. 
Thi- iiuu^l iiliviium rtinji^fliirv it. thnt tlu-y Lin- mn^\ hy \htf 
iimlt'f for fi^^htm^ t(f^tJK<r; but iUv maW-a lm\i' iifvvr br?eQ 
ij|f>Lj'^i-ii tu tki^hl; imr rould Mr. Ibiti4, Jiftrr 11 mrrful oi* 
rtminatio:i of niiiiK'rc^us Hf^t i^, fjinJ any ^iLificif^n! ovid^nee. 
iu their inuliUkM or lirokcii condition, of Ihdr htiyinj^ ticen 
tliUJL lui^l- If Ihr Entire luiH hiN^ri hnMuiid %hti^rv, Ihn hiu- 
of their bodiM would i^robably have bci'n incrvagiij lhr(.tugh 
8e%ual f^Lflct'iion, ao an t*^ havr^ ci^^f^rd^ that of tlie fcmal««; 
Itut Mr. Ittittv, iiftrr iiinijiHrlng Ihr ivin •u^xm in iilmvp a 
liiindrcd fpi>c]«e cif Iho Copridie, d^d not find any rnarkod 
dJtTcreiitt ill this rwjwcl lunonK't wdl'derdojjej imlivid- 
uhIh- In T*»^lhru*, nifirpj*!'!^, n lM*pth* iHTlnnjtFmfC to tin* fnme 
i|H«t (iivivion of thn I^mclhcoms, the ma]o« are known Vt 
n^ht, bui urt' linf jjioiiik-d uith horns, ihuufi^h their nmndt- 
hten are iiiuch hiTjtrr thuri tUjwl> i^f ihr ftrirmli?. 

The coiKhiiaji^tn thiit ihi* h&m?* hnvf invn flCiimrcd oit 
omamrnti^ is thai vrhioh lii'bt ak^ivir^ t\ifli lliv fnct of tbrir 
havtDff bi^en u* imim'ii^y« yxi iioi fixedW* (leri-lop^-df — 
ar» Khrwn by ihf^ir rxtmnc variobilitT in the Mmi* Hpcx'^ii;*, 
und hy Ih^lr rxtrenie d;\er*jly in ilrwel/'alliiMl spMi^s. This 
view vill at lint fipjtear extremely improbable; hut we fihilt 

••' Pio^ KlitncuolU. ^tc of f*kil«- 

p. r 


thr <cali-« nJtniHv fl»h(9« Aiiijilulpmnfl, ivEaiW jiid Unls lUat 
tamni'i kiikdF^ of tTy»i», kiioLiv, honi* nm! eonibK have been 
(kTiJi>[H.iJ u|>t>aiviittv for Uiw sole purpfiw. 

TUv malr* of OnitU fMtvifer (fi^. *jfl). ami of wiriit^ oHicr 

on thoir iu:k-nor ffitioru. ami wilh n irrcaf f^rk or ptur irf 
honi# <»ii tlkf W^r fLurf«cr of Hmt lliurax. Jiijl^iti^^ from 
olhiT m8f<^A. ihe«e may »iJ lii* muJ*- in L-]irigtng Ui thf 

male, *bewoii tttnn ti^ 

tW«w4 Umv«1|j- Itlittit liAiiil rWnr*« fvni*li- a. 
bum or font 

fenMkt. AJihouifh the malw hare not CTCn a trace or n 
horn uji llii" upper .■•urfmT-- uf tlir 1k«1v, vi-t IIit? frnmlr* 
gilamly i^xliitiil ii rinliimrt of ji v,\ngh> horn r>ri thi^ lii^ju) 
(fli!. ^V^i^Kandof a ori>j4t {b) on tht> thorav, Tlmt tlit c^ti^'tit 
tluiracic trmt itL thr fL-iiiJik' Ih ji niiliTrii-rit uf a ji^rjerlicni 
pn>|H'r 1r ih<- niftlr, llimi^h <vLijrrly nbm-nt in iKr rnjilf nf 
tliitf partifuUr specie*, \i clenr: for ttic female of ihihas 
liitmu (a )^-iiu» whu^h (^»ini*H iti^it In OiutiH) Iika n HLiiiilur 
fitght cr««1 fkn ticv Uiorux, and tho tnnk hrari u groat pri^' 

|>clicpu ill llje Mii^e eir LTotiim, Ho, a^Jn, tliorc oan lt&rd]y 
■TSiloLiljt l!ml ihe lillle puiixt Id <]i] tlii- lii.-n<i iif llit feiual^^ 
r'uiliir fvrtiffFt at viHl ii» fni tilt \\ctLd of the fi»mn!m ol Iwo 
or liifte all)t<! tpccic*. i* a nidimefitnrv Tcyrc^entalive of 
t\ye cHpluilio horn, ivliiiOi is vitiwut'Mi Uj iht- iriults of t^u many 

TTie old Miff ihnt rudiinont^ hrvve been crcalcH to c<>in- 
|)1vt« Tfie vrTieftie of rmliiro r? Itere nj frir froni holding 
HOchI, Ihul Wit have a compleli' invt*p«ioii of thy urdinftry 
aUlif of fhiiJiifc ill tlio family. W*r may r(W«>iiiibly ounpcct 
t!iat tin* mrtJ<>* orf^irHlly bore hf»m^ anil iranRfprr^'d llipm 
til thr frmdlffji ir u rudimrntury ooiuliticin. On in ao many 
otJiLT Tjiiijellicoriw, Why the makft sijhwqncntly lfi*t tht-ir 
boniv. ui- know iiol; hijt thi^ may havo been cftnwd Throii)^h 
Ute pTiQCLpIc of cuttkpennilion, owiiifE lo tbo <lev«dO|ilii0Jlt 





thft Urjt<' homu Jimt iirojrTiinriK nri Iht- hiw^r flurf«^-; and 
00 liic«o orv' cf>iifinca to llio nmJe«. Itie niJinionlb of the 
upi>vr huriifi irii ihe f«uut]L<v nouH not buv« l>i?eu tlitih ob- 
J item ted. 

'l*ho ciiwH hith(*rto ifivm ivfpp to i\\^ I*amellfc<>ni», but 
llie /iiairp i.if njutv feki i^lliii LtttJi-*. t>t>l4nijK'iii^ In tx^ii ik \<AAy 
diatlTiLt ffiviiijiN. niuiiuh', llio I'urt'Uliciiidh' ami Stii[jlivliik]ijai;, 
ttw furni^lK-J Willi hiirns in the forintr im (h*; m^^'>;f sur- 
faif of tht IhhIv/" ill t1if< Idil^r im Iht upi^er Hirfoce of 
the bvad and rli^ra^x. In tlic StAhlLrtinidtB. lUv boms of 
the raaict arc rxlniordiiiiihly vuriuVfe in the uimr iipiric.i, 
jiiM HI! vff Unvc *it^n uilli Ibi- Ijamritir-nriDi, In SMuoniurn 
v/e hftTe B casv of dimorphism, for 1)i4? inalet c^n W dividt^O 
into tiro wK tlitTrrini: (rrcwll.v iu the »i»r of Ihi-ir bodir,* 
nnd in ttw ili>vi'liipin(>ni of their liorN)«, withoiil intrniu'ili- 
aU gndatioiv. In a epedea oJ Bl«diiis (Sg. S3), ^t<t hQ^ 

lon^'ing (i> flic ^tapli^linirlH*, Proffwor WV^Iv^ixhI "tntr* 
that, " Tiuilv «|H.^iinvnA l-aq b^ found in the mne It^cslily in 
whvih Ihp rrntral horn ^f the* thnrax i* Tt-rv Iftrjfp. but tJiL- 
liom^ I't Ihf hfiiil ifintfr' niiJiminltjl; mid nihmv. in nhith 
iha th<>rai!ii' hi>pii le jnufh nhon»*r, whiUt ih^ ]*iv"»lulj*rfliii'eft 
on the hrnd iirc lonjf.""' Ilcn' vne ttpimrt^nlly hjj>* a cdst? 
of mill pi-ntnl ion. wliirh Ihrim* li>^ht on thut jii<l /ivi*n, of 
the frUfj|X'r».'il lL**^ of lh« iipppr hi>rrifl bv tht* iiiali'* iif Owi7w. 
Luw t/ /^if//c,^^uMe malt bitltcv w]»it)i nt-i-rn ill-riltvd 
for Iigh1in>/, rir*vTthcW* cij^igi' in nmfliflit titr tho pt^tM*- 
tioD of Ihcr fcmaloA. Mr, Wsllacc^* e&w twa ni^lcB of 
J^pi'irhtfmhut tAn'jtiidahts. a Tini^Ar lii^rlli- with a iniicU Hon- 
iLn) rMtmni, " l^ifhlin^ U\t x fiimiilL^ who »Umic1 eloiuf 
rtr (iiify Jil h<r horinif, They ^^^^'^^ *' <"*'* other \^ith 
tlirjr rostru. iniil cWvO mid Lhniciiittl. uii;im't-iitt> in the 
griakit4>^t nmc" I'hn emalkr mak^ hnwort^r, " vuiMt mn 

ih* hrhiAh UiuvuiM 1 i>ivt.*il onii 

«'Th(^ Miil4V AtvtiEptlne^; *t>M]. 

Cau. JL 



ttwaj, ni^knowleJ^trij^ liiiikRrlf tHii^itii^hHl." fn Mine frv 
am-t nmlt lM.vlU<f tre -kvU iulaf>t«l for Ej^luiii]?. I>y |:-uiuuttmj{ 
trn-At Iniithcd i»Qri|iliJ(9, inii^li larger tliori thcw of tlic 
fevruiW, ThU ir iIip rnut* wirh llio oimmitii BrA^*-W>>l1(> 

vtftti; aI>oii[. ft v^rk Wforp ihi* fillirr wx^ *o Uinl sfVirftl 
in«}' oflvii 1h« m<'Ii |>rir«Tiin|f thi< minr frrTinl<> Al iFiin ^Pii^nii 
thoT *ngii#w ill fivrw t<*atlic|.i, V\'hf.ii Mr A. U. Ouvifl" 
ifiifUiwil two iiwIl^* with uiir ft-mEiti- 'u\ n hax^ iUr kr>!c-r 
mnli' u*v{'rvly pinthoit ih*^ mniilltTr ont>, imlil h«* n^ni^^d 
Jiie jireUnmiiH^. A frit^ixi iriforiu« me that whcit a U^j 
III" uflni pul the i]]iilf?2t tu);Hlti-r In mw tln-m fiyhi. iiiid he 
Dotk'tti IIiAt tluty w<?ro inucL b»Mc-r and fiaKPT Ltmn tlin 
femdlo«, 04 aith tlie hi^'lier aniinaK Tlii^ iiialea would 
M'if fiuM of liTK fliit^rT. if Tk'M til iniiil uf iIilhh. I>ti1 not 
fa \\\Q U^tnnlv*, ultht^iijjh lh<\v hjivc vlnmf^t-r Jnwi;. Thu 
iLialr^fi of mrtny cf the Kiuuridn* on w^]l aj« <*! Iho nlio\<^ 
tneritL»i>ei{ l^'ptitrlu'iHliUH. nrc lAr|*i.T niu] tiutre [Ttiwiiriil 
initiKTl* iJmn tlj* f**!!!!!!*"*. Thi' lu-o *i*n« of tMhrta rfphithitJt 
lout ■>( the lAiiii-11Jci^m!<t tiihihit (he Mime liiirrcin; arnl 
the mR]t> hflA hr^i>r JiiAnilihLiu Ihnn \\ts* ri^mnlf. If. liuHng 
th« IfrM'tliii;^ »c-%ioiir a eftrBMf^v iiiulo ntU'irLptii to i*Ulor tllC 
burrow, ho in ntt«ckr<l: iKi^ frmalr i)c>r« not rvmnin pAJuivCr 
but cioff-n iho ni>:i(ilh of iho hnrrou\ nrd ^nc'nunp*^ her 
maU^ bv Donluiuaily puiihm^ him on fmm Miind: and the 
httttli* Wu untif lli^ Ji^'gnvtikF ih killnl *ir mn* avMyJ'* 
TUv two e^iw of nniither I-arH*lho"^»rii L*\'!lo, \he Afntrhva 
cictitriaijtti.*, \\\e in poir?, nm! wvm mnth ^ttJuUnl t*» fhch 
othrr; ihf fiijil>>^trjlif tin* f4<mH]f<« In mil Ihr ImlU of <1iiti^ 
in vhich llit <*'» are di?-|ii>'iS>d; and if eht h ri?m«»vi*tl, ho 
b«coni» much iLi^'itaii-H]- If tht- mak- in rciDurtd the f^-mde 
c*»*rt( til work, and Hf M. Unik-rio " hi'-Hcvi'*, would n'miiiii 
nn th«* rtmi* spot nntii *hc died. 

Thf prrtil mandible? *jf the itiftle LucHuldv *re f ilren»ely 
VMriuhk- both in nbev and klruHup^. aqiI in tfiiv roipi^ct re- 
ACTEiblir the liomii on II>c lirad nrd thoivx of many mulu 
Lamf llicuj ii« and Staph^hniiW. A uf^ferl f^^ritr^ cuii be 
foriEUHi froiTi ihe b««l')T<iiiiied i'* liw wonl-prr-vWIi^d or 
d^^acnitc msW Although Ihr mandihW of Ihr (^nrara^ti 
0|ag-1)evl1e» And [^rulifthk nf inniiy otiitrr »4[>eL'ii-«. arc ii»^l 


laB^btt 8rt ftlMaMh*MBilrto 
of tbt* H«e'lH, Kirby idJ Ahbta. 
IM>1 T^l \H, o U4;Biid WWHui 
Ebid. ruL I t-H l6t> 

CIaml ^I'lliiL Sal' Cuiii. l \>. ySA 





Pamt Tl 

tiu*ir K'viLt ■]»■ mil ihttT^ }>*■ iiivutiutn\ (nr. Wi- linrr ««rtl 
thiit Lhrii nrr iiu^l bi^ (.tii> /.u/v»im 
^Jn^v^ of N, Anij?rU'a for aeujn^ 
(lit feiimU*- A* tTji-y iirt' h» rmi- 

And AH owinp to tfuir ^val Uii^it 
Ihoj afo not ntll a[l-t|ili*(l fur 

mv iiLmi] rbfil iTk'V limy iii mldi- 
IJon 81'rii' aN un iirn;iiiit-iil. liki' llie 
horriA uiL \h*^ ht'ud arid tlKiriix i>t 
tht' YnrimJi^ iL|tot-ir» nl>ovi> drMTibcdi 
1*1ir rnfllo I 'Aj'fiJbj^iifi/ftuA Graatii 
t>t S. Chil^— ^ ftfdt-iidiil Ix^f-tlu h^ 
]tin^tifi to tilt? rtUKif- l»rni!y — has 
ri]'krmr>ii>;h' ili>V''lomi! tnuiidihlf^ 
lJi>r. )i\); h^ ^1^ Ui>ld jint) fiok'na' 

Cimih: wjn'il ihri^kutvl >u' fni:t?a 
ruiirtd. ii|k(-ii<; \\U ^n.'ii1 pwv^ and 
Ul illr fWlhr ItJiir HlrhlitUti^j lnudlV' 
ItiLl till' iiLiniUliW ^trv ntjl sLfi>iLg 
cn^tii^li Ut piiK'li Eii_v Tu^L-r kd «>& 

to UllIM' lUtmil ]Vl]El. 

tlie |k08K««<lrin 4^f roctidi^ruldo f>«r- 
captive jiont'tA And of nlronit ptui' 
niitiK« MriiJ!A to bnM- tiiTn iiiun- 
offprliv** wilh Ihi^ l^inolJnTrima 
lliAii willi ally utiu-r fiiiuil^ of 
LertW Willi mhiw niiin-ii-* thr 
tiLulrii nfi' |»ruvi'li'i] ttilh w-nponK 
firf tL^lkliu^: fvmv \l\t In I'^ira and 
nIe»^ i]iiiru;i] ulTin-iLt^ii: iiiHiiy lintv 
lli(' tioiftir of BtrkhiLutiii)C vli^fn n- 

r., M <Thi-^nMha.Of.«iL '"t^J- "»^ny are furni*hod wJlh llwr 

rvii*LV.[. iiiiirrnirin*.iii4ir; j,^^| oxIraoHiikEirv li'jnift, niiMf- 

k.»rr namv. hini»*» , - .. . * '* . 

pnily f'tr Ihr -"k*- of onmnn--nl; 
niH *onir» irhifli nro dinnuil in ihi^ir hatnLt-, an' ;;(>i^ai*ly 
(idi'ifri-d, [.JinrW. wnml «i lite hr^f>\ hwtW ili thi* Horlil 
bidiiiip; tii ihl^ fjuiiil.V, wliirU u^m jdnn^l by l-itiimv^ niid 
Fubncjiii ul Ok' h*Mt\ *>i Ihr <»rx1i-r." 

i^iridtitatiny ir^nH. — Ik^ll^ IxjktngiiLg 1c many and 

n WvittiMl. * Uuinu Cli^* wL L (k IK 

CBav. X. 


viiii^ly iliMlinrt f>mtlk^ jiciunu ttiL>!H> ui-fjaiu. The huuikI 
thutt pruduu'd <fin Aonit-tiiiud: hr 1iu<tiri] at lliv diifUuicL' <tt 

tifXtTol in:l ^^t t\v\i )-srUfi/^ liUl it U nut CUiilfiJirabk w!tU 
tiiiAt madi> !>} Ilii* iJiriifiplvru- Tlio niK|i ^i:-ni*jaSlv nm^iHli 
•it a nui'HJW. uli^'hlly-inijioil Mirfnc*', rrns^'d bv wvy finv, 

E(^]ii*. Id frome c&aci» w with 'L^phuiiu, mitiiite, bristly 

lU Iff Itv rvp bltftiilJi lUiwlUiU^ 

or dc'nli'-like [>nmiiiirrc«, uilh wtiich the wWt- .*Tirrom»i3* 
iair ?urrtt*?r ib ro^<rc»i irj (ijj]»Trtwmntclv i>ntiiUf| Iimv:*, couM 
be tjiiirti jidwiiii' iiii'j EiiL' nt>^ i/f the rbs|j. Tl»' traij&ili<jn>l 

[taker: filmiL' lj\ IIiHt hotHiriiiii;; L'litillUf'hl uud (Uuip'bl. nrni 

l4 tho MRie tiioc more pr»>miin'nf. nnd *Tno(»th. A hAn) 
riiJ^T* itii An HiTJi'ittMij^' jirirt of the Ixtij) f^i>vh ns tlio -^^rafier' 
ilu' ni«p, but ihtM ■L'Hiper Iti *cn«' tiunu liu* hwu ^lu-ctully 
Hoititktl for IbiT piJipoM-. ]l v mpitlly iiicJvrH) ;ictos« the 

Tt]*we iir;-an^ :irL' fitliuKtl iti uickty Hiffcr^nt iir.*ili(m*, 
Jn thr cttrhnn-bi'^ibH (Nrrropfmru*) tv^i painllr! rfk^pf^ (r, 
g- a^) Hjinil ftn th*" fU.TVil fltirfnv*** nf ttw llflb ftUIomina] 
*^iient, cfldi raa^i '* tviiMMiri;^- i.f |:?C tu 110 tiih' nfc», 
*b«u? ribi JAtt *i'i«ji<i! jijijninil tin' iju^lnior irmrj^iiK i>f th«' 
jlylm, n *nuill [>ortioti of whir-h prmects Wvon5 lln> p*ii- 
i^n«l outline. In manv Cnoo(>n<W. nnij in r/y/tr^i i^punfhttn 
(riiJi' of tbe CUnwmw'liib"), ninl in Hiini- Tptiffhrionida.', ii-.t** 

rTiri-MViiiilr.' * ArttnU *n(l Mm;, of 

^llT If*-*" vJii. '*. i^'<i, fL 11 

'• Litfuluir. • '' -- ' -A fur vW 
■•I ini ITT' I lu Ur O 

Cr|<irH k[»' ' 'iri '■-•irw 

^jri/lb^ bo LJi - iiu'iilir* iiai) 

Furrn^im. 1UTi#1U^r4|liMttt>arii>w4 

riffllrlriiiliElnii In (JicOljUin ItH not 
lircli |-ri fi'iu*]? utriciYiMt. 1 Hn itl^ 
iiiHtfh irtil'MpJ to Ur, 1^ ^'. Jdn*fpn, 
Iff lurjrtii»iluTi tod *(f<iiijciii I iiitj 
jblil tliat lb* jbb. Mr 1'^ Itt^ti'm.Vuvit 
that /'TM^fffj «• t rk«** iltululiilr*. 
1'Ul lir •«uv|jnl rrj im'iti t"t ttiv K|ip«' 

*'iii>t>I Di iTf iTjaiBUi U ii«Mii- 
Ulvr. in l}i« ' EEiU-iiiH>(4^i«tV UcrQililj 


(.,->«=, Cooi^lc 




tlid roap b 4CiC«d OD Iho tlor^l ftne^ of tie abd<iftu.-ii, ou 
lhi-< ^ly^ndiuMi nr pto-pvic^iJiLim* jtml ip wrHixn] in Ihr Miur 
mnnn^'r Iij \\iv ^Ayiva. In IJ(l9rt>oerM>i, whK')i I>4*l4jii|i^ to 
onuthcr fai)kiL>, iho ra^iie utv pJucvd on l)^« «ii)i» of Ihi' iirftt 
uliiliiittiiinl M'^-mt-itU JuiU uiv wntiHsf by ritt^i?* tin llif- 
f^ukora^'^ In ccrlain (^urculioniHic an<l r^rLLtjiclip,'' xh^ 
barttf urr ^omplL-Et^ly i'4'^ef>4^J in |j<iBtUi>Ui 
tiir till- nw|is an.' n-nlcil on th*- ijifi-ri^>r mr- 
fncft of llin cljini, nwir tln'ir ttj*iii*, or 
&Wn^ iLtir DiiUi luUTi^iiia. and llii.' vtl^fi 
it( fliT' at>il(tiniri»l ?4<^*iiit-iil^ H^n'i* ii» llii< 
(criipi'r*- In t'tUMuf Hrrmanni <onp of 
DjIiK-idki' rr Afater<l>cftl(-«) d 0tt'L>n^ tw)|:c 
nuia |kara]lii| and near to Iho aulurnl oiat- 
giu of the dytni, Ufid ij i-rooi^td by iib«, 
COArfLc in thr iiiiddk port, (»lU hpi-nnnng 
gndtjolly tinT ai h(tth ^iIk. i^^^«ciallv at 
tliL- ujifnT tiid; whtn thia luaeut jb hi.'ld 
uriiFrr wnlrr irr in r|ii^ uii'. a ritrkluEuliii^ 
miisr in |jro(lao»>d hy iIk' i^ilreirn' honiv 
margin of Ihe abcfam^'n bcinK wTUfitd 
a^uiiwf I hi" rHApfi. hi h ifn*Mt mimlipr i>f 
loQ^-honicd bootloe tLori^Kornia) the or 
fMiu? Arc ailunlpflt quite otnoniiAr. the rn:i|> 
iifing on llu' niPiio-Thanix, whirh iit rnl>In'd 
against tho pro-thorax: l^ndoiH coiinM %'S^ \(i3 liuf ri^» 
un tilt- raa[j of Cerumhyx htr^s. 

Mtjuy ].Diwllli.'rrnK have tbc p>viT of fttrtddtiiting, iknd 
tl»<* iir^nns dilfifr grtinly mi [«<fliti>>n, Some *|n:ciiv ^Irfilu- 
l^ili^ wty liiudK. -»i IImI when Mr. V Sinilli niu^lxt d Trnj: 
tabnhiUHi. a gjinickt^Pi^cr, wi*> ctnuij l»y, thoujrht lie liiul 
r)»i]£fit fi mcuM^; I<«t 1 faiM to diecrf»v«*r ihe pi»|>"T ort^n" 
in thi» t^ellr* In Q«olrii|it^ and Typhii^iiK a narrow nd^^e 
ninv i>1di4|U(ly ncrcM (r, ^jf, ?Gi the i-cDtn nf ('iiHi hindk'ir 
(having in *'/. jtZ/rriiraniw f^ ribs), which is ^rrapod by a 
H|ii>cial1y prnjerfin^ pari ^>t iirkU' of llii^ alidominal 4et£nit>nt& 
Id the nearly alliM Viypr'\t lunanx. nn ewrft*i\v*ly norrov 
&SC rn^p ntna alotiiE thir sutiiral naarxin of the elytra, vitb 

rtn VA-niii<ii-jr<j 

Joint ' !(*■!> c. 
COKB / Fvliiul. 

f. Tllim f r Tiuw, 

P n. 

t*rs u vfM V in ■rf-h^r ruinilLM- Lii 

In Qk1]*ii>Bt]k4' lriui>i*lrc rjiltff ii&t^v 
tim^wvd rkorrirt of the aMoiciirfll 

CmAr. X. 



«tinth<!r nhort rwp nrar fhe Iwni] cmter rriArgiii; but in at>m« 
Otiicr TopTini thki^ rniip ik vented^ accori)in;z tc idOc^ntv,'" 
on ihc »]ir[Hil bUifiKv <hf iht' aTjtlumfik, Id Or>ctefl it U 
«c«t*d on tli« iiro-pj;;]dluiu:aLd,accordiD^ to iht aaiiit' eut^* 
notoKif^ in Mtnic otiirr DynxuLtini, on the uncli?r f;urFai<<; of 
the eljflra. Lafell;, W^^lhn^ stAlt-ft that Id OmahipUa bran- 
nea the ra^p U pUpeil r>ti th« pro-£l^mtiiiu and ihv v^f&'^Q? 
on the mcUi'dtrrtitim, Ihc parti^ thu» ticcnjirin^ thr iindrr 
fturfaci^ nf (he ticirJj, inM^'Ail E>f tlit* uppnr surface u in ihe 

nc lhu^ Auo th*t in tht liilTm^nl cnU'dplrrouii familira 
th** KlridHlnting nrgjirm ar»* vnTiilprfully <1iv>>r-ill'vl iii jinsi- 
tn. tjul ui^t niiK'h ui gtniclun>. ^Xitl^n iho r-niiiu lamilv 
fiome PftccMv arc provvJed villi IIip*c orpnn.*, ninl rrlhin* arc 
dpRiiltitr rf thrm. Till* dKcrsit}' is inlrlEigilJi*, if wp *«|** 
pow that onj^inally vnriouj^ U>Lrl]t'« maUt^ a Dhiilthnj; or him- 
int; notffr bjr the rubbing tu;:Klic'r nf niij lunl atiil n>u^h 
parli of Uii^ir ImnIm^a, whii^h hfipponrd to h« in cnrtHd; nnd 
that from ttkc noi»o thae prodDccd ht^m^ in »>nif h**} iifvfiil, 
Ihi" nm]c!t Miifai'nt ui'ro ^'rziTluallv d(<Vf-I«[H-il iiiln ri'^tilnr 
ithdulnting oruan*. Sorio ttiHiTri ar th*v movo, now r>rt>- 
dud', t'llbi-f intMiliofialtv '>r uTiinUMifU'imllVi * ^liiitTlir^ 
nm»^. iritliotir pcn^i-ssiJi-^ niiv prti|»t'r r»rj;!iMH (•<■ (tc |»ur|H.ihiv 
Mr Wallace infofms mc thial ihf A^ut-Airu.-* hntfimttmis (* 
riau)cflli<:<int. with tlio untcrkir Ic^^ ¥'4>nd«ifitUy rlr>r£At«d 
in flii» mnir) " inaki<«. whilst iriovin^. a lav hi^in^ riuund 
by the protrupif>fj and contmclion of the ubdi^mni: irnd 
whpri »eueO il pttrduui.'H a jL'ralin^ Kpiind by nibbing il« hirnl- 
l«g> ai^ajoil lh<^ i-fl^^v of ll]r> «1ylra." Th^ hi8»^jn^ R#>iinH U 
crl<iar]v due to n narrow nutp rtinniu^ aloiij- (h<- sntiimi 
margtn of parb elylrnn; ^riil I ruiild likcw jhr mukr llii' fciral- 
fn^ ftound by rubbing- tht* dhiii^nvp^d *arf*<* '•f thp femar 
ajrtiirjxt the jirnnLihrril rnaririn flf tb^- corrtHp^nditti* t'lylroa; 
biil f crudil ni't \wu' >)ft*^.-{ any prti|NT ni*ji; nor is it likrlj 
that 1 puald havL* ovortookod it in ao Uj^ art inRor-r Aft^r 
ptAiniaiii£ ryrhra^, and rradiaji vthnt VCtvXnn^ has wnttca 
abnut this bw'llo, if iwrnis vrry i)r>iBhtfiiI whrthrr it jitnuiiviiCK 
ajiy Irtio m^^p, tboui;b il bae iFio pernor of emitlin^f a eound. 

Fn>m th(? aiialn^-v i4 Ibr- Orlliuplvim and Ujtai^utertt. I 
fitpiH^!p<l lo And thp itriduhitin^ <ir|ran& in t^if* (^>li<opi(*rH 
dilfL'nuL; ac'cordirg io jm>x; but i^Qdois who hnA cajrofalW 
mmniard itrvrral si^tth"*, ubRcr^ed ik> surh difTiTfrriie; hit 
did Wt^lting; dot did Mr (J. H. Crot<b in luirjjnrinjr th<f 



manlcVy-' PP I^l- ^^^ 




muny vfH^iini^riH vUir!i tit* hAtI Tlir' kirrhiftU to Nr*rd in(>- 

be ililFicult in UcUxl, mi rttKvuul of llicir gri'al vurL8btlit>. 
Thus, in till' firii (iflir i4 ipeciruL'tti of Xttrvfhiyrus kamai.r 
And of t'rhbiuf ^('hi{h I rxaniiiivd> llic raiip woii coAiAilcr^ 
ttblj largi^r in Ihe malt lliaii in \hv fimiule: but iiul M 
with *iicci>ediu^ ijJK'im^na. Ixx OMtntpts ttercomriu* the 
raup appconxl ti> mi: tfiick^n npaqutT. tLnd Tttow pri^minrbt 
in thmr TiiAk8 [liuji in rhe t*ii)ii> riiiritWr i>r fi-mjili'^; in <n>|i-r, 
thorcforv, lo dmuver uJu-tbiT Uk* m^Jtci difTvixMl m tlifiir 

Sower of HlridnlAtiug. my wn, Mr> T. Domn. i"*>Hp(tw! 
frv'Wver UtIv^ sp^fimone, whirh ht> HepniW Inin two 
jolji, urcordidi; oh tbtj mndi* a >n^iilor cir lor-s imiat*, wliUD 
hdtl ill tlir wine tuunncr. He llion en»iinim*(l nil Ihew 
»JTipHrnpns ft'^*! f^nJi**! that the males were v^ry iniirly in 
tfie BJilue pTOpf>rlj<*» to tlw? fc!malo-( in botJi Uir lola. Mr 
F. SmiUi liH> M'pt aliTr lUJtntfiMu* ii]i(\rimrnft of Mon\tjfnrhtis 
pgi^iuU'' ri triirfiiIi"Tii'1»). and u vt>n\inci>6 tli£t both t*xc« 

idvikUv ami hpfjurt'iilly in un vinia\ <K';;rw. 
_ N'rvi^rthi'li'M, Ihr pdwrr j>r jitnilidsiiinjf iu ucrtninly % 
e^XTia] <^hara':-r^r m H'»rro few t'oteojiter^ . Mr C'r-teb iba- 
covrrtH thai \hf mulfs alnnt of 1\ro bjjlsw t»f lltlii>jwUKii 
('lVrH'liri'Mii<!HM jjci^mw ^IriiJukhiijj nv^nttt^ I cxHTiiim-d 
fiv^ Minlefi ftf //, fihhuM^ ani in nil tht?W' tboro wat p iacII- 
dfvdoppd inA|>i |«ulinlly tJivtilwl iiilo two, nn ISr dorNil 
jmrfmo of ihi< ii-ntiinnl nlidorninnl »fgnivnt; uhllKt in ih*' 
number of femnlw thcic wae nol citcd a niditnt-tit 
6l iLi? ra»|.^ Oil' membrane of llus w^mt-al Iw-in^ tnin[<|«r- 
cm, and much thinnor than in the nifllu- In //. mVa/o- 
*lriaftis \hc tnfllo bn»= a ^JmiUr m^p, -^xti^jinnif xhn it tA not 
jiartititly di^tdi^d jnio Ewti piirlii)jt-<. nm? Ihr frnuile jh i^nn- 
pIfiUty drr1itti1<< of thiA mr^'Aii; tliL^ mnb in Jid»)irinn ha£ 
on the flinrnl lllo^):i^^ of thi.^ clylra^ un tot-b iidt i^if Uio 
Kulur^. Ihr^f f»r four nhort Inri^i^^ltHliriiil ridp^K. ulnrh are 
et(iiiH«d by I'slrrmely tint- hb»i, finrntld to iind rMi'triblinff 
tbflir on Ibc ibrlominnl iwp; wbclln-r xh&w nAffft* scirr 
MX an independent racp. or ns a temfwr fi>r the ubdon^lnal 
mfp, I couM not decide: the rrmnle rxhibitn no tntv. of 
rtiin Utlrr f I nicl iirr-. 

Agflin. in rhn^e npeeiefi nf tli« Lamelltoiirn ^enni Or^c4e<, 
wo ha»r' n n-'iirly pnrfillrl riu,r. In thr frmnlnt of '^- ^rvphns 
nrd rii-jj[iVi>rrpij Ibr iil«i f^n tbr nmp of ibr |rn><|iyifidiiini ure 
]i«K continncm- und Ii^ dnhnel ifinn in the niulen; but the 
thief diffcrenci' is lIuI ihe wholr np|Kr ^iirfiKi^ nf lion s<x- 
tntnil, vshm hrld in the proper light, U w^n to be doihed 


THif. x; 



^v'r^l t]ari>, u'hkli &re alieenl or am h-pn>i(eiite<l by «-ior-4«Lto* 
ly Unv <lvnD lit Itifr ihaI^*- M idioutd t>t; nntit^M Ihnt tn %l{ 
Oolcoptcf» th« cfft'Cli^c jiflil of the ra*p is dwilJlutc of hain. 
Td rt, ftenf^atemiA Oiv dllTer^Eice botnt-oo ihe w\ps i& more 
Ettronf;l> i^mrktitl, oiid Ihi* U bciit iccn when thp pn>pcr ab' 
domin&l «c^ini]-Di i» c!<^nt'd fint] vicued ai a traD^parcut 
objwt In the femalo ibt* whole swrfaoe h cry\€im wilh 
httic i>C|rAFftlv creirb, bmrinjc spmo*: nrhilE^t in i\\c jtxulc 
thtvt^ vTfVtf- in jirocrc^iing tn^Bniii Ihf n]njA, ln^'iniM- nitire 
and more c>oiiffuent. regular, aod nakod; so that Ihre^ 
mrllu of the fi:){itiL-nt b covered vilh citrcntrl^v line |mral* 

HIa, uhiHi (irn qt^itf^ nliKvTtil in the frinnU*. In thv fe~ 
tWp liowo^er, of all Ihrw cpcties of Or^ctce, a flight 
t^fnlin^ r>r »tnUuUlJiiic louiiii let product^, when Ihc ftb- 
rinnicn of n ^ofli'tircl npftciiorc It piiKhrd buckwiirflN Hiirl 

lo Ihi' t-aw i*f tbr ITt-liopathrd anil (»rvdf* Ihi-rt crtti 
hitnllv br a doubr thiit thi* mjil™ Mri'IiiUtp in ori^*r to oall 
or t^ i<it.<ito tli<< feiiiulos; but witb uifHi bovtlt.'d {hi^ ^tndula' 
tion afifmrviiUj M'ne^ l)cifh mik'J ak a miilunl iiitl^ Bt.-i-Ut'ti 
&tri<lulAte MXtdvT rariou* fiii<ktioiif, in tb** KHmo manner mi 
birds «« Ihetr voic« for many [mrpoae* b«idc* singing 
to tlirlr tnalvK, Thv k^i^' nii]ur>KniifJitM tlridulaleA in 
ftn^r or dcflan<^^ many epwiot d<^ the untnr frt^m cliidrH* 
or fair, if bold »o l^al IIk-t cnnnot wi-airf: b> alriklBg the 
hnllovr vU'trw of iuw in thp rmiary lihiridx. Mt'^niv. WolliU- 
ton and (*rntoh vn? aMc to di^covrr ih*' prf-pent*!? of bcctliia 
bt]oii^'iit^ tn i\\v if^TLun Ai'iitlt? Iiy tlieir >il rid Lildt loll. Lnetlj, 
Ibf* niab* At^MicbtiK tiridiiluUv tt^ crooun^' th« fc^irrale in 
lnT Wfirk. >in(i frciii dt^trfw whci> fhv >■ r'ni'>vpri." tiomc 
tidliirHlrHlH Ijriiv'vt' tthat lii^lW iiuke thi» ooise ti> fnghtrn 
avay Ih^ir oncfnitHt; but I oarjtot tlunk that a qofulrupn) 
cr bird, abk to devour d larpc bedb-, would be friizhtencd 
by »:> tWgfti a ?<i*und. The Mlef IhaC the »tTuIiiln1ion 
fiVTftv QM ft B^tuftl kull i^ supported bv tho fact thai dnth- 
tKrl» (;ln4>h'win fr^jir/Zcifurn) aiY vrtW Known to Anj«r«- each 
rf^iln^r'? hcVinjf, anrl. .la I h*rf Ti^yi^lf *>htrTVpd, r tapping 
rnrn? arUfiemlly made, Mr Doubjcday albo mform^ m< that 
hn hiw )^m€iinir« nbsprimd n fiinnlo tirking,*^ and in an 



* ivwrniiX of Tv»»d,* A. Murray, toI i 

bMTf'Hi] fij ]«r> H hij-ll u »l 4.->fi. fliit] 
tbtn •Inhint >>■ lh«t 11f« 4r *U 





Vaxi K 

hour or Iwu aflcmarOs has Tinuiil tifir t)iiit«tl vitli n inult^, 
AQil on oiii; orca^ion »urrouDdefl by ^rvcrrtl id«Ic«- i''iiuilly, 
it JA pnilialrle tliMt tlv^^ two «o\l<4 i/ umny kinds of bf^etltA 
vurc 111 limt euaU^Hl lu llnd eadi olber by lUi< filij;bt iliufEUnp 
noiw pr^duwH by the nibliiii: loicclhcr of Ihc ftdjoiniog 
baril parlti of their Tmilkv; i*nd tbal *& Ibose inal^a or fenmlps 
whidi inudij the i^rc^atcist riuuc Kut-c^i<(!flcd bi^t in finding 
partners, ru^o^ilic* on various paiU of Ihcir bodies were 
prai]u»l[y dL-vi?]'>ppd by m«aDd of t^xual eeloctkon into true 
tfUiduJAtiiij^ orgiui». 

hiu»t '^r mttr UriVi^M In i1i<< iii*W— Mflmpli*— N'<l Hut lo Eht <1iTTvt 
tvD^i<n^ of ifio miulUWiii of Itrc—rokiur^ nJfty>lo1 fnr I>ii:^t«l1i?n - Crploun af 
rripjlK*— liuplnY— Kf(i*inivr fut^-E^m r>f ibc !-eT'i>''»i'Uni— VtrinMlitx- 
rv.|]>ft1n Imllrilll** m^FT tirill'LuiiLlj' I'oliiun^L llinii Uii nufclc*— Uritlil L-i»lTiuri 
■>f ?il«rpllUr« Suii^marj hikI c^noliHliiif ntmBrk- aij tb< ■40AiiaAr)' HkUat 

Is thid fcToat Unler the moot intero«tuif: points for u« 
the tlirTrnFULTH in colour l>i-t»<tii ilio »i'xr» of tbr ttAtiiv 
rittt, and Ix'lwftcii iho difilinct upwit'K t>f Ih* wimc gv^iiuA. 
^rnrly tLt' whob; c»f the fulloviUf; tUft[itiT will be ikvottd to 
tbih Kutgrrt; Iml I will f)r>t iiiiikr a frn^ n^mark.< eui diu* or 
two oitior potnU. S^^'onl malcB mav often b** enpn pur- 
«iiinK anil crowding ronnd Ibc Mma female Theif courl- 
Rbip 0pnt?Ars lo bo a |>rol<ing(Mi RlTair, for f butt' fn.v]iic>nM> 
vuifbtfl ow or miirv aiule^ inroaetiinf: round a fomnlu 
imUl 1 wju tim]> without wvinic tb? uiid of tlie courtfrbip, 
Mr A- O^ BiitUr also Infi^mn n^e llmt h« hm icvrrul iUnv^ 
■wnUhc<] n icak towrtmic * femalo ft>r a full 'Hmrtcr qF nn 
hniir; lint *br in'rt.ftiiuninisly rrfuMil liim. ami til li»t Bi-Llleil 
on thv i^round ard ckr£cd h«f vnig«, «o a« 1o i^f^x: from hia 

Allbow^rb buttcri!i<<a arv vmk and fni^rb^ rreaturea, tbty 
Bfe pii^rnacioitt, and an Emperor buttortly ' liot beea ccp- 

laud Hwrnl i>jp kCrtklnif litr aMKroofi 

iKci nui\i. f^t-r^^'iptii In iM" Mfcll nnP 

CflirL IL 



tur^ witli the lips of it« winj^'s broken from a ronflk-t 
with aDf^lhcr inul*?. Mr, ("ollir^'woi^d, in s|»pnl;iii^ vl xhv 

"■ lliey wIjjtI rounO ►^^ni-h o!}n>r witli the ^pejile&t rapidity, 
lUiii uppuor io hv i[jnLi-il by the grcaU^t fiToviiy/' 

The A'jrnnii'i ht^tiiia rnftkc!* a oewc like that profluccd 
by a toothed wheel I'lit^ir^ untTpr a spring catch, nnd which 
cnii be heard iit llio d^iariLV nf (tvuml yurda: 1 luiticivi thta 
siJijiMi III RJo ilr Jaiiriniv only whrn two of thtw^ ]>iittertli«A 
jAVXv uho^in^ (4eh olher Ln an irrcgi^lnr cnufte, »o ihnt it id 
probnlly nimJc ihiriiii; lhL> ouurtflhip of the flcixcH,' 

8fini<f iMoth^ Jil>n prMliin- ^ml^lll^; For inAtnnerv the 
iual«iri of Thiojfhorti fot^a. On two orfasif^ns Mr. F. 
Buchonnti Whiti^" lirurd n t)iiir\y <iuick iK'iiy ruadt* by the 
male >»( Uijhphxin f'fii^itiau\i, nnd hhich hi* hrlii^^rs to hi" 
prodiicvd, UA uj Cicudiif by an ti|jb«iiu mcmhrnncj ftinii^hcd 
with a muscle. He L|Uoltv, aiac>, tiuuD^e, that Setiuu ptO' 
duces a (AUiid hke fhe Tirkir^^ of a wjiich, a]i|iarui11y hy 
thu aid of " two ktf^L* tjiii|»unLforiu vi^iclue, f^iuiatcd iit (h« 
rcctomL region;'* and thi^c "aic inadi uiorc dctelopcd 
m the iiihIc than in the fcmnlc-" Hcner* wnirid-i»r<>- 
tiucirif* orj^dui^ la i[n^ Loi>i(l4>E>t<.Ta apiiear fu tlond in dontf, 
rclalioii with the «iMfUul fi^m tuni^. I have uut tLlluOcd t'j 
the well-kiiown nniw ni^df by tht^ IVafh'h lU'ad Sphinx, 
for it la iff'iirnLliy heard uouu Hfli<r Hh' moth hau oincrj^ed 
from it'll coriKiij. 

Oiard hae atwn^v ohwned that the iriusVy oijour, whi<rh 
is emitted bv twu e;>ecii^B of Sphinx itiothti, b p<h:u1iar to ihc? 
maW; ' and in thr hi^fhrr ehiuc-A wc* fthall Ttitvl wilh luuuy 
izkStanoes of the inale« nlone being odi)rifcn:-ae^ 

K\*r\ one itiuat have uduiirt^l tht c^xtrorui? ln^iiuty of 
mwiy htiJirHliri« mid of unmr niotht: nnd ii truij hi- ai-ki'il, 
are their eoloiir? am] Hiver^il^eti imlturne the ri.>Hll of ihc 
ditet't acticu of the iJnMual i^jmlitiiiiw lo which thi^nt' in- 
B«?cU hnve hrvm nikw^^^t, without any hi^mfit licin^ thus 
derived? (Ir have fluieianive vanafion^ been nccuimilaTrd 
Dod dekniiiiitd n^ a iimtcciicii], or for ^oiiie utikiiowii pur- 
jK»e, or thui oni* nci tuny b« atlracUvi? to Ihw oihi-rr' Ami. 

ItVd Fill lliti IlKfiitdf' KuLlfirlliiht •*ti 

nllrt.- 1«-. p. IM. 

l**t..p. ii Ml. [tr^HMnilftf Fih At}- 

»ir at ib« btn oL the ffwit MiEigvy 

lirvKtui-iliin (»rilii:«i 

I til Ihi 
■ iiiinL FijT llie i^u 

IflAli, n, MJ. For Mr. nucltonnn 

NutunlliiU' Joly i^9. |t »i, 






flK^in, ivlial U llw rnriiTiing of th[» rrFlniin- >x»inK wi^Hy 
rJifTcn-'iil in iho malve and ffmnl*^* "f C'Tiam ft[»-t'i^t, mmI 
aliU- in tliH twn &«ti'& uf ullii-r ?i»cti» of lli^ siifK- {,'enu»? 
Iltrforc iktiiMiiptiii^ lo ftu^wcr thctftr cjiKtUoiu a boily of facti 
miJitr. bo jEiviriin 

Willi our Wauliful Eii^lish Imtk-rflk's. the arlmiral, fied- 
coek- nnd juitucvd ludy ( V^*"'"**-'^). »*' **^ll *^ m«riy oUifN, 
(he nrxr* arc nlikc Thit is alsc.* iLc <ii*e wilh rhc mwinifi- 
(fnl nMic"n»la', ?iiul rn<i^I o\ Ihir T)?iiiarda' in llii- lir.piOi. 
But iQ trrtnin riitKT lro^>ua! gr()ii|»*^ iiiul in *o«u.' oJ ojr 
Mii;£lipk SuUrrllif-^, a* IJir jmrplc 'rmi>cror, oranijt'tip. At, 

oitlitT j-rt'tttlv or *h^'liTl_v 111 colour .No Iftii^'un;:*' iu^lin-^ 
to clfMribc the ^pkudoiir '>f llii; malv« of soun.' tit^iim! 
Bptjcip*, Kven viiliin \hv iame f;t<Dj« wv oflen Ami 8|iecipi* 
pnsi^Dtiii;; otraordlnnrv (iiffcpcnixii liirtivtiTD Ihi? HtTti-fl, 
i&hilM oUkt^ Iiilt<^ tlH'ir M']i<^« otovf-li,' flikr. Thii^ in lUf? 
,Soii:li ,\n>Phcan ^^nm l-^picAlia. MT.Batvi, lo whnm I nra 
indcdliil for inoul of the followini; fntls. anri for lonkins 
oviT ihin whiil^ tliM'iiwioti, informs mr ifwl fh* kmiw* IwHw 
»I»K-ii>*, the Iwij (oiM f>f whidi httnul The ^int» etaliona 
(und Ihifl ia not nlwuys thr raw with buttrrHi^'*). mid vlucii. 
rki-ri'^itv, <'Hi](i(>r hjivr hi-ru dilTm^nfly niTprifd liy <*vfi*niot 
condition*,* Jd nino t»f Ihcbt t'lVi'Wf tjiw.'Ktt the nialir^ rank 
ummiKH Uic nins^t hriltinitt of nil tjtillrrllit^ and difTrr no 
amifiv from (he comiinrjilivfjy pl«in fcDialeA (hal (h^y xmr* 
fonifiorly placed in tlUtmct K^iwmL Tlie fL>iuul«i of thc«« 
ninf f'liw^WH rPM'inlilf mrU olhrr in l.hfir «i'ni*nil U\tt' of 
roloratidu; and tWv lik^wifp r€**>ml>lfl b«11i spx™ rf ih*' 
a[>f!C-kfi ill Ht-Vi'fa] allif^d j^xm-ra. U'VitA in vitrir>ii> E>ar1« of 
tuj* tt'iirld. Hi'fiiT wr miiy infrr fhnt \hi^p nrnr uprcii-ai, 
and iiTohnMy ^i!! Uip oihort nf (ho jjcniis, nn* diTjoondiil from 
an 4inc<.^lnil f'MMi wfiicb was c/loun.'-l in Boarly xhe «ariir^ 
mariiior. Tn iIk* trniS ripi't'itv Che fi-malE- i^tili n-Tains ihv 
Mmf" ^onrral ooburinj;, t>iil the mnli* rwcmblo^ hi^r, to that 
he i» colouied lu a iiiudi IrM gaudy and c>ontin»tc] niMiim^r 
than the males i^f Ibe prri'ioiiii d].M*oiM. In tli«' i-levi'nt}] and 
twelfth »poi^ier^ Ibe rnmak^j d^^puH from ihv nniiti} 1y|>t. for 
ch[^ Jiir f.irlt dfconktf^l alnrifll Wkr tfiP iimW» Uul in a 
Homt^what lew depree. Ilj-ne^ in lliwe two Latter ejiecipfi 
tin' hriffht r«lniirf i»t ilir mAhe nncm I" hnvr hn^n irmi»- 
ffrrtn] !■> Iln* fimmli**; kvhiNt in tlir li^nth i^pii'irfi llh' utAlf 

*K«B aUn Hf lliik4V VApcr Ui •bkjMl. ^ nownl m Dladuu*. tn 
p. SOU, Al«« Kf. W«rLMO » Iht M<a> luQl p ITK 




CnjkT. XL 



Uv» ciUier rvtaiiirtl or i rcovon^d Ihe |*Uin cnli>uni of the 
f«tnal9, ft£ wHl AM fit thf pMivnt-forni of tbiT p>tLtii;- The 
«ex9 in IhcAo- Ihrcp casc:^ hsw 1hits been rtudererl ncarljr 
uliki-, TJimTgh ill aii <i|){H»i4r uiKujier. In the hIIliiI gfiiiu 
KubiL^f, I'olh <oxM of mine ot tlir v^oioc nr^t \t\niit-coiriimd 
And nearly alibo; ^^liibt with tht' ^rc-jiler niimli^r t\n: tnuia 

ATV <\i^uijrAii^l\ v'jth tv.ttLiliful JiiotuhiL' tiiilft III a divrr>ifl«l 

inftnntr^ nod difr*^ mmh from llieir fcmftlr*. The (iiTinlc** 
tliroag[ir>uc tlif ^f'DUf iitaia llic- mnxir ^tinvvAl biylv uf olotir- 
in^p &() Ihul ihi'y rv^eitiMt tiiie iiir'ithi-r mut^h wirp rlijw^ljr 
tbnn Ihcy rcn&mbk Ihcir own molof. 

In the gcDus l^tpilio, all Uie bjx'iks ^f tli« iEu^s gtuM^ 
are lemarksble for th<rir c<inBpicu4>ud atul AtTon|xt> <xin^ 
tnftod coloun, fiod thcj illiuatratc The frorjueat tcn(l(?ii<y 
to gradjitioii in Ihi* smoimt of ililTeivnce tietwtrtrn Mie st^xes. 
la A fev Hpeciet, for iD^Uneo en P. avrftnina, ihu jiia(<>e and 
fcmdldi are Alike; in others the mnlr^ arc either n little 
brighter, or vrn' imich niuii? Muj*rh llisfi th*? fernhW Ttio 
^enufi JuuoDia. ulhed tu our VciZitsdiL, ulT<.-r% a Di.'arljf purulbl 
rftir, for 4Uhi>»tjh the trwt of moAt of the »|weie> re^omblc 
esrh nther^ tiT^f\ sn^ riesiiliitn of rich enlnura, ypt in pprrnin 
apecitt!, Afi ifi J. o-MtJWB, thL' maid h nthur more bn^'ht- 
i^olnuiwl llutn llie fniuil^. niid in n few (for inhlnner J. nn- 
drrtminja) the tiinlp ifi ^o diff^ri?nt from tW f^mnfe thM he 
might bo ruiHflkcn f'>f in entirely dLitiiict [j|>ctii«. 

Ar>o1lirr Af.rikiiis t'ji«* nj.* pmrlrd nut lo me in the 
Britii^h Miibeiim by Mr, A. Unilof, iiAmety, on** f>f lh« trop- 
jcfll Americiin Tlmb-. in whith Iwth b««b are ntarly ililce 
And wmTd^rfnlU Kplrtjdid; in iinofhep npn-ir* Tlir» innlr ia 
eoloored rn a *?)niiinHy fforv^mi* irAtiner, whilst tli« wh<>I« 
upper surfnt'e at xhv fimulf- i^ of a dull uiiiforEu Lrui^a- 
Oiir (Simmon little Krigliuli bine hiitttrflif* of the j^iu 
Lyeicnfl. illn^tralc Iho rnnoui djlTefijncc* in enlftnr bo- 
twn-T) Ww MieA, aliuiMt u udl. though not m »*> sfTikini; 
A niAatter, lut tho obovc exoiie ^'otierfl. In L^ff^na afffntU 
both iirxw ^avc M-ines of a brown eofonr. tierderc*! *-ith ^truUI 
oMIab-d '.iiiiti^'>- I'tHjIff. and aiv thu8 alike. In T. -i^'^rc the 
wiiipi of tho mule uru of u fin*! (fhio. bi)rd(-^*d wiih blaek, 
whiNi Ihoie »:■{ the femnlc nre hn^wT*, with n nimiUr huriW, 
elohfly r(>^iiibtiiig the wirip^ of L. a^estifi, Ia\*iU, in L, 
arion both ii<x^-i orv of n. UUie c^toiiF And Are very like, 
though in the female the ed^ of the win^ nre rnlher 
diieki^r. with the blaek spntR plaitter: and in a bright bine 
Indian Hpoeie« both t*^vA are dlill mere alikeH 

1 hAfc given the forc^n^ dcTAih in order in Abow« m 





mofv from tli€ lu^iiul Ij|H.' of (^^loitriii;; uf Ihtf ;>;t^"P to 
ttliirh liii? n|n't'ic* U'li«if,'&. Hniii' Etc nioit ^rutijw iht f<^ 
malc« f*f llm Ri'voral spoci™ riv^mMp i^ach othitr nim-'H niore 
do»v)T tliun do thv iiiak-34. In ifoiiie t^Oj^-a. Iiowcvcr, l<j whicli 
I htiJiil hrrt^rtfU'r Hllatli-, lliv feiiiailFh anr iijlwuiwi tucif^ 
epkndidly thnn the maltw. In Iho fonniid plnci.-, thrvc de- 
UiU Imif Wn given to bring clearly t>rforf the mind that 
within th<' Hune gtrjiiu. rht< tuo tifiuK frei.|iieiitly p[V8»>iil 
evrry f;rndd.tion from no drlTorcriUfc in oolour^ to m ^rt«t 
a diilei-riiCL' Ihot it wa* long brforr ihr Two wpic plircd 
b> eiiTomolojjiKU in llie same gonftt. In the third jdiifp. v^ 
hijvc *ccn that iaIh^ii thiT avxai nc»iiy rL-si'mML* caoli uOi^, 
thih A|it>cai6 diit cilhf^i to tbe mnTt liAvinir lran*fi^iT**l hi* 
coloun to tho fcmak\ or to the mal** having iriainfid, or 
lierhnpEi recovered. Ihc primordial colour* of Iht- f^ruup. It 
mho dpHi^rvii^ niH ttv that in thtiM.' gnmp:^ its vhidi tlir tcxv^ 
dilT*-?, the fvniale8 ueiially j»oniewhat rt^flenkViIi* th* rnal«i, 
tifi tlint when thr matrv nrc b4.'nuliftd to an ritraordinar/ 
drK''''"> '^"' f<'TnHli^)i u?iiui*t mvarijddj r-ihihU *o"ir di^f<n« 
of hkjjiuty. !''rviii» th** many i^asi?e of ;!ra'lti1ir>n in lh*> an>ount 
of dilforriiue tHlwti'u lh<' w-ncs, flnd frr>m tht prevaknco 
i>S ihr Muni' ^incriil ly|«' uf i-ri|orHiii>n thrniij^hoiii Ih<> wholn 
of the wimi? |!rouyt, we may ixinrhidi? thai the coum^ Juve 
gmi^iidly tK.-en tht* »m? which }ia>t i3i-trnmnL-J Llic hrilhAnt 
coloiirin)^ of llie itiilw iil^miv of niitw i;pvri«f«, and of both 
fj«Ci4i of othcrr »pcrif4. 

Aa HO many gi^r^wuh biiUt-rftim inliahit tlif* Ln>|iiiT«, ti 
hn« often bwn Bup|»*rtod ihni Ihcy ov^f thrir (m^Ioiiiv to thit 
iH'cnt hmt and nioi^tiiro nf tli<^c eoiH^^: but Mi\ Hai^* liAS 
hhrrun hv (be ri'itipairi'-iin nf iaHliiih L-to-ii-ly-Hllird |;roO|iH or 
inai^ctB fniiTL Ihe t^nij^raic and tro|Jn«I r^isioxif, Ihat thta 
vif^w mnn<>t hr mninUinrd; and llii^ ^vidtnsr W'min^ caiTI' 
Hiii^ivp uh^i) 1iFiltiaml)'-n>}»iir»il innh-* ^ii^i |ibi[i'rolrmreil 
f?mal«fl of lb* tmtiK Hptciw mlMbit thr Monio ditstrict. f<4."<i 
on the tutnn^ ft>od, nnd follow riAtlly Ihc tame hahiU f>f 
lifp. Kyi-n wb*n Ihu seiw rwcmbl* oadi olhi-r, we ran 
hardly bchL^vi* Ibat llmr l>ri[IUnl and bi-auUfijHy urrant^od 
colours arr tbr purfx iiM*1rA mull r>f Ihr nJili:rv rjf Ihr ttMtur-t 
and nf Ihn anion of th*- «iim>undinx conditions, 

With auinials of dll kindd* wb*?nirrcr colnur hiu hwn 
niodifii-'d for lumr H|K-ria] pnt|Kii«, tlita Kiift Uwn, iw far n^ 


**TW KilunllnvoUk* AfiH*>».*TiilHl. 1HB,^)BL 

Coin XL 



wo CPU jviif^, ftith^r for (luv(.-t or luUiroct protoctioTi, or &< 
an altmrt)o<i br-lwccti Lhc ki^h With many spedci of 
liiiMfrt1ii«8 ihe vijjpr Hurratv* of the viiigrt uri* i>fjM.-tir»: 
QPil Uiiit ill ull pivUiUEity EouUi lo Uiuir i^acairiuj^ obicrvalicn 
ihiid lUapcT, Hut huUrrflir* wouM \n: jirtfliculftrlv lialik !*■ 
be alucV^l ly iKeir ori^uii*'-* wJi^n &{ renl: oi^d jufwl kliid* 
rtluM ivslii:^' ruipv thfir *inK?" verlwulW iult thuir Wkw. 
«o ihal th«' lo«(T jinrffttr olunc js tf-tjBjj-n! to view. IKin-r 
fl iw ihn fli^l*' wl)if^i h <iftPTi r*ilrM)ivil m* a(< to iii>iint*» llii- 
objects on whith thi"»t inwtU cummouly rest, Ur Utwslt-r. 
E brlii'Tc, fint nutiml tW *JiLiilirity of th<' iIoiumI Vfinjfn of 
CiirEsin Van?«v ami olhpr bnuc^rflipn to tli^ hork of \rtf». 
Mdu> auutok-oui- uiiU Alrikin;^ fiLcU could U? i^lvlii. TIu* 
inf}*i iofri-vliriK o'h* in thnt r^i^ordi^t l>j Mr, Wnllrnv ' of 
H fommork Inditiii rhi) Siiniulran riitiirftv iK^llinia), wTiirh 
ilisttppeam likt mupL' ukhi'ti it Hi^Elk-n ori a biieh; f</r it bide* 
iln b(*aO ami aritcntLir Ih*I\v«tti its rliiM'il ivxn^, wfiirh* in 
form, colour anil \«inin|:, oannot bp difili»^iiflbc<i fr<^nj a 
wiibtmi ]vut W:lh iU fuul^tttlli. lu eoiric cllitr ta^tB Ibv 
lovvrr fiiirfiu'fs of [lif» vinpi wn* hnlliiiiitl^ rntonnni, /iiul 
yot are pTclwrtivc; thus in Thecla ruht Iho wmps whoii cUi^i^d 
art? of au irmrrald Kf^oti, a.iid n-sf-mbk- thr yuimi; \<nrf3 of 
lh(* hrnnihlr-, on iflliich in spHng thiii b»tt.^rfly mny ofirn 
bo ftocn (Willed. It ia aUo ictnarUMv Ibuf in vi?ry many ipo- 
dt"* in wbifli Ibi- *i'\)^.» iljrTrr ^rrAlty m t^liinr oit tbi'ii u|i])L'r 
siirfjir*. ih« lott'tT *urfaoi> i* tki-k-ly sinnlar or idi^nlica) in 
both dt'Xrt, And *crro ns n prtjtot-tion/ 

Altlimigb thp oliPi^iirp IM^ ln"jlh f»f Ihp npppr iiinl ntub-r 
sidm »! many buKi-Ttliod no d^jubt t!vrv4.- to t*oiiLS.-iil ll>oin. 
yet vt cannot ntrm! this rtfw to tW brilUnnt nnd con* 
Kpirnunp rnlnnn on Ibo upper enrf^cp nf fliicli sppH*»fi sA 
our admiral aiu) pi^ao^tok VEiTionr.Et, our wliitu ojibbaj^cbut- 
tcrfliw (PiiTin), i>r \\u* j;rrnt i^unllo^r-tnil PniiJIio ^liirli 
linvnlA thp open r*'nB— for tfiefte biitffrflips ari? (hiia ri'n- 
dprcd ritnbk^ to I'V^rry living crcntuiv. in lln-*u spLneM bufh 
sues" «rp ulikr; kiii in thr (^nrNrnon tirinistoni' biiHirfly 
(GGtiifftfri/T rhamni}. thi^ inali? is "f sn inietise yellow, whiUf 
th^ fomalt IJ^ mu^rti paler: uud in tbc iiraij^'e-tip (Antkti- 
cA^inV «jr/?nr/Mnr»> ibr mill™ nbmi- Imvi- tbi-ir wiiip ti[jp»^d 
with Iriglit orAni»^, P<flh the males and female* in the** 
ct>n tr« coQs^kuifUB, and it i» not credible that their dif- 


•WMmifiM'r R»v»ir,' Jiik, iiiic. jl. 

•Sir *V /n»r. la'^lLt■L^v«^ Ai^U 


THE UtiijLKM'' OP 3i±S. 

P41T U 

f^rrDiM> in colour sliouM Mjuid in any ivUtion to ordinary 
firi<ki:1li^n^ t^uf. WcJ^iimnii nmark^^*' t^iat the female of 
viiv tjf l)\f ljyi'je»»i ti|iHUifH hi-i' IjnTv-n Wiu^ wWii iJi« i^t* 
tlf» ofi tJii^ >-r<)uiiiJ« and is tlu^n dlmwt invmibb; Ihc tnole, 
un lli*^ oUkt han<i, ct* if nwiire of th** liao^^'i mcuireil Uotii 
i\\e- Lrijjhl l]Ti»i? f»f ihp ij|ipiir i^irfaoe uf lii* u'in|>v. wr^U with 
tliL'H^ cli>rifil; cind this bIkjwe tliai tltc blui' rok-nr cannot be 
ill fttiy wnv prolortirr- Ni-vrrlhrli'**. it ih pro1>dlik' Ihul 
riiiiBi>ioiirtiiii colmirs jirc irdiredly bonfrlk-iBl to miii>y Bp*- 
tii/H. m a ^amiii^ Ibat they trf unpalatable, for in c<-rt>im 
(ithiT criMw. tiniijly 1ia« iHvn jL'Rint'i) tbmn^li l]ie IrTiilation 
rif iitlijir dttautifu] vpeekn^, uhioli iDliaLit Uic eam<> Oidtrjct 
mid ^^[jjrjy an iiamunity ftom nttiirk by IwinR in sonn' *<iy 
4)trra*it(* Ie> Ihi'ir i'tiriTn<'e; hot tlipn we hiivt* rr> ncomint /nr 
thv iHiLuty of ;1i4< imital^d epoci^, 

Afr Mr> WuMi ba.i nmarktril to mc, llic Icnmli-i of cmr 
oTuugi--ii|j liuUrrily, iihan- rrfoTmil to, ni\i\ lit im Anwriran 
|]|i«ci(« {Anth. i/r.utiliti) probably ehi>w n& tJio nriiLOrdial 
Uiluurn of tilt" j»aivnl'ajii.'ciea of tbt- k*^pu^; for buth ivxvs 
of four or Hvo widiOj-distrlbuliHl i:|wri4<« tirv coloural in 
RGirlv 111* win^c niftiincr, At in ecvcrfll prcvjmi* cnsc% wc 
iimy nrn^ infi-r ibjl it la lb*- nmbsi of .InM. f*rr7anii"nM anO 
^nuiio wliicti hu^c d4>pftrlvJ from the u^mil ty|>u ur Ibc 
g«DU#, In tbe ^riJh, jvf^ra from Caljfi>raiu> llic (iion^c-ti|>« 
lo tbr niri^'H bnvi' ^jm'II |iart'uil]y i1ev4-bi|ttHl ivi ib^.- r<>[iial«; 
but tbcy arc )ia1(T rluu) in ttuo niiiU't tLml «]i;{blly ililfcrciiit in 
come- otbcT n?ap<«t« In an JLllied Ini^i^kn form, ibo (phioA 
i^hbcif/pe^ i]i& 0Tangi>-Iifi> are fully devilojrfHi iri bmb wx^9. 
Jn IhiP Iphmj!, BK T*<>intcd out tc nm by Jkir- A, Kntii-r, llic 
uodt-r ^iirfoLV of thv win^a ■[lanvl loudly jvAoiiibkii ■ |>a)c- 
trolnirLHl 1i>af; niul in oiir Kngtlflh oningp-lip. the nnd^ 
rtirfntt rr^i'mMo* tbf" flcmtr-bwid nt Uh- wild [lurnley, on 
v^Wu'h t)ie butlnrrty uflt-n rcsU at ni^Ul.^' Tbr iMinir ivojicin 
vliit'l) coTni>vU u* tn >ii*li<:'ve Ihoi tUo lower MiffaeM have 
l)err Imtu iiiliiiiir<1 f"r the *nki' tti prol«'lir*n, UaJn iih lo 
deny tba( ih^win^pj hnv^ fnH^ii ti[>|iL'rl uilb brrk/bl umnx*' f"r 
Ibv mnK- iiuriHier, <*«;>Lvially \vbL*n tbi« ehaniHi^r it: l i^iifiii^d 
ii} the mnW. 

Mo« Motha les* mol^onTew dnrir^ iIip wboir or giviitur 
pari of the doy wilh l!itir wicp* dvpre^^di and th<i whole 
iipiirr farffliYi^bRdi'd nnO (i>bmrt(l in an adimn&ble luanncr, 
s« Mr Wallace hat tvniari«Hl, for c«cnping ii4»(i*ttif)n, Tlie 


T W. Vr«o<-Tbt »tihltAVS*FL 

K. n. 1 




rronl-nii]|:ai>f Ihe Buihlycidni! arid Nottuid:r," when nt r^t, 
^rniTillv i»^i*rljijr ninl t'lim-i-u] ihv liirtil-u rri^^; Kit tluif. i\w 
\tUvr iiij^lil Ik< bfi^'htlv c-^l'^un^d uiihii^iil ieivcIi r)«k; and 
ihrv ntr in fa*;t ottvu thus a»Ii»ured. DuriiiK ilijjIiK motha 

U'4K, a* iliL* hiiiJ-wtn^ are thi-n fnllj <^5(["»m'd i»> ^ww. tlieir 
bright colours muM ;;eDerali,v havu Wti at^juir^J at ^oine 
Littlr- mk, [iiit Ihr foEI'>wiii^ ffti-l tthru^ )jow cniilumt w« 
(/ttght to l>« in drawing condueion? od tlite Uoftil, Thu 
c'DinimiQ Velltiw ['lulcr-witii^ (IViiiliitim) oiivii t\y- aliout 
duping Ihv day or i^rly irvoning, iiiid itiv ihcii toviiiit-uuun 
ftxitri the col'jur r>f tficlr IiirKi-^'iniC^^ it would naturally 
he iii<iv^]\i lliJil lEiis wouli} til.' a hiuivl* uf dau^vri itui Mr^ 
J, JcnniT Weir Wi^v*** that il n*;tiullv turrtH Ihvuj uii ti 
mr-jin* of cscniw for Kir^i^ slriki^ .il ;li"^f b/ijchtly fotourrd 
jiiid fr^i^ile Kii[fAirK. ir^iti-^iij uf ul thv lji)4l,v. fur iD^tHiii-e, 
air Weir turned uiU> hin *i»aij « vip.iroiii auc^oimt'ii of 
Trii'}nrna prtHtubo, wbtch wai^ in^UntlT puryucd Viy n roUp; 
I hilt t)i«< Itiril't altentioTi I rising i?4iiglil 1iy fh** rcjIotiriMl niiLg>i^ 
the uiolh w>« ni>l ot;>turL*J udIjI aflor ivhoul fifty ftttvint>u, 
jind Jtrnnil p^irtionx of thr wiri:^ nrrr rrpdlcdly liroKcii 
filf. Ilf Iriwi th* innip (>X]H*riniprt. iti ihf ojwn «ir, wil.h 
a ^vallov and ^T, fimt'nit; hul ttir lar^i' ^^^ t>f ttiis moth 
prubalily inlirrfi-rcd uHli It^ rftiiturt'.'* WV nre ihii^t rt- 
niiriirltxi **f u ^intrn^t^ni ninip hy Mr, Wnllarr.*' naxncly, that 
in Iho LtntJiilLati fun-j^td and iMulavari inlands, many ^oiaiuf>ii 
■lud hi^'hJj-dtvoniti'd ImllrrMiix unr vnik llypw, lliiiu^h 
funtirilii'd uillt u hnnvl oi;rmij>^ of viiig; and lh«y *' atv 
oft-.'-Ti ^^plqrcd vrith ^l^kaJ anil tirok<*n witi^tn, a^ if they 
had htrt*it wiieil by Lirib, fmiti wlii^^h thrj ImJ *y«'jfMHl^ if 
tfic^ nin;;* Imd b^^rn raikh cTnnDirr in proportion io the I^chIy, 
it M^m» [irriijotdc ihal thf inject v'i>uld inuit frequ^^itlir 
havi< ]ie>.*ri Mrtiib or jiiercrd in ^ vital fHUt. and thu> tlie 
mcnniv'd fXpantfu of tito uin^ may hev« bt^cn ludiTccUy 

Difjfla^^ — Tlie liri^ht t-uWnt nf mnny liultctfiiiv and 
of Autric tncitliH are »piy'iiil1y arrftng^d for display, lo thai 
ltic>" luay Iw n-adit^ awn^ Durinf: the iiti^ht colour* arc 
ncil Tipihlp, and ilu're inn hi* no lUnht IhnI Iho iirtHuniul 
jrtotit*, tAk«ii u* A body, arc raoch lot* ^aily d<t«ralod than 


"i¥co aJs^ uii lljta ftuhjirt. Mr. p. la. 

9lMiiurt«rlUTitv,'JuLr 18«T. 

TElt: liE:r;i:U)?T UP HAN. 

P^n U 

VuUrrflice. all uf wliiih arc Jiunia) in Ibcir laUu, But 
the moths or ivrtniii fariilus, mmh t\a lhi< Zyj^'nt'lr, H.-tenil 
S|ihirjjjiikT, I riiniub\ fU>mn Arciiiilir iind SAhimiiibiT. llj 
nbuut duriitL' ilttr iIa)' tir (-arl)- L-vi'Din^, aiid imity of these 
t'xirt^iiu'ly hobtiiiful. Ltiu^ far l>nKlLlor culoun-J than 
lejilrictly iK-cUtmal kJndf, A f'^n rxccptional riuv^t, how- 
Mtr< uf iin^lil-Lulourvd uiJctLirual sjieew* liave boon rt- 


Thrrc !!» rviJfTH'P <»f ftiicillirr kind in n^rd to ilisphiy, 
Ilultk:'i'lti»'4. a>i liffv>[v ivinarktHJ, t»l«?v4lv their wiii^'h whi-n 
ut n-iil, biTl v-hiUt Imukinic in Uie tfUimbmL* oftvo aUvrnuli^ly 
roUc ami (ifprrM tbi-ni» Uiun expoMn^ both HurfiirM ti> full 
vl«^^ aiul although the l{i\vi>r tiirrsr^ U aridi riiLoiirc*r1 iii 
en utifoiicv inuiiiior an u prutoL-iion, \vi m juanv !:fpi<oii>ti it 
M pH liij^lily iji-cfinttol 115 Ihr Uj>iKT ;«^irfni~-i-. tncl soniHimr^ 
In a wty flirTfrcnl manner In ^riiiu' Irviiiki^l fj4>t^iF^ ihp 
luwpr BiirfA^^e n o^tii iiiuri- biLlbtkiillv coUiurcd Ihun ttii^ 
ii|i}>i-r.^^ la tilt- lutx)i^^ fritilbinr-t iAryjpTinis) llir loivtT 
KiirfHrr' uUtiki- U nrnaimi'ntrfl vitb »Tii>iin^ nWror. N«rf>r- 
thelo84> fi^ a t'^ttoral rule. th« upp«r »nrfact.\ nhicb la prtib- 
uhh iiLi^rt- fuUy exjinM^d. !:» ui>]»tin*il nion< lihj/bUy am] <li- 
v«r»<^1y than th^ lowor- I!«nci> thp lower purfaot* if^n^mlly 
alTonid to en1onu>lLi)-iHl» ibo more Ufterul diaracler for dfc- 
tK-Iirig Uiv »11Iiiiti(v t^f thr v-4nnu]t uprc-iin, Knh Mfillrr 
informs mc Ibtt fhr»'e apm»?*i of Cantnm art- fotind noar 
lii.i Ittiu^r m S. Ilrs/il- uf two of tlitixi tlir binil-ui(i>,-)< arr 
nhjifun*, Hiid nw alu^nyR f^nviTcil by th*- fmnt-vin^ whifn 
t)]<-^ tiutt<rtljc^ jri^ aI R'^t; but fb<' Ibird 0|>cri»>t )»i^ biLwk 
ljj|j(l'iiinf>. bi'iLulifiJIy s|miIIii3 uitb ml and wliilt-. nnd 
th<i:Ti jir? fully I'XjiamlM and diiplau*! olwnpvn- Ihr buttrr- 
fly rofcl* Olbfrr jucb t-asrt routd bo uddtiL 

Tf wr ncu' lam [ri tbr FiiLiria<Mj>i >rTi]ir|i ut niflbi^ wbith. 
M* I hnur from Mr. Staintrii:, dn not hal>it;iallY PX|Ktf(f tbr* 
iiiulcr surface of thr-ir «'m£^ tr> fult view, we fjnd this «id€ 
ix'ry ninrly t.'(>ti>tirv(l vilb ii bri}jb1hra!< irrt'iitrr than, itr evt-n 
tqiinl tu, thai of (In^ upppr *idr, Snmo txcppti&nfl to lb# 
nile, eiilivr n^al or appareol, nnist lj« n^tJord. a» 1l»c caa^ 
5f EJ J |ii>|>yn.^* Mr. TnToen infornia me that in tinen^'A 

V'\. [/ |> SW^* >4iv>A auTiirUvL *l till* 
rwir. OiiiliipnlaUvciifiiUft'ir.liimLi] 

pl^. MS uvl m:«l« llirTA'Tii4(lH 
■A iU Imvci* af N4« Kiiclu»U' 1M3. 
J, Tit 

»fiiir|i «Ultar«iKM tHlVHli iJll 

Wf p*f Bill Itmipf njrUBT* fpT th^ Mda 
of Bawrvl ifMcin i*f rniiil*" intjf w 
w+n Ji> ihi^ Iii4ij1ir\jl i^aThi tn Mr 
Wiillm^ ' Mr ir "ii Om rii'ilLH^nWlB 

liniH ]>iiLlt ^Mwiij,* v.^l, MV |ierC t 

it. XL 

uvTTmtyuh:s xsu iioras. 


irrctt tt^rk, Ihri-v uioIIje on* ^tm-d, in w|ii<'li th« tinclcr nur- 
fttce lA rutidt lilt im^tt lirillJALl. For iikptil^ev. ili ihe Axtn^ 
trnliiLii <;usifhJ|tJior£L \\u^ upper mirfltv of ittr ton^w'wg h 
pnk t£T^yi^]iiK-hrrou«, ^hilr lli<< lowi-r vtirfitru i:^ inut^DJti- 
c^ntljr orDAiueuU^l liy un u^tIIub vt culuJi-Uui'. t>]!ti:eil in 
the ituiUt '>r a LIflfb umrL. tiiirrunniit-^d liy oniii^'-j^'lluiVt 
»nd IhJJi by hJuUhwU^k-. lUii thr hiitilp of 1ht^Q|' thrcr 
molhfa aro ur^lirhntn: m> llwt Tto i*ic|ilHiia1ii>ii mu U- i^'ntii 
of Ihtfir UMiuauI aiy\e oi ciJountig. Mf^ TrmtvU also jQ' 
fomu mc ihat Iht lowi-r surfoo' of thr win^j in vcrlflin 
otli^r Ci»>f)iMetrft" " in*\ *\uni\n\\t\ Nfuhi* ftit' »"illu'r iiic»rr 
vari4')-alt'd ur inoro liri<:Filly'tc1oiin.'tl tbtui Uiv uj^pcr eur 
face; hut 5ornc of thr>c >jrvcit^ hnvr tlif hAl>^t of ^^ holding 
thmr witi^ .jtiito i>fi*i-l nvor ilicir (tHik>^, Tvininin^ them 
m this txwttiou for a ^nftidorubl<r timt*. ' and thun cipuMUg 
th? Uiiifi'T ytirfnt't- lu \\t^. (lUirt :i|ii-c-jivs. q^h<-n u^llkd on 
th? ^outiH nr hprbfl^p, ttriw nvtd lh<*n Hiuldi>nly and i^li^htly 
lift uj> ihc'ir viiifi. Ihime Ihi- Iouxt riurfa^v 4>f Iht- wm^ 
beiii^ liii^hti^r Ihnti Mir U|ijht' nurf^iLi^ in n-rt^iu iii-iilttt i» 
not ^i> Hnfiiikuloiu afl it .it lirnt ApprAn, T^ii' Sitlurrii'lsp 
ini'ltlile w*mt of t[|t^ mint brivulrful of ull m-jtliH. Ilitir WiTlfC^ 
lirinf^ di-i-nniliHl. iw in mir (Iriti*h Hmp^nir mirf!i. willi fin*- 
oofllli; ftnd Mt. T. W. W'ocni " ^bsenrpft ihnl ih*?>" ivflonibW 
W.lL-rllii^ ill MJiLif "f iJa-ir minvmunt*; "^for intUncL*. In iLc- 
gmllt- ubvin^ up inid dmvn nf tUv uin^* im if f«ir iliwplny. 
which ie more cimnictmetic cif diurnal th&n of tot^nrnnl 

ft it rt *inpHkr UwX lh»L rio nrilivh nioUis nhwh uro 
hrilliAuIly cidHtinvil, and, o* far a* I ran diPn^^T^r, Imrdly 
a:iy fnmj^n Hjircir?. iliffrr ttiuch iu ruTnur UL'tirrdini; 1o m*x; 
thr>i:^h IhU JF t}]0 c'ltiv iritli many brilliUDI buitorlliciL Th^ 
malf. lioivfrVir, 'jf une Amchi-nTi nriHi, Ihr *<o/wrnitf /u, 
it d^fn^Jul U.H hiiTiii;^ it^ fin'-uin^'x d^^e^i yelhiw, rjriotBtjr 
markM with purplJFh-ivd f\ii^U: whiUt ihi* vin;^ of lli^ 
ftmal* aw pur jilr- brown, markr^l with irrcy linc^i^* The 
BriHih mnlhit vhn^h i^ilTiT »«i[a!ly in oi>lour are all hrcum, 
or of rahoti^ dfiTI yHb'W lints, or niMrTy wjiiu-^ In ffiMvml 
speciv^ \hv Miuk> nrt- iiuitli dHiker [liari the frmalc^***^ iind 

Dfv *rrltii^ vid, t, |>1. hv iimt ««l, 
» ' FVw- Eut. Hm. of Ijh>Ami; .lirfif 

■>|]i.vrik 'TrHllMv* *e,n11i«l t* 

fMf f«iBtltf In the I^nw^fVfTV^ 
fhlrtiUfjf /KrfAfur^ itff^^^^ii >ii^ 

Jifffr>H« 111 <<-il<M]r 1riiLw'<t) th« tii^< 
WbUbiv lhfLirtii> mi- iIliI "tic Iiip.' 







theflO bdon^ tn ^ou]>b whirh j^mvmlLy Hy abtrnt <3uriitg tbn 
ufli?riioi>u. On ibtf uthvr ]iAud> in many ^<-ncrft, (ti^ Sir. 
Stairitmi inforiiiii iiif« the mn\fi^ hn^v tlii' hjui]-wiii^ H'liiler 
than thn^n ^f thn fctmAlo— of whicli fart .^f/ro/m ^jtiama' 
liimi& oifvTt^ a u^jod instance, lu tJio (llKif<t Moth (// r/^niuA 
ArirnjJt) the di]T(]>ri'noe i« more ilron^ly marked: t\w iTiflli?4 
tiring; whiU'. ami the fcmal™ yellow ^^ith durti^r iimrkiiiji*,'" 
It lb |/ruWItlo that In i\ni^ VAi^b th<- iujiIlt; aiv lliu« rrn- 
(h'lx'J riiurL« ooii-ipi(^uoue> and more «a£i1y *e«ii by the foctales 
whiUt llyint; nb^iiil in the 4liuk- 

Pnmi ihp ttt^vral forc^oinj^ fsH* it in ir[i|in*>Hilr- In ndrnit 
th^t th^ hriliiJint colours of bnElerllie^. and oi 6Ctm& iev 
mothfi. hiiVL* roinmonly Xmvn aci^uin.-'l for llit sale* of jvo- 
r<"rliiin. Wi' h»tv n>i>n thni tlicir L'c>1i>i]r> ntu] iTk'^nnt [inI* 
Urns ari< nrrani-ecl and cihtbitE^d 88 if for diKpLay- JI«nc« 
I nm W fo lhOii.-\'(- thnt ihr frmttli-p prt-fir or ari^ mtwt vx- 
('tl«l hy thi* mnrr hnlKiml mntM;; for mi any i>[hi»r iujijuiai- 
Uon Ihc moh'5 would, a* far a^ wc car ppc, Ik* "rnflin^-nrwl to 
no \nir\Kin.'. \Vt' kmm that iinU and l-itIaiii Lniiidljiiom 
[M*:-tN'K an* ri»|i»hU' nf fi-flinj; a» attui-lum-iil for viuh utIkt, 
aiui thai anu ivcupni&c tL«ir fcllon^ after iia inUrvnl of 
Bcv^-ral Hiuiith". Ilein-v tlxerv tn iiu whMtaL't tin proLabi Illy 
iu lla- LvpiiJuptcnK which probfibly tiand m-arly or (juite 
BH high in Ibc h^I^ a» llwtK ins<scU, liavin^' nillicirnt mental 
i.'a|iniiiy to adiair^ bright eoTnure. Thfy. rcrlainly diAcover 
t1ov'i>r« by colour. Thi' lluinmin^-hird Sphinx inny oftan 
\x. M^n to »woo[> down from a diMaiiff i>n a bunch of 
fliittp™ In the jMm t>i gn-vn fol'tn^'; and T Imiir Wmi a*- 
mrM by twf* |H>Tvimrt aluMud, Ihul Ihct*^ mothj: rrprairtlly 
viflii flowoin jmiriW on tho walU of a rwim, aTi*! rainly 
rTijUnviiiir t" ins*»Tt Thfir [irobovJA into Hi*>m. Frill M*ill**r 
irifoniift in* that -k-'Verul ktndn of butUrllitp* in S, Hrii:eil 
^h^H ail iiiimiatnkulilr jtn'fripm*!' for ciTt>iin inloiirtt orrf 
othi'rs: he oiji^^rv^d that tboy xery often viallod lb*> brilliant 

pfei««(iv* ibiadi:rj naOtiQil lo oatt 

am wlli JiatHJ^r U m^ra Fully 
iliittl. Tho whliic [^ft[o of tU4i 

vLitiliAiBwItiliD, vid Sir. hlimituituU- 
HTVeJ Itwl Ui» laUcf iDcitli HIV n> 

•<»itf }*"wg airkflji^ *-|iic4i Vfiv 
fend of *cmi|f iihi'r miiili* 1 w iIibi If 

% I) II I (] •*<«(» NUf ifovriomL. Aikl fl» 

■■ h U wciprkft^k. Uikit ill Uie ah<t- 
ilu«Lfttl ot tUSariaa BMtJy Trjiii tim 

'Tfiiipa/L Eni- Sov.' tu\. ii. )3il«, v 

lur^; April 1>T). p. t-^vi thkt bL ihit 
■n uf thb jmr vhfii tlu^ nliLMr- 

miHk tpfwan lii lUfmi* r^i.HLfrn 

vj^LMo la the niiiAld Id tliafvUlgbt 


Cau- JCi. 

BrTTEnruEs aku moths. 

rrj llo«k<rT [kf live or nix ^(inicm nf pUnti, bul never the 
whitp or ivllou' tiowcrriog (|>i»m'f^ of tht* fuini* nml <tih»T 
^fi4.'ra, (TTtj^iJi^ in 1h(^ vauie luutdon; Aud i hjivc r^'coivi'd 

otlU'i' iiiiiiMllfA in If»» MIMH' rffi'i'l. A» 1 hvUT fluin Mr. 
l>(tLiS>lixfiiy, Iht* i^uiiimon vfiitv ImltL^rHy often ^'wt dowfi 
tu 4 Ijit <jf )JZi[ivT otk ilie ;:r^i]Jifl. no liuutit iniqiukm^ it firr 

Ihp diltiiTiiliy jn n>llecting <vf1ttii) ljiitt*rfii(ip in Ihc Mahiy 
Anki|n-l^o. tftttttQ Ihut ""a dvttd i4fK-tim*rn pmned ujmju 
a LVHikpii-uoiu tvig will »ruu MrrtM nn iii^ih:! of i\iv vnmi- 
Tfivcir* in lU hi^A[nk>i>|£ ^i;:ht. nnti hrin^ tt down irjthin 
t%*y um.h uf till' ott. vB^fciulIj If i( hv at Uk- upjiutite »f;i/' 

TVic courtship iif liiiEltTtFiifi it, Jt^ liffon- rcTiiurkc^, it 
pt»loR|rrd AfTmr. Thi* tnnU^ somctimt>A ti^'hl l'>|]^^ttKT in 
rivalry: arjd niuny iiitij be h^ii pur^uin^ or cruAdijk^ rourii) 
Iho ULJut.' feiiiali.'. rTilt-u. ttu'ii. ihe triiiiiii-s pvL'tvr out* mulu 
to Mfiivtlirr, the* fUkiriii^ ntu^l l>c Ivft (n nirrr <linn(70| and 
tlii» ilir^ not ji{^iJFUi prubdMi-'. If. tfii tlif ullier liuuU. tlie 
femalfs hatitluully. or ^wa oi:cbti>jim\\y. pr^ivT tiic ttrniv 
bmuliful mnto^, Ihc col^ui'ii nl iUc Intlor will have hctrn 
pfnflc^ti iirijjiijrr hj ilf^'ri<H?s ai"] will liflit lir-i-n irwnS' 
mittKf |4^ b<]tl] H'M'M or ti> onv hcx. aL't^^rdin;; lo tiiv Uw of 
inlicritanL-i.- wl^iuJi Ka» prrToikd, Thr firoc-'M cif Mxual 
»olecttoii u«l1 IiA\i' >>i^ii iijurh fartliiaTnl. if llic 1.011 dun ion 
win Ik- IruHii-d. urnt-^^il xit frnm viirn-iiis kind* of i^vidvncv 
in the Hiipjilrmrrl to tlLr ninth LltA|iEt-r: namelv. thai tlif 
malM of aiaii5< l>.'f>ido]ilt?ni. nt k^Mi in the imagu tflatc^ 
jp^*jitiy eiCiH-d Ihi* foniiikfl in namhi^r, 

$i>iu« fadfi, liuwtrvrr, art* op|iu»ei) lij the belief that 
fonij^lo bLitlvrlliofc pr^f^r tlw more bi-aulifiil nialoa: thus, 
a* I Uflv* heoii jtunirisl hy wvrriil rr^ll^'Horr, fivsh fi'mnlos 
mtT frt^qutnlU bceivn piiiri'd wilh Ijutt^rei). fudtd. or dine^' 
lal^; bnl thid 14 ni eirouijittiinov uLioh q(mU\ hjirdly fail 
iftcn Ifl follow from thr mnh^ t^tnert^ng from tlicir incnons 
nrtii?r ihsn tbt femalt**. With iiiirlliH of \hf furnilv cif tlir 
Bonibyddflo. Ilio iox«6 |>ftiT iiuuiedtat«h' aftor asavimin<- Xhe 
imnfio slate: for iWy (»nnot fr<<l, fnvin^ to tht rndimcntnry 
cotidition f<f tbt^ir nmnlhh. Tin.- fi^mnb^H, ^is x^^rnil rrti.- 
I&uloj*]£t4 baro rc'Ujarkod to itio. lii^ iii an ^lirvM Icir^iid 
fttfifc, and appT-ar rot to prinec thr l^^t rhc>ii]i' in rt"i^ard 
tn thpir jwirtnfTfi. Thi* (* thf €-sff wjth Iho rormnon nilk- 
mAlli (/f. fMUTit, nfi I hav^ tif>oii tuld by ftonie continental 
Uid Eiiitlinb J>rvi;ilvr*^ I>r^ Wallace, irlio ban had ktva^ <^3(' 

- hhmbia «tf ■ KMunlitt b Uw CbicwH dvw,' IMtt, p. le& 




TQK li&«K\T OF WAN". 


pffrliftii'v in lirmlmic Homhyx rjftilhia, at i^tnTint^^} thftt Uu 
ti-ttialrf^ ovitjt* no i'h'>io<t or pivf4'rvTicL\ lU' ha^ k**)>l abov< 
^00 uf llii^M- uiulljt tu^'cllirf, unU haa ufttrii fuutkiJ the uumI 
vipunmn fiMuali-* iimieU with wlunft^i rimk*. Tlw rtro] 
(l[ifif-iirrt t'j occur iv^ldoni; for, lui In- Jx'licvfs. the niort vigiir- 
uua [iiult>< )/Uf» Li^irr \\iv v>vitk\y ftiiihlea, nuil art ullnu1(<[l 
by clhiyi' t'liJowoJ *ith inu%t ^ilalilj'. Nt-vt^rlhrlon^ Ui«^ 
l:(niMlij< ijitr, thoii^li clrii<iiri.'h colLiurcdr ari* ofUn bvault-V 
ful l'> our «^(« (v'tm t1i*'tr i^W^'siit and mulllHl ^haJed. 

I Imve u vtrl only reftrred l4j lliu Mjiot-icti in vhicli tli* 
niiilLT nn- bri/htcT colouivd than the f^niolce, and I \\»vc 
HflnliiitMl Ih^ir iK^inity lo llii- Miiule'^ firr iitaiiy |zeDvra- 
tii>iifi having cho^i^^n and iminnl with Ilit more attrftctivi* 
nmliit, IM convrrsc ra^c^ urrur, though rarely^ m which 
thf fi-muUt HI*' njorr hnlliwiil than ihe males; snd h^r», 
BA I l>ehov4<. Ihi' riidlot^ huvi' hIl'cI'aI Ihf mort^ U'aiililul 
friuale-}^ niid hjn« Ihii* jJoiik mMtil tn thnr Wauty. We 
dn not kiiLiu' why m raHouti clnsjicA of anima1»j Ihn mnU^fl 
ef some r«<M^ frjioeioB hflv<? eeli'^U'U Iht* mot« bi^auitful ft-maic^ 

iiv-te»j| ut hni'ili^r K^lj nt'crplin! nMV fi'Minlt*, Aa nriil^ In 

hti Ihv ^norul nik in tht? niiimAl kin^om; but if, ciintnary 
to whal ^ncraUy i>cciir& *ilh tht Ue|jidon(cni, the feixuitco 
were mui'li mi>rtr ouiiHinnis llijui Uk- miih'». Ihi- !nr(iT v»ultl 
hi-: hkely to pick out thi? more Ih^aiitiful rtriimlut, Mr.l 
Bvitkr fthowed riif ituvoral H|>ei:i(« at C^]Vidrytt& in Hit- Until 
Mnyttim, in «oiiio of vhirli tht^ fcriLuh-K tHjuallfd. and h 
n1ht>rp^ ^'Uttv lurpai^od thi- mn1<» in beauty; for th« tv^i 
futdeH uUiJH' fcHVt- ihe bartkrfe of their wines «iifTuK'd with , 
enTii«>n und urari}^, and r^jnttW Vk\ih Mai.l{. Th^ plsiner 
malc-fi of thosr 6|>ccieii clrirtHj r^tionhlc uich oiher* Bhcwiog,^ 
that hvie thv ft^tiah-^ liaK^- l^ccn modified; nJiciroA iri th< 
(tuM*i^ u'heri? t\x\j mali-* 4ri> ihi? nior^ ornat«. i1 la Ih^ae whli 
iiarr hi*fn modKinl, the rrmali-^ rcmrtinin;! tlfW^lT alike. ^ 
Tn rML^'Iniid we hav* tnmv nnnlo^onn cji^tk, thcmnh nol 
t#o marki-^h 'J'htf feinalo0 ftlonc cf two Bpec'ii?^ of Th^cU have 
A hripliljiuri'li' or crnnjic prtlch on jWir fur*-wiu(rn, lo 
T1i|i|L»rrliiA fm* -ij<v**< dn ml liir'i'r miu h ; hui il h Mtf fi-TrmUi 
frf //. ;uniV>f wliich hUf^ A c'>&f|>ieuou» li^hl-hrowt patch c» 
her win^; und thr fi'mnlrii of irime of tho **lht.T e^pi-Tii^a are; 
hrftfliter cnlourci] rhAn llhir mali^i^- A^hi. lh<< rc-EruiEvFi n1 
f'i>/^iu nJf;j<ti And A'/ci/ff havo ^' oran^' ur yellow »;xdU on thi 
hljicJi inarciniit bunlcr, re-piYwrnti^ii in the RialeH unlj bj 
thin Ginnk-;" nnd in f^eris It in ihf* ftmnloi whii^h are 
urnami-ntiHl with hlack tjpr>ti4 on th« fon^wings, finfl thcM 
nrr nnl^' ]iiuliuUy iimc^nt in Lhc- riuite^." Kuw tlie malfis 

riur, XL 



of iii«ii]r butktfli™ (ITT knottu Id jciin|irir1 Ihc Tcmflle^ ^\ir- 
ing llietr inMrnujifr Ilij^Ul: Unt ut llii' ^jH^cit^ Jtml naJTierl 
it itf tht' foniuk'^ vrliidi fl(i|i)H>ri iIk- iivjIlk; t^ thul Iho finrt 
whii-h Ihc W'l wxrs I'Ihv in ivrrrMtlj ml if (heir n-lativc 
fH<«irtir. Thmtijrhftiil tl;r nnimiil kin^ilnin ihe tr«l^ cjm* 
m<rniy tukc Ihv ia<jiv ai'livo eihuiv in woLriii;,'.#TiEl liimr bwiuty 
iMvm*i to hflYo hnrti inc/tijtO Ijv llic* ft-m^ilo hn^in^ ao 
Cflpl^iJ Ihp morp alTmrtivc inriivirtiinlfl; hni wi!h Thfio but- 
tcrfliej, Ihi^ lemnlw iJike tii^ moro a<1ivt' fiotl in Iht IidbI 
rnarriai^v rrrvnitftij, wi that mc inur diippnw (linl llirj' liltr- 
nisp do fio in lhf> wonirp: amil ill IIlik nut> wo cari iind^ir- 
BU&d hov' il ia lliat iZi^t Ua\\: bet'D nihlenHi thi? iBurt' bfa^' 
liful- Mr Mrlif(>lH, fmm ulinin llii' fon-jjintTK "iHtfmi-nU 
hnw luvn lokin. sajt in i^onrlutifiti: " Thm]j;:h I iim nr»t 
couvimet) r>f ILi: ucli^'ii i>r ?*eAii;il KkiHion in prixli^ein^, 
llip ooloum r>f inMTl*. ii rsnnut Irv €k[iii.-il t^ai t)nv fai^U 
ftpv flnkin^tj ctrrohomtiix' of Mr l>ftrwjn> vivwgj*" 

Aa aexnal tH^luctkin ]>nm«nly ikjietidd oti vjiriahhly, A 
fr» nnrtlH mio»t W AjMr^t ■>» this Knhj*<-I. In rwprfi to 
<*o1otir th^'Tv ie no OJffioiiUy, fcr anj" niimlxT of [iij^ihlv \^a^i- 
«b|e l^piidopttfra couM Ijl- riAmtrd. (Int m>m! in-ilunLHr: \^ill 
tnHic*'. Mr. Bntn t.lii'U4^1 mr ci nliol*- wri™ 'jf fiiM'Cimpiis r»f 
Papain tkt^^trU iirwl /', chiUira'tt; \n \U- btU>r Hh* uiuIl*m 
taripd tiiudi in iLi' irxt'-nt of (hf bcAuljfulljf rmiiuplM 
gri^rii [«rdi on tlir ftirL--winj|c«. iiml in Ihif msv of Ihp vfJiite 
DiATk, Jiml of xX\t nplrnditt rriiiifton Mrijic on Iho Jiind- 
ii~iTi|;t<; 60 thul ikxvv^ H*. a ^rtat ('jnirtol mtifinpl Ilii- m*lt* 
bor««ec (he ino«l mirj thi- Wvt «ainly, Thr Tn-ilt* of PapiUn 
m»etMritt i£ miirh Ifw UiiTjrifiil Ihon tif P. f/iifiiremr: vJtA it 
likruW irtri*'fi a liJrlr in (lit* "It^ '>f tin- /jmn ptilch on Ihi- 
foT<^vin^, aoJ in thv (iccr»*i<vH.iI ji^)fhi'hriini!o nf thr PfiiHll 
tnnL-«jn s1ri|M* on Hh- hinJ-MiTLL't, l>«rri>Ht.^, as il wuulJ 
w^ni, fTi>Tn iU own fi^nial"-; fur thr fi'mnW *»f thi« arul of 
rrAtiy olh^T -^tvoci**^ in Uj*» .Knt^u fironp i^oem^wi thi« crim- 
B<»n slript- Jlrme bcfwrcn the l>ri^ht<«l #peciE&f-D« of A 
[»*wfri> jitkI llif dTill<«l of P. MlSrtnft, itit-pe wu but B 
iaII intort'u); acil it niu ividnU Ihat ha fur oi* mrrr vari^ 
ibility ia cnu<«nin1, t]i«rrp vni^fi] hi- n.^ iJilHr^iItT xn \ufn\ii' 
i^nOy iii4*n>a]3rng th(* hf^ntv of ^itbcr i^|xK'iai iy nuttni «f 
^Jortion Thu vnniilnlily h h^^rr >ilinnM ronSnri] to thfi 

■-»«««.* Aprtl ITUi, Iflrr. p.Ml fl«A liaa Ur ft WiWr. In « Natqrtt- 
IT'tt <tr rrvTi**.' 1417. r«. 7T. 'Vi (l»# '1-tr»*fDeH «r >i««n1 BiMifc buM«F 



mole eL*3[; b«t Ur Wollncir inr) Mr. XMftt liavn nbcwn '* 
tlut Ih4' frninir*^ uf A»ini" rtjK'cii-* lire c^Utim-ly viiiiAhlr, tlii» 
male^ bekDg n^rljr t-trntflftnt- iti a funu'i* vQuM«r 1 aliall 
hAvc occndiiin Ut itEicir thjil the lirjtiilirtil cyv-liKc i|H>u, or 
fK<<-l)u fimml mi Ihr viti^ iif TiiAny I^^tpitlnplirji, ntv i^rrii- 
n^ntly viu'iabk. J luay lic-r^ add lliAt Ui*>n^ occltj i>lfer a 
<U£nc'iiUy fm th^ tJiPorv f>f wiunl nrlpfUon; for though 
appi*iirin^ in lu An nrmrU'iilfil, ilir-j aiv iiovf-r |in-w>nl in 
on<^ ^^x end aWcT in tht' uthtr, nor df* llit'j tni^r iliQ^ 
much in Ihe two »t'.\ra."'* 'Vhi* fnct m at piv*eul luei* 
filkAlili*; Ixjt if il thotild hcrrflfif-r W f^und t^iAt tho fonoa- 
Iron of on occTliu is tiui^ If> mmic i-lidn;^' in ili'^ lit<^l<« of 
llic wlufB* 't'T ifirtUm'i?, mrurriiiy nl n \4'rj i^ilv jre-iiiBj at 
Uv Virtu pincnt^ VI* mi^lit vxjicct. ftom vhnX Vf krow nf tbo 
la^^ of iubcritttiic?. tlidt i1 wouM bi^ IraoMiitttcd In both 

HUVf. tfirjtij;li anting ;iiiil ^ifrriH-Ird lu tJiip wi atmie. 

On the w}u»]<\ ulEhciUKli nmnv «<nniif! oljcL'tiont may 
W urgwl, it scent* probflKlc lliai m"ftl i>f Ihe Vrilliantly- 
i-olour^ ft|it4'itH of lA'|Hd4t[ilf-rn irtto tli'rii ixdciiMb tii tu*\ual 
■c*K-e(LOii, vxtT|flmi: xu ci^tnin raam, piH-tt'iilly to \k tru-n- 
tioDctl, in utiii-ii coiU'piouoiih coti^ui^ liave W-u ^'ftiu^Hl 
lhn>ii^ mimicf} a* a |nt>U*ttit>n, Fitim IIi*- urtjour of Utj* 
rnnl^ throughout (he nnininl kinf^loni, Ik h ^ncnilly will- 
ing iti ftrtv^A MTtjk' f'-malr; hiid r1 ib lliv frinult^ nluVli llaumTIj 
fixcru 4 choii'ff- ltc«ncr» if iwxtml M-l<c1irkn Hha hrtn ilficivnl 
wi(h lli« LopidoyiU'rn. iLe cifllf?„ m lit-n (lir erx'^s dilter. oti^rhl 
lu lie l)>r mitrt' linlTrarilly coEoiirifl. uiu) flii>i iiT!ili>iil>[r^lli, lii 
Hic rjiw. When Wh APKO-.i arc liriMujntly eolijurrd nnil n*- 
KTuhli^ oflch (rflnT. Ihe cIiarAd«n< ftci)niri.^l bj the wuht 
np|>o«r to have lie<^rt tTaDfimiu«d lo bolli. W« nr^* M 1o 
thiK (iinduajfui hy ch««, m:pii within thi' Himi^ ;il'[iuj, o! 
;j:r»iUlion fr*"»in hh r^traordinnry Jinioiinl of liiircrf^nExr lo 
iftmlfty in colour bolvi<c*n the Iwn «cTm. 

Jlui il may lip a^ked whether (h* diff^-n-nce* in i^loivr 
lirtw<*f*n i\w ^\n may ntti lu- m-rmjntrd for \iy ntlirr iimn* 
t'li^ithi' f«xiia1 (oWiiotL Thcc lite noaJet and f^mnlt^ nf 
(h*' WiDie tffWes nS hnittifiy arc in Mitral «*» kmwn" 
In inhflbit Hitftfiyiit Malinm, Ih^ former nominnnly IniKkin^ 

"ITalU'ii MntlifrnrUiuPiNl^nfihi' ■ Mr. B>ti> wm h> T ..■ 
llftUiHii K'tfjr'n* in 'TpviBvl- Men T'll* iijli^'it iMfr^n- rbt * 
^w." *n| txv. HiiA.r<|i-'*^}lL AfcWl- S-^K*, iinl T Im^ n- • 

Piv1ir-I fftuiii wfWiiHK. k rim h^ xti. VT, Btfn. 'Tlir NNbiiI^C m 

H»r W4l1s«t- •*** *!•• Hi Bit-*. In 'S* Ai<4Hp*.' *•* >« I**** p 'Jft'. A. 

' f>af. KUamleg. S«* .'(»v. ItU. K. Wftlbi-. in ' Tn.M»L Uba. &«&' 

IMA, ^ it tol. uv. >e*K h 10^ 



Ckir< XL 



in tbff «ciii£liiii^, the latter hauntiitf: i;l<H>mv foTtat». It i« 
tbcrtforr ^iiiviibJe tl»t difTt^mil roiKfitinr* iif lifi* mmy bsve 
fti-trd HiniTily cin llir Inn tpx<^; hiil thii; ia tioI probable" 
ta in ttio fidull ^aic thf v arc cipoMii to dilTcrt<i3T tx^niiitinnn 
tlurm;: * ti-rv filiml [n-n^nl; ■!!(! Ihi^ Urvn' of liolh nn* pi- 
^in^J (« iliv (amv cciDdilinmi, Mr \V«llftoo bekiovev thai 
tiio ^Ijffcrtncc b(lTF<cn Ihc 8t^3i(:« it not ao mtic^ 1o th« 
nuU% luririf bmi tiuKhlu-f?. ;ut lo Ilir fi'tiiAli^t bnviitg in 
«ll <ir nimott nU cttfint ucquirrcl 4I11U coloun for th«< «ake of 
protfiftioii. It «cc3n» to ait, t)n tbr Cunlrarv. far xtmrr 
jrfTittfble llint il >?( ihe rrialea vrbieh fm«i^ tifvn chic-fly mwlU 
Eini Uimu^h n^xual tvlvction^ iUr, ftrmiiTw hniin^ bi>cTi cnn- 
IHimUrolT liUk chan^ri.'d. Wv <«ti ihus unijimtaii<l how \i 
n that lli^ feriiiilev of Jtllicnl !t|ii-<ji-)t ^(^rlITll!]J rrM'iriTtU- onv 
Mnolh«-r to much mou' cloncly thnn do lh« rnakt. Th^^y 
tJiiv^linr u* Ap)pri>xijtiatcl> the t'lijnunlrdl iTilimriii^ of liii' 
|iHrpni-«[>ivi(« of rhi? pioxjj* tci uliidi they Ih^Ioii^v Thoj 
hiivtr. iiowirwr, nhrio^l Jtlwri^'n bt-m fiomcwhnl moHificii by 
iUr Irnrr^J'cr to tlieni uf btiuie uf Uiv euct^'tititi' ttiimtiuftf, 
ihrotifzh thf a<t:iinin]aiioii of irhi<'h tbo iiiiittv ^vv^t.■ rurttlcrc-d 
bcivutifur lint i do not v'lth to deny that tlic fr-mnkA nhnc 
irf wnnr jtpcci*^ nui> baie bi'^n HiH-oially rnTuKfifd f »r |»ri>(ec- 
tiMi. In tiiott cuMD Lhv iTiiilt-k anil rt^iualiH t^f diulim-i i|>is 
dtv iriil bnvo Ixrti vxp(t^il duritix tbrir i>rr>lnrt^rd Urval 
fiUle Ift ibfT'^rent i.'i>f>c1ilKinfi, ami may havi- l>e(*n tlms af- 
r««t«<t: lh'>i]j;'b ii'iFli iIk' Tii»b*v uuy dti^hl chjin^ri' of i.'>^lour 
thiiK (-iiiiTU't} nill ^^cnrralfy linvr ficcri inji^krd by tbr brilliant 
tints paifiPti Ihmngh kptitjiI wWlion. Whm VKt- trrnt of 
Birtl8, 1 dhall hnvc Itv JieMUFf^ Uti whole qticiliDD, ae 1t> bviw 
far Ibc iliffcrcnc*"* in (olonr Wtwrc-n thi? i^jse* an^ *iitv to 
Ibp msilra having been modified tbrmi^b u'lnal u^loriinti for 
'H'luni^tital |iur|if>M«, or to tHo frrnmlcd bavm^ bc^n modi> 
ftivJ tbroiiEb ntlurnl •i'l<'4'Hoti for tliu nakr of protection, 
u) ih>t I will h?ri* tuv bnt lilfk on thr KnhjM- 

In oil Ihv <.ntif9 ill wlii^'Ji thtr m<jrv t*.^ninon form nf <^nnl 
inln-ritani?i? by lirrfli »r;ir=« )"i.i |itrinikil, il^ bcKtUoo uf 
lihubt-prtlourpd iFinlofl would l^nd tr> nidki' tin- fi'nniTf>it 
bn;;ht-r^v|"urod: nml tbr si'lw."(]on of dwll-ooloHrrd fomnlos 
ttiiiiT<1 trmt In ninkr Hip iTlliInt dull. If IhiIIj |irrii'f»rtifi W^'te 
<iarri<yl nn striiiiltiinoovifilv, tboy would tt»nd lo ei>tiiili>rai.'l 
Mcb r)<b«^T: and Ib^ final rctmlt w<>uld dqurnd on wbrtlit-r 
a fln-aliT [lUtriU-r of fi-nitiU-s fnun ln-iii^' \^A\ f>ri>tfC'lfd b> 
ohflrtM* cnjniir*, <ir n ^n*t*-nt<>r numbt-r of uiaW by beinj; 

V On iJtW if|i'«lo "Lj1-J<rl h^ * Thf nndrr TV>in»dc«t]Wi/ 189a, vol. Ei 



Pait 1L 

In i^rilOT to acci>[iiil l<ir 1h-- fry^ucDt tranamieBioD of 
rIinnii--U*ni k ontf arx ttltJUi-, Mr. WhUaitc ex|in?a»vH hiw Lwlief 
Ihil the more tommon tnntx at «]unl Tnhi»ritaiic« by boUi 
£cxv6 oan In* chAn^fccI Ihrunch ntJtiirAl f^clL^ctioD into liv- 
limliiM^'c hy oUtf ses iil"j|ic, buL in favuur uf tliu ticit 1 
(^flii diHuivcr uo evtdi-iKv. IVc kiio* from vrlml (>cirur* 
UDckr iJomtttlicfttioii tfmt new characl^r* often Appear, which 
frnii thf ^rat nn^ [ruTi^milleil di one >e\ flhiiie; uhd hy (he 
Fekrtion of »ijeh varulinriK Ihei^ wouli) not be llio tli^'bt- 
eit tlif1&cuJI> in fivin^ briidit i-oloiir* to tlie umIca ftionc. 
and nl the Mimo tim^ nr Hiil]>ui(]Tieiii.]v, fliitl colniirs to the 
fcmikii9i aloiiLV In thi« njuunt-r th^* feJUAlot ot (>>riK- butter 
flic* aniJ inottte have, it if j>ml>iiljle, b«D wiilcroti incoD- 
gplcuoua for the take of proteelion^ and widaly dilT«ren1 
from tlicir nialcti. 

I iLiii, Ixmetrr, unwilling; withmit ilinlinrt rvi'limcr tn 
adDiit that mo eoLiijilen ]>roe*?rWi4 of i-cledinn. njteh reqiiir- 
in^ Uir Iratiftfirfmcc of ow ihnnKttm lo oiw* u-i al"iiii, 
hatT Ihtti rHrTi<"<l tm w ilh a iiinlthutU' of nfK-i-iei, — thwi Ihe 
nmk'B have beon Tendered more brilljniit Sy hestinp ihoir 
riYiJii, iind tlif! female* nmrc dull'Co!**ured by having uw^afHM} 
fmm lUiir cHi'mi™. The mnU\ for iTi4iinti% of the i^cimmon 
bniiistonc butterfly (G<»iiepti.>rv\), w of a far more intcnao 
ydlow thtm t)Lt fvinule, thou^^h ahv in equally l:lltl.^|litlLuu»; 
ani^ il rloi4 ncif leem prohcihle thRt j^hr f^priully ac^qiiircid 
her fiale tmU fi» a pri^tct-tii^n, thoug:h it ia probable thai 
(hir mttle atijtMtid hts bii^hl i*(doui'& a* « M<xual uttrai^tinn. 
The feiEiiilL* L>f JiiMorAdnji for/fdminix tiws not pc»4iM<a« tlui 
beautifitl oranjL'< win^-tipe of the nialv; iuii»«4iiviitly ali« 
i'loKt'ly rt-M<iiib)tip Hit' ^hitr^ butli-rllitv (f'ienv) lo eoaimmi in 
our jEnrclcrnn; bnt we haver no cvitk^ncr that thie n?t^mblaiwa 
is lieneQc-ial to her As, on tbo ether hand, nltt* n^eiDblea 
both t4.'\vn ot Etetrrral olh<<r K[WM7ieK i^f the j^nui inhaU- 
itin;: niriourt *(iiartor» of the urorld, Jt \fi pMbiilde Ihal 
«hc baff ]<iinp]y retained to a Ur^e CAtcnt her piJmoididl 

riTinlly, an we have Mvn, vanon* coiuidcrntii^nis lead 
to llti' nnrchiMiifk thai i«ilh thi' tETVAlfT nutiibrr of liritlinnllv' 
eolourv*! Li.'pKlo^it^fa il is the tiiiile which hai Ijl-l^ii L^hieny 
modilicd throujfh r^^mnl K^h-cLion; the nmnnnl of ilitTrrv^ncc 
belir«*Ti llif »'!«« miwtly ilepPoclinR on iht^ form [*f inherf- 
taneo whicb liaa prvtaiUvl. Inhertlarec is iroTprned by %G 
many nnknovn lavs or cotiditiona, that it at^rn* to u» tu 

UP. Xh 



ftcc in ft corrieiout^ mannrr; " 4imI vv <'as\ thn4, U> fi certain 
Client. umWrsUn*! ht»* it it* Ibol witli cI(JBel;r alliei sjjefk-ft 
thtf iH'x» rjlh4^r dilT^r (o mi usiloiiiihiii^ d^'^ree, or urc 
Hcnticiii in colour. A:i nil ihr- Kiii-rovivr #to|w in thr prnrnia, 
i>r vArinliuii art iif(r?tMiriI^v Iruiisuiinod lliiuii^'li iLo f(.'][iuli^' 
ttvr Of Im* iiiimlHT u( feiith sU |n iiiiffht n^Diiilv Wconio 
loped in \\<:V, itnii tjiirn wr inn uifLlvrvLmcl Ihi: trt'i|ficiit 
gmlatiniL^ fmni un vxlivnn? 'iilTenTrr in mirp at hII W-- 
twotn tli«r vex^ oi Alli&l i-^iea. Thi'tv itiset i>f j;;rada!kun, 
i1 miij hr uldcd, Are ntarh loo cnmmcrn to fftrour tlir nu|i- 
|KMtion thut nv h<»iv m-*- frmAlti^ luUiitHy ijnil4'r);cvpm;u Ihp 
pPDUM of Iraniition aoJ I'jain^^ thetr bni^htnen^ lur III^ 
Hkr of protriiliou; for wr Kmr cvtrv reasiiii ta wmcluiifl 
llinT At ATiy oTif lim(> thr grrnliT rumhi^r of hjirxii^ii nn- in u 
lined uondiiKin. 

Mimirry. — Tliin pHm-ipli* wiu fiml nnr?*' Hmr in 
ftdniiriil>K< pnfvr h\ Mr. IJaIi^,^ u'Ivj tlum llircu' a l]oi>d oi 
lijflU 'HI niiMiy r^lw^rr |>fii}iN'(n?v. It liad |in-v«mi-l_v Wph 
oWn^'ii tlijil ci^rUin huUurllicv in K. Amiiric-a brl'iry^inj; 
to i[tLiu ditflinci rAiLiilk-i^, r^^^-niMcd the Ilolicuittda' t*n 
riarrly iu vwty [■IfiiP* nml sliaidi' of ™liiur. Uml Uivv I'uiiM 
not ho di«tinffui>ihcil •uirc* by an cJcpiTrknci'd ii-ritotni^lu^ul. 
Aa thv llL-Tiiimidu.- are cokiurrd in Uieir Mf\ia\ viautirr. wliUnt 
lb(" iilJHT* '1r[iurl from th** iihihI rMoiinn;; *\t th*' jfT""!** 
to mhich lh**y Won;-, jI i^ tk^r Ihftt lln? UU<:t aiv llw ii«i- 

Mlrnn. ai>d Ihr lltflriiiiiibi' (lif iuBltnlfil, Mr RhIivi furlliirr 
iihM-rT4-(I lh»t flu* iniitntm^ xpjx'i™ art t:<tm\ttiniivt\y 
vrhil(t tli^ iniiUt^l aUriimL and that tiK- twxi 6t\» \\\v mil 
kIhI itjj^Uier, l-'nim Hit- turt of llii- HHii-iHiidie I>imi(5 lim*- 
irpicncuH ami hr^iiitjfnl jn^rpti;, >'H ^ numrrout in indi' 
viJuaU Atid aiiticiev> W ronchiiIc<l tbnt tbey mu^l \tc pro- 
(ivrlinl fn»m llii' aMiirk* f>r |4iii.-]iti(^ Lv Mimo r^rvn-IJon 
Dd<»ur': and Uijr conrlni ion bait non Vwa »mplv I'onlirnieiJ,' 
(■(■jn-eirtUt l»v Mr. DdK Ili.'ni.r' S\t. HjiIi> mf'Tfi-d IJiiU IV 
buUirflirt Hhr<li imilaio itit- pl'^^lG('^tH^ ■if'^i'^ haii> a<*»|nir»»d 
thi'ir present mtirvrlfoutlt dcccidnv apj^iwrnin-o through 
vaiittlinu and mttira] (-tlt-L-Lir^n. In ■.trdcrto lir iiii^Eik'/n for 
X\w f>rolL<i-t(K) kindfl. and !hi» to Noati^ henij: det'otintl. No 
t-ApJiinaticjn u Em^< iLttirtnptrd of Ihr hrillmnt <»loiirs of 
Ihc imllalFd. hut onljr of ilip imllflting hnllrrtlii**. Wr 
mtttf. account for tho oolonn of ih« former in th« same g^n- 

risnU imil't DiiiHli'Uirfi,' ml. iL 
('ll4f^ III. |^ IT. 

***Tpkiima. Linn, fi**' ml mUl 





Pimt n, 

chAptcr. Kinrp rhc^ yniMicTitJon •*( Mr, llali^^" fW[<cr, Aiiialai 
HiiiJ *H]«ally>lriiiii»^ i'ftcu Jiau' \m\'u iJifi-nt^l In' Mr. Wnl- 
bc« in ihe MaUyan rp^^ion. In' llr TriDien in Soiilh Africn, 
nnd hjr Mr, Rdry iii thr I'liitr-ii StiUr-.O' 

iDg how th« f\Ki ^U'fq IT) tlio prurew of mrmii-'ry cvtiM have 
\vetm ciTectcfl tUroii;;Fi tintiiml i^Mcftioi^ k mav be wHI tu 
rt^mnrk that lh<' f»rf«^^« pnljwhlv criinmeDCfd lon|; apt* be- 
tvtx.-n f<inrj^ not vid^^iv diMiimtar tii c^lcur In fhiv <n9c 

ono lijufirfi nifin- iiJn' Iho rjthpr; and nflerwanlfl Xhv JTikttiiloit 
apocrc* miphl Iw modified lo an i=(lrtme dentw i\tma^t 
w-xtta} n-W'lioti or cjt!ii-r tm'«r!*, Jiiicl if thr* chutt^'-v wrn* 
gractuAT, ihv imilnlorfi mighl i?8>Jth l>e M Along ifo MiTni< 
track, until tho-y dillerwl to an t-ftuully eJttromo S<j;r^^ frtun 
llieir Lingiiial (.'oiulitioii; luul Ihry woulrl thiiv iiltimnlHy 
iu(BUint> Mil u|>|ii'nrnnrt^ nr oolonrlnjr whrill^ nrliko Ihi^t of 
the rillicr incinbciB uf llio j;r»ju(j In nliicii tliey UIojijjotI, 
It tibouy aliki Ik' iv-[iirTri1ii<n'rl \\mix many d|iri:i(v of Tji|Milit]i- 
Utu iitv IIrIiIc to (onsiWi'mhlfl und iilirujtt vflrifttii>np iti (hjI- 
our. A few inMADL'i'A hti\r k^t-n f^ivi'ii in llii^ chaj^ttr; anij 
many more may be found lo Ibt' pa^wr* j>f Mr. Bato* aJ>d 
.Mr Wnllarc, 

H'jlh w^'pm] apociffi tlw sows arcr nlikf, drul miitale the 
Iwo M>x« uf anolher «[)i>ciiti. Bui Mr- TWtii<»d f^Lvt^ in \\\e 
paper alrt^rt'ly rcfrrrnil to, Ihrrc ciuwi* in wliich th^: fvii<4 of 
iht.' rniiTHir'] ftTEij <1iir»'r fitriii «>fli'li oflipr in rntntir, unil Ihi^ 
wxi*t<^f t.ZiU imrliitin-- form iltlf'^r in a like manner Sevo^l 

lAt<< hri1lianlly>oo1r>iirvil mihI prnii^j'tifl ■■[■■rji's, thn tiiEiIni 
n'tjiiEiiiif: 'Mho normal uiif-M'l a\ llii^ir iiiitiK'rliat-^ crjojf^n' 
(*rn/' It ill hrri* olm<mjt tlwt llio »«i'ifainc varinliuiiu by 
tvhi-rh the f«irAle hsf lioen ^morliflH h»vi^ txvn tmriKiniMnt 
lo hi-r alont. It it. however, prebaMi> Ihfti R>mo of tht* tniiny 
•iirr.'Mivr rarialiiru wnijlrl hivp Ih^'Ii Tiaiiimtttt'cl it; aim 
i!^-r>lo^xxl in, tho iit«l(« liH'i not Furh main btvii cliiTiiiLntml 
iy Win;: thus rrn^lLTfJ 1<?oh attraotivf lo Ihc f*'mn!oB; oci 
"^Ifciit <»nly nin«> rarintinns wvm pn-wprvnl whioh were fnnn 
tlie Hrvt strictly bmiUd in their trannntmon to IIk' funiale 

MIL. Triflun. ^tlTm TmuArt.' vol. iliKutH«Bil(hr<irv'-tkiHH wlVMiuv* 

CftAT, XL 



MX. We tiAvc a fiflrlial illustration of Iheee T«markB in a 
i^«tCFAirnL bj Mr I5H(;" Ihal (he irial^w of ionit^ of th« 
l>*I>lirtLiti%p vhtrli iinitJkta' prnrrrN^I K|irj'jp«» ulill Miii) in 
a ciWci*hK*d matiiH-r Kimc r^f their oritrinttl charact^T**. Tliufl 
in Ihr nwW " the ii|.ip*-r hall of Ititr U^ir wriifj i& of a i*ure 

whH^, wht]|t| nU ll»' tnut nf lln- will^!^* is linrn'rl WTiil niuiHi'd 

with bltLok, re^l an<1 vrllow, Itkfl th« ^ifK^^'lr^t ^l«<*5' loimir-, 
Thr fern;i1» have not L)m whir^ jiaUli. aixi iLc laalvi i.\»UA\\y 
cf^nc^Vixl it b_v cinvririfr il wilh liie ii^ijht wing, lo ihar ! 
cannot imaf-ino He btring of wf othrr tuo to tht^m thnn &» 
(in AilT&i]tii>n in fouH^liipp vhen thtjr exhibit it to tW f1^- 
niJilL'*^ oud thu* gratify Ihifir dei?j'-*i?iileri lu'cfureTK* for tin.' 
nonual colour of the Order to whidi tlic Lrptalicjt^ bi lon^/' 

Hright Colrmr^ <tf Cntfrpitkn. — Whiliil relltft'lini- *>n ihp 
bcoutT of many buttcrflto^, it oc<urTcii tc rar Ihftt w^mio rnii^r- 
pjllani ««»' n^ili^tiilirJIy iHtluurwl; ami d;* '^►.■\iihl M^U^i'liun 
cculd ni>f pomiM}' hJti- Ihtv mti^t^ il u|ijNain--d iubIi lu at- 
Iriliiitc tlir beauty of Ihc maKiro inwcl lo ihi* o^rDvy, unlcM 
The bright O'loiiTW of X\Mr larvjt eaiild be sucnehow ex- 
ji]aim<<L lu the firat pLaev, it uiuy )>c otwcrveii that Ihc 
cfilonrfi of cnt'^rpillar* do m>l iitand ir any dose corrctRtton 
With Ihoae of ihe ntature inM?ij<. ."k'coQdly, thoir liright 
colour? lio mit acvyv in nny orJinnry nmnntT jm a protcc- 
finii. Mr. Hiitrji iitfnnri* n\*\ n* mn iiwfjtmv fi lhi>. ihat 
Ihe xntt^X er»Ti8pic'uniir faliTpillar whieh hv E-ver bt-ln'W (iJiai 
'.»f a fN|>hinxl \i\fi\ (in Ihi' liir^*' trrcin Iravc* of n tr*'!' on 
Ihi' np*'" lliimu of South \iiLr'iirji; it van nhoiil fpinr inHK-A 
in l(*Uj:1h> 1nir^x<rM=<lv l.r:iniii.-tL with blaok ftn<l yt^ku', and 
with j\s hv6d^ b-w'r>- ant) IjaU nf n Hrifhl r«!^ Ilcfire il lAii^ht 
thr c-ye nf any niir uh" |ia»i4l hv, vxpn at Ihe HiKtaoce of 
monv rardfi, and no donbt Ihat of evo<ry paa^ni; hird^ 

I torn a]>|jlii.<tl lu Mr. Wallnct-, nlm han an innali* ^rniuv 
for »i^lvin>r difRculiu*. Afti^p anini^ ron^itTt^rflti^n h*> h>- 
plic-d: *' MoK (Aterpitlari? re'iuire prot«ti'.*n. aj» may U- 
inferivj fiom wjiiw LimU Jii'ifi;; ftiniinhM vvith *|iiti('* ixr 
irnliitins hurt, und froiii mnny Winp <*olnorot! ijrroT) likp 
the lenvf^ on uhich tht-v fred. or Ir-ih;; <uri<juhly !iki' ihe 
twigs of ihe rreefr md wiiich they jivr." AnnlhT insUrin' 
ij protection, funiiKhrd me by Mr J. Man^H Wralc, may 
t>c Added, naniely* that there i» a eal^rpillar of a uiolh 
which 1iic« on 1U« niirm»<i4 in 8ii4itli Afriea, ard fahruulutj 
for iladf a ctwe quite indUlin>ni»*hfthk from the liurrouni 





p«iT a 

ing tliorntf- Krnm »iich con«iftcratioiiii Mr. WaUiuv thoii|?ht 
it |>n)MJo dial (iriii»<|»injoiiA]jr mloiiri^] rntrniiltnrH «rrn 
prj^tfK-ied by having a nduitoojfl ta^lo: but as iWr ciktn 14 
i-xtri-uip]y tcndor. nod oe thvir inUvtiUM rvftdilv [irotriKip 
frttriE H iTnuri<l, h ftli^^ht \vpk fmm Iho Wnk of n 1iir<l would 
be as fatal to Ihem ns if Cb^v had hwn j^lf-vouriwl, JUtic^*, 
tut Mr. Wallnct; ri'umrlLN " ni-itafiU<lu]xii'»i nUmo voiild bu 
rtiMilTiriijii t>i firntrct n cnt*-r[)illnr unW-* »"iinr mitMjiril 
nii^i in'ijcotH k» il* wnij](]-|jf rii**trrHy<?r thwt iti: pn-v whr a 

\j*> hijihly AiKunliLf^'riuv in 11 i'hti'r|iilbr tit U' in^laiiluiii'' 
ouMy and crriAiiily ix^co^t^i^^ an utijialuULblc liy all Inrd^ 
and utliiT HDiiiiuK Tliufc tbL- itiot^t gAudy ciduurf would 
Ir* WTvic^bft, and mijfht have bmrn jinined by varihiion 
and tlio FumvHJ <)f the m^ cjivity r«(?0);aiBcd indtvid^ul^. 
Thin liy|»'itb*>l^«pj»'Ar*ft1 iirht fiirhl v*^ry brill, but whon 
it wuj* bmii^ybl byfun* ihv E^tomolriffk-al Society '• it was 
fiippnrtcd Ijv vnnnun fliilrmcnU; aud Mr J. Jcuripr Wior, 
wIjc) krejKt H lartri: numlHT of binls In on niimy, itiforni* 
11)0 t)ui be liufe nmdo ziiaiiy triali^. and llndg no ^xr^piinn 
ro the ndr, tliAt nil i^itcrpillnm nf uorttjnitti twid rvtinnc 
habits witb smixith skins, nil nf a grvpn i^ilonr. and nil 
whitb tinilatc twij^, ure j-rvinlily dL-vnur<?d by hii birda* 
Tlir bftiry nnd ^pintii^ kindK Arr irTnrinbly rrjc^rtrrl. iii» ffi'Ttr 
four eoiispif urtns]y-<x»lmnvd ^perie^, When Ibp birdh rv- 
J4xlcd a caUr|iillar, lh(?j plainly Bhf»«l, by sbukin;; their 
beails and cb'-nnHn^ their brnkh, itinl they wrrr <liri;;^■l|^I1-d 
bv the ta8l<>-'* Thr^e <^iiBpifnrinfl kindp nf cnlorpilUni jiiid 
irotbi wi^rr abo ptrn io rHime limnU aud fcxij^. by Mr. A. 
Bnth-r, mid vifu- njivlrd, Uiotijrb olbrr kiniLs wrrr i^h^itIj 
caleo. TTiiiJ Ibe pro^iflbibtv at Mr, WnllatNvV vinw in ci>n- 
firm<rd. naimdy. tb*l t^^^UlU (BUTpillani havi' bwn niftdfi 
f*ftti*pif'[jniit: fnr tbrirciwn i^^^\. t'> a* to li»' «™*ily fwi-i^iiinwl 
by tn^ir eneokiefi, on nraHy the famt* prinpipk that |H>ifaoiii 
are jiold in cobuiwd liotlWa by Jnif^giala lor Iho c-wd of 
mitn. Wo canno*, tiow*»verT al pivioni tliua mpluin Ow ol**' 
^aui dkvrrvily in the cnlonrt of many (caterpillars; but any 
apei'im wbli-b bad al Home ftinner period acquirrd a duil^ 
mi>tlli*<l, or fitn|MM app«jtn»oe. eilli^r in iraitntior of aur- 

wFi*^ Fi^inmnlAtf- t^tt-," Of. tvd. 

•■^n Mt. J i^mriti Wtir^ V4p*r 
ATI In*"^ K''! l^v^vW.ivMf-'iu Blfil*. ih 

'Tliiftt Ann 0*1 lUf ri'") ih^)4«ki»iH 

fl.^ ht tvi. VT.IItn «i4 M 11. 
-riinitV: MB -Zaalfv*4l HomM.' 
1649. |iL Ml. 

UP. XL St'MMAhY ON iNsKriH $83 

roiinilirt^ otijM^lii, or irmn [he ilinH-'t ainion of cliinnTi*, &f*,, 
almijfi LH-rUinly noiild uot l»<cnme unironii ui i^luiur, w1l«u 
i(4 KinU vcrc T<^nil('rvit inltriiH* and U'ight; for in onlc^r In 
L« a ii^TiTfiilhi* ni^Tvlv fxir>!)|.iioiikjU9« (lkon> v-nufi) 1m? no 
Lion in «iiy di^tinitc tlirrotion, 

liiick til Ihc sc'i-c-ml Or^lcrs, v*? wo Ibol the scxce ofu^a Jiffcr 
ill ^uiioiu? I'liArui'li'ftf, iiiv utfuLJii^ uf Lvliiih if iiol iu IU<< 
l0»t BBdantood. Tlii^ aex<.<ft. aUu. t>rt«ri dilTcr in Ihdr nr^rAiw 
iti 9cofV and tncaiw of l^x^jEnonon, »» tliat tht- iiialt-t juay 
qn»rkl> di^nviT And r4«oh rhe fi^iiiHli'ii. Tlii^v OilfiT it^U 
oft««or in Ihe mal«d jxHoUhwing divorEiIicd eijntnrnncrK f'>r 
rrtarninjr lli" fi^mfll« when frtuud. Wo art. howiner, itifcv 
von€9TJn»] viAy in u tiK?ori(]ary ik't^ree with >i*xuu1 diiri'ivnt^eit 
of iliobt? kmdi^. 

In nliii«»t aI] the Ord«r», tiie uialcfH of some siitifB, tn-n 
nf n-pflk anil deli^ali' k'hQd«, aro ^u^wn to Iw lii^lily pu^- 
nacioiiti; luuL iouin few urr rutnii^hni witEi upefiLiI wc-uixma 
for Sffliliu^ witli Iheir fivaln. Uul (Ik- law of ballli^ dueA 
Dot i^revail nearly ^o widi^lv wifli tD#ei?tr4 sh villi lli'^ higher 
nmnijilii. Ilrncr it prol^ahiy nri^t'?, thnt it i!> in ntLiv n frvr 
vtii-M.-ti c)iat tW niali-a have inn-n rviidirt^d iNrf^i-r nnd Blionii^tr 
than lli« feokalo- On tho contrary, they aro a«naltv Airialk<r, 
no tUfit they timy \^ dfvclnptd wiltnn a ilmrtcr tinir, to bo 
rtadj in lar^'i- nnriilKTH fi*r Ihi* i?Ti»er|^mci- of tin- fiwnaW 

In tuo ruuiilioE^ of iTtf Ihinttiptera and in t^N't' of ilic 
Orlhopf^rn, the mnlrs alone poMtt^* sjHiTid|>rc)duria(* mjcuus 
in An f^H^iit fifntp Tli^in nrc UM'd iTii^i'JMintly diiriiijr *li*- 
lvt«uLiu^'-^Hii](>r}. n'>t oiily for tailing; t!u> f»?Mjalt¥. lniE aj»[»ftr- 
«fillyf'^rch.irmtnt:orcKritiDt: thcan mri^dry witliotlitT nmk-e. 
No one who Adniit« llii* H|>iJnr^- ^r m<lri'1i(>n nt >Liiy kind, will, 
ftftf-r nuiljiif; tho aliux^c dioi^Lia^ion, dj«puto thai th««c mufii- 
(vl in5truini-nt« fiAvr Wn ai^uir^ throu^di SL'Xual ttlcC' 
Hon. In frtui* *>thflT Onlpr* Ih** mcnilun* \tt one *i*\, or more 
?»mrnnnly of both ^^xw. aro ^^rovidod witli oTpins for pro- 
duritijr mriowr* mininds. s*hj<h [ip|>uivnLlv wivl- riHTclj ai 
n<It-no|p*. \Vh»>n hnth wret nrn* thun provUh-*!, tlir indi- 
vidmiU winch ncrt ol*lr to ninK^^ the Vtiikij'^t nr nio^t con- 
tinmmn uo'inv vinjld ^iim pulnrrv tx-fnit thti^t whii'li v^'re 
1tf<« pnity, eo t.list their or^-an^i (lavo [>rohnl>)y li'i-u gained 
tiin>nj(:)i Miunl wlrctlon. It i* inslruc-livc to reflect i<n the 
vflndiTfiil dhi'nity nf thp mi-nn" for proflm-iiij; woiuul. ]HKr 
^Mt*^ \,y the maW alt>nr. ^r liy lioth upvv^ in no Ipts tlmn 
iix Onlrre. Wt Ihua k-arn how ^rffivlLial ft^\ua\ selection 





jiaa U*ra In leading io m^jfirationji wikich ffomdimo*, lU 
»ith lliL- lluniupttiUp n^Ute lu imi^jrlaiil ^rla i>f Uie or- 

tVi>m till- rt-£b§ons RMipifid in lti« last chapter, it i« TiTob* 
iibic thai thi> ^nreal hr;rn^ juiB*iei«Mi liy the maW f>r mAny 
l^i]irtlk^>rii, rtii4l mme utlii-r lh<t-IloH, huvc 1)vi*li acH|uireti 
Hfi i»rii mil elites I'Vijm the wimll *i/c of itwvIa, wt ore opt 
to imdorv-uluv llR'ir sii^pt-aram^. [f wo could inn^ne n 
mjtio 1'^nlc^Morna (Ei^^ 10), wiUi i(h (toiitihiHi broTi^M coal 
of inAl). ani4 itf vmmt, cuni^'lri liiuiLn, niii4£ijir)i<<J In Lhi- hIiv 
of a hurt^, or t'\cn oi h Jog. it woiiIO be »>ne i)f Ih^ iiLi>J4t iin- 
pi>^]nK unimol* in the world. 

J«ct. WhoD the maf« ililTere slishtly froni thp ftf^nmlp, and 
ncttlicr art brillianUy-cotoiirL^, it >« prulmbk* lliul the euiM 

hdvf- vjinril in h idightly dilT<'rfnl innniif^r, [ind Uiitt. Utt- vitR- 
itiou» have Uvn trftnsniiltetl b\ parh w>3i U» tlw^ faiii^, with- 
out avy ItL^nelit or i-vil ihua nciTUing- Winn ilii- tualti i« 
UHlHimllv-coloiin^d n^iil dilTi^rw roti«|ii*-iiiHi*lj frciin \\\v fis 
iiL&le, OS ^ilb ffomo drjij:^n'llL<>^ sincl many butturtli^ii, it !< 
prubabJc! Lliat Iil- o\\ob Imj? i:i>Eours to k^xu^I Bi^lr^'tiou: wJulflt 
thi' n^muk^ hnn rrUinecl ii priniordinl nv vi-rv 4ruieril ty;ie 
of coIounDi;, Alt^htly modifiod Ly ilir a^^liciw bfffoK ^x- 
ploiui-d- Ttut ill ^uEiie lu^i'k Ui« fL-jiialr Ija^ apparently bcon 
iiiiLilr idiw-urT' by vjiriiiLioTiH tniiiHiiiLt[i<i] Li \\pt iiltiTit*, ua h 
inv^n? of ttjn^t pr«>ti?rtion ; nhd it in almoht (^i^rtniu Ihnt the 
hva ftuiJiL'liiiR'b b»ii m^ilr? ).i[illifiLit, ^o aji to imifatu' other 
pratot^lod apOL'iQB mhubitiii;- tbt HQtnt< district. Wh^n ih« 
wxca MwrnVilf* cftrh other nnd Imth urt obdcurdy coloured^ 
there is no duubt that Llicy have bc^eu in a itiullitude i>f L-a»es 
so (.'ulouridd for ihiL- 4akt* uf lu'^ivcliort, 80 it 'vi hi auine 
itiMaufc* whf:n both arc liri>fbtl.v colourr^t for they Ihu* 
iniitaf^ | speck*, or resemble suiToiindiiLg objcfU 
auefi n« flowers; f>r they girt notice to thoir enumieft thai 
tb?y arc unpnlutahlc. In othtir cojtci iu wliicb the «cx(» 
n'j*eniblr riieb ollirr jiiul htp tjoth bnltiant, eflix'cirtllj wlien 
tbe colours are arran^d fur didptay. we tnay eondude that 
tiioy lui\<? Ijcvr gnined by tho male nrx an tin attraction, and 
hrtie litcn Iransfenvd to the fernuTp We rtn* oion* iiiinHmlly 
led to thie ooDohi^ion wlierif'ver t\n- 8ai:ie ly\}v erf ooluratioii 
lirt'ViiiU throughout n whnli? prouj), atirl wc find timl lb* 
nuiTes i>f utinr fl|j'<'i('*i dilTiT widely in eMoiir frnm the fi»- 
Tiial^i^, uhilBt olhere drlYiT dlif^'btly or not at all ^4'ith inter- 
mediate gradation* conncctiiLf: {]\t^%f^ <*)Etrcnic tftatfn^ 

Tn Ihi^ flamii nunntr hk bright coloiirv havi.? ufttrn hvta 




jinrtmlly lr4U&f«rr«tl frurii tho ntaXvt tv tlic fornaW, n) it 
Jiiu tii^i'U wtth iht* uilruoriliiiary h'jrim ot tiumy IjiHitlhrnrn 
And wMno oth^r brctliM. S» igikin* th<! M>u]iJ>ur(HluL'iuj{ 
or)<uu£ pr^(jer to Ibc* tua}v» of ilLi> Ilojiivpura aoi Orihop- 
turn fctvo ^iatrfllly bH>u iratift(vrrL<d in a nidinientary. ^iir 
rvcn in n ncnrly iKTrtnit ronchtion, 1o ttic fcinultu; yot not 
t^umt-'iLtilly iMirfocI Ui lj«- of any ust^. It m aUo an iuter^At^ 

LDft of ivrtam iiuilc Orihojjtrni aro iioi (uUy <ioit]op(j3 
Mtil the hi8l Eiiciuh; ami ilml IIk' riil<mr>i ijf rrrlnlit iririlr 
drogan'iU<.4 ar« not fully L.1eveloiJ4^(J inUil »i>nif< lil[i« liitio 
after their t^iticrKcnce frum the p;tpal italv. and when thuy 

St^xufl] (ieKH.lii>n kuipIW ttiat the laore allractive uidi- 
viduain uil- jjrrfvmHj hr the oppoaito !m--x; aiid a« ^ilh ia- 
H»it!t*s trhrn Ihr wtw ^ItfTtfr. it iu tlu- tniil'* wliii'li. uiUi smiK^ 
rnr(i o-^ocf^lii^n^, la tho triors cntaR)i'nU>di and d^parte ini>ra 
frtini the ty|H* to nrhich ihr spceitfl Ix-rjiifc,-!!:— and ati it la the 
Timl*' wUirh urjirvhf-y ('ny;(-rly fnr fh»* frrmit*', \vr miiKt »iip- 
po^ ILaI tht< fviimk*! Ituhilually or ocaLrtioDally pi'^ft.^r th^ 
mori.- br-Aatifiil malcA. and thnt Ihrn? hav« t!m> ai:qujrcd 
thHr iM^Aiity^ Thnt th(> fi^miiti^fi in moj4t or all tho Orrlrm 
vonld Wvo Lhe powv-^r of tojeLtinj: any parEiculur tnak, 
ill pTDbubl^ frnoD Oh- mnny MiiiKiilnr rout r J vaiii^m iKt-wsna! 
hj IIk nial(>8, fflLcU fi.s j^rpAl jaH'=, ndh^aiTp cushioni^^ >pinc», 
donpil4?d ltp», &tv. for fn^iamj- tiiL- k'nudvr; for Uil'sl' uoa- 
(rivflnco *hrK lltat Ihrn' it *'>nn' diiViriiliy in IKi' jut, m* 
Ihflt hvr rnncnrTvnc*^ woiilii rt(>cm nwM'wary. Jadgme from 
wtiat iffi- know of ihv f>tTc'tT'livc jiowere and afft^L-tioua i>f 
vjinr»«ii itiftvli, Itu^' IK till niilHTcli'til imprulMibilit) in m.'X* 
iml ^leahMi bavinir oi>nio lar^n>[j ijil.> plav; but w^- hava 
as ytt rvo dirtct vvidiTiii.' on iIua lu-ud. and aoujt fatta arc 

opiMwn) Id Ihn Jrt'liof. NiMiTlhclcsis, wlio-u wi' Mti' iiirtJiy 

TTkAJt^ purauJnfE the wiuf? femalo, wo can KardK beliovp that 
tlip |>amiJ^ IH left ti) Mind thaiioe — tint the female exertd 
no rhnioo, and i« haI iutli:mcml by ihi' ^urgi^oun oolount 
or other oniaiiieota with whieh the mule i8 decorated^ 

If we admit IIiliI the fi^niali-s v( thr ITumoplt^ru and 
fJrthofiiera appTtdile ih^t rnutii^nl Ij^ntii of thdr male }mrt- 
rjpw, and that ihr vanndu jnfllnimi^ntfl ha\c licen perfoctrd 
t[iruu>;h H-xuLi] v.-1i-i'linn. I here la lillli? iiE]priiUdidjl^> in 
Ihe fcTml*^ of c}th*"T inwvlf ap[irfH.-ii|in(f [icaiity in form or 
colouFp »nd o>rHNju(inllv in ♦ncli fharaclcrft having hpcn 
tliud iraiucd bt tlic male^. Hul fiuin cU^ un-urtiBtnUL't! of 
cclour hviit^ vo vaiiifthlL% and fruin ita having bvt'n lo oft«Q 




maditieii for tW lukc of |>roU>L'lioii^ it i* Olflicult lu dutriile 
in \\ovp Lupt a prftjinrlion nf <:n>cc Jic^iin! j^cls^c-tion brts plated 
A part. Tliift ih Minrr i'H|irci;illy ilillicull in ttmnn OitV'ris 
audi Utf UrlhopIi'PU, Hyuu'rif-U'ltTU, tmtl C'i>k'u]>li'm, \n which 
tiic tuij f^xtf rnr^lr rlilTrr Tiiiih:Ji In itfluiir; foi uo au' thrn 
|pfl M lui-n' iiiiHlr>g_v, WiMi l)ii> i.Vili^fijilera, iiowevor, oi 
luton* rviiiurkvd, i1 iii in iJu' ^rrout I*firiiollicoru Rrouji, 
jilflt'tr! by i»oinp niilhfirs* at Ihr hi^Jiil cf tla- Ui'i.!i.'f» linU in 
which W4» *c>pnp|inii>ti nc n nmlua] altechm^nt betwet^ii the 
aojuftf, that vcv fiutl the muk's of Hump «f>iH.-ioa pcMui?»4(i}t^ 
wr4L|K»nfi for Annul s^tnfiv »tlh*n rLirnUlnt] with AniiilLTful ^m 
honm, ninnff uilh dlriduUting or^an&^ iind olh^rs oni^iiii<nied fl 
witli h|>KWkI HK-tallK' tiiiU. Ilt'iur i\ *orin> proWilo that 
alt tlir^r t'tiJirjii h-[> Unw Yivvw ^aiiu'il lEirou^li llic matiic 
IQMOS, nmnt^ly APXLinl liHi^ctioti- Willi biJtt*>rlin*« wo have 
tlie beal rvi<if[ice, zis (Ik' iimU-H Pimiclimra lakt poms to difl' 
fljiy Uii'ir bi-nuhfiil cnlcKii'i;^ jiiirl wr riiuiiiil brlirvi^ Unit 
lhp_v woLiM nfl ihxifl, unl^s^ the dieplay wa? •>? iwe l*> ih^m 
in ili'^iT tourtnliip, 

Whi'ii wr in^Jil (*f Uirdit, wr »hBll m'p Ihiil I.Im-j pjvsrnt 
m llipir nr^rortdnry i^oxiial iliarncUw Ihi? dowel ariolo^ 
;^jlli juiwdH. Tliim. iiiaiij limit' Urdfi arc Inglilj jmgimdoua. 
nnd scjinr niv furninlipd with *|H'i"inl w<iipijn» for fighling 
Willi Ihcir rivsK Thoy pjw^cw^ (ir^nn* which uto iipcd diir- 
in^ th<? Lri.'Liliii^'«?riw.ii] fur piodufiu^ vcienl iiiul inatru- 
mt'utul TniiKicv '!*Ih7 Mr* frt^ipi'-nlly orminu'ndvl wifh mmlt*. 
horns, H'Mtlce omt plumoji nf Ibc moi^t divcrf-ifird hiixKi. nnd 
urf iWoiulL'il witb U'ltijlirirl oijlutii>. all uvidfiLtly fuj tlie 
fidk-f 4hf fliftpLty. UV fiiull liiid fhul, u:^ uiih im^-^-N, buth 
?c\c« in ccrlajn i:rouf>e arc Cfinnlly bcniitiltd, nnd nn* equally 
priniibnl v'i(}i oriinmPuU wliitli nn' UbujiIIv loniiiRd Ig the 
ma.U- tax, \ti other (jr^iup* both sexvs are eqnilly plajn- 
colourc'il nnd urornaiiicnU'J. lA«tly, in somr fow nnomt- 
loiiri ni?<i<». IIk- fi.'iiiu1i*N nn- rniifp li^-nutiftil ihan i\\v maX^. 
\Vi* ihail oflrn lirHl, jn Ih^* ^nnm p'liiiip of birdit, tfViTV jr'Bda- 
lioii friitii [io dilTtTrm-L' U'twrcn Ibi: frxo, t(> Jiii cxtrrmc 
<li!Tr-n*in'iV W** hIniII *ri- HiJit fi'iiiiile liirdfi, liki- fi'rmili' iii- 
niTlf, tifloM priuiiwii mnri! ar b^n plniii Iraoea or niilkTTk<'nf» 
of i-haiailfj^s which prc»|icrly brl^ng to tht* malir* uml arv 
of ufci> only l»> th<»m. Thi? flnaln^, indoi-d. in nil Ihowi' rn- 
<pcH* lH'tWiH?^Ti liiiih- and iii*<*ct« iit ouhouBly c^loft*-. Whal- 
eviT L-\p|jino(Kin npplir* to Ibr unc clniw prfibnbly ap|)l]«d 
to the olhi*r: nnd Miin eyplnnalion. n* w<» nhnll litTfMftnr nt- 
tempt to tftic-w in further (M^il, in tn':tual fle|ecti<'P. 


CK^r. xn. 



AlfMllGLlVB, AN1> ltKl-TtU:K, 

iluir 'KWhti with iH*iJ* ■»»>" l'rUu4i»llj vtlnpunU rrjUvLi-r ^-jJjjiii-* Tin 
Lv"H i*.r*»f 10 uou* ostwurt "f l/ift rVfuiili.' ■«inii»1 '■'■ m'liouijt*^! t'lr an T»iti ^-fiu- 

AVe hnvc nnw irniTcd flt the g^ttit nub hin^rilora of tht 
Vei'TtflrrtitiL J1111I »ill LuiEuiioTiii.' iiitli tilt ^.■»k'^1 <A&n^, lliat. i\t 
Mfihut, Tlip muU4 or I'lii^ni^tomoiia (laWs («1karkf. mv] 
ami of ChiniBpriiiti ^fh*-^ nrt prnxUM >*'ilh ^tnnp^rv whicli 
to rHiitr* llii- ff'innir, liki- tlir varii-u* jifriit'lTirt's pnp- 
liy iiMiiiy of tho lo«-(-r [kriiEiml-t. lksi<los llio tln^pt-K. 
Ihft innlf^ t>f mnny rftjr* hnvc cliwtrr* <.f stomp pVhH" *pim 
OH ihi'ir ht-Jiii-i, ami flpvonil rnwn rtVing "* tin* u jijicr -hiUt mip- 
Save of Uitir fnfL^toral riiJ»/' Thouc nre pn^Efnl in tht^ niu!« 
.<*f ftjmc "pccic*, wliifh ImTf nihcr pnrifi of their Wilic* 
ilh, Th^j' nrp only iPmpiimrily flcvi'ln|>p<l during tl:o 
lill|*'iOMon; fliMl Ur. liiiuthor «impq't1j» thnt tJioy ore 
bruiislil into nHion «5 pirln^n^ile or;znnA lj_\ tlic drtnbiio;; in- 
Ih nnd c1owTiirflrd« af ilip twn shloa of fho Wxly. Il i« r 
rkflble fact tfiat thi* fi^ninlm nnil not llip irjilrft of iwmc 
rier, »» rjf /^u'rt dtivaia, hnv*' their ImcVw Htinl*UHl with 
Inr^ hfi«k'fornn*rl KpiiK^B/ 

The niat«f. al.MJL* i>f tfie capdin iMallitu^ vUh^ttm. *>Tin of 
Sn]ijioi)i>1[L-K ari- provli^'d witli n riil^'*- nf cliiwU-fli-t, Ihrii*"!!- 
like tsfiilc*, hy thr- nil) of wMrh {wi> malcf, oiil' on t-ndi wdi:, 
hoM th>7 fj^nifilo, whiljl Ai*- ninw with er<*rtt rriftrn'W on \ht 
tHody kiU'Ji- nm) I ln-rr jlrpEniln hiT *|mirn.* Thr ivif^My dis- 
tinct Afofto^rtH'A"* *jj?flp(W prfiirnt^ a som>.>wlifll aiiflliifjou* 
>lnictiirc. The male, ae Dr- UunUier iiiforuis nn\ hnit a 
cliutVT of slilf. fltracglil vpiiim. likr* iltiwr of n <oin1», on llie 

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Ufkulbci infciniB nid UjM tirt nfum 


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tidt^. (if the I^J; arkd llii^»e in a jpccionvti nx tnchm long 
wetv" Tit^rly i>nL< ai^l h half irifhtw m j^n^h; tiie f^malt- Iim 
ill the «pme [i1ru!(> a elutiliTr i>f bhj:tUii,%vhii-h iiuiv \yo ujiei|iuk-iJ 
witli ilio>»r of ft toolli'bnif^h. Ilk fiDolKcr ^prnf^. }L [icr»'t*ii, 
lln* hiafe hflti A ViiJih like fhot pi>»wii>#l by tin- femiilp of ihe 
luit ^|jwic54, wbiUt Iho Hulw of Ibc UiiJ III Iho f^'ninlr biv 
Hiiixidi. In *-j|iH' otJicT dihxif* of the t*mv pinti^ xUv tnil 
TBTi Ii*> fN'ri'i>ivpcl t" h* n liiil» rniigben^ hi tUe male ami jMr- 
fully ^(iLcioiIj iu ilv ftirmks aii<i lufill> in uUicra, botb vvxo* 
hiivr iin:iiolh tftlt?^ 

Thp maW nf many Mi figlit fnr thr poH#p»^ii>n cif Ihe 
f<'inakv. Thus tliu iiiato stickleback {UaiUrMiraii irittnijti 
liiti lipfii iW'rjbHl an " iiiuJ tt'iUi «ldi|.'bl/' wlu^ii llif fiiimli? 
(IOIII4-J! imt of her hi<linjj-pluc-;^ itmJ AurvrvB thi» tk-hI wbitb ha 
liaa tufi'Ir for her *' lie dart» roumi lii^-r hi ^rr) ilirvtrtion* 
Ihcii til bin ucLnjiiiulhliHl iitUti-riiilB fur lUi' iml. llirii Iflii'k 
a^nin in un iiulnnt; atu\ an thv i1ui« n<it iiihiinrr hr rn- 
ileikvuUTy to \t\]Ai hfr with )ii^ •Ti<mt. ami tliCEi liir^ I>f jkiH 
bcr hy ihi" lilil nihI -iiih-'-iiiiin' (n tbr luvL" ' Tin- iiuiU^ an- 
tui<\ Id bo |ioJyKii>]iiiilc; * ibi*y anr oxlrnt^rilimirily biMd and 
iiij^iia<-juuti, utiil^^t ^' Ihi' fL'ii»ili<r aK- ijLiil<- ]i!iL-i11i\'* TTit'ir 
]>aiil«i »n> a1 ttnLt>4 (kvpcmti>: ** for xh*f^v ptiry ^lombnlAnli 
fanti rt tijifht '>o oat'h other for lUTrcnil soft^nds lnTuMjnt: i>Y^ 
ami ovtT agahi* iiiilil llii-ir hlrt-ugtb jiii^u'un* fi-Hiitib-trlr ri* 
hauKtod.'* With thL* rvtu^-lilxiik'i) Atukk1ia<^^k {0^ Irachtirus) 
Ihc RinW whilst lljrbtiiis **im rwjinl artij nxiin! rnrh other, 
hitiDj." athl HKlt'fttuuriTi^' lo |iit'rfe jth-Ii <ith»'r wilb tfwir 
raif-^i lutvnil spiTiw. Tbf immc writiT u<i<k* "lb*> 1ni« 
of l!n**i* tiUIf* fiirin* iM Ti*ry M'vm". Thry nli*" uft their 
Ul'nil ijiin**! w'ilb ^iiii?!) fntal **1Tpct, thnt I hno> w***" on** 
duririp: u Iwtik* nlimJntely np hi* ufipoiio-iit i^uilo open, *o 
Ihflt b(^ f^itk tri Hii- lu^lliim Dili! i!ipv1/ Wbrn pi ^h 10 roii' 
ojipn^il, "bit gnllant Ivnrinij fotpsabia him: hi* y^nv fviUmr* 
lad-? uway: nriiJ h« hiJn hiA dia;-nic«^ anion^ bifi p4'aopnljl4* 
ronipiuiioim, hut ;» fiir wirni* litiio Ibi* ctinnlant objtxt of his 
rMnminror'H pirrftw^itinti," 

'rUe nuik ?4i]iiiun i* aa puintattoiis a« the litttc stickle- 
IftU'k; Htiil im tft (hi' iiikU' tnmt. m-i T btiir ffiuij Dr. (SflijlbCT. 
Mr. Shaw MW fi violcflil rnntn;! lu'lvrc'^n two iiYuh* *alii>on 
whidi laiiioil thr vbdie ilay: and Mr, R. liuiM. SufnTin- 
leTuk'iit uf Fi^itrii's. infiirhJ^ mv that hi* ha^ ofli-ii wiitibf^J 

nJ. Ui. itQOy |i sir 




am Ihi- lrii]gi> tl PMiih On* mflltw linking »w8y tbetr riTal*. 
liiUt Uiv fvDialcD wtre Bpuwumi;. Tin- iimlfa *'aiv con- 
Likllv (Ifflitiii^ dliil tciuiii^' mvU i>lh<-r on Llir :(jfUn]Linj{-lK\K 

f7 -FffSrf <Hf rikAla ivdrirnnb aslnap f ^ ifiiiii a ^ ill ilMliU Th* !■ ittrt i mmtn 
rniiF4rairUr,A« VI LI tu >li tb4J r>itwn laUw pn^Hit dAptor. turn bnBfa» 
HiH«in>^iind<-rtrt*liliul*npi^nE*tiil*acianr lir tiOnEhW-l 


iM-r*, mnni' hptnj; w^-n owImiTiinj; npnr iTjr limikt iif Ibr rivj*r 
m a 8Utv of t-xiuiwljun. unJ apparenUy in a dving etat^.^** 
Mt. Btiud infuntiii mc* thnt in June 18(^8. the E(Cop«r of the 


«L1 olh#r nttltH «m)r. 




Put IL 

.Sttimiotitfi^lt] bronling-ponilH visiW the nor1li«ni Tyjit and 
fuiinil flkiul JlKJ i.U'U(I tailiJioii, all uf whirrh wilh i^nr. c%c?|)* 
tioa uc^n' niJili:?(: nnil lit- ^iiv rniiviiirni Ihiit ihvy hn^l 1(Mt 

Tfii M*>t-i rtjrioiti- |MiJnl itb->iil llie nmk' nnliticm Lt dial 
Juiin^ lilt' Ini-t^Jiiif-^'L'aMiu, lieshl*'.^ i\ slij^ht I'liuii^e in mhiur. 

P%D. W -Ifv4>)o'fi«inHleMilmnn 

"the lower iflw uloofa1e0> flod a cartilajnnoiif* projoclioo 

rldwwl, oiviifHi^H p ilfrp nivilv liPtntipn lb*- iiiti*niia\illiirv 
lionM of ih*^ H('por jau,'*" (f''lir&. ST and 38.) In our ^nl- 

Hiiftiii; bnl in iln' S'lbjn) ItjfaoJtn of M.-W. Aiih-TJiu i1k* 
dianfff, as Mr. .1, K. Ixiixi " bL'licVfs, in ptrnnanenl, nni! hcsit 

■ yam>l,MIUiarTaritritlHhFlAli».' *-Th« ^■tLlrmhtc In Vanmuvar^ 


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tiufkcil in lh« Mvs mitU-* nliirli havo firrviouely UKvridi-'il 
Ihp Hvirt>, In th«vr nlil umIi'j^ (he }iv Wti'itf* K\*-M'\t*im\ 
into nu imiJttnr*' liook-like pr<*jtttnin, niid The {^y\h gn^vr 
ititj r^uLnr f«nK^, vlWt\ inorv llinii luilf «ii iiicli in U^ri^'llu 
With tlir Kiiti>pf-jiii luilmmi, ■initilin^- Ut \\t. \Ao\i\,^ ihr 
Ifiikjioniry hoi^k-trkt* dlriK-tHr^ t»Tvefe lo Klrvrijjthpr »mil pi\i- 
lit-l till' javte, ulitu onr "(nil- rlior^is aiif»tlH'r wilfi Horiiltrful 
vTiJi'nn-: Iml Llir-^rmih ilr\iln|n"it fii'ih ijf tin* miilr Aiiwri- 
rsiia i^ilmon tnny hp icim(>ar<'ti with th<> lu^ikji of ninny male 
mammals nut] ihcj inditnt^r au offouhitc rethcr llflo.a pro- 

'lli« i«hito[) III Dot thi' only linh in vlndt t^c knlh ililfcr 
Id Ihc t^nxi »i]-:iF9. aft Iht^ i» thv.- r:.d«<: with lu^ny rAV«. Jd fho 
tboniWk (fftiifi ^ffifru^f) llii- Jihkit in^ilf fi.ix Hliurp, |MirMtt'd 
icetb. (liri'^'tH Uuk^vjnK wliiUt thuw of Hio Tc'inulr nrc 
brmd nml ^nt, ninl f-ii'm ri [>iivm]i.'ii1 ; m~i thnt IhfKr ti'Hh 
iliffiT in Tb<^ nvo s*>^r>, **f Ihr* inmi' >ijiM Irs nioTf llittM is n-irinl 
ID diulinH ^ottora ■>! 1hi> mieik" FaEiuly. Tlio Ilh-Ui of the 
malt W*imr ^Emr|> only «ln*n Uv 'n minit: wliilM yniiiiit tK(?y 
nrp hmad nnrl flul likr thfiK^ i>f lh<' frnijilp. \t- m fn^ijupntty 
ocfriir? vilh Hec^imlarv ooamhI i.-harnt't<^r«, boUi ecxra rtf ^oma 
^J1e1if« of rays (f«r inMuiicc /i\ WtV). whca n(l«]K porunm 
Kfittqi jiointnl li>plh: AnH hrri* m clinrRHpr, proinr t'> jitid 
fhriunlv •.-ainoil iiv Iht' itiuTo. iip|K7ii-Q t'j biivf' [htei Iraaa- 
intlliil rn ihr nIT.ijiring of Imth MXrt. Tfir NtIIi iin' likr-Hiitr 
(>.iintri1 in Imfh jotps of /?. »jnrw/«i<i, lint t*u\v wlion -jtiit^ 
A^uH: tfic Titolct fLi'ouiriitx tlit^m nt an i.iir-lii.-r iiici' tliiin tlif^ 
ftniMW Wt* ^]lHll lu'Ti'MftiT iun*t with iitmlit^-nEJK i-ii-ifit rii 

<<pri>in Inrfln. in wliirb iJir n^nU' [U'(|iuri% tlu- fihimiigo t'tmi- 

mon to Will fO<i* wh-^Ti ndull , (it fl ^>nK'\vhnt <"nrltcr oi^c thflii 

(loo* the femak. Willi oitRi- nfHftk^!- of ihvh llii.- imjiIct i't<.'Ti 

when iil(] iiL'ti>r poia(r.-^< «harfi 1m-I)i. niitl r<viitL''|ti<<iilly llio 

lO^ulU of \ynlh H*\rn fto providpd With Virrtpil. tint Wlh lik<* 

|1li(i«c rtf thr yoiirg, and liki> llic)W' i>f rhi* iiiamrr- frHuilr^ of 

[ihe aboW'mpnIionwl fl|«vi<^." i\» Iho rnyt ftrt^ lx»li|. ffron^ 

t«nil vomriouit l»h, wc nmy iiMinrt that tfir inwloj rir^^uirc 

thiTtr diAr]! tiH-lh for flx'lilinu whh tlirtr nvjiln: Imi h)^ tlu^y 

pAi*«» mflFiV pnrtft moiiitiiH^I nml «<lfl[iled f*ir Ihr jirrlifncion 

fif thi* ffintifc. it J* |KiTfriMe Ihat Ihcir Ucth may W uM*d for 

In rpjiard to piJto, M, rarbotini^r " msinlrinn Ihnt tlir 

E«*t. m l*H>. loi 






feinaJe of aldOBt alt tsht» n latgti than tli« malf ; cad Dr. 
(illnlber iltmc ntft Viiovr or a «in^?i' iniUntv in uhtrli Tlier 
^Jilr ifl qt^tiiiilly Inr^f^r Uluti the f^'nikfllr- With ^>Tur t^yt^rino- 
iuult llic iniil<^ ifi uu( i.-i''ii }iHir rt^ Ihi^. Sb ui uma^ kJiida 
cf C*h« the jumIw hjiNi^ '/^4her. k I* Mirprittng 

that thry hov(^ tivt ffirii .'.I . ir^raml «trunjtiY tliuk 

Ui« ftrnrnJcft Ihioui!?! ilic ctlcd^ of »cjiQai selection. Tbe 
ina]« flnffer frxtm i^f^ir ^maU utic, f'>r seconding lo M^ Citr* 
bonuicr, Ihry are liMv lo bt* d^vouri^j I) tht- fcronlw* of lli*ir 
own K|Hruit« irlicn cnrmvornu^ ami no doubl 1>y otiif T hptvim. 
lDor«s6<<d siw mnisi W in *iomp mann'>r of iD'>n^ iii*]M>t1ance 
tc the ft^ole^, IhflD (trvn^Tli ami ^i&?- an- to iht* mak-r for 
liKfitin^* nirh ulhvr mnU-^. aud thi> prthufiA in 1o nllnw of tlir 
pji>rfnr'nnn of w vMrf numlHT 'if ntn. 

In mjinv rpci'icj Ihe male alone w ornamo-ntod inth 
Wiglit (:oIi»ttrb; or lline dit^ itmcti bri;;)it«*r in L!ic inale thaji 


ill*" f<-mrtle. TIk' nia1p» nlno, i* comctimw pri'virlcH wWh 
■pp^^nrln^M tthieh appear tol>r nf nn mori* nw lo Fiiiti foi the 
orHinan- piirpoMH <if life, tlmn ore Hie tflil fnnlliotv t" iUe 
' T rtjn imlihtoil fur nirat of the folli>ivir^ facU to 



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the kniiliKW nf Vr. 4Jt;n1hrr. Th^rc is rceeon to fofipoot 
lliat imiEkv IropicAl ^aLi? difTvr etwuiitTy In L-ulotir ami iHriic- 
lunr; mm ttitrt- an* jtunu' ilnkiTt^' ihm'j> with hut brtUiih 
BdiC9. Tbc liLnlv Valhonymuft lyra hjiH brcn cnlTof) ihc 
jirjHoic^iM fJnifToitff '' frr^m Lt« brilliant ^rui'lik^r L-uluun." 
WK'ik fresh cai;tglil from ibe era the h^\^ i^ yellow of various 
abscin^ rtnpcti anil BpolkHJ with vivJO bluv on Ihc head; the 
doml fio? arc jjaIg bixiwn irith dark loDifitiidinal baDda; the 
TOotral. i^udnf. And anal l^na Niing hliii^h-blaok. The fe- 
aa^<y or f^rduJ drui^oucL was icri^iilcrtii bj l^nmtufi. and by 
tnanv hijb*^intTiJl uJitiimli'^E^, jjf a di»^liiiLTt smyJr*; it is of 
a diogr nddiftb'browB^ wilh ih^ dori^l rln brr>wri aiii.! Itic 
other niu vhitc The HMtv dil^T al^o in Ihc |>ro|Kirlional 
tiin'of ihphtrad niid iiioiith, and in thr ixnulinn <»f Ihp *7'*»*, '* 
but the mc4l atnkin^ dilTtir^ncf' i^ Ihp i>rlmordir]Arv i>1oripa- 
tioQ JD the male (%. ^9) of th«^ dar?al JiUh Mr. \f . Snvitie 
Kifnl rt'iturkc Ibal. Ihiit "sin^tjhir iipjimthi^r iipfrc-^jni fmm 
my obeeTvalions of th« epcciefl in confin^ni^nl, to b** jautwr- 
TJfiit to the aami-' i^iid a.i the woUKft, <]rt»(e. and c-lbor abiior' 
nul ddjuriHK of iTk' mair in gnlliiiaii'iiL^K biniK, fur Ihr jmr- 
pow of fwcinatjn;; XXmr malet," " The voiin;: ri^silfs n^em- 
me the adult ftituile* in ^lrl)■.:lu^cr rttid nilcmr^ T}irnii;;buut 
tli* grrLii^ <'nlliot>Tirit*," thi* tnolr it jjrnonilly much more 
brichtiv epottctl Ibfiu the fomatCi antt in ^vv<>ral ^pccicflH not 
oDiy the liuTMi]. but ilit anal fin ia much douptlLt] in (he 

Thc laal^ of the Cfitu^ sc^rpius^ or «M-8Corpion, ie sleii' 
iler^ ntiil wnialler than \\\tL finuili*. Tln-re U nl™' a K''*'"t 
diffpfvrt'v in <-a!our Www'n thnn. It it diflirult, ac Mr 
LlOj'd " rciriarkj, ** for nTiy onf, who hce nol B".m?h ihit fish 
i)ufj;i<; like n|>au ijiii^''n-H-Hr[i. ^^heti xi^ blirx itrr bTi^'hlr^{. li> 
eontvieu Iho Admixlurp of brilliant rolonra with whirh it, id 
o4hrr rwiPfcts lifi ill-fovotjrcd, ie at lliat Www Jidornod," 

lb ***(> of ibf* l,olintit tnittuM. Hl1}i(>ri;,'h vrrv fliff^rchl In 

lur. aro WiiCiful; the mak bdn^; oran^u witU hnphi blue 
«lripc«, and the female bright red with aonir bhck ^polf on 
the l)aok. 

In tho very difttinet ruimlj of the Cyprtnodoiitida> — in 
hAbitnnbi of the fri>h wetcn" <i foTd£n land*— the wic* 
eomrtim^ differ much in varifnis rbaradera. In the raa!o 

li|M.i,p nl UilI »». 
» ' Tiitili^H of Ara.Tiih, I'taho* lb 

UM. i>rv llh HI, 

p, 41*. 

imo Blrda or ttvodu; dsa., !»?, 






<if lh« MoUienrtia pfUntitgis,'* tlic doral Tin la gmtiv dt- 
vplortrd fnu\ h fTUirkiHl with h tv»* of lar;!*-, miiDil. f^colUled, 
Urjj^mci.»]iiiired »\tMn: whilst lh<^ miiiiv Hti in thi^ ftinulo ii 
pnirtlh-r, uf n ilifTi'K'ut fclmjiv. £iid iiinrkril ''iily wiih irrcjcn- 
Uiily L-imcil brown apolo. In 111^ iiiiilo IIk* ?i:i>^l1 TrHmn "f 
thr anni fin U alni^ n !U(k' iiruduptHl luitl iJark oolmiivu. In 
iW liioK- uf ail ttllieii fnnii, the Xipltt/pfu/rufi ffflkrii (fi£. -!«), 
tin* irif<Tior mBr^n of Ihc *niulnl llii is <Ii>v»"!(»[k"(1 inTo h lonij 
^BiiMiil, vltich. M I ht!ar {rum l>r. Uuulh<>r» u «tri|>ed uilii 

britfht colons, Tliie iSlamont doLM not oontain any mnaHM. 
and Hppttrfnlljf tanuol In- of nny ilirecl um' it llir fish» As 
in tlic- fii*»* (if till* PflllicjjjyniiiK, ilir muli* wliiUt vihiujj: n^^ 
*i'inbfr ^^o n'ii>U fpTnalct iit o^Ioup nnd etructur*- Sexual 
<lilTtiuiiC(aK *iK'Ji ;l- tlu'ff niuv I". ?<LmUy rom|wircil *iUi those 
ivInVIi UTf ■»! frciimvit wirh ;riilliirii4'(xiwt binV" 

Ttt M (ihirtid fi*ih, mhabiOrir Ih** frcth wfltem of South 
Amrricn. the rirfMiomaf^ htrftotta " ffig, itlV the mak hfta 
ftti rioiith and lnIf»r^o|^reuluiu frifi>.'oii nith u licun) of ftlff 
haira, of vKioh the foiiiak- chr'iWf hardly it InAiT. ThnN^ ItBJn 
urc' T>f thr nnturr i^f *rfl1r9. 1r »in»thcr »[i<^tIc» fif the MDid 

■* I>f ^ ■ j 1 mlirr nmkc* tbU fttmnkt 
||'tl£ir»rur of FeaIim in Hia nriUah 

' frnr- of this Kflokiif tSoi'.' li^M. pun 

C■A^ X!L 



ficttUfl. K>ll iuiil-k tcfiiA^h* (*ru;«t from U^ front pnrl of 
Ihr livad of iIm^ iili!«', «liii li im- jitt^iil in the female. T}jef« 

Flo. If -— 1^lH*mUiiini" In' WiiH 



THK n*t4rR}n' ov uah. 


teuUcle« irv prolongslioriK tit Vho Irtiv «lrb], »di1 thcn^ftirp 
are m?t IjoiHoloi^rnTS wiUi tho sdlf hniw of tl»c (rnni>r tpvi*«; 
bul it rail ImrJIy \k Uiiubt-rJ Uiat. bi>tli tent* tlw suuir [iur- 
poe^ Whfll tJiii* piiT|MBM(* niwy b^, i» dtllitnll lu torijtTiar*; 
ornaincDt i]'jc« Dot Uvn- >«?m piulHiblc, tul wt^ \-ma httrdfy 
mii^jHiM- ihai flUIT IinJit aud llcxibU' UlaiufuU ran Ijc uh^Iiu 
iu any orJionry wny lu the mslw alone. In ihM nm^ 
fuon&tcT, ihc Vfiir/t>Tr<i nwnstrt^n, tUi? nmit' htiB i liooA;- 
tiljnju-i] l«i:ii." <.in Uk' Ii»|> uf On- ImwI, ilirfr't*il forwunl^, viith 
iu c-ijil rourjili<c1 ;iTu) it>vi?W wiUi iitsry i^piii«8; in llie fciimltf 
" 1.hj> cr^wQ i)< .ilt«i;i'thrr nWuT/' hui what iU hat nui> in Irr 
the male i^ mt-^rlv uiiknftan,'* 

rirtlj^ nftcr he hnt' niriveil nt mntiinty; but in-'iih wjinr 
m<'imira^ iinil m nroihpf iillinl grmit," a t-ri^rt iJt dpwlopnl 
on tlie hoed of Iho iual« oDly during th** hTf«dini:'t«tteoii, 
aud Ihe body al Llic miiiic limt* Iwirviijiu mure brijjblljr< 
f'tilmin^d, Th<Ti* fau hv lillln flr>iibl ihiil Ih'it t-n-*! K-nT* ii» 
II tfiTipornry wxual nmflinml, for (he fi^rnnlo dn^* rot cjihtbil 
a inct ill iL 111 olbtr Bpfciw of (Kl- *aiiK' ^eiui* bolh trsto 
pooew A Lrcitl, m*\ in ut Iodili om^ ajH-viiLV nntlK^r ti.\ it Oiiu 
proviilrti. In iTuny of the t'hriimi-'hr, for inftnme in Ut- 
opha^UB ADil t^p^iially in Cithln. l\n- ]Lmli.-», na 1 ht'ur frum 
Professor AgasMz," have a criuspiruoiiB ]^rof libera ue4> on fho 
foreheud, nhicb i* wholly wuntin;; in ihv fiTnuIcs nnf;! in Ihc 
joui)^ mntcv. PmfivAor Agtwx jiibU, *' I Iwe often oIh 
jHTTTea th^si* lUhe« at tbe time of tjiawninj- wben Ihe ppotU- 
berapce ia largest, ftnd at olber mh^iih nlivn it i> lotnlly 
winlin;^, nii^l ihr t«« »i'\rn shew lui ililTiTrnif* whnt^ivT In 
th<* oullinr of ihv f>rDfirp of \ho heaiV I nvvci could eeoer- 
tain that il eiilsorven any s^i^ial fnndiuo, ami tbr Inclianc 
ira iJi* Aiiiafltii kiHiw miUiitiK alum! il* tiaiv" ThrH* pro- 
tubi-mnt'LW rnHHiT.ik\ in thvir t^rrirHluiil iipp<^nrrtnre. the tt<"fthy 
r-arhun* W on <b^ hcai^ ^A c^rialn bjhls: but mtbrllii-r tbry 
terveuM oi'(iajiienf8'Tita^l rviiuiiji iil pn-U'i^t ilnnlilftil. 

1 hear frifux Ppo(eBM>r Aunuijs onii I>r. Curthfr, tliat tht* 
maiei of thenar fiJibeit, wl»ch diffri j>eniiaiu'ully in roloiir 
from thr rnnflW^ nflen become inor^ tifillinilt ddrin^r IHo 
bree<Iin|*'Waaom T\m u Ukt^viiat tfic cnin' nith n muUidiiit- 
of fishft, ihentxcr cif wliieTi nre idenlfj-ol in fulniir at all uHii^r 
wfljuins; of Ihe yi«r The t*>neh, rL*a*li. ami percb mny ha 

i<<r: Jvir i«AK p m. vha k itimn. 

\lurn nilur »■«• ofniUi l-c titilMl f/ 

irtaklt ili« oHi m net known. 

•• IW. lUFit)»rf/rilJr»DBor?i*the*s' 
Tol m ph ?<>1 ILUI ftfi 
■■ IV*- lil^r, 'A Journal lo Rr4itl,' Sf 

tmxt. Xlt 



markoii oti tho cU^^hii with oran;»oijloutxri ^inpi^ which 

gi»t il the *pjnyijiiBi:i- of ^ Ljl»nf^ Biifl tJw in«l;j^ imrtiik^ of 

;;itliUrU orange Ciu^jc. Thf frmnlr* nri* diirk iu ooloar. *nj 

c<rmmonly cnllcci llnck-ri^h/' " An annUifi"iif niiH ov^^n 

[lelkKt C'haii;.^ lakrft platr willi tIil- I'^ii'mn ^TI'^J *»r bwU 
; tlie malt'^ vt iht dmr |>'- urnA/u) ort.' llkfwiii? fit IhU 
-dvin nithpr luricHUr m wlmrf tlniu the ft-iiialL-a." Th«^ 

;h|in]r> f»f tlir jirkr (/*aiw rttiruhtjif) rti iho I'attiHl SMtiv, 

jfiecjall) of th** niflle, bi^ouiiie, ituhng Ihc brwImg-fniHoh, 

ikinit iiixtHficp fiu< of tnuny it iithtrth'd hv the* m«If uni-kl^ 

»ck ('/isf^iv'a/^i* Uiiirvs}, irhich it (l«ftr^i^ffi W Mr. Wur- 

311,** Bi" Ix'iui: th^-n "hoantiful Ix-voiid dt^icriptioti-" 

4|r Iwk JIDtl mnG of thi< fi'fTiflli' urv iLi)it|th hrown utiil |h« 
'lly whit**- Tho <^pf nf lh** mfl!r-j, on thr other hnnd. niv "of 
iLiuid spt'^uiiid ^r«ou. having' u uLilflllic Iuf1t« lik'ii the 
'ion n-Arhrr« uf to]tii> hiiittTiniif'-ljinli Tlir Ihniiit uiul 
Uy arp cif » bn^lit rrim^nn. thp hjir-k of an :tthy'icnwn, ind 
^Mk >vt]ok- fifth \t[>\si:ait ita tTiou<:h it were bomowhat IraTti^ 
luL't-nl hikI ;;toii«(l n-ifh lui iiitenial inonnde^ceDi*^." Afirr 
brrcdin^ ^m^on thvFc mloiirii all <hATi>:c, lhf> thn>iit and 
'l!y l»vomt» of a raier iv<J. tli»* lirti-k more grrrn. nnd ihc 
Hin;* lintK iLuhtiSc. 

With rwprM (<» the cour1i»h>p of fi*hc». other cnse* hnte 
■^n oJ»rter^t''l -^ifn'*' ihe flrsl eiliiion nf (Iiik IhihV nppmtuU 
Ji-Jt* thai jilrrtnU pvi^n of Iho jrtkklelMck. Mr. W. S. 
Kent Jrtv* thai thr mnlr t>r llir Lalrtia mirluA. iv-hidi. aa we 
hurt- h<<-iit ihfTff»j in n»loiir from thr fi-mnlr, tTinkiw "a (l«-p 
holloa in th^ md4 oI tho tank* anrl then endf^nvmirf in tlvc 
most persuasirr mnnn^ to irdtiw a fi-niak- of tht" aattir tpit*- 
1o ^hun* il with him. fwirnmiiij^ iHtrkwarft* Nnfl formrrls 
^tvr^n hrr anA the eomplrtci) ae^t^ ami pbinly rxhihiliiifi 
grtaU«l diijciety for hor to follow." Tlif TUdlcc of fiju 
rriM frttf'jftot bvcfufhi?, <!uniig the lirpedlnp-HW»»*in, of "Wp 
E^ik'Ti Mark; th^^y tht^n rrtin.^ from the sliool. nnd exi«va1e 
a brilUw tu a ne*t- '" Each male nou mriuntji vikrilant pniH 
nter hi* pwpeeliw hcUrtW'. nnri vignrnnfly GttJftckK and flrivpt 
ay "ny nth'r fiih of tlie iUiuc ife.\. 'towrtflfl hi« (*>iii' 
iiijont of I hi- LtppiMirr M^^ Wih comltjcl i» fur dilTrr^it: niAnj 
of the lat1«- are noir diat^nclrc) vilh tpa^rn, and Ihe^p he «fl- 

B Y4m1l. ■ Br;ibh FUhw,* vol. U 
. I>>, It, Vk 
Tlinni*>'i. In ' AmuJh tnl 





i-MtT a 

d«ivo» bv til the mwiw in his poirev to 1ur« uri:lv li^ IiIa 
l>rrpnroil hollnw, nri<t ih<'iT to drp*'Fit Ihc luvrwd uva willi 
uhirli lliK-y riri' lofkiD, wlricli lit then [irolecU And ^tmriU with 

A tnorir jtriking oisr rf tdiirtflliip, up irrll n* nf di^plaj, \iy 
ihr mMliv i^f M <"iiiin^ic* \fnf'ti>{ii»i Ims \Mfn }i\\i*r\ hv il, C»f- 
iboniittrr. who t«r«fully utn^rvin] th«*« fldht<^ kumI^t conlint 

thwTi Ihr ft*miil(V- Diirinfl tho hri'cH3ii]g-«iisnn Ihoy C'^ntciifl 
ior tho powrwion of iho frmfllc*; «rnl, in tJi*- ad <■! lourl- 
ahip. tMii^nuJ their fint, wlui:h are spcilted uml omanimtwl 
viui bri^-hrlv coIoumtI mrn, in tho sanu' inanncr, •cmiHin^ 
to M. t'nrborjiiir_r, a» Iho prftr<>rl.. Thfy thm nlso bound 
about like fc'i[iit]«« witli uiuch vi\adl_v. aiiiJ aitix.'Mi- liv 
■' r^tnU^o Je le^ir* vive« ooul^rurv rherehir ft alliri.'r I'liitrii- 
lion dw frnu'llcs, I'-s^udlr* n* fHrnfwnicnt itidifForrnt« I't c« 
mnrr^gp, rTli* rtii^wf'Til avrr iiiu' mulU' l*»fjl»>iir vi-r- W mAfffi 
«l ^^TribleioT^t ee eomnlure daiu Li>ur voiniiia;;*.'/' AfkT the 
niuk huH vrti) bin hrulc', htr mnW a lifllc dific <>f frolh b^ 
hlnu jM^ jiir :iiid nim'iiA mit of bi^ mmiHi. lie Ibfn <HiT]o4<ffl 
thF f(?t*uli«ed ova> dropp^id bjr the (c-mal^, in hie mouthy and 
this f'AiTsed M, rnrbcnnier much alarm, w ht? Ibmij^bt tbnl 
(brv McTi' yoiii;;: to hv dcvntin-d. Jlnt Ujr nmir wiotj drpiwitu 
Ibt'in Jn thp dine fif fMtb, nf(rrwnrd,i ^tinrdinj; Ihcni. r^pftir- 
io^ iht fn.<lli. and tubiuj.' lar^ t>f iho voiitiK ubt^ii baldit-rh 
1 mrrxtrim tlitfr |iiirlR-tibir!« fitviiiin', im wt' ^bfill firtw.-rtly si*t<. 
^tbffrr tifv tifhrc, tbc mnl™ of whiHi hiift'h th^'ir r^j^ in Ihnir 
nmi(]it> utid IhciHL' \tlRi do nvi b<-1t^Vf^ in Ihc piiiiciplc of 
prHdiiul ^-i)lutii>ii miffht ask how eonld »urh a Imhii \m\-c 
ongmntcd; 1ml llio diflii^uily in mLir'b dimtnii^hifl ivht-ii wo 
knmv thai Uicre are fithcJi whicb thu* cctlloct ond cnrry Ibc 
^ffi; for if delay^l by any ffl!»4c in dfpotitinif them, the 
babtt of hulchiDK fh<in in th>.^r tnoutha mif:ht have bcon 


To rptiirn to tytit biotp immiHiiatp siihjVrt- Thr' ijtw 
btJindri thu?: fcmalv fisbrt. a? far a? 1 can h:arn, n^i-i^cr wlll- 
iriRlt i-piiwti I'xcrjjf ill tbt.- prfwmi- of rhi? iHnk-*; and the 
naW n^'top f<»rtili*'» Iho ura ix^^pt in the prc*<'Tuv nf Iht* f*- 
malt"*. The males fi^ht for thi^ pnwwJon of tlv fi^mnloji- 
In HMny sEn^cirt. tbc* iral^^H *hfUf imtng ivwmMc- the fcninle« 
in nolotir; but «hwi nd^lt Ijeooim- mtieh more hrilb^ir^F. and 
retain their colours IhrouffhoLit life. In olbrr ojiccics the 
malm beeome brighter tfmn lb« ft'inalet and 'itheru'ij^e riiore 

ifiiUui,' PuHo, J alt, IWk, utfl JaiL 

ruPL xa 



liigbl/ cTTkam^nled. only during the MBflnan of loiv. Thu 
mik^ tL^^Lloiink limn Ih*' foitiaIi>^, end tn oii« CAM, as wo 
Imtt m^m. takr pnin«i in ditptdtiik;; tlLoir In^uutj before Uioiu, 
Can it )i^ Wli'^vt'rl ilmt [1ii*y Wttuld Ihim w<L Ui no pur- 
poic dunn^ Uirir oourl^hiii? And Ihi^ would bo th«» ctuv, 

imkN wtitHi iiWm' or rtritr Ihini mmL If tlip frinulc 
«ierlJ> Kvdi choree, all llw nt>ovo fActfi on tht ni-rnn^trntilion 
of ihtr injilrj twtxiiii? bt ouce inltlligibk % llie aid of aejc- 

M\' liavo iiMt lo im|iiirc tf hcthor this viinv of the bri^rlil 
colours 111 I'L-rtAiii mnlt (lBln■^ liAvin^ litcn occjuircd lhr\»ijfc;li 
KTiQii] udff-ticin CHI), thriJiixfi tl^*' '»"' "^ l^i*' f^siml tniiihrpiin' 

in wluL^k tfie miiicT jmU fi'iMuU-fl fliT briMinnt in llir Aimi\ or 
iiftirir Oh' wiiiHi* Jii-r** and fnanri*-?. In ^wU s pi-iuih »« 
IdHhruj, whiifi iHchid**^ fonic ^jI Hit mufl sf^li'miid flaht^ iti 
thf wotM — UiT JMHtaiici', the IVoctrck Ijibnin iL, pat^r). dc- 
8fTihw1," witfi frfinTi^Tiahli^ ^YnfTpcrallriri, ns fiirint-rl ttf jml- 
tehod tft«lc« ff i^ld, iHLniaUriK l"!'i« lai^uli* rubu'p, wpphir^^ 
rmmKK iiiid on^Hhyiib — qi- lEJiiy, uitki tiiurli (irclmbilitr, 
Am*p1 l!ki« lM»liff; fr»r u*' hn^f wvn tJisil Ihr- -en™ in tit li^fltl 
nnc rppcit* -jf the ;.'<nu* dilFLT ^roatly in oj!'»nr WiMi soino 
fledm. n» Hitit trmiiv nf Ihr Uiur^t ntiiiiinlAH :<|jlrnilid culoiint 
ma* hr th*' dirc^-t r^iilt nf Iho naliirt' of thHr tiflMiu* iind of 
llw' ♦nrr-mndinj; (vndilU'DH. wilhout rlio aid jf si'kilinr: of 
BUI kiiirl. 'Hio f7«)M-rL-<!i {('ifpritiuj' fiHntliir), j[it\yh\y. Ui\a\ 

the iitiftlogy of tluT giildi'ii vnriLHy of tho common mrp, is por- 
ha[« a COAT io F'<'iT^1> aa it may ow« it^ eplcndid toluun lo a 
aingk ul>ru|>[ larijiliini. <\iw lr> Llit- oundilifuis tn uhii-li tliix 
fliii Ihih ^rt'^T nubjrHf'd iindiT tM>rlinMn(»nt- It ih, hotrt>vnr. 
Tiiorf probitblo thnt thoiw colniir** liaTt Leer irilaiJ-ill*:'! 
Ihrmi^)] HTfifli'ial m'ln'timi. ih HiJ^ 4{itvii^ liiiii Ihh^h 4'flri-fii1t_> 
hred in I'liina from ii rt-inuro pm<M!." Hndor tialiirnl mndi- 
tioiii" it do<-fl tiot >iTm |in"j|>jil(lo tbnl iK-insTJi ?n liitililv oryan- 
imm] 84 fl8l)4>, arid vhii-li |[\e under hiiHi <r>injd<'X rv-lnlii^ni*. 

C\im. (flltou NuL" tmr. It IK(«. p, 

I^UttlErt, h wl^ EH 111 V tr-M^- Hit J|i^ V»- 
Ur W F Mhym iTliihiw 

iiiLtnml 4. u ii'di In Oii> ^Hir im 
lhf*t fl^lx' fll^ui"U<l. Ill ■Et^iLliar 
^Jhv il ia MHi»j tlmt viii-'" l^*- vitriol 
Uuirr liw Ivt'ii "vrr'']i|f(<) cl TlUkflr- 
i.-li'^i* ■ viirli^t><*]Ff>l Oitllrr: Hth.ftvrji 
iTj» MXi'n*Mly rod i^Jtmr l[ i* anf**^ 

fi'iM tiiki''m 'it t* uhI vLiltrvilTl, •• ri- 




TUK iii^^CNT or nxn. 

fifti a 

ehnii)d beoome brillinutly efllonrod vitlMul niJbriiis •obw 
evil or recviviiL^ «omif li^iir^fit fri>tii au f^reat a ehun Attd 
c<rin«4^r^mmnjr without ihi* iiiU'rv^Dtjcm of iiAturar ^elvKv 

Wl^L IIk^u. mr we to cuiidui.1e m regard to the man^ 
fifth««. both iL'X&t of wiiii'h ai'O «plvnilidl| (?i>loitr3d^ Mr 
Wiillitv"' bclicvd thill ihp aficcn-t wUn?h (ru-qiivnt revf*, 
wlujv noraU fliid oih^T bright ly-<^ Inn red or^nm^Tn^ Abound, 
aiv brightly coloured id ord^r lo ef^ape detMion \yy lli^r 
t'lit-mii-ri: but OfcortUf;*: ti> niy ret-ollwliori th<?y w^re IhuA 
rf^nili^rr^il htj^hljv raii^iiic^miiu. In thr fnvh-vnlcn* of Ihi? 
trrfpi.^ (hflTt* ar^ nn brilliant I y^'^'^Iourvd comh nr nthor or- 
jtauiMnd for thr llsbiep lu rx^fniblt^; yil m^mv yiocJot iu the 
AniaTioii* nrr hrHUiifullv ri>l(Hiriil. anii mwiii of llie itirumi* 
rcnif ( T|>rJni<]!i' jh JnJiA un^ nrnunKiiIi^d with " bri^jht lutisi* 
tutJirnl lifK-i^ of ifiiious tint^'*'^ Mr. M^Uldlaiid. in ao^ 
n'rihin;; rhrf^e liNhi'*. ^OfF^ m fur fit 1(» AU|t[ici«^v Ibul ^' the ji4>- 
cuUar bfillinney of Ih^tT tolotira " «;rvt« » '" u litti^ murk 
for kins'fifihcn", t^rrw. and olh<T bird* vhich nr*^ ilortinrd 
to k«-|i Ih? ntiiiiTHT iif thtw fie^htn in cherk;" hut at the 
prftK.'nt duj ft-w iiotunLtiBld wUI udmit thai nby aiiima) has 
bccR ntndc ccnnpii:ut>;j# ar- 4iii aiti to it« own di?»tru<:tJO[i. It 
in potisilil^ that certain lUUtn mav havo Wn mid^r^ t^un- 
Bpictiou^ til "iHcT to wnrti hinTo and hrmlw of prey that th<*y 
wmr- ijiijmlnEflble. n* I'^j^laiirt^d rtbrii Irrstinj; of cnli-rfnlluni; 
hot it r« not. 1 l)r>1i4>vo. known thai aity tl^h, at Ifanl any 
fri-nh-imtcr fi*h. i* P^jrrtrH frnm tiring diflostffn! to fwh- 

dl'V^^M^^J^ JinimaU, On thv wholi', thr trin*t |jrnliihh* lirw 

iu r^^rd to th* li^lus. of which hoth 8ev<« nrp brilliantly 
colonrtti, if that Ihrir colours wvre fttitnirisl by the nialrr^ as 
nvrtmr] nmaitiM 
lo tho filhrr bi^t, 

Wt' havi- now to conaider whether, when th^ malf iliiT<*ra 
111 11 mdrVinl trmiinrr frnni the ft'rrmh* In roToitr or in iitlier 
nr^amrnU. hr ilon** hnp hron modified. tVjo vanithoni' bcinj? 
inl^^Tilrd by hi* nmlo otT^prins nionf; nr nhHhi^r th<' fi^niAle 
hnfl l»f*r ^por-ially modifled and r**ndfrp»l infoncpirnaiw fnr 
the* Nike of nrotn^Lion. Mi^h fiiodifi<n1ion^ b<-in^ inhmted 
only by the fi^maW Tl i* imjvwwihlr to f!onht that n»loiir 
hhft hp^n eainod hv inany fch^ av a fitutMion: no nnt' tmn 
etamioe the sm^eklcJ upper fitrfecc ct a litiiindrr, and qvct- 
lotik it» rewroblBncT lo the taiidy V-d uf tV- b« on wluoh il 
livw- Certain flfchns, morcovi-r, ran ihnnii/h fhe ni-linn w! 

n *rtiml nmani*"nf , and wrn* tmnHrrpml niiwlW, ur nmrly no. 


Wbtn'inMbrKirrVJulviM7.|i T. I«fli). ^\<]lll1^ KfOHnrfavA,' tuL ilx 

eiun X\L 



tlt« B^rvDiia «T6ten ohnn^o Iheir coloure in adflptatioD to 
irroijii^lin^ fjlijwU, nnd tliat within n aliurl tim--,'^ One of 
ihr imjut kirikiiij^ lh^Iilihv* i'v<*t nviirilnJ of nn Biiiirml bi'in^ 
lllpr^ficlf^i lr\ iU rol^nir (ui^ fnr ke it I'fln b(» juclgtxl of in pr^ 
StTnTd Hj>tviiikrnff], iL* vA\ OA l>v iii iomi, i^ tiiat ^Jv«ii by Dr. 
fliiullwrr" of n pi|te-fL»h. wbicli. wiiU ito ivilili-tti ftfrmmiii^ 
filiununU* it hardly iliEtingi^isliubk from ih'.-' ^R-n«od to 
which it clifi^ viih il# prehensile tail. But the i|u<«tion 
now uiiiler eoitKiiliTaliiiii ih vht-llii-r llii* fi^jimli-ii hIoiio liavi* 
U*n modifitxl for Itu* objuM. Wi* run nfo th*]l <Jtie wk wJl 
not he pnoclifird tlm^uifh natnrni wKxtiun for tlie take ^>f 

trikt^ction mmv Iban 111** :»ll»"?r. (^upiinkm^- botli Xo v\iry. uii- 
IB one M-x id i^X[x.iM.^rL fi^ir u tou^LT |H.-rLu<t hi tXanpi^'T. or li^u 
luM |K>»cr of c#i:nfiin>c frnm *nfh dnriKer tlinn iVi** rtlicr; nn*l 
it dopfl not npiirfir tli^l wJLli HHhH^ tHt' -PVf^ dilTcr in |)i»n<> 

re^pooli?^ Af I Ar oi there i^ aiiv difTerenoe, tti<? lualt^. from 
btiiifc' geiitiuHj -tniAllcr am] from wnnclctin^- more nbciut, 
■nr mihvril 111 f^n-nUt ilsn^^t-r than tht^ frmnlp*; and }-et, 
irbPTi thf 60x<« <hff<^r, the innle*i are fllnnwt alwnvn Ihe more 
cunBpi(T]ou»lT I'fjlnnrrii. Thn ijvn *irr firlilis<.'i.l immc^liHtt'l.v 
iifler In-ill^ ilrp(W]t<'il: t\n\} whm thii* pronwt luvli: fur wvi-rnl 
(Invf* an ]n Ih** ejxflf fif the enlmon,*' th** f(^nnle, dnrinj; rho 
whole liuie. in aUt'in-l-'-I br the male. After the t^^a are for- 
Uiiw^J tlipy nre. in imir-t tiiPiiH. lefl UDprotectii) hy both 
pitT^Di^, Mk thar the miili^- nnH frmalof, am fnr at ovipoi^iUon 
la niticemeil, are cqnallv r^xpa^ed to dunjfer, and both are 
•■lually important f>>r the jirridnnion of fertile oira: i?onp*e- 
f)Uf^Cly the mon- nr le*? hriylilly eolonusl iiulivtduidn of 
either M'\ »»>iiM li*' ctinnllr Hnhlf to ho derirnycri or prr- 
servii), nrid lM»lh would lijivrnn pqiifil influrnrerin thp t^ibiurfl 
iif Ihrir otfiprmx^ 

tVrtain (Wn^ Wnnirinc to itpTrral fnTinl!'*^. maVo nnat^ 
and some of them IflV*' oaro nf thoir ymmj! whm bjitchwl, 
JSolb K-\<* of the hri^'ht-coionrc^d Vrrhthbrui* ru'ifei^'i and 
HKfe/ii work liiRi'thiT in buildltiK tlicir iK?t* wiili *rn-wt-ftl, 
KhplK Jte,** lint fb*- tnal™ of fvi'tain fiibr*: <!o nil the ncirk, 
*n(l afterivird lake exchieive rJinrp* nf the yonnir- Thi*( ia 
Ihr cflrt? with the i1iill'v.'ul»ured ;robit'j*," in wliieh tbt aetw 
FT* not biionn to itftTcr in (rihir and likevi-iae wUb tho 
#titkl«hackf (<;flj4tiTnst<n*), in whirh the niflloa Ixv^omr bril- 
liantly rulonred diirJit^ lh« ^pawiiin^' «eaMf£t. The male of 

■II, |%>*.'Jirt, UlortUfct K*V. I, " Awwrtinp 1ft thfl *l*ff"»tinii» «f 





tlic emooth-tAiIvil Mii:k[«tMif.'k {0. H«m*> iierformt tlw tlcHoa 
of a TiLiTM; uilli r-\t-iri[ilur)' atn* iind TijfihiEici.* rtiinn^ a ^*>tjjg 
Utile, uiid IF (-^mti nil oily vin|)loyei) m jtently Uudin^ Uick the 
)ruUD£ ti> tfie iR^stp ubou they ttraj 1>X7 far. lie c(iitMi)reQi»1j 
~VH flvrnr all t^n^mies inetuding the feinilefi of Iiik own 
ef. Ji would iodccd bo no itmnll relief io the Pial^ if 
femule. jifler depiwiling her cgjr*, nrre immeilialely 
deiroiir<HJ bv wiino *.»neini% for he i* frirrvil inopfwfltiU)' In drifff 
ber from tlit iiuft," 

Thr [iiiitn (if i-rrtuin olhvr flshvf inlTJiLitiiifc Stmtli Amef^ 
Ten Slid IVvNiOh ln*lotigiTig lo iivo ili^linrt CJMrr*, have the 
<.'xtnkijrit>iiury haljil of liaTchiM^' wiihjii tLeir moilthe, (>r 
hrjiiichijil t'livilji?*, ihv c^^^s luiil bj lie fdimloi.*'' I am in- 
fiinm^l by rr^ifi-i*or AgnMiK tbill Ihi* tnnhv of Uir ATimwininn 
»*pwie* wIluIi follow tliia habit, *' nol only ore jicnrtnlly 
brij{]itiT IliJtu ibe fiTimW but tin? (liffert-jice in j,'r«ittr at the 
i*|ittwninn'*c-uji»» thiin at any rjther tinu*,"" The »(H>oi« of 
(!cflpho(fUi^ nff in the ^me iiiaimtTi and iri this R^*^' • *™^ 
epinioiLB [ifululii-EniKv bei.'iriTi('f* di-vi'Iojifd on llie forelicfl 
uf the niukv during tho bri-vdiii^-H'iLMin, With ili<> varioiift 
sptt-icji of t'Lrftmid*!, a^ IVifi'wior Atrns^rK likewise^ i»form> 
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in colour; bnt Dr. (j\mU>or b«lifvc^ tZmt the iiiolt^ Hip]70- 
i!tiiii|n are rnllir-r ^righlrr UiHii U»' r^-inult*. Tin- ^^i-iuib 
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the 0|E|ffl? ^ tli't llto f^'iiijili* of Siik'ixjHlriinJl tlJlToni train itU 
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thr Mimp* HiJirjJ!!- iiml iii hri^^Sitcr thnn llir 'iirl4<, it mi^lil Ik* 
aign«4 thai (he c\>n^mnL.»u^ colours of tha. d^k whtdi i^ iho 
monf EiiijjuiliiuL ol Uit Iwti for I he* wrlf«ri' *it the i^ffspring, 
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(ir f«rt(Hlirn11> brij/hti-r than Lhi' frninlry, liul wUic^- life is 
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bitlt^ of llio two wxcfl, and vie *-lii[ll Mifii give what apr^^rti 
to hu iJki' pndaililf explaimtii'ii. Eiiinifl), lluil fhi' iimk.H 1iavv 
Wr|«^t«) (hi-< lijuro nUniL'tiit frliijkh-4. jiieIc'JiiI nf iLf.' hilt^r 
liavmi: jrU'rtH, in ncfordiinn' with llir o^iml nili' throu^h- 
uul Ih4*antnid1 Lin^ihirii, Hit' iiniri' Hltr»U'1iv>' oiiiliw, 

On ihe wh>>!e H'*^ mnv (OiR'liidc', IhaT ^lilh tnost fipli*?, 
in vTiich tht' i^iwm ditfi:r in roToirr or in olhiT ormiim'ntiil 
diamrfi'rm tin* iimiIc* orij:ionlly viirird. wilh ihrir \rtriatioii» 
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ff'innl^ n]on« hau liad her colours or olh«r cliarvlov specially,