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This is a digital copy of a book that was preserved for generations on Hbrary shelves before it was carefully scanned by Google as part of a project 

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It has survived long enough for the copyright to expire and the book to enter the public domain. A public domain book is one that was never subject 

to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired. Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country to country. Public domain books 

are our gateways to the past, representing a wealth of history, culture and knowledge that's often difficult to discover. 

Marks, notations and other maiginalia present in the original volume will appear in this file - a reminder of this book's long journey from the 

publisher to a library and finally to you. 

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Compiled by 
C. W. F. GOSS, 




I'the new'' YORK 


Books are the friends of the friendless, and a 
library the home of the homelefis. A taste for 
reading will carry yon into the best possible 
company, and enable yon to conTerse with men 
who will instmct yon with their wisdom, and 
charm yon by their wit, who will soothe yon 
when fretted, re&eeh you when weary, coansel 
you when perplexed, and sympathize with you 
at alt times. 


Governors and Officers" of the Foundation. 



Bishop of Kensington. 

GEORGE RINGROSE, Esq., Chubchwaeoen. 
GEORGE TAYLOR, Esq., C.C, Chubchwakpen. 

Mb. FREDERICK GEO. FITCH (Cterfc to the Gotemon). 
Mb. DANIEL R. DALE. F.R.I.B.A. iSurtegor). 

C W. P. GOSS. 


iBT. Q. A. Stephen. J. J. Jacobs. Miss A. M. Thomas. 

Suniav Jlsststanfa. 

BBiB. W. G. Peck. A. Billington. F. W. Cudlip. 

B. RoBcwsoN. C Bbckrtt. F. Fotton. 

News Boom Altaidiini — J. Sweet. Caretaker — J. Milhah. 

Porters — J. Smith, W. JBNNiifos, M. G. Parrv. 


Tfaa books here catklogaed Lai» been claasified on what ia kDovn u the Dewry Decim^ (yiteni, but for the 
parpOM of « oil nnmbeT thej hare been shelved io IS main clMses, u nnder :— 
A.— OenenI worki— Biblioft"ph;, Cjcloptediu, Ha^uioe*, etc 
B, — Philosophy— Met»phjii OS, Pijcholoffj, L<^c, Ethici, Philosophical ■; items, etc, 
0.-— Bel i|non— Bible, Nstanil Theology, Dognntics, Church History, Homiletios, ete. 
D.—SociolOKy— Political Science, Political Sconamy, Law, Eihication, Commerce, ate. 
8.— Philology. 
P.— Fiction. 
G.— Natnnil Science— Mathematics, Astronomy, Physics, Chemistry, GeolOfiy, Biolofty, Botany 

Zoolf^, etc. 
H. — Usefnl Arts — Medioine, Engineering, Agricnltare, Domestic Bconomy, Hanafactnres, Bnilding, etc. 
J.— Fine Arts— Architeotare, Bonlptnre, Drawing, Painting, EngraTing, Hnsic, etc. 
K. — literatare— Critioism, Rhetoric, Blocntion, Satire, Miscellaneoos works. Essays, etc. 
L. — Biography. 

H.— History— beotrraphy, Voyages, and Travel. 
When the title oF a book is Tollowed by two or more nnmbera, it is to be onderitood that there is a 
corresponding namber oF copies of that work in the library. For example — Dickens (Charles) Bleak Hoase. 
F sain, f SS8S, F 3366. These nnmbers show that there are three copies of the book in the library. Wlien the 
nnmben are oonneoted by a hyphen thus— Lecky (W. E. H.I History oF Ireland in the eighteenth centurj. 
X leaO-W-. they signify that the Stb volnmes oF the work are nambered respectiiely H 1B86, M IAS7, M 1816 
M 1S39, H 1«U0. and that each Tolnme is issued separately. 


Anonfmoos works, apart From being entered nnder the title and subject, are entered under the author's 
ime when possible. 
The reader's attention is directed to the order in which series of books should be read, thus : 

1.— Katharine Uuderdals. By CrawFord (F. H.) F XWt P 2007 

Foa cDHTixDinaH. asAi, " Ralstuu." F lilt, F 1111. 

a.-Ralstons. By Crawford (F. M.) I" WW F 2II3 

IS A imusL TO ■'EsUurine I«ud«4sle." 
J),— Great Britain— Constitutiou :— 

Hallam (H., u-D.) Constitutianal history oF England [148G-17M.]. St D 806 

iron.— Imsartls] Tleir of the gradual leTclaimeBt of the vaWml InstitBlloBS and lbs etnOiiil 
beincB ths TbrgH uid PsriiUDait, Hu ban coDttnuod dawn to t»1i, by Xty. 
D 111. Lingard r1™ ■ Hoduu Catholic Tlew ot Um ssina psclod. 

Hay (Sir T. E.) Constitutional history of England [1760-1860.]. St D SIS 

rion.-Libeial Tiew, uid miRhl tie nad u ■ oontlnustkiB ot HsDsm. Oires a falstcn tl tbe 
[nn«iitiTea, influenw, ud rerenum of Uh crown ; tocotluv witli the Bonaatutiaa, 
powen, funcdoDJi sud solitlaj nditionii at tbc Houssi of Psilismmt: also glmD r 
blstory o! parUn, of ike prna. af politieal aritBllBn, of tlnj ahoroh, of poUtlcsl and 
dill liberty, and s mriew of En«Ui<b leflslaflon. 
Btnbbs (W.,Su*(9i) Constitutional history of England [Earliest times to 1466.]. St. D fllG 
nan.— Tbs flist toIuow dosss viUi U» nicn of Hnur II., tbs leaaad wfth Uist of Bichard H., 
and the tUrd wltb that of BloLard III. The woA thus L-Bd> where HaUsm b«(iiis 
(I4U-1)M|, ind (hUin its turn Is leUowed by Hay's History (ITM-IHO]. 


When applying For a book readers must first consult the " Indicators " adopted For the parpose of showing 
what books are arailable for issue at any particular moment. When a number is printed on a (iKEEN ground it 
is to be understood that the rolanie represented by that nnmber is IN, and may be called For ; on the other hand 
if the number be printed on a BLACK ground, it indicates that the rolame is ODT. When the reader has 
ascertained that the derired work is IN, the ticket, together with namber of book required, must be giren lo the 
Assistaot, who will issue the volnmoi retaining the ticket nutil the book is returned. 

Students and other borrowers wishing to examine books on any particular subject betore deciding what 
to take home, may, upon application in the Reference Library, have any, or all, of the books aroilable at the 
moment, brought t« them for examination. There, the reader will hare an oppottanity of perusing the 
volumes in comfort. After selecting the work required, it should be handed to the Assistant, who will then 
pise it through to the Lending Library that it may be duly charged to the borrower. This amngement doss 
not, however, apply to works of Fiction. C. W. F. G. 


THE arrangemeDt of Uiix work is such as will enable the reader to find the author, the iitle, 
and the atibject of anj given work in preciitely the same manner as one might find a 
particular word in a dictionarr. 

It has, howeier, been long felt hy persunit uuiug Public Libraries — eepecially by thoBe 
engi^ied in study — that Homething more is required than a mere liot of titlen; something that 
will illustrate the character of the bookx available, and enable the student and reader to judge 
of their peculiarities and of their deHirableness, as well as of their genera) merits. 

It is from frequent eiperienco of this need that the idea suggested itself to the compiler, of 
giving a brief STnopsis of each book, or some information concerning the standpoint from which 
it was written, since he felt sure that summaries given under the principal topics throughout 
the Catalogue, would afford to the reader a fair insight into the whole of the works under the 
various headings. The titles of some hooks readily explain themselves and suggest at once their 
scope, yet the titles of others are too often obscure and perplexing, and thns many good and 
reliable works are lost to the general reader, and remain nntouched upon the shelves. Hence the 
endeavour to place before the public on intelligible view of all the more important books 
contained in the Library, in the hope that such view will assist in, or lead to, a systematic method 
and order of reading. It was, of course, inevitable that there should l>e a considerable number 
of subjects without notes, but, as a rule, the scope of such volumes is sufficiently explained in 
their titles. 

In order to give a connected idea of the leading facts of a snbject, the synoptical notes have ' 
been more frequently given under the subject, than was deemed desirable under the author's 
name; but in the case of fiction, wherever possible, the note ban been given under the author's 
name, and not nnder the title. 

The practice of giving the date of publication of works of history or tnvel, has not only 
proved sometimes useless, but misleading ; often causing readers to take out books bearing recent 
dates, nnder the impression that they related to recent^ events, only to find them to be reprints of 
former publications. It has therefore been tbought desirable, throughout the Catalogue, to give 
in a bracket, the period covered by the history, travel, or mission, rather than the date of 

For descriptions of many works of fiction the compiler is indebted to the Sub-Librarian, 
Mr. Hugh Smith. To htm, as well as to four of the assistants — Uessrs. Darby, Stephen, Harris 
and Peck — a grateful acknowledgment is due, for the imperturbable cheerfulness with which they 
have helped forward the work of compilation and revision of proofs, and to whom must be 
attributed ronch of what is meritoriously accurate in the fallowing pages. It is likewise a duty as 
well as a pleasure to acknowledge the kind and generous encouragement at all times received from 
the Governors of the foundation. 

It is perhaps desirable to state, in conclusion, that the compiler, in his explanatoiy notes, has 
never pretended to speak positively, and has avoided anything approaching criticism, unnecessary 
detail, or flippant expression of private opinion ; being content with an attempt to describe the 
authors' methods, to adhere closely to the authors' meaning, and to impart, under the various 
licndings, some idea of the subject matter of the books enumerated. With the^e remarks, it is 
hoped the reader may form an adequate conception of the nature and aims of the Catalogue, and 
that, however imperfect the execution of it, the compilation may not be without its use. 

October aStt, 1901. C. W. P. G. 

Library Hours. 

The LENDING LIBRARY is open for the exchange of books 
from 10 a.m. till 7 p.m., except on Saturdays, when it closes at 
2 p.m. 

The REFERENCE LIBRARY is open from 10 a.m. till 7 p.m. 

The NEWS AND READING ROOU is open from 10 a.m. till 
e.30 p.m. 






I1.C. of bridge. By Teiinaiit {R'. A.) 

L. O. E. fjKtfitd. H/Chiiilotte M. Tuckei-) ;■ 


: DT Kiilt^dweiitton 
i.-J room." --- 

Hy neixhliour'H Khoe)>... 
Old trlenilH kDIi new Fiirc 
I*rLde nnd bin prliumeni 

Story of a needle F 

Wur ami iieiiee [rclreut 

[mm CnbuL IHU] F 

Wliite beiir'- ilcn llahndor] F 

Wmtlh of TDd^iin Kt'i'-liMi ... V 

., tt lit rtoriea... F 11 Young pilltnin Fai 

pifilH! ParLermimiCJ.). (in Fir nrh] 111 m> 
■(.iitlieJew. ByFarieoii(,B.L.)...t'3«il', F 2K27 
m.luiifil. By Vefiie(J.) F«5.'")7, F »:}»» 

i^^'"om'istontiu,L". "^Pm-Hul4vy(L.)- [/« 

■■'n;i<-h'] Kirm,Kir>6i 

\,i-\ mill. By Woi-hoise (E. J.) F y2(>8 

«yt : — 

rviiifif W.) AhbotafoniatidNewHk-adaMiey K 18;j 
Villi {.I.e.) Alfred tlifGi-eat and his uhlieya 
(if Hyde, Atholiiey, and ShafteBlmiy ... C 775 

NiiTE bcalH Willi Kiijg Alfred's three itrnt nuHiiwhc.' 
ijiiiidiilionH: Athdney lor monka Id tbo HnmBrM't 
u:irsli<M<. KbnriBtbury [or Dan*. mhI Wlnvhextcr lUi ii 
I'lioiil for rtjif red lAtmlnir whMi lie wan iilannlng nl llie 
■iTif or liix denlh. Ollcrii a HuicHesllon uh to the llnilinK 
>l AirmlV Ji'woL 
AJ-Su [X>OK UNDBR Monulcrien, 

lilt (Ezra, D.D., Editur). LOOK under 

.tiniwou (Alvan). 

i(it,Tlie. [Mary Queen of Scofji in Loeh- 

• v.-.i ('astif]. ByScott(W.)F757C,F7577,F 7578 

KyfFLTO "TliB MonHBlery." 

MitM I.ridp-. By Feai-d (F. M.) F G78J 

H.t-Mford. By Ii-ving (W.) K 185 

,'OTK .ArcouDtofitvUtlnltllT. 

n)tt (AiiguattiB, Major-Gen.) : — 
,..w ((). H., Lieut.) Afglian war, 18;i8-1842. 
fnini the journal an<l coiTespoii deuce of 
Mjiji>r-Geiieral AugustuB Abliott ... M 23(10 

i)tt (Etlwiii A., D.D.) Francis Bacon : his 

life and works L 156 

■>w to parse ; an attempt lo apply the priii- 
ciplesof BcholarHhip to English grammar E 7.5 

Ahlxitt (E. A.. D.D.)—ronlinitc(/. 

— How to write clearly : rules and excrcinea 

on English comjMiKilioii ,,, ... ... E 85 

— Spirit on the \Vttt-er8 : the evolution of the 

divine fnini the human 0. 3G9 


— ,«jirfSeeley(,Frof.) English leBSona 

for English people E 40 

Abbott (Evelyn, LL.D.) History of Greece. 

[titrliest times to B.C. ;{2.^]. 4 v. M 1457-8 

Pericles, and the golden age of Athens ... L 46!) 
, and Maiisfielil (E. D.) Primer of Greek 

gi-ammar E 174 

■[fiV/(7«f]. LOOK UNDER Arnold (T. K.) 
AblKitt (John a. 0.) Works ;— 

Prinrc o( iiloncom F» I Simnlnlniiviilier F31 

ParituD capluin F 3U | TlirouKli11iepni!rie(ind(ore»l F S3 

Abbott (T. K., TV.). LOOK UNDBR Kant (1.) 
AlKlallah ; ou, le tretle a qnatre feniUea. Par 

I^boulaye (K.). [_In Fi-etich^ ...KlCOl.K 1602 
Alidur R. Khan, Ameer of Afgilianistaii : — 

Wheeler (H.) The Ameer, Abilur Rahman L 339 
A'Beckett (Arthur William) London at the 

end of the century M 371 

■Member for Wrottenboi-ongh F 33 

A'Beckett (Gilbert A.) Comic Blackstone. . . D 573 
—Comic history of England. [B.C. .16-1700] M 1765 

Comic history of Roine.[B.C.753-4-13 MI377, M 1378 
Abel Drake's wife. By Saunders (J.) ... F 7517 

Compayiii (G.) Alielaril, and the origin 

and early history of universities. ... L 7f?3 

Alx^nteuer de Neujahi-snacht, Das. Von 

Zachokhe (H.). [In Gernitin'] K 1191 

AI>erei'oniby(Hon, Ralph) Weather : popular 

exposition of the nature of weather changes 

from day to day G 821 

Abei-eromby (Sir Ralph, Gen.) :— 

Wilkinson (S., Editor) From Cromwell to 

Wellington: twelve soldiers L 751 

Aberdeen (George H. Gordon, 4th Earl) : — 

Gordoii(Sir A.) Aberdeen ... L471,L 472 

/h Kebbet (T. E.) English statesmen ...L 519 



Abiiling strengtli of the cbnrt'li : fixir wr- Acciili-ntK in iniiu-H : lluir ciuiws :iiiil jut- 

iBOUB. By Mjltie tU. S.) .'.82 v.-iitimi. Bv liiif,'..t (A.) li 

AbiogMarit:— iAcciilinR lo Plato. B.v M.»hv (F. F.) ... F 

Huxley (T. H.. Pn.f.) BioKenosm and | Acc-.irdiiiH to St. Jolni. By Hiv.-s (A.J ... F 

a)>io^iioRifi. 1)1 his " Critiijnes iiiiil I Aooinmilaton ; — 

addressea" (J (j.5 Rilomonn tfiii- D.) Eloetric lij;lit iiiftlnl- 

NOTB-FromtheabioRcniHipoiMof Hew. i latioiis iiini tilt' inaiiiHifiiietit of acetiimi- 

Ablett (T. R.) Hnw to teach di-awing in \ luturs H 

elementary HchoolB J 203 ' .-l,_' . '"' ._ 

Abiett(WilliamH.)Mai-ketK:u-deiihiwhandrvH l>12i,", ,"■"?■,■ ^ , ,, , ... 

Abney (W. de W.. Capt, D.c.L.) C.ioiir \ Hikkera (A. J. U. Di-.) Malay. Acli.i 

measurement aiul mixture ... d.'im, G iwn 

— Negative making J itS.') 

— Ti-eatise on photography J .'iSlJ 

Aboard the " Atalanta." By Frith (H.) ... F 3147 

About (Etlmond) Handbook of social ccoii- .Acis and Oahitca : a wi-eiiata. By HaniW 

Fi-eiidi, an.l Riifjlish votabnlan, 

■b (A. H.. Prof.) AcidP, alkalies, etc. 
lii-it. iixtHiiftu: indiixl. H 

omy ; or, the worker's A. B. C D 

NOTB— Intended lo nerve an tt hell) to til 
lo solve the problem o( "ocialisni. 

— Works. [In Freiirli] :— 

Fellah K l»H K ntr. Tolls 

Haitre Pierre K 13:M Trenlc n ouan 

Rol de« Mon(s(me« ... K IM7 Siin-dot, Pnrc 

(G. F.). Vitral M-we J -■ 

.\c-ktantl (Arthur H.). LOOK UNDER Spender 

(J. A.) 
Aeland (Rt. Hon. Arthur H. Dyke), <tm} 

liaiiNoiiie (0,, Prof.) Handbook in cmt- 

Eoroond'unbravehoinmeK133K mini ..'. K IMii Hue of the political llintorv of Kllglailit 

About buying a horse. By Buniand (F. ('.) ,„ i«h2 : chitmologiaillv arranged ... M l'^ 

F1144.F 144.'>| Awthn- rdilion to the yejir IH% ... Ml- 

Above suspicion. By Riddell (Mit). J. H.) F 7Ht:i for note, look i-NnEn(irejii'nritiitn iiiitiimi. 

Abrakam: — AcIand^Henry W., Pii>f.) Scienee in seconil- 

Deane (Wm. J., Rev.) Abraham : his life \ ary school h G 

and times ... ... ... ... ... C 20(5 |-A.<^li""l (Rt- Hon. Sir Thomas Dyke, Bart.) 

Absentee. By pidKeworth (M.) ... FStl'jV^F 2fi.'>ti I I'ltrodnclion to the chemistry of favniinKH ■: 

Abstinence. LOOK UNDER Temperance. lAcoiishcu. LOOK UNDER M n sic— .1/rt //(/-- 

Abul K. Mansur. LOOK UNDER Firdausi. 1 ""''""' <nul iihij^htil. Sound. 

AbvWinIa : Across Kuf^land in a ilon-cart [in ISl'O]. By 

Bent (j! T.) Sacred city of the Ethiopians M :>;(! i AcroSter oatl/'^ Bv Mwan (A S > F ^'^ 

SotE-Recordotfourmonlh-' tmvel in 1«H forthe imr- JVtrOBH uer piun. nj nwan (,A. f*. ( r ■^.| 

poses o( renenrfh In Aliywtniftmid Ak«um, thi. miiTfil Acl'OSS Hiiicria Oil the liost-road [ill 

elty of the Klhlopians. Dnvribes llio manniT- ;ind cu'- tuirn i> «• ,i'\ »i 

tomsot the people, and their prlmttlve form or r,.liKl<in. | iSlLtJ. By Wenyon {(^) M >* 

Bruce(J.) Travels in Abyssiniaand Nubia, Across Texas. Bv Flllis (K. S.) V i'.' 

176H-1773, to discover the source of the :Aci-osm the ferrv [Unitetl States in 1K7II]. 

Nile M '.i:i2, By Macaulay (j.) Mil: 

Portal(SirG.H.) Mymission to Abyssinia : lAcross the plains: and other cssiiys. Bv 

with map M '.).3;^ Stevenson (H.L.) KSlll, K •' 

on the occattioo of hit mission in IHHl-Hit to tlie hini; u[ i Ar>i.iiuu Mm u-ill ■^^■la Itv illi.>iii.l..ll.. l ^ \ V In 

that country for the purpose ol brlnBinn i.houl i. ».,-(((« ACIOSSItlt S:lllt.e,lS. li> lilolllnU II. -Kill tolH-l. ) t \" 

W.™dl between Italy anjTbyssiniu alter th« ma..««r« Acrossthc WoHtl for a wile. By Boi)thliy (G. ) F 1 

Smith (F. H.) ThRiuffh Abyssinia: an ''^<''- By Weslbnry (H.) F ^^ 

envoy's ride to the King of Zioii ... M 1134 lAollm : — 

NOTB-Aocount of a mi-nLon in IKK! to Kinj; J.iiiti of I FilKgi-i-ald [I'.) The art of actiiiy in coil- 

Ahywlniatoprewit him with fl Mwonl ot honour from ^ ■., ,i .1 i- 1 , t 

Queen Victorni. ni-ctnni With the sludv of chanicter. ihc 

Stanley (Sir H. M., D.C.L.) Coomiisaie and , spirit of comedy and sljifji- illusion J ',1'.13. J 1' 
Magdala ...... ... ... ...M2-IX2J CJarcia(G.) Tlieactoi-sart rireatiscon sti.«." 

NOTB— ApeountoltheAbyiwinHVnninipniu'ninlfiilS. 1 1 ■ 1 i- i- 11 

WyldeCA.B.)"«3to'87in the Soudan: with ' de.-lamaiion.iml.tics|.eakinK,and.l<-|.ori- 

an account of Sir William Hewetfs | iii''iit.f<.r tlic use of i.rtists. 

misaion to King John of Abyssinia [in ,, """*''■'"■'* ■■■ ' 

1884]. 2v. ... ...M ;i3o| H.V'1''MM.) Kl.iciiti.m and stage-lrainio^' K 

—Modem Abyssinia [to IDltll] M !13;> ' .iVX,'Z^lw'.^''' """"' ''"" '■"'""■ ™'' """"" 

aX^tS^muriVhMOTu'Ji™^"^^^^^^ Action and easy H<.ngs with siKhl-sinfting. 

inlonnalion. IMlntwout llie advnntnvo ot'liUnmin i- »«l t-'acllini; fof infant ailil junior claSM<>S. Bv 

tennF.wHlithe.\bywiniaiiH.wl.o.lnllieaun.or--liowinL', 'I- 1 i I \ ' i , 

are powerful but very peiM-elul lowunli UK. la\lOl l^.l.) ... ... ... ... ,,, J *- 

Academics. By Cicero (M. T.) [Text]. In ' Action s..n«M for infants" schools. Bv Rooi»ei- 

A/s Philosopha et politica, vol. 1 ...1! ;ii;.'> j (\V. L.) ." | -■ 

— ; literally transl. by Yonge B 3i;;i | Active service. By Crane (,S.) F :■■■ 




( Lnlll. LL.D., D.C.L.) LfCtlll 
if histury 

iilUiir. LOOK 

11181 I 

■liui (K. Haiiiilton), juinl 

rXDER Darwin (FmiiL-in). 

■Um (Mrtrioii J. C. AilaniH). LOOK under 

A'hiniH- Acton (M. .). C.) 

tort and AetrsMM : — 

Cijnk(D.) Hmn-8 Willi this iilajers ...L 

FUB COSTESTS. LUOK |TNDER BiO|irKpUie>'-<Nj1lWllve. 

Etiwarilrf (H. S. ) Idols (if the French Hlage L 

Elliot (W.'G.". Editor] Aniatf ur clubH aiid 
uetiii-s J 

Filzgemlil (P.) The actors ; their Iivph, 
tantffi, and accomplishiiieiit}'. In hin 
" Woi-UI Itehiixl (he scpnes" J SUtii 

(lalt (J.) Lives of the playei-s L 1(185 

trill cosTKSTB. LOOK vxDGil Btoftrnphlem-rolleftive. 

Miifstiin (W.) Our recent acturn : recollec- 
[i(>n» of late ttiHtingiiinhed jiei'formei'H 
of Itotli sexea: with iioticeB of living 
aclors[18m»] L lOfti 

FOR CONTRST9. LOOK UNDER Bioxrapllioa -rollpflivo. 

P.istoe ^C. E.) Dramatic lirtt, 187'.t ... L lOflC 

i^irrE. -A biotrniphicAj dlrlionnry or nrtorb nnd ikctnvmv 
liviou' io IBTH. withftretont of llieir chiet perlormonctK 

Hnsst-ll (W.C.) RepreaentativeactomL HH1«, L lOil'.l 

ArniniiHl rhronolcDtlnUly and dalinE From irKW-lHSO. 

.vrTliEsBBS ; an Buni'rofl iMr, und Mrn.) ; Irvinit iStr H.i ; 
U;u'i«idy (WilllmuC.i: MiirMniLndy): HIilduTiKiUrK. H I 

7lnal Africa [Tom- in 18'.ll-y4]. By Viiicont 

(F.) M 903 

;w.)rtli (W. M.) Railways and tlie tradei-s : 
it sketch of tlie railway rates quest: 

ilicory and practico 

HiiilwavH of England 

bitn-rt. LOOK DNDBR Proverbs. 

lam (Alexander) ;— 

In Men who have made themselves 

lam aii.l Eve. By Parr (Mi-s.) ... 

lam and thi' adainite: or. the harmony of 

8criptnre and ellniology. By M'Caiifilaiid 

(1).( C 108 

t'liH NOTE. LOOK rNDERltellKliHiiuid St'lenrr. 

dam IJi-le By Eliot (Oeoiye) ... F aiV.l't, F 2700 
-VjTi:. WurKlcliKhireliJfnndmiinnernlftliuH.lUllifenl. 

Jam Blair. By Luckliart (J. G.) F .W.-U 

lam Graeme. By Oliphant (Mrs.) ... F Ol.-J.'J 

lam Graingi-r. By WootI [Mra. H.) 

F!U;if).Fill.i7,F ;u.-t8 
Jam Ilephurn'H vow. By Swan (A. S.) ... F 81.52 
ilam .lnhnstonoH son. Bv Crawford (V. M.) 

farimnlia: the tmthahont the Smith African 
diam.oxl tieldrt. By Lindley (A. F.) ... M 2180 

latnk^tM Eden : conjie opem. Bv Slaughter 

(W. A.(. iWfi/ >ui're ... ' 

laiijrt (Bi'iM>k(t) Law of civili/uitiou and 

dn-.iv : an esasiy on history M 7 

iriu'xiiTEs. LOOK CNDUn Civiliaitlun. History - 

liiuis (Charles Fnineirt). By his son ... L C2'.t 
)iirnsiClia!'.K.,LL.D.)Chris(opherColumbnsL 802 
[f:'<irti>i] Ki-jjreaeiitative British omlions. 
:j V K80i)-II 


! Adams (Douglas) Wkating J lU7(j,J 1077 

i..VdainB(K.C.) Bow and the sword F U 

'AdamB(F.A.) Mymunandl; or, the inoderu 

j Nehemiah : a iwok for churchmen ... C 876 

I Adams (Sir Fi-anciR Ottiwell), twd Cunning- 

i ham (C. D.) Swiss confederation ...M22tiO 

|AdainB(,H. C, Rev.) Works:— 

A rthur'p Champion ... -- _ . _ 

[Civil 1 


Call^Ke dHvH II 

For JnmeH 

[JncDbltw. 1' 

IV'tv of I'etlierFourt .. 
TmvPlli-n.' tale- 


. D lOOf! 

. H 820 

. F 0048 

I Fririul or too [Sed»'moor, I AVhilp BruiiHw 

iracj F 4.1 I Who did it ! F f*i 

I llftlrbmullh «Hciipo> Who nu inilUp r F r>; 

r. [ [Afrii'ii] F 44 WlnborouKh ho>-» F S8 

' I In lliu anrm (Jorobito Woodlt^iiili noriiH F at 

:> I ivbulllun] F l.'i | Wroiby psUeffc PO) 

I Adams (H. G.) Beautiful butterflies; with 

I the histoi-j- of a Imtterfly G 1310 

j Adams (Henry) John Uandolph L 651 

lAdams (Heiirj-, Prof.) Building confitrnction H 1046 
1 j— Handliook for mechanical engineei-s ... H A6'J 

.. j — Strains in ironwork H 503 

' I Adams (John) ; — 

,. I Morse (J. T.) .John Adams. L 447 

Wilson (J. G., Kditiir) Presidents of the 

United States L 4C2 

/tiSpark8(E.E.) Menwhomadethenation L (i4SI 
Adams (John, Kditiir). LOOK UNDER Wishart 

Adams (John Quincy) r — 

Morse (J. T.) John Quincy Ailams ... L 448 

Wilson (J. G. Editor) Presidents of the 

Unitetl States L 462 

vVdams (Mrs. Leith, purud. of Mrs. R. S. de 
Courcy Laifan) Works: — 

Connie Knte P (12 , Loiiiu Dmypolt F U5 

lilirrlMin mmnnce F tl» , My Uindof Bvulnli F Ul 

(ironray HUrlinu K (M ' Old pimtUHw FOi, P Wf 

Adams (Rolwrt C.) On iioard the "Rocket" F Ctt 

Adams (SamncI) : — 

Hosmer (J. K., Prof.) Samuel Adams ... L C.'f2 
/ii SjBirks (E. E.) Men who maile the nation L 049 

Adams (W. Davenport, Edilur) English 
epigrams; with notes and notices of the 



Adams (W. H, Davenport) Works : — 

Biitllt'loricfromBrilinh luid Karopeua liintory .. 

BnohormmeHt livPH 

CliiUl-life und jrirlhoud of rcmnrkable BOmen 

vtill CONTKNTH. lAJOK ITNDBR Biniimpllifn- t 
of supon'Mtton, und akelc'hes of sonic 

. K 599 

Eminml i«i 

BiottmplileH- collertivo, 

BiDtfrnphles- i-olteciive, 

, . — . .-..-/ of Inc BriliHh nnvy, It 

lultleM niul icTait cummumler!! 

_ BlMimphifci— i^llerllre. 

PoreBt. iunjtle. nnd pnilrie ... 

history <»xi lllerolure 


Leunird In thv law — 

VOHCONTBimi. u. ._ . 
Mnrinenol Envlund. niid tbeir di>edH t 

BinnTaphiw - I'oUecIiVi 
■ il^ll-c-i- 

iK UNDsn Bioumpblea < 


Adama (W. H. Davenport) — continued. 

ftoniA BTpAt n/LTniw in RuTnntnn h'lHtorj .' ,. ... L 

DKii Bioampliifei-vollrclivo. 
-■ — ' — □ the hi4tory of gto- 

e Rhine TuUer. la Fnu 

Adams ( W. T.). LOOK DNDEr Optic (Oliver). 
Adame-Actoii (Marion J. C.) Adveiitiii-ea of 

a perambulator J 

Adamson (Rol)ert, Prof.) Fjchte L 

Adcock (A. St. John) Worka :- 

WarriorB of the crescent 

EaKt-end tdyll]! [Lonilmi 

ihcd marlynlom. 

1 Remarx ... F 

Adderley (Jamee, Rev.) Stt-pht 

[SorlikllHiD nnd faunuuillahonism]. 
Addis (W. E., Traiisl.) Docnmeiits of the 
liexateuch : arranged in chronological 
order ; with introduction and notea. 2 v. C 12(i 
Addison (Joseph) EssnyBfrom tlie "Spectator" K 758 
— Poetical works ; with memoira and critical 

dissertations by Oilfillan ; edited by Clarke K !M5 

Biography and Criticiitni. 
Airy (0., Editor) Selections from Addiaon'a 

papers in the " Spectatflr " K 739 

Courthope (W.J.) Addison L 12C2 

Alio fn IllUHtrioun men. LT8: Johniion rH.) I.lvca of the 
poetn. L lltn : UiKHulay (Lord) Crilical and hiotorlrol 
(wiByB.K7«.K7U!i;OI<phiuit<Mn<.M.j Hl>tari<ml Hkclrbea 
of ibe raga ti( Queen Anne. U IMiS: Thnvlien- <W. U.) 
RDftll<h humohslK, K I03U. K 1U31. K lOX!. 

Addresses apoken to working men from 

pulpit and platform. By Hole (S, R.)... C 24 
Addy (Sidney Oldall) Evolution of the 

English house J 143 

Addyman (Frank T.) Agricultural analy- 
sis : a manual of quantitative analysis for 

students of agriculture H 577 

Adela Cttthcart. By MacDonald (G.) ... F 5515 

Ad^le. By Kavanagh (J.) F 48011, F 4810 

Adeler (Felix) Moral instruction of children D y57 
Adeler (Max.yJScW. of Charles H. Clark.) 

DHipenile adventure ...F HI. F W I Out of the hurly-burly... F BS. F BB 

Elbow room P im. F tu Itikndom HhniH F HI. F KS 

Old fooer F 7U. F M I Tnuufomuitlonn F W 

Adelicia of Louvaine, Queen of Henry I. 

In Strickland's Queens of England, vol. 1. L 381 
Adeline (J.) Art dictionary : containing a 

complete index of all terms used in art, 

architecture, heraldry, and archaiology ... J 41 
Adeney (Walter F., Prof.) Ezra, Nehemiah, 

and Esther C 244 

— Song of Solomon [or Canticlea] anti 

Lamentations. C 271 


and BimllBrly under the namex of other countrien. 

Administrative nihiliwn. By Huxley (T. H.) 

In his " CritiqueTaSlCaddresses " ...G 65 

Administrators. LOOK f s2i"'t Executors. 

■ -^ *" "- " P.) F C71I 

Admirable Lady Biddy p 

Admiral, The. By Sladen (D.) I 

Admiral's wainl. By Alexander (Mrs.) ... 1 
Admiralty, The. LOOK under Great Britain- 


Adolphus (0., Rev.) Compendium theologi- 

cum ; or, manuid for studento in theology C 

Adopted wife. By Keyser (A.) t 

Adrian Rome. ByDawBon(E.),n«rfMoore(A.) ¥ 
Adrian Vidal. By N orris (W. E.) F 

Paton (A. A.) Highlands and islands of the 
Adriatic, including Dalmatia,Oroatia, and 
the southern pi-ovinces of the Anstrian 
empire [1846-48]. 2v 

Adrienne. By Rita 

Adrift in a boat. By Kingston (W. H. G.) ... 

Adrift in the Pacific. By Verne (J.) 

Advanced Australia. By Galloway (W. J.) ... 

F 71 
F 4:' 
F .->:. 

Ativan cem en t»)f lewn 
edited by Wright , 

By Bacon (Lord) ; 
B :Wt, I 

.'•("BACon: hlH wriMnKM." 

Advancement of science. By Lankester(E. R.)(J 

Ciible iG. W_ Edllori FiunouB ndvenlureB and prlHon <««-npe~ il 

, lyiE of a ioek tar 

Ciimpton IH.i flurnpean Dillllnry ndventuren of HinduHtan .-. 

Dniry (Il,» JournnI oinintlvlly In MiulnvniHiLT 

I':a»tffii'kllt. W,Capt.l Life nnd ndvvnliimi 

lenkTHH [0. CM Ilnrdllfe In thi'ndonien 

KolokotranMtklrpht nnd warrior: nllted by Kdmondii 
MiutOK rrlMMlK! ndvmturesof ikDnniKhemlvmnllnQun-n-di 
Pcllow IT.I Thrtwtind twenty yenniiiptivUy unumfctheUi 

ur-M 1 

e» of a bln-knde i 

;a und tdtludo from p: 

Adventurer, The. By Hawkesworth (J., and 


Adventurerof the North [Canada]. By Parker 

(G-) F.i 

TiiiH isiaKorKLTO "PterronndblB pimple" 
Adventui-ers. By Watson (H. B. M.) ... F .S| 

Adventures de Tom Pouce. Par Stahl (P. J.). 

[/h Fretie/i'}. 

Adventures in Africa. By Kingston (W. H, G.) 
Adventures in India. By KingKtim (W. H. G.) 
Adventures in Thule. By Bliu;k (W.) 
Atlventures t)f a blockade runner [American 

civil war]. By Watwrn (W.) 

Adventures of a fair rebel. By Crim (M.) F ^ 
Adventni-en of a French serjeant, 1«II5- 

lh2;f. By Guillemard (R.) L 

Atlvent tires of a merry monarch. By Barr ( R, ) 
Adventtiivsofauiidsliipinite, ByKnight(A.L.) 
Adventni-es of a peranibuhttor. By Atlams- 

Act<m (Mrs.) 

Adventures of a ship's doctor. By Roberts 

(M.) F7240. 

AdventtireMof a three-gnineiiwatch. By Reed 

(T. B.) ¥i 

Adventures of a younger son. By Ti'elawm 

(E.J.) .'.L 1 



vc-iiHireB of an aide-de-camp. By Grant (J.) 

F.^421.F U22 
vcntiirefi of an engineer. By CheHney(W.) F 1711 
v<'ntnreB of Captain Bonheville. By 

li-vinp(W.) K 186 

vi'ntures of Captain Horn. By Stockkm 

,K. R.) FWU.'i.F 8016 

KOR coN-TlNUAnoS. RBAD '■MiB.ClifTs Ynoht." F wm 

iveiiturea of Captain Kettle. By Hyne (C.) F 4r)tt8 
IvoiitureB of Captain Mago. By Cahun (L.) F 1500 
tvontnreB of Denis. By Bramaton (M.)... F 12;il 
Ivi-ntures of Gil BlaH. By Le Sape (A. R.) F 5230 
IvfHturtfB of Harry Richmond. By Mere- 
dith (G.) F5:)i«,F 5II35 

Iventurea of John Johns. By Carrel (F.) F llVlo 
Ivt-nturesof Jones. ByCarriith(H.)FH;47, F 164rt 
Ivt-ntnrpR of Louis de Roagemont, told 

I.v hitiiself F 7324 

Iventurefl of Mr. Ledbury. By Smith (A.) F 78.W 
UvnturesofMr.VerdantGreen. ByBede(C.)F 772 
Ivi-ntureBof Philip. By Thackeray (W. M.) 

F 8243, F 8244, F 8245 
Ivi-ntures of Prince Almero [Fairy tale]. 

By Pickering (W.) F 6873 

Ivontures of PrincesB Sylvia. By William- 

H-ni (Mrs. C. N.) F 0OO2 

Ivt-ntm-es of Reulien Davitiger. By Green- 
wood (J.) F X'iir, 

Iv.-ntui-esof Ro!>Roy. ByGrant(J.) F;t4il7,F ;t4;t8 
Iventures of Sherlock Holmes. By Doylo 

(A. C.) F 2486, F 2487, F 2488 

iventures of ThoniRB Fellow, of Peni-yn, 
mariner [171.V38]. Written by himeelf M 938 
iventureB of two brave boys. By Henty 

((J. A.) F 4008, F 400!) 

ilvvntures of Tvler Tatlock. By Muddock 

I.]. K.) F (;20f> 

.Iventurouslmat voyages. By Richardson (K.) F 7005 

tvertltliig :— 

.'^nnpson (H.) History of advertising from 

the earliest times H 884 

('•intnin* nnecilotea, rnriout upociincDH. and bto- 
MSO LOOS vyDEB SlHDB atul inivriplionH, 

■tvice to yonng men. By Cobiiett (W.) B 280 
dvc (Sir John, General) Recollections of a 
liiilitarv life M 1644 


ilznma : or, the Japanese wife. By Arnold 
(SirE.) K 661 

ri)Zpr(H. P., Rev.) Islands of the .^'ean M 712 

^OTE.-'De■rriplklIl ol the prinrlpal i^lnndf in the 
lirriian AtPhlp*l»Bo^and o( tbe nnlhorii ^nnderlnaii psT' 
tiiuLiriTin LenuiDKTlMMM,andHamotbnu-cin 18M>. 

iiiiliuB. By Crake (A. D.) F 2052 

mid. LOOK UNDBR Virgil. 

Pfttigrew (J. B.) Aeronautics. !ti his 
■' Animal locomotion " ... 1232,G 1233 

Tirtsandier (G.) Popular scientific recre- 
ations G 38 

AL-to LOOK ckdbh BaUooDlDg. Flying machine*. 

.^Hchylns. Prometheus vinctus ; transl. into 

English vei-se by Lang ... K 2026 

-Tragediea [prose transl.] ; with critical 

notes, by Buckley K 2025 

roNTKNTs-Pronielhetm chained. SeveniUTOlnBtTliFbefl. 
Tlie l>en>i(in*. Assmemnan. Cho^phorl. Tlie tniien. 
The fupplLanlH. 

Tragediie. [Text— Oxford Clanaics] ... K 2024 

" " v~-— > Seven B«ain«l Thcben. 

nmemnon, Cfao^phorl. 


Tlie I'ersiiun. Suii|i 

jEsop'e Fables ; transl. by James 

. K 2096 

Chesneau (E.) Education of the artist; 

transl. by Bell J 53 

Dyer (T. H., LL.D.) On imitative art : its 
principles anil progress; with prelimi- 
nary i-emarks on beauty, sublimity, and 
taste J 10 

KOTB- ,\lniB (0 dlH-ovcr how tar a puintlna or a piece 
of wuli'IuTV fulflh ilH end' by Btriklnii and mtixfyinK 
I he inuLffinalion. 

Haweis(Mr8. H. R.) Art of clecoration ...J 20 

Hegei (G. W. F.) Introduction to Hegel's 
philosophy of line art ; transl. with notes 
by Bosanquet J 21 

Holmes-Forbes (A, W.) Science of beauty : 
an inquiry into the laws of beauty, 
ugliness, sublimitv, ami meanness ... J 22 

Knight (W., Prof.) Phih>8ophy of the 

beautiful. 2v J 23 

NOTB - ' Bmidrn prcBcntlnit n hlstorienl nkplch oT pnxt 
opinionit and [cndoncy on llie Kuhjwt of tlie beautiful, 
I'rotn<M>r KniKht "hon-H hott Ihew phtlomphiFiil Ibcorim 
have been evolved, bow Ibey bnvo been the outcome 
of Hocinl iM well <w ol Inlelleriual pauHeH, and have uflen 
been the product of obHcura phonomenn of Ihe lHo o( n 

Lfl Sizeranne(R. de) Rnskin and the religion 

of beauty L 960 

Rnskin (J., LL.D.) Ideas of beauty, /« his 

Modern Painters, vols. 4-5 ... J 299-300 

Schiller (J. C. F. von) Essays, lesthetical 
and philosophical. In liis Works, vol, 6 K 1246 

Twining (H.) j^Ssthetics considered with 
reference to art. In his Philosophy of 
Painting J 293 

Vei'on (E.) ^Esthetics; tr. by Armstrong J 34 

NOTE-Holdx rbat art in iw«entlnUy mibjective, that It la 
adirect oiprpiwion of human nature; that when a painter 
warkfl on a picture be in renlly pAlnliDB bin own mind 
mut'b more 1>inn Ihe obja-o before him. 

\JJtO LOOK UNDER ArlB, FIDO - I'hltoMI^II. MuaiC— 

.Ether. LOOK UNDER Amesthetics. 

jEthiopia. LOOK DNDBR Ethiopia. 

Afar in the forest. By Kingston (W. H. G.) F 4945 

Affaire Ijerouge, ParGaboriau(E.). \_^In French'] 

K 1531, K 1532 
Affaii-8 of the heart. By Hunt (V,) .,. F 4574 
.\fBnities. By Praed (Mrs. C.) F 6898 

Histoyij ami Descriptirr. 
Bellew(H.W.)Afghani8tanand the Afghans M 2361 

A brief review of the blelory of the country, and an 
account of tta iicople, with a Bpeclal reference lo (be war 

Gray (J. A.) At the court of the Amir ... M 872 

NOTB-Eevehition of the Internal economy, the moniMra 
and cuitninH of AfKbaolitU], and li full of political and 

... y • 

...M ■ 

M •- 

... lliill 

y 1:.. 

... K —i; 
... r r,:r;i 
... F )■.■!; 


... F I.X 

... y 71131; 

■ I (Ml..... I 

Ivli II I 

It I /till 


iif nj(ii|.| 


';|il"i^'i' ...^ M mtl 

ii'ii'iV.'i I w I Ti-r.. fi'iii AtiiiM. IK/.-, m;, ;i V, .M«:iii.s 1 

l,i"r,'»,iiVli" ,i"', r/tt' 111,1 Mli,'l„tir:/./,mi,l., ' 

H|iiiillu iiiiiiiy liiml Il.'i;i:i,.lli-lll 


' .\frioi ... M ;• Sir S. \V. 1-. 




1.1 (V1.11-..I .\friwi 'ill 1.S.V2-V.] Jl >' 
liH.. Fr..f.. Tr..i;inil .«ric-.i ... 

M An pki|-inir 

Viii IV..) Muv \,\k nam*- in CViitntl Africa M ■' 

(;."l.|it {J.'j Thc'lake'rfsioiis of Ceiitnil 
Afrini : a reconl of iiii«lemiU«covery... M "■ 

N'lTK (.Vmtnin- im iKToiinl of the -a-iiBTy iind inhiilii- 
SiiHiu'-^i riv '"''*''' """ "^ ""' ^''''' ""' ^"""^ '""' "^' 

Hiii.|p(H.L.) Fall «f the CoiiK" Aralw ... M:'l" 

(."111."! wlili'li <l.-iTlnnciI inio ^i nut t " '- 

]'•'•••■' Mini tlip Ami) KliiVi'-midiMy 



ill. 11- {K.(.'.) Taiipiiivikw ; flt-viii v«;ii>i iti 

tU-iiti-al Afi-icu [1877-fW] M 

N" >TK (jlvw Ml m-ount ot tlii' rouiulinK ••{ Ihi- I'l'ntnil 
\ (rii-iin Mli>«kin iiii tlii> iihi>ivi> iiT UAr 'niiiimnyik;i. »E I)k' 
< :>ra>imnnitrrnnnZHnill»rlliniiiKli(l<-nuiin>:ii»t Atrii'ii 
ti> l.'jtjl. nnd uf tbcriiihimtion thrrcnnililii'lnti-n-inir-i' 
liiK' lip wilh IIr' vnrioiM rrilK-« (Iwclliiii! iil"m tliv 
~l«.n-Mt tlu'luk.'. 

John«t»m (II. H.) Liviiijwtoiio mxl tlic 
i-x])lur.Ltioii of Ci'iitnd Afiicii 1- ? 

l^iviHf,'Ht((»c (IX, LL.I>.) ).iiHt joiniiiils in 
(•.•nli-.ll Afrk-a.fn.m Mir, u, hiK.U-ath : 
ftintiiuifil lij- a iiarralivc i)t' liis last 
riiiiiiK'iitH iLiiil HiifliTinfTM, liy WaltiT, 'i v. M 

^OTK AcT.mnl i.l 111.' Dn'tiir'-i -.■v.-n'yiir-" uiiniUTiriL', 
l.-vKi-TIt, (kivribiiu! Ihr friiluivs i>l tlw Ci'iitnil L:ikr 
■ '■uion. Hlii iouriKy wiw t'l Ijikc Nyn-«i thcmT Ici 
'riiniamylkD. Aflvrmrtny nl LnkcMiicmh.- \lMii-tl lAkv 
lt:>Tiuni>iiUiniiiInituniRlli>Tiii])niiiylk»iuii] Iiiiji.niiVlliiu 
Mr. StHDli-)- thrrc Id UCI. Tuui'ho uiui tin' horror- iil 
till- -4.-ivi-tnuU;ln KmdPTnAlrk'iL 

— Mirtsioiiary travi-in ami reMwin-hcw in 
Minith Africa ; iiicludiiiK a skclcli of H! 
yi'iim" itnideiice in tlie iiitoni)!- [IfillK^C] M 1 

:.iiil <■■ Ihc rlon- - 

Lloyd (A. B.) In ihvai-f laud and cannilnd 
fiiuntry : rwoni «f travt'l and diHuovory 
in CViitntl Africa S 

nt of the Auniar'x mi'^'icin work In I'i.'^itkIii 

>■ i'itti..- --- 

I'll hiri wiiy lo liic CoRRu nnd Ibv n'nii (.'un«l in IfC'l, 

Moloney (J. A.) With Captain Siaii-a to 
Katanga M '. 

MITE Awount o! Caiilnin Slnin.' Kiwililion [o Kiiliin- 
^■;<lanil »c tin h<iul of Ihp L'lauio In IMII-^ Ihr ohji-it 
iH-in'-T to ttCGure it for the V*jmto Frn* SiHle lH>fi'n> Hii* 
Urltir-1i iiionnrrn iTom Kouth Allien I'nuld Ihv IuukIh oa ll. 
I'liinti' uul (bnt a railwnr rrom Iho KhkI Craat Ihnnuili 
<i>'mi:in KiiHl Afiii« could only end In t'ommrniiil titllun'. 

Park (^M.) Tra*'i;l8 in tm- interior diatrictnof 

Africa [17'.i:(-7,an(i in ISHS] : with Iif«' M 1 
Ka!ikintD.J.)Za'nl>i-H'l>a8i"i»i"'Nya«saland M ! 

MITE -Travel bj- Iniid anil rlvrr in ATrii-;! in 
l-<-l. Toufhci' uiion Ihc hnbila nnd i-u-'IriinM i^f llir 
niilivi"". PiirliuniCKP. Jind Aiubx. nnd Ihc di'inis uf 

Schwi'infurlh (G., DB.) Hi-urt of Africa. 2 v. M ! 

M>rK ArrouDl of an pxpvdllion li> I'liilon- tin- rii'i'm 
r..unilllwhn»iD of thcXile, vrlii'n' the uiitlu'r ili™ciii>n'd 
.1 triW of P>-)im)e<<tnCentml Afrk':i. Tliu joumi'v lasleil 
InimJuly IWSMN0V.IS7I. 

Spt-ktr (J. H., Ga|it.) Journal of the 
discovery of the wmrec of thu Xili' ... M ll 

N'lTB. Description o(tliec-ounlrj'''elwei> Ziin^tit'iir nnil 

.MU[w"of'ilio Mill, Willi un fieecjunt i.r IiIk Jmi'mn' 1" 
Ijr.indii. Knrutfui'. nnd Unyuw in lK.<!>4vt. 

Ward (H.) Five yeai-s with the C<.nt;o 
cannilKilrt [lH84-«'.t] Mil 

NiiTB KkelftK'B the viiriuuH L'oniro iriln's und I.mi.Ii.-- 
iil-iin nie Emin l-iuiliii ex Ik.-- lit km. In wbii'li the aullmt 
.ini'il ll' mr^>IK■nM(!T and triin«iMrl nvumtier. 

tfrloB— Etit :— 

Fiii!(fenild (W. W. A.) Trnvels in tin- coiist- 
landtt of British EaHt Africa and Iht' 
islands of KiUiisiliar anil Peniha : tlii'ir 
a^icultui-at i-esourcfu and general char- 
arteriHticH M 

SiiTB A namitlve of travel durlmr the ynir.- \mi-3. 
I'omliinBl wilhiin nrroiinl of Ihelmilf- urodtii'ti nnd Hie 
elimale nml i-niwhiltties of the Fii-[ (Jni-t. Tlio iiiitl»>r 
«:l>. I'mptnyed \>y the Brili^h Pjut Arricnn Conii.iiDy to 
■'iploic ihc coart Iroin Port Dunitiird on the north und 

; AfrfM-EMt— '""/'"'"rA 

hrou)ih Hie northern hi 

>:iui:illiiir l-Uin<l. 

Fn-ueh-Kh.ldon(M.} Snltan to Sultan ...M378 

M>TK .\n Ani>'rin<n liuly i nuin'h (mm ZnnziNir. luiit 
iHlviiilunii 111 tLi-i .\|[i<'a in ln>l. vi.Uln» the varloUK 
Arrk'iin -iilliin-. 
(in-gory (J. W.,u.scO fin-ut Rift valley ...MIO.W 

Kiirmliie <i( a jinimey from HomhHHi IfaToUKli Iha 
Mas;,i ,',>iinlty l.'lfi.iml Kenyn und Uko B>rliuioinlMrM; 
with Hjiii<< iiii'ciiinl 111 the tniiloiry. iwtunil hixlory. 
anthn>|.>I.H.-y.iinil lulun-i-riKiHvlKol llhtiiOi Kiul Afrini. 

Keller (('., I'l-of.) MadaKHiKriU-, AlanritiuH, 
iitid Hh- other Kunt African itilaniK IDDI M lO-iR 

NoTK }l;ilnly devolcil lo MadiiiniMiir und the Ktnalhir 
i-limil- ne:ir itiliul (IiiiIk uiih the UnM-ureitoH. Kryehcllm. 
\l.i;il.m, Ih.- CTcwi-I-. nnil Kereuek-n. Di«h with the 
n-Hitniphy. u«iki«ty, i 

II imd lloni. iwiiulaliui 

liruduiv and runimerec and 

Lugitrd (F. D., C'a|>t.) Uise of nur East 
African Kniiiii-e ; «>rly effort* in 
Kyaxsahtnd and Uganda. 3 v M 994 

NOTE Oi-iilH with Brlli'li K:i>l Atrkli, und the enrlv 
~ ■ ■ » Irlbdl 


I Ihe )i 

.irc-i-wK tmn«|>orl. PuinlK out thai in 

iuliHitinK the ikJii'v oI iirutiit'inile, the ItriliHhnropnic- 

Seh»u« (F. ('.) Travel and adventure in 
South-easl Africa [in 1H82-Ii;i] ... M l(i:>5 

NOTK IlKni-vriruf nnl Hinrl on the ZitmbOHi lUkl Its 


n .Muhhon 


iDipuny. ntid uf t 

: Koia 


AfrlBi— EvutorM : 

AKhe(R. P., Kev.) Two kinga of Uganda ; 
or.Iife by the shores of Victoria Nj-anza M OM 

yeiirn'»o]oumln ?^lern I'lqunto- 
e two kinin Mti-Minnd Mwiliun, 
utlonH. oiw jierilK of i he mliuiDn- 
" tliu mercy of ihei« hnrhorfe 


u'luwe*]li _. 

. A I'linlinuouH nunatit . 

Uiindn h^i-omlnii aii Eniilliili iiroteelorutr. 

Canati (U., JLijor) Ten vearsin Eiiuatoria 

[1f<SIM.I],HndtheretnrnwithKniinPat<haM 1187 
XOT1! AiToiiDt uf 11 wijimTn on the Upper Nllr. nnd ot 
Kniiii. nhoni the nutlior flml jolnwl in IMS. Doea tiot 
iildiin-ther u«rii' with Ihehuwhi-rltfc'lDmpaiHX'dhy others 
im Kmin I'li'lui. rmtainK hifonnulkMi iw lo the tribtv 
ol Ki(uun-ri;i, und diMiKrei-i- with Mr.Jn'h-™]" luok n« 
til tlie iiiiiM-sund Ihe ennrtiK-l of the mutiny, iKiintlnii oul 
thai air. Jei'luiMi wux MunewbHt to UumH in untins ICinin 
ti> (bill •evon-ly with Ihr inullim'n'. Remarks that Mr. 
SInnh'y inilulm-d hi-t wiinl of eDn»ldenitkiii lo«rBnl« Emin. 

l)a C'haillu (P. B.) Adventures iii the great 
I'oreHt of Eiiiiatorial Africa and the 
ronnlry of the dwarfs M 979 

m'liHI nml IMKI-.n, 

- , -- , .iefoUowin« work,"! 

nnd iwlventurci. in Kiiuiitorlul .^Irira." 
— Kxjd<>RitiuiiKait<ladveiitureBinK<inatoi'iaI 

Africa M 9f«t 

tiirtltm at We-tem Ki|untorlnI .llrien whk-h In now 
nnwn nx Ihe Fn-mh V<mtta. und or hlH life umonir the 
'.iinnlbuliL HedPH-rlbeKtheiniinnen' and i-UHtomR nf the 
■■ooiihiwlth wliom hu eunie In eonlikrt. Thp ehirf 1nlere>l 
lit hi- nnrnillve i-enlrex In the Horilla. tlie pei-ullar huhllH 
[if whii-h Ik descrilwil. He poinli- out thiit tlio fnimo of 
tlu' jninUn ii' niuiv humun Ihan thnt of noy ulher mi'. 

— Wihl life under the Etinator F 2.>70 

.M)TK Sturk'" uhout the wild tribes of men und Ihe 

EniiiiPaflia in CentralAfriea; letters ;edited 

liy ScJnveinfnrth, and others M 9K« 

N(>T[:-Kt(iry of thninK reiiidenii' in the re^rionn of ihe 




AfriOB— Equatorial— Tuf I tin tied. 

H61meI(L. von, Lieut.) Discovery of Lukes 
Kudoltand Stefuiiie : tr. l)y D"Anvei>i.:i v. ft 

NOTB-XnrrHliio or C'liiim Telclii*!. cxplra-inirnrni hiinf- 
intr oipcdiiion in Kiwlcni Riuntoniil Atrirn. in 1KS:-MS: 

Jephsnn (A. J. M.) Kniiii Fiiftlia ami the 
rohetlion at the EtjUiitor h 

NOTE 'Slorj- of tiK rolier eipedilion. IMVHI ; witli llic 
diHUliwionit In roHpcct ti> Kmin. Tlw iiiillior Kppiit nino 
monlhM with Knitn. witnotiMil tlie n-bcllion ot hiK 
nod iihnred hi« imprtsonnii^l nl DuHlp. " 
pxrikiK', nnd Kmtn'x n-[UKil )□ leave. 

JohiiBton( Si I- H.H.)Kilima-iijai-o expedition M 

NOTE -The author rondurlc?d n wicntiflr pxiiediliim In a voli'iinli- mountiiin In Rimt >;<|iuilonn1 
Africa, louwerlnin the rt'LtlicHiMhiiiK of ilHfiiunnniut riorit 
«ilh thiwe (It othiT rrulunn oF .Afrk'ii. The nuthor 
Awendt^ ]K.Onfl [i»t from l1ip >iiiiiniirof K))» in iHH. nnd 
deHcrlbea the i-hiipwteriritiii' ol thp niillvc", ihu Uminmac, 
natural hiHlary. nnd rnmmen'c uf Iho dl»tricl. 

Parke (T. H., D.C.L.) My i>ei-HOiial exiicri- 
«iice8 in Kijiiatnrinl Africa, as nieilical 
otlicertntheEniin Pasha relief expedition M 

KOTE-fllory ot tlTO Emin rnnhn relief «p«lltion in 
lSH7-8ff. Coniidcrx Kmln'x [olIowprH la liuve Ix^n n norlb- 
le« Mt of men. De-tTibcH Ihc nnilouii weekx n>onl nl 
Ipotonnlil Ihenrrivniof (.'iipi.Slnln mlv«1 him nnd bin 
party from doalh by utiir^'Otlon. DefendH Mr. Stanley, 
denying thnt bo trnx neodlexxly emel or tynuinlenL 

Peters (C, DR.) New light on dark Africa : 
narrative of the Oernian Einin I^ha ex- 
pedition [in IS«11-1I0] ; transl-hyDuleken M 

Pruen (8. T., H.D.) Arab and the African : 
experiences in Easteiii E({uat()rial Africa M 

NOTE -De-eribe" the diiilylllpol thenWivei! of troiiiml 
AfrleiL The nuthor Irmln" upon nn elTeetive ori'iipntion 
of Ihe eoi«l bv the KuropmnB an the mOBt effleiu-ioUH 

nbu1iIlonorth«Hiivctni>dc(.niinotbehu>itonedbv * 

ouroymtothede - ' 

the A ■ 

AMoa— Smtli— (-'jfi^/('<^. 

Bifielow (P.) White man's Africa ... M I 

NOTK Aei-ounl nf ii vt^il in ISW lo the Tran-viuil. 
Omnjte Fkv Sule. X:itnl. nnd BwiiloLind. i-liortly nMiT 
the Jninriion Rnld, liite" Mketelici' nf Mr, Knijn-r imd 
olhiT Konth .trrii'nn ivlebritie'i : with reUertinni' u|>on 
Koulb Afrirnn iKiIilic.ii, and uiHn Ihe deCerln o[ Brili"!! 
Coloninl AdmlniKlRition. 

BiMwn (W. H.) On the R:mth Afm-an 
frontier M I 

NOTE Thendventumand nhwrvnticmB afnn 
in Miixhnniiland and Malabi'lotnnd. while nervine niih 
the I'loneer C'orpK whii-h Ihc Ilrili^h Sniilh Afrinin 
Comiinny »onl up eonnliT to i-lenr Ihe way inio MaMhon;!- 

Brvce (Rt. Hon. J., D.C.L.) Inipi-epsionn of 
South Africa Ml 

KOTR Denis with Ihe enrly wlllemenl. the nntiremhe 
Kafflrn, the Karuiieans iti Noiilh Alrira liUlitB: Ihe ureal 
(rekof 1KII>,and with IberioinKoriKKi. 

Churchill (It. 8., Ijonl) Men, mines, ami 
animals in Sontli Africa... 

lei^od pc 

of Emln. 

— Thi-ongh the dark continent M 

NOrB- Eiiilornlion o( Kqualortnl Afrlea— Ihcgrcal Inkes 

and the Conxu in MSH-", 

Wissmann (H. von) My secoml journey 
througli Equatorial Africa, from the Congo 
to the Zambesi, in 188(1-7; tr.hyBergmann M 

ALSO LOOK iiNUER Albert N'yanwv. Contfo. tinin Panhn. 
L'Knndn. Victorin N'yanziL 

Afrtea— North :— 

Bart.h(H., D.C.L.) Travels and discoveiieB in 
Northar.d Central Africa [inlS.JS-Sl.Sv. M 8W) 

D'Anvera (N., pseud, uf Mrs. A. Bell) 

Heroesof North African discovery ... M 892 

ALSO LOOK UNDER Bnrbnry. Cnthnse. Libyan deserl, 
anhnradexert. Soudan. Tunl^. 

Atriea— Soath :— 

Dcur.riptive and Trairl. 
Aubertin (J. J.) Six months in Caj>e Colony 
and Natal, and one month in Teneiife 
and Madeira M 

Rilfour(A, B.) Twelve hundred miles in 

n 18W ot f 

a waggon 

KOTK -Account of n wnmi™ tout 

nnd Ihirce men throuuh n nnninn oi Bcrnnnnaiann - 
luod. oa far OS Fori Uallelury, 


view' of the future of .tfrlea. Ik not very hoiicliil nboiit 
Uatiionaland. either Ibr Ihe mininx iipniilntar or the 
emigrant, but DeehiinnnlnDd he Iookh lorwnnl to nH iho 
(irenl mnehlnK Kround ot South Afrlrn. (;on^clde^> Ihai 
Ihe yonntt Bhtii4i ndvmturrr will noon out^ the obiuu- 
Boer from the TranBvnnl. nnil mtimnlex its wealth and 
renouroe" very hiith. 

Clairmonte (E.) The Africander: a plain 
tale of cohinial life M 

KOTB -Dewtipllon nf Houlh Afriean life; wilb ndven- 
tum in MatalH'leland. l>Hndohtnd. Zululnnd. nnd Ihe 
TranBv.inl. nnd iM-rmmnl reminl»eenee« of the Zulu noil 
Ikiniitowar'.or uold pronieelinG. out rich lUnuinB. hunt inn. 
nnd dinuiond mining. 

Col<|uhoun (A. R.) Renascence of Soutli 
Africa, IIKH) M 

Africa. bealK Willi the lund. Ihe penpEe. the hiKlory. Ihc 
ot ■etllemenl. 

Cumming (R. G.) Five years of a hunter's 
life in the far interior of Santh Africa. 

[1844-184'.).] 2v J 

Cunynghame (Sir A. T., General) My 
command in South Africa, 1874-1878 ... M 
1 loumoy from Cape Town lo Ihe 
Bnsutolnnd. lo Pandolnnd and Natnl. 

nnd ol tiw 

with the disijuie between Celywnyo nnd 
a nnd colonial induKlries. aIho Iou>-be. 
upalon ngninx Ihe Oalelcw nnd tiaikaM in 

Ellis (A. B.) South African sketches ... M li'J 
Fronde (J. A,, LL.D.) Leaves from a South 
African journal [in 1874]. In Aw Short 

studies, vol. 3 ' K '.'•l 

Gibson (A. G. 8., Archdeacon) Eight 
years in Katfi-aria, 1882-1I0 M I'^i 

Gillmore ( P.) Days anil nights by the desert M H'l 

Bii'huannliind. known nH the Knlnbnri desert. 

Hepburn (J. D., Rev.) Twenty vears in 
Khaina'H country [in 1874-li;i]. ami 
pioneering among the Rttauana of Lake 
Nganii : eilited by Lyall M l^'- 

XOTE- Contain" nn areount of miwlon work nmond the 

ttimanBwnio tribe. Tlirowt. much liuhl on Ihe warn Ihc 
raid^ and inter-tribnl tyranny. 

Hillier (■A.,M.D.) South African etodies ... MiH 

NOTE- Denlit with the punt nnd future ut S^uth Africa. 
the native rncei-lbe Bav itovermnent. Ihe Jameoon raid 
and ilK anteccdenlx. and the innan'aphy lUid elimatc or 

f : and with reference to the i 



kfrica — 8o«th— o)»/'*i"'W. j 

Little (W. J. K., Canon) Sk.tcheH an.l 

HtmlipB ill South Africii M Kill* | 

NDTK An-Dunt (if n rii nontliH' Mimi-y In Hniilh Alr\ra 
in IKH ItconiiiiulMrotlicevMita In South Atrlron hiHiciry 
lielirn'a Itl76^. 

Liviiigutoiio (D., LL.D.) Mi»si(>narv travels 

and researchea in South Africa [ 1 S4(l-r)ti] M 1020 

NOTE^-B^^ordH of trav<*l in the honrt of South AfiiTii. 
[rmn the Capr of <iood IIo|>r to LnnndiL thrn lu-mw the 
rontinpnt nnil down the Ziunheiil. with ila<i'rli>tianii of 
Ihc inhnbltnntfl, nn veil oh of the phyainil ifeosrapbT. 
and of the flnm and tnimii of the t-ounlry. 

IJoyd ( K., Rev.) Three preat African chiefs M 1021 

XOTK (IJvw n pcrmnal ncrotint of Khninn. Kolielti. niid 
nnthncnu. K-llh Ihe history nf the Rprhnnna Iribn^ and 

Li)W-iiiles (E. E. K.) Every-day life in South 

Africa M 1022 

("NTBNTS- Ciipe Town, Airmw thp Knrrno. I)ii1i-h 
people. Fnrmlife. AnlnuUlife. OAlrli'heHOnd poultry. Kaffir 
I'u^ioiiii Hnd eivillsitinn. Wnr nnd niicht. 

lliK-iiali (F.) On veldt and farm : in 
Bechuanaland, Cape Colony, Transvaal, 
ami Natal, ISy; M 1023 

XicholBon («.) Fifty years in Sonth Africa M 1024 

yoTB -Biotrraphy, •port, and travel in Rhodtwin. thn 
TmnnvnaL the Zunbexi, and Iho KnLihari dewrt durins 
Ihc ymrn IBU^M. Given an aeeonnl of the diamond fleldc; 
■)t emieration to South Afri<-A : Boer uuukHmiuiHhlp : and 
.pcakx ot Hr. Kratcer in liiltcr termit. 

l'hilli))S (Mi-B. L.) Some South African 

recollections ... ... ... ... M 102") 

sorE Dr»rripl(on« of Irard In the Tranavmil, nnd ot 
the Inlrijtnea o( the Bjem: hul mninly roncemed with 
Ihc Janie,4on Raid. The aalhor'H ohjert has been to itlt'e 
n hiiilory of (he BeformmnvmicntinlhoTnuiiiraiiLandl') 
rlmr Johaiineiihnni and Iho DBfoimlendeniotlhreharttei 
of i-owardlrc and Incompetcney broUKhl lutainKt th«n in 
^lW. Shown IbattheBoen arc a dimrult rare tollvevllh. 

Pnrvis (W. F.), and Biggs (L. V.) South 

Africa: its people, progress, and proMems M 102(1 

NOTE- rnlltical, eommereiaL and social ntftto in 1668. 
with Hpectal reference lo the Boern 
Kitchio (J. E,, "Christopher Crayon") 

Hi-ighter South Africa ; or, life at the ; 

Cape and Natal Ml()48; 

NOTE -Picture ot lite M the Cape nnd Nalnl In I8»l. 

;iJli™V'cllMlrT(^raerri™ojJpor"S?i^''H|JflI^dt£'ni'l I 

foriliticts nnd itacial tnlereiit for the aettler there, 

Stanley (Sir H. M.) Through South Afi-ica M 1027 ! 

. _. _ ...... ,Q mindeHla.thc TmnBYa-il, | 

— J. Very severe im Mr. I 

_ 3f Rhodeitin from on aitri- | 

Tangve (H, L.) In new S. Africa : travels 

in the Transvaal and Rhodesia, 18'.1(>.,. M 1028 

NOTB-DeiklH with Natal nnd Rhodmin. ContniiH ne- 
counlH of Ihe nwh Journey from Pretoria to BtilDwnyo. 
n Irantp to Qrelf^ nnd nn excuivian In Iho ruin* of 
Zimbahwe. OoDaideni that the Drlttxh Govemmenl 
ban )ieen inrpl. nnd ptopUeriini the tulure rlMe ot llic 
united Klalea of South Africa. 

Theal (G. M.) Kaffir folk-lore D 111)0 

3 collected dtirinE tbo nuthoiH 30 yeara' 

Blel<)ch(W.) New South Africa: itH value 
and development M HHMJ 

iR Ihp 1 

Yonughushand (F., Capt.) South Africa i 

of to-day [in 18117] M1020 


AUtO lAOE I'NDRB Cape Colony, M.i>h(innLinil. 
Mal»bcleland, Nalol, Orantte Frco Slnte. Rhodcxin. 
TrsDHvant. Zmnbesl. Zululnnd, 

Bislory and Polilical. 
B'.'ll (F. W.) South African conspiracy : 

or, the aims of Afrikanderdom ... M2437 

N'lTS Deticrlbw the Btnto ot feelinu in Riulh Africa 
bi-forc the raid nnd durine Iho ymn IHaA-mcii, An ei- 
ifTnic Anii-Dutch view. Olves nn account of the Bond 
nnd its almii. and tbo culpability of Ihe Bond Cabinet. 

d Ihe eniiwity ut Ihe now 

debt DnilN wllh tlu' nfiportunllln' tliry offer for im- 

mlsrntlon nnd dliicui-'w Ihc pncHli-atiiin of the country 
and nalivc inlere»ti^ The aulhor li very anninitne nuto 

Chadwick (J. C.) Thi-eo years with 
Lohengnia an'l experiences in H. Africa M llt;"»2 

itrohnect IntfaUolinnnpi'Tiiir^,* eleif raph Huperlnlendencenl 

Cloete (Hon. H., LL.D.) History ot the 
great Boer trek, and the origin of the 
Sonth African republics ; edited by his 
grandstm M214H 

of the I 

o tbo fon 

Ihc conque.'t of ('alio (Jnl 
Inio a Brilish Colony in Ith.i. 

Cumberlantl (S.) Wliat I think of South 

Africa: its people and its politics ...MlOKl 

NOTB-Bketfbm rf Cape Town, Kimhcrley. Bloem- 
tontein, Johnnne-hunt, Pretoria. SnInL Mr. RhodOH. Mr. 
KrUKor. Dr. Jamewm. and Dr. Leyd^ Deals with the 
pollllcalnndKoclnldinicultlesot Honih Africa. 

Haggar<l(H. R.) Oetywayo and his white 

neighbours M 2421, M 2422 

NOTE RenuirhH on the evcntn In Zuliiland. Nalnl and 
Iho TmnKvaal 10 Ihe year InW. 

Holden (W. C.) British rule in South 
Africa, illuHtratod in the story of Kama 
and his tribe, and of the war in Zululand M 2478 

Little (W. J. K., Canon) Sketches and 
studies in South Africa M lOl'.t 

A'frica In WW. Rpoiiillulalw the cvemly fn South .Vfriciin 
hi«lory between theyeorii IBIO-ltl. FnvoU" lhuTmniiVii.Tl 

Norris-Newtnan (C. L.) Boers in the 

Viial and Orange Free State in I88l>-1 ... M 24(i.') 

NOrE Contains an historical Kketrh ot IheCflpeColnny 
nnd the luundiklloDof Ihe Dutch Bopubllcn, hut l,i mainly 
a palltlml nnd military hixtnry of our deiiDnini will) tm> 
Doeni wllh Tcrercnreta thP annexation nf Iho Traiwvnni, 
the inddcntK of Ihc wnrnnd tho HUbMiijUPnl relrreewlon 
of Ihe tenilory. HdUk that Ihne wtnihl hnve bom Do 
.. ...J i)rt,j^i, aulliorlHcv. after iIt '— "-* 

Pratt (E. -\.) Leading points in South 

African histoiy, 148t!-i;iOI» M 2424 

KOTE -Arranircd fbrunoloKlcally. nnd hrouttht down 
lo March ;«>lh. IIMI, The Intti-rpart ot ibe bookforauiu 
dUiry ot the cvrnlii ot the war. 

R«u(C., Rev.) Malalioch; or, notes on the 
Boer camiKiign of 18i'l, against the chief 
Malaboch; to which is ai)pen(Ie<la synoi>- 
sis of the Johannesburg crisis of ISIHi. M 242.0 

XOTE -Mr. RnelH nn admirer ot Mr, Krueer, but iiolnta 
out that Ihe wny in which Ihc B-em cruahcd the native 
Kaffir chief wai- much miwnanuk-ed. 

StathainfF.R.) South Africa as it is,lS97. M242f; 

NOTE -BcKinK with the Trnm.vaal annexation tn 1877. 
The author hold" n brief for the B.vrK and gbowa a very 
black ease afcalnxt the BrillHb. He Is ver? hoRtile loMr. 
Rbodon, to Cai>e Colony olDcluK ns well as lo tbo 
Chartered Company and its enterprixoii, 

Theal (G.M.) History of S. Africa. ;iv. M2427-!! 

VoL I.-l-MW-Wni ; vol.2,-l(i91-lTW.: vol. 3.— 1T96-18M. 

NOTE— The hi8l volume of thin work dealu wllh the 
relntiouB of Ihe early Dutch nnd Englleh xetllerK. Given 
an account of tbo (ith and 7th KalBr war^ which termi- 
nated under the Kovemorablp of Sir Hnrrv Smith In lfil4. 



kMet—iat^—fiiii/hnmh African iiiillioiiaii-p. Hv Alli-ii (0.) 

Thuiil Hi. M.) K-mtli Afrka [ 1 (Kr.-ls;i;il M i-l'M African iiightH' LnU-rtaitimi'Uls. Hy Da 

SOTB -AlniB lo kHi' ii vom-i-0 .urounl ol tlio tlunW I (A. J 1 

Ufhtat be domtsicm nr the Kiin^Knii In ('jt|v C<i1<>nv. ' African tlVllHUri'. liv ('(ililiitll (J, Af.) 

iSVhl-wS,'^'""'''''''""''"""'''"''""''''''""^''' ' Afric-an waiulm-m U.v l,w (Miv. K.) ... V 

TIhuiuib (C. H.) Origin nf tiio AiikIo- ^ African wjir, u.v. H> :— 

IWr war rtvi-ulwl : the coiwpirucy of Cn-Miir'n CiiiiiiiicatarifH on llic (iallic ami 

the lUth ceiiturj' lumiaHki'il M217;V Civilwiir. [Tninsl.] M 

.»t|pmi|t» to Khow tluil IhP .«rikiinil.r Itowl wiw «■■ i — C.iniiiit'iitarij [Tt-xt—Oxfoiil HafwicKl ... JI 

•■inHixititr l<ir Iho nvpni war. Tlw aullmr wa-formcrt)- ' ,* ■ i •ni *- ■ - , . e i ■ i 

;m OniniK Krrc StntP liiirKhcr. AfnOlllllcr, 1 tu* : a lllaill lllll' of Collillial 

Wllinnt ( A.) Story of tlio cxiKmsi.m j ijf,.. Uy Clainnoiih' ( K.) ... 

of Soiitht-ni Africa M a4;n, M 34;W! AfridiH. LOOK UNDBR Tir-ali. 

i «k.;U-h.- thr ™rlyhi-.nry ,,f S.„,,h Afrl.-n, llu. j ^f^.,. ,,.^,.^ jjj. (,„„i„^ (^r , |,. j^^?. F 

; I After London. Hy J.-irmt-s (It.) F 

witbiiVohi'.ioryofViiplsiirnVi^^^^^ Afti'rli>ii{,'(,ii*'f nn'Ipaiii.BvKita F7I4(i,F7117.F 

W»rMf<>lil(W.B.) History of South Africa M 24.'I3 [ Af tor bcL.miI. By Ovi-rtoii (H.) F 

KcrrK Summary n( the hi-lory of Soulh Arrim. and , . ».„_ ,,„..„,„ ,.,_.'_, n,. ti.,,,.,,:., i t \ V 

IhppvuntHlFndinRuptothciirewnl vnr. Atl«r twclltj JMirs. lij Mni-(;iS (.1. ) ... t 

— South Africa: a study of colonial f After wank. By Maclaren (I.) F .'i.')lill,F 'wll!, F 

iidiiiinisti-atinii and develotiincnt ... M Against odds. Hy Lynch (L. L.) 

F ITi 

... XI 111 

rarly hi.'l 

H OninitP Free SUilc 

Hiiin^^H (T.) Exploi-atioiiB i 

WiN-iern cojwl. IhroURh 

TD Liike Nirami iuhI thu Vn-iurHiriLu*. 

Hnrtoii (Sir R., F., Capt.) WanderiugB i 
Wwt Africa from Liveriiool to Fonianil 
I'o [in imU]. 2 V 

Ellis tA. B., Major) Ewe-spf-aking pcopli 
of tlitf slave coaat of West Africa 

NOTE DwiTiptlon ol Ihp kinudom of Duhnnipy nnd nt 

theD«horoiiin ay"lrm o( rellKion. and llicnnimishc! brlipl" 

of nip pcoplp.lhcir inunnpTH. i-udlum^ liio-s, lanxuHiP^H, I'li-. 

HHtcliinson(T. J.) Ten years' wanderinffl* 

aiHong the Ethiopians : with sketcheH of 

the mannei-s and customs of the civiliswil 

and uncivilized trihwt, fi-om Senegal to 

Gahdon, Util W 

Kingsley (M. H.) Tmvels in West Africii : 
Ctrngo Fran^^ais, CJorisco, and CanK-i-o«)nt< M 
M/rS TniiVi^K in Ibr iliKtrii-lii at Bonny nnd Dvnin, 
Frpnrh Ooiun'. nixl C^riAara, In WS, iiml of tbp n-uloni 
NlM KIiHikW IMwwl IbrniiKh HlonK tbc I'mier Ouiiui' 
lIivi.T nod tfinmKb the country ol the CtinnilHl fm". 

Against the stream. HyOharles(Mi-ri, E.) ... F It-! 
; Against the tide. By Dickens (M. A.) ... F -M 
! Against wind loul tide. Hy Lee (IL) ... K ."il 

Agassix (Louis, I'rof., NATURALIST) i — 

Bolt^on (S. K.) FanioiiH men of science ... J. v 
H<ilder (C. F., LL.D.) Louis Agassis; his 

life and work I^ .">' 

i Wright (H. C.) Stories of the gi'rat 

scientists ... ... ... ... ... L > 

Agatha's husliand. By Craik (Mrs.) ... F ■-•<': 

Agffd poor in Englandand Wales, Hy Booth (C.) I) .'> 

M !'.>4 Aginconrt. By James ((>. P. R.) F 4'- 

Aglen (Anthony S., Editor) Selection fi-om 

M S'I4 the writings of Dean Stttnlev (,' : 

Agnes. By Oliphant (Mrs.) F t;4: 

Agnes Gi-ev. Hv Bronte (A.) F J-l^ 

Agnes of Sorrento. Hy Stowe (H. B.) ... F Mm 

Willi Ihe Inideund faihuar qiiEHtlon. 

— West African studii-s 

N(ITK Dniln with thp pnvpnl rnr 
.VfTkim imtHnvionK. Ibeir iironpeclK 
ciul, nnd imltury. PWntii r - — ' 
IhrouKh the )[ — 

... Mirm.M 

IHim of our Wivi 
inilltirul. rommiT- 

ntAe i* humiimil 

, .„ !■ nnd Indlttrrcni'i' of tho la-;il 

iu]thniitln>. who do nothitiK to foirtn' moirunllli- cxuin- 
>iun, iHthcr on tho (.raM or In tbo hlnlcriiuid. Dcwrilirx 
tho viirlouH phiwes ol Fottiihlian.rolltdon, wltchimft.iti-, 
CuntHiibi A Htmni! ilonunrlntlnn of t)iu crom-ii colony 

Lucas (C. p.) Historical geography of the 

British Colonies, vol. :t M 181 

5IiK-kler- Ferry man (A. F., Major) Britisli 

West Africa : its ritw and progit-ss ... M240;i| 

Kors ■HkMrhmtlioiiiM.prci'onl.iindfuturf of Brillxh 
Wwt Africn, luid iimtnlnH chntilcr« on OHmMn. Kii'mi I 

l.oano. the Ocihl C^iUKt, AHhiinlf. Lmuok tho Xiin-r Ciini. 

Cy nnd th* XI»(t C'cxint I'nilivlfBTilo. mlwlomiry work, 
orlmffli- iiw-lioii. oh'. 

Huxley (T. H., LL.D) Agnosticism and 
Christianity. In Af'itScienceandChristiaii 
tradition - (.' 

NOTK t'ot II TTply rend Wnoe (li.i Chrl.-liiinily and 

— Essays upon stime controverted ijuestions t' 
Laing (S.) Religion of the f utuiv — agnosti- 
cism and Christianity. In his PiX)l)leiiis 
of the future K 

Ni)TE DphI- Willi till- iiOH-ililf (utun- -ymiwlhy bf- 

Alalluck ( W. H.) Stutlies of contemporary 
snperstititm C 

ti'not" of uKUo-tli'li-m. The iiuilmr nini-ider" the new 
helicfx to lie Icm «Henliflc tluin Ibp old.unil that if Iht^ 
littlor were to Iheir whv «tii)er«ltllii<w. the former nn- 
iilijei'l eiHiiiiiIeK of ni>niillHr liinuliclHrn. 

Myers (F.W.H.) Charles Darwin and ag- 

nosticisin. In hia Science ami a f utuiv lil'e C 
Peaiwm (K.) Kthic of freethonght ...C 

11 limt bitboHii lint fiirwiird. Hmiilinnin-x H'lentitlr nnd 
hMlorioiU Hludy n> the itolu |iulb to knowluiljn-, uI'hIoiu. 
utid ri)(hl lU'iton. 


ftgnntiBisni — niDtin iml. 

SiniiHlersCi'. B.") Quest of failli : bciiittiiotcB 
on the current philosophy or n-ligioii ... (' 

>'iirE— ComlnlH thp nsniMrii- tiriiicliilc. innMIni! Ihnt If 
•U-H1HV Dcnli' OHitH [otnulHllun a hrllof In Ihp unlfomillv 
<>l nntuiv. xij the tnrt iit Ti>ljiniMi» and monl •■xiicrii'ni'i' 
imply. nnitilmMndrarlbdrinlrilliilhlllly.iLllipixlU-rultli. 

Sifphcii (L.) An aKnoHtic'x ii|)i»l(»(jj' ... C 

"-»«ir" tho raw lor lumwlh-inii. TIk' Bcnrnil 



<. Tlio nlillwil 

■■■nim>ry oCDeliet." 

■\Viici' (H., D.D.) Christianity iimf agiiouti- 
cism : reviews of mmv lecoiit at tacks (iii 
the chriHtiaii faith C 

N'tTTI! The nrorkH kvIcwikI nro Morison'" " Scrvii-p ot 
Miin." WonlK-Rohwl Vn-nKif." Tho volume i\\m I'lm- 
tiiiiii' two ivi>)ici> to Huik'>-'a crllk-liim un tliu iiuihor'n 
pniirr entillml " Ainioi>tiFiHm.° 

ALSOUXIEl'KDEIlAlhpiKIIl. PoBitlvlKin. 

Aj;iiiiH(Onne) Love in our village. [Dorset- 
Hhii^' sketchea] f 

AfioiiiwChriMti : Hernionsoii thesiitTeriiigsof 
Chrint. By Lffroy (W.) C 

A;;i-«'mentH. LOOK UNDER CoiitrdctK, 

Agrleola :— 

Tacitus (C. C.) Life of Agi-icitla; tniiifll. 
with notes, by Church and BrfnU-il(l) ,.. M 

ShcleheHlhehiitory otBritnin under IheRamjinH. 

Vila Julii Agricolft'. Optra omnia, vol. 2. 

[Text — OxfonI claBsics] M 

AfrHeuitiiral botanv. look UXDER BotJinv. 
Ajfi-iciiltural labourer. By Keblwl (T. K.) .*.. D 
Atri-icultupdl machinery. By WriKlitwni (J.) 

lirit. manif/m: itulunt II 

AffHcnltntwl rates act, WM\. By Ryde (W. C.) D 
AurlcuHiir*! Suneylii| :— 

Sciitt (J.) Agricullnrdl siirveyinft ...H ii't'.^, H 

Treatidf un land "untfyina. levelling. unU "Mlinir mil ; 
^ind lalucB of materiids. i'rhIufc, iilix-k. elf. 

Agriculture :— 

Acland (Rl. Hon. Sir T.D.) Iiitroiluction to 
the chemistry of farming H 

NOTE~ACtenitit« to Hhonr whit Ihu mntonid:! iif fiii. 
Ilitih itnd bone I'ontatnod in the Iiinn produee an: iuiuIp 
111 ; the sonrec from which tho mnfcriid* fome froni 
Moil iind from air — iind iihova wlmt are thv chcDiit-iil 
i^k-montK of eiu-h produi'1. 

Atldyinan (F. T.) Agricnltural analysis : 
a manual of quantitative analysis for 
students of agriculture H 

lios (J. R., Prof.) Agi'icultural zoology s 
tratisl. by Davis G 

Hi-ougham (Henry, LortI) Agricultnnd 
distreKB. In A /» Speeches, vol. 1 ... D 

Iturii (R. S.) Landed estates management H 

.^^„..,__ „, ,.. , ,_-.. m,.: p«-H!i- 

I Agrleuttun — iiiulhniitl. 

' Clements (H.) Fields -if (Jivat Brilaiii : a 

1 text-book (.f aKricnltiii-e a.iiij.tetl to tlie 

Hyllabns of the Science iiiid Art Depart- 

iiivnt. South KciiHinf,'ton H 

. , Dnnsler (IL 1'.) How to make the land 
pay ; or, [n-ofitable iiidnslries connected 
with the land and siiilable to all 

iccnp.itioiiH, large or small H 

I Fleam (\V„ LL.D.) Klements of aK'ricnIlnre H 
! — Soilsand their piiipcrties H 

M>TK I)«>1~ u-lth th<' fomuiliun iif wU- iind ihe 
luilunil biH'M vhii'h aitn-1 them. 

I firiffitliH(A.B.) Disesises of crops and their 
I remerlies H 

Jiirvis (T.), uiui BnrnesH (W.l Farmei-B 
hai-vest companion tnitl country gi-iitle- 

man's itssistunt H 

Jefferies (R.) Toilei-s of the field ... D 

JituK)])]) (A.) ArciKly, for better woiw M 

rofi NOTB, I^HIK ItKtlKU lilbuurlniU'tll-wn, 

Johnston (J. F. W.) Klements <»f agiicnl- 
tural chemistry; edited by Cameron luid 
I Aikman H 

NiiTB NhowK the ■■onaliluenl" of pliinl" iinU nniroal-, o( 
the iirtlieij of phuilH. tho r'otnp<Mticni of jLlinfh.p1irre nnd 



(;;i7 ; 

577 1 


I2:.;t I 


li-lnnn": melbodx 1 

nd the vivtIouk fii 

ibulldini^: t 

-: theKelttnic 

— Outlines III modern farming. 

Vul. 1. Soilfs auiaun-K, and i-roiJH 
V>il. :;. Fanninu nnd fiirminiciTDnuniy 
Vol. ;l. Stoek rattle, Hhwp. and hofw> 
Vol. 4. -Thcdairy, pMDspnultry 

Lawrence (W.T.) Agricnlture: elementary 
eom-se ... ... ... ... ... U 

Leadam (L S.) What protection iIih-s for 
the farmer and lalioui-er D 

I.«)ng (J., Prof., uiid uthi-VH) Ilamlb.M.k for 
farmers and small hoKIers ; edited hv 
Watwm ', H 

Macdonald (J.) FochI from the far west : 
or, American affricnlture H 

IK Ihe uurk'ulliiriHl i 

Maiden (W.J.) Tillajje ... 

Tiy thn lillaKip of Ijuid. 

MiMnv (H. E.) Back to the land 

Foil KOTB. t.OOK US-DKH lond. 

Mulhall ( M. G.) History of pricei 

year IS.itl [to lS«;"i] D ;»;!7 

Ormerod (K. A.) Manual of injurious 
insects, with methods of jn-evention 
and reme<ly for their attjtcks to footi 
crops, forest trees, and fruit H ;)8.*) 

— Text-lK>ok of agi-ioulturul entom<)logy ; 
being a guide to methods of insect 
life and means of insect ravsige ... U .'>jS(l 

Percival (J., Prof.) Agricultund lummy, 

theoretical anti pnictical ... ... G JU'.U 

Pilloy (J. J.) F.lements of scientific agri- 
cultuiv for Ktndents and farmers: 
aiiapted to the syllabus of the Hvience 
and Ai-t Department, South KeiJsiugton H biy^ 











A|riaiMw-« — conthnted, 

Potter(M. C, Pnif.) Elemeiitarj- text-book 

ofiigncuiturall.otiiny G lt19r»,G IIHIO 

Keott(J,, I'rof.) Fiirni buiitlintJia: practical 
treatise on tlio Imilfliiigs iiece«Barj- for 
varinua kinilt) of fai-iuH, their arraiige- 
iiieiit ami construction witli plans and 
estimates H5(iI,H 502 

— Farm i-oails, fences, and gates : a practical 
treatise on the i-oails, tramways, and 
waterways of the farm : the principles 
of enclofiures : and the different kinds 
of fences, RAtea ami stiles H 

Sheldon (J. R, I'l-of.l Future of British 
agi'icuitare : how farmers may best lie 
benefited H 5(;4, H 

Sil»so» (AO Agricultural chemistry ... H ■.}>S'.i 

Kipliumtfon or tlic rhetnlcal principlcii Involved in Iho 
niTratlonn ol Ihp [nrm. 

Simmonds(P. L.) Animal products : their 

preparation, commercial uses and value D ■120 

— The commercial products of the sea ... D S22 

Steele (J.) Hay and stmw measurer : being 
new tables for the use of anctioneere, 
valuers, land surveyors, fanners, hay and 
straw dealers, etc. H 877 

Tanner (H., Prof.) Firat prlneiplesof agri 

Wallace (R., Prof.) 
Gi-eikt Britain 

Ward(H. M.. Pmf.) 

— Diseases of plants 

COHrBMTS FnnBi. w»prophyten iianuiilPii. "dnmpina 
off"ol ii™dlinK«."flnfren' iind ttxw," "rlubroot/ potnio- 
aineaw," "Bmul" of com. " hlndder-plumN or -pookft- 
plum-.-' lilT dlKHu*. ~<Tunt" ot no ""d olhor ronwl*. 
Iii>p-dii«ni«. ""til"! n( wheat. 

Watson (J., Kflitiir) Oniithologj' m relation 

to agi'iculture and horticulture G 13fi2 

NOTE- -A mriw of i.kolclie>i hy vnriouii cMnlribiiton" 
which nim to xhon' tliD niladprdx of (he Hmrruw, nnd on 
the olhrr hnnd to drfnnd tbc bird from Kiirh nri-uHatioriH. 

Webb (II. J.) Elementary agriculture ... H ."ifiS 

OeiilK with "iitK lillncp. lunnuni. plnnt life, fnodn etr. 
fllwi'iiiUy BdnptPd to Iho rciiitrcnujntK of IHe !*rienpe 
iinil Art depftrlmcnl. nnd Ibo Junior eiamlnationii of tho 
Rnynl Aitrlciilltira] Soriely. 

Wood (S.) Tree planter, and plant pro- 
pagator H GO'i 

Miiniiftl on the propnjmlion of (oiwl trnv. tniil lr«», 
[lowerinK Bhrub-, lloneriTiii phinls. elc. Witli this voL is 
bnund up -Tbe free pniix-r," denlina witli (he imininK 
and rniovrttlonof trofn, with thf bent methodor brinninc 
old and worn out tmis into a. Htate of bearing. 

Wood (T.) Farmer's friends and foes ... H .iS7 
NOTE— Lifp hiilory of the varlouniiniinnls, injurious and 
bcnellriid, which Influenw Brili»h nffrH-ulliire. 

Wiightaon(J.,Prof.)Farmcropa.[Elemeiit.] H 3!I4 

— Livestock. [ Elementai-j-] H (125 

— Principles of agricultural practice as an 

instructional subject H 5(i!> 

Youatt(W.) Cattle: their breeds, manaRp- 

ment and disease Ji CS4 

AL-SO LOOK UDBBR Bws. Cnttlo. Dairy tarminu. DrV" 
EnHilBge. Khu. Fruit. Qardcnina, Hopn Horse. Manur». 
roullry. Sheep. Water and water supply. 

Aguilar (Grace) Works : — 

bays ot Bruco F W | Mothc- 

.H 567 
Farm live stock of 

H 023 

Disease in plants ... G 11)80 
,. G 1088 

Home Influence 


of cednm lEipul-inn 
Jews from Bpain, l«31... F !M 

qadV rnendHhtp F 07 

an of I^■rael [Sketchrs 
BIblo characlcre] . . C li7 


F IfiS 

Dillon (E. J., Prof.) Sceptics of the Old 
Testament : Job, Koheleth, Agur ... C 

TOn KOIB. l-ooK eNDEK Blble-OI.J TrtlnnifHi. 

Aho (juhani, jisfud.) Squire Hellman, etc.... F 
Aidaianopera. ByVerdi{G.) VocaliK-ore ...J 
Aldan ,Rt.,BiBhop of Lindisfarne, /xMcLaugh- 

' 1 (H., Rev.) Ancient Irish saints ... 1 
Aide (Hamilton) Works : — 

Carr ot Carrlyon F Bfl [ Mr.nndMrs.FaulronbridBe 

Cliff rayntcry F IflO PamiHwinthelifeoInlMly r ,— 

ConfldenrrK F int I I'enrudJockB ~. F 107 

KIiHibeth*Bprotendcn(F10a.F 103 Voyniw of dincovery. 

In thai Klnle of life ... F IM | [American society] F Wfi, F 109 

Ai<le-de-cami> [Peniiisnla war, 18(1G]- By 
Gi-aiit(J.) F.3421.F :S422 

Aiils to long life. By Davies (N. E.) ... H 2r>7 

Aikin (John, M.D.). /« Memories of seventy 

j-ears: edited by Martin L 44 

Aiknian (C. M., Prof.), >/h^ editor. LOOK 
UNDER Johnston (J. F, W.) 

Ailesd'Icare. Par Bernard (C. de). lIitFynirh] K 1882 

Aimard (Gustave) Works ; — 

Indian chief F 110 1 Stoneheart F 113 

Last of the Incas F 111 I Tmil hunter F in 

Aimee. Bv Giberne (A.) F ;}28.> 

Ainger(A. C.) Fives. /« Heatlicote (J. M.) 

Tennis J HIO 

Ainger(Alfred,Oanon) CharlesLamb ... L 121(9 
Ainsley (Thomas L.) Guide iKwk to the Local 
Marine Board examination : the extra 

examination G 341 

Ainslie (Percy) Priceless orchid F 114 

Ainsworth (William H.) Works :— 

Auriol FllS.Fllfl 

Beatrice Tylde-ley F117.F11H 

Beau N'a-h fBulhlifein IWhccnt.) F 11»,F 13» 

n.-wcabrl [Tnle ot ItKil. nnd ew-ape of Prince Chnrlnl ... F 121, F 122 
Cnrdinal Kile [MarriaRe of Philip imd Mary to restoration 

of Papal BUthority] FmF124 

Cbetwynd Cal.-erley F 126. F IW 

ConBlHblede Bourbon [Franclsl 
Constable of the towe] ' " 

of Admiral Seymourj 

Crlchlon [Franca time of Henry lU.l 

[The hero i» drawn from Count R'Orsay. who all 
in DlBtncli'H "Henrietta Temple."] 
Flitch ot hacon [lIliistraleK the curious oW ci 

Dunmow, time GoDrscIL] 

OoldBmtth'H wife 

Ouy FawkcB [1»B] 

lliUiry 81. IveB 

Jack ftheppard ... 
John Ijiw [Career . 

MIssimlppi bubble. 


ith ot ftenry VIIL. and ci 

well-known projeclor of the 

.„„ _., , ' jamea 1.] 

LffliBucr of Lalhom [Civil ivar in Lancnuhire]... 
Lord Mayor ot London ITime (iiwrjte II.] 

rebels of II 
EnBlanil ... 
■a Clilheroe 
. Daiiahter [Tim 
cion Pom fret 

Old St. Paul's [Vivli 

London. HKH-a] 

Ovinodenn pranae [South Downs durinu Civil wa 
Preston tlcht [Old Prctendei's rebellion. 1"15-16] 
Rookwood [Career of Dick Turpln] 

ic ptatine and ureal Are 

... F147.KHM 
... FH9,Fir*l 
... FlBiFL-M 
... F IM. F Ififi 
... F1S7.F1SK 
... FI.IU.FliW 
F 161, F lis 

...F 1(17, FIR)* 
...F 108, F 170 

r Uurl- 

,.,. , ,-- I of Queen A ,. 

borotiHhJ F 171. F 173 

Spanish match [JnnK« I.] F173,F171 

Spendthrift Flja, 

ataoley Brereton ■ ■■. F 177, F I7« 

Slar^rhaniber [James 1,] F 1,9, F 180 

Tower ot London [Imrdsonnionl and elocution of Lady 

Jane a try, my] FlRl.FWC 

Wind»or Castle [Henry VIH.) F 18S.F IW 

Ainu of Japan,the religion, superstitions, and 
general history of the hairy aborigines of 
Japan. By Uatchelor (J.) M 780 



Brewer (E. C, Rev., LL.D.) Guide to the 

scieiitific knowledge of things fiiniiliurG li 
Fox (C. B., K.D.) Sanitary examinations 

of water, air. and food H 205 

Hawkins (A. E.) A tenn'a leBSons on air... G 6il 
Lewes (V. B., Prof.) Air and water G tiSU, G 051 
Smith (H. A., Ph.D.) Air and min ; the 

heginningBof a chemical climatology ... G i^lM 
Tyiidalt (J., LL.D.) I>lH8ays on the tioating- 
matter of the air, in i-elatiun to puti'e- 
faction and infection H 267 

NOTE -Donla with the iuitiseptlrayalciii,lhc)iennth«>r)'. 
uidilmi'itnlmiHtuiccolL'Ertuiiit-ermBlobiiil. Sbowatlio 
analogy otiheapreiui of in(«-[ion ftinonKor»uiii; intualcma 

Wan'klyri (J. "x^at^ 'c^'^r'lw. JO* Air 
analysis: a practical treatiseon the exam- 
ination of air G ti55 

Air testing: — 

Bnchan (W. P.) Ventilation. H 1128, H n2SI 

Airy (Sir George Bitldell, Astnmomer Hoynl) 

Elementary ti-eatiae on partial differential 

equations G 240 

— Popular astronomy Q 254 

Airv (Osmund) English restoration and 

Louis XIV. [lClS-li;79] M1838 


— Text-book of English history [B.C. 55 to 

A.D. 1897] Mltii.') 

— [ft/i7(w] Selections from Addison's papers 

in the "Spectator." K 759 

—LOOK DNDBR Burnet (G.) 

Airyfairj-Lilian. ByHungefford(Mrs. )F 45112, F 4.50;i 
Aitchison (SirCharles,LL.D.) Lord Lawrence L 521 
Aitken (Edith) Text-book of hotany ...G 1054 

Akiiar the Great [Emperor of Hindustan]. 

Holden (E. 8., ll.d.) Mogul enipei-ors of 
Hindustan L 443 

Malleson (G. B., Col.) Akhar, and the rise 

V of the Mughal empire L 439 

A Kempis (Thomas). LOOK ONDER Thomas 

a Kempis. 
Akensiile (Mark) Poetical works; with 

memoir, l>y Dyce K 310 

In Johnson (S., LL.D.) Lives of the poets,., L 1187 
Akera (C E.) Argentine, Patagonian and 

Chilian sketches; with a few notes on 

Uruguay [in 1891-2] M 1184 

Alalwwter box. By Besant (W.)F 804, F 805, F 800 
Aladdin in London. By Hume (F. W.) ... F 4400 
Alaniontade der galeerensklave.VonZschokke 

(.1. H. D.). [/« Get-man'] K 1192 

AlaricSpenceley. By RiddelI(Mi-8. J. H.) ... K 7104 

Alaw! By Bi-oughton (R.) F 1358 


Broke (G.) With sack and stock in ,\laBka M 117C 

SOTB 'KiHdttioD Id cltmb Uount Rl, HtoH, iiiul on 
iui.-ouiilo(AiefounieTfram8ilVii toYnkulaLin IHWI. 

Windt (H. de) Through the gold-fields of 

.Alaska to the Behring straita M1092 

."(OTE— story Dt ft Journey through tho -Nortli 

Teirjlory. a ~"— ' "— "'■" "--" '" " " "'" 

eoU-fleldi. tl 

Albalat (Antoine) Marie, [/n Fretich'] ... K 1341 
Albany (Prince Leopold, Duke of) : — 

Myem(F.W.H.) Leopold, Duke of Albany. 
In memoriani. Iti his Science and a 

future life C 124 

Albemarle (Arnold A. C. Kejipel, Earl of), 

a«d Hillier (G. L.) Cycling J 1082 

Albemarle (George Monk, Duko of, Genei-al) 

Corbett (J.) Monk L 092 

James (G. P. R.) Great coinnianilors ... L 080 
AUterg (Albert) Floral king : u life of 

Linnaius L 89C 

Alberoni (Julius, Statesman and Cardinal^. 

Macoall (W.) Foi-eign biographies ... L 00 

Smith (G.B.) Half-hourawitli some famous 

ambaasadoi-s L 028 

Albert (Prince, Consort of Queen Victoria) 
Martin (Sir T.) Life of His Royal High- 
ness the Prince Consort. 5 v 1^54-8 

Yong.' (C. M.) Life of H.R.H. the Prince 

Conuurt L 359 

Jf»./«([f(r<!ktfnlF.n.iBrilish Kmiiiro. D 174 : Panj 

AUx'rt N'yaiixa. Baker (Sir S. W.) AlWrt 
N'yanza, great basin of the Nile, and explor- 
ations of the Nilesom-ces [in 1802-4]. 2 v, M 985 

Albert Savams. Par Balzac (H. de). [/« 
Freiuh] K1350 

Albini (F. de) Marie Antoinette and the dia- 
mond ne<-klace L 402 

Albuquerejue (AfTonso d', Governor of Portu- 
guese India). By Stephens (H.M.) ... L 023 

juwiMny ! — 

Mackay (C. LL.D.) Alchymists. tn hia 

Extraordinary delusions ... B 07. B 08 
Waite (A. E.) Lives of alchemyetical 

philosophei-s L 878 

Conlulnxnn inlrodiidory eiwayon the true priorlplHi and 
nature iif (he nuijniUM opus or Krent work of ■idlKmlcal 
n-caD-<lrui.-l ion. und wane unount of the aplritual 
vlKiDiMtry, AIho roalHluii a bibllotempby of ulchemy and 
lionDclIc iiliiloriophy. 
ALKO LOOK I'NDEK Uhemlfllry. 
Alcwk (C.W.) Football— Ai«ociation jn25,J 1120 
Alcock (Debm-ah) Works : — 

Arthur Kn.klno'B Ktory [Scotland, time of Knoi] F \K> 

■^- "-— [Fr.into-nuwiiin war, l«ia-1.1] 

o tbe Klondike 


? 1(17 

[lUth .-enturyl F IW 

Alcock (Joseph C), joint aiil/ioi: look 
UNDER Uaviilson (W.) 

a nari-ative of a thi-ee years' residence in 
Japan [1859-02]. 2 v M 779 

. H 244 


Anstie (F. E., M.D.) Sliniulants and nar- 
cotics, their mutual I'elations ; with 
spe<^^ialn.-searcheson the action of alcohol, 
wther, and chloi-oform, on the vital 
organism ... 

won NOTE.-LOOK UNDER AntSBttietira. 

Dudgeon (R. E., M.D.) On drink. In his 

Prolongation of life H 139 

Richardson (B. W., M.D.) On alcohol ... H 195 

NOTK— Holds t1«t alcohol iH neilber food nor drink suil- 
nhlH tor [lie nntumi demondB of num. 

IS I'NDKH Temperance and Intemperance, 


Alc-ult (I,<mi«i M.) W.irkH 



{mniy'ii rrnlaeln Iho '1 


Okl Iiwhioocd Rirl 
Row In Uoom IXBQi't!] 

AleitMHlM-lll.,tNefireat, Kingof MamU>n-^w«//j< 
' I Wh.'.-K-i- ( H. I.) AlcsiiinkT 111.' IJiviit : til.- 
mt-rging of i-.ial iitiil wcHt in uiiivei-Kil 
i hislory ... ... ... ... ... L 

' Alfxan(ler(A.) DrilHorthe Htamlanb : coii- 
ll luining a vari^tl selection uf ]jliysical 

exercibes H 

|: — HeiUthful exercises for girla H 

Alcuiii [Founder of ntonimtic w.'Iio<>Ib]. 
West (A- F.) Alcuiii iunl the rise of the 
chriHtinn twhools ... ... ... L 

I'iclorial ami ile9crii»tive guiile to Felix- 
stowe, Aldeliingii, Soiilhwold, etc. ... M atW 
Allien (MiuI.M.) LOOK UNDER Panav.;wcM(/. 
Allien (W. L.) Works:— 

Mv-Hry tt Kihv U. Rwbui' ... 

.•Vldenlene. By Paul (N.) ... 
AMerrtyile. By Swan (A. S.)... 
Alilis (W. Steadman, Pi-of.) 

treatine on frenmetrieal optics 
Aldrich (ThomaB liailey) :— 

Mnrtorlc Daw. Pir F ai7 Siory cl n ImhI boj- 

frudiwp Pnlfrf>- " -" " -'— ' ■— ■■ — ." 




F t;i;i;ii 


... G 4.S(I.G 481 

..Liilhor'M boyliood] F21LF212 

... F -jm Two liilOK 111 11 1-1 wiry. ptc. F Li.! 
Hlillwntcr tmaPdy. 2v. ... F:;lil IVyndhHm towcn-Upown) K112 

Aldvtli. By Fothei-gill (J.) F 'Mm 

Aldyth's inhei-i lance. By Thome (E.) ... F 8311 
Alec Forbes of Howglen. By MacDonald (G.) F .');'»!« 

Alec Rreen. By HockiiiK (S. K.) F 4212 

"Alert," H.M.S. :— 

Uopimiger (R. W., M.D.) Cruise of the 
"Alert" four years in Patagimian, Poly- 
nesian, and Mascaivne waters (1878-82) M IM 

XOTB .Acc'ounl vl the Comniiulcni liy Ihe .lamlr.ilty tn 
■iiirvt-y the HirallK of Miw«llnn.pi-'«iiln reel' luul ImIiithU 
Id IIi» S. Fiirlllr. nnd unrtx of IheN.W.i-oiwt iil .\unlnilui. 

Alett!i [Boer war, ISHll]. By MitfonI (B-) — V 'I'M'T 
Alexander I., C/ar of Kusttia : — 

/« Maccall (W.) Foreign l)iograi)hii't< ...L GG 
Alexjiiuter III., Czar of Kussia : — 

I^>we (C.) Alexander III., of Kiissia ...L i'M) 
Alexander III., King of Sc()tlanil : — 

In Tytler <P. V.) Scottish worlliiea ...L 81 

Mvxanter III., the QrMt, Kin^^of Macedon :— 

Bmlgp (E. A. W., Lltt. D.) Life and ex- 
ploits of Alexander tho Great ... M 14(1(1. M 14(51 

NOTK TmriMliition of Hip Kililojili^ vcrKlonof the ulury 
of Ak-inndiT, nnd ot Ihc lilAui^'. ]>.in.'nd«. iind tnuliliiin.' 
conncrlrd with lilxlifr. 

Curleis (A. M.) Rise of the Mitceiloniau 
empirp[B.C.3fi9-.^23] M l.')lW 

soTR I'irtureof IlieMiwetlonlnniiowerttom lis «irlii-»t 
Ui'Vt.-Loiinii'nt to Ihc dtitlli of AluxnniU'r lliv Olviil. 

MaliaiVy (J. P., D.D.) Alexander's einjiiiv 

[B-c. ;t;(i-i(i8] Mi4s;i, M14M 

Fonilnc Ihf ft 

Hit denroKt fop 
Llfplnlerrst -.- 
LooV before you tenp — F fflf' 

Alexander (Mrs. B.^/iwMiO'/y Barlmi-a Huflon) 

Tales of the Saracens ... F 2.'i.> 

Alexander (.Peter) Treatise <ni thermo- 
dynamics G r^t? 

AlexHnder(S,) Moral order and progivss: an 
analysis of ethical conceptions B 224 


Alexander (W, F.) Court adjourns ... F S-'Hi 

Alexander (W. Y.,Kditm-) Selected lettei-snf 

MendelBS<ihn L U»44 

Alexander (William, Bishop iif Berry). 

Epistles of St, John C S'tCt 

— Verhum cnieia : ten sermons on the 

mystery and the woitls of the cross ... C ."i.'ls 
— Witness of the psalms to Christ nnd 

Ohristianity C 44."> 

Alexander (William Lindsity, D.D.) Ancient 

British church ... " C SOT 

—System of Bililical theology. 2v. ... C ;t7ii 

Alexander Bains : an oratorio. By Flanilel 

(G. F.) Vmfil srore ... " J 7(5:; 

Alexander's h-asl. By Handel (G. F.J Voral 

Alexandra, Queen Consort of Kngland : — 
Darton (J. M.) Famous girls 
Warren (M. S.) Princess of Wales: 
l>iogi'aiihical sketch [to lA'.*'}] ... 

n Ihe rullurc ol the 

ii-Inl iinil coniiiicreil Iton 

SchlegeHF. von) Ciusar and Alexander: an 
historie:tl com])arison. In his Course of 
lectures on modern history M 

Kingsley (C, Canon) Alexandria and her 
schools. //( A/s " Historic-al lectures and 
cassiys " M 42 

enXTKNTH Binjiniphii-nl nnd lltpmry oketpiipfl intrr- 
BpiTspd Willi <Mmmpnl" of uniViT«i1 ii|j|)Ii™iHm. The 

Alexandi-ian war, B.C. 4S-47 : — 

Hirtins(A.) Commentary on the Alexan- 
drian war. /«Ca!Kar(_C ..I.) Gallicand Civil 

Wiirs. [Transl.] Ml.'iSl 

— Da I>eilo Ah'Xandrino. In Cfesar (C.J.) 

Commentarii. [Text — Oxford classicsj M l,'{7'.t 
Alexia. By Prite (E. C.) F tJ;)27 



Vlfys.r th.- Dane. By Crake (A. D.) ... F 2i);,:\ 

\lliiTi (Vitt^iiiu. Ci.HiiE) Tragi-dit!. 2 v. 

[/// Iliilian] K 1S27 

— Tii4^<liefl ; eilitpil liy Bowrinjf. 2 v. ... K 1X03 


— Memoirs of the life and writiiigB of Alf ieri L l.lT.'j 

\lf.>r<l (E. M.) Margai-et F Sr.? 

— Mudern Don Quixote F 2'»S 

Alfor4l (Henry, Dean) Queeii'H English : 

nuinuitl of idiom and uxage E .IS 

— Sermons on christian doctrine pleached in 

Canterbury CHthedral C .Wi) 

/n Hare (A. J. C.) Bi<^^phical sketches ...L 7(i 
Alford l,H. S. L., Lieut.), and Swoi-d (W. D.. 

Lieut.) Egyptian Soudan, it^ lotm and 

recovery M 23f<J> 


Mini tin Gnat, King of England :— 

Bcwmt (Sir W.) Storj- of King Aifml ... L .■i.tfi 

NOTK- Wrlllen with a view 10 the ridlit undprHtnndinH 
III lliemiUmniTi iflobnilion : to "how what !■ Uh meiin- 
iD^ wlmt nuumpr of mBD Kind Alfred wii>^ shut kiod of 
world he lived In. nnd wlint he did. 

Il<i\vker(A.,ifirf)7(w) Alf red the Great: cliap- 

terson hi8iifeandtimes,hy variouaauthora L .101 
Omivheare (E.) Alfred in the chroniclers M 1774 

VOTE -Preiien til Ihc early nnthorilieti tor the life of I 

Kinji Alfred. Ineludfne Awer'* biography, nnd enirie* I 

r>.'UilinK to hlni from the Ani^lo-Saxon ChronieleH nnd I 

Iht- nudk-rnl hintorlniw ; with nn Introdui^tory Bkett-h i 
I'lqnbinlng llie TnrlouH Infomuilloii into nn nulhentir 
iHrturc ot the Kln)«. 

Di-aper (W. H.) Alfred the Great ... L 3.'{2 

NOTK-ContfltiiH a biotnaphicttl skelch of Alfred, wven 

-ladies ot different anpert!' of Alfred'x life and work». , 

with notes on AlfredV ion-el. Ihe rehnlldind ot London, ' 

nnd n. bitilratfmphy, i 

>iirle(J., LL.D., Prof.) The Alfred jewel : , 

an historical essay M1777, 

KOTR -DewrilKii the Jewel, imd degUa with the theorlex 
.la to itH dwitpi nnd mnnner of am, nnd eonlitlnx nn i 

r'-viy (in the KInu. with exiieelal retereni-c to the 
S<nn>.>nclKhln: eiMrb ot hlH life. i 

Hawkins (W.), nnd Smith (E. T.) Story 

of Alfnil the Great L .137' 

Hntrhea (T.) Altt^d the Great L ;W3 ' 

.^Ltifailypii (D.) Alfred, the West Saxon, I 

kiiiff of the English M 1782 ' 

I'aKf (.J.) Alfred the Great : the father of I 

(he English L 3.'U | 

-MiTK- In not inlendeil Id lie n rrltinU "(udy. Lu( mlher 

:% i>u'ture of the life of Kmu Alfred, nnd of the time in 
BhH'li he lixed; with doHi-riirtionH of Ihe wieiiil life ot 

I'^uH'Tr^, I>B.) Life of Alfivd the Gi-eat ... 

('.■Dliuao Alfrod'H Anula-I^nion Yeivion ot Onwlux. urilli 
lllrnil Kiii:li''h InuMiiIion, nnd nn Antfli>Sniun nlphabet 
i. irtowwry. by Thorjic. 

\ \ (J.C.)Alfred theGreat.and hiaahlH'yfl 
t. Hvdo, Athelney, and Hhafteslmry ... 

N<rrE-DeiUrt with Kinji Alfred- throe aroil monfi-fii- 
liiund.itioiiii: Alheli>ey for monkn in the Humrnu't 
Ri-ir«h4^ MiHtieabury fiv nunii juid Winelu 

■r xniTinl leiirr 

ii 4liie 


K pinn 

77H; IlUi>ilriouj< n. .. 

'"By Bajiy (E. B.) . 

. lie .._.. r - — 

Humte-tlon iiK 1.1 tlie 

01d-Knt-li!ili iiii'tory 

(■.i-ike(M.C.,I.L.D.) IiitiHMliiclioii to fi-esh 

...tier algHi : with uii eniiiiieiiilion i.i 
the British siwcies 

... G 1125 

Snuth».ii(T.K.) I'ondlife: alga 

...G1124.G 112: 

Rill (W.W. R.) Elementary algelini ... G 108 

Beard (W. H.) Longman's jmiior school 
algebra : to meet the retgiiiremeiits of the 
Oxford and Cambridge j unior local exami- 
iiations, the College of Fi-eceptoi-s, etc. ... G l(i!t 

Catwelt's New )K)pular educator, vols. 4-7 

D «47-r)(), 1) K.-. r.-s 

Chrystal (G., ll.d.) Algebra: elementary 
text- book for the higher classes of 
seco' ^'—v schools and for colleges. 2 v. G 17(1 

Colen*K.«. ^^hhop) Elemeiitsof algebra G 171 
ATiiit/iP-r/ffi. V: revised and enlarged. 2 v. G 172 

Complete aystt'.n of practical arithmetic: 

including mensunition and algebra ... G 141 

Griffin (_W. N.) Elements of algebra and 

trigonometry ' ...G 104 

Hall (H. S.), mid Knight (S. R.) Elementary 

algebra for schools ; with answers ...G 17.'( 

— Higher algebra : sequel to "Elementary 

algebra for schools"; with solutions. 2v. G 184 

Jones (C. A., Kev.), and Cheyne (C. H. H.) 
Algebraical exei-cises progi-essively ar- 
ranged G 174 

Knight (W.T.,DB.) Mathematical wrinkles 
for matriculation and other exams., con- 
sistingnf six sets of London matriculation 
papers in mathematics; with full solu- 
tions and an appendix G 111 

Longman's Conimerciiil mathematics ... G 112 

CONTENTS - Arithmetic, IncludinB [oreijm moneys, 
nelKhtft nnd menHureH. Aljfelim. 

Prowde-Smith (R.), and McMichael 

(W. F., Rev.) Examples in algebra... G 17.5 
Smith (C.) Algebra for beginners ... G IIG 

— Treatise on algebra G 177 

Smith (J. H.) ElementJiry algebra ... G 178 

— Exercises on algebra G 17!t 

Sparkes (A. L.) Guide to the study of 
mathematics for the matriculation exami- 
nation in I..ondon Univei-aity Cr IIG 

Th<tmson (W., Prof.) Algebra foi- the use 

of schools anil colleges G 180 

Toilhunter (L, D.Sc.) Algel)ro for be- 
ginners; with numeniuB examples ...G 181 
— Algebra, for the nseofcoUegesandsehfHdsG 182 


BHdginan (F. A.) Wintei-s in Algeria [in 

188'.] M 1145 

I^amping (C, Lient.), and France (A, de) 
French in Algiers; transl. by Gordon ... M 307 

SOTB Two yeiiFH e»porienee in Ihe LeKlon Senkf 
under the French. l(HU-2, and Kiven n tdimpiw of llie linr- 
iiarilieii <>( tlie Freni'h Alrii-nn war. CunlDinKn uiirmlive 
of ll\-e month"' eoiilivlly nmonti the AmhH. 

Rey nobis- Bid 1 ^E. A.) Mediterranean 

winter i-esorts H ].'t;5 


Sala (G. A.) Trip to BarlMirj- 

.M 1147 

...^ ,— jrNnpolPOO n 

Walksiii Algiei-saiut its surroundings [in i 

1«77] M 9J8| 

Df Ibe chiialluiH (-mtImI iaiu raptivlly l>y the AIiturLun 

Wilkiii(A.) Among the IJi'i-liei-s of Algeria 

[cir. IIHH)] M !)49 

NUTK Aii-DiiTit at Ihc nutlii>r'> Journey nmoiiK tlic Hub- 

ufxeeklDUfvtilmi'o «Tiit-li 'linuM i-oonwt lliu llerlirr r.i™ 
wllh Die I'iviliitiiKon of nni'ltmt Kicypt' Thv iiutliur 
irovclkil lo Bou ikuido, lo lUAm. iiinuiw lli(> KubyLia 
nenr the coiut, uod ntnonu lliv Cbiiwlii ot the Aun'H 

Algei-ian Hiavo. By Si-guiii (L,G.) F 7G.'>4 

Allimnhni. ThP. By Irving (W.) K I8;J 

XUTR Kt-mi-llctitiouii cbronii'lr uf ilH bisiory. 

Ali (Ameer) Short Iiintory of tliu Siinicens M 2<tl.'> 
Alice. By Lyttoii (LonI) ... F ri41.S, F ."»41i) 

SKQUBl. TO -'Kmral Miiltmvi-n..' 

Alice, I'Hncetw: — 

Toolt-y (S. A.) LiveH Ri-eat ami Biniple ... L 80 

True iinil nolile women ; eiiiteil by Kwai-t L ll)7 
Alice Hirlow'8 trual. By H:ii-gent (G. K.) ... F 7.'i(l5 

Alice Franklin. By Howitt (M.) F 44:J;i 

.-Vlicc Lorraine [SiiHm'x Honth downs]. By 

Uliu^kmui-e (K. D.) FllHW, FlIHV.I 

Alice 'sitdveiitiii-ea in wonderland. Bv Carroll 

(i..) F IfM'.l 

Alice's advetitui-os mider gi-oinid. By Carroll 

(L.) F lt5.W 

-lUMO... A a ' 

.lew ... A B4 : 

. laoMI ... A Sii ' 

. - 1MI ... A 81 I 

.- iaei.«i ... A 87 1 

. -IMS ... A 88 

. -IBBl-ta... A BS 
. 188S ...AW 

.- IB«a.«4... A B1 

.- ISM ...A M 

. 187*-7S... 









... A IM* 




... A ISI 

... A les 

... A les 

... A IM 


... A 1G5 


... A IM 

... A 107 


... A 188 


... A 1E» 


... A ITO 



F 72(11 

K ;i7r> 

I ■■ Alli-e'» mivcnliinii in woniliTlnnd." 

Alien invaHion. By Wilkina(W. H.) 

. D l(i7 

Alien poor. LOOK UNDER IinmigTiLtion 
Alinon (Sir Arcliilnild) History of Knroiie 
ti-oni the conniienci'inent of the French 
Itevolution in 1 78'.) to the i-estot-dtion of tlie 
Bourbons in 1815. i;(v. [Tory vii-w] M l.'»(;4-7(i 

FUR COKrBNTS. IXKIKtIXDKH Kurupi' bialory. 

— Hi(it<)ry of Kurope from the fall of 
Napoleon in 1815, lo the accession of 
Louis NaiK)Ieon in 18'.2. 8 v. ... M J5S;t-'.l(l 
AlkahfHt ; or, the house of Olaes. By Balzac 

(IL de) F 547 

Alkalii^. By Church (A. IL) H 'J 

Allalong the river. ByBmild<ni(M.K.) Fll(;.'i,F llCtl 

Ail he knew. By Habberton (J.) F ISCCl 

All in ii gindeii fair. By Bmmt (W.) 

F 8(17, F 808, F 8U1I 
All in thedark. Bv LeFanu(J.8.) F.'tlCl.F 51(;2 
All w the wrong. By Hook (T. E.) ... F 4288 

Allisnotgoldthatslittt'i-s. Bvllowitt (M.)... F 444t» 
All or nothing. Hy H(H>y (Mi-s. C.) ... F 423H 

AllMortsandconditionsof men. Bv Besant(W.) 

F810,F8I1,F 812 
All sortfliiudconditiousof women [East-^-nd]. 

By B,mks (C. B.) F 567 

Ail that was possible. By Sturgis {H. 0.)... F 8133 

. laSMT... A M 

I V. Itl! 1857-08 '.'.'. A IDS 
! V. ^JU.-183a ...A 101 

. lasi-et ... A 188 
V. a. 1871 ' ..! A io7 1 v! B7! - issvso '.'.'. a isa 

V. 7. 1871-78... A 108 I v.m. 1888 ... A ISO 
V. K. IflTS ... A 108 V. IlH. 1838-87 ... A l« 
V. K. 1878-78... Alio 1 ^.^l^. 1887 ... A 141 

All they went through. Ht Iltiliint 

Alltrne. By Macaulay (J.) ... 

Allan (Charles K.) HouHing of the working 
cliiKHeH acts 18!)()-11)IHI, ainiotjiU-d and 
uxplidiied 1 together with the statutory 
forms and instructions D .TU 

Allan AiLiir. By Klaiiles (G.) F 7SSl"> 

.\llati Qiiatprmain [Africa]. Itv Haf^Rird 

(H. R.) ... F ;i(;7o. F ;n;7i. f ;(i;72, f .wt:) 

Allan's wife [Africa]. By ILiggard (H. K.) 

F ;iti74, F ;iii75, F ;tt;7(;, f ;[i;77 

AlkiiBoii-Winn (R. G.) lioxing JI(I71 

Boxing. J llt72, J Ul7;t 

, find Phil lip pB-Wol ley (C.) Broad-Bwoni 
and Hingle-stick Jll(i;(,J III14 

Allardyce (Alexamter) City of sunshine ... F 2.".'.l 

Alliu-dyee(l'anl) "Stops"; or, how to punc- 
tuate 1'' '>! 

Ailbut (Robert) RinnblcM in Dickens' land ; 

with introitucti<ni iiy Bivnan 

■Tourist's handliook to Kwitzerland 

Aliegi'o, il pensieroso, ed il nxKlerato. By 
Hamlel (G. F.). Viiral nviire J 

Allen (Alex., PH.D.), ((»«/C<nnwell (J., PH.D.) 
English whool gnnnmar ; with very copious 
exereiK'.< E 

Allen (Alexander V. G., D.D.) Jonathan 
EdwanlH I> 

Allen (C. Bruce) Collage building; or, hints 
for improving the <lwellings of working 
men andlaboni-ers I 

Allen (Charles) I*iipier mikhe F 

Allen (F. tA^parud u/V.. Downey) Works;— 

Am-lior-wnli'h ynnw. ... F :>HI I IIuiiw ot ti-nm 

Dolly bivJuni'tiim F:!ia | In om- luwd ... 

From llic itnin biiK 
Ullmi>M->i of Kntilisli lil*- 
lury [lliimoruuii] 

M :iii 


Allen (Grant) Anglo-Saxon Britain [0.0.5(1- 

lOCO] ... ...M 177(1 

—clmrh^^Uai'^hi' ^''''.'!. ""' ..?'"'" ..'. 'L888,L 880 
—Cities of Belgium M t>75 



AlU-ii l<ii-Am)—'inilinimL 

— Kiiroin-aii timr : lianillxiiik fur AmerUanH 

aiitl coIoiiiutH ... ... M 2H;{ 

— Evolution of the iden of Goil : an iniiuiry 

iiilo tbe ori^iiiR of i-eligioiiH ... ... C 1 

tOR KOTES. LOOK ['NDEH Ood. Religion, 

— Kvolutioiiist at large G 'MO 

FOB KOTB. LOOK L'NDRR Rvolutlon CrltMmi. 

— Falling in love : with other ewtajH on moi-e 

exact branches of soionct" G I 

— Flaahlights on nature G 1141 

NOTB- SeriomlBrienliii.' papcn nrrvnl uji In u popuUr 
itjis and deoliog with In^^'tH. pond hfo, irbitil Xitf, Hf. 

— Force aud energy : theory of ilynainics ... G 421 

— Guide to Florence " M .^70 

—Guide to Paris M iiiii 

— PiMst- prandial philosophy ... ... -.. K 871 

NOTE - Faaay^ on UintfiuiireK nrir^cxTnlH. edurallon, 
IxititiCK rlo.: reprlnli'il ttata The Winl- 

.Vtlen (Williitni, Qiiiikvi)—ii>iitiiiimi. 

FavU' (J.) SpitallicIdH genius: the Hlory 

of Wdliuui Allen L .WA 

Allevne (Sai-ah ¥., Tnitiiit.), LOOK I'M DBR 

Dnncker (M.). Zeller (K.) 

Alleyne. Hy Haiiillon (K. T.) F (JG.IO 

Allien (Mary H.) Thi-ee catholic ivEormers of 

the fifteenth century L 2l>4 

I St. Vinirnl FiTriT. SI, Berniirdlnc o( Sipnn. CI. John 

Alliew (Tliouiart W.) MonaHtie life, fitiiu the 

Eathei-H of the dem-rt to Chiirleumgiie ... C 772 

Allin (Thonian, Rev.) Univen«tli»>ni awwrted 
an the hope of the giwi>el on the anthorily 
of reaifou, the fathei-H, und Holy Scriptni-e C 4'M> (Ml*. J. B.) W<mian with a history 

in her face F 331 

Allopathy, look t^SDKR^Iedicine. 

— Science in arcady G GO ■ 

NOTE -Srienllflr rvuf* mittiKiiei br thp nuthor'M 
miublni Id Jimulni. Id Luzor. In Ilic iVruL in I>urklttK. 
In Florenw, und nnumK the ItnLlim tnke-, eii: 

—Story of the plant* G UiH 

— Venice M .'i74.^) 

— Novela :— 

Alrimn mlUlcmalH ... ... F SIl ' LlnDr[ F .UK 

A[ omrket vnlDB .-F^Hi.FT.X [Hlury ot n Tyrnlpm 

{btbylun [Ronw] ...F2H. FSS' pu>«iuit irtrl wlio be- 
l)«-kraiatihHiid.eri'. Flfl'lPTi: i-uiuexiiKivnt xIdkit} 

BUudJlDyal F 37(1. F JTS ' ML.-hiier- .-niK F.mFMH 

t>i<livortlu!e>c<milc.P;»i,F3tl ' Ul-K Ciiyk-jV odvFn- 

iH-viVsdie F-Xi.Fsai lum F 30S 

Ur.I^dUwt'HpiLtwnt...F Wl. F at'i [ThcberolncixnairiottRirl] 

nuehe*.oTI>ovy«lBDdFae.Fai7 . Phmslin F »ia,F 3UT 

Dunnu-^wi'dauRliIfr ' ITbrhcra Ik n -lorlallHl] 

(AlKienO FM.FM> R«-.-ill«l lo lite F 3WF 3UB 

For Unlmie'-wkc ...F'JMI. F3)l ' StiiUrwnK [Undcr- 
(ireaiTaboo ... "-'■' "— " --.---...■ " -^ "-.. 

Allotnunit and coltagi- gardening. In 

CaHHeU'HNewtechiiic'al educator, vols. 4-11 H 2l>-8 
Green(..l.L.) Al lot men In ant I h mall holdingn D H!)9 

■ol. ;t. 

H .37 
F 4260 
G .'545 

KaM ' 8lmDerHli 

312, Fan 

SH, F 31B 

ni«, F 317 


[ndiei>] F:3K.F:»> i ThlH mortnlf 

IiaD Oreet'ii muter- ' Twelve tiUrx 

IiiHT.elr. ~. .-.e^.FWU ■ Vntet iwnirn orucrH 

jHHsofdeMh F3W' [Moron'onndRnwmJFinn, F33II 

Kalee'H lOinne P»».F:1II ' WSnl'xbredlnllK'bbnc K.tlfl.FXffl 

Cl.tdd (E.) Gmnt Allen : a memoir ... L 1141* 

CoDiAhiKa lilblioimijtbT. 

Allen (IngliB) 'Varsity man F :\2A 

Allen (J. Romilly) Early Christian Sym- 

iKilism in Great Britain and Iieland 

i)efore liltli cent. 

in Chri-lliin Arr. 
— Tlieoi-y and pi-actice in the design and 

coQHtructiuii of dock wallet ... ... H .')20 

Allen (James I^ane) Works ; — 

Choir tDvi^ble [Kcnlm'kyl F XH , John Hnvy [Kc-nlurky] ... F .131 
In.-m.-iiD« purpcwo [K™- »»!« I),.loroKi F SH 

tu.-kyi Fsan , 

Allen (John Barrow) Eleinentarj: I,«tin gram- 
mar K 151 

— Fir«t LAtin exerciw hook E 1112 

Allen (Joseph) Battles of the British navv. 

[1I1HI.1S40]. 2v MU'M 

Allen (Joseph H., D.D.) Christian history 

in its three great perioilB. 3 v. 

Vol I, rarW chriWinnily C «74 I VoL S.-ModiTii phnw- .,. C fITB i , 
Vol -2. Tlir middlp age* ... C v;5 | ' ( 

AIlen(Mary)On theeards [l':gyi>tian life] F.12S,F;t2it \ 
Allen (Roland, Rev.) Siega of the Peking 

legations M2;«li; 

Allen (W.S.) Hidden depths. 2 v. ... F .■l.-JO , 

Allen (William, Qinikrr) : - 

AHhhv(LM.) William Allen L 3i)2 ■ 

Alloys. In Spon's workshop receipts, 

Ali'Bwell. ByHolt(K. S.) 

Allsop (F. C.) Electric hell ctmstrnction 

— Practical eleclric-light fitting 

—Telephones : their construction an<l fitting U 78'J 

Allzeit voran. Von Spielhagen (F.). [In 

Gerimnt] K 1103 

Allvn (J.), jiiiid aniliiii: LOOK UNDER 

d'Rell (Max). 

Alma. Bv Mar«hall (E.) F .i«17 

Alraaver's folly [Borneo]. Bv Conmil (J.) 


FOR CONTINI'ATION HEAD " UDlcnxt of tbf l»lnnd>< " 

Almeida (Francisco d'). Iv Maccall (W.) 

Foreign iiiogniphies L 66 

Almeria. By Edgeworth (M.) 
Alone in crowds. By Lyster (A.) ... 
Alone in London. By Stn-tton (H.) 
Alone on a wide, wide se-a. By Russell (W.C.) 


. P 2ti;VJ 
,. F .W1.3 
. F at7(l 

Clodd(E.} Story of the alphal)et ... E 20 

NOTB The BUllior not only tnii'w the evolution or thr- 
I»cn1>-->ti lellfrx ol our iilplinhrl From Ihe rwonled 
niiniK tvilh H-hifU »i' PSD nBB.fldle them, but Koey Inuk 
to the oldift Inxi'iiiillonK or ruck dniiKinin- rrvrewntlnir 
anrlcnt dolnxx or betl^fH, 
Day (L. F.) Alphahets old and new ... J 242 

ContiilniDK over odd hUDdred nnd nriy ro>aiilrt« nlplio- 

o[ aoi'liml diiliii. ctr, lor Ibcr u»e oT iTnnxmoD ; wilh uD 
Introdiielory c««y on "Art in the nlnbiLbel." 
ALHO LOOK I'XDBR Illuminnltnn, Inmrliitionii. Lrller- 
pnlntinH. I'lUmwriiphy- 

Alphiuise ; ou, fe fils nalni*el. Par Genlis 

(Countess of). 2 v. [Iti Fri-iirh'} ... K l.W'J 

Al|w: — 

Forbes (J. D.) Tour of Mont Blanc and 

of Monte Rosa M 541) 

A persoDul nnrmllvp abrUlKPil from (he aulbois tmvelB 
In Ihe AlpK at Snvoy, Uon(iiiE» obwervntionn on the i>he- 



Win — rontinned. 
Lubbock (Kt. Hon. Sir J.) Scenery of Swit- 
zerland and the causes to whicb it is due 

NOTE-Dea]« wilh Ihp BeolOKlPftl problem of the Aljw. 
Dr^crlbmtheohnnjren whioh bn\'e tnkoa pLuor In Switzpr- 
Innd (ram )ho dny when Ihe rountry whk an ormn und 
when Mom Blnno wa» LlllOO fcpt hiuhor Ihim it Id now. 
Contalnc n KlWHiirr of tn'hnlnil temiD, 

Main(Mi-s.E.)HighIifeaiidtowerBoft<ileiice M 

NOTE AcvouDtofnjoumcyin (he AlpHduriUKthcTean 

IKtt'-tL'i^ Ml attempted pmuuiKP of the fltPlWoliill«£ nnd 
a decent rrom the Mntlerhorn In IWH. 

— My home in the AlpB 

e Alps: 

e flrnl fl 

rhnplen deollntt with milder, 

Mummei-y (A. F.) My climbs iu the Alps 
anti Caucasus M (j8(i 

NOTE -Wonderful climbi in the Swish Alpn Mont Blnne. 
and thcCnuriiKUti In 1thJiM<4, de!<('ribinB mninillli'ent elTet'tH 
nnd aKpeclii of nature. Full of riak and iidventure. 

Stephen (L.) Playgi-ound of Europe ... M tiSS 

NOTE- Papen denllnn with Uont Binnc and the SwI-w 
Alpri. and Alpine rllmbinK. « 

TutKJ.W.) Rambleflin Alpine valleys ... M 572 

NOTE- .Recount of Ihe nwulls of a nnlurolfKt'a holidny 
on the Tlollnn aide of the Ali»t. Klvinv Intereillnii detierlp- 
tiona of plnnt and Inncrt lite nnd (he atruelure of moun- 
tains and jjlAclerv. 
Tyndall (J., LL.D.) Glaciers of the Alps ... G 777 

A narradve of eirurvionx nnd iwcenta, nn oivounl or the 
orlmtn and phenomemi of Klariert. nnd nn eijMMttlon of 
the iihysjrnl prllH-iple» to which tiicy are rehiled. 

— Life m the Alps, and old Alpine jottings. 

/n /us New fragments Q 40 

Whymper(E.) Scrambles amongst the Alps 

in the years 18(;0-(:i) M tl'.V) 

NOTE— Aorount o( Ihe nuthor'i nttemptH to cUmh the 
Hatterbom. and of the awent of Hont Pelvnux. (he 
QrandToiimalin.lhePuintedpM tk-rinnMont Dolenl. eit. 

Wilson (H. S.) Alpine ascents and adven- 
tures : or, rock and snow sketches. 

[During the vears 1809-77] M 691 

Wraxall (Sir C. L.) Up in the Aliw. In 

atoriesof history ; edited by Hentv K IMl, K 1M2 
Alroy. By Beaconsfield (Lord) ... ' F739,F 740 

Wolff (H.W.) Country of the VoBges...M 544 

NOTR—AlthouBh tiifl aulhor'M Bympothicn aro Qennnn, 
he polnta out what n eiUnmlly for Alnaee the forcible 
annoiatfon ot U71 baa proved, the droopinB itate of 
agriculture, trade, nnd manufacliireii, and the failure of 
tfie oonqueror« to conoiltate the conquered. 

Alsacian schoolmaster. By Lrckmunn-Chat- 

rian F 2735 

Altaic hieroglyphs and Hittite inscriptions. 

By Conder (C. R.) E 34 

Altavona : fact and fiction from my life in 

the Highlands. By Blackie (J. 8.) ... M 279 

Althaus(Julius,H.D.)Int!uen)tB: its pathology, 
symptoms, complications, and sequels ; its 
origin and mode of spreading; and its diag- 
nosis, prognosis and treatment H 208 

Altiora Peto. By Olipbant (L.) F t;431 

Alton Locke [Chartist movement]. By Kings- 
ley (C.) F4'.I12,F 4913 


ARnrism — continued. 

Kidd (B.) Social evolution 

NOTE Mnintninnthat altrutslfe InfluenccB, bnTing tbel 

•ource In rellKlouB nriitema. ciin alone ki"--'' '-' 

vidual IntereatH to the inlerealii of the > . 

and barlnfc already Heeured political equality. 
brinifinK about equal NOi-iid opportunltiEB, thUM nlToruiiiK 
to every individual full ivope for development. For Fitr- 

Altruist. By Onitia ...' F 6511 

Altachul (Rudolf, Prof.) Fifty Hungarian 

national songs. I'ittno acirre J 849 

Altsheler (J. A.) Soldier of Manhattan ... F .3.'i2 
Am altar. Von Werner (E.). [/« G«-»Hrt»i] K 1184 
AmaJas (Philip, Navigator). In Hakluyt 
(R.) Voyages of the Elizabethan sea- 
men to America ; edit^-d by ("ayne ... M 140 
Aniana society. In Nordhoff (C.) Coinmuu- 

istic societies of the UniWd States ... D 466 

Amaryllis. By Drosines (G.) F 2.502 

Amaryllis at the fair. By Jefferies(R.) ... F 47i:! 
Amateur clubs and aclom ; edited by Elliot J 991 
Amateur cracksman. By Hornung (E.W.) ... F 4,'l95 
Amateur i>oac her. By Jefferies (R.) ...J I2;(0 

Amateur theatricals. LOOK UNDKR Drama 

Amatein- work. 8 v H 1141-8 

Amazing marriage. ByMei-edith(<i.) F 5996, F 5997 

Drummond(H.,Prof.)ABcentofmaii G%4, G 905 

lullon, PoinlBoiit thntthuBTeat 
re for othen.' which haahidierto 
overelanty before vrliich the 

runile for lite" Blnkii Into InHiipiillcHnce. This fac 
if. DrummoDd cnlla the "HiniKjtIu for love," v' 
triiinrto for life di»elplin« 
reviewed in OnrrV'Sorial 


Brown (C. B.), and Lidstone (W.) Fifteen 
thousand miles on the Amazon and ita 
tributaries M 1190 

NOTE -Arrount of a nrlentiHc exploration [In I87a-7fii of 
the Araaion. with nttrent extent of territory on the tianka 
that luid been Hranled hy Ihe iilKto to the Amazon Steam 
yiLVlttution Comiinny. 

WallactJ ( A. R.,ll.d.) Travelson the Amaztm 
and Rio Negro [in 1848-52] M1182 

Wilhan aeeount of Iho native trlheo, nnd olwervntion» on 
theellmate. Reology, und|nu(ural hlxtary ol ihe Amazon 

Ambassador. By Hobbes (J. 0.) 

. F 4187 

Malet (Rt. Hon. Sir E.) Ambassadors. In 
"Unwritten laws and ideals of active 
careei-s" ; edited l)y Pitcairn D 3,5 

Smith (G.B.) Half-hours wilh some famous 
amliassadors L 628 

Ambrose, St., Bin/ioji of Milan :— 

Thornton (K,, D.D.) St, Ambrose : his life, 

times, and teaching C 8.19 

In Wilson (W., Rev.) Popular preachers 

of the ancient chui-cb L y;).T 

Ambulance. LOOK UNDER First aid. 
Ameer ot AfgbanistJiu. LOOK UNDER Abdur 

Amelia. By Fielding (H.) F 'Mm-2 

Amenities of literature. By Disraeli (1.). 2 v. K 2.'i7 
Amenities of social life. By Bennett (E.) ... K «84 

Macilonald (J.) Food from the far West ; 
or, American agriculture ; with special 
reference to the beef production and 
importation of dead meat from America 
to Great Britain I 


A III iq II Hies. 
N:iilaiUftc (Marijiiis lie) Pi-e-Iiistoric Ame- 
rica ; transl. by D'AiiverH 

nioaiHl bnllden nnd lh< 

NOTE. -Tr,-i 

d IbriTi 

ihnbiliinti ol 
: ol Ihe peotile of Cmtm] Amerlcu 

Peru, nnd of the pliynlifll uonlonnii- 

:ir lh« flnt LnhabitantM o( (bo Nei 

FergTiBSon (J., D.C.L.) HiBtorj- of aruhitec- 

lure, vol. a J 

— nistory of the iiioilt;i'n Htylea of iirchi- 

tectui-e, vol. 2 J 

Km'hler (S. R.) Aniei-icaii {>aii)tei-u. lu Biix- 
toii (H. J. W.) KiiBlish imiiiU-i-H ... J 

Civil Win; IKIJl-ti:.. 

LOOK UNDER Uollrtl Stnlw -IlhHtory - Cinl u-ar. 

DencrijUire iitid Travel. 
Boyle (F.) Camp iiotea:siM»rt ami «UveiitnreM 
Brititih America. By varioiiH anthorH ... M 

) - CwiadB. Oi 

iird iHlnnil. Himitubik Britliib 

wfouiKlliHiJ. Bermuda. Wont 

InninL BubanuH. JumaiiMU BnrbwloH and WindwiLrd 
snd L«wnrd I«lsndii. Trinldud. " ■ ■ ■ 


Hooduim ' 


Dickeiis(.C.) American iioteB. [Visit on842] 

M Ii;i4, Mli;i5,M1136i 

Dilki! (Kt. Hon. Sii-0. W.) H^conl of travel 
in AiiiericH in 18(UJ-7. /*( A/s "(Ireater 

Britain" D 170' 

Leveaon (H. A.. The Old Nhekiirrij, pseud.) i 
Sport in many lamlH ... J 1233, J 1234] 

Py\a {li., J'jdititr) Kuucaneere and maroon- i 
ura of America : liein^ an account of the 

famoat) adventurer and daring deeds of | 

certain not^moutt f reebootei'sof the Span- | 

iHh main M 143; 

Thornhury (W.) CrisB-crosB jonrneyB, 2 v. M 110' 

IX-K^'rlption c.[ the niuntrv on the eve at (heoulbreHk ' 

of the great civtl wur tbul led to tbe flnn] dmtructlun of 
■lavery in the country. 

Whitman (W.) SjK^cimen days in America K \9^\ 

Oeugraithij. | 

Hughe8(W..Frof.),«nrfWiniamB(J.F.)Ad- 1 

vanned cUujs-lMiok of modern geography M 93 1 

— Geography of America M 1067 

I^yiicsL pollliraL and nmimen-iiil. 

Hintm'ii and Dinrnvery. 
D'Anvers(N.,/«t(^(rf.(j/Mr8.A,Bell) Heroes 

(if American discovery M1065i 

De Roa(F.) History of America before Co- , 

Inmbua. 2v M2535; 

Deal* wtth the ahgin of Ihe Amentsn mnn ; the ciTlliia- 

lion of ancient America ; priealbood: reliifiouii ordera; i 

chrictian ritea : l^uropean emlgninli ; Yuyac« to America : , 

later dlicoTerin. and Ckamnbua. ' 

Dixon (W.H.) White coniiueat. 2 v. ... M1120, 

•ini finned. 

Payne (K. J.) History of the new world 
called America. 2v M2487 

NOTE Di'oIh with IbeaborliflniilAnierli'Jk and ahowahow 
the now world wb<i uinde ktkoiEn to tlw inhobilanta of the 
Tm.',-. Ihu v..rloiiK Hl.-p. In Ibo pro-on. of clvllilulion 

Roche (J. J.) Utory of tlie filibusters ... M 142 

LOOK UNDEB IndlBiu of Amitrlm. 

War of Iiidej/fudence. 

LOOK VVDVUVattedSlMiit- War uflmltiriKlma:. 

Antrtea — CMrtrtI : — 

Bumcy (J., Ciipt.) History of the bucca- 
neers of America M 127 

From Ihe earlli^t lime* to the breaking up of Ihe con- 
tBderacy In llUi. 

Keaiio(A.H.) Central an<l S. America. 2 v. M IOCS 

NOTE Oi'Utuli» Ihe <]U<nl(nwnre of nil the Irureli and 
dewTivl iona wlili'h have hpcn jiulilinlinl of late yeani. 
and deals nlih thu fauna ami lluia of tha rounlry : 
includinir the Wexl Indlex. 

Olipbaiit (L.) Patriots and filibuHtera; or, 
incidents of political nnti exploratory 

travel [ill 1854-1.] M 102 

Scherwr (C, DH.) Travels in the free states 

of Central America. 2 v M 1101 

NOTE- AiTpount of the author's tmvels In IHM. deiicrlb- 
InK the |«li1kid. i-oinmerrlal. nnd »oi-tnl t-ondillon* of 
Nlcnniirua, Hundunu, and Hun Hnlviutor. and the mvtural 
phenomena uf the dlj^rlrlii in which he Jonrnafed. 

ScruggB(W.L.) Colombian ami Venezuelan 
i'e|>nblicH ; with notes on other i>arts of 
Central anil South America M1177 

NOTE .\eeount of the nulhoKn tionionnl eipcrlenrea, 
obnervatlona. nnd Htudtni In Onlriu nnd Suiith America 
' --I, ynin IHR-ltW, and denh with the curly 

and picti 

Hakluyt (R.) Voj-ages of the Elizahelhan 
seamen to America [1562-15'.l.5] ; edited 
by Payne. 2 v i 

Mackenzie (R.) America : a hist«ry [from 
the earliest times] 5 


'■■iralan-- ..„ 

comEnercinl iHMunillilli^ 

I liihindM. H' 

British America. By various authors ... M 2483 

NOTB-Deala wilh Canudn. the Went Indlea, Newfound- 
land, British Uuinno, nnd the Falkbuidii. 

Buckingham (J. S.) Canada, Nova Scotia, 
New Brnnswivk ami the other British 
provinces hi North America ; with a plan 
for national colonization [in IM.'tlt] ... M 1073 

NOTB. - Historical and alntlstlcol. with an oiivuntof the 
rise and vroKTesH. munufai-liire^ tmdc. poinilation, topo- 

Biiphy. mnnnen ami education. 
awson (8. K.), and Gannett (H.) North 
America. 2 V M lOCfJ 

Vol, 1.- Canada and Nenfoiindland. By Dawson. 
Vol. 2. United mates. By Oannett. 

Gillmore (P.) Prairieand foi-etit : guide to 

the field sports of North America ...J 1228 

Hope (A. R.. jiseiid. of A. R. H. Moncrieff) 

Heroes of j'oung America U2495 . 

NOTE Tlio Kntrll")! colonliation ol the eoiut of North 
America, imd the foundation of the United Ktntea. 

Kroii (K.) Ten thimstmd miles on a bicycle M 106<J 

AL9OL0OKUNDBRAlii-.lift. British Columbia. Calitamio. 
Canada. Klondike. Ueilco. Bock)' Mounlnliu. United 
States. Yellowstone rejtlon. 

Akers (C. E.) Argentine, Patagonian, and 

Chilian sketches [in I«yi-!I2] M1184 

Ford (I. N.) Tropical America M1178 

where he hod journeyed to report on Ihe caaaes of Ihe 
revolution in Bmzil in ItUtl. lie describes the oriirtn of 
Ihe revolution, the riae of the new republic, and the 
downfall of the institnitor" of the movement, lie visiied 
the West Indie-, Rio Janeiro. Monte Video, Buenos Ayres, 
The Andes, Chili, Peru. Central America, and Mexic-o 
belweeu Ihe year« ItW-Ki, 

I C2 



€mt tinned. 

Head (Sir F, B.) Rtiugh notee taken during 
Boine rapid journeys across the Pampas, 
and among the Andes M 1179 

NOTR -An nccouDt of the author's ionmey la lS£i nrith 
the obMcl of Intpeclitut llie iiolil nnd Hllver minn of tba 
UniUtl l>roTlnceii of Ln lialfl, urouiliK the Paidpiw to HL 
Louis and Uspalbia, renimlnK to Bucnoa Ayreii, tlionca 
Id Chili, Uendoza, nnd Hie Anilen. The niilhur fouDd 
that none of Iha mtne« would repixy worktnu Willi 
Kuropeun labour. 

Hinchliff(T.W.) Soutb American sketches; 
or.&visit to KioJuiieiro,the Organ innun- 
tains, I^ PInUi, and the Parana, in IKlil M 1180 

Keane(A.H.) Central and Sonth America. 2v. M 10(18 

lion* whichhavebeenpubliHhnluf InteyenrHdealinKwIth 
tUo West IndicH, Venezuela. Cidomhia, Ei.-undor, IVru. 
Chili, Bolivia, AmentlniL, UruKUJir, I'Hrmiuay, nnd Umzil. 

Keiinedy( W.R., Admiral )SportingHketclies 

in South America [18Ki;-y] ... J 12.^1, J 1232 

Mulhall (M. G., and K. T.) HanillK)i>k of 
the River Plate republics [187.')] ... M 1181 

Scruggs (W. L.) Columliian ami Venezue- 
lan republics ; with notes on other i>arts 
of Central and Stuith America ... M 1177 

KOra— Account of the nuthor'it penionni eiperlcnreH, 
obnervMionii, and Dtudiaa In Cenlrat iind South AmrrirH 
during the yean \gl2-e». and denin with the early biKtory 
and civilization. ronKtltutioTM o[ Kovpmnif nt. the t>alili(-n1 
and voplal conditionH, (bo tinlurol reHoiirccH. nnd the 
commarelal pomlbllitieH of the eoitntrieM. 

AI£0 LOOK [INDBR AmnioD river. Andes. Argentine 
Republic. BollriB. Braiil. Brilish (Itiinnn. Colombia, 
Ecuador. rataKoDln. Peru, Venemvln. 

America revisited [United Hlates in 1880]. By 

Sala(G. A.). 2v M1131 

American. By James (H.) F 4fi84 

American boys afloat. By Optic (Oliver)... F 650fi 
American claimant. Bv Twain (Mark) 

F 8427, F 8428, F 8429 
American commonwealth. By Bryce(J.). 2 v. D 619 
American di-olleries. By Twain (Mark) ... 

F84;W, F 8431. F 8432 
American emperor. By Tracv (L.) ... F 81142 

FOR CONTINUATION. DEAD "Id>t ProvinceH." F ton. 

American girl in London. By Dnnciui (S.J.) F 2626 
American hero; story of William Lloyd Gar- 
rison. By Cooke (F. E.) L 772 

American humorists. By Haweis (H. R.)... K 155 
American hnmorous vei'se ; edited by Barr K 135 

Richardson (C. F.) Primer of American 
literature K 110 

Tyler (M, C, Prof.) History of American 

literature, 1607-176.') K 111 

American Monte Cristo. By Hawthorne (J.) F 3941 
American nobleman. By Armstrong (W.) F 386 
American penman. By Hawthorne (J.) ... F 3942 
American political ideas. ByFi8ke(J.) ... D 113 
American politician. ByCrawford(F.M.) F2078,F2079 

American push. By Fawcett (E.) F 2868 

American revolution [(Vi/. ] iinty, 1766-76]. 

By Trevelyan (Sir Q, O,) M2544 


American senator. By Trollope (A.) ... F 8350 

American sonnets : selected and edited ; 

with introduction, by Sharp E 126 

American warof independence. LOOK UHDBR 

United States — War of indejiendence. 

American wivett and English husbands. By 

Atherton (G. F.) F 407 

American woman. By Swan (A. S.) ... F 81M 

Americans at home. By Slick (Sain) ... F 7784 

Amethyst. By Coleridge (C. R.) F 178G 

Amherst (William Pitt, Plirl) t— 

Ritchie(A.T.),andEvans(R.)l.rf>rdAmber8tL 47.^ 
Ami Fritz. Par Krck man- Chat rian. [/n 

French'] K 1506 

Amici, Gli. Di Amicis (K. de). [M Italian'] K 1831 
Amicii4(Edmondo de) Constantinople ; transl. 

byTilton M «'.t9 

— Works [In Italian] : — 

Fra Hcuola caan ... K IBJO I PaKinoHUnnw K IKLi 

Ullunicl K IS3I Vittt mililare K ItAI 

Ilromanzod'unmamtni K IKS I 

Amicitia,Dp. ByCicei-o(M.T.). [Text-Oxford 

classics] B 3C.8 

— ; tiansl. by EdniomlB B ,"(69 

Amiel (Henri Frederic) Journal intime; transl. 

by Wanl L 1379 

//( Arnold (M.) Essays in criticism, vol. 2. K 85 
Amiens : — 

Ruskin (J., LL.D.) Our fathers have told ns M 542 
protoctod work never 
- of Amiena with a 

power o( Ibe chart'h in (be 13th century. Two l(^d> 
are VAA of SI. Hnrtin and Kt. tienevieie. 

Ammalat Bey. By Dumas (A.) F 2614 

Ammunition. By Aitken (W. C.) H 111 

Among the apple orchards. By Scott (C.) ... M 3.'i8 
Among the freaks. By Alden ( W. L.) F 202, F 203 
AmongtheFi-enchfolk. ByMoggridge(E.H.)M 526 
Among the ruina, etc. By Hay (M. C.) ... F 3963 
AinongtheSpanishpeople[inI875]. By Rose 

(H. J.). 2v M 602 

Among the syringas. By Mann (M. E.) ... F 562.'i 
Amoret. By GiblH.n (C.) ... F3237, F 3238 
Amos (Sheldon) Science of law ... D574.D 575 
— Science of politico D57,D 58 

FonKOTK. LOOK UNDBH Political DCiencC. 

Amoa Kilbright, eti-. By Stockton (F. R.)... F 8018 
Amour d" Hntoinine. Par Theuriet (A.). [/« 


Amour et gloii-e. Par Manrceley (B. de). 


Amours, The : — 

Ovid. Opera omnia. [Tauchnitz test], vol. 1 K 1958 

— ; transl. into English prose by Riley ... K 1956 ' 
Ampere (Andi-e Marie, Frenrh pliyxiciat') : — 

/»i Munro (J.) Pioneers of electricity ,..L 874 
Ampere (Jean J., Hintiiriiin aiidtrnreller) .■ — 

In Hamerton (P-G.) Modern Frenchmen ... L 87 ' 
Amphibion's voyage. By Gillmoi-e (P.) ... F .'ttilS 

Amusement only. By Mai-sb (R.) F 5808 ' 

Amusements. LOOKUNDBRGainps,sporta,etc. : 

Amy Herbert. By Sewell (E, M,) F 7687 I 

Amy Wilton. By WoHioise (E. J.) F 9269 | 

Ainyaml (Arthur, pseiul. of Lt.-Col. Andrew 

Unly a drummer boy... F33e, FJJ7 
[Soldier We; FM»i.F5» 


. K 1721 




Auabaais, The : — 
Xonophon. Aiial>asis. [Tauchiiitz text]... M 1492 
^Cyri Ana)>aBiB : tie Cyri minorid expedi- 

tioiie. [Text— Oxford claeeicB] ... M14M 
—Auabafiis, or expedition of Cyrus; ti-aiiBl. 

I.y Watson M 14W 


Ajistie (R E., H.D.) Stimulant«an<t narcotics H 

\UTE — DlacuBsoi the hJKtorr nnd vnrious theorie* of 
stimukuion: akelrhm Ihc neneraJ foulureii of sadalive 
nrlion; dtticrllNH thow MuhslancCH which produoB dls- 

tincUy irrilant poiwuiouii r- ' — '— '- -"•- 

Ibeli unmilic FUei-t: and con 

rhlDTofonn. nsd felhcr, uid Iho in 
i<ca on the vital organism. 

Foy (G.) Aiia^tlietics, ancient and niotiern H 

Their phyHlolotiicnl (iftion. lfaemp«iitic one. nnd mode of 
BdiolDMtratlon : together with uD account of tho Intro- 
duciion otmodeninDBiithello, 


.^tiagraiiis :— 
Wlieatley (H. B.) AiiagiMma : their history 
from the earliest ages to the present time ; 

with Bpeciuieus K 

Amtonr Of rattgiM : — 
BiiCler (J., Bishop) Analogy of religion C 

FOR NOTE. LOOK UNXiBII ChrintlnnUy— .fi«l(Vrfic9. 

Gladstone (Kt. Hon. W. E.) Studies subsi- 
(liarj- to the works of Bishop Butler ... C 

NDTB — In coDcentcd vllh the method lui conlnuled 
Klih the fttvumenla of Ihe "Annloay," Ilm hl»tory nnd 

which It has l»en cipwcd. The second part of Ibo 
loliiiue i> devoted to the quc^ion of future life, nnd to s 
lumimiryof tho chief tliojea thni have t«on ontortAlned 

GUAGES U8 Kiiglish language — Annlysis. 

Atialynis, Chemicul. look UNDBR Chemis- 
try —4 »«/y (/cfl f. 

Analyst's lal>orittorycom)>anion. By Johnson 
(A.E.) G 

Analytical geometry, LOOK UNDER Geo- 
metry — Annlyl tat I. 

Ananias. By Brodrick (Mrs. A.) F 1 

Tiinreau (H. D.) Civil diBol)edience. In 
/u's "Anti-slavery and reform papers" ; 
wlited by SaU D 

NOTE Claims for Ihe Indiridual man tho right of fTce 
Kiowth nod ontural development from within. 

h> Kae (J.) Contemporary socialisin ... D 

Contatiu chaplen critlrlidnK itnarchluD nod Ru>4iAn 

Anarchy, Culture and. By Arnold (M.) ... D 

NOTE -PolntM out that KnuUnd hag a contempt for the 
Iden-i of OTder, di«lp(lre,_iind orRnnlzation ; and tbnt llil^ 

. . her. HiL ..... 

help out of our pment social dtOlcultleg 

Anarchist, The. By Savage (R. H.) F 7535, F 7 
AnttMny :—Coinjiaj-aliue and Descriptive. 
Bell (F. J., Prof.) Comparative anatomy 
and physiology Gl 

NOTE — Conceraeil only with aninwlii nod with ar^tuis 
rsther Ibno with sroupa of HniniBlH: but enquireH Into 
the clursclere and modos ol activity of living matter— 
whether animal or vegetable. 

CuKtell's New popiUar educator, vols. C-8 




Anatomy— r(/ft^)>i itpd. 

Cuvier (Georges, Baron) Animal kingdom, 
arranged after its organization, forming 
a natural history of animals, and an in- 
troduction to comparative anatomy; with 
additions l>y Carpenter rt/idWestwood... G 1157 

Jones (T. R., Prof.) General outline of the 
organiKation of the animal kingdom, and 
manual of comparative anatomy ...G 1227 

Lawrence (W.) Lectures on comparative 
anatomy, physiology, zoologj-, and the 
natural history of man H 91 

Lee (A. B.) Microtomist's vade-mecum ; a 
handbook of the methods of microscopic 
anatomy G 1027 

Mivart (8t. G.) The cat : inti-otluction to 
the study of backboned animals, espe- 
cially mammals G 1377 

NOIK - Deacrlptive nnntoniy. and a suminnry of (he 
physiology, histology, and development. Begins with an 

different breedx. Opposed to the theory of natural 
selection, concluding that vital proresMeii nre to be 
eiplalaed by the nclion olua interoal force. 

— Elementary anatomy 

Bailey (J. B.) Diary of a resurrectionist, 
41 1811-12 : to which is added an account 

I of the reamTection men in London 

I NOTE A history of lie tnvlBc in bodies to be used 

\ for purposes ol dissection, nnd Ihc methods of tho body- 
. unntchers in getting atibjects; an well as an account o( 

tbe events which led to llic passing ot the anatomy act. 

and the principal cnses whlLMi enme before the courlf of 

law. ContalnH biogmphical notices of the icuders in this 

repulsive Irade. 
I BIlis (H.) Man and woman ... H 88, H 

, NOTE- An ndempt to dilTrrenliulo Ihe seiea in their 

phyaiological nnd psychological chnracterlBtlcs. Among 
I other secondary differences which invesligatlon has 

I diKusxes the llmbm of the voire, the site and shape of 
.J I the skulL dUTcrencc of the brain, nnd the relative in- 

l Gil-ton (T.C.) House I live in ; or, popular 
_ I illuBtrationB of the strnctiireand function 

of the human body H 

Gray (H.) Anatomy, descriptive and sur- 
gical H 

blue : nnd the nerves yellow. Tbe altachment of tbe 

shoKn In coloured outline. 

Heath (0.) Practicid anatomy : a manual 
of dissectiouB ; edited by Anderson ... H 

Morris (H., Editor) Treatise on human 
anatomy H 

NOTE. -TrentiHe deficned for tbe use of students pre- 
paring for eiami nations and aims at being a coroplete 
ruirt Kyslemalli- dewription of every part and organ of 
the human body, no far ns it Is stiidiod In thedlHsecling 
room. The work hiw been written by larious gentlemen. 

Potter (S.O. L.,M.D.) Coinpen*! of human 
anatomy, including the anatomy of the 
viscei-a H 

ALSO LOOK rNDEH tktr. Eye. Foot. Hand. HiHtology. 
Nervous Hyklem, IMiyaiology. Surecry. 

Anatomy, Artistic. LOOK tiNDER Artistic 

Anatomy, Cerebral. LOOK undbr Brain. 
Anatomy of melancholy. By Burton (R.). 3v, 



nnd cbuMlnl anecdotes froir 



Anatomy of jrattern. By Day (L. F.) ... J 243 
Anchor and laurel. By Gi-ovee (J. P.) ... F .t623l 
Anchor-watch j'arnB. By Allen (F. M.) ... F 261 

LnMl8ey{G,) Anchoreandchain cables. // J-//. 

umnufiu; indmt. H 10 

AnolM ragiim :— 

Kingsley (C, Canon) Ancien regimt'. In 

his " Ilistortcal lectui-es anil esBajB" ... M 42 

NOrB-Xtntcot FrnDTFiiricirlotlipFrpnrhn'voluMon. 

Taine (H. A.) Ancient i-eRinie M2101 

FOHKOrK. LOOKlTKDEHFnin™ -ii(lKu(7l; 

Tiic(iueville (A. de) L'aniuen itVinif ut la 

i-cvolntion. [In Freiiih'] M2124 

Ancient clawicH for English i-oadere, by 
Collins :— 

Ari«ici|)hane.> KaOTl il.uclnn K2n;4 Thupydldm ...KLOTS 

CI»ro ... K mm I'Iniinis K1W1I Vtruif KI98I 

Homer. 3 t. K K>T^.1 ! Tcronre KIWiM 

Ancientgeograiihy. LOOK UNDER Geography — 

Histiifiiitl mid UHclent. 
Ancient history from the monnments : — 

Btn-IKR. U.D.I EKTpt[eiirlleHttimwtor.f..3CHIl M 1323 

PalmfrlH.H.)8inaf(rir4nnnB.<Morri-pnt(ime.l M ISn 

Smini lO.I AMvrlB [M.rHwt timpK to D.r. «Oill 

- Hmtnrv o( BKbrlonta [lo l.ilS B.C.] 

ViiuK I W. «. W.) Poraia from the rnriiml period lo Ihi Arab 

Ancient law : ilH connection with the early 
history of Boeiety.and its relation to modern 
irteaB. By Maine (Sir H. S.) ... D.'iS4, D :»85 

AMiMt H|htt :— 

Fletcher (B., Prof.) Lightand air : a text- 
liook for architects and Burveyors ... D 641 

NOTE Rhonx what ronKtltutoi nnrlenl liiilH : how Iho 
rlifht In ncqulndi how the riuhl mny hr Jrirurdln^ : 
Injurlw to aiu-ienl llnht for whifh Ihprc in no n-niHly ; 
bIko melhodK of (vlimntiait )n)urir>i, 


Ancient mariner: a cantata. By Baniett (J. F.). 

Vocal score J 67'} 

Ancient stone iin|i1enicntB,weapons,an(I oriia- 

mentB of Gi-eat Britain. By Kvans (J.) ... G 8M 
Ancient world and Christianity. ByPresaenBe 

(E. de) C 4(i7 

AncuB BfarcinR, Mythirul king uf Himtf. 

In Dyer (T. H., ll.d.) History of the kings 

of Rome M 142.5 

Andersen (Hans Christian) Works ;- — 

,TwShlrrmarrhfn: pfulwh von Botwhcr. [/« firnHnii]... K 127H 



F«lr/ W. 

ie bllder. U« I 

... F H(>. F an 

SajDTnthclie mSn'lioa : DeutiU'h, von ReuHrhrr. Ua (I'rriNiiH] ... 

— Correspondence ; edited hy Crawford ... L 

NOTE - Leltern to Ihe Lit« QrHiul Duke of Baxe-Weimnr, 
ChHrleii UiukenH. iind olhpn: nlth u Hhnrl auto- 

Anderson (Andrew) Gameofdranghts simpli- 
fied and illustrated with practical diagi-anis 
J 1038, .1 
Anderson (David) " Scenes" in the Commons D 
Anderson (Edwai-d L.) How to ride and 

school a horec J 

Anderson (George) Art of skating J 

Anderson (James, Rev.) Ladies of the refor- 
mation: memoira of distinguished female 
charactei'R, )>elonging to the )>eriod of the 
reformation in the uixteenth cen'i-w ...L 

Anderson (James, Rei.) — amti lined. 

— Memoralile wonienof thepiiritantimes. 2v. L 

Anderson (James). LOOK [iNDSIt Mackenzie 

(Fergus), pnend. 
Anderson (Sir John, LL.D.) Strength of 

materials and BtnictnreB H 

Anderson (Laui-ence) Linear i»erspective and 

model dmwing ... ... ... ... J 

Anderson (Miu'y) Othello's <K!cui>atiou [Old 
Moorish and Venetian tiines] ... ... F 

—Sun of Noah F 

Antlerflon (R. K., Traiinl.). LOOK undbr 

Anderson (RimniiisH., Traiisl.). LOOK UNDER 

Rydherg (V.) 
Anderson (W., Kdilor) LOOK UNDER Heath 

Anderson (William) On Ihe convei-sion of 

heat into work H 

Head (Sir F. B.) Rough notes taken during 
some iitpid journeys across the l^impas 
ami among the Andes Ml 

NOTR .AcTount nt llic NUlhnr's journt^ in IDZB. vith Ihe 
nhJFi-l Df inBpK'ljnK the cohl nnd Kifver minea of thu 
liniied provinWB of Ui ("liitu. rrosxini; Hie Panipiu" lo 

Mendoti, nnd the Andes. 

Whymper (K.) Travels amongst the (Sreat 
Andes of the Enuator Ml 

mountain" in South America rturin« tho year im). 

Andocides :— 

Selections from attic oratorB [Text ; with 
Eng. notes] ; edited by Jelih K 2 

Andom (R., /wcwrf. »/ Alfted W. Barrett) In- 
dustrial explorings in and around London H 

Raey oreoiint o( the author'" visiis to plarcK 

iihero Ihe induH 

andle. g 


— Martha and 1 F 

— Side slips : misadventures on a bicycle ... F 

— Ti-oddles and ns — and othera F 

— We thi-ee and Troddles F 347, F 

Andre (George G.) Rock blasting H 

Andi-e. Par S;ind (George), [/m Freiichl ... K 

Andre Cornelis. By Bourget (P.) F 

Andre le Suvoyard. Par Kock (C. P. de) 

[/n ^'rcHcA] K 

Andreae (Percy) Signoi-a F 

—Stanhope of Chester F.'tSd, F 

Androds-weuld [Norman conquest]. By Crake 

(A. D.) F 

Andrew Harvey's wife. By Meade (L.T.) ... F 
Audi-ewB (Major) Mai's and Nei)tune : or, 

stirring events anit adventures of soldiers 

and sailors of most nations ... ... K 

Andrews (E, Benjamin) History of the 

United States [to 1«9.5]. 2v M 

Andrews (Rt. Rev. Lancelot, 7?y^'/ HVhcAcs- 

Irr) Seventeen sermons on the nativity ... C 
Andiia. By White (P.) F 










Andromariue. Par Racine (J.), " In French 
classics" ; edited by Maason, vol. 2. [In 

Ftfmh} K 

Aadromeda. By Buchanan (R.) F 

Anecdote lives of wits and humoi-islK. By 
Timl»s(J.). 2v L 

-iK VHDBB BioicrBphin rollectlvc. 


I An|le-SuiMM~ritf(//titj«f. 

Anecdotes dn temps de Louis XVI, et du 

temps de la Terreur. [In Fi'enr}t) ...K 
Croweat (F.) Book of musical anecdote. 2 v, J 
Di<lei-ot (D.) Anecdotes et penseps de- 

tacheeB, /ti/ifs Works,vol.2. [InFf-eiicli^ K 
HiKik (T.) Choice humoi-ons works ... K 

Jesse (K.) Anecdotes of dogs (i 

Lee (Mrs. K.) Anecdotes of the haliits and 

instincts of animals G 

— Anecdotes of the habits and instincts of 

birds, reptiles, and fishes G 

Lemon (ti., Editor) Jest book ... K831,K 
Morris (F. 0., Rev.) Anecdotes in natural 


Page (H. A.) Animal anecdotes ...G 

NOTE~Slor>« rrlntlog to the intrltiBcncc, retCDtive 
DMmoiT. BDd iDlrllntua] fncultlps of onlDinliL 

Timi)s (J.) Century of anecdote, from 

17(H) to 18f!(» K 

Ange Piton. Par Dumaa(A.). 2 v. [In French} K 
Angel (Henry) Practical plane and solid 
geometry ; including graphic arithmetic J 

Anget of pity. By Marryat (F.) F 

Angel of the Covenant, By Cobban (J. M.) F 
Angel of the revolution. By Griffith(G.)F3600,F 


Angela. By Marsh (Mrs. A.) F 

Angela. Von Spielhagen (F.).2 v. [In German} K 
Angelico (Fra Giovanni) ; — 

Phillimore {C. M.) Fra Angelico ...L 

Angell (John) Elements of animal physiology H 
— Elements of magnetism and electricity , . . . G 
Anges du foyer, Les. Par Sonveetre (E,). 

[In French} K 

Angevin kings. LOOK UNDER An jou. House of. 
Anglesea (Henry W. Paget, Marquis of). In 

Cole (J. W.) British Generals L 

Anglican church portraits. By Rogers(J. G.) L 
Angling. LOOK UNDER Fishing. 
AnflQ-SaxOM : — History. 

Allen (G.) Anglo-Saxon Britain [56B.C. to 
lOtiti] M 

NOTE-DeDle* that the Knglish race ts Ihorotuthlirvd. 

and pr&Olth; hhxA. HoIrL Iho iiccount of tlie Rn^tllili 
ronqurwt. u Rivm In tlie clironiclen. to bt mnlDly mylLI- 
nL DnUii with the Hubjert of laa^uaofl nnd literature, 
and ahovK ihAt Ibe rolalion of .^nglo-Saxon to modem 
fCngbidi IB IliBt d1 direct pnreDlsee. 

Anglo-Saxon chronicle [1-1154] ; edited by 

Giles. In Bede's" Ecclesiastical history "C 
Freeman (E. A., Prof.) Old-English history 

[B.C. 55-l(llifi] M 

Ijappenlierg(J.M.,DR.) History of England 

under the Anglo-Saxon kings ; transl. 

by Thorpe. 2 v M 

XOTB - Wm fommrly niniitdered to Ijo tbe bmt nulhorlty 
<ni the ADKln-Soxtiiu. It las hiukiry o[ evenliaod K>rl[U 


Palgrave (F.) History of the Anglo-Saxons M 1783 
Wright (T.) The Celt, the Roman, and the 
Saxon : a history of the early inhabitants 
of Britain M1785 

NOTB AlmH to make archaHtla^ walk band Id band 

Lfttiguage and Literature. 
Bnsworth (J., PH.D.) Dictionary of the 

Anglo-Saxon language E 90 

Earle (J., Prof.) Anglo-Saxon litoratare ... K 1047 
Sweet (H., PH.D., LL.D.) Anglo-Saxon 
reader, in proseand verse ; with grammar, 

metre, miles and ghwsary E 

Angot (Alfred) Aurora Borealis C 

Angonleme (Marie Therese C, Duchess of). 
Saint-Amand( Duchess of A ngouleme 

and the two restorations M 2132 

— Youth of the Duchess of Angoul4me ... L 403 
In Challice (Mrs. A. E.) Illustrious women 
of France. ,, 
Anguish. By Montanaro (E.) 
Angus (J, Keith) Amateur acting ... 
Angus (Joseph, D.D.) Bible handlwwk 
— Handbook of the English tongue 
Aniline colour. LOOK UNDER Dyeing. 
Anima, De. Aristotle. [Taiichnitz text] 
— ; trans)., with notes, by Collier ... 
Anima Vilis. By Kodziewicz (M.) 
Animal adventures. By Hope (A. R.) F4370, F 4371 
Animal food i-esourcea of different nations. 
By Simmonds (P. L.) 














1170; Animal kingdom. 'LOOK UNDER Zoology. 

974 1 


Argyll (Duke of) Contrivance a necessity. 

In his " Reign of law " C 87 

NOTE- The aiKhl ot bird* is analru<l to fhow Iba 
wondroun piny nml cnunlprplBy ol the conlHvanrei by 
wbirh IhaliiwK of nnluro are adjuiiled to work out lfa« 
Crm tor's purpono. 
Aristotle. Animaliuni motione. [Tauchnitz 

text] B 343 

are adapted b; nature far tbe purponeol iDccmoIioii. 

Marey (E, J., Prof.) Animal mechanism O 1231 

NOTE -Trriill tie oti the relntion of the vlUI forcn and 
organic structure of the liodieK ot nnimals in relation to 
[unction and rspeclally to modes of locomotion. 

Pettigrew (J. B., M.D.) Animal locomotion. 

G 1232, G 1233 
Animal magnetism. LOOK UNDER H jpnotism. 
Animal physiology. LOOK UNDER Physiology. 
Animal plagues. By Fleming (G.) H 222 

NOTB-CbionoloEicol history from B.C. 14M to A.D. ISOO. 

Animal producta : — 

Simmonds (P. L.) Animal products : their 
preparation, commercial uses, and value D 520 



c productii ot ( 

j'hydemiM nnd their uses. I'afhyderms. 
Inned nnlmuls. nnd lUcir produrtn. AquntiF 
d tbeir produi-IH. Uaroupluls and tholr usi-s. 



Animaliiim partilms. AriBtotle. [Tauclinhz 
text] B 


Hart (H. C.) Scripture natural history ... 

FART 11- Tlie lUilniHlH mcntlonrd in Ihc Bible. 

Hplps(Sir A.) Animals anil their iiiaMfiTsB 

NDTB- DlnJoKtioon the Ircitnient ol lower nnimalH by 

Newton (R., D.D.) Bible animals, and the 

lesHons t^uf;ht iiv tiiem C 

Wood (J. G., Rev.) Drtuiiiiiou of man ... H 

or hlH own. such tm the dOK, the cut. the liome. Ihc mm. 
varioiu nnlnuilo.' lu Cnt. Dok. Uorw, 

Animated natnre. By GoIdwniUi (0.). 2v — G 
Anjou, House of : — 

Noi-gate (K.) England under the Angevin 
kings [11(HI-I2(«!3. 2 v. M 

NOTK-Acdount ot the AnBovin empire durina tho 13lh 
eentury. Denl* more with the hlWory of the Court or 
Anjou thnn of any pari of tho hlKtory of Eniiliuid. Qlven 
aKuminary ol the "Ti-liil nnd intelleetuiU condition of the 
country duriOK the yenrH 1181-1300. 

AnnaCoinnciia,Sr/^riti^ifie^>}'f>trrM. /ft James 

(G. P. R.) Memoirs of celeiu-ated women L 

Anna Kar4nina. By Tolstoi (h. N.) F 

Anna Kareniuo. Par Tolstoi (L. N.) ; tradnit 

duRusse. 2v. [In Fveiirh] K 

Anna Lee. By Arthur {T. S.) F 

Annaiiers rival. By Russell (D.) ... F 7.33fi, F 
Annals of an eventful life. By Dasent (G. W.) 

F 22«6, F 
Annals ot an Italian village. By Galletti 

(Madame) F 

Annals of an old manor house : Sutton Place, 

Guildford. By Harrison (F.) M 

Annals of Tacitus : — 

Tacitus (0. C.) Annalium. Opera omnia, 
voh 1. [Text — ^Oxford classics] M 

— ; transt., with notes, liy Church and 

Brodrihb M 

Annals of the disruption in 184.^. By 

Blown (T.) C 

Annals of the parish. By Gait (J.") F 

Annan water. By Buchanan (R.) F KISS, F 
Anna, Qiitm of EM|ltml :— 

Aflhlon (J.) Social life iii the reign of 
Queen Anne M 

NOTB-Skelchen dewriptive of (he art, educntloo. lilcra- 
tnre. houHn, mannens fustoiD^ Imde^ Hporti. etc.. of 
Quean Anne's reien, iltiiBfrftted by tncoimlles ot contem- 
porary prtnlii. 

Gearey (C.) Queen Anne ami the Duchess [of 
Marllwrough], /n" Royal friendships " L 

Morri8(K.E., Prof.) Ageof Anne[17WI-14]M 

FOR NOTE. LOOK (iNDBR Oreut Britain- lUtlorii. 

Oliphant (Mrs, M.) Historical sketches 
of the reign of Queen Anne M 

NOT B— Disc UHxen the quextloni KUEKOited by the relA- 
tlona between Queen Anne nnd tho Unrlborough fuDlly. 

Strickland's QneeuB of England, vol. ... L 

Anne Boleyn. LOOK UNDER Boleyn (Anne). 
Anne of Bohemia, firai Queen of liichard II. 

StricklamI (A.) Queens of England, vol. 1... L 
Anneof CleveB,/'>MrMyi(CfH iffllniry VIII. 

Strickland(A.)Quecnsof £nglanil,vol. 2... L 

170, , 


' Anne of Cle%'es — cimtinu/vt. 
343 Tyth'r(S,) Tuilor ipieens and princesses... L -TIti 
Anne of Denmark, Queen cimini'l iifJameit I. 

Strickland (A.) QueensofKngland, vol. 4...L .'Wl 
Anne of Warwick. Qupih of liirheiirl III. 
307 Strickland (A.) Qneens of England, vol.2... L :P*3 

Anne. Bv Woolwrn (0. K) F •>2r.i' 

Anne Furnesw. Bv Ti-olloi>e (F. E.) ... P fCW.* 

Anne Hereford. Bv Woo.t (MrH. H.) 

F;II3;i, F1U40,F 9I4I 

Anne Mauleven'r. Bv " Iota " V HVHi 

Anne of Geiei-stein [Swiss wars, 1477]. Bv 

I Scott (W.) F7571I. F 7.')t«).F T.'i.SI 

, ,r,i , Annie Kilhuni. Bv Ilowells (W. D.) ... F 441 7 
Annis Warteigh's fortunes. By Lee (H.) ... F 5141 
Annuities :— 
itfrtE Thonian (F.) Thwirv of compound interest 

andanmiilies G241,G 242 

Annnnzio (Galiriele d") Works : — 

Child of pl«nxlir«...F :£iHn.F2:!NI iTrirmfo deliu morte. {In 

Flnmooflito ... F2« Itullnn] K IN* 

llfuoi-n. I/Hftnlrnri] K IIH4 Triumph of dent h F 2ai.l 

L'innoi-ente. [/« /Mllriwl K mt.'..VIetim F 2>4 

1 10 Viri;in« ot tho rock-. F -.iBe. 

8320- Itt Onida,pHPiitl. ('i-itical studies ... K ;';'4 

i Anschntz (B„ Prof.. Kdihr). look under 
2140 Hichter (V. von), 
grji, AnHelm(St.,.4(Wit/».(i/*C((«//'</*»»7/)CurDeu8 
7'n7 htmrn i I" which is aiUledji selecliou from 

his writings c :*;';{ 

-„^_ FOB KOTK. LOOK u.vukh Je-uK ChU-l JlmrmtHl. 

■'•^O' In Ailains(W. H. D.) Great English church- 

; men ... ... ... ... ... ... L 203 

.J180i Anson (George, Lord) : — 

, Anson's voyage. In English circumnavi- , 

1^*^*; galors;odilcdiiyPnrvi««Hrf Cochrane... L 821 
Macanlay(J.,H.D.) Frtmimicldy to admiral L G'Si 

iAAt JlKO^fii AdHnix'l W."li. I).l VMilnent MillDr>i.L6S2; HIur. 

'4^* trious men. L 7H ; KtOEirton iW. H. O.j. i,«d Frith (H.» 

Notnhlcvaynfn'nsMimi.MIni; Oliphnnt lUni.H.1 His. 
, . , , I toricnl •'ketchei' of the relL-n of Ueorue II. vol. 'i. M 1034. 

1445 Anson (W. S. W., Kdiiur). LOOK UNDER 

! Wagner (W.) 
«02: Anson (Sir William R., D.C.L.) Law and 
•^18^ I custom of the constitution. 2 v D.5!)8-y 

1389 Vol. 1.- IWIlBmont. D r«l. Vtd. 2. The Crown. D S«. 

I FOU NOTE. LOOK OfJOKR Orenl Britnin CuHitUHtlon. 

\ — Principles of the English law of cwitract i 

■j^^' and of agency in itjs relation to contract D ft.'V.l 

■'^*'i Ansted (D. T., Prof.) In search of minerals i 

' G(>9C,G 6V1 

] AnHtey(F.,;«c(«i.f;/*F. A. Guthrie) Works ;— 

THni'V pwxUo ' ... FXi3 I PuppeL " 

boUle F3.W,F!Sl i TnftlnK 


I Puppetfl at torjEo 


,. ...itedVenus 

.. F IW I Tourmalin'!" time chequw 
1^ i^r.T T. 111 impMilonii 


niiali". '■■■ ' F Ml ! Voi-BH popull, a v. ...F3ai,F3I 

Anstie (Fi-ancis E., u.D.) Stimulants and nar- 
j cotics : their mutual relations ; witli special 
^^^, researches on the action of alcohol, jether, 

I and chloroform, on the vital organism ... H Hi 
I Antarotte r«|hHU :— 
3S] Borchgi-evink (C, E.) First on the Ant- 
' arctic continent : being an aeciunit of the 

3H2| BritishAntarctic expedition lti98-liKKt...M2t;-Jl 





Mmtlo nihm—ronfhiiifd 
Bull (H. J.) Cruiw of the " Anhirctic '" to 

Ihe South polar regiona [in 1894-5] ... M 131)2 
Cook (F. A.) Through the first Antarctic 

night. 1898-1899 M 13l>3 

A Durmtiie of the voyice of the * Bslglca " mmoag nowl; , 

diacovarod landH mod (jtot nit unknown sea &bout thp I 

noattaPole. I 

Hartwig (G,, DR.) Polar world : a popular 
ilescription of nianand nature in theArcltc 
and Antarctic regions of tho globe ... M 1291 | 

Ihf ludK which cirrli nbaut the North Polo, describing 
lb«r uturaJ teatuns, thn people who iahnhit them, the I 

binUheutLUld tl>ihH,ud tha KUlT Teaslation. Tho I 

•amp ptiin is (inlawed in the regiooi of the Sjntb Pols. 

Hiitory. I 

Frickor (K., DR.) Antarctic regions ; transl. | 

by Son nen ache in M 1304 

KOTE.-D«Ii With the hixlory or diiiraverY In tho Ant- I 

«ttic rwrioiw. »nd ttlam to prewot n RenerJ tIow at tho ] 

jnaduBl eipaimloD of our knon'led^ conremitis thnn, . 

iiluidi. Ihe climte. the i^^^e fHunn Bad Sore. itod the i 

Smith (G. B.) Komatice of the South Pole : I 

Antarctic Tovagesanil explorations ... M 1305 j 

NOTii-Ahl«orTo(Antarrticeip*ditlon« from the earllBrt I 

tini«lolhorearlHS8. | 

AnteroB. By Lawrence (G. A.) F 5126 | 

Anthea. By Caaaavetti (C.) F H>58 

AnthemB. LOOK UNDBR Music — Ornttirios,etc. | 

.\ntlinlogtes. LOOK UNDKB Poetry — CoUecliotis. 

Anthony, St. : — ' 

In KlngHlej (O. Canon) The honnils. L 21S. L 216 : New- 
mu (J. H. Cudinal) Hiutoriritt Fikelchee. vol. 3. H 43. 

Aiithtjny (L.) Footsteps to history : being an 
epitome of the historiee of England and i 

France, from the fifth to the nineteenth \ 

centuries ; to which is addeil sketches of 

literature, arts, and manufactures M 1516 

Anthony I.jing8yde. By Birrell (0,) ... F 9fl5, F 966 i 
Anthropoid apes. By Hartmann (R.). G 1369, G 1370 j 
Anthropological religion. By Miiller(F. M.). C 51 i 
Anthropologicalstudies. ByBuckland(A.W.). G MM 

.^Tithropology. LOOK UNDBH Man. 
Anthropometry. LOOK UNDER Finger prints. 
-\nligone. By Mendelssohn (F.). Vtxral satre. i 
Anti-logarithms. LOOK UNDER Logarithms. 
Antiphon, England'n. By MacDonald {G.)... 1 

Kon-An Btlempt totrace theeoumeol religious poetry. 

Antiphon. Selectionsfromatticoi-ators [Text; ! 

with Eug. not«8] : edited by Jebb ... K 2029 

tUt» ' 



Frere (A. M., a/tenmrds Mrs. Godfrey 
Clerk) Ant ipo<le8 and round the world ; or, 
travelsin AuBtralia,New Zealand, Ceylon, 
China, Japan, and California [1865-66]... M 135 , 

Verechuur (0.) Atthe Antipodes : travelsin 
Auatralia,New Zealand, Fiji Islands, New , 

Hebrides, New Caledonia, and South 
America, 1888-9 : tr«nsl. by Daniels ... M 112 
Antiquary. By Scott (W.) F 7582, F 7583, F 7584 


kan^MM—nin I inue^. 
Axon (W. E. A.) Stray chapters in litera- 
ture, folk-tore, and arcbfpnlogy K 88t 

Benson (M.),a«rfGonrIay( J. )TheTempl«of 
MutinAsher. [Excavations in 1895-97] M 213 

Conder(C. R., Lt.-CoIO^ent work in Pales- 
tine: a record of discovery and travel. 2v. M 844 

■urvof (rf'the no?T lind. ^iStZ^." AiTordnd'ata fm- deler- 
mlDlDK the vaied prohlenu relatinff to the Holy Hi1e>. 

Conway (W.M.) Dawn of art in the ancient 

world : an archreolngical sketch ... J 62 

Dawkins(W. B.,Prof,) l-iirly man in Britain 

and his place in the tertiary period ... G 691 

NOT! -Almii to brinD lojtMhar all the tarl* conremlng 
the primeval ttotfe of human life by the aid ol Keolovy. 
prehlilonc nrch»ology and hlntory. Altsmpt" lo ndve 
the problem an to the reUtlonghlp boiween the neolithic 
iahahltantH of Britain and the people of the continent 

Dyer (T. H., LL.D., Editm-) Pompeii : its 

history, bnildings, and antiquities ... M 226 

An account of the destruction of tho city, with n full 
dewrlptioD or the remoint. and ol the recent omvalionii, 

^y (T.T M"^i'^rorarch(eology M 202 

ture, and the lOcoDdary nrtH ot all the rnces of antiquity 
from the eu-liest dynaatyarEiryptdown to tbs decadence 
ot the Roman empire. 

Evans (J.) Ancient stone implements, 

weapons, and ornamentB of Great Britain G 893 

HOTB-SurveyH the prehixtoric rematna of the Oritiah 
lelea. and siveii a Hummary of Ihe rwlB nnd Ihe di^iuit- 

Evett8(B!''r. AO Newlightoii the Bible and 
the Holy Land M 222 

within the yean \«Si-«t at Tello ShUKhin and FerKepolm, 

Al» treats ot Ihe lul grent Kgyptlan And the Tell el- 

Amama lablelH. 

Hildebrand (H.) Industrial arts of Scan- 
dinavia in the pagan time J 65 

Hogarth (D. G., Editor) Authority and 
archfeology : sacred and profane ; essays 
on the relation of monuments to Biblical 
and classical literature M 203 

NOTB -An ogreoment that Ihe literary dorumenle of 

remain! or monument! for liie purpovCH of the htdoriau. 
that arehnology supports literary evidence, but that 11 
!■ filent aa to the evidence lor ihe laoli on which the 

Hunter-Diivar (J.) The stone, bronze, and 
iron ages : a popular treatise on early 
archseology G 895 

NOTB— Dmcriptlonnf flint nndBtoneimplempnta,1hciri;laji- 
■iflcallan nnd the tirobable uhsh to which they were applied. 

Jewitt(L.) Half-hours amongBome English 

antiquities M 231 

CONTBNTS— Arma. nrmour, pottery, briuwB, coin*. belK 
■Ian, tafestry, ornamentJi, uint implements, etc. 

Joly (N.) Man boforc metals G 896 

Adeline (J.) Art dictionary 

NOTE -The plan Include* all auch term<> at 
emplnyedin paloliag. sculpture, engravinii 
lure, wbelhndeacrlptlraof real ohtectn or t' 
action which rule the mlnd.aDdKulaetheha^ 

Keary (C. F., Editor) Dawn of history : an 

introduction to pre-historic study ... G 897 

NOTE— Deals with the Htoneuiie and dlivuiuicii the growth 
of the various rami lien of human vpeech. the diriHions of 
race, the growth of villniia communiliCH, the dovelop- 
ment of ■ocial life, religion, phoaeilc and picture wrillng, 
luid popular mythology nnd folk-lore. 

King (J., Rev.) Clefipatra's needle : history 
of the London obelisk ; with an exposi- 
tion of the hienigly|)hics ... ... M 214 

—Recent discoveries on tho Tt-mple Hill 

at Jerusalem ... M 219 



AntlqultiM — iiinfiu ited. 

Lewis (T. H., Prof.) Holy places of Jeruna- 
lem M 


Lubbock (Rt. Hon. Sir J.) Introduction to 
the study of pre-historic archteology. 
In his "SciontiRc lectures" G 

— Pre-hifitoric times Q 

._< «.^~». nr n-r™..,.! n.^B. fully lUunrated by dalallt 
In tbe bODC-csveniii. burlkl 

I Antony, St. LOOK under Anthony, St. 
Antony (Very Rev. Father). LOOK UNDER 
220 McCal)e (J.) 

' AntrobuB (C. L.) Wilderemoor 

F 371 


rrolattoB of Uw 

Broundu clr_ In feoropc 
neolithic Implpnic^ta w 
quity. Tbrowii IKbl an 
Inhablled our ronlinent 
with 041 <rplinil>1ic diwi 
bunun raif . 

Maspuro (G.. Prof.) Manual of Kgyptian 
arcliseology, anil guUIe to the study of 
antiquities in Kgy|>t ; tfaiiul. by Edwards M ; 

KOTE-DiHCTlhaiitlioliDUiiCH of thp nncien) EgrptluiB - 
both rich and itoor- lb« pyraniid><. niailnbu and olhcr 
tombs : psintlnif. wulpiurc, and Industrial arti. 

transl. by D'Anvers Mi 

Newton (C. T.. PH.D.) Essays on art and 
archeology ... ... ... ••• G 

NOTE -Doanm Ihr limiU ol the nciencr of arrhnoloKy 
nnd drain with Iha orisin nnd development of the ana of 
Qtftt* at eiemplinrd by (' . . .. . 

Lubbock (Rt. Hon. Sir J.) Anls, bees, and 

wasps G1320,G1321 

NOTB -RecordH thepiperlmenlx lundcnn thc««crnilun> 
with ■ view to Wtling their mental condition and power 
of iHiH. Doe* not deal with Ibe nervoua aygtem. and 
Uie fuctJi Blven lire unly •uch on eame under the autbor'i 

_ -lobucrv; 

— On the habitHof ants. In A/s" Scientific 
lectures." G 

cUiy ic 


Ant'^r^ Schille^JL C. F. von) Siege of 

Antwerp. In his Works, vol. 2 M 2258 

Anxious moment. By Hungerford (Mrs.)... F 4504 
j Ao Tea Roa : long whit« cloud [New Zea- 
I land]. By Reeves (W. P.) M 1244 

Ape, the idiot, und other people. By Morrow 
'■ (W. C.) F 6204 

Harlmann (R., Prof.) Anthropoid apes. ... 

G 1369, G 1370 
it concemlnt 

e anlhrotwh 

r and with man 


a Mycei 

1. uneartii«l by Dr. 

C'ypniii, and the cueavBiloni. at Olympls, 

St.Clair(G.) Buried citiesand Bible conn tries C 

PORNOTE. I.OOK VNDRB filble-initorirand l«jw;nipA|i. 

Smith (Sir W., ll.d.) Smaller dictionary 
of Greek and Roman antiquities ... M 

Tristram (H. B., Canon) Land of Moah : 
travels and discoveries on the Kast side 
of the Dead sea and the Jordan ; with 
a chapter on the Persian palace of 
Mashita, by Fergusson M 

NOTB -Veriflm the oite nf Mnrhsniit, dlivovem Ihnt ol 
Zoar. and eiplorm Ifnuhila. Ortct nn nrroiint of sport 
and advcntiirr. nnd of an ImpriBOamrnI at Kprnkio 187.1. 

Wealo (J.), rtjirf Hunt (R.) Dictionary of 
terms used in archreologj-, fine arts, etc. A 

We8tropp(H.M.) Handbook (if archajologj-: 
Egyptian, Greek, Etruscan, Roman ... M 

WilBon (S.) Romance of our ancient 
churches ... ... ... ... ... J 

Wood (J, T.) Modem discoveries on the 
site of ancient Ephesus M 

Worsaae (J. J. A.) Industrial arts of Den- 
mark fnim the earliest times to the Danish 
conquest of England J 

Wright (T.) The Celt, the Roman and the 
Saxon : a hiHt<)ry of the early inhabitants 
of Britain, illustrated by the ancient re- 
mains, brought to light by recent research M '. 

NOTE -EndrnrourH (o nuLlie nrcbieolojiy walk hand in 

ALSO LOOK UNDER Bible -Antlviillei. Bronzen. Chrin- 
tlanirlondaymbolinn. Coina nnd medaki. Folklore, tn- 
iirriplionii. Mylholotfy ; andnamwof roiintrie».iuA««iTia. 
BabylonlH. Chaldiea. Egypt. Sinnl. etc, 

Antoinette ma cousine. Far Uchard (M.), 

[/n^V«ifA] K 

Anton (Peter, Rev.) Masters in history ... L 

OlbboD, Circle. Mikcniihiy. Motley. 

Anloniua. By Collins (W.) ... F 1824, F 

: short essays an<l 



Aphorisms : — 
Helps (Sir A.) 


Apjohn (Lewis) Richard Cobden and the free 

Apocalypse of St. John. By Sadler (R.) ... 

tnoaiationa of It are. Done Into moderti EnsUah. 
AtSO LOOK UNDER Rcvelslion. 

Apocrypha : — 

Fairweather {W., Rev.), and Black (J. S.) 

The first book of Maccabees 

Apollonius of Tyana ;— 

Conybeare (F. C, Editor) Apology and 
acts of Apollonius and other monuments 

of early Christianity 

In Newman (J. H., Cardinal) Historical 

sketches, vol. 1 

Apologj' and acts of Apollonius and other 
monuments of early Christianity; edited 

by Conybeare ... 

Apology of Tertullian : transl. by Reeve ... 

FOR NOTB. LOOK U^TBR CittMitDily-AtolovU'l- 

Apophthegms. By Bacon (Lord) 

Alio contained in Craik'a " Bacod : hia wrillngi,'' toL U B 

I, 669 
C 360 







Bruce(A.B.,D.D.) Training of the twelve; 
or, passages out of the gospels exhibiting 
the twelve disciples of Jesus under 
discipline for the apostleship C \2^ 

Pearson (J., Bishop of Cheater) Exposition 

of the creed ; with analysis by Mill. 2 v. 435 
..4no(Aerrtfiiion;withanalysi8byWalfordC 4.34 

NOTE. -Apart from the Apoatlea' creed, the work deal* 

le orthodox faith. 


ApMtiM* OrMd — continued. 

Sanderson (E., Rev,) Creed and the church C 

Handbook of th«don ; beiiw & ttjnop^^A of Pconon on 
'"nHcn-nl"ui<lofBixikcr's"&rlMliualcal polity." books: 

ppiatiM of S^- I^uU tbe higtorr of tlis book o[ common 
prarer. Ii» thirty-niiH aillcln, etc, 

Apostlea of mediasval Europe. By Maclear 
(OF.) L 

FOB COMTBNn. LOOK CNDBS Biognphin -coUFTllvr, 

Apostolic age. Stanley (A, P., Dean) Sermons 
and caaayH on the apostolical age ... ... C 


AjKistolic churcli. LOOK UNDER Church 
history — AjuisliiHr. nge. 

1. EpiMlpofthf Cliurrhof Smyniii 

rooMmiDe tb« nutityrdoili o[ St, Polyrnrp. Ttarhlnc o[ 
Lh^ twelve apoitlcfl. GpliUe to Diognplim, KAiay on the 
lisbt OK o( tD« faUjcn. 

Holland (H. S., Canon) Apostolic fathers... C 
Apostolic gospel. By Blair (J. F.) C 

FOR NOTK. LOOEUNDSBBlble-AVuiT'l-ffamflir. 

ApoBtolical records of early chriBtianity. 
By Giles (J. A.) C 

IKiBNOTK. LOOSl'ltDBBBiUe-yfurrMnmnK. 

Apotheoaia of Mr, Tyrawley. By Prescotl 
(E. L.) FfiltlS.F 

4.^6 < Barker (K. H.) Wanderings liy Southern 

waters: Eastern Aquitai lie M bf>?t 

iddnrrlpt Ion ol thr nuthnrVxMaurn In Ihf rol- 

■'--' "■- "am. and the Lot, Or. l»l-2. 

experiencPB in Eu4«rn 
Equatorial Africa. By Pruen (S. T.) ... M 901 

Ara^lla^sTuart!' 'Sy^JameB (g!^ K.) ... F 4r>4fl 

Bent (T., atid Mrs. T.) Southern Arabia... M 791 

NOTE- Afrounl i.( ihtw lournry* to Uiukof , IhoUadh™- 
niiiul.Dhofnr.thrMiihriiBlnlldolSnkalni.fIr..durinB 1888-07. 

Burton (Sir R. F., Capt.) Gold mines of 

Midian and the ruined Midianitt^ cities M 7% 

liOTE Kiprdilion In ItTT. lo Lhr xhon-Bot North- Wntcm 
ArablA, In ciiHiilnr lhr mlniTBloKiral indtcalionn of the 

c''fm-per''(H!s.)' Thro^ugh Turkish Arabia... M «30 

A lournfy from the Medilerr.-mean to Bomhay hy Iho 
Euphrate>' luid TiRrli VAUpyn ud tbp FrnilBn gulf (1W31. 

Piilgrave (W. G.) Narrative of n ytwr b 
journey through Central and IiJiBtern 
Arabia, IK62-3. " 

Podnaore (F.) Apparitions and thought- 
transference ... ... ... B fill, B 

recordaal experiment* in automata vrltini. and IhouabI 
matlmoct; tawd on thp renearrhei □( U.p Pnyrhicjil 
furiely. The fact of telepathy la held to be Mtnblfllied. 

Kavile (B. W., Rev.) Apparitiona ... B 

NOTE-— .idd urn pvideacs in Kupport of the belief that a 
■pirilual guardlannhip is rirrciied over mankind, but 
diETlums lhr idr:i of Ihinkins that a di'beliet In tbe 

I^rlrd implied a ditbclirf iti natural or revealed religion. 

ApjiaKsionata. By Keeling (E. d'E.) ... F 

Appleton (G. Webb) Works .— 

ratrbine » tartar F JT! I PhllanthroplM at Ureo 

Kroienheane F Sja I Territilo legacy 

Appreciations. By Pater (W.) K 

Appreciations and addresses. By Rosebery 

(Lord) K 

Apraxin (Julie, Comtesse) Deux passions. 

[/h French'] K 

Apres fortune faite. Par Cheibuliea (V.). 

[/h Frcitch] K 

April's latiy. By Hungerford (Mrs.) F 4505, F 
Apthorp (William Foster) The opei-a, past 

and present J 

Apuleius. Metamorphoseou ; recensuit Vliet. 

[Tcubner's text") K 

— Works [Transl.] K 

foSTEWTS-Metamnrphowi: or. Eolden nss. OM of 
Sorrsiea. The Flnnda and bin deteara : or. n di3raurH> 
on macic to which ore added a metrical verxion of 
Cupid and Pxyrbr, and Uf . Tighr's Pnyrbe. 

t-Tbe nulbor'H obitvl wan to luvrrtain 

ludr of the Arvln 

Strabo. Geography, vol. 3 

ALSO LOOK I'NUaRUobanuned, Yemen. 

Arabian nights' entertainments ; edited by 
Townsend F 37l>. F ;I77, 

(iosse (P. H.) The aquarium : an unveiling 
of the wonders of the deep sea... G 1209, G 

structure and management G 

Wood (J. G., Rev.) Fresh and salt water 
aquarium G 

M 178 
F 378 

Palmer {¥.. H., Prof.) Arabic manual : 
classical and modern E 11*9 

Tien (A., Rev.) Egyptian, Syrian, and 
North - African handbook: a simple 
phrase-lHX>k in English and Arabic for 
the use of the Hritiah forces, civilians and 

reaiilenta in Egypt E 186 


Bryce (Rt. Hon. J., D.C-L.) Tranacaucasia 

antl Ararat : notes of a tonr in lH7ti ... M TilS 


Aratra pontelici. By Ruskin (J.) J l.'iS 

FJomenlH of sculpture. 

Arbitration act, 18K9. In Lixtun's Price book H 1067 
AriNtratiom :— 

Fletcher (B., Prof.) Arbitrations : a text- 
book for surveyors D 640 

NOTE - Showtf the TariouB mattera under Hpccial Aclf< ol 
Purliainenc that are to be referred to arbitration, Soti 


Critical and historical essays ... K 7it4, K 796 
Arcadie. Par 8t.Pierre([/«/'7-«ir/.]K 179.5 
Arcady, for l>etter for worse. By Jessopp (A.) M 466 

Arcanus, iiacud. Modern Christianity anil 
modern spiritualism B 43 


Archdeacon. By Walford (L. B.) F 8627 

Arclier (T. A.), und Kingsford (C. L.) The 
crusades M 1.546 

NDTE-Deab' mainly wilh thow concerned with titc Latin 
kingdom of Jerunileni. viz., lit. aid. 3rd. Ife5-1190. 

Archer (ThoB.Croxen) Profitable plants : des- 
cription of the principal articles of vege- 
talile origin used for food, clothing, tanning, 
dyeing, building, medicine, perfumery, etc. D 517 


Archer (Williai 
and Btu<Ii«H . 

i) Ahoiit the theatre : eeaays 

—William CharleB Macreatly ... ... L 1 

— . [Traml.']. look under Ibaen (11.) 

Foril(H.) Theorj- and practice of iipcliery ; 
edited l)y Butt J 

Longman (C.J,),«»dWalrond(H.)Arcliei'y J 
Archea :— 

Bland (W.) Ai'ches, piers, biittreBses, etc. J 
Archibald (Douglas) Story of the earth's 

atmosphere G 

Archibald Malmaiaon. By Hawthorne (J.)F 

Archie Lovell. By Edwardes (A.) F 

Archipelago on fire. By Verne (J.) F 




Vasari (Q.) Lives of the most eminent 
painters, sculptors, and architects ; transl. 
by Foster. G v L 9?) 

Vol.fl tsni'OmmontarycODtaiDingnolra.eto^by RiclileT. 

Waterliouee (A.) Arehitects. /?i" Unwrit- 
ten laws and ideals of active careers"; 
edited by Pitcairn D 

j^stlietics, tlieories, etc. 
Eidlitz (L.) Nature and function of art, 
more eapecially of architecture ... ... .! 

Garbett (E. L.) Principles of design in 
architecture ... ... ... ... J 

The princlplps of deaion In nrrbltecturD as doducible 
from natun, imd einnpufled Id the worka ol tlic Oreek 
nnd Oothlf archltn'lx. 

Leeds (W. H.) Rudimentary architecture : 
the orders and tlieir aesthetic principles... J 

Doric. Tiucin. Otnelc. tonlr. RonuiD nud modem. CorlD- 
Uilao. cumpolte, etc. 

Ruskin (J., LL.D.) Lectures on architecture 
and painting 3 

BOTB.— An appeal tnr Gothic nrchitecturo with ila 

— Poetry of architecture J 

NOrB-EesayH dcolinR wJlh the cottagen of EnBL-md, 
KroDCP. Switzerluid and Holy, nnd with the Villon ol 
Englnnd and Italy. Hhnws how tho nationnl nccncry 

that (lia cbuacter i 

a bormany with 

m which It 

—Seven lamps of architecture J 

'b dealing with aacriflcc. truth, power, beauty, 

lite, n 

mory and obedicr 

jf a higher conception of the nignlDcance 

ol domeallc architecture. 

— Stones of Venice. 2v J 

NOTE— In Iboae selected portionn ot hia larger work. 
(be author coniiden the rlae. groatnew, doclino and 

TyrVhitt (R. St. J., Rev.) Greekand Gothic 
progress and decay in the three arts of 
architecture, sculpture, and painting ... J 

FOa NOTE. LOOK UNTBR Arts. Fioe-^'AflotapAv- 

Wyatt (M. D., Prof.) Fine ait J 

.... .. j^ji^ practice, ihowlng the 

h an;hitacturo stands lo 

Ardilttotur*— a(n/iHH«/. 
>' Business manuals. 

, ' Laxton (W.) Builders' price-book for 1000 H 1067 
\ Miller (F. T. W., Editor) Lockwood's 
Builder's, architect's, contractor's, and 

engineer's price- book. 1901 H lOGf" 

Rogers (F.) Architect's guide H 1051 

Textbook n[ uaeful intormatlon lor arcbltecta. enfl{Deers.e(c. 
Young(W.) Spons' Architects' and builders' 

price-book. 1901 H lOOi 

Adeline (J.) Art dictionary ... ... J 41 

KiiTB— The plan Includes all auch ternui hb are genenillr 
employed In painting, sculpture, engraving, and archllec- 
tura, wbetJier dsBciiptive ot real objects or tho principles 
□[ action which rule the mind and haad ot the arthita. 

Parker (J. H.) Concise glossary of t«rms 
used in Grecian, Roman, Italian, and 
Gothic architecture J lOti 

Weale (J.), and Hunt (R.) Dictionary of 

terms used in architwture, building, etc. A 31 

Ferguson (F. 0.) Architectural perspec- 
tive : the whole course and operations of 
the draughtoraan in drawing a large 
house in linear perspective J 22^ 

Pyne (G.) Practical rules on drawing tor 
the operative builder and young student 

in architecture J 221 

Ralea In drawing In ouUine.Orocian uid Bomnn orders, 

perspective, light and shade, colour, etc. 

Ltibke (W., Prof.) Kcclesiastical art in 

Germany during the middle ages ... J 138 
Sharpc (E.) Seven periods of English 
[Church] architecture, defined and illus- 
trated J 133 

Periods — SaxoD, Norman, Transitional. Lancet, Oeo- 
metrlcaJ, Curvilinear, and Rectilinear. 

Wilson (8.) Romance of our ancient 

churches J 140 

NOTE -Chat about our English CBtbedrala and chnrcbM. 
architecture, customii and sacred shrines— their feature* 
urn. ure. g^^j^^^ 

Corroyer (E.) Gothic architecture ; edit«d 

by Armstrong J 12i 

NorR- Account ot the principles of the Oolblc style, a* 
eiemplincd In churches, monaaterlee. and in mllllarT and 
civil nrcbilet'turp. Treated Irom a French standpoinL 

Davidson (E. A.) Gothic stonework. J 125, J 126 

History and principles ol church architecture. 

Moore (C. H.) Development and charac- 
ter of Gothic architecture J 127 

Gothicmoldiiigs;withdirectionsfor copy- 
ing thein and for determining their dates. J ISO 

Parker(J. H.) Study of Gothic architecture 

J 128, J 123 

Smith (T. R., Prof.) Architecture : Gothic 
and renaissance J 130 

Tyrwhitt(R. St.J.,Rev.) Greek and Gothic 

progress and decay ,.. ... ... J 33 

Addy (S. 0.) Evolution of the English bouse J 143 

NOTB Traces the conatruclion ot the house from the 
charcoal burner's hut to the manor houses, caetles and 
churches of the middle a^es and onwards. 


BIomlield(R.) Slxirt hit9tt)ry uf reimisiiaiicB 
architecture in EiiglamI, l.lOll-iSU) ... J 

Burj-(T.T,)StyleBofarchitectureot various 
couiitriett ... ... ... ... ...J 

ri-OlT(M a bT<e( account at the Tarloiu alylw or 

Th* D 


; orcbitfcture. 

Fnuic«. &)i!ltiiiii. UemiMir. 


. D«]a with tlie (lilTtn 

s throuifb which the j 

nulojiesl t»ble ol 

O^A.\iyen{^.,t>set4d. of Mrs. A. Bell) Ele- 
nif^ntary liiBtory of art : architecture auil 

FerifUBSon (J., D.C.L.) History of archi- 
tecture in all countries, from the enrtiest 
time« to the present tlay. 2 v ..J 

Vol. 1.— Klhhoffmpby oa i|iplied la airblteclunil ait. 
Eaiplian. Awyrian. QrecUin. Klrim-mi. Roman. Pm- 
IbioD. aixl RuHBDiBD. Bvznnllne. Italy. 

VnL ■i.-llalj. Fiance, ttelicluni and Holland. UennviT. 
SeoDdiiikviH. Knglsnd. Spain and Portuiinl. Saracenic 

— Hitftoryof IndianantieasternarcliltectureJ 

SOTS - I'learntii adlaiioct Tiewol theKeoeral urinclpln 
which bare jroven]«l the bivloricol develiipment of 
InduiD architwiure BuddblM, Jain*. UimiUayuii. Dntvi- 
dion. Cbalukyui. Nortbenl or IndtHiryan- Indian 

Soracrnic. Purthrr India. Ohlna. 

—History of the modern styles of architec- 
ture. 2v J 

KoTE -Selected nod tn.lral aiemplen ol buildinipi of 

... ni«l camst eileraol view* 
lIo Ilfliy. Spain and I'ortuital. 

_.._ „--- KnT. North- WMlern Kuroue, 

Ru'Wio. Indikond Turkey. Amcrtcu. Theatm. Civiland 

niitilsry cnidneerinit. 

K'Hiieiigarten (A.) Handbook of archit«c- 

turai styles [to the present time] ; tranal. 

by Col lett- ^Hilars ... ... ... J 

Smith (T. K.) Architecture : Gothic and 

renaissance J 

Tuckerman (A. L.) Short history of 

architecture J 

NOTE -Begin! with the pynuuid* nnd dolmcnn. which 
th« iLuihDT believM to be lUioiH far human meriDce*. and 
ROCS on lo the prenrnt century. 

Violtet-le-Duc (E.) Habitations of man in 
all :iges : transl. by Buckiiall 

le (FvenU tiki* of mnnkind 

' Statham <H. II.) Moilcrii iircliilectiire : 

a book for architects and thv public ... J 138 

NOTR Criliri>wH Ihc livdinR niodrm buildlnin o( 
Kurupe nnd Ihi' I'nlii'd Stiilcx. Sliiiw" bow in^iiI wai 
the InUucoce ul one »Iy1c upon anolbrr. imd pruv« thai 
tbouKh we inny devrlini nnd rhunge uivliiln'lunil lonuii 
<ind typo, we niiwt W altwK-d by Ibe old unpH. 

' Tarn (E. W.) Mechanics of archilectun- : a 
treatise on applied mechanics especially 

' adapted to the use of ai'chitects ,,.J 118 

Wightwick (G.) Iliuls to voung architects ; 

r,;vi8ed by GuilLnnne " J 102 

iLSOLOOKUMiBBArlii Vint-, BridgCH DTid roolH. Build- 
Ins ChrlatianurtHnd ■ymluli-ni. llihii.idntionH. IIiA- 
I pitaln. Naval nrrbilci-lure. Sdinewurk, Strrnittb ul 

Ai-ctic adventunrs. By KiiiK«toii(W. H.G.)... F 494ti 

M C,3i 
M 26 1 H 
M 12iKl 

Conway (Sir W. M.) First crossing of 

SpitHlH!rKeii [in IH'M] 6 

Account III an intuiKl juuinpy o( rxplorulion and survuy : 

eipnIitlunH In he Pjunl ; of a voriiic- tu Nunb-Kiul-LoDd. 
tbe Seven liilanda. duvin IIinl<Hip>'n Slrall. niiirly lo 
Wl.-hea I^nd. and inio mu.t o( thii tiordK of Spit-UTwn r 

Da Chaillu (P. B.) I^nd of the long night. 

Oreery\A.'w"/Brfg.-Geir.) Handbook of 
Arctic discoveries 

NOTE - HIiloricHl mimniniy of An-tle riploraliun [rum 
1W7 to (he alartinir of Dr. Nansen In Ibr "Vram.'* I)pal> 
moni parllculorly with Ibo Amorii'un eipi^ltionK. 

— Three years of Ai-ctic service. 2 v. ... 

NOTB Acmuntotlbe Lady Franklin Buy Pipeditlon ol 
HHKandtheallainmontoHhefanheHtNiMh. Drxrlbf- 
Ibe life at Fort Coniter. the oiplarallun In Unmland. nnd 
tbe Interior of BrInnHll Lim.1. (he relreot tkmth. the 
[amine, tbe nulTeringa. crroni, loyalty, and rourofre. 

Hartwig(G.,DR.) Polar world ; a popular 
description of man aixl nalui-e in the 
Arctic and Antarctic regionsoftheglolH.' 

NOTE Starting from Iceland, tbe author tokiw u> round 
the lunda wlilcb circle about tho North Poh^. drwriblng 
..... — ^ rcAtureH. (hepecnile who InhnbK them, tbe 

Text-books, j»'aciical, etc. 
Bland (_W.) Arches, piers, buttresses, etc. J 
Brnnner (A. W.), and Gerhard (W. P.) Cot- 
a chapter on watersupply, drainage, etc... J 

S^OTB -Prevents a number of denignH and Bkelohen of 
mudcnktely cheap country liouneii, adapted to meet the 

..une lime nhoU be plelureaque and ronvetlienl. Includes 

Huckmaster (M. A.) Elementary archi- 
tecture for schools, art stndents, and 
general readers J 

The clswic orden. H^liHh Gothic. Englixb n 


CiUtseU's New popular educator, vols. G-8 < 

D 849-51. D857-9 

Kerr (R.) The consulting architect : prac- \ 

tical notes on administrative difTiculties i 

and disputes H 1054 

Richardson (C. J.) Englishman's house : ' 
a practical guide for selecting or build- 
ing a house J 98 I 

Jt ta mrua. oeaHiH 

t 1a Ameplon in 

Hovgaai-d (A.) Nordenskitihl's voyage 
round Asia an<l Europe : popular account 
of the North-east passage of the " Vegjt," 
1878-80 ;. transl. by Bi-aikstad M 137 

Jackson (F. G.) Great frozen land ; edited 

by Montefiore M 1292 

NOTB-Mr. Juckgon'a object In Holoumlng at Wnigoiz 
with the Samoyndn wan to teal 111" power of enduring 
life In Arctic rcKlons by imitolInK the llyperborpimn in 

in tbe depth of winter, scrum thcTumlm to the Vnnmgcr 
Fjord in flWW. 

— Thousand days in the Arctic. 2 v. ... M 1293 

NOTE -Ai-coiml Ol (he nullior'n expcdKion to tlie Anile 

<I%4-7l in Fmat JoUrn Land, and of hix mcetuiK w'ilh 
Nanson : with ohiier\-ations of the geography, dora, and 
fauna, and an Appendix dealing with the geuloiiy ol the 

Kane (E. K., M.D.) United States Gnnnell 
expedition iusearchof Sir John Franklin M 1294 

Tance" and ■Keafue" fumlKliod hy Mr. Henry Orinnell, 

Markham (C. R.) Threshold of the un- 
known region M129.') 

NOTB -Historical nummary of what linx been done by 
A manifesto on behaK nl further Arctic eiploralion. 


Nansen (F., »B.) Farthest North ; being 
a record of a voyage of exploration of 
the whip "Fram," IHM-flti.aiid a fifteen 
months' sleigh journey by Dr. Nansen 
ami Lieut. Juhansen. 2\ M 1297 

Peary (H. E.) Northward over the great 
Ice : a narrative of life and work along 
the Hhorea and upon the interior ice-cap 
of northern Greenland in tlie years 188t) 
and 1»'J1-18'.I7. 2 v M 1299 

NOTE -[TsintfthlHL'ouDtrr um bane, (be author journeysd 
for more iban 5UU mlln ucruAis ihc neM ire nhrat U> Ihe 
Wella (J. 0.) Gate«-ay to the Polynia : a 

voyage to Spit Jibe rgen M 1300 

.. , Arrtip_ ■ ■■ 

llie Nordi 
) IhM of 
twmn » imy, 

Whyniper (F.) Heroes of the Arctic and 

their ad yen tureH M 1301 

KOTK -Indinitea Ihe cliWt points In lh« IIvm oI Arctic 

ArdTa'^l'^By Corelli(M.)FI9r>:i,F1954.F 1955, F 1950 
Arden Massiter [Italy]. By I3arry (W.) ... F 728 



Argyll (0. D. Campheil, Sth Hukv, —ciMtitvu-d. 
— Our reaponBibililiea for Turkey : facta and 

memories of forty years ... ... M227' 


^Philosophy of belief : or, law in christian 

theology (' m: 

NOTE- A concluaiod of \hr uvumrata Ihe AUtbor «- 
pounded^ in bla 'Rrlini of Uw," and in ib« coDtlnuiOK 

in ftaut^m IT, B. 

"«a<*t or fill 
on and wlencc 

b, ■ C 

.ua, poK 





ppOSjte vie* 1Q 


rid br Lu 



—Reign of law 

NOTE Aa applied to Ihe phen=iu( 
phenomena of mJnd; «if- "--'■'- 

tbelxtlc beariui 

'olitlcnl n 

E -Narmltve i 
have atteiupted u 

lund tbe falct 

Macquoid (Mrs. K. S.) In tbe Ardennes... M 677 

NOTK Incidentti nl h mmbltnu tour thruu«b the BeUian 

and rulni tbe author encountered ; with bialiHical and 
legeDdary aneodotes. 

Anils Claverilen. By Stot;kton(F.R.). F8019,F «020 
Arewetobeminedby the,(ierinunB'f'ByCox(H.)D 504 
Argent, L'. Par Zola (E.). [/» French] ... K 175"J 

...Ml 593 

... O S-v 

j Beliglon and KleDCe. 

— Scotland as it was and as it is. 2 


I — Unily of nature 

I HOTS The fundamental idea that pcnnrale* ercr; 
conoTpllaniD this n-urk in Che proposition that adaptation 
I iRiplieH an adapter, B; uniti of nature the author mean* 
the universality of preconceived odaptatlou that underltei 
nature. FOR rrnTHEB NOTES, looe lkdeb Kvoialion, 
PhlloKOpby. Kelieion and Hrlence. 
— Unseen foundations of society : an exam- 
ination of tbe fallaciesandfailureeof econ- 
omic science due to neglected elements D 21-1 
roB Noni, LOOK VNDERl'oliiiealpcoitamy, 
— What is science ? ... G Pn.s 

Ariadne. By Ouida ..." ... ...F f.5i2, F CiLi 

Ariadne Florentina. By Ruskin (J.) ...J .'iilii 

Akers (C. E.) Argt-ntiiie, Patagonian, and I 

Chilian sketches: with a few notes on ' 

Uruguay. [In 1891-2] M 1184 

MuUiall (M, G., and E. T.) Handbook of , 

the River Plate republics. [1875] ... M 1181 I 
Argles (MfS., aj'ter tcu rda Mrs. M. Hunger- 
ford). LOOK UNDER Ilungerford, 
Argonauts of North Liberty. By Harle (F, B,) F .T860 j 
Argosy :^ 

Athanasius, St. Orations against the Arians V 
Crwatkiii (H. M.) Arian controversy ... C 

KOTE TrucTH the hivlory of arlnnismfrom Ihe bei^nnint: 
to itH Una) iivenhrow. «Hh Ihe enuno* ot itn failure, 

Newman (J. H., Cardinal) Arians of the 
fourth century : their doctrine, temper, 
anil conduct, chiefly as exhibited in the 
councilH of the church l)etwcen ■t25 and 
;1K1 A.D C 

NOTB Ilii'- n HIronB partiality far (he Alexandrian 
Istbera, and Ik intended to nho* that the doctrine of 
ArluH wax not iil Aleiiindriaii oriiiin »< wax the i-ommun 
opinion, but Ihut It npninu tram Anliu-h. In Kupuon uf 
vhlchthe aulbnrcHlbiuiHiii l^ul uE Samowita.andLui4»n 
to i^Dnd >ipi niium fur Arluit, Vindiciiteii the Albnniiaian 
doctrine of thu divine niituro uf Jeoua Uhrint from the 
Imputation of being arMtmry 


A 1ST 














A 101 









V, BB. 

ISU . 

A 139 







A 931 


1M7 , 



A 333 



A an 

vl \t. 


IBM : 


ArgylUG. D. Canipljell, 8th Duke) loua ... 
— Irish nationalism : an appeal t:I history ... 

FOR NOTE, LOOS UNDBB Ireland Home Half. 

— New British constitution and its master- 

— t MOTB. LOOK UNDER Irclond- W«;li< IM'. 

JJJJ Ariosto (Lndovico) Orlando furioso. [/h 

am;' Italian] K IMil 

Ai£| Another rditioii. [In Italian]. 2 v. ...Kl.SlI 
1^ ' AnoOter editivH ; transl. into Euglisli verse, 

aISI hyRose, 2v K LSI 

AKO I In King (A.) Cluster of lives L -I 

J^ AriBtocracyand evolution. ByMallock(W.H.) D MA 

ASM orjraniiinBpauer ofeiceptlonnlly Kitted iDdivktuola, whu 

A 13fi I can only tie iuduced to eierclK llieir functlonn br the 

A SM proapei't o( eieeptlonnl itoalth, Criliclwa the theorlea o( 

A1S7 ' Mr. Spencer. Ur, Kidd.and other*. 

Aw» AristophaneB. Comtudife ; recensuit Weise. 

A»»i [Tauchnitz text], ;i V K 2(1:; 

» Ml I yj|[ J _ Achnmenae", Eqiiilen N'ubea, Veapn. 

Vol.2,-I'ai. Ave*. Lyai-tmta, TheamopboriuiuM. 
Vol 3,- Bsna, EccleaiainiiK, Plutua. 

-Comedies: literally (i-ansl., with notes, by 

Hickie. 2 v .". K 2ti2; 

Vol.1.- .\chamlnna. Knight". CInuda Wnapa. Peace. Bird*. 
Vol, 2,- LyniKlrnla, TlicTlHiniopborianjsa^, Frogn The 

, M 2»1 
. D 103 

D 112 




\ r iHt oplianea — ron Uniifd. 

Collins (W. L., Canon) AriBtophanes ... 
\.ri8totle. De aiiima. [Tauchuitz text] 

CC-nAINS ' De tenaa ; do mrnwrln : de Kimao: tie 

comniiK ; tig loncliudine et brevltoM Vila; de Juvmlulv 
et SeneduU ; de vitn el morle ; de mnil rations. 

— Animalium partihus. [Tauchnitz text] ,,, 

KOTE — ConUlnH Aristotle's phyiloloeli^si dljitlni^IlDnH 


A riKt<>t le— c(H iHhiimI. 
K 20711 Hampden (K. D.. Zi/jr/io/j) Fathers of Gi-eck 

B 342 I philoflophy B 3I(J 

McRae (0.) Fatlierti of biology L ««« 

! Smith (I. G., Rev.), and Grundy (W.,R?v.) 
15 ^i^l AHstotdianiHrn B 362 

kt lUid cold. Alus 


— Arte rhetorica. [Tanchnitz text] 
— De coelo : de generatione et corruptloue. 
[Tauchnitz text] 

BegtnB with th^ dirineiit part of rlio uah-ene and 
deceoda EMdually to the revkoD ol the mnleriBl nnd 
peiiiiluble. DeaLi with the theory' of hoi and cold htu] 
Ihe vel and dry. which, hy tbdr comlitnaliDDH and 
matual working produce Ihe lour elemenls- 

— Ethicorum ail Nicomachuiii. [Tauchnitz 


— Historia animalium. [Tauchuitz text] ... 
— History of animals ; transl. by Cresewell 
— Mechanica prublemata. [Tauchnitz text] 

CONTAINS- De lineiH inMCiibilibus : de audibllibuti ; de 
roloribus: phy»ioipomlc« ; ventorum alius ; de plaulii ; 
de luirabillbuii »uaiti>i. 

— Metaphysica. [Tauchnitz text] 

— Metaphysics ; transl. with notes, analysis, 

questions, and index, by M'Mahun 
— Meteorologica. [Tauchnitz text] . 

K 27, 
B 345; 

B 346 
G 1217! 
G 1218 i 
B 348 1 

Deals 1 


, nod the iheoi^ „ 

Btaamyor wetandthemioky or dry Ihe one prodiiclDg 
metal!!, the other rocka nnd other minerals. 

-Moral philosophy ; transl. by Hatch 

ot Ihe pamphrose ottrlbuted to Andronieus oT Khoden: 
with un introdaetorr«is of each book. 

— Moralia mi^ua. [Tauchnitz text] 








— Nicomachean ethics: ti-ansl. with analysis 
and notes, by Welklon 

— On the vital principle [De anima] ; transl. 
TV'ith notes, by Collier 

— Organon. [Tauchnitz text]. 2 v.... 

^Oi^non ; or, logical treatises ; literally 
transl. with analysis, by Owen. 2 v. ... 

— Physicornm, [Tauchnitz text] 

NOTB — Treats of the prturlples of existeace. matter 

— Poetica liber et rhetorica ad Alexandrum. 

[Tauchnitz text] 

— Politicorumetceconomica. [Tauchnitz text] 
— Politics ; transl. with analysis and critical 

notes, by Welldon 

—Politics and economics : transl. with notes, 

by Walford : with lite, by Gillies D 60, 

— Probtemata. [Tauchnitz text] 

— Treatise on rhetoric ; with Hobbee' analysis, 

examination ijuestions, and appendix 

containing the Greek delinitions, also 

the poetic of Aristotle ; literally transl. 

by Buckley K28,: 

Biugrnphy and Criliciitin. 
Blackie (J. S., Prof.) Four phases of morals : 

Socrates, Aristotle, Christianity, utilitar- 

iunisin [ 

DjtidsoD (T., LL.D.) Aristotle and ancient 

eiincatioDal ideals 


















Berkeley (G., liixhiiji) Arithmetic demon- 
strated without Kuclid or algebra. In his 
Works, vol. 1 B .391 

Brooksmith (J., tind E. J.) Arithmetic for 

beginners G 137 

Browne (W. A,, LL.D.) Civil service tests in 
arithmetic G 138 

CaBsell's New popular educator, vols. 1-3 

D 844-1'., D852-4 

Clarke (A. D., Rev.) Army and civil service 
examination pntiern in arithmetic ... G 

Colenso(J.W.,/i/((Ai>7>) Arithmeticdesigiied 
for the use of schools, to which is added 
a chaj.ter on decimal coinage G 140 

Complete sjstem of practical arithmetic ; 

including mensuration and algebra ... G 141 

Cornwell {3.),and Fitch (J. G.) Science of 
arithmetic : systematic course of numer- 
ical reasoning and computation ... G 142 

Hall (H. 8.), f(«(; Knight (S. R.) Arithmeti- 
cal exercisesandexamination'papers; with 
an appendix containing questions in 
log-.tritiims and mensuration G 143 

Handbook of mental arithmetic G I4i> 

Harvey (T. S.) Kxamination arithmetic : 
arithmetical problems and exercises ; 
with answers G 144 

Jackson (J.) Shorthand of arithmetic ; a 

companion to all arithmetics O 145 

NOTE -BricforcontrBCIed methods la worklngarlthinetic. 

Knight (W. T., DR.) Mathematical wrinkles 
for matriculation and other exams., con- 
sisting of six sets of London matricula- 
tion papers in mathematics ; with full 
solutions, and an appendix ... ... G 111 

Lock (J. B., Rev.) Arithmetic for schools G 146 
Longman's Commercial mathematics ...G 112 

caNTBNTa-Arithmelic. Inuludlng foreisa moneys, 
WDlghls and meiuurea. Aleebra. 

Marahall (F. E.), atul Welsford (J. W.) 

Longman's School arithmetic G 147 

Marahall (J. W.) Marcus Ward's Arithmetic G 148 
Merrifield (C. W.) Technical arithmetic 

and mensuration ... ... ... ... G 150 

Moffatt (W.) Mental arithmetic G 151 

Pendlebui-j- (C.) Arithmetic G 152 

— Examination papers in arithmetic ... G 153 
— Examples in arithmetic ; extracted from 

" Arithmetic for schools " G 

— , and Bear<l (W. S.) Elementary arith- 
metic G 

Practical arithmetical exercises for senior 

pupils G 

Smith (C.) Arithmetic for schools .. " 




Smith (J. 11.) Kxei-cittes in ai-ithmetic ... G 
— Hl)il]iiigaritliiiK-tic : for the uue of ele- 

HieiiUiry clasttc'H ami preparatorj- schooInG 
Tate (,W.) Elements of eoinmercial aritli- 

luetic G 

Thoinaii (F.) Theory of compound in- 

teivst anil annuities 0241, G 

Arithmetical phyaicH. ByWoodward(C. J.) 3v. 

Vol. 1. -Arlthraptionl i>he[niiilry 

Vol. I! AcouAira, liKht nod bent 

Vol.3 MBenellnn and elodrli-Hv 

Ark\vright(Juhii P., Editor) Caliinet-making 
for uinateurs H 

Arkwriffht (Sir Hicliard). Iti Men wlio have 

made theniBelveH L 

In Perse vemnce under difRcultieii ... L 


lit Bitihop (Mrs. J. F.) Journeys in Pereia 
and Kurdistan 

M ft-^'d 

0reaHy(8irE.) Fifteen decisive Imttles. M 1, M 
Fi'oude (J. A,, i'rof.) Spanish story of the 
Annada M39, M 

NOTE-Oood nii'ouni of ilie overlliraw of Iho Rmt 

Jones {F.. Rev.) Life of Sir Martin 
Froliisher, containing a narrative of the 
Sjianish Armada L 

Motley (J. L.) Unitetl Netherlands, vol. 2 

M 2247, M 

NOTE -Kmbnu'eH the EnRlixh-Diilth BlrugKle aKatiut 
Kuain. and H [Iflallnl nvmunt nf llie Gpanlwi Annada. 
CliftnK'tfriMW tlio I'ounw of llio i-athollrH as Iho desp- 
tnld coiwpinu'y or Spain and Boma aipilnat humui 
riKliti^ and the period xeemH to the BDlhor to abow the 
duiirortf that cumc from auperatltlon nnd deapotlvm. 
and till' IiIrwilniiH from the malnlenuico of religion and 
politii'aL Itoodfim. 

Armadale. By Collins (W.) ... F 182fi, F 

Armatage (George) Sheep: it* varieties and 
management in health and disease ... H 

Argyle (Diiko of) Our responsibilities for 

Turkey M 

NOTB- Vieir or Ibe Tuiklah qusHllon rrom VM to 1886. 
Barkluy (H. C.) Ritle through Asia Minor 

and Armenia [in 1878] M 

NOTE- Sketch Df the chorooterH, mnnDert. and cuatonu 
o[ both Ibe Hunaulnian and rhrlnllan Inhabllanta. 

Bryce (Rt. Hon. J., D.c.L.) Transcaucasia 

and Ararat M (!1H 

South Eagirm Buuln and Armenia. Qtvea teMlmooy to 
the Intolembla «indltlon ol the iwoiile of Armenia under 

TurkiJih rule, 

Greene (F. D.) Armenian crisisand the rule 

of the Turk M2355 

NOTE-Tbe author wae ror tour yearn a mlulonary Id 
the .■ounlry. 01ve» the -lory of lh« mawarre ol Heplem- 
bcr. leM. with pnrllcularx ol the 0^000 who have been 
maworrod iilniv IIC22, of robbery and oulTaRe of the 
I'hrlit Ion population. 

HodgettslK. A. B.) Round ahout Armenia M 835 

NOTE ThiB in a record of a louraoy In tho East under- 
taken in ItWi. iind nltempta la piplnin the i'dumh which 
have brouglit about the prexcnt Mate o[ alTalni in Aula > 


Lynch (H, F. B.) Armenia: travels and 

studies. 2v. ISIfll M 839 

Arm^s ma<ichen, Ein. Von Heimlmi^ (W.). 

1591 ilnOeimau] K li:t3 

Arminell. By Baring-Gould (S.) ... F5KI, F r>»-> 
2421 Arniorel of Lvonesse. By Besant (W.) 

F813,F814,F AU> 

.Qflio! Armour (James) Iron and heat H iKiH 

JjJJJ — Power in motion G454,G 455 

Annourer's 'pi-enticea. By Yonge (C. M,) ... F llH5?t 
1(1221 Arm ■RriarmMr:— 

Demmin (A.) lllnstrated history of ai-ms 
47 , and armour, from the earliest period to 
55j the pi'esent time ; transl. Iiy Black ...D 744 

I Armstnmg (R.) Loren/o de' Medici ... L {\22 

2! AnnHtrong (Edniuml J.) Poems K ."ll? 

Armstrong (F. C, Capt.) Works :— 

40 Modom F S79 I Two midahipineD .- F SU3 

Queen of the mas F MO Young commander ... F SO 

Sunny South ¥ 381 ! 

1 Armstrong (G. E., Lieut.) Torpedoes and 

torpedo vessels H 499 


Armstrong (Isid)et J.) Two roving English- 

2251 women in Gi-eece [in 1892] 

Armstrong (Jessie) St. Mervyn's 

' — Westminster chimes 
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ment of steam boilers H 414 

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1827 essay towards fundamental religion ... C 59 
Arm8trong{W.H.,fttfi7uj-), LOOK UNDER Cor- 
635 royer (E.) 

] — [7Vrt»s;,].LOOKDNDBRMunt7,(E.),Veron{E.) 
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2270! ^■""'^^^■'8 (^'"I'^'ii) American nobleman F .H8ti 
Armstrong (William George, Lord) : — 

In Jones (E. R.) Heroes of industry ... L 40 

Army, Tkt :— 

Hardy (E. J., Rev.) Mr. Thomas Atkins... D 747 
-TrealH of tlie burrock room life o( the BriUab 




1 In IWH, and dealt 
nnd phyniial teafurog or the coun.r 
il the tnliabitontA and with the probli 

to occupy the attention ot tiiurope to a < 

ith t 

X lor foreign pence Mrvlct^ and 

Herl>ert (D.) Mutinies in Highland regi- 
ments. /n/iM"Greathtstnrical mutinies" M 1679 
Jerratn (C. S.) Annies of the world ... D 7411 

NOTE - Sell! out the population of ench Country and the 
ueace xtrenglh and war Htrenjitb of tlie rarloua unnieH. 
Touehe* upon many mllllary details. 

Low (C. R., Lieut.) Battles of the British 
army. [HK!C-18yO] M 1719 

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formations D 754 

ALSO LOOK [TNnER Qrcal Britain— .ifrrHV. Vt^unlMrtand 
numeaofreKimenlaeiiRayal Artillery. ItoyaJ EnginHH 


Army aiiO Civil Service fxainiiiatiim papers ' Arnold (Matthew) — mntiniml. 

ill ariihmetic. By Clarke (A. D.) ... G 139 i Hultoii (R. H.) Poetry of Matthew Arnold. 

Army society. By Winter (J. S.). ... FiK»S2, F SUM ; _/« Am " Literary eBsays " 

IP I R«u nnd Linda [Jnpnn nT 

... Kim Aiiminiioll«M«i] 

... H 707 ' Rpcret of dwtfa : wXh wn 
... K 31M , (.-olleoeil popmo ... 

... K ^9 Sons rplefliBt 

.. K 330 , Truth mwe. nnd oth. 
... K 321 . ponno 


K S74 

. K 875 

Arfny, Woolwich, ami Civil Service ridi 
K«imelrical proiilems eelecteil from the 
fxiiminatioi) papere of the last twenty 
vrare. By Clarke (A. D.) 

Amdl (Ernst Moritz) BlUtenlette ans altem 
und nenem. \_In Oermani 

.\rne [Norway]. By BjftrnBon (B.) 

AUfo costjUNXD in hi« " Life by ihe tell« and flonL>.~ F (...v 

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Casteler (E.) 
AriKtW (Sir E<lwin) Works :— 

Mrana : or, the Japnnpw Lolaa nnd ir*e\ : porrna ... K 'XS 

lite K (HI 1 I'c«dk: nnttcmnl uDd non- 

Bnok o* mod raunm' " " — 

framlbiHuvkrit ot t 
" HJtapnd^vA " 

InaiB rrviKited [in IIWB1 

iDdisn idylln 

Indian imlrj 

LiKhl 01 ihF H-orid 

wnhthelifeol Je»u». 
Arnold (Edwin Lester Lintlen) Worka : — 

Bird lifo in Riudsiid ... O l:Ml ' Pbre, n\t Phcenirinn... 

CcinrtaMff of St. Nicholas F Sff ' Htory D( Ullii, etc ... 
(Df rrtkre 0( Rbodw .lummer holidav 

JDiinM th* Turks. 1*8(1.] ' nHVift ('ir IWlt) ... 

AnioUl (F., Rev.) Three-corneretl essays ... 
.\niold (G. M, Brock), look undbR Brock- 
Arnold (G. M.)^ 
Am nil! (Matthew) Culture and anarchy .. 

FOR XOTKil. LOOK I'NDEB Rlhir--. Sotlsl BOimce. 

— Discourses in America 

'OVTAIKs— SumliHT! ; or, ihe majority and the remaaot. 
Liicraturc and pvienvc. hturnoD ; Iwing the nuthor'a 
i*»j on detnoorafy. hix wUmntf of EmerrWD. and his 
(TiTOuntepi' with Htulry on th* chann or Htcmture nnd 
w-THk^ rtitpeoti vely , 

—>^yfl in criticism. 2 v. K 85 

Foa'cosTlXTS. LOO« I'SDBR Literature. 

—French Eton; or,middle-c!asHeducationand 
the stat« ; to which is added schools and 
universities in France D 976 

— G.«I and the Bihle : a sequel C 446 


—Irish essays and others 

NOTE-In thin appeal the author contends mm m muer 

«( ihe Iri>.h people and to heal their estranttemenl. we 
miM do 10 Ireland itonietbiiiK dilFerent from whnt ha* 
almuly been doDE. 

— Literature and dogma C 447 

TOR SOTB. LOOK UM>GR Chrl-llnnily— .Ipoloiwd^j, 

—Mixed essays K 877 

CON-TBNTS— Deruocntry. Kquallty. Irtah ratholiciiim nnd 
Britlth liberalitnn. "I'orro unnmftit necesnorlum." Guide 
to EoKliih Uleralure. Fnlkbnd. Frenrh critic on Milton 
nndtjoethe. Qeonre Sand. 

-Poetical works K 327 

—St. f^ul and protestantism ; with other 

essays C 371 

— Scrayed reveller, etc. ; with introduction 

by Sharp K .328 

—Study of Celtic literature K2128 

Biography and Criticism. 
Fitch (Sir J., LL.D.) Thomas and Matthew 
Arnold, and their influence on English 
education L 1151 

K 88 
SBintshurj(0.,Prof.) Matthew Arnold ... L 11,'iO 

Almtn BlrrelliA.i Ilea JudimlBs. K 7111 ; DnwwnlW. J.i 
Uakem or modrro F.aiilixh, K fM : ItotwrlMiD IJ. M.) 
Modern humanlBtH. L WTi; Sharp (A.> Vlrtorlan po«tl^ 

** ^'*^ Arnold (Thomas, D.D.) Christian life: its 

course,itshindrances,andit8helps:NermonsC 490 
w 'm'8 ' — I ntrotluctory lectures on modern historj-M .3(i 
t - "8 I — Manual of English literature, historical and 

' critical ; withappendixofEnglishmetresK 222 
I — Second Punic war : being chapters of the 
; historj- of Rome. [B.C. 2iy-2rti] ... M 1426 
Bioffrriplij/ nnd Grilirism. 
Fitch (Sir J., LL.D.) Thomas and Matthew 
Arnold, ami their influence on English 
education L ll.'il 

JI» in Bayne IP., LL.D.) Six chrlninn bloHmphleo, I. :!» : 
Dorton (J. H.J Brave boy. L 7tl ; FjImondH rH.) Well- 
Hpenl liven, L74. 

Arnold (Thomas Kerchever, Rev.) First Greek 

hook E no 

— Greek prose composition ; edited and re- 
vised by Abbott E 17S 

— Practical introduction to Latin prose com- 
position ; edited and revised by Bradley E Ifi.'i 
Arnold (Walter T.) Modern Xanthippe ... F .'WO 
Arnold (Mrs. William. Transl.). loOKUNDBR 

Brentano (L.) 
Arnold Bolsover's love storj-. By Pinkerton 

(T. A.) F0874 

Arnold-ForBter(H.O.) Inaconningtower;or, 
how I took H.M.S. " Majestic " Into action D 7.58 

.K 876 

fiketrh „_ 

— Our great city ; or, London the heart of 

the empire [B.C. HH to A.D. 1900] .„ M 104.3 

— Things new and old ; or, stories from Eng- 
lish history f or the useof schools [to 10C6] MJ771 

— This world of ours : introduction to the 

study of geography M 147 

Physical, hlatorical, pDllIleal. commercial. gtatiftinU. etc. 

— The war office, the army, and the empire : 

a reviewof the military situation in 1900. D 7.30 

Arnold Leslie. By Sargent (G. E.) F 7506 

Amonx(L.) Pottery. Brit.manv/acl.ittdm.U 16 
Around the tea table. By Talmage (T. do W.) K 192 
Around the world in eighty days. By Veme(J,) F 8.5^);^ 
Arranged marriage. By Gerard (D.) F. 321.3, F 3214 

Arrested. By Stuart (E.) F 8109 

Arrows in theair [sermons]. ByHaweis(H.R.)C 558 
Are amatoria. Ovid. [Tanchnitz text] ... K 1958 
— ; transl. into English prose by Riley ... K 1956 
Arsenius : — 

In Kingsley (C, Canon) The hei-mits. L 21.5, L 216 
Art. LOOK UNDER Arts— Fine. Arts— Useful 
Art as applied to dress. By Higgin (L.) ... D 1026 
Art, Christian. LOOK UNDER Christian art 

and symbolism. 
Art in needlework : a Iwok about embroi- 
dery. ByDay(L.F.),nnrfBuckle(MiBsM.)J 25.3 
Art of prolonging lite. By Hufeland (C. W.) H 142 
Art of thinking. By Knowlson (T. S.) ... B 179 




Art of Thomaa Hardy. By Johnson (L.) ... K 304 
Arte rhetorica AristoteiiB. [Tauchnitz text]. K 27 
Arteriefl. LOOK UNDER Physiology. 
ArtlMr, KiBg:— 

Dickinaoii (W. H., M.D.) King Arthur in 

Cornwall M 1775 

NOTB— Ainu to briDK toiiethei what mmy be tucspted 
with regard to tbe pentonallly nod actual lite ot Elng 
Artliur.rBjectliigBVBiTthinatliiil in obviously or probably 
[ftbuloui. The outhar boldi King Arthur to have been 
on real a pennn na Cmiu or Cromwell, tboueb lea* 
uIvuilii«eouHly clrcunuiUnced for the reeordlnif ol his 

Malory (Sir T.) Le morte il'Ai-thur ; 
edited by Stnichey D 1082 

MOTS— A romiiDca dnwn Irom Weliifa and French irrilen 

ealablinhiDSDt or the round labia, the romance ol Bolan. 
tb« romance o[ Sir Tristram, and the nnnsnce ot Sit 
lAUUCelot. the quest ot the Holy Ernlt. and tbe d«Ih ol 
Arthur ; with notes and glossary. 

TennyBon {A,, Lord) Idylls of the king K 559 

NOTB— Intehded us an allegary. openlujr with tbe 
myslflrloui Wrth ot the wul and dosLntt with Ita no less 
myiiwrlous disappearance. Representg cerUin cbapters 
of HHlorr** 'Horte d'Anhur" put Into metre. 

In Richards (W.) Warriors of Britain ... L 73C 
Arthur (Chester Alan), In Presidents of the 

United States ; edited by Wilson L 462 

Arthur (T. S.) Works 

Debtor and creditor 
Grace MTem' iBwInB ; 
Dhine ETemperanoe} 

... F 301 



... F«13 

Arthur Blane. By Grant (J.) ... F ;i423, F 3424 

Arthur Egerton's ordeal. By Leslie (E.) ... F 52.33 
Arthur Erskine's story. By Alcock (D.) 
Arthur O'Leary. By Lever (C.) ... 
Arthur's champion. By Adams (H, C.) 

. F 5246 

Owen (C. H., Lt.-Col.) Principlesand prac- 
tice of modern artillery 

HOTK— Daali with ordnanre. carrlasps. and ammuni 
tion : with tbe principles and practloe of Runnery ; wlt^ 

. J it artlllorj In warfare; ^ 

(n the mh,_17th. and -.. 

Bt artillery. 

the orimnlEaUon 


' field. Bi< 


Artist in crime. By Ottolengui (R.) ... F 6509 

Artist of Crooked Alley. ByCurtis(A.) F 2268 F 2269 

Brlicke (E., Prof.) The human figure : its 
beauties and defects J 

Combe (G.) Phrenology applied to painting 
and sculpture ... ... ... ... J 

Haydon (B. R.) Anatomy, the basisof draw- 
ing. The skeleton, etc. 7n Ai'a" Lectures 
on painting," vol. I J 

Sparkes (J. C. L.) Manual of artistic anat- 
omy for the use of students in art ... J 

A description ol tbe bone* and muaelee that Influence 
the external form ol man. 

Artistic landscape photography. ByWall (A. H.) J 
Artist! — Great artists s< 

Andrea del Barto 1. 1011 

AnEelICO L «T4 

Ba^lonuneo ... LlOll 
Claude Oellee la 

Lorrain ... L MS 
CowUbIa ... L 9TB 

ikshank L »73 
Culjp ... L m 

Daublffny ... L B07 
SelarDcha ... I. lUa 
DellaRobblaL 067 
De WInt ... L lOOG 

Dial L wrr 

DonaUUo ... L OU 
Duprt ... L WT 


Figure palnlen 
<^ Bollsnr 

Artiltt — Great artists series — ctmtinufd. 

laeS::: jtS 

gSss:Seu.-.:.i:SSIl3S„ : 


pastoral palntera 

Millet L m Bubenx ... - 


Hulready ... L lOOO Ruisdael 

SfBollai^ ... L >78 

Uurillo ... LlOOl Tintoretto . 

Overbeek .-. LlOtB Titian ... . 


Painters of Bar Turner... . 


Leonardo da 

blion :.>v, ... L MT Van Dyck . 

L »8<l 

Vinci 1.1030 

rotter L 978 Vehuouei . 


Littleme-lersof | Raphael ... L lOW 1 Veroet ... . 


Qermany ... L »U Rembrandt ... L 1007 Watteau 


Uantesna ... L Vn\ Reynolds ... L lOOB , Wllkle ... . 


Artist'smodel: amueical comedy. By Junes(8.). 

Vocal score J 


Artt— FhM :— Qeneral. 

Collignou (M.) Manual of mythology, in 

relation to Greek art C 


Dickinson <0. L.) Greek view of life ... M 


HOTB-Deals with art religion, the state and tbe Indi- 

Qreek liteiature and thought. 

Forsyth (P. T.) Religion in recent art ...J 


MOTB-Ttae author has In view chiefly tbe religloiu 

lay mind that spirit oal inlereat In 

not claim to be oonaldered artistic at all, with a true way 
ol Tlewlng pictures. 

Fuseli {H., Prof.) Life and writings of j 
edited by Kuowles. 3 v. J 

ToL 1.— BioBrnphy. 

Vol 2.— Ancient art Art ol the modema Invention. 
Uompoaltlon. expression, Oblaroscuro. On design. Oolour. 
Method of fixing a standsn] and deflnlMt the proporUoni 
nlthehunail trBlDB. 

vailing method of treating the bMorr 

VoL S.-On t 


with obMrvatlons on the 

HIMory ol art In the schools ol Italy. 

Harding (J. D.) Lessons on art J 215 

Hunt (W.°m!) T^lks about art J 7 

Lilly (W. S.) Revolution and art. In hia 
"Century of revolution " M2111 

rOBNOTB. LOOK UNDBB Revolution. 

Loftie (W. J., Rev.) Art in the house ... H 737 
19th century : a review of progress. By 
various authors D 2;{ 


Seemann (O.) Mythology of Greece and 
Rome, with special reference to its use 
in art : edited by Bianchi C 940 

Tylor (E. B., LL.D.) Primitive culture. 2 v. M 28 

Tyrwhitt (R. St. J.) Art teaching of the 
primitive church ; with an index of 
subjects, historical and emblematic ... C 518 

Watts (G. F.) Art. 7m " Unwritten laws and 
ideals of active careers"; edited by 
Pitcaim D Sf) 

Wyatt (M. D., Prof.) Fine art : a sketch 
of ita history, theory, practice, and 
application to industry J \\ 

NOTB— Deals with the relation in wblcb architecture 
stands to outward nature and Inward mind ; to eilemal 
circumstances of climate, and to internal conditions ol 
Individuals, races, and nations. Ahn deals with the 
history, theory, and practice of scnipture and pointing. 

Handbook of the Jones collection. ...J 57 
Maskell (W.) Handbook of the Dyce and 
Forster collections in the South Kensing- 
ton Museum J fttj 


Arts — FhN — roiUitt ued. 

Carr (J. C.) I^pere on art... 

chbiBcur iiid tL_ 

estimate oC the two ktbai a 

In doMouDclns t) 
tkkediwiai of ni 

e Ktudr nnd romprebennlon o[ the 
jimt of JHmw Barry's i-areer uid 

Totihua EernoldH 

Koaelti'i knauRK* on tbe art of otben, and ol tb« 
■lec*deiics ol bin owd. 

Cook (E. T.) Studies in Ruekin : aome 
aspects of the work and teaching of 
John Ruskin K 232 

NOTE— BioocBphJcal and doacrtpliva of Ur. Knukhi's 
iTork. whicG Hrv>! to lUiwtrate hin Mteropls to promMe 
tbe Modr ol an at Oxford and eWwhcrc. 

Diderot (D.) Salons. /« /»« Work8,vol.2. 

[/k FrnuhJ K 1789 

Rosetti {Yf. M.) Fine art, chiefly con- 
temporary J 28 

Raskin XJ.. ll.d.) Art of England ... J 290 

Deals with tbc rmlintc K.'hcnb' of pnintliiK-RdwItl nnd 
Hunt: tlu mythical nrhDoLi Bume Jonen and WatN; 
tbe claMfc KboolH-LeiirhlAn nnd Tadema; fnlrylnnd - 
Mra AUIneham and Ente Onwiawny ; the flnnlde - 
Leecb and Tennell : tbe billHide -Robwm and PieldlnK. 

— Artof England, and the pleaeuresof Eng- 
land J 345 

— Vald'Arno J 36 

Ntrrs— Lectnm nti the art of Ibe 131b cmtary in Pl« 
and Florenni. and modmi art of Eouland. 

Waldst«in (C.) Work of John Raskin : its 

inflaence upon modem thought and life K 274 
Nont— Hold* tbat Ur. Rnnkln hM vltkaled (be tn»t- 
Dent of art by the premature IntrodnrtloD of etbInU imd 
nitelou* cvodderallooa. Maintain* thnt bfai tenrhlDK baa 
made people too allrulntlc, and that» [ ' ~ 
mnwlaay of modera labour and the « .. 

vayaaM steam enRinei. be hu failed i. __ 

whnli'Kmwiwi of drudRery. and ban helped la create an 
artutic phariialiaD which la at bottom inuoelaL 

Adeline (J.) Art dictionary J 41 

MOTK -llie plan iDcludcii ntl gucb tormK a* are geDernlly 
employed In paJntlnic. wulpture, entimvlOK, nnd nrchl- 
lecture. whether deecriplivo of real objectn, pr the prin- 
ciplea irf aetliHt which rule the mind and guide (he hand 

Weale (J.), and Hunt (R.) Dictionarj- of 

terms ased in fine arts A 31 

History and Biug^raphy. 
Balfour (H.) Evolution of decorative art... J 205 

Its orlKin and development tm lUiulrated by the nit of 
modrni nKea of mankind. 

Birdwood (G. C. M., M.d.) Industrial arts 

of India J 61 

NQTB— OI*ea a anmmary of Hindoo mytbolocy on the 
cbRmdoalcal melbod, with neveml plnteH, Hhowlng the 
tigum of the principal dellie*. and a brief description of 
the sacred writiiun, or Vediu. The Mcond pnrt of tbe 
hook is devoted to a description of Hindoo art. 

Conway (W. M.) Dawn of art in the 

ancient world J 62 

D'Anrera (N., psettd. of Mrs. A. Bell) Ele- 
mentary history uf art : architectureand 
Bcntptiire J 113 

— Elementary history of art : painting ...J 341 

Dilke (Lady) Art in the mo<lern state ... J 63 

NOTE 'An Inquiry sod Brgument In which nrt Isiielecled 
a* a means for iQuslmtlnB conclusloDS, political, social 
nod histoMcaL Illuwmi™ the iDodeni mrlal nyrtem of 
Franca by •howlDK the relations of the state to the arts 
under Richelien and Colbert, 17th century. 

Ewart (H. C, Editor) Toilers in art ... L 936 


Haddon (A. C, Prof.) Evolution in art, as 

illustrated by the life histories of designs J 64 

JCOTZ'-A study of the origin and progress of decoration, 

Artt— nB§~™«/i H ned. 

the principles imderiylng the 

uf Kjfypt nnd Ureece. Contends 

. .irt of deninillon bos hod Its root 

In aimllar coodlllons, und biw followed n similar course 
of progrew. 

Lane-Puole(S.)Art of llieSaracensinEgj'pt J 67 




...J ItlustrMes tn_ 
oTOlution ol desljr 
•a>MN p•ople^ und 

Haskell (A.) Russian art and art objects in 


Handbook to the reprodurtloas of ffoldxmllhn' work and 

Newton (C. T,, PH.D.) Etisays on art and 
archaeology' ... G 

KOTB -Deals with Ihe origin and development of tbe arts 
of Greece as eTempliiled by the monumenls of stone. 
marble. meloL bronu. or clay In ull their varied tomu. 

Smith (H. M., Major) Persian art ...J 

Taylor (W. B, S.) Origin, progress, and 
present condition of the fine arts in Great 
Britain and Ireland. 2 v J 

Tirebuck (W.) Great minds in art; with 

introduction on art and artists L 1014 

Turner (F. C.) Short history of art ...J 71 

NOTB-Accounl of Ibe pelalin«, sculpture, and arcbitec- 

Vasari (G.) Lives of the painters, etc. C v. L938-43 

NOTB-Vol. B contains noteH on Voinrl'a Uves. forming a 
concise compendium of art cril Iclsm. 

Wright (T.) History of caricature and gro- 
tesque in literature and art J 

HOrB-Hlst«ry of lllerary and pollllcal ntire fiom tbe 

timnof the ancient Rgyptlons. 

PJiilmophy, ^ittMics, Tlifvries. 
Bayliss(W.) Higher life inart; withachap- 

ter on hobgoblins by the great masters... J 
Brown (G. B., Prof.) Fine arts J 

(JOTS— Traces the beginnings of art bnck lo tbe "play 
Impulses" tbnl eiint in a marked est ent among nnimala. 
^te author followH the development of art step by utep 
to the present duy. nnd discusses modem spevulalions 
with unhluiwed judgment. 

Brownell (W. C.) French art : classic and 
contemporary painting and sculpture ... J 

- ilyslsof, and on apology forjreallsm Including 
r klnda of Impresilonlnn. Tbe chaplen deal 




the rougher 

ind tbe I 

if impremilcin , 

Ic. and renlirillc pah 


Carr (J. C.) Essays on art 

MOTB-In dealing wilb art and lltrnilure. nnd 
ol art. the author conniden tbe relations whlcl 
exist between tbe different loims which the 
spirit of art iwiumes. Olves a sketch of tht 
•ehoolii of art that have Bourlsbed in different i 


Comte (A.) General view of positivism ; 

transl. by Bridges B 125 

NOT! -Deals with thesBthctIc aspecls of poalilvlsm and 
attempts to show; that tbe doctrine discloses the tma 
theory of art. 

Dyer(T. H.,LL.D.) Onimitativeart : its prin- 
ciples and progress; with preliminary re- 
marks on beauty, sublimity and taste ... J 19 

vulpture futJIls Its end by striking and salisfylng tbe 
imaginaUoo ; being notes nnd obaervatlons made during 
several yean in the principal Kuropean goUerlea. 

Eidlitz (L.) Nature and function of art, 

more especially of architecture J 103 

-KnquI ■ - 
iiow architecture may again fieome d 

Hegel (G. W. F.) Introduction to Hegel's 
Philosophy of fine art; transl. with notes 
by Bosanquet J 



Arts— nm — tvtUin netf. 

Knight CW., Prof.) PhiloBophy of the heauti- 
ful, 2 V J 

NOTE— Ctiipf matbellc IdeaLi of the world, and dealK 
H'ilb Ihs theory of benuly And ttn appUonUon to tbe tint 

ait*. Tlw 

wtlh V 

vould HI 




e hunnony in 
LesBing (G. E.) Laokoon J 

KOTB-On ttae Ltmltit lo be mwlsned lo the poel, the 
muHicinn. luid the pulnter in th^ k]{I<™ o' ■'rt. 
Morrifl (W.) Hopes and fears for arl ... J 
The lewer arts : art of tbe people ; beauty of lifeimnkitiR 
the bpitof tt; the proHpectaof iirchltectaralrLvlltialioii. 

NiHbet (H.) Life am! nature fltiidiea ... J 
Parker (H.) Nature of the fine arts ... J 

NOTB— F.XMniUP" the vartoiia IhiuHea of the One urt* 

- " ■■ * ■ ■ d them wanlina- 

Kliu-ed to ivlHic'e 

whk'li c 

>t betuutfht theoretically, a 


■ nbrardltlpH. 

Kuskin (J., LL.D.) The eagle's nest ...J 

XOTK DeaU with the relatlun d( nalurel Btence to nrt, 
and the wimlom of chaHty iD iwienoe.litemlure. nnd art. 

— "A joy forever": lectureaon the political 

economy of art J 

NOTE -The theme of (be book ia the riKhleoun eipendi- 

n art 

reliBion, moralu, ond w 

Tyrwhitt (R. St. J., Rev.) Greek and Gothii; 
progreSB and decay in the three arta of 
architecture, sculpture, and painting ...J 

N'OTB -The nubleet i» treated from tbe ebriHtina point of 


d deve 

..... of Gre. 

nity. rrlii:;! 

explained throuKh Engiiil 

nature wornhip, and in the muar way the abnenceot art al 
Rome Irt eTulamed by the lock of relij^iouH imvpiratiorx. 
There are phaplern devoted to the ratai'omlHi end lo the 
ideoK coDvoyea by the chridtion lymbobi 

Waterhouse (C. H.) Hignificalion and prin- 
ciples of art J 

An ntlempl 10 detenulne the eueniial nntnre of the line 
arln. nnd to dintinnuixh them from other modea of human 

Study and teaching, lectures, etc. 
Ghe^neau (E.) Education of the artist ; 

transl. by Bell J 

Poynt€r(SirE. J.,Prof.) Tcnlecturesonart J 

1 the 1 


_..-ii In differ.... 

e In England, to the dis- 


ilHhed chalk etudies. F.ihortx 
ituUentB to •tnveniwaye lowarda thehisheBt form of art. 

Stflne (W, F.) Questions on the philosophy 
of art J 

NOTB— A BPrien of quBBlioim on art— Including literature. 
mUBlr. and the email artH- as a method of iUHlruellon 
which will lead t ho at iident to think for himivlf, and tend 
lo tbe cultli-atioti of bla reasoning poHpm. 

"Weekes (H., Prof.) Lectures on art ...J 

COKTBNT8— Compoidtlon. Beauty. Taale. Style. Idealtmn, 
and realism in Be ulpturo. Colour In sculpture. Rducailon. 
Portraiture. Sir Joshua Reynolds. Chanlrey, Beboeisand 
Oibion. F^rly history of nculpture. 


Art!— UMful:— 

Andom (R.) Industrial exploriugs in and 
around London £ 

NOTB— Kacyaceounlol Iheauthor's viBiti to place" where 
theioduHtrleiiaf piano, rope. traiD.e«adle, go*, paper, 4oap, 
pottery, match, rubber, wire, and siteel malin" 

krkt—MuM—'otithi ii'-d. 

Bevati (G. P.) Industrial classes and indus- 
trial statistics. 2v H21,H 

Uinine. metnlH, ehemlealu, ceromk^ Elaes and paper. 
Textiles, clothing, food, nnd sundr)' induolrieH. 

— , [Atfi((;r] Britiith manufacturing indus- 
tries. 12 V. : — 

AcidH, aJkoliee. iioap. and minor rhemieal products. Ollii and 
candles. Ons nnd lighting H 

OunK. nails, locks, woodiirrews. railway bollH and spikes, but- 
tons, pin*, needles, saddlery and elect ro-irtate. Pens and 
papier m«ch^. Ammunition, percmwion cap* and cnrbidgee. 
^_,.els. nveiniFBnd 1 

Jewellery. (1 old working. Watches md eiiicka. MtiHleol in" 

stnimenls. Cutlery „ H \x 

Metallic mining and colterles. CoaL Building stones. Riplosive 

comiKiunds ... ... ... ... ... ... ][ \\ 

Paper. Printing. Bookhlndlng. Ensmrlng. Phologmpby. TViys U in 
Pottery. U lass and Hili|.ates. Furniture and woodwork ... II Itt 
Kolt. prewTvation of food, bread, ood bisi-ulta l^niior nflning. 

Butter and cheese. Brewing and dlstilllDg ... HIT 

Ship-buildintt. Telegraphy. Agrtcullurol machinery. Railways 

ODd tramways ... e 18 

Tobacco. Hides and leather. Oultaperehn and iodianibber. 

Fibres and cordage jj ])i 

Wool and its applications. Flai and linen. Cotton, Silk ... H 30 

Burnley (J.) Romance of invention: vig- 
nettes from the annals of industry and 
science ... ... ... ... ... H 48 

— Romance of modern industry ...■ ... H 2 
Casaell's New technii^l educator. Cv. ... H 2.1-K 

Chevreul (M, E.) Principles of harmonyand 
contrast of colours, and their applications 
to the aria : Including painting, interior 
decoration, tiij)estries, carpets, mosaics, 
coloured glaSing, paper-staining, calico- 
printing.lell eipi-ess-pri nting,map-colour- 
ing,ilress,landm.-ape and (lower gardening, 

elc. ; Iransl. by Martel J .t]2 

Gallon (F. W., EdUi>r) Workers on their 

industries H ."( 

FOB NOTE. LOOK UNDKB Capital nnd taboQr 

Hassell (J.) Technology for schools : class- 
room aid in technical education ... H 44 

Leland (C. G., and others) Useful arta an<l 
handicrafts, vols. 1-2, 

Vol.1.- Design anddniwlng. Wimd carving. Tools, wood, 
and the working. Picture frames. Dyes. Blains. Inks, etc 
Decorated woodwork. Oough work. Wood eneniiing 
andptaeurdcutling. Bent iron or strip work. Pyrogrnphy 
— ' wood roasiiDg. Stained and leaded glass. Arliliiifll 

' " " - , Chureh decora. 

H ao 

temporary). Homemade 

■ andmelnl-ehaainiE. Tools 



wood. Marquetry. 

for bejtinners. Cycle repair nnd 

on metnls. Stencil euttfig and ,. . .„, „..^ 

m paintmg. Pastel or crayon drawing. Stone<'atting 

ond polishlnit TTll 

Miller (F.) Art crafts for amateurs ... J 

.\ mcrhod of slllflv. Wnrsl (Mirvinu HAftf.... 

II relief 

uclling ai 

nelled J< 

Inlayini. ...._ . ... 

r painting in relief. 

, and designing. Animal forms in 
;. I'okcr workon wootlnndlcuther. 
• and furniture 


phinuing i 
Deromtivc pni 
Young (F.) Every man his own mechanic H KWJ 

Dirlinnaricn, cyctnjKvdiaa. 
Dodd(G.) Dictionary of niaunfactures, min- 
ing, machinery, and the industrial arts... H 
Marks (M., Ed.) Cyclopieilia of home arts J 

ork. Ap^led design. Uisccllaaeous, 



Hildebniiid (H.) Industrial arhs i.f iSoandi- 

nuvia in the piiguii time 

IndnHtrial artx : hintoriciil sketcliex 
Riano (J. F.) IiidiiHtrial ai-lis in Sjuiii ... 

(-oxTBNm OukI nnd Kllvpr work, iron work, bmnzn. 
amu. fnmi ture.ivorie8.poI terjr uk) porci'teln jfloiw, liu*. Me, 

Woraaae (J. J. A.) InduHtrial arts of Den- 
markfrom the earliest times to the Danish 
conquest of Envland 

AI^SOLOOKt'NDliR Bookhindmif. DvelnK. 

Invention. Machinery. Medkine. MeUtluri, „. 

TriKle fabric*. Toolv. etc. 

Arum Field. By Mei-cier (Mrs. J.) 

Arundel motto. " By Hay (M. C.) 

Aryam: — 

Bettauy (G. T.) Eai-ui)ean Aryan religiune. 

/« /lis " World's religions " 

Cox (Sir G. W.) Mythology of the Ary 

!-Coni4deM thp oriifin. devclopniMil, and rllfliu 



. Rmnnccrlns. 

I AsliothfJohnde) OfHcial tourthi-ough Bosnia 

i anil HerKegovina [in 1«J<2-K4] M 50f) 

lAscanio, IVr DumiiB(A.). 2 v. [/»i f »ri«A] K 145r> 

65 lAsceuHiiin : Kacred eanlata. By Steane (B.). 

66 I VixutUcrp J 

69 I AK'fiit of faith ; or. the gi-oiinils uf certainly 

I inHcienceaiid religion. By Harrison (A.J.) 
I Ascent of man. By Drumm'ond (H.). GIUU, G 

1 NOTB Deub wtth the pbVHii-iU. mvDtaL uid Mwiu- 

lojfioAl development of mnn. during the earlier litfigeti of 

lAsceticiHm. /n Baring-Gould (S.) Religious 

Mief C 

F 5993 Ascham (Roger) The KcluKilmasttfr 

V 'lIlTi-1 FOB NOTE. LOOK UNDBR Education Traehlnu, 

* '*'•"' lAsenalh of the font. ByRita. F 7U1),F71.">I), 
|At)gard anil the gods : tales and traditions of 
i our northern ancestoi-s; foruiinga comgilete 

C 34 ! manual of Nonte mythologj'. By Wiignet 
(W.) CSt47, 

C 920 • ■ ■ 

._ * (hat t!. .-~ 

.. it.theflre,lhi'iinndM.thcivutpr. Ihei-loiidft 

,Hrrttieoriginnf thocp ImpenonntlonH whu-h 

U fkI took Khape in Oneiv, and hiivcnlDOC been dinwininntcd 
in modified form In all modem literature, 

Hehn (V.) CaltiAiitetl plants and domestic 
animals in their migration from Asia to 
Europe : nditeU by ^lallybrass G HI'.'? 

NOTE -Dpnlri livrgely Hlth thf low ronditiim of the 
.^ryitnH or their entry into Kurope. and their subtWiiuent 
obflgatioiiK both to otbrr AryniiH in Ania and Ibe tWmlliir 

Huxley (T. H., LL.D.) The Aryan ipiestion. 

In his -' Man's place in nature " ... G ;'33 

Maine (Sir H. S.) J^arly law and custinn D 5K7 

soTK Srekn to arrive at a definite i-onclnsifn aa to Ibe 
nnirin of early noeirty. (jortii^Iorly Aryan nociely. Con- 
lend* thai patrian'hni power iH the Bonn fmm whit'h 

MUlitr (rT. Hon. F. Max) Biographic) of 

words ami the home of the Aryas ... E 21 

NOTE -In the twoeonrludinnrhnplerBtbe iiulhor dealM 
with the ori^iDal home and earlietit I'lvilizatlun uf the 
.\ryuiii, ConlendK that the .\ryan!ipnme from Aslaand not 
from murope aH «uppo«ed by Home authom. 

Phear^Sir J, B.) Aryan village in Indiaan<l 

Ceylon D 134 

>-OTS -DeiHi'tH early Aryan imciety an still Kurviiinu In 
IndlftandCeylun under ■cvvml unpeetn- cronomii;. sorial. 
retiifiouii and ie([aL 

Taylor (I., LITT. D.) Origin of the Aryans : 
account of the pi^-historic ethnology and 
civilization of Earope G 924, G 925 

liBh the Ihoory of the Europenn oriKin of the Aryiins, nnd 
to nrocrtain the degree of culture atlumed bolore Ibe 
p\v»t of Ibe period of Aryan unity. Attempts to 
determine which of the racee speaking Aryan lantruaffeq 
15 (he one in which the Aryan (onn of Hpe«-h origiDalml- 

As a man SOWS. By Westall (W.) F 879(1 

An a watch in the night. By Praed (Mrs. C.) F 6«99 
Aa he comes up the stair. By Mathers (H. B.) F 5894 
As in a looking glass. By Philips (F. C.) ... F 6841 
An hick would have it. By Westall (W.) ...F«791 
As the twig is bent. By Cleeve (L.) ... F 1742 

Aswesweep through the deep. ByStableB(G.) F 7««7 

E 188 

NichoU (G. F., Prof.) Bengali grammar: 

also an Aftamese g]"ammar : 1>eing the 

first and last part« of a Bengali manual. 

Aabein. Von Schnbio (0.), [/» Oerman']... 

BiBH(H.J.('.,Capt.) KeliefofKumasi.llHItl. 

Burleigh (B.) Two campaigns: Maijagasear 

and Artbantee 

KOHcar in 1»M durintc the imprndinir war between 
rrani-e and the MiduKaiiy, and iit the Oold CmwI durlnu 
the ABluinlff cumimiKti In 1«IV«. The aulhor wrved iin 
war corn-Kiiondent fur the bntl^ Ti /> ■jnifh. 

Freeman (R.A.) Travels ami life in Aslianii 
and Jaman 

NOTE Dt'H-ripllon of nmnn'h fruniCiipe' 
(hrouifh Ihe fi>rei^ of A ■-" —' "'— ■-■ — 

D M>i 
F 7151 

C W8 

M 2372 

le Adanvi wlidemeiu to 
1 mainly cauHcd by the 

V BrltiHb 
t'X|>edi1ion of lin.t-74. From Kunuixl the i«ny man-bed 

the commrn-iul outlook, muinriit. and hygiene. 
Hodgson (l,,ady) SiogeofKumassi[inllHHI] \ 

NOTR At-i-ount of (lie mill 1 ary opemtlunm of the jirlva- 
Kkett'h or Ibe MH'lal life of (be Oold Cowl. 

Musgiuve (G. C.) To Kumassi with Scott : 
description of a journey from LiveriH>ol 
t<> Kumassi with tlieAshanti expedition, 


tomH, the man-b from Cujie Cnmil Ciul 
f Prempeh; 

-on Cupe C 

_r,... with «ket.L_ ... , , 

Hicmi Leone. Freetown and AiAanlt. 

Stanley (Sir H. M.) Coomassie and Mugdala 

NuTB-'Aceuunl of the AHbnntl war uf 18734. nnd of llie 

ABhbourne(EdwardGib8on,Loi-d) Pitt ; some 
chapters of his life and times 

Aflhby (Heiirv, M.D.) Notes tin physiology 

Ashby (Irene M.) Eliaibeth Fry ... 

—Life of William Allen 

Ashby-Stt-rry (J.) The bystander ; or, leaves 
for the laity 

Papers reprinted from "I'uneh." "The Graphic." ete, 

Ashcliffe Hall. By Holt (E. S.) 

Ashe (Robert P., Rev.) Two kings of Uganda ; 
or, life by the shores of Victoria Nyanzii [in 

Ashenhurst (Thomas R.) Design in textile 

— Practical treatise on weaving ami design- 
ing of textile falirics ; with chapter on 
theprinciplesof construction of the loom, 
calculations and colour 











F 42(17 


Asher : — 

Benson (M.), atid Gourlay (J.) Temple of 

Mutin Asher M 213 

Account o[ the eicnvntlon m 1665-7, of the temple nnd 
the lellinouH representalicniB and nblerln [ound tbcrem. 
lllu»(ni,tlnB the hlniory ot KKypt ami the main reliRlc 
ideuB of the KRyptlnhH. 

Ashes of empire. By Chamlwre (R. W.) ... F 1C76 

Ashley (W. J., Prof.) Introduction to Eng- 
lish economic history and theory. [Middle 
ages], 2 V 

Ashtoa (J.) Dawn of the nineteenth century 

inEnglaml:8ocialsketchof thetinies. 2v.M 315 

— Social life in the reign of Queen Anne ... M 316 

POENOTB. LOOK I'NDEtt Great Bhtftin—nfft-ri/*"''. 

Aehton (Mark) Nana's talisman F 403 

Aflhwell (A. R., Canon) Life of the Right 

Reverend Samuel Wilberforce, D.D. 3 v. L267-9 

Ashworth (John) Strange tales F 404 

Aflhworth (Philip A., TVaml.). LOOK UNDER 

Gneist (R.). Ranke (L. von). 

Baxter (Rt. Hon. W. E.) England and Russia 
in Asia D 189 

FOB NQTB. tOOE CNQBB Orent BrllBln— A)l)/l<-i. 

Bonvalot (G.) Across Thibet ; tranal. by 

Pitman. 2v M 714 

MOTE— Record of the nuthor'n Journey with Piini 
Hanri A'atlinnn iwraHa Ania thniURh Siberia to Tonki 
etuting rrom PRrtii In July, ISffl. the travelleni -rauar 
throuBh 81. PetprHbiirah. Briwui (he UrsJ moi 
tbrouRh Semi paint I nok. ofroH the Chlnnw Ironti 
thBloltyThlbelBn PlaleBii.rBiii-h Inn Tonkin in SepI 
IBW, nod embarked on the Bed River for MoneiUe 

—Through the heart of Asia. 2 v. ... M 715 

son— Record of n Journey In 1887-88 over the ground 
ol Northern Penia through Tehemn to Bokhftra. Ihmea 
to Samftrkiind. throuah Ferghana, and Imversmg Ihe 
Pamir, rronalng Into ChltrBl uid M lo Knahmlr. The 
Author wae miue prisoner by the Afghnne- 

Boyle (F.) Camp notes : stories of sport 
and adventure M 

Bumaby (F., Capt.) Ride to Khiva [in 

1875-6] M 868 

NOTB— Areonnt ol the author's ride from St, Pelemburg 
through Bonrin to Kbiva. where he wu discovered and 
eecorted back to Rusalan territory, divn im account o[ 
the Ruwlsn ndvanre eadtward, and holds the view that 
Ihe RuBslans desire the conqueHt or India. 

Cobbold (R, P.) Innermost Asia : travel 

and sport in the Pamirs M 879 

NOTS-AivouDt Of the nuthor'a ]oumer^ [8?'-S8, Id tba 
PUDlni and in Knshgor. the anpect of the country and 
the polltlcft] Tiews of the InhohitiuitK, and touoheH upon 
the future ot Innermoot Aiiin. 

Curzon (Rt. Hon. G. N.) Russia in Central 
Asia iiil889,andtheAnglo-RuBsianque&- 

tion M«fi9,M 870 

NOTK— Deacrlbes the aulhor'n jaumeyo in Central AhIl 
vldtlug Kerr and the Oiua. Bokhara, Samarkand and 
Tuhkent. Dlicuuea tbe political (jueatlon and the prnli- 
able raiults of the rapid extension and deTelopment of 
Bonia In Oanlntl Asia. Largely hlHtorinJ and containa 
a bibliography ot Cenlnil Asia. 

Dunmore (Earl of) The Pamirs. 2 v. ... M 738 

A narrallie ol a year's eipeditian on horseback and on 
toot through Kashmir, WeslBm Tibet, Chinese Tarlary, 
and Eusslan Central Asia [in ItWJ]. 

Hedin (S.) Through Asia. 2 v. ... M 719 

NOTS-Record of HMO miles travel in Central Asia from 
Orenburg lo the Famiia: Kasbsar to Tibet, and thence 
to Pekin, Oct, 1W3, to March, 18»7, covering 2,000 mile* 
never before trodden by Europeans. 

Hovgaard ( A.) NordenskioIH '•» vnvatrp, round 

A8iaandEurope,1878-'' kstadM 137 

Asia — con tinitfd. 

Keane(A. H.) Asia. 2v M 721 

KOTE— Kpitome of the past and present condition, and 
estimated capacity for progress of Asia. Deals with the 
geograpby and political rondition of the continent. Con- 
tains maps showing the physical and political boundaries 

Leveson (H. A., The old Sliekavri/) Sport 

inmanylands J1233,J 1234 

Mahan (A. T., Capt.,LL.D.) Problem of Asia, 
and its effect upon international policies U 2284 

-Eipositioo ot the I ' " . - 

._. "t are regarded ■— " 

the eilcmal policy w 

lo pursue. Calls for concerted action on the part of the 
United SUtee, Oreat Britain and Germany, on Ihe line* ol 
their common interests In Asia. Contains a cliapirr on 
South Alrira. in which the author aims to show that the 
action of Ureal Britain as regardH the Transvaal Is 
thoroughly juBl I Qed. 

Marvin (C.) Reconnoitring Central Asia : 
pioneeringadventuresin the region lying 
between Russia and India M 723 

NOTB— Summary of the adventures and explorations of 
Vlmt>dry, Marsh, Bakeir, Macgahui, Napier, Margr^or. 
Bumatiy, Stewart, O'Donovan. and otiien Id the country 
of tbe 'TurtUDianH, the Oxuh. and the adjoining districts 
of Persia- Tonnes upon the Centra] Asian queation, tbs 
relations between Qreet Britain asd Russia, and the 

Ohphant(L.) Patriots and filibusters; 
cidentfl of political and tixploratory travel 

[in 18.54-6] M 102 

FOB HOTB. I-OOK UNDEB Fillbustera. 
Polo(Marco) Travelsof; ed. by Murray... M 72.T 
Stanley (Sir H. M.) My early travels and 

adventures in America and Asia, 2 v M 109 

" " ' r hl« lonmey f 

Hughes (W., Prof.), atid Williams (J. F.) 
Advanced class-book of modem geo- 
graphy M 9.-J 

— Geography of Asia M 72tt 

Physical, polillral, and commercial, 

Keane (A. H.) Asia. 2 V M 721 

Strabo. Geography, vols. 2-3 M 178 

ALSO LOOK UNDER Afghanistan, Arabia- Caucasus- 
China. India. tndo-Chino. Japan. Khiva- Korea. 
Malay Peninsula. Persia. Tibet. Turkestan. 

Barkley (H. C.) Ride through Asia Minor 
and Armenia [in 1878] M 820 

NOTE -Sketch of the charnctem manners and cusloms 
of both the Mussuhnan. and christian iDhabilants. 

Davis (E. J., Rev.) Life in Asiatic Turkey. M 831 

Journal of travel in ClUrla. Isaurinand parts of Lvcaonio. 
and CappadociB In the summer o( imii ' 

Goldsmid (Sir F. J., Col.) Telegraph and 

travel M 718 

NOTE' Account of the through tetceraph linea which art 
worked by Ihe Indian goveminent, and rontalnn a bta- 
graphy of Col, Patrick Blewart, who In 18W coramenced 
the work which was completed in 1870. The aei-nnA part 
of the volume accounts several of the author's Penilan. 
Russian and Indian >oumeys on tslrgrnphic business. 

Hogarth (D. G.) Wandering scholar in the 
Levant M 836 

NOTE-Joumal of two routes in Asia Minor between the 
years 18WWM, one ncross the Taurus, the other up the 
course of the Kuphrates. The author given his impres- 
sions of Kgypt and Cvprun. which latter he suggests 
should be restored to Kgypt. Touchea upon the Arma- 
nian question. 
Kinglake (A. W.) Eothen M 722 



Asia Mnor — conUnved. 

Sayce (A, H., Prof.) Fresh light from the 
ancient moniimenta : a sketch of the 
moBt Hlriking coafinnatioiiB of the bihie 
from recent discoTeries in Egypt, Assyria, 
Asia Minor, etc M 212 

Scott- Stevenson (Mrs. A.) Onr ride through 
Asia Minor [in 1880] M837 

Warbnrton (E-) Crescent and the cross [in 

1843] M 924 

Xenophon. AnaiiaaiB [text] M 1492, M 1493 

— : tmnsl. by Watson M 1494 


ALBOUMK ONDBR Annenia. Awyrln. KurdUtan. 

Ask Mamma. By Surtees (K. S.) F 8142 

Askew (John B., Editor) Pros and cons ... D 28 

KOTK-Onlde to the IndlDe conlrorenln ot the i»j : 
'■» advukced by the pftrtlung of 

... F 5231 

the uTTerel rival tcboalB or Iheorlw). 

Asmodeas. By Le Sage (A. R.) 
Asparagas : — 
Earley (W.) How to grow asparagus 

AittmpfB to RpWin the tiest nwUiod otrulture- 

Aspen Court. By Brooks (S.) 
Aapern papers. By James (H.) 

. F 1.357 
. F 4685 

Asphodel. By Braddon (M. E.) ... F 11G7,F UGH 



Bodemann (T.), anrf Kerl (B.) Treatise on 
the assaying of lead, copper, silver, gold 
and mercury ; transl. by Goodyear ... H 

Brown (W. L.), atid Griffiths (A. B.) Man- 
nal of assaying gold, silver, copper and 
lead ores H 950 

Hioms (A. H.) Practical metatlurgj' and 
assaying H 

Ryland (A.) Assay of gold and silver 
wares : an accoant of the laws relating to 
the standards and marks of the existing 

asray offices H 951 

Axso VOOK UNDBR Hslalliusy. 
Assessment. LOOK DKDBB Taxation. 
Aasisi : — 

Gordon (L. D.) Story of Assisi M2154 

KOTK — HIrtory uxl deacTlptkoo of the town, both the 
paM and the piTBcnt. 

Associate hermits. By Stockton (F. R.) ... F 8021 
Association football. LOOK UNDER Football. 
Assollant (A.) Aventores merveilleuses mais 

aathentiques do Capitaine Corcoran. 2 v. 

[/H Frenck] K 1343 


SOTB— BcsBTded chJeSy from the , 
pcrtDti of view, 

Evetts (B. T. A) New light on the bible 
and the Holy Land M 

KOTB— Aecoimt of the (mM dincoverleH in the Eaiit 
withia the yean US242 al Tello Shuahui nod PeraepoUii. 
Aim iraatK of the lut gnM E^yptlaii find— the Tell el— 
Amanu tablet*. 

Maspero (G., Prof.) Life in ancient Egypt 
[14th cent. B.C.], and Assyria [7th cent. 
B.C.] ; transl. by Morton M 131G 

jfOTV^An IniHSiTialiTe Intprtwslon of a Tislt to Theben 
diirhitc the ISth dTOaatT, and elyea * deiwrlptloii o[ Ule 
amoiur the Egrpt^ai atkmt the Ume wheD rherBoh's 
dauBhter adopted Moeee. 

JUayria — ron/i » ued, 

Maspero (G., Prof.) Struggle of the nations : 
Egj'pt, Syria, and A^ssyria ; edited by 
Sayce ; transl. by McClure M 216 

(fOTB Tracei the hiirtory from the lime of Abraham to 
Abah. King □[ l^rneL and dracrlbea the RKyptlnna. 
Babvlonlan*. Elamitex, nnd Syh[U)\ at well ai all the 
neighlwuriiitrDallonii aodneouec. In a Hqiiel lo "Dawn 
of cIvilijHittoQ.- H aiB 

Ragozin (Mdme. Z. A.) Assyria [B.C. 2059- 

6031 M 1.165, M 1366 

Continued fTom ' Oukldea." 

— Me<lia, Babylon, and Persia [B.C. 605- 

490] M 1359, M 1360 

Bedford (G.) Sculpture : Eg>-ptian, Assy- 
rian, Greek, Roman J 161 

Sayce (A. H,, Prof.) Assyria : its princes, 

priests, and people M 1367 

— Babylonians and Aesyrians : life and 

customs M1370 

KOTB-OpeD« With a t-hapter on Babylonia and Iti 
)nhabtIanta.andthenRDeson todealvilh rnmlly relalknil, 
education, slavery tradeis wbkhi. rammerre, law, rellitlon, 
etc. Onr ol the fenturea of the book in the eoual poaLIIOD 
anitpied to women. Is In direct confllM with ihoee who 
iMllevethnl the BnlnlDnlans were In the habit of hurvlnv 
and not burnlDR Ihefr dead. 

— Fresh light from the ancient monuments ; 
a sketch of the most striking confirma- 
tions of the l)ible from recent discover- 
ies in Egypt, Assyria, Palestine, etc. R 

— Social life among the Assyrians and 

Babylonians M 223 

8mith(G.) AsByria[earlieflt times to B,C.606] M 1368 


Fergusson (J., D.C.L.) History of architec- 
ture, vol. 1 J 108 

Astonishing history of Troy town. By "Q." F 6951 
Astor (John Jacob) Journey in other worlds : 

a romance of the future F 405, F 406 

Astoria. By Irving (W.) ... M 1162,M 1163 

NOTE- Deal! with the foundins of the eetllement and 

Baughan (R.) Influence of the stars : a book 
of old world lore E 

HOrs-SetB forth the weU-eetabhuhed a^roloffical lore 
in connection with chlronuncy and phypio^omy. 

Lilly(W.) Introduction t«asti-ology; witha 
grammar of astrology and tables for calcu- 
lating nativities, by Zadkiel I 

Descriptive and popular. 
Airy (Sir G. B.) Popular astronomy 
Ball (Sir R. S.) Elements of astronomy 
— In starry realms 

NOTE— DeaLi with the iun, moon, nebul"* ntnnf.t« 
Rtar*. Thin work should be foUowed by 
"In the high hearena" 

- — In the high heavens 

NOTE— Sequel to " In rtarry re«tel^■' and 

.. G 254 

... G 255 

... G 317 

liuiet. and 
nwUng at 

... G 286 


— Primer of astronomy 
— Star-land 

NOTS— Very elrmentary deecrlpt 
planetti, and atani. 

— Story of the heavens 

Caseell's New popular educator, vols, 1-2 

D 844-5, D 852-3 

...G 256 
...G 287 

. G 288, G 289 


ly — lontinued. \ 

Chambers (G. F.) Handbook of deHcriptive | 

and practidtl aati-onoiny. A v. 

Vol. l.-Tfae nun, plnnotv, nod comedi (I l^il 

Vol. li-ttlHtruineiitH and pnif tlukl luinHiomy ^ U 32 

Vol.3. The -tarry hoavent U SfiS 

— Pictorial aatronomy G 20O| 

Denison (E. B., LL.D.) Astrotioiiiy without [ 

inathematica 2'M 

Flauimarion (C.) Marvels of the lieaveiis ; 

ti-aiisl. by Lockyer G Sl'Sj 

— Popular asti-ononiy : general description 

of the heavens ; transl. by Gore ... G 2'.Kll 
Giberne (A.) Radiant suns G 2115; 

NOTE. Thlo work inn sequel to "Sun. moon, ond nloira." i 

luid KiveH n aurvey of tbr wlieni poinU io the hktor}- of I 

.... , , ^ ^., ^ ^^ ... -WiJ^j.-"" 

_, _. JSomenlary. 

—Sun, moon, and atai-B G 2%, G 21*7 

Goi-e (J, E.) Astronomical leeeons: chapters 
on the elementary principles and facta of 
astronomy G 21W 

NorB -EipIniD" fuUv tlie mot<on<i of tlie earth imd Iho 
tuoan.iu< well M the pb«Damenn known aa erlipiteii. Pur- 
double, And vuriBble -lu wellaa the facta lu Io »t*r I'liulers 
and nebuln. 

— Scenery of the heavens O 21'y 

Btuiv »nd Dobuln ; free from mnlhemativiil formQlK, 
— Visible universe : chapters on the origin 
and construction of the heavens ... G <iW 

xoTE -PraL-tlcol hundbook of iMtroDomy. with -t^lbu- 
pbototrrapha nnd other illuBtmtloaii. Diiicuiiiie» the 
theories whlrh have been advanced to explain the ovolu- 
tton o( the nolar Kyutein and the oriain of the sun'a heal, 
Olve« un lutcount of tbe luminireroiu ether, nnd the aup- 
pOHcd counttullan of nulter, oIcekatiBlchemtiftTy, andot 
the conatruction of the aldereal hesvena. 

— Worlds of space : seriesof popular articles 

on astronomical subjects ... ...G .'(Ol 

NOTB-Deala mainly with the alellar univerno. 

Green (A. H., Prof.) Birth and growth of 

worlds G;1u2,G 'Mi 

Gregory (R, A.) Vault of heaven : elementary 
text-book of modern physical astronomy 

G3u4,G :m 

aid of the apectrOHOOpe and phot<«rHphlc camera. 

Guillemin (A.) The heavens : illustrated 
handbook of popular astronomy ; edited 
and revised by Lockyer and Proctor ... G 2;>K 

NOTE 'The firat part ia devoted to the mjlur aystem, 
beginning with the iTODstitutlon of the aun ItMlf. and 
poeeinii on auceeaafvely tA the »everal bodiea that revolveB 
round It In the order ol their reapecttve dinlaocea. 

Herschel (Sir J. F. W., D.C.L.) Outlines of 
astronomy ... G 2.5'.) 

Hopkins (B. J.) Astronomy for every-day 

readers G 2(;0 

NOTB— Elementary— doen not touch upon dewrlpttve 
adtmnomy, Eiplalns tbe difference between day and 
night, phaaea of the moon, tiden, seuaonH. meteors, ahoot- 
iTig BtaiK, and comcla, 

Joyce {J., Rev.) Scientific dialogues ...G HI 
Lynn (W. T.) Celestial motioiis G MG 

NOIK -ConL-ema the motlona of celestial bodiea and Ihc 
dimenxkinB of tboao balongiOK loour pkuietary Hytttom. 

Miller (R. K., Prof.) Romance of astronomy G ;(07 
Mitchell (0. M.) Orbs of heaven ; or, the 
planetary and stellar worlds G .108 

Popular aipoaltion of thegrettdlecoverie" 

-^vnlin ne(/. 
Parkes (H. H.) Unfiiiislied worlds : ii study 

in aati-onomy G 

Proct^)r (R. A.) Expanse of heaven : essays 

on the wonders of the tirmament ... G 
— Familiar science studies G 

— Myths and marvels of astronomy ... G 

NOtB - Lore and legend connected with tbe hialor)- of 
uatronomy ; with wime ot Ihc chief nuirvela which m-cnt 

^Orbs around US G 

N'oTB - Raaaya on (be moon and phuietii metirora and 

uomclB, the sua. bnd coloured pair.i of nuns. 

— Pleasant ways in science G 

— Poetry of astronomy G 

Eaaaya or the heavenly hodiei, reganled !»« In (heir 
airictty ai-ienttrto aapei't than b» Bugneatinir thoughts 
respet-tinB Innnltiea of time and apace, of varlcly. of 
vitality, and of development. 

Reid (H.), attd Mackay (A., Rev., LL.D.) 

Elementa of astronomy G 

TisBandier(G.) Popular scientific recreations G 
Young(C. A,, Prof.) Lessons in astronomy, 
including uranography G 

Thia work I 
" and adapt 
in hrougnl 

a aet of amall xcnle constellation charta, 

— Texi-book of general astronomy ... G 

History and Bhigruphy. 
Ball (Sir R. S.) Gi-eat astronomei-s ... L 

SOTE -Blojrraphlcol pkutches of great aalronomera from 
l^lemy to Adamh giving their clioriu'lerB^clrcumatancca. 
Liboum, and reaultv: and indicating, the main (eaturea ol 
the iIlHCOverlea by which they became famoua. 

Berry (A.) Short history of astronomy... G 

NOTE -From the earlieat limos lo Ihe present day, 

Clerke(A. M.) Popular history of astronomy 
during the nineteenth century [to 18H6] G 

NOTB -Deala with the proare™ of aidereal antronomy. of 
Hobr phyali-a. of iiknelary and cometary discovery, of 
phyaical obaervation of upectrum analyaia an applied to 
the heavenly bodiea, and ol planetary evolution. 

Fison (A. H., D.Sc.) Recent advances in 
astronomy G 

Nore -Blatorical and descriptive, showina the pructtcal 
roHultx of niDdcni reaoarch. 

modern ... G 

NOTB— Deala with aatronomloal mythology. 

Howe (H. A., Prof.) Study of the sky ... G 

KOTK-Sketi^hea the early history of astronomy, from the 
daya of Ihe Riryptiaiia and OhaldsBaiia, and tr]ice> the 
aciencetotheMooriahunlveraity of Simin. Kiplatna the 
■ "y motion of the heavena, with a dcai-riptk ■ ' ' 

». Give 

ir the prat>abl< 

' of Ihe I 



.... J been put forth w , ._ . 

ua. Givea an account of Ibe manufacture □tthotelEH.'DiK'. 

Johnson (S. J., Rev.) Eclijises, past and 
future ; with hints for observing the 
heavens G 

Lodge (0. J., Prof.) Pioneei-s of science L 

Morton (E. J. C.) Astronomers LJitil, L 

NOTB-Livea of Copernifc, Tycho Brah*. Kepler, Oallleo. 

Newton. Loenuign, Laplace, and Herwhel. with aomo oc. 
count of their work and eiplaniUiona of their dlacoverioa. 

Turner (H. H., Pixif.) Mottern astronomy G 

NUTK— DeHlii with ihe i-hojigod bi^mu'I uf mrtronomical 
aclonco during the but 2S yearn, and with Ihe in«ru. 
ment" by which the "revolution" ha» been effei-led, 
e«|>ecially by the invention ot Ihe gebktine dry plale. 

Matftematiral, Naitltcal, eti: 
Barlow (C. W. C), and Bryan (G. H.) Ele- 
mentary mathematical astronomy ... G 



iiitUi lined. 
a (H., Pnif.) Elemeiitur)- treatiMf iiii 

nuuttcal Hstroiiumy (J 

Heath«^r (J. F.) Surveying an<l mttaHiii'ing 
iiiHt rumen tit O 

Brine '~oL 3of "HnthemHticnl inatnimmW 

Metmra and Ztxiim-nl light. 

Anient (A.) Aurora BorciuliH G 

Nebulnr tfieiyry. 
a I II I tidal t? volution. /« " Pupulitrreadiiip* 

Spencer (H.) Nelmlar bj-pothma In hin 
"Edsays : scientific, political, and Bpi'cula- 
tive,"vol. 1 K: 

Stanley (W.F.) NoteBonthenehulartlifory 
in relation to flteliar, BoUr, planetary, 
cometary, and ^ological phenomena ... G 

NorH ■ BcainB with a brief hlalory of tbf view- held hy 
pniTiwal Ihinkern. proceedn to deal with xlrUar uid mliu' 
f-cnhleiwaiii>TL, and nnolly with the formatioQ or tbo (9ir1l> 
under punl)- nebular condltloD*. 

(Irefjory (R, A.) Planet earth t an aatro- 

Doiuical introduction to geography ... G 
Helmholtx (H. von) Origin of the plane- 
tary BjBtem. /n Am "LecturcBon scientific 
sulijects" ... ... ... ... ... G 

Plurality iif ivorldn. 
Brewster (Sir D.) More worldH than one : 
the creed of the philottopher and the h<i|)e 
of the christian ... G 

SOTB-ArKUmenlB in fmour otihe (loelrini'otaiiluniHly 
of Torldis umI iLiLBlyxes nnd rviatea Ihu □oioi'IioTix 
buiuitht MtuliiHt Ibe theory. 

Proctor(K. A.) Other worlds than onra ... G 

The plurality ol worlds iiludinl under tbc liifhl of 
•rientiSc rmeortheii. 


Denning (W. F.) Telescopic work for star- 
light evenings G 

Main (P. T.) Introduction to plane astro- 
nomy G 

NoTB-DeKiBUed to aid rtudenia in DuuniiutliOD for 

Xoiile (W., Capt.) Hours with a three-inch 
telescope G 

Oliver (J. A. W.) Astronomy for amateurs ; 
a practical manual of telescopic ivseai-ch 
in all latitudes G 

Pi-octor (R, A.) Half-hours with the teles- 
cope G 

— The B}>ectro8coi>e and its work G 

Wehb (T. W., Rev.) Celestial objects for 

common telescopes. 2 v. G 


CroU (J., LL.D.) StelUr evolution and itB 
relations to geological time G 

NOIB-DchIii with the prubiible nriiiin o[ meteorid-A 
nmietH. and nehuls; the real i«uree from whirh our 

tho theory derived trosi the tetttimony of uDolojry and 
huAogj M to the aire ot the imn'ii beat; mid with quea- 
tionH a« to the pre-aebulBr caDdltlcn of the uniyenie and 
their twarlnji on tbeorieB of nellar evoludon. 

Giberne (A.) Among the stars ; or, wontler- 
ful things in the sky 6 


Jean8(H.W,) Handbook Eorthestai-H : cim- 
tainiiig rules for finding the names aiul 
positions uf all the stars of tiie lirst and 
second magnitudes G 

Proctor (R. A.) Half-houi-s with the stars G 

NOTE- OivpHlhcixi-iiion ot Ihe priwipal cmiKtrilationii 
Cor euvh nishi thruutihout tho year. 

— Our place among infinities G 

HOTB -ContnulH the earth with (he nIFllar univerac. 

— Starprimer : showing thestarry sky week 
by week in twenty-four hourly maps G 

— ^Universe of stars : presenting i-esearches 
into an<l new views re.ipect ing the con- 
stitution of the heavens G 


Ball (Sir R. S.) Su.ry of the sui 



DcnlHWiihlht _ _ 

I probable nature, and direct ion of the mot ion tbroUKhupoce. 

I Laing (8.) Solar heat. What the universe is 

I madeof. /tiAw'-Proldemsof thefuture."K lUi7 

Molloy (G., D.Sc.) The sun as a stoit-honse 
' of energy, /h Am "Gleanings in science." G 7tl 
, YoungfC. A., LL.D.) Tliesun ... G.'tl.'t.G ;il4 

I Aristotle. De coelo [Tauchnitz text] ... R ."H.'i 

roNTAiNH DeKenrralioDr el ifirruptMuu'. B»jnn» with 
the divineitt part <it the Iinivi-IH- and dnxi'nd" tinulinlly 
I to the reiilon of tho material iind iieriohnble, nnd denlii 
with the IbiMry vl hut and rold. and the wel anri dry, 
whieh. liy tliclr c'ombinullon» ond mutual worktnjp' 

Sroduoe tlie four olemenlH. 
arpenter (W. B., M.D.) Mechanical phi- 
losophy, horology, and astronomy ... G 7 
Astrophel : poems. By Swinburne (A. ('.) ... K ;>44 
Astrophel and Stella : a \K^n\. By Sidiii 

(Sir P.). In his Kliscellaneous works 
At Alwukir and Aei-e. By Henty (G. A.) 
At an old chateau. By Mactguoid (K. S.) 
At any cost. By Garrett (E.) 
At Imv, Bv Alexander (Mrs.) 

At fault. By Smart (H.) 

At heart a i-ake. By Marl■J^lt (F.) 

At her mercy. By Hiyii (J.) 

At his gates. By Olijiiiant (Mrs.) . 

At home in Paris. By Jerrold (B,), 

At home with Toniin'y Atkins. By Beg (C.)D 742 

At last [visit to the Wt«t Indies, in l«(;:'-7ll]. 

By Kingsley (C.) M 11117, M IKW 

At market value. By Allen (G.) ... F272,F 27;j 
At midnight, etc. By (Jambridge (A.) ... F loSS 

At Pretoria. By Ralph (J.) Mi4t;.J 

!f*4 Atrandum:essHysandstories. BvAustin(L.F.) K S711 
AttheAnttpodes[lXSH-!l]. By VerHchunr(G.) M 113 
At the back of the north wind. Bv MacDonald 

(G.) ■ F.=i:>17 

At the court of the Amir [of Afghanistan]. 

By Gray (J. A.) M X7l> 

At the cross roads. Bv Montresor (F. F.) ... F (il."»ll 
At the eleventh hour. ' By Fleming (K.) ... F Wi:> 
At the eleventh hour. Bv Lvall (D.) ... F '>."{.'»S 

At the front. By Martin (W.) F ')«7H 

At the inercvofTilM-i-ius.BvWils<m(A.J.E.)F IHIIH; 
J At tbe Red Glove. Bv Macqiioid (K. S.) ... F 5.5S4 
At the Reltou Arms. By Shai-p (E.) ... F 77l.>l 



F 4(1111 

F :>:>»^ 

F ;{i:';f 

... F 77IIO 
F rdMli, F ">(;;h 
F llOli'.l, F ClJTll 




At the riBing of the moon. By Mathew (F.) F 5915 
At the Bign of the Blue Boar. By Leslie (E.). F 5234 
Atthesignof theCroBBKeyfl. ByCre8wickCP.)F 2146 
At the aign of the Guillotine. By Spender (H.) 

F 7866, F 7 
At the Bign of the Osti-ich. By James (C. T. C.) 

F 464(1, F4(;il,F 4642 
Atthetailofthehoun(lB.ByKeiinar<l(Mrfl.K.)F 4848 
AtwarwithPontiac. ByMunroe(K.). F6242,F 6 

At what coBt. By Conway (H.) F 1904 

Atalanta in Calydon : a tragedy. By Swin- 
burne (A. C.) K 732 

Atbara. look undek Soudan and Soudan war. 

Al«lier du LyB. By Rol)ert8 (M.) F 7225 

Athaliah. By Handel (G. F.). Vocal score ... J 764 
Athalie. By Mendelssohn (F.). TVniJwwc.J 699 
Athalie. Rir Racine (J.), /n French classics ; 

edited by Masson, vol. 3. [/n French'] ... K 1 
Athanasian creed. LOOK UNDER Cree<te. 
AthanasiuB (St., BMopiif Alerandria) Ora- 
tions against the Arians C 

Bush (R. W., Rev.) St. AthanasiuB : his life 

and times C 

Farrar(F.W.,Dean)Live6ofthefatherB,v.l.L 230 

Reynolds (H.R.,D.D.) Athanaeius: his life 

and life-work L 229 


Berkeley (G., BiKlmji) Alciphron ; or, the 
minute philosopher. In his Works, vol. 2 B 

KOTB-'DeToUal lo the relulatlon ol Mhcinn. falnlltm. 
Mid T&iious other [arniH of uabelief. Alclphrori flRur« 
throughout the dtaloRuo no a free thinker. 

Hatton (R. H.) Moral significance of 
atheism ; and. The atheistic explanation 
of religion. In his "Theological essays " C 


NOTB — Five rtufllM In conlempqmry ■" 
dvmonitnitfl the lAbouren of the poHitlviril 
iBtlc poBlllon. ntid the iKllnctes whtch under 

ALSO L.OOE UNDSB AtpHKtlciiini, Uaterinlbou. Natiind 

Earle (J., ll.D., Prof.) The Alfred jewel : an 
historical essay Ml' 

NOTS-DBwribea the Jewel nnd den!" with the theories 

on the KIOK with enpeclal reference to the flDmereetiihlre 
epoch of hia life. 

Wall (J. C.) Alfred the Great, and hia abbeys 
of Hyde, Athelney, and Shaftesbury ... C ' 

Abbott (E.) Pericles, and the golden age of 
Athena L ' 

Cox (Sir G. W.) Athenian empire [B.C. 
479-405] Ml 

FOB NOTE. LOOK UHDBR Ortece— ffMlllV- 

Lytton (Lord) Athens, its rise and fall ... M I 

NOTB-Hinorical-eBrlle*ttlme*toD.C. 126: with view) 
otthelllerotumphllfMopby.AiidBorlnl Illeof IheAtheniui 

Atherstone bequeflt. By Terrot (Mrs. C. E.)... F 8 

Amerlcnn wiveannd Ktii^ith faUBbnndii 

CaDfomlonB [Cnllfornla under Heilciui rule] 

Daughter of the vine [San PranrlacoJ 

„, F«7 
... F 110 

Atherton (Mrs. Gertrude F.) — continued. 

Qnenlloo (d 

Rmator North 

Valiant mnaiiFarB [Callforala] 

Griffin (H.H.) Athletics J 1067, J I068 

Lupton(J.I.,a»^J.M.K.) The pedestrian's 
record ; with a description of the exter- 
nal human form J lOGl^ 

Shearman (M.) Athletics and football ...J 107(> 

CONTEKrs— RMorr. ninnliig. walkliut. lumping, tralalne. 
paperchulng. and cro»f ounlry running. 
ALSO LOOK CNDBR BoxiDg. Qameg aodiporti. Oymnaitln. 

Atkins (Edward) Pure mathematics. 2 v. -.— 

Vol 1,— Arithmetic. Algebra. Qeometry. Plane tritnnometrr O lOK 
VoL 2— Algebra and ptene trlgDnotnetrf. Elemenlary upbericft] 

trigonometry O 106 

Atkins (Frederick A.) Moral muscle, and how 

to use it C 488 

Atkins (John Black) Relief of Ladysmith ; 

with maps, plana, and illustrations ... M 2485 
— War in Cuba : experiences of an Englishman 

with the United States army [in 1898]... M 2519 
Atkinson (Blanche) Commonplace girl F 418, F 419 
Atkinson (E., PH.D.). LOOKUNDBRGanot(A.) 
Atkinson (Herbert) OldEnglishgamefowl... H (>39 
Atkinson (J. Beavington) Overbeck ... L 1CH>2 

Atkinson (J. C, Rev.) British birds' eggs and 

nests G ia42 

— Sketches in natural history ; with an essay 

on reason and instinct G 1235 

Atkinson (Philip, PH.D.) Electric transfor- 
mation of power, and its application by the 
electric motor, including electric railway 

construction H 42t> 

Atlantic ferry. By Maginnis (A. J.) ...H 83:2 

Dewar (J. C.) Voyage of the " Nyanza " : 
being the record of a three years' cruise 
in a schooner yacht in the Atlantic and 
Pacific [in 1887-90], and her subsequent 

shipwreck \ 

Atlantis, New. LOOK UNDER New Atlantis. 

Thomson (J.) Travels in the Atlas and 

Southern Morocco [in 1888] M 94.^ 

WeOer nnil Srbmltx 

Clamcal atlaJi <Phlllpa'> 
CloMileBl KSOffraphy. By 
CoUeolate atlu : torty-flve maps of modem and eighteen mipaot 

hlBtoMcal Beography H i 

Crown Btla» : forty map* of modem geography. By Bartholomew U 1 

Cycling and touring map: ilxtymlla wnt of Lcnidon U : 

CycUnf road map : flrty mile* round Uanrheater (Bnmn'el ... M : 

CTCllirB map of Bngland and Wain (Fhtllpi^) IS. : 

England sndWalM iBbrk'B) M ; 

HMorical atlas (Johnaton'e) U ' 

Hmtortcal seography. By Weller nnij Collier M! ' 

Ireland (Fhlllpg'l M : 

London (Philip*'} M : 

National atlaa : forty map* oT modem geography (Collin*'! ... M 

Nntlonal atlan [Heywood'*) U 

Nallonalatlasot genenil Baoarapby (Johnaton'B) U 

Pbydcal geosiaphy (Phlllpi) I edited by Hughe* Q i 

Public KThoolii atlM of modem geographv ; edited by Butler ... M 
Kihlbiti nil the more imporliuit phyilcal feature* of 

the variouii ooantrle*. 
Behold ntlM of Kn)^l*h history : edited by Unrdiner M 1i 

u of genet 

idpallliml (LoagtnaoB') 



Archibald (D.) Story of the earth's atmos- 
phere G 

Nors— A nbnntf of Ihe tnkjii fcatom of prMcnt wtantllle 
kiuirlHlKe o[ Ihe nndllkw-i irhk-b prevail In our 
aimaBphen. IMBb irilh Ihe subject quile kpun Irom 
iDflteon^ogiral cmuldemtlonft. 

Phipson (T. L.) Reseurchee oii the past and 
present hiatury of the earth'a atmosphere G 

Seal* with Die dlHOTorieacaniMrted with Ibc TMt atrial 
onan whirh enriirlH Ihc earth. Ihe phfiilcal and chemical 
prnpenieaol the air. and ila gcaloKlciU hhilory. 



Dale (R W., D.D.) The atonement. [Con- 
gregational Union lecture. 1S75] ... C 

Lfttleton (Hon. A., Rev.) The atonement. 

Litr Mundi C 

Atonementof LeaiD Dundas. ByLinton(K.L.)F 5306 
Atrophy. LOOK DNDBR Degeneration. 
AttacheatFehiog.ByFreeman-Mitford(A.B.) M 7G1 
Attack on the mill. By Zola (E.) F fl452, F 9453 
Attention :— 

Ribot{T.) Psychology of attention ... B 1*1 

KOn- Ad attempt to amilyie Ihe mechsniiim or attenllon 
—that la to aay. ^ootaoeotio and natural an dtatlnrt from 
Toluntary or artlDclaL the reaull ol education and tralnlns- 

Attic orators. Selections from. [Text ; with 

Eng. notes] ; edited by Jel>l) K 2039 

Attila. By James (G. P. R.) ..., ...F4(>50 

An bord dn lac. Par SouTestre (E.). [/»» 

Frfnch-\ K 1700 

Anher(DanielFranpoisEsprit) Leadiamanta 

de la conronne: an opera. Vocal score ... J 
— Le domino noir : an opera. Vocal mcifre... J 
— Fra Diavolo : an opera. Vocal score ... J 
— Maeaniello : an opera. Vocal score ...J 
Aul>ertin (J. J.) Six months in Cape Colony 

and Natal, and one month in Tenerife and 

Madeira M1003 

Aohrey (W. H. 8., LL.D.) Rise and growth 

of the English nation [to 180.5]. 3 v. ... M 1G82 
Aabusson (Peter d', Cardinal) : — 

In Maccall (W.) Foreign biographies ... L 6G 
Auckland (George Eden, Earl) : — 

Trotter (L. J.) Earl of Auckland L 474 

tacHwiPtr l in:— 

Wheeler (J.) The appraiser, auctioneer, 
broker, honse and estate agent, and 

valuer's pocket assistant H 879 

Aadran (Edmond) La Cigale : comic opera. 

Vocal score 

— Grand Mogul : an opera. Vocal score 
— Indiana : comic opera. Vocal score 
— La Mascotte r comic opera. Vocal score 
— Olivette: comic opera. Vocal score 
— La poapee : comic opera. Vocal score 
Audrey's jewels. By Leslie (E.) ... 
Audubon (John James) : — 

In Bolton (S. E.) Famous men of science L 
Auerl>ach (Bertbold) Auf der hohe. [In 

German]. 3 v. K 1090 

— Dichter und Kaufmann. [/» German']... K 1091 



F 5235 


Auerbach (Berthold) — nmtiniifd. 
■" Gooil hour " ; or, evening holiday : transl. 

byDulcken K Ut92 

Das landhaus am Rhein. 3v. [/n(/^7;ia>t] K 1093 
Neues lel)en. [/« Gertnan]. 3 v. ... K HH)4 
On the heights. 3v F 420 

Auf der hohe. Von Auerliach (B,). 3 v. [Zn 

Gernmn] K lOW 

Auf Bchwankem lioden. Von Heimbnrg(W.). 

llnOcriiian] K 1136 

Augenhlick des ^lUt^ks. Von Hacklflnder 

(F. W.>. [In German] K 1117 

Aoginentie scientiaruin, De. [The advance- 
ment of learning]. By Bacon (I.rf>nl). In 
Craik(G. L.) Bacon : hiswritingsamlhis 
phitoHopby. vol. 2 B 388 

Atigusti (Friedrich Albrecht) : — 

In Japp (A. H.) Laliour anil victory .. 
Augustine, 8t-.,4fc/iAf>/Myj«/(?HH/«-Ai*ry :— 
CuttB(E.L.,D.D.) Augustineof Canterbury L 205 
Maclear (G. F., Rev.) Apostles of mediaeval 

Europe L 

Walsh (W. P., Bishop) Heroesof the mis- 
sion field I 

Augustine(St.,/t/J.o/lf(>)/w) CityofGod. 2v. C 

— Confessions 

Biography and Crilicism. 

Cutts (E. L., D.D.) St. Augustine C 

Farrar(F.W.,Dean) Livesof the fathers, vol, 2 L 
Newman(J.H.,CafY//riri/)Histori<»l sketches, 

vol.2 M 

Schaff (P., D.D.) 8t. Augustin. /nftt8"Three 

biographies" L 

"Wilson (W., Rev.) Popular preaohere of the 

ancient church L 

Auld lang syne. By Mtiller (F. Max). 

NOTB MemorlfK of the author'e lite. 

Auld licht idylls. By Barrie (J. M,) F 702, F 703 
Aulnoy (Marie C.J, deBerneville,0ounteB8d') 

Fairytales F 2297 

Aumale (Henri, Due d') Military institutions 

of France D 741 

Aunt Anne, By Clifford (Mrs. W.K.).F 1744,F 1745 
Aunt Charlotte's stories of German history 

Aunt Diana. By Carey (R. N.) F 1572, F 1573 

Aunt Jane's hero. By Prentiss (E.) ... F 6912 

Aunt Judith's island. By Constable (F. C.) F 1903 
Aunt Rachel. By Mun-ay (D. C.)... F 0249, F 6250 
Aurangzib [Emjieror of Hindustan] :— 

Holden (E. S., LL.D,) Mogul emperors of 
Hindustan L 

Lane-Poole (8.) Aurangzib ... ... L 

Aurelius Antoninus (Marcus) Meditations of; 

transl. l>y Collier. /HTertullian's" Apology" 
In Arnold (M.) Essays in criticism, vol. 1 K 
In Myers (F. W. H.) Essays : classical 
Anriol. By Ainsworth (W. H.) ... F 115, F 
Aurora Boreal is : — 

Angot (A.) Aurora Bo real is G 

















Aui-ora commune. In Noi-(lhofF(C.) Com- 
munistic societies of the United States ... D 4Hfi 

Aurora Floj-.l. By Braddon (M.E.) F1169,F1170| 

Aurora Leigh. By Bniwning (K. B.). In hpr 

" Poema" ..- ■•• ■■■• ■■■ ... K iMi. 

AttB dem lelicn eiiieH taupenichtn. Voii Eicheii- 

dorff (J. F. v..n). [In (ferman] K 1101| 

AuB Bchloss und hiitte. VonWildermuth(0.). , 

[/n (ti-riiian'i K 1188 

AuHgcwahlte miii-cheii. Von Amlei-sen (H. V.) : I 

Deutsch, vim ReuHcher K 127H 

Austen (Jane) WorkH : — 

SOTB TiffolluHfig uvwIW mati>l» J'lJr-f E«iillih rMinl ani 

tSiri'"': ?i"li'?"SK.4Ss;-;.. 50, kj^ 

Biitgiiiphy and Critirism. 
Bi-.d>o<irne (E., Lord, Editor) Lettere of 

J aue Austell. 2 v. L 1221 

Fawcett (Mre. H.) Some eminent women of 

(lur times L ^^** 

Mahlen (Mra. C.) Jane Auston L 1222 

Smith {G.,LL.D.") Life of June Aufltcu ... L 1223 



ForlieH (E.) 

Austen (W. C.) 
Austin (Alfrwi) Works:— ^,^^,^^^^ ^^^^^ ^;^- 

"fnirudu.liSn'iS-'siuinl..! K l«i : Nsmillv.' poniiK K jBI 

»^-!liuniV lUrlinu [Allred ! Prlnip Lui-ifet ■■■ - K l»i 

ifdroiil] : luAiy ... K UKi , Bavoimrr.Ut: ntmiredy 
"■ h lyrlrn : t^llifil 

Carnegie (Hon. D. W.) Spinifex and Eiand : 
narrative of fi ve yeiira" ijioneeriiiR and ex- 
- pluratitm in Western Australia M 

NOTE The flrnl imrtotlhcbooliiai-oni'eniBd eirli« with 
nuuiuul labour in llw goU mlnfa or wilh citdomlcm in 
Keari'li of nurlfeniuH plmsv. ItKM, DpHrribm mintnK 
Horlety and mnnnt-rH. Tbo xet'ond part deal* with a 
Journey Hfrow Ihe Krrnl xandy driierl In 18M-T. the main 
objn't or Ibe loumeybctnKn nc'ientiflt- curJoalty a« tolhp 
itntml reiilonii of tlie desert between Coolsurdte and 

Dilke (Rt! Hon. Sir C. W.) ReconI of travel 
in Australia [in l(*t!l)-7]. In hin " Greater 
Britoin" D 

Fer^Rson (D.) Bush life in AuBtmlia and 
New Zealand [Hi: 1851-1«I'.S] M 

Froude (J. A., LL.D.) Oceana M122;i, M 

NOTE Tho aulhor koIk forth Ihe ImprHwion- ho dcriv«i 
from convBttiutionB Kith leadinK men id AUBtralia. Deal* 
roalDly wilh the qiieiition at Imperial federulion. 

Galloway (W. J.) Advanced Australia : a 
short account of Australia on the eve of 
federation M 

E- This work include* TwRnaji in. Kc* (^th Wnles. 

"tt.™'""-' ~"™ - K »■ Toiv,-vssn . ™i.. 

K"Huni>lu>ithepo»iimi"t— K ftB linl love drama ... 
Ilumnn Imifedy K "M 

Austin (Evans, LL.D.) Law relating to factories 

and workshops, etc. D 651 


Austin (John) Lectui-eson jiinHprudenc 

the philosophy of poHitive law. [ahridtretl] D 570 
Austin (L. F.l "Works ;— 

NOTE SIiiIhIu Jnfiillr rlurln. „ ,, 

Al random: e-ay- and lauUfneiid F « 

»torie» [Hurooroui'l --. K MIH Kbrh and tallcru V « 

KHi;ibr& :::? 35i^?o''n:X7.^o^■• ::: :::? 1^ 
AZuri.m.i"'2BTKmt^W^^^ F -ifla: 

Aust^l'Fri!!^'"™'By RiddelUMrS. j' h!) ... F 7105 
AuttraHi and AuttralMit :— 

Dcsiriptii'e and travel. 
Baden-Powell (B. F. S., Major) In savage 

iHles and settled lands M1221 

\-orB - Aceoiinl of the author''' journey of r-WW" mtW from 
London lo Con-tanlinopte, AloBindria, Ceylon, AoMralia, 
Xew(Juinea.MBlay»ia.myne»ia.and bni'k to London In 
the yeant IBHUfll. 

Boothby (G.) On the wallaby ; or, through 

the East aud aci-oss Australia M 1222 

Boxall (G. E.) Story of the Australian busli- 

rangers M 124J 


l)eam"]in l«80-7 ... ^ 122 



. and N' 

V Zoalanil. In the i. 


B Upon old a 

Grey (J. G.) Australasia old and new ... M 2.5Ki 

NOTE -VlewBiuid opinion" of wx'tcty and Kovemmcnt a" 
it I' liHliiy in AUKtnJiu and New Zniliuid ; with i-bapter>i 
on Imnnportulion, bUBhnuutind. Kold diwoveries, produrln 
of the eoloniC", exlinet tribr« of Tamnanin. nod dei'ayini; 
abnrijiinei' of AUBtmiia. fluKnentB that Ihii Britiidi public 
in iimorsnt of oU Ihinxti AuMralian, and advoealci an 
indei>endenl Au»(ralia. 

Jenkyn8(C. C.) Hard life in the colonies. . . M W 

SOTB -Dowriben the up» and downs of colonial life an 
eiporieneed by Ibiree young men. 

Laud of pi-omise : impressions of Australia 

[ctV. i8r);(] M25y-' 

Parker(G.) Rouudthe compass in Australia M 125^ 

NOTB-Travd in Australia proper during the yearn 
IBMHH. and a review of AuatraliBn affairs brouglil up to 
1881 ; with dcwrlptlons of life, remarks OD publle men. 
and notes on the induHlnoi, reiioun-e«. ele. Contaiua a 
alo«aaryof Au»lraliftneipreBSlon». „ . 

Sutherland (G.) Australia ; or, England in 

the south M125( 

SOTK-D<wrii)tion of the country and the lite there. 

Thynne(R.)Story of Australian exploration M 12.')1 
Trollope (A.) South Australia, Western Ana- 

tralia, and New Zealand [aV. 1«72] ...Mia.'iij 

NUTB ■ Itecord of tbo nuUiot'ii imiircwionK o( Aiwtnilia, 
dealtn« with colonial institutionB, land law«. effect o( the 
«old dlw-nverieH, the labour nuestion. the fate of the 
aboriginoB, railways, pro-crved meat. etc. i 

HughfB(W.),«/(rfWilliams(J.F.) Advanced 

class book of modern geography ... M 9 

Wallace (A. R.), (om/ Guillemard (F. H. H.) 

Australasia. 2 v. M 122j 

NOTE- Deals with the googruphleal limits phy,dcal fen. . 

ture*, climate, natural hlolory.KeoloBy.coloniiation, popu- 
lation, nstural reaoureeH. trade, govemmeot, and Hate of 

WilUams (J. F.) Geography of Australasia 

and Polynesia M122I 

Hklury und imlitics. 
Australasia. By various anthors M2.')ai 

(.-OSTENTS-aenenU Australiil. New South Wales. 
Victoria. Quoenidand, South Auslmlin, WealerDAurtralia. 
AuwlralUinabori)riiuil>'. Beginnitun'of an Australian hteru- 
rure InnlraltttBaBherics, TUiimanla.Lo«tTa»manianraee. 
N'ew Zeuland, TheUaoriK. Women of Australaaii. Briliah 
Kew Guinea. Islands of the Weateni Paciflc. i 



AmtraUa mi AMtraNwla- 

Biinwick(J.) Firettweiity j-«ir«of AuBtraliii M a.llli 

s.iTB - Shows Ihat Ihe enriy Aurtrullno hiflory dr. 1781. 

Ix* vu nude up of a coalloued Mnunrle for exliiteore 
riKainit DUTOW mindpdneMK, oeglorl of ordluiirT piwiin- 
uoTL famine, rebellion, and fonivrfulnrriii of tb» untvemal 
ktvH whifh remiliLte dnnnnd and supply. 

K|>pB (W.) Ijand syBteme of Australania... D 

NUTK -Devribe' Ihe vurioiu nrhemea Ihat tiuvr b<«n 
ilrvi«ed by the Audraliu'ianpoloniB- from time lo Hnie.for 
dmJinir with xbt load qutwlion. with a view lo throwing 
i...t, _ .1 1., . .. .t J problem id Rnrtuid. 


Fiimias (Hon. B.T.) Constitutional history 
of South Australia, 183(j-1857 

H.Mliler (E.) History of South Australia 
from its foundation to the yeai- of itn jubi- 
Iw [1836-90]. 2v M2605 

Karly Fiplontloaik rounding of Ihe roUiDy, iwtllers 


:k from ths 

i-bruoflloiri<nil mmiiUiry of Ihi 
fi'undintr of tfa« t'f^ony. 

J«»iik8(E-,Pr"f,} History of the Anstraliwian 
foloiiies M2S% 

NOTic Dm-ribeHlbediacovery. riue and progmM of the 
•fver»l mmmuDilJes. Coven (he period from the flnrt 
-eitlemeni in 17W to mx 

.)■»*■ (A. W.) Short hifilory of Austntliuia. 

[tolSyy] M2.VJ0 

NOTE Story of tbe Auttralian settlemrnt aod Blvex 
•horr an-oiml of the Irouhlea belwc«n the Kew Seabi 
•Miler^ am) lh<^ HRaria, 

Mariin (A. P.) Australia and the empire... D 733 

M>TE DeiiLi with Lml SherbrokeVenrlrdkyiiia Sydney. 
jDd Str H. Parkex' eiperienee* In Rsgbuid ; with rluvplen 
"n iDipFnal feilemtlon. AuHtrallan democru'r. the Auk- 
inilian view ol Home Rule, the poailioD of the Iriah in 
Aiivralin. and theedUFBlioo quemion In Au'lmlin. 

Ra«ilen(G.W.) History of Australia [earliest 

times to iny;]. 3v M z.wy-i) 

Sulherlanil (A., niul G.) History of Ans- 

tnilia an<t New Zealand from 1606 to 1890 M 2600 

Tretjarthen (G.) Australian commonwealth 

[I.m%18'.)3] M 2601,M2602 

g made on Aiulniii: 

a ihapten rrraplluIiitinB the 
3 the ant BriliKh lettlemeatii 
D soil, and de«lx wHh labour 

I South Walen PaclHr Orean. 

AustraliH at the front : a colonial view of the 

IWr war. By Wilkinson (F.) M2481 

\n.«tralia's heri>eB. By Eden (C. H.) ... M 1250 

NOTB-Sketebea of Ihe livei and work of the early Ad». 
trkl)aTi eiptorern, with nn ncrount of the flf^t discovery 

\ii(itralian adventures. ByKiugBton(W.H.G.)F 4947 
\iiftRilian ballads and rhymes; edited by 

Sladen K 527 

VuDtrrfliau heroine. By Praed (Mrs. C.) ... F 6900 
\.iistralian in China [in 1894]. By Morrison 

fG. E.) M 745 

Lintrli : — 

Dencriptive and I ravel. 
Baedeker (K.) Southern Germany and 

Aastria M 487 

Giiiinaim (E., m.d.) Watering places an<l 
mineral springs of Germany, Austria, and 
Switzerland ; with notes on climatic re- 
soi-tsand consumption, sanitariums, peal, 
uind, and sand bathe, whey and grape 
cures, etc H 1.^7 


Faton (A. A.) Highlamls an<l islamls of the 
Adriatic, including Dalinatia. Cnmtia, 
anil the Southern provinces of the Aus- 
trian empire [184IJ-48]. 2v M .MI4 

Trollope (F.) Vienna and the Austrians: 
with stmie account of a journey through 
Swabia, Bavaria, the Tyrol, and the Sal/.- 
Iwurg [in l«;tl>-7]. 2 v M Mr, 

Vemaleken (T.) In the land of marvels : 
folk-tales from Austria 1)1096 

AL-HU LOOK l-NDER Bohemia. Ciirpnthian Mountiiin*- 

Hiitiiiry aiirf Politico. 
Coxe(W.. ^(vArffff '•'Ml) History oft heHoHse 
of Austria, from ISH^to 17!)"2; with con- 
tinuation from 1792 tol 849, byKelly. 4 v.M2ll4;S-6 
NOTK Deal- fully vllh thr mtlllary iilTuin with whii-h 
AlKlrla hH> lieen enRii|in^ between lilH and \'Vi. Thix i* 
I'imllnued by Mr. Kelly Id IiI» epilome ol Ihe biatDry to 
the I'hw il the Hungariitn wiir in IMH: follnweil by a 
biHlurj- of Ihe i-nu-e" of (he revolution by Counl HnrllK. 

Dilke(Rt. Hon. Sir <.'. W.) Pn-sent position 

of European ])olitics D HU 

Hozier (H. M., Capt.J Seven weeks' war 
[18<ili] : its antecedents and its incidents. 
2v M2IKt7 

XOTE Plyture of the ihon niruitgle of IHM. hawd on 

a Thr TImri. 

■ politt 


Marx (K.) Revolution and counter revo- 
lution ; edited by Aveling M203l) 

\OTB A Herln of articIeK on tbe revolutionary mois- 
mt'nt of IpWI. and tbe iKilliical and hh'IiiI >lnte II had left 
liehind it in (iermany and .\uiitrla. An r.cjaia! ol the 
Bhoncomlnip-of tbe react ionaty arintocrBtli' Bovprtimenin 
and the blutuleringf of Ihe demoemttc "Hhopwrary.^' 

Whitnian(S.) Austria M2m.S 

NOTE A retord uf ihe biKfory of Au«rt» from Ihe 
earliCKt timex to IMW. »bowinK whal Ihe rouniry hai been, 
and wbal ii bun done at the inBtnnee of the Imperial 
houiie. n.'olfl with the early inhubllani!*. and Ihe pnwnt 
Btiite of Ihe empire. Dimu»wj Ihe literary and wleiilillG 
ftchievemenla of Ihe i-ounlry, 

— Realm of the Halwburgs M 507 

NOTE- BiKlorienl vtudy of the politiraL ■orlal and 
general Htule of (be empire of AUHlrla-HuiieHry. Deabi 
with the Qemians, Czei'hii. Hungarians, JewH, the 
Emperor. tUenoblllly, and tlie mllilary nystem. 
Aut Diabiilus aut Nihil. By "X. L."... F 9335, F 9336 
Authentic gospel : sermons. By Dawson (G.) C 619 
Authority and archaeology : sacred and pro- 
fane ; editeil by Hogarth M 203 

Authort :— 

Birrell (A.) Collected e^isaj-a. 2 v. ...K 760-1 


I>iHraeli(I.) Calamities of authors. Quarrels 
of authors K918,K 919 

MITE The oli)eel uf Ihe author tia» to aeeerUin some 
douhltul jiolntK lomemlng uuthors, which tended to 
deter younu peiiyle uf writing piupmrilien. from nii'hing 
into *a unprolllable n prodiwion. 

DitcblieldCP.H.)BooksfataltotheirauthorBK 7il 

NOTB Rerorda Ihe siilferinipor ftulbors *■ 
and eritluiw heretieul oriaz in mond-. 

Fitzgerald (P.) Recreations 

man; or, does writing pay !' K 922 

Grievances between authorsand publishers H 817 

Report o( the uonterence" of Ihe iDrorjmraled ^4o^ie[y of 

Hope(,A.B.) Yonngdaysof authors. L 1118, L 1119 

Rio. Heine. Hall. AlHeri. Hullon. Mr>. 

.» AoderBen. Tbnddeus von Bulgarin, 

undemned by Ihe ( 

I literary 



AHtkort — continited. 

Knight (C.) Half-hours with the best an- 

thorB ; with biographical notices. 4 v. . ..K 19-22 
Ung (A.) Letters to dead authors K 790, K 791 
Russell (W. C.) Book of authora : a collec- 
tion of criticisms, ana, mots, etc. K 291, K 292 
Stephen (L.) Duties of authors. In Ms 

"Social rightij and duties" B 261 

Stevenson (R. L.) Familiar studies of men 

and books K92,K 9a 

Also look ukdbb Literature. 

Authors' manual. By Kussell (P.) A 12 

Autobiography. By Rutherford (M.) ... F 7455 
Autobiography of a charwoman. By Wake- 

nuin(A.) F 8626 

Autobiography of a child F 440 

Autobiography of a slander. By Lyall (E.) 

F 5359, F 5360, F 5361 
Autobiography of a thief. ByReade(0.)F69H5,F 69S6 
Autobiography of a truth. By Lyall (E.) 

F 5362, F5363,F 5364 

Pla* Idt Uw peneeuled Armaniaiu. 
Autobiography of the earth. By Hutchinson 

(H.N.) G 748 

Autocrat of the breakfast- table. By Holmes 

(O.W.) Ki72,K 173 

Autocrat of the nursery. By Meade (L. T.) F 5936 
Autourdelalune. Par Verne(J.).[/n J'rwjcA] K 1731 
Autour de ma chambre. Par Haistre (X, de). 

[M French^ . K1622, K 1623 

Autour d'une tiare. Par Gebliart (E.). [In 

fmiM] K1538 

Avebury (l<ord). LOOK UNDER Lubbock (Sir 

Aveling (Edward, D.Sc.) InU-oiluetion to the 

study of lK)taiiy G 1(I.H1,G 1032 

— Introduction to the study of geology ... G 713 
— Natural philosophy for London University 

matriculation G .^60 

— Students' Marx : study of Karl Marx' Capital D 283 
— ,fl?irf (Eleanor Marx) Work ing-claiw move- 
ment in America D 323 

— ; [Traiial.^. look UNDER Engels (F.) 

Lissagaray (P. 0.). Marx (K.). 
Aveling(S.T.) Hemhlry,ancientnnd modem L 139!' 
Avenger of blood. By Coblan (J. M.) F17i;6,F 1767 
Avengingof Rutbanna. By Kernahan (Mrs. C.) F 4885 
Aventin, or AventinuB( Johannes T.): — 
DtiUiuger (J. 1. voii, Prof.) Aventin and his 
times. In his " Studies in European 

history" M 1517 

Aventui-es de Telemaque ; suivios du recueil 
des fables. Par Fenelon (Archi)p.). [/n 

Fretich^ K 1523, K 1524 

Aventures me rvei Ileuses mais authentiques 
du Capitaine Corcoran. Par Assollant (A.). 

2 V. [/n French] K 1343 

Average woman. By Balestier (W.) ... F 456 

Avery (Harold) Boy all over 

—Dormitory flag F 442 

Avis Benson. By Prentiss (E.) F C913 

Awakening of a nation : Mexico of to-day. 

1898. By Lummis (C. F.) M 

Awakeningof MaryFenwick. ByWhitby(B.) F 

FOR CONTINUATION. RSAD'UsXT Fenwtck'iidaughtsr," P i 

Awakeningof the East : Siberia, Japan, China. 

By Leroy-Beaulieu (P.) M 

Awayinthewilderness. ByBallantyne(R.M.) F 

Awkward age. By James (H.) F 

Axel Ebersen. By Laurie (A.) F 

Axon (William E.A.) Stray chapters in litera- 
ture, folklore, and archiuoliigy ... ... K 

Ayala's angel. By Trollope (A.) F 

Ay lward(Arthur)TranBvaalof to-day [inl878] M 
Aylwin. By WatLs-Dunton (T.) 

F 8751, F 8752, F 8753, F 
Ayres of Studleigh. By Swan (A. S.) ... F 

Ayrshire legatees. By Gait (J.) P 

Ayrton (W. E., Pi-of.) Practical electricity ... G 

~TOTB - TAtunUory work for studenla of electric»i engl. 

Aytouii (William E., Prof.) Layaof the Scottish 
cavalieiti, and other poems K 

Aziz et Aziza. Par Laboulaye (E.). [In 
French'] Klt.01,K 

Azotm: — 

Brassey(A.,La<ly) In the trades, the tropics, 
and the roaring forties [1K8.^] M 

NOTE. -Voyuni to Mndelm, the Aiorea and s low of the 
Went India UioDds. 

B.C. 1887 : a ramble in British Columbia. By 
Lees (J. A.), and Clutterbuck (W. J.) ... M 

FOR NOTE. LOOK UNDBB Brthiih Columbia. 

Babar [Founder of the Mogul empire] : — 

Holilen (E. 8,, LL.D.) Mogul emperore of 
Hindustan L 

Lane-Poole (S.) Babar L 

Babhinglon (Charles) Tuning and repairing 

pianofortes ... ... ... ... ... J 

Bal>e, B. A. [Life at Cambridge]. By Benson 

(E F 1 P 

Babington (B. G., Transl.). look under Hec- 

ker (J. F. C.) 
Babs the impossible. By Grand (S.) ,,,F 









Budge (E.A.W.) Babylonian life andbistory.M 
Cory (I, P.) Ancient fragments of the Phoe- 
nician, Carthaginian, Baliylonian, Egyp- 
tian, and other authors ; ed. l>y Hodges... K 
Ragozin (Mdme. Z. A.) Media, Babylon and 
Peraia [B.C. 605-490] M 1359. M 

NOTE .Conlalna a dewrtpllon or the city of Babylon and 

Rawlins<m(G., Prof.) Egypt and liiliylon.., M 

NOTB ComparpHlbenrcounlBci[rarlouH]iiHtorlnUeventti 
Bsthpyoii'urlnlbebible.wlththc'iranHlaKonaot Aiwyriiia 
nnd l-:irypliHn inwrtpllonii. mode by RngllHb. Prem-li. imd 

Sayce(A.H.,Prof.) Babylonians and Assy- 
rians : life and customs... ... ...M 

NOTE -OpenK with nchapleron Bikbylonla and lln Inhab- 
itanlx. nnd tbra mix* na to dml Kith [nmJty relalfona, 
edueution. Blnvery tnideg. wii«rea, comniemL law. rellgton, 
etc. One of the fenturen of tlip book W the oquAl po«i- 
lion nwiKiied lo women. In In dliwt conBlct with those 

eWeie Ibnt the ^birlonlwnH were In tbe hahtt of 

IK and Dol burning thdr dead. 









BafeylM Mrf BakfitaU—cuHtinued. 

Sayee (A. H., Prof.) Fresh light from the 
ancieot monuments : a sketch of the 
mostHtrikingconfimiatioQaof tbebihle 
from recent diacoverieflin Egypt, Baby- 
lonia, etc M 212 

— Social lifeamongtheAfisyriansanJ Baby- 

lonians M 32.'t 

Simcox (Miss K.J.) Ancient Babylonia. In 

tier " Primitive civilizations," vol. 1 ... M 27 


Smith (G.) History of Babylonia [to .^15 

B.C.] : etlite<l by Sayce ;..M1372 


Babylon. By Allen (G.) F 274, F 27.') 

Bttby'B grandmother. By Walford (L. R) ... F 8(;28 
Bach (Albert B.) Musicaleducationandvocal 

cnltore J 802 

Bach (John Sebastian) Christmas oratorio. 

Vocal score J 747 

— Compositions. Piano J 891 

— MagniBcat (in D). ViMralgcore J 718 

— The passion (St. John) : an oratorio. Vocal 

»cwe J 748 

— The piifl8ion(St.Matthew): an oratorio. Vocal 

score J 749, J 

— Sleepers, wake I a cantata. Vucal score 
— Wohltemperirte Klavier. 2 v. Piano 
Biography and Criticism. 

Boame (C. K.) Great composers L 

Crowest (P.) Great tone-poets L 

Horns (L. T.) Famons musical composers... L 

Poole (R. L.) SelKtstian Bach L 

Rowlwtham (J. F.) Private life of the great 

comptosers '. L 1051 

Statham (H. H.) My thoughts on music and 

musicians J 4.^7 

Williams (C. F. A.) Bach L 1029 

fiacheller (Irving) Eben Holden F 443 

Bachelor in search of a wife. By Swan (A. S.) F 81515 
Bachelor of the Alliany. By Savage (M. W.) F 7532 
Bachelorland [Middle Temple], By Bell 

(R. S. W.) F 78;j 

Bachelor's blunder. By Norris (W. E.) ... F 6371 
Bachelor's bridal. By Cameron (Mrs. H. L.) F 1537 
Bachelor'sChri8tma8,etc,ByGrant(R.)F3.^2y,F .«30 
Bachelors' club. By Zangwill (I.) ... Fy42y, F W.W 

Back to Africa. By Westall (W.) F 8732 

Back to life. By Speight (T. W.) F 7848 

Back to the land. By Moore (H. E.) ... D 

Berkeley,psnMJ.Draughtaandbackgammon J 1 
— Backgammon. //( "Handbook of games," 
vol. 1 J 

ALSO LOOS UNDKB 0«ID«. HportH, etc. 

Backhouse (Edward), and Tylor (C.) Early 
church history [to the year^'dT] C 

tiaJH — Endeavonni to iitcmei ■ baaii for tlw qtuker 
platform In the uhriitiaiilty ol the Bm threa ceatuHes. 

— Witnesses for Christ and memorials of 
church life [from the year 337 to 1229] C 

Kcm- Qasker view of church hlitorrkiid la BcaatlDiia- 
tion of ' Ekrlx ehnrch hitMnyr 

Backlog stadies. By Warner (C. D.) ... F 8 


Backwater of life ; or, essays of a literury vet- 
eran. By Fayn (J.) K 

Backwooils of Canada : being letters from the 
wife of an emigrant officer [1832-4]. By 
Traill (C. P.) M 

Bacon (Francis, Lord Verulam, Visconnt St. 
Atbans) Advancement of learning ... B 

NOTE- The Ides H wiu tnlended nhould run Ihrouffh 
the work wu that luventton muat be bued upon nyeri- 

tho work wfllbe found fn^In3KtSi"Leciun» on Ihe'lUe"- 
alun of the mte of KliiKbplb." K7» 

Anot/ier edilioli : edit«d by Wright ... B 
— Essays ; and. Colours of good aud evil ; with 

notes by Wright K 

— Moral and historical works ; with notes by 

Devey B 

CONTEyTH - Rhbyb. ApophtheRmH. Wjudoza of the 
Boclenls. New AIUhKl Henn vfl. Henry VIU. Queen 
KHmbcth. Henry. Piinrs of Wales. Hlitory of Qreat 
Britain. JuUuKCMWir. Aupiitua Cmar. 

—New Atlantis (Works) B 

NOTE— An unflnJHhed ronunce, the nune of which being 
taken from Plato'i action of the great IokI inlnnd of Ihe 
weileni ncaui. In Ihii fable. Lord Bacon'! aim wan lo 
n perfect lovemment by deecrlbInK ■ 

for Ibeproducliou of gnat aod inarvellous worki for 
benefli of man. Tlia work la alao eoDlained I 
commoDwealthfl." eililad by Hmiey, D 83, U S3. 

— Novum organ um 

MOTE -Thw work, wlU 

form the foundation o. ..._ . 

latter bcinsa deacriptlonof tbe'Dew method." by which. 
the writer ortnied. the underalandlns ihoold be em- 
ployed In odd lax to haman knowledm- 

Biography and Criticimn. 
Abbott (E. A., D.D.) Francis Bacon : his life 

and works L 15(i 

Church (R.W.) Bacon L 157 

Craik (G. L.) Bacon : his writings and his 

philosophy. 3v B 388 

Eamy*. WledomoltbeaiMleDU. ApophtbesmiL u>d other 
monu worktL TheoloKlcal and hintorlcal works. Phllo- 
BOpbieal works. ProlegDmena lo the loMAuntlo Uagna. 
TnMlsede nignlCala et Auomanlls ScMntlarum. Novum 
orEanon. Remaioderof tbalnMauntioMMiia, etv. I^eyal, 
traTlliod. and aplHtolary wrltinioL 

Donnelly (I.) Thegreatcryptogram: Francis 
Bacon's cypher in the so-called Shake- 
speare plays. 2 v. K 215 

Fowler (T., Prof.) Bacon B 389 

NOTK- Aimi to pratent the character of the ^e^'olut1oh 
which Bacon endeiivoured to affect In eeientiflc method, 
at well aa the nature of hii phlloaophlcal opinion* gene- 
rally, CoDtslni a blusnphy of Bacon, 

Nichul (J., LL.D.) FiBiicis Bacon. 2 v. ... L 1.^8 

..flu fnAdomn (W. H. D.I Learned in Ibc iBw.L en : Uliu- 
Irloua men. L'KiMacauhiy (Lord! Critical and hlHtoric^ 
ewuyK, K 7IM. K TUo: NHomith (D, LL.D.I Ilakim of 
modem IhoughtL 5U: Htouehlun iJ. D.D) Worthies of 
science. L Mil. 

Bacon (John, fi(^ulptvry. In Brightwell (Mias 

C. L.) Annals of industry L 24 

Bacon (R. H., Commander, R.N.) Benin, the 
city of blood [in 1897] M2408 

Bacon (Ri^er) : — 

Memorials of early genius L 46 

Nasmith (D., ll.d.) Makers of ino<lern 

thought L ■'>0 

Neil(S.) Epoch men L !>2 

Stoughton (J., D.D.) Worthies of science... L •S4|> 

Bacon's Cycling road map : fifty miles round 

Manchester M 19ti 



Bacon's Cycling mail map of P^iiglaixl. Seven 
diriaiims M 317-23 

Far parliruLm. LOOK QNDER ItDiid books luid road 

Baotiiiology :— 

Bary (A. <le, Prnf.) Lectures on l>acieria ; 
transl. by Garnaley Q 1127 

fttiU oouwe of clevplopmnil of bncterio. xa well an their 
oriijln and mode of life, nnd iheir ate* for Kood or 

Boyce (R.) Methmla employed in bacterio- 
logical reaeai-ch. In Kenwood (H. R.) 
Pulilic health lalwralory work H 214 

Fischer (A., Prof .) Structure and functions 

of Iwcteria : transl. liy Jones G 113.^! 

Franklaud (P. F., ph.d.) Our secret friends 
and foes G 1129 

N'OTE Hxplaina how micro-aresoiKiiifl run be nlnlnpd 
nndpinminiil. and deoln with mii-robm of the air, wnlcr, 
etc., »ltb a I'hapter on Ihe llieorrof preveDtlon tn dtoeniA 

Freudenreich(E. von, dr.) Dairy bacterio- 
logy' : a short manual for students in dairy 
schools, che^ makers, and farmers ; 
transl. by DaT 's G 1128 

NOTR BarterlolOBy sb it iiltfots the dnlry, and the port 
l^yed by inli-robps In buttpr and ctaePWii. nud (he 
technique of ImltBr-mukinK from nrliflcinlly soured rrenm. 

Gall(J.).«nrfRobertBon(D.) Bacteria. In 

"Popular readings in science" G 8 

Klein (E., M.D.) Micro-organisms and dis- 
ease ; an introduction into the study of 
specific micro-organisms H 2C0 

NOTE Dmlx with the quBrtloo of the reTnlioti ol micro- 
orgnninmH to InferlioUK diseuwii, the melbodx of mirro- 
m' eiominiHion niid prepnraiioti, the difflrultleH 
encountered In the culture of b>u-lerin, methodH ol inocu- 
lillion, Ihu morpholo([y of bnrlerta, nnd with van'ination 
nnd anttxeplips. 

Mife-ula (W,, DR.) Introduction to pmctica! 
1>acteriologj' for physicians, chemi8ta,and 
students G 1130 

Newman (G., M.D.) Bacteria : especially as 
they are related to the economy of nature, 
to industrial processes, and to the public 
health 1131 

Trouesaart (E. L.) Microbes, ferments and 

moulds H26.%H 26fi 

NOTE— Gives an account of the chief kinds of bacleria 
and their Hrliom at producers of vinegar. clie«8^ dlBeoKs 
of wine, and putrefaction. DeoU with the microbes 

the '"germ theory of diiiea»e." 

Tyndall (J,, LL.D.) Essays on the floating- 
matter of the air in relation to putrefac- 
tion and infection H 267 

MOTB— Denlti with the uitiNptlCByalem.t he genn theory, 
^ e analog of the spread of infection aiuon^ organic 

Woodhead (G. S., M.D.) Bacteria and their 

producta G 1132 

NOTE— Gives the lite btatory of bacteria, nnd Ihc pnrt 
they play in fennentntion, putrefaction and diiiease. 
Aiao LOOK DNSEtt Dinemw. Fermentation. 

Bad beginning. By Macquoid (K. 8.) ... F .558') 
Bad ilrains and how to test them. By Reeves 

(R. H.) H ,137 

Bad lot. By Cameron (Mrs. H. I F ir,M 

Baddeley (J. J.) Guide Ut the Guildhall of 
the City of Ijonilon ; together with a. short 
account of its historic associations and the 
municipal work carried on therein ... M .'ISlI 

Baddeley (M. J. B.) Scotland. 3 v. ... M 27S 

—, and Ward (.0. S.) Ireland. 2 v. ... M WH 

NOTE- Denlo with the North, hku-t, We«, nnd ftouth 
count leH of Ireland. 

Baddington peerage. By Sala (G. A.) ... F 7.'MI] 

Badeau (Adam, Col.) Military' history of 
Ulyases S. Grant, 18(il-C.5. 3 v. ... L44H-'.l 

Badenoch (JamesGreig) Art of letter painting 
made easy H ll.'J2 

Baden-Powell (B. F. S„ Major) In sa^-age 
isles and settled lands : Malaysia, Austra- 
lasia, and Polynesia, 1888-91 M 1221 


If Heathrotr.iDiif irftrn 



Buden-Powell (Baden Henry) Origin and 
growth of village communities in India... D 181 

Baden-Powell (R. S. S., Major-Gen.) Sport in 
war J 1217 

Airounlof the hunt after lioos in Rhodefitn. Run with 
the Cape foihoundK Ordeal of Iheopear, Sport of RajahH. 

Batiiiiagr Par Brete (.1. de la), [/h Frfnrh^ K l.l'.iy 

Badminton library ; — 

Archery- By LonEnuin nnd Wolrond ... 

Atliletin. and toothnJI, By Shearmon 

ohootinit. By PhlUippH-WoHey.nmfvrArr'. 2 r. 

By Bennett 

..„ By WoodRate 

CounrinH and falconry. By Cox nn'l IjiHceUes 

Cricket. By Steel and Lytlellon 

Cyclinu. By Albemarle ai.,1 Hillier 

Oolf. By Hufchinnon Z Z Z. Z. Z. Z. 

Uuntlnu. By Beaufort imlMorriN 

MountaineennR. By Dent 

Unclnx and xlcepIechannH. By (he Earl of Suffolk, ami 'V, 

RidInK and polo. By Weir inrf Brown 

Seanrtilng. By Bickerdyke. ami ufAfri 

ShootinB. By Wal*ingham nnd Payne-Oollwey. 2 v. ... 
Swimming. By Sinclair ami Henry 
Tennia.Lawntennli. Racket". FIvew. I 
Yachting. By varioiM authore. 2\ 

Badrick (Fredrick C.) Pufl of wind ., 

— Spanish galleon 

Baedeker (Karl) Guides : — 

Belifi urn and Holland; includingtheOmnd.durhy of Luiemhoa re UKTil 

pfeece MfW 

London and iliien\-ironii m:I7ii 

Northern Italy MSSKi 

Norway. Sweden, nnd Denmark MKli 

Parin and environ*; with routec from I/indon to Pnri« MN6 

Southern (lennany and AiiKlrin: Inclnding Hungary. Dnlronlio, 
and Bosnia M-ltlT 

Baffled conspiratoi-s. By Norris (W. E.) ... F l>;t72 

Baffling quest. By Dowling (R.) F 2471)1 

Bag of diamonds. ByFenn(G.M.)... F2877,F 2H78 

Bag of farthings. By Coleridge (C. R.) ... F 17S7 

Bagatelle. By Berkeley ./wffi/rf. /n " HandlKtok I 

of games," vol. 1 J 1177' 

Bagehot (Walter) Economic studies: edited 
by Hutton I 

— The English constitution D 

— Lomliard Street: a description of the money 
market I 

— Physics and politics Dli2, D 

Tlioiightnon the nppllciLtlon of the principle* of natural 
Helpction and inheriliince to polilical society. 

— Postulates of English political economy... I 

A reprint of n portion of Ihe Ei-i/HomIe •tHdlrt, and denis 
with the tranHfenibllily of labour and of capital. 

— Some articles on the depreciation of silver 
and on topics connected with it ... D 

21 5i 






Ba^hot (Walter) — cotitiniifd. 
Ill Mackintosh (R., Prof.) From Comte to 
Benjamin Ki del G 

FOB NOTE. LOOK UNDER Evolultin ■ lUllflOUl ntj^dt, 

B3j^ia]l(JaiDeHE.)Hamll)ookofinoBBeHGI112, 6 
Bapot (Alan) Accidenia in ininefl: their causea 
and prevention ... ... ... ... H 

Bagot (E. M.) Mrs. Thorndale's cousin ... F 

Ba^ot (Richard) Casting of nete F 

Bail up! By NiBl>et (H.) ... F0.'«4,F 
Baildon (Henry Bcllyse) Spirit of nature: in- 
terpretative essays on the history of matter 
from the atom to the flower G 

roR NOTES, LOOK [-KDBREialulion- CVI/h-ltm. Botany— 

Bailey (Alfred) SnccesBion to the English 
crown: a historical sketch D 

FOB NOTE. LOoKUyDEBOnat BiitaiD Cimililalleii. 

Bailey (Heiiry). LOOK UNDER N'siaii (Bula). 

Bailey (James Blake) Diary of a reuurrec- 

tionist, 1811-12 : to which ai-e added an 

accotint of the resurrection men in London, 

ami a Hhort history of the [tassingr of the 

anatomy act D 

Bailey (John B.) Mmlern Metbueelahs : hio- 
graphical sketches of nonagenuriaiis or 
actual centenarians... ... ... ...L 

Bailey (M. E.) Hints on intrcKlucing the kin- 
dergarten system into Englinh infant schools D 

Bailey (Philip J.) Festus : a poem K 

Bailey (S.) Theory of reasoning B 

Batllie(F. D.) Maf eking; a diary of the siege. M 
Baillie (Grizell Hume, Lady). In " Gallery of 

notable men and women " L 

Baillie (Mrs. Joanna). In Fawcett (Mrs. H.) 

Scmie eminent women of our times ... L 
Bain(A.,LL.D.) Education asa science. D871,D 
— Emotions and the will ... ... ... B 

iDifllwt.'' BDd iltvn the nnlural hinlorv of Ibe mind. 

thfl parlictpmtioD of the bodily orgiLiu In mentiil chuiKM. 
KluctdAtei the T«la(l<nu or v01iuil>ry and tnvolunlary 
muvemmU. TbUlBCrillciiiBdinSpenctir'ri-EHBya," vol, I 

— Engliah composition and rhetoric. 2 v. ... K 

Detbi Tith the Intellectusl elementa and smotianid 
qualiUm of atjrle. 

— Mental and moral science. 2 t. 

Vol. l.-PHycboloeyabd binlory cif pblloHophy 

Vul, :!.— Tluwry nfethlnand ethlr*) sjatema 

—Mind and ixKiy B47,B 

NUTB — .Stekii to complete the iloctriiw of the ralatfOD 

Iwtveen FonirloiUDew end bodily OTKiuiiRii. by noting 

NOTE. LOOK rNDKB Mind and body. 

— Practical essays K 

pr«4ntt pofdtion of the clAHnlro] controveny ; the ranjte 
of i-biiosopbirel ftnd metivpby?i<^ study and mode of 
conductmR tblH ftndy In debating socicllei ; the iirowlb 
at the uDlTernltiei" ; the method" of wlf education by 
moDa of books ; and the eitentann ol liberty of Ihonsbt 
« regards wrtarlan creeds and BUbBchption to articlBa. 

— The senses and the intellect B 

H(jU» that the brain does not net s^y lu obeSence'to 
Dfnouj! Influence whicli. tjeing conTayBd through the 

(CDcratal automi 
onanic vtiiiiuliu 
(oOawed by the re 

™Uy it 

Bain (R. Nishet) Charles XII L 435 

Baines (Thomas) Explorations in south-wert 

Africa [18(11-2] M1049 

Baird (Sir David, General) :— 

Cole (J. W.) British generals L 702 

Wilkinson (S., AtfiVor) From Cromwell to 

Wellington: twelve soldiers L 751 

Baird (Henry Martin, Prof.) The Huguenots 

audHenryofNavarre[1574-1610].2v....C 887 

FOB NOTES, LOOS UNDBB Fruca— Hjifery. HumutMa 

—Theodore Beza L 272 

Baird (William) General Wauchope ... L 742 

Baiter (J. 6., Editor). LOOK UNDER Cicero. 

Baker(Arthur) Outlines of logic, psychology, 
and ethics B 9 

Baker(CharlesE.) Hushand and wife, and tlie 
law of divorce D 643 

Baker (Conrad E.) Foreign commercial cor- 
respondent ; being aids to commercial cor- 
respondence in live languages : English, 
German, French, Italian, Spanish ... D 889 

Baker (E., Lt.-Col., Edilvr). LOOK UNDBB 
Pratt (8. C.) 

Baker (H. Barton) Stories of the streets of 

London M .S72 

FOB NOrc LOOK UNDBB LmidOD— £r*rr<f4lM. 

Baker (J. G.) Handbook of the fern-allies : 
a synopsis of the genera and species of the 
natural orders G 1108 

Baker (J, P.), joint author. LOOK UNDER 
Davenport (F.) 

Baker (James) Works :— 

By the western sea F «9 John Wealacotl. F UB 

Cardinal's uuK [Uelliclous i Uark TtUoltDD F lAl 

■truintlea In Bohemia, IBIh 

centT .F«0,F«1 , 

Baker (James, Lt.-Col.) Turkey in Europe 

[in 1874-0] M 700 

Baker (Sir Samuel White) Albert N'yanze, 
great basin of the Nile, and explorations 
of the Nile sources [in 18C2-4]. 2 v. ... M 985 

— Oast up by the sea p 454 

—Eight years in Ceylon [in 1845-53] ... M 820 
— Ismailla. 2v M 325 

NOTE— Expedition of Ismail. KbedlTe of Enpt, toCeoUal 
Africa in V*»-7\ for the suppression of the slave-tnide. 

—Rifle and hound in Ceylon ...J1218,J 1219 

MOTS -Bunting of bis game dr. 1964. 

— True tales for my grandsons p 455 

— Wild beasts and their ways : reminiscences 

of Europe, Asia, Africa, and America ... J 1220 
Murray (T. D.), and White (A. 8.) Sir 

Samuel Baker : a memoir L 800 

Baker(T.) Elements of practical mechanism, 

and machine tools H 459 

— Rudimentary treatiseon land and engineer- 
ing surveying ; revised and corrected, by 

Young G 334 

Baker (Thomas) A battling life, chiefly in the 

civil service L C91 

Baker(Thomas),yot«i author. LOOK UNDER 
Fenwick (Thomas). 





Bakewell (Frederick C.) Great facte : a popular 
history and description of the most remark- 
able inventions [during the 1st half of the 
19th cent.] H 


Donovan (M., Prof .) Dom^tic economy. 2 v. H 

Wells (R.) Bread and biscuit baker's and 

sugar-boiler's assistant; includinga large 

variety of modern recipes H 

Al^o LOOK UKDBH ConfectioDeTT' Cookery. 
Bal de sceaux. ParBalzac( {^Iti FretichJ K 
Balance of emotion and intellect. By Wald- 

atein (C.) B 

Balbo (Ceaare) Novelle. [In Italian^ ... K 
Balboa (Vasco Nunez de, Sptiniah mn'ig(ttor) 
/h Maccall (W.) Foreign biographies ...L 

Balderscourt. By Adams (H. C.) F 

Baldness and greyness, their etiology, patho- 
logy and treatment. By Robinson (T.) ... H 


Baldwin (J. L.), joint aiilhoi: LOOK under 

CUy (J.) 

BaIdwin(JamesMark)Kieo)ento of psychology. B 

Baldwin (John D.) Pre-historic nations ; or, 

inquiries concerning some of the great 

peoples and civilizations of antitjuity ... 6 

Bale (M. Powis) How to manage a steam- 

engine.ahandbook for allwho use steam. H 
— Stone-working machinery ^nd the rapid and 
economical conversion of stone ; with 
hinta on the arrangement and manage- 
ment of stoneworks H 

Balestier (Wolcott) Average woman ... F 

— Benefite forgot F 

— ,[Joint authorl. look under Kipling (R.) 
Balfe (Michael William) Bohemian girl : an 

opera. Vocal score J 

— Satanella : an opera. Vocal score ...J 

— Siege of Rochelle : an opera. Vocal score ... 3 
Balfour (Misa Alice Blanche) Twelve hundred 

miles in a waggon [1894] M 

Balfour (Andrew) To arms ! [Jacobite rel)el- 

lion, 1715] F 

— Vengeance is mine [Napoleon, Elba and 

Waterloo] F 

Balfour (Rt. Hon. Arthur J., LL.D.) Founda- 
tions of belief BI17,B 

NOTB— Atlempta to proTB that the great body of he1ie(>. 
whetliBr In natural icieDcs. ethlci. or tbnoIoEy. nro mout 
coberent and ■atlBfactory, FOB A chiticism . rbas Falr- 
bttlrn's "OatholldBm : Roman and Ansllcan,' (i S7T, imd 
Saundsn' " Qnwl ot falth,~ C MS. 

— Fragment on progress M 

— Religion of humanity B 

irOBNOTB. LOOK UNDEH Posltlttsm. 

Balfour (Mrs. Clara Lucas) Works : — 

Happy flvanlnsi 1 

Hetribulion I 

UphlUwork I 

WarklDSwotaBn aftbelast baircsntury : thelsaaonotUielrllvef: 
FOB roNTSilTS. LOOK UNDKB Blographlsa— CW/rrf lir. 

Balfour (F. H.) Cherryfield Hall ... F463,F 
Balf our (Franci8M.,Prof.),_;'oin(aw(Aw. LOOK 

UNDBB Foster (M.) 
Balfour (Henry) Evolution of decorative art. J 

Ita origin and developmeDt a( '" " 

mod«m racM of mankind. 

Balfour (John Hutton, Prof.) Elemente of 

botany, for the use of schools G 10^>6 

—First book of botany G lO.'i? 

—Plants of the bible C 16i> 

— Second book of botany G 1058 

Balfour (M. C.) Fall of the sparrow ... F 4tt5 


Hodgetts (E. A. B.) Round about Armenia 
[inlays] M 

Laveleye (E. de) Balkan peninsula : ti-ansl. 
by Thorpe M 

„. > __...,_ _. .._ _._ n._..^ Bulgaria. 

ui imporlaiKw to 

,__ ,___..__ _. —..-— _ _ie reiMJBalEtfH the 

factor whtch will decide the future population of II>b 
DanulM and the Balkan pealnsula. In a chapter on Bul- 
garia the author utterly condemnn the policy of RuaHia, 

Miller (W.) The Balkans : Roumania, Bul- 
garia, Servia, and Montenegro [a.D. lOti- 
1S9U] M2 

Minchin (J. G, C.) Growth of freeilom in 
the Balkan peninsula: notes of a traveller 
in Montenegro, Bosnia, Bervia, Bulgaria, 
and Greece [m-. 1886] M2 

NOTB -HixtoricBl and desciiptlve aketvhe* of the people 

from tbti national point at view, tilveaa vivid deacrlption 
o( Bulgarian lite and politlCH, and a Btlrrlne chronicle of ilio 
recont revolution of Prince Alexanders rciffn, of hia 
Ironblaii and dungens of hln abduction and dtiKintlon. 
and of the conn ler-rovolnf ion. 

Thomson (H. C.) Outgoing Turk : impres- 
sions of a journey through the Western 
Balkans M 

NOTB -Deala with (he pretnnt dtualion In the Balkan 

lintulo. The author^ )aumey waa mainly conSnad 

" lio. and teatifles to the development d thia pro- 

il the Auatriana alnce their ocfupatioo In Kit: 

with apeculnliDuaaa to the future. The "ontifcans" Turk 

lathe6«iian]ium<.'iaL * 

Balkwill (F. H.) Testimony of the teeth to 
man's place in nature ; with other essays 
on the doctrine uf evolution G 

Ball (C. J., Rev.), and Bennett (W. H., Prof.) 
Prophecies of Jeremiah ; with a sketch of 
his life and times. 2t C 

Ball (Bt. Hon. J. T., ll.d.) Historical re- 
view of the legislative systems operative 
in Ireland (1172-1800) D 

—Reformed church of Ireland [1.537-1886] C 

Ball (John), joint aiit/im: look undbh 
Hamilton (Sir R. G. C.) 

Ball (Bir Robert Stawell, LL.D.) Cause of an 
ice age G 

NOTK— Uoacribee glacial tclion Mid glvea proof of tdnclal 
perloda In the Britlah lalonda. Attempt to clear up the 
difflcultlea which have hitherto lie>«l all efforta lu ei- 
plalQ the last great ice age and ita poaiible foreruDnera. 

— Elemente of astronomy G 

— Experimental meclianics 

— Great astronomers 

to Boi 




Liirea of the great oa 


— In starry realms 

NOTB-Sketcbea reUtlng to thedilTerei 

— In the high heavens 

NOTE — Sequel to " In starry realma,' 
apecta the two works overlap. 

— Mechanics 

— Primer of astronomy 

— Star-land 

Very elementary. 


le main feat urea 


... G 
... G 





Bait (Sir Robert Stawell, LL.D.) — nmliniiai. 

—Story of the heavens G 288, G 2S1) 

— Story of the buh ... , Q iJlti 

FOB NOTK. LOOS UNDEB AitroapTO y—^'un. 

—Time and tide G;i;i2,G :J33 

Apqount ol Ihe theonr oF lld&l crolutlon. 

Ball (W. W. Rouse) Elementary algebra ... G ItW 
^Sbort account of the history of mathenmtica G 1 28 
Ball (William P.) Are the effects of use and 


ilifluse inherited? 
lo prove UiKt po improvr 

and at tempi! 

,-- - ^nt-"---'-- 

. Ithout the aid o[ DBiural or aniacial wlectlon. 

Ballaiityne (Robert M.) Works — rvntinued. 

TwkebouBhItOrfgoiiBold- " ' 

fleW.] F &X1 

tinder Ihe KBve>i[DlviDgI F »« 
Unimva (Arcllcllfp) ... F 530 
Up In the clotid* IDaIIooii 

voyaBRi] F 5» 

Wnlrua huDten rrolnr re- inuns lur tnttern iMmn 

Bionil F Ml Ameiio! F MB 

Toung trawler IXorth Sea] F !M 

Ballin (Mru. Ada S.) Hf^lth and beauty in dress 

from infancy t^ old age H 175 

G ;M'2 1 — Science of dn-HS in theory and praclice ... H 7J3 

In mankind can take pi 

sfure .. 

i:an oi)era. ByVerdi(G.), Fwrfff 

Auntmliao balladaand rhyniH: odlled by Sladen K Tt/i \ 

Bonier ballodH : edited In TomwHi K il^ 

(.'orletan ( W, i Farm balladiK form feallvaU. and farm legends ... K .W7 

Getnun balladH ; Irand. by CnilKmyle K lOiS 

Iri-diminetielsy: ■elacliODatlrtaheoDgiiaDdbaUadH; edited by 

aparling - _ K Ktl I 

jBcobiie*annvMltiBlladi:edlled by Hncquold K Oil r 

KIpIiDStBJBarTBck-roombalLida K MJ, K HI' 

lADalA.)Thirty-twaballsdtalnblu«cbina K iSl , 

LeUnd <C. O.I BrMtmann ballodi K IIH 

LocUiarttJ OjTVhiU BpaDiahballulB S JKtU i 

](D(berwelIiW,)Mta«lrel>v: ancient and mLdRm K eiu 

Scott (Sir W.I OrlgtDal bBOadti K liltl 

Soo^ and ballada ot ipon and poatime ; edited by TotuliOKni K tSi 1 

aieven^m (H. L.) Ballads. K514. K S:lfl , 

■iBiTihiima lA.C) niemtand tnUudn. Tlirre mlti KE>M-tl 

ULordJ Balladsandothe-- " "■' 

,.J 577 

Ooxwell(H.)Mylifeand balloon experiences. L 830 
Marion (F.) Woiitlei-ful lialloon ascents :or, 
the conquest of the skiee : a history of 

IwUiions and bi^lloon vnj'ages G 4I>9 

May (G.) Ballooning: a concise sketch of 

its hiHtury and principles G 47<l 

NOTE — Inronnatlon Trom a pruelieal view ' * - • 

i purpooeii 10 

Ballantyne (Robert M.) Works :- 


[Red Indlaiu and fur 

traden] F MS 

Battery and tba boiler 

(Sahnuuine cable lay log) F MT I Iiland quaan 
Battle and the br«eie ocean] 

CSoitor'* life] F «8 "■ ■ 

Battlawilhtbaaea lU(e- 

boot work] F Vtt 

Blggttm-C'^—--' ■■ "" 

>m ila begiDDinv. und t 
t boa been applied. 

.. _ ._ ^ooKiiNDKR ASmnautli'i. 

F 8230. F 8251. K ij^ , Ballroom repentance. By Kdwanies (Mm. A.) F 2Cl!tt 
Ballybegjiinclion. By Allen (F. M.) ... F 2«2 
Balmfurtb (Kamsden) New reformation and 

its relation to moml and ttocial problems ..0 375 


Black ivory [Slavery Id E. 

AIrtB»l F in 

blta [Malay 


idanj - F 


Bui F 

ibal idandi (Sontb 

_ _ ... F *78 
Crnbeoftha'Waler Wag- 
tall' [Nevloundland] ... F WO 
Devpdown[Coiiiiabmlne>] F Ul 
DiggiilK for gold [Call- 
farnial F KB 

Putty lUa ,.-.-, 

Ufel F M 

Easle clilt [Hebrtdea] ... F Us 
KrBDstlMlMdd [Xorway] F iM 
Faet ID the Ice [l<alar re- 

gtonal F m 

FlghtiH the flamea [Fire 

^rt^l - ~. .- F «l 
Fightina the whales ... F iSi 
naalbw lisfat of tbe Oood- 

«in Suda F 190 

Fmka en the Fella ... F Ml 

FogiliVM nUdagaacar]... F «A 
GarT«t and tbe garden ; 
and. Jcit Beoeon : or. the 
yoosg ooaatguardiaiuui F 493 
GaaioyDeUVnllcoceanl... F 1M 
Oiaat Bt the North [Folar 

resloaal F 4M 

ilo^dnaiD [California] F 4M 
aueilla bmUcn [Slavery in 

feLAfria] - F W 

Hot nraap [AneJeot Brit- 
ain] F 4W 

BadaoDBay [N.Amerleao 

.. F fiW 
... F 6U> 

"A. i.. 

1] ... 

Kitten pi Igrimk 

Life in the red brlgodi 

[London Bremen] ... i ia» 

lifeboat F KTT 

Ughlhouae F Ml 

Lively Poll [North Sea] ... F bat 
Lonely liland [Colonlalnaot 

Ktcaira] F 510 


... F 511 

Tft^iflc] ... ... ™" 7 512 

Hanln Ilattler [Brazil] ... F 513 
Middy and Che Uoon [Al- 

giera] F fi» 

My doggie and I F 515 

Noraemen la the Weat 

[America] F 516 

Over the Rocky mountalna 

[Red Indlanal F 51T 

PblhanpherJack [l<aciflc]... F RI8 

Ploneen {it. W. America] ... F Ell 
Pinte ctty [Slavery in N. E. 

Africa) P 620 

Post baste [H.M. maila] ... F B2I 
Prairie chief [North Ameri- 
can Indiana] F SIS 

Red Eric [Whale aahlngl... F iSi 


Shiftingwinda [shlpnre 

Tales of adventure 

Ufe] ■ 

r F BUU I ruined, "anved by Ihe lite 
b [ boat. Cbaaing Ihe sun. 
.- F 901 I Tfaorogood family 

Knight (E.F.) " Falcon "on the Baltic... M 245 

Voyage from Uammer>>-nilth to Copenhagen In 18V7. 
Macgi-egor (J.) " Rob R<)V " on tbe Baltic 

[in 1872] " M 246 

Milner(T., Rev.) TheBaltic, its gates, shores, 

and cities [m-. 1854] M 248 

Balzac (Honor4 de) Works : — 

Alkaheat F M7 I ModealeHlgnon F 5SS 

Bureaucroey F WB Bona ct Ihe soil P 5G6 

C^sar Blrolteau K 5IB Two hnthera F 55T 

Chouon F 5KK F l^t Unknown maalrrpleca F DM.F UO 

Cuuntry doctor F fic^ Unrequttod affection ... F 568 

Cou>lnl>ons... _. ... F 5» Wild oaa'a skin F 561 

UavlcBliln F 564 I 

— [/« French'] : — 

Albert Savarus K 1.156 Mataon du Cliat-t 

Beatrli ... K ISM, K IJH-I CONTAINS^Bal 

B K 1352. K 1353 
K 135a 

£ 1357. K 1.358 


Ite niia K 13S6 

K l!£T, K l;k'>8 

■ K 1358 

K 1348 



Kuginle Orondi 

Fnie^i yeiix ( 
Une Slle d'RvB 


Un grand homme ( 


Cssar Birotteau X 1346. K 1347 

LaOreuuligre K 1.>(4B 

Histoire dea trelia K 135;, K 1368 
niuslona perdue*. 3 v.:- K 1X0 
Lea deux pontes. ITu grand 
homme de province a Pnria. 


lat-uui-pelole K 1384 

iucin^i^" "^ ... K 1381 
a de Cadignan. 
'avlno cane. Un 

Le mtdecia de < 

^"afiMe. K 

Un manage de garcon ... K 1368 
Mcdeate Sllgnon K13T0.K 1371 

Peau de cbsgrin K 1373 

LcMreUoriot ... K 1373, X 1374 
Petltea miserea de la vie 

conjugale K 1375 

Physi ologledu mariage ; ou. 
mcdllationade phlluauphie 
iclectlque aurletwnbeur 
etlemalbeuri-onjugal ...X 1176 

F 536 . 


Biography and Criticiaitt. 
Stephen (L.) Bal/ac's novels. /M7t(s"HoBr8 

in a library," vol. 1 K lO.'l 

Surville (Mdme. L.) Balzac : sa vie et ses 

CBUvres. \_In French'] L 1340 




Balzac (Honore de) Biography — cimtt'niifit. 
Wedmore (F.) Life of Balzac L 1347 

ConlAtmi K completo bibliography. 

Balzani(Ugo) Italy M214G 

— Pop«a^n<l Uie Hohenetaufen [1138-1268] C 797 
Bam Wildfire. By Mathers (H. B.) ... F 5895 

Bamangwato trilw : — 

Hepburn (J. D., Rev.) Twenty years in 
Khama's country [in 1874-93] ; edited 
byLyall M 1054 

NOTB - Contiiln* an wrount of ml»lon work unons Ihe 
people near lAke Ktnunl. lu nell aa nmong Ihe Bamoiul- 
walo (rlbe. Throw* much light on the wan, Ibe nl£. 
and Inter-lribal lyranny. 

Bamber(£.F.,£![///<jr). LOOK UN DBB Siemens 

(Sir C. W.) 
Ban and AiTi^re Ban : fugitive rhymeo. By 

Lang (A.) K452,K 453 

Banbury (G. A. L.) On the verge of two worltls, F 562 
— Sierra Leone ; or, the white man's grave. M 9G3 
Bancroft (George) History of the Dniteti 

States of America [1492-1789]. (i v. ... M 2524-9 
Bancroft (Hubert Howe) Poinilar history of 

the Mexican people M2510 


Bancroft (Squire B.. cnid Marie E.) Mr. and 
Mrs. Bancroft on and off the stage ; written 

bythemselves L 1080 

Band of three. By Meade (L. T.) F 5937 

Bangs (John K.) In caiiip with a tin soldier. F 5ti3 

—Toppletou '8 client F 5C4 

Baniin (John, mid Michael) Croppy [Irish 

rebellion, 1798] F 565 

— Peepo'day. Crohooreof the Billhook ... F 506 
Banishment of JesBop Blythe. By Hatton (J.) 

Banister (Henry C, Prof.) I,ectures on 

musical analysis J 495 


—Music J 467 

Banjo. Trebla (F, E.) The banjo ; how made 
and played. /H"Amateurwork,"vols.6-7. H 1146-7 

tanks and bmnklnt—fimfimml. 

Macleod (H. D.) Elements of banking ... D 

Tritton (J. H.) Banking. In "Unwritten 

laws and idealsof active careers ; " edited 

by Pitcairn D 

Turner (B. B.) Commerce and banking : 

intro<luctory handbook D 

UBchlnerynndoonreynnee : Rovenimeat nnd 


trade connumieB 

money. b«nkH|clparinK,tiilU cheques. cii'biiDKe. elt*. 
ALSO LOOK UNDER Flnanoe. Interest. Monej-. stock ei. 

Banner (G. A.) Practical engraving on metal, 
including hints un saw-piercing, carving, 
and inlaying J 3.">8 

Banni. ParKrckmann-Chatrian. [/m Frenrh} K l.'ili? 

Banning and blessing. By Roberts (M.) ■■■ ¥ 722fi 

Banquet, The ;— 

Xenophon. The Imnquet. Minor works ; 

ti-ansl. by Watson K 20r.7 

— Convivii [Tauchnitz text] K 2UG5 

Banshee's warning. By Riddel) (Mrs. J. H.) 

F7100,F 7107 

Baptised with a curse. By Drewry (E. S.) ... F 2,"ir>;t 

Ringwood (R.) Principles of bankruptcy ; 
embodying the bankruptcy acts, debtors' 
act,bankruptoyrules,billsof saleactM,etc. D CC9 
Banks (Cbae, B.) All sorts and conditions 

of women [East end] F 567 

Banks (G.L.) Works:— 

Bond ulavea [LudillU riots | Min Pringle'ii pesrla F &7Z 

.. FS71 Watchmaker's dauitblsr. e 

Caleb Boath'a clerk F 54» RipiilsBandbreakcn 

PorbfddeD lo wed [C'hosh- I Rough road 

Ire. ISth cen(.] FG7D Slunii to Ihe quick 

Ood'l Providence Hduh ! STblQa.elc. 

[Rmuiclpatlon o 
781] - ..- , 

la bin own hand* F 5TZ I Wooen or 

BankB( J., Rev., Tran3t.).LOOK UNDER Hesiod. 

Callimachus. Theognis. 
Bank! anrt banking: — 

methods and administration ] 

NOTE— Dealt maiDly wltb tba United Stales clearing 
bouH lyitem. 

Oilbart( J. W.) History, principles, and prac- 
tice of banking. 2 v ] 

Brown (C. G., Rev.) Offices of Holy com- 
munion, Imptism, and confirmation ...C 

Mozley (J. B., B.D.) Review of tlie Imp- 
tismal controveray ... ... ... C 

Intuiia In baptlKm li not an article of the faith, not being 
read in or provnl by Scripture ; and Ihal the lormuloriee 

Pember (G. H.) The church, the churches, 
and the mysteries ; or, revelation and cor- 
ruption C 

Stone (D.) Holy liaptism C 

tbe oiatidpolDt of a distinct Anirllcan. 

Titcomb (J. H., Bishop iif Raiigoim) Bap- 
tism : its institution, its privileges, and 
its responsibilities C 

Wall( W.,Rev.)History of infant baptism. 2v. C 

NOTB -Cnllectton ' " ' 

60 1". 

urlen tor aiid againnt baplistn. 

Baptist lake. By Davidson (J.) 

... F 2303 

Cramp (J. M., D.D.) Baptist history : from 
the foundation of the christian church to 

the present time C DM.'i 

Molloy (J. F.) The l^ptists. Saturday after- 
noon with the seventh ilay baptists. In 

Aw "Faiths of the peoples." C S3f> 

Barbara. By Braddon (M. E.) ...F 1171, F 1172 
Barbara: lady's maid and peeress. By Alex- 
ander (Mrs.) F 217 

Barbara Dering. By Rives (A.) F 7217 

SEOUKLTO "Quiokoribedeadf- F 7220. 

Barbara Heathcote's trial. By Carey (R. N.) 

F 1574. F 1575 
Barbara Home. By Hayward (W. 8.) ... F .3992 

Barbara Leybourne. Bv Hamer (S. S.) ... F 3769 
Baibai-a's brother. By Everett-Green (E.) ... F 2771 
Barlmra's history. By Edwards (A. B.) F 2675, F 267G 



Lane-PiJole (8.) Barl»ary coreaire [l.">(>4- 

IWl] M2.177,M2378 

SOTS— Givps a "kf trh ot (he Moorish rulcra of MoroKw 
■sdTaDln. ■ - . - - 


e lUlh n 

h Cbiu-lpH V. Glve« ahixlury of the 
>artii AincaD siiitw Mid nyMniuilic pimcy durtntf lh« 
IWh. nth.nndli«hcmlurie«. Mlaht bo con»tdMwl ii pon- 
Linuutinn of the nuthor'ii "Hcnniin Hpnin," nnd "Turkey. 

Sala(G. A.) Trip to BarlKiry M 947 

NOTE -Record o( n loumey to Algieni In the truhi of tho 
F.mTKTor Xapoleon III, In IWR. 
ALSO I.OOE UNDBR Algeria. Moon^ Uorocco. Tiinii. 

Barliaulil (Mrs. Anne La:titia)i — 
Fiiwcett (Mtb. H.) Some eminent women 

of oar tiineR L lOH 

Martin (Mrs.H,.KWi<r) MemorieBofHeveiity 

jearfl L 44 

Rarlier (ThoniaH Walter) Enfiinecr'ssketcli- 
Iwik of methaiiicitl movements, deviceB, 
a)i|>lianveR, conlj-ivanc** and iletaila em- 
ployed in the deftigii and coiifltruction of 
macliinerv for every pnrpone H .'134 

Barbier de Paris. Par Kock (C. P. de). [/» 
F>-enrh-\ ... K 15112 

BarbierediSiviglia : comic opera. ByKoBsini 
(G.). Vocal srtire J 643 

Barchester Towers. By Trollope (A.) ... F 8357 

Barclay (Robert) The silver tjneation and tlie 
gold qaestioQ D 376 

Bard,The:acantaia.ByStanford(C.V.). rofrtZ 

Bardossi'Bdaughter.ByHntcheBon(M.)F4592,F 4593 

BardB of the bible. By Gilfillan (G.) ...C 163 

Bardsley (Charles Wareing) Knglish 

names : their Hoarces and significations ... L 1394 

Barer* (Bertrand). In Macaulay (Lord) Re- 
views, essays, etc. ... ... ... ... K 794 

Baretti (G.) Dictionary of thu Italian and 
English languages ; revised by Comelati 

nud Baretti. 2v E 126 

VoL 1.— llalUm-EngUsh. Vrf. 2.-Engltah-It»linn. 

— , [joint authoi-\. LOOK UNDER Neuman 

BarfF (F. S., Prof.) Glass and silicates. Brit. 

manttfac. inditat H 16 

Earhani(RichardH.,Rev.) IngoldBlivlegendB, K 883 

Baring-Gould(Sabine,Rev.) Book of Brittany. M 537 

— Book of Dartmoor M 44C 

— Church in Germany C 826 

— Curious myths of the middle ages. 1)1071, D 1072 


— Deaerte of southern France : an introduc- 
tion to the limestone an<l chalk plateaux 
of ancient Aquitane. 2v M 518 

—Germany [113 B.C. to 1871]. M 201)1, M2002 

— Household Ktories. In Henderson (W.) 
Notes on the folk-lore of the northern 
counties of England and the borders ... D 1075 

— In troubadour- land : ramble in Provence 

and Languedoc [in 1890] M .550 

—Old country life M 324 

jiirtK -DetnTlbesKogli-h country Bfe In the «rly part of 
-■ ■■— renlury and tho chanj-^- ■ '-' — ' — 

Baring-Gould (Sabine, Rev.) — confiniied. 
Origin and development of religious belief. C 33 

FOn NOTBS. LOOK UNIiBH Church. Rellgloa. 

Strange survivals ; some chapters in the 

history of man D101G,D 1017 

NOTE CollMIion of pKp«ni eiphttninit and llluBlni 

-Novels :- 

Brooin Squire [Hurray lilds - Hindi 
Ch«pJ*ckZitarKlyFeTUi,l»R] ... 

Court Bovnl [Rodety llfej 

Domillu (Boman empire, elr. A.D. gl4>] 
Eve CDnrtmoor. eHly lUlhceDl.] 
FroblHheni tHIaflonlxhlre potteriea] 

OsTerocltii (OorawBll] 

Orcltir the oullaw [Iivland. lOth rent 
OuavnK the [Itinrr tDartnioor nilnex. 
Icelander^H iword 
In a quiet villiue [Cbampter nkelche 
In Ihp roar oTflie -ea ((.'omloh coant. 

Johnnerrin^Devon ^ Carawnil] 

Kitty nlone [Westc •— ' 

Littfc- ■ 




... F Ml, F S«3 





... F 687. F GSa 

F 68* 



... F 683, F EM 

1 ;." 

. ... F ««, F IS» 


F fiflT 

. ..,F5eB.F6M 




. ...PwFm 

. .„FM*.Fe» 

. ... F81fl.F611 

. .., Ffll2.FllS 

. ...Ftll4.F6lt 

r. HSoi 


. ... F 820. F 831 

'.'.'. FKsir tat 

. ...FK6.FBW 

. ...F8K,FBM 


m\ '". 

.., F a2>, F S» 

. ... _:f«m 

FuU of plfwnt E<iH>ip about ol 

ol>i lanul 




Manter}- o( Qiielher [DevonHhlrel 

Mehulah [Knit mnnihM of Owi) 

Mm. Cursenren ol Cursenven (Oevrol ... 

My I'raKUB p)|C, elr 

NnimlTCavodwfllerHlnS.W.FTann'.rii. , 
Fabo the prletil [Civil war, R Wntem lAh r> 


PenwIiiB tNlmrK, A.D.SWl 

gnern of loi-e [Salt dlirtrk-l. Cheshire 
Retl "piiter [DevonKhire. 60 yeani wo' 
Blohard Cable [H^eei cooirt] 

Royal Georsie 

Urflh [Dartmoor. MonmoQth rabelUon, Ifttt] 



[in 1892-3] M 552 

— ^Wanderings by Southern waters : Eastern 

Aquitaine M 553 

Barker (G. F. Russell, Editor). LOOK UHDBR 

Walpole (H.) 
Barker (Lady Mary A.) Bedroom and boudoir H 734 

Barker (Mrs. Sale) Little Dowager F 632 

Barker's luck. By Harte (F. B.) F 3861 

Bark ley (Henry C.) Between the Danube and 
Black Sea; or, five years in Bulgaria 

[1857-62] M 707 

— Ride through Asia-Minor and Armenia [in 

1878] M 829 

Sketrh of tlie ^hn^u■tp^^ nuuinem nnd roMomi of both 
tho UufHulmun and i-lirinliiin InhaMtaola. 

Barlow (Arthur, Nafigntitr) : — 
/jiHakluyt(R,) Voyagesof the Elizabethan 

seamen to America; edited by Payne... M 140 

Barlow (U. W. C,, and Bryan (G. H.) 

Elementary mathematical astronomy ...G 257 

Barlow (George) Crucifixion of man : a poem. K 336 

Barlow (Jane) From the east unto the west... F 633 


— Maureen's fairing, etc. [Ballyhoy] ... F 634 

— Strangers at Lisconnel : Irish idylls ... F 635 

Barmby (J,, Rev.) Gregory the great C 846 

Barnabas, Epistle of. In " Apostolic fathers" ; 

edited bv Burton, vol. 1 C 111 

Barnaby (Sydney W.) Marine propellers ... H 393 
Barnaby Ru<lge [Gordon riots, 1780]. By 

Dickens (C.) ... F 2M\, F 2362, F 23(53 

Barnard (CharleB),>iH/ tiuthor. LOOK UNDER 

Mayer (A. M.) 
Barnard (George, Prof .) Handliookof foliage 

and foreground drawing J 210 




Bamby (Sir Joseph) Relwkah : asacred idyll, 

X'ocal score J 751 

In Engel (L.) From Handel to Halle ... L 1(«7 
Barnee (William E.,D.D.> Books of Chronicles. C 242 I 

Barnett (John) Mountain sylph: opera. Vocal 
score J 530 i 

Barnett (John Francis) Ancient mariner : a ' 

cantata. Vocal score " 

Barneveld (Jan van Olden) : — 

Uotley (J. L.) Life and death of John of 

Drwiking tl)ei<hiV(.'kle« ... F Uei 

Fullered for lite F esi 

FoUyMorriROn F 98S 

For We and honour ... F «H 

Found gulUv F «es 

Hone«tI>iiT)e F BHS 

John Fort. HIM belpmnle... F Ki 

f ecoibn^ Tenvennce 
letof ro((u«.!n(hfenl.] 

., F «fN> 
.. F M>1 
,. F fiP-J 

Barnum (Phineaa Taylor) Life of ; written 

by himself L 

Barometer, The : — 

TomlinBon(C.) Pneumatics; includi ngacouB- 

— .[Joint editor]. LOOKVstt&aHtainerl&rJ.) 
Barrett (Wilson) Sign of the cross ... ... F 

, -, - , r ■ , ~ ^ r, 1.'.' JSOTB Perserulion of chrtrttftn* in Rome, llmt Of Ksio. 

tics and the phenomenaofwmd currents. & 4(jl( — ,and Barron (E.) In old New York ,,,F 
Baron Montez. By Gunter (A. C). F 3635, F 30311 Burrett-Lennard (Thomaa) Position in law of 
Baron's sons. By Jdkai (M.) •=• -<"'« 

I B,irrett (George S.) Temptation of Christ... C 396 
Barrett (Joan) Monte Carlo stories ... F fi'.*l> 

Barrett (W. F., Prof.) Practical physics ... G 3151 
Barrett (William Alex., Mu8. Doc.) English 

I church composers L H'30 


,. F 478X 

Blaanw (W. H.) The Barons' war : includ- 
ing the Imttles of Lewes and Evesham 
[1203-68] M1803 

KOTB— HIntory Ot UieBreat ttruaale belvecD Ihe BaroDii - 
underthelndiinhlpatSlmondelioiitfan andHenryOI. 
In conaequence o[ Ibe Kind's [ullhlosnem Bud oppTMitlan. 
Richardson (0. H., Prof.) National move- 
ment in the reign of Henry III., and its 
culmination in the Barons' war ... D 6il7 

FOBKora. LOOK DNDBR Great Britain-Oinf((irf/oB. 

Barr (Amelia E.) Works : — 

Boadi ol Turner tRcotlsndl F SSB Jon Veddor'n wife [Shet- 

Bemicla [Hethadinn and Innd I-,l F 6G0 

WhlMlleldl P 637 Kniehl ol Ihe neM [Flaher- 

Between two loveii [West folk In FitpJ F flSl 

Riding] F B38 Lael or IbeUacAlleteni ... F BAS 

Border ■hcpherdsus [E«k- Tjmn hnuw- V f/a 

(Ule snd the borderaj ... F AM 

Bow of orougB ribbon ... F HO ever F tM 

auny McPhemon F iHl i Blold of Maiden lane 

Daughter of Fife F M2 Paul and Clirlnlina [Hhet- 

Feeto/clar [UaniBiher- land Im) F «» 

folk] F ftM Preorher'a daughter [North 

Flower ot OaU water, etr. F »H 1 of Bngtaudl ... 

Friend Ollil* [Quaker Roneofahund- 

■torr. dr. 1S90] F M5 She laved a khI 

D lorxi 

TreatlM on Ihe ponitlon ot women nl rommon law a< 
modlfled bv the dovtrlnen ot equity and by recent leetnla- 
tlon ; together with (be nurrted womenV property aetit, 
IKTO, ISii, ISffi : Ihe niloH ot the Ruprnne court. )88^ relal- 
tng to taking BcknowledsmentK. and the ponlol regulations 
IBSa, olfBciIng married women. 

Hiirrie (J. M.) Works :— 

Auld llcht Idylla [ForfarihirBj F "02. F ;iw 

Better dead F 7W, F 7(ir< 

Kdm burgh eleven ' — 

indred loavoi ... 

.England) F 
•elr TWeat 

.. F 803 
.. F SM 

[Hebrlde<il ... 

L thou, nod thi 


Riding) .^ ■-..' ~: F »4B 

Barr (James,£(^//or') American humorous verse K 135 
Barr (Robert) Works :— 

Adventures ot a merry i Mutable many [Deali 

tnonarcb F S8fi MrikrHT F 871 F l!74 

OouDt«Tekla [Medieval Revenge .„ - — 

Qennary] F see Unchanging FjbI 

Face and the mask FWT, K ««8 NOTK -AmuHlngoTpenenn 
From wboee bourne, etc.... F tHS ol a cruise In the Meditei 
In a steamer chair, etc. ... F 870 ranenn. 
Inthemldstof atarmsF671.F 872 i Womnn Inteneni 

Hellar, : 
LItllei ' 

r, Chryifta\ 



... F 7{«. F T( 
... F J(R. F 71 

...FTIUF 7- 

"GdT Kicoil'ne' 

ScntimentalTommTif^oiiano, prewni aayi r rii r .is 

Tommy and CIrtiel [.4-flii'/ to"SenlimenrBlTommy"] ... F 71i F "IS 

Whenaman'a single [Literary lite In Londonl P 718. F 717 

Window lnThruinH[Klrrtemulr] FTIf^ F 710 

Hammerton (J. A.) J. M. Barrie and his 

Ixraks : biogi-aphical and critical studies. K :t<>.') 
Barriers burned away. By Roe (E. P.) ... F 72t»7 
Barrili (A. G.) L'Olmo e I'Edera. [/« Ilrtlian] K IKtT 
; — PrineeBs's private secretary ; transl. by 

Stephen F720,F 721 

J Barringtoii(Mrs.EusHell)Helou'Bui-,leal.F722,F 72;i 

Hoi^Vof ttowind.ew..^ F M6 I ainger f[™"tiiei«n icorii- " — Lena's picture F724,F 72.T 

" F H7 1 s,'^ffof-Sand;;i*ide- Z F T^ ^^"»S*^'^- ByLever(C.) F 5247 

~ ~ ] Barristirs. By Birrell (A.). In "Unwritten 

laws and ideals of active careers " ; edited 

by Pitcairn D 3.^ 

' Ban-on (Elwyn),>/H(f((f(/(((r. LOOK DNDEB 
Barrett (Wilson). 
Barrow (Isaac, Tiieologian atid tiiatlietiiati- 
ami). In Btooghton (J., D.D.) Worthies of 

science L 846 

^Barrow (Jnhn) Mountain ascents in West- 

„ , , ,, , „ „. , — ■ ''^*.P*'ij moreland and Cumberland J 10S>4 

Barrack-room ballads. By Kipling (R.). K 440, K 447 | Barry (MtT^<X,Bi simp of Sydney) What is nat- 

ural theology :att«inpt to estimate theci 


Barracks, bivouacs, and battles. ByForbes(A.). M 

editedbyDuray. 4v L 589-!t2 

Also in French. 4v L 503-!)(i 

Barren ground of Northern Canada [inI889-iiO]. 

By Pike (W.) M 1030 

Barren honour. By Lawrence (G. A.) ... F 5127 

Barren title. By Speight (T. W.) F 7849 

Barrett(Alfred W.). LOOK UNDHE Andom(R.) 
Barrett (E. E.) Camilla de Solys F 678 


lativeevidenci'ot many witnesses to God... C 
Barry <James),Opie (John),flfidFuseli (Henry) 

Lectures on painting J 

Barry (John Arthur) In the grciit deep : sea 

stories F 

— Steve Brown's bunyip ; and other stories of 

adventure F 

Barry (John Warren) Studies in Corsica : 

sylvan and social [1880-85] M 




Barry(JohiiWolfe) Rail way appliances : adcB- 

criptiniiof detailsof railwajcoiiBtruction... H 511 
Barry (William, D.D.) Works:— 

ArdnMoaBiMr [MaderntUlTl - F 734 

N««Mil)aonr [RurolnrKDibllimi] F TJB 

Two<faui4«r4s F7», F 7J1 

VFiard'a knol F T3J 

Barry Lyndon. By Thackeray (W. M.) ... 

F 8358, F 825ft, F 82C0 
Barth (Henry, D.c.L.) Travels aud (liscoveries 

ill NorthaDdCentralAfrioa[in 18.52-55]. 2v.M 890 
Bartho)oinew(John) Atlas of the British em- 
pire throughout the world M 197 

— Black'sHandyatlaaof EnglandandWalefl... M 198 
— frown atlas, consisting of forty maps of 

modern geography ; with index ... M 182 
—Philipa'Handyatlasofthecountieff of Ireland M 194 
— Philips" Handy at lafl of the counties of Scot- 
land M 195 

— Philips' Haudy atlas of thecounties of Wales; 

with index M 199 

Bartholomew fair : — 
Morlev (H.) Memoirs of Bartholomew fair 

CStKHH.W] D1042 

Hartley (George C.T.) Toys. Bril. manu/ac. 

hidmt H 15 

Bartolommeo (Fra, Baccio della Porta) : — 
Scott (L.,/«M«f. o/Mi-3.Luoy E. Baxter) Fra 

Bartolommeo LlOll 

Bary(A,de,Prof.)LectureBonI>acteria! transl. 

l>y (lamsley G 1127 

Bastom (J.) Sociology D 16 

BaselMll. By Crane (N.) ... J 112.3, J 1124 

Bashful efteen. By Meade (L. T.) F 5938 

Risil the great (St., Arcltbp, of Ca-sitfea) ; — 
Farrar (F. W., Dean) Lives of the fathers, 

vol.2 L 231 

Kingsley (C, Canon) The hermits. L 215, L 216 
Newman ( J. H.,C^rdinaI) Historical sketches, 

vol. 2 M 43 

Smith(R.T.,Rev.) St.Ba8ilthegreat ...C 843 
Tweedie (W. K., D.D.) Earnest men ... L 62 
Wilson (W., Rev.) Popular preachers of 

the ancient church ... ... ... L 233 

Basil. By Collins (W.) ... F 1828. F 1829 

Basil and Annette. By Farjeon (B. L.) ... F 2828 
Basil Godfrey's caprice. By Lee (H.) ... F 5142 
Basil Lyndhurst. By Carey (B. N.) ... F 1576 

Baaile the jester. By Muddock (J. E.) F 6207, F 6208 

D>Ti irf Hvy, QiiMu of Scoti 

Basoche " 


Bastian (H. Charlton, Prof .)—«»«/« MH«f. 

— Kvoliitioii and the origin of life G 1016 

Baatiat(Fre<leric) P^onouiic sophisms; transl. 

by Stirling D 492 

— Ksaaya on political economy D 217 

— Harmoidea of political economy D 218 

— Popular fallacies regarding trade and foreign 

duties ; adapted by Edgcumbc ... D 493, D 494 
Bastille, The. By Bingham (D.). 2 v. ... M 2062 

ol it in 1380 to lis dotnu-ikm in I7D(>. and (Itch oi 

!:coinicopera.ByMee8ager(A.). Voca! 
score J 635 

Basset (A. B.) Elementary treatise on hydro- 
dynamics and sound G 465 

Bastable(C.F.,Prof.) Commerceof nations... D 491 


— Theory of international trade ; with some 

of its applications to economic policy ... D 992 

Bastian (H.Charlton, Prof.) Beginnings of life: 
being some account of the nature, modes 
of origin and transformations of lower 
organisms. 2 t G 1015 

— Brain as an organ of mind B 49, B 50 


itolund. LOOK UNDER Africa— •S'oM//i. 

Batchelor (John, Rev.) Ainu of Japan ... M 
itcson (William) Materials for the study of 
variation ...G 

Bath (W. Harcourt.) Ants, bees, dragon-flies, 

earwigs, crickets, and flies G 1294 

Bath.Granville(A.B.)SpaBofEngland,voi.3.. M 335 

Bath comedy. By Castle (A., and E.) ... F 1660 


Black (G- Edilur) Sea-air and sea-ltathing. H 174 
Dudgeon (H. E., b.d.) On bathing. In hia 

" Prolongation of life " H 139 

Bathoeng, Chief of the Bangnaketue tn'be. 

Lloyd ( K., Rev.) Three great African chiefs. M 1021 


Batrachians. LOOK TIBDBR Reptiles. 
Batter8by(H.F.P.). LOOKUNDBKPrevoet(F.) 
Battery and the Iwiler. By Ballantvne<R. M.) F 467 
Battle and a boy. By Howard (B. W.) ... F 4415 
Battle and the breeze. By Ballantyne(R. M.) F 468 
Battle of life. By Dickens (C). F 2367, F 2368, F 2369 
Battle of the strong. By Parker (G.) ... F 6632 
Adam8(W.H.D.)Battlestorie8from British 

and European history MI5I5 

— Mariners of England, and their ileeds of 

daring M1643 

Allen (J.) Baltlesof the Britishnavy [1190- 

1840]. 2t M1646 

Clinton (H.R.) From Crecy toAssye: being 
five centuries of the military history of 
England M1652 

HOTB— Aeummarr.chronolofnciily aiTanff8d.of Ihewerj. 
cunpalgnn. tnttlev, etc. In whirh EngKBb forces vers en- 
gaged during the period 1327-1 8tt>, 

Crane (S.) Great battles of the world ... M 62 

-Vltlorts. tHegoorPleTnn. Slonnlng o( Burk- 

llwedo'sclnilpBigQmGBnndiiT— LoipilR. 

"' """' rtef cuDpalgn agojngt 

Battle o[ Bunker Hill. 

Creasy (Sir E. 8.) Fifteen decisive battles 

of the world [B.C. 490-1815] ... M 1, M 2 
Fitchett (W. H., Rev., LL.D.) Deeds tliat 
won the empire : historic battle scenes, 

[1759-1815] M1880 

—Fights for the flag [1652-1854] ... M 1659 

CONTENTs—Blalie BQd llie bulcbmen, Marlborough at 
Blenbeiin. AUBOn and the "Centurion." Qeotgr II. at 
Deltlngen. Battle of Minden. Bodney end Do arasse at 
the battle of tbe Satnti. Howe nnd Ibe Sret o! June. Sir 
John Moore at Coraniu. WelUnston ai Salamanca. Bles* 
ot Sod Bebullan. Sir Edward Codrington at Navarino. 
TnkmoanD. Fanione cavalry chanre*. etc. 


be: A 

.M 38 

BatUM — amtintted . 

ForbeB (A., LL.D) Barrackfi, bivonacB, and 
battles ' 

Btofleii of timy Ule In the Climes, Indiiui mutiny, and in 
Soutb Afiioa. 
Grant (J.) British battlsa on land and sea 

[106C-1874]. 3v M 1666-8 

Greatsiegee of history [B.C.2134toA.D.1870] M 
Hendry (H.) Majuba, Bronkereprnit, In- 
gogo, Lang's Nek, Krngeradorp M2452 

FOB KOIB. LOOK DNDER TransvaiLl— Sorr IPnr. 

Low (C. R., Lieut.) Battlea of the British 

army [100&-1890] M 1719 

— Great battles of the British navy[885-18«5] 

M 1720, M 1721 
Napier (SirW.,Lieat.-6«n.) English battles 
and sieges in the Peninsula, extracted 
from his " Peninsular war." M 2192, M 2193 

Cbllral. Crimmn wnr. Franco -Bn-o/iif (dm. Fraaco- 
GennuiWBr. Orest Britain— Cli'll iivr. Onect—iVar of 
iHdtiiendeaft. India— Matlnii. Uudgiaaarar. Nav;. The. 
New ZcolBDil. PeloponneBlan war. Pminmilar war. 
Ruwo-TiukliOi war. Seven year^ war. Soudan. Thirty 
yeorB' war. TronavaoL United StMen—War of Indtptn- 
dtna. and Cldl iLvr, Waterloo. Zululand and war. 

Battles with the sea. By Ballantyne (R. M.) F 469 
Battling life, chiefly in the civil service. By 

Baker (T.) L 691 

Battling with the world. By A. L. 0. E. ... F 1 
Bauerman (Hilary, Prof.) Metallurgy of iron. H 940 

— Systematic mineralogy G 699 

— Text-book of descriptive mineralogy ... G 698 
Banghan (Rosa) Character indicated by hand- 
writing B 63 

— influence of the stars : a book of old world 

lore B 80 

coMTBUTa— AttroluOT' Chiromancy. Tby^ottnoniy. 

Raamann(A.A.) Betterment, worsement, and 

recoupment ; with a note on betterment in 

America D 633 

Bautain (L. E. M., Pi-of.) Art of extempore 
speaking : hints for the pulpit, the senate, 

and the bar K 31 


S^gain (L. G., afterioards Mrs. Strahan) 
Walks in Bavaria; an autumn in the 
coantry of the passion play M 496 

HMorlcal and deacriptire: with ao acconnt □[ Ober- 
AnunsrOBu and the parformance of the pasglOD play- 

Trollope (F.) Vienna and the Austriana j 
with some account of a journey through 
Swabia, Bavaria, etc. [in 1836-7]. 2 v.,,, M 505 
Bawerk (E. V. Bohm). LOOK DNDER Bfthm- 

Bawerk (E. V.) 
Bax(Eme8tB.) Ethics of eocialiam ... D 437 
— Outlooks from the new standpoint ,..D 438 
— Religion of socialism D 439 


— Story of the French revolution ., 

— ,\Jomt author}. LOOK UNDER Morris (W.) 
Baxendale (Florence) Disenchantment of 
Nurse Dorothy [Hospital nurse's life] ... 
Baxter (Lucy E.). LOOK undkb Scott (Leader) 
Baxter (Richard, Rev.) Saints' rest. 2 v. ... ' 

Baxt«r (Richard, Rev.) — continued. 

Jn Dawson CG.tBlcKtraphlcallectureB. LSI: DowdcniE.. 
Prof.i Puritan and AnKlic-an. K 2« i QronartlA.B. LLD.) 
Heprenenlalive nonoonlonnlstn. L 211 ; Men who have 
made theraselveo, L 47 ; Ktephen (Sir J.| Fjwiysin ercleBl- 
OHliral liiography, L 224 ; Tulloch 1 J, D D.) EngU»h puhtan- 
ii^ and lt> leaders. Lj£» 

Baxter (Rt. Hon.W.E.) England and Ruesia 

in Asia D 189 

Bayadere.and other sonnets. By Saltus (F. S.) K 125 
Bayard (Pierre du Terrail, Chevalier de) : — 

In Smith (H.G.) Romance of history ... L 
Bayley (Jonathan, PH.D.) The divine word 

opened: sermons. [Swedenborgian] ... C 
Baylias (Wyke) Higher life in art ; with a 

chapter on hobgoblins by the great masters. J 
Bayly (Ada E.). look under Lyall (Edna) 
Bayly (Elisabeth Boyd) Works :— 

AltredaHobns F TM [ New Zwland conrtahlp. 

Forenlwyk F -.IS etc. 

Jonathan Herle P T36 | Znchary Broush'menture ... 

Bayne(Peter,LL.D,) Six christian biograpliies L 

CONTENTS— Howard. Wilberforce Chalmen. Arnold. 
Budgett. Foater. 

Baynes (Herlwrt) Dante and his ideal .,. L 1376 

Baynham (George W.) Elocution : selections 
from leading authors and dramatists; with 
rules and instructions, and graduated exer- 
cises K 43 

Ba£in(Ren4) Blotof ink ;"Q.,"mirf 

Francke F 6965 

— Italians of to-day \cir. 1895] ; tranal. by 

Crooklanda M 559 

■Ma tante Giron. [/» Freyieh'] K 1381 

Madame Corentine. [/n Frettcit] ... K 1363 

Beach (Thomas, Major). LOOK UNDER Le 
Caron (H.), pseud. 

Beaconsfie1d(BenjaminDiBraeli, Earl) Works: 

Alroy FT!»,F7«I 

Coningnby [En«li«hptrflllcalUfe) F711.F-<3 

Cootorin I Fleming F7I3.FT*! 

Endymion F 7*B, F 7« 

Noticed in Scherer'ii Koaya on English literature. K 216 
Henrtetta Temple [Hero l« drawn from Count D'Oraay) ... F7JT.F748 
Internal marrtagfl i.t« !,.».« 




.. F T37 
.. F738 


Lothair [CatliDllc reoetl 
For a reifiew of this 
of the peetace. In hU 

Choice of books." K 778 


Sbll [Tale of the ChnrtlstB] .. 
norsd [Defence -' ■'- ■ — 

-■ -■■ '•"-iie.Gei- _, 

[Depicts the aulb< 


iBilii (Time, Georw III. Byron flgarm prominently) ... 
f*>— ■"•-'>■- -■—".randhisoptwnentJi] 

Biography and Criticism. 
Fronde (J. A.) I^rd Beaconsfieid ... L 475, L 476 
Kebbel (T. E.) Life of Lord Beaconafield... L 477 
Stephen (L.) Disraeli's novels. In his " Hours 

in a library," vol, 2 K 103 

In Geffcken (F. H., dr.) British empire .,, D 174 
M2106' ^HJerroId(W.B.) Best of all good company, L J122 
In Kebbel (T. E.) English statesmen .,, L 519 
Beads of Tasmer [Scotland]. By Barr(A.E.)F 636 
"Beagle," H.M.S. Darwin (C.,ll.d.) Journal 
733 of researches into the natural history and the 

geology of the countries visited during the I 

500 voyage round the world [in 1832-36] .,. G 96 






liealp (A. M. A.) Excelaior KiiglJBh -Spanish l Beaumont (tVanciN) — rmitinued. 

ami Spaitish-Eogliah dictionary : commer- Iiii>gntiihy. 

cial and technical E 137 | Coltiridgt- (S. T.) LcctuitH iind notes on 

B«ile (Lionel S., Prof.) On life and on vital , ShaltHpere and other Kngliwh pwts ...K O-IG 

action in health and disease G HH7 ■ Gosae (E.) Jacolwan poelB K 2«3 

—On slight ailments and on treating disease. H 255 Beaumont (HirJoJin). />(GotMe(K.) Jacolx-an 

Beai*> (Stephen) Profitable poultry keeping. H WO ' poets K 283 

Bi-aman (A. Hulme) M. Slambuloff ... L fi26 | Beaumont (Mary) Ringliy lass. etc. ... F 701 

ikamea(D.,Capt.),>i»(<7niAw.L00KUNDBR iBeaumont (Rolwrts, Prof.) Woollen and 

Jepson (E.) I worsted cloth manufactnro H 989 

Bear hunter^ of the Rocky mountains. By | Beauties of Shakspeare. By Do«Id (W.) ... K C77 

Bowman (A.) F 1150 j Beautiful in music. By I'auer (E.) J 430 

Ii«ir<l (Charles) Indnatriat revolution ... D 265 Beautifuljim. By Winter (J. 8.) ...F90.'J4,F 903.1 
iHUramrn-c. I Beautiful Miss Barrington. By \.ev (H.) ... F 5143 

iBeautifuI soul. Hy Marrvat (F.) ... F5(>.'>«, F ."HiSit 
iBeautifuI whit^ devil. Br Bootlihy (G.) ... F 1114 

I Beautiful ■wretch. By Bli'ick (W.) F 978 

°i Beauty. LOOK UNDER ^Jsthetics. 



Iteard (William S.) Longman's Junior school 

algebra ; to meet the requirementa of the 

Oxford and Cambridge junior local ex- 

ami nations, the College of Preceptors, etc. G 

— Longman's Junior school mensuration ... G 

— .[>om/«i//Aor].LOOK0NDBRPendlebury(C.) 

Brtirdmore (W. Lee) Drainage of habitable 

buildings H 535 

B.?aKley (Henrj) Druggist's general receipt 
I>ook : comprising a copious veterinary 
formulary, numerous recipes in patent and 

proprietary medicines, etc H 235 

Beast and man in India. By KipIing{J. L.) ... G 1241 
Beating the record. By Stehbing(G.) F 79.'JO, F 7931 
Beaton (Alfred Charles) Quantities and meas- 
uremente: howtocalculateand take them... H 1075 

Beatrice. By Haggard (H. R.) 

F .3(578, F 3679, F 3680, P 3681 

Beatrice. By Sinclair (C.) F 7770 

Beatrice and Benedick. By Smart (H.) ... F 7791 
Beatrice Melton'sdiscipline. ByFtanc(M.J.)F .%91 
Beatrice Tyldesley. By Ainsworth(W.H.)F 117, F118 [/ii/'r«(fA]KI344at 134;" 

Beauty and the beast. By Tytler (S.) ... F 8495 
Beauty stone -. a musical dmnia. By Sullivan 

(Sir A., and otlient). IVfl/ scwe ... J 568 

Beauty's daughtera. By Hungerford (Mrs.) 

F4507,F 4508 
Beavan (Arthur H.) I mjw rial London ... M 369 
Beazley (0. Raymond) Dawn of modern geo- 
graphy M 09 

— Prince Henry the navigator L 815 

Bechetein (J. M., M.D.) Cugeand chamber birds H 645 
Bechstein (Ludwig) S&mmtlicbe milrchen. 

[/h Qertnnn] K l(t95 

Gillmore(P.) Days and nights by the desert. M 1017 

NOTB - Sport Btid ndvmtun In tile Imrt of lond In B«;hD- 
uiolnnd, known na ilie Kiilnhnrl deiiert. Pomu a con- 
ttnuntlon oTIiIh 'Htnilrr'aaiviullH.'' 

Lloy<!(E.,Rev.) Three gi-eat African chiefs. M 1021 

re, tmditionH, nnd helleli 

Ifealrii Bandolph. Bj Hawthorne (J.) ... F 394-1 5<^'(";„'!^) I"i; "l""'","' *';<*'f' -^ 

Ikatlie (J.mM) Poetical works ; with memoir, I Beck (William) The t nenil. : who they are- 

bTDVce K 337 L '*»'"«■>■ j!J<"^™' 

n " ^, L n> .1 ■ 10.U .T T> «■ _^i. I Becke (IjOuih) Works : — 

BoinIJa«h[Bathiiil8lhoeiit.].ByAmswonh | jjbu™ .i ih, »S. [aouih nid.i. n. d.,ii ii4,ilil ... 

(W.H.) Fllil.F 120' .!™'li. ■_■„»:■"•" '>',-iJ"T »■• «S">™ 

r. r.. n t ,1^ 1 \ r t n i-i.r I Edivard Hurry : South Sea i [Tnulini! in Soiitli KeiwI... 

Beau-pere. Par Bernard {0. de). [/iiFrencAlK 1.W3 pettier ' f tm ■ t,™ Wniiih [south koSi... 

Beauchamp. By James (G. P. R.) F 4651 ^r^'fT.(f'^"}xv"< mIV,- '""" n'i'." '*^"*T' ^ 't.'o 

■T«pu of Ban<lerah F 770 


...C 9(18 

h Km*] ... F 7H7 

Beauchamp'scareer. By Meredith (G.) F 5998, P 5999 

Beauclercs. By Clarke (0. C.) F 1736 

Beaufort (Henry C. P. Somei-set, Duke of) 

Driving J 1169 

—.find Morris (M.) Hunting J 1221 

Beaufort (Raphael L. de, Transl. and Editor). 

LOOK UNDER Broglie. 
Bc^ulieu (Paul Leroy, Prof.) Motlern stjite 

in relation to society and the individual... D 64 
Beaumont(PranciB),«>idFIetcher(John) Dra- 
matic works ; edite<l by Strachey. 2 v. K 6ti8 
— Dramatic works ; with an introduction bv 

Darley. 2v K 669-70 


— Selected plays ; with introduction, by 

Fletcher K 672 

—Selected plays ; with notea, hy Hunt ... K G71 

Becker (W, A., Prof.) Cliariclea ; transl. by 

Metcalfe M 227 

NOTE Soekx to roprodure the dornwt ic lite of llienncimt 
Qrwhii M re-crentod by tho re»eu[vhe« of modeni Mholur- 

— Gallus 

,. M 224 

Beckett St. Thomas a). LOOK UNDER Thomas 

a Becket, St. 
Becket,and other plays. ByTennyfl<>n(Lord). K G59 
Beckett (A. W. A'). LOOK UNDER A'Beckett 

(A. W.) 
Beckett (Sir Edmund, ll.d.) Book on build- 
ing : civil aiwl ecclesiastical, incltuting 

church restoration H 1047 

— Church restoration H ](U8 

A reprint of n porlion of the above work. 



Beckett (Sir EJmund, LL.D.) — cwUiiiued. 

—Clocks and watches and bells H 1013 

Beckett (W. H.) English reformation of the 

16th century ; with chapters on monastic 

England, and the Wycliffite refoi-mation... C 
Beckford (William) Descriptiveaccountofthe 

island of Jamaica [in 1777]. 2 v. ... M 1116 

Beckford (William) History of the Caliph 

Vathek F 

NOTK -A romiiTice of EBBt«ni lile, 

Beckinann (Jolin) History of inventions, dis- 
coveries, and origins; transl. by Johnston ; 
revised and enlarged by Francis and 

Griffith. 2v H 

Beckoning hand. etc. By Allen (G.). F276,F 277 
BeokwoQrth(JaniesP.)Lifeand adventures of. 

By Bonner (T. D.) : edited by Leland ... L 807 

Becky. By Mathers (H. B.) F 5896 

Bedding (S. A.) Music and drill D 904 

Bede(Venerable)EccleBia8tical history of Eng- 
land [a.D, 1-731] ; and the Anglo-Saxon 
chronicle [A.D. 1-11.54] : edited by Giles... C 809 

Quaint moDkMi chroniclea of evente and episodes- 

Browne (G. F.. Rev.) Venerable Bede ...C 844 
Bede (Cuthbert, paeitd. of Rev. E. Bradley) 
Adventures of Mr. Verdant Green [Cari- 
cature of university life] F 772 

— Little Mr. Bouncer and his friend Verdant 

Green F 773 

Bede's charity. By Stretton (H.) F 8077 

Bedford (Sir F.G. D., Admiral) Sailor'ahand- 

book H 821 

— Sailor's pocket book : collection of rules, 

notes, and tables H 822 

Bedford (John Plantagenet,Dnkeof>./H James 

(G. P. R.) Great commanders L 686 

Bedford(Peter,gM«Jte01'ifeof.ByTallack(W.) L 304 
Bedfordrow conspiracy. By Thackeray(W.M.) 

F 8246, F 8247, F 8248 
Bedfordshire : — 
Gentleman's magazine library : English 

topography ; edited by Gomme, vol. 1... M 1749 
Bedroom and boudoir. By Barker (Lady) ... H 734 
Bee hunter, The ; or, Oak openings. By 

Cooper (J. F.) F 1933 

Bee-man of Om, etc. By Stockton (F. R.)... F 8022 
Bee, The : a collectiim of essays. By Gold- 
smith (0.). /» Ai» " Complete works " ... K 930 

NOIK "The BBB'tK the tiUo of spertodical published liy 
Ooldncith [or » weeka only. Oct. e to Not. -a, 1759. 

Another edition K 931 

Beeby (C. E.) Doctrine and principles : popu- 
lar lectures on primary questions ... C 372 
Beechcroft at Rockstone. By Yonge (C. M.) F 9359 
Beecher (Henry Ward, Rev.) Bible studies : 
Sunday eveningsermonson the early books 



of the Old Testament 
— Eyes and ears 

Nors— Emyg de«IlDgirlth natural hiitl or] 
with olber Bubjecti of a mlKellAtiBou i rhni 

— Popular lectures on preaching 

— Royal truths 

— Sermons 

.C 193 
,.K 166 

Beecher (Henry Ward, Rev.) — cottiinued. 
Beecher (W.C), and Scoville (8., Rev.) 
Biography of Rev. Henry Ward Beecher. L 

Beer (Alfred) Democratic tory F 

Beers (W. O.) Lacrosse : national game of 
Canada J 




Cowan (T. W.) British bee-keeper's guide 
book to the management of bees in move- 
able comb hives H G57 

Harri8(W,H.) Honey-bee :il6na-!ire,!i<.:;:c.s, 
and products H 659 

Lubbock (Rt. Hon. Sir J.) Anta, bees, and 
wasps G1320,GI321 


Stanf ord(W. J. )Bee-hive8,etc. //("Amateur 

work." vols. 5-6 H l!45-r. 

UAO LOOK VN1>BR Insects. 

Beesly(A.H.) TheGracchi,Marius,and Sulla 

[B.C. 133-78] M1427 

Beet (Joseph Agar, D.D.) Last things ... C 427 

NOTB — Dlscuues (he fulure puntihment of sin end Ihe 
•eeond cominE of Chiint ss ts.ut{bt Iti the New Testunent. 
■ad reriewfl tne opinions of the principal modern writers 
upon bitilickl escbalolotcy' 

New life in Christ C 37,1 

I>e[(iiice of chrlsllantty (ram asnoMlcistn on tbe 

grounds of human reason. A sammary of the theolo0ca] 
and hlstorlcaJ nide of cbrlntiBn follb. 
Beethoven (L. van) Engedi ; or, David in the 

wilderness: a saci-eddi-ama. Vocal score... J 752 
■Fidelio: an opera. Vocal score. llCiifflish 

and Qerman tvoith'] J 531 

KlavierstUcke J 89.3 

Mass in C. Vocal score J 71'.) 

— Missa solennis in D. X'-ocal score ... J 720 

■Mount of Olives : an oratorio. Voatl score. J 753 
Ruins of Athens: a dramatic masque. Vocal 


Sonatas for the pianoforte , 


J 894 
J 895 
J 850-2 

J 8ik; 

J 897 

— Symphonien. 2 v.... 

— Variationen filr pianoforte 

Biugraphy and Criticism. 

Bourne (C. E.) Great composei-e L 1033 

Crowest (F. J.) Beethoven L 1(131 

— flreat tone-poeta L 1036 

Engel (L.) From Handel to HidK- L 1037 

Grove (Sir G.) Beethoven and his nine sym- 
phonies J 877 

KOTB— Consists ol analyses ot (he ii>-niphonlcs. remlDi- 

Krehbiel (H. E.) Beethoven and his bio- 
grapher. /»At8"Musicandmannet«from 

Pergoleae to Beethoven" J 448 

Morris (L. T.) Famous musical composers. L 1047 
Rowbotham (J. F.) Private life of the great 

composers L 1051 

RadalI(H. A.) Beethoven L iai2 

Statham (H. H.) My thoughtaonmusicand 

musicians J 437 


Beeihoven (L. van) — continued. 
Tj-tler (S; pseud.) Musical composers and 
their works L l(>5l>, L 

Scndamore (C) Belgium and the Belgians. M 678 


Kirby(W. F.) Briti ah beetles 

Wood (J, G,, Rev.) Common British Iieetles. 
Beeton (Mrs. I.) Book of hoaaehold manage- 

— Every-day cookery and hoosekeeping book. 
— Hoasewife's treagury of domestic informa- 

Beeton (S. 0.) Art of public speaking : prac- 
tical treatise on oratory 

—Dictionary of commerce 

— Dictionary of every-day gardening : consti- 
tuting a popular cyclopaedia of tlie theory 

and practice of horticulture 

— Dictionary of gef^raphy: universal gazetteer 

— Dictionary of natural history 

— Dictionary of universal biography 

Before the dawn. By Leslie (E.) 

Before the great pillage ; with other mis- 
cellanies. By JesBopp (A.) 

Beforehand. By Meade (L. T.) 

Beg (C^lam) At home with Tommy Atkins. 
Beggar myneigblwur. ByOerar<l{E.,aH^D.) 
Beggar on horseback. ByO'Donoghue(N.P.) 
B^ggarstudent: comic opera. By Millockcr(C.). 

Vocal score 

Beggara all. By Dougall (L.) 
Be^^r's opera. By Gray (J.). V'vcttt score 
Beginner. By Broughton (R.) ...F l.'JSD, 
Beginnings of life. By Baetian (H. C). 2 v. 
Begnmbagh. By Fenn (G. M.) ...F 2879, 

Begum's fortune. By Verne (J.) 

hehzim {M3.rtiii,Nafigalor). /»Maccall(W.) 

Foreign biographies 

Behind closed doors. By Green (A. K.) ... 
Behnke(Eniil) Mechanism of the human voice 
—,ljuint author]. LOOK UNDBR Browne (L.) 
Bel-ami. Par Maupassant ( [^Iii Freiit-h] 
K l(;2't, 
Beleaguered city. By Oliphant (Mrs.) 
Belfry, Curiosities of the. By Briscoe (J. P.) 
Belfry of St. Jnde. By Stuart (E.) ., 
" Belgica." Cook (F. A.) Through the first 

Antorctic night, 1898-1899 

A narrmtiTe ol therojaseol the " BelglcK " unonK nawl] 
ilivoTerad Uiids Wd orer an onknown wa about th< 

BlljIiW : — Architecture. 
FergTiBBOn (J., D.C.L.) History of architec- 
ture, vol. 2 

Descriptive and Travel. 
Allen (G.) Cities of Belgium 

roSTBSTS— BmBBL Qhont UfiiiimK Antwerp. 

Baedeker (K.) Belgium and Holland 
Hamilton (P. J.) Rambles in historic lands 

[in 1891-21 

Hnet(G. B.}Landof Rnbens : a companion 
for visitors to Belgium ; transl.andedited 

by Tandam 

GoidatoBditiam.orlBtaatl)' writim for Dutcb tourl<<t«. 

G 13()(l 
G 1309 , 

H 66.'). 
H 691 , 


imen" 'pollUcaTwirtlw 

the Lt«iB ^»tri_. .. 

the rpllKfon. eduratton. Ibe i 

In IHSS-IDOO. and on Ibe rolk-lnre ol the mualir. 

Stevenson (R. L.) Inland voyage. M258, M 259 

MOTE-Cunoe Toynae down tbe Sambre aod Olw : dca- 
cnbM tbB coUDtrr and people. 

Pearce (W. C.) History of Holland and 

Belgium [to 1878] 
' Belgravia. 

r. 1. -IMMT ...AMI 

H 613 
M 120 i 

G 12(15 
L li 
F .5236 ' 

C 819 
F 5939 . 
D 742 
F 3223 
F 6J16 

J 636' 
F 24(58 
J 619 1 
F 1360 ; 
F 2880 1 1 
F 8564 I 

L 66 
F 3557 
H 122 

F 64.36 
J 962 

M 1303 

M 675 
M 656 

. 7. - IMM* -A W7 

1. inO-Tl ...AM 

itn-n ...A SIT 

:.U.- I«M ...An« 

V. AI. 188047 ...AMI 

188748 ...A Hi 

V. BT.-I8SMB ...AM 


-IMS ...A Ht 

. ei.-i*M -An 

'. ivi.-is8a ...A art 

>. 100- 18M ...A no 

I-. 101. -IKM ...A SBI 
>'. IKi.-lMO ...At8i 

Argyll (Duke of) Philosophy of belief ; or, 

law in christian theology C 86 

Thin work !■> rrilifl-ed In Saunders- "QupbI of Inith." 
C3Bi. FOR NOTE. LOOK UNUBB Religion and HTlenre. 

Balfour (Rt. Hon. A. J.) Foundations of 

belief B117.B 118 

NOTE -The object txlflnhow thai the nntiimlisllclheorT 
resta on do biuij> : that if moralily. elhlm. nMbrliot, and 
theolom do not rely on HOpeniutuml aulboHly ibeyare 
unarcounlable ; Ibat neither emrlhciHm norldaftliitii ftir- 
niiiheii ury iia[in[ai.'lory mlution of man or Iho uaiverae. 
and thai relijiion. eHperlally tbe chcinlian rebidon. best 
snpplieii tbe moral oeods of man. FOBcRrricisics. bead 
Fairbaira'n "Calholirlmn. Romnn and Awilicnn." C 877, 
and Sftundern' - Queat of faltb." C 388. 

Baring-Gould(8.,Rev.) Origin and develop- 
ment of religious belief. 2 v, ... ... C 33 

PolythciHtn. Uonolhelam. CbriMtlanlty. 

Stephen (L.) Scepticism of believers and 
Newman's "Theory of belief." In his 
" Agnostic's ajwlogy " C 67 

ALSO LOOK ITNDEBCreediL Pnlth. Relinion. 

Belinda. By Broughton (R.) F 1361 

Belinda Fitzwarren. By Iddesleigh (Karl of)F 4607 
Bell (Acton), /)»n'd. look UNDER Bronte (A.) 
Bell (Andrew). In Leitch (J.) Practical edn- 

catioiiista L 792 

Bell (Mrs. Arthur). L00KLNDBRD'Anver8(N.) 
Bell (Arthur John) Whence comes man ; 

from " nature " or from " God " ? ... B 2.'( 

Bell (Sir Charles) Anatomy and philosophy of 

expressionasconnectedwitli thefinearts. B H>2 



Bell (Sir C har lea )~rwi //«««/. 

— The hand : its mechanism and vital eiidow- 

ments ... ... ... ... ... C 89 

In KdmoiKls (H.) Well-spent lives ... L 74 

Bell (Charles D., D.D.) Some of our English 

poets L IKifi 

CONTENTS- Gmy. aoldmnilli. Cowper. Brotl. Coleridge. 

Bell (Carrer),pseiid. LOOK under Bronte (C.) 
Bell (David C., and Alexander M.) Standard 

elocntionist ... ... ... ... ■■• K 44 

Bell (F. Jeffrey.Prof.) Comparative anatomy 

and physiology G 1230 

Bell (Fred, W.) South African conspiracy ; 

or, the aims of Afrikanderdom M 2437 


Bell (James) Chemistry of foods; withmicro- 

flcopic ill list rat ions. 2t G fi4(j 

Bell (Lilian) Little sister to the wilderneSB F 77.'>, F 77(1 
— Love affairs of an old maid ... F 777, F 778 

—Under side of things F77i).F 780 

Bell (Maria) Country minister's love story 

[CJalloway] F7«l,F 782 

Bell (R. S. Warren) Bachelorland [Middle 

Temple] F 783 

Bell of St. Paul's. ByBeBant(W.) F81C,F817, F 818 
Bella Donna. By Fitzgerald (P.) F 3011 

FORCONTISUATION. BRAD '■SeTeiity-llTeBroolio SI feel" F.1017 

Bellah. By Feuillet (0.) F .^Ktl 

Bellairs (Lady, Ed.) Transvaal war, 1880-81. M 2438 


Ballairs (Charles Reginald) Unknown power F 784 
Bellamy (Edward) Works : — 

Dr. HeldonhofTH procnu ... F 7KA i Looking bncltwnrd [Ideal 

Eqimlity K 780 oommoDweftHh] F 787 

I MiM Ludington'K 'Mei - F 78B 

Belle of New York : an opera. By Kerker (G.) 

Vocal score J fiSO 

Belles and ringers. By Smart (H.) F 7732 

Bellew (H. W.) Afghan is Ian and the Afghans. M 23(>1 

A brief ^e^ie w of the hi-toir of Ihe country, and on BOronnt 
□[ its people : with a, ncecliU rprereDce to the wot ot 1B78. 

Bellini (Vincenzo) I puritani : an opera. Vocal 

srm-e J 53.3 

— Norma : an opera. Vocal Miire J 532 

— Soiinamhula : an oi>era. Vncnl score ... J 534 

Belloc (Bessie R) Flowing tide C 855 

— Passing world K 167 

CONTBHTS -Apiu«incivorld.TwoFredBrlckii, Dr. Samuel 
Purr. Franklin^n Amerim. AumuttaTheodo-la Drnne. Dr. 
UlyB^Ti^luI. Moment of mi iTHCle. An KnaliiliHUlnl. From 
the Rolden West. Tbe old Ne>v Yorker, ijuid of rumour. 

Belloc (Hilaire) Danton : a study L 599 

—Paris [Roman period to 1789] M2145 

Bellriiigerof Angel's. By Harte(F.B.).F.38(;2,F ;W63 
Bflllt MHl tall-toundlnB :— 

Beckett (Sir E,, LL.D.) Clocks and watches 
and bells H 101.3 

Briscoe (J, P.) Curiosities of the belfry, ., J 9(12 

In Haweis (H. R., Rev.) Music and nionds. J 420 
Bells, Electric. I-OOK UNDER Electricity — 

Bells of St. Peters, etc. By Evei-ard (G.) ... C 21 

Beloved son : the story of Jeiius Christ told to 

children. By Rye (Mrs. F.) C 422; 

Belshazzar ; an oratorio. By Handel (G. F.). 

Vocal score J 7fi5 

Belton estate. By Trollope (A.) F «352 

Belnoni (Giovanni Battista). In Brightwell 

(MitiH C, L.) Annals of industry L 24 

In Men who have made themselves ... L 47i 

Ben Brace. By Chamier (F.) F ItJSI 

Ben Burton. By Kingston (W. H. G.) ... V 4948 

Ben Clough, etc. By Westall (W.) F ST'.'.I 

Ben Hanson. By Saxliy (J. M. E.) F 7.70.i 

Ben Hur [Jews]. By Wallace (L.) F Kti.59 

Ben Milner's wooing, ByIiee(H.) F 5144 

Bcnhow (John, Admiral). In Edgar (J. G,) 

Sea kings and naval heroes ].. C>i^rr 

Beneath the surface. BvTytler(S.) F 841ti;; 

Beneath the wave. By Russell (D.) F 7XiH, F 73;i'.l 
Beneath the wheels. By Notley (F. E. M.) F CAti'J. 
Benecke(Ida, Ti-atisl.) Heineon Shakespeare : | 

notes on Shakespeare heroines K 74li 

Beneden (P. J. van. Prof,) Animal parasites I 

and messmates ... G 1254 

Benedict (Saint) :— 

Newman (J. H,, Cardinal) Mission of St. 
Benedict and the Benedictine schools. 
In his " Historical sketches," vol, 2 ... M 43] 
Benedict (Sir Julius) Oraziella: a cantata. i 

Vocal score J G77| 

— Lily of Killamey : romantic opera. Vocal \ 

score J SX"]' 

— St. Peter : an oratorio. Vocal score ...J 7.^4! 

— Weber. real musicians series Lll)(i2i 

Benedictine. By Watson (E. H. L.) ... F 8742 

Benedictines. Stephen (Sir J.) The French 

Benedictines. /;i/i/8" Essays inecclesiasticul 

biography" L 234 

Benefactress, The F 94«2 

Benefits r — 

Senecse. Debeneficiis. Operaomnia,vol.2, 

[Tauchnitz text] B .i;?* 

— ; transl. by Stewart B Mi2 , 

Benefits forgot. By Balestier (W.) F 457 j 

Bencnden letters : London, country, and 

abroad, 1753-1821 ; edited by Hardy ... L 14.5 
Bengal folk-lore :— 

Day (L. B., Rev.) Polk-talee of Bengal ... D 1087 
Bengali language :— 

Nicholl (G. F., Prof.) Bengali grammar ; 

also an Asamese grammar : being the first i 

and last parts of a Bengali manual ... E IS.S 

Benger(G.)Runi.iniainl900;transl.byKeaneM 711 ! 

Bcuham (C.) Fourth Napoleon F 789! 

Benham (W., Canon, Editor) Sermons for , 

the church's year. 2v C 540 j 

NOTB -Rermoni (or eni'h Siindny in (lie year. »elwtcd 
mninly from old prettrhen. which in llic Mltor'n opinion 
•eemcd to brlOK otit the teachinu ol the church most 

— , Ijoinf avOio?-']. LOOK UNDER Ken (T.). 
Platina (B.) 

BMta •HMMtloo. 1SS7 : 

Baetm (R. H., Cowtwn 
of blood 


; B.'iiw>n (E'hvaril Wliiip. Aiv/i/ip. of Cmiter- 
iirfw) Benin the city I burtj) — eoutinuit}. 

M2-108 — Cvppian : his life, his times, his work ... L 

M^fv at R«fiin r>n Jan JIK ..: '. . 

BoisrafTon (A., Capf.) Benin 

^UTE Gii^w n brii>( hiKlary nt Brntnnnd i(KreMiurr», 
ADdd««rnbH 1 he action of the HovjiJ XiwlC(™pnll)- nnd 
ibr Frotcvtorile. Plnurvo His n-)rDtle»- mnKomnna the 

ihrnusih : with a docTiplioa of Ihe borroni iA the nly 

Bf-niwrti (H. W. S. Worslev). LOOK UNDBR 
Worsley-Benison (H. W". S.) 

Benjamin (S. G. W.) Pciuia [earliewt times 
lo 1^2] M 2351, M 2.%'>2 

Bennet (J. Henry, H.D.) Winter and apring 
on the shores of the Medit^^rranean ; or, 
ihe Riviera, Menfone, Italy, C^>raiea, Sicily, 
Algeria, Spain, and BiarritK, af< winter 
climates M 23-1 

B*'nnett( Alfred W.) Introduction to thentudy 
of liowerlem plants : their Btnicture and 
dtuujficaiion G HOG 

Bennett (CharleB Henn). In Toilers in art : 
.-.litwl by Ewart L ilStJ 

IVnneit <Edwar<1j Amenities of social life. K 8K4 

tl^^"^E^*Ts-.^r^of i-onvcrsolton. Ilnmirol booka. Lstlen 
sndlellPr-wnltnii. Mixenenornnervoui'dispriritloii. KinKle 
hlrwfdntw. DoTiKVtIc quiLrrebi, BerOicM ol nwlety. A 

Bennett (Ernest N.) Do\vnfaIl of the Der- 
vislies : being a sketch of the final Sudan 
campaign of miH M 2390 

Bennett (JamesVycrtHf authw. LOOKUKDER 
Bogne (David). 

Benuelt (Joseph) Billiards ; e<liteU l)y"Caven- 
.lish" J l(l3t! 

Bennett (Sir Risdon, i.L.D.) Diseases of the 
Bil>le 171 

Bennett (W. H., Prof.) Chronicles C 243 

— . {joint flulfMl-'\. LOOK UNDER Ball( C. J.) 

Betiiieit (Sir W. Slerndale) May Queen : a 

jiastoral. l'i>c<il score J C78 

- Twelve songs with English and German 

wonls J 853 

— Woman of Samaria : sacred cantata, Vijrtil 

ft-HJ-e J 80t; 

III Statham (H. H.) My thoughts on music 

and musicians J 437 

fn Walker (B.) My musical experiences ... L lOfjI 
IVnMon(B. K.) Who goes there ? [American 

civUwar] F 7D0 

B,-iison (Edward F.) Works :— 

KnboB.A.CLffeiUIJnnibridge] FT8I 

CuMnaCOreek irsrof indepwideiii'e, I831]:SBQUBL TO '■Vintnge" F 782 

Doilo [Pr««nf-dny wclety] F TM 

JodtrmeDl bookx F I'M 

LuniUtJoiLi F 7«fl 

LiMk o( Ihe Vntls _, ... _ _ F71W 

ilaaimonandCo .. ... F7H7 

■■nDcvKi iSuphia [Imaginmrr priniHiwIitr "" the Albeniui coont.] F 79S 

Kubicon F 789 

Sii iinDliinn things _ F HOI) 

ViniaiTc [Oi«ek war of Independence. IBll F BOI 

FOB COSnXL'ATlON', BRAD "Capirina." 

Bi-nson (Edward White, Arrhbp. of Canter- 
Oury) Boy-life : its trial, its strength, its 
fulnesfi [sermons] : Sundays in Welling- 
ton college, I85y-73 C 541 


Fishei-s of men : sermons C 542 

— Living Iheolrtgj- : sermons C (3l'7 

Oarr (J. A., LL.d.) Life-work of Edward 

White Benson L 250 

Benson (Mai-garet). and Gourlay (Janet) 
Temple of Mnt in Asher M213 

IP reilifiouH reprpwntaitonp iind olijn'tn found tli 
liiatrutlnK Ihe hlniury o[ KkTPI nnd Ihe muln 
lo Finrptliin- 

Benson (William) Principles of the scienceof 

colour J .111 

Bent (J. Theodore) Ruined cities of Mashona- 

land : excavation and exploration in 1891. M 11)50 
— Siicredcityof theEthiopiant* : being a record 

of travel and i-esearch in Alivssiuia in 18!I3 M ','31 
— , and (Mi-s. T.) Southern Arabia ... M 7111 

Acvoiint of thrw Journey" in llMfrOT. 

Bentham (George) Outlines of botany ; with 
special reference to local floias G 1059 

Bentham (Jeremy) The»)ry of leffislation ; 

tmnsl. by Hildreth D 577 

voBVtnK. LOOK CNDsn PhiloKii.hy JWoffiH, 

Bentinck (William Henrv, I^oril, Gurenwr of 
India). By Bonlger (D. C.) L 478 

Bentinck's tutor. By Payn (J.) F 6G7I, F Cl)72 

Bentley(K.) Silvio Bartholi : painter [Italy] F 802 

Bentley (Richanl, D.D.):— 

Jel.b(R. C. Prof.) Bentley L 1286 

Nieoll(H. J.) Great scholars L 1313 

In De Quincey (T.) Works, vol. 4 ... K 905 
. Bentley (Robert, Prof.) Student's guide to 

systematic botany G lOCO 

Benton (Thomas Hart, J meriWjHpo/f'ffWaH)- — 

Roosevelt (T.) Thomas Hart Benton ... L G33 

Benyowsky (Mauritius Augustus, Count) 
Memoirs and tiavels in Siberia, Kamchatka, 
Japan, Liukiu Islands, and Formosa [17C9- 

72]; edited liy Oliver M 713 

In Smith (H. (i.) Romance of history ... L 57 

Beppo, the conscript. By Trollope (T. A.) F 8403 

Bequeathed. By Whitby (B.) F 8885 

Beranger (Pierre Jean de) CEuvres. 2 v. [/» 

Frenrfi] K 1299 

— Songs ; done into English verse, by Young. K 1301 

—Songs i tr, into English vei-se, by Toynbee K 130(,) 

Berdoe (Pjdward) Browning's message to his 

time L 1168 

— Origin and growth of the healing art: a 
popular history of medicine in all ages 
and countries ... H 84 

Berengaria of Navarre, QKren-riinaort of 
Richni-d I. In Strickland's Queens of Eng- 
land, vol 1 L 381 

Bei-esford (Charles, Lord) Bi-eak-up of China ; 
with an account of its present [1898] com- 
merce, currency, waterways, armies, rail- 
ways, politics and future prospects; with 
maps M 728 





Beresford (William CJarr, Lord). 

In Cole (J. W.) BritiBh generals. 2t. ...L 702 

Beresford prize. By Meade (L. T.) F 5940 

Berg und thai. Von Wildermuth (0.). [/« 

German'^ K 1181) 

Bei^en (W. C.) Seamanehip, and trawlers' 

aasiHt^nt H 823 

Bergmann (M. J. A., Traml.). LOOK UNDBR 

Wisamann (H. von). 
Beric the Briton. By Henty (Q. A.). F 4011, F 4012 

Beringer (Mrs. 0.) New virtue F 803 

Berington (Joseph, Rev.) Literary history of 

the middle ages [47t)-1453] 

Berkeley, j^^eutf. Dominoes and solitaire. ... J I0ti4 

— Draughts and backgammon J 1040 

Berkeley (Qeoi^, Bis/top of Cloyne) Works; 

edited by Sampson ; with a biographical 

introduction, by Balfour. 2v B 391 

ot iiuiiiB.n knowl- 
~ et ween HyioB u: 

tceUJuileH. KnwT 
. Treat i»e poncemtngtni 

t EucUd or 

tree dlaloinieB 
CoDceniinK m 

.. B 320 


, JB Md FhiloiiL_. , 

VoLK— FjHavB In the -Outtrdlan.' ., 

Engay towards preTontliHf the ruin ot Qreat BrKaln. 
Propc«al tor eupplytng cburcbea in fareiirn pLaalatioak. 
VerBH. A sermon. ALciphron, or the minute pblloaopher. 
Theory ol viRkm vindicated atid explained. 

Biography and Criticism. 
Ferrier (J. F., LL.D.) Berkeley and idealism. 
In his " Greek philosophy," vol. 2. 

Eraser (A. C.) Berkeley 

Huxley (T. H., LL.D.) Hume : with helps to 

the study of Berkeley 

In Oliphant (Mrs. M.) Historical sketches 

of the reign of George II., vol. 2. ... M 1324 
Berkeley (Hasting, Commander) Wealth and 
welfare ; or, our national trade policy and 
its cost 

FOR NOTS. LOOK UNDBK Free Trade-i>n>(rrlli»i. 

Berkeley(M.J.,£a(7OT-)' i-OOK UNDER Cooke 



Gentleman's magazine library : English 

topogi-aphy: edited by Gomme, vol. 1. M1749 

Vizetetly(H.) Berlin under the new empire: 
its institutions, inhabitants, industry, 
monuments, museums, social life, man- 
ners, and amusements. 2v 

MOTZ— Denh with the politlcH and parties of the Pruwian 
l^oveniinent ud Oemum empire: with relltfion ; witli 
education and with army orKaniaation. CoDtalnii bio 
graphical sketches of conspicuous and illustrioUH person. 
agni 01 the Emperor, Bismarck, and Mollks. 

Berlioz (Hector) Faust. Vocal sct/re 
— Treatise on modern instrumentation and 
orchestration; transl. by Clarke 

Biiigraphy and Griliciam. 
In Bourne (0. E.) Great composers ... L 1033 

In Hadow (W. H.) Studies in modem music. L 1041 
In Hueffer ^F.) Half a century of music in 

England J 443 

Berlyn (Mrs. Alfred) Sunrise-land: rambles 

in Eastern England M 453 

— Vera in poppy-land [Norfolk] M 454 

— , yuintatdhor']. LOOKUNDERjennings(P.) \ 



Clarke (E.T.) Bermondsey: itshistoric mem- 
ories and associations M 11>49 

NOTE.— Hlnory ot Bermondsey Irom the earliest timet) to 
Ibe IWh century. One partis devoted to the Bermondney 
ottxHlay and Its Industries in leather. Jam, viuetfar, etc., 
with a record ot iU soolol and educational advancement 

Berna Boyle. By Riddell(Mrs. J. H.). F7108, F 7109 

Bales (S. J., D.C.L.) St. Bernard, Abbot of 

Clairvaux, A.D. 1091-1153 C ti45 

Harrison (F.) Bernard of Clairvaux. In his 

"Choice of books" K 77iS 

Hood (E. P.) St. Bernard : the mediieval 
tongue of fire. In his "Throne of elo- 
quence" C 5'M 

Schaff (P., Prof.) Hymns of St. Bernard. 

In his "Literature and poetry," ... K 11)2 

Bernard (Charles de) Works [In French] :— 

Lea ailea d' Icare K 1382 | Un liomme jierleui KlltSI 

Un beau-pare. Veau d'or K 1X3 I Le nceud Kordien K l-SHS 

Bernard Marsh. By James (G. P. R.) ... F 4<i52 

Bernardine of Siena, St. : — 

In Allies (M. H.) Three catholic reformers, L 2U4 

Bernhardt (J. W., DB.) Vox humaiia: voice 
pro<Iuction and development, and the art 
of singing J S(t3 

Bernicia [Methodism]. By Burr (A, E.) ... F (137 

Bernstein (Edward) Ferdinand Lassalle as a 
social reformer ... L 077 

Bern8teiu(J.,Prot.) Five sensesot man B17G, B 177 

Berry (Arthur) Shorthistoryotastronomy... G 271 

Eterry(CharlesA.,Rev.) Vision and duty : dis- 
courses C til2 

Berry (Mrs. E.),an(fMichaelis(Mme.) Kinder- 
garten songs and games D 923 

Strry (Hvlt CwoHna F. L, DMhMt of) :— 
Saint Amand (I. de) Duchess of Berry and 

the court of Charles X M 2133 

— Duchess of Berry and the court of Louis 

XVIII M2134 

— Duchess of Berry and the revolution of 

1830 M2135 

In Challice (Mrs. A, E.) Illustrious women 

of France L 8ti 

Berry (T. Sterling, D.D.) Christianity and 

Buddhism C 949 

Bert (Paul, Prof.) Fii-styearofscientific know- 
ledge ; transl. by Clayton G 2 

Berthet(Elie)L'enfantdesbois. \_In Fretich'] K 138ti 

Bertram (James G.) Hmvesl of the sea : a con- 
tribution to the natural and economic his- 
tory of the British food fishes ... ... H OlJO 

Bertram family. By Charles (Mrs. E.) ... F ItiVl 

SBQUEL TO "WInttred Bertram." FlSHi. 

" " ...F S;i53 

Bertrams. By TroUope (A.) 
Beryl and Pearl. By Gibeme (A.) ., 
Besant (Annie) Story of the great war : some 
lessons from the Mahabharata ... ...K 

NOTE - Kelales In part the conteata between the deaceud- 
ontaoE Kura and Pandu. trom one ot the great epic poenu 

Besant (W. H., D.8c.) Conic sections treated 
geometrically G 



Besant (W. H., D.Sc.) — continued. 

— Elementary hydroBtaticB ; with chapters on 

the motion of flaiils and on sountl ... Q 456 

—Treatise on dynamics G 441 

— Treatise OD hydromechanics Q 457 

VA. 1— Hrdnirtal Ira -Ibe only toL puUtibcd. 

Beaant (Sir Walter) Captain Cook ... L 808, L SW 

—East London M 373 

— Fifty years ago [Picture of English uociety 

in 1837] M:t2r>,M 32l> 

^French hnmouristtif rom the 12th to the 11* tU 

century K 178;J 

cos runs— The Chaoaon, Butcbruf tbe Troovcre. 
Bomasre of the rose. EimlBche DeKbampa. Rubelul-i. 
Muolaisne. The Batyre UMilppAe. Mathuiin RphhIw, 

Ia Foataiae. 

The PiLrsHlIeL 

[iducling (he reader throuah 
Dder the Huitii«eneM« iU 

' le Tudom. IM p&vue" 

Besant (Sir Walter), atid Rice (James) — continued. 

OcUen batterlly 

Uooki of TheleiiUi 


Ready-moDey Mortlboy 

Hsuny iMe 


P «0e. F IMM, F SOT 

F MH, F eoe. F ew 

Fun, Fills. F9U 
F al4. F BUV F »te 
FBIT. Fei8.F91« 

F ean, F 921. F w3 

F K!^ F KM. F Ki5 
F W38. F »37. F was 
F H^, F e% F Ml 

WIthhan' -.- 

BeHide the lionnie brier buBh. By Maclareii (I.) 

F 55C3. V 55G-i, F 550S 
Beside the river. By Maciiuoid (K. S.) ... F 558C 
Besiei^d in theTraiiBvaal.By Montague (W.E.) M 24(32 

Besley (C, Editor), look undkr O'Neill (W.) 
Bessemer (Sir Henry, Engineer). In Jeans 
(W.T.) Creators of the age of steel ... L 919 

_ _ _ BesayRane. ByWood(MrB.H.)F9142,F9143,F 9144 

— (iaspard de Coligny (Mafqiiia de Chatillon) L Ud Bessy Wells. ByWood(Mr8.H.)F9145,F9146, F 9147 
—History of London [B.C. 'iG to 17«0] ... M 19441 Beet cruise on the Broads. By Bickerdyke(J.). M 455 

—London M 1945 1 Best for her. By Thomas (A.) F 8277 

sort-HMio™^ deKTimion o( ?e"i", "SP" *^? \ Best of all good company. By Jerrold (W. B.). L 1122 

j BL'st of her sex. By Hume (F. W.) F 4461 

I Best of hufilands. By Riyn (J.) F 6673, F 6674 

— Kiae of the empire 
—South London 

a line drawn from tbe Thamei at Waodawortii to 

J royal paliice* ; and raliglouii 

D 168' Bete, La. Par Cherbuiiea (V.). [/n ^rCTir/i] K 1405 

M 19461 Beth book. By Grand (8.). F 3414 

Betham-Edwards (Matilda) Works ;- 

.; tbe South HSTk tail 

L 336 


sttke historical ortglD ol WcatmlnHter and ila can- 
on with the Srn Eagliali iirioten ; purtroy* the life 
e abbey, Ite ■e^Tlc«^ ila rule. Ha xanctuary, and 
bea the borongb and Ita people. 
— NOVKLB :— 

Alib»itnbos[East4ndlileI F 804. F BOG, P KM 

AUinaKardmCair F IW7, F WW, F (WB 

All Aoritf and cmdiliooa of men [Roriat and labour 

qDHtioiw and pour laws} F BlOi F 811, F 813 

ArmoTBl or LyonoH [Scilly lalasdyl F 813. F 811. F gl.l 

BcU o( St. BuiTh O^tDdon life] F 81)1, F SIT. F 818 

Beyond tbe dreams of avarice [Beaultn of enmbUntt 

and nHOey lendine) F 819, F 83). F 821 

CaptaiH' room. etc. [fiotherbitba and the dockx] ... F gSi. F KA F 834 

CttauKclilw ... F 835, F £», F BliT 

(.liMreii oI QlbeoD [Social and labour queAionx] ■■. F 8% F 829. F 83U 

City of rerun - F 831, F 8Si F KW 

DenmniacCTbeciayinafordrinkl F BH. P 838. F «M 

Horahy FanUT [lacobile rlalnK, ITia] F 8^. F 838, F tE» 

Doabta of DiTea F MO, F 841. F 842 

For faith and medam CUonmouIh'a rebellion. leasi ... F (M3. F HM, F MS 
Fountain smled (fltmy of Oeorse m. and ths 

qoakeraii Hannah LiKhtfoot] F 8W. F 847. F 848 

Fourth eBOeratiOD ~ 

Herr PaoiiH [Hpirltnallani] 

"-' « [Freacb emlgraota In Knidand. ITtd-lHOO] 

3rld»t ™. 

Brother Oabrlel F 6!a 

Curb of honour F 9M. F 9SB. F BW 
Dlaaraied P 017. F ttSH, P U39 

Doctor Jacob F WO 

Felicia FWl 

Flower of doom P Wi 

Foreatalled F MS 

France of Unlay [r(r. 1890] : 
4 surrey eompnmtii -■ 



liory RBte [SociiJiam] 

Lady of Lynn .■ 

Hader craftsman [Boot-btiildmiar Wa|q)inB].2' 

Axillier fapg in out rolumt 

Onin(regirilLmdon,mthcent.] ... 

F 8U, F H0. F 8BT 
F 8S8. F 8S8. F 860 
... P tWl. F t)G2, F 803 
... F 884. F W5. F we 
... F 867. F M8. F 889 
... F870,FS71, FS72 
F 873 
... FB75,FB78,P877 
... F878,F87».F8I" 

I by tbe Tower [Kn^oh Ji 

Jl hor mine, etc [Dartnioor]... 

lubB7 F 881, F 88% F 8ffl 
... F 884. F MBS. F 888 
... F 887. P 888, F S89 

Verhraa Camellia Slephanolli, etc F890,Fa91.P 

A'mld went Terywe1IthentFr.privaleeiH,18Ih cent] F 893, F 8M, F 895 

-, and Palmer (E. H.j Prof.) Jerusalem the 

city of Herod and Saladin M2356 

-An account or the principal vTeota connected with 
... . lyearAJ). SL 

Jerui«]«m fi 

— , and Rice (James) ; — 

b c Ceba'a arboor [PorI>anout1i.limeof 
l?ai« of Ut. Lacrafl. etc. 

I.lisptain ot tbe Fleet (Old Fleet prisoi 


m wart F SOB, F an, F aee 
F eea, p 9oa p 901 

P 90S. P Mn, F 904 

Kltly FM8,FM7 

Li«oWa love Hlory PW8 

Lord of the harveat FM> 

Love and mirage F 990 

North couDtrroamedT [Cum. 

berlandl r96l 

FartlnKOf the waya P952 

Pearb F«63,FBM 

Romance of DIJon ...P9a,F9W 

Romimceor the wire FB57 

...11518 Two Bunta and a nephew ...F«68 

If-way FB44 White houae by Ihe w« ... FSM 

in and I FMfi Wild dower ^Ravenaworth F 960 

Bethel commune. /HNordhoff(C,) Commun- 
istic societies of the United Slates ... D 466 
Betia (N., Tj-aml.). LOOK undkr Oouiu (F.) 
Betrayalof JohnFordham.ByFarjeon(B.L.). F 2829 
Hetraj-al of Reulien Holt. By Lake (B.) ... F 5088 
Betrothed [Warfare on Welsh border, 1 187]. 

By Scott (W.) ... F 7585, F 7586, F 7587 

Betrothed lovers. By Manzoni (A.) ... F 5640 

Bettaiiy (G. T.) Eminent doctors. 2 v. ... L 917 


—Life of Charles Darwin L 890 

Contnlna n tiniipleM bibliography. 

— Popular liistory of the reformation, and 

modern protestantism C 738 

— World's religiouB: a popular account ot 

religions ancient and modem C 34 

Better dead. By Barrie (J. M.) ... F704,F 705 

Better part. By Swan (A. S.) F 8157 

Betterment, worsement^and recoupment; with 

a note on betterment in America. By 

Banmann (A. A.) D 633 

Betterton (Thomas) : — 

I.rf>we (R. W.) Thomas Betterton ... L 1081 

Bettina. By Crommeiin (M.) F 2241 

Betty Musgrave. By Findlater (M.) ... F 3008 

Betty's visions. By Brouffhton (R.) ... F 1362 

Between life and death. By Barrett (F.) ... F 680 
Between the heather and the northern sea. 

By Linskill (M.) F 5296 

Between two loves. By Barr (A. E.) ... F 638 





B<;tween two wivpr. By Turvilie (W.) ... F 842*: 
Betwixt tlie Foi-elandH. By Ruiwell (W. C.) 

M :v>c,, M :('>7 

Beulah. By Wilnoii (A. J. E.) F 91)07 

Be\-aii (E. j.), joint author. LOOK UNDER 
Ci-o«a (C. F.) 

Bevau (G. Phillips) Industrial classet) and 

industrial Htatiutics. 2v H 21-2 

— Tourist's guide to Hampshire, including 
the Isle of Wight ; i-eviBed and edited, by 
Worth M i20 

— Tourist's guide to the Channel islands ; re- 
vised and edited, by Worth M 4.3.5 

— Tourist's guide to the county of Kent ... M 421 

— Tonrisfs guide to the county of Surrey ... M 422 

—Touriflt'sgiiide to the EastaadNorth ridings 

of Yorkshire M 474 

— Tourist's guide to the West riding of York- 
shire ; revised and edited, l>y Worth ... M 47.5 

— , [i^.] British manufacturing industries. 

12v H 11-20 

Bevan (W. L., Rev.) Student's manual of an- 
cient geography ; edited by Smith ... M 175 

—Student's manual of modern geogra]>hy ; 

mathematical, physical, and descriptive. M 147 

BivwaoM : — 

Edwards(W.N,)Bevei'ages we drink ; being 
a popular treatise on the various kinds 
of drink in common use H 900 

Water, milk, ten. coffee. ccwombocrnndmnU llfiuoni, wines 
uid BplrtU. 

Wagner (R. von) Manual of chemical tech- 
nology; transl.antledited by Ci-ookes ... H 88t) 

Bevis. By Jefferies (R.) F 4714 

Bewick (Thomas, Ktiffrarer). 

In Toilere in art ; edited by Ewart ... L 930 

Bcyer(OttoW.,7'c«»«/.). LOOKUNDERZiehen 
Bi'yond atonement. By Adcock (A. St. J.) ... F 72 
Beyond the black watei-s. By A.L.O.E. ... F 2 
Beyond the blue mountains. By Meaile (L. T.) F .'ilUl 
Beyond thecity. By Doyle(A.C.)F2.5lt4,F2.505,F2500 
Beyond the di-eauisof avarice. By Besant (W.) 

FX19, F820,F 821 
Beyond the gates. By Phelps (E. S.) ... F (JS27 
Bt^yond the Himalayas: stoi-v of travel and ad- 

vcntureinthewild«ofTbil)et.ByGeddie(J.) M 7(il> 
B<-yond the ice. By Mnrphy (G. U.). F t!247, F ti24« 
Beyond the pide. By Croker (B.M.) ... F 2210 

Beyond the Rockies : a spring journey in Cali- 
fornia [1K94]. By atod<lard (C. A.) ... M 1173 

Beyond the seas. By Crawfurd (0.) F 2137 

BeKa (Theodore de) ; — 

Baird (H. M., Prof.) Theodore Beza, the 
counsellor of the French reformation ... L 272 

liiancbi (G. H., Editor). LOOK under See- 

roann (0.) 

Biart(Lucien) Clientaof Doctor Bernai^us; 

ti-ansl. by Hoey F 9(>1 

Hblt — GmmtiI : — Antiquities. 

Bonomi (J.) Nineveh and its palaces : the 
<liscoveries of Botta and Layard applied 
to tbe elucidation of holy writ M I3(>J 

NOTE -Bninrded chieQy Irom Iho artistic nnd scriplura] 

Bunier(8., Rev.)Oriental literature applied 
to the illustrationofthesacred scriptures ; 
especially with reference to antiquities, 
traditions, and manners. 2 T C 182 

NOTE Attempt to elurtdnte dllDcMilt nioiiim o[ tlio 
wriivtuiTH by tliFHpiilirnllon oJ Bnnternliipmiure. 
Ci.nder (C. U., Lt.-C'ol., LL.D.) Bible and 

the East C 1S3 

NOTE AiniH 10 ihoM' Iho benritiK or eivtomtion uid 

E^'tMB.'T.X") Xew"ir|ht"on theBible 

and the Holy laud M 222 

NOTE -Shuirx the rNuK of irwnirhFi and dlKroTerin' In 
llic Eiwl durinu tlip yeiif lc«;-ll2.1irHrliii[on Bible bislory, 
Harpei-(H.A.)Hibleand modern discoveries, C 184 

KOTE ThcRUthorhnKlnkmt}iE''>acrodhiHlory KHiTtBlud 
In tlic Bible, and liax retold It with oiplanatlonB and lUu»- 
irulioDH drawn trom modern reworch and from pereonftl 

Kitchin (J. G., Rev.) Bible student in the 

Berkeley, pseud. Bezique, In " Handbook 

of games," vol. 2 J 

Cavendish Ijtseud. of Henry Jones] Laws 

of rubicon bezique J ! 

Auo LOOK UNDEB Giunea. Kpona. etc. 

British museum . 

Soltau (H. W.) The tabernacle, the priest- 
hood and the offerings C 17C 


Ridgeway (C. J., Rev.) Some sweet stories 
of old. 3v C 178-80 

N-OTE -StorleaorboyKTnentloned In theBible, llliutrated. 

Wilberfoi-ce (S., D.D.) Heroes of Hebrew 
history C 

CONTBms— Abrubam. Jacob. Josepb. Moneii. JoKhuo, 
Samnon the Judxe. Samuel the prophet. David the klnit. 
ManotQod wbormneoutotJudah. Mi™lnh,the son at 
Imla. Elijah. Kli-ha. 

Canon, aufhetiUciti/, inxpiralidv, etc. 
Alexander (W. L., D.D., LL.D.) Syslem of 
Biblical theologj-. 2v C 

NOTE— A tt^timoDj (o the supreme authority of Ibe 
KiiplureH, an exhibition of their conlentH, and a vlndlra- 
lloaollhelrabwiluteiiufflrlency nndabidinHlrulbtidnen. 

Davidson(S..D.D.,LL.D.)Canon of the Bible: 
its formation, historj, and fluctuations... G 

Guinness (H.G.) Divine piogrammc of the 
world's history C 

Hogarth (D. G,, Editor) Authority and 
archa;ology, sacre<] and profane : essays 
on the relation of monuments to Biblical 
and classical literature M 203 

NOTE An aRTpement that the litemry dorumenla of 
antiquity mu>(t rank before what are rolled material 

thai orchiealDfry HU|iportFt literary evidence, but that it ia ' 

silent an tofheevidcncc for the Incts on which the christian 
doctrine Is bnBed. 

Horton (R. F.) Inspiration find the Bible ; 

an enquiry ... ... ... ... C 

— Revelation and the Bibie : an attempt at 

reconstruction C 

tiOTB-.\ einnjilement to the above work. Hak« an 
■ "■ Oldatid NewTeKlapienUrorthepurpowol 








Marpilionth ( D. S., Pmf.) Liiiea of defence 
of tbe Bililioal iwvebtiuii C 


lAnd, The anlbor'ii 

IiTokA th« Bible Tnidlttow CD 

rriHofOFDesin EvidDIioi] and IbefnllQl 
aadlioaaHtlHbliteTatun. CrlKriim and In 

Cambridge Bible : — 

Right » 

['rv» I he nml ft 
~j-*aaute «ii-sv>l>oa In tb 

jiBlul>ral!< an twwd on linH_. .__ __. , 

liity on ihp Huppwed ligbl wliii'h I'lowli'al Aniblc (bmws 

00 ibr Dmee oC fipbrcw irordii. 

Parker (.J., D.D, ) None like it : a plea fur the 
old a word C 

NOTE— KkiD UlniiihelniiplmtMHi and BulharilyntthiBibte. 

Roger9(H. )Snperliuman origin of the Bilile: 
inferred from itself ... ... ... C 

Sanday (W., D.D., Prof.) InapirRtion : eight 
lectures on the early hist/irj' and origin of 
ihe <toctrine of Bililical inspiration ... C 

KOTE -Dml-H malnli with the hiKtoric i-anon nnil Kene>1> 

01 IJu? Old iu>dXeitTnitninmt-.™n»lderHjrronithi> point 

Sharr (F.J.,Rev.) Inspiration of the Hf)ly 

MInih. bf ChcTitP C an 

Nabum. Hohakkuk. and 

S!«ptiknliih,by DnvidROD C SSI 
RnHKnl and Sn-hsriuh. by 

»I. Mstth.-*. by farr ... C SOT 
Ht. Murk, by UftrLnr ...C'^tll 
SI. Luke, by KniTH ..- C SIS 
St. Juhn. l>y llummer ... C 3lil 
ArlH or the aiiotleH. by 

Lumby C 111 

nonuiw. by Houle ... C .t» 
Cor<DIblMuI..hy Liu ... C.TO 

Expnaitor'fl Bil)le : — 

Clmi»k by Dc5??. ■ ... C 2M 
Riodu>i.byCb«Iwlrk ...V£M 
l*viH.-u^VKell'W -C-JJl 
Dnilemnomy. liy ttRrnrr C \iW 
iiwbun. by Blalkip ... C ^ 

J udgf itnd Bulb, by Wnl- 

CmiDlhiBn" n . by LIm 
(iiiJutlitDii, by IVrosno 
Eph»l*iM. by Moule ... 
PfailippiUK^ br Hauls ... l 
Colowlann and PhilnnOD. by 

Koule .'c 

TbexMikiDlsTui by Fiiull*y ... C 
Timolhy nnd TtlUH. by Hnm- 

HebrmA by Pirmr ... ... C 

Hi. Jatnex. by Plumptre ... C 
Ht. Prirr and SI. Jndr, bj 


Rl.John lEplollml, byPI 

RpTelstkm'or St. John 




.. C 1,'19 Snmwi'i, byBtaiiti* 

nod fnoi seoml I . _ . 

ruiaiv at tbe Bible. 

Snivth tJ. v.. Rev.) How Oo<l inspired the 

Bihift C 

NOTE C'onlnuu Ihepmnilnr notioiuoT inaptmOon with 
tbtf diff^riDff nolioDH held at vuriouH perloUHOf reliiriouA 
dciekiptimil. and ihFD frooi on eiiiroinullon or Ihe lllble 
ilvtr •hovi Ihew noliona to be unlenaHe. Cloinu Ihal 
*ri:rj- tm-1 ibHIrantie teiii«nnWy cvtnhlliihed )iy crilii-lim 
outthi t<t he loyally lu^-epted. 

Crilirimn, ititfi-jifriaHon. 
AmoM (M.) God and the Bihle C 

NOTE -Reviea" the objecttonn In hti " LlterMnre and 
ilwnuii'' and nuintDlnH thai the Bible muxtnl and by itnOH-n 
inhcmt vnlue. iln ndnptnlian lo Ihe hixhec need" of 

— I.iteratnre and dogma C 

SOrE Crilirt"in of popular phri«tinnity. In which li in 
.hownlhnt thedoffznatk' Hpirltin inrapiLbLe or tiDdeniland- 
iitir and ioIerpretlDK the Bible, Maininin« thai there i* in 
the Obi TeiMnmenl Ibe «enn of rhrii'lianity. uod that the 
irnvmpafnble jrTeiiiDe?« of ihe Felijnuo touoded b^' Chrivt 
.tnne' from bia huvintf devekiped II, 

Bnnler(8..Rev.) Oriental literature applied 
to the illustration of the sacred scriptures. 
2v C 

GiWe(G, W.) Bosy man's Bihle.and how to 
stwly and teach it C 

fatecbidm of scripture history C 

i''roude(J. A., LL.D.)Criticism and the gospel 
history. /*( his "Short stndies,"' vol. 1. K 

Helps to the stndy of the Bihle : with con- 
cordance C 

LiasiJ. J.,Rev.) Principles of Bihlical criti- 
cism C 

Simon (D.W., Prof.) Some Bible problems. C 

CONTEXTS— Inaelites and Iheir nelKbhouni. with uperlBl 
reteretxv to TdiKloin thoufcfat and li fe.t^lwophy of re rela- 

Io>hua. by Harlmr ... C 231 

jDdffn^ by Liax U 2XZ 

Komuel LbT Kirkpotriek C 2M 
SuDUel tl^br Klrkpatrlek C ZtT 
Kinir« I., by Lumby ... C Ml 
KintnlUbyLnniby ... C241 
l'bnRli^le>^ c>y BareeK ... C 1M 
Kira and N^emlab. by 

Byle. - C2« 

Job, by DaTldtmo C 217 

Pnalmg, l^ Ktrk-pstiick. 

ProTorbB, by PnriwDe 

Jeremie'- — 


RiekleLby Doridioii... 

iii-le>.1>y Bennrtl ...C 
r.ini, Nehemlah, and Fm- 

ther, by Adeney C 3*4 

Job. by Wnlwn C -M 

rroverb* by tlorton ... C aW 
Rn-le-laHleM. W Coi ... COT 
SonK of SoKunon, by 

Adeney CaTl 

Wluh. by Smith. 2 v. ... 0»M 
Jeremiah, Tnr Ball iritif 

Binnetl. •/v. C 26ll 

IdmenlallotU'. by Adeney C :Iil 
Riekiel. by Skinner ... C -HX 

it wro.~^ Smith '.'. 
Joel, hv Smith 

Uleah. by Smith 
Nalium. by ^'mltb Rmilb... 
Zephnnlah. by Smith... 
Homial. by Smith 
Zei'hariah. by Smllh ... 
Mnloehi by Smith ... 

t. Luke, by Burton ... 
t . John I ( I OKprUby Oodn. 3 1 
,rt>i ot Ibe opootW h 




jhI. WDodB 

Corinlbiaw IL, by Denney ... 
Rphe.'laiw. iv Find lay 
Pnilliiplan)!, by Rainy 
Col wTatw. by Haclam UaelareD 
HebrenH, by EdwardK 
St. Jamnv by Ptummer 

St. Peler, W Lumby 

Si. John (EplHilewK by Alex- 


...-.v";:'- """ 

Obadiah. by Smith 

Jonah, by Smith ... ... 

Fuller (J. M., Prof., Editor) Students' com- 
mentary on the Holy Bible, founded on 
the speaker's commentary. v. [Abgd.] 

VoL I.— Oeneula— Deuteronomy 

Vol II.— Ei.i-Les— RevelaKon - 

Oilflllan (0.) Bards of the Bible C 

NOTE— Blofliapbieal and fiilind. 
Tuck <R., Rev., Ed.) Handbook of Biblical 
difhculties ; or, reasonable solutions of 
perplexing thingajn sacred scripture ... C 
KoTB- Loyally to the iDKpiralion of the BCTlplnTe« is Ihe 




Bos.Vy Driver 


Angus (J., D.D.) The Bible handbook ... C 

Cruden (A.) Complete concordance to the 
Old and New Testament ; or, a dictionary 
and alphabetical index to the Bible ; with 
a concordance to the Apocrypha, and a 
compendium of the Holy scriptures ; 
with memoir, by Youngman C 

Smith <Sir W.. LL.D.) Smaller dictionary 

of Ihe Bible C 


Hoare (H. W.) Evolution of the English 
Bible ; an historical sketch of the succes- 
sive versions from 1382 to 1S85 ... C 

NOTE "Arcouni of the Bible— when and how we got it— 
and ol Ibe suecessive venlanii. ScKBrdi the Bible as on 
integral part of our nuional (icrelcipment. and alma at 
ni«ai.'ialina it with Ibe xlory of our national life. 





BlUl — GMMral — continued. 

Kenyon (F. G., PH.D.) Our Bible and the 
ancient manuscripts : being a history of 
the text and its translations C 

MOTB— Deecribea tbe Bible (uvardlDg lo tlio vaiioua 
languaces. and ulduces the chi^l BUtlioritlea for hii de- 
acripUoDB Ot US3. oa well aa early edltlooii. 

anith(SirW.,LL.D.,iJrf,) Bmaller scripture 
history : Old Testament history, connec- 
tion of Old and New Testaments, New 
Testament history to A.D. 70 C 

Smyth (J. P., Rev.) How we ^ot onr Bible. C 

Epbeeiia In ihe 2tul century, nad eivm a blatory of Ihe 
(urination of Ibe Biblical canon. 

Drysdale (A. H.) Early Bible songs ; with 
introdnction on the nature and spirit of 

Hebrew song C 

Stainer (J., Mus. doc.) Music of the Bible J 

Natural History. 
Balfour (J. H., Prof.) Plants of the Bible. C 
Groaer (W. H.) Scripture natural history. C 

Put I.— Trees imd pliulU meatloned tn lb? Bible. 

Hart (H, C.) aeripture natural history ...0 

Fort n.— Tbe uitniala mentioned in tbe Bible. 

Newton (R., D.D.) Bible animals, and the 
lessons taught by them C 

Tristram (H.B., Canon) Natural history of 
tiie Bible C 

A review ot the nbyrical seosrspby, (feokwy, nad meleor- 
idosy ol the Holy Land ; wilh adeMrription of every oninml 
Bod plant mentioned in Holy scripture. 

Bayley (J., PH.D.) The Divine word opened 

[Swedenborgian] C 

Bennett (Sir R.,LL.D.) Diseases of the Bible. C 
SchafE (P., Prof.) Poetry of the Bible. In 

Ais " Literature and poetry " K 

Speech of man and holy writ C 

NOT>— An attack on evolution, and eapecially on the evi- 
dence that baa been wldueed for it [roio Ilie speech ol man. 

BIM»— OM Tfstimmt :— 


Old Testament [/n Hebrew'] C 

Geikie (C, do.) Old Testament characters. C 

TEaTAMKNT. w Abrahnm, Daniel, David. Jo«ei)h, eti-. 

Canon, authenticity, inspiration, prophecy. 
Gladstone CRt- Hon. W. E.) The impreg- 
nable rock of Holy scripture C ' 

NOTK— UpboMa the Uoealc origin and authority ol Ijfvi- 
tlcal leKislalion and nltottether the oecuravy of the Bible, 

Lex Mosaica \ or, the law of Moses and the 
higher criticism; edited by French ...C 

HOTE— The object ol the euaye ie lo dPnuHittrate the un- 
Dable pmltion occuiiied by the higher chticinm ol_tbe 


ends tt- 

nol tl 

. Pror. 

, . Jt arohteolotty topro' 

mifrht liavB written the Pentateuch, tolloHMl by nMltle- 
to vindicate tbe UohuIc authonhip of the Leviiiral and 
Deulcronomlcal codes. It also attempta ta hIiow that 
Joshua, JudiieH,and Samuel preauppose tbe cilatcnce ol 
the Pcotiileucb, 

Robertson (J., D.D.) Early religion of Israel. C 

BOTE— Consldera the authorship of the ' " 

apart trtnn tbat oF the early Israelite tt: 

le authorship of the hooka ol the Bible 

BlUe — OM TMtlMMit — continued. 

Ryle (H. E., Prof.) Canon of the Old Testa- 
ment : an essay on the gradual growth 
and formation of the Hebrew canon of 

scripture C 

Geikie (C, D.D.) Honra with the Bible ; or, 
the scriptures in the light of modern 
discovery and knowleilge. 6 v. 

Old Testament ; with a brief commentary, 
by various authors, 4 v. 

Vol, 1, --Pentateuch 

Vol, 3,— Jo»hus 10 Bather 

Vol. S, -Job to SoIIB of Solomon 

Vol. 1.-I«olab to Malnchi 

Criticism, int/frpt-eiation, study. 
Beecher(H.W.,Rev.)Biblest«dies: Sunday 
evening sermons on tlie early books of 

the Old Testament C 

Biomfield (A., d.d.) Old Testament and the 

new criticism C 

Brooke {S. A,, Rev.) Old Testament and 
modern life C 

NaTK-Crilici»mon whnl wme hare come to regard as 
discredited chapters ol Ihe Old Te-Wiment, 

Cheyne (T. K., Canon) Aids to the devout 

study of criticism C 

David-narratives nnd book ot PsalniK. 
— Founders of Old Testament criticism: bio- 
graphical, descriptive andcritical studies. 

HOTR-Serim ol studies of biblical wholarsol the post 

century. ui\-liiK an eKllmate of their work and their me- 
thods of studyiiut the Old Testament. Oivei an historical 
sketch or tha-bigbercrlticinn.- 

Church{A.J.,Prof.) StoriesfromtheBible. C 
Dillon (E. J., Prof.) Sceptics of the Old 
Testament : Job, Koheleth, Agur ... C 

NOTE— Alms to show what is couiidercd to be the oriitiDal 
teit tbat is to say.tbcpoemot Job after the modern addi- 
tions and " orthodox " Bloeses have been removed. Itegards 
the writers ol Job, Eeoleai antes and the so.yin(f»of Ajturas 
sceptics, who, accordlns to the DUtbor, " reject tbe dogma 
ol retribution^ the doctrine ot eternal ike, and belief in the 

Driver (8. R., D.D,, Prof.) Sermons on sub- 
jects connected with the Old Testament. C 
Helps to the study of the Bible C 

' -' — -.-•■- — 1 v—i- --a history and anti- 





Nicholls (B. E.) Help to thereadingof the 
Bible C 

Pinnock (W. H., Rev.) Analysis of scripture 
history, with examination tjuestious in- 
tended for readers of Old Testament 

history C 


Addis (W. E., Transl.) Documents of the 
hexateuch : arranged in chronological 
order; with introduction and notes. 2 v, C 
History and Topogi-aphy. 

Green (S. G., D.H., Editor) Pictnres from 
Bible lands M 

Raw 1 i nson (G., Canon) Biblical topography. C 



I J % »% tm mt—ftiiitin tied. 
St. Clair (G.) Buried citieHaml Bihie cotin- 

a d»wn [rom ihtr wriKno' of m'll- 
on blbUcol topotcmphy. Tlir aullioi 
the lopoffraphT ol Jenuolmn. wbli-li 

SJlprfr _ . 

SchafF (^P.,D.D.) Thi-ough Bible lands : noU-s 
of traTetinEgypt,tbede8ertjinilPali>stinp. C 

Smith (Sir W., LL.D., Editui) Olil Ti-sta- 
ment history from the creation to the re- 
turn of the Jews from captivity ... C 

Gillespie (C. G. K.,Rev.) Sanitary code of 

the Pentateuch H 


Kirkpatrick (A. F., Prof.) Doctrine of the 
prophets C 

SOTB— Acnnml of the wori at the prophel- in rclalion lo 

Sm[th (W. R., Prof.) Prophets of Israel an<l 
their place in hiwtory to the close of the 
eighth centnry B.C C 

■■■ ' ' the wonLiof Ihcenrlr pro- 

. .. heir own tlnKKao Ihal Ibe 

_WnlH with tho event" Binid which 

... . _. f intluence (hey Ijiid upon lhi?ir t'ontemiio- 
nriey, the<releviUlon above current nuilm-i. and the hii^ 
ideal Ifaey beld rorth. 


Peml>er(G-H.) Earth 'aearliestagesand their 
connection with mo<lern spiritualism and 

theoBophy C 

KOTB— Attempt' to remove wmie o[ the BeologleiLl nnd 
other dlDmhi« uaiinlly luworlated niili t he enrly i-hup- 
lenirfaene>qB.wliirhlhenuIbnrinHiiiIainKiH idnlnhJBtary. 

Robertson (F.W., Rev.) Notes on Genesis... C 

Bradley (G. Q., Dean of Westminster) Lec- 

tares on the book of Job C 

Cheyne (T. K., Canon) Origin and religious 
contents of the paalter in the light of Old 
Testament criticism and the history of 
religions ~ 

lof the 

Deiitiesch (F., Prof.) Biblical commentary 
on the psalms ; transl. by Bolton. 3 v. C^ 

Forl>efl (J., D.D., LL.D.) Studies on the book 
of psalms : the structural connection of 
the book of psalms, both in single psalms 
and in the psalter as an oi^nic whole ; 
edited by Forrest... C 

Perowne (J.J. 8., Bishop) Book of psalms ; 
a new translation with explanatory notes 

for English readers C 


Bradley (O. G., Dean of Weslwinnti-r) lec- 
tures on Eccleeiaatea C 

BMt— Itow TMtamrat:— 


Lewis (A. S.) Translation of the four gospels 
from the Syriacofthe Sinai tic palimpsest. C 

nn tinned. 
New Testament in the original Greek, the 

text revised by Westcolt nnd Ilort ... C 
Novum Testament um; edited by Scrivener. 

[In (irerk'i C 

Twentielhccnturj-New Testament latransl. 

into ni(Hlern Knglish, from the original 

Greek (W.-stcott nnd Ilort's text) ... C 

Pull. Tlicflrchiinurk'alboukii. 

A mi! y sis. 
Pinnock (W. H., Rev.) Analysis of New 
Testament history C 

F.mbnu'lUK Ihrrntii'lnn and In Ierj)r<'l 111 inn of tlie 0111(10111 
tout; the iiuthiTiliilly of II" «>veriil book"; n hnnnony 
chroooKiiiilly nrmni^ : iind n <-u]iloui> hlKlortrnl Index ; 
with question" [or exHinlnntlun. 

Apostles ami njtiinlolic itfitings. 
Bruce (A. B., D.D., Pi-of.) Training of the 
twelve ; or, {>asRages out of the g<)H))els 
exhibiting the twelve <lisci]>les of Jesus 
nnder discipline for the apostleship ... C 
Giles (J. A., Itev.) Apostolical records of 
early Christianity... 


tury 1" . 

tiilncd. I'luwo" ti 

ir Lord lo Iheendof 

qup"Ilan whether ornot the Alt". KpMUns and the Revela- 
tion belotlK. tike the |tn>|«'I^ to the 2nA ivntury, 

Maclaren (A., D.D.) Acts of the apostles... C 31'J 
Maurice {¥. D,, Rev.) Acts of the apostles : 

sermons C 320 

Paley (W., Atrluienrim) Horne PauHnic ... C 329 

NOTE— OomixvrlMon of St. PauF" eui-l lea with Uie AeUof 
the mwll.-.. 

8inIler(H.)Go«i>el of Paul the aposlle; being 
an attempt lo render in modern Englisli * 
the principal writings of St. Paul ... C 330 

McCook (H. C, D.D.) Women friends of 
Jesna ; or, the lives and characters of the 
holy women of gospel history C 299 

TBtTAllBNT.aiiJeHuHOhri"!. Fuul, St. 

Critinam, interprelation, etc. 
Cowley-Brown (G. J.) Daily lessons on the 

life of onr Lord on earth, in the wonls of 

the evaiigelists. 2v C 293 

Do<ls (M., D.D.) Introducticm to the New 

Testament C 290 

FaiTar(F.W.,i)«i») Messages of the books: 

being discourses and notes on tlie books 

of the New Testament C 289 

Simcox (W. H., Rev.) Language of the New 

Testament C 292 

GiMtjiels — authenticity thnrmotiy, inspiration. 
Blair(J. F.) Apostolic gosjtel; with a critical 

reconstruction of the text C 303 

NOTE—Conrernii the orlRin and primitive form of the 
reliitioB" nnd development of the gwiiels. The author 
botleveH idl miLlerial underlying the iioiipelH run be Imced 
loonefirimltlveapoatolioiource. and hi" aim I" to make a 
critiful rei^onstrutlion of IhlH prlmillve document oa it 
■DAy hiivG lipcniteeahylhediirercntwrileniolthe ipwpelu. 

Dale (R. W., D.D.) The living Christ and the 

four gospels C 285 

NOTE -Hold" that criticnl and hiMloHcnl corlroversies 
have not de"t rayed the foundalionpi of faith, and sets Forth 
prooC on which chrialinn apolofridtx rely for defeiu-e of Ihe 
po-ilion. Attempt to "how Ilial the four ini-ifb are 



Gilbert {G. H., Prof.) Reveliitiim of Jewns : 
a stud; of the primary sonrcea of chria- 
tianity C 304 

NOTB— A bliitorical Investigation of the gOBpeln, inllh a 
Tlew taBtTiriogat the true trsfhlDX ol lemit. 

Mackintosh (W.. D.D.) Natural hislory of 

the christian religion C 7 

NOTE— The author doen not accept the HyDOplic SOApelx 
at Inspired recorda. or even os hiKiorlcal itocumenlH. out 
as mrthlcsl blulonea. 

Maurice (F. D., Rev.) Gospel of St. John : 
disconrsea C Bl^ 

Robertson (J. M.) Christianifv and myth- 
ology " C 65 

S-OTE— Urees that chriatfanlty on the elhtcal side it 
taerelra blend in(t-icood and lind— of lute Onemjewish 
and Uentlle teaching. One third of the hook it devoted to 
a demoDBIratioa tlint the Rrishna myth la older llion ihe 

Round (J. T., Rev.) Distinctive peculiari- 
ties of the four evangelists considered... C 30G 

NOTE— Point* out that whlUt the four gotipel> coirobo- 
rate one another in man; inatancefl, and clearly purport 

each morknl by many Individual peculiarllle*. 
Voysey (C, Rev.) Testimony of the four ■ 
gospels concerning JesuB Christ ... C G9 


Wace (H., Prebendary of St. Pauls) Some 
ofthechief facts in the lifeof our Lord and 
theauthorttyof theevangelicalnarrativea. C 141 

Wieaeler (K., Prof.) Chronological synopsia 

of the four gospels ; transl. by Venabies.. C 301 

HOTK -Attempts to arrange the events or Chriet':' life In 
the order or chronolojricol tucoefialon. 


Smith (P.) New Testament history ...C 302 


St. Mark. 

Horton (R. F.) Cartoons of St. Mark ... C 310 

XOTE— Word pictures presenting the inlni"try of Jesuiaa 
descrltnil In the ROfpel of St. Mark, 

St John. 
Maurice (F. D., Rev.) Epistles of St. John : 

lectures on christian ethics B 278 

Sadler(M.F.) Gospel according to St, John ; 

with notes C 317 

Liddon (H. P., D.D.) Explanatory analrsis 
■ of St. Paul's epistle to the Romans " ... C .3.^1 

Ouinness (H, G., D.D.) Key to the Apoca- 
lypse i or, the seven interpretations of 

symbolic prophecy C 3.58 

Sadler (R.) Apocalypse of St. John ; done 

into modern English C .360 

-"~TK— Points out IhedofectB in " 

Bible and the newspaper : sermons. By S|»ur- 
geon(C.H.) C 622 

Bible illuBttBtiona fi'om the New Hebridea. 

ByInglifl(J.) MI246 


Bible in Spain. By Borrow (G.) M593 


,-..._ jf hihlio- 

lAtm-Kngllsh and Rnglish- 
"" printing centre*, and 

Bible in the Holy lA«d. By Stanley (Dean). M Sii.'l 

F.xlroot« from hlH "Kinnl and I'aWtttie." 

Bible of Amiens. By Ruakin (J.) M 542 

KOTB— Forms vol. 1. of "Onr fathem have told us," and 
(CiveAH history of Amiens; withadPscriptlimolltiiOolhic 

BiMorMiy :— 

Blades (W.) Books in chains : with other 

bibliographical papers A 941 

COKTBNTH— Books In choliM. flisnatnrcH In book*. Early 
nehoolH of typoRTsphy. Who was the inventor of priotingr 
De Orlu typotrraphin. Bariy Qfoek types ol ue royal 
printing olfipe, Parla FlrslprlnUng press in EDglaiid, 

Field(E.) The loveaffairaof a bibliomaniac. A 4 

NOTB— Skelches on tbe pleasuree ol book hnDtlpg and 
book e<dlecting. 

Gomme (G. L.) Literature of local institu- 
tions A 7 

NOTB— Dcivript ire Mhllography of works which have 
already been published on the social monneni and customi 
nf the people In tbe post, nnd deals with the shire, the 
hundred, municipal Kovemmrat, gilds the amnor, the 
lowasblp and pnrlKb, 
Hazlitt (W. C.) Old cookery hooks and 

ancient cuisine H 70<) 

Rogers (W.T.) Manual of bibliography... A C 

An Introduction to the knowledge of books, libraxy 

agement and the art of cataloguing - '-^ - " ' ' 

imphica] works of r~' ■ - • — — 

lAlln topographical 
a glossary. 

AL.SO LOOK ITNDBR Book-oolkcting. Sooks nnd rending. 

Bickerdyke (John, pse^id. of C. H. Cook) 

Auglingforpike:themostapproved methods 

of fishing for pike or jack ; inclu<lingan 

accountof some new tackles forspinning, 

Iive-l>aiting, and trolling J IISS 

— Best cruise on the Broads M 455 

— Book of the all-round angler : a compre- 
hensive treatise on angling in both fresh 

and salt water J llSit 

— Days of my life on waters freah and Balt,etc. J 1 l'.M) 

— Passing of Prince Rozan F '.'lj"i 

— Thames rightfl and Thames wrongs : adia- 
closure ; containing an itinerary for 
Tbamea travellers, tables of distance, 
hints on boating and fishing, and the 
rulea of the road, etc M 425 

—, [and others] Sea fishing J 1191 

Bickersteth (Miss M.) Japan as we aaw it... M TAl 
Bickerton (A. W., Prof.) Romance of the earth. G 9.')2 
Bickford-Smith(R.A.H.) Greece under King 

George [aV. l«tH)-92] M2267 

Bickley (A. C.) George Fox and the early 

quakera L 3t1fi 

Bicycle of Cathay. By Stockton (F. R.) ... F S02;t 
Bicycles. LOOK UNDER Cycles and cycling. 
Bid forfortune[ Australia]. BvBoothby{G.)... 

F1I15,F 111*; 
Bid ino diacoui-ae. By Hay (M. C.) ... F 3971 
Biddle (Tyrrel E.) Treatise on the construc- 
tion, rigging, and liaiidling of mmlel yachts, 
ships, antl steamers ; with remarks on 
cruising and i-acing yachts, and the man- 
agement of open boats Hll-'IS 

Biddulph (C. E.) Four months in Persia [in 

1891] and a visit to Trans-Caspia^tin 1S90J M 821 




Ijiologj- G K75 

Bi4^neuk5uig, Der. Von Rothfnbnrg(A. %'on). 

[In German'] K lltWi 

Bienvillt (Jean Baptiste If Moj'iic, Sieiir tie). 

By King (G,) L 662 

Big fi»voe shooting. By PhillippB-Wollfy (C, 

fuul ut/ufTH). 2 V J 1235 

Big otter [Canada]. By BalUiityne (H. M.) F 470 

Big Slake. By Jocelyn (Mm R.) F 47611 

Bigelow (Poultney) Borderlanil of Czar and 
Kaiaer : notee from twith siilefl of the 
Russian frontier M lilti 


^Paddlefl and politics down the Danul)e [in 

1«91] M 4il7 


—White man's Africa MH)U5 


iSigg f C, D.D.) Neoplatoniem B ;i7y 

BipgB (C. H. 'W.),joint author. LOOK UNDER 

Imniy (J.) 
Biggs (Leonard Vivian), joint aiit/urr. LOOK 

USDBR Pnrvis (W. F.). 
Biglow papers. By Lowell (Hon. J. R.) ... K 123 

NOTB— A seiiea of Batirical iwenM In the quiiinl Vankc* 

Bikkers (A. J. W., DR.) Malay, Achinese, 
French, and English vocabulary ; with 
COD cise Malay grammar E 

Bilderbuchobnebiliier. Von Andersen (H. C). 
[InGrrmaH] K 

Billet (le loterie, Un. Par Verne (J.), [/h 
Freftck'] K 


Edgciunbe (Sir K. P.) Popular fallacies re- 
garding bimetallism I 

NOTK A drfemv o[ hlmptnlliiim hrlOHlntr forWHil alt (be 
untunuiilii al bit opponenlH nnd an-kH to denoliafa tbem 

Giffen (R.) (\iHe against Innielallism ... C 

n Kukl luid r.ilvp 

Bennett (J.) Billiards ; edited by " Caven- 
dish" J 1 

Drayson (A. W., Major-Gen.) Art of practi- 
cal billiards for amateurs ... ... J 1 

— BilliardB; with chapterson pool, pyramids 
und snooker. 

/((" Handbook of games," vol, 1 J 

Bitting (Sidney) Scientific materialism and 
ultimate conceptions ... ... ... B 

POB xont. LOOK tiNDBB HuterlBliuu, 
Bills of sale : — - 

Reed (H.) Bills of saleacts; withan epitome 
o£ the law as effected by the acts ... D 

Bimbi. By Ouida F 0514,F 6 

Jevons (W. S., LL.D.) Investigations in cur- 
rency and finance D 366 


Nicholson (J. S.. Prof.) Treatise on money 
and essays on monetary problems ... D 370 

Walker (F. A., PH.D., LL.D.) International 

bimetallism D 380 

NOTE SlulCfai-iur (orlhedoublc Htandiud. Qivca Iho 
Parly hii-lorT ot coinspe m prwiouK meliil». Bad IraiU of 
the M-mrtiOlic perioiU' of GntilBnO. France iind Americii. 
RoviewK Iho htilory ol the rwenl inooelajy coDgreiwes. 

Binding. LOOK t'SDER Book-binding. 

Bindlosfl (Harold) In the Niger count rj, 1898. M 953 

Binet (Alfred), atid Fere (Charles) Animal 

magnetism B86, B 87 

; Bingham. (Hon. D., Capt.) The Bastille. 2 v. M 2U62 

FOR NOTK. LOOK rNUBKBupttllp. The. 

Binks family. By Winter (J. S.) F 9036 


Binney (Thomas, Kev., LL.D.) Memorial of ; 

edited Ijy Stoughton L 

Binstead (Arthur M., " Pitcher," /laeud.) 

Honndsdilch, day by day [sketches] ... K 
Biogenesis : — 

Huxley (T. H., Prof.) Biogenesis ami abio- 
genesis. In his" Critiques and addresses." G 
NOTE- From the abloueniil volDt of view. 
Biographical and critical miscellanies 

Prescott (W. H.) 

Biographical essays. - By MUller (F. M.) ... L 
nammobun Roy. E»<bub Chuoder Sen. DiiyAnonda 
Siiruiviiitl. Bunyiii Nnnllo. EenJIo KasBwara. Colebroako. 
Mohl. Bun>K^. CbiLrlen Eingxley. 

Biographical history of philosophy. By Lewes 
(G. H.) B 

Biographical sketches, 1S52-1875. By Mar- 
tineau (H.) L 

NOTB— HkiftcheH of royal, pobticaJ,profGiuioiiitI,iicien(]flc, 


NOTS-BoWb that Wmi 
tiQDOf them 

Barclay (R.) Silver queBtion, and the gold 

qaestion B 

Boieeevain (G. M.) Monetary question : an 

the b(«t and only boIu- 

-.-•> work iB ft prlie essay 

?ipeclod from a bimetallic ByeMin. 

Crump (A.) Investigation into the causes 
of the great fall in prices which took 
place coincidentty with the demonetisa- 
tion of silver by Germany D 

HOTB— AttemT>ta to prove tbot priees did cot foil oiciag 
to a Kanrity ol gold, but that the derlioe !■ due to various 






Beeton(S. 0.) Dictionary of universal bio- 
graphy L 1 

Cassell's New biographical dictionary ... L 2 
Haydn's Index of biography. 1870 ...L 3 
Hole(C.,Rev.)Brief biographicaldictionarj-. L 4 
Maunder (S.) Biographical treasury : dic- 
tionary of universal biography ... L 5, L 6 
Blogr^AlM— CoHtotlvg :— 
Actors and actresses. 
Cook (E. D.) Hours with the players. 2 v. L 1083 

VoLl. William Mount lord. Lord Mobun. Pei(Woffln«- 
1«Q. Mary Darby. TbomKHKine. Fimny Barton. John 
Palmer. William Smith, JamptDodd. William Panona. 
Jane Pope. Riebord Yati 

r. Cbdrles Hathewa. 

^.-Richard and fiopbla Baddeley. Booth. 

nmunson. William Fnrren. Juliad '" " 

Churlotlo Uunhman. Rachel Fell 

Dramatic list ; compiled by Pascoe, 1879. L 1096 




BographlM—CallMtlvt — contin tied. 

Edwards (H. B.) Mole of the French stage. L 1084 

Mndellne Bejard (vire of Uoll^rel. Adri«inFL«'auvrFur. 
Uadame Favaii. Souhie Amould. Udllf, de Cnmiirgo. 
Mndellno Ouimnrd. ^adnme Dutcazon. Mdllr. Clanoo. 

,.L 1085 

ocheL Sarah Bcnihnrdt. 

Gait (J.) Livefi of the playei-s 

MDUntfort. t 

[''aniuliftr. Qi 

Bellamy. Murphy. Kinu. Holoroft. Cooko. Wn- BHddolcy. 
Mlw Kltza Farren. Mrs. Jordan. John Philip Kemble. 
Emery. Mrs. Wddons. 

Hogarth (G.) Memoirs of the opera in Italy, 

France, Germany, and England. 2 v.... J 514 
Marston (W.) Our recent actors L 1034 

Macready nndhlBpoiHempomrleg. Charles Kembl«, W. 
Farren. Mr. and Mm. Charlw Kean. Wptwter. Mrs. Olovar. 
MrnWarnpr. Phelja. MimCu-limiui. Knpwlwi. MBllhPws. 
Brooke. Dillan. Fecfalor. Solhem. Uira Ltlion Neilaon. 
Wlgan. nobHon, etr. 


Arranged cbronoloKlCBtly and dating rrom iSM to 1830. 

AMBASSADORS. Smith (G. B.) Half-houre 

with some famous ambaaBadors ... h 628 

SirR. M. Eeitb. TnUeyrand. (londomor. Chevalier D'Eon. 
Mettemich. Horley. Alberoni. Lord Molmoaburv. 

Architects. Vasari (G.) Eminent archi- 
tects. Gv Li)38-4,1 

Artists, Paintkr8, etc. 
Buxton (H.J. W.),n»MiKoehIer(a.R.) Eng- 
lish and Americiin i>aintcrB J 33!) 

Clayton (E.G.) English female artists. 2v. L 

SOTB— Liveeorthe more imjiortont polntarilromthelOth 
to the ISM) century. 

Cundall (F.) Landscape and pastoral painters 
of Holland L 

RuiadaaL Hobbema. CuiJc. Potter. 

Cunningham (A.) Livesof the most eminent 
British painters. 3 v. ,,, ... ... L 

Hoeorth. Wilson. Reynolds. Oain>bnrou|ih, W»t. Barry. 
Blake. Opie. UorUnd. Bird. Fuwli. Jomesone. Ramsay. 
Romney. Run ci man. Copley. Mortimer. Beeburn. 
Hoppner. Owen. Barlow. Bonineton. Coeirny. Allan. 
Nortbcolo. Beanmont. Lawrence. Jacktton. LIventeefEe. 
Burnet. Stotbnrd. Crome, Turner. ConHlablc. Wilkie. 
Hulreguiy. Haydon. F.Ity. Fjmtlake. Ktnnfleld. Lealie, 
Robert!, Londsecr. Scott. Madl»j. Phillip, 

Eastlake(E., Lady) Five great paintei-s. 2v. L 

Da Vinci, Mlcboel Antcelo. Tlllnn. Raphael. DUrar. 

Ewart (H. C, Editor) Toilei-a in art. ... L 

LavietUe. Hhieldc Walker. Bennett, llnwell. KII7*. Faed. 
Iinu'lB. HHrlnmolT. Idiliinne, Tinworth. Bewick. Flojcman. 

Gower(R.,Lord)Figurepaintei'soE Holland L 

Van Honlhor>il. Brouver. Ter-Horch. Adrinan van 
Ontade. Imck van OnlBde. BoL Hel-t. Dou. Wouwerman. 
Sleeu. Melsu. Maee. VanMeer. De Hooch. ViinMleriB. 

Jameson (Mrs, A, B.) Memoirs of early 

Italian painters : Cimabue to Bassano... L 991 
Mollett (J. W.) Painters of Barbizon. 2 v. L 997 

Uillelt. Bouiweiiu, Dlox. Corot DauUimy. Duprt. 

Scott (W. B.) Little mastera of Germany... L 944 

Dtlrer. AKdortor. Hans Scbald Bebam. Bartbpl Behatn. 
Aldegrever. Pencz. BInck. BroNuncr. 

Stanley (G.) Painters of the Dntch and 

Flemish schools L 1012 

Tirebuck (W.) Great minds in art ... L 1014 

Dor*. Purer. Raphael Rembmndt. Velaiquei. Richard 
Wilwrn. Londweer. Wilkie, 
Tytler (S., jiaeiid. of Henrietta Keddie) 

Modern painters and their paintings ... L 1017 
— The old masters and their pictures ... L 1018 
Vasari (G.) Eminent painters. 6 v. L 938-43 






Bl0|ra|*ln — CoNMthrt — continued. 
Wedmore (F.) Masters of genre painting J 3!20 

Rembrandt. De Iloorh and Von dcr Meer and Mnes. 
Terbum and Mel-u, Steen, OHttule. Tenien-, ond Brekelen- 
kamp. Waltenu. Lonrrel and Pater. Chardin. Frasonard. 
Hognrth. WilkiP. and Le-lie. 

ASTRONOMERS. Ball (SirR. S,} Great astron- 
omers L 80O 

Ptolemy, CopemicUH. Bmh«. Galileo. Kepler. Xcwton. 
Flamaleed. Halley. Bradley. IlerseheL lAplaee. Brinkley. 
EnrlotBonw, Airy. Hnmilloa. Lc Verrier. Adomx, 

Lodge (0. J., Prof.) Pioneers of science ... L 842 

CopernlcuB. Tycbo Brah6. Kepler. Galileo. Descartes. 
Newton. Boemer and Brsdley. Lotn^nge and Laplai:?. 
Herwhel, Bewel. 

Morton (E. J. C.) Astronomei-s ... L 861, L fidS 

Coperalk. Tyebo Brah*, Kepler. GKlileo. Xewtoo. Lo- 
Rrnnge. Laputce. Hcrwbel. 

Biologists. McRae(C.)Father8ofl>ioIogj-. L 8.S*> 
Blind. Wilson (J.) Biogi-aphyof the blind. L O.'J 

Homer. Hilton. Baundcnon. Oough. Metcolf. ZiKca. 
Hulwr. Clancy, etc. 

Booksellers. Curwen (H.) Booksellers. L f>4 

BookwUers of olden time, IxinKmon ramily. Constable. 
CadcU. Black. Murray. Blni-kn-Doil, ChnmherK. Knlaht, 
Cossell, Colbiim. Rivingtons. Parkem. Nisbet. Butter- 
worth. Chun-hill. Moion. Kellx- Virlue. Tom. Nehon, 
flmpklnMorfhallaitdCo. Mudie. SmitbandSon. Rout- 
ledse and Sans. Provincial. 

Knight (C.) Shadows of the old booksellei-s L On 

Quy. Dunton. Tonson. Oent. Tonnons. Lintotta CurlL 
Rlcbardi^n, Button. Care. GriffltbH. Dodaley. Millar, 
CadcU. Siraban. N'ewberj-, Dilly. Davien Kbnsley. Evann. 
Payne. Longman. Baldwin. Rlvlnmon. Murray. Becket. 
Johnson. Bell. Cook, HarriHon. Lackinglon. 

BoTANISTS.Duncan(P.M.)BotaniBt8. L838,L N.19 

Aristotle. ThoophnMtus. Pliny. Ray. Toumetort. Lin- 
niPUB. DrCandolle. 

C-BSARS. Suetonius. Lives of the twelve 

Cffisareitrdnsl. by Thomson ntirfForest^r M I-JSO 

JuliuH Cnsor. AugustuH. Tiberius. Oaligula. ClaudlDs. 
Nero. Oalbo. Otho. Viiolbus. Ve<><i>ajBian, Titus. Domitlon. 

Anut/ier edition in Latin M 1419 

Centenarians. Bailey (J. B.) Modern 

Methuselahs ... L 133 

St. Anthony the Rrent, Jonunea CanlacuzenuK. Emperor 
ofthe Fjuit. Retbo. Comaro. Titian, Fontenelle, Amory. 
EvaM,GarHck. Caroline L. HencheL Mary Somerville. 
sirMoHeH Uonlcllore. Roulh. 
Chemists. Muir(M.M.P.) Chemists. L 87(5, L 877 

Black. Priestley. Lavoisier, Dollon. Davy. BereehuB. 
Graham, Liebig. Dumaa. 

Thorpe (T. E., Prof.) Espiivm in historical 

chemistry G (i29 

CONTBNTa- Boyle. Priestley. Scheele. Cavendish. Lavoi. 
sier. Farndny. arnbnm, Wnhler, Dumax. Kopp. Hendeleett, 

Waite (A. E.) Lives of alcheinystical phil- 
osophers L 87R' 

CONJURORH.Fro8t(T.)LiveHoftheconjuror8. L ];J5 

NOTE -The conjuroTB of ever)- period and country. 

Doctors. i 

Bettany(G.T.) Eminent doctors : their lives 
and their work, 2 v L '.U7 

Unacre. t^iu«. Hnrvey. Sydenham. The Monros. Cul- , 

len. TlieOregorj-s, Brll. WillmmandJohnHimter. Jenner. I 
Cooper. Sir Clinrlen Bell. Marshall Hall Brodie. Ijiw- 

rence. Abemethy, Addi-on. Bright. Lislon. Symc. Llmrn. j 

BailliP. HaUord. Chambers, Holland. FerguBson. Simp- I 
sou. Wells. Jennor. Budd. Murcblson. Lister, Watwn. 

Corrignn Gnll. Paget, WiUinmB. Stokes. Thompson. I 

Qrai-ei Bennett. CunoUy. Maudslcy. Wilson. Muckeniie. I 

Cohbold. Bowman. Carter. Toj-nbee. Hinton. Chrtstison. , 

Taylor, ttirkes. Guy. Simon. | 

Lives of British physicians L 91Sj 

Ltniicre. Caius. Hon-ey. Browno, Kydenhnm. Radcliffe. 
Mead. Huibam. Prlngle. Fothergill. Ileberden. CuUen. ' 

Hunter. Warren. Bolllie. Jenner. Parry. Ooocb. 

Dramatists. Scott (Sir W.) Lives of emi- 
nent novelists and dramatists L 1159 

Dryden. Cumberland. Fielding, Johnson. Le Sage, etc. 



—contin ued. 
Knatell fW., LL.D.) Eccentric perwinap-s, L 

)L Ir Doricur Devlnr. fllr ADdrPw Nrllwood. Braii 
BraniOHlL LmlyllivierKtiinhQpc B>-auNiu-h. Rlrtiemid 
ySirrxy. Stonnnl Fulk-r. Knrl nf PetiTluroiurti- ''ir 
SumuriSmttli. AmntonHnoll. CaptiilnMuHbm]'. DrFw, 
JcJmLoltun. SKifl. Uidy Mrmtnirut' Cblii^lDanf flwnien. 
Ji*n Abem«hy. Cnplain Miirrl-', Tumtr. Lorri Scwhury- 
rhFTsUer O'Kun. JoMph BHlMimn. Tbomiw. Marqui-' o[ 
Wbuun. PhHip. Duke of Whanon. Cnreit. Blalw. 

TimbB (J.) Engliah ecceiilrics an<l cccen- 
tricitiefl L 

Wilson in.), and Caulfieltl (J.) ftwik of 
woncWrfn! characters ; memoirs and anec- 
dotes of remarkaljleand eccentric iwrttons 
in all agesand cuniitries L 

EdccatORS. Leitch (J.) Practical education- 

isisand their eyatems of teaching I 

Lorke. PestBkRzi. B«l]. LancitcMT. WUdenpln. Rtow. 

Electricians, Jeans (W. T.) Lives of the 
electricianB L 

Tyndall. WlKatHtoDe. nnd Wanr. 

Monro (J.) PioneerB of electricity ... L 

'nulex. QilbCTt. Franklin, Coulomh, Volln. Davy. Oer- 
'IhL Ampere. Ohm. Fanutay. UoiwplL 

LavBon (J. F.) Famona engineera of the 
nineteenth century ...- L 

IJ«iore and Robert Siephrnson. Trerilblrk. WiUiain 
HnUer- Tiroolhy Hark worth. Brunei. 

Smil«'(S.,Jl.D.') Industrial biographyL 021, L 

[>udl«T. TamioWn. Darby. Ilcynoldn. Hur- " — ' 

RoFtocV Mu»hrt. Neilmo- Bromi'- " - ■ ■ 
Foi- Murray. BobertK. Wbitwwtl 

— Lives of the engineere. 

VoL 1.— Venanyden. Mydddton. Perry. Brtndjey 

YoL i— Smeattjn. Bennie ~ 

VoL 3.— Melcalfc. Telfotd 

VoL 4.— Bonllon. Watt 

VoL 5.~<ieor8« and Robert Slepbeiuon 

Etonians. Creasy (Sir E.) Memoirs of emi- 
nent Etoniana L 

NOTE— Meraoim Qt Ihomost eminent men who have been 
connecleil with Eton, by aanention orolBcB.trom the laih 
lo the 19lh ceolury- 

FiSANCIKRS. Reeves(J.) TheHothBchilds... L 
GBOI.OGlSTS.Duncan(P.M.}Geologiat8L8;W, L 

I>ytl»Soraa Strabo. fttcno. Button Bmith. Murehiwm. 

Hermits. Kingaloy (C.) Hermits... L215,L 

St Antony HI Paul. Hilarion Ameniua. Basil Simeon 
Ktylites. 8t, HevBrinns. St lialo. Bl Coliuohn. St. Qnlblne 
SI Oodric. Anchorit«i HermitBotEuropcand Asia Celtic 

Historians. Anton (P., Rev.) Masters in 
history L 1 

Gibbon. Qrole. Hacaulay HoOey. 

Impostors. Ingram (J. H.) Claimanta to 
royalty L 

Brightwell (C. L.) Annala of indnatry and 

LndwlR. Nlewbuid. Sir William J"ne«. I 
BriltOD. Belzoni Mnrniy. & Franklin 
Eolfler. Halin Goocli " 
FergOKm. fit range. 

Japp (A. H., LL.D.) Labour and victory ... L 

Slri.Outnun Belwyn. Fidwanl. BlrT Salt. Davidnon 
Ellia. SfmpnOD. AnguBli. 

Jones (E. R.) Heroes of industry ... L 

Anusttoue. Rathbone. Earl of n»veniworlb_ Usmjb. 
BnnlR taing. Virian. Lewia Swan. Eads. Wills. I/)b- 
Buum. Palmer. White. Rubattino. Cow en. 

ISTBKTORS. Cochrane (R.) Heroes of inven- 
tion and diBCovery L 


,„ .1. Monl- 

I. U<dberg. Oifford. 

Btop-aiMn— CottMtlve— n<f tf ('» tied. 

Boi'le. Watt. Davy.OeoriteSlcphennon. 9tinp»o. Boeon. 
Ijk. MnniuiK iitW.mi-»ler. PrLn.-eniipert.MOTlatid.Flam. 
Kirnd. ILirriwn. firithiLm. Fen(u««i. Bmihon, Btack. 
Phenllry, Unnireavr*. Wi«l«wnod. Corl. Crompton. Bell. 
Bre»"ier, Bahliiuie. Bc-wwmer. Erii'sHOD. Edinon. 

Half (E. E.) Sloriea of invention told by 

inventors and their friends ... L DfVi, L 905 

Arcl.imode-. Friar Bin-on and Vintiliu". Cellini. Paliwy. 
Fninklln. TheoriKlK o( the etjrhtojnth eentun-. W?"- 
Fulton. Stephenwnandtheloi-omotivc. Wbilney. Na»- 
mylb. Beiwemer. 

Jean8(W.T.)Ci-eatoi-Hof theageof st«eI...L 

Sir Henry Bt-wmer. Nfr William Hietnen». Sir Joseph 
Whitworth. Sir John Brown. H.U.Tbomnn. Q.J.Hbelus. 

SuiileB (S., LL.D.) Men of invention and 
indnatry L 

Phinea- Pett. Frnnci* P. Smith. John Hnrri«on. John 
Lomhe. William Murdoek. Fred KoeniK, The Wnltera. 
William Clowi-H. Chnrl«i Blawoni. 

Kings, Qubbns, I'bbsidents, etc. 
Adiims (W. H. D.) 8i>ine great iiamea in 
Euniiiean hiatory L 

Chnrlemoitne. F.dward the Ihiid ol EnBtand. Williun 
the Hilenl. Ourtavu" Adolphu^ Frwlenrlt II. of PruwUa. 
Prince Binronrek. »• nnoc 

Carlyle (T.) EaHy kings of Norway ... aZiao 
Edgar (J. (J.) Perils of a throne : lives of 
some bov princes L 

WilllHin the At hell ng. Prince o( Enghind.Willlani of Nor- 
mandy. Kurtai-e of BouloKne. Arthur of Brttmny. pavid 
Stuarf. Duke of Kotli-ay. LoiuH de VnlrtK Iteuphin ri 
Franee. Fdwardof Lanca-ler.PniH-eot WaU*. KdWMdV. 
and the Duko of York. Arlhiir Tudor. IVinre ot Walw. 
Edward PlnntimenetKorl of Warwick. Cliwton de Folx, 
Duko ol NemourK. Edward VI. Francis II. of France. 
Don Carlo-. Mn of I'hilil'U-Chwl^IX.otFrnnee- Henry 
Hluart, Prinre of Wale-. Henry ol Oattol«K Duke of 
Oloucc-ler. William. Duko of Glouce»ter. lauii XYll. 

Ever*tt-Green(M.A.)LiveBof theprincesees 

ol. 1.- Ca-ctlia, Adeli™. Matildn, Con-lallrt^ aiwl Adela, 





lauiihtem of William the Conqueror. Mat ildiv daughter 
of fienry I. Matilda and Mary, daiiithlen. of Stephen, 
Matilda, Eleanor, and Joanna, daughlen of Henry U. 

dannhte™ of Edward 1 -.. ■■■ ■■. ■■; „■■■ .y ^ 

Vol 3.- Elizabeth and Eleanora, dnuKhlen- of EdwMrt 1. 

Eleaiioru and Joanna. dnu>(hlrr>i of Edward II. Iimbella. 

, Blanche. 

iiidlll. BUn<-heBn(lPh11lppn.dBUKhl. 
Mary. Cet-ilift. and Margaret, daunhlers of _- .- _ - 
Vol 4 -Anne, Ciilherlne, and Bridiret, dauKhlem oi 
Edward IV. Maraaret and EUmbeth. dnugbtem ol ^ 

Voll-Mary and Catherine. dBughtem ot Henry VIL 
EhHibeth, daughter of James I <■ 

Vol e.- Ellmbelh 
Mary, Ellmbelh. A: 
tern of Charles I 

Gearey (C.) Three enipreaaes 

Josephine. Marte-Louise. F.ugenie. 

—Two French queens, etc. I' ■*0o 

Elixabelh and Marguerite of Valois. Cardinal MnMrin a 
nieeea CTiftrloIte Coidny. Adnennc de Lafayette. Mnrie- 
Tli*r*«c, Duchess ot AngouUme. 

Holden (E. S., LL.D.) Mogul emperora of 
Hindustan, A.D. i;i'.W-17t)7 ... ... L 

Tamerlane the ereat. Babur. Ilumnyun. Akbnr tha 
gr^ Jaluui^r NurMohaL Shah Jatan. AurangMb. 

Lamb (Lady) Warrior kings ^ ...L 

Charlemagne. William l^^ ^""1"^™ ^"^^i^^ ^ 
Germany. Sichardl. Edward I. K"^"^ ,^™™- .^"VILl" . 
Francis I. Henry IV. of Fran™ QnslaTua Adolpkun 
Charles XH. of Sweden. Frodenr the crcat. 

Presidenta of the United States ; e.iited by 
Wilaon „ ^ ■•• „ "■ ^ 

Washington. John Adnmi., JpR'^p«"'„"«<l""S,u?Z^' 
fi*^2S!"'r?W^lk SloTFillmore^ Piarie. Buchanao: 
£'S:^X»^ Qr^l Ha*^. Ourllald. Arthur. 
ClBTeUnd. Bcojamio Harrison. 







Strickland (A.) Queenaof England, fiv.: — 

Vol L— XstildKotFlaDderg. HalildaoT ScatlaDd. Adeltcia 
ad/nraiDe. MatildnDC Boulosne EleAnoraotAqailAlne 
BeraifKfiA ol NAnLrre- Isabella of An^ulAme KleAaor 
of Pnn-eiic« EleanocH of Castile. MarEuerllc or Franee 
InOidl* OF France. Philippaol Hainault Anne o[ Bahemia. 
Inbella ol Talo)-- Joimiu o[ Kuvarre Kntherine ol 
Vklota lUrgaret of Anipu L 

Vati-EUiabethWoodville- Anno of Warwitk Eliza- 
beth of York. Katharine of Airagon. Anne Boleyn Jane 
Seymour. Anne ot Clave* Katharine Howard, Katharine 
Pmt Mary I L 

Voli-Klilabeth I. 

Vol 4.-Anne of Denmark. Henhetln MarlH. Catburine 
of BraffanEa- Har^ Beatrice of Modena .-' ..^ ... L 

Vol &— Harr Beatrice of Hodena. conld tlary 11. ... 1. 

Vol fl.— Mary II, uinfj. Anne L 

Tytler (S., pseud, of Henrietta Keildie) 
Tudor queena and princBseert L 

EUzabeth Tador. MarRarel. Countess of Sichmond. 
Elizabath of Tork. Margaret Tudor. Mary Tudor. Catho- 
rine ot Amuon. AnncBolByn Jane Seymour. Anne of 
Cl«vM. CacSerine Dovard. CuthcriDe Tarr. MaryTudor. 

LAWYER!^. AilamH (W. H. D.) Learned in 
the law L 

Bacm Selden. iknuerii Ucui^aelil. Burke- Sir William 
Jonen. Bomilly. Brougham. 

Liter ART. 

Cast«lar (E.) Life of Lord Byron and other 

sketches L lllo 




. Hugo. Dumi 

Manin. Thin 

Hall (8. C.) Book of ineraorieBof great men 

and women of the age L 1110 

Hoore. Coleridge. Lamb. Hazlitl. U. Edscworth. Hood. 

Hook J F. Cooper. Houthey. Landor. Lover. Bunt. , 

Jerrold. Wordtiworth. Lockhsrt. Moott Dlckenu. Fuwii. 
Turner Flaimao. Bobertn. Wilkie. Harding, etc 

Hazlitt(W.) Spirit of the age L 1117 

Benlhiun Godwin Colendae. Irving Tookc S<>olt. 
Byron. Houlhoy. Wordsworth. Uacklnlo~h. Uiiilhux. I 

Uannlno. Oillord. Jeffrey Brougham. Burdett ELdon 
WilberToree Cobbelt- Campbell Cnibbc. Moore. Hunt. 
nooffrey Omyon. 

Hope (A. R., iiaeud. of A. R. H. Moncrieff) 

Young days of authors ...LI118,L 1119, 

Rio. HelDe. Hall. AlHeri. Button. Hra, Gnuil- BanH 
Andemea, Tbaddeux von Bultmrln. 
Jerrold (W. B.) Beat of all gooii company. L 1122 

DIckBDit Lytlon. Thnckoruy. Scott. Disraeli. Douglas 

Nicoll (H. J.) Great scholars L 1313 

Buchanan. Honlley. Ponon. Parr. olr. 

Scott (Sir W.) Lives of eminent novelists 
and dramatists L 1159 

Swift- BIchardHon. Fielding. Smollett. 0<ddjmiith. 
Sterne, Uackonzle. Walpole. Beove. HadcltlTe, Le Sage, 
JolmitODe. Bage, 

MBCHANIca.LBwis(T.C.)Mechaiiicians.L8b7,L »6tt 

Watt. Htephennon, Arkwrlghl. Cromplon. Maudxley. 
Clement. Naamyth. Whitwortb, Babbage. 

Bourne(H.R.F.)FamuuHLoudoii merchants L 797 

Whlttlnoton, Orenham. O»bome, Herrii-k, Smylhe. 
Oarway. NorUi. Quy. Becklord. Thornton.. Bolhachild. 
Ourney, Fsabody. 
Ritchie (J. E.) Famous city men L 798 

fjlr B. Oanlen, Sir B. Cotton. Sir J.C. lawrence. W. 
Lawmce. Sir J. W,E11i«, Slra Wtvterlow. SirA.LuJtk, 
HIrW, McArthur. T. Q. Flnnis. Sir F. Truxcott. Sir C. 
Whelbam. Sir B. Phillijw. SlrTSOwden. HWalerlow. 
■---■ '■ 'V.DeKeyser. H. E. Knight. BirJ. 

J. Whitehead. 

. __Keyser. 

^„„.... SlrJ. Luhhork. XSpieor. Dr. 
Rpottlawoode StrO Williams. SirDCurrii 

AdamB (W. H. D.) Eminent soldiers ... L 

WallHiiMlil Tiirenoe Marlborough. Wellington. 
Mftpoleos. Mapler. Orant Moltke. 

Ohe8ney(C.C.,Col.) Essays in modern mili- 
tary biography L 

Henry von Brandt. Gomwallla Sir William Qordon. 
"OUncaa" Qordon. 9eneral Orant. Adml rain Farragut 
mod FotUt. Ool. Dahlgrea^ QenerHl Les. De Fezeniwe. 

rd Lynedr 

BlographlM — CoNmUvi — continued. 
Cole(J. W.) Memoirsof British generals dis- 
tinguished during the Poninsular war. 2 v. L 

Moore. Bnlrd Marquifl of Aagle«ea. Paget ' 
Berosfoni. Craufurd. Colp. Wcton LordLyi 
Fjirl of UopetouD. Le Matcha" ■ ■■ 

Grant (J.) Cavaliers of fortune ... L 141, L 
— Constable of France and othei' military 

historiettes L139,L 

Holmes (T. R, E.) Four famous soldiers... L 

Sir Cluvrlea Napier, William S, R, Hodnun, Sir William 
Napier. Si r Herbert Ed warden 

James (G, P. R.) Memoirs of gi-eat com- 
manders L 

Henry V. John PlaniageneU Duke of Bedford. Duke of 
Alva. Cromwell, OoQEiklvex de CordoUt. Duke of Albe- 
marle. Turenae. Oondt, Duke of Miirlborough. Prince 
Kuftene ol Savoy. Earl of PeterlNirough. MarqulH of 
Qranby. Wolfe. 

Kaye(Sir J. W.) Lives of Indian officers. 2v. L 

ComwHlllii. Malcolm, Elphituttooe, Rev. H. Mnrtyn. 
Helcalte. Bumm. Con<dly. Poltingor. Todd, Lawrence, 
NeJlL \lchobon. 

Nep08(C.) Vita; excel! en tium imperatornin 
[Text] : edidit Bradley L 

Hillladea Themlxtockn. Arieliden. PauMUiia«. Cimon. 
Lyi^'uider. Alcibiades. Thras>'bu]uii. Gonoo. Dion, Iphi- 
crateH. Chabrian. Tlmotbeuo. DnlnmBH, RnaminondM. 
I'elopidas. A^xilauH. EumeneH. Phoclon. Tlmoleon. De 
RegibuB. Hamilcar. HannibuL Colo. Allicua. 

Attotlier edition ; tmnsl. by Watson ... M 1 
Richards (W.) Warriors of Britain ... L 

King Arthur. Barold of Englnnd. Richard I. Edward 
the BUu.'k Prinw, Henrv V. John Churcbilt. Duke of 
HarlboroKgh. Clive, Wellington, Sir Charles Xapicr. 
Havelork, Gordon. 

Waiford(N.L.,Major) Parliamentary gener- 
als of the great civil war L 

Wilkinson (S,, Editw) From Cromwell to 
Wellington L 

Cromwell Marlborough. PetcrborouHh. Wolfe, Clive. 
Coote. HeaChfleld. Abercrooiby. Luke, fiaird. Uoore, 


Barrett (W. A,) English chni-ch composers L 1 

Tallis. Fnrrant. Birde. Bull. Uorley. Tomklnii. Gibbons. 
T T...... <.v.,j. Houers. Lock. Barnard. Lowe. 

Cook, I 

. Aldrich. Cto; 

TudWL, . 

r, Clark. Croft. ( 


a. Travent. 
I. Cooke. 

__ . Jackmn. Dupuia. 

BaltinhiU. Arnold. Pmilh, Bockwith. Chard __~^ 

Whitfleld. Crotch. Bozfleld. Bennett, Walmir<loy. Weidey 
Smart. Ooag. 

Bourne (C. E.) The great composei-s ... L 1033 

Handel Bach. Gluck. Haydn, Mozart. Beethoven. 
Weber. Schubert RaxBlnL Mendeliuiohn. Chopin, Schu- 
mann. BerllOK. 

Crowest(F,) Book of musical anecdote. 2v. J 417 
— Great tone-poe la L I()3(j 

Bach. Bandcl Qldck. Haydn, Mozart. Beethoven. 
Spohr. Weber. KoHnlni, Rchubcrt MondelsHOlin. Schumann, 

Engel(L.) From Handel to Halle L 1037 

Handel, Oluck Beethoven. Sir Arthur SulDvan. Joveph 
Bamby. Emma Albani-Gye. SI r Charles and Lady HaDt. 

Ferris (G. T.) Great musical composei-s... L 1038 

Bach. Handel. Gluck. Hadyn. Mozart Beethoven. 
Schubert Schumann. Chopin. Weber. Mendelwohn. 
Wagner, Paleatrina. Ptccini. Bowlni. Docizetd. Bellini, 
Vepit. Chorubini. Aubcr. Meyerbeer. Gounod. Berlioz. 

Hadow{W.H.) Studies in modern music... L lOil 

BerUoi. Schumann. Wngner. 

Morris(L.T.) Famousmusical composers.. .L 1047 

J, 8. Bach. K, V. E. Bach. Beethoven. BenedJcl. Ben- 
nett Brahms. Billow. Chopin. Clementi. Couperln. 
Cramer. Du««k, Dvorfik. Field. Gode, Orieg. Biurfel. 
Hndyn. Heller. Hiller. Huromol. Kalkbreaner. Llnzl 
MendelBsohn-Bartholdy, Moschelen " ■ -" ■ 
RalT, Rubinstein. Satierl. Scarliitt 
mann. Wagner. Weber. Zeller. 

Parke (W. T.) Musical memoirs ... 

t. .Si-bu- 


HowlK>thain(J. F.) PrivuU'lifeof the great 


BrrlbovpiL MotBrt. 
UcndeLvohD. Cbi>pin. 
. Dooiietli. Mey 

. Had>-n. Buih. Huidr]. Olurk. 
- ''-'■■■'-Brt. Unit. Eomlni. Hi'liu- 

^park (W,.iiu8,Doc.) Musical mt-niwrieH ... L 

<?vTa- Bmedirl. IfendrliBdhn. Spnhr. Mpvrrbcer. Dr. 
WfJry. Kxhop. Bwmett. Oow, Balle, WaIIiut. Thul- 
brrz. Idolcy- OriA »nd Uann. Titiran nnd Uluellni. 
Uaclanm. ttmart. HKllon. Mudiiiiic Pnlli. Hopkinii. rtr, 

cal composers and their workn. L 1115)), L 

BiH- uC mlUiiued mrwir, Kumplai o[ parly cumpcwn : 
DuiMntilc. Pitlmtrink, OibbooK. %ua Pun'i'lL Si-Hrlullt, 
Mndclla. Bach. EUndFL Oluck. tinyiln. Hoxnrt. 
B«nh»vpi). Weber. lIiMKlrl>iw)hn. Chcrulilni. Spontlni. 
Ik~iDj. BelUni. Dmizetli. ('rort. Amr. B<i-h<^ Clnn- 
rnii. Cmner. Field. WoelB. Bolle. Hiu'ranTn. tlp4ir. 
HumnKl. Scbubcn. Nrhumann. Chopin, UiM'helcK. 
.lalwr. Halevy. HfyerbiKT. Vprdl. Oounod. Tbnaw, 
Flnlijir- Berliot David. Hillsr. EtrM. RpUer. U-xl. 
Bnhnu. Von BUlow. Rieli. ReiowkD. Bmflliul. Uwtu. 
lUodFiCgPC. BannMt. Sullivan. Wuimor. 

Walker (B.) My musical expt-rifiiceH ... L 

nil Memdale Bmiwlt. TbusIk, iSfuinbuli. Limt. Dcppt 
and KrluTwnicka. HeimfJl. 

Wtlleliy (C.) Maett-ra uf English mimic ... L 

Sulliviui. MitrkcDZlc. Cowen. Purr)-. Hluntord. 

Naturalists, Nicholson (H..\.,?rof.)Livt'B 
:tiiil liilHiura of lfa<liiig iiaturalitflH L 

Ray. 'Williurtihy, Uonvux. Kluunc, Ilunlcr. WhItP, 
Wiboo. Cuvier. Swainnon. Forbe". RmanuB Darwin, 
lomarck. CtiuTloi Darwin. 

A'lams (W. H. D.) Eminent Hiilora ... L 

[>f»ke. Robert Ulnkc. AnwD. Rodney. Howp. >:.irl ot 

Wi. ViDTcni. XclBon. SirSidnsy Smilh, tki1tinii«ood. 

t^ilgar (J. G.) Sea kings ami naval heroes... L 

Rcllo the Nonmin. Hiuitine. Hwcyn. Kliui of Denmark. 
lUmld llardntdji. Mir Robert Morley. EorlM I'piabroke. 
Doke or Bedford, nir Andrew Wood, Drake. Riilduh. 
BmI of Cumberland. Blukc. PrinL'c BnfPTt. Hir Cloadw- 
W-ShoreL Benbow. Bodoey. Howe. Kt. Vincent. Dun- 
PBA. Nelioo. ColhnfewDod. DundoniUd KLrCharlniNupler. 

Fnnide (J. A.) Engiiah seuiuen in the six- 
teenth centnry M 

SirJobnHawkinii. Sir Franeia Drake. 

Langhtoii (J. K.) Htudies in naval Iiistory : 
bit^jraphiea L 

Jran deVienne. Colbert. DuQuniDe. Soffren, Tevctthoff. 
WHgbt. Walker. But. DuOtuy-Trouin. Thurut. Buteout. 

SoDthey (R.) English seamen L 

HowanL CUIToid. Buwkiru. Drake. Cavendish. 

Yonge (C. D., Prof.) Our great naval com- 
luanderB L 

Drake. Blkke. Uook. Ilodncy. N'cbon. Pnnr, 

SbcROMANCBRS. Godwin (W.) Lives of the 
uecromancers ... ... ... ... L 

who have claimed for tbemMelveit, or lo nhoin has been 
mipatod by olheTB, the exerciw of ma^cal power. 

Orators. Nicoll (H. J.) Brilliant speakers. L 

Bnrke. fax. Sheridan, pflt. 

Philasthropists. Blaikie (W. G., D.D.) 
Leaders in modern philanthropy L 

Howard. Wi1berfon.-e. EllubatbFry. Choknen. Z.Xac- 
Buln-. Orellel. Stoifte. Reed. Quthne. Lirini;iitone. 
W. Bums. PattiwHi. Halt Huon. Agnes Jonea. 

Philosophers. Diogenes LaSrtiue. Vitis 
philoflophorum [Tauchnitz text]. 2 v. ... L 
Anoth^' edition ; transl. by Yonge ... L 
Physicists. Garnett(W.)Phy8iciBtB. LSfi.'i.L 

Boyle. Franklin. Cayendlah. Bnmford. Toure. Fam- 
dsy. MaxwelL 

Bell (C. D., D.D.) Some of our English poets. L 
Gnj. QoldmHb. Ooirper- Scott. Colertdgs. Woidawortli. 

1054 I 


689 I 

740 1 







155 J 



Hnwitt (W.) Homes and haunts of the 
British ptK'tH LI 

(^lauivr, ItupnHT, Sbskaiirnre, Cunley, Milton. Buller. 
Dryden. .tadi~nn. Pnpp. Swilt. Thomaon. Shenmone, 
Uhalterton. (Iniy. (icildumtlh. Bumi-, Cow per. Mm 
Tliihe. KnilK. iHielle]'. Byron. Cnibbe. Hoinr. Ct'- 
rliw. Mi>.HemnnK, ■'L.K.I,." HeotI, Cnmphell.lEDUthi 

Bttillie. Wonla worth 
Hunt. RoHei 


LAndor. Lelsh 

II (H.) British poets, .'t v 

C'uwley. Den ham. Milton. Builer. RoL-heater. B, 
rommon. Oiwity. Wnller, Pomtrvl. Dorael, Htrtmi 
J. inillliM. WalHii, Drytlen. Kmilh. DukF. Kiou. Sur 
Halllni. l<Umell. Onnh. RoKr. Add 
Shfffleld. Prior. ConBreve. Bliu^kmorc. 
(iranrllle. Yaldm. TtokflL HBmmoii 
Suvatir. Kwid, Broome. I'oue. I'ilt. Thomaon. nana. 
A. tniiliiM. We-t. Colltna. Dyrr. Shentlone. Tourk. 
Mallet, AkoDKlde. Qrsy, Lyttelton. 

MasHon (D., Prof., and ut/iera) In the fo<it- 
steps of the poets i 

<n. ^V'— 


RolH-rtson (E. 8.) English poetesses : series 
u( critical hiographie 

. AuhraBehn. 

L Vita 

_.».Ome, Mnry Ltunh. I^dy Griaell Bi^iUe. 

Mrx. Ciickbum. Jane Klllott. Iddy Barnard. BamneM 
Nalme. Joanna Balllie. Mrs. Bemana "L-BX." AdeUlde 
IVocter, Caroline Norton. laidy Dufferln. Hr>. Southey. 
HaryMlttord. Harah K AdHni>^ Kara Coleridire. F. B. 
HrownfTUI. tlmlly Bronlt^. Oeortie Kliot. Henella B. 
Kmwlley. Uhri»tlnH Rmwelli. Kmily Pfeillor. AiiBuala 
Webster. Alire Meynell. Jean Inuelow. Horrlel H. 
KinK. MathildB Blind. Mary Boblnion. 

Rossetti (W. M.) Lives of fiLniouH ])oelM ... L 

Cliaui-er, SpenHer, Shaktwiirsre. Milti<n. Butler 
Dryden. I'ope. ThoraBon <tniy lioldsinllli Cowper. 
Burns. WordBWonh Srolt. Coleridiie. Cnmnhell. Moore 
Byron. Shelley, Hemanik Xntla. Hood. L(Hi(t(ellow 

Tytler(8.),a«rfWatBon (J.L.) SongstreBses 
of Scotlatul. 2 V L 

lAdy G Baillie Jean Adam Mn Corkbum Jean 
Klliot. Stiaanna Bbunire Jean Olover Mm F. HaiDilton 
Likdy A, Barnard. BaronetK Nairae. Joanna Baillle, 


PlHtina (B.) Lives of the iMipes. 2 v. ... L 


Hanke (L. von) History of the popea. H v. 

C 868, C 
■Wiwnian{H.E.,(?o;T/iH«0 Recollections of 
the last four popes ... ... ... L 

l'(u«^^I. LeoXn. PiuaVni Ore«oryX\T 

Pretenders. Jesse (J. H.) Pretenders and 
their adherents L 

Puritans. Tulloch (J., d.d.) English pur- 
itanism and it« leaderH L 

Cromwell. Milton- Baiter. Bunyan 

Brief memoirs of George Fox, William Penn, 

and Elizabeth Fry L 

Budge (F. A.) Annals of the early friends. L 

Caton .^udlaud. Burrouah stirredge DewKbary. 
Crook. CriHp. Banka Humphry, ^nith. Fisher. 
Mnnyrs ol Bcwion. Oralton Dteken-on. Rdmundaon 
Ellis. Chiridso. Story. Latey. Whitehead. 
AilamB(W.H.D.) Great English churchmen. L 

a. Anaolm, Thomas Beckel, Stephen Ldncton. William 
Laud. Weorgo Herbert. Jeremy Taylor. wHliam Tyn- 
dale. HUKhlMlmer. Biahop Ken. 

Allies (M. H.) Three catholic refomierfl of 
the fifteenth century L 

St- Vincent Ferrer. St. Benmrdine o[ Siena St. Jobn 






— CMNtlVfl — conlinued. 
Davies (G. J., Rev.) Successful preachers. L 

Blahop Wilberforee. Canon MelvilL Wolfe. Prot. 
3i"lBr. A. W. Hnro. Prot. Harp. Brndley. D«in Hook. 
H. Blunt. l>rof. Blunt, Bixhop AnuKtroaa. Blencowc. 
Cooper. Cnnon Stride. Robertwin. CimoD C. Kintf^>ley 
Dean Slantey. Bnioklleld. Prof. Uozley. Prot. Ruey. 
Dr. Guthrie Dr Chalmers 

Farrar (F. W., Dean) Lives of the fathers : 
sketches of church history and bio- 
grapy. 2 v. 

Vol. 1. -St. I«nnttuaof Antloi-h. St. Polvcnrp of Smymn- 
SI. IrenaeuH. SI. Ju~1in themartyr.Tpnulltan. SI Cyprian. 
Clement of Almindriii. Oriiien. St AthnnnHUK. f|. 
Hilary ot Potctirrx. 8t Mitriin of Tours. St. Oieirory 
of NazlnnmB L 

Vol.2.— HI. Batdl. SI. OrMory of NyiwB. St. Ambrose, Binhop 
ofUllnn St. Jerome. St. Augiutlne. Kt. Chn'MwIoin ... L 

isls L 

John Hon-e. Rk'hanI Bailor. Samuel Rutherford. 

Her rick (S,E,,D.D.) Some hereticsof yester- 

Tauler and the i 
lAtlmer. Cranmer 
BrawBter. Wertey. 
Jamiesoii (R.) Cyclopiedia of religions bio- 
graphy : niemoirs of the inoHt eminent 
religious characters of modern times [to 

18.53] L 213 

Japp(A. H., LL.D.) Master missionaries... L 214 
CONTBNTS -James Oulethorpe. DavidZelHhcrger. Samuel 
Heblcb. William Elmslie. Qeorire Wa-hinston Walker. 
Hoberi. Moftiil. Dr. Jiunen Rtewnrt. Dr. WiUlBm Black. 
JohnColehdiiCl'utleMDn. John O. P««. 

McLaughlin (H., Rev.) Biogi-aphical sket- 
ches of ancient Irisli saints ... ... L 217 

St. Patrick. St- Columbn. St. Columbnnus. SI GnU 
St. Die. Aitlan. I^nxt Irl>li t>i«hop>iof LindiBfarno. Irish 

Maclear (G. F., Rev.) Apostles of mediaeval 
Europe L 232 

St. Patrick. St. Columbn- Hi. ColumbanuH. St. EliEius. 
8t.Auj(ustineotGiuilerhury. St- WllUbrord- St. Bonl&ce. 
GreRoryof Ctrechl. Sturm) of Fulda. Lebuln. Liudicor. 
St Anskar. Olaf Tn-iKi-oson. Olat the aatnt. St Cyril 
UethodiiM. Bishop Otl^ St.Vjcelln Mefnhard. Adalbert.. 
Raymund Lull . 

Murray (A. W., Rev.) Eminent workers for 
Christ L 218 

Brain?rd. Peorce. Uartyn. PrLywm. SfCheyne. Enlll. 

Piper (F.,Prof., Ed.) Lives of the leaders of 
the chiirch universal, from Ignatius to the 
present time ; transl, by Maccracken. 2v,L 219 

Rogers (J. G., Rev.) Anglican church por- 
tmits L 263 

CONTENTS— Tatt. Thompaon Slonlev- Baring. Pussy. 
Temple. KioBsley. WordH worth. Frjuier. Goodwin. 
Ltddon Wtlberforce. Thirlwall. JockBon. 

Ryle (J. C, D.D.) Christian leaders of the 

last century L 221 

WbiteSeld. Wnday. arlmHhaw. Romainc. RowlnndH. 
Berri^e. Venn. Walker, Hcrvey. Toplady. Fletfhcr. 

Scbaff (P., D.D.) Saint Augustin, Melanc- 

thon, Neauder ; three biographies ... L 222 
Seeley (M.) Later evangelical fathers ... L 223 

Thornton. Newton- Cowper- Scott. Cecil Wtlberforce. 
Simeon. Marlyn. Pratt 

Stephen (Kt. Hon. Sir J.) Essays in eccles- 
iastical biography L 224 

HUdflbrand Francis of Aulsi. Founders of Jesuittsm. 
t.iithei. French benedictinen Port-BoyallalK. Baxter- 
Blical" Bucceiwion- William Wilberrarc«. Clsphom 


BlographlN— CoiHtlw— cuf WiK ued. 
Tulloeb(J.,D.D.)LeaderBof thereformation. L 225 

Luther. Calvin. Latimer. Knoi- 

Walsh(W.P.,B/sAo^) Heroesoftheniission 

field L 228 

St. Uartin ofTourn- Ulphilus. 8t- IVitnck. SI. Aumiirtlno. 
Annchar. Adalbert. Otto, ItaymundLuU- FranrisXavier- 
Kliot. HanaEgede. Sohwarlz 

Wilson (W., Rev.) I'opular pivachvi-s of the 
ancient church : their lives and works... L 2,'i-'J 

Cyprian of Carlhaee- Ambroae ot Milan. Anjtuatino ot 
HiK|0. Basil the Breat- Qre^vry Naziaozen, Chrysostom 

Yonge (C. M.) Pioneera and foundei-s; or, 

recent workers in the mission field ... L 227 

John Eliot. David BralnerdChrlKtinnFriedrichSehwarli. 
Henty Martj-n. Willliim Carey and Jo-liua Morwhmtin- 
The Judiwn fiunily. Thomas MiddleloQ, Ketrinalcl Heber, 
and Duniel WibMHi. Samuel Marten. John Wtlliiimn. 
Allen Gardiner. Charles Frederivk fttackenzle 


Bolton (S, K.) Famous men ot science ... L K^.'J 

Galileo. Newlon LinniuK- Cuvier. Herachel, Humboldt. 
DniT Audubon. Mome. Lyell. Uenry. Agasiiz. Bneklnnd. 

Brewsler(SirD.,LL.D.) Mai-tjrs of science. L 834 

Galileo. Tycho Brahii. and Kepler 

Stougbton{J., D.D.) Worthies of science... L SIG 

Rotter Baron Coperaiens- Francis Bacon. Descartes. 
Puseiil. Burrow. Boyle. Locke. Ray, Leibnitz- Newton. 
Cuvier. Dalton, Faraday. Brewster. Herschel. SedKwIck. 

Wright(H.C.) Storiesof the great scientists. L 847 

Galileo. Kepler. Newton. Ftankltn. JJnnBus. HorMhcl. 
Runilord. Cuvier- Humboldl. Davy. Faraday Lyell, 
ABassii, Tyndftll KlrchoR, Darwin, Huiley. 

Scottish wohthies, 
Howie (J.), atui M'Gavin (W.) Heroes for 

the faith MI623 

NOTB-Uves of Ibose who HUffored for (he cause ol re- 
tHrmalion In Scotland In the 16Ih and 17lh centuries. 

Tytler (P. F.) Scottish worthies. :i v. ... L 81 

Alexander m, Michael S.-ott, Wallace, Brace. Barbour. 
Wynton. Fordun James I. Henryaon. Dunbur Douglas. 
Scott (L., }7seud. of Mrs. Lucy E. Baxter) 
Ghiliei'ti ami Donatello ; with other early 
Italian sculptors L 

NlccolB Pisnno. atoi-anni Pisano. Araolfo del Cambio 
Andrea, and Nino l-isnno, Bidducciodi Pina. TheOosmali 
Chlberti. Donatello, BeHoldo. Naoni. Vclluno. Dcsideho. 

— Luca della Robbia; with other Italian 
sculptors i_ 

KOTB— Lives ot the prtni'liialltalinnwulpton' in the 15th 
and Idth centuries. 

Vasari (G.) Eminent sculptors. (1 v. ...L938-43 
Social reformers. Gibbins (H. de B.) 
English social reformers L lj(i;t, L 

Laiighind. More, Wesley. Shatteshury. Carlyle. Kinghley. 

Adams (W. H. D.) Famous sfatesmcn ...L 

Thomas Wentworth. Fj»rl of Strafford, John Hampden 
Edward Hyde, flarl of Clarendon, Henry Kt, John. Vi" 
eount Bolinabroke. Sir Robert WnUiolc, Willinm Pitt 
Earl ot Chftthnm, William Pitt. Marquis of London-" 
derry. Gcorao Cannins. 

Cox (Sir G. W., Rev.) Lives of Greek states- 
men. 2 v. j^ 

Solon. Pei-istnilon. KIcisthcnes. Polykrates. Aristajrorwi 
Mihindcs. Arisleidos. ThecoiBtokles. Pansanias. Oclon' 
BruBidim Dcmowlhcneii. Nikins. HcrmoknUes. 

Kcbbcl (T. E.) English statesmen since the 
peace of 1815 L 

Lord CiisOereairh. Canning, rnlmerslon. Duke ot Wol- 
linirton. Aberdeen, PeeL Grey. Euesell. Derby. Gladstone 
Marriott (J. A. R.) Makers of modem Italy. M 216'i i 

iHauinl. Oavour. Garibaldi. ' 









BI«|rapUn — Mtoetlve— c^fi/ifKfn/. 
S[iarks (E. E.) Men who mail'.- the nation 
[United States] L CM\ 

Fnoklin. 8. AdunK. J AdiunK. Hnrti*. Ilnmlllon. WiiHh- ' 

ingion. Jettpnwn. Clny.Jiu^kxm. WcbHier.Urrcli-y, LiocalD. i 

Temperance workers. ' 

Hnil9on(T.)Teini>erancepioiioer»i>f thpweHt L 773 | 

Kiiul enrly Irmppnii 

V und rmnini-HWiPoi of tho 

e. Coniwiill. Devntwliirt-, clf. \ 

Ifi'Vi-Atnla (J.) Memorials of temperance | 

workers L 774 1 

NiFTE— Brief ikelcbnotnmrly one buDdrcd workcrHin 

Ibe trmpFnulre caune. lo 1K79. | 

Logan (W.) Early heroes of the teiniieranci' 

refomtalion ,., ... L 775 j 

Dr Lrman Becrher. Dunlon. Collin*. MiiMin. Hnrrtii. 

Sherlock (F.) Heroea in the Htrifr [IUub- I 

tratinp temperance principles] ... ... L 183 : 

Bnalit. Wpnlff . LiniMln. Dr Tcmiilc. LivinuHtonp. Knur- 
r.-na. Lockf. I^HRllnnl Unnnlna. fiuirimti. NvwtDiin Ball 
Kalnton. Dilkf. Snmurl Johaxon. N:tpicr. Dcun H'<ok. rir | 

Travellers, Explorers, Navkiators, etc. i 
A<UniB(W.H.D.) Somehei-oeB of travel... L 799 I 

Man™ Pol". GeoiRpF. Kimion. Doctor Burt h. ThoniUB 
Wiilam AtklDKiD. .^triinn TinM. J. A. HrTiiihnn. Cidnni'l | 

KptTlon WBJhanon. Major Bumabj-. Nlp Mionuel BukPr. , 

Bompiani (S.) Italian explorers in Africa... M 81)1 1 

"' ' "' — i. Carlo I'lagjtia- BomotoClciwi. Pclltwrino. 1 

^- ' "' and Clila^-' "" 


irikr. 1-lpli 

. _a, Glacoint _. ._ 

ADtonelli. iluiiwypc. Halmani). UloromaBovf. Biivchrttl, 
(tartono CbmUi. 

Kileu (C. H.) Australia's heroes M 1250 

KOTB — Rkochen of the linw and work ol the early 
Aiiktialinn siploreni. 

Purves (D. I*), and Cochrane (K., Edituis) 

English circumnavigators L 821 

Dr&ke. Dampler. Anwm. Cook. 

Whymper (F.)* Heroee of the Arctic and 
their adventures M1.301 

NOTK— Indirateg tbo cliiet points <n Ibe lives of Arctio 
nplarer*: Kith ananwunt of their discavnloB and ndven- 

Tinilw (J.) Wits and humouristfl. 2v. ... L 1284 

id Horn 

[lelmrd Weclc. Ramur. . ,-. 

nirh. The Colmann. Biihnrd Brinnley 
1. Sydney Hinith. T ' ■' 

are" Hool 

. Benu Flckllnn. 

Wharton (G, atid P.,;ts««f.) Wits and beanx 

of society L 

Gtomc VlUien. Duke of BurklnBbtun. Count di 

nunrt. St. ETremond. Lord Bochtstcr. Ben- " 

WilllaniConHTeie. BeauNanh. rhtltu. Duki' i 

Lord Bervey. Philip D. SlHUhopc Earl of CheKlcrfidd. 

Ahhe Scurron. Froncoln, Dm' de la Bochetoueanll. Duc-de 

tteinl-Klmon. Homes Walpolp. HeorKe Selwyn. Sheridao. 

Beui BnimmelL Theodore R'tok. Sydney Sinltb. tieotge 

Buhb DodloKton. Lord Melcombe. 

Adams (W. H. D.) Child-life and girlhood 
of remarkable women L S*9, L 

ILirriel Mnninpou. Fanny Biirtley. Elizabrlh Inphbnhl. 
Ch»rlottc Broria Sum Colprid(re Mm. Bomervllle. Mary 
BiukU HItlonl. Lolly Uor«in. Lndy June (irpy. Kn. 
Uulchimwn. M»ry Sidney. Co^inlew of Pemhroke. Mnr- 
(uret More. Mary Omnvdle. I*dy Mary Worlley 
E^issu. Ktuherimi Phllipn. Lntitln PllkinKton. Kllai- 
hrth Rowe. Calhnrtne ot Klcna. Jeanne d' A ri-. Madiime 
dc UiiHnlon Klizabelh Carter Caroline BerM-hel. 
Madame Ripe-Carpantier. ■- - . . - . 
Mrs Oodolpbla. Madnmi 
EuKenlo d-r OuMn. 

Audereon (J., Rev.) Ladies of the reforma- 
tion : memoirs of distinguished female 
characters belonging to the period of 
the reformation L 

a Roland. Madnmi 


Anderson (J., R«'V.) Memora)>le women of 
the puritan times. L 

Unry'Anrey. Brilllana Convay Mnrimrel Tindal. Anna - 
DudNy. AnneMarliury. Mary Dyer AnneVere KUta- 
belh Htewanl. Kllznbi'fhBiiun-hl<'r. Mary Love. BridKet 
Cromnell Kllisahelh Cromwell. Mary Crom well Fnuiee« 
Cromvell. Luey A|ii-]i>y. Kalherlne Boyle. Mnncnret 
Charlton, f^lzafiplh Btinyan. Atmiw BraumoDt KHth»- 
rlnr Uatlhewn Bachi'l WrUithcwley. Allee BerimKaw. 
Klixalielh (Iniinl. Ilnnnuh Ilewlinu. BiidKei Iretr>n 

Balfmn-(Mii<.C. L.) Working women of Ihe 
last half century L 

Mr>. Trltninrr. Urx. n'nnnah Mon>and herMKler^. Mrh 

Harhaiik]. KUxnh'lh Kmllh. Chnrlotto Klisiibi'lh Urn 

Shi-rmiin. Mr. Sl!ir>- L Dunran. Kimh Uorlln. Mm 
Ann lI.JiiiLinn llannnh Kilhiim. 

BnwkBCE. H.) Historic girls L 

Zenolto (if lUmym. Ilelenn of Brilnin. I'ulcherin n( 
Con-Unntlnaple. ('Iiitfldnot Bunntmly. Woo of IIwhrb- 
II", F.i1llliuf Si-otbind. Juruupltni- of Holland. CiitaNnn 
oCVfnli-p. Tbrn-naofAriln. Ktlmhilbuf Tudor. Cbrlxllmi 
oTKopdvii. Ma-lH-oka «(!>ow-hii-lBn. 

Challicu (Mrs. A. K.) IlliiHtrions wonii-n of 
Fr.mce L 

DtieheMv d' UrlenTU*. 

Madnl. . _ _,.. ... 

Caroline Bonninrle liiiehiwi 

do D.-rri. Um-en Marii- Anivl... .,„ 

Kmpn-« Ku^niu. I'rin.t™ Uatliilde. 

ChajHiian (Mrs. E. F.) Sketches of some 

dixlinguislied Indian women ... L 88 

Pnnditn Rnmnbiil Hanwvati Dr Anamllhnl J-wliw. 
Mnharanl of Kwh Brhar. Tom Dult. Comelln Somhji. 

Dai-ton {J. M.) Famons girls who have In- 
come illuHlrioiis women L 106 

Maraaret Ropir. Miw Riimey. Lniira BrldKmnn Felleia 
Hiinan- Harriet Madlnrou llarriM nSrher HKmp 
KtiHiNUi k Brun MiKlamr Uuynn. Hailame do MHii'l 
Queen > k-torla I'TiTHvu ChDrkUti- Freih-rlka Bremer. 
Miirinirel.Durhewnf SeweaMiloL MU. Mar-h. CBrolIno 
Chiaholm. LydinChihl. DoitnuerDiK'hpiu of Siiihertand. 
Jenny LInd. IVlneeu of Wal™. Prlni-eiiK Loulhc. Um- 

I C. L Bnlfour. Buront-iw nurdetl.Coulti. 

I Ewai-t(H.C.,£tf//(«-) Trueaiid noblewomen. L 107 

Qiieen Victoria. Iirliu-e™ Ali™. Mr». Fry. Rnrnh Marlln 
Ki>ter DoHL Mary Carpenter. Mr-. Chinholm. Mary 
Mollat. Mn" Se*pn. Mr« Carlyle. Biinine»< Bunwn. 

Fawcett (Mrs. H.) Some eminent women of 

our times L 108 

EliMheth Fry. Mury Carpenter. Caroline Hemehel flnmh 
Martin. Mary Soraervillp. Ouecn Vlrniiia. Hnrriet 

" Florenee MBhtimmle. T' ' ' ' 

• ■ le and KmllfBronl. 

Siile Hinih..lh (J...,,^ ■.„,„.,„.„,„ 

-_. J Pruwln. Dorothy 

-... Mr". BiLrbnuU. Jonnnn 

Balllie. Hannah Mure Trudcni-e Crandall. Lui'retln Molt. 

James (0. P. R.) Memoirs of celebrated 
women L 

Joan of Arc Maniarel of Anjou. Lndy Jane Grey. Anna 

Comneoa. Marehioneiu tlcMaintenon. Oucen Elizabeth. 
Donnn Marin Riehei'o. 

Owen (Mi-s. 0. F.) Hemines of history... L 

Jael Jtidilb^H^amwna^ Mttrtaiine. SemlramiH. Fonelope. 

nil. Jonnd'Ai- 

" - ■ ■■ Medici. 

wuniii M i-criiR auuHDic de MalDleoon. Marie Antoinette. 

RuBHell(W.,LL.D.)Extraoi'dinRrywonien... L 112 

Maid of Orleans Mn. Fry. Rmprew JoHepbliwi. Madaim 
Roland. Chrixlina. Queen of Sweden. Elizabeth Wonlville. 
Mr-. Hulchinnon. Queen Eliubeth. Madame deWviiniA. 
Isibeliaof Ciwtile. AnneBoleyn. Liuly Jnnc drey. Mary 
Queen of SentH, Lndy Mnntavue. Mnrie-.lnl[>inet(e Mm. 
BtddonB. Madame de Htiiel-HoWeln. ChnrtoKe Cordoy, 
Undame Itveamler. Maninret Fuller Lndy Hester Stan- 
hope. Madame d>- UenllB. Catherine U.. of Buwin^ Mrs. 
Oino. Marin-TherCKU. 

Yonge (C. D.) Seven heroines of Christen- 
dom L113,L 114 

Jonn d'Arc. MarRaret of Anjou. Iiuibella of Castllo. 
Chnrl<iite.eoiinlC!WotDcrby. Marin Thereea. FloraMnc- 

Z00L0GI8T8. Duncan (P.M.) Zoologists L838,L 839 

Aristotle. PUny. Oesner Ray.Linnniu. Button. Pennant. 
lAmarok. Cuviar. 

Spain. Cnlherine i 




Adamfl(W, H. D.) Bo<:)k of eanient liven ... L 

Worker* In Ihr nlunttioniil Brld. in Ihe mtulon flpU. on 
behalf of the ulnve. and priiwn reformen". 

— Master miiiiU in art, science, and letters. L 

ReynoWs. Turner. Conslable Huyilon. Fluimim. Oitaon. 
HuTchlaon. Fnnuluy. Darwin Hvolt. Kingide)-. 

— Steady aim : lH>ok of exaiujilea and en- 
couragementBfi'om modem liiognipby. L 

Jiunea Wntt llemw KtcphenMni. Itemuril dr Putlwy. 
Joiriiih Wcdswond .llr RJt-hord ArkKrtuhl. Jofan Kmenlon. 
Thonm* Telford. JolinRennie. Jainea Brindley. Enrlof 
Dundonnld. William Damper LordClive. Cnjitain Cook. 
John Flaiman. Jonmi Bnrry. ttiebunl wIlHon. fir 
Dnrid Wilkie. Beniumin WeKt. Chariot te Bnmli!. Rober) 
ttoutheir Dr- Aloionder Marray. Dr. Hnmuel Lee Duke 
ol BridsBwHter. Jonu* Ebuiwuy. SirUumpfary Duvy. 

— Wrecked lives; or, men who have failed: — 

M ■ni'ii-Rleiiii.WolKy. Swift. Snvaat.Chntlertoii ... I. 

aid ■wif* -Robeaplerre Bums. Huydon. Heine. Poc. 

KoBCluflio L 

Bayne (P., LL.D.) Six christian biographies. L 

John Howiuil. WiUiiun Wilberforce. Thomsx UhaLmem 
Thomas Arnold. Banrnol Budjietl. John Fotrter. 

Buckley (T. A., Rev.) Dawnings of genius. L 

Bco di Minindola. PWmrch Qtotto. Mtc-hel Anitdo. 
Raphu'] enunm" Uore. Edward VI. Rielyn. Wotlon 
Barretlor. Montcalm Piufn]. Wren. Orottiu. fd'oliiic'. 
Barthiw. Csnaubon. Sir F. Bacon Kewton Unlllea 
Mo2ArL Nlebuhr Dr. Arnold. Hominh. 8irT. LawrcDi'o. 
Chattotion Sir W. Bcotl. Franklin. Wm-hlnjrtan. 

Chambei-s (W., LL.D.) Stories of old families L 

Ijuly Oniwtl Ba1ll„ 
(rranjrc. Ididy Jan 


Gordon. Uoun 

rm. Klttv, 

BaJoncM Burdetl- 

. Thon 

It Walte 

a- OaUleo. Fen 

: BI«|r<pMw— CoMotIv*— cwi'mt^. 

Hamertoii (F. G.) Modem Frenchmen ... L 
' Jacuuemonl- Pcrreyve UimIb Ampire. Begoault. 

Hare (A. J. C.) BiographiaU sketches ...L 

Arthur l^rhyn tUtHDley. tienry AtlOrd. Ifra. Duncan 

' Harrison ( F., Editur) New calendur of great 

men: biographies of the 55K worthies of 

I all ages and nations in the " Positivist 

'i calendar " of Comte L 

i Hill (M. D., hkiitiir) Om- exemplars ... L 

Karl or Bhafte-bury. Jiwniir. Bunyiin Don Pedro v.. 
Kinjof Portuinil BridiretBurke C. "rtioniMiti Havelock 
TucSennan. h.SipphenMn. Burke. Chalmern. Livinit- 
-lone. Miller Columbu" Fjirlof Derby. Dr. J. Thonmon. 
Ryan Mni'oUDchle. Wllkimum Smealon. Demelii. 
Kemond. Martin. Hill. JGieebboy. Lady Byron 

I Hoare (E, N., Rev.)- Notable workers In 
humble life L 

Pound* Dunisn. Dii'k- Edward Cooper. Anh worth. 
I . Hmilh. Flocktuut. 

j Hope (A. R., pai-ud. o/A. R. H. MoncHeJf) 
Book of liuyhDuds L.'J7,L 

_ DoujtUuu Wedderh. 

nah-Counlew of Kglintoun lady F 
jcneio' of Queenaberry. DtilrympleM Ct 
Mont roue. BucileuohH. Argyll*. 
lutlH. Wulpolea Bedfordu. 

Stories of remarkable persons ... ... 1. 

■ho nf.™..hfl». Mary fionier>111o. Taylor, the water 
m lUid Dorothy Wnrd>iwonh. Oleneatra. 
Rob Qmham. Gamlllc Doimr " ~ 



nreeley. Sura.. . 

T Stewart. Jan. -_ _ 

Anneuley. Mlw SlirliniiUniham. BriKodierl 

CharleB(Mrs.R.)Thi'eemartyi-Bof the nine- 
teenth century L 

LlvinttaUine. Oordon. Patlwon. 

Clarke (F. L.) Golden friendships ... L 

More. Colot. nnd Eru«niui>. Lulher and Mehtnclhon. 
Goelheand Schiller. JohniKRi and ColdiiDiilh. Hannah 
More and the OaiTiika. Cowpcrandhi-friends. Bronl*'* 
and tholr friondK. Lamb aoA Colcridue. Madame do 
S^viKnA lUid her dHUffhter. Addiaon and Steele, etc. 

Cochnine (R.) Risen by perseverance ... L 

B. Fninklin. Brindley. Cobbetl. MiUer. (W(. Difkcns. 

Darton(J, M.) Brave boyswho have become 
illustrious men L 

»lwatil VII. KbtI or Shafteabury. W. F- Fon<ler. W. 
H, Smith. Carlylo. Molfat. RugkiD. Crulkuhank. J. 
H. Reynoldii. H. Deanp. W. duunbom. A. Heywood, 
T.FJword. T.B.Hmtthie^ J.Macgreiior, SlrJ.Simpi4Cpn. 
Dr. Arnold. Sir J. Rlchardxan. OaHWdi. Rev W BoKCF.^. 
Harrinon Weir. M. H. Sutton. W. Elll». J. a QuuHh. 
BriBht- aMorley. 

Dawson (G.) Biographical lectures ...L 

rainbeth. Drake. Blaks. Milton. Cromwell Uurvell 
Baiter. Bunyan. Defoe. Swift JobQHOn. tioldamlth. 
E.Darwin. Anna Seward. Chaucer. Cowper. Rme. 
Byron. Lamb. Wordji worth- Coloridge. Carlylc. 
ThBckorny. Hood. Luther. Calvin. Hen-elun. Zwinijli. 
SwedBahorn. Wesley. Prtentley. Cohbott. Cobden. 
Wellinuton. Nopoleoh. Prince Con sort. 

Dyer(T.F.T.) Great men at play. 2v....L 

NOTE— The private liven and recreation" of eminenl men. 
chiefly EDRiixh. who have lli-ed ulnrc the 16th century. 

Edgar (J. G.) Boyhood of great men ...L 

Scott Wordsworth aibbon Unckintoah Johnaon 
Lord Jeffrey. Cannlnu. Webster. Lord Monefleld. Lord 
Eldon. Wilberforce. Bui--- -'■• " 
FrankUn. Sinuion. D'Ale 

Audubon. LordSt.Vinc ^ 

linatos. Handel. Hoiart. Lawrence. Wdkle. Ciinma. 
Thorwaldaen. Sir W. Jonea. Dr. Arnold. Paley. Cbnl- 
man- Huntar. Cooper. 

■oler Parley. 

ChorleaLiuuh TfaanunHol 

■. Jewell, tin: 

Chaucer Wolsej-. 

HbnkeHpcure. RuleiKh. Bucon 
Harvey. Blake. Cbirt"'- 
Bumet Penn. Addiimi 

n. Coko. Htndtc ,..,. 

_.j. Milton. TlUolHon. Locke. 

Marlborouvh. Ncwion. Walpole. 

Annon Lyltclton. Chiitbom 

Blacblone Jobnxon. Lowth. Howard. Muunllehl. 

Irving (W.) Biographies. K 1«4 

King (A.) Cluster of lives L 41 

Vittorln (JolonniL Uiuiame R^camicr. Hcnrieltii. tiucen 
of CharhM I. Dante MadamE dc Stviime. Chaucer. 
Hpenaor Cuptikln Cook > companion [JamoH Kinit]. ArioHto. 
Lurreiia Bonrto. Petmrch Cen'antcs Joan of Arc, 
OalUeo. Mndune Cot tin. 

Lamartine (A. de) Biographies and por- 
traits of some celebrated people. 2 v. ... L 42 

Chatham. William Pitt. Shakxpnire. Charlotte Curduy. 
Madame Rtdaod. Mirabeau. Danlon. Vergniaud. 

Laurie (W, F, B., Col.) Sketcheti of some 
distinguisheil Anglo-Indians. 3 v. ... L 465 

fllrA BumeH. J.Burneit Lawrenee. Colvln Kaye. Bume. 
BartleFrere. Bawllnuon. Temple Stewart. Davia. Vivian, 
Becber. MoUeMm. Morria. Fayrer. F.den. Woodrow, eU-. 

Maccall (W.) Foreign biogruphiett. 2v — L GG 

JoHcphde Muiilre.- Samuel Vincent. Vincent du Paul. 
■•aul lew la Courier. Vauvenanmifli Abb6 do Solnl-ltorre. 
Si.Pnuiciiiof Awiai. Llrich vonButlen. Spinoza. Leibnitz. 
Saint-Martin. Bruno. Voni'ode Balljoit Alexander of Buaaiiv 
D'AubuaHOn Behalm. Cardinal Alberonl. PreKident Boyer. 
U'Almedia. Codoudul. Lazorua Camot. 

Memorials of early genius L AG 

Bacon. Galileo. Newtim. Cimabuo Uiotto. Uicbool 
Angelo. Popo Juliu«__II Raphael. Dante and^llton. 

Men who have made themselves L 

Davy. Ferguson. Watt O , oari B- .Stephenaon Belionl. 
Cailon. WilMKi. Bloomfleld. Cook. We-t Sir William 
Jonea. Huvelock. Leyden. OilCord. Buma. Count 
Bumford. WycllOe. Buchanan. Ruddlman. Adam. 
Banm Humboldt Hmealon. Peel Uorrtaon. Franklin 
Cobbett- Horberg. Miller. Whitney. ArkvHghL Op\B. 
Budgclt. Scotl. Baxter. Cory. Edward*. 

Men who have risen L 

Peel family. Rothst-bUdx. Stepbenxon. Da^T- Ohcrlin. 
J. Franklin. A-tor. Hutton. LinnieuB. Smealca. WU»on. 
Eldon. Wllhelm. Miller. 

Nasmith (D., LL.D.) Makers of modern 
thought. 2 v L 

RoEer Bacon. Danle. Pelrareh Boecaccio. WickUDe. 

luaa. Gutenberg. Caiton. (^umbiv. Haehia- 
veui. uopemlt-uH. Lulber Babelala. Loyola. Montaine. 
Brahe. Franclii Bacon. Shakeapeare. Oalileo. Kepler. 
Harvey. OroliUA Hobbe» Deiicartea. Poacal Splnoin. 
Locke- Newton. 


Neil (S.) Epoch men ami the reiiu]t of their 



Nit»U (H. J.) Great moveiDents ami those 
who achieved them ... ... ... L 

BowuiL Wllberforrc- Romllly- Broaatum. Coni^alitr. 
Cbuuhen Katafal. UuwU Bill Cobden Brtjthl. 
VLUimi UibMm- Hurdoth. Wimior. Ulegg. Wnll. Hlrphm- 
vn PnlIofL BcdL Cooke. Wli«tinaDf>. 

Xotabte men and women ... ... ... L 7.1 

lady Bullie Oriiri Cochmne De Quli)«T Hwelopk 
CariTlS' Ibfaulsy. 

Oliphant (Mre. M.) HiHtorical sketchen of 
the reigii of George II. 2 v M 1324 

Qnem CunliiM. HlrKobcrt Walpole. ChwtFrfleld, Lady , 

iUrr HoDtsffue. Pope. Cbkrle* Htout. John WbhIfv i 

AiHoo. Brrkeler. Rirhardioii. Hume. Hofcunh. 

— Makers of modem Rome M 2I.'50 I 

Page (H. A.) Leaders of men L 79 1 

Prinre Comort. Dick. QoodanoDgb. Uoore. Dunrnn I 
ling WtiMio. Beed. Lord Lewrertce. 

Paf<ton(G.) Littlememoirsof theetghteeiith ' 

centary L ."ill 

Lady HnKord. lady Pomrnl. Richard CumhcrlBnil. , 

Lady Ciaren. Junex lACkingloa. Un. Omni of I^toniD ' 

Booaiice of Jcdin Tweddell i 

Peake (H.) Boys Iwok of heroes L .54 | 

BenvkuL TbcCid. Loulx IX. OuhIutiu Vom. Berlmnd 
itn CioeAclin Crfnmbut Bayard. Frobl-<her RiUflBh. 

PerwveraDce nnder difficulties L !}5 

CohnubtM FrmikllD. CnpIalD Cook. Watt- Henrbrl 

PIntapchi VilKparaHelffi ; iterum recognnvit 
SinteniB. .'> v. [Teulmer's text] ...L X-12 


Anotlt*^ edition; transl. by Stewart ami i 

Long. 4 V LLS-lfil 

Pressense (E. <le, D.D.) Contemporary por- I 

traits L 97 

Thien. fttiaiVHaiid Voltaire. AnurdderArlige. Dupnn- | 

loop Adolpbe U imod. Vlnet- Vemy and Robertaon. ■ 

Rogers (J. E.T.) Historical gleanings. 2v.L 466 i 

Hmuene. WiJnole. Aditm flmllh. Cobhelt. Wiklir 
LiEUd^rilkM- Tooke 

Smith (H. G.) Romance of historj- ... L .'J7 \ 

Vawiiello. Prlim Rupert. Uenyownky. Tamarlaoe. , 

Manoo FAhero. Bayard. Lithgav.JacqDellDedelamwtle. i 

Vidom- Lorhlet Camnova. 

Stpt>liing(W.) Some verdicts of history re- | 

viewed L .'ifi : 

AAtblerCooperflrvtBailShafteiburv. Cowley. Prior. 

H. At. John. Viarount Bollntcbroke. rulleney. Franklin. \ 

Straotta (O. L. M.) Men who have made the I 

aew German empire. 

BItirapMM — C oi w tlw— <wif/» ufd. 
Well-HiH'iit lives. Ity KduiondH (II.) ... L 

Wonliiwonh. Iluvrloi-k. FiuiKlay I'arry, Wilbvrtorrc. 
Hopp Arnold Llvln«"tone PwlftwUk Bell. RomtUy. 

Biographies of witnls. By MllUer ( Rt. Hon. 

F. M.) E 

Biography of a l(«;omotive. By Frith (H.)... F 
Biography, Romance of : chapters on the 
strange and womlerfiil in human life. By 
Hood (E. P.) .'. L 

. .. VoD Boon. Holtke, _._ 

. Cro*n Prlnre of Pruwia and iifx 
'[- King Albert of ttaxony. ' 

-k. Iwker. 

mMi. Haoleoirel. etc. 

Tiilolaon (J.) Untitled nohiiity L 

William fmlth. Wwhom RalktM. Naamilb. Coram. 
Kartrn. flrorevby. Hikli. Dirk. Cort. Wllmn. Two BruDelx. 

Timha (J.) School days of eminent men... L 

Early Mve* of L^clcbroted BriUhh uulhon', phflowiphet?<. 
tnvail ir\ dlrinEv, •tatcameD, eti'. 

Tooley ( S. A.) Lives great and simple ... L 

(lordoo Print-ewi Alice. UacDonald. Itenry Irving. 
WoWley Cbambem lawrpnce- Dick, Trollopo. Kalrlnlm. 
Tono»btU. (terBold. Janet Hamilton. DIckeoK- F.dward. 
Cariylc. RlddelL Leitch. Stanley. Ed word Irving. 

Tweedie (W. K.) Earnest men L 

BoaI the great. Columbo. Bunt Tyadal«. Rgede. Carey 
Uar-btnu- Word. Buchaniiit. Slurp. Ralkea, Jenner. 
.tltred the great. Danle. Hampden. Sydney. Roiwell. 
Burkr. OrUtatL WebMer. Pellieo Outenberg. Buonaroli. 
tlhny- Kepler- Walt 

Tej't-hmkH, ntudy and i-j-pfTiutfntnL 

Bidgood (J. ) Course of practical elemenlarj- 
l>iologj- ".G 

Bodington (A.) StiulieR in evolution and 
hiologj- G 

Campl>ell(H.J.,M.D.)Text-l>ook of elemen- 
tary hioJng}- G 

Davis (J. R. A., Prof.) F.lementary text-lxiok 
of biology. 2v G 

NOTE -Vol. 1 OeiUx With vewlnble, vol.3 with animal nior- 
pholoKy and phyniuhvy, Botli voIm. runtnin on iDdei- 

Demoor (J:, nnd ntherit) Evolution by 
atrophy in biologj' and sociologj- ; transl. 
by Mitchell '. D 

NOTK- A ron>parl«oo belwpen hotIoI orwuiiHillon and 
nnlmalorvejfetaWeorganlHiiiun. Holdntbaidein-nemlive 

annrrldent m rviriutton. Init'ihnt It l> Ihe ohverveof pro- 
l!Tewlvpeiolullon.anil IhenereMnaryrompleiai'nttif every 
tmnHlorroallon, wIielhrranaiomlnuorHOrial- 

Gibson (R. .1. H.) Text-book of elementary 
biology .*. G 

Huxley CT. IL, LL.D.j Study of biology. In 
his " Science and education " G 

Letoumeau (C, DR.) Biology .,-. ... G 

NOTK -Attempin tn state whai lite in, lud how orjninlwd 
ortngH are nourl»h«d. Brow, reiirodorr. wmve. feel and 

Mitchell (P. C.) Ontiines of biologj- ... G 
Nicholson (H. A., Prof.) Introtluction to the 

Stndy of biology G 

Ciillerted trrifinga, fiwiyn, rtr. 
Butler (S.) Life and habit G 

the general doetrine of Ibecontlnnity of fiwi^ Kndeavoun. 
to Abow Ihat all life In memon'. 

Hiutoii (J.) Life in natui-e G 

NOTE- Pnpen- on various io[rtP» in biology aod j^vkI- 
ologi-. Seeks lo resolve life Into meehODl-m.yet endeavour- 
to prove ihot tnci'baniBm lt> life ArgiieH Ihai life Ih n uni- 
vemal chnrarler In naiure. and thai nature In a ronwIouH 

Huxley (T. H., LL.D., PH.D.) Discourses : 

biological And geological G 

— Evolution in biology. In his " Science 

and cultm-e, and other essays " ... G 
J.ankester (E. R., Ll.d.) Biology and the 

state. /»(/(/«" Advancement of science"... O 
Wallace (A. H., LL.D.) Natural selection and 
tropical nature .essays on desci'iptive and 
theoretical biology G 


Wilson (A.) Studies in life and sense ... G 

._ ""iman rpHmnhtHTieea (o low*"- Tf" 1^™.* 









pre-enrof the cuttletlKl 

word". Law B of speech, ajdyandmfnd. OldphrentJoi 


— — ..-.--'nologv 

What dreama are made M. 

Inner llle of planta. An invitatian 



Bloloiy — continued. 

History and biography. 
Baetian (H. C, Prof.) BegiimingB of iife : 
being some account of the uatui-e, modes 
of origin, and transformations of lower 

organisms. 2t G 

NOTE— Alttmpta to CMTy bark the hinlorr "f life, even 
bpyond fonnleMi protoplAnn— '^^ to the bridve bctu'c*^ 
liviiiK nod non-liTlnfT mnlter. InveHtlKnlen the inuuitnr- 
nintloiiH. which matter laken from the livina onmnlxmB. 
uiBv uuderKo: the evoluKon of llfo frum the \UMi ot 

lion vhethor life con be developed rrommnttprroiitiimlnB 
the orsanlc elementi nfter it hru been reduofd to ory^iol- 
line tonu. 

McKae (C.) Fathers of Inology L 

FOR CONTBNTa. LOOK tTNDEB S\imTa.\ibir*-eollrctit1. 

Spencer (H.) Principles of biologj'. 2 v, ... G 

NOTE— Conslden thecoDntltutlonof orimtiii'innllrr. Ad- 
mltatbemyalervofllfeiuldtheliapoMilbmtvof I'oniviriDR 
It to Htnnd la the relation or eSivt to purely mei-linnleiil 
rnuwM. Clearly Indiralea that In hl» view, matter llself 
iMatonn of IKe. 
Thomson (J. A.) Science of life G 

NOTB—Bintory of IbeproErew of Uolon; and the rbnncre* 
whiohhavebeenbrouBhtaboutdurlnBlhelWh century by 
the work of Dnrwln. Owen. HuileT. Hi)eni'er nnd olbCM 
Ctmctudee that while the Reneml ronraptlon of evolulion 
Btuida at pn'iient more flrmly than ever nn n retiaooHble 
■nodertl Interprelntionof nnture, lliere JMErent unrertoiDty 
In rejinrd to nlmoat every queclion eoncerninii Ibe fwlor* 

ALSO LOOK UNDBB Detrenemllon. EmbryoloRV- Invo- 
lution- Heredity. Proti^liunu. KpeclpH. Zoolugy. 

Bioplasm. LOOK under Proloplasm. 

Biram (S. de) Essais poetiquea. [/ji Frenrli]. K 

ConlHloB a trBttfllatlon of Lennonlow'B Le dtmoo. 

Birch (S.) Egypt [earliest limes to B.C. 300] 

Birch Dene. By Weslall (W.) 

Birchenoagh(Mal)el G.) Disturbing elements. 

Bird (Charles) Elementary geologj' 

— Higher eiliication in Germany and England: 
being a brief practical account of the organ- 
ization and curriciiltim of the German high- 
er schools ; with critical remarks and sugges- 
tions with reference to those of Eng^nd. 

Bir<l (Frederick 8i>encer) Land of dykes and 
windmills ; or, life in Holland [cir. 187;i]. 

Bird (H. E.) Chess practice 

— Modern cheaa and chess masterpieces 

Bird (Isabella L., a/tei'ivnrds Mi-s. Bishop) 
Among the Tibetans [rfV. !««!)] .. 

— Chinese pictures : notes on photographs 
made in China 

— Journeys in Persiaand Kurdistan [in 1K90]. 

— Korea andherneighbonrs [in 18;t4-7]. 2 v. 

— Lady's life in the Rocky mountains [1S73]. 

— Six months among the jialm groves, coral 
reefs, and volcanoes of tlie Sandwich 
Islands [m-. 1«74] 

— Unbeaten tracks in Japan 

Summer journey In (be Interior, in 18TB 

— Yangtze valley and beyond 

An account of Journo^'B in China, chielly In the province 
of Sze Cbunn and among the Mon-Tze of the Somo 
terdtory I'''-- KSfi-T) 

Bird (R. M.) Nick of the woods 

Bird of passage. By CTOker (B. M.) 

Birds :— 

Arnold (E. L.) Bird life in England ... G 
"* •■ ' "wen (Mrs. R.) Wild nature won by 

Blrtl — continued. 

Dixon (G.) Bird life in a southern county : 
being eight years' gleanings among the 
birds of Devonshire C 

devrrlbeB the Hreaery. the coiLKt, the riven and blUs. nelda 
and farma of DcvonHhlre- 

— Birds of our rambles [British] ...G 
— Idle liours with nature G 

Notes on blrdn, their life, bablls, migration, and HtrtijnFle 

M i:J23 

F 8794 
F 9(13 

J 1024 
J 1025 

M 764 

M 72*1 
M 822 
M 770 

M 782 

F 964 

— Jottings alwut birds G lliU 

NOTE— ReBultB of Bojne out-of-the-way rfBenrelies In 
bird life, and deals with the birds of Alucrin. Devaii«hire. 
St. Klldo, and Buss Rock ; with remarks on the cuckoo. 
— Our rarer birds : beingstudiesinoi-nith- 

olog>- and oology G l,'i-4^ 

NOTE— A record of fai-ls which hnvo come uDder the 
autbor'B own obHsrvnllon. In deohne with inl4mitlOD, the 
author hotds that IhiB hnhit had its oriKin In the lost 
glacial epoch ; nn Ihe Ice eilendrd xiulhwarUM the hlrda 
perfon^ dCHerted the oiu-c fertile nolar rrKions. Contnlna 
an essay on the philosophy of birds' nests and cinpi- 

— Stflry of the birds : being an introduction 

to the study of ornithology l."l-il; 

NOTB-Rhows the rclalion between Ihe birds and the 
lllard. and eonslders the Htntte at which the Urd evolved 
from the Dxard. Also deal" with the principal bird 
xroups: their dlstrlbuljon and migmtion. 

Figuier(L., Prof.) Reptiles and binlfi: popu- 
lar account of their various orders; with a 
description of the habits and economy of 
themostinterestiiig; revised byGillmoi-e. G Ki^.S 

Gordon (W, J.) Ourcounfry's binls and how 
to know them: a guide toall thebinlaof 
Great Britain G 1350 

Harting(J. E.) Ornitbologj-of Shakespeare. G l.'t r>l 

NOTB- Bnumemles the various nllu»lons mode to birds 
In Sliakeapenre's works. 

— Sea-monsters and sea-birds G 12G.'t 

Hayward (J. M.) Bird notes; edited by 

Hubbard G i:Jr>;i 

NOTE— A record oltheobucrrationBot the inridents that 
look place among birds nllractcd to the autbor'a garden. 
Hudson (W. H.) Birds in Lontlon ... G 13r..l 

NOTE -Deals with wlIdblrdllfCDf London and of IIh open 

of Ihe Bpocies that have been lost or are greatly dimini- 
shed and the Inlroduetlon of ol hers togtie greater i-artety 
to the blid life of London. 

Macpberson{H. A.,Rev.) Britishbirds ...G 13.'>4 
Montagu (G., Col.) Dictionary of British 
birds; together with the additional 
species describe<l liy Selby and Yari-ell ; 
compiled and edited by Newman ... G }i^^^5 
Napier (CO. G.) Lakes and rivers. Q 1180, G llSl 
Rennie (J.) Faculties of birds G lIl.^iS 

Deals witb the sight, hearing, BmeU and taste of birds, 

Stannard (H.) Outdoor common birds : their 

habits and general cbaract eristics ...G 131)0 

Swann (H. K.) Birds of London G 13(11 

Wallace (A, R., LL.D.) Birds of paradise. In 

his "Malay archipelago" M 12.31 

Watsou (J.) Sylvan folk : sketches of bird 

and animal life in Britain G ll'.H) 

VfatBon(3., Editor) Ornithology in relation 

to agriculture and horticulture G 13l»2| 

NOTE- A wrieB of nkelche" by various i " 

aim to show IhemlsdcedHot thesparro 
hand to defend tbe bird from sueh ace 
with the pigeon, rook, »t«rling, etc. 

Wood(J.G.,|^R€v.) My feathered friends... G 




Brti — fon t inued 

Wcxtd (S.) Dwellers id our ganlens : their 
lives and worka G 

In K«arton (R.) Wild life at home : how to 
srndy and photograph it ,..01172,0 

Eggs and nestn. 

Atkinson (J.C-.Rev.) British hirdH*t'f;gH mid 
Tirtta G 

Dixon (C.) Ne«taaiidegg8of Britiuh hirds, 
when and where to find them : hcinf; u 
handlxjuk to the oologj' of the Rritinh 
I^ilands O 

hdbiiri of each species. 

Habits attd behaviour. 
Briiwn(T., Capt.)Habitsan(IcharacIeri8ticB 

of animals and l>irdH ... G1237, G 

—lUnstratire anecdott^ uf birds, fishes, and 

insects, etc. O 

Lw (Mrs, R.) Anecdotes of the hal>itB and 

instincts of birds, reptilef, and fishes ... 
lirnnie (J.) Architecture of birds ... G 

Nors — DeHcribei Ihe nenl-building ol varloux Urdu, nod 

—Dumeiitic habits of birds G 

Dml» irith the pccujjaritioi iD pniriniT. IheHtrurtim and 
r<.4.>iir of tvs*- hatrhlnR. tbe erolutlon of the cbk-k. the 
>ta»1[rTiiw nnd Isedlue of the tdudr. Ihr loiiKiuuienDd wait, 
imilation BDd mimlcrT, longerity. cleanUnews elc. 

Stanley(E.,B<3/M>p) Familiar hihtory of birds G 

LcrbinlH. BohhiwIh. NBluml hinlory. IIkboqu. Poultry 

Binla' Christmas carol. By Wiggin (K. D.). F 

Binlsof prey. By Braddon (M. K.) ... F 1173, F 
roB CONTINUATION. BBAD "Charlofte'n inheritance." 

Binlwood (George CM. ,11. D.) Industrial arts 
iif India J 

BirkVteck (William Lloyd, Prof.) Historical 
Hketch of the distribution of land in Eng- 
land ; with suggestions for some improve- 
ment in the law D 

ruB MOTB. LOOK [TNliBR Land nnd liuid quentlon. 

Birmingham. Dolman (F.) Municipalities at 
w.,rk D 

Birrell ( Augustine, Prof.) Collected essay 8. 2 v. 

VdL I —Obltrr illcia :— Carlyle. Alleged obBourtty ol Mr. 
Brnwntng'spoetry Truth -hnntlng Arte™. A roBue'a 
menKnta. The vlu media. FalBtaO. UlUoD. Pope. JahD- 
.-oQ Burke Uiue ot history. Chirlea lAmb. Rmemon. 
ODce of Uterature. Wom-out trpe« Ciunbrldge and Ihe 
^iwl*. Book-buyinx 

VoL 3-— En JuoJcoJiJ';— Ricbardson. Oibbon Cowjier 
Bnmw Ne*imAn. Uattheir Arnold. Kazlilt Lettern 
otCnuu-les I^mb. Authors in court. Nationullly. Refor- 
■nalioa Sninte-Beuve- Eaan about men, mimfn, and 
luuta :— Swid. Boliiisbroke. Stenie. Johnson. Cumber- 
land. Snoi. De Qulnoey. More. Banhklrtaeff. Vonbrugb. 
tiuy. Rocer North'! aatobioeraphT. Bookn old nod new. 
KonkUDdiDg. PoelH lanreale. 'Ilouni In a hbrAry." 
AmeriCMiiTOW and Briticltitu. Antbora ukd critic* 

— Duties and liabilities of trustees D 

—Life of Charlotte Bronte L 

— Seven lectures on the law and history of 

copyright in books D 

—.Sir Frank Lockwood : abiographical sketch. L 
Birrell (Olive) Anthony Langsyde ... F965,F 

— I^ive in a mist F 

IJirihright. By Hocking (J.) F 

KiH. By Gerard (E.) P 

Biscuits : — 

I Wells (R.) Breadand biscuit baker*s and 
1300 I HiiRHrboiler'satttiistant: including a large 

I variety of modem recii>es H 

1 17;1 i Bishop (Mrs.). LOOK UNDER BinHIsabella L.) 
Bishop's bible. By Murray (D. C), and Her- 
man (H.) F C300, F (IIOI 

1,^9 i Bishop's Cranworth. By Marshall (E.) ... F 5Hlf< 
"Bishop's delusion. By St. Aubjn (A.) ... F 74lJl 



BinsU-ad (A. M.,"Pitcher") Honndsdilch, 
day by day [Sketches] K 885 

la UarelA.J. C.I Walki In Louden, U W; RorptkiW, 
Rev.i Beminiw-enoes.LaHiTbomburytW.l.nnJWullord 
(R.I Old nnd new London, rol. li, H IBTO. 


Broughton (R.) 
1238 I BiMMrok (Otto Edwart LNpoW vM, PrinM) :— 

Bismarck: the man and thestatesman; being 
his reflectionsandreminisceuceB; transl. 
by Butler. 2v L 574 

BuBch(M.) Bismarck: some secret jiages of 
his history. .1 v L575-7 

Headlani (J. W.) Bismarck, and the foun- 
dation of the German empire L 578 

Lowe (C.) Prince Bismarck L 579 

Prince Bismarck :an historical biography. L 580 




In Adumii IW. H. D.J „ .- , 

hlBlury, L MO ; ttlrauH (O. L. M.I Uen who have made Ihe 
new denniui empire, L a. 
Bismarck and state socialism. By Dawson 
j (W. H.) D 441 

,^.,-. rOBNOTE. LOOK CNDEB Socialism. 

'*1'71 jBiB8(HaroiaC.J.,Capt.) Relief of Kumasi ... M 2404 
1174 I Bi8Set(Andrew)Historyof thecommonwealth 
of England : from the death of Charles I. 
... to the expulsion of the long parliament 
"' ' by Cromwell. 2 v M 1831t 


— History of the struggle for parliamentary 
government in England [in the reign of 
Charles L]. 2 v M 1840 

Bit of hmiKin^ture!' By Murray (D. C.)l' Ii251, F 6252 

Bitter debt. BySwan(A. S.) F 8158 

Bitter fi-nit. By Cameron (Mrs. L.) F 1539 

Bitter heritage. By Bloundelle- Burton (J.)... F 1067 
Bitter sweets. By Hatton (J.) ...F 3904, F 3905 

BittersUss. Von Frapan(L). [/« Oor>}ian']...K 1108 
Bivalves. LOOK UNDER Shells and shell-fish. 

Bivouac. By Maxwell (W. H.) F 5928 

BizettGeorges) Carmen :anopera. Vuralscwe.i 537 
Bjorling (Philip R.) Practical handbook on 

pump construction H 453 

BjOrnnon (Bjornstjerne) Works : — 

Ame [Norway] F e«8,F 97S 

Brl<laImAn.-h FBS8,F97.1 

Captain MBnsana.elc F970 

Fisher lawie F W8 

Haupv boy F »7I 

lnfiSa--K8y Vm 

Life by the fell-" and Bordn P97a 

CONTENTS- Arnc. BHdul march, nnd other lalee. nnd <tketchea 

ol Norwei[iiui life ; «itb nil poems. 

Magnbild F 974 

Pastor Snog : bcln^ the NorwcKton drama "Over £vne ; tranid. 

by WIlBon K IZeS 

flynnflve Solhakken F 975 

/«Tweedie(Mrs.A.)WinterjaunttoNorway. M 648 


Rluauw (William Hpiirj) The BaroiiK' war. 
iucliuliii^theluUlraiif LfW(^aii<) Kveflhaiii 

[ia(!;t-iat)«] mi.S(»;( 


Black (Atlam, aitd Charles) GuiileH : — 

CimlerbuiT M (21 WbIt- M «l 

•Rntfli'h lafcsH M 477 WulmNanh M 4K.'. 

UieolVligin H 4:M Warwh-kHHtrp M 447 

TV'olLiDd Haal.M :!HI York M 47li 

— Handy atlaB of KiiKland an»l Wales ... M I'M 
In Curwen (H.) Historj- ot Itookselters .,. L 'M 
Black (C. B.) Guide to Channel Islands and 

Western Normandy M 43fi 

Black (C. C, Tr.). LOOK UNDER Demmin ( A.) 
Black (George) First aid: a book of ready ref er- 

ence in times of emerRency H 221 

— Sick-nurBinK:ahandlx>okforallwhohaveto 

Hecker (J. F. C, Prof.) Black death ... H 21", 


— Epideniica of the middle ages ; trans!, by 

Baldngton H 31^ 

SOTE-Givt-i nn MVoanl at ibe "bliu-k deolh" ol ihel^li 
nnrt Uth cMil-. by ulik-h il i- r«npul«l ihni 2f. millloiK 
ot people were detOroyHl A!* d™l« wtlh KI. Viloi-- 
■liiDre. iumI the Hwmtiniiiii^knew. 

JeHHOpp(A.,d'(n('H) The Idack death in East 

Anglia. In bin " Coming of the Friars " M 41 

tiptirnl evideru-p of ihr morlBlity Id Ihe Ewneni nnintle* 
paused by ibe 'bbkck deaths' and MhoWH itf* iaSamoe on 
(be proare*' or riviUinlfon. 

Black Donglas. By Crockett (S. R.) 

F2l4M,F214!t,F ai.'iu 
Black drop. By Nifll)et (H.) F HXii) 

dowithcasesofdiseaaeand convalescence H K3 , Black dwarf [Jacoliite coii»piracy, 17(W]. By 


— ,{_K(li/iir^ Hearing, and how lo keep il 
— Month and the teeth 

— Sea-air and sea-lMithing 

— Skin in health and disease 

— Throat and the voice 

Black (J. Sutherland, LL.D.), joint millim 
LOOK UNDER Fairweather (W.) 

Black (John) Gas Hlting 

Black (Joseph )./»MemoriaIsof early genius., 
Black (Roliert) Horse-racing in KaKhm<l .. 
Black (William) Works:— 

■■ - ■ ~ ■ p (t77 Maid or Killfmn CHehndet.] F IWI 

H ;fl4 Scott (W.) F7tiI2, F7t;i;i,F 7<i 

. H 2il« ' Black flag. By Hay wan! (W. S.) F :{lt 

H 174 UMkFamt:— 


Advratum Id Thule 

r or HMhlHiRh" 
BoHi of Beimni 


NOTR Di.H(Tibe»i the miuiner' i 

meuU, their li»rve»r«, 
bobduy TiwllvilieKHK 
ot town and vuJIey. 

Wood (C. W.) In the Black Forest ... M 5<MI 

BlackheartandwhiIeheart.ByHaKRard(H.R.)F 'M\t<-> 

.... Black ivory. By Bidlantvne (R. M.) ... F 471 

J 111.4 Black man's ghost. Bv Hnlcheson (.1. C.J ... F 4.'>.S.'» 

Black imodle. By Anstey (F.) F 


H lllit 

I. 4f; 


F H7« XewPrii>reFonuruiiui.|i*n^ Black prophet. By Caneton (W.) 


F flUO I Prtn.^t! _. _ 

It'iZl'^ ::: I !£^ ■ K"««k puppy. ByRlmslie (T. C.) ...F272i), F : 
)f Ttiuie(LTtcintii< Black riders and other lines. By Ci 

. F ICl'.t 


Illghkod rofifi 

Hiflblands) ... 

Craiie(S.)...K Mf, 

F wii I RnbtM iteibm lArttM We Black rol)e. By Collins (W.) F l?*;i(l, F 1S;(1 

•v^c<^ ''"*■' siJS^ffi. ::: Zl^' I^lnck sheep. By Yates (E.) F HXi'.l 

" F wc 1 stand tn^flCnUjt RnyKton ! F 1M7 Black Speck. Bv Roldnson (F. W.) F 727n 

F W.1 1 "hSXblSr'!:""".. ." F nflH Black spiritsandwhite.ByCram(R.A.)F2lH;7,F2tiOK 


[Old EnifllBh lile. The hero- 
ine h> the daiuthler at 
WiUlBio flh ake«penre,l he 

RIlmeDy CLondon] F 

Lady Wlverdale'n 

piuuion [Drivine tour. 

l^atdandandSrotlnnd] ■.. 

I Sunrl»B (London and Naple"! 

F m White winpi (Yachtlna, W, 

COHJ.I of Srotland) 

P MM Wild Rehn [HlKhland^} ... 
Wise women ol Intemi-BK ... 


islands of the North Sea 
Black America. By Clowes (W. L.) 


Hortetyl -" .-■ -■■ r WW I nuLieiiwEK ... r luuo 

Madcap Vlolel F tnXI I YoUnde Fiom 

Black (William George) Heligoland and the 

" " * ...M 4il4 

... D 1S8 

E UNDBB United RtuteN—.VrflTUM 

Black anil blue. By Hope (A. R.) F 4372 

Black arrow [Wars of the roses]. By Steven- 
son (R. L.) F7%2, F7'.ie.1,F 7%4 

Black bar. By Fenn (G. M.) F 2««I 

Black blood. By Fenn (G. M.) F 28«2 

Black liutcomely. By Whyte-Melvilie(G.J.) 

F«!I2(I,F 81*21 
Black carnation. By Hume (F. W.) F 44(12, F 44ti;i 

_gjsquet (F. A., d.d.) The great pestilence 
■ D. l.')4S-i>) now commonly known as 

k death H '21('i 

PraceK Ibe rouTM ot liit plague thropgh Europe. 
Ddeovoured toUi It" cbronolofy and to aarertain 


Black wjuire. By Hunt (Mrs. A. W.) F 4.W7, F 4,'>l;^ 

Black terror. By Leys (J. K.) F .")2SI 

Black tulip. By Dumas (A.) F aiKKI, F 2(1(11 

" Black Watch " [Exploits of the 42nd High- 
landers]. By Grant (J.) ... F 342.'). F ;t42i; 
Black, white, and gray. By Walton (A.) ... F SClJl 
Black wolf's breetl. By Dickson (H.) ... F 24;U 
Blackburn (Henry) Pyi-enees : description of 

summer life at Fi-ench watering places ... M ."».">4 
Blackbuni (Vernon, Edt'tw). LOOK UNDER 
Steevens (G. W.) 

Blackball ghosts. By Tytler (S.) F «4!t7 

Blackheath. /rt Hai-per(C.G.) Dover road... M 42S 
Blackie (John Stuart, Prof.) Aitavona : fact 

and fiction from my life in the Highlands. M 27l> 
— Four phases of morals : Socrates. Aristotle, 

Christianity, utilitarianism H 2l>4 

— Language and literature of the Scottish 

Highlantls K 212;* 

—Life of Robert Burns L 1170 

— Self-cultui-e : intellectual, physical, and 

moral D '.t41 

— What does history teach ? two Edinburgh 

lectures M it 

Tliedate. The chun-h. 

—Wisdom of Goetlie K HHJl 





Blackie (John 8taart, Prof.) — continued, 
— Wiae men of Greece, in a series of dramatic 

flialu^es K 

S(-«idart (A. M.) John Stuart Blackie ... L 
In Barrie (J. M.) Edinburgh eleven ... L 
Bliwldey (William Lewery, Rev.) Thrift anil | 
independence:aworcIfortbewoi'ki!igmen.D 345 ; 
Bla<:kman (R. T>.,Edili»') Deacotrs Composi- 
tion an <l style K 33 

Blackmore (Sir Richard), /m JohnBon'aLi 
of the poets ... ... ... ... 

Blaclunore (Richard D.) Works : — 

.Uk¥ Ijinrnine [Pminmlar war and fluwei Downi] - 

(.■hrraowrf CDutmoor] 

C\m Vsnitlun 

Cndork Nolrell CDartmoor romt. Itth cent.) 

Cnppi the eUTier ... .~ 

Danfl [SiiTTey] 

t>l and Kinr"rWMi"Middi«ix,"l860J" " ~ 
Ljna DooDF [Kimoor, bailie of Sedjinoor, ISBIV Mc] ... 

Xud ot Sker CQlam»i«>n ninlini] 

lUrJ Anerilry 

IVriTcnaw [Devcm. early IWb cmt.] ... 
iSiriDRhaTeii [Trslklcar. Death of Kelacni] 

TUn Iram the tellliis-bOBiie 

TocDiD)- trpmore ~ 

Blackpool : — 

I Blaikie (William G., D.D.) — cotilinufd. 
I — Leaders in moilern philanthropy ... 

573 rOR CONTBNTS. LOOK i'NDBB BIc UnirhlC fvthftttt. 

yf(jj — Second book of Samuel C 

22 Blaine [Robert Gor>lon) Elementary lessons 
I with numerical examples in practical 
mechanics and machine design ... E 

Hydraulic machiiierv: wiilianiiitroduction 

to hydraulics .' H 422 

Blair (J. Fulton) Apostolic gospel; with a 

critical reconstruction of the text ... C 

Blair (John, Prebetidary of We»tmhi»tfr) 
Chronological tables : comprehending the 
chronology and history of (he world from 
the earliest times to the Russian treaty of 
peace, April, IWtt : revised and enlarge<l, 

^ by Rosse M 

res ! Blake (Edward,4>/*/<i»-).iX)0K UNDKR Hutchin- 
. 'r «on (W.) 

\ ^' I Blake (Henry W.) Life of Friedrich Froebel. 
— .. F ras I In Wiehe (E.) Paradise of childhood ... I 
FiosB,F «"i Blake (John) Howsailorsfiglit :accouutofthe 
orgauisatiou of the British fleet in peaceand 

.L I1K7', 

. FinoftF 

. F1UIU.F 
. FU114. F 
. F1018.F 
. FKiatF 
. FlreiiF 
. FlOSfF 
. FIlSaF 





/«GranviUe(A.B.) SpasofEngiand.vol.I.M 335 
Bbck8mithandecbolar.ByCollins(M.,R»dF.) F 1817 iBlake (M.' M.) Works'— 

Blai'ksmith of Voe. By Cnahing (P.) ...F227t», fllunnndlhebrtKand*. [Fr^rb revolullcm ntxl the awtw 

— --■ Mm^M . CffuniUilp by iximmAad : vlory of Napoleon at play 

■'■■••^^■••i • , „When th_e i-entury wu younif. tBra-wl-, lime o( Walerl 

(.'rane(W.J.E.) Smithyandfoi^ ; includ- " 

ing instructions in the farrier's art ... H 1017 
Kicl^rdson (M. T.,Kditvr) Practical horse- 

shoer H 1019 

HnnoiluietnB In bD il> bmDChM. reprlDled fmu 'The 

D 7511 

1 wbrelwrishf ; nith chsplem on hone 

phyiitoffootny uid vhoelDg. 

Blaekstone (Sir William, Lord Chief Jmtice) 
tkudent's Ulsckstone : being the commen- 
laries on the laws of England ; abridged and 

adapted, by Kerr D 629 

ABeckett (G. A.) Comic Blackstone ... D 573 
/'< IlluHtnouB men L 78 

Blackwell (George) Law of residential and 
Ijosiuess flata D 634 

Blackwood (Mrs. Hans) In a new world ... F 1050 

Blackwood (William). In Curwen (H.) His- 
I'lrr of booksellers L 94 

~ Blackwood," Tales from, 18 v. 

la w.-%-oU.l-lJf,ln6ioU. „ F 10S8-« 

:i*J BT— Vol* 112 P 104M6 

BUckwoods' Elementary grammar and com- 
position E 62 

—Working handl>ook of the analysis of sen- 
tences E CI 

Bla<le-o'^rafl8. By Farjeon (B. L.) F 2830 

Blades (William) Biography and typography 

of William Caxton L 932 

—Books in chains, and other bibliographical 

papers A 941 

— Euemies of iKwks A 3 

rou CONTBKT& LOOK CKDKB Books Bod readliiE 

Bladysof the8tewponey.ByBariug-Gould(S.). F 583 
Blaikie (James) Elements of dynamics 

(mechanics) G 442 

Blaikie(WilliamG.,D.D.)Fir8tbookof Samuel. C 234 

-Joshua C 230 


. . . youDK [Bnii 

I Blake (Robert, Admiinl) :— 

Hannay (D.) Admiral Blake ... L (J94, L 

.i4r*Dla AdammW.H.D.} Fjninenl •ailoni.Leda; DuwMm 
I lO.l Blotfraphiiiil lecturen, LM : Edsnt iJ.Ci.ifJea klnRn 
■nd naval heroea. L tW ; IllunrloUB mrn, L 78 ; Yonga 
IC D. Prof.) Our ureal naval lommandent I. TiH. 

I Blake (William) Poems ; edited by Yeats ... K 
; — Poems ; with specimens of prose writings, 

I and prefatory notice, by Skipsey K .339 

BUke of Oriel. By Sergeant (A.) F 7658 

Blake of the " Rattlesnake." By Jane (F. T.) 

F 4705, F 47(W 
Blakeney( Robert) Boyio the Peninsular war; 

services, adventures, and experiences : an 

autobiography ; edited by Sturgis L C90 

Blaki8too(J.R.) The teacher: hints on school 

management D 873 

Blameless woman. By Winter (J. S.). F 9037, F '.K)38 

Blanche. By Moleaworth (Mrs.) F OOilS 

Blanche et noire. Par Stolii (Mdine. de). \^In 

French'] K 1710 

Blanche, Lady Falaise. By Shorthonse (J. H.). F 7729 

Bland (Edith), look under Nesbit (E.) 

Bland (William) Arches, piers, botti-esses, etc. J 117 

— Forms of ships and boats H 1136 

Blaserna (Pietro, Prof.) Theory of sound in its 

relation to music J 461, J 462 

FOB NOTE. LOOK UNDEB iiMMC-Mathroiatkai and 

Blastingandquarrj-ingof stone. ByBurgoyne 
(Sir J.) H 484 

ALSO LOOK UNDSR Rork blaMing. 

Blatchford (Robert) Works :— 

Dhea oDd eiwaya, dealloi 
' ; Scene, StBttord'hlre u 


FIOBO. Fioei 

Tommy Atkiiw of the Ramchunden [Army hfe] ... F 1(M3. F )W3 

Blatherwick (Charles) Uncle Pierce ... F 1064 



BlciihokMHpiiirich)Novelleii.[/Hffpr(«flH].K llSC-t 
Bleachiiig.BySims(T.)Srrt.mrt»w/(ic.(«dM«(. H 11 
Bleak house [DeUys in court of Chancerj'}. 

By DickfiiB (C.) F S.tlJl, F 2305,F 236(1 

Bleloch (W.) New South Africa : its value 

and development M lOOG 


Blenlieim. Creasy (Sir E.) Fifteen (lecisive 

battles Ml.M 2 

Blessing of Esau. By Savile (F.) F 7504 

Blest pairofHimis. By Parry{C.H.H.). Vocal 

score J t*22 

Blind (Mathilde) Owi-tre Kliot L 123S 

—Tarantella F 10t>5 

Blind :— 

PreecottCW.H.) Asylum for the hlind. In Ms 
" Biographical and critical miscellanies " K Ifll 

Wilson (J.) Biography of the l)lind ... L Oil 
Blind fate. By Alexander (Mrs.) ... F21«,F 219 

Blind justice. By Mathers (H. B.) F 5897 

Blind love. By Collins (W.) ...FIS.^2, F 18;(3 

Blind man's love. By John (L.) F 4779 

Blindness of Madge Tyndall. By Hocking 

(a.K.) F 421.3 

Bliss (W. D. P.) Handbook of socialism ... D 440 
BlissardCW.,Rev.) Ethic of usuryandintereat. D 3S2 
Blithedale romance. By Hawthorne (N.) ... F 3it5(J 

NOIB-AcTOunt of the Brook farm Biperiment „ . _, 

Blizzard, etc. By Pinkerton (.T. A.) ... F l.«75 

Blockade [Phal8bourg.l«14]. By Erckmann- 

Chatrian F 2730 

Blockade runner.Adventurea of a. By Watson 

(W.) M2551 

Bloctodrmiii^ra."''By Verne'j.) .'.. ...F 8505 
Blocus. FarErckmann-Chalrian. {In French'] K 1508 
Blomfield (Alfred. D.D.) Old Testament and 

the new criticism C 194 

Blomfield (Reginald) Short history of renais- 
sance architecture in England, 1500-1800, J 1.34 
Blondel (Antony) L'henreux village, [/n 

French] K 1387 

Blood money, etc. By Gibljon (C). F 3239, F 3240 

Blood royal. By Allen (G.) F278.F 279 

Blood white rose. By Farjeon (B. L.) ... F 2831 
Bloomfield(J.H.) Cuban expedition [inI8G9] M 1114 


Bloomfield (Robert, Poet). In Men who have 

made themselves L 47 

Blossom and the fruit. By Collins (M.) ... F 1809 
Blossom-land and fallen leaves. By Scott (C). M 249 
BloBsomingof anftloe. By Hoey(MrB.C.) ... F 4240 
Blotofink.ByBazin(R.) ;"Q.,"and 

Francke ^ *'365 

Blotted out. By Thomas (A.) F 8278 

Blouet (L.Paul). LOOK UNDER O'RelHMax) 
Bloundelle-Burton (J.) Works :— 

AcroH th«»alt hku [War of Spanl.b auccewion] 

Bitter heritage [BHli-hHopdu™.} ... --. 

DencKuioed^e B«»ltll« arier the n« rebelllonl 

D^^rtKUp tcitlOTnlno auK !buc™eertngday.l .- . 

Oeattemui ■dventurer (Darten eipedttlon. 18M} ¥ K 

Hiirantota plate [W«tlndtMl^. --^^-l g« 

IntEedayoTadTersltTtRBUnotlonlsirV! ... ...^ lU 

Bi!Oumoiuod[Reli«unui»r»cuUon ID France, llnwo!Loa» 

Bloundelle-Burton (J .) Works — continued. 

Blown to bits. By Ballantyne (R. M.J ... F 47 
Blowpipe in chemistry, mineralogy, and geo- 
logy. By Ross (W. A.) G 64 

Bloxam (Charles Loudon, Prof.) Chemistry : 
inorganic and organic ; rewritten and re- 
vised, by Thomson and A. Bloxam ... G 61 
— L^borabory teaching : exercises in practical 

chemistry G 63 

— ,and Huntington (A. K.) Metals :thelr pro- 
perties and treatment H 93 

Blue banner [CruBades], ByOahun (L.) ...F 149 

Blue diamond. By Meade (L. T.) F 594 

Blue dragon. By Peard (F. M.) F 678 

Blue-eyed MetaHoldenis. By Cherbuliez(V.). F 170 
Bluefaii-yliook ; editedbyIjang(A.) ...F5103, F 510 
Blue jackets. By Fenn (G. M.) F 288;J, F 2«S 
Blue lights [Soudan]. By Ballantyne (R. M.). F 47 

Blue pavilions. By " Q." F 6y5 

Blue poetry book ; edited by Lang ...K G09, K «!■ 

Blue stocking. By Edwardes (A.) F 260 

Blue veil, etc. By Montgomery (F.) F t;i42, F 614. 
Bluebea^d'8key8.ByThackeray(A.I.).F823:^, F 823 

Bluebell. By Marshall (E.) F 5,SI 

Blues and the brigands. By Blake (M. M.). F 1<»5 
Blumedeegliickes.Die. Von Werner (E,). [In 

German] K 118. 

Blundell(Mr8.F.). LOOK UNDER Frencis(M.E.) 

Blunden (G. H.) Local taxation and finance. D 47i 

Blunt (John Henry, d.d.) Book of church 

law : l>eing an exposition of the legal rights 

and duties of the parochial clei^~ and the 

laity of the church of England D 08 

Blunt (Wilfrid Scawen) Wind and tho whirl- 
wind K .341 

III Oaifia, jyseiut. Critical studies K 99 

Blnntschli (J. K.) Theory of the state ... D 13( 
BIUt«nlese ausalt«m und neuem. Von Arndt 

(E.M.). [In German] K 10& 

Boa den (James) Memoirs of Mrs. Sid dons ...L 110 
Boadicea, Queen of ilte Jceni. In Owen (Mrs. I 

0. F.) Heroines of history L 11 

Boadicea : a play in four acts. By Gowing 

(Mrs. A.) K 68 

Boase (Charles W.) Oxford [912-187(»J ... M 198 

Bickerdyke {5.,paetid.ofC. H. Cook) Thames 
rights and Thames wrongs : a disclosure ; 
containingan itinerary for Thames travel- 
lers, tables of distance, hints on boating 
andfishing, and the rules of theroad,etc. M 

NOTB.— 3«ts ou) the piiWIerauid penalties that w-com- 
umy thoee who clwt <□ make the upper reacrhes af the 
Thames tho scene o( ft jaunt or a brief holiday. 

Biddle (T, E.) Treatise on the construction, 
rigging, and handling of model yachts, 
ships, and steamers ; with remarks ou 
cruising and racing yachts, and the 
management of open boats ; also lines 
for various models and a cutter yacht ... H 1 


Bii3t8 and Iwat-buihiing. In 
work," vols. I and 3 

Cowper (F.) Sailing toars. 5 v. 


Divies (G. C.) Practical boat-aailing for 
amat«ars J HiH 

PiitieuSan of the mOBt aulUMe nllina boau uul yai-faiH 
tot unaieun. imd JDHlructlMm tor their prnprr butdbriK. 
nx^ illuHtrmlal vith dtaiimii Bhd pinna of «dbI1 ynehlii 

Fitigerald (C.C. P., Capt^RJf.) Boat-Bailing 
and racing ; containing practical instruc- 
tions for bending and setting sails, trim- 
ming, steering, aild handling boats umlor 
all circnmstances of wind and weutlier ; 
ile;tcrip lions of Home interesting and in- 
Mructive foreign rigs, also some nsefnt 
hintflon racing, with a view to winning. J 114!) 

iBog-myrthi and peat. By Crockett (S. R.) 
Amateni- | F 2151. F 2152. F 2153 

.H llll.H lU:t ,Bugue (David), a»({ Bennett (James) History 

M 231^-40 ' of dissenters, Ltit{8-1808. 4 \ 

C 810-13 

1 Maurice (C. E.) Bohemia from the earliest 
I times to the fall of national independence 
I in lt>24) ; with a sliort summary of later 

events M2054 

I Moi-fill (W. R) Slavonic literature ... K 21U2 
I Vernalekeii (T.) In the laud of marvels : 

folk-tales from Bohemia D 1096 

I Bohemian girt : an opera. By Balfe (M. W.). 

] Voculacvf-e J 527 

iBiihm (A. A., ii.D.),and Daviduff (M. von, 
I M.D.) Text-hook of tii»tolug}~ ; edited by 

Huber; transl. by Gushing G 1255 

Hav,anl ^J. D.) Canoeing ... J Usfu ll.M I Balim-Bawerk (Kug^n V-) Capital and in- 

Hide (A. C.) Model yachts, /n" Amateur »«"«'= « critical history of economical 

..... ...... tlir>i<i-v • tpnnal. u-ithu iin>fni>f' mill niialvHiH. 

work." vol. 4 II 1144 

Kemp(I>.)Manualofyacbtand boat-sailing. J 1152 

Knight (E. F.) Sailing ' 

0'\eill(W.) Yacht master's racing record 

beingaomereminiscences;ed. by Besley. J 1155 l' 
" i^\3ici&." pseud. Boat, and how to manage 

it: thelawsof boat-racing.match-sailing. J 115C 
Wheeler (C.G.)Boat-buildingforbeginners. | 

Itt hig "Wood-working " H lOfly i 

Winn (W.) Boating man's vade-mecnm ... J 1157 ' 
Woodgate (W. B., «jid o(/t«rs) Boating ...J 1158 ! 

— [lowing and sculling J1159,J lltiU' 

Yiiciiting, By various authors, 2 v. ...J 1101 


Bub Martin's litttle girl. By Murray (D. C.) 

F 6253, F 6254 

Itaiian] K 1«39 

Hueffer (F.) A literary friendship of the 
fourteenth century. Iji his" Italian and 

ether Btndiea " K 1803 

In Nasmith (D., LL.D.) Makers of modem 

thought ... L 50 

B-iccacio : a comic opera. By Supp^' (F. von). 

Voctdseure J 665 

Bo.lJam-Whetham (J.W.J Western wander- 
ings M1119 

foa NOT* LOOK ONDBB United Slat«-fl(«Djrf(ir. 

6i>iemann(T.),aru/Kerl(B.) Treatise on the 
aieaying of lead, copper, silver, gold, and 
mercury; transl. by Goodyear H 94'.) 

BiiJiiy exercise, look undbr Gymnastics. 

Wington (Alice) Studies in evolution and 
biology Q 953 

Body. Roman. LOOK UNDEB Physiology. 

Body or soul. By Lightfoot (E.) F 5289, F 5290 

Body snatching. LOOK UNDER Resurrection- 

Boer and Citlander. By Regan (W. F.) ... M 2468 

roB KOTB. LOOK CNSia TruuTseL 

&M;r war. LOOK UNDEB Transvaal. 

Bi^reand little Englanders. By Procter (J.). M2464 

theory ; transl. with a preface and analysis. 
J 115.3 J H54 Boi'«*w-DeHpreaux (Nicolas) CEuvres. [/« 


Armstrong (R.) Construction and man- 
agement of steam boilers H 

Colyer (F.) Treatise on the working and 
management of steam boilers and en- 
gines, shafting, gear, and machinery ... H 
Courtney (J.) Boilermaker's assistant in 
drawing, templaling, and calculating 
boiler work, and tank work ; edited by 
Clark ~ 


Boilermaker's ready-reckoner H 416 

Foden (J.) Boilermakers' and iron ship- 
bui Mel's' companion : comprising a series 
of originalandcarefullycalculateiltables. H 346 
Holmes(G.C.V.)Marineenginesan(l boilers. H 396 

NOTE-Traim Ihe evolution which the marine alearo 
enKlne box undemono trom the pjpvrlmrDtiilbeBioDlnSBfi 
ceolury buck InleodeU us n sulde to the cvlleclloD ot 
models and railed In Ibe South £en« Uua 

Munro(R.D.) Steam boilers : theirdefects, 
management and construction H 417 

Sexton (M. J.) Pocket-book for boiler- 
makers and steam users H 372 

ALSO LOOK UNDBB RoctDcerlnti' Uftrine enEineerlnc. 

mram and si earn engltie. 

Boiagolwy (Fortune du) Double-blanc. [In 

French} ' K 1388 

Boiaragon (Alan, (?rt^(.) Benin massacre ... M2405 


Boiseevain(G.M.)Monetaryqueslion: an essay. D 377 
Boissier (Gaston) Saint-Simon. [^In French}.!, 1370 
Boito (Arrigo) Mephistopheles : an opera. 

Vocal score J 538 

Bokhara : — 

Biddulph (C. E.) Visit to Trans-Caspia [in 

1890] M 821 

NOTB.— Account of n viiilt to Bokbnra uul Samnrkuid. 

Boldrewood (Rolf, pseud, of T. A. Browne). 

Babc« tn the bush [Earlr Aurtralinn settlers] F 

Colonial reformer [Aummlia.] F 

Crooked Bllek [Squatter's lite In AuBlraBn] F 

iDbadcomMnj.elc ;.„,■,■,-, ' 

MIner-H right tT»mb(iroortt.K.S.W.l - 

lOeS ,F lOM 


10*7, F lOMM 






re [Aiietralian 

Boldrewood (Rolf) — continued. 

t to EntfllkDd} 


„ , jraltoj 

Robberr under ana* [AuHtmlinn buiita llCe]... 
ItomoiiMorCiuiviuitown [Auniraliim Btorte"] 

HMjxkiiirknk [RnTll 

»phlnT of Eajriehnnk [Autlmlin] 

tuuotler'H dreiun i 

Hydner-alilc Snion 1 

War tAtliB knife [MHOri wan ItUO] ] 

Boleyn (Anne, 2>ul Queen i>f Henry VIIl.) 
Friedmann (P.) Aiiiie Boleyn : chapter of 

English hiBtoi-y, l.i27-l.Wi:. 2 v. ... M 1818 

yoBHOTR, LUUK I'NDEft Or«al Brilntn— HtaroTiv. 

J'HlnFniudelJ. A.I CatherineorAnitn>n.Miailli Strick- 
land (A.I Queenn of EnBlnnd. vol. 2. L 3Lf ; Tyller (K. 
jaiud.) Tador queens and prlDCCKex. L iM. 

BoNngbrokfl (Honry SI. John, Viscount):— 
Goldemith (0., DK.) Life of Bolinghmke. 

/n A/s '* Complete works" K fiJO 

— Life of Bolingbroke. In hia "Miecel- 

UneouB workfl " K 331 

HaaBall(A.) Lifeof Viscount Bolingbroke. L 479 

AJa In Adams (W. H. D.) Fiunoua Xutexroen. L W 
BMbbliig (W.I Some verdlcf at hlxtory reviewed, L U. 

Boiler (Alfred P.) Practical treatise on the 

construction of iron highway bridges ... H 510 

Bolton (Francis, Rev., 7';'««x/.). LOOK UNDBlt 

Bolton (Sarah K.) Famous men of science... L 833 

Boinpas (Oeoi^e C.) Life of Frank Backland. L 835 
Bompiani(Sotia) Italian explorers in Africa... M 8',ll 

POa CONTENTS. LOOK UNDBE BiOimiphIm -(W/n'/tir. 

Bon gar^on. Par Rabiesson (H.). [/« French'^. K 1C7.'1 

Bonaparte (Josephine), LOOK UNDER Jose- 
phine (Empress). 

Bonaparte (Maria Letitia Ramolino) :— 
Tschudi (C.) Napoleon's mother : transl. 

by Cope L 119 

Bonar (Andrew A,, D.d.) Reminiscences of ; 

edited by his daughter L 280 

Bonar (Horatius, d.d.) Desert of Sinai : notes 
of aspring journey from Cairo to Beersheba 
[in 1850] M 795 

Bonar (James, LL.D.) Malthns and his work, D 48 

— Philosophy and political economy ... D 17 


— , \^Editor'\. LOOK CNDBR Ricai-do (D.) 

Bonaventure. By Cable (G. W.) F 1493 

Bond of black. By Le Queux (W.) F 5209 

Bond of wedlock. By Pi-aed (Mrs. C.) ... F 0901 
Bondslaves [Luddite riots, 1790-1820]. By 

Banks (G.L.) F .5fi8 

Bondman [Iceland], By Caine(H.)...F1501,F 1502 
Boner (Charles) Transylvania : it^ products 

and its people [nr. 18l>4] M 510 

Bones and I. ByWhyte-Melville (G, J.). F 8922, F 8923 
Bonhomme (Honor4,£tffVtfr). LOOK UNDER 

Matntenon (Madame de). 
Boniface, St. : — 

In Maclear(a. F., Rev.) Apostles of media;- 

val Europe L 232] 


Boniface, St. — cimthiued. 
F lOfli. y vw In Walsh ( W. P., Bixhuii) Heroes of themis- 
pioHiCFiiat Bion Hem ... ... ... ... ... Li ^^s 

F 1^ F 1^ Bounechose (Emile de), und Dulcken (H. W.) 

Fnui.F 11021 Popular history of France [481-1870] ... M20G;I 

FiiinlFiim Bonnell (E.). LOOK DNDBR Quintilian. 

- iiIb" p iml Bonner (T. D.) Life and adventures of James 

ifflFim] P. Beckwourth L 807 

BonneviUe(BeniaminL.E.). Irving(W.) Ad- 
ventures of Capt. Boimeville K ISG 

Bonney (G.E.) Electrical experiments: manual 

of instructive amusement G Tt'yl 

— Electro-platers' handbook .5iK> 

— Induction coils : a practical manual for 

amateur CO il-makere O ^'Xi 

Bonney (T. G., D.Sc, LL.D,) Ice- work present 
and past G 77t3 

Bonnie Kate. By Adams (Mrs. L.) F C2 

Bonnie Maggie Lauder. By 8L Aubyn (A,)F 74(12 
BonniePrinceCharlie.ByHenty(G,A,}F4(H3. F 4tH4 
Bonomi (Joseph) Nineveh and its palaces... M I3G4 

Bonsai (Stephen) Morocco as it is ; with an 
account of Sir Clmrles Euan Smith's recent 

mission to Fez [in 1892] M ;t.37 

Bonvalot (Gabriel) Aci-oss Thibet [in 1889- 
90] : being a translation of " De Paris au 
Tonkin a travere le Tilwt inconnu," by 

Pitman. 2v M 714 

—Through the heart of Asia [in 1887-8]. 2v, M 715 

Bonwick (James) First twenty yeara of Aus- 
tralia 1 

FOB NOTE LOOK UNDBB Aii»tnUin-ffl>(or». 

Book about dominies. By Hope (A. R.) ... D 881 
Book bills of Narcissus. By Le Gallienne (R.). K 838 
Book fancier ; or, the romance of book col- 
lecting. By Fitzgerald (P.) A 942 

Book for the beach. By Jerrold (W. B.). 2v. K 9.^*7 

Book for the hammock. By Rusaell (W. C.) F 7381 

Book of boyhoods. By Hope (A. R.). L 37, L 38 
Book of common prayer. LOOK UNDER Prayer 

and prayer-book. 

Book of dreams and ghosts. By Lang (A.)... B 04 

Book of earnest lives. By Adams (W. H. D.). L 17 

Book of golden deeds. By Yonge (C. M.) ... L 04 
Book of good counsels, from the Sanskrit of 

the " Hitopadesa." By Arnold (Sir E.) ... K 87.3 
Book of memories of great men and women 

of the age. By Hall (S. C.) L 1110 

FOB COKTKNTB. LOOK UNDKB Blo>miplile«- eoUrftttT. 

Book of pity and of deatli. By Loti (P.) ... F 5341 
Book of snobs. By Thackeray (W. M.) 

F 8240, F 8247, F 8248 
Book of strange sins. By Kernahau (C.) ... F 4887 
Book of the household (CasseU's). 4 v. H 007-70 
Book of the running brnok,and of still watei-s. 

By Campbell (Lady C.) H 001 

Book rarities. LOOK under Book-collecting, 


Crane (W. J. E.) Bookbinding foramateui's. H lo;J3 

DewrLptionH of the viuiauH toolxondiipplliuireo requirod, 
and liulrurlloiiii for Ihelrefferllvease. 



Wood (H. F.) Bookbimling 

Woolnough (C. W.) Whole art of mar- 

hling as applied to ]>aper, Itook-edgpB.ptc. H 1(135 ' 

Dmcriba the TkatuTp juid propertipfl of th«mAiflhn1fl utvd. 
the mpttaalof preparlnfi \fitm. uid lb* eicratloDoI every | 

kind trf m&rblinff- I 

Zaehnsdorf ( J. W.) Artof Ixwk-binding... H 10361 
A ptactfc*] treat IM. I 

Ik Araatmr vork, vols. 1-2. H 1U1-3:MjUrr IT.t AH craft* 
for uamtnuv, J H ; Hpoc'a Workshop ncelpth vol, 4. H a«. I 

Histonj. I 

Home (H. P.) Binding of liooka : an essay 

in the history of gold-tooled bindings ... A D50 | 
Prideaux (S. T.) Historical sketch of book- 
binding ; with a chapter on earlystamped 
bindings, by Dnit H lO.W 

Fitzgerald (P.) The book fancier ; or, the 

romance of book collecting ^ 

SLat«r (J. H.) Book collecting Ji 

Brewer {E. C, DB.) Book-keeping by single 

entry H 850 

CariBB (A.) Book-keeping by double entry H 851 
Caseell's New popular educator, vols. 2-5 

D84S-«, 08.53-6 
Gordon (W.J.) Professional book-keeping: 

treatise for non-traders H 852 

Greenwood (W. J.) Book-keeping made 

easy : single and double entry H 853 

Haddon(J.) Commercial l>ook-keeping and 

phraseology in four languages H 854 

Hamilton (Sir R. G. C), and Ball (Jolin) 

Book-keeping H 855 

Hunt«r (J., Rev.) Esaminatiou questions 

in book-keeping by double entry ...H 856 

am perrice exunlutloni : wllh mmwbis. 

— Progressive exercises in book-keeping 

by doable entry H 857 

Mitchell (F. J.) Book-keeping simplified 

H858,H 859 

Nixon (A.) Longmans' Advanced book- 
keeping H860,H 861 

— LoDgmana' Elementary J>ook -keeping ... H 662 

Norton (G. P.) Textile mannf act urera' book- 
keeping, specially designed for the wool- 
len and worsted and allied trades ... H 863 

Pixley (F. W.), and Wilson (J.) Book- 
keeping H864, H 865 

Thornton (J.) First lessons in book-keep- 
ing; with key. 2v H 866 

Whatley (G. E. S.) General )>ook-keepiiig 
for traders, merchants, business and pro- 
fessional men : adiipted also for the use 
of students preparing forall examinations 
(Civil service. Society of arts. Bankers' 
ln8titnt«, and legal and accountancy pro- 
fessions) : with companion and key. 2 v. H 8C7 
Book* and rMdIig : — 

Adams (W. H. D.) Plain living and high 

thinking D MS), D P40 

son- CompHMB B roiime of reodiiiB in Entrl i"li lilemt ure ; 
wiifa mgimilloiw u to how and wbnt to read. 

Bacon (Lord) Of studies. Inhia "EsBays." K 881 

" Society 

Books oari roadl«| — nmtimied. 

Blackie(J.8.,Prof.) Cultureof theintellect. 
/n Am " Self-culture " E 

Blades (W.) Books in chains, and other 
I bibliographical papers A 


Enemies of books A 

ra-Flre, Water Ooiisi 
^HndblKoIry. Bookmor 
CoUertoni Bervanlii r 

Carlyle (T.) On the choice of books 
Ditchfield(P.H.)Book8falaltotheirnuthorB. K 

NOTE— A xeconi of theiiullertnjn' of aut ho™, nomc ol whom 
have bwn hcheadsd. aome thruHt Into prinm. olb«r« >>ul>- 
Jerted toliwtruroeolB of torture, etc, toe pubH>hln(( booka 

heretical or lax In momln 

Emerson (R. W.) Books. In hi$ 

and solitude" 

GoBse (E.) Gossip in a library 

NOTK- EawTB deiOlDB with the perHmalily ef aulhora, 
but are mainly talkH about booltH. many of Ihem very 
rarv, aadall Intereallng. POB contknts. look undkb 


Harrison (F.) Choice of books 

Hazlitt (W.) Tlie plain speaker : opinions 

on iKtoks, men, and things 

Jacobi (C. T.) Some not#B on books and 

printing : a guide for authors and others. 


Lamb (C.) Detached thoughts on books and 
reading. In his " Eaaays of Elia " K 786, 

Lang (A.) Books and bookmen 

Ix)well (J. R.) Books and libraries. In his 
" Literary and political addresses " 

Luliljock (Rl. Hon. Sir J.) Choice of books. 
/h /»>" Pleasures of life " 

NOTE - Moral rwiayii. dealing with the value of renditiB. 

Maurice (F.D., Rev.) Friendship of books. 
PenneJI (J.) Illustration of l)ooks 

f rodu<-e a Kood eflecl on the printed 'paye. 

, LL.D.) Sesame and lilies 

NOTE.— uov, what and why to raad. 

Schopenhauer (A.) Books and reading. In 
/iis"Religion : a dialogue" 

Slater (J. H.) Book collecting 

Smiles (S.) Companionship of books. In 
his "Character" B a.")!, I 

Wheatley (H. B.) How to form a library ... A 

CONTBNTS.-H0W men have formed librarten How lo 
buy. Public and private librerlea. Oeneml nod iqieciBi 
blbliogniphie>. PuhllKhing societiea. Child's library. One 
hundred booki>. 

ALSOLOOKUNDBH Bibliography. Copyright- Uteralure. 

Boskiollort Mi booksoWno :— 

Cnrwen (H.) History of iMtoksellers : old 











Rusk in (J., i 

K 798 

H 818 

B 404 
A 944 

K UNDER Blographle»-.Tif)ic/(ir. 

Knight (C.) Shadows of the oltl booksellers. 

Rolierts (W.) Earlier history of English 


Boole (Mary) Symbolical methods of study. 
Boon (Martin James) History of the Orange 

Free State 

Amateur work, vols. 1-2, and 6. H 1141-2, 
Caasell'sNew technical educator, vols. 5-6.,. 
Leno (J. B.) Art of boot and shoemaking. 

H 816 
B 214 

H 27-8 




...M not 

tiUot I 

Booth (Charles) The aged poor in England and 

Wales D 

Booth (Edwin, Tragedian) :— 

Winter (W.) Life and art of Edwin Booth... L : 
Booth (Eliza M.J. Oollan von). LOOK UNDER 

" Rita." 
Booth (William, ffe/wca/) In darkest England. 

and the way out D 

FOB NOTK. tOOK UNDER Poor oDtl poor luw. 

BoothI)}- (Guy) Works :— 

Arrowi Ibe world for n wire Mnkornf nnlioiiH [Mylhifnlfi. 

rr.,ho o.nd apaln] ... ¥ 1113 Amprlcnn rppuhllr] F 1131, 

whtle devil ... FI1I4 UnrhAtn) o( ^ther [rncinr 

rtune Fllli,F1116 0™.-iii] F IIM, 

Brret P1117 Mv Indian nuccn 

kola F lUB I Mv-lery ol th" -' ' 

On (he wallaby ; i 


Borrow (George) Bible in Spain 

Accounl o( jouniey«,ttdvmturM.aiid imprinonmert" ( 
an Engltuhnum in nn allempt torlreuUti! theKriplun 
in the PoninifUln, eir. ltlffi-30. Gives Braphifi picture* oC 
IKe In the by.ways and biRbvayn of Spain. I^rtly aulo- 

— Lavengro Fll-41 

XOTB - Partly aulhcnlic at'counl at the aulliora wander- 
Inua tbroiiKti Enalandaiatinlter.ppey.uid antlor. i 

FOR SBOUKL KIAD '■Komiiny rye." J 

— Romany rye [HEgUBLTO "Lavengro"] ... F 11-43 
— WildWalca:itBpeople,langnage,and8cenery. M ^Sa 

-offt' ^ 

raent [to prolonc life] ., 
Faw-lnDtioaottho king .. 

Knapp ( W. I., LL.D.) Life, writingH, and cor- 
respondence of George Borrow. 2 v. ,,. L 1 3S7 

I /h Birrell (A.) Res jmlicats K 7)>l 

FiiSj Borrowed month, et€. By Stockton (F. R.)... F S<I21| 
Fii3i| Bo8 (J. Ritzema, Prof.) Agricultural i!ooU>gy; 

tranel. by Davis G I2-'i3l 

!1.F Wa I Pharw tbti EKrptian ... F 

LanR live the kina" ... F 112.1 | IMnceof HvlnaWs F 

Lost endeavour (PaciUcIi'l BhI ral'it dauKhler F 

FllSi,F1121 Siiilor'K bride J 

LovfmademantfeXF 1L%, F U:.'; RhelUb H<-Lcod [Snm«] ... f 
LuBlolhale F ll:!H t Woman of denth t 

Booties' baby. By Winter (J. 8.). F !t039, F 9 
Booties' children. By Winter (J. S.). F 9041, F 
Borchgrevink (C, E.) First on the Antai-ctic 

continent : being an account of the British 

Antarctic expedition, 1808-1900 M2 

Border ballads ; edited, with introdnctiun and 

notes, by Tomson K 633 

Border shepherdess. By Barr (A. E.) ... F 639 

Borderers ; oi-. Wept of Wish-ton -wish. By 

Cooper (J. F.) F 1918 

Borderland. By FothergUI (J.) F 3059 

BorderlandofCzarandKaiBer-ByBigelow(P.). M 616 
Borgia(Lucrezia)./nKing(A.)CbiBterof lives. L 41 
Boris,thet)ear hunter. ByWhi8haw(F.).F887.'), F 8876 
Born coqiiette.ByHungerford(Mrs.M.).F 4.509, F 4510 
Born in exile. By Gieaing (G.) ... F SJUO, F 3341 
Born soldier. By Winter (J. S.) ... F 904.^, F ;>044 
Born to be a sailor. By Stables (O.) F 7888, F 7889 
Born to command. By Stables (G.) ... F 7890 

Clutterbuck (W. J.) Ceylon and Borneo : 
being an account of two visits to Ceylon, 
one to Borneo, and how we fell out on 
our homeward journey, [r/r. IS'.K)] ... M ■ 

India, Ceylon, Straits Settlements, British 
North Borneo, etc. By various authore... M 2. 
Borodin (Alexander P.) : — 

Habets (A.) Borodin and Liszt L 1 

NOTB— Llle luid worku o[ Bomdin ; with climpM^ □[ (he 
private Ufa of Llgzt BB levealed in the letten of Borodin. 

Borough, Thi : — 

Gross (C, PH.D.) The gild merchant: a con- 
tribution to British municipal history. 2 v. D 

NOTB-DeaJi with tlie origin and history of the frtld 
merchant and of hia relationxhip to the goveminn body 
of a mualcipal toun. The author refuten erroneouia Ideas 
of Dr. BrentBDO and other writers on the blxtory of the 
Bllda. ThesecondvolumeladevotedtoproofdimdllluslrB- 
tloai, setling forth the author'ii concluKlonti. 

Maitland (F. W., Prof.) Township and 
borough D 

dllterenliat«d from the m 

• the borouBli becnn 

Bosanqnet (Bernard) Essays antl ad<iresses. K N87 


— Logic; or,the morphology of knowledge... B 
NOTE— In a treatiiw on the science ot loalc - " - 


eiblnit alt knowlDe on the srodunl development ol an 
abmlute thought. 

— ,[^m«ai.]TheintroductiontoHegel'8Phil- 
oBophy of fine art; with notes and prefa- 
tory essay ...J 21 

— ,[£at(or]. LOOK UNDER Lotze (Herniaun). 

Schaffle (A.) 
Boscobel [Tale of 1651, and escape of Prince 

Charles]. By Ainsworth (W. H.)... F 121, F 122 
Boscombe Chine. By Marshall (E.) ... F .W2)) 

Boscowitz (Arnold) Earthquakes ; trnnsl. by 

Pitman G 770 

Asboth (J. de) OQicial tour through Bosnia 
and Herzegovina [in 1882-84] ; with an 
account of the history, antitpiities, agrar- 
ian conditions, religion, ethnology, folk- 
lore, and social life of the people ... K 
Baedeker (K.) Southern Germany and 

Austria; including Bosnia M 487 

Evans (A. J.) Through Bosnia and Her- 
zegovina on foot during the insurrection, 
August and September, 1875 ; with an 
historical review of Bosnia M 20.'>R 


Sultan. 6 

iludy the < 





L4, and the geography and history 

, a review of thehlirtoryof Bosnia. 

In which is traced the political hietory of (hew landn 
Ihroufrh their many ehunBen and degradatluna to 1875. 

Minchin (J. G. 0.) Growth of freedom in 
the Balkan Peninsula : notes of a traveller 
in Montenegro, Bosnia, Servia, Bulgaria, 
and Greece \cir. 1886] ; with map ... M 2278 

HlBlorical and descriptive sketcbas of (he people. 

Ranke (L. von. Prof.) Sketch of the insur- 
rection in Bosnia, /n his "History of 
Servia" M 2280 

Thomson (H. C.) Outgoing Turk : impres- 
sions of a journey through the Western 
Balkans M .517 

NOTB.-DeaJ» with the present sUualion in thp BiUkan 
Peninsula- The author'" ioumey was mainly confined to 
Bosnia, and teattfles (n the develni>ineDtDr this province 
oftbeAu-lriansslncethelroccnpiitloninlSTfl; wilhapecu- 
lations ai> to the future. The '■ounfrina*' Turk is the 
Otmaoll official. 



Bo66o{Taroomba.ByHoraung(E.W.).F43»6, F 4397 
Bo^ock(J.^.D.,7Vafuf.). LOOKDRDERPUny. 

M 33S 

Hawthorne (N.) Pilgrimage to old Boeton. 

... M 2556 

In his " Oar old home 

Lodge (H. C.> Boston 

.VOTI— Deals Willi the bl«toriral dcrelopineDl of tfas i 

Btetoniane. By Jamea (H.) F 4tl«7 

Bnswell (Jame«) Journal of a tonr to the 

Hebride«withSannielJohnBon[inl773j.M 292 
— Dfe of Samael Johnson L 126(i 

NOTI— A revHw ot thin work la coDtalneal in MMBijIay" 

Fitzgerald (P.) Life of JameBBoswell. 2t.L 128« 
Bo«worth (J., PH.D.) Dictionary of the Anglo- 
Saxon language E IKI 

Botanic guide to health, and the natural path' 
ology of dieeafle. By Coffin (A. I.) ...H 234 

Agricultural and 

Areher (T. C.) Profitable plants : deecrip- 
tion of the principal articles of vegetable 
origin used for food, clothing, tanning, 
dyeing, building, medicine, perfumerj'. D 

Coffin (A. L,Prof.) Botanic guide to health, 
and the natural pathologj- of disease ... H 

Henslow (G., Prof.) Poisonous plants in 
field and garden ... G 

VOTE- Aim* to deecritio nuih of our common wiW plantg 
V are likdy to tdvrve h&miful lu cbildrcn. 

Jackson (J. R.) Commercial IjoUny of the 
nineteenth century D 

RMvrd Of prtwrw tu the ut tlinalion of veKoIalile produeln 
m rfw United fiintedom, and the introdurtton of ecoaololc 
rtonts inio theBrilislicokmtwduriQXthepreHeatrentury. 

Pereival (J., Prof.) Agricultural botany : 
theoretical and practical 

Potter (M. C, Prof.) Elementary text-book 
of agricnltnral botany ... G 1095, G 

Sowerby (J. E.) British poisonous plants ; 

described by Johnson G 


Bennett (A. W.) Introduction to the study 
of flowerlesB ptante : their structure and 
classification " 

Cooke (M. C, LL.D.) Romance of low life 
amongst plant* : facts and phenomena 
of crypt<^mic vegetation G 

COWTESTS-Fenw, momcmlivsrwortn. liehenn, algK, fungi. 


C«oke(M.C.,I.L.D.) Manual of botanic terms G 

Jackson (B. D.) Glosaarj- of l>otanic terms; 
with their deriTation and accent ... G 

Lindley (J., Prof.), and Moore (T., Editors) 
Treasiirj- of botany : popidar dictionary 
of the vegetable kingdom ; with which 
is incorporated a glossary of botanical 
terms. 2v G 

Miller (W.) Dictionary of English names 
of plants applied in England and among 
EnglishBpeakingpeople to cultivated and 
wild plants, trees, and shrubs G 

Engtht-lilin and LMtn-FjigHnh- 


Turnbull (R.) Index of Britisli plants ac- 
cording to the London catalogue ... 1(147 

IncludCH Bynonym* u«d hy the princiiml iiulhors, an 
aJphnhPlioU li-n of Rnwli-'h nnmw. bIbo rcfcrmc™ to Ibe 
iiluslrnllon-i of Kyme'i Kni{U>h botiuiy and Benthoma 
Britli-b aonk 

Wartl (H. M., Pitif.) Disease in plants ... G 1089 

; DrnlH with the funirt, li 
la wnii-h nlunt dtwflwi' am dui' 
thr maliuiy nnd ihi- Kymi>toinB ■ 
— Diseaws of plants 

1- Funwt, «i|)ro|ih)'lr 

,.G 10«« 

Off" Of BWKllil 

"pfitket iiluiuH,' 

' i.hiloloiry. The nulhor 

Disfributiun and classification. 
Hchn (V.) Cultivated plants and domestic 
animals in their migration from Asia to 
Europe ; edited by Stallybnua G 1097 


and domwllcaninuilii (i " " "-- 

btlievenin ronlinulty fluu ■■uM.-i.--f-i<«i m ■■u' 
i*cn»e, and Id Ihc hpredlty iranamiiwioii of n 
antlpi-of ormnlZHtlannndot mind. FOKFl 
LOOK UNDEB Zooloity- C'(nw(Sm»tw. 

Kingsley (C. Cmiwi) On bio-geologj-. In 

his " Health and e<iucatioM " K 9(12 

J/«o(H fiis"SciontificlectureBande88ayB"G 72 
Lubbock tRt. Hon. Sir J.) British wild 

flowersconsidered in relation to insects. G 1098 
— On plants and insects. In Ins " Scientific 

lectui-es" G 7.> 

McNab (W. R., Prof.) Botany : outlines 

of classification of plants G 1041 

Baildon (H. B.) Spirit of nature : inter- 
pretative essays on the history of matter 
from the atom to the flower ... G 950 

iKOTB— The irenctii] dim 
attempt" to d«moliHh lh< 

nnd' "naluml •rlortion" ipon which 

ir end alhrix 

. I Darwin M> much 

iplicHble on mechimiral or 
chemical liround" at uU. 

Geddes (P., Prof.) Chapters in modern 

botany G 1035 

SOTl Pn«uppo»*« an dsmcntarj' knowledjie, iind deals 
with the prolJem,. in the ovolulionary hypotbcsw- 

MasBoe (G.) Evolution of plant life : lower 
forms G1074,G1075 

NOTE- A n int roduci ion t o morplioloiricM iBndphynloloirtral 
botany from the iJoint ot view of modern e\oluli<m. iadl- 
cnttOB the teatureii that cbanu-terise plant life ana their 
development from prtmilive (ypcB 

—Plant world : its past, present, and future : 

an introduction to the studyof botany. G 1076 

NOTE-Tmtta cI the otmrture and fnni'lionw of plnntH 
their <'lii>*i Ileal ion. T^«ltc^lfl^)Iul^le modem evwlotionnry 
point of view. 

Fo'iili^aiiim, variativn, etc. 
Burhidge (F. W.) Cultivated plants : their 
propagation and improvement J 85 

NOTE -Alma to do»cril>e the principal methods bj' «bi^ 
plantB arc naturally produced, and theartiflcinl mcane by 
which they are multiplied. Bipound- 'nf. w;'^"™ <•' 
natural and artitlciiil fertiliiution and cross breed inc. 

Darwin (0., ll.D.) Contrivances by which 
British and foreign orchids are fertilised 

by insects 

NOTE- De.llB v,il 

ner in wbirb the fertlUxation 

,™„.,^,.,- MBBire.[ed,BliowiBgthatlhe 

ibmhilely dependent upon the ageney oi inpect*. 



Botaay — continued . 
Darwin (C.,LL.D.) Different forms of flow- 
ers on plants of the same species ... G 1 

NOTE— The author eoDcenlrates hin Bttonlion upon 
lieteroHtylod and rleintot^mlc planU, and tbrows ll^bt on 
tbeque-llon of hybrldiwiltor. 

— EffeetH of cross and self -fertilisation in 

the vegetable kingdom Gl 

NOTB— Defonue of Ihe nmitai Ibnl " rmture Bbhorn ppr- 
i>etuid seir-ferlillialion'' Mixhl bocoDHtderod a <.-ample- 
ment olhiH work on on-bldx. for wbllpth.u volume HbowHl 

Ibln warlc nhows why eram lertillEHlLon i> imporlajit. 

— Variation of animals and plants under 
domestication. 2v G 

irthereAdvant'ed to explain tbepheQ. 


Hen8low(G.,Prof.)MakiiigofflowerBG 1(184,01085 

the conrormfttion of flowers, and nhowM thiil the living 
Soial 't niclarc In InHueuced by the eondit lona under which 
It lives. 

— Origin of floral structures through insect 

and other agencies G 1083 

NOTE— Opposed to the tbeoirof evolulion and nntural 

—^Origin of plant structures by self -adapta- 
tion to Ihe environment G 1087 

definite TArlulioti* In nnlure. Oppoiied lo the theory of 

Lubbock (Rt, Hon. Sir J.) Contribution to 
our knowledge of Beediings G 1090 

NOTE— rbyak-&] and chemical aBpecl4 of germination ax 
note"* LOOk'"|j'jS>KH aermluftlion. 

Habits and /unctions- 
Allen (G.) Story of the plants G 1055 

NOTE -Dttnle more with the f uncttonBand babi tH of plants 
lluin with their atruvture and datwiflcation Itomewbat 

Darwin (C, LL.D.) Insectivorous plants... G 1031 

NOTE — Dawriplien of theclnatof plant* adapted for the 
capture and diRention of lUNci-tx RUd Ihwe which feed on 
the productB of decayed vejietable matter. 

— Movemeutfiand habits of climbing plan tfl. G 1002 
Taylor (J. E,, PH.D.) Sagacity and morality 

of plants G 1093 

NOTE Story of the life nnd rondurt of Cb« i-«^table 
klnifdom wrtlten in metaphor Aacrtbesconnciougnwiiand 
IntelllffeDce to ptanU whlchareHhawnto devlniuid <-arry 
out plan« for their own welfare. Allempla to make clear 
the more recent diwoverles in pfayBioloKical botany. 

History and biography. 
Balfour (J. H., Prof.) Plantsof the Bible... C H>5 
Candolle (A, de) Origin of cultivated plants 

G 104«, G 1049 
Dawson (Sir J. W., ll.D.) Geological his- 
tory of plants GS(>8,G 8113 

NOTE— Trcntn of fo«si1 plnnln. hwsr ol origin, development 

Duncan (P.M., Frof.)"Botanist8 ...L838,L 839 

Liven of Unnsus. Ray. Toumefort Aristotle. Theo- 
phra»IUB- Hiny. De Candolle, aud an account of the 
iproKreMi of the xcieace. 

Groser (W. H.) Scripture natural history. C 1G9 
Part 1.— Treei and plants mentioned In the Bible. 
Pratt (A.) Chapt«rs on the common things 

of the sea coast G 1268,G 1269 

Physiological, descriptive and systemulic. 
Aitken (E.) Text book of botany ... G 1054 

KOTB— CoDtains some uaeful hints on practical work. 

B :i4.A 

G 1032 

G lO.'iO 

G 1057 

G 105S 

G 105 1> 

totMjr — contimtfd. 
Aristotle. Mechanica problemata. [Tatich- 
nitz text] 

CONTAINS— De pluoliH, deoUnc with tiie pby><i:^sm of 

Aveliug(E.,D.8c.) Introduction to thestudy 
ofljotany G 1031, 

NOTE— Inlended Bpocially for the London Matriculotlon 
and Sdeode and Art exanin. 
Balfour (J. H., Prof.) Elements of iMtany 

for the use of schools 

— First book of botany : being an introduc- 
tion to the study of the anatomy and 

physiology of plants 

— Second hookof botany : being an introduc- 
tion to the study of systematic and eco- 
nomic botany 

Bentham (G.) Outlines of iiotany ; with 

special reference to local floras 

Bentley(B.,Prof.)Stndent'aguide to system- 
atic botany, including the clasaitictition 
of plantfland descriptive botany ... G lOdO 
Campljell (D. H., Prof.) Elements of struc- 
tural and systematic botany, for high 
schools and elementary college courses. G 1062 
Carpenter (W. B., M.D.) Vegetable physi- 
ology and systematic botany G 1033 

Cassell's New popular educator, vols. 2-() 

Catlow (A.) Popular greenhouse botany ; 
containing a familiar and technical de- 
scription of aselectiou of the exoticplants ' 
introduced into the greenhouse ... G lOGl 
Edmonds (H.) Elementary botany* : theo- 
retical and practical G 1034 

Figuier (L., Piof .) Vegetable world : l>eing 
a history of plants, with their sti-ucture 
and peculiar properties G 1000 

NOTE-D«il» Rllb the phyBioloKy of plants, tbeirrlHiwifl- 
catlon and tieographicu] dlstrlbolion : with hrief Hketchn 
ot Ihe llvex of eminent bolanistii. and a gloHxary of terms. 

Gall (J.), and Robertson (D.) Vegetable 

kingdom. 7(1 "Popular readingsin science," G 8 
Goi-don (W. J.) Our country's flowers antl 
how to know them : being a complete 
gui<te lo the flowers and ferns of Britain ; 
with introduction, by Henslow ... G lOIJ? 

NOTE- KlementaiT botany. Local namea. ebinaiflcalion, 
examplcH of identincfillon, and a irliwsary. 

Hayward (W. R.) Botanist's pocket-book. G lOdjS 

G 1072 

— . e of flowerine 

every plant, arrtmiied under itB own order 

Hooker (Sir J. D.) Botany 
Lubbock(Rt.Hou,SirJ,)On budsand stipules ' 

NOTE.— DenJH with Ihe origin and construction of buds 
the mode ol leaf development, and the f unctions ot stipules. 

McNab (W. R, Pi-of.) Botany: outlines of 
morphology and physiology 

Prantl (K., DR.) Elementary text-book of 
botany; edited by Vines 

Reeves( J. A. ) Sap : does i t rise f rom the i-oots 

lo di«prove various theories a* to the riw of nap. 

Thome (0. W.,Rev.),«»rf Bennett {A. W.) 
Text-bookof structural and physiological 

G 1(177 
G 1078 



BMaif — cvntittued. 
Wishart (R. 8.) Self-edncator in l>otany ; 
edit«<l by Ailains O 

Anu' to enconngp tmcttral work. 

Daro-in (F.), and Acton (E. H.) Practical 

phvsioloi^ of plunUi ... ... ... O 

Strashorger (E., Prot.),nnd Hillliouw (W., 

Prof.) HaiidlxK>k of pnictieal l>otany ... G 
AL.iOL.oaEVNliSRAIeiv. RtolulloD. Frtiw. Frrtlllzatlon. 
Floirpnt. FtmKl. Onuw*. LIrhniK Mbimm. pBlBootldoiry. 
Pafmiqtea. SeanedH. tle«(I«. 

Both in the wrong. By Spender (Mrs. J. K.). F 
Both sides the iwrder. By Henty (O. A.) ... F 
B..ihworidB barred. ByKean(8.) ...F481l),F 

Rtthwell. Bt Grant (J.) F3427,F 

Boita (Paul Emile):— 
Elouomi (J.) Nineveh and ittt palaces : the 
discoTeriefl of Botta and Layard applieil 
to the elacidation of Holy writ ... M VMM \ 

Bottesini (C.) Ganlen of Olivet : a devotional 

oratorio. Vaca^ acoit J 

Bouomley (J. T.) Logarithmic and trigono- 
metrical tables for approximate calculation 
Bottone (S. R.) The dj'namo : how made an<l 

ho-w naed H 

—Electric bellsand all about them G 585 ' 

—Electrical instrument makingforamateurs. H 427 

—Electricity and magnetism G 5.5.3 

— Elect ro-motora : how made and how used. H 428 | 
Btmcicault ('D\on)Jointauthot\ LOOK UNDER 

Rearle (C.) I 

Boudoir. Barker(Lady) Bedroom and I mudoir. H 7'14 
Bnule de neige. Par Dunias(A.). [/w J''renrl^]. K 1456 , 
Bonlger (Demetrius C.) Lord William Ben- 

tinck L 478 

-Short history of ChinaPeariiest times to 1875] M 22811 

FOB NCXTK 1,OOK CIIDBB CblnA--Btllori/. 

Bonlger (Mrs. T.). U>OK UNDER Gift (T.) 
Boolton (Helen M.) Josephine Crewe [Low 

Lomlon life] F 1143 

Boulton (Matthew). In Smiles (S.) Lives of 

(he engineers, vol. 4 L 92Ci 

Bound to the wheel. By Saundere (J.) ... F 7518 

Bound to win. By Smart (H.) F 77'.t;i 

Bound together. By Conway (H.) F 1'.I05 

" Bounty," H.M.S.:— 

Herl>ert (D.) Mutiny of the " Bounty." 
In his " Great historical mutinies " ... M 1671) 
Bourgade la Dardye (E. de, DR.) I^iraguay ; 

edited by Ravenstein M 1219 


Boun^t (Paul) Works - 

AndMCorMlt* - """ 

Ilomfvlir druiuK — 

— [/h Ff-ench) :— 

('<>-.mopoliii - S13K. KiaOO | N'ouveaui putela ] 

Un rrnoc d'amour K l.Vl < Piutal* K i:tg.'i, 1 

LEdewipIe K 13K ' SenHmtlcmiidllalis H 677, 1 

Henaonicea K 1383 I Id tern promlw ] 

Bonr^ogne( Adrian Jean Baptiste F.^etf/mnt), 
Memoireof (1812-1.3): edited by Cottin(P.), 
H«(/ Renault (M.) L 


FOB KOTX. LOOK UNDKK Cuadl-ffiltsrv. 

,Ruurinot(Sir John (},)~aftUinu^d. 
—Canada un<ler British rule, 17(W-JlKlO ... M 24ft7 
1042 jBoume (0. E.) Great composers ... ... L lM'.i 

I FOn (-OXTBXni. look VS'DBB B<t«n|>htp> r«}'rrllrr. 

Bounie(H.R. Fox) FamousLondon merchants L 7117 
FOB cosrayrs. look ckpbb BiQaTapblei> rolltriin. 

—Sir Philip Sidney L 12(10 

l"*^ ]— Story of our colonies D l(i9 

Bourne( John) Handl)ookof the steam-engine. H 380 
KWO Boume(Stephen) Trade.populationaudfood: 

a series of papers on economic statistics ... D !)8.H 
Bournemouth. In Granville (A. B.) Sjias of 

7«l>8 : England, vol. 3 M X\b 

*''J-^ I Bourse, La. Par Balaac ( [/;. Fifurh}. K 1364 
,,2, Bouflfi^W (C, Editor), look under Castel 

■^28 (H. deV.) 

jBoutell (Charles, Rev.) Gold-working. BHi. 

I manu/af. indust. H 13 

Bouterwek (Frederick) Hislorj' of Spanish 

literature ; transl. by Ross K 1858 

JBouverie (E. 0. P.) Rackets. In Heathcote 

'55, (J.M.)Tennis ^ J 1110 

I Bovet (Marie Anne de) Ten-e li'Emeraude. 

' llnFrenrh-] K 1398 

11'* Bow and the sword. By Athims (K. C.) ... F 'Ai 
j Bow of orange riblMin. By Barr (A. E.) ... F 640 
*'J Bow Street police office : — 
'^^ Fitzgerald (P.) Chronicles of Bow Street 
police office; withanaccount of the magis- 
trates, runners.and police; and a selection 

of the most interesting cases. 2 v 
Bowden (J,, Rev,, LL.D.) Naturalist in Norway; 
or, notes on the wthi animals, birils, fishes, 
and plants of that country ; with some ac- 
count of theprincipal salmon rivers. G 1215, G 1216 
Bnwdich (Mrs.) New vegetarian dishes ... H 0£12 
Bowaich( Mr8.T.E.). LOOK UNDRR Lee(Mrs.R.) 

Bowen (H. Courthope) Froebel L 700 

— , [jninliinthur]. LOOK UNDER Mon-is(R.) 
Bower (George Spencer) Hartley and James 

Mill B 393 

Bower (Hamilton, Capt.) Diary of a journey 

across Tilwt [in 18111-2] M 765 

Bower (John A.) How to make common 

things : for Imys H 6 

Bower (Marian) Samson's youngetst ... F 1148 

Bowker (Alfred, Editor) Alfred the great : 

his life and times L 3l)l 

Bowles (Emily) Madame de Maintenon ...L 413 
Bowles (G. Stewart) Gun-room ditty box ... F 11411 
Bowles (William Lisle) Poetical works ; selec- 
tions ; edited by Tirebuck K 341 

Bowley (Arthur L.) England's foreign trade 

in the nineteenth century D ll!>5 

Bowls. By Walker (J. M.) J 1116, J 1117 

Bowmaker (Edward, H.D.) Housing of the 

working classes D 324 

Bowman (Anne) Works r — 

Bear hunlernc^ the Rorkf EBpfmnm F IIM 

mountHlno F 1150 Kanfnroo bunlFre [Aiwlrn- 

Boy tonvterH [Dnya ol linn bunh] F Ilfi6 

Robin Hood] F llfil Tmu and llie crorodtkn ... F ll^T 

Bov iillKrlnm F Hit' Toumt N"He voyBirera ... F IISU 

Boy vayuKtra F ll.'U Touug yncbtimea F IISU 

Cutaways [AMc^ ... F OH 





Alfieri (Vjttorio). 
— ,lTransl.]. LOOK UNDBE Schiller (F.)- 
Bowriiig (Sir John) Kingtloin and people of 

Siam ; with & nairative of the miBsion to 

thafc country in 1X55. 2 v. 

Bowring (Lewin B.) Haiilar Ali niid Tipii 


Bowsham puzzle. By Habherton (J.) 
Box (Thomas) Practical hydi-auHcs ; a seiiee 
of rulesand tables for the use of engineere. 
— Practical treatise on mill geai'ing, wheels, 

shafts, riggerB, etc. ... 

Box for the season. By Clarke (C. C). 2 v. 
Boxall (George E.) Story of the Austi-aliaii 

bushrangers ... 
Boxing : — 

A Hanson -Winn (R. G.) Boxing 

—Boxing J1072, 

ALSO LOOK L'NDBB Gymnantif". 

Boy. By CoreUi(M.). F l'.t61, F I%2, F 1%3, 

Boy all over. By Avery (H.) 

Boy cavaliers. By Adams {H. C.) 

Boy foresters. By Bowman (A.) 

Boy hunters. By Reid (M.) 

Boy in the Peninsular war : the ser^'ices, atl- 
ventures and experiences of Robert Blake- 
ney ; edited by Stnrgis 

Boy-life : its trial, its strength, its fulness : 
sermons. By Benson (Archbp.) 

Boy pilgrims. By Bowman (A.) 

Boy slave in Bokhara. By Eer (D.) 

Boy slaves. By Reid (M.) 

Boy tar. By Reid (M.) 

Boy voyagers. By Bowman (A.) 

Boy with an idea. By Eiloart (Mrs. E.) ... 

Boyce (R.). LOOK UNDER Kenwood (H. R.)- 

Boyd (R. Nelson) Coal pits and pitmen : a 
' short history of the coal trade and the legis- 
lation affecting it 

Boyer (Jean Pierre, President uf Hayti). In 
Maccall (W.) Foreign biogrsplites 

Boyesen (Hjalmar Hjorth, Prof.) Essays on 
German literature 

L 442 

H 457 
F 1737 

J 1071 
J 107;( 

F 1151 
F 7037 

Boyle (Frederick) — continued. 

— To the Cape for diamonds : story of digging 

experiences in South Africa M 1044. 

Boyle {Hon. hxtbert. Natural phi luayiher): — 

/n SlouKbtuD {]., D,D. I Wortblea of Kionce. L Ma : Thorpe 
(T.F..Pn)t.l EaHtyHLnhinoriralFhemlBtrT.GKS. 

BoyB(C,V,,E*rof.) Soap bubbles and the forces 

which mould them G 362, G 3t>.T 

Boys and I. By Molesworlh (Mrs.) ... F G(>i>4 

Boys at public schools. By Heywood (G.G. T.). 
In "Unwritten laws and ideals of active 

careers"; edited by Pitcairn D 3-'> 

Boys' book of health and strength. By Stables 

(G.) H150,H 1/>1 

Boy's book of heroes. By Peake (H.) ... L ,'>4 

roB coNTBirre loos undeb Btoaniphie*— «JfiT/lir. 
Boy's book of metals. By Pepper (J. H.) ... G G71 
Boy's book of science. By Pepper(J, H.) ; re- 
vised, with many additions, by Hepworth... G 20 
Boys modern playmate ; edited by Wood ... J 0711 
Boys of Beechwood. By Eiloart (MtB. E.) ... F 26'.*:i 
Boys of Westonbury. By Adams (H. C.) ... F 3« 
Boy's own book : complete eucyclopiedia of 
sports and pastimes ... ... J %8, J 960 

Boy's own book of natural history. By Wood 

(J. G.) G 1193 

I Boys' own stories. By Hoi* (A. R.). F 4373, F 437 J 
I Boy'svoj'ageroundtheworld;editedbySmilea M 144 
L bIMj j Bozland : Dickens' places and people. By Fitz- 

^ ^,1 geraldCP.) M 333 

I' 3*1 Brabazon (Reginald). LOOK UNDER Meath 

F 11521 (Earl of). 

F 4878 1 Brabourne (E. Knatchbnll - Hngeseen, Lord, 

F 7038] Editor) Letters of Jane Austen. 2 v. ... L 1221 

F 7039[BracebridgehRll[19thcent.].Bylrving(W.).K lAo 

F 1153 Bradby (H. C.) Rugby D 1)74 

F 2692 1 Braddon (M. E., a/leruurds Mrs. Maxwell). 

— Golden calf 

— History of Norway fi-om the earliest times 
to 1885 

FOB NOTE. LOOK UNDEB Norway— Wilurn. 

— Social strugglers 

Boyhood of great men. By Edgar (J. G.) ... 


Boylau (R, D., Trnml.). LOOK UNDER Goethe 

(J. W. von). 
Boyle (Frederick) About orchids : a chat... 
— Camp notes : stories of sport and adventure 

in Asia, Africa, and America 

— Chronicles of no-man's land 

— From the frontier 

— Legends of my bungalow M 74, 

— On the borderland 

— Prophet John 

—Savage life 

F llfil 
L U 

G 1104 

M 73 
F llf>2 

AUalongUierlver... FnH5.Fnat' I LudyUide 

Aapbodcl F 1167, T IIHN ' Lmlyn mi'- 

Aurora Floyd ... F IIW, F ll'O ' Likcand t 

Barbara F llTl. F UTS I London pi 

Birdsotproy ...Fni3.Fli;4 LoHtrorlo 


"ChftrloIlC-tTihi.rttn.ii.-i.." I I.iirliin Dn 


Chorlotle'r) I 

ChriBtmM hlrdimn F 1 

F1175F1176 Milly DarnU... 

:e. ( MObawko ... 

F 1178 1 HOUDI Royal... 

79. F IIWI One 

... F 1 16. F I1H6 Open verdict.. 
... F 1 B7. F IlWt ' Phnntom fortune . 
"I W. F lltm Balph the boilill . 
1 »1, F 1102 Robert Alnxlelffb 
1 H3, F IIM I Bough Joetlco 
■ ffii, F 118fl Run to earth 
97. F 11B8 Rupert OodniD 
09. F 1300 ' Sir Jiwpei'ii tenanl 

. " -lofn,^ ... 

... F ISffi. V 1210 ' To the bitter end 

... F 12f7. F Liifi 
... F 12». F 12:W 
... F L31, F LKC 
... F 12Ki, F 1234 
... F l:!35. ¥ 123n 
.„ F 1237, F 123« 

... Fun, Fi:!io 

... F 1311. F 1242 
... F 12*3, F 1244 
... F ^2^^ F 124« 
... F12J7.F12^IK 
._F1219. FlliSII 
... F 12ni, F ILT^ 
... F las.'l F li>4 
... V LiSfl. F 1256 
... F 12()7. F 12.^* 
... F 12oO. F 1200 
... F lail. F 12(« 
... F 126.H, F 12tM 
... F ]26,S, F IST* 
... F12H7.F12SH 
.. F 1271. F 1272 
.. F 1273. F 1274 
F VTih. F YUr 

iBhmael F 1213, F 1214 , 

John Harcbmont'a legacy 

F12K F m« 

Joshua Hagimrd ... F 1217. F 1218 Vlaen F 1283, F 13»4 

JuBtiuiIani ... F I21B. F L£» I Wcavemand wett ... F 12K, F 1230 

Lftdy Audley's necret 1 Wyllard^B weird ... F 1387, F 1288 

' F 1221. F 1222 I 

Bradford.Dolman(F.)Municipalitiesatwork. D 719 

75 Bradley (A. G.) Wolfe L 752, L 75.3 

F 11C3| Bradley(C.,Rev.,£lrf(7«»r)-LOOKUNDERNepos. 
F llfi4 Bradley (E., Rev.). LOOK UNDBR Bede (Cuth- 
M 7ti I bert). 



BnwUf y (George, Dean a/ Weatinitialer) Lec- 

tnres on £ccle6iaet«8 (' ;^ti^ 

— LwtureB on tbe book wf Job 24lt 

—.r;V.BM/Aor]. LOOK UNDER ProtheroetK.E.) 
— .[firfi/or]. LOOK nKDER Arnold (T. K.) 
Rfa.lleT(H.)TheGoth8[r.>.2l)mo712]M l.llta, M ira'l 
RRiiIley(Milton3;[j.)-i'O0K UNDER WieliL'(E.) 
SrA>\»bAV {Henry, CanihridffeCnir.libtfin'dii): — 

Pr..ihero (G. W.) Memoir of Henry Bmil- 
sliaw ... ... ... ... ... L 81' 

Br.ulnhaw (John) New Zeulund ua it is [aV. 

l^so] *i M1241 

PliBXOTB. LOOK UKDEIt New Zculnild- Df-h/ilin 

llnul8haw(John,LL.D.) SirTlioinuaMtuiro... L o3(> 
Bneksbtd (H.L., Traiist.). LOOK undBB Hov- 

g-aanl (A.) 
Braw of Yarrow. By Gil>l)on (C.) F 3241, F li'2i2 
Bndie (Tycho, Dattinh fii*t rrmomrr) :- 

• Haken of iBodeni thoughl, L 50. 

Brahman ism : — 
MUUer (Rt. Hon. F. Max) Vitality of Brah- 
manismand,Te(bis: or, tbe sacred bookHiif 
theBrahiDaiis.//iAr>"Select«tlcfiKiyH,"v.2 K 1244 

ALSO LOOK UMUHB Reliinon and nllKiona. 

Brahman's plot. By Wjlkine (W. J.) ... F HlKH) 
Brahms (Johannee). In Huneker(J.) ilvmn- 

lintfl in modem mosic J 445 


Bastian (H. G., Prof.) Brain aa an organ of 
mind B 4't. B 50 

KOTB— Deals witli Ibo [um-ttoiui und atructurc ot tho 
bnln. fmbodyinff detailii FonrtmlnK nil ibo roolH from 
whirh Ihc ooDiplexvimceotiiiindlHdetival TbPnulhnr 
djM-uHWK tbp railouB WTertii of ueuroloKy and the many 
— >^^.^^ — ^.. —J rolationfl of p^rcholciiTy. and " " '" 

lowUi* teaiDKo 

-I with in (he bi 


Calderwood (H., Prof.) Relations of mind 
and brain B 

XOTB— Dimuwa the laleM reaiilM o! aoMDmintl and 
pfaffkilasinJ nsmrrh a» to tbo rtrartare and funrlionK 
of the bnio, and Ki'ex aa analygiH of cani)riou»nc>K and 
knavn facte connected with brain anion. 
Carpenter (W. B., M.D., LL.D.) Principles of 
mental physiology; with their applica- 
tions to tbe training and discipline of the 
mind, and the study of its morbid con- 
ditions B 

NOTB— Deals vlth the reHaUi> of invenliBalloDK intotho 
nature of inwnily. and Kith Iho functionx of the bmin. 
Ripomia number oC deliuions amotut vbicb im modem 
"piritualiiflii. artd toochca upon the attiludeof »irienco 
lowardB rebgion. 

Donaldson (H. H.) Growth of the brain : 
a study of the nervous system in relation 
to education H 

KOTB— Collect ioa ot tteir, ax to tho Htnicturs and funv- 
ttooA of the bruin. tt« ifrowth. the dlffererK-en in Mm at 
larimu Mrea. In tbe two eexm, in tall and Hhort men. In 
dillereut HOcial flaimeMuid in dilterentnallonK. Dtw.-ribe!' 
(he biaiD and nerve iirinem.andthD<rtuodlfl<:aIionH (rom 

Loeb (J., M.D., Prof.) Comparative physio- 
logy of the brain, and comparative psy- 
chology H 128 

Lays (J.) The brain and its funcUonu ... B .^H 

XOTB — Slnirlure and lUDrthmH of the brain, anatomlnil 
xnd phymolo^raL Kndeavoun to *how thai the mwl 
complei BCI> of pKychn-inleUivtuiil ai^lvify are all delln- 
llely r&altable. by the annly.l!- ot nervoiw uftiviiy. into 
mnHat proceAVn. and thai they obey reuulnr Inw* of 
evotulfoo. ApiieaU rather to ihc phy»ioloiOml Ihiui thr 
paychokvii^l Klndnito. 

■titit ill lied. 
RilKit (T., Prof. ) DisfiWfB of memory. B .'iX, B 

SOTK Dml< with Ihc I'hciinniciia of memory from n 
fialb'iiniiinJ NrandiKilnt. I>e-rrltva miuiy p«'ullar dl»- 
ordeniof ihemi-mory 

AL-iuLOOKI'NDKUBemiiry. NervouKHyatcm Pnycholoffy. 

Braim- (Sheila E.) Turkish uutomatou [Time 
of Ciitheriiiv of KuhhIh] F 

Bramleighs of BiHliops Folly. By Lever (C.) F 

Bramley (Henry R., Kev.), «*«/ Ktainer (Sir 
J., Editorn) Christtnas can)lfl : new and old. J 

BmmHon(W,(i.H,),/'«(H/HHW(((*'. LOOK UNDER 
Hillier (G. L.) 

Brauistoii (Mary) Works 




Story nf a mt and a ra 
[Thirty ycnn.' worl 
ao Thorn rDrtn-wLTbiTty yes 


_.FI:»i ' VillHeeiiraiu- 

" — " . Wanted, a ■phcre ... 

—,[./W»l' «»'««'■]. LOOKUSDBRColeridfc't.'iC.R.) 
Brand (J. H.) Plunge for a wife, etc. ... F 
Brand : a drauialic i«jem. By Htsen (H.) ... K 
Brandes (Gi-org, DR.) Impreiwions of Russia 

[in 1SS7] ; transl. by Eastman M 

/jtTweediu (Mrs. A.)WinterjaunttoNorway M 
Bmndreths. By Hoi>e (A. J. B. B.) ... F 

Brasidas {fif/Hiiian general'] : — 

In Cox (Sir G. W., Rev.) Greek elatesnien. L 
Brass bottle. By Anstey (F.) F 3o;i, F 





Graham (W.) Brassfomider'smanual. H '.I7M, H 

UodelllDi. patlem-mnkinii, moulilinK. tuminR. alloying. 
Allntf, buniii4lilnj(. bronzinu, ete. 

— Brassfoundiiig. lirii. nintin/ac. indtist. H 
Braes work. LOOK UNDER KepouBsc work. 
Braesey (Annie, Lady) In the trades, the tropics. 

and the roaring forties ... ... ... M 

NOTE-VoynKe lo Madeira, the Atore^ and a few of Ibe 
Wml India ixlandx In IHK:t- 

— The last voyage [in the "Sunbeam" 

Australia and Imliu in lSS<>-7] ... M 

— Sunshine and storm in the East; or, cruises 
to Cyprus and Constantinople [in 1874 
and 1878] M 123 

— Voj-age in the " Sunbeam " [in 187^-7] ,., M 124 

KOTB-ViifiilnE the Canary iiilandii,ltoatb America. l^ciSc 
iHUuidx. Japan, China, elr. 

Brassey (Thomas, Lord) British seamen ... E 
— Foreign work and English wages, con- 
sidered with relation to the depression 

of trade D 

— Papers and addresses — Work and wages ; 
edited by Pottec; with introduction, by 

Howell I 

— Work and wages, practically illustrated ... E 
Braut von Messina. Von Schiller (J. C. F.) 

Werke. vol. 4 K 1250 

Brave Bessie Westland. By Leslie (E.) ... F .5237 
Brave Iwys who have become illustrious men. 
By Darton (J. M.) L 30 






Brave Geordie. By Stebbing (G.) F 7!t32 

Brave lady. By Craik (Mrs.) F 2ii2!) 

Brave men in action : stories of the British 
flag.ByMacKenna(S.J.),«*M/0'Shea(.J.A.). M 1722 


Brave6tofthebrave.ByHenty(G.A.).F40l(;,F 4017 

Bi-avo [Venice]. By Cooper (J. F.) F ISIO 

Bray (Mrs, Anna E.) Works :- 

or Wnlreddon... 



Eve'» paradl"* f 1517 

Fitz ol FltE-Ford [Devon, 

181b cent] F 1308 

Hart land foreHt ; HDd, Rote- 

lensue C^e"! of Rniiltind. 

IMlficenM F tSlO 

Henry de Pomeroy [Devon, 

rrotenlAnt [Daya ol Queen 

M«T) F 

TalhflTPtBliWBl "r. 1S»SSJ F 
Trelnwney of Trelnvne 

[CornwfllL ITIh n?nl 1 ... F 
'—'-■-■■■ [Devoniihl™, 18th 


While hcxidK [Si 
middle Hifea]-- 

Bray (Charles) Education of the feelings or 

affections B 18C 

— Science of man : a manual of anthropology, 
Imseil on modem research B 

Braybrooke (Richard Griffin, Lord, Editor) 
Diarj'and correspondence of Samuel Pepys, 
F.B.S. [lilfiO-D]. i V L542-5 


Descriptive and travel. 
Dent(H. C.) A year in Brazil M 1191 

NOTE Acrount o( tlie author'^ eiperienciv durlns Ibo 
V2 monlliB (IMIO-ti Kpent m llfo de Janeiro and In the 
aoultifm part ot Ulnmi Qeme* : with Hppendirm OD Ihe 
Bbollllon o( Klin-ery, flnnnciid condition ot the empire, 
origin o[ sni-fiRe triliea by degrBilalion.iLnliaitlHHDdvlanl>i, 
geology, lUid religion. 

Ford fl. N.) Tropical America M1178 

DOTS Account ot(heBUthor'»e««rtenceniiiBr«ill«'here 

tion In fl™«l In 1»B- Hedencribei. the orlain ol Ihe revo- 
lution, the Tine of the new republic, nnd the downtall o[ 
Ihe InBllg&Ion of the movetnent. 

Wallace (A. R., LL.D.) Travels on the Ama- 
zon and Rio Negro [in 1848-52] ... M 1182 

■Wlihiin nrcoiinlorthenMivelrlbeMindohwrvallonKon 
Wells (J. W.) Exploring and ti-avelling 

three thousand miles through Brazil. 2v. M 1193 

NOTB-'Account of n nurrey nnd eiploratory expedlrlon 
In ISTKi from Hlo de Isrelro through Ihe provlnrw of 
Mlnnn Oeraea. Bahln and Ooyui to Manuibiut ; with oh- 
rervarionn on dlmnte. nillwayit. commerce, flnonee, and 
phyrtcttl geography ol BniriL 

Brazing anil soldering : — 
Amateur work, vols. S and 6 ... H 1142, H 1146 
Bolas (T.) Soldering, hi-azing, etc. In 
"Useful arts and liandi crafts," vol. 2 ... H 31 
Bread : — 

Wells (R.) Bread and biscuit Imker'sand 
sugar-boiler's assistant : includinga large 
variety of mo<lern recipes ; with i-e- 
marks on the art of bi-ead- making, and 
chemistry as applied to bread-making... H 713 
Break-up of China ; with maps. By Beres- 

ford (C, Loiil) M 728 

Breaking a butterfly. By Lawiiince (G. A.) F .5128 
Bi-eakingof theclouils. By Dnnboyne (I^dy) F 2(524 
Breaking the shackles. By Barrett (F.) ... F 081 
Breech-loader, and how to use it. By Gi-eener 

(W. W.) J 1210 

Breen (Henry H.) Modern English literature : 

its blemishes and defects K 279 

Breezie L:ington. By Smart (H.) F 7794 

Breitmann ballads. By Leland (C. G.) ... K 118 
Bremer (Frederika) Works r — 

Or«lal rrprr f«liillimt -if ntll-tiulo llfi In Strnlra. 
A diary ThsH— bmUy. Axel ud Anna, etc. •- — ... F 1318 


Bremer (Frederika) Works — continued. 

Borne; or. life in Sweden ... ~ ~ 

XelghboiirK. Hopen The twiiw. Ttilinniui. 

Pre>ident'> dHUuUIerx 

Sirld orb trld. [/« .>«««»] 

Strife and pence 

Bremner(C.8.) Education of girls and women 
in Great Britain I 

Bremont (Anna.Comtessede) Gentleman dig- 
ger [Johannesburg] F 132^ 

Brenan (Gerald). LOOK UNDER Allbut (R.). 

Brenda {pwtid. ofUn. Castle Smith) Works:— 

DiDHbUlle FISa ; "Nothing lo nobody" ...FIS^T 

FatI's gnmddnUKhler ... F ^XU Hnturdnr'a bnlni ... ... F \XM 

FroBgy'i. llllle brother ... F l.tas Uncle B«eie-» locker F ]*fl> 

Utile cou«lnB F 1»I I Vietorls Be« F irUM 

Brenila Yorke, etc. By Hay (M. C.) ... F 31)72 

Brenkmann (C.) Hosafield's New practical 
method for learning the German language E 1>7 

Brentano (Clemens) Fairy tales ; transl. by 
Kroeker F 1331 

Brentano (Lujo, DR.) History anil develop- 
ment of gilds, and the origin of trade- 
unions D b'Aa 

— Hours and wagesin relation to production ; 

transl. by Arnold D 287 

Bresslau (M. H., Prof.) Compendious Hebrew 

grammar E 1!><> 

— English anil Hebrew dictionarj- : biblical 

and rabbinical E 104 

— Hebrew and English dictionary : biblical 
and rabbinical : containing the Hebrew 
and Chahlee roots of the Ohl Tt^tament 
poat-hiblical writings E ![>.'» 

BK'te (Jean <Ie la) Badinage, {hi Fre>ich']...K\:\W 
Mon oncle et mon cure. [/« FrenrJi\ ... K 14(M) 

Breton (Frederic) Works : — 

Ood fonmken F IXXS. F IS.1,1 

TreinM»e« of two [Hehrldeii] F iSM 

True heart (Swllierland,]flthcenlury3 F IM6 

Breton (Nicholas). In Morley (H., Prof.) 
Character writings of the 17th centurj- ... K 

Brett (Harry) The cornet ; with adaptations 
for other instruments, scales, exercises, and 
solos, and transposing table and scales ... J 

Breuil (M. du, Prof.) Scientific and profitable 
culture of fruit trees ; edited by Qlenny. H 5\^ri 

Brevia: short eseays and aphorisms. By Helps 

(Sir A.) K 9.{S 

Brewer (E. Cobham, DR.) Book-keeping by 

single entry H 8.^0 

— Guide to the scientific knowledge of things 

familiar G .i 

Brewer (J. 8., Prof.) Hume's Historj- of 
England [B.C. 5.5-1878]. 3 v M 1(181 

Brewer (R, F.) Oithometry : a ti-eatise on the 
art of versification and the technicalities of 
poetry; with a rhyming dictionary ...E 80 



Donovan(M.,Prof.) Domesticeconomy.2v. H G73 
Faulkner (F.) Theory and practice of mod- 
ern brewing. 1888 H 903 

Pooley (T. A.) Brewing. Brit, iiiauii/ar. 
indust H 17 




Brvirscer (Sir David, D.C.L.) Lett^raon nataral 
ma^c ; with chaptei-s on the Wing unci 
faculties of man, ^nd additional pheuo- 
lueoa of natural magic, l>]r Smith ... G 
— Marlyre of Bcience : liveaof H^lileo.TTcho 
Brahe, aiul Kvpler ... ... ... L 

—More wurhU than one : the crveU of the 
philot«i|iher and theho]>fof thechristiau. G 

-Optics G iH2,ii 

— Tlie atereoBCope : itB luBtory, thoory, and 

oonBtruction G 

hi Stonghton (J., D.D.) Worthies of science. L 
Brcwdter ( M. Auffoeta) Three months' travels 

in Egypt »"«' Palestine, etc. [in 18110] ... M 
Brewster(M.M.>. LOOKUNDERGnnionfMrs.) 
BwwHier (William). In Herrick (S.E.) Some 

herelics of yesterday L 

Brian Fitz Count. By Crake (A. D.) ... F 

Briar and palm. By Swan (A. S.) F 

Bric-a-lirac. Par Damaa ( A.). [^Iti Fimch']...K 

DniMon (E.) Manafactnre of hricks and 
tiles : containing an ontline of the prin- 
ciples of brickmaking H?18,H 

Barn (R. S.) Building construction : show- 
ing the employment of brickwork and 
masonry in the practical construction of 
buildings. 2 V HI 

VU-L— T«t. Vol 2. Plat™. 

Davidson (K. A.) Drawing for bricklayers 

H lOT'J, H 1 
Hammond (A.) Rudiments of practical 
bricklaying H 1 

g, poiDltnB, pavlns, lillDg. 

Walker(F.) Brickwork ... 

PHocipla o{ briL'klAylnK. cutting. nndK 
amUcKtloa ta eeoiDFtry to roof IIDnit. ■ 

.. H 1088 

Bridal march. By BjornBon (B.) ... F%9, F 
Bride from the bush. By Homung (E, W.) 

Bride of Dankerron : dramatic cantata. By 

Smart (H.). Vucnl scoit J 

Bride of Lammermoor [Scottish life, 17111. 

By Scott (W.) ... F 7588, F 758!>. F 75DO 

Briiie Picotee. By Roberts (M.) F 7227 

Bride's experiment. By Manaford (C. J.), and 

Inglebright (J. A.) F5li;W,F 56.19 

Bride's home. By Marshall (E.) F 5821 

Bride's pass. By Tytler (8.) F 8498 

Bridge (Horatio) Personal recollections of 

Nathaniel Hawthorne L 1189 

Bridge ( Sir J. Frederick.Hus. Doc.) CallirhoS : 

a dramatic cantata. Vocal score ...J C79 

— Counterpoint J 490 

— Double counterpoint and canon J 491 

— Oi^anaccompanimentof the choral service: 

practical suggestions to organists ... J 71.? 
fei.lge. Tennant (E. A.) A.B.C. of bridge... J 1040 

Bridger (A. K., X.O.) Man and his maladies : 
or, the way to health H 256 

Bridges (J. H., TmmL). LOOK UNDEB Comte 

Bridges (Mr«.). LOOK UNDER Forrester (Mrs.) 

Bridges (Ho1>ert} Poetical works. 2 v. 

Vol. I, -Proinrthnwthe Brerlrrr. Eroaand IVyrbc. Thrtrrowtb 

or love - K MS 

Vol:!. Rbofttr ponoK New pomu R .'Ml 

Dow<len (K.) P()etry of Rol>ert Bridges. In 
his "New studies in literature" K 


Adams (H., Prof.) Strains in ironwork... H 50:t 
Boiler (A, P.) Practical treatise on the 
constmctiou of iron higliway bridges for 
the use of town committees H 510 

ContnlnH rd hhit oo i,\ie nppHmllon ol the piinrlpW of 
thelevor (o Aivady ■□ulyMlriof IbpntnilnH upoti the more 
ciutoDury fornu tk bnuDK nnd (nuura. 
Gampin (F.) The application of iron to the 
constructionof bridges, girders and roofs, 

and other works H SO.*) 

CoUingB (G.) Roof carpentry : lessons in 

the framing of wood roofs H 1104 

Dempsey (G. D.) Tubular and other iron 
girder bridges H 50G 

Dmrnbe* tbe BrilnnolB utd Conwny lubuloi' bHdsni 
with a ■keif h of InmbhdiimBDdlUuHtrklloDHof lliHiippli- 

cHlion ot mnireiLlile Iron to Ihr ut ol bridm bulldtPit 

Humber (W.) Handy book for the calcu- 
lation of strains in girders and similar 
structures, and their strength H 509 

Jackson (L. D'A.) Aid to engineering 
solution H 507 

J piinrlplH of 

■>■ tor. 

of, Kurh applii-atton dC mnlliiiiiiitii-nt prinilplni 
IKtnment of numeric re-ull« an may form u "on oi rant 
MTUHi for llie i-on-lrurlor. 

Pendred(H. W.) Iron bridges of moderate 

span : their construction and erection... H 508 
Smiles (S.,LL.D.) Smeaton and Rennie. In 

hia " Lives of the engineers," vol. 2 ... L 924 
Vernon-Harcourt (L. F.) Achievements in 

engineering iluring the last half centurj-. H 351 
In Frith (H.) TrimuphH of modem engi- 
neering H 350 

Bridget. By Betham-Edwards (M.) ... F 932 

Bridgman (Frederick Arthur) Winters in 

Algeria [;n 1885] M 945 

Brierley (Ben) Sketches of Lancashire life : — 

Cnirt upon the KOrid F ISM 

Cotlen of lioH-burn F ISt? 

Dniay nook Hked'heii F IXW 

Brierley (J.) Studies of the soul B 41 

Brigadier Frederic. By Erekniann-Chatrian. F 27H7 

Also ill French K 1509 

Brigadier Gerard [Napoleon, 180(1-14]. By 

Doyle (C.) F 2498, F 2499, F 2.'>00 

Brigand. By James {G. P. R.) P 4li5:i 

Briggs (William, nnd others) Elements of co- 
ordinate geometry ; with worked examples. 

Vol. 1- niidit Itne Bn<l rircle. by BriiiK- nnil Brynn O 237 

Vol J-Theponlc. byOnw-erimfnownbere O -US 

Bright (Edward B.), joint author. LOOK 

UNDER Lardner (D.) 
Bright (F.), and Machray (R.) Vision splendid 

[The stage] F 13.19 



Brooke (Emma) CoDfeaeionof Stephen Whap- 

ahare P la^S 

— Engrafted i-ose [Eng. village life, 1847] ... F 1354 
Brooke (Fulke Greville, Lord). In Gosse (E.) 

Jacoljean poets K 283 

Brooke (Magdalen, jisevd. of Miss M. H. M. 

Capes) Story of Eleanor Lambei-t ... F 1355 
Brooke (Stojtfoi-d A., Rev.) Christ in motlem 

life; sermons C 62S 

—English literature K224,K 225 

—English literature, from A.D. 070 to A.D. 1832.K 226 

—God and Christ : sermone C 0211, C O.W 

—Milton K 228 

— Old Testament and motJem life C 1W5 

—Poems K M2 

— Sermons ... C 031 

— Theology in the English poets K 037 

CONTENTS -From Pope toCowper. Coleridjiv. Wofd»- 

— , and Rolleston (T. W., Editors) Treasury 

of Irish poetry In the English tongue ... K 047 
Brooker (A.), joint author, look dnder 

Slingo (W.) 
Brookes of Bridlemere. By Whvte-Melville 

(G.J.) ' F8y24,F8')25 

Brooks (0. P.) Cotton manufacturing ... H iW 
— , lEditur']. LOOK UNDER Holme (J. E.) 
Brooks (E. S.) Historic girls L 105 

FOR CO!(TENT9 LOOK ITNDER BlaffrBphim ttlltttlt'. 

Brooks (Helena) Lord Lynton's ward ... F 1356 

Brooks (Noah) Abraham Lincoln L 456 

Brooks (Phillips, Rev.) Sermons preached in 

English churches C 543 

Brooks (8. H.) Erection of dwelling houses. H 1043 

Brooks (Shirley) Aspen Court F 1357 

—Wit and humour (From " Punch ") ... K 5tt8 
Brooksmith (J., nnd E, J.) Arithmetic for 

beginners 137 

Broom-squire. By Baring-Gould (S.). F 584, F 585 
Broome (William). In Johnson (S.) Lives of 

the poets L 1187 

Brother Gabriel. ByBetliam-Edwards(M.)... F 1133 
Brother of the shadow. By Praed(MrB.C.)... F 01H)2 

Brother to dragons. By Rives (A.) F 7218 

Brotherhootlofthecoast. ByJohnstone(D.L.) 

F4786,F 4787 
Brotherhood of the seven kings. By Meade 

(L. T.), and Eustace (R.) F 51182 

Brotherhoods : — 

Hill (H. W.) Brotherhoods. In " Laity in 
council": editeil by Burn D 1> 

NOTB— HoldR Ibat wxiiwr or tnlBr there maMbe vona— 
poverty, wlibwry.and obedleni-e-ond iIIm-usmw the objec- 
llona whicli hare boen rali«d nnlnsl vows irraeraJly. 

Brothers (A.) Photography : its history, pro- 
cesses, apparatus, and materials J 387 

Brothers and sisters. By Mai-shall (E.) ... F 5823 
Brothers of pitv, etc. By Ewiug (J. H.) ... F 2811 
Brothers of the people. By Whishaw (F.)... F 8877 
Brothers Ran tzau. By Ei-ckmann-Ohatrian... F 2738 
Brougham ( Henry, Lord) Speeches. 4 v. 
Vol. 1. -Military flogtrlnir- Queen CnrollDe. LibelKonthe 
Durham flertiy- Commerce and mADurnctureit. Aicri<^ul' 
turul uidmiuiurikcturtnKdiBlrew. Army eiitlinnles. Holy 
bUIwim DIOB 

I Brougham (Henry, Lord) Speeches — continued. 

Vol- 2,-Bl«very 7 

Vol ,1- EducBtloi 

I reform. Scotch o. _„. _... 

Entablli^hment odheLlverpoolJuet^lialiid Inslitale — -., u 1(17 
Vol. 1. - Affnin' til IrelBDd. Speech at the Urey [etitivaL 
I Change olmtnlHlD' is lt»i. Biuinewof PHrllament. Hal- 
treulment ol the N. Americnn ooloniea. PrtvUeca ot 
Parliament. Eloqupn» or the ancleDtn D 10(t 

Nicoll (H. J.) Popular education ; Lord 

Brougham. /« Ai's "Great movemenls"... L 53 
/« Adams (W. H. D.) Learned in the kw ... L 679 
i Brougham (Hon. Reginald) Cruise on Fries- 

I land broads [dr. ISHO] M 608 

Brought home. By Stretton (H.) F 8078 

I Brought together. By "Rita" ... F7152,F 7153 
'Broughton (Rhoda) Works : — 

FlSBB'Joaa F ISea 

F laeo I Mm BliBh F 1370 

P l:!81 Mn. Smith olLonamalDS ... F 13US 

F IM2 Nanry F IS71 

PIMH , Not wisely, but too wdl ...F].T7:> 

P 1»4 Red Bi a rose In >he F I.tT.I 

FlWi ScyllaorCbarybdlal ... F i:i74 

F iSee ' RfcoDd thoiuibta F l?l7r> 

F tasT I Twlllsbt Moriee F i:i7it 

Btwinner -.- F 1! 


Betly'K vlalona 
Cometh up iw a flower 
Dear FauAtna 
Doctor Cupid... 

1 the euidle 

Good.bye. eweethea 

— , and Bislaiid (E.) Widower indeed ... F 1377 

Brown (A.) Practical treatiseit>n the construc- 
tion of the power-loom and the art of weav- 
ing H 1II>1 

Brown (C. Barrington), and Lidstone (W.) 
Fifteen thousand miles on the Amazon and 

its tributaries [in 1873-75] M 119() 

Brown (C. G., Rev.) Offices of Holy commun- 
ion, t^ptism, and confirmation: their his- 
tory, doctrine and language C 659 

Brown (C. Rae-). LOOK UNDER Rae-Brown (C.) 

Brown (Charles Brockden,^ merican novelist). 
In Pi-escott (W. H.) Biographical and criti- 
cal miscellanies K IDl 

Brown (Edgar A.) How to use the ophthalmo- 
scope: being elementary instructions in 
ophthalmoscopy H 304 

Brown (G. Baldwin, Prof.) Fine arts ... J 16 

Brown (G. J. Cowley-). LOOK DNDBR Cowley- 
Brown (G. J.) 
Brown (Helen Dawes) Petrie eshite ... F 1378 

—Two college girls F 1371) 

Brown (Horatio F.) Life on the lagoons [«/■. 

188U-4] M 575 

Brown (J. Moray) Polo. In Weir (R., Capt.) 

Riding J 1178 

Powder, spur, and spear J 122;j 

KOTB ttport In EnglaDd and India. 

Brown (John, D.D.) John Bunyan: bis life, 

times, and work L 1228 

Brown (Sir Jobn,£'Hj;r(H*v»-). /» Je8nB(W,T.) 

Creatoi-s of the age of steel L 911) 

Brown (John Croumbie, LL.D.) Forests of 
Englaud.and the management of them in 

bye-gone times H 605 

Introduction to the study of modem forest 

economy H 606 

Brown (P.H., LL.D.) History of Scotland, vol.1. M 15U3 
— , [Ayi/or] Scotland before 17U0,from con- 
temporary documents [1200-1700] ... M 1594 





Hfi'wn (Roliert, DR.. KdiUir). LOOK UNDER 

Brtn*-n tT, E.) The doctor : a Manx p<>«-iii... K 
— Kiujof theSherraghVaneiand.Theiichiiol- 
niaiit^rs ... ... ... ... ... K 

Bn>nn (Thomas, Rev.) Annals of the \\\»- 
raption ; with pxlraota fmin thp imrrHliveH 
of minifltt^rti whnlfft the Scott itthettluhtirth- 

meat in IM.'i C 

Brown (Thomas) Complete modem farrier ; 
a manual of veterinary science ; comprising 
instructions fur the cure of all diseases in- 
cidental to horses, cattle, sheep, swine, and 

dogs H 

Bro'A'n (Thomas, Gapt.) Hahits anti chamcter- 

i»iicfl of animals and liirda ...(> \'1'.M,G 
— Illustrative anecdotes of hinls, fishes, and 
insects, etc.... ... ... ... ... G 

Hmwn (Walter Lee). rt»trf GrifBths (A. B.) 
Manual of assaying frold, sih'er, copper, and 

lead ores H 

Bn>wn(Wiiliam Harvey XOn the SoHlhAfrican 

frontier [in l!*iMI] M 

Brown (William Norman) Wootl engravinjr- J 

Hri.wn, V.C. By Alexander (Mrs.) F 

Bniwn ambassador. By Eraser (Mrs, H.) ... F 

Bniwn eyes. By Crommelin (M.) F 

Brown portmanteaa. By Yorke (C.) ... F 
Bron-ne (A. J. Jakes-). LOOK UNDER Jukes- 
Browne (A. J.) 
Br.iwne(C. F.). LOOK UNDER Ward (Artem us) 
Browne {EdgarA.),y(im(nM/A(>c. LOOK UNDER 

Hope (Edward W.) 
Browne (Edward Harold, D.D., Bi»hi>ji uf 

ir(»fAM^T):amemoir. ByKitchin(O.W.) L 
Bn.wne (G. F., Rev.) Venerahle Bede ... <J 
Browne (Lennox), find Behnke(Emil) Voice, 
song and speech ... ... ... ... J 

[Irr.wne (Mannaduke E.) Tales from the old 

dramatists K 

Browne (Montagu) Practical taxidermy ...G 
Browne (R. W., Prof.) History of Roman 

classical literature K 


Bruwne(T.M.) Musgnjve ranch [California]. F 

B^^wne (Sir Thomas) Religio medici ; letter 

lo a friend ; and christian morals ; edited, 

with notes, hy Greenhill K 

xoTK— Tbe author here "ketcheH bii religious opfnionn 
vhirh emwd for the work the unii«ua] honoar ol beini; 
ptscnl oolber^nl Index Ripur^slorluii- Though I'laim- 

Siin thai be betcnw lo b " retonned oew-owt rehKion." 
□t«id« That no church i* m xutled lo blti riewf hi Ihe 
CbuicboC I':nslaiid. 

In Dowden (E„ Prof.) Puritanand Anglican. K 
In Stephen (L.) Hours in a lihrarj', vol. 1. K 
Browne (W. A.. LL.D.) Civil service tests in 

arithmetic G 

Brfjwne (W, H., PH.D.) Firework making for 

amateurs H 

BrowTie (William) Poems; edited hy Goodwin; 

with introduction, by Bullen. 2 v K 

In Goase (E.) Jacobean poets K 




Hniwni' (William H.) GcofRc Calvert anil 

(VciliuB Cidvert L ti.S.') 

Bn>wnell(W, C.) French art: classic and con- 
temporary painting and sculpture ... J 17 
Brownies and roseleaves. By White (R.) ... F 8WI1I 
Browning (Elixnlx-th Barrell) Ptx'tical works. K 1147 
— Uelections fnim the poetry of. 2 v. ... K 34(1 
Biugitijiliif atiii Crilirmn. 
Ingram (J. H.) Elizaheth B. Browning ... L Ilf!? 
" ' "-- - W.J.iMakemot innlrrD En>(liHh.K63B: 

iHrK. H.i Nome ri 

<D,i In tbc [ootnlepi of Iho pi 
— ■ H,Ka>4,Ka«; rtm 

•I, K iKA : Uauon 

iiO.B.) Poftaoi 

Browning (John) Our eyes, and how to pre- 
serve tliem from infancy (o old age ... H 
Browning (Oscar) Danle: his lifeund writings. L 
— Flight Co VarenneM^ndolherhistorical essays M 

— Goethe : his life and writings L 

— Introduction Co the history of educational 
theories D 


— Life of George Eliot L 

— , [A'rfiVo/-]. LOOK UNDER Mihon (J.) 
Browning (Rt)bert) Poems ; with an intro- 
duction, hy Browning K 

— Poetical works. 2 v. K 

— Selections from the poetical works of. 2 v. K 
Bitiffrajihi/ and Gnttrimn. 
Berdoe(E.) Browning's message to his time ; 

his religion, philosophy, and science ... L 
Church { R.W. . Dean) Browning's "Sordel lo." 

In /tin " Dante and other essays " ... K 

Dawson(W.J.) Makersof modern English... K 
Fotheringham (J.) Htudies of the mind and 
art of Rohert Browning 






vlih hill melhodri and I' .„ 

Revell (W. F.) Browning's oriticiam of life... K 

aiiarp (A.) Victorian poets K 294, K 

Sharp (W.) Life of Browning L 

CoDtslDx n <'ompiele biblioxniphy, 

Synions (A.) Introduction to the study of 
Kol>ert Bniwning ... K 

Trigga(O.L.) Browningand Whitman: study 
in democracy L 

Al»> t« naweli (H.R, Rev.l Poels In the puIpit.Ke43: 

• Huttonilt. n. I Literary es~ay\KK»: Keraaton <C.) Wine 

men and a fool. K 7HS: Uasson ID.J In Ihe roolBteps or the 

S*tii, L UBl ; Noel (Hon. R.i EssBynon poetry and poets. 
iU 1 PropbelH of the i-entury ; edited by Ricketl. K -JIM. 

Browning (W. Emst-). LOOK under Ernst- 

Browninft (W.) 
Brownlee (W. Metliven) Lawn-lennis ...J 
Brownrigg papers. By Jerrold (D.) ... F 

Brownsniith's boy. By Fenn (G. M.). . . F 2885. F 
Bruce(AlexanderBalmain.D.D., Prof. )Tra i n ing 

of the twelve; or.paasagi'S out ofthe gospels. C 
Bruce (Henry) Life of General H<m3lon ... L 

— Life of General Oglethorpe L 

Bmce (J. Mitchell, H.D.) Materia medica ami 
therapeutics: an introduction to the rational 

treatment of disease H 

' Bruce(James) Travelsin AbyssiniaandNubia, 
34.') I 17ti8-7:t, to discover the source of the Nile. M 
283] Bruce (Rohert). LOOK UNDER Robert I. 









Brlicke (Emat, Prof.) The human figure ; its 

beauties and defects 

Brudenellsof Brude. By Worboiae(E.J.) F 9270, 

Brueton's Bayou. By Habberton (J.) 

Brueya (David Augu8tede),a»irf Pataprat (J.) 

Legrondeur, /h " French classics " ; editetl 

by Masson, vol, 6. [/« French'] 

Brugseli-Bey (Heinrich) Egypt under the 

Pharaohs : a history derived entirely from 

the monuraenta ; edited by Brodrick 


Bruhns (0., DR.. Editor) New niannal of 
logarithma, to seven places of decimals 

Bruin. By Reid (M.) 

Brummell (George Bryan," Bean Brnmmell") 
In Russell (W., ll.D.) Eccentric personages. 

Brunei (Sir IsambEtrd K., Engineer). In Tillot- 
8on{J.) Untitled nobility 

Brunei (Sir Mark I., Engineer). In Tillotson 
(J.) Untitled nobility 

Brunner (A. W.). and Gerliard (W. P.) Cot- 
tages ; or, hints on economic building ; with 

■ - a chapter on water supply, drainage, and 
; other aanitary queationa 

Bruno (Giordano, Italian philoaoplier). In 
Maccall (W.) Foreign biographies 

Bruno (Joseph Faa di, D.D.) Catholic belief ; 
or, a short and simple exposition of catholic 

Bruno the conscript. ByHutche8on(M.)F4594, 

Brunswick accession. By Thornton (P. M.)... 


Bruy^re (Jean de la) Lea caract^res accom- 
pagn43dea"Caracterea"deTheophra8te. [/« 

Bryan(G.H.,D.Sc.).yom(aM(/ior. LOOK UNDER 
Barlow (C. W. C), and Briggs (W.) 

Bryans (C). look under Mommaen (T.) 

Bryant (Marguerite) Morton Verloat 

F 1381, F 1382, 

Bryant (William CuUen) Poetical works ... 

Bryce (George, Prof.) Short hiatory of the 
Canadian people [earlieat times to 1886]... tt 


Bryce (Jamea, Rev., TransL). LOOK UNDER 

Vinet (Alexander) 
Bryce (Rt. Hon. James, D.C.L.) American com- 
monwealth. 2v C 

anal Bovemment stale goTernraeof. the 
lie opinion, illuitralions and reaecdon* 

— Holy Roman empire [B.C. 27 to 1871] ... R 

NOTE— Hixlorf ol the uountrie* inu-ludcd in the Romano- 
Germanic Binpirs. A review of^tliin work ia conlBintd 

Jormany. Ilaiy. B>^e, 

J 230 
,F 9271 
F 3ti63 

G 119 
F 7040 

M 17.33 

F 1383 
K 113 

KKlal iDilit 

phyBiciU, econumlL', and pal It ictU problems which have 

—Transcaucasia and Ararat : not«s of a tour 
in 187G h 


ie uuthor'H ommt 

Lo ine intoleruUe c^OD- 

ailion i>l tue peopje oi Armenia unaer Turkl^'h rule, 

Bryce (Lloyd) Romance of an alte- " ■ 

F i:W4 

Bryden (H. Anderson) Exiled Scot [Jacobite 

exile in S. Africa, 18th cent.] F 1.^85 

Bubble. By Walford (L. B.) F 8{J29, F 8t>;«> 

Bubble fortune. By Tytler (S.) F 8490 

Buccaneersandpirateaof ourcoaata. By Stock- 
ton (F. R.) F 8025 

.M 127 

. M i;(4 

M 143 
M 14a 

Burney (J., Capl.) History of thebuccaneers 
of America 

From Uie urliOKl timon 10 the breaking up 

[edcnwy in laiff. 

Early Engl i ah voyagera : Drake, Cavendiah, 


Pyle (H,, Editor) Buccaneers and i 

oonera of America 

Roche (J. J.) Story of the filibusters 
Buchderlieder.VonHeine(H.).[/Mfle)-»MiH]- K lOtJS 
Buchaii (Alexander) Introductory text-book 

of meteorology G 823 

Buchan (John) Sir Quixote of the moora 

[Galloway] F KWfi 

Buchan (William Paton) Plumbing ... H lllU 

— ^Ventilation : with a chapter on air testing 

H 1128,H 1129 
Buchanan (George, Scutlixli historinn) : — 
Kingsley (C, Canon) George Buchanan, 
scholar. In his " Historical lectures and 

Also in his " Health and education " 
Nicoll (H. J.) Great scholars 
Ih Men who have made themselves 
Buchanan (James, 15//i President, U.S.A.) 
Wilson (J. G., Editor) Presidents of the 

United States L 

Buchanan (Robert) Look round literature... K 
— Masterspirits K 

„ - ■ clnn m one of Ihe Dae arm. The -Jtooil 

iDiekena). Tenny"on, Ilelne. and De 
._,. . — . _.. Ennlbih 

.M 42 

K 9G2 
L 1313 
L 47 



—Poetical works 
-Novels : — 

Andramoda [CuDvey Island - llini 

EIBe Hclheriniflon 

Father Anthony [IrKh lite] 
Foi((iove : 


God and the in 


Moment alter [Immorlolity] 
New Abelanl 
Shadow of [he 


... F IMM. F l:tt« 
_. F :«), F Wl 

.-F aei.Fisi;t 

... F 3W. F 1»« 
... K 3»6. F IXn 
... F ISU. F ISW 
... F *«, P 1401 
... F -HJiF 14113 
... F 4(M, F 14'fi 
... F 4(W,FI4'»7 
... F 140H. P 14UI 
... F 14t:f, F 1413 
... F 1414, F 1415 
... F1418,F141T 
... F 1418, F t4l!l 
... F UM. P 1421 

-ord [NBpoleonle peHod. Hundred duy"] P 14K, F UX 
niiiht .'.■.■ ".' '.". '.'.'. 

F 1424, F HIS 
... F I43I1. F H-f! 

... F I4at, F i4a» ' 
F 1430 

— , and Murray (H.) Charlatan 
Noel (Hon. R.) Roliert Buchanan's poetry. 

//( his " Essaya on jwetry and poets " ... K 10 
In Smith (G. B.) Poeta and noveliata ... K 217 
Buchheim (E. S.) Elementary German prose 
composition :8elected passages from modern 
EnglishauthorsfortranslationintoGermau. E 104 



Buchhfim (Kinma &, Tniml.). U>OK DKUBB 
Moltke (H. Ton) 

lliiehiKT ( Frieiirich Carl Christian LutlwiR): — 
Fiske(J,. Hrtif.)Dr. BUchiieronDarwiniHiu. 
In Ilia " Darwinitnn ami other i-BSayB " . .. K 1 71) 

lWh..lz faoiiiy. Bv Stimie (J.) F Sdl 1 

l{ii.h..liie« in Ilaly. By Stinde (J.) F HII12 

Biickf (CbarleH) Ruinsof ancient citiDs: with 
;.'t'neral anil particular acconiitiiof their rise, 
full, anil pKwnt condition. 2 v M II^IO 

Itiii'klianlt (Jacoh) CiviliHation of the renai»- 
snice in Italy: trannl.l»y MiiUIIi-niore ...M21C(» 

Biickhur»t< Lord). LOOK UNDERDoi-st-t(Earh)f). 

IlDckitiKh&m (J. 8.) Canada, Nova Scotia, Nf w 
Brunswick, anil the other BrittHh provinces 
ill Sortli America ; with a plan for national 
colonization [in l«3y] M1073 

BiickingliaiuBhire (John Shellield, Duke of), 
/fi .lohntotn (8.) Lives of the poets ... L llt<7 

■ntleman's ma^zine lihrary : Englinh to- 

jKi^iniphy ; edited liy Gomnip, vol. 1 ... M 17411 
Backlan<l(Mi88.\.W.) Anthropological studies. G ihH 
— Uur vianilfl ; whence they come and how 

thev are cookeil H 725 

BiR-kland (Anna) Story of EngliBh literature. K 229 
Iliickland (Francis Trevelyan) Curiosities of 

natural history. 4v 114.'t-l) 

— L<^'-l>ookof a fisherman and zoologist.Gl 14K.G 1 149 

—Natural historj- of British fishes G i:t29 

—Notes antl jottings from animal life ... G 1147 
li..mpas (G. C.) Life of Frank Bnckland ... L «;ir» 
In Bolton (8. K.) Famnaa men of science... L 83.'t 
BiK'klt: (Henrv Thomas) Historj- of civiliza- 
li.m in Kngland. 3 V M 10 

FOB taiB. ioOE I'.IDKR CtvltliaMoD. 

/.. Ci.upland (W. C, D.Sc.) Gain of life, and 

I'lher eaaavH B IM 

Bi)ekle(Mi86Mary).>/»/rtH//M>j-.L00K UNDER 

I>dv (L. F.) 
BiKkiey (Arabella B.,rt/i!p /■««;■(& Mrs. Fisher) 

Fairvhiiid of science G 4 

SOTB - Wrrtlon lor voudk proiilc nod prewnta tacts and 
phnHmenn in a wmple nod HirtklD){ manner. 

—Life and her children G 127(> 

XOTB -Evolutlonliit view irf the irtructure, hablta. elc. of 
ihfkmer Conn* attire -In vcrtebrala. 

— Moral teachings of science B 225 

fOB ^OTK. LOOK tTNDBB Hrlence. 

— .'^hort history of natural science [B.C. 639 

u-lIHhcent.] G 97 

—Through magic glasses 

.VOTE -I* a •.■mw' -" ■ ' 
sKh the miin-elH 
UMl pliatoicniphlc ramera. 

—Winners in life's race G 1322 

>-(rrR-F.»riy hiKtorji of vert«bralen. nod moiil of llie ani- 
mal' de«cribnl«IU be found alive nlihe Zoological aardena, 
ur .itullcd »n Ih<! BritiHh Hiueum. 

Buckley (Theodore Alois, Rev.) Dawnings of 

(^nius ... ... ... ... ■■■ L 25 

FOB t-OMTBNTS. LOOK rNDKB BiOtfrophiea - follri'lliv. 

— Great cities of the middle ages ; or, land- 
marks of European civilization M 15;i4 

FOR CO!«TESTS. LOOK UNDKB Europe— m./ufj/. 

— : {^Tntnsl.^. LOOK UNDKR .^Eschylua. Aria- 
totie. Euripides. Homer. 

Bnckmaster (Martin A.) Elementary archi- 
tecture fur Hchools,art students, and general 
readers J 

Biicknall (Benjamin, Tranitl.'). LOOK UNDRR 
ViolIet-le-Duc (Blugene). 

Bucktim (Oatlierine M.) Fooi) and home 
ciK»kcry H 

— Health in the house H 

— Our dwellings : healthy and unhealthy ... II 

Bucolica. LOOK UNDER Virgil. 

" Fairylnnd of « 


Berry (T. S., D.D.) Christianity and Budd- 
hism : a compai'ison and a contrast ... C 

CarpenU'r (W. B., Uishup) Permanent ele- 
mentsof religion ... ... ... ... C 

Cobbold (G. A.) Religion in Japan : Shin- 
toisiu — Buddhism — Ohrislianlty ... C 

Davids (T. W. R., ll.d.) Buddhism : In-inga 
sketcUof the lifeand teachings of Gautama 
theBudila C 

Lilly (W.H.) Christianity antl Buddhism. 
Iti hin " ClaiiiiH of Christianity " ... C 

NUTS Rinmlne* the reUlloniihlp between Chri«tlanll7 

and BiHldhl-m 

Maurice ( F. D., Rev.) Religions of the world 
and their relations to Christianitv ... C 

Mttller (Ht. Hon. F. Max) Buddhism. 
Buddhist pilgi'ims. Meaning of Nirvana. 
Buddhist nihilism. Ih his "Selected 
e^rays." vol. 2 K 

Pember (G. H.) Earth's earliest ages, and 
their c<mnecti(m with modern spiritual- 
ism and theosophy C 

NUTE An expoBtlion of Ibeoaoiihip doctrine from the 
chrlHllan point of view. The aulhor BttemptB lo remoi-e 
Htneol Ihejccoloffii-Hl end other ililBcult lea uminlly mwoci- 
Bletl «ilh the earlr rhnpteix of OeDeaiA which he maln- 
tniOK Ih plain hlxlory Inve«tti|HleK the nature nod hifllory 
of HpirttDBllinn and Buddhism. 

— Theosophy, Buddhism, and the signs of 

the end C 

Sinnett (A. P.) Esoteric Buddhism ... C 

i> one ol the minor pHncipleTDl Buddhiwrn. and that 
w.Mlem ideiw of Buddhi-t me_lempi.yrlioi.lii areerroneous. 

AL.10 LOOK UND BR Religion nnd rellKlonx. 


History of Indian and Eastern architecture. J 
Budge(E.A.Wallis)Babylonian lifeand history M 
— Dwellers on the Nile : or, chapters on the 
life, literature, historj', and customs of 

the ancient Egj'ptians M 

— Life and exploits of Alexander the great 

M 14titl, M 

Budge (Frances Ann) Annals of the early 

Friends : biographical sketcheB ... L 

— A missionary life : Stephen Grellet ... L 
Budget. National, look under Taxation. 
Budgett (Samuel, Philanthropist). In Bayne 

(P., LL.D.) Six christian biographies ... L 
Buds and stipules. ByLubbock(Rt.Hon.Sir J.) G 1 

Buffalo runners. By Ballantvne (R. M.) ... F 
Buildei-a, The. By Fletcher (J. S.) ... F 3U2t>, F S 









Building act : — 
London building act, 1894. In Hunt (J.) 

London local government. 2 v D 

BulUIng and bulMIng oonitriietlon : — 

Business manuals, tables, etc. 
Graniiy (R. E.) Timber importer's, timber 

merchant'^, and builder's standard gnide. H 872 
Hoppufl (E.) Tables for meaanring ,., H 87H 

Tublen wfalcb Kbew at »\ght the willd content oF any 

SiweoC timber, atone, eti^, and the value at an; price per 
UK pube; bIho, the miperflclftl content ol boan^^ glass, 
pikiDling, ploalerin^, etc- 

Hoakins(G.G.) The clei-k of works ... H ] 

Vadf aweiijn For all enxiLRHi in the i^uperintendence of 
building operallanN- 

Hurst (J. T.) Handbook of f ormule, tables, 
and memoranda for architectural survey- 
ore, and others engaged in building ... H 1066 

Laxton (W.) Builders* price-book for 1901. H 1067 

Miller l^Y. T. W., EdiU>r) Lockwood's 
Builder's, architect's, contractor's, and 
en^neer's price-book, 1901 HI 

Stevenson (J.) Tradesman's ready calculator 
of measurements for masons, bricklayers, 
plasterers, slaters, painters, etc. ; revised 
by Heaton H 870 

Young(W.) Spons' Architects' and builders' 

price-book, UtOl H 1069 


Weale (J.), and Hunt (R.) Dictionary of 

terms used in building, etc A 

Domestic and nwal. 

Allen (C. B.) Cottage building; or, hints 
for improving the dwellings of working 
men and labourers J 146 

Brooks (8. H.) Erection of dwelling-honges. H 1049 

Penipecttve view, plans. elevBIiOD><, and secttooa ot n pair 
or Heml-delaclied villaH; vrUh theKpeciflcalion.qunntltirs. 

Richardson (C.J.) The Englishman's house. J 

Uuldp for )ielerting or building a house. 

Scott (J., Prof.) Farm buildings ... H .561, H 
Text-books and practical. 

Adams (H., Prof.) Building construction : 
key to examination of Science and Art 
department (subject 3) H 1046 

Burrell (E. J.) Advanced buildingconstruc- 
tion HiaW 

NOTX -A eontinuatioa of " Elementary butldtngcDnMnic- 
.. — — J j,_. — ,.u .1 1., ..,, examiDation In the 

-Elementary building construction and 
drawing G 

NOTE— The chief aim has been to place before the student 

afford the data ncccsHnry for maklag scale drawings of 

Cassell's New technical educator, vols. 2-.5. H 

Davidson (E. A.) Elements of building con- 
struction and architectural drawing ... H 

Dobson (E.) Art of building ; general prin- 
ciples of construction, materials used in 
building, strength of materials, use of 
materials, working drawings, specifica- 
tions, and estimates H 

Mitchell (C. F.) Building construction antl 
drawing: elementary cou-- ... H 

Pj-ne (G.) Pnictical rules on tlniwing for 
the operative builder and young student 
in architecture J 2'2'i 

Rogen"(F.) Architect's guide: beingatexl- 
i>ook of useful information for architects, 
engineers, surveyors, contraclors, clerks 

of works, etc .- H 1051 

f^mlalns particulars (4 npeciScatloDsand n)aditlons.cDD- 

tmct quantltieK, dilapidations, messurement of work. etc. 

Stock(C. H.) Treatiseonsboringand under- 
pinning, and generally dealing with ruin- 
ous and dangerous structures H \{)'>i* 

Young (F.) Every man his own mechanic. H lO^iJ 

NOTB— A guide to every description of conslruelive and 1 

decorative work, Contalnn HUgeeHtlodsaiHldlrectionsiula , 

tools and their uses, cabinet work, masonry- hrii'k-lBying. 
pla-lertng,e,c. ThPonj. 

Beckett (Sir E., LL.D.) Book on building : i 

civil and ecclesiastical; including church , 

restoration H 1(147! 

Theory of domes, and the great pyramid, and dlmeitHlonn I 

of many churchex. and other great buihliags. | 

— Church restoration H 104^^ 

A reprint of part of the above work. 

Fletcher (B., Prof.) Light and air : a text- 

liook for architects and surveyors ... D (Ul 

NOTB -Shows what constilutBH ancient light : how the \ 
right Is acquired: how the right may be Jeopardised; 

Injuries to ancient light lor which there Is no remedy : I 

also methods of estimating injuries. | 

Kerr (R.) The consulting architect ... H 10."»1, 

NOTE -Deals with queflloca of eoHemenls, structumi 
dumagciuii-l ent 1 Ight8.itan itnry casenq uestion a of Jeasehold, 
valuation, and with the bulmlng ai^i. 

AL,so LOOK UNDER Arches. Architecture. Brickwork. 
Brid)(en and roofs. Carpentry. Cemetiie. Dllapidatlonn, 
Engineering, Qasfltling. Healing. MasoDr]'> Quantities. 
Ktoneu'ork. VentllBlioo, 

Buildingof tlie British Isles. By Jukes- Browne 

(A. J.) G MIV 

Buildiugoftheintellect.ByOane(D.M.)D811.D S12 

Buildingstones.By Hull(E.), Bnt.manuffic. I 

indust. H 14 

Buisson (Ferdinand) S^bastien Castetlion : | 

sa vie et son teuvre. 2 v. [In French']. ... L 273! 

Bulawayo. LOOK UNDER Africa — Sontli, j 

Balgarit : — Descriptive atid travel. \ 

Barkley (H, C.) Between the Danube and 

Black Sea ; or, five years in Bulgaria ... M 7i)7 

NOTB-EiperlenceaandlmpresslonB of a sojourn in Bul- 
garladuringthe yearn l&T-Ol in conneciion with a iBllway I 

eulerprtee- Oivea an account of the Bashl - Barouk-i 
Hpeaks unfavourably at the Turkish officials and holdn a 
pooroplDlon ol the Oreeka and Armenians. { 

Dicey (E.) Peasant State M 709 

NOTB-Account of Bulgaria in 1«W : Its nationality, ! 

social aanectttland, law. educa- 
tion, Indurtry, railways, army, constitution, court, the em 
of Turkish rule, and the attitude towards Russia Dii. 
cusses Ihe question of the Balkan peninsula ; with an esti- 
mate of the future of ButtpLTin. 

History and politicn. 
Huhn (A. von. Major) Struggle of the Bul- 
garians for national independence under 
Prince Alexander M227H 

Mllilan- and political history of the war between Bul- 
garia and Servta in IWS- 

Jephson (H.) Bulgarian atrocity agitation. 
In his " The platform : its rise and pro- 
gi-ess," vol.2 D 71 

Miller (W.) The Balkans : Roumania, Bul- 
garia, Servia, and Montenegro, [a,D. 
100-1896] M2277 



Minchin (J. G. C.) Growth of freedom hi tin- 
Balkan PeDinsala ; not«H of a traveller in 
Montenc^rro, Bosnia, Servia, Bu]g-aria,ani.l 
Gr«^ece [nV. ISXO] ; with mapt* M H 

auTE '(iiveo a vivid dmrdptlon of Bultoknim life nnd 
m I'riDce Aleiandec'H reiKtl ; olhlilroublpauiddanireni^ uf 

SHiuuelson (J.) Bulgaria pant ami present : 
historical, political, unil descriplive ... M2 

NOTB -Giv™ an historical mrvuy of the early hii4ory<il 

Morfill (W. R.) Slavonic literature" ... K : 
Ball (H. J.) CruiBf of the ' Antarctic ' to the 

.South polar regions [in 1^94-5] M 

Bull I Thomas, M.]>.) Materaal management 

iif children, in health and disease : revised 

bv Parker H 

Bulien (Frank T.) Cruise of the " Cachalot " 

round the world after sperm whales ... M 

Thf aiiihor's Buwrtmrex rtr- l«o-7«- 

— Log of a sea-waif : lieing recollections of 
the tirat four years of my sea life ... M 

The AQthor'sfiiperleni'esBl b«i belwwn the aacB ol 12 
and II>C1S6»;3] 

— Men of the merchant service : l)eing the 
polity of the mercantile marine for 'long 
shore readers D 

Ballet and shot in Indian forest, plain, and 

hill. By Russell (C. E. M.) J 12.% 

Bailey (Miss A. Amy), and Whitley (Miss 

Uai^aret) Women's work D 1057 

Bullock (Francis, and T. A.) Introduction 
to natural philosophy, meteorology, and 

chemistry G (J 

Bdlow (Baroness Bertha von Mareiiholtz), 

LOOK UNDER Marenholtz-Biilow (Baroness) 

Bulwer (Edward G. E, Lytton). look under 

Lnton (E. G. E. B., Lord). 
Bundle of life. By Hohhes (J. 0.). F iUfi, V 418Jt 
BoiKien (Christ ian C. J., Baron von). /h Miiller 

(F. M.) Biographical essays L 4? 

Bon.'ien (Frances, Barouees). In "True and 

noblewomen"; edited by Ewart L 1(17 

Bunyan (John) Holy war C 5(>4 

—Pilgrim's progress F1432,F 14;t;f 

Biography and Cn'ticintti. 
Br<iwn (J., D.D.) John Bunyan: his Iife,liines, 

and work L 122« 

Fnmde (J. A.) Bunyan L 123!» 

Venal>ie8(E., Canon) Life of John Bunyan. L 123U 

Oint-ilDfl n comnlete biblloKnipliv- 

"'- - ■ icullB-liireH,LHliDmvdpn 
n Kai2; Mui'auliiyiLordl 

I E_ ProT.) Purttun nnd . 
CnOcii] and hintorlca] (Mnjri 
oliUid by Hia L 36 : PuDshon 
«f ™on^ C 38 : Tnlloch (J, D.i 

k 7W ;■ Our e 
W. M_ LLJ>.) Lwtiiri 
I engliah purilHUiHi 

Bunyip land. By Fenn (G. M.) 


Buonaparte. LOOK UNDER Napoleon I. 

BurlMink the northerner. By Verne (J.) ... F 8566 

FOUIB PART 1 OP "N~ortba|(aliu>(^*oulb." 

Burbi'ige (F.W.) CnltivatiHl plants : their pro- 
pagation and improvement J K.I 

Burch(G.J.)Manual ofelectrical science. G 5.54, G 5.55 
Burchell (Sidney H.) Duke'sservanls [Derby- 
shire, ciV. ItWO] F i4;n 

— In the davs of King James [London] ... F US."* 

Burden-bearei-B. By Swan (A. S.) F (*Ityi 

Burden of a woman. By Pryce (It.). Ffii)42,F l)l»4;j 
Burden of Isalwl. By Cobban (J, M.) ... F 176« 
Burder (Samuel, Rev.) Oriental literature ap- 
plied to the illustration of the sacred scrip- 
tures ! especially with reference to antiijni- 
ties, traditions, and manners. 2 v. ... C 1S2 

fOBNOTB. LOOK UNDBR Bible- .InfivBlffri. 

Burdett (Henry C.) The cottage hospital, its 
origin, progress, managemert and work ; 
with an alphabetical list of every cottage 
hospital at presi'iit opened [1X77], and a 
chapter on hospitalism in cottage hospital 

practice D 7Sfl 

— Help in sickness ; where to go and what 

to do D 7t*l 

Biirdett-Coutts (Angela G,, Barouesn), In 
Chambei-B(W..LL.D.)Storiesofoldfamilies.L 72 

In DartoH (J. M.) Famous girls L KKI 

Burdett-Coutts (W.) Sick and wounded in 
South Africa : what I saw and said of them, 
and of the army me<lical system M2440 

Bureaucracy. By Balzac (H. de) F 548 

Surges (George, Tmn^t.). look UNDER Plato. 
Burgess (Henry, Rev.) Art of preaching.and 

the composition of sermons C 527 

Burgess (J. J. Haldane) Viking path. F 1436, F 14;J7 
Burgess (J. T.) Angling and how to angle ... J 1192 
Burgess (James W.) Coach-building ... H 1('2S 

Burghersh (Priscilla A. W. Pole, Ladij, ajler- 
wu)da Countess of Westmoreland) Lettera 
from Germany and France during the cam- 
paignofl81.'t-14:editedhyWeigHll(LadyR.)L 115 

Burgin (G. B.) Works :— 

D»ni.* Ill tlio four coracrHrcumulu] F 1438. F 1438 

Jndiic of thp (our L-orners CCimndul F 14411, F 1441 

Tmtor'ti Itttlc maid F 144^, F 1443 

Burgis (Edwin) Perils to British tiaile : how 

to avert tliem ... D 503 

Burglars in paradise. By Phelps (E. S.) ... F 6828 
Burgomaster's wife. By Ebers (G.) ... F 2643 


ingof stoneforbuildingandotherpui-poseB, H 484 
Wrottesley (G.) Life ami coiTespoudence of 

Sir John Bui^oyne. 2 v. L 755 

Burial. LOOK UNDER Ci-emation. 
Bmied cities and Bible comitries. By St. Clair 
(G.) C 186 

FOR KOTB, LOOK tNDEB Bible— fflnfoTV nHil tupoQtaphu- 

Buried diamonds. By Tytlcr (S.) F 8500 

Buried in the breakei-s. By Carr (Mrs. J. C). F 1641 



Burke (Sir Bernard, LL.D.) Rise of great fami- 
lies anU other essays K 

CONTEirTa-Rlaeor RTHit rnmlltcs. Story of PiuneliL A 
true roauince cooneclcd "ith the IriMh rebellion ol IMl, 
Duke of Wcllinjnon. Hemorieii of Uic VIce-reraU coarl. 
Tom Htoele. KitlnctlOD of ihe fuinilieit of iUaMiiotDi mon, 
Fntrmenta ol fiunily imd pcrvoonl btsloiT, etc 

BHfkt (Rt. Hon. EimMd) :— 

Hovfard(A.,Editt>r) Beanties of Burke; con- 
sisting of selections from his works ... K 

Morley (Rt. Hon. J., LL.D.) Bnrke ... L 

Nicoll (H. J.) Brilliant speakers : their lives, 
achievements and parliamentary influ- 
ence L 

Rosebery (Lord) Burke. In his " Apprecia- 
tions and aildrcseed " K 

Al*olnMBia*lVf.3. D.•1,ea^at^^ In tbolnw, I. 07»; Bir- 
»ll [A.) Obiter dicUi, K 7i>0 : Muurice (F. D.) Frieadiblp ol 
Burkinshaw (S.) Simple studies in straight 

line and perspective J 

Burleigh (Bennet) Khartoum campaign 189^; 
or, the re-conqnest of the Soudan ... M 

— Natal campaign M 

— Sirdar and Khalifa ; or, the re-conquest of 
the Soudan, 1898 M 

— Two campaigns : Madagascar and Ashantee 

[in 1894-5-6] M 

Burleigh (William Cecil, Lord). In Illustrious 

men L 

In Macaulay's Critical and historical essays 
K 794, K 
Burloeques. By Thackeray (W. M.) 

F8255, F825C,F 
BM-ma: — 

Ferrars (M., mid B.) Burma, 1900 ... M 
'heir midca of liff, reliaion, cuntomii. 

Hart (Mrs. E.) Picturesque Burma, paetand 
present M 

KOTE -Arcount of a tour throuub BuriDnin legfi; Kitb an 

Scott(J.O.) Burma: as it is, as it was, and 
as it will he M 

NOTB -Give" n brief iikctch of the hiuloir of Bonnft, enm- 
mendnu wilbthetuitlvoltvpodt^anil tnuini; events down 
to the BriliKh eonnuesi In iMItri. Thin fx folloH-nl hf » seo- 
RraphinJ deKTiptlon of Uiipcr nnd Lonrr Bumukondaii 
nci'ount of Ihu kinii>^ the offli'lnbi luid Iho people. 

Burn (J. H., Rev., Editor) Laity in council : 
I'Bsayeon ecclesiastical and social problems. D 

Burn (Robert Scott) Building construction 

[Text and plates]. 2 v. II 

— Landed estates management 11 

— Outlines of modern farming. 5 v, 


VoLa.— Fiinninjrand fannlnKwoDomy 

Vrf. a.— Slock -cbMIp, Hhccji and homes 

Vol, *.— The dairy, vim. poidlry 

Vol. B.— UlilisiHon of town sowoBe, trrlgallon. rcclamalion of 

waste land, etc 

— Thesteam engine.itsliistoryand mechanism. H 

— , [Editor^ Carpenter and joiner H 

Burnaby(Fred.,(7«/>/.) RidetoKhiva: tnivels 

and adventures in Central Asia [J87.>6].., M 
Burnaby (Mrs. Frederick, afterwards Mrs. 
E. Main). LOOK undbb Main (Mrs. E.) 

Kinkpmore F 1 l.'>i 

Burne(SirOweiiTu(t()r,.l/«j.-0«t.) Clydcaiid 

Strathnairu L 7<H 

BHme-Jones(SirE.). LOOK UNDER Jones (Sir 

E. Bume-). 
Bui-nell (George R.) Linit>s,ccmenls,morlars, 

concretes, mastics, {dastoring, etc. ... H I07<1 
—,[jointaui)Mr'\. LOOKUNDERLa\v(IIenry). 

Swindell (J. G.) 
Burnefl (Sir A lexander). In Kiiye(Sir J. W.) 

Lives of Indian oflicerw L (i-S? 

Burnetw(WilIiam).>(j(«/HM/AH»-. LOOK rNDEIt 

JarviH (T.) 
Burnet (Gilbert, BixJmii of Sdliibiin/) His- 
tory of iny own time ; edited by Airy. 

•> V. [l(;(iO-ltiS;>] M ]S7(; 

— History of the reformation of the Oburcli 

of Englantl 2 v. C «14-lo 

—History of the reign of KingJamesthesccond 

[H;.S.-).8:»] M1S77 

/fi Illustrious mon L 7H 

Burnet (John) Early Greek philosophy ... B .'{1 1) 

Burnet (R. W., M.D.) Foods and dietaries : 

a manual of clinical dietetics H I-IN 

Burnett (Frances H<)dgsou) Works :— 

Ciintikin'ii vounitpiil >' U.'il. K I' 

■tno. UowFountteroy occurrod.ei 

EditL'-b^^lar'" ~ "! '. 

F 4rw, 

F 47.-S 

Fortunes of Hiillppft Fuirfoi 

"frwIf li-,!) 

GlovMini and the other 

FuaF Ifyi 

l»worth»tI»nc». faelon-llfel ■- 

Hin OniL-u of Oemondu :^SBgUBLTO "Ijuly of ouulily"]. F 1^)1. F 1 IIU 
n ronnetilon nitb the fio WiUouHhby ,Um ... ¥ Hrtl. F Ufii 

Lady of qualilv 

rfeture ot llie a^e ot Queen 

F 1«|-,, F 14W1 

Anne, and like " Esroond." U 

written in tbelimKUiwc of Ihe ivn 


Ciraro of Uxmondc 

Lillle U>rA Fauiilleroy" 

¥ mi7 

t- im. V uiBi 

Little hblnt EUmhctliretc. ... . 

.':.■ '■". F 1 171 


NaUilie. etc. 

... ^., F J 17.1 


Pretty Polly I-embenon ... . 

ITotty stKler of 3<h6 tMudrid] . 



Surly Tim, etc. 


;:; ;;; ;;; 


... -Ftisl^ 

ThtnuMh oiio aclmlnirtnitioii'cWiw 

Two litllc piljtrinw' proRreH.1 

Buiiicy (James, C<i/d.) History of the buc- 

caiiwrs of America [lo the year ir.;i7] ... M \'27 
Bnnitnglmsh: sernions. ByCarpeiiler{W.B.). C :>l I 1 
Burning of Rome. By (Jhuith (A. J.) ... F 17;i.i 
Burning questions. By Gladtien (W.) ...C :tS2 
Rnriilcy (James) Romance of invention ; vig- 
nettes from the aimals of industry and 

... II 4.S 

onuince of nn)dei-n industry H 

Burns (I).. I^'v. ),_/»/«( nufluir. LOOK UNDER 
Caine (W. S.) 

Burns (Robei-I) Poems K . 





ItiirnK (Ri)lK>r() — aiutinued. 

— IVtems, »on^, anil Iftters : iH-iiig the com- 

plf tv wnrkfl : with iiidf x Hnil l)i<iKraj>hk-»l 

momuir, l>y Smith K 

— IWnoiil works ; with cxplanutitry fjliiKHiiry. 

iioteB, memoir, Ptc. K 

— Sf Wteil poeiuB ; with intrmliiction, nnti'M, 

anil a glossurj', hy RolHTtson K 

— Smgs: withl>i<^rrai»hicaliioticf.hySkip»<.'y. K 

Bimjrnhy riiut Cn'firism, 
Blackie (J. S., Frof.) Life of Biirna ... L 

Kiiigslfy (C Canon) Kunis ami hia t^himl. 

In A(s "Literary and geiienil Icctmttt iiml 

w«ay8." K 

Runelwrj' (Lonl) Robert- Kiii-iih. In liis " Aji- 

p^^:iationsat]<l atlilreaseN." K 

Shairp (J. C, Prof.) Burns L 

HtPveiisoii (R, L.) Some anpccts of Rirherl 

Burns, Iti his " M«n ami l>oukB," K 'M, K 

Alx' IB Adanu 'W. H, D.I Wreck«l liven vol. 2. L 21 : 
BnwkelS. A-Bev.l Theoloey in IheRnjtlii'hpoeK KHTO; 
rnrlrleo Critkal e«!ny«. vdn 1-i K 7(0, K 7W : Carlylrii 
Urroe&uid hero wonhtp. K aG.E HUH; Diiwaati iW.J.i 
Muken of mcxlrrD Eugliiib. K. 838 ; Hen who have miido 
IbmuelvM. L 47. 

Bums (William, Rev,, Chinese miimiiuiftn/). 
In Blaikie (W, G., Prof.) Leaders in modern 

phil:uithn>py L 

Burnt niillion. By Vnyn (.1.) ...F6(>7'>, F 

Bunil ont. By Yonge (C. M.) F 

Burr junior. By Fenn (G. M.) F 2S.S;i, F 

Rurrell (Arthur) Recitution : hand-hixik for 

teaeheis in puhlic elementary hcIiouIh ... K 
Burrell (EilwartlJ.) Advanced huilding con- 
struction : a manual for st^identa ... II 
— Elementary buildingconstrnctiunanddraw- 

ing H 

Burrows (Guy, C<i/it.) Land of the pigmies 
Ll«!i4-V7] H 

Ft>S NOTE. LOOK U^IBBn Confio. 

BnrrowB{ Montagu, C(qit.) Cin(|ue port^ [fi-om 
the earliest times] M 

—Commentaries on the history of England, 
from the earliest times to 18l>5 M 

—Hirtory of theforeign policy of Great Britain. D 

Bnrt (Isalyella) Historical notices of Chelsea, 
KtmsiugtoD, Fulliam, and Hammersmith; 
with eome particulars of ol<l families, also 
iin account of their antiquities and pi-esent 
siat« M 

Burton (Charles V., D.Sc.) Introduction to 
dynamics, including kinematics, kinetics, 
and statics G 

Borton (Henry) Go«pel according to St. Luke. (J 

Barton (Isabel, Lady) Passion-play at 01>er- 

Ainmergan ; edited by Wilkins M 

Romance of Isabel, Lady Burton : story of 
her Jife. by herself L 

Burton (J. Blonndelle-), look UNDER Bloun- 
delle-Burton (J.) 

Burton (J. E., TransL). LOOK UNDER Ehstein 
(W„ Prof,) 

BurUHi (.lohn Hill) History of Scotland 

[«(i-i7J«]. ;tv. ... Mi5'.t.-t-i(;i);{ 

Burton [Kir Kicliar.l F., Cii/it.) Uily of the 
sttintM and acrows the Ri)cky mountains to 
California [in IHI'ii)] M lltiH 

— Gold mines of Midian and the ruimil 
Midianite cities. [Tour in N.W. Arabia 
in IS77] M 7itt; 

— Nile basin ; showing Tanfmnyika to bo 

Ptolemy's weMtern hike i-eservoir ... M 'M', 

— Wainleriu(,'« i" Wi-at Africa f^mi Liver- 
poo! to Fernando Po [in IKtll], 2v. ...M !l.')4 

— Zanzibar : city, island, and coast [18.57-;*]. M HK)2 
Life of Sir K. F. Burton. By hia widow. 3 v. L «(H 

Burton (RolM-rt) Analomy of melancholy ; 
edited by Shilleto; with an introduction, 
by Bnllen. ;i v B .55 

NiiTK Mwlley (If ciuolniionanndcIiiwirftliineiilolrhlnHii 

Burton (William, D.I>.) Apostolic fathers; 
withan inlroductioacompi-iBinga history of 
the christian chni-ch in the firat and second 
centuries. 2 v C 711 

yon COKTENTil. LOOK t'NDKtt A|KlhlollP fUthom. 

Bury (Mdme. Blaz de) Molici-e and the French 

cl ass ical drama K K127 

— Racine and the Fn-nch classical drama ... K 1333 
Bury (H. Blaze de) Alexandre Dumas :Ba vie, 

son temps, son (Piivi-e, [In French'] ... L 1351 
Bury (J. B., LL.D.) History of Greece. [n>. 

B.C. ;;(MI— B.C. 323] M1462 

— History of the later Roman empire [a.D. 

3;t5 to A.D. 81H»], 2v , ...M1447 

— History of the Roman empire [B c. 27 — 

A.D. 1SI»] ... . ... M1429 

Bury (T. Talbot) Styles of architecture of 

various countries ... J 107 

Bnsch (Morit«) Bismarck . some secret pages 

of his history. 3 v. L575-7 

Bush (R. Wheler, Rev.) St. Athanasius : his 

life and times C 841 

Bush boys. By Reid (M.) F 7041 

-OirnlTo hunn-rn," F Wii- 

Bush life in Australiaand New Zealand [cir. 

1851-lS0;t]. By FerguBson (D.) M1251 

Bushel! (Charles) Rig^er'sguiUeand seaman's 

assistant H 825 

Bushil! (T. W.) Profit-sharing, and the labour 

question D 31(1 

Bushnell (Horace, D.D.) Natureandthesuper- 

natural as together constituting the one 

system of God C 48 

FOR NOTE. LOOK UNDEB Nuturol religion. 
Bushrangei-s : — 

Boxall (G. E.) Storyof the Australian bush- 

rangei-s M 1249 

NOTE— lliMoiT and nnalyiiHotbusbruasiDg life, glvtog a 

picture of all t none banfaraogen whoaucoecdod In acquir, 

iriR even a lond notoriety, eo that tbc mHgDitudo ol the 

Borlal evil which Ihr AustirallaDi Ht thenuelvee to euro 

may be tully renllaed. 

BusineBsingreat waters. ByCorbett(J.).Fi;t51,Fl!l52 


Eggleston (G. C.) How to make a living : 
Buggestions upon the art of making, sav- 
ing, and using money H 

HoBkine (G. G.) Clerk of works H 

Hurst (J. T.) Handl>ool[ of formnijp, tahlea 
andniemoranda for architectural survey- 
ore and others engage<{ in building ... H 

King(A.)OursonB:ho\vtoatarttlieminIife. D 

Intormiitlon rciipecrinfl pIiu-pk of cdurntlon, the modro nt 

oial empioymenl. 

Laxton (W.) Builders' jirice book for Ifldl. H 

Miller (F. T. \V., EdUur) Lockwood's 
BuiUler'H, ai'cbitect's, contractor's, and 
engineer's price- hook, IWH H 

Moore (H.) Practical instructions and sug- 
gestions to young Holicitcirs and articled 
and other clerks H 

Rogers (F.) Architcct'n guide : heinga text 
book of useful information for architects, 
engineers, surveyors, contractore, clerks 
of works, etc H 

Templeton ( W.) Pi-actical mechanic's woi-k- 
shop companion ; enlarged by Hutton. ... H 

Wheeler (J.) The appraiser, auctioneer, 
broker .house andestateagent,and valuer's 
pocket assistant H 

Forlbe valuslion.for purrhHM'.eal&arrt'nEwiilol louf^ 
anniillJBB,ancl ^eve^aloIl^ftnd of property eeDPrnlly; with 
prlcM lor Irventortw. 
Young (W.) Spons' Architects' and builders' 

price-book, 19(11 H 

Business training. LOOK UNDER Education — 

2 V. lln French^ L 

Busy man's Bible. By Cable [G. W.)' ** ... C 
" But men must work." ByCnrey(R.N.), F 1577, F 
Butcher (S. H., Tnmal.). look under Homer. 
Butler (Annie R.) Glimi>seB of Maori land 
[c<>. 1«84] M 


Butler (Arthur John) Dante: his times and 

his work L 

Butler (Edwai-d A.) Our household insects... G 

— Pond life: insects 01296,0 

—Silkworms Gl.Sll.G 

Butler (George, D.D., Editur) Public schools 

atlaa of modem geography M 

Butler (John) The horse, and how to ride him. J 
Butler (Joseph, Bj). uf Durham) Analogj'of 
religion, natural and revealed, to which are 
added two dissertations: Of personal iden- 
tity. Of the natm-e of virtue C 

FOBNOTK-IOOKPTSDBR ChHslianity--) j«Jtift-"i'', rtl'lt m: , 

Biography and Criticism. 

Collins (W. L.) Butler L 

Gladstone (Rt. Hon. W. E.) Studies sub- 
sidiary to the works of Bishop Butler... C 

NOTE- 1» c-onccraed with Ibe method u. cont™<led with 
the arvuin^titM oi the AHAloffv, li^ )iiH[nryatid infLiienr^ 
and Mr. OlodHtone repUn (□ the critielHtn to which it hiio 
been ejipDHCd. Be&lH too wllh the qu&itiaD of future life, 
and ^veA a Bumniary of the chief thcHcii th'^~ ~ 
enlert&ined thereon. 

12M , 

Butler (Marion ClifToi-d). LOOK UNDER Dun- 

Ijoyne (Lady). 
Butler (Samuel) Erewhnn; or, over the range. F 
— Evolution, old and new ; or, the theories of 
Buff o n , D r. Eraaraii B Dar^v i n ,tin « ILwmarek , 
as compared with that of Mr. Charles 

Darwin G 

— Life and habit G 

Butler(Samuel)Hu(libras; withnotes.byGrey. K 
Bioginjihy and Critia'sm. 

I« Dnwdon ( K„ Piof. I Purilnn and AniiHoin, K -it- : latin 
Hon lK.1 Livex of the porta. 1. 11H7 ; Morley IH.. Trof.l Char- 
iwlfT wrf(itur»of the »even(eenth eenlury, K iS). 

Butler (W, C.) Modern practical confectioner, 
for the master, improver, apprentice, and 

the trade generally H 

Butler (Sir William F., Majin--Oeti.) Charles 

George Gordon L 709, L 

— Great lone land : narrative of travel and 
adventui-e in the North-west of America 
[in 1871-2] M 

FOB NOTE, LOOK UNDER CHnndft-flrtriTlfrfJir. 

—Life of Sir George Pomen.y Colley. L 703, L 
— Red Cloud : the solitary Sioux [American 

Indians] F 

—Sir Chai'les Napier L72ti, L 

—Wild North land [Canatla in 1872-3] ... M 
Butt (Beatrice M.) Works :— 

DellriB F liSS I Keith Denunore 

Eu«4n1e F 1«B I Ui-m MoUy 

Butt (W., M.). LOOK UNDER Ford (Horace) 
Butter. LOOK UNDER Agriculture. Dairy- 
farming. Food. 



Adams (H.G.) Beautiful butterflies ; with 
the history of a butterfly through all its 
changes G 

Coleman (W. S.) British butterflies. G 1313, G 

DeacriplJoUBOf every native Bpeclee; with un uccount of 
butUrfly develoiimenl, structure, habltH, locolilion, mode 
of capture. lUid preHCrvation. 

Duncan (J.) British moths : a description 
of the larvie and full-grown insects uf 
our native species ; edited by Jardine... G 

Kirby (W. F.) British butterflies, etc. ... G 

Knaggs (H. 0., M.D.) Lepidopterist's guide, 
for the use of the young collector of 
butterflies and moths 6 

Poulton (E.B.) Colours of animals: their 
meaning and use especially considered. 


NOTE— DenJn mainly with the proteriivonnd uerttwIvo 
colomtlon olmnthoiuid butlerdiex; with only an ocenHioDHl 
reference to animal m. 

Wood (J. G., Rev.) Common moths of Eng- 
land G 

Wood (S.) Dwellers in our gardens : their 

lives and works G 

Butter worth (Henry). In Curwen (H.) History 
of booksL'llera ... ... ... ... L 

Buttons. By Aitken(W.C.). Brit, manufac. 

induct. H 

Butt^ms. Bv Winter (J. 8.) ... F Stm, F 

Buvenrsd'eau.ParMurger(H.). \^InFrenrh\K 
Buxton (H. J. Wilmot),o/Mi Koehler (S. K.) 
English and American painters ... J 










Bixtoa (H. J. Wilmot) — continufd. 

~,and Poynter (Sir E, J.) German. FU'inieh, 

und Datch pttinting ...J 

Bnxton : — 

hi GranTiile(A. B.) SjKieof Englaml,vol. 2. M 

F «9f;, F mi, F 
Bv dtviouB ways. By Sjx-ight (T. W.) ... F 
By England's aid. ByHenty(G. A.). F 4(I1H, F 
By m«id »n\\ stream. By Gililion (C.)- F ;(i l.l, F 
Bv order of the brotherhood. By Le Voleitr 

F :*1>U. V 
Bv order of the company. By Johnston (M.). F 
Bt order of the Czar. ByHatton(J.) ...F SIMHJ, F 

Bvonlerof theking. By Hugo (V.) F 

BTpike and dyke. ByHenty(G.A.)...F4l)2l>,F 
Bv proxy. By Payn (J.) ... F 6677, F 

By right of conqneat. By Henty (G. A.). F 4l»22, F 
Bv right of Bword. By Marchmont (A. W.)... F 

Bv sea and land. By Stables (G.) F 

Bv sheer pluck. By Henty (G. A.). F 4024, F 
Bv ahor« and sedge. By Harte (F. B.). ... F 

Bvstill waters. By Garrett (E.) F 

Bv thegateof the8ea.ByMurray(D.C.).F625.^, F 
b'v the North Sea. Bv Marshall (E.}...F 5824, F 

BytfaeBea. By Macquoid (K. 8.) F 

By the western sea. By Baker (J.) F 

By woman's wit. By Alexander (Mrs.) ... F 

Bve words. By Yonge (C. M.) F 

Byeways. By Hichens (R. 8) F 

Byron (Geor^ Gordon, Lord) Childe Harold's 

pilgrimage K 

— Complete poetical works ; with memoir, 

by Scott K 

— Poetical works K 

Another edition K 

Another edition. 2 V K 

Biography and Criticism. 
Casteiar (E.) Life of Lord Byron ... L 

Kingsley (C, Canun) Thoughts on Byi-on. 

Itt his "■ Literarj' and general lectures and 

esBays" K 

Klackay (Charles, Editor) Medora Leigh : 

a history and an autobiography ... L 

NOTE— CootsJOB a coiDmtmtnry nn the cbnrgen broUKbt 
afdimit LoM Byran, and b. vindication. 

Xichol (J., LL.D-} ■ Byron L 

Xoel (Hon. R.) Life of Lord Byron ... L 

ContaiDH a omipleti) btbUoKmphy. 

— Lord Byron and his times. In his '"'Essays 

on poetry and poets " K 

Trekwny(E.J.) Recordsof Shelley, Byron, 
and the anthor L 

JJIurn Am(ridlM.lE8HiyBincritlci>ini.vol.:^EH!>:Diiw>«n 
EHnayanDdrtadieM. K 13: \Vhlpplc I K. P.I PJAsyK, voL 1. K 1». 

Bvrou (H. J.l Paid in full F 

BvBtaniler. By Ashby-Sterry ( J.) K 

Pdpeiw ri^rdnE«1 from ~Pun<'h." Ihc"(rmphl*'."'cU'- 

Byvanck (W. G. C.) Un Hollandais a Paris 
en 18111 : sensations de litterature et d'art. 
{InFrencti^ K 

Byzantine empire. LOOK undbr Greece — 




Mackiimoii (W. H., Maj.-Geti.) Jonrnal of 

the fM.V. in South Afric-a M2457 

MITE Dlnry of (tu-dally ilnlnio ol Ihr C.I.V.iiiinolpnlty 
ilailn wllh thpinriinlryhiUtikliiin; with ni>i>mdiii'> (nvlntr 

Oalwiilero (Fenian) Works f/zi S/tanish'] : — 

Clntuwlu K IIMi[PltTntllii<lcAharedkKIiW. K IMt 

CuMro novi-liw K IWI . Ominla K IIM 

Cabin in the cleariug. By Ellis (E. S.) ... F 2717 

Amateur work. H v. H 1141-« 

Arkwright (J. P.) Cabinet -making for 
amateurs : ha>i<lbook on the making of 

%'arioua articlex of furniture H 1"22 

Cabinet-maker. By various writers ... H III24 

.1 tmirfiral KUlde lo Ihr iiHndpleH of deNlKO. uid Ihc 
1.1'onDmlcHl and aound conxlruction ot houiwhold fumi- 
turr, furnl-hlniii' nnd HlIlnjTB ; loRetber with trpallni' on 
the deHlffnlnj? and Netlintfoul of mouldlnffri, and ol ornu- 
mendil or cut-wood work. 

OasseirtiNew technical educator, vols.ii-4... H 2.'»-6 
DavidHon (E. A.) Drawing for cabinet- 
makers H 1U25,H 1026 

Hasluck (P. N.) Cabinet- worker's handy 

lK>ok H 1027, H 11)28 

Th» toolH, miLterlalA, ujjpllancr^ Hud VTOtxaaea employed 
ALSO LOOK*rN*DKH Hoiue decoration. Woodwork. 

Cabinet secret. By Boothby (G.) F 1117 

Cable (G. Washington) Works : — 

Bonavonture [Ai'adien LouiBiMKil ■" "'"* 

Orandl«HlmeH [Creoira 

Madame I>n>htnp. AL!. 

" eole diairs [LouMnnal 

. US 


Urandc Polnte. F 1«B 

,|jV»(Ji/«f?(wf]FamousadventureBand prison 
escapes of the [American] civil war ... M ZiiM 
Cables :— 
Webb (H. L.) Practical guide to the testing 

of insulated wires and cables H 439 

ALSO LOOK UNDBB Telegraphy. 
" Cachalot " ; — 

Bullen (F. T.) Cruise of the " Cachalot " 
round the world after sperm whales ... M 12;j 
Caddy (W. H.) Working drawings for wood- 
carving J 1(36 

Cadell (Mrs. H. M.) Worthy ...F1497,F 1498 

Cadell (Robert). In Curwen (H.) History of 

booksellers ... L 94 

Ca<loudal (George). In Waccall (W.) Foreign 

biographies L 66 

C«sar. De bello Gallico [Test]; with English 

notes, by Peskett. 6 v M 207!l-84 

— Civil war [Text ; with Eng. notes] : edited 

byMoberly MVim 

— Commentaries on the Gallic and Civil wars ; 

with notes [Bohn's Transl.l U 1381 

with Ihc HupplomontH altribulcd to flirtlus; IncludtnK 
ihc _\)cjtEindiiaQ, African, and SpanJHh wank 

— Commentai-ii [Text — Oxford classics] ... M 1379 

i^ON-TENTs - Bello Oidlira. Bello Civili. Bi-UoAleiandrina 
Bello Afrlrano. BeHo HIspanieOBi. 

Fowler (W. W.) Julius C^sar, and the foun- 
dation of the Roman imperial system ... L 349 
noTB-Deate Ivgdy with the etmvisna in aauL 



Frciule (J. A., LL.D.) Casar : 

IhAt thp nution va-' in n hnia'li-w hIil 
IhrnuBh Ihr cfTortH n[ Cfnvr. 

— DivusCdsar. In hix " 811011 Btiulies," vol. it. K '.I2l> 
Sclilt'gel (F. von) CicHarand Alexiinder : uii 
historical comiKirinon. In his " Course of 
lectui-CB on moUern liiBtory" 

D«QHincey(T.) ThoCivwirs. /w /<m Winks, 
vol. i; 

SiiftoniiiH. Qh!W' 8U|iei-8niit ointiiu ; receii- 
Buit Roth [TeiiliinT's U-xt] M141!) 

colfTSNTH DIviiHjullnH. DIviiKAuun: 
Eiilo. DivUK C^lnuiliiiH. Nora. fJiilhn. Oil 
Vr^<paKllU1u•>. DtviwTilua. DomltiHmtii. 

— i tranfll. Iiy Thoinsoii and ForcHtur ... M 1420 
Caffyii (Mre. K. Mamiington). look under 
" iotn," jineiid. 

Bfchstciii (J. M., M.D.) Cage ami chmnber 
birds H 04;"» 

Britiflh Bong and tnlking birds : how to rear 
and manage them H 6iC> 

Gi-eene (W. T., M.D.) Favomiteforcign birds 

for cages and aviaries H (147 

Caged lion. By Yonge (C. M.) F it;i(>2 

CaglioBtro (Alfxandro, Coutif). In Carlylo' 

Critical cBBays KTtilJ, K 7(t[> 

Oahiin (Leon) AdveiitmvB of Captain Mago... F l.KM) 

— Blue iKinner [Crusades] F 14911 

CuiltaitUEmmaM.) InviHihlcpowereof natmx-. G ;K!5 

— I'l-ogressive revelation ; or, through natiiit! 

to God C 450 


Rrltirlon nod n-itiuv. 

Cainc (Hall) Coliwcbs of criticiHni 

— Life of Samuel Taylor Coleriilgo 
— Little Manx nation. [Historical] 
—Novels : — 

noTulmnn [Iivlnnd] 

c'hriHtinn [London rvliiriou'< lile] -" 

K :;8(i 

L ii7:> 

..M47«,M 479 

HiwHwinl [HuortKh life and rhHrorlcr] 

Hhudow o( « irlnie rCumlicrlnnd. rlr. ItKWJ 

Son of HaKnr ICamrnTlaiidl 

Caine (0. V.) In the year of Waterloo 
Cainu (W, S,) Fictures«me India 

— Trip romid the world in 1887-8 

— , [MHff (rf/«7w] Local option 

Ciiird (Edward, LL.D.l t^sRays on literatnre 
anil philosoi)hy. 2 v 

.. F 1.1117. F liVm 

.. F i'm. K 

.. F-IR1I.F1M2 
.. F mi. F 151 1 

.. K ifiir^ F ir.iii 
... F ISli) 
... M 7118 

B lf> 

— Evolution of ivligion. 2 v. 

—Hegel L 170 

Caird (F. M.), loui Cathcart (C. W.) Sm-gical 

handlKtok H 2itl 

Caird (John, LL.D.) Spinoza L 17(1 

Caird (MrM.Mona)DaughlerHofDaiiaH«.Fl,'i2M,Fir.21 
— Wing of Axrael F l.'>22 

NOTK -T wo novpln dniUnir «■ ilh I ho iTCKool mnrriaHP Inw n. 

Cairnforth and Sons. By ShiiiU.n (H.) ... F 7722 


Cairo. Thackeray ( W. M.) Journey f i-om Corn- 
hill toGrandCairo [in 1844], M2(ll,M2(i2, M 2i\:i 

Cakes andale. By Jerrohl (D.) F 47r>'.t 

Calabria.Crawfonl(F.M.)RuIerKof theSonth: 

Sicily.CaIal)ria,Malu[B.c.l2IK»-A.D. l.Mlt]. M217); 

Calanfitles of authors. By'i^'israeli (I.). K 'US, K lUil 
Calculatoi-s. look under Tables and ready 

(Mouhn :— Diffrrrutinl. 

Knox (A.) Differential calculuB for be- 
ginners U 2;i;'> 

Wlih xrltvliim of nu<y cxnniiiliw. 

Pi-oclor (K. A.) Kasy li'ssons in the differ- 
ential calculus G 2."t)i 

IndicHhTiK (mill Ihi- oii1~i't llie utility of the piwpiows 
mllnl (liffcrenliiilton imtl liilpumlicin. 
Todhuiiter (I.,D.8C.) Tivatise on the differ- 
ential calculus; withnunierousexampk'S. G 
Airy(SirG. B.) KUmentary tri«titM>on par- 
tial differential eiinations G 

FerriTB (N. M., Kev.) Elementary treatiue on 
spherical harmonics ... ... ... G 

Todhunter (I.. D.8c.) Tivatiseon the integral 

calculus, and its appltcattona G 

Caldecott (Alfred) English colonization and 

empire D U>2 

Caitleron(Ielaliarca(l'edro) Teati-o Escogido. 

•A V. lln Sjmiixh^ K 186fl,K 18(57 




Lewes (G. H.) Spanish drama: Lope de Vega 

and Caldei-on K 18(>S 

Calderonthecourtier.ByLytton{Lon!)F5444,F .544.-» 
Calderwood (Henry, Prof.) Evolution and 

man's place in natun- G 'Xtd 

NOTB IVipiiliir view of pvoliiti 

.rlif.'on thcMrth.A 
llddr. It ix written in a I'om-ilintory npirtt. 

Handlwuk of moral philosophy ... 
— On teaching : its emis ami means 

IVlations of mind and bndn ] 

, find Fleming (W.) Vocabulary of philo- 
sophy 1 

NOTE -I'nyrlioltHrtiiil. Plliicnl, ; wllh quolB- 
liona luul n-riM^nivH. 
Caldwell (Mrs. Mareh) Works :— 

Emilia Wyndluim 

Fnthrr Diirry 

Caleb Booth's clerk. By Bimks (G. L.) ...F .wTl 
Caleb Carthew. By Hocking (S. K.) ... F 4214 
Caleinlars :— 
Woolhouse (W. S. B.) Christian, Hebrew, 
and Mahometan calendars anil iiieiteurefi 
of time, Ifi his "MeaBnreB,weights,ctc." D It'I.'* 
Calhoun (John C.) :— 
HolHt (II. von) John C. Calhoun ...L G'M 

. B 22(i 
. D 874 

K '['-^ 

Dana (R. H.) Two yeai-s before the mast. M KMU 

NOTK VoyncPmndoinlKIMIothewcHlcORstolAmpricii. 

Mnir (J.) Mountjiins of California ... M 1171 

NOTK- AiTount Of th<-hiiibtiin(l>o[ Cnlirornln. Alti?tnrlii 

litMliniF llifimrt pbiyi^ by wlmHi*!^ in mniinlrtin nnwi/u. 


author's Imvd 



CdHtraia — nmhu tifd. 

Nottage (C. G.) In eearcli of » cliuwte ... M I'S' 

NOTE- Obopr^'Btiaui on Ihe TArloun i>karfri vkiillnl In 
>r«n-h of hnUIh durlne IA!«3: Btudrini, Itar HiinilHk-h 
■•luid».CaliloniiA.nDd<lii) URlllFrraneu h«llh rrxirta. 
Tbr (-banfi?rH on Havsii are inlfmliaK tnsnnucb m Ihc 
■□thoT was prfNonl duhne thr Inlrimini ofatrb m<li?d In 
UiedelhnmrmPnl ol tbeUuMm and IbeolTrr of the lalmiidii 
(o thp Uniini Slater 

Player-Frow(l(J.G.)SixinonthflinCaliforiiia M 1172 

JtOTB -Jooroey to tb* lar We«t, to Rlerrs Nersdft, Horn 
mmlo. San Fnmrtwo. CaliiUi«a. and tthemuin Inbind. rj, . 
IifTI ; Kith an anounc Dl tbe mlnw. miDinK. uirirullun', 
DKlural hiAorVi ^Ur- 

St€ven9on(R.L.)8ilveradoBquatU;r8MlH;4, M lll'ir) 
St<«ldard(C.A.) BeyomI the Rockies. IXIM, M 117.! 
Todd f J., D.D.) California aii<litHwim<U-i-s.M 1174 

OimUe. Dofl, mtnei ewiloBy, lulura) hlMnry. etc. 

Califoraiar storiee. By Harte (F. B.) ... F .'WfiS 

C-UiforuiaiiB. By Atherton (0.) F 4(18 

('alistbenic«. LOOK UNDER OyraiiiwticH, 

Caile-i back. By Conway (H.) F IJHW 

Called lia?k to Tsarland. By Whiahaw (F.) F X«78 
Calleil to ax-connt. By Thomafl (A.) ... F N279 

Calleuilar (Hugh L.) Manual of cuntivo Hhoi-t- 

liand H 772 

f'ailimacbas. Hymni et eingrainmata [Tau- ■ 

chnitz text] K 21KM) 

— Works; literal tninsI.withnot«8, by Biinks; 

also metrical tntnsl., by Tytler K 21)45 

Boand up with Hvxiod- 

Callirhoe. By Bridge (Sir J. F.). lVn/jt(wc... J C79 
CaIMs (F.) Cutlery. BHt. manji/ac. miJtist. H Kt 
('.lUiBta. By Newman (J. H.) F thV-iO, ¥ (;;(;(! 

Callow (Edward) Old Londnn taverns ... M 374 

Callow (J.) Landsca[>e painting for beginners. 

2v J 328 

Callwell (C. E., Major) Tactics of to-Uay ... D 743 
Callv.ell(J. M.) Champion of the faith [Lol- 
lards, 14th cent] F 1.526 

—Rival princes [14th cent.] F 1527 

Calvary. By Spohr (L.). Vmal itrm-e ...J 732 
Calvcrlcy (0. S.) Verses and triinstations ... K 3(j3 
Calvert (F. B.). LOOK UNDER Pawing (T.) 
Calvert (G., and C, Brirmis Baltiiiiuie). By 

Browne (W.H.) L 635 

Calvin (John, Rf/uniier) : — 

If DawHOn l(!.l BioaraphiPal le ' - ~- - 

Cambric mask. By Chamhera (K. W.) ... F 1 
Cam bridge (Ada .^weewf. «/ Mrs, G. F. Ci-osb) : — 

AlmidDisht F I!l:» I Harliinl Dinn F 

Driiulaton FWW Mntcrt.imilin- [Mplboumcl F 

FidHi* Kisai Not iJlin vain [.lUKtralinJ... F 

RnmMo cntcrpriso [flrd- Pathnnil jnml K 

»tJ Fliill) TtirwM.i-KinRs F 

Ijttli>miiii[Au-1niliaiilirc]F 1531 | 

Curirldf* and CimbrldgMMre :— 

CUrk (J. W.) Cambridge Ml' 

NOTE "Ilintorirftl uml dcATiptivoncrount of tlictown,of 
ihf roOcer*, and ot the norlnl life of the town. 

Dntt (W. A.) Highwayfl and byways in 
East Anglia ... M '■ 

Gentleman's magazine libi-ary : English 
tojiography ; edited by Gomme, vol, 2 ... M 1 

Maitlanil (F. W., Prof.) Township and 
borough D ■ 

Xons-Df«lii irilb Cunbridtre In ttn (Uipect of what in 
eenenUrkiioim a« vlUage commnDilr. A ntudy of the 

CimhrMit and OMimii^mMn—ionl'iiiini. 

lion afuur RnKli'li Imrouuh.nnil nlmntoxalvi^tbcprDtilfin 

Camb ridge, U.S.A. : — 

Ijowell (J. R.) Canibri<lge thirty years ago. 

/»! /i/« " Fii-etiiile travels " M W 

Cambridge Bible. LOOK UNDER Bible. 
Cambridge University : — 

Mulling<T(J. B.) History of the University 

of Cambridge ... D '.HI6 

Ciinu-fw. By C.relli (M.). F J'.Hw, F IDCfi, F l'.t67 
Canie<iM from Kngliith historv. By Yonge 

(CM.). 7 v ;. ... M 1742-8 


Cameron (Sir I'. A.), jviut editm: look 

UNDER Johnattm (J. F. W.) 
Cameron (D. A.) Kgypt in the nineteenth 

,. M2380 


KOHtiDTB. LOnl L'NDER RtrTpt. 

Cameron (Mi-s. 11. Ivovelt) Works ; — 

Ba<-li<-U>r*> hritol F 1X17 i L.,)-ol l.jvfr ... 

Baillot FlfhlK Uui whndliln'l 

Biltrr (mil F I.Vei I'ltmlDK riinn ... 

Dnuiflilcr'x hmrl ... -.Flrilll t-urFinM 

DwHvPh. evor K 1.111 Stxi-i's-in 

Fnirfraud ... F IMS Kouliwlnir •.- 

In B ((niw pounlry F XMi IVaicii' blunder 

Cameron (V. Lovett. C.B.) Works : — 

CrulM'ofthi'"Blai'kl>rini-e"rtini<?rt«iTin'U.] F IMH 

Hurry Raymond [Atrti'a iin.1 tlie Fan Irilie] P liM 

Hl'tory of Arthur I'Mitvath: HamellmcitFnllonuU) at Sir Walter 

lUlcivh „. ...FlBlW 

In Kaviiin' Afri™ [W, coiwl] _ F I.W1 

JarklIoi>iier(»,Afri<-Bl _ F I.tiB 

Qucon'K Lind [OaUii Iribn, Africa] F 1IM3 

Cameroiiians. By Grant (J.). F 342!f, F 3430 

Camilla tie Solys. By Barrett (E. E.). ... F 678 

Camiola. By McCarthy (J.) F .548(1 

Cainisards, The [17llll-8;i]. By Tylor (C). C 8»0 

A rontlnuailon of "The Uuguenotn." 

Camoens (Luiz de) Ob Lueiadas ; nova eiiivao 
seguntlo a do Morgsulo Matteiis : com as 
notase vida do autor,[>elo Lopeu ile Moura. 

[/n Piirttigupse} K 181*4 

Lamarre (t\) Caraoens et Les Lusiadee : 
etude biographiquB historiijue et litlerairc 
suivie du i>oeine annote. [/h Fretivh'\ ... K 18115 
Cainp (Miixime du) Lu crepuscule propos 

duBoir. lln Ff-enrh'] K 14ni 

Camp in the mountains. By Kllis (E. S.) ... F 2718 

Camp notes. By Boyle (F.) M 72 

Camp on the Severn. By Cniik (A. D.) ... F 2"56 
CampaigninKal)yIia.ByEi-ckmann-Chatrian, F 2739 

Alw in French K 1510 

Campaign in Tirah 181)7-8. By Hutchinson 

(H.D.) M2370 

Cam]>aign pictures of the war in South Africa 

(1891t-i;t(HI). By Hales (A. G.) M 24.51 

Campbell (Colin). LOOK UNDER Clyde (Lonl). 
Campbell (Lady Colin) Book of the running 

bi-ook and of still watvra H (i61 

—Darell Blake F 1.564 

— , [Fdilor] Eli'iuette of good society ... D 1046 
— , [r/'rtjw/.]. LOOKUNDERStaffe(Barouess). 



Campbell (Douglas H., Prof.) Elemeiilx of 

structural and systematic l>otaiiy 6 l(>li2 

Campliell (Sir Gilbert) Dark utoiies F IMi'i 

— Mystery of Maiiduville Squart; F l'»tit> 

Caiiipl>eU(H.J.,M.D.)Text-bookof elf military 

I»ioIogy G S7G 

Campbell (J. D., Editor). LOOK under Cole- 
ridge (8. T.). 
Caiiii)l»elI(TliomaH)LifeofFraiice8coPotrai-(?h. K 182() 

— Poems ; with notice, by Hogben K Sllii 

— Poetical works ; with memoir K 301 

— Siiecimene of the British poets ; with bio- 
graphical an<t critical notices K inn) 

III Hall (S. C.) Book of memories ... L lllti 

Camplwll (Mrs. Vere) Shibboleth ...F l.'i(!7,F 15l>« 
CamjHn (Francis) The application of iron (o 
the construction of bridges, girders, and 

i-oofs, and other works H 505 

— Details of machinery H .'H'll 

— Materials and construction H ili'2 

— l*ractical treatise on meohanioil engineering. H 'M'l'Z 
Campingamongcannil)als.BySt.JohnHton(A.) M 1273 

POH KOTB. LOOK UNDBB nu-lflc «-CMl. 

Camping and tramping in Malaya [in IKKU- 

Do]- By Rathljorne (A. B.) M XS2 

Camping out. By Macdonell (A. A.). J H)!'2, J WXi 
Camping voyages on German rivers. By 

Macdonell (A. A.) M 4^0 

Campion (Kdmnnd). 7m Gosse (E.) Jacobenn 

poets K 2«;Ji 

Campion Court. By Worlwise (E. J.) ... F '.1272 
Camps, quarters, and casual places. By Forbes 

(A.) K '.123 

Can this 1« love ? By Parr (L.) F fSlU!) 

Can yon forgive her!' By Trollope (A.) ... F H',\M 
Cinaria: — Deiurijitiiv and htivel. 

Buckingham (J. H.) Canada, Nova Scotiii, 
and New Brunswick M 1()73 



., . -Qannrr" and edurallon. 'HiMtorii-uL 

■itntiBtii'ul, and tuiHMtraphlinl. 

Butler (Sir W. F.) Great lone land ... M lOSti 

NOTE— An Hccoun) of ihe Red river expedition and the 
■upprcwilon of Rtel.the reliel leuderotllio len' '- '"" 


'nib ftutlior altcrwurdH h 

NOTE -Sfory Of a winter Ion mpy withilotfi-lnlKTa-srmm 
IheRodhveriuTiiwIhcSiu-kiiti-heu'nnloLake AthnbiiM'n. 
nliHiK the t'ence rl\-ur, to and throufth » V"" '» (he Boi'ky 

niveKBaBrtwuDtoChiondvenlnref with uilmRln met with. 

Dawson (S. E.) Canada and Newfoundland 
(North America, vol. 1) MHICti 

NOTB OutKneH the Rsotmiplir. nalurol hlHlory, ttovcrn- 
mont. lUid social pohty of the country. 

Haldane(J. W.C.) .-IStKlmik-sacnwHCimada. H 107i! 
Pike(W.)Barrengroun(iofNortlH-niCaiiada M WXl 

»OTB SKortiDH eipedlllon In Uuwiii In 1MMI«1 Th>- 
nulhor left CalRury, on the C^iniulliin nutn<- Knilwiiy unit 
tRivellod to AthHhBKii, luid the Slave Iliver In I'ort Jlewj- 
luUon. from whli'h point he miide vnTimi' t'xjicdltlow In 
««rchofIhemi»k o<, Hnolly iwradinn Ihe Pi-ac'c RHit 
to the Rorky MountainH. don-n tlie River FrnNT l<> Uiir^ 
nelle in Brilixli ColumhliL 

Rae (W. F.) Newfoundland to Manitoba M1(I7.') 

Guide throiuih Canada''' m.iiillme, mlnlnu, and pnklrie 


anadi — continued. 
Itol>erts(C.G.D., Prof.) Canadian guidelwok 

Tourlrit'H and riportiananV (ruide lo Eiu4emCBnadA and 
KeKfouDdlandiwithdeAThpllanxof rontea.elticH.i'unimer 
n-HortF<. tlhhInK plaeori. fCHnle lawq, etc. 

Siaden (D.) On the cars and off,. 

NOI8— ,\ dc»criptlon, irtthillu"trntlon»,ofalourtlirou(ih 
(.'noodn. Irom Hall fox in Nova Seolla to Vancouver'H IhUihL 
rlr. 1M«-Ii ; with B I'hnpter on Klondike. IIk marvclft and 


Bourinot (J. G., LL.D.) Canada [14!»7-1««.5]. 

NOTE— A Tier touching ulion the oreatCanadlui dominion. 
the author trcolM the dawn of discovery In Canada. Dc- 
wribmtho Canudian IndinnK :tbeirort{iu)lxallon.(.'u>'lami>. 


M 1II7I> 
M 1(177 


■ expl™ 

Pontlw^'. wu [I'HOW : th. WOT of 1812 ; the perjd of 

iwlllical Btrir. and rebellion. IBl.MO. ele. 

—Canada under British rule, 1700-lil(Hl... M 2407 

NOTE— He IroctH {he development of Ihe dominion from 
the earliOBt tlmew to the prenent day. when the reiiourcen 
of the country are beinK rapidly opened up. and when 
l!;atudn ih provio^ bereelf to be one ol tbe flrongest and 
moHt enteririiilng of the BriliHh volODies. 

British America. By various authors ... M24f<>t 
Bryce (G., Prof.) Short histoi-j' of the Cana- 
dian people [to I^Hti] M24'.>,S 

GreswelHW'. P., R^.) History of the"do- 

rainion of Canada M 241*9 

NOTB -Bietory of Canada Irom 131) I o 1H7S, lllustnulns 
theprogrenK of the DominlotLand dfalH with the event" 
which took place before it .'iime under Brlli,.h nile, 

Rowland (0. A.) The new empire : reflec- 
tions into its origin and constitution, and 
its relation to the great republic [17(»3- 
18itO] M25(IO 

NOTB— Reviewi' the poHlIion which Cannda hae attained 
In Ihe empire with which It Is united. 
Mackenzie (R.) America [from the earliest 

time] M24S5 

Osborn (E. B.) Greater Canada M 2.11)1 

NOTE- Story of the rise and development of the Korth- 
wwtem province" from lltTU-lHVU ; with an nccount of the 
Hudeon Bay Company and iIk former rival"; ol Klondyke, 
and of Britidb Columbia ; with rem&rks on the luturo of 
the Cunodian North-weal. 

Smith (0., D.C.L.) Canada and the Canadian 

question M2;>()2 

NOTE Story Of the pant or Canada. DeelKWilh the military 
defence ol thccountrjandlhc innall value of IheCanadian 
Pacific to the empire Bi- a mihlary -■ - 

dlBculty of defundinii Ihe * ' 

\ IMInlK ( 

r lho'di»iiitc of the i-eoplo lo 

n AhiKka. AmeriCB— North. Britia 

Columhia. Manllohii. 

Canatliaii poems and lays : selections ; edited 

byLighthall K 110 

Caaalt anri watarwayt :— 

Frith (H.) Romanceof engineering : story 

of the waterway H 34 !> 

— Triumphs of modern engineering ... H 30)) 
Jeans (J. S.) Waterways and water trans- 
port in different countries ; with a de- 
scription of the Panama, Suez, Manches- 
ter, Nicaraguan, and other canals ... D 1013 

NOTE -Dealu with the tmnnporlallon problem, followed 
up by nketcheoof the wnlcrwayn of the BrIllDli tulcs, and 
Ireat- of the competition between tailway* and canals, 
the comparative i-okIoI Innilnnil wHterlranaporl.nyiitem)' 

Smiles(S,) Lives of the engineers, vol. 1... L 923 


VfriH)n-Harcourt{L. F.) AchievemvntH in 
fngiiieeringiJnritigtheliuit hulf century. H '.iii\ 

— Rivers and canals. 2t H ril'.i 

Thp flow. roDtrd and improveniMit ol rlvnu. mi the 
ib^itRL rtiD*trurtkia. and (teiclapmedl ol eanal-. Inilh for 
tui ii^lion uid irritfatlao, 
Caiiarj'. LOOK UNDBRCaKe and chamber birds. 

Stone (O. M.) TenerifFe and ite six satellites; 
or, the Caiukry islands past and present 

[188a-i] J 

Gomera. inem, PbIdu. Qren Caoarla. LohektoU. 

Andom {R., psfiut.) Industrial explorini;[B. H 

Williams (W. M.) Candlea H 

Candalle (Alphonse de) OriKin of cultivated 

plants G imS.G 104 

Cunnan (Edwin) History of loctd rates in 


C'anniiial islands. By Ballantyne (R. M.) ... F 
Canning (Charles J., Earl) :— 

Ounniiigham (Sir H. S.) Earl Canning ... L 
CiituiiQg (Geoi^) : — 

Hill (F. H.) Geot^ Canning ... L 482, L 

Alt! in Adam* iW. H. D.) PamotiK •Ixlmnra. L 404; 
Kcbbcl (T. E. > niutnmen. L SIW. 

Cannon (James O.) Clearing- bouses : their 
hiittory, methods, and administration ... D 

Canoeing. LOOK UNDBR Boatfl and l>oating. 

Canon. LOOK UNDER Music — Tfieniy. 

Canon of the Bible. By Davidson (8.) ... C 

Canonbory Holt. By Worhoise (E. J.) ... F 927;t 

Canon's ward. By Payn (J.). F 6fi79, F (JtWO 

Canterbnry :— 

Black's Guide to Canterbury and the water- 
ing places of East Kent ; edited bv Jordan. M 42.1 

Canierburj- pilgrims. By Stanford (C. Y.). 
Vocal ncoiv J 

Canterbury tales. By Chaucer (G.) K 

Annotaieil and acrmud; with lUUfrtratlonM ol thielhb 
life In Cfaaurer'T' time, (rom the niennere MS. 

Canticles. LOOK UNDER Bible — Commnitnrieit. 

Gray (Mrs.) Fourteen months in Canton 

[in 1877-8] M 7ti3 

Caiiin (Cesare) Margherita Pusterla. [/n 
lUilian}. 2v K 1841 

ilnatkinot labour: 

n Cape Colony 


,\nt>ertin(J. J.) Six months 
and Natal 

KOTK— UnlannuBfale to the Bosn. Point 
vtate dC aJfaim IQ Itie n^ouy and nbovn t1 
goTcm. the Boen po««e«, and the colou 
DTerwhelm. Aim that the *art buldlDK 
Dutrii rtiOeaall vttanrvot Beneral asriru 
uid wealth tbnnsluiut the colony. 
Boyle (F.) To the Cape for diamonds : story 
of digging experiences in South Africa. M 1044 

Commeotx and irillrlnns potlllraL wvial, ami mt>«'Ei- 
laneoiu. upon tbeprewut Mate and lulureprwpertxof the 

Martin (A.) Home life on an ostrich farm 

[in 1881-JIO] M 104(1 

AUM) LOOK I'MiBIt Africa— .%H/ft.Qreat Britain— OifpHd. 

Capel girl«. By ttarrelt (E.) F Slit;') 

Caries (Bernard) From door to door ... F 150!t 


Ca[hii (Beniani) — rmih'iiiifil, 

— Our lady of darkncHO [ England and France, 

178N-;i2] F 

Capes (J. M., Rev.) Church of the apostles ... C 
Caiies (M. H.M.). LOOK UNDER Brooke (M.). 
Capes (W. W., Itev.) Roman empire of the 

second century M 

— Roman history [h.C. ;U-A,D. %] M 

PORNOTS. i.ixiL vxDKtt Rom^-nf Smplrf. 

— Stoicism B 

Capful «' nails. By Murray (D. C.) F 

Capitaine Corcoran, Far AssoUant (A.). 2 v. 

[In French] K 

Capitaine de (juinsie ans. Par Verne (J.). 2 v. 

[/n Frmch] K 

Capitaine Fracasse. FarGautier(T,). 2 v. [/w 

Frfnrhl K 

Capitaine Famphile. Far Dumas (A.). [In 

Fi-'mrh'] K 

Capitaine Sana-Favon. Far Thierry (G. A.). 

[7« Fretick] 

Capital. LOOK UNDER Interest. Money. 
CapHal Md labMR- ;— 

Argyll (Duke of) Reign of law 

XOTE-Kiatnlnea theprincliileafroniblnBt. 

lio (uDcilonti and u«'h. It« daniter" and t«idencjt-- una m 
I'oniuvlloa with other prlnrlplex In the Individual mind. 

A%-eling (E., Students' Marx ... D 

NOTE Inlended lo aerve u an Inlroilurtlon lo llie Miidy 
ot rapilallil produi-llon. 

Bagehot (W.) Postulates of English politi- 
cal economy D 

NOTE- Dealt with lh« iranstemtdlity oF lalnuT and of 

B<lhm-Bawerk (E. V.) Capital and interest. D 

NOTE -flummiUT of the Idcirn which hare been promnl- 

mled by varlouHwriien on capital and InlerCBt and other 

Booth (W., (Jenn-al) In darkest England, 
and the way out D 

NOTE- For an eiamlnatioii of the lyHlem ot "HalvalLon 
Army" admlnlHlratioD, rond Huileyn "Evolullon and 
elhii'>s" chap, v., BXW. 

Brassey (Lord) Foreign work and English 
wages, considered with relation to the de- 
pression of trade D 

NOTE— TreatB of Ihe rlKhti of wage-eamerH, and promul- 
Bnteii a doctrine of a unltorm coBtioI labour in all pan»o( 

— Papers and addressee on work and wages ; 
edited by Potter D 

NOTE -In deallDK wLlh qumtions ol labour, trade unlone. 
wojics, airricultural dialrewi, etc.. ibenutbor eiamineu [he 
Hlluation ax a tnedlator bet ween employer and employed. 

— Work and wages D 

NOTE -Drain wllb xtrlken. trade« unlonn. and with the 
qucHtions whether Increnied waeeH and nhorler hours do, 
or do not imply (frealer cont of uroduction: whether 
wawK have ri»eii more rapidly In Enidiuid Ihan In 01 her 
counlrle* ; and whether the eommon'iul projtre!* o( oilier 





Brentano (L.) Hours and wages in relation 
to pro<lnction ; traiisl. by Arnold ... I 

NOTE— InveatlifBter' the eflect produced by hi^h wayeM 
and Hhoner hour» o( laluur on Ihe comiwlilfon ot a nulion 

Bushill (T. W.) 
labour question 

NOTE— Beptidupl Ion o( 
fore -'-- " ' ■■ 

Profit-sharing and the 



CairiUI imi labour — continued. 

Carpenter (E.) Englaiid'H ideal D 

KOTE— DcsIh with Ibe proponiOD bolween lubour and ila 
re»-Brd,nndwilholherproblemKofpo1tti™lM-onciniv. Ap- 
ueol" (or u conntdeml ion oT the lubouHnu rliu°«". anil lor I ho 
{<liulofw('iulbroi)KTliaixinniiihclil>'nl<irii<m»tllle. IV 
hnlil" Diui'h tlie mmi' vIcwHi-oDtBinod )Dbh<X'tviIieUkm~ 

CimtiiiiKhiim (W., d.d.) Um'SiiiI iihuHe of 
money D 

NOTB DlHCumieii rapitol ta ita bearins on the maleriul 

Di-af?e (G.) liliour problem D 

NOTB -Denla with llic slate nnd niiinidpiil pmrlaymmt ; 
with AXH-luliiqn in rcUitkin to thi> lalmur iiuiuiinn ; Willi 
houn of work ; cmiiloyoni' li&lilhly : nupluymont of 
wompn nnd I'hildivD : Ibc devrloinnrDi uf •wuiliHia In 
KiutluDd; nJid with the lumKlnii ot lliu wurkiiuc fla-uex. 
HaintainH llml in »el[-hclp. »/• opponil to HviaJiiOii. Hid 
rhirf rum«dr 'or our nUionil trouble lim. 

Dyer (H.) Evolution of indiiBtry ... D 

Kin's 'Ulveii B. dcmonHtnlion of the roodtm dortrinc or 
«volulloneii,iniiltn«llniievenildirFi^ion>>: a atuli-nMnt ot 
Ihi' jihfHlral Uiw o( thi? I'onHcn-Hllun and dlmiipHlion of 
eni'tvy i and a reiMrd ot Homo of the main t-lianu'turlatli'n 
anil reinilatianH or medlfOviU iniild< DtuIk wlthtliodTiv- 
tl Vl^n^sH or co-oprnit I ve Induntry utid I he ludiiHt rial pOHlt Ion 

Kly(R,T.) Laliormovementiii Amei-ica,., D 

rrotn ItMl to ISiTi. Approvw of the bibour movement but 
depret'ain>thcint'lhoa>or the 'kniKhlH of labour" which 
liBvcaadI)- injured thi? [niiiie. 

Hiirscheim (M.) Rent, interest, ami wa^^a. D 

V<>tt NOTE. LOOK UNDBB Land and land quextion. 

Galton (F. W., Editor) Workers on their 
iniluBtriee H 

NOTE - KiiHByB relalintt lo name WTWPtH of current labour 
prohlemn, aivinx a view o( the trade* na they appear to 
thoxe who are employed in tbttn : Ihtrondillon of IIiohd 
employed in Ibem at varlou« period* ; the efforts ot the 
I'huniceH now taklnic place inthcmptbodKor prndut-tlonon 
thn worken ; (he chief Brievam-eii i-nBulnn In the varlou* 
trades ; and the rlne or tradcH-unioiiH atnotiif the uurkerH. 

George (H.) Progress and poverty.„D SI'S, D 

NOTK— Emiuimi into the coiwe of tnduHtrial depresnlonB, 
advanrlnu new tbeorie* oh to lnnd-ownrr»hl)> II Ih ri'i>liud 
to 1>Y Ounlon In his - Wealth and piwre-H." D W!. nnd eriti- 
el»ed by Hallork In hiB'TroinTly aiid proHre~^ " D4SJ, 

tiiiren(R.) Growth nf cajntal D 

NOTB-Ulvfv a valuailon of the entire property of the 

1 been llfty per cent. 

_,,_ , in year". Point- out 

that land, farm Ing, mining and ironindOBlryhaveboenlPiw 

Gilman (N. P.) Profit sharing between em- 
ployer and employee tastudy in theevolii- 
tion of the wages syBtem D 

NOTE- AttemplH to iihow lliat proSI 'harinii ban already 

E roved to be one of the monl promising methodx of >wur- 
iK the peaceful and rrultrulunlonoF the productive rorce* 

GJihre (P.) Three months in a workshop. D 

NOTE— Ileture of the condition of the working chuw in 
Saxony and ut the life and character or llie Uermnn opcr- 

Giinton (G.) Wealth and progress ... D 

NOTE Arcfnlallonorihufundnmental dorlrlncn ndvatic- 
e<l mUeorire'K "I'roin'e'H nnd poverty." and examine* tlio 
wnKPs (lUcHtlon and itHecoDOinic relation tOHOi'iat refonn. 

Hobhouse (L. T.) LalKmr movement ... D 

MUTB -ContendH Ihalcommuniilcontrolof dlHtributlonlTi 
the hope of labour. Amue* that the municipality iihould 
Bupply on oixiperatlve prinelplni all tluit in nectwiary to 
inuniclpoJ life an it doe* now In Nome innlanccH, the mipply 
or iiBB and water. SutwOHtH that Ibe Btatc aiHl the munl- 
ciiiality Hhould contm c^^rtain fotioH of production, by 
which meanii fair waac* toemployee and fair prolltx to 
employer would be •ecured. 

HohHon (J. A.) EconomicB of diHtribution. D 

FOR NOTE, LOOK t'NDEII l*roduction and diKlribuIlon. 

— Evolution of modern capitalism. ..D .ISli, D 

NOTE— Di«'uiwe* the chaniw which have he«i effected 

kiaminef Ibe outcome of modern cnpiltvllKm. ana'''^lhe 
problem of trade depression. Shows that the productive 

oclallHktion of 

Capital aari labour — continued. 
Hobson (J. A.) — continued. 

of the wholedlffleutty latobefouDdin thoH 
the arts of production and consumption. 

—Pnddems of poverty ... D 332, D .Ul, D 

forcesin modem industrial life whlchhaveadlrvctbcarlnK 
u|ion poverty ; with HUtf^estedromedlos for the relief of Hil' 

Hubert (P. G.) Liberty and a living : the 
recoi-d of an attempt to secure bread and 
butter, sunshine and content, by garden- 
ing, lisbingand bunting D 

BOTE _ Denis wiihthcsimplillcat ion of the mode of livi 

in Ideal ouldtA 

1 dix-lple 

life. The w 
■ IThun 

rk is thai 

Huxley (T. H., LL.D.) Capital the mother 
of lalwur. 7«A<)(" Evolution and ethics." B 

NOTE- Disi-usHod from att evolutional point or view, ss- 
verely crlllclslnit Oeorite's "I'roifrem and poverty," and 
shows that inasmuch an capital Is a neiiHuary antecedent 
ot labour It l*aUaird tosuppoMMiiereisof necessity a con« 
nict between the interests of capital and tabour. 

Jevona (W. 8., ll.D.) State in relation to 
lalKtur D 

NOTE -Summary of modem aspects of iorlustrinl prob- 

triul purpose": with remarksonco-t 
partner"hlp and with the history of 

Karoty (A.) Dilemmas of labour and edu- 

d consider* the social M 

knight (C.) Knowledge is power : a view 
of the productive forces of modem so- 
ciety, and the results of labour, capital 
and skill D 

NOTE -Point" out tho evils ot hoHillliy to luai-hiDery In 
industry and deals with the suhfecl of the produMlon of 
wealth, and the relations of capital and labour in the diFi. 

Laity in council : edited by Burn 

... D 

lent, by Beveridiie. Labour i__ 

trallon. by Bouilon. UanKerous trade*, by Tuck«i._ 

Lecky (Rt. Hon. W. E. H.) Democracy and 
liberty. 2v Di;i; 

NOTE Vol.2 contains on elaborate "urrey of socialism 
and lidioiir iiucsi ions FOB NOTES. LooE UNDBB Demo- 
cracy. Lecky. IVilitlcul wteni*. 

Levi (Leone, Prof.) Wages and earnings of 
the working classes D S 

With ><ime fact" illustrative or their economic condition 

Mallock (W. H.) Labour and the popular 
welfare D I] 

NOTE-Deal" with the labour question and the Boeial 
claims of the masses, analyxintc Hid relation between 
capitHlHiHllalwur.ArKUmaKalnstraaieidiiim and iHS'ialiinn. 

Mai-cken(J.C. van) Industrial social organi- 
sation ' D 3 

Scheme nf the sorlol ornanixalion ofthcN'sthnrlands yeast 
and spirit factory, its work aod wu)ceH, material intereiis. 
festal iirocession of a Duti-h industry al Deiri. workmen's 

Marx (K.) Capital : a critical analysis of 
capitalist production D ^ 

NOTE -An aruklysls of the economic development of 
modem society. Shows that since medisval limes Ibe 
counie of historic evolution lias tended to renderlhe Instril- 
meat"Oflabourlho monopoly ofa special dans. PHnclpidly 
aminsl capitalists and capitalistic methods of production. 

Moffat (R. S.) Economy of consumption. D 3 

NOTB -Deals with the i-ommercial crises and with the 
BovemmeDl of trades unions. Holds that there Is a deeply 
rooted disorder in the orgiuiization ot iDdnatry. 



Cvital mi tahtm— continued. 
Mongretlien (A.) W*alth-creati«n ... D 

Nicli(>lBoii(J.8., Prof.) EffM^t^nf machinery 
OH ^Fages ... ... ... ... ... D 

ibr lulvvilaKw 11 bicli DBTP been claiomlfur (hr Itiiradm*' 
tioD bytruyol iDrrviunlpradiirllaaiUKlivniiKiuelili'heap- 

Itut il w on the «>-o[i«nUlQI1 Ol the rupltoIlaU uiil vurk- 
mm thai the indiutriml future o[ Ihli tountiT dciieodH. 

— Strikes and social problems ... ... D 

-. .ryUDderBritiah riilp In Zuiilbar, 

The author i-ihwtile to iliB pn>[i<iMil fur old aiK pcD^toii". 

Owen (H.) Staffordshire potter D 

sijTS-HiMDrvor thuotlemplxof IhepotlcrHlOMtablUb 
b> mnin' of their uniiin. n connection bPlwBm Ihc i-cmiii- 
liji ol tmleuul The J - - ■ ....... 


!-»td«l t. 

lI deal 

hinlly with the wurkrr at tlie potler'ii ' 

Philip (A.) Function of labour in the pro- 
duction of wealth D 

R.«er8 (J. E. T., Prof.) Eight chapters on 
the history of work and wages D 

A rrpriot of chapteniiL Vi. U. Ih, 17, \X. if. 3^ot"«l» 

— Sis centuries of work and wages ... D 

SOTK <liTe« a picture ol the xorial hlrtorv and rondl. 
Ih« of the lower and IDlddle riawea In RnglaiKl durlDg 
ibi' mldiUe a^refi. and a hinlory of Rnj^i^ih labiuur fmni the 
dpmoFnilir irtaJMltKHDI. 

kuskin (J., LL.D.) Crown of wild olive ... B 

Work, IroiBr. and var. 

—Time and tide, l>y Weare and Tyne : 
letters on the laws of work ... ... D 

Sfhaffle (A,,DR.)Theory and policy of lal>our, 
protection : edited by Morant ... ... D 

Ki>7~E -Affords iDfonnattoc on the queitLlon of the mmil- 
mum workiDir day and oa other pnilective leiriBlattoD. 
Dt'lendd tbe Binperoi William from thecharM' of pander- 

iDK to the i«rla]liiti> Id bin labour pdlry. 

Schloss (D. F.) Methods of industrial re- 
muneration D 

N'lTB-CoDirideni the manner in which the wueeii of 
wurkmen may be fixed according an they are paid by time 
orby Dm- nature ol the work. Dealsat fentrlh with prollt 
fibanntf and induMlrial co-overatlon. 

Smart (W., LL.D.} Distribution of income. D 

KCTB— An analyHirt of Income. IIh nature and xource, 
ExamlnenMr. and Mn.Webb'x account of thepart played 
by Iniilv unions wily « far a* Ihey ttlTein wajfe*. 

Spyer8(T.G.) I^abour question : an epitome 
of theevidence and the report of the Royal 
Commission on labour D 

■SOTB-An Introduction to Ifae variou.1 problem! with the 
pfuimed remedies. 

Thorapson(H. M.) Theoi-yof wageB,and its 
application to the eight hours question . D 

KCTE— Deabi with wuex, proflln inlerent, and renl. an n, 
isrylng produci of IndUBtry in relation lo the divixion ol 
the product, Atlaebti the wa^-fund theory, and oonlendrt 
that Ibe ntasre ol Inbour and the ihare ot land or rent in 

Webb (S., find B.) Problems of modern in- 
dustry D 

KOTK— Ewiays dealinK witii queiilloos connected with 
labour, nbicfa have nl w>ine time been well di-icuiwed. 

IlilTih refu^eeH utter tl 

of Ubour. Ibe nweatinj 

Capital puniBbment : — 
303. Nicnll(H.J.) Amelioration of the criminal 

code, /m A/n " Great movenientB " ... L 
304 ICapriccioH, By Leeds {Duchess of) ... F 

Capron (F. HukIi) Aiitiijuity of man, from 

I the point of view of religion C 

Capsiua. By Benson (K. F.) F 

iCaptaiii AntifiT. By Verne (J.). F «.'i67, F S.'itlS 

:«W Captain Bayley's heir. By Hentv (O. A.) F4(iai>. F 4027 

,Capt"iiDavy"Hlioiieynu»«.n.BvC'»im'(H.)F1.503,F 1.104 

Captain Fracasse. By (Jautier (T.) F ;12I2 

Captain Japp. By Stables («.) F 7HH2 

I Captain Maiuuna. By Bjornson (B.) ... F 970 

306 Captain Mugf.ird. Bv KingBton (W. H. (i.) ... F 41149 
Captain of tive. Bv Debenham (M.H.) F a.'Wfi, F 2;i.t7 
^Captain of the giiar.1. By Grant (J.) F .^ill, F ;t4;i2 
iCaptain of the Guidara. By Verne (J.) ... F S.^tJ!) 

I^RMSPASTI. or "Kirabsn the Inflexible." 

Captain of the Pok-slar. By Dovlu (A. C.) ... 
■^z F 24«9, F 2490, F 2491 

, Captain of theVulture. ByBraddon(M.E.)F1175.Fl 1 76 
•»"y Captain Paul. By Dumas (A.) F 2.'»73 

I Captain Satan. Bv Gallet (L.) F ;tIKi 

308 Captain Shannon. By Kernaban (C.)...F48S8, F 4«K9 

Captain Singleton. By De Foe (D.) ... F 9478 

Captain Trafalgar. By [..aurie (A.) F .')1 16 

272 'Captain's cabin. By Jenkins (E.) F 4718 

Captains courageous. By Kipling (K.) 

F .'»024, F rmn, F 502G 
313 Captains* room. By Besant (W.). F 822, F 823, F K24 

Captain's youngest. By Burnett (K. H.). F 14M, F 14.'>2 




r srrlTBl in Rnxland. Deali 

en and the factory tU'li hoarn 

. . .. _ i^Mtein, poor-law reform, co- 

41S0 W>OK UMDBB Cfr^iemllon. Commerce. KiabI 
hourq quevtion. Factory and worknhop actn. I^LbouriD^ 
rbuwo. Bonopoliea. Political economy. ProlH-shajinK. 
Soma] acience. Socialiinn. Tmde unionii. 

Capital of the Tycoon [.Japan]. By Alcock 
(Sir R.). 2 V N 

F 3781 

. F 8i;iKl 

. F 3784 

344 Captive of Pekin. By Hannan (C.) 
Captive princess. By Savage (R. H.) 
Captives, The. By Leslie (E.) 
Captives of Antekii-tta. By Verne (J.) 

Capture (if the " liLitrella." By Harding (C.)... 

CuractacUB. ByElgar(E.). Viical scotv. .... 

Caracteres de La Bruyere ; accoinpagnes des 

"Caracteres" de Theophrast* ; traduit^ du 

Grec. Par Bruyere (J. de la). [In Frenrh]. K 1779 

Carancro. By Cable (G. W.) F 149.5 

Carbonels. By Yonge (C. M.) F 9;iG3 

Carbuncle clue. By Hume (F. W.) F 4464 

Carcano(Giulio) Dodici iiovelle. [/« lialian]. K 1841 
Card lanNt:— 

Euchre, how to play it J 1058 

With rules, problenu. euxe*, etc, and a chapter on '■l'n>- 

Hoffinann (Prof.) Tricks with cards ... J 10.19 

Manual of cord coojurinft. 
Hoyle (E.) The modern Hoyle J 1060 

" lo play whiBt. euchre, cbe^ crlbbase. etc, ; revised 


Joiiea(MiB3 W.) Games of patience for one 

or more players J 1061 

Kuiiard (R., Prof.) Book of card tricks ... J 1062 

With an exposure ol trickx aa pincliacd by card-ibarpera 
nnd Mwindlem. 

Leincke (E. E.) Illustratedgrammarof skat. J 1063 

The German game of rarde; witb German playing-card*, 
model immeii jjloKsiirj- of nkul termn German card-table 
talk, and a bibiiaifrapfay of ftU. 

Tennant(E.A.) A.B.C., of bridge J 1046 

ALSO LOOK CltDBB Bexique, Rcart«. Gamea. iiports, etc. 
Pntience. Whiai. 



CanMla (Mrs.G.) King's aaiif,'ht4?r F 1371 

Canliiml mid hid conscieiicu. By Hoi)e (G.) ... F 4;tlw 
Cartliiiitl Pule. Hj-Aiiiswmlh(W.H.). F V>;i, V U4 

Cardinal sin. By Conway (H.) F 1H(I7 

Cardinal's page. By Baker (J.) ... F 4r)(l, F 451 
Cardinal's Hnuif-hox. Bv Harland (H.) ... F vtJCilt 
Career of a heauty. By Wintt-r (J. 8.) ... F yiU7 

Career of a nihillHt. By SU-pnialt F 7i!r),'i 

Carew (Thomas) Poems : edited by Vincent... K M6 
Carey (C. S., Editor). LOOK UNDBB Cheeter- 

Carey (Rosa N.) Works : — 

AuniDtnns P 1572, F IMS 1 Mmltomnpy ... FLmFlSW 

F inj4. F 16K 1 My Lftdy Frivol T IfKW 

lliwll LyndhuM F 1.'>7B -Vellie's memortw P l.neB, F mxi 

' Bui meomuxl work" ... < Not like oth^rKirlo F IIMJI, P IMK 

F isr:, F ISTH ' Old. old -lory 

Dr. LultruirH flr»l piUI.-nl.F I.ITH i Only tlie 

K"Iher Camaron*" "tory ... i Othprpw 

Flr«i. FlfiSI 
ForLilini. F ISIC.', F ISW 

i Othpr ppoplp'" 


.. Flfite, F i.wa 

F IflW, F H"« 


F inn 

uc with a dlfrerence ... F WIS 
r ttodfreyV eninddaugh- 



F 18l« 

married FIBIT.FIBIH 

a voyage 

Heriot'B tbolce ... FIRM. F 1W5 
LKe'K trivial round ... F ISW 

Utile HiM Muflel F ir>KT 

Lover or Mend ... FlnWI, F L'-W 

.Mary St. Jo' 

Mrrle'o crui 


Caribbean or Windward islands :- 
Paton(W. A.) Down Itie islands 

to the Caril)l>ees [nV. 18«C] ... ' ... MUIO 
Salmon (C. 8.) Caribbean confederation ... M 1170 

A plan For Ihe union o[ the Brieen Drltl'h We>l Indiim 

Caribbean sea. Seaward {Sir E.) Narrative of 

his shipwreck M 1098 


Wright (T.) History of caricatui-e and gro- 
tesque in literature and art J 

NOTE— Hlalory or literary and politlml mtlro [rom Ibe 
limeH ol the uavient K^pllnnii. 

Ci»riss(Astrup)Book-keepingby double entry. H 8.71 

Carissinia. By Malet (Lucas). F .IGll 

Oaritk. By Oliphant (Mrs.) F t!4.S7 

Carl Forrest's faith. By Linskill (M.) ... F .'>21I7 

Carles (W. R.) Life in Corea M 771 

Carleton (William) Works :— 

Tales and nki^lche.i of Irinh life, and chnracter. 

Blnek prophet [IriMh la- ' Lftiry STFarlAnd'.' nake „. F 1828 

tnlneii] F 181B • Xenl Malone F ItLT 

DomlDiokithepoorxoholiu'F 1030 Body the rover F IffiAl 

RmignuilH F 1831 Squnnders ol Caxtl^ HqUBQ- 

VardorouBlia the mlwr ... F lica der F inai 

_ . •» . „ ... -.... _g jjl^ 

... K .HIT Tlthe-proplor .. 
... F uea TnLltxandMoHe 

Uoinato Usynooth - 

IriKh oath F ie:i4 poaNUllry ... F tftll, P ieS2 

Jime Sinclair F 1U25 , 

CarUle(WiliiainW.) Evolution of modem money D .3(J.3 
Carlisle : — 

Creighton (M., B/sAop) Carlisle M1W4 

NOTE— Ttwe!" Ihe hlBloiY ot CarltiOe from the aarllent 
tlme»and ol lt»»liare IndeveltwioK Ihahfe ol IheRnirllnh 
Htale, Aim dewribsfi il> calhearal and the I'ttxlle. 
Carlovingians : — 

Masson (G.) Charjemagne and the Car- 

lovingians... M20S5 

Ciirlowrie. By Swan (A. S.) F XUU 

Carlyle(JaneWelsh),/«TrHeaud noble women L H)7 
Carlyle (Thomas) Critical and miscellaneous 
essays. 7 v. : — 

Virf. 1.— niehter. SlalBolQ. 
ot Werner. Ooelhc-' Hdi 

Carlyle (Thomas) Critical anil miacelliineous 
essays — am tiviied. 

Vcil.:l. lllchteriwniln. Luther'- iwitm. St'hilk'r. NiU'lunw'n 

Lied. UvrmunlltenitDreoMhoHtbundlGthcc-* ■"—■—■ 

UiiRorlc Kurvey of Uerman poetry 
Vol, 4,— Uharacleilirtiin. Ooetlie'x portmli. Death ol 

Iliotrraphy. Bovwell'fiLtleot Johnwn, OoelheVWnri 

law rhymed. On hinoiy aooln 
Vol. ii— Diderol. Uounl tJaBlioMn 


, Dealb of Edwi 

. , , _. ...e French revolution. Sir 

Wiilier Soott. Vumhai^n von Enw'x memolrR. Cbarti.ttn. 
retltlonof thpcopyrlifhtblll. Sinking oltbeVengeur. Bolllie 
themienanler K TiiT 

Vol.7.- Dr. Frantia, Election to (he long parliament. Nigger 
queKlion. Two hundred and Sfty years ago. The opera. 
National tihibitlon of SootllBh portraits. The PrinEenranh, 
Inaut^niliuldreiMat Rdloburgh, 1868. Shooting Niainua: and 
afterf Latlerntage of the Freni'h^Scjman war, I(l70-Tl. Index, K Tl« 

Another edili(m. 2 v K 7tj',t 

— Early kings of Norway [8G0-1397] ; also an 

essay on the portraits of John Knox ... M 22;ir> 
—Frederick the great. 10 v. ... M 2018-27 

Aitothfif edition m 7 v M 202K-;i4 

—French revolution [1774-9.>]. ^ v. M2107,M2UW 

SOTK— Rnumeratesiheprlnclpalnuthoritleaontheperiod 
ot (be revolution. The autboTH version of Ihe attempt of 
Louie XVI, toewope from Franee In IWl lieHtlclaed In 
BrowDlng'a ■■Fliuht 10 Varenne-,' M ST. 

Another edition in 2 r M210;i 

— Heroes and hero-worship K892, K 89;i 

Odin. Paganixm. Hafaomet. Dame. Sbaketroare. Lulber. 
Knoi. Johnson. Rouweau. Buma. Cromwell. KapoleoD. 

— Historical sketches of notable persons and 
events in the reigns of James I. and 
Charles I M1S41 

— Last words of T ho maa Carlyle K 894 

CONTENTS - Wotton Rclnfred : a romanec. EieurHlon 
I futile enough I to Pari-. Intern. 

—Latter-day pamphlets K770, K 771 

The preaent lime. Model prwonn. DowningMreel. Slump 
orator, PnrliameDts, Hudwn'x Kialue. Jniullinn. 

Thf nAot« nrrr fHQffrtlril lo Ihr aHlhar hv thr piillUnI 
iiri/nHnni of ISW. 

— Lectures on the history of literature ... K GS 

—Life of Friedrich Schiller L 1820 

— Life of John Sterling L 1272 

— On the choice of books A lO 

— Past and present 

NOTB— The author vontm«i- Rngli 
ageH with that of to-dnv. 

—Sartor resartus K897,K «'.>S 

NOTK— A kind of philoHophleal romance, iHvei] Id the form 
otn review of an Imaginary OemiiUi work "Ondrem." 

— , lEdilot-] Oliver Cromwell's letters and 

speeches. .5 v M1S42-C 

— , ITiunnl.] Goethe's"Wilhe!mMei8ter'sap- 

prenticeship and travels," 3 v. ... F lti;i4 

—Tales from Mnsieus, Tieck, Richter. 2 v.... F ItJ.'i;! 
Biography and Criticism. 
Caird (E.) The genius of Carlyle. In his 

"Essays on literature and philosophy.",,. B 10 
Froude (J. A., ll.d.) Thomas Carlyle. 2 v. L 1290 

NOTE-BlBtory of the flnt 40 yearo of hia lite. ITKklWn. 

-Thomas Carlyle. 2 V L 12i)l 

NOTE-HiN lite m London. 1K34.»I. 

Garnett (Sir R., LL.D.) Life of Thomas 

Carlyle L 12:i2 

CoDtainx a complete bltiliogmpby. 

Mazzini (J.) On the genius and tendency of 

the writings of Carlyle. In Am "Essays" K 18')r» 
Nichol (J., LL.D.) Thomas Carlyle ... L 12'.i;j 
Shepherd (R. H.) Life of Carlyle. In 
Carl yie's Choice of hooks A 10 


Carlyle (Thomas) — continuetl. 

8ieph«D (L.) Carl yie's ethicH. In his" Hours 
iu a library," vol. 3 K 

Thomaa Carlyle ; the etory of his life and 
writings L 

Tyndall (J., LL.D., D.C.L.) PtTsonal recol- 
lections of Thomas Carlyle. In his "New 
fragments " ~ 


» Blrrell iA.i Obller dldK. K 7t»:D<ir<ai IJ W. 

Brave bo)'><. L3i>: DukmidiU.i BiOKntpbirol lei-lui 
"~ r^ "'.jLeclure»aiidblo|fTaphi™ir'""' "" " 


celt <J. R.J 
«v Ktudy 
cdlim by 

RnwrAmiR. . 

(loJlcry a( nutaUc men and 
Utfnry e*Ayrt, vot, Z K J-ki ; i^weu u, n.j 
KiDdoir*, K IW: ProiiliHn ot the etuViry: 
Kirkett. K :»a; RoberliuD ij. M.> Modem 
LMi: TaoleTi8.A.iL)vni|freACaiidelmi>le.L . 

Carlyoii'a year. By Payii (J.) F 6681, F 66K2 

Carmelitee. Molloy ( J.F. ) MonaHticism in Eng- 
land, /n At» " Faiths of the peoples " ... C H3fi 

Carmen (AllMTt R.) Preparation of Ryerson 
Embarv [Religion and atheism. Canada]... F 1635 

Carmen. By Merimee (P.) F (J024 

Alw in Frtwh K 11)44, K IWA 

Carmen. ByBizet(G.). Vinul score J 537 

CdrmeniuHculare. By Horace; tr.liy Gladstone. K 11*45 

Carmen 8vlva(C«mi o/Ruviimnia) Shallows 

on love's dial F 1636 

—,<iiul Strettell (A.) Legends from riverand 

monntain [Germany] F 8203 

Carmichael (Hartlev) Rooted in dishonour 

F 1037, P 1638, F 1639 

Carnegie (D., Rev.) Among the Matabele 

[18H2-92] M1008 

roBNOTE. L*OEiiNDBBMaiab«lelaiMl. 

Carnettie (Hon. David W.) Spinifex and sand : 
WeHtern Australia [in 181*2-7] M 1262 

Canieyie( Douglas) jo/n/ atithoi: LOOEUNDBB 

Mnir (M.) 
Camot (LaKaruB, French siatestnan) : — 

In Maccall (W.) Foreign biographies ... L 
Caro(E.) George Sand. [In French] ...L 1 

Carola. By Stretton (H.) F) 

Caroline, Qtieen uf England : — 

In Broairhniii iHenir. Lardl Hpeeche", Tol. I, D 1C6 : Oli- 

phju I < St nlL.i Blatorirol xkelcheiorthereigDafaeorgeU., 
n>l. I. H \9rn. 

Carols. LOOK ONDKR Music — Carols, etc. 

Carpathia Knox. By Yorke (C.) F ! 

Carpaflilan muntalns :— 
Duwte(MissM.M.) Girl intheKarpathians. M 

Tour in the remote diatrictx about the oullylng apars ol 
Ilie Earpathiana In ^■oland. 

Hutchinson (A. H.) Try Cracow and the 
Carpathians. [Holiday in 1871] ... M 

Car])eiiter( Ell ward) Civilisation: itscanseand 
cure D 

— England's ideal D 

FOB NOTE. LOOK UNDER Capital imd labour. 

Carpenter (Mary, Philanthropist) .- — ■ 

/n FawrPtl (Hn. H.) Some emlnenl women ol our timeii. 
L IU) ; True and noble momen, L 1U7. 

Cai-penter (RuBsell l..ant) Personal and social 

Christianity ; with a memoir, by Cooke ... C 
Carpenter (W. Boyd, Bishit/t) The burning 

bush: sermons C 

— Lectures on preaching C 

Carpenter (W. Boyd, Bialiop) — continued. 

— Narcissus : a tale of early christian thnes... F 

— Permanent elements of religion ... ... C 

— Popular historj' of the church of England 

[;i()Otol8y7] C 

— Religious spirit in the poels ... ... K 

FOB eoNTBNTS, IXKJK ITNDBB Rnglixb Ijleroture, 

— Some thoughta on christian reunion ... C 
— Son of man among the sons of men ... C 

NOTB- Denis with the iDHiienreor Clirl>t on Uc^nid riliilc. 
Judas IiicBrJijl. MImonlVtcr, TliomimMaHhew. N'nlhnniel. 
Nlfodemun, The nick at the pd^. John Ihe DupllKt. Bnrtl- 

Carpenter (William B., M.D.) Animal physi- 
ology G 

— Mechanical philosophy, horology, anil as- 
tronomy G 

— Nature and man G 

NOTS One thlnl or (be vol. In dcvoled to n blographli'ul 
Hkeli'taoC Ibeauthor. 

— Principles ot human physiology H 

— Principles of mental physiology B 

— Vegetable physiologyandsystematic botany. G 
Cariienter (William Lant) Energj- in nature. G 



Amateur work. 8 v H 1141-8 

Bower (J. A.) How to make common things. H ti 
Burn (R. S., Editor) Carpenter and joiner. H lOHl 

Timber work, floor*, partlllana, nufB, brldien. onitluldlng. 

DltinB o( door*. windo«B.eto. 

Cassell's New technical educator, vols, 1-3. H 23-5 
ColHugs (G.) Circular work in carijcntry 

and joinery H 10^2 

— Roof carpentry : practical lessons in the 

framing of wood roofs H 1104 

Davidson (E, A.) Drawing for carpenters 

anil joiners H llUt3, H 1(>94 

Evans(T.J,)Notesoncarpentryand joinery. H IDStS 

Vol. l.~ Elementary course, odopted to meet Ibe require- 
ment* of (he City and Oaildaol London Inet it ule. the Com- 
pany ot Carpenters, and the TerbnLcal Rducntlon Board 
examination ■. 
Mitchell (C. F.) Forty lessons in carpentry 

workshop practice H 1006 

Tredgold (T.), and Tarn (E. W.) Principles 
of carpentry anda treatiseon joinei-j'. 2v. 

[Text and plates] H 1097 

Wheeler(C.G.)Woodworkingforbeginners. H UWlt 
Young (F.C.) Every man his own mechanic H 1059 

NOTB— A pilde to every deacrlpt ion o( constructive and 
dei'oraliva work. Contalnii suggeMl ions and direction! aela 
toola and tbeir ueea. cabinet work, masonry, bricklaying. 
plasteriQd. etc. 

-Home carpentry for handy men ... H 10^8 



naking. Education— 

DJtX.. ..__ 

Turn In?. Woodwork. 

31 Carpets. ByDreBser(C.).£W/.ma?tM/«c.(>«iMS/. H 
Carr (Arthur, Rev.) Church and the Roman 

empire [284-461] C 

— Gospel according to St. Matthew C 

Carr (F. Osmond) Joan of Arc. Vocal scoiv. . . J 
Carr (George 8.) Social evolution and the evo- 
lution of socialism D 

NOTE— This is a criticism of Kidd '9 " Social evolution " and 

Carr (J. A., LL.D.) Life-work of Edward White 
Benson, Archbishop of Canterbury ... L 

Carr (J. Comyns) Essays on art J 

113 I 




Carr (J. ComyiiB) — amttnued. 
— Papera on art 


Carr (Mrs. J. Comyns) Works : — 

Burled In tbe breakcn 


Model wife, etc 

CaiT of Carrlyon. By Ai<U' (H.) F 39 

Carrel (Armand) History of the coQiiter-ri,'- 
of popery, under Charles II. and Jamea II. M 1847 
Carrel (Frederic) Adventures of John Johns 

[Fleet St., and West end] F 164.'> 

—Paul le Maistie F llUfJ 

Carr-Gomra (Francis Ctilling) Handbook of 
the admintEitrations of Great Britain during 
1801-1900 D 197 


Carria;^ building. LOOK UNDER Coach build- 

Carried ofiE. By Stuart (E.) F 8111 

Carrington (H.,De««, Tmnsl.). look under 


Carriaton's gift, etc. By Con\vay (H.) ... F 1908 

CarroIl(LewiB,pse»d. o/Hev.C.L.Dodgson): — 

Alice's adventure* In wonderland F IM9 

Companion voluma to "Through tba looklnK-glui.' 

Alice's adrentures under-ground F 16S0 

Fac-ilmlle ot thBarisinal HS, nf terworde deraloped into 
"Allcs'i [id ventures In wonderUnd," 

Hunting of the nurk : a poem K 3BH 

SylTle and Bruno F 1651 

Srlvle knd Bruno, concluded F l^i:; 

Tingled tale Flora 

Throngfa the looklng-Klaiu F IIM 

Companion volume lo " Alice In vonderland." 

Collingwood(S.D.) Lifeam) letferaof Ijewis 

Carroll L 1231 

"Carrots" By Molesworth (Mrs.) F 6095 

Carroue(P,}Newbookof commercial French. E 122 
Carruth(Hayden)Adventureaof Jones.F1647, F ll>48 
Carry's confession. By Robinson (F. W.) ... F 7271 

Carter (Franklin) Mark Hopkins L 289 

Carter (Tremlett) People of the moon. F 1655,F 1656 
Carteeianism : — 

Caird (E.) General relations of Descartes, 

Malebranche, Spinoza. In his " Essays." B 16 

Charch (A. J., Prof.) Carthage [B.C. 850- 

146] M 1512, M 1513 

NOTB—Relatei the ■truggle for miprenucf >n Sicily: 
with a. survey ol her elviuiatlon. goverament and Irade, 
and a narrative of her wan with the Hom&na. 

Cory (I. P.) Ancient fragments of the Phoe- 
nician, Carthaginian, Babylonian, Egyp- 
tian, and other authors; edited by Hodges. K 2101 

Morris (W. 0.) Hannibal, and the crisis of 
the struggle between Carthage and Rome 
[B.C. 264-183] L 470 

Smith (R. B.) Carthage and the Cartha- 
ginians M 1514 

MOTK— Stan of Carthoginluiclvlliiatlon from Ihe begln- 
nhig to the third Panic war. and the lubuquent burning 
of &ItllMe,B,c.l4e. A Bnal chapter conlBlns the author^ 
imprMdonioC a vialt to Carthage in lga7. In which be diH- 
rimiM It! topociBphy and the ancient site. 

— Rome and Carthage : the Punic wars 

[B.C. 264-140] M1417 

An abridgment of the uuthoi'i larger work on "Csr- 
tbage and the Carthnglniani." 

Cartoons of St. Mark. By Horton (R. F.) 


,. L 977 

iCartwright (Julia) Mantegna and Fr.uiciii 
48 I Cams (Paul, dr.) Whence and whither ... B 42 

I An Inquiry into the nature of llie »Diil, 

Carved lions. By Molesworth (Mra.)...F 6096, F llOU? 

^ }«Ji ! Carving, look under Woodwork. 

p \^ F 1044 [ Cary (H., Tranal.). LOOK UNDER Herodotus. 


Caryll (Ivan) The circus girl. Vocal score ... J 
— Dandy Dick Whittington. Voral score ...J 

— Gay Parisienne, Vocal score J 

— LittleChristophei- Columbus. VocalscoiV... J 

— Love and law. Vocal score J 

— The shop girl. Vocal score J 

— , and Monckton (L.) Messenger boy. Vocal 





— The runaway girl. Vocal score J 

Caaa Braccio. By Crawford (F. M.) ...F2080, F 2081 
Casanova (Giovanni J.) : — 

Villars (P., Editor) Escapes of Casanova 
and Latude from prison L l^iS 

In Smith (H. G.) Romance of history ... L 'il 
Casati (O., Major) Ten years in Euuatoria 

[1880-9]. 2v M 987 

Case of Mr.Lucraf t. By Besant ^.)[and Rice 
(J.) F899, FIHHI.F 901 

Dunmore(Earl of) The Pamirs. 2 v. ... M 7:18 

A iwrralive of a j^eor'a eiTiedlllon on horneback nnd on 
loot through Kashmir, etc. [In IMKl. 

Knight(E.F.) Where three empii-esmeet... M 801 
Robertson (Sir G. S.) Chitral: Ihestfli-jof a 
minor siege M 2349 


Wakefield(W.,M.D.)Happyvalley[inl875]. M 817 

NOTB— HlBtory. manner* and custom* of Kashmir, des- 
cribing the chlutplftcoa of intereat in the valley. 

Caakoden(E,)When knighthood was in flower. F ll!r)7 
Caspar Bi-ooke'ailaughter. By Sergeant (A.)... F 7659 
CasB (Lewis). By McLaughlin (A. C.) ... L 636 
Cassandra's casket. By Mai-shall (E.) ... F 5N26 
Cassavetti (Cecile) Anthea [Greek warof inde- 
pendence] F 1658 

Cassell's magazine : — 

U81 ... AUllteBB ... AUB IBM -.AUDI 

Cassell's Book of the household. 4 v. ... H 667-70 
■Concise natural historj'. By Wright (E. P.) G 1153 
■Domestic dictionai-j- H 671 ' 

— Encyclopaedia. 8v A15-22 


— Natural hislflry ; edited by Duncan. 3 v. U 1150-2 

— New biographical dictinnar}- L 2 

"' w popular educator. 8 v. D 844-51, D 8.52-r>9 

l.-nm Da-C':Vol.2.-D8+5.DBa; VoL S.-n S4fl. D a-H ; , 

1 ~5 S)I- 5 !^ ■ YA- iV— I* W«. D »5il : VoLU.— D WJ. D t6T ; 

VoV 7.-D USft D «ii 

Ohem^lry '.'.'. 

... VoIh. »« en> 

...Vol -1 Dra,>iiw 

... V6I4.O-8 I KlectrlcTty ... 

... Voh. 1-3 Elocution 

... Vole. l-:i Knglixh hmguniM ■ 

■■ Vols. :!..■> , EnglUh Irterat^re .. 

... V0I11.2* I Krench 

... Vol«, S^l I Geography 



UEan nhyuoloKT 


XecbkBic* ~. 

C^uwll's New [K>pul;ir educator — ruHtiniit^f. 

GntiiKy — — ~ VoIk.!^ Mrtrorolniry 

^_^_^_ .„Valiul-.1 ' Hlncnilosy „ 

... VolH. 141 Hiulc 

... Vohk 1^ Onmiu of tniM ... 

... Vol. a Penpcctln 

~. Vols. 14 Pbyiknl inocrapbT 

,.. VoIl 1-2 PnFumatIn 

... Vdt.1-5 PuUtliilecoDomT'.' 

-. T<rfR6.»il Polllir* 

... Vuk. 1.7 ShorlboDil 

..Yolk 7-8 Hkelchlntf 

- Vol. E ' Sunlili 

... VoL S . TTigoooattUj 

... VoIi.G-8 , Wder-colour druwiDB 

.- VoL T ] 

—New technical educator. v 

VoL 1-H3: »ol. Z-HM; vtJ. l-H 3S; vol 4.-U 28 
vuL .'i.-H n : *oL 8.— H ftl 
... ._.._, j^ coii»ge ■ Enirineen. Drawing fur 

... Voli. 44 I Oax nnd oil ellKlnM 
... Vol*. &« ! Ootblc atonewurk ... 
... VoU. 3C , Jute 'plnatiw 
... VoIk 2S , Uiu'hlae uoDilrucllon 
.. Voli. 3-1 Malnl plate worke 
s. ! Dmvlngfur 

.. Vob. 1 -2 ' niotographT 

... VoU-l-J I PlumblDB 

... Volt. 4^ I PraMlEBTinecluuiini 

... VoKM I PiiDliiMl 

.. Vola.M ! Projection 

.. VoIm. 1-4 StmiDi rnjiinp 
.. Vula. 1-1 HIeel and iron 
•» Volt 3-6 : T«bnl«il pducnltoD 
>la. 1-6 . Waicli iui<l cloi-k mokl 


OaaJ mlninK 
Cottad upliuiillg ... 


I tezllle fabric* 

pnnice Voli. l-d i ning 

— Freneb and EogliBh dictionary. ByDeLolme 

(Prof.)' ami others 

— Gf-rman and English dictionarj-. By Weir. 
— Leteons in French. By FaaquGllc (L.) ... 
— Popular gardening; edited by Fish. 4 v.... 
— iStMirtfl and paetimes, for ontdoor and indoor 

amusement J 970, 

— Technical manuals. LOOK UNDBR David- 

wm (E. A.). Ryan (C.) 
— Cniveral history. By Oilier (E.). 4 v. :— 

Vol L—Awtent lilituiT. Bx :S45-D.C. IW 

VoLl— MidclknsBvMi-l.'iuS '..'. 

VuL L-Uodem hiiitorr. 1479-1871 

C>u<si-ll ^John). In Cu r wen ( H. ) History of tiook- 


Gassy. By Stretton (H.) 

t' ashore. By Stuart (E.) 

Cast op by the sea. By Baker (Sir S. W.)... 
Ciwt upon the world. By Bricrlcy (B.) 

Casuway. By Yatea (E.) 

Ca^tan'ayB. By Bowman (A.) 

Castaways. By Collingwood (H.) 

CaKtawavR. By Reid (M.) 

Caste. By Jolly (E.) 

CasteUHoracedeViel.CT'wnO Memoirs; tranal. 

by Bonsfield. 2 v 

Casielar (Emilio) Life of Lord Byron : Iransl. 

by Arnold 

Haniiay (D.) Don Emilio Castelar 
Caatetar (Isabella) Spanish treasure 
Casteilion (Sebastien) : — 

Buisson (F.) Seliastien Castellion : sa vie 
et son oenvre. 2 v. [In French'] 
Cantingaway of Urs-Lecks. By 8tockton(F.R.). 

Casting of nets. By Bagot (R.) 

Castle (Agnes, and Egerton) Batli cometly 

[Bath, l«th cent.] 

— Pride of Jennico [Moravia, 18th cent.] ... 

I Castle (K|{.-i-t*>n) Works :— 

... Vid. H Ugtit utSritrthcv F liiti2 ' Srcrct orchard 

... Villa. 7-0 Marnhfleld the oliwTvet — F lina , Yuung April 

"v^li Cast lo(L<' wis) Flowergardeningforamateurs. J 

;;;> Coslle and manor. By Mivart (St. G.) ... F 

Zv'^li OastleDidy. Bv Keary (A.) F 

""v^'''t CaBtlt" '"»■ By Wevman (S. J.) 

'."- vcoi i.a * F 8H2t!, F H827. F «82«, F 

:::v^«.M Castle of Ehrensteln. By James (G. P. R.)... F 

"vol'" Caatle of indolence. By ThoniHon (J.) ... K 

Castle of the Carpathians. By Verne (J.) ... F 

H 2.1-8 Castle Oriol. By Hannaii (C.) F 

' Castle Rackrent. By Edgeworth (M.) ... F 

"v^J'J CastU- Richmond. By Trollope (A.) ...F 

:::vob.rM) Castle Warlock. By MacDoiiahl (G.) ... F 

:::vSl;i4 CastWreagh (Rol)ert Stewart, Lurd):— 
M, 7n AdAoulW. H. D.> F4mouaMal«anni.L4M: Kebbel 

...VoL fi {T. RIEnitllahiitntenueii. LM». 

"■™*}^' Castles and theirheroes. ByAlexander(Mrs.). F 
:::v,^i-3 Casuistry. By DeQuinceyiT.). Works, vol. K. K 


' v^ftW Champfleury (M,,psewd.) The cat: past and 

ZvoV r present; transl. by Hoey H 

in Volt i3, Mivart(St.G.) Thecal : introduction to the 
"■ 1--... ■ . , study of backboned animalB, especially 
mammals G 

KOTB— DeoFrtplive anatamy, and a Bummnrr of tlie pby- 
niokigy, hiitoloiry, and development. Beglnn with an ac- 
count of tba cirftrln of the domenlic cat and itadirterenl 
tavedH. Upposed to the theory of natural nelwtiiin. con- 
cluding lliiit vital pnTCiiw itre lo be ciplnlned by the 

Ru'ie(P.°M.Whe"eat H 

IIk natural hiulory, domeatlc vnrlcticH. manatmueDI and 
treulment ; with an Muy on felltie lai'IlDcl. by I'erez. 

Cat of Buliaates. By Henty (G. A.) ...F 41128. F 
Catacomlw. In TyrwhitI (R.St. J.. Rev.) Greek 






E 111; 

J 70-9 ' 
J 1171 1 

F 8080 
F 8112 
F 4I>4 

K 1:I3C 

F ;i;(4i 

F 11 -.4 
F 17118 
F 7(142 
F 4H02 

L 1,108 

L lll.i 
L C24 
F 1C59 

L 273 
F 8026 
F 448 

F I6C0 
F 1661 

and Gothic progress and decay 

J r,] I Catastrophe. By Uaboriau (E.) F 

ir« Catching a tartar. By Appleton (G. W.) ... F 

JSl Catchpool (Edmund) Text-book of sound ... G 

I Catechism of scripture history ... ... C 

94 1 Cat^hisme positiviste. Par Comte (A.). [In 

French'] B 

Cat e8(W.L.R.,Jai.). LOOK DNDERMaunder(8.). 
— , ITranal.]. look dnder Merle d'Aubigne 

(J. H.) 
Catharina {AnTt&,paertd.) Home of the dragon. F 
Catharine of Braganxa, Qiit-m o/ Chailex II. 

In Sirickland'H Queens of England, vol. 4. L 
Catharine Howard, Qtipen iif Hatry VIII. 

/nHtrlcklaDd'sQuecniotKntrland. voI.2,L:k.>; Tytlrr(H.) 
Tudor gur«ns and prlnris^n. L 540. 
Catharine l*arr. Queen o/Hpnn/ VIII. 

Ih SlrlcklnDd'KQncenBDf t:nulnnd.roL2.L»C;:Tyl!er(S.) 
Tudor queens and prlticesies, I. Wil. 

Cathcart (C. W.), joint author. LOOK tJNDER 
Caird(F. M.) 

Cathedral and university sermons. By Church 
(R. W.) C 

Cathedral courtship. By Wi^n (K. D.) ... F 

Cathedral; or,thecatholicand!ipostolicchui'ch 
in England. By Williams (I.) C 

CatherineofATagoii,^(««io/Zri°nrj/l'///. ; — 
Fronde (J. A., LL.D.) Divorce of Cutheriue 
of Aragon [in 153i1] M 

NOTE-Tlie author attempts to )u-(ify IlrDr)- Vni., argu- 
ing thai the divorce »as a mere matter of pollci' and ihm 











Catherine of Aragon — continued. 

Hrory dtd not Full Id 1ov« wKb ADne Boleyn UDtll loDg 
otter II was pfojoeted. The volume Is a. contlnuBtlon of 
talH "Hlatorr of Rn^nd." 

Hope(MrB.) First divorce of Henry VIII.,afl 

toltliii the State Papera; edited by Gasquet. M 1833 

KOTB -DealK Kith Ibe liiHlorlcul evant wbicb worked bo 
mnrkeU ui iDBuenee upon the beglnniDtf or the En|{li>ih 
It of &e trenlmenl of 

Cmmhm — continiiefl. 

and on the frontiers of Persia and Tar- 
key, during the summer of 1871 ... M 619 
Grove (F. C.) Frosty Caucasus M 635 

Account of a walk throush piu-t of the ruDge uid of bq 

^athorlnu beture Eerdivon 
AIw la HlrLckl 
TyUer'B Tudor c 


2, L 382: 

Catherine de' Medici, Q^teen of Prance: — 
Saiiit-Amand (I. de) Women of the Valois 

court L 427 

Catheritie.ByThackeray(W.M.).F8249,F8250, ¥ 8251 

Catherine Blum. By Dnmas (A.) F 2602, F 2603 
Also in French K 1459 

Catherine of Calais. By De la Pasture (Mrs. H.).F 2353 

Catholic apostolicchurch.LOOKUNDERlrving- 

Catholic belief. By Bruno (J. F.di) C 391 

Catiline : — 
SalluBtii Catilina. [Text— Oxford classics]. M 1415 
— ConBi)iracyof Catiiine[B.C.63] ; literally 

transl. with notes, by Watson ... M 1416 

Catlin (George) Letters and notes on the man- 
ners, customs, and condition of the North 
American Indians [Travel in 1832-9]. 2 v. M 2491 

Catlow(Agnes) Popular greenhouse botany... G 1061 

Catmur's caves. By Dowling (R.) F 2480 

Cato tlie elder :— 
Cicero (M T.) Cato major [Text]. In kia 

" Philwopha et politica," vol. 2 B 366 

— Cato major [Text — Oxford classics] ... B 368 
— ; transl. by Edmonds. In Ais "Three books 

of offices" B 369 

Oatriona. By Stevenson (R.L.). F 79()5.F7966, F 7967 

Bum (R. S.) Outlines of modem farming. H 548 
Youatt (W.) Cattle : their breeds, manage- 
ment, and diseases H 634 

Ai^OLOOKUHDERAgrlculture. DBilry-taimina, Hajrue*. 
VelerlDarr BclaDce. 
Catton (J. Morris) A. B.C. guide to the English 

civil service at home and abroad D 698 

Catullus. Poems of Catullus and Tibullua; 

prose transl. with notes, by Kelly ... K 1934 
— Veronenais liber [Text] ; itemm recognovit, 
apparatumcriticum.prolegomena, appen- 
dices, addidit, per Ellis K 1933 

— Yeronensis liber : selections [Text] ; with 

Eng. notes, by Wratislaw and Sutton ... K 1935 
Sellar (W. Y., LL.D.) Roman poets of the re- 
public K 1985 

Bryce (Rt. Hon. J., D.c.L.) Transcaucasia 
and Ararat : notes of a tour in 1876 ...M 618 

MOTE— Impreatloiu of a TocBtloD tour Ihroufh South 
Sutem BoHlB and Anneniii ; with deacrlpliooi of TIflli 
and EiJTan, a* well aa of the aothor*! nscent ot Hount 
Ararat. Daaii with the uclal. InduMrlaJ. and pdltlcul con. 
dItloD ot tha people, 

Cunynghame (Sir A. T.,M-(?m.) Travels 
in the E^astern Caucasus, on the Caspian 
and Black seas, especially in T>»fr)ieHtan, 

Hodgetts (E. A. B.) Round about Armenia. M 835 

Record of ajournejr In 1891 
Mummery (A. F.) My climbs in the Alps 
and Caucasus M (>%Ct 

MOTE— Wonderful climba in 1889-M, deacrlblne matfoifl- 
ceat effwte jLnd aapeclH ornature.falloTrlBk and aaventure. 

Caught at last. By Muddock (J. E.) ... F 6209 

Caulfield (J.), ju-int author. UOOK UNDER 

Wils(m (H.) 
Caunter(H.,Rev.) Romance of history: India. 

F 1066, F 1067 
Cause and effect. By Meirion (E.). F 5989, F 51190 
Cause of an ice age. By Ball (Sir R. S.) ... G 775 

Cauvain (Henri) Village priest F 1668 

Cavalier stronghold. By Musters (Mrs. C.) ... 

F 6312, F 6.tl3 

Cavaliers. By Keightley (S. R.) F 4829 

Cavaliers of fortune. By Grant (J.). L 141, L 142 
Cavalleria rusticana. By Verga (G.)- F 8555, F 8550 
Cavalleria nisticana. By Mascagni (P.). VtKal 

score J 554 

Cavalry life. By Winter (J. 8.). F 9048, F 9049 
Cavan (Earl of) With the yacht, camera, and 

cycle in the Mediterranean M 79 

Cavendish" [^ifurf.o/'Henry Jones] Game 

of lawn tennis J 1109 

—Laws and principles of whist J 1047 

— Laws of ecart^ J 1057 

— Laws of ruhicon b^zique J 1056 

-Whist developments J 1048 

—The whist table J 1049 

To which IB added Bolo whiBt and Ita rulea, bT Wllka. 

Ca vendish (A. E.J. ,Oa;)f.)Koreaand the sacred 

white mountain [in 1891] M 772 

Cavendish (Henry). In Thorpe (T. E., Prof.) 

.'8 in historical chemistry C29 

Cavendish (Sir Thomas, Navigator) : — 

/n Kariy EnallahvoTaRercif IM; HaklntlfR.) Voraeea 
>f the Elizabethan sesmen lo America : edited by T^vno, 
M 140: Kingston iW.H.a.l, and Frilh (H.l Notable voy 
jeer^Ml^MIW; Utouther <R.) RnicliBh Beamen, LTtO. 

Caves : — 

Hartwig (G., DS.) Marvels under our feet. G 745 
Cavour (Gamillo B., Count) : — 

Cesaresco (E. M,, Countess) Cavour ... L 615 
AltolH Harriott (J. A, R.l Makers ot modem Italy. M 21IS. 
Caxton (William) :— 

Blades (W.) Biography and typography of 

William Caxton L 932 

Knight (C.) The old printer and the modern 

press H 809 

HOTE^LIfe ot CaitoD and a history of the lutrodaclion 
of prlntlDR Into Rnghind. 

In Uen who have made themwlvee. I. 4T; Kumllb 
<D,IX.D.> Uakera of modern thought, L 60. 

Caxtons. By Lytton (Lord) F5420,F 5421 

Cayley- Webster (H.) Through New Guinea 
and the cannibal countries [in 1893-4 and 

1895-7] M1270 

Cazenove (John Gibson, d.d.) St. Hilarj- of 

Poitiers and St. Martin of Tours 847 




Cazin (Jeanne) Ptrlette. [/« French'] ... K 1402 

Ceasefire! By Col.Imn (J. M.) F 1769 

Ceccod'ABcoli. DLFanfani(P.). [InIlnliHn'\.K 1«42 
Cecil Castlemaine'a gage. By Oui(!a. F651ti, F (iHn 

Cecile. By Smart (H.) F 77% 

Cecile. Par Dumae (A.). [/« French'] ... K U60 
Cecil's tryet. By Payn (J.) ... F ti6!*;t. F fiOSi 

Cedar atar. By Mann (M. E.) F 5626 

Celestial motione. By Lynn (W. T.) ...G 31)6 

Celestial object* for common teleBCOpee. By 

Webb(T.W.). 2v G 282 

Celil«tea. Bv Moore (GO ... F G\%i, F 6194 

Celiliates* club. By Zangwill (I.) F 9431 

Gellier (Alfred) Doris. Vocalscvre ...J 613 
—Dorothy. Vocalitcoi-e J 612 

. and Gilbert (W. S.) The mouiitelHinks. 

Vocal score 
Celtic twilight. 

By Yeata (W. B.) . 

.. J 614 
. K 1(U2 

Gueet (E., LUD.) Origines Celticte. 2 v.... Mi;J7.5 

>OT>— Tbesork is mainlr devoted to on ftttoinpl lomlve 
ihe quMtJon of the dtIeIii of the Celtli' mce. but the Ztid 
TnL contain* Dumy hlMoricst pbdcih on enrly Britain. In 
one chapter on "fiif mrl^ £n<flliA •rltlrmenii the nuthor 
d(»l« witb the dinpuled que«Ilon reBpcminB the perma- 
neiKr ot Bomaa inatltutionn and Romuii Innueni'eK eubse- 
qaeat to tbe deiwrture ol tbe legtODB aod Ibe arrival ol 

Maclear (G. F., D.D.) The Celts C 798 

Rhys (J.. Prof.) Celtic Britain [B.C. 56— 
A.D. 11)66] M1784 

HOTS— DlKUnsn the KOCtalaDd political condilkniandlbe 
etbnolcvy (rf early Britain, and the nature ol the Celllc 
kinotr Byiteni. Bring? the history down to the Norman 
ronqiwR of South Walea, and the leudallzUlDn oT the 
Roottiab kinedom. 

Wright (T.) The Celt, the Roman and the 
Saxon : a history of the early inhabitants 
of Britain M 1785 

^OTB— Ainu to m&ke anbSMloey walk hand in hand 

Arnold (M.) Study of Celtic literature ... K 2128 

ilaclagan (R. C, M.D.) Scottish myths ... C 

BumeU(G.R.) Limes, cement*, mortars, etc. H 1070 
Wagner (R. von) Manual of chemical tech- 
nology ; transl. and edited, by Crookes... H 886 
In Spon's Workshop's receipts, vol. 2 ... H 36 
Centenarian ism :— 

Thorns (W. J.) Longevity of man ... D 

NOTB-DiiiciuBM tbe question oF Ihe daratlon of human 
hie. and producfB evidence todlBproie many of Ihealleged 
FOM* o( centenarianisio. 

In Lankester (E. R., ll.D.) Advancement 
of science G 


Central America. LOOK UNDER America — 

Central Asia. LOOK UKDBB Asia. 
Central government. By Traill (H. D.) ...D 697 
Central station electricitysnpply. ByGay{A.), 

anrf Yeaman (C. H.) H 444 

Centurj- of anecdote, 1760 to 1860. By Timbs 


. K 1034 

Centuryof continental history, 1780-1880. By 

Rose (J. H.) M 1.^.36 

Century of electricity. By Mendenhall (T. C). G .OSl 
Ceramics. LOOK UNDER Polter\-. 
Cerise. By Whyte-MelviUe (Q. J.) ...F892fi.F 8927 
Certain personal mailers. By Wells (H. G.)... F 8769 
Cervantes-Saavedra (Miguel de) Don Quixote. 

F 1669, F 1670, F 1671 

KOTK .Rldirulw Ihe romiuiccii of chivalry no common In 
thclHth century. 

Aho in French K 1886 

Also in S/Hu,iHh K 1885 

—Exemplary novels ... , P 1672 

Ifldy Cornelia. Rinronete and Conndillo Deceitful mar- 
rlOBc. Litlle Rip-y Jiirl, (tcnerouB lover, etc. 

FitziHRurice-Kelly (J.) Life of Cei-vantes... L 1384 

Contain™ n bihiiojtraphy from IBK3 lo lt»2. 

Wattsdl.E.) Miguel de Cervantes ; his life 

an<l works L 1385 

Contain" a complete UMii«raphy. 

—Life of Miguel ile Cervantes L 1386 

Contain* a rotnplete bihlioRrapby, 

Alio In Briuhtwcll iMixsC. L> Anna]> of induKlry. L 24 : 

PrcH'ott (W. II. I BloKraphical and critical miacellaniex, 

Ces l)on Normands ! Par Gyp. [/n /"renrA]. K 1554 

Cesar Birottean. By Balzac (H. de) F .549 

Also in French K 1346, K 1347 

C^sar Cascabel. By Verne (J.) F 8571 

Cesar Falempin. Par Reybaud(L.).[/tti^*vneA] K 1675 
Ceeai-esco (Evelyn M., Coitntess) Cavour ... L 615 
Cetywayo and his white neighbours. By Hag- 
gard (H. R.) M 2421, M 2422 

NOTK-RemnrkH on evenln in Zululand, Natal, and the 


Ce venues : — 

Stevenson (R. L.) Travels with a donkey 

ill the Cevennea M531,M 532 

KOTB— Aneicunlon from Le Monant ier rroeslnfl t be Loire 
and tbe Alilcr. wiuideriDR throuBh the department of the 
Loz^re. over (be chain of the Cevennea and floatly Jotimey- 
InK to AlalK in the Qard. 


Baker (Sir S. W.) Eight years in Ceylon 

[1845-53] M 820 

— RiSe and the hound in Ceylon. J 1218, J 1219 

NOTE- Big same hundnff dr. IBM. 

Cliitterbuck (W. J.) About Ceylon and 

Anaccount of two visllalo Ceylon, one to Borneo [in IB7T 
and im>]. 

Gumming (Miss C-F.G.) Two happy years 

NOTE— Account oC Ibe aut bar's eotoam In tbelihmd dur- 
ing the year* 1H9(>«1, givlne the blatory and lite ol tbe 
people ; IheirtemplcB, worship, feel ivali. pi IgrI mages, loli- 
fore. orcupations and indUBtrieH. as well ea the natural 
hIMory of tbeir^lWDd. 

De Quincey (T.) Ceylon. Works, vol. 7 ... 
India, Ceylon, Straits Settlements, etc. By 

various authors 

Phear (SirJ.B.) Aryan village in India and 


Chadwick (Sir Edwin) National health ... 

Abridged from " Heollb o( nations," by Bicbard»on. 

Chadwiek (G. A., iJcati) Exodus 

— Gospel according to St. Mark 

Chadwick (J.Cooper- )Three years with Loben- 


M S19 

K 908 

D 134 
H 137 , 

C 226 

C 309 





Chaffera (William) Collector's handbook of 
markH auti monograms on pottery and por- 
celain of the rcnaiasaiiceundmoclemperiudtf J 
flelorled from bM Inrgor work. 

Chain of life in geological time. By Dawson 
(SirJ. W.) 

Chainbearer. By Cooper (J. F.) 


Maspero (G., Prof.) Dawn of civiliziition : 

Kgypt and Cliahliea M 215 

Hagozin(Mdme.Z. A.) Chaldea.tothoriHi-of 

Afwyria [<v>. 22;U to •20'>'^ B.C.]. M i:H!2, M 1363 

.B 66 

Chaklean magic. By Lenoi-uiant {¥.) 
"Challenger." H.M.S.:— 

SpiT (W. J. J.) Cruifit' «.f H.M.S. "Chal- 
lenger" M 14.^ 

KOTE-SclenliBt nippdlti™ ilurliw the yeor" J»72-Teio 
PT/unlne thflphyflicnl.i^heiiilml, spotosflrnl and bioLOKicol 
rnndltlon of (he gnat oLtiai Inslnii, and tha dirwlion oF 

(Frederick, Capl.) Works :— 

iwn Drai*e [NnvHl Itfe. lime of Neleon] ~ P IKK] 

.^„ Philosopher Dirk [Now Zealand life] T I'm:! 

Chamifr (Gforge) South sea siren [New Zea- 

I land, early days] F 168H 

. . . G 859 Chamisso ( Adellwrt von) Werke: herausgege- 

... F 1920 'J'^" von RauBcheulmsch. 2v. [In Gennan~\ K 12(>-t 

I Champeaux (Alfred de) Tapestry J 2.~>2 


The cat : past and present ; transl. by Hoey. H (J.'il > 
Champion of Odin. By Hodgetts (J. F.) ... F 42:I7 
Champion of the faith. By Callwell (J.M.)... F 152f; 
Champneya (A. C.) History of English ... E 4;> 

A nVolrb of the orlBtn luid developmenl o! the Ennll«h 
Iimnaaee wllh eiampliw. Uowa to (he preM^I day- 

Chance (H.), joint aiit/tor. LOOK UNDER 

Powell (H. J.) 
Chance iicfpiaintance. By Howell8(W.D.) ... F 441S 

ChandoB. By Oui.hi F 651«.F 65U> 

Chandoa Te Deum. By Handel (G. F.). Voail 

score . 

Challice (Mrs. A. E.) lUustrioas women of 

France ... ... ... ... ... L S6 

yOR COI4TEKTS. LOOE U^DBB BiogmpMe't—rolleillir. 

ChalHiei-H (Andrew) Ked-ci-oss minance ... K .%0 
Ciiaimers (Jamett) Renegade.. .F H'i7;{, F 1674, F 1675 
Chalmers (M, UaliM.-ll, Judge) Local govern- 
ment D 717 

— Sale of goods act, IS?;!, including the Fiic- 

tora acts, l«ri'.) amUDUO D 654 

Chalmers (Thomas) : — 

Oliphant (Mrs. )ThomasChalmers: preacher, 
philosopher, and staleRinan 




lO blojnTiphi- 
>hi Ian th ropy, 

proncherfl, L J[l 


: Blarkle 

: Daviei 


IG.J..nev.i Suic 
edited by Hlll.L... 

Chamherlaiu (Alexander F.) The child : stady 
in the evolution of man 6 

Chamberlain (Kt. Hon. Joseph) : — 
Jeyes (S. H.) Rl. Hon. Joseph Chamberlain. L 4l^ 

Aim in Outda'e "Oiitica] nludtea.*' K 9M, 

Chaniliers (George F.) Hand book of <leBcriptive 

and practical asti-onomy. 3v G251-3 

— Pictorial astronomy G 

ChamberafRolMsrtl Domestic annalsof Scotland. 

Vol.l.-10iil-HKS.Ml..Ji. VoL i-lKiS-lBSB, M lues. VoLS.- 
ia8»-I74:'>. M laCM. 

— Vestiges of the natural historj- of creation... C 

_ .. ....._. — ^ hypolhei'iB of prnKre** hy rhyth- 



mic ttnpulne through «nulc« of onmniMiii 

In Curwen (H.) History of booksellers „. L 
Chambers (Rolwrt W.) Works :— 

Aahe» of empire [Frenco-PruKslan war, 18T0-I] 

Cambric Ituuk 

(Ijy coneplmcy 

KlDK In yellow [Paris] - 

Red republic [ComiDune.ISTl] 

Chambers (W.,LL.D,) Stories of old families. L 

FOB CONTKKTS, LOOK UKDBR Blosmphlea -eo!ln-llrt. 

—Stories of remarkable [lenwins L 

POH CONTBNTS. LOOK L'NDBll Biographic* -iWffr/l if. 

Chambers (W., and R.) Etymologicid diction- 
ary of the English language ; e<lited by 
Findlater E 

— , {^Editorx] History of the Knglinh language 
and literature K 

— Treatise on practical mathematics 


G 107 

Change of air. By Hope (A.) 

F 42%, F 4297, F 42'l«, F 42:10 
Changeling.Ry Besant (Sir W.). F «25, F 826, F «27 
Changeling of Brandlesome. By White (R.>... F SOU) 
Chanler (Mrs. A. R.). LOOK UNDER Rives (A.) 

Bevan (G. F.) Tourists" guide to the Channel 

Islands; revised and edited by Worth... M 43,'> 

Black (C. B.) Guide to Channel Islands and 
Western Normandy M 436 

Sims (G. R.) Dagonet on our Islands ... M 255 

FOR NOTK. LOOK UNDBll Orent Britain- L'i'.rlpth-t. 

Channing (Edward, PH.D.) United States of 

America, 1765-lt(65 M25.W 



_ ._. Totke." 

Chanson <le Roland; trdnsl. into English verse, 

byO'Hagan K 1311 

Aim in French -. edited by Gautier ... K 1310 
Chanter (Gratiana) Witch of Withyford [Ex- 
moor] F lfi«4 

Chantry house. By Yonge (C. M.) F 9;J64 

Chantry priest of Bamet. By Church (A. J.). F 1726 
Chanute (0.) Progress in flying machines ... G 468 
Chaplain of the fleet. By Besant (W.), attd 

Rice (J.) F 902, F 1103, F i)04 

Chaplet of i)earlfl. By Yonge (C. M.) ... F 0365 

Chapman (Abel) First lessons in the art of 

wildfowling J 1209 

■WildNorway:withchapterson Spitsbergen, 

Denmark, etc. [Visits between 1888-97] M 638 
Chapman (Charles, LL.D.) Pre-organic evolu- 
tion, and the biblical idea of God C 76 

FOB NOra. LOOK CNDER Kvolutlon— Oumjf. 

Chapman (Mrs. E. F.) Sketches of some dis- 
tinguishetl Indian women L 88 


Chapman (George) Dramatic works ; edited 

byPheliw K 674 


Poetical works; with introduction, by Swin- 
burne K 370 



Cliapman (George) — continued. 

In Ooese (E.) Jacobean poets K 283 

— , [Transl.']. LOOK UNDER Homer. | 

Chapman (Robert) Treatise on roi»i»aking. H 992 1 
Chapman (Sidney J.) History of trade between 

theUnited KingdomandtheUnitedStatcs. D 994 

With Kpeclal rclerence lo Ihe eltect of larlffg. | 

— Local government and state aid ... ... D 718, 

Chappell (Jennie) Works : — 

Dorothy'! tminlQe F 1(86 I 'Neath April skies P lASA 

Little Bimt Dorothy ... F 1MB ( Without a thoiisht F lOOl ' 

lAsiDK and Bndinit F 1687 r 

Chaptero£adventnre8.ByHenty(G.A.). F4030, F 4031 
Chapters on language. By Farrar (F. W.) ... E 5 
CkWMtir : — 

Banghan (R.) Cliaracter indicated by hand- 
writing B 63 

Smiles (8., LL.D.) Character ... B 2')!, B 2r)2 

NOTK— Opinion! and aiyingx of men of all lime iw to the 

varfoiuqnalillea which goto [orm cbBractcr. Honyunec- 

ALSOLOOEUNDKBEthio. FhyBtosDomy andexpTOsnlon. 
Character sketches. By Macloo<i (N.) ... F 5578 
Character sketches. By Thackeray (W. M.). 

F 824f;, F 8247, F 8248 
Characterwritinga of theseventeenth century : 

edited by Morley K 220 

NOTE— Delineation of vniioiu pluwea ot character. FOR 
coN-raNTS. LOOK UNDKH EnKliah litemluro. 

Characteristics: essays. By Hazlitt (W.) ...K 781 
Characteristics of women. By Jameson (Mi's.) K 744 

KOTK— DiaquiiilltHu on tbefenude cbaractcrx ol Shoko- 

■pean's play*. 
Chardin (Jean Baptiste S.). /n Wedmuie (F.) 

Masters of genre painting J :120 

Chariclea By Becker (W. A.) M 227 

Charity Md ohirltlw :— 

Bosan(iuet(B.) Two modern iiliilanthropists 

/m /»■«" Essays " K 887 

NOTB— Oivea tome pertlDenl crlllclBin on the method! of 
Kngllsh relrffloDH philanthropy. 

Loch (C. S.) Charity org 

NOIB— Sets forth the prlnfiplen i 
organization society Is worked, hi 
ajjlLini't rrltlelam. fitales some 0[ 
adminiiilrstion dI tvliel. 

Mackay (T.) State and charity 

NOT»--CoO!ldor» the place whieh chartty of ciipieij in 
lociol economy ; skctfhBB lis early history in " — ' — -' 

..,- ,i 1...: . -n^rprt : the 

.. ,_, ,jblicoplni{ 

able imatB ;dutieii of charily rammli 
relief and hoapilal reFonn. 

Charity chance. By Raymond (W.) ... F 0978 

Charlatan. By Buchanan(R.)/(ttrfMurray(H.). F 1430 

(., King of England — cuntinued. 

demotlmn onentlroiy luwliDahiaevonto the dethronement 

Carlyle (T.) Historical sketches of notable 
porsons and events in the reigus of 
James I. and Chailes I U 1S41 

Jesse (J. H.) Court of England und(>r the 

Stuarts. 3v M 1870 

Charles I., IJie gnat. LOOK UNDER Charle- 

e principles of the 

M, Emperor uf the West :— 
Cutts (E. L., Rev.) Charlemagne M 

NOTK-Alms to lUuKtmtr the telleious hintory ot the 
lieriod of nhlch Charles the vjeat may be conHlderrd as 
the central repronentatlveflimre, anil skctcheshls lite and 

Davis (H. W. C.) Charlemagne ; the hero 

of two nations L 

Hodgkin (T., D.C.L.) Charles the grejil ... L 
Masson (G.) Charlemagne and the Carlo- 
vingians M. 

^Inilii AdamsiW.lI.D.) Snmc iircnt nnion' In Europmn 
hlHtoTT. L MO : Dc Quincey iT.I WorkK, vol..^ K «W ; Lamb 
'Ladyi Warrior kinin(.L>tfi: Nell tS.) Rporh men. L ns. 

iriat I., King uf Englntid : — 
Bisset (A.) History of the struggle for par- 
liamentary government in England. 2 v. M 

II., King of Englmid :~ 
Airy(0.) English restoration and LouisXIV. 

[1648-79] „. ... ...M18;i8 

.■ Louis Xiy., CharleB II, and 


t taken by F 

atTaim and tho bearing whieh Ihey hod upon the relation! 
between Chorlex II. and hi! porllameni. 

Burnet (G.,B('fl/(i*/)) History of my own time; 
edited by Aii7. 2 v M 1876 

NOTE— History of the reien of Charleu D- 1660-86 ; written 
with whig -ympatbie!. Contain! a nummary ot affairs 
before (he restoration. The work is critieised in voL 6 of 
Ranke's ~ History ot England." M 'iMi. 

Carrel (A.) Histoiy of the counler-i-evolu- 
tion in England fi)r the re-eslablishment 
of popery, under Cliarles II. and James IL M 1847 

NOTE— VlBOrousi-keleh of Ihe react ionaryporiod in Rng- 
llHh biWory. leeow. Writlen from Ihe modem FrencTi 
republican point of \iev, and goex over tlie Mime (.Tound 
an Hacaubvy. 
Jesse (J. H.) Court of England under the 

Stuarls. 3v M 1870 

Jusserand(J. J.) French amliassador at the 

court of Charles II L 598 

NOTB-L« Comte dc Cominne!' corronpoDdenco wllb 
HuKueK de Lionneand LoaUi XlV.during the years l«6l-iis. 
which conveysnnamu!tnR picture ot diplomacy and Intri- 
gue at the court i^ Charles. 


Charles V., nf Germany, and I. uf Sjmin : — 

Robertson (W., D.D.) History of the reign 

of Cliarles the fifth [151X1-58] ; with an 

account of the emj)eror's life afler his 

ahdication, by Pi'escott. 2 v M 2016 

NOTE -Aims at gli-lBKa Tlewof theproffreMOttocicty In 
Kurope from the «uhver»lon ot the Homan empire to Ihe 
Ifltb ccntun-. The reim of Cbnrlw V. i« the IntermcdiatB 
iinn,^...-~.nt>.™,-uf I.';.nllmindandIsiibelteandPhl!lplI_ 
pflriod of IBU yearn of Spanish hlslory. 

— '-mentary c' — • — •' ""'■' — •'•- 


Amitlier editiott in one vol. M2015 

Charles X., King of France : — 
■ Saint- Amand (I. de) Duchess of Berry and 

the court of Charles X M213.? 

Charles XII., King of Sivedm :— 

Bain (R. N.) Charles XII., and the collapse 

of the Swedish empire L 435 

Lamb (Lady) Warrior kings L .'(45 


of Sweden ... ... ... ... L 436 

Cliarles, Due d'Orleaus : — 

Stevenson (R. L.) Charles ot Orleans. In hin 

"Men and hooks" K92,K 93 

Charles the Bolil, Duke of Burgundy. In 

Freeman (E. A.) Historical essays, vol. I . . . M 1520 


bishopsgate institute library. 

Charles Efiwanl Stuart {Prime) :— 

Jesse (J. H.) Menioii-s of the pretenders... L 

AInlH Ollpbant (Mm Hiittorical sketrbwof tbe reign 
□r OeoTfto LT, vol. 1. M 1B34. 

Charles (Mrs. E.) Works :— 

AaninKt IhB Ktnmiii 

BortrHm family [seoUkl to " Winifred BenrsTD ~1 

Chronldeit of Iho ^bOoberii-Cotta family' (Luther aiid tht 

Gemiiui rofotinatim, 1517] 

Diar^' of Mr*. Kttly Trevylyan (Tale of Whitefleld and Wtwloy. 

DmytonB nnd tUe Davenantx [Common weallli] 

On boili HideK of tho sen [SEQUEL TO "DraytODB and the 


ItuveiwHad Ibc aanlH, Dti' 

Tbree iiinr1yr>i of thentnelBCnlh centur7 

I.lvm)(>itaiiB. Oordoo. Patteaon. 
Vk'tnry of the vnnqutHhed (Rnrly chrlilioiiit, Istecnt] ... 
Winifred B«rImmfRTisll»h family life) 

Charloe O'Malley. By Lever (C.) ... 
Charleawortli (Maria L.) Works : — 

Broken lookinR-Klwui [HEQUEL TO "OM laoklTii;-glat»'] .. 
KnKlnnd'fl yeomen [Life in a farm, lOth cent.] 

Mi nitnerinx children 

MininMrlnK children: a Hequol ~ 


Old lookinK-SlaH. [FOB CONTlNUAnON, BEAD ~ BrokcD loakiUR- 

OlHer of the miu" ~.'. "... ".'.. ".'.. ".'.. ".'. Z \. 

Charley (William T.) Flax and ite products 

in Ireland H 

— Flax and linen. Brit. nmniiftK. indmtt. ... H 
Charlie Asgarde. By St. Johnston (A.) ... F 
Cliarlie Lncken. By Adams (H. C.) ... F 

Cliarlie Thornhill. By Clarke (C. C.) ... F 
Ciiarlie to the rescue. By Ballantyne (R. M.). F 
Chariettl, yi«wt of George III. -.— 

Fitagorald (P.) Good Queen Charlotte ... L 
Ill " Royal friendahipB " L 

Alto In Darton 'J. H.i Famoiu cirls, L lOA. 

Charlotte's iiiherititnce. By Braddon (M. E.) 

Chaniie daiigereux. Par Thouriet (A.). [In 

FrenrJi^ K 

Charming fellow. By Trollope (F. E.) ... F 
Chaimouth Grange. By Groves (J. P.) ... F 


... r UW7 

... F IflBB 

i" 524!t 

Chase, The. By Somerville (W.). 7« Addison 

(J.) Poetical works 

Chase of Leviathan. By Reid (M.) 

Ctiasing the sun. By Ballantyne (R. M.) 
Chassatgne (F.) Falka. Vtical xeoi-e 
*' ^'*' ! Chasseur de sauva^ine. Par Dumas (A.). \_In 

Pi»2| French'] 

FiflMiChastelard : a tragedy. By Swinburne (A.C.). 
Chateau des Curpathes. Par Verne (J.). [/« 


Chateaubriand {Fran^rois R. A., Vicomte dc) 
Essai sur la litterature Anglaise, et con- 
siderations sur le genie dos hommes, 
destempB.etdcsrevolutioiis. [/n>'/r»«-A]. 
— Le paradis perdu de Milton. [In Fretick']. 
NOTB-TnuinUted Into French prove. Also contains the 
Enrfl-h tMt. 

— Les Natehe/.. [In Frettrh] 

Chithim (Wllflam Pitt, Ewl of) :— 

Given (W. D.) William Pitt and the growth 
and division of the British empire, 17(18- 

■'*?. i"» 

•^>' ArwIiAdamiilW.H.D,) Famouiiitateomen.LlM: lUi 
74% ■" ' "■ 





Minchin(J.G.C.)Our public schools : their 

influence on English history D 

Slaunton (H.) Great schiKjls of England... D 
Toil (A. H.) Charterhouse D 

Henderson (E. F., Transl.) Select hietori- 

ciil documents of the middle ages [cir. 

4im-138f;] Ml.MO 

Stubbs ( W., Bishofi) Select charters of Eng- 

lishconstitutionalhiBtory[n>.(iOO-i:iOO]. D 616 
Chartism :— 
Carlyle (T.) Chartism. In his "Critical 

essays" „ ...K767,K 

Jephson (H.) The first and second crisis of 

chartism. In his " The platform," vol. 2. D 
Cliartrea:itecathedralandchurches. By Masse 
(H.J.L.J.) M 

NOTE -Brief history of the cilyofChartrex: with mention 
of ItH famous men, old houaea. museum, llhrary. etc^ but 
is mainly a history ol the cathedral and the rarlous chur- 
ches of the city. 

ise (Salmon Portland). By Hart (A. B.). L 

F 70-4;{ 
F 477 
J 01.5 

K 2;tl 
K 472 

lralIii,L4:!: UaHtulaytLordlCrltlcali 

Chatrian (V.A..),ji}intauthiir. LOOK UNDBR 
Erckmann (B.) 

Chalfl with the children : an illustrated man- 
ual of object lessons. By Wieilerniann (F.). D iHWi 

Chatterton (G. G.) Darn on a Idue stocking. F 170(! 

Chattei-tou (Thomafl) Poetical works. 2v. ...K 371 
Contalna a memoir, by Bell, and nn enay on tbe RowIct 
poems, by Bkmt, 

— Poetical works ; with notice, by Richmond. K 372 
Maason(D., Prof.) Chatterton .-aatorvot the 

year 1770. /« /((s " Essays " .'. ...K2«.'') 

^I<n In Adnm^nv. H.D.I Wrecked lives, L^); Uemorials 
of early |7enluB,L«; NoeUHon.B.} Fjnuys on poetry Mid 

CImtterton mvstery. By Everett-Green (E.) 

F 2772, F 2773 
Chatwood (Arthur B.) New photography ... J 4(W 
Chaucer (Geoffrey) Canterlmry tales ... K 373 

AnnotnleilundnFrentaL wilh iiluatrntlons of English life 
in Chnucer'H lime, from the KUewnere MS. 
— Poetical works ; edited by Morris ; with 

memoir, by Nicolas, 6v K374-0 

—Works ; edited by Paton K3Ht»,K 381 

Biiigraphy and Oriticism. 
Wan! (A. W., ll.d.) Chaucer L 1174 

Alw III DawBon lO i BloanHibicBl le^ture^ L .11 ; lllustrt- 
Dus mi^ L -■»: Klnit <A.) Ciui^er of Ilvets L 41 : Lowell 
ij. R.I Litcrar>- essays, iirf. M£ M7: Nasraltb ID. LL.D,i 

Chautauqua girls at home. By Pansy ... F (ifiilS 
heal (J.) Practical fruit culture H .V.H; 

-. •Reprint of the flrst part of the followlntr work. 

— Practical fruit-growing H .W7 

Cheap Jack Zita. By Baring-Gould (S.) ... F .58t; 
Clieckley( Edwin) Natural method of phj-sical i 

/training H 18(1 

Checkmate. By Le Fanu (J. S.) ... F 5163, P 51(54 I 
Cheese, LOOK UNDER Agi-iculture. Dairy 

farming. { 

Cheiromancy. LOOK UNDER Palmistry. 


BaH ( 1. ) Historical >ioticn of Chelsea, Kfii' 
BiQi^n, Fulliam, and Hunmeramith ; 
with some particulars of old families, alnn 
anaccouDtuf theiraiiti qui ties and present 
state M: 

Martin (B. E.) Old Chelsea : a summer-day's 
stroll '... M 

he touad in th« pbife.iiad Dolice* of imnaot who havfi 

Chelsea pensioners. By Gleig (0. R.) ... F i 
Cheltenham. In Granville (A. B.) Bpas of 

RDfiland M 

ChemicalandgeolofricaleRBays. ByHunt(T.S.)G 
Chemical history of a candle. By Faraday (M.) G 

Meldola (R., Prof.) Coal, and what we get 

from it H 

:<OTB— DcsIh wilbnsllsrproducUuxltbalrappllcalloD, 
Wagner (R. von) Manual of chemical tech- 
nology H 

Cheminquimonte.P8rFilon(A.).[MFrCTwA] K 
Chwiitry :— Text-boota. 
Blosam (C. L.) Ohemistrj', inorganic and 
organic; with experiments, rewritten and 
revised, by Thomson, and Bloxam ... G 
Furneaax (W. S.) Elementary chemistry : 
inorganic and organic G 

N'OTB— Inlfildfll primarily for Hludents prejArlhK for 
ryllabiw. Eitrh leaHon i< mncladed with a ■ummnry of 
Its mching. 

Milts (J.) Chemistry for students ...6 

Muir(M.M.P.),aMrfSlater(C.) Elementary 

chemistry G 

Ramsay (W., Prof.) Elementary systematic 

chemistry G 

For the iup of HrhooU and coUeirnL 

Roscoe (Sir H. E., Prof.) Chemistry ... G 

— Elementary chemistry G 620,G 

tnorgBJiic and organic. 
Varley (T.) Progressive course of chemistry 

for junior classes G 

Ward (R. A.) Elementary chemistry ...G 

Pot Bcleoce iehooh and clajw ea - 

Wurtz (A., Prof.) Elements of modern 

chemistry G 


Bell (J., PH.D.) Chemistry of fcHxls. 2 v... G 

Clowes (F., Prof.) Treatise on practical 
chemistry and qualitative analysis ... 

— , and Coleman (J. B., Prof.) Quantitative 
chemical anal vsis G 

Fachs (C. W. C, Prof.) Determination of 
minerals by the blowpipe ; transl. and 
edited by Danby G 

Hartley (W. N., Prof.) Course of quantita- 
tive analysis for students G 

Johnson (A. E.) Analyst's laboratory com- 
panion (■ 

Lockyer(J.N.)Stndiesinspectrumanalysis. G 

NOTS-Hainly chonimL 

Mnter( J., PH.D.) Short manual of analytical 

chemistr)' G 

QnillUtlTe Mid qautitatlTB. iDorgantc and orguiic. 

W wn il ttry— foHfi'n i/cA 

Phillips (H. J.) Engineering chemistry ...G 

TnallH for thv oh <a onalrlirnl rhcmiKla, mttiiiMr*. 
iroarowlm. Ironfound^mxiidontK. andothprK. 

— Fuels : solid, liquid, and gaseous : their 
analysis and valuation O 

Sexton (A. H., Prof.) Oulliiies of qualita- 
tive analysis G 

— Outlines of quantitative analysis ... G 

Thorpe (T. E., B.Sc.) Quantitative chemical 
analysis G 

— , and Muir ( M. M. P.) Qualitative chemi- 
cal analysis and lalraralnry practice ... G 

Tiiden (W. A., Pnif.) Practical chemistry. G 

Th« prlorlrlFK of qualltallvc analTda. 

ALSO LOOK U.VDBK Air. FusL SpcclroKopc. 

Acland (Rt. Hon. Sir T. D.) Intmluction 

to the chemistry of farming H 

Addynian (F. T.) Agricultural analysis ... H 

A nuuKuU of niunlllallvc mmIvhIh lorMudmtn of ovri- 

Church (A. H., Prof.) Chemistry of painla 
anil painting ... ... ... ... J 

NOTK Dcwcribw [he malerlalH uitli which n palDtllw Is 
rannlnu-ttil. Iietiinnlnx wtili the Kround. Ihra paiaing on 
to (he mnliuni and the plemenlH. 

Johnston (J. F. W.) Elements of agricul- 
tural chemistry ; cilited by Cameron and 
Aikman H 

Napier (J.) Manual of dyeing and dyeing 
receipts H 

A Hyslem of clempntnry chemiitty ox applied la dyeiUR. 

Sibson (A.) Agricultural chemistry ... H 
Williams (W, M.) Chemislry of inm and 
sif el making, anil of their practical uses. H 

NOTB Given the early hlHtory of Iron manufnclure. Ihe 
varloua Iron ore* are devcrlhed. and Irenti-or Ihecbemlntl 
conBtilution ol the vurielim of Iron nnd "toeL 

Woodward (C, J.) Arithmetical chemistry. G 

HiM»ry and Biography. 
Cooke (J. P.) The new chemistry... G (;2i;, G 
NOTS Itinlm I* to unfold, in Kyutemslic order, theiniii- 
clnles nnd modern Iheorle* of chemixlry. 

Muir{M. M. P.) Chemists ... L87G,L 

Lire" of Blu'k. rritvlley. Lavoitier, Dalton. Davy. 
BerzeliuK OnihiUD. LiebfR. Duman, and an account of 
I ho proureiw of rhemletry. 

Picton (H. W,) Story of chemistry ... G 

Thorpe (T. E., I'rof.) Essays in historical 
cliemistry G 

CONTBHTs-Borle. PrleKllcy. Schcete, Cavendiah. Laroi- 
■ier. Faraday. Clrahnm. Witbler. Duma*. Kopp. Mende- 
Iccff. Biee and development of Bynlhetica] chomlxtry. 

Wnrtz (A., Prof.) Atomic theory. G ti.-W.G 






I of their renearrheB ii 

n the proRrew 

' hypol hesin has oicrrincd Ul 
« since Ibe bcBlnnlna of the cent 

Cox (E. J.) Practical inorganic chemistry. G 
Jago (W.) Inorganic chemistry : theoreti- 
cal and practical ,.. ... ■■. G 

An elementary Icil-lmok. 

— Introduction to practical inorganic chem- 
istry G 

raentary] G 


Kolbe(H., DR.) Short text-book of inorganic 

chemietrj' ; edit«d by Hnmpidgc ... G 
Lewe8(V.B.,Prof.) Air and water. Gti50,G 
—Inorganic chemist rj- G 

NOTB— OLvw an arcount of the more importuiC applica- 
tionnof cbemlurvtathe various muDbictuhngprocesiiM 

whtrh are dependent upon It. 

Miller (W. A., M.D.) Inorganic cheininliy. G 

Mair (M. M. P.) Chemiatrj- of fire. G 615, G 

mcnlary prlDciplen by the study of the bun 

Pepper (J. H.) Boy's book of n 

IncludeB personal turratlveHof rielte to cool. lead, copper, 
■nd tin mine*: wHb eipnimenlarpUtlajt to alchemy and 
Ihe chomislry of the flfty metallic etementa. 

— P!ayl)ook of metals G 

NOTE— The nme as " Hoy's book of metala." 

Sexton(A. H.,Prof.) Elemeiitai-}- inorganic 
chemistry G 

Containe a course of chemtcal aiulysis. and eiampleti tn 

Steel (R. E.) Natural science examination 

papers: inorganic chemistry G 

Taylor (R. L.) Chemistry for beginners ... G 

Adaplfd for tho elementary stacc of the Scienco and Art 

— Student's chemistry G 

Oullloesof Inorranic chemistry and cheinipnlphilOBOiihy. 

Thorpe (T. E., Prof.) Manual of inorganic 
chemistry. 2v G 

Vol. 1.— Non-metals. Vol 2.— Motala. 

Wilson (G., Prof.) Inorganic clicniiatry ; 
revised and enlarged by Madan ... G 


Garrett (F. C), atid Harden (A.) Elemen- 
tary course of practical organic cht'iiiiHtryG 

Perkin (W. H., Prof.), and Kipping (F. S.. 
Prof.) Organic chemistrj- G 

Teit-book baited on the syUabosdrawD up by IheRrieaire 
and Art department. 
Richter {V. von) Organic chemistry ; or, 

chemistry of the carbon corajwunds ; . 

editedbyAnBcliutz;transl. by Smith. 2v. G 

Deals wilh chemistry of the aliphatic serlca, pnrbofycHc 
and helerocyfltc wties. 

Turpin (G. S., Lessons in organic 
chemistry: elementary G 

Whiteley (R. L.) Organic chemistry : the 
fatty componnds G 

TJieory and iihilosuphy. 

Faraday (M., D.C.L.) Chemical history of a 
candle: eilited by Crookee G 

Scott (A., D.Sc.) Introduction to chemical 
theory G 

Tilden (W. A., Introduction to the 
study of chemical philosophy : principles 
of theoretical and systematic chemistry... G 
Practical atid ej-jterimetital. 

Bloxam (C. L., Prof.) Laboratory teaching. G 

Clowe8(F.,Prof.)Treatiseon practical chem- 
istry a 

Cooke (J. P., Prof.) I.,aboratory practice : a 
series of experiments on the funi la men till 

principles of chemiBtry G 

"•'.. J.) Practical inorganic chemistry. G 

1 Chwirittry — cimtimieit. 

I Earl (A. 0.) Elements of laboratory work : 

(;gg| a coarse of natural science G 

g51 Gill (C. H.) Chemistry for schools : an in- 
Qgr) troduction to the practical stud}' of chem- 
istry G 

Hall(A.D.) Exercises in pract ical chemist ry.G 

(J7() Howard (J.) Practical chemistry G 

Olti Johnson (A. E.) Analyst's laboratory com- 
panion G 

Kenwood (H. R.) Public health laboratory 

work H 

Mair (M. M. P.). and Carnegie (D.) Prac- 
tical chtiiiiistry ... ... ... ... G 

Ro88CW.A.,A(.-(7o/.)Blowpipe in chemistry, 

mineralogy, and geology G 

Shenstone (W. A.) Practical intrwluction 

to chemistry G 

Stockhardt(J.A., DR.) Experimental chem- 
istry ; edited by Heaton G 

Timbs (J.) CurioHities of science G 


Tiseandier (G.) Popular scientific recrea- 
tions G 

Wright (C. R. A.) The threshold of science : 
a variety of simple and amusiug experi- 
ments G 

Bullock (F., and T. A.) Introduction to 
natural philosophy, meteorology, and 
chemistry G (> 

Casseil's New popular educator, vols. 3-6... 


Gail (J.), and Robertson (D.) Evolution or 
development in chemistry. In "Popular 
readings ill science " G 8 

Kimmins (C. W., D.Sc.) Chemistry of life 

and health G648,G 649 

vol NOTE OtipopulurhyKicneund Ihe (teneral physical well- 


fi4 4 
622 ' 

Thomson (J. J.) Applications of dyi 

to physics and chemistry G 449 

/n Wylde (J.) Magic of science G 4.'1 

ALSO LOOK UNDER Alrhemy. Mooa. BaclerifdoKy- 


Chemistry of cookery. By WilliamB{W.M.)... H 714 
Chemistry of light and photography. By 

I Vogel(H.) J 398, J SlUI 

(;;j() Chemistry of photography. By Ueldola (R.). J 3!>7 

FOR NOTE. LOOK U\DER Photography. 

Cbeiiier ( CEavres en prose. [7»t 
tiSl Freni-h'\ K 178i; 

—Poesies ; precedees d'une notice, par La- 

touche. [7n French^ K 1303 

(J^S I Cherlniliez (Victor) Works. [In FrenvK] :— 

Apr«s fortune telte - K 1401 1 Kbirs et nioitei K\m. 

.... lAb«to K 14(IS Le ml Ap*pt K 14119 

b.l.l Lc Comtc KoBtln K IWR Le SMrtt du pr«cepleur ... 

L' idte de Joan Ttterol ... E IW7 I K 1410, K 1411 

c-ia- — \Tratislationa\ :— 

o-lO BlufroyndMetalloldenis... FITOT I Trials of JetUiMahiubret... F 170!) 
Samuel Brohl andpaitncr. F 170H I Tutor'a swrot F 17li> 

Cherry rij>e. By Mathers (H. R.) F 58:W 

...^ Cherryfield hall. By Balfour (F. H.). F463,F 404 
j!:]' i Chersonese with the gilding oflf. By lunes (E.). M 889 

"^° I MOTB-Llte Id UabT*la In III7a«2. 




OhfroMni (Maria L. C.) The water carrier. 

I'ucal wrore J oSO, 

Crowes* (F. J.) Chernhini L WM 

Cherael (A., Editor). LOOK tINDBR Uontiwn- 

Cheshire. Gentte[nan'emagaziDeli))rary :Ei)(;'- 

litfh topography : edited by Gonime, vol. 2. M175fl 
Chesneau (Ernest) Education of the artist... J .W' 
— Knglish school of painting... . ... ... J X'>2 

Chesney (C- C, Col,) EsBays in modem mili- I 

tar>' bic^raphy L 68-|i 

FOB COXTENTS. LOOK UNDER BiOflTAphtM-rilirrrttiv. I 

Chesney(Weathcrby) A(tveiitun>8of an engi- 
neer F 1711j 

Bini (H. E.) Chews practice J 1024| 

Simplified record oF Ihe actual opentnKH in the flnent 
xamH ; with tabulated iodei. 

— Modem chess and chesH inii8tcr|)ieces ... J 102-') 

CtilBrtiOB ofBumplei olchsMplay on record duriDR the 
IKLi-t (iitf yfsrv. In cbaicr varietiM of MtIc. 

Freeborough (E.) ChesH endings J 1026 

Gos8ip(G. H.D.) Chesfl players f«rie»«rr(;H, 
andpocketgnidetotheopeninge: with 
all the latest theoretical discoveries and 
traps in the openings revealed ...J 1027 

— Chess pocket manual J 102(* 

Green (R. F.) Chess. In "Handbook of 

games," vol. 1 " ...J !)77 

Loogman (F. W.) Chess openings ...J 11)29 
Mason (J.) Principles of chess in theory 

and practice ...J 10.10 

Rayner (James) Cheseproblems ... J 1031, J 1032 
Staunton (H.) Chees-player'a companion ... J 1033 
—Chess-player's hantlliook ... ...J 1034 

PopulAr and , '---'--' ^' 
With an iXpbt. 
MMioflTapfay, 1 

Swinton (R. B.) Chess for beginners ... J 103-^ 

ALitO t-OOi nNDBB QampB. uportii. etc. 

Chesterfield (Philip D. Stanhope, 4th Earl) 
Letters to his SOD ; edited by Carey. 2 v. ... K 817 
MOTB— Written to Philip StasbcM and publlahad In iplte 
of a atmnit altsmpl to mppr«a them. 

— Wit and wisflom of; edited by Ernst- Brown- 
ing K 826 

In Oliphant (Mrs. M.) Historical sketches of 

the reign of George II M1024 

Chetiterton (Thomas) Manual of drill and phy- 
sical exercises H 181 

Chetwode (R. D.) John of Strathboorne 

[France,ctr. 1520] F 1712 

Chetwynd (Hon. Mre. H.) Brilliant woman. F 1713 
~,and Wilkins (W. H.) John Ellicombe's 

temptation F 1714 

CTietwynd Calverley. By Ainsworth (W. H.), 

F12iS,F 126 

Chevalier d' Auriac. By YeatB(S.L.).F9350,F 9351 

Chevalier de Maison Rouge. By Dumas (A.) | 

F 2.598, F 2599; 

Atao in French. 2 v K 1462 

Chevalier Desgrieux. Par Prevoirt(A.F.,.46'«''). 

[/n Fr»nch} K 1670 

Chevalier of the splendid creBt. By Maxwell 

(SirH.) F5925| 


Chevreul (M. E.) Principles of harmony and 
contrast of colours and their applications 
to the arts ; trans), by Martel J 

Cheyne (C. H. 'il.)Joiut author. LOOK UKDEE 
Jones (C. A.) 

Cheyne (ThomaHK.,(7«w*ni)Ai<lfl to thedevout 
study of criticism C 

— Fonnders of Old Testament criticism ... C 

FOK NOTB. LOOK UNDBR BII)le-0/'l TeHamcnt. 

— Rosea C 

— Jeremiah: his life and times C 

— Origin and religious contents of the psalter 
in the light of Old Testament criticism 

and the history of religions C 

— .[Transl.] Book of psalma C 

Chicot the jester. By Dumas (A.)... F 2576, F 
Chief of the school. By Adams (H. C.) ... F 
Chioftain,Thc. By Sullivan(Sir A.) Vixntmire. J 

Chiffon's marriage. By Gyp F .'(G.'iti, F 

Child-life andgirlhooti of remarkable women. 

By Adams (W. H. D.) L99,L 

Child of art. By Gray (A.) F 

Chihl of nature. By Buchanan (R.). F 13!M), F 
Childof pleasure. By Annunzio(G..r). F 22Hi). F 
Chihl of the cavern. By Verne (J.) ... F 

Child of the Jago. By Morrison (A.) ... F 
Child of the precinct. By Doudnev (8.) ... F 

Child wife. By Reid (M.) F 

Childe Harold's pilgrimage. By Byron (Lord). K 
Childhood of the worid. By Clodd (E.) ... G 











Bray (R. A.) Children of the town. In 
" Heart of the empire " D 

NOTE— Retcm mnlnir tothecondiliOD or child lire In Lon- 
uinnclexand education; nitli HUKKcstlonn for cducuiiotuil 

Bull (T., M.D.) Maternal management of 
children, in health and disease H 

Chamljerlain (A. F.,ph.d.) Thechild: study 
in the evolution of man G 

Aims (o interpret some of the moat InlercMina und im- 
portant phenomena of human iHClnninita In the Individual. 

Davies (N. E.) Nursery hints H 

A motber'n BUlde in health and dieeaw. 

Harland(M.) Commonsenseinthenursery. H 

Hyoieoe of children, cooklns for chltdren, clothlnH for 
chlUnn, and the neneral mitnntrement of children in 
healttt knd ■IcknesH. 

Jamee (W., Prof.) Talks to teachers on 
psychologj- ; and to students on some of 

life's ideals B 

Oppenheim (N.) Devehipnioiit of the child. B 
Perez (B.) First three years of childhood ; 
transl. by Christie " 

the child, and how to ntudy it D 

NOTE— Aimi to Kire teacher* practical hints which may 
call attention to lomo phvBi.'.il iwciiiiBrillcs of chilrtren 
nol commoDlT Inreiniiniled in their bearinK on the work 
of (he iwhooL 

Ruddock (K. H., M.D.) Dineasea of infants 
and chiliiren and their homteopathic and 
general treatment H 


Sully (J., Pi-of.) Studies of childhood ... B 172 

NOTE -CoDcerHKd with llic genniniilion and urontliol 
mind In the infant iind ohild. Conlstns nwny ruriouK 
ftnecdateaof the siii'in^ and doingsof the little oneti, with 

Tuckwell (G. M-) StateanditscUildren ... D 7)^2 

NOTK— aiTe« 0. description of lelormatorien. indartrinl, 
truftnt, and workhouso iwhoola, Mylu^l^ etc., and dis- 
cuHes the various BFhomog of dealiue with children whn 
are not under the control of parentii. Containg ohnptern 
on ranal and ftlpiy ihlldroo. And those employed In llie 

WilBon(W.)InfantB'schooUlrill;with music. D '.HI5 

Eierci*ee for (he healthy development of the body ; ivKb 
sullsble tune* and aixty-Hii eiplanitory IllDHtrsttonH. 

— Musical drill for children ; with »iniple 

music D IHM) 

Children I have known. By Burnett (F. H.) 

F Uj:1, ¥ 14'>4 
Children of chance. By Lloyd (H.) ... F 5^28 

Children of circumstance. By " Iota " ... F 41)21 
Children of Cloverley. By StretU)n (H.) ...F 8081 
Children of Dean's court. By Marshall (E.). F 5827 
Children of Gibeon.ByBe8ant(W.)F82,S,F821),F 830 
Children -jf God : eermons. By Stuart (E. A.). C 592 
Children of HermeB. By Nisbet (H.) ... F 6337 
Children of men. By Trowbridge (W, R. H.) 

FH4H»,F 8411 
Children of theGhetto. ByZitngwill(I.)F t!432, F 1)433 
Children of the king [Italy]. By Crawford 

(F. M.) F2(W2,F 2083 

Children of the mist. By Phillpotts (E.) ... F fiSOO 
Children of the mountains. By Stables (G.). F 7«93 
Children of the New Forest. By Marryat (F.) 

F 5729, F. 5730, F 5731 
Childrenof thepoetn; editetl bv Robertson ... K 
Children of the soil. BvSieiikiewiM(H.). F 77;15, F 773fi 
Children of this world.ByPinsent (E.F.).F 0877, F 6878 
Children of wrath. By Webster (J. P.) ... F 8765 
Children's kingdom. By Meade (L. T.) ... F 5943 
Children's pilgrimage. By Meade (L. T.) ... F 5944 
Children's stories in English literature from 

ShakeapearetoTennyson.ByWright(H.C.). K 275 
Child's garden of verane. By Stevenson (R.L.) 

K.W6,K 537 
Chilli's gnide to knowledge A 

Queallonn ajid aaewera on every^day Buhjerts. 

Child's history of England [b.C. 50-1688]. By 

Dickens (C) M 1(556, M 1057 


Akers (C. E.) Argentine, Patagonian, and 
Chilian sketches ; with a few notes on 
Uruguay [in 1891-92] M 1184 

Cameron (V. L., Kdiltir) Log of a Jack tar ; 
or, the life of James Choyce. Written 
by himself M 128 

Smith (W. A.) Temperate Chile : a pro- 
gi-essive Spain M1202 

NOTB-Accounl of a mlHion to Chile dr. IMI8. and siveii a 
description of a trnnn- Andean tourtiey and of the aociol 
Fonditiooa of tbo people. 
Chillingworth (William) Religion of thepro- 

testants : a safe way to salvation. 2 v. ... C 8J<4 

FOB NOTK. LOOK UKDHHProleelnnllBin. 

Chilton- Young(F.).LOOKUNDBByoung(F.C.) 
Chimera. By Robinson (F. M.). F 726.3, F 7204 
Chimes. By Dickens (C). F 2367, F 2368, F 2309 

Chimneys :— 
Wil8on<R.) Boiler and factory chimneys... I 

Their draught-power nod elaMllly ; with a chapter on 
llehtniDR eonduetom. 

China. LOOK UNDER Pottery. 
China:— Airhitettnre. 

Fergusson (J.,D.c.L.) History of Indian an<l 

Eastern architecture J 

Descrijitire, six^'al. and travel. 
Beresford (C, Lgi-d) Break-up of China : 
with an account of its present [1898] 
commerce, cm-i-ency, waterways, armies, 
railway's, politics, and future prospects : 
with maps 

NOT B— The author _ _ 

intejiTity. military couroKe. n 

that thoyhai- '- ' 

country a "" 

ircial d 

vurlly to trade n 


, „ J d polii'e protection. The 

keynote of the book ii> not the break.uji ol China, but Its 
ra^oratioti an opiKwed to wrerkai». Urgex Ibeopen door 
pollov jui agalnHl that of iq>herci4 of lalLueufe- 

6ira(I.L.)ChiHe8epicture8 : notes on photo- 
graphs made in China M 

—Yangtze valley and l)eyond M 

An account of >oumeys in China, chieHy in the province of 
Sue Chuan and amonB the Man-Tm of the Somo territory 
[dr. 1888-71. 

Colqnhoun(A. R.) China in tr-.nisformat ion. M 

N'OTE- Record of the author's oh«ervaIionHduring»\-pral 
year"' sojourn io iha far East, KivlnK apolllii'al view of the 
cbangori which are taking pliice In Chiiuk under preosuro 
from competing Kutopean inSuencee. 
— " Overland " to China M 

BUthnr'a visit in 1898W to Riberin and the borderlandn of 
Cbloaon tbenonh. Oivesaplrlureof therharacterand 
rewurcea of the revlon which RuHia is developint; In 
Nonbem Asia, and deicribesitspollticalcoiinGrliDtu wllh 
the Chinese problem. Con tains chapters on Peking. Han- 
cburia. Mongolia Taniftsze vallej-. etc. 
Cumming (Miss C. F. G.) Wanderings in 

China. 2 v M 

^^cpount of the nuthor'siiiimonthii'loiimeyin the 

■» IKid-TB 



with the life a* seen a 

Curzon (Rt. Hon. G. N.) Pi-oblems of the 
far East ^ 

NOTE— DeoJs with Japan. Korea, and China from the 
point of view of the student and not of the tnivcller. DIs- 

army, and concludef with an CHtimate of the r 
China in the world, and particularly In connec 
BriliKh intereHU An dccoudI of two jourtieys i 
world in 18H7.«, and 1KI3-J. 

Di6sy (A.) New far East 

NOTK — Bketchesihe modern developmentofChi 
and Korea, and deals with their relat)DDB to on< 

of thlneHnrlsingoutallhedereatotChlnabvJan 

Douglas (R. K,, Prof.) China 

NOTE -Contains a brief sketch of Chini 
series of cbapler? oD the eovemment. cud: 

— Society in China 

NOTE— Crlllclsm from an Knellfh nolnt i 
and political China Treats also of the 
and lorelni trade with China. 
Gorst (H. E.) China [Social and political, 

in 1899] M 

Guinness (L. E., Editur) In the far East : 
letters from Geraldine Guinness in China 

[in 1888-89] M 

Hosie (A.) Three years in western China ... M 
Narrative of three journeys in S«ii-cb' uan, Kuei-cbow. 

Huc(E. R.) Travels inTartary,Thil>et,and 
China [in 1844-6] ; transl. by Hazlitt. 2 v. M 




of view of social 
Rrllish relation! 






UorrisoQ (G. E.) Auatralian in China ... H 
^uTMiTeol atguiMjoaroeyfrainHliuutlul BciaaChlDk 
to Banpiaii id BhUHh Burma [In HW]. 

Hoale {A- E.,ArchdetKim) NewChinaund 
old : personal recollections and observa- 
lioiia of thirty j-eara [181)1-91] ... N 

Dalu with the nutomi. ■upervtlttonii, Unffuova rnncl Llter- 
atnrr uT xh» ptnple. 

Norman (H.) Peoples and )x>liticfl of the 
far East H 

scmt Studv of coutemporaiT life in Ihs Fjul, ud of 
pollttRil proUenu daitiiira to tngMgt weMera MicntlOD 

Per^val (W. a.) Land of the dragon ... 1 

BaUio^AAd BhoolifiB excuTHjoDit to thenkpLilH,jfl«iJt,itiii] 
Xsrgea ot the Upper YaDtftie [Id INT-tfl]. 

Piii^Lfikf (K) Kuasian travellera in Mon- 
golia and China [in l)i74-5] ; transt. by 
Gordon-Camming. 2 v fij 

Pinto (F. M.) Voyages and adventures [in 
China, etc.] H 

Pratt (A- E.) To the snows of Tibet, through 
China ii 

XOTK— Tripa into the little knoim patW during Ihe yean 

bta-av. UftiDiv KicDtiac. 
Rol«ert«on-Scott{J.W.) Peopleof China... N 

Their «>afit^bliftory.]l(e.ldeu<uid relatioiu with the 

RockElT (.W. W.) Land of the Lamas ... W 

NOTB— Journey [rDm PeklaK )n December. ItW, (brungh 
Hnan Fa and Luachow Fu to the gnat tronller mart of 
SUuniEUwltheUikeorKoko-Nor. Theuutborviiltodthe 
mnole ho>pics of the lAman Ihere. and ralllnR to reach 
Lhasa hepmceeded to crma Euterii Thibet br the way of 
the Upper Yaug-tie. ra&ehlnB HhanEhal la Ausuit, IMt. 

Siaden (D.) Japs at home H 

Cootaiiia ai an uipendl i ■eYancbaptera doallDBw ilhChliia. 

Thomson (J.) Straits of Malacca, Indo- 

China,and China U 

AecoDDt ot 10 year*' travel. 1683-72. 
— Through China with a camera, cir. 1874. M 

ilOTB— Vainly taken from a work publlihed acme 30 

I CMh — contimud. 

\ Rnmlltoo, and (■oaelude* wllh a hirtory ot Interooune ba- 
I iwaen India and Tibet, and the attsmpta by maatiaor the 

I UacBulay mitalon and the Klkhlin neRotlallooi (o ra-open 

I — China, present and past. If4',)5 U 741 

' IfoTB -Incident! Inforel^ Intcrroune, aMpect* of indUA- 

Iriul progreu, uid featoren In Chlaeaw chiuacter. 

Hupl(,Sir K.)"The8efi-oin the landof ainim." M 22'.P3 

Williamson (I.) Old highways in China ... & 

KOTB—AoeouDt of two jouraeyB from Cbetoo to PeklDS 
and the eaUem portion of ShautluiR In U81-IQ. DeKrihea 
tiM hmia |llfe of (be people and the funeral oeremoniea, 
■upentltlou, ate 

Aiao LOOK UNDER Cantcs. Com. Peking. Bbaa Statea 
Taflary- llbet. 

Hiatory and politics. 
Allen (R.) Siege of the Peking legations ... It 
Bonlger (D. C.) Short history of China [to 

1875] a 

NOTK^Iree a yiTid Idea or the attitude of the coart at 
Pvkin toward! European!; the hiatory of thereialioDiof 
China with Ent^and Is thown to be a tale of duplicity and 

Brine (L.) Taeping rebellion in China ... M 2290 

templed i-enlraliiolion-Bicpeciuily o) Bnimco -which wan 
a cardinal feature of our earlier policy. Written with 

Chine* nytnpathlen. 

Holconihe (C.) Real Chinese question ... Ik 

KOTE -i^ndeuvoun ir> drwribe the Chlnene u Ihey are. 

Erausse(A.} China in decay M 744 

NOTE-niBUiry from thcenrllegt timei to the pment day 

IIIMi. Deal! wllh the Chlnenc problom. tbe iidiyalcal 

Itt iieople. (JIvea a briet oecount ol tba recent trouUe 
witL Ruiwia, Eniiland. France nnd Japan. 

Londor (A. H. a.) China and the allies, 2v. M 2207 

NOTE-Oiveii Ibe hiatory ot Ibe doings of the Boun la 
North China, or the horroni and of the I'umpniKu of Ibe 
ollieB (or their reprewkni. The imihoriitirlbut<» tbe origin 
of the movemenl to the fuBDiiPiKm of Buddlilat iiriesla. 

BuHniann. from (be cbiirgeo o[ bnrbarily wiilebbave beeu 

I.,a]ie- Poole (S., Prof.) air Harry Parkes in 

China [Iwtween the years 1841-K5]. ... M 2295 
Leroy-Beaulifu(P.) Awakening of the East. M22«2 

NOTE— Befentotbe effects of European influence on the 
fur Ea«, wrltlen from a. Frenchman's point of view. 
Oeoli with Siberia and the Siberlui railwny. oDd lit de- 
velopment under Rt»<inncoloniaition. In touching upon 
China Ibe author poiulu out her Ini'unible weakneiiees. * 
.,__ but l! oppoaed to any Bweeping chungea or violent Inter- 

ims ference. Contalnn chapten on the physical and commer- 

cial chaiacteristlCH of the Ibree countries described. 

753 Macgowan (J., Rev.) History of China 

[mythical period to 1895] M 2296 

Martin (W. A. P., D.D.) Siege of Peking [in 

1900] : China against the world .„ M2307 

Simcox (Miss E. J.) Ownership in China. 

/n her " Primitive civilizations," vol. 2. M 27 


Wen Ching, pseud. Chinese crisis from 
within ; edited by Reith. 1901 ... M 2298 

a Arm outbreak ii 

KwaoB-^ In August. 18Sa to the taking of Klng~po li 

December. IKIl. and examines its bearing with regard U 

tba loture of Cblna and Ibe relgclng dynaatT. 

Comer (Miss) History of China [to 1842]. M 2283 

nctorial aod dewirlptlve. 
Douglas (R. K., Prof.) China [1271-1895], M 2291 

KOTB— Biid'»«y« (lew ol the altnaticm and of the paM 
CTCBtl which haye led to the rlae Bod (all of dynaatles ; to 
thatflBiipUani aod inercaaeof the empire : to Ok welcom- 
ing aad poaeenUoD ol chrlaUniii. md to the opening of 
ChiBAtotradfc One half of the volume is devoted to the 
laat ceBUuy. Omtains an (Moont of Oen. Qordon'a sup. 
pi Mil on ot tba T^uplng nbellion. 
Onndry (R. S.) China and her neighbours. M 2292 

MOTS— Deab wtth the Ftaneh ouratloni in ludo-Ohlna, 
Fnaeaand Saisaa. Oambodla, Tonklng. Annam and Biam ; 
with a oanaMintUon of the actual relatkoi between the 
niii el inl empin and her tributaries. Four chaplers are 
devoted to Bmia and China In which ia related the itpiaode 
of llie ocenpaUon and lubeaqoent " — -* " — ' 

Religion. , 

Edkins (J., D.D.) Early spread of religions 

ideas, especially in the fsu East ... C 36 I 

China painting : — 

Snell (H.J.) Practical instructionsin enamel ' 

painting on glass, china, tiles, etc, ...J 307 
menlB required. -. 

Chinese jar. By Hume (F. W.) ... F44ti5,F 4466 I 
CWmai iMgmgt :— i 

Douglas (R. K., Prof.) Chinese manual ... E 2(»1 
Edkins (J., D.D.) Evolution of the Chinese 
language, as exemplifying the origin and 
growth of human speech 
Ohing (Wen). LOOK UNDER Wen Ching. 
Chippendale period in English furniture. By 

Clouston (K. W.) 

Chips from an old block. By Clarke (C. C.)... 
Chips from the earth's crust. By Qibson (J.). 

E 202 

J 274 
F 1739 
a 722 



Chips, J<>f, and Mike. By Hocking (S. K.)— F 4215 
Cliiroimincy. LOOK under Palmistry. 
Chisholm (Mrs. A. L.) Little plays for little 

Ijeople J lOOfl 

In True ancl noble women ; edited by Ewart. L 107 
Chisholm (George G.) Eiii-op.'. 2 v. ... M 235 
■ — ^Handbook of commercial geography ... M S(l 
— Longmans' School geography ...M 148, M 14!) 
— Smaller commercial geograpliy ... M 81, M 82 
Ckltrol :— 

Robertaon (Sir G. S.) Chitral M 2349 

NOTB— Account of IliB evenlH which cnlininnled in (he 

(wnpalgn In Xorlh India of 18»d ; of Uimi'a illsa«trr in tlie 

KorKKh deflle : and of the episodes on ihi- Stoatier, 


Chivalry : — 

Gantier (L.) Chivalry ; transl. by Frith ... M IU9 

NOTB— Aims to give a complete picture nf chivHlry: Iti 
oFLBin and \H waW lo (ollow the knltfht from hi^ oirlh. 
una lo describe hiii coslume, onnour.bsbltiklloD.funilture, 

Scott (Sir W.) Eraayson chivalry, romance 
and the drama K 1017 

ALSO LOOS UNDKBFeudnlinn. Henildry. Middle nueH. 

Chloris of the island. By Watson (H. B. M.). F 8744 
Choate (Ruf uB). In Whipple (E. P.) Essays ... K 13 
Chodsko (Alex.) Fairy tales of the Slav pea- 
sants and herdsmen ; transl. by Harding F 1715 

Choice of books. By Carlyle (T.) A 10 

Choice of books. By Harrison (F.) K 778 

Choice of evils. By Alesander (Mrs.). F 223, F 224 

Choice tales. Bv Arthur (T. S.) F 392 

Choir invisible. By Allen (J. L.) F 324 

Choirs* LOOK UNDER Singing. 
Cholera : — 

I*arkin(J.,M.D.)Volcanicoriginofcpidomics H 215 
Cholmondeley (Mary) Works : — 

Devotee F 1718 ' Bed potta«e ■- ... F ITin. P 1720 

Di una Tempest -.-F ITH.F 1718 I Sir dSmrleBDanven F 1721. F irjS 

Cholmondeley-Pennell (H.). look UNDER 

Penneli (H. C.) 
Chopin (Francois Frederic) Mazurkas, valses 

and nocturnes J 898 

— Pianoforte-werke. 3t J 899-901 

Bingraphy and Ct'iticimn. 
Willeby (C.) Frederic Francois Chopin ... L 1035 

AIM In Bourne (C. R.I Great coinpo»ern L Itm ; Huweia 
■"■■ " "- ■ --- ■ J420;HilnBkerlJ,) Mraio- 



Choral society. By Venables (L. C.) ... J 

Cbouans. By Balzac (H. de) ...F550. F 

Choyce (James) Log of a Jack tar ; with 

O'Brien's captivity in France ; edited by 

Cameron M 128 

Chris. By Norria (W. E.) F 6373 

Christ. LOOK UNDER Jesns Christ. 

Chi-ist the light of all scripture. By Magee 

(Archbp.) C 577 

Christabel Kingscote. By Marshall (E.) ... F 5828 

Christian (Sydney) PersisTorke F 1723 

— Two mistakes F 1724 

Christian. By Caine (H.) F1505,F 1506 

Chri8tianandLeah.ByKompert(L.) F507(;,F 5077 
ChrlitlM art and tymMlsn: — 

Allen (J. R.) Early christian symbolism in 


GhrlstiM art ami symlMHsm — amiinuni. 

Great Britain ami Ireland before the 13th 1 

cent. C 51 .'•i 

KOTB-Hialorv of chnwtian nrt from the eulien times, 
but dPHli mainly with Ibe period between ths yean 40U I 

and lajO,with a view tocreallna itn Intereatin the art and 
monuments of the early chrinion period <D Oreat Britain. 
Two chapters are devoted to (he high crouea of Ireland 
dallus from (ho 10th century. 

Didron(A. N.) Christian iconography ; or, ' 

the history of christian art in the middle 
ages. 2 V C Silt 

NOTE— Treats of the iihapM Mid aaee of the Dlmboe. and 
the variooa methodn in wbkh the three Pemna of the 
Trinity are reprewnted Id paintiDi, •culplure.or mowie. 
and discueees with much vartaty of iUiutnlion many of 
the movl important point* In the medlteva) method of 
dealing with sacred and legendary acenea. 

Hulme (F. E.) Historj', principles, and 
practice of symbolism in christian art... C 51t> 

Kingsley (C, Canon) Poetry of sacred and 
legen<laryart./nAis"Literary and general 
lectures and essays." K 9<» 

Lilbke (W.,Prof.) Eccleeiasticalartin Ger- 
many during the middle ages J 138 

NOTE— Deals with Ihe hlirtory or architecture and 

church lumlture. painled and aculplured decoration. 

Stokes (M.) Early christian art in Ireland. C 517 

CONTESTS— Ulum I nal Ion. Irish Bcribefl on IheCwitlneDt. 
Helalwork. Sculpture. BultdiOK andarchileclure. 

Tyrwhitt(R.8t. J., Rev.) Art teaching of the 
primitive church i with an index of 8nl>- 
jects, historical and emblematic ...C 51K 

Christian church. LOOK under Church his- 

Christian ethics. LOOK UNDKB Ethics— CTns/i«w. 

Christian hymns and hymn writers. By Pres- 
cott(J.E.) C 510 

Christian institutions. By Stanley (A, P.) ... C C47 

Christian leaders of the last century. By Ryle 
(J. C.) L 221 

FOR CONTENTS. LOOK UNSBB BiogTapblea— calJ^ln. 

Chriitlan Wa:— 

Arnold (T., D.D.) Christian life : its course, 

its hindrances, and its helps: sermons... C 490 
Atkins (F. A.) Moral muscle, and how to 

use it C 488 

Augustine (St.) Confessions C 479 

Beet (J. A., D.D.) New life in Christ ... C 373 

NOTE— A ronllnoMlon of the foUowlDfi. aud deals princi- 
pally with the inward spiritual Biperienco and proelicul 

—through Christ to God ... ' C 374 

NOTE— Defence of chriHttanily from ii«nosIiclsm. Denis 
witb IbetheoloKlcal and historical side of christian faith. 

Dale (R. W., D.D.) Laws of Christ for com- 
mon life C 489 

Davies (J. L.) Self sacrifice, from different 

points of view. In his "Social questions" B 277 
Drummond (H.) Ideal life : addresses ...C 491 
Everard(G.,Rev.)Bell8of St. Peter's: papers 

on gospel truth C 21 

— Bright and fair; a book for young ladies. C 22 

—Follow the leader * C 492 

Counsels on (he christian life. 
— Wrong train ; or.commonmistakesin re- 
ligion C 23 

Forest (D. W., D.D.) Christ of history and 

of experience C (581 

NOTE— Disc usaex llie relation between tlieblH(ori..-a] facts 
on wbicfa chrlRtlanily is baeed and christian moraiity. 



GoDlbDm(E.M.,i><'tn)PDr8uitof hutini-te. C 

SIOOKLTO " Thougtit* on penwnnl Kllirlni." 

— Tboaghtfi on pereonal religion C 

Am«ti«eon theirhiistluiltreln lu two chief «)cm>Dti>. 
drTotkHi^iuid pracllce. FOB 3WUBI. BEAD " rurnuil of 

Eingstey (C.) Out of the dt-ep : worUn to 
thesoiTowful C480,C 

Liiw(W.) Serious call to a devout and holy 

Hadon (J.) Belf-knowledge C 

TicUixeahowitigtbenatuniuidbenefltof lluit Imporlant 

HricDcc and the way to ntiatn it. 

Neauder (A.) Memorials of christian life 
in early and middle ages C 

Paget (F.) Studies in thechrietian character C 

Parter (J., D.D.) Well hegun B 

SinL'lair(W.,^rcAdf(«:on) Servantof Christ. C 


Taylor (J. .fi^Aop) Holy living and dying. 
ThomaaaKempis. Imitation of Christ. C .'AH, C 
Weatcott (B. F,, Bishop) Social aspects of 

Christianity C 

Whole duty of man. Anun C 

XOTB— DlnctliHU lor the practice ol onllnnry chrlMlan 

Christian miraclee and the cnnchiNinns of 
By Thomwni (W. D.) C 

Eddy (M. B. G.) Science and health ; with 
key to the scriptures ... ... ... C 

noTK— The term christian scleim reluteg to the aclenee 
of heallDB the iick and dlKuiied through mlad demon- 
nrsted on a divine boftb— aa applied to hunwnEFv. Tt 
lr«chea that matter li thefBlslCy,aotthe[act.o[ t 
- - ■.hrsiD. luDga. etc. have 

.Kstrow (J., Prof.) Fact and fable ii 


ftt IwllalHiltea to-doy— 

fch pnychoiom tlirona 

or aell-deceptlan. itluMratiiig both by experiencea of 
iD4Cvli11jf relaled la madlnmlstlc play a 

Wyld (G., M.D.) Mesmerism, hypnotism, 
christian science and mind healing ... B 

Their offlnltlea and (heir ditlsrenlialloDa. 

Christian year. By Keble (J.) ... C !>0H, C 
Ckrittlaflity :— 

Apologetics, evidences. 
Alexander (W., Bishop) Witness of the 

psalms to Christ and Christianity ... C 
Arnold (M.) God and the Bible ; a sequel. C 

KOTE— SetiewB the oblectlona to hla "Lltenilure and 
dngma." and holda that the Bible must stand by Iti own 
inherent value. Ill adaptation to the higher need* of 
humanity — not by extemol evldencea. 

— Literature and dogma ... ... ... C 

SOTB— Criticinn. from a naturalistic standpoint, o( popu- 
br chriirtlBDily. In which it i* Bhou-n that the doirmallc 

Bible. Moinlsina that there In In the old tesiomenl the 

<tf ihe relljtion toaiwied by Christ pomea from his liaving 

wllaenss to God. 

Bnsbnell (H., D.D.) Nature and the super- 
natural as together constituting the one 

system of God C 

NOTB-AtMmpt to eatablisb the credibility and blBloric 


luutMuinlnjfiil] thai In noutfht tor the chrlallan revelalioi: 

Butler (J., Bishop) Analogy of religion. 

The Imuling 
... I..L n,.i^uii>iiJDS or Bulirr Is 
: i'urre^>ondeiicB between tho 

natural and revealed 

prioclple which pot\ 

that Ihere in a mon _. 

DMuiol worfa) and iheconsiiiutloD oT maa than ii 
monly imnffltied. 

Oaillard (E. M.) Progressive revelation ; or, 

through nature to God C 4.5(1 

NOTE— Atlempls to make clear tlio rt'lntionabip between 
cbrlHtlan tailh and wiener. 

Carpenter (W. R., Bishop) Permanent ele- 
ments of religion C 2U 

NOIR,— The elemonts are "dependence,' "leUownhip." 
and "praifrexs," the pennnnence ol which, the author 
HhowB, depfnds on the liiwa of environment. orgBQlsni. 
■ocrlHi-o. and of IndirectncBH. Tlie work la basetTun the 

side by aide with lulamlsm and Buddhi'™. "'*■"" '^ 

DnimmnnU (J,, LL,D,) Via, Veritas, vita. O 4.')1 

NOTB Seeks to doiluce Irom the new lealnmtvt Ihe fun- 
dnmental and e«8entl»1 leoj-hlnKa ot llie uoHpeL and to 
exhibit thaw roots from whicli Ihe various forms ol 
thenloity and pnictlcchaveaprung in areordance witli the 
growing or dnt-iinlnn culture nnd the predomtnnnl senti- 
ment 0( eucreiuive ages. 

Farrar (F. W.. Dean) Witness of hialory to 

Christ C 4S2 

NOTE -Tbe object is to dlxcuwi the cnu'va— moral and 
inlellerlual-otthepro~wntdfteclion Irom Ihe fiilih which 
our (iitheis held ; to ahow that neither philosophy nor 
crKielam haa abttkenonelrulhorchriallanlty : toahowthe 
extent of ila iodividual. social, and |H>1lilcnl vlclorlex. and 
thua lodemonilrste Ihe witncua borne by history loihe 
fslth of Christ. 

Gregory (0., LL.D.) Letters on the eviden- 
ces, doctrines and duties of the christian 

religion C 455 

Guizot(F.P.G.) Meditationssurl'etatactuel 

de la religion chrotienne. [/» French^. C 4,'t6 
Harrison (A, J., Rev.) Ascent of faith ; or, 
the grounds of certainty in science and 

religion C 4.58 

— Repose of faith in view of present-day 

difficulties C 4,'iy 

NOTB— The author'H aim Is to cncouraiie and cheer In 
spiritual conflict, parlleubrly in reference to present-day 
rellKlouB difflcullles. 

Holland (H. 8., Uanim) Pleas and claims 

for Christ : sermons C 564 

Hort (F. J. A., D.D.) The way, the truth, 

the life C 4G0 

Iveraeh (J., Prof.) Christianity and evolu- 
tion C 476 

NOTB— Eiposltioi and rriticlsm of Ihe evolution theory. 

Kaye (J., Bishop) The firat apolog}' of Jus- 
tin Martyr addressed to the emperor An- 
toninus Pius C 461 

With some account of hla wrillnga and opinions. 

McKinney [S. B. G.) Science and art of 
religion 0477,0 478 

NOTE— Evidences of Christianity, written In explanation 
of the meaninK of the chriatlon reliirton aa profesned by 
ordinary atudenls ; opposed to the theory of evolution. 

Mansel (H. L., Dean) Limits of religious 
thought C 444 

NOTE— Deals with man's knowledge ot Ood. and alma to 
meet tbe crll Iriama of Deists upon tbe conceptions ol Div I ne 
morality embodied In some Jewish and Chnninn doctrines. 
Arguen that belief in Ood la iwunnable, although our con- 
ceptlons of the Deity are Inadequate ; that our reUgioua 

Buefs are founded rather i 

oa not only possible. 


CkrlMwaliTi— continued. 

Paley(yf.,Arclideaeon) Evidences of Chris- 
tianity C 

NOTB-Stalnneiit of hliitoricBl prootK ot (he chHstiUD 
rcli^on. and tounda uvunieiitii for the truth of the whp- 
tureii preciiiely upon poiata nvhlch hod been conaldered 

Piiscal (B.) Pensees ; cont«nant les lettres 
et opuscules, la Tie de Pas<!al,parsaBGeur. 
[In Fi-eiich.] C 

NOTE— A sTBlemndc work od tlie tundumenlfJ truttiH of 
rdlgton ODd the evldeDceH o[ clirlntlnnlly. 
Pi-essense (E. D. de, D.D.) Ancient world 
and chrixtianity ; transt. Ity Holniden...C 

NOTB-StBtw the leadiDB trutbs of clirliittiiDlty and 
maiDtuina that lbs orl^nality ajid Buperlorily of the 
chn«tiaDdocIriDetricl«u'ly cKlabliHhsdby an eiUDlnaliOD 
of lunecedent relij^oun i^'iiteTiis. for FunTHBR KVTB. 
LOOK UNDER Rellirloa— QiiiiixirnfM'c. 

Row(C. A., PreiMw/aJ^)CliriBtian evidences 
in relation to modern thoug'lit ... ... C 

;-DeaiH i 

iiiitiBDlty n 
meat and tl 

h the< 

LC«L Id 


If Iha life I 

d thai [he I'nulloe euiKtl™ tono the very 
obfenlons lo the evidence of chrintliui minified 

Smith (S.) Credibility of the christian relig- 
ion ; or, thoughts on modern rationalism. C 474 

™ .. ... [licalaspeclaot chrtiitl- 

NOTB— Comiden 

!t the 

Tertulliaii (Q. S.) Apology on Iwbalf of the 

christians ; transl. by Reeve C 409 

NOTB— Avindlcntioa of tbecbrlalUnrhurchavalniittalM 

C 470 
C 141 

Wace (H., Prebendary) Christianity and 

FOR NOTB. LOOK UNDER AgnostlFfllin. 

— The gospel and its witnesses : some of 

the chief facta in the life of our Lortl.. 

Watson (F„ Rev.) Defenders of the faith 

or, the christian apologists of the second 

and third centuries 

Apostolic age and early chriatiunity. 

NOTB 'Intended to BUbventbe foundations of pflRonlnn 
and to eilabbsb those of chrisliantty, and to refute the 
opinion that the captura ot Rome m Alarlc. with other 
imbimlllea of lbs empire, ■kbh vauMd by tbe prevalence of 
the new relmloo. 

Backhouse (E.). and Tylor (C.) Witnesses 
for Christ [3;(7-122y] 

NOTB'Quaker view of chureh blHtory. and I* a continu. 
atlon of " Eurly church hi«lory." 

Capes (J. M., Rev.) Church of the apostles. 

NOTE— Inquiry Into the dally life, the oplnlonx and beliefs 
new lest anient wetv addrcswd. 

Conybcare (F. C, Editor) Apology and acts 
of Apollonius 

NOTE-Olven au InslBbt lota tbe practical worlUni of 
ehrlstlonity durinij Ihe flret three centurie" of Uh history. 

Farrar {F. W., Dean) Early days of Chris- 
tianity. 2v , 

Another edition in one I'olinne . 

cent^ during 

C 471 
C 390 

C 677 

C 716-7 
C 718 

I- idL ceiiL., uuring 
iwH. tbe Catholic 


epistles and Ihe Apocalypse 
tent IbiH work Is oconllnuBlK 
" Life and work of HI. Paul." 

Gilbert (G. H., Prof.) Revelation of Jesus : 
a study of the primary sources of Chris- 
tianity 1 

1Diri»ti»nnf— continued. 

Giles (J. A., Rev.) Apostolical records of 

early Christianity C 

FOB NOTB. LOOK ukuer Bible— A^rui Trttamfnl. 

Milinan(H.H.,Z)*ttn) History of Christian- 
ity ,fromthebii-th of Christ to theabolition 
of paganism in the Roman empire. 3 v.... C 

Newman {J. H., Cardinal) Primitive 
Christianity. In /iis "Historical sketches." M 

Priestley (J., LL.D.) History of the cor- 
ruptions of Christianity... ... ...C 

Contains considerations Id evidence that Ihe apostolic 
and primitive chun-h was unliorlon. 

Puller (F. W.) Primitive saints and the See 
of Rome C 

Stanley (A. P., Dean) Sermons and essays 
on the apostolical age C 

Stone (C. J.) Christianity before Christ ; 
or, prototypes of our faith and culture... C 
Compared with other religions. 

Baring-Gould (^8., Rev.) Originand develop- 
ment of religious belief. 2v C 

FOR NOTB. LOOK UNDER Beligloll— BlMerF. 

Berry (T. S., D.D.) Christianity and Budd- 
hism : a comparison and a contrast ... C 

Cobbold (6. A.) Religion in Japan : Shinto- 
ism, Buddhism, Christianity C 

Davids(T. W. R., hh.a.) Buddhism : a sketch 
of the life and teachings of Gautama, the 
Buddha C 

Farrer (J. A.) Paganism and Christianity... C 


religion and m 

. _ ichtef by con- 

Haweis'tH." R^'Re™)' LighTof the ages ... C 

The pre.cbriiillan religions o! Asia, Alrico, and l^rope. 

Hort(F.J,A.,D.D,) Judaistic Christianity ... C 

NOTE- The object Is lo trace tbe procoiw by which the 
church KTaduolly emancipated itself from JudaiOD. 

Lilly (W. 8.) Claims of Christianity ...C 

NOTE-Eiaminea the rehittonship t»tweea Chrtstlaaily 
Uld Buddhism. Christianity and Mobammedanlam. Traces 
the nature and effects of the alliance lielween the catholic 
and the christian state In tbe middle age*, and dlacnsses 
the effect of the renaiuonce and tbe refonnalion on Ilie 
ciMbolIc churi'h, 
Maurice (F. D.,Rev.) Religions of the world 

and their relations to Christianity ... C 
Molloy (J. F.) Faiths of the peoples. 2 v.... C 

liglous beliefs— Jews. MabatiiTnedans,lIethodlsts. Sweden- 
borglans. Friends, Solvation Army, etc, 

Robertson (J. M,) Christianity and myth- 
ology C 

NOTE— Demoastrates that the myths of Krishna ore older 
than Ihe myths of Christ, and that Christendom bos de- 
rived many of its principal features and dootrinCM from 
HludoelaD by way of Buddiam, FOB FURTHER NOTES. 
LOOK UNDXIt Jesus Christ. Uythology. 

Arcanus, jiaend. Modem Christianity and 
modern spiritualiam judged by the teach- 
ings of Jesus Christ B 



with the teachings ol 

and creeds taught by the churcb. 

Arnold (M.) God and the Bible : aseqael.. 
— Literature and dogma 

yoB NOTES i,O0K UNDEB Chrlatlaolty— Jpodwrflct. 



ChrfttiMlty— ^v>ii^i /I nal. 

Dale (R. W, D.D.) Christian doctrine ...C 377 
NOTl Kipouiids the prlni;tp»l dactriiwiol tbe ctihMlaD 

Neaiider (A., D.D.) History of christian 
dogmas. 2v C 385 

Newman (J. H., Cardinal) Essay on the 
development of christian doctrine ... C 380 

NOTB—UediavH] cbrinlaDity is IhrDugtioutileclnmlHiid 
arKued to be Ihe only Irue asd pertebl rplli[lan of (^hrlxt. 
Ii wu during tbe publication oltbe "DeTeropment" that 
^ewniBi] wu rerelred mio the Roman euthoUc church. 

We8t«ott (B. F.. Biahop) Gospel of life : 
thoughts introductory to the study of 

christian doctrine C 389 

Social as})ects. 

Carpenter (R.L.) Personal and social Chris- 
tianity [Unitarian point of view]. ... C 632 

Commerce and Christianity D 47(1 

NOTB— Tbe ptopiMittoa in that a precise, deflnile, and 

direct application o[ rsliniouii principles to our comnur- 

cial BlTain is the irreat need ol our timea. and attempts to 

indii-ate the only way Id which It can be to applied on an 

adequate and elfeetivB ecule. 

Gladden (W.) Applied Christianity : moral 

aspects of social questions D 471 

FOB KOTB. LOOS DNl>Ell Socialism— CAWrflan, 
Hughes (H. P..Rev.) Social Christianity... C 627 

NOTE— Atlmiplii to Bhow thai the social failure of chris- 
tianily la not the fault of rhrialiiLnity or of ChriM, bul of 
cbriftiiuiBwliDliavebeenselflHhlylDdlvidualislic. Appeals 
for the co-operation of aU chrtHtlana to abolish slavery. 
druukeaDess. ttimbllnK, war, ond irenerDlly to promote 
■Dcial fhrlstianily. 

Onienil works and crilidsin. 
Bettanj (G. T.) The christian religion. In 

/(IS " World's religions " C M 

Cox(SirG.W.} Latin andTeutonicchristeii- 

dom : an historical sketch C 835 

NOTB— Deals with tbe two maiD pillars of tbe Lalin 
rhurrh-moniuitlclsm and tbe papacy: its growth and 
LIS supporters. Also deals with the lite and missions of 
Mnhometand the protest of Teutonic against Lalin chrls- 

Crozier (J. B.) Historyof intellectual devel- 
opment, on the lines of modern evolution, 
vol.1 M 12 

liKlon and to Imce Ibe coune of human tliouKbt from the 
days of Thalea to the final triumph of Christianity. Aims 
to Hhow how changes in relli^an if not In pbilosopby bave 
unirormlvund of necessity advanced morality. Condemns 
modern tboosopby. 

De Quincey (T.) Christianity as an organ of 
political movement. In his Works, vol. 8. K 909 

Fairbairn (A. M., D.D.) Place of Christ in 

modern theologj- C 380 

NOTE— A vivid summary of church history. Starts on 
the principle that chrietian tliaology must tw based on the 
coDVlooioieM of Christ and From tbe fact that the histori- 
cal Christ is only now being rerovered from human know- 
ledge and faltb. 

Forrest (D. W., D.D.) Christ of history and 
of experience C C81 

NOTE— DIecuHea the relation between the historical facts 
on which Christianity Is bused and christian morality. 

Harnack (A., Prof.) What is Christianity ? C 457 

NOTE— A Study of the gospel and its history, in which the 
author gives a Ktalement of tbe teaching of Jesus Christ 
and traces tbe idea of Christ In the churches. Examines 

chrisIlnDity.' Regards tbe history of ibrislianily an to 

tbe gospel, pnt forward m the « 

CllrittlMlty— i-(^»//f I lied. 

Haweis (H. R., Rev.) Christ and Christi- 
anity. 5 V. 

Vol. 1.- Light of tbe ages (Asia, Africa. Europe) 

Vol. a,-Ktory otihefour levangelists) 

Vol. 3.-l>icture of Jesus itbemastrr) 

Vol. J.-Pktureof PaulilhediBclplei 

Vol. ."i.— The conquering cross (the church 1 

Hughes (H. p.. Rev.) Essential Christianity. C 625 

SOTE. -Uolds thai Christianity is misunderstood by all 
I'liuses, unil aims lo bring about n l>ctter undemtanding of 
.V. ..._.. —1 . „ -«.-imans, andlbe 

il of all m 

what din 

as of the I 

religion .. 
nit. co-operatlOD 

ic Virain Alary, Chi 

the aisciplcB. and ucuis w 

ihip of 

e union may lie ocbievM. 

James {C, jiseud.) Curiosities of christian 
history prior to the reformation ... C 

NOTE— Begins with the Vimn Mary, f^-'^ 
clflilon, the apostles the oiaclples. ai 

early church custor— '-•- ' — 

history of marlyrs. 

relics, the monks i ..,_ 

legends, crusodeoi. sacred jiainlei 

Laing (S.) Religion of the future — agnostic- 
ism and Christianity. In his "Pi-oblems 
of the future " K 

Lecky (W.E.H.) History of European morals B 262 

NOTE- Dealswilh the growth of the spirit of cbristlanlly 
and Its iuHuence upon ths position of woman In Europe. 

Mackintosh (W., d.d.) Natural history of 
the christian religion C 

NOTE-Atlempl8 to trace the origin of Christianity to the 
common religious instinct working under tbe inllnence of 
natural forces and amid historical conditions The author 
cannot accept the synoptic gospels an ins)>ired records or 
even as historical dorumentx. but as mythical hisluries 
from wbleh he attemiits to deduce the i/eneral outline of 
norallty and 



Maclear(G.F.,D.D.)Conversionoflhe West. 

The Cells C 798 I The Engliih C 7M 

Tlie Northmen C HOD | The Slavs C 801 

Mallock (W. H-) Amatem- Christianity. In 
his Studies of con teinporarj- superstition. C lit) 

NOTE~The author crilicises Mrs. Uumphrey Ward's 
" Robert Klsmere." 

Martineau (J., D.C.L.) Studies of Christian- 
ity : aseriesof papei-s [Unitarian view], C 462 
Milman (H. H., D.D.) History of Latin 
Christianity ; including that of the popes 
to the pontificate of Nicolas V. 9 v. ... C 857-65 

NOTE -The author is very lair in his treatment of the 
popee and of their policy. Gives an uccount of the estab- 
fishment and urowlb of monastic institutions, and monaa- 
tlo orders, and de:rribes the struggle between the pope 
andlheemperor.n tbe time of Gregory vn. ; alio glVM a 
goodoccounlof the lending systems of the BcboJustTc age. 

Momerie (A. W., LL.D.) Defects of modern 

Christianity, and othersermons C 579 

Neander (A., D.D.) History of the christian 
- religion and church, 10 v. [Evangelical 

view] C 689-98 

Pember (G. H.) The church, the churches, 
and the mysteries ; or, revelation and 
corruption C 367 

NOTE— Investi gal Ion of the meanlDg and Mrlplural idea 
of tbe "church and the practical bearings of thai mean- 
ing. Aims 10 show what conditions and behaviour the 
scriptures require of those who would be members of tbe 

Reade (W.) Martyrdom 

NOTB--Attacks cbristianily and 
main charge is thai tbe doclricei 

.M 25 




ChrMltiiitt— continued. 

Robertson {J. M.) Christianity and myth- 
ology C 

NOTB — Urges Ibe mythical rharacter of ths twelve 
apoatlM. ConPludmlhiit ihefoundBrofPlirlatlanity never 
cxinted : that nil thnt in relatively hiifh in JuiUiinn le 
lorced or ifriLFIed on theprimlllveidearromnfithaut ; thai 
every salient item in youpel hintory Is mylhlciil and 
adapted from the pagan principle of n dlvine-tiunuin 
ucriQce ; tfaal cbiisliiLnlty on the elLical aide it merely a 

■ ■ ■ ite Grfficoje wish and Oen- 

e book is devoted loa de- 
II myth Ib older [ban the 

MytholOKy. RobertBiin, 

Ryle (J. C, Rev.) Okl patha 

Statementa on name oE the weitflilieT mailer 
(ianity from the Blundpninl of un evHUBellcal el 

Slater (W. F., Rev.) Faith and life of the 
early church ... ... ... ... C 

church. Delenda the view that Calboiic chriHiiaoily wan 
the rt«ull ol Gentile ehtiKtIanlty. To Bomc eitent the 
work ia a defence ol Wealeyanlmn a^lnHt Roman and 
adkUcod preletwioDiL 

StnbbB (C. W., Dean, Editor) ChristuB 
Imperatov C 

NOTE — Lecttinw by typical leaden ol the modem "Broad 
church" n-hool. The ([enernl object ol the lectui-eBmny 
be lald to claim that the iden of Jeaua Chrlal should 
domlnaWthe whole Held of thought and u-iian— art. law. 
philosophy, elhicn, polilica, ncience, and poelry. The 
claim to the comprehenmvenena of the church ol England 
i» urged by Home 1 wilh argument by olben. 

Tolstoi (L. N., Count) My confeaaion and 

the spirit of Christ's teaching C 

Also in Fretich C 

Wilberforce (W.) Practical view of the pre- 
vailing religious sj'stem of professed 
Christiana, contrasted with real chris- 
C 483,0 

8. Church history. Dogma, Ood, 



Religion. Theology. 

Christian's mistake. By Craik (Mrs,) ... F 2030 

Christie (A. M., Editor). LOOK under BUlow 

{Baroness von). Perez (B.) 
Christie Johnstone. By Reade (C.) ...F69tf7, F 6988 

Christie's Christmas. By Pansy F (J599 

Christie's faith. By Robinson (F. W.) ... F 7272 
Christina, Qiieeti of Sired^i. In Russell (W.) 

Eccentric personages L 129 

Christine of the hills. By Pemberton (M.)... F 6798 
ChriBtlieb(Theodore,D.D.) Indo-British opium 

trade and ila effect B 305 

Christmas books. By Dicken8(C.)F2307,F2308, F 2369 
Christmas books. By Thackeray (W. M.) 

F 8252, F 8253, F 8254 
Christmas carol. By Dickens (C.) F 2370 

AUO IN CbriHtmaa booke. P £397. F 230). F 2380. 

Christmas carols, new and old ; edited by 

Bramley Kwd Stainer J 825 

Christmas child. By Moiesworth (Mrs.) ... F 6098 

Christmas hamper. By Lemon (M.) F ,'►204 

Ohri8tma8hireling8.ByBraddon(M.E.)F1179,F 1180 
Christmas oratorio. ByBach(J.S.). Vocfdacore. J 747 
Christmas-tree land. By Moiesworth (Mi-s.)... F 6099 

Christopher. By Shipton (H.) F 7723 

Christopher Kenrick. By Hatton (J.). F 39(W, F 3;K)9 
Christopher Tadpole. By Smith (A.) ... F 7831 

Christophers (S.W., Rev.) Hymn writers and 

their hymns... C 505 

Christowell. By Blackmore(R.D.) ...FIOIO.F 1011 

Christ's victory and triumph in heaven and 

earth,overandafterdeath. By Fletcher (G.). C 506 

ChristuB. By Mendelssohn (F.). Vocal score... J 7Sr> 

Christuslmperator; edited by Stubbs ... C 634 

FOB KOTB. LOOK L'NDBR Chriatloniiy— OflKnil uvr):!. 

Christy Carew. By Laffan (M.) F 5081 

Chromatics. LOOK UNDER Colour. 
Chronicle of Golden Friars. By LeFanu(J.8.) F 516.^ 
Chronicles of Barsetshire. By Trollope (A.) 

7r ordtr of Ihtlr tiqutnct. 

-The warden F 835a | 4.— Framley pareonaje ... F IBW 

-Barcbe«ter towen ... F 83^7 .l.—SiDollhouxe at AUmgton.F 83110 
-DoctorThome F saSB i 0.- last chronicle of Bamet. F B,1lil 

Chronicles of Canongate. By Scott (Sir W.) 

F7642, F7G43,F 7644 
Chronicles of Clovernook. By JerroUUlX)... F 4761 
Chronicles of Count Antonio. By Hope (A.) 

F 4300, F 4;W1, F 4;J02, F 4.^<t3 
Chronicles of Dustypore. By Cunningham 

CH. S.) F 2264 

Chronicles of Faeryland. By Hume (F. W.) 

F 4467, P 4468 
Chroniclesof no-man's land. By Boyle (F.) ... M 7^ 
Chronicles of Teddy's village. By Hickson 

(Mra. M.) F 4170 

Chroniclesof the Schtinberg-Cotta family. By 

Charles (Mrs. E.) , ... F 1692 : 

Chroniques de la mer. ParSouvestre(E.). [In ' 

J'mtcft] K1701 

Oironograms. 7nWheatley(H.B,) Ahagrams. K 65 
' ironological synopais of the four gospels. 

By Wieseler [K.) ; transl. by Venables ... C 301 
Chranolofly :— 

the chronology and history of the world 
to 1856 ; revised and enlarged by Rosse. M .10 
Deacon's Book of dates : manual of the 

world's chief historical landmarks ... M 31 
Jackson (L.) Ten centuries of European 

progress M1524 

FOR NOTE. I.OOE: UKDBH Europe— fiVtforii, 
Jennings(A.C., Rev.) Chronological tables: 
synchroniatic arrangement of the events 
of ancient histoiy [B.C. 753 to B.C. 1]... M 1313 
Cbi-onos : motberearth's biography. By Wood 

(W.) G 991 

Chrysostom (Saint) ; — 

Hood (E. P.) Chrysostom : the throne in 
the early church. /» liis " Throne of 
eloquence" C 531* 

Alio In FarrarlF. W.. Dcam Lives ol Ihe fathers. voL 3. 
L 'HI i Newman (J. H., (iirdlaal) Biatarical sketches, 
voL^ M 43: Wilaon (W, Bev.) Popular preachers of the 
ancient church. L S3. 

Chrystabel. By Worboise (E. J.) F 9274 

Chrystal (G., LL.D.) Algebra. 2 v. ... G 170 

Church (A. H., Prof.) Acids, alkalies, soap. 

Jirit. ttiami/fic. imlust. 
-Chemistry of paints and paintings 

-Colour: manual for students 

-English earthenware 

-English porcelain 

-Food-grains of India 

-Food : its sources, constituents, and uses,. 






Church (A. H., Prof.) — continu«i. 

— Plaia words about water G 656 

— Precio OBstoQesconBi dered intheirBcientific 

and artistic relations G 849 

Church (A. J., Rev.) Works :— 

BnTnlnx of BoDie [Kero's dnyx] P i'!^ 

Carthacs ; or. Ilie empiie of Africa [B^. USO-IUJ ... U 1512. U 1513 

L'huitry ptieat or Barnst (Won oC the Roae*] F 1738 

CoDot ot ths Saxon ■bore CDepartiire of Romans from Biilaln] F 17^ 

Early Britain (B.C. »HBai M 1772. M 1773 

Henry the 0[lh L3T&, L 378 

Bomao UFe^ln the days at Cicero. H 3S& 

(rom Homer [Siege of Troy] 

.C.]-M HM 


Arielophaneii. Philemon. Dlul _,__ 

POBtnrrs. look CNDEROreek literature, 
Storle* trom the Greek Iragedlana 

iiLUenander. ApoUodoma. 

... E Z133 
... M IHOI 

... M 1502 

F 172M 

...L 157 

9]... M 1535 

...C 546 

... K 1»24 

. .'BNOTK. LOOK VNDBB Herodotui. 

Storia of the maclckaia 

FOBNOTK. LOOK UMDKB Persian lllerature. 
Story of the but dayi of JerusLlem. from Joeephui 

HUiry o( the Odyaaey [of Home^ 

Slory of the Fentan war. Irom Herodotiu 

FOSNont. LOOK UNDBU Penla-HWory. 

'Aitbelioiis [Early chrlitlaoB] 

Traveller'e true tale [A tnnii]atianofLDclaD'8''Ven 

Tvo ihoiuaod Tears aso (Rome] 

With Ihe king at Oiford [Civil war, 1U2] 

—, ITransi.'}. look under Tacitus. 

Church (R. W., Dean) Bacon 

— Beginning of the middle ages [406-999], 

— Cathedral and universitjr sermons... 

— Dante and other essays 

cONTBltTa--I>aa(e. WilllBm Wordawortb. "So 

—Discipline of the christian character 

— Human life and its conditions : sermons... C 548 

— apenser L 1204 

— Village sermons. 2v C .'>49 

Chui-ch (M. C.) Life and letters of Dean 

Church (William C.) Ulysses S. Grant ... L 452 

Church, The, otherwise known as " The Tem- 
ple." By Herbert (G.) K 427. K 428 

Church and new century problems ; edited by 
Hocking (W. J.) D 

Church andstate. LOOK UNDERGreatBritain — 
EfT.leniaat ica I. 

Church and the ministry. By Gore (C.) ...C 

-An apology tor what ' - - - 





. The 1 

if England towanlii nan -episcopal 

a tlien 

lut hI 

Church and the stage. By Hudson (W. H.)... B 297 
'Church bells' album of notable churches 

of the city of London, and suburbs ,,, M ^75 
Church decoration. In Leland(C. G.) Useful 

arts and handicrafts. 2v H 30-1 

Church folk-lore. By Vaux (J. E.) D 1101 

Early hintwy and (ipoatoUc age. 

SOTB.- Intended to subvert the (oundatlon« ot paiomlMin 
aod toealaUiHh thove ol chrlitianlty. 

BackhouBe(E.),n»M/Tylor(C.) Early church 
historj' [to the year 337] C 

AttempU to identify early cbrlHllaDity vilh 

rm, and seeks to ahow bow often early teachers. 
! jDlbe rlubtand thecburcb 

MtiKmatlzed aa 

liunrii history— conftnuAJ. 

Benson (E. W., JrcAip.) Cyprian: bis life, 

his times, his work L 247 

Burton (W,,D.D.)ApoBtolic fathers; with an 
introduction comprising a history of the 
christian church in the first and second 
centuries. 2 V C 711 


Capes (J. M., Kev.) Church of the apostles. C 837 

NUTB-Inqulry into Ibe dally UfclheopinloDH and beliefs 
of Ihe aeveral communltlee to u'blch tbe eplsllet of Ibe 
Mew TulDment were addretwed. 

Conybeare (F. C, Editor) Apology and 
acts of Apollonius and other monuments 
of early Christianity C 714 

NOTE—Olvni on iDBlgbt Into Ibe practical working of 
cbrlatlanlty during the first three centuriea of llsbiirtory. 

Eusebius. Ecclesiastical history [b.c. 31 to 

A.D. .H37] ; transl. by Cruse C 715 

Farrar {F.W., Z>«in) Darkness and da«n.., F 2858 

NOTB - Early Btruggle ot the church with pagan Inn and 

—Gathering clouds. F 2861 

NOTE SbouH bow the world relnvaded and partly 
trlumplicd over the nominal church. A continuation of 
'-Darkneu and dawn." 

— Lives of the fathers : sketches of church 

history and biography. 2t L230-1 

POK CONTBNTS. LOOK UNDER Blugrapblea— Prlllrr(tir. 

— Saintly workers C 680 

NOTE— Live* of men ae ideoJa of work in the falatory of 
the cbriiitlan (.-hun>b. 

Foakes-JackBon (F. J.) History of the chris- 
tian church to a.d. 337 C 719 

Hawei6(H. R., Rev.) Conquering cross (the 

church). [A.D. 1-258] C 720 

Hort (F. J. A., D.D.) Judaistic Christianity. C 722 

rburcb gr.idually emancipated Itaelf frcni Judalnn. 

Kaye (J., Bishiqi) Ecclesiastical history of 
the second and third centuries, illus- 
tratedfromthewritingsofTertullian... C 723 
— Some account of the writings and opinions 

of Clement of Alexandria C 724 

NOTE— Dexigned to collect thme petaageti cf Clement'H 

wrltlngH which illuatrate the hititory. the doctrines, and 

the practice of ihe early ehrlstian church. 

Lamson (A., d.d.) Church of the first three 

centuries ; or, notices of the lives and 

opiiiionsofsomeoftheearly fathers ;with 

special reference to the doctrine of the 

Trinity; edited by Abbot arid lerson ... C 725 

NOTB-Wntten from Ihe unitarian alandpolnt to enable 
readers to obaervGlhc gradual develO[.meat of Trinitarian 
Neander (A,, D.D.) Planting and training of 

thechristianchurchbytheapoBtles. 2v..,. C 727 
Newman (Cardinal) Arians of the fourth 

century : doctrine, temper, and conduct. C 786 

Plummer(A., D.D.) Church of the early 
fathers C 728 

HOTB— Deala with the progrene of the church in Ihe 
atlempt to become universal. Tlie Bketi'h Is llmiled (o tbe 
Anli-Meene period or more eiactly from A.D. 9» to aia. 

Poole (G. A.) Life and times of Saint 
Cyprian L 248 

Ramsay (W. M., Prof.) Church in the Roman 
empire before A.D. 170 C 729 

rNOTE—DeaU wllb (be wene ol St. Paul's labour.and 
attemplB to determine tbe route taken by Hi. Panl on bis 
flrsl journey from tbe Pisldlan Antloch to Iconium. De- 
si-rltea tbe social and polilical condltioD of Asia Uinor In 


Ramsay {W, M,, Prof.) — continued. 

the middle of Ibenrnt cent. 

le roultof (m "uDwritt^nioliry' 



trTOWiDK duuter of cbrluiauity I 

Slater (W. F.. Rev.) Faith and life of the 
early church C 

FOR NOTE. LOOS [TNDER CbiiKlluilty— UinAiil work: 

Socrates. HiBt«i-y of the church [305-439]. C 

Atlolphua (0., Rev.) Ecclesiastical history 
[a.D. 3;1-1689], In his " Compendium 
theolo^icum" C 

Allen (J. H., D.D.) Christian history in its 
three great periods. 3 v. 

Vol. 1.-Earl7 chrtatlonlty C 874 I Vol. S.-Modeni pluwM 
VoL 2.— The middle a«ea ... C STB | 

Backhouse (E.), and Tylor (C.) Witnesses 
for Christ from 337 to 1229 

A contiaualiim of " Early church hinlcirv," C 713. 

Baring-Gould (S., Rev.) Origin anddevelop- 
ment of religious belief. 2 v C 

NOTE.—O Ives the church on equal. iCnotiiuDertor.iLutba- 
rtty to the Bcripturek Drava dtatin 
cwWlc- -■ -■ - 

It aivuei for (heir n 

iclpBtet a re-anton of tlie AngllcRn. R< 

Oraek cburcbee (reed from p«ps] domiDatlon, 

et a re-anton of tlie AngllcRn. Roman, *Dd 

Bright (W., Canon') Waymarks in church 
history ,,, ... ... ,,. ... C ■ 

NOTK—Throwa light on the aympBthlea, antipathies, uid 
bellefa of the typicid Ancfllcsn thoologUji. The aubjecia 
cover the whole range ot church hiatorytrom Iremem Ui 
Archbp. lAud HUd the prewnt day quearlon at aecular 
emplojmeat for the clergy. 

Bryce(Rt, Hon. J.) Holy Roman empire 
[B.C. 27 to 1871] M2' 

HOTB— strong In the relntlona of Qermuiy uidiBome 
in the middle nKca. 

Clarke(J. F.) Events andepochsin religious 
history ... ,., ... ... ... C 

MOTB-DeiaBwlththe early chrlallui church; alHO with 
the pheDomena of monastic laniiiutlous Snl appHLrlng In 
ethnic nlltfODI and oflerwarda reappearing In Christian- 
ity. Show) the InUaence exerted on the courae of evcnta 
by Atiffiutlne, Anwhn. St. Bernard, .tavocarola, Luther. 
Loyola and Weatey. American unitarian point of view. 

Cox(G.W.) I^tin and Teutonit: Christendom. C 

NOTE— Deal* wlththeiBomalnpi liars at the lili n church, 

Also deala with the Ifle aoci mlsalonB of Mabtnaet and the 
proleet of Teuton IG ocaln 9t Ijitln chrlal lonlty . 

Fairbaim (A. M., D.D.) Place of Christ in 
modem theologj' C 

NOTE— A Vivid aummary of church hlatory. Starts on 
the principle that chrliClanlheolotrymtutbelaied on the 
conaclouanen ot Christ, and from the fact that the hietorl- 
cal Chrlat I9 only now being recovered for human know- 
ledge and lalth. 
Howitt (W.) Popular history of priestcraft. 

NOTB— Survey of prieBlcrnft Mil existed from theearlieat 
periodK. nod ends with an exposition of the condition and 
practice of the Church of [England, and the erron and 
abuMB produced by the union of church and xtate. 

James {Q., pseud.) Curiosities of christian 
history prior to the reformation ... C 

NOTB-Begloa with the Virgin Mary. Chrlat, and the 
crucifixion, the attOHtlen. the dlwlplee. and daOn wllh the 
u.rly church cuatomn, faBta, Imogn wnnhin ihi> i.iir<,.«. 
history of coartyrH. hermiia, the i 

legends, cruaodera. aocred painten 

Jennings {A. C, Rev.) Manual of church 
bistorj-. 2 v C 

NOTB-Tlie aim has been to represent the tteia from an 
ethical rather than a relltcioui slaadpoint, and to exclude 
tbe iDfluence of theologtcal procliTlty. 

Ken (T., Bishup) Prose works C 

Ctwroh WaMn— continued. 

Lecky (W. E. H.) Monachism and rise of 
the monastic 8yst«m. In his "European 
morals," vol.2 B 2(iti 

Mosbeim (J. L. von, D.D.) Institutes of 
ecclesiastical history :ancientandmodem 
[1st and 18th cent.) ; transl. hy Mnrdock 
and Soames. 3 v. C C86-8 

Neander (A., D.D.) History of the christian 
religion and church ; transl. hy Torrey. . 

Vol 1-2.— Three art! centuries ... C 6tO-BO 

Vol. 34.- Second period. .413-590 — C IMl-:; 

Vol. S.-Thlrd period. SBI-ei4 ... C tWS 

VoL e.-Fourth period. ftlfvlOTS. C tttH 

Vol. 7-a-rifth period, I0T4-I2M C 6B.VU 

Vol »-IO.-Blxth period. IISS-ISIT C WT-Ji 

— Memorials of christian life in the early 

and middle ages C G'M* 

— Planting and training of the christian 

church by the apostles. 2v C 727 

Peml>er (G. H.) The church, the churches, 

and the mysteries ...C 3()7 

Piper (F., Editor) Lives of the leaders of 
the church universal, from Ignatius to the 
present time : transl. by Maccrackeu. 2 v. L 21it 

Ranke(L.von) Historyof the popes. C 8G8,C S«*.l 

FOB NOTE. I.O0K UMDKR Roman catholic church. 

Robertson (J. C, Canon) Historj' of the 
christian church. 8 v. 

VoL 1.-A.D. M- 3BS ... C TOO , VoL S.-A.D. 1109-1197 ... C 7IW 

VoL2.-., 3(6-715 ... C701 ! Vol.*.— . 1197-1SI3 ... C 7iir. 

Vol.3.--,. 715- nan ...C 702 I Vol.7.-., I.IOS-lllB ... C TIM 

Vol.4.-.. HSO-IKIH ... C T03 I VoL (I.— ., 1418-1517 ... C 7l'7 

Smith (P.) History of the christian church. 

Vol l.-Flr»t ten centurlea Clio 

VoL 1— Middle ages ; with a summary of the refonnallon to 
Ifllhcent CTIO 

Stanley (A. P., Dean) Lectures on the 
history of the Eastern church ; with an 
introduction on the study of ecclesiastical 
history C 8.'»4 

Wirgman (A. T., D.C.L.) Church and the 

civil power C Ci>)t 

The relatlonsofchnrrb and state historically conaidercd ; 
vlth special reference Id the rextorotion of primitive 
church principles In Iheconslllutlona and canon hiwotthe 
American, Irish. Scottish, and colonial churches. 

ALSO LOOK UNDER Ariana Christianity. Crusades. 
Hugucnota. Irvlngiam. Jesulls. Jews. Ulddle ages. MoDaa- 
terle*. I'erveculiona. Popes. Protestnntism. Reformation, 
and names of various countries, as Great Britain— Brlr- 

Church of England. LOOK UNDBR Great 

Bri tain — Ecclesiast tea I. 
Church of humanitj-. By Murray (D. C.) ... F G258 
Churchill (Charles) Poetical works ; with a 

memoir, hy Hannay, and copious not^s, 

by Tooke. 2 V. ... ■ K 382 

Churchill(J..7'mftsf.). LOOK UNDER Schiller 

(J. C. F. von). 
Churchill (John). In Curwen (H.) History 

of booksellers L 94 

Churchill (Lord Randolph S.) Men, mines, and 

animals, in South Africa [travel in 1891]... M 10(19 
E8cott(T.H.S.)RandolphSpencerChurchill.L 485 
Churchill (Winston) The crisis [American 

civil war] F 1731 

— Ricliard Carvel [Maryland, 18th cent.] ... F 1732 
Churchill (Winston Spencer) London to I^dy- 

smith via Pretoria M244I, M2442 


nmrchill (Wineton Spencer) — cimihiuffl. !('kl, The — ronlimmi. m 

— River war : the rocoiique«t ot theSondun : j Clarke (H. B.) The Cid Campciulor, and the 

tailed by Rhodes [l)*i»6-«]. 2 v... M '2:\V.i-i waning of the crwwent in the west ... L 762 

FOR scTTB-iw.- UNDO 8oud.B. | HenliT ( J. G. vou) DerCid: mit einer ein- 

/.J^ u , ,w-ii- "i,\ tV "\ . ••■*^ "•'■'! leitungtllH-rHei-derund seine Iwdentune 

( hnrchward (William B.) My cunuulate in ,„_ .; .■, „.„ i ■-. , a i,_-ir 

•a^™™ r;, i>i>ii uii vii-}7H' Wr die DetitBche literatnr, von Schmidt. 

Samoa [in 1881-h5] ... ... -1^127^, ^Jn Genmm] K 1070 

(.h,,rchwan ens manual. By Henry (0.) ... C Wt> S^u'theyfR., LL.D.) Chronicle of the Cid. /n 

f hnte (H. >.)Elementary practical phyBics... G Jt,7 ..^^^i^^ ,,„ii^,,^., ,^„^, |>j- Lock hart. K ISfi.l 

C.cen. (Marcus TulhuH) Academic -juestionB, , Ci(jarettVmuker-B romance. By Crawford 

treatisedetmibus,andTusciitandiBputa- ,v w ^ ■' umiin cmw- 

tionn ; literally tranel. by Yoiige ... B .tGit 

— Epistolae ; recenauit J. G. Baiter. [Tauch- 

nitztext]. 2v K litlW 

Cimaliue (GiovaniiiG.). /nMemoruilBof early 
KcniuB L 4G 

-De senectuteet de amicitia cindem By Mathers (H.) ... ... ... F .5SW 

[Text-Oxford clasBicB]... .. ... B ;«« iCi,H,uei>ortH[fr,.m l(l4;t]. By BniTow«(M.)... M 11W5 

— Olltheiiatureof thc^)da; transl. hy Yonjie. B 6bi NOTK-TracM Ihe opefnlioni of nnlurnHoriwfnimthc 

On dJiriDBlion, on fntcon the republic, on 1hpLaiNf^[mflon earllept timpx. nhi^winif hov Ih*' Hoiilb-Kaftori] coamI line 

"UadJDS fof the cansabihlp. ol our MIondliiM been mixlilIod.Shnw.tDo.the ronnechon 

— 0{>era rhetorica ex optiiiiifl liljria inanu- l^mtMid'ihoinSuence'tim^it'''' "'Vl^ll""''"' ™'"''"'*" 

Bcriptis ; recenauit C. L. Kayaer. [Tauch- Icircaaaia i^ 

nitz text]. 2v K 193S j Oliphant (L.) Patriots and fililnistere: or, 

—Oratione8;recognovitC.L.KayBcr. [Tauch- incident* of political and exiiloralorv 

nitBlext.]. 3v K lOiW travel [in 1X54-C] .". M 102 

— Orationes select«e. [Text — Oxford clasHical.B .^70 note-Two poliiiraipamphietHwiih ui nrrouni ot ner- 

A ■-. ... .. -%. . im - .^ . .. .^ umal D/lvpntiin. Aim.. In nhntv Ihaf Iha &>««.«.«; »r 

-Oration. ; liternllj'lransl. by Yoiige. 4 v. K 19JU-3 ClCreS'S cSmi" .S°iT; IS'.'S flSSZ .. 

VoL 1.— CooIiUdii bit tKiidteiiOD rhetorirsl Invent ion. ttie Kniiliih Intemli. nnd that a (crenl minlake wnHmsdeby 

orator, on topics, ud on Ihe best ityle of orator". Dot mrrylna the wiir Into Circawila Iniitend ol the Crimea 

—Oratory and orators ; transl. by Wataon ... K 4t! S™i5l^""' ^"ITT.'.?,' ""..■^'^"1'"5i.'"^'^'''^!.^!!?'?°' 

with tatter, to Qulntu. and Bmtu.. '' j S^7™T*m^h<Sr""" "■"" *^"' "'^' "^ °"'" ■""" 

— Philosopha et politica [Text]. 3 v. ... B365-7 .Circular work in can)entr}- and ioinerj-. By 

De FInibiu bonomm et nuJorum, TuKulsDarum dis- LoUmgS (G.) H 10'.I2 

"vS'z^-iS deoram Vlaiuiil De divinaiiMe Di fct^' ^ ''^ Clrcainiiavigatoiti, English : edited by Pui-ves 

cutomaior. l«bHu» B 36« rttirf Cochrane L 821 

•'-' '--" — "oilt Paradoxn fli-' ""■ "- i _ _ _ 

literallv transl. by Edmonds B .lOH *•*•" =~ 

coMTxsTs-Caiomiijor.aneMaironoidam.. Lni> I Bucke (C.) Ruins of ancient ciliea. 2V....M1309 

rQun°u"™ uS.'S' ti"^°""aHirt '^'t''''"'™"' ^"*" ' A"^"'" "' ""'r '"»■ ''J". ""^ t-rt^eM condition. 

-TnBculanarumdiapulationum. [Text^Ox- Buckley (T. A.) Great citiea of the middle 

ford classics] B .371 *fffH - M15.34 

„,-■ , ,„.,.. FOR fONTBNTS. LOOK UNDBR Earopc— AMurif. 

Biogmjihi/ and Cnlinsm. . Hodder(E.)CitieBof theworld:theirorigin, 

Chnrch (A. J., Prof.) Roman life in the days progress, and present aspect. 4 v. 

of Cicero . M ^'''t ^'^- l-Conntanlinople, Kew York. Aleinndrta. Venice, Am- 

vna vnrv i r^v fKimB^.,.. ii..!._i.ji "* ■■• ■" ~- Merdiun. Melboume.nnd the great lowDiof VtcloTia. Pirli. 

FOR NOTB LOOK tKDBR Rome-^VtffrifiKt. I Rotltrdiun, Bmtoti. Vienna M 87 

Collins (W. L., C«»10ll) Cicero K 11*73 ' Vol. 3.- San Fmnrisco. Rouen. Hsdrld. Cairo, Toronto and 

Davidson (J. L. S.) Cicero, and the fall of the j g'il.'^ ^S'lTuJl^^S^^'aj^'i^i^Cr Peki^ °iS^l: 
Roman repablie L 4ti7 ' t,S''i'"T v i" T v.. ■, ;= , ^ ...una 

o iL ifn \T -t J »i m ii< v.. . ,^Z, Vol.3. JeraRnlem.BrUBm-lH.nndthccilimorBeluluDi. Albenn. 

Forsyth fW.) Life of Marcus TuUlUS Cicero. L 1381 , rhlladelphla. Moi™*. Home. Berlin. CittwofNew Zealand. 

NOTB-J£»kB.«plealnfttyourotClcero,andi.inirtronK I ,.^^'h.f^"*""J'^ '')"'2-, "?^*5™ "i. .,V_. o^...-;- " * 

con^^i.h.het™a.n,entbe.towedupontbenra.orby , ^"D^^M^^u^nTeS:. FS^Jr«?.'^li::SSrki^^.S:2-r<S:^^^^ 

Kayser (C. U, Editor) M. TuUii Cicei-onis ?i^ic^."'S?rn^£?^°fo^Suni,e'iSriS^ 

orationumfragmentaetorationesaupposi- Cities of Egj-pt. By Poole (R. S.) M 1334 

ticiffi ; et ceterorum librorum fragmenta : < . .'^•"Jf ^ look undkr EB)-pi-Dr«rfj;irY. t> ««.« 

index nominum et index librorum Tul- Citizen Bonapj.rte. By Ei-ckmann-Chatnan... F 2740 

lianorum, composuit J. G. Baiter ... K 1937 C^'V^" "' ,"'^ '^°''''- ^^' <*"'^'smith (0.). In 

Panl (H) The father of letters. In his "Men 'roTY^--t«e»^-aa,in;«pbno,;^her.'w;U™„.r;;;* 

and letters K 309 to hIw u nMrndcd nnd wmewhat perplexing vlow of 

Tmllnna (X \ T ifo nf fiiuii-d <> t, T l^iUi ' IhinKn by oiipofinuforeiKn propoMeMlonB lo our own. and 

Irollope ^A.) Lilte ot Uicero. J V, ... L law thuM mrlpiilnB ohjeols ot their emlomary dlngulwii. 

,1S^J?^£?I««t^'de5^Se^hto'!ftV^iSt^o?h^v^J*^^ ' Otltef editiom K930,K 931 

heM byMommsen, UeriTHie. andProudr. Citiiieness Boiiaparto. By Ssiint-Amantl (1. de) L 409 

,&!lu^Hwl>riSlik4r^'TVh'ii«'' ""■ ^''"^'^ CiU>yenne Jacciueline. By Tytler (S.) ... F S501 

Ciil,Tlie[RodrigoDiazdeBivar] Romancero City and suburb. By Riddell (Mrs. J. H.) ... F 7110 

del Cid. [In Spanish} K 1862 |City and suburban. By Warden (F.) ... F 'iio^^ 





City of dreadful night [Calcotta]. By Kipling 

(R,). /n Ais " From aea to sea "' M 

City of dreadful night, etc. By Thomeon (J.). K 
City of God. By Augustine (St.). 2 v. ... C 

FOR NOTB. LOOK UNDBR ChriMianllT— /(pMftJIC mW. 

City of gold. ByMarkwick(E.).F5(;47,F.5048, F 
Cityof refuge. By Besant(SirW.).F8ai,F832,F 
City of sunshine. By Allardyce (A.) ... F 

City of the just. By Terrell (T.) ... F8228,F 
Civil engineering. LOOK UNDER Kngineering. 
Civil government. LOOK UNDER Government. 
Civil law, LOOK Cnder Roman law. 
Civil strviM :— 

Examinatif/tis, etc. 
Bain (A., Prof.) Civil service examinations. 
In hU " Practical esaayB " K 

NOTE— Oives an hlitoiicnlsketcb of competitive eiunln- 
iktiona. Conalden and criticises the Kheme. 

Browne (W. A., LL.D.) Civil service tests 
in ai-ithmetic ...G 

Catton (J. M.) A.B.C. guide to the English 
civil service at home and abroad ... D 

Clarke (A. D., Rev.) Army and civil service 
examination papers in arithmetic ... G 

— Army, Woolwich, and civil service ridei-s. G 

Geometrical problsma §elficted from the eiuniiuttiOD 
paiien oF the Iiut tweoty yean. 

Guide to employment in the civil service. D 
Jacob (T. E.) Civil service reader D 

NOTB— Id tended for tti»u» □[ atudenlH of tbenrlol com- 
position, who have not tltno for eilenalve reading of the 
work) of erent writers. 

— Indexing and precis writing for civil 

service candidates D 

Johnston (R.) Civil service guide D 

Contains piuticulars of every government office with 
specimens of examination papers. 

— Civil service precis D 

Contains initructloQs as lo Indsitng and prtcie-wrltlna ; 

orihograpliy— eopyinjt MS. Arithmetic. Boolt-keBping 
Digest ot returns Into Bmnmarie*. English history. Oa-y 
imipby. Indexing. EnsUshcompositlon.SystemofHludy— 
the competition. 

Yates(W. V.) Civil serviceEnglishgrammar. E 

Criticism o/cii-H service sysUm. 
Baker (T.) A l)attling life, chiefly in the 

civil service 

NOTB -Autobiography ot a civil ssrvant. Kipoees some 
official metbods. 
Marvin (C.) Our public offices D 

►.■mbodying an account ot the dlBclonurc of tbe Anglo- 
BuBstan ftareemenl and the unrevenled secret treaty ot May 
31, 1S7S. i salire on the routine work ot the troveramcnt 
ofhcei. Mainly autotjiORmphicaL 

Civil war. LOOK UNDER Great Britain — Bistory. 
CIvlllZiHM :— 

Adams (B.) Law of civilization and decay. M 

NOTB— The author's thfory is, Ibat the operationn of the 

_,.,.i *hyhiiv; that as cenlmllxalion advances. 

mnKwi from the emotional and martial 
d that the money-lender lor capitalist I 
'■hen consolidation culminatea. just 

the type of m 
to the oconon 
becomes sup 


Baldwin (J. D.) Pre-historic nations ... G 

Inquiries concerning some of the nroat peoples and civili- 
" "• ''I anticiuity. and their probable relation to a atlll 
■■"-""-T o( the Ethiopians or Cushilc* of Arabia. 

NvlHutlM — continued. 

Balfour (Rt. Hon. A. J.) Fragment on pro- 
gress M 8 

Buckhardt (J.) Civilization of the renais- 
sance in Italy ; transl. by Middtemore... M 2160 

Buckle (H. T.) History of civilization in 

England. A v M 10 

NOTE-The purpose ot the work was to state the prin- 
ciples and laws which govern human pragre>ss, and to 
exemplify these princlptes and laws through the histories 


■ially IhoM 
e of hlstorirn 

pmment. the origin 
:rature during the 
miuaie ages, ana ouiimes ine nisiory ot the English intel- 
lect from the IBih to IMh cenlun'. 

Carpenter (E.) Civilisation, its cause and 
cure D 

CONTB.VTS -Modem science ; the aclence of the future ; 

defence of criminals ; exEollatlon ; Lamarck KriusDarwia ; 

Crozier (J. B.) Civilization and progress... M 

NOTE -ExhlliitB the parts played In the complex move- 
religion, government, science, and malerii^ and socinl con- 
ditions, and points out the laws which regulate the inter- 
play of these factors In thelt progress. 

— History of intellectual development, vol. l.M 

NOTB -Is an attempt to apply the doctrine of evolution 
to the whole course of Intellectual, social and moraJ de- 
velopment. This— the only voL published- is a succinct 

^ .L . ■---.iioctual and spiritual movement of 

■ ■ rlstlanity. U 

thought; ejid 

inraHty, ■^- "- ■- 

and spirit! 
the early world which culminated in 
start* with a survey of " " 

closes with a Bludy of r__ ,, 

criticised in Saunders IF. ST Quest of faith, C 'm. 

Cunningham (W., d.d.) Essay on western 
civilization in its economic aspects 
(ancient times) M 

— Modem civilisation in some of its eco- 
nomic aspects 

NOTB-A work on econo 
of morality. 

Draper (J, W., ll,d.) History of the intel- 
lectual development of Europe. 2 v 

NOTB -Covers tbe wide Eeldof human thought and deve 
Ing races of the world in phlloKipby and religion, and 

and that Ibe life of earth, tbe life cT tbe individual and 
the lite of society aU move onward towards (he eamede 

Ellis (H. H.) Nineteenth century : a dia- 
logue in Utopia 

estreated from the standpoint 



s book Ib an appeai to nature fuainst artlUce 

ion : to fact against theory i to the instinct for 

beauty against the instinct for material advancement. 

Fronde (J. A.) Short studies on great sub- 
jects, vol. 1 ..K 924 

NOTB— Maintains that the peculiarities of history are 
Opposite view to Draper. 

Guizot (F. P. G.) History of civilization ; 

transl. by HaKlitt. li v M 20 

NOTB— Philosophical analysis of the lending events of 
the history ot Europe from *7tl to 1T89 and the principlea 
tbatgovemedthchisloricalprogrem of Kurope during that 
period. Oivesa study of the socinl and polillcnlprogrogsot 
modem civilization particularly In Fmnce, which country 
(he author has selected as a type. Impartial and of 
protestaut viowx. Valuable for the fterlod of Charlemagne 
and of llie feudal system, 
Joly (N.) Man before metals G 8M 

Kingsley (C, Canon) Ancient ctvilisation. 

/nAis"HiBtoricallectnre8ande88ay8".,. M 42 



Lecky (W. E. H.) History of European 

moraU. 2v B 262 

soTK — EiBmiDH Irom a raliooalift nUndpoint the 
terertil theories of phllooophlcal etblm, and preaenls the 
monl tile ot pssui and chrlallui Bome, and sluo *howa 
whalvirtueHnreespeciaUyappropriuta to each succHiiie 
stage or rivlhzalion. 

Lubbock (Rt. Hon. Sir J.) Origin of civili- 

Kationamltheprimitiveconditionof man. G 914 

KOTK-A descMpiion, (mm on evolutionul point of view, 

_. .1. :_i ._j ._. J,« . .t.i-Q^^ 

Macktutosh (J., LL.D.) History of civilisa- 
tion in Scotland. 4 v M I6U-7 

KOTK-FroDilheenriiest lime to the IBthctnlury. Touch™ 
upon IhepriniarycaUMvorcivillxalion, Indlradngthntlhe 

nicceaeUe phanes of the culture uid proKrew of theiieople. 

Maspero (G., Prof.) Dawn of civilization : 

Egypt and Chaldaea M 215 

— Struggle of the nations: Egj'pt, Syria, and 
Assyria ; edited by Sayce ; transl. by Mc- 
Clure M 216 

SOTB-Tracee the biatory (rom the IIoki oT Abraham to 
Ahab, king of ItraeLand deacrllm the Rsyptlaog, Bahy- 
loniBDii.I!namlte«.andSvrian>, BanelliLsaU thenel0hbaur- 
■DK nattonB and people*. ]Aasec|uelto"DawiiofcivilizattoD." 

I'Jth century : a review of progress. By 
various authors D 23 

NOTB— Sarrer of a huDdred years' pro|tre«B in a aeriea of 
eaaaT" by apectnJIsla or history, pollttc-n, aoploloey. life 
HHurance. law Had goyeromeal, education, Ecienee, war, 
tram^portatlon^hteratuTcand theflne ana. Written from 

Rawlinson (G., Prof.) Origin of nations... M 

NOTR— Deaia with the bearics of modem hiatorlnvl dl>- 
■■"">y oflhe r" ' 

! credlbilitr of 

iliquityof civi , 

Asia Htnor, Centikl Aala, Rotne ai 
3Tmm m&L civilization cannot be traced be .. . 
interior to B.C1. ^SOD. Attempts to prove that Ibcprls 
■ondillon Ot man waa not one of aavagery *— ■ •■— • ' 
ainedmoay of the eleiuentt of what la no 

aeDTTey olihe antiquity otclvlhzatlon in E^T'' ^hylon. 
PhaBlela, Asia Htnor, Centikl Asia, Rome and Brilain, to 
...-^ _...„: — ^. — ■ *ke traced back tc ' ■"''■ 

Reade (W.) Martyrdom of man M 

NOTE— DnI Tenia] hiatory of the human race, written In 
the light of modem aclence. Atlempta to ahow that each 
generallon liaa lived and suffered In order that the next 
might proQl ; that present proaperity ih baaed upon past 
aeuny, and that ve are to-day preparing the material for 
the future human growth. 

Siracox(MiBsE. J.) Primitive civilizations. M 


to the t 
IB among 

; ancient Egyptiana. Babyloniana, 
-dealing with the history, elhno- 
law, and philology. 

AHyriana, Chlneei , 

giaphy, anthropology, law, and philology. 

Traill (H. D., AWifor) Social England. 6t 

of the nation tu religion, lawa. learning, arta. induslries. 
rommerce. arience, literature, and maaneia. The intention 
is to detach the hiatory of civilization from that of state 
and polity. 

Vol. l.-to 1272 M17M I VoL 4.-1803-1714 M 

Vol. :!.-1272-16(» M 173S Vol. fi.- 1714-1815 U 

Vol 3.-160B-1BOS M 17M I Vol, B.-181S-1«»S H 

Tylor (E. B., LL.D.) Early history of man- 
kind G ' 

iNOTE— Theory of the rlie and progress of human civlliza- 
lion in early times— gesture language, picture writing, 
image* and nsjnee. myths, etc. 

— ^Primitive culture. 2 v M 

SOTK-Treotaof the doctrine o( Iho "urvii-alof culture; 
the bearing of the uao of oiprewive language nnd of (he 

ration :thcplafeof myth in the early history of the human 
mind; Iho development of the onimiatic philosophy ot 

Verschoyle (J., Rev.) History of ancient 
civilization : based upon Ducoudray's 
" Histoire eommaire de la civilisation " 
[to the 2nd century] M 

Clvlltiatlon— cori/i » iifd. 

Verschoyle (J., Rev.) — coniinued. 

This work ahould b« followed by the "History of modem 

^History of motlfm civilization [from the 
beginninfrof the christian era] M 

lima tniriv* iLr-nTnnrf.liM1flivfi\-^^w ot Ihe prOgrCSB ol the 

iialion through 

nations on 

:il they 

Wright (T.) The Celt, I he Roman, and the 
Saxon M 

Hlirtory of the early inhabitsnta of Britain, down to the 
conversion of the Anglo-Raione tochristionlly \ lUustrated 
l>y the anctenl renmlna brought to lighlliy recent research. 

ALSO LOOK HKDEB Education, EtticiL Biatorj— Pftlfuio- 
phD, Blan, Middle ogea. Hocisl hiatory. Social science. 

Claim of Anthony Lockhart. By Sergeant (A.). F 
Claimants to royalty. By Ingram (J. H.) ... L 
Glairmont* (E.) The Africander : a plain tale 

of colonial life M 

Clairvoyance. IjOOK under Apparitions. 

Clapin (A. C, Rev.) German grammar for 

public schools E 

— One hundred English passages for transla- 
tion into French E 

Ciapperton (Jane Hume) Scientific meliorism 

and the evolution of happiness B 

Clam MaynaJS. ' By KingBton" (W. H. G,) ... F 
Clara Vaughan. ByBlackmore(R.D.). F 1012, F 

Clare Avery. By Holt (E, S.) F 

Clarence. By Harte (F. B.) F3866,F 

Clarendon (Edward Hyde, Earl) History of 
the rebellion and civil wars in England 
[1628-1660] M 

NOTB-This description of the moet Important period in 
English hiatory is by one who himsell waa a prominent 
actor In the events he dexcribea. It gives the rovaliatview. 

—Life of. Written by himself 




1, L m ; . 

w<W. I 

Claretie (Jules) Prince Zilah F 

— Puyjoli. lln Fi-etufi] K 

Clarissa Furiosa. By Norris (W. E.) ... F 

Clarissa Harlowe. By Richardson (S.) ... F 
Clark (C. H.). LOOK UNDER Adeler (Max). 
Clark (D. Kinnear) Elementary treatise on 

steam and the steam-engine : stationary 

and portable H 

— Mechanical engineer's pocket-book of 

tables, formulae, rules and data H 

— Railways and tramways. Brit, manufac. 

indust H 

— Tramwaysr theirconstmctionand working. H 
— , [£'rfi7o>']. LOOK UNDER Courtney (J,). 
— , [joint author^, look UHDER Dempsey 

(G. D.). Law (H). 
Clark (J. W,) Cambridge : historical and de- 
scriptive notes M 

Clark (John) Manual of linguistics ... E 

A concise account of general and English phonology i with 
Bupplcmentary chaptera on kindred topics 

Clark (Kate E.) Dominant seventh ... F 

Clark \w.G.,Editor). look UNDER Shakes- 
peare (William). 
Clarke (A. Dawson, Rev.) Army and civil 
service examination papers in arithmetic. G 









Clarke (A. DawBon, Rev.) — cmitimied. 

— Army, Woolwich, and civil aei'vice riders : 

geometrical problems Q 

— Plane trigonometry 

Clarke (Ciiarles Carlos) Works :— 

Beanelem F t7»l | Charlie ThomhlU 

Box for the iieiuoii. S V. ... F 17;iT | ChlpH from nn oVt block ... 

Clarke (Edward T.) Bermondsey : it« historic 
memories and associations... ... ... M 

yon HOTB. LOOS (IKDEEt B^nncindncj'. 

Clarke (Eliza) Susanna Wesley L 

Clarke (F., Tramh). look under Holm (A). 
Clarke (F. L.) Golden friendships L 

FOB caNTINTH. LOOK UNDER BlOMrnphiSK -eoUienrr. 

Clarke (Sir George S., Lt.-Gol.) Fortification. H 

lis iMMt achievcmenl". recent dBvelopment and future 

— Imperial defence D 

— Russia's sea-power, past ami present ... D 
Clarke (H. Butler) The Cid Campeador ... L 
— Spanishlitei-ature :an elementary handbook. K 
Ciarke(H.Wilberforce,Cffl/*(.) Persian manual. E 
Clarke (James F.) Eventa and epochs in re- 
ligious history ... ... ... ... C 

FOB NOTE. LOOK ONDBH Chilrch hiilory-fifwm;. 

Clarke (J. Wright) Plumbing practice ... H 
Clarke (L. Lane) Objects t()r the microHcoiM". G 
Clarke (M. C, TransL). LOOK under Berlioz 

Clarke(Marcus)Forthe term of his natural life. F 

— 'Twixt shadow and shine F 

Clarke (Samuel, DR.). /HMarlineau(J.) Types 

of ethical theory, vol. 2 B 

Class management. LOOK under Education. 
Classic and Italian painting. By Poynter 

(E. J.), «Hd Head (P. R.) J 

Classical atlas (Philips'). By Hughes (W.) ... M 
Classical dictionary : — 

Maunder (S.) Treasury of knowledge and 

library of reference A 

Classical geography ; — 

Tozer (H. F.) Classical geography ... M 

Weller(E.),ranrfSchmitz(L.) Atlas of claesi- 
cal geography M 

Classical teaching ; — 

Donaldson (J. W., D.D.) Classical scholar- 
ship and classical learning D 

the relAlloneor claeiiirBl ecbolnrBhipand cLiugical IPBralng. 

Classics. LOOK UNDER Greek literature. Latin 

Claudeand Maude. By Middlema88(J.). F 6040, F 

Claudea's island.. By Stuart (E.) F 

Claudia. By A. L. 0. E F 

Claudia Pole. By Da we (C.) F 

Claudius (Matthias) Humoristische schrif ten. 

[In Qerman'] K 

Claudius Bombarnac. Par Verne (J.), [/n 

French's K 

Claverhouse. LOOK UNDER Graham (John). 

Claverings. By Trollope (A.) F 

Clay (Frederic) Lalla Rookh. Vw»l score ... J 
Cay (Henry) :— 

Schurz (C.) Life of Henry Clav. 9 v_ ... L 

I Clay (Henry) — cotilinu^. 
[ Sparks (E. E.) Men who made the nation ... 
1S8 I Clay (James), and Baldwin (J. L.) Laws of 

212 ■ whist and a treatise on the game 

Clayton (Ellen C.) English female artists. 2 v. 

: CiMring-lioiitM : — 
3-13 Cannon (J. G.) Clearing-houses : their his- 
1 on I tory, methods, and administration 
i*" notb-DkUs only wtth the United Slate*. 

Jevons(W. S.) Money in exchange. D 367. 

27 Cleekim inn. By Dibdin (J. C.) 

4'>5 i^leeve (Lucas, jisettd. «/ Mrs. Eingscote) As 

the twig is bent 

— Plato's handmaiden 

,»;J iCleg Kelly. ByCrockett(S.R.). F2157,F2158, 
'^''IClemencia. PorCal)allero(F.). [In Spanish}, 
l^f^ |Clemency Franklyn. By Koary (A.) 

Clemens (S.L.). LOOK UNDER Twain (Mark). 
Clement of Alexandria : — 

Farrar (F. W., Dean) Lives of the fathers, 

Kaye (J., Up. of Lincoln) 8i>me account 

of the writings and opinions of Clement 

of Alexandria ... 

Clement I., .S'(. (Bp. uf Rome) Epistles of 
Clement of Rome. /» "Aix>6tolic fathers " ; 

edite<l by Burton, vol. 1 

In Holland (H. S., Cunon) Apostolic fathers. 

Clement (Charles) Michelangelo 

Clementina. By Mason (A, E, W.) 

Clements (H.) Fields of Great Britain 

Cleo the magnificent. By Z. Z 

Cleon [Athenian demagogue]. In Cox (Sir 

G. W., Rev.) Greek statesmen 

Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt : — 

Owen (Mrs. 0. F.) Heroines of history ... 
Cleopatra. By Haggard (H. R.) 

F 3683, F 3684, F 36S.5, 
Cleopatra's needle : — 

King (J,, Rev.) Cleopatra's needle 

HlBlory ofthcLondoD obelisk; wilhaneipoaittonof the 


Clergy, The :— 
Trevelran (W. B., Rev.) The clergj-. In 
"Unwritten laws" ; edited by Pitcairn... 

Clerk of works. By Hoskins (G. G.) 

Gierke (Agues M.) Popular history of astro- 
nomy during the Iftth century [to 1S801 

Cleve Hall. By Sewell (E. M.) 

Cleveden. By Linskill (M.) 

Cleveland (Grover) :— 

Presidents of the United States ; edited by 


Whittle (J. L.) Grover Cleveland 

Cleveland (John). In Morley(H., l'rof.)Char- 
acter writings of the seventeenth century, , . 

Clever Miss Jancy. By Haycraft (M.) 

Clever wife. By Ridge (W. P.) 

Cieverwoinanof the family. By Yonge(C.M.), 

Cleverly won. By Smart (H.) 

Clients of Doctor Bernargius. By Biart (L.). 

Clil climbers. By Held (M.) 









F 2.3 r.o 

F 1742 

F 174;{, 

F 2i.'><) ; 

F 48111, 







F Ooltl 









F 36S(! 



a 272 

F 7()SK 
F 521*8 

K 220 
F 31W4 
F 714.'i 



Clifif days. By RoBegaith (B.) ...F 732(1, F 7321 

Cliff mj-Btery. By Aide (H.) F IW 

Clifford (John, D.D.) la life worth living? 

[Sermons] C (118 

Clifford (Mrs. W. K.) Worka :— 

Audi Anne F 1744. P 1745 I Xnrie Uny F I7A3 

FUwh of siunmer ... F 1749, F 1747 Mere utorir* F 1754, P 17W 

Orcr TtnamDce. etc, F 3748. F 1740 I Un Kpilh's crime F I7!<« 

La-I touch™, etc. ...F 17=0, F 1761 Wtld proiy F mi 

Une leltrn of a 
worldly wonun F 176^ ! 

Clifford (William Kingdom) Common sense 

of the exact sciences G 10«,G lOil 

FOB NOTE. LOOK UNDBB liUbenuMct—PliUmiiplig. 

— Lectures »iid essays ; edited by Stephen 

anrf Pollock K 899 

CONTBNTt) -CondltlotiB of mcnlnJ development. Theurien 
ot the phyaical forced. Aims ond (nstrumenlB of wientiflc 
(hounliL Alomii. Unswa untrcrw. PhlloBophy of tbepure 
Bciences. Body and mind. Hcienlltlc baxiit ol raomU Riirht 
and wronfi. RthtcB ot belief and reltKion. CoHmtcemoltoa. 
Virchow on the ta&chinK of nrlenre. 

Clifton, /h QranTille (A. B.) Spasof England. M 335 

Croll (J., LL.D.) Climate and time in their 
geological relations : a theory of secular 
changes of the earth's climate G 

NWTB— Deals with the heat lag powers of ocean-current", 
and the physical cause of oceanic olreulation, and en- 
caused by the 

oi'eanic drculatlcm, at 


— Discussions o 

J of 

' and Dr. 

11 climate and cosmologj'... G 

principlea of cllmatG audi ime with Bpeclnl reference to the 
modiocatioDs ot the theoryjiroposedbyMr. WiilLiceinhia 
"Island lite," and (o the objevtinn" mined RKnInst It by 
aatronomical and physical authorities, 

Laing (S.) Climate. In his " Problems of the 
future " ,., ... ... ... ... K 

Climbing. LOOK UNDER Mountaineering. 
Climbing and exploration in the Karakoram- 
Himalayas. By Conway (Sir W. U.). 2 v. M 
FORNotK. LOOEritDBBHlmalaraa. 
Climbing in the British Isles. By Smith (W, 
P. H.), onrf Hart (H. C). 3v J 1 

Darwin (C, LL.D.) Movements and habits 

of climbing plants G 

Climbing the hill. By Swan (A. S.) F 

Clinton (H. K.) From Crecy to Assye ... M 


ClipjMjr of the clouds. By Verne (J.) ... F 

Clithero. /MGranville(A.B.) Spasof England. M 
Clivt (RofeMt, Lord) :— 

Malleson (G. B., Col.) Lord Clive L 

Wilkinson (S., Editor) From Cromwell to 

Wellington L 

Wilson (Sir C.W„0«/.) Lord Clive. L4«7, L 

AIk In Mncaolav (Lord! Critical and hIstoriCBl eways. 

KIM. K 7M: Nell (».) Epoch mon, LKi; Itlchardn <W.| 

WMiion of Bril^n. L IX. 
Cloches de Corneville. By Planquette (R.). 

Vocal score J 

Clockmaker. By Slick (S.) F 

Clockmakiiig. LOOK UNDER Watches anti 

Clocks of Komlaine.etc. By Stockton (F. R.). F 
Clodd (Edward) Childhood of the world ... Q 



I Clodd (Edward) — continued. 

— Grant Allen : a memoir L 114!) 

; — Myths and drenniK WIS 


— Story of creation C 77 


1 — Storj- of the alphabet E 20 


jClode (Charles M.) London during thegrtwt 
rebellion : being a memoir of Sir Abraham 
Beynardson M lO.W 

!Cloete(Hon. Heury, LL.D.) History of the 
great Boer trek, and the origin of the South 
African Republics; edited by his grandson. M 2443 

Cloister and the hearth. ByReadt;(C.). F OlISil.F (liitWI 

NOIB- France and (Icrmany, mid. loth century. 

Close of St. Christopher's. By Mai-shall (E.). F .582!* 

Close shave. By Knox (T. W.) F 5(173 

Close shave. By Speight (T. W.) F 78r)!l 

Clothing : — 

BalliD(Mrs.A,S.)Healthand beauty in dress 
from infancy to old age H 175 

NOTB-Alma to arrive at n rolional Fiyslcm of dre»« for 
women and chlUrcn, and tfi^'es rules for obi^rvaQce ia 
the matter ot clothing. 

Clotilde. Par Karr'(TB.X).°"i/n'T»v)jf;(]. K l.WS 
Cloud and sunshine. By Ohnet (G.) ... F fi423 

Clough (Arthur Hugh) Poems K 383 

Hutton (R. H.) Arthur Hugh Clough. In 

Am " Literary essays " K 88 

Sharp (A.) Victorian \iwts ...K 2114, K 2;i.'> 

ClouBton (J. Storer) Lunatic at large ... F ll:it^ 
ClouBton (K, Wan-en) Chippendale period 

in English furniture J 274 

Cloven foot. By Braddon (M. E.) F 1181, F 1182 

Clovia Dardentor, By Verne (J.) F 8574 

Clowes (Frank, Prof.) Treatise on practical 

chemistry and qualitative analysis ... G C3ii 
— , and Coleman (J, B,, Prof.) Quautitative 

chemical analysis G 6fJl 

Clowes (W. I^ird) Black America : a study 

of the ex-slave and bis late master ... D 188 


Callow (E.) Old London taverns ... M 374 

NOTB— Olvea aome curious Information about bistoric 
taverns, coffee bouses, dubs, etc., and the meti who haunted 

Coit (S., PH.D.) Neighbourhood guilds ... D 790 

"■■"" -Riplftlni; the nature and aim of these guilds. 

which embody all tbo men. 
one ntreol or number of Htreeu m each 
trtot in London, and are organised Inti 
carry out. or induce othem to carry 
InduHlrial. educatlODal, provident, and 

;h working clas" dis. 
a set ot clubs, to 
out, bL domestic, 
recreative ra forms 

- tPro' 

social ideal demi 

Elliot (W. G., Editor) Amateur clubsand 

actors J 991 

Timbs (J.) Clubs ami club lif» in London. D 7i»l 

Anecdotes o( itx famous cotTee bouees, boslelrles, and 

Clues from a detective's camera. ByHill(H.). F 4172 
u.>i> .Cluny Mcpherson. By Ban- (A. E.) ... F ti4I 
7785 !ciuBt«r of lives. By King (A.) L 41 

Clutterbuck (Walter J.) About Ceylon aiid 

Borneo [in 1877 and ISlKt] M KIK 

— 1 [/<"""( author']. LOOK UNDER Lees (J. A.). 

Glutton-Brock (A.) Eton d yj^ 





Clydt (MIn CaniAaU, Lord) :— \ Coal gaa. LOOK under Gas and gas lighting. 

Burne (Sir 0. T.) Clyde and Strathnairn... L 7(H |CoalH of fire. By Murray (D. C.) F 6259, F 62St 
Forbes (A.) Colin Campbell L 7IK> ; Coatee (Jamea) How to read heads B 111 

Clyde (Jinnex, LL.D.) Elementary gei>grai)hy, M lo<t Cobb (B, F.) Silk. Brit, manu/ac. induat.,.. H i?( 

Ciyffarda of Clyffe. By Pay" (J.) . ' * ~- - " — - 

Clytie. By Hatton (J.) 

..FfiCSS.F f>0«0 
,. F 3910 

Burgess (J. W.) Coach-building H 1023 

Hialorlcol nnd dewTlpIive ; vlth Inlonnatkm on Ihe 
trades and procewwa involvfd, and hlntB on Ihe proper 
krepiriB ot mrtineei 

Caswell's New technical educator, vols. S-fi. H 27-8 
PhilipBon( J.) Art and craft of coach-building H 103(1 

Harper (C. G.) The Brighton road : 
tiroes and new on a claseic highway 
— The Dover i-oad 

... M 427 

...M 428 

— The Exeter road : story of the west of 

England highway M 137 

FORHOTB. LOOK UNDER Ent^uid— CV-jHTlpflir. 

— The Portsmouth road and its tributaries : 

to-day and in days of old M 429 

NOTE -Account or the roorhes nnd coorhlnR □otabllltiM. 
dueU, ianH. and inridenti or the old Portsmoulb rood. 

Hisaey (J. J-) Across England in a dog cart 

[London to St. David's and lack] ... M 339 

— On Southern English roads M 341 

— Over fen and wold. [Lincolnshirel ... M 451 

NOTE— Account of ndrlvlnRtonr from London to Ltncoln- 
ntilre rln Huntingdon nnd bock ria Bedford. 

—Through t«n English counties M 342 

NOTE-DrlvinB tour through Huney, Hant«. Wiltii.(Jlou- 
eerier, WorceatPr, Hereford. Shropx, Warwick. Oxford, 

— Tour in a phaeton through the Eastern 

counties M 462 

NOTB-Drtving tour from London to Cromer by way of 
IpiHii'h and Yarmouth, retumlUK through Thetford and 
Bury St. Edmunda. 

Coachman's club. By Sims (G. R.) F 7747 

Coal Md coal miring :— 

Boyd(R.N.) Coal pits and pitmen ...H 487 

History of the coal trade and the Irglslnlian aflectlng it. 
Coal mining. In Cassell's New technical 

educator, vols. 5-6 H 27-8 

Collins (J. H.) Principles of coal mining... H 4S8 
Galletly(A.) Coal. Brit, manu/ac. induat. H 14 
Hartwig (G., M.D.) Workers nnder the 

ground : or, mines and mining ... H 486 

Hull (E.) Our coal resources at the close 

of the 19th century G 843 

Invent] eat ton of Ihequenlion retmrdinii the coal rvooitrcca 
of the Bntlih Inland^ and nimi to Blste the actual position 
as to the present renourccB. 

Huxley (T, H., Prof.) Formation of coal. 
In his " Critiques and addresses " ... G 65 

NOTB-flet> forth In auccewive Magee Ihe true nature ot 
Ihe vBHOlablo ronntilnenta of our coal xeams nod the pro- 
- ■■ ■- — Mch the deposit ban been imbneiiuenllj' 

.__ ... ough 

Martin (E. A.) Story of a piece of coal ... G 845 

NOTE -EiplalnilnBlmpleanddellRhtfulraehlonvhalcoel 

ly coal Is Conner led wllh the Intereats of tho bolantet. Ihe 
moloKln. the phy»iciiit, the chemNt and tbn merclianl. 

Meldola (R., Prof.) Coal and what we get 

from it H 929 

NOTE DcbIs with coBl-tnr products and their uncn. 

Teale (T. P.) Economy of coal i 

F I77i F 1} 

Works :— 

Martin Ihe skipper 

OS 10 CalifomiB 

Silent Jim [Cornwall] 

Walohenon Ibelongnhipe [Conwall. IBth cent.] ... 

Cobb (Thomas) Westlakes 

Colilwn (J. MacLaren) Works : — 

African trea*uri> (Morocco] 

Annel otthc Covenant [Monlrone. 17th cenL] 

AvenKer of blood 

Borden oil aabel 


Golden tooth 

KinK of Andaman [duutlst'TislneVo Scotland!' IMKl'. 

PuFBued try the law [Luieashlre] ~ r 1..-1 

Red Sultan [Barbary, IStb cent] F !T7.-i 

Iteverend Renlleman F ITitl 

Tj-ranta of Kocd-Sim [Africa] F IT77 

Wilt thou have this woman? F1T;8,F 1779 

Cobbett (G. T. B.),f»nrf Jenkin (A. F.) Indian 
clubs H 182, H is;i 

Cobbett (M., n»trf J. R.) Swimming. J 1089, J 10r»O 

Cobbett (Pitt, D.C.L.) Leadingcases and opin- 
ions on international law D .I'.'O 

Cobbett (William) Advice to young men... B 2>^0 

' Cochrane I B. I Risen by pereeverance. L 2ti : Dawson 
Blottraphical lettutee. L 31 : Men wbo have made 
leelven, L 47 ; Stehbins (W.) Soma verdicts of history 

Cobbleigh (Tom.^wffwrf.) Gentleman Upcott's 

daughter F 1780 

Young Sam and Sabina F 1781 

Cobbold (George A.) Religion in Japan : Shin- 

toism — Buddhism — Christianity C 832 

Cobbold (Ralph P.) Innermost Asia : travel 

and sport in the Pamirs M 879 

Cobden (Richard) Speeches on qnestions of 

public policy ; edited by Bright ai%d Rogers. D 220 

CONTENTS— Free trade. Finance. War. Forei«n policy.' 
India. Peace. Policy ot tho whig government. Partfa- 
mentary reform. Education. 

Biography and Criticism. 
Apjohn (L.) Richard Cobden and the free 

traders L 

Cooke (F. E.) An English hero : Richard 

Cobden ... ... ... ... ... L 

Written for young people. 

Dunckley(H.,«Hdo//MTs) Richard Cobden 

and the jubilee of free trade I 

Gowing (R.) Richard Cobden L 

MorIcy(J.) Life of Richard Cobden. 2v.L 

Nicoll (H. J.) Rejieal of the corn laws : 

Cobden, Bright, Villiers. //i /it's " Great 

movements" ... ■•■ ■■■ ... L 

Schwa lH'(Mrs.S.)Remini8Ceneesof Richard 

Cobden L 

Cobwebs and cables. By Stretton (H.) 
Cobwebs of criticism. By Caine (T. H.) 
Cochran-Patrick (R.W.,LL.D.) Med iteval Scot- 

FOR NOTB. LOOK ITNDBR Scotland— flijfory. 

Cochrane (Alexander B.) Theatre Fran^aiBii 
the reign of Louis XV. 

NOTB-Hlstory of Ihe ThtiVlre Frai 
the question ot ntale aid to one Ihcati 
elevation of tho drama Ihroushout tb 




. F 8082 
,. K 280 

. M1607 
. J y87 


Cochrane (Charl«fl H.) Wonders of modern 

mechaQJam H 

\ raami <st promoa Id mecbuth-oL pnydcal uid CDin- 
Bwnut; nriPDce u the d&wD of tbc 'JOlb cenL 

O'l-hrane (Robert) Heroes of invention and 
discovery L 

FOB CO^rrSNTS. LOOK L'NI>BRBklttrs|)hi«-«>IllC(ltT. 

— Riiien by perseverance L 

fOK i:oihBKra. look ukdbb BioerBphlM culkrihr. 
CVk and anchor. By Le Fanu (J. 8.). K 5166, F 
(Vklaneaod common-sense. By Lung(A.)... B 
(Vkaynes in Paris. By Jerrold {W. B.) ... M 
Cocklinrn (Samuel, If -D.) Laws of nature and 
thi? laws of God C 

(Vkney in Arcadia. By Spurr (H. A.) ... F 
f',«lt3(C.. rratw/.j.LOOKCNDBRMicheleHJ.) 
C'uckton (Henry) Sylvester Sound ... ... F 

—Valentine Vox F 

fwn](,I. K.)Twocrasaders [William of Orange 

aQ.l Eton John of Austria, 1578] F 

Coirinpton (Thomas) Maintenance of Mac- 
adamised roads H 

Coeto. De. Aristotle. [Tauchnitz text] ... B 
Cceruleans. The. By Cunning'ham (H. S.) ... F 
Cfcure Russes. Par VogUe (E. M. de). [/« 

Fttttch^ K 

MM* Im«m:— 

Callow (E.) Old Lontlon taverns M 

NOTE— OlT«B Mine curious Intomuttrai about historic 
coffee hotuei and the men who haanted Uiem. 

Tiniltfi (J.) Coffee-houses. 7nA(«"Clul)sand 

cIqI) life in London" D 

Coffin (A- 1., Prof.) Botanic guide to health, 

and the natural pathology of disease ... H 
Mn, ■•ia h , tlo. : — 

Bil^ns (F. C.) Cupper coins of modern 
Europe J 174,J 

Huworth (D. F.) Coins and tokens of the 
English colonies J 

HurophreyB(H.N.) Coincollector'smanoal. J 

catiiDrt of cDtns ; campriniQK bd hiHtarical atid crillcol ar- 
irmiDt oE thv orfgin and proj^esA of cotna^re from (he 
nu-liest tlmefltotbc fall orthB Roouuiempin': vilh*ome 
aEtvnint of th« colnavM of modom Europe more especially 
of Dreat Britain. 

Jewitt (L.) English coins and tokens ; with 
a chapter on Greek and Roman coins, by 
Head J 178,J 

Lane- Poole (S., Editor) Coins and medals : 
their place in history and art J 

I ONTKVTS— study of coins. Qreek coins. Roman coinfL 
Cirinni^eol christian Europe. Enaliah coins. Early oriental 
roins. Motuumnadan coins. Coins of lodli. Coitn of 
rhina and Japan. Medals- 

Williamson (G. C.) Money of the Bible... C 

Coit (Stanton, PH.D.) Neighbourhood guilds. D 
— , [Editor'] Ethical democracy ; essays in 
social dynamics ... ... ... ... D 


— . [Editor']. LOOK UNDER Gizycki (G. von). 

Coke. LOOK UNDBR Fuel. 

Colbeck (C.) On the teaching of modern 

languages in theory and practice E 

Colbum (Henry). In Curwen (H.) History 

of booksellers L 






Cutis (E. L., Rev.) Colchester [a.D. 50 to 

18H4] M 

Cole (Cecil) Norseman's wooing F 

Cole (Hon. Sir Galbraith L.). 7m Cole (J. W.) 

British generals L 

Cole (George R. Fitz-roy) Peruvians at home. M 



Cole (John William) Memoirs of British 
generals distinguished during the Penin- 
sular war. 2 V L 702 

FOaCONTBNTS. LOOS rNDKR BioBimphicii rollfrllir. 

Cole (R. a.) Treatise on photographic optics. J ,188 

Biographical essays L 49 

Coleman (J. B.),jomi author, look under 

Clowes (F.) 
Coleman (Leigh ton, Bishop) Church in 

America C 834 

Coleman (W. S.) British butterflies.. .G1313,G 1314 
Colenso (Frances E.) History of Zulu war and 

its origin M247ti 


— Rain of Zululand : account of British 
doings in Zululand since the invasion of 
1879. 2v M2477 


Colenso (John William, BiaJutp) Arithmetic 

designed for the use of schools G 140 

— Elements of algebra G 171 

Aiwttter fditim. 2v G 172 

— Elements of Euclid from the text of Dr. 

Robert Simson G 189 

— Plane trigonometry ; with the use of logar- 
ithms. 2 V G 213 

Cox (Sir G. W., Rev.) Life of John William 

Colenso. 2v L 252 

Coleoptera. LOOK UNDER Beetles. Insects. 
i7«* Coleridge (ChrisUbel R.) Works :— 

" Amelhvst F I7HH I Kingnworih F KM 

Baa of fart hi nm ^ '"^ PlunseiTilotroubledicaterB.F 1702 

Constant prinni F I7i«l Reuben F.venlt F l?lt3 

Rnsliiih squir« F 17BU Tender mercies of the good. F 17IH 

JacktfLanthora F 17B0 | 

— ,nndBramBton(M.) Truth with honour ... F 1795 
— , [jointavthor'] . LOOK UNDER Yonge (C. M.) 
Coleridge (Hartley) Poetical works : selec- 
tions, by Tireback K 341 

Coleridge (Miss M. E.) King with two faces 

[Sweden and Paris, French revolution] . F 179C 
— Seven sleepers of Ephesus [German secret 

society] F 1797 

Coleridge (Samuel Taylor) The friend. ... K 772 
— Lectures and notes on Shakspere and other 

English poets K 64C 

FOB NOTES. LOOK UKDEB roelry. Dramatic art, 

— Poems K 384 

— Poems; with notice, by Skipsey K 387 

— Poetical works ; edited by Campbell ... K 38fi 

—Poetry of : edited liy Garnett K 385 

— , and Whately (R.) Mental science ... B 149 

CONTENTS— Method, try Coleridge. Lotfic and Rhetoric, 
by Whalely. j ^ -, ■ ■ 

Biographi/ ana Unticism. 
Caino (H.) Life of Coleridge L 1175 

Contains acomplete bibliography. 




Coleridge (Samuel Taylor) — continued. 

De Quincey (T.) Coleridge and opiuui-eatiiig. 
In his Works, vol. 5 • 

Dowden (E.) Coleridge as a [loet. 7/i his 

" New studies in litemture" .,. . ... K 98 

Traill (H. D.) Coleridge L 1I7C 

Watson (W.) Coleridge's supernatiiraliMm. 

In his " Excursions in criticiem " ... K 1*6 

Whipple (E. P.) Coleridge as a philoso- 
phical critic. In his '* Eseays," vol. 1... " 


T Englml 

■.L 1160: 

V. J.) Uuker 

modtm Enitll«h 

Book of laomohe*. L 1110; Lowell d. R.) Lilorarr luid 
pollllrsl addnwei. K 190 : Shalrp iJ. C.i Studies In nsMry 
anil ptiiloiioptiy, K SB!); Slophcn (L.) Houn InalibrHry. 
VOL 3, K. 103 ; Hwlnbiirae lA.C.) Emays and atudlei, K 11 

Colette. By St. Hilaire (P.) F 7493 

y (Qatpard de, Marquis rfe ChniHl>m) :— 

laiit (Sir W.) Gaapard de Coligny ... L 7f>0 

le IIuKU 

I of p 

D 458 

i. By Lyttleton 

,.C .57ti 

,. D Itii.'i 

Herrick (S. E,, D.D.) Some heretics of 


Collectivism and the socialism of the lilieral 
school. By Naquet (A.) 

NOTE— A nlrons argument agaliut HHinlleni. Rereroly 
biula of Mnrx, nnd LutBAlle'K theory. 

College and university 

(Hon. A.T.) 

College tiaya at Oxford. By Adams (H. C.) 
ColoBM and unlvartltlas :— 

Brodrick (G. C, d.C.l.) History of the ui 
versity of Oxford 

CriiipB(W.J.) College audcorjKiration plate, J 


Mullinger(J.B.) History of the university 

of Cambridge D 

Newman (Cardinal) Rise and progress of 
universities. In his " Historial Bketches," 

vol.3 M 

Collegians. By Griffin (G.) F 

Collegiate atlas of modern and historical geo- 
graphy M 184 

Collet (Harold) Water softening and purifica- 
tion H 526 

Collett-Sandai-s (W., TVaml). LOOK dndbr 

Rosengarten (A.) 
CoUey (Ada) Domestic economy for students 

and teachers H 672 

Colley (Sir George P., Major-Gen.) Life of. 

By Butler (Sir W. F.) L7(W,L 704 

Collier (William F., LL.D.) Central figures of 

Irish history, from A.D. 4011 to 1003 ... M 1(>24 
—Graphic history of the British empire 

[earliest times to 18«7] Ml(>53 

— , [>mi author], look UNDBR Weller (E.) 
Collignon (Maxime) Manual of mythology, in 

relation to Greek art ; transl. hy Harrison . C 93(1 
Oollings (George) Circular work in cariientry ^ | 

and joinery H 1092 

— Handrailing and stairbuildiiig H 1105 

— Roof carpentry 

CoUingwood (Cuthlwrt, Lord) -. — 

Adams (W. H. D.) Eminent sailors ... L (182 
Edgar (J. G.) Sea kings and naval heroes. L Gfi5 
CoUingwood (Harry, jiaeud. o/W. J. C. Lan- 
caster) Works : — 

C-RKtAwav* F 1708 ' RoverV Becret ICobd] ... F is^. 

ConoDTOreni F I7«> Swret of the nuids F if»- 

Lo|[ of the-FlyiDEFlab"FIHnU Under the meteor tluCFrcDrh 
HisMnit men-hftntmnn ... F 1801 revolutionary war! ... I" IRT 
I'lraleiBlmid [Soulh Pact- Vornse of Uie "Aurora" 

flcl F 1B03 [IVivBleerinM] F Ittt^ 

Pirate ulaver [West Afri- 
can coast] ... F IM^ F IBOl 

CoUingwood (Stuart D.) Life and letters of 

Lewis Carroll L 12:U 

CoUingwood (W. G.) Art teaching of John 

Ruskin J li^ 

— Life of John Kuskin L l'.!>7 

Collins (F.). Joint autttor. LOOK under 

Collins (Mortimer). 
Collins (J.) Hides, leather, guttapercha, and 

indiarubber. Brit, tnanu/ac. indiisl. ... H 1!' 
Collins (J. Churton) Ephemera critica ... K IWli 
— Study of English literature : a plea for ils 
recognition and organization in the uni- 
versities K 21 S 

— , [fitfiVtfr]. LOOK UNDER Tennyson (A.) 

Collins (J. H.) Principlesof coal mining ... H 4S(i 

Collins (James) Report on the caoutchouc of 

commerce H lOO.i 

Collins (Mabel, Mrs. Keningate Cook) Works. 

Blosmm and the fruit — F 1809 j PretlieotCDinaniD Wanaw, F 1811 
In Ihc flower ol her youtb F 1810 I 

Collins (Mortimer) Works :— 

Fliiht with fortune ... F 1812 I Sweet ADnePaca FISH 

From midaigbt to nild- Transmraration F ISir> 

night F 1813 I Who K the heirf F 1MI.5 

— , and Collins (Frances) ; — 

BIockBmltta and wholar ... F 1817 ' Vlllam comedy ; F 1820 

Fraocea F 1818 I Tou phiy mefobe F lUl'l 

Sweet and twenty F IMS 1 

'•'""'r Collin8(T.) Easytranslationsfrom Latin prose 
^ authors, for retranslation into Latin ; with 

■ notes E 164 

^^•;l Collins (W. E. W.) Scholar of his college ... F im) 
Collins (W. Lucas, Canon) Ancient classics 
for English readers : — 

Artstopbanei K 2071 1 Luclaa K 2074 

Cicero KlOTHPlautilB and Terence ... K IflMO 

Homer (DLad) X 20?.i Thucydtder E207ri 

Homer (OdyMey) K 2073 I Virgil K Ifltfl 

—Butler L 161 

— La Fontaine, and other French fabulists ... K 1787 

Collins (Wilkie) Works :— 

Aflcrdork... .■■-.. »^ >=■" t.._ 

by Ootlm t 

Black robe . 
Blind love . 
DoiLd •^'ret 
Fallen leave 

.. F IWl F IB21 
HOB Ol Borne 

... ™imV isaa 

... F 1836, F Itffl 
... F IK^K. F ttl39 
... FlH.Hil.riKtl 
... F 18.13, F 18Sa 
... F 1831. F ll«!> 
... F IKtn, F 1K17 
... F IKtt, F 1K»J 
c, ... F 1*10. F 1841 
... F IHia. F 184:i 
... F IWJ, F 1815 

... F IWH F 1W7 
1 [F,TyrlHh 

... FlMg, F 18111 
... F llfiO. F la'il 

■ T. F isa 

ly [Woe 

_.___, of Cain 
Little novelB, etc. 
1 wife 

Man and vr 


ri85l. F IKvi 
F law, F ln,-.7 
F 18M, F I&W 
F 18eo, F IHfll 
aiiN-orure.reic. ... F 180:!.F lifVI 

MoonMloBO F tSW, F IW". ; 

N'en' Mwdalni [XuruDK on 
the nela : FrancoOerman 

wiuj F 1868, F 1887 

No name P I8i<8. F 1M> 

I'oor Miw Finch ... F 187". F 1871 
Uueen of henrts ... F IHTa F iHrs 

lloKUCii lite F187tF187r. 

Two de>llnies ... F 1870, F 1877 

Woman in white [ItallRn I 

relmiee* in Kn»lnnd. In- 
troduced Count Focco] ... 

- 1878. F 187'.i 

In Swinburne (A. C.) Studies in prose and 
...H 11041 poetry K 

94 'i 



r.,llius (William) Poi'tical workw : t-dit.-.!. 

with memoir, by Thouiatt ] 

/(( Johucmn (S.) Liveti of tht' piielfl 
0<]i<H|uie8 of Edward OtilKime. Bv Maiming 

iMiisA.) ■ 

CjIIimjuj- on currency. By Oiblia (H. H.) ... 
Ciilyer (Robert, Rev.) Life that row ift:t)er- 


(V>imore(0.,/»8««f. «/Mra.G.ColiHoreDuiiii): 

CcumiinK Oltver Knox ... ¥ 18)11 HnrUe lur 

L-o-i-inKT ofmletKe — F IKK.' Hlraniie "l'>ty of Hd 
In-..,-nicTof music F U83 Wynne 

<.'i>I>iiul>a. By Mackenzie (A. C). VikiiI acwe. 

(.•■,l..mlM». By Meriin6e(P.) 

Aht> in French K IWC, 


L 1187 

F iifiSl 

D ;wi 

... PlNt'p 

J .5.'>;(i 

F 6II2->| 


.■rug^n* (W. L.) Colombian and Venezue- 
lan repnblica M1177 

t'cTE -Acpoont ot tb» aulbOT'a pemnial niwrlmcM, 
"fmiiknin. and studlm in CentriJ and South Amwlca 
iiisif tbe Te«n< Itn^-ltW, and dealii with theiMtrlyhUtory 

id iivilizalion, conalilutions □( government tli« polilicil 
!<l<«cial modiiioni^ tbe nnlurslreiioiirceii, und tbe i-um- 
rfrrml pcMiiiblli(le*i of (becounlrlpM. 

•w\ Dacre. Bv Jolly (K.) F \H)'.\ 

.nel KiiderbT'8 wife. By Malet (Lucas). F ftdVi. 

mA Jack. By De Fw (D.) F 1)478 

luel Quaritch, V.C. By Haggard (H. R.) 

f;W87, f ;i);8rt, f sesst, f :w!H) 

.iiel StorboUle'B client. By Harte(F.B.).F IWf.H 
.oelThomdyke's secret. ByHeiity(G.A.).F 4(t;W 
.iiial reformer. By Boldrewood (R.) F IWA, Y 10«4 


Field (C), «»((/ Daviilwin (K. A.) firsiiiimar 
of coliiuriiig applied to decui-ative paint- 
ing and the urt8 J 314 

Hay (D. R.) Lawe of harmonious colonr- 

in^ adapltnl to interior decorations ... J ,^],') 

Muckley (W. J.) HandlHKik for painteni 
ami art atudenlH J 3Iti 

On th# rhnnu-lpr. nalurr nnd art of rolouni. Ibflr |*r- 
monrntor lUKltlvi- iiuolliiH, and (he relitclpa proper )o 

Redgi'Hve (K.) Elementary manual of col- 
our; with a catechixm J ,117 

Hiclimoml (W. D.) Colour and colour 
printing as applied to lithography ... J .'S7ll 

Introdiu-lion lo the iitudy <f ralour. nil scrounl o! lbs 
Krm-riLl and Kiw-iol <|iiiilitiv- ot piinncnti' emjikiyed. I heir 
miinufik-liire tnln pnntinx inkn, and tlie prinrlplea in- 

Uo(«l (0. N!7?'rofO Colour. ... G rriKi, G 5l)7 

Teil-luok of modern chroiikatli-H : with oppllrntlonH lo 
an uul lodui-try- 

Kuskin (J.. LL.D.) Klementa of drawing ... J 311) 
— I^ectureit on art J ;t2 

Green (F. W. K.) C<ilour lilindneGS and 
colour perception H.'ltHl, H 

WilMon (G.) Researches on colour blind- 
ness H 

with o Hupiiletnent on the dnnxer atlendlnii tlio prei^ent 

L<ird (W. F.) Lost empires of the modem 
world E 

xoTE ComtiBm the tnulneiia priuHpleK of the Biillidi 
<«ipii¥ with tho«eoIPortu)nl.FrBn«,bliiain and Holland 
to prove that Britnin should not ic*e it" power. Urge^ 

ALSO I,OOE VN-DBH (fr«t Britain -(W.«|^^ und the 
aamp- ol the i-ariouH Brillnh cidiniieH. 

I Chatwooil (A. B.) The new photography. J 
Colours of aninialo : their meaning and use. 

I By Poulton (E. B.) Q L'(17, G 

I Colours of good and evil. By Bacon (LonI),.. K 
I Colquhoun(Archil>aUlR.)Amongt<ltheSlians. M 

— Chim 

Juhnrtton (SirH.H.) Colonization of Africa 

liv alien races Iv 

Kidd (B.) Control of the tropics ... L 

iOiiatlon betweentheRnKlii 

M fiuropfi 

. ...iDentol powi 
IxTmnriently iti the tropin. 

l.'...lonna(Vittoria)./«King(A.)Cluater of lives. 
iVl.rtMus, The. By Roberts (M.) 

Abney (W. de W., Gapt.) Colour measure- 
ment and mixture G504, Q 

l^nao siv'inB a retil xiiectrum ot the electric litilit. Khow!< 
that any hue caa be HpectAed poHltively or nejtHtlvely by 
a ~iQ8te colour of the Hpeclnun. 

Aristotle. Decoloribus. /n"Mechanicapi'o- 
blemata." [Tauclinitz text] B 

Benson (W.) Principles of the science of 
oolonr J 

(.'(jTiciM-Iy dated (o aid and promote their useful appllca- 
Iion in the decorative oHii. 

Chevreul (M. E.) Principles of harmony 
and contrast of colours, and their appli- 
cations to the arts J 

Including painting, inlerlor decoration, lapestrieB. car- 
petH. moanJcn. coloured Elniing. paper-ntBlning. rulico- 
priDling, letlerpmt-printTng. nutp^iolouring. drena. land- 
^aix and eower-gnrdentng. etc. 

Church (A. H., Prof.) Colour: an elemen- 
tary manual for students J 

L 41 
F 7242 

in transformation 

— Mat^rwlelandtlH^Wtl']" ..'."''""".'.. 

FOR XUTB. LOOK I'NDBIl Uatabelehuid. 

— "Overland" to China 

FOR NOTB. LOOK rKDKK China- 7>raTJ|.rfir. 

— Renascence of South Africa [liHMli 

FOR NOTB. LOOK I'NDBR Africu-.-im/A. 

Coli|uhoun (J. C, TrfinitL). LOOK under 

Wcinholt (Arnold). 
Colquhoun (John) Moor and the locli 
Colton (Buol P.) Elementary course in prac- 
tical zoology 

Mumta (St.):— 

Argj-U (Duke of) lona 

SOTB— Given an account of the lite of Rf . Columln from 
hi a landing in fm. 

Aluo iu Klnj("ley (C. 
iO.F„Kev.) Apostle* 



31 : 







Tlie liermitii, I. 21,1, L aiB; 
tlri«h >ainlH.t:.'I7:Hiicleiu 
ival Kuropa, L a:'. 

Adams (C. K., LL.D.) Christopher Colum- 
bus : his life and work L 

Helps (Sir A.) Life ot Columbus ... L 

Irving (W.) Columbus: his life and voy- 
ages L 

AnoUiei' edition. 2v L 

Markham (C. R.) Life of Christopher 

Columbus L 

Column, The. By Marriott (C.) F 






Colvile (Sir H. E., Om.) Work of the ninth 

Col villeof the Guards. By Grant (J.). . .F .-1433, 

Colvin (John Ruaaell). By Colvin (SirA.)— 

Colvin (Sidney, Prof.) Keata 

— Landor 

— , [Editor']. LOOK UNDER atevenson (R. L.) 

Colyer (Frederick) Treatise on the modern 
sanitary appliances 

— Ti-eatise on the working and management 
of steam boilers and engines 

Coinl>a (Emilio, D.D.) History of the Wal- 
denses of Italy, from their origin to the 

Combe (Andrew, M.D.) Physiology of diges- 

Combe (George) Education : its principles 
and practice : edited by Jolly 

— Elements of phrenologj- 

--Lectures on popular educalion 

— Phrenology applied to painting and sculp- 

— Remarks on national education 

r— What should secular education eml>race ^ 

Combe (William) Doctor Syntax : his three 
tours in search of the picturesque, of con- 
solation, of a wife ... 

Come live with me and lie my love. By Bucha- 
nan (R.) F 13*12, 

Comediens sans le savoir. Par Balzac (H. de). 
lln Freneh^ 

Comedies. LOOK UNDER Dramatic works. 

Comedies of courtship. By Hope (A.) 

F 4:W, F 43U5, F 4;tO(J, 

Comedy in spasms. By " Iota." P 4C22, 

Comedy ot a counlry house. By Sturgis (J.) 
F 8135, 

Comedy of Cecilia. ByFothergill(C.) F 3(ir.4, 

Comedy of sentiment. By Nordau (M.) ... 

Comelati (Gugliehno), tnid Davenport (J.) 
Dictionary of the Italian and English lan- 
guages, l>aBed on that of Baretti E ]2G 

Vol. l.-IiftlUm-KngHsli. Vol.2.- f^ngllBhlrnlion. 

Comenius (John Amos) : — 

Monroe (W. S., Pi-of.) Comenius and the 
beginnings of educational reform ... L 78« 

Quick (R. H., Rev.) Educational reformers. D 865 
Comet of a season. By McCarthy (J.) ... F 5487 
Cometh up as a flower. By Broughton (R.). F 1363 

Comethup. By Gallon (T.) F 3182 

Comets. LOOK UNDER Astronomy. 
Comfortforsinall incomes. By Warren (Mrs.), H G8C 
Comic BlackBtone. By A'Beckett (G. A,) ... D 573 
Comic history of England. ByA'Beckett(G.A,). M 1765 
Comic history of Rome, By A'Beckelt(G. A,) 

M 1377, M 1378 
Comic writers, English. By Hazlitt (W.) ... K 284 
Coming of the friars. By Jessopp (A.) ... M 41 
Coming of Theodora. By White(E.O.). F8894, F 88y5 
Coming race. By Lytton (Lord) ... F5422, F 5423 
Comin' thro' the rye. By Mathers (H. B.)... F 590(1 


L 489 
L 111)0 

H 154 
H 383 

C 886 

H 118 

B 112 
D 803 

J 231 
D 968 
D 958 

K 383 
F 1393 

F 4307 

F 6364 

Oominges (Gaston J, Baptiste, Cotnte de) :— 
Jusserand (J.J.) French ambassador at the 

court of Charles II 

Command of the sea. By Wilkinson (S.) 

D 7: 

James (G. P. R.) Memoirs of great com- 
manders L Gt 

?OH CONTRtJTB. LOOK UKDBB BloBmpblea-CDilffHit. 

Nepos (C.) Lives of eminent commanders ; 

literally transl, with notes, by Watson. M 1 .'J 1 
— Vitffi excellentium imperatorum [Text] ; 

edidit Bradley L 3L 


Commandments : — 

Eyton (R,, Rev.) The ten commandments. C 55 
Commedia,La. LOOKUNDBBDaDteAlighieri. 

D 4I» 

D ItO: 

H 76; 

D 2li 

D VHl 

D 9'.»- 

Bastable (C. F., Prof .) Commerce of nations. 

roH NOTE. LOOk IJNDBII Free trade. 

— Theory of international trade ... 

orthodox poltlirat econDmy which haii been dlK-rediled In 

Beeton (8. 0.) Dictionary of commerce ... 

ttaluriLl product! OBI and manuCactureii. modmor (ronB- 
Df ting buslQeBa,terTnB lued In commerce, partmuidinorlietii 
□1 bolh hemtspberCH. 

Berkeley (H.) Wealth and welfare 

Our national trade policy and lis cost. 

Bourne (S.) Trade, population and food... 

Bowley (A. L.) England's foreign trade in 

the nineteenth century 

NOTB- An opttmtsfBviBHotlhe proiipecti orBrillahlrade. 
Deocribeii ItH rise, nnd atlemijta 1o roreooul \t» future de- 
velopmenl. CombatH the view that En([ll»h proaperlly 
cannot BUrvlre the exhaUHtloa of her coaL 

Brassey (Lonl) Foreign work and English 
wages, considered with relation to the de- 
pression of trade 

NOTE— Trout* of the rlahls of woBo-eaniBfB. and promul- 
gateB a doctrine of a unlfonn cost of lat>ouT In every part 
ol the world. 

CaBsell's New popular educator, vols. 7-8... 

D 850-1. 

Commerce and Christianity 

NOTE— A p1e« for the appllcMtton of reli(tioUB principles to 
commercial alTaln. D«ub with the ttreat antajfoalsm be- 
tween the f undomenlfll IdeoorcliriBtlanltyuiiltheBtrunrle 
for wealth. Holdn that the IttduHtrial problAi Is tolvinK 
Itiielf and polnta to the Ukinic over of large eoneema by 
puhltc bodies. Contends tbut the ultlmMeend of compelt- 
tlon already (ombows Ibe chrlsIlaD ideal as itODOunoed 

Cox (H.) Are we ruined by the Germans ? 

Articles written In critlcluaof WlUlams' -Made in Oer- 

Danson (J. T.) Our commerce in war 

HOTB—PropoiieiitbatarealBril^n should Hive notioelbat 
the capture ot prlvnto property at sea. In time of war. 
should [iHuie ; wltb BuggestiODs tor currying it iDtoeffetrl. 

Davidson (J., Prof.) Commercial federation 
and colonial trade policy 

NOTE— A surrey from the standpoint of a phlloeopber 
wUb Ntrong Imperlnllsl inclinations. Believeg actual com- 
mercial fedemlionto be impnicllcatile tiince 11 would bene- 
fit the colonial producer at the coat ol the Bri t iKh consumer. 

Drifting. Anon 

FOB NOTE. i.i>oK t; Nil BR Free trade, 
Dymes (T.J.) Trade of the United Kingdoi 
with the world 

D 470 

D 504 

D 984 

. D 6i; 

D 993 

1 of the di 




Cm^ — continued. 
Fairer (Sir T.H.) State in its relation to trade. 

D 1)85,0 98C 

NOTE - Arsim In taTour ol tndJTlduml liberlr In trvde. 

(kmlaro (R.. Prof.) LesaonB in commerce. D 987 

Tm-book for BludeatK. 

HTU(lnian(^H. M.) Commercial crisefl of the 
nineteenth century D 3G5 

NOTB-A criticiBni ol the pRvent iDdunlrlitl rtf\me. Tlio 

lat ibey vrrriin Ineili- 
D. SiiutHimheiibidliltHi 

Jiaiis ( J. S.) TniHt^ pools, and corners, as 
affecting commerce ami industry ... D 

~ I ioqulTT iDto (he pniuipkn luxl i«renl operalion of 

-•■-—--• — uid ■yoaU.-atea lo limit produclicn Kod 

Macroety (H. W.) Trcets and the slate ... 

roKNOTE. LOOEU.VDKHanat Brttaln-fTomHrrrrJnl. 

Mahan(A.T., Co/)I,} Influence of sea power 
upon history, ]tH!t)-17«3 

son Showt) the imporlanro of nftvii! poitoriiicolcinlol 
tijan^lon. focteriDK anil prDlectlng nniiniem. etc 

Marsluill(A.) Economies of indnHtry.D23fj, 
Sleilley (G. W.) German Uigey : a reply to 

[Williams'] "Made in Germany" 
Roill>ertuB(E.) Overproduction and crises. 
Turner (B. B.) Commerce and banking ... 


Walker (F. A., LL.D.) Money in its relations 

to trade and industrj- 

Williams (E. E.) "Made in Germany" ... 

?roTE -inquiry into the encnofhitieTilA of German com- 
I<^iiiin apOD BritlBb Imde. HUsBoiImg u a remedy the 

tdaiskiion. and iadlTiduol enlerprlHC. For criIlclnnB rend 
Lax (U.) Are ve ruined by the Oermuu, U bOi,: and 
MwUey lO, W.l The German bogey, D JCfi. 

WilBoii (P. W.) Distribution of industry, 

/»" Heart of the empire " 

Yeats (J., LL.D.) Golden gat«B of trade with 
oar home indnatries 

IntrodtietorT to a >tudy ot mercantile ecotMmy and of the 

D r>i)3 

D 371 

D 373 

D 508 

— Map studies of the mercantile world ... 

AoziliaTT to oui foreign and colonial trade, indlUustrBtlve 
u( port of tbe idence o[ commerce. Olveacharta exblbll- 
ingthenalvral and manufactured producto of the world. 

Beard (C.) Industrial revolution 

NOTB— Deals with the ™attran»fonoatlonbrou[thl about 
by the modeni diacoverlM fti ' 

D 30 
D 088 
M 113 



. .. SDliedaUthee 


Chapman (S. J.) History of trade between 
theUnit«dKingdomandthe United States 
[1776-1897] E 

NOTK— Dividea the history of the Anglo- ' ' -— j- 

iDtaaizpetladah«lnnlDK«IIh 1T70, Nol 
eiporta from the United Slalea over Iheii 
the yea™ 1776-1870, and then compareB th. „._ 

mcnte In AnffloAmerioan trade with thotte li. ,-^- 

loteisn trade of the United Kingdom, and of the United 

Cunningham (W., D.D.) Growth of English 

industry and commerce D 200 

— Growth of English industry and 

2v D2t;7-8 

m the eice 
!n compares the geneml n: 

_., . J .je deiieriplioi 

t^-rta by Tadtna ot tba Oannaoic MttlemeotB down to thi 
year IMS. DlicnMM the ruTsl economy of the coDntr; 
IbeToyalcbarMnandinqnliltlona; Ihe medlBTal munlci 
palitraod manor ; and tbe irowtta uidevlla of uaury . Deal 
with tba Tiae »>4 (all or tliB Britlih marcaatlle lyatem. 

Gibblns (H. de B.) British commerce and 

colonies from Rlizal>eth to Victoria ... D 989 
— Historj- of commerce in Ear<>]>e ... D 991 

KOTK OcoIh with Ihe pnwmiH ol tndr from Phtmlcliui 
tlmCB to Ihe prrwnl day. l^umlneni'e Ih iclven to KnKH'h 
trade; Its political conneiloo and Ka colonial development a, 

—Industrial history of KtiglamI ...D501»,D 510 

NOTB -Oulllnen the development of our economic and 
InduKtrlal Droi-cwea from the Romnn period, and Itarllect 

— ludiitttry in England 

1 of Enirii-I: 

u agricultural 

. D 2C9 

_ . . _ . . i-erled from nt 
Into a manufncluriDit country. 
Green (Mrs. J. R.) Town life in the 15th cen- 
tury. 2 v. D 511 

NOTE IIIi>lorTOtlheEiisliHbborou«h,traciti|iIheinicre>i- 
■iviMepHthuttnuiiiformed Knttland from a purely aiirlrul- 
lural country, with >t> M-nllerM vlUwieH, Into a bind of ID- 

duatrlal town communilira, where niirlcultunU Intereati 
are almoat forjiotten In the aummlnif up of the national 
wealth. BriHiol, Cuvenlry. Kaeler. Norwli'h. Nolllnichom. 
HoulhnmplDo. and the Cinque I>url» are llie towns enpecl- 
ally dealt with. 

HewinB(W.A.S.) English trade and finance. 

D270,D 271 

of the RuiHla i-ompany or 

id am yea rH 

IT Imding i-i 

panle*. and aliMi deals with Ihe workloe c! 
l7Ih cent. 

Mulhall(M.G.) History of prices [18.50-85]. D 537 
Price CL. L.) Short history of English com- 
merce and industry D 275 

NOTB-'HIatory ol economlix Intended lor students. Alms 

.- .. . -'theai(rlcultHnU.coromer,-bal.and In- 

it o( Kniilani" " " ' - -■ - - 


dust rial del 

ID 1(175. Coni'luues with a review ol the pmcrewi of 

Roger8(J.E.T.,Pi'of.) Industrial and com- 
mercial history of England D 27C 

NOTE Skelchestheeconomli-nnd Industrial hlrtory from 
the tarlient timet*, and ilpalH wllh the production and diit- 
Irlbution ol wealth In (be middle ace<<. 

Warner (G. T.) Landmarks in English in- 
dustrial hiatory D 279 

I -Give 

iH and gullilH, •heep fo 
— lien Indur-— ~'- 

!'■ luduslt 
3. the met 

al de- 

. D 470 

Finance. Trade marka 

Commerce and Christianity ... 

yon NOTE. LOOK UNDER Christianity— .*iH'irii mirrii. 

Commercial botany of the 19lh century. By 

JackBon (J. R.) D 518 

Comimrglil sorrMiMHiriMKi : — 

Bilker (C. E.) Foreign commei-cial corres- 
pondent ... ... ... ■■■ ... D 8S9 

Aids to commerclikt eorrespondcnce In Ave InnRuagea— 
Kn^llsh. aerman, French, llnlian. Spanish, 

Greenwood (W. J.) Commercial corres- 
pondence D S90 

Westlake (,J, W., Pi-of.) How to write letters K 63 
In Cassell's New popular educator, vols. 

7-8 D 850-1, D 858-9 

Commercial education. LOOK UNDBR Educa- 
tion — CiMii niercifil. 
Commercial Fi-encb. By Carroue (P.) ... E 
Commei-cial geography ; — 

Chisbolm (G. G.) Handbook of commercial 

geogi-aphy M 

I — Smaller commercial geogi-apby ... M 81, M 






(!iiiiiiiiei'i;ial(tiiigi".ii»liy — loiilhnutl. 

Yeatii(J.,LL.D.) Map stndi^B of the mercan- 
tile world : aiixiliarj' to our foreign and 
colonial trade, and illuatrative of part of 

Edwards (W. D.) Commercial law 

.D 65.^ 

Munro(J. E. C.) Commei-cial law ... D (Kil 

Commercial matliematica. (Longmane') ... G 112 
Commercial products of the eea. By Sim- ! 

moiid8(P. L.) D 522 

Commodore Junk. By Fenn (G. M.). F 2891, F 28y2 

Commodore's daughter. By Lie (J.) F 5284 

Common objects of the mici'OBcope. By "Wood 

(J. G.) G102!l 

Common objects of the sea-shore. By Wood 

(J. G.) G1272 

Common prayer, LOOK UNDER Prayer and 

prayer book. 
Common sense about women. By Higginsom 

(T.W.) DlOfil 

Common story. By Gontcharoff (I.) ... F SA'M 

Common things and elementary science. By 

Ha88ell(J.) D iKU 

Commonplace girl. By Atkinson (B.). F 418, F 41S> 
CofflRHHiwultli, The :— 

Airy (0.) English restoration and Louis 

XIT. [1(548-79] Misas 


Bisset(A.) History of the commonwealth of 

England [1649-53]. 2 v M IS.W 

FOR NOTIE, LOOK I'HSKR Great Britain— HlWory. \ 

Gardiner (3. R., LL.D.) First two Stuarts 
and the puritan i-evolution [1603-00] ... M 18(t8| 


— History of the commonwealth and pro- 
tectorate. [1649-60]. 3v. M184y-.-)l! 

Vol. 1.-1WM1, M 1MB: VoL B.-MBM M laBO; , 

Vol, .1—11154-6. M ISM c Vol. 4— /n JTOIW". 
fuR NOTE. LOOK VNDEB Ureal BritBrn-ZTtiforu. 
jM3U look liNDER Cromwell. Great Britain— BMnri/. 

Commonwealths. Freeman (E. A.) Growth of 
commonwealths. In his " Historical essavs," 
vol.4 M1523 

Commonwealth*— Ideal and imaginary : — 

Bucon (Lord) New Atlantis. In his Works. B 387 

N'OTE— An ImaElnary Ixlnnd in Iho Atlnnlle where a 
eolleae l« discovered tor the Inlerprellnit of the nalaral 
aeiencreii. Tbc author's ob]ecl woa to prevent In thin lable 
uD ideal commonweollh, buthedledbeloro i1« complelion. 

Bellamy (E.) Looking backward F 787 

NOTB-A sodAllHtlc propbellc nketeh picturing an ideal 
mmroonweullh in the year liOOO. 

Cicero (M. T.) De republica [Text] ... B 367 

— ; literally transl. by Yonge B 364 

Gronlund(L.)Co-operative commonwealth, D 446 
NOTE Aa eiponltlon ' """ '"""" — '■ ~' — '"" — 

oIlemptlDV toKhowthi 

condltToni -' "-- "-' 



a Boclolist and d^ 

Harrington (J.) Commonwealth of Oceana. D 

NOTE - A coQception ot ud Ideal ropublie. BuKeeiiliaK tbiU 
Ifovernment shuulil be compCHBd or ibrae urden - Ibe aea- 
ate propuKiDE, the people rerfoUinif, and tbe ma^itmcy 

-run till ufd. 
Harrington (J.) — continued. 

eiecullDB by on eiiuBl rotation IbrouMh the Huffrivse of 
the peoplo tnven by ballot. 

Holilies (T.) Leviathan D 122, D 123 

NOTE^A eomplele avBtem ol the nuthor'i phlloeophy; 
ineludlng bis politiciiL moral, and eceleHiusIieal viSB* 

theulOKinng, politidBDH of oil aenX^ panle<t.and nations, 
thouith somewhat hostile to liberal prlneiplei. Arguei 
lor tbe reduction of rellsion to a department of the Male. 
Lyttfln (E. B., Zoj-d) Coming race. F 5422, F 5423 
NOTE— Satire on American pollt Ice, the Dam* InlonthoofT. 

More (Sir T.) Utopia D92, D93,D 94 

woTH— ftl(i.tnli of an Imot^nary republic repreBenfed bji 
.■lion In law ■. poll Ilea, cuetoms. 

iwfulnets of money. Forcibly de<- 
id Bbiwnor Ibe nnt bolf of the loth 

Morley (H., Prof., Editor) Ideal common- 
wealths D92, D 93 

CONTENTS— I'lutaivh'i) Lye nnrufl. More'H Utopia. Bocoo's 
New Allanlix. CampaDella'a City of the aun. Hall'iCrapu- 

Newton (A.) Posterity : its verdicts and its 
methotls; or, democracy A.D. 2100 ... D 39 
NOTB-DeolH wilh the theory ol the •tote, written in tbe 
form of B dtaloeue. Touches upou^queatlons of elhici. 
crime, polHIfal science, wxlal Brlencciliterature. languase. 

Plato.' De republica. [Tauchnitz text] ... B 330 

— ; tr. with not«s, l)y Davies and Vaughan. D 96 

— ; transl, by Davis B 335 

— ; transl, by .lowett D 95 

Rousseau(J.J.)tiocial contract; or .principles 

of political right D 98 

Also in French D 97 

Conununo <rf Piric, 1871 : — 

Lissagaray (P. 0.) History of the com- 
mune of 1871; Iranal. by Aveling ... M2141 
March (T.) History of the Paris commune. M2142 

NOTE— UlvesaBketchof the lost days ol the empire, dee- 

wur, and then proceeds to eiptaln the Tonnalion of the 
elecllona. I^elate^ In diary form, the evenia ol the eight 
^s w e 19 wax nsa a^ nmce, nn ranee again 

Commune of London. By Round (J. H.).., M 1731 

FOR NOTE LOOK UNDEB LoDdon- Bitlori/. 

Communion, Holy. LOOK UNDBRLord'ssupper. 
Communion service, [/n vocal score] : — 

Hummel (J. N,) Maasin B Uat [Latin words] J 731 
Another edition. [English words] ... J 728 

—Mass in D. [English words] J 729 

— Mass in E fiat [Latin words] J 73;' 

Anotiier edition. [English words] ... J 730 

Schubert (F.) Communion service in 0. J 737 
Communism. LOOK UNDER Socialism. 
Com nena (Anna). LOOK UNDER Auna Com- 

Lnnd (T. W. M.) Como and Italian lake- 
land 1^ 

XOTB— Sketchee of Como with Its memories of the (wo 

BlnyiondMuaao; of Lulno. with ils painter: of Arooa. 
— "■- " ■ •Biot.BndreferetU'eslothecltieiior Lombardy and 

Jordan (W.), and Gore-Browne (F.) The 
companies acts, 1862 to 1893 D 

TliefOTDatlon.maiiagemeDtandwladlDgupot Joint stock 



■iiiit hilled. 

I'allirook(A.) K«B[H)Uflil>ilitiraof tlirt^-tnm, 
tin J working; uf compaiiirflunder tht5 com- 
panies acts, Ilt<>'2-11I(H). D tititi 

K ilh the nmijuiln art. IWM. tn exlmiKK proarrllwd lonn>. 
■^flanaiorr notm. und Indri rherrto. 

SniithtT. E.) Bumiiiar>' of thelawof cnm- 

paitiee D i'Jl 

Ii, HuireU (H,). and (C. G.) Joint 
Stock cumpaiiieii practical ((uide. I'.HK).... D 
OoBiparalive literature. By Pwnett (H. M.). 


t'dnceniiiift Oliver Knox. By ('olmore(G.)... F 
('(incliolii^y. LOOK UNUKlt KhellH ainl tdielltish. 
Concordance to the OIil an<l New Teatament. 
By Cruden (A.) C 

'•iinparative politica. By Fi 

(E. A.)... D H«) 

.Memlield(J.. LL.D.) Magnetism ami devi- 
ation of the comiuxo 

C..mpayiv(Gal>n<'l) Al>elanl L IKi 

—History of pcdagofry D >H>'2 

l'i'm|>etition : — 

Macrosly (H. W.) TrnstB and the fltato ... D 452 

._ __. iinn 0( roiniietitlon tromn BOrlnl. 

'^andpoinl. ilenllDS vllh Britlah irude-UDionlxm unil 
jrnili<,ii : witli n -urver ol Briliili tru>tB. Holdx llie 
Ihut iniM" mutt for coUectivi ' ' 

.H 810 
.B 270 

,. F I«86 

BHriicIl (0, R.) Liinex, ceinenlH, mortai-e, 

concretoH, vU: H 

Newman (J.) XoteHim amcrete and works 

in concrete H 

) nl ended FxiHTtHlly for thnw i^Rniird upon piiMk- work*. 
Condennied hm a nihiliat. By Henty {G. A.) 

F ■nm, F 


and Hittite iiiHcriptioim E 

—Bible and tlif Piwt 

— !.atiu kiinf<lt>m of Jeruaalem, lOiiP-UlU ... M 

— l^lestine 

KOB Kim. l.OHK IMilB P»Wllne- /y-rrtirfiiv. 

—Tent work in Palestine. 2 v. 





. lK«l"i«i 

.__ ._..._ _ t waillh Bod tbe 

m d[ induitry. 

Ciimplete angler. By Waltim (I.), and C'utlon 

iC): etlit«Hi by Daviea J120C 

Auotlui- fditiim ; edited by Major J 12t>7 

'oinpositor's giiide, and [)ocket-I«M)k. By _ 
Gould (J.) 

C.imprtiraiBe, On. By Morley (J.) ... 

C'oinpton (C. O.) Her own devices ... 
(.'impton (Herbert ) Particular account of the 

European military adventurere of Hin- 

dnslan from 1784 to 180.^ M 2;(22 

— .[JWi/or]. LOOK UNDBBEafltwick(R. W.) 

Comrades. Bt Gray (A.) F 3r)3« 

Comradefl all. By Matbams (W. J.) C 41)4 

Cxinrades in amis. By Amvand(A.),.. F.T33, F 334 

ConitadcB true. By Thomas (A.) F 8280 

Comic (AugUBte) Catechisme poBitiviste. [/« 

French} B 124 

—General view of positivism : transl. by 

Bridges B 12.') 

Biograplti/ and CiiUrism. 
Uwes (O. H.) Comte'B " Philosphy of the 
sciences" B 12li 

A nympathetic eiponltlon of the principles otthe"Couni 
ie- phlloKiphle pwlliTe' of AUKiute Comle. 

Mackintosh (R., Prof.) From Comte to Ben- 
jamin Kidd 


ilartineau(j., D.D.) Types of ethical (heory, i 

vol.1 B 2tlSt 

Mill (J. 8.) Auguste Comte and positivism. B 127 
Watson (J., Prof.) Comte, Mill, and Spencer. B 384 1 
Comte deMonte-Cristo. RirDumae(A.). Ov, i 

[In French} K 146;t-8, K 14(;fl-74| 

ComteKoHtia. ParCherbuliez(V.)[/n-A'rf«r/i]. K 140*3 [ 
Coiiitesne Sarah. Par Ohnet (G.). [/« Frnich\ K 1 CW 

Con Cregan. By Lever (C.) F52.')0| 

Concei-niiiglaabelCarnabv. ByFowler(E.T.) 

F3080,F3081,F 3t)82! 

... M 
... M 

FOB MiTK. UH>K CNDBB I^nkwDue Crm-riiilrr. 

Conder ( E. R. ) Outlines of the life of Christ.... C 407 

Coiiilorcet (Marie J. Caritat. Marquis dr) Vie 

deM. Turgot. [_ In French'} L G12 

Conduct af Ht :— 

AtkinH(F.A. (Mural muBcle.andhow to use it. 488 
Buckl('y( Moi-al teachings of science. B 225 

XOTi HuinimlHlliiLt UHluily vt thcIuwaoC llle In nnimBla 
and planlH will wrvi' no a icuide tD the tvnauct of liFe. 

Cliflord (J., D.D.) Is life worth living? 

[Sei-mons] C 618 

Greg (W. K.) Enigmas of life D ti 

NOTK itatkmHllMtitvlewotlKeamlronduct.FQrertllcism 
retkdRuttonill.K.iCoiiteniporaiTlliuUHbt indlhlnkeMK 87 

Groser (H. G.) Kingdom of manhood ... B 299 

NiiTK Intended an a guide-pcal lo rl':hnr» it lite and 
Johnson (J.) Relf-ePFort ; or. the true method 

of attaining success in life B 292 

Lang (J. M., D.D.) Life: isit worth living? B 267 


ewpB^ioUy till,!. 

truth of i'briKilan<ly.Conlendiilhiiloollieory<'"n beaatlB- 

Lwkj- (W. }tn^, LL.D.7 Map'oflif e * ... B 237 

NOTE PrBeliral ob«rvBllon« on eondurt nnd ehBmcter. 
In rebitloD totbe Indlildunl, Bociely. rclliiion. i-oTDiDeri.-e, 

L^l)lH>Vk(Ht!'H»>n"slrL)^FkaBui¥Sonife. K 974 

NOTK Take* no nole ol modem peiwlnilnn. but may be 
despHir, to whii'blt KiveBiiphilow ihic urttculftlion. 

Parker (J., d.d.) Well liei.un B 293 

NOTE PrwtlrBl htnlBOn heallh.miirriBBe.rtudv.mTea- 
tion, habil*. and condui^t ot buslneM, and the hlitherohnr- 
acler; how lo stiirt in life, and bow lo lU't In Ihe dBlly 

Ha tt \ J .Tl-if e B271 

Smiles (8.. LL.D.) Character ...B2.'il,B 252 
—Duty B253.B 254 

— UfTandTabou"™..."'^ B 255. B 25G 

gentuK. The volume in full of Hiories. npolouue^ proverbs, 
penvvcninif. method, and Ibe bunbandtng ut tlm» 

8 257,8 2.W 

-NDBR ReU-hclp. 

B2.W,8 200 

nurh (opirsas Ibedttmily oI labour. 
eceBKityoi raaui-ln«babJliiotiiaving.lhe wii'kedneaa 
;nivagnnt livlnx. ine dangerM ot proi-iierilv. «nd the 
of sympathy belneenemployen- -ind employed. 



I of Ha — continued. 
Thayer (W. M.) Tact, push, and principle. B 294 
— Way to Hucceed B 295 

CoafMtlonary : — 

Butler(W.C.)Modem practical confectioner. H 720 

For the miuter, Improver, apprentli.'e, and (he tnule 

Francatelli (C. E.) Royal confectioner, 
English and foreign H 

prlsing ornnmentftl contectionory artlaileally develf^wd. 

H4riaae(E.) Art of pastry makingaccording 

to the French and English methods ... H 722 
Cakm ■wMtmeata. und tuicy blKult-bnklntt. oi 
kinda of confectlonen-, plwn and amamenlol. 

Wells (R.) Ornamental confectionery ... H 723 

Qulde lor bakera,ci>D[«1iDnen,iiind paitrycookK Including 
ft variety of modem recipes, and remarka on decorative 
and coloured work. 

Williamson (D.) Practice of cookery and 
pastry adapted to the business of every- 
day life H715,H 716 

In Spon's Workshop receipts, toI. 2 ... H 
Confession, look under Creeds. 
Confession d'un enfant du siecle. Par Musset 

(A. de). [In French] K 1652 

Confession of Stephen Wbapsbare. By Brooke 

(E.) F 1353 

Confessions of a clarionet player. By Erck- 

mann-Chatrian F 2741 

Confessions of a poacher ; editedby Watson... L 1114 
Confessions of a publisher. By Winter(J. S.) 

F 9050, F 9051 
Confesflionsof athug. By Taylor (M.).F«217,F 8218 
Confessions of an English opium-eater. By 

De Quincey (T.) L 1294 

Amlfier edition. In his Works, vol. 3 ... K 904 

Confessions of St. Augustine C 479 

Confidence. By James (H.) F 4688 

Confidences. By Aide (H.) F 101 

Confidential agent. By Payn (J.) F 6687, F 6688 
Conflmiatloii :— 

Brown (C. G., Rev.) Offices of Holy com- 
munion, baptism, and confirmation ... C 659 
Conflict between religion and science. By 

Draper (J. W.) C94,C 

FOR NOTE. LOOK IfHDBB Religion and science. 

Conflict of evidence. By Ottolengui (R.) ... F 6510 

Burrows (G., Cflpi.) Landof the Pigmies... M 983 

NOTB-Account ol the author'a service iD the reniale 
comer of the Cooro Free Stale In ItM-ST, and deola with 
the various tribea ot the dlxtrlct 

Hinde (S. L.) Fall of the Congo Arabs ... M2409 
HOTE— Deali with the Belgian expedition to the Upper 
Conso which developed intou war between the Stale forcea 
ondllie Arab •lave-ralden loCentrol Afrlcu. Etkeichestbe 
most importaot eplaodea Id the atrugKle [orsupremncy In 
Ceiitnl Africa between the Araba and tlielr European 
rivola. DlKueme the queatlon o[ cannibalism. 
K'Zau (B.) Travel and adventures in the 
Congo Free State, and its big game shoot- 
ing [in 1884-88] M 982 

Ward(H.) Five yearswith the Congocanni- 


bals [1884-9] 

UOTB— Sketches of the vorlous „ 

•■pon the £min Pasha relief eipedilion, 

■o rovers. By Collingwood(H.)... 



687 I 


. F 1799 


Molloy (J. F.) The congregational isCs. In 
Ais "Faiths of the peoples" C 

Rogers (J. G.) Present day religion and the- 
ology C 

NOTE —A defence of coDaresatlooallam nsal Dst the atlacks 

tnadeupon It. add a review of Spurifeon'a four articles on 

the down grade. 

Waddington (J., d.d.) Congregational his- 
tory. 5 V. 

Vol. I.-UOO-We? CBBfll VoLl-lTOO-lBOO. 

Vol. 3.-1BB7-17W CBWl V0I.4.-ISOIM8M 

VoL 6.-iiB(>-i8ao ... ceoo 
AUX) LOOK UNOBK NoncopformUy. Purttana 
Congreve (William) Dramatic works ; edited 

by Ewald K 

— ; with biographical notices, by Hunt ... K 


GoBse (E.) Life of Congreve L 1212 

Contains a bibllosmpby. 

AlK In Jobneon'a Liven of (be poetn. L 1187; Thackerar 
(W.H.I Rngllsh humouriats, K 103U, K 1031. K lim 

Conic sections. LOOK undkr Geometry. 
Coningsby. By Beaconsiietd (Lord)... F 741, F 742 
Conington (J., Traml.). LOOK UNDER Virgil. 

LOOK UNDSK Oames, sports, etc. Kaclo. Witchcraft 

Conn (H. W.) Method of evolution G 958 

Conney(MrB.)J«dy:ajilt[Militaryromance].F 1887 

Connoisseur, The. By Town K 784 

Conolly (Arthur, Cul.). Kaye (Sir J. W.) 

Lives of Indian officers L 

Conquering Christ. By Maclaren (A.) ... C 
Conquering cross (the church). By Haweis 

(H. R.) C 

Conquering heroine. By Hnngerford (Mrs.) 

F4511,F 4512 
Conquest of England. By Green (J. R.) ... M 1779 
Conquest of Granada andSpain. By Irving(W,). M 2178 
Conquest of Mexico [1516-47]. By Prescott 

(W. H.) M2515 

Anotlter edition. 2v M2516 

Conquest of Peru [1524-50]. By Prescott 

(W. H). 2v M2575 

Another edition, in one vol. M2576 

Conquest of Plassans. By Zola (E.) F 9454 

Conrad (Joseph) Works : — 

Almayer's tolly. CUalayslal F 1888. F 1389 

FOR CONTINUATION. READ " Outcast Ol the Islands." 

Lord Jim F 1«90 

Nigger of the" NarclMms" [Voyageof atradlne-shlpl F ]81i| 

Outcast oF the IslaodaCUalayalaJt A SBauII.TO~Almayer's folly." F \m3 
Tales of unreal [Malay An-bipelaEO] F 1IS3, F ISM 

Conscience (Hendrik) Works : — - 

Conscript F 1885 I Uloer ; and. Rlcketlcketnck. V IMO 

Curse of the village ... F 18M Poorgentlemon F ItKII 

Demon of ifold V 1897 Wooden Clan ; and. Bicket- 

Lion of Flanders F 1*98 icketock F 1902 

Lost Elove P 18»8 I 

Conaeleiioi, Tho : — 

Ferrier (J. F., ll.D.) Introduction to the 
philosophy of consciousness. In his 
" Greek philosophy," vol. 2 B 320 

Maurice (F. D., Prof.) The conscience ...B 286 

NOTE— The at udy of casuialry.theauth or thinks, brings us 
[ace to face with Iheintemolllfe of each ono of us, lesvlni 
the world without to the examination o( other inquirers. 

Conscience of Coralie. By Moore (F. F.) ... F 6153 
ConscienceofGilbert Pollard. By Sergeant(A.)F 7661 
Conscript. By Conscience (H.) F 1895 




Conacript By ErclanaiiQ-Cbatrian F 

FOB COtmHUATtOK. RBAD-On)UliiiMlcn.''F2T46, 

Cooaecration of Hetty Fleet. By Adcock 

(A. St. J.) F 

CoDse rvation of energy. By 8tewart(B,).G451,G 
Cuiispiiucy of silence. By Colmore (G.) ... F 
Cunspiratora. By Dumaa (A.) ...F258t), F 
Conspirators of Trieste. By Veme (J.) ... F 
Constable (Archibald). In Curwen (H.) His- 

tury of l>ool£BellerB L 

Constable (F. C.) Aunt Judith's island ... F 

Salirlnl novel o[ lOClety tad pditio. 

Constable (John) : — 

Brock-Arnold (G. M.) Constable ... L 

/m Adams (W. H. D.) Masterminds ...L 


Constable of France. By Grant (J.). L 139, L 

Military hutoriettcii 

Constable of St. Nicholas. By Arnold (E. L.). F 
Constable of the tower. By AinBwoi-th(W. H.). 

F 12il, F 
ConBiable's tower. By Yonge {C, M.) ... F 

Constance. By Philips (F. C.) F 

Constance Sherwood. By FuHerton (Lady)... F 

Constant lover. By Hauff (W.) F 

Constant prince. By Coleridge (C. R.) ... F 
Constantia Carew. By Marshall (E.) ... F 

Contes d'une vieille,fille a ses neveus. Far 
Girardin (Mme. E. de). [/n Fretich'] ... K 1540 

Contes des f^es. Par Perrault (C, and others). 

lln French-} K 1066 

Contvs du Lundi. Par Daudet (A.), [/n 

Frettrh-\ K 1425. K 1426 

Contea et nouvelles. Par Karr (J. B. A.). [In 

French] K 1589 

Contes et nouvelles [en vers]. Par La Fon- 
taine (J. de). [/M Freru-h]... K 1305, K 1306 

Contes etnonvellcs. Par Pontmartin (A. de). 

{In French] , ...K1C68 

Contea et nouvelles. Par Sonvestre (E.). [/« 
French] K 1702 

Contes [topulaires. Par Erckinaiin-Chatrian. 

[/h French] K 1512 

Contraltand. ByWhyte-Melville(GJ.).F8928, F 8929 

Contmbami of war. By Shiel (M.P.) ... F 7710 

AmiciH(E. de) Constantinople ; tr. by Tilton. M 
Brassey (Lady) Sunshine and storm in the 

East M 123 

Craiwa to Crpnu and Conxtaiitinople [In IBT4 and IHTB], 

CuufopouloB(D.) Guide to Conatautinople. M 701 
Crawford (F. M.) Constantinople ... M 702 

NOTB— nrturaa at alnet life. The uulhor gtves OD UD- 
biiuMed opiDioD or the Torlcri and thfArnunlaoHikad upon 
the RHUteni qaectinn. Defenda the Ogmuill. 

Eiliot (Mrs. F.) Diarj- of an idle woman^n 

Constantinople M 706 

NOTB-TbD aim at the author ia to clothe (be ramouii Kile 

lone u> It. I^^vlth the kkIb] Ufe of to-day lll»!l princl- 
paUy at ttie emlNUBlea, and also vartoui court functionii. 

Fraser (J. B.) Oonatantinople to Tehran 

[in 1833-4] M 832 

Gautier (T.) Constantinople of to-day [cir. 

1854] M 703 

Conatitutional history. 

LOOK HNDBB Great BrltalD—CViutlf utlDii, and under the 
name* of otber conntrlea. 
Consumption : — 

Ruddock (E. H., M.D.) On consumption, 
and tuberculosis of the lungs H 269 

Tbeir diaRUeaiB. causen. and prevenlive and Keneral tre«t- 

Contarini Fleming. By Beaconsfield (I^rd) 

F743,F 744 
Contemporary portraits. ByPresBense( L 97 

FOBCONTINTa. LOOK CNDBB fiiogniphleil-Collnllrc. 

Contemporary socialism. By Rat' (J.) ... D 459 

gg EociiUimn-ffiKortenf. 



Contea. Par Museet (A. de). [In French]... K 
Contea a Sylvie. I'ar Deschamps (L.). [/n 

French] K 

Contes choiais. ParI>aadet(A.). [InFrench].K 
ConteschoisiadesFrereaGrimm. [InFrench]. K 
Contea de la montagne. Par Erckmann- 

Chatrizti. lln French] K 

Anaon (Sir W. R) Principles of the Eng- 
liah law of contract^and of agency in its 
relation to contract 

Gibbons (D.), atid Uttley (T. F.) Labour 

Haadbook ot the law Dlcaotroct»ror workaand sBrvic««, 

Stevens (T. M.) Elementsof mercantile law. 
Oontrat de mariage. Par Balzac (H. de). [/n 


Oontrat Hocial.ParRousseau( J. J, ). [/h Frmc A]. 
Coutre-allef. Par Julliot (F. de). [InFrench]. 
Control of the tropics. By Kidd (B.) 
Convalescent cookery. By Ryan (C,' 

D 656 
D 072 

D 97 
D 104 
H 709 

K 884 
J 1214 

D 948 
C 12 

Bennett (E.) Art of conversation. In hia 

" Amenities of social life " 
Lehmann (R. C.) Conversational hinta for 

young shooters 

Oulde to polite talk In Beld. roYert, and country bonae, 

Maliaffy (J. P.) Principles of the art of con- 

Conversion : — 

Starbuck (E. D., PH.D.) Psychology of re- 

NOTR. -Attempts to arrive at the pHyrholo^cal HignlBc- 

development, and >howii Ibat coarention and ths other 
Btaifett of reliffioiiH development nuLy be brouftht Into line 
with biological facta of life. 

Conver8ionofheatintowork.ByAnder8on(W.) H 448 
Conversion of the West. By Maclear(Q. F.). 4 v. 

TheCeltB C !»8 I The Engltah C TW 

TheNorthmen C SUU 1 The Slava (,' 8Ul 

Convict. By James (G. P. R.) F 4655 

Convict ship. By Russell (W. C.) F 7382 

Conway (Hugh, jtaetid. o/F. J. Fargus) ; — 

At what coat, Bte. F lfl(>4 i Dark daya ~ F 190a 

Boundtotrelher F 1W5 Family affair F IHIO 

Culled buck F1VO0 UvlDflordend F IBU 

Cardinal Hin P1V07 ailQipi and arrow* F IVI:! 

CorristOD'H gift. etc FltWM I 

Conway(N. D.) Life of Natlmniel Hawthorne. L 1140 
Conway (Sir William M.) Bolivian Andes. M 1204 

Reroid ol clitubins nod eiploistion In the Cordillara 
Real. IHM and IWft. 

— ClimhingandexploratiouintheKarakoram 

Himalayas. 2v M 799 


— Dawn of art in the ancient world J 62 



Conway (Sii' William M.) — amtinnefl. 

— First crosfiing of Spit8l)ergeii [in 1896] ... M 

Conway bridgf. /» Dempsey (G. D.) Tubular 

and other Iran girder bridges H 

Conybeare(Kdward)Alfi'edinthechronicler8. M 
Conybeare (Frederick C.) Drej-fuB case ,., D 


— , [£Wi/o»'] Apologj- and acts of Apolloniue. C 

FOB NOTE. LOOK UNDBR Church history' 

Conybeare (W. J., Rev.), atid HowBon (J, S., 

D.D.) Life and epistleB of St. Paul ... C 

Cook (C.H,). LOOK UNDBRBickerdyke(John). 

Cook (E. Button) Book of the play J 

— Hon™ with the playere. 2 v. L 

FOR CONTENTS. LOOK UNDBRiBiographlM— ,-o»f(//ir. 

— Leo F 

— Nights at the play J 

FOB NOTE. LOOK UKDER Draout -Tilt •lagf. 

— Paul Foster's daughter ... F 

Cook (Edward T.) Studies in Ruskin ... K 

Cook (Eliza) Poetical works K 

Cook (Frederick A., M.D.) Through the first 

Antarctic night, 1898-189!! M 

Cook (JMNt, Capt.) :— 
Low (C. R., Lieut., Editor) Captain Cook's 
three voyages round the world ; with a 

sketch of his life M 129, M 

Purves (D. L.), and Cochrane (R.. JCditoiv) 
Cook's voyages. In English circumnavi- 
gators L 

Wharton (W. J. L., Cnpt., Editm-) Captain 
Conk'fi journal during his first voyage 
round the world, made in H. M. Bark 
" Endeavour," 17tJ8-71 M 

A literal tnuiacrt|ilioii ot the original MSB. 

Besant (Sir W.) Captain Cook ...L808,L 
Yonge (C. D., Prof.) Our greal naval coni- 

man(Ier8 L 

Cook (T. A.) Notes on tobogganing at St. 

Moritz J 

— Story of Rouen M 

Cooke(C.J.Bowen) British locomotives. H 404, H 
Cooke (Frances E.) An American hero : story 

of William Lloyd Garrison L 

—England [B.C. 55 'to 1870] M 

— English hero : Richanl Cobden L 

Cooke (Josiah P., Prof.) Laboratory practice. O 


— The new chemistry G02I), G 

Cooke (M. C, LL.D.) Fresh-water algte ... G 
— Fungi : their nature, influence, etc. ... G 

— Manual of botanic terms G 

— Ponds and ditches G 

-—Romance of low life amongst plants ... G 

— The woodlands G 

Cooke-Taylor (R. W.) Factory system and the 

factory acts D 

Cookory :— 

Beeton(Mr8.I,) Bookofhouseholdmanage- 
ment H 

Cookory — cmilhiunl. 

Bfeton (Mre, 1.) — i-oiitinued. 
-E very-day cookery 
Staining recipe*, iDcludlng i 
. Jgetarlui eaotery. 

Bowdich (Mrs.) New vegetarian dishes ... H 
Buckland (A. W.) Our viands H 

Whence they come and how they are cooked; with 
recipei [roni cookery books o[ the iBHt century. 

Buckton (C. M.) Food and home cookery. H 

The cookery of the I.eedg whoot board : conilBllng of a 
out in accordance with the new code of r^rulationn of the 
Kduoation dKpanmenl. l^Ki. 
Duret (E.) Practical household cookery ... H 

CoDtalninK 1.000 orlgiDul and other recipe*. 

Francatelli (C. E.) Cook'sgnide,andhonse- 
keeper's and butler's assistant H 

Treatlae on RngUih and foreign cookery In all Itabrancbea. 

— Modem cook H 

Quide to the culinary art In all its branclieB : comprising. 
In addition to Ensllan awkery. the moat ajiproved and 
m-ftrn'ArKynemi ot French. ItaJlan and Oerman cookery. 
Harrison (Miss M.) Guide to modem cook- 



Hasstitt (W. C.) Old cookery books and an- 
cient cuisine U 

Hooper (M,, Prof.) Cookery for invalids, 
persons of delicate digestion, and for 

children H 

— Little dinners H 

How to eerre them wilb elegance and economy. 
Jewry {^TA., Editor) Warne's Model cookery 
and housekeeping book; with instruc- 
tionsinhouseholdmanagement. H 703, H 

.Ano/Aererfi/ion (Abridged) H 

Johnson (Mrs, G.) Anglo-Indian and ori- 
ental cookery H 

Reeve(Mrs.H.) Cookery and housekeeping. H 

DomBHi Ic wonomv for large and nnall famllien. 

Rochfort(L.)TheSt.James'8cookerylKXik. H 

Rj-an (C.) Convalescent cookerj- H 

St. Clair (H., Lady) Dainty dishes. ...H 
Strauss (G. L. M., DR.) Dishes and drinks ; 

or, philosophy in the kitchen H 

Tegetmeier{W.B.) Household management 

and cookery H 

Intended for nchool (eochers. 

Thomson (B.) Cookeryfor the sick and con- 
valescent H 

Williams (W, M.) Chemistry of cookery ... H 

NOTS—Kiplainii the why and the wherefore of each rnic- 
caHlre Htep in any given piece of culinary work. 

Williamson (D.) Practice of cookery and 
pastry adapted to the business of every- 
day life H715,H 

Wright (C. E. G.) School cookery hook ... H 

A1.SO LOOK lE^fDER Confectionery. l>oniei4tic economy- 

Cooper (Anthony Ashley). LOOK undbr 

Shaftesbury (Earls of). 
Cooper (Edward H.) Marchioness against the 

comity [French horse-racing] F 

—Richard Escott [Political] F 

Cooper (James Fenimore) Works : — 








BravoTvmlce] ".' 

>■»] . 



n [Satin 

I!riil«un»o«T [Voiwen 

ccerirBn life] 

louTitHlni, middle OfiM] 
1 KfflQghAin 


sxtrKL TO " Homewiini bound." 

liomrwrnid bound 

Jirk T)«T [United fltaW^ Umc Heiioui wnr] 

LiHi of tbeHotairann 

LALibrr-atocklng Uit» [Llle of a barkiraodnaiin duHnit llie old 

Fmtch war. ITSIMI. Mliiht be md In order slvm] ;- 
nooeen.FIB3a ; PrBlrlP.F l»aT ; Lnat ar<heUohicanii.Fiai!)t: 
DwrnlATer. F lOS : FBtliHnder F IBM 

Lionel Uncoln [HkeseoIBonon luid Bunker HtlL 1775) 

Mark's reef 

Miln> WaUinglord; SBQUBLTO 'ADo*t andoahore.' 

Ned Myers 

I>mk upenimiH : or. The bce-bunter [Xicb limn, early dnyii] 

ralhllDderToid French war] 

filoi [?lBTaiadveDla[t«orl^ulJon*fl,dr. 1770] 

Pioneers [Old French war] 

Fvus I WilkinHon (J. F., Rev.) Mutual thrift ... D 427 

PIB33. SOTB HWory of friendly societlMu Tnice- the develop. 

F IKH I ment of the Kreal ta^er' xncb iw Ihe Hiuicbr»ter Unltv 

F IMS and the FomiteK Mid ol that of the Hearts of Oak. and 

' other cMit mil zed ■oriel Icn, 

P KPW .IUH> LOOK i.'!(D>B Profit HhnrinB, RoiHallBm. 

' . Cu-operativ«coniiiiuiiweelth.ByGronlun<l(L.) D J46 

>-ew Vork, IBlh pent,] - 
'"■-— -lerter county. N. 

IT, ISth cent.] .. 
HudKn.i7W] " 

Wrpi of Wtah-ton-wiih ; or. Borderen [Klnx PhiUp"ii war. mi 

Wins-s-winK [UedJleTnuieanl 

Wyimdntte [War of Indcpendenpe, mWB! 

r(»oper(MrB. K.). LOOK UNDER Saunders (K.). 

C<K)j>er (Sidfiey W.) Rambles in Sweden [in 
1881]: a eeries of letters to the Chivago 
Daily News i 

Cooper (W. J.), joint author. LOOK UNDER 
■Wanklyn (J. A.) 

CiKiper-Chailwick (J,). LOOK under Chad- 
wick (J. C.) 

Hobdon (J .A.,Edilw) Co-operative labour 
upon the land D 

(.'o-openilion in land holdliuc. co-opomtion In credit and 
3 EiicuUiiral prod uctioo. Improved methodHof culIivAtion ; 
irilh experiments and propOKolH lor labour for lbeni>em- 
ployed and pauper*. 

Holyoake (G. J.) Co-operative nioveraeiit 
to-day D 

NOTB— An account of [he nature, growth, eitenl, and 
chaTBcteriiittcs of the moretoeot. and aims lo vindicate 
co-opersti ve oiiuali ty as a means ol concord be) ween labour 
and wealth. 

— History of the Rochdale pioneers ... D 

NOTB— Hlitory of the nuHt succemful experiments in co- 
operation that have been tried. o( the dItBcultles It had to 
overcome, the history of its succ»«. and Iti methodji of 
workinit. etc. 

— Self-help a hundred years ugo . 

I Co-ordinate (^omelry. LOOK UKDER Ueu- 

I metrj' — Analyliittl. 
B Coote (Sir Eyre, Geufral) : — 
I ! 'Wilkinson (S., Editor) From Cromwell to 

5, Wellington; twelve soldiers L 751 

\ i Coiie (C. Elvey) Pursuit of a chimera. F 1948, F 1943 
s Coi>e (K. D., PH.D.) Origiu of the fittest ... G 9.7!» 
J ; Co[ie(K.M.,7'»'a»Mi.). LOOKUNDERTechvidi{C.) 
H Co|»emicu8 (NIcoIrub) :— 

I , /■ NannUh 'D.i Makers of modem IhoiiKht. L 50 : Xell 

., iR.1 Rpo'h men, I. S3: Hlougblon 'J.) Worthies o( M-lence, 
I I LMfl. 

i ICoppee (Franvois) Work*-. [/" Fre^icW^ : — 

^ Henrlellp ... K Ul!l. K UH Tout une teunesw K HIT 

|< Uneidylle ... K HI.'), K MIS ' Lei vrale riches X 1410 

Crane (W. J.E.) Sheet-metal workt-r'flgnide.H 95K 
Davies {D. C.) Treatise on metalliferons 

minerals and mining G 842 

' ■ Hartwig (G., M.D.) Workers under the 

gntund: or, mines and mining H 48ti 

Phillips (J. A.) Copper smelting. Brit. 

nmnuftu:. indmt. H 12 

.iLso LOOK I'NDBR .^wiuvlnic. Hetallunry- 
Coppinger (Richard W., m.d.) Cruise of the 
I "Alert" M l.'fl 

1 PatBSonlon. Polfne 

1, and Mowarcno 

Be the hlfltory of i 
t> kwlnl consequence ii 

ivelopmenL. speculut* 
laui future, and conxfde 
iiystem of stM« and muni 

MacroBty (H. W.) Trusts and the stale ... D 

of nciely which has been lirougbt about fay the rlne and 

development of tnujee unions, and the increaiied powers 
of municipal corpomltons, 

Pizzamiglin (L., dr.) Distributing co-opera- 
tive societies D 

countries of Europe and contains hinu as to how dialribu- 
lins socielieti can be worked in accordance with the prlD- 
ciplee of co-opemtion. 

PotterCB.) Co-operative movement in Great 
Britain D 

NOTE -Btalemeul of Ihe oriirinnndideoliiol Iheco-opera- 

Birrell (A.) Seven lectures on the law and 

j history of copyright in liooks D 65;J 

,q- : Paterson (J.) Liberty of the press, speech 

" I and public worship ... D 155 

I In Arnold (M.) Irish essays, and otheru... K IS7l> 
■*~2 I Darwin (C, LL.D.) Structure and dislriba- 

I tion of coral reefs G 837 

Huxley (T. H., Prof.) Coral and coral reefs. 

423 I /n Af'fl "Criti<iues and addresses" ... G 65 

XOTE- RipoundK the tbeory of Prof. Darwin as to Ihe 
I Rinwlh of coral reefa 

Coral and cocoanut. By Moore (F. F.) ... F Cil.W 

424 Coral island. By Ballantyne (R. M.) ... F 478 
Coral ship. By Munroe (K.) F (i244 

iCoraii. LOOK UNDER Koran. 
452 'Corballis (J. H.) Forty-five yeare of sport ... J 1225 
' Corbett (Mrs. G.) Secrets of a private enquiry 

office F 1950 

Corbett (Julian) Business in great waters 

[France, 1792] F 1951, F 19.12 

—Monk h ti;t2 

—Sir Francis Drake L705,L 706 

Cordage. By Simmonds(P.L.).fir(7.jM«nM/ac, 

indust H 19 

Corday-d'Armans (Charlotte de). In Lainar- 

tine (A. de) Biographies, and portraits... L 42 
Corde au con. FarGaboriau (E.). [/n French"] 

K 1533, K 1534 






Bird (I,) Korea and her neighbours ... M 
HOTB—Acpount of travel durtns thoTOvni 18M-T. ■ period 

rhannes wrouKht In it. through Japaneae 

Carles (W. R.) Life in Corea 

.M 771 

— md privst Ion en- 
Cavendish (A. E. J., Capt.) Korea and the 

sacred white moantain M 772 

NOTE— Travel and Kport In Cores la 1H>1. trareniDR lh« 
whole conntry Irom the Tellow Sea north wardB lo Ihe 
border* ol Hanchuiia ; loxelher with an accoiml o[ an ac- 
cent of the while mounlaln. b; Capt ODold-Adanu. 

Curzon {Rt. Hon. G. N.) ProblemB of the 

far East M 716 

with other thinj^ the condilioi 

Comewall-Jones (R. J.) British merchant 

Cornford (L. Oope) Norlhborough Cross . 

— Roliert Louis Stevenson 

Comhill magazine. 

F 2006 
L 1275 

in leST-a, and 

. M 717 

Di6sy (A.) New far East ... 

NOTE -Sketches the modem derelopmeDt ol Cbinn, Ji 
and Corea. and deals with their rehllons lo ot 
and to Eurcqje in the condllioni< created by the new aiaro 
or tbine> ariains out of Ihede tent of China by Japan in 18&4, 

Landor (A. H. S.) Corea : the land of the 
morning calm M 774 

NOTE— Picture of the (ociaJ hte. nuuinen and ciutonia of 
the people In VA\. 

Miln(L. J.) Quaint Korea M 773 

Norman (H.) Peoples and politics of the 
far East M 724 

Contnini three chnpten on Core*. 
Corelli (Marie) Works :— 

Ardttth [Caueaaus. Supernal ural J ... F 19S1 F 1954. F 1956. F 1958 

Barabhna [The i:rucia»ron] F 1957, F 1BS6. F 18W. F IWK) 

Boy: a sketch F IMl. F leiCi F 196.1 F ]»S4 

Cameoa F 10«i, F 1988, F 1967 

Hailer-ehriitliui [Corruption! ol the Romlab church] 

F llMfl. F 1980. F 1B70, F 1971 

Mi^tyatom -. - ~. ... F 1B7:', F 11J7S. F 1971 

Murder of Delieia F 1976. F 1976, F 1977 

Ronuinceoftwoworhls F 1B7S, F 1879. F IWJP. F 1981 

Sorrows otSatBD F 1992. F 1993. F 1984. F IM^ 

BoulofLililh F19W.FI9K7.FI9efl.FlBW 

Thelma [NorwayJ F l»l». F 1991, F 1»1«. F 199S 

Vendetta [Napleid urlna cholera epidemic], F IflW. F IBBfi, P 1096, F 1097 
Wormwood [^1>. Absinthe drinklOB], F 1998. F 1990, F 9nci|i, F IMl 
Ziflka F axe, F 300S, F 20O4, F 2006 

CorSeld (W. H., Prof.) Laws of health ... H I3S 
Corinna. By Rita ... F7154,F71.55,F 71.'>6 
Corinne. By Stael (Madame de) F 7928 

Also in French K 1707 

Cork. Wlndele (J.) Historical and descriptive 

notices on the city of Cork and its vicinity. M 313 
Corkran (S. F.). look under Otto (E.). 
Corleone. By Crawford (F. M.). F 2086, F 20S7 
Cormorant crag. By Fenn (G. M.). F 2803, F 28fl4 
Corn law : — 

Jephson (H.) Anti-corn law agitation. In 

his "The platform," vol. 2 D 71 

Nicoll (H. J.) Repeal of the com laws. In 

his " Great movements " L 53 

Corneille (P.,et T.) CEuvres. 2 v. [In F}-ench']. K 1318 

Cornelius O'Dowd. By Lever (C.) F 5251 

Corner (Miss) History of China and India... M2283 
Corner of the west. By Fowler (E. H.) ... F 3078 
C«niflt, TiM :— 

Brett (H.) The cornet J 959 

With adaptations for other inrtrumenta. ncnles, eierclies 
and soloa, and transpoaluR (able and wnlm. 
" — let of horse. By Henty (G. A.) F 4035 


.,. A 474 


... A 47fi 






...A 477 


... A 478 


-. A 4;* 



...A 490 



- A 481 


-A 48) 


... A4SS 






... A48S 


... A 498 


...A 487 



...A 488 


-A 489 


...A 490 


... A 491 

A 470 


...A 498 

A 471 


... A4M 

A 171 

...A 494 



... A48B 

Cornish (C.J.) Life at the Zoo 

— Wild England of to-day 

yos NOTE. L,OOE UNPBB Naluta] hialory. 

Cornish (F. W,) Life of Oliver Cromwell.. 

G 1208 
M 327 

Dickinson (W. H., M.D.) King Arthur in 
Cornwall M1775 

KOTE-Ainu to brina toffelher what may lie accepted 

with regard lo the peiwmallty and actual life ot Kina 
Arlhur.reJeclingeverythlnK that is obviously or probably 
labulouji. The author holds King Arthur loliave been oa 
real a person aa Cssar or Cromwell, though less adTan- 
tageounly circumstanced for the recording of his deeds. 

Gentleman's magazine library : English 
topography ; edited by Gomme, vol. 2 ... M 1750 

Harper (C. G,) From Paddingtoii to Pen- 
zance ... M 4.38 

SOTK Journey on foot fhroughlheBouthemand western 
counties of EOEland In 1992. 

Hunt (R., Editor) Popular romances of the 

west of England D 1083 

The drolls, tradilions, and superBtttionsot old Cornwall, 

Matson (Miss S. A.) St. George and the 

dragon F .W18, F 5919 

Ward(C. S.) North Devon and North Corn- 
wall from Exmoor to the Scilly Isles... M 441 

— ,owiBaddeley(M. J. B.) South Devon and 

South Cornwall .-. M 442 

With a full deecripllon of the ScHly Isles. 

In Cowper (F.) Sailing tours, vol. 2 ... M 237 
Cornwallia (Charles, Marquis) -. — 

Seton-Karr (W. S.) Marquess Comwallis. L 490 

n Chemey (C. < 

, Col.) Knxyt ti 
ir J. W.) Livf- -' 

n offlcers. 

,. E 

Comwell (James) The young composer 
■,and Fitch (J. G.) Science of arithmetic. 
-, [Joint author'\. LOOK UNDER Allen (A.). 

Corona of the Nantahalas. By Pendleton (L.). F 6821 

Coronation and funeral anthems. By Handel 
(O. F.) J 

Corot(Jean B.C.). In Mollett(J.W.) Paintei-s 



of Eku'hizon , 

Davies (N. E. T.) Foods for the fat 

Treatise on corpulence, and its scientiflc dietary ci 

Corrageen in '98. By Orpen (Mrs.) 

,.L 997 

.H 165 
. F 6507 



f'orreggio (Antonio A."). By Heaton (M. C.)- L 975 
I'orrespomlence. LOOK UNDBR Commercial 

forrover (Edouattl) Golhic archit^-clnre ... J 124 

fomiption. By White (P.) F HSlUt 

C.reair.The. By Cowen (F. H.)- Vocal arore. J 68.3 

Lane-Poole (S.) Barbary coreaini [I.'>(*4- 

1881] M2;J77, M2378 

Barry (J, W.) Studwa in Coraica : 
and. social ... ... ... 

i [187St]. M 502 

miir ^Cta^raa historj down lo itii mrddWoI Iho IMh 

Cory (Isaac P.) Ancient fragments of tlie 
Pltcpnician, Carthaginian, Babylonian, 

Egyptian, and other authors K 2101 

fV«ette. By Mac(|Uoid (K. S.) F 5588 

f'osette and Marina. By Hugo (V.) ... F 4450 


Croll (J., LL.D.) DiscusBions on climate 
and cosmology 


Cosniopolis. Par Bourget (P.). [/»i French'] 

K 13811, K 1300 
Oossa (Laigi) Introduction to the etady of 

political economy ; tranel. by Dyer ... D 22.1 

Cjssack and czar. By Ker (D.) F 4870 

Coa«ack8. By Tolstoi (L. N.) F 8321 

Cossins (George) Wings of silence [Australian 

hush] F 2007 

Cost of her pride. By Alexander (Mrs.) ... F 22.5 
Oosta (Sir Michael) Thedream. Vocalscore. 

—Eli. Vocalscore 

— Naaman. Vocal score 

Costa Rica : — 

Trollope(A.)WeBtIndie8and Spanish main. M 1113 


Costly freak. ByGray (M.) ... F 3.740, F 3541 
CotselKG.) Treatise on ships" anchors. H 1121, H 1122 
Cotawold village. By Gibbs (3. A.) M 450 

Colton(J.,7'mtM/.). LOOK UNDBB Montaigne. 

Bnxiks (0. P.) Cotton rnanufacturiug ... H 990 
Cotton spinning. In Cassell's New tech- 
nical e<lucator, vols. 1-4 H 23-6 

Foley (E. D.) Cotton manufacturer's as- 
sistant H 994 

An of armosInK coldn ouclilnerT M work lb« dlffrrmt 
dorfH of rotron. uid how to penorm the ralculattoru 
<Miiin«'lnl wilh the nutoci manuraplun'. 
Holiue(J. K.) UandlH)ok to cotton spinning. H 995 

Inlendnl fur Ihg uw or <-arden<, (pinning overkwken^ 
and Htudrntii uT rottnn npinninH. 

Marsdi'n(R.) Cotton apinning : its develop- 
ment, principles, and practice H 996 

Nasmilh (J.) Ktiidenls' cotton spinning... H 999 
Schulze-Gaevernil/. (G. von, Prof.) Cotton 
trade in England and on the continent. D 510 

NOTE ConlroBU Gennany with KnKland. and point i out 
AH one ol tha main advontRKeii to RnKUnd. the conrentin- 
llon o( mu-blne-Duklntc ntabllKhmrntH In the nelahbour- 

Walraesley (H. E.) Cotton spinning and 

weaving H 1003 

Watts (I.) Cotton. Brit, tmnu/ac. indutt. H 20 

Couch (A. T. Q.). LOOK UNDER "Q." 
Couch (Lilian Quiller) Spanisli maid ... F 2009 
Coufopoulos (D.) Guide to Constantinople... M 701 
Coulanges (F- de) Origin of property in land. .. D 387 
Coulomb (Charles A.). /nMunro(J.) Pioneers 

of electricity L 874 

Coulyng caatle. By Gil)erne (A.) F 3287 

Council of Trent. LOOK UNDER Trent. 
Counsel. MathamB(W, J.) Comrades all 

,. J 75l'> 
,.J 757 

Counsel of perfection. By Malet (Lucas) 

Allen (C. B.) Cottage building 
Hints for improTlDi tbe dwelling of worki 
lubouren ; with a chapter on economic cotta 


Cottage hospital, The : its origin, progress, 
management and work. By Burdett (H.C.). D 

CoDtaliu an alphabetical llat of cnttane bospitala to the 
■jraitsn. and ■ chapter on bospltalhm in cottage hoepitjJ 

Cottage next door. By Shipton (H.) ... F 7724 

Cotterell (Constance) " Love is not so light." F 2008 
Cotters of Mossbnm. By Brierley (B.) ... F 1337 
Cottin (P.), and Hdnault (M., Editors) Me- 
moirs of Sergeant Bourgogne [1812-1813]. L 759 
Cotton(C.),yoiniOM/Aw.LOOK UNDER Walton(I.) 
Cotton (J. 8.) Monnliituart Elphinatone ... L 501 
— , and Payne (E. J.) Colonies and dependen 


Part 1.— India, t^ut 3-The eokmics. 

Counsels and maxims. By Schopenhauer (A.), 
Count of Monte-Cristo. By Dumas (A.) 

F 2604, F 2605, 
Count of the Saxon shore. By Church (A. J.). . . 
] Count Robert of Paris. By Scott (W.). 
I F 7591, F 7592, 

j Counterfeit presentment. By Howells (W. D.). 
J 14fi I Counterpoint. LOOK UNDBB Music — Theory. 
I ^^ ' Counter-reformation, LOOK UNDER Reforma- 

aiiot- , tion. 

Countess Daphne. ByRita... F7157,F 7158, 
Countess de Charny. By Dumas (A.). F 2596, 

BBQUKL TO -Taking the Bastlle," 

Countess Eve. By Shorthouae (J. H.) 

Countess Kate. By Yonge (C. M.) 

Countess Pharamond, ByRita 

CountesB Radna. By N orris (W. E.) 

Countess Sarah. By Ohnet (G.) 

Countess Tekla. By Barr (R.) 

Country doctor. By Balzac (H. de) 

Country doctor. By Jewett (S. 0.) 

Country gentleman. By Scrutator ... 
Country gentleman and bis family. By Oli- 
phant (Mrs.) 

F 5613 
B 402 


F 1727 

F 7503 
F 4419 

F 7159 
F 2597 

F 7730 
F 7160 
F 6375 
F 6424 
F 666 
F 552 
F 4765 
F 7651 

F 6443 




Coventry (A.), WMrfWateon (A.E. T.) 8t*eple- 

cliafliiiK- /»( Huffolk's " Racing " J ll(i' 

Cow. LOOK UNDER Agriciiltiii-e.Dairj' funning. 
Cowan (T. W.) Britiuh hee-kefper's guide... H G-^l 

Country in danger. By Ei-ckmann-Chatrian. F 274.^ 

Country luck. Bv Hablierton (J.) ¥ 3004 

Couuti-j-miniBter'a Investory.By Bell (M.). F 781, F 782 
Country of the V<»gea. By Wolff (H. W.)... M r>U 

Country stories. Bv Lee (H.) F 51451 Cowen(Fi-e<lmcH.)WorkB[/«C(irrt/xrw¥] 

Couutrj- sweetheart. By RuBHell(D.).F 7;{42,F 734.^ ■ ^^^ ;;; ::: j s^ T^n'^a^'lSI'OT... 

Countrj- walks of a natui-alitit with his chil- | no-cmnidm '.'.'. "'.j bm 

dren. By Houghton (W.) G 111!'.)' /?i Willeby (C.) Maatersof Englisli nmaic. 

County familv. By Pavn (J.) ... FGtSSH.F (illlKI Cowen(L.),>m/«H/A«f. LOOKUNDBRZang- 
County scandal. By Phillips (F. E.) ... F G857i will (I.) 

Couperus (Louia) Footatei>8of fate F 2('HI| Cowham(J,H,)School organiasation: hygiene 

—Majesty F 21111, F 2(112 and discipUni 

Coupland(WilliamC., Gain of life ...B ' "' 

Courier (Paul L.). In Maccall (W.) Foi-eign 

biographies ... 

D til. 

CourmelieB{F. de) Hypnotism ; tr. I)y Eusor. B 
Course of true love never did run smooth. Bv 

Reade (C.) F 091>1, F i;'.iy2 

Coursing. By Cox (H.) J 1221) 

Court adjourns. By Alexander (W, F.) ... F 25G 

Court and camp of Buonaparte L 411) 

Court Netherleigh. By Wood (Mra. H.) 

FSH51,F!tl52.F iU5;i 
Court royal. By Baring-Gould (S.) ... F 5S7, F 5H8 

Court tragedy. By Vaudain (A. D.) F «54G 

Courtenay (Kt, Rev. Reginald, Bishoji) The 

great awakening ... C 42!* 

Courtenay of Walreddon. By Bray (Mrs.) ... F VMH 

Courthope (William J.) A<Idi8on L 12(>2 

— Lilieral movement in English literature ... K 2.1-t 
Courtney (John) Boilermaker's assistant in 

drawing, temphtting, etc. H 415 

— Boilermaker's reailv-i-ockoner ; edited liy 

Clark H 41i; 

Courtney (W. L.) Lifeof JohnStuart Mill...L 107 
Courtney (William P.) English whist and 

English whist-players J Itlol 

Courtjihip. By Smart (H.) F 77'.W 

Courtship l>y command. By Blake (M. M.) ... F llt58 
Courtship of Morrice Buckler. By Miison 

(A. E. W.) F .W«:!, F .")«S4 

Cousin (Victor) Course of the history of 

moilern philosophy ! transl. hy Wight. 2 v. B 18 
— Introduction a I'histoirc de la philosophie. 

1341 Cowie (Rol>ert, M.D.) Shetland M 2;i;i 

D«H'rlpt[ve and liiotorlcal. 
,.,. Cowley (Ahraham) Essays : with life, ... K 773 

""' /« JohDiioD (S.) LtvN ol Ihr porl«rLllB7: Htebblntt (W.i 

Home vfrdlute ol hlxtory revlenml, L :». 

Cowley-Bi-own (G. J.) Daily lessons on the 

life of our Lord on earth. 2 v C 2!W 

Cowper (Frank) Hunting of the auk [S. 

America] F 2lll.'i 

—Sailing tonrs. 5 v M 2;tl>-4l) 

Cowper (H. 8.) Through Turkish Arabia'!!. M 8;H) 
Cowper (William) Poetical works; with notes, 

bv Benham K .{'.11 

Other edititmit K .3!t2,K .VXA 

Biiyra/ihi/ a/ut Criticiitm. 
Gearey (C.) Cowper and Mary Unwin ...L 1171* 

Smith (G.) CowiM-r L 1177 

Wright (T.) Life of William Cowper ... L 1178 

AIk if Bell iC. D, D.D.I Some of our RniHiih hocIh. L IIiW : 
BIrrell 'A.i Rtw Judiinlo. KTBl: Brooko IK. A.. Rdv.i 
Theolniiv In Ihc KoKlliih pneti.KH37; Dhwmhi iQ.I Bio- 
WraVhkiUlci-liirw.LHl! MHMon iD.i In lliP rootslew of 
thopoetit, L I1UI ; Nwley iH.i Lnter evuitwliiiil tBthen, 
L :£» ; Stephen <L.i Hount In n library. voL % K lUl 

Cox (David). Redgrave (G. R.) DavidCox... L 1IH).*> 
Cox (E. J.) Practical inorganic chemistry ...G ()3S 
Cox (F. A., EditiH-) English madrigals in the 

time of Slmkespeare K 601 

Cox (Sir George W., Rev.) Athenian enijiire 

[B.C. 47y-4ll5] M1;'K)4 

[Tn Frewh^ 
Cousin Gooffry. By Hook (T. E.) ... 
Cousin Henry. By Trollope (A.) 
Cousin Ivo. By Dean (Mrs. A.) 
Cousin Mary. By Oliphant (Mrs.) ... 
Cousin Pons. By Balxac (H, de) 

—The ci-Hsades [l(Htfi-12iH] M ir.47 

—General history of Greece [to B.C. 32.t] ... M 146.3 


— Greeks and the Persians [B.C. 545-478} ... U loll.'t 

... F 4283 — Introduction to the science of comparative 

,. F 8;»(»3 

,. F 2;{2;ii 

,. F 0444 

Also in Fre^mh K 13;>0, K 1351 

Cou8ineBette.ParBaliac([/«/VeHcA]. K 1349 

Cousins. By Walford (L. B.) F 8031, 

Convreur (Madam J.). LOOK undbb Tasma. ■ 

mythology and folk-lore 

— Litin and Teutimic Christendom C 

fOBNOTB. LOOKiiMJsnChriKtiHnitr. 
—Life of John William Colenso, D.D., Bishop 

of Natal. 2v L 

—Little cyclopsedia of common things ...A 
—Lives of Gi-eek statesmen. 2v L 

Howie (J.), and M'Gavin (W.) Heroes for ' 

thefaith M1623| 

NOTB-Llve« DitliDM who mjHered forlhsfaune of rolop 
mallon In ScoUand id the l«th and 17tb cenluhei. 

Simpson (R.,D.D.) Traditions of the coven- 
anters ; or, gleanings among the inoun- 1 
tains D 1095 

-Manual of mythology 

In the form of iiuexlion and lUiHwer. 

-Mythology of the Aryan nations ., 

. C !I2I) 

—Tales of ancient Greece F2i)14, F 2<U5 

Cox (Harding) Coursing J 122(! 

Cox (Harohl) Ai-e we mined by the Germans r D .504 

A reply lo William* "Hade In Qermnny." D5IIS, 

—Land nationalization 

. D :m 


iMtu-iHD R.) liitrtHlucticii U) folk-lort-. I) IUTA Ci-uik (Mi-* 

'rix (Siimael. d.d.) Ecclet)iiMt«H 
■■•xaml Box. By «ulii\-aH (Sir A. H.). Vvtrit 

7,". Ufe for ■ life 
.Wli HI»Tommv 


(i. L.) No VKLH— <■«»//«»«/. 

F3CU| Ooltvfeii 

PatW Ofivf 

F -Ami I Itomnnlti' IilIh 

... F 3Mi 

... F a«; 

,.J CSl 

luxe ( W,. vl»TArf«lo«i) Hiatorj- ».f the Hi»UBe 
of Austria froiu 121)S to IT.^i : coiitiiiiuil 
t<. lS4;i, by Kelly. 4v M2l>4;i-6 

Vol. 4 (.■ontkin* K hictory <>' I^' (.VDiW* ol (be revoludOD 
hy Count Hults. 

Toxi^waiirH l)ride, etc. By Ballaiityiie (R. M.). ¥ 479 
fiiswfll (Henry) Knight of the »ir... 
— My lift anil Italloon experiene«« ... 
(■■.z (V. le) Sins raari. [/« fVwjcA]. 

t'ralili (George) EngliBh HynonyiiiB K 

— N*-w pHntheon : mythology of all imtioiia. C 
t'ralilx? (George) Poetical works ; Helected hy 

Umpiough K;m,K :('.).') 

K^I.Ih-I (T. E.) LifeofCnihlw L 118(1 

III Stppfa«n(L,) Hoursin a lil>rarj-,Tol.3... K lO.'l 
Crack connty. By Kennarcl (Mrs. E.) ... F 4S4<.) 
ick of .loom. By Croniie (R.) F 2238, F 22A9 

... F ami 

- , . . - . - .^iiTlaaw 

--, - -- Fa*; I'nklnd woM ... 

Nobtr life [HcoiiiKh rbur- Womiui'B kingdom . 

BTlPrl F-M3 YounxUn-.JiuiilDe. 

Not li Inn new. Mr Fant 

Craik ((ieorgiana M.) Riverstoii F 2027 

Oraik (Sir Henrv. LL.D.) Centurv of 8eoUi»h 

hiBtory[W*-. 174.>lH4t>]. 2v M ICuS 

— Hiale in ittt i-ektion to pclucatioii ... D W.t, D 970 

" ~ — NDBB Education .Sfn*< nlHralhiK. 

* i"H' Crake (A. D., Rev.) Woi-ka :■ 




.SmillUK [Pen*culion« InAntlwl 

AndredK-tt-nUil [: ,,. ,. 

BriHn Fliz CouBl [WalllnKtord Cimtle nod Durehnaer .\bbeT- 

Kvanu" rrimpH of ConKtiuitlne, •■Ir. Xi 
FHrlnih hell [Oifonl>hlrp Civil wn 
Heir of Trphenw [Dpvonnhlre- refon 
Hmi^v of Wuidf me [Baron-' war] 
(lUHfonbury [HupB 

... F ara 

my ... 

rom old Fjitfllnb binlory ... -.. .- 
i'.P Victor- laurel [Dioclptlan uenwution In JUHy. A.I), WO 

RK-kanthorpe(H.J8entiinentalBtudie8F2(U7,F20]« Cram{RalphA.)BlackBpiritBan«lwhit^: ghost 


... F 2019 


HuichinBon (A. H.) Trv Cracow and the 

Carpathians [Holi.lay in 1H71] ... M JilKi 

( 'raililock (Charles E.,/W(uf. ({/"Mary Slurfree)- 

.Srunri u/lhr petiiilr ami ll/r in Titmr'irr ami Ihr Urral .Smakv 

De^tKX of Broonupd^ Cove ... ... ... — -.- ... F l^i^l 

IIi..vaiil-hedi>Ur F :*i21 

In the rIoudH F atG2 

In ihf ~«tnuuierpeople'9 " coUDtry .- -F'Jia 

r^uphct of the Onat Smoky mountuin* — ... FaH4 

siort- or the Keedon B1uff« fMS 

Wtwre Ibe hotlle wan louBht F 3131 

( "i-itdleBongsand nursery rhvineB:eiI,hyRhyB. K 622 
Cradled in a Btorm. Bv TUarp (T. A.) ...F8274 
CradockNoweli. ByBiackmor»'(R.D.).F1014, F 1(11.5 

Crafty foe. By Nishet (H.). F fJ^IW 

(Vaigie (Mrs.). LOOK UNDBR Hu)>)>eB (John 

Oliver), ywffrf. 
IVaiginyle (E., Tniml.) Gennan lialladB ... K 107;t 
— . [ KdUtir\. LOOK UNDER G oethe(J. W. von). 
Craik (George Lillie, LL.D.) Bacon ; hie writ- 
ings and his philoHOphy. .H V B 


^Manual of English literature, and of the hiB- 
torj- of the English language ... K 234, K 

— OntiineB of the history of the EngliBh lan- 
guage E 

— PntBuit of knowledge under diflicnlties ... L 29 

NOTB -Wilh notire- Of eminent pemonn who have dt-ltn- 
RUi-hed themaelve- In the punait of knonledite. 

Oraik (Mrs. G. h., former Itj Miss Muloch) 

Studies from life K 900 

NOTB ImynWHlonii of eveiT day life. 

— Unknown country [Ireland] M 

— Woman's thoughts alwut women D 1058 

~ true position and dulleii of vomen, 

Btoriefl F2O07,F2O(W 

Cramer (J. B.) EtudeH pour piano J 8H4 

Cramp (J. M., D.D.) BaptiBt history ... C !Ml.'{ 

Crane (Newton) Baselwill J IISI.J 1124 

Crane (Htejihen) Worke : — 

Aclive -rnire [Grwo- \ RrdlwilBeofronnveFAmeri- 

TurLlBhwarJ Fawti I iwn-ivil war. H«1-.t) FauTi. F 31173 

[l1iU'krider>-undo)herllne-.K »M . WhIlomvilk'-torteM [AbwH- 

<lm<l biittle> of the world. Ji K! , con rhild-Ilfrl F ISfH 

UiuiRlr [Low life In Mew WoundiinthoralnCSuiuibifa. 

'^orkj VJfr,»\ Amerlciui war, KW] ...fJUta 

Uon-ter.oli' FSRl I 

Crane (W. J. E.) Bookbinding for amateura. H 1(1."'^) 

— Slieet-metal worker's guide H 958 

— Hmithy and forge H 1017 

— NOVELS : — 

Hw-tly loiitt of Emjilik miriat m : - 

Aealhan hiubaod F 3(C« I Head of the 

Brave lady VXOS] i-h lite] 

Clin>llan'HmlM»ke ...Fawi Hero ... 

Fairy book F 3031 His liltlenii 

HMinab [MairlBBe wilh a Jolm Halifn 

wife's aleter] F SlXi \ King Arthui 

Glynn (J.) Construction of cranesauil other 

hoisting machinery H 458 

Cranftinl. By Gaskell (Mrs. K. ('.) F 3201 

('ranmer (Thomas). In Hen-ick (S. E.) Some 

heretics of yester<iay L 212 

Crater. By Cooper (J. F.) F 1921 


BritiBh generals L 7()2 

Craven (Augustus, iin-'LaFerronimys) Worka. 

. [In Freiuh} .— 

Eliiine. 2v. K 1431 Itecil d' une xeur. 2v. ... K 1433 

Fleanuwe. 3 v K 1431 Le Vnlbriant K H33 

Craven ( Eliisabeth Berkeley, L<uly). In ]>aBton 

(G.)LittlememoirBof theeighteenthcentury L 51 
Craven (W. G.),yom/ autlior. LOOK UNDER 

Suffolk (Earl). 
Crawford (F., Editw). LOOK UNDER Ander- 
sen (Hans C). 
Crawfoi-d (Francis Marion) Constantinople. M 702 
— Rulers of the South : Sicily, Calahria, Malta 

[B.C. 121K)— A.D. 1.1291. i V M 21713 

FOB NOTB. LOOK UNDBR Italy- Hi'ti"-^. 

— Novels : — 

Jnhn«(on.'- -on [liiily] 

Amerii-nn politii 

nla [Itiily. 1841] 

Children of the King 



'taly] ... 

.- F 20711, F 31177 
.. Fai7lt.F11i;» 
.. F 3iinn. F 3'Wl 


Cmwford (Francis Marion) NOVELS — continued. 

iiBDre CUunleh] ... 


GretrenHloln [aerinan life. 

In the wiliu-co( Ihe klae fUadrid. 

Kathnrlne Luudcrdulo [Kew York] 


KhAlcd [Ambla] 

I/>ve In Idlenmti CBar barbour. U.B.] 

of ycMlerdny." 

>•*' ™"J 

Phllii> 11.1 ... 


Mr, ImnTH [Aneli^Indlnn wxHety] 
Pnul Patorf [Uodeni Turkwh life] 

PletroGhlxlerlCNnplCHlroilKKOUEL ...-, 

Ralstona: sTCtiBL TO "Kntharino IjindPrdale. 

RoDuui slDsor [Italy] 

Bon at rmlerdny [Limme] : SROVBL TO "Don Ondi 

tUnt' Ilitrio: 3B0UEL TO "Nonicineticiu" 

SnrortntwB [Itcity, rir. 18B7) 

Tule of a lonely piiritili 

Tnquimm: SKQUKL TO "Pletrq Obl«lcri* . 








'TBquiHiirH.'' F2110.F2I1I 

nio* F ■«!■•. F ■Jill 




- F21HF 

... F21H. FZll.i 
lo." ... Fl>ll« 
... F21I7, FailH 
... F allB, F 213) 
... F2I31. Fal23 
... F 212*. F 3124 
... F2ia;,F?l» 
... F2127. F212S 

Upper berth ... ... ... ... ... . , ... 

VmcrurlB[H«ondcrmwdel - F21Sl,Fai!0 

With the tmmartiilii [Italy] -. F 3l:tS, F 31:U 

ZoTOvMer [Bitbylon. Stb cent. B.C.} F 313B, F 2138 

Oni(i&, jiseud. The Italian novels of Marion 

Crawford. In Jter " Critical studies "... K 3J14 
Crawfonl (Maliel Sharman) Life in Tuscany. M 573 
Crawfurd (Oswald J. C," John Latfluche") : — 

Beyond the ««»« F2ia; 1 TnivelMinPonuBal[f*r.l874) M 912 

Nowonier F21.1» White toalhor. pie F2139 

Hound the calendar In World we live in F 3110 

PortDtnl U Bll I 

Crawshaw(W.H.)Intei-pi'etationotliteratare. K 16 
Crayflik :~ 

Huxley (T. H., ll.d.) Crayfish . . .a 1292. G 1293 

Crea8y(SirPJdwardS.) Fifteen decisive Iwttles 
^oniie world [b.c. 490 to 181.5]... M 1, M 

VC. 41.1 ArbeUi. B 

1 Amiada. 1.^>AR Blonhi 

n, ITW. ruliowa, i; 
Ly, nil.:. t>uterloo.IBl.'i. 

inent Etonians 

— Riseandprogressof theEnglishconstitution D 601 

ie flight ol 

Argyll (Duke of) Reign of law 

NOTE -Contain" "Creation by law": a crilii 
Rln'9*'Ori(nn of upecleii.'' Id anolber rbapler. ._ 

birda Ih nnalyiied toHbaw ihe wondrous pUynnt 

play of tbe conlrlvaneen by which Ibe lawn of nature are 
adjusted to work ou( the Creator's purpose. 

Chambers (R., LL.D.) Vestiges of the natural 

history of creation C 91 

MOTB-An evolutionary lu-eounl of the unlverw. Con- 
lend" thai the enuim of onninic evolution in an iropul>« 
Kuperaalurally Imparted In the ramu of life. iHivHOelnir 
Ibetn throuBh Rradea of orjtanliation. For a rer^y read 
Iladelirre'a New i-hapler In the ntory of nature. C rS. 

Chapman (C, LL.D.) Pre-organic evolution. C 76 

FOR NOTS. LOOK tINDEB Evolution -Cufriilc*. 

Clodd (E.) Story of creation C 77 

NOTE— In the flrsl part the aulhor dencriberi the itolar 
nynlem. the jtooloiftca! formation of the earth, arid the 
other phenomena of the vialble univeriie, and then selii 
forth the Ibeoriea wbieh explain the growtb and oriicin ol 
tbetie phenomena ; with aome of tbe proofs on which they 
oro baaed. The concludlnK chapter la devoted to h din- 
Curtis (G. T.) Creation or evolution ? ... G 961 

NOTE- ArBumentn, from the orlhodoiKtnnflpolnt. in oppo- 
sition to Ihe theory of evolution, a« advanced hy Darwin, 
Spencer, and Huxley, 

Da WBon(8irJ.W.,LL.D.)0riginof the world 
according to revelation and science ... C 78 

NOTE -Wrltlen from the orthodox standpoint with the 
ob]ect of harmonising the arripturea with the diacoverica 
ot modem science. 

CrtatiOB — continued . 
Gladstone (Rt. Hon. W. E.) The creation 
story. In his " Impregnable rock of Holy 
scripture" C 


oriftln and authority of Levi I leal lesislalion. 

OoB»e (P. H.) Omphalos : an attempt to 

untie the geological knot. C 

NOTE— Contend" that all living crealure* pass tliroutih a 
BOrt of cycle of eiintence. Arnues that allthe 

in the stnicturB of the itlobe, or in ll 

counted for by Ihe 

suppoaltlon that th 

nnlmalaand plants i 

Haggard (W. N.) Creation as a divine 
synthesiH C 

Km-B -Aimo to sketch an outline of an InlelUfcible tbe- 
oloey. founded upon, and reared according to, the an. 

Hoiboi'ow (A.) Evolution and scripture... C 
NOTE -ShowFi the relation between the (criptunw and 
arience, ConlalnH an examination otOeneaiaby the light 
of evolution, and claim" (or it "spiritual intearllyand per 
fection" which the attacks of ncience cnnnot decrwae. 

Hilxley(T. H.,Prof.) Genealogy of animals. 
In his " Critiques and addresses." ... G 

NOTE-A review of Dr. HBeckel'B "Natural history of 
Morris (H. W., d.d.) Work days of God ... C 

NOTB— Aima to illuHlrate the record of creation by Ihe aid 
ot modem aclence In tbe vanous departments ot nature. 

Peniber (G. H.) Earth's earliest ages, and 
their connection with modem spiritual- 
ism and theosopby C 

NOTE -Attempts lo remove some ol the KecdoRlcal and 
other dilllcultleii usiuiUy amociated with the early chap- 
ters of Oennis, which tbe author maintains Is plain binory. 

Kadcliffe (C. B.) New chapter in the story 
of nature C 

NOTE —A reply lo the conclusloDseontBined In Chambers* 
" Veatiaea ot creallon." Oblecta to the "nebular hypotho- 

astbekey tonature. Hoftsthat thepaat history of theearth. 
which the author puts at 100,000 jean, does not iwch far 
enoujrh back to allow time for evolution to do any work of 
importance, SusrwIb that Ihe Biblical history of the earth 
may not beat variance with the teoeh Ines of science, 

Reynolds (J. W.) Supernatural in nature. C 

NOTE -Aim" to show that the hypotheaes of evolution 
and of natural selsclion are but hypotheses, and though 
SUidCH ft" to proRress In nature, are not in the author's 
opinion, capable of wideal explanation as to the besinnirijf 
and continuance of existence. Believes in the scriptural 
account of creation. 

Tayler (W. E.) Geolt^y : its facta and its 
fictions C 

The modem theories of tteolofflHts contrasted with the 
ancient records ol the creation and the deluKe, Attempts 
loprovetbelr Inconsistency with reaaon and with BCripture. 

Creation. By Haydn (J.), Vocal score ...J 
Creatoraofthe age of steel. By Jeans (W.T.)... L 

FOB CONTENTS. LOOK UNDEB Bloi(rapblea-roJ/ft'(Hf. 

Creature of the night. By Hume (F.) ... F 
Creatures of other days. By Hutchin8on(H.N.)G 
Credibility of the christian religion. By Smith 

(S.) C 

Creed (Sibyl) Vicar of St. Luke's F 



Luniby (J, R., D.D.) History of the creeds. C 

CONTENTS -Anti -Nicene. NiceneaadCoaslantinopoIilsii. 
Apoatolic. Quicunque, commonly called the creed of St. 

Newman (J. H., Cmdinnl) Arians of the 
fourth century C 

NtyTB— VindlcBles tbe Athanasian doctrine ot the divine 
nature of Jesus Christ from the imputation of betni; arbi- 
trary, or in any way on unaDthoriaedeccleslaalicaladdltlDO 
to the essence of the Pauline and Johoimlne theolDay, 









CnMiS — continued. 
Pearson (J., Bp. of Chater) ExpDsitioD of 
the creed ; with analysis, by Sfill, 2 v. C 
vorm— ApftTl from the creed the vork (teil> ol ether 
uticla of the orthodai faith. 

— ; with analysis by Walford C 434 

Sanderson{E.,ReT.)ThecrecdandthechurchC 436 

Stiiu|»« of Prarscoi on the Creed. 

Strong (T. B.) Manual of theolo^ ... C 388 

.HOTS -DLii™i«« lUI the Brttclei ot the riiri>H»4i cned 
u>d their reUllon one iDimotber. An eipaslllan of dec-' 
Irion of deism. Tmottielinn, and trinitarlsnlnn. 

%>stcott (B. F., Bishop) Hifltoric faith ... C 

Lef^nres on the Bpoillefl^ rived. 

Winer(G.B., Prof.) Comparative view of the 
doctrines and confeesions of the various 
comntnnities of christendoni ... ... C 

.tOTE-Deola with the chBiwteristlc dlffenniw of the 




riandATd. orl^D, ftrovth, secret history, uid literature of 
modern coafnaloniL 

Creighton (Loaise) Afirsthistory of France.... M 2064 

—Life of Edward the Black Prince L 343 

— Lifeof JohnChnrchiU,Dukeof Marlborongh L 720 

—Sir Walter Ralegh L 550 

Creighton (Mandell, Bishop) Age of Eliza- 
beth [1544-1G03] 

roBNOTK. lAKiKt^NDKBOreatBrttBln-Hidori 

— Cardinal Wolsey 

— Carlisle 

rojt NOTK. I.0OK UNDKK Carlisle. 

—Life of Simon de Montfort 
— Pereecation and tolerance . 
— Qneen ElizaJwth 
Crellin (H. N.) Romancee of I 



Murtloch (W. L.) Cricket ...J 1142, J 1143 

Nyi-en(J,)Theyoung cricketer's tutor.J 1144, J 1 145 

History. Iilws. reKiilattonii, blosnipby. 

Ranjitsinhji (K. H., Prince) The jubilee 

l)ook of cricket J 1146 

Steel (A. G.). and Lyttelton (Hon. R. H.) 

. M 1837 

-Tales of the Caliph... 

L 567 


L 72.'^ 

C 781 

L 36J 

old seraglio. 

F 2H2, F 21« 

r 2144, F 2145 

Thompson (Sir H.) Modem cremation... D 1040 

Histfli-y and practice: with information relatlnn to the 
rerenllv Improyed arranEemenlH made by the Cremation 
society ot Rntfaod. 

Crepaz (Adele) Emancipation of women ... D 1066 
Crepuscule propos dn soir. Par Camp (M. dn). 

[M French.] K 1401 

Crescentandthecrosa:ea8t«ni travel [inl843]. 

By Warburton (E.) M 924 

Creasida. By Thomas (B.) F 8299 

0res8well(R.,7Vansi.). LOOK UNDBRAristotle. 
Creasy and Poictiers. By Edgar (J. G,). In 

" Stories of history " K 941, K 942 

Creswell (Frank S.) Hockey ...J1133, J 1134 

Crefiwick(Panl)AttheBigno£the"Crosskeys"F 2146 
Crew of the"Dolphin."ByStretton(H.).F 8083, F 8084 
Cribbage.BvBerkeley./nHandbookofgames, J 977 

ALSO LOOK CNIiRB Card gamfs. Oomes. sports, etc. 

Crichton (James). In " lUnstrious men "... L 78 
Crichton. By Ains worth (W. H.) ... F131, F 132 

The bero Is drawn from Coant d^Orsay, who also flffuree 
in Disraeli's " Hmrtatla Torople." 


Cricket bat and how to nse it. By an old 

cricketer J 1135 

Daft(R.) Kings of cricket ...J 1136, J 1137 

Beminisrences and anecdotee ; with hints on the frame. 

Grace (W.G.) Cricket ...J 1138 

— " W. G." : cricketing reminiBcences and 

perBonal recoUectionB J 1139 

LyUelton (Hon. E.) Cricket ...J 1140,J 1141 



..J 1147 

,. F 2.374 

,. F 2147 

. niunmi. sporli. etc. 

Cricket : a tale. By Hocking (S. K.) 
Cricket on the hearth. By Dickens (C.) 

AL9U IN ChrlAmiut books. F -SBl. F 3MS, P 2360. 

Crickets. LOOK UNDER InsectB. 

Crim (Matt) Adventures of a fair rebel 


Boxall (G. E.) Story of the Australian 

bushrangers M1249 

FOB NOTB. LOOK VNDKB Bushransers. 

Carpenter (E.) Defence of criminals. In 

A)8 " Civilisation " D 31 

Du Cane (Sir E,F.) Punishmentand preven- 
tion of crime D 624 

CONTBNTS-Punialiinents In tbe niidd]* ases. Oaola In 

former times. Moderd prisons. Tnusportallon. Penal 

servitude, etc, 

Ellis (H.) The criminal D 625 

NOTB-Deals with euestioos relnllDg la the tmlment 
and rvcbnatlon of crfmliukls : with practical smuKstlons. 
AdvlssM the abolition of rnpital punlnhment and fixed 
sentences, substilut 1dm » •yalem of education and physical 

Lombroso (C-, Prof.) Man of genius ... B 60 
Morrison (W. D.) Crime and its causes... D 626 

NOTE— Inquiry Into the causes and anlBcedentii ot crime 

and crime, thone tsetneen poverty and crime, on the sex 
and lUce nf the criminal ; with a general consideration of 
the philosophy of society in Its tieorinit on the criminal. 

Crime and punishment. By Dostoieffsky (F.). F 2443 
Crimed'amour.ParBourget(P.).[/»ii^»«i.:A].K 1391 
Crime of a Christmas toy. By Herman (H.). F 4143 
Crime of the " Liza Jane." By Hume (F.)... F 4470 

Adye (Sir J., Gen.) Recollections of a mili- 
tary life M1644 

NOTK— Pergonal reminiscences extending from the 
Crimean war. Indian mutiny, and the little wnn. oD the 
iDdlMi frontier to the bnttle ot Tel-ol-Xebir. 

Hamley (Sir E., Gen.) War in the Crimea. M 2214 
Kinglake (A. W.) Invasion of the Crimea, 
to the death of Lord Raglan. 9 v. 

Vol. I.-Oriein ot the war M 2215 

V<d. 2.-CftQBCH involving France ond England in tlie war ,,_^„ 

against RuKHta. Russia met and invaded S„!! 

VoC.l-Baltleof theAlma " -^!I 

Vol. 4.- SobttHtopol at bny M .H'S 

Vol. fi,-BBttle oT BnlacUva. and the combat of the foUowmit 

Vol. 6.- Bnttleof Inkenaan K^ 

Vol 7 —Winter troubles ... ..- — .,, M issl 

Volis!— FromthemorroKOflnkermantothetallofOBDrobert MZ232 
Vol. B.— From the open I nBotP*ll»tlers command to the death 
of Lord Raglan " 2223 

Lysona (Sir D,, Gen.) Crimean war from 

firettolast M2224 

SOTB -Or.iphlc account o( the campaign, imd also vivid 
pictures ol tlie daily life ot our soldiem, and their terrible 
BtniHgle for life ilnnng the pleae. Shows up the grOM ml^ 
J wantQlonmniiation thatcharacteriied 

Wood (Sir E., Gen.) The Crimea in 1854 

andl8H4 M2225 

NOTB— An eipnnelon ct articles originally contributed to 
the Fortaltlhllv Rfiliv.: Is an account ol the chief evente 
of the war. eqiecially the takin« of BebastopoL 


Shirley (C. S.) Sketch of the criminal law. D C21 
Stephen (Sir J. F.) Criminallawof England. D 622 

Crimson crime. By Fenn (G. M.) F 2K!t5 

Crimson sign. By Keightlev (S. H.). F 4830, F 4H31 

Crimson weed. By St. John (C.) F 74114 

CrippB (W. J.) College and corporation plate. J l'J5 

Handbook to Ihereprodurlions of Hllverpliile In Ihe South 
KeniiinKton mUHcum. from celebnit«l KngUiih L-oUectionii. 

CrippB,thecarriei-.ByBlackraoi-e(R.D.)Fl(ll(),F 1017 
Cri8 Fairlie's boyhood. By Eiloai-t (Mrs. E.). F 2C94 
CrhM :— 

Hvndman ^H. M.) Commercial criMts of 
the i:Hh century D ;{ti5 

Rodhertn8(K.) Over-pi^odiiction and crises. D 371 

Crisis, The. By Churchill (W.) F 1731 

Criss-crossiounieyB[Ainerica,Eg)pt, Russia]. 

By Thorulmry (W.). 2v M IIO 

Critical kit-kats. By Gosse (E.) ... ...K 776 


Critical reviews. By Tliackeray (W. M.) ... K 1029 

Critical studies. By Ouida K 9114 

Criticism. LOOK UNDERLiterature — Cnlia'sin. 
Critique of pui-e reason. By Kant (I.) ... B 4(K) 

LOOK UNDBRKnnt Philommhy. Pnycholmfy. 

(1 addresses. By Husley{T. H.)... G 

Criton hunt mystery. By Jticelyn (Mrs. R.) 

Croatia. LOOK UNDER Austria. 

Criickett (David). In Roche (J. J.) Story of 


Croll (James, ll.D.) — conlinvfd. 

— Discussions on climate and cosmology 

— Philosophical basis of evolution \j '.'(>' 

— Stellar evolution and its relations to geolog- 
ical time G 31 

Cromarty (Dea8,y>WMd.'>/' Mrs. Watson) This 

man's dominion F 22;ti 

—Under God's sky F 22.'( 

Cromarty. Miller (H.) Scenes and legends of 
the North of Scotland ... 

Croraie (Robert) Crack of doom 

— Kitty's Victoria cross 

Crommelin (May) Works;— 

Bel tina [Italy 1 FSfli Joy 

,.G ^'zr. 

F2238,F 2231) 
...F 22411 

the filibusters 
Ci-ockett (8. R.) Works :— 

Bliu-k Douslos [Scotliind. 143U] 

BoR-myrtlo and peat IQikllovay laics] 


CleBKBUv, arabot the ctty [Edinburgh) 


Orey man [Galloway, 1580-iaaiI - .- ... 
lone March (American girl in London, etc] 
Jnan at the award hand [Oennony, IGth rrnt.]... 

Kit Kennedy : canntry boy [Galloway] 

Idd'8loi-e [MoorlandlKo-Sxrtland] 

Lllar Hunbonnet [Oallowayi 

liittle Anna Uark..., ... 

... M IJ2I 

F aiW. F 214B, F ' 
F 21B1, F am F 21,-iH I 
F 2IM F -iVa. F 3Iii6 
F 31117, F 21M, F BIW 
F MfB. F »4m, F W91 
F SlBft F alfll. F BlflS 
F :il«.1. F -OM. F :!18i< i 
F nW, F 3187, F 3188 1 
F aieo. F 217H F 2 71 1 

Play-act reug [London imd Scotland] ... 
Itaiden [Rolway Mom. cl "— ' 
Red axe [Pomenmla, 17lli 


__ .1 

For thcaikeof theraroily. Orange lily FSiVi 

F aaw. F 2247. F 2248 i Violet Vy vian, N. F. H. 

Fnaksol Lady Fortune. [Bportins] F £^-7 

F •am. F 2SU Woman derelict F 2ft« 

Cromwell (Oliver) Letters and speeches; with 

elucidations, by Carlyle. 5 v. ...M 1842-6 

Biiiyraphy attd CrUicism. 
Cornisli(F. W.) Lifeof Oliver Cromwell... L 491 
Firth (C.) Oliver Cromwell, and the rule of 

the puritans in England L 4'.I2 

Gardiner (8. R.) Cromwell's place in his- 
tory M1S'>3 

AnmtlmateoClheprotertorVrplalton to the political and 
cccienlastlcal movementn o[ hia lim^ and ainu to show 
how he was InQuonced by them, and how he inlluenccd 

— Oliver Cromwell M264.") 

Harrison (F.) Oliver Cromwell L 4:»3 

Jesse (J.H.) England under theStuarts. :tv. M 1870 
Morley (Rt. Hon. J.) Oliver Cromwell ... L 41>4 
Tangye (SirR.) The two protectors : Oliver 

and Richard Cromwell L 495 

Wilkinson (S., Editor) From Cromwell to 

Wellington: twelve soldiers L 751 

.4/'u 1» Carlylo IT. I HeroeH Hiid hero wonhtp. K (HKi. K H»" 

-?US?lilJf?5i^l Ci-omwell (Richard) :- 

... F 3108, F 2IB7. 1 ^^ I Y^^^g [^gjp Tg.-^ ^hc two protectors 


...L 495 

ly storieB— ' -.- Fiaoul trions men '"... ... ... ... ... L 78 

Cra»UB'« widow. By Eui»eU (D.) ..! F rail.TfiSS' Cromwell;, own. Bj RitCTSon (A.) ... ... F 6656 

Croffut (W. A.) The Vanderliilu j. CTgj Cromohe Florcntme. By Villain (G.) ...^2173 

Cpoliooreoltli«BiIlhook.ByBaniiii(J.,i!ni;M.)F 566 Crook ot the bongh. By Dowie (M. M.) ... F 2476 
Croker (Mrs. B. M.) Work. :— > Cpooke(W.) Nortli-weatem proyinoeBol lEd». M 813 

., J. ;.___,.■,_■_.. _.._■!_, ^n-Lnfl i^my of ihe Barton"" - F3222| Their hlBtory, ethnolojrv- and admlnintratloiL 

1 FrBttyMiwNeviUetinaiai'.FzssI Crooked path. By Alexander (Mrs.) ...F 226 

3 SatSj'flfid^'^'WFl^l Crooked stick. By Boldrewood (R.)... F 1085, F 1086 

;-|!^| Crookes(SirW.) Dyeing and tissue printing. H 926 

'■■. Fsaat, — Researchesinthephenumenaof spiritualism. B 83 

rSLF^I Crooklands(J.,rcn«si.).LOOK UNDER Baasin(R.) 

ri- "^i Crookleigb. By Hocking (8. K.) F 4217 

«£indta]" 'F22M,F22^. Cn.ppy. BvBanim(J., onrfM.) F SG5 

Croker(T.C.)Lcgendsof thelakesiKillarney.M 3121 Crosbie (George V.) 01)8ervation8 on the 

—Walk from London to Fulham M 37lV '''"'""^'l"»*'"^|.'.lll!ll'l'!'!l5;..; 

Croll (James, LL.D.) Climate- and time in (heir ^ ''i""*w'\f^'^ 

geological relations G 824i ^'''I'i"'"'" (^'"^ 

Bey and the pale[Iri 

Bird of paaMige 

Diana Bairlagton [Anolo- 


Family likene»>[inmtilayii>] 

Infatuation ( Knsliind ] F2314. F 23l,'> 
Jason [Antilo-lndlan]. F:i:il7.F2:iltJ 

Some one el<« -. 
State wcret, etc. 
Terence [IriKh Btory] 

(e tales and junitle Ir 

.D 389 

Hugo (Victor). 





CnuHf II 

B.-twy." Hy Miller (H.) 
Ittuck Prince." By Caiiifii 

(•n*»i(C. F.),nj«/ BevaiitE. J.) Text-lMM.k ..f 

lajier-tuakintf ... ... ... ... H 

(■n«i(Mr»i.6. K). LOOK CNDBB Caiiibriilffe ,^' , ■. - ., ,.ro 

' \<ta) paetfd (V-i") 1" 1S-)S 

fn^ {,j! W., &/,7«r) George Eliot'a life «h Orujaeof nie"ComoranL'' ByKi.ight(A.L.). P r.(W4 

retaU in her lettereand journals L 126(t ^ruise of the ci-yaU.! boat By Stables (G.)... F U'M 

tHik*<nMio(»rfMowliied)nH»rrlwn-.Chol«. Cruweof th*-" tmlic. By king«ton(W. H.G.). F 4!t.'il 

o(b«k^KT78;u>diDjun«.-pvtL>ip<>rtmiii.xi«<. ! Cruifleof the"Golden wave."By Oacai-(W.N.). F tl.llW 

C»^ (Margaret B.) Love and Olivia ... F 2259 Crnise of the " Midge.'' Bv Scoll (M.) ... F IMi 

(.■r.«.(Mrs. Mary A.). LOOK UNDER Eliot CniiHO of the Rover caravan. By Hial.leH (0.) 

<Geoi^). Y 7K!t.'), F 7H% 

CoBwaiid aelf-fertiliaatioii in the vegetable I CniiBe of the " Snowbinl." By Htables (G.). 

kingaom. By Darwin (C.) G KKU Cruise of the" Wanderon." By HtableslG.). 

rr.i«-eoontrvremimscence9. ByRaH8ell(F.).J 12;i7 ^"^"l'* "!*,*'*' "^'^I'- '^J"^" •* t^-' ■ 
Cnwscnrwnts. By Dickens (M. A.)... F 2421, F 2422 Oruifleof the"Water%agtail. By Ballanlyi.^ 

I'mes of honour. By Thomas (A.) F 8281 I <•>■";' , •",.■- . ,.— ■■■„ '■■ 

(■n»s pnrposes. By MacDonabi (G.) „. f S-lllt Cruise of the "Wild Duck, etc. By Drach- 
fn^ roada. Bv Yonge (C. M.) F nSlJ'.l , nian (H.) ... 

('r.«sirailfl. By Wait€(V.) F 862-') . *■ ""*^- LOOK I'SDBR Vo>^ges 

id travel. 

F 78it7 
F 78'.t8 


. F 2.'>58 

Crort^ings. LOOK UNDER Railway8and tram- 

OniBBley (Francis W.) Life of ; ed. by Harris. L 

t'mtch (William, Hus. D.) Elemenlfiof musical 
composition J 

(■r..tchet castle. By Peacock (T. L.) ... 

Crouch (A. P.) For the rebel cause [Chili] 

<'ri»we«t (Frederick J.) Beethoven ... 


— fireat tone poets 


—Musical groundwork 

w.nini ol muBkcol Farm and hittorjr. 
—Story of British music 

»'n atlaa By Bartholomew (J.) 


Cruising in theNetherhmds. ByDavieB(G.C.). M 
Crumlw swept up. By Talmage (T. de W.)... K 
yi,l Crump (Arthur) Investigation into the causes 
of the gre«t fall in prices which took place 
J .5(15 coincidently with the demonetisation of 

V (illGl silver by Germany D 

F 22tai Cru^de*of^h'^'^:xceTsi<lr™'^ By Harte (F. B.). F .18tiSt 
L Crusaders, The: a comeily. By Jone8(H. A.). K 1188 
L lti;i4 Crusaders, The. By Gado (N. W.). Vmilirore.J C88 


L um 

J 4% 

Crown of life. By Giaaing (G.) F 3342, F :W43 

Crown of success. By A. L. 0. E F 4 

Crown of wild olive : industry and war. Bv 

Hn8kin(J.) B 272 

Crowned queen. By Grier (S. C.) F 351K) ■ 

Crozier (John Beattie) Civilization and pro- 
gress M 11 

— History of intellectual development ... M 12 


Crncildes. In Percy (J., M.D.) Metallurgj- ... H 948 
Crucifix. By Tadema (L. A.) F 82(l;'», F 82<I6 . 

Crucifixion, The. By Stainer (Sir J.). Vmil 

ncttre J 7fo ' 

Crucifixion of man. By Barlow (G.) ... K Sltti : 
Crucifixionof Philip8trong.BySheblon(C.M).F 770.5 ! 
Cruciform mark. By Stephens (R.) ... F 79.51 

Cmden (Alexander) Complete concordance 

to the Oldand NewTestanienI ; wit h memoir, 

by Youngman C 142 

Cruden (George) Manual of musical drill ... H 193 
Cruel London. By Hatton (J.) F 3911, F .^912 

CraiktliMk («wr|t) :— 

Stephens (F. G.) Memoir of George Cruik- 
sbank ; with an essay on his genius, by 
Thackeray ... ' L 973 

Thackeray (W. M.) George Crnikshank ... 

F 8249, F 82.5(1, F 82.51 
Cruise in cloudland. By Frith (H.) ... F 3149 


Archer (T. A.), nnd KingsfoRl (C. L.) The 

Crusades [H)9.5-1291] M 1.540 

tAl\ NOTE HiHtory or the rl|(li( rruiqulFK bul mntnly dmtx 

^^" *lih Ihowroncvmnl with thel4ilin klnKilom of J*ru>«lrm 

1)42 nod the HulvwiiueDt rarauilin)" «f Rlolinrd L ruund about 

Sere. viE, lal, 2nd, imd Mid. liniF-lltM, Contnlnii chBplrrH 
DO themilltnry order* Tnnulnrv. HmpitnllerH Tpuionic 
KDt||ht>k iiDd KnIjthI- ot m. Thomiui. 

Conder (C. R., Ll.-Ciil.) Latin kingilom of 
Jenisalem, 11199-1291 M 23.57 

SWTB- Traetw the icrawth of rivllliMloD and proaperily 
durioK the l«o renlurien oF Lntln rule. Olven n blatory of 

cJxTsirG. W.) The Crusades [lat to 9th. 

1(19(1-1291] M1547 

. .. ..._ _. .... ^„j^ impulw 

rnrdx rhr Eiwt ; wltl 

of the rauiea of th< 

deBcriptlOD of , 

"Sequelof IherellfrtouB wnrn." 

Davis (E. J., Rev.) Invasion of Egypt in 

A.D. 1249 by Louis IX. of France ... M2;W1 

NOTE -Aecoutit of the cmwde In whieh flt. LouiowAH 
defeated and taken prlwmer at Mimxiuruh )n Lilill; mnlnly 
drawn from the FreiH-h ehrontcle of Jolnvlllr. and froin 
the recvnl at Kl-MnlErizy and otlier Arable hixloiiaiiH. 

EdRar (J. G.) Crusades an<l the Crusaders. M 1-548 
Gibbon (E.) History of the Cnisades ... L 1297 
Mackay(C., LL.D.). The Crusades. In his 
" Extraordinary delusions " ... B 67, B 6H 

ALHO LOOK I'NDBR Chivalry. Middle wten. TempbiTii, 

Cruse (C.F., Traml.). look UNDER EnBei)iuB. 

Skuse (F. A. A.) British stalk-evedcrustacea. 

G 1288,0 1289 

G12SHI,G 1291 

NOTE— DenlH only with the eruxtncea moJniwtrnra. hut 
doefl not embrace the Hub^divlrtion ompblpodii. 
AL-'tOLOOK ITNOBR CrayflBh, ZoolOKy— Jfn''"i". 

Cruttwell (Charles Thomas) History of Roman 

literature K 1982 



Cryptogamia : — 

Bennett (A. W.) Introdaction to the study 
of flowei-leaa plants : their Btructure and 

Verne (J.) 

t-uass t-jurr iL of "The ifLaDt rnft " 

Crystal hunters. By Feiiii (G. M.) 
Cryttallograirtiy : — 

Lewis (W. J,, Prof.) Treatise on crj-etallo- 

cliuwefl of crytiliLjH In a^-coTdaiice wUb tb«vEen-a an frynUH 
■ymmetty, UemTibeii Ibe pbysiciil prouerlleii wblcb 
spfldolly dli^rinj^liih fertnin (MAMieii of crynEiUn, art well um 
the vuiouii (-rytLlnl fomui. und liiys atrem on Iho druwinK 

Ruskin (J.) Ktliicsof the duet 

Dialogue— maroUiriDg upoD the Iflwn of cryin alii lat Ion. 

Storj'-Maskelyne (N., Prof.) Crystallo- 

G 1106 

F 8575 

F 2896, F 2897 

H nutbemBtlca] tr 

Df Ihe I 


G 093 
G 694 

and pmltlOD of tlie piuies Hhlrli bound (be a 
■tuice* we coll crystals. Dlacu#&i rbe varietieH of nym- 
metry and the nyHtemii Into whivh cryaUUa, an naturul 
produdn. are dliided. 

Williams (G. H.) Elements of crystallo- 
graphy G 

Klemmtary statemeDt of the Keneral prinrlpleg lor 

■ludeatB o( cbemiHtry. phyricif and miaeisloffy. 

In Dana (J. D.) Manual of miueralogj' and 
petrography G 7(.K),G 

AlBO LOOK UNDKU Mineralogy. 

Cuatro novelas. Por Cahallero (P.). [/n 
Spaniahl K 

CmIm and war with America in 1898 : — 
Atkins (J. B.) War in Cuba i 

EiperiencHH of an EngliBbmaD with the United Stales 
Army [In 1898]. 

Bloorafield (J. H.) Cuban expedition ... B( 

American OlibuHleririK ei^lUan Id lilW to old the innur- 
irent Cubans in tbolr utruggle for Independence. 

Davis (R. H.) Cuban and Porto Rican ca 

paigns [in 1898] 

Hill (R. T.) Cuba and Porto Rico. 1898 

The topoaniiphy, climate, flora, p^oduet^ iodtwtrte*, cities, 
people, political eondltloiu. etc, 

Morris(C.) American war withSpain in 1898. 

Kowan (A. S., Lieut.), attd Ramsay (M. M.) 

Island of Cul)a 

NOTB— DeaCTlptioaorthephyKlcalccndltlDnHoftbciidaDd. 


commeiclol standpoint. 

Spears (J. R.) American navy in the war 

with Spain 

Cuckoo clock. By Molesworth (Mrs.) 
Cudworth (Ralph). In Martiiieau (J.) Types 

of ethical theory, vol. 2 
Cuentoe populnres. Por Trueba (D. A. de). 

[/« Spanish'}. 

Cullingworth (C. J.. M.D.) Manual of nursing. 



Arnold (M.) Culture and anarchy ... 1 

Huxley (T. H., ll.d.) Science and culture. ( 

KOTB-DeoJB with the [unction of ncience In relation to 
education : with eplBodeii in the hlBtory of Bclence con- 
oectHl with tbe naroeii of Prie«lley. Arhitolle, Dcwarleis 
the early evolullonixia. nnd Ui. Darwin ; and diwuiuwH 
problemiiof biolcwy and peycholoffy HHejcamplcH of the 
light thrown by the applii^ation of the HcientlHv method. 

Neil(S.) Cultureandself-culture... i 

C)ulda Co the Impravement of tbe mind and Uf 

ChHiito — amtinued. 
Shairp (J. C.) Culture and religion in aome 

of their relations 648, C 64 1> 

SonnenBchein(E.A.,Prof.)Ideal8of culture. D H:ii£ 

NOTB-Deoln with the relation between culture nod 
■cleDce. and with Qreek gamea lu tbe nunwry. Khaol. oau 
social gamea of mature life. 
Tylor (E. B.) IMmitive culture. 2 v. ... M 28 


AiaO LOOK UNOBB Hei(.cu]tur«. 

Cumberland (George Clifford, 3rd Earl) : — 

In Southey (R.) English seamen L 740 

Cumberland (Rieliard) : — 

Paston (G.) Little tneraoirsoftheeigliteenth 

century L 51 

Scott (Sir W.) Eminent novelists and 

dramatists L 1151) 

Cumtierland (Stuart) Thought -reader's 

thoughts L 134 

—What I think of South Africa M 1013 

FOB NOTE. LOOS UNDBB AfrlciL, South— ifitforv. 

Barrow (J.) Mountain ascents in Westmore- 
land and Cumberland J 1091 

Black's Guide to the English lakes M 477 

Gentleman's magazint; library ; edited by 
Gomme, vol. 2 M 1750 

Gumming (Miss C. F. Gordon) In the Hima- 
layas and on the Indian plains M 814 

—Two happy years in Ceylon [1890-1] ... M 819 

—Wanderings in China [in 1878-79]. 2 v.... M 733 

Cumming(J. G., Tranal.). LOOK under Pias- 
setsky (P.) 

Gumming (L.) Electricity treated experi- 
mentally G .547 

Cumming{R. Gordon) Five yearaof a hunter's 
life in the far interior of South Africa 
[1844 to 1K49]. 2v J 1227 

Cummings (William H.) Purcell L 1049 

Rudiments of music J 468 

Cummins (Maria S.) lamplighter F 2261 

Kealistic Boeton life. 

Mallei Vaughan F 2262 

Cundall (F.) l.anilscape and pastoral paiiitera 

of Holland L 978 

Cumlall (Joseph) Hans Holbein L 990 

Cuninghame (Fairlie, Lady) Sin of the soul. F 22113 
Cunningham (Allan) Lives of the most emi- 
nent British paintei-s; edited by Heaton. 3 v. L 979 

FOR CONTENTS. LOOK UNDER Blogmphlea-iv'rivfliv, 

— Traditional tales of the English and Scot- 
tish peasantry O 1084 

Cunningham (C. D.), jvint author. LOOK 

UNDER Adams (Sir F. 0.). 
Cunningham (Sir H. S.) Works :— 

"■ ■ lc« o( I>u«typoiti lEariCaaniDa L 481 

>lndi8nwx.'iety]... FZ3ei Herlols [ En^nd] F 2aw 

>nH [India] F-£e&\ Wheat Hod taireii F :^7 

67 Cunningham (J. T., Tranal.). look undbr 
Eimer (G. H. T.). 
Cunningham (John, D.D.) The Quakers from 

their origin till the present time ... C 90^ 
Cunningham{ W., D.D.) Essay on Western civi- 
lization in its economic aspects M 14 




Cnnningham (W., D.D.) — continued. 
-growth of Englisli industry and commerce 

[earliest times to 1846] D 266 

Atwlher edition in 2 tfoia I>2C7-& 


— MuderD civilisation in some of iU economic 

aspects D 221 

—Politics and economics D 223 

—Use aud abuse of money ... "■ ... D 21HI 
Cunvnghame (Sir Arthur D., (Jen.) My com- 

'manU in South Africa, 1874-1878 ... M 1014 

FOK KOTK. LOOK UNDKB Atrte*. SoMh-DtKriplln, 

— Travels in the Eastern Caucasus M <tl*J 

C'upofcold water: sermong. By Jones (J. M.) C C15 
Cupid's garden. By Fowler (E. T.) ... F ^m 
Cor Deus homo. By St. Anselm C 3'J3 

Curate in charge. By Oliphant (Mrs.) ... F 0445 
Curb of houour. By Be tham-Ed wards (M.) 

F934, Fy35,F 0^6 

K 1352, K 1353 
Curiosities of christian history. By James (C). C t>S3 
Cariosities of heraldry. By Lower (M. A.)... L 140U 
Curiosities of literature. By Disraeli (I.). 3 v. K 
Cariosities of London. By Timlis (J.). ... M 
Curiosities of natural history. By Buckland 

(F, T.). 4v G1U3-6 

FOB coirrEtrre. look dkdbb Buckluid. 
Curiosities of science. By Timbs (J.) ...G 622 

roa CONTEXTS. 1,001 DNDKB Science. 

Curioeitiesof superstition. By Adams (W. D,), C 911 
Curiosities of the Iwlfry. By Briscoe (J. P.). J 9(12 
Curioos myths of the middle ages. By Banng- 

Goold (S.) D 1071, D 1072 

Curl'd darling. By Peacock (F. M.) ... F 0771 

Taylor(J.,D.D.)Carling:theancient Scottish 

game J 1081 

Walker (J. M.) Corling Jlllfi.J 1117 

Ourran (Rt. Hon. John) Speeches on the late 

State trials, 1815 K 812 

Currency and finance. By Jevons (W. 8.)... D 300 

Currie (James) Elements of musical analysis. J 4fi'J 
— Principles and practice of common-school 

education D 877 

Currie (M. M., Lady). LOOK DNDBH Fane 


Curse of Game's Hold. By Henty(G.A.). F403ti, F 4037 
Curse of Clement Waynflete. By Mitf ord (B.). 

F 0008, F oooy 
Corse of Koshia. By Wingfield (L.) ... F 9028 

Curse of the village. By Conscience (H.) ... F 1890 
Cursed by a fortune. By Fenn(G.M.)-F2898,F 2899 
Carsive sborthaud. LOOK UNDbB Shorthand. 
Curteis (Arthur M.) History of the Roman 

empire [395-800 A.D.] M1448 


— Rifle of theMacedonianempire[B.C.369-323] M 1500 
Ourtin (Jeremiah) Tales of the fairies. D 1085, D 1086 
Curti6(Andrey)Artistof CrookedAiley.F2268, F 2209 
CortiB(QeorgeTicknor)Creationorevolution? G 901 
Carves. LOOK UNDEB Geometry. 

Gurwen (Henry) History of l>ook8ellere ... L 94 


Gurwen (J. Spencer) The imy's voice ... J 826 

— Studies in worship-music J 830, J 831 

Gurwen (John, Rev.) How to read music and 

understand it J 865 

— Musical theory J 860 

Curzon (Rt. Hon, George N.) The Pamirs and 

the source of the Oxus [in lt(y4] ... M 1734 

— Problemsof thefur>]&«t:Japan,Korea,China. M 710 

—Russia in Central Asia in 1889 ...MK09,M 870 

Cuaack-Smith (Sir'W.) Our war-ships ... D 701 
Cu9hing(H. H., TransL). LOOK UNDBR B(>hm 

(A A.). 
Gushing (Paul, pseiid. of Roland A. Wood) 

Blacksmith of Voe F 2270 

— Great chin episode F 2271 

—Shepherdess of Treva F 2272 

Custer (Elizabeth B.) Tenting on the plains. M 1157 
story olllie life (rfOeneraJCuHtpr who foughmvalDBl the 


Custom and myth. By tang (A.) ... C927,G 928 
Custom of the country. By Fra8er(Mr8.H),., F 3120 

Baring-Gould (S., Rev.) Strange survivals. 


Carpenter(E.) Custom. /n/ifs"Civilisation." D 
Ditch field(P.H.)01d English customsextant 
at the present time E 

An occouDl o[ local abHSrvoiuvi. tmtlral GUfltomx, ftnd 
nncient reremonleH ypl Hurvlving In Qreat BrilalD. 

Dyer(T. F. T.) Old English social life as told 
by the parish registers li! 

N'OTK— DealH with pBrlKh life. ttierolatloilBDt paraoQ and 
peoitle, •lupen.tltioDi', porlHh M^andAln and puniphmentif, 

Tim ba(J.)NookBand comers of English life, 

past and present Q 

Tylor (E. B., LL.D.) Primitive culture. 2 v. » 

Cuthell (Mrs. Edith E.) Two little children 

andChing F2273, 

— Wee widow's cruise in quiet waters. F 2275, 
Cutlass and cudgel. By Fenn (G. M.). F 2900, 
Cutlery. By Callis (F.). Brit, manvftw. iitditst. 
Crttlag «rt:— 

Giles (E. B., and uthers) West-end system : 
scientific and practical method of cutting 
all kinds of garments. 3 v. 

F 2270 
F 2901 

ieclie)t.iuid ([alter 

:h, collfm and ftller- 

VoLX-InAdiA'frarmenlri. ... 

James (T. M.) Needlework, knitting and 

Jones (E. G.) Manual of plain needlework 
and cutting-out 

Rosevear (E.) Text-book of needlework, 
knitting and cutting out; with methodsof 

Stanley (K.) Needlework and cutting out. 

NpeclullT ndapled [or am ot Icncheiv. 

Cutting tools. /fiCassell's New technical edu- 
cator, vols. 1-4 , 

Cntta (E. L., D.D.) Augustine of Canterbury, 

H 749 
H 751 

L 205 




. M 1514 

CiittB (E. L., D.D.) — iimlimied. 
— Ctuti-leuiitgne 

— cXh^ter'[A!D^ AlH.IlrtJuf'"''' M 11*92! 

—St. Auguflline C 842( 

— St. .lerome C M» 

Cuvier (Georgea, Jianm) Animal kin^loin, 

arranged after its organization G 1157 

— KHsay on the theory of the earth G 742 


fn BolloD (S. K. I PamouK men of wMenEe, L fan ; XlrholHon 

RtouBhlOD (J,l WortlUeB al 

le KTHil >4'iea)iMt>^ I, )(4i. 


Cym tht ^ttt—timliHUei/. 

Xenophon. Cyropiedia — continual. 

— : trantil. by Cooper M 141t( 

— ! transl. by Watson and Dale M 14itl 

NOTE— ThiH IH purely nn hlHtorlcnl romuice of Ibr boy- 
hood and tralDlntf of Cynu the elder, and Ihe beKinntiiHi 
of Ihe ?er>Haii empire, 

Cyrin thi yomow :— 
Xenophon. Anabasie. [Tatichnilz text] ... M 149:^ 
— Cyri AnabasiH : de Cyri minoris expedi- 

tione. [Text — Oxford cltueicsj. ... M 14I';i 

— ; transl. by Watson M 14'.t4 

Ciiyp (Albeit). Ciindall (F.) landscape anil 
piuitoral painters of Holland 


It Cyru 

QreekH from Hnidw lo BtibyloniA. Ih 
1 pc^rlodH and eveatH of wbich i( trealH {Ba. nv 

. y7.S C/ar and Kaiser. By Bigelow (P.) . 

I NOTE -ImpreMBionH of n " ' ' ' 

Albemarle (Earl of), and Hillier (G. L.) ; Czar,™'he.'"'By Aicock (D.J F 

Cycling J 1US2' Czerny (Carl) Der kleiiie klavicvschUler (Le 

FraBer(J.F.) Ronml the world on awheel , petit pianiate) J 

[in 181HJ-11K] M 84 1 —Lettera on Ihorough-liass J 

Griffin (H. H.) Cycling J1(183,J U)Si\ WilhanoppCTidlionlhehlB}ierbrnnehe«Drmu«i™lei. 

Hillier (G. h.),an<l Bi-ainson (W. G. H.) , _One himdmhTebungsstUcke tit r pianoforte. J 

Amatenr cycling : with hints on training. I 

Jl(W5,J lOSt) -- 

—,«»irf Walker (T. H. S.) Art of training | ** 

for cycle racing J 1087 



Dal)ome(Rol)ert). /nGoB8e(E,)JacobeanpoelH K 2.S3 

ritrpn in FrnfllAli German, and Frenrh L/ainmir^iw^i'cH'j. iTHJUDDrv*:'.^.jiiti»i?i'aiipvfc(n iv ^t^tt 

.) Ten thonsandmileson a bicycle. MUKJy Daddy Darwin's dovecot. By Ewing (.]. H.). F 2812 

._le«riplloBoflh<.ro(idMOlAmBri™inlherorm ' Daddv'fl \>0\. Bv Meade (L. T.) F 't'.H') 

^i.vS^iS^^KX''''^'"''''^''''''™''''™''''''"*"'''' j Daft (Richard) Kings of cricket ...J113ti,J li:i7 

Marshall (A.W.) Cycle i-epair and mainten- Daghestan r— 

ance. In " Ustful arts and handicrafts." H ;J1 1 Cunynghaine (Sir A. T.. Lt.-Gm.) Travels 
Mecretly (K. J.), wjid Wilson (A. J.) Art in the Eastern Caiicasns, especially in 

and pastime of cycling J 1088{ Daghestan during the summer of 1K71. M ClU 

Sharp (A.) Bicycles and tricycles H l(l2St Daginar. By Shipton (H.) F 772.'» 

---.-=- .--> Dagonet abroad. BySims(G.R.). M252,M25.3,M 254 

FOR NOTE, LOOK I'NPBB Europe -Dr«-rij<iir. 

Dagonet ditties. By Sims (G. K.) K .'til! 

Dagonet on our Islands. By Sims (G. R.)... M 255 
Dagonet reciter and reader. By Sims (G. R,). K 02 

■y Ireali-e on their deslBn ami eaai 
Man ix>uK UN'DSKUameii, KporlikelP. 

Cycling maps, LOOK under Road l)ooksand 

road maps. 
Cyclopo^iaof bomearts; editedby Marks ... J 42 
Cycloptedic photography. By Wilson (E. L.). J ;1K5 
Cynic fortune. By Murray (D. C.)... Ft;2t)l, F 6202 
CivriMt «^ Bp. uf Carthage -.— 

Benson (E, W., Airhbp.) Cyprian ; hiB life, 

his times, his work L 247 

Poole(G.A.)Lifeandtimesof Saint Cvprian. L 24ft 

Aim In Famr iF.V^ Drau) Live- of Ihe fathers, vol. 1. 
L2X: WiliUiii (W.. Rev.) Popular preiH-herH of the nnelent 

Bi-assey (Lady) Sunshine andstorm in the 
East; or,crui8eBtoCypnieand Constanti- 
nople [in 1874 and 1878] M 123 

Mallock (W. H.) In an enchanted island... M 84(1 

NOTE AccounI of a journey loCyprun In ivnrch of green 
inarble(Terdanli<)uei In the year IMW. 

Cyril Ashley. By A. L. 0. E. F 5 

Cyropffidia : — 

Xenophon. Cyropiedia. [Tauchnitztext]... M 1495 

— ; transl. by Cooper M 1496 

— ; transl. l»y Watson and Dale M 1497 


CyrinUlO ^/rvXJ'oinidei- of the Persian empirr -. — 
Kingsley (C.,Crt«o»0 Cyrus, servant of the 

Lord. 7n A(s " Historical lectures" ... M 42 
Xenophon. Cyropiedia. [Tauchiiitz text]. M 1495 

Ellis (A. B., Major) Ewe-speaking peoples 
of the slave coast of West Africa ,,, M 894 

MOTE— Deivript Ion olthe kingdom of Dahomey and of the 
Dahotnian nvfleni ot religion, and the animiKiir b«llel» of 
the people. Ineir manner'. ruxtomK. lawK, lan^uagei^ etv. 

Skertchly (J. A.) Dahomev as it is [in 
1871-72] .' M 9i;t; 

Elghl montbH' rexidenre In that counlry ; v ilh a full ar- 
i-ounl of Ihc notorious annual cuslomn, and the noelal and 
religiouB inr<lltullon" il Ihe Floni- : sImi nn rippendii on 

Daily evening rest. By Gilterne (A.) ... C .3i»JS 
Daintrey (Laura) King of Allwria [Balkans]. F 2277 

Dainty dishes. By St. Clair (H.) H 7Ui 

Daireen. By Moore (F. F.) ...F (1155, F 0150 

Dairy fannfiig : — 

Burn (R. S.) Outlines of mmlern farming, 

vol.4 H 5411 

Evans (M.) Butter and cheese. Brit. 

manufac. indiist H 17 

Freudenreich (E. von, dr.) Daii^y bacterio- 
logy G112.S 

NOTE— Bai-terlokwy an li atTert" Ihe dnlry, and the part 
played by mtctobes in but ler and eheeae. ant) the lecbnlque 



Oliver (J.) Milk, cheese, and butter. ... H 

T1i«T pmperticB and Iha proceawi of their prodiu^too : 
iriib a chupler on cream BDd iht nutliodH of )im wpu- 
ali«i mmi milk. 

Rtiland(A.)F&>'ming for pleasure and profit. H 

Daily (armiDs. HonasmiCDI of i-owh, eie. 

Sheldon (J. P., Prof.) Britiah dairying ... H 

Intecided for the ok oftechnli^alliwtTUcUon rUxsei. aludeDla 
IB afrirultnra] coUesea and dairr [amwn. 

Daisies and buttercups. ByRiddell(Mre. J. H.). F 

Daisy chain. By Yonge (C. M.) F I 

Daisy Miller, etc. By James (H.) F 

Daisy nook sketches. By Brierley (B.) ... F 
Daisy of " Old Meadow." By Gibeme (A.)... F . 
DdisySnowflake'asecret. ByReaney(Mr8.Q.). F 
D' Albert (Charles. Ofirfo/Ziwfl) First album de 

danse J 

— New and popular dance music J 

— Second album de danse J 

— Third album de danse J 

Daldorne (Evan) Wooingof the water- witch, F ; 
Dale(H.,Rev,,7'jYi7M7.). LOOKUNDBSThncy- 

dides. Xenophon. 
Dale (J.) Bound the world by doctors' orders. M 
Dale (R. F., Rev.),>m( author. LOOK UNDBB 

Trontbeck (J.). 
Dile (Robert W.. D.D.) The atonement ...C 

—Christian doctrine 

— Discourses deliveretl on special 

:^NmiT<<— Wonhip. UonLUC; onA rellt^ 

prayer. The old i 


— The living Christ and the four goepels ... C 

FOR XOTB. Utoi UNDER B[ble-.Vru' TrUamriit. 

— Nine lectures on preaching C 

Dale (A. W. W.) Life of R. W. Dale of Bir- 
mingham L 

Dalhousie (J. A. B. Ramsay, Mctrquit) -. — 
Hunter (Sir W. W.) Marquess of Dalhousie. L 
Trotter (L. J., Capt.) Life of the Marquis 

of Dalhousie L 

Dalin (Talmage, psetid.) European relations 

[Tyrol] F 

Dally. ByPool(M.L.) F 

Baedeker (K.) Southern Germany and 
Austria, including Dalmatia M 

Paton (A. A.) Highlands and islands of the 
Adriatic [1846-48]. 2v M 

Wilkinson (Sir J. G.) Dalmatia and Mon- 
tenegro. 2v M 

!(OTK— Account of th« autbor'H Jaurney throush DhI- 
matlik Xontewiflra HoMar. and HemgOTioa In IM4. 
During Ilia May at KoBtw he madson attempt tomltliBte 
the crndtlCK prBEtised by Tnrkaand UoDMnestins in iLeir 

and (mdlHdo of the peoole. aa well an hfstoriral notices 
ot DabnstlB, Bacnw. and the Useocs. with a history al tbs 
Paulkiiui taerexy. 
Ai.aO LOOK CKDEB Bomla. BerKBDTlnn. 

D'Almeida(F.). LOOK UNDER Almeida( F. d'). 
Dalryraple (j.. Earl of Stair). In " Illustrious 
men" L 

Dalton (John) : — 

Roscoe (Sir H.) John Dalton and the rise 
of modern chemistry L 875 

Stoughton (J., D.D.) Worthies of science. L 846 

Daltons. By Lever (C). 2 v P 5252 

Daly (Frederic) Henry Irving, 1838-84 ... L 1088 
Daly(J.B.) Dawn of radicalism [176(>-1800]. D 211 
— Judical pioneers of the IHth century ... D 212 

The aanie an " Dam of radirailam," 

Dame Alicia Chaml>erlayne. By Marshall (E.). F 5831 
Dame Durden. By Rita. F 71fjl, F 7162, F 7163 
Dame en gris. Par Ohnet (G,). [/rt French']. K 1656 
Dames vertes.Par9and(Qeorge).[/M/'/v?ncA]. K 1683 
Dainpier (William, Navigator) : — 
Dampier's voyage. In " English circum- 
navigators" ; edited bvPurvesnruf Coch- 
rane L 82X 

Rueaell (W. C.) Dampier L810,L 811 

.IJai In Early Rn^lah roynjien, U 134; Eliuntcin (W. H, O.I. 
and Frith IH.I Notable voyagem. M 138. U138. 

Dana (Charles A.) Art of newspaper making. A 935 
Dana (James D.) Manual of mineralogy and 

litholc«y G700,G 701 

Dana (Richard H.) Seaman's manual ... H 826 
Arxother edition ; revise<l by Mayo ... H 827 

— Two years before the mast M1061 

NOTB— Voy use iDadetall3&4 to the weMcoaal of America. 
Whipple (E. p.) Dana's Poems and prose 

writings. Vn /ii'a " Elssays," vol. 2. ... K 13 
Danby (T. W., Trantl.). LOOK UNDER Fuchs 

(C. W. C.) 
Dance at the four corners. By Burgin (G. B.). 

F 1438, F 1439 
Dance music. LOOK UNDER Music. 

Scott(E.) Dancingasanartand pastime... J 1014 

Othe}- editions J 1015, J 1016 

Dancingmania. LOOK UNDBH St. Vitus'sdance. 
Dandy Dick Whittington. ByCaryli(I.).F«ai 

score J 60G 

Danesbury house. Bv Wood (Mrs. H.) 

F 9154, F 9155, F 9156 
Dangerous brute. By Jocelyn (Mrs. R.) ... F 4771 
Dangerous jewels. By Bramston (M.) ... F 1292 
Daniel : — 

Deane (H., Rev.) Daniel: hislife and times. G 207 
Daniel (Evan, Canon) Grammar, history and 

derivation of the English language ... E 42 
—Outlines of English history [to 1889] ... M 1655 

— Prayer-book : its history, etc C 653 

Daniel (George) Merrie England In the olden 

time M 328 

Daniel Deronda. By Eliot (George). F 2701, F 2702 
Daniel Rock. By Erckmann-Chatrian ... F 2744 

Daniel Whyt*. By Dawson (A. J.) F 2322 

DanielB(M.,2V«n8/.). LOOK UNDER ■VerBchuur(G.) 

Buchanan (R.) Scandinavian studies. In 

his " Master-spirits " K 67 

Howitt (W., and M.) Literature and ro- 
mance of northern Europe. 2 v, ... K 1265 
Dannatt(A.) Howto become a hospital nurse. H 73 
78 DBnneley(J.F.,Frof.) Encycloptedia of music. J 432 
161 M 




D'Atinunzio (G.). LOOK UNDER Annniizio{G. d'). 
Danovitch. By Harris (W. B.). F 3856, F 3857 

Danson (J. T.) Our commerce, in war ... D 984 
Dante Alighieri. Lacommedia. [In Italian'}. K1%13 

CONTENTS -Detr intemo. Del purgatorio, Del paradiBO, 
Blmnrtodelte Di v Inn cammed i a. 

— The vision ; or, heli, purgatory, and para- 
dise ; tranal. by Cary K 1814 

—Vita nuova e il canzoniere. [/n Italian] ... K 1815 
Biography and Criticism. 

BayneB(H.) Dante and his ideal L 1376 

Browning (0.) Dante : his life and writings. L 1377 
Butler (A. J.) Dante: his times and his work. L 1378 
Caird (E.) Dante In his relation to the the- 
ology and ethics of the middle ages, /n 
/its" Essays on literature and philosophy" B 16 
Church (R. W., I»e«n) Dante K 1824 

NOTE— AffordR a gummary ot the public and private life 
of Ihe poef. Eiplnfna the (HrcumBtftOcetiof the tlmB Id 
which ha hved luid their Influence upon hw thouKhtii 
and character. Oivea alsn an aecount ol hi» works and 
ot their relation to each other. 

Diillinger (J. I. von, Prof.) Dante as a pro- 
phet. In bis " Studies in European his- 
tory" ... •■• ■•■ -■• ■■■ M1517 

Uazzini (J.) On the minor works of Dante, 
/n Ajs " Essays " K 1855 

Bohaff (P., Prof.) Dante Alighieri ; and. The 
Divine comedy. In his " Literature and 
poetry" ^ 1*^2 

WickBt«ed (P. H., Editor) Selections from 
the first nine books of the Croniche Floren- 
tine of Giovanni Villani [earliest times to 
1346] M2175 

NOTB-A tranBlfttlon by Selle of luch parts ot Villani'j 
nhroQlde B» "efve to iUuNtrate Danle ; with an Brtinmte of 
the hiHtorteal value o( ViUani"" work. „ .^ „ .^ 

Alu) (n Carlyle'" Henje«. and hero-worHhlp, K tKS, K SBB ; 
Lowell (JR-t Literary enmiy^ toI. 4,K1«: Memorials 
of early genius. L 49; Naamlth (D, U-D.l Mftkers of 
modem thought, L 50; NeiHS.i Epoch men, L 52. 

Danton (George Jacques, Ret'olutiontst) ; — 

Belloc (H,) Danton : a study L 599 

Lamartine( Biographies and portraits. L 42 


Dark ages. By Maitland (S. R.) M 1541 

~OR NOTE. LOOK ITNDEB Middle aseil. 

t days. By Conway (H.) F 1909 

£ horse. By Gould (N.) F 3398 

Dark night's work,et<;. ByGa8kell(Mrs.E. C). F 3202 
Dark stories. By Campbell (Sir G.) ... F 1505 

Dark way of love. By Le Goffic (C.) ... F 5<HtO 

Darkness and dawn. By Farrar (F. W.) ... F 285« 
Darleys of Dingo Dingo. By Mac Cartie (J. C.) 

F 5508, F 5r)09 
Darnonabluestocking.By Chatterton(G.G.).F 170t; 

Damley. By James (G. P. R.) F ii>5G 

Darrell Chevaaney. By Yorke (C.) F 9412 

Bigelow (P.) Paddles and politics down the 
Danube . 

NOTB— Account ( 
IHHl, SeKardH thi 

muBt eventually lu..../ «"-... ~i-— — -r- 

Bitlnction of the Auntro-HunBarien empire, Roumanla, 

Serrlft, and Bulmula. .,,... anan 

Danvers (Frederick C.) Portuguese in India. M 2323 
D'Anvers (Nancy, pseiid. of Mrs. A. Bell) 
Elementary history of art : architecture 

and sculpture ■! 113 

— Elementary history of art : painting ... J 341 

— Heroes of American discovery M 1065 

—Heroes of North African discovery ... M 892 

—Raphael L 1003 

, ITraml.]- LOOK UKDER Hohnel (L. von). 

Nadaillac (Marquis de). 
Daphne's decision. By Marshall (E.) ... F 5832 
Darby and Joan. By Rita. F 7164, F 7165, F 7166 
D'Arcy (Charles F.) Idealism and theology. B 120 
Darell Blake. By Campbell (Lady) ... F 1564 

Dariel. By Elackmore (R. D.) ... F 1018, F 1019 
Darien (Georges). In Ouida's Critical studies. K 994 

Darien. By Warburton (E.) F 8664 


Baring-Gould (S.) Book of Dartmoor ... M 44G 
Ward (C. S.), and Baddeley (M. J. B.) South 
Devonand Cornwall; with a full descrip- 
tion of Dartmoor... M 442 

Dartnell. BySwift(B.) F 8198 

Darton (J. M.) Brave boys who have become 

illustrious men of our time L ^iO 

FOB CONTENTS. LOOK t:>'DBR hiograpblet—eollfellvf, 
Emmons girls who have become illustrious 

women of our time ... ... ... L 106 

Darton (M. E.) Earth and its inhabitants ... M 151 
Darwin (Charles, LL.D,)Descentof man. G 946, G 947 

aarilext [urm, the manner of his dovelapmenl both inlel- 
leotual And moral, and the ditterence between the rariouH 
racea. HoldH that civilized naliono were at ooc time bar- 

-Different forms of flowers on plants of the 

same species G 1063 

NOTB— The author concenlrftteshlB attention upon hetero- 
■tyled and cleintoaamic plants, and throw" light on the 
queetlon of hybridlxatioD. 

-Effects of cross and self -fertilisation in the 

vegetable kingdom G 1064 

NOTB— Defence of the maxim that "nature nhhont per- 
petaal aelf-fertili nation." Might be considered a comple- 
ment of blH workon orchidH, tor while that volume A-howed 
how perfect are the tneanii fop mpniring croM tertilisation. 
thli work Rhowa why croni tertiliiwliun in important. 

-Essay on instinct. In Romanes (G. J.) 

Mental evolution in animals G 12.'i2 

— Expression of the emotions in man and 

animals B 103 

FOR NOTR. LOOK TNDBlt rbyKlosnomy and eipreBKioo. 
■Insectivorous plants G 1091 

NOTE— Enumerateii the clow of plantu adapted for the 

capture and diseHtlon of InnectH, and thoae which feed on 
the product" ofdecayed vegetable matter. 

— Journal of researches into the natural his- 
tory and geology of the countries visited 
during the voyage of H.M.S. " Beagle " 
roundthe world [in 1832-6] G 96 

NOTB— Obeervalion" on the natural history of the South 

— Movements and habits of climbing plants. G 1092 
—Origin of species ... G 1006,0 1007 

NOTB-EipOBlllonDf the theory ot ItieorigiDof HpecieBliy 
means of natural »elei.-tioo or lhepret«r\'allono[ favoured 
race* in the Hlrugale for life The belief (hat such upoi-ie" 
haji lieen independently created I" shown here to be er- 

— Structure and distribution of coral reefs... G K37 
— Variation of animals and plants under 

domestication. 2v G 997 

NOTE— Deals Willi the principles of Inheritance, croMlns, 
Inter-breeding and selection. Tbe hypothealH of pangeaeaTa 



Darwin (Charles, LL.D.) — cotitinufd. 

— VariouB contriTances by which British and 

foreign orchids are fertilised l>y insects. G 1086 

NOTE— Dealx Willi Ibe muDntr In whirh Ibe ftirlilixiitlcni 
of mme 6000 upectw of oirhiiL' l« ellecttd, »ho«lDKIhiil the 
ploDt » Bbwduiely depeudcnl upon Ih^ntniDcy of Inwctii. 

Biographif and Cniicism. 
Allen (G.) Charles Darwin ... L 888, L 

Bettany {G. T.) Life of Charles Darwin. L 

Codtallu B romplde b1bli«{rapby. 

Holder (C. F.) Charles Darwin : his life 
and work L 

Huxley (T. H.) Mr. Darwin's critics. In 
his "Critifjuea and addresses" G 

Life and letters of ; edited hy his son. 3 v. L 81)1-3 

Myer8(F. W.H.) Charles Darwin and BgnoB- 
ticism. Inhis " Science and a fnture life." C 

Ritchie (D. G.) Darwin and Hegel ... B 

NOTB— Kiwiiys on otigio ODd valldilr. DarviD and RrgeL 
What i* reality t from the point of view of evolutlonar)' ' 

Romanes (G. J., LL.D.) Darwin and after 

Darwin. 3v 0977-9 

FOB cosTEirts. LOOK l!NCKH EyolisUoa-Cnilr-I'm. tie. 

.41<n In AdanniW. H.D.I MflKlerD]liid>i.LIX', UnrkiDlo>h 
<B>Fn)iiiComtetoBeii]BmlDKidd.UW7»; McbolMmlH.A.I 
Llvefl and lubourr' ot leading nuluraUJilH, L BO?. 

Darwin (Erasmns)./*! Nicholson (H. A.) Lives 

and labours of leading natnraliBta L 897 

Darwin (Francis), and Acton (E. H.) Practi- 
cal physiology of plants G 1065 

Darwinian theory. LOOE UNDER Evolution. 
Darwinism and Lamarc k ism. By Hutton(F,W,) Q 969 
Darwinism and race progress. By Haycraft 

(J. B.) 9C8 

Dasent (George W.,d.c.l.) Annals of an event- 
ful life F 2286, F 2287 

—Story of Burnt Njal [Iceland] F 2288 

Daah for a throne. By Marchmont(A. W.) ... F 5643 
Dash for Khartoum. By Henty(G. A.). F4038, F 4039 
Data of ethics. By Spencer (H.) B 274 

Dates : — 

Deacon'aBookofdates: manual of theworld's 
chief historical landmarks, by Yonge ... M 31 
Daubigny (Charles F.) : — 

Itt Mollett (J. W.) Painters of Barbizon... L 997 
D'Anhnsson (Peter), LOOK UNDER Aubnsson. 
Daudet (Alphonse) Works ;— 

Fremont junior F 2289 I Boae and Ninette F 2S83 

Jack. 2 V. F22B(1 TartarinofTMniw™ ... F22M 

Daudet (Ernest) Rafael [Peninsular war] ... F 2296 
Daughter of Danaus^ By Caird (M.) ... F 1520 

Daughter of Fife. By Barr (A. E.) . 

Daughter of Heth. By Black (W.) F 

Daughter of JairuB. By Stainer (Sir J.). Vocnl 


,.J 823 

Daughter of music. 
Daughter of Rome. 
Daughter of strife. 

..K 1127 I La petite I 

'^^.r 'T.""" "iTllig.KHBal LeiirolBene"iJl 

Jack IC14»),Kl'»1!TaiiailndeTBra>icoDK1442,K1443 

Lettrt* de mon moulin S 143:^ , TattaHiiHuriexAlpes K 1444, E 144S 

Biogfaphy and Cfiticism. 
Recollections of a literarj- man ; transl. by 

Ensor L 1349 

AUo in French K 1788 

Tliirty years of Paris and of my literary 
life; transl. by Ensor 

Sherard (R. H.) Alphonse Daudet ; 
graphical and critical study 

/h James (H.) E^rtia I portraits ... 

By Savage (R. H.). 

F 7538, F 7539, F 7540 

By Colmore G.) ... F 1883 

By Pichler (L.) ...F 6872 

By Findlater (J. H.) ... F 3005 

Daughter uftlieMarionis.ByOj)penheim(E. P.). 

F 0499, F 6500 
Daughter of the sea. By St. John (P. B.) ... F 7495 
Daughter of the soil. By Francis (M. E.) ... F 3118 
Daughter of the tenements. By Townsend 

(E. W.) F 8341 

Daughter of the vine. By Atherton (Q. F.). F 409 
Daughter's heart. By Cameron (Mrs. H. L.). F 1540 
Daughters ot Jerusalem. By Gounod (C). 

Vmfilscure J 811 

Daughter's sacrifice. By Philips (F. C), and 

Fendall (P.) F 6854 

D'Aulnoy (Countess), LOOK UNDER Aulnoy 

(CIountesH d')- 
Daunay's tower. By Sergeant (A.) ... F 7662 

Daunt (Achilles) Our sea-coast heroes ... H 219 
Dauphiiiy. Smiles (S.) Visit to the country of 

the Vaudois. /«A!»"HuguenotsinFi-ance." C 889 
Davenport (F., Prof.) Elements of harmony 

and counterpoint J 

— Elements of music J 

— , find Baker (J. P.) Local examinations in 

Davenport (8.) Engraving H 15 

Davenport (W. Bromley) Sport J 1222 

Davenport Dunn. By Lever (C.) F 5253 

Davey (E. G.), joint author. LOOK UNDER 

Mitchell (C. F.). 

Davey (Richard) Band, sea. etc F 2298 

— , [reel Hs/.]. LOOK UNDER Leroy-Beaulieu (P.). 
David ; — 

Deane(W.J.,Rev.)David:hislifeandtimea.C 208 
David Copperfleld. By Dickens (C.) 

F 2375, F 2376. F 2377 

David Elginbrod. By MacDonald (G.) ... F 5520 

David Grieve. By Ward (Mrs. H.) F 8668, F 8669 

iljSiliM DavidHarum. By Westcott (E. N.) ... F 8808 

K iiM K lis David Poindexter's disappearance. By Haw- 

5!*«:Si«i thorne (J.) F 3945 

David Lloyd's last will. By Stretton (H.) ... F 8085 
Davidoff (M. von, M.D.), joint author. LOOK 

UNDER Bohm (A. A.). 
Davids (C. A. F. Rhys, Editor), look UNDER 

Robertson (George C.) 
Davids (T. W. Rhys, LL.D.) Buddhism ...C 950 
Davidson (A. B., D.D.) The book of Job ... C 247 
— Book of the prophet E^ekie! ... " 

— Introductory Hebrew grammar ... 
— Nahum. Hatiakkuk, and Zeplianiah 



L 1350 

... L 134H 

... K 89 







DiiviUfwn (Ellin A.) EU'meiits of bii tilling con - 

stracUnn anil architect drawing ... H 1 
— House paintiny, grainin^^ ^tc. H llifO, H 1 
— Technical inanuats :— 

rawing (or bricklftyM> 

In of practlenl pcnqwcf Ire 

Model draniDK 

.. H iicifi. H irc» 

..J 2ia J 21S 

OitfaoirrApiilc BQd Iwmelrioa] prD>ec(Jofk 

— , Ijoitit author]. LOOK UNDBR Fielil (G.) 
Davidson (Hugh Coleman) Works : — 

Gursrave mystery f 32Sa I Queen of tlie Mnch huid -. 

Hrpn^te" F KWi I aiory ol a IcKl 90Ul 

Davidson (J., Prof.) Commercial feileration 

and colonial trade policy D 

FOB XOTX. LOOK rSiliBB Commerw. 

Davidiwm (J, L. S.) Cicero L 

D-aviilson (John) Baptist lake F 

— Fleet Street i-clogues K 

— Perfervid F 

Daridson (Samuel, D.D.) Canon of the Bible. C 
DavidHon (Thomas). In Japp (A. H.) Labour 
and victorj' ... ... ,,, ... ... L 

Davi<lson (Thomas, LL.D.) Ariutotle ... L 

Daviilsun (W,), atui Alcock (J. C.) Cnmplet*' 

manual of analysin and paraphi-asing ... K 

— Complctt- manual of parsing E 

— English grammar and analysis K 

Daviilson (William L., LL.d.) Theism as 
grounded in hiimaA natni-e C 

FOB sore. IXKIE tlNDBBThelKm. 

Davies (D. C, and E. H.) Treatise on metal- 
liferons minerals and mining G 

Davies (G. Christopher) Cruising in the 
Netherlands M 

— HandlK>ok to the rivers and Broads of Nor- 
folk and Suffolk [in 1S9:1] M 

— Practical iMiat sailing for amateurs ... J 

Davies (George J.. Rev.) Successful preachers. L 

Davies (J., Rev., Editor). LOOK UNDER Plalo. 
Davies (J. L,, Rev.) Social questions from 
the point of view of christian theology. B 


— , ITrttml.]. LOOK UNDER Plato. 

Davies (Nathaniel E.Yorke) Aids to long life. H 

—Foods for the fat H 

— Nursery hints H 

— One thousand medical maxims and surgical 

hints H 

Davies (Thomas) Preparation and monntiug 

of microscopic object* G 

Davis (Charles T.) Manufacture of leather... H 
Davis (Edwin .7., Rev.) Invasion of Eg)pt in 

A.D. 1249 by Louis IX. of France ... M 

—Life in Asiatic Turkey [in 1X7-5] M 

Davis (H. W. Carless) Charlemagne ... L 
T)avis (Henry, TransL). LOOK undbr Plato, 
ivis (J. R. Ainsworth. Prof.) Elementary 
text-book of biologj-. 2v G 



DaviB(J.R.Ainsworth,2Va««/.). LOOK UNDER 
Boss (J. R.). Frendenreich (E. von). 

Davis (James). LOOK DNDBR Hall (Owen). 

Davis (John) : — 

Markham (C. R.) Life of John Davis ... L : 

Davis(L.J.,2'mrw/. ). LOOK UNDER MUntit (E.). 

Davis (Richard Harding) Cul>an and Porto 

Rican campaigns [in 1898] M 2. 

-Novels : — 

EiilBi [New York] T ZK.. F 

KiDg'nJHTkallTiHigterl F 

LIoo nnd the unicorn [I/mdonl F 

Prtnmia Aline [Europe] FSMll. F 

SoldlBrnoI fortune F 

Vim Bibber [New York) F 2S12. F 

Davisi>ii(John)./HNewman(Canlinal)EsRaya. V 
Davy (Sir Hnmphrj') : — 
Mayhew(H.) Wo ndei-s of science ; or, young 
Humphrv Davy L i 

Aim In Bolton ifl. K.) Fnmoiw men of arlenre. L KEt : Ue- 
moriftlH of mrly itenlUH, L 4* ; Men who have mode Ihem- 
■olve>. L 47 : Uen who linvc dsrn. L W : Hunro (J.> 
lloowni or elerlririly, L !C» : Wright iH. C.i Htori.iior 
Ihe (rreal wienlMK L IM7. 

Dawe (Carlton) Works : — 

HHtory oT Uodfrey Klnge [Lmidon] 

HiindHTln [Chtnn] 

Yellow nnd white (Orienlal Hke1rhe«] 

Dawes (Anna L.) Charles Snmner... 

Dawkins (W. Boyd, Prof.) Early man in 

Britain anil hisplacein the tertiary period, G 8;tl 
Dawlish (Hope) Secretary of legation ... F 2:«l> 
Dawlish. /»iGranvilIe(A.B.) Spas of England. M IVX', 
Dawn.ByHi4{gard(H.R.).F;WHl,F3«92,F3(;9.3, F 3094 
Dawn of civilization : Kgvpt and Chalda». 

By Ma8i)ero (G.) ... " M 21."» 

Dawn of history : eilited by Keary G 8117 

Dawn of radicalism [l7(H»-18lH)]. By Daly 

(J. B.) D 211 

Dawn of the nineteenth centnrj' in England. 

By Ashton (J.). 2v MM:) 

Dawnings of genius. By Buckley (T. A.)... L 2.'» 

FOB (■0>raBNTH. LOOK I'NDEB Blnirni|)liieM ivllr<tlif. 

Dawson (Alec J.) Works : — 

Afrii-on night- enterlBinnienw F2S(1 

Daniel Whyip [London and Au>^ml)a. Jouniiilli<m1 FSi^J 

In the Bighl of Benin [W. Afrtoin tnlei.] F ZC3 

Hton-of RonoWKfe'irel F:a:;f 

DawBiin (Porl>es) Sensational trance. F 2325, F 2;12C 

Dawson (G,M,),«»irf Sutherland (A.) Elemen- 

l tary geography of the British colonies ... M 152 

257 [Dawson (George) The authentic gospel ... C 619 

Id!)] — Biographical lectures L 31 

-.'- I FOR ciiNTBNTS. LOOK t'KDRB Biographies— roJfiTff IT. 

'■*' ;Daw8on (Sir J. William) Chain of life in 

geological time G 859 

0.5 Sketch o( theorlgin nnd Hiui-rwlonot nnlmalHimd plnntx. 

—Egypt and Syria C lOO 

Kt99 Tlielr phyiiicH] fentureri In relation to Bible hl'ton'- 

o«o — Fossil men and their modern representatives G 892 

•'"~ SOTB In t-ontnidl-tlnrlton to mo»l modem goologintH ; 

douht> the eil-tenn- oS xny dlHtlni'l pnlicoUlhie nge. Or- 
; ibodox. nnd oppontd to (he Dnrwinlnn theory. 
2381 I— fJeological history of plants ...G 808,G 8119 

^.,. ' — Meeting-place of geologj' and historj" ... C 93 

o-l . KOTB ThemunKe*! olilett ot tbebookl«to-ihow Trom 

'193 geology tlinl Oenimw l« true hialorj'- nnd nlso (o ronlro- 

I verttTie theory of evolution. 

j — Modern ideas of evolution G 9(13 

I NOTE -DlM-UHKCHthr lendlDgpoKllloniior the tivul 

0-7 ! lheorie« o( evolution, nnd nltempt- 10 eiul ' ' 

"' ' , mcnt or discordance with wieDre and rellglo 


[Ulnlnlt- :it 



Duwson (Sir J. Williain) — cvnliHiied, 
— OrtgJD of the wurld according tu revelHtioii 
and science C 

\(>TE Whiten froin hb orthodox Ktnndiailal with Ihp 
ic Bcrtpliiroi with tho dl«DvtTiw 

I Deadiii^ii'uHhoex. KyBniddoii(M.E.).FllS5,F 1186 

8| TriMtram (H. B., C'tnwu] Land of Moab : 
travels and diHC')VerieH on theeasl side of 
the Dead M'a and the Jordan; with a 
cliu{)tei' on tile PerHian palace uf Mashita, 
hy Fei^itvton M 857 

;ijTI! Vprifli-- (hOiKi(iMi( MnchirrUK. ilirfoven- thM at 
Hir, irnil piplum MiuihilH. Git-im an lUTOunl of "Pptt 
id advrnlurr, and itl an Imphimmafnl at Krnk in 1hT2. 

Dead sea fruit. By Bra.idon (M. E.). F 1187. F 1188 

— Story of the earth and man (i i-Jil 

Dawson (John) Practical jouriiulisni ... A '.i.'{l'> 
DawRon (8. E.) Canada and Newfoundland. 

(Sorth America, vol. 1) M HV>6 

Dawaon (W. Harhutt) Btunuirck and Htute 

Hocialism D 441] Deadflccrt-t. By CollinH(W.).'.. F IS.'M.F ISS."! 

— German ttocialisni and Ferdiniind Lmwulle. I> 4fi8| Deatl trrnt. By (jmnt (J.) ... F 34!lo, F Aiii6 

-tiwUl Switzerland D 2, Deadly fw. By WerKeant (A.) F 7663 

-Unearned increment D llSHl Dralwiththedevil. HyPhiUp<>ttB{K.).F tW61,F 6862 

DawBon (W. J., Rev.) The Dwtor speaks 

experieuceti of John Selkirk, H.U. ... F 2.)27 
— Makers of modern English K (i.lS 

cnXTBKTS ItumK. Byron, ShcUey. KwitM. Knrtl. (.'ulc- 
nAiie. Southey, Wunlnaorlh. Ilood iind Mr^ Brunninit, 
TeDnyHKi. BronnlnK- Hutthcw Arnold Dimic Uubriol 
Kwclti. Wwinburnc. llorrm 

Diy (E., Rev.) Social life of the Hebrews ,., V [)n2 
Day (John). In flosee (E.) Jac.»l>ean piK-ls. K 28:1 
Dav (L. B., Rev.) Folk-tales of Beugal ... D 1*187 
- " ■ :J42 

Day (Lewis F.) Alphaliets : old and new 

— Auatoiny of pattern J 

— Application of ornament J 

— , titui Buckle (Miss M.) Art in needlework. J 
Day ( R. E.) Exercises in elecirieal and magi 

tic measurement 

— Numerical examples in heat 

Day (Thomas) Sandford and Merttni. 

ASm^ ul teiichinjr rls^ht modoM of oducallori. 

Daj- (Williain) The racehorse in training 

Dayoffat*. By Roe (E. P.) 

Day of recompense. By Hocking (8. K.) 

Day of temptation. By L.e Queux (W.) 

Day of wrath. By J6kai (M.) 

Day will come. By Bmldon (M. E.)... F 11H3, F 1184 

Days. Timhs (J.) A gurhiud for the year ... A 2'.> 

Days of auld lang syne. By Maclaren (I.) 

F .'>5t!(>, F .)5ti7, F 55ti8 

Days of Bruce. By Aguilar (G.) F S»2 

Days of his vanity. By Grundy (S.) 
Days of my life. By Bickerdyke (J.) 
Days of my life. By Oliphaut (Mrs.) 
Days of the year. By Austin (A.) ... 
Days of yore. By Tj-tler (S.) 

Dav's ride. By Lever (C.) 

Day's work. ByKipling(R.).F5027,F5ll28,F .Waf 
Dazumal.VonHeimhurg(W.). [fnOcnmm].K 1132 
Deacon Brodie. By Muddock (J. E.) ... F (J210 

D.'acon's Book of <bte8. M 31 

Deacon's Composition and style ; edited by 

Blackman K 3.3 

Dead certainty. By Gould (N.) F <i3W 

Dead heart. By Gibbon (C.) ... F 3245, F 3946 

Dead man's court. By Hei-vey (M. H.) ... F 381>9 

Dead man's rock. By "Q." F 6953 

Dead man's secret. By Mnddock (J. E.) ... F 8211 
Dea.l man's step. By Lynch (L. L.). F .1403, F 54(14 
Dead man's story. By Herman (H.) ... F 4144 

Dead men's dollars. By Crommelin (M.) ... F 2243 


..G 581 
,.G 518 
.. F 2328 

,. F 72'.I8 
,. F 521( 
,.F 4781 

!• 3632 
,.J ll'.KI 

.. F t;44i; 

,.K 321 

. F 8.'>(12 
. F 5254 

De Ajnicis(E.). LOOK UNDER Ainicis( 
Dean{MrB.Andrew^«M'(/rf.(i/MrH,Sidgwick): — 

Cnu-inlvo F2X9 Splrndid couHin K3Xa 

OnuMboppcrx... F XIX. V liXI] WonuD with a Cuturt -. F -JXU 
Imuw KlIiT" monpy ... P 'iBS 

Deane (H., Rev.) Daniel : his life and times. C 207 
Deane (Mary B.) Three little maids ... F 2335 

Deane(W.J., Rev.) Abraham: hislifeand times C 206 

—David : his life and times C 208 

— Joshua: his life am! times C 216 

— Samuel and Saul : their lives and times... V 219 

Dear Faustina. By Broughtou (R.) F 1364 

Dear Lady Diwlain. By McCarthy (J.) ... F 5488 
Dear neighbours: By O'Uell(Max)... M .3.V), M 3.'>1 
Deanien (H. W., liev.) Moilern Romanism 

examined C 856 

Dearmer (Percv) Highways and bvways in 

Normandy '. M .539 

Death and the woman. By Golsworlhy (A.) 

F 3386, F 3387 
" Death or glory boys " : story of the 17th 

Lancers. Bv Parry (D. H.) D 752 

Death ring. By Drewry (E. S.) F 2.560 

Death ship. By Russell (W. C.) F 7383, F 7.384 

Death shot. BvReid(M.), F 7046 

Delwcle, Le. Par Zola (E.). [In Ffrnrk]... K 1754 

Askew (J. B., Editw) Pros and cons ... D 

Ouido lo the leading controversies of the dny. 

Gibson (L. M.) Handbook for literary and 

debating societies D 

Rowton (F.) The debater K 

Outlinwof dcbfttei- and iiuwllons lor diiicut*ion ; with 
re[cr«i™» to the bntl >wunM!» o( tntormBllon on each par- 
ticular topic, 

Skipton (H.) The pasay writer ... K40, K 



(or and aKiiiiiKt Ihc various topics. 
ALSO LOOK UNDKB Blocution. rhetOTic and orBtory- 

Debenham (Mary H.) Works : — 

CiiPtiiin o( Ave F2S»i, F2337 ' ThrcelitllemaidBrromwhoolF 2^0 
MyBod-dnuBhtor F iS3» I Two maiden suniK F2Mn.F2Ml 

Delienham'svow. ByEdwardB(A.B.).F 2677,F 2678 
Deborah. By Handel (G. F.). Vucalscoir ...3 766 
Deborah of Tod's. By De la Pasture (Mrs. H.).F 2354 
Deborah'ediai'y.ByManning(MiBsA.).F5633,F 5634 
Debtor and creditor. By Arthur (T. 8.) ...F 393 

Debta of honour. By Jokai (M.) F 4790 

De Burv (B.). LOOK UNDER Bury (BIbk de). 
Decameron. Di Boccaccio (G.). [/n/iff(/«H]K 1839 
Deceivers ever. By Cameron (Mrs. H. L.) ... F 1541 




December roses. By Praed (Mre. C.) ... F 690.^ 

Deception. Par Devoille (A.). \_In French}... K 1448 
DeChampeaux(A.). look UNDER Champeaux 

Decima's promise. By Giberiie (A.) ... F 3289 

Decision. By Kennedy (G.) ... ... .■■ F 487d 

Decline and fall of Napoleon. By Wolseley 

DofMierrtlon— cctiWw "«f . 

Nordau (M,. }]seud.) — contiuwd. 

ftllompt" to "how th»t the lendonoiej" of tho tiuihiimii in 
art nod litemiure have Ihetr >«ur» in Ibe det^nciacr ot 
Ihelr authoin. Forareply to thiaimtire, read-Regenera- 
tion." S. 101. 

Talbot (E. 8., M.D.) Degeneracy... ...G KK).5 


. M2131 

. Dif 

alcohol, education, ■ 

^. _. ,..,.._ ___ tending to 

modem life -berodily.rll malejood*. 
tuid ttac methods ot combntlng 

T^^^^OK UNDBB Niipoleon L i lucui, 

and fatSof the Roman empire [180- Degradation of Geoffrey Alwith. By Roberts 

M 1432-5 


1453]. By Gibijon (E.). 4 v. 

LOOK UNDBB Deuign— ftW"'"'™' 

DeedB^atwontheenipiie.ByFitcliett(W.H.). M 1«80 
Deemster. By Caine (H.) 

F1507,F 1508 
Deep down. By Balla'ntyne (R. M.) ... F 481 

Deep waters. By Drnry (A. H.) F 256b 

Deephaven. By Jewett (S. 0.) F i766 

Deer. Jefferies (R.) Red <leer 

Deerbi-ook. By Maitiiieao (H.) 
Deerelayer. By Cooper (J. F.) 
Defects of modern cbristiaiiity. By Munierie - 

(A.W.) C 579 

Defence of Guenevere. By Morris (W.) ...K 41X0 
Defender of the faith. By Mathew (F.) ... F 5!>16 
Defenders of the faith. By Wataon (F.) ... 
De Fivaa (V.). LOOK UNDER Fivas (V. de). 
De Foe (Daniel) History of the Plague of 

Loudon, ll}6.') K 83li 

CONTAIHS-Tho urent Are ot London, HftW ; Tho i.torm, 
170» ; The true born RnRliHhnuin. 

— Life, adventures, and piracies of Captain 

Singleton F 9478 

— LifeandadveulureHuf Duncan Campbell... K 837 

CONTAINS -New voyage round the world. Politifal ini 
relating to the Ilanoverinn succossion. 

— Life of Colonel Jack F 9478 

— Memoirs of a cavalier F 9479 

CONT Al NS -Memo! FB of Cnptal n Carloton.Dk-kory C I 
Everybody's busiDSiH is nobody's buainew, 

— Robinson Crusoe ... F ^342, F 2343, F 2344 
— Works; edited by Morley K 901 

tONTAiKB-EarllBr life of Deloe. En-iiy on i,roie<-l-. 
Trne-bom enalinlimiui. ShorleHi way with the dlKnenteri' 
Hymn to Iha pillory. Uorimlidator ; or, memotmof nundrv 
tronsacllODH In (he world of tho moon. True roliitlon of 
the apparition of Mm Voal. 

Biography and Gntidam. 

Miuto (W.) De Foe L 1232 

Stephen (L.) De Foe's novels. In his 

" Hom-s in a library," vol. 1 

Wright (T.) Life of Daniel De Foe ... L 1233 

Alto tn DawHOD (G.) Biographical lecturex, LitI ; Olipbant 
tHm, M.I HlHtoricaJ HkelcheR ot the reign of Queen Anne 
M IRiB; Biusell<W..LL,D.) Kccentrlc penDnages, L L». 

DeFoix. By Bray (Mrs.) F 1308 

Degen ( Von./wewrf.) Mysteiyof tbeCamp.igna. F 2345 
Do|MMr«tlM :— 

Demoor(J.,or*M/o//iers)Evolutionby atropb y 
in biolog>'and sociology'; tr. liy Mitchell.D 

NOTE— ConMlden the sociul orsanlzation iw wf )1 an the 
nnimal or vegetable orsnnixntlon on the ccmparatlve 
method j and altomptu to show that In the evolution of 
lUHtltuHnnH and orgiinn all modillcatlon ix nwewuirily ac- 
corapaniod by dcKcnerntion. After poinling out the paths 
ot defeneration Ibe author 'hows that retrofcrciHlon does 
not imply a return to tho ancentral eondUlon. 

Nordau (M,, pseud.) Degenei-ation ... K 100 

■-■OTE-Tbc author here hn" undertaken the work of ai- 
ding bU the literary and artutlc idols of tho time, and 

(M.) F7243,F7244 

Deicholus, St. In McLaughlin (H., Rev.) 

Ancient Irish saints L 217 


and part of book XI G 190 

Deism. LOOK UNDER Theism. 

Dekker (Thomas) Dramatic works. ...K 67l3 


- •" ■ Yi,;,inte) biigraving ... J .toy 

" M 439 Dsl*'**"''^'^ {Henri, 1 

■, F ruTolotl^jM'Bay:— 

..".'v 19221 Monteiro(R.) P«l^f^,^2 

■»uiB -nil i-.iuui.. ".. , ...ifcnearLoureDCoSUrquB 

In 187tf-7 8 and dr. IMWI ; with n dewription of the monjff^ 
bllt^ hirdH, replllw. and phuits, but more wpB-iaUy rt the 

bullerfiieM.caterTriUiini,elr,TnB - - 

at Dehwoft Bay, intemperiied w 


with durini; her i«4oum 
b iiDHMlDtea and tiketcbn 

Di-jltimer (E. St.-biwtian) Pigeons and rabbits 

in "ti.V«ii- wild, domestic, and captive states, H 632 
Delaiid (Mai-emret) Works :- 

Thrii.-riict<i.flheh.-^ier«lrHUa«cd uvrt 

InFloMdii - , 
John Ward, preacher 

Mr. Tommy Do\^, -..-yi , 

Delany(Mr8. Mary). GeB?*^-(C.) Queen Char- 

lotteand Mrs. Delaiiy. /(ifkoj-al triendsliipB. L 
De la Pasture (Mrs. H.) Cafli^ine of Calais. F 2;i5:i 

—Deborah of Tod's \ F 2354 

De la Ramee (Louise). LOOK un»bR Ouitla. 

Delaroche (Paul). By Kees (J. R.), L lOOtl 

Delawere. By James (G. P. R.) \ F 4()57 

Delectable duchy. By "Q."... . ...F (^%i 

Delicia. By Butt (B. M.) .,. F U8S 

DeLigne.LOOKnNDERLigne( ,/•/(»«)■ 
Delilah of Harlem. By Savage (R. H.). F 7541, F 75i2 
De Lisle (G. W.,Rev.) The MarllHjraugh French 

exercises ... ... ... E 125 

DelitKSch (Franz, Prof.) Biblical commeutirj' 

on the psalms ; transl. by Bolton. 3 v.... C255-7 
De Lolme (J. L., ll.d.) Constitution of EilT- 

land D(iO;,D 603 

FOB NOTE. 1.00K UNDBB Great Britain— Qi«»(ifnHoH. 

Del'Orme. By James (G. P. R.) «> 1658 

Introduces CardinidH BIch?Ueu and Rctz, gieriod 1S40-I 

Delpliine. Par Stael- Hoi stein (^i-oness de) 
iln Frewh'] "kIiOS 

DMuflt, Thi: — 

Cuvier (G., Baron) Essay on the theory ii 
the earth V.,.G 742 


Galloway"(W. B., Rev.) Science 8 
logy in relation to the universal ij 

-DeolB with the to-limony of science ijT 


id considere the glacial the__, ._ 
id at variance with fiurti. BukkciI 
eltnatlon ol the earth's equator imi 


11m — continued. 
Galloway {W. R, Kev.y—nmtiiwni. 

I'iMr-aitdftUtit Ibt CTO— oC Ibr rbaaacand ita tUtcu on 
The prodnrttoo of m anJimsl ddofv. 

Huxley (T. H.) Hasieadra's ailveniure. /« 
Am "Controverwtl questions" C 

NUTE— Tnati- of rhp cMoire. Atlnnpc lo proi^bf i^y- 

fM-slvriliciiaiilluUDniurbrvnit utbal dcTj-nbnlm Ihe 
-^Tipturc evfT took place^ mud to uvount for iln onjnn by 

TaYier(W.E.) Geolo(fj:it6fact«and fictions. C 

The modm Iheories o[ ireolosi>IM i-ontnu-t«) wltb tbe 
narirDt recard* o( Ihe cmilfoo uid I be delosc 

Mackay (C, LL.D.) Memoirs of extraordi- 
nary popular delusions, and the madness 
of crowtJe B 07. B 

Parish (E.) Hallucinations and illusions... B 

iKOt fbynid'vysn am>UD1 ul 

Poinli' out thikt laluc penvp- 


ly — mntinitfd. 
Linton (W, J.) — ro/t/i'titvr/. 
unmrnr-i <k~>ire lor Ihe ulniri>t liberty (ottbemiUTidiul 
LowHI (Hon. J. R.) Deoiocracy. In hu 

•• Liierarv and jiolitical aildreraes " 
Mallook (W. H.) Sitcial equality... 

of tiboumnd thHl mitbout tWcii^tenn ol vealthlnui 
unniuAl di-lribution. nun would be nvlnt with tb« 

, — . t AirparilloDM. A^lroloiry. HalTiuHna- 

.•uUK.IiiHinilr.Usitir.PulmlKin'.Suiier.liIiuDH.Wiirhi'nifl. i 

DfniagogneandLadj Phayre.ByLocke(W.J.). F .5329 
I)emeteraudotherpoem8.BjTennyBon(liord). K 557 
Demetrias. In Newman (Cunlinal) Historical 

sketehee, vol. 3 M 43 

Demetz (Frederic A.). In " Our exemplars": 

e.lite<l by Hill L 36 

Demmin (Auguste) lUuBtrated history of 

anus and armour ; transl. by Black ... D 744 

Arnold (M.) Democracy. In hi'g "Mixed 

eaeays" K 877 

— Numberp./H/»'(("DiBcoursesin America." K 875 
Bax (E. B.) Story of the French revolution. M 2106 

NOTE— Htslory o! Ihc revolution nt ■een through lbs 
niecladefi of Karl iinn, uid Ibe mkjoI democmth, railing 

EciB of Ihe mighiy 
thii ■ ■ 

Coit {8., Editor) Ethical democracy 

NOTE— It Ih eODtetlded in Iwo D[ the ewiays that the nrai 
tbinjc ie to educate the people in the civtc virtuex, and 
make Iheiu r>pob1e of gOTcnimenl. Another givex an 
■nBlyiig of the dilHcTdtieH Id applyins a biologiral evolu. 
lionary doctrine 10 (be developmeut of society. 

Godkin (E, L.) TJuforeseeu tendencies of 
democracy E 

CrittcaJ tDquiry iato the growth of democra'^. C<mx- 
raencei with Ihe hixtorr of the eatly etforts lo eatabliah a 

. D 467 

to realize the maDy expectatiouH aji to it^ condurt of 
got etnmenl. Hort of the exBays concern only the United 
Htalea. Favour" demociHCy. 

Lecky (Rt. Hon. W. E. H., LL.D.) Demo- 
cracy and liberty. 2t D138-9 

NOIB— Contaliui uiBpariug crlttrimn of Ihe Bhor1cominB« 
of demorrocy. and uttempta to HnalyHe il and to lorecui 
Its Tsaulta. thB author draw* his illu strati on x from all 

jed of a more thorough 1 no w- 

ourpeaple— hish si>d low—of Ihe great moml 

ic priDcipleK which enxure niLtional Htabllily, 

nn*. analDduatrlDl proKperfty. For tT'sriiES 

(K I'NDBB Lecky. Liberty. Political prlcncc. 

Liei>er (F.,LL.D.) On civil lil^ertyand self- 
goTemment ,., ,,. ... ... D 

FOB NOTE. LOOK IINDKK Political Klenre. 

Lilly (W. S.) Revolution and democracy. 

In his " Century of revolution" ... M2111 

Linton(WJ.)Englishrepublic;ed.byParkes D 146 
Kora Eway W a repubbcui. and are muked by a 
ferventhelief In demoerMlc sorercDient combined with 

K 150 
D 455 

indi^peiMkMe eliineni in i1< nuiinlenuzice. Poinlif out that 
a redi-tribmion of proiwny would he »hor1II followed by 

May (SirT.E.) Demociwcyin Eurojie. 2v,r 

SOTB Hkelcb of the protrmi of demorraltrtdeuaiid 
toelhi"!-. from Ihe «irtie>l ngr- lo the pment time. 

Newton (A.) Posterity : its verdicts and its 
methwls: or, democracy, A. D. 2HK) ... E 

SOTB — Denli with ihe iheory of the slate, written in Ibe 
form of a dinK«tue. Tnuiho uhu que«iianii of Mblcn, 

Flatt (J.) Democracy 

Russell (B.)Germau social democracy; with 
an H[>[>endix on social democraey and tbe 
woman question in Germany, by Russell. 

NOTB - Shown the benriniT' end preiieni iwiiian of the 

from Ihe HanianemnntDie-.nDdHketcbes tbe part iSayed 
by UiAwiUe In populnnzinji il. 

SchitQle (A., DR.) Imi>oBsibility of social 

Nin'E- CriIid>4WFMiriHldemormo'' The work inarappl^ 
menl to "The quinle-wnce of "ormlirai." 

Skoltowe(B.C.) Short hintory of parliament 

soTE - Tmri^ the bl'toiy of parlinmeBt from Ihe Saxon 
Wi^iH up lo the prciwnl day. Given o picture of tbe pro- 
lonjfi-d BiruBRle between the VBrioui" kintrh and tkeir 

ride ruush-iihod over Ihe reprnwulaliveii of the people. 
Spencer (H.) The man irrsus the state ... 

NOTE— Ami radicaL The author would reBtilct tbetUBC- 
lionBOftbei-tntclolboFeofpollce magiattal e and pidictniui. 

Tocnuevilie( Democracy in America: 
transl. by Reeve. 2 v 

NCrrE-The author vitited Ihe United Slale> in 1831 with 
Ihe obiecl of eiamining Ihe uenitenliary xyHlenu of that 
republii'. Gives n generoliiflnon on the cbarac!erlBtle« of 
democratic nsdisiinRuinhed from aristocratic inilitulionn. 
Predicts Ihe progrenn and predominance of democracy in 

if a! thecombitiBtiai 















Democratic tory. By Beer (A.) 
Democratic vistas, and other papers. 

Whitman (W.) 

D4mon. ParLermontow(M.l.). [In French}. 
Demon of Cawnpore. By Verne (J.). 

Formi Part 1. of " The Hieam bouBe.* 

Demon of gold. By Conscience (H.) 
Demoniac. ByBesant(SirW.). F834, F835, 

E 194 

F 1897 
F 836 

Hunt(R.,JSiiVor) Popular romances of tbe 

west of England D 1083 

The drollH. tn<lillon^ and BupentltioUB of tU CornwalL 

Scott (Sir W.) Lettera on demonology and 

witchcraft B 79 

Nora— I* largely confined to narrativea of remarkable 
caaeH and 10 the observationa which ariisa out of them. 
ALSO LOOK UNDER Witcberoft. 

Demoor (Jean, and others) Evolution by atro- 
phy in biology and sociology D 3 

FOR HOTEB. LOOK TTMDEB Evolution. Social Klence— 
ffon ro/. 





Demos. By Giesing (G.) ... F 3344, F 3345 

Demosthenes. Oration on the ctowh ; and, 
the Philippic orations [Text] ; with intro- 
duction, and £ng. notes, explanatory and 

critical, by Lean- K 2041 

Another editimt [Texi]. 3v K 2035 

— : transl. with notes, by Kenne<ly. 5 ■ 

Vol, 1 .— Olynthliu'ii. Phlltppii-x. Fence. Dutim of Ufa 
boHrdiL Trenly wtth Alexander, OlynthUK 
money. Prop«1y tiii,B(c 

.._. .. .w .1 •'le omhusHv, imored wnr", -■ 


itcf*. Dmmi 

Ciiil umI ciimlnnl procedure, Ciub* 
Vol. l—TlmaTatoi. ArinloKilon. Aphobiu. ZenothemlH. etc. ... K 
Vol. s.— UacartatuiC KtephnniM Tlmothcun, CttUli'lea. FuncnU 

onKon. The eplxllea. etc S 

In Cox (SirO. W., Rev.) Greek statesmen. L '. 

girder bridges H 506 

— ,afufClark(D.K.) Drainage of lands, towns, 

and buildings H531,H 532 

DeueHollow.ByWood(Mr8.H.)F')I57,Fyi58, F yi;>S 
Deuham (Sir J.). In Johnson (S.) Lives of the 

poets L 1187 

Deniker (J., D.Sc.) Races of man O 0o5 

Denis Donne. By Thomae (A.) F 8282 

Denis Duval. By Thackeray (W. M.) 

F 82411, F 8250, F 8251 
Denison (Edmund B.,LL.D.) Astronomy wit ii- 

out mathematics G SIU 

Denizens of the deep. By Hartwig (G.) ... G 1262 

M 637 
M C38 

Art8 atid industry. 
Worsaae (J. J. A.) Industrial arts of Den- 

Descn'jttive and li-avel. 
Baedeker (K.) Norway. Sweden and Den- 

Chapman (A.) Wild Non,vay 

Witb cbnpten on Kptl«bergen. Denmark. 

Hare (A. J. C.) Sketches in Holland and 

Scandinavia M 640 

Macgregor (J.) "Rob Roy" on the Baltic 

[in 18721 M 246 

Miiner(T.,Rev.)TheBalticTits gates, slioi-es, 
and cities [«>. 1854] M 248 

Otte (E. C.) Denmark and Iceland ... M 653 

Historical and dewrtiitive, 

Weitemeyar (H.) Denmark M 642 

NOTl— A nerioa of monograph" on (he topoerapby, flto- 
lotcy, CDDHtllatlini. hlslDiy, Ulersluro, artn. and locinl and 
Oeodomic eond1lion> ot the counlry, each nitfcle bclnu lul- 
lowed by a blbliosraliy. 

Sidgwick(C.S.) Story of Denmark[to 1852]. M 2240 
Inlendedfor '- 

Denney (Ernest E.), and Lyddon-Roberts (P.) 

Teacher's music course : tonic sol-fa ... J 
Denney (James, D.D.) Epistles to the Thessa- 

lonians C 346 

— Second epistle to the Corinthians C 335 

— Studies in theology C 378 

Denning (William F.) Telescopic work for 

starlight evenings 6 278 

Dennis (John) Realms of gold K 236 

roBNoTR. LOOXUNDKBEn^itallterdture. 

Denny (J. K. H.) Queen Grace F 2355 

Denos jours. ParTillet(J.du). llnFrenrh'l.K 1726 
Denounced. By Bloundellc-Burton (J.) ...F 1068 
Densmore (Emmet, M.D.) How nature cures. H 151> 

HytHene and natural Food of man. 

Dent (C. T., rtjirf o//i«'s) Mountaineering ...J 10i)5 


Dentistrj". LOOK UNDER Teetli. 

Denton (W., Rev.) Englandin thel5thcentury.M 1810 

FORNOTE, l.aoKUNDBROr«ilBritnln HWuTir, 

^Montenegro M 7nR 

Denver's double. By Griffith (G.) F 3604 

Denyse. By Giugold (H. E. A.) F .TJSS 

Denzii Quariier. By Gissing (G), ... F.'*34i;,F 3347 
D'Eon (Chevalier). LOOK nSDER Eon de Beau- 
mont (C. G.) 
Deorum natura [Text]. By Cicero (M. T.) ... B 3f.C 
Departmental ditties. By Kipling(R.)K448,K 449 

LOOK 1!NDKB ColoniC". Great Britaln-Co/un/rt. 

Deplorable affair. By Norris (W. E,) ... F 6376 

Depreciation of silver. By Bagehot (W.) ... D 37.5 
DeQuatrefage9(A.). LOOK UNDER Quatrefages. 
DeQuincey(Tboma8)Collected writings; edited 
by MasflOD. 14 v. 

VoL 1.- Autoblosrapby from I7»ii to ISIKI Ka03 

Vol, 2,— Autobiottraphy Irom 18IB lo IBB. Utemry and lake 

ren^nlncences. Wordaworth, Soulbey. and Ctdertdge KMG 

VoL X -London remiulscencofl. ConfhuijfMi4 nf nn Rntriinh 

Vol. 4. BioBmphie" ai 
VoL 'i- BlotfraphicH ar 

Thehtm npb\ni. 
Cmean. Aellu^. J 

FAenes. See 
Intion of Orel 

.. Iwnla. rhilc 
liHtry 0- - 

'aphlcal Hkel 
rids. PhllM 
i Hebrew la 
lophy of Bon 

... KBM 
... KBnfi 

ItomOiD menlK. ruirnn 
~ " 'et the r- 

volt of 

<-' Itomi 


_ Tbc 


ProteHtanllitD. Camilictri-. ' 
Vnl. fl- .M«lthuKon IKJ — ' 

.., , _,.]iBpublir. 

jleoUH oMKayii. Workx ot Macktntonh. HlmcleH. Judaa 
. CbrlnllaDltr OK an oncnn of political morement. 
-.1 — ,,....,.._, ,ya, guiridp. Modem Hupenilltloo.K ore 
LlAtlon. PoUtical oconotny. FoIeiflcH- 

-. hlrtory. Torj-1«n. wbijniiiim, and nuJIcalimi. 

Pcditical partlwoc roodern F;nxl»nd. Cutifamla KSIO 

Vol, lO.-Letteni to a young man who* ediicalion hiu. Ijeen 
netriccted. Rbetorlc. I^lyle. LonouBse. (JonvarKatloa. Oreelt 
Itlernture. Oreek tratrody. Antigone of Sophcx^leti. On the 
knockinu at the Kale In Hucbelh. Utllon. Notes Irom the 

poi-kel-book ol nlatcoplum-eator KDIl 

Vol. ll.-SchloHiier'iiLitBraryhiKioryortbclBthcentury. l"ope. 
LcwInR. Ooeihe hk reBecIed In "Wilhelm H^Kter" Rlchler 
On Wordswortb'n poetry. OIlHllun'H Literary portmltK. W S 
Ijindor. Orthoaraphic; mutineer* Hilton r. Soulhey and ImbAoi. K 1112 

Vol. 13.— Murder iw one ot the title artt Unwmere. Buspiria de 
pionindl-. lAke country dialect. Origin ol the BoKlcnu-iiuiB 

Vol. H, -Kant on national chamcter ; age ol the earth : and 
Swedenborirlanliim. EnjjU"h language, C>plum quei-llon, Rcceii- 
non IruDi Ihu church of ScotlanoL Index Kfllj 

— Confessions of an English opium eater ... L 1294 
— Uncollecteii writings ; edited by Hogg. 2 v. 

-- — German hingunBo and philosophy 

Greek llternlL... „_.., _ _ _ 

of Kant. Education and cose of appeal, Rkolch of Protosior 
WIlBOO. RlomiilnEngliihhWory. Engllub In India, etc, ...kuih 

Vol, Z,-Ki!Klliih In Cblna, Shakspere's text- Suetonlui un- 
ravelled, OaKutHtry of duelling. Love charm. Houaebold 
wreck, Mr. Wchnackenbertrer KB17 

NtJTB— A cntlcinn of De QulDCOy'ii prose and t-ene l« con. 
taioed In Hawoo'i Esaya, S 'J85, 

Biography and Criticism. 
Maseon (D.) DeQuincey L 1263 

Al-a tH Qallery ot notable men and women, L 75 ; Stephen 
(L,) tloumlnallbrury, vol. 1, K103, 

Derby (Charlotte S., Countess of). In Yonge 

(CD.) Seven heroinesof Christendom, LH3,L 114 

Derby (Edwanl G. S. Stanley, Ht/i Enrl) ;— 

Kebbel (T. E.) Earl of Derby L 498 



Dt-rbv (EdwHrdG. 8. StaiileA , J^f A Earl)—cmld. 
Sttintsbury (G.) Earl of Derliy ... L 4V^, L 

Aim ia Kebbel (T. E.) EisUxh KiutcKiiicn. L alO : Our ci- 
rmptan ; edited by HIQ. L X. 

Gent It man's mugaziiie librarj' ; eilitvd liy 
Guiiime, vol. 3 M 

Worth(R.N.) Toari8t'8g«idet<>Derlt.vBhii-e. M 

Dfrelicte. By Locke (W. J.) F 

Dpriiier amour. Par Ohnet (Q.). [/« French']. K 
DeRoo(P.i HiBtorj-of America bt^f ore Col urn- 

baa. 2 V M 

DerrickVaughan. By Lyall( E.). F 536.^. F SSlJti. F 
Derval Hampton. By Grant (J.) ... F34;17, F 
Dervishes. LOOK UNDER Soudan. 
De Salamanca (F.). look UNDBR Salamanca. 
Desart (W. V. O'Connor Cuffe, 4th Earl) :— 

Hrlen'svov F 2356 I Utile cbntclnlne F 

KclverdiOe F 2157 I Lord and Liuly Piccndilly... F 

De^K^rtes (R«ne) : — 
C'aird (E.) Genera! relations of Descartes, 
Malebranche.and Spinoza. //lAis" Essays 
on literatnre and philosophy" ... ... B 

Mahaffy (J. P.) Deflcart«8 L 

JJw(iiMiirt1aeftulJ,D.D.P Typenof emirBl thcorj". vol. I, 
B -iV) : Nasmlth ID. LL.I).) Unkrni of modem Ihougfal. 
L-W ; SloDKhloniJ. D.D.I Worthies ot "cience, L M8. 

De«cave8(Lacien)LesEmnuire8. [In French']. K 1 
Descent of man. By Darwin (C.) ... G JIW, G 


DeBchamps(L.) Gonte&aSylvie. [In French]. K 1 
Deflchanel (A. P.) Elementar}- treatise on na- 
tural philosophy : edited by Everett. 4 v. 

VoL 1.— UechAniCH. bydnMlnlicn, nnd Dmunialtuii ( 

Vol.i-He^ ( 

VoL 3.— Eleetrioin and mngnetiKm - ' 

Vol, 4,— Light una sound 

Desert. Par Loti(Pien-e).[/nfmi(A].K 16ns, K 
Desert bride. By Nisbet (H.) ... F(>;(.tl»,F 
Desert home. By Reid (M.) ... ...F 

Desert of Sinai [in 185G]. By Boiiar (H.) ... M 
Desert ship. By Blottndelle-Burton (J.) ... F 
DMifl : — Decoration. 

Day (L. F.) Anat'Omy of pattern J 

— Application of ornament J 

Facey (J. W.) Elementary decoration ,.. J 

Guide t« the eiroiiler lonnn of everydny »rl a* ooplied to 
the interior iind exterior dcconktion at dwellinK houiWi elc. 

— Practical house decoration ... ... J 

A gaVix to the art of omiuDental pnlntlne. 

Mayeux (H., Prof.) Manual of decorative 
composition for designers, decoratoi-s, 
architects, and industrial artists ... J 

Theoretical and practical. 

Miller (F.) Animal forms in decoration. 
In his " Art crafts for umateure." ... J 

Newton (A. V.) Copyright of designs. In 
his " Patent law and practice D 

Redgrave (R.) Manual of design J 

White (G., Krfi(t»;-) Practical designing ...J 

cONTUm -Carpet dmiirainB. Woven [ubrl&i. Pottery. 

4.^2 1 


/»iCvclopifidiaofhiiuiearts:editetlbyMarkB. J 42 

Haydon (B. R.) Lectures on painting and 
design. 2 v J 285 

Vol. I. . Orlcln of Ibo nrt. Anatomy the hnsiMOfdniwlDe. 
The Bkeleton. The muwlw of man and quadruped. 
StiLndsril Htnire. Compogllion. Colour. Aneiontx iiod 

Vol. 2. -FuMll. Wilkic. Effect of the -oeiotim on laBte. 
A competent tribunaL On fresco. Eljrtn marhloii. Beiiuiy. 

Leland (0. G.) Drawing and designing ... J 206 

Haddon (A. C, Prof.) Evolution in art ... J 64 

NOTE - A Btudy of the ori»On und prn^reMii of decoration. 
"*'"■"" ' 'Tie principles underlying thoe^'o- 

lulion of dcisif 
peoples and tl 

lar conditlonH, sDd has follow ed a Hinillar counte of proKnn^ 

Hulme (F. E.) Birth and development of 

NiTTK Dirfcoun^eri upon the arts und croftrt of Ejo'Pt. 

IhednloBandniinwuofibejtreatleir- ■ — -■ '^ 

"luxlratiiiBlholifeof tbepcopii 
.uc.uinu. Qrooi:e, Romp, Indlu : of modi 
Hance timex : of China. Jnpnn. etc. 

Unwin (W. C.) Elements of machine 
design. 2v H 

iitioa hnn imd it 

. : of modiBval and reDali 

\tol. 1 

nchlrvery, nnd v 

: cloth*. 

Wornum (R. N.) Characteristics of styles. J 

xon— Subrtance d several lecture* on the nine i:Teiit 
hlntOTtcstylesIn the history of ornament— E(ryptiftn,<f reek, 
Boman, Bynuitlne. Saracealc, Qothic, Betutlssaiuv. Clnque- 
— ••), and Louis quatorm ; with a bibliography of the 

Tejtile fabrics. 
Ashenhurst(T. R.) Design in textile fabrics. J 
— Practical treatise on weaving antl design- 
ing of textile fabrics H 

Design in textile fabrics. In CasseH's New 
technical educator, vols. 3-6 H 

ALSO LOOK UNDER AriB f'iHr. Drawing. Houtedecora- 

tion. Pottery. lUuminntlon. 

oini Desire of men. By Meatle (L, T.) F 

1609 Desire of the eves. By Allen (G.) ... F 280, F 
6.)40 Desperate adventure. By Adeler (M.). F 81, F 
7047 Desperate i-omedies. By Hardy (T.). F 37'.t8, F 
795 Despot of Broomsedge Cove. By Craddock 

10C9 (C. E.) ... F 

Despotic lady. By Norris (W. E.) ... F6377, F 

Destiny. By Ferrier (S. E.). 2v F 

Destitutealien in Great Britain ; ed. by White. D 

Destroyer. By Swift (B.) F 

Dette de Ben-Aiaea. I'ar Marechal (M.). [/« 

Fi-ench] K 

Dette de haine. Par Ohnet (G.). [In Fretich].li. 
Dettingen Te Deum. ByHandel(G.F.). Vocal 

score J 

Deussen (P., Prof.) Elements of metaphysics. B 
Deux fi-eres. Par Erckmann-Chatrian. [In 

French] K 

Deuxgloir^s. ParJulliQt( [In French 
DeuxpasstonB.Par Apraxin(J.). [In French' 
Deuxpoetes. ParBalzac( [In French' 
Deuxreines. ParStolz([/«i^rMi(74]. K 
Devas (Charles S.) Political economy ...D 

Devastators. By Cambridge (A.) F 

Devaytia. By Rodziewicz (M.) F 

Development of Africa. By White (A. S.)... M 
Developmentof thechild. ByOppenheim(N.). B 
De Vere (Sir S. E., Transl.). LOOK under 












Devereux (W. Cope) Fair Italy [in 1883], 
Devereijx. ByLyttoii (Lord)... F5424, 

Devey (Louisa) Life of Kosiua, La<ly Lyltoii. 

Devil's chain. The. By Jenkins (E.) 

Collect Ion ol drink incidentii. 

Devil's diamond. By Mai-sh (R.) 

Devil'H (lice. By Le Queux (W.) 

Devil's die. By Allen (G.) F 282, 

Devil's ford. By Harle (F. B.). F 3870, 

Devioe (Arthur, Rev.") Bacraments explained 

according to the teaching and doctrine of 

the catholic church 

Devoille (A.) Deception. [I)i Fivwh] 
Devon boys. By Fenn (G. M.). F 2f02, 

Devonehire (Duchesses of) : — 

Yoater (V.,fCditoi) Two duchesses : family 
correspondence of, and relating to, Geor- 
giana, Ducheae of Devonshire, and Eliza- 
beth, Duchess of DevonBbire 

F 3425 
L 1243 
F 4719 

F 5809 
F 283 

L 463 

Dixon (C.) Bird life in a southern county : 
lieing eight yeara' gleanings among tli 
birds of Devonshire 

NOTB-Apftrl from the »ketpheiiofhirdllfe,lheiiulliorde- 
wrlbeti the coaMC. the riven und bills Heidi' and faimn or 

Gentleman's inagazint) library : English 
topography ; edited by Gomme, vol. 3... 

Harper (C. G.) From Paddington to Pen- 

counttm o[ En^nd in IWX ^ 

Kingsley (C, Canofi) North Devon. Itt hia 

" Pi-ose idylls " 

Wartl (C. S.) North Devon and North Corn- 

— ,oiirf Baddeley (M.J. B.) South Devon 

and South Cornwall 

With a full de«'rlptton of Dartmoor, 
Worth (K. N.) Tourist's guide to North 


— Tourist's guide to South Devon 
In Cowper {¥.) Sailing tours, vol. 2. ... 
Devonshire idyls. By'o'Neni^H. C.) 

Devotee. By Cholmondeley (M.) 

Devotional works. LOOK DNDBRChristianlife. 
Dewar (D.), joint author. LOOK UNDER 

Wright (C. H.) 
Dewar (George A. B.) Wild life in Hamp- 
shire highlands 

Dewar (J. C.) Voyage of the " Nyanza " [in 


Dewar (Thomas K.) Rambles round the 

globe [1892-93] 

Dewdi-ops and diamonds. By Marshall (E,), , . 
De Willoughhy claim. By Burnett (F. H.). 
F 141)3, 
De Wint (Peter) :— 

Redgrave (G. R.) Peter de Wint 

Dewy morn. By Jefferies (R.) 

Dhavn. ByGanconagh. 

'H : — 
^J. W.) Standard popular dialogues. 

Diamagnetisni. LOOK tINDER Electricity. 
Diamants de la coui-onne. By Aul)er (D. F. E.). 

Vocal srore J 

Diamond cross. By HaywarU (W. S.) ... F 
Diamond cut diamond. By Trollope (T. A.). F 
Diamond mines. LOOK UNDER Mines and 

Diamond necklace : — 

Alhint (F. de) Marie Antoinette and the 
diamond necklace L 

NOTB Contendi- Ihiil Ihe noDtmnporary belief In Ihe 

lifid QiimnV Kullt luuld nol haveeil'led wiihoutMilid fouodiv- 

„ , ... t'on. "'"1 miemptK lo xhow Ihst iherewB- DMhlnu ■urpriH- 

K 1448 lnKin Ihcd^lreorHurteAntoinetleloiKWWHMlhenei-kWi'. 

F 2903 Cailyle(T.) The diamond necklace. In his 

'• Critical essays" K 766, K 

Diamond i-ock. By Oxley (J. M.) F 

Diamond i-ose. By Tvtler (S.) F 

Diana. By Wetherell (E.) F 

Diana Barriugton. By Croker (B. M.) ... F 
Diana Tempest. By Cholmondeley(M.).F1717,F 
Diana's defender. By Hayward (W. S.) ... F 
Diana's hunting. By Buclianan (R.)...F 1394, F 

Diane. By Mac.iuoid (K. S.) F 

DianedeBret«iulle. ByJerningham(H.E.H.). F 
Diary, A. By Bremer (F.) F 

M 1751 1 Diary of a late phj'sician. By Warren (S.),.. 
F 8733, F 8734, F 
Diaryof anoliodj-. ByGro8«mith(G.,rt»wi W.). F 
Diary of a resurrectionist, 1811-12. By Bailey 

(J. B.) ... ...D 

Diary of ail ennuyee [Tour in Italy, ci>: 

1820]. By Jameson (Mrs. A.) M 

Diary of an idle woman in Sicily. By Elliot 

\f ii-)\ C^')- 2v M 

^^'^ I Diarv of Master William Silence. By Madden 
I (D. H.) K 

M 444 Diaryof Mi-s.KittyTrevylyan.ByCharle8(E.).F 

M 445 Dias!delaPena(Narcis8e v.). /h Mollett (J. 

M 237 W") Painters of Barbizon L 

Dibdin (James C.) Cleekim inn [Smuggling, 

F6498 1745] F 

F 1716 Dibdin (William J.) Pi-actical photometry... G 

Oulde to Ibe Ktudr of liKbt. 

Dicey (A. V., Prof.) Introduction to the study 
of the law of the constitution D 

G 1343 

M 43811 

441 1 

M 426 
M 83 

M 133 
F 5833 

F 1464 
, 1005 



7(1 ft 
65'.» 1 






Dicey (E.) Peasant state : Bulgaria in 1894 ... M 
Dichter und Kaufmann. Von Auerbach (B,). 

[In German} K 

Dick (Robert) :— 

III rnR« (H. A.I Lmden of men, t 79 i TnHey <B. A.I 
LtveMareiitandwmple.Lea „ 

Dick Cheveley. By Kingston (W. H. G.) ... F 
Dick Darley's schooldays. By Brooke (C. H.). F 
Dick Netherby. By Walfortl (L. B.). ... F 

Dick o* the Fens. By Fenn (G. M.). F 2904, F 
Dick Onslow. By Kingston (W. H. Of). ... F 
F 4715 Dick Rodney. By Grant (J.)... F 3439. F 

F 3191 j Dick Sands. By Verne (J.) F 

Dick Temple. By Greenwood (J.) F 

J 1007lDickWhi8tler'8tramp. By Everett-Green (E.). F 





Diofc-'iis (Charles) Works ;■ 

Amrnran ootat rVMt in 1««1- - 
Bnnt^T Rud«e[Oonlon rtoti. ITHQ 

-. F 21H7, F K»Ui, F -jyv 
... r 33M, F :£lil.V F zwn 

Htry of temii) used In Gnoisn, Rodu 


inlne n rampletf iDdn d ■ 
imJary. unil urrhncdoey 

'opperfleld Lrartly initoblD»iTBphlcull 

■M [Partly 
n [Hemill 

I>..mhfy aod Son [ , _ , 

till irinDr(xid[Theauthor[|ioa before romplerlOD] P SMI. 

iltvol ripscUUtoiu [Slory olw ■" — - — " — — 

jlGnl Ii(pn> [FliiloHiphtcal ntdl 

.. F sai. y am, f M7s 

.. Fai;iiF»T(l.F!a77, 
... F 378, F ra71t. F fflW 

It. mcisUiusy. luvhieQtDtry. U 



F mi. F KW."!. F XWI I 
F 2IW7. r 23W. F -JMll 
" -jan', F aaw. F liWli 

aaua F :f»L F »r.> 

le Bible 

leDnnit [Debtor'- r— .„ ., ... . 

Uxrtin Chiuzlewil [8elfl>hn«w. nnd muiltarv 

i-mditionorpoordweUiium) F aes, F Km. F Zlft-i 

Nu-bflliu' NlckUby [Yorkihlre iichool life] ... F SMe. F Ztn. F i:** 

nid vurioHllr iihon F 23tW. F SHU. F 2401 

?rTirM[WorkbouHeabuiiei>nDd London low 

Lockwool^ri DutloTUUT of temm uxedtr 

HmithiSlrW.j HnulleidJrtionarv oft 


Bwton iR. O.i Dirtlonaiy o( unlvpnwl UoKTHphf . 

ClUKeiri- New bioKniphlruldktionnry 

"Tdn- Index of blo«miphy. IM70 

"" " 1-i-* bloffniphufd dh'tlooary 

Mel - 


,_r- Fjm.VMW 

n.tiirw[romIUiJy[ViKitinlSMI F a:«7. F »M. F !>»« 

Bcprtmed pitcm HUM » ll»5. H 11» 

!'keu-he' br Boz [London litel F 2111. F ItlUP 3411 

Tulenf two citiw [London. Pario and BcvoIuHon. 

l7!tS] P 2411. F 34I!k F a41« 

lucommetcba IroTaller [Whinwiral inpen] ... F :i417. F 'MS. F 3419 

Biography and Critirism. 
Allbut (R.) Ramldes in Dickens* land ... M 314 

soTB -Deal" wilh Dickma'H ncenet in London and else- 
where, viddpflrrlbeiit be iipotoonwbich Dlcken^ inuwlDcd 
bia clun>.-terii on beinjt reaident. 

Bachauaii (R.)The"Goodgenie" of fiction 

(Dickens). In hin "Master-spirits." ... K 67 

Fitzgerald (P.) Bozlunil : Dickens' places 
and people M 3.33 

Fi>r«ter(J.) Life of Charles Dickens. 2 v. L 1250 i 

Lockwood (Sir P.) Law and lawyers of 

Pickwick K 750 

Marzials (F. T.) Life of Dickens L 1234 | 

ContofnH n coQtplBte biblioffrapbT. 

Ward (A. W., LL.D.) Dickens L 1235 

.4;»'i>iCk)cbraiie(R.i Bl"en by perneverance, L 38 ; Jerrold ' 

lai BeM orHilEDodrompaay. Lll23:Tootey IS. A.lLivw ' 

meat and ritople, L HO. 

Dickens (Charles, junr.) Dictionary of the 

Thames M 329 

Dickens (Mai-y A.) Works : — 

Acainn the tide F LtiO ; Pri»oner« of nilence ... F SUB, F HT. 

Crow currents... F a42L F MSi Vnlinnl iimonulre ...F ■J^S.F-Jrjtt 

Mi-re rypher ... F ^42:1, F 34M Waatrel F 2iX 

On the ed(re ol a precipice. F M:S | 

Dickie (Hugh) Elements of physiography... G 781 
DickiiiB (F.V.),Joint(inth(ii: look UNDER 

Lane- Poole (S.) 
Dickinson (G. Lowes) Development of parlia- 
ment daring the nineteenth centurj- ... D lt)8 
—Greek view of life M 228 

NOTE— Introdtietioa to Greek literature and thoiubt, FOR 
FUBTHBB KOTB. LOOK L'NOBH Greeco— flrsiV/ifiir, 

Dickinson (W. H.) King Arthur in Cornwall. M 1775 
~ ~ - - ■ _ p 9479 

. F 6664 
.F 4219 

Dickory Cronke. By De Foe (D.) 
Dick's chum. By Paull (M. A.) 
Dick's fairy. By Hocking (S. K.) ... 
Dickson (F. T.), atid Pechell (M. L.) Ruler 

of Ind [India, etc. Political] F 24.^2 

Dickson (H. N.) Meteorology. ... G 826, G 827 
Dickson (Harris) Black wolf's hreed ... F 2431 

Dickson (W. P., Tranal.}. LOOK UNDER 

Mommeen (T.) 
Dicky Beaumont By Knight (A. L.) ... F 5065 

Dicky Monteith. By Gallon (T.) F 3183 

Dictator. By McCarthy (J.) F 5489 




jSle. ,, 

UikundenS.j BloarapUlcal treiMury L5.L 


I'ooke IM. C.I UanunI ol botnntc temiii G im.1 

Jiicknon I B. D. > fllouwry of botiinir tenus (4 1044 

LiadleylJ..Pro[.i,nN'lUooreiT..£ifl(vrai Treiwury ol botany. ST.UUHn 
HlUeriW.j Dklioniiir ol Eni[llKh nameaolplaiiu O t(WJ 

Turn bull It 

Ktiglinb-Lnlin and IJitln-KiiiillHb, ~ 
"■ — '—"-'> I Index olBriii-hpluniK ... 

1 Treivury of knowlediie and 1! 


(S. O > Dictionary o[ cotninefce 

nililK-iTlC ECOSO. 

a Domerllc dictionary 



Cyclo[«idia of education lt< 


81oane IT. O'C.i Ktaodard ein'trii-al dirtlonuy ... 

B»eloniR O.i Dicllonary of (ardening... 
Wrirfit iC. H I Johtwon'i- Oardenern dictionary ... 

Beelon (8. O.. mi/cri Dictionnrjr of inn^phy ... 

Acbtnew-Halay-Frenoh-KnKll'>ih' By Bikken 

Aotflo-Saxon. By Booworlh 

AmhlC'Fniillxh. By Tien 

Kuyptian. Syrian, and Kortb-Afrlivn. By Tien 

Knili-h. By Maunder 

iloiiicali. ByCliamben 

ii; edited byFletcher...D 81 

-1 Pronoiiniin: 

.lal By Walk.. 

Eniiliiih-FreiH'h.^ By We^wly^^ 

By Flwi 

En||l iHh.Oeniian-Freni'h 

Italian- ICngll ah. By Baretti. 

h. By Bikker* 

Enali>h Italian. ' 
RngiiBh-Ilalion it., - 

En«llHh-Ijitin. By O 

EnfiliKh -Latin iRoutledtreHi.-. 
EnellBb-Lattn. By Smilh ... 
>:nf[li>h-U.ilay Acbintwe-Fren 
EniiHBh-rortuBue«e. By Elw 
EnKli>h-Hpanl>b. By E1we> 


EnsliHh.SgBnii'h : I'ommen.'ial a 

French- En«li-b KJaiwliBi ... 
French- Engl inh. ByWesHely 

French-Malay-Acbtnew-Enrfliih By Btkken 

Oertnan-EnRliNh. By Wes«ely 

Cerman-Engliih atKl Englixh-Oei-mAn <CaiHieU'>i. Uy Weir 

Gemian -French- Enrfifh. By Hamllloa 

Gi-eek-Engll'h. By Hunllton ... El 

Oreek-Enallah l.i*«rf|/f//l. By Liddell nwd Scott 

lebn<wiRnf[li»b-nebrewi. By Brewtau 

lebrew-Ensll'-h. By Brewlau 

tallan-Entriifh. ByHowfeld 

tallan-EnRn>-handEngliHh-Italian. By Baretti. £ v. ... 

talian-EDKlish -French By Elwen 

Latin-Englioh. By Ooodvln 


Malay -Alibi new-French -EnellKh. By Bikkera 

rortuBueee-EngltHh. By Elwen 

Spanish- EngliKh. By hlwoa 

E 138 

E 152 

K 1S5 

..-ElME 1B7 

. nnil Baretti. 
E I» 

1 : connnenial and tecbnicaL By Beale E IST 


Syrlui. E^pllan. and North -African. By lien 


NivcluKF. Prof.) Conri-w dk-llonary of muiilvH 
DtcUoDury of munioallc 

titled una edited. b)'N 

fd tiy Hold^worth 

etlonnry of Bhtieh birrLf ; toxetber ^ 
:* de«'rtbed by Selby nnd YnrroU : i 

angiiik^: acolLechon 

... C! lain 

... oiaw 

... H tei 


... B tun 


Wllaon IK. L, PIl.D.i Cf i'lcipiedl<: phoU>t(nil>hr J 305 

Brewer iB.F.i RhyminK dictiorftry. In M» 'Onhoinctry " ... K 80 


UuunderiS.1 Kc'tentillc ud literary ■■'eoHury A 3S. A Hi 

Nutlall (P. .V. Ll-tl.> DldiOQiirv of idonllllt-tcniiK G Sfi 

KovHltcriW.i niuatruteddlrtfonary □[ wIcntlHi' termn-.. U SO, U AT 

Stonnonlb iJ..Ilev,i Hunuuinf MimtllU- Icrma U 51^ 


Dolby (T.l t<luk»tp«iriiiD dictlonnry K KTI' 

Did Bhe love him •• By Grant (J.). F :UU, ¥ ;«42 
Diderot (DeiiiB) JacqueH le fatalJHto. [/« 

Fretich'] K 144y 

— GSuvres choisiea : i)receilee8 <le Bti vit*, par 

Geniii. 2 v. {In French} K 17«!t 

L'ONTAIKH Ia rclliEleuw. ftttloiiH. Conwpondiuire, Anec- 
ilotw. Le ncvou do ItiiiDcaii. etc. 

— La religieuue. [/n Fretirh'] K 14;")0 

Morley (J.) Diilerotaiid the eiicyclupivdistB. L 32 

NOTE BiosmvbyuflberhieCfoiindcroflhccncydoiHEdiD. 
and theaulriDr iixniBDHtaDldcrotavcry hlgb place omons 
the tbinkerK of Fmocc. 

Ill Oarlyle'B Critical eseaye ... K 7tiG, K iiJI' 
Didroii (Adolphe Napoleon) Christian icono- 
graphy. 2v C M9 

FOR NOTE. LOOK US'Dltti ChrlHlisD art nnd <<ymboliiim. 

Die, St. LOOK UNDER DeicholuB, St. 
Diehl {Mrs. Alice M.) Works :— 

Dr PnuU^H theory F MM i Woiiian'» whim F 3135 

LBHt throw Fa4«i 

Diehl(Loui8) Dress rehearsal. Viicfilacofe... J 6G8 

LOOK UNimR DiHcslion. Food and dielollcH. Hygiene. 

Dift'eretitial calculus. LOOK UNDER Calculus. 
Digl)y (Kenelm Edward) Introduction to tlie 

history of the law of real property ... D 635 

Digby Grand. By Why te-Melville(G. J).F H'.W, F «fl31 
Digby Heathcote. By Kingston (W. H. G.)... F 4954 

Combe (A., M.D.) Physiology of digestion, 
considered with relation to the principles 

of dietetics ; edited by Coxe H 118 

Gillespie (A. L., H.D.) Natural history of 
digestion H 119 

KOTB— The author BhowHtbaldigoft ion t» II prot'ewwhk-b 
owura ibrouabout unlmoled nature both in plantn. in 
anlmnlK and In mnn. Diot i- pTomlned in itH vnrloUK 
orpectH, nnd the influence of alcohol te*. and other iitimul- 
ontH diKu.-wed. 

Alao LOOK UNDKB Food nnd dlcteliif . 

Digging for gold. By Ballantyne (It. M.) ... F 482 

Dilemmas of labour and education. By Karoly 

(A.) B 

Dilke (Lady) Art in the modem state ... J 

FOHSOTE, LOOE L'.NDBR ArtH. Pine-Hlifury. 

Dilke (Mrs. Ashton) Women's su If i-dge ...D 
Dilke(Rt. Hon. 8irCharlesW.)Gi-eater Britain D 

NUTB— Dewrlptivc record of tniicl in America. Aii>-tmbik 
and India, durinx 18B(l-7 ; with renuLrkfi on the pcof^ and 

— Pmientpositionof European politics[1887].E 
— Problems of Greater Britain E 

poLitlriil and wh'Ih.1 queKtlon.' of tW Britiob empire. 

— , («m/ Wilkinson (S.) Imperial defence ... E 
Dill (Samuel, Prof.) Roman society in the last 
century of the Western empire [cir. 381) to 
47(iJ \ 

FOB NOTE. LOOK VKDKB Romo - ftwrtpdrr. 

Dill (T. K. Coli|uhoun) Transfer of land by 
regiBtrati<m of title E 

Dillon (E. J., Prof.) Sceptics of the Old Testa- 
ment: Job, Kuheleth, Agur C 

FORNOTB. LOOKL'NT>BBfiiblo-OI<ITr>irniHrNr. 

Diinitri Roudine. By Tourgenielf (I.) ... F 

Aho in French K 

Dinah Mite. By Breiida F 

Dingo Ixjys. By Fenn (G. M.) ...F2'.H)G,F 
Dining. LOOK UNDER Food and dietetics. 
Dining i-oom. By Loftie (Mra. W. J.) ... H 
Dinkinhar. By Mac Ilwaine (H. C.) ... Y 

Dinna forget. By Winter (J. S.) F WiyH, F 

Dinorah. By Meyerbeer (G.), Vortii xtwe ... J 
Diogenes La^rtius. Lives and opinions of emi- 
nent philosophers; literally transLbyYonge, L 
— Vitis philosophorum. [Tauchnitz text]. 2 v. L 
Diogenes' sandals. By Kennard (Mrs. A.) ... F 
Diognetus. In " Apostolic fathers " ... C 

Diosy (Arthur) New far East. 1898 ... K 

fltudy of thu Chinene. the JapiuiFiw^ and the Koreans, 

Diptera. LOOK UNDBR Insects. 
Dircks (W. H., Editur) Cavalier and courtier 
lyrists ; with notes, by Smith K 


S4I 7 

21 :t;t 




484 C. 

Fletcher (B., Prof.) Dilapidations 

NOTE ShoivKuho nre liable tor dllupidatlann and thci-x 
leDl ot the liiiUlity of lemiorii, lOriseeK. tetuinlrt of all kinds ; 
lino piriDts out wtuit aredllapldSitioDB and wsate, and hotr 
lo take and value them. 

Pulbrook (A.) Responsibilities of directors, 
andworkingof companies under thecom- 
panjes acts, 1862-1!K)0 

In Hurrell (H.), and Hyde (C. G.) Joint 
Stock Companies piuctical guide. IIHN}... 

ALSO LOOK UNDfiR CompnnleH acts. 

Disappeared. By Tytler (S.) 

Disarmed. By Betham-EdwarUs (M.) 

F 937, F 938, 
Disciple. Par Bourget (P.). \^In French} ... 
Discipline of the christian character. By 

Church (R.W.) 

Discomycetea. LOOK UNDBR Fongi. 
Discourses ilelivereil on special octjasions. By 

Dalo(R. W.) 


Discoui-see in America. By Arnold (M.) ... 


Discovery ; — 

Frilh (H.) Romance of navigation ■ a brief 
record of maritime discovery [to/ the 18th 

cent.] / 

AUK) LOOK UNDBR Geogroptay. iDveiitlaiu. 

D 036 
F 8504 

F o;j9 

K 13112 

C ei.'i 
K 87.i 


pfKilv (I» B., t'ruf.) On utiglit uilnifiittt hikI 

on treatinff disease H 2T>5 

Bennett (Rir R.) DiBpaaeB of the Bilile ... (,' 171 
Hriil^r (A. K., H.D.) Man and hit) malnilieH. H '2a6 

Handbook ol phyiiiolaRyuiddDiiiMtlrniedirliwIn m-oord 

Burnet (R. W., M.D.) Fowl ami ilietarie»... H 158 

Ehtvies (N. E. ) Common diseaiteKuf a<lvanced 

life, /n Aw "Aids to long life" ... H 2.^7 
Flint uhartton (R., M.D.) Bchoul hyftiene.nnd 

diseases incidental to school life. D '.1117, D 'JOA 
F"x (K. L., M.D.) Inflnence of the syinpn- 

thetic on diHease H 27H 

Gardner (J., M.D.) Household medicine luid 

sick room guide H 2.'>8 

DncripUoa of dlusMa. remcdiM and methods of tml- 
mrDI. din. etc. | 

Hmcliinson (W., H.D.) Studios in human 
anil comparativepathotog)':ed. I)j' Blake. H S.m i 
coNTEKTH— Collr. npppi>dli'tllii. rsDrrr. the langH, Ibe I 

ihumi. the tMkrt. nklii. kldneyii.tuiiiaur>i,tulKrculo>l«. cli'. 

J,.nefl (H. M.,M.D.) Health of thesensea... H 123 | 

W.MKlhwid (0. 8., H.D.)-— <vulinueil. 

S'OTt DFwrtbrHlhellfpht«torTo(bnrtFria,iutdtfae[«rt 

Dit)eaiK>s of plants : — 

Griflith8(A. B.) Diseases of cropsand their 

reme<lies H 584 

Want (H. M., Prof.) Disease in plants ... G li)8'J 

— Diseases of plants G I()8K 

Disenchantment of Nurse Dorothy. ByBax- 

endale(F.) F 7;t;i 

uliar lci«ach. Kxplniax 

Mni.-lurr of Ine orBUU. 

Keith (G. S., m.d.) On the modern system 
of trealingandnuruinginfectiousdiseHseK. 
In hi« "Unitary and other matters " ... H 14.^ 

Klein(K.,H.D.)Micro-organiara8anddiBeane. H 2I>0 

KOTB-Dealc with Iheiiutmiooor the relation ol mirro- 
on(iuil>mH to InferlloiM dJanuM. 

Maclean (W. C, M.D.) Diseases of tropical 

climates H 279 

CONTENTS- MulntiDi. [ntermlllcnt [crrr. Remittent fever. 
Roleric tever. Febiic^iln nod relspalns tever. D^Dinie. 
Yellow fever. lanoliUion. Dinrrhipu. Dyaentary. Cholera. 
l)i»rtu« ot the liver. Beriberi. HulMo-wonn. Cllmntf 
Ol India. 

Reeves (R. H.) Bud drains, and how to test 
them H WM 

With notcH on Die ventilation of Kewer^ dralnK. and nunl- 
lary niliniPMiDd the origlti and lmtinm)!°dun of zymolir 

Rid)ite (J. J., M.D. ) Non-alcoholic home treat- 
ment of disease H 2C1 

Ruihlock (E. H., H.D.) Diseases of infants 
and children and their homteopathic ami 
general treatment H 2C2 

Salinger (J. L., M.D.), nnd Kalteyer (F. J., 

M.D.) Modem medicine H 71 

coNTEwra - Infectious dlaewieii, dineiuw of the re«pi mlory 

k-VKtem. of the digEMI ve tncl, oj the kIdnevH. of the Mood. 

of the nervoon ByHlem, of the rousrle", nnd PonflHulional 

Sutton (X B. ) Evolution and disease. H 263. H 2(14 

SOTB— Mainly devoted to tbe explnnatlOD of ratigeoitni 
deformlliea of Ihe bodiea of aaimnbi aDd man. Showo the 
dKBi-ulCy o' apply injt the DHFH-inifln theory toeondftloOB, 
which are for tlie mo«t part arrldentnl. and vhii'h, there- 
fore, aiv not •rnblect to the Inn u of heredity. 

Svkes (J. F. J.) Public health problems... 

H2(lit,H 210 

soTB-Wiih other problemn the work deal' with com- 
pul^^ry vardnalioa.noIiSnilionofdi-'Mwi'e^.quAraaiine.elc. 

Tyndall(J.,LL.D.,D.C.L.) Dust and disease. 

In hh " Fragments of science " ... G .H',1 
— Essays on the floating-matter of the air 

in relation to putrefactionandinfection.H 2t!7 

FOB NOTK. LOOK I'NDBR Bacteriology. 

Woodhead (G. S., M.D.J Bacteria and their 

products, G 11;12 

Brown (T.. Rev.) Annals of the disrnption. C Ji02 

With eitnu'l" fKJn the namitivpH of Diln[<neri who left 
tlie Srolti-h e>tnhl)>hmcnl in IMS. FOB \(>TB. LOOK 
I'XDSH Sl-otlBDd Efl'rla^uvl. 

Crickmay (A. W.) Disestahlishment. In 
"I^aity in Council" D 1* 

NOTB -Conpidcm that Ihe eHtahll^hRient Is doomed. 

Richaril (H.). tind Williams (J. C.) Dises- 

j tablishinent D l.'>4 

1 Sell)orne (I':arl of) Defence of the Church 

I of F'nglan<l aKHinst disestaliLishment ... C 88U 

NOTB Tlie author reinfot^■e^■ the unrumenii. Df SrUen In 
favour of Ihe unbroken I'tmlinulty of Iherefomied Chun'h 
of Knj^uul »ilh Ihe rhun-h founded by Kt. AuKUnline. 
j and deulo with ehun'b endowmenlx. 

iDisgrace to the familv. Bv Jerrold (W. B.). F 47fi2 

I Dish of oi-ts. By Macdonald (G.) K ItJG 

I Dishes and drinks. By Htrauss (G. L. M.)... H 711 
Dis-honouralile. ByHenneHaey(J.D.).F4(Kl6,F 4007 
Disowned. By Lytton (I»rd). F .1420. F 5427 

Dispauperization. By Pretynian (J. R.) ... D 505 

FOB KOTS, LOOK I'S'DRR Poor and poorluv. 
Disraeli (Benjamin). LOOK UNDER Beacons- 

tield (>:arl). 
Disraeli ( Isaac, d.C.l.) Amenitiesof literature. K 2.37 

.NOTE Deiiiineid tofonn port of an extenrtve nirvey of 

RnjtUxh literature. 

— Calamities and fjuarrela of authors. K '.118. K 911* 

SOTB The aim of Ihe author wnn to nurertnin wme 
doutnful pirinli' i-otu-eminK aulhorvhip, with a view to 
deiernntf yountf people of wrttinir propenifltien from rush. 
Ing into a profOMxlon w unprofllBhlr. 
— Curiosities of literature ; with memoir by 

his son. 3v K CH 

SOTB Lllerary history and crilici^an. 

— Literary character of men of genius 

CONTENTS- Uleray charaeler. Lilei " 
Character of Jame« I. 

Dissentera; LOOK UNDKR Nonconformity, 

Distaff. By Rodziewicz (M.) F 721tti 

Distilling :— 

Donovan (M., Prof.) Domeaticeconomy. 2 V. H 07:1 
Pooley (T. A.) Dislilling. Brit, mami/ru:. 

iiutmt H 17 

Distrilmtion of income. By Smart (W.) ... D ;12(I 
Disturhingelemeiits. By Birchenough(M.C.). F W>'i 
Ditchfietd (P. H., Kev.) Books fatal to their 

authors K 70 

FOR NOTE. LUOE CNDED Booknond rendind. 

—Church in the Netlierlands C isai 

—Old English customs D lOl.S 

An Rft'ounI of local ob-ervam-eH. festii-al cUKlomH, and 
aiu-lent ceremonleH yet ourvivlnii in Orent Britain. 

— Story of our English towns M XtO 

Divers women. By Pansy, and Livingstone 

(CM.) V mu 




Divided house. By Swan (A. 8.) F 8163 

Divinatione, De. [Text]. By Cicero (M. T.). B 3G6 

— ; literally transl. by Yonge B 364 

Divine adventure, etc. By Macleod (F.) ... F 5575 
Divinu comedy. LOOKONDBHDanteAlighieri. 
Divine healing : — 

Eddy (M. B. G.) Science and liealth ; with 

key to the acriptures C C70 

FOB NOTE. LOOK UNDER ChriKllanwSence. 
Divine programme of the world's history. By 

Guinness (H. G.) C 131 

Divine word opened, The, By Bayley (J.) C 
Divinityof our Lord and Saviour JesiiB Christ, 

By Liddon (H. P.) C 

Divieionandreunion,1829-89. ByWiisoii(W.). M 2546 

Luckock(H. M.,Z)rt(«)Hi8torjof man-iage, 
Jewish relation to divorce 
and certain forbidden degi-ees D 1038 

KOTE-AttemplH tofhowlhar the EiwIifhlHwoIdlroice 
111 condemned tiy llie Bible anil by tbe law and proptice ol 
tbe calholk church. 

ALSO LOOK UNDEB. HuxbaDil And wife, Uarrtnee, 
Divorce of Catherine of Aragon [in l.').-)."}]. 
By Froude (J. A.) M 1819 

Dix (Beulah M.) Making of Ohristopher 
Ferringham [Massachusetts and W. Indies, 

time of Cromwell] F2436 

Dix(Edwin A.) Midsummer drive through the 

Pyrenees [Beam and Gascony, dr. 1888] M 555 
Dixie (Florence, //ody) Across Patagonia [in 

1878-7!t] M1196 

Dixon (C.) Bird-life in a southern county ... 1.34.H 

— Birds of our rambles G 1344 

— Idle hours with nature G 1345 

— Jottings about birds 6 1346 

— Nests and eggs of British bii-ds G 1347 

—Our rarer birds G 134H 

—Story of the birds Q 1349 

Dixon (Mrs. E.), LOOK UNDBHl^siie (Emma). 
Dixon (Ella H.) Story of a modern woman 

F 2437, F 2438, F 2439 
Dixon (Thomas) Practical millwright's and 

engineer's ready reckoner H 345 

Dixon(WilliamH.)HerMajesty'eTower.2 V. M 1951-2 

— John Howard, and the prison-world of 

Europe L 771 

— The Switzers. [1872] M 681 

—White conquest. 2 v M 1120 

NOTB— Pictum t>I the conflict ol races on tbe Amerlcaii 

(Oil. ae HMD Id IBT6. 

— William Penn : a biography L 314 

Dixon (William M.) English poetry, from 

Blake to Browning K 639 

DjemaleddinBey. SultanMurad V,[1876-95]. L 438 

D obeli (Sydney) Poems; with memoir ,,. K 398 

Dobson (Austin) Collected poems K 399 

—Eighteenth century vignettes. 3 v. K 239-41 

NOTB— PleoxaDt Kllmpses of the domeHtlc life of !>Iee1e, 
Fielding, Hotfartb, GoiaianUt^ powper, Bewick. 

Nora— Pleamot Kllmpses at 
"'9ldln«, Hotmrtb, OoldHiiltl^ .- 
m of DDte wbo hiire helped to d 

— Fielding 

— Hogarth 

— Life of Oliver Goldsmith 

,. L 1240 
,.L 989 
. L 1183 

Dobson (Austin) — continued. 
Paladin of philanthropy .. 

"'^"^"" --GoldHTnith'H PoemH av^ i 
. Latent life of Hteele. 

EnirtlBh enBTBve 


-Richard Steele 

ChoiiBini nt Chartug Crotw, John Gay. 
IbeorlH. MnrtelUw'Ji " Memoln." 


-, [^Editw'] Eighteenth century essays 

-flelactlonslroniTheTatler." "Spectator." "World.' 
- rreenolder," "Connotweur," "Idler," -Ciliieti world.' 
nDd " LouDger," 1709-88. 

— Steele iseiectionafrom the" Tatler,"" Spec- 
tator," and " Guardian " 

Dobson (Edward) Art of building 

— Foundations and concrete works 

— Manufacture of bricks and tiles .,. H 918, 

— Masonry and stone cutting 

— Pioneer engineering 

Allen (J. R.) Theory and practice in the 
design and construction of dock walls... 

In Fiith (H,) Triumphs of modem en- 

Docteur Herbeau. Par Sand (George). [/)i 


Doctor. The : aManxpoem. By Brown (T. E,), 
Dr. Austin's guests, By Gilbert (W.). F3;121, 
Dr. Breen's practice. By Howells (W. D.) ... 
Doctor Bruno's wife. By Lawson (Mrs, J. K.). 
DoctorClaudius.ByCrawford (F.M.), F2088, 
Doctor Con gill ton's legacy. By Johnston (H.). 

Doctor Cupid. By Broughton (R.) 

Doctor Dumany's wife. By Jokai (M.). F 4791, 
Doctor Glennie'silaughter, By Farjeon(B.L.). 
Dr.Gray's quest. ByUnderwood(F.H.),F8530, 
Dr, Heidenhoff's process. By Bellamy (E.) 
Doctor Huguet, By Donnelly (I.) ... 
Doctor Izard. By Green (A. K.) ... F 35.58, 
Doctor Jacob. By Betham-£d wards (M.) 
Dr. Janet of Harley Street. By Kenealy (A.). 
Dr.JekyllandMr.Hyde. ByStevenson(R.L.) 
F 7989, F 7990, 
Dr. Koomadhi of Ashantee. By Moore (F, F,) 
F 6157, 
DoctorLuttrell'sfirstpatient, By Carey (R.N.). 
Doctor Math^us. Par Erckmann-Chatrian. 

[7« French] 

Doctor Nikohi. By Boothby (G.) 

Dr. Nikola's experiment. By Boothby (G,)... 
Dr, Ox's experiment. ByVeme(J.) 

Aluo in French 

Dr. Palliser's patient. By Allen (G.),..F284, 
Doctor Pascal. ByZola(E.) F9455, 

Also in French 

Dr. Paull'8 theory. By Diehl (A. M.) 
Dr. Quantrill's experiment. By Inglis (T.) 

Dr. Rameau. By Ohnet (G.) 

Doctor speaks. By Dawson (W. J.) , 

Doctor Syntax. By Combe (W.) 

Doctor Theme. Bv Hagganl (H. R.). 

F 3695, F 3696, F 3697, 

K 774 

K 80(> 
H IU52 
J 11*» 
H 91 ;# 
H 10K3 
H 331 

H 350 

K 343 
F 3322 
F 6.342 
F 4420 
F 5133 
F 2089 
F 4783 
F 1365 
F 4792 
F 8531 
F 2442 
F 3559 
F 940 
F 4K4(1 

F 7991 

F 6158 
F 1.579 

F 1118 
F 1119 
F 8578 
K 1736 
F 285 
F 94.56 
F 24.33 

F 6425 
K 389 

F 3698 




Diwtor Thorne. By Trollope (A.) F 

Dr. Wainwrighfa patient. By Yatea (E.) ... F 
Dr. Wortle's school. By Trollope (A.) ... F 

Doctors and patients. By Timlw (J.) ... K 

Doctors, Eminent. By Bettany (G. T.) ... L 

Doctor's family. By Giranlin (J.) F 

Doctor's family. By Oliphant (Mrs.) ... F 

Doctor's wife. By BratUlon (M. E.) ... F IlttH, F 
Beeliy(C.E,, Rev.) Doctrine and principles, C 
NOTE— Head* [or n veir lMr>> liberty Id (be Inlnpreto- 
liuD ot tba creeds 
HattoD(R.H.) CriticiiuDBon cnnlemporary 

thought and thinkere. 3 v K 

Kirkpatrick (A. F., Prof.) Doctrine of the 


Mallock IW. H.) Doctrine and doctrinal 
disruption.,. ... ... ... ,,. C 

XCTK— Addmtwd primuilr lo mRnbarxor ItavCharrbol 
ptifft.Twi whobcUevelhni eertalD *upenu.tur)J dnrtrtDeK 
iiu% u the diTinily ud wHimrtion d( Chrixt im eHWn- 
tul uarU of cbrintiiuilty. Deal> vlth Ibe nature o[ Ibe 
nidenec vhkrii In rcqulml tn order to prove sjiy one of 
inch mpeniBtiml doclrlnoi true. 

Dodd (Anna B.) On the Broads M 

Dodd (GeoT^) Dictionary of manufactures, 
mining,niachinery,and the induBt rial arts. H 

— Fooil of London H 

Dodd (Henry P., Editor) Epigrammatists ... K 
Doild (William, Rev.) Beauties of Shakspeare. K 

Dodd family abi-oad. By Lever (C.) F 

Doddridge (Philip, Rev.) Rise and progress 

of religion in the soul C 

Dodgson (C. L.,Rev.). LOOK UNDER Carroll(L.). 
Doiiici novelle. Di Carcano (G.). [/« Italian']. K 
Dodillon (Eraile) H^mo. [/n F7-ench'\. ... K 

Dodo. By Benson (E. F.) F 

Dods (MarcDS, D.D.) First epistle to the Corin- 
thians C 

— Genesis C 

— Gospel according to St. John. 2 v. ... G 

— Ititrodnctioa to the New Testament ... C 
Dog and hia shadow. By Francillon (R. E.) ... F 
Dog Cmsoe and his master. By Ballantyne 

(R. M.) F 

Dog fiend. By Marryat (F.) . .. F .'>732, F .^733, F 

Dngof Flanders. By Ouida F 0520, F 

Dogma. Neander(A.) Lectures on the history 

of christian dogmas. 2v C 



Jesse (K.) Anecdotes of doge G 1 

Johnson (J. B.) The dog and how to break 

him H 

Witli his dlMasM «nd methods oF care. 
Max tee (J.) Popular dog-keeping H 

Practical bint* on toe cbolceot ■breed.tfaehouBlnii, teed- 
In^ tralDins, ud HOieral muiagenient of doRH for petH and 
compuiloiia ; toffelher with the teacblngol (rlckn uidihe 
treMmentttf dlnSMH and parulles. 

Mills (W., M.D.) The dog book H 

A nuunuil on the doc : blaor1glii,hlBtory. varietlen, braed- 
tpK. eaDoUlon. and senenl maJUSBment In health and 

Stables (G., U.D.) Oar friend the dog ... H 

A complele practical snide to an tbat in kno^n about 
erery breed ol dog in the world' 

. F 8074 

8358 Dogs, Isle of :— 

■)342l Sims (G. R.) Dagonet on onr islands ... M I 
Atl^J ' rOKNOTL LOOK VNDEB Great Brttaln—rVirri^tiv. 
? xS= I Doing and daring. By Stredder (E.) 
'Z^i\ Doings of Raffles Haw. By Doyle (A. C.) 
^'■'\ F 2492, F 2493. F 2494 

33.38' Dolan (Thomas M.,M.D.) Pasteur and rabies. H 280 
6438' Dolbear (A. E., Prof.) Machinery of the uni- 

1190| verse Q 372 

' Dolby (Thomas) Shakespearian dictionary... K 678 

079 ■ Dolce Napoli : Naples. By Stamer (W. J. A.). M 588 

' Dole(\athanH.)NotanKelBtiuite[NewYork].F2440 

— Omar the tent-maker F 2441 


— ,lTrntisl.'\. LOOK UNDBR Dupuy (E.). 

Doll. By Muddock (J. E.) F 6212 

Diillinger (John I. von, Prof.) Studies in 
; European history ; tranal. by Warre ... M 1517 
366. DoUivet (Louis) Sale juif ! [/« French} ... K 1452 
Doll's house. In Ibsen (H.) Prose dramas ,, 

IDoHv. By Burnett (F. H.) 

Dolly. By McCarthy (J. H.) 

Dully dialogites. By Hope (A.) 

F 4;kl8, F 4309, F 4310, F 4311 
Dolman (F.) Municipalities at work ... D 719 

Dolomites. LOOK UNDBR Tyrol. 
Dorabey and Son, By Dickens (C.) 

F 2378. F 2379, F 2380 
Domesday book and beyond. By Maitland 
(F. W.) D 

-E»™y« devoled to 

,. K 1272 
,. F 1455 
..F 5502 


.__^_. ., The hide." _ 

Bublwt (ram the earlle"! evidence and Khow> the kiUB 
KmntlntitDlhe rhunh vast tractHOl land. Toucbea upon 
the arthrin of the F-niillnh borough. 

Domestic animals. LOOK CNDBR Animals. 

Domestic annals of Scotland [1561-1745]. 

By Chambers (R.). 3 v M 1604-6 

Domestic dramas. By Bourget (P.) F 1145 


Beeton(Mr8. 1.) Book of household manage- 
ment H 665 

— Housewife's treasurj" of domestic infor- 

tion H 66G 

InnlructloTu on the bouse and its tuiuilure ; DrIlBtIc de- 
comtlon ; economy ; lollet ; children : and all other hoiue- 
hdd mallsTK 

Cassell's Book of the household. 4 v. H 667-70 
— Domestic dictionary : an encyclopedia 

for the household H 671 

Colley(A.) Domestic economy for students 

and teachers H G72 

Donovan(M., Prof .) Domestic economy. 2 v. H 673 

CONTINTS—Brenlne. DiiitlUlnii. Wine-maklDB. Baking. 
Animal and ve^tnble f oodri. 

Earle (Mrs. C. W.) Pot-pourri from a 

Surrey garden H 674 

— More pot-pourri from a Surrey garden . . . H 675 

BBTden, and children ; nnd deoln wttfi health, women, 
(tardenem. Bundinbi, amokine, bookit, natural hlMory, and 

Faunthorpe (J. P., Rev., Editor) House- 
hold science H 676 

Readinitii In necemary knowledge for firia and yDUBs 

Hasseil (J.) Lessons in domestic economy. H 677 


Haweia (Mrs. H. R.) Art of hoaaekeeping. H C7Sl Berkeley, ;AWMrf. Dominoes and Bolitaire. J 10114 
Mann (R. J.. U.D.) Domestic economy and - - ....... 

science for home education ; and for 


Newsholme (A., H.D.)i and Scott (M. E.) 

Domc^ic economy : comprising the laws 

of health in their application to home life 

and work ... 
Pftmonal and domestic 



Fanton (J. E.) From kitchen to garret : liint^ 
for young householders ... 

Spons" Household manual: a treaflurj' of do- 
mestic receipts and guide for home man- 

Staffe (Baroness) La maitresse de maison. 
[In Fremrh] 

Tegetmeier (W. B.) Household manage- 
ment and cookery 

Intended tor ktIiooI teochero. 

Walsh (J. H.) Manual of domesticeconomy, 
suited tofamiliesspending £150to.£l.^H) 

a year 

IncludcH dlrcclloDH for the nuuiiwempnt ol theDunery 

and Hick room and preparulioD of domwllc remedlea. 

Warren (Mrs.) Comfort foramall incomes. 
— A house and its furnishings 

How to rhoone n hoiwe and furnli'b 11 a( n xnull eipeDW. 

Wigley (Mrs, W. H.) Our home work : a 
manual of domestic economy 

AI-olaG\tU' OV.B Indoor book PelemJ 9T4 ; Tlmtw 
I J.I Thing* Dot sennnllT known. 2 v. AW. 

Teale(T. P.) Economy of coal in house fires. 

How to ponvert on ordinary flre-arate into n »low eom- 
bunlOD Htore at a xmnll cohI. 


Eastlake (C. L.) Hints on household taste 
in furniture, npholsteryand otherdetails. 

Peel (Mrs. C. S.) The new home : treating 
of the arrangement, decoration, and fur- 
nishing of a house 

SOTB-The dwlreor the oulbor seemB to bethelmpor- 
inlloa of benuly into the homoi' of the middle rlame*. 


Francatelli (C. E.) Cook's guide, and house- 
keeper's and butler's assistant 

Lady'smaid : herdntiesandhowtoperform 

Laundry maid : her duties and how to per- 
form them 

Management of servants 

Oulde to the routine of domwtic Mn'ico : PDntainlnR the 
metbod of Halting at table and other datleK. 

fiitaffe (Baroness) Lady's dressing-room ... I 

CONTENTS— DreHHing. room, bnib room, care of the body. 
underrlotblnK. advice and recripoK, obenlty and thlnneic 

ALSO Loui UNDBR Bedroom. Children. Cookery. DIninB 
room. Drawing room. Drenp. Food. Fumltarp. Houw 
decoration. Noedlework. Nurnlng. Reeeipta 

Domestic experiment. By Grand (8.) 
Dominant seventh. By Clark (K. E.) 
Dominick, the poor scholar. By Carleton (W.). 
Dominion of dreams. By Maxsleod (F.) 
Dominion of man. By Wood (J. G.) 

Dominonoir, By Auber(D.F.E.). Vocal score. 3 523 

Dominoes. In Handbook of games, vol. 1. J 

aL!K> look under Oamen and sporla. 

C/i) Domitia. By Baring-Oould (S.) F 

' Domrille (KdwanlJ.) Manual for hospital 
nurses, and others engageil in attending on 

the sick H 74 

H 6K0 Don Carlos. Von Schiller (J. C. F.) K 1248 

DonGesualdo. By Ouida ... F6522,F G52;i 

DonGiovanni.ByMozart(W.A.). Vvcalscore.J 501' 

H (lai ' Do" J<»hn. Bv Ingelow (J.) F 46U9 

DonOraino. By Crawford (F. M.) F2Uyo,F201U 

] POR CONTINI'ATION. BEAD "* Rove of yesterday." 

j Don Pasquale. By Donizetti (G.), Vi>cal score. 3 ijlti 
H <>»2, Doj, Quixote. ByCervanteB-Saavedra(M. de). 
„ .„.. F 1G69, E 1070, F KJZl 

H W»'i Also in French K 1880 

a c^,\ Also in SjKinish K 1«)S5 

H BMiDofiaLuz. ByValera(J.) F 8.>40 

Also in Simniish K ISitO 

I Donaperfecta.PorGald'Ss(B.P.).r/nAi«»n'8A].K 1S87 
H 085 DonaSirene. ParMurger (H.). [InFrench^.K 1(149 

Donal Grant. By MacDonald (G.) F 5521 

H Donald Marcy. By Phelps (K. 8.) F 0821) 

„ P^j Donald Rosa of Heimra. Bv Black (W.) ...F 1181 
"° Donaldson (Henrj- Herbert, Prof.) Growth 

of the brain H 127 

H 088 i study of the nervou* lystem in relslion to education. 

' Donaldson ( Jame8}Drawingand rough sketch- 
ing for niarine engineers ... ... H 31)4 


732' — Practical guide to the use of marine 8t«am 

machinery H 395 

Alao internal management of small uleamera, tleam 
yachta. and Rtaam launches. 

Donaldson (John W., D.D.) Classical scholar- 
H 735 i ship and classical learning ] 

Conaidered wiih especial reference to competitive te«H 
and univenlty teaching. 

— Theatre of the Greeks 

— .[rmns/.]. LOOK UNDER Muller (K. 0.). 

Donaldson (William) Tables for platelayers.. 

H 740 

H 755 

F 3415 
F 17.-J5 
F 102(1 
F 5570 
H 624 


. K 2070 


Donatello. Scott(L.) Ghiberti and Donatello. L 90(1 

Donisthorpe (Wordsworth) Imlividualiem... D 22a 

FOR NOTE. LOOE UKPBB Soclallnn--.4i>ri. 

— Law in a free state D 121 

Donizetti (Qaetano) Don Pasquale. Vocalncore. J 

— Favorita. Vocal score J 

— Figlia del reggimento. Vocal score ...J 
— Lucia di Lammermoor. Vocal scare ...J 
— Lucrezia Borgia. Vocal Kore J 


Ufe~of the tpnt'campaeera,' L Iffil', 

Donkin (W. F., Prof.) Acoustics (theoretical). G 475 

Donna Quixote. By McCarthy (J.) F 54!K) 

Donne (John) Poems ; ed. by Chambers. 2 t. E 400 

Dowden (E.) Poetry of John Donne. Inhin 

" New studies in literature " K 98 

In Grtsse (E.) Jacobean poets K 28."! 

Donne (William B.) Essays on the drama ... J 1190 
Donnelly (Ignatius) Doctor Huguet ... F 2442 
— The great cryptogram. 2 V. K 215 

Francis BucoQ 4 cipher In the so-called Shske>p«are pltyi. 



Donovan (C. H. W., Capt.) With Wilson in 
MatabeleUnil [in 1893] M 


Dunovan (Dick), pseud. LOOK UNDER Mnd- 

.lock (J. E.). 
Donovan (Michael) Domeetic economy. 3 t. H 
Donovan. By Lyall (Edna)... F 5308, F53G9. F 

Doom. By McCarthy (J. H.) F 

D«K>m castle. By Munro(N.) F 

D.K»m*^ city. By Crake (A.D.) F 

Duotuswoman. By Atherton (G. F.) F 

Doran (John, LUD.J Habits and men ... D 

— London in the Jacohite times. [ I713-I82C} M 

FOR NOTB. LOOI L'MDKH London -fliif Dry. 

Dure (Paul GuBtave) :— 

Jerrold (B.) Life of Oustave Dor6 ; with il- 
lustrations from original drawings ... L 

Tirebuck(W.) Grent minds in art ... L 

Doreen. By Lyall (E.) ... F 5371. F 5372, F 

Doris. By Cellier(A.). Vocal score J 

Doris. By Hungerford (Mrs.) ...F4513, F 

Doris Cheyne. By Swan (A. 8.) F 

Dormitory flag. By Avery (H.) F 

DcirnrSschen.Von Elbe(N.von).[/H Qei-man'\. K 

Dorothea Kirke. By Swan (A. 8.) F 

Donithy. By Cellier (A.). Vocal score. ...J 
Dorothy Forster. By Besant (W.). F 837, F 838, F 
Dorothy's daughters. By Marshall (E.) ... F 
Dorothy's double. By Henty (G. A.) ... F 

Dorothy's training. By Chappell (J.) ... F 

Dorothy's venture. By Hay (M. C.) F 

Dorset (C. aackville, Earl of). In Johnson 

(S.) Lives of the poets L 

Dorset (T. Sackville, Sati of) Poetical works. K 

'Doudney (Sarah) Works — cimtinvpd. 

1053 I I^i'nlrwjnol a«tly Feo-_^^_^^ | ThrouKh_T«lD to pcAoa ... F3480 


F21.V' , WtvBupoo Wftve P3«4 

FlMW WhalHiiinniuneF ... .~W^*tb 
~ "" U'henwc two parted ... F3WII 
""■ 'girlK together. F MiR 

N'mhlns bul leaven. 

Prudencs Wlnlerbu 

I BooodbemonilDit 

.1.-, Htmnifem yet F3iaelWhni' 

5370 I Slrenifth ol h« youth ... F 34Slt . 

55()3 I Dougall (Lily) Works :— 

co-iu ' Btsimr'iiall ... _. ... F 3UA I Mormon proufaet [Horauni. 

h^MS \ UuIoiuinotBdky F:!Mli' Inn] VH7\ 

9t)'\l\ HcrnuiKl V^'.V Qum too of faith ¥ -^.Ti 

■^V ' ! I fcli-tleiitt [CaniulB] F :'473 

■*10. Doughty (H. M.) Summer in Broadland ... M 4.VJ 

1025; Douglas (Cliarlea) John Stuart Mill ... B 394 
1953 Douglas (Sir Geo r^, firftYwr) Contemporary 

Scottish verse K C04 

— Poems of the Scottish minor poets ... K 603 
Douglas (Sir Howanl, Qe^i.) Observations on 

modern systems of fortification H 496 

Douglas (James) Progressive geography ... M 153 
Douglas (M. Isidore) For Mrs. Grundy's sake. F 2474 

Douglas (Robert K., Pi-of.) China ...M7.W,M 736 

Gentleman's magazine library : edited by 
Gomme, vol. 3 M 

Hiasey(J.J.) On southern English roads... M 

In Cowper (F.) Sailing tours, vol. 2. ... M 
D'Orteugo (V. A., Editor). LOOK DNDER 

Gnrrin (T. E.). 
Dosia. Par Greville(H.). [In French^.K 1544, K 
DostoieffBky(Feodor) Crime and punishment 

[Russia, Psychological] F 

— Uncle's dream [Russia] F 

//tTurner(C,E.} Modern novelisteof Russia. K 
Dot and her treasures. By Meade (L. T.) ... F 
Double-hlanc. Par Boiagobey (F. dn). [/« 

French^ K 

Double cunning. By Fenn (Q. M.) F 

Double knot. By Fenn (G. M.) ...F29()y.F 
Double marriage. ByReade (C.) ...F6993,F 

NOnt-OrigiDBllr publlHbed iw " While IteH." 

Doubleilay (William E.) Heiress of Haddon 

[Derbyshire]. F 

Doubles and quits. ByLockhart(L. W.M.)... F 
Doubt. LOOK UNDBR Faith. 
Doubts of Dives. By Besant (W.). F 840, F841, F 
Doudney (Sarah) Works : — 

Child or the precinct -.- F 'i^Vi I Oodiva Durtetgb 

rxtb HuTOirby F 2447 Jmnet Darney 

Fiimily dlOcnlty -. ... F 1M48 I Loos lane with a luniiiiR ... 





China [to 1895] M2291 

— Chinese manual E 201 

—Li Hung Chang L 627 

—Society in China M 737 


DouglaBB(A.) Ostrich farmingln South Africa. H C52 
Dougla8a(E.)Pharaoh'abroker[PlanetMarB]. F 2475 
Dove in the eagle's nest. By Yonge (C. M.). F 9371 

Dover road. By Harper (C. G.) M 428 

Dowden (Edward, Prof.) French revolution 

and English literature K 27(j 

— New studies in literature K 98 

FOBCONTBSTS. LOOK UNDER Li(eralure-Offldnn. 
—Puritan and Anglican K 242 

— Shakspere : a critical study of his mind and 

art K 742 

— Southey L 1203 

Dowel 1 (Stephen) Acts relating to the income 

tax D 479 

Dowie ( Menie M., aflem-nids Mrs. H. Norman) : — 

Crook of the bough ... F :J47D i Qallla F 2477. F S47H 

UirliotheKarpathliIDH ...ii.Ui\ Love and hts moak ¥«*» 

Dowling (Ricliard) Wtirka :— 

Baffling queHt F 3479 ' Ulmclc gold F 24^ 

Catrour'K cavea F 24«i . Hkelelon key F 24«3 

Duke'H Bweetheart F 24X1 [ TempeHt driven F 2484 

Down Dartmoor way. By Phillpott8(E.).F6863,Fli864 
Down the islands : Caribbees [tV*-. 188tj]. By 

Paton(W. A.) MlllO 

Down the village street. By Hare (C.) ... F 3830 
Downey(F^mund). LOOK UNDRR(Allen F. M.) 
Downfall, The. By Zola (E.) ... F 9457, F 9458 
Downfallot theDervishes. By Bennett(E. N.). M 2390 
Downman (Edward A.) English pottei-y and 

porcelain J 186 

Dowson (E.), and Moore (A.) Adrian Rome. F 2485 
Doyle (A. Conan, M.D.) Works : — 

Adventureii or Sbertork Holmes F 248S, F 2487, F 2488 

Beyond tbe city [LoDdoD] P wju p^rjft i^ -^^ui 

Cnplain orihePoleatar ... 
Uommol Baffles" — 

F 24rtP. F 24WI, F M»l 
F -HVi. F 249^ F :!4»4 
F 2495. F 2496, F 2410 
F 24it8. F aiW, F 2600 
F 2601, F 260B, F 2503 


Doylts (A. Conaii, m.dO — cimlinueit. 

Gully of Blumiantdyke, ptc. [BiKhnuiRera] 
LMt sdventur™ of Bh«rLoc-k HolmM 


Mlcah CUrke [MaDmoulli's rebelUon, 16851 

P»ra«lte [Hypnolinn] 

Hefugew [HusueDoU] 

Rodn»y «tone [SportinH] 

Itoundtbe red lump [Uedtcal life] 


InpplDK as 
lark Muni 

i1MterB[Med<ciiIlire] . 

.. F2510. Fr-11. F2S13 
F »1R F 3Sn. F :!Sia 
KffilH. F2SiO,F2S:!l 

F nasi, F -jaiA F ^KLM : 

F ISA F 3536, F ;£>:.T | 

F 2fi3L F 2532, F STiM 
F 25S7. P ZSB. P 253a 
F 2S43. P ISM. F 2St5 
2Mfl. F a547, F ■&*» 

aw*. F 2f«ia F 2r«>i 

Buchaniin (R.) The moilern stage. Tti Ai's 

" Lf>ok rounil literature " K 

Cook (D.) Book of the play J 

SlodlGB uidlUuHtrBllaiii ol hlHtiionlc ■tory.lUe.and char- 



Unde SerxAc [N'apokQii'smmp, Boulosne.lBM)... P 2fAi F 2r>53. F SM 
White company [Fmncp, Hlh nmL] ~. F '£!& F 2556. F 2667 

Doyle (J. A.) English in America: the puritan 

coloniea. 2v M 25.52 

VOU HOTB. LOOK 17XDBB VaUeHHiatw—niili/rn, 

— English in America : Virginia, Maryland ... M 253S 

FOB NOTS. LOOK CTNDBR United IVnXeit—Bitlani. 

Drachman tHolger, j}>ieud.) Cruise of the 

F 2.558 
. D 291 

. D 551 

" Wild duck " 

Dracula. By Stoker (B.) 

Drage (Geoffrey) labour problem ... 

— Problem o