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Full text of "Descriptive catalogue of the charters and muniments in the possession of Lord Fitzhardinge at Berkeley castle"

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Descriptive Catalogue 


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Pedigrees of Berkeley ... ... ... ... vii, xi, xxn 

Calendar of Charters, Nos. 1-892 ... ... ... ... I 

Do. Wills and Inquisiliones-post-mortem ... ... 253 

Do. Rolls, Nos, 1-184 ... ... ... ... 269 

Do. Books, Nos. 1-85 ... ... ... ... 306 

Do. Letters, Warrants, etc. ... ... ... 320 

Index of Subjects ... ... .. ... ... ... 345 

Do. Places ... ... .. ... ... 360 

Do. Names ... ... ... ... ... ... 3^' 



P. 13 — Footnote. Gilbert [od. 1254], was the second son of the Chief Justice, 
John, who pre-deceased his father, being the eldest son. 

P. 97 — Sel. Ch. 291. For 1426 ;ra(/ 1246. 

P. 161 — Sel. Ch. 511, line 2, for Edward rear/ William ; and line 5, for 

Andrea, etc. read Audrey, dau. of Edward de Montagu. 
P. 168 — line 2, for Bouche read Bouch. 

P. 215 — Sel. Ch. 730. Mr. Edward Peacock, in a communication to the 
Society of Antiquaries on 12th June, 1890, upon this document, states 
that this is the only record that, to his knowledge, has come down to our 
times, showing that, in addition to the geneial absolution given to the 
kingdom by Card. Pole, Legate of Pope Julius III., on 30th Nov., 1554, 
a personal absolution was also required and given. 

P. 342 — line 4, for Edmund read Edward. 


The Royal Library, Windsor Castle. 

The Rt. Hon. Lord Arundell and Wardour, Wardour Castle, Tisbury, Wilts. 

The Rt. Hon. Lord Amherst, of Hackney, F.S.A., Didlington Hall, 

William Allard, Esq., Tewkesbury. 

Rev. W. T. Allen, M.A., St. Briavel's, Coleford, Glouc. 

W. H. Armitage, Esq., Wotton-under-Edge. 

Rev. W. Bagnall-Oakeley, Newland, Coleford. 

Mrs. Bagnall-Oakeley, Newland, Coleford. 

Granville E. Lloyd Baker, Esq., Hardwicke Court, Gloucester. 

Sir Henry Barkly, K.C.B., G.C. M.G., i, Bina Gardens, S. Kensington. 

Rev. C. W. Barclay, Vicarage, Hertford Heath, Hertford. 

John Batten, Esq., Aldon, Yeovil 

Col. Stuart Bayley, Woodmancote, Dursley. 

Major-Gen. G. de la Poer Beresford, Eamont, Cheltenham. 

Paul Maurice Berkeley, Esq., Poplar Cottage, Crescent Lane, Shrewsbury. 

Robert Berkeley, Esq., Spetchley Park, Worcester. 

Walter de Gray Birch, Esq., F.S.A , British Museum (2 copies). 

Christopher Bowly, Esq., Siddington House, Cirencester. 

Jerdone Braikenridge, Esq., 16, Royal Crescent, Bath. 

Lieut. -Col. Ernest Bramble, F.S.A., Cleeve House, Yatton. 

The Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society, the Hon. Secretary of. 

J. B. Willis Bund, Esq., 15, Old Square, Lincoln's Inn, W.C. 

Lady Elizabeth Cust, 13, Eccleston Square, London, S.W. 

John Shaw Carleton, Esq., Manor House, Newnham-on-Severn. 

John Charrington, Esq., jun.. The Elms, Hendon Lane, Finchley. 

G. T. Clark, Esq., "lo H. Sotheran & Co., 37, Piccadilly, London, W. 

H. J. B. Clements, Esq., Killadoon, Celbridge, co. Kildare. 

His Honour William Cooke, Q.C., 42, Wimpole Street, London, W. 

The Rt. Hon. the Earl of Ducie, Tortworth Court, Falfield (2 copies). 

The Rt. Hon. Lord De L'Isle and Dudley, Penshurst, Tonbridge. 

The Countess of Denbigh, Newnham Paddox, Lutterworth. 

C. IL Dancey, Esq., 6, Midland Road, Gloucester. 

Walter Derham, Esq., 76, Lancaster Gate, London, W. 

John Doiington, Esq., Lypiatt Park, Stroud. 

List of Subscribers— ^^«/m«^^. 

Lady Fitzhardinge, Berkeley Castle, {2 copies). 

The Rt. Hon. Viscount Falkland, Skutterskelfe Hall, Yarm. 

Cecil G. S. Foljambe, Esq., F.S.A., Cockglode, Ollerton, Newark 

J. F. Fowler, Esq., Bishop Hatfield Hall, Durham. 

Arthur S. Francis, Esq., 2, Berkeley Street, Piccadilly, W. 

Edward A. Freeman, Esq., Somerleaze, Wells. 

The Rt. Hon. Lord Greville, Clonhugh, Mullingar. 

R. W. Goulding, Esq., Gospelgate, Louth. 

W. H. Gwinnett, Esq., J. P., Cheltenham. 

The Rt. Hon. Viscount Hereford, Tregoyd, Three Cocks, Breconshire. 

Major-Gen. Robert Hale, M.P., Alderley, Wotton-under-Edge. 

Rev. A. W. Cornelius Hallen, M.A., F.S.A., Parsonage, Alloa, N.B. 

W. H. Harford, Esq., Oldown House, Almondsbury. 

Robert Harrison, Esq., Librarian, London Library. 

C. W. Haswell, Esq., Ormesby, East Finchley, N. 

James Hochee, Esq., Park Gate, East Finchley, N. 

Stafford Howard, Esq. , Thornbury Castle, Gloucester. 

H. R. Hughes, Esq., Kinmel Park, Abergele. 

F. Adams Hyett, Esq., Painswick, Stroud. 
Lady Jenkinson, Eastwood Park, Falfield. 

Francis James, Esq., F.S.A., Edgeworth Manor, Cirencester. 

Rev. Charles L. Jeayes, West Challow Vicarage, Wantage. 

Messrs. C. T. Jefferies & Sons, Limited, Canynge Buildings, Bristol, (3 copies) 

Miss Jekyll, Nunstead, Godalming. 

Herbert Jenner- Fust, Esq., jun., Hill Court, Falfield. 

Miss Joseph Nunstead, Godalming. 

Sir Brook Kay, Bart., Battledown, Cheltenham. 

G. B. Keeling, Esq., Severn House, Lydney, Gloucester. 
Russell James Kerr, Esq., The Haie, Newnham-on-Severn. 

T. F. Kynnersley, Esq., Leighton Hall, nr. Ironbridge, Shropshire, (2 copies). 

John Latimer, Esq., Trelawney Place, Gotham. 

L. A. Lawrence, Esq., F.R.C.S., 125, Harley Street, London, W. 

Rev. J. F. V. Lee, The Rectory, Cranford, Hounslow. 

William Leigh, Esq., Woodchester Park, Stanehouse, Gloucester. 

W. A. Lindsay, Esq., College of Arms, London. 

J. H. Lloyd, Esq., Greenbank, Merton Road, Highgate, N. 

W. C. Lucy, Esq., Brookthorpe, Gloucester. 

Sir John Maclean, K.B., Glasbury House, Richmond Hill, Clifton. 

The Mackintosh, Moy Hall, Inverness. 

Col. T. W. Chester Master, M.P., The Abbey, Cirencester. 

John Merthon, Esq., 5, Old Square, Lincoln's Inn, W.C. 

Rev. T. M. Middlemore-Whithard, Upton Helions Rectory, Crediton. 

F. J. Mitchell, Esq., Llanfrechfa Grange, Caerleon, Monmouth. 

Frederick Mockler, Esq., Wotton-under-Edge, (4 copies). 

List of Subscribers — continued. 

Rev. T. W. Morris, Sec. of the Book Society, Wotton-under-Edge. 

John MuUings, Esq. Cirencester. 

J. A. Neale, Esq., Cannon Street Buildings, 20, Abchurch St. London, (2 copies) 

Frederick Needham, Esq., M.D., Barnwood House, Gloucester. 

George Norman, Esq.. Alpha House, Bayshill, Cheltenham. 

J. Osborne, Esq., 41, Broad Street, Bristol. 

Rev. Feilding Palmer, Eastclift", Chepstow. 

Alfred 11. Paul, Esq., Tetbury. 

Edward Peacock, Esq., F.S.A., Bottesford Manor, Brigg, Line. 

V. R. Perkins, Esq., Wotton-under-Edge, 

W. P. W. Phillimore, Esq., 124, Chancery Lane, London, W.C. 

Arthur T. Playne, Esq., Longfords, Minchinhampton. 

G. H. Pope, Esq., S.M.V., Merchants' Hall, Bristol. 

R. D. Radcliffe, Esq., M.D., F.S.A., Old Swan, Liverpool. 

Richard Randall, Esq., Canynge House, Clifton Down. 

Sir Robert Raper, Chichester. 

Jonathan Rashleigh, Esq., Menabilly, Par Stition, Cornwall. 

Rev. David Royce, Nether Swell Vicarage, Stow-on-the-Wold. * 

The Rt. Hon. Lord Stallbridge, 12, Upper Brook Street, London, W. 

The Lady Sherliorne, 67, Brook Street, Grosvenor Square, W. 

M. E. Sanderson, Esq., Wakefield, Yorkshire. 

Charles Scott, Esq., Berkeley. 

Edward J. L. Scott, Esq., M.A., Keeper of the MSB., British Museum. 

F, J. Sermon, Esq. , Berkeley. 

Edward Sewell, Esq., Cirencester. 

Misa Cooper Smith, The Rectory, Basingstoke, (2 copies). 

Messrs. 11. Sotheran and Co., 37, Piccadilly, W. 

Hon. Mrs. Speir, Culdees, Muthill, co. Perth. 

Hon. Mrs. Swinton. 19, Eaton Square, London, S.W. 

John Sykes, Esq., M.D., Doncaster. 

The Rt. lion. Lord Tredegar, Tredegar Park, Monmouth. 

Rev. C. S. Taylor, M.A., Guinea Street, Bristol. 

Christopher Thomas, Esq., Drayton Lodge, Redland, Bristol. 

Robert Ingham Tidswell, Esq., Frampton Court, Stonehouse, Gloucester. 

F. F. Tuckett, Esq., Frenchay, Bristol. 

Richard C. Tuckett, Esq., 4, Exchange, Bristol. 

R. Vassar Vassar-Smith, Esq., Char'ton Park, Gloucester. 

His Grace The Duke of Wellington, Apsley House, London. 

George F. Warner, Esq., M.A., F.S.A., British Museum. 

Henry S. Wasbrough, Esq., 7, Gloucester Row, Clifton. 

Charles Welch, Esq., F.S.A., Guildhall Library, London. 

Rev. Augustin Williams, Todenham Rectory, Moreton-in-the-Marsh. 

Humphrey Wood, Esq., Solicitor, Chatham, 



HE work of arranging and cataloguing the con- 
tents of the Evidence Room at Berkeley Castle 
was begun by Mr. Edward Peacock, F.S.A., 
the well-known Antiquary, in the year 1886, but his 
health not permitting him to finish it, the present 
writer was invited at the end of 1889 to take i.t up 
where Mr. Peacock left it. Under the latter's direction 
some of the earliest and most valuable Charters had been 
placed on one side, many more had been sorted roughly 
into periods, and, in addition, a considerable number of the 
Court Rolls had been calendared. 

It was decided at the outset that, as far as was prac- 
ticable, the collection should be divided into two classes — a 
general and a select series, a plan not always to be recom- 
mended, but necessary in this case on account of the bulk 
of the collection. The present catalogue is that of the 
select series only, the catalogue of the general series being 
preserved in manuscript in the Evidence Room. 

Before noticing the deeds themselves, it may be thought 
advisable to give a short account of the earlier members of 
the family. 

Harding, whose son Robert, commonly called Robert 
Fitzharding, laid the fortunes of the family, has been, till 
within late years, considered, locally at any rate, to be the 

II. Introduction. 

son of a King of Denmark. This tradition is traceable to 
the preface appended by Abbot Newland to his transcript 
of the pedigree-roll,^ originally drawn up by John Trevisa, 
the translator of Polychronicon, who was also Vicar of 
Berkeley, and died in 141 1. It is probable that the early 
Abbots of St Augustine's, Bristol, were the originators 
of the tale, thinking to enhance the glory of the family 
from whom they had received so many benefits, and to 
magnify, at the same time, the reputation of their own 
Abbey which owed its very foundation to this Robert, son 
of Harding. The investigations, however, of later and less 
interested historians, ^ make it plain that Robert's connec- 
tion with the Royal House of Denmark is a myth, and 
that Harding was simply the son of Eadnoth, Staller or 
Master of the Horse under Edward the Confessor, Harold, 
and William. Eadnoth, who held large estates in the 
West of England, was killed in 1067 in driving off the 
invasion of Harold's sons with a Danish fleet off the coast 
of Scotland. 

Robert Fitzharding was an important man in the days 
of Stephen, having succeeded Robert of Gloucester as 
Reeve or Steward of Bristol. Like the latter he supported 
with his men and his money the cause of Empress Maud 
and her son Henry, Duke of Normandy. The author of 
the Lives of the Berkeleys,^ John Smyth, of Nibley, throws 
light on the relations of Robert with Duke Henry in the 
following words : 

" Whillst Mawd the Empresse and Henry Plantagenet 

1 cf. Select Roll, 97, and Paper thereon in the Transactions of the Bristol 
and Gloucestershire Archaological Society, vol. xiv. 

- Dictionary of N/xlional Biography, L. Stephens ; Articles Rob. Fitz- 
hardinq: ; Eadnoth ; Berkeley Family ; by Rev. W. Hunt. 

' rdited by Sir John Maclean for the Bristol and GIouc. Archieological 
Society in i88j. 

Introduction. m. 

her Sonne were contendinge with the usurper Stephen for 
the Crowne, much of their residence was at Bristowe, as 
also was the Education of the said Henry, there brought up 
in Learninge from the fowrth to the viii'*' yeares of Stephen, 
which presented one of y" many occasions of that great 
familiarity and love, which alwayes after continewed be- 
twene the sayd Henry and this Robert, And perhaps also 
theire affections (besides theire neer alliance in blood) 
somewhat the more sympathized, by being both of them the 
grandchildren of Kinges, And soe far forth ere that Crowne 
claym was settled did the Empresse and her sonne Henry 
make use of the purse of this Robertt in that wantful tyme 
of theirs, that from Roger of Berkeley, Lord of Dursley 
were his fee farme lands of Berkeley taken by this Duke 
Henry and Mawde his mother for the causes formerly 
mentioned, And for an hansell (as it were) of that lumpe 
which followed, one hundred pounds worth of land of that 
of Berkeley with the Manor of Bitton, was given to this 
Robertt and his heires by Deede (yet remayneing under 

When Henry came to the throne in 1154, or rather a 
little before that event {cf. Sel, Ch. i, 2), he not only granted 
the Manor of Berkeley to Robert but also stipulated that a 
castle should be built there. " Accordingly, as Smyth says, 
" the castle was built at Berkeley, where yet it standeth in 
" the most conspicuous and convenient place for ayre, 
" water, pasture, meadowe, wood and benefitt of the great 
" River of Severne that that fruitfull vale could then 
" affoord, And to see the buildinge thereof the sayd Duke 
" Henry came in person, as by his Deed of Confirmation of 
" Bedminster to this Robert dated at Berkeley may proba- 
" bly be gathered." (Sel. Ch. 6). 

The Manor and Barony of Berkeley had been, up to this 

IV. Introduction. 

time, held in fee-farm of the Crown by Roger de Berkeley, 
whom Smyth describes as a partisan of King Stephen. Sir 
Henry Barkley, however, who has, more than any other, 
made an especial study of the early house of Berkeley, 
throws doubt on this statement,^ and argues from the fact 
of his near relationship to Robert of Gloucester and Milo, 
Earl of Hereford, the two chief supporters of Matilda, and 
for other reasons, that this was not likely to be the case. 
It is probable that he had kept aloof from active support 
to either side, and that when Henry came into power, 
finding that Roger neither joined his standard nor offered 
him pecuniary aid, he easily found a pretext in the non- 
payment of his fee-farm rent for depriving him of his rights 
in the Royal Manor of Berkeley, and bestowing the same 
on so staunch and active a supporter as Robert Fitzharding. 
Berkeley thus became the home of the Fitzhardings, who, 
in a very short time, assumed the name of Berkeley, whilst 
the original family retired to Dursley, where a castle 
already stood, which became henceforth the head quarters 
of the Berkeley s, from that time called Berkeleys of 
Dursley. Smyth's account is as follows : 

" When this Harry had obteyned his right he remem- 
bered the great kyndnes and benefites of the said Sir 
Robert Fizherding And gave unto him And to his Eyrys 
for evir the Barony of Berkeley whiche Barony Roger of 
Berkeley Baron of Dursley helde of the Kyng in fee farme 
And for so moche the said Kyng Harry the secunde toke 
from the said Roger bothe the Barony of Dursley and that 
of Berkeley for as moche as he toke partye w* Kyng 
Stevyn agenst Kyng Harry, And also for as moche as he 
refused to pay the fee ferme of the Barony of Berkeley 

1 Transactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society, 
Vol. yiu, p. 205. 

Introduction. v. 

un to the said Kyng Harry. But then after the saide Kynge 
Harry entretid by the noble lordes of his Royaulme gave 
ageyne un to the saide Roger the Barony of Dursley as his 
owne heneritance. And the Barony of Berkeley he gave 
And confermyd un to the saide Sir Robert fizherding and 
his Eyrys for Evir (in recompence) of his grete costes and 
kyndenes. And when after Sir Robert fizherding was lord 
And Baron of Berkeley, the said Roger lord and Baron of 
Dursley vexed And troubled with him so grevousely that 
he came un to the said Kyng Harry And prayed him to 
resume his yefte ageyne. But then after the saide Kynge 
Harry made a peace And a finalle Concorde atwixe the 
saide Roger and Robert so that the said Roger shuld geve 
his doughter Alice to wife unto Morice the son and Eyre of 
Sir Robert Fizherding w* the towne of Slimbridge." 

By reference to this final concord, or marriage contract, 
of Maurice, son of Robert Fitzharding, with Alice, daughter 
of Roger de Berkele (Sel. Ch. 4), we find that it stipulates 
for a double marriage ; for, in addition to that of Maurice 
and Alice, a marriage is also to be had between Roger, 
Alice's brother, and Elena, sister of Maurice ; and that no 
accident might interfere with the carrying out of the con- 
tract, it is covenanted, that in case of the death of any 
of the contracting parties before the formal espousals, his 
or her place is to be taken by the next brother and sister in 
seniority, and in case none of Elena's sisters were to be 
had, her place is to be filled by the daughter of Hugh de 
Hasele, niece of Robert Fitzharding. 

But the latter, besides being a man of action, was also 
given to good works, and he is perhaps best known as 
Founder and Benefactor of St. Augustine's Abbey, Bristol. 
The life of this Robert, warrior, pious founder, and subse- 
quently monk, is thus summed up by the family chronicler: 

VI. ■ .Introduction. 

" The life of this Lord convinceth the vanity of those 
that hope to purchase an endless memoriall unto their 
names, by workes proceeding rather from theire greatnes, 
then from their virtue which therefore are noe longer theire 
owne, then themselves contynue greate : Whereas this lord 
lyves in vertuous remembrance in after ages after the death 
of greatnes. A president most worthy of memoriall and 

A striking record of his piety is found in Sel. Ch. 14, 
which relates his grant to the Abbey of St. Augustine (of 
which he had laid the foundation in 1 140), of the churches 
and advowsons of Berkeley, Wotton, Beverstone, Ashel- 
worth and Almondsbury. He had already endowed the 
Abbey with many manors and lands, and presented his 
deed of gift at the High Altar on the day of consecration, 
Easter Day, 1148, and we may perhaps look upon this 
further endowment in the light of a thank-offering for a 
" happy issue " out of the perilous time of civil war, and in 
token of having received such practical proof of the appro- 
val and favour of his King. From this time, 11 53 to 11 70, 
when he died, we hear but little more of him ; we only 
know that some time before his death he became a Canon 
of the Abbey which he had founded, and was buried 
" between the stalls of the Abbot and Pryor there, and next 
to the Abbot's stall in the entringe into the Quire by whom 
was after layde the body of the lady Eve his wife." 

Before continuing the account of the family it may be 
well to insert here the pedigree (abridged) of the earlier 
House of Berkeley to its junction with the Fitzharding 




Roger I. de Berchelai^pRissa. 

Roger II. = 
founded Priory of Stanley 
St. Leonard, c. 1130, ob. 
bef. Mich., 1131. 



— I 

ob. c. 

1 170 

Roger IV. 

=Elena, d. of 
Rob. Fitz- 
harding, c. 


Berkeleys of Dursley. 

a nun. 

Letitia. Alice=pMAORicK, son of 

Rob. Fitzharding, 
C' 1 154. 

Barons of Berkeley. 

Maurice succeeded his father Robert, and was the first 
of this family who styled himself " de Berkeley." Smyth 
dubs him Maurice " Make-peace " in allusion to his mar- 
riage and the consequent union of the two families. Like 
his father he granted and confirmed possessions and privi- 
leges to St. Augustine's Abbey, in spite of which, however, 
he incurred the grave displeasure of the Abbot in the 
following way. He had enlarged the Castle, and in order 
to fortify it, had made a ditch on the north side which 
abutted on the churchyard, and having encroached a little 
on the church land, " the Abbot and Convent soe pursued 
" him by ecclesiasticall censures (as though the offence had 

I I am indebted for this pedigree to Sir H. Barkly's Paper on the Earlier House of 
lierkeley, printed in the Transactions of the B. and C. Arch. Society, Vo!. viii., pp. 1Q1-22S. 

VIII. Introduction. 

" beene inexpiable) the merits of his father, himselfe, and 
" brethren towards them quite forgotten, that they made 
** himself to cast dust upon his owne face, and like a school- 
" boy by his Deed to say, that pro emendatione culpe mee 
" de fossato quod feci de cimiterio de Berkeley circa cas- 
" tellum meum, for redemption and pardoning of my offence 
" comitted by mee upon the Church yard of Berkeley in 
" making the ditch about my castle, I doe give unto the 
" Church of Berkeley five shillings rent for ever issuing out 
" of my mill under my Castle." The deed embodying the 
above transaction is not now among the muniments, but a 
record of it will be found in the Abbey Chartulary (the 
Red Book) now preserved in the Castle, and numbered in 
this catalogue. Select Book, No. i. Maurice never recov- 
ered the Abbot's favour, nor would he even at his death 
become reconciled, for he left instructions that he should 
not be buried beside his father in the Abbey, that his anni- 
versary should not be observed there, nor devotions ** pro 
salute anime " performed. 

He was the founder of the Hospital of the Holy Trinity 
at Longbridge in Berkeley, to be governed by a custos or 
warden, and Sel. Ch. 28 is a covenant between the Church 
of Berkeley, the Abbey of St. Augustine and the Hospital, 
whereby it is agreed that the Chaplain of the Hospital 
shall do fealty to Berkeley Church in presence of the 
Abbot and Lord Maurice, with special conditions as to 
oblations and right of burial. The hospital stood at the 
north end of Berkeley, just outside what is now the Town 
of Berkeley. In Smyth's time [17th cent] the ruins were 
still standing " amidst the banckes of divers fishponds." 
To-day neither the ruins nor the fishponds remain. 

Lord Maurice was succeeded by his eldest son Robert, 
whom Smyth names Robert the Rebellious, because he 

Introduction. ixr. 

took so active a part in the wars which disfigured the last 
years of the I2th century and culminated in the granting of 
the Great Charter in 121 5. Robert's name is amongst 
those mentioned by Roger de Wendover' and Matthew 
Paris 2 in their chronicles as taking a lead in the revolt of 
the Barons, and in the list of those excommunicated by 
Pope Innocent III. his name is found next following that 
of his cousin Maurice de Gant, grandson of Robert 

Though twice married he had no children, and died on 
13 May, 1220. He was buried in St. Augustine's Abbey, 
as Smyth quaintly remarks " in a monck's cowle, an usuall 
fashion for great peeres in those tymes esteemed as an 
amulet, or defensative to the Soul, and as a scala coeli, a 
ladder of life eternall." Moreover Abbot Newland relates 
in his chronicle-roll " For this good lord S'" Robert de 
Berkeley is yearly done a spetiall memoriall at the Vigile 
of his obitt, placebo et dirige, solemnly, And on the mor- 
row commendations, the pryor sayinge the Masse, And a 
Doale then after disposed under this forme. The Abott hath 
a cake of two pence price and two casts of bread of three 
to a pen)', and fower pence for wine. And every Channon a 
cake, price one peny, but the prior, subprior and Almener 
have twoe penny cakes, And every Channon a Cast of 
bread and two pence for wine, And every Fryar of the 
fower Orders in Bristol a loafe. And every Prisoner there in 
Newgate likewise, And the remanet is doaled at the 
Monastery gate to the poore people." 

Thomas,4th Lord Berkeley, though he confirmed his pre- 
decessors' grants to St. Augustine's Abbey, besides granting 

' Croiiica R. de Wendover, Rolls Series, ii. 114, 170. 
'^ M. Paris Cronica Majora, Rolls Series, ii. 585, 644. 

X. Introduction. 

much other property of his own, yet did not escape being 
impleaded by the Abbot before the Pope's delegates for 
the tithes of his pannage,' fisheries, mills, etc., [Sel. Ch. 240] 
and for encroaching on the Abbey lands, but at length, in 
1236, the parties and their friends meeting on neutral 
ground, namely St. Peter's Church at Gloucester, a settle- 
ment of the dispute was arrived at, both parties taking a 
solemn oath to abide by the decision of the arbitrators. 
He also endowed with a particular liberality the Abbey of 
Kingswood. He died in 1243. 

Smyth, in explanation of the surname he gives him, the 
Observer or Temporiser, says " Hee so evenly observed a 
prudent inclyninge after the strongest powere that hee ever 
avoyded those Court and Country stormes which in his tyme 
blewe downe many stronger Cedars than himself. Our days 
tell us, that this prudence is to be a bending withy, not a 
stubborne oke, A president for present tymes. And hee 
that taught us to be harmlesse as doves, bad us also bee 
wise as serpents." 

Having thus briefly sketched the origin of the family, 
and the lives of the first four lords, we will insert the 
pedigree of the new house of Berkeley up to this point, 
before passing to single out for observation a few of the 
deeds which are described in the Catalogue. 

^ Pannage, food which the swine feed upon in the woods, as mast of 
beech, acorns, etc. Jacob, 




a: c 


5 « 


N % 

,11 C *** 

t o • 

O J3 <U 2 rt 

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C t" 111 i> -^ „• 

4)^ v^ 3 00 

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!> O 5^ kT «J u 

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S J Si's 2 c^ • 

'? S S ^ "poo 

^£. O lU .3 . 
M iJ ^ «^ <N ^» 

>— O -«> t3 


dj M "^ „ 

aj - - ,, 

■ ^ On cs 

XII. Introduction. 

It should be first stated that the deeds are catalogued 
into four great classes, viz. Charters, Rolls, Books, Letters. 

I. The Charters. The arrangement of the charters, 
which date back to the time of Stephen, is chronological, 
and included in this select series are {a) every deed in the 
whole collection which bears, or to which may be assigned, 
a date prior to 1250, (b) all deeds after that date remarkable 
for their subject-matter, caligraphy, seal, or any other cause, 
and (c) all wills and inquistiones-post-mortem, whether 
originals or copies. 

In these remarks it will not perhaps be necessary to 
touch upon the earlier charters, many of which are given in 
full in the catalogue, while some have been incidentally 
discussed in the foregoing observations. 

Attention may be called to five charters (numbered 
50, 104, no, 217, 430), which refer to the endowment of a 
Friary in the church of St. Michael in the Island of Step- 
holm. Till the discovery of these deeds, nothing, as far as 
I am aware, has been known about this Religious House 
beyond what Dugdale states in his Baronage, i-355. He is 
speaking of the Maurice, Lord Berkeley, who died in 1326, 
and says, " He built a Friary in a place called the Holmes 
(an Island in Severne) not far from his Manor of Portbury." 
He mentions as his Authority an Accompt-roU of the 
Bailiff of Portbury, 8 Edw. II. Unfortunately this docu- 
ment is not amongst those preserved at Berkeley, so that 
we are unable to refer to it. The other ordinary authorities, 
namely. Tanner, CoUinson (History of Somersetshire) and 
the Editors of Dugdale's Monasticon, repeat but do not 
enlarge on the brief information given in the Baronage. In 
going to Smyth for corroboration of the statement, nothing 
is found, and it is not till he comes to the life of a later 

Introduction. xiii. 

Lord Maurice, [i 361- 1368] that he mentions Steepholm or 
Uphill at all, but he records that that lord purchased in 
26-28 Edw. III. " divers lands and tenements in Chrykes- 
ton [Christon] and Uphill," and, amongst the lands of which 
the same lord died seised in 1368, is " the isle of Stepholmes 
in Seavern." Nor is it surprising that amongst the Berkeley 
muniments no deed is to be found to throw a light on this 
mysterious foundation of a House which existed 150 years 
before its reported foundation. For these five charters are 
all of a date anterior to Lord Maurice the reputed founder, 
and they go to prove that the Friary existed as early as the 
end of the 12th century. 

The Island of Steepholm is an almost inaccessible rock 
rising perpendicularly out of the R. Severn, just opposite 
the mouth of the R. Axe and the village of Uphill on the 
Somersetshire coast. It was probably on account of its 
isolation and inaccessibility that Gildas, the ancient British 
Historian in the 6th century, chose it for an asylum during 
the conflicts between the Picts, Scots and Saxons, while he 
wrote his Liber querulus de excidio Brittamce. We hear of 
the Island again in 916, when the Danes ' being repulsed at 
Watchet took refuge upon it. It is also reported that Githa, 
the mother of Harold, retired to it after the battle of 

Of the five charters. No. 50 records the grant by Robert 
fil. Ricardi, of the church of St. Nicholas of Uphill to Saint 
Michael of Steepholm and the Brethren or Friars " there 
serving God." It is undated, but the handwriting is suffi- 
cient to prove it to be of the time of Richard I. No. 104 
is a confirmation by John de Ken of another grant made by 
the same Robert of a piece of land in Uphill to "St, Michael 

^ Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, Rolls Series, pp. 190, 191. 

XIV. Introduction. 

of the Island called Steepholm and the Brethen there 
dwelling together." This was a somewhat later transaction, 
and may be of the time of King John. Nos, i lo, 217, are 
similar confimations to the Brethren of grants by the said 
Robert. But the last of the set, No. 430, which is 
dated 1260, is of a different character. For some time 
previous to this latter date it appears that the Island 
belonged to R. de Tregoz [probably Robert Tregoz, 
Baron, who was slain at Evesham in 1265] who had 
granted it with the Friary to the Austin Canons of Studley, 
CO. Warwick. By the charter under discussion the Bishop 
of Bath and Wells directs that they shall appoint two of 
their Canons to reside in the Island, the senior of whom 
shall be called the Prior of Steepholm, and gives further 
instructions as to future nominations to that office. Subse- 
quent to this date there is no mention amongst the 
Berkeley muniments of the Island or the Friary. 

Select Ch. 466 tells the story of Stephen de Segrave's 
departure over the seas, leaving his substance in the hands 
of one R. de Stanton, and how the latter proved unfaith- 
ful to his trust and " wickedly spent by his knavery and 
foolish company ^30 out of his master's treasure." Unable 
to make good this deficiency he raises the amount on the 
security of his manor of Stanton and two *' roots of the herb 
called maundragon " or mandrake. This herb must have 
been a valuable possession to be thus particulary mentioned. 
It was apparently used as a narcotic, and there were many 
superstitions regarding it. In the herbarium of Apuleius ^ 
it is said to be good (i) for headaches (2) for sores of the 
ears (3) for foot disease (4) for loss of wits (5), again for sore 
of sinews, (6) if one see some heavy mischief in his home. 
The value of the herb may perhaps be supposed to lie in 
its cure of the last of these misfortunes. 

1 Saxon Leechdoms, Rolls Series, i. 51. 

Introduction. xv. 

Sel. Ch. 536 is the covenant for the ransom of Maurice 
de Berkeley, captured at the battle of Poictiers. This 
Maurice, when he was quite a boy, had accompanied his 
father to the Scottish wars, and had received Knighthood 
at the age of seven, and at the age of eight had been mar- 
ried to Elizabeth, daughter of Lord Despencer. He sub- 
sequently served as an attendant of the Black Prince at 
Crecy, and at the siege of Calais. Smyth compiles his 
account of his achievements, and capture at Poictiers, 
from Lord Berners' translation ^ of Froissart's Chronicles, 
and from Howe's continuation of Stows' Chronicle, and I 
think no apology is needed for its reproduction here. 

'* And upon Munday the 19th day of September in the 
thirtieth of King Edward the third, Anno 1356 was fought 
the feirce and cruell battle of Poitiers in France by the 
black prince (so called for his redoubted martiall deeds, 
and not from his complection) and his lords of England ; 
whereat were taken prisoners John the French King and 
his son Philip. And amongst others of the English, in the 
middle ward of the battle with the prince (saith Howe and 
others) was the lord maurice Berkeley (then about 26 years 
of age) son to Thomas, Lord Berkeley, then living very 
old : who to use the words of Stowe, Howe and others, 
calling this Maurice a worthy man, for the space of two 
hours togeather with his men, never spared but would bee 
still in the forefront of the battle, invadinge his enemies 
with the first ; This Maurice being in the Dolphins guard 
(the french Kings eldest son) sowed blows amongst them, 
first with a spear, then with a sword, and at length being 
all alone compassed with the multitude and sorely wounded 
was taken prisoner, Thus Howe and they. But Froissard the 
french priest a man much esteemed for the fidelity of his 

^ Pyoson's Edition, 1525, fol. 82, cap. clxiii. 

XVI. Introduction. 

history, related the valor and fortune of this Maurice thus : 
Amonge the battles, recountrings, chases and pursuits, that 
(saith hee) were made that day in the feild, it fortuned that 
an Esquire of Picardy called John de Helenes was fled 
from the battle and met with his page, who delivered to 
him a new fresh horse, whereon hee rode away alone ; The 
same season there was in the feild the Lord Berkeley of 
England a young lusty Knight who the same day had 
reared his banner, A.nd hee all alone pursued the said John 
de Helenes ; And when hee had followed the space of one 
League, the said John turned againe, and laid his sword in 
the rest insteed of a speere, and so came running towards 
the lord Berkeley who lift up his sword to have stroken the 
Esquire, but when hee saw the stroke come, hee turned from 
it, so that the Englishman lost his stroke, And John strake 
him as hee past on the arme that the lord Berkeley's sword 
fell into the field ; when he saw his sword downe, hee 
alighted sodainly of his horse, and came to the place where 
his sword lay. And as hee stouped down to take up his 
sword the french Esquier did peck his sword at him, And 
by hap strake him through both the thighes, so that the 
Knight fell to the earth and could not help himselfe ; And 
John alighted of his horse and tooke the Knight's sword 
that lay on the ground, and came to him, And demaunded if 
he would yeald him or not ; The Knight then demaunded his 
name. Sir, said hee, I hight John de Helenes. But what is 
your name ; certainly said the Knight, my name is Maurice, 
and am lord of Berkeley, a faire castle on the river of 
Seaverne in the Marches of Wales : well, sir, quoth the 
Squire then you shall bee my prisoner and I shall bring 
you in safe-guard, and I shall see that you bee healed of 
your hurt : well said the Knight I am content to bee your 
prisoner, for you have by law of Armes won mee ; Then 
hee sware to bee his prisoner, rescue or not rescue ; Then 

Introduction. xvii. 

the Squire drew forth the sword out of the Knight's thighs, 
and the wound was open, then hee wrapped and bound the 
wound, and set him on his horse, and so brought him faire 
and easily to Chaterleant, and there tarryed more then 
fifteen dayes for his sake, and did get him remedy for his 
hurt ; And when hee was somewhat amended then hee ^at 
him a litter and so brought him at his ease to his house in 
Picardy, there hee was more then a year before hee was 
perfectly whole ; And when hee departed hee paid for his 
ransome six thousand nobles. And so this Squire was made 
a Knight by reason of the profit that hee had of the lord 
Berkeley. Thus Froissard." 

It is this last sentence of the French Chronicler that 
leads Mr. Ruskin,* when discussing the " frankness " of the 
Frank, to read a lecture to the youth of to-day on the 
decay of chivalry, and the growth of a desire for knightly 
deeds, not so much for glory's sake as for the profit that 
might accrue thereto. 

In the deed under notice the name of Maurice's capturer 
is given as Jehan de Bouch, chevalier, so that it is puzzling 
to find that Froissart calls him J. de Helenes. I can only 
suggest that he came from Helesmes, ^ a village near, and 
under the government of Bouchain, and so was known by 
both names. The ransom-money was not fully paid till Oct. 
1 360, though the prisoner had been allowed to visit England 
in the early part of that year at the request of the Earl and 
Countess of Arundel and the Earl of Salisbury, presumably 
to arrange for the raising of the money, and under a solemn 
promise to return by the " twentieth day after Michaelmas." 
He finally came home at the end of 1360, and succeeded 

^ Bible of Amiens, Pt. 11. Under the Drachenfels, 1| 33. 

* 150 years after a branch of the Montmorency held the signeuries of La 
Boiiche and Hellem, cf, Anselm's Chronologic de la Maison Royal de France^ 
iii. 594. 

XVIII. Introduction. 

his father as 9th Lord of Berkeley in October of the next 
year. He is said never to have recovered from the wounds 
he received at Poictiers, but, after seven years spent in retire- 
ment at his castle of Berkeley, died on the Feast of Corpus 
Christi, 1368, aged 37. It was for this lord's funeral that the 
curious item appears in the Compotus of the Steward of 
Hinton manor, namely : " Three quarters, seven bushells of 
beans for supporting and fattening 100 geese against the 
lord's burial." {Sel. Roll 47). 

No notice of the Berkeley Charters would be complete 
which did not contain allusion to the Battle of Nibley, 
which arose out of the great lawsuit between the Berkeleys, 
the Beauchamps, and the Talbots in the 15 th and i6th 
centuries, and though it is not necessary to go into the 
matter at very great length,thanks to the exhaustive account^ 
of the suit by the late J. H. Cooke, sometime Steward of 
Berkeley, yet, as many of the charters and rolls refer to the 
various phases of the quarrel, it will be necessary to explain 
the circumstances which led up to the suit. I will then, 
though more properly it should be included in my notice 
of the Rolls, give a transcript of Sel. Roll 137, which con- 
tains a contemporary copy of the angry correspondence 
which took place between Thomas Talbot, Viscount Lisle, 
and William, 12th Lord of Berkeley, which resulted in the 
battle of Nibley and the death of Lord Lisle. 

Thomas, the loth Lord Berkeley, died in 141 7, leaving 
by his wife Margaret \^ob. 1392] sole daughter and heiress of 
Gerard Warren, Lord de Lisle, an only child Elizabeth, mar- 
ried to Richard Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick. All her 
mother's inheritance now fell to the Countessof Warwick,but 
the Barony of Berkeley passed to Thomas's nephew James, 
who was next heir, being son of his brother James, who had 

1 Trans, of the B. & G. Archaeological Society, III., 305. 

Introduction. xix. 

predeceased him. But the Earl and Countess of Warwick 
not content with the inheritance of Lisle and Tyes {cf. note 
on p. 177), claimed also the Barony of Berkeley. 

Unfortunately, at the time of his uncle's death James 
was away at his father-in-law's house in Dorsetshire, and 
the Earl and Countess of Warwick, who were at Berkeley, 
took advantage of this accident and possessing themselves 
of Lord Berkeley's title-deeds and evidences, procured 
from the King the custody of the late lord's castle, manors 
and lands as long as they should be in the King's hands. 
James hurrying to the scene of action quickly caused a jury 
to be empanelled to enquire into the titles of the late lord's 
possessions, who found that James was his uncle's heir, and 
that he was, as such, entitled to the castle and twelve 
manors, which constituted the ancient Barony of Berkeley. 
Yet, though James thereupon did fealty and was accepted 
as the King's tenant-in-chief, the Earl of Warwick persisted 
in retaining possession of the castle. Under these circum- 
stances James was driven to apply to Humphrey, Duke of 
Gloucester, for his assistance, by which, only procured by aid 
of a bribe of a 1000 marks, he obtained licence to sue his 
livery of the Castle and Barony, and paid his baron's relief 
of 100 marks. Smyth's account of the matter is as follows : 

" This lord not finding in himself sufficient strength 
to wrastle with soe potent an adversary. And considering 
that all the old and principal servants of his unckle had 
turned their intelligences against him. And that hee was 
deprived of his antient evidences, wisely winneth with his 
purse the assistance of Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester, 

the King's brother By this 'close 

compact this lord James who before was as a weak hopp, 
havinge now got a strong pole fastly to wind about grew 
up and bore the fruite of his own desires." 

XX. Introduction. 

In 1426 a compromise was effected which was to last 
during the lives of the two litigants. The Earl of Warwick 
died in 1439, leaving no son, but three daughters, Margaret, 
Eleanor and Elizabeth, married to John, Lord Talbot, 
Edmund, Earl of Dorset, and George Neville, Lord Latimer, 
by whom, but especially by the eldest, Margaret, and her 
husband, the quarrel was renewed with all its ancient 
bitterness. The dullness of the contest was relieved by 
occasional skirmishes between the retinues of the rival 
claimants, and one incident is worth narrating. It is, that 
David Wodborne with other fellow-serv^ants being sent by 
Lord Lisle, son and heir of Lord Talbot, to Wotton to 
serve a subpcena on Lord James, the latter " insteed of 
obeying the proces not only beat the parties but will hee 
nill hee, inforced the said David to eat the subpena, wax 
and parchment." It is also related that on 6th Sept. 145 1, 
the said Countess Margaret and her husband " by their 
subtile and damnable imaginations " suborned one Rice 
Tewe, servant to the Lord James, then in charge of the keys 
of the castle, by whose means early one day Lord Lisle en- 
tered " with great numbers of people warlike arrayed. And 
there tooke the said Lord James and his said fower sons in 
there beds, and there kept them in prison in great dures by the 
space of eleven weekes by the commandment of the said 
Countess, they by all that time knowing no surety nor cer- 
tainty of their lives, but ever awaiting the hour of their 
cruell death." 

It was not till just the end of his life that the Lord 
James was to have rest, for on the 22nd Oct. 1463, it was 
agreed between him and his chief enemy Margaret, now 
Countess of Shrewbury, •* that they would thenceforth cease 
suites, and the residue of their lives live in rest and peace 
togeather." There was but little opportunity of the com- 
pact being broken, for James died ^6 days after. 

Introduction. xxi. 

He was succeeded by his son William, at that time 37 
years old, who at once renewed hostilities with the countess, 
but she too dying in 1467, her grandson Thomas, Viscount 
Lisle, took up the quarrel. " What angry charge," writes 
Smyth, " or motherly command the said Countess Margaret 
left to her ward and grandchild Thomas, Viscount Lisle, for 
pursute of these titles against her enemy this Lord William, 
charity forbiddeth mec to conjecture. Sure I am shee left 
him an high spirit fostered by malignant attendants mor- 
tally hatinge this lord William, who forthwith fell into the 
plotts of the said Countesse ; And havinge their main Ayme 
(as hers wsls) to get from him this Castle of Berkeley, which 
hee now kept as his sanctuary and subterfuge from detts, 
utlagaryes, Statutes and the like ; And which if they had 
effected, by all probability hee had been ruined ; They fell 
in practise againe with the said Thomas Holt, then also his 
Keeper of Whitcliffe parke, whom they corrupted, and with 
Maurice King porter of his castle gates. The method of 
which trecherous plott and treaty the letters, bonds and 
patents that passed between them and Robert Veel the 
Viscount's Ingineer, which to this day remaine in Berkeley 
Castle, shall speake themselves in their own language." 

Smyth evidently here refers to the contemporary copy 
already alluded to {Sel. Roll 137), and as the contents of the 
letters are extremely interesting as specimens of fifteenth 
century correspondence, and show withal the progress of 
the quarrel, they are here inserted at length. The passages 
included in the square brackets are Smyth's comments. 

[Thomas Holt to Maurice King.] 

Moris Kyng, I gret you well and hartely pray you as 
you will your one wellfare, and as I may shewe you such 
true and faithfull good will and kindness as of old time hath 
bene and continued between us, according to our oathes 


in I 5 

C g- 

■ w 







.J3 c On 

Sg 8 



W N 



^ -piX 

- o 


c o 

"— c S 2 

« rt 'r > ^<u 




cA'6 N a, 

l5 o "^ :2< 




wT<i "^ i;> 



M o 

t, •-< 


t-J3 ^ 


. o -^ 
I— > <a 

■>> oQ 


o -ii 

Ci fc X . 


- '"^ 


rt "5 

5 't; S 
ov« o 5 

'X o 

t/) ;£ 





— ; -^ 




o o 

O 1-H ■ • 
N N r>) „ 

f vo -^ =-j c 
.- o.S 

=<3 in !5 

" ;« ^ "« v2 

-5J "-^ o U U 

^ , I- ^ w 

^-"^ rt g i» 

I in rS <uu^ C 

I— 1 -C TJ O cS 


C^ X 00 N ^ 

< X . 



S rt 


I ^ 

rt 3 f^ t; 

> p rt 


. S-^ .■£•^"* 
<u .- rt^- ;?> 

■^SCQCfi— ^ g 
>— , o O I— jl-M 

,23 = 



oT >-• 
u i> aj 

3 rt o 3: 

^ o y fi . 

T3 M ^ 

















H 00 <> <n ^ >-> 

£1 W) 2 

rt L <^"*- c '*- 
>5j " rn O .G C 

S ON-<i <^ 













^ , 


L o 








XXIV. Introduction. 

and ensurance the which I have in mind and ever shall 
have ; and spetially for the great truth and faithfull love 
that I found in you at the appointment between the lord 
Berkeley that now is and us ; and by the token that when 
Sir Thomas had gave up the matter and fayled us, That 
ye and I yede into the chappie out of the great chamber, 
And there I found you true, as you ever have bene hyderto; 
And by the token that wee lay togeder at Micheldene in 
one bedd, and commyned there of such purposes as now is 
brought to the poynt, which will not faile, soe God be 
pleased, wherein I suppose you know my old dealing ; 
wherefore by the tokens afore rehearsed, I heartely pray you 
for all the loveis that hath been between us, and as you will 
your own wele. That ye wele geve very faythfull credence 
unto Mr. Robert Vele, which ye know for a worshipfull 
gentleman and never non haster, but his worship is known 
nye you, and me ; And such assurance my lord and I have 
taken the matter, that of my life ye may trust thereto, 
wherein also I will that ye take the same surete of him, and 
ca re that your comunication bee secret between ye. And 
upon both your comunication y* ye do agree well togeder 
what might ye may in hasty time speke with mee which 
shall be to your perpetuall weal, And thus I leave you 
with goddis grace. 

By your sworn brother in the Parke of Whitclyfife in the 
outhouse without the logge, Thomas Holt. 

[The same to the same.] 
My most trusty and welbeloved frend, I grete ye 
wele, praying ye hartely that ye will remember the matter 
that ye and I comoned of last, And for your matter, it 
is spede, your patent is spede of five markes and Wotton 
Parke, with all that belongelh theirto, and your obligacion 
also, and all other that ye understand that can prevaile 
you to grante them, fee by patent, terme of life. 

Introduction. xxv. 

[Nowe take the obligacion and condicion.] 

Noverint universi per presentes me RobertumVele teneri 
et firmiter obligari Mauricio Kinge in centum libris sterlin- 
gorum legalis monete Anglie, solvendo eidem Mauricio 
Kinge, et heredibus aut assignatis suis in festo purificacionis 
beate Marie virginis proxime futuro post datum presentium 
Ad quam quidem solucionem bene et fideliter faciendam 
oblige me heredes et executores meos presentes. In cujus rei 
testimonium huic presenti scripto sigillum meum apposui. 
Dat 26'" die Januarii Anno regni Regis Edwardi quarti 

The condition of this obligacion is such, That if the 
Castle of Berkeley bee brought into the hands of Thomas 
Talbot Lord Lisle by the faithfull help guyding and means 
of the said Maurice Kinge, And thereupon. That ye said 
Maurice have his sufficient patent delivered him under the 
seale of Armes of the said Lord Lisle, of the park of Wot- 
ton with the fees and wages of the keeping of the same of 
old time due and accustomed ; And moreover by the same 
patent have five marks annuite during his life to bee had 
and received yearly of the lordship and revenues of Wotton ; 
That then this obligacion to bee void, or els it doe stand in 
his full strength and vertue. 

[Take also the Patent.] 

Omnibus Christi fidelibus ad quos presens scriptum 
pervenerit, Thomas Talbot vicecomes Lisle salutem in 
Domino, sciatis me prefatum vicecomitem Lisle in fidelitate 
dilecti mihi Mauricii Kinge plene confidentem, pro bono et 
gratuitu servicio suo mihi et heredibus meis impendendo, 
concessisse eidem Mauricio officium custodis parci mei de 
Wotton subtus Egge in comitatu Gloucestrie ac ferarum 
ibidem existentium et ipsum custodem eorundem ordino et 
per presentes constituo. Habendum et occupandum et 
exercendum officium predictum pro termino vite sue, capi- 

XXVI. Introduction. 

endum pro officio predicto exercendo annuatim feoda et 
vadia eidem officio de antiquo debita et consueta, Acetiam 
sciatis me prefatum vicecomitem concessisse eidem Mauricio 
Kinge quendam annualem redditum quinque marcarum exe- 
untem de et in omnibus terris et tenementis meis in Wotton 
sub Egge in Comitatu Gloucestrie, Habendum et percipien- 
dum redditum predictum annuatim prefato Mauricio ad 
terminum vite sue ; In cujus rei testimonium presentibus 
sigillum meum apposui, datum 26*° die Januarii Anno regni 
Regis Edwardi quarti post conquestum Anglie, nono. 

[This Robert Vele at this time was owner of Tortworth, 
Charfield and Huntingford, which last hee held of the 
viscount's said manor of Wotton by Knight's service, whose 
well contriving of this plott soe highly pleased the said 
viscount, That by his other deed under his scale of Armes 
of the same date, he gave to William Vele his second 
brother (or rather to him the said Robert in his brother's 
name) the office of Stewardship of his manor of Wotton, 
and the office of Keepership of his chace of Michaelwood, 
with the yearly fee of 13^^ 6^ 8'^ for exercise thereof, to bee 
issuinge out of his manor of Wotton, payable at the feasts 
of Ester and of St. Michaell by equal portions : which 
manor and chase are adjoyning to the other lands of the 
said Robert's]. 

[This plot thus contrived and brought to ripenes was 
soon after revealed to this Lord William, And as I take it, 
by Maurice Kinge himselfe, whereby in all probability the 
ruin of the person of this lord Wm. was prevented ; And 
how deeply the blowe had also pearced into the posterity 
of this family, I take no comfort to consider.] 

[The Viscount Lisle understanding by the flight of Holt 
and his repair to him how the plot was discovered, And the 
former writings under the scales of Armes of himself and 
Robert Vele come to the possession of his enemy the lord 

Introduction. xxvii. 

William, hee then begins to unmaske himselfe, and openly 
to act his ill cogitations, whereby may bee read the former 
purposes of himself and his Counsell, And let the frute of 
the letter of challenge which from Wotton hee writes to 
this lord William tell us the nature of the tree : Thus]. 

William, called lord Berkeley, I marveill ye come not 
forth with all your carts of gunnes, bowes, with oder ordin- 
ance, that ye set forward to come to my manor of Wotton 
to bete it down upon my head : I let you wit, ye shall not 
nede to come soe nye ; for I trust to God to mete you nere 
home with English men of my one nation and neighbors, 
whereas ye by suttle craft have blowin about in divers 
places of England, That I should intend to bring in 
Welshmen for to destroy and hurt my one nation and 
Cuntry ; I lete the wit, I was never soe disposed nere never 
will be ; and to the proof hereof I require thee of knight- 
hood and of manhood to appoynt a day to meet me halfway, 
there to try between God and our two hands all our quarrel 
and title of right, for to eschew the shedding of Christian 
menns bloud, or els at the same day bringe the uttermost 
of thy power, and I shall mete thee ; An answere of this by 
writingc, as ye will abide by, according to the honor and 
order of Knighthood. 

Thomas Talbot the Viscount Lisle. 

[This letter was sent the nineteenth day of March in 
the tenth year of King Edward the fourth Anno 1469 about 
seaven weeks after the former plot was contrived. The said 
Viscount then somewhat under the age of twenty-two yeares 
having sued his livery but the 14th of July before whose 
lands then valued 1873 marks twelve shillings and three 
pence in old rent]. 

[This lord William receiving this letter at Berkeley 
Castle, the same day returneth this answer]. 

xxviii. Introduction. 

I marveill greatly of thy strange and lewd writing, made 
I suppose by thy false untrue Counsell that thou hast with 
the Hugh Mull, and Holt : As for Hugh Mull it is not 
unknown to all the worshipfull men of this Relme, how hee 
is attaynt of falsenes and rasinge of the Kings records ; 
And as for the false mischevous Holt, what his rule hath 
be to the destruction of the King's lege pepull in my lord- 
ship of Berkeley, as well to the hurt of their bodyes, as the 
losse of their goods against Goddys lawe, consciens and all 
reason it is openly known, Soe that every worshipfull man 
should refuse to have them in his fellowship : and also of 
his own free will undesired of mec, before worshipfull and 
sufficient witnes, was sworn on a masse booke, that hee 
never should bee against mee in noe matter that I had a 
doe, and espetially in that untrue title that ye clayme, 
which ye hold my lyvelode with wronge, and where thou 
requirest mee of knighthood That I should appoynt a day 
and mete thee in the myd way between my manor of 
Wotton and my Castle of Berkeley, there to try betwyxt 
God and our two hands all our quarrell and title of right, 
for to eschewe the schedding of Christen mens bloud, or 
els the same day to bring the uttermost of my power, and 
thou would mete me. As for the determining betwixt our 
two hands of thy untrue clayme, and my title and right of 
my land and inheritance thou wottest right well there is noe 
such determinacion of land in this Relme used. And I ascer- 
taine thee That my livelode, as well my manor of Wotton as 
my Castle of Berkeley, beentayled to mee by fine of record 
in the Kings Courts by the advice of all the Judges of this 
lond in that dayes being ; And if it were soe that this 
matter might bee determined by thy hands and myne, the 
King our Soveraigne lord and his laws not offended, thou 
shouldst not so long desire but I would assone answere 
thee in every poynt that belongeth to a Knight : for thou 

Introduction. xxix. 

art, God I take to record, in a false quarrell, and I in a true 
defence and title, And where thou desirest and requirest 
mee of knighthood and of manhood to appoynt a day. And 
that I should bee there with all the power that I could 
make, and that thou would mete mee half way, I will thou 
understand I will not bring the tenth part that I can make. 
And I will appoint a short day to ease thy malitious 
hart and thy false Counsell that is with thee : faile not to 
morrow to be at Niblyes green at eight or nine of the clock. 
And I will not faile with Gods might and grace to meete 
thee at the same place, the which standeth in the borders 
of the livelode that thou keepest untruly from mee, redy to 
answere thee in all things. That I trust to God it shall be 
shewed on thee and thine to thy great shame and dis- 
worshipp, And remember, thy self and thy false Counsell 
have refused to abide the rule of the grete lordis of this 
lond, which by my will should have determyned this matter 
by thy evidences and mine, And therefore I vouch God to 
record and all the company of heaven, that this fact and 
the scheddinge of Christen mens bloud which shall be 
atwixt us two and our fellowshipps, if any hap to bee, doth 
grow of thy quaryll, and not of mee, but in my defence, and 
in eschewing of reproche, and onely through thy malitious 
and mischevouse purpose and of thy false Counsell, and of 
thy own sirtiple discretion ; And keepe thy day, And the 
trouth shall be shewed by the marcy of God. 

William lord of Berkeley. 
Lord Berkeley at once collected his forces, and having 
reinforced his own followers by a contingent from Thorn- 
bury under his brother Maurice (who was also his heir) and 
by a band of miners from the Forest of Dean as well as by, 
as it is said,^ a company of citizens from Bristol under two 

^ A curious slander suit brought by Mead and Shipvvard resulted from this 
rep'^rt, which th-^y declared to be lalse. The judgment of the Mayor of Bristol, 
apparently the faiher of ihe complainant bhipward, and a jury found that there 
was no ground for the slander. \cf, Sel. ch. 625] 

XXX. Introduction. 

merchants, Philip Mead (whose daughter Maurice Berkeley 
had married) and John Shipward, he appeared with his 
army, about a thousand strong, at Nibley Green at sunrise 
of the next day. Lord Lisle's smaller army was presently 
seen approaching the Green down the hill from Nibley 
church. The only account of the battle extant, is that by 
Smyth, "who heard it from persons whose parents were 
living at the time ! " : 

He relates that " the place of stand was at Fowleshard, 
whence the lord William sent upon the lord Lisle the 
first shower of his arrowes : one black Will (soe called) 
should shoot the lord Lisle, as his beaver was up, And 
that Thomas Longe father of the said William was servant 
to one of them who helped to carry the Lord Lisle when he 
was slain." The latter's fall completed the rout of his party, 
and the victorious Lord Berkeley pushed on to Wotton 
Manor House where Lady Lisle then was, rifled her house 
" And thence (amongst other pillages) brought away to 
Berkeley Castle many of the deeds and evidences of the 
said viscount's own undoubted lands, many of which remaine 
there to this day." 

Lady Lisle brought an action against Lord Berkeley 
for the loss of her husband, and after many delays it was 
settled that Lord Berkeley should have all the manors in 
dispute, and should pay Lady Lisle an annuity of ^loo in 
settlement of her personal claim. Soon afterwards she 
married Henry Bodrugan, a Cornish gentleman, and several 
of their joint receipts for the quarterly instalments of the 
annuity may be seen at Berkeley \cf. Sel. Ch. 629]. 

Thus ended for a time this great family quarrel, the 
continuation of whicli may be found in the pages of Smyth 
and the Paper of Mr. Cooke's before alluded to. The latter 

Introduction. xxxi. 

years of Lord William s life were spent in quarrels with his 
heir, and in the attempt, by successive grants to the crown, 
to alienate from him and those who should come after him 
the greater part of the possessions which he had been at 
such great pains to secure. This too he did for the sake 
of obtaining from the crown a few empty titles and honours, 
" which, as the family chronicler quaintly remarks, are but 
men's breath, a blast of air and wind, If popular titles, the 
wind of a vulger pair of bellows. If of a higher strain, the 
wind of a guilt pair of bellows, soe all but wind." The 
reversion of a moiety of the Duke of Norfolk's estate, which 
came to him through his mother, he assigned to the King's 
(Edw.IV.) second son the young Duke of York, for which the 
King created him a Viscount. On the 5th March, 1483, the 
same King made him a Privy Councillor [(/iSel.Ch. 639]. On 
the 28th June, that is two days after his accession, Richard 
III. created him Earl of Nottingham \cf. Sel. Ch. 640], in re- 
turn for which in 1485 Lord William granted to the King 35 
manors, part of his Norfolk inheritance. On the 26th Oct. 
1485, Henry VII. created him Earl Marshal, and finally on 
28th Jan. 1489, the same King created him Marquis of 
Berkeley. For this last distinction he entailed Berkeley 
Castle and the whole remaining family estates upon the 
King, reserving only a life interest to himself He died in 
1491 covered indeed with honours, if not with honour, 
having by a stroke of the pen accomplished what all the 
machinations of powerful enemies during many years had 
failed to do. The King took possession of the whole and 
spent 10 days at Berkeley in that year with his Queen, 
Elizabeth of York. The Crown held the Berkeley estates 
till the death of Edward VI. without male heir, when they 
reverted to Henry Lord Berkeley, a minor. The warrant of 
King Philip and Queen Mary granting this lord special 
livery of the estates mentions that it is granted in consider- 

XXXII. Introduction. 

ation of the " good and worthie service of his Auncestors 
heretofore done unto our moost noble progenitors " as well 
of " some good experience of his [Lord Henry's] towardnes 
therein specyally in the late rebelleon attempted agaynst 
us by Thomas Wyat and other his complices." 

There are six papal deeds in the collection. They include 
a grant of forty days' indulgence to all who shall make 
benefactions to the chapel within Berkeley Castle (Sel. 
Ch. 538) ; and licenses to Thomas, loth Lord Berkeley, to 
have a portable altar, and to choose a " fit and discreet 
priest " as a confessor. But the deed which has most interest 
is a charter of Cardinal Pole, Papal Legate, dated in the 
third year of Queen Mary, granting to Henry, 17th Lord 
Berkeley, absolution from all dangers of excommunication 
which he had incurred during the late schism, with licence 
to use his chapel in his manor of Callowden, near Coventry, 
and to say mass, etc., there as his ancestor had done before 
the schism, etc. The deed is given in full on p. 216 of this 

Other interesting subjects referred to in the charters are : 
coal and coal-mines (745, 770, 771); the illegal exportation 
of corn by " covetous gready and evell disposed farmers and 
others Ingrossers and Badgers " (759) ; the capture and 
punishment of pirates (761-764, 779, 781) ; measures for the 
improvement of the breed of horses (765, ^66) ; tin- 
mines (773) ; boring for Fuller's earth and tobacco-pipe 
clay (872) ; the adulteration of soap, vinegar, butter, etc., 
with tallowe or other corrupt thinges " (872) ; instructions 
for conduct of seamen as to the use of bad language and 
the like, issued to masters of vessels on active service against 
the Spaniards in temp. Elizabeth (798), etc. 

Many of the later deeds have reference to the various 
offices held by the Lords Hunsdon, Henry and George 
Carey, and notably, the captaincy of the Isle of Wight. 

Introduction. xxxin. 

2.T/i£ Rolls. The first thirty-three rolls contain abstracts 
of Berkeley Charters, and the reason of their existence maybe 
attributed to the following circumstances : On a former page 
it has been pointed out that when Thomas, Lord Berkeley, 
died in 141 7, his daughter and son-in-law, the Earl of War- 
wick, taking advantage of the accidental absence of the lord's 
nephew and heir James, proceeded " to possesse themselves 
of all the evidences of the said Lord Thomas, wheredf 
forthwith they caused abstracts in many longe rolls of paper 
of each manor to be made of all such deeds as they tooke 
not away," most of which rolls, adds Smyth, are in the said 
castle. But when the Lord James regained possession of 
Berkeley, the rolls were carried off to Wotton Manor House, 
where they remained till they were recovered after the battle 
of Nibley. It will be remembered that the victorious Lord 
William, on the death of Lord Lisle, hastened on to Wotton 
and " forthwith enforced and plundered the said manor 
house," and one of the rolls (No. 13) bears an endorsement 
to this effect, while the' hand-writing of most of them 
goes to prove that they were written about this period. 

Those of the Accompt-Rolls included in the Select 
Series have been chosen from a great number of others 
which will be found in the General Series, all of which 
would, I think, repay a closer examination. Nos. 39-46 are 
dated in 1327, and were chosen because they contain refer- 
ences to the imprisonment of Edward II. That monarch 
was removed from Ken il worth in custody of Thomas de 
Gournay and John Maltravers on the 3rd of April, 1327, 
arriving at Berkeley a few days after, which he never again 
left, being murdered on the 22nd Sept. 1327. Before leaving 
Kenilworth he had formerly renounced the Royal dignity, 
and wherever in these documents he is mentioned, it is as 
the " King's father " and not as " the King." Most, if not 

XXXIV. Introduction. 

all, of the Berkeley manors vvere laid under contribution for 
supply of poultry, eggs, and the like, to the castle kitchen 
and larder, for support of the imprisoned King. 

The first of the set, No. 39, gives, in detail, the expenses 
of the Steward of Berkeley from ist January to 29th 
September, 1327, and amongst the items is a payment to 
. . . de Gourne going to Nottingham with letters notifying 
to the King and Queen, Edward III., and his mother Qu. 
Isabella, the news of the death of " the King's father." The 
roll has unfortunately suffered damage from damp, and it 
is impossible to say what, if any, relation the messenger 
was to Thomas de Gournay, one of the King's murderers. 

In Roll 41, an accompt-roll of the Steward of Alkinton 
Manor, there are references to Qu. Isabella's progress to 
Bristol and Gloucester, the fortification of Berkeley Castle 
*' against the arrival of the Queen," etc., besides a curious 
item of " an oblation of a calf to God and to St. Anthony 
for the safety of the calves and the other beasts." 

Amongst the expenses of the Bailiff of Hurst and Slim- 
bridge Manor (Nos. 45, 46) is included the cost of repairing 
the chapel door of Slimbridge, " broken by the men of the 
Earl of Lancaster on the Queen's journey to Bristol." 

In Roll 54 (dated 1607) we gain interesting particulars 
of the care bestowed upon the deer and hounds, the repair 
of the sea-wall, and fishponds, the provision of malt " for 
the Lord's Household in Buckhuntingetyme," mending of 
the sluices, the " dressing and barrelling of a great Sturgeon 
in Wyne, Perry and Vinegar," and of the great inundation 
of the R. Severn, "the like not beinge before hard of." 

Roll 60 contains the expenses of the Lord Thomas at 
various jousts at Coventry and elsewhere, including " gifts 

Introduction. xxxv. 

to the players," and in this and several other of the Rolls 
will be found particulars of the cost of travelling, entertain- 
ment of visitors and similar interestingr matters. 

But perhaps the most valuable Roll in the collection is 
that known as Abbot Newland's Roll (Nos. 97-102). It 
was written by John Newland, Abbot of St. Augustine's 
from 148 1 to 15 15, and contains the history of the family 
from Harding. It was not, however, an original compo- 
sition ; for, as he says in his preface, he compiled and 
translated it "out of Latyn into Englishe." In a paper 
which I had the honour to submit to the Bristol and Glouc- 
estershire Archaeological Society in 1890, I was obliged 
to say that the original Latin Roll could not then be found 
in the Berkeley Evidence Room, but expressed a hope that 
before my work was finished it might come to light. 
That hope has been realised ; and in Roll 102 we have the 
only remaining portion of this valuable record, — valuable, 
not only for its contents, but for the fact that it was the 
original production, if not in the very handwriting, of John 
Trevisa, the translator of Higden's Polychronicon and 
other works, who was, as is well known, late in the 14th 
centur>'. Vicar of Berkeley, and Chaplain to Thomas, Lord 

3. Tlie Books. A few words will suffice to call attention 
to the Books. The most important is No. i, the Chartulary 
of St. Augustine's Abbey, known as the Red Book. It was 
compiled at the end of the 13th century, but, like other 
manuscripts of its kind, has several additions in later 
handwritings. It contains 221 folios, the Chartulary proper 
beginning on f. 17, and is divided into two sections, the 
former which contains the Royal and other personal grants, 
ending on f. 44 ; and the latter containing the rest of the 
deeds arranged under places beginning with Berkeley. 
Bristol is treated on ff. 45 b, 168 et seqq,, 211, etc. 

XXXVI. Introduction. 

.- Then follow John Smyth's Lives of the Berkeleys, 
and Description of the Hundred of Berkeley, which were 
written in about 1618, and have been so often quoted above. 
The former gives in elaborate detail a biographical account 
of each Lord of Berkeley from Robert Fitzharding to 
Henry, Lord Berkeley {pb. 1613) ; while the latter, for its 
minute description of every parish and place in the Hun- 
dred, is of an importance to any future historian of the 
county scarcely to be exaggerated. Smyth was born in 
1567, became Steward of the Berkeley Household in 1596, 
Steward of the Hundred of Berkeley in the following year, 
and died in 1641. These volumes were most efficiently 
edited by Sir John Maclean in 1883-1885. 

The only other books which call for special notice are 
the letter-books of Charles, 2nd Earl of Berkeley. He 
filled several important offices during the reign of William 
and Mary, and, in particular, that of Lord Justice of 
Ireland, to which he was appointed on 22nd August, 1699. 
Sel. Books 35 A — K (10 folio volumes) contain copies of the 
correspondence, warrants, reports, and other papers relating 
to the duties of his office, from 1699 to 1701. 

This Earl had previously, as Viscount Dursley, filled 
the post of Envoy Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to 
the States of Holland, and Books 36 A, B, contain copies of 
his correspondence during his residence at the Hague in 
that capacity from 1689 to 1692, with Lord Nottingham, 
Secretary of State. 

4. TJie Letters. These are now bound in two volumes, 
and are so fully described in their proper place as to need 
no further comment here. 

It only remains for me to make my very grateful 
acknowledgments for assistance given in various ways 

Introduction. xxxvii. 

during the progress of my work : first, to Lord and Lady 
Fitzhardinge, who, from the moment of my introduction to 
them in 1889 to the present, have shown me the utmost 
kindness and consideration, not only in giving me a free 
hand in the arrangement and scope of the work, and in 
so readily acquiescing in the suggestion that the catalogue 
should be printed, but also for the many hospitalities shown 
to me during my frequent visits to the Castle. My thanks 
are also due to Mr. E. Peacock for his readiness in helping 
me to take up the broken threads of his preliminary work 
and for advice on several points of difficulty, as well as 
to Sir John Maclean, K.B., of Clifton, Bristol, for valuable 
suggestions as to the publication of this book. I should 
be ungrateful if I did not express my appreciation of the 
many acts of goodwill shown to me by the Hon. Elton 
Gifford, his lordship's nephew, and by Mr. James Peter, 
his lordship's Steward, and lastly I would place on record 
my high estimation of the services of Mr. Herbert Cooke 
(nephew to that Mr. J. H. Cooke, F.S. A., sometime Steward 
of Berkeley, of whose many compositions on the Berkeleys 
I have been glad to make such free use), who has 
throughout the work proved himself a most efficient, 
painstaking, and intelligent assistant. 


British Museum, 

August 20thy 1892. 




Riglit jion. Lford pitzfiardinge, 


Select Charters, 




1, Grant from Henry, Duke of Normandy, Count 
of Anjou, to Rodbert Fitzharding, of the Manor of Bitton 
[co. Glouc] and a hundred librates of land in the Manor 
of Berkeley, with all liberties and customs, with Tol, Them, 
Soch and Sache, Belle ' and Burhgiet^ and Infanckenethef, 
to hold by service of two mewed ^ hawks, with an under- 
taking to build a castle at Berkeley according to the 
taste of the said Rodbert. Dated at Bristol* [1153.] Lat. 
With fragments of seal of white wax, in lawn bag. 

H[enricus] Dux, Normannorum et Comes Andegavorum 
omnibus archiepiscopis, episcopis, Abbatibus, Consulibus, 
Baronibus amicis fidelibus francis et Anglicis, salutem. 
Sciatis me dedisse Rodberto filio Hard[ingi] et heredibus 

' Right to have a common bell to summon the burgesses. 
^Perhaps the right of having a town gate for defence, etc. (cf. Burh-gate- 
seat, a seat at the town gate, Stubbs' Select Charters, glossary.) 

^ Mutati aucipitres. Hawks which had been mewed or confined for moulting 
operations, hence, hawks which had finished their moulting and were in good 
condition, cf. Du Cange. 

* Henry landed in England from Normandy on 6th Jan., 1 153, and is known 
to have visited Bristol before June. (Ey ton's Notes in Biit. Mus., Add. MS. 
31937, f. 23, etc.) It is probable that this charter was granted on that visit, 

Berkeley Castle 

suis manerium Betthone cum omnibus Appendiciis suis,et 
insuper centum Hbratas terre in manerio de Berkelai, 
ita libere et quiete in bosco et piano et pascuis et pratis 
et aquis et viis et terris arabilibus cum omnibus liber- 
tatibus et consuetudinibus cum Tol et Them et Soch et 
Sache et Belle et Burhgiet et Infanckenethef et omnibus 
quietanciis que ibi fuerunt in tempore Henrici Regis avi 
mei in feudo et hereditate, Illi et heredibus suis ad ten- 
endum de me et de heredibus meis per servitium duorum 
mutatorum aucipitrum singulis annis mihi et meis hered- 
ibus reddendorum, et pepigi ei firmare ibi castellum 
secundum voluntatem ipsius Rodberti. Et praeter hec 
supradicta dona Rodbertus filius Hardingi devenit meus 
homo et Ego per fidem meam afifidavi ei pactiones supra- 
dictas tenere illi atque heredibus suis. Et hoc idem 
affidavit Raginaldus Comes Cornubie, et Rodbertus de 
Dunstanvilla, et Ricardus de Humez constabularius, et 
Maneser Biseth dapifer et Guarinus filius Geroldi Camer- 
arius, et Willelmus filius Hamonis, et Philippus de 
Columbers, qui hujus pactionis testes existunt, et preter 
istos testes sunt inde Abbas sancti Augustini de Bristou, 
et frater Adam canonicus ejus et Henricus filius Rodberti, 
et Willelmus cumin et Jordanus frater Rodberti et Jor- 
danus et David nepotes ejus et Richard de Hanum. 
Apud Bristou. 

2, Grant from Henry, Duke of Normandy and Aqui- 
taine and Count of Anjou, to Rodbert Fitzharding, of 
Berkeley Manor, and all Berkeley Herness/ with all appur- 
tenances as fully and completely as it was in the time of 
King Henry, his grandfather ; to hold in fee by service of 
one knight, or if Rodbert or his heirs desire it, they may 
pay one hundred shillings yearly instead of the knight's 

' Herness, i.e. district (Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, 1088), or Nooks and 
Corners (Smyth's Berkeley MSS., Ed. by Sir John Maclean, 1883-8, p. 24.) 

Select Charters. 

service. In addition, Henry grants a free market on any- 
day in the week they may prefer, and a mint ^ with their 
own minter. [nSS]^ Lat. With fragments of seal of red 
wax in lawn bag. 

Henricus Dei gratia Dux Normannorum et Aquitanorum et 
Comes Andegavorum omnibus Archiepiscopis,Episcopis, 
Abbatibus, Comitibus, Vicecomitibus, Baronibus, Justic- 
iariis et amicis fidelibus franciset Anglicis salutem. Scia- 
tis me dedisse et concessisse Rodberto filio Hardingi et 
heredibus suis Berkelai et totam Berkelaihernesse mane- 
rium cum omnibus Appendiciis suis plene et integre sicut 
erat in tempore Henrici Regis avi mei tenendum in 
feudo et hereditate sibi et heredibus suis, de me et 
heredibus meis per servitium unius militis, vel si Rod- 
bertus aut heredes sui melius voluerint, centum solidos 
reddant pro servitio militis per annum. Quare volo et 
precipio ut ipse Rodbertus et heredes sui predictum man- 
erium et omnia pertinentia sua in ecclesiis, in nemoribus, 
in planis, in pascuis, in terris, in aquis, in viis, in semitis, 
et in placitis et in omnibus rebus et eventibus teneant et 
in perpetuum habeant libere, quiete et honorifice cum 
Tol et Tem et Soch et Sacke et Infanckenethef et cum 
omnibus libertatibus et liberis consuetudinibus suis, et 
quietantiis que ibi fuerunt in tempore Henrici Regis avi 
mei. Et preterea dedi et concessi eis habere in predicto 
manerio liberum marcheium cum omnibus libertatibus 
que ad marcheium pertinent quacunque die septimane 

1 cf. Will, de Neuburgh, Rolls Ed. i. p. 69, '* Castella quippe per singulas 
provincias studio paitium crebra surrexcrant, erantque in Anglia quodammodo 
tot reges vel potius tyranni, quot domini castellorum habentes singuli percussuram 
proprii numismatis et potestatem subditis, regio more, dicendi juris"; also 
Roger de Hoveden, Rolls Ed. i. p. 211. Fecit [Henricus] monetani novam 
quam vocabant monetam Ducis, et non tantum ipse, sed omnes potentes 
tarn episcopi quam comites et barones suam faciebant monetam, sed ex quo 
dux ille venit, plurimorum monetam cassavit." 

^ This and the two following deeds were probably granted at a later visit 
which Henry made to Bristol in November, 1153. 
B 2 

Berkeley Castle 

voluerint et monetam cum proprio monetario suo, et 
quando feci hanc donationem predicto Rodberto ipse 
dedit mihi quingentas marcas argenti de recognitione. 
Testibus Abbate Sancti Augustini de Bristou et Henrico 
Thesaurario, Willelmo Cumin, Rogero comite Here- 
fordie, Ricardo de Humez, constabulario, Maneser 
Biseth, dapifero, Rodberto de Saltemareis. 

3. Similar Grant to Maurice, son of Rodbert 
Fitzharding. [115 3]- With fragments of seal of red wax 
in lawn bag. 

4. Marriage Contract between Rodbert Fitzhar- 
ding and Roger de Berckele, made in the house of the 
said Rodbert at Bristol, in the presence of Henry, Duke 
of Normandy, whereby it is covenanted that Maurice, son 
of Rodbert Fitzharding, shall take in marriage the daughter 
of Roger de Berckele, with Slimbridge [co. Glouc] as her 
portion, and that Roger, the son and heir of Roger de 
Berckele, shall take in marriage the daughter of the said 
Rodbert Fitzharding, with the Manor of Siston, near 
Bristol, for dowry. Circ. Nov., 1153. Lat. 

Iste sunt pactiones que facte fuerunt inter Rodbertum filium 
Hardingi et Rogerum de Berckel' in domo Rodberti filii 
Hardingi apud Bristou in presentia domini Henrici 
ducis Normannorum et Aquitanie et comitis And[egavie] 
ejusdem assensu et in presentia multorum aliorum cleri- 
corum et laicorum. Mauricius filius Rodberti filii 
hardingi cepit filiam Rogeri de Berckel' in uxorem ita 
quod Rogerus dedit Mauricio cum filia sua in matri- 
monio Slimbrugiam que est de sua hereditate, hoc est 
decem libratas terre, et Mauricius concessu patris 
sui Rodberti filii Hardingi dedit filie Rogeri quam ipse 
cepit uxorem in dotem xx libratas terre de feudo de 

Select Charters. 5 

Berckel' assensu domini Henrici ducis. Tali conventione 
quod si Mauricius filius Rodberti moreretur antequam 
cepisset filiam Rogeri uxorem : frater ejus post eum 
primogenitus acciperet earn uxorem per supradictas 
conventiones. Et si etiam ille alter filius Rodberti 
moreretur ante sponsalia filie Rogeri : quisquis de filiis 
Rodberti post ilium heres remaneret filiam Rogeri ux- 
orem acciperet. Similiter si filia Rogeri antequam 
desponsaretur Mauricio filio Rodberti moreretur, secunda 
post ipsam Mauricio daretur in uxorem vel cuilibet 
fratrum suorum qui heres remaneret post Mauricium. 
Ita et de ceteris filiabus Rogeri si primogenite more- 
rentur ilia que remaneret post ipsas daretur illi de filiis 
Rodberti filii Hardingi qui heres ejus remaneret, sicut 
superius prelocutum est. Preterea filius Rogeri de berckel' 
qui heres ejus est debet accipere uxorem unam de filiabus 
Rodberti filii hardingi et Rogerus de Berckelai debet 
illi filie Rodberti dare in dotem manerium Sistoneprope 
Bristou quod manerium est de hereditate Rogeri. Et 
Rodbertus filius Hardingi debet dare in matrimonium 
cum filia sua filio Rogeri x libratas et x solidatas 
terre apud Derselegam eo pacto quod si una de filiabus 
Rodberti filii hardingi moreretur antequam filius 
Rogeri earn acciperet uxorem : altera filia Rodberti dare- 
tur illi. Et si utraque filia Rodberti ante sponsalia 
moreretur : filius Rogeri qui heres ejus esset acciperet 
uxorem filiam hugonis de Hasele neptim Rodberti filii 
hardingi. Similiter si primogenitus Rogeri de berckel' 
moreretur ante supradicta sponsalia ille, de fratribus suis 
qui remaneret post ipsum primogenitus et heres acciperet 
uxorem unam de filiabus Rodberti filii Hardingi que 
domi sunt vel si utraque ante sponsalia moreretur, filiam 
Hugonis de Hasele per supradictas pactiones. Has 
pactiones affidaverunt Rodbertus filius Hardingi et 

Berkeley Castle 

Rogerus de Berckelai tenere et servare sine fallacia et 
dolo et posuerunt Dominum Henricum ducem obsidem 
et justiciar! inter se de servandis his pactionibus. Hoc 
etiam affidaverunt viii probi viri ex parte Rodberti, et 
alii viii ex parte Rogeri quorum nomina hec sunt. Ex 
parte Rogeri, Willelmus ^ filius Henrici, Rogerus de 
Sckai, Radulphus de Huelega, Walkelinus, Engebaldus 
de Gosintunia, Guido de Rupe, Gwaiferus de Planca, 
Hugo de Planca frater ejus. De parte Rodberti, Hugo 
de Hasela, Nigellus filius Arthuri, Rodbertus de Salte- 
mareis, Helyas frater Rodberti filii Hardingi, Jordanus 
frater ejus, Jordanus le Warre, Nicholaus filius Rodberti, 
David Duncepucke. Et isti viri Rodbertum et Rogerum 
in his pactionibus servandis totis juribus tenebunt. Quod 
si Rodbertus et Rogerus de his pactionibus vellent 
exire, isti cogent eos pactiones tenere quantum poterint. 
Et si ipsi adquiescere noluerint, isti viri de servicio et 
amore eorum recedent. Et propter has supradictas 
pactiones Rogerus de Berkele clamavit quietum totum 
ckalangium suum et quicquid juris habebat in firma de 

5. Confirmation by Henry, Duke of Normandy, 
to Robert Fitzharding, of the grant made to the same 
by Robert, Earl of Gloucester, the Duke's uncle, of the 
land of Bedminster [co. Glouc] Witnesses : Manasser 
Bis[et], Steward ; Henry de Oilleio, Henry Hos[atus], 
Hugh de Piris, Pagan Carbonell. Dat. Berkeley [1153]. 

6. Confirmation by King Henry II. of his 
grant [No. 2] of Berkeley, etc., to Robert Fitzharding. 
Witnesses : Richard, Abbot of St. Augustine's, Bristol ; 
Reginald, Earl of Cornwall ; Roger, Earl of Hereford; 

^ William, iufant son of Duke Henry, born 1 152 ; died 1156. 

Select Charters. 

Richard de Humez, Constable ; Manaser Biseth, Steward ; 
William, son of Hamund ; Guarin, son of Ceroid ; Rodbert 
de Saltemareis, [1154.] Lat. 

7. Confirmation by King Henry II. of his grant 
[No. 3] to Maurice, son of Robert Fitzharding. Same 
witnesses as in No. 6. [ii54'] Lat. 

8; Grant by Henry II. to Robert, son of Robert 
Fitzharding, of the whole vill of Malmesbury, [co. Wilts], 
with the castle, lands, and hundred belonging to the said 
vill, at an annual rent of thirteen pounds and ten shillings : 
for which grant Robert gave the King a hundred marks 
and became his man. Witnesses : Thomas, the Chancellor 
[Thomas a Becket] ; William, brother of Reginald; Richard 
de Hummaz ; Manasser Biset, Steward ; Walter de Dun- 
stanvill ; Peter de Beucamp ; Robert de Wattevil. Dat. 
Woodstock. [11 58?] Lat. 

0. Grant by William de Braiosa to Robert Fitz- 
harding, of Brai [Bray, near S. Molton, co. Devon], with 
appurtenances, (except the land which Furlan[g] held) by 
service of the fourth part of a knight's fee. Witnesses : 
Hugh de Hesla ; William de Mompinchun ; Hamo de 
Merlai ; Alan, son of Buci ; Pagan, the Clerk ; Durand 
de . . . ai : and on the part of Robert, Maurice, his son ; 
Oto, son of William ; Alan de Furnellis; Adam de Salt- 
emareis ; Nigel, son of Arthur ; Osbert Martre ; Walter, 
son of Albert. Circ. 1 1 50— 11 60. L at. 

10. Confirmation by William de Braiuse to Maurice, 
son of Robert [Fitzharding], of the land which he gave 
to Robert, father of Maurice, namely, Brai [co. Devon] 
with all appurtenances, to be held by service of the fourth 
part of a knight's fee, except the land which Forlang held. 

Berkeley Castle 

For this land the said William has received the said 
Maurice's homage, and when the latter thereby became 
his man, he gave him [William], in acknowledgment, a 
gold ring with a sapphire. Witnesses : Philip de Braiose ; 
Walter de Braiose ; Philip frater suus ; William de Fol- 
cellis ; Helyas, son of Bern[ard] ; Herbert, Camerarius : 
and on the part of Maurice [son of Robert], Walter de 
Cliftone ; Magister Maurice ; Osbert le Mart[re] ; William 
Stut; Osbert Gule. Circ. 1150 — 1160. Lat. With frag- 
ment of seal. 

11. Notification by Robert Fitzharding to his 
sons, his friends and all his men of Berkeley Herness, of 
his grant to his brother Helyas of that hide of land of 
Combe [nearWotton-under-Edge] which he purchased from 
" Mahihele fil. Ansgeri de Combe," to hold by the fifth part 
of a knight's fee. Witnesses : Domina Eva [wife of Robert 
Fitzharding] ; Maurice, Nicholas and Robert, his sons ; 
Alan de Furnellis ; Otho, son of William ; Adam de Salt- 
emareis ; Nigel, son of Arthur •; Roger de Stintescombe ; 
Harding de Stintescombe ; William, son of Bernard ; 
Richard, son of Harding de Couele ; Ralph de Draicote ; 
Symon, son of Richard de Couele; Roger de Scay; Henry 
de Saltemareis, and Robert de Hanum. Circ. 1 1 50- 11 60. Lat. 

12. Confirmation by Humphrey de Bohun,^ 
the King's Steward, of the grant by Richard Foliot to 
Robert Fitzharding, in Acton [co. Glouc] Witnesses : Mar- 
garet de Buhun^ ; Humphrey de Sancto [Vigore] ; William 
de Buhun ; Robert Fronte ; Walter Hosatus ; Richard de 
Buhun ; William, son of Geoffrey ; Richard, Abbot of 
Bristol ; Otho, son of William ; Nicholas, son of Rotbert ; 
Rotbert, his brother ; Adam de Saltemareis ; Osbert 
Martra. Circ. 1150-1160, Lat. Much defaced. 

1 Husband of Aldena, daughter of Robert Fitzharding. 

2 Ob. 1 162-3, 3 Daughter of Milo of Gloucester. 

Select Charters. 

13. Acquittance from Robert Fitzharding and 
Maurice his son to R[ichard] de Moreville, on account of 
relief of the moiety of Portbury Manor, which they hold 
from him. Circ. 11^0-1160. Lat. 

14. Confirmation by Robert Fitzharding, for the 
health of his soul, etc., to the Church of St. Augustine, 
Bristol,and the Canons there ; of the Churches of Berkeley 
Herness, viz., Berkeley, Wotton [Wotton-under-Edge], 
Beverstone, Ashelworth, and Almondsbury, all in co. Glou- 
cester, with their chapels, lands, and liberties. [1154.] Lat. 

Robertas filius Hardingi omnibus hominibus et amicis suis 
et universis sancte ecclesie fidelibus ad quos hoec carta 
pervenerit salutem. Sciatis quod, cum Dominus Rex 
H[enricus] manerium de Berchalei et totam Berchalei- 
hernesse mihi in feudum et hereditatem dedisse et carta 
sua confirmasset cum omnibus libertatibus et rebus ad 
Berchaleihernesse pertinentibus in Ecclesiis, in Nemori- 
bus, in pratis et pasturis et in omnibus aliis rebus sicut 
fuerunt tempore H[enrici] Regis avi sui, ego concessu 
et assensu ipsius domini mei Regis ecclesias de Bercha- 
leihernesse, scilicet ecclesiam de Berchalei et ecclesiam 
de Wottun, et ecclesiam de Beuerstan, et ecclesiam de 
Esseleswrd et ecclesiam de Almodesbure singulas cum 
capellis et terris et libertatibus ad ipsas ecclesias pertin- 
entibus pro salute anime mee et domini mei Regis, et 
antecessorum meorum et uxoris mee et liberorum meo- 
rum dedi et concessi ecclesie sancti Augustini de 
Brist[ou] et canonicis Regularibus ibidem Deo servien- 
tibus in perpetuam et liberam elemosinam, nullo jure 
retento mihi vel heredibus meis in predictis ecclesiis 
cum eas vacare contigerit. Similiter et omnes ecclesias 
de l^erchaleihernesse ubicunque fuerint cum capellis et 
omnibus omnium pertinenciis dedi et concessi predictis 

lo Berkeley Castle 

canonicis in perpetuam elemosinam et hac mea carta 
confirmavi. His testibus Henrico, Decano Moreton * et 
Mauricio fratre ejus, Gerino persona ecclesie de Wtton, 
Gaufrido capellano, Nigello fil. Arturi, Reginaldo per- 
sona ecclesie de Gamma, W — de Saltemar[eis] et 
Adam fratre ejus, Helio filio Hardingi, Ricardo scrip- 
tore, et Alano de Bedmenistra. 

15. Grant from Richard Foliot to Maurice, son of 
Robert Fitzharding, of the land of Accatone [Acton, co. 
Glouc] the land of Hanam [Hanham in Bitton, co. Glouc] 
and the half-hide of Hamtona [Hampton, co. Glouc] with 
all hberties and customs, etc. Temp. Hen. II. [ajite 1173]. 

Ricardus Foliot omnibus hominibus suis francis et anglicis 
clericis et laicis tam presentibus quam futuris salutem. 
Sciatis me dedisse et concessisse Mauricio filio Roberti 
filio Hardingi in feodo et hereditate terram de Accatona 
et terram de Hanam, et dimidiam hidam de Hamtona 
sibi et heredibus suis, tenendas de me et de meis heredi- 
bus honorifice et quiete et libere in villa et extra in foro 
et mercato, in bosco et piano, in pratis et pascuis, in 
stagnis et molendinis et in omnibus aliis locis, cum 
socca et sacca et tol et them et infangethef et cum aliis 
omnibus libertatibus et consuetudinibus omnibus. Et 
pro ista donatione pater predicti Mauricii donavit xx 
marchas argenti recognicione. Et tales sunt conven- 
tiones inter eos quod Ricardus Foliot et ejus heredes 
debent esse inter Humfridum de Buhun et inter prefatum 
Mauricium et inter ejus heredes et per servicium quod 
Mauricius debet ire ad colloquia et ad placita prefati 
Ricardi si secure pergere potest, et in pace, ille vel 
aliquis pro eo duobus vicibus anni ad Tidrington. Et 
nominatim ut habeat suam partem ecclesie de Accatona 

1 Fifth son of Robert Fitzhardinjr. 

Select Charters ii 

cum omnibus pertinentibus prefate ecclesie. Testibus 
Willielmo, comite Glocestrie, et plegiis, et Huberto 
dapifero, Roberto de Almari, et Gregorio de Turre, 
Helya Camberario, Roberto de Saltemaresco, Boso, 
Jurdano filio Hardingi et Helya filio Hardingi, Davidd 
filio Gudbmundi. 

16- Grant from Hamelin, Earl of Warren,' to 
William, son of Eddriz, of his mill of Amundefort [Mund- 
ford, CO. Norfolk], at an annual rent of forty shillings. 
Witnesses : Reginald de Warenna ; Ralph de Pleeiz ; 
Richard de Reffan ; Espregin ; Fulch de Warenna ; Ralph 
de Amundefort; Reginald, son of William; William War- 
ennarius; Richard de Resingis; Gilbert son of Edriz; Hamo 
Serviens ; William, Clcricus de Gaiton ; Robert Cornefold ; 
Hugh, Capellanus, litterarum scriptor. Temp. Hen. II. 
[posi 1 164.] Lat. 

17. Confirmation by R[oger], Bishop of Worces- 
ter, to St. Augustine's Abbey, Bristol, of the Churches 
of Berkeley Herness, namely, the churches of Berkeley, 
Wotton, Beverstone, Almondesbury, Asshelworth and 
Cromhall. Witnesses : Matthew, Archdeacon [of Glouces- 
ter] ; Clement, Prior of Lanthony ; Randolf Gansel ; 
Nicholas, Decanus ; Augustine, Capellanus ; Daniel, Cap- 
ellanus. circ. iiyo. Lat. With fragments of the episcopal 
seal, in bag. 

18. Grant from Humphrey de Buhun, King's Con- 
stable, to Maurice, son of Robert, of the land of Foxcote, [in 
Withington, co. Glouc.,] for his service and homage, to hold 
by service of half a knight's fee ; and if he is unable to 
warrant the said land to the same Maurice, he will, in the 
place of it, give an equal portion of land in his Manor of 
Wogasia [Oaksey, co. Wilts.] In acknowledgment of which 

Half-brother to Henry II., ob. 1202. 

12 Berkeley Castle 

grant the said Maurice gave the said Humphrey a gold 
ring, and to the Countess Margaret, his wife, an ounce of 
gold. Witnesses : Richard, Abbot of Bristol ; William, Prior 
of the same church ; William, son of Geoffrey ; Henry de 
Buhun, brother of the grantor ; Robert de Vernon ; Reginald 
de Sumerford ; Eustace, the Chamberlain ; William Brito ; 
Eudo de Sancto Salvatore ; Ralph Pincerna, Adam, son of 
Nigel ; Adam de Salso Marisco ; Osbert Martra ; Richard 
de Elmed[on] ; Herbert Werra ; Maurice, the clerk ; Roger 
de Weston ; Maurice, son of Nigel ; Ralph de Scay ; Ralph 
Francis; John Bulla ; William de Hanum. [1175-1180] Lat. 

19. Grant from Robert, Earl of Leicester, to William 
de Belegrave, of four librates of land in Whatton [co. Leic.,] 
with his mill which the said William held in the time of the 
said Robert's father, namely, from the hundred solidate of 
land which were Roger de Craunfort's : to hold by service of 
the fifth part of a knight's fee : the Earl also grants his 
right of pannage and herbage throughout his forest for 
twenty pigs. Witnesses : Petronella, Countess of Leicester ; 
Paul, Abbot of Leicester; Emald de Bosco ; Ralph de Marti- 
wast; Mag. Hugh; Ralph Friendai ; Robert de Langetona ; 
Roger de Homa ; Gilbert de Charneles ; Hamo de Hotoft ; 
Richard, son of Garin ; Mag. Gilbert de Belegrave ; William 
de Autevilla ; Reginald de Hua. [1186-1190] Lat. 

20. Grant by Robert, Earl of Leicester, to William 
de Belegrave, of four librates of land in Whatton [co. Leic] 
which belonged to Roger de Craunfort, to be held by service 
of the fifth part of a knight's fee, with grants of pannage 
for twenty-five pigs. Witnesses : P[etronilla], Countess of 
Leicester ; Ernold de Bosco ; Ralph de Martiwast ; Magis- 
ter Hugh ; Ralph Friendai ; Robert de Langeton ; Roger 
de Hum'; Gilbert de Charnel ; Hamo de Hotoft : Richard, 
son of Garin. Temp. Hen. H. [1168-1190]. Lat. 

Select Charters. 13 

21. Confirmation by Roger de Berkeley, at the 
request of Mahel de Skenefrid, to Maurice, son of Nigel, of 
the land which Walter, son of Alwin, held from Mahel at 
Weneswella [Wanswell, near Berkeley], and the land of 
Wudewellegrof, which lands are of the fee of the said Roger. 
Witnesses : Dom. Maurice de Berkeley ; Nicholas, his 
brother ; Robert de Berkeley and Richard, his brother ; 
Mag. Maurice ; Reginald and Thomas, Chaplains ; Adam, 
Seneschal ; Adam, son of Nigel ; Richard de Euhulla ; 
Elias de Salsomarisco ; Roger de Stintesc[umbe] ; Bernard 
de Stanes ; Walter, son of Albert ; Walter de Iwele ; Bar- 
tholomew de 01ep[enne] ; Hugh de Plancha ; Eustace de 
Camma ; William Wenri ; William de Paris ; Ralph de 
Stintesc[umb] ; Robert Gansel ; Robert, son of the Sen- 
eschal ; Nicholas Punc'; Henry de Stanes ; Peter de Haia ; 
Roger, Venator ; Richard, son of William ; Alured, Janitor. 
Temp. Hen. H. [1170-1190] Lat. With large seal of 
green wax, representing man with shield, etc., in combat 
with a lion. 

22. Release from Thomas de Curcun to Gilbert de 
Sadgrave ^ of six shillings and two pence from the service, 
which the latter's ancestors performed to his predecessors 
and to himself in the fee of Digitheswurth [Diseworth, co. 
Leic] namely, from the half of the annual rent of one mark 

1 Gilbert de Se^rave, living in 1165, 
Sheriff, Cos. Warw., Leicester, 4, 5, 
6, 9 Ric. I. 

Stephen de Segrave, Sheriff,=fRoese, dau. of Thomas 

Co. Northt. 13- 18 Hen. III., 
Chief Justice of England, ob. 


I 1 I 

Gilbert,=FAmabiIia, dau. and John. ob. 1230. Stephen. 

ob. 1254 

coheir of Rob. de 

I , 

Nicholas, Baron Segrave, ob. 1295. 

14 Berkeley Castle 

which they paid for five bovates of land in Sadgrave 
[Segrave, co. Leic] ; and this release the said Thomas 
makes in return for the said Gilbert's homage and service, 
and for four silver marks which he gave him, and for 
one talent of gold which he gave to Avice his wife. 
Witnesses : Helias de Digetheswurth ; Robert de Twi- 
ford ; Henry Putrel ; Thomas, Dispensator ; Nicholas, son 
of Richard ; Elias, son of Geoffrey ; Thomas, son of 
Anketill de Sadgrave; Adam, brother of William, the Abbot 
of Leicester ; Richerus, clericus de Roele ; Stephen, his 
brother ; John, son of Elias de Digetheswurth ; Gaufridus 
de Thorp ; Richard, Roger and Ivo, sons of Walkelin de 
Roele. Dat. Anno xxx"^** regni Regis Henrici secundi, filii 
Matildis Imperatricis. [1184] Lat. With fragment of seal. 

23. Grant by Maurice de Berkeley, with the con- 
sent of Robert his son and heir, to William his son, of the 
moiety of his land of Gosinton [Gossington], to hold by the 
fourth part of a knight's fee. Witnesses : William, Bishop 
of Llandaff; John, Abbot of Bristol ; Geoffrey, Prior of 
Lanthony ; William, Earl of Salisbury ; Mag. Maurice ; 
Mag. Peter de Par[is] ; Reginald, the Chaplain ; Aldam de 
Saltemareis ; Henry, Elias, his brothers ; John de Cogan ; 
Bernard de Stane ; Richard de Cohill ; William de More- 
ville; Maurice, son of Nigel. [1185-1189] Lat. Seal in bag. 

24. Grant by Gilbert de Sethgrava to Robert, son 
of Robert de Wlfeia, of the Church of Sethgravia [Segrave, 
CO. Leic.,] for the health of his soul and the souls of his 
ancestors. Witnesses : Robert de Wlfeia ; Richard, the 
Chaplain; Richard de Gnoweshalia. Temp. Hen. H. Lat. 

25. Grant from Robert Fitzharding to Nicholas, his 
son, of Hulla [Hill], and Nimdesfeld [Nimpsfield, co. 
Glouc] which the King granted to him. Witnesses : 

Select Charters. 15 

Richard, Abbot of St. Augustine's, Bristol, and W 

Prior ; Henry,' Archdeacon of Exeter ; Dom. Eva and 
Robert, her son ; Adam de Saltemareis ; John de Cogan ; 
Robert de Worle ; Moyses Bertelot ; John de Paris ; Gregory ; 
Roger de Weston ; Eilwin, Dispensator ; Richard, Notarius. 
Temp. Hen. H. Lat. Copy, with footnote, "The original 
of this deed resteth with Sir Edward Coke, Knt., Lo. 
Cheefe Justice of England, which hee lent mee to copy 
out on All Saynts Day 161 3." 

26. Grant from Roger de Berkeley, son of Roger de 
Berkeley, to Reginald Mazoni and Estrida his wife, of three 
acres of land and a burgage in Derseleg [Dursley, co. 
Glouc], of which one acre lies in Karswell, another in 
Wislade, and the third lies on Wodemonecote, and the 
burgage lies near the mill of William, son of Ota. 
Witnesses: Maurice de Berkeley; Robert, his son; Elyas 
Gififard ; Philip Eustace; Oliver, his brother; Ralph Pin- 
cerna ; Henry de Mumford ; Robert de Saute[mars] ; 
William de Planche ; Adam, son of Nigel ; Richard de 
Couele. Temp. Hen. H. Lat. 

27. Copies of three deeds relating to a mill which 
King Henry H. allowed the Canons of St. Augustine's, 
Bristol, to build and possess on the water of Trivel in the 
royal fee of Bedminster. 

28.' Covenant between the Church of Berkeley, the 
Abbot of St. Augustine's, Bristol, the hospital which Lord 
Maurice de Berkeley built at Longbridge [near Berkeley] and 
the said Lord, whereby it is agreed that the Chaplain of 
the hospital shall do fealty to Berkeley Church in the 
presence of the Abbot of St. Augustine's and Lord Maurice, 
that he shall neither do nor suffer harm to the Church; 
that the brothers of the hospital shall be allowed to have 

1 Son of Robert Fitzharding. 

i6 Berkeley Castle 

the offerings at the Church on the feasts of St John Baptist 
and St. Mary Magdalene; that the brothers shall have 
decent burial there, and the servants and strangers 
who die there shall, if they please, have free burial, etc. 
Witnesses: William, Bishop of Llandaff; Dom. Aaliz^ 
de Berkeley ; Robert de Berkeley ; Richard, Henry, Maurice 
and William, his brothers ; Adam, son of Nigel ; Adam 
de Saltemar[eis] ; Bernard de Stana ; Mag. Peter ; Albert, 
Reginald, Walter, the Chaplains ; Helias de Sautemars ; 
Maurice, son of Nigel ; Mael de Tormertun ; Robert de 
Slohter. [1185-1191] Lat. 

29.' Grant from William, son of Geoffrey de Dalbi, 
to Gilbert de Sagrave, of his meadow at Segehishou 
[Segs-hill al. Six-hills, near Dalby, co. Leic.,] namely, 
Braddadale and the "Gara," which abuts on Seghishou. 
Witnesses : William de Meinil, dominus de Daubi and 
William, his son ; Warin, son of Geoffrey ; Stephen de 
Roelai; Thomas de Sagrave; Herbert, son of Roger; Denis 
and Roger, sons of Walerand ; Robert Vivien ; Gerard de 
Grimestun ; Thomas fil. Gore ; Gilbert Warenoshebi ; John, 
son of Fulk ; William, son of Roger de Sagrave. Temp. 
Hen. n. Lat. 

30.' Grant from William de Menil to Gilbert de 
Sedgravia, of his meadows at Seghishou [Segs-hill], namely, 
Braddale and Garamest, near Seghishou. Rent : 1 2 pence 
due at Daubra [Dalby-on-the- Wolds,] on the F. of St. 
Peter ad vincula [ist August]. Witnesses : William, son of 
Geoffrey; Denis ; Roger, son of Walerand ; Robert Vivien; 
Warin, son of Geoffrey ; Gerard de Grimistun ; Thomas 
fil. Goche ; Matthew his brother ; Gilbert de Warenothebi ; 
John, son of Fulk ; Gervase de Hiding ; William de 
Segrava. Late Hen. H. 

1 Wife of Maurice de Berkeley. 

Select Charters. 17 

31. Grant from Richard, son of Thomas de Wappen- 
biri, to Gilbert de Sadgrave, of a virgate of land in Turste- 
ineston [Thrussington, co. Leic], which Aliz de Milton held 
with two " culture " from his demesne, one of which abuts 
on " Thre Howe^ " and the other is called Lambecotehov, 
with a toft which belonged to Geremund, " ad-capud-Pontis," 
with that " Gare " which Nicholas, son of Godwin, held near 
the said toft. For this grant the said Gilbert gave the said 
Richard " quemdam equum album de Powis." Witnesses : 
Adam, Sacerdos de Widibroch ; Thomas Noel ; Henry 
de Lodbroc ; Gilbert de Houbi ; John de Wappenbiri ; 
Thomas, son of Geremund ; Ralph de Tursteineston ; 
Henry, son of Waleran ; Henry, son of Harketil ; Thomas 

de Sagrave ; William, son of Guarin ; Gilbert, son of Gerard. 
Late Hen. H. Lat. 

32. Grant from Tomas de Leiria, son of Gervase, 
to Gilbert de Sedgravia, to hold in fee a certain toft and 
croft in Leire [Leire, co. Leic.,] namely, that which Turkel 
fil. Hoviet held by service of two pence, or two spurs ; also 
of half an acre of his demesne, near Wakelowe, and other 
land on Scalthwele, Freleswrthie, Oxedaleput, Redmor, 
Brodwildmor, etc. Witnesses : Hugh de Anvers ; Robert 
de Twyford; Stephen de Roele ; William, Clericusde Leire; 
Thomas de Aisebi ; Richard de Leire ; Hugh, Clericus de 
Leire. Temp. Hen. H.-Ric. I. Lat. With white seal. 

33. Acquittance from Nicholas de Trowella to 
Henry Putrel, his brother, for the service of 20 pence 
annually, "de custodia de Schipton" [Shipton-under-Wych- 
wood Manor, co. Oxon,] which he was bound to perform for 
two carucates of land in Hopws [Howes, co. Leic] Wit- 
nesses : William, the Chaplain ; Gilbert de Sedgrava ; God- 
frey de Stanford ; Richard, son of Osbert ; Stephen de 
Role ; and Matthew, son of William. Temp. Hen. H.- 
Ric. I. Lat. With seal of white wax. 


Berkeley Castle 

34. Confirmation by Alleenor [Eleanor] Queen of 
England, [widow of Henry I L] to [Maurice] de Berchelay, 
of Berkeley and Berkeley Herness, to be held in barony 
from King Richard, her son, by service of five knights' fees. 
Witnesses : Reginald, Bishop of Bath ; Hugh, Bishop of 
Chester; Earl William de Saresb[uria] ; William Marshall^; 
Ralph, son of Godfrey ; Geoffrey de Wanci. Dat. Apud 
frigidum mantellum. [ ? Fremantle, nr. Kingsclere.] 30 Oct. 
I Ric. I. [11 89.] Lat. Damaged by damp. 

35. Confirmation by King Richard I., to Robert 
de Dammenevill, heir of Adam de Dammenevill, of the 
Manor of Bitton, to hold by service of one knight's fee, in 
the same way as the said Adam held it from the King's 
father. Witnesses; Earl William de Mandevill, and William 
Marshall. Dat. Westminster, by the hand of William 
[de Longchamps,] Bishop Elect of Ely, the Chancellor. 
ID Nov. Anno i. [11 89.] Lat. With fragment of great seal. 

36. Confirmation by Robert, son of Maurice de 
Berkelai, to St. Augustine's Abbey, of all the grants 
made by his grandfather, Robert Fitzharding, and his 
father, Maurice. Witnesses : William, Abbot of Kings- 
wood ; William, Chaplain of Redcliff ; Walter, " capellanus 
de castello; " Albert, Chaplain ; Adam, son of Nigel ; Mat- 
thias, son of Daniel Rufus ; Bernard de Stanes ; Hubert de 
Salso Marisco ; Robert Bastard ; Walter Snigga. circ. 1 190. 
Lat. With seal. 

3*7. Copies of two bulls of Pope Clement HI. confirming 
the privileges granted by his predecessors to Kingswood 
Abbey. Dat. Avignon, 4 Non. Sept., Pontif sui anno quarto 

1 Created Earl of Pembroke at the Coronation of King John. 

Select Charters 19 

38. Fine in the King's Court at Warwick, held on 
Sunday after F. of St. Luke [Oct. 18,] 6 Ric. I. [1194] 
before Geoffrey, son of Peter, Tedbald de Valain', Michael 
Belet, Henry de Wichinton, Master Aristotil, King's Jus- 
tices ; whereby Robert Meverel releases to Nicholas de 
Burheston 60 acres of assarted land in Ulehale [Ullenhall, 
CO. Warw.] Lat. 

39. Admission by H[enry de Soilly,] Bishop of Wor- 
cester, on the presentation of the Abbot of St. Augus- 
tine's, Bristol, of William clericus de Hesl', to the Church of 
Wotton [Wotton-under-Edge], with the chapels of Simonds- 
hall and Nibley, with an annual salary of three marks. 
Witnesses : Peter, Archdeacon of Worcester ; Richard, 
Archdeacon of Gloucester ; Master Jordan ; Master Here- 
bert ; William de Quercu : Vlger de Bruge ; Master Robert 
de Beinton ; Master Ernald de Bathonia ; Walter, Dean of 
Cam ; Savaric, Dean of Bristol ; Lewis de Teinton ; David, 
Scriptor de Wirec'. [1193-1195] Lat, With Episcopal 
Seal, broken. 

40. Grant from Ralph Beler to Stephen, son of 
Gilbert de Segrave, of a bovate of land in Kirkby [Kirkby- 
Beler, co. Leic.,] which Roger de Fosse held, and that toft 
which lies between the messuage of Bernard and the Leices- 
ter road westwards. Rent, a pound of cummin and two 
pence. Witnesses : Robert de Chaucume ; William de 
Piro ; William, son of Thomas de Sixtenebi ; William Bur- 
det ; Gilbert Wisman ; Norman de Kirkebi ; Hugh Timpan. 
Temp. Ric. I. Lat. 

41. Acknowledgment by William, son of Ralph 

de Meisham, of the homage of Gilbert de Sadgrave. 

for a virgate of land in Cusinton [Cossington, co. Leic.,] 

which the same Gilbert held of the said William's father, 

and which Hebert, son of Roger de Sadgrave, sold to the 
C 2 

20 Berkeley Castle 

said Gilbert. Rent, six silver pence a year. Witnesses : 
Thomas Dispensarius ; Helias de Digetheswurth, Lucian 
de Sedle ; William de Crokeshale ; Gilbert, son of Picot ; 
Richard, son of Nicholas ; Robert de Twiford ; Henry 
Putrell ; Stephen de Roele ; Matthew, son of William ; 
Ralph de Tursterneston. Temp. Ric. I. Lat. 

42. Grant by Ralph de Sudleia to Stephen de Se- 
grave, of the service and homage of Goda, son of Aceman, 
for 9 acres in the field of Greva, and 2 acres in Silingefen, 
and a messuage for which he is accustomed to pay two 
pence annual rent, to increase the said Stephen's tenement 
in Chelmiredescote [Chilvers-coton, co. Warwick.] Witnesses: 
Philip de Tudintona ; William de Sees ; Rodbert de Tud- 
inton ; Saiher de Stokes ; Peter Russel ; Robert Marshal ; 
Robert, son of Elias ; Richard, capellanus de Sudleia ; 
Herevicus, etc. Temp. Richard I. Lat. With seal, damaged. 

43. Grant from William de Fromtuna to Dom. 
Robert de Damenevilla, of five shillings rent which Robert 
de Hanum is accustomed to pay him for the land of Koue- 
ham [? nr. Bitton, co. Glouc] Witnesses : Dom. Richard, 
Abbot of Keynsham ; Richard, Decanus de Pukelechurch; 
Bartholomew de Upton ; Robert de Hanum ; Geoffrey de 
Oldelond ; Robert Joie. Temp. Ric. I. Lai. With seal. 

44. Grant from Robert de Hanum to Robert de 
Damnevill, of all his land of Coueham [? nr. Bitton, co. 
Glouc] which he holds of the fee of William de Frompton, 
at an annual rent of nine shillings. Witnesses : Dom. 
William, Abbot of Keynsham ; Morgan Camerarius ; 
Giffard Witenk ; Hugh Witenk ; Walter de Abbedeston ; 
Adam de Maretot ; Peter de Aldelande ; Geoffrey Marmiun ; 
Robert de Betthon' ; William Malet ; Walter Witenk ; 
Mattheus Francus ; Bartholomeus Canutus. Temp. Ric. I, 
Lat. With seal. 

Select Charters. it 

45. Grant from Robert de Ammenevill to William 
de Putot, in marriage with his daughter, of Chulrenehull [in 
Mangotsfield, co. Glouc] by tenure of pair of white gloves. 
Witnesses : Maurice de Gant ; Ralph de Wuleton ; Robert 
de Turvill , Ralph de Redleg ; Peter de Eggesworth ; Bar- 
tholomew Chanu ; Robert de Hanum ; Geoffrey de Audel- 
ande ; Martin de Audelande ; Robert Leye ; Henry Puing- 
tel ; William Marmium de Button. Temp. Ric. I. Lat. 
With seal. 

46. Quitclaim from John, Earl of Mortaigne,» to 
Robert, son of Robert Fitzharding, of his service due to the 
said John from his land, until he shall repay to the said 
Robert 60 marks which the latter lent to William, Earl of 
Gloucester. Witnesses : Stephen Rid[el] ; Hamo de Val- 
oun[es] ; Ralph Morin ; John la Werre ; Ralph de Arden ; 
Henry de Munford ; Master Alard. Dat. Bristol. Temp. 
Ric. I. Lat. With fragment of seal. 

47. Confirmation by John, Earl of Mortaigne, to 
Robert,^ son of Robert Fitzharding, of the will of Were 
[co. Som.] which Juliana de Bantona granted to his father, 
Robert Fitzharding, to hold as the charter of the said 
Juliana witnesses, and as the charter of Henry H., King of 
England, the said John's father confirmed. Witnesses : 
William de Wenn[eval] ; Hamo de Val[oniis] ; John Mar- 
shall ; William de Buchet ; Theobald, son of Walter ; 
William, son of John ; Henry de Munfort ; Roger de 
Novoburgo; William de Viliers; John de Bonavilla; Robert 
le Francois. Dat. Cranebr [? Cranbrook.] Temp. Ric. I. 
Lai. With seal of red wax, much chipped, with counterseal, 
containing man's head, and " Secretum Johannis." 

1 Afterwards King John. 

* Third son of Rob. Fitzharding, sometimes called Robert Juvenis, or from 
the grant by his father of the vill of Were, of which the above is a confirmation, 
Robert de Were. He died in 1195. 

22 Berkeley Castle 

48. Grant by William, son of Robert, son of Martin, 
to the Canons of St. Augustine's, Bristol, of a messuage in 
the Manor of Blakedune [Blagdon, co. Som.,] lying between 
the land of the monks of Bath and the pool of Blakemere, 
with two crofts and lO acres of land adjoining, and common 
of pasture beyond the road which lies between Pridia 
[Priddy] and Buringtune [Burrington], in perpetual alms 
for the salvation of his soul, and the soul of his lord, King 
Henry, the younger,^ etc. Witnesses: Robert, son of Robert 
Fitzharding ; John de Novavilla ; Hugh de Gant ; David 
Walensis ; John de Cogan ; Henry de Gant ; Philip de 
Burci; Robert de Burci; William Bodin; Robert de Lega ; 
William de Boclande. Temp. Ric. I. Lat. 

49. Notification by Robert de Berchele to "all 
honest men of Bristol," of his grant to Jordan fil. Johannis 
Episcopi de Bristol, of all that fee which he holds of 
Herbert de Sancto Quintino in Bristol, within the town 
walls, at an annual rent of thirty-eight shillings. Witnesses : 
Richard de Clifford ; Ralph Musard ; Richard de Chohull ; 
Bernard de Stanes ; Henry de Salso Mar[isco] ; Walter, 
Chaplain to Robert de Berchele ; Maurice and Henry, 
brothers to the same Robert ; Peter Warr' and John fil. 
Joh. episcopi ; William, Chaplain of Redecl[ive] ; Elias, 
son of E — de Merleberg' ; Simon de Clopenne ; Hugh de 
Camma ; Robert Bastard. Temp. Ric. I. Lat. With frag- 
ment of seal. 

50- Grant from Robert, son of Richard, " quan- 
tum ad laicam personam pertinet," to the brethren of St. 
Michael of Stepholm,' of the Church of St. Nicholas of 
Uppilla [Uphill, CO. Som.] Temp. Ric. I. Lat. With 

' Henry, son of Henry II.. crowned King in his father's lifetime, ob. 1182. 
3 For particulars of this House, see the Preface to this Catalogue. 

Select Charters. 23 

Sciant omnes tarn presentes quam futuri quod ego Robertus 
filius Ricardi intuitu Dei et pro salute anime mee et 
predecessorum meorum Dedi et concessi quantum ad 
laicam personam pertinet Ecclesiam Sancti Nicholai de 
Uppilla in puram et perpetuam elemosinam Sancto 
Michaeli de Stepholm et fratribus ibidem Deo servien- 
tibus cum omnibus libertatibus et cum omnibus rebus 
ad eandem ecclesiam pertinentibus. Et ut hec mea 
donatio rata subsistat et immutabilis, eam presenti 
scripto et sigilli mei patrocinio roboravi. Hiis testibus 
David, decano Bleden[si],Waltero de Kywestoc, Ricardo, 
capellano de Caerdif, Ricardo clerico de Marisco, Nich- 
olao clerico, Johanne clerico de Estbrenca, Thoma de 
la Ville, Jordano de Greinton, Hugone Vassal, Ricardo 
de Lockeston, Ricardo filio Galfridi, Hugone de Uppilla, 
Radulfo clerico, qui banc cartam fecit, 

61. Renewal by King Richard I. of his confirma- 
tion to Robert, son of Maurice de Berkelai, of the grant 
made by his father, Henry II., to Robert Fitzharding, 
of Berkeley, Berkeley Herness, etc. Witnesses : Hugh, 
Bishop of Durham ; Hugh, Bishop of Chester ; Reginald, 
Bishop of Bath ; Earl William de Mand[eville] ; John, Mar- 
escallus ; Robert de Witefeld ; Hugh Bardulf ; Geoffrey, 
son of Peter; Hugh Pantulf; Thomas Noel. Dat. per 
manum Willelmi de Longo Campo cancellarii nostri xxvii 
Sept. primo anno regni nostri apud Browd. Then follows : 
Is erat tenor prime carte nostre in primo sigillo nostro, quod 
quia perditum fuit, et dum capti essemus in Alemannia, sub 
aliena potestate constitutum, mutatum est. But the wit- 
nesses of the renewal of the charter are : H— Archdeacon 
of Canterbury; William, Marescallus ; William de Aubinni; 
Robert Treigoz ; Robert de Wanci ; Walter de Ely; Girard 
Prochard ; Richard Revell ; Gwarin, son of Ceroid ; Seer 

24 Berkeley Castle 

de Quenci ; Thomas Basset ; Richard de CHfford. Dat. 
per manum magistri Rocelini vice agentis cancellarii apud 
Rupem [Roche d'Andely.] i8 Nov. Anno lo [1198.] With 
the King's second seal,^ broken. 

52. Indenture of covenant between Walter, son of 
Herbert la Werra, and Thomas, his brother, whereby the 
former shall have twenty shillings from the land which 
William de Abedeston held " apud Duuelinam," and the 
house of Suen de Peisia, etc., and the latter shall have nine 
shops, " apud Peisiam," and a little garden which Humfridus 
de Wintonia holds. Witnesses : John la Werra, David la 
Werra, Robert la Werra, clericus ; Roger Werra frater 
ejusdem Johannis ; Thomas, capellanus de Cnolla ; Roger 
Corduwanarius ; Jordan le Eveske ; John de Cnolla. Dat. 
Bristol, Ash Wednesday, after the death of John de Con- 
stantiis, Bishop of Worcester [od. 24 Sept. 1198,]/.^. 3rd 
March, 1 199 [1200]. LaL 

53. Grant from Aaleis de Berkeley to William,^ her 
son, of her burgage in Berkeley, which she bought from 
Philip Heirun. Witnesses : Hugh Parvus ; Philip de Berk- 
eley ; Henry de Berkeley ; Master Peter de Paris ; Regi- 
nald, the Chaplain; Richard, the Chaplain ; Walter Albus; 
William de Morton; Reginald, the Clerk, [i 190-1200.] Laf. 
With small white seal. 

54. Grant from Aaleis de Berkele to Guy, son of Roger 
de Vilers, of a virgate of land in Slimbridge [co. Glouc] 
Rent, a pair of gilt spurs. Witnesses : Roger de Berkele ; 
Philip de Berkele ; John Lupus ; Henry de Berkele ; 
William, his brother ; Thomas de Berkele ; Bernard de 
Stanes ; Hugh de Wike ; Roger de Linz ; Elias ; Master 
Peter. Late 12th cent. Lat. 

1 rf. Brit. Mus. Cott. Ch. xvi., i. for a similar clause, and another 
impression of this seal. An account of it is to be found in Brit. Mus. Cata- 
logue of Seals, Ed. W. de G. Birch, vol. i, p. 14. 

- 4th son of Maurice, son of Robert Fitzhardiiig and Alice de Berkeley. 

Select Charters. 25 

55. Grant from Aaleis de Berkele, on the request and 
with the consent of her son, Robert de Berkele, to Elias, son 
of Toke, her nurse and servant, of a half virgate of land in 
Slimbridge, which William Blunt held, together with Slim- 
bridge Mill and the tolls for grinding corn, etc. Witnesses: 
Roger de Berkele; Philip, his brother; John Lupus ; Peter 
de Paris ; Thomas de Tiringham ; Henry de Berkele, and 
Thomas, her brothers ; Henry de Couelei ; Maurice, son 
of Nigel ; William de Kingestune. Late 12th cent. Lat. 

56. Grant from Aeliz, widow of Maurice de Berkeley, to 
Thomas, her son, of her land in Redclifif Street [Bristol,] 
which she purchased of Alsi de Bathonia, which Girard, son 
of Richard Faber, held, at an annual rent of seven pence. 

Witnesses : W , Abbot of Kingswood ; John, Abbot of 

St. Augustine's, [Bristol] ; Roger de Berkeley ; Philip and 
Oliver, his brothers ; Maurice de Berkeley ; Henry and 
William, his brothers ; Master Peter de Paris ; Master 
Maurice de Slimbrugg ; Reginald de Gosinton ; Maurice, 
son of Nigel ; Reginald and William, Chaplains ; Hugh, 
the clerk, and Helias, his brother. Late 12th cent. Lat. 
With seal. 

57- Grant from Aleis de Berkele to Thomas, her son, 
of all her land of Berkeley. Witnesses : John, Abbot of 
St. Augustine's, Bristol ; William, Abbot of Keynsham ; 
Master Maurice de Slimbrige; William de Morevill; Maurice 
and Henry de Berkeley, her sons ; Gilbert and William, 
Chaplains of Slimbridge ; Wiot de Vilers, and Walter, his 
brother ; William de HuUe ; Helias de Slimbrige. Circ. 
I2CX). Lat. 

58. Grant from Aelesia de Berkelai to St. Augustine's 
Abbey, Bristol, of a house in Redclive Street, Bristol, on 
the Avon side, which her lord Maurice gave her ; and she 

26 Berkeley Castle 

makes this grant for her soul's health, and with the con- 
currence of Robert de Berkelai, her son, who has released 
her from every service, excepting the land-gable [i.e. ground 
rent] Witnesses : Dom. Robert de Berkelai ; Hugh le 
Petit ; Philip de Berkelai ; Reginald and Richard, Chap- 
lains ; Master Peter de Paris; Walter Blunt. Late I2th 
cent. Lat. With seal. 

59. Grant from Margaret de Buhun ^ to Ralph de 
Verdun, of the land of Cernai [Cerney, co. Glouc] which 
William de Chaisne held of her by service of one knight's 
fee, the said Ralph to perform the same service : the said 
Margaret confirming to the said Ralph six acres of land 
which her brother, Henry, gave him, and six acres which she 
herself gave him " ad terram et tenementum suum melior- 
andum." Witnesses : William de Pinkeny ; Richard de 
Abenesse ; Humphrey, the Chaplain; William de Hasweia; 
Griffin, son of Reginald ; Matthew, " nepos domine " John 
de Vehun ; William de Amenesches. Late 12th centl Laf. 

60. Grant from Folkeram de Bristollo to Rodbert, 
son of William de Astona, of all his land of W^ike [Wick, co. 
Glouc] for which grant the said Rodbert gives him ten 
shillings, and to Aufria, his wife, " unum aureum " and 
" si forte remocio heredum evenerit xii d. de relevagio," 
Witnesses : Siuard Superbus ; Unfridus Superbus ; Richard, 
Clericus de Cumtonia, Helias de Catecumba ; Peter de 
Stihelvei ; Nicholas fil. Raher ; Stephen Virgo vel Parvus ; 
Thomas Prethor ; Richard de Chenecote ; Alduin Prethor ; 
Simon Their ; Eliot de Hambroc ; Rodbert Hiberniensis ; 
Chuncher Alemannus, etc. Late 12th cent. Lat. The 
seal which was affixed " in presentia domini mei Willelmi 
d' Astonia " is missing. 

1 Dau. of Milo de Gloucester, Earl of Hereford, wife of Humphrey de 
Bohun, Steward to Henry L 

^'This, perhaps, should have been dated Circ. 1170. — Ed. 

Select Charters. 27 

61. Grant from Nicholas, son of Robert [Fitzhard- 
ing], made with the consent of Henry, his son and heir, 
who had for an acknowledgment a tercel,^ to the Church of 
St. Augustine's, Bristol, of the lands which he held in 
Bristol, near the Church of St. Werburg. Witnesses : 
Richard, the Chaplain ; Wido de Troi ; Ala, wife of the 
said Nicholas; Henry, his son; Jordan, the latter's brother; 
Reginald de Sancto Leodegario ; Hugh Martra ; Hugh 
Capreole ; Clement, and Reginald, the Cook. Late 12th 
cent. Lai. With seal. 

62. Grant from William, son of Bertram de Dithes- 
warth, to Helias de Beletona, for his homage, an ox, a green 
tunic, four bushells of corn, and other services, of a virgate 
of land in Ditheswrthia [Diseworth, co. Leic.,] with toft and 
croft, etc. Witnesses : Ralph, Sacerdos de Beletona ; 
Ernald de Bartona, Steward of Lord Bertram ; Robert, 
son of Walter ; Suein Morel, and his two sons, Norman and 
Roger ; Adam, son of Adam, son of Gunel de Suanintona ; 
Robert, son of Ralph Talebot de Suaninton ; Hugh, son of 
Hugh Legle de Beletona. Late 12th cent. Lat. 

63. Confirmation by Walter de Riparia to Richard 
de Riparia of half a hide of land which Walter de 
Riparia, his uncle, granted to the said Richard, to hold 
by the same service by which Baldwin de Bede holds his 
land. Witnesses : William, son of Henry ; Robert, Clericus 
vic[ecomitis] ; Philip de Bradelea ; Geoffrey Ridell ; Bar- 
tholomew de Riparia ; Baldwin de Bede ; Robert, his son. 
Late 1 2th cent. Lat. With seal. 

64. Grant from Philip, son of Elias Wace, to Robert 
de Berchelai, of a virgate of land in Tablesford [Telsford, 
CO. Som.,] which John, son of Walter Wace, held. Wit- 
nesses : Henry de Munford ; Roger de Munford ; Magister 

' i.e. A male hawk. 

28 Berkeley Castle 

Reginald de Herlega ; Richard Parc[arius] de Heutona ; 
William de Hagelega ; John de Cranlega; Herebcrt de 
Echewicha ; Baldwin de Hechewicha ; Robert, son of Ivor. 
Late 1 2th cent. Lat. With seal. 

65. Grant from Humphrey Croc to the wife of Ralph, 
cognatus Willelmi Longaspei, of an acre of land *' en la 
redelanda et unam percam en la Wadstichene et in alio 
campo unam acram al'est de la Punxdune en la Stanlicha." 
[co. Wilts]. Witnesses : Hugh de Dreicote ; Reginald de 
la Wicha; Roger, son of Hugh ; Helias de Chiselden; Ralph 
de Cardevilla ; Robert de Hinetun ; Helias de Stretun. 
Late 1 2th cent. Lat. 

66. Grant by Richard, son of Heiyas Orescoiz, to 
Walter de Stures, "cum Agatha cognata mea," of a half 
virgate of land which Walter, son of Edward, held, and 
half Benleigemore, which the same Walter held in the 
vill of Wicha [Wick, co. Glouc.]. Rent, a pound of 
pepper at Michaelmas. Witnesses : Thomas and William 
fratres Domini ; Domina Ida uxor Domini ; Roger le Scai ; 
Lioffus de Wic' ; Robert, son of Archebald ; Roger de la 
Hethe ; Roger de Ripariis ; Ernald Barbast' ; Walter de 
Suint'; Richard Clericus de Suit'; Richard and Henry, 
sons of Lioffus; Thomas, Clerk of Dudinton; Heiyas, Chaplain 
of Wick ; Robert de Cromale ; William, Chaplain. Late 
1 2th cent. Lat. 

67i Grant frorn William de Paris, with the assent of 
Nica, his wife, to Ralph Loas in free marriage with Hele- 
uisa, his daughter, of twenty-four acres of land in Neuinton 
[S. Newington, co. Oxon,] : namely, I2 acres on the west 
of the vill towards Wiginton [co. Oxon], and I2 acres 
in Hamhille, towards the east, and the messuage which 
Richard " nevus homo " held with common of pasture, etc. 

Selfxt Charters. 29 

Witnesses : Reginald, Sacerdos de Bereford, [Barford, co. 
Oxon] ; Henry, Chaplain of Newinton ; Robert de Auvery ; 
Ralph de Auvery ; Roger de Bereford ; Ralph de Glint' ; 
Roger de Glint'. Late 12th cent. Lat. 

68. Grant by Robert de Berkelaia for his soul's health, 
and that of his wife Juliana, to Kingswood Abbey, of a 
virgate of land in Pochamton [Pockampton, in Hinton, co. 
Glouc] ; and eight " nummatae " of land in the same 
vill, by service of three capons in the month of May ; and 
five acres of assarts, which Alexander de Pochamton and 
Reginald, son of Gladwin, " fecerunt in purpresturam de 
jannetto meo " ; together with pasture for seven sows, and 
one year's litter, and one boar, and for 50 sheep, and certain 
fishing rights in the Severn, near Cheselhanger Wood. 
Witnesses : Ralph [Su]mery ; William de Punthdelarch ; 
Richard de Clifford ; Oliver de Berkeley ; Bernard de 
Stanes ; Walter, Hugh and Robert, Chaplains ; Maurice, 
son of Nigel ; Robert le Bastard ; Gilbert, son of Osmund ; 
Hugh de Cimma ; John de Crauleia. Dated F. of St. 
Barnabas [nth June], 1200. Lat. 

69. Confirmation by Herebert de Morevilla to Robert 
de Berkeleia, son of Maurice de Berkeleia, of that part of 
Portbury Manor [co. Som,] which Richard,^ his brother, 
gave to Robert Fitzharding, grandfather to the said Robert, 
and for which the said Herbert has already received hom- 
age from the said Robert ; to be held by service of half 
a knight's fee. Witnesses : John de Sancto Augustino ; 
William de Kainesham ; William de Kingeswod, Abbots, 
\i.e. John, Abbot of St. Augustine's, Bristol ; William, Abbot 
of Keynsham ; William, Abbot of Kingswood] ; William, 
Earl of Salisbury ; William Marshall ; Ivo de Morevill ; 

1 cf. s. Ch. 13. 

30 Berkeley Castle 

William and Roger, his sons ; William Capellanus de 
Morevill ; Richard, son of Herebert ; Henry, brother of 
Herebert's wife ; Walter and Henry, Chaplains ; John le 
Warre ; William Cocele ; Gilbert, son of Osmund ; Hugh 
de Camme ; Richard Faber, etc. Circ, 1200. Lat. The 
endorsement states that this deed was produced in an 
exchequer suit in Easter Term, 22 Edw. HI. [1348]. 

70. Deed of William, son of Robert, son of Martin. 
Witnesses : Robert de Sancta Cruce ; Thomas de Wintrid. 
Circ. 1200. Much defaced, but having fine seal of armed 
knight on horseback. 

71. Grant from Baldwin de Ekewike, with the assent 
of William, his heir, to Maurice de Berkelei, of all the 
meadow which he held on the bank [of the R. Colne] near 
Foxcote [in Withington, co. Glouc] lying between Fox- 
cote and Pekelinge : paying an annual rent of a pair of 
iron spurs at Michaelmas. For this grant the said Maurice 
gave the said Baldwin three silver marks ; to Avice, his 
wife, a silver fermail' ; and to William, his heir, a gold 
ring. Witnesses : Henry de Monteforti ; Roger, his brother ; 
Richard Cotele ; William de Balun ; William Malreward ; 
Ernald de Balun ; William, Chaplain of Horton ; Thomas, 
Chaplain of Foxcote ; Alexander de Monteforti. Circ. 
1200. Lat. 

*72. Grant from Reginald Basset de Wlveia to Robert 
Basset, his nephew, of a virgate of land in Dhiteswrhe 
[Diseworth, co. Leic] which belonged to William, son of 
Bertram de Dhitheswrhe. Rent, a pound of cummin at the 
feast of All Saints. Witnesses : Robert de Harweturt; 
Geoffrey de Turevilla ; Reginald de Bordous ; Thomas 

J A clasp or locket (Halliwell. ) 

Select Charters. 31 

Sorel ; Peter de Vesci ; William de Wilmescote'; Amaric 
de Bullers ; William, son of Robert ; Godfrey de Lokintona ; 
Reginald de Hoilande ; Thomas de Curtun ; William de 
Haysford ; Richard de Prestwde ; Richard Basset ; Fulco, 
Clerk of Lismer. Circ. 1200. Lat. With seal. 

73- Grant from John de Wodeford to Dom. Juliana 
de Ponte Arche, wife of Robert de Berkeleia, of that half 
virgate of land with fifteen acres of assarts pertaining 
thereto, in Nubbeleia [Nibley, co. Glouc] which the said 
John recovered "contra Dom.Margaretam quondam uxorem 
Othonis fil. Willelmi," for which grant the said Juliana gives 
seventy shillings of silver and a gold ring " de recognitione." 
Witnesses : Adam, son of Nigel ; Oliver de Berkeleia ; 
Bernard de Stanes ; Bernard de Cromhale ; Richard de 
Cromhale ; Reginald de Gosintuna ; Roger de Boivill ; 
Harding de Hunteneford ; Maurice, son of Nigel. Circ. 
1200. Lat. 

74. Grant from Juliana, wife of Robert de Berkeley, 
to Richard de Pinkeni, of half a virgate of land in Nubelei 
[Nibley], which she held from John de Wodeford, to hold 
from the said John by service of a pound of cummin at 
Michaelmas. Witnesses : The Abbot of Kingswood ; 
Adam, son of Nigel ; John de Erlei ; Robert, son of 
Richard ; Ralph, the Chaplain ; Master John de Gode- 
sten ; Master William de Bristol ; Robert Musard ; Peter 
Piscis; Henry, Clerk of Berkeley. Early temp. John. Lat. 
With seal. 

75- Grant from Hugh de Bradeleia to Dom. Juliana 
de Ponte Arche, wife of Robert de Berkeleia, of half a 
virgate of land, which Odo Russell held in Wotton [Wotton- 
under-Edge, co. Glouc] "juxta curiam persone" ; the said 
Juliana giving " de recognitione" a horse valued at half 

32 Berkeley Castle 

a mark. Rent, a pound of cummin at Michaelmas. Wit- 
nesses : Adam, son of Nigel ; Maurice de Berkeleia ; 
William de Berkeleia ; Henry de Coveleia ; Bernard de 
Stanes ; Roger de Boivillis ; Henry, Chaplain ; Walter, 
Chaplain ; Hugh, Chaplain ; Harding de Hunteneford ; 
Maurice, son of Nigel ; Richard de Cromhale ; Bernard de 
Cromhale ; Elias de Bevintuna ; Maurice, his son ; Elias 
de Cumba ; Gilbert, son of Osbert ; Walter de Angervillis. 
Early temp. John. Lat. With seal. 

76. Release from Thomas, son of Ralph de Holkham, 
to Dom. Robert Bassett, of his wood called Bassetteshawe, 
with land in Riston [Rushton, co. Northt.] Witnesses : 
Dom. Hugh de Goldigham ; Warin de Clendon ; John 
Luvet ; Henry de Sancto Litio ; Roger, son of Fulk ; 
William, son of Nigel ; William ad Crucem ; WiUiam Beufiz. 
Early temp. John. Lat. 

77- Release from Richard, son of Roger, to Stephen 
de Segrave, his lord, of two virgates of land and four 
tofts in Segrave [co. Leic] Witnesses : William de Hardred 
[eshullay Sheriff ; Thomas de Estleia ; Ralph de Marti- 
wast ; Robert de Tuiford ; William de Houbi : William de 
Anesti. [1201-2]. Lat. 

78. Grant from Josbert, Prior of Coventry, to Hugh 
de Chaucumbe, of " the whole tenement, which Mary held 
from the Priory in the vill of Cubintun " [Cubington, co. 
Warw.] Witnesses : Roger Basset ; William de Ardena ; 
Simon de Barchetun ; William Turvill ; Roger Barat ; 
Thomas Janitor ; William de Offechirche ; William de 
Brinchelaue. Temp. John. Lat. 

^ William de Hardredeshulla acted as SherifiF for William de Cantelu, Anno 
3 John [1201-2]. 

Select Charter?. 33 

79. Grant by Robert de Berkelay to St. Augustine's 
Abbey, Bristol, of Hugh Pistor [the Baker], his servant, 
" whom he had previously made free," and his heirs, with a 
virgate of land at Hulemanecote [in Coaley, co. Glouc] 
that the said Hugh and his heirs may give to the Canons 
two " summae " of corn for oblations and ten shillings to buy 
wine every year at Michaelmas " at the consecration of the 
body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ." Witnesses : 
Roger, son of Nicholas ; Henry de Berkele, Adam, son of 
Nigel ; Simon de Olepenne ; Richard de Couelege ; John 
de Crauleigh ; Elyas de Bristoll, Canon of Hereford ; Henry 
and Adam, Chaplains of Berkeley ; John and William, 
Chaplains ; Maurice, son of Nigel ; Richard de Crom- 
hale ; Elyas de Slimbrugge ; John de Eggington, and 
many others. [1189-1220]. Lat. With R. de Berkelay's 
seal of arms [a knight armed] in white wax [the edges 
chipped] and on the reverse his privy seal, " the George on 

80. Fragment of Charter of King John, of which 
only a few words remain. The seal, however, is fairly 
perfect, [i 199-12 15]. 

81. Grant from John, Abbot of St. Augustine's, Bristol, 
to Dom. Robert de Berkeleya, of all the lands which 
Maurice, his brother, bequeathed to the Abbey, lying between 
Boeleyebroc [Billow Brook, nr. Slimbridge] as the brook 
flows down to WidipuUe and the water of Cambrigga, as well 
as the land called Snitelega, with ten pence rent due from 
Juliana de Slinbrigga, and the meadow called Littlemed of 
the fee of Roger de Berkeley, two acres in Fulemora of the 
fee of Eggetuna [in Hinton], and a meadow at Foxchotis. 
Witnesses : Malger, Bishop of Worcester ; William de Ver- 
dun, Archdeacon of Gloucester; Henry, Dean of Bristol ; 


34 Berkeley Castle 

Master Robert de CHpstun ; Master Stephen de Scha- 
lopesburia ; Master Philip de Brai ; Robert de Roppeleya ; 
Thomas de Thiringeham ; Maurice, son of Nigel ; Thomas 
de Loventa ; Henry, Chaplain of Berkeley, [i 200-1 210]. 

82. Covenant whereby Adam de Staveleia releases 
to William de Moubray his right in the Forest of Burton-in- 
Lonsdale [co. York], with liberty of taking beasts and birds 
(the said William granting to Adam the privilege of hunting 
with dogs the hare and the fox) : he also releases to the 
said William his right in the Forest of Mewid [Mewith], 
excepting reasonable estovers and certain privileges of pas- 
ture, etc., for his men of Ingleton and Bentham [co. York], 
reserving to himself the three cow-pastures called Quernside, 
Sutterescales. and Birbladethwait, and agreeing to keep the 
hermitage waste " so that there shall be no house there," 
except by licence from W. de Moubray. Witnesses : 
Dom. Simon de Pateshill ; Master Roger Arundel ; Henry, 
son of Hervey ; John de Danvill ; William Gramaticus ; 
Henry de Reddeman ; Hugh de Magneby ; Akuna de 
Oustwic ; Gilbert de Notton ; Robert Camerarius. Dat. 
York, Tuesday after F. of St. Peter in Cathedra [22 Feb.] 
5 John [1204]. Lat. With seal of Adam de Staveleia. 

83. Grant from Ivor de Tevellesford to Robert de 
Bercal' [Berkeley] of land in Tevellsford [Telsford, co. Som.] 
and Chattelei [Chatley, co. Som.] Witnesses : Henry de 
Monteforti ; John de Erlega ; Richard de Cotela ; Roger de 
Monteforti ; Wido de Cultura ; Richard Parcarius ; Thomas 
de Rodinc. Early temp. John. Lat. With seal. 

84- Lease from Ivor de Tablesford to Robert de Berke- 
ley of half a virgate of land in Cacheleie [Chatley, co. Som.], 
which Godwin held, and the whole of his wood there. 
Witnesses : Robert, Prior of Bath ; Thomas, son of William ; 

Select Charters. 35 

Oliver de Berkeley ; William Dessuble [?] ; Walter Snigga ; 
Bernard de Stanes, etc., Dat. 1204. Lat. With seal. 
Injured by damp. 

85. Grant from Ivor de Teveleford to Robert de Berke- 
leia, of his " affidatus," of a virgate and a half of land, with a 
wood in Chatteleg' [Chatley, co. Som.], and the half virgate of 
land which Richard, son of Svetric, held in Teveleford [Tels- 
ford, CO. Som.], together with the said Richard himself and 
his two sons, Walter and Hugh, with all their suit : with 
pasture for 100 sheep, 4 cows, and 8 oxen, with the said 
Ivor's own oxen. Witnesses : Malger, Bishop of Worcester ; 
William, Abbot of Kingswood ; Walter, Prior of Bath ; 
William Marshall, Earl of Pembroke ; Roger de Berkeley ; 
Henry de Monteforti ; Roger and Hubert, his brothers ; 
John de Erleia ; Henry de Cultura ; Wido de Cultura ; 
Ranulph de Thoringtun ; Maurice de Berkeley ; Mahu 
Turpin ; William de Balun ; Robert la Warra, etc. [1199- 
12 12]. Lat. 

86. Grant from Ivor de Teveleford to Robert de Berke- 
lai, his " affidatus, " of a virgate and a half of wood in 
Chattleg' [Chatley], and half that virgate which Richard son 
ofSuetric held in Teveleford [Telsford], with right of pasture 
for 100 sheep, 4 cows and 8 oxen, with his own oxen 
in his garden and meadow. Witnesses : The Abbot of 
Kingswood ; the Prior of Bath ; Dom. Roger de Berkele ; 
Henry de Monteforti ; Roger and Hubert, his brothers ; 
Ranulph de Thoringn' ; Robert de Thoringn', Maurice de 
Berkeley ; Mahu Turpin ; Ranulph Garnun ; Geoffi'ey de 
Chausi ; Harding de Hunteneford ; Bartholomew de Olepenn. 
Temp. John. Lat. With seal. 

8*7. Grant from Alice, Comitissa Augy^ to Dom. 

' Alice, Comtesse d'Eu [i 186-1227], dau. of Henri H., Comte d'Eu, 
husband of Raoul de Lusignan, dit d'Issoudun, who aided King John against 
the King of France in 1214. [L'arl de verifier Ics dates, ii., 779). 
D 2 

36 Berkeley Castle 

Stephen de Segrave, of her mill of Turnewod [Turn- 
worth, CO. Dors.] and her tenement " de Forda, " with 
the homage and service of Richard de Ottelaio, and the 
tenement which he holds at Friebec : to hold by service of a 
sparrow hawk or two shillings. Witnesses : Dom. William, 
Earl of Warenne ; Symon de Echingeham ; William de 
Moncellis ; Malvesin de Hersin, " tune temporis senescallus 
meus " ; William de Clarevall ; Hellebold de Fanencort. 
Early 13th cent, [ante 1208]. LaL With fragment of seal 
of arms. 

88. Grant from Walter Croc to Henry Foliot of his 
land of Drayecot [Draycote, co. Wilts], with the service of 
half a knight's fee which Stephen de Erdecot is accustomed 
to pay him, the said Henry doing service of two knights' 
fees, and paying a pound of pepper yearly. Witnesses : 
William de Ely, Lord Treasurer ; William, Archdeacon 
of Huntingdon ; Master Robert Gloucestre ; RobertMau- 
duit ; the King's Chamberlain ; Master Joscellin Marshall ; 
Master Philip de Saham ; Richard de Stutecumb ; Hillary 
de Backanton ; Robert Bloech ; John de Windessor ; Robert 
de Thorenny ; William de Chauton ; Waleran de Audiburn. 
[1208-9]. -^^^- With fragment of seal. 

89- Lease for 15 years from Robert de Berkele to 
Ralph de Bray, of his land of Bray [co. Devon]. Witnesses : 
Roger de Berkeley ; Adam, son of Nigel ; Bernard de Crom- 
hale ; Bernard de Stanes ; Henry and Swigin, Chaplains ; 
Thomas de Tiringham ; William de Rotomag' ; tunc vie 
[arius ?] ; Robert de Albumara ; Walter Giffard ; Randolph 
de Albemara ; John Cole. Dat. Michaelmas, 1 1 John 
[1209]. Lat. 

90- Lease for 13 years from Matilda de Landa, widow, 
to Kingswood Abbey of her land, with her men and rents in 

Select Charters. 3y 

Niwent' and in Dureslega [Newington and Dursley, co. 
Glouc] " Receperunt autem idem monachi eandem terram 
omnino nudam et incultam, ita earn reddent peracto termino 
ad ascensionem Domini, sed monachi habebunt croppum 

suum sequentis autumpni liberum et quietum Receperunt 

vero idem monachi tres domos tantum apud Niwenton scilicet 
aulam sine camera, et capellam et pistorium, quas domos 
reddent post terminum in eodem statu quo eas receperunt." 
Witnesses : Philip de Berkelai ; Thomas, persona de Niwin- 
tun ; William de Scai ; Adam, his son ; Peter de Upthrop ; 
Adam de Scai ; Nicholas de King' ; Thomas de Planca ; 
Adam Loch ; William Trussi ; Robert de Landa. Dat, 
Ascension Day [3 May], 1212. Lat. With seal. 

91. Grant from Roger la Zuche, in accordance with the 
award of Lawrence, Prior of Barnwell [co. Cambr.], Henry 
de Colevile, Knight, Master Walter de Thirintona and 
Matthew Cristian, arbitrators, to John, Prior, and the Church 
of Swavesey [co. Cambr.], of a part of his meadow of Eye 
[co. Sufif.], in the place of the tithe of the said meadow, 
which the said Prior has been accustomed to receive. Early 
13th cent, [post 12 1 3]. Lat. With two seals defaced. 

92. Indenture of grant by Fr. Guido, Prior, and the 
Convent of Southwick, co. Hants, to J[ohn] Abbot, and the 
Canons of St. Augustine's, Bristol, of all the tenements, 
which Dom. Robert de Berkeley and Juliana, his wife, gave 
to the said Priory, and which Gilbert de Hegge sometime 
held. Witnesses : Dom. Robert de Berkelaio and Juliana, 

his wife ; R , Prior of St. Augustine's Bristol ; Fr. J , 

tunc camerarius ; Fr. W , tunc sacrista, on the one part : 

and on the other, Audoenus, tunc supprior ; Luke, Robert 
Walkelin, canonici nostri. Ante 12 16. Lat. With large 
red seal, representing the Priory Church,with walls of masonry, 

1$^ Berkeley Castle 

central tower, chancel and side towers, with inscription : 

SiGILLUM Sancte Marle de Suthwica. On the 

reverse, the counterseal displaying an eagle and inscription : 


93. Grant from Robert de Berkelaia to Robert Bastard, 
of a virgate of land in Cloptune [Clapton], part of the manor 
of Ham [by Berkeley], which Aldwin Coppe held from the 
grantor's father, for which grant the said Robert Bastard 
becomes the said Robert's man. Witnesses : John, Abbot 
of St. Augustine's [Bristol] ; William, Abbot of Kingswood ; 

Walter, Dean of ; Walter, Chaplain of Berkeley ; 

Reginald de Gosintone ; Bernard de Stanes ; Bernard de 
Bretheston ; Hugh de Camme ; Roger de Planca ; Richard 
Cotell. [ II 89- 1 2x6]. Lat. 

94. Award by W[illiam], Abbot of Bordesley, W[illiam 
de Verdun], Archdeacon of Gloucester, and R[alph de 
Evesham],Prior of Worcester, arbitrators, appointed by Pope 
Innocent HI., in a suit between Henry Levet and Master 
Absolom de Almoneremunstre, Rector of Hawkesbury [co. 
Glouc], concerning a chapel built in the court of the said 
Henry Levet in Hildesley [Hillsley, co. Glouc], and certain 
parish rights belonging to Hawkesbury Church. Temp. 
John. [1203- 1 2 10]. [Copy, temp. Edw. T. or H.] Lat. 

95. Grant from Walter de Dunstanville, Canon and 
Rector of Bedminster Church, to Dom. Robert de Berkeley, 
of the offices of a Chaplain in the Oratory, which the said 
Robert has had erected in his court of Bedminster, and the 
latter in return grants to the said Walter a curtillage and 
messuage in Bedminster. Witnesses : J[ohn], Abbot of St. 
Augustine's, Bristol ; Henry, Dean of Portbury ; William, 
Chaplain of Redclifif ; Philip, Chaplain of Bedminster ; Henry 
and Gilbert, Chaplains ; Ralph Musard ; John de Morstun ; 
Oliver de Berkele ; Walter Snigga, etc. Temp. John. Lat, 

Select Charters. 39 

06. Grant from Roger, Prior, and the Convent of Christ's 
Church, Twinham [ie. Christchurch, co. Hants], to Robert 
de Berkeley, " ad remedium anime sue," etc., of " one Masse 
dayly to bee sayd in their Church for all faythfull deceased, 
and for that cause would receive and keepe one Chanon 
more in their church to singe for the sayd soules. And 
they further granted communion and participation to this 
lord of all benefitts and meritts, which are done, or hereafter 
shall bee in their Church : And to have his name, after his 
death, written in their martirologe, that having his anniversary 
recited, divine prayers might bee celebrated for him as for a 
founderV Temp, John. Lat. With seal representing the 
Priory Building, and on the reverse the privy seal of " Roger, 
Prior de Christchurch." 

97. Grant from William, son of Geoffrey de Daubi to 
Stephen de Segrave, of a meadow at Seggeshou [Six-hills, 
CO. Leic], which Gilbert de Segrave, his father, held, namely 
Bradedale and the " Gara " which abuts on Seggeshou. 
Witnesses : Geoffrey Boes de Grimeston ; Roger, Clericus de 
Grimeston; Ralph de Thursteineston ; William, son of Henry 
de Houbi ; Edmund, Merchant of Segrave ; Hugh, son of 
Thomas de Segrave ; Geoffrey, son of Alured ; Robert Cave 
de Grimeston ; Roger de Role. Temp. John. Lat. With 

98. Grant from Robert de Cheurecurt to Hugh de 
Chaucumba, of a virgate cf land in Burton [Burton Lazars, 
CO. Leic.]. Witnesses : Simon Dene ; Joseph Sacerdos ; 
Ralph, son of Hugh ; William de Haumerie ; Geoffrey 
de Torp ; Ivo, son of Alexander. Temp. John. Lat. 

^ Smyth's translation, Beikeley MSS., vol. i., p. 88. 

40 Berkeley Castle 

99- Grant from Richard de Couelege to Walter Hath- 
emer, of an acre of land in Couelege [Coaley, co. Glouc], 
which lies opposite the cross of Apudupthrop in the field of 
Oldebiri. Witnesses : Robert de Couelege ; Varner Pin- 
cerna ; Walter de Benecumbe ; James Cotele ; John de 
Dreicote ; Roger de Camme. Temp. John. Lat. 

100. Confirmation by Thomas Croc to Henry Foliot, 
of the manor of Dreicote [Draycote, co. Wilts], which Walter 
Croc, his eldest brother, gave him, to hold by service of a 
pound of pepper, for which confirmation the said Henry 
gave the said Thomas a white horse valued at 40 shillings. 
Witnesses : Walter Foliot ; Roger Foliot ; Hugh de Mara ; 
Richard Morin ; Thomas Huscale ; Geoffrey de Chauezi ; 
Reginald de la Caune ; Richard de Durneforte ; Robert de 
Torenni ; Michael de Werstun : Stephen de Odestun ; 
Maurice de Chiseldene ; John Belet ; Richard Buberel, etc. 
Temp. John. Lat. 

101. Grant from Maurice^ de Gant (with quitclaim 
after his death) to Thomas de Berkeley, of the three 
hundreds which Robert Fitzharding gave to Robert- Juvenis, 
his father, namely Bedminster, Portbury, and Hareclive 
[co. Som.] provided the said Maurice should die without an 
heir. Witnesses : Dom. William Briwere ; Dom. Stephen 
de Segrave; Dom. William de Pontearche; Richard de 
Troham ; Osbert Giffard ; Thomas de Tyringeham ; Maurice, 
son of Nigel, etc. Temp. John. Laf. 

102. Release from Bertram Le Gros to Dom. Stephen 
de Segrave of a hundred " solidate " of land in Rande 

[Raunds], co. Northampton. Witnesses : J de Ripariis; 

Roger de Syfrewast ; Anketil Maulore ; Richard de Welen- 
tone ; John de Hodeng ; Nicholas Pepyn. Temp. John. 
Lat. With fine seal of arms, chipped. 

^ Grandson of Robert Fitzharding. 
^ al. Robert de Were. 

Select Charters. 41 

103. Grant from William, son of Jordan de Hocton, to 
Thomas Tanator de Graham, of a selion of land on Bracken- 
hil in Hocton Field [Houghton-on-the-Hill, co. Leic] Wit- 
nesses : John, son of Symon ; Adam le Grant; William, 
son of Adam ; Gilbert de Hocton ; Roger Bigot ; Simon 
Pacoc. Temp. John. Lat. 

104. Confirmation by John de Ken of the grant by 
Robert, son of Richard, " antecessoris mei," to the brethren 
of St. Michael of the island which is called Stepholm, of half 
a virgate of land in Uphulla [Uphill, co. Som.], which 
Ailric de Rewa held, with right of grinding at the mill in 
the said vill, and pasture for four cows and twenty sheep. 
Temp. John. Lat. With seal. 

Sciant tam presentes quam futuri quod ego Johannes de 
Ken cartam Roberti filii Ricardi antecessoris mei recepi 
in hec verba. Sciant omnes tam presentes quam futuri 
quod ego Robertus filius Ricardi dedi et concessi divine 
pietatis intuitu et pro salute anime mee, et patris mei et 
matris mee et antecessorum meorum et successorum 
meorum Sancto Michaeli de insula que dicitur Stepholm 
et fratribus ibidem cohabitantibus dimidiam virgatam 
terre in Uphulla quam Ailricus de Rewa tenuit cum 
omnibus pertinentiis suis in puram et perpetuam ele- 
mosinam, liberam et quietam ab omni servitio seculari, 
Similiter liberam molituram in molendino de villa 
prenominata. Similiter in pastura mea in eadem villa 
quatuor vaccas et viginti oves. Ego siquidem prelibatus 
Johannes de Ken hanc donationem ratam habens et 
firmam presenti scripto et sigilli mei apposicione 
confirmavi. His testibus A. Capellano de Broclegha, 
Gervasib de Locaston, Daniele Capellano de Locaston, 
A. Capellano de Cristgeston, Jordano Capellano, Hugone 

42 Berkeley Castle 

Vassal, Reginaldo Iberniense, Roberto de Sparkeford, 
Roberto de Ferrers, Thoma de Muneketon, Galfrido 
Vassal, Ricardo de la Hulla, et multis aliis. 

105. Grant from Geoffrey de Oldelond to William de 
Puthot, of an acre of meadow in Mickelmed towards the 
meadow of the parson of Bitton [co. Glouc], to hold by- 
service of a pair of white gloves, of the value of one penny. 
Witnesses : Robert de Damenevill ; Hugh de Bathonia ; 
Robert de Hanum ; Henry Puintell ; Robert Joie ; William 
Malet ; Nicholas de Mar'; Martin de Langefeld. Temp. 
John. Lat. 

106. Release from John, son of Robert Nepos de 
Osleworth, to Thomas de Rochefort, of the land which 
Roger de Berkelay granted to Thomas, brother of the said 
John in Ozleworth [co. Glouc] Witnesses : Geoffrey de 

Cha.... ; de Hastings; Robert de Sloetre ; Philip de 

Berkelay ; William de Cromhale ; John de Anesi. Temp. 
John. Lat. With seal. 

107- Sale from Hugh Pik to Stephen de Seggrave of 
the service of Geoffrey de Crannesmere, namely, six pence 
rent due twice a year from his tenement. Witnesses : 
Richard de Latur ; Geoffrey de Borestrode ; Roger Heres ; 
Alard de Dene ; William de Leicestria. Temp. John. Lat. 

108. Grant from Walkelin, son of Richard de Emdon 
to Hugh de Chaucombe, of eight bovates of land in Stake- 
thurne [Stathern, co. Leic], at a rent of ten shillings, 
payable to the grantor or to Simon Tolebu, the lord of the 
fee. Witnesses : Richard de Hinton ; Thomas Basset ; 
Anselm de Traford ; William, son of Ralph ; Thomas son of 
Richard ; William de Bifeld ; William de Paries ; Richard 
Pcche, etc. Temp. John. Lat, 

Select Charters. 43 

109. Sale from Herebert, son of Roger de Sedgrave, 
with consent of Edith, his wife, and Gilbert, his heir, to 
Gilbert de Sedgrave, of a virgate of land in Cusintona 
[Cossington, co. Leic], which Robert fil. Dunninghi held ; 
together with the said Robert himself, his wife and children, 
to hold in chief from William, son of Ralph de Meisam, and 
Edeina, his wife. Witnesses : William, Clerk of Baruha 
[Rarrow-on-Soar] ; William, Chaplain of Segrave ; Ralph 
de Cusintun ; Ranulph, his brother ; Robert de Twiford ; 
Henry Putrel ; Turstan de Pedmain ; Stephen de Role ; 
Stephen Pirin, etc. Temp. John. Lat, 

110. Confirmation by William, son of Robert, 
son of Martin, of the grant, by Robert, son of Richard, 
Knight, to the Church of St. Michael de Insula "que 
dicitur " [Stepholm], of a virgate of land in Huppilla 
[Uphill], which Ailric de Rewa held. Witnesses ^Robert de 
Langatot ; Robert de Sancta Cruce ; Richard de Bichefauda ; 
Thomas, his brother ; Warin de Morcellis ; Schep' de Aude- 
woic ; William, Clericus de Cuantona ; William Bodin. 
Temp. John. Lat. With seal. 

111. Grant by William, son of Robert, son of Martin, 
to the Canons of St. Augustine's, Bristol, for prayers for his 
soul, of common of pasture by the way called Raganachere- 
swei, for fifty sheep and thirty mares with their issue of two 
years. Witnesses : Richard, Capellanus de Blakedun 
[Blagdon, co. Som.] ; Robert de Sancta Cruce Seneschal ; 
Roger de Aldewic : Richard de Munecheston ; Robert de 
Lesseinga; Roger Pistor; Hugh de Paeleto [?] ; Adam de 
Hospicio ; William Scutarius. Temp. John. Lat. With 
green seal, a knight in armour, and on the reverse a small 
round counterseal of a man's bust in profile, with the legend 
" Secretum Willelmi celo." 

44 Berkeley Castle 

112. Grant from William Veisin to Philip Draesid, of 
half a burgage in Nocton [? Notton, co. Wilts], Witnesses : 
Helias de Cumba ; John le Sune ; William Drawesid ; 
Robert Harding ; Hugh de Dimmoc ; Walter Drawesid. 
Temp. John. Lat. With seal. 

113. Grant from Warin, son of Ceroid, King's Cham- 
berlain, to Henry, son of Ceroid, his brother, of tenements 
in Sparsholt [co. Berks] and Badeleking [Baulking, co. 
Berks]. Witnesses : Alice de Cure', " uxor mea " ; Ralph 
Foliot ; John de Wich ; Andrew de Scaccario ; Henry 
FoHot ; Peter, Clericus ; Stephen de Badeleking ; Ailmer 
de Seuahanton; Robert de Warcebec. Temp. John. LaU 

114. Grant from Roger de Craft to John de Chaveyni, 
of his vill of Parva Lalleford [Little Lawford, co. Warw.] , 
containing two hides of land, that is eight virgates,with tofts, 
crofts, etc., excepting the mill held by the monks of Pipe- 
well [co. Northt.] Witnesses: Robert de Campania ; Hugh 
de Campania ; Roger Pantolf ; William, Persona de 
Rokeby [Rugby] ; Henry de Rokebi ; Robert de Rokebi ; 
William Hanselin ; Lawrence, the Clerk. Early 13th cent. 
Lat, With fragment of green seal. 

115. Acknowledgment from Ralph Camerarius of 
the homage of Stephen de Sagrave of the land which the 
latter's father held from him in Reresby [Rearsby, co. Leic], 
for a virgate of land, which William Buteiller held from 
Gilbert de Sagrave. Rent 25 pence, I2d. at Michaelmas, 
1 2d. at F. of Purification, and id. "pro incremento ad 
obblationem in die Pentecostes.'" Witnesses : Geoffrey 
Bassett ; William de Belegrave; Hugh de Ses ; Ivo Came- 
rarius ; Ralph de Tursteneston ; Roger Stalipres ; Roger 
Mareschall ; Ralph de Snipestre ; William Hurel. Early 
13th cent. Lat. 

Select Charters. 45 

116. Grant from Reginald Basset to Peter de Dena, 
his nephew, of a virgate of land in Disthwrthe [Diseworth, 
CO. Leic], which Robert Basset of Dene held. Witnesses : 
William, Abbas de Cumbe [Combe, co. Warw.] ; Henry de 
Ridelton ; John de Dena ; Thomas de Dena ; Bartholomew 
de Lockinton; Robert Kide, etc. Early 13th cent. Lat, 
With seal. 

117. Release from Richard, son of Richard Basset, to 
Reginald Basset, of two virgates of land in Ditheswrth 
[Diseworth, co. Leic], and permission to Stephen de 
Segrave and his heirs to hold the same in fee by grant of 
the said Reginald. Witnesses : Henry de Segrave ; Stephen 
de Roele ; Simon de Monteforti ; Herbert de Kaythorp ; 
and William Faukuner. Early 13th cent. Lat, With 

118. Grant from Thomas de Berkeley to John de 
Gosinton of two acres of meadow, which Richard Salewine 
held in Cam [co. Glouc] Witnesses : Robert, son of 
Richard ; Peter de Stintescumbe ; Richard de Couele; Simon 
de Holepenne ; Elias Pincerna ; Elias de Beninton. Early 
13th cent. Lat. 

119. Grant from Thomas de Birkyn, son of John de 
Birkyn, to Stephen de Segrave, of a third part of thirteen 
bovatcs of land and an eighth part of one bovate, in 
Pichuell and Leuesthorp [Pickwell and Leesthorp, co. 
Leic], which sometime belonged to Roger Arundel. Wit- 
nesses : John de Birkyn ; William de Flemesburg ; Peter 
de Sancto Edwardo; Robert Puterel; William le Faukenor; 
Hugh de Manecestre ; Robert de Waleton ; Geoffrey Pute- 
rel ; Robert de Scepey ; Gilbert Maulore ; William de 
Sancto Edmundo. Early 13th cent. Lat. With seal. 

4^ Berkeley Castle 

120. Grant from Baldwin de Ekewike to Maurice de 
Berkelei, of all his meadow under Foxcote [in Withington, 
CO. Glouc] lying between Foxcote and Pekelinge, by service 
of a pair of iron spurs. Witnesses : Henry de Monteforti ; 
Roger, his brother; William de Balun ; Robert la Warre : 
Thomas de Foxcote. Early 13th cent. Lat. Injured by 

121. Release from Aumfelisia, daughter of John, son 
of Osbert de Gloucestre, to Richard, son of David Dunning 
of Gloucester, of all the lands which Walter Kadifor and 
David Dunning purchased of Osbert Carnifex and of John, 
father of the said Aumfelisia in Gloucester : and of three 
shillings rent which the said Richard paid into her hands 
" ad magnum negotium meum." Witnesses : Henry Bur- 
gensis ; Richard Kadifer ; Walter Wain ; Walter de 
Pinnekote; Robert Bel Hoste [sic]; William Gille ; Geoffrey 
de Bathonia. Early 13th cent. Lat. With fragment of 

122. Grant from William, son of Nigel de Aleby to 
Geoffrey le Futur, of a toft called Longecroft, in Aleby 
[Welby, CO. Leic] Witnesses : Ralph de Herevile ; Robert 
le Palmer : Ralph de Rempistun ; Geoffrey de Sallowe ; 
William de Bovile ; William Sansun. Early 13 th cent. 
Lat. With fragment of seal. 

123. Grant from Bernard, son of Nigel de Botesford 
to Stephen de Sedgrave of a bovate of land in Kyrkebi 
[Kirkby-Beler, co. Leic], being one of the four bovates which 
the said Bernard holds from Ralph Beler, with the croft 
which Roger de Fossato held near the highway. Rent, a 
pound of pepper on the Feast of St. Botulph [17th June]. 
Witnesses : Richard de Kynton ; Peter, son of Geoffrey ; 
Ralph de Tursteinton ; Nicholas Capellanus ; Norman fil. 
Popeline ; Robert, son of Norman ; Henry de Merston. 
Early 13th cent. Lat. 

Select Charters. 47 

12^. Grant from Robert de Brinkelaue to Stephen de 
Satgrave of the land which the latter held from Robert, 
Clericus de Strucardestune, in the vill of Meutune [Melton 
Mowbray, co. Leic] Witnesses: Ralph Beler ; Wido de 
Meutune ; Henry Puterel ; Thomas de Sixtenebi ; Regi- 
nald de Torp ; Ralph de Tursteinetun ; William Careles. 
Early 1 3th cent. Lat. With seal, chipped. 

125. Grant from John de Bosco to John, the Chaplain, 
son of William Lefward, of a selion of land '* in campo de 
Clunmarisco qui tendit a fossato de Wurthin usque ad 
Wallam " [in Berkeley ?]. Witnesses : Helias de Beovilla ; 
Hugh de Wika ; Gilbert de Lincha ; Roger de Camma ; 
John de Dreicote ; William, persona de Erlingham, tunc 
Decanus; William Capellanus. Early 13th cent. With 

126. Release from John le New, of Osleworth, to 
Kingswood Abbey, of common of pasture in Frith wood, in 
Ozleworth [co. Glouc], which wood Robert de Rocheford, his 
lord, gave to the Abbey. Witnesses : Oliver de Bercheley ; 
William de Bradeley ; Nicholas Rufifus; Adam de Hore; 
Thomas le Archer ; Nigel de Oslewrth ; Henry, Clerk of 
Bradley. Early 13th cent. Lat 

127. Grant from John le New to Kingswood Abbey, 
of an acre of land, lying under Badderigge, in Oslewrthe 
[Ozleworth, co. Glouc] Witnesses : Oliver de Berkeley ; 
Nicholas Ruffus ; Nigel de Oslewrth ; William de Brade- 
ley; Adam de la Hame ; Nicholas Mig ; Roger Petit-pas ; 
Walter Tysun. Early 13th cent. Lat. 

128. Grant from William Burdun to Stephen de 
Segrave of a meadow in the field of La Wike^ called 
Hodenhulle [nr. Kirkby Malory, co. Leic], which he holds 

1 Perhaps Wykin, 4 miles S.W. of Kirkby Malory. 

4^ Berkeley Castle 

from James Brito. Witnesses : Philip de Kinton^ ; Walter 
de Beseboc ; Philip de Hasting ; Simon de Monteforti ; 
Hugh de Manecestre ; Anketil Malore. Early 13th cent. 
Lat. With fragment of seal. 

129. Grant from Robert de Chaucumb to the Church 
of St, Peter and Paul at Chaucumb [Chalcombe. co. 
Northt.] and the Canons there, of a messuage, etc., which 
belonged to " Letitia Mulier " in the vill of Daubi [Dalby 
Chalcombe, co. Leic], in exchange for a messuage in the 
same place, which Turkil held, and for two shillings rent 
due from the said Canons for Michael de Retheresby and 
from Swinesfeir. Witnesses : Roger de L'yuns ; Ralph 
Beler ; Robert de Brut ; Helias de Insula; Ralph de Torp ; 
Robert le Due ; William son of Michael. Early 1 3th cent. 
Lat. With fragment of seal. 

130. Covenant by Peter de Cysi to Stephen de Segrave 
for the payment of rent agreed upon in the latter's deed of 
grant of six acres of land in Shortelangele [Langley, co. 
Leic] Witnesses : Hugh Dispensator ; Thomas Dispensa- 
tor ; Benedict de Dicheswrthe ; William de Seinewill ; Ralph 
de Tursteinton; Robert Putrell ; Henry, Clericus de Merston; 
Thomas Ormere. Early 13th cent. Lat. With seal. 

131. Acknowledgment by Richard de Kagwrth, 
Clerk, son of Thomas, to Stephen de Sadgrave, his lord, of 
his liability for the rent agreed upon in the latter's charter 
granting to the former 16 acres of land in Shortelangele 
[Langley, co. Leic] Witnesses : Hugo, Thomas et Henri- 
cus Dispensarii ; Ralph de Tursteinton ; Hamo, the Clerk; 
Henry, the Clerk ; Henry, the Clerk of Segrave ; Hugh, 
capellanus monialium [de Langley] ; Robert de Thorp, 
clericus ; ''cum multis aliis tunc presentibus apud Langele." 
Early 13th cent. Lat. 

1 Patron of Kirkby Malory Church in 1220 [Nichols' History of Leicester- 
shire, iv., 771]. 

Select Charters. 49 

132. Grant from Stephen de Sadgrave to Richard de 
Kagwrth, Clerk, son of Thomas, of 16 acres of land in 
Shortelangele [Langley, co. Leic], near Walton Field. 
Rent, ten shillings per annum. Witnesses : Hugo, Thomas 
et Henricus Dispensarii ; Richard de Pontc Cardon' ; Ralph 
de Tursteinton ; Henry de Kagwrth ; Roger de Honinton ; 
William de Verney ; Peter de Cisy ; Robert de Torp, 
Clerk. Early 13th cent. Lat. 

133. Grant from Stephen de Segrave to William 
Niger of four acres of land in Shorte Langele [Langley, 
CO. Leic], " mensuratas per perticam decern et octo pedum 
et dimidie," lying near the land of the nuns of Langley 
towards the territory of Wavertoft. Witnesses : Hugh 
Dispensator ; Thomas Dispensator ; Benedict de Dithes- 
wrth ; Ralph de Turstcintona ; Henry de Merstona. Early 
13th cent. Lat. With fragment of seal. 

IS'l. Sale from William Niger, for half a mark, to 
Richard de Kagwurde, Clerk, of four acres of land in Syorte- 
langele [Langley, co. Leic], which he held from Stephen 
de Satgrave. Witnesses : Stephen de Pontefracto ; Ivo 
de Kagwurde ; Henry, son of Thomas ; William de Verniz ; 
Peter de Cisi ; Robert de Wivelesle ; Osbert de Waletun ; 
William Cocaine ; Roger de Heminton ; Richard de Rode- 
storn ; Master Hugh de Cestre. Early 13th cent. Lat, 

135. Release from William de Hastede to Stephen de 
Segrave of his land called Sortelangelee [Langley, co. 
Leic], between the land of the Canons of Wavertoft, and 
the path called Nunnesti by service of one pound of pepper 
on Mid-lent Sunday. Witnesses : Reginald Basset ; Hamo 
Clericus ; Richard de Verdun ; William, son of Richard ; 
William, son oT Wulfric ; Stephen de Puntefreunt; Ralph 
de Tursteinton ; Stephen de Roele ; Henry de Merston 
Early 13th cent. Lat. With seal, chipped. 

50 Berkeley Castle 

136. Release from Yvo de Roel to Stephen de Segrave 
of the homage and service of Richard Martel from a bovate 
of land in Quorndon [co. Leic] Witnesses : Peter de Sancto 
Eadwardo ; Gilbert Mallore ; Robert Puterel ; Stephen de 
Roel ; Geoffrey Puterel ; Robert de Shepeye ; William, 
son of Yvo de Preswalt ; Elias de Prestwalt ; William 
Pinkenei ; Peter de Reresby. Early 13th cent. Lat. 

137- Sale from Reginald fil. Basilic to Stephen de 

Seggrave of sixpence rent in Penn [co. . Buck.], due from 
John fil. Jacobi de Penna. Witnesses : Richard de Turvill, 

persona de Penna ; Ralph de Puteham ; Richard de la 

Tur ; Geoffrey de Borestrode ; William de Leicestre ; 

Roger Heres ; Geoffrey, Clericus. Early 1 3th cent. Lat. 

With seal, broken. 

138. Grant from Roger de Infirmitorio de Croxston to 
Hugh Moysant de Croxston of a selion of land in the 
territory of Croxston [Croxton, co. Leic], in " le furlong " 
called Ruttewell, in the meadow which abuts on Thorpdale- 
bec. Witnesses : William Infans de Croxston ; Thomas 
Sewin de Croxston ; William Niger ; Roger Faber ; John 
Cocus. Early 1 3th cent. Lat. With fragment of seal. 

139. Grant from Richard, son of Walter Kadifor, to 
David Dunning of land [in Gloucester] lying between the 
lands of Richard Burg', and of John, son of Osbert. Wit- 
nesses : Richard Burg', Thomas Oie [Mayor of Gloucester, 
1241], tunc prepositi; John Draperius ; John de Gosediches; 
Maurice Palmer, and others. Early 13th cent. Lat. 

14:0. Sale from Simon de Olepenna to Thomas de 
Berkeley of four shillings rent, due from John de Eggeton, 
annually from half a virgate of land in Abbewelle [in Hinton, 
CO. Glouc], with other rent due from Jordan de Waneswelle 
and William de Abbewelle, for two acres of land in Bulewik. 

Select Charters 5i 

Witnesses : Henry de Berkeley ; William de Berkeley; Peter 
de Stintescumbe ; Nicholas Rufus ; Elyas Pincerna. Early 
13th cent. Lat. With seal. 

I'll. Grant from Robert de Rocheford to the Church 
and Monks of Kingsvvood of the following lands in Ozle- 
worth, viz., a half virgate which Calebat held, and a 
" cotceld " which William Le Gathurde held, and the whole 
meadow called Holecumbemed, with liberty of ingress and 
egress for carts, wagons and cattle from the way of 
Sprakeweye to the said meadow over the headland of Adam 
Le Fuelere's croft. Witnesses : Oliver de Berkeley : Bar- 
tholomew Labanc ; Nicholas Ruffus ; Colin de Culcretun ; 
Roger Petipas ; Walter Tysun ; Robert le Stabler; Henry de 
Bradele, Clerk; Adam leParcheminer. Early 13th cent. Lat. 

142. Grant from Stephen de Satgrave to Geoffrey, 
son of Ralph de Alebia, of a virgate of land in Aleby 
[Wei by, CO. Leic], which Ralph de Cruce held there, and 
the moiety of a toft called Langecroft, the other moiety of 
which he retains in his own hand. Witnesses : Nigel fil. 
decani de Ketleb' ; Richard, his brother ; William, son of 
Thomas ; William, son of Nigel ; William de Bovill ; 
Gilbert, son of Henry ; William Kareles ; John de Siwaldebi; 
Ralph Junior de Warknotheb'. Early 13th cent. Lat, 

143.' Grant to Richard, son of Alured de Wica, in 
West . Early 13th cent. Fragment. 

144. Grant from William fil. Ricardi, persone de 

Ristone, to William fil. Geraldi carpentarii de Riston, and 

Alice, his wife, of land in the fields of Riston [Rushton, co. 

Northt.] at Haroldisti, which the said Alice acquired by 

grant from Thomas dc Insula, brother to the grantor. 

Witnesses : Richard Luvet; Andrew de Sancto Licio; Robert 

son of Reginald; Peter de Bradewell; Philip ad Cruce.Ti. 

Early 13th cent. Lat. 
E 2 

52 Berkeley Castle 

145. Grant by Henry, son of Adam, Chaplain of 
Cowley [Coaley, co. Glouc], to Walter Hathemer of an 
acre of land at Oldbury, in Coaley. Witnesses : Dom. 
Richard de Couele ; Robert de Couele ; Warner Pincerna ; 
John de Dreicote ; James Cotele ; Walter de Benecumbe ; 
William Ulrich. Early 13th cent. Lat. With fragment 
of white seal. 

1'16. Grant by John Le Nevou, of Ozleworth, to 
Robert de Rocheford of the moiety of Ozleworth Mill [co. 
Glouc] Rent, a pair of white gloves at Easter ; for which 
grant the said Robert has released to the said John a 
hundred shillings which he owed him, given him a silver 
mark and quitclaimed to him the warranty of one " coth- 
land " in Osleworth during the life of Aaliz Thoki, who 
holds the said " cothland." Witnesses ; The Abbot, Prior 
and Cellarer of Kingswood ; Philip de Berkelai ; Peter le 
Franceis ; Laurence le Nevou. Early 13th cent. Lai. 

147. Grant from Robert de Berkeley to Walter Snigge 
for his life, of that fardel of land which Arthur held at 
Bedminster. Witnesses : Robert Juvenis ; Adam, son of 
Nigel ; Richard de Cuhill ; Bernard de Stanes ; Walter 
Capellanus ; Maurice, son of Nigel ; Simon de Olepenne ; 
Robert Bastard ; Roger Aurifaber. Early 13th cent. Lat. 
With seal. 

148. Grant from Robert Scoticus de Waledon to 
William, son of William de Udlisford and Margaret, his 
wife, of a certain house in Waledon [Saffron Waldon, co. 
Essex], with two and a half perches of land near the road 
from Waldon to Newport, and seven other perches in 
Waldon : the said William to pay fourteen shillings yearly, 
to build a certain house " in loco grangie," to cut the willows 
without waste, and the twigs [ramusculos] of the ash and 

Select Charters 


other trees, etc. Witnesses : William de Ripa ; Ranulf 
Haryng ; John, son of Geoffrey de Wendon ; Philip Hyle- 
berd ; John Abraham ; Stephen, clericus. Early 13th cent. 

1^9. Grant from William, son of Bertram de Vhites- 
wrhe to Robert Basset, son of Simon de Dena, of two 
acres of land in Ditheswrhe [Diseworth, co. Leic], in 
" Evenvveislondes." Witnesses : Reginald Basset ; Thomas 
Sorel ; Geoffrey de Tiirvill ; Thomas de Curcun ; Godfrey 
de Lokintona ; R — de Hoilonde ; Peter de Vesci ; Adam 
de Sancto Andrea ; Fulco, clericus de Lisur'. Early 13th 
cent. Lat. 

150. Grant from Ranulph, Earl of Chester, to Ralph 
de Vernon, his clerk, of the Church of Kegworth, namely, 
one half by reason of the wardship of William Patricius, a 
boy then in the said Earl's keeping, and the other half to 
which Thomas Patricius was admitted on the presentation 
of Robert de Novilla and Matilda de Spuz, his wife, who 
have released the right of patronage to the said Earl. 
Witnesses : Dom. H[ugh], Abbot of Chester ; Dom. R — , 
Abbot of Doulecresse [Diculacres, co. Ches.] ; Philip de 
Orrebi, Justice to the Earl ; Henry de Aldithlea ; William 
de Voust ; Hugh Dispenser ; Thomas Dispenser ; John de 
Arderne ; Walter de Damill' ; Alured de Sulingm' ; Richard 
de Randestorn, Clerk : Master Simon de Cestria ; Parson of 
Duninton. [1208-1226]. Lat, With fragment of seal. 

151. Deed of Sale, for 100 pounds, by Philip de Kima 
to Dom. Rannulph, Earl of Chester, of the vill of Brettebi 
[Bretby, co. Derby]. Witnesses : Dom. H[ugh], Abbot of 
Chester ; P[hilip] de Orrebi, Justice of Chester ; Henry de 

Aldidel ; John " Extraneus " ; Guarin de Vernon ; T 

Dispensarius ; John de Arden ; A. de Sulign' ; Master Hugh 
de Cestria. [1208- 1226]. Lat. With seal of arms defaced. 

54 Berkeley Castle 

152. Grant by Ranulf, Earl of Chester, to Stephen 
de Segrave of all the land which the former held at 
Cagwurth [Kegworth, co. Leic], of the fee of Robert, son of 
Nigel, namely eight virgates, with services of the free 
holders of the same fee, in Langeleta field, etc., except the 
advowson of the Church which the said Ranulph retains. 
Witnesses : Philip de Orreby, Justice of Chester ; Hugh 
Dispenser ; Walter de Dayvill ; Robert Patric ; Alured de 
Soleigneio ; Thomas de Tuschet ; Robert de Hardredeshull ; 
Henry de Cagwurth ; Robert Samson. [1209- 1228]. Lat. 
With seal of Earl Ranulph, and on the reverse a gem 
counter-seal inscribed "Se[cretum sigillum] Comitis Cestrie," 
and representing a man seated on a chair. 

153. Letter of Ranulph, Earl of Chester and Lincoln 
to Richard de Kegwrth, Clerk, notifying that he had 
granted to Dom. Stephen de Segrave the advowson of 
Kegworth Church, whom henceforth he is to consider as his 
Patron. Early 13th cent. Lat. With seal. 

154. Grant from Ranulph, Earl of Chester and 
Lincoln, to Stephen de Segrave of the vill of Brettebi 
[Bretby, co. Derb.], which Simon de Kymba sometime held. 
Witnesses : Philip de Orreby, Justice of Chester ; Baldwin 
de Ver ; Ralph de Bray ; William de Vernun ; Nicholas de 
Litteris; John Guboud. Early 13th cent. [1209-1228]. 

155. Acknowledgment by Hugh, Abbot of Abing- 
don, of homage, etc., paid by William de Ripariis for land in 
Bede [Beedon, co. Berks.] Witnesses : Henry de Scaccario, 
sheriff ; John de la Helena ; William de Wanci ; Alan de 
Fernham ; Gilbert de Louokenor ; Moyses de Niwebot ; 
William de Londoniis ; WilHam de Lodbroc. [12 18]. Lat. 

Select Charters. 55 

156. Notification by Matildis de Landa, dau. of 
Roger de Berkelai, that in the year 12 12 she leased for a 
term of fourteen years all her land of Newintun [Newing- 
ton, CO. Glouc], to Kingswood Abbey at an annual rent of 
2 marks, but that in 12 18, on the F. of St. Margaret, [20 
July], she came to the House of Kingswood and gave to 
the monks the said land in perpetual alms, the monks 
promising of their own free will twenty-six marks, six of 
which they then paid, " pro magno negotio meo," with this 
option that if at any time during the term of fourteen years 
they elected to pay the other twenty marks they could 
retain the land in perpetual alms, but if not, the six marks 
already paid should be counted as three years' rent accord- 
ing to the original lease. Witnesses : Nicholas de Kingeswd ; 
Henry Scriptor de Bradele ; Roger Scriptor ; Adam de 
Aula ; John de Stanlega, " nepos mens " ; John Blundell ; 
Ralph Herman ; Roger Lathom ; Walter, Clericus, "cogno- 
mento archidiaconus." Early 13th cent. Lat. 

157. Deed of William, Bishop of Worcester, taking 
under his protection the Canons of St. Augustine's, Bristol, 
and granting that they may take to their use and support 
the revenues of the Churches of Berkeley, Almondsbury, 
Wotton, and Esseleswurth [Ashelworth]. Witnesses : Ralph, 
Canon of Oseney; Warin, the Chaplain ; Master Godfrey ; 
Master William de Tuneb' ; William, son of Godfrey ; 
Master Hugh de Porwico ; John, Clericus de Draitun. 
[circ. 12 18]. Lat. With fine impression of the Bishop's seal 
in green wax, and on the reverse a counterseal with Virgin 
and Child, and the inscription " Ave Maria gracia plena, 
Domine Jesu." 

158. INSPEXIMUS and confirmation by William, Bishop 
of Worcester, of the charter granted by his predecessor, 
Roger, to St. Augustine's Abbey, Bristol, of the Churches of 

56 Berkeley Castle 

Berkeley-herness, Berkeley, Wotton, Beverstone. Almondes- 
bury, Ashelworth and Cromhall. Witnesses to charter of 
Roger : Matthew, the Archdeacon ; Clement, Prior of 
Lanthony ; Ralph Gansel ; Nicholas, the Dean ; Augustine, 
the Chaplain ; Dancele, the Chaplain. Witnesses to charter 
of William : Ralph, Canon of Oseney ; Warin. the Chaplain ; 
Master Godfrey ; Master William de Tuneb' ; William, son 
of Godfrey ; Master Hugh de Porwico ; John de Draitun. 
[arc. 12 18]. Laf. With the Bishop's seal and counterseal. 

159. Fine levied at Westminster before Martin de 
Pateshull, Ralph Hareng, Simon de Insula, Thomas de 
Eyden, Justices, whereby Henry de Nafiford and Matilda, 
his wife, convey to Stephen de Segrave, ten and a half 
virgates of land in Havethurn [Hathern, co. Leic], to hold 
by service of a sparrow-hawk. Dat. Midsummer Term, 3 
Hen. HI. [12 19]. Lat. 

160. Grant (for the salvation of his soul, and the souls 
of his father, mother, wives, etc.) from Robert de Berkeley, 
son of Maurice de Berkeley, to the Abbey of St. Augus- 
tine, Bristol, of his mill at Berkeley, near to the bridge 
called Locfastebrige, which is also called the New Mill, with 
the custom and mulcture of Berkeley Castle, for the main- 
tenance of a lamp at the mass of t^e Blessed Virgin. 
He also grants to the same a virgate of land in Ham near 
to the said mill, for the saying of prayers by the Canons 
and the maintenance of two lamps, the one before the high 
altar, the other before the altar where 'the mass of the 
Blessed Virgin is celebrated. Witnesses : Dom. Nicholas 
Poinz ; Dom. Hugh, his son ; Dom. Adam, son of Nigel ; 
Dom. Thomas de Berkeley ; Dom. Simon de Olepenna ; 
Henry, the Chaplain ; Maurice, son of Nigel ; Richard and 
Philip de Hauberton. [1219-1220]. LaL With Robert de 
Berkeley's seal of arms in green wax, and on the reverse 
his privy seal, a George on horseback. 

Select Charters. 57 

161a. Grant from Robert de Berkelay to Helias, son of 
Durand, Canon of Hereford, of several plots of land in 
Arlingham [co. Glouc], called Wodegerd, Inhethinge, Wive- 
toft, etc, at an annual rent of two shillings. Witnesses : 
Dom. Adam, son of Nigel ; Oliver de Berkelay ; Simon de 
Olepenna ; Richard de Couelega ; Peter de Stintescumbe ; 
Robert de Albaniaco ; Reginald de Gosintun ; John de 
Eggentun ; Helias de Buvill ; Hugh ; Robert Bertram ; 
Robert, son of Gwido. Ante 1220. Lat. With seal. 

161b. Grant from Robert de Berkelay to Helyas, son of 
Durand, Canon of Hereford, of a virgate of land in Arling- 
ham, at an annual rent of two shillings. For this grant the 
said Helyas gave him two palfreys. Witnesses : Dom. 
David, Abbot of St. Augustine's, Bristol ; Henry de 
Berkeley ; Oliver de Berkeley ; Simon de Olepenn ; Richard 
de Coueleg'; Adam, son of Nigel ; Bernard de Stanes ; John 
de Eggentun ; Maurice, son of Nigel ; Helyas de Slimbruge. 

162. Confirmation by Robert de Berkeley to Richard 
Nauta of half a virgate of land in Ham Manor, which his 
father granted him, and grant in tail to the same of 12 
acres of land in Dolfelde, at an annual rent of ten shillings, 
for which grant the said Richard gave the said Robert four 
good oxen. Witnesses : Adam, son of Nigel ; Maurice, his 
brother ; Bernard de Stanes ; Bernard de Brothestone ; 
Harding de Hunteneford ; Helias de Bevintun ; Maurice, 
his son ; Robert Bastard ; John de Crauleye ; Gilbert, son of 
Osmund ; William Cobi. Early Hen. HI. Lat. 

163. Grant from Robert de Berkelai, son of Maurice 
de Berkelai, to the Abbey of St. Augustine, Bristol, for the 
health of his soul, and the souls of Juliana, his first wife, and 
Lucy, his second wife, of all his land " within the walls " of 
Bristol, which Richard Coterel, Elias, son of Alured, William 

58 Berkeley Castle 

de Penris, Gilda, Robert de Oxonia, Walter de Paris, Robert 
la Warra, and other tenants held from him, for the celebra- 
tion of the anniversaries of himself and his two wives. 

Witnesses : Dom. R , Abbot of Keynsham ; H , 

Prior of the same ; Jordan la Warra ; Roger Cord' ; Peter la 
Warra ; Roger Ailard ; William Blakeman ; Philip Long ; 
Robert Seuari. [12 18-1220]. Lat. With seal, and on 
reverse, counterseal. 

164. Grant from William de Cumbe to Dom. Thomas 
de Berkeley of half a virgate of land in Wotton, which 
William de Wyke formerly held, in exchange for a virgate 
of land at Wurtheleye, in Wotton Manor. Witnesses : 
Dom. Robert de Berkeley ; Dom. William Daubigny ; Dom. 
Roger de Lokinton ; Elias de Cumbe ; Bartholomew de 
Olepenne ; Robert de Stane ; Yvo de Cumbe. Early Hen. 
III. \circ. 1220]. Lat. 

165. Grant from Thomas de Berkele to Helyas, son 
of Durand, Canon of Hereford, of the tenement which his 
brother Robert gave to the same Helyas, in Herlingham 
[Arlingham], at an annual rent of two shillings sterling, 
payable half-yearly at Michaelmas and Easter. Witnesses : 
Richard de Couele ; Helyas de Buvill ; Robert, son of Gwido, 
Robert Bertram ; Hugh de Wike ; Gilbert del Ling ; Walter 
' homo persone' ; Hugh Pistor ; Ernulf, son of Richard de 
Neweham. Early Hen. HI. \circ. 1220]. Lat. 

166. Confirmation from Thomas de Berkele to 
William, fil. Osberti Parcarii, of the land which the said 
Osbert held from Dom. Robert, his brother, and an acre of 
land in Perhamesmor [Parham Moor] : in consideration of 
which the said William has given the said Thomas two 
oxen, and to Dom. Johanna, his wife, a talent. Witnesses : 
Peter de Stintescumbe ; Thomas de Tyringeham, tunc 

Select Charters. 59 

senescallus ; Robert, son of Maurice ; Ralph de Stanes ; 
Arnulf, the Clerk ; John de Eggeton ; Robert, son of Walter 
de Hineton. Circ. 1220. Lat. With seal. 

167- Grant from Thomas de Berkelay to Helias de 
Bristoll, Canon of Hereford, of liberty to keep five oxen 
and one cow in his pastures of Arlingham. Witnesses: 
Robert, son of Richard ; Maurice, son of Nigel ; Henry de 
Berkeley ; Ernulf, the Clerk ; Ralph de Stanes ; Elias de 
Buvill; Hugh de Wike. Circ. 1220. Lat. 

168. Indenture whereby Thomas de Berkeley coven- 
ants to grant to Osbert Gyffard, his nephew, the reversion 
of the land of Foxcote which his wife Lucy holds in dower, 
the said Osbert covenanting to restore to the said Thomas 
the land of Bray ; and the latter attorns the said Lucy to 
be answerable to the said Osbert for all services due from 
the land of Foxcote, and similarly the said Osbert shall be 
answerable to Maurice de Berkeley, eldest son of Thomas, 
for all services due from the lands of Foxcote and Bray, 
excepting the service of a pair of gilt spurs or six pence 
every Easter. Witnesses : Dom. William Briquere ; Dom. 
Maurice Gaunt ; Helias Giffard ; Stephen de Segrave ; 
Dom, William de Pontdelarch ; Thomas de Thuringham ; 
Maurice, son of Nigel ; John de Heketon ; Hubert de Vaus. 
Early Hen. HI. {post 1220]. Lat. 

169. Grant from Thomas de Berkeley to Drusiana, 
daughter of Robert Bertram, of all that land which Dolfin 
in-Woldrop and James, his son, held. Witnesses : Richard 
de Kouele ; Peter de Stintescumbe ; Elias de Buvill ; Hugh 
de Wike ; Gilbert de Linche. Early Hen. HL {post 1220]. 

1*70. Grant from Peter de Iweleia to Robert de 
Berkelai of his land of Westcote [co. Glouc], and of Helyas, 
his man. Witnesses ; Henry, Capellanus ; Hugh, Cap- 

6o Berkeley Castle 

pellanus de Lorilinga ; William de Pontearche ; Henry de 
Coueleia ; Bernard de Stanes ; Harding de Hunteneford ; 
Maurice, son of Nigel ; Hugh de Salso Marisco. Early- 
Hen. HI. [ante 1220]. Lat. 

171. Grant from Margaret de Quenci, Countess of 
Winchester, to Stephen de Segrave of six virgates of land 
in Wethstan [Whetstone, co. Leic], which Henry Byset 
formerly held of her, in return for a release by the said 
Stephen to the said Margaret of all his land of Roteby 
[Ratby, co. Leic], which he acquired by exchange from the 
Prior and Convent of the Holy Trinity, London [H. Trinity 
within-Aldgate], which land the Priory acquired from 
Peter de Sancto Edwardo. Witnesses : Dom. John de 
Ripariis ; William de Sancto Edmundo ; William de 
Martiwall ; William de Sancto Georgio ; Bartholomew de 
Cnapwell ; Roger de Turkelby ; Walter Muschet ; Walter 
de Bristoll ; Henry Biset ; Henry de Faffington ; Philip 
Quentin. Early Hen. HI. [1220-1235]. Lat. 

1*72.' Final concord made at Westminster in the 
octave of the Feast of the Purification [2nd Feb.], 8 
Henry HI [1224], before Martin de Pateshull, Stephen de 
Segrave, Thomas de Haidon, Robert de Lexinton, Geoffrey 
le Sauvage, Justices, whereby Robert de Chaucumbe releases 
to Philip de Bello Monte, named by William de Sutton and 
Mabel, his wife, " ad warantum," nine hides of land in 
Goldor and Claior. [Golder and Clare, in Pirton, co. 
Oxon]. Lat. 

173. Fin \l concord made at Westminster on the mor- 
row of the Feast of Ascension [23rd May] 8 Hen. HI. [1224], 
before Martin de Pateshall, Thomas de Muleton, Thomas 
de Haiden, Robert de Lexinton, Geoffrey le Sauvage, 
Justices, whereby Stephen de Segrave conveys to Roger de 

Select Charters. 6i 

Craft and Cecilia, his wife, a third part of the land which 
belonged to Colin de la Penne, in La Penne [Penn, co. 
Bucks.] Lat. 

174. I. Grant from William de Guniges to Ralph, 
son of Reginald de Pokebrok, of a virgate of land in 
Botilbrigge, which Geoffrey Coke held, together with the 
said Geoffrey and all his " sequela," and half a virgate of 
land which Eva, daughter of Godwyn, held, and the 
service of Reginald, son of Robert, with his land in Overton 
and Botilbrigge [Orton-Longville and Botolph Bridge, co. 
Hunts.] Witness : Norman Darcy. 2. Fine levied in the 
King's Court, Easter Term, 9 Hen. HI. [1225], before 
Martin de Patishull, Thomas de Malton, Thomas de Heiden, 
Robert de Lexington, and Geoffrey le Sauvage, Justices, 
whereby the above-mentioned land is conveyed to the said 
Ralph. Lai. Copies, temp. Edw. HL 

l^S. Grant from Peter, Prior, and the Convent of the 
Holy Trinity of Lenton [co. Notts.] to Stephen, son of 
Gilbert de Sedgrava, of a carucate of land in Alebi [Welby, 
CO. Leic], which Odo fil. Keteline formerly held by charter 
of Philip, Prior of Lenton. Witnesses : Robert, son of 
Fulk ; Durannus, his brother ; William, persona de Fostona 
[Foston, CO. Leic] ; John de Londoniis ; Robert Putrel ; 
Ralph de Tursteinton ; Nicholas, the chaplain. Early Hen. 
HL Lat. With Priory seal, chipped. 

176. Grant from Robert de Berkelai to Isillia, 
daughter of Alexander de Egintun, of two virgates of land 
in Hinton, called Kingesgerde and Hufland, in exchange 
for the wood called Garstin and Aldredesmare. Witnesses: 
Henry de Coueleg ; Bernard de Cramal ; Richard de 
Cromhal ; Bernard de Stanes ; Bernard de Brothestan ; 
Eustace de Camm ; Maurice, son of Nigel ; Gilbert de Ege ; 
Hugh de Camm ; Oliver de Berkeley. Early Hen. HI. Lai. 

62 Berkeley Castle 

177- Grant from Reginald Basset, son of Robert 
Basset, to Robert Basset, son of Simon de Dene, of a 
virgate of land and a toft in Diccheswrthia [Diseworth, co. 
Leic], which Robert de Curezun held from him, for three 
shillings of annual rent. Witnesses : Helias de Diccheswrth ; 
Peter de Martiwast ; Ralph, Chaplain of Coventry ; Alan 
de Prestewold ; Richard, son of Alured de Kagwrth ; 
Thomas de Curezun ; William Bertram de Dicthesvvrth ; 
Godfrey de Lokintona ; Benedict, son of Helias de Dicthes- 
vvrth ; Peter de Lisures ; Michael de Lisures ; Reginald de 
Hoilanda ; Robert fil. Robert Clerici de Kingstan. Early 
Hen. in. Lat. 

178. Grant from William Basset to Stephen de Segrave 
of the virgate of land in Outheby [Oadby, co. Leic.]. which 
Richard, son of William, held, " cum ipso Ricardo et prole 
sua." Rent, a pair of white gloves or one penny. Wit- 
nesses : Thomas de Estlega ; Philip de Kinton ; Henry de 
Segrave ; Peter de Sancto Edwardo ; William de Martiwast ; 
Hugh de Manecestre ; William de Sancto Edmundo. Early 
Hen. HI. Lat. 

179. Grant from William, son of Elias de Salso de 
Marisco, with consent of Matilda, his wife, to Dom. Robert 
de Berkeley, of that land and wood which Isillia, dau. of 
Alexander de Eggintuna, his grandmother, gave in exchange 
to the said Robert for two virgates of land in Eggetuna 
belonging to the manor of Hinton : namely, all that wood 
called Gerstuna together with Bruneswellesham, and land 
called Aldresmara. Witnesses : Henry Swan ; Elyas, the 
Chaplain ; Dom. Roger ; John Lupus ; Bernard de Brothestan ; 
Thomas de Tiringeham ; Bernard de Stanes ; Bernard de 
Cromhale. Early Hen. HI. Lat. 

Select Charters. 63 

180. Grant from Thomas de Berkeley to William de 
Berkelai, his son, of a virgate of land, which Waltei le Bel 
held in Cam Manor. Witnesses : Elyas Giffard ; Nicholas, 
son of Roger ; Henry de Berkeleia ; Peter de Stintescumba ; 
Robert Bel ; Thomas de Tiringham ; John de Eggeton ; 
Elyas Pincerna. Early Hen. HI. Lat. 

181. Grant from Gilbert de Columbariis to Jacobus 
de Offintun of ten acres of land in Offintun [Uffington, co. 
Berks.] Witnesses : Richard Barn . . ; Symon de Faellor ; 
Jacobus Frankellan de Offintun ; Pagan de Canithtetun ; 
William, son of Edmund de Offintun. Early Hen. HI. 
Lai. With seal. 

182. Confirmation by Matthew Gamach to Roger 
fil. Ailaf of all the land which Ailaf, his father, and Gamel 
Forestarius held from him in the forest of Wire [Wyre, co. 
Salop], the said Roger paying either three shillings annually 
or doing the service which pertains " ad prefati nemoris mei 
de Wire forestarium," at the option of the said Matthew : 
with a grant of a small addition of land " cum dumetis " on 
the confines of his wood and the wood of Dom. Roger de 
Mortuo Mari which Philip de Fernlane, the grantor's sene- 
schal, formerly granted him : and a grant of all the bark of 
all the trees which shall be felled in Wire forest, with the 
use of his manor of Stottesdune [Stottesdon, co. Salop]. 
Witnesses : Richard, William, Henry and Giles, the grantor's 
brothers ; Walter Buhere ; Peter, son of the grantor; 
Philip de Fernlane ; Walter de Spineto ; Adam de Salvagio ; 
Hugh de Sutheburi ; William de Berdelee ; Warengar de 
Dikes ; Hugh de Fernlane ; Matthew de Pleid ; Ysaac, the 
Dean ; William de Steple ; Reginald, the Chaplain. Early 
Hen. HI. Lat. 

183. Grant from Geoffrey de Holdelonde to Dom. 
William del Puthot of 2 acres of land and a fardel in the 

64 Berkeley Castle 

meadow called Mukeliued. Rent, a pair of white gloves or 
" unum esterlingum." Witnesses : Dom. Robert de Damene- 
ville ; Dom. Ralph de Wileton ; Bartholomew Canute ; 
Robert de Hanum ; William Marmiun ; Robert Joye ; 
Martin de Holdelonde. Early Hen. III. Lat. 

184. Grant from Robert, son of Roger, to Stephen de 
Segrave, of a virgate of land in Haghethirne [Hathern, co. 
Leic], which William, son of Turkil, held from him, 
together with the said William and all his suit. Rent, a 
pair of white gloves at Whitsuntide. Witnesses : John de 
Humeto ; Ralph de Martiwastre ; William Picot ; Ralph de 
Tursteinton ; Ralph de Perone ; Nicholas, the Chaplain ; 
Henry de Merston. Early Hen. HI. Lat. With seal. 

185. Grant from Thomas de Rocheford to Robert de 
Rocheford, his brother, of all his land of Ozlewortli, the 
said Robert to find a Chaplain to celebrate divine service 
there for the health of the soul of the said Thomas, with 
placebo and dirige, commendations and prayers for the 
dead. Witnesses : William Marshal, Earl of Pembroke ; 
Manasser de Hastinges ; Eustace, the Chaplain ; Geoffrey, 
the Chaplain ; Walter de Kanebir ; William de Cromhale ; 
John de Anes'. Early Hen. HI. Lat. 

186. Indenture of covenant between John de Seynt- 
leye and William fil. Walteri Symonis, whereby the said 
John grants to the said William that messuage in Hamton 
Monialium [Minchinhampton, co. Glouc], which the said 
Walter sometime held in the same place, as well as the 
land called Le Duppemor, near the Wodecroft, pasture for 
two oxen and one horse, with " husbote et heybote de 
hayiciis terras supradictas circumstantibus. " Witnesses : 
John Bachard ; Walter Spyleman ; Thomas de Rodebure ; 
John Mahel ; Richard de Nayleswrthe. Early Hen. III. 

Select Charters. 65 

IS"?- Grant from Robert de Wetelei to Adam de 
Holanda of two bovates of land in Cleitun [? co. York.], 
namely the bovate which Hugh fil. Aky held of him, and 
the bovate which Ailsi, son of Robert held *' cum omni 
libera communione," in Cleitun. Witnesses : John de 
Byrkane ; Roger, his brother ; Gilbert de Nott' ; Peter de 
Byrkethwait ; Jordan de Hecun ; John de Brett ; Ralph 
Tyrel ; Robert Franceis. Early Henry HI. Lat. With 

188^ Grant from Ivo de Dene to Stephen de Sedgrave 
of all his land in DItheswrth [Diseworth, co. Leic], which 
he had from the gift of Reginald Basset, his uncle. Wit- 
nesses : Dom. Osbert^ de Dunton, Abbot of Leicester ; 
Henry de Sadgrave ; Peter de Sancto Edwardo ; William 
de Wasteneis ; Gilbert Mallore ; Thomas Mallore ; Walter 
de Cimiterio, de^ Leicestre ; Laurence Maudut ; William 
de Deresford. Early Hen. HL [1224-1229]. Lat. 

189. Covenant between the monks of Kingswood 
Abbey and Roger, son of Cecily, whereby the former grant 
to the latter certain land in Gloucester (which belonged to 
Ralph, son of Wibert, and lies near the Severn) at an annual 
rent of eight shillings : and Roger grants to the monks 
the land which Edith Slane gave them near Gloucester 
Castle, at an annual rent of two shillings. Witnesses : 
William Russel, prepositus ; Roger the Chaplain ; Richard 
Burgeis ; Robert Tholi ; Richeman, son of Hernisus, and 
others. Early Hen. HI. Lat. With seal. 

190. Lease from William le Ryche, son of William 
le Ryche, of Senedhame, of all his tenements in Senedhame 
[Sneedham, in Upton St. Leonards, co. Glouc], to John 
Payn, Burgess of Gloucester, for which the latter binds 

' Osbert, Abbot in 1224, succeeded by Matthew de Bray in 1229; v. 
Dugdale's Monasticon, Ed. 1830. Vol vi. 462, 

66 Berkeley Castle 

himself to find the said William a '* cronnoc " of com every 
six weeks, a garment every year, and a dwelling-house to 
live in ; on failure of which the Bailiffs of King's Barton 
Hundred shall distrain on the said John. Witnesses : 
Master Stephen de Glastonia, " Custos " of King's Barton ; 
Milo, the Clerk ; Philip de Haytherleye ; Henry de Ruwes ; 
Robert de la Grave ; Henry de Lasseberuwe ; Henry de 
Bares ; William Geraud. Early Henry HI. Lat. With 
small green seal. 

191. GRANT^^from Warin fil. Geroldi, to Alice Lotrix 
of land within the croft of William Key, at an annual rent 
of twelve pence. Witnesses : Dom. Hebert de Bolebek ; 
Walter de la Waude, Steward ; Hugh, Serviens ; William 
Butilier ; John de la Neste ; Gilbert Jocelin ; Serlo de 
Badelking. Early Hen. HI. Lat. With seal of arms,^broken. 

192. Grant from Roger de Berkele to Maurice de 
Berkeie, his nephew, of all that meadow at Gosintun [near 
Berkeley] called Luclemede. Rent, a pair of gilt spurs. 
For this grant the said Maurice gave the said Roger a sor- 
falcon valued at i6 shillings, and to Hawise Painel, his 
wife, a besant. Witnesses : Robert de Berkele ; Eustace 
and Oliver, brothers of the grantor ; Roger de Haggele ; 
Reginald de Gosintun ; Harding de Huntenefeld ; Adam 
and Maurice, sons of Nigel ; Hugh and Richard de Bradele ; 
John de Cranle ; Robert Bastart ; William de Berkele. 
Early Hen. HI. Lat. 

193. Grant from Thomas de Berkele to Henry de 
Berkele, his son, of " tota Rudigga mea de Buleye " in 
Camme [Cam], extending from the King's highway to the 
bridge of Beleya. Witnesses : Robert, son of Richard ; 
Richard de Cromhale ; Peter de Stintescumbe ; Richard 
de Couele ; Thomas de Tyringetun ; John de Eggeton ; 
Elias Pincerna. Early Hen. HI. Lat. With seal, broken. 

Select Charters 67 

19^. Grant from William le Butiler de Kingestone 
[Kingston Lisle, co. Berks] to William Rufus of Estchau- 
lauhe [East Challow] of an acre and a half of his meadow 
in Eyldefelde, situate between the meadows of Nicholas de 
Fortecumba and Adam le Hore de Estchanlauhe. Wit- 
nesses : Simon de Offintone ; John de Gopeshull ; John de 
Rampain de Chelrey [Childrey] ; Adam, Clerk of Childrey ; 
Jocelin de Wanetingre ; Edmund Dringe de Westcote ; 
John Frankelan de Chelrey. Early Hen. III. Lat. 

196. Sale from Thomas, son of Sewin de Croxton, to 
Thomas, son of Nicholas de Croxton, of two selions, with 
meadow at the head of the selions at Grimesbrig [? in 
Croxton, co. Leic], for seven shillings. Witnesses : Hugh 
Infans ; Robert de Fermeria ; William Cocus ; Hugh, 
" ejusdem ville clericus " ; Acard de Berscoldebi ; Robert, 
son of Hugh. Early Hen. HI. Lat. With seal. 

196. Deed of Sale from Roger, son of Thomas de 
Extona, to Geoffrey de Armenters of the homage and 
service of Thomas, son of Gregory, Clerk, of Exton [? co. 
Rutl.], for two marks of silver. Witnesses : Ralph de 
Normanvile ; Hugh de Silicot ; Alan Basset ; Gilbert de 
Mevill ; Roger de Anestya ; Henry de Bevill ; Geoffrey 
de Rokingham ; Ralph, nepos Odonis de Empringham ; 
Ralph Thaylard. Eaily Hen. HI. Lat. With seal, 

19*7- Grant from Robert de Haya, son of Alan de 
Humberstan, to Stephen 'de Satgrave of a virgate of land in 
Hawethirna [Hathern, co, Leic], which Geoffrey, son of 
Eda, held, together with Geoffrey himself, his chattels and 
" sequela." Rent, a pair of white gloves at Easter. Wit- 
nesses : Ralph de Martigwast ; William Picot ; William de 

Seinevill ; Robert de Twiford ; Master Alexander de 
F 2 

<^8 Berkeley Castle 

Witebia ; Alan de Emerton ; John Castelein ; Laurence, the 
Clerk ; Ralph de Bucebia ; Edmund de Satgrave ; Gilbert, 
son of Herebert. Early Hen. III. Lat. With seal. 

198. Grant from Henry fil. Geroldi^ to Robert de 
Insula in marriage with Alice, his daughter, of the whole of 
his land in Mundeford [co. Norf.] Rent 40s. per annum. 
Witnesses : Dom. Richard, Prior of St. Mary, Thetford ; 
Osbert Gyffard ; Richard de Argentoin ; John de Esefeld ; 
William de Lega ; Ralph Blund ; William fil. Geroldi fil. 
Henrici fil. Geroldi. Early Hen. III. Lat. With fine seal 
of white wax (lion rampant). 

199. Confirmation by Henry fil. Geroldi to Gocelin 
of the virgate of land in Kingesparsholte [Sparsholt, co. 
Berks.], with messuage, etc., which Hugh fil. Geroldi for- 
merly granted to the said Gocelin for his homage and ser- 
vice and twenty shillings. Witnesses : Walter de Bera; 
Rotbert de Culumb' ; Peter Clericus ; John fil. Pain ; 
Reginald de Ledecumb ; Rotbert Finke ; Richard Blunt ; 
Peter de Gosee. Early Henry HI. Lat. With seal of 

1. Robert fil. Geroldi. 
t. Will. L I 

Alexander fil. Geroldi^F Alice de Rumele, 


Warine fil. Geroldi=T=Maud de Chesney 

Chamberlain to I 

Hen. IL | 


Warine fil. Geroldi=Alice de Curci. Henry fil. Geroldi=fErmintruda, 

Ob. circ. 1 2 16. I d, of Roger 

I Talebot. 


Alice=FRobert de Insula. 

— n 

od. circ. 1327. 

Select Charters. 69 

200. Grant from Geoffrey de Insula to Stephen de 
Segrave of four acres and a half of land on Labetotehil. 
Rent, an arrow, at Easter. Witnesses : Hugh Dispensator ; 
Ralph de Tursteinton ; Robert Putrell ; Robert de Torp ; 
Ralph Perron. Early Hen. HI. Lat. 

201. Covenant whereby the abbot and monks of 
Kingswood grant to Ralph Piscator that land in Gloucester 
which Dom. Edith Slane gave in alms to the said abbey, 
which land lies beyond the bridge of Gloucester, between 
the Hospital and the outer rampart.^ Rent, 3 shillings. 
Witnesses : Roger, Chaplain of St. Nicholas ; Roger, son 
of Cecily ; Robert Toli ; Richard Burgeis ; Henry Cain ; 
William, son of Katherine ; Simon, son of Alured ; William, 
son of Johel ; Gilbert Pistor ; Faricius, etc. Early Hen. HI. 
Lat. With seal displaying a fish. 

202. Grant from Robert de Leicestria to Stephen de 
Sedgrave of all his land of Ditheswrth [Diseworth, co. 
Leic], which he had by gift from Reginald Basset, his 
uncle. Witnesses : Henry de Segrave ; Peter de Sancto 
Edwardo; William de Wasteneis ; Gilbert Mallore ; Thomas 
Mallore ; Walter de Cimiterio de Leicestria ; Laurence 
Mauduit ; William de Deresford. Early Hen. HI. Lat. 
With seal, broken. 

203. Grant from William de Morevile to Laurence de 
Sancto Mauro in free marriage with Hawisia, his daughter, 
of his dwelling-house, called " Woderige," together with 
Walter de Woderige and all his suit, half the wood called 
Nadderhurst, and a certain part of the moor outside the 
wood, with twenty pigs " in pessone et in warenno meo cum 
porcis meis." Witnesses : Matthew de Clivedune ; Roger de 

^ britaschia. 

70 Berkeley Castle 

Sancto Mauro ; Richard, son of Arthur ; Roger de Morevile ; 
Richard de Capenor ; John la Warre ; Peter de Marisco ; 
Philip de Nerberth ; Reginald de Remesby ; William de 
Sancto Mauro, etc. Early Hen. III. Lat. 

20^. Grant from Richard le Nevou to Kingswood 
Abbey of half an acre of land lying on Agheleghegrave, on 
the east of the road leading from Ozleworth towards 
Simondeshall [near Wotton-under-Edge]. Witnesses : 
Peter de Yweleghe ; Nigel de Kyngescote ; Roger de 
Ny wentone ; Elias de Cumba. Early Hen. HI. Lat. 

205. Grant from Robert, son of Henry de Offinton to 
Robert de Gessit of 15 acres of land in Offinton [Uffington, 
CO. Berks] in free marriage with Juliana, his daughter. 
Witnesses : Walter de Boccote ; Stephen de Wlfruthestone ; 
Simon de Faueflore ; Robert Hakkere ; James de Offinton ; 
Pagan de Cnitteton ; Thomas de Faueflore; William, son 
of Eadmund ; John, son of Eadmund. Early Hen. HI. 
Lat. With seal. 

206. Grant from Geoffrey de Oldelonde to William 
Marmiun of four acres of land, viz.^ one acre in Button 
[Bitton, CO. Glouc], between the two crosses above Fine- 
grave, one acre at Whatewell, and two acres above Beket mill. 
Rent, a pair of white gloves at Easter. Witnesses : Dom. 
Nicholas de Oxhay ; Robert de Hanum : Robert Joye ; 
Henry Puintell ; Martin de Aldelond ; Robert Juvenis ; Peter 
Gargatte ; I'homas Francis ; William de Cherthesley. Early 
Hen. HI. With seal, broken. 

20*7. Grant from William de Pesemer, son and heir of 
Richard de Pesemer, Knt, to Richard Darches of three 
virgates of land in Pesemere [Peasemore, co. Berks.], which 
John le Frances, Robert Weche, and Cecily, " vidua de 

Select Charters. 71 

Angulo," with all their suit, held from him. Witnesses : Dom. 
Walter de Ripariis ; Geoffrey de Wauci ; Richard de 
Westwude; Peter de Offinton. Early Hen. III. Lat. With 

208. Grant from Randolf de Fidel to Stephen de 
Segrave of four acres and a half of land lying beneath the 
court of the said Stephen, with the meadow attached to it. 
Witnesses : Richard de Ambrel ; John de Ripariis ; Henry 
Luvet ; William de Parco; Adam, son of Philip; William 
de Kington ; Walter de Kington ; Peter de Pidel ; Roger 
de Acoir. Early Hen. HI. Lat. 

209. Grant by Nicholas, son of Henry de Culcretun 
to the monks of Kingswood of his tenement of Culcretun, 
consisting of a court, with garden, 35 acres of arable 
land, his men, rents, etc., reserving to himself a rent 
of a pair of iron spurs at Easter, or three pence, as the 
monks choose, and a royal service to the chief lord of Tet- 
bury, etc. Witnesses : Bartholomew Labanc ; Walter de 
Uptune ; Roger de Duchtune ; Adam de Cherletune ; Philip 
de Tettebire ; Laurence de Lasceles ; Roger de Calfhaia ; 
Roger Barette ; Geoffrey Custance ; Walter Bernard ; 
William, son of Elias ; William de Bradeleg ; Matthew le 
Scay ; Henry de Bradelega. Early Hen. HI. Lat. 

210. Grant by Aaliz del Egge, daughter of William 
del Egge, to Kingswood Abbey of four acres of land, of 
which two acres lie near Ykeburg abutting on La Rugwei, 
and the other two acres abut on La Grenewei de la Ver- 
nislade [in Calcot, in Newington Bagpath]. Witnesses: 
Philip de Berkelai; Oliver, his brother; Simon de Olepenne; 
Thomas, Parson of Newington ; Peter de Yweleg ; Gilbert 
del Egge ; William de Westcote ; Vlger de Buivile ; Thomas 
Loch. Early Hen. HL Lat. 

72 Berkeley Castle 

211. Release from William, son of Eustace Pincerna 
de Berkelay, to Dom. Thomas de Berkelay of that half 
virgate of land which Sewi sometime held in Ham, and 
which the said Eustace, his father, acquired by grant from 
Dom. Robert de Berkelay. Witnesses : Henry de Berkelay; 
William de Berkelay ; Richard de Coueleg' ; Richard de 
Lukintun ; Peter de Stintecumbe ; John de Eggentun ; 
Alexander de London. Early Hen. HI. Lat. With seal. 

212. Grant from Adam the Abbot and the Abbey of 
Garendon [co. Leic] to Stephen de Sadgrave, for his 
homage and service, of their mill of Alebi [Welby, co. Leic], 
which they acquired by grant from Nigel de Alebi (reserving 
right of grinding of corn to William, son of Nigel, and his 
heirs). Witnesses : Hugh Dispensator ; William Picot ; 
Philip de Kynton ; Nicholas de Torp ; Brian Forestarius ; 
William, son of Hugh de Boville ; William, son of Robert 
de Boville. [i 2 19-1226]. Lat. 

213. Grant from Geoffrey de Helyun, for the salvation 
of the souls of his wife and parents, to the Poor's Hospital 
of St. Mary in Tilleburry [Tilbury, co. Essex] of eight shil- 
lings rent from land in Alvidelea [Alveley, co. Essex], the 
Warden of the Hospital to pay the said Geoffrey one pound 
of wax at Easter for the light at the Altar of St. Margaret 
in Tilbury Church. Witnesses : John de Mathan ; Henry 
de Kemesoc ; Nicholas de Walesham ; Aulf de Malegrave ; 
William de Thorend ; William Torell ; John, son of Pagan ; 
Richard de Berdestapel ; John de Langedun ; Godselm de 
Tillebury ; Clement de Walesham ; Clement, son of Turold; 
Walter de London. Early Hen. HI. Lat. 

214. Grant from Ysouda de Werdun to Stephen de 
Segrave of a virgate of land in Dideswrth [Diseworth, co. 
Leic], which he held some time from Robert de Curzun, her 

Select Charters. 


brother. Witnesses : Dom. William de Wasteneys ; Hugh 
de Schardelowoe ; Roger de Hausted ; Brian Forestarius ; 
Hugh de Dideswrth ; Simon de Colleshullj Yvo de Kegwrth. 
Early Hen. HI. Lat. With seal. 

215. Grant from Peter de Ywelegh to Kingswood Abbey 
of two acres of land near the land of the monks of Kings- 
wood " at the head of the white wall," which land he had 
in exchange for two acres belonging to Aaliz del Egge. 
Witnesses : Philip de Berkelai; Simon de Olepenne ; Walter 
de Bennecumbe ; Thomas de la Planke ; Gilbert del Egge ; 
Thomas Loc ; William de Westcote ; Ulger de Bunvile ; 
Nicholas de Kingeswde. Early Hen. HI. Lat. With 

216. Grant from Peter de Yweleye to Dom. William de 
Berkeleye, Knt, of all his land in Yweley [Uley, co. Glouc.]. 
Witnesses : Dom. Maurice de Berkele ; Dom. Maurice de 
Salso Marisco; Nigel de Kyngescote ; Bartholomew de 
Olepenne ; Robert de Kyngestone ; Robert de Ywele ; Peter 
de Stintescumbe ; John de Brochestane. Early Hen. HI. 
Lat. With seal. 

217. Grant from Thomas de Muncketon to the Church 
of St. Michael in Stupeholm [Steep Holm], and the friars 
there serving God, of his land, held some time by Ailmar 
Boving, in Curcheston, which Robert, son of Richard, gave, 
and John de Ken and Agacia, his wife, daughter and heir 
of the said Robert, confirmed to him. Early Hen. HI. Lat. 

Sciant presentes et futuri quod ego Thomas de Muncketon 
dedi et concessi et presenti carta mea confirmavi Deo et 
ecclesie Beati Michaelis in Stupeholm simul cum me 
ipso in puram et perpetuam elemosinam totam terram 

74 Berkeley Castle 

meam in Curcheston, scilicet, illam dimidiam virgatam 
cum omnibus pertinentiis suis quam Ailmarus Bouing 
aliquando tenuit cum .... terram pertinente, 
Habendam et tenendam inperpetuum fratribus ibidem 
Deo et Beate Marie et Sancto Michaeli servientibus adeo 
libera et quiete . . . terram melius et liberius et 
quietius tenui per unam libram cimini annuatim 
reddendam Johanni de Ken vel heredibus suis ad. . . 
servicio et querela ad eos pertinente. Hanc autem 
prenominatam terram dedit mihi et heredibus meis 
Robertus filius Ricardi . . . carta ipsius testatur, 
Quam ad majorem securitatem predictis fratribus tradidi 
simul cum confirmatione Willelmi filii Ma .... 
confirmatione Johannis de Ken et Agacie uxoris sue 
filie et heredis predicti Roberti filii Ricardi. Ut autem 
. . . confirmatio firma sit et stabilis presentis carte 
mee attestatione et sigilli mei apposicione illam con- 
firmavi. Hiis testibus . . . Sparkeford et Roberto 
et Helia fratribus suis, Ricardo filio Arturi, Adda 
Wallense, et Johanne filio suo, Galfrido serviente, . . 
sacerdote de Lokeston, Hunfrido de Bagewrke, Hugone 
de Auxe, et Ada filio suo, Henrico de Belgeton et 
multis aliis. 

218. Grant from King Henry HI. to Robert de 
Dammenevill, heir of Adam de Dammenevill, of the Manor 
of Bitton. Witnesses : J[ocelin Trotman], Bishop of 
Bath ; R[ichard le Poore], Bishop of Salisbury ; H[ubert] de 
Burgo, Earl of Kent, Justices of England ; Ralph, son of 
Nicholas, Richard de Argent[ine], the King's Stewards; 
Henry de jCapella. Dat " by the hand of R[alph Nevill] 
Bishop of Chichester, at our Chancery at Westminster, 
1 8 March A°. xl" [1227]. Lat. With fine impression of 
first great seal in green wax, broken. 

Select Charters. 


219. Release from Robert, son of Richard de to 

Stephen de Seggrave of rent of three messuages in Haben- 
tonestrate [in Northampton] which he acquired from Robert, 
son of Robert de Leycestre, as dowry for his wife. Wit- 
nesses : William de Martiwall\ Sheriff of Northampton ; 
Robert Speciarius ; Michael, son of Philip ; Ralph Passel ; 
" prepositi " [of Northampton] ; Fulco de Martiwall, " con- 
stabularius ;" Roger, son of Theodbert ; Robert Dispensator; 
Henry de Mercato ; Simon Vitor ; Henry de Leycestria : 
Philip, son of Robert ; Thomas de Leycestria [1228- 1233]. 

220. Confirmation by Simon de Belegrave, son of 
Yvo, to Peter de Belegrave, his kinsman, of the grant 
made by William de Belegrave, his uncle, of his land in 
Wattun [Whatton, co. Leic,]. Witnesses : Stephen de 
Segrave, tunc vicecomes2 ; Ralph de Martingwast' ; William 
de Martingwast' ; Robert de Wivill ; Ralph Kamerarius ; 
William de Bracebruge ; Henry de Segrave ; Tedballdus 
Clericus; Robert Arrab. [1229-1232]. Lat. With seal. 

221. Release from Henry HI. to William de Putot of 
twenty shillings, which he is accustomed to pay every year 
to the Constable of Bristol from his land of Manegodesfeld 
[Mangotsfield], " nomine Jaresyue," and a grant to the same 
of a market every Tuesday at his manor of Bitton, unless it 
should interfere with other markets. Witnesses : H[ubert] 
de Burgo, Earl of Kent, Chief Justicier of England; W[illiam] 
Marshall, Earl of Pembroke ; Stephen de Segrave ; William 
de Cantilupo ; Gilbert Basset ; John, son of Philip ; Geoffrey 
Dispenser ; Geoffrey de Cauz ; Henry de Capella. Dat. 

^ William de Martiwast was the Deputy of Stephen de Segrave, Sheriff of 
Northampton in 1 228-1 233. 

* Sheriff of Cos. Warw. and Leic, 14-18. Hen. III. 

^6 Berkeley Castle 

"by the hand of R[alph Nevill], Bishop of Chichester, Chan- 
cellor ; at Gloucester, 2 March, A° xv." [123 1]. Lat. With 
first great seal (broken), attached by four strings of green 
silk plaited together. 

222. Fine levied before Thomas de Mulet[one], 
William de Ral[eigh], Robert de Lexinton, William de 
Insula, William de London, Mag. Robert de Shard[elaw], 
Ralph de Norwico, William de Eboraco and Richard Re- 
inger, King's Justices, whereby Henry Pipard and Nichola, 
his wife, convey to Stephen de Segrave the manor of 
Torinton [Thornton, co. Leic] Dat. Westminster, Easter 
Term, 15 Hen. HI. [123 1]. Lat. 

223. Fine levied before S[tephen] de Segrave, R[obert] 
de Lexinton, W[illiam] de Insula and Mag. R[obert] de 
Serdelawe, King's Justices, whereby Robert de Chaucumba 
conveys to Gilbert de Segrave and Amabel, his wife, the 
manor of Dauby [Dalby, co. Leic] Dat. Nottingham, 
Michaelmas Term, 15 Hen. III. [1231]. Lat. 

22^^. Release by William de Hausted to Stephen de 
Segrave of two carucates of land in Kegword [Kegworth, 
CO. Leic], with rent of four burgages in Leicester, which 
Robert de Nevill and Matilda, his wife, held, and which the 
said Stephen now holds of the gift of Ranulf, Earl of Ches- 
ter. Witnesses : Henry de Segrave ; William de Quatremare ; 
Benedict de Dithezword ; William Picot ; William de 
Kuneston : Robert le Ostricer ; Peter de Sancto Edwardo ; 
Stephen de Pontefrigido ; Richard, son of Alfred ; Gilbert 
Maulore ; Thomas Ordmer ; William de Sancto Edmundo. 
A7ite 1232. Lat. With seal, knight in armour. 

225. Fine levied before Stephen de Segrave, William de 
Eboraco, William Basset and William de Insula, Justices 

Select Charters. 77 

Itinerant, whereby three messuages in Cambridge are con- 
veyed to Alice de Stanton, by John Rufifus, the warrantor of 
(i) Lettice, dau. of Rob. de Rokingham and Richard de 
Wytewelle, of (2) Mabel Pagles and Ernisius, her son, and 
of (3) Ellota, dau. of Bernard. Dat. Cambridge, F. of St 
Peter-ad- Vincula [i Aug.] 16 Hen. Ill [1232]. Laf. 

226. Fine levied before Stephen de Segrave, William 
de Eboraco, William Basset, and William de Insula, Jus- 
tices Itinerant, whereby John Ruffus releases his right in 
certain tenements in Cambridge to Alice de Staunton. 
Dat. Cambridge, F. of St. Peter-ad- Vincula [i Aug.] 16 
Hen. Ill, 1232.. 

227. Grant from Matilda, Countess of Essex [sister and 
heiress of William de Mandeville, Earl of Essex, wife of 
HenrydeBohun, Earl of Hereford and subsequently of Essex], 
to Stephen de Segrave of the homage and service of Eudo de 
Caletot from the tenement which the latter held in Doresby 
[Thoresby, co. Line.]. Rent, a sparrow hawk or two shil- 
lings, to be paid yearly on the ist August. Witnesses : 
Walter de Besebosc ; William de Wastineis ; John de 
Ripariis ; Henry, son of Geoffrey ; Walter Muskot ; William 
de Sancto Edmundo ; Richard de Thorp ; Roger de Pres- 
ton ; Walter de Bishopeston. [1227-1232]. Lat With seal 
of the Countess holding bird, etc. 

228. Gfant from Peter de Sancto Edwardo to Dom. 
Stephen de Segrave, Justicier of England, of six and a half 
virgates of land in Dersford [Desford, co. Leic] Witnesses : 
Hugh de Schardelaghe ; Andrew Bukerel, Mayor of Lon- 
don ; Richard Renger ; Semaine Balistarius ; William Russel; 
Simon Wirek ; Richard Cocus ; Richard de Depeden ; 
Geoffrey Claudus ; John de Hoddeng. Ctrc. 1232. Laf. 

78 Berkeley Castle 

229. Grant from David, Abbot, and the convent of St. 
Augustine's Bristol, to Dom. Maurice de Gaunt, that they 
will every year admit a hundred poor people [pauperes 
Christi] into the almonry which the said Maurice has 
constructed for them, each pauper to have bread to the 
weight of 50 solidi, for which purpose the said Maurice has 
assigned to the Abbey sixty " summae " of corn, and sixty 
" summae " of beans and peas each year, with a rent of ten 
pounds for eighty summae of barley, etc., and the Abbey in 
return grants the services of a chaplain to pray for his soul 
and the souls of his ancestors. Witnesses : Dom. Robert de 
Gurnay ; Dom. Jordan Warr' ; Dom. William Camerarius ; 
Dom. Gilbert de Scipton ; Peter Warr' ; Roger Aillard ; 
William, Clericus ; Henry Aki ; Richard Warr' ; Philip 
Long; Robert Farthein; John Warr'; William de Hida ; 
Adam de Budiford. [1216-1234]. Lat. 

230. Lease for 1 2 years, from Thomas Loch to Ralph 
Suneof four acres and a half of land in Niwintun [Newington, 
CO. Glouc ], namely at Worthiacre, Tvistlebroke, and Brec- 
cheaker. Witnesses : Bartholomew Labanc ; Thomas de 
la Planche ; Walter de la Planche ; Adam de la Hame ; 
William de Westcote ; William Trelli ; Walter de Fromtun ; 
Ralph de Calfhaga ; Colin de Culcretun, Dat. Easter [3 
April], 1233. Lat. 

231. Confirmation by Henry HI. to Stephen de 
Sedgrave of all the grants made to him by William de 
Warrenne, Earl of Surrey, in Duninton [Donington, co. 
Leic] ; by Alice, " Comitissa Augi " [d'Eu], in Doning- 
ton ; by William de Ferrariis, Earl of Derby, in Mathlac 
[Matlock, CO. Derby] ; by Ranulph, Earl of Chester, in 
Mountsorell [co. Leic] ; with the advowson of Kegworth 
[co. Leic], and the vill of Bretby [co. York] ; by John 
de Scocia, Earl of Chester and Huntingdon, in Ale- 

Select Charters. Jr^ 

mundebere [Almondbury], and in Weston, etc.; by Earl 
William de Mandeville in Aumodesham [Awnsham] ; by 
Matilda, Countess of Essex, in Thoresby, co. Lincoln ; by 
John, son of Geoffrey, in Pydel [Piddle], co. Wore, 
Coldoverton [co. Leic], and in Raunde [Raunds, co. Essex]; 
by Geoffrey de Bakepuz, in Coldoverton ; by Geoffrey, Prior 
of Thornholm, in Thunstall, co. Line, etc. Witnesses : 
P[eter], Bishop of Winchester ; J[ohn le Scot], Earl of 
Chester and Huntingdon ; [John de Laci] Earl of Lincoln 
and Constable of Chester; [Humphrey de Bohun] Earl of 
Hereford ; Walter de Lascy ; Henry de Aldithel ; Walter 
de Bello Campo ; Ralph, son of Nicholas ; John, son of 
Philip ; Geoffrey Dispenser ; William de Picheford. Dat. 
" by the hand of Ralph, Bishop of Chester, our Chancellor, 
at Hereford, 2 Nov., Anno 18" [1233]. Lat. With first 
seal of the King, broken. 

232. Release from William de Weston, son of Ralph 
de Welleford, to Osbert de Luncecumbe of a hide of land in 
Merston and of nine shillings and four pence rent in Cam- 
peden which Agnes his mother held for her life. Wit- 
nesses : Walter de Eboraco, Justiciarius de Bancho ; Henry 
de Waltham ; Maurice Le Botiler ; Henry de Praeres ; 
Roger de Budiford ; Richard de Clopton ; John de Bello- 
monte, etc. Dat. Morrow of All Souls [Nov. 2] 18 Hen. 
nL[i233]. With seal. 

233. Covenant for grant by Roger Aillard, of Bristol, 
to Kingswood Abbey of a virgate of land which Matilda 
Bulcard held from him in Bevinton [Bevington], and all that 
land called Colehide, the said Abbey paying an annual rent 
of eighteen pence, and the said Roger will acquit the said 
land of sixpence, and the said land called Colehide of six- 
pence against the lords of the fee, to whom the said twelve 
pence are due every Michaelmas from the said Roger, and 

8o Berkeley Castle 

of six pence relief on change of heirs. Witnesses : Geoffrey 
de Chausi ; Walter Cauvel ; Richard Aillard ; Richard le 
Warre ; William Beumund ; Richard de Bochoure ; Hugh 
de Howelle ; Geoffrey de Rodmertun ; Thomas de la 
Planche. Dat. F. or SS. Ciricus and Julitta [i6 June] in 
Whitsun Week, 1234, Lat. 

234. INSPEXIMUS by Thomas de Berkelay, of the grant 
by his grandfather Robert Fitzharding, to Robert, his 
son, of the three hundreds of Portbury, Bedminster, and 
Hareclive, and of the grant of the said hundreds to Dom. 
Maurice de Gant, the heir of Robert [de Were], uncle to the 
said Thomas, on the payment of a silver mark. Witnesses : 
Dom. D[avid], Abbot of St. Augustine's, Bristol ; Dom. 
Richard Siward ; Dom. Jordan la Warre ; Dom. Walter de 
Tilli ; Dom. John de Alneto ; Adam de Budiford ; Gilbert 
de Hendun ; Henry de Veun. [1220-1234]. Lai. With 
small white seal. 

235. Letters patent of King Henry HI. granting to 
Gilbert, Earl of Pembroke, pardon for his action in the war 
between the King and Richard, late Earl of Pembroke, his 
brother, and restitution of the Castle of Striguil, in Wales, 
which he pledged to E[dmund] Archbishop of Canterbury, 
and the Castle of Dumas in Ireland, which he pledged to 
L[uke] Archbishop of Dublin, as security for his faithful 
service to the King. Dat. Reading, 22 August, Anno 18 
[1234]. Lat, Seal missing. 

236. Grant from Margaret, Countess of Winchester,^ to 
Stephen de Segrave of all the land which Peter de Sancto 
Edwardo held of her in Dersford [Desford, co. Leic], with 
all her land in Mountsorrel [co. Leic], called Hunthanc, for 
his homage and service, and the payment of a pair of white 
gloves every Easter. Witnesses : Dom. Ralph de Bray ; 

1 Wife of Sahet de Quincey. 

Select Charters. 8i 

John de Ripariis ; Roger de Sifrevvast ; Hugh de Manecestre; 
Roger de Turketleby ; Ralph de Queneby ; Walter Mus- 
chat ; Walter de Bristol, Clericus. [1219-1235]. Lat. 
With fine (but broken) seal of green wax representing 
Margaret, Countess of Winchester, in full figure, with dress 
charged with mascules, her armorial bearings, etc. (for full 
description of similar seal in British Museum, see W. de Gray 
Birch's Seal Catalogue, No. 6700), and on the reverse an 
impression of ancient Greek gem representing a galley, 
and having on the rim the magic letters A G L A^, alter- 
nating with mascules. 

237- Confirmation by Thomas de Berkelay of the 
grant by Roger Aillard to Kingswood Abbey [v. No. 233]. 
Witnesses : Ralph de Wilintun ; Nicholas, his son ; Geoffrey 
de Chausi ; Oliver de Berkeley ; Simon de Olepenne ; Henry 
and William de Berkeley, sons of the grantor ; Bartholomew 
Labanch ; Roger de Ductun ; Thomas de la Planche ; 
Walter, his brother ; John de Egintun ; Robert Vitulus ; 
William de Bradelegh ; Matthew le Scay ; Robert de 
Soreston ; Adam Russel ; Ernulph, the Clerk. Dat. F. of 
St. Ambrose [4 April], 1236. La(. 

238. Grant from Thomas de Berkele to Kingswood 
Abbey of the land of Wixi, four acres lying near Caldechote 
grange [Caldicote, in Newington Bagpath, co. GIouc.]. 
Witnesses: Ralph de Wilintun; Nicholas, son of Roger ; 
Geoffrey de Chausi ; Oliver de Berkele ; Simon de Ole- 
penna ; Bartholomew Labanc ; Roger de Ductun ; Thomas 
de la Planche ; Walter, his brother ; John de Egintun ; 
William de Bradelegh ; Matthew le Scay ; Robert de 
Soreston e ; Adam Russel. Dat. F. of St. Ambrose [4 Apr.] 
1236. Lat. 

^ These letters formed a charm, and are the initial letters of Hebrew words, 
signifying "the Mighty God for ever." See Paper on a I'jth cent, roll con- 
taining prayers and magical signs, by Dr. Sparrow Simpson printed in the 
transactions of the British Archaeological Association. Vol. XL., p. 297. 

82 Berkeley Castle 

239. Indenture of lease for lo years by Geoffrey 
Puterel to Ralph, Abbot, and the Convent of Croxton, co. 
Leic, of pasture for sheep in Houwes [Hose, co. Leic.]. 
Witnesses : William, son of Walter ; Odinel de Herdebi ; 
Henry Rufus de Houwes ; Hugh, his son ; Robert, son of 
Gilbert ; Robert, son of Ralph ; Robert, son of Robert ; 
William Maleherbe ; John, son of Gilbert, the Clerk ; Henry 
de Broctun. Dat. F. of Holy Cross [3 May]. 1236. Lat. 

240. Settlement of suit between Dom. Thomas de 
Berkeley and William, Abbot, and the Convent of St. 
Augustine, Bristol, concerning the tithes of pannage in the 
woods of the said Thomas, tithes of fishery and mills, and 
concerning the manor of Arlingham [co. Glouc], the land 
of Bray, the land of Loreweng, and concerning right of way 
claimed by the canons of the Abbey, etc. Dat. Octave of 
St. Augustine "in the month of May," 1236, in the Church 
of St. Peter, Gloucester. Witnesses : Master Hubert, 
official of the Bishop of Worcester ; Dom. William Putot ; 
Dom. Ralph de Wileton ; Roger de Andeure, Rector of 
Cam ; Dom. Henry de Berkeley ; Dom. William de Berke- 
ley ; Maurice, son of Maurice de Berkeley ; Maurice de 
Sautemareis ; Roger de Sokerwik ; Reginald de Camma. 
Lat. With seal of Thomas de Berkeley, 

241. Confirmation by Robert de Rocheford to 
Kingswood Abbey of the grant of William le Brctun of one 
" cotcelda " of land in Osleworth, which Alice Toki sold to 
the said William after acquiring it from the said Robert in 
a suit at Gloucester before William de Eboraco, William de 
Insula, Ralph de Norwico, Thurstan Dispensator, and 
Ralph de Chandos,lJustices itinerant inthe20thyear of Henry 
III. [1235-6] ; and of the grant of Geoffrey, son of Geoffrey 
de Chausi, of another " cotcelda " of land in Osleworth, 

Select Charters 83 

The said Robert also grants to the Monks of Kingswood 
right of passage through all the fields of Osleworth 
when they are lying fallow, for carts, carriages, sheep and 
other animals, but when the fields are sown they shall have 
passage only under the guidance of the said Robert or his 
men. Witnesses : Oliver de Berkeley ; Geoffrey de Chausi ; 
Colin, his son ; Henry de Liuez ; John de Egintune ; 
William de Bradele ; Thomas le Archer ; John le Newh ; 
Nigel de Oslewrde ; Roger Petitpas ; Walter Tisun ; 
Henry, Clerk of Bradley ; Walter Lefrith, of Tresham. 
Circ. 1236. Lat. With seal of Robertus de Rupeforti 

212, 213. Grant and counterpart by Robert de Roche- 
fort to the church and monks of Kingswood of half a virgate 
of land which Calebat held, and a " cotcelda " of land which 
Walter de Gathurde held, and a meadow called Holecumbe- 
mede, in Oslewrthe [Ozleworth]. Witnesses : Oliver de 
Berkeley ; Bartholomew Labanc ; Nicholas Ruffus ; Robert, 
Parson of Oslewrth ; Roger de Ductun ; Robert, his son ; 
William, son of Elyas de Cherletun ; Nicholas Mignot ; 
Colin de Culcretun ; John le New ; Walter Tysun ; Roger 
Petitpas; Robert le Stabler. Dat. Feast of St. Nicholas 
[6 Dec.]. 1238. Lat. 

2H. Covenant whereby Dom. Thomas de Berkeley 
grants to Maurice, son of Hugh de Salso Marisco, all the 
land at; Wudeford [Woodford] which Walter Puchering held, 
instead of that land in the park of Hoeleia [Uley, co. Glouc], 
which the said Maurice claimed, but to which by this cove- 
nant he gives up all claim. Witnesses : Dom. Richard de 
Clifford ; Peter de Stintescumbe ; Walter Cauell ; John de 
Wudeford ; William Vitulus ; Adam Russel. Dat. X. Kal. 

Mar. [20 Feb.]. I238[9]. Lat. 
G 2 

84 Berkeley Castle 

2^5. Grant from Robert de Rocheford to Kingswood 
Abbey of two half virgates of land in Oslewrthe [Ozle- 
worth], one of which is called Lippehiete, and the other 
Adam le Wite and Alured de Langanacre held. Witnesses : 
Oliver de Berkeley ; Henry de Liuez ; John de Egintune; 
William de Bradele ; Thomas le Archer ; Nigel de Osle- 
wrthe ; Roger Petitpas ; Henry, Clerk of Bradley, and 
others. Circ. 1 238. Lat. 

2^6. Grant from Matthew, son of Thomas, the parson 
ofNiwintun [Newington Bagpath, co. Glouc], to Kingswood 
Abbey of half a virgate of land in Baggapath [Bagpath], 
which he had by grant from Dom. Adam, son of Nigel de 
Kingescote. Witnesses : Oliver de Berkeley ; Simon de 
Olepenne ; Robert de Rocheford ; Roger de Niwinton ; 
Nicholas Ruffus ; John le New ; Adam de la Home ; 
William de Bradeleg'; Nicholas de Culcretun. Circ. 1238. 

24*7- Grant from John le Newh to Kingswood Abbey 
of two and a half acres of land in Oslewrde [Ozleworth]. Wit- 
nesses : Oliver de Berkeley ; Robert de Rocheford ; Geoffrey 
de Chausi, jun. ; William de Lasseburwe ; Robert, Parson 
of Ozleworth ; Roger de Berkeley ; Nigel de Oslewrde. 
Circ. 1238. Lat. 

248. Grant from Thomas de Berkelay, son of Dom. 
Thomas de Berkelay (for the souls of his father and mother), 
to Kingswood Abbey of all his wood in Symundeshale, 
lying between the valley called La Throte and the road 
called CuUingewey. Witnesses : Dom. Peter de Eggewrthe; 
Dom. Geoffrey de Chausi ; Oliver de Berkelay ; Geoffrey, 
the Clerk, of Deerhurst ; Nicholas Ruffus ; Humphrey de 
la Barre ; Matthew le Scay ; Peter de Yweleye ; Walter 
Tysun. Circ. 1238. Lat. 

Select Charters. 85 

2^9. Fine levied before Robert de Lexinton, Walter 
de Eboraco, and Henry de Bathonia, Justices, whereby 
Ralph Basset and Millicent, his wife, convey to Juliana " que 
fuit uxor Roberti de Chaucumbe," a carucate of land in 
Stroby [Strubby, co. Line], in return for which Gilbert de 
Segrave and Amabel, his wife, sister of the said Millicent, 
and co-heir with her of Robert de Chaucumbe\ grant to the 
said Ralph and Millicent 100 shillingswprth [solidatae] of 
land and rent in Chaucumbe [Chalcombe, co. Northt], 
namely, the land which Robert *' sub Gardino," Sabina, vidua, 
Hugh de La Pleghestowe, and Adam athe Hulle held, and 
10 shillingsworth of rent from Chalcombe Mill. Dat. " In 
curia Domini Regis apud sanctam Brigidam Lond[on]." 
Easter Term. 23 Hen. HL [1239]. Lat. 

250. Grant from Reginald Bassad to Stephen de 
Setgrave of four virgates of land in Detheswr' [Diseworth], 
two of which virgates Richard Bassad held of the fee of the 
Earl of Leicester, for which the said Reginald gave to the 
said Richard, in exchange, other land in the vill of Wul- 
stere [? Woolsthorpe, co. Leic]. Witnesses : Peterde Sancto 
Ewardo {sic) ; Henry de Burchevill ; Hamo de Turvill ; 
Eustace de Putof ; Henry de Setgrave ; Robert de Waletun ; 
Simon de Monteforti. Temp. Hen. HL \ante 1241]. Lat 

251. Grant from Henry de Braybroc to Stephen de 
Segrave of ten virgates of land in Wethstoen [Whetstone, 
CO. Leic], which he held by tenure of a fourth part of a 

^ Hugh de Chacombe=i=Amabel . . . 
temp. Hen. H. 

r ' 

Robert de Chacombe=f=-Juliana . . . 
Simon Bassett=i= • • Avenel alive in 1209 | 

, 1 , \ -, 

Ralph Bassett=Millicent Roger de Soniery=AmabeI=pGilbert de Segrave 
Baron of Sapcote, (2nd husband) | ob. 1255 

Sheriff of CO. Line. ob. 1273. I ' 

25-29th Hen. IH. Nicholas Segrave 

ob. 1265. Baron Segrave, 

86 Berkeley Castle 

knight's fee from Margaret de Quincy, Countess of Win- 
chester. Witnesses : Dom. Martin de Pateshull ; Hugh 
Dispensarius ; William, son of Warin ; William de Insula ; 
William de Ralee, the Clerk ; Ralph, son of Reginald ; 
William de Sancto Edmundo ; Stephen de Oxonia. Temp. 
Hen. HI. [afiU 1241]. Lai.] 

252. Grant from James le Breet to Stephen de Segrave 
of all his land which Thomas Molendinarius and Solomon 
Kyte held In Crowesscahe in the territory of La Wike 
[? Wike, CO. Warvv.]. Rent, one pound of cummin. Wit- 
nesses : William de HardredishuU ; Peter de Sancto 
Edwardo ; Richard de Kinton ; Hugh de Mancestre ; 
William de la Wike ; Geoffrey Puterel ; William Burdun ; 
Simon, the Clerk ; Gilbert Maulore ; Hervey de Salbe ; 
Richard de Thorp ; William de Sancto Edmundo. Temp. 
Hen. HI. [anU 1241]. Laf. 

253. Grant from Avice, sister of Roger de Sidenhale 
to Stephen de Segrave of four bovates of land in Wimunde- 
wald [Wymeswould, co. Leic], which Hugh Thodric and 
Geoffrey, his son, held, and of other lands which Hugh, son 
of Geoffrey Cruse, Adam Brun, and Peter Dod held. 
Witnesses : Peter de Sancto Edwardo ; Ranulf de Jorz ; 
Robert Puterel ; John, son of Hugh ; Robert de Torp ; 
William, son of Ivo ; Hugh de Berghes ; William Malore ; 
Thomas del Pec ; Geoffrey Blundel. Temp. Hen. HI. 
[ante 1241]. Lai. With seal, chipped. 

254. Release from Alice, widow of Peter de Pidel, to 
Stephen de Seagrave of her rights " nomine dotis " in the 
third part of all that land which Peter, her lord, granted to 
the said Stephen. Witnesses : Richard de Omberleia ; 
Henry, his brother; Robert Pipart ; William de Kington; 
Ronulf de Pidel. Temp. Hen. HI. [ante 1241]. Lat. 

Select Charters 87 

255. Grant from Hugh de Anvers to Hugh de Chau- 
comb, of a virgate of land in Great Dalby [co. Leic], of the 
fee of Ralph Basset. Witnesses : Will[iam] de Seinevill ; 
Rag. Basset ; Stephen de Sedgrave ; Wigan de Mara ; 
Thomas de Beseby ; Simon Corlevvache ; Ralph de Tur- 
tanesthan ; Alan de Hoby ; Laurence, Clericus. Temp. 
Hen. HI. Lat. 

256. Grant from Richard de Curezun to Stephen de 
Segravia of certain rents due from the Abbot and ^ Monks 
of Garendon for a tenement in Burton [Lazars, co. Leic] 
Rent, three roses per annum, due within the octave of the 
F. of SS. Peter and Paul. Witnesses : Henry de Segrave ; 
William de Wasteneis ; Gilbert Mallore ; Robert Putrel ; 
Hugh de Berges ; Simon de Monteforti ; Stephen de Rele ; 
William de Sancto Eadmundo ; Robert de Wilton. Temp. 
Hen. HI. [afiU 1241]. Lat. With seal. 

257- Grant from Richard de Derle, Clerk, to Dom. 
Stephen de Segrave, Knt., of a meadow in Kynston [co. 
Notts], which he held by gift of his mother Cecilia. .Wit- 
nesses : Dom. Roger de Sancto Andrea, Peter Pygot, 
Richard de Sutton, Knights ; Robert de Alantre, of 
Kegworth ; Robert, son of Ivo, of the same ; Richard le 
Boteler, of Leke, etc. Temp. Hen. HI. \ante 1241]. Lat. 

258. Grant from Thomas de Overton, son of Richer 
de Overton to Stephen de Segrave of two carucates of land 
in Dicheswrth [Diseworth, co. Leic], which Ralph Grun 
held. Witnesses : Reginald de Carduill' ; Hugh Dispen- 
sator ; Ralph de Martiwast' ; Robert de Appelby ; William 
Picot ; Benedict de Dicheswrth ; Henry and Robert and 
Geoffrey Dispenser ; Nicholas de Thorp ; Robert de 
Thorp; Henry, the Clerk. Temp. Hen. HI. {ante 1241]. 

88 Berkeley Castle 

259. Grant from William de Flemesburg to Stephen 
de Segrave of the third part of thirteen bovates of land and 
the eighth part of one bovate of land in Pichvell and Leues- 
thorp [Pickwell and Leesthorpe, co. Leic,], which late 
belonged to Roger Arundel. Witnesses : John de Birkin ; 
Thomas, his son ; Peter de Sancto Edwardo ; Robert 
Puterel ; William le Faukiner ; Geoffrey Puterel ; Robert 
de Waleton ; Hugh de Manecestre ; Robert de Seepey ; 
Gilbert Maulore ; William de Sancto Edmundo. Temp. 
Hen. HI. {ante 1241]. Lat. 

260. Grant from Amicia, sometime wife of William 
de Bellgrave, to Stephen de Segrave of two virgates of land 
in Wattun [Whatton, co. Leic.]. Witnesses : Ralph Cham- 
berlain, of Rearsby ; Robert de Foleuill ; Nicholas de 
Marham ; Brian Forester, of Whatton ; Hugh de Dides- 
wrth ; Peter' de Reresby. Temp. Hen. HI. [attte 1241]. 
Lat. With seal, broken. 

261. Acknowledgment of homage, and grant by 
Ralph Chamberlain, of Rearsby, to Stephen de Segrave of 
the tenement which Gilbert, the latter's father, held from him 
in Rerisbi [Rearsby, co. Leic] namely, a virgate of land 
which Fegge held, and a toft which Seled held. Witnesses : 
Geoffrey Basset, the Dean ; Ralph de Folevile ; Robert de 
Tuiford ; Ralj h de Thursteinistun ; William, son of Henry 
de Houbi ; Edmund de Segrave ; Robert, son of Ralph de 
Thursteinestun. Temp. Hen. HI. [ante 1241]. Lat. 

262. Grant by John de Humet to Stephen de Segrave 
of a bovate and a half of land in Humberstan [Humber- 
stone, CO. Leic] an acre of land under Litlemede, etc. Rent, 
a pound of cummin. Witnesses: Ralph de Martiwast ; William 
Picot ; Walter de Manecestre ; Robert de Humberstan ; Alan 
de Quinton ; Ralph de Thursteinton ; Henry de Merston. 
Temp. Hen. HI. {ante 1241]. Lat. With curious seal. 

Select Charters. 89 

263. Release from Osbert, Prior, and the Convent of 
Laund to Dom. Stephen de Segrave of a rent of two 
shillings, out of the three shillings due from him for a 
bovate and a half of land, ** cum tenente et familia sua," in 
Grimeston [Grimstone, co. Leic], which land the Priory 
acquired by grant from Alan de Siwaldebi. Witnesses : 
Hasculf, the son of Peter ; Henry de Segrave ; Walter de 
Besebroc ; William de Martinwast ; Ralph de Neovill ; 
William de la Haie ; William de Sancto Edmundo. Temp. 
Hen. in. [ante 1241]. Lai. With Priory seal, broken. 

264. Grant from William de Turvilla to Stephen de 
Segrave of thirty acres of land with wood upon it in his 
wood called Neuwood. Witnesses ; Henry de Segrave ; 
Richard de Turvill ; Geoffrey Poutrell ; Robert de Seepe ; 
Gilbert de Manecestre, etc. Temp. Hen. HI. [ante 1241]. 

265. Grant from Stephen de Segrave to Robert de 
Grimeston of a bovate of land in Grimstone, which he holds 
of the Prior of Laund. Witnesses : Ralph de Folevill ; 
Ralph Chamberlain ; John de Siwoldebi ; Henry de Segrave ; 
Ralph de Tursteinton ; Geoffrey Bane ; Hugh Abbas ; 
Edmund de Segrave. Temp. Hen. HI. [ante 1241]. Lat. 
With seal. 

266. Notip^iCATION by Henry de Lincoln, son of Peter 
de Lincoln, that he has taken " ad feodi firmam " from 
Dom. Stephen de Segrave, whatever he had in Dunnestorp 
by grant from Dom. William, Earl of Warenne, namely land 
in Dunnestorp and Herierbi " in parte orientali de Graham 
ultra aquam que appellatur Withme, cum Lunda et prato 
quod appellatur Lundenge," and rents in Sumerdebi and 
Gunnewareby [Somerby and Gonerby, co. Line.]. Wit- 
nesses : Gilbert de Segrave, son of the same Stephen ; John 

90 Berkeley Castle 

de la Rivere ; Ralph de Sechevile ; Thomas de Lincoln ; 
William de Sancto Edmundo ; William de Folevile ; 
Anketil Mallore, Knights, etc. Temp. Hen. III. \ante 
1 241]. Lat. With seal. 

267, Order from Roger de Meinilwar to Geoffrey 
Blot and Gilbert le Cat that the former do his service for his 
land of Barwi [Barrow, co. Leic."] to Stephen de Segrave, 
till Gilbert le Cat shall be old enough to hold his father's 
lands, according to the custom of Segrave. Temp. Hen. 
III. Lat. 

268. Grant from Hugh, son of Andrew Neirun to 
Stephen de Segrave of a messuage in Northampton. Wit- 
nesses : Robert le Espicer, Mayor of Northampton ; Ralph 
Passelewe ; William dc Gaugy ; Michael, son of Philip ; 
Sampson, son of Sampson. Temp. Hen. III. \a71te 1241]. 

269. Sale from Elias, son of Anketil de Prestwald to 
Stephen de Sedgrave (for eighteen shillings) of a toft and 
croft in Cotis-super-Sore [Cotes, co. Leic], to hold by 
service of a pair of white gloves. Witnesses : Henry de 
Sedgrave ; Richard Puterel, of Cotes ; Hugh de Berwes ; 
Gilbert Maillore ; Nicholas, Chaplain of Seagrave ; Laurence 
Mauduit, etc. Temp. Hen. III. \_ante 1241]. Lat. 

270, Grant from Geoffrey Puttrel to Stephen de 
Segrave of whatever the former has in the vill of Howes 
[Hose, CO. Leic], in demesnes, villenages and services. 
Witnesses : Walter de Sancto Eadmundo ; John de 
Ripariis ; Robert de Shep' ; Robert Mallor ; Wakelin, tunc 
rector ecclesie de Hanlop' ; Hugh de Perers ; Thomas 
Mallor ; William , de Sixteneby ; William de Olleby ; 
"William Russel, of Overton. Temp. Hen. III. \anie 
1241]. Lat. 

Select Charters. 91 

2*71. Release from Henry Lovet to Stephen de 
Sedgrave of land which William de Upton held from him 
in North Pidele [co. Wore.]. Witnesses : R[obert] de 
Lexinton ; William de Colewurth ; Robert de la Haye ; 
Ralph de Suthleic and Jollan de Nevile, Justic. Itiner. at 
Worcester ; William de Bello Campo; Robert de Notingham, 
Clerk to R. de Lexinton ; Roger le Poher ; Richard de 
Boyvill, Clerk ; William de Wasseburn. Dat. Worcester, 
2 Apr. 25 Hen. HI. [1241]. Lat. 

2*72m Grant from John de Berkeley, son and heir of 
Henry de Berkeley, to Kingswood Abbey, of all the lands 
and tenements which the monks held of the fees of Roger 
de Newintune, son of Philip de Berkelay ; Thomas, son of 
Adam Loch ; and of Thomas de la Plaunche, in the tenure 
of Newintun. Witnesses : Dom. Richard de Coueleya ; 
Roger de Camme ; Robert de la Plaunche ; Nicholas 
Rufus ; Peter de Yweleya ; Roger de Duchtune ; Robert 
Passelewe. Dat. the Morrow of the Nat. of St. John B. 
[24 JuneJ 1 24 1. Lat. 

2*7Q* Indenture of lease from Cecily, widow of 
Robert de Rocheford to John, Abbot, and the Convent of 
Kingswood, of all her dower lands in Osleworth. Wit- 
nesses : Peter de Eggeswrth ; Gilbert de Sipton ; Geoffrey 
de Chausi ; Roger de Ducton ; Nicholas Ruffus ; William 
Sumeri ; Robert, Parson of Oslewrth ; John le Newth ; 
Nigel de Oslewrth ; Robert le Newh ; Roger Petipas. 
Dat. F. of St. Mary Magdalen [22 July], 1241. Lat. 
With seal of Cecilia de Rocheford. 

274. Grant from Robert Basset, son of John Basset, 
of Riston, to Roger, son of Fulk de Riston, of pasture and 
common for 6 beasts in his pasture beyond the water on 
the east in Riston Field [Rushton, co. Northton.], from the 

92 Berkeley Castle 

Feast of Inv. of Holy Cross [3 May] to Feast of the 
Purification [2 Feb.], and also pasture, etc., for the said 6 
beasts on either side of the water of Hyse after the hay is 
carried, and on all the land where his other men have 
common of pasture, excepting his closes of Bassetshawe, 
etc. Witnesses : Dom. Robert de Ver ; Hugh de Golding- 
ham ; John Luvet ; Henry de Sancto Licio [St. Liz.] ; 
Thomas de Insula ; William Clericus ; Richard Marescallus. 
Dat. 27 Hen. HI. [1242-3]. Lat. With seal. 

275. Confirmation from Thomas de Berkele to 
Robert, son of William Hurde, of the half virgate of land, 
with the messuage in Alquinton [Alkington], which the said 
William Hurde held from Dom. Robert de Berkele, 
brother of the said Thomas. Rent, 10 shillings. Wit- 
nesses : Peter de Stintescumbe ; Thomas de Tyringham ; 
John de Eggeton ; Robert de Planche ; Elias Pincerna ; 
Elias de Bevinton ; Alexander de London ; Arnulph, 
the Clerk. Temp. Hen. HI. [ante 12 z^^']. Lat. With fine 

2'76. Declaration of conditions under which Robert, 
son of Richard, received his land of Gosinton [Gossington] 
from his lord Thomas de Berkeley, namely, that the 
land should revert to the said lord if the said Robert should 
not have legitimate offspring. Witnesses : Dom. Maurice 
de Gaunt ; Roger, son of Nicholas ; Henry de Berkeley ; 
Richard de Coueley ; Peter de Stintescumb ; Maurice, son 
of Nigel. Temp. Hen. HL \a7tte 1243]. Lat. With seal 
of arms. 

S"??. Sale by Robert Crispin, for four marks of silver, 
to Henry de Berkelai, Knt., son of his Lord Thomas de 
Berkelay, of all the land which the said Lord Thomas gave 
him in his manor of Wotton, namely, that land which Peter 

Select Charters. 93 

Coterel held (and two assarts which Walter "vetus pre- 
positus" held) called " Rudinga de Abbeleia" and "Rudinga 
de Hage." Witnesses : Oliver de Berkelay ; Simon de 
Olepenne ; Peter de Stintescumbe ; Richard de Coueleia ; 
William de Berkeleya, Knt. ; Ernulf, Clericus ; William de 
Bradele. Temp. Hen. III. [ante 1243]. Lat. 

278. Grant from Thomas de Berkeley to Robert, son 
of William Vaccarius, of 2 acres of land with a messuage, 
which Alric Pithering held in Alcrinton [Alkington], at an 
annual rent of three pence. Witnesses : Ralph de Redlega ; 
Henry de Berk[eley] ; William de Berk[eley] ; Walter de 
Angrevill ; Walter Stut ; Maurice de Stanes, and others. 
Lat. With privy seal of T. de Berkeley in green wax. 

279. Grant from Thomas de Berkeley, at the prayer 
of Thomas de Tyringeham, to Hugh, son of Alured, son of 
Aimer de Slimbruge, of his freedom from all service, and 
all his suit and all his children, for the service of Thomas de 
Tyringeham, and a virgate of land in Slimbridge, which 
Alured, the said Hugh's father, held in the same vill. 
Witnesses : Robert, son of Richard ; Peter de Stintes- 
cumbe ; Richard de Couele ; Elias Pincerna ; Ernulf, the 
Clerk. Temp. Hen. HI. [^«/^ 1243]. Lat. 

280. Sale and quitclaim by Hugh Gule, to Thomas, 
Lord of Berkeley, of lands, rent and ser\'ices in Berkeleyher- 
nesse for which quitclaim the said Lord Berkeley gave him 
3^ marks for his " magnum negocium." Witnesses : Dom. 
Ignacius de Cliftun ; Geoffrey de Lawertune ; Henry de 
Berkeley ; William de Essetun ; Thomas de Rodeberwe ; 
Adam Coby ; John Sewacre ; Alured le Sipward ; Maurice 
de Bevintun ; Maurice de Stanes ; Peter de Wika ; William, 
son of Robert. [1220- 1243]. Lat. With green seal, 
representing a lion rampant. 

94 Berkeley Castle 

281. Letters of William, Abbot, and the Abbey of 
St. Augustine's, Bristol, whereby he declared that (in con- 
sideration of the confirmation by Maurice, son of Dom. 
Thomas de Berkeley,of a grant of land called "La Burlonde," 
and of 2 bushels of corn, rent due from Elias le Eskermissur 
together with the latter's homage and service, made to the 
Abbey by Maurice de BevintonJ he will allow no loss from 
the land in Bevington, which Maurice de Bevinton leased 
to the Abbey by arbitration, to fall either on Maurice de 
Bevinton or Maurice de Berkeley. Witnesses : Dom. 
William de Putot ; Roger de Lukinton ; Maurice de Salso 
Marisco ; Thomas Longus ; William de Bello-Monte ; 
Robert de Legh ; Robert de Hales ; John Tike ; Adam 
Russel ; Adam de Portesheved. Dat. St. Augustine's, 
Bristol, Octave of St. John Ev., [27 Dec], 1243. Lat. 

282. Lease for 3 years from Nicholas de Craule to 
Peter de Wika of all his land and court in Newenton, 
which he had already leased to him " ad campartum " for 
1 5 years : the said Peter to support Hawyse, wife of the 
said Nicholas, during the term, and to keep in good 
condition the said land and to restore the court and to 
reconvey it at the end of the term in a better state than it 
was when the said Nicholas leased it to him. Witnesses : 
Dom. Richard de Cromhale ; Maurice de Salso Marisco ; 
Roger de Lokinton ; Henry de Berkeley ; Ralph Musard ; 
Nicholas le Rus ; Andrew de Bradestan ; John de Draicot ; 
Robert de Coueleg' ; Maurice de Stanes. Dat. 28 Hen. \\\. 
[1243-4]. Lat. 

283. Covenant for lease from Dom. Maurice de 
Berkeley to Peter de Wike of his land in Stapeling field, 
Smalmor and Oldefrihtgorst, with pastures lying between 
Walhamgarston [Wallgarstone, in Berkeley] andBradefleth 

Select Charters. 95 

lake, and between Stapeling field and the King's highway 
towards Newenton, excepting the portion of land which 
belongs to his mother, Joan de Berkele, by right of 
dower. Witnesses : Dom. Maurice de Salso Marisco ; 
William Mauduit ; Roger de Lokinton ; Richard de Crom- 
hale ; William de Aubemarle ; Ralph Musard ; Walter 
de Burgo ; Robert de Hales, Seneschal ; Andrew de 
Bracheston ; John de Egeton ; Tho. Mathias. Dat. 
Ascension Day [12 May], 28 Hen. HI. [1244]. 

2Q^. Covenant for lease from Dom. Maurice de 
Berkele to Peter de Wika of land in Stapeling field, a 
meadow called Smalemor, excepting five acres in the 
same meadow near Mormede, together with land of 
Oldefrithgorst, with pastures lying between Walhamgarston 
[Wallgarstone, in Berkeley] and the lake of Bradeflet, 
between Stapeling field and the King's highway towards 
Newenton. Witnesses : Maurice de Salso Marisco ; William 
Mauduit ; Roger de Lokinton ; Richard de Cromhale ; 
William de Aubemarle ; Ralph Musard ; Walter de Burgo ; 
Robert de Hales ; Adrian de Bradestan ; John de Oketon ; 
Thomas Mathias. Dat. Fr. aft, F. of St. Lucy [13 Dec], 
29 Hen. HL [1244]. 

285. Counterpart of No. 284. 

286. Grant from Alice de Kingeston to Dom. Maurice 
de Berkeley of all that fishery in the R. Severn, which came 
to her on the death of Dom. Robert de Kingeston, with a 
tenement in Kingston and Gosinton [in Slimbridge, co. 
Glouc], together with a place for repairing the fishing nets, 
etc. Witnesses : Dom. Roger de Lokinton ; Dom. Maurice 
de Salso. Marisco ; Henry de Ponte ; Bartholomew de 
Olepenne ; Thomas de Buleye ; Elias Pincerna ; William 
le Seriant. [1243- 1245]. Laf, With seal. 

Berkeley Castle 

287. Grant from Maurice, Lord Berkeley, to Peter de 
Wika, of land which John le Vale sometime held in 
Wanswell, in Ham manor. Rent, a pair of gilt spurs, price 
sixpence, at Michaelmas : for which grant the said Peter 
releases to the said Maurice the land which he held in 
Aketre, in Alcrintone [Alkington] Manor, by grant from 
Thomas de Berkeley, father of Maurice. Witnesses : Dom. 
Maurice de Salso Marisco ; Dom. Roger de Lokinton ; 
Robert de Hales, Steward of Berkeley ; Andrew de Brade- 
stan ; John de Egeton ; Adam fil. Nel. ; William Eustace ; 
Nicholas de Crauele ; Henry de Egetun ; Maurice de 
Stanes ; John de Wodeford ; Adam Flaumbard, etc. 
[1243- 1 245]. Lat. 

288. Counterpart of grant from Maurice de Berkeley 
to St. Augustine's Abbey, Bristol, of common of pasture in 
Walmegerston [Wallgarstone, in Berkeley] for four and 
twenty oxen, seven sows, one boar, and their broods of one 
year old. Witnesses : Dom. Richard de Cromhall ; Dom. 
Roger de Lukinton ; Dom. Maurice de Salso Marisco ; 
Alan de Hales ; Thomas, " Serviens " of Berkeley ; Thomas 
Mathias ; John de Eggeton ; William Marshall. [1243- 
1245]. Lat. Much damaged. With fragments of the 
Abbey seal. 

289. Quitclaim from Philip de Leycestria to Dom. 
Maurice de Berkele of all right of common which he has 
in the lands of the said Maurice by reason of the land of 
Weneswell [Wanswell], which the said Philip bought from 
Walter de Stanton for sixty-five acres of land which the 
said Maurice granted to the said Philip. Witnesses : Dom. 
Maurice de Salso-marisco ; Dom. Roger de Lokinton ; 
Robert de Hales, Seneschal ; Andrew de Brodeston ; John 
de Eginton ; Thomas Mathias ; Robert le Herde. [1243- 
1245]. Lat. 

Select Charters 97 

290. Covenant of lease for 12 years from Dom. John 
de Plessetis to Adam de Dodinton of a certain " cultura " 
called Croumor [? in Stottesden, co. Salop], at a rent of two 
shillings per annum. Witnesses : Geoffrey de Overton ; 
William de Sancto Georgio ; Reginald de Plessetis ; Robert 
de Bolda ; Hugh de Baskerwill ; Richard, Chaplain of 
Stottesden ; Ralph de la Love. Dat. 30 Hen. HI. 
[1245-6]. Lat. 

291. Release from Robert de Gessich to Warin fil. 
Geroldi, of claim in the moiety of Faulore Manor [.? Fallow, 
near Uffington, co. Berks], which he has held on lease, and 
an undertaking to deliver all writings and muniments 
relating thereto within the octave of Holy Trinity [3 June], 
30 Hen. HI. [1426]. Witnesses: John Juvenis, of Dun- 
stable ; Thomas, son of Andrew ; Simon de Faulore ; 
Robert de Offintun ; John, dictus Monachus ; William de 
Byaulo ; Richard de la Bere. Lat. With seal. 

292. Lease for 9 years from Richard de Kacchemere 
and Roysia, his wife, to Geoffrey, son of Ralph de Wenden, 
and Matilda, his wife, of a messuage with a croft at 
Hokerhull, in Wenden [co. Essex]. Rent, 12 pence per 
annum. Witnesses : Matthew de Wenden ; William de 
Ripa ; Roger Sangrinel ; Simon de Sancto Nicholao ; John, 
son of Geoffrey ; Peter de Blanketre ; Philip Ylebert ; 
William Ylebert. Dat. Michaelmas, 30 Hen. HI. [1246]. 
With seal. 

293. Declaration made before Dom. Robert 
Walerand, Sheriff of Gloucester, *' in pleno comitatu," by 
Cecily, late wife of Robert de Rocheford, that she never 
held or laid claim to the land which Richard de la Bere 
demanded from her in Osleworth, but that the monks of 
Kingswood have held it for a long time. Witnesses : Dom. 
William Mansel ; Dom. John de Wautone ; Robert le 


98 Berkeley Castle 

Veel ; Jordan la Warre ; Richard de Colewych ; Walter de 
Naylesworth ; William de Wockeseye. Dat. 31 Hen. III. 
[1246-7]. Lat 

294. Release from William, son of Jocelin de 
Schelvistone to Dom. Gilbert de Segrave, of the tenement 
which Jocelin, his father, acquired from Bertram le Gros in 
the vill of Raundis [Raunds, co. Northt.], and of 40 shillings 
rent from a water mill in the same place, for which release 
the said Gilbert has given the said William 20 marks, in 
which sum the latter was bound to the former in a cove- 
nant made before the Justices Itinerant at Northampton in 
31st year of Henry III. [1246-7]. Witnesses: Dom. Robert 
de Veer ; Dom. William de Hay ; Dom. Richard Irencestre ; 
Roger, son of William de Baitone ; Eustace de Heuthling- 
burg ; Simon, Clericus de eadem villa ; Thomas de 
Furneys de Raund ; Dom. Ralph Chamberlain, then Steward 
of Gilbert de Segrave; Dom. Henry de Harang ; Hugh 
de Segrave, the Chaplain. Lat 

295. Grant from Maurice de Berkeley, for his soul's 
salvation and that of Isabella, his wife, to the Abbey of 
Blanchalanda [Whiteland, co. Carm.] of a mill, messuage 
and land, which Ailward the miller held of Roger de 
Berkeley, uncle to the said Maurice, in Bedminster [co. 
Som.] at an annual rent of twenty shillings. Witnesses : 
Dom. Maurice de Salso Marisco ; Dom. Jordan la Ware ; 
William de Bello Monte; Walter, son of Alan ; Hillary de 
Campo Florido ; Stephen de Lyons ; William de Taney, 
Steward of Berkeley. " The Abbot de Alba Domo has 
appended his seal to this charter." Dat. Berkeley, Fr. aft. 
Tr. of St. Thomas, [7 July], 1247. Lat. The seal is 

296. Lease from Mary de Overton and Robert, son of 
Geoffrey de Overton, to Richard, son of Richard, miller, of 
Alduluestre [Austrey, co. Warw.j, of three selions of land 

Select Charters. 99 

in the field of Alduluestre, till four crops shall have been 
gathered. Witnesses : Thomas, serviens de Alduluestre ; 
Symon, the Clerk ; Robert, the Clerk ; Henry Wyng ; 
John, son of Roger de Aldulestre. Dat. 32 Hen. HI. 
[1247-8]. Lat. 

297. Release from William, Abbot of St. Augustine's, 
Bristol, to Dom. Maurice de Berkeley, of the messuage with 
appurtenances which Henry, the Chaplain, some time held, 
in Berkeley. Witnesses : Roger de Lokinton ; Maurice de 
Salso Marisco ; Richard de Cromhal ; Walter de Burgo ; 
Andrew de Bradcstan ; Ralph de Angervill ; Maurice de 
Stanes ; Peter de Wike. Dat. 1248. Lat. 

298. Lease for seven years from Roger de Cantilupo 
to Robert Bruning of two putts^ in the Severn at a place 
called Monerewe, lying between the putts of Peter de Wike 
and the putts of Stephen de Holeweie. Rent, one penny. 
Witnesses : William, Dean of Arlingham ; Peter de Wika ; 
Gilbert de Linch ; Richard de Sancta Brigida ; Robert 
Guidonis ; William Lefward ; Adam Bertram. Dat. F. of 
Nat. of St. John Baptist [24 June], 1248. Lat. With seal. 

299. Lease from Robert, son of Geoffrey de Overton, 
to Richard fil. Ric. Molendinarii de Aldulfistre, of six 
selions of arable land in the fields of Aldulfistre [Austrey, 
CO, Warw.], until the said Richard shall have obtained six 
years' crops therefrom. Witnesses : Symon, the Clerk of 
Austrey ; Thomas, serviens ; Robert, the Clerk of Segrave ; 
Henry Wyring ; John, son of Roger ; William de Rolee ; 
Roger de Cheyne. Dat. Michaelmas, 32 Hen. HL [1248]. 

300. Quitclaim fromWilliam, Abbot of St. Augustine's, 
Bristol, to Dom. Maurice de Berkeley, of a virgate of heath 

^ Puthius=putt or pit. cf. Smyth's History of the Hundred of Berkeley. 
Ed. Maclean, p. 344 7iote. 

roo Berkeley Castle 

land, which the said Maurice has given to Master Phih'p de 
Leycestria, reserving to the Abbey right of way across it for 
carriage of hay and corn in the proper seasons. Witnesses : 
Dom. Roger de Lokinton ; Dom. Maurice de Salso Marisco ; 
Dom. Walter de Burgo, Knights ; Andrew de Bradestan ; 
John de Eggeton ; Thomas Mathias ; Robert Bastard ; 
Robert le Herde ; Adam Coby ; John Sewaker. Circ. 1248. 
Lat. With Abbey seal, light brown wax. 

301. Grant from Thomas de Berkelay, son of Dom. 
Thomas de Berkeley, for the health of his soul, and the 
souls of his parents and ancestors, to Kingswood Abbey of 
ten shillings worth of rent from his land of Simondshall to 
provide a "pitancia"' for the Monks of the Abbey every 
year on St. Andrew's day. Witnesses : Dom. Robert the 
Prior ; Odo, John, Vitalis, William the Cellarer, and 
Andrew, Monks of Kingswood. [1241-1248]. LaL With 
small seal. 

302. Grant from Matthew, son of Thomas, Parson of 
Niwintun [Newington Bagpath], to the Monks of Kingswood 
of all the gift which Thomas de la Planche, his uncle, made 
him in Baggepath, namely the land called Kynsyescroft, 
land in Hungerfurlang, Blakewelle, and " duas Hevedacras " 
on the left of the road going to the mill of Boxwell, the 
Monks paying him a pair of white gloves at Easter. Wit- 
nesses : Oliver de Berkele ; Simon de Olepenna ; Robert 
de Rochefort; Roger de Niwintun; Nicholas Ruffus ; 
John le New; Adam de Hamm ; Nicholas de Culcretun. 
Temp. Hen. III. Lai. 

303. Release from Richard, son of Robert, the 
merchant, to Maurice de Berkele, his lord, of land lying in 
the front of the castle gate. Dat. S. post. Clausum Pasch. 
[S. after Easter, 3 Apr.], 1250. Lat. Imperfect. With seal. 

An addition to the ordinary diet. 

Select Charters. lot 

304. Lease from Ralph le Botyler, son of Maurice le 
Botyler, with consent of Matilda, his wife, to Gilbert de 
Segrave of all the manor of Northburg [Narborough, co. 
Leic] for lo years, on payment of 200 marks : after which 
term the said Gilbert may hold the manor for his life on pay- 
ment of an annual rent of fifty pounds. Witnesses : Dom. 
William Burdet ; Dom. Ralph Chamberlain, of Rearsby ; 
Dom. Peter Peverell ; Dom. Ralph de Nevill ; Adam 
Bramceston ; Mag. John de Aunechyrch ; Hugh de Bevin- 
ton, etc. Dat. F. of Nat. of B.V.M. [8 September], 34 
Hen. HI. [1250]. Lat. 

305. Fine levied before Roger de Thurkelby, John de 
Cobbeham and Alan de Wassaund, King's Justices, to Gilbert 
de Sedgrave, by Ralph de Butiler and Matilda, his wife, of 
Northburg [Narborough] manor for a term of 10 years. 
Dat. Westminster, Martinm. Term, 35 Hen. HI. [1250]. 

306. Grant by Geoffrey, Abbot of Croxton [co. Leic] 
to Robert, son of William Byswthone, of Croxton, of a 
piece of land in Croxton, lying under Netherigsty, etc. Rent, 
100 pence of silver yearly on the feast of St Botulph [17 
June]. Witnesses : William Lenfaunt, of Croxton ; Thomas 
Cook ; Roger de Infirmitorio ; Richard le Moyne ; John 
de la Grene ; Robert Paris. [1240-1250]. Lat. With seal 
of the Abbey, chipped, and on the reverse the counterseal 
with inscription SiGlLLVM Abbatis DE Croxton. 

307. Grant from Roger de Infirmitorio, of Croxton, 
to Robert, son of Hugh Moysand, of Croxton, of eight 
selions of land in the eastern field of Croxton near the 
road which divides the counties of Lincoln and Leicester. 
Witnesses : William Leinfaunt, of Croxton ; Roger, son of 
Walter de Croxston ; Thomas, son of Simon de Croxston ; 
Elyas Kneye, of Cnipton ; John Moysand, of Croxton. 
Temp. Hen. HI. [1240- 1250]. Lat. 

102 Berkeley Castle. 

308. Grant by the Abbot and Monks of Kingswood to 
Thomas de Ellesvvorth of all that land in Ham which 
Walter de Horsford held : at an annual rent of twenty 
shillings. Witnesses : Dom. Geoffrey de Chausi ; Dom. 
Richard de Cromhale ; Dom. Roger de Lokinton ; Dom. 
Maurice de Sautemareis ; Dom. Walter de Burgo ; Nicholas 
de Chausi ; John de Egintun ; Andrew de Bradestun ; 
Thomas Mathias. Temp Hen. HI. \circ. 1250]. Lat. 

309. Grant from Thomas de la Planch to Gilbert fil. 
Radulfi de Baggepath of a croft of land in Baggepath 
[Bagpath, co. Glouc] to be held by the same Gilbert and 
Sara, his wife, for their lives, with the condition that if 
either die and marry again, they shall cease to hold the 
same unless they obtain a re-grant from the said Thomas. 
Witnesses : Philip de Berkele ; Geoffrey de Chausi ; Henry 
de Scropes ; Adam, son of Nigel ; Robert, his brother ; 
Gilbert de Egge ; Thomas Loch; William, son of Elias de 
Cumba ; Hugh de Bradeleg'. Temp, Hen. HI. \circ. 1250]. 
Lat. With seal. 

310. Grant from Richard, son of Walter Kadifer, of 
Gloucester, to Elicia, relict of David Dunyng, junior, of 
Gloucester, of land [in Gloucester]. Kent, a pound of 
cummin. Witnesses : Richard Ayllard ; Peter Burgensis ; 
Henry Burgensis ; William de Someri ; Stephen Cornu- 
biensis, Bailiff of Gloucester; Walter Hoth; Richard Blunt ; 
Walter Payn; Richard Sellarius ; Payn Burgensis ; Vincent 
Fardayn. Temp. Hen. HI. [circ. 1250]. Lat. 

311. Confirmation by Nicholas fil. Radulfi, Dominus 
de Hulle, to the Abbot and Convent of Kingswood, of 
the grant to the same by Robert Wyther and Sybil, his 
wife, of lands, tenements, rents, etc., which they held in the 
vill of Hull [Hill, CO. Glouc] Witnesses : Robert de 
Bradeston ; Robert de Berkeleye ; Thomas de Stintes- 
cumbe ; Thomas de Beoleye ; Nicholas de Stowe, Constable 

Select Charters. 


of Berkeley ; Thomas de Lude ; William de Colewych ; 
Thomas de Svvanhungre ; Nicholas de Vinea, Clerk. Dat, 
Hill Manor, [nr. Thornbury], Feast of St. Katherine, Virgin 
[25 Nov.] Temp. Hen. HI. LaU 

312. Covenant for the grant by Maurice, Lord 
Berkeley, to the Abbey of St. Augustine's, Bristol, of 5 
acres and a quarter, and 20 perches of arable land, and two 
acres of meadow, situate in Littletrolt, Scortebengrote, 
Longbengrote, Hormede, Oxenehay, Inhechinge, Sunder- 
lond, Perham, etc., near Berkeley, in exchange for other 
lands not specified. Witnesses : Dom. Maurice de Salso 
Marisco ; Roger de Lokinton ; Walter de Burgo, Knights ; 
Peter de Wik ; Richard de Wik ; Maurice de Stanes ; 
Thomas Mathias ; Adam Coby ; Ralph Dangerode ; 
Robert Bastard. [1243- 1264]. Lat. With seal of the 
Abbey, broken. 

313. Grant from Thomas son of Thomas de Aula de 
Dideswrth to Dom. Gilbert de Segrave, of half an acre of 
meadow in Didesworth [Diseworth, co. Leic], lying on 
Suthmedwee. Witnesses : Robert de Shepeya ; Hugh de 
Dideswrth ; Roger de Hausted ; Simon de Colleshull ; 
William Daddi ; Richard, son of Serlo ; Robert le Gurmun- 
del ; Richard de Pickeswith. [i 241 -125 5]. Lat. With 

314. Grant from Thomas, son of Thomas de Aula, de 
Dycheswrd to Dom. Gilbert de Segrave of four selions of 
land on Le Haseles in Dicheswrd [Diseworth, co. Leic] 
Witnesses : Dom. .Ralph Chamberlain, of Reafresb)-- : Dom. 
Henry Haranc : Hugh de Dycheswrd ; Roger Brian de 
Wadton ; William, son of Elyas de Dycheswrd ; Robert de 
Gurmundeley ; Symon de Dycheswrd. [1241-1255]. Lat. 

315. Grant and release from Thomas, son of Thomas 
de Aula de Dytheswurth, to Gilbert de Segrave of four selions 

104 Berkeley Castle- 

of land in Depedale, with the herbage and pasture of the 
^ame. Witnesses : Henry Harang ; Ralph Chamberlain ; 
Robert de Meynil de Heminton ; Hugh de Dytheswurth ; 
Roger Bryen de Watton ; Robert de Gurmundel ; William 
son of Elyas de Dytheswurth ; Richard, son of Serlo de 
Eddenvilla ; William fil. Stephani de eadem villa. [1241- 
1255]. Lat. 

316. Release from Agnes de Oleby " quondam uxor 
Hugonis de Saxelby " to Dom. Gilbert de Sedgrave, of land 
in Oleby. Witnesses : Dom. Hugh de Peters ; William 
Beler ; William de Sixceneby ; William de Oleby ; Roger 
Belet ; John, son of Gilbert ; Gilbert le Paumer. [1241- 
1255]. Lat. 

ZV7, Grant from Roger, son of William de Mubray, to 
the Abbot and Convent of Suleby [Sulby, co. Northt.] of 
thirty acres of marsh near Kelkefeld [Kelfield, co. Line] and 
thirty acres of marsh near his house of Thurnholm 
[Thornholm, co. Line], for the purpose of an enclosure ; at 
a rent of fifteen shillings, unless by plea in the King's Court 
or any other cause such enclosure shall not be made, when 
they shall be acquitted from payment of the rent. Wit- 
nesses : Dom. Roger de Bograve ; Dom. Ranulph de 
Middilton ; Dom. Thomas de Colevile ; Dom. William de 
Busci, Knights ; William de Plumton ; Robert de Bentoft ; 
Ralph Takel ; William Takel ; Richard Deusbire. Temp. 
Hen. HL Lat. 

318. Grant from Henry de Berkeley, Lord of Dursley, 
to Bartholomew de Olepenne, for his service, of ten shillings 
annual rent in Dursley due from William de Bernewod for a 
fulling mill, which he holds for his life, with remainder on his 
death to the said Bartholomew. Rent, a rose. Witnesses : 
Milo de Langethot ; Peter de Stintiscumbe ; Helias de 
Cumbe ; Robert de Coueley ; Robert de Olepenne : Robert 
Dosy. Temp. Hen. HL Lat. 

Select Charters. 105 

319. Grant from Warin, son of Henry fil. Geroldi to 
to Robert de Giosyth of an acre of land near Ofifinton and 
Fauflore [Uffington and Fallow, co. Berks.], with common 
of pasture. Witnesses : Dom. Sampson Foliot ; Dom. 
Henry de Peseya ; Dom. Gilbert de Columbariis ; Peter de 
Badeleking ; Simon de Offinton ; Robert de Cffinton ; 
Pagan Knittinton ; Andrew de Scaccario ; Roger de 
Wrytele ; William de Wermeinstere ; Mathael de la Wyke; 
Reginald, son of the Chaplain. Temp, Hen. III. Lat, 
With seal of arms. 

320. Grant from William, Abbot and the Abbey of St. 
Augustine's, Bristol, to Robert le Hunde, for his homage 
and service, of all that land at Swanhangre [Swanhunger, 
in Ham], which Reginald Buffing held. Rent, thirty shil- 
lings. Witnesses : Dom. Henry de Berkele, Knt. ; Andrew 
de Bradestan ; John de Eginton ; Nicholas Rufus ; Adam 
Gobi. Temp. Hen. HI. [1234- 1264]. Lat. 

321. Grant from Alice, sometime wife of Samson 
Machun, to Peter de Vike of a third part of her dower lands 
in Dursley. Witnesses : Thomas Mauduit ; Dom. Richard 
de Coueleg' ; Robert de la Planche ; Peter de Yveleg' ; 
Roger de Camme ; Gilbert Drake, etc. Temp. Hen. HI. 
Lat. With seal. 

322. Grant from Andrew de Badelking to Robert de 
Gessiz of an acre and a rood of meadow in Bagermore 
Meadow, which lies between the meadows of Dom. Warin 
fil. Geroldi and the meadow of the parson of Offinton 
[Uffington, CO. Berks]. Witnesses : Peter de Badelking ; 
Simon de Fauueflore ; Robert de Offinton ; William de 
Butiler ; James de Offintone ; Warin le Gardinir ; Thomas 
le Frankelan. Temp. Hen. HI. Lat. 

io6 Berkeley Castle 

323. Grant from Eadmund fil. Henrici de Bronesho 
de Neuport, to Roger fil. Walter! Cantoris de Neuport, of 
three and a half acres of land in Neuport [Newport, co. 
Essex], lying in Norrfield, between the land of the Hospital 
of St. Leonard's and the highway called Nortuneweye. 
Witnesses : Quintin, son of Warin ; John Quintin ; John le 
Flemeng; William, son of Alan; John Habraham; Laurence, 
son of Ranulf; John de Aula Petrina ; Stephen, the Clerk; 
Thomas, Clericus de Wyditone ; William Agare ; Alex- 
ander de Wandlyngtone ; Robert de Bronesho. Temp. 
Hen. HL Lat. 

32^. Grant from John le Furner, of Coventry, to 
Geoffrey Lonton of the moiety of a messuage " in vico 
comitis" [Earl Street] in Coventry. Witnesses : Walter le 
Blund, Bailiff ; Roger, the Clerk ; Peter Barun ; Robert 
de Henle ; Anketin, fil. Roys ; Robert Dale ; John Auri- 
faber ; John Abbot ; Robert Baret ; Richard de Walton ; 
Thomas de Henle. Temp. Hen. HL Lat. 

325. Confirmation from Gwarin fil. Geroldi, to 
Symon fil. Ricardi de Stivintun, of pasture for four oxen or 
cattle in the vill of Kingestun [Kingston Lisle, co. Berks], 
which his father Henry fil. Geroldi, granted to the said 
Simon. Witnesses : Gilbert de Columbariis ; Robert de 
Columbariis ; Nicholas de Sancto Mauro ; Stephen de 
Wlurichestun ; Adam de Chnithtetun ; Robert Finke ; 
William Butilier ; William de Kingestun ; Robert de 
Offingtun ; Jacob de Offingtun. Temp. Hen. HI. Lat. 

326. Grant from Adam Cube to Peter de Wike, son of 
Hugh de Wike, of a messuage lying between Stanley Priory 
and the land which Richard Wager held from Thomas de 
Berkeley in Berkeley. Witnesses : Adam Cobi ; John 
Sewaker ; Alan de Clotlegh ; Gilbert Corveiser ; William 
Bonsergant; Jordan Tece. Temp. Hen. HL With seal. 

Sfxect Charters. 107 

Q2*7. Grant from Thomas de Berkeley to Peter de 
Wike of that land which Richard Wager holds in Berkeley. 
Rent, 12 silver pence. Witnesses: Henry de Berkele; 
William de Berkele ; Elias Pincerna ; John de Eggent ; 
Adam Gobi ; John Sewaker ; William, Glerk. Temp. 
Hen. HI. Lat. With seal of green wax (detached). 

328. Grant from Nicholas, son of Roger, to Kingswood 
Abbey of a road through the middle of the mere called 
Stukemere, two perches broad, including the ditch, which 
road shall begin from the way which goes towards Wille- 
pulle up to the way which comes from Berkeley as far as 
Thornbury. Witnesses : Humphrey de la Barre ; Maurice 
de Bevintone ; Nicholas Ruffus ; Adam Flaumbard ; 
William Mandewerre ; Luke Russel ; Osbert Bulcard ; 
Robert Selewine ; Robert de Besebury. Temp. Hen. HI. 

329. Grant from Walter de Burch to Robert le Herde 
of land in Alkington. Witnesses : William de Clifford ; 
Henry de Berkeley ; John de Egintun ; Nicholas Rufus ; 
Adam Gobi ; Maurice de Beaumont, etc. Temp. Hen. HI. 
LaL With seal of arms of " Walter de Burgo." 

330. Release from Robert le Newh, son and heir of 
Lawrence le Newh, to Kingswood Abbey of common of 
pasture in Le Frith Wood in Osleworth, which wood Robert 
de Rocheford, his lord, gave to the said Abbey. Witnesses : 
Oliver de Berkelay ; William de Bradeley ; Nicholas Ruffus ; 
Thomas le Archer ; Nigel de Oslewrth ; Roger Petipas ; 
Walter Tisun. Temp. Hen. HI. Lat. 

331. Grant from Henry de Culcretuna to Kingswood 
Abbey for his soul's health, of half a virgate of land in 
Culcretuna [Culkerton, in Rodmarton, co. Glouc] Wit- 
nesses : William Camberlan ; William, son of Turstan de 


Rodmerton ; William, Parson of Tetbury ; Adam de 
Charletun ; Robert de Ductuna ; William Frankelan ; 
William le Scai, of Tresham ; Adam, his son ; Henry, son 
of Bernard ; Henry Ferragii ; Harding de Hunteneford ; 
Alured Barete ; Robert Muschet ; Richard de Becles ; 
Adam le Scai, of Kingswood ; Nicholas de Kingswod ; 
Master Robert Lathom ; Nicholas Lathom ; Nicholas de 
Bristollo ; Henry de Bradeleg'. Temp. Hen. HI. Lat. 
With seal, man on horseback. 

332. Grant from John de Berkelay, Lord of Dursley, to 
Kingswood Abbey of half a virgate of land which Richard 
de Middeltune held in Baggepathe [Newington Bagpath, 
CO. Glouc], etc., and land at Bollecote [Bowcot, nr. Dursley], 
which lies between the great road which leads to Dursley 
and the land of Roger de Newintune, son of Philip de 
Berkelay. Witnesses : Dom. Oliver de Berkeley ; Geoffrey 
de Chausi ; Roger de Camme ; Robert de la Blanche ; 
Nicholas Ruffus ; Peter de Ywele ; Henry de Olepenne ; 
Roger de Newintun ; Matthew le Scay. Temp. Hen. HI. 

333. Grant from Philip de Berkelay to Kingswood 
Abbey of four acres of land, " with his body," and tenement 
of Niwenton [Newington Bagpath], which lie " ad spine- 
tum." Witnesses : Oliver de Berkelay, the grantor's 
brother ; Geoffrey de Chausi ; Robert, son of Nigel ; Adam 
de Cherleton ; Thomas de la Blanche ; William Trelli ; 
William de Westcot ; William, son of Helias ; Matthew le 
Scay ; Eustace Ruffus ; Henry de Bradele. Temp. Hen. 
HI. LaL 

33^. Grant from Roger de Berkelai to Kingswood 
Abbey of the service of his man Ralph, son of Wibert, with 
half a hide of land in Newington, and in lands which the 
said Ralph held of him near the bridge of Gloucester. 

Select Charters. 109 

Witnesses : Robert de Berkelai ; Philip and Oliver, brothers 
of the grantor ; Master Richard de Sorestan ; William 
Chamberlain ; Geoffrey de Chausi ; Henry de Liueth ; 
William de Scai ; John de Foxlega ; Ralph de Moun ; 
William Cotele; William le Brun ; Robert Diffe ; Harding 
de Hunteneford ; Nicholas de Kingeswood. Temp. Hen. 
in. Lat. 

335. Grant from Thomas de Berkelay, son of Dom. 
Thomas de Berkelay, for the souls of his father and Dom. 
Joan his mother, to the Abbey of Kingswood of land in 
Symundeshale-apud-Egge [Symondshall, near Wotton], 
which Osbert Wyxi and Roger de Bradpenne sometime 
held, and other land on Fulemore, etc. Witnesses : Dom. 
Peter de Eggeworth ; Dom. Geoffrey de Chausi ; Dom. 
Oliver de Berkeley ; Geoffrey, Clerk, of Deerhurst ; Nicholas 
Ruffus ; Henry de Fleg ; Nicholas de Chausi ; Robert 
Joye ; Thomas Scottus, and others. Temp. Hen. HI. Lat. 

336. Grant from Nicholas, son of Roger, for the sal- 
vation of his soul, the souls of Sibil, his wife, and of his 
children, to the Church and Monks of Kingswood, of right 
of way from HuUe [Hill, near Berkeley], to Wilepille for 
wagons, carts, horse-loads, teams of horses and cattle 
through his pasture near the Severn, to their pasture, and 
right of carrying hay and corn through his land and 
meadow and pasture. Witnesses : Geoffrey de Chausi ; 
Oliver de Berkelay ; Simon de Olepenne ; John de Egintun ; 
William de Bradele ; William de Hulle ; John de Berkele ; 
Matthew le Scay ; John Herman, etc. Temp. Hen. HI. 
Lat. With seal of arms (chipped). 

337. Confirmation by Rodbert, son of Osbert de 
Molesgrava, to Alexander, son of William, of the virgate of 
land in Newintona [S. Newington, co. Oxon.], which 

no Berkeley Castle 

William, his father, held from the said Osbert. Rent, eight 
shillings. Witnesses : Richard de Romeseia, Clericus ; 
" Race " de Mildecumbe ; William de Hyda ; Henry 
Frankel' ; Alexander Bussebi de Mildecumbe ; Thomas de 
Dorna ; Ralph Pistor de Newintona. Temp. Hen. HI. 
Lai. With seal. 

338. Grant from John de Wodeford to Robert Haraut 
of land in Wodeford [Woodford, co. Glouc], which lies 
between the land which Herebert sometime held from 
Dom. Thomas de Berkeley and the land which John Niger 
once held from the said John. Witnesses : Dom. Henry de 
Berkele ; Dom. Richard de Cromhal ; Maurice de Salso 
Marisco ; Maurice de Stanes ; Robert le Herde ; William 
de Stanes fil. Clerici ; Walter Seli. Temp. Hen. HI. Lat. 
With seal. 

339. Grant from Thomas de Berkeley to St. Augus- 
tine's Abbey, Bristol, of rents in Coueleg' [Coaley] and 
Berkeley, with release of certain dues to the said Thomas 
from the said Abbey, viz., a lamprey for land in Aldemunstre 
[Oldminster], and a pound of pepper for land in Berkeley. 
Witnesses : William de Putot ; Ralph de Wileton ; Henry 
de Berkele ; William de Berkele ; Peter de Stintescumb ; 
Master Hubert, Official of the Bp. of Worcester ; Roger de 
Andeure, Rector of Cam ; William, Dean of Arlingham ; 
Arnulf de Berkele, Clerk ; John de Eginton ; Walter de 
Sancto Jacobo and Adam Russel. Temp. Hen. HI. Lat. 

3*10. Grant from Alice, dau. of William (sometime 
Rector of Wotton), widow, to William de Watersip, of a 
messuage which Ralph Faber sometime held in Wotton 
[Wotton-under-Edge, co. Glouc.]. Witnesses : Henry 
Lyvet; Thomas de Rodeberge ; Elyas de Cumbe ; Nicholas 
de Chausi ; Nicholas Hwineband ; Thomas le Archer. 
Temp. Hen. HI. Lat. 

Select Charters. rit 

341. Grant from Johanna, dau. of Alan Aildred, to 
Walter, son of Roysia de Cruce de Wenden, of a part of her 
messuage and the whole of her croft in Great Wenden [co. 
Essex], etc., namely, the messuage which lies between the 
messuage of Isabel la Custere and that of Chuna, dau. 
of Henry, which she holds from the brethren of the 
Hospital of St. Leonard, of Newport, near the cemetery of 
Wenden. Rent, nine pence. Witnesses : Richard, son of 
Michael ; Roger Sangrinel ; William de Ripariis ; Simon de 
Sancto Michaele ; John, son of Geoffrey ; Hamo Peverel ; 
Adam de London, etc. Temp Hen. HI. Lat. With seal. 

3^2. Grant from Henry Bagat to Thomas, Clericus de 
Stratton, fil. Johannis vicarii de Strattona, for his homage 
and service, of a moiety of his land in Bagatistona [in Crom- 
hall, CO. Glouc], which he held from Thomas de Marisco. 
Witnesses : Robert de Flexbire ; Adam de Lunewrthi ; 
William de Aqua ; Richard de Grimescote ; Robert, Clericus 
de Stratton. Temp. Henry HI. With seal, broken. 

343. Grant from Peter de Batelkyng to Adam le Hore 
de Estchawelawe [East Challow] of one meadow in " le 
Eldefclde " of Kyngstune [Kingston Lisle, co. Berks] called 
Longeham, which lies " inter semitam et aquam que vocatur 
Ocke." Witnesses : William de Pavely ; Richard de Pavely ; 
Thomas de Ferers ; John de Rampayn ; Master John de 
Celney ; John Frankelan ; William, son of Simon de Faulore, 
etc. Temp. Hen. HL Lat. With seal. 

344. Grant from Henry de Berkelay, son of Dom. 
Thomas de Berkelay, to Thomas de Estsexia of land in 
Wotton manor called Rudinga de Abbeleia and Rudinga 
de Hage. Witnesses: Oliver de Berkeley ; Peter de Stintes- 
cumbe ; Richard de Coueleia ; Nicholas Rufus ; Richard de 
Brumelhan ; Colin de Chausi ; Adam Russel ; Nicholas 
Minot ; Walter de Sancto Jacobo. Temp. Henry HI. Lat. 

112 Berkeley Castle. 

345. Grant from Robert de Blavens to Walter fil. 
Holfi, of land, with a mill, which Alured Cragg held " die 
qua fuit vivus et mortuus," from the said Robert at Wike, 
in free marriage with Levina, daughter of the said Alured. 
Rent, twenty shillings a year, to be paid " apud Briddesbroc 
terram meam in Estxexia." Witnesses : Martin, John, and 
Henry, Chaplains ; Simon de Olepenna ; Maurice, son of 
Nigel ; Hugh de Bradele ; Walter de Angervilla ; Walter 
Stuoet ; Arnold de Wika ; William Venator ; Adam Cand ; 
Hugh de Cuhulla ; Thomas, son of Baldwin. Temp. Hen. 
HI. Lat. 

340. Grant from Thomas de Berkeley to the Monas- 
tery of St. Leonard, Stanley [Stanley Priory, co. Glouc], of 
land which John Blunt held. Witnesses : Peter de Stintes- 
cumbe ; Richard de Couele ; Robert de Couele ; Robert de 
la Planke. Temp. Hen. HI. Lat. 

34*7. Lease from David le Blund and Petronilla, his 
wife, to Richard Poincel and Margaret, his wife, of a croft 
in Button Manor [Bitton] called Wogenhulle, at an annual 
rent of twelve silver pence. Witnesses : Robert Marmiun ; 
Adam Malet ; John le Chaun ; Nicholas Joye, Tailor ; Peter 
de Cherchesley. Temp. Henry HI. Lat. 

348. Grant from Ralph de Bredona to Walter, son of 
Geoffrey de Herteshorn, of a toft and croft in Digethelswrd 
[Diseworth, co. Leic] " de libera clemosina ecclesie de 
Bredona," a small space being reserved to the church for 
building a granary. Witnesses : Robert de Maynys ; Hugh 
de Digethelswrd ; Alan Nowel ; Reginald de Wyveleston ; 
Walter Forestarius ; Walter Dispensarius. Temp. Hen. HI. 

349. Grant from Roger de Camme, son of Eustace de 
Camme, to John le Blund of the messuage and three acres 

Select Charters. 113 

of land which William le Guldene sometime held of Lord 
Eustace, his father, the land lying at Tviseledewaga near 
the land of William Berkeley, Knt, and elsewhere in Cam. 
Witnesses : Dom. Richard de Clifford ; Master Peter de 
Breus ; Jordan de Budiford ; William de Berkele ; Richard 
Stut. Temp. Hen. III. Lat. 

350. Grant from Maurice de Berkelay to Gilbert de 
Lynch of four selions of land in Ham, viz., in Westmarsh, 
Newelond, etc., in exchange for two selions of land in Glas- 
marsh. Witnesses : Peter de Wyka ; Robert, son of Guy ; 
Richard de Sancta Brigida ; Walter de Frenelod ; Walter 
Sely. [1243-81]. Lat. 

351. Grant from Maurice de Berkele to Dom. Nicholas, 
Vicar of Berkeley, of 19 acres of land in La Frythegorst, of 
which twelve acres lie between the land which Peter de 
Wike holds of him and the road leading from Berkeley 
towards Brathestone [Breadstone], and seven acres lie be- 
tween Thomas Cavel's land and the Cross of Bradeflete. 
Witnesses : Dom. Maurice de Salso Marisco, Henry de 
Baylol, Henry de Berkele, Knights ; Peter de Wik ; William, 
son of Robert ; Thomas Serviens ; William de Mathem ; 
John de Egeton ; Thomas Mathias ; Thomas Cavel ; Henry 
de Egeton ; John Sewake ; Robert le Herde ; Walter 
Sely. Temp. Hen, HI. Lat. With fragment of seal. 

352. Covenant between Maurice, Dom. de Berkele, 
and Alured le Skypward, whereby the former grants to the 
latter all the land in Ochungre [Oakhunger, co, Glouc], 
which Walter Dole sometime held, in exchange for other 
land there. Witnesses : Adam Coby ; John Sewak' ; Adam, 
son of Nigel ; Robert le Herde. Temp. Hen. HI. Lat, 


114 Berkeley Castle 

353. Grant from Maurice de Berkele to Robert de 
Cruce of two selions of land with buildings built upon the 
sand, in exchange for three selions lying between the land 
of Thomas de la More and the King's highway. Witnesses : 
Peter de Wyke ; Richard de Wyke ; Gilbert de Lynch ; 
Richard de Sancta Brigida ; Robert, son of Guy ; Walter 
de Fromlode ; Walter Sely. Temp. Hen. III. Lat. 

354. Grant from Richard, the Clerk, son of John 
Textor, of Claverdon, to Richard de Futton of six pence 
rent in Claverdon [co. Warw.], due from Thomas de Cump- 
ton. Witnesses : William le Velur ; John Otin ; "Walter 
de Markel ; Richard Pistor ; Richard de Bredon ; William, 
the Clerk, who wrote this charter. Temp. Hen. HI. Lat. 

355. Confirmation by Thomas, son of Hugh the 
Clerk of Croxton, to Thomas, son of Thomas, Bailiff, of 
Croxton, of a selion of arable land in Croxton [co. Leic], 
which Hugh, the Clerk, granted to the said Thomas, son of 
Thomas. Rent, a halfpenny at Easter, and a halfpenny 
at the Feast of St. Botulph. Witnesses : William Lenfaunt, 
of Croxton ; Thomas, the Clerk ; Thomas Cocus ; Roger 
de Infirmitorio ; Hugh Payn. Temp. Hen. HI. Lat. 
With seal. 

356. Grant from Gilbert de Columbariis, Knt., to Yvo, 
son of Pagan de Knitheton, of two crofts, etc., which 
Stephen Palmer lately held in Hordewell [Harwell, co. 
Berks.], with an acre of land lying under Ykelindeweie, and 
pasture for two oxen or cows or calves, and one horse or 
mare in the common pasture of Hordewell, and at the feast 
of St. Peter-ad-Vincula [Aug. ist] free entry with the said 
cattle to feed in the demesne pasture with the said Gilbert's 
cattle, excepting when the latter feed in the wood ; and 
pasture for twenty sheep in the demesne pasture of Horde- 

Select Charters. 115 

well. Witnesses : Philip de Alta Ripa ; Andrew de Wyk ; 
Symon de Forde ; Pagan de Knitheton ; Robert de 
Offinton ; James de Offinton ; Robert Butevilain ; Matthew 
Aley ; Andrew Aley. Temp. Hen. III. Lat. 

357- Similar grant from the same to Brice, son of 
Pagan, senior, of Cnitheton, of an acre of land and pasture 
rights in Hordewell [Harwell]. Rent, a pair of gloves or 
one penny at Michaelmas. Witnesses : Simon de Forde ; 
Robert de Gissith ; Robert de Uffinton ; James de Uffin- 
ton ; Pagan de Cnitheton ; Matthew Alewy ; Andrew 
Alewy ; Roger Taillur ; Walter Waz. Temp. Hen. HI, 
Lat, With seal. 

358. Grant from Robert de Columbariis to Robert de 
Gissih of land which he holds from William de la Beche in 
Faulore [Fallow, near Uffington]. Rent, half-a-pound of 
wax at Michaelmas. Witnesses : William le Butiler ; 
Simon de Faulore ; Robert le Hackere ; Thomas, son of 
Andrew ; Peter de Badelking ; Robert le Frankelein, of 
Uffington ; Alexander Prinsun ; John Finke. Temp. Hen, 
ni. Lat. With seal of arms. 

359. Grant from James Cotell, son of James Cotell, 
to Henry, son of Walter Hathmere, of Cam, of sixteen 
selions of arable land in the field of Cowley [Coaley], for 
which the said Henry gave the said James thirty shillings 
" ad urgens negocium expediendum." Witnesses : Robert 
de Coueleye ; Robert de Draycote ; Warin Pincerna ; 
Walter Hathemer ; Walter de Bennecumbe. Temp. Hen. 
HI. Lat. 

360. Grant from Robert de Couelega to Walter 
Hathmer of land in Hegelande \J. in Coaley], in return for 
thirty shillings and eightpence, and one mare with her foal, 

I 2 

ii6 Berkeley Castle 

of the value of lo shillings ; and to Mary, wife of the said 
Robert, a pair of boots^ of the value of 12 pence. Wit- 
nesses : Richard de Couelege ; Walter de Benethcombe ; 
Peter de Ywele ; Warner le Butiller ; James Cotelle ; 
William Marescall ; Hugh Pistor ; John de Draicote ; Roger 
de la Wodehend; Richard de Corvehete. Temp. Hen. HI. 

361. Grant from Nicholas de Crauleyg to William de 
Mettesdune of the land called Netherebreche [? in Uley, 
CO. Glouc], for which he gives the said Nicholas five marks 
of silver, and to Hawise, his wife, ten shillings. Witnesses : 
Dom. Nicholas, Vicar of Berkeley ; Thomas Mathias ; John 
de Egetun ; Philip de Leycestria ; Peter de Wike ; Adam 
Mutun ; Robert le Herde ; Adam Nel ; Henry Marescall. 
Temp. Hen. HI. Lat, 

362. Grant from Nicholas de Crauleg to William de 
Mettesdune of the croft, which William Faber, of Berkeley, 
held of him. Witnesses : Thomas Mathias ; Philip de 
Leycestria ; John de Egetun ; John de Brodeston ; Adam 
Nel ; William, son of Eustace ; Robert le Herde. Temp. 
Hen. HI. Lat. With seal. 

363. Grant from John Cocus de Croxston to Hugh 
Moysand of one selion of arable land in the field of Croxton 
[co. Leic], with the herbage lying at Pornewelledyke. 
Witjaesses : John Moysand of Croxton ; Hugh Asty, of the 
same ; Thomas, son of Simon, of the same ; William le 
Moyne, of the same ; Roger, son of Walter, of the same. 
Temp. Hen. HI. Lat. 

364. Grant from John Davi de la Penne, to Henry, 
son of John de Chalveleie, of various plots of his land in La 
Penne [Penn, co. Bucks.] Witnesses : Peter Harewy ; 

^ \)va,% botfts. 

Select Charters 117 

William de la Stocke ; Sansun de la Stook ; Thomas de 
Chalvele ; Richard de Halmere. Temp. Hen. III. Lat. 

365. Grant from Hugh de Dithisworth to Gilbert de 
Segrave of three virgates of land in Dithisworth [Diseworth, 
CO. Leic.], viz., one virgate which Reginald de Dauby some- 
time held, another virgate which Walter, son of William 
Gris, sometime held, and a third which Walter, son of 
Agnes, held ; together with the said Reginald, Walter 
and Walter, with their chattels, etc., and a " cultura " 
of land on Littilhilbreche, etc. Witnesses : Dom. Hugh 
Dispensarius ; Dom. Samson Foliot ; William de Senevil ; 
Richard de Thorp ; Roger de Haustede ; Henry de 
Wodecote, etc. Temp. Hen. HI. Lat. With seal. 

366. Gfant from Philip Dreyside to Dom. Adam de 
Esscelwurthe, Chaplain, of a burgage in Wotton. Rent, 12 
pence. Witnesses : Elyas de Cumbe ; Thomas le Archer ; 
John le Sone ; William Dreyside ; Hugh de Dunmoch ; 
Walter Dreyside ; Thomas de Esscelworth. Temp. Hen. 
HI. Lat. 

367. Grant from Roberd de Egeton to Reginald, son 
of William Buddig de Bevinton, of ^ tenement in Bevinton 
[Bevington, co. Glouc], which Roger le Ros sometime held. 
Witnesses : Walter de Egeton ; Thomas de Swonhungre ; 
Richard Coquus ; Alexander Purlewent; Hugh Wayneterre ; 
Nicholas Scoth. Temp. Hen. HI. Lat. 

368. Grant from Ysillia, dau. of Alexander de El<in- 
ton, to Robert de Berkele of land in Hinton [co. Glouc] 
Witnesses : Bernard de Cromhale ; Bernard de Stanes : 
Bernard de Brodestan ; Eustace de Camme ; Maurice, son 
of Nigel ; Gilbert de Egetun ; Hugh de Camme ; Richard 
de Bradele ; Oliver de Berkele. Temp. Hen. HI. 

ii8 Berkeley Castle 

369. Grant from Robert de Ferrars, son and heir of 
William, late Earl of Derby, to Johanna de Ferrars, his 
sister, of the manor of Easton, co. Leic. Witnesses : Dom. 
Roger de Quency, Earl of Winchester ; Dom. Richard de 
Clare, Earl of Gloucester ; Dom. Simon de Montefort, Earl 
of Leicester; Dom. Thomas de Ferrars, uncle of the 
grantor ; William de Ferrars, his brother ; William de 
Oyli, Knt. ; Roger de Luvetot. Circ. 1254-1260. Lat. 
With fragment of seal. 

Z*?0, Sale from Geoffrey Forestarius to Maurice de 
Salso Marisco of half an acre of meadow in Longemede, 
lying between the meadow of the said Maurice and 
Hegeruding [nr. Wotton-under-Edge]. Witnesses : William 
Mansel ; John de Wudeford ; Maurice de Stane ; William 
Kavel ; William de Stane ; Thomas Scoth ; Robert 
Chandel ; Thomas, Clerk of Tortewr[th], who wrote the 
charter. Temp. Hen. III. Lat. 

S"?!. Grant from John de Forwude, with the assent of 
his wife and heirs, to William Mael, of his meadow between 
EUemoreesfeld and " the water. " Rent, sixpence per 
annum. For this grant the said William gave to the said 
John eight shillings, and a cronnoc of corn, to his wife 
twelve pence, and to his eldest son, twelve pence. Witnesses : 
John Spileman ; Walter, his son ; William de Rodeberge ; 
Robert de Linant ; Walter de Neileswarde ; Roger Mein- 
ard ; Richard de Aldewike ; Henry Hardewine ; Mauger 
de Kolecumbe. Temp. Hen. HI. Lat. 

3'72. Grant from John le Frankelein, of Cerney, to 
Walter Dubedent of a messuage, with garden, in the croft 
which belonged to Richard Slide [in Cerney, co. Glouc] 
Witnesses: Dom. Milo, Parson of Cerney; Anselm de 
Sancto Germano ; Walter Frankelan, of Driffield ; William 
le Burgeis, of Cerney. Temp. Hen. HI. Lat. 

Select Charters 119 

873. Release from Matilda, widow of Robert le 
Frankelayn de Baggepath to Kingswood Abbey, of two 
acres of land in Baggepath field [Bagpath, co. Glouc] 
.Witnesses : Roger de Niwentun ; William de la Home ; 
Thomas le Nevew ; Walter Spereke ; Robert le Nevew ; 
Robert, Constabularius. Temp. Hen. HI. Lat, 

374. Grant from Ralph Gule to Walter fil. Henrici 
Monetarii of six acres of land from his free holding at 
Dursley. Witnesses : Gilbert Presbyter de Niblega [Nibley]; 
Ralph de Durslega ; Swein de Bath ; Geoffrey fil. Sabilie. 
Temp. Hen. HI. Lat. Defaced. With seal. 

375. Grant from Henry fil. Geroldi, to Simon, son 
of Richard de Stiwentun, of pasture for four oxen or four 
beasts in his pasture of Kingeston [Kingston Lisle, co. 
Berks.], except the spinney on the eastern side of the 
highway. Witnesses : Alan de Fernham ; Andrew de 
Wik ; Ralph de Grendon ; William le Botiler ; Alan, tunc 
serviens de Kingeston ; Robert Barri ; Robert de Offintun ; 
Thomas de Fauueflor. Temp. Hen. HI. Lat. With seal. 

376. Grant from Adam de la Hope to Dom. Thomas 
de Berkeley, Lord Berkeley, of land in Portbury. Wit- 
nesses : John de Clyvedon ; William de Capenore ; John le 
Pike; William Wale. Temp. Hen. HL Lat. 

377. Grant from Henry de Hunedene to Dom. Gilbert 
de Secegrave of a meadow called " La Grene " in Corinham 
[Corringham, co. Lincoln], which the said Gilbert sometime 
held on lease from the said Henry. Rent, a pair of gloves or 
one penny at Whitsuntide. Witnesses : Elyas de Houton ; 
William de Bulley ; Geoffrey de Parco ; William Hanketin ; 
Gilbert de Chauce ; Martin de Thorpe ; Ralph de Ba ; 
Henry de Greneby. Temp. Hen. UL \ante 1255]. Lat 
With seal of arms. 

120 Berkeley Castle 

3*78. Grant from Thomas le Huthlae, of Wotton, to 
John dela Porte, of Frocester, of the third part of a burgage 
in Wotton-under-Edge, between the house of the said 
Thomas and that of Nicholas, son of Nicholas le Moliner. 
Witnesses : Philip Drayside ; William de Cumbe ; Henry 
Pistor ; William le Seone ; Walter le Luminur ; Nicholas 
Molendinarius ; Alexander le Hore ; Richard le Scynmar ; 
Richard le Glovare; Ralph Marescallus. Temp. Hen. HI. 
Lat. With seal. 

379- Grant from Ranulf Janitor to Stephen de 
Segrave of six virgates of land in Whatton [co. Leic], 
which Peter de Belegrave gave to the said Ranulf for his 
service ; with pannage and herbage for 25 pigs in the forest 
of the Earl of Leicester, as his charter, and the charter of 
William, uncle of the above-named Peter, declare. Wit- 
nesses : Henry de Brahibroc ; Peter de Sancto Edwardo ; 
William Falconarius ; Peter Pictavensis ; Matthew de 
Dunton ; Philip de Hayrun ; Robert de Attoneston. 
Temp. Hen. HI. Lat. With seal. 

380. Grant of John, son of Hugh de Sancto Andrea, 
to Thomas, son and heir of Henry de Sancto Andrea, of 
Essendon, of 10 acres, " cum chevesciis," of land in Essendon 
[Ashendon, co. Bucks.] Witnesses : Dom. Robert Malet ; 
Dom. John Carbonel ; John, son of Nigel de Borestalle ; 
Walter de Burgo ; Walter le Chevaler ; John, son of John 
de Hamslape ; Walter de Horon ; William Golye ; William 
de Buketot ; Osbert de Coluredon ; William le Venur ; 
William Travers, of Winchendon ; Richard de Sancto 
Andrea; Martin, Clericus de Essendon. Temp. Hen. HI. 
Lat, With seal. 

381. Grant from Ralph Jowas to Sara de Blokessam, 
for her homage and service, of half a virgate of land in 

Select Charters. 121 

Niuneton [S. Newington, co. Oxon.], which William Seli 
held, and other land in the same place. Witnesses : 
William de Paris ; Robert de Bereford ; Roger de Verdun ; 
Peter Butelier ; Adam fil. Helie ; William de Hida ; Henry 
Frankelan ; Thomas de Dome. Temp. Hen. III. Lat. 

382. Grant from Alice, Prioress, and the Convent of 
Kington [co. Wilts.] to Henry de Hachmere, of Cam, of the 
mill and pond, etc., at Cam, which Walter de Hachemere, 
father of the said Walter sometime held. Witnesses : Roger 
de Camme ; Robert de Dreycote ; Reginald de Gosinton ; 
William de Kyngeston, Clericus ; Walter Pincerna ; James 
Cotele; Walter, Magister de Gosinton. Temp. Hen. HI. 
Lat. With Priory seal, chipped. 

383. Release from Nigel de Kyngescot to the Monks 
of Kingswood of a rent of sixpence from that half virgate of 
land in Baggepath [Bagpath], which Matthew, son of 
Thomas, Parson of Newington [Bagpath], gave to. the said 
Monks. Witnesses : Thomas de Rochefort ; William de 
Lasseberg ; Peter de Ywelege ; Elias de Cumba ; Geoffrey 
Caperun ; William de la Home ; Thomas le Archer. 
Temp. Hen. HI. Lat. 

384.' Grant from Laurence le Longe de Blakeneye to 
Richard, son of Walter de Blakeneye, and Alesia, his wife, 
of all the messuages, gardens, etc., which he purchased from 
Thomas de Blakeneye and John le Hore in Blakeney 
Manor [co. Glouc] Witnesses : Richard Blund de Aure ; 
Roger de Blydeslowe ; Thomas de Blakeneye ; Philip le 
Gaynore ; John fil. Loue. Temp. Hen. HI. Lat. 

385. Grant from John, son of Walter de Lorwyn to 
Roger de Tumberleye of that acre of land, which he acquired 
by grant from the said Walter, lying in Le Northfeld of 

122 Berkeley Castle 

Stinchcombe. Witnesses : William de Burgo ; Adam de 
Laumpert ; Maurice de Camme ; Henry de Camme ; 
Richard de Melkesham. Temp. Hen. III. Lat. 

386. Grant from Amable de Lymesee to Hugh de 
Chaucumbe of the land which belonged to William de 
Alrekangel in Buolee [Beoly, co. Wore], on the borders 
between Warwickshire and Worcestershire. Witnesses : 
Walter, Prior de Kenilleord [Kenilworth] ; Richard, Clericus 
de Lymesee; Henry Foliot ; Henry de Ulehale ; Alan de 
Hobi ; Geoffrey Pechie ; Richard Tanquart, etc. Temp. 
Hen. HI. Lat. 

387- Release from Thomas Matthias to Dom. Maurice 
de Berkeley, his lord, of the land which Thomas de Assel- 
worth holds in the close of the said Maurice "in bruera juxta 
Bradeflet" [in Osleworth]. Witnesses : John de Egeton ; 
William, son of Eustace ; Maurice de Stanes ; Peter de 
Wyk ; Adam, son of Nigel ; Master Philip de Leycestre ; 
Walter Sely, the Clerk. Temp. Hen. HI. Lat. 

388. Grant from John Molendinarius de Newenton 
and Matilda, his wife, to Robert, son of Thomas de Gippton, 
of the half of that land and messuage in Newenton, which 
Michael Pistor, brother of the said Matilda sometime held, 
in free marriage with Matilda, their daughter. Witnesses : 
Robert de Cranforde ; Symon de Preaus ; John de la Hyde ; 
Richard, son of William. Temp. Hen. III. Lat. With 
seal, broken. 

389. Grant from John Moysand, of Croxton, to 
Hugh, son of Martin, of his land at Abrahamwelle in 
Croxton fields [co. Leic], which he had by grant from 
Croxton Abbey. Witnesses : William Lenfaunt, of Crox- 
ton ; Hugh le Vacher, of Croxton ; John Super-la-Grene, 
etc. Temp. Hen. III. Lat. With seal. 

Select Charters. 123 

390. Grant from John Moysand, of Croxton, to 
Richard Moysand, of Croxton, of a selion of land in the 
west field of Croxton [co. Leic], which he bought from 
Robert Parys, on Elfringes. Rent, '* unus clavus gariofili " 
at Christmas. Witnesses : Richard le Moyne, of Croxton ; 
Thomas Cocus, of the same ; Roger, son of Walter, ot the 
same ; John Super-la-Grene ; William, son of Reginald 
Niger, of the same ; Roger de Infirmitorio. Temp. Hen. 
III. LaU With seal. 

391. Grant from Reginald Niger, of Croxton, to 
Thomas, son of Nicholas, of the same, of an acre of arable 
land in the fields of Croxton [co. Leic], namely, at 
Thredikes. Witnesses : John de Gynpthona ; Hugh, the 
Clerk ; William Leinfant ; Reginald de Parisse ; Thomas, 
son of Walter de Croxstun ; Robert, son of Hugh; 
Achardus fiil. persone de Berscaldeby [Beskaby, co. Leic] 
Temp. Hen. III. L at. 

392. Grant from Juhana fil. Jacobi de Offintona to 
Richard, her brother, of a messuage and land in Uffington, 
which she acquired by grant from her father, to whom 
they were formerly granted by Gilbert de Columbariis and 
Henry, his son. Witnesses : Robert Barri ; Peter de 
Badelking ; Andrew de Badelking ; Simon de Fauflore ; 
Pagan de Kniteton ; Hugh Alewy de Cumpton, etc. Temp. 
Hen. HI. Lat. 

393. Grant from Robert de Parni to Juliana, his sister, 
of all his tenement with houses and buildings, etc, in 
Lambourne, co. Berks., which he held from Master Elyas de 
Lamburne. Witnesses : Elyas de Lamburne ; Richard 
de Parni ; John de Wika, son of Peter ; Nicholas de Gur- 
merevile ; John de Lamburne; Dionisius et Parisius de 
Boclande ; Silvester de Farleha. Temp. Hen. HI. La/. 

124 Berkeley Castle 

394;. Indenture of grant from Thomas de la Planche 
to Gilbert de Baggepath fil. Radulphi of that " misum " with 
croft and land, which Hugh Hulle held in Baggepath [Bag- 
path], for the lives of himself and Sara, his wife : but the said 
Gilbert, if he outlive his wife, shall not take another wife 
into that " misum," nor the said Sara another husband, 
except by permission of the said Thomas. Witnesses : 
Philip de Berkeley ; Geoffrey de Chausi ; Henry de 
Scropes ; Adam, son of Nigel ; Gilbert de Egge ; Thomas 
Loch ; Philip, son of Elias de Cumba. Temp. Hen. IIU 

395. Release from William de Ponte to John Mayel 
of a croft and assart called Jeuetescroft, which he held from 
Walter Spilemon. Witnesses : Henry de Lupiate ; John 
de Chalford ; John de Sentleye. Temp. Hen. HI. Lat, 

396. Grant (and counterpart, undivided) from John 
Pride, son of John Pryde, of Arlingham, to William le 
Baker, of the same, of a messuage and selion of land 
extending to " Lady Orcharde," with three other selions 
in the fields of Arlingham, at Glasmersch, Polland, and 
Wateruslondwych. Witnesses : Walter Wych ; Walter 
Jakemonus ; Richard Stywarde ; Thomas Bolgastone ; 
John le Heywarde. Temp. Hen. HI. Lat. 

397.- Release from Richard fil. Willelmi Prepositi de 
Appecorin to William fil. Alani de Hale of five acres of 
land in Hale [co. North.] Witnesses : Roger de Foderin- 
geye. Clerk ; John Knyvet de Sudewic ; William de 
Horton ; William Foliot de Dodinton ; Henry Redberd de 
Eston ; John Daneys de Ludinton ; Roger de Aylinton, 
Clerk ; Stephen de Hauvill, in Witlesheya. Temp. Hen. 
HI. Lat, 

Select Charters. 125 

398. Grant from Robert de Rocheford, " pro salute 
anime," to Richard Clericus de Lukinton of the tenement 
which Thomas Bacun held in Oslewrde [Osleworth], " for 
supplying a lamp to burn day and night in the Church of 
St. Nicholas, of Osleworth, to the honour of God and St. 
Nicholas." The said Richard and his heirs shall also have 
*' husbote " and " heibote " in the said Robert's wood of 
Osleworth and common of pasture for his beasts. Wit- 
nesses : Richard Burdun ; Richard de Lukinton ; Peter le 
Fraunceis ; John Nepos ; Nigel de Oslewrde ; Symon de 
Badmintun. Temp. Hen. III. Lat. 

399. Grant from Robert de Rochefort to Nigel, son of 
Bernard, of eight acres of land in Oslewrth [Osleworth, co. 
Glouc], namely, 4 acres on Baderugge, two acres on 
Bradelegefurlang, and two acres near the land of John and 
Laurence Le New. Witnesses : Geoffrey de Chausi ; Philip 
de Berkele ; Oliver frater suus ; Peter de Yweleg ; Thomas 
de la Planche ; Peter le Francois ; John Nepos ; Thomas 
le Archer ; Gilbert del Egge ; Walter Clericus ; Adam le 
Scay ; Walter de la Planche. Temp. Hen. HI. Lat. 

400. Grant from Robert de Rocheford to Nigel, son 
of Bernard, of the half virgate of land in Oslewerda [Osle- 
worth], which William de Stanlega held. Witnesses: 
Geoffrey de Chausi ; Philip de Berkele ; Peter le Franceis ; 
John Nepos. Temp. Hen. HL Lat. Injured by damp. 

401. Relesae from Maurice de Salso Marisco to 
Nicholas Molendinarius and his wife, of land which he 
held once " nomine custumarii" in Wodeford [in Berkeley]. 
Witnesses : Nicholas de Wodeford; Robert Caudel; Richard 
Bochard ; William Faber ; Richard Clericus. Temp. Hen. 
III. Lat, 

126 Berkeley Castle 

^02. Indenture of covenant whereby Annora, widow of 
Dom. Walter de Verdun, leases to Amauric de Sancto 
Amando the messuage in Cernay [co, Glouc.] which Dom. 
Walter de Verdun gave the said Annora in free dowry in 
exchange for the new messuage which the said Amauric 
gave in the same place. Witnesses : Dom. Thomas de 
Saunford ; Dom. Stephen de Barnhulle ; Dom. Milo, persona 
de Cernay ; Anselm de Sancto Germano. Temp. Hen. III. 

403. Grant from Henry de Scaccario to Robert le 
Hakkere of the fee which he formerly held of William de 
Cheveleswelle, namely, a virgate of land in Feauflore 
[Fallow]. Witnesses : William Grassus ; Alande Farnham ; 
Warin Boystard ; John de Wyttenholt ; Robert de Coleshalle; 
Peter de Uffinton; William, Persona de Uffinton ; John de 
Fauflore. Temp. Hen. III. Lat. 

404. Grant from Peter, son of Matthew le Schey, to 
the Church of St. Mary, and the monks of Kingswood, for 
support of a lamp to burn daily at the mass of the Blessed 
Virgin, of a messuage which he had by grant from John de 
Schey, his uncle, at Bigford [Bushford, in Wotton], situated 
near the King's highway, close to the bridge called Big- 
fordesbruge. Witnesses : Dom. Robert le Veel, Knt. ; Dom. 
John de Wautone, Knt. ; Elias de Cumbe ; Thomas le 
Archer ; Richard Colewiche. Temp. Hen. III. Lat. With 
fragment of seal. 

405. Grant from Walter le Shipward to Dom. Thomas 
de Berkeley of a curtilage in the borough of Berkeley, which 
extends from the King's highway to the garden of the said 
lord. Witnesses : Richard Averey ; John Sewaker ; Walter 
le Cuppere ; Henry Cuppere ; Henry Grout ; Richard le 
Sopere. Temp. Hen. III. Lat. 

Select Charters. 127 

406- Release from Matthew le Schay to Dom. 
Joan de Berkeley of four acres of land in Moldeclive and in 
Beckedescombe [nr. Wotton]. Witnesses : Dom. Henry 
de Berkeley ; Thomas de Rodeberge ; Michael le Venur ; 
Robert Brun ; Richard dePedyntun. Temp. Hen. HI. Lat. 

407- Grant from John, son of Roger de Stampes, to 
Richard, his brother, of six acres of land, of which three 
and a half acres are " de terra Berd " and two and a half 
lie near to the house of Alfred, etc., in Campel. Witnesses : 
Roger de Braham; Eadmund de Thudeham; Robert Fucher, 
Hosbert de Glanvile ; Bartholomew de Thudeham ; Jocelin 
de Thudeham. Temp. Hen. HI. Lat. 

408. (jRANT from William de Stanes fil. Walteri clerici 
de Stanes to Robert Harald, of land in Stonhemefeld, 
lying between the land of Maurice de Stanes and the 
rivulet of Shadewell. Witnesses : Dom. Maurice de Salso 
Marisco ; Dom, Roger de Lokinton; Andrew deBratheston; 
John de Egeton ; Maurice de Stanes ; Walter Sely ; Clericus. 
Temp. Hen. HI. Lai. 

409. Grant from John Suht de Culkertune to Kings- 
wood Abbey of half an acre of land at Heydich [? in 
Rodmarton, co. Glouc] Witnesses: John, Dominus de 
Rodmertun; Walter Bernard ; Geoffrey de Constance; Henry 
Bernard ; Walter Freman. Temp. Hen. HI. Lat. With 

410. Sale by Dom. Thomas, son of Robert de Suttorp 
to Robert de Tindale of the " varda " of the tenement which 
John de Howt held in Neuton and Morcote [co. Rutl] to- 
gether with the marriage of John de Howt fil. dicti Joh. de 
Howt, the said Robert binding himself in 40 pounds to 
marry the said John to his daughter " Et si dictum Johannem 
ad filiam suam maritare noluerit, debet cum m^ritare ita 

138 Berkeley Castle 

quod non disparagetur," Witnesses : Geoffrey de Sancto 
Medardo, Geoffrey Lufel, Robert de Stokes, Hugh Fawel, 
Geoffrey de Milton, Knts.; Alexander de la Rivere de 
Foddringeye ; Robert clericus de eadem. Dat. Suttorp 
[Southorpe, co. Northt.] Th. aft. F. of St. Luke [18 Oct] 50 
Henry III [1267]. Lat. 

411. Lease from John, son of Thomas Cocus, of Crox- 
ston, to Hugh, son of Martin de Croxton, of his meadow in 
Le Neumor of Croxston [Croxton] from Pentecost [i June] 
1270, until he shall have gathered six crops from the same. 
Witnesses : Richard le Moyne, of Croxton ; Hugh, son of 
William, son of Alan ; Robert, son of Hugh ; Robert the 
Clerk, son of Hugh ; Roger, son of Walter ; John Moysand. 
Dat. 1270. Lat. 

412. Grant from Robert de Heia, son of Robert de 
Heia de Humbreslam to Nicholas de Segrave, son of Gilbert 
de Segraye of three virgates of land in the territory of 
Hauthirne [Hathern, co. Leic]. Witnesses : Dom. Richard 
de Thorp ; Walter de Tatereshall ; Stephen de Jort de 
Wymundewel; Robert de Dixeleye; Hugh de Nevill; Richard 
de Dorantesthorp ; Ivo de Prestewold, etc. Temp. Hen. HL 

413. Quitclaim from Roger, son of Peter le Haukere 
de Kagword to Dom. Nicholas fil. Gilberti de Segrave of 
one virgate of land in Kagword [Kegworth, co. Leic] which 
his father once held from the ancestors of the said Dom. 
Nicholas de Segrave, and pasture for three animals. Wit- 
nesses: Dom. Stephen de Nevile; John Putrel; John Mallore; 
Robert, son of Ivo de Kagword ; Robert de Haustede ; 
Robert de Gurmendele. Temp. Hen. III. Lai. 

414. Bond from Gilbert le Paumer to pay to Dom. 
Stephen de Segrave sixteen shillings rent for two messuages 

Select Charters. 129 

in Meauton [Melton Mowbray, co. Leic] Witnesses : 
Robert de Shep' ; Hugh de Perers ; William de Alleby ; 
Richard de Houby ; John Banastre, etc. Temp. Hen. 
HI. Lat. 

415. Grant from Walter de Piriton, dictus Walensis, 
to Alan Aug' and Agnes, his wife, of all his land called 
Stodfold, near Swanhungre, in the parish of Berkeley. 
Witnesses : Robert de Stanes ; Robert de Bradeston ; 
Thomas de Swanhungre ; Geoffrey Neel ; Nicholas Neel ; 
Adam Hathulf. Temp. Hen. HI. Lat. With seal. 

416. Confirmation from Philip Wace to Thomas de 
Berkeleia of that virgate of land which Philip Wace, his 
uncle, sold to Dom. Robert de Berkelay " pro negotio suo " 
in Tefleford [Tellisford, co. Som.] Witnesses : John 
Bonet ; Geoffrey de Laurtun ; Pagan de Waltun ; Thomas 
de Tefleford ; Helias de Tefleford ; Peter de Stintecumbe ; 
Thomas de Tiringham ; " Richard Lestut qui hanc scripsit 
confirmationem." Temp. Hen. HI. Lat. With seal. 

417. Grant from William de Whicheton to Stephen 
de Segrave of ten virgates of land in Cotes-on-Soar [co. 
Leic] "Witnesses : Hugh Dispensator ; David de Esseby ; 
Henry de Segrave ; Ralph Ridel ; Thomas Dispensator ; 
Ralph de Normanvill. Temp. Hen. III. Lat. With seal. 

418. Grant from William, son of William, to Elias de 
Cumbe of twenty shillings rent due from William le Wor 
for land and a mill which he holds at Wike, together with 
the service of the said William. Witnesses : William de 
Berkelay ; Peter de Stintescumbe ; Laurence de Alerugge ; 
Michael le Venur; Richard de Monasterio ; William de 
Wike ; Bartholomew de Olepenna. Temp. Hen. HI. Lat, 


130 Berkeley Castle 

419. Grant from Eva la Wlbetere, son of Walter le 
Wlbetere, to Dom. Maurice de Salso Marisco of that 
meadow which he had, " super mars," to hold by service 
of " unus clavus gyrofri." Witnesses : Dom. Roger de 
Lokinton, Walter de Burgo, Knts. ; Master William Taney, 
Steward of Berkeley ; Andrew de Brotheston ; Maurice de 
Stane ; Robert Bastard ; Adam Flaumberd. Temp. Hen. 
III. Lat. With seal. 

420. Grant from Hugh Womestrang and Leticia, his 
wife, to Richard Womestrang, their son, of five shillings 
of assise rent due from land in La Langerewe in the parish of 
St. Thomas, a suburb of Bristol. Rent, two pence to be 
paid to the Lord of Berkeley. Witnesses : Richard 
Draperius, Prepositus Redeclivie ; William Seuare ; Mag. 
Thomas Avverey ; John, Clerk ; James, his brother ; Roger 
le Taverner ; Ralph Tannarius ; William Lovel ; Thomas 
Rufifus ; John de Templo, notary public. Temp. Hen. HI. 
Lat, With two seals. 

421, Release from Robert del Ylle, Prior domus de 
Portesmue [Domus Dei at Portsmouth], and the brothers 
there to Nicholas de Segrave of four quarters of corn, due 
from the said Nicholas in the manor of Penne [Penn. co. 
Buck.] from the grant by Stephen de Segrave, the latter's 
grandfather, for the support of the poor in the same house. 
Witnesses : Dom. John de Diggeby ; Dom. Theobald de 
Nevile ; Peter Belhost, of Leicester ; Ranulph de Belegrave ; 
Roger Brabazun ; William de Normanton. Temp. Hen. 
III. Lat. 

422, Grant from Robert Zarnes de Berkeley to John 
Schiphard, in free marriage with Agnes, his daughter, of two 
burgages extending from Langebryggestrete to the lands 
of St. Augustine's \) in Berkeley]. Witnesses : John de 
Kingestone, Knt. ; John de Dune ; William Mettesdone ; 

Select Charters. 131 

Eudo de Haucton ; William Cuylire ; Alan Marchald ; 
William de Charfeld. Temp. Hen. III. Lat. With seal. 

^23. Covenant between the Abbot and Convent of 
Gerondon and Dom. Gilbert de Segrave, whereby the 
latter is allowed free entry and egress for his beasts and the 
beasts of his men, in Hawthorne [Hathern, co. Leic], into 
the fields of Dixele [Dishley, co. Leic] between the F. of 
the Nat. of the B. V. M. [8 Sept.] and the F. of Purif. of 
B. V. M. [2 Feb.], provided that the hay and corn be carried 
by the former date. Witnesses : Dom. Hugh Dispenser ; 
Serlo de Torp ; Richard, his son ; Robert Bars, of Dishley ; 
Hugh de la Grene, of Prestwood. Dat. Vig. of Ass°. of 
B. V. M. [15 Aug.], 125 1. Lat. 

424;. Grant by Henry HI. to Joan de Berkeley, and 
on der death to Maurice, her son, of free warren in all her 
dower lands of Wotton and Kamme [Cam] ; with a market 
every Friday and a fair once a year, in Wotton Manor. 
Witnesses : Geoffrey^ de Lezignan, " frater mens " ; Peter de 
Sabaudia ; Master William de Kilkenny, Archdeacon of 
Coventry ; Robert Walerand ; Gilbert de Segrave ; Elyas de 

Rabayn ;, Robert de Muscegros ; E , Abbot of Pershore ; 

Robert le Norreys ; Nicholas de Sancto Mauro ; Roger de 
Lokinton. Dat. Woodstock, 2 August, Anno 36 [1252]. 
Lat. "With great seal in bag, broken. The charter is 
preserved in a leathern box. 

425. Grant from Robert, son of Nicholas, to Dom 
John Giffard, son of Osbert Giffard, of 40 librates of land 
in the manor of Twyford [co. Bucks.] for the redemption of 
other lands in Twyford, Smetheton, and Fineberg belonging 
to the said Robert, which the King had assigned to the 

' 3rd son of Hugh de Lusignan, Comte de la Marche, etc., and of Isabella, 
widow of King John, and therefore half-brother to Henry HI, 
K 2 

132 Berkeley Castle 

said Dom. GifFard '* occasione turbacionis habite in regno 
Anglic." Witnesses : Dom. Robert Waleraund ; John 
Giflfard, of Brunnesfeld ; Ralph Pipard ; Alan de Plokenet ; 
Osbert Giffard ; Simon de Sancto Licio [St. Liz.] ; Thomas 
de Valeynes ; Roger de Aumari ; Robert Malet and 
Sampson Folyot, Knights, and others. Dat. F. of St. 
Margaret, Virgin [20 July], 1253. Lat. With small green 
seal of arms (broken). 

^26, GrRANT from Henry de Leukenor, Chaplain and 
Warden of the Hospital of St. John's, outside the East 
gate of Oxford to Gilbert de Segrave of a chaplain to 
celebrate divine service in Wileby Church [Willoughby, co. 
Warw.] and an " exhibition " of five poor men " at table in 
our house " of Willoughby. Temp. Hen. HI. Lat. With 
seal of the Hospital in green wax. 

Omnibus sancte matris ecclesie filiis ad quos presens 
scriptum pervenerit Henricus de Leukenore, capellanus, 
custos Hospitalis sancti Johannis extra portam orien- 
talem Oxonie salutem in Domino. Noveritis nos de 
communi consilio et assensu fratrum et sororum dicti 
hospitalis nostri concessisse et presenti carta nos et 
successores nostros obligasse ad instanciam nobilis viri 
domini Gilberti de Setgrave ad perpetuam sustenta- 
tionem unius capellani in ecclesia de Wileby pro anima 
Stephani de Setgrave et antecessorum suorum et 
Gilberti de Setgrave et heredum suorum. perpetuo divina 
celebraturi preter capellanum qui pro tempore in eadem 
ecclesia parochiali debet ministrare. Preterea concessi- 
mus eidem Gilberto perpetuam exibitionem quinque 
pauperum qualibet die in mensa in domo nostra de 
Wileby pro animabus predictorum Stephani et Gilberti 

^. Founded by Henry IIL On its site William Waynflete, Bp. of 
Winchester, founded Magdalen College circ. 1456, 

Select Charters 133 

et heredum suorum. Nos autem consideratione predicti 
Gilbert! etvoluntario assensu fratrum nostrorum servicium 
predicti capellani in dicta ecclesia de Wileby sic 
duximus ordinandum et perpetua stabilitate continuan- 
dum, videlicet uno die missa de Beata Virgine et reliquo 
die pro animabus predictorum Gilberti et Sthephani et 
heredum suorum et pro fidelibus defunctis solempni 
celebrabitur devotione. Et nos et successores nostri 
capellanos in eadem ecclesia successive ministrantes 
constituemus idoneos, quos loci Diocesano presentabimus 
instituendos. Ita quod si nos in exhibitione pre- 
dictorum capellani et quinque pauperum contingat 
deficere licebit dicto ordinario nos et successores nostros 
ad exhibitionem predictam sicut predictum est perpetuo 
continuendam per spiritualia bona nostra compellere. In 
cujus securitatis testimonio presentem cartam communi 
sigillo domus nostre predicto Gilberto fecimus corobo- 
ratam. Hiis testibus Willelmo de Cantilupo ; Johanne 
filio Galfridi ; Galfrido Dispensario ; Paulino Peuire ; 
Silvestro de Everdun ; Galfrido de Wolward ; Roberto de 
Shotindon ; Ricardo de Clifford ; Galfrido de Childewic ; 
Waltero de Lattun ; Radulfo de Sancto Sampsone et 
multis aliis. 

42*7. Lease from Peter le Wike to Arnulf de Berkeley 
for seven years, of all his land in Swanhunger, with the 
fishery and all appurtenances, which land Reginald Luffing 
sometime held ■ on lease : reserving to himself two days' 
fishing in the week, namely, Wednesdays and Fridays. 
Witnesses : Nicholas, Vicar of Berkeley ; John de Egctun ; 
Adam Gobi ; John Sewaker ; Thomas, Serviens ; Adam, 
son of Nigel ; William de Boifeld ; Robert le Herde. Dat. 
Easter [28 Mar.] 39 Hen. III. [1255]. Lat. 

428. Release from Petronilla Vy voun, Dom. de Button 

134 Berkeley Castle. 

to David le Blount, her son, and Amabel, his wife, of the 
manor of Button [Bitton, co. Glouc], which descended to 
her on the death of Amabel, her mother. Witnesses : Dom. 
Milo Langetot, Dom. Maurice de Salso Marisco, Knights ; 
Hubert le Monn ; Robert de Stanton ; Nicholas Putot. 
Dat. Bitton, 42 Hen. HI. [1257-8]. Lat. With seal. 

429. Grant from Robert de Gymilles to Baldwin de 
Draytone and Idonea, his wife, of all the land in Botulf- 
bregge [[Botulf-Bridge, co. Hunt.] to hold by service of a 
sparrow hawk. Witnesses : Dom. William le Moyne ; 
Walter de Wastingele ; Robert de Beumys ; John de 
Longavilla ; Geoffrey Russel ; Richard de Hemington ; 
Wydo Gobald ; Symon de Copmanford ; William de 
Waldis ; John de Folkeswrthe ; Robert de Meynil ; Lau- 
rence de Overton ; Ralph de Waldesek ; William de Torp. 
Dat. Morrow of St. Lucy [13 Dec] 1259. Lat. With seal. 

430. Deed of William, Bishop of Bath and Wells, 
instructing that, for the more frequent celebration of divine 
service at the religious place called Steepholm, which with 
the island of Steepholm, R. de Tregoz has conferred on the 
Austin Canons of Stodlegh [Studley, co. Warw.], the Prior 
of Studley shall appoint two canons at least to reside in the 
said island, the senior canon to be called the Prior of Steep- 
holm : with directions as to future nominations in case of 
vacancy. Dat. Cherlecumb-by-Bath, v. Id. Apr. [9 April] 
1260. Lat. With seals : (i) of the Bishop in brown wax, 
and on the reverse, St. Andrew on cross, etc. ; (2) fragment 
of seal of the Chapter of Bath, in green wax, displaying 
two towers of the abbey. There was a third seal, that of 
the Chapter of Wells, which is now missing. 

Universis Christi fidelibus ad quos presens scriptum per- 
venerit, Willclmus miseracione divina Bathoniensis et 

Select Charters. 135 

Wellensis episcopus salutem in Domino sempiternam. 
Cum vir nobilis dominus R. de Tregoz patronus loci 
religiosi qui dicitur Stepholm ipsum locum cum tota 
insula et omnibus aliis pertinenciis viris religiosis canon- 
icis ordinis Sancti Augustini de Stodlegh Wygorn. dioc. 
inpuram et perpetuam elemosinam tanquam loci patronus 
contulerit intuitu caritatis volens et appetens ob divini 
cultus augmentum quod apud prefatum locum divina 
frequencius solito celebrentur. Nos predicti nobilis 
laudabile propositum in Domino commendantes et 
super hiis favorem sibi obtentu religionis ampliande 
benivolum impendentes donaciones et concessiones ipsius 
nobilis necnon et quorumlibet aliorum religiosis in 
dicta insula degentibus pie factas, quantum in nobis est 
pro nobis et successoribus nostris capitulorum nostrorum 
Bathoniensis et Wellensis consensu unanimi et assensu 
intervenientibus acceptantes et ratas habentes statuimus 
et ordinamus quod duo ad minus canonici de prioratu 
predicto apud prefatam insulam moram faciant con- 
tinuam. Et quod canonicus qui ibidem preesse debeat 
nobis et successoribus nostris loci diocesanis per pri- 
orem de Stodlegh qui pro tempore fuerit presenteturl 
et Prior de Stepholm nominetur sine nostro vel suc- 
cessorum nostrorum consensu sue perpetuo per dictum 
priorem nullatenus amovendus. Quod si per nos vel 
successores nostros in visitacione nostra ob sua demerita 
ipsum contigerit amoveri, volumus et concedimus quod 
idem Prior de Stodlegh alium de suis canonicis ad 
dictum locum et ipsius regimen nobis et successoribus 
nostris libere valeat presentare. Et quod tempore 
vacacionis omnium bonorum ad dictum locum spec- 
tancium necnon et ipsius loci custodiam prior obtineat 
supradictus usque ad tempus a jure statutum, quo deterso 
si prior negligens fuerit presentando nos et successores 

136 Berkeley Castle 

nostri diocesano fungentes jure, priorem preficiemus 
loco predicto juxta formam pretactam. Hec autem 
ordinanda et statuenda duximus jure diocesano et 
dignitate episcopali nobis successoribus nostris et ec- 
clesiis nostris Bathoniensi et Wellensi semper salvis 
Relinquentes potestatem Priori de Stodlegh et suis 
successoribus faciendi correctiones secundum regulam in 
loco predicto cum fratres deliquerint, ac eos prout res 
postulaverit revocandi, necnon et ipsum qui ipsi loco 
preerit libere presentandi prout superius est expressum. 
Ad quorum omnium predictorum testimonium et roboris 
firmamentum nostrum sigillum, et predictorum nostror- 
um capitulorum sigilla ad confirmacionis titulum et 
munimen presentibus sunt appensa. Datum apud 
Cherlecumbe juxta Bathoniam, v. Id. Aprilis Anno 
domini Millesimo ducentesimo sexagesimo. 

431. Lease for a term of sixty years from Roger de 
Berkeley, son of Philip de Berkeley, to the Abbot and 
Convent of Kingswood of four acres of land in Nywentun 
[Newington-Bagpath], of which two acres lie in La Grene- 
weye which leads from Newington to Malmesbury, and the 
other two near Fontesdich in La Wrthifurlong. Witnesses : 
Dom. Richard de Cromhale ; Henry de Lyues ; Geoffrey 
Caprun ; Robert de Uptun ; Richard de Wockesye ; Peter 
de Ewelegh ; Walter de Neylesworth. Dat. i May, 1261. 
Lat. With small seal. 

432. Grant from Peter de to Dom. William 

de Berkeley, Knight, of land in Ywelege [Uley] in exchange 
for certain tenements in Bradley. Witnesses : Dom. 
Maurice de Berkeley ; Dom. John de ^Wauton ; Dom. 
Maurice de Salso Marisco ; Richard de Berkeley ; Robert 
de Kingestun ; Elyas de Cumb ; Thomas le Archer. Dat. 
Uley, Fri. F.of St. Dunstan [21 Oct.], 1262. Lat. Defaced. 

Select Charters. 137 

433. Fine levied at Westminster in Hilary Term, 47 
Hen. III. [1263] before Gilbert de Preston, and John de 
Wyvill, Justices, whereby Henry de Belesby conveys to 
Sampson, Abbot of Kingswood, fifty acres of wood in 
Osilworthe [Ozleworth]. Lat. 

434. Covenant whereby Richard, Abbot, and the 
Convent of St. Augustine's, Bristol, grant to Adam de 
Loreweng, for his life and the life of his wife, ten acres and 
a half of land lying in Newenthonehulle field [Newington 
Bagpath]. Rent, four shillings. Dat. The morrow of 
Sunday on which " Quasi modo geniti " is sung [Apr. 5th], 
1266. Lat. With fragment of the Abbey seal. 

436. Covenant whereby the Abbot and Convent of 
Kingswood agree to give to Roger le Vouler de Hulle and 
Gonilda, his wife, five shillings of silver for the third part of 
a tenement, which John le Newman formerly held from the 
Abbey in Baggepath [Newington Bagpath], which sum 
the said Gonilda claims as her dower from her former 
husband, Matthew de Baggepath. Dat. XV. Kal. Mart. 
[15 Feb.], 1265. Lat. With small seal. 

436- Grant from Henry, Prior of Holy Trinity, 
Longbridge, and the brothers there, to Dom. Maurice 
Berkeley, of all that pasture, which is called La Sterte, 
lying between La Newelond and La Warth, in exchange 
for five and a half acres of land in Gosintune [Gossington] 
called Suthwrthi. Witnesses : Dom. Robert de Kingestun, 
Richard de Berkeley, Knights ; Reginald de Gosintun ; 
Thomas de Belegh ; Robert de Bracheston : Walter de 
Egetun ; Geoffrey Neel ; Walter Sely. Dat. 1270. Lat. 
Seal missing. 

437» Confirmation by Alexander HI., King of 
Scotland, of the grant made by Christiana de Mubray, 

138 Berkeley Castle 

widow of Roger de Mubray, Knight, daughter and heir of 
Bernard Fraser, Knight, to the Brothers of the Order of the 
Holy Trinity and of the Captives of the House called Gracia 
Dei, which the said Christiana founded in the territory of her 
manor of Huwystune [Houston, co. Renfrew], with her land 
of Lyveryngham, and the land which formerly belonged 
to the Hospital of Fortimer, the land of Crauchote, etc. 
Witnesses : John Cumyn ; Reginald le Chene ; Simon 
Fraser ; Richard Fraser, and David Brune. Dat Hadding- 
ton, 25 January, Anno 23 [1272]. Lat. With fragment of 
royal seal in white wax. 

438. Grant from Maurice de Berkeley, for the health 
of his soul, to Kingswood Abbey of free entry into a 
certain meadow containing one acre, which the Abbey 
holds by gift of Walter le Grip, in Matford, for the support 
of the iron fabric of the Abbey. Late Hen. HI. Lat. 

439. Settlement of suit between Dom. Maurice de 
Berkelay and Nicholas, son of Roger, concerning the 
former's claim that the latter should perform suit at 
Berkeley Hundred Court for his manors of Hulle and 
Nundesfeld [Hill and Nimesfield, in Berkeley] twice a year 
and " ad efiforciamentum curie scilicet ad preceptum domini 
regis exequendum et ad prisonem judicandum." etc., and 
that his freed men and villeins should do suit at the same 
courts, and that he should deliver at the prison of the said 
Maurice all thieves apprehended in the said manor, etc. 
Witnesses : Dom. James de Frivile ; Dom. Maurice de 
Salso Marisco ; Dom. Roger de Lokinton ; Dom. Adam 
de Eston ; Robert de Hales, Seneschal of Berkeley ; 
Humphrey de la Barre ; Maurice de Stanes ; John de 
Wodeford ; Andrew de Bradestan ; Walter le Butiller ; 
Ralph de Bakepuz. Late Hen. HI. Lat. With seal of 
arms of Nicholas fil. Rogeri. 

Select Charters. 139 

440- Grant from Philip de Berkelay to Kingswood 
Abbey of four acres of land in Newenton [Newington 
Bagpath], namely in Suthfelde, Sclattresslade, Vernslade, 
etc. Witnesses : Robert, son of Nigel ; Osbert del Egge ; 
Richard le Due ; William de Westcote ; Thomas de la 
Blanche ; William Treilli ; Adam de la Hame ; William, 
son of Helias ; Matthew le Scay. Late Hen. III. Lat. 

441. Grant from Roger de Bercheleia, to Robert, son 
of Walter de Baggpathe, of a half virgate of land which 
Walter, his father, held in Baggpathe [Bagpath]. Rent, 
thirty pence. Witnesses : William, son of Helyas ; Adam 
de la Hamme ; Richard, son of the Clerk ; Roger Martel ; 
Henry de Guderintona. Late Hen. HL Lat. 

442. A. Grant from John Butiler and Sara, his wife, to 
Dom. Alice de Insula, of a virgate of land in Kingstone 
[Kingston Lisle, co. Berks.], which William de Witchirche, 
father of the said Sara, formerly held. Witnesses : Dom. 
Peter Achard, Henry de Pesya, Robert de Hauetford, 
Knights ; William, son of John de Sparesholt ; Simon de la 
Forde ; Peter de Badelking; Andrew de Badelking ; 
Reginald de Prisun ; Richard de Loges. Late Hen. III. 
Lat. With seal. 

442. B.C. Release from Jacob Ben Rab Moses to Alice, 
Lady Lisle, of a piece of land and pasture in Kingstone 
which she bought of John le Butiler, of Badelkyng [Baul- 
king] and Sarah, his wife. Early Edw. I. Hebrew. 
Draft and fair copy. 

443. Grant from Ernulf Byset, Dominus de Preston 
to Ammauric de Sancto Amando of the homage, service, 
and fealty due from Anselm de Sancto Germano, of 
Cerney, in respect of the tenement which he holds in 
Cerney [co. Glouc] Witnesses : Dom. Roger, Abbot of 

140 Berkeley Castle 

Cirencester ; Dom. William de Kaynes ; Dom. John 
Padynel ; Dom. Richard, Parson of Cerney ; John de 
Frankelein, of Cerney. etc. Late Hen. III. Lat. 

444. Release from Reginald, Abbot de Gerwedon 
[Gerondon, co. Leic], and the Convent there, to Stephen 
de Segrave of four " solidate " of rent, which the same 
Stephen pays from the mill of Aleby [Welby, co. Leic] in 
exchange for two " solidate " which Stephen held by grant 
from Thomas le Despenser in Burton [Burton Lazars, co. 
Leic]. Witnesses : Dom. Richard de Kurzun ; Walter de 
Besebrock ; Peter de Sancto Edwardo ; William le Was- 
tenes ; Gilbert Maulore ; Hugh de Berwos ; Robert Puterel. 
Temp. Hen. HI. Lat. With the Abbot's privy seal. 

445. Grant from Robert Marshall, of Newport, to 
the Church and Monks of Kingswood, for the support of 
the iron fabric, of that meadow which he sold to Walter le 
Gryip in Mathford [Matford], within the Manor of Berkeley. 
Witnesses : Roger de Lokynton ; William de Mathine ; 
William de Burgo ; William Capel ; Nicholas de Wode- 
ford ; Henry de Batonia ; Roger le Hurde. Late Henry 
in. Lat. With seal. 

446. Grant 1 from Thomas, Prior of St. Andrew's, 
Northampton, to Dom. Stephen de Segrave, of the tene- 
ment which was the capital messuage of Ralph de Lichel- 
barwe, in Northampton. Witnesses : William Martiwall, 
Sheriff of Northampton ; Walter de Boseboch ; Robert 
Speciarius ; Robert, son of Richard ; Robert de Leycestre ; 
Michael, son of Philipi ; Roger, son of Theobald ; Richard 
de Scandeisell ; Ingram Malebranche ; Thomas de Leyces- 
tre ; Henry de Plumpton. Temp. Hen. III. [1228-1233] 

^ Misplaced in error. 

Select Charters. 141 

447. Release from Godc, widow of John Witcolt, to 
Dom. Warin fil. Geroldi, of the third part of a virgate and 
a half of land, and of two messuages in Kingston [King- 
ston-Lisle], juxta le Witchers, which "per breve Domini 
Regis nomine dotis petii versus dictum Warinum coram 
Justiciariis apud Westmonasterium." Witnesses : Peter 
de Batheleking ; Andrew, son of Thomas ; Simon de la 
Forde ; William le Botiller ; Robert Gissic, etc. Late 
Henry III. Lat. With seal. 

448. Release from Richard Chocus, of Clopton, to 
Dom. Maurice de Berkeley, of land in Wyteclyve Park, in 
Ham. Witnesses : William de Mathem, Seneschal of 
Berkeley ; William Capel ; William, son of Robert ; Robert 
de Stanes ; William de Golofre ; Robert Candel ; John de 
Bratheston ; John de Cranleygh ; Geoffrey Neel. Late 
Hen. HI. Lat. 

449. GRANT/rom Henry de Berkeley, Lord of Dursley, 
to Kingswood Abbey, of the tenement which they hold in 
Ozleworth. Witnesses: Dom. Maurice de Berkeley ; William 
de Maunsel ; Robert de Mathine ; Walter de Chaldefeld ; 
William de Egintun ; Thomas Passelewe. Late Hen. HL 
Lat. With seal. 

450. Notification by G[ilbert] de Clare, Earl of 
Gloucester and Hertford, to his tenants of Swaneburne, that 
he has granted to Dom. Robert le Veel a messuage and 
carucate of land in Swaneburne [Swanbourne, co. Bucks.] 
which formerly was part of his mother's dower. Dat. 
Abingdon, 25 Feb., 1273. Lat. With seal of arms. 

451. Release from Henry de Berkeley, Lord of Durs- 
ley, to J[ohn de Marina], Abbot of St. Augustine's, Bristol, 
and the Abbey of all the lands, churches, advowsons, e'tc, 
which the said Abbey holds in Berkeley and Berkeleis- 

142 Berkeley Castle 

hurnes. Witnesses : Dom. Bartholomew de Sulby ; Dom. 
Alexander Dando, Knight ; Philip de Doghton ; William 
Goldfre ; Robert de la Stone. Temp. Edw. I. [1276- 1786]. 
Lat. With seal. 

452. Covenant whereby William de Valence, Earl of 
Pembroke, and Joan his wife, grant and release to Dom. 
Nicholas fil. Martini and his heirs certain pleas, rights and 
liberties connected with the apprehension and trial of 
thieves, outlaws, etc., in Kemmeys [Cameys, co. Pembroke]. 
Dat. Pembroke, Mon. aft. Michaelmas. 5 Edw. I. [1277]. 
With separate seals of the Earl and Countess. 

Sciant presentes et futuri quod ita convenit inter Dominum 
Willelmum de Valence, Dominum Penbrochie et Johan- 
nam uxorem suam pro se et heredibus suis ex una parte, 
et Dominum Nicholaum filium Martini pro se et heredi- 
bus suis ex altera apud Penbrochiam die lune proximo 
post festum sancti Michaelis anno regni Regis Edwardi 
quinto scilicet quod dictus Dominus Willelmus et 
Johanna concesserunt et remiserunt pro se et heredibus 
suis placitum de sanguine et vulnere ubi mahangium 
non sit inperpetuum neque mors, Preterea idem dominus 
Willelmus et Johanna pro se et heredibus suis concesser- 
unt inperpetuum eidem Nicholao et heredibus suis quod 
possint juratam capere in terra sua in Kemmeys per se 
ipsos vel eorum ballivos de latrone cum latrocinio capto 
et de latrocinio tam de Anglicibus \sic\ quam de Walen- 
sibus et aliis sicut ipse Nicholaus et antecessores sui 
capere et eorum ballivi consueverunt secundum consue- 
tudinem parcium illarum Preterea idem dominus Willel- 
mus et Johanna concesserunt et remiserunt pro se et 
heredibus suis dicto N. et heredibus suis evasionem 
latronum ubi possit se purgare et heredes sui similiter 
per solum sacramentum suum. Vel si maluerit inqui- 

Select Charters. 143 

ratur in comitatu Penbrochie per duodecim liberos et 
legales homines coram senescallo et vicecomite Pen- 
brochie quod ilia evasio non sit per consensum neque 
per voluntatem ipsius N. vel heredum suorum vel eorum 
ballivorum neque per redempcionem. Et si ipse vel 
heredes sui se non possint purgare ut supradictum est 
dabunt centum solidos pro evasione. Et si suspicio 
oriatur quod per consensum aliquorum ballivorum 
suorum sive voluntatem fiat visnetum super ipsos cap- 
iatur per dominum Willelmum et Johannam et heredes 
suos vel eorum ballivos, et si visnetum eos non purgav- 
erit dabunt centum solidos. Preterea idem dominus 
Willelmus et Johanna concesserunt et remiserunt pro se 
et heredibus suis inperpetuum dicto N. et heredibus suis 
rectum Wrek qualecumque fuerit per totam terram 
suam de Kemmeys. Preterea idem dominus Willelmus 
et Johanna concesserunt et remiserunt pro se et hered- 
ibus suis inperpetuum dicto N. et heredibus suis quod 
possint justiciam facere in terra sua de Kemmeys de 
homicidio cum manuopere capto, vel cum huthesio ^ ita 
quod justicia fiat in continenti secundum legem terre 
nisi fuerit de nocte vel tali hora captus quod justicia 
fieri non possit racionabiliter in crastino sine dila- 
tione fiat justicia secundum legem terre nisi ita 
evenerit quod homines de Kemmeys sint in servicio 
domini Willelmi et Johanne et heredum suorum in ex- 
ercitu et in reditu eorum justicia fiat sine moraut supra- 
dictum est, et nisi fecerint ut supradictum est, dominus 
Willelmus et Johanna et sui heredes et eorum ballivi 
manus apponant. Et si aliquod homicidium fiat in terra 
de Kemmeys et homicida captus non fijerit cum manu 
opere ut supradictum est, licet domino Willelmo et 
Johanne et heredibus suis et eorum ballivis inde inqui- 

1 i.e. hue and cry. 

144 Berkeley Castle 

sicionem facere per totam terram de Kemmeys et tarn 
de morte Anglicorum quam Walensium vel aliorum. Et 
si ita contingat quod aliquis homicida captus fuerit in 
terra de Kemmeys per inquisicionem factam per dominum 
Willelmum et Johannam et suos heredes vel ballivos 
eorum sive per famam sive aliter dominus Willelmus et 
Johanna et heredes sui vel eorum ballivi visneto capto in 
Comitatu Penbrochie de eo justiciam faciant secundum 
legem terre. Ita tamen quod nullum visnetum currat 
super personam dicti N., nee super heredes suos nisi ad 
eorum voluntatem, et si justicia de homicida predicto 
facta fuerit per dominum Willelmum et Johannam vel 
heredes suos vel eorum ballivos terra dicti homicide 
cujuscunque feodi sit, si teneat hereditarie remaneat in 
manus domini Willelmi et Johanne vel heredum suorum 
per unum annum et unum diem et post unum annum et 
unum diem facta justicia revertatur terra ad dominum 
ejusdem feodi sine contradiccione vel impedimento 
domini Willelmi et Johanne vel heredum suorum sive 
eorum ballivorum et catalla ejusdem homicide con- 
dempnati remaneant dicto N. et heredibus suis. Et si 
ita contingat quod aliquis homicida in terra de Kemmeys 
per dominum Willelmum et Johannam et heredes suos 
vel eorum ballivos pro morte hominis captus vel capien- 
dus fuerit, et per amicos suos finem fecerit cum domino 
Willelmo et Johanna vel heredibus suis vel eorum 
ballivis,nichilominus catalla ejusdem homicide remaneant 
eidem N. et heredibus suis. Et si ita contingat quod 
aliquis hutlaghatus vel exul per judicium comitatus 
Pembrochie fuerit, in terra de Kemmeys hospitatus vel 
recettatus licet domino Willelmo et Johanne et heredibus 
suis et eorum ballivis inde facere inquisicionem per 
totam terram de Kemmeys et si aliquis de terra de 
Kemmeys inventus fuerit de tali recettamento culpabili, 

Select Charters. 145 

licet domino Willelmo et Johanne et heredibus suis et 
eorum ballivis de eo facere justiciam secundum legem 
terre et justicia facta remaneat terra illius culpabilis in 
manus domini Willelmi et Johanne et heredum suorum 
per unum annum et unum diem ut supradictum est, et 
post unum annum et unum diem revertatur terra ad 
dominum feodi sine aliqua contradiccione domini 
Willelmi et Johanne et heredum suorum vel eorum 
ballivorum et catalla ejusdem culpabilis remaneant dicto 
N. et heredibus suis ut supradictum est. Et si contingat 
quod aliquis talis recettator finem fecerit per amicos 
suos cum domino Willelmo et Johanna et heredibus suis 
vel eorum ballivis nichilominus catalla ejusdem re- 
maneant dicto N. et heredibus suis nee licet dicto N. vel 
heredibus suis nee eorum ballivis nee aliquibus aliis de 
terra de Kemmeys redemptionem aliquam capere de 
aliquo latrone nee aliquo malefactore neque dimittere 
nisi per legem terre. Remaneant etiam dicto Willelmo 
et Johanne et heredibus suis per totam terram de 
Kemmeys omnia placita que pertinent ad coronam 
subscripta scilicet de homicidio ut supradictum est, et de 
combustione tempore pacis et de rapto et de thesauro 
invento et de omnibus brevibus de cursu preterpone, et 
de omnibus ad ea pertinentibus et de recenti forcia cum 
vetito namii^ facto per dominum N. et ejus heredibus vel 
eorum ballivos et de vetito namii facto per aliquem 
alium in terra de Kemmeys ubi dictus N. vel ejus heredes 
vel eorum ballivi justiciam facere denegaverunt. Et 
omnes alie loquele recte et libertates que hie nominate 
non sunt quibus dictus N. et ejus antecessores usi fuerunt 
remaneant dicto N. et heredibus suis pro dicto Willelmo 
et Johanna et heredibus suis inperpetuum. Incujusrei 

^ i.e.. Distraint. 

146 Berkeley Castle 

testimonium presens scriptum cyrographatum mutuis 
sigillis partium est roboratum. Hiis testibus, Dominis 
Imberto Gy fratre, R. de Waldesef, tunc magistro 
Slebeth, Roberto de Valle, Johanne de Castro Martin, 

militibus, Gydone de Brion, Th de Rupe, et Roberto 

Martin de Kemmeys et aliis. 

453. Indenture of covenant between Thomas Danvers, 
Sheriff of Oxford, and Dom. Henry le Tyeys, " Custos of 
the King's Town " of Oxford, concerning the latter's pledges 
for the custody of the said town. Dat. 7 Oct, 5 Edw. I. 

454. Licence from Edward I. to Almaric de Sancto 
Amando to divert, etc., the public way which goes through 
Cerney, co. Glouc, past his gate, in order that he may 
erect a bridge outside his fishpond, etc. Dat. Quenynton, 
17 March, A°. vi. [1278]. Lat. With fragment of great 

455. Covenant of lease from Henry de Weneswell to 
Robert Mathias, of Egeton, and Joan, his wife, of a certain 
meadow above his fishpond in Wanswell, near the King's 
highway which leads from Wanswell to Egeton : reserving 
the right of driving his wagons and carts ever the said 
meadow. Witnesses : Walter de Egeton ; Thomas de 
Swonhungre ; William de Schokerwich ; Robert de Egeton ; 
Geoffrey Neel ; Adam Hapulf ; Thomas Aleyn ; Richard 
le Sauoner, Clerk. Dat. Nat. of B.V.M. [8 Sept.], 6 Edw. I. 
[1278]. Lat. 

456. Release from Henry de Berkeley, Lord of 
Dursley, to Dom. Maurice de Berkeley of the Barony of 
Berkeley, with Slimbridge Manor. Witnesses : Dom. God- 
frey Giffard, Bishop of Worcester ; Dom. Reginald, Abbot 
of Gloucester ; Dom. John, Abbot of Bristol ; Dom. John 

Select Charters. 147 

Giffard ; John de Boun ; John de Acton ; Richard de 
Ripariis and William Maunsel, Knights ; John de Clyfford ; 
Nicholas de Aperleye ; William de Mathine ; Milo de 
Longetoft ; Elyas de Cumba ; Peter de Stintescumbe. 
Dat. Slimbridge, F. of St. Matthias [24 Feb.], 6 Edw. I. 
[1278]. Lat. 

457- Grant from Thomas, Lord of Berkeley, to 
William le Veysee, of four perches of land at Stone in 
Ham, Witnesses : Richard de Avene ; Walter Moton ; 
William le Golde ; Robert le Boschare ; Alexander, the 
Clerk. Temp. Edw. I. Lat. With seal. 

458. Grant from Edward I. to Thomas, son of Maurice 
[de Berkeley], and Margaret, his wife, of lands in Waterford 
and Desmond, together with the custody of Dungarvan 
Castle, with all offices and services thereto attached (with 
certain exceptions hereafter notedj, which lands, etc., the 
King's grandfather, King John, leased to Thomas, son of 
Anthony, and King Henry HI. leased to John, son of 
Thomas, and the present King lately recovered in a suit in 
the King's Court from the said Thomas, son of Maurice, 
who succeeded to the said lands as kinsman and heir of the 
said John : the said Thomas, son of Maurice to pay yearly 
into the Exchequer at Dublin, 200 marks. Excepted from 
the grant are (i) all the saffi^on growing on the said lands, 
and (2) the tenures of Walter de la Haye, John de 
Weyland, and Jordan de Exon, and of the heirs of Robert 
de Stapleton, which are held by feoffment from the Crown. 
Witnesses : R[obert Burnell], Bishop of Bath ; A[ntony 
Bek], Bishop of Durham ; W[illiam de Lude], Bishop of 
Ely ; Edmund, the King's brother ; William de Valentia, 
the King's uncle ; Gilbert de Clare, Earl of Gloucester and 
Hertford ; Henry de Lacy, Earl of Lincoln ; Robert de 

L 2 

148 Berkeley Castle 

Tibetot ; Walter de Bello Campo ; Gilbert de Briddeshale. 
Dat. Westminster, 16 Feb., Anno 20 [1292]. Lat. The 
initial E of Edwardus illuminated in gold, red and blue. 

459. Grant from Roger le Bygod, Earl of Norfolk 
and Marshal of England, to John ap Adam, of a weekly 
market on Wednesdays at his manor of Betesle [Bettesley, 
CO. Glouc], and an annual fair to last 3 days, namely, the 
vigil, the day and the morrow of St. Margaret, Virgin 
[13 July] : together with free warren in all his demesne 
lands of Betesle and La Gorste. Witnesses : Dom. Ralph, 
Abbot of Tintern ; Dom. Thomas de Berkele, Dom. 
Maurice de Berkele, his son, Dom. John Bluet, Knights ; 
Dom. William de Beccles, " our chancellor " ; Philip le 
Waleys, and Philip de la More. Dat. London, 13 May, 22 
Edw. L [1294]. Lat. Seal missing. 

460. Counterpart of Lease from Richard de Wike 
and Dionysia, his wife, to Dom. Joan de Berkeley, wife of 
Thomas de Berkeley, of a burgage in Wotton, for a term 
of 7 years. Witnesses : Robert de Stane ; Robert de 
Bradeston ; Richard de Byseleye ; Robert Wyther ; John 
Champeneys ; Henry de Ledebury ; Alexander de Hore ; 
Philip Draysyd ; Richard le Peleter. Dat. " A la Goule 
Aust" [i Aug.] 26 Edw. I. [1298]. Fr. With fine seal of 
Dom. Joan de Berkeley. 

461. Grant from Thomas Lord Berkeley to his 
nephew, Robert de Berkeley, of the wood known as In- 
wood, in Cam, at an annual rent of forty shillings. Wit- 
nesses : Dom. Robert de Berkeley ; Walter de Helyun ; 
John de Wiliton, Robert le Veel, Peter Crok, Knights ; 
Richard de Byseleye ; Robert de Bradestan ; Robert de 
Stanes ; Robert Wither ; Richard de Avene ; Thomas de 
Swanhongre, etc. Dat. Sat. F. of St. John Ap. and Ev. [27 
Dec] 27 Edw. I. [1298]. Lat. 

Select Charters. 149 

^162. Grant from John, son of Reginald, Lord of Blayn- 
leuenyr and Bulthdynas, to all the men of the commonalty 
of Talgarth, Henthporth, Tradewy, and Crouchonwell, of 
the privilege of trying their actions in his Court of Talgarth, 
of right of free pasturage, fishery, and many other privileges. 
Witnesses : Dom. John Tresgroys, Dom. Henry de Solero, 
Knights ; Thomas Walensis ; Robert Walensis ; William 
Lupus de Llewelino and others. Dat. T. aft. F. of St. 
Bartholomew [24 Aug.] at Stradewy, 1299. Lat. Copy. 

463. Grant from Edmund, Earl of Cornwall, to the 
Master and Brethren " miliciae Templi Solomonis " in 
England and their tenants of Cranford, of the common of 
pasture and heathland within Isleworth Hundred, namely 
from the vill of Cranford to the vill of Twickenham in 
length, and from Babworth Bridge to Hundesloue '[Houn- 
slow] in breadth. Witnesses : Hugh, Abbot of Hayles ; 
Walter de Ailesburie ; Roger de Marlow ; William, " our 
Steward of Berkhampstead. Dat. Hayles, 3 Dec. 28 Edw. 
I. [ 1 299]. Lat. Copy. "With translation. 

464. Grant from Thomas, son of Maurice deBerkeleye, 
to William, Bishop of Imlay, and Master Richard de Clifford, 
of a messuage and carucate of land at Wyk, in Arlyngham. 
Witnesses : Dom. Robert, son of Pagan ; Robert de Ber- 
keleye, John de Clifford ; Knights. Master Thomas de 
Sudinton ; Bartholomew de Ulpenne ; Robert de Stannes ; 
Simon de Fremelade ; John Wyr ; Walter de Wyk ; John 
de Berewe. Temp. Edw. I. Lat. 

465. Grant from Andrew, Prior of Norton, to Lord 
Stephen de Segrave of a messuage in Digtheworth [Dise- 
worth, CO. Leic], the rent to be paid at Wavertoft manor. 
Temp. Edw. I. With fine seal (broken) of Norton Priory. 

I50 Berkeley Castle 

466. Deed whereby Roger de Staunton pledges his 
manor of Staunton and "two roots of the herb called 
maundragon " 1 for the repayment within a year of thirty 
pounds belonging to his master, Stephen de Segrave, which 
he had " wickedly spent by his knavery and foolish com- 
pany " out of the treasure which his master entrusted to his 
care when he departed over the seas : appointing as his 
sureties, Roger de Verdoun and Gari Normand. Dat. I2 
May. Temp. Edw. I. Fr. With 3 small white seals. 

46'7- Grant from James de Berkelegh, Rector de 
Chyw [? Chew, co. Som.] to John, his brother, and Hawise, 
his wife, of lands in Clapton, Egeton and Berkeley, and in 
Portbury, co. Som., etc. Witnesses : Robert, son of Pagan, 
Simon de Monte Acuto, John de Bello Campo, John 
Meriet, Peter Crok, Knights. Robert de Buttlescombe ; 
Richard de Byselee, etc. Dat. F. of St. Nich. [6 Dec] 30 
Edw. I. [1301]. Lat. Imperfect. 

468- Award by Walter Bordun, Archdeacon of Glou- 
cester, William de Kyngescote, canon of Hereford and 
Wells, and others, in settlement of disputes between Lord 
Thomas de Berkeley and Maurice, his son, with Robert de 
Tetbury, Abbot of Kingswood, concerning a fold for 200 
sheep at Symondshale [Symondshall, nr.Wotton, co. Glouc] 
Dat. 10 Feb. 31 Edw. I. [1303]. Lat. With fine seal of 
the Abbot of Kingswood, in black wax. 

469. Letters Patent of Edward I. addressed to 
Henry de Lascy, Earl of Lincoln, appointing John de 
Segrave his Lieutenant of Berwick-on-Tweed, Edinburgh, 
Linlithgow, Lanark, Selkirk, Roxburgh, etc. Dat. Berwick- 
on-Tweed, 17 Sept. Anno 31 [1303]. Lat. With fragment 
of great seal. 

1 i.e. Mandragon, or mandrake, a herb often mentioned as a narcotic, and 
having many superstitions regarding it. 

Select Charters. 151 

^70. Grant from Maurice de Berkeley, son of Lord 
Thomas de Berkelee, to Henry de Wayneswelle, of a mes- 
suage and croft called Homcroft, which John de Couelee 
sometime held at Wodeford in Alkington. Witnesses : 
Nicholas de Kyngeston, William de Wauton, Knights ; 
Robert de Bradeston ; Robert Wyther ; John de Salso 
Marisco ; Walter Moton ; Richard Broun. Dat. Berkeley, 
Sund. aft. F. of St. Margaret [13 July] 32 Edw. I. [1304] 
Lat. With seal of arms. 

471- Grant from Thomas, Lord of Berkeley, to 
Henry le Gardiner and Isabel, his wife, of land lying in 
four plots in StokeshuU field, in Ham, at an annual rent of 
six shillings and six pence. Witnesses : John de Crawelee ; 
John de Swonhungre ; Thomas de Lorewynge ; Geoffrey 
Neel ; Robert Averey ; Robert Bastard ; Nicholas Iweyn. 
Dat. Berkeley, Wed. F. of St. Katherine, Virg. [25 Nov.] 33 
Edw. I. [1304]. Lat. With seal of arms. 

472- Bond by Robert de Derleye and John, his 
brother, of co. Nottingham, to Dom. John de Segrave for 
the payment of £iQo to the latter : and in case of non- 
fulfilment of the bond the said Robert and John will hold 
themselves liable to the " penalty and distraint provided in 
the King's statute staple of merchants." Dat. Nottingham, 
8 May, 33 Edw. L [1305]. Lat. With seal, in brown wax, 
of Edw. L "pro recognitione debitorum," on the reverse a 
small counterseal bearing a stag's head on a shield ca- 
bossed with an inscription Notingham, 

473- Grant from Edward L to John de Segrave of all 
the lands and tenements which belonged to Simon Eraser', 
an enemy and rebel of the King in Scotland, " on the day 

^ For a full account of Sir Simon Fraser, General of the Scotch Forces, see 
' Anderson's Scottish Nation, 1863, ii., 264. 

152 Berkeley Castle 

when he seceded from fealty to the King and joined Robert 
Bruce and his accomplices." Dat. Berwick-on-Tweed, 6 
July, A** 34 [1306]. Lat. Seal missing. 

^^, Writ " ad quod damnum " of Edward I. to the 
Sheriff of Gloucester, on a proposed grant by the Abbot of 
Gloucester to the Abbey of Kingswood, of an acre of land 
in Bagpath, with the advowsons of Osleworth and West 
Newington churches. Dat. Carlisle, 10 April, A** 35 [1307]. 
Lat. Followed by the result of the Inquiry taken at 
Wotton, before Thomas de Gardinis, Sheriff of Gloucester, 
and a Jury. 

475. Confirmation by Thomas, Lord Berkeley and 
Maurice, his son, to St. Augustine's Abbey, Bristol, of 
all the grants by Robert Fitzharding, and other their 
ancestors, with all their liberties and customs ; view of 
frank pledge of all the Abbey's tenants ; with stocks, cage, 
tumbrell, pillory, cucking-stool, and judgments in all the 
abbey courts, except in the Town of Berkeley. Dat. 
Berkeley, i June, 35 Edw. I. [1307]. Lat. With 2 seals of 

476. Letters Patent of Edward IL appointing 
John de Segrave Keeper of the King's Forest beyond 
Trent, for his life. Dat. 6 Feb. A" — . Much damaged by 
damp, and seal missing. 

4*77- Grant by John de Oka, Prior of the Hospital 
of St. Bartholomew's, Gloucester, and the Brethren there 
to Dom. Thomas de Berkeley of an anniversary in full 
choir, etc., for the souls of Maurice and Isabel, the father 
and mother of the said Lord ; as well as an anniversary for 
the souls of the said Lord, Joan, his wife, and Maurice, their 
son, after their death ; in return for the quitclaim by the 
said Lord to them of suit of hundred and his court of 

Select Charters. 153 

Berkeley, due from the Hospital for part of a tenement 
which belonged to James Cotele, in Couleye [Coaley, co. 
Glouc] Dat. Gloucester, Sunday, F. of St. Matthias [24 
Feb, i3o7[8]. Lat. With fine impression of the Hospital 
seal, chipped. 

4*78. Covenant between Walter, Bishop of Worcester, 
Lord Treasurer, Hugh le Despencer, John de Sandale, 
Nicholas de Segrave and Stephen de Segrave, whereby 
John de Segrave, Warden of Scotland, is to be at Berwick- 
on-Tweed on a certain day, and there to muster his forces. 
Dat. 7 March, 2 Edw. H. [1309]. Lat, With seal. 

479. Pardon from King Edward H. to John Mau- 
travers, jun., for arresting John de Morton, Richard de 
Compton, William de Holt, and William de Colwich, 
the King's coroners for co. Gloucester, thereby preventing 
them from performing their duties. Dat. Canterbury, 7 
March, A° 13 [1320]. Lat. With great seal, much damaged. 

480. Indenture of lease for life from Thomas Lord 
Berkeleye to William de la Pulle, of Hurst, and Mabel, his 
wife, of certain lands in Bottesmor, in Hurst, at an annual 
rent of twenty-six shillings and ninepence halfpenny. Wit- 
nesses : Thomas de Bradeston ; Roger de Gosyntone ; 
William le Botyler ; Walter de Gosynton ; John le Due ; 
Richard Bat ; John de Kyngestun. Dat. Berkeley, i 
May, 8 Edw. H. [1315]. Lat. With small seal. 

481. Defeasance of bond from Roger Wade, " Crou- 
dere," to Warin del Isle, Knt., for payment of a debt. 
Dat. London, Sun. aft. F. of St. Bartholomew [Aug. 24], 10 
Edward II. [1316]. Fr. With seaU 

^ The special interest of this charter lies in the seal, which is one of the 
earliest knowa representations of the " croud " or fiddle, the sign of the 
defeasor's profession. 

154 Berkeley Castle 

482. Manumission by Robert de Berkele and quit- 
claim to " God, the Virgin Mary and the Holy Cross " of 
the church of Berkeley, of Robert, son of Ralph le Gardiner, 
of Berkeley, late his " nativus," with all his suit : for the 
payment of a silver penny for the light at the Holy Cross 
of that church. Witnesses : Robert de Stone ; Robert de 
de Bradeston ; Peter de Stintescumbe ; William Capel' ; 
Thomas de Swonhungre ; Thomas de Boeleye ; William 
de Burgo. Temp. Edw. II. Lat, 

483, 484. Grant, in duplicate, from Thomas, Lord 
Berkeley, to Thomas, his son, and Isabel, his wife, of lo 
marks of annual rent from his fishery which he had on 
lease from Robert, his brother, at Arlingham, in the R. 
Severn both " in gurgitibus et borachiis " ^ ; also of the 
Manor of Wyke near Arlingham, with the fishery there, 
which is called " Berwewater " in the Severn : with a 
tenement at Morcote and Hardpirie : in exchange for a 
rent at Frompton. Rent, a lamprey due on last day of 
May. Dat. Wymondham, Mon. aft. F. of St. Barnabas 
[ii June], II Edw. H. [1318]. Lat. With seals of arms. 

485. Letters of Edward, Prince of Wales [aft. Edward 
HL] to Esmon Blount asking him to allow certain muni- 
ments in his possession to be seen and examined for the 
purposes of a lawsuit between John de Brampton, Parson of 
St. Peter's, Bristol, and the Abbey of Tewkesbury concerning 
Mangotsfield Chapel. Dat. London, at the house of the 
Bishop of Ely, 20 July \circ. 1320]. Fr. Seal lost. 

486. Confirmation by Thomas, Lord Berkeley, of 
the grant by William de Syde of certain lands and rents in 
Berkeley, Wotton and Alkington for the support of the two 
Chaplains of Newport Chapel, and another Chaplain in 

I Gur'Tes=pool: borachiis, perhaps for brachiis, arms of the sea or river. 

Select Charters. 155 

Worteley Chapel. Witnesses : Dom. Maurice de Berkeley, 
Thomas de Bradeston, Simon Basset, Knights ; William de 
Chiltenham ; John de Clyve. Ante^ 1321. Lat. With 
fine seal of arms. 

^8*7- Copy of inspeximus and confirmation by John, 
Bishop of Jerusalem, and " Primarius " of the Pope, of several 
papal bulls, granting privileges to the Master and Brothers 
of the Hospital of St. Lazar of Jerusalem, and pardon and 
indulgences to all those who shall make benefactions to the 
same. Dat. Marseilles, ii. Kal. Sept. 1323. Lat. 

488. Writ from Edward II. to Robert de Aston and 
John de Hampton to hold an enquiry into the terms of an 
agreement made by Thomas de Berkeley, sen., with Hugh 
de Bysele for his support as one of the said Thomas's 
Esquires, and for support of his horse and man, and two 
furred robes yearly, etc., for which Richard de Bysele, 
father of the said Hugh, leased to the said Thomas a 
messuage, etc., in Morcote and Hardepyrye. Dat. West- 
minster, 12 May, Anno 17 [1324]. Lat. 

489. Inquisition held at Bristol before Robert de 
Astone and John de Hamptone on Wed. aft. Trinity [10 
June], 17 Edw. II. [1324], by order of the King's writ, 
whereat the jury find : i. That Thomas de Berkeley, sen., 
granted on the ist October, 14 Edw. II. [1320], to Hugh de 
Biseleye a competent support for himself, one man and one 
horse at Berkeley, or wherever he may be living, with two 
furred robes, one at Christmas and the other at Whitsun- 
tide, in return for which grant Richard de Biseleye, father 
of the said Hugh leased to the said Thomas a messuage 
and carucate of land in Morcote and Hardepirie. 2. That 
the said Hugh was seized of Berkeley Manor up to 
the time that the Manor fell to the Crown by forfeiture 

156 Berkeley Castle 

of Maurice de Berkeley, and that the Manor of Berkeley 
with the Manors of Ham, Alkington, Slimbridge, Coaley, 
Cam, Wotton, Hurst and Simondshall, are held from 
the King in chief by service of three knights' fees, 
and are valued at six hundred and six pounds eighteen 
shillings and fourpence farthing, and that the support of the 
said Hugh is valued at one hundred and six shillings and 
fivepence halfpenny yearly, or threepence halfpenny a day 
— of the man at forty-five shillings and sevenpence half- 
penny yearly, or penny halfpenny a day — and of the horse, 
seventy six shillings yearly or twopence half-penny a day ; 
all three with the two robes being valued at thirteen pounds 
four shillings and a penny halfpenny. Lat. 

490. Covenant between Nicholas de Cryel and 
Stephen de Segrave, whereby the former undertakes to 
serve the latter as his Bachelor during his life, in peace and 
war, to serve him at tournaments, etc. Temp. Edw. H. 
\ante 1325]. Fr. 

491. Indenture between Drogo de Barentyn, Sheriff 
of CO. Berks., and Alice, widow of Warin de Insula, for the 
livery to the latter of the manor of Kingston [Kingston 
Lisle, CO. Berks.], with all its revenues, and the lands, 
goods and chattels, which lately belonged to Hugh le 
Despencer, Earl of Winchester, an enemy^ of the King. 
Dat. Kingston, 13 Dec, 20 Edw. II. [1326]. Lat. With 
curious small seal, representing, perhaps, a cow and a 
milking- stool. 

492. Release from Frater John de Newenton, 
Warden and Prior of the Hospital of Holy Trinity near 
Longbridge, outside Berkeley, to Robert Wyches, of two 
shillings annual rent from lands in Berkeley. Temp. Edw. 
III. Lat. With seal of the Priory in green wax. 

* Inimicus. 

Select Charters. 157 

493. Confirmation by Thomas, Lord Berkeley, to 
Maurice, his brother, and his heirs male, of the grant by 
Maurice de Berkeley, his father, of lands and tenements in 
Briztmerston [Brigmerston, co. Wilts.], Milverton and 
Edenworth, and Kington Seymour, co. Som., and in Wotton 
and Bradley, co. Glouc. Witnesses : Peter de Veel and 
William de Wauton, Knights ; Peter de Styntescumbe ; 
John de Melkesham ; Elias de Filton. Dat. Berkeley, Th. 
aft. F. of Ann. of B.V.M. [25 March], 3 Edw. III. [1329]. 
Lat. With seal of arms. 

494. INSPEXIMUS by Edward III., and confirmation to 
Thomas de Berkeley of the charters of his ancestors 
Henry II., Richard I., and John to Robert Fitzharding, 
and his successors, of the Berkeley Manors : together with a 
grant by the same King [Edward III.] to the said Thomas 
of the returns of the King's writs within the hundred of 
Berkeley. Witnesses : H[enry], Bishop of Lincoln, Chan- 
cellor ; R[oger], Bishop of Coventry and Lichfield ; John 
de Eltham, Earl of Cornwall, the King's brother ; Henry, 
Earl of Lancaster ; John de Warenna, Earl ot Surrey ; 
Oliver de Ingpam ; John Mautravers, Steward of the 
King's Household. Dat. Woodstock, 8 June, Anno 4 
[1330]. Lat. Seal missing. 

495. INSPEXIMUS and confirmation by Thomas, Lord 
Berkeley, of a charter of Thomas [his grandfather], son and 
heir of the late Lord Maurice de Berkeley, and [his father] 
Maurice, son and heir of said Thomas, confirming to 
the Abbey of St. Augustine's Bristol, the grants of Robert 
Fitzharding and their other ancestors. Dat. Portbury-in- 
Gordano, 20 August, 4 Edw. III. [1330]. Lat. With fine 
seal in black wax. 

15^ Berkeley Castle 

496- Quitclaim by John, son and heir of John de 
Moubray, Lord of the Isle of Axholm, to Thomas de 
Sibethorp, Parson of the Church of Bekyngham [co. 
Notts.] of the Manor of Flauflor [Flawflorth, co. Notts], 
with meadows, lands and mills pertaining thereto in cos. 
Notts and Lincoln, which he held on lease from the Prior 
and Brothers of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem in 
England. Witnesses : Nicholas de Hewyk, Chivaler ; Sire 
William Moigne; Sire Thomas de Baumburgh ; Sire 
William de Clyve, Clerks ; Robert de Saxton ; Hugh de 
Bardelby ; Ralph de Wolyngham. Dat. 20 March, 6 Edw. 
HI. [1332]. Fr. With one small seal, a second missing. 

497- Licence from Thomas [de Brotherton], son of 
Edward L, Earl of Norfolk, and Marshal of England, to 
his son-in-law, John de Segrave^ that he may present to 
any of his advowsons that may become vacant, although the 
King said Thomas holds by gift of his lord and nephew, the 
King [Edward HI.], the ward and marriage of the said John. 
Dat. Newport in Essex, 28 July, 8 Edw. HL [1334]. Fr. 
With fine impression of seal in red wax. 

498- Indenture recording the livery by Katharine de 
Hales to Johan de Overton, *' vallet " to John de Seagrave 
of various household articles,'amongst which are mentioned : 
a horn of ivory, an Agnus Dei, 21 florins reals, 21 florins 
de Florence, 11 silver pennies, an ivory comb, various 
articles of dress, of linen, silk, velvet, etc., and the following 
manuscripts, viz., a Roll which commences " Reyne de 
Piete," a psalter, and a Romance of Merlin. Dat. Mikel- 
feld, Mon. bef. F. of St. Thomas [21 Dec], 8 Edw. III. 
[1334]. Fr. 

' mar. Margaret, his daughter. 

Select Charters 159 

499. Letters patent of Edward III. granting to John 
de Segrave, sen., to assist him in paying his ransom from 
" our enemies the Scots," and for other losses sustained in 
the King's service, ;^iooo, less any sum in which he maybe 
bound to the King from the time of his appointment as 
Keeper of the Royal Forest beyond the Trent and Constable 
of Nottingham Castle. Dat. Lincoln, 29 August, Anno 9 

600. Grant from Thomas, Lord Berkeley, to Dom. 
John, Abbot of St. Augustine's, Bristol, and his successors, 
that they may have and keep without molestation all 
animals found " cumelyng et extrahura " [t.e. strange and 
stray] by their bailiffs in all their lordships within Berkeley 
Hundred. Dat. Berkeley, Th. aft. F. of St. Peter-ad- 
Vincula [i Aug.], 11 Edw. IIL [1337]. LaL With seal of 

601. Commission from Edward III. to John de 
Warenna, Earl of Surrey, Richard, Earl of Arundel, William 
de Clynton, Earl of Huntingdon, John de Moubray and 
John de Hampton to have jurisdiction in the counties of 
Southampton, Berks, Wilts, Surrey, Sussex and Kent for 
the apprehension and punishment of evildoers, thieves, 
murderers, attenders of unlawful assemblies, etc., during 
the King's absence from England. Witness : Edward, 
Duke of Cornwall and Earl of Chester, Guardian of 
England. Dat. Northampton, i Aug., Anno 12 [1338]. 
With fragment of great seal. 

502. Defeasance of grant from Henry, of Lancaster, 
Earl of Derby, to John de Moubray, Lord of the Isle of 
Axholm, of an annual rent of 8000 marks due from his 
Castle and Manor of Gower [in Wales], his Castle 
and Manor of Bramber, co. Sussex, his Manors of Thirsk, 

i6o Berkeley Castle 

CO. York, Epworth, co. Line, Melton Mowbray, co. 
Leic, and Hannes, co. Bedford. Dat. Newsome, co. York, 
Mon. aft. Michaelmas Day [29 Sept.], 12 Edw. III. [1338]. 
Fr. With fine seal of Henry of Lancaster.' 

503. Power of attorney from Thomas de Berkeley to 
John le Coppare, of Berkeley, to take seisin of the lands 
and tenements which John, son and heir of Roger de 
Gosynton, had granted to him. Dat. Berkeley, Sun. aft. F. 
of Translation of St. Thomas M. [7 July], 13 Edw. III. 
[1339]. Lat. With seal of arms. 

504. Grant by Thomas, Lord Berkeley, to Roger de 
Estham and Agnes, his wife, of the residue of the lands and 
tenements (which once belonged to Richard de Acton), 
which remain to him after his grant to Philip Smart and 
Simon ate Broke in Beverston. Witnesses : John de Clyve ; 
Robert le Hayward ; John Smart ; Robert Burgylon ; 
Robert le Taillour. Dat. Berkeley, Whitsun-Monday, 15 
Edw. III. [1342]. Lat. With two small red seals. 

505. Licence from Edward III. to William de Syde 
to assign certain mortmain lands in Berkeley and Cam to 
the Chaplain of Cambridge [co. Gloue.] Dat. Westminster, 
5 May, Anno 17 [1343]. Lat. With good impression of 
sixth seal of Edward III. 

506, 507. Licence (in duplicate) from Edward III. 
to William de Syde to assign a messuage, a virgate of land 
and fifty shillings rent in Berkeley, Camme and Slimbridge 
for the support of the chaplain of Cambridge [co. Glouc] 
Dat. Westminster, 5 May, Anno 17 [1343]. Lat. With 
great seal. 

508-510. Licence (in triplicate) from Edward III. 
to William de Syde to assign two messuages, two 

Select Charters. i6i 

virgates of land, and a hundred *' soHdate " of rent in Ber- 
keley, Wotton, etc., for the support of the two Chaplains of 
Newport Chapel. Dat. Westminster, 5 May, Anno 17 
[1343]. Lat. With great seal, in green wax, to each 

611. Covenant between John, Lord Mowbray, and 
Edward, Earl of Salisbury, for the making of several 
alterations in indentures of covenants between the same for 
the marriages of John, eldest son of the Lord Mowbray, and 
Andrea, daughter of the Earl of Salisbury, and between 
Edward, eldest son of the latter, and Blanche, daughter of 
the Lord Mowbray. Dat. London, 10 May, 17 Edw. IIL 
[1343]. Fr, 

612. Licence from Edward III. to Thomas de Ber- 
keley to alienate to William de Syde, a hundred acres of 
land, ten acres of meadow, four acres of wood and forty 
shillingsworth of rent^in Alkington, in exchange for a similar 
quantity of land, etc., in Wotton, Slimbridge, and Hill-by- 
Berkeley. Dat. 30 January, Anno 18 [1344]. Lat. With 
great seal, broken. 

613. Grant from Maurice, son of Dom. Maurice de 
Berkeley, to Dom. William de Syde of the rent of two 
shillings from a messuage and close which Reginald de 
Milkesham holds for his lifetime in Newport in Alkington 
manor. Witnesses : Thomas Lord Berkeley ; Maurice, his 
son ; John de Milkesham ; John de Seriant ; John Capel. 
Dat. Berkeley, 11 April, 18 Edw. III. [1344]. Lat. With 
seal of arms. 

51^. Letters Patent of Edward III. granting licence 
to Thomas de Berkele that he may assign, notwithstanding 
the statute of mortmain, a messuage and 2 virgates of land 


i62 Berkeley Castle 

in Overe [Over, co. Glouc], which he holds from the Crown, 
in chief, for the foundation of a chapel at Overe, and for the 
support of a chaplain to celebrate divine service daily there, 
for the souls of the said Thomas, Margaret, his late wife, 
and the souls of all faithful departed. Dat. Westminster, 
12 March, Anno 19 [1345]. Lat. With fragment of great 
seal in white wax. 

515. Report from Thomas de Berkeley and his fellow- 
commissioners instructed to inquire who and how many 
persons in the County of Gloucester hold lands or rents of 
the value of a hundred shillings up to a thousand pounds. 
Dat. Bristol, Vig.of Palm Sunday [20 March], 19 Edw. III. 
[1345]. Lat, With 14 small red seals. 

516. Grant from Philip de Thame, Prior of the Hos- 
pital of St. John of Jerusalem in England, with consent of 
the Chapter and of the King, to Thomas de Berkeley, of 
four acres of land in the suburb of Bristol, near the manse 
of the Prior and Friars Hermit of the order of St. Augustine 
at Bristol, in exchange for a messuage in the same suburb, 
situate between the house of Dom. John Fraunceys, chap- 
lain, and a tenement of the said Friars. Dat. Shenegeye 
[Shingay, co. Camb ] 20 May, 1345. Lat. With fine 
impression of seal of the Prior of St. John of Jerusalem in 
England, with signet seal on the reverse. 

517. Grant from Ralph, Abbot of St. Augustine's, 
Bristol, to Thomas, Lord Berkeley, of a house inside the 
Abbey gate, which the said Thomas had built for the use of 
the Chaplain who shall celebrate in the Abbey Church 
masses for the soul of the said Thomas. Dat. Chapter 
House, 20 May, 20 Edw. HI. [1346]. Lat, With Abbey 
seal in brown wax. 

Select Charters 163 

518. Confirmation by Thomas, Lord of Berkeley, of 
the grant by William de Syde, of lands and rents in 
Berkeley, Cam and Slimbridge for the support of a Chaplain 
in Cambridge Chapel [co. Glouc] Witnesses : Maurice de 
Berkelee, Thomas de Bradeston, and Simon Basset, 
Knights ; William de Cheltenham ; John de Clyve, Dat. 
Berkeley, 10 July, 20 Edw. III. [1346]. Lat. With fine 
impression of seal of arms. 

510- Marriage Covenant of John, son of John de 
Segrave, and Blanche, daughter of Henry, Earl of Lan- 
caster. Dat. London, Fr. after F. of Invention of Holy 
Cross [3 May], 21 Edw. HI. [1347]. Lat. With fine 
impression of seal of arms of Henry, Earl of Lancaster. 

520. Licence from Edward III. to Thomas de 
Berkele for two fairs yearly at Newport, near Berkeley, 
viz., the Eve, the Day, and the Morrow of Translation of St. 
Thomas [7 July], and on the Eve, the Day, and the Morrow 
of St. Maurice [22 Sept.], " unless they be to the harm of the 
neighbouring fairs." Witnesses : The Archbishop of Can- 
terbury, the Bishops of London and Winchester, etc. Dat. 
Westminster, 2 December, Anno 21 [1347]. LaU 

521. Grant by Thomas, Lord Berkeley, of certain 
premises in Bristol for the foundation of a chantry in St. 
Augustine's Abbey, and the endowment of a Chaplain, who 
shall sing for the soul of Margaret, his late wife, and for 
himself when he dies, the " placebo " and " dirige " with 
the commendation : and to say for himself while he lives 
the collect " Deus, qui caritatis dona," etc., and after his 
death the collect " Deus, cui proprium est misereri," and on 
the morrow after their anniversary days shall fully sing the 
office of the dead with a mass : such Chaplain to live 
chastely and honestly and not to go to markets or taverns 


i64 Berkeley Castle 

more than shall be necessary, or frequent plays or unlawful 
games, etc. With confirmations by Wulstan, Bishop of 
Worcester, and John, Prior. Date of grant, Berkeley, 20 
Apr., 1348. Date of confirmation by Bishop Wulstan, 
Hartlebury, 25 Apr., 1348. Date of confirmation by the 
Prior, Worcester, 27 Apr., 1348. Lat. With fine im- 
pression of the Episcopal seal. 

522. Recital and ratification by the Bishop of 
Worcester, etc., of the foundation of a chantry in the 
Abbey of St. Augustine, Bristol, by Thomas, Lord Berkeley, 
and appointment of William de Undirlych as chaplain ; to 
be supported from rents from lands, etc., belonging to the 
founder in Bristol : the election of future chaplains to be 
in the hands of the said lord and his successors, reverting 
after the lapse of one month to the Abbot of St. Augus- 
tine's, and after the lapse of a second month to the Bishop 
of Worcester. Dat. Worcester Chapter-house, 27 Apr. 
1348. Lat. With seals of Lord Berkeley, and of the 
Bishop of Worcester. 

523. Licence by Edward IIL to Thomas de Berkele 
to convey to William de Syde, Walter Goldmere and David 
de Milkesham, the castle and manor of Berkeley, the manors 
of Ham, Appleridge, Alkington, Hinton, etc., in Berkeley 
Hundred, the King granting them, thus having seisin of the 
same, licence to alienate them to Thomas de Berkeley, and 
his heirs in tail. Dat. Otford, 10 Jan. A" 22 [1349]. Lat. 
With great seal, broken. 

521. Covenant whereby Walter Wyth, Walter Jake- 
mones John Janes, and others, acquit Richard, son of Robert 
le Hay ward, and Robert his brother in respect of 15 shillings 
rent from premises in Arlingham, on condition that the said 
Richard and Robert distribute every Friday before Easter 

Select Charters 165 

four shillings worth of white bread to the poor of Erlingham, 
and give two torches, with four pounds of wax, for the lights 
in the chancel of the said Church at the Elevation of the 
Host. Dat. Tues, bef. F. of the Ann. of the B.V.M. [25 
March], 23 Edw. III. [1349] Lat. 

525. Grant from Maurice de Berkeley, son of Lord 
Thomas de Berkeley, to the Hospital of the Holy Trinity, 
near Longbridge, in Berkeley, of all the lands which the 
said Maurice acquired from Richard le Ferour, brother and 
heir of Walter le Ferour in Arlingham : in return for which 
the Priors of Longbridge shall keep the anniversaries of 
Walter le Ferour and Margery his wife, on which days they 
shall distribute to the chaplain celebrating divine service 
in Arlingham Church, one penny ; for ringing of the bell, 
two pence ; amongst the clerks, two pence ; and to the 
poor, twelve pence. Dat. Berkeley, F. of St. Katharine, 
[25 Nov.] 23 Edw. HL [1349] Lat. With fine impression 
of the Prior's seal. 

525. Indenture of covenant between [Richard Fitz- 
Alan] Earl of Arundel, and Gerard de Lisle, whereby the 
latter undertakes to accompany the former to the war, with 
thirty men-at-arms, etc., at a payment of 100 marks for the 
year, 100 pounds to be paid before he leaves England, and 
on certain other conditions as to share of ransom on capture 
of prisoners, etc. Dat. Arundel, 5 March, 24 Edw. III. 
[1350]. Fr. With fine seal of the Earl of Arundel, broken. 

52*7. Grant from William, Prior, and the Convent of 
Lantony, nr. Gloucester, to Thomas, Lord Berkeley, of 
Coaley manor, in exchange for the advowson of Aure. Dat. 
Tues., vig. of St. Matthew, [21 Sept.] 25 Edw. Ill [1351]. 
Lat, With the Priory seal, broken. 

i66 Berkeley Castle 

528. Covenant concerning the grant by Thomas, 
Lord Berkeley, to Lanthony Priory, of the advowson of 
Aure, in exchange for the Manor of Coaley. Wed. F. of 
St. Matthew [21 Sept], 25 Edw. Ill [135 1]. With fine seal 
of the Priory (broken). 

529. Counterpart of Grant from Maurice de Ber- 
keley, son and heir of Dom. Thomas de Berkeley, to 
Longbridge Hospital and the Brethren there, of the tene- 
ment in Berkeley which Richard le Panter lately held, so 
that the Prior or Warden of the said Hospital shall dis- 
tribute every year on the anniversaries of the said Richard 
and Alice, his wife, two shillings, in bread to the poor. 
Witnesses : William Modebroc; John Wil ; Thomas Gold- 
hoppe ; Walter le Coppare; John Coby. Dat. Berkeley, S. 
before F. of St. Luke [18 Oct.], 25 Edw. III. [135 1]. Lai. 
With seal of the Hospital. 

530. Pardon from Edward HI. to Thomas, son of 
Maurice de Berkerley, for acquiring from Geoffrey de Gas- 
celyn the manors of Shalden, Chippenham and Lolledon, 
and the hundreds of Chippenham, Bishopston and Donlewe 
[co. Wilts], which are held from the King in chief Dat. 
Westminster, 12 Dec, Anno 25 [135 1]. Lat. With frag- 
ment of seal. 

531. Release from Matthew, son of Herbert, to Philip 
ap Rees, Chev., of the manor of Talgarth, [in Wales]. 
Witnesses : William de Herleston, Clerk ; Thomas le Brut, 
Chev.; Richard de Frome ; Nicholas Rook ; Richard de 
Estham ; John de Stretton ; William Burdon ; Stephen 
de Lugwardyn ; John de Coxhale. Dat. London, " in the 
Ward of Baynardescastell," at the house of William de 
Herleston, Wed. before F. of St. Valentine [14 Feb.] 27 
Edw. HI. [1353]. 

Select Charters. 167 

532. Grant from Edward III. to Nicholas le Carpenter, 
of Cadbury, of a house and two carucates of land in Asshton 
[Ashton] and Kennecote, co. Som., which were forfeited to 
the Crown by John de Gatcombc, outlawed for felony. Dat. 
Westminster, 3rd October, A° 32 [1358]. Lat. With great 
seal, of white wax, broken. 

533. Grant from Nicholas le Carpenter, of Cadbury, 
to Thomas, Lord Berkeley, of " a year and a day and 
waste " ^ of a messuage and 2 carucates of land in Asthin 
and Kennecote, co. Somerset, which belonged to John de 
Gadecombe, but had been forfeited to the Crown on account 
of his outlawry. Dat. 12 October, 32 Edw. III. [1358]. Lai. 
With seal of arms, in red wax. 

534. Grant from Maurice de Berkeley, son of Lord 
Thomas de Berkeley, to the Hospital of the Holy Trinity, 
of Longbridge, near Berkeley, of an annualVentof 2 shillings 
and sixpence, for an anniversary. Dat. Mon. before F. of 
St. George [23 Apr.] 23 Edw. III. [1359]. Lat. With fine 
impression of the Hospital seal, in red wax, and counterseal. 

535. Notarial Instrument declaring the appeal to 
the Pope by William de Wormynton, Rector of Dersyngton 
[Dorsington, 'co. Glouc], in the diocese of Worcester, in 
respect of his right to the said rectory. Dat. 17 June, 1359. 

536. Covenant made by John, Comte de Sairebruch 
[Salisbury] for the ransom of Morizes de Berquelee [Maurice 

^ " Part of the King's prerogative, whereby he hath the profits of lands and 
tenements for a year and a day of those that are attainted of petit treason or 
felony ; and the King may cause waste by destroying the tenements, etc., unless 
the lord of the fee agree with him for redemption of the sa i e " (Jacob's LazO 

1 68 Berkeley Castle 

de Berkeley] chev., taken prisoner at Poictiers' [1356], with 
Jehan de Bouche, chev., whose prisoner he was, on payment 
of 1080 pounds, for which Henry, Duke of Lancaster, and 
Sire Frank de Hale,^ chev., are bound, " whereupon the said 
Maurice is discharged of his imprisonment and of his faith 
given." This covenant was made before a public notary at 
Calais, 28 Oct. 1360. 

Nous Jehan Conte de Sairebruche faisons savoir a tous 
presens et avenir, que come haut et noble homme Mon- 
sieur Morizes de Berquelee chevalier anglois feut et 
soit vray prisonniers de noble home Jehan de Bouch 
chevalier et ledit Jehan de Bouch nous ait donne man- 
dement et fait procuracone especial de mettre ledit 
Monsieur Morize de Berquelee a raencon et recevoir a 
composicion telle comme il nous plairoit et de li quitter 
de sa foy et prison du tout en tout si come il est a plain 
contenu en un publique instrument signe de la main et 
signet de Nicole de Comercey de la diocese de Toul, 
notaire publique de I'auctorite Imperial duquel instru- 
ment il a apparu au notaire publique ci-dessouz escript 
et le dit person ait accorde et compose a nous pour sa 
dite raenson et delivrance a mil octante livres desterlins 
bons et loyauls d'engleterre et de ce se soit oblige envers 
nous et nous en sont pleges et principauls debteurs 
tresexcellant et puissant prince Monsieur Henri Due de 
Lancastre et Franke de Hale, chevalier, si come il est a 
plain contenue en leurs lettres sur ce faites. Pour ce 

* For an account of the capture of Maurice de Berkeley at Poictiers, see 
FroissarCs Chronicles, translated by John Bourchier, Lord Berners, Pynson's 
Edition, 1525, fol. 82, cap. clxiii. — a passage from which is quoted by Smyth, 
Vol. L, 368, 369 ; compare also Mr. Raskin's allusion to the same in his Bible 
of Amiens, Ft. II., Under the Drachenfels, § 33. 

2 A notice of this knight is given in Beltz's Memorials of the Order of the 
Garter, 1841, p. 122, and in Rev. A. W. Cornelius Hallen's Account of the 
Family 0) Hallen, Edinb., 1885. 

Select Charters. 169 

est il que nous par vertu pouvoir et force dudit pro- 
curacone et mandement a nous fait et donne ou nom du 
dit Jehan de Bouch, pour lequel nous nous faisons fors 
en ceste partie, quittons, delivrons et absoillons du tout 
et a plain ledit monsieur Morizes de sa dite person et 
foy, et toutes autres promesses et obligacions quil avoit 
fait en aucune maniere au dit Jehan de Bouch a nous 
ou a autre quelconque en lieu du dit Jehan et nom de li. 
Sauf et excepte des promesses et obligacions et autres 
liens qu' il a fait aujourduy en notre main pour cause 


de sa dite raencon de M. iiij lib. desterlins dessusdiz, 
lesquelles obligacions et promesses demouront en leur 
force et vertu iusques ace que toutes les choses contenues 
es dites lettres sur ce faites soient entierement accom- 
plies. Et promectons par la foy de notre corps tenir 
et garder les dites quittance et delivrance faites par nous 
comme dessus est dit, et faire tenir et garder a dit 
Jehan de Bouch sanz venir en aucune maniere au con- 
traire. En tesmoing desquelles choses nous avons mis 
notre seel avec le seing et subscripcion du notaire des- 
souz escript a ces presentes lettres faites et donnees a 
Calais le xxviij*' Jour du mois de Octobre Tan de grace 
mil ccc soixante. Presens Reverent pere en Dieu 
Monsieur Audruyn, abbe de Clugny, lesdiz Monsieur le 
Due de Lancastre, Monsieur Franke de Hale, Maistre 
Pierre de Courbeton, maistre en divinite, Priour de 
Grantehanp, Messieurs Guy de Biren, Guillaume de 
Graitton chevaliers et plusieurs autres seigneurs appellez 
tesmoings aus choses dessusdites. 

Et ego Hugon dictus de Felon de Climaco clericus Matiscon. 
dioc. publicus auctoritate apostolica et Imperiali notarius 
predictis quittacioni et liberacioni dicti domini Morisii, 
per dictum dominum Comitem de Sairbruche nomine 

170 Berkeley Castle 

quo supra et modo predicto factis et aliis predictis dum 
sic, ut premittitur, agerentur, unacum dictis testibus 
presens fui, et meorum et multorum presencia has pre- 
sentes litteras in camera domus dicti domini ducis quam 
Calesii inhabitat alta voce legi et publicavi et fidem 
dicti domini Comitis ad opus dicti domini Morisii, ut 
supra recepi et de mandato eiusdem, Hie me subscripsi 
et signum meum unacum sigillo ipsius domini Comitis 
apposui requisitus procuracionumque de quo supra fit 
mentio. Vidi tenui et legi sanum et integrum signum 
cum manu propria notarii Imperialis superius nominati, 
ad premissorum omnium maiorem roboris firmitatem et 
testimonium veritatis de quibus omnibus dictus dominus 
Morisius petiit a me dicto notario sibi dari et fieri 
publicum instrumentum. 

537- INSPEXIMUS by Edward III. of his own letters 
patent [dated 1335] granting licence to Thomas de Berkeley 
to alienate to William de Syde,Walter Goldmere and David 
de Milkesham, the Berkeley manors. Dat. Westminster, 
— Nov. Anno 35 [136 1 ]. Defaced. Lat. With great seal 
detached, and defaced. 

538. Letters of Marcus Agiensis, Guillermus Caprit- 
avensis, and others granting forty days' indulgence to all those 
who shall worship or make benefactions to the chapel of the 
Blessed Virgin Mary and St. John in the Castle of Berkeley. 
Dat. Avignon, 25 May, 1364. Lat. With eleven seals, but 
all more or less broken. 

Universis sancte matris ecclesie filiis ad quos presentes 
littere pervenerint, Nos mtseratione divina Marcus 
Agiensis, Guillermus Capritavensis, Symon Kyssamen- 
sis, Petrus Lobrensis, Dominicus Muranensis, Jacobus 
Columbensis, Petrus Nebiensis, Philippus Lavacensis, 

Select Charters. i;ri 

Albertinus Surmanensis, Johannes Aytonensis, Paulus 
Thebanensis, et Ricardus Nazarensis, Archiepiscopi et 
Episcopi salutem in Domino sempiternam. Splendor 
paterne glorie qui sua mundum inefabili claritate illu- 
minat pia nota fidelium de clementissima majestate 
ejus sperancium tunc precipuc benigno favore pro- 
sequitur cum devota ipsorum humiiitas sanctorum meritis 
et precibus adjuvatur, Cupientes igitur ut capella beate 
Marie virginis et beati Johannis Evangeliste fundata 
et edificata in castello de Berkelee Wygorniensis diocesis 
congruis honoribus frequentetur et a Christi fidelibus 
iugiter veneretur, Omnibus vere penitentibus et confessis 
qui ad dictam capellam in singulis beate Marie virginis 
festivitatibus et omnibus aliis infrascriptis videlicet 
Nativitatis Domini, Circumcisionis, Epiphanie,Parasceues 
Pasche, Ascencionis, Penthecostes, Trinitatis, Corporis 
Christi, Inventionis et Exaltationis sancte Crucis, sancti 
Michaelis, sanctorum Johannis Baptiste et Evangeliste, 
sanctorum Petri et Pauli apostolorum et omnium aliorum 
Apostolorum et Evangelistarum, Quatuor sancte ecclesie 
Doctorum, in festo omnium sanctorum, in commemora- 
cione animarum, sanctorum Stephani, Laurencii, Georgii, 
Martini, NicolaijSanctarumque Marie Magdalene, Marthe, 
Katherine et per octavas festivitatum predictarum octa- 
vas habendum singulisque diebus dominicis et sabbatis 
causa devotionis, oration is aut peregrinationis accesserint, 
seu qui missis matutinis predicationibus aut aliis divinis 
officiis ibidem interfuerint aut qui in serotina pulsatione 
compane flexis genibus ter ave Maria dixerint, Necnon 
qui ad fabricam, luminaria, ornamenta seu quevis alia 
manus porrexerint adjutrices aut qui in eorum testa- 
mentis vel extra aurum, argentum, vestimenta, libros, 
calices aut aliquid aliud caritativum subsidium dicte 
capelle donaverint legaverint aut donari vel legari pro- 

1/2 Berkeley Castle 

curaverint autquipropresenciumlitterarum confirmatione 
et pro vita et statu nobilis viri domini Maricii de Berkelee 
Baronis et nobilis mulieris Elizabethe ejus uxoris et liber- 
orum eorundem horum impetratorum, aut pro animabus 
quondam nobilis viri Thome de Berkelee Baronis et ejus 
uxoris parentumque amicorum et benefactorum eorun- 
dem et in purgatorio existentibus et in dicta capella 
benefactoribus pie deum oraverint Quocienscunque quan- 
tumcunque et ubicunque premissa aut aliquid premis- 
sorum devote fecerint de omnipotentis Dei misericordia 
et beatorum Petri et Pauli apostolorum ejus auctoritate 
confisi singuli vestrum Quadraginta dies indulgenciarum 
de injunctis eis penitentiis misericorditer in Domino 
relaxamus, Dummodo diocesani voluntas ad id accesserit 
et consensus, In cujus rei testimonium sigilla nostra pre- 
sentibus sunt apensa. Datum Avinione anno Domini 
M.ccc.lxiiij die xxv. mensis Maii, Indictione secunda 
Pontificatus domini Urbani pape quinti anno secundo. 

539, 540. Release (and counterpart) from John, son 
of Odo de Acton, to Dom. Maurice de Berkelee of all the 
lands and tenements which the latter holds in Slimbridge, 
Kingston, Gosynton, and Hurst or elsewhere within the 
lordship of Berkeley, which formerly belonged to his father, 
Odo de Acton. Witnesses : Dom. Richard de Acton, Knt; 
William de Cheltenham ; John Sergeaunt. Dat. Berkeley, 
Sat. before Xmas Day, 38 Edward III. [1364]. Lat. The 
said John has appended his seal, "but because it is unknown 
to most people," the seal of the Mayor and Commonalty 
of Bristol is also appended. 

541. Grant from Maurice, Lord Berkeley, to Dom. 
Richard de Acton, Knight, of Richard Fallewelle, of King- 
ston, his " nativus." Dat. Berkeley, Thursday after F. of 
St. Thomas the Martyr [7 July] 39 Edw. III. [1365]. LaL 
With seal of arms. 

Select Charters. 173 

542. Licence from Peter, Abbot, and the Abbey of 
Pershore, to William de Chiltenham, Patron of the chantry 
of the chapel of St. Giles, Hildesley, to grant for the sup- 
port of the said chantry, now destroyed by pestilence,^ 
three messuages and land in Hildesley and Sedlewode 
[Hillesley and Settlewood, in Hawkesbury, co. Glouc] 
Temp. Edw. III. [Mich. 1365]. Lat. With fragment of 
seal, in white wax. 

543- Grant from William de Chiltenham, by licence 
from the King and the Abbot of Pershore, of lands in Hildes- 
ley, etc., in support of St. Giles' chantry, Hildesley, " im- 
poverished by pestilence." Dat. Mon. after Michaelmas 
Day, 39 Edw. HI. [1365]. Lat. 

544. Indenture of lease from Maurice, Lord Ber- 
keley, to William de Wynchecommbe, chaplain, for his life, 
of the tenement with appurtenances, near St. Augustine's 
Gate, Bristol, and the other tenements in " Bradestret," 
Bristol (which were formerly granted for the support of a 
chantry in St. Augustine's Abbey), for his support in the 
celebration of divine service in the said chantry for the soul 
of Margaret, mother of the said Maurice. Dat. Berkeley, 
Mon. after F. of Assumption of B. V. Mary [15 Aug.] 40 
Edw. III. [1366]. Lat. 

545. Letters Patent of Nicholas, Prior of the 
Friars Hermits of St. Augustine, Bristol, to John Warbast 
and Alice, his wife, promising them in return for kindnesses 
shown to their order, certain privileges, remembrances in 
masses, vigils, fastings, abstinences, and the same attentions 
on their death as the friars themselves are accustomed to 
have. Dat. Bristol, F. of St. Benedict [4 Dec], 1369. Lat. 

1 The great plague of 1381 


174 Berkeley Castle 

546. Acquittance from Sibil, Abbess of Wilton, to 
Dom. Elizabeth Berkeley for 40 marks (by the hands of 
Ralph Cok) which she owed her. Dat. Wilton, xiv. Kal. 
Aug. [19 July] 46 Edw. III. [1372]. Lat. With seal. 

547. Indenture of Covenant between John de 
Yate, Dom. Reginald, the vicar, William de Erlyngham, 
and the general body of the parishioners of Arlingham, co. 
Glouc, and Nicholas Wyshengre, " cementarius," of Glou- 
cester, for the erection of a bell-tower to Arlingham church 
— the work to be spread over three years, twelve feet in 
height to be built each year : with full instructions to the 
said Nicholas as to the buttresses, corbels, doors, windows, 
etc. Witnesses : Dom. Robert, Rector of Freethorne ; 
Thomas Cadul, etc. Dat. Arlingham, Mor. of the F. of St. 
Katharine [25 Nov.] 46 Edw. III. [1372]. Lat. 

648. Grant from Warin de Insula, Knt., to Dom, 
Walter atte Hale, Parson of Kislingbury, Dom. Henry Beek 
and Peter de Faulore, Chaplains, of the Manor of Kisling- 
bury, CO. Northt., with all the appurtenances, excepting the 
advowson of the Church. Witnesses : Dom. Richard 
Haveryng, Robert Laundre, Knights ; Symon Warde ; 
Richard Wydevyle ; John Golafre. Dat. Fulham, Sat, F. 
of St. Barnabas [11 June], 47 Edw. III. [1373]. Lat. With 
seal of arms. 

549. Grant from Thomas, Lord Berkeley, to [his 
mother] Katharine,^ " Dame de Wotton," of licence to cut 
and sell wood in South wood for the space of 10 years, the 
profits to be divided between her and the said Lord. Dat. 
Wotton, 26 Jan., 49 Edward III. [1375]. Fr. With fine 

1 Widow of Mauiiee, Lord Berkeley, ob. 1368. She founded the Free 
School at Wotton, etc. 

Select Charters. 175 

550. Grant from John, Bishop of Bath and Wells, to 
Ralph Damesel to have an " altare portatile " in a chapel at 
his dwelling-house at Walton, in the parish of Stoke-super- 
Mare, for celebration of masses and other divine services. 
Dat. " in manerio suo de Dogmersfeld," i Feb., 1374. Lat. 

551. Surrender by Richard Datton, Chev., Walter 
Laurence, Ralph Waleis, and William Smalcombe, to 
Thomas, Lord Berkeley, of the Manor of Bedminster, co. 
Som., which the latter had granted to them for their lives. 
Dat. 8 Feb., 51 Edw. IIL [1377]. Fr. With four small 

652. Grant from Elyas de Swonhangre to Richard de 
Egton, of Swonhonger, of a moiety of a " stach " with the 
fishery, called " le longestach " in the R. Severn at Swon- 
hongre, with reversion of the other moiety of the same on 
the death of John Seriaunt, of Stone. Witnesses : William 
Modibroc, John Bastard, and others. Dat. Berkeley, 3 
June, 51 Edw. III. [1377]. With small seal. 

553. Bull of Pope Urban VL, by which he grants to 
Thomas de Berkeley, Lord of the town of Berkeley, and 
Margaret, his wife, an " altare portatile " and licence to 
celebrate mass and other divine offices by the hands of a 
suitable priest. Dat. St. Peter's at Rome, " Non. Julii [7 
July] Pontificatus Nostri anno secundo," 1379. Lat. 
With leaden bull. 

551, 555. Bulls of Pope Urban VI., granting to 
Thomas, Lord Berkeley, and to Margaret, his wife, licence 
to choose for themselves a fit and discreet priest as their 
confessor. Dat. Rome, Non. Jul. [7 July], PonLif. 
secundo [1379]. Lat. With leaden bulls attached. 

176 Berkeley Castle 

556. Indenture of apprenticeship of Nicholas Hulle, 
with John Criklade, Burgess of Bristol, for a term of 1 1 
years. Among the conditions of service is one, " that if the 
apprentice shall commit fornication or adultery with any of 
his master's maid-servants, and is convicted of it, the above 
term shall be doubled." Witnesses : Walter Derbi, Mayor ; 
Robert Gardiner and John Kaninges, Bailiffs [1380]. 

557- Pardon by Richard II. to William Heyberare, 
Hugh Manne, Ralph Waleys, Richard Scottard and others, 
for having acquired the moiety of the Manor of Bitton 
from Edmund Blount, now deceased, without obtaining the 
King's licence, of whom the said manor is held in chief. 
Dat. Westminster, 10 May, 24 A"'. 4 [1381]. With fragment 
of great seal. 

558. Grant from Richard II., to Margaret, widow 
of Edmund Blount, of the custody of two portions of a 
messuage and half virgate of land in Bitton, which the said 
Edmund used to hold from the Crown in chief, and two por- 
tions of two rents arising from lands in Bitton Manor, together 
with the marriage of William, son of the said Edmund, till 
he shall come of age, on the payment of an annual rent 
from the said Margaret of four shillings and a pound of 
cumin. Dat. Westminster, 29 May, A^ 4 [1381]. Lat. 
Seal missing. 

559. Indented Covenant between Thomas, Lord of 
Berkeley, and Warren de Lisle, whereby the latter settles on 
his daughter Margaret, wife of the said Thomas, all his lands, 
and covenants that he the said Warren " shall at his pleasure 
come, go, and dwell in Berkeley Castle, shall enjoy free 
hunting in all his son-in-law's chaces, etc., and free fishings ; 
in all warres they two shall travel together, and his said 
son-in-law shall be to him an inseparable companion ; and 

Select Charters I'j'j 

that he and the issues he shall beget on the body of his 
daughter will always bear and use the arms of him, the said 
Lord Lisle, after his death." ^ Dat. London, 30 Nov., $ 
Ric. II. [1381]. Fr. 

660, INSPEXIMUS by Richard II. of (i) licence from 
Edward III. to Thomas de Berkeley to alienate the Castle 
and Manor of Berkeley, the Manors of Ham, Hinton, 
Wotton, etc., with the Hundred of Berkeley, to William de 
Syde, Walter de Goldmere, and David de Milkesham ; and 
(2) of two final concords whereby the said Manors, etc., are 
conveyed back to Maurice, son of Thomas de Berkeley, by 
the same William, Walter and David. Dat. Westminster, 
16 Feb., Anno 6 [1383]. Lat. 

561. Manumission and "freedom from all yoke of serv- 
itude and villenage " by Almaric de Sancto Amando, of 
Agnes Pykes of Cerney, his " nativa." Dat. " In our manor 
at Wydehay," Fr. bef. F. of St. George [23 Apr.] 7 Ric. II. 
[1384]. Lat. With very fine seal. 

562. License from Richard II. to Lady Katharine, 
widow of Thomas de Berkeley, to assign certain lands in 
Berkeley, Ham, Alkynton, etc., to the Chaplain of St. An- 
drew's Altar, in the Parish Church of Berkeley, for his 
support in celebrating Divine service, for the health of her 
soul, and the souls of all faithful departed. Dat. West- 
minster, 16 June, A° 7. [1384]. Seal missing. 

1 Smyth, ii. 4. By the marriage of Margaret, only surviving child of Wariu 
de Lisle, and, through her mother, heiress of the Tyes family, the two families 
of Lisle and Tyes were merged in the Barony of Berkeley. 

Gerard Warin de Lisle=i=Alice Tyes 
commonly called Warin dau. and heir of 
de Lisle. I Henry, Lord Tyes 

r ' 

Margaret=Thomas, Lord Berkeley 
{at. 7 at time of {at. 15 at time of marriage), 
marriage in 1368). 

i/S Berkeley Castle 

563. Grant from Thomas, Lord Berkeley, to Katharine 
"que fuit uxor Domini Thome de Berkeley nuper domini de 
Berkeley avi nostri" of certain tenements in Berkeley, Ham 
and Alkington, in support of the Chantry at the Altar of St. 
Andrew in the parish Church of Berkeley. Dat 30 June, 
8 Ric. II. [1384] Lat. With seal of arms, broken. 

564:. License from Thomas, Lord Berkeley, to Lady 
Katharine, widow of Thomas, late Lord Berkeley, to alien- 
ate for the support of the Chaplain and chantry of St. 
Andrew in Berkeley Church, certain houses and lands in 
Berkeley, Ham, Alkington, etc., described in detail, Dat. 
30 June, 8 Ric. II. [1384]. Lat. With fine seal of arms. 

565. Confirmation by Alice Daundesey " fil. Wal- 
ter! Daundesey, Domini de la Wyke extra portam Australem 
Oxon. in comitatu Barks." to William Palmer of Oxford, 
Sara his wife, and Thomas their son, of a " vacua placea " 
of ground in the Parish of St. Martin's "in Cordenwaria" 
which Walter, father of the said Alice, leased to them, where- 
on to build a shop with cellar, etc. Witnesses : Richard 
Garston, Mayor of Oxford ; John Berford, and Walter Bon, 
Bailiffs. Dat. Oxford, F. of Inv. of Holy Cross [3 May], 
II Ric. II. [1388]. Lat. 

566. Covenant between James, Earl of Douglas,^ 
and Nicholas de Dagworth and Gerard Heron, Knights, 
Commissaries of the King of England, for a truce between 
the marches of Scotland and of England, up to the 15th of 
August at sunrise, the truce with the Earl of Nottingham, 
warden of the Eastern march of England, to begin on the 
7th of the same month, and that with the Lords Roos and 
Neville, wardens of the West marches of Scotland and 
England on the 8th. Dat. Edinburgh, 4 Aug. 1389. With 
fragments of 2 seals. 

* Douglas was killed at Otterburn on the 15th August, 1389, the day the 
truce ended. 

Select Charters. i)t<> 

56*7, Letters patent of John de Perkeley, sheriff of 
CO. Gloucester, acquitting Margaret, widow of Edmund le 
Blount, of the custody of two parts of a messuage in 
Bitton, and two parts of 33 shillings and seven pence half- 
penny rent, and two pounds of cummin from two tenements 
which John Button, Knt, William Stockewall and others 
hold of the moiety of Bitton Manor, which belonged to the 
said Edmund, and which on account of the minority of 
William, his son and heir, had fallen to the Crown. Dat. 
Gloucester, Sat. bef. Cone, of B.V.M. [8 Dec], \^ Ric. II. 
[1393]. With small official seal. 

568. Letters Patent of John de Berkeley, Knt, 
appointing William Smalcombe, jun., Steward of all his 
lands in co. Gloucester. Dat. 20 March, 18 Ric. II. 
[1395]' F^' With seal of arms. 

669. Notification by Almeric de Sancto Amando 
to his tenants, etc., of his grant to Henry Ingepenne, 
William Tudderle, Clerk, and Philip Shipiere, of his Manor 
of South Cerney and Cerney Wyke [co. Glouc] Dat. I 
Sept., 22 Ric. II. [1398]. With very fine seal. 

5*70. Release from Thomas Forster, Baker, Burgess 
of Bristol, to Thomas, Lord Berkeley, of a burgage in 
Redeclyve Street, Bristol. Witnesses : John Canynges, 
Mayor of Bristol ; Robert Bakster, Sheriff ; John Banbury ; 
William Wermyster ; John Stevens ; Walter Seymore. 
Dat. Bristol, 18 Jan, 22 Ric. II. [1328]. Lat. With the 
town seal. 

S*?!. Petition to the King and Privy Council from 
Robert Yevelton, Knt., Lord of the Manor of Trenewith 
and Trewishawnes, complaining that Ralph Trenewyth 
having common of pasture in the said Manor has trespassed 
on the said Robert's lands with great number of followers 
N 2 

iSo Berkeley Castle 

with bows, arrows, spears and bucklers, broken down the 
wood and trees, taken wax and honey in the wood, burnt 
7 acres of wood in Tolne Manor, etc., and asking for 
redress. Temp. Hen. IV. 

672. Petition of John de Staunton, of the county of 
Leicester, to the King, praying that he will make good 
certain damage done to the fences of the wood called 
Garwood (which the said John and his ancestors have held 
from time immemorial) by some tenants of the King's 
Lordship of Melburn^ [Melbourne, co. Derb.] in the time of 
the King's late father. Temp. Hen. IV. Fr. 

573. Grant by Thomas Berkeley, Lord Berkeley, to 
John Wyntour and Katherine, his wife, of several acres of 
land in Berkeley. Witnesses : Thomas Fitznicol ; John 
Bolnes ; Richard Goton ; Thomas Lucas. Dat. Berkeley, 
20 June, I Hen. IV. [1400]. With two seals. 

5*74;. Indenture between Thomas, Lord Berkeley, 
and Henry Talbot, Esquire, whereby the latter undertakes 
to deliver to the former twenty-four Scottish prisoners 
taken by the said Henry on the sea coast near Barnstaple, 
CO. Devon, in which prisoners the said Thomas claims to have 
a legal interest " par cause de force de guerre fait par un 
son Barge, sez soudeouers, et mariners sur la meer." Dat. 
7th October, 4 Hen. IV. [1402]. Fr, 

5*75. Indenture of Covenant, between King Henry 
IV., and Thomas, Lord Berkeley, " Admiral of the South 
and West," for the equipment of his fleet of seven ships, 
seven barges, and seven " balyngers," with 300 men-at-arms, 

^ Melbourne Manor belonged to the Earldom and Duchy of Lancaster, 
and became the property of the Crown on the accession of Henry IV. 

Select Charters. i&i 

5 bannerets, ii knights, 285 esquires, etc. Dat. West- 
minster, I May, Anno 5 [1404]. With seal of arms of Lord 

576. Covenant between Richard Milton and William 
Kentes..., Vicar of Arlingham, and Richard de Teukesbury, 
whereby the latter binds himself that " if the first bell of 
Arlingham shall be out of tune with the second bell " he 
will supply a new first bell at his own expense. Gloucester 
... 7 Hen. IV. [1405-6]. Imperfect. 

677. INSPEXIMUS made at the instance of John 
Sutton and John Redence on the part of Thomas, Lord 
Berkeley, by John Fisher, Mayor of Bristol, of the grant by 
Robert de Berkclai to William, Capcllanus de Redeclive fil. 
Edrici Plumbarii of an acre of land near the mill of Trinele 
[Trimley, co. Glouc], which Thuri Broddcrius held, and 
three other acres near the same mill. Witnesses to charter 
of R. de Berkelai ; Walter de Insula ; Bernard de Stanes ; 
Robert Warre ; Thomas Wamstrong ; Simon de Olepenna, 
and others. Dat. Bristol, Sat. after F. of St. Thomas Ap. [2 1 
Dec], 10 Hen. IV. [1408]. With seal of the city of 

578. Grant from William Haukeford, Knt., Robert, son 
of Robert Hull, Henry Popham and Robert, son of John 
Hull, Knt, to Thomas, Lord Berkeley, of the Manor of 
Wyke which they held jointly by grant from William 
Esturmy. Witnesses : Walter Hungerford and William 
Chayne, Knights ; William Stourton ; Thomas Calston, 
and Walter Beauchamp. Dat. Wyke, 15 May, 13 Hen. 
IV. [141 2]. With four seals of arms. 

579. Exemplification of a fine whereby William de 
Syde, Walter de Goldemere and David de Melkesham con- 

1 82 Berkeley Castle 

veyed to Thomas de Berkeley the Manors of Berkeley, 
Ham, Wotton, etc. Dat. Westminster, 29 Nov. 14 Hen. 
IV. [141 2]. With great seal, defaced. 

580. INSPEXIMUS by Henry V. of the Charters of 
Edward HI. and Henry IV., granting to Maurice de Berkele, 
and to Thomas, Lord Berkeley, free warren in Berkeley- 
Herness and in Portbury, co. Som. : and confirmation of 
the same to the present Thomas, Lord Berkeley. Dat. 
Westminster, 20 Nov. Anno i, [141 3]. With great seal, 

681. Feoffment by Thomas, Lord Berkeley, Knt, to 
Walter Poole, Gilbert Denys, Knts,, Thomas Knolles, citi- 
zen of London, Thomas Rugge, John Grevell, Robert 
Greyndour and Thomas Sergeant, esquires, of all the lands, 
reversions, and tenants' services in Berkeley, Wotton, Glou- 
cester, South Cerney, Cerneyeswike, Aure, Arlingham, and 
Horton, and in Berkeley and Bledislow Hundreds ; in 
the city of London ; in Portbury, Portishead, Weston, 
Bedminster, and in Bedminster and Portbury Hundreds, 
CO. Som., and in Sharnecote and Chicklade, co. Wilts., 
together with the advowsons of St. Andrew's Church in 
Baynard's Castle, London, the advowsons of Chicklade, 
Portishead, and Walton, and the patronage and advowson 
of St. Mary's Abbey of Kingswood. Witnesses : Thomas 
Fitz Nicoll, John Pauncefot, Knts. ; Robert Poynes ; Ed- 
mund Bassett ; Thomas Kendale. Dat. Berkeley, Thursd., 
F. of Nat. of St. John Baptist [24 June] 5 Hen. V. [141 7]. 
With seal, broken. 

532 Letters Patent of Henry V., by which he 
grants " per mancaptionem " of Thomas Berkeley, clerk, 
and Richard Catyrmayn, Esquire, to John Harewell, John 
Barton, jun., and John Baysham, clerk, the custody of all 

Select Charters. 183 

the castles, manors, lands, rents, and services which the late 
Thomas, Lord Berkeley, held in chief from the Crown, and 
which, on his death, reverted to the Crown. Dat Waltham, 
21 July, Anno 5 [1417]. 

583. Recital before the Mayor and Bailififs of Bristol 
of the grant by Thomas, late Lord of Berkeley, to Thomas 
Rede, al. Bonjon, and others, of the castle, etc., of Berkeley, 
the Manors of Portbury, Bedminster, etc., cos. Glouc. and 
Somerset. Undated. Temp. Rob. Russell, Mayor, David 
Duddebroke, Sheriff. [1417]. 

58^. Certificate of Statement on Oath before 
William Nicoll, mayor, and others, of Southampton, by 
Lionel Sebrook, Esquire, Steward of the Household to 
Thomas, Lord Berkeley, of what took place between him 
and his master in the " Wythedrawing Chambre " at Wotton 
Manor House, within 12 days after Christmas, 4 Hen. V. 
[14 1 6], with respect to " unum vetus scriptum de feodo 
talliato tempore Roberti fil. Hardyng, tangens castrum et 
dominum de Berkeley." Dat. Southampton, 9 June, 6 
Hen. V. [1418]. With the Town seal and 5 small seals. 

585. Inspeximus by Henry VI., at the instance of 
Richard Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick, and Elizabeth his 
wife, daughter of Thomas, late Lord Berkeley, of the con- 
firmation by King John, of his father's grant of Berkeley to 
Robert Fitzharding. Witness : John, Duke of Bedford, 
guardian of England. Dat. Westminster, 15 June, Anno 
6, [1428]. 

58S. Letters Patent of Henry VL, granting pardon 
to John de Merbury, Agnes his wife, John Devereux and 
others for acquiring, and license to hold, the manor and 
lands of Talgarth in Wales, which are held from the Crown 

1 84 Berkeley Castle 

in chief. Witness : Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester, 
guardian of England. Dat. Westminster, 20 Nov., Anno 8, 
[1429]. With fragment of great seal. 

587- Declaration by Richard de Beauchamp, Earl 
of Warwick, of the homage of John Drayton, of Dorsington, 
in respect of lands in Dorsington. Dat. 25 Nov., 8 Hen. 
VI. [1429]. Fr. With seal. 

588. Inspeximus by Henry VI., of the inquisitio-post- 
mortem, taken at Gloucester on Th. bef F. of St. George 
[23 Apr.,] 4 Ric. II. [1380], of Edmund Blount, setting 
forth his tenure of Bitton Manor, co, Glouc. Dat. West- 
minster, 12 November, Anno 14 [1435]. With fragment of 
great seal. 

589. Exemplification, at the request of James de 
Berkeley, of writ of livery and seisin to Maurice, Lord Berke- 
ley, on the death of his father, Thomas, late Lord Berkeley, of 
the Castle of Berkeley, the manors of Berkeley, Ham, 
Appleridge, Alkington, Hinton, Wotton, Simondshall, Cam, 
Coaley, Slimbridge, and Upton St. Leonard's, with the 
advowsons of Slimbridge and Wotton. Dat. 22 October, 
5 Henry VI. [1436]. 

690. Inspeximus by John Bokeland "officialis juris- 
dictionis peculiaris exempte," of Stratford-on- Avon, Thomas 
Lecke, master, John Webbe, John Hannys, Thomas Mayell, 
Thomas Balsale, Aldermen, of the Guild of Holy Cro«s 
Stratford, of the four deeds described below : 

I. Grant by John de Drayton, Lord of Dorsington Magna, 
to John Salysbury, Rector of Dorsington, co. Glouc, and 
William Wryght, Rector of Stryxston [Strixton], co. 
Northt, of the manors and advowsons of the said places, 
and the manor of Cranford. Dat. Dorsington. Mor. of 
Ascension [14 May], 17 Hen. VI. [1439]. 

Select Charters. 185 

2. Power of attorney for livery of the same. Same date. 

3. Re-grant by John Salysbury and William Wryght to 
John Drayton, of the same. Same date. 

4. Power of attorney for livery of same. Same date. 
With seal of the Guild. The official's seal is missing. 

691. INSPEXIMUS by Henry VI., of the inquisitlo-post- 
mortem, of Maurice, Lord Berkeley, held at Newport, near 
Berkeley, on Wed. after F. of Tr. of St. Thomas, M., 
[July 7], 42 Edw. III. [1368]. Dat. Westminster, 17 July, 
Anno 17, [1439]. With fragment of great seal. 

592. Release from Robert Tornour, brother of 
William Tornour and John Bumell, sen., to John Blount, 
Esquire, of right of pasture for 6 oxen in the pasture and 
common of the Manor of Bitton, and in the pasture of 
Hamstall. Witnesses: William Canynges, Sheriff of Bristol; 
Thomas Mcde and John Gosselyn, Bailiffs of Bristol ; 
Maurice de Berkeley, of Uley, Knt. ; Maurice de Berkeley, 
of Beverstone, Knt. ; John Kemeys ; William Pavy; William 
Waryn, of Bristol, etc. Dat. 4 Sept., 18 Henry VI. [1439]. 
With two small seals, and the seal of the Mayoralty of 
Bristol attached with the consent of Hugh Withiford, 

593. Exemplification and recital of several records, 
writs, etc., issued by Henry III. and Edward I., to prove the 
right of the three daughters of Richard, Earl of Warwick, 
claiming through Elizabeth, their mother, to the Berkeley 
Manors.i Dat. Westminster, 14 Nov., 18 Hen. VI. [1439]. 

594.' INSPEXIMUS by Henry VI. of the deed of par- 
tition of the lands in cos. Devon, Oxford, Northampton, etc. 
belonging to Elizabeth, Countess of Warwick, between her 

' For history of these suits cf, Smyth ii , 57-77. 

r86 Berkeley Castle 

three daughters and coheirs, viz. : Eleanor, wife of Edmund, 
Earl of Dorset ; Margaret, wife of John, Lord Talbot ; and 
Elizabeth, wife of George, Lord Latymer. Dat. 31 Decem- 
ber, Anno 18, [1439]. With fragment of great seal in 
white wax. 

595. Letters Patent of Henry VI., granting to 
John, Earl of Shrewsbury, in consideration of his serv^ices in 
France and Normandy, an annuity of 60 pounds. Dat. 
Westminster, 2 March, Anno 22 [1444]. With fragment of 
great seal. 

596. Letters Patent of Henry VL, granting to John 
Wither the office of " Sagittarius vigiliarum," and to William 
Corbyn the office of Chief Forester of Gowereslond [Gower] 
in Wales. Dat. Westminster, 3 April, Anno 22, [1444]. 
With great seal, broken. 

597. Grant from John [Mowbray], Duke of Norfolk, 
to Sir William Berkeley, Knt., of all his manors, lands, etc., 
in Ireland, for term of his life, by payment of a red rose 
on Midsummer day. Dat. 22 March, 26 Hen. VI. [1448]. 
With signature of the Duke, and fragment of his seal. 

598. Power of Attorney from John [StaffiDrd] Arch- 
bishop of Canterbury, Humphrey, Duke of Buckingham, 
Thomas [Bouchier] Bishop of Ely, William [de Waynflete] 
Bishop of Winchester, John, Earl of Shrewsbury, and nine 
others to John Wylne, Prior of Repingdon, John Monmouth 
and two others to deliver seisin to Humphrey, Duke of 
Buckingham, Thomas, Lord Roos, John, Lord Lisle, Ralph, 
Lord Sudely, Henry Inglose, Knt, and Richard Wallet, 
Esquire, of the manors of Bretby [co. Derby] and North 
Pidill [North Piddle], co. Wore. Dat. 26 Nov., 27 Hen. VI. 
[1448]. With eleven small seals, and signature of John 
Mowbray, Duke of Norfolk, Lord of Bretby Manor. 

Select Charters 187 

599. Grant from Alice Dorney, of Nibley, widow, 
daughter and heir of the late William Ryel, to John Swan- 
ley, jun., of four selions of land in Echedone Field, in Cam. 
Dat. Nibley, 30 Apr., 29 Hen. VI. [1451]. 

GOO. Licence from James, Lord Berkeley, to the 
Sisters and Convent of St. Mary Magdalen, near Bristol, 
to elect a Prioress in the place of Johanna Waleys, deceased. 
Dat. Berkeley, 5 October, 34 Hen. VI. [1455]. 

601. General Pardon from Henry VI. to James, 
Lord Berkeley. Dat. Westminster, i Nov., Anno 34, 
[1455]. Seal missing. 

602. Marriage Settlement of James, Lord Berke- 
ley, and his wife, Joan, sister of John [Talbot], Earl of 
Shrewsbury. Dat. 25 July, 35 Hen. VL [1457]. 

603. General Pardon from Hen. VI. to James, Lord 
Berkeley, and Joan, his wife. Westminster, 10 Jan., Anno 
36 [1458]. With great seal, chipped. 

604. General Pardon from Henry VI. to William 
Berkeley, Knt., son and heir of James, Lord Berkeley. Dat. 
Westminster, 17 March, Anno 36 [1458]. With great seal, 

605. Appointment by Anne, Duchess of Buckingham, 
of William Berkeley, Knight, as Master of the Deer and 
Overseer of her parks, forests, chases, and warrens, in co. 
Gloucester. Dat. London, 4 Dec, 39 Hen. VI. [1460]. 
With seal of arms. 

606. General Pardon from Edward IV. to Sir 
William Berkeley, of Portbury, aL of Thornbury, al. of 
Berkeley. Dat. Westminster, i May, Anno i, [1461]. 
With great seal, broken. 

1 88 Berkeley Castle 

607. Appointment by Anne, Duchess of Buckingham, 
of Sir William Berkeley, Knt., " for his good and gratuitous 
services," as Steward of Thornbury Manor, co. Glouc. 
Dat. 6 July, i Edw. IV. [1461]. With fine impression of 
seal, broken. 

608. Letters Patent of Edward IV., granting to 
Margaret, Countess of Shrewsbury, the wardship and mar- 
riage of Thomas, son and heir of John, late Viscount Lisle. 
Dat. Westminster, 6 July, Anno i, [1461]. With fragment 
of great seal. 

609. Grant from John, Duke of Norfolk, Marshall of 
England, to Sir W^illiam Willoughby, and Joan his wife, 
sister to the said Duke, of the reversion of the manors or 
lordships of Kyrkeby Malsard [Kirkby Malzeard], Burton- 
in-Lonsdale, Thornton, Newsom, Brynde [Brind], and 
Gribthorpe, in Spalding Moor, co. York, now held by Kath- 
arine, Duchess of Norfolk, for her life, Dat. 16 July, 
I Edw. IV. [1461]. 

610. Letters of Attorney from Katharine, Dowager 
Duchess of Norfolk, for giving possession to Sir William 
Willoughby and Joan his wife, daughter of the Duchess, of 
the abovenamed manors or lordships which the said Duchess 
holds for life, and of which her son John, Duke of Norfolk, 
has the reversion. Dat. 20 July, i Edward IV. [1461]. With 
seal of arms. 

611. Grant from James, Lord Berkeley, to Thomas 
Berkeley, Esquire, his son, of a messuage, etc., in Clopton, 
within Berkeley Hundred, which John Edward lately held. 
Witnesses: Walter [Devereux], Lord Ferys [Ferrers, of 
Chartley] ; John Barre, Knt. ; Maurice Berkeley, of Bever- 
stone. Esquire ; Maurice Denys, Esquire ; John Thorpp. 
Dat. Berkeley Castle, 31 October, 4 Edw. IV. [1464]. With 
seal of arms, broken. 

Select Charters 189 

612. Lease from William, Lord Berkeley, to Maurice 
Kynge,^ and Juliana his wife, of a messuage etc., which 
Agnes Boure held, and land called Nethirmede, Pedemersh, 
Cattemersh, Oldmere, Longerugge, etc. Dat. 20 June, 
5 Edw. IV. [1465]. With fine seal of arms. 

613. Grant from John, Duke of Norfolk, Thomas 
[Bouchier], Archbishop of Canterbury, William [de Wayn- 
flete]. Bishop of Winchester, and three others to Robert 
Bernard, Esquire, for his good services to the said Duke, of 
an annual payment of 10 pounds from the Manor of Rost- 
laston [Rosliston], co. Derby. Dat. Ii Dec, 5 Edw. IV, 
[1465]. With small seal of arms of the Duke, and 4 other 
small seals, and with signature of the Duke. 

61^. Re-FEOFFMENT by Thomas, Lord Stanley, son 
and heir of Thomas, late Lord Stanley [who was the sur- 
viving feoffee appointed by James_ Berkeley, Knt., in his 
charter dated 3 Sep., i Hen. VI. [1422], granting to Hum- 
phrey, Duke of Gloucester, John, Duke of Norfolk, the 
above-named Thomas, Lord Stanley, and others, to hold 
in trust, the Castle of Berkeley, with all manors, etc., apper- 
taining, of the said Castle and manors, to William Stanley, 
John Haward, John Wynkfeld, Knts., William Berkeley, of 
Uley, and others. Witnessess : Thomas Whytynton ; 
Thomas French ; Maurice Denyse ; John Poynt. Dat. 
I May, 6 Edw. IV. [1466]. 

615, 616. Partition of lands, manors, advowsons, 
etc., in cos. Glouc, Somerset, etc., between Margaret, Coun- 
tess of Shrewsbury, Eleanor, Duchess of Somerset, and 
Elizabeth, wife of George Nevill, Lord Latimer, the three 
daughters and coheirs of Elizabeth, late Countess of War- 

^ Gate Keeper at Berkeley Castle— (/• Smyth ii., 107. 

ipo Berkeley Castle 

wick, daughter and heir of Thomas, late Lord Berkeley. 
Dat. 15 Nov., 6 Edw. IV. [1466]. 

61^. Grant from John, Duke of Norfolk, Marshall of 
England, etc., to James Hobart, his beloved servant, of the 
Manor of Aspley, co. Warwick. Dat. 4 July, 7 Edw. IV. 
[1467]. With the Duke's signature, " Norff." 

61?- Letters Patent from Edward IV. to William 
Canynges, Merchant, of Bristol, granting him licence to 
assign certain rents in Bristol, for the support of his 
Chaplain at St. George's Altar in St. Mary Redcliff Church, 
for the souls of the King and Elizabeth, the Queen. Dat. 
Westminster, 14 April, Anno 8, [1468]. With fragment of 
great seal. 

619. Charter of William Canynges, of Bristol, Mer- 
chant, founding a perpetual chantry at the Altar of St. 
George, in the Parish Church of St. Mary Redcliffe, Bristol, 
and appointing Thomas Hallkesock, Chaplain of the same. 
Witnesses : Philip Mede, Mayor ; Robert Straunge, Sheriff 
of Bristol ; John Godard, and John Nancotham, Bailiffs, 
etc. Dat. 24 Oct., 8 Edw. IV. [1468]. With seals. 

620. Acquittance from William, Lord Berkeley, to 
John Roger and John Bleche, collectors of the subsidy of 
tonnage and poundage in the port of London, for the half- 
yearly instalment of an annual payment of 100 marks, 
granted by the King to Johanna, sometime wife of William 
Willoughby, now wife of the said Lord Berkeley, from the 
subsidy "trium solidorum de dolio et duodecim denariorum 
de libra in portu civitatis predicte." Dat. 10 June, 9 Edw. 
IV. [1469]. 

621. Letters Patent of Edward IV. pardoning 
Henry de Bradfield for alienating the Manors of Melton 

Select Charters. 191 

Mowbray and Dyseworth, co. Leic, and Kyngton [Kington] 
CO. Warwick. Dat. Westminster, 3 July, Anno 9, [1469]. 
With great seal, broken. 

622. Lease by Thomas [Bouchier], Cardinal Arch- 
bishop of Canterbury, George [Neville], Archbishop of 
York, Richard, Earl of Warwick and Salisbury, and others, 
(feoffees of the Manor of Vera Worthy [ ? Weare Worthy], 
CO. Devon, for the use of Anne, wife of Thomas Ormond, 
Knt., al. Thomas Botiller, Knt.,^ during life of the said 
Thomas), to Thomas Boleyn, Clerk, John Heydon, and 
others, of the said manor to the use of William Boleyn and 
Margaret, one of the daughters of the said Thomas Or-, 
monde and Anne his wife, for the life of the said Thomas 
Ormonde. Witnesses : John Pollard, Esquire ; John 
Gyfford, Esquire ; John Dogham ; John William ; John 
Dygge. Dat. 16 Nov., 9 Edw. IV. [1469]. 

623. Bull of Pope Paul II. to the Abbot of Kings- 
wood, granting him licence to appoint John de Alford, of 
Kingswood, Clerk, to the " officium tabellionatus " if he 
shall be over 25 years of age, and of an honest conversation. 
Dat. Rome, iv. Non. Feb. [2 Feb.] Pontif. Anno 6, [1470]. 
With leaden bulla. 

624. Letters Patent of Edward IV. granting to 
Elizabeth and Margaret Talbot special livery of the man- 
ors, lands, etc., which had descended to them on the death 
of their brother Thomas, Viscount Lisle. Dat. Banbury, 
6 April, Anno 10, [1470]. With fragment of great seal. 

625. Judgement by John Shipward, sen., Mayor of 
Bristol, and a jury in a complaint made to him by Philip 
Mede and John Shipward, jun., that " certeyn indispoozed 

' Thomas Butler, 7<h Earl of Ormonde. 

192 Berkeley Castle 

" persoones of their grete malice and yvell wille shold 
" noysze, utter, faame and sclaundre the said Philipp and 
" John to have send certayn persoones forcibly arrayd in 
" manner of warre to the Lord Berkeley azeynst the Lord 
** Lisle." ^ The judgement is that there is no ground at all 
for the slander, but that the said Philip and John are and 
always have been " persoones of goode name and faam, 
" Rule, Guydyng and governaunce." Dat. 2 May, 10 Edvv. 
IV. [1470]. With fine impression of the city seal, in red 

626. Letters Patent of John [Hales], Bishop of 
Coventry and Lichfield, giving an account of presentations 
to the Church of Newton Regis, co. Warw., from 1350 to 
date of letters, viz., 2 Nov., 1471. 

627. Exemplification by Edward IV., made at the 
request of William, Lord Berkeley, of the inspeximus by 
Edward III., of all grants made by his progenitors, Hen. II., 
Richard I., etc.. to successive Lords of Berkeley, and of the 
same King's [Edw. III.] grant to Thomas de Berkeley of 
the Returns of the King's Writs within the hundred of 
Berkeley : such exemplification having become necessary 
as the inspeximus by Edward III. has been by accident 
lost. Dat. Westminster, i March, Anno 11, [1472]. With 
fragment of great seal. 

628. Inspeximus by Edward IV. of his own letters 
patent, dated ist March, Anno 11, [1471], wherein he con- 
firmed to William, Lord Berkeley, the grants of Berkeley 
and Berkeley-herness, made by his ancestors. Kings Henry 
II,, John, etc., to the Lords of Berkeley. Dat. Westminster, 
16 March, Anno 12, [1472]. With fragment of great seal. 

1 For an account of the quarrel between Lord Berkeley and Lord Lisle, 
V. Roll 137. 

Select Charters. 193 

629. Acquittance by Henry Bodrugan, Esquire, and 
Margaret/ Viscountess Lisle, his wife, lately wife of Thomas 
Talbot, Viscount Lisle,- of a quarterly instalment of an 
annuity of 100 pounds due to the said Margaret from 
William, Lord Berkeley, and Joan his wife, out of the 
manor and borough of Wotton-under-Edge. Dat. 2 Aug., 
13 Edw. IV. [1473]. With 2 seals, and with signatures, 
" Margaret Lisle," and " Bodrugan." 

630. General Pardon from Edward IV. to Kath- 
arine, Duchess of Norfolk. Dat. Westminster, 20 Sept., 
Anno 13, [1473]. With great seal, broken. 

631. Grant from Philip Mede, Burgess of Bristol, and 
Richard, his son and heir, to Maurice Berkeley, Esquire, 
son of James, late Lord Berkeley, and to Isabella his wife, 
of all that tenement in Thornbury, co. Glouc, called Mar- 
challis place, with close and garden attached, situate in 
Back Street, opposite the Cross, and extending from the 
same street in front to St. John's Street at the back ; three 
gardens in " Le Raten Rewe," between John Heydon's 
lands on the east and Le Nelmestrete on the west, with 
various other houses, gardens, and bams in Thornbury. 
Witnessess : William Spencer ; John Hawlis ; Maurice 
Berkeley, of Stoke ; Maurice Deonyer ; Richard Forster. 
Dat. Monday aft. F. of all. Saints, [i Nov.] 14 Edw. IV. 
[1474]. With seal of the Mayoralty of Bristol, Robert 
Straunge being Mayor. 

' Daughter of William Herbert, Ist Earl of Pembroke. 

- Killed at Nibley Green, 20 March, 1470. To Margaret, his widow 
was granted, by way of compensation, by William, Lord Berkeley, an 
annuity of £100. Soon after, she married Henry Bodrugan, of Bodrugan, 
Cornwall, Esquire. 

194 Berkeley Castle 

632. Confirmation by Edmund Hungerford, Esquire, 
and Johanna his wife, late wife of James, Lord Berkeley, of 
the release by the said Johanna to William, son and heir of 
the said James, of all the latter's possessions in co. Glouces- 
ter, or elsewhere in England. Dat. 26 May, 14 Edw. IV« 
[1474]. With two small seals. 

633. Exemplification of an Exchequer Record, con- 
taining the particulars of an enquiry held at Harlow, into 
the claim of Thomas Urswyk, Thomas Lovell, John Aps, 
and John Byconell, to the reversion of Newhall Manor with 
appurtenances in Boreham, co. Essex, on the death of 
Agnes Alrede, which manor belonged to Thomas Ormond,' 
lately attainted of high treason. Dat. 26 Jan., 14 Edw. IV., 

634. Grant from William, Lord Berkeley, to William 
Try, Esquire, and Isabella his wife, sister of the said Lord, 
of the forty shillings rent from Stinchcombe Wood. Dat. 
Gloucester, 18 Aug., 16 Edw. IV., [1476]. 

635- Charter of the Merchant Ship the " George of 
Berkeley," John Pembroke, Master, and Lord Berkeley, 
owner, to Bordeaux for wine. Dat. 18 Sept., 1477. 

636. Acquittance from Arnulph Colyns, Bachelor of 
Laws, Commissary General of John [Alcock], Bishop of 
Worcester, to William, Lord Berkeley, for four pounds, 
payment of Peter's Pence, on account of Berkeley and 
Wotton Manors, due to John [Carpenter], late Bishop of 
Worcester. Dat. i Jan., 1477 [8]. With seal. 

' Thomas Butler, 7th Earl of Ormonde. Attainted 1 Edw. IV., [1461J ; 
Restored 1 Hen. VII., [1485] ; died 1515.; 

Select Charters 195 

637- Letters Patent of Edward IV., granting to his 
" dilectus et fidelis miles," William, Lord Berkeley, the title 
of Viscount. Dat. Westminster, 21 April, Anno 21 [1481]. 
With great seal, broken. 

638. Letters Patent of Edward IV. to the Sheriff 
of Gloucester, notifying to him the pardon of Sir William 
Berkeley, Knt., al. William, Lord Berkeley. Dat. 20 June, 
Anno 12, [1472]. 

639. Letters Patent of Edward IV., granting to 
William, Viscount Berkeley, " for his attendance at the 
Council," a hundred marks yearly during his life : namely 
50 marks from the customs on the merchandize shipped at 
or coming into the Port of Bristol, and 50 marks from 
" Tonnage and Poundage," that is, three shillings on every 
cask and twelve pence on every pound in the Port of the 
City of London. Dat. $ March, A° 23, [1483]. With great 
seal, broken. 

640. Letters Patent of Richard Ill.creatingWilliam, 
Viscount Berkeley, (and his heirs male) Earl of Nottingham. 
Witnesses : Thomas [Bouchier] Card. Archbp. of Canter- 
bury ; the Bishops of London, Bath and Wells, Lincoln 
and others. Dat. 28 June/ Anno i [1483]. With great 
seal,^ broken. 

641. Indenture, whereby it is covenanted that 
William, Earl of Nottingham, shall convey to King Richard 
III. certain lordships and manors in cos. Leic, York, Essex, 
Bucks, Lincoln, Bedf, and in N. Wales, with the reversion 
of other lands in cos. York, Line, Leic, Bucks, and Essex, 

^ Two days after his accession. 

- This, the only seal used by Richard III., was the fifth and last seal of 
Edward IV., with the substitution of Ricardus for Edwardus. For another 
specimen, see Br. Mus. Add. Ch. 16964. 

196 Berkeley Castle 

on the death of Jane, Countess of Nottingham, reserving to 
himself certain other lands in cos. Bedf. and Warwick, with 
the reversion on the death of Elizabeth, Duchess of Nor- 
folk, of lands in cos. Northt, Hunt., Salop, Derby, Herts, 
Cambr., Sussex, Wore, and Warw. Dat. 2nd March, 
I Ric. HI., [1484]. 

6^2. General Pardon from Richard HI. to William, 
Viscount Berkeley, Earl of Nottingham. Dat. 10 March, 
Anno I, [1484]. 

643. Warrant to the Sheriff of Nottingham and 
Derby to pay to William, Viscount Berkeley, and Earl of 
Nottingham, annually, the sum of twenty pounds from the 
revenue of the County of Nottingham, which the King 
granted to him on raising him to the title of Earl of Not- 
tingham on 28 June, 1483. Dat. 2 July, 2 Ric. HI., [1484]. 
With fragment of great seal. 

644. General Pardon from Richard HI. to William, 
Earl of Nottingham, al. Viscount Berkeley, of all offences, 
debts and recognizances, to the i6th November last past. 
Dat. Westminster, 9 December, Anno 2, [1484]. With 
fragment of great seal. 

645. Covenant of marriage between Morice, son of 
Morice Berkeley, of Thornbury, and Katharine, dau. of Sir 
Wm. Berkeley, of Stoke Giffard, 28 Jan., 2 Ric. HI., [1485]. 

646. Exemplification of recovery by Edward Wil- 
loughby, Robert Logge, and others from William de Berke- 
ley, Earl of Nottingham, of the Manors of Berkeley, Ham, 
Appleridge, Hurst, Slimbridge, etc. Dat. 24 Apr., 2 Ric. 
HI., [1485]. With official seal. 

Select Charters. 197 

647. Licence from Henry VII. to William, Earl 
Marshal and Earl of Nottingham, to alienate the Manor of 
Hinton, co, Cambr., which reverts to him on the death of 
Elizabeth, Duchess of Norfolk, to Robert Logge, clerk. 
Dat. Westminster, 8 Feb., A*> 3, [1488]. With fragment of 
great seal. 

648. Licence from Henry VI I. to Edward Willoughby 
and Robert Logge to alienate to William, Earl Marshal 
and Earl of Nottingham, the Manor of Coaley, co. Glouc. 
Dat. Westminster, 8 Feb., Anno 3, [1488]. With great 
seal, broken. 

649. 660. Licence, in duplicate, by Henry VII. to 
John Fisher, Serjeant-at-Law, Edward Willoughby, Esquire, 
and Robert Logge, Clerk, to alienate to William, Earl Mar- 
shal and Earl of Nottingham, the Berkeley Manors. Dat. 
Westminster, 8 Feb., Anno 3, [1488]. With great seal, 

661. Inspeximus and confirmation by Henry VII. of 
the old charters and grants by Henry II. and successive 
kings to Robert Fitzharding, and his successors, of 
Berkeley Castle, manors, and lands, with their various 
privileges. Dat. 15 Feb., Anno 3, [1488]. 

662. Indenture of covenant, whereby Elizabeth, 
Prioress, and the Convent of our Lady, " within the Parke 
of Carlton, otherwise called Wallyng Welles" [Wallingwells 
Priory, co. Notts.] promise to consider William, Earl 
Marshal and of Nottingham, as one of their Founders, and to 
perform the usual offices and services in his honour, to pray 
specially for the soul of Jane, his last wife, and the soul of 
Thomas, Earl of Derby : and the said Earl of Nottingham 
agrees to discharge the said Prioress of a rent of 36 shillings 
due to him and his heirs, etc. Dat. 23 March, 3 Hen. VII., 
[1488]. With seal of the Priory, broken. 

198 Berkeley Castle 

653. Letters Patent of Henry VII., granting to 
William, Earl Marshal and of Nottingham, and his heirs 
male, the dignity and title of Marquis of Berkeley, " et ipsum 
marchionem Berkeley per gladii cincturam insignimus ac 
imam capam honoris et dignitatis super caput suum poni- 
mus." Witnesses : The Archbishops of Canterbury and 
York ; the Bishops of Lincoln and Exeter, etc. Dat. 
Westminster, 28 Jan., Anno 4, [1489]. With fragment of 
great seal. 

654. Letters of Robert, Prior of St. Mary's, Worces- 
ter, admitting William, Marquis of Berkeley, into the 
society and fraternity of the Priory, with all privileges of 
masses, prayers, vigils, fasts, etc. Dat. Worcester, 2 1 Sept. 

655. Inspeximus by Henry VII. of an action grounded 
on the statute of 5 Ric. II., brought by the three daughters 
of Richard, Earl of Warwick (claiming through their 
mother) for the forcible entry of their manors of Wotton, 
Simondshall, and Coaley, by James, Lord Berkeley, and 
his four sons \cf. Smyth ii., 57-77]. Dat. 14 Oct., Anno 5, 

656. Indenture of covenant between William, Mar- 
quis of Berkeley, and John Bury, of Cambridge, mason, for 
the building of eight " grete chambers " in his Manor of 
Great Chesterford ; " and also the foundacion of the said 
viii chamberes to be made x fote of high thoroughly all the 
stone walles above the ground, and the said John shall 
make in the sed chamber iiij dubble chymneys conteyning 
vj fote and an half of brede with viii fyers perteyning to the 
seid chamberes and shall fynde all manere of stuf to the 
same excepte mantel Trees," etc., the contract price being 
20 marks, half to be paid in advance, and half on com- 
pletion of the work. Dat. 22 June, 6 Hen. VII., [1491]. 
With seal. 

Select Charters 199 

657. Contract between William, Marquis of Berkeley, 
and Alewyn Newman, of Cambridge, carpenter, for carpen- 
ter's work in Gt. Chesterford Manor. Dat. 7 July, 6 Hen. 
VII. [1491]. 

658. Letters Testimonial of Thomas Woddeward 
and 7 others, " the Kynges homage men " within the Parish 
of Slimbridge, showing that they " did never put owt * John 
the mon ' of hys place calde ye court of Hurst, nether were 
consent therto, save only we put hym up for faut of repara- 
cion yn my lorde marcas last court that he held, and also 
we testifie that the forseid John had his tymbre & his 
carpenters redy to sette up his place when his troble 
bygon." Dat. 23 June, 8 Hen. VII., [1493] 

659. Lease for 20 years from " the ryght hyghe and 
noble Pryncesse " Elizabeth, Duchess of Norfolk, [Elizabeth 
Talbot, w. of John Moubray, Duke of Norfolk] to Richard 
Wakelyn, of Lollington, co. Derby, yeoman, of her park at 
Bretby [co. York], " excepte the tymber and the shredyng 
and stowyng of the same tymber that groweth within the 
said Parke." Dat. 8 Sept., 10 Henry VII., [1494]. With 

660. Letters Patent of Henry VII., granting to 
John Norton, Esquire, the Manor of Gyssing, co. York, 
reserving to the Crown all advowsons, knight's fees, wards, 
marriages, reliefs, heriots and escheats belonging thereto. 
Dat. Westminster, 15 May, Anno 10, [1495]. With frag- 
ment of great seal. 

661. Indenture of apprenticeship of John Ely, son of 
Richard Ely, of London, to Richard Draper, Cofferer, of 
Bristol, for a term of 7 years, at the end of which the said 
Richard shall pay the said John 40 sh., and 4s. 6d. for the 
liberty of the town of Bristol, by way of salary. Dat. 
Bristol, 10 August. 12 Hen. VIL, [1497]. 

200 Berkeley Castle 

662. Lease for 20 years from Maurice, bro. and heir 
of William Berkeley, late Marquis of Berkeley, to Adrian 
Russel, of a tenement called " The Weyhouse," in Bentham 
Street, in Calais. Dat. 6 March, 14 Hen. VII., [1499]. 
With fragment of Calais Town Seal. 

663. Lease from Maurice, brother and heir of William, 
late Marquis of Berkeley, to Raynold Flewed, a " Sawdeyer 
and Burgeis " of Calais, of a " voyde ground " in St. Nich- 
olas Parish, Calais, for a term of 20 years, " and soe from 
xx*i yeres to xx" yeres for ever more." Rent, 6 sh. 8d., " a 
fatt capon and a galon of wyne." Dat. 8 March, 15 Hen. 
VII., [1500]. The seals of the lessor and of Thomas Bur- 
don, Mayor and Alderman of Calais, are missing. 

664. Grant by Thomas, Earl of Surrey, to Maurice, 
Lord Berkeley, of a buck every summer, and a doe every 
winter from his park of Seggewike [Sedgewick, near Hor- 
sham], CO. Sussex, with licence to the same Maurice, in 
case the park-keepers refuse to deliver the same, to enter 
the park and catch them. Dat. 13 November, 18 Hen. VII. 
[1502]. With small red seal. 

665. Exemplification of various records, proving the 
tenure of Berkeley by Barony. Dat. 28 Nov., 18 Hen. VI I. 

666. 66'7. Covenant [in duplicate] by Maurice, 
brother and heir to William, Marquis of Berkeley, and 
Maurice, and Thomas his sons, to assure to Richard, Abbot 
of Tewkesbury and the Convent there, the advowson of 
Wotton-under-Edge. Dat. 16 February, 19 Hen. VII., 
[i 504]. With portion of the Abbey seal. 

668. Covenant for the conveyance by the same to 
John, Abbot, and the Monks of Westminster, of Chester- 
ford Manor aud advowson, co. Essex. Dat. 16 Feb., 19 
Hen. VII., [1504]. With seal of arms. 

Select Charters. 201 

669. Grant from Richard, Bishop of Hereford, Presi- 
dent of Magdalen College, Oxford, to Maurice, Lord 
Berkeley, brother and heir of William, late Marquis of 
Berkeley, that in return for numerous benefits bestowed by 
the latter on the same College, the said Maurice shall be 
remembered and have share in the prayers, etc., of the 
scholars and President of the College, and on his death 
his obit shall be observed with " placebo," " dirige," 
"requiem mass " and music. Dat. 30 May, 20 Hen. VII., 
[1505]. With fragment of College seal. 

6*70. Lease for 5 years from John Mogryche, Rector 
of St. Giles' Church, Wigginton, co. Oxon. to Richard 
Grene, Yeoman, of the fruits, tithes, offerings, lands, etc., be- 
longing to the said Church, together with the Rectory House, 
(excepting half the offerings made in St. Leonard's Chapel): 
the lessee to provide a Chaplain for divine service at his 
own expense, and to keep the fences, enclosures, etc., with 
the chancel, in good repair, etc. Rent jC 12, to be paid at 
Lady Day and Michaelmas, in the College of the Holy 
Trinity at Westbury, co. Glouc. Dat. 20 Aug., 22 Hen. 
VIL [1507J. 

671. Grant from William, Warden of the Friars 
Minor, York, to Master Thomas Berkelay and Eleanor his 
wife, of participation in the prayers, privileges, etc., of his 
order. Dat. York, 1 508. 

672. Letters Patent of Henry VIL, granting to 
Maurice Berkeley, Esquire, the custody of the forests of 
Kingswood and Fyllewoode, cos. Glouc. and Som., and 
the Stewardship of the Manor and Hundred of Portbury, 
CO. Somerset. Dat. 25 Oct., Anno 24. [1508]. With frag- 
ment of great seal. 

202 Berkeley Castle 

673. Letters Patent of Henry VIII. confirming to 
Sir Maurice Berkeley, Knt., the sum of seven pence half- 
penny yearly, for his exercise of the office of keeper of the 
forests of Kingswood and Filwode, cos. Glouc. and Som- 
erset, and ten pounds yearly for the exercise of his office as 
Steward of the Manor and Hundred of Portbury, co. Som., 
which offices were granted to him by Henry VII. Dat. 
Knoll, 20 July, Anno 3, [i 5 1 1]. With great seal, broken. 

674. Copy of letters patent of Henry VIII., ordering 
his Sheriffs of Bristol and his Receivers and Bailiffs of the 
fee-farm of the said town to pay to Maurice Berkeley, 
Knight, all arrears due to him in respect of a daily payment 
of seven-pence halfpenny which the late King Henry VII. 
granted him with the keepership of his forests of Kingswood 
and Filwode, cos. Glouc. and Som. Dat. Westminster, 
10 Nov., Anno 3, [1511]. 

675. Appointment by Sir Charles Brandon, Knt, of 
Maurice Berkeley, Knt, to be steward, etc., of his manors 
of Painswick, Morton Valence, and Rengeworth [Range- 
worthy], CO. Glouc, with the grant of an annual payment 
of 4 marks from the said manors. Dat. 24 Jan., 4 Hen. 
VIII., [1513]. 

676. Petition 1 to the King that he will issue his 
letters patent to Thomas, Lord Berkeley, granting him the 
offices of Constable of the King's Castle of Berkeley, 
"janitor" of the same castle, keeper of the castle and park, 
with Le Worthy, " palesarius " of the said park, keeper of 
the woods of Hinton, called Cheslaunder and Redwode, 
keeper of the stags and hinds and master of the game in 
the same park and woods, together with the herbage and 
pannage of the same, and the fishery of Smethmore and Le 
Gale, in the Severn. [15 May, 6 Hen. VIII., 1514]- 

1 cf. Smyth ii., 224. 

Select Charters. 203 

&7^. Indenture of covenant between Edmund Bel- 
lond, Prior of the Friars Eremites of St. Augustine [Austin 
Friars], London, Tliomas Norton, Knt., Master of Burton 
Lazars, and Isabel, Lady Berkeley, whereby the latter 
grants to the Friars the sum of £y2 13s. 4d. towards the 
repair of their house, in return for which they bind them- 
selves and their successors to sing requiems, observe anni- 
versaries, etc., and three days in every week to say a mass 
for the health of the souls of the said Isabel, her Lord, and 
the Lord James his father, to be called " Berkeley's Mass " : 
on failure of these observances forfeit of 20 shillings to be 
paid to the Master and Brethren of Burton Lazars. Dat. 
29 May, [15 14]. The only seal remaining is the seal of the 
Fr. Hermits, which is broken. 

678. Licence from Thomas Lovell, Knt., Justice 
Itinerant and Keeper of the King's forests on this side 
Trent, etc., to John Husey, Knt., that he may fell 2CX) oak 
trees in the parish of Bitton, in Kingswood Forest, provided 
he does not fell any tree known from ancient times, or that 
stands as a boundary, and that he fells them in fitting 
season and not in a " forbidden month," nor to the expulsion 
of wild beasts congregating there. Dat. 4 March, 6 Hen. 
VIII., [1515]. 

679. Indenture of covenant between William, Mar- 
quis of Berkeley, etc., and John a-Bury, of Cambridge, 
mason, for tiling the roofs of " all the new howses " within 
the Manor of Great Chesterford, the said John finding " all 
manere of stuff .... that is to sey, oyle, lyme, and sond, 
walling, dawbyng, lathing, and pynnyng of all the walls 
and Roffes," etc., eleven marks, 6sh. 8d. to be paid in 
advance, and a similar sum on the completion of the work. 
Dat. II Dec, 7 Hen. VII., [1491]. With seal. 

204 Berkeley Castle 

680. Indenture, whereby Sir Rauf Shirley, Knt, is 
" reteigned and bileft " with the King to serve him in his 
wars beyond the sea, for a whole year, dating from his first 
muster, " with the retynue and nombre of himself having 
with him his custrell and his page, iiij lances, xl archers 
on fote" properly garnished and armed. The said Sir 
Rauf to make his first muster at Windsor on the ist June 
ensuing, and to proceed at once to Portsmouth, *' and for 
the bringing of his said Retynue to the said Portesmouth, 
that is to say for every of them for as many xx" miles as 
ther be betwene the houses from whens they or any of them 
departed and the said Portesmouth vi"^' for the veray know- 
ledge of whiche distance the Tresourer of the Kinges werres 
.... shall take of the said Sir Rauf and iche of his 
souldiours on othe upon a boke," etc, Dat. 27 April, 7 
Hen. VII., [1492]. Signed " Rauf Shyrley." 

681-685. Copies of the deed of covenant between the 
Master, Fellows and Scholars of Christ's College, Cam- 
bridge, and Sir Maurice Berkeley and his heirs, whereby 
the former agree that on the occasion of the living of 
Kegworth, co. Leic, being void, they will select two " dis- 
creet, able and convenient clerks of the said College," one 
of whom Sir Maurice or his heirs shall within six days 
nominate for presentation to the benefice by the College. 
It is also covenanted that Sir M. Berkeley and heirs shall 
have right of nominating one scholar, " born in Gloucester- 
shire," to the College. Dat. 10 Feb., 7 Hen. VIII., [15 16]. 

686. Letters Patent of Adrian, Cardinal Bishop of 
Bath and Wells, to Sir Maurice Berkeley, Knt., appointing 
him to the Keepership of the Park of Pokulchurche [Puckle- 
church] CO. Glouc, with all fees, etc., attached to that office. 
Dat. London, 27 March, [15 15]. At the foot are : — 

Select Charters. ^5 

{a) Ratification of the same by William Bridde, Prior, and 
the Priory of Bath, dated at the Chapter house, 26 Apr., 

(d) Ratification by William Cousyns, Dean, and the Chapter 
of Wells, dated at the Chapter House, 26 April, 15 15. 
With fragment of the Episcopal Seal of Bath and Wells, 
and a. rubbed impression of the seal of the Chapter of 
St. Andrew's, Wells. The seal of the Prior of Bath is 

68^. Notarial Instrument setting forth a petition of 
Maurice, Lord Berkeley, and others, to the Pope [Leo X.] 
whereby they obtain grace of having power to choose each 
a priest to be their confessor, who shall also have power to 
give them absolution for their sins ; with many other graces, 
whereof one was to enter into any nunnery " et cum mon- 
ialibus conversari dummodo ibidem non pernoctent," etc. 
Dat. 7 July, [1 5 16]. 

688. Declaration by Sir Maurice Berkeley, of Yate, 
Knight, settling the jointure of his wife Katharine, in the 
hands of Sir Robert Brudenell, Knt., Chief Justice of Com- 
mon Pleas, Sir William Sandes, Knt, Sir John Reynesford, 
Knt, and others. Dat i May, [1520]. With signature 
" Morys Berkeley," and seal of arms. 

689. Warrant of Henry VHI. to Sir Thomas Berke- 
ley, Knt, and Edward Tyndale, Receiver for the King of 
the Lordship of Berkeley, in consideration of the complaints 
of the tenants of the said Lordship, of damage done to 
their crops by the red deer in the three small copses of 
underwood, called " Reddewoode, Chesilhunger and Brand- 
woode," instructing them to take all such red deer " with 
nettes harnessis or dearhayes mete for the same," and con- 
vey them to Estwood Park, now in the occupation of Robert 

2o6 Berkeley Castle 

Thomas, " to be done at the cost and charges of the King's 
said tenants, provided that if it is thought that the year be 
so far advanced that the hinds now being with calf should by 
their removal endanger the lives of the calves, that then the 
said Commissioners shall take " all the male dear and all 
other Rasscalls i except the Hyndes," etc. Uat. Greenwich, 
9 Feb., Anno 13, [1522]. Signed at the top "Henry R./' 
with town seal. 

690. Letters Patent of Henry VHI. to Sir Thomas 
Berkeley, Knt, Keeper of Berkeley Park, Edward Tyndall, 
the King's Receiver at Berkeley, Thomas Matson, gerit., 
and Mories Bochear, merchant, instructing them that, 
whereas complaints have been made by the King's Tenants 
and inhabitants of Berkeley, concerning the King's red deer 
within the Castle Park of Berkeley, " which for lack of 
sufficient palynge, rome and fedynge come continually oute 
to the great hurt and domage " of the said tenants, he has 
determined to enlarge the said park by throwing into it the 
pastures of Hampstalz and Coltyn Leyes, with Munmede 
meadow, and that they the said Sir Thomas, etc., are to call 
workmen and " sett them a worke uppon the same," that 
the said pastures may be " sufficiently imparkyde, enclosed, 
and made Rounde abowt with postis, pales, stayes, Rayles 
and dikys," and that the palings of the Castle Park be 
repaired "in suche wise that our saide Dear herafter breke 
not owte." " Yevyn under our signet at our Manor of 
Grennewyche," 10 Feb., Anno xiii. [1522]. Signed at the 
top " Henry R.," with signet seal. 

691. Letters Patent of Henry VHI., appointing 
Thomas Berkeley, Knt., Sheriff of co. Gloucester. Dat. 
12 Nov., Anno 14, [1522]. With great seal, broken. 

' Rascal, a lean animal, one fit to neither hunt nor kill (Halliwell). 

Select Charters. 207 

692. Letters Patent of Henry VIII., granting livery 
to Thomas, Lord Berkeley, of the lands, etc., which des- 
cended to him on the death of his brother, Maurice, Lord 
Berkeley. Dat. 10 Feb., Anno 16, [1523]. With great seal. 

693. Lease for 24 years, from Robert Cheltynham, 
Prior of St. James the Apostle, near Bristol, to Edmund 
Arthur, of Bristol, gentleman, of the Church or Chapel of 
St. Ethelbert, of Mangotsfield, with tithes, offerings, and all 
other revenues, the said Edmund to supply a chaplain for 
celebration of divine service, administration of the sacra- 
ment, as well as the bread, wine, candles, and wax tapers 
for the high altar and " ly tresill " [i.e. trestles] on the feast 
of the Purification. Rent 40 shillings. Dat. St. James' 
Priory, 13 August, [1523]. 

691. Letters Patent of Henry VIII., instructing 
Thomas, Lord Berkeley, William Kingstone, Knt., and 
other commissioners, to levy contributions from the inhabi- 
tants of CO. Gloucester, for the equipment and support of 
an army,' to be led by the King in person against France. 
Dat. Westminster, 21 March, Anno 16 [1525]. With frag- 
ment of great seal in bag. 

695. Articles of agreement between Thomas, Lord 
Berkeley, and Sir Richard Sacheverell and Marie, Lady 
Hungerford, for the bargain and exchange by the former 
of the Manors of Melton Mowbray, Cold Overton, Dalby, 
Chacombe, Wytherley [Witherley], Syleby [Sileby], Sea- 
grave a/. Seagrave Mountsorell, co. Leic, with the Manors 
of Bretby, Coton, Rostlaston [Rosliston], Lynton [Linton], 

^ This was an expedient hit upon by Wolsey to raise money by means of an 
" Amicable Loan," a project derived from the old feudal obligation of con- 
tributing aid to the King when he led an invasion in person. The effort, after 
nearly causing an insurrection throughout the country, failed. [Sia/e Papers^ 
Brewer, Vol. IV., ititrodudioi!.'\ 

5o8 Berkeley Castle 

and Repyngdon [Repton], co. Derby, for the Manors of 
Aller, Newton, Sentlowe [St. Loe], Pensford, Publow and 
Wolwayd [Wollard in Compton Dando], co. Somerset. 
Dat. 30 June, 17 Hen. VIII. [1525]. 

696, Covenant between Thomas, Duke of Norfolk, 
and Thomas, Lord Berkeley, for the marriage of Thomas 
Berkeley, Esquire, son and heir of the said Lord Berkeley, 
with Katherine, daughter of the said Duke. Dat. 28 February, 
17 Hen. VIII. [1526]. Seals missing. 

69'7- Lease for 20 years from Thomas, Lord Berkeley, 
to Sir John Porte, Knt., Justice of the Common Pleas, of 
two pools well stocked with fish, at Bretby, co. Derb., 
whereof the said Sir John had the charge and care " unto 
such time as the said Sir John was made one of the King's 
Justices." Dat. 25 Feb., 18 Hen. VIIL [1527]. 

698- Indenture, whereby Henry Hyll, Warden of the 
Friars Minors in Gloucester, promises the following services 
for the souls of the parents and ancestors of Thomas, Lord 
Berkeley, viz. : every Monday, Placebo and Dirige with 9 
lessons ; every Tuesday, a Mass of Requiem ; every 
Thursday, Placebo and Dirige with 9 lessons ; and every 
Friday, a Mass of the Five Wounds with the Collect, Deus 
qui Justificas. Dat. 22 March, 18 Hen. VI 1 1. [1527]. 

699. Lease for 10 years, from James Berkeley, gent., 
"servaunt and attorney" to Thomas, Lord Berkeley, to 
William Burdon, " souldeour of the Kinges retynue of the 
town of Cales," of " his gret mansion place with a small 
thacked cottage," etc., in Bentham Street, in the Parish of 
St. Mary, in Calais. Rent £6. Dat. 30 June, 21 Hen. VI II. 

Select Charters. 209 

*700. Letter from Thomas Berkeley, Knt., brother and 
heir of Maurice, late Lord Berkeley, to the Master, Fel- 
lows, etc., of Christ's College, Cambridge, nominating 
Gerard Trye as a Scholar of the College, Dat. 5 July, 
23 Hen. Vin. [1531]. 

701. Letters Patent of Henry VI IL, granting livery 
to Thomas, son and heir of Thomas, Lord Berkeley. Dat. 
25 Nov., Anno 25 [1533]. With great seal. 

702. Presentation by Thomas, Lord Berkeley, of 
Robert Derby, Canon of Croxton Abbey, to the post of 
Abbot there vacant " per mortem maturam," of Elias Atter- 
clyfif. Dat. 27 April [1534]. With seal. 

703. Lease for 60 years, from William Burton, Abbot, 
and the Convent of St. Augustine's, Bristol, to Lady Anne 
Berkeley, widow of Thomas, late Lord Berkeley, of the 
tithing barn' or barton of Oldminster, with all the " tithing 
of Rye, benys, barley, otes, pesyn, or any other grayne," at 
an annual rent of eight pounds. Dat. Chapter House, 
I June, 25 Hen. VHI. [1536]. With fragment of Abbey 

704. Inspeximus of the inquisitio-post-mortem of 
Thomas, Lord Berkeley, taken 10 Oct., 29 Hen. VHI. 
[1537] at Marchfield, co. Glouc. Dat. 16 Feb., 29 Hen.VHL 
[1538]. With fragment of seal. 

1 After the dissolution of Monasteries this barn was leased by the Dean and 
Chapter of St. Augustine's, (then become a Bishopric) to Sir Thomas Throg- 
morton, of Tortworth, and the possession of it was contended in a long law suit 
between Henry, Lord Berkeley, son of the Lady Anne and Sir T. Throgmor- 
ton, which suit might perhaps have been prevented, had Lord Berkeley's 
Solicitors been able to lay their hands on this particular document. Smyth 
ii. 399 et scqq. 

2IO Berkeley Castle 

•705. Lease, for 25 years, from Robert, the Abbot, and 
the Convent of Combe, co. Warwick, to Thomas Trye, of 
Caloughdon, and Humphrey Bate, of Binley, of the Par- 
sonage of Naseby, co. Northampton. Dat. 16 June, 30 
Hen. Vni. [1587], With fine seal of the Abbey, chipped. 

706. Lease, for 40 years, from Hugh Jeynkyngson and 
John Bradley, " serving Pristes " in the Chantry of St. 
George and of St. Katharine, in St. Mary's, Redcliffe, and 
the Churchwardens there, to Robert Thurban, of a tenement 
on the Quay at Bristol. Dat. 9 Aug., 30 Hen. Vni.[i538]. 

707- Counterpart of Lease for 70 years, from the 
Feoffees of a tenement on Bristol Quay (appointed under the 
will of Richard Mede and others. Proctors of the Church of 
St. Mary RedclifTe), to Robert White, Cofferer, of Bristol. 
Dat. I Feb., 31 Hen. VHL [1540], With seal of the lessee. 

708. Lease, for 20 years, from Sir John Bradley and 
Sir Hugh Jenkynson, Chantry Priests, and the Church- 
wardens of St. Mary Redcliffe, to Rob. Gyttyn, of a tene- 
ment in March Street, in Bristol. Dat. 24 Dec, 33 Hen. 
Vni.[i54i]. With seal. 

709. Grant from the Crown to Andrew, Lord Wind- 
sor, of the Manor of Cranford, co. Midd. Dat. 27 April, 
34 Hen. VHL [1542]. With great seal. 

710. Lease, for 17 years, from John Meryman, clerk 
and vicar of Wotton-under-Edge, to Thomas Purnell, of 
North Nibley, clothier, of all the tithes of the village and 
township of North Nibley, for a payment of ;^30, at an 
annual rent of £it for the first six years, and ;62i for the 
remainder of the term, the said Thomas also to deliver to 
the said John every Christmas 8 bushells of malt, the latter 
covenanting to supply " an honest prest " to serve in the 
chapel of North Nibley. Dat. 20 Nov. 34 Hen.VHI. [1542]. 

Select Charters. 211 

711. Exemplification of a decree of the General 
Surveyors of the King's lands, dated 13 April, 34 Hen.VIII. 
['^543] '^^ a suit brought by Sir Richard Wyllyams, «2//rt;j 
Cromwell, Knt., against John Adams, John Pete and others, 
Fishermen, " for fishing within the preemynence and libertye 
of free and severall fysshyng within the Ryver of Severne 
in the countye of Gloucester belongyng to the Kynges 

Castell and Lordship of Barkeley herons called the 

Gale contrary to the custome of the said lordship which 
lybertye of fysshynge extendyth from Caterneookesleys to 
the Haven mouthe ther," which liberty the said Sir Richard 
holds for term of his life ; in which suit it having been 
proved that none other than the *' owners of the castell and 

lordshipe ought to fysshe within the said libertye but 

only with two kindes of nettes, that ys to saye, wyth lade 
nettes and drugnettes and wythe no other nettes and that 
they that so fysshe there wythe the said nettes ought of 
right to paye unto the owner of the said libertye of fyssh- 
inge for the tyme beyng certen dutyes and Customes callyd 
the moyte of the Gale fysshe whiche ys the one half of all 
the fysshe whiche they take within the said libertye of 
fysshinge." The judgment was given for the plaintiff with 
damages and costs against the defendants. Dat. Westmin- 
ster, 16 April, 34 Hen. VHI. [1543]. 

712. Grant from the Crown to Walter Compton, 
Groom of the King's Chamber, of the Keepership of the 
New Park at Berkeley [i.e. The Worthy] which Nicholas 
Poyntz (to whom jointly with his father, Anthony Poyntz, 
the King had previously granted it) had surrendered to the 
Crown for that purpose. Dat. Westminster, 22 April, 35 
Hen. VHI. [1543]. With great seal. 

713. Admission of John Byrton to twelve acres of 
pasture land belonging to the Crown situate on Westridge 

p 2 

212 Berkeley Castle 

Down in Synwell Manor [Wotton-under-Edge]. Dat. 9 
May, 36 Hen. VIII. [1544]. 

714. Lease, for 60 years, from the feoffees of lands, 
etc., of the late William Canynge in Bristol, and the wardens 
of the chantries in the Church of Redclyff, founded by the 
said William Canynge to John Wade, of Bristol, coverlet- 
maker, of a messuage and close of pasture in Brodemede 
Street, Bristol. Rent, four marks. Dat. 12 Sept. 36 Hen. 

VIII. [1544]. 

715. Lease, for 70 years, from the feoffees of William 
Canyng's lands in Bristol and the wardens of the latter's 
chantries in St. Mary Redcliffe, to Richard Wynnowe, of 
Bristol, Tucker, of two storehouses near the Quay of Bristol. 
Dat. 17 Sept. 36 Hen. VIII. [1544]. 

716. Letters Patent of Henry VIII. granting special 
livery to John, Viscount Lisle, K.G., son and heir of Eliza- 
beth, Viscountess Lisle, of all her possessions. Dat. 25 Nov. 
Anno 38 [1546]. With great seal. 

717. Letters Patent of Edward VI. granting to 
Edward Fyries, Lord Clinton and Saye, the office of Chief 
Seneschal of all the manors and lands belonging to Thomas, 
Duke of Norfolk, attainted for high treason in the late 
King's time, which the said Duke had granted to Sir Thomas 
Hennage for his life, and which the latter had lately sur- 
rendered to the Crown : together with the office of Clerk 
and Warden of the Courts of the said manors, and the sum 
of a hundred shillings yearly for the exercise of the said 
offices. Witness : Richard Sackville, Knt. Dat. 27 Nov. 
A*' 4 [1550]. With great seal. 

718. Grant of licence from Edward VI. to Rees ap 
Howel, clerk, to enfeoff William ap Rees in Talgarth 

Select Charters. 213 

Manor, and to the latter to grant the same to Phih'p ap 
Hovvel, clerk, and to the said Rees and Philip de Brenlees. 
Dat. Newcastle-on-Tyne, 29 April, A° 5 [155 1]. 

^19. Award by Roger Coke, Mayor of Bristol, in a 
suit between Lord Berkeley and Arthur Kemmys concern- 
ing lands in Bristol, which " descended by Philip Meade, 
late mayor of Bristol, " the pleadings having been heard " in 
the common place of audyence within the said city called 
the Tolvesaye, sett nigh to the highe crosse." Dat. 5 Oct. 
1551. With seal of the city of Bristol. 

*720. Lease, for 7 years, from Sir James Boleyn, of 
Blickling, co. Norf, to Henry Castell, of Egmere, of the 
manor of Egmere, co. Norf, of an annual rent of eleven 
pounds. Dat. 12 Aug. 6 Edw. VL [1552]. 

721. Counterpart of grant from Henry Carey, Lord 
Hunsdon, to Thomas More, Bailiff, and to the Burgesses of 
Buckingham, of the Borough of Buckingham, with all 
liberties, franchises, royalties, etc., which the late King 
Henry VHI. granted to William Carey, father of the said 
Henry Carey, on its reversion to the Crown consequent 
on the attainder of Edward, Duke of Buckingham, to whom 
it belonged. Dat. 20 Jan. 5 Edw. VL [1553]. 

722. Admission by James [Brookes] Bishop of Glou- 
cester, on the presentation of Henry, Lord Berkeley, of 
Robert Knight to the vicarage of Wotton-under-Edge. 
I March, 1555. With episcopal seal, broken. 

723. Warrant by King Philip and Qu. Mary to the 
Master of the Court of Wards for a special livery to Henry, 
Lord Berkeley, a minor, of the Castle and Manor of Berke- 
ley, and other manors in cos. Glouc. and Somerset, with the 
fourth part of the Manor of Tyburn a/. Marybone, co. 

214 Berkeley Castle 

Midd., and all the other lands, etc., which the late William, 
Marquis of Berkeley, granted to King Henry VII. and 
heirs in tale mail, which possessions, on failure of heirs to 
Edward VI., have reverted to the said Henry, Lord Berke- 
ley, as the heir of the said Marquis. The special livery is 
granted in consideration of the " good and worthie service 
of his Auncestors heretofore don unto our moost noble 
progenytors And that there is no lesse hope to be con- 
ceyved of his good and faythfull service towardes us where- 
of we have some good experyence of his towardnes therein 
specyally in the late rebellyon attempted agaynst us by 
Thomas Wyat and other his complices. The whiche as we 
thinke honorable unto us to consider and remembre, etc." 
Dat. 13 May, i, 2, Ph. and Mary [1555]. With seal in red 
wax, broken. 

724, Exemplification, at the instance of Henry, Lord 
Berkeley, of a decree of the Court of Wards, cancelling a 
bond of Philip Draycott and ten others in ;^iooo for the 
payment of £^6^ 8s. gd., in part payment of arrears of rent 
of the castle and lordship of Berkeley, due to the Crown by 
reason of the minority of Henry, Lord Berkeley. Dat. 10 
June, I, 2 Philip and Mary [1555]. Seal missing. 

"725, Grant from Henry, Lord Berkeley, to Thomas 
Teysante, of the custody of free warren of his demesne of 
Berkeley, namely : of hares, pheasants, partridges and other 
birds, with an annual salary of five shillings. Dat. 3 Jan., 
2, 3 Philip and Mary [1556]. With signature and small 

"726. Lease, for 21 years, from Henry, Lord Berkeley, 
to David Dodde, " one of the Kinge and Quenes majesties 
captens in Newnam Bridge besides Callys gentleman " and 
Ellen his wife, of his messuage or " mansion place," in 

Select Charters. 215 

Bentham Street, in the parish of St. Mary, within the town 
of Calais, with all appurtenances, excepting one cham- 
ber to be reserved to the use of the said Lord Berkeley, 
whenever " he himself shall comme and remayne at Callys." 
Dat. 10 Feb., 2, 3 Philip and Mary [1556]. 

727- Lease, for lives, from Henry, Lord Berkeley, to 
Richard Tyndall, of Southende, in Stinchcombe, Katheryn 
his wife and Edith his daughter, of " his two rnylles under 
one roffe that is to say a cornc myll and a giggmylV " 
with a fulling mill and part of a pasture called " the 
Hame," etc., in Cam., the lessees to keep the mills in good 
repair, but to be allowed timber for the purpose from the 
woods of the said Lord. Rent 34 shillings. Dat. 28 May, 
2, 3 Philip and Mary [iSS^]. 

728. Counterpart of lease from Sir James Boleyn to 
Paul and Thomas Gresham, of Egmere Manor, co. Norf., 
which the said Sir James acquired from the late King 
Henry VHL Dat. Egmere, 3 July, 2, 3 Ph. and Mary, 

729. General Release from Anne, Lady Berkeley, 
of Calloughdown, in Coventry, to Henry, Lord Berkeley, 
her son. Dat. All Saints' Day [i Nov.] 3, 4 Philip and 
Mary [1556]. With seal. 

730. Grant from Reginald, Cardinal Pole to Henry, 
Lord Berkeley, of absolution from all dangers of excommu- 
nication which he had incurred in the late schism in 
England, with permission to use his chapel in his Manor of 
Callowden, co. Warw., as his ancestors used the same before 
the schism, and to have there a portable altar, to say mass, 
to celebrate the Holy Eucharist, to keep the sacred elements 

^ Mill used for the perching and burling of cloth. — Blount. 

2i6 Berkeley Castle 

in a befitting box with fair linen cloth, with candle burning 
before it, etc. Dat, St. James's Palace, iii. Kal. Nov. 
[30 Oct.] 1556. 

Reginaldus miseratione divina tituli Sancte Marie in Cos- 
medin Sancte Romane ecclesie presbiter Cardinalis 
Polus Archiepiscopus Cantuariensis sanctissimi domini 
nostri pape et sedis apostolice ad serenissimos Philippum 
et Mariam Anglie Reges et universum Anglie Regnum 
de latere Legatus' Dilecto nobis in Christo nobili viro 
Henrico Barkeley militi domino Barkeley Mowbraye 
Segrave et Brews Coventrensis diocesis Salutem in dom- 
ino sempiternam. Pro parte tua nuper nobis expositum 
fuit quod licet olim postquam, capella Manerio tuo de 
Calandgowne per antecessores tuos constructa fuisset 
tu et maiores tui hoc privilegio dudum a sede apostolica 
concesso ut scilicet in eadem capella sacratissimum 
eucharistie sacramentum teneretur et conservaretur ac 
per manum cuiuslibet idonei sacerdotis eidem capelle 
deservientis tarn ipsum eucharistie quam reliqua ecclesi- 
astica sacramenta et sacramentalia tu et maiores tui 
prefati cum omnibus vestris domesticis et familiaribus 
reciperetis missasque et alia divina officia quibuscunque 
diebus et festivitatibus et maximis audiretis a tanto 
tempore cuius initii memoria in contrarium non existit 
usi fueritis nihilominus cum litere apostolice privilegium 
predictum continentes tempore perniciosissimi schis- 
matis nuper transact! deperdite fuerint huiusmodi facul- 
tate et licencia absque nova sedis apostolice concessione 
uti veremini, Quare nobis humiliter supplicari fecisti ut 
in premissis de opportuno remedio providere de benign- 
itate apostolica dignaremur. Nos igitur iustis petitioni- 
tuis annuere volentes teque a quibusvis excommunica- 
tionis, suspensionis et interdicti aliisque ecclesiasticis 

Select Charters. 217 

sententiis censurls et penis a jure vel ab homine quavis 
occasione vel causa latis si quibus quomodolibet inno- 
datus ex istis ad effectum presentium dumtaxat conse- 
quendum harum serie absolvendum et absolutum fore 
censentes. Tibi si est ita ut in Capella Manerii tui 
prefati quod ut asseritur ab ecclesia parochiali ultra duo 
Anglica milliaria distat dumniodo ea decenter et honeste 
teneatur liceat habere altare portatile super quo in 
presentia tua et quorumcumque familiarium ac domesti- 
corum tuorum quibusvis et maximarum festivitatum 
diebus missas et alia divina officia per quemcunque 
idoneum sacerdotem prius tamen ab ordinario loci pro- 
batum celebrari facere possis tuque et familiares tui 
prefati pro missis et divinis officiis audiendis ad par- 
ochialem ecclesiam accedere niinime teneamini Quodque 
dictus sacerdos eidem Capelle pro tempore inserviens te 
et singulos familiares tuos tua et eorum confessiones 
diligenter audita a quibusvis excommunicationis aliisque 
sententiis censuris et penis quibus pro tempore irretiti 
fueritis facta prius rei cuius occasione sententie predicte 
emanaverint plenaria satisfactione et quibusvis peccatis 
ciiminibus et excessibus non tamen ordinario loci reser- 
vatis absolvere ac pro premissis penitentiam salutarem 
injungere possit. Quodque gloriosissimum Eucharistie 
sacramentum in decenti pixide, cum sudario sive sin- 
done munda collocatum hon orifice tamen devote ac 
fideliter ac omnibus sacris canonibus de custodia euchar- 
istie editis observatis cum lumine ardente teneri et 
conservan possit illudque tam tu quam familiares tui 
prefati quocunque non tamen paschali tempore et 
reliqua ecclesie sacramenta et sacramentalia recipere 
possitis absque tamen preiudicio ecclesie parochialis 
auctoritate apostolica nobis hac in nostra legatione con- 
cessa et qua fungimur in hac parte tenore presentium 

2iS Berkeley Castle 

plenam et liberam concedimus facultatem constitution- 
ibus et ordinationibus apostoHcis ceterisque contrariis 
non obstantibus quibuscunque. Datum in Palatio Regis 
apud sanctum Jacobum prope Westmonasterium Anno 
a nativitate Domini millesimo quingentesimo quinqua- 
gesimo sexto, Tertio Kal. Novembris Pontificatus sanc- 
tissimi in Christo patris et Domini nostri Pauli divina 
providentia pape Quarti anno secundo. 
With signature " Reg. Car"* Polus Leg[atus]." 

731- INSPEXIMUS and confirmation by Philip and Mary 
to Henry, Lord Berkeley, of the grants by Edward I. and 
Henry V. to the said lord's predecessors of free warren in 
the demesne lands of Berkeley Herness, co. Glouc, in Port- 
bury, Walton, Weston, Portishead, and Charlton by Wrox- 
hall, CO. Som. Dat. Westminster, 8 Jan., Ann. 3, 4 [i 557]- 
With great seal. The initial letters are ornamented with 
portraits of the King and Queen. 

732. Commission from Qu. Elizabeth to Sir Richard 
Lee, of Sopwell, co. Herts., empowering and instructing him 
to provide the necessary workmen, materials, etc., and 
to fortify the town and castle of Berwick-on-Tweed.^ Dat. 
26 Jan., Anno i, [i559j- 

733. Letters Patent of Qu. Elizabeth, granting to 
John West, Groom of the Queen's Chamber, for his life, 
the Office of Warden of the messuage called " Somersett 
Place al. Strande House, al. Somersett House, in the 
Strand and in the Parish of the Savoy, outside Temple 
Bar." Dat. Westminster, 26 June, i Eliz. [1559]. 

734. Warrant of Qu. Elizabeth to the Sheriffs, 
Bailiffs, etc., of Bristol, to pay to Henry, Lord Berkeley, 

1 cf. Calendar of State Papers, Foreign Series, 1559. Ed. Stevenson, 1863. 

Select Charters. 219 

arrears of pay due to him from Michaelmas, 1556, at the 
rate of seven pence halfpenny per day, in respect of his 
office as Keeper of Kingswood Forest. Dat. 2 Nov., Anno 
2> [1559]- With great seal, broken. 

^36. Letters Patent of Qu. Elizabeth, appointing 
Henry Gary, Lord Hunsdon, Master of the Queen's Hawks, 
with a salary of ;^40 per year. Dat. 31 Oct., Anno 2 [1560]. 
With fragment of great seal. 

736. Warrant from Thomas, Earl of Sussex, K.G., 
Chief Justice of the Queen's Forests on this side Trent, 
to Lord Hunsdon, for the felling of 40 timber trees in her 
Majesty's "little parke and grete parke" of Ampthill, co. 
Bedf , for the repairing of Beekering and Hawghton's Parks 
within the honor of Ampthill. Dat. 20 May, 3 Eliz. [1561]. 
With signature and seal of the Earl. 

73'7- Grant from Sir William Cecil, Secretary of 
State, etc., and Mildred, his wife, to Henry Carey, Lord 
Hunsdon, K.G., and Anne his wife, of the two messuages 
" now converted into one " in " Le Chanon Rowe," in West- 
minster, now in the occupation of the said Lord Hunsdon, 
belonging to the College of St. Stephen, which messuages 
the said Sir William had, by charter dated 25 Feb., 6 Edw. 
VI. [1552], from John Beaumonte, Master of the Rolls. 
Dat. 13 Feb., 4 Elizabeth [1562]. With signature and seal 
of Sir Wm. Cecil. 

738. Warrant to Richard Worsley, Esquire, Captain 
of the Isle of Wight and of Carisbrooke Castle, to complete 
the necessary repairs of the said castle, the cost of which 
has been estimated at ;^350, and to pay for the same from 
the revenue due to the Crown from possessions and heredit- 
aments In the Isle of Wight, the said repairs to be com- 
pleted within two years. Dat. 25 Feb., 4 Eliz. [1562]. Copy. 

220 Berkeley Castle 

739- Bond in ;^20 from John Bull, citizen and gold- 
smith of London, to Henry Carey, Lord Hunsdon, K.G , 
for the acquittance and discharge of the latter against John 
Earley, citizen and cloth worker of London, to whom the 
said Lord had delivered and paid " one aggat of gold, value 
£6 " — 30sh. for " enamyling of a garter of gould " — igsh. 
for more gold put in the said garter — and £^ for a 
" George " of gold sold to the said Lord by the said John 
Earley. Dat. 17 Sept., [1565], 

740. Warrant on the Exchequer for the repayment 
to the Executors of Richard Worsley, Esquire, late Captain 
of the Isle of Wight, of certain sums which the latter, 
during his said captaincy, expended on repairs to the castles 
of Carisbrooke and Yarmouth, in the Island. Dat. 8 March, 
8 Eliz. [1566]. 

741. Lease from Henry, Lord Berkeley, to John 
Clyfiford, gent, servant to the said Lord, and Dorothy his 
wife, for their lives, with remainder to Henry Clifford, 
their son, of the fishing with one boat in and upon the 
waters of the Severn, at the weir called Bodler's Weir, 
otherwise called " Dunsande Pool," within the Manor of 
Arlingham. Dat. 10 July, 8 Eliz. [1566]. 

742. Letters Patent of Qu. EHzabeth, granting 
licence to Henry, Lord Hunsdon, K.G., Master of the 
Queen's Hawks, to give power to any persons " to have and 
keape in his or their house or houses or elsewhere in his or 
their custody any landgun, hagbutt, demyhake, or coryer 
to the only entente therewith to gett and kill necessary 
meate for any hawke or hawkes and in the same at all 
tymes nedefull and convenyent to shote at any crowes, 
Rowkes, chowghes, stockdoves, or any other kynde of 
byrde or fowle mete to be used and employed for hawkes 

Select Charters. 221 

mete and to entente onely by suche shuting to gett 
suffycient convenyent and necessary meate for the feding " 
of the King's hawks, etc. Dat. 22 Oct., 9 Eliz. [1567]. 
With great seal. 

743. Letters Patent of Qu. Elizabeth, appointing 
Henry Gary, K.G., Lord Hunsdon, Governor of Berwick-on- 
Tweed. Dat. Gorhambury, 25 August, Anno 10, [1568]. 
With fragment of great seal. 

744. Letters Patent of Qu. Elizabeth to the Com- 
missioners appointed " to enquire of the offencys committed 
from the first of Aprill agaynst the lavves and statutes of 
this our Realme for the mayntayninge of horses and of the 
provision of Armor and weapons," extending the date 
appointed for their rendering their report and giving them 
fresh powers and charging them to use all their diligence 
** to avaunce the nombers of horses and geldinges and their 
furniture," to the uttermost of their powers. Dat. 30 June, 
Anno II, [1569]. With fragment of great seal. 

745- Lease for 10 years from Henry, Lord Berkeley, 
to Francis Ailsworth, " to digge and make serch for cole 
called stone cole otherwise sea cole " within the Manor of 
Kington, co. Warwick, at a place called Ballansford, " and 
to sinke three shaftes or pittes , . . . . that is to saie th' one 
shafte or pitte to be for drawinge of water th'other for 
drawinge of cole and the third only for the takinge of ayre 
into the worke," at a yearly rent of £6 13s. 4d., with a 
proviso that if the supply of coal, etc., shall " decay and be 
of no value," the rent shall not be demanded. Dat. 6 Nov., 

746. Confirmation and declaration of uses by Thomas 
Sackvyle, Lord Buckhurst, of a fine, whereby he conveyed 
to Nicholas Thorpe the Manor of Canonbury, co. Glouc, 

222 Berkeley Castle 

such confirmation being necessary, because the said lord, 
" by reason of his jorney in the Quenes Maiesties Embas- 
sage into France coulde not staye for the sealing of the 
said indenture." Dat. 20 June, 13 Eliz. [1571]. With signa- 
ture and seal. 

747. Recovery of Kington Magna Manor by Richard 
Biddell against Henry, Lord Berkeley. Dat. 4 July, 13 
Eliz. [1571]. Much defaced, with seal broken. 

748- Inspeximus of the Inquisitio-post-mortem of 
John, Duke of Norfolk, taken at Leicester, on Tuesd. bef. F. 
of St. Matthias [24 Feb.] i Edw. IV. [1462]. Dat. 9 July, 
13 Eliz. [15 71]. With great seal. 

749, Letters of Qu. Elizabeth empowering Henry, 
Lord Hunsdon, Governor of Berwick and Warden of the 
East Marches towards Scotland, to treat with John, Earl of 
Mar, Regent of Scotland for James VI. for the pacification 
of Scotland.^ Dat. Richmond, 23 Oct. [1571]. With 
great seal, broken. 

750, Exemplification of the Inquisitio-post-mortem 
of Thomas de Berkeley temp. Edw. II., whereby the lands 
and manors of Berkeley were found to be held in fee sim- 
ple. Dat. II Oct., 14 Eliz. [1592]. With great seal broken. 

751, Exemplification at the request of Henry, Lord 
Berkeley, of inquisitiones-post-mortem, surveys, etc., from 
the time of Henry III. to prove certain of the Berkeley 
Manors to be fee simple lands, etc. Dat. 6 April, 1 5 Eliz. 
[1573]. With official seal, broken. 

1 cf. Calendar of State Papers, Foreign Series, 1569-1571. (No. 2100). Ed. 
Crosby, 1874. 

Select Charters. 223 

752. Exemplification of a common recovery by- 
George Savage, clerk, and Geoffrey Ithell, gent., against 
John Savage, Knt., and another, of forty messuages, a 
thousand acres of pasture land, etc., in Repton, Tickenhall 
and Smythby, co. Derby. Dat. 28 November, 16 Eliz. 
[1573]. With official seal. 

753. Pardon from Qu. Elizabeth to Henry, Lord 
Berkeley, for " intrusion " in the Manors of Wotton-under- 
Edge and Symondshall. Dat. 23 June, Anno 16, [1574]. 
With great seal. 

754. Letters Patent of Qu. Elizabeth, appointing 
Henry Carey, Lord Hunsdon, Keeper of Somerset House, 
al. Strand House, with the gardens, orchards, thereto be- 
longing, together with an annual payment of twelve pence 
a day for his care of the said house, and six pence a day 
for care of the gardens. Dat. Gorhambury, 31 July, Anno 
16, [1574]. Seal missing. 

755. Letters Patent of Qu. Elizabeth, empowering 
Henry, Lord Hunsdon, Governor of Berwick, etc., " to take 
up and provide .... the nomber and quantitie of two 
hundreth quarters of Otes " for the relief of Berwick gar- 
rison which " standeth verie muche unfurnished of Otes in 
this tyme of the chaunge of victellers there." Dat. 3 1 Oct., 
Anno 17, [1575]. With fragment of great seal. 

756. " Articles indented of Agreemente had and 
" made this xxi*-^ dale of December 1575, .... of and for 
" the game of Coneyes in Stepingley Parke, As also for the 
" increase of the same," between Henry Carey, Lord Huns- 
don and George Foster, yeoman. Dat. 21 December, [1575]. 

757. Warrant of Qu. Elizabeth to John Abbington, 
Esquire, General Purveyor of victualls for the town of New- 

224 Berkeley Castle 

haven-ultra-Mare, to appear at the Court of Exchequer to 
explain certain discrepancies in his accompts for the said 
town, more especially in regard to the payments of Ambrose, 
Earl of Warwick, Lieutenant of the town. Dat. Westmin- 
ster, 26 Jan., Anno 19, [1577].. 

758. Letters Patent of Qu. Elizabeth, directed to 
Henry, Lord Hunsdon, Sir John Foster, Knt., Sir Robert 
Constable, Knt, Sir George Bowes, Knt., Sir Wm. Hilton, 
Knt, the Mayor of Newcastle-on-Tyne and others, charging 
them to take the necessary steps against all pirates cruising 
in the seas and havens round the county of Northumber- 
land and Bishopric of Durham. Dat Windsor Castle, 
14 October, Anno 19, [1577]. With fragment of great 

"759, Commission from Qu. Elizabeth to Henr>', Lord 
Hunsdon, Sir Francis Russell, Knt, Sir John Foster, Knt., 
Sir Robert Constable, Knt., and others, to inquire into the 
high price of corn caused " by reason that divers covetous 
gready and evell disposed farmors and others ingrossers 
and Badgers . . . having great quantyte of graine in their 
handes and mynding for their oune private lucre and gaine 
to make a greate scarcetye thereof not without some expec- 
tacion by some occasions of secrete transportacion of graine 
and other victuell out of the Realme by reason of the greate 
prises of the same in foraighne partes growen by the inward 
trebles their, etc.," and to examine witnesses on the subject 
and to restrain any further exportation of corn. Dat 29 
May, Anno 20, [1578]. Seal missing. 

"760. Covenant, whereby Qu. Elizabeth consents at 
the suit of Henry, Lord Hunsdon, to grant certain lands to 
the value of ;^200 to Robert Newdigate, Esquire, and 
Arthur Fountayne, gent, in exchange for various manors, etc. 

Select Charters. 225 

in COS. Derby and York, which Lord Hunsdon covenants 
to grant to the Crown. Dat. 14 June, Anno 20, [1578]. 
Signed at the top by the Queen and at the bottom by Lord 
Burghley and Sir Walter Mildmay. Seal missing. 

761. Indictment of Thomas Clarke, late of London, 
yeoman, for forcibly entering a ship called " a flebote," 
within the jurisdiction of the Admiralty at Cocket Island, 
Northumberland, and feloniously stealing therefrom 40 ells 
" del Irishe freos [frieze] " valued at 2 shillings an ell, and 
13 " le lastes del Tarr," valued at four pounds le laste, 
belonging to certain unknown subjects of the Queen ; and 
of Robert Crathorne, late of Newcastle, who, in his little 
ship, " The Swallow," aided and abetted him and feloniously 
received the goods. Dat. 18 June, 20 Eliz. [1578]. At the 
foot is the note " True bill." 

762. Commission from Queen Elizabeth to Henry 
Carey, Lord Hunsdon, Sir John Foster, Knt, The Mayor of 
Newcastle for the time being, and others, with William 
Read, Captain of Holy Island, for the apprehension of 
pirates within the Bishopric of Durham. Appended is a 

paper entitled *' Instructions for the authorising of 

certain persons to be sent to the seas for the taking of 
pyrattes haunting the coasts, etc.," with signatures of 
William, Lord Burghley, the Earls of Warwick and Sussex, 
Lord Hunsdon, Sir Christ. Hatton, etc. Dat. Gorhambury, 
10 July, 20 Eliz. [1578]. 

763. Indictment of Martin Fyggett, late of Walbers- 
wick, CO. Suff., master of a vessel called " A fleebote," who, 
on 3rd May, 21 Elizabeth, [1579] committed piracy and 
felony by robbing certain subjects of her Majesty at Barrow 
Haven, of 21 cakes of wax, valued at forty pounds ; and of 
Robert Palmer, late of Yarmouth, co. Norfolk, master of the 


226 Berkeley Castle 

vessel called the St. Peter, of Yarmouth, who received the 
said wax, and aided the said master by victualling his 
crew, etc. 

764- Commission from Qu. Elizabeth to Edward, Earl 
of Lincoln, Lord High Admiral, Richard, Bishop of Dur- 
ham, and others to seize pirates in the northern parts of 
England, etc. Dat. 6 Nov., Anno 2i, [1579]. 

765, 756. Letters Patent (in duplicate) of Qu. Eliza- 
beth appointing the Lords Lincoln, Sussex, Huntingdon, 
Warwick, Bedford, Leicester, Hunsdon, with Sir Hy. Sid- 
ney and Christopher Hatton, Commissioners, to enquire 
into and to take measures to improve the breed of horses, 
and to appoint deputies in each county who will make 
report of the number of stallions, mares, geldings, etc., and 
will see that no horses be carried by stealth over the bor- 
ders into Scotland, or out of the Realm. Dat. 4 March, 
22 Eliz. [1580]. 

767. Lease from the Crown for 2 1 years to Sir George 
Carey, of Hunsdon, of all mining rights in the Manor of 
Kidwelly, co. Carm., and in the towns of Carnewallen and 
Iskynlen, parcel of the Duchy of Lancaster, in the same 
county, at an annual rent of twenty shillings. Dat. 3 1 May, 
22 Eliz., [1580]. With seal. 

768. Letters Patent of Qu. Elizabeth, appointing 
Henry, Lord Hunsdon, Captain General of the Forces 
levied by Henry, Lord Huntingdon, Lord President of the 
Council, within the northern parts for the defence of the 
borders and, if necessary, for the invasion of Scotland. Dat. 
16 Jan., Anno 23, [1581]. With great seal, broken. 

769. Lease for 21 years from the Crown to Sir George 
Carey, Knt, Marshal of the Queen's Household, of all 

Select Charters. 227 

mines of coal, lead, iron and other metals, within the lord- 
ship of Kydwelly, co. Carm., reserving only to the Crown 
any gold, silver or copper found there. Dat. 18 March, 
23 Eliz. [1581]. With fragment of seal 

770. Indenture, whereby Walter Vaughan, of Golden 
Grove, leases to George Carey, of Hunsdon, Knt, (as the 
said George '* hathe latelie sustayned greate costes and 
" charges in and abowte ye digginge, myninge, and serching 
" for the ore of leade and other kynde of metalles," in 
Kidwelly Manor, Carm.,) for 21 years, all the metals and 
ores which the said George shall find there. Dat. 31 
March, 1581. 

771- Lease, for 21 years, by Richard Johnes, of Aber- 
gwilie, CO. Carm., Esquire, to Sir George Carey, of Huns- 
don, Knt., of all metals, ores, etc., which may be found 
at the latter's cost, on the said Richard's lands in Llangon- 
nor, with permission to "searche, fynde owt, digge and 
" open the earthe for the ores, mettalls and thynges afore- 
" said .... and to drayne and to make soughe or soughes, 
" gutter or gutters, drayne or draynes, etc." Dat. 20 Sept., 
23 Eliz. [1 581]. 

772. Grant from William Webbe, of Dursley, gent, to 
Ambrose, Earl of Warwick, of " the manred,^ rule, gover- 
" ment, leading and commandment of all his servauntes, 
" tenauntz, resyauntz and inhabitauntz dwelling and inhab- 
" iting within his Manor and Lordshippe of Dursley .... 
" in the service of her Majestie," etc. Dat. 4 November, 
22 Eliz. [1581]. With small red seal. 

• Manred, curious survival of ihe Anglo-Saxon manroed i.e. vassalage. 

228 Berkeley Castle 

773. Inquisition held at Malvern by a jury of 
thirteen, who find that there is within the Queen's Forest or 
Chace of Malvern a " myne of Tynne " on a hill called 
Malvern Hill, at a place called Baldenswyche, of the annual 
value of 24 shillings, and containing 24 acres of mountain 
land. Dat. 20 Apr., 24 Eliz. [1582]. 

774. Articles of Agreement between Henry, Lord 
Hunsdon, and John Gardyner, of Stowmarket, gent, 
relating to the Manor of CoUumbeyn Hall al. Thorney 
Collombers, in Stowmarket, the annual value of which is 
detailed in an accompanying schedule. Dat. 27 May, 
24 Eliz. [1582]. 

775. Deed of sale from Richard Lee, of Hooke Norton, 
CO, Oxon, Esquire, to Henry Carey, Lord Hunsdon, K.G., 
of the Manor of Hooke Norton. Dat. i June, 24 Eliz. 

776. Lease, for 21 years, from Richard [Barnes], 
Bishop of Durham, to Sir George Carey, Knt., of several 
messuages, etc., " lying on the southe side of Wear in Stan- 
hopp Parke in Weardale," at an annual rent of thirty-seven 
pounds, " Provided alwaies that every inhabitant dwelling 
in or upon any of the said tenements, shalbe redye in time 
of warr for the Queue's service, to serve hir ma*^'® and hir 
successors w**' horse and armor sufficient according to the 
custome of the said county of Durham And shall also 
helpe, cherishe, mainteine and suffer all suche deere as shall 

hereafter come upon any of ther severall tenements 

quietly to depasture and feed without lett," etc. Dat. 15 
Feb., 25 Eliz. [1583]. With episcopal seal, broken. 

777. Settlement of a controversy by Sir Thomas 
Gawdye and William Ayloff, Justices of Common Pleas, 

Select Charters. 229 

between Henry, Lord Berkeley, and Edward Barwell, D.D., 
Master, and the Fellows, etc., of Christ's College, Cam- 
bridge, relating to the filling up of the living of Kegworth, 
on the death of Edward Hawford, parson, particularly as to 
whether the two clerks, nominated by the College, should 
attend personally on the said Lord Berkeley for the better 
selection of one of them for presentation to the said living. 
Dat. 28 Oct., 25 Eliz. [1583]. 

778. Lease, for 21 years, from Thomas Lovett, of 
Astewell, co. Northampton, to Raphe King, citizen and 
grocer of London, of the Manor of South Newnton, co. 
Oxon. Rent ;^8 13s. 46. Dat. 29 Sept. [1584]. 

779. Warrant from Edward, Earl of Lincoln, Lord 
High Admiral to Sir George Carey, Captain of the Isle of 
Wight, to restore to her owner, Thomas Portauquen, of 
Auraye, in France, a vessel called The Unicorn, which had 
been captured by William Fludde, Charles Jones, and 
others, well-known pirates, and recaptured by her Majesty's 
fleet, with all her equipment of guns, etc., her cargo of 
salt, etc., of which an inventory is appended. Dat. 5 Sept., 
[1584]. Annexed also is the acquittance by Thomas Por- 
tauquen, merchant, to Sir G. Carey and John Smyth, gent.. 
Customer of the port of Southampton, for the delivery of 
the said vessel. Dat. 8 Jan., 1585 [6]. 

780. Deed of sale from Henry Carey, Lord Hunsdon, 
and Sir George Carey, his son, to Thomas Foster, of St. 
John's Street, co. Midd., gent., of the wardship and marriage 
of John Collyn, son and heir of Thomas Collyn, late of 
Rochford, co. Essex. Dat. 8 Jan., 27 Eliz. [1585]. 

781. " A FULL and perfecte inventarie indented of a 
" barque of late broughte to the Isle of Wighte by William 

230 Berkeley Castle 

" Vaughan and others his adherentes, pirates, and there by 
" them lefte and of all the apparell and furnyture to the 
*' saide barque apperteyninge taken the xxvii*'^ daie of 
" January, 1584." 

782. Commission from Edward, Earl of Lincoln, Lord 
High Admiral to Sir George Carew, Captain of the Isle of 
Wight, to appoint four men to take the inventory of the 
contents of a French vessel wrecked off the Isle of Wio-ht. 
The inventory is appended and contains the following item 
only : " one hundred fourscore and sixe bagges of woade 
greatelie perished and decaied as well as in quantitie as in 
qualitie and goodnes by reason of the beatinge of them in 
the seas and torne on the rockes." Dat. 13 Jan., 1584 [5], 
The Admiralty seal is missing. 

"783. Release from Thomas Aldersey to Henry Carey, 
Lord Hunsdon, of the Manors of Hawes and Mire Hall, co. 
Norf , which the said Lord had two years before mortgaged 
to the said Thomas. Dat. 17 March, 27 Eliz. [1585]. 

"784. Assignment by Sir James Croft to Sir George 
Carey, Knt, William Mcux, and Thomas Fleming, of the 
powers granted to him by the Queen to search for lands in 
CO. Southampton, concealed or detained from the Crown, 
with copy of the Queen's grant. Dat. 12 July, 27 Eliz. 
[1585]. Signed and sealed. 

785. Warrant from Charles, Lord Howard, of Effing- 
ham, Lord High Admiral, to Sir George Carey, Captain of 
the Isle of Wight, to stay all vessels " as well English as 
strangers," in the ports within his jurisdiction that have not 
a special licence from the Admiralty to the contrary, and 
to make a return to the Court of Admiralty of all such 
vessels, etc. Dat. London, 5 August, [1585]. 

Sfxect Charters. 23 1 

736. Letters Patent of Charles, Lord Howard, of 
Effingham, K.G., Lord High Admiral, etc., to Sir George 
Carew, Vice-Admiral of Southampton, recalling the letters 
of reprisal of John Crooke, Richard Goddard and others, on 
account of the great enormities and abuses done by their 
ships "uppon the shippes goods and subjectes of such princes 
states and potentates as are in good league and ametie with 
Her Majesty contrarye to their said letters and commys- 
sions." Dat. 2 Feb., 28 Eliz. [1586]. Seal missing. 

^S"?. Commission to George Carye, Knt., Captain of 
the Isle of Wight, Thomas West, the elder, Thomas 
Worseley, Francis Cotton, William Mewes, John Dingeley 
and Richard Cotton, to enquire into the condition of the 
Isle of Wight, *' of late yeres greately decayed," and es- 
pecially to enquire " what groundes whereuppon howses of 
habitacion heretofore have stood which to this daye kepeth 
their watche in course of the beacons which are nowe 
utterly overthrowne and decayed and are comonly called 
voydes, etc." Dat. 19 Feb., 28 Eliz. [1586]. With great 

•788. Deed of sale from George Peckham, of Denham, 
from £16 I3sh. 4d., to Sir Hy. Carey, K.G., Lord Huns- 
don, of the brewing vessels in the capital messuage called 
" Denham Place," co. Bucks., viz., " one furnace with a 
copper vessell, Thre Breweinge Tonnes one Cowlbacke 
made of Dell Boarde with an Underbacke as they .stand 
arid are nowe fyxed and sett in the Brewhouse at Denham." 
Dat. 22 March, [1586]. Signed " G. Peckham." 

789. Acquittance by Michael Lymon, of Middle- 
bourg, in Zeeland, on behalf of himself and other Dutch 
merchants, owners of the ship Pelican, of Emden, 120 
tons, to George Raymonde, Captain of The Swiftsure, 

232 Berkeley Castle 

(who had captured the said vessel Pelican, under the 
impression that it was a Spanish vessel) for the recovery of 
the cargo of loi tons of figs and 12 hogsheads of oil, and 
;^50 indemnity for loss and damage. Dat. 9 April, 28 Eliz. 

790. Special Licence issued by John [Whitgift], 
Archbishop of Canterbury, for the marriage of George 
Sherly, of Astwell, co. Northt, Esquire, to Frances, daughter 
of Henry, Lord Berkeley. Dat. 12 Feb., 1586 [7]. With 
official seal, broken. 

791. Mortgage by Henry Carey, Lord Hunsdon, to 
Thomas Aldersey and Nicholas Moseley, citizens of 
London, for ;^i8oo, of the Manors of Hawes and More 
Hall, CO. Norf. Dat. 4 March, 29 Eliz. [1587]. 

792. Exemplification of an Exteht of the lands and 
possessions of Maurice de Berkeley, made at Gloucester on 
his death in 1280. Dat. 15 June, 29 Eliz. [1587]. With 
great seal. 

793. Warrant from Charles, Lord Howard, of Effing- 
ham, Lord High Admiral, to enquire into a complaint made 
by Barnabas Agasso and Oliver Garlott, of Morbian, in 
Brittany, masters of the ship called The Peryn, of Mor- 
bian, that they had been attacked by an English ship 
between Dover and Calais, and deprived of their merchan- 
dize, their guns and 600 French Crowns. Dat. 19 June, 

794. Commission, "out of the Exchequer," to John 
Carey, Master of the Household, Governor of the Isle of 
Wight, and others, to make enquiry and to take depositions 
from witnesses, etc., as to what lands belonging to the 
Crown have been detained or encroached upon in the Isle 
of Wight. Dat. 12 Feb., 30 EHz. [1588]. With Exchequer 
seal (broken). 

Select Charters. 233 

'795- Commission from Sir George Carey, Knt, Captain 
of the Isle of Wight, to Henry Locke, gentleman, and 
Richard Rigges as Captain and Mate of the Barque called 
The Michael, proceeding against the King of Spain. Dat. 
Carisbrooke Castle, 1st April, 1588. 

796. Commission from Qu. Elizabeth to Henry Carey, 
Lord Hunsdon, to be " Lieutenant, Principal Captain, and 
Governour of and over all our army levied and to be levied 
and assembled near unto us for the defence and surety of 
our own Royal person against the attemptes and powers of 
any manner [of] foreign forces or any the malicious and 
traitorous enterprises of any our rebellious or undutiful 
subjects," with a proviso that nothing in the commission 
shall derogate from the powers given to the Earl of Leices- 
ter, " authorized to lead an army to withstand the landing 
by sea and invasion of our realm by any foreign forces." 
Dat. 20 July, [1588]. Signed at top "Elizabeth," with 
great seal in brown wax (good impression). 

797. Confirmation by William Heydon, of Bacons- 
thorpe, Knt., of the grant by Eleanor Harward, widow of 
Clement Harward, to Thomas Harward, of the Manor of 
Alburgh, CO. Norf, and lands in Alburgh, Wickmer, Mat- 
lask, Barningham, Horeinge, etc., with power of attorney 
for livery of the same. Dat. 20 Sept., 30 Eliz. [1588]. 

"798. Indenture of instructions and orders given by 
Sir George Carey, Governor of the Isle of Wight, to the 
masters, mates and quarter-masters of the Marlion, the 
Musket, and the Gabriel proceeding to the coast of Spain 
on active service against the Spaniards. Amongst the 
instructions, thirty-two in number, are the following : — 

" Yow shall neither use nor willinglie permitt to be used, 
swearinge, takinge in vayne the name of the Lord, filthie 

234 Berkeley Castle 

speeche, dishonest communication nor anie uncivill con- 
versation which maie bringe the heavie displeasure of 
God against you, or if he shall give you victorie over your 
enemies, you shall not use anie crueltie but as you shalbe 
forced thereunto for your owne defence.'^ 

" Yf it shall happen that anie of you shall make any 
chase in the nighte you are to agree that after your lightes 
being shewed, there shalbe a token given by making a 
false fier." 

" Whosoever shall first escrie any saile out of the toppe 
or elsewhere that is lawful prise shall have xx^" to be paide 
him in money or the valewe thereof out of the same shippe." 

" When you shall fighte with anie of your enemies 
and that men shalbe encouraged to be forward in the 
enteringe, there shalbe geven to tenne of them x^'" that is 
xx8* a piece at the captain's and master's discrecion to suche 
as are best worthie of it." 

"Yf you shall winne anie birdes, beastes or straunge 
thinges not usuallie scene, you shall do your best endevor 
to commytt them to the custodie of some that wilbe care- 
full of the well keeping and bringing them home." 
Temp. Eliz. 

799. Commission from Henry Carey, Lord Hunsdon, 
to the Justices Itinerant of Royal Forests this side the 
Trent, to view a wood called " The Great Frith " in Barking, 
with the Commissioners' report that they found 6 or 7 acres 
of wood "of a great age," which might be cut without 
damage of " verdure or hunting." [viridis aut venacionis]. 
Dat. IS Jan. [1590]. 

800. Appointment by Robert Cutler, sen., and Robert 
Snellinge, Bailiffs, and the Burgesses and Commonalty of 

Select Charters. 235 

Ipswich, of Henry [Carey], Lord Hunsdon, to be Chief 
Seneschall of the said town. Dat. Ipswich, 28 September, 
32 Eliz. [1590]. With the corporate seal. 

801. Commission to Henry, Lord Hunsdon, Lord 
Chamberlain of the Queen's Household, Sir Thomas Hen- 
nage, Vice-Chamberlain, Master John Fortescue, Under- 
Treasurer of the Exchequer, and William Neale, Auditor 
of the same, empowering them to examine Nicholas Pigeon, 
Executor of the late John Pigeon. Keeper of the Queen's 
Standing Wardrobe at the Tower, and to take view of the 
stock of the wardrobe stuffe, to dispose of the " olde worne 
and unserviceable stuffe being so meane that the same is 
unmete to remaine anye longer in charge for infecting of 
better stuffe," and to give the said Nicholas due acquittance 
for the accompt. Dat. 21 April, 33 Eliz. [1591]. With 
great seal, broken. 

802. Deed of sale from Henry Carey, Lord Hunsdon, 
and Sir George Carey, Knight, to Thomas Foster, of the 
wardship and marriage of Mary and Johan Collyn, sisters 
of John Collyn, deceased, son and heir of Thomas Collyn, 
late of Rochford, co. Essex, Dat. i Sept., 33 Eliz, [1591]. 

803. Settlement of suit between John Crocke, mer- 
chant, of Southampton, owner of " The Lyon of Hampton," 
John Okers, Captain of the same, and the other officers of 
the ship, and Sir George, Carey, Knt., Captain of the Isle 
of Wight, etc., relating to the ship or prize called " our 
Ladye of Viana in Portugal," laden with India or Sancta 
Domingo Hides, which Sir George alleges was captured by 
his ship, The Swallow, but which the former parties 
declare is the prize of their ship The Lyon, " who seased 
upon her after she had yealded unto the Swallow," the 

236 Berkeley Castle 

said owner captain, etc., of the Lyon, consenting to release 
all claim on condition of receiving ;^200 from Sir G. Carey. 
Dat. 10 Sept. [1591]. 

801. Interrogatories put by the Bailiff and Con- 
stables of Newport, Isle of Wight, to four Spaniards who 
were taken prisoners off Havana in their ship The Senora 
Rosarn, laden with sugar and hides, by an English vessel 
called The Swallow ; with their replies. Dat. 22 Oct., 
33 Eliz. [iS9il- 

805. Commission from Henry Carey, Lord Hunsdon, 
Chief Justice Itinerant of the Royal Forests, etc., this side 
Trent, to the verdurers of Rockingham Forest, to certify for 
the cutting and clearing of thirty-five acres of woodland for 
Sir William Hatton, Knt. The verdurers' certificate is 
attached. Dat. 20, 24 Dec, 34 Eliz. [1591]. 

806. InspEXIMUS made by request of Richard Thomas, 
Bailiff of Henry, Lord Berkeley, of a book relating to 
names of towns made in the time of Edward II. for the 
Remembrancer of the Treasury, " in as far as it refers to the 
names of the towns, boroughs and hundreds of co. Glouces- 
ter." Dat. 7 Feb., 34 Eliz. [1592]. With exchequer seal. 

807. Appointment by the Mayor, Bailiffs and Com- 
monalty of Oxford, of Henry, Lord Hunsdon, to be High 
Steward of the City of Oxford for his lifetime, with grant 
of the usual salary of ;^5 yearly. Dat. 2 March, 34 Eliz. 
[1592]. With the city seal. 

808. Licence from the Crown to Henry, Lord Wynd- 
sor, to alienate the Manor in Crampford le Mote [Cranford], 
CO. Midd., to Andrew Wyndsor, Esquire. Dat. i April, 34 
Eliz. [1592]. With great seal, broken. 

Select Charters. 237 

809. Commission to Arthur, Lord Grey de Wilton, 
K.G., Thomas Chaloner, Knt, William Fleetevvood, ser- 
jeant-at-law, George Throkmerton, Esquire, and Edward 
Tirrell, Esquire, to enquire into the state of Whaddon 
Chace, Co. Bucks. Dat. 12 June, 34 Eliz. [1592]. Signed 
by Henry Carey, Lord Hunsdon, as Chief Justice of the 
Queen's Forests on this side Trent. With fragment of 
great seal. 

810. Writ for the execution of a judgment in chancery 
in the suit between Henry, Lord Berkeley, and John 
Zouche, Esquire, with Marie his wife, daughter of the said 
Lord Berkeley, concerning the manor of, and mining rights 
in Codnor, co. Derby. Dat. 14 June, 34 Eliz. [1592]. With 
seal, defaced. 

811. Inquest held at Whaddon, co. Bucks., before 
Arthur, Lord Grey, of Wilton, and other special commis- 
sioners and a jury, touching offences and other misdemean- 
ours within Her Majesty's chace of Whaddon. Dat. 13 
Sept., 34 Eliz. [1592]. 

812. Lease, for 21 years, from John, Archbishop, and 
the Dean and Chapter of York to Charles, Lord Howard, 
Lord High Admiral, of York House, Battersea, co. Surrey, 
" nowe being in great decaye for lack of reparacions and 
like shortlie moste parte thereof to falle down," etc., at an 
annual rent of forty shillings, on condition that the said 
Lord Admiral shall repair the house within four years. 
Dat. 16 July, 35 Eliz., [1593]. With signature of the Arch- 
bishop and with the Archiepiscopal seal, broken — the 
chapter seal is missing. 

813. Deed of sale from Walter Blount, " of the mar- 
shalsey in the county of Surrey," to Sir George Carey, Knt. 
of the site of the dissolved monastery of Clerkenwell at a 

23^ Berkeley Castle 

yearly rent of 40 marks, and a payment of ;^20 on entry, 
with this proviso " that if the Catholique Romishe religion 
shall hereafter be att any tyme established within this 
Realme of England by the lawes of the land," that then the 
said Walter shall retake possession of the said property. 
Dat. I Apr., 36 Eliz. [1594]. 

Sl'l. Licence from the Crown to Henry, Lord Wynde- 
sor, to alienate to Thomas Crompton, Esquire, and Mary 
his wife, the Manor of Cranford, co. Middlesex. Dat. 2 
April, 36 Eliz. [1594]. With great seal. 

815. Release from Henry Carey, Lord Hunsdon, to 
William Drywood, son and heir of Thomas Drywood, late 
of Great Warley, co. Essex, yeoman, of the wardship of the 
said William, and of so much of the Manor of Franks al. 
Warley Francke, and of Smythe's lands in Baynham, as 
descended to the latter on the decease of his father. Dat. 
10 Dec, 37 Eliz. [1594]. 

816. Exemplification of Domesday for the Hundred 
of Berkeley, and the Lordship of Bosham, co. Sussex, and 
of records " Quo warranto " for the Hundred of Portbury, 
CO. Som., the parsonage and liberty of Melton Mowbray, 
the liberty of Tetbury, etc. Dat. 7 Nov., 37 Eliz. [1595]. 
With seal, broken. 

81'7. Deed of sale from Henry, Lord Hunsdon, to 
Lady Katharine Haywarde, widow of Sir Rowland Hay- 
warde, of the wardship and marriage of her son George 
Hayward, which the said Lord Hunsdon acquired by grant 
from the Crown. Dat. 31 Jan., 38 Eliz. [1596]. 

818. Deed of sale from Walter Windsor, Esquire, and 
Edward Windsor, his son, to Thomas Crompton, of London, 
Esquire, of Cranford Manor. Dat. i March, 38 Eliz. [1596]. 

Select Charters. 239 

819. Licence from the Crown to Thomas Crompton, 
Esquire, and Mary his wife, to alienate to William Flete- 
wood, Esquire, and Jane, his wife, the Manor of Cranford. 
Dat. 2 March, 38 Eliz. [1596]. 

820. Writ from Charles Howard, Baron Effingham, 
K.G., Lord Lieutenant of Sussex, etc., to all Vice-Admirals, 
Sheriffs, etc., for the arrest and attachment of the ship 
" Pilgrim,'^ of Newport, Isle of Wight, and of Richard 
James, of Newport, merchant. Dat. 14 March, [1596.] 

821. Lease, for 1000 years, from Thomas Crompton, 
of London, Esquire, to Sir Thomas Chalener, of Steeple 
Claydon, co. Bucks., Knt., William Fletewood, of Missen- 
don, CO. Bucks., James Pemberton, of Londv^n, goldsmith, 
and Anthony NichoUs, of Paddington, gent., of the Manor 
of Cranford, late belonging to the dissolved monastery of 
Thame. Dat. 26 March, 38 Eliz. [1596]. 

822. Deed of apprenticeship of Robert Johnson, son 
of John Johnson, late one of the Queen's Musicians, as 
" allowes or covenaunt servaunt," to Sir George Carey, Knt., 
for the term of 7 years, " duering all which said terme of 
seaven yeares the saide Robert Johnson doth covenaunt 
and graunt unto his said master good true and faithfull and 
dilligent service — hurte to his said master he shall not doe 
nor suffer to be donn which he maie lawfully lett — fornica- 
tion he shall not commit — matreymoney during the said 
terme he shall not contract — at the cards, dice or any other 
unlawfull games he shall not play — with the goods of his 
owne or other mens he shall not marchandize — from the 
service of his said master dale or night he shall not absent 

himself The said Sir George Carye doth covenaunt 

and graunt by theis presents to teach and enstruct or cause 
to be taught and enstructed his said servaunt in th'arte of 

240 Berkeley Castle 

musicke, fynding and allowinge unto his said servaunt 
sufficient and competent meate, drink, apparell, beddinge 
and washinge and all thinges to him needefull and con- 
venient dureing the said terme, And also to give unto his 
said servaunt every yere during the said terme one penie in 
the name of his sallary and wagis. And in th'ende of the 
said terme doble apparrell both lynnen and wollen." Dat. 
29 March, 38 Elizabeth, [1596]. 

823. Recovery by William Mathewe and Edmund 
Foster, against Thomas Lovett, Esquire, of the Manor of 
Dorsyngton. Dat. 24 Jan., 39 Eliz. [1597]. With official 
seal, broken. 

82^. Deed of sale from Sir George Carey to Anne 
Waller, widow of Richard Waller, gent,, of the wardship of 
Thomas Waller, son and heir of the late Richard Waller, 
late of Leigh, co. Kent, gent. Dat. 5 May, 38 Eliz. [1596]. 

825. INSPEXIMUS of record of an action by writ of 
attaynt by James, Lord Berkeley, [Easter Term, 31 Hen. 
VI.] to prove his title to the Berkeley Manors. Dat. 15 
June, 39 Eliz. [i597]- 

826. Deed of sale from Henry, Lord Hunsdon, to 
Mathye Rudd, of Chelmsford, of the wardship and marriage 
of John Coker, son and heir of John Coker, of co. Suff. Dat. 
27 June, 38 Eliz. [1596]. 

82*7. Exemplification at the request of Anne, Coun- 
tess of Warwick, of the Charter of King John, confirming 
the grants of Berkeley, etc., to Robert, son of Maurice de 
Berkeley. Dat. 13 Oct., 39 Eliz. [1597]. With great seal, 
(fine impression). 

828. Exemplification, at the request of John Smyth, 
gent., of the following Records : 

Select Charters. 241 

1. Inquiry after the death of Maurice de Berkeley, for Uley 

Manor, 21 Edw. III. 

2. Inquiry into the title of John Sergeant's lands at Stone, 
47 Edw. III. 

3. Inquiry after the death of Ela de Bradeston's lands at 

Bradstone, Stinchcombe, Stancombe, etc., 1 1 Hen. IV. 

Dat. 22 Feb., 40 Eliz. [1598]. With great seal, broken. 

829. Exemplification, at the instance of Henry, 
Lord Berkeley, of the following Records : 

1. King Henry VIII.'s commission and schedule for the 

anticipation of the payment of the subsidy granted 
Anno 1 5, for expenses of the war in France. 

2. The collection of the first payment of Ihe subsidy 

granted lO Hen. VIII. 

3. The collection of the second payment of the same. 

4. The collection of the subsidy granted 32 Hen. VIII. 

5. The collection of the subsidy granted 34, 35 Hen. VIII. 

Dat. 30 June, 40 Eliz. [1598]. Seal defaced. Endorsed 
" Theis fyve Recordes out of the Exchequer prove the issue 
for the plaintiff directly." 

830. Mortgage by George Carey, Lord Hunsdon, 
Lord Chamberlain of the Household, and John Seyntleger, 
Esquire, to the Crown, for ;^io, of the Manors of Ayles- 
bury, Twiford Park, Newport Pagnall, Little Linford and 
Much Linford, co. Bucks , and Old Swinford, Stourbridge, 
Hagley, Broome and Cradley, co. Worcester. Dat. 31 
August, 40 Eliz. [1598]. With signatures and seals of the 

, R 


242 Berkeley Castle 

831. Presentment of the Jury for co. Glouc, that 
James Bridge, of Wyke, in Berkeley, and John Saunders, 
labourers, forcibly broke into and entered New Park, in 
Hamme, and hunted the deer with nets, killing and carry- 
ing off " a doe and a fawn " contrary to the statute of 
3 Edw. I. Dat. 2 Feb., 41 Eliz. [1599]. 

832. Assignment by George Carey, Lord Hunsdon, 
to Thomas Smythe, and William Craven, Aldermen, Bap- 
tiste Hickes and Edward Barnes, citizens and mercers of 
the city of London, of all rights and privileges granted to 
the Warden and Company of Tallow-Chandlers by letters 
patent, dated 19 Eliz., for the searching, viewing, testing, etc. 
of the following articles : soap, vinegar, barreled butter, oils 
and hops, manufactured in or imported into the city of 
London, and condemning of what may be found corrupt or 
adulterated "with tallowe or other corrupt things." Dat. 
18 Apr., 42 Eliz. [1600]. 

833. Specl\l Livery to George, Lord Hunsdon, of 
the lands of his late father, Henry, Lord Hunsdon. Dat. 
3 May, 42 Eliz. [1600]. 

834. Appointment by William Blake, Bailiff, and the 
Burgesses of Andover, co. Southampton, of George Carey, 
Lord Hunsdon, as Steward of the Manor and Hundred of 
Andover, with a salary of 40 shillings a year, payable out 
of the issues of the said manor. Dat. 4 May, 43 Eliz. 
[1601]. With the common seal of the town, in brown wax, 
on a mount a lion statant guardant beneath a tree. 

835* Grant by Qu. Elizabeth to Gideon Amondesham 
al. Awnsham and George Needier, of the Manor of Cran- 
ford, CO. Midd. Dat. l^ Dec, Anno 45 [1602]. With great 

Select Charters. 243 

836. Exemplification, at the request of Michael 
Stanhope, Esquire, Groom of the Queen's Privy Chamber, 
of the following Records: viz., deeds of entail,with remainder 
in the Crown, of the Manors of Doningworth and Staverton, 
CO. Suff,, tempp. Edw. I.-Hen. IV. — Writ ad quod damp- 
num for common of pasture and heath within the hundred 
of Isleworth, co. Midd., with the Return of the same writ. 
29 Edw. I. — Confirmation of grant made by John Nevill to 
the Priory of Hounslow, of the Manor of Bedfont, co. Midd. 
7 Edw. II. Dat. 14 Jan., 45 Eliz. [1603]. 

SS"?. Deed of sale from George, Lord Hunsdon, to 
John Muschampe, of Claydons, co. Essex, of the wardship 
and marriage of Robert Noble, son and heir of Robert 
Noble, late of Claydons. Dat. 4 Feb., 45 Eliz. [1603]. 

838. Grant from the Crown to George Thorpe, Richard 
Webbe and John Mathieu and their heirs in perpetuity, of 
the Manor of Canonbury, co. Glouc, at an annual rent of 
forty-seven shillings and fivepence. Dat. Westminster, 
21 Feb., 45 Eliz. [1603]. With great seal. 

839. Licence from the Crown to Sir William Flete- 
wood, Knt, Gideon Amondesham al. Awnsham and George 
Needier, to alienate to Sir Roger Aston, Knt., the Manor 
of Cranford. Dat. i Sept., 2 James I. [1604.] With great 

8^0* Grant in perpetuity from James I. to Sir Roger 
Aston, Knt., of the Manor of Cranford, co. Midd. Dat. 
24 Dec, Anno 2 [1604]. With great seal. 

841. Acquittance by John Thomas, of Newport, Isle 
of Wight, gent., to Elizabeth, widow of the late Sir George 
Carey, Lord Hunsdon, Chamberlain of the Household, for 
£40 in payment of all demands of the said John Thomas, 

R 2 

244 Berkeley Castle 

" for divers employments wherein the said Lord Chamber- 
layne imployed the said John Thomas about certayne forti- 
fications at the Castle of Carisbrooke in the saide Isle of 
Wight, and for divers Attendaunces before the Lords of the 
Pryvie Councell of the late Queene Elizabeth of famous 
memory." Dat i February, 1604 [5]. With small red seal. 

842. Exemplification of an action brought by Henry, 
Lord Berkeley, against William Kymorley al. Cooke, for 
trespass and killing of a buck in Mickelwood Chace in 
Alkington, near Berkeley, on 9th July, 1588. Dat. 26 Nov., 
3 James I. [1605]. With seal, broken. 

843. Letters of the Master, Fellows and Scholars of 
Christ's College, Cambridge, giving the names of Edward 
Barwell, M.A., and Mathew Warde, M.A., Fellows of the 
College for nomination of one of them by Henry, Lord 
Berkeley, for presentation to the living of Kegworth by the 
College. Dat. 3 July, 4 James I. [1606]. With seal of the 
College, rubbed. 

844. Nomination by Henry, Lord Berkeley, to the 
Master, Fellows, etc., of Christ's College, Cambridge, of 
Edward Barwell for presentation to the living of Kegworth, 
CO. Leic. Dat. 18 July [1606]. Copy. 

845. Letters Patent of James I., granting to Lady 
Arabella Stuart any profits or issues arising from the sale 
or disposal of the manors and lands in the County of Essex, 
of which the late Qu. Elizabeth was lawfully seased cither 
in her own right or by conveyance from John Seyntleger, 
Esquire. Dat. 9 March, Anno 4 [1607]. Paper Copy. 

846. Licence, from the Crown, to Sir Roger Aston, 
Knt., to alienate to Sir John Stanhope, Knt., Sir Thomas 

Select Charters. 245 

Aston, Knt., Thomas Ireland, Esquire, and Lawrence 
Wright, gent., the Manor of Cranford. Dat. i Apr., 5 
James I. [1607]. 

847- Exemplification of an action in Court of Com- 
mon Pleas brought by Maurice Berkeley against John 
Wenlok, Esquire, Nicholas Daunt and John Howehell, late 
of Wotton-under-Edge, for an assault and false imprison- 
ment suffered at their hands at Stanley St. Leonard's, 
15 Edw. IV. [1475-6]. Dat. 22 Apr., 5 Jas. I. [1608]. With 

818, 849. Exemplification, in duplicate, of an action 
in King's Bench brought by Thomas Berkeley against 
Nicholas Daunt, late of Wotton, and John Daunt, late of 
Wotton, and others for trespass in 15 Edw. IV. [1475-6]. 
Dat. 4 May, 5 Jas. I. [1608]. With seals. 

850. Inspeximus of depositions, etc., in a suit between 
Sir Richard Williams, al. Cromwell, and Richard Byriate, of 
Pyrton, co. Glouc, and others, fishermen, concerning the 
right to a certain fishery in the Severn called The Gale, 
which the said Richard claims to hold by grant from the 
Crown. Dat. 7 July, 5 Jas. I. [1607]. With seal, defaced, 

851. Exemplification of the interrogatories on the 
part of the defendant, John Adams and others, in a lawsuit 
brought by Sir Richard Williams, al. Cromwell, Knt, con- 
cerning'rights in a fishery in the R. Severn, on the Berkeley 
lands. Dat. Westminster, 7 July, 5 Jas. I. [1607]. 

852. Licence from King James I. to Robert Sidney, 
Viscount Lisle, Barbara, his wife, and William, their son and 
heir apparent, to Henry Lord Berkeley, and Thomas Ber- 
keley, Knt., to alienate to William Dutton and John Smyth 
the manors of Wotton, Simondshall, Cam, Hinton, Coaley, 
Arlingham, etc. Dat. i Sep. Anno 7 [1609]. With great 

246 Berkeley Castle 

853. Licence from James I. to William Button and 
John Smyth to alienate the manor of Wotton to Thomas 
Spencer, Esquire, and Thomas Ligon, gent. Dat. Westmin- 
ster, I July, Anno 10 [1612]. With great seal. 

854. Exemplification of fine from William Button 
and John Smyth to Thomas Spencer and Thomas Lygon, 
of Wotton Foreign and other manors, co. Glouc. Bat. 9 
Oct. 10 James I. [1612]. Much defaced. With fragment 
of seal. 

855. Injunction to John Arundell, James ClifTord, 
Esquires, Thomas Luffingham, Giles Addys and others to 
observe a decree in chancery given against them as defend- 
ants in a suit to make good their title to the ground in 
Slimbridge, called the New Warth. Bat. 3 May, 1 1 James I. 
[161 3]. With great seal, chipped. 

856. Letters of administration to Elizabeth, widow of 
Sir Thomas Berkeley, Knt, late of Callowdon, in Coventry, 
CO. Warw. Bat. 12 Feb. 161 3[4]. With seal of the Pre- 
rogative Court of Canterbury (broken), 

85*7. Licence from James I. to Gilbert Houghton, Knt. 
and Margaret, his wife, and Samuel Peyton, Bart., to alienate 
to Elizabeth Berkeley, widow, the fourth part of Cranford 
manor. Bat. i March, Anno 14 [161 7]. With great seal. 

858. Petition of the "Baylie Burgesses and other 
inhabitants " of the Borough of Tetbury, to [George, Lord 
Berkeley] concerning " the liberties, privileages, customes 
and usages antiently used and accustomed " within the 
said Borough and Manor of Tetbury [therein recited] ; 

859. Special livery granted to Sir Gilbert Haughton, 
Bart, and Margaret his wife, and others, as coheirs of Sir 
Roger Aston, Knt. Bat. 13 June, 16 James I. [1618]. With 
great seal. 

Select Charters. 247 

830, Nomination by Elizabeth, widow of Sir Thomas 
Berkeley, Knt., " in the right of her son [George] the Lo. 
Berkeley " of Joseph Cranford, " borne in Warrwickshire," * 
who had been recommended to her as " a towardly youth, 
and sufficiently learned to enter into the studie of Logick " 
for admission to a scholarship at Christ's College, Cam- 
bridge. Dat. 13 June, 1621. Copy. 

861. Licence to George, Lord Berkeley, to travel 
" beyond the seas with six servants and forty pounds in 
money, for one year, on condition that he travel not in any 
country that is not in league or amity with England nor use 
the company of anie Jesuit, Seminarie or otherwise evill 
affected persons" to the State. Dat. 31 July, 2 Charles L 
[1626]. Signed at the top " Charles R."; with paper signet. 

862. Certificate of ordination by John, Bishop of 
Oxford, of George Wilson, M.A., to Deacon's orders. Dat. 
24 Sept. 1626. With signature ; and seal, broken. 

863. Certificate of ordination by Richard, Bishop of 
Oxford, of George Wilson, M.A., to Priest's orders. Dat. 
I Dec. 1628. With signature and seal. 

864. Licence from the Crown to George, Lord Ber- 
keley, to alienate to Elizabeth Berkeley, widow, the manor, 
borough, hundred and castle of Berkeley, with dependant 
manors, and the manor of Melton Mowbray, co. Leic. Dat. 
I July, 6 Charles I. [1630]. 

865. Licence from the Crown to Elizabeth, Lady 
Berkeley, widow, to alienate to Sir Robert Coke, Knt., John 
Smyth and John Curnocke the manor of Cranford, to the 
use of George Berkeley, nephew of the said Lady Berkeley. 
Dat. 10 Jan., 10 Charles I. [1635]. With great seal, broken. 

1 The Indenture of 7 Henry VIII. says that the nominee shall be of the 
County of Gloucester. 

248 Berkeley Castle 

866. Letters of the Master, Fellows and Scholars of 
Christ's College, Cambridge, to Sir George Berkeley, Lord 
Berkeley proposing the names of Michael Honywood and 
John Alsop for nomination of one of them to be presented 
by the college to the living of Kegworth, void by the death 
of Edward Barwell. Dat. 3 Dec. 1639. With seal, broken. 

867. Certificate of ordination by Walter, Bishop of 
Winchester " at his dwelling house at Southwark," of 
Maurice Berkeley, M.A., Oxon, to Deacon's orders. Dat. 
I March, i639[40]. With signature and seal. 

868. Presentation to Maurice Berkeley of the Rec- 
tory of Seagrave, co. Leic, void by the death of Robert 
Burton. Dat. 7 April, 1640. 

869. Certificate of ordination of John, Bishop of Lin- 
coln, of Maurice Berkeley, M.A., Oxon, to Priest's orders. 
Dat. 20 Dec. 1640. With signature and fragment of seal. 

8'70. Admission by Thomas, Bishop of Lincoln, of 
George Wilson, clerk, to the Rectory of Seagrave, co. Leic. 
Dat. 22 August, 1645. With episcopal seal, defaced. 

8*71. Injunction of Charles I. confirming George 
Berkeley, Esquire, and others, in the possession of the 
New Ground, Slimbridge, which they hold as sub-tenants of 
Arnold Oldisworth and George Thorpe, Esquires, lessees 
under Robert, Viscount Lisle. Dat. 26 June, 24 Charles I. 
[1648]. With fragment of seal. 

8*72. Lease, for a term of 21 years, from George 
Berkeley, Esquire, son and heir apparent of George, Lord 
Berkeley, to Thomas Smyth, of Wanswell, gent., of the 
" power, licence and authority to search, bore, digge and 
trye for the findinge out of Fullers earth and Tobacco-pipe 

Select Charters. 249 

clay or either of them within all or any the waste and wast 
grounds of the said George Berkeley," paying yearly to the 
latter a moiety of the clear yearly profits and increase of 
the said Fullers earth and Tobacco-pipe clay. Dat. 20 Oct. 
1649. With signature of Thomas Smyth. 

873. Presentation by George, Lord Berkeley, to the 
Archbishop of York, of John Strickland, to the Rectory of 
Sutton Bunnington, co. Notts, of which the said Lord is 
Patron, void on the death of Thomas Savage. Dat. i Nov. 
1662. With seal, broken. 

87^1, Lease for 99 years from George Thorpe, of Wans- 
well, Esquire, to Francis Atwood, of Berkeley, Fisherman, 
" all that one Fishing or Stage in Seaverne called the Long 
Stage " in the parish of Berkeley, at an annual rent of five 
shillings, reserving to himself the right of using the stage 
for four days every year, of which notice shall be given the 
day before, and reserving also " all great and Royal Fishes 
as Porpuise, Sturgion and the like." Dat. 2 Feb. 1669 [70]. 
With small seal. 

8*75. Recital of certificate testifying that George, Lord 
Berkeley, received the sacrament in the Parish Church of 
Chiswick; co. Midd. and subscribed to the Oaths of Supre- 
macy and Allegiance, making the following declaration : 
*' I doe declare that I doe beleeve that there is not any 
Transubstantiation in the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper 
or in the Elements of bread and wine att or after the 
Consecration thereof by any person whatsoever, juxta for- 
nam tenorem effectum et exigentiam cujusdam Actus 
Parliamenti in hac parte nuper editi et provisi scilicet anno 
prius supramencionato intitulati. An Act for preventing 
dangers which may happen from Popish Recusants," etc, 
Dat. 16 April, 25 Charles II. [1673]. 

250 Berkeley Castle 

876. Memorandum, that at a General Assembly of 
the Society of Merchant Adventurers within the City of 
Bristol, on Saturday, the nth of July, 1674, the right 
Honorable George, Lord Berkeley, Baron of Berkeley, etc., 
was by an unanimous vote, admitted a member of the said 
Society. Signed by Thomas Earle, Master, the two war- 
dens, and the five assistants of the company. With paper 

877, 878. Deed of sale for £\2 from John Smyth, of 
Nibley, Esquire, to Hon. Sir Charles Berkeley, K.B., of 
" all that his Rock or Fishinge in Seaverne in the parish of 
Berkeley .... commonly called and knowne by the name 
of Longstadge . . . . and a'soe all sands, soyle and oase 
extending in length and bredth of the said Rock, from the 
said Rock unto the midle of the channel," etc., with all 
royal Fishes, as Sturgeons, Whales, and Porpoises, etc. 
Dat. 27 March, 1678. With signature and seal. 

879. Nomination by the Master, Fellows, etc., of 
Christ's College, of " Mr. John Bolton and Dr. John Covell " 
for selection of one of them by George, Earl of Berkeley, 
to the Rectory of Kegworth, void by the death of Dr. 
Michael Honywood. Dat. 19 Sept, 1681. With seal, 

880. Notification by Ralph Cudworth, Master of 
Christ's College, Cambridge, to George, Lord Berkeley, 
that the Scholarship at the College on his nomination is 
now vacant, but reminding him that the person nominated 
ought to be of the county of Gloucester. Dat. 23 Sept., 

881. Nomination by George, Earl of Berkeley, to the 
Master, Fellows, etc., of Christ's College, Cambridge, of 

Select Charters. 251 

[name omitted] ^ one of the two selected by the College, viz., 
" Mr. John Bolton and Dr. John Covell," for presentation 
to the living of Kegworth, co. Leic. Dat. 3 Oct., 168 1. 

882. Appointment by the Governours of Charterhouse 
of George, Earl of Berkeley, to be a Governor, vice Hon. 
Henry Coventry, deceased. Dat. 17 Jan., 1686. With 
seal of the Hospital [bad impression], and signatures and 
seals of the Governors. 

883. Letters of safe-conduct to Charles, Viscount 
Dursley, despatched as Ambassador to the lords " federata- 
rum Belgii provinciarum." Dat. Hampton Court Palace, 
31 Aug., 1689. With paper seal and signature "Gulielmus R." 

88^. Commission to Charles, Lord Dursley, to nego- 
tiate a treaty of peace and commerce with the King of 
Denmark. Dat. Whitehall, 5 Nov., 1690. With signature 
of King William HI, and paper signet. 

885. Grant by the Governor and Committees of the 
Company of the Royal Fishery of England, of .^500 to 
Charles, Viscount Dursley, " in consideration of the labour, 
pains, loss of time, and great expenses," that the said Lord 
Dursley "hath been at in the service of the Company." 
Dat. 29 Nov., 1697. 

886. Letters Patent of William HL to Charles, Duke 
of Bolton, and Charles, Earl of Berkeley, Kings' Justices in 
Ireland, notifying the appointment of Brigadier Richard 
Ingoldsby as Governor of Limerick. Dat. " At our Court 
at Loo," 31 Aug., I7CXD. With signatures of the King and 
of William Blathwayt [Secretary at War]. 

^ Dr. Covel was instituted to the living, 31 Oct., i68i. — Nicholls' History 
of the County 0/ Leicester, iii. 856, 

252 Berkeley Castle 

887. Letters of the Master, Fellows and Scholars of 
Christ's College, Cambridge, proposing the names of 
Thomas Parkinson, clerk, Bachelor of Divinity, and John 
Metcalfe, clerk, for selection of one of them by Frederick 
Augustus, Earl of Berkeley, to be presented by the College 
to the living of Kegworth, void on the death of John 
Willey, M.A. Dat 14 Oct., 1789. With paper signet. 

888. General 1 Pardon from King Henry VII. to 
William, Lord Berkeley, Earl of Nottingham, etc. Dat. 
12 Dec, Anno i [1485]. 

889. INQUISITIO-POST-MORTEM made at York, 30 Aug., 
8 Hen. VII. [1492], of William, Marquis of Berkeley. 

890. Indenture of agreement between King Henry 
VIII. and Maurice, Lord Berkeley [styled "Sir Maurice 
Berkeley, Knight for his body,"] whereby the latter under- 
takes to serve the King under Thomas [Gray], Marquis of 
Dorset, in the war in Gascony and Guienne, with a retinue 
of "ccccxi hable men defensibly arrayed." Dat. 30 Apr., 
4 Hen. VIII. [15 12]. With signature of the King. 

891. INQUISITIO-POST-MORTEM held at Coventry, 15 
Sept., 2 Edw. VI. [1548], of Thomas, Lord Berkeley. 

892. Licence from Matthew [Parker], Archbishop of 
Canterbuiy, for the marriage of Sir George Carew, Knt., 
and Elizabeth Spenser, daughter of Sir John Spenser, Knt. 
Dat. 29 Dec, 1574. 

1 This and the four following charters were found too late to be inserted in 
their proper place. 




1. Will of John de Coueley, of Berkeley. Amongst 
his bequests are : — to the Chaplain of Berkeley, Alexander, 
4 pence ; to the Chaplain of St. Mary's Chapel, Berkeley, 
3 pence ; for bread for the poor at his burial, I3sh. 4d. ; to 
William Capel, a bow and half his arrows, a new "creagra" ^ 
and a belt for stitching a cross-bow ; to Alan Scot, a bow 
and the rest of his arrows, I2 cups, etc. ; to Richard Clerk, 
a doe skin ; to John Braci, all his kitchen knives, etc. Dat. 
Vigil of SS. Peter and Paul [29 June] 1316. [On paper], 

2. Will of Henry Praiers, Knight, late lord of Dor- 
sington, containing various bequests and directions for his 
burial in the Choir of Lavendon Monastery. With the 
probate dated Tuesd. after Epiph. [6 Jan.] 1322. 

3. Will of William Golde, leaving bequests to Wor- 
cester Cathedral, Berkeley Church, to the light of St. Mary 
in the chancel there, to the Friars of St. Augustine, Bristol ; 
to the Friars Minor there, etc. Dat. F. of St. Mark 
[25 Apr.] 1329. 

1 Creagra, lit. fleshhook ; hence, perhaps, the iron hook which the cross- 
bowman placed in the ground to hold his weapon while he fired it. Ed. 

254 Berkeley Castle 

4. Will of Maurice Chapstowe, of Wotton, leaving 
bequests to the Mother Church of Worcester to the light of 
the Holy Cross of Wotton, to the Friars Minor of Bristol, etc. 
Dat. F. of Tr. of St. S within [2 July], 1342. 

5. Will of Nicholas le Skot, wherein he bequeaths 
various sums to Berkeley Church, Worcester Cathedral, to 
the Vicar of Berkeley, etc. Executors, Margaret his wife, 
and William le Muleward. Dat. Mon. bef. F. of St. Mar- 
garet [20 July], 1348. With probate dated iiij Id. Nov. 
[10 Nov.] 1348. 

6. Will of Richard Beveregge, of Wotton, bequeathing 
fourpence to the fabric of Worcester Cathedral, and to his 
wife his tenement called Coppedehalle, etc. Dat. Vigil of 
St. Matthew [21 Sept.,] 1348. With probate dated 1349. 

7. Will of John Wale, of Bristol, whereby he makes 
many bequests to the religious orders of Bristol, viz., to the 
Friars Preachers ; to the Rector of St. Peter's ; to the 
chaplain and clerks of Pendelesford ; to the Altar of Holy 
Cross of St. Peter's a cloth of silk ; to the Vicar of Red- 
cliff ; to the Church of St. Thomas, two cloths of silk, with 
five smaller cloths ; to the Friars Preachers xx. s. and a 
pair of vestments with chalice, " corporalia, et manuter- 
gium " ; to the Friars Minors ; to the Carmelites ; to the 
Austin Friars ; to the Vicar of Tickenham two bushells of 
corn. He also bequeaths to William, the Miller, of Ticken- 
ham, his better robe; to Isabel, daughter of Hugh le Hunte, 
a bed, two spoons of silver with a mazer, a brass pot, and a 
silver cup ; to Margaret, his wife, one great mazer, one 
" note " ^ and a silver cup with a silver cover : and his 
houses and lands to Thomas his brother, his daughters 
Agnes and Agnes [sic], Margaret his wife and others, 

• Sc, nut, a kind of small urn— Halliwell. 

Select Charters. 255 

making the latter, with Stephen Stowe and Dom. Thomas 
de Pendelesford, Chaplain, his executors. Dat. Th. bef. F. 
of St. Luke [18 Oct.] 1348. With probate. 

8. Will of Walter Baldwyn, of Wotton, containing 
bequests to the fabric of the Mother Church of Worcester and 
to the Church of Wotton ; and bequeathing his household 
goods to his widow, children, etc. ; and to his daughter Edith 
a tenement to provide the expense of a Chaplain to say- 
masses for him. Dat. F. of St. Edmund the King [22 Nov.] 

9. Will of John Averay,of Wotton-under-Edge, making 
bequests to Wotton Church, to the poor of Wotton, etc. 
Dat. Easter Thursday [4 Apr.] 1352. 

10. Will of Robert Thomas, of Wotton-under-Edge, 
wherein he bequeaths six pence to the fabric of Worcester 
Cathedral ; to Wotton Church the moiety of one *' maser," 
and to the Rector there the other moiety ; to Henry Torte- 
worth " omnia instrumenta mea ad artem meam pertinentia 
et unam togam de bokhorn et unam tunicam de bokhorn"; 
to Agnes his wife his best oven ; to Isabel his daughter his 
second best oven and a brass pot ; to Margery his daughter 
his third best oven and a brass pot ; to each of his daughters 
two silver spoons ; to Agnes his wife " et proli existenti in 
utero ejusdem tempore confecti presentis testamenti," his 
5 houses in le Chepinglane, Wotton, etc., etc. Dat. Wotton- 
under-Edge, Fr. aft. Beh. of St. John Bapt. [29 Aug.] 1375. 
With probate dated 29 Sept., 1375. 

11. Will of Adam Legat, of Wotton-under-Edge, 
leaving bequests to Wotton Church, Worcester Cathedral, 
etc. Dat. F. of St. Lawrence [2 Feb.] 1381. 

256 Berkeley Castle 

12. Will of Thomas Daunt, of Wotton-under-Edge, 
containing the usual bequests to Wotton Church, Worces- 
ter Cathedral, and to his Executors. Dat. Mon. aft. F. of 
St. Martin [11 Nov.] 1384. 

13. Will of Thomas, Earl Marshal, and of Notting- 
ham, Lord of Mowbray and Segrave, dated at his Manor 
of Epworth, 23 May, 1389, appointing as his executors, 
Thomas, Archbishop of York, his kinsman, William 
Bagot, John Peyto, John Leek and John Seint Johan, 
Knights, Thomas Yokflete, clerk, William Rees, Thomas 
de Brunham, John Kyrkestede, John Hopcrone, and William 

1^. Will of John Roubergh, of Bristol, containing be- 
quests to St. Mary Redcliff, Bristol ; to the fabric of Wells 
Cathedral ; to his wife, his tenement in Redcliff Street, in 
the suburb of Bristol, etc. Dat. Tues. aft. F. of St. Aldelm 
[25 May] 1 39 1. 

15, Will of John Fotour, of Butley, containing be- 
quests to the High Altar, and to the repairs of Butley 
Church, and the residue of his goods to John dil Thorn, 
and Agnes his wife, Dat. Sat. aft. F. of St. Michael 
[29 Sept.] 1420. 

16. Will of Margery Legat of Wotton-under-Edge, 
containing bequests of money to the Parish Church of 
Wotton, and to the fabric of Worcester Cathedral. Other 
bequests are : to the Lord of Berkeley, a mortar of brass 
with iron pestle ; gold rings to Margery, Lady Berkeley, 
Elizabeth her daughter, Katherine de Berkeley, etc. ; to 
Joan de Bristowe, a piece of " Pariskercheves " ; to Joan 
Bond, an ivory comb ; to others, brazen pots, beds with 
testers, blankets and sheets, brass plates and wearing 
apparel. Dat. Tuesd. bef. F. of St. Martin [11 Nov.] 1444. 

Select Charters. 257 

17. Will of John Ridde, of Orford, containing be- 
quests to the High Altar of Orford Church, " for his neg- 
lected and forgotten tithes and offerings," 6s. 8d. ; to the 
fabric and repair of Orford and Sudborne Churches ; to the 
Convent of Orford, etc. Dat. 1 5 April, 1460. With probate. 

18. Will of Thomas Ormonde, disposing of his lands 
in High Rothing, co. Essex. Dat. 8 July, 18 Edw. IV. 

19. Will of William, Marquis of Berkeley, whereby 
he leaves his personal estate to Anne his wife, with remain- 
der to John Berkeley, and gives various sums to the 
religious bodies and Churches for masses, etc., for his soul 
and the souls of his father, mother and son. Among other 
bequests is the following : " Also I will that my seid execu- 
tors do purchase a pardon from the Court of Rome as large 
as it may be, to be had at Longebrigge aforesaid from even- 
song to evensong in the feste of Seint Trinite perpetuelly 
for pleyn remission to them that wylbe confessed and con- 
trite and thei then to say iii Paternosters and iii aves for 
my souls and the souls aforesaid," etc. Dat. 5 Feb., 1491 [2] 
With fragment of seal. 

20. Will of Robert Fryer, leaving bequests to the 
High Altar of Swefling Church, and of North Glemham 
[co. Suff.] of ten shillings " for a trental to be sung " for him 
in Swefling Church, and to his wife his " place called 
Darneford," etc. Dat. 25 August, 1 500. With probate. 

21* Will of Ralph Shirley, Knt., of Gerondon, co. 
Leic. Dat. 10 March, 15 13. With signature and seal. 

22. A— D.i Wills of Sir Maurice Berkeley, Lord 

' The first is dated 2 May, 1512, the three others are authenticated copies, 
under seal, of the same will 

258 Berkeley Castle 

Berkeley, made in view of his taking part in the King's 
expedition " into parts beyond the sea." Dat. 2 May, 15 12, 
17 May, 1 5 13. With seal of arms. 

23. Authenticated Copy, under seal of the Arch- 
bishop of Canterbury, of the will of Maurice Berkeley, of 
Yate, Knt., made ist May, 1520. With fragment of seal. 

24. Will, with codicil, of Maurice Berkeley, Knt., of 
Yate. Dat. ist May, 1520, 11 Sept., 1523. With probate 
dated 28 Nov., 1523. 

25. A. B. Will of Thomas, Lord Berkeley, whereby 
he disposes of certain manors and lands now in the hands 
of certain feoffees for his use during life. Dat. 28 April, 
24 Hen. viii. [1532]. Two copies. With seals of arms. 

26. Will of Thomas, Lord Berkeley, with instructions 
that his body be buried " without great pomp or pride," in 
the Parish Church of Mangotsfield, but that it shall be 
exhumed within a quarter of a year and re-buried by his 
wife's side in St. Augustine's, Bristol, and making various 
bequests, viz., to Worcester Cathedral, the Grey Friars, 
Gloucester, towards repairs ; to the prisoners within the 
castle and gates and prisons of Gloucester ; to the prisoners 
in Newgate, Bristol ; to his servants a quarter's wages and 
a black gown or coat ; to the Parish Church of Mangots- 
field " a payre of vestments," to be provided by his execu- 
tors, " and that Soochin ^ with myn armes be sette and 
fyxed uppon the same vestment to the value of viii. li " ; to 
Thomas his son and heir " all such harnes, sallettis, hals- 
berdes and other artylary for the warres," which are at Yate, 
Mangotsfield and Berkeley, and also "all his Parliament 
Robes," etc., etc. Dat. 11 Jan., 1532 [3]. With probate 
dated 6 June, 1533. 

' i.e. Scutcheon. 

Select Charters. 259 

27, 28. Will, in duplicate, of George Carey, Lord 
Hunsdon, K.Q., Lord Chamberlain. Amongst the bequests 
are : — Item, I give to my faithfull vertuous and trevve lovinge 
wife the use and occupacion of my great Aggate where- 
in is enclosed the portraiture of Perseus and Andromache 
As also the use and occupacion of my Jewell with two fayre 
and greate Amatistes orientall, and my Jewell of the greate 
Diamond of the Gold mine, or otherwise called a Topas 
orientall, sett abowt with Diamonds for her to use and 
enjoy during her life. But if shee shall but goe abowt in 
thowght to alter their propertie or to alienate them or anie 
of them and after execute any Act to effecte it, that then 
from her thowght thereof the propertie shall noe longer 
remayne in her, but in my onelie and beloved daughter 
Elizabeth Berkeley during her life, etc. Item, I give and 
bequeath to my daughter Elizabeth Berkeley my Salte and 
clocke of golde sett with Rubies and Diamonds which the 
Scottish King gave mee when I was Ambassador in Scott- 
land, or one hundred pounds in lieu thereof. 

Item, I give and bequeath unto my sonne in lawe 
Mr. Thomas Berkeley the best hors I shall leave behind 
mee, and twoe of the best mares of my Race. 
Dat. 10 May, 1599. With signature and seal. 

29. Will of Nicholas Thorpe, of Wanswell, in Berke- 
ley, Esquire, dated 24 Feb., 1599 [1600]. With probate 
dated 5 June, 1600. With fragment of seal. 

30. Will of Sir George Carey, Lord Hunsdon, 10 May, 
1599. With probate, dated 27 Sept., 1603. Much injured. 

31. 32. Will of Henry, Lord Berkeley, dated 12 De- 
cember, 1612. Two paper copies. 

33. Will of Henry, Lord Berkeley. Dat. 20 Dec, 
161 2. With probate dated 2 Feb., 161 3. 
s 2 

26o Berkeley Castle 

3^. Will of Henry, Earl of Northampton, Lord Privy 
Seal, etc., containing bequests, to the King of " a cupp of 
gold of c'* valew with lOO Jacobin peeces of xxii» a peece 
therein, on which cupp my desire is there showld be this 
inscription Detur dignissimo " ; to Prince Charles his " best 
George", etc. Dat. 14 June, 1614. Copy. 

35> Will of Margaret Thorpe, of Wanswell, widow of 
George Thorpe, Esquire, whereby she " commends her soul 
to God and commits her body to the earth to be buryed in 
the Seate wherein she usually sits in the Church of Berke- 
ley ", bequeaths certain property to her son William as his 
marriage portion, in case he should marry with the sanction 
of her overseers, whom she appoints to carry out the pro- 
visions of her will, and divides her goods and the rest of her 
property amongst her children. Amongst the bequests are 
the following : — 

Item, I give to the said William Thorpe one silver Bole. 

Item, I give to my said sonne John Thorpe my wedding 
Ringe wherein are fowerteene diamonds ; Item, I give him 
more one silver bole. Item, I give to Margaret Thorpe my 
daughter all my wearinge apparell, my cabonett and all my 
lynnen and the rest of my plate Jewells and ringes, etc. 
Item, I give and bequeathe to Mr. Doctor Chetwyne ^ the 
some of Twentie Shillings and I doe desire him to preach 
att my funerall. 
Dat. 29 June, 1629. 

36. Copy of Will of George, Earl of Berkeley, as 
follows : " For my Sun, Charles Lord Durseley, Good Sun, 
I desire you will show your kindness to my memorie in 
being my sole executor. And I doe bequeath all my estate 
to you both reall and personall, Desiring you to pay my 

' Edward Chetwynd, D.D., Vicar of Berkeley, Dean of Bristol, oh. 1639. 

Select Charters. 261 

just Debts, and for my sake to give something considerable 
to our Fellow Christians that are poor, whome you doe 
believe the fittest objects of charity, And I doe desire you 
to take care to send the Remainder of the Bookes which 
were S*^ Robert Coke's now in my House at Durdence to 
Sion College in London to the Divines there, to fulfill my 
promise to them," Sept. 21, 1698. " For my son Charles, 
Lord Durseley to bee delivered to him after my death." 
Added are the depositions, dated i Dec, 1698, of Charles 
Weston, gent., and Joseph Micklethwait, of St. Andrew's 
Parish, Holborn, gent., that the will, of which the above is 
a copy, was in the handwriting of George, Earl of Berkeley. 
With probate, dated 9 Dec, 1698. 

37- Will of Charles, Earl of Berkeley. Amongst the 
bequests is the following : " I doe give to my son James, 
Lord Dursley, Baron of Berkeley, the hundred pounds per 
annum upon two orders which I purchased upon the Tin- 
nage Act during my own life and the life of my said son 
James and all my interest in the same, and I also give him 
all the furniture of Berkeley Castle and that is now there 
except only the Plate, the Cabinet, Strong Box and Indian 
Trunks and what is in them which I give to my executrix," 
[i.e. Elizabeth his wife, Countess of Berkeley.] Dat. 9 
March, 1708 [9]. 

The following memorandum is at the foot : " I desire to be 
buryed in Berkeley Church amongst my ancestors, the 
antient Barons of Berkeley with as little expence as is 
possible either in the Funeral charges or carrying of my 
body thither." 

With probate, dated 25 Nov., 17 10. 

38. Will of James Beaven, of Berkeley, Salt Boiler. 
Dat. 31 Dec, 1734. With probate, dated 10 Sept., 1735. 

262 Berkeley Castle 

39, 40. Will (in duplicate) of James, Earl of Berke- 
ley, by which he bequeaths his personal estate to Charles, 
Duke of Richmond, Spencer, Earl of Wilmington, Hon. 
James Brudenell, and Hon. George Berkeley, in trust for 
his only son Augustus, Lord Dursley, and in case of his 
death, under age, in trust for the testator's brother, Henry 
Berkeley, Esquire. By a codicil he bequeaths a thousand 
pounds to " his friend William Chetwynd, Esq.," and as the 
testator " is going to reside for some time in France," he 
bequeaths to each of his upper servants ;^20 apiece, and to 
his Livery and other servants ;^io apiece, to defray their 
expenses back to England. Dat. 23 May, 1735. With 
probate, dated 4 Oct., 1736. 

41, Will of Augustus, Earl of Berkeley. Dat. 18 
Dec, 175 1. With seal and signature. 

42. Will of Sir John Fust, Bart. Dat. 8 Apr., 1779. 

Select Charters. 263 

Copies of Wills 
used in various law suits. 

1. Thomas, Lord Berkeley. Dat. F. of Purif. [Feb. 2]. 

2, 3. Philip Mede, of Bristol. Dat. 11 Jan., 1471. 

% 5. William, Marquis of Berkeley. Dat. 5 Feb., 1492. 

6. Edward, Viscount Lisle. Dat. 17 July, 1492. 

7. Joan, Viscountess Lisle. Dat. 8 Aug., 1500. 

8. Lady Talbot. Dat. 1 504. Defaced. 

9. John Fitzherbert. Dat. 15 17. 

10-13. Maurice, Lord Berkeley. Dat 15 13-1523. 
1^16. Thomas, Lord Berkeley. Dat. 11 Jan., 1532 [3] 

17. Thomay Trye, of Caloughdon. Dat. 5 Feb., 1545. 

18. Henry Howard, Earl of Northampton. Dat. 1614. 

19. Robert Essington, of co. Glouc. Dat. 162 1. 

20. George Thorpe, of Wanswell. Dat. 9 July, 1672. 

264 Berkeley Castle 



I, 2. Thomas de Berkeley, 28 Hen. III. [1243-4]. 

3. Maurice de Berkeley, at Gloucester, Easter Monday, 
[14 Apl] 9 Edw. I. [1281]. 

4. Nicholas de Segrave, at Almondsbury, Sun. aft. F. 
of St. Andrew, [30 Nov.] 24 Edw. I. [1295]. 

6. Roger de Mowbray, at Coventry, Fr. bef. F. of St. 
Thomas [21 Dec], 27 Edw. I. [1298]. 

6. The same, at Empingham, 29 Edw. I. [i 300-1]. 

7. The same, at Northampton, 29 Edw. I. [i 300-1 J. 

8. The same, at Epworth, 29 Edw. I. [i 300-1]. 

9. The same, at Retford, 29 Edw. I. [i 300-1]. 

10. Thomas, Lord Berkeley, at Portbury, Vig. of St. 
Lawrence, [2 Feb.] 15 Edw. IL [1322]. 

II. John de Segrave, at Derby, 19 Edw. II. [1325-6]. 

12. Maurice, son of Thomas, Lord Berkeley, at Bed- 
minster, F. of St. Matthew, [21 Sep.] i Edw. III. [1328]. 

13. Thomas, Earl of Norfolk, at Soham Comitis, 12 
Edw. III. [1338-9]- 

H, Thomas de Berkeley, Knt, at Wells, 35 Edw. III. 
[136 1 -2]. 

Select Charters. 265 

15. John de Mowbray, at Nuneaton, 35 Edw. III. 

16. The same, at Melton Mowbray, Mor. of All Souls, 
[Nov. 2], 35 Edw. III. [1362]. 

17. Maurice, son of Thomas de Berkeley, at Newport, 
in Berkeley, July, 42 Edw. III. [1368]. 

18. Gilbert Giffard, Knt., at Gloucester, 31 Jan., 48 
Edw. III. [1374]. 

19. Edmund Clyvedon, Knt, 12 Ric. II. [1388-9]. 

20. 21. Elizabeth, wife of Sir Maurice Berkeley, 13 
Ric. II. [1389-90]. 

22. Thomas [Mowbray], Duke of Norfolk, at Bunting- 
ford, 6 Feb., I Hen. IV. [1400]. 

23. The same, at Chipping Kington, i Hen. IV. [1400] 

24. The same, at Cambridge, i Hen. IV. [1400]. 

25. Margaret, Duchess of Norfolk, at London, 15 Dec. 

I Hen. IV. [1399]. 

26. Thomas [Mowbray], Duke of Norfolk, at Notting- 
ham, Wed. aft. All Saints' Day [Nov. i] 2 Hen. IV. [1400]. 

2*7. Roger Swillington, at Melton Mowbray, 28 Nov., 
8 Hen. IV. [1406]. 

28. John Vyllers, at Holoughton, Whitsun Monday, 
[8 Jun. ] 4 Hen. V. [1416], 

29. John [Mowbray], Duke of Norfolk, at Uppingham, 

II Hen. VI. [1432-3]. 

30. The same, at Caxton, 11 Hen. VI. [1432-3]. 

31. The same, at Worcester, 11 Hen. VI. [1432-3]. 

266 Berkeley Castle 

32. The same, at Huntingdon, ii Hen. VI. [1432-3]. 

33. The same, [1432-3]. 

3^. Walter de la Pole, Knt, at Gloucester, Sat. bef. 
Nativ. of St. John Baptist [24 June], 13 Hen. VI. [1435]. 

35. Richard Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick, at Ax- 
bridge, 17 Hen. VI. [1438-9]. 

36. William Babthorp, at Warwick, 22 Hen. VI. 

37. Ralph [Neville, ist] Earl of Westmoreland, First 
Inquisition at Durham, 1426; third Inquisition at Barnard 
Castle, 26 Nov., 25 Hen. VI. [1447]. 

38. John [Talbot], Earl of Shrewsbury, at Cheltenham, 
18 Oct., 32 Hen. VI. [1453]. 

39. John [Mowbray], Duke of Norfolk, at Chipping 
Warden, Mon. aft. Purification of the B. Virgin Mary, 
[2 Feb.]— Hen. VI. 

40. The same, at Meriden, 27 Feb., i Edw. IV. [1462]. 

41. Margaret, widow of John Talbot, ist Earl of 
Shrewsbury, at Gloucester, 7 Edw. IV. [1467-8]. 

42. Thomas, Lord Lisle, at Tamworth, 10 Sep., 10 
Edw. IV. [1470]. 

43. Richard Byngham, at Warminster, 21 Edw. IV. 

44. William, Marquis of Berkeley, at Berkeley, 18 
Nov., 8 Hen. VII. [1492]. 

45. The same, at York, 8 Hen. VII. [1492]. 

46. Edward, Viscount Lisle, at Moreton, 8 Hen. VII. 

Select Charters. 267 

47. William, Marquis of Berkeley, at Elmebrugge, 
8 Hen. VII. [1492-3]. 

48. Thomas Rebell, of Humberston, at Leicester, 17 
Hen. VII. [1501-2]. 

49. John Meysye, of Charfield, at Tetbury, Tu. aft. F. 
of St. David, [i Mar.] 20 Hen. VII. [1505]. 

50. Sir John Villars, at Loughborough, 13 Jan., 22 
Hen. VII. [1507]. 

61. Lawrence Teste, at Yate, 28 Oct., 2' Hen. VIII. 
[15 10]. 

52. Maurice, Lord Berkeley, at Warwick, 5 Oct-, 16 
Hen. VIIL [1524]. 

53. The same, at Lutterworth, 7 Oct., 16 Hen. VIII. 

64« The same, at Derby, 16 Hen. VIII. [1524]. 

55. Edward Watson, at Melton Mowbray, 15 Aug., 
24Hen. VIH. [1532]. 

56. Thomas, Lord Berkeley, 26 Hen. VIII. [1534-5]. 

57. Peter Bygott, at Leicester, 28 Hen. VIII. [1536-7]. 

58. Maurice, Lord Berkeley, at Rugby, 15 Jan., 
29 Hen. VIII. [1538]. 

59. Thomas, Lord Berkeley, 26 Hen. VIII. [i 534-5]* 
60,61. The same, 31 Hen. VIII. [1539-40]. 

62. The same, at Coventry, temp. Hen. VIII. 

63. William Kendall, at Derby, 35 Hen. VIII. [1543-4] 

64. Thomas, Lord Barkeley, at Coventry, 15 Sep., 2 
Edw. VI. [1548]. 

268 Berkeley Castle 

65. George Kendall, at Derby, 8 EHz. [1565-6]. 

66. William Lygon, at Tewkesbury, 9 Jan., 10 Eliz. 

67. Henry, Lord Berkeley, at Stow, 23 Mar. 30 Eliz. 

68. Walter Sheparde, at Leicester, 23 Eliz. [i 580-1]. 

69-71* Ambrose Dudley, Earl of Warwick, at North- 
leach, 33 Eliz. [1590-1]- 

72. William Olyffe, at Beckhampton, 8 Aug., 43 Eliz. 

73. George Carey, Lord Hunsdon, at East Greenwich, 
15 Feb. I Jas. L [1604]. 

74. Sir Thomas Throgmorton, at Berkeley, 29 July, 6 
Jas. I. [1608J. 

75. Sir Thomas Berkeley, at Gloucester, 13 Aug., 10 
Jas. I. [1612]. 

76-78. Henry, Lord Berkeley, at Wotton, 20 Jan., 1 1 
Jas. 1. [1613-3]. 

79. William Reade, at West Brainford, 20 Jas. I. 

80. Robert Offley, Knt., at Billesdon, 28 Sep., 2 Chas. 
I. [1626]. 

Sfxect Rolls. 269 


1. Abstracts of sixty-one charters relating to con- 
veyances of lands in Hinton, Berkeley, etc., of which the 
first seven are wanting, tempp. Hen. IIL — Edw. I. 15th cent. 

2. Abstracts of thirty-five charters relating to lands 
in Berkeley, tempp. Hen. HL — Edw. HI. 15th cent. 

3. Particulars and valuation of lands acquired by 
successive lords of Berkeley in Berkeley, Wotton, Alking- 
ton, etc. temp. Hen. HL — Hen. IV. 15th cent. Paper. 

4. Particulars and valuation of lands in Berkeley, 
temp. Edw. L 15th cent. Paper. 

5. Abstracts of charters recording the acquisitions of 
lands in Berkeley, etc., by successive Lords of Berkeley, 
tempp. Edw. L — Richard H. 15th cent. Paper. 

6. Particulars and valuation of lands in Alkington 
acquired by successive Lords of Berkeley, tempp. Hen. 
HL— Hen. IV. 15th cent. Paper. 

7. Abstracts of charters recording the acquisition by 
Thomas, Lord Berkeley of lands in Alkington, with their 
valuation, ievip. Edw. I. 15th cent. Paper. 

8. Abstracts of charters relating to lands in Alking- 
ton, temp. Edw. I., etc. 15th cent. Paper. 

270 Berkeley Castle 

9- Abstracts of charters relating to lands in Newport 
and Alkington, numbered 185-257. Tetnpp. Edvv. I. — Edw. 
II. 15th cent. Paper. 

10, Abstracts of charters relating to lands in Alking- 
ton. TVw/. Edw. I. — III. 15th cent. Paper. 

11. Copies of charters relating to Brokenborough 
Manor and lands in Almondsbury, etc. Temp. Edw. III. 
15th cent. Paper. Imperfect. 

12, Copies of six charters relating to lands in Almonds- 
bury, etc., CO. Glouc. 1 6th cent. Paper. 

13. Abstracts of 107 charters relating to lands 
acquired by successive Lords of Berkeley in Cam, etc. 15th 
cent. With note on the outer leaf, " These charter Rolls 
were written at the command of Richard Beauchamp, Earl 
of Warwick, after the death of Thomas Lord Berkeley in 
141 7, and were afterwards recovered by William Lord 
Berkeley, who seized them in the house of Lord Lisle at 
Wotton after the battle of Nibley Green in 1469." 

1^. Copies of thirteen charters relating to Dagling- 
worth and Marshfield manors, co. Glouc. Temp. Hen. V. 
1 5 th cent. Paper. 

15. Particulars and valuation of lands in Ham 
acquired by successive Lords of Berkeley. Tempp. Edw. I. — 
Hen. IV. 15th cent. Paper. 

16. Copies of charters relating to lands in Ham and 
neighbouring hamlets, numbered. Wanting numbers i to 
17, and imperfect at the end. 15th cent. Paper. 

17. Particulars and valuation of lands in Hinton, 
Egeton, etc., acquired by successive Lords of Berkeley. 
Temp. Edw. I. — Ric. II. 15th cent. Paper. 

Select Rolls. 271 

18. Abstracts of charters relating to conveyances of 
lands in Slimbridge, Gosynton, etc., of which the first 
eighteen are wanting. Tempp. Henry III. — Edw. III. 15th 
cent. Paper. 

19. Abstracts of grants to Dom. Maurice de Berkeley 
in Nibley, etc., n.d. 15th cent. 

20. Abstracts of charters relating to lands in Wotton, 
numbered 87 — 373. 15th cent. Paper. 

21. Abstract of charters of lands in Wotton. Temp. 
Edw. III. 15th cent. Paper. Fragment. 

22. Copies of five charters relating to lands in Wotton. 
43, 44, Edw. III. [1369-70]. 1 6th cent. Vellum. 

23. Abstracts of charters relating to Fallow, Uffing- 
ton, and Baulking Manors, co. Berks. Tenip. Hen. III. 
15th cent. 

24. Abstracts of charters relating to Kingston 
[Lisle], Fallow, and Baulking Manors. Tempp. Hen. III. — 
Edw. III. 15th cent. Paper. 

25. Copies of charters relating to the families of 
Quincy, Earls of Winchester, and Ferrars, Earls of Derby. 
Tempp. John — Edw. III. Vellum. 

26. Charter-Roll containing sixty-two charters of 
grants to Sampson Foliot or Henry le Tyeis, of lands in 
cos. Cornwall, Dorset, Wilts, etc. Tempp. Hen. III. — Edw. 
I. Early 13th cent. Finely written, with ornamental 
initials in red and blue. Vellum, 6 membranes. 

27- Copies of charters relating to the manors of 
Epworth, Belton, Haxey, etc., co. Line. 15th cent. Paper. 

2/2 Berkeley Castle 

28. Copies of four charters relating to the Duke of 
Norfolk's lands in Epvvorth, Belton, etc. Tem/>. Ken. V II. 
1 6th cent. Paper. 

29. Copies of four charters of grants to Kingswood 
Abbey by John de Sancto Johanne, Bernard de Sancto 
Walerico, and Reginald de Sancto Walerico. Temp. 
Stephen. 15 th cent. Paper. 

30. Copies of three charters, viz., (i) of Thomas de 
Berkeley and (2, 3) of Maurice, Lord Berkeley, granting 
certain liberties to the Burgesses of Berkeley. Temp. Hen. 
III. 15th cent. Vellum. 

31. Copies of three charters relating to lands in Cry- 
keston-by-Banwell [Christon], co. Som. Teinpp. Edw. Ill — 
Ric. II. iSth cent. Vellum. 

32. Copies of two confirmations by Edward III. of 
licences by Edward II. to Thomas de Berkeley to alienate 
lands, 18, 19 Edw. III. [1344-5]. Paper. 

33. Copies of two charters, viz., (i) Release from 
Ralph de Gorges to William de Bury in Wroxhale, n.d., 
and (2) Lease for life from Theobald de Gorges, Knt, to 
Dom. John de Bury, chaplain, of the tenement which Robert 
Kyngwest formerly held in Nailesheye, within Wroxhall 
Manor. Dat. W. bef. F. of St. John, ante portam Latinam 
[6 May], 24 Edw. III. [1350]. 15th cent. Paper. 

3^. Copy of charter of confirmation by Henry VII. of 
grant by Edward IV. to William, Lord Hastings of the 
stewardship of lands in cos. Leic, North'ton, and Warwick, 
parcel of the possessions of the Duchy of Lancaster. i6th 
cent. Paper. 

Select Rolls. 273 

35. Great charter of privileges' to George, Lord Ber- 
keley. 25 July, 14 James I. [16 16]. Paper, 35 pages. 

36. Copies of conveyances by fine, as follows : — 

1. The manor of Compton Grenevile, co. Glouc, from 
William Giffard to Bartholomew de Greynvill ; 35 Edw. 
I. [1306-7]. 

2. The same manor, from B. de Greynvill to William Hur- 
ward ; 12 Edw. II. [13 18-9]. 

3. The same manor from W. Herward to Walter de Stapel- 

ton, Bishop of Oxford; 13 Edw. II. [1319-20]. 

4. The manors of More, Dodescote and Blemesham, co. 

Devon, Pencarrou, co. Cornw., and Compton Grenevill, 
CO. Glouc, from William Corbrugge and Richard War- 
bultoh to Maurice, son of Maurice de Berkeley. 28 
Edw. III. [1354-5]- 

5. The same manors from W. Corbrugge to Maurice, son of 

Maurice de Berkeley. 30 Edw. III. [1356-7]. Vellum. 

3*7-. Copies of three fines whereby Frampton-on- 
Severn Manor is conveyed (i) from Richard, son of John de 
Clifford, to William Bysshop, Easter, 22 Edw. I. [1294], 
(2) from the same to Thomas de Berkeley, Midsummer, 32 
Edw. I. [1304], and (3) from Thomas de Berkeley to Robert 
fil. Pagani, Michaelmas, ^^ Edw. I. [1305]. 

38. Copies of records in a suit brought by the 
Trustees of Roger Kemeys, son of Thomas Kemeys, of 
Bedminster, an infant, to recover the custody of two chests 
containing evidences of his property, which had been placed 

1 This grant of liberties, says Smyth, in his " Lives of the Berkeleys," voL 
ii. p. 435, Lady Elizabeth Berkeley, "at her only charges, obtained from his 
Ma"" ... in the name of this lord her son in all his hundred of Berkeley," 


274 Berkeley Castle 

for safety in St. Mary Redcliffe Church, but had been trans- 
ferred to the Guildhall, Bristol, in order that they might be 
examined by Lord Berkeley, " surmysinge that certen 
evidences therin were within the same chestes which did 
concerne the inheritaunce of Lord Berkeley," temp. Eliz. 

39. COMPOTUS of the Steward of Berkeley from F. of 
Circumcision [Jan. i] 20 Edw. 11. to Mich., i Edw. IIL 
[1327], containing references to the expenses of the house- 
hold of the King's father \sc. Edw. II.],' and expenses in 
sending a messenger to Nottingham to carry the news of 
his death, etc. 
Extracts : — 

De i dolio vini, cera, speciebus et aliis victualibus appre- 
ciatis, et expensis in hospicio communi . . . cc. lib, 
de camerario Scaccarii domini Regis pro expensis 
hospicii patris eiusdem domini Regis . . . 

In I cursore de domino de Bealtchamp per Johannem 
Perceval, x. lib. 

In I palefrido empto per Willelmum de Syde et R — Mael 
apud Wynchecombe cxiii. s. iiij d. 

In expensis Johannis Perceval portantis litteras domini 
Otoni de Bodrugan in partibus Cornwallie, ii. s. 

In litteris domini deferendis cancellario domini Regis, vice- 

comiti Oxoniensi, et communitati de Dunstaple, xviii. d. 
In piris portandis domine de Mortuomari apud Lodelowe, 

vi. d. 
In falcone domini amisso querendo per loca vj. d. 
. . . de Gourne eunti apud Notyngham pro morte patris 

Regis, Regi et Regine notificanda cum litteris domini . . 

Vellum, mutilated. 

^ King Edward IL was removed from Kenilworth in custody of Thomas de 
Gournay and John Maltravers on 3rd April, 1327, and arrived at Berkeley 
shortly after, where he remained till his murder, 22 Sep., 1327. 

Select Rolls. 275 

40. Transcript and translation of Roll 39 by W. F. 
Shrapnel, sometime Steward of Berkeley. 

41. COMPOTUS of Robert Wydye, Steward of Alkinton, 
from Mich'. 20 Edw. II. to Mich., i Edw. III. [1326-7], con- 
taining references to the Queen's^ arrival at Bristol — the 
fortification of Berkeley Castle — the household of the King's 
father [Edward II.], etc. 

Extracts : — 

Exitus manerii. De xvii. s. ii. d. receptis de Mare- 
schallo Episcopi Wyntoniensis pro feno et prebendis Ix. 
equorum et xiii. affrorum per ii. noctes in eundo cum 
Regina, versus Bristolliam et per alteram noctem in 
reditu eorundem cum Regina versus Gloucestriam, 
videlicet pro feno cujuslibet equi per quamlibet noctem, 
ob., etc. Et in oblacione deo et beato Antonio pro 
salute vitulorum et aliorum animalium, i vituli 

Et lib. ad coquinam patris Regis xiii. capriolas per ii. 
tallagia contra Nigellum de Kynggescute. 

Inde compoto liberavit ad lardarium factarumpro munitione 
castri de Berkele contra adventum Regine xxx. porcos 
per ii. tallagia contra Thomam de Bradeston et 
Johannem Frelond . . . Et liberavit ad hospicium 
patris Regis xi porcos. 

Columhelle. Lib. pro. falcone domini pascendo xxiiii 


Ova, Lib. ad coquinam patris Regis cciiii. 

* Qu. Isabella landed at Harwich from France 24 Sep., 1326, and made a 
rapid progress through the country. She was at Gloucester in the middle of 
October, marched from thence to Berkeley, where she restored the Castle 
(which had been given to the Despensers in 1322) to Thomas de Berkeley, and 
from thence advanced to Bristol, which surrendered to her. 


2/6 Berkeley Castle 

Sagitte. Idem respondet de iiij. sagittis receptis de redditu 
Willelmi le Gold ad terminum Sancti Johannis quam- 
diu vixerit. 

Pelles lanutce. Lib. bercario pro vellere lane secundum 
consuetudinem patrie sibi debite ad tonsuram ovium i 
pellem lanutam per visum H. de Rokhull. In i verre 
proveniente domino de exhennio persone de Camme die 
Jovis in cena Domini pascendo pro x septimanis usque 
ad diem Veneris proximum ante festum translacionis 
sancti Thome Martiris quo die necatus fuerit pro incep- 
tione Magistri Ivonis de Berkele apud Oxoniam i qr. ij. 


Pulluli. Idem respondet de i pullulo masculo recepto de 
exitu predictorum jumentorum. Et non de pluribus, 
quia i junentum [fuit] liberatum domino Willelmo de 
Wautone circa carniprivium ante fetum hoc anno, Et 
alterum jumentum ante fetum fuit abductum per 
homines de garderoba Regine. Et iiij. jumenta mortua 
fuerunt in yeme hoc anno. Et ix. jumenta non concep- 
erunt neque pullulaverunt. Liberavit ad lardarium 
domini i vaccam per i tallagium contra Nicholaum le 
Bruere. Et lib. ad hospicium patris Regis ii vaccas in 
autumpno per i tallagium contra Henricum Peche. 

Caseus. Lib. ad hospicia domini in castro ante quadrag- 
esimam i caseum, pondere ii lib, dint .... lib. ad 
hospicium patris Regis xiii. petras i lib. dim. 

42. COMPOTUS of Ham Manor, 20 Edw. II. — i Edw. 
III. [1327J, containing references to the fortification of 
Berkeley Castle, the Queen at Bristol, and to the King's 
father [Edward II.] Much damaged. Wanting the be- 
beginning. Vellum. 

Select Rolls. 277 

Aucae. In capcione et asportacione cum hominibus Domini 
Hugonis de Dandelegh exeuntibus cum Regina de 
Bristollia, vii. aucarum, quarum iii. mariolae, Et liberavit 
ad coquinam Domini ante adventum patris Regis ii 
aucas, etc. 

Capones. In capcione et asportacione cum hominibus de 
familia Regine in transitu suo versus Bristolliam circa 
festum Sancti Luce Evangeliste x caponum, Et liberavit 
ad coquinam domini ante adventum patris Regis iiii 
capones per indenturam .... contra Dominum 
Willelmum de Syde, et liberavit ad coquinam patris 
domini Regis liiij capones per iii tallagia contra 
Nigellum de Kyngestone et liberavit Johanni Falcon- 
ario pro falcone Domini pascendo i caponem, etc. 

Ova. Liberavit ad coquinam patris Regis clxv ova per 
unum tallagium contra Nigellum de Kyngescote. 

43. COMPOTUS of William Oldelynch, Steward of 
Hinton in time of John Frelond, " custos de . . . . ," 
18-19 Edw. II. [1324-5]. The following is an extract: — 
Frnmenttim, Et liberasse Dom Will. Tracy, Vicecomiti, de 
Glouc. ad expens[as] Domini Regis [versus] Vasconiam^ xxx 
qr. Vellum. 

44, COMPOTUS of Richard Greuel, Bailiff of Hurst 
and SHmbridge, for one year from Michaelmas, 19 Edw. II. 
[1326]. Extracts : — 

Venditio instaiirormn. Idem de vj. s. receptis de i vetere 
jumento circa festum Omnium Sanctorum vendito pro 

1 In 1324 Charles IV,, King of France, demanded that Edward should per- 
form homage to him for Aquitaine and Ponthieu. This, on the advice of the 
Despencers, he refused to do, and at the end of the year the French attacked 
Gascony. Edward then made preparations for his departure, but the difficulty 
was settled by the grant of Gascony to Pr. Edward, whose homage was accepted 
by charter instead of his father's. 

278 Berkeley Castle 

senectute et debilitate. Et de v. s. vj. d. receptis de 
xxij aucis venditis, precio cuiuslibet iii. den. . . . Et 
de vj. s. viii. d. receptis de exitu columbarum hoc anno. 

Fines. Idem de ii. s. receptis de fine Matilde Wynter pro 
licencia habendi se maritandam extra, et de v. s. receptis 
de fine Alicie fil. Johannis Sake pro licencia habendi se 
maritandam extra. 

Pullctrae. Idem recepit de viii puletris de exitu predic- 
tarum gallinarum. Et non plures pro eo quod quedam 
pitosia ^ devoravit xvj puletras in i nocte. 

FructMS gardini. Nichil crevit anno. 

45, 46. COMPOTUS of the same 2 from Michaelmas, 20 
Edw. II. [1326] to Michaelmas i Edw. III. [1327], contain- 
ing, amongst others, the following items : — 

Emefidaiio domorum. In stipendio unius carpentarii per i 
diem emendantis hostium capelle de Slymbridge fractum 
per homines Comitis Lancastrie^ in transitu Regine 
versus Bristoll, ii. d. In xxxiiij clavis emptis ad idem 
hostium, i.d. In serrura eiusdem hostii emendanda, t'.d. 

Expense necessarie. In feno empto ad sustentacionem 
bovurn et affrorum domini apud Slymbridge, pro eo quod 
homines Comitis Lancastrie nullum fenum dimiserunt 
ibidem in predicto transitu Regine, ix. s. viii. d. In i 
nova sella empta xii. d. pro eo quod homines predicti 
Comitis alteram sellam abduxerunt. 

Frumentum. Et liberavit ad munitionem castri de Berkele 
contra adventum Regine xii. quart. Et liberavit ad 
prebendam equorum domini cum carectis in transitu suo 
versus Walliam ad Reginam i quart, per i tallagium. 

' for putacia, a polecat. 

' These rolls (duplicates) repeat many of the items contained in the pre- 
ceding roll. 

^ Henry of Lancaster supported Qu. Isabella, and was told off to effect the 
capture of the King. This was done on i6 Nov., 1326, at Neath. 

Select Rolls. 279 

Anates. Idem respondet de xiii anatibus receptis de reman- 
ente quarum i maulard et iii mariole. Et de i maulard 
et iii mariolis receptis de emptione circa gulam Augusti 
pro eo quod omnes alii anates predicti alienati fuerunt, 
per homines Comitis Lancastrie in predicto transitu 
Regine. Et pro eadem causa alienationis nichil pro- 
venit de Exitu hoc anno. 

Columbelle. Et liberavit ad coquinam patris Regis cccxx 


Lamprede. Idem respondet de i lampreda recepta de redditu 
manerii de Wyke super Sabrinam in mense maii. Et 
comp. lib. ad coquinam domini, Et. nihil remanet. 

47. COMPOTUS of Robert Wilkyns, Steward of Lord 
Maurice de Berkeley's Manor of Hinton, Mich', 41 Edw. 
III. to Corpus Christi [8 June] "quo dominus obiit " and 
then on to Mich», 42 Edw. III. [1368]. Extract :— 

Fahe. In C. aucis sustinendis et impingendis contra sepul- 
turam domini/ iii. qr, vii. bz. 

48. COMPOTUS of Robert Alford, Steward of Lord 
Thomas de Berkeley's Manor of Ham from Michaelmas 9 
Ric. II. [1385] to Michaelmas loRic. II. [1386]. Extracts : 

Venditio victualitiin. De iii. s. iiij. d. de uno plaustro feni 
venditi pro equis domini et aliorum existentium in 
manerio dum Rex^ [Richard II.] fuit ad castrum. Et 
de ii. s. de operibus famulorum eidem venditis pro bosco 
findendo in castro per ii dies contra adventum Regis. 

Stipendium famulorum. In iii. bz. iii. pec. salis empti ut 
extra, pro potagio famulorum xxii. d. ob. precio bus. vj. 
d. In consuetudine famulorum die Sancti Michaelis pro 
eorum Harvestgose, quia non habent aucam extra viiii. d. 

1 cf. Smyth, i. 378. 

2 "The next year {i.e. lo Ric. IL) the King cometh to Berkeley Castle, 
whom this lord royally entertained," etc. Smyth, ii. 8. 

28o Berkeley Castle 

Forinseca. In expensis xxxviii. plaustrorum venientium 
per ii vices pro arena de Sabrina usque ad castra cari- 
anda precepto domini, iii. s. ix. d. In expensis xxii 
plaustrorum apud Sabrinam pro petris ad castra cariandis, 
viii. d. 

Gardinum. De exitibus gardini, nihil hoc anno quia nullus 

Fenum. Inde in venditione senescallo hospicii ad grangiam 
castri, xlix plaustra feni. Et in grangia de Hamme 
pro equis domini et aliorum dum Rex fuit ad castrum, i 
plaustrum .... 

49. COMPOTUS of the Steward of Berkeley, relating 
particularly to the expenses of the various parks, chaces, 
etc., II-I2 Henry VII. [1495-6]. Imperfect at the beginning. 
Paper. The following offices and holders are mentioned : — 
John, Constable of the Castle ; Thomas Marston, Bailiff of 
Hinton and Keeper of Whitecliff Park ; Robert Bowyer, 
Keeper of New Park ; John Everard, Keeper of Redwood ; 
William Smythe, Keeper of Mickelwood Chace ; Robert 
Grene, Keeper of the Castle Park ; Richard Mutton, Sub- 
Seneschal ; John Tomkins, Gatekeeper of the Castle, etc. 

50. COMPOTUS of George Shipwarde, Receiver of all 
the lordships, manors, lands, etc., of Thomas, Lord Ber- 
keley, from Mich. 15-16, Hen. VIII. [1524-5]. Paper. 

51. Extract from the Receiver's accounts of the pos- 
sessions late belonging to the Abbey of St. Augustine's, 
Bristol, namely, from the Compotus of Thomas Baker, 
Bailiff of the King in Canonbury Manor, " cum membris " 
in Berkeley Herness and of Combe, near Wotton. Dat. 32- 
34 Hen. VIII. [1540-2]. Paper. 

Select Rolls. 281 

52- ACCOMPTS of John Barbour, Bailiff, Henry Vane, 
Chamberlains ; Richard Rolf and John Reede and others, 
Bedells and Stewards of Humphrey, Earl of Stafford, in 
Tonbridge, Hylden, Yalding, Brastead, Bletchingley, etc. 
Mich* 16-17 Henry VI. [1437-8], containing references to 
curious Kentish customs. Vellum, 14 membranes. Among 
the customs, etc., mentioned are the following : — Stretepens, 
Fayrpens, Werkgavell, Werkpeny, Quernegavell, Querne- 
peny, Gavelese, Swoncorn, Rustewode, Benherth, Romescot, 
Gavelerth, Berughyerd, Medesilver, Parksilver, etc. 

53. CoMPOTUS of John Kynge, Steward of the Manor 
of Old Stratford [Stratford-on-Avon], co. Warw., 4-5 Edw. 
IV. [1465-6]. Vellum. 

54- " The joynt accompt of Anthony Huntley, gent., 
and John Machin, generall woodwards, purveyors and over 
seers of the buyldings and husbandry " of Henry, Lord 
Berkeley, in cos. Glouc. and Somerset, from i May, 1604- 
4 July, 1607. Extracts : — 
Received for one sheepe that was drowned in the washinge 

V. s. iiii d. 

Received for Lopps and Shrowdes and for short kebble 
oakes and beeches by them sold out of the Newe Parke 
within Micklewood Chace to increase the herbage and 
better the feedinge of the Deere there, lix. /i. xviij. s. vj. d. 

Received for Barke of the said Oakes sold by them to 
Thomas Neale, of Berkeley, Tanner, xiii. /i. xiiij. s. vj. d. 

Received for carpe, eeles, and Roches by them sold in 
February this yeare out of the two pooles in Oakley 
Parke grounds in the tenure of Mr. Smyth, xj. /i. xii. s. 
xi. d. ob. 

Paid for Oates and milke bought by them for the Lord's 
hounds at Berkeley Castle, Ixix. s. vi. d. 

282 Berkeley Castle 

Laid out by them in repairinge the sea wall this yeare, iii. 
//. xi. s. viii. d. 

Laid out by them in and about divers works of Husbandry 
fellinge, makinge, clevinge .... mendinge the 
heades of Fish ponds, . . . planting of Crabstocks 
at the graunge for Lampres bought and sent to London, 
keepinge the Lorde's oxen, mares, and heriotts, etc. 

Paid for malt bought and provided for provision of the 
Lordes houshold in Buckhuntinge tyme, xxiiii. //. xviii.j. 

Paid for repairinge the Throughe at Coingers elmes within 
the mannor of Ham throwne downe with the deluge and 
Inundation,^ happeninge by the overflowinge of the 
River of Severne in the moneth of January, the like not 
beinge before hard of, Iviii. s. viii. <3f. 

For charges in fishinge the two pooles in Oakely and in 
sellinge of parte therof at the markett ... in mend- 
ing the sluces grates and heades thereof, viii. //. xiii. s. 

Paid for the charges in dressinge and barrellinge of ii great 
Sturgeons in Wyne, Perry, Vinegar, Vessels, and other 
necessary, wherof the one was taken in the 'put' of 
Thomas Hurne of Greenstreete and the other in the 
" putts " of George Thorpe, Esquire, in the tenure of 
Robert Smyth in the Ryver of Severne within the hun- 
dred of Berkeley, v. /i xv. d. 

Paid for divers works of husbandry ... for buyldinge 
a great parte of the great Kitchen at the said Castle. 
At the foot of the roll, '•' Examined by John Smythe,'' 

1 1607, A great inundation in the R. Severn, when the water rose above 
the tops of the houses and did much damage. Toon's Chronological Historian. 

• This is the Author of the Lives of the Berkeleys. 

Select Rolls. 283 

65. COMPOTUS of William, Steward of Dom. Joh. de 
Segrave, of receipts and expenditure at his hall of Bretby, 
CO. York, for each week during the year. Mention is made 
of Mag. Stephen and Mag. Gilbert, his brother, temp. Edw. 
II, On the back are Hymns to the Virgin Mary, with 
musical notation — of a later date. Vellum. 

56. ACCOMPTS of all the King's Stewards of the lands, 
etc., in cos. Kent and Surrey, now in the King's hands by 
reason of the forfeiture of Edward,' late Duke of Bucking- 
ham, attainted of high treason, Mich. 13-14 Hen. VIII. 
[1521-2]. Vellum. 

VI, " Penciones et annuitates E[lizabethe] Regine," 
in cos. Somerset and Dorset, John Harrington being 
Receiver. Vellum. 

58. Expenses of Henry Peche, Steward of the House- 
hold to [Thomas] Lord Berkeley at Bradley, and at Ber- 
keley for 37 days from 5 August to 10 September, 2 Edw. 
III. [1328]. Vellum. 

59. Translation of Roll 58, by W. F. Shrapnell. 

60. COMPOTUS of Dom. Thomas Schypton, Wardrobe 
Keeper to [Thomas] Lord Berkeley from 24 April to the 
Sunday next before the F. of Nativity of B. M.V. [8 Sept.], 
2 Edw. III. [1328], giving an account of expenses at various 
jousts : as follows — 

Recepta. Idem recepit de xxxviii. s. vj. d. de preposito de 
Hurste, et de x. //. de domino Johanne de Insula de 
superoneracione vendition is i equi, Et de viii. s. i. d. de 
Johanne Brutton preposito de Bedminster, Et de cxiiii. 

1 Edward Stafford, 3rd Duke of Buckingham, having excited the enmity of 
Card. VVolsey, the latter accused him of a plot to assassmate the King, and he 
was executed on 17 May, 1521. It was of him that the Emperor Charles V. is 
reported to have said, " A butcher's dog has killed the finest buck in England." 

284 Berkeley Castle 

li. i. d. qr. de domino W. de Syde, unde xvj. //. xv. s. per 
manum Ricardi de Harssefelde per v tallagia, Et de 
xix. s. iiij. d. de providencia remissa apud Herford vend. 
Summa receptorum, clvi. li. vi. s. — quad. 

Inde in expensis domini versus parliamentum de North- 
ampton ibidem et in redeundo, cum equis et familia sua 
omnibus computatis sicut patet per particulas preter 
sumptus R. de Mortuo Mari. iiii. li, xix. s.-qu. 

Item in expensis domini et sequele sue apud Circester pro 
tepenyng sicut patet per particulas xxxix. s. v. d. 

In expensis domini et familie sue pro iustis apud Herforde 
ut patet particulis, xxix. li. vi. s. iiii. d. ob. qu. cum donis 

In expensis domini et familie sue versus Jeuelcestre et 
ibidem pro trailbaston.^ xvj. li. xiii. s. v. d. qu. 

In expensis domini et familie sue pro iustis apud Couyntree 
ut patet per particulas, cxiiij. s. iii. d. ob. 

In expensis eiusdem ad iustas de Exon ut patet per parti- 
culas 1. s. iiii. d. ob. 

In expensis eiusdem ad iustas Bristoll, videlicet de dono 
domini armigeris suis, xxvj. s. viii. d. 

In expensis eiusdem et domus sue apud Bradeley, a quinto 

die Augusti per xxxviii. dies continue sequentes primo 
die et ultimo computatis cum expensis ducentibus i 
purpeys domine Regine, viii. //. ii. s. v. d. ob. 

^ Trailbastons were persons who bound themselves together by oath to assist 
one another against any one who displeased a member of the body. Judges 
were appointed expressly for trying them. They are supposed to have derived 
their name from long staves which they carried. (Halliwell). 

Select Rolls. 285 

In expensis factis circa sepulturam magistri Eudonis' apud 

Bradeley et Kynggeswod et ibidem funerati omnibus 

computatis vj. li. xi. s. vi. d. ob. 
Item in expensis factis circa sepulturam Matilde de Seint 

Omer funerate apud Berkeley omnibus computatis, 

xxxii. s. ob. 

In diversis expensis garderobe sicut patet per particulas, 
xlix. s. vii. d. 

In emendatione ii pellium et unius anuli simul cum emptione 
i aquarii deaurati, li. s. vi. d. 

In iij. herniciis pro corpore domini satis et emendandis ad 
iustas cum alio apparatu omnibus computatis, xi. //. 
viii. s. xj. </., etc. Summa, clvii. li. vii. s. iii. d. ob. 
Vellum. Imperfect. 

61. Household expenses of [Thomas] Lord Berkeley 
when at Berkeley and Portbury in 2 Edw. III. [1328-9]. 
Minutest details are given of provisions for the kitchen, 
stables, purchase of beer, etc. ; expenses incurred on the 
lord's journeys and of entertaining visitors at the castle, 
namely. Lord and Lady Clifford, etc. Vellum, much dam- 

62. Fragment of expense roll of John Averary [j?V.], 
" Camerarius Domini," consisting chiefly of travelling ex- 
penses day by day on the lord's journey from Doncaster to 
Leicester, and from thence to Berkeley, the journey extend- 
ing from Ash Wednesday for four and a half weeks. 
Amongst the places where the company rested on the 
journey were Sherborn, York (where they remained a fort- 
night), Pontefract, Worksop, Nottingham, Leicester, War- 
wick, Stratford, Pershore, Ledbury, Mitcheldean, Ciren- 
cester, Dursley, etc. ; with expenses of other journeys taken 
about Easter of the same year. Temp. Edw. III. Vellum. 

1 Eudo, al. Ivo, 4th son of Maurice, Lord Berkeley, educated at Oxford, 
died at Bradley by Wotton, aged 23. 

286 Berkeley Castle 

63. Similar roll of expenses of John Averey " Camer- 
arius Domini " de Berkeley, showing in detail the mode and 
cost of Lord Berkeley's journeys to London and elsewhere. 
Temp. Edw. III. Vellum. Much damaged at the edges. 

6^. " COMPOTUS receptoris victualium et omnium 
aliarum expensarum " of [Thomas] Lord Berkeley's House- 
hold and Wardrobe, 20 Edw. III. [1346-7]. 

65. " My Lord Berkeley's expenses for one whole year," 
14 Aug., 1603 — 15 Aug., 1604. 

66. "The rate of Mr. Zouche's sojourning and Mrs. 
Zouche, his wife, with their Retinue, for one whole yere " 
from Michaelmas, 1591, to Michaelmas, 1592. 

67. " Valor Maneriorum," or Rental of Thomas de 
Berkeley, taken at Michaelmas, 9 Ric. II. [1385], having on 
the other side " Valor maneriorum Lisle," in cos. Dorset and 
Devon. Much damaged at the end. 

68. Valor of a manor in Cornwall of which the name 
is missing, followed by list of Tenants, free and customary, 
with their rents, and, in the margin, description of the 
various customs and rights of the same toward the Lady 
[Alice de Insula?]. Temp. Edw. III. Vellum. 

Extract; — 

Ciistumarii. Nullus eorum potest filios suos facere clericos 
nee filias suas maritare sine licencia Domine. Et cum 
aliquis eorum obierit et uxorem et parvos habuerit, tunc 
Domina habebit duas partes omnium bonorum suorum 
et tertia pars uxori et parvis eius remanebit. Et si 
uxorem habuerit et nullos parvos tunc Domina habebit 
medietatem omnium bonorum ipsius defuncti et altera 
medietas penes eius uxorem remanebit. 

Select Rolls. 287 

69-73.- Fines, amerciaments, etc., from Wye Manor 
and other lands of George Carey, Lord Hunsdon, in Kent. 
19-41 Eliz. [i 576-1 599]. Vellum. 

74. " The Estreates of the Fines and amerciaments of 
the Court Leet and Court Baron of the Honorable George 
Berkeley, Esquire," held at the Manor of Segrave [co.Leic], 
7 Apr,, 1656, before Ralph Dison, gent. Steward. Vellum. 

75. Similar Roll for the manor of the Honour of 
Melton Mowbray, co. Leic. 6 Oct., 1656. Paper. 

76. Inventory of the goods of Maurice, Lord Berke- 
ley [od. 1523], by Katharine, his widow, Thomas, his 
brother, and William, Lord Sondes, his executors. 

77. " Inventory of the goodes, chattells of Elizabeth, 
Lady Berkeley, late of Cranford, co. Middl., widow," taken 
24 May, 1635. Vellum. 

78. *' The Inventarie and the Quietus est under the 
scale of the Prerogative Court of and for all the goods, chat- 
tels, and debts " of Henry Carey, ist Lord Hunsdon, 2 Dec, 
1599. Drawn up by direction of his son, Sir George Carey, 
2nd Lord Hunsdon. With seal of the Prerogative Court. 

79. Inventory of the goods and chattels of Jane 
Heathfield, late of Beavington, in Berkeley, widow, 3c April, 
162 1. Vellum. 

80. Subsidy Roll for the Hundreds of Berkeley, 
Grumbolds Ash, Thornbury, Henbury, Barton by Bristol, 
and Pocklechurch, co. Glouc. [Richard Tyndale is men- 
tioned under the parish of Stinchcombe]. Followed by 
" The namez of the Cleargye withyn every of the said 
Hundreds for theire contribucion.' At the beginning is the 

288 Berkeley Castle 

warrant of appointment of Thomas Fraunceson, of Berkeley, 
as Collector of the Subsidy, signed by Nicholas Poyntz, 
Knt, David Broke, Nicholas Wyke, and Hugh Denys, 
Justices of Peace. 38 Hen. VHI. [1546]. Vellum. 

81- Subsidy Rolls for the same Hundreds. (?) Temp, 
Hen. VHI. Vellum. 

82-85- Subsidy Rolls for the same Hundreds. 23-37 
Eliz. [1580-95]. Vellum. 

86. Subsidy Roll for the same Hundreds, Nicholas 
Webbe, of Wotton-under-Edge, being Collector. 28 March, 
2 Charles H. [1650]. 

87- Subsidy Roll for Co. Kent, with copy of the 
warrant from Thomas Palmer, Sheriff, to Ralph Quested, 
his bailiff, to collect the same. 10 March, 38 Eliz. [1596]. 

88. Number of archers and billmen in the various 
townships in co. Glouc. 15th cent. Paper. 

89. "The General certificatte accordinge to ye printed 
certificatte of ye whole forces of this sheare of Gloucester," 
May, 1596, viz., a tabular statement showing the names of 
Captains and Lieutenants, number of men, shot, corslets, 
bows, bills, pioners, Nagges to mount ye shot on," etc. The 
total number of able men is put down on 24,000, " wheareof 
furnished 4,000, wheareof trained 3,000, and untrained 1,000." 

90. "A Schedule contayninge the severall names, 
Armes and furniture of 100 soldiers sent from Gloucester 
towards the Port of West Chester the xth day of June in 
the vith yeare of his Majesty's Reigne . . . 1608." 
Attached is the counterpart of the indenture of agreement 
between Henry, Lord Berkeley, Lord Lieutenant for the 
County, and John Lewis, muster master for the said draft. 
(Almost illegible). Vellum. 

Select Rolls. 289 

91. " The trayned bands of the horse and foot within 
the said county [Gloucester] supplyed and perfected in the 
months of March, Aprill, and May, 161 3, before Henry, 
Lord Berkeley, Lieutenant of the same." Paper. 

92. Copy of the King's Writ addressed to the Mayor 
and Corporation of Bristol, the Sheriff of Co. Gloucester, the 
Mayor and Corporation of Bridgewater, and others, com- 
manding them to build a ship of war and equip it with guns 
[tormentis] and 260 men to defend the coasts against 
pirates. Paper. 

93. " Orders for the fyringe of beacons in the countey 
of Southampton." Temp. Eliz. Paper. 

94. Pedigree of the Sovereigns of England from 
William I. to James I. 17th cent. Vellum. 

95. Drawing of two arches supported by three 
columns ; on the left column being inscribed the names of 
the Sovereigns of England from William L to Elizabeth, on 
the centre column that of James L, and on the right column 
those of the Sovereigns of Scotland from Malcolm [1081] 
to James VI. Below, on four bases supporting the columns, 
are the names of the English nobility, viz. : Marquesses, 
Earls, Viscounts, Barons ; and of the Scottish nobility, viz.: 
Dukes, Earls and Barons. Below all are 20 lines of rhyme, 
explaining the drawing, etc., commencing 

" Of England and of Scotland both the kingdomes brave 
Lyke unto might ye pillars tow resembled here I have." 

Signed Roger Kemys,^ in whose handwriting the whole is. 
Early temp. James L Paper. 

1 Roger Kemys, of Bristol, Receiver General to Henry, Lord Berkeley, 
a diligent antiquary, and the Author of an Ordinary of Arms, 1609, now in 
the British Museum, Harley MS. s'^o},. cf. The family of Kemeys by Col. 
W. Kemmis, 1886. 

290 Berkeley Castle 

96, Descent of Qu. Elizabeth from James Butler, 
Earl of Ormond \temp. Edw. III.] and his wife [Alianore], 
daughter of Humphrey de Bohun, Earl of Hereford. Temp. 
Eliz. Vellum. 

Q'T. Pedigree of the Berkeleys, '* compiled and trans- 
lated out of latyn' into Englishe in the V yere of the Regne 
of our Soverayne lord and Kynge Harry the vii*^ and bi 
John Newlande Abbot of the Monastery of Senct Augus- 
tines bi Bristow.^' 

This roll so often referred to by Smyth in his Lives of the 
Berkeleys as Abbot Newland's Roll, commences with the 
Abbot's preface, wherein he makes known the reasons 
which induced him to undertake the work, in these words : 
"And for this cause movid [viz.: that the names of benefac- 
tors to Religious houses should be kept in remembrance] I 
the foresaid John Newland Abbot for my more larger 
knowledge and informacion of my brethren Chanons 
presen, And for evir after to come have taken uppon 
me to put into writing the lineall and [trew] descent of Sir 
Robert Fizherding the son and eyre of herding] whiche 
herding was son of the Kingeof Denemarke whiche Robert 
foresaide was first created lord of Berkeley and so lineally 
from him I shall continew unto] William now lord marquyes 
Berkley for whom And all othir of his noble auncetoures 
we ben bownde specially to pray and or \_sic\ that I shall 
begynne this said noble Petegre Firste y shall declare how 
the said Sir Robert fizherding was first made lorde of the 
Barony of Berkeley and shall expresse folowyngly certeyne 
convencions made atwixe the saide Sir Robert fizherding 
and Sir Roger of Berkeley lord and Baron of Dursley." 
He then gives an account of the causes and effects of the 
disorders in the reigns of Kings Stephen and Henry H., the 

1 See below. Rolls loi, 102. 

Select Rolls. 291 

services rendered to the party of the latter by Robert Fitz- 
harding, and his practical appreciation of those services by 
giving to him " And his Eirys for evir the Barony of 
Berkley Whiche Barony Roger of Berkeley, Baron of 
Durseley helde of the Kyng in fee ferme And for so moche 
the saide Kyng Harry the secunde toke from the saide 
Roger bothe the Barony of Durseley and also the Barony 
of Berkley for as moehe as he toke partis with Kyng 
Stevyn ayenst Kyng Harry." 

The pedigree itself begins with an account of Harding, 
son of the King of Denmark, whose portrait is given, and 
from whom the family has generally been considered^ to 
spring : " The Kynge of Denmarke had a secunde son 
namyd Herding which he send unto Kynge William Con- 
quero"^ unto whom this Kyng William Conquero*" gave grete 
riches and send him to Bristow there to inhabite the yere 
of oure Lord Mlxix. The cause of his comyng to this 
lande of Englande was this. As hit is wreten in Polecron- 
icon, Ther was some tyme an ordinance made in Denemarke 
that if so the Kynge of lande had eny mo sonnes then on, 
then shuld the eldest son and eyre remayne w*in the 
lande. And the yonger brethren shuld be sende with a 
substance of goodis in to othir landis and there to leve in 
evoyding all inconveniences of debatis that myght chaunce 
atwixe them w*in theire owne lande. And for this cause 
Herdyng a secunde son of the Kynge of Denemarke was 
send in to this lande as hit is afore wreten." 

The last entry runs as follows : 

** William Lord Marquyss Berkley .... decessid with- 
oute issue off his body begoten and gave the barony of 
Berkeley with all the londis Intaylid unto Kynge Henry 
the vii*^ and lyeth buryed in the church of Fryer Austyns 
in London." 

^ See preface. 
U 3 

292 Berkeley Castle 

Temp. Hen. VII. Vellum, with elaborately illuminated 
initials, etc. 

98. Contemporary copy of Abbot Newland's Pedi- 
gree Roll of the Berkeleys : containing the Abbot's 
preface, etc. ; the~family pedigree'^to William, Marquis of 
Berkeley [od. 1491] ; and side by side with this family 
chronicle a similar chronicle of the Abbots of St. Augus- 
tine's, Bristol, from its foundation by Robert Fitzharding in 
1 140, to the election of Robert Elyot, 21st Abbot, who 
succeeded John Newland in 15 15, and " Ruled right honor- 

On the other side of the Roll is a complete list of the 
Mayors, Sheriffs and Bailiffs of Bristol from " William Can- 
nyng, Maior, and Henry Vyell, vicecomes et primus Bris- 
tollie, and William Combe et Thomas Knappe, Ballivi 
[1374, the year in which Edward III. made Bristol a sepa- 
rate county], down to John Hutton, Maior, Thomas 
Jefferies and Johannes Spryng, vicecomites [1524]. Side 
by side with the list is a meagre chronicle of the deaths and 
accessions of the Kings of England ; for example, " 1272 
[Anno] 56. Et obiit [Henricus III.] xvi Kal. Decembris 
sepultus apud Westmonasterium cui successit filius ejus 
Edwardus primus." Finally, there are in addition a few 
historical notes, of which the following are specimens : — 
1520. This yere whete barly and benes where for the more 
part of the yere at xxij'i the bz [bushel] and above and 
grete sea [r]sty of corne was amonges the people. Also 
the same yere was beheddid the noble lord Edward Due 
of Buckingham the xviij day of May and berid at the 
Austen Freris in London, and about Seint Jamis tide 
whete was at iij* iiij'' the bz. [bushel]. 

1 For a fuller description of the roll see Paper on " Abbot Newland's Roll of 
the Abbots of St. Augustine's Abbey by Bristol," in the Transactions of the 
Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society. — Vol. xiv. 

Select Rolls. 293 

Anno 31. [ie. Johannis Newland Abbatis]. Isto anno in 
festo Sancti Laurencii combusta fuit navis vocata Regent 
cum magno Carricke de Brest supra mare. 

Under the year 1327, where an interesting note might 
be looked for, there is unfortunately nothing but the bare 
record of the death, and burial at Gloucester, of King 
Edward II. Paper. Much mutilated in parts, and the 
missing portions supplied by later hands. 

09. Copy of Abbot Newland's Roll by John Smyth. 
17th cent. Paper. 

100. Modern Copy of the same, with coats of arms, 
coloured. i8th cent. Paper. 

101. Copy made by W. F. Shrapnell, F.S.A., on Jan. 
1 8th, 1808, of the "Ancient Vellum Roll written by Abbot 
Newland " in 1489, " part of which he translated from a 
more ancient roll written in latin by John Trevysa, Vicar of 
Berkeley," in 1398. (Mr. S. adds that "both these Rolls 
are at Berkeley Castle, Abbot Newland's in good preserva- 
tion, but Trevysa's much injured by time). 

102. Pedigree ^ of Berkeley from Thomas, Lord 
Berkeley [1281-1321] who married Joan Ferrers down to 
135 1. Vellum. Lat. Imperfect at the beginning, mutilated 
by damp, etc., and the ink much faded : stated to be in the 
handwriting of John Trevisa [od. 141 2], Vicar of Berkeley, 
and Chaplain to Thomas, Lord Berkeley ; the translator of 
Higden's Polychronicon and other works. 

' This is the only remaining portion of Trevisa's Latin Pedigree Roll, which 
formed the foundation of Abbot Newland's Roll [Roll 97] and which as 
the latter states in his introduction he " translated out of latyn into Englishe." 

294 Berkeley Castle 

103. Pedigree of Berkeley arranged in circular form, 
starting from James, Lord Berkeley (who married, in 1424, 
Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Mowbray, Duke of Norfolk) 
who forms the centre of the circle, and giving in radiating 
lines his descendants down to temp. James I. 17th cent. 

104. Pedigree of Fitzharding and Berkeley with brief 
biographical notes. i6th cent. Vellum. 

105. " The Genealogie of the Noble Familie of the 
Surname of Barkley, Barons of Barkley," to temp. Edw. IV. 
with short biographical notes, elaborately written and 
drawn, with the shields of arms, coloured. Vellum. Two 

106. "The true discent and Pedegree of the Right Hon- 
ourable the Lord Berkeley, one of the three houses of 
England for the discent in the male line with the alliances 
thereof in most noble families, i Aprill, 1600." Vellum. 

107. Another copy of No. 106, with the shields of 
arms not filled in. 

108. " Stemmata et Propogationes antiquae familiae de 
Berkley Barones de Barkley in comitatu Gloucestriae, 
Deducta ad Personam dignissimam Viri Caroli Berkley de 
Bruton in comitatu Somerset Equitis Aurati " ; with 
coloured shields of arms. Vellum. Three sheets. 

109. Pedigree of Berkeley, showing its connection 
with the families of Mowbray, Segrave, Beauchamp, But- 
ler, etc., with their arms. 17th cent. Paper. 

110. Pedigree of Berkeley from 3 Edw. IV. [1463] 
to 1658. Paper. 

Select Rolls 295 

111. Rough pedigree of Berkeley from " Harding the 
Dane," to temp. Hen. VII., with short biographical notices. 
Early i6th cent. Mutilated at beginning. On the other side 
are a few historical notes of the family from the Conquest to 
the union of the families of Berkeley and Fitzhardinge. 

112, 113. Rough pedigrees of Berkeley, from " Hard- 
ing, the Dane," to Elizabeth, dau. and heir of Thomas, 
Lord Berkeley, wife of Richard, Earl of Warwick, showing 
the connection of the Lisle and Dudley families with the 
Berkeleys, to 1577. 17th cent. Paper. 

114;. Brief pedigree of Berkeley from Harding to 
Henry, Lord Berkeley [temp. Eliz.] showing also the descent 
of Elizabeth [Sidney] who married in 1599 [John Manners 
4th] Earl of Rutland from the Berkeleys. 17th eent. Paper. 

115. Rough Pedigree of Berkeley down to Thomas 
Berkeley [born 1575], showing the connection of the family 
with the Lords Lisle, Warwick, Roos, and Latimer, and the 
descent of the same Thomas through Isabella, dau. of 
Thomas, Duke of Norfolk, from King Edward I. i6th 
cent. Paper. 

116. Rough pedigree of Berkeley and Lisle. 17th 
cent. Paper. 

11*7. Rough pedigree of William, Marquis of Berkeley, 
from James, Lord Berkeley [ob. 1463] continued to temp. 
James I. 17th cent. Paper. 

118. Pedigree of Berkeley to 1671. Printed. Paper. 

119. Descent of the Berkeleys of Salop, from Maurice, 
Lord Berkeley, 9 Edw. II. [i3i5]. 17th cent. Vellum. 

296 Berkeley Castle 

120. Descent of Elizabeth, wife [in 1614] of George, 
Lord Berkeley, from William Read, gent. [temp. Hen.VIIL] 
17th cent. Paper. 

121. "Descent of George Carey, Lord Hunsdon, and 
his Royal and Noble Alliances." Illuminated and pre- 
pared for Lord Hunsdon by William Smyth, Rouge 
Dragon \ob. 1618]. 

122. Emblazoned pedigree, in tree-form, of Carey, 
Lords Hunsdon, side by side with pedigree of the Royal 
Family of England, both starting from William L Elabo- 
rately drawn and illuminated. i6th cent. On roller. 

123. Complete Shield of Arms of Sir William Sitsilt 
[Cecil] Lord Burghley, with eighty quarterings, elaborately 
drawn and coloured, with list of the families quartered and 
dates of their alliance. Temp. Eliz. Vellum. 

12^. Pedigree of Clifford and the descent therefrom 
of the families of Codrington, Poyntz, Porter, Shipman, 
Borlas, etc. 17th cent. Paper. 

125' Descent of Ambrose Dudley, Earl of Warwick, 
Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, the Countess of Hun- 
tingdon [Katharine, dau. of John Dudley, Earl of Northum- 
berland, wife of Henry Hastings, 3rd Earl of Huntingdon], 
and Lady Sydney [Marg., dau. of John Dudley, Earl of 
Northumberland, wife of Sir Henry Sydney, K.G.], from 
John Talbot, Lord Lisle [in 1452]. i6th cent. Paper. 

126. Pedigree and "brieffe declaration of the pretended 
estate and title of" the three daughters of [Richard Beau- 
champ], Earl of Warwick \ob. 1439], co-parceners to the 
Manors of Wotton, Symondshall, Cam, Hinton and Slim- 
bridge. 17th cent. Paper. 

Select Rolls. 297 

127- Pedigree of the Barons Fitzwalter, from Roger 
[pb. 19 Edw. II.] to Benjamin Mildmay, living in 1669. 
17th cent. Printed. Paper. 

128. Rough pedigree, showing the connection of the 
Lisles with the Berkeley s. 17th cent. Paper. 

129. Descent of the families of Longney, Warner and 
Harding, from Eustace de Cam. i6th cent. Paper. 

130. Chronicle-Pedigree of the family of Mowbray, 
showing the descent of the family from Roger, Earl of 
Northumberland, and Nigil de Albeney to Thomas de 
Mowbray, Earl of Nottingham, 1366. Vellum. 14th cent. 

131. Descent of Sir Philip Sidney from Maurice, 
Lord Berkeley, [ternp. Hen. IV.] 17th cent. Paper. 

132. Pedigree of " Roberd of Stone, Lord of Wandys- 
welle [Wanswell] and of Stone." Late 15th cent. 

133. Pedigree of West, Lords De la Warre, from 
Roger, temp. Edw. I. to Henry, temp. Charles I. Printed. 

134. Three shields of arms of the Berkeley family. 
1 8th cent. 

135. Notes from Grafton's Chronicle, commencing : 

" London then cauled Troynavant was builded 1108 yeres 
befor Crist by Brutus," and ending 

" William conquered Scotland and forced Malcolme to do 
him omage — married priests excommunicated." 

17th cent. Paper. 

298 Berkeley Castle 

136. Fragment of general chronicle, containing 62 
lines, commencing : 

" This Emperour y* hadde the w 

Toke to hym to inenteyne his jurisdiccion 
Maximiam to raigne in the west " 

and ending: 

" In this tyme Maxencius 

Reyned in Rome a tirant mischeffous. " 

17th cent. Paper. 

137, Contemporary Copy of the letters, challenge, etc. 
that passed between Lord Berkeley and Lord Lisle, etc., 
immediately previous to the Battle of Nibley and the death 
of Lord Lisle.' 

138« Extracts from the Registers of the Bishops of 
Worcester recording the admission of Rectors, etc., to the 
Parish Churches of Slimbridge [1207- 147 5], Berkeley 
[1287- 1460], the Chapelry of Stone [i 356-1465], the 
Chapelry of Shipwardende al. Sheperden [i 354-1 399], 
with copies of documents relating to Longbridge Hospital 
near Berkeley. loth cent. Paper. Mutilated. 

139. Pleas of " Quo Warranto " before William de 
Saham, Roger Loveday and John Metingham, Justices 
itinerant for co. Gloucester. Easter, 15 Edw. L [1287]. 

1^0, Similar Roll to No. 139, but containing only 
Plea of Thomas de Berkeley. 14th cent. Copy. Vellum. 

141. Similar Roll to No. 140. i8th cent. Copy. 

142. Recognition of lands, shops, etc., held by feudal 
service in Berkeley Borough, 20 Edw. I. [1291]. Amongst 

* See preface to present work for a full description of these events. 

Select Rolls. 299 

the entries are : Willelmus de Aure fecit fidelitatem et 
cognovit quod tenet de Domino ad voluntatem, seldam 

suam cum pertinentiis subtus la Geldhalle Isabella 

le Cuppere fecit fidelitatem et cognovit quod tenet i burga- 
gium in vico subtus crucem .... The following localities 
are also mentioned : High Street, Church Street, Saltar 
Street, Lokastebrugg, Le Canenebury, Fromylodes, etc. 

143. " A note of the names of all those that have been 
Justices of Chester and of the tyme every of them enjoyed 
his place," from tempp. Edw. I. — James I. 17th cent. 

144. Record of feoffment by Robert le Veele, Knt., 
and his descendants, of the manor and advowson of St. 
Pagan's, etc., co. Glamorgan. Temp. Edw. I. — Edw. IV. 
Imperfect at beginning. Paper. 

145. Declaration by the Jury at an inquiry held at 
Meskyn, in Wales, as to the dates of the death, and age of 
the heirs of the family of Despenser, from Hugh \ob. 23 
Edw. III.] to Thomas, ob. i Hen. IV. Paper. Defaced. 

146. Inquisition, held at Gloucester, of Knights' fees 
pertaining to Dom. Maurice de Berkeley, by reason of his 
castle and manor of Berkeley. Dat. Sun. aft. F. of St. 
James [25 July] 37 Edw. III. [1363]. Paper. 

147. List of Knights' Fees of the Duke of Norfolk's 
lands, circ. i Hen. IV. [1400]. Paper. 

148. Inquisitio-POST-MORTEM of Richard [Beau- 
champ] Earl of Warwick, held at Cirencester, 2 Nov., 19 
Hen. VI. [1440]. Vellum. 

149. Award by William, Lord Ferrers and others in a 
suit between Edward, Duke of Somerset, John, Earl of 

300 Berkeley Castle 

Shrewsbury, and Sir George Nevill, and Sir James Berke- 
ley, respecting the possessions of the late Thomas, Lord 
Berkeley, in cos. Glouc. and Somerset. Dat. Cirencester, 
5 Apr., 26 Hen. VI. [1448]. Paper. 

150. "The Customes of the Manor of Thornbury 
grauntyd the iiij*^ yere of Kyng Henry the vii*^ [1488-9] 
Sir Water Harbert then beynge Hyghe Steward there." 

151. Draft of petition of Sir Maurice Berkeley to the 
King praying to be restored to the Castle of Berkeley and 
the manors and lordships belonging thereto, and asking the 
King to accept the manors and lordships of Alconbury with 
Weston's, CO. Hunts., and of Wyng and Penn, co. Bucks. 
Temp. Hen. VH. [1491-1506]. Paper. 

152. Letters Patent of Hen. VHI. appointing 
Maurice, Lord Berkeley, Governor of the Castle of Calais 
[1520]. Paper. Copy. 

153. Petition to Henry VHI. by "his subjects and 
Commons," begging him in view of the openly evil lives of 
the priests and the enormous possessions of religious houses, 
to confirm and cause to be carried into effect the various 
acts of his predecessors affecting the same. Paper. 

15^. Arrears of pay due to the various officers and 
servants of Maurice Berkeley, in cos. Glouc. and Wilts. 
9 Hen. VHL [15 17-8]. Paper. 

155. Petition to Henry VHI. for an act of restitution 
in favour of Thomas Howard, Earl of Surrey, late attainted 
for high treason [1546]. Copy. Paper. 

156. List of " presentations of Abbeys and Advow- 
sons of Livings in the gift of the Lords of Berkeley at the 
dissolution of monasterys in 31 Hen. 8," [1539-40]. i8th 
cent. Paper. 

Select Rolls. 301 

157. Petition of the "poor Prestes Stypendaris" of 
England and Wales to the King respecting payments 
demanded from them. Temp. Hen. VIII. Paper. 

158. Particulars of the lands, manors, etc. (i) in the 
possession of Elizabeth and Margaret Talbot ; (2) of the 
Lords Berkeley in co. Glouc. ; (3) of the lands "put in 
feffement to paye ye dettys of my lady Shrewesbury and to 
performe her last wyl " ; (4) of " ye joynt ur of my Lady 
Lyle which ye Lord Berkelee hathe." Temp. Hen. VIII. 

159. Account of Henry, Lord Berkeley [posthumous 
son of Thomas, Lord Berkeley] and of Anne, Lady Berke- 
ley, his mother, and of the former's restitution to Berkeley 
Castle on the death of Edward VI. without heir male. 
1 8th cent. Paper. 

160- Petition of Maurice, Lord Berkeley, brother and 
heir of William, Marquis of Berkeley, to Card. Wolsey as 
Chancellor of England, respecting the disposal of the rents 
of the Manors of Penn and Marlow, co. Bucks, and other 
Manors, as directed in his will. Temp. Hen. VIII. Paper. 
Damaged by damp at the edges. Paper. 

161. " A REMEMBRAUNSof all tenementis being in the 
citee of Bath " : a rental of ten holdings in Bath, followed 
by a similar rental for Swanyswicke [Swainswick] ; on the 
back are : 
(i) "The hole rent of assyse off Ayllemerton [Aylminton] 

by the yere." 

(2) " The hole rent off assyse off Maggerysfeld [Mangots- 

(3) " The hole rent off assyse off Fylton [Filton], Herry- 
stoke [Harry-Stoke, nr. Filton], and Horsfeld [Horfield], 
Brystow [Bristol], Olston [Olveston], Othynton." 

16th cent. Vellum. 

302 Berkeley Castle 

162. Plea in Queen's Bench, Henry Carey, Lord 
Hunsdon in suit, brought by Elizabeth Lukenor, widow and 
executrix of Henry Lukenor, concerning a debt for certain 
merchandize purchased by the said Lord from Henry 
Lukenor, Easter Term, i6 EHz. [1574]. 

163. Declaration by Thomas Porter, Knt, late 
Sheriff of Gloucester, of rents due to the Crown from 
property in co. Gloucester. Mich. 17 Eliz. [1575]. 

164. Assessment for " A Rate for the Church " 
[Bevington], 17 Eliz. [1574-5]. Paper. 

165. Similar assessment for Bevington Church, 30 
Eliz. [1587-8]. Paper. 

166. " Orders and paines sett downe by the xii jury- 
men at the Quenes Law dale holden at Bytton the xv*^^ 
daie of Aprill .... 1600." Paper. Amongst them is the 
following order : 

" Item, we doe order and sett downe y* everie man w*in 
this parishe of Bytton for his parte shall fill up their old 
cole pittes y* be not nowe in workinge by Whytsondaye 

next and so to continue upon paine of xx' everie 

man makinge a deffalt therein." 

167. " Orders and paynes sett downe .... at Bitton 
the first of October . . . 1601." Paper. Amongst them are: 

" Item, we doo order and sett downe y* no man nor 
woman within this parishe of Bitton shall make any revell 
uppon the Saboath daye to drawe companye togeather 
from hearinge of Divine Service to the great dishonoure of 
God, and evill example to others uppon paine of xx.s everie 
one makinge a deffault therein." 

" Item, we doe order and sett downe y* everie one that 
keepeth ale for to sell shall keepe good civill and honest 

Select Rolls. 303 

rule in their houses, and y* ther be non in their house after 
X of the clocke at night except it be a straunger that they 
lodge, uppon paine of iij s. iiij d. a peece." 

168- " The Taytke of Kyne in theWorthey from Lam- 
mas [i Aug.] to Allontyde [i Nov.] some by the Quarter 

and by the week at viii d. the weeke and horses at 

xii d. the weeke." 1602. Paper. 

169. " Tayckmentes of Kyne in the Worthey the first 
quarter from Holliroode day [3rd May] to Lammas [i Aug.] 
in the yeare of our Lorde God 1602 at xd. the weeke." 

170- " The Tayckmentes of horses and coltes in Cul- 
verhayes and Hamstalis by the Quarter and some by the 
weeke in the yeare of our Lorde God 1602." Paper. 

171. *' The Queenes tytle to part of the Lo. Riches 
landes with Seint Legers" ; and [George Carey] Lord 
Hunsdon's, with descent of the latter from Thomas Butler, 
Earl of Ormonde. Temp. Eliz. Paper. 

172. " Case of Mr. St. Leger," or particulars of lawsuit 
of John St. Leger, claiming lands belonging to the Earldom 
of Ormonde, with " The lyne of alliance between St. Leger 
and Butler, Earle of Ormond and Wiltes." Temp. Eliz. 

173- " The la. Berkeleys Breviat," or particulars of 
lawsuit of Thomas Berkeley, Knt., and the Lady Elizabeth 
his wife, plaintiffs, claiming against Richard Jocelyn, defen- 
dant, " to have by write of Petition the moitye of the Manor 
of High Rothing in the county of Essex," with table of the 
descent of Lady Elizabeth Berkeley, the plaintiff, from 
Thomas Butler, Earl of Ormond. 17th cent. Paper. En- 
dorsed " Mr. Sergeant NicoUs " [Augustine Nicholls, Ser- 
geant-at-law, 1603]. 

304 Berkeley Castle 

174. Particulars of lawsuit between the same plain- 
tiffs, claiming against Margaret Lawson al. Edmondes, 
widow, defendant, " to have by write of Peticion the moyte 
of the Manor of Wakeringe in the countye of Essex," with 
table of the descent of Lady Elizabeth Berkeley, the 
plaintiff, from Thomas Butler, Earl of Ormonde. 17th cent. 

l^S- Pleas in suit between Henry, Lord Berkeley, 
plaintiff, and Thomas Bowser, bro. and heir of Anthony 
Bowser, defendant, relating to the latter's marriage and land 
in Stone, co. Glouc. Attached are three subpoenas 
for witnesses in the suit. Westminster, Easter Term, 6 
James L [1608]. 

176- Copy of the grant of the wardship of George, Lord 
Berkeley, to his mother Elizabeth, Lady Berkeley, 13 July, 
12 Jas. I [1614]. 

177. " A Collection of the customary and Rate Tythes 
yearly tyme out of mind accustomed to bee paid by inhabi- 
tants of North Nibley in the county of Glouc. for their 
severall messuages, cottages, grounds and cattle as after 
foUoweth, renewed as well by examynacion of the inhabi- 
tants there and conference with the parson at severall 
meetings, as by view of divers old rolls testifying the same 
perfited in the monthes of August and September 1619." 
Vellum. 3 membranes. 

178. " A Note of every mans labour what hee hath 
don at the hiwayes for this yeare within this tithinge 
of Ham, 1622." Paper. 

179. " An Accompt of all the Moneys come to the 
hands of John Massingberd, Esquire, raised by rents, sale of 
lands and otherwise for payment of Creditors of y* R* Ho'"'* 

Select Rolls. 305 

George Lord Berkeley which are expressed in the Scedule 
annexed to his lo^* deed dated y® 8*^ August a° 1646 
being extracted out of twoe cash books N^ A and N° B, 
kept for and at y® earnest request of y® ho^'® Geo. Berkeley, 
Esquire, wherein is contayned his gennerall accompts of all 
the moneys received and Payd for the said Mr. Berkeley 
by him the said Jo° Massingberd." Paper. 

180. Articles of impeachment^ against George, Lord 
Berkeley, " whereby hee stands charged of high treason 
and other high crimes and misdemeanors." Dat. 8 Feb., 
1648. Paper. 

181. " List of all the persons' names that have served 
the office of Reeve from the year 1650 to this present year 
1737 for the Manor of Ham," with continuation to 1753. 

182. List of " My Lord's Tenants that pay Rent 
capons and Hens." 17th cent. Paper. 

183. Map of the River Severn, with names of the ten- 
ants of the various fishing grounds. 1 8th cent. Vellum. 

184. Abstracts of charters relating to South New- 
inton, CO. Oxon. Temp. Edw. HL Vellum. 

' Impeached for " levying war against the King, Parliament, and Kingdom." 
Cal. of State Papers, 1645-1647. [Ed. 1891.] p. 570. 


3o6 Berkeley Castle 


BOUND 1-36. UNBOUND 37-85. 

1. Chartulary^ of St. Augustine's Abbey, " called the 
Red Book," containing copies of the Charters relating to 
the Abbey. Late 13th cent., with some later additions. 
Vellum, bound in red leather. Octavo. 

2. The Lives of the Berkeleys,^ Lords of the Honour, 
Castle, and Manor of Berkeley, by John Smyth, of Nibley, 
1066-1618, written for and presented to George, Lord 
Berkeley. Three volumes. Vellum. Bound in brown 
morocco. Large Quarto. 

3. Copy of the same, made for Lady Elizabeth Ger- 

4. Another copy of the same. 

6. Another copy of the same. First volume only. 

6. An Abridgement of Smyth's lives, followed by 
drawings of the various lords' seals. Paper. Thin folio. 
Bound in leather. 

"7. Description of the Hundred of Berkeley ^ by John 
Smyth. Folio. 

1 For a full description of its contents, see 4th Report of the Historical MSS. 
Commission, App., p 366. 

2 Edited in 1883 by Sir John Maclean, F.S.A., etc., for the Bristol and 
Gloucestershire Archaeological Society. 

3 Edited in 1883 by Sir John Maclean, F.S.A.j for the Briotol and 
Gloucestershire Archaelogidal Sodety. 


Select Books. 307 

8. Copy of the same. 

9. Survey of the Berkeley Manors by John Smyth, 
1606. Folio. Bound in vellum. 

10. ClIARTULARY, containing transcripts of the Berke- 
ley Charters, from the earliest times to temp. Henry V., 
frequently referred to by Smyth as " Magna Cartula." 
Vellum ; fif. 399. xvth cent. Large Quarto. 

11. Abstracts of " charters belonging to the house of 
Berkeley," collected and arranged by John Smyth, 
apparently in preparation of his Lives of the Berkeleys. 
17th cent. 

12. Fair Copy of the same, finely written on vellum, 
in October, 1798. 

13. " The Booke of Wardships and Reliefs" collected 
and written by John Smyth, preceded by a dedicatory 
letter to Lord Berkeley. Vellum, bound in limp vellum. 

I'i. " The Names of all such persons as hold any lands 
or tenements by Knight service of the Right Honourable 
Lord Henry, enobled also with the tytles and Baronyes of 
Lord Mowbray, Lord Segrave and Lord Brus. Of whom 
his Lo. may theirby require that honorable and humble 
servise of homage : Also of Eschuage : Ayde to make his 
Sonne Knight : Ayde to mary his daughter. Assistance in 
the warres : castle guard : maryage of their heires : Releefe : 
Escheats : and other like collected by John Smythe." 1603. 
Duodecimo. Bound in leather. 

15. Transcript of the same, made in 1798. Vellum, 
bound in red morocco. 

16. " The Copies of the originall and auncient deeds 
\v 2 

3o8 Berkeley Castle 

touchinge the hon''''' Family of the Lord Berkeley of Ber- 
keley and the Barony thereof, and of other Records and 
Memorialls touching the same," perhaps by John Smyth. 
Paper. Small Quarto. Bound in leather. 

1^. Fair Copy of the same. Paper. Quarto. Bound 
in vellum. 

18. Brief Register of Croxton Abbey, co. Notts., 
with obituary notices of the Abbots, etc Late xivth cent. 
Vellum. Quarto. 

19. Survey of the Gloucestershire Manors, etc., made 
by Commissioners appointed by King Henry VI IL on 7th 
July, anno 36 [1544], known as " Moyle's Survey." Paper. 
Folio. Bound in vellum boards. 

20. I. Survey of Ham and other Manors in Berkeley 
taken 8 July, 36 Hen. VHL [1544]. 

2. Survey of Wotton Manor taken i July, 15 
Eliz. [1573]. Folio. Bound in vellum. 

21. Survey of the lands, etc., of Henry, Lord Berkeley, 
1,2 Philip and Mary [1554-5], called "Mr. Shillitoe's 
Survey." Folio. Bound in Vellum. 

22. " Rentale Domini Thome de Berkeleye de 
omnibus maneriis suis in comitatu Glouc[estrie] factum per 
visum dompni Thome de Tyringham Prioris de Stanleye 
Sancti Leonardi. Et Roberti de Stone ad prioratum de 
Stanleye Anno Regni Regis Edwardi xvi." Finely written, 
with headings in red. Vellum. Folio. Bound in vellum. 

23. Rental of Portbury Manor temp. Edw. L, having 
on the last page a list of obits, from Robert Fitzharding to 
Eve de Berkely, in 13 14. Well written, with headings in 
red. Lat. Vellum. Preceded by a Survey of Portbury 

Select Books, 309 

and the various Berkeley Manors, in the handwriting of 
John Smyth, 17th cent, and followed by transcripts of 
letters relating to subsidies. Temp. Eliz. Large folio. 
Bound in vellum. 

24. Rentals of various manors in Cos. Cornwall and 
Somerset, 24 Hen. VI. [1445-6]. Lat. Folio. Bound in 

26. " Mr. Humphrey Alsop's booke of tenures, who 
was Solicitor [and Steward] of my Lord Henry, temp. Eliz. 
Regine, 29"°," followed by " the true discent and pedigree 
of the right honorable Henry, Lord Berkeley, one of the 
three houses of England, for his descent in the male line." 
Paper. Small quarto. Bound in vellum. 

26. Fair copy of the same, made ist October, 1798. 
Vellum. Bound in vellum. 

27. " Military Survey," showing, in four columns, 
Particulars (for the Hundreds of Grimbold's Ash, Torman- 
ton, Lytelton, and Acton Turvyle) of " Names," " Terre," 
"Bona," and " Arma vel Harnes." 13 Hen. VHL [1521-2]. 

28. Similar Survey. Temp. Hen. VHI. Folio. 

29. Transcripts of various deeds relating to Wotton 
and other manors, /^w//. Eliz. — Charles H. Folio. Bound 
in vellum. 

30. Transcripts of exemplifications and inquisitions 
taken from originals in the Berkeley Collections in January, 
1593. Large Folio. Bound in vellum. 

31. " The copy of the Rolls contained in the Cardinant 
bagge kept in y^ Treasurie, and w*"** is kept sealed w*^ some 
privie Councell""^^ scales." The extracts refer entirely to 
" assaying." Late 17th cent. Folio. Bound in vellum. 

310 "Berkeley Castle 

32. House Steward's Book, Mich« 1584 to Mich" 
1585, giving particulars of the expenses of each meal. 

33. "Old Daily Accounts." Temp. Hen. VHI. Vellum. 

34. " The Statutes and ordinances of the most noble 
order of St, George named the Garter, Reform'd .... 
by the most . . puissant Prince Henry the 8th," with 
continuations to 13 Eliz, [1570]. Fairly written out in black 
and red, apparently on the installation of James, 3rd Earl 
of Berkeley, in 17 18. Quarto. Bound in brown leather, 
with gilt tooling, with Royal arms on back and front. 

35. A — K. " The Affairs of Ireland, copies of Royal 
Orders, Letters, etc., in the reign of K. William HI., when 
Charles, Earl of Berkeley, was one of the Lords Justices." 
Ten volumes. Folio. The contents are : — 

A, B. " Martial Affaires," warrants and orders, 23 Aug., 
1699 — 4 Apr., 1 70 1. 

C. " Marching Orders and Lycences," 1699 — 1701. 

D. "Warrants," 25 May, 1699 — 24 Mar., I70c[ij. Re- 
versing the volume, are inserted " Plans of Farmes 
taken by Elizabeth, Countess of Berkeley, Aug. 31st, 

E. " King's Letters and Reports," viz., Copies of the King's 
letters to the Lords Justices, with their Reports, 1699 — 
1700. Included is an " Accompt of money laid out for 
Provisions, Freight, etc., for the Soldiers sent to New 
Yorke " in 1700, amongst the items being " 200 cwt. of 
Tobacco at lod. per lb." 

F. "King's Letters and Reports," 1699 — 17CX). 

G. H. Petitions to the Lords Justices, 1699 — 1701. 

J. " The Commission and Instructions to the Lords 
Justices and the Earls of Berkeley's Letters, 1699." The 

Select Books. 311 

Commission is dated 29 June, 1699, and the Instruc- 
tions 18 July, 1699. The letters, with the exception of 
the first, are from Lord Berkeley, dated from Dublin 
Castle and Clancarty House, 22 Aug., 1699 — 6 Man, 
1701. The first letter in the volume is from Jonathan 
Swift, " My Lord's Chaplain," dated Kilkenny, 19 Aug., 
1699, and contains an account of Lord Berkeley's 
landing and reception at Waterford. It is addressed to 
Humphrey May, at Dublin Castle. 

K. " Book of Letters," the official correspondence of the 
Lords Justices, 2 May, 1699 — 5 Apr., 1701. 

36. A, B. Letter-books, containing copies of letters 
from Charles, Viscount Dursley [2nd Earl of Berkeley in 
1698'], Envoy Extraordinary to the Hague, to [Daniel 
Finch] Earl of Nottingham, Secretary of State, and others, 
4 Oct., 1689 — 20 Dec, 1692. Two volumes. Small folio. 

37. " Copy of Domesday Book for Gloucestershire." 

38. Copies of writs of summons for the various parlia- 
ments in 23, 27 Edw. I. and 7 Edw. II., addressed to the 
Bishops, Abbots, Priors, Nobles, Knights, etc., with nominal 
lists of the same. 17th cent. 

39. Chartulary containing copies of the foundation 
charter, and subsequent confirmations of the same, of the 
chantry of St. Andrew, in Berkeley Church. 14th cent. 

40. Accounts of the Collectors of the Fifteenths and 
Tenths, 3 Hen. VIII. [151 1-12]. 

41-42. " Copy of Henry, Lord Berkeley's, claim of 
precedence of Lord De la Ware in the House of Lords 
when he reverted to his Ancient Barony at the death of 
King Edward the VPV Paper. 

312 Berkeley Castle 

43. Descent of the Barony, abstracted from various 
charters and records tempp. Henry II. — ^James I., with 
legal notes thereon. Paper (2 copies). 

44. " The Petition and Case of George, Lord Berkeley, 
relating to his ancient Barony." Circ. 1660- 1670. 

45. Particulars of money raised by the Tenants for 
the use of Henry, Lord Berkeley, for payment of his debts. 
Dat. 22 Eliz. [1579-80]. 

46. Assessment of military loan in Co. Glouc. Dat. 
31 Eliz. [1588-9]. 

47 " SUBSIDIE booke for the Hundreds of Grum- 
boldeashe, Poclechurche, Henburye and Barton-iuxta- 
BrystoU." 17th cent. 

48, " A View of the horse, armour, and other warlick 
ferniture assessed upon the Cleargy within the dioces of 
Gloucester taken by the reverend father in God, Miles, Lo. 
Bushopp of the same dioces, Anno 1613." 

49, Presentment to George, Lord of Berkeley, by 
the 125 Customary Tenants of the " auntient customes, 
usages and priviledges within the manor, barony and Hun- 
dred of Berkeley," 18 Sept., 1623. 

50, I. " Order of Precedence for Peers and Peeresses." 

2. " Orders to be observed in Assemblys of 
Councill," 20 Feb., 1627. 

51, Household expenses at Berkeley Castle for 1550. 
The following is an extract : — 

Select Books. 313 

Frydaye the v^'^ of Januarie : 

Butler, xxix^^ vii» j"^ cd. 

Eggs, ix" vii ... iit*j"^ 

Flcwnders, i ... ... ... ... ... j"* 

Whitings, i iii*^ 

Cards, i ii"^ 

Eles great, iiii iis viii«* 

Lampairns, Ixxii ... ... ... ... ... vi* 

Breamis, iii xvi<* 

Tenchis, iiii iis viii^ 

Pykes, ii iii s 

Mylletts, iii iii** 

Woodcokes, viii, and iiii great birdes iis viii** 

62. Steward's accounts for the manors of Bitton, 
Upton St. Leonard's, Wotton, Brokenborowe, Cam, Arling- 
ham, Sages, Berkeley, Frampton-on-Severn, Tetbury, 
Dalby Chacomb, Cold Overton, Thornbury. Withcrley, 
Thurlaston, Flecknoe, Aspley, and Mangotsfield. i EHz. 
[1558-9]. Damaged by damp. 

63. Books of Accounts, sewn together, for 1560, as 
follow : — 

1. " The Boke of the Recevars charge." 

2. " The booke of necessaryes, 25 Jan., 1560." 

3. " The booke of payments begonne the viii"' of September, 


4. " Boke of forren paymentes begon on Saturday, the v*'' 

of October for an hole money th." 

5. Similar book, beginning 16 August. 

6. Similar book, beginning 9 November. 

7. " The booke of paymentys begynnynge the six*** of 

Julye, 1560." 

54. Accounts of the various Reeves, Woodwards, and 
others for Berkeley, Ham, Alkington, Coaley, Cam, Hurs" 
Sages, Tetbury, Slimbridge, Bitton, Mangotsfield, Arling- 

314 Berkeley Castle 

ham, Daglinworth, Hinton, Canbury, Ailmington, Frampton, 
Upton St. Leonards, Portbury, co. Som., Calloughdon by 
Coventry, co. Warw., Sylby, Segrave, Mountsorrell, Melton 
Mowbray, Dalby, Cold Overton, Goscote Hundred, co. 
Leic, Fenny Stanton, and Alconbury, co. Hunt, Bretby, 
CO. Derb., Bosham, Funtington, co. Suss. 19 Eliz. [1576-7]. 

55. Abstracts of Stewards' accounts for the manors 
within the Barony of Berkeley. 21 Eliz. [1578 9]. 

56. Similar accounts for 22 Eliz. [1579-80]. 

5*7. Book of arrears for same manors, 22 Eliz, [1579-80]. 

58. Steward's accounts for the Berkeley manors, 23 
Eliz. [1 580-1]. 

59. Similar accounts, 24, 25 Eliz. [i 581-3]. 

60. " The dischardge and paiments of the rentes and 
revenues of the right honorable the Lorde Barkeleye " 
within Cos. Glouc. and Som. 28 — 30 Eliz. [1586-8]. 

61. Accounts of the manors of Ham and Dagling- 
worth. 29, 30 Eliz. [1586-8]. 

62. Work and Wages book of the Stewards of George, 
Lord Berkeley, 1623-4. 

63. " The accompt of all receipts and payments made 
for the Lady Coke since 5 May, 1635, untill this xii*^ day 
of July, 1635," being endorsed, " Mr. Smith's boke of 
accompts for reciptes and payments." 

64. Accounts of the Steward of the Earl of Berkeley 
in cos. Glouc. and Sussex in 1761-1762. 

65. Inventory of Furniture at New Park Lodge 
[Berkeley], taken 20 Sept., 1608. 

Select Books. 315 

66. Inventory of Furniture, plate, jewels, etc., of Sir 
Michael Stanhope, Knt, " late ... of the parish of St. 
James [Clerken ?]we]l, in the countieof Middlesex," 31 Jan., 
1622. Injured by damp. 

67. Inventories, as follows : — 

1. " Household stuffs sent into Glostershire to New Parke 

Lodge, XXV, of June, 1624." 

2. " Account of what things [z.e. curtains] are wanting at 

Berkeley Castle," 6 May, 1699. 

3. " Goods belonging to my L*^ the Earle of Berkeley, all 
are att my L*^ Clifford's house in Epsom." 

4. " Pictures taken out of ye parlor att S°* Jone and carried 

to Mrs. Rousses house." 

5. "A Particular of Goods taken att S°* Jones ye 17th 

of November, 1687." 

68. I. A TRUE and just Inventorye of all soche stuff as 
was in Shoe lane in the house sometymes the ladye Ber- 
keleyes takine in the presence of dyverse honest men, 
Wherfore part Diryck Anthonye toke into his custodye as 
his and parte remaynt." i6th cent. 

2. " A note of Lininge sent into Glostersheere," July, 1624. 

3. "An Inventory of Goods in Burden's House," 25 Oct., 


4. " An Inventory of ye goods at Berkeley Castle, taken ye 

28th of July, 1687." 

69. "An Inventory of ye goods in Burden's House, 
taken Oct. the 2Sth, 1688." 

70. Inventory of Furniture at Berkeley Castle. 1698. 

71. Inventory of goods at Berkeley Castle belonging 
to Charles, Earl of Berkeley, in 1699 and 1701. 

3i6 Berkeley Castle 

72. Survey of Segrave, Melton, and Cold Overton, co. 
Leic. 36 Eliz. [ 1593-4]. 

73. RENTALof farms, etc., containing names of Tenants, 
lands, dates and conditions of leases, etc., in tabular form, 
of all the manors in Berkeley parish ; preceded by list of 
** Annuities claimed on the Berkeley Estate." Circ. 1756. 

74. List of " Knights' Fees in the County of Leicester, 
holden of Melton Mannor." Temp. Eliz. 

75. Miscellaneous Collection, containing copies of 
charters, inquisitions, and other records. Amongst them 
are : — 

1. Knights' fees assigned by Edw. II. to Hugh Le Des- 

penser and Eleanor, his wife, sister and heir of Gilbert 
de Clare, late Earl of Gloucester and Hertford, which 
were taken into the said King's hands on the " death of 
the said Earl." ^ 

2. Inquisitio-post-mortem of Thomas, Lord Berkeley, 27 

Nov., 35 Edw. III. L1361]. 

3. Rental of the manors of Dom. Maurice de Berkele, 

35 Edw. III. [1361]. 

4. Chartulary, containing copies of 15 deeds relating to 

Mangotsfield, co. Glouc, temp. Hen. III. — Hen. VI., 
amongst them being the following inquisitiones-post- 
mortem : — {a) David le Blount, 8 Aug., 17 Edw. II. 
[1323] ; ib) Richard le Blount, W. after F. of St. Hilary 
[13 Jan.], 20 Edw. II. [1327] ; {f) Margaret de Clare, 
nuper uxor Hugonis d' Audely Comitis. Gloucestrie, 
Sat. a. F. of St. Edmund [20 Nov.], 21 Edw. HI. [1347]; 
{d) Edmund le Blount, 26 Apr., 36 Edw. III. [1362], 
{/) Hugo, Comes Stafford, 21 Feb., 10 Ric. II. [1387] ; 

1 Killed at Bannockbum in 1314. 

Select Books 317 

(/) Thomas, Comes Stafford, Thurs. b. F. of St. Bar- 
tholomew [24 Aug.], 16 Ric. II. [1392] ; (/) John Blount, 
Th. aft. F. of St. Mark [25 Apr.], 22 Hen. VI. [1444] ; 
(/t) Willelma que fuit uxor Joh. Blount, Sat. bef. F. of 
SS. Simon and Jude [28 Oct.], 32 Hen. VI. [1453] ; (0 
Humphrey, Duke of Buckingham, 11 Sept., 39 Hen. VI. 

76. Miscellaneous papers. Amongst them are : — 

1. Copy of Order of Qu. Elizabeth for raising men in Co. 

Gloucester, 18 July, A" 5 [1563]. 

2. Original letter of John Smyth to Lord Berkeley, 19 

May, s. a. 

3. Original letter of Humphrey Alsope to Lord Berkeley, 

18 March, s. a. 

4. Appointment by Elizabeth, Lady Berkeley, of William 

Claxton, of Bedminster, as Surveyor of Bitton and 
Hanam, Feb., 1629. 

5. Original letter from John Smyth, Edward Smyth, and 

others to George, Lord Berkeley, enclosing particulars 
of estates granted for raising money for his Lordship, 
31 Aug., 1676. 

*7*7. Copy of depositions in " the arraignment of Mrs. 
An Turner on Thursday, the ix'^'' of November, 161 5, she 
beynge Arraygned as an Accessary before the fact in ye 
matter of L'' Tho. Overburye's murder." Paper. Damaged 
by damp. 

78, Account of the military expedition in the Low 
Countries, and of the siege of Berghen-op-Zoom, 1622 ; being 
a narrative of events from May to October of that year by 
an Englishman, entitled, " A trewe relation of this somer's 
servyce in those partes where myself was present." Signed 
at the end H. H. Sixty-one pages. 

3iS Berkeley Castle 

79. Pedigrees of the following families : — i. Berkeley, 
Lords Berkeley, temp. Edw. II. — Elizabeth; 2. Chandos, 
temp. Edw. IV. — 1608 ; 3. Berkeley, of Stoke, temp. Edw. 
III. — Jas. I. ; 4. Berkeley, of Beverston, to temp. Jas. I, ; 5. 
Poyntz. tetnp. Hen. III., etc.; 6. Bradstone, temp. Hen. III. 
— Jas. I. ; 7. Veele, to temp. Jas. I. ; 8. Dennys, temp. Hen. 
VI. — Jas. I. ; 9. Throgmorton, temp. Edw. II. — Jas. I, ; ic. 
Butler, temp. Hen. VII. — Jas. I. ; 11. Poole, temp. Hen. 
VIII. — Jas. I. ; 12. Porter, to temp. Jas. I. ; 13. Tracy, temp. 
Ric. III. — Jas. I.; 14. Clifford, temp. Jas. I.; 15. Welshe, 
/^;«/. Jas. I. ; 16. Norwood ; 17. Hungerfoi-d; 18. Wynter ; 
19. Trye ; 20. Baynham ; 21. Seymour, of Frampton ; 22. 
Chester; 23. Basset; 24. Huntley; 25. Thorpe; 26. Coth- 
rington ; 27. Kemys ; 28. Thomas ; 29. Yonge ; 30. Gyfford. 
17th cent. 

80. I. "A TRUE Sertyfycathe of the deere wyche hathe 
bene kylled bye the commandement of the Reynger." 

2. Similar return of " deres wyche he lefte in Ardense Wake 

bye mysschanse." 

3. "A true Sertyfycathe of the buckes that hathe bene con- 

sumed bye Neglygense to y^ decaye of the game." i6th 

81. Collection of poems and miscellaneous pieces, 
etc., amongst them being — 

1. " A disputacion touching ye Arte of Alchymie betwene 
one Brutus, a learned man, and his frende Tudorus." 
Endorsed " the secret of Mr. Cotes." 

2. Two copies of a poem " On the Happie Arrival of His 

Highnesse the Prince of Orange, November 5th, 1688," 
preceded by letter from the author, Richard West, 
addressed to George, Lord Berkeley, asking him to show 
his verses to the King. 

Select Books. 319 

3. " Owen Tudor, the first Booke by Hugh HoUande," dedi- 
cated " To the Conquering Virgin . . . Queene 

82. Collection of apothegms in Greek and Latin, 
etc., by Charles Bill, with dedication addressed, in Latin, 
" Honoratissimo viro . . . Domino Pagetto." Dat. Id. 
Jan. [13 Jan.], 1580 [i]. 

83- Collection of religious memoranda, texts, and 
commentaries on various subjects in several lands. 17th 

84. Index of words to the Satires of Juvenal. Im- 
perfect at end, beginning at letter C. e.g.^ compesce^ digito 
compesce labellum. 17th cent. Octavo. 

85- Spiritual Sonnets, by Henrj' Constable [^^. 1613]. 
There is another copy of these sonnets in the British 
Museum, Harl. 7553, from which T. Park, in his Heliconia, 
printed them in 181 5 ; but the present MS. contains two 
that are not in either of the above, namely, the one " To St. 
Collet," and the other "To the Blessed Martir, Marye 
Queene of Scotland." Quarto. 

320 Berkeley Castle 

Select Letters, Warrants, 


Vol. I. Royal Warrants and Letters. 

1. Warrant of Henry VIII. to Sir Thomas Berkeley, 
Knt., as Keeper of His Majesty's Park at Berkeley, con- 
cerning the losses certain tenants and inhabitants of the 
lordship of Berkeley have sustained owing to the breaking 
out of the Deer, " which dailly (by reason of the decaye and 
Ruyne of the Pales of our seide Park) have excourst into 
their corn and grasseland, contynew too pasture fede and 
lye in the same to their noe small losse and preiudice ;" and 
requesting Sir Thomas to allow Sir Anthony Poyntz and 
others who had received directions " as well for the palyng 
of the seide pare as for th' advoyding and taking of such 
oure deare as be within our seide lordship " to accomplish 
their work without let or hindrance ; Greenwich, 28 May, 
s.a. With signature, " Henry R." and paper signet. 

2. Warrant of the same " to the maister of our game 
within our chace of Redwood " to deliver to " Sir Maurice 
Berkeley, Knight for our body, or unto the bringer hereof 
. . . on stag of season to be taken of oure gift within our 
chace of Redwood"; Greenwich, 2 Jun., Anno 7 [15 15]. 
With stamped signature and paper signet. Mutilated. 

3. Similar warrant " to the Keper of our wodd called 
Redwodde, in Berkley Herons," to deliver a " stag in 
season" to Sir William Kingston, Knt; Greenwich, 31 
July, Anno 7 [15 15]. With stamped signature and paper 

Select Letters, Warrants, &c. 321 

4. Qu. Mary to Henry, Lord Berkeley, on Wyat's re- 
bellion. " Trusty and right welbeloved we grete yowe well 
and where we be by sondrie wayes enfourmed that Thomas 
Wiatt and some others have of late, by spreading abrode 
moste false and vayne rumors, procured to stirre our Sub- 
iectes of our Countie of Kent to arrise againste us, our 
Crowne and dignitie Royall, Albeit we have allready taken 
suche ordre as we doubte not shalbe sufficient to represse 
and overthrowe this unnaturall conspiracie, yet have we 
neverthelesse thought good to require and chardge yowe 
furthwith upon the sight hereof to putte yourself in full 
ordre with as many of your servauntes, frendes, and 
tenaunts as ye can make bothe on horsebacke and foote, to 
be in a readines to marche and sette forwarde upon owne 
houres warninge either againste the said rebelles or suche 
other wayes as shalbe signified unto yowe from us, and in 
the meane tyme to have good regarde to the quiet ordre of 
the parties where ye dwell, causing all suche idle and lewed 
persones as shall either by spreadinge abrode of untrue 
rumors or by any other wayes attempte to stirre or disquiet 
our loving subiects, to be apprehended and ponished as the 
qualitie of their offences shall deserve. Yeven under our 
Signet at our Manor of St. James, the xxvi*^ of January, the 
firste year of our raigne [1554]. With signature, " Marye 
the quene," and paper signet. 

5. The same to " the Shreve and Justices of Peax of 
our Countie of Gloueester," ordering them to furnish 500 
men, " wherof fifty to be horsmen and the rest footemen, 
thone halffe to be pikes and bills and well armed, thother 
halffe to be Archers and Gonners," and to despatch them to 
London to aid in suppressing Wyat's rebellion ;" St. James', 
28 Jan., Anno i [1554]. Copy. 

6. The same to Henry, Lord Berkeley ; Right trusty 

322 Berkeley Castle 

and wclbeloved, we grete you well and for as muche as 
dyvers seditious persones traytorously conspyring togethere 
have raysed a most unnaturall and perillous rebellion against 
us, our lawes and dignity Royall, tending to the utter de- 
struction of this our realme, if spedye remedie be not pro- 
vided, We doo therefore charge and require you as ye 
tender the suretie of our person and the preservacion of this 
your native countrie that raysing all the force of hablemen 
you be hable to make of your servaunts, tenaunts, frendes 
and others under your rules and offices ye do with the same 
warlyke manner repayre towardes us with all possible spede 
wherein the more earnest expedition ye make the more 
acceptable service shall ye minister unto us. This matter 
requireth so muche the more hast for that many of the sayd 
rebells have openly sayd that they want not in this theyr 
detestable doing the ayde and succours of certaine our 
auncient ennemies in forreyn partes. Yeoven under our 
signet at our Paliace of Westminstre the xxx of Januarie, 
the fyrst yere of oure Reigne" [1554]. With signature, 
" Marye the quene," and paper signet. 

7. Qu. Elizabeth, to Sir [George] Carey, afterwards 
Lord Hunsdon, K.G., requesting him to repair to Windsor 
Castle, having been appointed Commissioner, in conjunction 
with Sir Henry Sydney, " for th' instalment .... of 
our Right welbeloved the Lord Charles Haward, of Effing- 
ham, beinge late chosen to be of the Fellosheppe and Com- 
pagnions of our Order of the Garter ;" Greenwich, 30 Apr., 
Anno 17 [1575]. With the Queen's signature and paper 

8. The same to the same, expressing her anxiety as to 
his health, which, she hears, is better since his " coming to 
Bathe." " Good George ... I cannot but wonder, con- 
sidering the great number of Payles of water that I hear 

Sfxect Letters, Warrants,, &c. 323 

have been powred upon you, that you are not rather 
drowned than otherwise, but I trust all shall be for your 
better meanes to helth." Signed at top, " Your most Affec- 
tionate Lovinge Souveraine, Elizabeth R." n.d. [1596- 1603 J. 

9. The same to the same, concerning his health. " Good 
George, Because I have hard that before your departing 
from Bathe, neyther your speech was becom much better 
nor your leggs any strongar, and being still carefull and 
desirous to know that you are rather amended since your 
coming from thence, I have sent this gentleman, etc. . . 
As yet I somewhat still doute that ther hath bene to greate 
abundance of the same \i.e. water] squasshed upon you, 
which I wold have restraynid if my self might have bene 
with you, for therein wold I have bene bolde to have playde 
the parte of a Phisician both to you and my Lady," etc. 
Signed at top, " Your most Affectionate souveraine Eliza- 
beth R." nJ, 

10. The same to the same, on the same subject. " And 
albeit my lady be alsoe most carefull in her place to omitt 
nothing that may tende to your good, yett seeing you weare 
the rather drawen thether by some other occasions for which 
shee maie have cawse yett to make some further staie there : 
yett we think it needefuU that yoursclfe shold presentlie re- 
move from thense, though my lady remayne behinde some 
fortnight after. And this to th'ende you might the sooner 
tast the bennefitt wee hope shall arise unto you by this 
chaunge and freshnes of the ayre. Herein we shalbe de- 
sirous to heare of your resolucion. And though it hath soe 
fallen out that hethertoo wee cold not see you wheare you 
are, yett wee nothing doubt but shortelie to see you wheare 
wee may. And in what place soeuer you be, you shall 
finde us a Mother and a wife to minister unto you all the 
best effectes of that tender and kinde affection which we 

X 2 

324 Berkeley Castle 

male possiblie extende to one whom for many respectes wee 
hold soe neere and deere unto us." Oatlands, 20 Aug., 
Anno 44 [1602]. Copy. 

11. Warrant of Qu. Elizabeth to the same, as 
Governor of Berwick, and others, instructing them to assist 
the Agents of the King of Scotland to " buye and provide 
within this our Realme of England twelve horses or geldings, 
to be conveighed from hence into Scotland for his owne 
use." Greenwich, 30 Apr., 1588. Copy. 

12. Warrant of the same to Thomas Dennys, Esquire, 
and John Smythe, gent, directing them to peruse and ex- 
amine a certain petition, the particulars of which are not 
mentioned. Ludlow Castle, 4 May, Anno 38 [1596]. With 
paper signet. 

13. James VI. of Scotland to Lord Hunsdon, as 
Governor of Berwick, asking for his favour towards " oure 
trustie and welbelovit counsaloure, Robert [Pitcarne] Com- 
mendatarof Dunfermeling [Abbey], owre principall Secretar 
and Ambassador, presentlie directit toward her" [z>. the 
Queen of England]. ' At oure castell of Striviling," i July, 
1578. Signed "James R." 

14. The same to the same, "Richt trustie cousin, as at 
all tymes sen my first aquentance with you ye have ever 
tane in hand the furthering of my adoos in thaise pairtis als 
willingly and faithfully as gif ye had bene my borne subiect, 
so now assuring my self of the lyke quheii the perfection is 
as apperandly at hand of that worke quhairin ye have 
longest travellit of any, I will desire you, for the further- 
ance of the same, to trust as myself t'assist in all thingis 
this berar, my ambassadoure, thus thinking long for the 
expected frutis of his labouris and your concurrence. I 
commit you, richt trustie cousin, to the Almichtye's main- 

Select Letters, Warrants, &c. 325 

tenance. From my palleis of Holyrudhouse, the 14 of 
October, 1584. Your unalterit loving friend, James R." 

15. Warrant by the same as James I. of England to 
Henry, Lord Berkeley, Lord Lieutenant of Gloucester, 
directing him to muster and enrol one hundred men for the 
defence of the country. Greenwich, 23 May, Anno 6 [1608]. 
With signature, "James R." and seal. 

16. James, Duke of York, to Sir Andrew Richard. 
" Understanding that my Lord Berkley hath an earnest in- 
clination to obtaine your favorable reception in a sute which 
he would prefer to my Lady your daughter, I do hold my 
self so much concernd in all that relats to him that I cannot 
but interpose myself in his behalf, and give you this testi- 
mony that he is a person who hath so much endeard him- 
self to me by his services to the King my Father and King 
my Brother and my self with so much honor and successe, 
that I do with much passion recomend him to your friend- 
ship." London, 10 Aug., 1660. Holograph. 

17. The same to George, Lord Berkeley. Brussels, 21 
Aug., 1679. Holograph. 

18. The same to the same. ''Some days since I re- 
ceved yours of the 19 of the last month, and shall be sure 
to recommend your concerne to his majesty, as you desire 
me, the first tyme I write to him, and I make no dowt of 
his majesty shewing you his favor since you serve him so 
faithfully and so boldly. I am sure you deserve it. I am 
glad those turbulent sperits who would have put you out of 
the government of the Turkey company mist of their aime, 
and am obliged to the Affrican company for being firme 
also to me. I hope, for all the Parliament meetts so sone, 
his Majesty will be so to himself, and only rely upon his 

3^6 Berkeley Castle 

old freirides, and then I make no doubt but his affairs will 
go well in spight of the damnable designs of Phanatike and 
republican, which are but all one, which is all I shall say- 
now." Edinburgh, 3 March, s. a. Holograph. 

19. The same to the same. Edinburgh, 8 May, s. a. 
Holograph. Damaged by damp. 

20. The same, as James H. of England to George, Earl 
of Berkeley, summoning him and his wife to the coronation 
of their Majesties, fixed for " ye 23*^ day of Aprill next." 
Whitehall, 23 Mar., 16845]. Signed "James R." 

21. Qu. Anne to Charles, Earl of Berkeley, summoning 
him and his wife to the coronation of Her Majesty, fixed 
for the 23rd April. St. James's, 2 Apr., 1702. Signed 
" Anne R." 

22. Warrant of William HI. to Narcissus [Marsh] 
Archbishop of Dublin, and others, Justices of Ireland, dis- 
charging Elizabeth Aldworth, widow, from certain arrears 
of crown rents in consideration of her " great loss by ye 
burning of her Mansion House and Townes by ye Irish 
Army." Kensington, 30 May, 1699. Signed at the top 
* William R.," and at the foot by Charles Montague, 
Stephen Fox, J. Smith, and Thomas Littleton. 

23. Warrants of the same to the Justices of Ireland 
on military matters. Kensington, 22 Nov., 1699, 29 Jan., 
17CX). With signatures and seals. 

24. Warrant of the same to the same for an addi- 
tional allowance of two shillings a day to the Sieur de la 
Bouchetierre. Hampton Court, 3 June, 1700. 

Note.— The 3 last documents are much damaged by damp. 

Select Letters, Warrants, &c. 327 


1. Warrant from [Henry Stafford] Duke of Bucking- 
ham to the Keepers of Forests, Parks and Chaces in Kent, 
Surrey, and Essex that " as ofte as . . . the Vicounte 
Berkeley liste to take his pleswer to hunte " within any of 
the said forests, they are to " yeve hyme as good disporte " 
as they can. Dat. Brecknock Castle, i Jan., 21 Edw. IV. 
[1482]. / I. 

2. Instructions to " Lord Berkeley and Sir William 
Kyngiston, Knt., and other his Commissioners, auctorised 
by the Kynges Commission under his greate seale for prac- 
tising of an amicable and loving graunte for conservacion of 
the honour of this realme ande Recoveryng of the crowne 
and Realme of Fraunce, with other domynions and 
Seignouries, rightfully apperteynyng unto his highnes 
within the same." Undated. With the stamped signature 
of Henry VIIL / 2. 

3. John Straunge to Sir Maurice Berkeley, Knt., 
Sheriff of co. Gloucester, on money matters, etc. " Ther is 
grete speche touchyng the mater for Maynard of Mershfield, 
y here say they have put my lord of Buk[ingham] in mynde 
that he ought to have halfe his substance if he be atteynted, 
and therfore y fere lest he woU loke on the mater. . . . 
Ther may be shewd my lord chauncellor that ther be above 
xlii prisoners in the Jayle, and so ther be indede. Y never 
fye so money, it is not only a grete daunger to kepe them 
this cold wether for fer of escape, for when they smert with 
cold they will study to broke prison, but it is also pety to 
see so mony pore creatures imprisoned." Dat. Michaelmas 
Day [circ. 1512], / 10. 

328 Berkeley Castle 

4. Thomas Lovell to Sir Maurice Berkeley *' at Calice," 
complaining of the latter's Keeper of Pucklechurch Park. 
Dat. Hampton Court, 17 Dec. [15 12-1523]. From "your 
awne Preste, Thomas Lovell." f. 11. 

5. Privy Council to [Henry] Lord Berkeley and [Ed- 
mund Bruges, Lord] Chandos, requesting them to hasten 
the despatch of the 600 men which the Queen's letters had 
ordered them to send to Newhaven, etc. Greenwich, 5 
June, 1 563. Signed by the Duke of Norfolk, Earl of North- 
ampton, Earl of Pembroke, and others, f. 12. 

6. The same to the same, "to see that there be no 
parcialyte or coulloringe used in th' execution " of the 
Queen's instructions for " putting in a ridinesse of certein 
nombers of men, so to remaine for her majesty's service as 
necessary occasion shall require." With signatures as above. 
15 June, 1563. /. 13. 

7. George Huntley, Sheriff of co. Gloucester, to [Henry] 
Lord Berkeley, Sir Walter Denys, Sir Nicholas Pointz, and 
others. Justices of Peace, summoning them to meet at 
Gloucester to consider the Queen's letters for the " meting 
of mosters." 22 June, 1563. f. 16. 

8. [Edmund Bruges] Lord Chandos to [Henry] Lord 
Berkeley on the same subject. Sudeley, 22 June [1563]. 

/. 18. 

9. Privy Council to the Sheriff of co. Gloucester for the 
speedy despatch of 600 soldiers to Portsmouth for embarka- 
tion to France. Greenwich, 24 June, 1563. Copy. f. 19. 

10. George Huntley to the Justices of Peace for the 
Hundreds of Berkeley, Grumbolds Ash, Thornbury, Hen- 
bury, Pucklechurch, and Barton, to the same effect. 27 
June, 1563. /. 20. 

Select Letters, Warrants, &c. 329 

11. Thomas Tyndale to [Henry] Lord Berkeley, that 
money is wanted " for the coates and conduyt of the sol- 
diers levied in the country." Eastwood, St. Peter's Day 
[29 June], 1563. /. 21. 

12. The same to the same on the furnishing of the troops. 
Same date, f, 22. 

13. Sir Thomas Throkmorton to [Henry] Lord Berkeley 
on the cost of armour for the soldiers. " Touching the lacke 
of your armour for that yow entende to levye the same of 
the contrey, I must nedes like withall, but I think it had 
byn better for you to have taken of the contrey xxx' for a 
corslett and iii* for a pyke then to compell poore men to 
by at Brystowe, where they pay xlv' viii*^ for a corslet, which 
is to grett a burden for the contrey," etc. Corstcourt, 29 
June [1563]. / 23. 

14. The same to the same, appointing Cicester for the 
place of meeting of musters, etc. Corstcourt, 29 June [1563]. 

/ 24. 

15. [Henry, Lord] Berkeley to Sir Adrian Poyninges, 
Knt., captain of Portsmouth, concerning the furnishing of 
a hundred soldiers under charge of " Mr. Finch." Yate, 8 
July, 1563. /. 25. 

16. [William Somerset, 3rd Earl of] Worcester to 
[Henry] Lord Berkeley on the latter's intended visit to him. 
" Ther ys no manne that I wolde be more desyrous to see 
than your Lordship." Monmouth, 10 July, 1563. /. 26. 

17. Sir Francis Knollys to [Henry] Lord Berkeley in- 
forming him of the arrival of 300 soldiers at Portsmouth 
under the conduct of Richard Hill. Portsmouth, 12 July, 
1563. /27. 

330 Berkeley Castle 

1 8. George Huntley, Sheriff, to the Justices of Peace, 
summoning them to Gloucester to consider the Queen's 
letters. 21 July, 1563. / 29. 

19. Warrant from [William Pawlett, ist Marquis of] 

Winchester to collectors of the subsidy in co. Gloucester to 

pay to the Justices of Peace the charges' for " coates and 

conducte of six hundrethe soldyers to Newehaven " [1563]. 

/. 30. 

20. [Thomas Butler, Lord] Ormond and Ossory to 
Henry, Lord Berkeley, " My Lord, myn exceding chardges 
in the quene's Ma*^'^ service sins my last cominge to this 
land hathe ben suche as I have not onely spent my hole 
revenue, but also am faine to mortgadge and sell my land 
and yet to runne into debt, so as hetherto I have not bene 
hable to sende your L. the same money," etc. Clonmel, 17 
Apr., 1 571. /. 33. 

21. Sir Nicholas Poyntz, Sir Giles Pole, Richard Ber- 
keley, and Thomas Throckmerton to Henry, Lord Berkeley, 
advising him as to a proposed marriage between two of his 
daughters and the two sons of the Earl of Leicester. 26 
Oct., 1573. /. 36. 

22. " Memoire et Instruction pour Messieurs de Hautain 
et Mansard, de ce que de la part de Monseigneur le Prince 
d'Orange ilz auront a dire et remonstrer aux Seigneurs vers 
lesquels ilz ont charge de s'addresser." Middelbourg, 7 
Feb., 1577. Sz£^fied " GmWaume de Nassau." /. 37. 

23. Sir George Carey, Knt., to his wife, commencing, 
" My sweete pugge, the small plesure I take in thi absens 
will make the returne of thy swete cumpany the more 
welcum to me. Sens my cominge, savinge the first day, I 
have kept my chamber, and am like so to continue this 3 or 
9 days, being trobled of a great colde and an extreme 

Select Letters, Warrants, &c. 331 

megram," and ending, " Bles Uttel Bes and Robin, love me 
and so I leave thee this Saterday after dinner. Thyne ever 
and only, George Carey." 1580. / 44, 

24. The Scottish Council to Sir George Carey, Knt, and 
Robert Bowes, Ambassadors from the Queen of England to 
the King of Scotland, that they have announced to the King 
their arrival and the cause of their coming. " Stonnling," 
8 Sept., 1582. Signed by the Earls of Mar, Glencairne, 
Gowrie, Dunfermline, and others, f. 45. 

25. Sir Francis Walsingham, Secretary of State, to the 
same respecting the " restitution " of the Earl of Angus. 
Oatlands, 14 Sept., 1582. / 46. 

26. [William Ruthven, 1st Earl of] Gowrie, to the same, 
thanking him for his good services on his behalf with the 
Queen. 28 Dec, 1582. / 47. 

27. Robert Bowes to the same, acknowledging, on be- 
half of the King of Scotland, the receipt of letters and 
jewel, " and the portraieture of hir majesty." " The King 
is so much delighted w**' the sighte of the pycture, as he 
useth often to behold the same w*^ greatt admyration, and 
oftentymes also to show ytt to the noblemen and others of 
his chamber, w*** right high commendation of the excellency 
of the rare beautye represented thereby." Edinburgh, 7 
Jan., 1582 [3]. /48. 

28. [Charles Stewart, 5th Earl of] Lennox to the same, 
asking for his services " d'assister Mons'". de Kylseayt [Sir 
William Livingstone, of Kilsyth], pour luy faire avoir pre- 
sance de la royne," etc. Dover, 19 Jan., 1582 [3]. /. 49, 

29. Robert Bowes to the same. " He [the King of 
Scotland] appeareth to be inwardly affected to her majestic 
approuving the same by many good testymonyes and signes, 

332 Berkeley Castle 

and he burneth fervently in desier to see and heir the ex- 
cellencyes of hir majesty's rare beautye and greatt wyse- 
dome, the smoke of which fyre hath appeared to the 
malcontents and to the French Ambassador." Edinburgh, 
— Feb., 1582 [3]. /so. 

30. The same to the same, on the French influence at 
the Scottish Court. Edinburgh, 21 Feb., 1582 [3]. / 51. 

31. [Archibald Douglas, 8th Earl of] Angus to the same, 
thanking him for his favour. Edinburgh, 27 Mar., 1583. 
/. 52. 

32. [Patrick Gray] Master of Gray to the same, a letter 
of compliments. "Ye Court of Scotland," 10 Apr., 1583. 

^$. Sir William Livingstone, of Kylsyth, to the same. 
Edinburgh, 15 Apr., 1583. / 54. 

34. [William Ruthven, ist Earl of] Govvrie to the same. 
" Halyrudhous," 23 Apr., 1583. / 55. 

35. Robert Bowes to [Henry Carey] Lord Hunsdon, 
Governor of Wick, and to Sir G. Carey, on Scotch affairs 
and the intrigues of the French Ambassador, etc. Edin- 
burgh, 23 Apr., 1583. //.S6,S7- 

36. Col. William Stewart, Scotch Ambassador to Qu. 
Elizabeth, to Sir George Carey, Governor of the Isle of 
Wight. London, 6—19 May, 1583. /f. 58-61, 

^7. Robert Bowes to the same. Edinburgh, 20 May, 
1583- /62. 

38. News-letter of occurrences in Scotland, the King's 
intended progress, etc. Edinburgh, 21 May, 1583. / 6^. 

Select Letters, Warrants, &c. 333 

39. Draft of letters patent of King James VI. for pro- 
clamation to be made that the reason of the Court remain- 
ing at Stirling is not, as " is bruttit and reportit be sum 
weekit and seditious persons," that His Majesty is " reteint 
and keepit captive " against his will and pleasure, but for 
State purposes. Stirling Castle, i Sept., 1583. /. 64. 

40. [John Ersklne, Earl of] Mar to Sir George Carey, 
expressing his devotion.-" Haliruidhous," Dec, 1583. / 65. 

41. [Ambrose Dudley, Earl of] Warwick and R[obert 
Dudley, Earl of] Leicester to Sir James Whitney, Knt., 
begging that he will not fail to be present at an Exchequer 
Suit between the Queen and Lord Berkeley. 28 Jan., 
I583[4.] f.^^> 

42. Sir Thomas Throckmorton to his nephew, John 
Tracy, concerning the same suit. Tortworth, 30 Jan., 
i583[4]. /67. 

43. [Patrick Gray] Master of Gray to Sir George Carey. 
22 Jan., I583[4]. / 69. 

44. Arguments in favour of and against Lord Hunsdon's 
exchanging the Governorship of Berwick for the office of 
Lord Chamberlain. 27 May, 1585. / 71. 

45. Sir Francis Walsingham to Sir G. Carey, Governor 
of the Isle of Wight, respecting the latter's detention of 
Thomas William, who has arrived with news that " Ambrose, 
son of Sir Nicholas Bagnall, is slain in France," and asking 
that William may be sent to London in safe custody, etc. 
" Wyse, the pyrat, is now in Irelande, and offerethe great 
servyce, but the sparing of men of his professyon under 
cullor of servyce dothe greatly slaunder this governement." 
The Court, 17 July, 1585. / T^, 

334 Berkeley Castle 

46. Robert Vernon to [Henry] Lord Hunsdon. Berwick, 
4 July, 1588. /. 74. 

47. The Privy Council to [Henry Herbert, 2nd] Earl of 
Pembroke, the Lord President, and the Council of the 
Marches of Wales, requesting them to protect the tenants 
of Sages Manor, which the Earl of Warwick and the late 
Earl of Leicester had obtained by recovery from the late 
Lord Berkeley, but which one Arnold Liggon had lately 
forcibly seized. 8 Oct., 1588. With signatures. f.JJ. 

48. " A trewe reporte and observaunce of the sicknes and 
death of P., late Erie of Derby, who departed this lief the 
xvj*^ of this instant, Aprill, 1594, about Fyve of the Clock 
in the Afternoone, by poyson, witchcrafte, or both, as is 
suspected." Sigtied by John Golborne. f. yg. 

49. Sir Robert Cecil, Secretary of State, to George, 2nd 
Lord Hunsdon expressing the grief " wherewith Her M*'^ is 
possessed for the losse of her deerest and neerest kinsman" 
[the late Lord Hunsdon].^ " Till this afternoone her Ma*'^ 
gave herself over to infinite melancholic, not vouchsafing 
accesse for her own busynes. ... I shall think it 
straunge yf your Lordship should fayle of succession in 
divers of those places all which, although your noble father 
worthely enjoyed yet (without touch to him), the world must 
needs attrybute much more to yourself." 25 July, 1596. 


1 Ferdinando, 5th Earl of Derby, succeeded his father in 1592. A Jesuit 
Agent named Richard Hesketh attempted to force him to assume the title of 
King, in right of his grandmother, Eleanor, daughter of Princess Mary (dau. 
of Henry VII.) and Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk. Rejecting the pro- 
posal, he was threatened with sudden death, and died of poison 16 Apr., 1594. 
cf. Camden's Annals, etc. 

2 Lord Hunsdon's mother was Lady Mary Boleyn, sister to Qu. Anne 

Select Letters, Warrants, &c. 335 

50 [George Carey, 2nd Lord] Hunsdon to Qii. Eliza- 
beth, asking for an interview. " Entring into the true 
knowledge of my owne nateur, I finde no salve so soverayne 
to my wounde as to behold the fayr eys of my soverayne, 
whos beams I presume will geve new life to the overthrowen 
minde more then half dead. For the brightnes of the sonn 
was never more gladsum to any that longe had lived in 
darkenes then your M*'--'' most gratieuse aspect shalbe 
pleasinge and cordiall to the inward melancoly of my 
opressed thoughts." 30 Aug., 1586. /. 83. 

51. [Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of] Essex to [Henry] 
Lord Berkeley. 11 Nov., 1596. / 85. 

52. Sir George Carey to his wife, on the death of the 
Earl of Derby ^ by " vilanous poysoninge wichecraft." " The 
poysoninge made manifest by the Judgement of Doctor 
[? John] Case and three other phisitions,all affirminge that his 
dissease could be no other but flatt poysoninge, the wich- 
craft partly by the confession and manifest demonstration 
in action of a vviche aprehended in prison for hit, the en- 
chantement evident by the findinge of his picteur framed in 
wax, with on of his owne heares prict directely in the hart 
therof," etc. Blackfriars, 22 Apr., 1594. / 87. 

53. Sir Robert Cecil to [George] Lord Hunsdon on 
public matters, " We heare still of Preparations gathering 
in Spain," etc., 28 Nov. 1596 ; with draft reply, dated Caris- 
broke Castle, 5 Dec. 1596. /. 91. 

54. C[harles Howard, Lord] Howard, Lord High Ad- 
miral to Lord Hunsdon, on the destruction of some Spanish 
ships by " a mightie storme " off the Irish Coast, etc. 5 Dec. 
1596. /. 95- 

1 See note on page 334. 

336 Berkeley Castle 

55. Instructions for William [Bruges], Lord Chandos, 
Lord Lieut, of Gloucester, for the training, etc., of the 
troops, with list of the words of command to be used, for 
instance " Ranck open forward paces 8," " Face to the right 
hand," " Bubble your files to the leaft hand," " Frunt passe 
thorough," etc. The instructions end thus : " For the most 
of theis words there can be hardly better chosen but it is 
not soe material what words we first chnse to trayne by as 
it is to use some words constantly. And if the same words 
should not be generally throughout the troope of one Armye 
it would breed confusion, And if it were generally the Dis- 
cipline of one Kingdome it were the better." 1599. f- 97. 

56. [Thomas le Scrope, 10*^ Lord] Scrope to Henry 
Lord Berkeley on Military affairs in the North. Carlisle, 
8 Oct., 1599. / 103. 

57. Sir Henry Winston to [Henry] Lord Berkeley re- 
lating to the trained foot bands of co. Gloucester, etc. Stan- 
dish, 19 Sept. 1603, 20 Aug. 1605, II Oct. 1608. ff. 105, 
III, 123. 

58. Privy Council to [Henry] Lord Berkeley concerning 

the payment of the third and fourth subsidies granted to 

her late Majesty, 17 Nov. 1603, 3 Nov. 1604. With signa- 
tures, ff. 107, 109. 

59. Gilbert [Talbot, Earl of] Shrewsbury to Sir Edmond 
Nicholson for the supply of armour and weapons for the 
troops in Co. Derby. Sheffield Lodge, 2 Sept. 1605. /. 113. 

60. T[homas Sackville, Earl of] Dorset to the farmer of 
of H.M. " Imposte of French and Gascoigne wine, and to 
his Deputie or Deputies in that porte," instructing him to 
exempt Lord Berkeley from payment of impost on four 
tuns of wine " for his owne expences in howsehold," 3 July, 
l6o6. / 115. 

Select Letters, Warrants, &c. 337 

61. Privy Council to [Henry] Lord Berkeley for payment 
of various subsidies granted to the King. 7 July, 1606, 14 
Mar. i6o8[9]. With signatures, ff. 116, 125. 

62. The same to the same, for the suppression of riots, 
etc., 8 June, 1607. With signatures. / 117. 

63. The same to [Anne Carey] Dowager Lady Hunsdon, 
for the payment of the second subsidy. 7 Oct. 1607. With 
signatures. /! 119. 

64. R[obert Cecil, Earl of] Salisbury, and Sir Julius 
Caesar to Lord Berkeley demanding the prompt payment 
of sums due from him to the Exchequer. 29 June, 1608. 
/. 121. 

65. Elizabeth, wife of Sir Thomas Berkeley, K.B., to 
Ellis Dobson, concerning the lawsuit with Lady Arabella 
[Stuart]. Cleardon, 18 Apr., 20 Oct. 1609. ff- 127, 131. 

6^. Sir Thomas Berkeley, K.B., to the same. Cleardon, 
16 June, 1609. / 129. 

67. Privy Council to [Henry] Lord Berkeley on the 
composition for the aid. 20 May, 1609. With signatures. 
/• 133. 

68. The same to the same, on the provision of gunpow- 
der. 10 July, 1609. With signatures. /. 134. 

69. The Mayor and Aldermen of Gloucester to the same, 
reporting that the City can supply seven barrels of gun- 
powder, and hoping that that quantity will be thought 
sufficient, as the city has lately been at great expense " in 
the erecting of a Newe Shirehall." Gloucester, 12 Oct. 1609. 
/. 136. 

70. Privy Council to the same, for the payment of the 
subsidy. 9 Oct. 1610. With signatures. /. 138. 

338 Berkeley Castle 

71. [Donogh O'Brien, 4th Earl of] Thomond, to the 
same on the recovery of the latter's lands in Ireland. Bon- 
ratty, 7 Jan. 1610. /. 140. 

72. Privy Council to the same, as Lord Lieutenant of 
the County of Gloucester, concerning " the setling of a 
certaine sum of money to be paid yerely to the officers of 
the householde for purveyance of all kinde whatsoever," 
the amount to be settled by the officers of the Greencloth. 
17 Mar. i6io[ii]. With signatures. /. 142. 

73. The same to the same, postponing time for payment 
" of that composition that hath bene made for provision for 
his majestie's house in specie." 161 1. With signatures. 
f, 144. 

74. The same to the same, ordering " a general muster 
and survey to be made and certified of the armed Forces 
of the Realme and of the supply of all the defects apper- 
tayning to them." 31 Jan. 161 2. With signatures. /. 146. 

75. Richard Berkeley to the same, on the same subject. 
Stoke, 26 Feb. 161 2[3]. / 148. 

^6. Sir George Huntley to John Smyth on the same 
subject. 10 Mar. 161 2[3]. / 150. 

TJ. Henry Howard, 7th Earl of] Northampton to Lord 
Berkeley, respecting Sir John Poyntz's troop. Northampton 
House, 17 Mar. i6i2[3.] / 152. 

']%. Privy Seal to Lord Berkeley requesting the payment 
of ;^ioo within 12 days (to be repaid in eighteen months' 
time) by way of loan to the King, 17 May, 1613. Printed ; 
with note of the receipt of the sum. Signed by William 
Pitt, Deputy to Sir Edward Carey, f, 1 54. 

Select Letters, Warrants, &c. 339 

79. T[homas Howard, Earl of] Suffolk, E[dward Somer- 
set, 4th Earl of] Worcester, and Hon. William Howard to 
Lady Elizabeth Berkeley respecting the wardship of 
[George] Lord Berkeley. Northampton House, 4 Nov. 1615. 

/. 156. 

80. [Donogh O'Brien, 4th Earl of) Thomond to Lady 
Berkeley on public topics, and concerning Lady Berkeley's 
lands in Ireland, etc. " I knowe the wounder of ye great 
news is by this past, I am sorry that so fowle a cry me 
shold be comitted by any christian accounted noble." * 
Limerick, 29 Dec. 161 5. /. 158. 

81. The Duke of Lennox, the Earls of Suffolk, Notting- 
ham and Pembroke to [George] Lord Berkeley signifying 
his Majesty's pleasure to confer on him the dignity of Knight 
of the Bath on the occasion of the creation of Prince Charles 
to be Prince of Wales. Whitehall, 7 Oct. 1616. / 160. 

82. [Robert Sydney, Earl of] Leicester to Lady [Eliza- 
beth, wife of Sir Thomas] Berkeley, " one of the Ladys of 
the Privie Chamber to the Queene," requesting her to attend 
the funeral of Qu. Anne, wife of James I., " I thought good 
to give you knowledge for your repaire hethcr if you may 
conveniently be here by the foresaid day [29 Apr.], when 
your Ladyship shall receave such allowance for morning 
garments as are to be delivered unto you agreeable to your 
place and quallity." Denmark House, 26 Mar. 1619. f. 162. 

83. [William Herbert, 3rd Earl of] Pembroke to [George] 
Lord Berkeley reminding him that he this year omitted to 
send the King a new year's gift, and requesting him to send 
one at once to the Master of the Jewels. Whitehall, 23 May, 
1624. / 164. 

1 The reference is probably to the murder of Sir Thomas Overbury, which 
about this time was brought home to the Earl of Somerset, etc. 

340 Berkeley Castle 

84. [Thomas Howard, Earl of] Arundel and Surrey, 
Lord Marshal, to Sir Henry Sherley, forbidding him to pro- 
ceed further in a duel with Lord Bartlett [? Lord Berkeley]. 
Whitehall, i Apr. 1625. / 166. 

85. "Mr'* Dudleo, Principessa di Northumbria," * to 
Lord Berkeley. 24 July, 1628. Ital. f. 168. 

86. Privy Council to the same, concerning payment of 
the subsidy in arrear. 20 Sept. 1628-20 Feb. 1629. With 
signatures, ff. 170, 172, 174. 

87. Robert Coke to his brother-in-law Lord Berkeley, 
mentioning the King of Sweden's death, the Queen of 
Bohemia's expected journey to England, and family matters. 
14 Jan. 1632. / 176. 

88. Copy of the Petition of George, Lord Berkeley to 
the House of Lords complaining that the Castle of Berkeley 
was in February last [1642/3] " delivered upp unto Collonel 
Forbus a Scctishman for the use of King and Parliament," 
who did " soone after imprison and turne out all his ser- 
vants, did seize on their estates and plunder their houses 

did cutt downe very much of his woods pretending 

them prejudiciall to the safetie of the castle, though some 

of them five miles distant, and sould them, which 

outrages being made known to S' William Waller, hee com- 
mitted him, and placed one Harcuss an Irishman in his 
Roome, whoe went on in the same Track and made his hand 
of what was left," and begging that some reparation may 

1 Robert Dudley, son of the Earl of Leicester, retired to Italy, and was 
created Duke of Northumberland of the Holy Roman Empire by the Emperor 
Ferdinand H. Having abandoned his lawful wife, he is believed to have had 
13 children by Elizabeth Southwell, whom he took to Italy with him. The 
writer of this letter is perhaps Maria Gouffier, wife of Carlo Dudley, the eldest 
son of this family. 

Select Letters, Warrants, &c. 341 

be made to him and punishment dealt out to the said 
Forbus and Harcuss. Accompanying the petition is the 
report of the Lords upon it, signed by John Brown, clerk of 
the Parliament. 29 May, 1643. ff. 178, 180. 

89. Protection for [George] Lord Berkeley '*with his 
Coach, coach-horse, 13 sadle horses, travelling Armes and 
necessaryes quietly to passe and repasse betvveene London 
and Burdens in Surrey." 5 Aug. 1659. / 152. 

90. General protection to the same from " the Com- 
mander in Cheife of all the Forces in England and Scot- 
land." Wallingford House, 5 Aug. 1659. /. 183. 

91. [Edward Montagu, 2nd Earl of] Manchester, to 
Charles Berkeley, son of Lord Berkeley, summoning him 
to the King's coronation, and notifying that the King has 
been pleased to nominate him Knight of the Bath, i Mar. 
i66o[i]. Followed at / 187 by "The Manner of makeing 
those Knights of ye Bath as are to be honoured with that 
dignity, the ceremony whereof is to begin the iS*** of Aprill 
preceding the Coronation." / 185. 

92. '* An Account of such moneys as have beene paid 
by George, Lord Berkeley, Keeper of the Queen's Ma*''* 
House and Little Park of Nonsuch in the County of Surrey, 
and due unto him out of the King's Ma"** Exchequer. St. 
John's, 13 Feb. 1662. With signature of Lord Berkeley. 
/. 189. 

93. [John Mordaunt, Viscount] Mordaunt, Lord Lieu- 
tenant of Surrey, to Lord Berkeley requesting him to make 
a return of the yearly value of his estate in Surrey, that he 
may certify it for assessment according to the Act of Par- 
liament for ordering y^ forces in the several counties." 
Parson's Green, 12 Nov. 1662. / 191. 

342 Berkeley Castle 

94. Similar letter from [George Monck, ist Duke of] 
Albemarle, to the same, in respect of his estate in Middle- 
sex. 14 Oct. 1662. /. 193. 

95. [Edmund Hyde, ist Earl of] Clarendon, to the 
same, acquainting him that a Bill in Chancery has been ex- 
hibited against him by Mr. John Armiger. Worcester 
House, 19 Dec. 1663. /. 195. 

96. Bernard Gascon ^ to the same expressing his 
pleasure to be of service to Hon. Charles Berkeley, his son, 
Florence, 22 May, 1666. / 197. 

97. Appointment of Cosmo HI.,^ Grand Duke of Tus- 
cany, of Hon. Charles Berkeley to be Gentleman of his 
Bed-chamber. Florence, 3 Jan. 1675. Signed " II Gran 
Duca di Toscano." With paper signet. / 199. 

98. [James Butler, ist Duke of] Ormonde, to Lord 
Berkeley, congratulating him " for the honour the King has 
done " him etc. Kilkenny, 5 Oct. 1678. /. 201. 

99. Copy of the Petition of Lord William' Russell to 
the King asking his pardon. Written from Newgate, 19 
July, 1683 [2 days before his execution for complicity in the 
Rye House Plot]. /. 203. 

100. Resolution of the States General relating to Con- 
suls' Dues, 26 Jan. i688[9]. /. 205. 

loi. Power from Federic Christian, Bishop of Miinster, 
to Jean Conrad Norff, one of his Councillors, to represent 
him at the Congress to be held at the Hague, 21 Dec, 1689, 
French translation. /. 207. 

^ A Florentine diplomatist, naturalised by the name of Sir Bernard Gas- 
coigne in 1661. 

^ Cosmo IIL travelled to England in 1669, An account of his travels, by 
L. Megalotti, was published ia 1821. 

Select Letters, Warrants, &c. 343 

102. Power from the Emperor Leopold to Amadeus,Baron 
de Valstein, Thai et Trautmanstorfif, and Johan Kramprich 
to act as Plenipotentiaries at the same Congress. 28 Dec. 
1689. Copy. /. 209. 

103. Similar power from Frederick, Margrave of Bran- 
denburg to Thomas Ernest von Danckelman to represent 
him at the same Congress. 30 Mar. 1690. Copy. /. 211. 

104. William Blathwayt to Charles, Viscount Dursley, 
enclosing copies of letters from Lord Nottingham and him- 
self relating to the business of the " Toll in the Sound " 
and to the " Commerce of Neuters." Genape, 10 July, 
1692. /. 213. 

105. "Arms seized by Capt° Prestley at Badmington at 
the house of the late Duke of Beaufort's in his Return from 
Cirencester. The party being sent to search the Oxford 
Road from that place to Bath for certain persons, arms and 
amunition." Followed by " A List of the Gentlemen's 
names that was seized in Bath, and sent confined to London 
under a guard by order of y** Secretary of State." Bath, 13 
Oct. 171 5. /. 215. 

106. [Robert Banks Jenkinson, Lord] Hawkesbury, 
Secretary of State, to Frederick Augustus, Lord Berkeley, 
concerning the assessment of co. Gloucester for " penalties 
due in respect of vacancies and deficiencies in the additional 
Force." Whitehall, 3 Aug. 1805. /. 217. 

107. The same to the same concerning Lord Berkeley's 
report on the Secretary of State's letter, relative to the 
Quarantine laws and regulations. 6 Aug. 1805. With 

letter of Lord Berkeley to Rudge on the subject. 

/. 219. 

344 Berkeley Castle 

io8. [Horatio Nelson,Viscount] Nelson, [Duke of] Bronte 
to Capt. Cracraft, speaking favourably of the latter's services. 
The postcript runs, " I wonder Adml. Murray is not come 
up, I think he had better show himself ... I think 
he will hoist his flag whenever he wishes." Merton. 24 
Aug. 1805. /. 221. 

109. Printed circular from the "Commissary of St. Pauls" 
to the Earl of Berkeley, requesting his acceptance of a 
Memorial of Lord Nelson in the shape of " a facsimile of 
his Lordship's handwriting, being the Direction of a Letter 
addressed to the Commissary of the University of Cam- 
bridge, only nine days before his departure from Merton, 
OQ the service of his Country." /. 223. 

no. [Robert Banks Jenkinson, 2nd Earl of] Liverpool, 
to the same, notifying the King's approval of a " Dress 
Uniform, to be worn on special occasions by his Lieu- 
tenants of Counties." 28 July, 1809. /. 226. 

Paper ; f. 227. Folio. 


ABSOLUTION, grant of, to 
Henry, Lord Berkeley, 215 
Accompts, householcl, 310; various, 

313, 3H 
Admiralty jurisdiction, 225, 230 
African Company, the, 325 
Agate, bequest of an, 259 
AGLA, magic letters on seal, 81 
Agnus Dei, An, 158 
Aids, 311 ; z: also, Subsidies 

Alchemy, disputation touching the 
art of, 318 

Ale- Houses, orders for regulation 
of, 302 

" Allowes or Covenant " servant, 239 
Alms-giving, 78, 165 
Altars, Portable, grant of, 175, 215 
Amicable Loan, 207 «. 
Anniversaries, 39, 152, 163, 165, 201 
Annuities, claimed on the Berkeley 
Estate, arc. 1756, 316 

Apprenticeship, articles of, 176, igo. 
239 ^^' 

Aquitaine, homage of Edw. II for 
277 «. ' 

Archers, number of, in co. Glouc 
288 ■' 

Armed Men, lists of, in co. Glouc, 

Arms : Beauchamp, 294 ; Berkeley, 
293, 294, ; Butler, 294 ; Cecil, 
296; Mowbray, 294; Segrave, 
id. ~ 

Arms and Armour : bequest of, 25S • 
repair of, 285; cost of, 329;' 
supply of, for troops in co. Derby, 
336; seizure of, at Badminton,' 

Army v. Military Affairs 

Arrows, rent service of, 69, 276; 
bequest of, 253 

Art, portraits of King William and 

Qu. Mary in initial letters, 218 
Assarts, 19, 29 
Assaying, 309 
Attaint, Writ of, 240 


"D ACHELOR, service as a, 156 

" Badgers' " commission against men 
so-called, 224 

Balyngers, equipment of, 180 

Barges, equipment of, 180 

Bark, sale of, 281 

Barony, tenure by, 18, 200 

Bath, reference to the waters of, 322, 

Beacons, in Isle of Wight, 231 ; 
orders for firing, 289 

Beauchamp, Richard, Earl of War- 
wick, pedigree of the three daugh- 
ters of, 296 

Beds, bequest of, 254, 256 

Belle, custom of, i, 10 

Bellringing, fee for, 165 

Bells, Church, 181 

Bell- tower, erection of, at Arline^. 
ham, 174 ^ 

Benherth, 281 

Berghen-op-Zoom, siege of, 317 

Berkeley Hundred, description of 
by J. Smyth, 306, 307 

Town : lands held by feudal 

service in, 298; localities, streets 
etc. in, viz. La Geldhalle, High 
Street, Church Street, Saltar 
Street, Lokastebrugg, Le Can- 
enebury, Fromylodes, 299 



Berkeley Manor, customs and privi- 
leges of, 312 
Barony, 290, 291, 311, 312 

Caslle : charter for building 

of, I ; called the King's Castle, 
202 ; household expenses while 
Edw. II. was a prisoner at, 274- 
279 ; general household expenses, 
274-286, 312 ; fortification of, 
in 1327, -275, 276, 278 ; visit of 
Richard II. to, 279 ; names of 
various officers of, in I495» 280 ; 
overseers' accompts, 281 ; build- 
of the great kitchen, 282 ; visi- 
tors at, 285, 286 ; restored to 
Lord Berkeley on death of Edw. 
VI., 301 ; petition cone, damage 
to, in 1643, 340 

Park, enclosure and empa- 

ling of, 206, 320 ' 

Church : bequests to, 253, 

254 ; record of admission of Rec- 
tors to, [1287- 1460], 298 

Family: pedigrees of, 290- 

295 ; advowsons, etc. in gift of, 
at the dissolution, 300 ; works of 
J. Smyth relating to, etc, 306, 
Berkeley, Charles, Viscount Dursley, 
aft. 2nd Earl of Berkeley, letter- 
books when envoy to the Hague, 
1689 — 1692, 311 ; transactions 
when Justice in Ireland, 1699- 
1701, 310, 311 

Berkeley, George, Lord, articles of 
impeachment against, 305 ; crea- 
tion, as Knight of the Bath, 339 

■ Berkeley, Maurice, Lord, \pb. 1368], 
mention of day of his death, 279 

Berkeley, Maurice, Lord, \ob. 1523], 
undertaking to serve the King, 

Berkeley, Sir Maurice, Knt., various 
appointments of, by Henry VIII. 
etc., 201, 202 ; right of nomina- 
ting to Kegworth Church, 204 

Berkeley, Maurice, M. A., ordina- 
tion as Deacon and Priest, 248 

Berkeley, Thomas, Lord, [ob. 1 361], 
household expenses, 285, 286 

Berkeley, Thomas, Lord, Yob. 1417], 
equipment of his fleet as Adm. of 
the South and West, 180 

Bei-keley, William, Lord, creation as 
Viscount by Edward IV., 195 ; 
creation as Earl of Nottingham, 
195 ; grant of annuity to, from 
CO. Nottingham, 196 ; creation 
as Marquis of Berkeley, 198 ; 
buried in London, 291 

Berkeley's Mass, covenant for, at the 
Austin Friars, London, 203 

Berughyerd, 281 

Berwick-on-Tweed : fortification of 
the town and castle in 1559, 218 ; 
appointment of Lord Hunsdon to 
be Governor, 221 ; relief of gar- 
rison at, 223 ; proposed exchange 
by Lord Hunsdon of the govern- 
ship, for office of Lord Chamber- 
lain, 333 

Bill, Charles, collection of apothegms 
by, 319 

Billmen, number of, in co. Glouc, 

Birds, to be shot for food for the 

Queen's hawks, 220 

Bitton, orders for government of the 
parish, 302 

Blood, placitura de sanguine, 142 

Boar, killing of, on Ivo de Berkley's 
entering Oxford University, 276 

Bokhorn, articles of, 255 

Books, bequest of, to Sion College, 

Bow and arrows, bequest of, 253 

Bowl, silver, bequest of, 260 

Brass pots, etc., bequests of, 254, 

255. 256 
Bread, distribution of, 165, 253 
Brewing Vessels, sale of, 231 

Bristol, city of, price of the liberty 
of, 199 ; customs at, 195 ; admis- 
sion of Lord Berkeley to the 
Society of Merchant Adventurers, 
250 ; bequests to various religious 
orders of, 254 ; bequest to the 
prisoners in Newgate in, 258 ; 
lists of Mayors, Sheriffs, and 

Bailiffs, 292 


St. Augustine's Abbey, 

Chartulary of, 306; list and chron- 
icle of the Abbots, 292 ; bequest 
to the Friars, 253 



Britaschia, a rampart, 69 

Brutus, disputation on the art of 
Alchemy, 318 

Buckhunting, 282 

Building contracts : for bell-tower at 
Arlinghara, 174 ; for Gt. Chos- 
terford Manor-house, 19S 

Burhgiet, i 

Burial, right of free, 16 

Butler, Thomas, Earl of Ormonde, 
descent of Qu. Eliz. £rom, 290 

Butter, adulteration of, 242 

CABINET, in Berkeley Castle, 
bequest of, 260, 261 

Cage, 152 

Calais, residence of Lord Berkeley 
in, 208, 215 ; English Guard in, 
214 ; appointment of Maur. , Lord 
Berkeley, to be Governor of, 300 

Cambridge, Christ's College, presen- 
tation to Kegworth Church, 204, 
244 ; nomination of Scholars, 
209, 247, 250 

Card, a fish, so-called, 313 

Carey, George, Lord Hunsdon, ped- 
igree, 296 ; letters to his wife, 
330. 335 ; letters to, from Qu. 
Elizabeth, 322, 323, 3;24 

Carpenter's Contract, 199 
Carrick, burning of a, at Brest, 293 
Chantries : in Berkeley Church, 177, 
178, 311 ; in St. Augustine's 
Abbey, Bristol, 163, 164, 173 ; 
in St. Mary Redcliffe, Bristol, 
190, 210 ; in Cambridge, co. 
Glouc, 163 ; in llillesley, 173 ; 
in Newport, co. Glouc, 161 ; in 
Over, CO. Glouc, 162; in Ozle- 
worth, 64 ; in Christchurch Pri- 
ory, co.- Hants, 39 ; inWiUough- 
by, CO. Warw., 132 

Charter-chests, detention of, 274 
Charters lost, 192 

Chartularies : St. Augustine's Ab- 
bey, Bristol, 306 , Berkeley, 307; 
St. Andrew's Chantry in Berke- 
ley Church, 311; Croxton Ab- 
bey, 308 

Chester, names of Justices of, t. 
Edw. L-Jas. I., 299 '-N 

Chronicle, general, fragment of, 
298 ; notes from Grafton's, 297 

Church History, etc.: lease of tithes, 
fruit, etc., of Wigginton, with 
conditions as to repair of chan- 
cel, etc., 201 ; petition to Hen. 
VIIL, cone the laws regulating 
the lives of priests, and possess- 
ions of religious houses, 300 ; 
petition of the " poor Prestes 
Stypendaries," 300. 

Church Rates, 302 

Clergy, list of, in various hundreds 
in CO. Glouc, 287 ; assessment 
for horse, armour, etc., 312 

Clock, gold, bequest of, 259 

Cloth, manufacture of, 215 

Coal and coal mines, 221, 227 ; 

order for filling up disused pits 

in Bitton, 302 

Coins : florins real, florins de Flor- 
ence, silver pennies, 158 

Comb, ivory, bequest of, 256 

Commerce of Neuters, 343 

Companies : Royal Fishery of Eng- 
land, 251 

Concealed lands, powers to search 
for, in CO. Southampton, 230 

Coneys, breeding of, 223 

Confessor, licence to Lord Berke- 
ley to choose a priest as, 175 

Constable, Henry, sonnets by, 319 

Contracts : for Imilding bell-tower, 
174; for building manor-house, 
198 ; for carpenter's work, 199 ; 
for tiling roof, 203 

Copper, found in mines, reserved to 
the Crown, 227 

Corn : grant of, for oblations, 33 ; 
rights of grinding, etc., 56; scar- 
city and exportation of, 224 ; 
bequest of, 254 ; price of, (1520) 

Cotcelda7 measure of land, 51 ■ 

Cotes, Mr., disputation in the art of 
alchemy, 318 

Cowlbacke, a brewing vessel, 231 

Cows, taykments of kine, 303 



Crabstocks, 282 

Crea^^ra, a hook, 253 

Cronnoc, measure of corn, 118 

Crossbow, grant of, 253 
V. also, Bows 

Croud, representation of croud or 
fiddle, 153 

Crown property in co. Glouc, 302 

Cucking-stool, 152 

Cumelyng et exlrahura, 159 

Cummin, v. Rent-services, 

Cups, bequest of, 253, 254, 260 

Customs, Ancient : tol, them, etc., 
I, 10; manorial, 286 

Customs of the Ports of London and 
Bristol, 195 ; v. Tonnage and 


DEER, illegal capture of, 242 ; 
damage done by, 205, 206, 320 

Denmark : commission to Lord 
Dursley to negotiate treaty with, 

Derby, Earl of, v. Stanley, Ferdi- 

Diet of food used at Berkeley Cas- 
tle in 1550, 313 

Distraint, right of, 145 

Divine .Service, covenant for, at 
Mangotsfield, 207 

Doeskin, bequest of, 253 

Domesday, (or Berkeley Hundred, 
and Bnsham Lordship, co. Suss. 
238 ; fur Gloucestershire, 311 

Drama, gifts to players (1328), 284 

Dress, articles of, 158 

Duel, forbidden by the Earl Mar- 
shal, 1625, 340 

Dursley, barony of, 291 

Dutch Merchants, capture of vessel 
bel. to, 231 

ENCLOSURE, power of, sub- 
ject to the King's Court, 104 

Encroachment of lands in the Isle of 
Wight, 232 

England, Sovereigns of— Pedigrees, 
289, 290 

Stephen. Services of R. de 

Berkeley to, 290, 291, Introd. 

Henry H. Services of Rob. 

Fitzharding to, 290, 291, Introd. 

Richard I. Ref. to his 

lost seal, 23, and his captivity in 
Germany, ib. 

Edward II. Projected jour- 

ney to Gascony to do homage to 
Charles IV. of France, 277 ; cap- 
ture of, by the Earl of Lancas- 
ter, at Neath, [1326,] 278 n; 
household expenses when a pris- 
oner at Berkeley, 274-279 ; ex- 
penses of messenger announcing 
death of, 274 ; movements of 
Qu. Isabella in 1326-7, 274-279 

Edward III. Movements of, 

while Edw. II. was a prisoner 
at Berkeley, 274-279 ; provision 
for Government during his ab- 
sence, [1338], 159 

Richard II. Visit to Berke- 

ley Castle in 1386, 279 

war with Scotland [1389], 

Henry VIII. Signature, 206 

Elizabeth. Descent of, from 

the Earl of Ormonde [t. Edw. 
III.], 290 

Charles I. Bequest to, as Pr. 

Charles, 260 ; creation as Prince 
of Wales, [1616], 339 

James II. Summons of Lord 

Berkeley to his coronation, 326 

William III. Poem on his 

arrival in England in 1688, 318 ; 
letter to the Archbp. of Dublin, 

Anne. Letter summoning 

Lord Berkeley to her coronation, 
Eschuage, 307 

Esquires, service of, i55> ^S^* ^^5 
Eucharist, Holy, elements of, 216 
Evidences, Ancient : unum vetus 
scriptum, inWotton Manor House 
[141^], 183 



Exhibition " of five poor men at 
Willoughby, 132 

FAIRS, grants of; at Wot- 
ton, 131 ; at Bettesley, 148 ; 
at Newport, 163 

Falcon, loss of a, at Berkeley, 274 

Fayrpens, 281 

Fermail, silver, 30 

Feudal service, 298 

Fiddle, representation of, on seal, 

Figs, cargo of, 232 

Finch, Daniel, Earl of Nottingham, 
letters to, from Visct. Dursley, 
1689-1692, 311 

Fish : royal, 249, 250 ; sale of, 281; 
as articles of diet, 313 

Fisheries, grants, etc. of, 29, 82, 95, 
99. 133, 154. ^75, 202, 211, 220, 

Fishponds, 146, 208, 282 

Fitzharding, Robert, pedigrees of, 
290 295 

Flebote, seizure of a, 225 

Fleet, equipment of, 180 

Flood, at Ham, [1607], 282 

Forbus, Col., put in charge of Berke- 
ley Castle in 1643, 340 

Forests, Crown, 63, 203, 219, 228 

Forest customs and rights, 12, 63 

Forfeited lands, 167 

Fox hunting, 34 

France: war with, 241 ; troops or- 
dered to, 328; intrigues with 
Scotland, 332 

Free Warren, grant of, 214, 218 

Friars Hermits, services to, 173 

Frieze, Irish, 225 

Froissart's Chronicles, re''orence to 
the capture of M. de Berkeley at 
Poictiers in, 168, Introii. 

Fuller's Earth, licence to dig for, 

Fulling iTiilis, in Dursley, 104; in 
Cam, 215 

Funeral expenses, 279, 285 

Funeral sermon, bequest of twenty 
shillings for, 260 

Furniture . bequest of, in Berkeley 
Castle, 261 ; inventories of, 314, 


/^ ALLEY, on seal, 81 

Games, unlawful, chaplains forbid- 
den to go to, 164 

Gara terre, a strip of land, 16, 39 

Garter, bill for enamelling a garter 
of gold, 220 

Gascony: projected journey of Ed- 
ward II. into, 277 ; grant of, to 
Pr. Edward in 1324, ib, 

Gavelerth, 281 

Gavelese, 281 

Geese : accompts, 277 ; fattening of, 
for Lord Berkeley's funeral [1358] 
279 ; payment to servants in- 
stead of harvest -goose, ib. 

George, sale of a gold George, 220 

Gifts, made on trans er of lands : 
gold ring with sapphire, 8 ; gold 
rings, 12, 30, 31 ; an ounce of 
gold, 12 ; talent of gold, 14; white 
horse of Powys, 17 ; a tercel, 
27 ; a silver fermail, 30 ; seventy 
shillings of silver, 31 ; horse, 
valued at half a mark, 31 ; white 
horse, valued at 40 sh., 40 ; two 
palfreys, 57 ; two cxen, 58 ; a 
talent, ib. ; a sor-falcon, 66 ; a 
besanl, ib. 

Giggmill, mill for perching and 
burling of cloth, 215 

Gloucester, county of, Domesday 
Book for, 311 

city of, bequest to the pris- 
oners in the casile prison, e;c., 
258 ; letter relating to the pris- 
oners in the jail at, 327 ; bequest 
to the Grey Friars at, 258 

Golborne, John, account of the 
death of Ferd., Lord Derby, 



Gold : gifts of, 12, 14, 26 ; found in 
mines, reserved to the Crown, 
227 ; bill for jewels, 220 ; be- 
quest of cup, 260 

Goldsmith's account, 220 

Grafton's Chronicle, notes from, 297 

Granary, space reserved to the 
Church of Breedon for building 
a, 112 

Grinding rights, 41, 72 

Guild of Holy Cross, Stratford-on- 
Avon, 184 

Gunpowder, supply of, demanded 
from city of Gloucester, [1609], 



, H , account 

of expedition in the Low 
Countries in 1622, 317 

Hague, The : appointment of Lord 
Dursley to be Envoy Extr. to, 
[1689], ^51 ; letter-books of the 
same, 311 ; references to the 
Congress, 342, 343 

Ham Manor, list of Reeves from 
1650-1753, 3P5 

Harcuss , an Irishman put in 

charge of Berkeley Castle, 1643, 

Harding, family of, 297, Introd. 

Hares, hunting of, 34 ; preservation 
of, 214 

Harvestgoose v. Geese 

Harwich, landing of Qu. Isabella at, 
[1325], 275 

Hatton, Sir Christopher, signature, 
225, 226 

Hawks : mewed, i ; master of the 
Queen's, 219 ; provision for the 
Queen's, 220 

Hebrew charter, 139 

Heibote, 125 

Henry, Earl of Lancaster, raids by 
his men on the poultry yards, etc. 
of the Berkeley Manors [1327], 
278, 279 

Herness, meaning of, 2 n. 

Hides, cargoes of, 235, 236 

Higden's Polychronicon, references 

to, 291, 293 
Hollande, Hugh, poem called "Owen 

Tudor," by, 319 
Homicide, 143 
Hops, adulteration of, 242 

Horses : gifts of, 17, 57 ; for the 
army, 221 ; commission for im- 
provement of breed of, 226 ; 
bequest of, 259 ; cost of forage 
and keep of, 275, 303 ; warrant 
for provision of, for the King of 
Scotland, 324 

Hounds: food for the hounds at 
Berkeley Castle, 281 

Household goods, miscellaneous, 

Hue and cry, 143 

Husbote, 125 

Hymns, with music, 283 


TNDULGENCES, grant of, 155, 
i 170 

Infanckenethef, i, 10 
Ingrossers, men so called, 224 
Inquisitiones-post-mortem, 184, 209, 
222, 241, 252, 264-268, 316 

Babthorpe, William, 1444 
Beaucharhp, Ric., Earl of War- 
wick, 1444 
Berkeley, Eliz., w. of Sir Maur., 

Berkeley, Henry, Lord, 158S, 

Berkeley, Maur. de, 1281 

Berkeley, Maur., s. of Thos. 

Lord, 1328 
Berkeley, Maur., Lord, 13 8 
Berkeley, Maur., Lord, 1524, 

Berkeley, Thomas de, 1244 
Berkeley, Thomas de, 1322 
Berkeley, Thomas de, 1362 
Berkeley, Thomas, Lord, 1535, 

1537. '548 
Berkeley, Sir Thomas, 161 2 



Inqidsitiones-post-mortem — continued. 

Berkeley, Will., Lord, 1492 

Bradeston, Ela de, 1374 

Bygott, Peter, 1537 

Byngham, Richard, 1482 

Carey, Geo., Lord Hunsdon, 1604 

Clyvedon, Edmund, 1384 

Dudley, Ambr., Earl of Warwick 

Giflfard, Gilbert, 1374 

Kendall, George, 1566 

Kendall, William, 1544 

Lygon, William, 1568 

Meysye, John, 1505 

Mowbray, John de, 1362 

Mowbray, John, Duke of Nor- 
folk, 1462 

Mowbray, Marg., Ducheas of 
Norfolk, 1399 

Mowbray, Roger de, 1298 
Mowbray, Thos., Earl of Nor- 
folk, 1339 
Mowbray, Thos., Duke of Nor- 
folk, 1400 

Nevill, Ralph, Earl of Westmore- 
land, 1426 

Offley, yir Robert, 1626 

OlyflFe, William, 1601 

Pole, Walter de la, 1435 

Reade, William, 1623 

Rebell, Thomas, 1502 

Segrave, John de, 1326 

Segrave, Nich. de, 1295 

Sheparde, Walter, 1581 

Swillington, Roger, 1406 

Talbot, Edw,, Visct. Lisle, 1492 

Talbot, John, Earl of Shrews- 
bury, 1453 

Talbot, Mary, widow of same, 1468 

Talbot, Thomas, Lord Lisle, 1470 

Teste, Lawrence, 15 10 

Throgmorton, Sir Thomas 

Villars, Sir J., 1507 

Vyllers, John, 1416 

Watson, Edward, 1532 

Intrusion, pardon for the ofifence of, 

Inventories, 287, 314, 315 ; of barque 
bel. to pirates, 229 ; of French 
ship wrecked off Isle of Wight, 

Ireland : affairs in, 1699-1701, 310, 
311 ; letter of William III. to the 
Justices of, 326 

Iron mines, 227 * 

Ivory : combs, 158, 256 ; horn, 158 


ACOBIN pieces, bequest of, 260 

Jannettum, 29 

Jewellery, bill for, 220 

Jewels : gifts of, gold ring with sap- 
phire, 8 ; bequests of, 259, 260 ; 
inventory of, 315 

Jousts, expenses of Lord Berkeley, 
at, [1328], 283-285 

Justices (Westminster) : Martin de 
Pateshull, Ralph Hareng, Simon 
de Insula, Thomas de Eyden, 
1219; Martin de Pateshull, Ste- 
phen de Segrave, Thomas de 
Haidon, Robert de Lexinton, 
Geoffrey le Sauvage, Thomas de 
Muleton, 1224 ; Thomas de 
Muleton, William de Raleigh, 
Robert de Lexinton, William de 
Insula, William de London, Mag. 
Robert de Shardclaw, Ralph de 
Norwico, William de Eboraco, 
Richard Reinger, 1231 ; Walter 
de Eboraco, 1233 ; Robert de 
Lexinton, Walter de Eboraco, 
Henry de Bathonia, 1239 ; Roger 
de Thurkelby, John de Cobbe- 
ham, Alan de Wassaund, 1250; 
Gilbert de Preston, John de Wy- 
vill, 1263 

Itinerant (Warwick) : Geof- 
frey, son of Peter, Tedbald de 
Valain, Michael Belet, Henry 
de Wichinton, Master Aristotil, 
1194; (Cambridge): Stephen de 
Segrave, William de Eboraco, 
William de Insula, William Bas- 
set, 1232 ; (Worcester) : Ralph 
de Suthleic, Jollan de Nevile, 
1241 ; (Gloucester) : William de 
Eboraco, W'illiam de Insula, 



Justices Itinerant — continued. 

Ralph de Norwico, Thurstan 
Dispensator, Ralph de Chandos, 
1236 ; (Gloucester) : William de 
Saham, Roger Loveday, John 
Metingham, 1287 

Justices of Peace for co. Glouc. : 
Sir Nich. Poyntz, David Broke, 
Nich.Wyke, Hugh Denys, 1546 ; 
Henry, Lord Berkeley, Sir Wal- 
ter Denys, Sir IS'ich. Pointz, 

Justices of Chester, list of, 299 

Juvenal, index of words to the sa- 
tires of, 319 


TV-EMEYS, family of, 289 «. 

Kentish customs, 281 

Kingswood Abbey, Monks of, pro- 
vided with a " pitancia " on St. 
Andrew's Day, lOO 

Knights' fees, 18, 26, 29, 36, 156, 
299, 316 

Knights' retinue, 204 

Knights' service, tenants of Berke- 
ley by, 307 

Knives for kitchen, bequest of, 253 

LAMPS : in ch. of St. Nicholas in 
Osleworth, 125 ; in Kingswood 
church, 126; for chancel of Ar- 
lingham church, 165 

Lampreys : rents, 154, 279 ; sent to 
London, 282 

Lancaster, Duchy of, 272 

Landgable, 26 

Land Measures: cultura, 17, 117; 
gara, ib. ; numniata, 29; 2 hides 
= 8 virgates, 44 ; fardel, 63 ; 
cotcelda, 82, 83 ; hevedacre, 100 

Lead mines, 227 

Letters, cost of carriage of, [1327], 

Linen,' varicXus ait cles of, 158 

Loan, demanded from Lord Berke- 
ley, 161 3, 338 

London : collection of subsidy of 
tonnage and poundage, 190; cus- 
toms in the port of, 195 ; Tallow- 
chandlers' company, rights of, 
242 ; Charterhouse, appt. of Lord 
Berkeley to be a governor of, 

Long Stage in R. Severn, fishery of, 
249, 250 

Lord Lieutenants, a dress uniform 
for, 344 


MAGIC letters AGLA, on seal, 

Maiming, 142 

Mandragon, the herb, 150, Introd. 

Manred, 227 

Manuscripts : Roll beg. " Reyne de 
Piete," a psalter, and a Romance 
of Merlin, 158 ; Inspexiinus of 
book relating to names of towns, 
temp. Edward II., 236. 

Manumissions, 93, 154, 177 

Map of R. Severn, 305 

Mariola, a kind of goose or duck, 
277, 279 

Markets, grants of, 3, 75, 131, 148 

Marriage : contract uniting the fam- 
ilies of Fitzharding and Berke- 
ley, 4, 5 ; covenant of Marg. de 
Lisle and Tho., Lord Berkeley, 
175 ; grant of, ib. ; at age of 
seven, 177 n. ; fine from tenants 
marrying outside the manor, 278 ; 
manorial restrictions, rel. to, 286 

Masses, grants, etc., of, 39, 201, 203, 

208, 255, etc. 
May, Humphrey, letter to, from J. 

Swift, 311 
Mazers, bequests of, 254, 255 
Medesilver, 281 
Melton Mowbray, manor, list of 

knights* fees held of, 316 

Metals, rights in, 227 



Military matters : levy for army to 
be led by the King in person 
against France, 207 : law for 

{)rovision of horses, etc , 221 ; 
ists of officers, soldiers, etc , in 
CO. Glouc. , I5th-i7ih cent., a'^S ; 
view of horse, armour, etc , as- 
sessed on the clergy in diocese of 
Gloucester, 1613, 312; account 
of expedition in Low countries, 
1622, 317 ; order for raising men 
in CO. Glouc, ib^ ; affairs in the 
north, 336 ; words of command, 
[1599]. «*• 
Military Service, engagement with 
the King for, 204 

Military Survey of various hundreds 
in CO. Glouc, 309 

Mining rights, 226, 227, 237 

Mint, grant of, 3 

Monasteries, dissolved, grants of, 

237. 239 
Mortar and pestle, bequest of, 256 
Moyle's Survey, 308 
Muniments, undertaking to deliver, 

Murderers, arrest of, 159 

Music, article in apprenticeship for 
teaching, 239 

Musical Services, 163 

Musicians, Queen's : John Johnson, 
ante 1596 

Musters, 204, 288, 338 


NAMES, Christian, curious : Aga- 
cia, 73 ; Ailsi, 65 ; Aky, ib. ; 
Aulf, 72 ; Aumfeli.sia, 46 ; Ellota, 
77 ; Faricius, 69; Hernisius, 65 ; 
Odinel, 82 ; Popelina, 46 ; Riche- 
man, 65 ; Semaine, 77; Sewi, 72 ; 
Thuri, 181 

Nativi, grants of, 43, 59, 61, 62, 

"7. 172, 177. 
Navy : equipment of fleet under 

Adm. Lord Berkeley [1404], 180 

instructions for masters of 

vessels on active service against 
the Spaniards [1588], 233 

Neath, capture of Edw. II. at, 27S 

Netherlands: appointment of Lord 
Dursley to be Envoy extr. to the 
Hague, 251 ; expedition into, 

Newland, John, Abbot of Bristol, 
pedigiee-roU of, 290 293 

New Year's Gifts : reminder to Lord 
Berkeley of his omission to send 
gift for the King, 1624, 339 

New York, provisions, etc , for sol- 
diers sent to, in 1 700, 310 

Nibley, battle of, references to, 192, 
193 «. ; letters and challenge, 
previous to the battle of, 298, 

Nibley Church, covenant for supply 
of priest, 210 

Nobility, English and Scottish, lists 
of, 289 

" Note," i.e. a small urn, bequest of, 

OATHS of supremacy and alle- 
giance, subscription by Lord 
Berkeley to, [1673], 249 

Oil : cargo of, 232 ; adulteration of, 

Oldminster, tithing barn at, 209 

Oratory, at Bedniinster Court 38 

Orders, military : manner of making 
Knights of the Bath, 341 ; statutes 
of the order of the Garter, 310 ; 
instalment of Lord Howard of 
Effingham as K.G., 322; grant 
to the brethren " miliciae Templi 
Solomonis," in England, 149 

Orders, religious : grant of privileges 
to the brethren, etc., of the hos- 
pital of St. Lazar of Jerusalem, 
155 ; lands in cos. Notts, and 
Line , held of the Prior and 
Brothers of the Hospital of St. 
John of Jerusalem, in England, 
158 ; Philip de Thame, Prior of 
the same in 1345, 162 

Ordination of a priest and deacon, 

Orford Church and Convent, be- 
quests to, 257 

Ormonde, Earldom of, 303 



Otterburn, death of the Earl of 
Douglas at, 178 «. 

Outlaws, 142, 167 

Oven, bequest of an, 255 

Overbury, Sir Thomas, arraignment 
of Mrs. A. Turner concerned in 
the murder of, 317 ; allusion to 
his murder, 339 

Oxford, University of, entrance of Ivo 
de Berkeley to, [1327], 276; 
Maurice, Lord Berkeley, a bene- 
factor to Magdalen College, 201 

Ozleworth, ch. dedicated to St, 
Nicholas, 125 

PAGET, Lord, collection of 
apothegms by C. Bill, dedica- 
ted to, 319 

Pardon, bequest for purchase of, 257 
Pariskercheves, bequest of, 256 
Park, T., reference to his Heliconia, 

Parksilver, 281 

Parliament, writs of summons for, 
with nominal lists, 23, 27 Edw. 
I., 7 Edw. II., 311 ; held at 
Northampton, in 1328, 284 

Partridges, 214 

Pasture, right of, grant of, after the 
hay is carried, 92 ; restriction to 
specified animals and their broods 
of 1 year old, 96 : free entry to 
on 1st Aug., 114 

Pedigree rolls, 289-297 

Pedigrees : 

Sovereigns of England, 289, 290 

Berkeley, 290-297, 318 

Berkeley, of Beverstone, 318 

Berkeley, of co. Salop, 295 

Berkeley, of Stoke, 318 

Basset, 318 

Baynham, 318 

Beauchamp, 294 

Borlas, 246 

Bradstone, 318 

Butler, 294 

Pedigrees — continued. 

Carey, Lords Hunsdon, 296 

Chacombe, 85 n. 

Chandos, 318 

Chester, 318 

Clifford, 296, 318 

Codrington, 296 

Dennys, 318 

Fitzgerold, 63 n. 

Fitzwalter, 297 

Gyfford, 318 

Hungerford, 318 

Kemys, 318 

Latimer, 295 

Lisle, 177, 297 

Longney, 297 

Mowbray, 294, 297 

Norwood, 318 

Poole, 348 

Porter, 296, 318 

Poyntz, 296, 318 

Roo?, 295 

Segrave, 13 n., 294 

Seymour, 318 

Shipman, 296 

Thomas, 318 

Throgmorton, 318 

Tracy, 318 

Trye, 318 

Tyes, 177 

Veele, 318 

Warner, 297 

Welshe, 318 

West, Lords de la Warre, 296, 

Wynter, 318 

Yonge, 318 
Pestilence, in 1361, 173 
Pestle and mortar, bequest of, 256 
Peter's Pence, 194 
Pheasants, 214 
Pillory, 52 



Pirates, measures against, 224, 225, 
226, 289 ; seizure of, 229 ; in- 
ventory of barque, ib. 

Pilancia, explanation of the term, 

100 ». 
ritosia V. Putacia 

Placitum de sanguine et vulnere, 

Plate, bequest of, 260, 261 ; inven- 
tory of, 315 

Poetry : rhymes rel. to union of 
Scotland with England, 289 ; 
poems on the arrival of the Prince 
of Orange in 1688, 318 ; " Owen 
Tudor," by H. Holland, 319 ; 
Spiritual Sonnets, by H. Con- 
stable, ib. 

Poictiers, battle of, 168 

Polecat, destruction of poultry by, 


Ponthieu, homage of Edw. II. for, 


Porpoises : reservation of, in fishing 
lease, 249, 250 ; sent to the 
Queen, [1328], 284 

Portrait of Philip and Mary in 
initial letters, 218 

Poultry : rearing of, 278 ; destruc- 
tion of, by polecat, ib. 

Powis, gift of a white horse of Powis, 

Precedence : claim of Lord Berke- 
ley over Lord de la Warre, 311 ; 
order of, 312 

Presentations : to Kegworth, 229 ; 
advowsons, etc. in gift of the 
liOrds Berkeley in 1540, 300 

Prices : mare and foal, 10 shillings, 
pair of boots, 12 pence [t. Hen. 
III.] 116; various live stock, 
provisions, etc. [14th cent.] 274- 
-285 ; corn, [1520] 292 ; arms 
and armour [1563], 329 

Prisoners of war, 180 

Privy Council letters, 328, 334, 336- 

Purprestura, 29 .. 

Purveyance, for King's Household, 
commuted to payment of money, 

Putacia, [pitosia], a pole-cat, 278 

Putts, fishing, 99 »., 282 

/QUARANTINE, laws of, 343 

Quernegavell, 281 
Quernepeny, 281 


RANSOMS : of John de Segrave 
[1335]. 159; of Maurice de 
Berkeley, [1360], 167 

Rascal, a deer in bad coDdition, 

Red Book, The, 306 

Relevagium, 26 

Religion, Romish, proviso in lease 
in case of revival of, 238 

Rent Services : arrows 6g, 276 ; 
capons, 29, 305 ; a fat capon 
and a gallon of wine, 200 ; cla- 
vus gyrofri, 130 ; cummin, 31, 
32, 86, 88, 102, 179 ; (our bush- 
ells of corn, 27 ; gloves. 21, 51, 
63, 70, 80, 90, 100, 115, 119; 
hawks, I, 56, 77, 134 ; lampreys, 
no, 154, 279 ; eight bushells of 
malt, 210 ; an ox, 27 ; pepper, 
28, 36, 40, 46, 49, 110; roses, 
87, 104, 186 ; spurs, 17, 24, 30, 
46, 59. 66, 67, 71, 96; green 
tunic, 27 ; half-a-pound of wax, 

Reprisal, letters of, 231 

Right of way : claimed by canons of 
St. Augustine's Abbey, 82 : un- 
restricted through fallow fields, 
83 ; under guidance only through 
sown fields, ib ; reserved for car- 
riage of hay and com, 100 

Rings, gold, 8, 12, 31, 256 ; 
wedding ring, containmg 14 dia- 
monds, 260 

Riots, suppression of, [1607], 337 

Robes, bequests of, 254, 255 ; be- 
quest by Thomas, Lord Berke- 
ley, of his Parliament robes, 258 

Romescot, 281 

Russell, Lord William, petition to 
the King, written two days before 
his execution, 342 

Rustewode, 281 

Rye House Plot, 342 



SABBATH Day, orders for due 
observance of, 302 

Sache, i, 10 
Sacrament, Holy, 33 
Safe-conduct, letters of, 251 
SafiFron, 147 

Salt, capture of vessel laden with, 

Sand, carriage of, from R. Severn 
to the castle, 280 

Schism in England, [1556], 215 

Scotland : wars in, 14th cent., 153, 
I59> 17S ; pacification in 1571, 
222 ; intrigues with France in 
1583, 332 ; news-letters of occur- 
rences in, il). 

• Sovereigns of : pedigree, 2S9 

— James VI., letters to Lord 

Hunsdon, 324; letter from the 
Council to Sir G. Carey, 331 ; 
his admiration for Qu. Elizabeth, 

- East inarches of, 222 

Scutcheon, directions in will of 
Thomas, Lord Berkeley, concer- 
ning his, 258 

Sea-wall, repair of, 282 

Seals, Royal : Henry, Duke of Nor- 
mandy, I, 3, 4 (imperfect) ; 
Richard I., 18, 33 ; John, as 
Earl of Mortaigne, 21 ; as King, 
33; Henry HL, 74, 76, 79, 131; 
Edward I., 150, 151 ; Edward 
III., 160, 161, 164 ; Henry V., 
182 ; Henry VI., 184-187 ; Ed- 
ward IV. 187, 189-192 ; Richard 
III. 195, 196; Henry VII., 197- 
199, 201, 202 ; Henry VIII., 
202, 206, 207 ; Philip and Mary, 
213 ; Elizabeth, 219, 221-224, 
226, 233, 238, 242 ; James I., 
245, 246 ; Alexander III. King 
of Scotland, 138 

•■ Episcopal, etc. : Bath and 

Wells, 134, 205 ; Bath Chapter, 
ib. ; Durham, 228 ; Wells Chap- 
ter, 205 ; Worcester, il, 19, 55, 
164 ; York, 237 

— of Religious Houses : 

210; Croxton Abbey, loi ; the 
Abbot of Gerondon (Privy Seal); 
140; St. Bartholomew's Hospi- 
tal, Gloucester, 153 ; Kingswood 
Abbey, 150 ; Lantony Priory, 
165, 166 ; Laund Priory, 89 ; 
Austin Friars, London, 203 ; 
Longbridge Priory, 156, 165, 1G6, 
167 ; Norton Priory, 149 ; Mag- 
dalen Coll., Oxford, 201 ; Soulh- 
wick Priory, 37 ; Guild of the 
Holy Cross of Stralford-on-Avon, 
185 ; Twinham al. Christchurch 
Priory, 39 ; Wallingwells Priory, 
197 ; Whiteland Abbey, 98 ; 
Priory of St. John of Jerusalem 
in England, 162 

Corporate Towns, etc. : An- 

dover, 242 ; Bristol, 172, 179, 
181, 1S5, 192, 193, 213 ; Calais, 
200 ; Ipswich, 235 ; Oxford, 236 ; 
Southampton, 183 

Personal : Richard, Earl of 

St. Augustine's Abbey, Bristol, 96, 
100, 103, 162; Combe Abbey, 

Arundel, 165 ; Anne, Duchess of 
Buckingham, 188 ; Ranulph, 
Earl of Chester, 54 ; Matilda, 
Countess of Essex, 77 ; Henry, 
Earl of Lancaster, 163; Earl and 
Countess of Pembroke, 142 ; 
Thomas, Earl of Norfolk, 158 ; 
John, Duke of Norholk, 189 ; 
Thomas, Earl of Sussex, 219 ; 
Margaret, Countess of Winches- 
ter, 81 ; Joan de Berkeley, 148 ; 
John de Berkeley, Knt., 179; 
M. de Berkeley, 14; Maur. son 
of Dom. M, de Berkeley, 161 ; 
Rob. de Berkeley, 33, 56 ; Rog- 
er de Berkeley, 13; Thomas, 
Lord Berkeley {oli. 1321], 154; 
Thomas, Lord Berkeley {oO. 136 1] 
157, 160, 163 ; Thomas, Lord 
Berkeley {ol>. 14 17], 174, 178, 
181 ; William, Lord Berkeley, 
189 ; Drogo de Barenlyn, Sherifl 
of Berks, 156; Walter de Burgo, 
107 ; SirWill. Cecil, 219 ; Henry 
fil. Geroldi, 68 ; Nicholas (il. 
Rogeri, 138 ; A. de S. Amando, 
177, 179; Adam de Siavcleia, 
34 ; Roger Wade, " Crouder," 
153 ; William, son of Robeil, 
son of Martin, 43 

Servants, bequests to, 262 

Services, tenants of Berkeley by 
various, 307 

V. also Rent Services 



Severn, R. : fishing accompts, 282 ; 
great flood, [1607], ib, ; map, 
with tenants, of fishing grounds, 
i8lh cent., 305 

■ V. also Fisheries 

Sheep-shearing, 276 

Sheperden, admission to the chapel- 

ry of, [1354-1399]. 298 

Shillitoe's Survey, 308 

Ships : capture of foreign, 235 ; com- 
mission to build a war-ship, 289 ; 
English, burnt at Brest, 293 

names of : The Gabriel, 233 ; 

The George of Berkeley, 194 ; 
Our Ladye of Viana in Portugal, 
235 ; The Lyon of Hampton, 
235 ; The Marlion, 233 ; The 
Michael, 233 ; The Musket, 233 ; 
The Pelican, of Emden, 231 ; 
The Peryn, of Morbian, 232 ; 
The Regent, 293 ; The St. Peter, 
of Yarmouth, 226 ; The Senora 
Rosarn, 236 ; The Swallow, 225, 
235. 236 ; The Swiftsure, 231 ; 
The Unicorn, 229 

Silk: articles of dress, 158 

Silver found in mines, reserved to 
the Crown, 227 

Silver bowl, bequest of, 260 

Slander, case of, 192 

Slimbridge : record of admission of 
rectors [1207-1475], 298; damage 
to the chapel door by Henry of 
Lancaster's men in 1327, 278 

Smyth, John, various works of, 306- 
309. httrod. 

Soap, adulteration of, 242 

Soch, r, 10 

Soochin v. Scutcheon 

Soul alms, 14, 29, 39, 43, 56, 57, 84, 
109, 138, 152, 162, 163, 173, 177, 
197, 208, 257 

Spain : ships for service against, 
233 ; Spaniards taken prisoners 
off Havana, 236 ; preparations 
against England, 335 ; destruc- 
tion of Spanish ships off the Irish 
coast by storm, ib. 

Spoons, silver, bequests of, 254, 

Stach, in R. Severn, grant of a, 171; 

Stafford, Edward, Duke of Buck- 
ingham, note of his death, 292 

Stanley, Ferdinando, sth Earl of 
Derby, account of his pretensions 
to the Crown and his death by 
poison, 334, 334, «., 335 

Stocks, 152 

Stone, admissions to the chapelryof, 
[13561456], 293 

Stones, carriage of, from R. Severn 
to the castle, 280 

Stray, 159 

Stretepens, 281 

Sturgeons : reservation of, in fishing 
lease, 249 ; accompt for dressing 
and barrelling, 282 

Subsidies, 190, 241, 287, 288, 312, 

330, 336, 337 
Sudborne church, bequest to, 257 
Sugar, cargo of, 236 
Swefling church, bequest to, 257 

Swift, Jonathan, Chaplain to Lord 
Berkeley, letter, 1699, 311 

Swoncorn, 281 

TALBOT, Thomas, Viscount 
Lisle, killed at Nibley Green 
in I470, 193 ji. 

Talgarth, Court of, 149 

Tallow, used for adulteration, 242 

Taverns, chaplains forbidden to go 
to, 163 

Tayckments of kine, 303 

Tepenyng, 284 

Tercel, a male hawk, 27 

Theology : collection of religious 
memoranda, commentaries, etc., 

Thieves, apprehension of, 138, 142, 

Thornbury manor, customs of, 300 

Timber : rights of felling, etc., 63, 
203, 219; licence to cut, 203; 
woodwards' accompts, 281 

Tin mine, 228 

Tinnage Act, 261 



Tithes : of pannage, 82 ; of fishery 
and mills, ib. ; lease of, at Wig- 
gington, 201 ; at Oldminster, 
209 ; of Nibley, 210, 304 

Tobacco, for soldiers sent to New 
York in 1700, 310 

Tobacco-pipe clay, licence to dig 
for, 248, 249 

Tolls : for grinding corn, 25 ; in the 
Sound, 343 

Tolvesaye, the, near the High Cross 
of Bristol, 213 

Tonnage and poundage, 190, 195 

Tournaments, service at, 156 
V. also Jousts 

Trail bastons, 284 

Travel : licence for, 247 ; expenses 
of, 284, 285 

Trees : felling of, 234 ; ancient or 
boundary, not to be felled, 203 ; 
V. alsb Timber 

Trental, bequest for singing of a, 257 

Trevysa, John, pedigree-roll of the 
Berkeleys by, 293. Introd. 

Truce betw. the marches of Scotland 
and England, 178 

Tudor, Owen, poem so called, by H. 
HoUande, 319 

Tudorus, disputation on the art of 
alchemy, 318 

Tumbrell, 152 

Turkey Company, the, 325 


VALUES : The Berkeley Man- 
ors valued at £,bo^ i8 4^, 
in 1320, 156 ; V. also Prices 

Vassalage, 227 n. 

Velvet, 158 

Vessels, ecclesiastical, bequest of, 

Vestments, ecclesiastical, bequests 

of, 254, 258 

Villeins v. Nativi 

Vinegar, adulteratiqp of, 242 

Wales, journey of Lord Berkeley 
into, to Qu. Isabella [1327], 278 
Wales, the marches of, 334 
Wardrobe, the Queen's, 235 
Wardrobe accompfs, of the Lord 
Berkeley, 283 

Wars, etc., in England : between 
Henry III. and Richard, Earl of 
Pembroke, atite 1234, 80 ; ' Tur- 
bacio in regno Anglie,' [1253], 

with Scotland [1335, 1389], 

159, 178 
with France, 165, 207 



AGES book, [1585-8], 314 

Warwick, Eliz., Countess of, parti- 
tion of her lands between her 
daughters and coheirs, 189 

Waste, a year and a day and, 167 
Wax : ship laden with, 225 ; for 

church lights, 72, 165 
Weapons, bequest of, 258 
Wearing apparel, bequest of, 260 
Wedding ring, bequest of, 260 
Wells Cathedral, bequest to, 256 
Werkgavell, 281 
Whale, a royal fish, 250 

Wigginton, co. Oxon, chapel of St. 
Leonard in St. Giles' Church at, 

Wight, Isle of : matters connected 
with Sir G. Carey's captaincy of, 
229-239 ; letters to Sir G. Carey, 
captain of, 332, 333 ; enquiry 
into the decayed condition of, 
[1586], 231 

Wills: Averay, John, 255; Baldwj-n, 
Walter, 255 ; Beavan, James, 

261 ; Berkeley, Auerustus, Earl 
of, 262 ; Berkeley, Charles, Earl 
of, 261 ; Berkeley, George, Earl 
of, 260 ; Berkeley, Henry, Lord, 
259 ; Berkeley, James, Earl of, 

262 ; Berkeley, Maurice, Lord, 
[1513=3]. 257, 263 ; Berkeley, 
Maurice, of Yate, Knt., 258; 
Berkeley, Thomas, Lord, [14x5], 

263 ; Berkeley, Thomas, Lord, 
[1533]. 25!>, 263 ; Berkeley, 
William, Marquis of, 257, 263 ; 
Bevercgge, Richard, 254; Carev, 
George, Lord Hunsdon, 259 ; 



Wills — Continued. 

Chapstowe, Maurice, 253 ; Cove 
ley, John de, 253 ; Daunt 
Thomas, 256; Essington, Robert 
263 : Fitzherbert, John, 263 
Fotour, John, 256 ; Fryer, Rob 
ert, 257 ; P'ust, Sir John, Bart. 

262 ; Golde, William, 253 ; How 
ard, Henry, Earl of Northampton 
260, 263 ; Legat, Adam, 255 ; Le 
gat, Margery, 256; Mede, Philip 

263 ; Ormonde, T., 257; Praiers 
Henry, Knt., 253 ; Ridde, John 
257 ; Koubergh, John, 256 ; Shir 
ley, Ralph, 257 ; Skot, Nicholas 
le, 254 ; Talbot, Edward, Vis 
count Lisle, 263 ; Talbot, Joan 
Viscountess Lisle, [1500], 263 
Talbot, Lady, [1504], 263 
Thomas, Robert, 255 ; Thorpe 
George, 263 ; Thorpe, Marg. 
260 ; i horpe, Nicholas, 259 
Trye, Thomas, 263 ; Wall, John, 

Wine : ship chartered to bring wine 
from Bordeaux, 194 ; custom on 
French wines, 336 

Woad, French vessel laden with, 230 

Worcester Cathedral : bequests to, 
253, 254, 25s, 256, 258 ; episco- 
pal registers of, 298 

Workman's wages, 278 

Wotton Church, bequests to, 255, 

Writs : grant of the returns of the 
Kin/s Writs, 157 

Wyat's rebellion, 214 ; letters of 
Qu. Mary on, 321 


/ORK HOUSE, in Baltersea, 
decayed condition of, 237 




ABBELEIA, rudinga de, in Wot- 
ton, 93, III 

Abbewelle, in Hinton, 50 

Abingdon, co. Berks : Abbot of, 
Hugh [1218] 

Abington, 141 

Abrahamwelle, in Croxton, 122 

Accatone v. Acton 

Acton, CO. Glouc, 8, 10 

Acton Turvyle Hundred, 309 

Agheleghegrave, near Wotton, 70 

Ailmington, 314 

Aketre, in Alkington Manor, 96 

Alburgh, CO. Norf., 233 

Alconbury, co. Hunts, 300, 314 

Alcrintone v. Alkington 

Aldemunstre v. Oldminster 

Aldredesmare, Aldresmara, in Hin- 
ton, 60, 62 

Aldufistre v. Austrey 

Alduluestre v. Austrey 

Aleby v. Welby 

Alkington, co. Glouc, 92, 93, 96, 
107, 151, 154.156, 161, 164, 178, 
1F4, 244, 269, 270, 275, 313 

AUer, CO. Som., 208 
Alemundebere v. A'mondsbury 
AlmoJesbure ?'. Almondsbury 
Almondsbury, co. Glouc, 9, 11, 55, 

56; 79, 264, 270 
Alquinton v, Alkington 
Alvele, CO. Essex, 72 
Alvidelea v. Alveley 
Ampthill Park, co. Bedf., 219 
Amu nde fort v. Mundford 

Andover, co. Southampton, 242 

Baiiiflfof, Will. Blake [1601] 

Appleridge, near Berkeley, 164, 184, 

Apudupthrop in Coaley, 40 

Arlingham, co. Glouc, 57, 58, 59, 
82, 99, 124, 149, 154, 164, 165, 
174, 181, 182, 220, 245, 313 

Dean of, William, 1248 

Vicars of, William, early 13th 

cent. ; Reginald, 1372 ; William 
Kentes . . . 1406 

Ashelsworth, Ashelworth, co. Glouc. 

9, II, 55, 56 
Ashendon, co. Bucks, 120 

Clerk of, Martin, t. Hen. HI 

Ashton, CO. Wilts, 167 
Aspley, CO. Warwick, 190, 313 
Asshton z: Ashton 
Asthin V. Ashton 
Auraodesham v. Awnsham 
Aure, 165, 166, 182 
Austrey, co. Warw., 98, 99 

Clerk of, Symon, 1248 

Avignon, 38 172 
Awnsham, 79 
Aylesbury Manor, 241 
Ayllemerton z/, Aylminton 
Aylminton, 301 


■DAB WORTH Bridge, 149 

Badderigge, in Ozleworth, 47 
Badeleking v. Baulking 
Baderugg, in Ozleworth, 125 
Badminton, 343 



Bagatistona, in Cromhall, co. Glouc. 

Bagermore Meadow, 105 

Baggapath, Baggepath, Baggpath, 
V. Bagpath 


Bagpath, co. Glouc, 119, 121, 124, 

139, 152 
Baldenswyche, in Malvern, 228 
Ballansford, co. Warw., 221 
Banbury, co. Oxon, 191 

Barford, co. Oxon : Priest of, Regi- 
nald, [late i2th cent.] 

Barking, 234 

Barnard Castle, 266 

Bamingham, co. Norf., 233 

Barnstaple, co. Devon, 180 

Barnwell Priory, co. Cambr. : Prior 
of, Lawrence, early 13th cent. 

Barrow Haven, 225 

Barrow-on-Soar, co. Leic, 90 

Clerk of, William, t. John 

Barton, King's, Hundred, co. Glouc. 
66, 287, 288, 312, 328 

Warden of. Master S. de 

Glastonia, early Hen. IH. 

Baruha v. Barrow-on-Soar 

Barwi v. Barrow-on-Soar 

Bassetshawe, in Rush'.on, co. Northt. 

Bath, 22, 301, 343 

Abbey: Priors, Robert, 1204; 

Walter, [1199-1212] ; William 
Bridde, 1515 

Bishops of : Burnell, Robert ; 

Reginald ; Trotman, Jocelin 

Bath and Wells, Bishops of: z/. John; ( 
Reginald ; William 

Battersea, York House in, 237 

Baulking, co. Berks, 44, 271 

Baynham, co. Essex, 238 

Beckedescombe, near Wotton, 127 

Beckering Park, 219 

Beckhamplon, 268 

Bede v. Beedon 

Bedfont, co. Midd., 243 

Bedminster Hundred, co. Som., 40, 

Bedminster, 6, 15, 38, 52, 98, 175, 
182, 183, 264 

Rector of: Walter de Dun- 

stanville, t. John 

Chaplain of: Philip, t. John 

Beedon, co. Berks, 54 

Beket Mill, near Bitton, 70 

Bekyngham, co. Notts, 158 

Beleya Bridge, near Cam, 66 

Belton, CO. Leic, Priest of, William, 
late 1 2th cent. 

Belton, CO. Line, 271, 272 

Benleigemore, in Wick, co. Glouc, 

Bentham, co. York, 34 

Beoly, CO. Wore, 122 

Bereford v. Barford 

Berchalei 7'. Berkeley 

Berkeley Hundred, 159, 177, 182, 

238, 287, 288, 328 

Barony, 146 

Herness, 2, 3, 8, 9, 18, 23, 

56, 93, 141, 192, 218, 280 

Manor, i, 2, 155, 182, 194, 

196, 213, 214 

Town, 6, 18, 23, 24, 25, 47, 

55. 56, 98, 99. 103, 105, 106, 

107, no, 113, 125, 126, 127, 

129, 140, 141, 150, 152, 153, 

154, 156, 160, 161, 163, 164, 

166, 172, 178, I So, 183, 184, 

192, 200, 222, 242, 247, 249, 

254, 268, 269, 270, 272, 274, 

283, 285, 298, 306-319 

Church, 9, II, 15, 56, 154, 

177. 178 

Vicars of : Nicholas, 

1255 ; John Trevisa, 1398 ; Edw. 
Chetwynd, 1629 

St. Andrew's Chantry in, 

177, 178 

Chaplains of: Adam, [1x89- 

1220]; henry, [11 89-1220] ; Wal- 
ter, [1189-1216] 

Clerk of, Henry, t. John 

Castle, I, 56, 100, 176, 177, 

197, 213, 214, 261, 300, 301 



Berkeley Castle, Constable of, Nich. 
de Stowe, t. Hen. III. 

■ Seneschals of : Wm. 

de Taney, 1247 ; Rob. de Hales, 
1243 ; W. de Mathem, late 
Hen. HI. ; Humph. Alsop.'isS; 

Chapel of B.V. Mary 

and St. John in, 170 

Chaplain of: Walter 

t. Ric. I. 

Berkhampstead, Steward of, William, 

Berks, county of, 159 

Sheriffs of: H. de Saccario, 

1218 ; D. de Barentyn, 1326 

Berscaldeby v. Beskaby 

Berwewater, in R. Severn, 154 

Berwick-on-Tweed, 150, 152, 153, 
218, 324 

Beskaby, co. Leic, 123 
Betesle v. Bettesley 
Bettesley, co. Glouc, 148 
Beverstan v. Beverstone 
Beverstone, co. Glouc, 9, 11, 56, 

Bevington, in Berkeley, 79, 94, 117, 

Bevinton v. Bevington 

Bigford V. Bushford 

Bigfordesbridge, 126 

Billesdon, 268 

Billow Brook, near Slimbridge, 33 

Birbladethwait, in Mewith, 34 

Bishopston Hundred, co. Wilts, 166 

Bitton, CO. Glouc, i, 10, 18, 20, 42, 
70. 74, 75. 112, 134, 176, 179, 
184, 185, 302, 313, 317 

Blagdon, co. Som., 22 

Chaplain of, Richard, t. John 

Blakedune v. Blagdon 

Blakemere Pool, co. Som., 22 

Blakeney, co. Glouc, 121 

Blakewelle, in Newington Bagpath, 

Blanchalanda v. Whiteland Abbey 

Blaynleuenyrs, 149 

Bledislow Hundred, 182 

Blemesham, co. Dev., 273 

Bletchingley, co. Kent, 281 

Bodler's Weir, in R. Severn, 220 

Boeleyebroc v. Billow Brook 

BoUecote v. Bowcot 

Bonratty, in Ireland, 338 

Bordeaux, 194 

Bordesley Abbey : Abbot of, William, 

Boreham, CO. Essex, 194 

Bosham, co. Suss., 238, 314 

Botilbrigge v. Botolph Bridge 

Botilfbridge v. Botolph Bridge 

Botolph Bridge, co. Hunts, 61, 134 

Bottesmor in Hurst, 153 

Bowcot, near Dursley, 108 

Boxwell Mill, co. Glouc, 100 

Brackenhil, in Houghton-on-the- 
Hill, 41 

Braddadale, Braddale, or Brddedale, 
in Dalby, co. Leic, 16, 39 

Bradeflet, in Ozleworth, 94, 95, 113, 

Bradelegefurlang, in Ozleworth, 125 

Bradley, in Wotton, 136, 157, 283, 
284, 285 

Clerk of, Henry, early 13th 

cent., 1236, 1238 

Bradstone, 241 

Brainford, West, 268 

Bramber Castle and Manor, co. Suss. 

Brandwood, 205 
Brastead, co. Kent, 281 
Brathestone v. Breadstone 
Bray, co. Devon, 7, 36, 59, 82 
Breadstone, in Berkeley, 113 

Breccheaker, in Newington, o. 
Glouc, ']^ 

Brecknock Castle, 327 
Bredona v. Breedon 
Breedon, co. Leic, 112 
Bretby, co. Derb., 53, 54, 186, 208, 



Bretby, co. York, 78, 199, 283 

Bretteby v. Bretby 

Bridgewater, 289 

Brigmerston, co. Wilts, 157 

Brind, co. York, 188 

Bristol, City of, i, 4, 21, 22, 24, 25, 
27. 57, 75. 96, 103, 105, no, 
130, 15s, 162, 163, 164, 172, 
^11, 179, 183, 193, 199, 202, 
210, 212, 213, 218, 256, 258, 
275, 277, 284, 289, 301 

Sheriffs of : Robert Bakster, 

[1398] ; David Duddebroke, 
[1417]; Wm. Canynges, 1439; 
Robert Straunge, 1468 ; John 
Spryng, 1524 

Mayors of : Wm. Canyng, 

1374; Walter Derbi, 1380; John 
Canynges, 1398 ; John Fisher, 
1408 ; Robert Russell, 1417 ; 
Hugh Withiford, 1439 ; Philip 
Mede, 1468 ; John Shipward, 
1470 ; Robert Straunge, 1474 ; 
John Hutton, 1524 ; Roger Coke, 

Bailiffs of: Will. Combe, 

Thos. Knappe, 1374 ; Rob. Gar- 
diner, John Kaninges, 1380 ; 
Thomas Mede, John Gosselyn, 
1439 ; John Godard, John Nan- 
cotham, 1468 

Prepositus Redeclivie, Richard 

Draperius, t. Hen. IH. 

Deans of : Savarie [ 1 193-95] ; 

Henry [1200-10]. 

Abbey of St. Augustine at, 

9, II, IS, 18, 19, 22, 25, 33, 37, 
43. 55. 56, 78, 82, 94, 96, 99, 
100, 103, 105, no, 141, 152, 
157, 280, 306 

Abbots of: Richard [1150- 

1160], [1154-1157], [1175-80], t. 
Hen. n. ; John [1185-90], late 
12th cent. t. John, [1200-1210] ; 
David [1216-1220], [1220-1234] ; 
William, 1236-48; Richard, 1266; 
John, 1278 ; John, 1337 ; Wm. 
Burton, 1536 

Priors of : W , t. 

Hen. II.; William [1175-80]; 
R , ante 1216 ; Ralph, 1346 

— — • ■' Subprior of, Andoenus, ante 

Bristol, Sacristan of, W , ante 


Chamberlain of, J , ante 


St. James' Priory : Prior of, 

Robert Cheltynham, 1523 

Priory of St. Mary Magdalen: 

Prioress of, Johanna VValeys, 1455 

— House of Austin Friars : 

Prior of, Nicholas, 1369 

St. Mary Redcliffe Church, 

190, 210, 212, 256, 274 

^ Chaplainsof: William 

t. Ric. I. — John ; William, 1408 

Parson of, J. de 

Brampton, 1 320 
Briztmerston v. Brigmerston 

Broclegh, Chaplain of, A , t. John 

Brodwildmor, near Leire, 17 
Brokenborough Manor, 270, 313 
Broome, co. Wore, 241 
Browd, 23 

Bruneswellesham in Hinton, 62 
Brussels, 325 
Brynde v. Brind 
Brystow v. Bristol 
Buckingham, 213 

Bailiffof, Thomas More, 1553 

Bulewik, co. Glouc, 50 

Buleye, in Cam, 66 

Bulthdynas, 149 

Buntingford, 265 

Buolee v. Beoly 

Buringtone v. Burrington 

Burlonde, La, 94 

Burrington, co. Som., 22 

Burton Lazars, co. Leic. , 39, 87, 140 

Master of, Thomas 

Norton, Knt., 15 14 
Burton in Lonsdale, 34, 188 
Bushford in Wotton, 126 
Butley, 256 
Button V. Bitton 
Bytton V. Bitton 




Cagwurth z: Kegworth 

Calais, 1 68, 200, 208, 214, 215, 328 

Mayor of, Thomas Burdon, 


Calcot, in Newington Bagpath, 71 

Caldechote v. Caldicote 

Caldicote, in Newington Bagpath, 

CO. Gloiic. ,'8i 
Caloughdon, co. Warw. , 215, 246, 

Cam, CO. Glouc, 45, 63, 66, 113, 

131, 148, 156, 163, 184, 187, 215, 

245, 270, 276, 296, 312 

Dean of, Walter [1193-95] 

Parson, of, Reginald, 11 54 

Rector of, R. de Andeure, 1236 

Cambridge, co. Cambr., 77 

Christ's College, 204, 209, 229, 

248, 250, 252 

Cambridge, co. Glouc, 33, 160, 163 

Cameys, co. Pembr., 142 

Campeden, 79 

Campel, 127 

Canbury, co. Glouc, 314 

Canonbury Manor, co. Glouc, 221, 

243, 280 

Canon Row v. Westminster 

Canterbury, 153 

Archbishops of v. Edmund ; 

Bouchier, Thos. ; Stafford, John 

Cardiff, Chaplain of, Richard, t. Ric. 

Carisbrooke Castle, 219, 220, 233, 

244, 335 
Carlisle,;i52, 336 
Carlton, co. Notts, 197 
Carnewallen, 226 
Garwood, 180 

Caternookesleys, in R. Severn, 211 
Cattemersh, 189 

Caxton, 265 

Cerney, co. Glouc, 26, 118, 126, 
139, 146, 179, 182 

Parsons of: Milo, t. Hen. 

III. ; Richard, late Hen. HI. 

Cerneywick, 179, 182 

Chalcombe, co. Northt., 85 

Church of SS. Peter and 

Paul, 48 

Challow, East, co. Berks, 67, in 

Charfield, co. Glouc, 267 

Charlton-by-Wroxhall, co. Som., 218 

Chatley, co. Som., 34, 35 

Chattelei, Chattleg v. Chatley 

Chaucumbe v. Chalcombe 

Chelmiredescote v. Chilvers-Coton 

Chelmsford, 240 

Chelrey v. Childrey 

Cheltenham, 266 

Cherlecumb-by-Bath, 134 

Cheselhanger Wood, 29, 205 

Cheslaunder Wood, 202 

Chester, Justice of, P. de Orreby, 

Constables of, John de Laci, 


Bishops of V. Hugh 

Abbot of, H.~ , [1208- 


Chester, West, Port, 288 

Chesterford, co. Essex, 198-200 

Chew, CO. Som., Rector of, James 
de Berkelegh, 1301 

Chichester, Bishops of v. Ralph 

Chicklade, co. Wilts, 182 

Childrey, co. Berks, Clerk of, Adam, 
early Henry HI. 

Chilvers-Coton, co. Warw., 20 

Chippenham Hundred, 166 

Chippenham Manor, 166 

Chipping Kington, 265 

Chipping Warden, 266 

Christchurch Priory v. Twinham 

Christen, co. Som., 272 

Chaplain of, A. t. John 

ChulrenehuU, in Mangotsfield, 21 



Chyw V. Chew 

Cornwall, co., 271, 274, 286, 309 

Cirencester, 284, 285, 299, 300, 329, 

Corringham, co. Line, 119 


Corstcourt, 329 

Cossington, co. Leic, 19, 43 


Cotes, CO. Leic, 90, 129 

Claior v. Clare 

Coton, CO. Derb., 207 

Clancarty House [in Dublin ? ] 31 1 

Coulham, [ ? near Bitton], 20 

Clapton, CO. Glouc, 38, 150, 1 88 

Coueleg V. Coaley 

Clare, in Pirton, 60 

Couleye v. Coaley 

Claverdon, co. Warwick, 114 

Coventry, co. Warw., 106, 157, 215, 

Claydons, co. Essex, 243 

252, 264, 267 

Cleardon, ■i:i7 

Archdeacon of, Wm. de 

Cleitun, co. York [?], 65 

Kilkenny, 1252 

Clerkenwell, 315 

Chaplain of, Ralph, early 

Hen. in. 

ID..^^*.. z*^*. 

Priory of, 32 

Clonmel, 330 

Prior of, Josbert, early 

Clopton, Cloptune v. Clapton 

13th cent. 

Clugny, Abbot of, Andruyn, 1360 

Coventry and Lichfield, Bishops of, 

Clunmaiisco campus de, 47 

V. Roger 

Cnipton [ co. Leic], lOl 

Cowley V. Coaley 

Coaley, co. Glouc, 33, 40, 52, no. 

Cradley, co. Wore, 241 

IIS, 153, 156, 165, 166,184,197, 

Cranebr [ook ?], 21 


Crampford le Mote v. Cranford 

Chaplain of, Henry, son of 

Cranford, co. Middl., 149, 184, 210, 

Adam, early I3lh cent. 

236, 238, 239, 242, 245, 246, 

Cocket Island, Northumberland, 225 

247, 287 

Codnor, co. Derby, 237 

Crauchote, 138 

Coingers Elmes, in Ham, 282 

Cristgeston v. Christon 

Cold Overton, co. Leic, 79, 207, 

Cromhall, co. Glouc, II, 56, in 

313,314, 316 

Crouchonwell, 149 

Colehide, in Bevington, 79 

Croumor, 97 

Collumbeyn Hall, in Stowmarket, 

Crowesscahe, in La Wike, 86 


Croxston v. Croxton 

Colne R., 30 

Croxton, co. Leic, 50, 67, loi, 114, 

Coltyn Leyes, in Berkeley, 206 

116, 122, 123, 128 

Combe, near Wotton, co. Glouc, 8, 

Abbey, 82, loi, 122, 209, 



Combe Abbey, co. Warw., 210 

Abbots of: Ralph, 1236; 

Abbots of : 

Geoffrey [1240- 1260] ; R. Derby, 

William, early 13th cent. ; Rob- 

1534 ; £. Attercliff, 1534 

ert, 1537 

nprk r>f Fliiph t Hen TIT 

Compton, CO. Glouc, Clerk of, 

Crykeston v. Christon 

Richard, late 12th cent. 

Cuantona, [co, Som. ?], Clerk of. 

Compton Grcnvile, co. Glouc, 273 

William, t. John 

Corinham v. Corringham 

Cubington, co. Warw., 32 



Culcretuna v. Culkerton 

Diseworth, co. Leic, 13, 27, 30, 45, 

Culkerton, in Rodmarton, co. Glouc. 

53, 62, 65, 69, 72, 85, 87, 103, 

71, I07 

112, 117, 149, 191 

Cullingewey road, near Symondshall, 

Dishley, co. Leic, 131 


Disthwrthe v. Diseworth 

Culverhayes, 303 

Ditheswrhe v. Diseworth 

Curcheston, 73 

Ditheswrth v. Diseworth 

Cusinton v. Cossington 

Dithisworth v. Diseworth 
Dixele v. Dishley 


Dodescote, co. Dev., 273 

Dogmersfield, 175 

■pvAGLINGWORTH, co. Glouc. 

Dolfelde, in Ham, 57 

U 270, 314 

Doncaster, 285 

Dalby, co. Leic, 76, 314 

Donington, co. Leic, 78 

Dalby Chalcombe, co. Leic, 


Parson of, Simon de Ces- 

207, 313 

tria, [1208- 1 226] 

Dalby, Great, co. Leic, 87 

Doningworth, co. Suff., 243 

Dalby-on-the-Wolds, co. Leic, i 


Donlewe Hundred, co. Wilts., 166 

Darneford, 257 

Doresby v. Thoresby 

Darsington v. Dorsington 

Dorset, county of, 271, 283, 286 

Daubi V. Dalby Chalcombe 

Dorsington, co. Glouc, 184, 240 

Daubra v, Dalby-on-the-Wolds 

Rector of, Wm. de Wor- 

Dauby v. Dalby 

mynton, 1359 

Deerhurst. co. Glouc, Clerk 


Doulecresse v. Dieulacres 

Geoffrey, 1238 

Draitun, Clerk of, John, circ, 1218 

Denham Place, co, Bucks., 231 

Draycote, co. Wilts, 36, 40 

Depedale, 104 

Dreicote v, Draycote 

Derby, 267, 268, 386 

Dublin, 80, 147 

Derselega v. Dursley 

Archbishops of: v. Luke; 

Dersford v. Desford 

N. Marsh 

Desford, co. Leic, 77, 80 

Dumas Castle, in Ireland, 80 

Desmond, 147 

Dungarvan Castle, 147 

Detheswr' v. Diseworth 

Duninton v. Donington 

Devon, county of, 185, 256 

Dunnestorp, 89 

Dhiteswrhe v. Diseworth 

Dunsande Pool, in R. Severn, 220 

Diccheswrthia v. Diseworth 

Dunstable, 97, 274 

Dicheswrd v. Diseworth 

Duppemor, Le, 64 

Dicheswrth v. Diseworth 

Durdan's House, Epsom, 261, 315 

Didesworth v. Diseworth 

Dureslega v. Dursley 

Dieulacres, co. Chest., Abbot 


Durham, county of, 228 

R. , [1208-26], S3 

Durham, city of, 266 

Digethelswrd v. Diseworth 

Bishopric of, 224, 225 

Digitheswurth v. Diseworth 

Bishops of: v. Barnes, Ric. ; 

Digtheworth v. Diseworth 

Bek, Anthony ; Hugh 



Dursley, 5, 15, 37, 104. ioS> 108. 

Fauflore v. Fallow 

119, 227, 285 

Faulore w. Fallow 

Duuelina, 24 

Feauflore v. Fallow 

Dyseworth v. Diseworth 

Fenny Stanton, 314 


Filton, 301 

Fineberg, 131 

•p ASTON, CO. Leic, 118 

Finegrave, co. Glouc, 70 

Flauflor v. Flaw forth 

Eastwood, CO. Glouc, 205, 329 

Echedone Field, in Cam., 187 

Flawforth, co. Notts, 158 

Edenworth, co. Som., 157 

Flecknoe, 313 

Edinburgh, 150, 326, 331, 332 

Florence, 342 

Egeton, in Hinton, 33, 62, 146, 150, 

Foddringeye v. Fotheringay 


Fontesdich, in Newington, 136 

Eggetuna v. Egeton 

Forda, 36 

Egmere, co. Norf., 213-215 

Fortimer Hospital, 138 

Eldefelde, in Kingston Lisle, 1 1 1 

Foston,co. Leic, Parson of, William, 

Elfringes, in Croxton, 123 

early Hen. III. 

EUemoreesfeld, 118 

Fotheringay, co. Northt., Clerk of. 

Elmebrugge, 267 

Robert, 1267 

Ely, Bishops of : v. Bouchier, Th. ; 

Foxchotis V. Foxcote 

Longchamps, Will, cle ; Lude, 

Foxcote, in Withington, co. Glouc, 

Will, de 

II. 30. 46, 59 

Empingham, 264 

Chaplain of, Thomas, c, 1200 

Epsom, 315 

Frampton-on-Severn, 154, 273, 313, 

Epworth, CO. Line, 160, 256, 264, 


271, 272 

France, 186 

Esselesworth v. Ashelworth 

Franks al. Warley Francke Manor, 

Esselwrd v. Ashelworth 

CO. Essex, 238 

Essendon v. Ashendon 

Freethorne, co. Glouc, Rector of, 

Essex, county of, 244, 327 

Robert, [1372] 

Estchaulauhe v. Challow, East 

Freibec, 36 

Estchawelawe v. Challow, East 

Freleswrthie, near Leire, 17 

Estwood V. Eastwood 

Fremantle, co. Hants, 18 

Evenweislondes, in Diseworth, 63 

Frigidum Mantellum v. Fremantle 

Exeter, 284 

Frith Wood, in Ozleworth, 47, 107 

Archdeacon of: Henry, son 

Frith Wood, Great, in Barking, 234 

of Robert Fitzharding, t. Hen. 


Frocester, 120 

Eye, CO. Suff., 37 

Frompton v. Frampton-on-Severn 

Eyldefelde, [? in Kingston-Lisle] 67 

Frythegorst, La, in Berkeley, 113 


Fulemora, in Hinton, 33, 109 

Funtington, co. Suss., 314 

L^ALLOW al. FAWLER, near 
J/ Uffington, CO. Berks, 97, 105, 

Fyllewoode Forest, 201, 202 

IIS, 126, 271 

Fylton V. Filton 




GARAMEST, in Dalby, co. Leic. 

Garendon v. Gerondon 

GarstinWood, 6i 

Genape, 343 

Gerondon Abbey, co. Leic, 72, 87, 

131, 140 
Abbots of: Adam [1219-26]; 

Reginald, late Hen. III. 
Gerstuna Wood, in Hinton, 62 
Gerwedon v. Gerondon 
Glasmarsh, Glasmersch, in Ham, 

113, 124 
Glemham, North, co. Suff., 257 

Gloucester, county of, 162, 187, [288, 
300, 314, 336, 343 

Lord Lieutenant, William, 

Lord Chandos, 1599 

Sheriffs of: Rob.Walerand 

1246-7 ; Th. de Gardinis, 1307 ; 
Will. Tracy, 1324-5 ; John de 
Berkeley, 1393; Sir Maur. Berke- 
ley, circ. 1512 ; Sir Thos. Berke- 
ley, 1522; Geo. Huntley, 1563; 
Thos. Porter, Knt., ante 1575 

King's Coroners : John de 

Morton ; Richard de Compton ; 
William de Holt ; William de 
Colwich, 1320 

City of, 46, 50, 65, 69, 82, 

102, 108, 153, 179, 182, 184, 
232, 275, 288, 289, 299, 330, 

Bailiffs of: Richard Bury, 

Thomas Oie, early 13th cent. ; 
William Russell, early Hen. IH. ; 
Stephen Cornubiensis, c. 1250 

Bishops of V. Miles ; 

Brookes, J, 

Archdeacons of: Matthew, 

c. 1170; Richard, 1193-5 ; W. 
de Verdun, 1200-10; W. Bordun, 

Abbey of, 146, 152 

• Abbot of, Reginald, 1278 

St. Bartholomew's Hospi- 

tal, 152, 162 
Oka, 1308 

Prior of, John de 

Gloucester, Friars Minors : Warden 
of, Henry Hyll, 1527 

St. Nicholas' Church : 

Chaplain, Roger, early Hen. HI. 

St. Peter's Church, 82 

Colder, in Pirton, 60 

Gonerby, co. Line, 89 

Gorhambury, 221, 223, 225 

Gorste. La, 148 

Goscote Hundred, co. Leic, 314 

Gosintonz'. Gossington 

Gosintune v. Gossington 

Gossington, co. Glouc, 14, 66, 92, 

95. 172, 271 
Gosynton v. Gossington 
Gower Castle and Manor, in Wales, 

Gracia Dei House, in Houston, co. 

Renfrew, 138 

Graham, 89 

Grantchamp, Prior of, Pierre de 
Courbeton, 1360 

Greenwich, 268, 320, 322, 328 
Grenewei, La, near Newington-Bag- 

path, 71, 136 
Greva, in Chilvers-Coton, 20 

Gribthorp, in Spalding Moor, co. 

York, i88 
Grimesbrig [Pin Croxton], co. Leic, 


Grimestone v. Grimstone 

Grimstone, co. Leic, 89 

Clerk of, Roger, t. John 

Grumbold's Ash Hundred, co. Glouc. 
287, 288, 309, 312, 328 

Gunnewareby v. Gonerby 

Gyssing Manor, "CO. York. 199 




Hage, rudinga de, in Wotton, 93, 

Haghethirne v. Hathern 

Hagley, co. Wore, 241 



Hale, CO. Northt., 124 

Ham, CO. Glouc, 38, 57, 96, 102, 
113, 141, 147, 151, 156, 164, 177, 
178, 182, 184, 196, 242, 270, 276, 
279. 304. 305. 314 

Hamhille, co. Oxon. 28 

Hampton, co. Glouc, 10 

Hampton Court, 326, 328 

Hamstall, in Berkeley, 185, 206, 303 

Hamton Monialium v. Minchinhamp- 

Hamtona v. Hampton 

Hanam v. Hanham 

Hanham, in Bitton, co. Glouc, 10, 

Hanlop', Rector of, Wakelin, a. 


Hannes Manor, co. Bedf,, 160 
Hardepyrye, Hardpirie, 154, 155 
Hareclive Hundred, 40, 80 
Harlow, co. Essex, 194 
Haroldisti, in Rushton, 51 
Harry-Stoke, near Filton, 301 
Hartlebury, co. Wore, 164 
Harwell, co. Berks., 114, 115 
Haseles, Le, in Diseworth, 103 
Hathern, co. Leic, 56, 64, 67, 128, 

Hauthorne v. Hathern 
Havana, 236 
Havethurn v. Hathern 
Hawes Manor, co. Norf., 230, 231 
Hawethirna v. Hathern 
Hawghton Park, 219 
Hawkesbury, co. Glouc, 38 

Rector of, Absolom dc 

Ahnoneremunstre, [1203-10] 

Hawthorne v. Hathern 

Haxey, co. Line., 271 

Hayles, co. Clone, 149 

Abbey, Abbot of, Hugli, 129) 

Hegelande [? in Coaley], 115 

Hegeruding, near Wotton, 118 

Henbury Hundrcil, 287, 288, 312, 

Hereford, Canons of: Elyas de 
Bristol, [i 189-1220] ; Durand, 
a. 1220; H elyas, c. 1220 ; W. 
de Kyngescote, 1303 

Herford, 284 

Herierbi, 89 

Herlingham v. Arlingham 

Herrystoke v. Harry-Stoke 

Heuthlingburg v. Irthlingborough 

Heydich [? in Rodmarton], 127 

Hildesleyz*. Hillesley 

Hill, near Berkeley, co. Glouc, 14, 
102, 103, 109, 138, 161 

Hillesley, co. Glouc, 38 

St. Giles's Chantry at, 173 

Hinton, co. Glouc, 29, 33, 50, 61, 
62, 117, 164, 177, 184, 202, 245, 
269, 270, 277-279, 296, 314 

Hinton Manor, co. Cambr., 197 

Hoclon V. Houghton-on-the-Hill 

Hodenhulle, near Kirkby-Mallory,co. 
Leic, 47 

Hoeleia v. Uley 

Hokerhull, inWenden, co. Essex, 97 

Hol'ciimbemede, in Ozleworth, 51, 

Holoujhton, 265 

Holy Island, 225 

Holyrood House, 325, 332, m 

Homcroft, in Alkington, 151 

•Hooke Norton, co. Oxon., 228 

Hopws V. Hose 

Hordewell v. Harwell 

Horeing, 233 

Horfield, 301 

Hormede, near Berkeley, 103 

Horsfeld v. Horfield 

Horton, co. Glouc, 182 

Chaplain of, William, c. 1200 

Hose, CO. Leic, 17, 82, 90 
Houghton-on-the-Hill, co. Leic , 4 1 
Hounslow, 149 

Priory of, 243 

Houstcn, CO. Renfrew, 1^8 
Houwes V. Hoso 



Howes V. Hose 
Hufland, in Hinton, 6r 
Hulemanecote, in Coaley, 33 
Hull, Hulla, Hulle v. Hill 
Humberstan v. Humberstone 
Humberstone, co. Leic, 88, 267 
Hundesloue v. Hounslow 
Hungerfurlang, in Newington-lJa - 

path, too 
Hunthanc, in Mountsorrell, co. 

Leic, 80 
Huntingdon, 266 
Archdeacon of, William, 

Huppilla V. Uphill 
Hurst, CO. Glouc, 153, 156, 172, 

196, 199, 277, 313 

Huwystone v. Houston 
Hylden, co. Kent, 281 
Hyse, water of, 92 




Imlay, Bishop of, v. William 

Ingleton, co. York, 34 

Inhechinge, near Berkeley, 103 

Inwood, in Cam, 148 

Ipswich, 234 

Chief Seneschal of, Henry, 

Lord Hunsdon, 1590 

Bailiffs of: Robert Cutler, 

sen., Robert Snellinge, 1590 
Ireland, 186, 251, 338 

Irthlingborough, co. Northt. , 98 

Clerk of, Simon, 1246-7 

Iskynlen, 226 

Isleworth Hundred, 149, 243 

T ARESYNE in Mangotsfield, 75 

Jerusalem, Bishop of, v. John 
Jeuelcestre v. Ilchester 
Jeuetescroft, 124 



Karswell, in Dursley, 1 5 

Kegword v. Kegworth 

Kegworth, co. Leic, 53, 54.76, 78, 
87, 126, 204, 229, 244, 248, 250, 

Rectors : Edw. Hawford, 

1583 ; Edw. Barwell, 1606 ; 
Mich. Honywood, 1681 ; John 
Covell, 1681 ; John Willey, 1789 

Kelfield, co, Line, 104 
Kelkefeld v. Kelfield 
Kemmeys v. Cameys 
Kenilleord v. Kenilworth 
Kenilworth, 274 n. 

Priory : Prior of, Walter, 1. 

Hen. IIL 
Kennecote, co. Som., 167 
Kensington, 326 
Kent, county of, 159, 283, 327 

Sheriff of, Thomas Palmer, 


Keynaham Abbey, 20, 25, 29, 58 

Abbots of: Richard, t. Ric. 

I. ; William, t. Ric. I. ; William 
c. 1200; R , [1218-20J 

Prior of, H , 1218-20 

Kidwelly, co. Carm., 226, 227 
Kilkenny, 342 
Kingesgerde, in Hinton, 61 
Kingesparsholte v. Sparsholt 
Kingestun 7'. Kingston Lisle 
Kingston, in Slimbridge, 95, 172 
Kingston Lisle, co. Berks, 67, 106, 

III, 119, 139,^141, 156, 271 
Kingswood Abbey, 25, 29, 38, 55, 

70, 71, 73. 81, 83, 84, 91, 100, 

102, 107, 108,109,119, 121, 126, 

127, 137-140, 149. 152, 272 
Abbots of : William, late 

I2th cent. ; William, c. 1200 ; 

William, 1199-1212; John, >24i; 

Sampson, 1263 ; R. de Tetbury, 

Prior of, Robert, 1241-8 



Kingswood Forest, 201, 202, 219 
Kington, co. Warw., 191, 221, 222 
Kington Priory, co. Wilts., 121 

Prioress of, Alice, t. Hen. 

Kington Seymour, co. Som., 157 
Kirkby Beler, co. Leic, 19, 46 
Kirkby Mallory, co. Leic , 47 
Kirkby Malzeard, co. York, 188 

Kislingbury Manor and Church, co. 
Northt., 174 

Rector of, W. atte Hale, 

Knoll, 202 

Koueham, [?near Bitton], 20 
Kyngstune v, Kingston Lisle 
Kyngton v. Kington 
Kynston, co. Notts., 87 

Kynsyescroft, in Newington-Bag- 
path, 100 

Kyrkebi v. Kirkby-Beler 

Kyrkeby Malsard v. Kirkby Mal- 


Lambecotehov, in Thriissington, 17 

Lambourne, 123 

Lanark, 150 

Langebryggestrete [? in Berkeley], 

Langecroft, in Welby, co. Leic, 51 

Langerewe, La, in Bristol, 130 

Langleton, in Kegvvorth, 54 

Langley, co. Leic, 48, 49 

Nunnery, 49 

Lantony Priory, co. Glouc, 


Priors of: Clement, c. 

1170; GeofiVey [1185-89], Clem- 
ent, c. 1218; William, 1351 

Laund Priory, 89 

Prior of, Osbert, ante 1241 

[ Lavendon Abbey, 253 

Lawford, Little, co. Warw., 44 

Ledbury, 285 

Leesthorpe, co. Leic, 45, 88 

Leicester, county of, loi, 272 

Sheriff of, William deCan- 

telu, 1 201 -2 

Acting Sheriff of, William 

de Hardred [eshulla], 1201-2 

Town of, 76, 222, 267, 

268, 285 

Abbots of : [1186-90] ; Os- 

bert de Dunton, early Henry III.; 
M. de Bray, early Picn. III. 

Leigh, CO. Kent, 240 

Leire, co. Leic, 17 

Clerks of: William, t. 

Hen. II.-Ric. I. ; Hugh, t. 

Hen. II.— Ric. I. 
Leke, 87 
Lcnton Priory, co. Notts. 61 

Prior of, Philip, early Hen. 


Leonard Stanley 

V. Stanley St. 

Leuesthrop v. Leesthorpe 

Limerick, 251, 339 

Governor of, Richard In- 

goldsby, 1700 

Lincoln, county of, loi, 159 

Sheriff of, Ralph Bassett, 

1 240- 1 245 

Bishop of V. Henry 

Linford, Little, co. Bucks., 241 

Linford, Much, co. Bucks., 241 

L'nlithgow, 150 

Linton, co. Derb., 207 

Lippehiete, in Ozleworth, 84 

Littilhilbreche, 117 

Littlemed, 33, 88 

Littletrolt, near Berkeley, 103 

Llandaff, Bishops of, v. William 

Llangonnor, 227 

Locfastebrig, in Berkeley, 56 

Lodelowe v, Ludlow 

Lokeston, 74 

LoUedon Manor, co. Wilts., 166 



London, 153, 154, 163, 166, 182, 

Sion College, 261 

Strand House, al. Somerset 

House, 218, 223 

Austin Friars : Frior of, 

Edmund Bellond, 1514 

Priory of Holy Trinity within 

Aldgate, 60 

St, Andrew's Church, in 

Baynard's Castle, 182 

Longbengrote, near Berkeley, 103 

Longbridge Hospital, near Berke- 
ley, 15, 156, 165, 166, 167, 298 

Warden of, J. de Newenton, 

t. Edw. HI. 

Priory of, 137, is6, 257 

Priors of, Henry, 1270; J. 

de Newenton, t. Edw. HI. 

Longecroft, in Welby, co. Leic, 46 

Longeham, in Kingston Lisle, iii 

Longemede, 118 

Longerugge, 189 

Loreweng, 82 

Loughborough, 267 

Luclemede, in Gosinton, 66 

Ludlow, 274 

Castle, 324 

Lunda. 89 

Lutterworth, 267 

Lynton v. Linton 

Lytelton Hundred, 309 

Lyveryngham, 138 



Malmesbury, co. Wilts, 7, 136 

Malvern, 228 

Manegodesfield v. Mangotsfield 

Mangotsfield, co, Glouc, 21, 75, 

258, 301. 313. 316 
St. Ethelbert's Church, 

207, 258 

. Chapel, 154 

Marchfield, co. Glouc, 209 

Marlow, co. Bucks, 301 

Marseilles, 155 

Marshfield, 270 

Marylebone al. Tyburn Manor, co. 
Midd., 213J 

Matford, co. Glouc, 138, 140 

Mathford v. Matford 

Mathlac v. Matlock 

Matlask, co. Norf., 233 

Matlock, CO. Derb., 78 

Meauton v. Melton Mowbray 

Melbourne, co. Derb., 180 

Melton Mowbray, co. Leic, 47, 129, 
191, 207, 238, 247, 265, 266, 
267, 287, 314, 316 

Merston, co. Leic, 48, 79 

Clerk of, Henry, early 13th 


Merton, 344 

Meskyn, in Wales, 299 

Meutune v. Melton-Mowbray 

Mewith Forest, co. York, 34 

Mickelwood Chace, 280, 281 

Middlebourg, in Zealand, 231 

Milverton, co. Som., 157 

Minchinhampton, co. Glouc, 64 

Mire Hall al. More, co. Norf., 230, 

Mitcheldean, 285 

Moldeclive, near Wotton, 127 

Monerewe, in R. Severn, 99 

Monmouth, 329 

Morcote, co. Glouc, 154, 155 

Morcote, co. Rutl., 127 

More, CO. Dev. , 273 

More Hall v. Mire Hall 

Moreton, 266 

Morevill, Chaplain of, William 

c. 1200 
Mormede, 95 

Morton Valence, co. Glouc, 202 
Mountsorell, co. Leic, 78, 80, 314 
Mukeliued, 64 



Mundford, co. Norf., ii, 68 
Munmede, in Berkeley, 206 



Nailesheye, in Wroxhall, 272 

Narborough, co. Leic, loi 

Naseby, co. Northt., 210 

Netherebreche, 116 

Netherigsty, in Croxton, lOl 

Netherlands, 342 

Nethirmede, 189 

Neuinton v. Newington, South, co. 

Neuton, co. Rutl., 127 

Neuwood, 89 

Newcastle-on-Tyne, 213, 224, 225 

Neweland, La, in Berkeley, 113, 137 

Newenlhonehulle, in Newington- 
Bagpath, 137 

Newenton v. Newington-Bagpath 

Newhall Manor, co. Essex, 194 

Newhaven, 224, 328, 330 

Newington v. Newington-Bagpath 

Newington-Bagpath, co. Glouc. ,55, 
71, 78, 84, 91, 94, 95, 100, 102, 
108, 122, 136, 137, 139 

Parsons of : Thomas, early 

Hen. III. ; Matthew, son of 
Thomas, c. 1238 

Newington, South, co. Oxon, 28, 
109, 121, 229, 305 

Chaplain of, Henry, late 

1 2th cent. 

Newington, West, co. Glouc, 152 
Newintona v. South Newington 
Newintun v. Newington-Bagpath 
New Park, in Ham., 242 
New Park Lodge, in Berkeley, 314, 

Newport, CO. Essex, 52, 106, in 

St. Leonard's Hospital in, 

106, III 

Newport, in Berkeley, 154, 161, 
185, 270 

Newport, co. Essex, 158 
Newport, Isle of Wight, 236, 243 
Newport Pagnall, 241 
Newsome, co. York, 160, 188 
Newton, co. Som., 208 
Newton Regis, co. Warw., 192 
New Warlh, in Slimbridge, 246 
Nibley, 19, 31, 187, 193, 210, 270, 
271, 298, 304. Introd. 

Nimdesfeld, Nimesfield v. Nimps- 

Nimpsfield, co. Glouc, 14, 138 
Niuueton v. Newington S., 121 
Niwent' v. Newington 
Niwinton, Niwintun, v. Newington- 
Nocton V. Notion 
Nonsuch Park, 341 
Normandy, 186 

Norrfield, in Newport, co. Essex, 

Northampton, county of, 185, 272 

Sheriff of. Will, de Marti- 

wall [1228-1233] 

Town of, 75, 90, 98, 140, 

264, 284 

Mayor of, Roljert le Es- 

picer, «. 1241 

Prepositi, Robert Spec- 

iarius, Michael, son of Philip, 
Ralph Passel, [1228- 1233] 

Constable of, Fulco de 

Martiwall, [1228-1233] 

St. Andrew's Piiory, 140 

Prior of, Thomas, 

Northburg v. Narborough 
Northleach, 268 
Northumberland, county of, 224 
Norton Priory, 149 
Prior of, Andrew, temp. 

Edw. I. 
Nortuneweye, 106 



Nottingham, 76, 151, 274, 285 

Castle, Constable of, J. de 

Segrave, [1335] 

Notion, CO. Wilts, 44 

Nubbelei v. Nibley 

Nubelei v. Nibley 

Nundesfeld v. Nimpsfield 

Nuneaton, 265 

Nunnesti, in Langley, 49 

Nywentun v. Newington-Bagpath 



ADBY, CO, Leic, 62 

Oakhunger, near Berkeley, 113 

Oakley Park, 281 

Oaksey, co. Wilts, 11 

Oatlands, 324, 331 

Ochungre v. Oakhunger 

Ocke, water in Kingston Lisle, called, 

Offinton V. Uffington 

Oldebiri, 40 

Oldefrithgorsl, in Ozleworth, 94, 95 

Oldmere, 189 

Oldniinster, near Berkeley, no, 209 

Oleby, 104 

Olston V. Olveston 

Olveston, 301 

Orford, 257 

Oseney, Canon of, Ralph, circ. 1218 

Osilworthe v. Ozleworth 

Osleworth v. Ozleworth 

Otford, 164 

Othynton, 301 

Outhebi v. Oadby 

Over, CO. Glouc. , 162 

Overton, 90 

Oxedaleput, near Leire, 17 

Oxenehay, near Berkeley, 103 

Oxford, county of, 185 

Sheriff of, Thomas Danvers, 


Oxford, City of, 146, 178, 236 

Mayor of, Richard Garstin, 

Custos, Henry le Tyeis, 1277 

Bailiffs of : John Berford, 

Walter Bon, 1388 

Bishop of, V. Stapleton, W. 


St. John's Hospital : 

den, H. de Leukenor, 
Hen. HI. 



University of, Henry, Lord 

Hunsdon, High Steward of, 1592 

Magdalen College, 132 ;/. 

Ozleworth, co. Glouc, 42, 47, 51, 
52, 64, 70, 82, 83, 84, 91, 97, 
107, 122, 125, 137, 141, 152 

Parson of, Robert, 1238, 


"PAINSWICK, CO. Glouc, 202 

Par ham, near Berkeley, 103 

Parham Moor, 58 

Parson's Green, 341 

Peasemore, co. Berks., 70 

Pedemersh, 189 

Peisia, 24 

Pekelinge, in Withington, 30 

Pembroke, 142 

Pencarrou, co. Cornw. , 273 

Pendelesford, 254 

Penn, co. Bucks, 50, 61, 116, 130, 

300, 301 
Parson of, R. de Turvill, 

early 13th cent. 

Pensford, co. Som., 208 

Perham v. Parham 

Perhamesmor v. Parham Moor 

Pershore, 285 

Abbey of, 173 

Abbot of, E , 


Pesemer v. Peasemore 



richvell V. Pickwell 

Raundi, co. Northt., 40, 98 

Pickwell, CO. Leic, 45, 88 

Raunds, co. Essex, 79 

Piddle, North, co. Wore, 91, 186 

Reading, 80 

Pidill, North v. Piddle, North 

Rearsby, co. Leic, 44, 88, loi 


Pipewell, Abbey, co. Northt., 44 

Redcliffz'. Bristol 

Pirton, CO. Oxon, 60 

Redelanda, La, 28 

Pochamton v. Pockhampton 

Redmor, near Leire, 17 

Pockhampton, co. (Jlouc, 29 

Redwood, 202, 205, 280, 320 

Pokulchiirche v. Pucklechurch 

Rengeworth v. Rangeworthy 

Polland, in Arlingham, 124 

Repingdon v. Repton 

Pontefract, 285 

Repton, CO. Derb., 208, 223 

Pornewelledyke, in Croxton, 1 16 

Priory : Prior of, 

Wylne, 1448 


Portbury Hundred, 40, 180, 238 

Portbury, co. Som, 9, 29, 119, 150, 

Repyngdon v. Repton 

157, 182, 183, 201, 202, 218, 

Reresby, Rerisbi, v. Rearsby 

308, 314 

Retford, 264 

T\„«„ ^C TT^.-..... t T.^K.^ 

Riston V. Rushton 

Portishead, co. Som., 182, 218 

Roche d'Andely, 24 

Portsmouth, 328, 329 

Rochford, 235 

Doniiis Dei, Prior of, 

Robert del Ylle, t. Hen. HI. 

Rockingham Forest, 236 

Priddy, co. Som., 22 

Rodmarton, co. Glouc, 107, 127 

Publow, CO. Som., 208 

Rokeby v. Rugby 

Pucklechurch Hundred, 287, 288, 

Rosliston, CO. Derb., 189, 207 

312, 328 

Rostlaston v. Rosliston 

Pucklechurch, co. Glouc, 204, 328 

Roteby V. Ratby 

Dean of, Richard, t. Ric. 

Rolhing, High, co. Essex, 257, 



Roxburgh, 150 

Punsedune, La, 28 

Rugby, CO. Warw., 267 

Pydel V. Piddle 

Parson of, William, 

13th cent. 



Rugwei, La, near Newington 
path, 71 


i^UENYNTON, 146 

Rupes V. Roche d'Andely 

Quernside, in Mewith, co. York, 34 

Rushton, CO. Northt., 32, 51, 9 

Quorndon, co. Leic, 50 

Parson of, Richard, 

13th cent. 



Ruttewell, in Croxton, co. Leic 

., 50 

Rangeworthy, co. Cllouc, 202 



Ratby, co. Leic, 60 

Rande v. Raunds 

Saffron Waldon, co. Essex, 52 

Raundis v. Raunds 

Sages, CO. Glouc, 313, m 



St. Fagan's, co. Glam., 299 

St. John's, 341 

St. Loe, CO. Som., 208 

Salisbury, Bishop of, v. Poore, R. Ic 

Saniger, near Berkeley, 105, 129, 

133, 175 
Scalthwele, near Leire, 17 
Schipton V, Shipton 

Sclattresslade, in Newington-Bag- 
path, 139 

Scortebengrote, near Berkeley, 103 

Scotland, 152, 153, 324 

Warden of, John de Segrave, 


Segehistou, Seggishou, Seghishou, ?'. 

Segrave, co. Leic. , 14, 32, 90, 99, 
207, 248, 287, 314, 316 

Rectors of: Maurice Berke- 
ley, 1640 ; George Wilson, 1645 

Chaplains of : William, t. 

John; Nicholas, a. 1241 

Clerks of: Henry, early 13th 

cent. ; Robert, 1248 
Segs-hill, near Dalby, co. Leic, 16, 

Selkirk, 150 
Senedhame v. Sneedham 
Sentlowe v. St. Loe 
Sethgravia v. Segrave 
Settlewood, co. Glouc, 173 
Severn, River, 29, 65, 95, 99, 109, 

154, 175, 211, 220, 245, 249 
Shadewell, rivulet of, 127 
Shalden Manor, co. Wilts, 166 
Sharnecote, co, Wilts, 182 
Sheffield Lodge, 336 
Shcnegeye v. Shingay 
Sheperden, 298 
Sherborn, co. York, 285 
Shingay, co. Cambr., 162 
Shipton-under-Wychwood, Manor of, 

CO. Oxon, 17 
Shipwardende v. Sheperden 
Shortelangele v. Langley 

Sileby, co. Leic, 207, 314 

Silingefen, 20 

Simondshall near Wotton, co. Glouc. 
19, 84, 100, 109, 150, 156, 184, 
223, 245, 296 

Siston Manor, near Bristol, 4 

Six-hills V. Segs-hill 

Slimbridge, co. Glouc, 4, 24, 25, 
33. 93. 146, 147. 156, 160, 161, 
163, 171, 184, 196, 199, 246, 
248, 271, 278, 296, 298, 313 

Chaplains of; Gilbert, c. 

1200; William, c. 1200 

Smalemor c/. Smalmor meadow, 
Berkeley, 94, 95 

Smethmore Fishery, 202 

Smetheton, 131 

Smythby, co. Derb., 223 

Sneedham, in Upton St. Leonards, 
CO. Glouc, 65 

Snitelega, 33 

Soham Comitis, 264 

Somerby, co. Line, 89 

Somerset, county of, 283, 309 

Sortelangele v. Langley 

Sound, The, 343 

Southampton, County of, 159, 289 

Town of, 183 

Mayor of, William Ni- 
cole, 141 8 

Southorpe, co. Northt., 128 

Southwark, 248 

Southwick Priory, co. Southt. 37 

Prior of, Guido, a. 12 16 

Southwood, in W^otton, 174 

Spalding Moor, co. York, 188 

Sparsholt, co. Berks, 44, 68 

Sprakeweye, in Ozleworth, 51 

Stancombe, 241 

Standish, 336 

Stanhope Park, in Weardale, 22S 

Stanley, St. Leonard's, Priory of, 

CO. Glouc, 106, 112 
Prior of, Thomas de Tyr- 

ingham, 1288 



Stanlicha, La, 28 

Stapeling Field, near Berkeley, 94, 

Staunton Manor, 150 
Staverton, co. Suff., 243 

Steepholm, Island of, St. Michael's 
Church and Friary, 22, 23, 41, 
43. 13, 134- Introd. 

Stepingley Park, 223 

Sterte, La, in Berkeley, 137 

Stinchcombe, co. Glouc, 121, 194, 
215, 287 

Stirling Castle, 324, 333 
Stodfold, in Berkeley, 129 
Stodlegh V. Studley 
Stoke-super-Marc, 175 
StokeshuU Field, in Ham, 151 
Stone, near Berkeley, 147, 241, 298, 

Stonhemefeld, 127 

Stonnling, 331 

Stottesdon, co. Salop, 63, 77 

Chaplain of, Richard, 


Stourbridge, co. Wore, 241 

Stow, 268 

Stowmarket, 228 

Stratford-on-Avon, 184, 281, 285 

Holy Cross Guild at, 184 

Stratton, Vicar of, John, t. Hen. III. 

Clerks of: Robert, t. lien. 

III. ; Thomas, t. Hen. HL 

Striguil Castle, in Wales, 80 
Striviling v. Stirling 
Strixton, co. Northt., 184 

Rector of, William Wryght, 

Stroby t'. Strubby, co. Line. 
Strubby, co. Lincoln, 85 

Strucardestone [? co. Leic], Clerk 
of, Robert, early 13th cent. 

Stryxston v. Strixton 

Studley, co. Warw., 134 

Stukemere, 107 

Stupeholm v. Steepholm 

Sudbourne, 257 

Sudeley, 20, 328 


Ric. L 

of, Richard, t. 

Suleby v. Sulby 
Sulby Abbey, co. Northt. , 104 
Sumerdebi v. Somerby 
Sunderland, near Berkeley, 103 
Surrey, County of, 159, 283, 327 
Sussex, County of, 159, 314 
Suthfelde, in Newington-Bagpath, 

Suthmedwee, in Diseworth, 103 
Suthwrthi, in Gossington, 137 
Sutterescales, in Mewith, 34 
Sutton-Bunnington, co. Notts, 249 

— — Rectors of: Thomas Sav- 
age, John Strickland, 1662 

Suttorp V. Southorpe 

Swainswick, 301 

Swanbourn, co. Berks, 141 

Svvaneburne v. Swanbourne 

Swanhangre, Swanhunger, v. Saniger 

Swanyswicke v. Swainswick 

Swavesey Priory, co. Cambr. , 37 

Prior of, John, early 13th 


Swelling, co. Suff., 257 

Swinford, Old, co. Wore, 241 

Swonhongre ?'. Saniger 

Sylby, Syleby, v. Sileby 

Symondshall, Symundeshall, v. Si- 

Synwell Manor, in Wot ton, 212 

Syortelangele v. Langley 





Talgarth, 149, 166, 183, 212 

Tefleford v. Telsford 

Telsford, co. Som,, 27, 34, 35, 129 

Tetbury, 71, 238, 246, 267, 313 

Parson of, William, t. Hen. 




Tevellsford v. Telsford 

Tewkesbury, 268 

Abbey, 154, 200 

Abbot of, RicharJ, 1504 

Thame, Abbey, 239 

Thetford Priory : Prior of, Richard, 
early Hen. III. 

Thirsk, Manor of, 159 

Thoresby, co. Line, JT, 79 

Thornbury Hundred, 287, 288, 328 

Town of, 107, 188, 193, 300, 

Thorney Collombers, in Stowmarket, 

Thornhohn, co. Line, 104 
Priory : Prior of, Geoffrey, 

Thornton, co. Leic, 76 
Thornton, co. York, 188 
Thorpdalebec, in Croxton, co. Leic, 

Thredikes, in Croxton, 123 

Thre Howes, in Thrussington, 17 

Throte, La, near Symondshall, 84 

Through, The, in Ham, 282 

Thrussington, co. Leic , 17 

Thunstall, co. Lino , 79 

Thurlaston, 313 

Thurnholm v. Thornholm 

Tickenhall, co. Derby, 223 

Tickenham, 254 

Tidrington v. Tytherington 

Tilbury, St. Mary's Hospital at, co. 
Essex, 72 

Church of, 72 

Tilleburry v. Tilbury 

Tintern Abbey, Abbot of, Ralph, 

Tolne, Manor of, 180 

Tonbridge, co. Kent, 281 

Torinton v. Thornton 

Tormanton Hundred, 309 

Tortworth, co. Glouc, 333 

Clerk of, Thomas, t. Hen. 


Trade wy, 149 

Trenewith, 179 

Trewishawnes, 179 

Trimley, co. Glouc, 181 

Trineleu. Trimley 

Trivel, R., 15 

Turnewod v. Turnworth 

Turnworth, co. Dors., 36 

Tursteineston v. Thrussington 

Tviseledewaga, in Cam, 113 

Twickenham, 149 

Twinham al, Christchurch, Priory of, 
CO. Southt., 39 

Twyford, CO. Bucks, 131, 241 

Tyburn al. Marybone, Manor of, co. 
Midd., 213 

Tytherington, co. Glouc, 10 


UFFINGTON, CO. Berks, 63, 
70, 105, IIS, 123, 271 

Parson of, William, t. 

Hen. IIL 
Ulehall V. Ullenhall 
Uley, CO Glouc, 73, 83, 116,136, 


Ullenhall, co. Warw., 19 

Uphill, CO. Som., 22, 23, 41, 43 

Uphulla V. Uphill 

Uppilla V. Uphill 

Uppingham, 265 

Upton St. Leonards, co. Glouc, 65, 
184, 312, 314 



Vernislade, Vernslade, co. Glouc, 
71, 139 


Wakelowe, co. Leic, 17 



Wakering, co. Essex, 304 

Waledon v. Saffron Waldon 

Walhamgarston v. Wallgarstone 

Wallgarstone, in Berkeley, 94, 95. 

Wallingford House, 341 

Wallingwells I'riory, co. Notts, 197 

Prioress of, Elizabeth, 


Walmegerston v. Wallgarstone 

Walton, CO. Som., 175, 218 

Walton P"ield, in Langley, 49 

Wanswell, near Berkeley, 13, 96, 
146, 260 

Warley, Great, co. Essex, 238 

Warley Francke v. Franks 

Warminster, 266 

Warth, La, in Berkeley, 137 

Wartoft, CO. Leic, 49, 149 

Canons of, 49 

Warwick, County of, 272 

Town of, 19, 266, 267, 


Warwick and Leicester, cos. of. 
Sheriff of, Stephen de Segrave, 
1229- 1 232 

Waterford, 147 

Wateruslondwych, 124 

Wattun V. Whatton 

Wavertoft v. Wartoft 

Weardale, co. Durham, 228 

Weare Worthy, co. Dev., 191 

Welby, CO. Leic, 46, 51, 61, 72, 

Wells, 256, 264 

Dean of, William Cousyns, 


Canon of, Wm. de Kynges- 

cote, 1303 

Wenden, co. Essex, 97, iii 

Weneswella v. Wanswell 

Were, co. Som., 21 

Weslbury, co. Glouc, College of 

Holy Trinity at, 201 
Westcote, co. Glouc, 59 

Westmarsh, in Ham, 113 
Westminster, 18, loi, 219 

Abbey, Abbot of, John, 


St. Stephen's College, 219 

Weston, CO. Som., 79, 182 
Weston's Manor, co. Hunts., 300 
Westridge Down, in Wotton, 211 
Wethstan, Wethstoen, v. Whetstone 
Whatewell, co. Glouc, 70 
Whatton, co. Leic, 12, 75, 88, 120 
Whetstone, co. Leic, 60, 85 
Whitecliff Park, 141, 280 
Whiteland Abbey, co. Carm., 98 
Wicha r. Wick 
Wick, CO. Glouc, 28, 149, 154, 242 

Chaplain of, Helyas, late 12th 


Wick, in Scotland, Governor of, 
Henry, Lord Hunsdon, 1583 

Wickmer, 233 

Widdington, co. Essex, 106 

Clerk of, Thomas, t. Hen. 


WidipuUe, 33 

Wight, Isle of, 219, 220, 229-239 
Wiginton, co. Oxon, 28 
Wike, CO. Glouc 129 
Wike, La, co. Leic, 47 
Wike, CO. Warw., 86 
Wileby v, Willoughby 
Wilepille, Willepulle, 107, 109 
Willoughby, co. Warw., 132 
Wilton, CO. Wilts, 174 

Abbey, Abbess of, Sibil, 

Wilts, county of, 159, 271 
Wimundewald v. Wymeswould 
Winchcombe, 274 
Winchendon, 120 

Winchester, Bishops of, v. Peter ; 
Waynflele, Will, de 

Windsor, 204 

Castle, 224, 322 



Wire V. Wyre 

Wislade, in Dursley, 15 

Witchers, Le, in Kingston Lisle, 141 

Witherley, 313 

Withington, co. Glouc, 11, 30, 46 

Withme, 89 

Wivetoft, in Arlingham, 57 

Wixi, in Caldicote, co. Glouc. , 8 1 

Wodecroft, 64 

Wodeford v. Woodford 

Wodegerd Inhethinge, in Arlingham, 

Wodemoncote, in Dursley, 15 

Woderige, 69 

Wogasia v. Oaksey 

WogenhuUe, in Bitton Manor, 112 

Wollard, in Compton Dando, co. 

Som., 208 
Wolwayd v. Wollard 

Woodford, near Berkeley, 83, no, 
125, 151 

Woodstock, 131, 157 

Woolsthorpe, co. Leic, 85 

Worcester, City of, 91, 265 

Bishops of, V. Alcock 

John; Constantiis, J. de ; Gifford, 
Godfrey; Mal^;er ; Soilly, H. de ; 
Walter ; William ; Wulston, 

Aichdeacon of, 


Priory, Pricrs of ; 



de Evesham, 1203-10 
1348 ; William, 1489 

Worcester House, 342 

Worksop, 285 

Worteley Chapel, 155 

Worihiacre, in Newin^ton, co. Glouc. 

Worthy, Le, in Berkeley, 202, 211, 

Wotton-under-Edge, 9, 11, 31, 55, 
56, 58, 70, 92, 109, no, ni, 
117, 118, 120, 127, 131, 





200, 210, 212, 213, 223, 

246, 254, 255, 
271, 280, 296, 




Rector of, William, temp. 

Hen. HL 

Vicars of : William, cleri- 

cus de Hesl'. 1 193-5 ! John Mer- 
ryman, 1542 ; Robert Knight, 

Parson of, Gerin, 11 54 

Wroxhale, 272 

Wrthifurlong, La, in Newington, 

Wtton V. Wotton-under-Edge 

Wudeford v. Woodford 

Wudewellegrof, 13 

Wurthelye, in Wotton, 58 

Wurthin, 47 

Wydehay Manor, 177 

Wyditone v. Widdington 

Wye Manor, co. Kent, 287 

Wyke V. Wick 

Wykin, co. Leic, 47 

Wymeswould, co. Leic, 86 

Wymondham, 154 

Wyng, CO. Bucks, 300 

Wyre Forest, co. Salop, 63 

Wyteclyve Park v. Whitecliff 

Wytherley v. Witherley 

"\ /ALDING, CO. Kent, 281 

Yarmouth Castle, Isle of Wight, 220 
Yate, CO. Glouc, 258, 267, 329 
Ykeburg, nr. Newington-Bagpath, •'i 
Ykelindeweie, co. Berks, 114 
York, 34, 201, 285 

Archbishops of v. Neville, 


Dean and Chapter of, 237 
Friars Minors, Warden of. 

William, 1508 
Ywelege v. Uley 
Vweley v. Uley 




A , Chaplain of Brockley 

A , Chaplain of Christen, 41 

Abbas, Hugh, 89 

Abbedeston, Walter de, 20 

Abbewelle, William de, 50 

Abbington, John, Purveyor of Vic- 
tuals, 223 

Abbot, John, 106 

Abedeston, William de, 24 

Abenesse, Richard de, 26 

Abraham, John, 53 

A-Bury, John, of Cambridge, 203 

Achard fil. persone de Berscaldeby, 

Achard, Dom. Peter, Knt., 139 
Acoll', Roger de, 71 
Acton, John de, Knt., 147 
Acton, John son of Odo de, 171 
Acton, Odo de, 171 
Acton, Richard de, 160 
Acton, Dom. Richard de, Knt., 172 
Adam, Abbot of Garendon, 72 
Adam, Canon of Bristol, 2 
Adam, Chaplain of Berkeley, 33 
Adam, Clerk of Childrey, 67 
Adam, sacerdos de Widibroch, 17 
Adam, seneschal, 13 
Adam, Wallensis, 74 

Adam, bro. of William, 'Abbot of 
Leicester, 14 

Adam fil. Helie, 121 

Adam fil. Nel., 96 

Adam, son of Nigel, 12, 13, 15, 16 

i8> 3i.:32, 33. 36, 52, 56, 57 

Adam, son of Nigel, 102, 113, 122, 

124, 133 
Adam, son of Philip, 71 
Adams, John, 211, 245 
Ad-crucem, Philip, 51 
Ad-crucem, William, 32 
Addys, Giles, 246 

Adrian, Bishop of Bath and Wells, 

Agare, William, 106 

Agassso, Barnabas, 232 

Agatha, cognata Ric. fil. Hel. Ores- 
coiz, 28 

Agiensis, Marcus, 170 

Ailaf, 63 

Ailard, Peter, 58 

Aildred, Alan, iii 

Aildred, Johanna dau. of Alan, in 

Ailesburie, Walter de, 149 

Aillard, Richard, 80 

Aillard, Roger, of Bristol, 78, 79, 81 

Ailsi, son ot Robert, 65 

Ailsworth, Francis, 221 

Ailward, the miller, 98 

Aisebi, Thomas de, 17 

Aki, Henry, 78 

Ala, wife of Nich. son of Rob. 
Fitzharding, 27 

Alan, serviens de Kingestun, 119 

Alan, son of Buci, 7 

Alantre, Robert de, of Kegworth, 87 

Alard, Master, 21 

Albaniaco, Robert de, 57 

Albemara, Randolph de, 36 

Albemarle, Duke of, v. Monck 

Albcney, Nigil de, 297 

Albert, chaplain, 16, 18 




Albumara, Robert de, 36 

Albus, Walter, 24 

Alcock, John, Bp. of Worcester, 

Aldelanda, Peter de, 20 

Aldelond, Martin de, 70 

Aldersey, Thomas, 230, 232 

Aldewic, Roger de, 43 

Aldewike, Richard de, 118 

Aldidel, Henry de, 53 

Aldithel, Henry de, 79 

Aldulestre, John son of Roger de, 

Aldulestie, Roger de, 99 
Aldworth, Elizabeth, 326 
Alebi, Nigel de, 72 
Alebia, Geoffrey son of Ralph de, 

Alebyj William son of Nigel de, 46 

Alerugge, Laurence de, 129 

Alewy, Andrew, 115 

Alewy, Hugh, de Cumpton, 123 

Alewy, Matthew, 115 

Alexander IH. , King of Scotland, 
V. Scotland 

Alexander, clerk, 147 

Alexander, son of William, 109 

Aley, Andrew, 115 

Aley, Matthew, 115 

Aleyn, Thomas, 146 

Alford, John de, of Kingswood, clerk, 

Alford, Robert, Steward of Ham, 


Alfred, 127 

Alice, Comitissa Augy, [Comtesse 
d'Eu], 35 

Alice, Prioress of Kington, 121 

Alice, dau. of William, sometime 
Rector of Wotton, no 

AUeby, William de, 129 

Almari, Robert de, 11 

Almoneremunstre, Master Absolom 
de, Rector of Ilawkesbury, 38 

Alneto, Dom. John de, 80 

Alrede, Agnes, 194 
Alrekangel, William de, 122 
Alsop, Humphrey, Steward of Berke- 
ley, 309, 317 
Alsop, John, 248 
Alta Ripa, Philip de, 115 
Alured, janitor, 13 
Ambrel, Richard de, 71 
Amenesehes, William de, 26 
Ammenevill, Robert de, 21 

Amondesham a/. Awnsham, Gideon, 

242, 243 
Amundefort, Ralph de, il 

Andeure, Roger de, Rector of Cam, 

Andrew, Prior of Norton, 149 

Andrew, Monk of Kingswood, loo 

Andrew, son of Thomas, 141 

Anesi, John de, 42, 64 

Anesti, William de, 32 

Anestya, Roger de, 67 

Angervill, Ralph de, 99 

Angervilla, Walter de, 112 

Angervillis, Walter de, 32 

Angrevill, Walter de, 93 

Angus, Earl of, v, Douglas 

Anketin fil, Roys, 106 

Anthonys, Diryck, 315 

Anvers, Hugh de, 17, 87 

Ap Adam, John, 148 

Ap Howel, Philip, clerk, 213 

Ap Howel, Rees, 212 

Ap Rees, Philip, Knt., 166 

Ap Rees, William, 212 

Aperleye, Nicholas de, 147 

Appelby, Robert de, 87 

Aps, John, 194 

Aqua, William de, in 

Archer, Thomas le, 47, 83, 84, 107, 
no, 117, 121, 125, 126, 136 

Arden, John de, 53 

Arden, Ralph de, 21 

Ardena, William de, 32 

Arderne, John de, 53 



Argentine. Richard de, King's Stew- 
ard, 74 

Argentoin, Richard de, 68 

Aristotil, Master, 19 

Armenters, Geoffrey de, 67 

Armiger, John, 342 

Arnulf, clerk, 59 

Arnulph, clerk, 92 

Arrab, Robert, 75 

Arthur, 52 

Arthur, Edmund, of Bristol, 207 

Arundel, Earl of, v. Fitzalan, Richard 

Arundel and Surrey, Earl of, v. 

Arundel, Master Roger, 34, 45, 88 

Arundell, John, 246 

Asselworth, Thomas de, 122 

Aston, Robert de, 155 

Aston, Sir Roger, 243, 244, 246 

Aston, Sir Thomas, 245 

Astona, Rodbert, son of William 

de, 26 
Asty, Hugh, 116 

Atte Hale, Walter, Parson of Kis- 
lingbury, 174 

Attoneston, Robert de, 120 

Atwood, Francis, 249 

Aubemarle, William de, 95 

Aubinni, William de, 23 

Audelande, Geofifrey de, 21 

Audelande, Martin de, 21 

Audeley, Hugh d', Earl of Glouces- 
ter, 316 

Audewoic, Schep' de, 43 

Audiburn, Waleran de, 36 

Audoenus, Subprior of Bristol Ab- 

l^ey, 37 
Audniyn, Abbe de Clugny, 169 
Aug', Agnes, 129 
Aug', Alan, 129 
Augi, Alice, Comitissa, 78 
Augustine, Chaplain, 11, 56 
Aula, Adam de, 55 

Aula de Dideswrth, Thomas, son of 
Thomas de, 103 

Aula Petrina, John de, 106 

Aumari, Roger de, Knt., 132 

Aumfelisia, dau. of John, son of 
Osbett, of Gloucester, 46 

Aunechyrch, Master John de, loi 

Aure, William de, 299 

Aurifaber, John, 106 

Aurifaber, Roger, 52 

Autevilla, William de, 12 

Auvery, Ralph de, 29 

Auvery, Robert de, 29 

Auxe, Adam, son of Hugh de, 74 

Auxe, Hugh de, 74 

Avene, Richard de, 147, 148 

Averary a/. Averey, John, 255, 285, 

Averey, Richard, 126 

Averey, Robert, 151 

Avverey, Master Thomas, 130 

Awnsham v. Amondesham 

Aylinton, Roger de, clerk, 124 

Ayllard, Richard, 102 

Ayloff, William, Justice of Common 
Pleas, 228 

Aytonensis, Johannes, 171 



A, Ralph de, 1 19 

Babthorp, William, 266 
Bachard, John, 64 
Backanton, Hillary de, 36 
Bacun, Thomas, 125 
Badeleking, Stephen de, 44 
Badelking, Andrew de, 105, 123, 

Badelking, Peter' de, 105, iii, 115, 

123, 139, 141" 

Badelking, Serlo de, 66 

Badmintun, Symon de, 125 

Bagat, Henry, iii 

Baggepath, Gilbert, son of Ralph de, 
102, 124 

Baggepath, Matthew de, 137 



Baggepath, Ralph de, 102 

Barnhulle, Dom. Stephen de, 126 

Baggepath, Sara, wife of Gilbert de, 

Barre, Humphrey d6 la, 84, 107, 138 

Baggepathe, Walter de, 139 

Baggpathe, Robert, son of Walter 

Barre, John, Knt., 188 
Barri, Robert, 119, 123 

de, 139 

Bars, Robert, of Dishley, 131 

Bagnall, Ambrose, son of Sir Nico- 

Bartholomeus Canutus. 20 

las, 333 

Barton, John, jun,, 182 

Bagot, William, Knt., 256 

Bartona, Ernald de. Steward to B. 

Baitone, Roger, son of Will, de, 98 

de Ditheswarth, 27 

Baitone, William de, 98 

Barun, Peter, 106 

Bakepuz, Geoffrey de, 79 

Barwell, Edward, D. D., Master of 

Bakepuz, Ralph de, 138 

Christ's College, Cambridge, 

Baker, Thomas, King's Bailiff in 
Canonbury Manor, 280 

Barwell, Edward, M. A., Parson 
of Kegworth, 244, 248 

Baker, William le, 124 

Baskerwill, Hugh de, 97 

Bakster, Robert, Sheriff of Bristol, 

Bassad t. Basset 

Baldwyn, Walter, of Wotlon, 255 

Basset family, 318 

Balistarius, Semaine, 77 

Basset, Alan, 67 

Balsale, Thomas, Alderman of Holy 

Basset, Avenel wife of Simon, 85 «, 

Cross Guild, Stratford-on-Avon, 

Basset, Edmund, 182 


Basset, Geoffrey, the Dean, 44, 88 

Balun, Ernald de, 30 

Basset, Gilbert, 75 

Balun, William de, 30, 35, 46 

Basset, John, 91 

Banastre, John, 129 

Basset, Millicent wife of Ralph, 85 

Banbury, John, 179 

Basset, Ralph, Baron of Sapcote, 

Bane, Geoffrey, 89 

Sheriff of CO. Line, 85, 87 

Bantona, Juliana de, 21 

Basset, Reginald, 30, 45, 49, 53, 62, 

Barat, Roger, 32 

65, 69, 85, 87 

Barbast*, Ernald, 28 

Basset, Richard, 31, 45, 85 

Barbour, John, Bailiff to the Earl of 

Bassett, Dom. Robert, 30, 32 

Stafford [1437], 281 

Basset, Robert, son of Simon de 

Barchetun, Simon de, 32 

Dena, 45, 53, 62 

Bardelby, Hugh de, 158 

Basset, Robert, son of John, 91 

Bardulf, Hugh, 23 

Basset, Roger, 32 

Barentyn, Drogo de. Sheriff of Berks, 

Bassett, Simon, 85 ;/. 


Basset, Simon, Knt., 163 

Bares, Henry de, 66 

Basset, Thomas, 24, 42 

Baret, Robert, 106 

Basset, Thomas, Knt., 155 

Barete, Alured, 108 

Basset, William, 62 

Barette, Roger, 71 

Basset, William, Justice Itinerant, 

Barn . . . , Richard, 63 


Barnes, Edward 

Bastard, John, 175 

Barnes, Richard, Bishop of Durham, 

Bastard, Robert, 18, 22, 29, 38, 52, 

226, 228 

57, 66, 100, 103, 130, 151 



Bat, Richard, 153 

Bedmenistra, Alan de, 10 

Bate, Humphrey, of Binley, 210 

Beinton, Master Robert de, 19 

Batelkyng v. Badelking 

Bek, Anthony, Bishop of Durham, 

Bath, Sweinde, 119 


Bathelking v. Badelking 

Bel, Robert, 63 

Bathonia, Alsi de, 25 

Bel, Walter le, 63 

Bathonia, Master Ernald de, 19 

Belegh, Thomas de, 137 

Bathonia, Geoffrey de, 46 

Belegrave, Master Gilbert de, 12 

Bathonia, Henry de, 85 

Belegrave, Peter de, 75, 120 

Bathonia, Hugh de, 42 

Belegrave, Ranulph de, 130 

Batonia, Henry de, 140 

Belegrave, Simon de, 75 

Baumburgh, Thomas de, clerk, 158 

Belegrave, William de, 12 

Baylol, Henry de, Knt., 113 

Belegrave, William de, 44, 75 

Baynham family, 318 

Beler, Ralph, 19, 46,47, 48 

Baysham, John, clerk, 182 

Beler, William, 104 

Bealtchanip, Dominus de, 274 

Belesby, Henry de, 137 

Beauchamp, Elizabeth, wife of Rich- 

Belet, John, 40 

ard, 5th Earl of Warwick, 183, 

Belet, Michael, 19 

185, ifc'9 

Belet, Roger, 104 

Beauchamp, Richard, Earl of War- 
wick, 183, 184, 198, 266, 270, 

Beletona, Helias de, 27 


Belgeton, Henry de, 74 

Beauchamp, Walter, 18 1 

Bel host, Peter, of Leicester^ 130 

Beaufort, Duke of, v. Somerset 

Bel Hoste, Robert, 46 

Beaufort, Edward, Duke of Somer- 

Bellgrave, Amicia wife of William 

de, 88 

set, 299 

Beaufort, Eleanor, wife of Edm., 

Bellgrave, William de, 88 

Earl of Dorset, alt. Duke of 

Bello Campo, John de, Knt., 150 

Somerset, i86, 189 

Belle Campo, Walter de, 79, 148 

Beaumont, Maurice de, 107 

Bello Campo, William de, 91 

Beaumonte, John, Master of the 

Bellomonte, John de, 79 

Rolls, 219 

Bello Monte, Philip de, 60 

Beaven, John, of Berkeley, Salt 
Boiler, 261 

Bello Monte, William de, 94, 98 

Bellond, Edmund, Prior of the Aus- 

Beccles, Dom. William de. Chan- 

cellor to Roger, Earl of Norlolk, 

tin Friars, London, 203 


Benecumbe, Walter de, 40, 52 

Bcche, William de la, 115 

Benethcombe, Walter de, 116 

Becles, Richard de, 108 

Beninton, Elias de, 45 

Beek, Dom. Henry, Chaplain, 174 

Bennecumbe, Walter de, 73, 115 

Becket, Thomas, Chancellor, 7 

Bentoft, Robert de, 104 

Bede, Baldwin de, 27 

Beoleye, Thomas de, I02 

Bede, Robert son of Baldwin de, 27 

Beovilla, Helias de, 47 

Bedford, John, Duke of, 183 

Bera, Walter de, 68 

Bedford, Earl of, v. Russell 

Berchelay z'. Berkeley 



Berdelee, William de, 63 
Berdestapel, Richard de, 72 
Bere, Richard de la, 97 
Bereford, Robert de, 121 
Bereford, Roger de, 29 
Berewe, John de, 149 
Berges, Berghes, Hugh de, 86, 87 
Berkeley family, 290-297, 318 
Berkeley, of Beverstone, family of, 

Berkeley, of Salop, family of, 295 
Berkeley, of Stoke, family of, 318 
Berkeley, Aaliz al. Alice, wife of 

Lord Maurice I. de, 16, 24, 25 
Berkeley, Anne, wife of Lord Thomas 

VL,209, 215, 301 

Berkeley, Anne, wife of Will. Mar- 
quis of, 257 

Berkeley, Arnulf de, Clerk, no, 133 

Berkeley, Augustus, Viscount Durs- 

ley, 4th Earl of Berkeley, 262 

Berkeley, Charles, Viscount Dursley, 
2nd Earl ol Berkeley, 250, 251, 
260, 261, 310, 311, 315, 341, 342, 

Berkeley, Eleanor, wife of Lord 
Thomas V., 201 

Berkeley, Elizabeth, widow of Augus- 
tus, 4th Earl of, 310 

Berkeley, Eliz., wife of Charles, 2nd 
Earl of, 261 

Berkeley, Eliz., wife of George, 
Lord, 296 

Berkeley, Eliz., wife of Lord Maurice 
IV., 172, 174 

Berkeley, Eliz. , wife of Sir Maurice, 

Berkeley, Eliz., wife of Sir Thomas, 
\pb. i6ii], 246, 247, 259, 287, 
303, 304, 3i7» 337-339 

Berkeley, Eudo de, v, Berkeley, Ivo 


Berkeley, Eustace de, 66 

Berlscley, Eva, wife of Lord Maurice 
IIL, 308 

Berkeley, Frances, dau. of Lord 
Henry, 232 

Berkeley, P^ed'erick Augustus, 5th 
Earl of, 252, 343, 344 

Berkeley, George I., Lord, 246, 247, 
248, 273, 287, 304, 305, 306 
339, 340, 341 

Berkeley, George XL, ist Earl of, 
248-251, 260, 312, 317, 318, 325 

Berkeley, Hon. George, 262 

Berkeley, Hawise, wife of John de, 

Berkeley, Henry, bro. of Lord 

Robert II., 22, 24, 25, 33 

Berkeley, Henry, son of Lord 
Thomas I., 51, 57, 59, 63, 66, 
72, 81, 82, 91, 92, 93, 94, 105, 
107, no, in, n3, 127 

Berkeley, Henry de, Lord of Durs- 
ley, 104, 141, 146 

Berkeley, Henry, Lord, 209, 213- 
215, 218, 220-224, 229, 236, 237, 
241, 244, 245, 259, 268, 281, 
288, 289, 301, 304, 308, 3n, 
312, 321, 325, 328, 329, 330, 
333, 336, 337 

Berkeley, Henry, son of James, 3rd 
Earl, 262 

Berkeley, Isabel, wife of Lord 
Maurice V. de, 152, 193, 203 

Berkeley, Isabella, dau. of Will. 
Lord Berkeley, wife of W. Try, 

Berkeley, Ivo al. Eudo, 276, 285 

Berkeley, James I., Lord, 184, 187- 
189, 240, 256, 295, 300 

Berkeley, James II., Viscount 
Dursley, 3rd Earl of Berkeley, 
261, 262, 310 

Berkeley, James de, Rector of Chyw, 

Berkeley, James, gent., 208 
Berkeley, Joan, wife of Lord Thomas 

I-, 58, 95, 109, 127, 131 
Berkeley, Joan, wife of Lord Thomas 

II, 148, 152, 293 

Berkeley, Johanna, wid. of Lord 
James, I., 194 

Berkeley, Johanna, 2nd wife of Lord 
William, 190, 196, 197 

Berkeley, John, s. and h. of Henry 
de, 91 



Berkeley, John de, Lord of Dursley, 
108, 109 

Berkeley, John, bro. of Jas. de, 150 

Berkeley, John de. Sheriff of Glouces- 
ter, 179 

Berkeley, John, 257 

Berkeley, Juliana, wife of Lord 
Robert IL, 29, 37, 57 

Berkeley, Katharine, wid, of Lord 
Maurice VI., 287 

Berkeley, Katharine, wid. of Lord 
Thomas IIL, 177, 178 

Berkeley, Katharine, dau. of Sir 
Will., of Stoke Giffard, 196 

Berkeley, Katharine, wife of Sir 
Maurice, of Yate, 205 

Berkeley, Katharine de, 256 

Berkeley, Lucy, 2nd wife of Lord 
Robert IL, 57 

Berkeley, Margaret, wife of Thomas 
de, 147 

Berkeley, Margaret, wid. of Lord 

Thomas III., 163, 173 
Berkeley, Margaret, wife of Lord 

Thomas IV., 175, 176 

Berkeley, Margery, Lady, 256 

Berkeley, Marie, dau. of Henry, 
Lord, V. Zouche 

Berkeley, Matilda de Landa, dau. of 
Roger de, 55 

Berkeley, Maurice I., Lord, 4, 5, 7, 
8, 10, II, 13, 15, 15 

Berkeley, Maurice II., Lord, 59, 94, 
95. 96, 98, 99. 100, 103, 113, 
114, 122, 131, 136, 137, 138, 
141, 146, 152, 232, 264 

Berkeley, Maurice III., Lord, 148, 

150. 151. 152, 155. 157. 264, 

Berkeley, Maurice IV., Lord, 163, 

165-167, 168, 172, 173, 185, 265, 

279, 299, 316 
Berkeley, Maurice V., Lord, 193, 

200, 301 

Berkeley, Maurice VI., Lord, 200, 
205, 207, 209, 257, 258, 263, 
267, 287, 300 

Berkeley, Maurice, son of Lord 
Maurice I., 16, 18, 22, 25, 30, 
66, ^^, 82 

Berkeley, Maurice de, 32, 33, 35, 

Berkeley, Maurice, son of Lord 
Maurice III., 157, 161 

Berkeley, Maurice, son of Lord 
Thomas IV., 177 

Berkeley, Maurice de, of Uley, 
Knt., 185 

Berkeley, Maurice de, of Beverstone, 
Knt., 185, 188 

Berkeley, Maurice, of Stoke, 193 

Berkeley, Maurice, son of Lord 
Thomas V,, 201, 202, 204 

Berkeley, Sir Maurice, of Yate, 205, 

Berkeley, Sir Maurice, Knt., [1512- 

1515]. 320, 327, 328 
Berkeley, Morice, son of Morice, of 

Thornbury, 196 

Berkeley, Oliver de, 25, 29, 31, 35, 
38, 47, 51, 57. 61, 66, 71, 81, 83, 
84,93, ioo> J°8, 109, III, 117, 

Berkeley, Oliver de, brother of Philip 
de Berkeley, 108 

Berkeley, Oliver, brother of Roger 
de, 109 

Berkeley, Philip de, 24, 25, 26, 37, 
42, 52, 71, 73, 91, 102, 108, 109, 
124, 125, 139 

Berkeley, Richard, son of Lord 
Maurice I. de, 13, 16 

Berkeley, Richard de, Knt., 136, 

Berkeley, Richard, 330, 338 

Berkeley, Robert Fitzharding, ist 
Lord of, V. Fitzharding 

Berkeley, Robert II. , Lord, 14, 15, 
16, 18, 22, 23, 25, 26, 33-39, 52, 
56. 57. 58, 59, 61, 62, 66, 72, 92, 
129, 240 

Berkeley, Robert de, 13, 27 

Berkeley, Robert, son of Thomas I., 

Berkeley, Robert de, 102, 109, 117 

Berkeley, Robert de, nephew of 
Lord Thomas II. , 148 

Berkeley, Robert de, Knt., son of 
Maurice II., 148, 149 



Berkeley, Robert de, 154 

Berkeley, Roger de, Lord of Durs- 
sley, [od.c. 1170], 4, 5, 13, 290 

Berkeley, Roger, son of the above 
Roger de, 4, 5, 15 

Berkeley, Roger de, 24, 25, 33, 35, 
36, 42, 66, 84, 98, 108, 139 

Berkeley, Roger son of Philip de, 

Berkeley, Thomas I, Lord, 24, 25, 
40, 45. 50, 56, 58, 59, 63, 66, 72, 
80, 81, 82, 83, 92, 93, 94, 100, 
110, III, 119, 126, 264 

Berkeley, Thomas IL, Lord, 147, 
148, 150, 151, 152, 154, 155, 
264, 272, 273, 308 

Berkeley, Thomas III., Lord, 157, 
159, 160-167, 283 

Berkeley, Thomas IV., Lord, 174- 
i84, 190, 256, 263, 270, 279, 

286, 300 

Berkeley, Thomas V., Lord, 202, 
206, 207, 208, 258, 263, 280, 

287, 320 

Berkeley, Thomas VI., Lord, 208, 
209, 267, 301 

Berkeley, Thomas de, son of Lord 
Thomas I., 84, 100, 107, 109, 

Berkeley, Thomas son of Maurice de, 

147, 149 
Berkeley, Thomas son of Thomas 

IL, 154, 157 
Berkeley, Thomas, clerk, 182 

Berkeley, Sir Thomas, son of Lord 
Henry, 259, 268, 303, 304, 337 

Berkeley, Thomas, son of Lord James 
L, 188 

Berkeley, William, Viscount and 
Marquis of Berkeley, Earl of 
Nottingham, etc., 186, 193-201, 
214, 252, 257, 263, 266, 267, 
295, 298, 301, 327, Introd. 

Berkeley, William de, son of Lord 
Maurice I., 14, 16, 24, 32 

Berkeley, William de, son of Lord 
Thomas I., 63, 66, 73, 81, 82, 
93, 107, no, 113, 129, 136 

Berkeley, William, of Uley, 189 

Bernard, 19 

Bernard, Henry, 127 

Bernard, Robert, 189 

Bernard, Walter, 71, 127 

Bernewod, William de, 104 

Berscoldebi, Acard de, 67 

Bertelot, Moyses, 15 

Bertram, Adam, 99 

Bertram, Drusiana dau. of Robert, 

Bertram, Robert, 57, 58 
Bertram, William, of Diseworth, 62 
Berwes, Hugh de, 90 
Berwos, Hugh de, 140 
Beseboc, Walter de, 48 
Besebosc, Walter de, 77 
Besebroc, Walter de, 89 
Besebrock, Walter de, 140 
Besebury, Robert de, 107 
Beseby, Thomas de, 87 
Betthon', Robert de, 20 
Beucamp, Peter de, 7 
Beufiz, William, 32 
Beumund, W^illiam, 80 
Beumys, Robert de, 134 
Beveregge, Richard, of Wotton, 254 
Bevill, Henry de, 67 
Bevinton, Elias de, 32, 57, 92 
Bevinton, Hugh de, loi 
Bevinton, Maurice, son of Elias de, 

32, 57, 93. 94. 107 
Bevintuna v. Bevinton 
Bichefauda, Richard de, 43 
Bichefauda, Thomas de, 43 
Biddell, Richard, 222 
Bifald, William de, 42 
Bigot, Roger, 41 
Biren, Guy de, chev., 169 
Birkin, Berkyn, John de, 45, 88 
Birkin, Birkyn, Thomas son of John 

de, 45. 88 
Biset, Henry, 60 

Biseth, Manaser, dapifer, 2, 4, 6, 7 
Bishopeston, Walter de, 77 



Blake, William, Bailiff of Andover, 

Blakeman, William, 58 

Blakeneye, Richard son of Walter 
de, 121 

Blakeneye, Thomas de, 121 

Blanketre, Peter de, 97 

Blathwayt, Will., Secretary-at-War, 

251, 343 
Blavens, Robert de, 112 

Bleche, John, collector of tonnage 
and poundage, 190 

Bloech, Robert, 36 

Blokessan, Sara de, 120 

Blot, Geoffrey, 90 

Blount V. also Blund 

Blount, Amabel w. of David le, 134 

Blount, David le, son of Petronilla 

Vyvoun, 134, 316 
Blount, Edmund, 176, 184, 316 
Blount, Esmon, 154 
Blount, John, Esquire, 185, 317 
Blount, Margaret, wid. of Edm. le, 

176, 179 

Blount, Richard le, 316 

Blount, Willelma wid. of John, 317 

Blount, Walter, 237 

Blount, William, s. and h. of Edm. 
le, 176, 179 

Bluet, Dom. John, Knt. 148 

Blund V. also Blount, Blunt 

Blund, David le, 112 

Blund, John le, 112 

Blund, Petronilla, wife of D. le, 112 

Blund, Ralph, 68 

Blund, Richard, of Aure, 121 

Blund, Walter le. Bailiff, 106 

Bluudel, Geoffrey, 86 

Blundell, John, 55 

Blunt, John, 112 

Blunt, Richard, 68, 102 

Blunt, Walter, 26 

Blunt, William, 25 

Blydeslowe, Roger de, I2I 

Boccote, Walter de, 70 
Bochard, Richard, 125 
Bochear, Mories, 206 
Bochoure, Richard de, 80 
Boclande, Dionisius de, 123 
Boclande, Parisius de, 123 
Boclande, William de, 22 
Bodin, William, 22, 43 
Bodrugan, Henry, 193 

Bodrugan, Margaret, Viscountess 

Lisle, w. of Henry, 193 
Bodrugan, Oto de, 274 
Boeleye, Thomas de, 154 
Boes, Geoffrey, de Grimeston, 39 
Bograve, Roger de, Knt., 104 
Bohemia, Elizabeth, Queen of, 340 
Bohun V. also Buhun 

Bohun, Henry de, Earl of Hereford 
and Essex, 77 

Bohun, Humphrey de, the King's 
Steward, 8 

Bohun, Humphrey de. Earl of Here- 
ford, 79, 290 

Bohun, Matilda, wife of Henry, Earl 
of Hereford, and in 1227 Coun- 
tess of Essex, 77, 79 

Boifeld, William de, 133 

Boivill, Boivillis, Roger de, 31, 32 

Bokeland, John, of Stratford-on- 

Avon, 184 
Bolda, Robert de, 97 
Bolebek, Dom. Hebert de, 66 
Boleyn, Sir James, of Blickling, 213, 

Boleyn, Lady Mary, 334 n. 
Boleyn, Thomas, clerk, 191 
Boleyn, William, 191 
Bolgastone, Thomas, 124 
Bolnes, John, 180 
Bolton, Duke of, v. Pawlet 
Bolton, John, 250 
Bonavilla, John de, 21 
Bond, Joan, 256 
Bonet, John, 129 



Bonjon al. Rede, Thomas, 183 

Bonsergant, William, io6 

Bordous, Reginald de, 30 

Bordun, Walter, Archdeacon of 
Gloucester, 150 

Borestalle, John son of Nigel de, 120 

Borestrode, Geoffrey de, 42, 50 

Borlas, pedigree of, 296 

Boschare, Robert le, 147 

Bosco, Ernald de, 12 

Bosco, John de, 47 

Boseboc, Walter de, 140 

Boso, II 

Boteler, Richard le, of Leke, 87 

Botesford, Bernard son of Nigel de, 

Botiler, Maurice le, 79 
Botiler, William le, 119, 141 
Botiller v, Botyler, Butler 
Botyler, Matilda wife of Ralph le, 


Botyler, Maurice le, loi 
Botyler, Ralph le, loi 
Botyler, William le, 153 
Bouch, Jehan de, chev., 168 
Bouchetierre, Sieur de la, 326 

Bouchier, Thomas, Bp. of Ely, 
Archbp, of Canterbury, 186, 189, 
191. 19s 

Boun, John de, 147 

Bourchier, John, Lord Berners, i68«. 

Boure, Agnes, 189 

Bovill, William de, 46, 51 

Boville, Will,, son of Hugh de, 72 

Boville, William son of Rob. de, 72 

Boving, Ailmar, 73 

Bowes, Sir George, 224 

Bowes, Robert, 331, 332 

Bowser, Thomas br. and heir of An- 
thony, 304 

Bowyer, Robert, Keeper of New 
Park, 280 

Boyshard, Warin, 126 

Boyvill, Richard de, clerk, 91 

Brabazun, Roger, 130 

Bracebruge, William dc, 75 

Bracheston, Bradestan, Bratheston, 
Brodeston, Andrew de, 94-96, 
99, 100, 102, 105, 127, 130, 

Bracheston, Bradeston, Robert de, 
IC2, 129, 148, 151, 154 

Bradele, Bradeleg', Henry de, 51, 
71, 108 

Bradele, Bradeleg', Bradeleia, Hugh 
de, 31, 66, 102, 112 

Bradele, I^chard de, 66, 117 

Bradele, Bradeleg, William de, 47, 
71, 81, 83, 84, 93, 107, 109 

Bradestan, Adrian de, 95 
Bradestan v. Bracheston 
Bradeston, Thomas de, Knt., 153, 

155, 163 
Bradewell, Peter de, 51 
Bradfield, Henry de, 190 

Bradley, John, Chantry Priest in St. 
Mary Redcliffe, 210 

Bradpenne, Roger de, 109 

Braham, Roger de, 127 

Brahibroc, Henry de, 120 

Brai, Master Philip de, 34 

Braiosa, William de, 7 

Braiose, Philip de, 8 

Braiose, Walter de, 8 

Braiuse, William de, 7, 8 

Bramceston, Adam, loi 

Brampton, John de. Parson of St. 
Peter, Bristol, 154 

Brandenburg, Frederick, Margrave 

of, 343 
Brandon, Charles, Duke of Suffolk, 

Brandon, Sir Charles, 202 
Bratheston, John de, 141 

Bray, Matthew de. Abbot of Leices- 
ter, 65 n. 

Bray, Ralph de, 36, 54, 80 

Braybroc, Henry de, 85 

Bredon, Richard de, 114 

Bredona, Ralph de, 112 

Breet, James le, 86 



Brenlees, Philip de, 213 

Bretheston, Bernard de, 38, v. also 

Brett, John de, 65 

Bretun, William le, 82 

Breus, Master Peter de, 113 

Brian de Wad ton, Roger, 103 

Brian, Forestarius, 72, 73 

Brice, son of Pagan, senior, of Cnith- 

eton, 115 
Bridde, William, Prior of Bath, 205 
Briddeshale, Gilbert de, 148 
Bridge, John, of Wyke, 242 
Brinchelaue, William de, 32 
Brinkelaue, Robert de, 47 
Brion, Gydo de, 146 
Briquere, Dom. William, 59 
Bristol, Walter de, clericus, 81 
Bristol, Master William de, 31 

Bristoll, Elyas de, Canon of Here- 
ford, ^i 

Bristoll, Walter de, 60 

Bristollo, Aufria wife of Folkeram 

de, 26 
Bristollo, Folkeram de, 26 
Bristollo, Nicholas de, 108 
Bristowe, Joan de, 256 
Brito, James, 48 
Brito, William, 12 
Briwere, William, 40 
Brochestane, John de, 73 
Broctun, Henry de, 82 
Brodderius, Thiiri, 181 
Brodestan, Bernard de, 117 
Brodeston, John de, 116 
Broke, David, 288 
Broke, Simon ate, 160 
Bronesho, Robert de, 106 

Bronesho de Neuport, Eadmund fil. 
Henrici de, 106 

Bronesho de Neuport, Henry de, 106 

Brookes, James, Bishop of Glouces- 
ter, 213 

Brotherton, Thomas de, Earl of 
Norfolk, 158 

Brotherton, Margaret dau. of Thomas 

de, w. of J. de Segrave, 158 
Brothestan, Bernard de, 57, 61, 62 
Broun, Richard, 151 

Brown, John, clerk of the Parliament, 

Bruce, Robert, 152 
Brudenell, Hon. James, 262 
Bruere, Nicholas le, 276 
Bruge, Vlger de, 19 
Bruges, Edward, Lord Chandos, 328 
Bruges, William, Lord Chandos, 336 
Brumelham, Richard de, III 
Brun, Adam, 86 
Brun, Robert, 127 
Brun, William le, 109 
Brune, David, 138 
Brunham, Thomas de, 256 
Bruning, Robert, 99 
Brut, Robert de, 48 
Brut, Thomas le, Knt., 166 

Brutton, John, Provost of Bedmin- 
ster, 283 

Bryen de Watton, Roger, 104 

Buberel, Richard, 40 

Bucebia, Ralph de, 68 

Buchet, William de, 21 

Buckhurst, Earl of, v. Sackville 

Buckingham, Duke of, v, Stafford 

Buddig, Reginald son of William, of 
Bevington, 117 

Budiford, Adam de, 78, 80 

Budiford, Jordan de, 113 

Budiford, Roger de, 79 

Buffing, Reginald, 105 

Bugewrke, Humphrey de, 74 

Buhere, Walter, 63 

Buhun V. also Bohun 

Buhun, Henry de, 12 

Buhun, Humphrey de, 10, II 

Buhun, Margaret de, dau. of Mile 
of Gloucester, 8 

Buhun, Countess Margaret, wife of 
Humphrey de, 12 



Buhun, Margaret de, 26, 26 n. 

Buhun, Richard de, 8 

Buhun, William de, 8 

Buivile, Vlger de, 71 

Bukerel, Andrew, Mayor of London, 

Buketot, William de, 120 
Bulcard, Matilda, 79 
Bulcard, Osbert, 107 
Buleye, Thomas de, 95 
Bull, John, of London, goldsmith, 


Bullets, Amaric de, 31 

BuUey, Will, de, 119 

Bun vile, Ulger de, 73 

Burch, Walter de, 107 

Burchevill, Henry de, 85 

Burci, Philip de, 22 

Burci, Robert de, 22 

Burdet, William, 19 

Burdet, Dom, William, loi 

Burdon, Thomas, Mayor of Calais, 

Burdon, William, 166 

Burdun, Richard, 125 

Bur dun, William, 86, 147, 203 

Burg', Richard, " Prepositus " of 

Gloucester, 50 
Burgeis, Richard, 65, 69 
Burgeis, William le, 118 
Burgensis, Henry, 46, 102 
Burgensis, Payn, 102 
Burgensis, Peter, 102 
Burghley, Lord, v. Cecil 
Burgo, Hubert de, Earl of Kent, 74, 

Burgo, Walter de, Knt., 95, 99, 100, 

102, 103, 12a, 130 

Burgo, Will, de, 122, 140, 154 
Burgylon, Robert, 160 
Burheston, Nicholas de, 19 
Burnell, John, sen., 185 
Burnell, Robert, Bishop of Bath, 147 
Burton, Wm. , Abbot of Bristol, 209 

Bury, John, of Cambridge, 198 
Bury, John de, chaplain, 272 
Bury, Will, de, 272 
Busci, Dom. William de, Knt., 104 
Bussebi de Mildecumbe, Alex., no 
Buteiller, William, 44 
Butelier, Peter, 121 
Butevilain, Robert 115 
Butiler, John, of Baulking, 139 
Butiler, Matilda wife of Ralph de, loi 
Butiler, Ralph de, loi 
Butiler, Sara w. of John, 139 

Butiler, William le, of Kingston- 
Lisle, 67 
Butiler, William le, 105, 115 
Butilier, William, 66, 106 
Butiller, Walter le, 138 
Butilier, Warner le, 116 
Butler, family, 294, 318 

Butler, Alianore d. of Humphrey, 
Earl of Hereford, w. of James, 
Earl of Ormonde, 290 

Butler, Anne, wife of Thomas, 7th 
Ear] of Ormonde, 191 

Butler, James, ist Duke of Ormond, 

Butler, Thomas, 7th Earl of Or- 
mond in 1478, 191, 194, 257 

Butler, Thomas, loth Earl of Or- 
mond and Ossory, 304, 330 
Buttlescombe, Robert de, 150 
Button, John, Knt., 179 
Buvill, Helias de, 57, 58, 59 
Byaulo, William de, 97 
Byconnell, John, 194 
Bygod, Rog. le. Earl of Norfolk, 148 
Bygott, Peter, 267 

Byngham, Richard, 266 * 

Byriate, Richard, of Pyrton, 245 
Byrkane, John de, 65 
Byrkane, Roger, bro. of John de, 65 
Byrkethwait, Peter de, 65 
Byrton, John, 211 

Bysele, Hugh, son of Richard de, 155 
Byseleye, Richard de, 148, 150, 155 



Byset, Ernulf, Dominus de Preston, 

Byset, Henry, 60 
Bysshop, William, 273 
Byswthone, Robert, lOI 
Byswthone, William, loi 

/''^ADUL, Thomas, 174 

Coesar, Sir Julius, 337 

Cagwurth, Henry de, 54 

Calebat, 51, 83 

Caletot, Eudo de, 77 

Calfhaga, Ralph de, 78 

Calfnaia, Roger de, 71 

Cain, Henry, 69 

Calston, Thomas, x8i 

Camberlan, William, 107 

Camerarius v. Chamberlain 

Camma v. Camme 

Camme, Eustace de, 13, 61, 112, 
117, 297 

Camme, Henry de, 122 

Camme, Hugh de, 22, 30, 38, 61, 

Camme, Maurice de, 122 
Camme, Reginald de, 82 

Camme, Roger de, 40, 47, 91, 105, 
108, 112, 121 

Campania, Hugh de, 44 

Campania, Robert de, 44 

Campo Florido, Hillary de, 98 

Cand, Adam, 112 

Candel, Robert, 141 

Cantelu, William de. Sheriff of co. 
Leic, 32 «. 

Cantilupo, Roger de, 99 

Cantilupo, William de, 75, 133 

Canute, Bartholomew, 64 

Canyng, W^illiam, Mayor of Bristol, 

1374. 292 
Canynges, William, Sheriff of Bristo\ 


Canynges, William, of Bristol, mer- 
chant, 190, 212 

Capel, John, l6l 

Capel, William, 140, 154, 253 

Capella, Henry de, 74, 75 

Capenor, Richard de, 70 

Capenore, William de, 119 

Caperun, Geoffrey, 121 

Capreole, Hugh, 27 

Capritavensis, Guillermus, 170 

Caprun, Geoffrey, 136 

Carbonel, Dom. John, 120 

Carbonell, Pagan, 6 

Cardevilla, Ralph de, 28 

Carduiir, Reginald de, 87 

Careles, William, 47 

Carew, Sir George, v. Carey 

Carey, Anne wife of Henry, Lord 
Hunsdon, 219, 337 

Carey, Sir Edward, 338 

Carey, Elizabeth, wid. of George, 
Lord Hunsdon, 243 

Carey, Sir George, aft. 2nd Lord 
Hunsdon, 226-240, 243, 259, 
268, 287, 303, 322, 323, 330-335 

Carey, Henry, Lord Hunsdon, 213- 
215, 218-225, 228-240, 242, 287, 
302, 334 

Carey, William, 213 

Carnifex, Osbert, 46 

Carpenter, John, Bishop of Worces- 
ter, 194 

Carpenter, Nich. le, of Cadbury, 167 

Carr, Robert, Earl of Somerset, 339 

Case, Dr., 335 

Castelein, John, 68 

Castell, Henry, of Egmere, 213 

Castello, Adrian de, Bishop of Bath 
and Wells, 204 

Castro Martin, John de, Knt. 

Cat, Gilbert le, 90 

Catecuniba, Helias de, 26 

Catyrmayn, Richard, Esquire, 182 

Caudel, Robert, 125 

Cauell, Walter, 83 



Caune, Reginald de la, 40 

Cauvel, Walter, 80 

Cauz, Geoffrey de, 75 

Cave, Robert, 39 

Cavel, Thomas. 113 

Cecil, Mildred, wife of Sir William, 

Cecil, Sir Robert, Earl of Salisbury, 

334. 335. 337 
Cecil [Sitsilt], Sir William, Lord 

Burghley, 219, 225, 226 

Cecily, "vidua de Angulo," 70 
Celney, Master John de, iii 
Cestre, Cestria, Master Hugh de, 49, 

Cestria, Master Simon de, Parson of 
Duninton, 53 

Chacombe, Chacumbe, v. Chaucumbe 

Chaisne, William de, 26 

Chaldefeld, Walter de, 141 

Chalford, John de, 124 

Chalvele, Thomas de, 117 

Chalveleie, Henry son of John de, 116 

Chaloner, Sir Thomas, 237, 239 

Chamberlain, Ivo, 44 

Chamberlain, Ralph, 44, 89 

Chamberlain, Ralph, of Rearsby, 88, 
loi, 103, 104 

Chamberlain, Dom. Ralph, Steward 
of G. de Segrave, 98 

Chamberlain, Robert,' 34 

Chamberlain, William, 78, 109 

Champeneys, John, 148 

Chandel, Robert, 118 

Chandos family, 318 

Chandos, Lord, v. Bruges 

Chandos, Ralph de, 82 

Chanu, Bartholomew, 21 

Chapstowe, Maurice, of Wotton, 254 

Charfeld, William de, 131 

Charletun, Adam de, 108 

Charnel, Charneles, Gilbert de, 12 

Chauce, Gilbert de, 119 

Chancumbe, Amabel wife of Hugh 
de, 85 ;/. 

Chaucuml>e, Amabilia dau. of Robert 
de, 13 «., 85 «. 

Chaucumbe, Hugh de, 32, 39, 42, 
85 «., 87, 122 

Chaucumbe, Juliana, wife of Robert 
de, 8s 

Chaucumbe, Robert de, 13 «., 19, 
48, 60, 76. 85 

Chauezi v. Chausi 

Chaun, John le, 112 

Chausi, Colin son of Geoffrey de, 
83, III 

Chausi, GeoiFrey de, 35, 40, 42, 80, 

81, 83, 84, 91, 102, 108, 109, 124, 

Chausi, Geoffrey son of Geoffrey de, 

82, 84 

Chausi, Nicholas de, 102, 109, no 

Chauton, William de, 36 

Chaveyni, John de, 44 

Chayne, William, Knt., 181 

Cheltenham, William de, 163, 171 

Cheltynham, Robert, Prior of St. 
James', Bristol, 207 

Chene, Reginald le, 138 

Chenecote, Richard de, 26 

Cherchesley, Peter de, 112 

Cherleton, Cherletune, Adam de, 71, 

Cherletun, Elyas de, 83 

Cherletun, Will, son of Elyas de, 83 

Cherthesley, W^illiam de, 70 

Chesney, Maud de, 68 «. 

Chester family, 318 

Chester, Earls of, v. Edward ; Ran- 
ulph ; Scocia, J. de 

Chetwynd, Edward, D.D., Vicar of 
Berkeley, 260 

Chetwynd, Sir William, 262 

Cheurecurt, Robert de, 39 

Chevaler, Walter le, 120 

Cheveleswelle, William de, 126 

Cheyne, Roger de, 99 

Childewic, Geoffrey de, 133 

Chiltenham, William de, 155, 173 

Chiselden, Helias de, 28 



Chiseldene, Maurice de, 40 
Chnithtetun, Adam de, 106 
Chocus, Richard, of Clopton, 141 
Chohull, Richard de, 22 
Chuna, dau. of Henry, III 
Chuncher, Alemannus, 26 
Citniterio de Leicestria, Walter de, 

65, 69 
Citnma, Hugh de, 29 
Cisy, Peter de, 48, 49 

Clare, Gilbert de, Earl of Gloucester 
and Hertford, 141, 147, 316 

Clare, Margaret de, wid. of Hugh 
d'Audely, Earl of Gloucester, 316 

Clarendon, Earl of, v. Hyde 

Clarevall, William de, 36 

Clarke, Thomas, of London, 225 

Claudus, Geoffrey, 77 

Claxton, William, of Bedminster, 317 

Clement, 27 

Clement, Prior of Lanthony, li, 56 

Clement, son of Turold, 72 

Clendon, Warin de, 32 

Clerk, Richard, 253 

Clifford family, 296, 318 

Clifford V. also Clyfford 

Clifford, Lord, 315 

Clifford, Isabel d. of Maur. Berkeley, 
w. of Rob. Lord, 285 

Clifford, James, 246 

Clifford, John de, Knt., 149 

Clifford, Richard de, 22, 24, 29 

Clifford, Dom. Richard de, 83, 113, 

Clifford, Master Richard de, 149 

Clifford, Richard son of John de, 273 

Cliftbrd, Rob., 7th Lord Clifford, 285 

Clifford, William de, 107 

Cliftone, Walter de, 8 

Cliftun, Dom. Ignacius de, 93 

Clinton, Edward, Earl of liincoln, 
226, 229, 230 

Clinton, William de. Earl of Hun- 
tingdon, 159 

Clinton and Saye, Lord, v. Fynes 
Clipstun, Master Robert de, 34 
Clivedune, Matthew de, 69 
Clopenne, Simon de, 22 
Clopton, Richard de, 79 
Clotlegh, Alan de, 106 
Clyfford, Henry, son of John, 220 
Clyfford, John de, 147 
Clyfford, John and Dorothy, 220 
Clyve, John de, 155, 160, 163 
Clyve, William de, clerk, 158 
Clyvedon, Sir Edmund, 265 
Clyvedon, John de, 119 
Cnapwell, Bartholomew de, 60 
Cnitheton, Cnithtetun, Cnitteton, 

Pagan de, 63, 70, 115 
Cnolla, John de, 24 
Cobbeham, John de, loi 

Cobi, Coby, Adam, 93, lOO, 103, 
105, 106, 107, 113 

Cobi, William, 57 
Coby, John, 166 
Cocaine, William, 49 
Cocele, William, 30 
Cocus, John, of Croxton, 50, 1 16 
Cocus, John son of Thomas, of Crox- 
ton, 128 
Cocus, Richard, 77 
Cocus, Thomas, of Croxton, 114, 123 
Cocus, William, 67 
Codrington, family of, 296 
Cogan, Henry de, 14, 15 
Cogan, John de, 22 
Cohill, Richard de, 14 
Cok, Ralph, 174 
Coke, Sir Edward, Knt., 15 
Coke, Geoffrey, 61 
Coke, Sir Robert, 247, 261, 340 
Coke, Roger, Mayor of Bristol, 213 
Coker, John s. and h. of John, 240 
Cole, John, 36 
Coleshalle, Robert de, 126 
Colevile, Henry de, Knt., 37 



Colevile, Dom. Thomas de, Knt., 104 

Colewiche, Colewych, Richard de, 
98, 126 

Colewurth, William de, 91 
Colewych, William de, 103 
Colleshull, Simon de, 73, 103 
CoUyn, Joan, dau. of Thos., 235 
Collyn, John, s. and h. of Thomas, 

Collyn, Mary dau. of Thomas, 235 

Collyn, Thomas son and heir of John, 
of Rochford, 229 

Columbariis, Dom. Gilbert de, 63, 
105, 106, 114, 123 

Columbariis, Henry, son of Gilbert 
de, 123 

Columbariis, Robert de, 106, 115 
Columbensis, Jacobus, 170 
Columbers, Philip de. 2 
Colureden, Osbert de, 120 
Colwich, William de. Coroner for co. 
Gloucester, 153 

Colyns, Arnulph, Bachelor of Laws, 

Combe, Mahihele fil. Ansgeri de, 8 

Combe, William, Bailiff of Bristol, 292 

Comercey, Nicholas de, Notary Pub- 
lic, 168 

Compton, Richard de, Coroner for 
CO. Gloucester, 153 

Compton, Spencer, Earl of Wilming- 
ton, 262 

Compton, Walter, Groom of the 
King's Chamber, 211 

Constable, Sir Robert, 224 
Constance, Geoffrey de, 127 
Constantiis, John de. Bishop of 
Worcester, 24 

Cook, Thomas, loi 
Copmanford, Symon de. 134 
Coppare, Johnle, cf Berkeley, 160 
Coppare, Walter le, 166 
Coppe, Aldwin, 38 
Coquus, Richard, 117 
Corbrugg, William, 273 

Corby n, William, Chief Forester of 
Gower, 186 

Cord', Roger, 58 

Corduwanarius, Roger, 24 

Corlewache, Simon, 87 

Cornefold, Robert, il 

Comubiensis, Stephen, Bailiff of 
Gloucester, 102 

Cornwall, Earls of, v. Edmund ; Ed- 
ward ; Eltham, J. de ; Reginald ; 

Corvehete, Richard de, 116 

Corveiser, Gilbert, 106 

Cosmo III., Grand Duke of Tus- 
cany, 342 

Cotele, James, 40, 52 

Cotele, Cotell, James, 115, 116, 121, 

Cotele, Cotell, Richard, 30, 34, 38 

Cotele, William, 109 

Coterel, Peter, 93 

Coterel, Richard, 57 

Cothrington, family of, 318 

Coton, Richard, 180 

Cotton, Richard, 231 

Couele, Couelege, Richard de, 33, 
40, 45, 52, 57, 58, 66, 72, 91, 92, 
93, 105, III 

Couele, Richard son of Harding de, 

8, IS 
Couele, Couelege, Coueley, Robert 

de, 40, 52, 104, 112, 115 

Couele, Symon son of Richard de, 8 

Couelee, John de, 151 

Coueleg, Couelei, Henry de, 25, 
60, 6r 

Couelega, Mary, wife of Robert de, 

Coueley, John de, of Berkeley, 253 

Courbeton, Pierre de, 169 

Cousyns, William, Dean of Wells, 

Covel, Dr. John, Rector of Keg- 
worth, 250, 251 
Coventry, Hon. Henry, 251 
Coxhale, John de, 166 



Cracroft, Capt,, 344 

Craft, Cecilia de, 61 

Craft, Roger de, 44. 61 

Cragg, Alured, 112 

Cragg, Levina, dau. of Alured, 112 

Cramal, Bernard de, 61 

Cranford, Joseph, 247 

Cranforde, Rob. de, 122 

Cranle, John de, 66 

Cranlega, John de, 28 

Cranleygh, John de, 141 

Crannesmere, Geoffrey de, 42 

Crathorne, Robert, of Newcastle, 225 

Crauele, Crauleyg, Nicholas de, 94, 
96, 116 

Ctiule, Crauleyg, Hawyse, wife of 
Nicholas de, 94 

Crauleia, Crauleigh, Crauleye, John 
de, 29, 33, 57 

Craunfort, Roger de, 12 

Craven, William, Alderman of Lon- 
don, 242 

Crawelee, John de, 151 

Criklade, John, Burgess of Bristol, 176 

Crispin, Robert, 92 

Cristian, Matthew, 37 

Croc, Humphrey, 28 

Croc, Thomas, 40 

Croc, Walter. 36, 40 

Crocke, John, Merchant, of South- 
ampton, 235 

Croft, Sir James, 230 

Crok, Peter, Knt., 148, 150 

Crokeshale, William de, 20 

Cromale, Robert de, 28 

Cromhale, Bernard de, 31, 32, 36, 
62, 117 

Cromhale, Richard de, 31, 32, 33, 
61, 66, 94-96, 99, 102, no, 136 
Cromhale, William de, 42, 64 
Crompton, Thomas, 238, 239 

Cromwell rt/. Wyllymas. Sir Richard, 

Crooke, John, 231 

Croxston, Croxton, Hugh son of 
Martin de, 128 

Croxston, Roger son of Walter de, 
loi, 123 

Croxston, Simon de, loi 

Croxton, Thomas son of Nicholas 
de, 67 

Croxton, Thomas son of Sewin de, 67 

Croxton, Thomas son of Simon de, 


Croxstun, Thomas son of Walter 
de, 123 

Croxston, Walter de, lOI 

Cruce, Ralph de, 51 

Cruce, Robert de, 114 

Cruce de Wenden, Roysia de, in 

Cruce de Wenden, Walter, son of 
Roysia de, in 

Cruse, Geoffrey, 86 

Cruse, Hugh son of Geoffrey, 86 

Cryel, Nicholas de, 156 

Cube, Adam, 106 

Cudworth, Ralph, Master of Christ's 

College, Cambridge, 250 
Cuhill, Richard de, 52 
Cuhulla, Hugh de, 112 
Culcretun, Colin de, 51, 78, 83 
Culcretuna, Henry de, 107 
Culcretun, Nicholas son of Henry 

de, 71, 84, 100 
Cultura, Henry de, 35 
Cultura, Wido de, 34, 35 
Culumb', Rotbert de, 68 

Cumba, Cumbe, Elias de, 32, 44, 
58, 70, 104, no, 117, 121, 126, 
129, 136, 147 

Cumba, Philip son of Elias de, 124 

Cumba, William son of Elias de, 102 

Cumbe, William de, 58, I20 

Cumbe, Yvo de, 58 

Cumin, John, 138 

Cumin, William, 2, 4 

Cumpton, Thomas de, 114 

Cunningham, James, Earl of Glen- 
cairne, 331 



Cuppere, Walter le, 126 

Cure', Curci, Alice de, uxor Warini 
fil. Geroldi, 44, 68 n. 

Curcun, Avice wife of Tho. de, 14 

Curcun, Thomas de, 13, 53 

Curezun, Richard de, 87 

Curezun, Robert de, 62 

Curezun, Thomas de, 62 

Curie, Walter, Bishop of Winches- 
ter, 248 

Curnocke, John, 247 

Curtun, Thomas de, 31 

Curzun, Robert de, 72 

Cusinton, Ranulph, bro. of Ralph 

de, 43 
Cusintun, Ralph de, 43 
Custance, Geoffrey, 71 
Custere, Isabel la, 1 1 1 

Cutler, Robert, sen., Bailiff of Ips- 
wich, 234 

Cuylire, William, 131 

Cysi V. Cisy 


FAADDI, William, 103 

Dagworth, Nicholas de, Knt., 178 

Dalbi, Daubi, Dauby, Reginald de, 
117 ; Will. s. of Geoffr., 16, 39 

Dale, Robert, 106 

Damenevile, Damenevilla, Damm- 
enevile, Damnevill, Robert, heir 
of Adam, 18, 20,42, 63, 74 

Damesel, Ralph, 175 
Damiir, Walter de, 53 
Dancele, chaplain, 56 
Danckelmann, Thomas Ernest von, 

Dandelegh, Hugh de, 277 
Dando, Dom. Alex., Knt., 142 
Dangerode, Ralph, 103 
Daniel, chaplain, 11 
Daniel, capellanus de Locaston, 41 

Danvers, Thomas, Sheriff of Ox- 
ford, 146 

Danvill, John de, 34 

Darches, Richard, 70 

Darcy, Norman, 61 

Datton, Richard, Knt., 175 

Daubi, Dauby, v. Dalby 

Daubigny, Dom. William, 58 

Daundesey, Alice, d. of Walt., 178 

Daundesey, Walter, Dominus de la 
Wyke, 178 

Daunt, John, of Wotton, 245 

Daunt, Nicholas, of Wotton, 245 

Daunt, Thomas, of Wotton, 256 

Davi, John, de la Penne, 1 16 

David, Abbot of Bristol, 57, 78, 80 

David, nephew of Rob. Fitzharding, 2 

David, fil. Gudbmundi, 11 " 

David, Scriptor de Wirec', 19 

David, Walensis, 22 

David, Decanus Bledensis, 23 

Dayvill, Walter de, 54 

Dena, Dene, Aland de, 42 ; Ivo de, 
65 ; John de, 45 ; Peter de, 45 ; 
Simon de, 39, 62 ; Thomas de, 45 

Denis, son of Walerand, 16 

Dennys, Denys, Denyse, family of, 
3:8 ; Gilb. de, Knt., 182; Hugh, 
288 ; Maurice, 188, 189 ; Thom- 
as, 324 ; Sir Walter, 328 

Deonyer, Maurice, 193 

Depeden, Richard de, 77 

Derbi, Walter, Mayor of Bristol, 176 

Derby, Earls of, v. Ferraiiis, Will. 
de ; Henry, of Lancaster 

Derby, Rob. , Abbot of Croxton, 209 

Deresford, William de, 65, 69 

Derle, Cecilia mother of Richird 
de, 87 

Derle, Richard de, clerk, 87 

Derleye, John de, 151 

Derleye, Robert de, 1 5 1 

Despencer, Despenser, Dispensaiius, 
Dispensator, Dispenser, family 
of, 299 ; Geoffrey, 75, 79, 87, 
133 ; Henry, 48, 49, 87 ; Hugh, 
48, 49, 53. 54, 67, 72, 86, 87, 
117, 129, 131, 153, 316; Hugh 



le, Earl of Winchester, 156 ; 
Robert, 87 ; Roese d. of Th. 13//; 
Thomas, 13 n., 48, 49, 53, 129, 
140 ; Thurstan, 82 

Dessuble, William, 35 

Deusbire, Richard, 104 

Devereux, John, 183 

Devereux, Robert, 2nd Earl of Es- 
sex, 335 

Devereux, Walter, Lord Ferrers of 
Chartley, 188 

Dhiteswrhe v. Diseworth 

Diccheswrth, Dicheswrth, etc. v. 

Dideswrth, etc. v. Diseworth 

Diffe, Robert, 109 

Diggeby, Dom. John de, 130 

Dikes, Warengar de, 63 

Dimmoc, Hugh de, 44 

Dingeley, John, 231 

Diseworth, Dhiiheswrhe, Dicches- 
wrth, Dicheswrth, Dictheswrth, 
Dideswrth, Digethelswrd, Dige- 
theswurth, Ditheswarth, Dithes- 
wrth, Dithezword, Dithisworth, 
Dycheswrd, Dytheswurth, Bene- 
dict de, 48, 49, 62, 76, 87 ; 
Helias de, 14, 20, 62, 103, 104 ; 
Hugh de, 73, 88, 103, 104, 112, 
117 ; John, s. of Hel., 14; Sy- 
mon de, 103 ; Will, son of Ber- 
tram, 27, 30 ; Will, son of Hel. 
de, 103 

Dison, Ralph, Steward of Segrave 
Manor, 287 

Dispensator, Dispenser, v. Despencer 

Ditheswrth, etc. v. Diseworth 

Dixeleye, Robert de, 128 

Dobson, Ellis, 337 

Dod, Peter, 86 

Dodde, David, Captain at Calais, 214 

Dodde, Ellen wife of David, 214 

Dodinton, Adam de, 97 

Doghan, John, 191 

Doghton, Philip de, 142 

Dole, Walter, 113 

Dorantesthorp, Richard de, 128 

Dorna, Dome, Thomas de, no, 121 

Dorney, Alice, of Nibley, 187 

Dorset, Earl of, v. Sackville 

Dorset, Countess of, v. Beaufort 

Dorset, Marquis of, v. Gray 

Dosy, John, 104 

Douglas, Archibald, 8th Earl of 
Angus, 331, 332 

Douglas, James, Earl of Douglas, 178 

Draesid, Drawesid, Drayside, Dray- 
syd, Dreyside, Philip, 44, 117, 
120, 148 ; Walter, 44, 117; 
William, 44, 117 

Draicot, Draicote, Draycote, Dray- 
cott, Dreicote, Dreycote, John 
de, 40, 47, 52, 94, 116 ; Philip 
de, 214 ; Ralph de, 8; Robert de, 
115, 121 

Draitun, John de, 56 

Drake, Gilbert, 105 

Draper, Richard, of Bristol, cofferer, 

Draperius, John, 50 

Draperius, Richard, Prepositus Rede- 
clivie, 130 

Drawesid v. Draesid 

Draycote, etc. v. Draicot 

Drayside v. Draesid 

Drayton, John de. Lord of Dorsing- 
ton Magna, 184 

Dray tone, Baldwin de, 1 34 

Draytone, Idonea w. of B. de, 134 

Dreicote v. Draicot 

Dreycote v, Draicot 

Dreyside v. Draesid 

Dringe, Edmund, of Westcote, 67 

Drywood, William, s. and h. of 
Thos., 238 

Dubedent, Walter, 118 

Due, John le, 153 

Due, Richard le, 139 

Due, Robert le, 48 

Duchtune, Ducton, Ductun, Ductu- 
na, Dutton, Robert, s. of Rog. 
de, 83 ; Robert de, 108 ; Roger 
de, 71, 81, 83, 91 

Duddebroke, David, Sheriff of Bris* 
tol, 183 



Dudleo, M"^*, Principessa di North- 
umbria, 340 

Dudley, pedigree of, 295 

Dudley, Ambrose, Earl of Warwick, 
224-227, 268, 296, 333, 334 

Dudley, Maria nee Gouffier, wife of 
Carlo, 340 71. 

Dudley, Robert, Earl of Leicester, 
233. 296, 330, 333, 334 

Dudley, Robert, styled Duke of 
Northumberland, 340 n. 

Duncepucke, David, 6 

Dune, Jobn de, 130 

Dunfermline Abbey, Commendator 
of, V. Pitcarne, Robert 

Dunmoch, Henry de, 117 

Dunning, David, 50 

Dunning, Richard son of David, 46 

Dunstanvilla, Rodbert de, 2 

Dunstanville, Walter de, 7 

Dunstanville, Walter de. Canon and 
Rector of Bedminster, 38 

Dunton, Matthew, 120 

Dunton, Osbert de. Abbot of Lei- 
cester, 65 

Dunyng, David, junior, 102 

Dunyng, Elicia relict of David, 102 

Durand de . . . . ai, 7 

Durand, Canon of Hereford, 57 

Durannus, son of Fulk, 61 

Durnefote, Richard de, 40 

Durslega, Ralph de, 1 19 

Dursley, Lord of, v. Berkeley, Henry 

Dursley, Viscount, v. Berkeley 

Duttun V. Duchtune 

Dutton, William, 245, 246 

Dycheswrd v. Diseworth 

I^ygge, John, 191 

Dytheswurth v. Diseworth 

-, Abbot of Pershore, 131 

Earle, Thomas, Master of the Soc. 
of Merch. Adventurers, Bristol, 

Earley, John, of London, cloth- 
worker, 220 

Eboraco, Walter de, Justice, 79, 85 

Eboraco, William de, 76, 82 

Echewicha, Ekewike, Hechewicha, 
Avice, w. of Baldw. de, 30; Bald- 
win de, 28, 30, 46 ; Herbert de, 
28 ; William, s. of Baldw. de, 30 

Echingeham, Symon de, 36 

Eddenvilla, Richard son of Serlo 
de, 104 

Eddenvilla, Serlo de, 104 

Eddenvilla, William fil. Stephani 
de, 104 

Edmondes al. Lawson, Margaret, 304 

Edmund, son of Hen. IIL, 147 

Edmund, Earl of Cornwall, 149 

Edmund, Archbp. of Canterbury, 80 

Edmund, Merchant of Segrave, 39 

Edward', John, 188 

Egge, Auliz, d. of Will, del, 71, 73 

Egge, Gilbert del, 61, 71, 73, 102, 
124, 125, 

Egge, Osbert del, 139 

Eggesworth, Peter de, 21, 84, 91, 

Eggeton, Egeton, Egetun, Eggentun, 
Eggintuna, Eginton, Egintun, 
Ekinton, Gilbert de, 117 ; Henry 
de, 96, 113 ; Isilia d. of 
Alex, de, 61, 62, 117 ; John de, 
33. 50. 57. 59, 63, 66, 72, 81, 83, 

84, 92, 96, ICX5, 102, 105, 107, 
109. 1 10, 113, 116, 122, 127, 133 

Robert de, 117, 146 ; Walter de, 
II7> 137) 146; William de, 141 

Egton, Richard de, of Swonhanger, 

Eilwin, Dispensator, 15 

Ekewike v. Echewicha 

Ekinton v. Egeton 

Elias, 24 

Elias, son of Alured, 57 

Elias, son of Geoffrey, 14 

Elias, son of Toke, 25 



Elizabeth, Prioress of Wallingwells, 

EUesworth, Thomas de, 102 
Ellota, d. of Bernard, 77 
Elmedon, Richard de, 12 
Eltham, John de, Earl of Cornwall, 

Ely, John son of Richard, 199 
Ely, Walter de, 23 
Ely, William de. Lord Treasurer, 36 
Elyas, chaplain, 62 
Elyot, Robert, Abbot of Bristol, 292 

Emdon, Walkelin, son of Richard 
de, 42 

Emerton, Alan de, 68 
Empringham, Odo de, 67 
England, Sovereigns of: Henry I., 
2, 3 

Stephen v. Index of Subjects 

Henry II., 6, 7, 9, 15, 18, 

21, 23, 157, V. also Index of 

Eleanor, wid. of Henry II. 18 

Henry, son of Henry II., 22 

Richard I., 18, 23, 157 

John, 21, SI, 147, 157, 183, 


Qu. Isabella v. Lusignan 

Henry III., 74, 75, 78, 80, 

131, 132, 147 

Edward I., 146, 147, 150, 


Edward II.. 152, 153, 155, 

272, 316, V. alsolndcxof Subjects 

Edward III., 154, 157-167, 

170. 177. 182, 272, V. also Index 
of Subjects 

Richard II., 176, 177 

Henry IV., 179, 180, 182 

' Henry v., 182, 218 

Henry VI., 183-187 

Edward IV., 187-192, 272 

Richard III., 195, 196 

Henry VII., 197-199, 201, 

214, 252, 272 

England, Sovereigns oi— continued. 

Henry VIII., 202, 205-207, 

209-213, 215, 241, 252, 300, 310, 

Edward VI., 212, 301 

Mary, 321 

Philip and Mary, 213, 218 

Elizabeth, 218-226, 233, 238, 

242, 244, 283, 317, 319, 322-324, 

James I., 243, 245, 246, 

325. 339 

Anne, wife of James I., 339 

Charles I., 247, 248, 339 

James II., 326 

William III., 251 

Erdecot, Stephen dc, 36 
Erlega, Erlei, Erleia, John de, 31, 34 
Ernulph, clerk, 59, 81, 93 
Erskine, John, Earl of Mar, 222, 

331. 333 
Esefeld, John de, 68 
Eskermissur, Elias le, 94 

Eapicer, Robert le. Mayor of North- 
ampton, 90 

Espregin, 11 

Esscelworth, Thomas de, 117 

Efscelwurthe, Dom. Adam de, chap- 
lain, 117 

Esseby, David de, 129 

Essetun, William de, 93 

Essex, Earlsof, v. Bohun ; Devereux 

Essington, Robert, 263 

Estham, Agnes wife of Roger de, 160 

Estham, Richard de, 166 

Estham, Roger de, 160 

Estlega, Estleia. Thomas dc, 32, 62 

Eston, Dom. Adam de, 138 

Estsexia, Thomas de, 11 1 

Esturmy, William, 181 

Eu, Alice, Comtesse d', 35, 78 

Eu, Henri, Comte d', 35 ;/. 

EuhuUa, Richard de, 13 

Eustace, the Chamberlain, 12 



Eustace, Oliver, 15 

Eustace, Philip, 15 

Eustace, William, 96 

Eva, dau. of Godwyn, 61 

Eva, wife of Robert Fitzharding ?'. 

Everard, John, Keeper of Redwood, 

Everdun, Silvester de, 133 

Evesham, Ralph de. Prior of Wor- 
cester, 38 

Eveske, Jordan le, 24 

Ewelegh, Peter de, 136 

Exon, Jordan de, 147 

Extona, Roger son of Thomas de, 67 

Extraneus, John, 53 

Eyden, Thomas de, Justice, 56 

TJ'ABER, Ralph, no 

Faber, Richard, 30 

Faber, Roger, 50 

Faber, William, 125 

Faber, William, of Berkeley, 1 16 

Faellor, Symon de, 63 

Faffington, Henry de, 60 

Falconarius, William, 120 

Fallewelle, Richard, of Kingston, 172 

Fanencort, Hellebold de, 36 

Fardayn, Vincent, 102 

Faricius, 69 

Farleha, Silvester de, 123 

Farnham, Fernham, Alan de, 54, 
119, 126 

Farthein, Robert, 78 

Fauflore v. Faulore 

Faukenor, Faukiner, Faukuner, 
William le, 45, 88 

Faulore, Faueflore, Fauflore, Fauue- 

Fauflore, John de, 126 

Faulore, Peter de, chaplain, 174 

Faulore, Faueflore, Fauueflore, 
Simon de, 70, 97, 105, in, 
115. 123 

Faueflor, Fauueflor, Thomas de, 
70, n9 

Faulore, Will. s. of Sim. de, in 

Fauueflor v. Faulore 

Fawel, Hugh, Knt., 128 

Fegge, a tenant in Rearsby, 88 

Felevill v. Folevile 

Felon de Climaco, Hugh de, 169 

Fermeria, Robert de, 67 

Fernham v. Farnham 

Fernlane, Hugh de, 63 

Fernlane, Philip de, 63 

Ferour, Margery w. of Walter le, 165 

Ferour, Richard le, 165 

Ferour, Walter le, 165 

Ferragii, Henry, 108 

Ferrars, Ferrariis, Ferrers 

Ferrars, Earls of Derby, 271 

Ferrars, Johanna de, 118 

Ferrers, Joan de, w. of Th., Lord 
Berkeley, 293 

Ferrars, Rob., s. of Will., Earl 
of Derby, 118 

Ferers, Ferrers, Thos. de, in, 

Ferrariis, Will, de. Earl of Derby, 
78, 118 

Ferrars,Will. de, 118 

Ferrars, William, Lord, 299 
Ferrers, Lord v. Devereux 
Filton, Elias de, 157 
Finch — , 329 
Finch, Daniel, Earl of Nottingham, 

Finke, John, 115 
Finke, Robert, 68, 106 
Fisher, John, Mayor of Bristol, 181 
P'isher, John, Sergeant-at-Law, 197 
Fitzalan, Richard, Earl ol Arundel, 

159, 165 
Fitzalan, Thomas, Archbishop of 

York, 256 



Fil. Geroldi, family of, 66, 68 

Fil. Geroldi, Alice d. of Henry, 68 

Fil. Geroldi, Henry, 68, 105, 106, 

Fil. Geroldi, Hugh, 68 

Fil. Geroldi, Warin al. Gwarin, 

Chamberlain to Henry II., 2, 7, 

Fil. Geroldi, Warin, son of Warin, 

Fil. Geroldi, Warin son of Henry, 

97, 105, 141 

Fitzharding, Ala wife of Nich., son 
of Robert, 27 

Fitzharding, Aldena dau. of Rob. 8«. 

Fitzharding, David nephew of Rob- 
ert, 2 

Fitzharding, Eva, wife of Robert, 

Fitzharding, Helyas, bro. of Robert, 
6, 8, n 

Fitzharding, Henry son of Robert, 
*' Decanus Moreton," 2, IC, 15 

Fitzharding, Hugh bro. of Robert v. 
Hasele, Hugh 

Fitzharding, Jordan bro. of Robert, 
2, 6, II 

Fitzharding, Jordan nephew of Rob- 
ert, 2 

Fitzharding, Maurice son of Robert, 
V. Berkeley, Maurice I., Lord 

Fitzharding, Nicholas, son of Robert, 

6, 8, 13, 14, 27 

Fitzharding, Nigel husband of Ald- 
ena, dau. of Robert, 7, 8, 9, 10 

Fitzharding, Robert, i, 2, 4-9, 14, 
18, 21,23, 29, 40,290,292. Introd. 

Fitzharding, Robert son of Robert, 

7, 8, 15, 22, 40, 52, 70 ; V. also 
Were Robert de 

Fitzherbert, John, 263 

Fitznicol, Thomas, 180, 182 

Fitzwalter, Barons, pedigree of, 297 

Flaumbard, Adam, 96, 107, 130 

Fleetwood, William, Sergeant-at- 
Law, 237 

Fleg, Henry de, 109 

Flemeng, John le, 106 

Fleming, Thomas, 230 

Flemesburg, William de, 45, 88 

Fletewood, Jane w. of William, 239 

Fletewood, Sir William, 239, 243 

Flewed, Raynold, of Calais, 200 

Flexbire, Robert de, in 

Fludde, William, pirate, 229 

Foderingeye, Rog. de, Clerk, 124 

Folcellis, William de, 8 

Folevile, Felevill, Ralph de, 88, 89 

Folevile, William de, 90 

Foliot, Henry, 36, 40, 44, 122 

Foliot, Ralph, 44 

Foliot, Richard, 8, 10 

Foliot, Roger, 40 

Foliot, Dom, Sampson, 105, 117, 

132, 271 
Foliot, Walter, 40 
Foliot, William, of Dodinton, 124 
Folkeswrthe, John de, 134 
Folyot, V. Foliot 
Forde, Simon de, 115, 139, 141 
Forestarius, Gamel, 63 
Forestarius, Gilbert, 118 
Forestarius, Walter, 112 
Forester, Brian, of Whatton, 88 
Forlang, al. Furlang, 7 
Forster, Richard, 193 

Forster, Thomas, Burgess of Bristol, 

Fortccumba, Nicholas de, 67 
Fortescue, John, Under Treasurer of 

the Exchequer, 235 
Forwude, John de, 116 
Fossato, Roger de, 46 
Fosse, Roger de, 19 
Foster, Edmund, 240 
Foster, Sir John, 224, 225 
Foster, Thomas, 229, 235 
Fotour, John, of Butley, 256 
Fountayne, Arthur, 224 
Fox, Stephen, 326 
Fox cote, Thomas de, 46 
Foxlega, John de, 109 



France, King of, Charles IV. , 277 « 
Franceis, Fraunceis, Peter le, 52, 

Franceis, Robert, 65 
Frances, John le, 70 
Francis, Ralph, 12 
Francis, Thomas, 70 
Francois, Robert le, 21 
Frankel', Frankelan Henry, 1 10, 121 
Frankelan, Jacobus, of Uffington, 

Frankelan, John, iii 
Frankelan, John, of Childrey, 67 
Frankelan, Thomas le, 105 
Frankelan, Walter, of Driffield, 118 
it'rank'elan, William, 108 
Frankelayn, Matilda, w. of Rob. le, 

of Bagpath, 119 

Frankelein, John, of Cerney, 118, 

Frankelein, Ribert de, of Uffington, 
1 1-5 

Fraser, Christina, d. of Bernard, 
wid. of R. de Mubray, Knt., 138 

Fraser, Simon, 138 

Fraser, Sir Simon, General of the 

Scotch Forces, 151 
Fraunceis, v. Franceis 
Frauncesson, Tho. , of Berkeley, 288 
Fraunceys, Dom John, Chaplain, 162 
Freland, John, 277 
Freman, Walter, 127 
Fremelade, Simon de, 149 
French, Thomas, 189 
Frenelod, Walter de, 1 13 
Friendai, Ralph, 12 
Friville, Dom. James de, 138 
Frome, Richard de, 166 
Fromelode, Walter de, 1 14 
Frompton, William de, 20 
Fromtun, Walter de, 78 
Fromturia, William de, 20 
Fronte, Robert, 8 
Fryer, Robert, 257 

Fucher, Robert, 127 

Fuelere, Adam le, 51 

Fulco, Clericus de Lisur', 53 

Furlang, v. Forlang 

Furnellis, Alan de, 7, 8 

Furner, John le, 106 

Furneys, Thomas de, of Raunds, 98 

Fust, Sir John, Bart., 262 

I'Utton, Richard de, 114 

Futur, Geoffrey le, 46 

Fyggett, Martin, of Walberswick, 225 

Fynes, Edward, Lord Clinton and 
Saye, 212 


/^^ADECOMBE v. Gatcombe 

Gamach, Giles, 63 

Gamach, Henry, 63 

Gamach, Matthew, 63 

Gamach, Peter, 63 

Gamach, Richard, 63 

Gamach, William, 63 

Gamel, forestarius, 63 

Gansel, Ralph, 56 

Gansel, Randolf, 11 

Gansel, Robert, 13 

Gant, Henry de, 22 

Gant, Hugh de, 22 

Gant, Maurice de, 21, 40, 59, 78, 
80, 92 

Gantor, Roger son of Walter, 106 

Cantor, Walter, of Newport, 106 

Gardiner, Henry le, 151 

Gardiner, Isabel w. of Henry le, 151 

Gardiner, Rob., Bailiff of Bristol, 176 

Gardiner, Robert son of Ralph le, 154 

Gardinir, Warin le, 105 

Gardinis, Thomas de. Sheriff of 
Gloucester, 152 

Gardyner, John, of Stowmarket, 228 

Gargatte, Peter, 70 



Garlott, Oliver, of Morbian, 232 
Garnun, Ranulph, 35 

Garston, Richard, Mayor of Oxford, 

Gascelyn, Geoffrey de, 166 

Gascon aU Gascoigne, Bernard, 342 

Gatcombe, John, an outlaw, 167 

Gathurde, Walter de, 83 

Gathurde, William le, 51 

Gaufridus, capellanus, 10 

Gaugy, William de, 90 

Gawdye, Sir Thomas, Justiceof Com- 
mon Pleas, 228 

Gaynore, Philip le, 121 

Geoffrey, Abbot of Croxton, loi 

Geoffrey, Prior of Thornholm, 79 

Geoffrey, chaplain, 64 

Geoffrey, clerk of Deerhurst, 84, 109 

Geoffrey, clerk, 50 

Geoffrey, serviens, 74 

Geoffrey, son of Alured, 39 

Geoffrey, son of Eda, 67 

Geoffrey, son of Peter, 19, 23 

Geoffrey fil. Sabilie, 119 

Geraud, William, 66 

Geremund ad-capud-pontis, 17 

Gerinus, parson of Wotton, 10 

Germaine, Lady Eliz., 306 

Gessich, Gessit, Gessiz, Gissic, Gis- 
sih, Gissith, Robert de, 70, 97, 
105, 115, 141 

Gessit, Juliana w. of Rob. de, 70 

Giffard, Elyas, 15, 59, 63 

Giffard, Sir Gilbert, 265 

Giffard, Godfrey, Bishop of Worces- 
Giffard, Dom. John, son of Osbert, 

Giffard, John, of Brunnesfeld, Knt., 

Giffard, Dom. John, 147 
GifiFard, Lucy wife of Osbert, 59 
Giffard, Osbert, nephew of Th. de 

Berkeley, 40, 59, 68 
GiJQTard, Osbert, Knt., 132 

Giffard, Walter, 36 
Giffard, William, 273 
Gilbert, chaplain of Slimbridge, 25 
Gilbert, chaplain, 38 
Gilbert, presbyter de Nibley, 119 
Gilbert, son of Eddriz, 1 1 
Gilbert, son of Gerard, 17 
Gilbert, son of Henry, 51 
Gilbert, son of Herebert, 68 
Gilbert, son of Osbert, 32 
Gilbert, son of Osmund, 29, 30, 57 
Gilbert, son of Picot, 20 
Gilda, 58 
Gille, William, 46 
Giosyth, Robert de, 105 
Gippton, Rob. son of Thomas de, 122 
Girard, son of Rich. Faber, 25 
Gissic, Gissih, Gissith, v. Gessich 
Glanvile, Hosbert de, 127 
Glastonia, Master Stephen de, War- 
den of King's Barton, 66 
Glencairne, Earl of, v. Cunningham 
Glint', Ralph de, 29 
Glint', Roger de, 29 
Gloucester, Earl of, v. Clare 
Gloucester, Henry son of Milo de, 26 

Gloucester, Humphrey, Duke of, 
184, 189 

Gloucester, Milo of, 8 n. 

Gloucester, Robert, ist Earl of, 6 

Gloucester, William, 2nd Earl of, 
II, 21 

Gloucestre, Aumfelisia dau. of John, 

son of Osbert de, 46 

Gloucestre, Master Robert de, 36 

Glovare, Richard le, 120 

Gnoweshalla, Richard de, 14 

Gobald, Wydo, 134 

Gobi, Adam, 133 

Gocelin, 68 

Goda, son of Aceman, 20 

Godard, John, Bailiff of Bristol, 190 

Goddard, Richard, 231 



Godesten, Master John de, 31 
Godfrey, Master, 56 
Godwin, 34 
Golafre, John, 174 
Golde, William le, 147, 243, 276 
Goldfre, William, 142 
Goldhoppe, Thomas, 166 
Goldingham, Hugh de, 32, 92 
Goldmere, Walter, 164, 170, 177, 

Golofre, William de, 141 
Golye, William, 120 
GopeshuU, John de, 67 
Gorges, Ralph de, 272 
Gorges, Theobald de, Knl., 272 
Gosediches, John de, 50 
Gosee, Peter de, 68 
Gosinton, John de, 45 
Gosinton, Gosintune, Reginald de, 

25, 31. 38, 57, 66, 121, 137 
Gosintunia, Engebald de, 6 
Gosselyn, John, Bailiff of Bristol, 185 
Gosynton, John s. and h. of Roger 

de, 160 
Gosynton, Roger de, 153 
Gosynton, Walter de, 153 
Gournay, Thomas de, 274 n 

Gourne, de^ [1327] 274 

Gowrie, Earl of, v. Ruthven 

Graitton, Guillaume de, Chev. 169 

Gramaticus, William, 34 

Grant, Adam le, 41 

Grassus, William, 126 

Grave, Robert de la, 16 

Gray, Patrick, Master of Gray, 332, 

Gray, Tho., Marquis of Dorset, 252 
Gregory, 15 

Greinton, Jordan de, 23 
Grendon, Ralph de, 119 
Grene, Hugh dela, of Prestwood, 131 
Grene, John de la, loi 

Grene, Richard, Yeoman, 201 
Grene, Robert, Keeper of Berkeley 

Park, 280 
Greneby, Henry de, 119 
Gresham, Thomas, 215 
Gresham, Paul, 215 
Greuel, Richard, Bailiff of Hurst 

and Slimbridge, 277 
Grevell, John, Esquire, 182 
Grey, Arthur, Lord Grey de Wilton, 

Greyndour, Robert, 182 
Greynvil, Bartholomew, 273 
Griffin, son of Reginald, 26 
Grimescote, Richard de, iii 
Grimeston, Gerard de, 16 
Grimeston, Robert de, 89 
Grip, Gryip, Walter le, 138-140 
Gris, Walter son of William, 117 
Gros, Bertram le, 40, 98 
Grout, Henry, 126 
Grun, Ralph, 87 
Gryip, v. Grip 
Guboud, John, 54 
Guderintona, Henry de, 139 
Guido, Prior of Southwick, 37 
Guldene, Lord Eustace le, 113 
Guldene, William le, 113 
Gule, Hugh, 93 
Gule, Osbert, 8 
Gule, Ralph, 119 
Guniges, William de, 61 
Gurmendele, Gurmundel, Gurmunde- 

ley, Robert de, 103, 104, 128 
Gurmerevile, Nicholas de, 123 
Gurnay, Dom. Robert de, 78 
Gy, Dom. Imbert, frater, 146 
Gyffard, v. Giffard 
Gyffbrd, John, 191 
Gymilles, Robert de, 134 
Gynpthona, John de, 123 
Gyttyn, Robert, 210 




Haraut, Robert, no 

TT TT A vy^Tt ^ An^.^t-t *-vf /^rtT^f^ll■ 

Harbert, Sir Watar, "'. Herbert 

n bury, 23 

Hardewine, Henry, 118 

H , Prior of Keynsham, 58 

Harding, Kingof Denmark, 291, /tUro. 

Habraham, John, 106 

Harding, Robert, 44 

Hachmere, Henry de, 121 

Hardredeshull, Robert de, 54 

Hackere, Robert le, 115 

Hardredeshulla, William de, Sheriff 

Hagelega, William de, 28 

of Leicester, 32, 86 

Haggele, Roger de, 66 

Hareng, Ralph, Justice, 56 

Haia, Peter de, 13 

Harewell, John, 182 

Haidon, Thomas de, Justice, 60 

Harewy, Peter, 116 

Haie, William de la, 89 

Harold, Robert, 127 

Hakkere, Robert, 70, 126 

Harrington, John, 283 

Hale, Sire Frank de, chev,, 168 

Harssefelde, Richard de, 284 

Hale, William, son of Alan de, i 


Harward, Eleanor, wid. of Clement, 

Hales, Alan de, 96 


Hales, John, Bishop of Coventry 

Harweturt, Robert de, 30 

and Lichfield, 192 

Haryng, Ranulf, 53 

Hales, Katharine de, 1$^ 

Hasculf, son of Peter, 89 

Hales, Robert de. Seneschal 


Hasele, Hugh de, brother of Robert 

Berkeley, 94-96, 138 

Fitzharding, 5, 6 

Hallen, family of, 168 m. 

Hastede, William de, 49 

Hallen, Rev, A. W. C, 168 «. 

Hasting, Philip de, 48 

Hallkesock, Thomas, chaplain, i 


Hastinges, Manasser de, 64 

Halmere, Richard de, 117 

Hastings, de, 42 

Hambroc, Eliot de, 26 

Hastings, Henr)', Earl of Hunting- 

Hame, Hamm, Hamme, Adam 


don, 226, 296 

la, 47, 78, 100, 139 

Hastings, Katharine, wife of Henry, 

Hamo, clerk, 48, 49 

Earl of Huntingdon, 296 

Hamo, serviens, 11 

Hastings, Will., Lord Hastings, 272 

Hampton, John de, 155, 159 

Hasweia, William de, 26 

Hamslape, John son of John de, i 


Hathmere, Henry, son of Walter, 115 

Hanketin, William, 119 

Hathmere, Hathemere, Walter, of 

Hannys, John, Alderman of Holy 

Cam, 40, 115 

Cross Guild, Stratford-on-Avon, 

Hathulf, Adam, 129 


Hatton, Sir William, 236 

Hanselin, W'illiam, 44 

Hautain, Monsieur de, 330 

Hanstede, Robert de, 128 

Hauvill, Stephen de, 124 

Hanum, Richard de, 2 

Hauberton, Philip de, 56 

Hanum, Robert de, 8, 20, 21, 
64, 70 

Hanum, William de, 12 


Hauberton, Richard de, 56 

Hauetford, Robert de, Knt., 139 

Hapulf, Adam, 146 

Haueton, Eudo de, 131 

Haranc, Harang, Dom. Henry, 98, 

Haughton v. Houghton 

103, 104 

Haukeford, William, Knt., 181 



Haukere, Roger son of Peter le 


Helyun, Walter de, 148 

Kegworth, 128 

TIemington, Richard de, 134 

Haumerie, William de, 39 

Heminton, Roger de, 49 

Hausted, Roger de, 73, 103, 117 

Hendun, Gilbert de, 80 

Hausted, William de, 76 

Henle, Robert de, 106 

Haveryng, Dom. Richard, Knt., 


Henle, Thomas de, 106 

Haward, John, Knt., 189 

Hennage, Sir Thomas, 212, 235 

Hawford, Edward, Parson of Keg- 

Henry, Bishop of Lincoln, 157 

worth, 229 

H [enry de Soilly], Bp. of Worces- 

Hawkesbury, Lord, v. Jenkinson 

ter, 19 

Hawlis, John, 193 

Henry, Dean of Bristol, 33 

Hay, Dom. William de, 98 

Henry, Dean of Moreton, 10 

Haya, Robert de, 67 

Henry, Dean of Portbury, 138 

Haye, Robert de la, 91 

Henry, Archdeacon of Exeter, 15 

Haye, Walter de la, 147 

Henry, the Treasurer, 4 

Hayrun, Philip de, 120 

Henry, Prior of Longbridge, 137 

Haysford, William de, 31 

Henry, the chaplain, 30, 32, 36, 38, 

Haytherleye, Philip de, 66 

56, 59, 99. 112 

Hayward, George s. of Sir Rowland, 

Henry, Chaplain of Berkeley, 33, 34 

Hayward, Kath., widow of 
Rowland, 238 


Henry, Chaplain of S. Newington, 29 

Henry, the clerk, 48, 87 

Hayward, Richard son of Robert 

Henry, Clerk of Berkeley, 31 

le, 164 

Henry, Clerk of Bradley, 47, 83, 84 

Hayward, Robert le, 160 

Henry, Clerk of Merston, 48 

Hayward, Rob. son of Robert le. 


Henry, Clerk of Segrave, 48 

Heathfield, Jane, of Bevington, 


Henry, Scriptor, of Bradley, 55 

Hechewicha v. Echewicha 

Henry, son of Adam, Chaplain of 

Hecun, Jordan de, 65 

Coaley, 52 

Hegge, Gilbert de, 37 

Henry, son of Bernard, 108 

Heia, Robert son of Robert, 


Henry, son of Geofirey, 77 

Humfresham, 128 

Henry, son of Harketil, 17 

Heketon, John de, 59 

Henry, son of Hervey, 34 

Helena, John de la, 54 

Henry, son of Lioff'us, 28 

Helenes, John de, Introd. 

Henry, son of Nicholas, son of Rob. 

Helyas, 59 

Fitzharding, 27 

Helyas, Camberarius, 1 1 

Henry, son of Thomas, 49 

Helyas, Chaplain of Wick, 28 

Henry, son of Waleran, 17 

Helyas, son of Bernard, 8 

Herbert, Camerarius, 8 

Helyas, son of Durand, Canon of 

Herbert, son of Roger, 16 

Hereford, 57, 58 

Herbert, Henry, 2nd Earl of Pem- 

Helyas, son of Hugh the clerk, 2 


broke, 334 

Helyas, son of Harding, bro. of R. 

Herbert, Marga et, d.of Will., ist 

Fitzharding, 6, 8, 10, 11 

Earl of Pembroke, 193 

Helyun, Geoffrey de, 72 

Herbert, Sir Walter, 300J 



Herbert, William, Earl of Pembroke, 

328, 339 
Herde, Robert le, 96, 100, 107, no, 

113. 116, 133 
Herdebi, Odinel de, 82 
Herebert, Master, 19 
Herebert, no 

Hereford, Roger, Earl of, 4, 6 
Hereford, Earl of, v. Bohun 
Heres, Roger, 42, 50 
Herevicus, 20 
Herevile, Ralph de, 46 
Herlega, Master Reginald de, 28 
Herleston, William de, clerk, 166 
Herman, John, 109 
Herman, Ralph, 55 
Heron, Gerard, Knt. , 178 

Hersin, Malvesin de, Senescallus 
Alicie comitiase Augy, 36 

Herteshorn, Geofl'rey de, 112 

Herteshorn, Walter, son of Geoffrey 

de, 112 
Hertford, Earl of, v. Clare 
Hesketh, Richard, Jesuit, 334 «, 
Hesla, Hugh de, 7 
Hethe, Roger de la, 28 
Heuthlingburg, Eustace de, 98 
Hewyk, Nicholas de, Knt., 158 
Hexill, William, 256 
Heyberare, William, 176 
Heydon, John, 191 

Heydon, Sir William, of Bacons- 
thorpe, 233 

Heywarde, John le, 124 

Hickes, Baptiste, 242 

Hiclong, Gervase de, 16 

Hida, William de, 78, 121 

Hill, Richard, 329 

Hilton, Sir William, 224 

Hineton, Rob. son of Walter de, 59 

Hinetun, Robert de, 28 

Hinton, Richard de, 42 

Hobart, James, 190 

Hobi, Hoby, Alan de, 87, 122 

Hocton, Gilbert de, 41 

Hocton, Will, son of Jordan de, 41 

Hoddeng, Hodeng, John de, 40, 77 

Hoilande, Reginald de, 31, 62 

Hoilonde, R de, 53 

Holanda, Adam de, 65 

Holdelonde, Geoffrey de, 63 

Holdelonde, Martin de, 64 

Holepenne, Simon de, 4$ 

Holeweie, Stephen de, 99 

Holkham, Thomas son of Ralph 
de, 32 

Holt, Willinm de. Coroner for co. 
Gloucester, 153 

Homa, Hum, Roger de, 12 

Home, Adam de la, 84 

Home, William de la, 121 

Honinton, Roger de, 49 

Honywood, Michael, 248 

Hopcrone, John, 256 

Hope, Adam de la, 119 

Hore, Adam de, 47 

Hore, Adam le, of East Challow, 
67, III 

Hore, Alex, le, 120, 148 

Hore, John le, I2i 

Horon, Walter de, 120 

Horsford, Walter de, 102 

Horton, Will, de, 124 

Hosatus, Henry, 6 

Hosatus, Walter, 8 

Hospicio, Adam de, 43 

Hoth, Walter, 102 

Hotoft, Hamo de, 12 

Houbi, Gilbert de, 17 

Houbi, Henry de, 88 

Houbi, William de, 32 

Houbi, William son of Henry de, 

Houby, Richard de, 129 
Houghton, Sir Gilbert, 246 

Houghton, Margaret wife of Sir Gil- 
bert, 246 

Houton, Elyas de, 119 



Hoveden, Roger de, 3 n. 

Howard, Charles, Lord Howard, of 
Effingham, 230, 232, 237, 322, 

Howard, Henry, 7th Earl of North- 
ampton, 260, 263, 338 

Howard, Katharine, dau. of Thomas, 
Duke of Norfolk, w. of Thos. 
Berkeley, 208 

Howard, Thomas, Earl of Arundel 
and Surrey, 340 

Howard, Thomas, Duke of Norfolk, 
208, 212, 328 

Howard, Thos., Earl of Suffolk, 339 

Howard, Thos. , Earl of Surrey, 300 

Howard, Hon. William, 339 

Howelle, Hugh de, 80 

Howt, John de, 127 

Howt, John son of John de, 127 

Hua, Reginald de, 12 

Hubert, dapifer, 11 

Hubert, Master, official of the Bishop 

of Worcester, 82, no 

Hugh, Bishop of Chester, 18, 23 

Hugh, Abbot of Abingdon, 54 

Hugh, Abbot of Chester, 53 

Hugh, Abbot of Hayles, 149 

Hugh, chaplain, 11, 29, 32 

Hugh.capellanus monialium de Lang- 
ley, 48 

Hugh, capellanus de Lorilinga, 60 

Hugh, clerk, 25, 123 

Hugh, clerk of Croxton, 67, 114 

Hugh, Dispensator, 69, 72 

Hugh, Master, 12 

Hugh, Infans, 67 

Hugh, Parvus, 24 

Hugh, servant of Warin fil. Geroldi, 

Hugh, 57 

Hugh, fil. Aky, 65 

Hugh, son of Martin, 122 

Hugh, son of Ric. son of Suetric, 35 

Hugh, son of Will, son of Alan, 128 

Hull, Robert son of John, Knt., 181 

Hull, Robert son of Robert, 181 

Hulle, Adam athe. 85 

Hulle Hugh and Sara, 124 

Hulle, Nich. s. of Ralph, Dominus 
de, 102 

Hulle, Nicholas, 176 

Hulle, Richard de la, 42 

Hulle, William de, 25, 109 

Hum, Roger de, v. Home 

Humberstan, Alan de, 67 

Humberstan, Robert de, 88 

Humet, Humeto, John de, 64, 88 

Humez, Hummaz, Richard de, con- 
stabularius, 2, 4, 7 

Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester, v. 

Humphrey, chaplain, 26 

Hunde, Robert le, 105 

Hunedene, Henry de, 119 

Hungerford, family of, 318 

Hungerford, Edmund and Johanna, 

Hungerford, Marie, Lady, 207 

Hungerford, Walter, Knt., 181 

Hunsdon, Lord, v. Carey 

Hunte, Isabel dau. of Hugh le, 254 

Hunteneford, Harding de, 31, 32, 

35. 57. 60, 66, 108, 109 
Huntingdon, Earls of, v. Clinton ; 

Hastings ; Scocia, J. de 

Huntley, family of, 318 
Huntley, Anthony, 281 
Huntley, Sir George, Sheriff of 

Gloucester, 328, 330, 338 
Hurde, Robert son of William, 92 
Hurde, Roger le, 140 
Hurde, William, 92 
Hurel, William, 44 
Hurne, Thomas, 282 
Hurward, Will., 273 
Huscale, Thomas, 40 
Huthlae, Thomas le, of Wotton, 120 
Hutton, John, Mayor of Bristol, 292 
Hvelega, Ralph de, 6 



Hwineband, Nicholas, no 

Jenkynson, Hugh, Chantry Priest in 

Hyda, William de, 1 10 

St. Mary Redclifife, 210 

Ilyde, Edw., ist Earl of Clarendon, 

Jocelin, Gilbert, 66 


Jocelyn, Richard, 303 

Hyde, John de la, 122 

John, Bishop of Bath and Wells, 175 

Hyleberd, Philip, 53 

John, Bishop of Oxford, 247 

Hyll, Henry, Warden of the Friars 

John, Bishop of Jerusalem, 155 

Minors in Gloucester, 208 

John, Abbot of Bristol, late 1 2th 

cent., 25 


John, Abbot of Bristol, t. John, 38 

John, Abbot of Bristol, [1278], 146 
John, Abbot of Bristol [1337], 159 

TDA, ux. Domini [de Wick], 28 

Infirmitorio, Roger de, of Croxton, 

John, Abbot of Kingswood, 91 

50, 101, 114, 123 

John, Abbot of Westminster, 200 

Ingepenne, Henry, 179 

John, Prior of Swavesey, 37 

Inglose, Henry, Knt., 186 

John, Prior of Worcester, 164 

Ingoldsby, Brigadier Richard, Gov- 

John, Vicar of Stratton, Hi 

ernor of Limerick, 251 

John, chaplain, 33, 47, 112 

Ingpam, Oliver de, 157 

John, Dominus de Rodmertun, 127 

Insula, de, v. Lisle 

John, marescallus, 23 

Ireland, Thomas, 245 

John, clericus de Draiton, 55 

Irencestre, Dom. Richard, 98 

John, clericus de Estbrenca, 23 

Isle, del V. Lisle 

John, clerk, 130 

Issoudun, Raoul de Lusignan d', 35 

John, constable of Berkeley Castle. 

Ithell, Geoffrey, 223 


Ivo, Camerarius, 44 

John, monk of Kingswood, 100 

Ivo, son of Alexander, 39 

John, dictus Monachus, 97 

Iwele, Walter de, 13 

John, the falconer, 277 

Iweleia, Peter de, 59 

John, Juvenis, of Dunstable, 97 

Iweyn, Nicholas, 151 

John, son of Adam Wallensis, 74 

John, son of Eadmund, 70 


John, son of Fulk, 16 


John, son of Geoffrey, 79, 97, m. 

T , Chamberlain of Bristol 

J Abbey, 37 


John, son of Gilbert, the clerk, 82 

Jacob Ben Rab Moses, 139 

John, son of Gilbert, 104 

Jakemones, Jakemonus, Walter, 124, 

John, son of Hugh, 86 

James, son of Dolfin in-Woldrop, 59 

John, fil. Joh. Episcopi, 22 

Janes, John, 164 

John, fil. Loue, 121 

Janitor, Ranulph, 120 

John, son of Osbert, 50 

Janitor, Thomas, 32 

John, son of Pain or Pagan, 68, 72 

Jenkinson, Robert Banks, Lord 

John, son of Philip, 75, 79 

Hawkesbury, 2nd Earl of Liver- 

John, son of Reginald, Lord of Blayn- 

pool, 343. 344 

leuenyrs and Bulthdynas, 149 



John, son of Robert Nepos de Osle- 
worth, 42 

John, son of Symon, 41 

John, son of Thomas, 147 

Johnes, Richard, of Abergwilie, 227 

Johnson, Robert son of John, 239 

Joie, Joye, Robert, 20, 42, 64, 70, 

Jones, Charles, pirate, 229 

Jordan, chaplain, 41 

Jordan, Master, 19 

Jordan, son of Harding, 1 1 

Jordan, fil. Joh. Episcopi de Bristol, 

Jordan, son of Nich., son of Rob. 
Fitzharding, 27 

Jordan, brother of Robert Fitzharding 
V. Fitzharding 

Jordan, nephew of Rob. Fitzharding 
V. Fitzharding 

Jort, Stephen de, de Wymundewel, 

Jorz, Ranulf de, 86 

Josbert, Prior of Coventry, 32 

Joseph, Sacerdos, 39 

Jowas, Ralph, 120 

Joye, Nicholas, tailor, 112 


IV'ACCHEMERE, Richard de, 97 

Kacchemere, Roysia, wife of Richard 
de, 97 

Kadifer, Richard son of Walter, 46, 

50. 102 
Kadifer, Walter, of Gloucester, 102 

Kagword, Kagwrth, Kagwurde, 

Kagwrth, Henry de, 49 
Kagwurde, Ralph de, clerk, 49 
Kegwrth, Rich, de, clerk, 48, 49, 

54, 62 
Kagword, Rob. son of Ivo de, 128 
Kegwrth, Yvo de, 73 
Kanebir', Walter de. 

Kaninges, John, Bailiff of Bristol, 176 

Kareles, William, 51 

Kavel, William, 118 

Kaynes, Dom. William de, 140 

Kaythorp, Herbert de, 45 

Kegwrth v. Kagword 

Kemesoc. Henry de, 72 

Kemeys, John, 185 

Kemeys, Roger son of Thos., 273 

Kemmis, Col. W., 289 

Kemmys, Arthur, 213 

Kemys family, 318 

Kemys, Roger, Antiquary, 289 

Ken, Agacia d. of Rob. son of Ric, 
w. of John de, 73 

Ken, John de, 73 

Ken, Simon de, 41 

Kendale, Thomas, 182 

Kendale, William, 267 

Kendall, George, 268 

Kent, Earl of, v. Burgo, Hubert de 

Kentes , William, Vicar of Ar- 

lingham, 181 
Key, William, 66 
Kide, Robert, 45 

Kilkenny, Master William de. Arch- 
deacon of Coventry, 131 

Kilseayt, Kilsyth, Mons. de, v. Liv- 
Kima, Philip de, 53 

King, Ralphe, of London, grocer, 229 

King', Nicholas de, 37 

Kintjescote, Dom. Adam, son of 
Nigel de, 84 

Kingescote, Nigel de, 70, 73, 84, 
121, 275, 277 

Kingescote, William de, Canon of 
Hereford and Wells, 150 

Kingeston, Alice de, 95 
Kingestone, John de, Knt., 130, 153 
Kingestone, Nicholas de, Knt., 151 
Kingestone, Nigel de, 277 
Kingestone, Dom. Robert de, 73, 

95. 136, 137 
Kingestone, Will, de, clerk, 121 



Kingestone, Sir William, 207, 320, 

Kingestun, William de, 106 
Kingestune, William de, 25 
Kingswood, Nicholas de, 55, 73, 

108, 109 
Kington, Walter de, 71 
Kington, William de, 71, 86 
Kinton, Kynton, Philip de, 48, 62, 72 
Kinton, Kynton, Richard de, 46, 86 
Kirkebi, Norman de, 19 
Knappe, Thomas, Bailiff of Bristol, 

Kneye, Elyas, of Cnipton, lOl 
Knight, Robert, Vicar of Wotton, 213 
Kniteton, Knitheton, Knittinton, Pa- 
gan dc, 105, 114, 115, 123 
Knitheton, Yvo, son of Pagan de, 114 
Knittinton v. Kniteton 
Knolles, Thomas, citizen of London, 

Knollys, Sir Francis, 329 
Knyvet. John de Sudewic, 124 
Kolecumbe, Mauger de, 118 
Kouele, Richard de, 59 
Kramprich, Johan, 343 
Kuneston, William de, 76 
Kurzun, Dom. Richard de, 140 
Kymba, Simon de, 54 
Kjmiorley al. Cooke, William, 244 
Kynge, John, Steward of Stratford- 
on-Avon Manor, 281 

Kynge, Juliana, wife of Maurice, 189 

Kyn^e, Maurice, porter at Berkeley 
Castle, 189 

Kyngescot v. Kingescote 
Kyngeston, Kyngestun, v. Kinges- 
Kynggescute v. Kinge?cote 
Kyngwest, Robert, 272 
Kynton v. Kinton 
Kyrkestede, John, 256 
Kyssamensis, Symon, 170 
Kyle, Solomon, 86 
Kywestoc, Walter de, 23 

LABANC, Bartholomew, 51, 71, 
78, 81, 83 

Laci, John de, Earl of Lincoln, 79 
Lacy, Henry de, Earl of Lincoln, 

147. 150 
Lamburne, Elyas de, 1 23 
Lamburne, John de, 123 

Lancaster, Blanche d. of Henry, 
Earl of, 163 

I^ncaster, Henry, Earl of, 157 

Lancaster, Henry of. Earl of Derby, 

Landa, Matilda de, dau. of Rog. de 

Berkelai, 36, 55 

Landa, Robert de, 37 
Langanacre, Alured de, 84 
Langatot, Robert de, 43 
Langedun, John de, 72 
Langefeld, Martin de, 42 
Langethot, Langetot, Milo de, 104, 

Langetona, Robert de, 12 
Lasceles, Lawrence de, 71 
Lascy, Walter de, 79 
Lasseberg, William de, 121 
Lasseberuwe, Henry de, 66 
Lasseberuwe, William de, 84 
Lathom, Nicholas, 108 
Lathom, Master Robert, 108 
Lathom, Roger, 55 
Latimer, Family of, 295 
Latimer, Lord, v. Nevill 
Lattun, Walter de, 133 
Latur, Richard de, 42 
Laumpert, Adam de, 122 
Laundre, Dom. Robert, Knt. 174 
Laurence, Prior of Barnwell, 37 
Laurence, Clerk, 44, 68, 87 
Laurence, son of Ranulf, 106 
Laurence, Walter, 175 
Laurtun, Lawertune, Geoffrey de, 

93. 129 
Lavacensis, Philippus, 170 



Lawson, al. Edmondes, Margaret, 

Lecke, Thomas, Master of the Guild 

of Holy Cross, Stratford, 184 

Ledebury, Henry de, 148 

Ledecumb, Reginald de, 68 

Lee, Sir Richard, of Sopwell, 218 

Lee, Richard, of Hook Norton, 228 

Leek, John, Knt. 256 

Lefrith, Walter, of Tresham, 83 

Lefward, John son of William, Chap- 
lain, 47 

Lefward, William, 99 

Lega, Robert de, 22 

Lega, William de, 68 

Legat, Adam, of Wotton, 255 

Legat, Margery, of Wotton, 256 

Legh, Robert de, 94 

Legle, Hugh son of Hugh, de Bele- 
tona, 27 

Leicester, Petronella, Countess of, 

Leicester, Robert, Earl of, 12 

Leicester, Earls of, v. Montfort ; 

Leicestria, Robert de, 69 

Leicestria, William de, 42, 50 

Leicestria v. also Leycestre 

Leire, Richard de, 17 

Leiria, Tomas de, 17 

Leissinga, Robert de, 43 

Lenfaunt, William, loi 

Lenfaunt, al. Leinfaunt, William, 
loi, 114, 123 

Lennox, Earl of, v. Stewart 

Lennox, Charles, Duke of Rich- 
mond, 262 

Leopold, Emperor of Germany, 343 

Lestut, Richard, 129 

Letitia, mulier, 48 

Leukenor, Henry de, Warden of St. 

John's Hospital, Oxford, 132 
Levet, Henry, 38 
Lewis, John, Muster-master, 288 

T^xinton, Robert de. Judge, 60, 76, 

Leycestre, Robert de, 140 

Leycestre, Robert son of Rob. de, 75 

Leycestre, Thomas de, 140 

Leycestria, Philip de, 96, 100, 116, 

Leycestria, Thomas de, 75 

Leye, Robert, 21 

Lezignan, Geoffrey de, 131 

Lichelbarwe, Ralph de, 140 

Liggon, Arnold, 334 

Ligon al. Lygon, Thomas, 246 

Linant, Robert de, 118 

Linch, Gilbert de, 47, 59, 99 

Lincoln, Earls of, v. Clinton ; Laci ; 

Lacy ; Ranulph 
Lincoln, Henry de, 89 
Lincoln, Peter de, 89 
Lincoln, Thomas de, 90 
Ling, Gilbert del, 58 
Linz, Roger de, 24 
Lisle, family of, 286 
Lisle, pedigree of, 295 
Lisle, Viscount v. Talbot 
Lisle De, Del Isle, De Insula 

Alice, wife of Robert, 68 

Alice, wid. of Warin, 156 

Alice, 139, 286 

Geoffrey, 69 

Gerard, 165, 177 

Helias, 48 

John, 283 

Margaret, 176 

Robert, 68 

Simon, 56 

Thomas, 92 

Thomas, fil Ric. persone de Ris- 
tone, 51 

Walter, 181 

Warin, 153, 174, 176, 177 

Warine, fil Rob., 68 

William, 76, 82, 86 
Lismer, Fulco, Clericus de, 31 
Lisures, Michael de, 62 



Lisures, Peter de, 62 
Litteris, Nicholas de, 54 
Littleton, Thomas, 326 
Liverpool, Earl of, v. Jenkinson 
Liueth, Liuez, Lyves, Lyvet, Henry 
de, 83, 84, 109, no, 136 

Livingstone, Sir Will., of Kilsyth, 

331. 332 
Loas, Helewisa wife of Ralph, 28 
Loas, Ralph, 28 
Lobrensis, Petrus, 170 
Loc, Thomas, 73 
Locaston, Gervase de, 41 
Loch, Adam, 37, 91 
Loch, Thomas, 71, 78, 91, 102, 124 
Locke, Henry, 233 
Lockeston, Richard de, 23 
Lockington, Bartholomew de, 45 
Lodbroc, Henry de, 17 
Lodbroc, William de, 54 
Loges, Richard de, 139 
Logge, Robert, Clerk, 196, 197 
Lokinton, Godfrey de, 31, 53, 62 
Lokintun, Richard de, 72, 125 

Lokinton, Lokintun, Lukinton, Ro- 
ger de, 94, 95, 96, 99, 100, 103, 
127, 130, 131, 138, 140 

London, Adam de, in 

London, Alexander de, 72, 92 

London, Walter de, 72 

Londoniis, John de, 61 

Long, Philip, 58, 78 

Longavilla, John de, 134 

Longe, Laurence le, of Blakeney, 

Longetoft, Milo de, 147 

Longney, pedigree of, 297 

Longo Campo, William de. Chan- 
cellor, 23 

Longus, Thomas, 94 

Lonton, Geoffrey, 106 

Loreweng, Adam de, 137 

Lorewynge, Thomas de, 151 

Lorwyn, John son of Walter le, 121 

Lotrix, Alice, 66 

Louokenor, Gilbert de, 54 

Love, Ralph de la, 97 

Loveday, Roger, Justice Itinerant, 

Lovel, William, 130 

Lovell, Thomas, 194 

Lovell, Thomas, Knt,, Justice Itin- 
erant, 203 

Lovell, Thomas, Priest, 328 

Loventa, Thomas de, 34 

Lovet, Henry, 91 

Lovett, Thomas, 229, 240 

Lucas, Thomas, 180 

Luckenor, Eliz. wid. of Henry, 302 

Luckenor, Henry, 302 

Lude, Thomas de, 103 

Lude, William de. Bishop of Ely, 

Lufel, Geoffrey, Knt, 128 
Luffing, Reginald, 133 
Luffingham, Thomas, 246 
Lugwardyn, Stephen de, 166 
Luke, Archbishop of Dublin, 80 
Luke, Canon of Bristol, 37 
Lukinton v. Lokinton 
Luminur, Walter le, 120 
Luncecumbe, Osbert de, 79 
Lunewrthi, Adam de, III 
Lupiate, Henry de, 124 
Lupus, John, 24, 25, 62 
Lupus de Llewelino, William, 149 
Lusignan, Hugh de, 131 n. 
Lusignan, Isabella, widow of King 

John, wife of Hugh de, 131 n. 
Lusignan, Raoul de, 35 n. 
Luvet, Henry, 71 
Luvet, John, 32, 92 
Luvet, Richard, 51 
Luvetot, Roger de, 118 
Lygon V. Ligon 
Lygon, William, 268 
Lymesee, Amable de, 122 



Lymon, Michael, of Middlebourg, 

Manecestre, Mancestre, Hugh de, 


45, 48, 62, 81, 88 

Lynch, Gilbert de, 1x3 

Manecestre, Walter de, 88 

Lynch, Gilbert de, 1 14 

Manne, Hugh, 176 

Lyons, Stephen de, 98 

Mansard, M. de, 330 

Lyuns, Roger de, 48 

Mansel, William, 97, 118 
Mar', Nicholas de, 42 


Mara, Hugh de, 40 

'VTACHIN, John, 281 

Mara, Wigan de, 87 

Marchald, Alan, 131 

Machun, Alice, wid. of Samson, 105 

Maretot, Adam de, 20 

Machun, Samson, 105 

Margaret, quandam ux. Othonis fil. 

Maclean, Sir John, F.S.A., 

306 n. 

Willelmi, 31 

Mael, R de, 274 

Marham, Nicholas de, 88 

Mael, William, 118 

Marina, John de. Abbot of Bristol, 

Magneby, Hugh de, 34 


Mahel, John, 64 

Marisco, Peter de, 70 

Mahihele, fil. Ansgeri de Combe, 8 

Marisco, Thomas de, ill 

Maillore, Mallor, Mallore, 


Markel, Walter de, 114 


Marlow, Roger de, 149 

Anketil, Knt., 40, 48, 90 

Marmium, Geoffrey, 20 

Gilbert, 45, 50, 65, 69, 76, 86-88, 

Marmium, Robert, 112 

90, 140 

Marmium, William, of Bitton, 21 

John, 128 

Marmium, William, 64, 70 

Robert, 90 

Marsh, Narcissus, Archbishop of 

Thomas, 65, 69, 90 

Dublin, 326 

William, 86 

Marshall, Marescall, Marescallus 

Malebranche, Ingram, 140 


Malegrave, Aulf de, 72 

Gilbert, Earl of Pembroke, 80 

Maleherbe, William, 82 

Henry, 116 

Malet, Adam, 112 

John, 21, 23 

Malet, Dom, Robert, 120, i 


Mast. Joscellin, 36 

Malet, William, 20, 42 

Ralph, 120 

Malger, Bishop of Worcester 

, 33. 35 

Richard, Earl of Pembroke, 80 

Mallor V. Maillore 

Richard, 92 

Malreward, William, 30 

Robert, 20 

Maltravers, John, 274 n. 

Robert, of Newport, 140 

Manchester, Earl of, v. Montagu 

Roger, 44 

Mandevill, William de, 3rd 

Earl of 

William, 23, 29, 96, 116 

of Essex, 18, 23, 79 

William, Earl of Pembroke, 35, 

Mandeville, William de, 6th 

Earl of 

64, 75 

Essex, 77 

Marston, Thomas, Bailiff of Hinton, 

Mandewerre, William, 107 

etc., 280 

Manecestre, Gilbert de, 89 

Martel, Richard, 50 



Martel, Roger, 139 

Martin, chaplain, 112 

Martin, clericus de Essendon, 120 

Martin, Robert, of Cameys, 146 

Martingwast, Martigwast, Martiwall, 
Martiwast, Martiwastre, 

Fulco, Constable of Northamp- 
ton, 75 
Peter, 62 
Ralph, 12, 64, 67, 75, 87, 88 

William, Sheriff of Northampton, 
60, 62, 75, 89, 140 

Martra, Hugh, 27 

Martra, Martre, Osbert, 7, 8, 12 

Mary, 32 

Mary, Princess, dau. of Henry VII., 

334 ". 
Massingberd, John, 304, 305 
Mathan, John de, 72 

Mathem, William de. Seneschal of 
Berkeley, 113, 141 

Mathewe, William, 240 
Mathias, Joan wife of Robert, 146 
Mathias, Robert, 146 
Mathias, Thomas, 95, 96, 100, 102, 

103. "3> 1 16, 122 
Mathieu, John, 243 
Mathine, Robert de, 141 
Mathine, William de, 140, 147 
Matson, Thomas, 206 
Mattheus, Francus, 20 
Matthew, Archdeacon, 56 

Matthew, Archdeacon of Glouces- 
ter, II 

Matthew, nepos domine Margarete 
de Buhun, 26 

Matthew fil. Goche, 16 

Matthew, son of Herbert, 166 

Matthew, son of Thomas, Parson of 
Newington, 84, 100, 121 

Matthew, son of William, 17, 20 

Matthias, son of Daniel Rufus, 18 

Mauduit, Maudut, Lawrence, 65, 
69, 90 

Mauduit, Robert, King's Chamber- 
lain, 36 

Mauduit, Thomas, 105 

Mauduit, William, 95 

Maulore v. Maillore 

Maunsel, William, Knt., 141, 147 

Maurice, clericus, 12 

Maurice, Magister, 8, 13, 14 

Maurice, son of Nigel, 12-14, 16, 25. 

29-34. 40, 52, 56-61, 66, 92, 112, 


Maurice, son of Robert Fitzharding, 
4. 5. 7, 10, II 
V. also Berkeley, Maur. Lord 

Mautravers, John, Steward of the 
King's Household, 157 

Mautravers, John, jun., 153 

Mautravers v. also Maltravers 

May, Humphrey, 311 

Mayel, John, 124 

Mayell, Thomas, Alderman of Holy 
Cross Guild, Stratford-on-Avon, 

Maynard, , of Mershfield, 327 

Maynys, Robert de, 1 12 

Mazoni, Estrida wife of Reg., 15 

Mazoni, Reginald, 15 

Meade v. Mede 

Made, Philip, Mayor of Bristol, 190, 

191, 193, 213, 263 

Mede, Richard s. and h. of Philip, 
193, 210 

Mede, Thomas, Bailiff of Bristol, 185 

Meinard, Roger, 1 18 

Meinil, Will, de. Lord of Dalby, 16 

Meinil, Will, son of Will, de, 16 

Menil, Will, de, 16 

Meinilwar, Rog. de, 90 

Meisam, Edeina, wife of Will, son 

of Ralph, 43 
Meisam, Meisham, Will., son of 

Ralph de, 19, 43 
Meisham, Ralph de, 19 
Melkesham, Milkesham, David de, 

164, 170, 177, iSi 
Melkesham, John de, 157, 161 
Melkesham, Reginald de, 161 



Melkesham, Richard de, 122 

Merbury, John and Agnes de, 183 

Mercato, Henry de, 75 

Meriet, John, Knt., 150 

Merlai, Bamo de, 7 

Merleberg', Elias son of E de, 22 

Merston, Henry de, 46, 49, 64, 88 

Meryman, John,Vicar of Wotton, 210 

Metcalfe, John, clerk, 252 

Metingham, John, Justice Itinerant, 

Mettesdone, Mettesdune, Will, de, 
116, 130 

Meutune, Wido de, 47 

Meux, William, 230 

Meverel, Rob., 19 

Mevill, Gilb. de, 6^ 

Mewes, Will., 231 

Mey, John, Archbp, of Yoik, 237 

Meynil, Rob. de, 134 

Meynil de Heminton, Rob. de, 104 

Meysye, John, of Charfield, 267 

Michael, son of Philip, Provost of 
Northampton, 75, 90, 140 

Micklethwait, Joseph, 261 

Middeltune, Richard de, 108 

Middilton, Dom, Ranulph de, Knt, 

Mig, Nicholas, 47 

Mignot, Nicholas, 83 

Mildecumbe, Race de, no 

Mildmay, Benjamin, 297 

Mildmay, Sir Walter, 225 

Milkesham v. Melkesham 

Miller, William, of Tickenham, 254 

Milo, Parson of Cerney, 118, 126 

Milo, clerk, 66 

Milton, Aliz de, 17 

Milton, Geoffrey de, Knt., 128 

Minot, Nicholas, in 

Modebroc, William, 166 

Modibroc, William, 175 

Mogryche, John, Rector of Wiggin- 
ton, 201 

Moigne, William, clerk, 158 

Molendinarius, Nicholas, 125 

Molendinarius, Nicholas, 120 

Molendinarius, Thomas, 86 

Molendinarius de Newenton, John, 
and Matilda his wife, 122 

Molesgrava, Osbert de, 109 

Molesgrava, Rodbert, son of Osbert 
de, 109 

Moliner, Nich. s. of Nich. le, 120 

ompinchun, William de, 7 

Monachus, John dictus, 97 

Monasterio, Richard de, 129 

Moncellis, William de, 36 

Monck, George, ist Duke of Albe- 
marle, 342 

Monmouth, John, 186 

Monn, Hubert le, 134 

Montagu, Audrey dau. of Edw., 161 

Montagu, Edward, Esquire, 161 

Montagu, Edw. s. of Edw., 161 

Montagu, Edw., 2nd Earl of Man- 
chester, 341 

Montagu, Sir John, '* Comte de 
Sairebruche, 167 

Montagu, Will, de, Earl of Salisbury, 

Montague, Charles, 326 

Montague, Rich., Bp. of Oxford, 247 

Monte Acuto, Simon de, Knt., 150 

Monteforti, Alexander, 30 

Monteforti, Henry de, 30, 34, 35, 46 

Monteforti, Hubert de, 35 

Monteforti, Roger de, 30, 34, 35, 46 

Monteforti, Simon de, 45, 48, 85, 87 

Montfort, Simon de. Earl of Leices- 
ter, 118 

Morcellis, Warin de, 43 
Mordaunt, John, Viscount Mordaunt, 

More, Philip de la, 148 

More, Thomas, Bailiff of Bucking- 
ham, 213 

More, Thomas de la, 1 14 

Morel, Normao son of Suein, 27 



Morel, Roger son of Suein, 27 

Morel, Suein, 27 

Morevile, Hawisia d. of Will, ile, 69 

Morevilla, Herebert de, 29 

Moreville, Ivo de, 29 

Moreville, Richard de, 9 

Moreville, Richard de, 29 

Moreville, Roger de, 70 

Moreville, Roger son of Ivo de, 30 

Moreville, William de, 14, 25 

Moreville, William son of Ivo, 30 

Moreville, William de, 69 

Morgan, Camerarius, 20 

Morin, Ralph, 21 

Morin, Richard, 40 

Morstun, John de, 38 

Mortaigne, John, Earl of, 21 

Morton, John de. Coroner for co. 
Gloucester, 153 

Morton, William de, 24 

Mortuo-Mari, Domina de [1327], 274 

Mortuo-Mari, R de, 284 

Mortuo-Mari, Dom. Roger de, 63 

Moseley, Nicholas, 232 

Moton, Walter, 147, 151 

Moun, Ralph de, 109 

Moubray, John de, 159, 265 

Mowbray, family of, 294, 297 

Mowbray, Blanche d. of John, Lord, 

Mowbray, Elizabeth, Duchess of 
Norfolk, 196, 197, 199 

Mowbray, Katharine, Duchess of 
Norfolk, 1 88, 193 

Mowbray, John, Lord, 161 

Mowbray, John son of John, Lord, 
158, 159. 161 

Mowbray, John, Duke of Norfolk, 
186, 188, 189, 190, 222, 265, 266 

Mowbray, Marg. Duchess of Nor- 
folk, 265 

Mowbray, Roger de, 264 

Mowbray, Thomas, Ear! of Norfolk, 

Mowbray, Thomas de. Earl of Not- 
tingham, 297 

Mowbray, Thomas, Duke of Nor- 
folk, 265, 299 

Mowbray, William de, 34 

Moyne, Richard le, of Croxton, loi, 
123, 128 

Moyne, Will. le, 116, 134 

Moysand, Moysant, Hugh, of Crox- 
ton, 50, loi, 116 

Moysand, John, loi, 122, 123, 128 
Moysand, Richard, of Croxton, 123 
Moysand, Robert son of Hugh, loi 
Mubray, Christina, wid. of Rog. de, 

Mubray, Rog. son of Will, de, 104 
Mubray, Will, de, 104 
Muleton, Thomas de, justice, 60, 76 
Muleward, William le, 254 
Muncketon, Thomas de, 42, 73 
Munechestun, Richard de, 43 

Mumford, Munford, Munfort, Henry 
de, 15, 21, 27 

Munster, Frederic Christian, Bishop 
of, 342 

Muranensis, Dominicus, 170 

Murray, Adm., 344 

Musard, Ralph, 22, 38, 94, 95 

Musard, Robert, 31 

Muscegros, Rob. de, 131 

Muschampe, John, of Claydons, 243 

Muschat, Muschet, Musket, Walter, 
60, 77, 81 

Muschet, Robert, 108 

Mutton, Richard, Sub-seneschal at 
Berkeley, 280 

Mutun, Adam, 116 


TSJT AFFORD, Henry de, 56 

Nafford, Matilda wife of Henry de 

Nancotham, John, Bailiff of Bristol, 



Nassau, Guillaume de, 330 

Nauta, Richard, 57 

Naylesworth, Walter de, 98 

Nayleswrthe, Richard de, 64 

Nazarensis, Richard, 171 

Neale, Thomas, of Berkeley, tanner, 

Neale, William, Auditor of the Ex- 
chequer, 235 

Nebiensis, Petrus, 170 

Needier, George, 242, 243 

Neel, Geoffrey, 129, 137, 141, 146, 

Neel, Nicholas, 129 
Neileswarde, Walter de, 118 
Neirun, Andrew, 90 
Neirun, Hugh son of Andrew, 90 
Nel, Adam, 116 
Nelson, Horatio, Viscount Nelson, 

Duke of Bront^, 344 

Neovill, Ralph de, 89 

NepoSjJohn, 125 

Nepos, Robert, 42 

Nerberth, Philip de, 70 

Neste, John de la, 66 

Neuburgh, William de, 3 n, 

Nevew, Rob. le, 119 

Nevew, Thomas le, 119 

Nevile, Nevill, Neville, 

Eliz. w. of Geo. Lord Latimer, 
186, 189 

Sir George, 300 

Geo., Archbp. of York, 191 

Hugh de, 128 

John, 243 

Jollan de, 91 

Matilda, w. of Rob. de, 76 

Ralph, Bp. of Chichester, 74, 76 

Dom. Ralph de, loi 

Ralph, 1st E. of Westmoreland, 

Richard, Earl of Salisbury, 191 

Richard, Earl of Warwick, 191 

Robert de, 76 

Dom. Stephen de, 128 

Dom. Theobald de, 130 

Nevou, John le, of Ozleworth, 52 

Nevou, Laurence le, 52 

Nevou, Richard le, 70 

New, al. Newh, al. Newth, John le, 
47, 83, 84, 91, 100 

Newdigate, Robert, 224 

Neweham, Ernulf son of Rich, de, 58 

Newenton, John de, Warden and 
Prior of Longbridge, 156 

Newh, Lawrence le, 107 

Newh, Robert le, 91, 107 

Newintune, Rog. de, son of P. de 
Berkeley, 91, 108 

Newland, John, Abbot of Bristol, 

Newman, Alewyn, of Cambridge, 199 

Newman, John le, 137 

Newth V. New 

Neylesworth, Walter de, 136 

Nibley, Gilbert, presbyter de, 119 

Nicholas, the Dean, 11, 56 

Nicholas, Prior of the Friars Hermit, 
Bristol, 173 

Nicholas, Vicar of Berkeley, 113, 
116, 133 

Nicholas, chaplain of Seagrave, 90 

Nicholas, the chaplain, 46, 61, 64 

Nicholas, the clerk, 23 

Nicholas, son of Godwin, 17 

Nicholas, son of Martin, 142 

Nicholas fil. Radulfi, Dominus de 
HuUe, 102 

Nicholas fil. Raher, 26 

Nicholas, son of Richard, 14 

Nicholas, son of Rob. Fitzharding, 

6, 8 
Nicholas, son of Roger, 63, 81, 107, 

109, 138 
Nicholls, Anthony, of Paddington, 


Nicholls, Augustine, Sergeant-at- 
law, 303 

Nicholson, Sir Edmond, 336 

Nicoll, William, Mayor of South- 
ampton, 183 



Nigel, son of Arthur, 7, 8, 9, 10 

Nigel, son of Bernard, 125 

Nigel fil. decani de Ketleb', 5X 

Niger, John, 110 

Niger, Reginald, of Croxton, 123 

Niger, Will, son of Reginald, 123 

Niger, William, 49, 50 

Niwintun, Nywentone, Roger de, 70, 

84, 100, 119 
Noble, Rob. s. and h. of Rob., 243 
Noel, Thomas, 17, 23 
Norff, Jean Conrad, 342 
Norfolk, Earls of, v. Brotherton 
V. Bygod 
V. Mowbray 
Norfolk, Duke of, v. Mowbray 
Norman, fil. Popeline, 46 
Normand, Gari, 150 
Normandy, Henry, Duke, of, i-6 

V. also England, Sovereigns of, 

Henry II. 
Norraanton, William de, 130 
Normanvill, Ralph de, 67, 129 
Norreys, Robert le, 131 
Northampton, Earls of, v. Howard 

V, Parr 
Northumberland, Duke of, v. Dudley 
Norton, John, 199 
Norton, Thomas, Knt., Master of 

Burton Lazars, 203 

Norwico, Ralph de, King's Justice, 

Norwood family, 318 

Notingham, Robert de, 91 

Nott', Gilbert de, 65 

Nottingham, Earls of, v. Berkeley 

V. Mowbray 

Notion, Gilbert de, 34 

Novavilla, John de, 22 

Novilla, Robert de, 53 

Novoburgo, Rog. de, 21 

Nowel, Alan, 112 

Nywentone v. Niwintun 

O'BRIEN, Donogh, 4th Earl of 
Thomond, 337, 339 

Odestun, Stephen de, 40 

Odo, monk of Kingswood, 100 

Odo fil. Keteline, 61 

Oftechirche, William de, 32 

Offington al. Offintone, James de, 
63, 105, 106, 115 

Offinton, Juliana fil. Jacobi de, 123 

Offinton, Juliana d. of Rob. son of 
Henry de, 70 

Offinton, Peter de, 71 

Offinton, Richard fil. Jacobi de, 123 

Offinton, Rob. son of Henry de, 70 

Offinton, Robert de, 97, 105, 106, 

Offinton, Simon de, 67, 105 

Offinton, Will, son of Edm. de, 63 

Offley, Sir Robert, 268 

Oie, Thomas, Provost of Gloucester, 

Oilleio, Henry de, 6 

Oka, John de, Prior of St. Bartholo- 
mew's Hospital, Gloucester, 152 

Okers, Capt. John, 235 

Oketon, John de, 95 

Oldelond, Geoffrey de, 20, 42, 70 

Oldelynch, William, Steward of 
Hinton, 277 

Oldisworth, Arnold, 248 

Oleby, Agnes de, 104 

Oleby, William de, 104 

Olepenne, Bartholomew de, 13, 35, 

58, 73. 95. 104, 129 
Olepenne, Henry de, 108 
Olepenne, Robert de, 104 
Olepenne, Simon de, 33, 50, 52, 56, 

57. 71. 73. 81, 84, 93, 100, 109, 

112, 181 

Olleby, William de, 90 

Olyffe, William, 268 

Omberleia, Henry bro. of Richard 
de, 86 



Omberleia, Richard de, 86 

Pagan, sen., of Cnitheton, 115 

Orange, William, Prince of, 330 

Pagles, Ernisius s. of Mabel, 77 

Ordmer, Thomas, 76 

Pagles, Mabel, 77 

Orescoiz, Richard son of Helyas, 


Palmer, Maurice, 50 

Orinere, Thomas, 48 

Palmer, Robert, 46 

Ormond, Margaret d. of Thomas, 

Palmer, Rob. of Yarmouth, 225 


Ormonde, Earl of, v. Butler 

Ormonde, Thomas, of High Roding, 
V. Butler 

Orreby, Philip de, Justice of Chester, 


Palmer, Sara w. of Will., 178 

Palmer, Stephen, 114 

Palmer, Thomas, Sheriff of Kent, 

Palmer, Thomas, son ol Will., 178 

b6> d4 
Osbert, Prior of Laund, 89 
Osbert, carnifex, 46 
Osbert, parcarius, 58 

Oslewrde, al. Oslewrth, Nigel 
47, 83, 84, 91, 107, 125 


Palmer, Will., of Oxford, 178 
Panter, Alice w. of Rich, le, 166 
Panter, Richard le, 166 
Pantolf, Roger, 44 
Pantulf, Hugh, 23 

Ossory, Lord, v. Butler 

Parcarius, Richard, 28, 34 

Ostricer, Robert le, 76 

Parcheminer, Adam le, 51 

Otho, son of William, 7, 8 

Parco, Geoffrey de, 119 

Otin, John, 114 

Parco, Will, de, 71 

Ottelaio, Richard de, 36 

Paris, Helewisa dau. of Will, de, 28 

Oustwic, Akuna de, 34 

Paris, John de, 15 

Overbury, Sir Thos., 317 

Paris, Nica w. of Will, de, 28 

Overton, Geoffery de, 97, 98, 99 

Paris, Peter de, 14, 24-26 

Overton, John de, " vallet " to J. 


Paris, Robert, loi, 123 

Segrave, 158 
Overton, Laurence de, 134 
Overton, Mary de, 98 
Overton, Picher de, 87 
Overton, Rob. son of Geoff, de, 

Overton, Thomas de, 87 
Oxhay, Dom. Nicholas de, 70 
Oxonia, Robert de, 58 
Oxonia, Stephen de, 86 
Oyli, William de, Knt., 118 


Paris, Walter de, 58 

Paris, William de, 13, 28 

Paris, William de, 121 

Parisse, Reginald de, 123 

Parker, Matthew, Archbp. of Can- 
terbury, 252 

Parkinson, Thomis, B.D. , 252 

Paries, William de, 42 

Parni, Juliana de, 123 

Parni, Richard de, 123 

Parni, Rob. de, 123 


Parr, William, Marquis of North- 

ampton, 328 

"PACOC, Simon, 41 

Passel, Ralph, Provost of Nf)rthamp- 
ton, 75 

Padynel, John, 140 

Passelewe, Ralph, 90 

Paeleto, Hugh de, 43 

Passelewe, Rcbirt, 91 

Pagan, the Clerk, 7 

Passelewe, Thomas, 141 



Pateshill, Dom. Simon de, 34 

Perrers, Robert de, 42 

PateshuU, Martin de. Justice, 56, 

Perron, Ralph, 69 


Pesemer, Rich., Knt., 70 

Patric, Robert, 54 

Patricius, Thomas, 53 

Patricius, William, 53 

Paul, Abbot of Leicester, 12 

Paumer, Gilbert le, 104, 128 

Pauncefot, John, Knt., 1S2 

Pavely, Richard de, iii 

Pavely, William de, 1 1 1 

Pavy, William, 185 

Pavtrlet, Charles, Duke of Bolton, 

Pawlett, William, ist Marq. of 

Winchester, 330 

Pesemer, Will. s. of Rich., 70 
Peseya, Pesya, Henry de, 105, i 
Pete, John, 211 

Peter, Bishop of Winchester, 79 
Peter, Archdeacon of Worcester, 
Peter, Abbot of Pershore, 173 
Peter, Master, 16, 24 
Peter, Clericus, 44, 68 
Peter son of Geoffrey, 46 
Peters, Dom. Hugh de, 104 


Petipas, Petitpas, Roger, 47, 51, 
84, 91, 107 


Payn, Hugh, 114 

Petit, Hugh le, 26 

Payn, John, Burgess of Gloucester, 

Peuire, Paulin, 133 


Peverel, Hamo, III 

Payn, Walter, 102 

Peverell, Dom. Peter, loi 

Pec, Thomas del, 86 

Peche, Henry, Steward of Berkeley, 

Peyto, John, Knt., 256 
Peyton, Sir Samuel, Bart., 246 

276, 283 

Philip, Prior of Lenton, 61 

Peche, Richard, 42 

Phihp, Chaplain of Bedminster, 


Pechie, Geoffery, 122 

Philip bro. of Walter, 8 

Peckham, George, of Denham, 231 

Picheford, Will, de, 79 

Pedmain, Turstan de, 43 

Pickeswilh, Richard de, 103 

Pedyntun, Richard de, 127 

Picot, Will., 64, 67, 72, 76, 87 

, 88 

Peisia, Suen de, 24 

Pictavensis, Peter, 120 

Peleter, Richard le, 148 

Pidel, Alice wid. of P. de, 86 

Pemberton, James, of London, Gold- 

Pidel, Peter de, 71, 86 

smith, 239 

Pidel, Randolf de, 7 1 

Pembroke, Earls of, v. Valence 

Pidel, Ronulf de, 86 

V. Marshal 

Pigeon, Nicholas, 235 

Pembroke, John, 194 

Pigeon, John, late Keeper of 


Pendelesford, Thomas de, Chaplain, 

Queen's Standing Wardrobe at 
the Tower, 235 

Penna, John, fil. Jacobi de, 50 

Pik, Hugh, 42 

Penne, Colin de la, 61 

Pike, John le, 119 

Penris, William de, 58 

Pincerna, Elias, 45, 51, 63, 66 


Pepyn, Nicholas, 40 

93, 95. 107 

Perceval, John, 274 

Pincerna, Eustace, 72 

Perers, Hugh de, 90, 129 

Pincerna, Ralph, 12, 15 

Perone, Ralph de, 64 

Pincerna, Walter, 121 



Pincerna, War in, 115 

Pincerna, Warner, 52 

Pincerna, Will, son of Eustace, 72 

Pinkenei, Pinkeny, William, 26, 50 

Pinkeni, Richard de, 31 

Pinnekote, Walter de, 46 

Pipard, Henry, 76 

Pipard, Nichola, 76 

Pipard, Ralph, Knt., 132 

Pipart, Robert, 86 

Pirin, Stephen, 43 

Piris, Hugh de, 6 

Piriton, Walter de, 129 

Piro, William de, ig 

Piscator, Ralph, 69 

Piscis, Peter, 31 

Pistor, Gilbert, 69 

Pistor, Henry, 120 

Pistor, Hugh, 33, 58, 1 16 

Pistor, Michael, 122 

Pistor, Ralph, of Newinton, no 

Pistor, Richard, 114 

Pistor, Roger, 43 

Pitcarne, Robert, Commendator of 
Dunfermline Abbey, Secretary of 
State for Scotland, 324 

Pithering, Alric, 93 

Pitt, William, Deputy to Sir E. 

Carey, 338 
Planca, Gwaifer de, 6 
Planca, Plancha, Hugh de, 6, 13 
Planca, Roger de, 38 

Planca, Planche, Plaunche, Thomas 
de la, 37, 78, 80, 81, 91, 100, 
102, loi, 124, 125, 139 

Planche, Planke, Plaunche, Robert 

de la, 91, 92, 105, 108, 112 
Planche, Walter de la, 78, 81, 125 
Planche, William de, 15 
Planke, Simon de la, 73 
Pleeiz, Ralph de, 1 1 
Pleghestowe, Hugh de la, 85 
Pleid, Matthew de, 63 
Plessetis, Dom. John de, 97 

Plessetis, Reginald de, 97 
Plokenet, Alan de, Knt., 132 
Plumbarius, Edric, 181 
Plumpton, Henry de, 140 
Plumton, William de, 104 
Pochamton, Alex, de, 29 
Poher, Roger le, 91 
Poincel, Marg. w. of Rich., 112 
Poincel, Richard, 112 
Poinz, Hugh, s. of Nich., 56 
Poinz, Dom. Nicholas, 56 
Poinz V. also Poyntz 
Pokebrok, Ralph s. of Reg. de, 61 
Pole, Sir Giles, 330 
Pole, Reginald, Cardinal, 215 
Pole, Sir Walter de la, 266 
Pollard, John, 191 

Pontdelarch, Pontearche, Punthde- 
larch, Dom. William de, 29, 40, 
59. 60 

Ponte, Henry de, 95 

Ponte, Will, de, 124 

Ponte Arche, Dom. Juliana de, wife 
of R. de Berkeley, 31 

Ponte Cardon', Richard de, 49 

Pontefrigido, Stephen de, 76 

Poole family, 318 

Poole, W^alter, Knt., 182 

Poore, Rich, le, Bp. of Salisbury, 74 

Popes : Clement HI., 18 ; Innocent 
in., 38; Paul II., 191 ; Urban 
v., 172 ; Urban VI., 175 

Popham, Henry, 181 

Portauquen, Thomas, of Auraye, 229 

Porte, John de la, of Frocester, 120 

Porte, Sir John, Justice of Common 

Pleas, 208 
Porter family, 296, 318 
Porter, Thomas, Knt., late Sheriff 

of Gloucester, 302 
Portesheved, Adam de, 94 
Porwico, Master Hugh de, 55, 56 
Poutrell, Geoffrey, 89 
Poynes, Robert, 182 



Poyiiinges, Sir Adrian, Captain of 
Portsmouth, 329 

Poynt, John, 189 

Poyntz family, 296, 318 

Poyntz, Sir Anthony, 320 

Poyntz, Arthur, 211 

Poyntz, Sir John, 338 

Poyntz, Nicholas, 211, 288, 328, 330 

Praeres, Henry de, 79 

Praiers, Henry, Knt., Lord of Dor- 

sington, 253 
Preaus, Symon de, 122 

Prestewold, Alan de, 62 

Prestewold, Ivo de, 128 

Prestley, Capt., 343 

Preston, Dominus de ?'. Byset 

Preston, Gilb. de. Justice, 137 

Preston, Roger de, 77 

Prestwald, Anketil de, 90 

Prestwald, Prestwalt, Ellas, 50, 90 

Preswalt, Will, son of Yvo de, 50 

Prestwde, Richard de, 31 

Prethor, Alduin, 26 

Prethor, Thomas, 26 

Pride, John son of John, 124 

Prinsun, Alexander, 115 

Prisun, Reginald de, 139 

Prochard, Ger.ird, 23 

Puchering, Walter, 83 

Pudsay, Hugh, Bp. of Durham, 23 

Puingtel, Puintell, Henry, 21, 42, 70 

Pulla, John, 12 

PuUe, Mabel w. of W. de la, 153 

Pulle, William de la, 153 

Punc', Nicholas, 13 

Puntefreunt, Stephen de, 49 

Punthdelarch v. Pontdelarch 

Purlewent, Alex., 117 

Purnell, Thomas, of Nibley, 210 

Puteham, Ralph de, 50 

Puterel, Puttrel, Geoffrey, 45, 50, 
82, 86, 88, 90 

Puterel, Putrel, Henry, 14, 17, 20, 

Puterel, Rich. , of Cotes, 90 

Puterel, Putrel, Putrell, Robert, 45, 
48, 50, 61, 69, 86-88, 140 

Puthot, Putot, William de, 21, 42, 

63. 75. 82, 94, no 
Putof, Eustace de, 85 
Putot, Nicholas, 134 
Putot V. Puthot 
Putrel, John, 128 
Pygot, Peter, Knt , 87 
Pykes, Agnes, 177 

QUATREMARE, William de, 
Quenci v. Quincy 
Quencby, Ralph de, 81 
Quentin, Philip, 60 
Quercu, William de, 19 
Quested, Ralph, 288 
Quincy, Earls of Winchester, 271 

Quincy, Margaret, Countess of Win- 
chester, 60, 80, 81, 86 

Quincy, Rog. de. Earl of Winches- 
ter, 118 

Quincy, fcjeer de, 24 

Quintin, son of Warin, 106 

Quintin, John, 106 

Quinton, Alan de, 88 



— Abbot of Dieulacres, 53 

R Abbot of Keynsham, 58 

R Prior of St. Augustine's, 

Bristol, 37 

Eabayn, Elyas de, 131 

Ralee, Will, de. Clerk, 86 

Raleigh, William de. Justice, 76 

Ralph, Bishop of Chichester, Chan- 
cellor, 79 

Ralph, Abbot of Bristol, 162 

Ralph, Abbot of Croxton, 82 

Ralph, Abbot of Tintern, 148 



Ralph, Canon of Oseney, 55, 56 

I'lalph, Chaplain of Coventry, 62 

Ralph, Chaplain, 31 

Ralph, Camerarius, 44, 75 

Ralph, Clericus, 23 

Ralph, cognatus Will. Longaspei, 

Ralph, nepos Odonis de Empring- 
ham, 67 

Ralph, son of Godfrey, 18 

Ralph, son of Hugh, 39 

Ralph, son of Nicholas, King's 
Steward, 74, 79 

Ralph, son of Reginald, 86 

Ralph, son of Wibert, 65, 108 

Rampain, John de, of Childrey, 67 

Rampayn, John de, in 

Randestorn, Rich, de, clerk, 53 

Ranulph, Earl of Chester, 53, 54 

Ratcliflfe, Thomas, Earl of Sussex, 
219, 225, 226 

Raymonde, Capt, George, 231 

Read, William, Captain of Holy 
Island, 225 

Read, William, 296 

Reade, Wllltam, 268 

Rebell, Thomas, of Humberston, 267 

Redberd, Henry de Eston, 124 

Reddeman, Henry de, 34 

Rede al. Bonjon, Thomas, 183 

Redence, John, 181 

Redleg, Redlega, Ralph de, 21, 93 

Reede, John, Steward to the Earl 

of Stafford [1437], 281 
Rees, William, 256 
RefTan, Richard de, 1 1 
Reginald, Bishop of Bath, 18, 23 
Reginald, Abbot of Gerondon, 140 
Reginald, Abbot of Gloucester, 146 
Reginald, Vicar of Arlingham, 174 
Reginald, parson of Cam, 10 
Reginald, sacerdos de Hereford, 29 
Reginald, chaplain; 13, 14, 16, 24- 

26, 63 

Reginald, clerk, 24 
Reginald, the cook, 27 
Reginald, Iberniensis, 42 
Reginald fil. Basilic, 50 
Reginald, son of Gladwin, 29 
Reginald, son of the chaplain, 105 
Reginald, son of Robert, 61 
Reginald, son of William, 1 1 
Reinger, Renger, Richard, Justice, 

Rele V. Roele 
Remesby, Reginald de, 70 
Rempistun, Ralph de, 46 
Renger, v. Reinger 
Reresby, Peter de, 50, 88 
Resingis, Richard de, II 
Rethersby, Michael de, 48 
Revell, Richard, 23 
Rewa, Ailric de, 41, 43 
Rich, Lord, 303 

Rich, Anne, Countess of Warwick, 

Richard, Bp. of Hereford, Pres. of 
Magdalen Coll., Oxon., 201 

Richard, Dean of Pucklechurch, 20 

Richard, Archdeacon of Gloucester, 

Richard, Abbot of Bristol, 6, 8, 12, 

Richard, Abbot of Keynsham, 20 
Richard, Abbot of Tewkesbury, 200 
Richard, Prior of Tretfcrd, 68 
Richard, Parson of Cerney, 140 
Richard, chaplain of Blagdon, 43 
Richard, chaplain of Cardiff, 23 
Richard, chaplain of Stottesden, (yj 
Richard, capellanus de Sudleia, 20 
Richard, clericus de Cumtonia, 26 
Richard, clericus de Limesee, 122 
Richard, clericus de Lukinton, 125 
Richard, clericus de Marisco, 23 
Richard, clericus de Suit', 28 
Richard, chaplain, 14, 27 
Richard, clerk, 125 



Richard, notarius, 15 
Richard, novus homo, 28 
Richard, scriptor, 10 
Richard, son of Alfred, 76 
Richard, son of Arthur, 70, 74 
Richard, son of the Clerk, 139 
Richard fil. decani de Ketelbe, 51 
Richard, son of Geoffrey 23 
Richard, son of Garin, 12 
Richard, son of Herebert, 30 
Richard, son of Lioffus, 28 
Richard, son of Michael, 11 1 
Richard, son of Nicholas, 20 
Richard, son of Osbert, 17 

Richard fil. Ric Molendinarii, of 
Austrey, 98, 99 

Richard, son of Robert the mer- 
chant, 100 

Richard, son of Roger, 32 

Richard, son of Serlo, 103 

Richard, son of Suetric, 35 

Richard, son of William, 13, 62, 122 

Richard fil. Will. Prepositi de Appe- 
corin, 124 

Richard, Sir Andrew, 325 

Richeman, son of Hernisus, 65 

Richer, clericus de Roele, 14 

Richmond, Duke of, v. Lennox 

Ridde, John, of Orford, 257 

Ridel, Ralph, 129 

Ridel, Stephen, 21 

Ridell, Geoffrey, 27 

Ridelton, Henry de, 45 

Rigges, Richard, 233 

Ripa, William de, 53, 97 

Riparia, Bartholomew de, 27 

Riparia, Richard de, 27 

Riparia, Walter nephew of Walt, de, 

Ripariis, Dom. John de, 60, 71, 77, 
81, 90 

Ripariis, Richard de, Knt., 147 

Ripariis, Roger de, 28 

Ripariis, Dom. Walter de, 7? 

Ripariis, William de, 54, in 

Riston, Fulk de, 91 

Riston, Rog. son of Fulk de, 91 

Rivere, Alex, de la, of Fothringay, 

Rivere, John de la, 90 

Robert, Abbot of Combe, 210 

Robert, Prior of Bath Abbey, 34 

Robert, Prior of Kingswood Abbey, 

Robert, Prior of St. Mary's, Worces- 
ter, 198 

Robert, Canon of Bristol, 37 

Robert, Rector of Freethorne, 174 

Robert, Parson of Ozleworth, d)'^, 84, 

Robert, clerk, of Fothringay, 128 
Robert, clerk, of Segrave, 99 
Robert, clerk, of Stratton, in 
Robert, clerk, of Stnicardestone, 47 
Robert, clericus vie [ecomitis], 27 
Robert, the clerk, 99 
Robert, the clerk, son of Hugh, 128 
Robert, chaplain, 29 
Robert, Dispensator, 75 
Robert Juvenis, v. Fitzharding, 

Rob. son of Rob. 
Robert, the Merchant, 100 
Robert, Walensis, 149 
Robert, son of Archebald, 28 
Robert fil. Dunninghi, 43 
Robert, son of Elias, 20 
Robert, son of Fulk, 61 
Robert, son of Gilbert, 82 
Robert, son of Guy, 57, 58, n3, n4 
Robert, son of Hugh, 67, 123, 128 
Robert, son of Ivo, of Kegworth, 87 
Robert, son of Ivor, 28 
Robert, son of Maurice, 59 
Robert, son of Nicholas, 131 
Robert, son of Nigel, 54, 102, 108, 

Robert, son of Norman, 46 
Robert, son of Pagan, 149, 150, 273 



Robert, son of Ralph, 82 
Robert, son of Reginald, 51 
Robert, son of Richard, 22, 31, 41, 

43, 45. 57, 66, 73, 75, 92, 93, 

Robert, son of Robert, 8, 82 

Robert fil. Rob. cler. de Kingston, 62 
Robert, son of Roger, 64 
Robert, son of the Seneschal, 13 
Robert, son of Walter, 27 
Rocelinus, vice-agens, cancellarii, 24 
Rocheford, Cecily w. of R. de, 91, 97 
Rocheford, Robert de, 47, 51, 52, 
64, 82-84, 91, 97, 100, 107, 125 
Rocheford, Thomas de, 42, 64, 121 
Rodbert, Hiberniensis, 26 

Rodeberge, Rodeberwe, Rodebure, 
Thomas de, 64, 93, no, 127 

Rodeberge, William de, 118 

Rodestorn, Richard de, 49 

Rodinc, Thomas de, 34 

Rodmerton, Turstan de, 108 

Rodmerton, Will, son of Turstan de, 

Rodmertun, Geoffrey de, 80 

Roele, Ivo, son of Walkelin de, 14, 

Roele, Richer, clericus de, 14 
Roele, Rich, son of Walkelin de, 14 

Roele, Role, Roger son of Walkelin 
de, 14, 39 

Roele, Rele, Roel, Roelai, Role, 
Stephen de, 16, 17, 20, 43, 45, 
49, 50, 87 

Roger, Bishop of Coventry and Lich- 
field, 157 

Roger, Bishop of Worcester, 11, 55 

Roger, Abbot of Cirencester, 140 

Roger, Prior of Twinham, 38 

Roger, chaplain of St. Nicholas, 
Gloucester, 69 

Roger, clericus de Grimeston, 39 

Roger, chaplain, 65 

Roger, the clerk, 106 

Roger, scriptor, 55 

Roger, venator, 13 

Roger, Dom., 62 

Roger, fil. Ailaf, 63 

Roger, son of Cecily, 65, 69 

Roger, son of Fulk, 32 

Roger, son of Hugh, 28 

Roger, son of Nicholas, 33, 92 

Roger, son of Theobald, 140 

Roger, son of Theodbert, 75 

Roger, son of Walerand, 16 

Roger, son of Walter, 116, 128 

Roger, John, collector of tonnage, 
etc., in the Port of London, 190 

Rokebi, Henry de, 44 

Rokebi, Robert de, 44 

RokhuU, H de, 276 

Rokingham, Geoffrey de, 67 

Rokingham, Lettice d. of R. de, 77 

Role V. Roele 

Rolee, William de, 99 

Rolf, Richard, Steward to the Earl 

of Stafford, [1437], 281 

Romeseia, Richard de, clerk, no 

Rook, Nicholas, 166 

Roos, family of, 295 

Roos, Thomas, 5th Lord Roos, War- 
den of the West Marches, 178 

Roos, Thomas, 9th Lord Roos, 186 

Roppelaya, Robert de, 34 

Ros, Roger de, 117 

Rotomag', William de, Vic [arius ?] 

Roubergh, John, 256 
Rous, Mrs., 315 
Rudd, Mathye, of Chelmsford, 240 

Rudge, 343 

Ruffus, Eustace, 108 
Ruffus, John, 77 

Ruffus, Rufus, Nicholas, 47, 51, 83, 
84,91, 100, 105, 107-109, III, 

Rufus, William, of East Challow, 67 

Rufus de Houwes, Henry, 82 

Rufus de Houwes, Hugh son of 
Henry, 82 



Rugge, Thomas, 182 

Rumele, Alice de, 68 n. 

Rupe, Guido de, 6 

Rupe, Th de, 146' 

Rupeforti, v. Rochford 

Rus, Nicholas le, 94 

Russel, Adam, 81, 83, 94, 1 10, ill 

Russel, Adrian, 200 

Russel, Geoffrey, 134 

Russel, Luke, 107 

Russel, Peter, 20 

Russel, William, 77 

Russel, William, of Overton, 90 

Russell, Sir Francis, 224 

Russell, Fran., Earl of Bedford, 226 

Russell, Odo, 31 

Russell, Robert, Mayor of Bristol, 

Russell, William, Provost of Glou- 
cester, 65 

Russell, Lord William, 342 
Ruthven, William, Earl of Gowrie, 

331. 332 
Ruwes, Henry de, 66 
Ryel, Alice d. of Will, 187 

QABAUDIA, Peter de, 131 

Sabina, widow, 85 

Sacheverell, Sir Richard, 207 

Sackville, Sir Richard, 212 

Sackville, Thomas, Lord Buckhurst, 
Earl of Dorset, 221, 336 

Sadgrave, Sagrave, v. Segrave 

Saham, Master Philip de, 36 

Saham, William de. Justice Itiner- 
ant, 298 

Sairebruche, Comte de, v. Montagu, 
Sir John 

Sake, Alice dau. of John, 278 

Salbe, Hervey de, 86 

Salewine, Richard, 45 

Salisbury, Earls of, v. Cecil ; Mon- 
tagu ; Neville ; William Longe- 

Sallowe, Geoffrey de, 46 

Salso Marisco, Saltemareis, Adam 

de, 7, 8, 10, 12, 14-16 
Salso Marisco, Saltemaries, Elias de, 

13. 14 
Salso Marisco, Saltemareis, Henry 

de, 8, 14, 22 

Salso Marisco, Hubert de, 18 

Salso Marisco, Hugh de, 60, 83 

Salso Marisco, John de, 151 

Salso Marisco, Matilda wife of Will, 
son of Elias de, 62 

Salso Marisco, Sautemareis, Maurice 
de, 73, 82, 83, 94-103, no, 113, 
118, 125, 127, 130, 134, 136, 138 

Salso Marisco, Saltemaresco, Salte- 
mareis, Robert de, 4, 6, 7, 11 

Salso Marisco, Will, son of Elias de, 

Saltemareis, W de, 10 

Salvagio, Adam de, 63 

Salysbury, John, 184, 185 

Samson, Robert, 54 

Sampson, Abbot of Kingswood, 137 

Sampson, son of Sampson, go 

Sancta Brigida, Richard de, 99, 113, 

Sancta Cruce, Robert de, 30, 43 
Sancto Amando, Amautic de, 126, 

139, 146, 177. 179 
Sancto Andrea, Adam de, 53 

Sancto Andrea, John son of Hugh 
de, 120 

Sancto Andrea, Richard de, 120 

Sancto Andrea, Dom. Roger de, 87 

Sancto Andrea, Thomas s. and h. of 
Henry de, 120 

Sancto Augustino, John de, 29 

Sancto Eadmundo, Walter de, 90 

Sancto Edmundo, William de, 45, 
60, 62, 76, 77, 86-90 

Sancto Edwardo, Peter de, 45, 50, 
60, 62, 65, 69, 76, 77, 80, 85, 
86, 88, 120, 140 



Sancto Georgio, William de, 69, 97 
Sancto Germano, Anselm de, 118, 

126, 139 
Sancto Jacobo, Walter de, no, iii 
St. Johan, John, 256, 272 
St. Leger, John, 241, 244, 303 
Sancto Leodegario, Reginald de, 27 
Sancto Licio [St. Liz] Andiewde, 51 
Sancto Licio, Henry de, 32, 92 
Sancto Licio, Simon de, Knt., 132 
Sancto Mauro, Hawisia wife of L. 

de, 69 
Sancto Mauro, Lawrence de, 69 
Sancto Mauro, Nicholas de, 106, 131 
Sancto Mauro, Roger de, 70 
Sancto Mauro, William de, 70 
Sancto Medardo, Geoffrey de, 128 
Sancto Michaele, Simon de, in 
Sancto Nicholao, Simon de, 97 
St. Omer, Matilda de, 285 
Sancto Quintino, Herbert de, 22 
Sancto Salvatore, Eudo de, 12 
Sancto Sampsone, Ralph de, 133 
Sancto Vigore, Humphrey de, 8 
Sancto Walerico, Bernard de, 272 
Sancto Walerico, Reginald de, 272 
Sandale, John de, 153 
Sangrinel, Roger, 97, in 
Sansun, W^illiam, 46 
Santemars, Helias de, 16 
Santemars, Robert de, 15 
Satgrave v. Segrave 
Saunders, John, 242 
Saunford, Dom. Thomas de, 126 
Sauvage, Geoffrey de, Justice, 60 
Savage, George, clerk, 223 
Savage, Joh^^, 223 
Savaric, Dean of Bristol, 19 
Savoner, Rich, le, clerk, 146 
Saxelby, Hugh de, 104 
Saxton, Robert de, 158 
Scaccario, Andrew de, 44, 105 

Scaccario, Henry de. Sheriff of Berks, 

54. 126 
Scai, Adam le, 37, 108, 125 
Scai, Scay, Sckai, Roger de, 6, 8, 28 
Scai, William le, 37, 108, 109 
Scandeisell, Richard de, 140 

Scay, Scray, Matthew le, 71, 81, 84, 
108, 109, 127, 139 

Scay, Ralph de, 12 

Scepey, Seepey, Robert de, 45, 88, 89 

Schalopesburia, Stephen de, 34 

Schardelaghe, Schardelowoe, Hugh 

de, 73^ 77 
Schelvistone, Jocelin de, 98 
Schelvistone, Will. s. of Joe. de, 98 
Schey, John de, 126 
Schey, Peter son of Matthew de, 126 
Schiphard, John, 130 
Schokerwich, William de, 146 
Schypton, Dom. Thomas, Wardrobe 

Keeper to Lord Berkeley, 283 
Scipton, Dom. Gilbert de, 78 
Scocia, John de. Earl ot Chester, etc. 

Scone, Will, le, 120 
Scoth, Nicholas, 117 
Scoth, Thomas, 118 
Scoticus, Robert de Waledon, 52 
Scotland, Kings of : 

Alexander IIL, 137 

James VL, 222, 324, 331, 333 
Scottard, Richard, 176 
Scottus, Thomas, 109 
Scray v. Scai, Scay 

Scrope, Thomas le, loth Lord Scrope, 

Scropes, Henry de, 102, 124 
Scutarius, William, 43 

Sebrook, Lionel, steward to Th., 
Lord Berkeley, 183 

Secegrave v. Segrave 

Sechevile, Ralph de, 90 

Sedgrave, Sedgravia v. Segrave 

Sedle, Lucian de, 20 



Seepe, Seepey, v. Scepey 

Sees, William de, 20 

Segrave, Sadgrave, Sagrave, Satgrave, 
Secegrave, Sedgrave, Sethgrava 

Family of, 13, 294 

Amabel, w. of Gilb. de, 76, 85 

Edith, w. of Herebert de, 43 

Edmund de, 68, 88, 89 

Gilbert I. de, 13, 14, 16, 17, 19, 
39, 43, 44, 88 

Gilbert II. de, 13 «., 76, 85, 89, 
98, loi, 103, 104, 117, 119, 
131. 132 

Gilbert, heir of Herebert, son of 
Roger de, 43 

Mag. Gilbert, 283 

Henry de, 45, 62, 65, 69, 75, 76, 
85, 87, 89, 90, 129 

Herebert s. of Rog. de, 43 

Hugh s. of Tho. de, 39 

Hugh de, chaplain, 98 

John de, 13 n. 

John de. Warden of Scotland, etc. 

150-153. 158, 159. 264, 283 
John son of John de, 163 

Nicholas, Baron Segrave, 13 «., 
85 «,, 128, 130, 153, 264 

Stephen I. de. Chief Justice, 13- 

91 passim. 
Stephen II. de, 13 «., 120, 128- 

130, 132, 140, 149, ifo, 153, 

Mag. Stephen de, 283 

Thomas son of Anketil, 14, 16, 17 

William son of Rog. de, 16 

Seinewill, Senevil, William de, 48, 
67,87, 117 

Seled, a tenant in Rearsby, 88 

Selewine, Robert, 107 

Seli, Sely, Walter, no, 113, 114, 
122, 124, 127, 137 

Seli, William, 121 

Sellarius, Richard, 102 

Serdelawe v. Shardelaw 

Sergeant, Thomas, 182 

Sergeaunt, Sergiant, Seriant, John, 
161, 172, 175, 241 

Seriant, William le, 95 

Serlo, Richard son of, 103 

Ses, Hugh de, 44 

Sethgrava v. Segrave 

Seuahanton, Ailmer de, 44 

Seuarc, William, 130 

Seuari, !..bert, 58 

Sewacre, Sewake, Sewaker, John, 
93, 100, 106, 107, 1.3, 126, 133 

Sewi, 72 

Sewin, Thomas, of Croxton, 50 

Seymore, Walter, 179 

Seymour of Frampton, family of, 318 

Seynmar, Rich, le, 120 

Seyntleye, John de, 64 

Shardelaw, Robert de. Justice, 76 

Shep', Shepeya, Shepeye, Robert de, 
SO, 90, 103, 129 
V. also Scepey 

Sheparde, Walter, 268 

Sherley, Sir Henry, 340 

Sherly, George, of Astwell, 232 

Shipiere, Philip, 179 

Shipman, family of, 296 

Shipward, John, sen.. Mayor of 
Bristol, 191 

Shipward, John, jun., 191 

Shipward, Walter le, 126 

Shipwarde, George, 280 

Shirley, Ralph, Knt., 204, 257 

Shotindon, Robert de, 133 

Shrapnel, W. F., Steward of Berke- 
ley, 275, 283, 293 

Shrewsbury, Earls of, v. Talbot 

Sibsthorp, Thomas de, parson of 
Bekyngham, 158 

Sidenhale, Avice sister of Rog. de, 86 

Sidenhale, Roger de, 86 

Sidney, Barbara w. of Rob., Vis- 
count Lisle, 245 

Sidney, Sir Philip, 297 

Sidney, Robert, Viscount Lisle, 245, 

Sidney, Will., son of Rob., Viscount 
Lisle, 245 



Sifrewast, Syfrewast, Rog. de, 40, 81 

Silicot, Hugh de, 67 

Simon, clerk of Austrey, 99 

Simon, clericus de Heuthlingburg, 98 

Simon, clerk, 86, 99 

Simon, son of Alured, 69 

Sipton, Gilbart de, 91 

Sipward, Alured le, 93 

Sitsilt V. Cecil 

Siuard, superbus, 26 

Siwaldebi, Alan de, 89 

Siwaldebi, Siwoldebi, John de, 51, 89 

Siward, Dom. Richard, 80 

Sixtenebi, Thomas de, 47 

Sixtenebi, Will, son of Tho. de, 19 

Sixteneby, Sixceneby, William de, 
90, 104 

Skenefrid, Mahel de, 13 

Skot, Marg., wife of N, le, 254 

Skot, Nicholas le, 254 

Skypward, Alured le, 113 

Slane, Edith, 65, 69 

Slide, Richard, 118 

Slimbrige, Slirnbruge, Helias de, 25, 

33, 57 
Slimbrigga, Juliana de, 33 
Slirnbruge, Aimer de, 93 
Slirnbruge, Alured son of A. de, 93 
Slimbruge, Hugh son of Alured, son 

of Aimer de, 93 

Slimbrugg, Master Maurice de, 25 

Sloetre, Slohter, Robert de, 16, 42 

Smalcombe, William, 175, 179 

Smart, John, 160 

Smart, Philip, 160 

Smith, J , 326 

Smith, Miles, Bishop of Gloucester, 

Smyth, Edward, 317 

Smyth, John, of Nibley, Historian of 
the Berkeleys, 240, 245-247, 281, 
282, 293, 306, 307, 314, 317, 
324. 338 

Smyth, John H. of Nibley, 250, 317 

Smyth, John, customer of Southamp- 
ton Port, 229 

Smyth, Robert, 282 

Smyth, Thomas, of Wanswell, 248 

Smyth, William, Rouge Dragon, 296 

Smythe, Thomas, Alderman of Lon- 
don, 242 

Smythe, William, Keeper of Mickel- 
wood Chace, 280 

Snellinge, Rob. Bailiff of Ipswich, 234 

Snigga, Snigge, Walter, 18, 35, 38, 

Snipestre, Ralph de, 44 

Sokerwik, Roger de, 82 

Soleigneio, Alured de, 54 

Solero, Dom. Henry de, Knt., 149 

Someri, Sumeri, William de, 91, 102 

Somerset, Earl of, v. Carr 

Somerset, Duke of, v. Beaufort 

Somerset, Edward, 4th Earl of Wor- 
cester, 339 

Somerset, Henry, Duke of Beaufort, 

Somerset, William, 3rd Earl of Wor- 
cester, 329 

Somery, Amabel w. of R. de, 85 n, 

Somery, Roger de, 85 n. 

Sondes, William, Lord Sondes, 287 

Sone, John le, 117 

Sopere, Richard le, 126 

Sorel, Thomas, 31, 53 

Sorestan, Richard de, 109 

Soreston, Robert de, 81 

Southwell, Elizabeth, 340 «. 

Spana, Bernard de, 16 

Sparesholt, Will, son of John de, 139 

Sparkeford, de, 74 

Sparkeford, Helias, 74 

Sparkeford, Robert de, 42, 74 

Speciarius, Robert, Provost of North- 
ampton, 75 

Speciarius, Robert, 140 

Spencer, Thomas, 246 

Spencer, William, 193 



Spenser, Eliz. , dau. of Sir John, wife 
of Sir G. Carew, 252 

Spereke, Walter, 119 

Spileman, John, 118 

Spilemon, Spyleman, Walter, 64, 
118, 124 

Spineto, Walter de, 63 

Spryng, John, Sheriff of Bristol, 292 

Spuz, Matilda de, wife of Rob. de 
Novilla, S3 

Stabler, Robert le, 51, 83 

Stafford, Anne, Duchess of Buck- 
ingham, 187, 188 

Stafford, Edward, 3rd Duke of 
Buckingham, 213, 283 

Stafford, Henry, Duke of Bucking- 
ham, 327 

Stafford, Hugh de, Earl |of Stafford, 

Stafford, Humphrey, Earl of Stafford, 

Stafford, Humphrey, Duke of Buck- 
ingham, 186, 317 

Stafford, John, Archbishop of Can- 
terbury, 186 

Stafford, Thomas de. Earl of Staf- 
ford, 317 

Stalipres, Roger, 44 

Stampes, John son of Rog. de, 127 

Stampes, Rich, son of Rog. de, 127 

Stane, Stanes, Bernard de, 13, 14, 
18, 22, 24, 29, 31, 32, 35, 36, 38, 
52, 60-62, 117, 181 

Stane, Stanes, Maurice de, 93, 94, 
96,99, 103, no, 118, 122, 127, 
130, 138 

Stane, Stanes, Stannes, Robert de, 
58, 129, 141, 148, 149 

Stane, Stanes, William de, no, 118, 

Stanes, Henry de, 13 
Stanes, Peter de, 57, 58 
Stanes, Ralph de, 59 
Stanford, Godfrey de, 17 
Stanhope, Sir John, 244 
Stanhope, Sir Michael, Groom of the 
Chamber, 243, 315 

Stanlega, John de, nepos Matild. de 
Landa. 55 

Stanlega, William de, 125 
Stanley, Thomas, Lord Stanley, 189 
Stanley, Thomas, Earl of Derby, 197 
Stanley, William, Knt., 189 
Stanton aL Staunton, Alice de, 77 
Stanton, Robert de, 134 
Stanton, Walter de, 96 
Stapleton, Robert de, 147 

Stapleton, Walter de, Bishop of Ox- 
ford, 273 

Staunton, John de, 180 

Staunton, Roger de, 150 

Staveleia, Adam de, 34 

Stephen, Clerk, 53, 106 

Stephen, bro. of " Richer clericus de 
Roele," 14 

Stephen, Virgo al. Parvus, 26 

Steple, William de, 63 

Stevens, John, 179 

Stewart, Col. William, Scotch Am- 
bassador, 332 

Stihelvei, Peter de, 26 
Stintescomlje, Harding de, 8 

Stintescombe, Stintescumbe, Roger 
de, 8, 13 

Stintescumb, Ralph de, 13 

Stintescumbe,^ Stintecumbe, Stintis- 
cumbe, Styntescumbe, Peter de, 
45. 51. 57-59.63,66, 72. 73, 83, 
92,93, 104, 110-I12, 129, 147, 
154. 157 

Stintescumbe, Thomas de, 102 

Stivintun, Richard de, 106 

Stivintuu, Stiwentun, Symon son of 
R. de, 106, 119 

Stock, Sansun de la, 117 

Stocke, William de la, 117 

Stockewall, William, 179 

Stokes, Robert de, 128 

Stokes, Saiher de, 20 

Stone, Robert de, 142, 154, 308 

Stone, Roberd of, Lord of Wans well 
and Stone, 297 



Stourton, William, i8i 

Stowe, Nicholas de, Constable of 
Berkeley, 102 

Stowe, Stephen, 255 

Straunge, John, 327 

Straunge, Robert, Sheriff and Mayor 
of Bristol, 190, 193 

Stretton, John de, 166 

Stretun, Helias de, 28 

Strickland, John, Rector of Sutton- 
Bunnington, 249 

Stuart, Lady Arabella, 244, 337 

Stuart, Charles, Sth Earl of Len- 
nox, 331 

Stuart, Ludovic, Duke of Lennox, 

Stuoet, Walter, 112 
Stures, Walter de, 28 
Stut, Richard, 113 
Stut, Walter, 93 
Stut, William, 8 
Stutecumb, Richard de, 36 
Stywarde, Richard, 124 

Suanintona, Adam, son of Adam son 
of Gunel de, 27 

Sub-Gardino, Robert, 85 

Sudely, Ralph, Lord, 186 

Sudinton, Master Thomas de, 149 

Sudleia, Ralph de, 20 

Suffolk, Duke of, v. Brandon, 

Suht, John, de Culkertune, 127 

Suint', Walter de, 28 

Suit', Richard, clerk of, 28 

Sulby, Dom. Bartholomew de, 142 

Sulign', Saulingm', Alured de, 53 

Sumerford, Reginald de, 12 

Sumeri, v. Someri 

Sumery, Ralph, 29 

Sune, John le, 14 

Sune, Ralph, 78 

Super-la-Grene, John, 122, 123 

Surmanensis, Albertus, 171 

Surrey, Earl of, v. Warenna 

Sussex, Earl of, v. Ratcliffie 

Sutheberi, Hugh de, 63 

Suthleic, Ralph de, 91 

Sutton, John, 181 

Sutton, Mabel, w. of Will, de, 60 

Sutton, Richard de, Knt., 87 

Sutton, William de, 60 

Suttorp, Tho. son of Rob. de, 127 

Swan, Henry, 62 

Swanhungre, Swonhungre, Thomas 
de, 103, 117, 129, 146, 148, 154 

Swanley, John, jun, 187 

Swonhangre, Elyas de, 175 

Swonhungre, John de, 151 

Swift, Jonathan, 311 

Swigin, chaplain, 36 

Swillington, Roger, 265 

Sybil, Abbess of Wilton, 174 

Sybil, w. of Nich. son of Rog. , 109 

Syde, William de, 154, 160, 161, 
163, 164, 170, 177, 181, 274, 277, 

Sydney, Sir Henry, 226, 322 
Sydney, Marg. w. of Sir Hen., 296 
Sydney, Robert, Earl of Leicester, 

Syfrewast, v. Sifrewast 

Symon, v. Simon 

Symon, Will, son of Walt., 64 

TABLESFORD. Tevellesford, 
Ivor de, 34, 35 

Taillour, Robert le, 160 

Taillur, Roger, 115 

Takel, Ralph, 104 

Takel, William, 104 

Talbot, Lady, [1504], 263 

Talbot, Joan, wife of James, Lord 
Berkeley, 187 

Talbot, Edward, Viscount Lisle, 
263, 266 

Talbot, Eliz. wife of John, Duke of 
Norfolk, 199 



Talbot, Eliz., Lady Lisle, [1546], 

Talbot, Lady Elizabeth, 191, 301 
Talbot, Gilbert, Earl of Shrewsbury, 

Talbot, Henry, 180 

Talbot, Joan, Lady Lisle, [1500], 

Talbot, John, ist Earl of Shrews- 
bury, 1 86, 266, 300 

Talbot, John, Viscount Lisle, 186, 
212, 296 

Talbot, Margaret, wife of John, ist 
Earl of Shrewsbury, 185, 188, 
189, 266. Inlrod. 

Talbot, Margaret, widow of Thomas, 

Viscount Lisle, 193. Introd, 

Talbot, Lady Margaret, 191, 301 

Talbot, Thomas, Viscount Lisle, 
[slain at Nibley], 188, 191-193, 
266, 270, 298. Introd. 

Talebot, Ermintruda d. of Roger, 
68 ». 

Talebot, Rob. son of Ralph, 27 
Tanator, Thomas, de Graham, 41 
Taney, Will, de. Steward of Berke- 
ley, 98, 130 
TannariUs, Ralph, 130 
Tanquart, Richard, 122 
Tatereshall, Walter de, 128 
Taverner, Roger le, 130 
Tece, Jordan, 106 
Tedballdus, clericus, 75 
Tefleford, Heliasde, 129 
Tefleford, Thomas de, 129 
Teinton, Lewis de, 19 
Temple, John de, notary public, 130 
Teste, Lawrence, 267 

Tetbury, Robert de, Abbot of Kings- 
wood, 150 

Tettebire, Philip de, 71 

Tevellesford, v. Tablesford 

Textor, John, of Claverdon, 114 

Textor, Richard, the Clerk, son of 
John, 114 

Teysante, Thomas, 214 

Thame, Philip de. Prior of the Hos- 
pital of jSt. John of Jerusalem, 

Thaylard, Ralph, 67 

Thebanensis, Paulus, 171 

Their, Simon, 26 

Theobald, son of Walter, 21 

Thiringeham, Thomas de, 34 

Thirintona, Master Walter de, 37 

Thodric, GeofiF. son of Hugh, 86 

Thodric, Hugh, 86 

Tboki, Toki, Alice, 52, 82 

Tholi, Toli, Robert, 65, 69 

Thomas, Prior of St. Andrew's, 
Northampton, 140 

Thomas, Parson of Newington, 37, 

71, 100 
Thomas, capellanus de Cnolla, 34 
Thomas, chaplain of Foxcote, 30 
Thomas, clerk of Dudinton, 28 
Thomas, clericus de Stratton, 1 1 1 
Thomas, clerk of Tort worth, 1 18 
Thomas, clericus de Wyditone, 106 
Thomas, chaplain, 13 
Thomas, the clerk, 114 

Thomas, Dispensarius al. Dispen- 

sator, 14, 2Q 
Thomas, serviens, 133 
Thomas, serviens, of Austrey, 99 
Thomas, serviens, of Berkeley, 96 
Thomas, Walensis, 149 
Thomas, son of Andrew, 97, 115 
Thomas, son of Anthony, 147 
Thomas, son of Baldwin, 112 
Thomas, son of Geremund, 17 
Thomas, son of Gervase, 17 
Thomas, fil. Goche, 16 
Thomas fil, Gore, 16 

Thomas, son of Gregory, clerk of 
Exton, 67 

Thomas, son of Hugh, clerk of 

Croxton, 114 
Thomas, son of Nicholas, 123 
Thomas, son of Richard, 42 

Thomas, son of Robert Nepos de 
Osleworth, 42 



Thomas, so" of Simon, li6 
Thomas, son of Thomas, Bailiff cf 

Croxton, 114 
Thomas, son of William, 34 
Thomas, frater Domini [de Wick], 

Thomas, family ol, 318 
Thomas, John, of Newport, 243 
Thomas, Richard, Bailiff to Lord 

Berkeley, 236 
Thomas, Robert, 206, 255 
Thomond, Earl of, v. O'Brien 
Thorend, William de, 72 
Thorenny, Torenni, Rob. de, 36, 40 
Thoringn', Thoringtun, Ran. de, 35 
Thoringn', Robert de, 35 
Thorp, Geoffrey de, 14 
Thorp, Nicholas de, 87 
Thorp, Richard de, 77, 86, 117, 128 
Thorp, Robert de, clericus, 48 
Thorp, Robert de, 87 
Thorpe family, 318 
Thorpe, George, 243, 248, 249, 282 
Thorpe, George, of Wanswell, 263 
Thorpe, John son of Geo. , 260 
Thorpe, Marg. wid. of George, 260 
Thorpe, Marg. dau. of Geo., 260 
Thorpe, Martin de, 119 
Thorpe, Nicholas, of Wanswell, 221, 

Thorpe, Will, son of Geo., 260 
Thorpp, John, 188 
Throgmorton family, 318 

Throgmorton, Throkmorton, Sir Tho- 
mas, of Tortworth, -jof), n., 
268, 329, 330, 333 

Throkmerton, George, 237 

Thudeham, Bartholomew de, 127 

Thudeham, Eadmund de, 127 

Thudeham, Jocelin de, 127 

Thurban, Robert, 210 

Thuringeham, Thomas de, 59 

Thurkelby, Roger de, loi 

Thursteineston, Thursteinastun, 
Thursteintun, Tursteinston, Turs- 
teineton,Tuttanesthan, etc. Ralph 
de, 17, 20, 39, 44, 46-49, 61, 64, 
69, 87-89 

Thursteinistun, Rob. sen of Ralph 

de, 88 
Tibeton, Robert de, 148 

Tike, John, 94 

Tillebury, Godselm de, 72 

Tilli, Dom. Walter de, 80 

Tim pan, Hugh, 19 

Tindale, Robert de, 127 

Tiringham, Thomas de, 25, 36, 62, 

63, 129 
Tirrell, Edward, 237 

Tisun, Tysun, Walter, 47, 51, 83, 
84, 107 

Toke, nurse of Alice de Berkele, 25 

Toki, z/. Thoki 

Tolebu, Simon, 42 

Toll, V. Tholi 

Tomkins, John, gatekeeper at Berke- 
ley, 280 

Torell, William, 72 

Torenni, v, Thorenni 

Tormertun, Mael de, 16 

Tornour, Robert, 185 

Tornour, William, 185 

Torp, Geoffrey de, 39 

Torp, Nicholas de, 72 

Torp, Ralph de, 48 

Torp, Reginald de, 47 

Torp, Richard son of Serlo de, 131 

Torp, Robert de, 49, 69, 86 

Torp, Serlo, 131 

Torp, William de, 134 

Torp, V. also Thorp 

Torteworth, Henry, 255 

Tracy family, 318 

Tracy, John, 333 

Tracy, William, Sheriff of Glouces- 
ter, 277 

Traford, Anselm de, 42 

Travers, William, of Winchendon, 



Tregoz, R de, 134 

Treigoz, Pobert, 23 

Treilli, Trelli, William, 78, 108, 139 

Trenewyth, Ralph, 179 

Tresgroys, Dom. John, Knt. , 149 

Trevysa, John, Vicar of Berkeley, 

293. Introd. 
Troham, Richard de, 40 

Troi, Wido de, 27 

Trotman, Jocelin, Bishop of Bath, 74 

Trowella, Nicholas de, 17 

Trussi, William, 37 

Try, William and Isabella, 194 

Trye family, 318 

Trye, Gerard, 209 

Trye, Thomas, of Caloughdon, 210, 

Tudderle, William, clerk, 179 

Tudinton, Robert de, 20 

Tudintona, Philip de, 20 

Tuiford, Twiford, Twyford, Robert 
de, 14, 17, 20, 32, 43, 67, 88 

Tumberlaye, Roger de, 121 

Tuneb', Master William de, 53, 56 

Tur, Richard de la, 50 

Turevilla, Turvill, Geoff, de, 30, 53 

Turkel fil. Hoviet, 17 

Turkelby,Turketleby, Rog. de,6o,8l 

Turkil, 48 

Turner, Ann, 317 

Turpin, Mahu, 35 

Turre, Gregory de, 1 1 

Tursteineston, etc. v, Thursteineston 

Turtanesthan, v. Thursteineston 

Turvill, Geoff, de, v. Turevilla 

Turvill, Hamo de, 85 

Turvill, Rich, de, parson of Penn, 50 

Turvill, Richard de, 89 

Turvill, Robert de, 21 

Turvill, Turvilla, William de, 32, 89 

Tuschet, Thomas de, 54 

Twiford, Twyford, v Tuiford 

Tyeis, Henry le. Gustos of Oxford, 

Tyeis, Henry le, 271 

Tyes, family of, 177 n. 

Tyes, Alice, 177 n. 

Tyes, Henry, Lord, 177 

Tyndale, Edward, Receiver, for the 
King, of Berkeley Lordship, 205, 

Tyndale, Richard, 287 

Tyndale, Thomas, 329 

Tyndall, Edith dau. of Rich., 215 

Tyndall, Richard and Katharine, of 
Stinchcombe, 215 

Tyrel, Ralph, 65 

Tyringeham, Tyringham, Thomas de, 
40, 58, 92, 93 

Tyringham, Thomas de. Prior of 

Stanley St. Leonard's, 308 
Tyringetun, Thomas de, 66 
Tysun, v. Tisun 


UDLISFORD, William son 
Will, and Marg. de, 52 

Uffington, James de, 115 

Uffinton, Peter de, 126 

Uffinton, Robert de, 115 

Ulehale, Henry de, 122 

Ulpenne, Bartholomew de, 149 

Ulrich, W^illiam, 52 

Undirlych, William de, chaplain, 164 

Unfridus, Superbus, 26 

Uppilla, Hugh de, 23 

Upthorp, Peter de, 37 

Upton, Bartholomew de, 20 

Upton, William de, 91 

Uptun, Robert de, 136 

Uptune, Walter de, 71 

Urswyk, Thomas, 194 

T 7"ACCARIUS, Rob. son of Will. 

Vaccarius, William, 93 

Vacher, Hugh le, of Croxton, 122 



Vale, John le, 96 

Valain', Tedbald de, 19 

Valence, Joan w. of William de, 
Countess of Pembroke, 142 

Valence, William de, Earl of Pem- 
broke, 142 

Valentia, William de, uncle of King 
Edward I., 147 

Valeynes, Thomas de, Knt. 132 

Valle, Robert de, Knt., 146 

Valoniis, Valounes, Hamo de, 21 

Valstein, Thai et Trautmanstorflf, 
Amadeus, Baron de, 343 

Vane, Henry, Chamberlain to the 
Earl of Stafford [1437], 281 

Varner, pincerna, 40 

Vassal, Geoffrey, 42 

Vassal, Hugh, 23, 42 

Vaughan, Walter, of Golden Grove, 

Vaughan, William, 230 

Vans, Hubert de, 59 

Veel, family of, 318 

Veel, Peter de, Knt., 157 

Veel, Dom. Robert le, 81, 98, 126, 
141, 148, 299 

Veel, William, 83 

Veer, v. Ver 

Veisin, William, 44 

Velur, William le, 114 

Venator, William, 112 

Venur, Michael le, 127, 129 

Venur, William le, 120 

Ver, Baldwin de, 54 

Ver, Dom. Robert de, 92, 98 

Verdun, Annora wid. of Dom. Walt, 
de, 126 

Verdun, Ralph de, 26 

Verdun, Richard de, 49 

Verdun, Verdoun, Roger de, 121, 

Verdun, Dom. Walter de, 126 

Verdun, William de. Archdeacon of 
Gloucester, 33, 38 

Verney, Verniz, William de, 49 

Vernon, Guarin de, 53 

Vernon, Ralph de, Clerk to Ranulph, 
Earl of Chester, 53 

Vernon, Robert de, 12 

Vernon, Robert, 334 

Vernun, William de, 54 

Vesci, Peter de, 31, 53 

Veun, Henry de, 80 

Veysee, William le, 147 

Vhiteswrhe, William son of Bertram 

de, 53 
Vike, Peter de, 105 
Vilers, Guy son of Rog. de, 24 
Vilers, Walter de, 24 
Vilers, Wiot de, 25 
Viliers, William de, 2i 
Villars, Sir John, 267 
Ville, Thomas de la, 23 
Vinea, Nicholas de, clerk, 103 
Vitalis, Monk of Kingswood, 100 
Vitor, Simon, 75 
Vitulus, V. Veel 
Vivien, Robert, 16 

Vouler, Gonilda wife of Roger le, 
wid. of M. de Baggepath, 137 

Vouler, Roger le, de Hulle, 137 

Vydevyle, Richard, 174 

Vyell, Henry, SherifiF of Bristol, 

[1374], 292 
Vyllers, John, 265 

Vyvoun, Petronilla, Domina de But- 
ton, 133 



, Abbot of Kingswood, 25 

W , Sacristan of Bristol Abbey, 

Wace, John son of Walt,, 27 
Wace, Philip son of Elias, 27 
Wace, Philip, 129 
Wade, John, of Bristol, 212 
Wade, Roger, "Crouder," 153 



Wager, Richard, io6, 107 

Wain, Walter, 46 

Wakelin, rector de Hanlop, 90 

Wakelyn, Richard, of Lollington, 199 

Waldesef, R de, magister Sle- 

beth, 146 

Waldesek, Ralph de, 134 

Waldis, William de, 134 

Wale, John, of Bristol, 254 

Wale, William, 119 

Waleis, Waleys, Ralph, 175, 176 

Walensis, David, 22 

Walerand, Dom. Robert, Sheriff of 
Gloucester, 97, 131, 132 

Walesham, Clement de, 72 

Walesham, Nicholas de, 72 

Waleton, Robert de, 45, 85, 88 

Waletun, Osbert de, 49 

Waleys, Johanna, Prioress of St. 
Mary Magdalene, Bristol, 187 

Waleys, Philip le, 148 

Walkelin, 6 

Walkelin, Canon of Bristol, 37 

Waller, Anne wid. of Rich., 240 

Waller, Thomas son of Rich., 240 

Waller, Sir William, 340 

Wallet, Richard, 186 

Walsingham, Sir Francis, 331, 333 

Walter, Bishop of Worcester, 153 

Walter, Prior of Bath, 35 

Walter, Prior of Kenil worth, 122 

Walter, Dean of Cam, 19 

Walter, Dean of , 38 

Walter, capellanus de Castelio, 18 

Walter, chaplain to Robert de Ber- 

chele, 22 
Walter, chaplain of Berkeley, 38 

Walter, clericus de Stanes, 127 

Walter, chaplain, 29, 30, 52 

Walter, clericus, "cognomentoarchi- 
diaconus, 55 

Walter, clerk, 125 

Walter, magister de Gosintun, 121 

Walter, homo persone, 58 

. Walter, vetus prepositus, 93 

Walter, son of Agnes, 117 

Walter, son of Alan, 98 

Walter, son of Albert, 7, 13 

Walter, son of Alwin, 13 

Walter, son of Edward, 28 

Walter, fil. Henrici Monetarii, 119 

Walter, fil. Holfi, 112 

Walter, son of Ric. son of Suetric, 

Waltham, Henry de, 79 

Walton, Richard de, 106 
Waltun, Pagan de, 129 
Wamstrong, Thomas, 181 
Wanci, Wauci, Geoflfrey de, 18, 71 
Wanci, Robert de, 23 
Wanci, William de, 54 
Wandlyngtone, Alexander de, 106 
Waneswelle, Jordan de, 50 
Wanetingre, Jocelin de, 67 
Wappenbiri, John de, 17 
Wapjienbiri, Rob. son of Tho. de, 

Warbast, Alice w. of John, 173 
Warbast, John, 173 
Warbulton, Richard, 273 
Warcebec, Roliert de, 44 
Warde, Matthew, M.A., 244 
Warde, Symon, 174 
Warenna v. also Warren 
Warenna, Fulch de, 11 
Warenna, John de, Earl of Surrey, 

157. 159 
Warenna, Reginald de, 1 1 

Warennarius, William, 11 

Warenoshebi, Warenothebi, Gilbert 
de, 16 

Warin, chaplain, 55, 56 

Warin, son of Geoffrey, 16 

Warknotheb', Ralph de, junior, 51 

Warner, family of, 297 

Warre, Lord de la, v. West 

Warre, John la, 30, 70 

Warre, Jordan le, 6, 58, 78,80, 97, 98 



Wane, Peter la, 22, 58, 78 

Warre, Richard le, 80 

Warra, Robert la, 35, 46, 58, 181 

Warren v. also Warenna 

Warren, Hamelin, Earl of, 11 

Warrenne, William, Earl of, 36, 89 

Warrenne, William de, Earl of Sur- 
rey, 78 

Warwick, Earls of, v. Beauchamp ; 

Warwick, Countess of, v. Rich 
Waryn, William, of Bristol, 185 
Wassaund, Alan de, loi 
Wasseburn, William de, 91 
Wasteneis, Wasteneys, William de, 

65, 69, 73, 77. 87, 140 
Wastingele, Walter de, 134 
Watersip, VA^'illiam de, no 
Watson, Edward, 267 
Wattevil, Robert de, 7 
Wauci, V. Wanci 
Waude, Walter de la, Steward to 

Warin, fil. Geroldi, 66 
Wautone, Dom. John de, 97, 126, 

Wauton, William de, Knt., 151, 

157, 276 

Wayneswelle, Henry de, 151 

Wayneterre, Hugh, 117 

Waynflete, William, Bp. of Win- 
chester, 132 «., 186, 189 

Waz, Walter, 115 

Webbe, John, Alderman of the Holy 
Cross Guild, Stratford, 184 

Webbe, Nicholas, of Wotton, 288 

Webbe, Richard, 243 

Webbe, William, of Dursley, 227 

Weche, Robert, 70 

Welentone, Richard de, 40 

Welleford, Ralph de, 79 

Welshe family, 318 

Wenden, Geoff, son of Ralph, de, 97 

Wenden, Matilda wife of G. de, 97 

Wenden, Matthew de, 97 

Wenden, Ralph de, 97 

Wendon, John son of Geoff, de, 53 

Weneswell, Henry de, 146 

Wenneval, William de, 21 

Wenri, William, 13 

Were, Robert de, s. of Rob. Fitz- 
harding, 21, 40, 80 

V. also Fitzharding 

Wermeinstere, Wermyster, William 
de, 105, 179 

Werdun, Ysoulda de, 72 

Werra, David la, 24 

Werra, Herbert, 12 

Werra, Werre, John la, 21, 24, 78 

Werr', Richard, 78 

Werra, Robert la, clerk, 24 

Werra, Rog. bro. of John la, 24 

Werra, Thomas son of Herb, la, 24 

Werra, Walt, son of Herb, la, 24 

Werstun, Michael de, 40 

West, Lords de la Warre, 297, 311 

West, John, Groom of the Queen's 

Chamber, etc., 218 

West, Richard, 318 

West, Thomas, sen,, 231 

Westcote, William de, 71, 73, 78, 
108, 139 

Westmoreland, Earl of, v. Neville 

Weston, Charles, 261 

Weston, Roger de, 12, 15 

Weston. William de, son of Ralph 
de Welleford, 79 

Westwude, Richard de, 71 

Wetelej, Robert de, 65 

Weyland. John de, 147 

Whicheton, William de, 129 

White, Robert, of Bristol, Coflferer, 

Whitgift, John, Archbp. of Canter- 
bury, 232 

Whitney, Sir James, Bart., 333 

Whitynton, Thomas, 189 

Wic', Liofifus de, 28 

Wica, Richard son of Alured de, 5 1 



Wich, John de, 44 

Wicha, Reginald de la, 28 

Wichintoni Henry de, 19 

Wik, Wyk, Andrew de, 115, 119 

Wik, Wika, Wike, Wyka, Peter de, 

93-96, 99> 103. 106, 107, 113, 

114, 116, 122, 133 

Wika, Arnold do, 112 

Wika, Wike, Hugh de, 24, 47, 58, 
59, 106 

Wika, John de, 123 

Wike, Dionysia, w. of Rich, de, 148 

Wike, Wyke, Richard de, 114, 148 

Wike, Robert at, 112 

Wike, Wyke, William de la, 58, 86, 

Wil, John, 166 

Wileton, Wilintun, Dom. Ralph de, 
63, 81, 82, no 

Wiliton, John de, 148 

Wilintun, Nich, son of Ralph de, 81 

Wilkyns, Willia a. Steward of Hin- 
ton, 279 

William son of Henry, Duke of Nor- 
mandy, 6 

William, Marshal, aft. Earl of Pem- 
broke, 18, 23 

William, " Longesp^e," Earl of 
Salisbury, 14, i8, 29 

William, Bishop of Bath and Wells, 

William, [de Lorgchamps], Bp. 

Elect of Ely, Chancellor, 18 

William, Bishop of Imlay, 149 
William, Bishop of Llandaff, l6 
William, Bishop of Worcester, 55 
William, Archdeacon of Huntingdon, 

William, Dean of Arlingham, 47, 99, 


William, Abbot of Bordesley, 38 
William, Abhot of Combe, 45 
William, Abbot of Bristol, 82, 94, 

William, Abbot of Keynsham, 20, 24 
William, Abbot of Kingswood, 18, 

William, Prior of Lantony, 165 

William, Warden of the Friars Mi- 
nors, York, 201 

William, persona de Fostona, 61 

William, parson of Rugby, 44 

William, parson rf Tetbury, 108 

William, parson of Uffinton, 126 

William, rector of Wotton, no 

William, chaplain of Horton, 30 

William, chaplain of RedcliflF, 18, 22, 

William, capellanus de Redeclive fil. 

Edrici Plumbarii, 181 

William, capellanus de Morevill, 30 
William, chaplain of Segrave, 43 
William, chaplain of Slimbridge, 25 
William, chaplain, 17, 25, 28, 33, 47 
William, cUrk of Barrow-on-Soar, 

William, clericus de Cuantona, 43 

William, clericus de Gaiton, II 

William, clericus de Leire, 17 

William, clerk, 78, 92, 107, 114 

William, cellarer of Kingswood Ab- 
bey, 100 

William, steward of Berkhampstead, 

William, steward to Dom. John de 
Segrave, 283 

William son of Adam, 41 
William son of Alan, lOO 
William son of Bernard, 8 
William son of Eadmund, 70 
William son of Eddriz, 1 1 
William son of Elias, 71, 108, 139 
William son of Eustace, 116, 122 
William son of Geoffrey, 8, 12, 16 
William fil. Geraldi Carpentarii de, 

William son of Godfrey, 55, 56 
William son of Guarin, 17 
William son of Hamo, 2 
William son of Hamund, 7 
William son of Henry, 27 
William son of Ivo, 86 



William son of Johel, 69 
. William son of John, 21 
William son of Katharine, 69 
William son of Michael, 48 
William son of Nigel, 32, 51, 72 
William fil. Osberti Parcarii, 58 
William son of Ota, 15 
William son of Ralph, 42 
William son of Richard, 49 
William fil. Ric. persona de Ristone^ 

William son of Robert, 31, 93, 113, 

William son of Rob. son of Martin, 

22, 30, 43 
William son of Thomas, 51 
William son of Turkel, 64 
William son of Walter, 82 
William fil, Walteri Symonis, 64 
William son of Warin, 86 
William son of William, 129 
William son of Wulfric, 49 
William bro. of Reginald, 7 
William frater Domini (de Wick), 28 
Williams al. Cromwell, Sir Rich. 245 
Williams v. also Cromwell 
Willoughby, Edward, 196, 197 
Willoughby, Johanna w. of Will., 

188, 190 
Willoughby, Sir William, 188 
Wilmescote, William de, 31 
Wilmington, Earl of v. Compton 
Wilson, George, M.A., 247 
Wilton, Robert de, 87 
Winchester, Ea'l of v. Despencer 
Winchester, Countess of, v. Quincey 
Winchester, Marquis of v. Pawlett 
Windessor, John de, 36 
Windsor, Andrew, Lord, 210 
Windsor, Andrew, Esq., 236 
Windsor, Honry, Lord, 236, 238 
Windsor, Edward son of Walt., 238 
'Vindsor, Walter, 238 • 

Winniffe, Thomas, Bp. of Lincoln, 

Winston, Sir Henry, 336 

Wintonia, Humfridus jde, 24 

Wintrid, Thomas de, 30 

Wirek, Simon, ']'] 

Wisman, Gilbert, 19 

Witchirche, William de, 139 

Witcolt, Gode wid. of John, 141 

Wite, Adam le, 84 

Witebia, Alexander de, 67 

Witefeld, Robert de, 23 

Witenk, Giffard, 20 

Witenk, Hugh, 20 

Witenk, Walter, 20 

Wither, John, * Sagittarius vigiliarum' 
ofGower, 186 

Wither v. Wyther 

Withiford, Hugh, Mayor of Bristol, 

Wivelesle, Robert de, 49 
Wivill, Robert de, 75 
Wlbetere, Eva, d. of Walter le, 130 
Wlfeia, Rob. son of Rob., 14 
Wlfruthestone, Stephen de, 70 
Wlurichestun, Stephen de, 106 
Wockeseye, William de, 98 
Wockesye, Richard de, 136 
Woddeward, Thomas, 199 
Wodecote, Henry de, 117 

Wodeford, Wudeford, John de, 31, 
83, 96, 1 10^ 118, 138 

Wodeford, Nicholas de, 125, 140 

Wodehend, Roger de la, 1 16 

Woderige, Walter de, 69 

Woldrop, Dolfin in — , 59 

Wolsey, Thomas, Cardinal, 207 «., 
283 «., 301 

Wolward, Geoffrey de, ^2'i 

Wolyngham, Ralph de, 158 

Womestrang, Hugh, 130 

Womestrang, Leticia w. of Hugh, 

Wome^rang, Rich. s. of Hugh, 130 



Wor, William de, 129 

Worcester, Earl of v. Somerset 

Worle, Robert de, 15 

Wormynton, William de, Rector of 
of Dorsington, 167 

Worseley, Thomas, 231 

Worsley, Richard, Captain of the 
Isle of Wight, 219, 220 

Wright, Laurence, 245 

Wryght, William, Rector of Strixton, 
184, 185 

Wrytele, Roger de, 105 

Wudeford v. Wodeford 

Wuleton, Ralph de, 21 

Wulstan, Bishop of Worcester, 164 

W^yal, Thomas, 214 

Wych, Walter, 124 

Wyches, Robert, 156 

Wydye, Robert, Steward of Alkin- 
ton, 275 

Wyk, Walter de, 149 

Wyk, Wyka, v. Wik, Wika 

Wyke, Mathael de la, 105 

W>ke, Nicholas, 288 

Wyllyams v. Williams 

Wylne, John, Prior of Repton, 186 

Wynchecommbe, Will, de, chaplain, 

Wyndsor v. Windsor 
Wyng, Henry, 99 
Wynkfeld, John, Knt., 189 
Wynnowe, Richard, of Bristol, 212 
Wynter family, 318 
Wynter, Matikb, 278 
Wyntone, John and Katharine, 180 
Wyr, John, 149 
Wyring, Henry, 99 
Wyse, , pirate, 333 

Wyshengre, Nicholas, cementarius, 

Wytewelle, Richard de, 77 
Wyth, Walter, 164 
Wyther, Robert, 102, 14S, 151 
Wyther, Sybil, wife of Rob., 102 
Wyttenholt, John de, 126 
Wyveleston, Reginald de, 112 
Wyvill, John de, Justice, 137 
Wyxi, Osbert, 109 

\/ATE, John de, 174 

Yevelton, Robert, Knt., Lord of the 
Manor of Trenewith, etc., 179 

Ylebert, Philip, 97 

Ylebert, William, 97 

Ylle, Robert del, Prior of Domus 
Dei at Portsmouth, 130 

Yokflete, Thomas, clerk, 256 

Yonge family, 318 

York, James, Duke of, 325 

Ysaac, the Dean, 63 

Yveleg, Ywele, Yweleg, YwUegh, 
Vweleye, Peter de, 73, 84, 91, 
105, 108, 116, 121, 125 

ZARNES, Agnes d. of Rob., w. 
of J. Schiphard, 130 

Zarnes, Robert, of Berkeley, 130 

Zouche, — —■, 286 

Zouche, John, 237 

Zouche, Marie dau. of Henry, Lord 
Berkeley, wife of John, 237 

Zuche, Roger la, 37 

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