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Full text of "Descriptive list of Syriac and Karshuni mss. in the British museum acquired since 1873"

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SINCE 1873. 





Honlion : 


Messrs. LONGMANS & CO., 39, Paternoster Row; BERNARD QUARITCH, 

15, Piccadilly, W. ; ASHER & CO., 13, Bedford Street, Covknt Garden ; 


House, Charing Cross Road; and Mr. HENRY FROWDE, 

Oxford University Press Warehouse, Amen Corner. 


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lOSDOIf : 




TiiE MSS. described in the present List were, for the 
most part, purchased for the Museum by Dr. Budge, 
Keeper of the Eg^'ptian and Assyrian Antiquities, in 
1889 and 1890, at Mosul, Alkosh, and the Tiarl district. 
Prior to these dates about fifty volumes had been 
acquired, and several other volumes have been subse- 
quently brought from UrmI and the neighbourhood. 
It will be seen that, besides a strong element of the 
classical literature of the Syrians, this collection con- 
tains a large number of works written in Karshiini, 
and that it also includes several volumes of Chaldaean 
(Roman Catholic) theology. Special attention may be 
drawn to the examples of modern Syriac literature 
contained in the collection (see more particularly Or. 
4422 and 4423). 

The student may note that the S.P.C.K. collection 
of Syriac and Karshuni MSS. at Cambridge, and also 
the Sachau collection at Berlin, are in many respects 
similar in character to the present MSS. This col- 
lection has also more features in common with the 
Oxford and Paris Syriac and Karsliuni MSS. (see tlie 


Catalogues of the late Dean Payne Smith and M. 
Zotenberg) than with the Syriac MSS. of the British 
Museum described in the Catalogue of the late Professor 

Thanks are due to Mr. AV. E. Crum, as well as to 
several members of the Museum staff, for much valuable 
help in the identification of the less-known names and 
titles occurrinof in the List. 



Keeper of the Department of Oriental 
Printed Books and MSS. 

Ajrril, 1899. 




Or. 1240. A number of fragments :— 1. St. John i. 31 — 
45 in Etliiopic, Syriac, Coptic, Arabic (in the Sjriac 
character), and Armenian. Paper, xiiith — xivth Cen- 
tury. The single extant leaf is very much mutilated, 
and of the Ethiopic part only a few letters remain. — 
2. Several mutilated vellum leaves of the xiith — xiiith 
Century, containing fragments of homilies. — 3. Part 
of a vellum leaf, in two columns, containing portions 
of hymns. Jacobite writing of the xth — xith Century. 
— 4. An Armenian fragment on vellum, containing a 
portion of a homily, xiiith — xivth Century, 

Or. 1272. A collection of fragments: — 1. Fol. 1, a leaf 
of the Gospel of St. John, containing ch. xvi. 7 (first 
word, ,^_cv^^a\) — 20 (last word, ..^jn^rc'), in a large 
beautiful Estrangeh'i of tlie vith Century. It really 
belongs to the Brit. Mus. MS. Add. 14,455% its posi- 
tion in that MS. being between the last two leaves. — 

3 Tlie loaves noted will now be emliodicd in Add. 14,455 and 14,552 



2. Full. 2 — 5, coiitaiiiiug portions of tlie Homilies of 
Cyril of Alexandria on the G-ospel of St. Luke, in a 
flo\viii<r liaiul of tlic viith or viiitli Centuiy. The con- 
tents of these leaves, which properly form part of 
Add. 14,552*, were published by the late Prof. William 
Wright in 1874. — 3. Fol. 6, a leaf (of apparently the 
viith Century) belonging to a collection of Homilies, 
the heading on the verso being . r^lriii^^sa n^cxfio^ *r)o«^ 
rr^:uM~*x* ctoojai-sn.i r<'^cu.^«^'i.=?3 ^ ; scc Or. 2732. — 

4. Foil. 7 and 8, part of a MS. containing prayers 
in commemoration of saints ; ixth or xth Century. — 

5. Fol. 9, a viith or viiith Centur}^ fragment of the 
Gospel of St. Matthew in the Peshitta version (parts 
of chs. xix. and xx.). — G. Foil. 10 — 12, three different 
mutilated fragments, the first (apparently part of a 
homily) being written in a beautiful Edessene Estran- 
grla of probably the vith Century. .; 

Or. 1300. The fourth volume of the Homilies of the 
Pi' Emmanuel bar Shahhare on the Hexaemeron, 
or six days of Creation, composed partly in hepta- 
syllabic and partly in dodecasyllabic metre. The 
original number of homilies belonging to this part 
was twenty-eight, but the second is wanting. See 
Wright's Syriac Catalogue, pp. 231, 232; also Or. 4072. 
Paper, foil. 198. Folio. Dated 1996 (a.d. 1685). 

Or. 1592. The Book of Psalms in the Peshitta version ; 
imperfect at the beginning and the end. Paper, foil. 78. 
Small 4^. xvnth Century. 

Or. 1593. A treatise on Chemistry and Natural Philo- 
sophy, composed partly in Syriac and partly in 

^ Sco iKiti' on \>. 1. 


Arabic (Karshuni). Paper, foil. 49. Sra. 4^. xvth 

Or. 1594. A Dictionarj- of the Syriac language, perlia|3S 
a recension of that of Ebdochus (EuSo^o?) ; imperfect 
at the beginning and end. Paper, foil. 73. Sm. 4^. 
xvth Centur}'. 

Or. 2084. The Prognostics of Daniel (kI^^.tocU..! nda^^ 
pcixni A.*r<lij.T.T rtLia^.i) ; two tracts on the prognostics 
from convulsions (pg^'=N<=s'i), the title of the second being: 
r^^ixsor^ ,X~»^ QDCU_A^ .1iai>-.t r^,qi<^'i.i r<LiTMr<' f<li\ ; 

the riddles of John Azrak, Bishop of Hirta ; a Syriac 
recension of Aesop's Fables (62 in number ; compare 
S. Hochfeld's *'Beitrage zur Syrischen Fabelliteratur," 
where only 60 are given) ; and several smaller pieces. 
Paper, foil. 68. 8^ Dated 2067 (a.d. 1756).— 
Appended are fragments (foil. 69 — 80) of a work on 
the interpretation of various dreams, in modern Syriac, 
belonging to the xixth Century. 

Or. 2287. Fragments of the Gospels of St. Mark, 
St. Luke, and St. John, of the Acts of the Apostles, 
the Epistle of St. James, and the Pauline Epistles. 
Peshitta version. Vellum, foil. 79. Folio, viiith or 
ixth Century. 

Or. 2288-9. A large portion of the New Testament 
accordmg to the Peshitta version. Vellum, foil. 91 
and 107. Folio, ixth or xth Centur3^ The last three 
leaves of Or. 2289 contain fragments of Judges 
(xiii. 8 sqq.), 1 Samuel (vi. 15 sqq.), and Kuth 
(i. 16 sqq.). 

B 2 


Or. 2290. The Psalms according to the Peshitta version. 
Paper, foil. ISo. 8°. Dated 2158 (a.d. 1847). 

Or. 2291. The four Gospels according to the Harklensian 
version, accompanied by an Arabic translation ; im- 
perfect. Paper, foil. 150. Regular but rather inelegant 
writing of the xiith — xiiitli Century. 

Or. 2292. A Nestorian Lectionary from the Pauline 
Epistles; imperfect. Paper, foil. 92. Bold writing 
of the xivth — xvth Century. 

Or. 2293. A collection of Anaphoras (including those 
of the Apostles : John, Bishop of Harran ; Xystus, 
Bishop of Rome; Basil, Bishop of Bagdad (also known 
by the names of Philoxenus and Lazarus bar Sabhetha) ; 
and Jacob of Seriig. The Anaphoras are preceded 
by introductory portions {Trpoo'm-ia) and followed by 
concluding hymns (rdsfl^aw), which are partly in 
Syriac and partly in Arabic (Karshuni). Leaves are 
wanting at the beginning and the end, and also 
after fol. 98. Paper, foil. 144. Dated (on fol. llGa) 
A.GR. 2041 (a.d. 1730). 

Or. 2294. Another collection of Anaplioras (including 
those of John bar Ma'danI, also known as Aaron bar 
!Ma'danl ; Xystus, Bishop of Rome ; and Abraham 
rda^i-T » i), accompanied by the usual introductory 
and concluding portions ; and also containing short 
services in connection with new vessels for the altar, 
kc. Partly Karshuni. Paper, foil. 130. Two dif- 
ferent hands; dated 201G (a.d. 1705). 

Or. 2295. Another collection of Anaphoras (including 
those of James, the Brother of the Lord ; the twelve 


Apostles ; Julias of Rome ; Matthew the Shepherd ; 
Peter of Callinicus ; Gregory Xazianzen). Imperfect. 
Paper, foil. 159. Dated (on fol. 129c0 1793 
(a.d. 1482). 

Or. 2296. A Nestorian Service-book, containing the 
"Abu Hallm " (so called on account of its having been 
compiled by Elias III. (Abu Halim ibu al-Hadltlii), 
catholicos of the Nestorians ; see Wright's " Syriac 
Literature," p. 25(3), besides various other services 
(ix-a rc'.vsa^i rdjao^, neLioo^.i rdflo^). The MS. is 
imperfect, and in parts now only legible with difficulty. 
Paper, foil. 82. Apparently dated 1845 (a.d. 1534), 
but tlie writing is partly rubbed away. 

Or. 2297. The first part of a Choral Service-book. The 
title appearing in the heading of fol. la is : r<lrD(k^ 

^jT-Z.^.t caz^i Jyi rCioivQD rdjaAx^ O^rc'.l K'^lCUi.l 

,^_i^.i ct3.tL.\ nrlijaTi*- ►^tajpc'. Paper, foil. 320. Folio. 
The volume is made up of fragments in different 
hands belono^ino; to the xvth and xvitli Centuries. 
A number of leaves are more or less mutilated. 

Or. 2298. A fragmentary Service-book (r<'v\^^vx=) for 
the festivals. Paper, foil. 282. Folio. Written in two 
different hands of apparently the xvth Century, and 
supplemented by a hand of the xviith Century. 

Or. 2299. r< pc'^oi^ja, a Nestorian Service-book 
used at the commemoration of the three days' fast of 
the Ninivites. Imperfect. Paper, foil. 134. 8°. Dated 
A.GR. 1560, A. 11. 04(3 (a.d. 1249). 

Or. 2300. Another imperfect copy of the r^^a-:*.^ 

t^cuu.i. xiiith Century. Foil. 13:-. — li'.l (bearing tlie 


title '^pC^o^vra.i pc'v33rcl=»3) jire in a different hand, 
dated 1793 (a.d. 1482). Paper, foil. IGl. 8°. 

Or. 2301. A Choral Service-book (part of tlie rCvv^^xsj), 
containing various kinds of hymns for festivals. Im- 
perfect. Paper, foil. 117. Large 8°. xvth — xvith 

Or. 2302. ._;t:^.i rclaj^.ii^i pc1=^-w, "The Book of the 
Paradise of Eden," a collection of fifty poems on 
various theological subjects, by 'Ebed-Yeshii', Metro- 
politan of Nisibis and of Armenia. Paper, foil. 130. 
8°. Dated 2005 (a.d. 1694). 

Or. 2303. The same work as the preceding. Paper, 
foil. 88. Folio. Written in a Nestorian hand of the 
xixth Century. 

Or. 2304. A collection of H^^mns by Gabriel Kamsa, 
Metropolitan of Mosul ; Khamis bar Kardahe, whose 
hymns are known under the title of coASiii (see e.g. 
Badger, "The Nestorians," ii. 24); and others. Paper, 
foil. 178. Large 8°. Dated 2188 (a.d. 1877). 

Or. 2305. Metrical Discourses illustrative of the tenets 
of the Nestorians ; partly in heptasyllabic and partly 
in dodecasyllabic metre. Probably composed by John 
bar Zo'bi (see Wright's " Syriac Literature," p. 258). 
Tinperfect, Paper, foil. 149, Large 8°. xviiith Century. 

Or. 2306. The works ascribed to Dionysius the Areopa- 
gite, accompanied by the introduction and explanatory 
notes of Phocas bar Sergius of Edessa, and other 
writers. Paper, foil. 178. Folio. Copied 1859 = 
a.d. 1548 (fol, 178(() from an ancient codex on vellum 
which was dated (fol. I7a) 1078 (a.d. 707). 

• Compare Cambridge Add. MS. 1081 (S.P.C.K. colloclion), ful. 40/^ 


Or. 2307. A collection of theological tracts (partly in 
Karshuni), including Confessions of Faith by Jacoi) 
of Edessa, Philoxenus of Mabug, and the Maphrian 
Gregory ; a brief sketch of sacred history, by Jacob 
of Edessa (p3.i r<'orAr<'.i r^h\co\=3x:sn A^*- . . . ^<'A^i\J<' 
ix.a r^^icvr.); a tract on the Holy Eucharist, by Diouy- 
sius bar Salibi ; see also Or. 4-403, fol. 30^. Paper, 

• foil. 46. 8^. Different hands of the xviith Century. 

Or. 2308. A treatise concerninor the Children of Linfht, 
in seven rdbccaa, by Abu'l Ma'anT (at the end, fol. ol/>, 
ii-c\ .jj rdibiaX r^* oarc'.i rc'Avxiut.^ ^^»i\jl). — An Epistle 
on the Holy Eucharist, by the same author. Both 
these works, apparently, also in Sachau's Verzeich- 
niss, 198 (182). See the Oxford Catalogue of Syriac 
MSS., under "Aziz Bar-Sabto. . . . Ignatius VII., patri- 
archa Turabdensis." — Confessions of Faith, &c. — The 
MS. is imperfect. Paper, foil. 66. 8°. Dated (fol 31/.) 
A.GR. 1999 (a.d. 1688). 

Or. 2309. Accounts of eleven Church-councils, beginning 
with the first Council of Nicaea, and ending with that 
of Florence : accompanied by extracts from the Annals 
of the Church of Rome. The contents of the MS. are 
identical with k'^vuxXsq^s r<'Hflaih..'u> rc'AvAxa^ o.ioiicuto, 
puljlished [by P. Bcdjan] at Paris, in 1888. Tlie 
Syriac translator was Joseph, Metropolitan of Amid. 
(See also Or. 4070. — Appended are (fol. 176 sqq.) an 
account of two Apostolic Councils, ordinances of indi- 
vidual Apostles, and the canons of a synod held by 
the Nestorian Church in the year 1629 of the Greeks 
(a.d. 1318). — Both parts of the MS. are iinpcj-fecf. 
Paper, full. 215. 8". xviith ("eHtury. 


Or. 2310. The Canons of the Council of Nicaea, fol- 
lowed by questions and answers on various theological 
subjects by Timothy rd^jL^.-usni oql^-ut^^ K^aAoAva 
(Timothy T.?), Theodore of Mopsuestia, and others. 
Papers, foil. 153. 8°. 2068 (a.d. 1757). 

Or. 2311. A large portion of the fourth part of the 
"Illustrations of the Book of Paradise" (probably 
composed by the monk *Anan Yeshu'), beginning in 
the middle of section 46, and ending near the begin- 
ning of section 261. (See Wright's Catalogue, p. 1078, 
col. 2.) The writing is often blurred, and many 
leaves are damaged. Paper, foil. 168 (with two 
columns to a page). Large 8°. A bold regular hand 
of the xiitli Century. 

Or. 2312. The works of Isaiah of Scete (foil. 1— 53a), 
and of Evagrius [Ponticus] (fol. bob to the end). 
Both parts are fragmentary. Paper, foil. 182, with 
two columns to a page. 8°. A regular hand of 
the xvth — xvith Century. 

Or. 2313. The Testimonies (rC^o.icna)) of the Prophets 
(Jeremiah, Daniel, Ezckiel, &c.), followed by a tract 
entitled relLrj ^vs^arc'i ^x.L.rc' ^cxA rdwo-i-rj j-i «=v^ 
rtltxAx. OoOACV^.i CTU. Ax^ "V» ijt. ;Ta\ rtA.I K*^ CU-Sl* en , 

and other theological pieces. Imperfect. — Appended 
is a fragment of the story of Ahikar (fol. 172 sqq.) ; 
see also Or. 2326.— Paper, foil. 180. 12°. Nestorian 
writing of the xvith — xviith Century. 

Or. 2314. The smaller Grammar of John bar Zo'bi. 
Imperfect. (See AVright's " Syriac Literature," p. 259.) 
Paper, foil. 164<. 8". Probably xvith Century. 


Or. 2315, The Syro-Arabic Lexicon of Yesliu' bar 'All. 
Paper, foil. 202. Folio, xviitli or xviiitli Century. 

Or. 2316. frtflxJpi' A:^..! rdj-i^cusa rtflaijLO K'Av t ^t h\ 

rOj^^i-m.T rdAanon^pg'] i.e. the histories and edifying 
(lit. useful, helpful) events of the holy men and 
monks who lived, generation after generation, in the 
holy monastery of Beth 'Abhe, composed by the saintly 
Mar Thomas, Bishop of Marga. Imperfect. Published, 
with an English translation, by E. W. Budge, under 
the title of " The Book of Governors," in 1893. — 
A fragment (fol. 149) of an introduction to a history 
of martyrs, followed by a history of the martyrdom 
of Simeon bar Sabba'e and his companions (rc'.icaa>.ic\ 
casja:^. oil^^rc'.i). — A history of Joseph, son of Jacob, 
ascribed to Basil of Cesaraea. Imperfect. See also 
Or. 4528. A portion of this work was published by 
Magnus Weinberg, from a Berlin MS., in 1893, and the 
rest by S. AY. Link in 1895.— Paper, foil. 188. Folio, 
xviith — xviiith Century. 
Or. 2317. A volume (imperfect at the beginning and 
end, and also having lacunae after foil. 2, 89, 121) 
containing a certain number of hymns and prayers 
for various occasions ; an epistle of Mar Elias, 
Metropolitan of Nisibis, on *juJ>\oo-jj J'^-O^ ^s^^ 
Ya->U!4\ Llx>J-i-5_, . . . jJ\J^ (fol. 39/0; a paradigm 
of the Syriac verb v=>, Arabic t-*v^, in all its parts 
(fol. 11^) ; a divinatory tract, showing how to 
find out, by means of the letters K* — A^, whether 

• See Assem., B. 0., iii. 270: ii. 487. 


a wisli will be realized or not (fol. 85/^) ; another 
divinatorj' tract, concerning one who lias disappeared, 
a sick person, and a fugitive. — Xearly the whole of 
the MS. is in the Arabic langnage, but the character 
nsed is partly Sjriac. Different hands of the xviiith 
Century, some portions being dated 2017 (a.d. 
170()) and A.GR. 2027 (a.d. 1716). Paper, foil. 127. 8°. 

Or. 2318. The Ethics of Gregory Bar-Hebraeus, in 
Karshuui. Comp. Rosen and Forshall, Codices Syriaci, 
Iv., and Zotenberg's Paris Catalogne of Syriac MSS., 
no. 217; also Sachau's Verzeichniss, 313 (2). See 
also Or. 4409. Paper, foil. 184. Large 8°. Dated 
A.GR. 1995 (a.d. 1684). 

Or. 2319. A Jacobite Lectionary from the Gospels, with 
extracts from the exegetical w^orks of John Chrysostom, 
Cyril of Alexandria, and other commentators. Karshuni. 
Paper, foil. 357. Folio. Dated 2061 (a.d. 1750). 

Or. 2320. .ox.ijsa.^rc' ^sr^^^, a work illustrative of the 
principles of the Christian Faith, according to the 
tenets of the Jacobite Church ; composed by Abu 
Nasr Yuhanna (Yahya) ibn Harir, of Tagrit. The 
31st chapter of this work {'i\^^]\ i) has been edited 
by Dr. Cnreton (issued by Wright in 1865) from a 
Bodleian MS., which also gives the fuller title of the 
work as &jj3\ ^^ ^^\^\ ^^-^ j ^tikii^ J>\ j.^y\ ^Ij-aJ^ ^^ 

s'^' JjJ^ ^J\ rendered into English by " The Lamp 
tiiat guides to Salvation." See Ibn Abi Usaibiah, 
vol. i., }). 21-3, Avhere the author is stated to have 
been alive a.ii. 472 (a.d. 1079-80); cf. Assemani-Mai, 
Cat. Codd. Vat. (Scriptoruni veteruni nova collection, 


torn. 4, part 2), p. 212. Paper, foil. 224. Folio (two 
columns to a page). Dated 20o0 (a.d. 1710). 

Or. 2321. Letters (in Karshuni) of Cyril of Alexandria 
(two to Nestorius, and one to ,^noorrf oocvfiflxacvDo 
cTx*icukL>crAr<' cn^ir^Loaa, fol. 586), and part of his 
Commentary on the Pentateucli (fol. 626). — Homilies 
(also in Karshuni) of Athanasius, Patriarch of Jeru- 
salem, Athanasius of Alexandria (one, fol. 396), and 
c»c\K'^A^it<', Patriarch of Antioch (one) ; see Assem. 
B. 0., ii., pp. 302, 303. Paper, foil. 139. 8°. 
xviiith — xixth Century. 

Or. 2322. A Karshuni work on Christian Ethics, in 36 
chapters,* ascribed to Simeon, tlie Stylite, j/o/?V>/- (?), of 
Antioch (.jjp^iiiaQlrc' .jArcl^^rdXri' ^^ccn^r^ ^^.oj^Jyiao), 
who was born a.d. 521 (see Smith's " Dictionary of 
Christian Biography," vol. iv., p. 681). The title-page 
begins: ^^ ^ ^ A-sn^vjt* icnrcl^^K' .^rrr'Av.j^rc' rc'.-^cn 
,n.\\y,0 criir^."Af<' .^rda .jA .jJr<ijO"i .^r^^r^Ci y tt \ \,h\ 
oxjjiiaAk' cfj.TKla^ri'cv cola en "i\ K'o co ia. r<iA r^*. Comp. 
Assemani-Mai, tom. iv., p. 182, where a work in 20 
chapters, covering part of the contents of this ]\[S., 
is described. Paper, foil. 199. 8°. xviiith Century. 

Or. 2323. A volume of Sermons, in Karshuni, by Igna- 
tius Shukrullah, Patriarch of Antioch in the latter 
half of the xviith Century, or another of about a.d. 
1730 (see Wright's Syr. Cat., p. 900, col. 2 ; Rosen 
and Forshall, p. 109, col. 1). Paper, foil. 202. 8°. 
Dated 2112 (a.d. 1801). 

Or. 2324. J^ s^^ i/ ijf'^^ Jj^r-^ ^ medical work by 
Ibrahim ibn 'Abd al-Rahman. — A work, in 35 chapters, 
• Another copy is Or. -1092 (p. 29). 


^n^_ia.:^5a\f<'o ^rc'ixiirc'o, ascribed to Jacob of Edessa 
(Tol. 12SI>). — Two astronomical treatises (.^r^Av.^ 
•ncvi^rc', in 60 chapters, fol. 197rf, and (?)cdou ^k*^ 
inc'cnArCo lAirc' Arc'.tTis^n:' ,*2k t^Ak', a Compendium 
of the r<l^i!^Kl=3 i.ooxXrc'o ^"icovir<' ^r<h\.Sk,, fol. 241a). 
— All tliese works are in Karsbnui, though the title of 
the first is in the Arabic character. Paper, foil. 200. 
8°. Written in two different hands, the second portion 
l)L'ing dated 2110 (a.d. 1799). 

Or. 2325. wxAia^W irCiitopC oxaLA-i-sn ^rC^, a Kar- 
shuni theological treatise in eight Makdldt, composed 
by Mar Basilius, i.e. the Maphrian Shimeou al-Turani 
(.jjK'-ia^W ia3T<l=3aW »^^:*:sax. .^j^l.'i-a-sn). See 
also Or. 4-12G. Paper, foil. 138. Dated 2111 
(a.d. 1800). 

Or. 2326. A Karshuni collection of works in the follow- 
ing order: — The " Natural History " known by the title 
of *' Physiologus " (imperfect at the end). Homily 
of St. Chrysostom on Kepentance (fol. bla). — The con- 
cluding lines (fol. 65a) of a tract entitled jj*-^* C^UU*, 
written in the Arabic character, the Karshuni copy 
being preserved in Add. 7209, fol. 213?> sqq. See Rosen 
and Forshall, Codices Carshunice, p. 111. — The story 
of Haikar or Ahikar (fol. 65/y ; imperfect); compare 
the Syriac fragment contained in Or. 2813, foil. 172 — 
180. — Story of the Picture of Christ revealed to the 
deacon Philippus. — Paper, foil. 105. 8°. AVritten in 
different hands, the first-named work belonging to the 
xixth, and tiie rest to tlu' xvitli Century. 


Or. 2327. Revelation of St. Gregory [Thauraaturgus r] 
concerning punishments in the future life (^rdi.iv^ni' 
to*icv,^ii^ ir^-ss Qo^.TxiXrc'). — IMiracles of the Virgin 
Mary. — Both works are in Karshuni. Fragraentar3\ 
Paper, foil. 83. 8°. Dated (fol. 8a) 19G9 
(a.d. 1658). 

Or. 2343. The Marriage Services of the Nestorian Church . 
Imperfect. AVritten on paper, in a Nestorian hand of 
the xviiith Century. — A Manual of Confession, in 
Karshuni, translated, or adapted, from a Latin work, 
by Germanus Farhat, the Maronite Bishop of Aleppo 

crixir^.'=nc\\\Tr^ critn t \'\\r^). A life and portrait of 
Germanus Farhat are prefixed to the edition of his 
dictionary (u-^^;^^^ ^-'^)- — European paper. xixth 
Century. The volume contains 125 leaves in all. 8°. 

Or. 2440. A large fragment of a Jacobite Lectionary 
from the Gospels, the text being mainly taken fi-om 
the Harklensian version. Vellum, foil. 126. 8°. 
xiith Century. 

Or. 2441. The Syriaco- Arabic Lexicon of l.Iasan bar 
Bahlul. Paper, foil. 400. Folio. Dated a.d. 1878. 

Or. 2442. A Karshuni version of the Fables of Aesop, 
bearing the title : »2w5n oocv.^.i.aocv..» pa-L-^ixArC jjix. 
i-,i^=3 vAsa^K'. See pp. 8, 9, 20 sqq. in "Beitiiige 
zur Syrischen Fabelhteratur " of S. ITochfeld (1893). 
Paper, foil. 82. 8°. Badly written, xviiith— xixth 

Or. 2450. Hortatory compositions, in lie[)tasyllabic 


metre, on Christian life, character, and duties, com- 
posed by a monk whose name is not given. Some 
noteworthy parts of the collection are versified render- 
ings of portions of the Prov^erbs, Ecclesiastes, and 
Ecclcsiasticus. — Other pieces are exhortations (rc'.TiacvA 
K'ScnoAo, fol. IQOb) by John, a monk of the convent of 
St. Michael at Mosul; a similar piece by rtx^ia is ^j.4jcu 
(fol. 1G8//) ; and two stories of saints. Paper, foil. 180. 
4°. Dated Teshrin, 1882 (a.d. 1570). 

Or. 2695. The Canon of the New Testament as accepted 
by the early Syrian Church, viz. the four Gospels ; the 
Acts of the Apostles ; the Catholic Epistles (James, 
1 Peter, 1 John); the Epistles of St. Paul (including 
the Epistle to the Hebrews). At the end : r<l=j*iA 

r^JL^.a. Yellum, foil. 249. Sm. folio. Dated 1514 
= A.H. 509 (a.d. 1202-3). A painted cross on fol. 248a. 

Or. 2732. A volume containing the Canticles or Biblical 
Hymns ; prayers by Philoxenos of Mabiig, Isaiah of 
Scete, Isaac of Niniweh, Ephrom Syrus, and others ; 
history of Marcus the ]\Ionk (f^m\^.3 K'ocn •tJsojsL.i 
r^jaiTai^.i ; sec Amelineau, Contes et Romans de 
I'Egypte Chretienne, p. 55 sqq. ; also see Wright's 
Cat. Index under " Mark, the Monk "; also Or. 1272) ; 
discourses of Ephrem Syrus, Isaac of Antioch, Jacob 
of Serug, and others. These works, which are all in 
Syriac, are followed (fol. 164a sqq.) by prayers in 
Karshuni. — Paper, foil. 177. 12". xviiith Century. 

Or. 3311. A volume contaiiiinof tlie foHowiiisx two Kar- 


sliuni works: — 1. ^itojTcAr<' ird.a^re', i.e. Stories of 
Saints, embracing the lives of Qa-.i ^a.jjiAK' rdLx^o.^ 
cn*^^^.^Jtar^r^ ca^jjri^iaoK' (Joannes Eleemosynarius), by 
Leontius, Bislio[) of Xenpolis in Cyprus (seeAVriglit's Cat., 
p. lllo, col. 1), of rdsoxflocw and other saints (fol. 44Z/), 
and of John of the Golden Gospel (fol. 58t(). — 2. (fol. 7 la) 

^__^^!\_xxl p<' K'cn^.iv* ^^\p<' crii rtll\i\ re' ,Aih. cnL:^OJSn 

.^1^5^ r^ jjtAr<'^\r<' paii>.sa\r<' Acvo ^sn •. criJJo.vja.J=n.\r<' 
►iio^oArc' ^..^cuswsax. . . ^r<' .jaii^>.» »^_j<^i. — Paper, 
foil. 131. 8°. Dated 1849 (a.d. 1538). 

Or. 3335. v^UxJ^h^^ niLa^ii, i.e. "Liber Splendornra," 
the larger Grammar of the Syriac language by Gregory 
Bar-Hebraeus. Paper, foil. 353. Sm. 8°. Dated 
A.GR. 1643 = A.H. 733 (a.d. 1332). 

Or. 3336. Five discourses (r<'"'i.=?3r<l=>3) on the Services 
of the Church for week-days and Sundays, by Gabriel 
Katraya (the same writer whose works are recorded 
by 'Ebed-Yeshil' ?; see Asseraani, Bibliotheca Orien- 
talis, vol. iii., pp. 172-3. The autograph of an earlier 
Gabriel Katraya (a.d. 615) is found in the Brit. Mus. 
MS. Add. 11,471; see AVright's Syriac Catalogue, 
p. 53, col. 2). Paper, foil. 230. Sm. 4°. Dated 
A.GR. 1579 (a.d. 12G8). 

Or. 3337. A volume of miscellaneous contents, consist- 
ing chief!}' of lives of saints, epistles, and liturgical 
portions. Among the pieces contained in the collec- 
tion are an account of saints who lived in the time 
of Jeremiali the Prophet ; the story of the ropiMitrmt 
demons (coa\ . . c\i.r>3r<' . . . rda..^ f<'.ir<lx-.i rC^u^t,^ 


QixJta\-irc'o aV^rc'o^: ►*Arv^o:T-s>3 »xiJ!^cv,oo.i K'^xikjL^ ; 
aus>i2k.i r<Li>^'ih\ A I \ n ; r<Lj^'ih\ AAn of JoliD, Metro- 
politan of Arbel ; cva.t\^^ .i,^c\x-. \=iqo .^tjszj.i r<'^'i\j<' 
KLuuxjtJsi i^ ^(Do^nt'.i ^Ji^ai^ ^>«-=j.i ; a reLx-i.-r-s^s 

of Yeshu'-jalib, Metropolitan of Arbel. Paper, foil. 
310. Sm. 8°. Dated (fol. 251^/) 1834 (a.d. 1523). 

Or. 3372. A Jacobite Lectionary (Philoxenian version, 
with Greek readings in the margin) from the Gospels, 
for the whole year. Imperfect at the end, — Prefixed 
are a table of lessons, and five miniatures executed in 
gold and colours, representing the Cross, the birth 
and baptism of Christ, His entry into Jerusalem, and 
the four Evangelists. There are also ornamental 
designs at the beginning of the sections. Vellum. 
Folio. Probably of the xiith Century. Dr. J. Lee's (?) 
bookplate at the end. (See Dr. J. Lee's " Oriental 
Manuscripts, purchased in Turkey," p. 22, no. 113; 
.2nd edition, p. 3, no. 6). 

Or. 3636. ^i.lO . . . rc'crArdracn* ^i-iJa.T . . . r<'(KA*».x.^ 

rels»3o^, the Lives of Mar Yahb-alahri and of Rabban 
Sauma. See the printed text. Paper, foil. 70. 4°. 
xixth Century. 

Or. 3652. Tlie f^x^cvoo .icujo.i nilrsiv^, a compendium of 
Dialectics, Physics, and i\Ietapliysics or Theology, by 
Gregory Bar-Hebraeus. Syriac and Arabic in parallel 
columns. Imperfect at the beginning and the end. 
Paper, foil. 33. Sm. 8°. Finely written. Probably of 
the xvth Century. 

Or. 4051. The New Testament, viz. the four Gospels, 
the xVcts of the Apostles, the three Catholic Epistles 


of the early Syrian Churcb, and tlie Pauline Epistles, 
according to the Peshitta version. Imperfect at the 
beginning. Written in the xiiith Century, and restored 
in tlie xviiith. Paper, foil. 27G. 4°. 

Or. 4052. A fragment of the Gospel of St. Matthew, 
and the greater part of the Gospels of St. ]\Iark and 
St. Luke, according to the Peshitta version ; divided 
into lessons throughout. Paper, foil. 99. Sm. 4°. 
xiiitli — xivth Century. 

Or. 4053. The Psalms, according to the Peshitta version, 
divided into sections styled rdlAocn and r<'Av.*.»j"v=?3 , 
with short arguments ascribed to Theodore of Mopsu- 
estia. — The Canticles, or Biblical hymns, viz. the first 
Song of Moses, the Song of Isaiah, and the second 
and third Songs of Moses, — Hymns and Prayers for 
various occasions. — rt'(^>o\c\'tA , or " concioncs " for the 
Eucharifet. — Hymns (rcJuo), twelve in number, addressed 
to tlie martyrs, for the evening and morning of each 
weekday; see also Or. 4059. — Paper, foil. 178. 4°. 
Dated 2113 (a.d. 1802). 

Or. 4054. The Psalms, according to the Peshitta version, 
with a Karshuni translation in parallel columns ; divided 
into fifteen K'^uxjsni.sw, with Ps. cli. (^^rc* rc'icv-^t 
^cvcn) at the end. — The Canticles, or Biblical hymns, 
the Nicene Creed, &c., also in Syriac and Karshuni 
(fol. 21Uj). — T^ I 1 v^c\\ nCi-srjnil.^, a metrical dis- 
course, in rhymed pairs, on Perfection, by Gregory 
Bar-Hebraeus. — Paper, foil. 240. 4°. xviiith Century. 

Or. 4055. The Psalms, divided into twenty Cathismata 
(according to the use of the Greek T'liurch), followed 


l)y the (•anticloP, or Biblical hymns. Knrsliuni. Paper, 
toll. l:)7. Sin. 8°. Dated 1959 (a.d. 1648). 

Or. 4056. A Jacobite Lectionary for tlio whole year, 
from the Gospels, according to the Peshitta, and partly 
according to the Harklensian version. Paper, foil. 18G. 
Folio. Dated a.d. 1788. 

Or. 4057. rcicUxi.i K'^a.i^, or "Prayer of the Ninivites," 
Nestorian Services in coniiuemoration of the three days' 
fast of the Ninivites. Imperfect at the end. Vellum, 
foil. 142. 4°. xiiith Century. 

Or. 4058. Another copy of tlie,ixi.i K'^cxi^ja, with 
headings in coloured ornamental characters and various 
coloured designs. Imperfect. Paper, foil. 106. Long 8°. 
Fine Nestorian hand of the xiiith Century. 

Or. 4059. T. i^a.-ra ya:^.n^ r-dLsai\, or "The Order of 
the Before aud After," a Nestorian Service-book (see 
Badger, " The Nestoriaus and their Rituals," ii., p. 23). 
— A series of twelve Hymns (ntlVc) addressed to the 
martyrs, for the evening and morning of the ferial 
days of the week ; see also Or. 405-3. — A series of hymns 
styled rCij-i* oaria^^.T rc'^ucv.i^, invoking prosperity for 
the months of the year. This part is dated 2130 
(a.d. 1819). — II. A Nestorian Service-book containing 
the Offices of Ordination of Readers, Sub-deacons, 
Deacons, and Presbyters; also the Offices for the 
consecration of the altar and the Eucharistic vessels, 
and a shorter form of the above-mentioned Offices of 
Ordination. Dated 1885.— Paper, foil. 1 C4. 4°. 

Or. 4060. A Nestorian Sarcedotal, or Priest's Office- 
book, containing, among other pieces, fi-agmcnts of 


several Liturgies (r<Li..i<Mj) ; rc'nd^ii^ rrflj^ ,x.^<xn■, 

r<'VxJ5n.jj a\.TCVjj.T p<lfiQ.^\^ ; r^iASa.T-SyS JLICUdI r<lai..i\^ 

rtUxx-sj rdi.T ; the >Amcx=p<', i.e. a collection of pravers 
for the feasts, by the Catholicos Mar EHas TIL; r<l=?3^cui , 
or dismissor^^ hymns ; .j:-"S3^vjcj»3.t r<'^.t-^i > ^<v> ■^\ 
Kl^^oocui^^.i ,x^:%*x=3. The MS. is very fragmcntary 
. throiiglioLit. Paper, foil. 74. Sin. 4°. xvith Century. 
Or. 4061. Another ChalJaean (Romanist) Sacerdotal, 
containing (1) a Lectionary, for the days of the 
week, from the Pauline Epistles and the Gospels ; 
(2) the Liturgy of the Apostles*; (3) Canons for the 
feasts (partly with a Karshuni translation in parallel 
columns); (4) ndsja^cuM, or dismissory hymns (on 
fol. 58^ : .^uaocxa ^i:»a\ ^.n.i,.-a.ih..i r^^\*ar^ rcliJ3i>cu* 
r<L..TA^.l rcflA-i^-O^ai) ; (0) PiL\.\Jii r«i'^x\xx..i r^ rsn •^\^ 
or the Office of the washing of the feet ; rtlai-A^ 
rf_x> K'.v^i.i^.n, the Office of Holy Baptism; (G) 

r<'A\^x_..'VD rc'^.ix.l k'.Tx**- ^aaA n^-k.-ys .x..ia.i3i r^sat^ 

Klsrjocni.i ,i a \ \b^a, the Office of the consecration 
of water according to the use of the Holy Catholic 
Church of Rome; (7) Prayers and benedictions, chiefly 
for women; (N) ooiiaoi^a ooorj.i ^xAjrCia rdsj-iuL^.i rc^ix. 
r^ix. rtll.t o.iis. o ^_ocaL.i, and similar Offices for the 
removal of the ban of excommunication; (9) Offices 
for the sick and dying ; (10) Office of complete abso- 
lution (rc'ix^sii^ rclxflocu* h\c\..\ w T'gs), which was ad- 
ministered at the time of death to all Christians who 
had helped to put down idolatry and heresy; (11) a 
similar Office of absolution administered .-»_^«^cv_rinA 

■■ ^lar Adilai aii4 Mfir Mali. 

<: 2 


r<'i^=n\. — Paper, foil. 129. 8°. Dated 2102 = 

A.D. 18")1. 

Or. 4062. A large collection of Hymns (r<'^uc\.2>^) by 
Gabriel Kamsa, Metropolitan of Mosul ; Khamis bar 
Kardalic; Giorgis Warda ; Rabban Miirl bar Meslilba ; 
the priest Sellba bar David ; Yesbu'-yalib, Metropolitan 
of Arbel; and the priest Isaac nilj.Tnx. t<ij.iio. Coloured 
ornamental designs at the beginning of different sec- 
tions. Imperfect. Paper, foil. 143. Sm. folio. Dated 
A.GR. 1985 (a.d. 1674), restored 2010 (a.d. 1699). 

Or. 4063. A similar collection of Hymns {r^^y^o^^) by 
Gabriel Kamsa, Metropolitan of Mosul; Khamls bar 
Kardahe; Giorgis Warda ; Eabban Mari bar Meshiha; 
the priest Seliba bar David ; Yeshii'-yahb, Metropolitan 
of Arbel; the priest Isaac nJlLj.irLi. pdjj.Tia ; the priest 
'xVtaye bar Ateli ; *Ebed-Yosliu' of Giizarta Zabdaita : 
and the priest Israel of Alkosh. Imperfect at the end. 
Paper, foil. 231. Folio, xviiith Century. 

Or. 4064. Choral Services for Compliiu^ (ni'i^cxflo) of 
the days of the week, including a rc'raa? by Ephrem 
Syrus, and pc'^cvs-> l)y Ephrem and Jacob of Serug. 
Paper, foil. 54. Sm. 8°. xixth Century. 

Or. 4065. Prayers for the seven daily canonical hours, 
l)y Philoxenus of Mabfig, Serapion, Paul the Simple, 
Abraham Kidunaya, Isaiah of Scete, Isaac of Niniweh, 
and others : accompanied by the Psalms proper for 
each Service. — Praises of Mary, the Mother of God. — 
A collection of divers prayers, with some by Basil 
the Great and John Chrysostom at the end. — The 
last-named part is in Karshuni, tlie rest in Syriac. 


Paper, foil. 203. Sm. 8°. Dated (fol. 81a) 2u32 
(a.d. 1721). 

Or. 4066. A small volume (imperfect at the beginning 
and the end), opening with prayers and adjurations 
uttered by the Blessed Virgin jNIary, and also con- 
taining, among other portions, a prayer of Mar 
Cyprianus, and a hymn of Mar Elias, Metropolitan 
of Nisibis. The contents are mainly in Karshuui. 
Paper, foil. 37. 12°. xviiith Century. 

Or. 4067. Nestorian Funeral Services for all ranks, 
consisting often rela^cvsi, or Sessions; rdl*\a, or 
Lessons from the Old and Xew Testaments ; K'^aioi^ , 
or Conciones ; and rcllo , or Hymns. Imperfect at 
tlie beginning and end. Paper, foil. 178. 4°. xvth 

Or. 4068. ^^jv^.T r<lJto^.i'iSii rtla^^, a collection of fifty- 
Poems on theological subjects, by 'Ebed-Yeshu', Metro- 
politan of Nisibis and Armenia. Paper, foil. 94. 
Sm. folio, xviitli Century. 

Or. 4069. A collection of works by 'Ebed-Yeshu', Metro- 
politan of Nisibis and Armenia, viz. (1) n^Lshv^ 
^_:Ufc.."t pc^crt. .11^.1 ; (2) nr'^xi^v^^ i n:l=^^ , or " The 
Book of the Pearl," a theological work in five sections; 
(3) The well-known Catalogue of Syriac books 
rilia^ak ^^octA^.i r^LXxlSsn croa ^rC*.! rc'T^snKlso) 
rd^^.v*-) ; (4) Discourse on the computation of time 

(^^ cuixxiia-i^.l K^.mt.gjj cnA^ ^^u.i K* v^J rdso ) , 

composed in dodecasyllabic metre. The first three 
works are not wholly perfect. At the end (fol. 
122a sqq.): (5) ^.iW Ao^ok'i rd=^iv ps lAa , 
by the same author, c-nuuicraliiig the principal 


events in the life of our Lord. Dated 2033 
(a.d. 1722); restored 20G7 (a.d. 1756), and in 
the present century. Paper, foil. 123. Folio. 

Or. 4070. rdjicncui K'.vSk^nA, or Qoa.TcaJO-flo.i r«l=3^^ 

(both titles on fol. ]*J1«), accounts of eleven Church 
Councils, beginning with the first Council of Nicaea, 
and ending with that of Florence. These are accom- 
panied by extracts from the Annals of the Church of 
Rome. The work was originally translated from the 
Latin into Arabic, and afterwards from the Arabic 
into Syriac, by Joseph, Metropolitan of Amid, whose 
introductions are prefixed to the accounts of the 
Synods. See also Or. 2309, and Bedjan's edition 
(Paris, 1888). Paper, foil. 192. 8°. Dated a.d. 1823 
= A.GR. 2134. 

Or. 4071. Canons of the Apostles ; imperfect at the be- 
ginning. — Fragment of a ^vork, in heptasyllabic metre, 
on words (alphabetically arranged) which are similar 
in spelling but different in meaning, by Mar 'Ebed- 
Yeshii' of Gazarta (fol. 2Aa, Iloffmann, Opuscula 
Nestoriana, p. 49 sqq.). — Explanations of the different 
words in the preceding work, wanting a few lines at 
the beginning (fol. 31t/, Iloffm., Opusc. Nest., p. 70 
Sfiq.). — rc'^Hworc', or Enigmas (fol. 38Z/). — Kllrc'ojt. 
A^ "rdiocwzD A^rdikAS^ ,*"i:5a\ cnA :v.^ oriA i « -^ s i 
r^icV-ik-A rdialifc- rdx-lirj rc'"io^i?3.T ^cn (fol. 4-Jb). 

A metrical discourse of Mar Isaac (of Antioch), 
profitable for solitaries (^-.ocn.T rcl. a-k-j^A \t xmi 
nf-Axrs, fol. oOA). — Pecipes for eye-salves (fol. (ujn). — 

' See HoUmann, OpUbcula NtaLiiniia, \>. x.\i. ; also Cambridge Add, 
MS. 2812, fol. 20a. 


K'^acrAnc' (fol. 6(jb). — Fragment of a dictionary on 
s_ynonymous terms (fol. 79a). — Another lexicographi- 
cal fragment (fol. 82a). — Poems by Khamis (fol. 91a). 
Discourse on the soul, entitled " The Bird " (rC^i^), in 
dodecasyllabic metre, by the Patriarch John (or Aaron) 
bar Ma'danI (fol. 96a), followed by another metrical 
discourse of the same author on the " ^Vay of the 
■ Perfect " (f^'i^JSJi^i r^^c\^^). — r<lxi\a\ t<'"i.s»3»<L=so, 
a metrical discourse, in rhymed pairs, on Divine things 
and on Perfection, by Gregory Bar-Hebraeus, with the 
additions of Khamis bar KardTdie and Yeshii'-yabh, 
Metropolitan of Arbel (fol. 107^) ; imperfect at the 
end.— Paper, foil. 150. 8°. Dated 1991 (a.d. 1G80). 

Or. 4072. The fourth volume of the Homilies of the 
priest Emmanuel bar Shahhare on the Hexaemeron, 
or six days of Creation (originally 28 in number, but 
the first three are here wanting), composed partly in 
heptasyllabic, partly in dodecasyllabic metre. See 
also Or. 1300. Paper, foil. 30:3. Sm. 4°. xvith 

Or. 4073. frlsai^w.i redacn.i Klra^, or "Book of the 
Vanities of the World," an ethical work in 51 sections, 
translated from the Spanish of Padre *r<lL^^\cu.i 
into Arabic by Padre Rufa'el, and from Arabic into 
Syriac by the Presbyter ^^Sk of Mosul, a.d. 1724 
= A.GR. 2035. Paper, foil. 22G. 8°. Dated 211 1 = 
A.D. 1804. 

Or. 4074. The works (Epistles and Discourses) of John 
Saba (on fol. 11 7/' : (?)o3^A.i.i K'io^ro.i; sec Wright's 

" I.e. Diducus Jc Eslclla ; .-ioe Aiitunio, iJiblioUiuou Nova, i., \k 2S',\. 


" Syriac Literature," p. 109). Imperfect. Paper, 
foil. ] 10. Sm. 4°. xvth Century. 

Or. 4075. A volume containing 24 metrical discourses 
of Isaac of Antiocli. The first treats nsLi^cu A^», 
and the last is a K'A^cUk^.i K'i.^orcis^a. This collection 
should be compared with that given in Assemani, 
Bibliotheca Orientalis, i. 214 sqq., and the discourses 
enumerated in Wright's Catalogue and elsewhere. 
Paper, foil. 198. Sm. 4°. xviiith Century. 

Or. 4076. The same collection of metrical discourses 
by Isaac of Antioch as is contained in the preceding 
number, though attributed to Isaac of Niniweh in a 
colophon at the end of the present MS. Paper, foil. 
157. Sm. 4°. xviith Century ; restored xviiith — 
xixth Century. The date (fol. 157/0 ^-GR- 1999 (a.b. 
1688) probably belonged to the MS. from which 
the more modern portion was copied. 

Or. 4077. "rdx.To.t.i rds^^, Discourses on Theological 

• subjects, composed in heptasyllabic metre, and divided 
into three parts (each part being called r<'i>a^a), by 
EUas, Bishop of Peroz-Shabhor or al-Anbar. The 
first part is missing entirely, and the two extant parts 
are defective. Paper, foil. 246. Folio, xviith Century. 

Or. 4078. A copy of the " History of Josei)h," consist- 
ing of discourses, in heptasyllabic metre, that had 
been attributed to St, Ephrem Syrus, but are now held 
to have been written by Balaeus. See the printed 
editions. Paper, foil. 141. 8°. xixth Century. 

Or. 4079. K'^taa.*, ^oreu*, "Butyruni Sapientiae," or 

* The same as Or. 4-il9, where see references ; also conlaiued in Cam^ 
brid-'e Add. MS. 1995. 


K'Avsovu ^rfo.**, " Butyrum Sapientiarum " (less cor- 
rectly: f<'<K2a^jj ^•an^jj, or "Sapientia Sapientiarum"), 
a compendium of the whole Aristotelian discipline, in 
three parts, by Gregory Bar-Hebraeus. Part I. con- 
tains the Logic, viz. the Isagoge, Categories, De 
Interpretatione, Prior and Posterior Analytics, Dia- 
lectics, De Sophisticis Elenchis, Rhetoric, and Art of 
. Poetry." Part II. comprises the Physics, viz. De 
Ausculatione Physica, De Coelo et Mundo, De Gene- 
ratione et Corruptione, De Fossilibus, De Meteoris, 
De Plantis, De Animalibus, and De Anima. Part III. 
treats on Metaphysics, viz. Philosophy and Theology, 
and on Ethics, Economics, and Politics. Paper, foil. 
322. Large folio. Dated 2120=a.d. 1809. — 
Foil. 316 — 322 contain an incomplete table of contents 
on small quarto paper leaves. 

Or. 4080. nc'^i^n:'^ i^^\^:'^, or " Mercatura Merca- 
turarum," an abridgment (by the author himself) of 
the ri'^ta^jj ^or«:*» of Gregory Bar-IIebraeus. Paper, 
foil. lis. Sm. 4°. xvth Century. 

Or. 4081. Kl^.Tocn.i rda^, or "Book of Directions," 
the Nomocanon of Gregory Bar-Hebraeus, to which 
is appended a list of the author's works. Paper, foil. 
1G8. Folio. Dated a.d. 1887. 

Or. 4082. ^cxTL. ^ rc'.i rda^ , the Ethics of Gregory Bar- 
Hebraeus, in four books, with index prefixed. Paper, 
foil. 205. Folio. Dated 2194=a.d. 1883.— Ful. 
205 is a fragment of a much earlier copy of this work. 

Or. 4083. r<'\r<'-i i^oK', or " Storehouse of Secrets," 

' The Poetica was printed by Prof. D. S. Margoliouth, Analecta 
Orientalia ad Poetic. Aristot., pp. tif-irl. For other MSS. of tho 
whole, see Wright's Syr. Lit., p. 270. 


a Commentary on the Old and New Testaments, by 
Gregory Bar-Hebraeus, viz. Pentateuch (fol. Ih), Chrono- 
logical tables (fol. 72/>), Joshua (fol. 7Da), Judges (fol. 
7i)h), Samuel (fol. 8Ga), Chronological tables (fol. lOla), 
Psalms (fol. I02h), Kings (fol. 174a), Chronological 
tables (fol. 192a), Proverbs (fol. 193^;), Bar-Sira, i.e. 
Ecclesiasticus (fol. 197a), Ecclesiastes (fol. 200h), 
Song of Songs (fol. 203a), Wisdom (fol. 206h), Ruth 
(fol.^ 207^^), Job (fol. 2(J8/y), Isaiah (fol. 2Ub), Minor 
Prophets (fol. 22(3a), Jeremiah (fol. 238a), Ezekiel 
(fol. 243a), Daniel (fol. 250a), Chronological tables 
(fol. 2bC)h). — The four Gospels (fol. 259&), Acts of 
the Apostles (fol. 335/>), the three Catholic Epistles 
of the early Syrian Church (fol. 346a), the fourteen 
Epistles of St. Paul (fol. 349a). —Paper, foil. 373. 
Folio. Dated a.d. 1884—7. 

Or. 4084. rdxi\^c\\ K'i.snrelS'a, a metrical discourse, in 
rhymed pairs, on Divine things and on Perfection, by 
Gregory Bar-Hebraeus, with the additions of Khamis 
bar Kardahe ; Yeshu'-yahb, Metropolitan of Arbel 
(composed 1763 = a.d. 1452) ; and Joseph II., 
Patriarch of the Chaldeans, of Tell-Kefe (composed 
A.GR. 2009 = A.D. 1698). Paper, foil. 82. 8°. Dated 

A.D. 1S71 = A.GR. 2182. 

Or. 4085. The same work as the preceding, also having 
the additions of the three writers there mentioned, 
together with those of a fourth author ; imperfect at 
the beginning. — rclx.'"i.T.=?3, or Hymns. — Fragments of 
the Syriac Grammars of Elias of Nisibis and (the 
longer work of) John bar Zu'bi. Paper, foil. 130. 4°. 
xviith Centurv. 


Or. 4086. r^xS^ojio .iciflo.i rda^, or "Book of the Speech 
of Wisdom," a compendium of Dialectics, Physics, and 
Metaphysics or Theology, by Gregory Bar-IIebraeus. — 
p<licui rtla^^, or "Book of the Dove," a manual for 
ascetics, by the same author (fol. oob), recently edited 
by G. Cardahi (Rome), together with a recension of the 
next piece. — Story relating to the childhood of Bar- 
• Hebraeus, composed by himself (fol. 75^). — Grammar 
in four parts (r^'i-sirtflsn) by the Presbyter Samuel 
Jamil, of Tell-Kefe (fol. 786). — Metrical treatise on the 
punctuation (rs'vacu.i r^^.-u^^n), by Joseph (or Yeshu'- 
yabh) bar Malkon, Bishop of Mardin (fol. 1296, see 
"Wright's " Syriac Literature," pp. 256-7). — Metrical 
Grammar of John bar Zd'bi (fol. 1456, see Wright's 
Cat., p. 117, col. 1). — Metrical tract, by the same, on 
KLix^i.i K'v.iicu (fol. 15.S(/, Wright's Cat., ibid.). — 
Metrical enumeration of the inflections (fol. 1586). — 
On the vowel-points Zelama kashya and Zelaraa pc- 
shika (fol. 159«). — Poem on the letters of the alphabet, 
in heptasyllabic metre, by Kliamls (fol. 1506). — Paper, 
foil. 16G. Sm. 4°. Dated a.d. 1806. 

Or. 4087. r<:x.2icuto ^cux>^ r^Lshy^, or "Book of the 
Speech of Wisdom," by Gregory Bar-Hebraeus, in 
Syriac and Karshuni. — Question of Khamis, the Nes- 
torian, addressed to Rabban Daniel bar Hattfib (.s'^:^, 
but probably for ^^Iki^), with the answer of the latter 
and the fuller answer of Gregory Bar-IIebraeus. — 
Metrical epistle of Denha, Catholicus of the Nes- 
torians, in reply to Gregory Bar-IIebraeus. — Three 
metrical discourses of Gregory Bar-IIebraeus, viz. 
(1) on Divine Love, (2) on the admirable constitution 


of the Heavens (r^x'yx x.n i^i.poAx A>ocri-Lj5»3^ •^^-)< 
(3) on the decease of the Patriarch John bar Ma'danl. 
— Two metrical discourses of John bar Ma'dani, 
viz. (1) on the Soul, and (2) on the Way of the 
Perfect.— Paper, foil. 98. Sm. 4°. Dated 1959 
(a.d. 1G48). 

Or. 4088. The metrical Grammar of Gregory Bar- 
Hebraeus, including Section V. (De Vocibus Aequi- 
vocis) ; accompanied by the Scholia (see Martin, 
Oeuvres Gramraaticales d'Abou '1-Faradj, &c., tome ii.; 
for the other Museum copies see the Catalogues of 
Rosen and Forshall and "Wright). — Appended is the 
poem beginning on i \pel^cx\yfla-»ir<l^ .^jsrC^ (see the 
edition of S. Samuel, Halle A.S., 1893). — Paper, foil. 
102. 8°. Dated a.d. 1882. 

Or. 4089. A work on Syriac Grammar in verse form 
(the headings of the different parts being also given in 
Karshuni) entitled r^^\^x* .jarjcn, or "The Flower of 
Sciences," by the Presbyter Jacob rc'i \ =3T^.i3 (of 
AaaiN^n ; see Sachau, Kurzes Verzeichniss . . . Syrischer 
Handschriften, no. 93. — Also see Or. 4138 in this 
List. — A metrical discourse on the Trinity and the 
Unity ; alphabetical, two stanzas being assigned to 
each letter (beginning : nili'acrj ^ w^^i r^^r^). — 
Paper, foil. 74. Folio, xviiith Century. 

Or. 4090. ^^^^^cn\^^ ^pc'Au^, the Nomocanon of 
Gregory Bar-Hebraeus (see Wright's " Syriac Lite- 
rature," pp. 277-8), in Karshuni, to which is added 
a short account of fourteen Church Councils, also in 
Karshuni. — Paper, foil. 176 (in two columns). Folio. 
Dated 2135 = a.d. 1824. 


Or. 4091. cnjsnri' ^ u\r^ ^r^h\^ , or "Book of the 
Dove," a manual for Ascetics, by Gregory Bar- 
Hebraeus (for other MSS. of this work in Syriac 
and Arabic, see Wright's "Syriac Literature," p. 277, 
note i), in Karshuni. Paper, foil. 73. Sin. 8°. xviiith 

Or. 4092. A Karshuni work on Christian Ethics, ascribed 
to Simeon the Sty\ite,J2inior (r), of Antioch. Another 
copy is Or. 2322, where also see references. Paper, 
foil. 205. Sm. 4°. Dated a.d. 1803. 

Or. 4093. ndinjaQ^ Pi' j3<\=, a treatise on Repentance, in 
three parts, translated into Arabic (having Karshuni 
form in the present MS.) from a European language^ 
under the superintendence of a French Franciscan 
monk of the name of Joseph, in the year 1717 a.d. 
(See Or. 5079, which contains the same work in 
the Arabic character.) Paper, foil. 22G. ' Sm. 4^. 
xviiith Century. 

Or. 4094. .^rd-a-ton^ A.^ ,n.rva? .^k'Ava, a Karshuni 
translation of the well-known Syriac work Aa ^ii»- 
^\V'^ (i.e. Causa Causarum), attributed in the present 
MS. (fol. 201a) to Jacob of Edessa (see, however, 
Kaj'ser's German translation, " Das Buch der Erkennt- 
niss der "Wahrheit," &c., pp. xix., xx.). The trans- 
lator's name, 'Abd al-Nur al-Amidi, is given on fol. 2b; 
but the translation of only seven Makalat is here 
given. Paper, foil. 202. Folio. Dated 2103 = 
A.D. 1852 = A.H. 12G8. 

Or. 4095. A manual of Medicine, partly derived from 
Persian, Turkish, Greek, and French sources, by tlio 


Deacon Thomas. Karshuni. Paper, foil. 185. Sm. 4°. 
xixtli Century. 
Or. 4096. cniTSi=aW cn^oiniL^K' r^-^oor^, a Dictionary 
of " Simple Medicaments " (a recension (colopliou, fol. 
329«) of a portion of Da'ud al-Antakl's Taclkirali), in 
Karshuni. Paper, foil. 330. Sm. 4°. xviiith Century. 

Or. 4097. A Syriac and Arabic Lexicon (the Arabic 
taking the Karshuni form), compiled from the Lexicon 
of Bar-Bahlul by the Maphrian Simeon al-Tiiranl. It 
is stated in the colophon (fol. VS7h) that the compiler 
omitted the Greek words and only retained the Syriac 
ones ; but this principle has not been consistently 
followed in the work itself. Paper, foil. 137. Sm. 
folio. Dated a.d. 1886. 

Or. 4098. The Syriac and Arabic Lexicon of Hasan 
bar Bahlul. Paper, foil. 394. Folio. Dated a.d. 1883. 

Or. 4395. The Books of Isaiah, the Minor Prophets, 
Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, and Bel and the Dragon. 
Peshitta version, wdth Nestorian pointing. Some 
ornamentations. Paper, foil. 224. Folio. Dated 
A.GR. 2124 = A.D. 1813. 

Or. 4396. The Books of Joshua, Judges, Samuel, Kings, 
Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Ruth, Song of Songs, Ben Sira, 
and Job. Peshitta version, wnth Nestorian pointing. 
Some ornamentations. Paper, foil. 209. Folio. Dated 

A.GR. 2119 = A.D. 1808. 

Or. 4397. The first, second, and tliird Books of the Mac- 
cabees, Clironicles, Ezra-Nehemiah, Wisdom, Judith, 
Esther, Susannah, and the Epistles of Jeremiah and 
I^artich (Peshitta, with Nestorian pointing), followed 


by Tobit in a Syriac version marie in 1818 from an 
Arabic version of tlie Vulgate, by a priest of the name 
of Petros Asmar, of Tell-Kefe. Paper, foil. 2(>7. 
Folio. Dated a.d. 1852. 

Or. 4398. r^*xxlx. C^:yl£e>^ pc'^vxAltj^ ajo.icaicXJto.i rcla^vA 
r<Ix_..TJ3, followed (fol. 2lh sqq.) by 'Ebed-Yeshu' bar 
Berikba's "Selection of Synodical Canons" (see Assem., 
Bibl. Orientalis, iii., pp. 332 — 351, and Mai, Scriptt. 
Vett. Nova Coll., x.). At the end (fol. 142a sqq.) arc 
the following small pieces : 1. r<l\r<'c\x, \%\n (questions 
relating to canonical rules). 2. Kixa.T-^sai K'lcncw A-i\j3 
3. OflxicAo.^nc'.i rdliiasn (beg. ^\ ^\n »A^ ^\cn A.**-). 
4-. ►ii-sn r<lx-..vxj »^_CVr3P<l\ ^-j..t.1 ti^.i rdicvio .\.t.\ n 
.laA^^ i-aua .^.>.v».i Qocufiocvicv,*.!. — Paper, full. 152. 
4°. Dated a.d. 1890. 

Or. 4399. A Choral Service-book, described in the head- 
ing (fol. Ih) as: V^^K' . nfh\^.JL. crAsk^ rtLx-i-ain nC'vV^ 

: ^cniaK' ►ii.saa JLinV^. First heading: . ^x^sa.To 
k'.tL.-x ni'.iniliw.T. Imperfect at the end. Papei', foil. 
578. Dated (fol. 377a) 1800 (a.d. 1 489). 

Or. 4400. An ancient copy of the Pentateuch according 
to the Peshitta, apparently of the viith or viiith 
Century, but restored a.d. 1084. The lectionary marks 
are also by a later hand. Vellum (but the later ])or- 
tions are on paper), foil. 178. Folio. 

Or. 4401. A Glossary of a Modern Syriac dialect (Fel- 
llhl). The copyist signs his name on fol. 25Sa as 


cn^ ^\jcv.^j^i ^<Xj> vd-ioi ^^nc*, Esliai ]\Ialik Yonnn 

Geog Tapa, Oroomiah, Persia. Paper, foil. 258. 4°. 
Dated a.d. 1890. 

Or. 4402. The Chronicle of Michael, the elder, in Kar- 
shnni. Syriac title (fol. 1/') : n^-ira^ ^cv.i=3^^i?3i rdra^^ 
rd.^V.n^^ rdai A.* t<L^i.:s>3 ^i-SiA Qa.^^i^.mo *n._i_ja(?.T 
cjoa-rx-ii-rTa.-i rdaiv^ ^_2»3 cn..^.A-jjo cti-x_1-^.t rclx-^icuao.! 
i-x-a tocO^.io.iorc'^a QQ-xA^vnofiDO reL».T\.^. In the 
colophon on fol. 420(X it is stated that the Arabic 
translator (from the Syriac) of this rdiat ,=D^a.r?3 or 
^^TtLsnv-W vyinc'c^ was the ^^r>^\^^^ named r<Lu» 
TQrdx\r<' Jlx:sn^ ai^'sii ^xfioxih. ^r^ ^.T.T-.lrc'. On the 
Armenian version and the French translation that was 
made from it, seeAYriglit's "Syriac Literature," p. 252. 
On a MS. of the original Syriac, see Guidi, Giornale 
della Soc. Asiat. Italiaua, vol. iii., pp. 167 — 9. An 
edition of the Syriac is now being prepared by M. 
Chabot (Paris). Paper, foil 422. Folio. Dated a.d. 1846. 

Or. 4403. I. Discourses and stories of Saints, in Kar- 
shuni (imperfect at the beginning) : (a) a homily of 
St. ChrySOStom caacnrdlrdXrc' i !<* iflo rdA rC* AardiAi .^l^k. 
(fol. Tn) ; (/') a homily of Jacob of Serug .N.<\i ^i>- 
^K'cv^re'AA ,^j^:l=ixL.W (fol. ]5/>); (r) a tract, liy 
Dionysius bar Salibi, entitled rtL.iarC^.1 r<Ln_i,a_a 
•ito reLaicui.i (fol. 30rt ; another copy is contained in 
Or. 2307 ; see Wright's " Syriac Literature," p. 248) ; 

[(1) a eulogy Qo^iiDLSn rtliCVrarc' A.ii_ (fol. O.")//) ; (r) cfj^-jj 

K'cai K'ii^ (fol. 105'/; beg. vAk'.i ^a _r<'^ lr<a 
wl-in -A^i ._r<'_s;3v\r<') ; (/') ^^ cv.i*\ vryl:»Ar<' ch^ 


ixisAf^ au»x. cd^VAacv'^ (fol. 112A).— II. The Canons 
of Dionjsius bar Salibi (fol. 147(? ; compare Or. 
4398, fol. 1476 sqq).— Paper, foil. 185. 8°. Part I. 
belongs to the xiiith — xivtli Century, and Part II. 
to the xviith Century. 
Or. 4404. A collection of Lives of Saints, Martyrdoms, 
and stories of the Holy Cross, in the following order : 
The martyrdoms of Mar Cyriacus and his mother Julita 
(fol. Ih); the martyrdoms of Mar George, Antoninus 
Qj*.\^\.\^ift>r^(o-r/)aTr^Xar7^s), and the Empress Alexandra 
(fol. IGa) ; the story of the father of Mar George (fol. 
24h); the martyrdom of Behnam,son of Sennacherib, and 
of Sarah his sister (fol. 26a) ; the story of Mar Micah, 
of Nuhadra (r<'i=3 rclfiai^=» K'crisaxin K'ocn ^cno^K'.i 
reLi-a.^^.1 T^i T i ^.rn .VM.i, fol. 406); the story of 
Abraham Kidimaya (here, rcl«-io:n^, fol. 576); the 
story of Mar Ephrem {n't licx-flo.i rdiaAsna rgj.i i » i 
^M^cni ^vxa.i ^cniorcia.i, fol. 73(() ; the story of the 
Apostles Matthew and Andrew (fol. 796); the story of 
the eight (instead of the usual seven) sleeping children 
of Ephesus (fol. 876) ; the story of Daniel rc^i iY7r<^ 
(beg. ^xXj.2k.i.i rdi*^x^n^ \^h^Jim^ ^ ^-ii->», fol. 
986) ; the story of John r<LaA=>3 is (beg. rdai rdxixn 
rcdsai rdiaLicvAi, fol. 1116); the martyrdom of Mar 
Ya'kub r«lxiflQSiL»j, i.e. intercisus (fol. 121 a) ; the story 
of the first finding of the Holy Cross by Protouice, 
wife of the Emperor Claudius (fol. 1286) ; the story of 
the second finding of the Holy Cross by the Empress 
Helena after the Jews had taken it away from Simeon, 

* I.e., the story of Ililaria, daugliter of tho Emparor Zoiio ami liis wifo 
Shams al-Muiiir. 



Bishop of Jerusalem, and hidden it (fol. lolh); the story 
of Mar Kardai^the martyr (fol. 141/>); the story of the 
Cross of Christ, mocked by the Jews in the city of 
Tiberias in the days of the Emperor Zenon (fol. 166^). 
Paper, foil. 199. Folio, xixth Century. 

Or. 4405. A Choral Service-book, beginning with a 
hymn on the Annunciation, and ending with a Karshuni 
hymn that is to be said ,^i3'ixi\r<' poK'.to. The greater 
part of the MS. was written 1999 (a.d. 1688), 
and the rest (fol. 69 sqq.) was written shortly after 
by the same hand. Some missing leaves at the 
beginning have been supplied by a recent copyist. 
Paper, foil. 87. 8°. 

Or. 4406. The Syriac and Arabic Lexicon of Bar- 
Bahlul. Paper, foil. 340. Folio. Dated 2196 
(a.d. 1885). 

Or. 4407. ^^^oxL.^K'.i rt'-n^ of Gregory Bar-Hebraeus. 
■ — A metrical composition by John b. Andrew (beg. 
^ocn jixD» r^\x2jx> rilix^ Aj»- ; for other writings of 
this author see AVright's Cat., pp. 394, 395, &c.), 
followed by a series of metrical pieces, by Isaac of 
Antioch, and a poem by Jacob of Seriig on Ezekiel's 
vision. — Paper, foil. 194 (two columns to a page). 
Dated (fol. 157/v) 1887 (a.d. 1576); but a number 
of pages are quite recent. 

Or. 4408. A book of Prayers in Karshuni, including 

(fol. I2h) ; cwci^rrf lv>^<l\ cra^^T-sn cn.Ta^n (alpha- 
betical, fol. 18a) ; 00 K* .irA tV ^K'.To Arcr_Q^ crxixnfloAx 
.Twre'AK' yacu, ^2, (fol. 22h, tliis hymu being followed 
by others of the same designation, for different occa- 


Sions) ; ^K* Kf\\M\^r^'\\r^ ►i^n .x^ Ak1q_. ^KlVj^i^ 

cnAvxi^-i-si (fol. 24/)) ; readings at the occasion of a 
weddino- and the burial of divers persons (fol. 2»j/> s>fiq.) ; 
^i-Sal r^.Ti-a.^.! ^^K' .•%.^aaii>.rq.\ r^ r<ll4jCU ^\ cox^flo 
\:mr^^ r<:^x.\c\^2^xS^ ^^^cui^^jut. (fol. 42h, this piece 
being followed by various other metrical compositions 
to be used on different occasions); yicu Ar^Ln* ytr^hut 
^rc'.TjjrcdK' (fol. <)5", also followed by a number of 
similar pieces); >3r<" i, tW .j-L*^ Ardn.* «»rc'i.T-»3 
.^rtli^a^pc'o (fol. 77h, followed by other pieces under 
the term oorc'i.TJin) ; canons to be used at the Com- 
munion Service (fol. 936); ^^^rf^<\x^ (fol. lOob). — 
Paper, foil. 110. 12°. xvith — xviith Century. 

Or. 4409. ^^o^^K*.! r<:=3^^ of Gregory Bar-Hebraeus, 
in Karshuni ; same translation as Or. 2318, where 
see references. Paper, foil. 171. Folio, xviith 

Or. 4410. c^K'.vflr^n;' coiniLLsn ..rsK'^vjk of Gregory 
Bar-Hebraeus, in Karshuni. For the name of the 
translator (also contained in the present MS.), &c., 
see Cat. Cod. Or. Bibl. Bodl., tom. ii., p. 451 sqq. 
See also Or. 4428. At the end is a list of twelve 
works, with the heading: >a).i ^^.=ib\ik^ nc'cosai, 

— There are illuminations at the bes^inninof and end 
of the volume. Paper, foil. 213 (two columns to a 
page). Folio. Dated 2007 (a.d. 1G'»G). 

Or. 4411. r04^-i nila^, or "Book of Rays," a com- 
pendium of tlieolog}- , by Gregory Bar-Hcbracus. Paper, 
foil. 195. 8°. a.d. 1889. 



Or. 4412. pd^cuto .Tcutoi rclrs^ of Gregory Bar- 
Hebraeus. — A rliymcd allegorical poem in 80 stanzas, 
by the same author, entitled rc'^m^w A.**_.t rc'v^relsn 
nc'ixicrArc' (Carmen de Divina Sapientia ; on the MSS. 
and editions, see Wright's "Syriac Literature," p. 280). 
The K'viwlo rc'vsfli jix.cva of the piece is given in the 
margin.— Paper, foil. 4:3. 8°. a.d. 1889-90. 

Or. 4413. r^x^(\a> icxa>.i rdra^^ of Gregor}'- Bar- 
Hebraous, in Syriac and Arabic. — rc'iuiai rd^Aua 
" Book of the Pupils of the Eyes," a compendium of 
the art of logic or dialectics, by the same author. 
— r^^CLi'yi^cn \^:\ r^x.'^rdLsn, a metrical discourse on 
faith, by Isaac of Antioch. — Paper, foil. 69. 8^ 
xixth Century. 

Or. 4414. The book of Hierotheos : contents selected, 
arranged, and commented upon by Gregory Bar- 
Ilebraeus. The preface is not given, and the work is 
incomplete at the end. Compare Or. 1017, fol. 1206 
sqq. ; and see Wright's " Syriac Literature," pp. 76, 206, 
277 ; also Forthingham, Stephen Bar Sudaili, p. 87, 
sqq. Paper, foil. 90. 8°. xixth Century. 

Or. 4415. n^AuAV^i.!M.i r^L=>^i., or " Book of the Pearl," a 
theological work in five sections, by 'Ebed-Yeshu' Bar 
Berikha. For references to Assemani's analysis of its 
contents, the edition of the text, and the Latin and 
English translations, see Wright's "Syriac Literature," 
p. 286. Paper, foil. 81. 12°. xvth— xvith Century. 

Or. 4416. A Book of Funeral Services (Axxa. ar<' r<'.ixi^.T 
ndx^cvi^.t), comprising (1) K'Ha.Vi^li^i rdxaaA^ (fol. la; 


imperfect at the beginning) ; (2) ^i^i r^Lax.^^ 
p<lxj.T r<li.2iai>-.i .icno^re'.i (fol. 72a) ; (:]) rdLsxu^ 
K'iwi.-si^ r^V\ 1*^1 nr'^^^i (fol. H7//); ( 1-) ' ^ ^^\ 
rf.'TJsn.-ii-i rdiojLoi ala.a rdA.i K'tA .\^.i Kl^cUk-.i (fol. 
124a) ; (5) a number of other Offices or portions of 

Offices, including rc'^ASn rCli^vJrJrrj.T ^h\'tnr^^ rdLsxit^ 

re'iaxA K'irxxi ^, and various compositions, among 
which are KlLrT.273 composed by Yeshii'-yabh, Metro- 
politan of Arbel (foh 14(J/> sqq.), and by Israel, a priest 
of Alkosh. — Paper, foil. 173. 8°, Dated Teslirin, 
A.GE. 2032 (a.d. 1720). 

Or. 4417. The Pentateuch in the Peshitta version, with 
Nestorian pointing. Paper, foil. 233. Folio. Dated 
A.D. 1804. 

Or. 4418. r<iij».i CaAnilA .Tia2h.c\ )Qj.flo.i r<'^''ii:53M rtLaAvri 
f<lfloi^ .iv.=«iocn .iijsn.i r<l^*"i=j r^lix.i.t.sno, a book of 
30 poetical compositions in the form of short Makamat, 
by Elias, a Chaldaean (Romanist) monk of the convent 
of Miir Hormizd. The colophon on fol. 92a informs 
us that the author himself wrote out a copy of his 
work in the month Nisan of the year 1886, aud from 
fol. 92b it appears that the present copy was made 
later on in the same year. Explanatory notes 
accompany the compositions. — Bar-Hebraeus on 
r^h\.% I "Tj.-i rdlo ^1=3 (De vocibus aequivocis), forming 
Section V. of his metrical grammar (see Or. lo88). 
The present MS. is without the scholia. Paper, 
foil. 114. 8°. Also in a recent hand. 

Or. 4419. Dissertations, in metrical form, mainly on 
religious subjects," by Elias, Bishop of Peroz Shabhor 

" >Scc alsu Or. 1077. 


or al-Aubar. The contents agree with the description 
found in Assemani, B. 0., iii., pp. 258 — GO of the 
K'AvjjJLoin.rj r<'^Vn\<\ ^h\ mentioned by 'Ebed-Yeshu'. 
See also Wright's " Syriac Literature," p. 2oO. Paper, 
foil. 190. Folio. A.D. 1882. 

Or. 4420. k'Hj.^i relsal.*^ .V \ -n.i r^':^ 1 1^ i r/o^ %\^ 
A-Oifl.l r<'^t\s. r<'i»."t.l r^oas^ \j\»r^ r<LiLV\^ic\ , 

a book of Funeral Services, similar to the one de- 
scribed under Or. 4416. Paper, foil. 136. 8°. xviiith 
Century ; but foil. 1 — oo and some other leaves are 
quite recent. 

Or. 4421. Another copy of the Services contained in 
the preceding number. Paper, foil. 119. xviiith 
Century ; but some of the leaves are quite recent. 

Or. 4422. A book of Sacred Poems^ (entitled nd=i>A 

K'AuA'io.T.i), in modern Syriac, the authors named in 

■ connection with different compositions being jsuaocu> 

rdioiJo.i, and r<lk-i.279cu*^ ^_icu. A piece beginning 
on fol. lOU^ is headed : r^L^Xjsn oo-xJuaoiK'.i vvio.T 
'^^-n \^ \^ (Jumjumah), and on fol. 1036 begins a 
poem headed: »«.: o^ax..! <A.ic\.i. The writers 

" On the kind of literature that is contained in this and the following 
number, and also on most of the authors liere named, see Sachau, tjber die 
Poesie in der Volkssprache der Nestoiianer (Sitzungsherichte der Kon. 
Pr. Akad. der Wissenschaften zu Berlin, 1896, xi.) ; also Skizze des 
Fellichi-Dialects von Mosul, by the same author (Berlin, 1895); Mark 
Lidsbarski, Die neu-Aramaischen Handschriften der Kon. Bibliothek 
zu Berlin (Semitistische Studien, Heft 4/9). Compare also Guidi, 
Beitrage zur Kenntniss des neu-aramai.schen Fellihi-Dialektes (Z.D.M.G., 
xx.xvii., p. 293 sqq). , 


of the poems in this and the following number were 
members of the Roman Communion. — Paper, foil. 115. 
8°. A.D. 1989 (for 1889). 

Or. 4423. A book of Sacred Poems, similar to those 
described under the preceding number, the authors 
of compositions being the Priest rd^i^cuj^ .iu.T»cn, 
f<l»-i.^-a.A ^ ^v\^^ r<L5?3ot<'^, the Priest qpq. \ im^ 
r^lix-cuilrC (writing in the year 1856), and the Priest 
ccTJo^ . — Paper, foil. 143. 8°. About the same date 
as the preceding number. 

Or. 4424. rdAii^ot rCiJSJirelso of Gregory Bar-Hebraeus, 
with additions by Khamis bar Kardahe ; Yeshi'i'-^-ahb, 
Metropohtan of Arbel ( .^cw jLk'^ a.d. 1452); 
Yusuf II., Patriarch of the Chaldaeans of Tell-Kefe 
( ^K'rc' = A,D. 1698) ; and the Priest cvsoo- of 

r^^-itia >ik-.i r<l=>^, by Yusuf IL, Patriarch of the 
Chaldaeans, composed in the year 1698 a.d. = 2009 
—Paper, foil. 99. 8°. a.d. 1886. 

Or. 4425. ^ oor*..OQ.^^O ^x_.or<liA irdnAjrdlr^ i *\ 00 

''ooaiLmo) ►^ Acus, the Book of Leviticus, in an 
Arabic (Karshimi) translation with Commentary, by 
an author of the name of Cyril (possibly Cyril, the 
67th Patriarch of Alexandria, a.d. 1078—1092; or Cyril, 
the 75th Patriarch of the same see, a.d. 1235 — 1243. 
See Renaudot, Hist. Patr. Alex., pp. 449 and 576 sqq.). 

^ The same as Thomas Siiigari in Sachau aiul Liilsbarki. 

*" The first flo appears, however, to have been correcleJ ijito o. 


The work is at any rate of post-Mubammadan date. 
Paper, foil. 130. 8°. 2137 (a.d. 1826). 

Or. 4426. aaAiiiAr<' •inc'v^rc' orin^ T.s's , a Karsliunl 
work in eight Makalat, by the Maphrian Basil, also 
called Shem'on at-TiiraDi (see the next number ; 
also Or. 2325). Paper, foil. 127. 8°. 2040 
(a.d. 1729). 

Or. 4427. ^mAp^ coi^a ^^:%lr<' jjrdlflo, a Karslumi 
treatise (in 10 chapters) in defence of the doctrines of 
the Jacobites against the Nestorians and Romanists, 
by the author of the preceding work ; composed 
A.D. 172-4 (see no. 58 in Sachau, Knrzer Verzeichniss 
der Sachau' schen Sammlung syrischer Handschriften, 
Berhn, 1885). Paper, foil. 123. Foho. a.d. 1890. 

Or. 4428. ctorc'.iJsrdXni' coir^\'g3 ^ar^^v^, by Gregory 
Bar-IIcbraeiis,iii Karshuni. See Or. 4410. — Foil. 365 — 
372 contain a number of stories in Syriac, beginning 
with rdi_»iio K'trc^i A^ o rdiirc' ^^i^.i r<'^vxi»Jt.A\, and 
ending with Q?c\i\n.i.i pc^^ist h\ iu^orc' rc'^curj^^sn 
r<fj=>i^^x,. Paper, folk 372. 4°. a.d. 1887. 

Or. 4429. Portions of (pa lAa) tlie jirc'ix.ndXK' ^r<'^ 
(comp. Mai, Script. Vet. Nova Collectio, torn. 4, nos. 
74 and 117), compiled by Petros al-Jamll, Bishop of 
Melij, also known by the name of Severus al-Jamil. 
The different portions are : (I) on r<li^a..2kf<' »:!»^:i^ 

>3aoix\o ^ i \^\ r^ ^^ndza jxA r^ ^ en ^r»3 .Txs ^ ,j^ ^^O i r<ll re* 

)Q<D^n£Lai^^ i-.ndjto _L£i r<^j,r<', by Petros al- Jamil 
(Qov\g3 rcla.irC) ; (2) Confession of faith (oxatris^arc') of 
Severus of Antioch ; (3) .^rdA ^o .^,j33r<lv>^rApe' iii.i 


TX.O cTis.t-a^K' ^r<'i^^p<' ."Uiw rc'ii^ nilia^n ixfliri ; (G) 

TJLO ^PC'TJLrdAr;' »3f<'A\^ .i\ S-pg* Ta^r^* r^.Tcn ; (7) 
. vOil ►xa cas iiNk' ,a3,Qp .^_r^^ .^x^o .s.'gandL^aAr^ 
ir<l2« .'WmK' .^r<lAp<' ^A-Ar^^ ^ Ao^ »:i.=Dir<' OODCV 

^,v n t\*n \f^ ; (8) CTXJrdsnr<lAr<' jj-VJt- .>.\ n, Aa.n \k' 

■ix.o. The colophon at the end states that the MS. 
was copied a.d. 1890 from a codex that was written 
A.GR. 1766 (a.d. 1455). Paper, foil. 80. 

Or. 4430. Ann ^^.-1-4* ^A\ArC r^Lj^x.r€\r^ irCi-.n:' 

tt>.i n-^aApg", an account, in Karshuni, of the events 
which took place before the sessions of the Florentine 
Council of A.D. 1441. Paper, foil. 267. a.d. 1818. 

Or. 4431. QoAfrl^inln^ .rsf^Av.^, Karshuni disputations 
in seven sessions, held by Elias bar Shinaja with the 
vizir Abu'l-Kasim al-Husain in a.d. 1026, preceded by 
a short letter to the secretary Abu'l-'Ala Sfi'id ibn 
Sahl. See Wright's " Syriac Literature," p. 238 (where 
also the reference to Assera. B. 0. is given), and com- 
pare the Paris Catalogue of Arabic MSS., fasc. i,, 
no. 82, 10. — The Niccne Creed with a Commentary 
{'ijy^\ ^U^)1 jX^Jlj u.-'Vi^)) the text of the Creed 
being in Syriac, and the Commentary in Arabic. 
Paper, foil. 147. Dated (fol. 12lb) a.d. 170 k 

' For .?fc.Ska'aAr<' ^rda. 


Or. 4432. .cvA>^A» ^ ^cOvjAk'cx ^Inj'cv^rc' ,=r<'^ 

a work on the Horoscope, by Abu Ma'shai* Ja'far ibn 
Muhammad al-Balkl)i. Paper, foil 84. a.d. 1800. 

Or. 4433. »;^j^^ ^ metrical compendium of medicine, 
composed in the metre Rajez, by Ibn Sina, with the 
Commentary of Ibn Rushd ; Karshuni, the heading 
being in the Arabic character. Paper, foil. 128. 8°. 
A.GR. 2135 = A.D. 1825. 

Or. 4434. Tracts on a fanciful classification of diseases 
according to the numerical value of names (n^jLajt-cu* 
K'co-.'i^ A_*w."i), forecasts of various kinds, dreams 
and their interpretation, and some remedial prepara- 
tions {r^%\^.'ir^ rdisa^aflp \2^jio .\i\n). Paper, foil. 110. 
8°. xixth Century. 

Or. 4435. A book of Discourses for Festivals, by Yeshil' 
ibn Ibrahim ibn al-Yamin, of Malatia or Melitene 

pc"i\^r<lL'5q), in the following order: (1) i-kjao-^^K' 
•^rviAf^ ^-ti-sn nili^jao coirdx^ »xA.^ (fol. 1^) ; (2) 
.aJaa^r<l= rdi-rai .ir^lL-Sn .1 t s. .^rdzx-florc' (fol. 20b); 
{'■]) l^crAr^ r<ll.t-xJ» Acu^i wAnixi^n (fol. 60h) ; (4) 
^. t . ^~i ^^d^nf p^ll.VAjao yiO^ orAndn-^s (fol. CG^) ; (5) 
'iz.Ci \r^\soT<\r^ Qo-x-ia^ .Txiw "i^Sk crAn^n.-Tfi (fol. 74/^); 
(G) AAsi^ QOxSliiAnC' )oCU A\jr<Anc' Aaa^ ^ AcuAr^ 
.^oird^r^ A^K* rdsn .Vi^ja ooAi^^K' .-l^ rdi.vljao ^^ 
^xaoOi^ar^lAr^ (fol. 84//); (7) pQf<ArcApCtTi:^'Sl^^tTAr<ici=»3 

(tol. y!i(0.— Paper, foil. 100. 8". xixth Century. 

Or. 4436. A collection of Karshuni tracts, imperfect at 
the beginning and the end. The extant headings are : 


j^r^fiXr^ Acnr^ cnAvo^io rtfli^-i-Ltaj ^-i_iaQ_».TQArc' cn—a 

(i.e. the history of the seven slee[)ers of Ephesus ; 
fol. Sh) ; ^.tApC* "livajao f<l\ r^ oor^-ArC' ir<l2>3 ^_^ ^ i % 
•^COk. "^-^^ **^ (foL 15(/) ; cTiir<i\cuo ODTr^zjira ^^ 
(foL 2o//) ; .i\^i\a.»o oo cv.c rr:'^ i cua ^^t-sq co^.tcAk' cn^-.i3 
cn^.'rlni'Oj imperfect at the end (foL 30^) ; on fol. 45a 
begins icuaAr^ cnird^^ (so in colophon on fol. 78«), 
not, however, agreeing with the k'v^ ^i s*?3 (pub- 
lished by Bezold in 1888), but with the Book of 
Adam and Eve, I. and ch. i. of II. (published in 
Enghsh by S. C. Malan). The latter part (foil. 64b 
[end] — 785) forms part of another but similar work, 
in which Grregory Theologus is mentioned. On fol. 79a 
beofins a fragfment headed : irdsrs Acua ^-sn ij5a-»-sn 

■'&"""" " •"""*&■ 

^o^KlSTao .^cu\t<'. Paper, foil. 81. 8^ Dated 
A.GR. 2021 =A.H. 1121 (a.d. 1710). The MS. is badly 

Or. 4437. Religious tracts of the Monoptysite Church, 

including: nsLj-iasna r^ pordlpc' .i\ s. crujL..i-sn 

jjuj-iaaJSaA f^ „i^cuia^ r^LuoArd^o K^l-nio (fol. 5'/) ; 

^>fc.*-fla^C\.TO^iT<lAr<' rdrsr^^ArC' crxJ rcl5?3 rdA rc' ^ i tv> a> A^ 

ix^ oourcisn^o cruKlsrj^rtll^K' (fol. 58a); questions 
and answers on theological terms (fol. 54^/). — Appended 
is (fol. 109 sqq.) ^i.>» -a\pg' ^rcls.tifio m^. Paper, 
foil. 170. Dated (fol. lOSh) 2157 (a.d. 184G). 

Or. 4438. k'^v^.H-* .n ->on, a grammatical work, in 
verse form, by the Priest Jacob of AcuaiA^, consisting 
mainly of various tables of inflections, in alphabetical 
order. The headings of the different parts are given 


both in Syriac and Karshuni. See also Or. 4089. 
Paper, foil. 70. Folio, xixth Century. AVritten by 
the author himself, who professes to imitate Jacob 
of Eclcssa and Gregory Bar-Hebraeus (rdiaa.'wcM A.iw 

Or. 4439. A book of Sacred Chants. Imperfect at the 
beginning and the end. The principal extant headings 
are : rcVu.-ll K'.-irc:^*-.! (fol. 10(/) ; rs^lsT.OK'.l rc'.inili*-.! 
(fol. 23/>) ; KlaAcuflo.i ri'.ind^.i (foh 59&) ; ni'.ini'.:^.i 
t<La_L.\_^i (fol. 7hb). Taper, foil. 118. 12°. xixth 

Or. 4440. The Nestorian Marriage Service, the different 
portions being: k'^v^*- ^aAisN^ , rcim^sn.i r'^sm^, 

r€Jir^j^ vyicv^.l re^..OB^\y , r<JL\ OA .1 r^Oxi^ , rdlOA\^\^a . 

Paper, foil. 50. 12°. 2158 (a.d. 1847). 

Or. 4441. A volume of prayers (partly with lessons from 
the Holy Scriptures) for various occasions, in Kar- 
shuni; imperfect at the beginning. Among the 
headings are: qqi^ ..*i .1^\o r<l»i\r<' ^L*. cnn^^ 

(fol. 26); J^r<'iinrrdrCr<:^x. Iv^rclX ^^vW^V-^ corcd^ 
(fol. oh) ; ..^^r^^V^ ...^Kliaiiin^ A.2k »i.L^ Ap^Ld^ cnr<l\,^ 
.^COb-TJSao (fol. Sa) ; •ird^v^rc' AnilaA^rcdrC' ^\.:»- cnrcd^ 

(fol. 176). — Fol. 76a — 92b contain a series of seven 
prayers, the first three being by Basil the Great, and 
the last four by John Chrysostom. Paper, foil. 93. 
12°. Dated 2UG3 (a.d. 1752j. 

Or. 4442. The Psalter, in the Peshitta version, followed 
(fol. 117'') by Biblical canticles (n£li.<\:53i r<'^ »* -x^h\ 
'.to), and (fol. 121/-) rc'ricv.4».i r<h\ »j -i t,^ : 


embodying compositions by Epbrcm Syrus ; tbe 
Catholicos Timotby; Giorgis, Metropolitan of Nisibis; 
and otliers. The names of authors Lave, in several 
cases been erased (apparently from motives of Roman 
orthodoxy). Paper, foil. 170. xviiith Century (but 
foil. 1—14, 169—170 are quite recent). 

Or. 4443. A Choral Service-book. Imperfect at the 
beginning and the end. The first extant heading 
(fol. 6a) is : ..^tjso i-i^flo.i K'^H-sn.i .l-2*-.i r^h\ V \ \j^ 
rcV»iT'?3 »2k.OJC^ ^^ctAk'o. On fol. -52/' : pc'^x1;»j:?3 ..liJilx- 

rs^m r:sn ; from there to the end of the MS., a series 
of Services under the heading of rc'crArc' ^.-A*! ri'tn'^^. 
Paper, foil. 16. 12°. xvth Century. 

Or. 4444. A small volume containing : (1) a rc'^^jant.^ 
by rclLir?3"ir<'.io rclao^^i r<'^VxlevAi\tr>3 rclArC' ; (2) a 
metrical composition : nc'^vix-.i rdrsAJcifl Jb*. by Eplirem 
Syrus ; (3) ^^^cuiuoi^i p^^nt.cui ^.i cucn k'-tV^tcujo 
cuaflQ^K' Qfl*-iQr?or<' Klsax^jjA .Txni*-."! rdixa r^\r. A^.i 
r<li_»_5^jaQ.L^.l ; (4) k^ja.iA t.\ ^-*."u»-a_2fc-.T KiiCU-o Aiia 
rdirso^ rc'^CToarCo. Paper, foil 68. 12^. A.GR. 1983 

(a.d. 1672). 

Or. 4524. Expositions on most of the books of the 
Old Testament, by Yeshu'-dfidh, Bishop of al-Haditha, 
in the following order: Genesis, preceded by a general 
introduction (fol. lb), Exodus (fol. 61a), Leviticus 
(fol. 79a), Numbers (fol. 87a), Deuteronomy (fol. 96/>), 
Joshua (fol. 107a), Judges (fol. 112a), Samuel (fol. 
119^y), Kings (fol. 138^), Bar Sira (fol. U2b), Eccle- 
siastes (fol. 169a), Song of Songs Cfol. 176(/), Ruth 


(fol. 177/>), Jol) (fol. 180/>), Isaiah (fol. 190a), Minor 
Prophets (fol. 209a), Jeremiah (fol. 2Ub), Ezekiel 
(fol. 247a), Daniel (fol. 2(joa), Psalms (fol. 2766). 
The title of each exposition is K'icncxi. The author's 
name has in most cases been erased, but it has 
been preserved in the heading of Joshua and a few- 
other instances. See Wright's " Syriac Literature," 
pp. 220-221.— Paper, foil. 330. Folio, xvii— xviiith 

Or. 4525. The Psalms, in the Peshitta version, provided 
with the arguments (rC^\.\.^)of Theodore of Mopsuestia, 
and the canons of Mar Abha the Catholicos ; followed 
by the songs of Moses and Isaiah, and a collection of 
Church hymns for Sundays and festivals, &c., by Narsai, 
Ephrem Syrus, Babai the Great, and others. Paper, 
foil. 127. Folio, xixth Century. 

Or. 4526. A volume containing : rc'^xi^ij^.i rc'.a^!^ of 
'Ebed-Yeshu' bar Bcrikha (fol. 36). — ^*rc'.i K'iinnd.rn 
reli-i^H.:*- rdaAvaw ^^^ocai^.t rdlxl-SO cru of the same 
author (fol. 37(/). — K'i-o^Jin.i r<'\ oaA.i rilrs^-^ 
K'Auicxa.i.T of Solomon of Kliilat or Akhlat, Metro- 
politan of Pcrath de-Maishiln or al-Basrah (fol. 54(/) ; 
see Mr. Budge's edition, and compare Oi\ 5281. — A 
series of smaller pieces, notably: K'^coxsn^ rs'^i^i,^ 
rdi^rDO.^^ r^in^^l (fol. 155^); oocxaLAx^.i . . . rc'^x2*jc-^ 
KLii^iaa-sno r^l^ji-i-ix- (fol. 170") ; K'.Tr^i-.i rc'^ui-s^j:.^ 
rc'^cxn-.AA K'ocn ,=j"i-Q.l :i-a> . . . (fol. 1*.M)(/); k'Au^wX.^ 
r<''Ua.5ni2^\ CU.Viy^^rC'.l r<Ax=j K* .1 Qc O.'S'lxflflJ rC* ntli^anc'.T 
r<l."i.Tlito^r<'.T (fol. 11)06) ; r^x^xa r<l^JC.3.TAJl rc'^i^j^ 


204«) ; K'Avxlrao!^ >*i.»l ^T-:a3.T rg'^iNT,^ (fol. 21nr/); 

the story of rd-^Asi %= ^A>a* ^i-sa (fol. 258^) ; tlie 
martyrdom of rel\i\cu cnsrjrc'io oscui^icva •^-i-so (fol. 
268(0- — Paper, foil. 285. 8°. Dated 2038 
(a.d. 1727). 

Or. 4527. Short religious compositions by monks of 
the convent of Rabban Biyya, the whole being de- 
scribed in the colophon (foil. 996, lOOc;) as : rda^ 

rd^v-*.. Paper, foil. 100. 8°. 2U1G (a.d. 

Or. 4528. A volume containing the history of Joseph, 
the son of Jacob, by Basil of Cesarea (see also Or. 
2316) ; the history of Jacob, the Egyptian recluse 
>^coOT=iM.lo r<^-ii-i» ^adjci^k^ •^ijS'O.i k'^ist.^), fol. 
26a) ; and a large number of short narratives, tracts 
in the form of questions and answers, &:c. Paper, 
foil. 248. Sm. 8°. Dated (fol. 244rt) 2048 (a.d. 

Or. 4599. Services for the dedication of a church 

the Annunciation of Zecharias, the Annunciation of 
the Blessed Virgin, &c. Written by several hands. 
Paper, foil. 194 (two columns to a page). Folio, 
xiiith-xivth Century. According to a note on the recto 
of the first leaf, the MS. changed hands 1994 
(A.n. 1683). 


Or. 4600. K'.T-i-i*- ^ t<i1ls3 ^ j^:33 1 r^'.-usn^.T ndjaa^ 

nilir^i-sn n:i=73c\^-A Kis^a.i-ik. rf_»jui.i.i, CommeinoratioQ 
of the repentance of Xiniweli, Commemoration of 
the Dead, &c. Paper, foil. 346 (tw^o columns to a 
page). Folio. Probably xvth Century. According 
to a Karshuni note on the recto of the first leaf, 
the MS. changed hands 1877 (a.d. 15GG). 

Or. 4692. Fragment of a manual on Church doctrine, 
largely in the form of question and answer. Paper, 
foil. 51. 8°. xviith — xviiith Century. 

Or. 4824. A portion of a Jacobite Lectionary from the 
Gospels, the greater part consisting of consecutive 
lessons from St. John in the Harklensian version. 
Good writing of apparently the xith or xiith Centmy. 
Vellum, foil. 56. 12°. 

Or. 4951. A volume containing the "Liturgy of the 
Nile " (see the printed edition, published by G. Mar- 
goliouth, Nutt, 1896), and Services to be used at the 
consecration of a church, the ordination of readers, 
subdeacons, &c. The prayers are for the most part 
in the Palestinian Syriac dialect, but several portions 
are in Greek in the Syriac character. The liturgical 
directions are in Karshuni. The ritual is that of the 
Malkite Church. Paper, foil. 70. Sm. 4°. Probably 
not later than the xiith Century. 

Or. 5020. A copy of the Choral Service Book known as 
the " Octoechus." Vellum, foil. 111. 8°. 1491 
(a.d. 1179). 

Or. 5021. A fraofracnt of the Life of St. xVnthonv. — The 


Life of Paul of tlie Tliebaid. — A letter of xVntbimus. 
Vellum, foil. 34. 8°. 1214 (a.d. 903). 

Or. 5265. The Peshitta version of the Xew Testament, 
with Nestorian pointing. Vellum, foil. 288. 4°. 
A.GR. 1556 (a.d. 1245). 

Or. 5281. A volume containing (1) a fragment of a 
work of magic prayers, etc. ; (2) a large portion of 
the Book of the Bee (ends with eh. 47 of Mr. Budge's 
edition). See also Or. 4526. Paper, foil. 146. Sm. 4°. 
xviiith Centur3\ 

Or. 5441. K'^ojEJre' A s.o pC^ocoAk' A.2i..t rd.\A5)a2»3, a 

work on the union of the two natures in our Lord, by 
Babai tlie Great, directed against the Monophysites 
(see Wright's " Syriac Literature," p. 168). Paper, 
foil. 206. Apparently of the xivth Century, 

Or. 5442. A work on astrology, written in a peculiar 
hand. Paper, foil. 153. Sm. 4°. Probably xvith- 
xviith Century. 

Or. 5443. The "Paradise of Eden," a collection of fifty 
poems on theological subjects, by 'Ebed-Yeshii' bar 
Berikha, preceded by a list of the difficult words 
occurring in the work, together with explanations in 
modern Syriac. Paper, foil. 109. a.d. 1891. 

Or. 5463. A volume containing 71 metrical discourses 
by Xarsai. The metre is for the most part dodeca- 
syllabic, but some of the discourses (e.g. no. 16, 
fol. 92a; 17, fol. 97^; 21, fol. 117(0 ^^re liepta- 
syllabic (comp. Wright's " Syriac Literature," p. 58). 
After the 43rd discourse is the following colophon 



(fol. 219b) : ^i:33nC^=;3:t rC'^CUira.lSO.l r<Xif3T<:Sf3 ccsJLi. 

: r ^\ ar s^ m .xaovi . Then, at tlic licad of the 41-th 
homily : ^ijj^JSO.i rC* i-so rCLr>3 caA-..i .ta orA*."i .^o^ 
rc'Avj3._.Au2k-.i. At the end (fol. 3526 sqq.) : ,z3Cih\ 

T<'v2>- "i^ikri nrliaiso K'-tcncu ..Ajfiff. Paper, foil. 358. 
Large 4°. Dated Urmi, a.d. 1893. 

INDEX OF names; 

Aaron bar Ma'dani. Or. 2294 (p. 4). 

Or. 4071 (p. 23). 

Or. 4u87 (p. 28). 

'Abd al-Nur al-Amidi. Or. 4094 
(p. 29). 

'Abd-Isho'. See 'Ebed-Y5shu'. 

Mar Abha, the Catholicos (canons of 
Psalter). Or. 4525 (p. 46). 

Abraham Kidunaya. Or. 4065 (p. 20). 

, life of. Or. 4404 

(p. 33). 

Abraham rdJ^TJtjjj. Or. 2294 
(p. 4j. 

Abu Halim. See Elias III., Catholi- 
cos of the Nestorians. 

Abu '1-Ma'ani. See 'Aziz bar 

Abu Ma'shar. See Ja'far ibn Mu- 
hammad al-Balkhi. 

Mar Addai and Mar Marx 
Or. 4061 (p. 19). 

Aesop. Or. 2084 (p. 3). 

Or. 2442 (p. 13). 

Ahlkar. Or. 2313 (p. 8). 

Or. 2320 (p. 12). 


Alexandra. See George, Antoninus, 

and Alexandra. 
'Anan-Isho'. See 'Anan-Yeshu'. 
'Anan Ycshii' of Hedhaiyabh. Or. 

2311 (p. 8). 
Andrew, Apostle ; life of. Or. 4404 

(p. 33). 
Anthimus. Or. 5021 (p. 49). 
Anthony, St. ; life of (frg.). Or. 5021 

(p. 48). 
Antoninus. See George, Antoninus, 

and Alexandra. 
Apollonius. Or. 4398 (p. 31). 
Apostles ; anaphoras. Or. 2293 (p. 4). 
Or. 2295 

(p. 5). 

Architeiis(Q0OK'^xAi PC'), Patriarch 
of Antioch. Or. 2321 (p. 11). 

'Ataye bar Ateli. Or. 4063 (p. 20). 

Athanasius of Alexandria. Or. 2321 
(p. 11). 

Athanasius, Patriarch of Jerusalem. 
Or. 2321 (p. 11). 

Aven-oes. See Ibn Euslul. 

Avicenna. See Ibn Sina. 

» Most of thf! Livos of porsons fire entered in this Index, l)ut some will also 

be fimiid utiiler OO .•a :i?iil r<' wVxl^l- «> 

E li 



'Aziz bar Sabhetha (Patriarch Igna- 
tius YII.). Or. 2308 (p. 7). 

Babai the Great. Or. 4525 (p. 4G). 

Or. 5441 (p. 49). 

Balaeus. See Bahii. 

Ealai. Or. 4078 (p. 24). 

Bar-'Ali. -See YGsliu' bar 'A]i. 

Bar-Bahliil. See Hasan bar Bahlul. 

Barbara and Juliana ; lives of. Or. 
4436 (p. 43). 

Bar-Hebraeus. See Gregory Bar- 

Basil, Bishop of Bagdad. See Phi- 
Idxenus, Bishop of Bagdad. 

Basil of Cesaraea. Or. 2316 (p. 9). 

Or. 4065 (p. 20). 

Or. 4441 (p. 44). 

Or. 4528 (p. 47). 

Basil, Maphrian. See Simeon al- 

Behnam, and his sister Sarah ; mar- 
tyrdom. Or. 4404 (p. 33). 

Beh-YOshu'. Or. 4527 (p. 47). 

Bisho'. See Beh-Yeshu*. 

Brikh-Yeshu'. See Beh-Yeshu', 

Cyprianus, Mar. Or. 4066 (p. 21). 

Cyriacus and Julita ; martyrdom. 
Or. 4404 (p. 33). 

; martyrdom. 

Or. 4436 (p. 43). 

; martyrdom. 

Or. 4526 (p. 47). 

Cyril of Alexandria. Or. 1272 (p. 2). 

Or. 2319 (p. 10). 

Or. 2321 (p. 11). 

MarCyrillos; Karshuni commentary 
on Leviticus. Or. 4425 (p. 39). 

DamianusofAlkSsh. Or.4423(p.39). 
Daniel, Medicus ; life of. Or. 4404 

(p. 33). 
Daniel bar Hattab. Or. 4087 (p. 27). 
Da'ud al-Antaki. Or. 4096 (p. 30). 
Denha, Catholicos of the Xestorians. 

Or. 4087 (p. 27). 
Didacus deEstella. Or. 4073 (p. 23). 
Dionysius the Areopagite. Or. 2306 

(p. 6). 
Dionysius bar SalibL Or. 2307 (p. 7). 


Or. 4403 (pp. 

32, 33). 
Ebdochus (?). Or. 1594 (p. 3). 
'Ebed-Yeshu' of Gazarta.- Or. 4u7l. 

(p. 22). 
'Ebed-Yeshu' of Gazarta Zabdaita. 

Or. 4063 (p. 20). 
'Ebed-Ygshii' bar BGrikha. Or. 2302 

(p. 6). 
Or. 2303 

(P- 6). 

(p. 21). 

(p. 21). 

(p. 31). 

(p. 36). 

(p. 46). 

Or. 4068 

Or. 4069 

Or. 4398 

Or. 4415 

Or. 4526 

Or. 5443 

(p. 49). 
Elias of al-AnlKir. Or. 4077 (p. 24). 



MaiElias ^nitontllK'; life of. Or. 

4436 (p. 43). 
Elias III., Catholicos of the Nes- 
torians. Or. 2296 (p. 5). 

Or. 4060 (p. 19). 
Elias, a Chaklaean monk. Or. 4418 

(p. 37). 
Elias bar Shinaya. Or. 2317 (p. 9). 
Or. 4066 (p. 21). 

Or. 4085 (p. 26). 

Or. 4431 (p. 41). 

Or. 4444 (p. 45). 

Emmanuel bar Shalihare. Or. 1300 

(p. 2). 
Or. 4072 

(p. 23). 
Ei.hrem Syriis. Or. 2732 (p. 14). 
Or. 40G4 (p. 20). 

Or. 4078 (p. 24). 

Or. 4436 (p. 43). 

Or. 4442 (p. 45). 

■ Or. 4444 (p. 45). 

Or. 4525 (p. 46). 

; life of. Or. 4404 

(p. 33). 

pshai Malik Yonan ; copyist. Or. 
4401 (p. 32). 

Eusebius r<lit\gflQ3L^.i cvjaflfl^ r^*. 
Or. 4444 (p. 45). 

Eusebius of Cesarea. Or. 2695 (p. 

Evagrius(Ponticus). Or.2312(p.8). 

Gabriel Kamsa, Metropolitan of Mo- 
sul. Or. 2304 (p. 6). 

Or. 4062 (p. 20). 

Gabriel Kam.^a, Metropolitan of Mo- 
sul. Or. 4063 (p. 20). 

Gabriel Katraya. Or. 3336 (p. 15). 

Galen. Or. 2084 (p. 3). 

George, Metropolitan of Nisibis. Or. 
4442 (p. 45). 

George Warda. Or. 4062 (p. 20). 

Or. 4063 (p. 20). 

Mar George, Antoninus, and Alex- 
andra ; martyrdom. Or. 4404 
(p. 33). 

George (life of father of). Or. 4404 
(p. 33). 

Germanus Farhat, Maroiiite Bishop 
of Aleppo. Or. 2343 (p. 13). 

Gregory Bar-Hebraeus. Or. 2318 
(p. 10). 

Or. 3335 

Or. 3652 

Or. 4054 

Or. 4071 

Or. 4079 

Or. 4080 

Or. 4081 

Or. 4082 

Or. 4083 

Or. 1084 
rp. 26). 





















Gregory bar-Hebraeus. 
(p. 2G). 

(p. 27). 

(p. 27). 

(p. 28). 

(p. 28). 

(p. 29). 

(p. 34). 

(p. 35). 

(p. 35). 

(p. 35). 

(p. 36). 

(p. 36). 

(p. 30). 

(p. 37). 

(p. 39). 

(p. 40). 
Gregory, Maphrian. Or. 
Gregory Nazianzen. Or. 
Gregory Thaumaturgus. 

(p. 13). 
Haidaini rdiA^cVu^. 

(p. 39). 
Haikar. See Ahikar. 


































(p. 7). 


[p. 5). 





Hannil ^.l.l^K' ibii 'Isa. Or. 

4402 (p. 32). 
Hasan bar Bahlul. Or. 2441 (p. 13). 

Or. 4097 (p. 30). 

Or. 4098 (p. 30). 

Or. 4406 (p. 34). 

Helena, Empress (second finding of 

the Holy Cross). Or. 4404 (p. 

Hierotheos. Or. 4414 (p. 36). 
Ibn al-Miikaff'a. See Severus, Bishop 

of Eshmunain. 
Ibn Rushd. Or. 4433 (p. 42). 
Ibn Sina. Or. 4433 (p. 42). 
Ibrahim ibn 'Abd al-Rahman. Or. 

2324 (p. 11). 
Ignatius YII., Patriarch of Tur- 

'Abdin. See 'Aziz bar Sabhetha. 
Ignatius ShukruUah, Patriarch of 

Antioch. Or. 2323 (p. 11). 
Isaac of Antioch. Or. 2732 (p. 14). 

Or. 4071 (p. 22). 

Or. 4075 (p. 24). 

Or. 4076 (p. 24). 

Or. 4407 (p. 34). 

Or. 4413 (p. 36). 

Isaac of Niniweh. Or. 2732 (p. 14). 

Or. 4065 (p. 20). 

Isaac Kardaha Shebadnaya. Or. 

4062 (p. 20). 

4063 (p. 20). 

Isaiah of Scete. Or. 2312 (p. 8). 

Or. 2732 (p. 14). 

Or. 4065 (p. 20). 

Isho'. See Yeshu'. 
Isho'-dadh. See Yeshu'-dadh. 



IsLo'-yahb. See Yeshu'-yahb. 
Israel of AlkGsh. Or. 4063 (p. 20). 

Or. 4-ilG (p. 37). 

Jacob of Edessa. Or. 2307 (p. 7). 

Or. 2324 (p. 12). 

Jacob of Edessa (attributed to). Or. 

4094 (p. 29). 
Jacob, the Egyptian recluse, life of. 

Or. 4528 (p. 47). 
Jacob of Aa=i\fl. Or. 4089 

(p. 28). 
Or. 4438 

(p. 43). 
Jacob of Serug. Or. 2293 (p. 4). 

Or. 2732 (p. 14). 

. Or. 4064 (p. 20). 

Or. 4403 (p. 32). 

Or. 4407 (p. 34). 

Jacol) bar Salibi. See Dionysius 

bar Salibi. 
Jacob ibn Sheni'on ( 

Or. 3311 (p. 15). 
Jacob. See also Mar 

Ja'far ibn Muhammad al-Balkhi. 

Or. 4432 (p. 42). 
James, the Brother of the Lord ; 

anaphora. Or. 2295 (p. 4). 
Joannes Eleemosynarius, life of. 

Or. 3311 (p. 15). 
John, Metropolitan of Arbel. Or. 

3337 (p. 16). 
John, monk of St. Michael at Mosul. 

Or. 2450 (p. 14). 
John of the Golden Gospel, life of. 

Or. 3311 Cp. 15). 



John of Rome. See John rdV=^ '^• 

John b. Andrew. Or. 4407 (p. 34). 

John bar Ma'dani. See Aaron bar 


John KlaAsa is, life of. Or. 

4404 Vp. 33). 
: Or.452G(p.47). 

John bar ZG'bi. Or. 2305 (p. 6). 

Or. 2314 (p. 8). 

Or. 4085 (p. 26). 

Or. 4086 (p. 27). 

John Azrak, Bishop of Hirta. Or. 

2084 (p. 3J. 

John Chrysostom. 

Or. 2319 (p. 10). 
Or. 2326 (p. 12). 

Or. 4065 (p. 20). 

Or. 4403 (p. 32). 

Or. 4441 (p. 44). 

John Saba. Or. 4074 (p. 23). 
John. See also Yuhannan aiid Yu- 

Jonah (^cu), r<:*l«CU.A^. Or. 

4422 (p. 38). 
Joseph, history of. Or. 2316 (p. 9). 

Or. 4528 (p. 47). 

Joseph, metrical history of. Or. 

4078 (p. 24). 
Joseph, a Franciscan monk. 

4093 (p. 29). 
Joseph, Metropolitan of Amid. 

2309 (p. 7). 




4070 (p. 22). 
Joseph 11., Patriarch of the Chal- 

daeans. Or. 4084 (p. 26). 

Or. 40S5 (p. 26). 



(p. 16). 

(p. 20). 

(p. 20). 

(p. 23). 

(p. 26). 

(p. 26). 

(p. 27). 

(p. 27). 

Joseph II., Patriarch of the Chal- 

daeans. Or. 4424 (p. 39). 
Joseph (I. or II.?), Patriarch of the 

Chaklaeans. Or. 4061 (p. 19). 
Joseph of Tell Kefe. Or. 4422 

(p. 38). 
Joseph bar Malkon, Bishop of MarJiii. 

Or. 4086 (p. 27). 
JuUus of Rome. Or. 2295 (p. 5). 
Kardag the martyr ; life of. Or. 4404 

(p. 34). 
Khamis bar Kardahe. Or. 2304 

(p. G). 

Or. 2337 

Or. 4062 

Or. 4063 

Or. 4071 

— Or. 4084 

Or. 4085 

Or. 4086 

Or. 4087 

Or. 4424 

(p. 39). 
Khedr, a Chaldaean priest. Or. 4073 

(p. 23). 
Lazarus bar Sabhetha. See Philoxe- 

nus, Bishop of Bagdad. 
Leontius, Bishop of Neapolis in 

Cyprus. Or. .^311 (p. 15). 

Macarius ; eulogy on. Or, 4403 

(p. 32). 
Mar ]SIari. See Mar Addai and Mar 

Mari bar Mcshiha. Or. 4062 (p. 20). 

Or. 4063 (p. 20). 

Mark, the Monk. Or. 1272 (p. 2). 
; life of. Or. 2732 

(p. 14). 
Mcir Micah of Nuhadra ; life of. 

Or. 4404 (p. 33). 
Matthew, Apostle; life of. Or. 4404 

(p. 33). 
Matthew the Shepherd. Or. 2295 

(p. 5). 
Michael f<LDC\.v=». Or. 4071 (p. 

Michael the Elder. Or. 4402 (p. 32). 
Narsai. Or. 4525 (p. 46). 

Or. 5463 (pp. 49, 50). 

Paul the Simple. Or. 4065 (p. 20). 
Paul of the Thebaid ; life of. Or. 

5021 (p. 49). 
Peter of Callinicus. Or. 2295 (p. 5). 
Petros Asmar of Tell-Kefe. Or. 

4397 (p. 31). 
Petros al- Jamil, Bishop of Melij. 

Or. 4429 (p. 40). 
Philoxenus, Bishop of Bagdad. Or. 

2293 (p. 4). 
Philoxenus of Mabug. Or. 2307 

(p. 7). 
Or. 2732 

(p. 14). 

Or. 4065 

(p. 20). 
Phocas bar Sergius. Or. 2306 (p. 6). 



Protonice (finding of the Holy Cross). 

Or. 4404 (p. 33). 
EOfa'el, Padre. Or. 4073 (p. 23). 
Sahhr-Isho'. See Sebhar-YGshu'. 
Samuel Jamil of Tell KefG. Or. 

4086 (p. 27). 
Sauma, Kabban ; life of. Or. 3G36 

(p. 16). 
Sebhar-Yeslm' of Beth Garmai. Or. 

3337 (p. 16). 
Seliba bar David. Or. 4062 (p. 20). 

Or. 4063 (p. 20). 

Serapion. Or. 4065 (p. 20). 
Severus of Antioch. Or. 4429 (p. 

Severus, Bishop of Eshmunain. Or. 

4429 (p. 41). 
Severus al-Jamil. See Petros al- 

Mar Shamli (,A^XiX.). Or. 4527 

(p. 47). 
She m 'on. See Simeon. 
Shimeon. See Simeon. 
Simeon, Metropolitan of Amid. Or. 

4408 (p. 35). 
Simeon the Sty lite, ^'ww20/'. Or. 2322 

(p. 11). 

Or. 4092 

(p. 29). 

Simeon al-Turanl. Or. 2325 (p. 12). 

Or. 4097 (p. 30). 

Or. 4426 (p. 40). 

Or. 4427 (p. 40). 

Simeon bar Sabba'e ; martyrdom. 

Or. 2316 (p. 9). 
Solomon of Khilat or .cUchlat. Or. 

4526 (p. 46). 

Somu, a priest of Pioz. Or. 4423 

(p. 39). 
Or. 4424 

(P- 39). 
Stephen bar Sudaili. Or. 441 4 (p. 36). 
Theodore of Mopsuestia. Or. 2310 

(p. 8). 
Or. 4053 

(p. 17). 
Or. 4525 

(p. 46). 
Thomas, a Deacon. Or. 4095 (p. 30). 
Thomas, Bishop of Marga. Or. 2316 

(p. 9). 
Thomas Singari. See Thomas 

Thomas ^A, Avi^ of Tell Kefe. Or. 

4423 (p. 39). 
Timothy I. (?), the Catholicos. Or. 

2310 (p. 8). 

4442 (p. 45). 
Warda. See George Warda. 
Xystus, Bishop of Rome. Or. 2293 

(p. 4). 
Or. 2294 

(P- ^). 
Yahb-alaha III. ; life of. Or. 3636 

(p. 16). 
Yahya ibn Harir. See Yuhanna ibn 

Harir of Tagrit. 
Mar Ya'kiib r <* Q Qn^r >3 ; martyrdom. 

Or. 4404 (p. 33). 
YGshu' bar 'Ali. Or. 2315 (p. 9). 
Yeshu' ibn Ibrahim ibn al-Yamin. 

Or. 4435 (p. 42). 



Ycshu'-dadh, Bisliop of al-Haditha. 

Or. 4524 (p. 45). 
Yos;liu'-da(lh of Merv. See Yeshu'- 

dadli, Bisliop of al-Haditba. 
Yeshu'-yahb III., Metropolitan of 

Arbel. Or. 3337 (p. 16). 















(p. 26). 

Or. 408 5 (p. 26). 

Ycshu'-yahb III., Metropolitan of 
Arbel. Or. 4416 (p. 37). 

Or. 4424 (p. 39). 
YC'slm'-yabh bar Malkon. See Joseph 

bar Malkon, 
Yuhanna ibn Harir of Tagrit. Or. 

2320 (p. 10). 
Yuhannan, Bishop of Mawana. Or. 

4422 (p. 38). 
Yuhannan reliiaA xa. Or. 24.30 

(p. 14). •' 
Zeno and Hilaria. See cn-_n 

Zosimus (written r<l2>ixflpa\); life 
of. Or. 3311 (p. 15). 


Or. 4526 (p. 46). 
rc'^cuira.vifl A^^ . . . r^^i^rC 

K'cnW.l. Or. 2307 (p. 7). 
^.llr^ Aa^orc'.i r<l=^. Or. 

4069 (p. 21). 
K-lK-i i^oK'. Or. 4083 (p. 25). 
K* 1 I *3i\^l rtLuioK'. Or. 4071 

(p. 23). 
Or. 4087 

(p. 28). 
Kli-X-r^AK' .lr<'T»f^ (Florentine 

Council). Or. 4430 (p. 41). 
^^^CUv.Av.K'.i rda^v^ (in Kar- 

shuni). Or. 2318 (p. 10). 
Or. 4082 

(p. 25). 

(p. 34). 

Or. 4407 

(in Kar- 

shuni). Or. 4409 fp. 35). 

^xflQ^.TxArC irdaArC'. Or. 3311 

(p. 15). 

oa.i'iaij^iv^ Or.2327(p. 13). 
cti — » c\ .1 rtlA p** r<l_23a__jao rC* 
cn-ii-^-sa^K'. Or. 4fiOG (p. 

ijyrj'^^- Or. 4433 (p. 42). 

jjrC'i-X.rCLArC' .^r**^-^. Or. 

4429 (p. 40). 

K'^iia.l rda^. Or. 4413 (p. 


rcl»ifla\r<' jaoa. Or. 4093 (p. 29). 
K'V\^ivxa. Or. 2298 (p. 5). 

Or. 2301 (p. 6). See 

also ix-o rc'v\^. 
rc'ovi.iSQ.i nilLo ovLra (sect. v. 

of metrical Grammar of Bar- 
Hebraeu.?). Or. 4418 (p. 37). 



(p. 5). 

T<l.cUx3i K'^CU^. Or. 2299 

(p. 5). 
Or. 2300 

Or. 4057 

Or. 4058 

Or. 4600 

(p. 18). 

d'. 1'^). 

(p. 48). 

use of Mosul. Or. 4399 (p. 31). 

rs'^iara.n.l ... r<l=3^v^. Or. 

4526 (p. 46). 


5281 (p. 49). 

K'Avx^Ho.i.t rtflrj^. Or. 4422 

(p. 38). rda^a. . Or. 4077 (p. 

Or. 4419 (pp. 

37, 38). 

rc'^uwii. »a.=jot3. Or. 4089 (p. 28). 

Or. 4438 (p. 43). 

Kim. A_ifc- .1 r^L=3 en .1 rtlra ^^ . 

Or. 4073 (p. 23). 
Kl. rC* .1 crA r^ ^ rC'^^ . Or. 4090 
(p. 28). Sec aha nila^v.^ 

K'_..iocn.T r^^h\^. Or. 4081 
(p. 25). See also ►sK'ox^ 

^icnvAfX' ,=2r^h\^. Or. 2324 
(p. 12). 

rel^t.l rda^^. Or. 4411 (p. 35). 

rt'^TxJSrj \ .1 r<l=j^ii of the monk 
Elias. Or. 4418 (p. 37). 

rC^vJSa-^jj A>ar<U*. Or. 4079 

(p. 24). 

jJlU foUs^jj J\^\ Li^A> . Or. 

2317 (p. 9). 

rC^.IOoj.i rdniv^. Or. 2297 
(p. 5) [besides several other 
copies of the Services for the 
Consecration of Churches]. 

KcfXiH^ a.:w.l r<^\ar.aA>. Or. 

4434 (p. 42). 

K'^^caW. Or. 4412 (p. 3G). 

cTiJSnr^i:si*»\r^ ,^r<'^v^. Or. 

4091 (p. 29). See also r<:=>^^ 

^oO^^rCo. Or. 4432 (p. 
Ki^saw ^.icui.i r e^ o a a. ^ . Or. 

4060 (p. 19). 

rC'crArC' ^."tL»."1 rcliaQ.i^. Or. 

4443 (p. 45). 
rtllaa^i.l rdaia.\ . Or. 2296 (p. 5). 
rc'^.l^flo.i r^.oas^ for Pentecost. 

Or. 4060 (p. 19). 
rC.VSl-i^.l ni:fiQ.^\. Or. 2296 

(p. 5). 
Or. 4061 

(p. 19). 


rS'iix.'aiiwl r^isa^\. Or. 4600 

(p. 48). 

ni'!uii»-:i rtlfloa^. Or. 4416 (pp. 

;j.J, 37;. 
Or. 4420 (p. 


Or. 4421 (p. 


i^ ^T-D.l K1qq.aJ^. Or. 

4059 Cp. IS). 

Or. 4060 (p. 19). 
nilsiyi .i.KXD.i r^-tn \ \j . Or. 

40r;l (p. l;V;. See aUo •l-.'ICXxa 

* Or. 4061 (p. 19). 
p«d_ia_..i T<1=3^. Or. 4086 (p. 27). 
r^ "i en cu rC .a^in.A . S- ' nila ^v£k 
(r<'Tfia::k-.T43) CDC\.lcnJCU».l . 

K'^vAo^ PC'i-Snrclsa. Or. 

2300 rp. 6). 
r<lxi\o\ K'i-sorils^o. Or. 4054 

(p. 17). 

Or. 4071 

Or. 4084 

Or. 4085 

Or. 4424 
(p. 39;. 

OcnA-^.l . . . K* i_S73 r<L'» 

rdJLi^.-V-ih. rtla^^. Or. 

4(j0:t ([.. 21;. 









rdJLi^.l-^- rCliaAv.^. Or. 
4526 (p. 40;. 

^ ami loi^.i . . . rc'vsnn-'-iTa. 

Or. 4069 (p. 21). 

Or. 4413 (p. 36). 

il-O. Or. 4n71 (p. -l-l). 
oArdii^K'^rCAv^. Or. 4431 

(p. 41). 
tCU^K' cnir^lJii^. Or. 4436 

(p. 43). 

cai r^\ .\^ \ PC* ..>.\.s. co^IiwCV-S?3 
ix-a. Or. 3311 (p. !:>;. 

(in Karshuni) of Michael the 
elder. Or. 4402 (p. 32). 

A.ih.c\ K'^CNcoXrC' JU^.1 f<l\.\.'in.s»3 
r<'^ax_lr<'. Or. 5441 (p. 49). 

^yc 0UU«- Or. 2326 (p. 12). 

Or. 4410 (p. 35;. 
Or. 4428 (p. 40). 


rC'^i-Sn.l A^fc-.T T<h\i ls>*73. Or. 

4443 (p. 45). 
r<l»jC\V3 .a^^33 against those who 

deny St. I'aul's revelation. Or. 

2313 (p. S). 



r<'vx>co.i t^^x^^-sn. Or. 408G 

'' (p. 27). 

rC^U.^i.'^.T rCls^^. Or. 4069 

(!•• 21). 
Or. 4 4 1 5 

(p. 3G). 

Or. 4526 

(p. 46). 

Or. 2325 (p. 12). 

Or. 4426 (p. 40). 

."VJL'i-iaAK' ^nrC'Av-^ (Jacobite 

theology). Or. 2320 (p. 10). 

Or. 40G1 (p. 19). 

^oii^rC ^ant'^A. Or. 2324 
(p. 12). 

i-^^j.irc' coav-i .^rc'Av^. Or. 

2324 (p. 12). 

Or. 4094 (p. 29). 

r<Li^CU3o .i<Xfi0.i T^Ls^a. (Syriac 

and Arabic). Or. 3652 (p. 16). 
Or. 4086 

(p. 27). 

andKarshuni). Or. 4087 (p. 27). 
Or. 4412 

(p. 36). 

Or. 4413 

(p. 36). 

(rc'"iito:w."U»). Or. 2309 (p, 7), 

00 o .1 ca— 1 CiSio .1 nft-.3 ov..-2k 

(r<''i-fla.^.%A», same work as 
tlie preceding). Or. 4070 (p. 22). 

QoO.ionacuao.t r<la^;^ (of Apostles). 

Or. 4398 (p. 31). 
nC'.T^^ictlto of Eusebius, Bishop of 

Talestine. Or. 4444 (p. 45). 
.,iQ>\t<' Qoi^O ^lAK* A»r<!ioo. 

Or. 4427 (p. 4u). 
>»T»*i\f<' ^r^.a.T.lflo (cn^). 

Or. 4437 (p. 43). 
f<2u*i» Qa^a\^.i K'^vu <X2fc- . Or. 

4059 (p. 18). 
. A A' :^ A^ ^V^. . See ,a.3..Qo 

f<!aicvi3.1 r<'*ioPC'^.i r^nt.Q.^ . 

Or. 2307 (p. 7). 

Or. 4403 (p. 32). 
Or. 2302 (p. 6). 













Or. 5443 (p. 49). 
r<'0ViJT& (discourse on the soul). 
Or. 4071 (p. 23). 

Or. 4087 (p. 28). 
(p. 15). 

KlAxJsa^.l reirj^jk. Or. 3335 



rc'rdsi^^ r<li.S3 jcict^. Or. 

40G0 (p. 19j. 

rc'^cX-kJ.aj.^K'. Or. 4424 
(p. 39). 

Or. 4403 (pp. 32, 33). 

Or. 4403 (p. 32). 
PC^*\'\'i(.l rcUi-jjK' Kli\). Or. 
2084 (p. 3). 

rc^i-ia A.*rtliJ.i.i. Or. 2084 
(p. 3). 
pe'ui \t..i . . . r^lii^osa t^LdHi. . 

Or. 2695 (p. 14). 

Or. 2442 (p. 13). 

i.x.a ndsni-Musa.! r<l»ix.. Or. 

4061 (p. 19). 
nJ'^Tii^K'^ ixi^K*^ . Or. 4080 

(p. 25). 

Or. 4088 (p. 28). 
^^^j^LssvAk* vy»ir<'o^. See 
r<^V-)\ Alexia ^\Ar?3.i relrsAvri. 

Or. 4087 (p. 28). 
'ijXt^\ h\«>'^\ jx^k'i L^ViS (on the 

NiceiicOre.a). Or. 4431 (p. 41). 
oaJr<lsor<lAr<' ixJaa^^ (on the 

NiceneCreed). Or. 4437 (p. 43). 

^\^]\ ^ ^i'J^M Jju^"i . Or. 2324 

( »r. 2308 (p. 7). 

■ito. Or. 4526 (p. 46). 

r<l=Q-i-^jj Qa.kLo.1.1 K'^x;^^^. 

Or. 4428 (p. 40). 

^Av^o.T-i^. Or. 3337 (p. 16). 

r<'A>aa.*A\ rc'cvcn. Or. 452G 
(p. 46). 

Or. 3337 (p. 15). 
r<liirc' ^.>i^.l K'^.j.^t.^. Or. 

4428 (p. 40). 

of Thomas of Marga. Or. 2316 
(p. 9). 

Astrology. Or. 5442 (p. 49). 
Book of Paradise, Illustrations of 

the. Or. 2311 (p. 8). 
Cross of Christ ; story of. Or. 4404 

(p. 34). 
Divine Love, poem on, hy Bar- 

Ilehraeus. Or. 1087 (p. 27). 



Ephcsus, sleepers (eight" instead of 

seven). Or. 4404 (p. 33). 
Ephcsus, seven sleepers of. Or. 

4436 (p. 43). 
Glossary of Modern Syriac. Or. 4401 

(p. 31). 
Medicine, manual of. Or. 4095 (p. 


Nile, Liturgy of (Palestinian Syriac). 

Or. 4951 (p. 48). 
Phy.siologus(in Karshuui). Or. 2326 

(p. 12). 
Picture of Christ, story of. Or. 2326 

(p. 12). 
Trinity and Unity ; metrical discourse 

on. Or. 4089 (p. 28). 

•■> See also Cambridge Add. MS. 2020, fol. 121a sqq. 


On p. 5, under Or. 2297, omit " The first part of," at the beginninjif 
of the description. 

On p. 47, under Or. 4599, instead of " Services for the dedication 
of a church," read "A Choral Service-book, containing : — " 

On p. CO, col. 2, after p<'i>.TCX»j.T r<lr)^v:^, omit the words in 
[ ], and add " Or. -4099 (p. 47j."