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Full text of "Diary of Col. Benamin Case"

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t'' ^„ - ^ 

•I o 

.& * Jt - B - 

•«* «o 

iP •iJ^'* <?• 



\ J" ''>^^'' ^<e. .v^ .: 

* ^v 

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^ -y^^'^- .^ ^ 



• -J. 






0^ c»^'.^-*b, ,-*.* .vl'J^% % 







(-0 '!, 

/ % *.^^^ .o^'S."'? 

4 o 



■%e. on/ •■.■ V- • 


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'^^.^ ^.-^^^la-. -ov^ :j^&'- -^--0^ .'^"^M-. -^ov^ 

^^^'♦^'\/ "<v*^-'%°' V'*^\*^' -^ 

.•i c 

'^. J" ^'^^t%'' U A^ -'A 




L^if.iKid by 

To be coplovl for Wks l-^^'i^. InlrJ*.:? Hictori': 



D I A 


17 jO 

Fob, 9 7 A Storn of rain 'iiid ::. 

17 A Sno* Store 

CO F A Snov Storr. 

'^'^ ^.plnv "lev extreen Col'i 

r^ F Sque.lly with Snow — 

?: nold Dev I VEF ft Deiiiel Coldsnlths aitornoaii to a 

Scliiiiliv frolicK Arta?R Cowrir. fiddle^i for ub to daic- 
In ^veiiiiv? 


:'- ~ ] y s^jusis this nornln*? 

r Snow Bgpin 

' Rainy ir.v i:."- -j. 

10 y Snov' Gtorr 

15 A o*orn of iiiiow 3.- rtii. 

17 r Dets^v corwin taken with the Sarll pox Haturnl wcy 

18 r SnOT storr 

ri f) Rf^lny ">v 

n5 f? I went to SatouXet :*x. ^r^^^i-s 

"7 4 A VTV rplnv ^»pv 

'"8 5 CRa« hoae frot. Sutav^kat — 

r^c 7 ^rlrp ojr hous to North Jlfl^ this r.rternoon 

Apl. ^ ^ "J' own neetlrij.' rainy day 

9 3 Snor In the ni.-.'.ht 

10 4 Hapfl frost Irct night 

p.r. ?. cold freeze in;;; wether - 

May 1 4 Rpiny Dny 

B 4 Snow some thir, raorninf! — 

l;^ - I to Dp.vid Cases afternoon to Tea with Eunice W.Carryec 
her home 

14 3 My Father hsd a Log fall upon hlia at North Bide hurt 
him badly ^ 

17 G Rain soiio 

2?, 4 I Sat out wir,h Capt J. Laiidon fron the North side for 
Ti, York 

r, GOT, to TI-^v.' York 3 OClock P^M. 


R v/e sat out for hone got to Guilford born^e ni.:ht t *'en 

up to Unolo John Joldsni^hF 

31 n Rainy Day 
June 1 7 Btart adioin for hooie /,ot to 3torlliv: afternoon — 

n F fJot hone r.ornirv: -- 
7 Very raiiiv Day — 
10 ?! r went to 3a/^harbor With J- >Uovor after lyr.ei^e — 


1799 eveTiixxtl 

June 13 r> Went Town art, or no on to sor K. Wick|iani] 

16 F A number of us vent in naarch of Luther Jirjilntis found 
him on Little HognecV. 

20 S Pleasant Day I visited E, '.v. this evenint^ 
nf3 7 Rolny Day 

July 1 r I v:ent to Tov/n Uaw H.'.v. evoniii^; — 

A n Indp>po«rjd'^nc«* kept at Mr. if. L. Mooros J. Prime C. Moore 
N. Bushy & I made nusirk 

14 F I van mit^ unveil vith uurips 

Anna Case trk^-n vlth stran^a kinrt of fits yesterday — 

18 5 Eunice Wlckharn hai fits to— Devirt Coses all i)i^;ht 

Au^'. 1 J"^ V'^ry ■■^•ry at hot vrit.hpr 

n 7 Rain soffis thlp. forenoon 

'~- '>r:^ 1 '''"^rnble rain l^.rt jii.'ht 

19, r Sat out fron th*^ cov« with Capt V/ells for N. York ^:ot 
to Sar Harbor staii all night 

l.'i n Went in to New Haven nf t^^rnoon^ laid all night 

17 7 Got to New York nfternoon 

rA 7 started for home 1 OClock P.w had on bord l-ir Cases 
fmilly Sally Macknlly and others 

'"'■■ '■■ Landed at Sunris« to thf^ Inlet 

Mr Case ^led on bord this aftr^rnoon 

r?8 4 A Number of us had a \Vat«r neion frollick at ji.L.Moorfts 

SRpt.f^ fi Rolny Dry 

y F Rolny Dav 

14 7 Thuiidrf* Shovi-er uftornooii 

19 5 (}.»iif?ral Tralniiii-: at John Hubbaris wet Dav — 

Oct. r-^ 5 I xveiit to Town to hesr MrjJreen preoch Rcvri Overtons 
fnn^ral n?»rnon — 

10 5 Rainy Dav 

15 3 Went to Town this evening to See E.W. v/« took a i'i,?e out 
up thft Lane by Matthias Cbs^ about 11 OClock 

10 4 plf-asant riay Terlble squalls in r:l?:ht Unole Ichabodn 

vesftl drove on Shore at grct pond likewise Sanu-l r-ub- 


- 7 Btf^rt^-i v^lth Cplv-^n r'/GllB for H. York trii^; f^rtn^noon 

4 "^ Got Into New Heaven afternoon 

7 Ji V.'ent out N Haven r.ot to Blackrock 

8 e Started attain 1 OClock A.M Struck a rook r Norv/alk .'ot 

to Hunts 

9 7 CJot to ?! York about noon 

1ft n coae out N York 8 OClock A.M. 

10 7 Went into Smlthtown Harbour 

18 r. atnrtr^d this morning; frow Soiithtovm landed to Duck pond 

Dec 7 7 Very ralnv day 


Dec. 13 G Snov/y Dey 

17 3 A Very Snov;y day — 

Silos Moore oiTi Deborah T. Mr-rio;'' 

S5 4 Chrlstiuas a numbc^r of ub had a danco to Isnao Ovortonn 



Jaiiy.:^ r> rUmeon Bfinjar'ln 3b I starred for n York By lanrl t^ot t,o 
Mr. Sreens 

4 7 Got to 1" York nftfirnoon — 

10 G Came to New Town staid all ni Jit 

11 7 3i!r.eon & Started from M. Town ^ot to Mr. ar<^ftns this 

12 E I ,-:ot home just Dusk 

Feb, 19 E A Verry Snovy Day 

S8 G A Grt-^nt nur.bor of us v.'«=Mit fox hunt It;.; cl«an t,o ;.'ot};ituck 

killed ;iothiii: 


1 7 Snowy Day 

G n Snov.' Storm 

9 r Gr^at Snov storii 

10 r. Went to Car..t T, "ebbs this even saw polly '"pbb 

Apr. 8 : Mr. iToble Had Vendue to John Harts I went to Tov/n in 
the evening sew E,W. 

18 G Went to Town Harbor to put some thirds bord Capt Cas^ 

for n York Saw Matth'^v; 7/lckhacis family jgo bord vesel to 
move to Klnderhook 


Apr. S3 4 V/ent boxd Capt Case in Town Hcrbor for N York afternoon 

27 y. Got to ■( Yoi'k forenoon took lodf-ln^is to v,^n. Sills 

28 fi Got acquainte-5 V/lth Botsf.y ^c Polly oaKr, nnrt Solly Huls 
Uay C 3 Started for "norrie 

9 6 1 Landed to Mortons poiwtsunrise 

ir> f) Mooved tay shop frooi Zacheus Goldsiiilths North Side 

June ir 4 ?7ent to Sag Harbor with Glover 

19 f) Abby Celden A- Polly Andf^son cauic to our houso nOt ac- 

27 6 Aunt Polly Goldsmith ?< Lion John cane ov^r from Guilford 

r?9 E I went Boetinij to Mathituck John Corv/in 5- I went to 
Ezra HalllockB after meeting sec Aby Belden ft Polly 


4 G Independence kept to v.cttltuck Two parties one to Hub- 
bard the other to Davises 

We had a dance to Hubbi-rds John Corv.'in ?■■ "'ojit r.ftor 
Polly Anderson & A, Solder. 

8 ?, Mr. Ep.ton proachd to CutchOtjuc iT.c;o»tiri,-; liouse ratorriOon 
I to Lawyer Osborns In cvenin^; Saw Polly A. « A. Selden 

10 5 Started this uorrilnjj; with Capt. Ginir^^s from N, Side 
for f! York 

13 T. Got to N York Early this nomine 

16 4 This afternoon hs Started for home had Mrs Carrs fa;.lly 


July 14 G Got home thlr afternoon 

27 E Mr. Oreon Proach to CujjcyiOf::ue 

31 n I wont laftetlng to Town foot Day 
'lalllock Howel lixxvyeA today 


1 G Very dry sraai vYRnt of Rain 

4 n Fine roii; thiy mornini; 

25 P. J, 3«njn Terry Uo»t J. Hort & I \?p>nt fii'tiirit. to Robbins 
Island caut 10 Sheepshead 

S6 3 Went to Aqupbo.'ue Xanchlnj* had a dance to Capt Browns 

27 4 Joshua Benjaruin Taken bleedin^^ 

Sept ^^^^ K I v;«nt meeting Town afternoon 

To Tea to Mrs Carrs after meeting* 

Octr.l 4 I rent to Town thin al'tcrnoon to see thom Train 

3 G General Trainliv: ha-^ a dance to My. Hubbardr, in evenlrii^, 

9 5 Joshua Eenjanln & I vei^t Bqulrrelliit: North side killd 4 

11 7 Mr, David Gol'isnlth Drowned to hcshornomoc 

IG f5 Started fror. Town Harbor with Car^t. ainiilnjis for N York 
laid to Oyster pond point ail nijht 

17 G Got to TenacocK toni^3:ht 

Revd, Joseph Kasrard with us 

18 7 Got to N York forenoon 

VA Started this aorriiiv^ for home 

i^ot to great pond 11 OClock evening 



0ct,f^5 7 Wind blew so hard we couli not &^t shore till about 
r OClock P.M- 

Novr."? 6 V/ent to the sound forenoon kilia. Ouli 

11 '?. Cold Vendue to Dr V/ells Deceased 

?,0 5 Thsnksf-lvlru- to Town I v.'«nt to Benjn. Halllookn Gupp«r 

21 6 Verry Sno^fry day pretty lari^ta Snow 

nn " Snowy Dr.y 

n? n Joroniah Goldsi:;ith & I v/ent to Sing school to Majy. 

D«cr.4 5 TharJrsclvlnv^ to Cutcho<:ut3 went to a aitij^in school to 
MattiitUGk evening,; went to hubbards after school 
Danciiv3 there D. Goldsnith G. Davir, Bell & I ooaR of to- 
tjcither we stopt to Joseph aoldr;:.:itns ho not at hORR 
i^ot victuals and Cyder 

20 7 Ha?:ord Moore & I Started for N York by land j.i;ot to Hick- 

sons and it roind ama7:lng hard stnid all ni^ht 

21 K We tZOt to ?^rn. CrcindG today. 

22 2 Got to !! York about noon 

30 3 Started for home j-ot to Dlldenburirhs 

31 4 v.'ent to Mr. Gr«ons Setauket 


Jeny.l 5 Cane honie frmi Wr. Greonr. today 

T) 2 Carted up ny thirAgs fro;.-: on bord Car-t Town 
Harbor cxtreeiri Cold 

20 3 Snowy Day 



Jany 2ii 4 I »7ont to Riverhend stnld all ni^-ht slopt v/ith Dnvid 
Kdwartis to 0, Howeln 

30 G Carae home fro;;: rlvei-hesd stopt to Erra HnlllocXs took 
Tea with Abbv ^»elden 

Feby 8 D o'ent to meetlr^; to Mattituck T, Re^ve J. Goldsmith & I 
went to Sirij^ school to Capt HnlllocK eveniiij; 

11 4 Very Cold Snowy Day 

14 7 J, CJol-ismith & I V:'ent to Slnf^ijif; school to Capt, Hal- 
liockr, North Road came to Hubbard In i:;oi'nint; took 
breakfnnt to ijilas Mo ores 

16 n J, Goldsmith & went to ffubbardr. foot this avanirid a 
dRTice there some yourii^ people thorc froir; old maiis 

March 4 4 J. Goldsmith T. Rereve S, Webb & I v/ent to AquabOt^ue to 
Sini^in^^ school 

fj n up lad our Barn to north side 

6 Snowy day 

l"? 6 V/ent Mattituck Slnfiln^:: school saru; in the mootin^^ house 

T.Q 6 W«nt Rlvorhod Guning with Uncle Inaac killM a broadbill 

r;l 7 Came to Ezra Halliockr, afternoon 
Took Tea with Abby Selden 

n? I ran a lino tla^ouj^h Mr.j. Benjn V/oods wont to Uatti- 
tuck to Gitiing schooj. tovrrds night 


?. 5 Sini^in^i mcetint: to Cutchogue coetirjt: houne thin ortnr- 



Apl. 7 3 Cloudy Day J. Goldsmith W. Wickham & I went St-irling in 
evening had a dance to V/d, Booths 

14 3 J. Goldsmith ,^« v/ent to Hubbards to a Ball we or.rryed 

D, Havens & A. Reeve 

15 4 Richard Terry ipovod from Hogneak to Ma jr. Benjanins 

18 7 I Sat out with. Covin V/ells for Connecticut river sot. in- 
to the river this evening had Aunt Reeve on herd & 
Esther Billard 

20 2 Got to Middle Town 

25 7 Finished taking in freight at Middle Town & cone to 

27 2 Finished takein>^ in at Higanups and cQme to Lynn went 
up to Israel Reeves staid all night 

30 5 Started this morning from brockways whorf for home got 
ground on Long beach point 

May 1 6 Got home fore night 

5 3 Went bord Capt Ginnings this afternoon at Town Harbor 
for N York Had Betsy Horton & othors over 

8 C Got to N York 10 OClock A M- 

v/ated on '"m. Totten D Totten 5: Betsy Horton to Joiiathan 

13 4 Started for home got to Light house 

14 5 Got to Cujbchogue come too Schooner run fnul us in night 

15 6 Landed to Hortons point this morning before sunrise 
24 D I to meeting to Mattituck afternoon Mr. Green preach 


1801 ^ „ 

Jum 8 ?, company Troinirig to 3ai.l. Payne n 

ne C Went to Sagharbor With Capt..V.'ebb Gloop 

-7 7 Extre<si; Hot and dry J. Ooldsnith }'. I went to ^Vd. Aby 
CrOldr.rJth in order for Clara bed v/r too late 

July 4 7 Indapt^ndenc held to John Hubbards had a dance in evonin^: 

5 P Went mep.tliF, Cutchogue aftornoon Mr. Crari preach went 
to Oilb.-rt Daviss af tor lacetint^ took Tea with thera 
A?:uba Davis & I took a walK down to the bay junt Dusk 

m 4- Attendend Lawyer Osborne funeral 

Took Tea to Grover Moore s with groat number airlo rode 
homo with Sally Webb & Sally Dunaky 

Au,';. 13 ft A number or uv. had a water-melon fr click to John Hub- 
bards I carry«d A. Davla 

16 D Judge coo Jonathan Howard & I v/Giit to see the Quaker 


Sept. 10 S Ichabod Case LauHDhd his vescl built at the head of the 

17 n Aunt nancy Benjn & I Started for Satauket Just ni,sht 

staid to Uncle Isaac's all Mi,jht 

18 o Got to Mr. Greens afternoon 

19 7 Vent with Mr. Green this evening: to Smith Town to marry 

a cupi'le 

-3 4 I v;ent with Uv Green to Middle Island to attend Gershon 
Brovms funeral 

54 5 Sat out for uu... staid to Gilbert Davlr'n all nl;ht 

55 G Got home about noon 


-.1 rt-r r«tf.-p tbis morniiiti ^ Started got 
^9 3 W« freed the vesel of Y.ater i-nxo ^a^xa >c. 

to Sadrer point by nl.^bt 

30 4 Got W. Yorlc about noon 

Oct. 3 7 Set out for hor-ie fine wind 

4 D aot to Town harbor about noon went neetlnc afternoon 

9 G Joshua- Benjn I v.ont HognecK point Guning I Kllld.l -he 

oi 4 Ui^le Josh -. Ooborn f. I went to hor,necK point tuning 
I klll'^ 2 coo-t*s & 14 Shorebirds 

Nov. '' '"^ I ■'°^^^- ^^ Tralrilnr. to Town 
ir 5 company Traliv' to Cutchoguo 
14 7 Geiu-ral Training: cono hom« first evening 

10 ^ E. Penny. ^::. Onborn & Went gunln^: to th. Tlarro.-. we 

kllld Ducks 

oi 7 anov? some In nic^^.t 

. , r, •„ f T v'r^i^* to -Ivcrhpnd .-unln*": to Gilbert 
r.n 4 Jonhua Benjn & 1 v^nv- to .a/oh. 

SG 5 V/ent out after Deer kllld none 
,7 6 unci. iBaac Terry ^ I went after Duck, kllld fovu. don 

the river 

S8 7 Came home h just nlj:ht 



Dec. 10 n TheiTikssivirc ^'Ry to Cutchogue Get Jc went i^xxntna^ to the 
bay I kllld one rainy Day 

17 5 Sat out, v'ith Capt V.'eob from Cove for H York tsot to Town 


18 n Went from Town Harbor to Gterlinc Staid th«rc all nl.^'iht 

I went up ani took Tea vlth nur.bor of LndieB to alias 
Wells danced sane in evenlnc^ to Josf^pb v;."!bbR 

19 7 Went to Oyster ponds today 

no D Sill Lay to Oyst«,r pojids had abord Abby Onbori^. ^iHy 
Terry f<: others 

r.l ?. Went into Sound this laorninii 

ff! '^ Off against Liglit Housa this raornin^ got within 3 Miles 
n York Dusk 

j>3 4 Got into H York thin rnorniiid a very rainy Day 

no 3 Capt. v;ebb J. Hubbard & I went to a play In Georgia 


Jany 1 Hew Years Day Hipslbba Hudiion married to a Mr. Ward 

3 C Abby Browr; ^ I went, to Capt BecbcB Dind there we went 
to meeting: afternoon with Betsey Talor then back to 
Mrs; HedgeBGK 

f) 3 V/ated on a nusb^i^r of the Girls from Mrs Hedi^es bord 
Capt. '.Vebb 

7 5 Sat out for hOEs afternoon 

got to Hortons point by nioriiiiie; 

8 6 Got to P.ockpoint thir, evening 


Jany 9 7 Lay to st^rim?; ell ^ay 

10 r Vlol-Pt v;ln^ last nl,<;ht we started to corae ^'^^^^ ff' 

a'alnst H.jr came too blowin.T a call loBt o^or boat we 
Went back to St-:jrliiv: lai^^ all nit:ht 

11 v. violent nnd Capt. Webb & I ^ot a cnrria^.e and cor.e 


Pebv 3 4 7/ent to Gtcrlln-. to see .he GhlP Lanched r,tnld nil ni ht 
Feby 3 4 .ent ^^^^^^ 5oid^^.Uh to Mr. Faiudiv,n Dame to krs 


4 r, J. GoldGr-iith .^. I took Hannah .-c Betsy and vrent to Lanch- 

Ing asaln— 

cane hone afternoon 

n!> r Very Snowy Bey very cold 

S3 3 Clfsar off extre'^n Cold 

nr, B v;ent to vendue to Auquabof.uo to Frasicr. ^'f ^.^^'^^.^^^ 
Hubbards before nitht Very rany day & ni.'.ht Staid all 

SG C Ralrw Day cane home frorr. Hubbards afternoon rainy nl.'^t 

n? 7 Rainy Day and Kitiht 

-a c Rainy Day TrBSs very nuch Loaded r^lth Ice 


1 n Rainy Day very 

2 3 Rainy Day tno Sun has not been seen since last thurs- 

day untiil thir, afternoon 

3 4 RElr.y Day 

4 f) Rain thic liornini'. Clear off today 



March 10 4 Uncle Daniel & I went to Hot;jneok after Gr-jb he kllld on« 
staid ell nif^ht to Gilbert H. 

11 R We cone horr.e this morjiliv^ Hi 

llipslbba Hudson Dllly Terry CaiTv HGrtj^os ^ J^olly ;-;eeve 

ail ncrrl'^cl ii; 'i , Yox*k ninco 

35 fi Went to Vencluo lo Mr, Simon Moor« Decoasd 

Apl 3 7 V.'ent to the raisin^:: of Mnrr.ln Ooldswiths Barn oilb-^rt 
Davis isot vory acunk 

3 Town mc^tin.''; ^Vent to My, ?;, Booths this 05ve»nin^^ eanie hone 
V/lth Ly Ua Corwin 

"1 4 V/snt to Rlverhoad today coRe back 
Took Tea to Ma jr. Sdvmrds at ni,;ht 

27 a Eleotion Went to Town aftsrnoon 

May IB 3 Went Bord Capt. Case this afternoon in Town Harbor for 
K York Saial, Payne & the Shakors abord we want as far 
as Oyster pond 

19 4 Laid to OysterpondD all Day 

20 f5 Went into the i3ound in mornliii; 

got to the lij^ht house by aornlng 

Dl G Got to N York ai'tornoon 

CG 4 Started this afternoon for horiR 

r.7 n Lnndnd to Ttick nond Rft-^-rnoon 

June 10 h Pleasant I beeii Unwell ever since I cone from N York 

V.P. 3 I vM->nt Trainlnj^. HOtincck Bonjn Hnllloo'- nndn hir tr^^et 


Tm?r? -4 ^> TrBinlix^ to Elijah Lairions to day two thU-an of the 
Juno .4 .> J^f;j;^^^^^-^,^^^,^,,;{ thenselves in con.equenc. of the New 

officers L* Tuthill & D. Case 

T„iv 4 r V>nt m«atln£i Cutchoguo Mr. Bell preach stopt to John 
July 4 C ;^^;^^/';;^^^^^^^ ^,^^^^^^ Hares & Betsy %'illir,nson thorc 

5 n Inaepen^ienc9 kept to Town Mr. Hazard preach M 

03 c Fxtr^or. Warm Day went to Daniel GoldB-^ithB this evcn- 
lr« been Quiltin*; I carryd Polly Hayner. Hone 

Au,'. 9 r. l^onx. flf^hin.: to the Inland with Kiras Negro & Little 
v;n 'Volls CRUt good mess small finh 

ao6 7»it to worth sea with Uncle Jo.h in ow small boat Water- 
ru^lonliv craven V/ellB wor.t over ir. his vesel carry da 
• cierv7e danced to Harrises till OclocK I went 
home with Aby Reeve 

-1 7 Cone ho:ne tul^ Dfternoon v;ith Calven in his vessel 

Sept.l 4 John Hart ^■. I went to North sea aftc*r .water melons ^30t 
horae Just nif-ht 

11 7 Win^.s Osborn & fishin,: to the Island all Day caut most 

14 3 went to Rivci-ii^^ad to Cort staid all ni.:hr. to Samuel 


15 4 Very ^Voi'itj Day c Jiae hoiap, fron Coit Just ni :ht 

Oct. - 7 went bord Capt Case to Duck Pond in order for N York 
3 c Got to N York this afternoon 

7 5 Sat out ior horne about noon Silas * Ths. ^'ebb aboard 

had p. pretty high cnmnai^.n tonirl^t 

8 G Landed about noon r.o >jck pond 



Oct, 16 7 Rniny Day vines OsborJi & I went Ouning HoKiifjck no.tnt 
kill" 4 DucKn 

^5 r; General Tr0ln.ln>'; t,o John Hubbords 

Nov. 4 5 Carryed Mr, LHonaiue to Robbins Ir>lGn<1 XillM 2 Blnck 
Ducks 1 Orul 

Ifj 3 Wines Osborn Danl'5l Brov/n & I v/ent to HOijnenk point 
Guning killd nothin^]^ 

22 2 I to JoMeR Mortons tiiis Vixx,.:^ii00t\ took T°a Several 
Lni-'I'-^i^ tiPTf" rainy liliSht 

Deo 20 2 Wsnt to an exhibition to ^rs. Hazard Moores Mr, Dui'l" (ny- 

22 4 J'^hn Hubbard -'■ I nnt out Tor K York this morning icjot to 

Plat Carls just Dusk 

23 rj Coi T,o fv York this eftt^rnoon 

20 C Went mectliif! ror;?noon Gt Pauls Cbiu'ch afternoon to 
Trinity to ?*lr. Hararc^s in bridev/ell took Tea 
I 3oar':led to Matthew Howsls 


Jeny.l 7 Sat out for horn« with Barnabas Case Come to pint Carls, 
staid all ni--:ht 

2 C Vf^ry Pleasant Day v/ent to Gataukct this nor/iin;^ to Ui', 

ur«ens went to neetin^; Cone to Middle Island this evRii- 
ing and staid 

3 2 start':»d this nornint^ In T'?rnble L^now Stora tjot hone 

Just nifTht 

2(5 4 f4r Bak-^r fixnd n nurvr In our v/ell 



F-bv 17 n 2nov;y Day Jeremiah aoldsmlt-h ?c I went to Hazard Moor«s 
■^ to a danoft by n flcslre of Dr. 3ucl he was mariied Innt 


19 7 Went to James Hortons thir, evening caw B^nsy Hortoji 

March f) 7 cold Day rinir.hed franlng my shop went Town evonlne 
James? liortons 

15 :i Pleanant Day rais'd an adiltion to ny shop 

Apl. ?. 7 Wines Osborn ^. I went Gunlrii? To Mattituck Creek I kill»d 
7 DiicKs 

2I> 6 Wines Tinothy R. Dr Gilb-rt A & I wftnt guniri^; 
to Matt i tuck Cre??k 

May 3 '"^ Company Trniriln,-: to our house 

8 ?, Snow Storm thlr, day Hard frost tonlt-lht 

13 Started for TJ.York v7ith Capt. v/ebb fror.i Cutcho.^ue Har- 

bor a number of Women abord ,^ot to Oyster pond point 
9 OClock P.M 

14 7 Trtnt through th<- r^ut day bral'^ -or, to Gandr«n point 

IC OClock P M 

15 C Got to New York afternoon very plsacant 
ni 7 stfirt-^d foj. hone thif= nornlnt: V/inri S.V. 

22 c Lendcd to Duck pond thir. morning just after day i;rake 

June 9 5 v;orn day J. B^.njn, S. T. & I v/ent to Robbinr. 
Island strawbirryln^: sat the beach j^rans all on flro 
bv dlschargint', Gun 


Jun'5 18 7 I sav7 then lay the corner stono of th<^ Mfifttiiiti to Town 

*?? r Bej-on to rrlse Town meeting house 

?.& n Cart. Webb Lanced his V(^sel to Thoraes WeilBes 

July 4 r: Indepen^^^^nco k'^pt at Town by n few feds I dov/n just 

Aug, C a Very v.-orn day C. Penny Vv. Onborn J. Hart ^« X W(snt flshin 
to uobi'liis Island Likewise a boat full froa Mitttl- 
tuck wc nil vent to H. 3ea Jur.t nlr,ht staid ail nii:ht 

3 4 Come fron uortn Gea early thin Liorning went fishiiit: to 
south Rock Y/ines caut 4 Sheepshead conic to Hobbins Is- 
land all r.ost dead With Hunt^er & Thirst 

15 2 Win^R 0. Harry P. i- I went shoot ii.j B.^ail birin 'Visk- 
hanjB cr«ek 

n? 7 I went ^unin-: al"ter sr.all ijarae with Joseph aoldsi-ith 
klllM a nunber 

f>pt,9 G Company Trainirig to our house 

10 General Trainirit: I hoin juat Dusk 

18 c Went noetiT-it: to Town Hurt ir.y foot very bad by Horse 
tredlnii; on it 

Octr.l 7 'Vines 0. ft I went ^'.unirui; to HognecK point thir r.orninc 
re in eft^rnooii klll'd 8 fowls 

D 4 Aunt liancy Jeiiji;. ^j I want of.utucket 
18 3 Aunt Mnncy .*;- I come home 
2b a ^Vent to Qua^; v.'itij Dr. ailbert & Benjn. iiruster Cunirij 



Oct. no 4 LRXge company of us went out. Uuntli\- KlllM 4 Dears 

27 f) Y/Riit out &. kilid on® Dear 

ne Di-. Gilbert Wn Saiith & I went to Potoiv; point killd 
several fowls 

r>9 7 Killd several fowls set out for home 9 OClock in even- 
iii^;; home 3 in ;riOrn 

Hov.m 7 V/ines 0. Edwaro P. e^ I v;ent ounin,'; to Narrows Killd 10 


fil ?. Started with capt. Case from Town Harbor for U.York got 
to Oyster pond had fourteen paserigers on bord 

r:4 55 Went in to Sound afternoon 3.V/. v/lnd got Patcho,^:uc just 

2fi G Got to SachUM head 

26 7 Got to Hunts 

?,7 C Oct to N York forenoon 

Dec. 4 G Started for hOK« with Capt. Webb ^-jot to Oynf^r ponds 

5 ^. Got home Juijt Sundon 

11 C '.V'-nt maetinf.c Cutchogu^^ Mr. Hazard preach' d Ginr:in,i 

school to Gilas Moores this evening: v^ry rainy ni,iht 
a nunbcr of ue Rtaii all ni.",ht 

25 C Rain sokc I at hone 

2G T. Gnovry forenoon I went Hubbard in ev-nii;*-: 


1B03 7 Started for N York ^nth Sa.T.l. Pavne by Land ,-ot to 
Soldsirlth DevlseB . ^ o 


Jany 1 A V^ry rainy Day we -rot no roa-ther thrwi Plat Carls 
2 n Got t,o K YorK fore nl^ht 

G SRial. Pa.viie & I smarted lor horac l/?. after n Oclock P M 
got to Bak(»rs OC 

7 7 Started oftftr Day braKa i^ot home about 11 OClock P.M. 
If5 A ?/ent ra-f^tln ■ to Town hsin neetiri,: for the first tine li. 

•>Q -^ o 

Snow Stor.n: 3 Ves«ls Wont of in the Ice froi;: Broad meadow 

n? c Huiab<>r of UG y/fjnt to Robbins Island in ordc^r to .-et the 
Vftseln out of the Ics 

J:;8 7 Rainy Day got the last vesel out of the Ice Uncle Bud- 

Feb. 4 7 Wines & I v/ent Inlet Killd 3 Old V/ives a piece 

11 7 I Killed 4 Ducks Narrows 

18 7 Wines & I killed each a Duck Narrows 

23 5 Severe Snowstorm 

no ' V^ry Pl«an,9nt Df,y 

Knrir. Ilalliock D Brown Hull horton & i started fo- H 
York rith Oxen— 
.Staid to Drusters Ri-^ttrhoad 

Mnrch 1 .•> 'A'ent to Sr.iith Town Ploanaut Dov 

n G Storny day rain & snow got to Bakerr, 

3 7 Extre^m Cold Went to Carpenter?; 


March 4 Ct Very Cold we went to I! York 

fi 2 Went Sluglnjr school thio evening to Bi-ooklln v./iu, :;r. 

7 4 Started for horae coiCJ? to Rakcrn 

8 5 Wat Day rain & Snow cone to lUv-^rh-^nd 
OjrriG honif^ this mornliv:: 

14 4 !^ fath-^r fell rroir. a Home & hurt hlr.r.nlf v.jry bad 

19 r: Oolri Day v/m^s O. JoF/^ph a. Dr. Ollb.a-t f. I went Gunii^? 
to Cetchabonaque 

?X 4 v/incR 0. .''• JonrjTJh 0. cone hane We Killd about ?. Dozen 

o- ^ nniny tFiie Mar::.ins Dr. ^^ I ^^iH^^ only 3 Duck h fori- 

f>7 3 I klll'^ a Duckr, to tho NRrro\^s 

29 r> Ect¥?erd P. ^: I kili-^ fi Duck Narrows 

31 7 Snor last nlrht & thin niornli\3 
Hard frost 

Apr S 8 

3 3 Town meetings vary plensaiit 

10 3 I killd 4 Ducki! to Narrov/s forenoon rain soitje 
To John Hod,':eD veririue ai'ternoon 

14 7 Joseph MoorR Zdv'nrci J. i: I to rvi.Tor/B 
K, killd 4 & I 3 ducks 



July 11 4 G«j)l, Httuilton & Col Dur fou.jnt a D-j^L H. Wonni^^r! 
1" b Gejil. K. Dlei this Dey 

apjpt a 7 B, Osborn- E. Cese- J Moore 3: I Ouniii*^ p.l'T.fir birrls 
kill.i 43 

D^r-*^? fS Tv^.v ■! 

^ Green proachd UmcI-; Joslrja's fuiifirai ii^mon 

Jar;y 3 f5 Jo}^,op>i Wooro ?c I v<ent. sloi^hlng this ev^niiit* to Hub- 
bru'^5 then to 11. Moore with Jo, Ciold cl- 0. v;oor'"^ ci:ot 
hocic 3 DC lock 

4 Capt T, Webb heA terabio tiiv.p in th ' Kound toiay sx- 
trno.T. CO 1*1 

F'»by 1 J. Moore &■. I took li. H & L.c- <S.- wont Storllnr; nl^lj-h- 
ln,=: aft'u-noon atald ell nl;'.ht 

7 V.'fjTit oyster pond ror'»r,oor; 
hone Rfteriioon 

10 7 Jo!^.-pn V'oor« .X I v;«nt l^nsz HaifiOton Rtni<? to '0. con- 

17 F v.-*nt :neatlnc afternoon E. Hamp . Gtnld pll nl^ht to 
Dr. T(ilaa^^«6 

13 V. Ca-i^ft hoin« from Eft p than ha trip 

Mrrch " 7 J. :.ubL\':r'-i "r I started for K /- iitei.i to Ki^;bys Ir.lip 
all nlf-jht 

3 F Got to ^f Y before 

irs n 

10 7 Cerae hone from •; V 


1806 ' 

May r.A r. S^arterl for N Y, with Cpipt. Drown 

Jurif 1 7 Got, ^o^e fron N York 

Julv 4 n Weiit. r.o 3a*-:b.9rboi' v,'ith ¥/n V/ell? ,lr\i"^.d Lairfor. Jn.v'c 
W««lls ^c 

13 7 -.Vent Jr;r..iiB He.lliock to soe tno Docnor 31ii:u-t &.c stni-i 
?ai nl :ht 


Jrr.y r^l 3 ?^<»vd. Prime & I w^nt slaij-:hlng forftiio.^n t.o ? -x/.^ lol''- 

smlthsS: Dr. Conklins afternoori 

took P, M 5- L V.' v^'ent to B.G. 

P/j -, :.;r. Prime ^c I v/itn P '-• L went sieif;hiru^ p.^niii no 

Sept. 11 ft Started with my Sister Han for Gullforfi got tn^r^ even 
F;tai'i all nlf-,ht ct 'Vm. H 

m G Went to Uncle John Golci-- 

ir» r CsKie homo fro.ri Guilford 


March ?»R 4 EXHIBITION at CutchOfiue 

Aug 10 V. Dr. "'ra, Wells his wife *■ I went Frlfif^herapnon to^nv 
otnl'l to Slrion Hslseys 

11 3 CaiTi<- ho:i:« fro::. j. . m-- 

?,0 Pi Mr. Huntt1r.t^ Or'-<einf?d 

r!4 2 E Case il- I vith A. 'A', ?< P, M- vent to Conos r-lRcc water 

T 1« T (>l 1 



Jnn^ nn B r>t«rr,'»d fro-r InlRt vitJi Capt Jennlnj-iE for N York 

r.b 4 jhjot T,o N York 

Julv 1 7 Started with Capt. Hudson for Troy t^.ot to PeaksKlll 
Just nl 'ht 

July n A At Nftvfhuxnh thiB morning; took on Hosri Julii^ttn Huds 

4 3 We ly nt encor nort all Day at a little plncp, called 

fi 4 Oor. T.o Albany atiout vmr' n)-\ to Trov pt 3 OClor.k P M 

n 7 Went to see the 3hakerB utaid all ni^-ht vl t-h th«a 

9 A. Wffnt ne^.tliv: with T,he Shak'^'«^ roi-f^^nooii a/ui to -i^-^ 
at Troy aftf»rnoon 
aft!»r mep«t1rp: took g walk on Mount Ida 

10 to 1- % r)^^t^■,.f.^r\.^ r/iysnli' by visiting ProcIr olnci^s 

14 ir> y cvjrlonltl^s 5rc 

IC '^'^ "" lnrlot~<"i 

r^l to nri Crusln^^ visiting the Ladles ic 

^- ^ This inornlru'; Stsrt^^i for hO!;;« V'^rv .-"irl-^'^^.r niil'^d 
by J. Sampson in a stage to Albany 
Started from Albany at 8 OClock A M. in the Steem Boat 

'-• '-) r, 

■j This mox-)iinf5 of<' nev/buitUi- 
got to K York 4 OClock P M 
Spent the «venin>?; at 3. Hubbard ainorv: a dozoti Ladies 

no 7 Start-^d for hor-if? v'ith Cayt Davis Drovrn 

Ml ?. Landed at Inl'=it \l OClock this rnorninr: 


Jnlv in A 

Ur, John Sornpsoii ft I Btsrts'l for a nnrty ol" pleasure 
went thronji^h Lfinsin^^burf: over Union bri''lo« T-hrouj;h 
wati^rford still vatcr fort Mlll»!r orossd . tJr* 'orH*;^ 
fit fort Miller v/«nt tlirou^T^h fort (».iwerrt to nnnfls hill 
v'hi»re wo put up for the ni 'ht rainy day 

17 ^ ntnrterl this nornlng for Lpke j-c?3rf;(5 f^ot to Mr Carters 
aV>0L!t 9 OClock and took brf^akfost at 11 We started in 
a boat for Hitohcocks 10 J/ilcB down the Lake at which 
plac*» v."» or 1 void at 3 OC at wet as wc oould posBlbly b« 
staid all N. 

18 3 ThJK nornlni: re. started for hone ngain /,ot to carters 
about noon vet enou;?:h af t ^'' •■'i>!'"^r v'<^v/f to sand "nlll 

19 4 Startf»d R?::;aln this morniib^ in the rain w?»iit to JlftiiB 

fsllF. and over thf> bridf;e to Serato^a sprln-;s and took 
djnn<»r afternoon v?ant to Calston spay staid all ni;:ht 
rainy day 

?.Q 5 T^ in mornint! startf^d for. Troy went to Gohencctedy and 
took dinner from thry."? to tne nohoe fails and over the 
bridf^e to vi'at(«!rford thon ovt uiiion brid?;« throuf^h 
Lnnnlnrrburt-^h to Troy aKBin just dufi>'. 
P.pln ''(bnttnue v« ntr.rt>»d fron Tro-"' 



Sept IG 7 I Rt Ga^^harbor saw the Govertior Uietct Govn. mii othf^rs 

Octr ^-P- A Stnrterl for Conriffctlcut with Capt, Case *; Johji Hart 
Dr. ConKliii 

?.r> 4 Got to Middle Hadfian Just nl,:::.nt 

:U 3 Stp.rtert for horae this mornliifi t^ot into Cutcho,j;u« cove 
Just xiif^ht 


Auti 7 4 1 ttOinmsnced house k^^^piJij^ ft? &c 

Def^ r'4 :i A r;pst Terrlffic fhov-' Storm corift on Isst ni,iht with 
violent v.-lrid v/hlch drovft the Sloop Hos«tta on Smith. 
Town flats stove h«r to piftnos 
Tn." follov.'ini; Persons lost 
Capt. 'r''illiam C. ^VellG 
Mr. ojfiDjL. PayriR 

Saml, Dnvldfi 

Gilbert Go idsr.iith 

Jonp.h ^^eokR Mp. ;cc 
and CyruR a black Man 


May S r oRturday rcy fath«i had a Cart wheel run ovr^r hln 
v«ry ;.iuch hiu-t brulsd &o -i thi,j:h bone brok* 

Sept. iri F Diei Johji Osbori; — 

P.5 A Di<»d Errs LHoranedieu Esqr. 
Octr. ^^ y Dlftfl V.'d. Hols«v or LJoutnoli 



MOv 10 7 B«njn Car,P! to Lucrf?t,lR Ooldn.jQoldsvniUvl 
Otto v/ebb to NRiioy Psyjie 
r-icjifirfi Youngs to D T- 
r:9 S Alb-^rt aoldsrnlth to \'., H. 

Joshus Downs to u, T- 
30 r> Joseph P. aoirlFJclth to H. C 
Dftc.r? T) J. r. Horton to A, P 

About tnlr 
Jor.Rthan Jfjiiniii^s to B. T. 


Jr.ny.r!4 G Thos, 3. Lester to P Albr 

fj^rti if) y Cnlvir Horton to 3»tf!f>y T — 

Nov.lG 7 nfii*rmb«p Hortoii to tv'chlteMc T. 

Ij 3 oilflf. ".'^;^v<? to Prtty Hf.r<i.y 

Dec»»,a F Chfiiifller Paloier to ri, Psyiie 

vip.i-ch 7 Rlohnri Drake to Mrs Naomo Plcli 

By C. B Case 


AtJf:; l4 '> Danlf?! Cnses first Chili bOi'n 


Jany is f! Richari Terry had a child born 

Npned Ad « line 
Ff>hv '^'3 A Gor shorn wPR*" hnd r child born 

Wemi«!d Eliza 
Apl. '!.*i W Ps»m1 C"<;!»f iMrPt Chil'^ born (A-;l) 




Dec. 17 :^ oiias Moor^ Married to Deborah T':5rr.y 

r"!l 3 Drnl«l Cf.s(? Jterrled to Reliecca Horton 


^'R^ch 1^4 Joel Ovorton y.firrlf^''^ to Nnon-.n V.'nlls 

13 fi Gilbert Davi5 Marrie'^ to B^tS''5.y aoldnrilth 

•^7 f) J'»rer-iif5.h Corvl^: v-.-.t-i'I'^'^ to Abl>3all Overton 

Mjy ^4 7 Sanurtl '.VsIIr Marrie'l to Vfar^noriy Case 


S'spt.l"'' n P&ul Case Marrloi to Susamiti H. 


Jnny 1 '' HipRibbn Hudnon larrried to "i'£rd 

l:i 4 Luthf»r CBS'S marrieft to Lydia Goldn, 

Julv ir> r-» v.'lnfi? Osborn nf^rr.ied to Bcjthlah H. 

Octr.ll r ThomRB 'Vebb narrici to Ablg;uil Onborn 

1? 3 SlloK Vnil xTiRxxleA to Sophronr Ooldrriith 

14 5 BGnjn. H. Horton married to Abi^-rll I3ooth 

F«b,in 4 Dr. Buel Mnrri'^d to Helen Albertaon 

Apl.l7 3 J'-:r''xiiGh r>olds.T.lth married to Bethinh Horton 

5«pt,ro 3 ncbidir^orf* rrrrlf^d to CbBrry Case 

"'^ 5 JoncT.r.ui: Horton rrmrrie<< t.o Wd.i'cily Moor^ 

iao3 4 David Corv/in married to Lydis Hnrt 

Dec.n9 5 Ranor Mprried to Deborah Horton 


Feb. 17 F Married Jertrmioh Goldsrr.ith to a Miss Aldrioh 

March ?A F JoBSph Moore Married to Lydie Cor v' in 

May 5 F sineon Hp.lsey to Lydl,? Corwlr; 


July r^S r Bariiabus Oeborn to L, Webb 

Y\ov,20 5 'Am, C. W, to Eunice Goldsralth 


Apl.ia 7 HezokiaJ-i Zpujiimsz to D, Reeve 

Oct. IS 4 John V/ells to Caroline C-- 
Dec. 8 Bexijn Goldp.inlth to B, Terry 


Janyl7 3 Noeh T'-rry Merried to H D 

March PI r^ Jaii.v»B Goldnnlth t.o B. Davis 

Apl. P. A Nathnnit^l Tonplnt: to C. V-- 


Oct. 19 n Ephrair, KlJii: to Abignil H~ 
— RobiiiRon to Hally Drake 
EnocK Youn^^s to Miss Owen 
?.3 Esqr. Sr.:lth to V/<i. '>71ckhnra 

20 Joseph Moore to H, Gold-- 
Benjn 'A'ebb to 3, Terry 
Dec. 17 Osborn Horton to Sally Phi][liTps] 





f> 7 T^l^-- Urj>ns-.b Tuthlll Pcer5 74 

8 Dl«d Jonathan Teri*y 

Sept 3 8 • '^'---i. Hull GoMsnlth 

Nov.rr G Died Jpremioh He^es sgsd 25 


July 30 A Died Helliook Howel Town 

AuG.S^ G Dl«.'l Dr. C}fa":<en«VB Wife 

ri5 n Died Ga:-u??l Benjamin 

Gept.ll 7 Died Davir* aoldsr.lth Drowned 

IC 5 Dief? Dr. nen.^amin Wells 

Nov, B 7 Died a a5ild or Elijf^h Landon 13 Months 

Jany.lO 7 Died Hotty Cr.Be Luther Canes wile 

Warch 11 4 Died Jonathan OV'=;rtons Wife 

Apl. 9 5 Died Elijah Lanions Wlf^ 

May r»9 r, Died B»»njn!r!ln Helllocke Wlf^» 

LlKewiBe an ird'snt of David case 

June T.9 7 Died Recon-.v.ftnce How«»ls '.Vife 



July 11 7 T)X'i<\ Daniel Osborn Esqr. 

Gept.rn 3 Dl-!ri Gershom Bi'o\'?n of Middle Ir.lniKi 

r3 4 ^le^ Worth Gord'=;ner son of Dr. aardenrr 

Octr.lO 7 Died Polly Vail of Southold 

■^^ /> -,-l,.^ -VellE Ely's V.'ife 

Sf> S Died >4r. Joi'u Paynes V.'if« 

Nov, no D Di'-d Jsrpr-- TorrVF- V/ife 

i8on! '^ 3i'^d Jo'or; FranKs 'A'ifc 

May 6 fi Di3d JaiaeB fostt^r Drowned 

Aug. 9 '^ "•:'-^' Paucafc Ov-r:.on 7?ife of James 

Nov S5 5 DiRd William Kin,-: 

Dec. 10 G Pied V.'d. Abigail Oold^r-ith 


J«iiy.£0 f> :)i«^^ «olly Ccs- ''■■^. Of Is^rsel Cese 

F«b. PC 7 Died V/d, Vail nor^ner of baml. Vail 

March p:-! 4 Died Mary Dunstcr Ir. '-^hUd birth 

Apl. 1 Died EllRhs TutMilln V/lf« 

Mav 2 Died ThoiriRs V.apos 


Msv nf) 4 Di^d James Car.»; 

Jul-./ 17 C Died Sinfton Hedges Son of John Hedgon 

A'V-'. 4 ri Dloid Jnnos Downs likewise a a child of 

Janes Overton Jniir. 

6 7 Died Thomcs Moore of fitcrlirii^ 

?,S 3 Died frilb-rt Davis 

Sept 10 7 DlRd V.d, Fanniiit: Mothr^r of David F'en 

ir n Died ^^rs. Murry &t sterling': 

17 7 Di(*d JoshuE Blllard 

Oct. 1 7 Died Istsac Golrts:::ith v;if« 

18 3 Died Kotheiiiel aoldm.ith Juur. 
P.3 C DiPd Wd. Deborah Goldsinith 

T7 fS Died Thomas Goldrsraith 

Novr.l 3 Djfid Isscc OoldsiTilthr, Child 

Dec. 6 r Dind Jiies V.'ells 

JanylO ri Dlsd Bonjn Wooree v;ife 

July 1'^ r, T)lQr>. C.'^y.l. A. Kjr ilr.nn 

r?4 3 Difjd 'J Iras Osborn Ne,-ro 


AutJ,'"^ "^ ""l^/d Martha Tgrr;/ 

Sept. 15 7 Died Mr. John Halllock Cutchogue 

Den .rn 7 Dlftd Bet Negro Hofjieak 

Dec. 14 6 Dler! Joshua 

Jpny."C 7 Died vm, Molly \^'elli^ wiie oi" John Soils Jssa. 

Feb. 5 3 Died Capt. Elijah Landori 

7 fi Died Mr. Thos, Hampsed 

Apl.16 3 Died ^"illiar/. ITorton Tov/n 

Mny IG f5 Dlr>d Mr. GerBhotn Terry 

June 10 A Died Beiijai.iii Dsvie 

Aug. 10 F DlRd Cnpt Oran,--} Webh Stirlia^^: 

r,'S a Died Polly ?.'ooreDru,;hr,-:r of H L. i.l 

S«pt.8 F Died Mrs. LeHomedieu v if e of Cept. Nathl L Hoia-- 

1*" ri Died JoiiRtrian Mr pes 

13* G Di*d a child of Mathar,i<^l Booth 
a ohll-i of Jo'^eph Moore 
end on-^ Moiy Mooro 

10 R V'-i. Rffbf'cn Horton Ho.':i;r»ck 

n4 3 Died oi<» kr, liaauei Tuthiil 


Gf?pt.n5 A ^iod Mrs, Clenvland aiul 
R Miss Cleavlr.nd 

?7 C> Die-l Betf-ey R-^eve Cutchogue 

Oct. 1 3 Died Mrs. arlffln wife of J. G. 

Nov. ft r? Tif»(1 Ebor.i^ror Jerj;in;-',n 

Deo.r7 Died Janes Terry 

Jan. 1 4 DiedJOKeph Wlckhair. 

ri n •^If-'l ?^r. Join: '^r"!11or;k 

F«b. L Dirtd Mrs. Albertson v^ff* of IV.A 

10 ^ riir-i .T^rouiinh Topping 

Junf? 4 Dif^d Wr. Berijn,h aged SD 

Sep no 7 Dl(»d V.'ellK bllri'i v/oman 

Oct. 4 7 Dlf5d Wrr,. Dovm vs^ife of D D 

Nov, 10 '^ Di^d H<^!^:ro apiil 

:"!OLDici 5 Voung oh lid of J, Moore 

Dec, ?0 7 ■nif»d Wre., Cleavleiid Town 

r.n n Died LydJR Moor« wife of J. V 

Feb.n 7 Died a Cbild of John h'ttliiock 5 yrs, 



June ir 6 T)i«'? Harry Uov^r 

in V>. 11 .•••■1 n-^tMn^ Hnlllock of H,Nr>cK 

Aug, 31 ?! 01 ei n youn.i^ child oi Just) -as Horton 


Jan 18 ?. Dl'?ri Lucretie Goldr.mlt.h 45 yi'B, 
\rlfa of Daniel Goldncilth 

Apl, 1 r> Dlf»(i Mrn, Re^ve wlfft of Israel Re 

May '^ ^ Died Aunt. Mt'hitatjls V.'Rbn 

ri 7 Dle-i Dr. Jorhue Goldcnlth 

I3cpt,.8 f) Dlf^d Mre. V-oo'^iil vlfe of J '". a ni«»'^ Vte. Ocborn 

Dec. ir r. Died Pnobe Edvpards 

19 r Dlec? 'A'd Hudnon motlner of D H — 
1809 3 Dl«'» ?v5«hltgble Terry D of awrsHor. T< 

r3 A Died NHthPnifil Goi-inmith 

Apl.rO 7 Died Jorirthnri V'«11f. Morrieck 

Msy r? 7 D.t^d /^-or^r.e Corwin son of J, Corv.'in 

conqi'ffnoe of p. cp.r*"' whe^il 

Dec.ri 5 ni.f?d Aunt Bon.j&ir.ln wii'e of J.r-- 


Df?o. 3 3 ¥M. Ahl-^ril La>.^on '^-iff- of T^. L 



jr.* .N^ 



-. \/ .>w. **,,.* .•:^^--_ \,/ ... **,/ ■•<^--. \/ .■ 

♦ '^'*;^ v /^ V-^.^, 'i:^ -^ -^P^- /^ --^^'^ J" "^ " 


O M 


o V 
A <. 

1°. %-v^ "^/^'b' •/ 

.'t? 'i^ 




..^■^ °^ 

•'' ^0 

■ ■'■■ % -. ..^ . '^ ^ •-> 


": i^-n*.. 






o V 

.4* 4 •> " " , <>^ 




, \/ .•.^v^, *.^^^* ..;^;-. \,/ .•;^#-;, *,^^,* 

^0--^, -'-^ 






1-^' . 


c> 'o , » » A 
O, A* ' ' 

. . s .0 




o V' 


^ ■