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Full text of "Diary of Richard Cocks, cape-merchant in the English factory in Japan, 1615-1622 : with correspondence"

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The history of the English trading settlement in 
Japan in the first quarter of the seventeenth century 
is the history of a failure ; and the causes of the 
failure are not far to seek. Choosing for their dep6t 
an insignificant island in the extreme west of the 
kingdom, without even good anchorage to recom- ■ 
mend it, and at a far distance from the capital cities - 
of Miako and Yedo, with the Dutch for their neigh- 
bours and, as it proved, their rivals, the English ■ 
may be said to have courted disaster. It is true 
that Firando was a ready port for shipping coming 
from Europe ; its ruler was friendly ; and it lay in 
a convenient position from whence to open the much- 
desired trade with China. And the policy of making 
common cause with the Protestant Hollanders against 
the Spaniards and Portuguese, who had first secured 
a footing in Japan and were powerful in the neigh- 
bouring town of Nagasaki, would have been a sound 
one, had the latter remained supreme. But, when 
the English landed, the Dutch had already obtained 
privileges and had established their trade in the 
country ; and what ought to have been foreseen in- 
evitably came to pass. The Dutch were not allies ; 
they were rivals, who undersold the English in the 
market and in the end starved them out of the- 



country. Poseibly, if our countrymen had been 
allowed to maintain the branch factories which they 
started in some of the principal towns, they might 
have held their own against their rivals, in spite of 
the limited trade which Japan afforded ; but when 
their privileges were curtailed and they were res- 
tricted to Firando, their case became desperate. 

Purchas, in his Pilgrimes^ has told us the story 
of the first landing of the English and its causes. 
The present volumes give us the internal history of 
the factory. The original diaiy of Richard Cocks, 
the chief factor, once formed part of those papers of 
the East India Company, whose luckless fete it was 
to be destroyed or cast out of their home in Leaden- 
haU-street to wander through the world. Happily 
the diary escaped many perils, and now rests in the 
British Museum, where, bound in two volumes, it 
bears the numbers. Additional MSS. 31,300, 31,301. 
Unfortunately it is not complete. It runs from 
1st June, 1615, to 14th January, 1619, and from 5th 
December, 1620, to 24th March, 1622 ; but it has 
lost nothing since it left the Company's archives.' 

1 Piirt i, pp. 366, »qq. 

^ This is shown in a volume among the Beoords of the India 
Oifice, entitled "Supplement to China Matericdi. Book I. Japan" 
(press-mark : T. (b), vol. i), which contains a compilation, made 
in 1824, of all the matenal which could be gathered from the 
Company's papers relative to the Englisb trade with Japan from 
1600 to 1689. I have found this book most useful ; and some of 
the information which it gives cannot be obtained elsewhere, otring 
to the loss of original papers. RnndflU, also, in his MemoriaU of 
the Empire of Japan (Haklujt Society), 1850, has printed some 
extracts from the diary. 


I have not thought it necessary to print the whole 
of it ; but only those entries which have absolutely 
. no interest, e.g. bare memoranda of sales and pur- 
chases, have been omitted. As a supplement, to 
illustrate the diary and to fiU in the periods which 
are wanting therein, I have added in an Appendix a 
selection from the letters of Cocks and others, chiefly 
from the archives of the India Office. 

Our early connection with Japan forms perhaps 
one of the most interesting episodes in our mercantile 
history, and has a share of romance imparted to it 
by the story of the English sailor whose name is so 
intimately associated with it. William Adams, "a 
Kentish man, bom in a town called Gillingham, two 
English miles from Rochester, one mile from Chat- 
ham where the king's ships do lie",' a seafaring man 
who had served in the English navy, joined, as senior 
pilot, one of the Dutch trading fleets which sailed 
for the East in 1598. Weighing anchor in June, 
Adams and his companions encountered misfortune 
and delay on the coast of Africa, so that it was not 
till April of the next year that they reached the 
Straits of Magellan, where they were forced to pass 
the winter. Hence they made for Peru ; and after 
sundry adventures, in which the fleet was dispersed 
and the Charity, the ship wherein Adams saUed, lost 
the greater part of her crew, the latter vessel in 

1 See his letters in Rundall's MemoriaU. In the course of thiB 
Preface 1 have not thought it neceasary to retain in quotations the 
old spolliag of originals. 



company with a single coneort struck across for 
Japan. But bad fortune still waited on the unlucky 
voyagers. The consort foundered in a storm ; and 
Adams's ship with difficulty reached the shores of 
the province of Bungo, in the island of Kiushiu, in 
Japan, where she let fall her anchor on the 19th of 
April, 1600. Her crew waa reduced to four-and- 
twenty, all told ; and of these only some half-dozen 
were able to stand on their feet. Of the latter 
Adams was one, and was selected to be sent up to 
the court of ly^yasu, the femous soldier who then 
ruled Japan. 

The moment at which Adams set foot in this un- 
known land was a critical one in the history of the 
country. The duaj form of government, by mikado 
and shogun, had been in existence some four hun- 
dred years. In the twelfth century, at a time when 
Japan was torn by internal wars and dissensions, the 
military chief Yoritomo had risen to power and, over- 
throwing his enemies, had set up the military des- 
potism which, acting in the name of the powerless 
mikado, ruled the whole country. In 1192 Yori- 
tomo received from the mikado the title of Sei-i 
TaJ Shogun (Barbarian-subjugating Great (Seneral) ; 
and henceforth that title was transmitted to the de 
facto rulers, and lasted down to the revolution of 
1868. The mikado, the rightful emperor of Japan, 
became a mere cipher, living in the seclusion of his 
palace, neglected and often in poverty. 

This peculiar system has naturally perplexed 
• foreigners ; and thus it is that the mikado, or dairi, 


as he is more usually called by the early European 
I writers, is represented as the spiritual head,' while 
the shogun, or military ruler for the time being, is 
always styled the emperor. 

Two families, the Hojo and the Ashikaga, succes- 
sively held the shogunate down to the year 1573. 
The last shogun of the second house was deposed by 
Nobunaga, the son of a soldier of fortune, whose 
name, like those of his two generals and successors, 
Hid^yoshi and ly^yasu, is great in Japanese history. 
Nobunaga fell the victim of treachery ; but his place 
was promptly filled by Hid^yoshi, who at once 
crushed the rising which had overthrown his master 
and assumed the reins of government. The son of a 
peasant, he had entered Nobunaga's service as a 
groom, but, attracting notice, he was promoted to 
military service and quickly rose by his own prowess 
to high command. Often changing his name, accord- 
ing to Japanese custom, he appears in history under 
many designations. By the Portuguese Jesuits he 
is referred to as Faxiba (i.e. Hashiba); but he is " 
more generally known by his later name of Taiko . 
Sama ; and by this name he is called in these vol- 
umes. Neither he nor Nobunaga received the title 
of shc^un. The highest rank to which he attained 
was that of kuwambaku, or premier.' 

Hid^yoshi died in 1598' leaving an infant son, 
Hid^yori (the Fidaia Sama of Cocks's diary), whom 

1 Cocks calls him "the pope of Japon", L 311. 

' See below, i. 201, iL 270. 

^ Cocks notices the rumour of hia death by poinon, iL 271. 


he had married to the grand-daughter of his old 
fellow-soldier lydyaau, in the hope of thus disarming 
a dangerous rival, who was also appointed one of the 
guardians of the boy. But these precautions went 
for nothing. Even in Nobunaga's days ly^yasu was 
a powerful leader, and he had only submitted to 
Taiko Sama after some hesitation. It is true that 
be swore to protect the interests of the young Hid^- 
yori ; but many circumstances combined to stifle any 
scruples that he might have felt in supplanting his 
ward. It was whispered that the child was no son 
of Taiko Sama, and, even if he were, the nobles who 
had resented the rule of the low-bom chief, whom 
they were forced to obey, were not disposed to con- 
tinue their submission to his child. What has always 
happened in such conjunctures was sure to happen 
now. The other guaitiians of the young prince, sus- 
picious of ly^yasu, began to draw together their 
troops; ly^yasu summoned his men; and soon after, 
in October, 1600, the rival armies confronted each 
other on the field of S^kigahara, near Lake Biwa, in 
the centre of the kingdom. ly^yasu gained a 
decisive victory; his enemies were scattered with 
fearful slaughter ; and the young Hid^yori was at 
the mercy of the conqueror. To the credit of the 
latter, his captive received no harm, but continued 
to lead a life of almost perfect freedom in his strong 
castle of Ozaka. 

It was, then, only a few months before this decisive 
battle that Adams had his first interview with ly^- 
yasu, the emperor as he styles him, at Ozaka. How 


be found favour in his eyes, was taken into his con- . 
fidence, "learned him some points of geometry and 
understanding of the arts of mathematics", built him 
ships and, in fine, gained such influence that "what 
I said he would not contrary," Adams himself has 
told us in that letter which, a captive in a far-off 
land, he addressed so pathetically to his "unknown 
friends and countrymen." But when, in his yearning 
to see wife and children again, "according to con- 
science and nature", he prayed for liberty to return 
to his countiy, ly^yasu hardened his heart and . 
woiild not let him go. The most that was granted 
was leave for the Dutch captain of the ship' and 
one of the crew to depart. This they did; and it 
should be noted that it was by the help of the 
daimio of Firando, who now first appears upon the 
scene, that they found a junk wherein to sail. The 
captain was soon after killed fighting against the 
Portuguese. His companion returned and settled 
at Nagasaki, being the Melchor van Sanfort (or 
Sanvoort) whom we meet in the diary. Others of 
the crew no doubt settled in the country. One of 
them is incidentally mentioned by Cocks {i. 171). 

Adams's letter above referred to was written in 
October, 1611. It reached the English factory at Ban- 
tam probably early in 1^12 ; but the idea of opening 
trade with Japan had already been entertained in 
England. Adams's story was known there by reports 
from the Dutch ; and letters announcing the inten- 
tions of the East India Company were sent out to 
> He rejoiced iu the naino uf Quacvkccnacok. 


him by the ship Globe, whiah sailed in January, 16_ll. 
In April following, the Clove, the ThoTnas, and the 
Hector -were despatched under command of Captain 
John Saris, with letters from King James I, to the 
Emperor of Japan. Arriving at Bantam in October, 
1612, Saris remained there till the beginning of the 
new year, and then, on the 14th of January, sailed 
for Japan in the ship Clove, with a crew of some 
seventy men. On the 10th of June, off Nagasaki, 
he first sighted the western coast of Kiushiu, and 
two days after came to an anchor in the haven of 

The first to greet the English commander were 
the old daimio or tone, Foyne Sama, then in his 
seventy-second year, and his grandson, a young man 
of two-and-twenty, who shared the government. 
Both are styled kings ; and the latter is Figen a (or 
Figeno) Sama, who appears throughout Cocks's diary 
as the king of Firando. Foyne Sama seems to have 
been a simple and unaffected old man, not averse to 
merry-making, but firm, and, says Saris, "famed to 
be the worthiest soldier of all Japan, for h^ valour 
and service in the Corean wars."' Old as he was 
and good-humoured as he appeared, we see some- 
thing of the sterner side of his character m certain 

1 See Purchas kU Pilffrimet, L 369. Foyne rather astonished 
Saris by asking for a piece of poldavis, or canvas, to make his 
Bhiil ; and he seems to have appreciated English beef and pork, 
"Bod with ouions and turnips" (i6irf,, i. 369, 400). It was perhaps 
indulgence ia such luxuries that gained him the nick-name of 
" Lucullue", which occurs iu one of Wickham's letters. 


remarks of our diarist. Almost immediately after their 
arrival the English sailors began quarrelling and drew 
from him a reproof which, though gentle, was a 
sufficient hint; and we are told, at a later date, 
when his dog "Balle" was accidentally kUled by the 
English cook, that "if this had happened in the time 
of Foyne Sama, who esteemed this dog much, it 
might have cost us all our lives " (i. 248). The readi- 
ness with which he welcomed and encouraged foreign 
trade is creditable, and proves that he understood, 
at all events in some degree, the benefits which his 
small principality might derive from it. He died in 
1614, about a year after the establishment of the 
English factory. The young king had not the force 
of character of his grandfather. Though generally 
keeping on fair terms with the English, his temper 
was capricious, and he was probably too indolent not 
to be ruled by his own ministers, some of whom 
appear to have been all-powerfiil. The principal 
nobles and ministers at Firando were : Bongo Sama 
or Nobesane.Foyne's brother, and consequently great- 
uncle to Figen a Sama ; Tonomon Sama, and Genta 
or Gentero Sama, Figen a Sama's brothers, of whom 
the first acted as viceroy in the absence of the king, 
and the second resided as hostage at the shogun's 
court and was in favour there; Sangero Sama, a na- 
tural son of Foyne; Oyen Done' and Semi Dono, the 
royal secretaries ; and Taccamon Dono, the chief 
justice, "our enemy", as Cocks calls him (ii. 3). 

' This is more probably a title tbnn a name, oa another Oyen 
Dono appears as secretary to the shc^n. 


The Dutch had already been settled in Firando 
for some years. In July, 1609, their ship the Red 
Lion arrived in that port and, fiivoured by Foyne 
Sama, they succeeded in obtaining from the shogun 
leave to establish a factory and to send one or more 
ships annually from Europe. It was not, however, 
till two years after this that another small ship, the 
Brach, arrived, and two commissioners were sent up 
to pay the usual visit to the court. One of these 
was Jacob Speck,' afterwards head of the Dutch 
factory and the contemporary and rival of Cocks. 
At the court at Suruga they were met by William 
Adams, whose influence with the shogun was used 
to such good purpose that they received most favour- 
able terms for trading in the country, while two 
embassies of the Portuguese and Spaniards, which 
were present about the same time, failed to obtain 
the fuU privileges they sought.* The head of the 
Dutch fectory, when Saris landed, was Hendrik 
Brower ; and at the very first mention of his name 
by Cocks, the jealousy which was smouldering in the 
hearts of the two nations shows itself: "Captain 
Brower went along by the door but would not look 
at us, and we made as little account of him."^ 

The first business for Saris to transact was the 
hire of a house, to serve for a factory, from Captain 

I Called also Spex, or Specs, by other writers. 

* An account of the journey to court, attributed to Speck, ia 
printed in the Voiage au Japan, included in Conatantin do 
KenneTille's Recueil da Voti<yt», Kouen, 172d, torn. 7. See aliio 
Bundall's Jfemorialt. * Purckat, i, 306. 


Andafisee, " Captain of the China quarter", the 
Chinaman who appears all through the diary hy the 
name of Andrea Dittis ; his next was to prepare to' 
visit the court of ly^yasu, only waiting to be joined 
by William Adams, for whom he had sent and who 
arrived on the 29th of July. They started on their 
journey on the 7th of August, leaving Cocks to 
manage aSairs at Firando, and travelled by the same 
regular route over which Cocks was afterwards so- 
often to pass : down the inland sea to Ozaka, and 
thence by land to Suruga' where ly^yasu resided, 
and afterwards proceeding to Yedo to visit Hid^- 
tada, son of the latter and actual shogun, to whom 
his father, according to a not infrequent custom, had 
transferred the title in 1605. It is needless to re- 
peat here the interesting details of this journey, 
which are to be found in Saris's own narrative in the 
pages of Purchas. For our present purpose it is 
enough to state that the travellers returned to 
Firando on the 6th of November with ample privi- 
leges for trade.' One request was however refiised, 
viz. the right to bring into Japan and sell the goods 
of Chinese prizes which might be captured as a 
punishment for rejection of the English trade. This 
is only one of several instances that are recorded of 
ly^yasu's fairness to aU foreigners alike and of his 
refusal to mix in their quarrels. It was also under- 
stood that, on the arrival of a ship from Europe, a 

' The modem Shidiupka. 

> The expenseB of this journejr amounted to 1713 taelt 4 incu, 
or nbout .£42S. 


present was to be carried to the shogun ; and for 
trade with neighbouring countriea a goshon or 
licence was requisite for each junk that sailed. 

" Now touching a factory to be left there," says 
Saris, "I had on the twenty-sixth [of November] 
assembled my merchandizing council, where, upon 
these considerations, viz. the encouragement we 
had received in the Moluccas by private intelligence ; 
the Dutch factory already planted here in Firando ; 
the large privileges now obtained of the Emperor of 
Japan ; the certain advice of the English fectories 
settled in Siam and Patane ; the commodities rest- 
ing unsold upon our hands appointed for these parts ; 
and the hoped-for profit which further experience 
may produce, it was resolved that a factory should 
be left there, viz. eight English, three Japan jure- 
basses or interpreters, and two servants, who were 
appointed against the coming of the next ships to 
search and discover the coast of Corea, Tushmay, 
and other parts of Japan and countries thereunto 
adjoining, to see what good might be done in any of 
them."' The eight Englishmen who were thus ap- 
pointed members of the English factory^ were : 
Richard Cocks, captain and cape- (or head-) mer- 
chant, WUHam Adams, Tempest Peacock, Richard 
Wiekham, William Eaton, Walter Carwarden, Ed- 
mund Sayers, and William Nealson. 

Kichard Cocks* was probably a native of Coventry; 

> Purchat, i. 379. 

* He thus spells his natne in his earlj letters. At a later pcriud 
he wrote " Coclt" with a fluurish, whiuli would be equivalent to 


, at all events he was familiar with that city (L 172), 
: and had friends there (i. 229). His name appears 
in the charter of incorporation of the East India 
Company, 31 Dec. 1600 ; and in the earlier list of 
" names of such persons as have written with their 
own hands to venture in the pretended voyage to 
the East Indies," 22 Sept. 1599, he is described as 
a grocer and subscribes £200.* He himself tells us 
(ii. 317) that, besides being a member of "this Right 
Honourable and Right Worshipful Society or Com- 
pany which trade to the East Indies," he belonged 
to the Merchants Adventurers and was " made free 
of the old Hanse", and he was also a member of the 
Clothworkers' Company. A certain Richard Cocks 
who sailed with Frobisher in his third voyage to 
Meta Incognita, in 1578, and who was distinguished 
as "the first to sail in among the ice", was probably 
a relative.* From 1603 to 1608 he lived at Bayonne, 
no doubt as a merchant. Many news-letters written 
by him from thence are preserved in the Public 
Record Office, addressed to Sir Thomas Wilson, sec- 
retary to Lord Treasurer Salisbury. From this we 
may infer that Sir Thomas was Cocks's patron. The 
correspondence was continued when Cocks was in 
Japan ; and some of his letters which dwelt on the 
wonders of the country were sent to King James to 
read, who declared them to contain " the loudest 

"CockeB". His contemporaries aometimes coll bint Cock, but 
more generally Cooke, Cox, or Coie. 

^ Calendar of Slate Paperi, Colonial Series, Eatt India, China, 
and Japan, 1513-1616, noa. 266, 281. * Ibid., no. 98, 


lies that he had ever heard." Wilson pronounces 
the writer to be, though not lettered, a man of 
honesty, years, and judgment.* As Cocks becomes 
well known to us as we read his diary, we will leave 
him for the present. 

Of the other members of the fectory, two soon 
disappeai'ed from the scene. Tempest Peacock and 
Walter Carwarden went on a trading venture to 
Cochinchina, and, as we shall see, never returned. 
Richard Wickham appears to have been in more in- 
dependent circumstances than the rest. Even before 
Saris's departure he b^an to give trouble, as his 
time of agreement with the Company had nearly 
expired and he bargained for higher wages. He re- 
signed his place and left Japan early in 1618, and 
died soon after at Jacatra in Java, worth, it was said, 
X5,000 or £6,000. William Eaton and Edmund 
Sayers* were with the factory from first to last. The 
former is called by Cocks " my countryman", pro- 
bably meaning that they were natives of the same 
place or district. William Nealson was turbulent 
and quarrelsome, particularly when drink put him 
into his "fustian fumes". He died in March, 1620, 
" being wasted away wi£h a consumption." After 
reading of their constant bickerings, one smiles to 
find that he made Cocks his heir ; and, piously 
adds Cocks, "if God had called me in his mercy 

1 Calendar, 1617-16S1, nos. 315, 792. 

^ Incorrectly named Edward Sares iu Saris's narrative (Pvrchai, 


before Mr. Kealson, then had he had as much of 
mine" (il. 321). 

When Adams accompanied Saris to court, he had 
at length got leave from ly^yaau to visit his native 
land. Why he did not choose to sail in the Clove, 
as he at first intended, was, he himself tells us, 
because of "some discourtesies offered me by the 
general." In fact. Saris seems to have disagreed 
with him on several points, and did not treat him 
generously. But, perhaps, a better reason for his 
stay was that which Cocks gives: "that he was loth 
to return to his country a beggar" ; for, although 
ly^yasu had given him an estate of some extent, he 
was ill provided with money. And yet another and 
nobler i^ason may have influenced him. "In my 
simple judgment," he says in one of his letters, " if 
the north-west passage be ever discovered, it will be 
discovered by this way of Japan" ;' and Cocks adds, 
" Mr. Adams is of the opinion that, if ever the 
north-east or north-west passives be found out, it 
must be from these parts, and offereth his best 
services therein, the Emperor promising his best 
furtherance with men or letters of recommendation 
to all princes, and hath entrance already into an 
island called Yedzo, which is thought to be rather 
some part of the continent of Tartaria" (ii. 258). 
So Adams took service with the Company, after 
some hailing over the amount of his wages, for 

' Rundall's MemoriaU, p. 67. 


two years ;' and constantly appears in the course of 
the diary in various employments. Cocks was evi- 
dently a little airaid of him, and, while praising him 
to the Company as " tractable and willing to do 
your Worships the best service he may," he cautions 
Wickham to "have a due care to give Capt. Adams 
content, which you may easily do if you use him 
with kind speeches and fall not into terms with him 
upon any argument. I am persuaded," he adds, " I 
could live with him seven years before any extra- 
ordinary speeches should happen betwixt us." Our 
Cocks doth protest too much. Adams's friendliness 
to his old comrades the Dutch is ever a thorn in the 
side of the cape-merchant: "I cannot choose but 
note it down that both I myself and all the rest of 
our nation do see that he is much more friend to the 
Dutch than to the Englishmen, which are his own 
countrymen, God forgive him." But, in spite of 
occasional outbursts of this nature, they lived gene- 
rally on friendly terms, and there is no reason to 
doubt the sincerity of Cocks's sorrow when his com- 
rade died. 

Two others joined the factory at a later date. 
John Osterwick, of Dutch descent and a kinsman I 
of Wickham, came out in 1615 and remained to the } 
end. Richard Hudson, whom Cocks in 1617 calls a 

' His actual term of service was from 24tb November, 1613, to ■ 
24tb December, 1616. In the interval between tbe latter date 
and Lib death he was engaged, sometimes in trading on his own , 
account, BOiuetimea as agcut or interpreter to tbe English or \ 


boy, and who had lost fether and brother in the 
search for the north-west passage, was employed as 
an unattached servant at the fectory. 

Saris sailed from Japan on the 5th of December, 
1613. The merchandise which stocked the factory 
consisted chiefly of broad cloth and woollen and 
cotton piece goods; also of Bantam pepper, gun- 
powder, lead, tin, etc. Its total value was about 
£5,650. The Company was sanguine enough, on 
Saris's representation, to hope for such success in the 
Japan trade, as to be able to export silver in sufficient 
quantity to maintain their Indian trade. But Saris's 
estimate of the mercantile prospects was based on 
false premises. When he arrived, the prices of im- 
ports were extraordinarily high ; but then the Dutch 
had the market nearly all to themselves, and the 
demand for European goods was almost too limited 
to give room for competition. Steel and lead alone 
among metals, and silk among materials, sold readUy. 
Saris indeed had tried to arrange with the Dutch 
factor on a profitable price, at which both nations 
should sell their cloth ; but the latter immediately 
"shipped away great store of cloth to divers islands, . 
rating them at base prices that he might procure the 
more speedy despatch of his own, and glut the place 
before the coming of ours."' But even apart from 
Dutch competition, cloth was not a favourite article ■ 
of trade in Japan. Saris soon found that the natives 
were backward in buying, especially when they saw 
that the English themselves did not wear the ma- 

1 Pureha», i. 369. 


terial they recommended, "for, said they, you com- 
mend your cloth unto us, but you yourselves wear 
least thereof, the better sort of you wearing silken 
garments, the meaner fustians."' Cocks, too, naively 
remarks that the people of Japan are " so addicted to 
silks that they do not enter into consideration of the 
benefit of wearing cloth"(ii. 259). On the other hand, 
if cloth happened to rise in price, it at once com- 
manded a sale among the wealthy, Wickham, in one 
of his letters, noticing the disposition of the Japanese, 
especially of the better sort, to buy those commod- 
ities which are most rare and when they are dearest. 
Spanish cloth, he says, never sold better than when 
it was high in price ; when it fell, no one would look 
at it ; when it again reached a high price, it recovered 
its reputation. Again, when warlike rumours were 
afloat there was a demand for cloth, as it was used 
for cases for arms ; and so, we are told, the Japanese 
preferred good measure to fine quality. Sober colours 
were generally preferred. Venice red and flame 
colour would not sell at all in 1614. In 1620, blacks 
and reds are in fashion (ii. 311). Indian cloths sold 
not "so much for necessity as for the new and 
strange fashions and paintings thereor', the Japanese 
" being a people desiring change" (ii. 273). 

After Saris's departure, however, the English 
&ctoiy lost no time in attempting to establish trade 
in the country. At the beginning of the new year 
Wickham was sent as agent to Yedo ; Eaton was 
stationed at Ozaka ; and Sayers had a commission to 
» Pmvhae, i. 377. « Ibid., i. 407. 


the northern parts of Kiushiu and the neighbouring 
island of Tsiishlma, the first step to trade with 
Corea. In Cocks's letters to Wickham we see the 
anxiety caused hy the conn>etition of the Dutch. 
Wickham was to " sell away, although something 
under cento per cento," and not to be outstripped 
by his rivals. 

A junk was also fitted out with a cargo worth 
£750 to trade to Cochinchina, Tempest Peacock 
going in her as merchant (18th March, 1614) with 
Walter Carwarden to assist him. This venture was 
unfortunate. Peacock was killed in Cochinchina, 
treacheroxisly as it appeared, and Carwarden was 
cast away on the return voy^e. Although two 
attempts were subsequently made by Adams to 
renew intercourse, neither succeeded. Trade with 
Siam was also opened, a junk being at once bought 
and commissioned for the purpose. Adams showed 
skill and energy in fitting her for her voyage, and 
took the command in her first trip, which however 
felled, omng principally to the mutinous conduct of 
the crew. This venture was estimated at £1,400. 

But the country with which the English most 
coveted commercial relations was China; and through 
all the diary and correspondence of Cocks negotia- 
tions are always in progress. The two Chinese 
traders, Andrea Dittis, the landlord of the English 
house mentioned above, and his brother Wliaw or 
Whow, who was stationed at Nagasaki, were the 
agents through whom Cocks hoped to obtain a foot- 
ing in China, where also a third brother was supposed 


to be negotiating with the authorities to obtain the 
desired privileges ; and not inconsiderable sums were 
advanced to smooth the way. But China was then 
in a state of war and confusion, and although in 
the end, after years of waiting, Cocks was told that 
permission for trade was granted, no charter or other 
documents arrived, and, in any case, it was then, at 
the moment when the English were preparing to 
withdraw from Japan, too late to do anything. 

The English factory, then, had been established 
about two years in June, 1615, the date at which 
Cocks's diary begins. The house which had been 
hired of the China captain had been purchased and 
improved at a, cost of nearly £600. Foyne Sama 
had been dead some twelve months, and Figen a 
Sama reigned in his stead. Captain Brower bad 
disappeared from the Dutch factory to make room 
for Jacob Speck. And we are at once carried into 
the midst of native affairs. On the 2nd of June 
reports reached Firando of the total defeat of the 
young prince Hid^yori (Fidaia Sama) by lydyasu. 
As we have already seen, Hiddyori had been left in 
comparative freedom after the battle of S^kigahara. 
He had now grown to man's estate, and had the 
sympathy of a large part of the country ; and Cocks 
especially notices that the people of the southern 
parts "affect the young man more than the old." 
Bound him gathered aU who had reason to fear or 
dislike his rival ; and, when the final rupture took 
place, he had a following of 120,000 men. There 
can be little doubt that the young prince perished 


in the burning castle of Ozaka after the total de- 
feat of his troops ; but the feet that his body could 
not be found was enough to give rise to the rumour 
that he had escaped. His followers were hunted 
down and destroyed ; but that he still Uved was 
widely behoved, and that belief lasted for years and 
is frequently noticed in these pages. ApoUinario 
Franco, a Franciscan, who was present at the terrible 
scene at Ozaka, escaped to Firando and is mentioned 
early in the diary. Notwithstanding his protestant 
disUke of priests and friars, Cocks could not refuse ' 
Christian charity to one in such sore distress. We . 
meet with him once or twice again. He died at the 
stake in Omura in 1622. After the destruction of 
Ozaka the shoguns adopted the policy of detaining 
for stated periods, at court, the daimios of the seve- 
ral provinces or some members of their families. 
This ajrangement is often noticed by Cocks. 

At the end of August arrived the ship Oziander 
(or Hmeander) from England, and Captain Ralph 
CoppindaU was sent up to court with the customary 
present. In a letter written after his return to 
Firando he records the unprofitable nature of the 
trade of Japan: "either we must procure a peace- 
able trade in China, or else, as the Hollanders do, to 
trade with them perforce. And if we set foot in 
the Moluccas, this place will be a fit storehouse from 
whence we may always have men, munition, and 
victuals good store, and at reasonable rates" (ii. 271). 
These, indeed, were also the sentiments of the 
factors, and were repeated more thEUi once. 


A quarrel with the Portuguese and Spaniards at 
Nagasaki, who had seized and imprisoned two of 
their own countrymen for serving the English, is 
among the events of this year. And, however much 
they might disagree among themselves, English and 
Dutch were at one when attacking or attacked by 
the other two rival nations ; so that the capture of 
a Portuguese junk by tlie Dutch and her condemna- 
tion through Adams's influence at court as good 
prize gave unmixed satiisfaction at Firando. In con- 
nection with this capture, an interesting conversation 
between ly^yasu and Adams ts recorded (ii. 27G). 

Early in 1616 a report began to circulate that 
ly^yasu was dead. Cocka, with the caution with 
which he had learned to regaixl all Japanese news, 
rather viewed it as "a fable given out of purpose to 
see how people would take the matter" ; and he, no 
doubt, only expresses the general feeliDg when he 
adds "once the old man is subtil". In June the 
king of Fuando is reported to have visited him, 
"but was only permitted to enter into his chamber, 
where they say he lay sick in a little cabin covei-ed 
with paper"; and soon after it was known that he 
had really expired,' not however before he had had the 
satisfiu3tion of having his physician cut in pieces. 
Cocks, however, was hard of belief, and was con- 
vinced that "he will soon rise again, if any wars be 
moved against his son within these three years." 

' He 129 Boiil to liiive ilied froin the cft'ects of n wonuil received 
at the atormiDg of Ozuko. Sue TUsingb'a Annalei, ed. Klaprnth, 


This son was the ehogun Hid^tada, a man very 
different from his fether in his manner of regarding 

It was now necessary for the English to send up a 
deputation to court for a confirmation of privileges 
under the new reign ; and the ships Thomas and 
Advice arriving from England just at the time, 
Cocks got ready his presents and started at the end 
of July, in company with Adams who had just re- 
turned from Siam. The account of the journey to 
Yedo and of the audience with the shogun is very * 
interesting. But they did not obtain what they 
sought. The privileges were curtailed and the Eng- 
lish were restricted to the single port of Firando. 
In vain did Cocks petition to have this decision re- 
versed ; and, although the shogun's secretaries. Cods- 
kin Dono and Oyen Done, did not seem to be 
unfe,vourable, they declared that it was impossible 
to alter matters. Inga Dono, also, the chief justice, 
could only tell Cocks "that at present all matters 
were in other manner in Japan than in time of the 
old Emperor"; and common report declared that 
"no man dare speak to the Emperor of any matter 
they think is to bis discontent, he is bo furious, and 
no means but death and destruction" (i. 186, 187). 
In the end the English had to withdraw all their 
factors from Yedo, Miako, Sackay, and Ozaka.' 

• In the volume already referred to, entitle'l Supplement to 
China Matvriala, etc, in tlis Imliii Office, llio foUovcitig extract 
from a letter of Cocks is given as coming fi-oni " Damnged Papers ", 
u. DO. 6, which can no longer be iduutiiied :-—" I forgot to 
note downe how the Kmperours Couuoell, when they saw me 


But it was not only in this particular that things 
were changed. Hid^tada had determined to sup- 
press Christianity. Since the first arrival of the 
Portuguese Jesuits, followed by the rapid conversion 
of whole districts in the w^tern and southern parts 
of Japan, there had been no systematic attempt to 
stifle the new religion. The story told of Nobunaga, 
that, when he was ui^;ed to expel the Roman" Catholic 
missionaries, he remarked that, as there were already 
thirty-five religious sects in Japan, a thirty-sixth 
could not make much difference,^ reflects the ease 
with which Christianity made ite way in the country ; 
and the same ruler's policy of tolerating the new 
tenets, while persecuting the Buddhist faith, gave 
them time to take root and flourish. A sudden 

earnestly pursue the enlarging of uur previleges, tould rae that 
they made aooontpt it was not unknowns unto ub the order 
the Emperor of China did take for keeping Btrangera from 
entering his dominions, cloning the Spaniards and Portingales no 
port to enter into, but only Aroacau ; yt being but a littell point 
or rock of noe emportance. Unto wliioU I replied that their pre- 
vilegee were far better then onre, in respect they pay no duties 
but only a certain sum of money for ancorage of their shipps, 
neither were bound to goc to the Emperoura court with any pre- 
sent yearely, as we doe, spending more money iu going up and 
dowue then the anuorage of tlieir shipping cometli unto. An also 
the PortiugalcB of Amaoau have lyceoBO to goe yearely to the 
grcate cittie of Canton both to buy and Bell suoli commodities as 
they have, and had boates provided by the King of China to carry 
them up and downe with their goods. So that I wished the Em- 
I^rour of Japan would make our previleges equall with the Port- 
ingales at Amacau. Unto which they answered littell, but in 
Bmiliug sort passed it over." 
' Ituiidall, MevwriaU, p. 184. 


I edict of Taiko Sama, expelling the Jesuits from the 

^' kingdom, was not enforced to the utmost ; and 
lydyasu generally left them in peace, although 
■' towards the end of his reign fresh edicts of banish- 
* ment were issued and the sentence to a considerable 
, extent carried into effect. But many priests still 
^ lurked in the country ; and Cocks notices that the 
hostility shown to some of his men by the natives of 
Omura was "by means of the padres, or priests, who 
stirred them up against us to make us odious to the 
Japons, for they are all, or the most part, papistical 
Christians in Umbra, and attribute a great or chief 
occasion of banishment of them out of Japon by 
means of the English, many papists and Jesuits 
lying secretly lurking in most parts of Japon till 
this hour" (i. 139).' While Cocks was waiting in 
Yedo for the copy of the privileges he tells us that 
the Council sent "above twenty times" to question 
him about the religion of the English, and were 
hardly persuaded that Protestants were distinct 
from Koman Catholics. Even Adams, at whose 
house some Spaniards were staying, was suspected 
of harbouring priests and received warning. These 
things indicated, as the secretary Oyen Done ad- 
mitted, that the new ruler meant indeed to "utterly 

• " Au Japon se trouvaient encore treote-qiiatre membres de la 
Compagnie, tant k Nangasftki qu'en difl%reiite« provinces ; cinq 
FranciacainB, cinq ou sis DooiLDicaiDS, un Augnstin, et cinq prl- 
tres B&juliere Japonais. La plupart de oes religieui et prgtrca 
£taient oachfis i Nangaaaki." — Fag^e, I/i»t. de la Religum Chritieane 
auJtipon, 1869, p. 347. 


extinguish" the Jeauita and friars out of Japan ; 
and there was good reason to helieve that Christians 
of all sects would soon go the same way. The im- 
mediate result of this severity is seen soon after in 
the announcement, on the 22nd of May of the next 
year, of the execution of a Franciscan and a Jesuit ;^ 
and other persecutions followed afterwards. 

Before Cocks returned to Firando, he visited 
WiUiaiu Adams's estate at Phebe (Hemi)' which had 
been bestowed on hiin by ly^yaau. "There is", he 
says, describing it, "above one hundred forms or 
households upon it, besides others under them, all 
which are his vassals, and he hath power of life and 
death over them, they being his slaves, and he has 
absolute authority over them as any tono or king 
in Japou hath over his vassals." (L 181.) 

On their way back to Firando, they passed the 
site of Yoritomo's city of Kamakura, " but now at 
present it is no city, but scattered houses seated 
here and there in pleasant valleys betwixt divers 
mountains, wherein are divers pagods very sump- 
tuous, and a. nunnery of shaven women. I did 
never see such pleasant walks among pine and 

1 Fatlier J(Ao Ilaptista Machiido, Jeanit, and Pedro de rAseump- 
ciou, Fmncisciiii, wliiwe martyrdoms aro narrated by Pag^s. 

* " He was raailo an officer and given the revenues of the vUlage 
of H^mi, in S:^:rami, near the modem Yokosuka, where are situ- 
ated the dry ducks, machine-sliops, and ship-building houses in 
which the luoileru war vestiels of tlie imperial navy are built and 
launched — a fitting location, ao near the ground made clasnio by 
this exile from the greatest marine nation in the world." — Oriffis, 
The Mikaio't Empire, 1876, p. 262. 


spruce trees as there are about these pagods." 
This is the one place in all Japan whoBe natural 
beauty seems to have impressed even the matter-of- 
&ct Cocks, who could dismiss the Hakon6 Pass 
with ita fine lake and scenery in the one sentence, 
" Haconey on the top of the mountain, where the 
great pond with the devU is, as they report." 

The altered state of feelings at Yedo began soon 
to be reflected at Firando. At the beginning of the 
new year the king showed a disposition to meddle 
in the affairs of the English trade and betrayed ill- 
humour in several small matters; and soon there 
were rumours that both English and Dutch would 
have to shift to other quarters. These disagree- 
ments drew a formal remonstrance &om Cocks, 
who, " entering into consideration of the small 
respect this king of Firando hath of us in compari- 
son of that which he had at our first entrance into 
Japon", expressed his discontent in a " large 
letter" ; which, however, was received " in good 
part", and a friendly juessage returned. But, after 
this, things never went quite so smoothly as before. 

Other troubles also began to close in on the Eng- 
lish. Their relations with the Dutch were gradually 
becoming more and more estranged, untU their dif- 
ferences culminated in open rupture. In 1617 
rumours reached Firando of Dutch outrages on the 
English in Puloway, which tended to increase the 
coolness so rapidly growing between the members 
of the English and Dutch factories, who, as the 
Japanese observed, were friends, " but from tooth 


outwardB." The frequent piiacies of the Dutch 
upon the Chinese are reflected on by Cocks, who 
also accuses them of gross cruelty to their prisoners. 
An aggravation of these crimes was the fact that 
they were committed, if not under the English flag, 
at least under the English name, the Dutch giving 
out that they were English. Their success in this 
form of deception is illustrated hy an entry in the 
diary : " These Chinas in the junk [just captured] 
will not be persuaded but that they are Englishmen 
which took them.'" It was, then, with only an out- 
ward show of friendship that the two nations carried 
on their trade in Firando. 

In August of this year the Advice arrived from 
Bantam, and about the same time Adams returned 
from a voyage to Cochinchina. Another journey to 
court immediately followed ; and this time no 
farther than Fushimi, near Miako, whither the 
shogun had come to visit the mikado. A renewed 
attempt, however, on the part of Cocks, to obtain 
an extension of the privileges, the principal object 

1 Saiis mftkeB rat intereating remark oa this practicd of the 
Dutch : — " Before our coming tbey passed generally by' the name 
of Englishmen, for our English nation hath been long koon'n by 
report among them, but much scandaUed by the Fortugals Jesuits 
(13 pirates and rovers upon the seas ; so that the naturals have 
a song which they call the English Crufonia, shewing how the 
English do take the Spanish ships, which they (singing) do act 
likewise in gesture with their cattans by their sides, with which 
song and acting tbey terrify and scare their children, as the French 
sometimes did theirs with the name of the Lord Talbot." — Purckas, 


of the journey, failed altogether. At first, indeed, 
the right to trade in Nagasaki was added ; hut, in an 
evil hour, one of the councillors took exception, and 
this concession was cancelled. An answer was re- 
fiised to a letter of James I., which was now pre- 
sented, on the ground that it was addressed to the 
dead shogun ly^yasu and that it was held " omi- 
nous amongst the Japana to answer to dead men's 
letters." In the end, poor Cocks was, aa he said, 
put to " Hodgson's choice", and had to take what 
privileges he could, or none at all " So we got out 
our goshons, but the privileges as they were the 
last year. Worry I worry 1 worry I" In fiict, the 
Japanese themselves saw the advantages to be de- 
rived from trade, and the shogun very naturally 
" would have his own vassals to get the benefit to 
bring up merchandise rather than strangers." The 
result was that a company of native merchants ap- 
peared in the market and formed, if we may judge 
by Cocks's account of them, what would now be 
called a ring. 

It was on the occasion of this visit to court that 
Cocks and his fellow-travellers came in contact with 
a Corean embassy, to which he refers several times. 
The object of their mission, we are told, was to pay 
a visit of ceremony to the sepulchre of Iy6yasu, and 
to congratulate the new shogun upon his peaceful 

Nothing eventful occurred at the factory in the 
early part of 1618. During a visit to Nagasaki in 
February and March, Cocks makes several interest- 


ing references to the Christians whom he met among 
the natives; and on his arrival at this half- 
Christianised town, the Chinese junts, which were 
dressed with flags in his honour, flew the cross of 
St. GeoTge among the rest. Before Foyne's death 
at Firando, tlie English had been compelled to haiJ 
down their flag on account of the ('hristian sTmbo! 
that it bore. Meanwhile, however, on the north of 
Kiushiu bloody persecutions were being carried on ; 
and a Httle later is recorded the news of the cruci- 
fixion of some thirty-seven men and women in 
Kokura. Disquieting rumours were also afloat of a 
confederacy of the southern daimlos against the 

Soon, however, occurred an event which con- 
cerned the English more nearly than the political 
state of Japan. On the 8th of August, to their 
intense indignation, a Dutch ship arrived at Firando 
bringing in, as prize, the English ship Attendance, 
which had been captured In the Moluccas. To do 
him justice, the Dutch factor Speck seems to have 
regretted the action and ofiered to restore her, but 
not, as Cocks remarks, before there had been time 
to empty her. An immediate journey to court 
naturally followed, in order to put in a written 
protest against this proceeding of the Dutch. But 
Cocks was told " that for facts committed in other 
places the emperor would not meddle with it", so 
that, but for the easing of his conscience afforded 
by the deUvery of his protest, and the pleasure of 
some sight-seeing, he might as well have remained 
at Firando. 

For nearly the whole of the year 1619 and 1620 
the diary is wanting ; and during the early parC of 
this period the Dutch were masters of the sea, and 
the English in Japan were completely isolated. 
But, in order to maintain their interests in the 
East, the English Company had already, in 1617, 
despatched a fleet of five ships under command of 
Captain Martin Pring. He reached Bantam in the 
middle of 1618, and, sailing thence to Jacatra, had 
news of the Dutch attack on the English in the 
Moluccas. He was soon after joined at Bantam by 
a reinforcement of six large ships under Sir Thomas 
Dale, who assumed the command of the combined 
fleet. After some skirmishing, the English retired 
to India to refit ; and there Dale died. Pring then 
again sailed eastward ; but, finding himself out- 
numbered by the Dutch, he was on the point, early 
in 1620, of dividing his forces and himself sailing 
for Japan, when he received news of the union of 
the English and Dutch Companies. Thus relieved 
from fear of attack, be proceeded on his voyage and 
reached Firando in safety. 

How the English £ired in Firando during these 
two years we learn firom Cocks's letters to the Com- 
pany.* In the determined attack which the Dutch 
made on the English factory there can be little 
doubt that, had not the Japanese protected them, 
our countrymen would have feUen victims to the 
Hollanders, who, " by sound of trumpet aboard all 

' The lettei' printed is PurcAtu, I 41], is, bj a printer's error, 
dated 1610, instead of 1620. 


their ships in the harbour of Firando, proclaimed 
open wars against our English nation, both by sea 
and land, with fire and sword, to take our ships and 
goods and destroy our persona to the uttermost of 
their power, as to their mortal enemies." But in 
the midst of these troubles there was a gleam of 
light in trade prospects, for the shogun was at last 
induced, early in 1620, to allow Nagasaki to be in- 
cluded in the English privileges. The advantages 
of that port, with its fine harbour, over the poor 
"fisher town" of Firando, with its bad anchorage, 
are duly set forth by Cocks ; and we learn, at the 
same time, the reasons why the larger town was not 
selected at first, " which heretofore was not thought 
fit, because then a papist Portingale bishop Uved in the 
town, and there was ten or twelve parish churches, 
besides monasteries." But now all was changed ; 
churches and monasteries had been levelled with 
the earth, and even graveyards uprooted and " all 
the dead men's bones taken out of the ground and 
cast forth." The news of the union of the two 
companies will account for the English still remain- 
ing in their old quarters in Firando, to keep near 
the Dutch, instead of migrating to Nagasaki. "J 

Death had also in this interval brought misfor- 
tunes to the English factory. The first loss was 
that of Whaw, the Chinaman, upon whom Cocks so 
much relied to obtain privileges for the China trade. 
Then Nealson died in March, 1620. And, last of all, 
" our good friend Captain WUHara Adams, who 
was so long before us in Japon, departed out of this 


world the 16th of May last." If for no other reason, 
we must on Adams's account deplore the loss of 
Cocks's diary for this period, which would un- 
doubtedly have contained some details of his last 
illness and death. It is also to be regretted that 
we do not find more personal details about Adams 
in the portions of the diary which have survived ; 
but he was so often absent on trading voyages and 
other business that Cocks must be excused if he 
teUs us no more than he does. As already noticed, 
the cape-merchant held him in some awe, and, if we 
may believe the diary, Adams was inclined to be 
somewhat hasty in temper. On the other hand, he 
did the Company good wid faithful service, and, to 
judge by small things, the reader wUl not fail to 
notice the patience with which he waited, time 
after time, on the dilatory pleasure of court officials, 
in the interest of the English. His influence with 
the shoguns is more than once referred to. "The 
Emperor [ly^yasu]," writes Cocks in 1616, " es- 
teemeth him much, and he may go and speak with 
him at all times, when kings and princes are kept 
out"; and again, in 1620 : " I cannot but be sorrow- 
ful for the loss of such a man as Captain WUliam 
Adams was, he having been in such favour with 
two Emperors of Japou as never was any Christian 
in these parts of the world, and might freely have 
entered and had speech with the Emperors, when 
many Japon kings stood without and coidd not be 
permitted." Adams had a wife and daughter . 
living in England. He also had a son and daughter 


in Japan.' To all of these he left his property in 
equal shares. References are several times made to 
the disposal of his goods and to the transmission of 
money to England, as well as to difficulties arising 
from the disposition of certain goshons or trading 
licences belonging to his children in Japan.* 

' Cocks mentioDS another child a.t Firando. 

^ Adama left a will, drawn up apparentl; in duplicate, in Engliab 
and Japanese. It was formerly preserved in the archives of the 
East India Company. In the MS. volume, T, (b), vol i. SuppU- 
tnent to China Materials, the English document is referred to aa 
being among the " Collection of wills", and the Japanese veraion 
as among " Foreign papers". In 18S0, Mr. Ruadall appears to 
have seen the Japanese, but not the English, version, for he states 
that "the will of William Adams, in Japanese, is preserved among 
the records of the Honourable the East India Compan/', but that 
" a translation has not been traced" (Memorials of Ike Empitv of 
Japon, p. 87). |He also quotes the Inventory of the Estato of 
Capt. William Adams, showing that the value of the property was 
about £500. I regret to say that these documents cannot now 
be found in the India Office, although, by the kiudness of Mr. C. C. 
Prinsep, I have bad every assistance in making a search. 

Mr. GriflBs, in The Mikado's Empire, 187S, p. 262, gives the 
following interesting particulars respecting Adams and his last 
resting-place:—" Will Adama had a son and daughter bom to him 
in Japan, and there are still living Japanese who claim descent 
from him. One of the streets of Yedo was named after htm 
Anjin Ch6 (Pilot Street), and the people of that street still hold 
an annual celebration on the 16th of June in hia honor, one of 
which I attended in 1873. When Adams died, he, and afterwards 
his Japanese wife, were buried on the summit of one of the lovely 
hills overlooking the Bay of Yodo, Goldsborough Inlet, and the 
surrounding beautiful and classic landscape. Adams chose the 
spot himself. The people of Yedo erected memorial -stone lanterns 
at his tomb. Parry's fleet-, in 1854, anchored within the very 
shadow of the Englishman's sepulchre. In May, 1872, Mr. Wal- 
ter, of Yokohama, after a study of Hildretb and some search, 


The result in Japan of the union of the English 
and Dutch Companies was, as we haye seen, that 
the English factory remained at Firando instead of 
removing to the far more commodious town of 
Nagasaki. A combined fleet of English and Dutch 
ships, sailing under the modest name of the Fleet of 
Defence, was equipped for the purpose of en- 
damaging the common enemy and of diverting the 
trade of China from the Philippine Islands to the 
Dutch and English settlements ; in other words, to 
blockade the Spanish and Portuguese ports and 
seize as many of the Chinese trading junks as pos- 
sible. In the two expeditions to the Philippines 
undertaken by the fleet before the English and 
Dutch again separated, they captured many 
prizes ; and the Dutch are said to have treated 
their Chinese prisoners with great cruelty, while 
their new allies interfered to protect these unfor- 
tunate people. All the time, however, that the 
English were thus engaged at sea, peaceful negotia- 
tions were still being carried on by Cocks for esta- 
blishing trade with China, though it is not sur- 
prising that " our joining with the Hollanders to 
take China junks is ill thought of" 

In 1621 the English at Firando, apparently with 
the idea that trade was now going to flourish, built 

discovered the tomb wbtoh otbera had sought for in vain. Two 
neat Btooe shafts in the characteristic style of native monumental 
architecture, get on a stone pediment, mark the spot I visited 
it, in company of the bonze in churgc of the Shin shin temple of 
the village, in July, 1873." 



a new warehouse and wharves, and undertook other 
works on a large scale. But it was impossible that 
their relations with the Dutch could be cordial ; and 
dissensions soon broke out. There was ill blood 
between the sailors of the two nations. In the 
Philippines they could scarcely be restrained from 
fighting ; and when, at the end of June, the fleet 
returned to Firando and the crews got ashore, they 
at once came to blows, and a Dutchman was killed. 
Then followed the trial and execution of the Eng- 
lish sailor who had killed him ; and the temper in 
which his shipmates regarded his condemnation may 
be judged from the fact that " Captain Robert 
Adams was forced to put the rope about his neck 
with his own hands." And it was not only witli 
the English that the Dutch sailors quarrelled. They 
were drunken and riotous and " brabbled" in the 
streets, till at last the long-suffering Japanese lost 
patience and seizing two of them summarily cut off 
their heads. The English, too, demanded a victim. 
A Dutchman, who had stabbed an Englishman, was 
condemned and executed by his own countrymen in 
a novel fashion, " they having first made the man so 
drunk that he could scarce stand on his legs, and 
so cut off his head within their own house." As to 
the crews of the English shipping, they were 
perhaps only a degree less turbulent ; to maintain 
discipline and set an example, four runaways were 
condemned and hanged. 

In 1620 the English ship, Elizabeth, cruising off 
the Island of Formosa, captured a Japanese vessel 


on her way from the Philippines to Japan. On 
board were found two priests, who, in the end, 
proved to be Pedro de Zufliga, an Augustinian, and 
Luis Floras, a Dominican. They long denied their 
names ; and we find many references in the diary to 
their examination at Firando. f'lt was an object to 
the English and Dutch to convict them, as, in Such 
case, the ship became good prize. ^In the end, 
these two unfortunate men, together with the 
Japanese captain of the vessel, were, in 1622, put to 
death by the hornble torture of slow fire, and the 
crew were beheaded ;^ so that we cannot much regret 
that the captors were baulked of their prize. With 
grim humour the shogun appropriated the cargo for 
himself, " leaving the rotten hull for us and the 
Hollanders." So, much against their will, the factors 
had to deliver over the prize goods, after a Uttle 
hesitation, which, however, they saw it was useless 
to persist in, when Cocks was told that "they 
would take it whether we would or no, and that, if 
we had not absolutely proved the PortingaUs to be 
padres, the Emperor meant to have put Captain 
Leonard Camps and me to death and to have seized 
on all we had in the country ; and, if any resistance 
had been made, to have burned all our shipping and 
■ put us all to the sword" (ii. 335). 

At the end of 1621 Cocks set out on the last 
visit to the court at Yedo recorded in his diary, the 
English and their Dutch allies now going in one 

' See an account of their martyrdoiu in Pagt-B, Ilitt. de la Re- 
ligion Chrititnne an Japon, pp. 498, iqq. 


company. Speck was no longer at the head of the 
Dutch factory. He had left. Japan in the previous 
October ; his successor being Leonard Camps, who 
waa now Cocks'e travelling companion. After de- 
livering the customary presents, and aft^r the usual 
long delay in getting leave to depart, they were 
dismissed without the shogun's return gifts, which 
were not ready, " which truly is the greatest wrong 
or indignity that ever hitherto was offered to any 
Christians." It is almost unnecessary to add that 
Cocks and Camps quarrelled. The diary ends on 
the 24th of- March, 1622, in the middle of the 
journey hack to Firando ; and in the last entry 
Cocks tells us how the Hollanders slipped away 
from him. No phrase could better express the 
whole course of the dealings of the Dutch with the 
English in Japan. 

The rest of the story of the English factory is 
soon told. The Council of Defence of the East 
India Company at Batavia had some time before 
determined to reduce it to small dimensions. In 
his letter of the 7th September, 1622, Cocks records 
the receipt of orders " to leave oif our consortsbip 
of the Fleet of Defence with the Hollanders, and to 
send our five ships for Jaccatra with as much speed 
as conveniently we could" ; all money and mer- 
chandise was to be withdrawn, except a small 
"eargezon" or stock worth 5,000 taels, to be left in 
charge of Osterwick and a couple of assistants ; and 
Cocks, Eaton, and Sayers were to " come along in 
the said ships for Jaccatra, for lessening charges in 


the factory." All which directions the cape-mer- 
chant piously assured the Company should be fol- 
lowed " as near as we can"; but nevertheless stayed 
where he was. The difficulty, however, of getting 
payment of outstanding debts was at least some 
excuse ; and he still fondly clung to the hopes of 
the China trade. 

While the English were thus yielding ground, 
their Dutch rivals were more energetic than ever. 
They had failed in an attempt to surprise Macao ; 
but had forcibly established themselves in the Pes- 
cadore Islands, and they stiU persisted in their old 
offence of passing for Englishmen. It was only a 
few months later that the Amboyna massacre was 

At last, at a consultation of the Council at Batavia 
on the 25th of April, 1623, the dissolution of the 
English factory in Japan was formally decided. 
Cap^n Joseph Cockram was despatched in the ship 
Bull, invested with full powers. It was, however, 
left to his discretion to allow two juniors to remain 
to collect debts, if there were any prospect of reco- 
very. He arrived at Firando in July, bearing a 
letter, dated 22nd May, from the Council, directing 
all the members of the factory "to come away I'rom 
thence upon the ship Bull for Batavia ; hereby 
charging you and every of you to fulfil our said 
order, as you will answer the contrary at your 
perils." Cocks is ordered to get in all the debts he 
can ; and he is blamed in severe terms for the loss 
of the "great sums" which he had advanced for the 


China trade : " The China Nocheda' hath too long 
deluded you, through your own Bimplicity, to give 
credit unto him. You have lived long enough in 
those parts to be better experienced of the fraudu- 
lent practices of those people." The English build- 
ings at Firando are to be handed over to the king, 
to hold in trust " until such time as we shall send 
thither again to repossess the same." And so, after 
some other orders, the letter concludes with a 
caustic admonition that, " because last year, to serve 
your own turn, you made what construction you 
] ' -ascd of our commission for your coming from 
thence, we do now iterate our commission in the 
conclusion of our letter, lest, having read it in the 
former part thereof, you should forget it before you 
come to the end." 

Preparations for departure were at once made ; the 
ostensible reasons given to the king of Firando 
being the loss of ships and the bad prospects of the 
China trade, and not "out of any unkind usa^ 
here in his Majesty's [the sheen's] dominions." 
But, anxious as they now were to sh^e themselves 
free of Japan, the factors were still obliged to send 
up one of their number, Richard Hudson, to deliver 
the customary present to the shogun ; so that it 
was not till nearly the end of the year that they 
were ready to quit Firando. 

On the 16th of December, in consultation, it was 

' I.e., Aadrea Dittia. This word ie also written ia other 
letters "Noltada" and "Nakaudu"; and appears to be the Japanese 
word Nokodo, a go-between or agent. 



determined to leave no one behind to collect debts ; 
but the Dutch factor was empowered to receive any 
sums that might come in. The amoimt owing to 
the factory was 12,821 taels, about X3,200, out of 
which Dittis was answerable for 6,636 taels, or 
£1,659. The following abstract' of a lost portion of 
Cocks's diary gives us particulars of the last days 
spent by the English in Japan : — 

Ahstraet " Coppie of some passages at our leaving Jappan and 
distolving ye Eiiglish Factory at Ferando in ye yeare 
1623. Taken out of Mr. Richakd Cock his Joumall ; 
who was Chie/e these eleven or 12 yeares." 

December 19, — Tonomon Samme paid 100 Tale on account 
of Ma debt of 500 Taies. 

December 20. — Prepaied in the Japanese language the 
accounts of the noblemen indebted to the factory, in order 
that the parties might sign them as an acknowledgment of 
the debt to Ije left with the Dutch chief for recovery ; a 
power of attorney for that piu^se, also in Japanese, being 
signed by all the factors and delivered to him. Copies of 
these several writings were also prepared for the king. 

On the 22nd these writings were delivered to the Dutch 
chief, Capt. Newrode ; and the copies sent to the king. The 
factors " had much adoe with Tonomon Sama, Semidono, Tac- 

camondono, and others, to give us their bills and, 

when they didd itt, put in what they list." 

On the 21st and 22nd sundry small presents in money 
were given to the Japanese servants and others, few exceed- 
ing two or three Tale. 

On the 22nd many of the townsmen came with their 

> India Office. iiS.T:.{h.),y6i.i.SuppltmetaioC!UnaMaterial$, 
p. 428. The abstract is referred to " Books received from India, 
no. 10-29." 


xlii PREFACE. 

wives and families to take leave of the factors, some weeping 
at their departure. 

On the 23rd the factors went on board the ship BiUl, in- 
tending to set sail; but, the Dutch and many of their 
Japanese friends coming on board with banquets, they post- 
poned their departure ; and, there not being room in the ship 
to serve up the presents of their friends, more than one 
hundred being on board, they landed at Cochl Afterwards 
Messra Cock and Osterwicke proposed, as a return to their 
friends, to leave 50 Tales as a banquet for them all ; but the 
other factors would not agree to it. 

On the 24th, at noon, they set saQ for Batavia. Tlie 
same night in a storm the Bidl sprung a leak, and was found 
to make six inches of water every half-hour. . 

The Bull reached Batavia on the 27th of January, 
1624. And now poor Cocks was indeed in trouble. 
In theu" letter of the 24th February to the East 
India Company the Council of Defence accuse him of 
culpable carelessness; that he neither kept the ac- 
counts himself nor appointed others to do so ; that 
he disobeyed orders in not leaving Japan the year 
before ; that he made a desperate debt of 5,000 taels 
with the China captain ; and that he had brought a 
store of trash and lumber &om Japan. No consulta- 
tions had been kept, nor decorum nor order ob- 
served. They were tempted to deal severely with 
him and send him home as a malefactor ; but, having 
consideration for his age and position, and allowing 
for his bad health and testy and wayward disposi- 
tion, and being also persuaded that harsh treatment 
might shorten his life, they left him to be dealt with 
by the Company, only ordering his goods to be seized 


PREFACE. xliii 

on his arrival in England.' Thus, in disgrace and 
broken in health, Cocks went on board the Ann 
Royal, and on the 24th of February sailed for Eng- 
land. But he was not to see his country again. A 
month later, on the 27th of March, he died at sea, 
and was buried " under a discharge of ordnance." 

No doubt many of the charges brought against 
Cocks were true. Traces of confusion in his money 
accounts are to be found in his diary ; and he was 
too easy-going for the position of head of a factory 
■which had so many obstacles in the way of its de- 
velopment. There can be no question of his want 
of firmness. His many quarrels with companions 
and subordinates, and the somewhat helpless way in 
which he records them, afford sufficient indications 
of this failing. But he was perfectly honest; he 
died poor; and his very weaknesses render him a 
not unamusing diarist. This last qualification makes 
us his friend ; and we cannot accompany him through 
these pages without feeling good will towards him. 
We note his quaint phrases ; his sharp eye for "trix" 
and "legerdemayne" of enemies, or for the " playing 
the gemeny" of doubtful friends ; how this man is 
angry and " takes pepper in the nose", while another 
loses temper and takes a proposal " in snuff", and a 
third in a rage "falls into terms"; and we see him 
reduced to " Hodgson's choice" long before he ought 
to be, if Cambridge Hobson gave his name to the 

' See the Calendar of Colonial State Papert, 1622-1G24, no. 



proverb.' He had a taate for planting and garden- 
ing ; he grew the first potatoes in Japan ; " forget 
not my pigeons and fishes" is an injunction in one of 
his letters, when away from home ; his gold fish, 
presents from China, were dearly prized and not 
willingly given away to the great men in Firando 
who coveted them — all these are pleasant traits. 
Nor was he, though "unlettered" and a little un- 
steady when he quoted Latin, without some taste 
for books. He had a Turkish History^ and a St. Au- 
guslyn Citty of Go<P to lend a friend (i. 118); and he 
received a present of an English book of Essaies 
(i. 230). But we need not assume that he had read 
Chaucer because he calls a long rambling statement 
a Canterbury TaJe (i. 282). 

His property was only worth 1,500 reals, about 
£300 ; but, in accordance with the advice of the 
Council of Defence quoted above, it was seized on 
the arrival of the Ann Royal in England. We 
learn fcom the minutes of the East India Company 
that a petition was afterwards presented respecting 
Cocks's small estate: — 

"2Uh Nov. 1026. —Mr. Cox, brother unto Capt. Cox that 
dyed homewarde boimd in the Anrie, presented liimselfe in 

' I would also draw atteution to a curious ezpressiun (il 293): 
"Comend me to all our frendes, both hees and howa". Can tliia 
form of «A« be a survival of Anglo-Saxon Aei ? 

* Probably 7Tte Mahumetane or Turkish HiHorit, by Balph Carr, 

* St. Augustine, of the Citie of God. With the learned comment* 
of Jo. Lod. Vivet. Engliiihed by J. H. 1610. 



Court, and desired by peticion the favor of the Comp. 
concerning his brother's estate, to whom the Court related the 
debaust carriage of his brother and the evill service per- 
formed by him at Japan, where he had lived long contrarie 
to the Companies mind and had expended 40,000 pounds, 
never returning anything to the Comp. hut consuming what- 
soever came to his hands in wastfoU unnecessarie expences ; 
nay, for 3 yeares togeather refused to come away when by 
espresse order from the Comp. he was called thence ; in- 
soemuch that at last the President and Councell [of Eatavia] 
were inforced to send for him with a ship sent purposelie. 
And for his estate he had at the time of his death, the 
Court told him, it was very little or none at all, and, if any, 
yett not sufficient to answer the Comp. what he ought them, 
haveing confessed upon foote of his accompt at Jaccatra that 
he was indebted to the Companie £900. 

" Mr. Cox was sorry to heare this report of his brother and 
desired the Court to deale favorably with him. In the end 
the Court wished him to informe himself concerning the 
truth of these things from those that are come home ; and, 
because the Comp. at presente have no leisure to examine 
his proceedii^s, they therefore willed Mr. Cox to retume 
home and leave the buisnes to Mr. Woodward to effect yt 
one bis behalfa"^ 

In the end, the money was paid over by the Com- 
pany to Cocks's relatives. 

Scarcely anything was ever recovered from the 
debts owing to the Company in Japan. The CouncU 
at Batavia, writing home on the 6th February, 1626, 
announce that the Dutch factor at Firando had in- 
formed them of ph.e death of the Chinaman, Andrea 
Dittis, who had left only a small estate to satisfy his 
creditors, out of which the Company was to receive 

1 India Offline. Court Minute Boolct, vol. ii, f. 203. 


xlvi PEEFACE. 

its share. All other debts were bad, and no return 
was to be expected but by mere accident. 

Thus was severed our connection with Japan, not 
to be re-united untU our own day. But the re-occu- 
pation of our factory was often proposed and more 
than once attempted. Even when writing their 
letter just referred to, the Council at Batavia spoke 
of it. Again in 1627 they proposed it. In 1633 a 
freeman of the Company, named Smithwick, again 
raised the question ; and again in 1635 it was de- 
bated. In 1658 the Company actually fitted three 
ships to re-open the trade, but the lateness of the 
season and the prospect of a Dutch war caused them 
to abandon the expedition. In 1664 the Company 
a^in seriously thought of the undertaking and 
wrote to Bantam for information respecting the late 
settlement at Firando ; and it is remarkable that so 
soon after our retirement so little was remembered. 
The reply was that "in this factory here is not the 
least remembrance of your servants acting in Japan 
formerly; only your agent hath procured a jomall of 
a voyage made thither in 1615; but it mentions 
only the acting of the mariner, nothing of the 
fector.'" In 1668 a committee was appointed to con- 
sider how trade could be re-opened, and in the next 
year enquiries were again addressed to Bantam. 
From thence was announced a rumour that the 
Dutch had tried to purchase the English buildings 
at Firando, but were refused by the daimio, who was 
in expectation of our return ! In 1670 the ship 

' India Office. Original Corretpondence, vol. xxviJi, no. 3041. 


PREFACE. xlvii 

Advance was sent out to Bantam, to be used in re- 
opening trade, if thought convenient ; but she was 
despatched to Persia. But in 1671 two ships, the 
Crown and Bantam, were actually commissioned to 
make a voyage from Bantam to Taiwan and thence 
to Nagasaki ; the supercargoes receiving instruc- 
tions to find out where the English formerly resided 
at Firando and why they were removed. These 
vessels were lost. The same year the agent at Ban- 
tam reported that "there are some Scotch, Irish, etc., 
there [at Firando], although wee know not by what 
occasion there", an Interesting remark, probably re- 
ferring to descendants of the old settlers. At last 
the matter was seriously taken in hand, and ships 
were despatched from England in 1672 with a letter 
from Charles II to the emperor of Japan, every care 
being taken to escape the attention of the Dutch. 
Those wary traders, however, did not fail to discover 
the English designs ; so that, when at length the 
ship Return arrived at Nagasaki on the 29th of June, 
1673, it was found that her coming was espected. 
The crew were well treated and allowed provisions 
while a message was despatched to the shogun; but 
the new-comers were closely watched and sharply 
questioned about their religion. Again, as in Cocks's 
days, the cross of St. George in the English flag 
gave trouble. It is interesting to find it noticed 
that one of his old interpreters was stUl living. At 
last, on the 28th of July, the shogun's decision was 
announced. The Dutch had taken care to inform the 
Japanese of Charles's marriage with a princess of 


zlviii PREFACE. 

the Roman Catholic family of Portugal ; and the 
shogun reftised to accept the friendship of one who 
had allied himself with a daughter of the enemies of 
Japan. So the Retui~n sailed away on the 28th of 
August ; and, after this, only indirect attempts to 
open negotiations by the mediation of the princes 
of Bantam, Amoy, Taiwan, Tonquin, and Siam were 
made in 1681 and 1683.' 

The social relations of the English with their 
Japanese neighbours were on the whole friendly. 
Periodical exchanges of presents and courtesies were 
the rule, although an occasional quarrel or street 
row was only to be expected where so many ele- 
ments of turbulence were present in drunken sailors 
and iactory-men. The domestic arrangements of 
the English are patent enough in the pages of the 
diary, and appear to have given no offence to the 
natives. Only on one occasion do we read of "rhymes 
cast abroad and sung up and down" against the 
native women at the English factory ; which, more- 
over, Cocks attributed to the insi-igation of the 
Dutch, "songs having been made against them to 
like effect before, but not against us." They were 
even allowed to hold slaves, although they were 
afterwards forbidden to export them. They also 
appear to have kept on good terms with the princes 
of the neighbouring provinces; the daimio of Sat- 

1 PartioularB relating to the different proposals and attempts to 
re-open trade with Japan are collected in the MS. Suppltment to 
China Materiah, already referred to. 


PREFACE. xlix 

suma being specially noticed for his friendliness. 
The Dutch, on the other hand, were not so concilia- 
tory; and we have seen that the natives of Firando 
sided with the EngUsh against them, when they 
attacked the English factory. But they were richer 
and could afford handsomer presents ; and thus had 
always friends at court. 

Many of the notices of native customs are 
interesting. The reader will at once remark several 
instances of the Japanese severity in punishing 
offences which our modem code regards as com- 
paratively trivial. Death was the penalty for the 
most petty theft. Cocks tells us of a boy of 
sixteen who was cut in pieces with great cruelty 
for stealing a little boat and taking it to another 
island; and again, of a man who was "roasted 
to death, running round about a post, fire being 
made about him", the offence being also theft of 
a "small bark of little or no value" (i. 291). A 
curious form of degradation is mentioned in con- 
nection with an execution on a certain occasion, when 
the brother of a criminal " had the lock of his hair 
cut off by the hangman with the same cattan which 
cut his brother in pieces" {i. 156). The difference in 
European and Japanese ideas of justice was well 
exemplified when the Dutch factor, complaining of 
an assault on one of his countrymen, demanded that 
"the parties which offered the abuse might be 
brought to the place where they did it and be beaten 
with cudgels. At which the king smiled and said 
it could not be, but, if he would .have them cut in 
pieces, he would do it." e 


The custom of suicide of friends and retainere at 
the funeral of a great man is referred to more than 
once. Saris mentions the mint-master of ly^yasu 
as "one that hath vowed that, whensoever the 
Emperor shall die, he wiU cut his own guts and die 
with him."' No doubt he was one of the two nobles 
who "killed themselves to accompany Ogosho Sama 
in another world, as they think", and whose monu- 
ment Cocks saw at Yedo in 1618. In his letter of 
10th December, 1614, Cocks also reports that, at the 
death of old Foyne Sama, "Ushian Dono, his gover- 
nor, and two other servants, cut their bellies to bear 
him company";' and in the curious account of the 
funeral of Foyne's brother, in 1621, we are told that 
"one hose or priest hanged himself in a tree hard by 

the place of funeral for hoses may not cut 

their bellies, but hang themselves they may". Some 
of the dead man's servants too were only restrained 
from self-sacrifice by the king's orders; and "many 
others, his friends, cut off the two foremost joints of 
their little fingers and threw them into the fire to 
be burned with the corpse" (ii. 202). 

The practice of hara-kiri, or self destruction to 
avoid disgrace, is mentioned as occurring at Fii-ando 
on two occasions {i. 337; ii. 136). 

A few other points of interest may be noticed. 
The spread of Christianity through the southern and 
western provinces has already been referred to. The 
mother of the king of Firando is called "a papisticiil 
Jesuit, and he and the rest of his brethren and 

> Pvrrh'lB, L 37:1. = Ihid., i. 406. 


sistei"s papistical Chiistians" {ii. 250), Again, at 
tlie funeral of Foyne's brother, mentioned above, it 
was said that a log of wood was substituted for the 
real body and burned, "for he was thought to be a 
Christian" {ii. 201). On the other hand, it seems 
that the Japanese would not admit into their faith 
perverts from Christianity, for an Englishman "went 
and cut his hau- after the pagan fashion, thinking to 
turn pagan; which he could not do here, although 
he would" (i. 179). The changing of names, which 
gives so much trouble in reading Japanese history, 
is often mentioned. Figen a Sama is at first called 
Tome Sama; and some of his relatives appear sud- 
denly under new names . in 1621 (ii. 169). The 
caboques, or dancing bears as Cocks calls them, that 
is, the dancing women or players, and their male 
companions, are present at every large entertainment 
mentioned in the diary. And, lastly, the readiness 
of the Japanese to adopt foreign customs is curiously 
exemplified in the rapidity with which tobacco- 
smoking spread among the people. "It is strange", 
says Cocks, writing in 1615, "to see how these 
Japons, men, women, and children, are besotted in 
drinking that herb ; and not ten years since it was 
in use first." When once the habit had got such a 
hold, no measures for the destruction of the plant 
could change it. The "drinking" inevitably went 
on, and in 1619 the burning of half a town is 
ascribed to it. 

In conclusion I should mention that one of the chief 
difficulties with which I have had to contend in 

. ii,Googlc 


editing these volumee has been that of finding ex- 
planations of the foreign words and terms in the 
diary. Cocks adopted words from other languages 
besides Japanese, and generally wrote them down 
as they sounded. Hence it was no easy matter for 
one ignorant of eastern languages to decide whether 
particular words, thus disguised, are Japanese or of 
some other tongue; and I fear that I have too often 
taxed the patience and good nature of my orientalist 
friends for solutions of these difficulties. It is with 
pleasure that I take this opportunity of thanking 
Dr. William Anderson, whose knowledge of the 
language ot Japan is so extensive, and my colleagues 
Dr. Charles Rieu and Professor R. K. Douglas, for 
much valuable assistance. I also gratefully acknow- 
ledge kind help and many courtesies from Mr. 
Charles C. Prinsep, Superintendent of the Records, 
and Mr. Edward J. Wade, Assistant- Librarian, in 
the India office ; and from Mr. W. Noel Sainsbury, of 
the Public Record Office. 

British Muheum, 

30(A December, 1882. 



bongew (Jap. bugiyo). — a superintendent. 

boBe (Jap. bodsu). — a Buddhiat priest 

bubes, or beobs {Jap. biy5-bu). — screens, or pictures. 

cabuque (Jap. kabu, singtog and dancing). — a dancing girL 

calambac. — aloe wood. 

cape- merchant {Spaa. cabo). — head -merchant. 

captain more (Port, capitao miSr).^ — captain-in -chief. 

catabra {Jap. katabira). — a summer robe. 

catan {Jap. katana). — a sword. 

chaw (Jap. cha). — tea. 

cbawne. — a lot of land, or house, 

dairi (Jap.). — the mikado. 

danko {Jap.). — consultation. 

fJEinna {Jap. bana). — a present to it dancing girl. 

fibuck. — silver once refined. 

foyfono {Jap. fune). — a boat. 

fro {Jap. furo).r— a bath-room. 

futtaqui {Jap. hotoke, an idol).— a temple. 

gadong, or gedong (Bengali gudam), — a shop, or narehoiise. 

goca (Jap. koku). — a dish. 

goahoQ {Jap. gosha). — a pass, or licence. 

jurebasso. — an interpreter. 

kerimon {Jap. koromo). — a robe. 

kitesoll {Span. qiiitaBol). — a parasol. 

liinganack (Jap. uagiuata). — a lance, or halberd. 

niakarj {Jap. makiye).— lacquer. 

morofack. — a spirit or wine. 

muche {Jap. mochi).— a cake. 



neremon (Jap. uurimnno). — a sedan-chair. 

nifon catnnge (Jap. katachi). — after faahion of Japaa. 

ropshake {Jap. roku-ehaku). — a chair bearer. 

aappoD. — a kind of wood. 

aequanseque (Jap. sakadzuki). — a cup. 

sing, — a wine. 

Boma. — a junk. 

Bomo.— double-refiued silver. 

tabi (T^ap.).— a stocking. 

tattamy (Jap. tatami). — a mat ; a measure. 

tono (Jap.). — a lord, or petty king. 

wacadash (Jap. wakizasbi).— a short sword. 

3. yoU * should be " allowaiea := aloea". 
8. A'oie ' iAould be " Plate once melted". 
13, Delete the latter part of noU \ 
136. Note ' ihould be " The arquebuse 4 croc; the 
croc being a hook or tooth, general); 
under the muzzle, but sometimes fitted to 
a sliding ring, whereby the piece was 
steadied nheu fired." 








DAY OF JUHE, 1615, eriLO TETRI. 

June 1. — We boaglit 5 greate square poates of the kingea 
master carpenter j cost 2 mas 6 eondrijis'- per peece. And 
I delivered unto Ificholaa Martyn one amall bar gould, coat 
eight riall of eight* and a half, is six taies eight mas, for 
which he is answerable. Also I deliyered a great bar gold, 
po2. fowre taies and fowre mas and two condrim, rated at 
fiftie and five taies as jt cost; and is to send to Capt. 
WhowQ, the Capt. Chinas' brother, at Langasaqne ;* to geve 
in a present at a christning, as apereth per advice. 

Also I paid, per Mr. Nealson, for washing linen, two mas 
6 condrins. 

And late within night Mr. Wickham arived here in com- 
pany of Bamian Marines, and brought word the jnnck was 
at Goto, tbey being put from Liquea' to have proceaded on 

1 Cocks nsoallf reckooe in the Japanew currency ot taelt, mace, and 
catulareetu, or as be terma them taia, mat, and e<mdrin». The tatl 
ie worth 10 maee, or 100 eandareeru ; aod ia of the value of about six 
BbillingB, according to present computation. Cock puts it at five shilUnga. 

* The real of eight, or Spanish dollar of exchange. 

I The China captain and his brother Whow or Whaw are constantly 
met with. I have found it more convenient to give in the Preface what 
account I have been able to gather of the different pcisons mentioned 
in the course of the Diaiy. 

* Nagasaki 

* The Loo-cboo or Rinkin gronp of islands, S.W. of Japan. 



their voyage for Sy&va ; but, being at sea, the unruly com- 
panie would hare gon for Cochincliina, and so Mr. Wickham 
staudiug against it, remembriDg our former losse theare (as 
I gave hym in comition), they retomed back for these 
partes. Capt. Adames hath wrot me that the boateswaine 
and carpenter are in most falte, being muteuouse knaves, etc. 

June 2, — Capt. Adames and Ed. Sayer wrot me 2 letters 
from Goto of 30th May ; and Mr. Adames sent me a bag of 
potatos, and Ed. Sayer sent me a pece lik lynen (or rather 
silk) and the lyke to Mr. Eaton and Mr. Nealson. And 
Mr. Wickham gave me a jar of potatos. And Damian 
Marines brought me a dish of plantians and another of 
pottatos, etc. I receved a letter from Jno. de Lievano, the 
Spaniard. And Mr. Wickham went and visited Bongo 
Dono,^ and carid hym a present of 2 pec. Liquea cloth and 
a dish of pottatos ; and tould hym how matters stood about 
our juuck, and withall asked his counsell, whether it wero 
best to let our junck stay at Goto to be trymbd, or else to 
bring her for Firanda And his opynion was (as many 
others are the lyke, and among the rest my selfe) that it is 
best to bring her for Eirando, for divers occatioos. 

We had news to day that Ogosho Samme hath taken the 
fortres of Osekey and overthrown the forses of Fidaia 
Samme.* Others say that most of the forses of Fidaia 

' Dono, a title of respect. 

' Ogosbo Sanime is ly^jaau, the founder of the Tokngawa dynasty 
of SboguDS, -which lasted down to the revolution of 1868. Samme, aa 
Cock writes it, is Soma, a title of respect appended to the name. 
Fidaia Samme is Hidejori, son of the famous Hideyaehi, the great war- 
rior, better known as Taiko Sftma, Hidejoshi, although holding 
supreme power, nerer received the tJtte of Shogua. Un his death he 
named his son Hidefori, then a child of sis jears, his BUcceesor, ap- 
pointing at the same time a council of regency, in which ly^jasu held 
the chief place. Ij6ya«u'B increasing power and popularity natunilly 
roused the jealousy of others, the result being a struggle between an 
eastern army under ly^yasu, and a western army led fay his rivals and 
supporters of Hideyori. His great victory at Sekigahara, in IGOO, con- 



Samme issaed ont of the forbrese, nod sallid oat 3 leagues 
toward Miaco, bat were encounfcred by the GtDperours foraes 
and put to the worse, many of ttem being slaughtered and 
the rest driven back into the fortresse, etc Bongo Doco 
sent a bark this day to Crates' to bring him the oertenty of 
the newse. 

June 3. — I thought good to note downe that a padre or 
Jesuit came to the English howse and said his name was 
Tomas and a Bisken by nation, and gave it out he was a 
merchant ; and others gave hym the name of Captain. Tet 
I knew what he was, haring seen hym in this howse before, 
etc He beged a httell atlowaies* of me, which I gave hym, 
as I did the like when he was here before. For yon most 
nnderstand that these padres have all the gif^ of beging, 
and allwais answer : " Sea por I'amor de dios." This is a 
generall note to know them by, for they cannot so conn- 
terfet bnt that word will still be thrnst out. This padre, 
Tomas (or Capt.), tould me that they stood in dowbt that 

firmed the power of lySyaau for many years. In 1603, he wm created 
ShoguD by the Mikado. But Hideyori was not yet disposed of. He 
rose against ly^yaaa in 1614, but was besieged in Osaka ; and a truce 
vaH patched up. But almoat immediately Hideyori was again in amit 
with a following of 120,000 men, and intoencbed himself at Osaka. 
The place was Btormed, Hideyori's troops were Qttorly defeated, and he 
and his mother perished. Ramours of his escape lived for a long time 
among tbe people, and are frequently noticed in the course of this 
Diary. Klaprotb, Annala dt* Emptrevn dit Japan (London, 1734), 
p. 410, gives the following account : '■ Quelques officiers de I'armto de 
Fide yori mirent le feu au chSt«an d'Osaka, pour se concilier lea bonnea 
graces de Ye yason, mais ils furent airft^ dans leur fuite par tes gens 
de Fide yori et mia k mort. Corome 11 n'gtait pas possible d'£teindre 
I'incendie, Fide yori ae sauva danB le Fiougo, ou il B'embarqua pour le 
Sataouma but les bfttimens de cette province, qu'on y avait teuus & ga 
diapoeition en ess de besoin. On pr^tendit qu'il avait p6ri dans Tin. 
cendie de ce chAteau, maia ee n'Stait qu'ua bruit rt^pandu pour favoriser 

' Karatau, on the N.W. coast of the neighbouring island of Kia- 
ehin. ' ? AUegeas, a cotton material. 



4 OlLBrt Of RIHHABD COCKS. [l^'S- 

the King of Shasluna^ would destroy Langaaaque and briag 
all theae partes beloe ShiminaBeqiie^ ander his aabiectioD, as 
being geven bim by Fidaia Samme ; but I beliere it Dot, 
for now word ia com on a sadden that all the streets must be 
made deane, for that the King of Shashma is expected to 
be beare this night, he being bonnd up with great forces. 

June 4, — We bought 40 boardes at 5 per mas, small 
plate ; and 4 caca^ at 12 ccndrint peece, small plate. 

And about nowne wo had news that the King of Shashma 
was coming into this road with 500 barks full of sonldiers ; 
8oe we laid out a present for him as followeth : — 

S pec. rich cUutiMlcB of Lankiit,* coat 16 taiea per peece is 

10 pec byramB nUl of 15 Rs. per corge^ la 

10 pec. red zelas, of 12 Ea. per corg ia - 

10 pec. vhit baftse, viz., 6 of 11, and 4 of 9 Ra corg is 

10 pec of duttis* of 12 Ea. per eorge - 

Som totall amontee onto 

8oe, Mr, Wickbam accompanying me, we went and de- 
livered the present, which be took in good parte, ofiTring onr 
nation favorable entertaynment yf we came to traffick in 
bis domyniona. I put ont a word how the Liqueans refuse 
to let us trym our junk to have proceaded from thence on 
our Toyag for Syam i' but he said littell thereto, bnt an- 
swered, at bis retoroe he wold taike with me and geve me 
a present. I said I had receved snfBtion at bis highnea 
hands in havinge the good hap to see the face of soe mightie 

I Sat«aina, the province in the S.W. of the island of Kiuahin. 
■ ShimoQOseki etrait. 

> Square poata. A'aitu = sqoaie. Uoce properly kaku'baihira=A 
aquare poat. * Nanking. 

' Corge, an Indian meaaure of 20 piecea. 

' The mat«rials here mentioned appear to he Indian cotton gooda. 

' The Daimio of Satauma had lately, in 1609, anbdued the Loo^choo 



a king as the King of SbaBhma | whereat lie smiled. And 
Boe we craved lycence and retorned. 

BoDgoDono was with hym before and gave hym a present, 
imd came from hym as we went to hym ; bat we bad byn 
witb hym before bym, yf he had not sent a boate to call us 
back till he had first rizeted hym. 

And at present a letter is com to Bongo Bono from 
Faccatay,' wberin he is advized that the £mperour hath 
overthrowne the forses of Fidaia Samme, soe that he, his 
mother, and child have cut their bellies ; but that his wife 
is sent bock to her father Shongo Samme, King of £do and 
to succeed in the Empire.* 

Juw. 5. — There came letters from the King of Firando to 
Bongo Bono, that it is trne that the Emperoar hath over- 
thronae the forcese of Fidaia Samme, and taken the fortres 
of Osekey, and entred into it the 6th day of this moone, 
Fidaia Samme and his mother with his sonne having cut 
their bellies, etc. 

Mr. Wickbam went and visited Oyen Done, and carid 
hym a dish of pottatos and a peec of Liqnea cloth. His 
brother retorned from above, whilst Mr. Wickham was 
theare, and confermed these newes to be true. 

June 6. — I wrot an other letter to Jorge Durois to look 
out for a marchant to bay onr wheate, as also of the con- 
fermyng the newes from above. 

There was one of the King of Shasbmas barkea cast 
away coming in, but all the men saved. We bought 1 caca 
or sqnar post, cost 1 mas. We delivered or sent to keep to 
Capt China 51 bundelles great canes, in each are 30 canes. 

June 7. — After dyner came a Franciskan frire, called 

' Foknoka, in the north of Kiushiu. 

* Shongo Samme is Cocks' waj of rendering Shogun. lj6jaM\x held 
the Sbogunate oolj tvo y eaiB, and in 1605 transferred that titit; to hia 
aon Uidetada, though stUI retaining much power. Uideyori (Fidaia 
Sanu) had married Hidetada's daughter, who, when Osaka was ou the 
point of being captured, wis sent out of that fortreea to her father. 

■ n,g,t,7.dt,'G00glc 


Padre Appolonario, whom I had seene 2 or S tymea in 
Firando heretofore. He was ia the fortres of Oselcej' when 
it waa taken, and yet had the good happ to escape. He 
tould me he brought nothing away with hym but the clothes 
on his back, the action was see sudden ; and that he mar- 
Telled that a force of above 120,000 men (sach as was that 
of Fidaia Samme) should be aoe sowne overthrowna He 
desired me for God'a sake to geve hym somthing to eate, 
for that he had passed much misery in the space of 15 daies, 
since he departed ont of the fortres of Osekey. So, after 
be had eaten, I gave hym 15 ma» in plate; and see he de- 

We had 1830 tiles this day for ston walles. 

Jitnts 8. — Yt is said the King of Sbashma hath gevea 
order to his people to retome back for their ountrey; I 
meane the most parte of them. The rest he keepeth to 
carry along with hym to goo vizet the Emperour. 

We bought 4 cocas, cost 7 condrins per peec, small plate, 

June 8. — I sent to borow 4 or 6 gant.aa^ of oyle of 
YBsiinon Done, because I could get non in any other place. 
But he retorned answer he had non, when I know, to the 
contrary, he bought a parcell oat of my bandes the other 
day. And I wrot a letter to Joi^e Durois to take heed he 
gave out no yll reportes of Safian Dono. The China Capt. 
lent us 6 great mesnrs for gantm) of oyle, to repay as mucb. 
And Semidones steward came in the abcense of his master 
to borow a bar of plate of 3 taiea wight, which was lent 

Juno 9. — ^Late within night I receved a letter from Ed. 
Sayer, dated in the Boade of Casaora in the Island of Goto, 

' Two Jesuit priesto were present in Oeaka. 

^ "The managoga contains 10,000 tcl-magogs; thBiehnagog, 1,000 
icgogas; the hitter, 100 ganlai, or 800 cocas." — Kelly, Uaivertal 



the 7tli oarrant, wherin ho writ the junck wold com aw&y 
for this towne of Firando by first wind. Jno. Japon broaght 
this letter, but is sick of the French disease, and took up 
his lodging at ao other honse. 

June 10. — I receved a letter from Jorge Burois, dated the 
17th of Jane, now stile, in Langasaque, with a baskit of 
aprecockes for my selfe, and an other for Bongo Dono, and 
a therd for his wife, with a parceil in a bag for the China 
Capten ; all whitih were delivered according to advice. 

A Spaniard called Pablo UaiTocho de la Yoga came to this 
towne of Firando to-day and brought Jorges letter. 

And before nowne word came that our junck was seene 
without. Soe I made ready to boate to goe out to Cochi to 
see them put in harbor, and to vizet Capt. Adames, etc. 

Jane 11. — Our juncke, the Sea Adventure, arived in the 
Bay of Cochi in Firando at 10 cloth {sic) the last night, have- 
ing lost her voyage for Syam this yeare. I went abord, and 
carid a barill of wyne, a quarter pork, and 10 loves bread, 
with a box bankiting stuSe ; and, by order of the governer, 
carid 3 bongewa,^ to looke the mariners were all retomed 
and had used their indeavours. Capt, Adanies was unwil- 
ling we should bring any mans name in question, for geting 
as an ill report j soe I did let it pas for that tyme. But 
being enformed that Damian Marines hath bought up 8 or 
10 eatli^ of amber greese at Liqneas, forstalling all, that 
the Company could get non ; wherupon I wrot a letter to 
'Capt. Adames to make stay of fais chist, for that I wold 
bring the matter in question before the justice, and to same 
eSect wrot an other letter to Damian hym selfe. 

And Capt G-arrocho, the Bisken, sent me a peare of 
crimson silk stockinges for a present. 

And Mr. Nealson reconed with the carpenters labourers 

> Bugiyo, a aaperinteodcnt. 

* 16 taels make a catti; 100 caltit, a pieul. A picul weighs about 
130 lbs. avoirdupois. 



and other matters boaght for baildinf^ since the 21st of 
May till this eight, viz. : — 

Pro tjmber, oyle, and other matten u per perticulera - 14 2 6 eon. 

Pro 457| days labourers work, at 6 con. pet day > 20 4 4 

Pro carpenters wages, u per perticnlen - 23 4 4 

Som totall amontes nnto - - 68 1 4 

June 12. — Damian Marines came ashore, and tould me 
Capt Adames had staid his chist with the amber, and that 
be had recered my letter, wherby be knew the occation. I 
answered hym I did it for my own discharg, he being a hired 
servant, and therfore, by the lawes of God and man, ought to 
look ont for the benefite of them which gave hym meate, 
drynke, and wages. And byfortnne Capt. Garrocho was in 
company when I debated the matter with hym. Soe I re- 
ferred the matter to hym and Capt. Adamea to make an end 
of it, and I to stand to what they ordayned ; and soe wrot to 
Capt. Adames what was detenoined betwixt ns, bnt wished 
hym to take true notis how many catlis amber he had, and 
to keepe possession of it, etc. 

I understood Damian went after to Capt. Jacob Speck,' 
onto wbome (aa it should seeme) he had offerd to sell all 
his amber ; and so he retomed abord the junck, and Capt. 
Speck followed hym with a pretence to vizet Capt. Adames, 
but rather to hunt after amber greese. God grant Capt. 
Adames be not guld by them, etc. 

I recered 16 boates lading of wbeate ashore this day, 
containing 1,198 sacks, is 300 gocos, wanting 2 sack laid 
out in henne meate. And Mr. Wickbam brought all the 
merchandiz ashore which they had for the Syam voyage, 
but divers of our pikes had the heads stolne ofe. 

JuTie 13. — I receved back of Mr. Ric. Wickham a greate 
bag of plate in bars of Lucas Antoinsons, containing seven 
bundred forty and eight tales in bars and jihuck? And I 
> Tbe head of the Dalch factory. 
3 Perhaps niHkia, a gold coio, is meant. 



delivered fyftie taieg in plate of barae to Mr. Nealsoo. And 
I receved two eattia of amber greese of Mr> Bic. Wickham, 
wMcli he bought for the Worshipfull Company at Liqaea. 
And I recdved 3 letters from C&pt. Adames, how Damian 
Marin set hym at nought and wold not shew hym any 
amber ; so I retomed hym answer not to let hym cary his 
chist ashore, but to bring it to the English howse, which 
Capt. Adames did, but Damian came not with it. 

Also I receved 2J cattU amber of Ed. Sayer, in halves, 
betwixt hym and me ; but he willed to take it all, for that 
he had need to use money heare. 

June 14. — Capt. Garrocho delivered Andrea Dittis, the 
China Capt., his papers of 1,080 and od tuiee he owed hym, 
as being suretie for an other, and left it to the said Chinas 
discretion to pay or geve hym what he wold. When we 
came to open Damians chist, there was nothing to be foand 
in it. He is a craftie knave. And soe let hym goe. 

The new botswayn of the jnnck brought me 2 Liqaea 
brushes and a box of syoamon of same place, the best that 
over I saw in my life. And Jno. Japan, our jurebatto,^ 
brought me a present of Liquea cloth, one peec He bath 
byn in this place a wick, and never came into the English 
howse till now, but many tymes passed before the dore 
singing like a luneticke man. Soe I pat hym out of the 
Companies service, or he rather put hym selfe out. 

June 15. — Jno. Gorezan the jurebastoa wife bronght a 
present of Japan apels, or rather other frate lyke appells. 
Capt. Adames sent me a letter from abord the junck at 
Cochi to have the kinges master shipp carpenter com to 
hym, to confer whether it were fitest to trym her at Cochi 
or bring her to Firando. Damian sent me 2 catlts amber 
by Capt. Adames, rated at 90 tales per catty, resonable 
good, but had byn watered. And I receved back two 
chistes money of Mr. Wickham, wherin he sayeth ther is 
' lutN^reter. 


10 DUBT or BICOIBD COCKB. [l6l5- 

aleven haggea B. of 8, of 500 B. of 8 is eoche bagg; but I 
opened oot tbe chistes. 

June IS.— I seat a letter to Capt. Adamea by master 
carpenter to Cocbi, about fioding out a place to trym oar 
juQck in. And I delivered 1 sack wheate to the baker, to 
pay in bread as we sell the rest. And I bad 1 peeo 
Liqnea clotb of Mr. Wickham to make Co Jno. of Goto a 
catabra.^ We bad much 6ying news to-day that Shongo 
Samme was dead. Others said it waa Calsa Samme, his 
brother. Others reported Fidaia Samme to be alive, and 
that many tono^ were gon to hym to take his part Bat I 
esteem all this to be fables. Yet others geve out secretly 
that the Emperour ment to chang the government of all 
these partes, and put other toTioe in their places. Soe that 
these of Firando dowbt the retoroe of their king. 

Tome, my boy, carid out his chist and thought to have 
ran away ; but I prevented hym, yet turned hyoi out of 
dores with a catabra on his back aa be entred in. He 
thought to have ptckt the lock of my money chist the other 
day, and had so wrong the wardes that I coold not open 
the lock with my key, which made me to tmne (sic) hym 
out of my chamber. Bat he, misdowbting ferther disgrace, 
thought to have carid away all his aparell and have gevea 
me the slip. 

The purcer of junck gave me 10 Liquea trenchers for a 

June 17. — I receved a letter from Capt. Adamea from 
Cochi, wherin he adviseth me that he hath taken counsell 
about the place most fittest to trym our junck in, and find- 
eth Cochi to be the place. 

I delivered Mr. Bichard Wickham the rich cattan' he 
lefl in my custody at his departure towardes Siam. The 
purcer of the junck gave me a greate Liquea cock for a 

I Kalabira, a tbin anminer garment. 

> Petty kings, or daimioa. ' Katana, a sword. 






present, which I sent to Bongo Dodo, he being desyrone 
to have hym. 

I wrot Capt. Adames answer of his letter reoeved this 
day. And I sould 1,175 sackes wheate (brought from the 
Liqueas) unto Bamian Marin, at 3 mas per sack, containing 
25 gantes Liquea measnre, to be paid in amber grees, at 
115 taxes the catty, to take 5 eatt'i* and pay the rest in 
ready money. 

The wheate amontes to - - - • 852 & U 

5 cattit amber, at 115 (qw per eatty, amontes to - 
2 catiU amber, at 90 taU per catty, amontes to - 

Som totall, 7 eattit amber greeae, amoDtes to 

June 18. — Capt. Adamee came ashore to dyner, baring nn- 
riggedtbejunck atCocbi. He gave me a present of 3 nestea 
goeas,^ with their trenchers and ladells of mother of perle^ 
with 10 spoons same, and a peece of white Liquea cloth. 

I receved a letter from Jorge Darois, dated in Langa- 
saque, le 22nd of June, new stile, wherin be advized me 
that DO one man would bny all our wheate till the shiping 
come from the Maniliias. He wrot me that above 2,600 
persons are dead in Langasaqne thia yeare of the smallpox, 
amongst whome his boy Domingo and a woman slave are 
two, since he wrot me bis last letter. 

June Id. — I wrote a letter to Mr. Eaton, sent per sea 
hongew. The contentes appeare per coppie. Also I wrot 
other 2 letters in Japon to our 2 bostea at Osekej and 
Sackey in kynd wordes, hoping they have dealt well with 
ns in saveing our goods, though the towns be burned. 

I tooke a garden this day and planted it with pottatoa 
brought from the Liquea, a thing not yet planted in Japan. 
I must pay a tay, or 5 shillings sterling, per annum for the 
garden. And we bought 40 gants of shark oyle for the 

' Diaheo fitting into ea<^ other. 



jack, cost 1 mae and two condrins the gant. And one of 
the marenerfi of the junck brought me 2 fishes for a present. 
June 20.— 

We reoenTed 4 catit i tau 2 nuu wight, uubei greeae, of 

Dnmiaii, cost .... 490 1 

With 2 caltia before rated at - - - 180 

Som totall amontee tmto • • ■ 670 1 

I gave hym a bill of my hand for 3oe mnch money owing 
hym, to receve our wheate at price before made, and rest in 
ready money. 

And news came from King of Firando that he arived at 
Miaco the 18th of the last moone, and waa admitted aw- 
dience with the Emperour the 20th, whoe used hym in all 
kindnes, which can&eth much rejoyaing here. Also the 
Emperour hath given order into all partes of Japon to look 
out for such as escaped out of the fortrea of Oaekey when it 
was burned. Soe that prire enqnirie was mad in all howses 
in Firando what strangers were lodged in eache howse, and 
tme notis thereof geyen to the justice. Tt is thought the 
padres at Langasaque and else where will be narrowly 
looked after. They say the taking of this fortres hath cost 
above 100,000 mens lives on the one parte and other, and 
that on the Prince Fidaia Sammes parte no dead man of 
accompt is found with his head on, but all cut ofe, because 
they should not be knowne, to seek reveing aganst their 
frendes and parents after. Nether (as som say) can the 
body of Fidaia Samme be fownd; soe that many think he 
is secretly escaped. But I canot beleev it. Only the 
people of these sothera parts speake as they wold have it, 
because they affeckt the yong man more than the onld. 

June 21. — I sent a letter to Capt. Adames in answer to 
one of his receved yisterday from Coofai, wberin he advised 
he bought 200 gantea of shark oyle at Goto at 1 mas per 


l6l5.] DIABT OF EICHABD C0CE8. 13 

ganto, wiabiag me to buy no more till lie saw whetber we 
had need of it or no. 

I gare Tome my boy a wacadash^ and most parte of his 
clothes, witb 5 mat in money, at the instigation of tbe 
China Capten. And Capt. Speck had 50 cattU tyn in 46 
bars, to pay as wee sell the rest, or else to content. And 
Mr. Nealson paid for 23 matts for new rowmes 6 ta. 7 ma. 4i 
eon,, with 2 mae 5 con. comprehended for boate hier. 

And I receaved a letter from the Dico. of Ikanoura' ad- 
vising me that he wold com or send to me to make price for 
plank or tymber which we should have need of. Unto which 
letter I retomed answer. 

Ed. Sayer put away his ould man, and entertayned Co 
Jno. my oald boy of Laogasaque. 

One of the kinges men oame and tould me the perbicnlers 
of the news above, and that Fidaia Sammes mother was 
fownd dead, and his sonne alive, being a child of 8 years 
onld, whoe waa carid to the Emperour bis grandfather ; bnt 
the body of Fidaia conld not be fownd, see it is thought he 
was burned to ashes in a tower in the fortres burned. 

June 22. — We put Yoske the cook away, haveing over 
many layay felloes in howae, and he 1 that oould do lifctell or 
nothing, yet atill runing abroad. Mr. Nealson paid hym to 
deare hia reconyng 8 ta. 7 ma. 7 condr. And we receved 
&0 greate tiles this day. And there was a tay paid for a 
years rent potato garden. And Facheman, our aknllion, had 
s parte of his wages paid by Mr. Nealaon, three taiea in 
small plate. 

June 23. — I sent a letter to Joi^e Durois by Symon 
jurebasao, in answer of hia of the 22th June, new stile, and 
how I had sould the wheate to Damian Marine ; and Bent my 
clock by Symon to be mended ; and gave hym order buy 

1 Waiacuhi, a short evord. Saris comparee it to a " Welsh hook". 
> In Omora, in Kiuahig. Dko is perhaps the same woid as TaSio or 


14 DUBT or BtCBABD COCKS. [l^'S* 

8om conaerres, to incite the kiag at his retome, we faaveing 
made an end of building our howse. Higaei jurebasso* wife 
brought Capt. Adames a catabra, a barell wine, and figges, 
for a preeent. 

Jutie 24. — Soul of Firando barks retomed from Miaco, 
as others did the lyke into all partes of Japon, only 
the tonos (or king) of each parte stay with the Emperonr 
to take daneo^ or oounsell of what shall be thought need- 
ful) ; the eouldiers being all sent home, the wara being 

Also T recered a letter from our lungew Ushanuske 
Dono, dated in Miaco le 24th of G-ongwach (or the moone 
past), wherin he writes me how well the Emperour receved 
the King of Firando his master j and that a aonne of Fidaia 
Samme of 7 years oiild, by a hand woman, was pat to death 
by the Emperoars comand ; and 100 mcu and 150 mas a 
head of all them which were in the fortres ; soe that dailie 
many are brought in and slaughtered, 

Juna 25.— There passed divers boates with men from 
Fingo* and Shashma to goe to Osekey to make cleane the 
fortres, and, as it is said, they begyn to build the cittie of 
Osekey and Saokay agaiae, the Emperour having geven 
order that yf the former owners will not forthwith new 
build their bowses, that any other may enter upon the 
cliaune (or plot) and build upon it. 

iTunt 26, — Our fishmonger is run away this night and hath 
stolne a boate of his neighbors. He was here yisterday 
very ernest with out jnrebassa to have procured me to hare 
lent faym 10 or 20 tait, and in the end desyred hym to have 
lent hym but one taie, but was deceaved of his expectation. 
And we hoa^ht la 9ta. 8ma. amber greese of Mr. Wick- 
ham for the Wor, Company at 100 taies the catty. 

Bongo Dono sent to me to have had a jar of Liquea wyne 

' DaTikOt conmiltAtion. 

' Higo, the western province of Kioshiu. 



(or racit), for tbab tlie Emperoar hath sent to him to com to 
Miaco, and therfore he sought for such matters to geve in 
present to grete men for a noreltie. 

All the kinges barks are com back with the souldiers ; 
only the nobillety of all provinces stay with the Emperour. 
So it ia dowbted ther will be trucking (or changing of 
kingdoms) ; and that which maketh me the rather to belive 
it is the Emperonrs sending for this man who ia the last 
man of the blood royall left behind the king, he being the 
kinges greate uncle and brother to the deceased king Foyne 
Samme, and is a bursen' man and therefore not fit to be 
emploied in service, he being above 60 yeares ould. 

And there was flying speeches how the Hollaaders had a 
man kild and much money taken in comiuge downe from 
Miaco ; but Capt. Speck sent me word (I having first ad- 
vized hym what I heard) that ther was no such matter, for 
that at instant he had receved a letter from their people 
that they were iu a port aeare anto Shiminasaque, selling 
goodes and expecting wind and wether to com for Firando. 
And ther is a Japan junk arived at Laogasaque from Phil- 
lippinas, which wintred theare the last yeare, 

June 27. — Matias the Flemyng retorned from Miaco to 
Firando; but we have no letter from Mr. Eaton, which 
maketh me to dowbt legerdymeane. 

Also Chombo Donos man (a Caffro) came from Miaco 
with a letter for Oyen Dono, and brought word hia master 
was cominge downe for Langasaque, and that Safian Dono 
was ordayned tono (or king) of Arima.* This Ca£Fro I gave 
lodging to in the English bowse with meate and drinkOj 
because he was servant to such a master. 

June 28. — We delivered 500 eackes of wheate to Damian 
Marin, viz., 440 out of our gedong and ,60 ont of that of 
Capt. China; so we want 1 sack in ourgedonge. 

I Rnptored. 

* Id the eonth of the province of Hizen. 



And I receaved a packet of letters from Syam, viz., one 
from Mr. Lacas Antoinsoo of 14th of Aprill, 1 from Mr. 
Jno, Gourney of the 17th of Aprill. Also 2 ould letters 
from Bantam, viz., 1 from Generall Saris of 6 Febmary 
1613, 1 from Mr. Georg Bale of 8 Marche, with an other 
hamerons letter to Mr. Tempest Peacock, and the lyke to 
Mr. Bic. Wickham, aa Mr. Bale is accnstomed to doe. 

There were two janckea arired at Langasaqua from Syam. 

June 29. — TJpon good consideration, per general consent, 
I sent Jno. Pheby to Mr. Eaton with letters and to accom- 
pany hym downe and procnre the Emperours passe for hym, 
yf need required ; which I willed Capt. Adamea to sigoeBo 
onto Codskin Dono or Goto Zazabra Dono ; and gave Mr. 
Eaton order to com away forthwith, and bring in short 
endes what he could, and to chang the yello in white at 
Miaoo. This letter was dated the 27th, bnt kept till 29th 
present. Also 1 sent 3 letters to our host of Edo and hym 
of Shrongo,^ with the Sd for Sr, Andrea ; as also 1 for 
M iguel jttre b asso . 

And the brother of Sngien Dono of Umbra* retomed 
from the wars and brought me a present of 5 Japan fans. 

And I sent an other letter per Jno. Pheby to Osbanusque 
Dono in answer of his receaved 4 dales past from Miaco. 

Capt. Speck and Sr. Matiaa came to yizet me. 

June 30. — Mr. Nealaon paid 10 taies plate bars to Jno. 
Pheby, and I delivered hym my letters for Mr. Eaton, with 
the others for Caseror and Oahenosqne Dono. And Capt. 
Adames wrot to Cogsque Dono and Goto Zazabra Dono, to 
renew our passe yf need require, as also to dispach Mr. 
Eaton away, yf knaves stay hym. 

Jno. Jooson arived heare from Miaco, and nnageuse Dono 
and Sngien Dono the lyke. And I sent oar jurebasso to 
bid them welcom horn, as the lyke to Jno. Yoosen. And 

> Suruga. 

> Omnia, near Naguaki, in Hixen. 



sowoe after Sugiea Dono came to vizeb me with a present of 
10 fannea, an(J repeated the story of the wars, and how all 
the nobilletj of Japon were joyced together at Miaco to 
viset the Emperoar Ogosho Samme, which was a marreloas 
thing to sea the hndgo nnmber of them. 

July 1. — I went and riseted Bongo Dono, he being ready 
to goe for Miaco ; and carid hym 2 barills morofack^, a bas- 
ket of biskit, 50 roles drid honUa,' and 5 cords of drid 
cDttel fiah. He took it in good parte, with offer of many 
faire words. 

I also envited Capt. Speck, John Yoosen, and the rest of 
the Dach to dyner to morrow. And wrot a letter to Pigien 
Samme, the King of Firando, to Miaco, in complimentall 
sort, as also advising how oar junk had lost her voyag to 
8yam and was retomed to Firando from the Liqneas. 
Also, I advised faym how ye King of Ava, of the race of 
Pegew, had made wars 7 yeares, and in the space gotten 8 
other kingdoms, which in tymes past belonged to the 
empier of Pegu ; and wantes now only to conquer Siam, 
Lanfu, and Camboia, to make hym selfe a greater prince 
then ever any of his ansesters was, and thought very easy 
to obtayne it, in respect of his valientnesse and mighty 

July 2. — I receved 2 letters from Capt. Garrocho and 
Jorge Durois, of the 8th and 10th currant, new stile, werin 
they wrot me as apeareth per their letters ; but much falce 
news per Capt. Garrochos letter, yf my ame be not amis, 

And Capt. Speck, with Jno. Toosen, Sr Matias, Jacob 
Swager, cam to dyner to day ; and Jno. Toosen told us a 
great history of Ogosho Sammas good luck in preveling 
against Fidaia Samme, and that he verely thinkes he is 
dead in the fortrese burned to ashes. 

Mr. Wickham deliverd me an accompt of Syam voyage, 

> 7 AtmmoH take, a strong spirit, used chiefly in the Boutbern 
province*. * Span, bonito, tunny. 


18 DURY OV BICHA.BD COCEa. [l^lj. 

resting to ballance 1S2 ta. 3 m. 3 co., but delivered up no 
money, aa he speavfied in hia auawer, becauae I owe bym 
for amber greeae, for 1 eat. 9 ta. 8 m. wight, at 100 tais 
catty, 16Ua.2m. &eo. 

July 3. — Capt. Speck and the reat seat to thank me for 
their good enter taynmeat, viz., nifon eatan^«.'^ 

July 4. — Jno. Toosen aeut me a drid salmon and divers 
peeces ealmou in pickell for a present, 

July 5. — Jno. Josaen came to vizet me to-day, with 5 
men wayting on hym. 

We boaght 6 saka rise, per Capt Adames meanes, at 4 
ganios per mas plate in bars. I and Gd. Sayer wayed the 
3 cattle amber we had in halves, and fownd it wanted 7 taies, 
lacking 2 mas in wigbt. 

Her was news (or reporte) geven out that Tiishma Tay 
bath burned Edo in the abcence of the Emperour, he have- 
ing left hym priaoner ther nnder the keeping of a yong 
man, for that be denied to fight against Fidaia Samme, the 
Sonne of Ticus Samme bis master. Bat I think this will 
prove a lye, as moat Japan news comonly doe. 

July 6. — A Japon telora wife brought me a present of 
paper. She spoake Spanish, and sought to procnr work 
for her husband. 

July 7. — Here ia reports that the Emperour hath staid 
the Xing of Shashma and all the tonos of these partes, and 
pretendeth to ahifte them out of their govemmentes (or 
kingdoms), and put them into other provincea to the 
northward, and them of the northern parts in their places. 
But I rather (in parte) esteem it to be the escape of Fidaia 
Samme, whoe may ly in aecret in sona of their cnntries, ex- 
pecting opertunety and their retoms; which to prevent, 
he keepeth them by hym till he can understand the certen 
truth whether he be alive or dead. 

We had newea that all men that entred into Langasaque 
> f.e., after the fashion of Japan. Katachi, figure, form. 


I615.] DIAEY or BI0H4KD C00K8. 19 

were staid theare and not anffard to retome out of the 
towne. The reasoD is thought to be to look out for each as 
came oat of the fortrea© of Osekey ; bat I rather esteem it 
to be to serche out Fidaia Samnie, which is thought to be 

Also, one of the king (or toitos) men of this place came 
and tonld me that hia master had sent for 15 or 20 men of 
these partes to com onto hym, which maketh me now verely 
to think that he will be shifted oat of his government or 

July S. — Ther was paid yiaterday, per Mr, NeaUon, to 
Yayemon Dono, the kinges ship carpenter, in parte of pay- 
ment of 150 shething plankea for the juack, at 4 mas per 
planck of 3 fathom and a halfe per peece. 

I sent Unagense Dono 2 barrilla wyne and 4 fishes, he 
being retomed from wars, and now sick of small pox. 

July 9. — I nnderstand that yisterday the Hollaadera cut 
a slave of theirf apeecea for theft, per order of justice, and 
thrust their comprador {or cats buyer) out of dores for a 
lecherous knave, who, with hym that is dead, have confessed 
of much goods (aa cloves, mace, pepper, and stuffs) which 
are stolne per consent of Jacob Swager; which maketh 
znnch sturr in the Bach howse. Tet I think this cates 
buyer plaieth the knave and defameth Jacob, because 
he was the occation he was thrust out of servyee for 
haveing to do with his woman, the knave being a marid 

Also Capt. Adamea receved a letter from Melchor van 
Sanfort from Laugaeaqne, wherin he adviaeth hym that a 
J&pon wold sell us aa other jnuck, and to that purpose 
conselled as to lay up ours. But I had rather aom man 
would buy her, for I had rather aell then buy, for I have 
enough of Japon juncks, yf I knew how to better it, 

Jidi) 10. — We had news of 2 China gomas^ arived at 
' Small junks. 


, ih,Googlc 


Goto. See the China Capt, sent a boate to know whence 
they are. 

Also the China Capt. got Capt. Adames to write a letter 
to Damian to buy 400 sackes wheate for hym at price tfaey 
cost, he haveing oflerd it at same price to hym before, viz., 
at 3 mas per sack. 

And I was enformed that Figen Samme, the king of this 
place, had sent a letter to Bunga Done, how it was thought 
the Emperour would make Chambo Dodo hongew of Arima, 
Langasaqne, and Firando, that is to say, of all these sothemB 
parts. He which sent me word of it was Sogen Dono of 
Umbra, unto whome I sent a present of 2 barills wyne and 
4 fishes, nifon catange. And he sent his man afterwards to 
thank me for it. 

Also Damian retomed from Langasaque, and Symon 
that was our jurebasso the lyke, and brought me my lock 
back. I gave Mat Icat. tobaco, cost 5 condiim. Bongo 
Dono went for Miaco this day. 

July 11. — I receved a letter from Capt. Garrocho, com- 
plementall, dated in Langasaqne, le 18th of July, new 

The China Captain, Andrea Dittis, came to me and 
bronght a letter he had receaved from his brother out of 
China : how our busynes consemyng procuring a trade into 
China was in greate hope to take effect, for that the greate 
men had taken 3,000 pezos^ presented them to make way ; 
and that at present the ould king was about to resigne np 
- his place to his sonne, and therefore best to let it rest a 
while till the- ould man were out of place, or else it would 
be dnble charg to geve to father and Sonne. Also his 
cheefe kinsman, whoe is neare unto the king, advised that 
in no hand it should not be geven out that we came out of 
Japon, for that the hatred against Japous was worse then 
against any other nation.; but rather to say we came directly 
' Dollars. 



out of Englaod, or from Banttun, Siam, Camboia, or 
Cochinchinaj etc. 

Also there is a China com oat of the Manilliaa from 
CagallioD, aod rcporteth that the Hollanders have taken 
a place in the Philippinas called Shibon j and 'that, apon 
this news, all the Spaniards went from Cagallion to defend 
Manillia, as being the place of most emportance. AJso 
he reported that Don Jnan de Silvaj Gnvernor of the 
Manillias, was secretly slipt away, hearing another was 
coming to take His place ; but I esteem this a lye. Tet out 
of doubt he is hated of the most parte, both Spaniardes and 
naturails, for his coretosnes, as having scraped a world of 
wealth together, he card not how, so he compassed it, as I 
have byn tould by Spaniardes and others, eta 

July 12. — I sent a present to Taccaman Dono, cheefe 
hongew, viz., 2 barilla wyne, 5 bundls dry cnttell, and 5 
pec. drye bonita, which he took in good parte. 

July 13. — I wrot a letter to Mr. Eaton, per the parcer of 
OCT jnnck. Also I wrot 2 other to our hostes of Osekey 
and Sackey per same conveance. We had much ado to 
speace a dispute betwixt the Capt. China and Damian for 
wheate bought, but I entred pledg for China Capt. 

Capt. Speck went abord their junok to take vew of her, 
to sett her out before she rott. He sayeth he would send 
her for Syam ; but I rather take it to be for the Molncos, to 
cary provition. He tould me also that a Portngez had 
wrot hym from Langasaqne how the Viz Eoy de Goa had 
byn at Snrat with a power of 7,000 men in many vessels, 
and had put all the English to the sword and spioiled the 
place ; and this news he said came per way of Syam, and 
therfore I know it is a lye, having had letters from thence 
so late, and not a word thereof. 

The Capt. China tould me his brothers greate juuck was 
arived from Cochinchina at Langasaqne. 

Kitskin Bono's wyfe dyed this night past. 



Jvly 14. — I delivered three hondred fyfbie and eight taUi 
to Mr. Mealson, viz.j 350 tales ia barB and 10 Bs. of 8 ia 8 
taiet. And he paid out to Damian Maiyn 670ia. Ima. Oco. 
for 6 caftU ita. 2mas wight amber grease, viz., 

117&u>ck whe&t«, &t3ra(uperuck, ia ■ 352 2 

And in plate bars - - ■ 317 9 

670 1 

Ther was reportes geren out that 2 shipps were seen 
ofe at sea neare Langasaque, whereof Jno. Tooson adrised 
Capt Speck. Soe he sent out a penisse to look out for them ; 
but I esteem it to be commoa Japon news, which most an 
end prove \jea. Tot the Duch expect a ship from Bantam or 
Molucos.besldea the bark /occatra from Fattaniaandajanck. 

July 15. — I sent Oyen Dono 2 small barilla wyne, 2 fyshea, 
and 30 peces drid timy, not having visited hym since the 
king went from hence; bat he was not at home when it 
came, yet aowne atler came to the English bowse to geve 
me thanks for it, and tonld me of the favorable accepta- 
tion the king of this place had fownd in all hia aSarea with 
the Emperour. 

Also I was advised per a frend in secret how the Dnch 
were coyning falce Bs. of 8 at Langasaque, wishing me to 
take heede how I took any of them. And that which 
maketh me to think it to be true is the tynne they bonght 
of me the other day. It seemeth to me a dangerona 
matter, etc. 

July 16. — I gave a tay in small plate to two pore sick 
women of my owne money, the one a China woman, and 
the other a Japon. And ther waa 8 pec. red zelaa delivered 
and aoald to Tonomon Sama and his men, at 1 tay per peoe 
—8 tais. 

July 17. — A cavelero of Umbra came and viseted me, 
geving me thankea for the kindnesse shewed to bia kinaman^ 
Sugian Dono, and brought me a Japan hargabus (or gun) 



for a present. He asked me many questions aboat the 
longnes of our voyag, which I shewed hym in a globe. Ha 
also eiiqnired whether I knew Bome. I anawerd I was 
never at Rome, yet I shewed hym the place where it stood. 

1 perceaved per his qaeationing that he was a padre (or 
semenary prist) and thereupon gave hym a tast that we 
had nothing to doe with the Pope, but esteemed hym only 
bnshop of Rome, haveing other bushops in England of as 
much anthorety as he taching spiretuall matters j and 
that we esteemed not mach whether he were our frend or 
enemy, which we left to his choise. 

Sent Capt. Speck 1 barell gunpolder out of junk, poz, 1 
or 2 eattit, duble barell and all. 

July 18. — I wrot 2 letters to Jorge Durois and Capt. 
Garrocho, advising the Capt. I would take the amber greese, 
yf it were good, or else retome it back in saffetie; and to 
Joi^, to buy me 2 or 3 jairs conservs and some candells. 
And ther was delivered unto Capt. Adamos 202 eatiU iron, 
for nse of jank, of the ould iron out of ston walles. Also I 
wrot a letter in Japona to a servant of Mr. Lucas Anto- 
nison, a Japon at Langasaque, who I am enformed hath the 
dable of my former letters and keeps them by hym. 

And ther was 5 taxes in plate of bars lent unto Sugien 
Pono, the kinges kinsman, to be repaid at pleasure. 

July 19. — I lent the China Capt., Andrea Dittie, viz.,, 

2 bars gould of 55 taia per bar, is WQta., Qma., Oco., with 
200 Rs. of 8 in Spanish money, is 160fa,, Qma., Oco., to be 
repaid within 8 or 10 dayes, at his retome from Goto, 
whether he is bownd to buy matters out of 2 China jankes 
ther arived. This I doe in respeck I hope of trade into 
China, which now I stand in more hope of then eaver. 
Also he had a bale or corge of duttis of 12 Rs. per cwge, to 
make a triall to sell them or more to the Chinas. 

And Sugian Dono sent his man, desiring to borow 5 tais 
in plate, which on good consideration was lent to hym. 



July 20. — I paid 2 mas to Torage, for makiog 2 kerimona} 
for Tucliina and Jno. Ooblen, long ago. 

Tonemon Donofi man came to have borowed 20 tales of 
me in bis masters name, but I bad not a rag of money. 

July 21. — I receved a letter from Jno. de Lievana, dated 
le 29th of July, new stile, in LangasaqaCj wherin he advised 
bow Capt. Whaows greute junck was arived from Cochin- 
china; and he which brought the letter tould me that 
other 4 ore com from that place in company with her, 
wherof he saw one coming in as he came away. Soe the 
former report of Whaows joncVea arival was an untruth. 

I forgot to note downe how Jno. de Lievana advised that 
the report of the Hollanders being in the Phillipiuas is 
falce, and that Don Jno. de Silva was gon to keepe the 
etraites with a gale and a phriggat, attending the coming of 
shipping from Agua Pulca. 

July 23. — Ther was flying reports that the Hollanders 
have driven the Spaniards ont of the Molucos and entred 
into the Fhillipinas. 

July 24, — The China Capt, retomed this mornyng from 
Goto, and said that all the Chinas goodes were put into 
warebowses, and not sufferd to sell any thing till the king 
came, or else order from bym to geve them leave. I re- 
ceved back the two hundred Bs. of eight from the China 
Capt.; but the two bars gould he left in pawne for a junck, 
to receve them back and pay other money in place, etc. 

Also the China Capt. gave me a peec of China lynen to 
mak breeches of, etc: 

And wee took eight peec duttis of 8 B. per corg to make 
a saile for our bark. We entertained a boateman this day 
at 18 tales per ano, named Sinzabra. 

July 25. — Mr. Wickham being sick, Mr. Nealson, Mr. 

Sayer, and my selfe went to dyner to our frend Skeimon 

Dono, where we were well entertayned. And from thence 

we went to Duch howae, where Capt. Speck tould me he 

' Koroiim, a robe. 


l6l5>] DIAKT or BICHABD COCKS. 25 

receved s letter from Albartus yisterday, wherein he advised 
hym how Mr. Eaton arived at Miaco the first of this 
moDeth, and the gecond went to Sackay to look out for the 
bark he sent from Edo with goods per sea, etc. He also 
toald me he expected news of 12 or 14 seale of their shipps 
to be in the Phillipinas this yeare, to cat ofe their China ■ 
trade for the Manillias, as also to look out for the shipping 
from New Spaine (or A-gaa. Pnlca), and then to have 8 or 4 
of them to com for Firando to lade provition. Their plot is 
greatand,yf it take efiect, will utterly overthrow the Spanish 
and Portingalle dissignes in these partes of the world, etc. 

I bought 2 corse catabras for Ingoti, cost 1 mas 9 con- 
drins per peec. j paid out per Jno. jurebasso, whoe put 
away his wife this day for trix. 

July 26. — I sent a letter to Capt Adamea to Cochi with 
3 iron stampers, 2 mattocks, and a pickaxe, and a leg fresh 
pork and 5 loves of bread. 

Also the China Capt., Andrea Dittis, sent me a legg of 
pork' and an other of a goate, he feastiog all the Chinas 
this day, and being ready to goe for Langasaqne. I sent 
per hym for his brother, in reapeckt his junck is retomed 
from Cochinchina, hoping to heare the truth of our maters 
tuching the losse of our goods and people, as I gave hym in 
charg at my being at Lungasaque — I say I seut hym, nifon 
cfUange, 2 bottells of sallet oyle, and 100 peces drid honita; 
and to Capt. Andrea Dittis hym selfe 1 barill wyne, and 25 
pec. drid bonita. And I lent hym 80 Es. of 8 at his request, 
he geveing me instance it was to geve to certen frendes 
and parentes com per way of Cochinchina out of Chiua, and 
are to be empioid about our busynes in hand. The China 
Capt. went for Langasaque in the after nowue. 

July 27. — I receved a letter from Gonrock Done, dated in 
Langasaque yiaterday, wherin he wrot for stele and tynne 
for use of the Emperour. And I sent a letter to Gonrock 
Douo, and sent hym 1 bar tyo for sample, advising I had 


26 DUBT or BICQABD COCKS. [l6l5- 

of the same Bom 190 cattis more, ani bad eoald it at 4 maa per 
catty, and that this or what else was at the Smperoura servis. 

Onr hostia of Tomo came per this place, being bound for 
Langaaaqne; and sent her sonne to me with a present 
of 2 barilies wine and other tecado^ nifon catange. Also 
Jno. Yosen arived from Langasaqud, and sent me a present 
of peares. And onr new botswan of junck bronght me a 
present of dry fish and 2 small barilla of wyne. Also I 
recered an other letter from Jorji;e Durois with 20 musk 
millans. His 2 letters dated the 2th and 5th day of August, 
new stile. He writes of much news of a flett of o seale, 
to be arived at Manillia from New Spaine, with men, 
money, and munition, against the Duch at the Molocosj 
but I think it fabulose, as the rest of ther Goa forsea to 
take and spoils Suratt. Also it is reported that Fidaia 
Samme is escaped into Shaahma or the Liqueae ; but I rest 
dowbtfuU whether it be soe or no. 

July 28. — I delivered 8 K. of 8 and 1 pec. fihaek to our 
gouldsmith, to plate my rapier and dagger. And a cheefe 
man sent me a present of a barill of wyne, 2 cbickeing, 
and 6 musk millions, and the like to Capt. Adames, in 
respeokt bis servant is entertayned for a marrener in our 
junck voyage. 

July 29. — This day Zenzebars wyves brother sent for 
Jno. Gorezano our jurebasso to com and speake with hym, 
and laid to his charge that he had geven out bad apeeches 
of hym that he had put men to death without any reason 
(for yow must understand this fello is the hangman or eze- 
cuseoner of this place, an ofiBce of reputation in these partes 
of the world). But our jurebasso denied it that be spoake 
no such matter ; yet that wold not serve his tume ; but I 
was glad to send Capt. Adames to take up the matter. I 
know this came by meanes of the Duch, or ther jurebasso, 
Symon, who I put away. These are trix. 
' Span, recado, a present. 



July 30. — I aent Capt. Speck a qaarter of beafe. Mncb 
a dow had I this day about clearing our jwebasso Gxireson, 
whome Zanzebar aod Ms wives rase thought to have de- 
stroyed, and, as I take it, at the inatigatioQ of the Dnch. 
For they sent me word, as I was at dyner, that for my eake 
they had saved his life, yet would have hym to avoid the 
towne within 5 or 6 dayes. I retoroed them answer, I held 
them for no justices nor judges, and that I had need of 
my jurebassos service ; but the felloe which came on the 
uiessadge was soe forward in his speeches that he tould 
me, yf I sent him not away, that those fellowes servantes 
would kill hym as he went in the street. Tow must under- 
stand his adversaries are the hangmen or execusioners of 
the towne. But I retomed answer that I was under the 
protection of Ogosho Samme the Emperonr, and had it under 
his ferme, that no justice in Japan might meddell with me 
nor no servant in my howse, but per the Emperoars per- 
mition, and yet more larger then I spake it ; and therefore 
I warned them npon their heads, as they would answer it 
with their whole generation, that they should not tnch hym 
till the king of this place retomed. Which answer put 
them into such a quandare, that they sent me word that, 
for my sake, they were content to pardon hym of all matters 
and to be his frend. This word was sent me per Capt, 
Adames, whome, before God and man, I must needs blame 
for taking part with that vlld fello Zanzabar, aliag Tasimon 
Bono, whom, per experience, I have found to be an abso< 
lute coning knave, and therupon have donne all I can to 
make Capt. Wm. Adames to know it ; yet he still esteemeth 
hym more then all oor English nation, and still he would 
pawne his lyfe and soule for his honestie. And I cannot 
chnse but note it downe, that both I my selfe and all the 
rest of our nation doe see that he (I meane Mr. Wm. 
Adams) is much more frend to the Duch then to the Eng- 
lishmen, which are hia owue contremen, God forgeve hym. 



I lesTG it to lis owne contience, and to God and the world, 
to be jndges with what respect I have used hym ever bidoo 
we came into Japan. 

An other matter is now Bet on foote, which I never did 
heare of till this iDstant ; and is, that we were cozened of 
4 or 500 taies (yf not more) in the price we paid for our 
junck, and that it was parted betwixt Zanzabar, our host 
Andrea at Langasaqne, and other their copsmates,^ wheroF 
Miguel our jurebasao was one, and had 50 taies for his 
share ; but as yet I can fynd no witnese of the truth, yet I 
verely beleere it to be true, although Capt. Adams have no 
hand in the matter. For with their smoath speeches they 
make a childe of hym, and soo do what they list, and he 
will not beleeve any man that will speake to the contrary. 
And thus nmch thought I good to note downe, that it may 
be extant whether I live or dye. 

Capt Speck, Jno. Yoosen, and Mr. Matias came nnlooked 
for to the English howse to anpper. Capt. Speck tould me 
he understood that Mr. Eaton was on his way coming from 
Miaco. God send hym well 

July 31. — GonoBco Dono, our guardians father in law, 
sent Mr. Wickham and me 2 peare pigions. This Gonosco 
Dono ia left cheefe bongew or Vizroy in abcence of the king 
and Nobasane. 

August 1. — The China Capt., Andrea Dittis, retorned 
from Langasaque and brought me a present from his bro- 
ther, viz., ] faire Mtesoll, 2 spoutpots or ewers of tynn sil- 
Tord, 2 pec Chiua lynen, and 1 peec. silk lane ; and he hym 
selfe sent a white catabra. He sayeth, tnching onr afiares 
in Coohinchina, that the kyng denyeth that he never was 
consenting to the death of onr people, nether knew of it 
till it was donne, it being donne per the Japons and not 
per his people; and that for the money he owed us for the 
goods he bought of Mr. Peacock he was willing to pay it, 
' Cop«em&te, a purtDer, fellow-buyer. 



bnt non came to demand it; and for the rest of onr goods 
it was retomed back to onr jnnck it cam in^ etc. ; and offred 
to gevo the China (onr soHceter) his letter or paase for 
any mana safe coming that I would send to recere it. But 
yow must nnderstand Capt. Speck sent a Japon abont the 
lyke matter for the Hollanders, with a prftsent for the king, 
'which he receaved. But this Japon lodged in the howae of 
another Japon theefe, where they handled the matter see 
amongBt them that the king retomed word of mouth to 
Capt. Speck that he wonld not make them restetution of 
any thing, and, yf they sent any more abiping, he wonld 
use them as he did the other. And those Japon theeres, 
knowing how the king had promised restetution, went to 
hym and perswaded hym to the contrary, telling hym that, 
yf he made restetution to us, he must doe the lyke to the 
Hollanders. Soe that when the China, onr soHceter, went 
for the kinges letter, he denyed it hym. Thus the second 
tyme were we crost per the Hollanders. 

And I thonght good to note downe that the China Capt., 
Andrea Dittis, came and tonld me how his brother Whaw 
at Langasaque desired to have it nnder my haod writing 
inching procuring trade into China. For, as he sayetb, 
they have Uid oat 3,000 taiea allready to make way, and 
make reconying it will cost them 5,000 iaies more, is all 
8,000 taies (I say eight thousand taies); which, yf in case 
they procure us free trade into China, we are to pay them 
the said eight thousand iaies back, with what else shall be 
thought Sting. But yf they do not procure us free trade 
into China, the losse to stand upon them selves. 

I forgot to note downe how Joi^e Darois wrot me hotr a 
greate Holland ship was cast away on the cost of Lucan in 
the Phillippinas, ont of the which the contrey people saved 
6 greate peeces of ordinance, and that most parte of the 
men were cast away in the ship, and those which escaped 
per Bwyming were taken prisoners and sent to Mauillia to 



Don Juan de Silvaa, whoe they say is ready with forces© to 
departe to reakew them at the Molucas ; but I can hardly 
beleeve it. 

Also a irend of Gapt. Adamea tould hym that three daies 
past arived an emptie juuck at Langasaque, which came 
from Cagallon in the Fhitlippiuas, and is one of the Japan 
junckea which we thought was lost with oure which Water 
Carwarden was in, and came out of Coohinchina 7 daies 
before our junck could be ready to departe, and waa driven 
on the cost of Gord fiic) per stormy wether, and put among 
the ilands Liqueaa, yet could not recover port in any of 
them ; yet after recovered the iland of Lu^an and put into the 
roade of Gagallan, having first lost their maatea and throwne 
all their goods overbord, being glad to eacape with life; 
and from thence are now retorned with the emptie junck, 
but know nothing of what is becom of ours. 

Also this day we put away Fachman, our scullion, and 
Mr. Nealaon paid hym to cleare hia accompt. 

And I sent Gapt. Adames to Gochi, viz., 

110 straw bagB, coat • - • -SB 

50 poles, cost - - - - 1 5 

Also I sent hym 3 loves of bread, and wrot hym the news 
of that junk which was reported to hym came from Cagal- 
lion is untrew, for it is a junk belo[ng]ing to the China 
Gapt. brother, and came not from Cochinchina last yeare ; 
so that is a lye. 

And we entertayned a new skullion named Sayemond at 
one tay per mouth. 

Avgiist 2. — I gave Matinga 6 taies small plate to buy 
rise; and I had H onces black silk of China Gapt., cost 2 
taies per catty. 

I had much adowe with Zanzabars deaemvery,' who aent 
1 DecemTiii, meBDing, no doubt, his followers. 



me word 3 or 4 tymea they would break my jurehassoe 
bofines, yf he came to his owne howse ; but, as before, soe 
still I retomed them &nawer they should take heed bow 
they medled with any servant I had. And at night my 
jurebaaso beinf^ desirous to goe to his bowse, I gave hym 
leave; where he found Jno. Devins entertaynment* ; for 
Zanzabers wives brother, with other conaortes, set upon 
hym in the streete, and, had he not by good fortune gottea 
into a howse, they had slayne him. And about midnight, 
being garded per a gentlemans servant, my frend came 
home againe, shaking every joint of hym. 

August 3. — The China Capt. being ready to goe for Croto, 
I lent hym our boate and wastclothes, and delivered hym 
back 120 Es. of 8, which was the rest of the 200 Rs. 8 
lent hym before and retomed, the other being delivered 
bym after at his going to Langasaque, viz., 80 Ka. of 8. 
Also I paid hym 38 mas in Rs. of 8 for 1 cattle silk at 20 
mas, and 3 peces red China taffetie at 18 mas, is 4} Rs, 8. 

And inching the force used against my jurebasso the 
other night, I thought good, with the advice of the rest, to 
make it knowne unto the cheefe jnstioo in the kinges ab- 
cence, Mr. Wickharo accompanying ma They all tonld 
me I had greate reason in what I did, and that they would 
take order that this bongew should not offer my jurebasso 
any wronge; the which I certefied Capt, Adames of in 
good termes by a letter sent hym to Cochi, where 1 heard 
he la sick. Bat be retomed me a very harsh answer, as all 
the rest of onr cnntremen can witnesse which saw it. He 
shewed hym eelfe a fermer frend to Zanzaber and his oon- 
sortes then to me and the rest of bis contremen. 

Also Capt. Speck sent for Mr. Wickbam to com and 
speak with hym, and complained much of my jurebasso, 
that he had a bad fconge and had geven out vild reports of 
hym and his nation. I retomed hym answer, I never heard 

' It do«e Dot appear who nu tht> John Perin, wbooe " enterttUDnient" 
was so proverbial. 


32 DIABT or BICHAKD COCKB. [l6l5. 

hym use any snch speeches, and, yf he thought me hys 
frand, he might think I could not endure neather hym nor 
any other nae snch speeches, without geveing him notia 
tberof and chasteaing the speakers, yf they were my ser- 
vants. In fine, bis desire was to have me to send for these 
bongewes and to make an end of these matters in frend- 
ship ; unto which I answerd that I knew not whether they 
would com or no, yf I sent for them, yet, yf there were any 
meeting, I desired that Capt. Adames might be present, 
and they should not find me out of reason. And see I 
advised Capt. Adames, allthougb be burdened me I went 
abont to meyntayne a theefe against all reason, which all 
men may think that heare hym say see that no honest man 
would doe it. 

And I had allmost forgot to note downe how I delivered 
a writing to Andrea Dittis, the China Capt., under my 
band and scale, witnessed by Mr. Ric. Wickham, Mr. Wm. 
Nealson, and Mr. Ed. Sayar; wherin I consorted with hym 
and Capt. Whaw, hia brother, and a therd brother which 
they have in China, that yf they procure us trade into 
China, to repay them all such sums of money and money 
worth as they should lay out in procuring thereof; but yf it 
tooke not effect, then the losae to light upon them selves. 
And they are to tame an other writing to me, to use their 
best endevour in doing therof only for Englishmen and no 
nation else whatsoever. And see the Lord God grant a 
good suckcesse to our proceadings. 

1 wrot 2 letters to Jorge Durois and Damian Marin, and 
receved 1 from Jno. de Lievano of the 11 th of August, new 
stile, of complementos. But I wrot G-eorg Durois to bay 
us a peare of milstones and som candelts, and send them 
per first [ship]. 

August 4, — Capt. Adames sent me a more frendly letter 
then before. He is two much affection towardes Zanzaber, 
and wholy led away by hym. 



August 5. — Thear ia reportes geven out tkat the Por- 
tiagal eh!pp is arnve<] at Langasaque from Amacan, and 
presently after Capt. Speck wrot me a letter that it is the 
same greate shipp which waa there the last yeare ; but, aa 
Jno. Yoosen hath advised hym, she is not soe well laden as 
she was the yeare past, but, as it ehonld seeme, cometh 
more to fetch away the lagg they left heare the last yeare 
then for any thing else. 

August 0. — I hearing the sea hongew was gon np to the 
king, and dowbting he might enforme nntruthes against my 
jureboBso, was determiDed to have written 2 letters, 1 to 
the king, and another to Chumba Dono, ray jurebassos oald 
master, to desire them not to geve eare to hia enemies 
felce reportes ; bnt, as I was about to have donne it, Tack- 
amon Done sent anto me his cheefe man, be being accom- 
panied with Skidayen Dono and Nicolas Martin, his jare- 
bcuso. And bis desire waa that, for his sake, I would geve 
over the pursnte of this matter against the sea hongew, for 
that, yf it were followed, of force the said hongew must cut 
bis bellie, aud then my jurebatto must do the lyke. Unto 
which his request I was content to agree, and afterward 
went to geve hym thankes for the paynes be had taken in 
the matter, he having promised me that noa should be so 
hardy to meddell with my jiirebaeeo hereafter, and that he 
would take the matter in band to make the accord hetwizt 
hym and his wife. 

And from Tacamaa Donos, I went to the Duch howse, 
where, amongst other matters, we fell into discourse about 
the bongews proceedinges against my jurebasso, he taking 
the hoTigews part, and tould me he had donne well yf 
he had cut hym in peeces the other [day], and then their 
would have byn no more words therof afterward. But I 
made hym answer that it might be he was deceaved iu 
that, for that I would have brought the matter in question, 
and it might be would have cost both hym aud others their 



lires, for that all the justice of Firando sa!d that the bongew 
had doana that which he could not anawer. Once I fownd 
my aelfe agreeved that he had me ia see small respect that 
he, without geveing notia unto me, sent craftely for my 
jurebasso oat of my howse, thinking to have pat hym to 
death without any forme of procease; and he replid and 
said that the bongew was a aouldier, and stood npon hia 
honor more than his lyfe, and card not to cat his belly upon 
such an occation. I answered, I did not esteem this bongew 
such a personage that he needed to take pepper in the nose 
soe much as he did. 

I forgot to note downe how I carid a jarr of China beare 
and d stringes drid fish to Tacamon Dodo for a present. 

This hongew and Capt. Speck are all one, and I know this 
trowble against my jurebasso came, the beginning of it, 
from the Duch howae. 

Capt. Speck came late to the English howse, and Sr. 
Matias with hym, and desired my company to gee and see 
a peece of ordinance cast; which I did, but marveled at 
their workmanship. For they carid the mettell in ladells 
above 20 yardea frcm the place where the mould stood, ^ud 
soe put it in, ladelfall after ladell, and yet made aa formall or- 
dinance as we doe in Christendom, both of brasse and iron. 
Capt. Speck tould me nether workmanship nor atuffe did 
not stand hym in halfe the price it cost them in Chris- 

Capt. Speck tould roe he receaved a barka lading of 
copper thia day from Sackay, and that his barke departed 
from thence 3 daiea after Mr. Eaton was departed from 
thence. Ood send hym hither in aaffety. 

And we bought 22 baga rise of Zazabra Done for 4 
gantes a fnasse, and delivered 12 bagges of them to our ship 
carpenters npon accompt. They beging to work upon our 
junk to morrow. God be their good speed, etc. 

August 7. — Gonoaco Dono came to the English howse. 


I615.] DIIBY or RICHARD COCKa. 35 

and amongsG other talk toald me that the King had sent 
hym word to barne all the tobaco, and to suSer non to be 
drnnk in his government, it being the Emperonra pleasnre 
it shonid be so ; and the like order geven thorowghoot all 
Japon. And that he, for to begyn, had burned 4 piculta or 
C. wight thia day, and coat him 20 taies pico ; and had 
geven ordera to all othera to doe the like, and to pluck up 
all which waa planted. It ia strange to aee how these 
Japons, men, women, and children, are besotted in drinking 
that herb ; and not ten jeares eiace it was in use first. 

Atigust 8. — The China Oapfe, Andrea Dittis, retoroed 
from Goto, for that the bongew would not let hym enter into 
that place, he haveing staid 4 daiea a weating, and ao re- 
tomed. Also they of Goto staid 3 somos, or small junkea, 
theare of his, which were bound for Firando, and would not 
let them passe, but send out bpates to bring in by force all • 
SDch junks as passe within sight. And for shark oyle, tber 
was but 25 littill jarra, all which was taken per GoDrock 
Dono and sent to Langasaque for his proper use. 

And he adviseth me that 4 jnncks are arived at Langa- 
saque from Ghanchew, which, with this ship from Amacan, 
wilt cause all matters to be sould cbeape. 

The China Capt. of a jnnck at Goto sent me a peece 
white damaeke, present. 

We had newea thia day that the Portingalea of Amacau 
have taken the bark Jaecatra, and meane to set oat 2 men 
of war every yeare to take all English and Duch that trade 
from Syam, Bantam, and Pattania for these partes. 

Bat, within 2 howres after, the bark Jaccatra arived on 
the cost of Firando, and brought in a Portingall jonok 
which came from Champa, wherin both Chinas and Japons 
are marreners. She took her on this coat 3 daies past, at 
an Hand called Sta. Clare. Her lading is black wood, I 
think ebony. It is thought the Portingales will complaine 



36 riART OP RICHARD CO0K8. [l6lS. 

to the Bmperonr, because the Hollanders take^them withia 
his dorainions. 

August 9. — Cuabcron Dono lent us 50 taies in great plate 
for ft few dfties, winch 50 taies Mr. Nealaon receaved to lay 
oat in necessaria for the jancke. 

And about midnight past the other Holland ehipp, called 
the Aneunen, of som 300 tonna, arived in the roade (or har- 
bor) of Cochi. And after nowne both shipps came into the 
harbour of Firando. And I went abord of them, and carid 
2 barilla wine, a hogg, 5 hense, and ID loves bread to the 
greate ship ; 1 barell wyne and the lyke qnantety of the 
rest to the littell ship. 

They tould ma that the English shipp which is to com 
hither is called the Oziander, and the masters name Jno. 
Hunt; and that she would be ready to com after them 
within 4 or 5 daies, but have brought no letters for us, 
which maketh us to marvill. And. I must needs condem 
Mr. Denton and them at Pattania of sloth, or else the Duch 
of legerdenieano. 

They report a parliament in England,^ and that it is lyke 
we shall hare wars with Spaine ; and that the Lady Eliza- 
beth hath a yong sonne per the Palsgrove of the Ryne.* 

Also they say that Capt, David Midolton was generall of 
an other fleete to Bantam, and, understanding of his brothers 
death, retomed to England. 

Oyen Dono sent me a present of 15 hense. 

August 10. — I sent out onr penisse with 16 men to roe, 
and the Capt. China, Andrea Dittis, in her, with an English 
&etg and wastclothes and a letter, to lye ofe and on 8 or 10 
dayes, to pnt a pilot abord our shipp yf she com on the cost. 
He had a bar plate, poz. 4 taies 5 eondrin, and 1 tay in 
small plate, to lay out in provition for rowers, and a barrill 
of wyne, eta 

1 In April 1614. 

» Henry Frederic, boru 2nd January 161J. 



August n. — Our neighbour of Faccatay senb me 2 hennse; 
aDd Toneho Sainma sent to envite me and the rest of our 
nation to dyner, but I exskewsed it till an other tyme. 
And Taccamon Dono sent hia man to me to tell me that he 
had donne what he could to make peace betwixt our jure- 
basio Gorreson and hia wife, but that ahee would not in any 
sort retome back auto hym, although aho ahould safFer 
death ; and that Bongo Douos wife had taken her under his 
proteztion, and said he should not have her ag&ine. 

August 12. — I sent Capt. Adames 3 henae and 6 loves 
bread, he having written for charcole, lyme, and oyle for 
the jnnk, but could not be sent per meanes of the myne. 

Also I receved 2 letters from Langasaqoe from Jno. de 
LievHUA and Jorge Durois, of the 19Ch and 20th currant, 
new atile, therein they write me much news, viz., that Don 
Jno. de Silva hath a fleet of 15 gallions, 8 or 9 galties, with 
many friggates and China somas, to transport an army of 
3,000 souldiers to the Molucos against the Duch ; and that 
3 gallions came from Aguapulca to the Manillias with halfe 
a million of plate for the setting forward of those aEFarea 
against the Hollanders ; and that a new Viz Boy was sent 
to Goa, called Don Jeronimo de Torrea, and knight of the 
order of Si Tago, and is likewaiea ordayned goveraor of 
the Phillipinas, and carrieth 200 aubstantiall Spaniards 
with hym to Goa, amongst whome 1 is apointed for visitor, 
being well assisted with other Spaniardes, a thing never 
seen in the Forttngall Indies before; and that no matter 
may pasae but per his permission ; and that he hath sent 
away Don Diego de Bascon^eloa, the former Viz Boy, in 
cheanes for Portingale till he be out of sight of land, and 
con6sc&t all his goodea, which vallned above 200,000 riailes 
of 8, because he denied to send succors the lost yeare to 
Don Jno. de Silva to have gon against the Hollanders at 
Molucos, for which it is thought he will loose hia head, yf he 
live to com into Portingale. 




Many otber matters they write me, as of the duble mariadg 
betwixt the princese of France and Spaine ; and that the 
King of Spaine bath marid the Duke of Savoies daughter;* 
and that the said Dak was generall id an annado per aeaagiDst 
theTurke, where the Christians tooke 150 of the Turks gal- 
lia; and thatthe King of France hath made 12 new galliona 
and sent them to the sucker of his father in law, the King 
of Spaine, with such forcese, that they and the Archduke 
have taken 20 seale of Holland shipps which were prepared 
to goe for;the East Indies, and also have taken 3 citties or 
townes from the HoUandera ; hut I esteeme this a fable, for 
thia^Holland ship now com for Firando came out of Holland 
but 14 moneths past. 

Many other matters they wrot of, which is overtong to set 
downe, namely, that the Kinge of Spain was sending an 
embassador to the Emperour of Japon with a greate pre- 
sent, in respect of his favour to Christiana. So it seemetb 
he did littell know how he hath formerly banished all 
Christians out of his dominions : I meane all fryres, monkas, 
jesuists, and p nates. 

August 13. — I sent Mr. Nealson with onr jvrehagnos to 
Taccamon Uono, to desire his Lordship that Goresonas wife 
might bo forthcoming at the kinges retome to Firando, to 
answer to what her husband would aleadg against her, for 
that her proceadiugea wei-e a dishonor both to hym and me ; 
which he retorned me word was true, and that yf she had 
byn a man, as she was a woman, he would have taken an 
other course then that he had donne, for that in some soi-t 
women have more privelege then men. 

And sowne after, Taccaman Donos man wrot a letter to 
Gorisan to com and speake with hym, which he did, and 
was per his masters order, whoe toiild Goresano that he had 

' Kfargaret, danghter of Cbarles Emmanuel, Dnke of Savoy, had mar- 
ried Fraccia III, Duke of Mantua. She was now a widow, but did not 
nmrry tlic King of Spain. 


l6l5-] DIABT 07 EICHABD COCKS. 39 

better considered of the matter^ and that, yf he would, he 
would make his wife retome againe to hjm, whether she 
would or do ; or else, yf I would, he would cause her nose 
to be cut ofe and banish her out of the cuntrey. This new 
change is per reason that, jf this matter of his wife be 
brought in question before the king, the other of the sea 
hongew must be the lyke, which would be nothing to the 
lyking of Zanzabar and his rase, etc. 

And after nowne the capten and masters of the 2 Duch 
shipps came to the English howse and brought me a pre- 
sent of 2 baricas of Spanish wine, •) Hollands cheeses, 2 
small potts of butter, and a bundell of stockfish. 

And about midnight Mr. Eaton arired at Firando from 
Hiaco, and, as he tells me, hath lent 100 bars of gould to 
the Sing of Firando, to be paid againe at 3 months ; which 
is such a greafe unto me in respect of the presant use we 
have of money, that I know not what to doe. I did littell 
think Mr. Eaton would have served me so, I haveing 
written hjm expresly to the contrary. Mr. Eaton sayeth 
the common report is that Fidaia Samme is yet living, with 
5 or 6 other principall men, and thought to be in Shashma. 

Mr. Eaton brought me 5 letters as foUoweth, viz., 1 from 
King of Firando, with 2 catabras, from Miaco; 1 from 
TJshenusque Dono, our hongeio, from Miaco ; 1 from our 
host of Osekey, Yasozama Amanoia Dono j 1 from Gilbert 
Cunings wife, from E)do; 1 from Andrea, Capt. Adams 
brother in law, from Edo. Mr. Eaton tills me how this 
Andrea and Mickmoy, our host, dealed Juda&Iy with hyui 
at Edo. 

August 14. — Sugian Dono sent me a present of new rise, 
niftm catange. 

August 15. — I receaved of Mr. Wm. Eaton, for goodes 
Bonld for my owne accompt in Japan, plate barse, fyve hun- 
dred threescore and nyne taies, one mas, and five condrines ; 
and in plate barse, for acco. of the Wo" Company, one 


40 PI&BT or BICHABD COCKS. [1615. 

thoasand two hundred aad fiftie taies ; and in Priamsii 
gould, po. ten taiee, I aay ten tales wight Priaman goald, 
and is the rest of a greater som delivered unto hjm at his 
going up to Osekey heretofore. And I gave hjm a peece 
ashcnller gro^rea of my owne, cost me 11^ tau, as also a 
paire of blew stockiDges, cost me 3 taiet. Jno. Tosses 
retomed from Langasaque, and seat me a present of grapes. 

And I wrot a letter to Capt. AdameR, of the kuaverj of 
Miguel, our jnrebatao, how Judas like he dealt with Mr. 
Eaton at Edo, and since his coming still abcentes bym selfe 
night and daj, thinking I will beare with his fooleries as well 
as Mr. Eaton did, which he did of meare necessitie, not 
knowing how to mend hym selfe. Yet I am in no such 
need, bat meane to put away the knave for his knavery. 

And I receaved a letter from Capt. Gurrocho, dated in 
Langasaque, le 22th of this monthj new stile, wher inclosed 
came an other for the China Capt. Alsoe he wrote me to 
buy a case of bottells, a lookinglas, and 2 Holland cheeses 
for hym, eta 

There was geven to the owner and master of the boate 
which brought downe Mr. Eaton two peces of white hafioB 
of 10 Hi. per corge, in regard of the paines they tooke in 
bringing hym duwne, etc. 

And I sent a b&rell of wine and a bundell of paper to 
Gonosque Dono, and the lyke to Taccamon Dono, per Mr. 
Eaton newly returned from Miaco ; which they tooke in 
good parte. And in the after nowne Semi Done retomed 
from above, and sent his man to advise me therof (ni/bn 
catange). See I went to viset hym, in company of Mr. 
Wickham and Mr. Eaton, and carid him 2 barilles of mora- 
fack and 51 peces of drid bonita. Also I sent a barill of 
wyne and millions to Jdo. Toosen, per Mr. Eaton, in respect 
he hoipe hym at Edo, hiBJurehaaso playing the knave, viz., 
Miguel. He took it in good part, and envited me to break- 
fast the next morning with [hym]. Jno. Tooseus brother 



eovited hym abord the greate shipp, and had 7 'peces 
ordinance shot afe at his retorne ashore. 

Augv3t 16. — Mr. Eaton and I -went to diner to Jno. Yoo- 
sen, where we met Capt Speck, Sr. Mattias, and the 
masters and capt. of the ships, with Jno. Yoosens brother. 
And at our retome we found Mr. Wickham and Mr. Neal- 
Bon a Jittell intostecated, but Ed. Rayer stark drunk ; and 
he and Mr. Nealson fell together per the eares with daggers 
drowne in very wild sort, and Mr. Wiokhama tong ran at 

And Bongo Donos wife in his abcense sent me a present 
of millans. 

And Jno. Goreson our jurehasao brought his wife to the 
English howse, where we made them good frends. And 
Lues Martin came to Firando. 

AufjustlT. — A Spaniard called Albaro Monues brought 
me a letter from Capt Gairocho, with 14 onces of amber 
grees, which he wrot me cost hym 96 taieg the catty, and 
esteemed it worth 110 iaies the catty. But I retomed it 
back by the same bringer, as not being worth the price he- 
wrot me it cost. 

And I receved a jarr of conserves from George Durois, 
with 25 peares, which the China Capt., Andrea Dittis, took 
per way. 

I was advised to send to Andrea, our host at Langasaque, 
to buy 5 or 600 gantes of shark oyle at the price of 100 
taiea the C, as he advised Capt. Adames he could have as 
much as we stood in need of. This I meane to doe to try 
conclutions, to see whether wordes and deeds are alyke. 

Auyuet 18. — I went to Cochi to vizet Capt. Adames and 
see oar jnnck work. Went forward and carid hym a bottell 
Spanish wyne, 2 hens, 1 duk, a pece pork, 8 loves bread 
and 6 millans, and returned to Firando to dyner, haveing 
invited Albaro Monnes, whoe tould me the Dncfa mariners 
used hym ill yisterday in wordes, calling hym Comndo, he 


42 DUET or RICEASD COCE8. [l^>5- 

being a marid man. Wberopon grew som qnarrell, for 
which 4 or 5 Dach mariners were duckt at yard arme and 
each one 40 Btrips at capstayn. 

Also the China Capt. retomed io onr bark, the wind 
being still contrary, and, haveing given order along the 
cost to send onr pilotea yf onr ship came in sight, he went 
to Langaaaqne and staid halfe a day, and bringeth word 
that his brother tonld hym that the common report amongst 
both Spaniards and Portingals was that now they took the 
English to be their enimis, aa well as the Hollanders, and 
therfore woald take all oar shipps which traded into these 
partes of the world, etc. Bat I remember the onld pro- 
verb, that " Qod sends a carat cow short homes". 

I find on a sadden that Mr. Wickham grows very sullen 
homorona and, as I am informed, geveth oat that he is not 
the Companies servant, bat at will, and therfore will rather 
seek ont for bis retome for England in some shiping from 
Langasaque to Syam or Pattania. I think the reason is 
that he hath fingerd 5 or 6 eattu of good amber grees in 
the Liqneas, and thinketh to make an India voyt^ for hym 
selfe, and to retome Capt. or Generall for the Company at 
bis pleasare. Once truly I, and I think all the rest of the 
English in these parta, desyre rather his rowme then com- 
pany. H<i is turbulent, 

August 19. — Taccamon DoDo sent me a present of 8 
bense. And I wrot a letter to Capt. Adames how the 
China Capt.'e brother had lent ns 325 gantes of shark oyle, 
and therefore wished hym to send a man to Andrea, onr 
host, to bny 4 or 500 gantea oyle at 10 iait per hundred 
gantea, aa he enformed us their was enough to be had, to' 
the entent we may pay what we owe and have to serve our 
tuma And I delivered fyftie tates plate bars to Mr. Neal- 
son to lay out about charg of junck. 

And Mr. Xealson paid Yaiemon Dono, our junk carpenter, 
forty 8 tales in plate of bars, and is in full payment for 170 



plankea for the jniick ab 4 mas per peece j tlie rest, being 
20 taiee, was paid per hym before. 

August 20. — I recered a letter from Capt. Adamea from 
Cocbi, dated this day, how a bark with SpaniardB from 
Langasaqne pnt into that roade and came from Mallia^ in 
shiping. Thefy] say Don Lnes de Fashai-do did fight with 
20 seale of Hollanders bound for the East Indiesj and hath 
snnk or taken 12 of them, and the rest escaped hj Sight. 
Also tlie[y] say the King of Spaine hath wars with the 
Tsrk, luid that this news is come from Madrid in 6 months 
per way of New Spatne. 

And, after all, the Spaniardea came to the English howse, 
viz., Miguel de Salinas, Capten Medina, and a Jerman called 
Marcus, with Alferis Tnerto and Lnes Martin, and Albaro 
Monues acoompanied them. They nsed many complementoa 
and tould me of Don Lues Fachardos discomforting the 
Holand flete going for the East Indies, hut after snch a 
divers sort that I can scarce beleeve it to be true j as also 
that 4 sayle of English shipps were passed the Stmites of 
Magilanns into the Sonth Sea. 

Capt. Speck sent for 10 bars tynne, poiz. 9 cattis 4 tay 

Avgvst 21. — I sent Capt. Adames a barill of ainge,^ 3 
hense, and t> loves of bread, with pearea. And I wrot a 
letter to Andrea, onr host at Langasaque, and sent it per a 
man called Miguel, an oSTecer of our junck apointed per 
Capt. Adames ; and sent per hym one hundred and fiftie 
taiea in plate of bars, to pay for snch hempe, sayles, and 
canes, as Andrea had bought for junck before, and SOD 
gantoB of oyle. Also I wrot to J^orge Durois how I had 
receved the milstones, a jar of conserve, and 25 pearea, 
without letter; and desired hym to buy me an other jar 
a of sitrons or lemons. 

' Probably a slip for "Manillia". 
* Sing wine. 



And at night the Spaniardes envited them selves to our 
fro} whom I entertayDed in the best sort I could. Also 
Semidono had envited hym selfe to our fro before, bat 
after sent loo word he could not com, being sick of the 
Bultena, becaase I would not lend hym money, being well 
experienced of his payment before. 

August 22. — Semidone being necessitous and in cheefe 
office in the kinges abcense, and now demanding but 20 
iaies, I hare, with generall coneent, lent hym 2U laies, to be 
repaid at a month, as apeareth per his bill. And I delivered 
50 taiea, I say fiftie taiet, to Mr. Nealson, to lay out in 
charges of junck; the 20 taies to Semidone being paid per 
Mr. Nelson. 

Semidone came to our fro, accompanyed with Gonosque 
Dono and divers other caveleros, whome (as I think) I en- 
tertayned to content. 

And Capt. Adames came from Cochi in a greats rage 
against my jurebasso, Jno. Goresano, saying he was the 
occation the carpenters went not to work upon our junck. 
But this I know was an untruth, and the master carpenter 
and Zanzabers knavery. And Capt. Adames scrivano or 
porcer of our junk retorned from Miaco. And towardea 
night Capt. Adames fell into an extreame fever, with vomit- 
ing, and could not make water, soe he went to Zanzabars to 
take phisick. Crod send him his health. 

August 23. — Our scrivano of the junck tells me that Ogo- 
sho Samme sues to the Dyrio^ to have the name of Quam- 
baco,' which, as it shonld seeme, is as the names of Ceaser 
or Augustus amongst the Emperours of Rome, which is 
held an honor to all suckceadors. But he denied it till he 
know Fidaia Same is dead. 

> fitro, literally a bath. Here need apparently for a dwelling hooae. 

1 The Uairi, or Mikado. 

^ " The bigheet tabject generallj receired at the Emperor's hands the 
title of Ewanbakkn (lit., the white boundary line), first given A.n. 
880."— Dickson's J<fpaii, p. 71. 



Attgutt 24. — We boogbt 17 eaeas, or square postes, at I 
mag per peece, and 30 rownd postes, 2 for a mag, to send 
to Cochi, to make skaSblds to repare our junck. 

I WTot an other letter to Capt. Speck, in Spanish, touch- 
ing the retornyng of my slave Tome, he not hareing jet 
ansverd my foi-mer, and sent this per Capt. Adames. Bnt 
his agew took him againe, soe be delivered it not this day. 

And there came a greate jatm of Grates to see our 
English howse, whome I entertayned in good sort. 

August 25. — I delivered one hundred rialles of eight to 
Mr. Nealson to employ in staffs with Duch marenars, whoe, 
as it should saeme, have mett with som prize per way, 
otherwaies they coald not afford to sell soe good cheape. 

Also this night past a sentenell was slayna in this towne, 
and thought Taccamon Donos men dyd it, yet no certeutie. 

And I delivered or paid to Mr. Wickham in plate of bars, 
paid per Mr. Nealson upon acco., his yearly wages or sal- 
lary, twentie taiet. 

Capt. Speck retomed my boy Tome horn, yet wrot me a 
pricking letter, to which I answered as aperetb per coppie. 

Sugen Donos father sent a present of peares, and envited 
hym selfe to our fro a day or tow hence. The China Capt. 
Andrea Qittis gave me a peece of Canton damask for the 
peece of Gochincbina silke I gave hym before. And the 
Japan feast of All Soles being com, the China Capt. affor- 
said sent me a peece of Lankin damask for a present. 

Mr. Nealson paid a smith for making 2 piculh neals for 
junck, 2 taia 5 mat. 

Also ther was a pink culler, no. 85, and a primrose, no. 
125, with 6 other remnantes broad cloth, measnrd, as apereth 
per perticulers in the wast book ; which broad cloth was 
retomed from Edo and Shrongo, and brought back per Mr. 
Wm. Eaton. 

August 26. — T bonght and paid for myselfe two javelen or 
speare beads, cost 8 mat and 8 coiidrins. And the China 


46 DUKT or UCEUO COCKS. [i^lS- 

Capt., Andrea Dittis, bonth two tattamtt' and a halfe broad 

cloth, viz.: — 

la. ma. <>oi<. 
1} /at., cjnamonilcnller, no. 135, at I:2fa. fort., amoDtw 15 
IJfaA, ndblen, DO. 98, at 13fa. /a». ■ ■ lA 

Migell jurehaggoa wife brought me a present of 3 bense, 
20 egges, and pearse. 

Auijnst 27. — This day at night a]l the streetes were hanged 
vitb lantarns, and the pagoos vizeted all ther/ufM^uu^ and 
places of buriall with lantarns and lampes, inviting their 
dead frendes to com and eate with them, and so remeaned 
till midnight; and then each one retomed to ther howses, 
having left lise, wine, and other viands at the graves for 
dead men to banquet of in their abcense, and in their bowse 
made the lyke banquet, leving parte on an altor for their 
dead frendes and kindred. This feast lasteth 3 daies ; but 
to morrow is the eolomest fast day. 

August 28. — Our ou]d jurebaiso, Jno. Japon, groing in to 
poverty per his folly and lewd expences, came this day seek- 
ing new entertaynment ; bnt we had no need of hym. 

Auywt 29. — I wrot a letter to Capt. Adames how his 
acrivano tould me our carpenters said they would not work 
a stroake on the junk, except I gave them a bill of my hand 
to pay them as they were paid the last yeare ; which I think 
is ft trampo' of the Dnch to get our carpeuters from ns to 
serve their owne tnmea, they now pretending to set out 
their rotten junk for to carry provition to the Molocas. So 
I willed Capt. Adames to content them with bill or what 
else, so our busynes may goe forward ; and with all advised 
hym that two Englishmen might be spared to assist hym ia 
looking to those Japons, we lying 4 or S of ns idell heare, 
for that the Worll. Company would condem us for lying 
idell and to suffer strangers to look to ther busynes. 

And I receved a letter from Capt. Garrocho, of the 2th 

> A tattantjf i= about 6 J feet. ■ Templet. * Span, tramjxi, trap. 


l6l5.] DUBT or BICHARD COCKS. 47 

Sept., new stile, wherin he advised me of the recept of 
former matters sent, and to buy hjm a jar Spanish wyne. 
Also I receved an other letter from Alvaro Monos, with a 
present of 10 water millons, 10 wreathes of bread, and a 
basket of grapes, with offers of much frendship. 

I understand that the Hollanders have ofTred Damian 
Marines to goe master in their juak for the Molacos; but I 
know not whether he will accept of it or no. But they have 
etnploid hym to provid biskit for them. 

And about midnight I had news that an English shipp 
was on this cost, and that 2 daies past she was som 20 
Japan leagues from Goto, where 5 Japans were left abord 
to pilot her for Firando. So, hereupon, I sent out our pinis 
with Mr. Wm. Eaton in her, the Capt. China accompanying 
hym, to meet them, and sent them 2 barills wyne, 50 lores 
bread, 2 hoggs, 12 hense, 2 duckes, 10 water mtllans, and a 
baskit of pearse; and wrot a letter to Capt. Adames of the 

August 30. — I sent onr jurehasio to advise Semi Done, 
Taccamon Done, Oyen Done, and Gonosque Dono, of the 
newes our ship was without the harbour neare Goto ; of 
which it seemed they were glad, and aowne after sent their 
men to congratulate or rejoyce with me. 

And I receved a letter from Jorge Dnrois, dated in 
Langasaque, 7tfa of September, new stile, with ajar of con- 
serve of citrones, bought and cost 5 taies ; also an other jarr 
conserve which he sent me for a present, and 70 candells 
which cost one taies. And the man I sent to buy oyle re- 
tomed from Langasaque, and brought but 241 ganies oyle, 
which cost 12 J mcu per ten gantes ; but could get no more 
Bt prise, and so retorned the rest money back. Yet Jorge 
Dnrois writes me a Fortingal hath a good quantety to sell. 
So I must now send this foole back againe with the mosey. 

Also I receved a letter from the bongeui of Goto, wherin 
he advised me of our ships being neare unto Goto, and that 



he had put 3 or 4 men in to her to pilot her to Fii'ando. 
And towardea night Capt. Adames wrot me a letter from 
Cochi how they had discovered the shipp to be within 4 
leagues,and that he imagined she would be at Cochi this tide. 

And I wrot. a letter to Jorge Darois in answer of his 
rec. this day, willing hym to buy me 700 gantes of oyle. 

August 31. — I caused store of boates to goe out to tow 
in onr shipp, and wrote a letter to the capt. per Mr. Ed. 
Sayer, dowbting Mr. Eaton hath missed of them. But 
sowne after oar bote retomed and the Capt. China in her 
with a letter from Mr. Eaton, how the ship was at an ancor 
3 or 4 leagues from Firando, and that the shipps name was 
called the Hoziander, the capt. or Cape merchantes name, 
Mr. Baphe Copingall. So I retomed forthwith per the 
the said bark and went abord, where I receved these letters 
following, viz.: — 

1 generall ooppy of a letter from Worshipfull Company. 

1 coppy of theirs in perticnler to Capt Jnrdain, Bantam. 

1 from Capt. Jonrden in Bantam, I5th Aprill, 1615. 

1 from Mr. Westbie in Bantam, 10th ditto. 

1 from Jno. Beamond in Bantam, ditto 10th. 

I from Hamando Ximenes in Bantam, le 9tfa ditto. 

1 from Mr. Adam Denton in Pattania, le 5th July. 

1 from Generall Saris at Souldania, Ist June, 1614. 

1 from Sr. Thomas Smith in London, 30th November, 

1 from Sr. Thomas Smith in London, 26th Aprill, 1614. 

1 from my brother Walter Cocks in London, 6th Aprill, 

And Mr. Raphe Copendall came ashore with an other 
yong man called Jno. Osterwick ; but the wind was soe ex- 
treame that all the barka were forced to retome and leave 
the shipp riding nt ancor. 

It apeareth per the Worshipful] Companys letters that all 
the voyages now are put into one generall company in ad- 


l6l5'] DUST OP BICHABD C0CE9. 49 

venture. God be praised for it. And ag Capt. Copendall 
tells me, their is an other compatiy made to adventure 
120,00011. atr. per ano. for 4 yeares ensuing, but to what 
places not openly knonne ; and that a seale great Eng- 
lish ahipps weare entred into the atraitea of Magelanus, 
bnt for what entent not knowne, 

September 1. — I rec. a letter from Chubio Dono, wherin 
be wrot me much camplimento, and sent an other as from the 
Emperour to Capt. Adams, that he should forth with com 
np to the Emperour, What the reason should be I know 
not; yet I suspect it was a plot laid before by Capt, 
Adames hym aelfe and the Duch, to the entent he might 
goe up to serve their tames ; and truly I esteem be lovetb 
them much better then us that are of his owne nation ; or 
else it may be that he seeketh occation to get the Empe- 
rour to comand hym to stay and not to procead forward on 
the Syam voyag, his tyme of service to the Company being 
out within 2 mouths. Once the end will shew what is the 
occation. But Capt. Adames hym selfe eateemeth it is to 
enquire of hym about a fortresae newly built at theLiqueas, 
unto which place it was thought Fidaia Samme would retire 
afler his losse of Oaekey. 

Capt. Speck came to English howse, being ready to go up 
to Miaco. 

September 2. — I got barka to goe out to tow onr shipp 
into harbor, yf it were possible, much fearing a tulTon ; and 
Capt. Copendall and Mr. Eaton went aboard to hasten mat- 
ters forward and, yf the abipp came not in, to bring aland 
our Cambaia cloth and other comodetis, to the entent to 
lay out the present for the Emperor, and make as much 
hast as we can, not to be overlong behinde the Hollanders. 
But the wind proving so hard, we could nether get ship 
into harbor nor bring goods ashore, Capt. Copendall and 
Mr. Eaton remeanyng all night abord. God send us wether 
to bring her in this dangerous tyme of the yeare. 




We looked out for a bark to goe up in to the Emperoar, 
but could find non bat ould rotten ons, all being above 
-with the kin^ but ooe which the HoUancIers had gotten 
before we aaked. So we sect to Sanguro Dodo, Foids 
sonae, som 4 or 5 leagaes hence, to borrows a bark of bis. 

September 3. — I got barkes to goe out againe to toir 
ship into harbonr, yi it remeaned calme, or else to bring 
good aahore; but the wind was so stiffe all day that they 
conld doe nothing. 

And I wrot a letter to Mr. Jno. Hunt to send bis car- 
penter to tell what plank and tymber he needed to sheath 
and repare the Hoziander; and withall sent hycn a pig, 6 
honse, 10 loves of bread, with peares, redish, cowcombers, 
and bell engenios. 

And I wrot a letter and sent a present to the bongew of 
Qoto for pnting pilot abord and sending me word therof. 
So the present was, viz.:— 

1 pec. of white baftaa of nyne Bs. c<rrff. 
1 pec blak befta died, at 9 Kb. corg. 
1 pec dattia of 10 Rb. per torg. 
1 pec blue byram of 10 Rs. per eorg. 
1 pec red zeles of 12 Ba. per corg. 

And the master of the bark which brought downe Mr. 
Eaton came from Langasaque and brought me a present of 
pearse, and ufFerd to bring his bark hither, yf I had need 
to fraight her. And about mid night Capt. Adams went 
out in a bark abord the Sozoander with many other barks 
to tow her in, we fearing a tuffon. And Capt. Gopendall 
brought 2 bras vessells of quicksilver ashore out of tho 

September 4. — About 9 a clock the Hoziander came to an 
ancor in the harbor of Firando, being towed in with boates, 
and shot ofe ii peces ordinance ; and the Duch answered 
them with two pceces out of the howso, and 5 ont of the 
groate ship. And Capt Speck with other merchant came 


l6l5-] DUBT or BICH&BD COCKS. 51 

abord her, he being ready to departe for Miaco ; and he 
presently did, and had 3 pecea ordinance for a farewell, 
and we the \jke when we retomed ashore. And they shot 
3 pecea more after out of the Duch howse. 

And I made Tushma, my boy, a new kerimon of damask 
of Canton, with a cloake or gaberdyn of Btript taffete. And 
Mr. Nealaon paid 3 taiea to Toma, the boy, and 3 taies to 
Jdo. Moure the boy, upon reconyng of ther wages at I tay per 
peecB per month. And I delivered 50 taies, I say 50 tateit, 
plate bars to Mr. Nealaon ; and he paid 10 taiea lyke plate 
to pilottes that brought onr ship the Hozeander from Goto 
to Firando. And we receaved ashore this day oat of the 
Soziander 4 chistes gnns or fowling peces, also two far- 
dellea stile, containing 166 gads,^ with 4 fardles cloth Cho- 

September 5. — We set carpenters a work to make chistea 
to carry ap our goods, and laborers to make mat sackes to 
pnt onr peper in. 

Also the China Capi, Andrea Dittis, retomed from Lan- 
gasaqne and brought me a present of a blew peece of 
damask from his brother Capt. Wbaw, and gave me an other 
hym selfe with an embrawdred velvet cushin. And Jorge 
Dnrois sent me 2 hampers containing 5 peces wroght 
black velvet, 9 peces black taffeties, and 24 pecea sattens, 
wroght and plane, as also three pere silk stockings, and 1 
peare thrid as per adviz. And Ushenuaque Dono, onr 
cold bongew, sent me a present of frute, and came hym selfe 
and viseted me, oSrinK his service to goe np in onr bark as 
before, if need weare. 

Also we had newse the king of this place was within 
13 leagues and would be beare to morrow. Tet I was 
secretly enformed by a frend that he is in towne, secretly 
com in, and ment to retorne out to bis barks to morrow, 
and BO to enter at pleasure. Soo we gave order to our ship 
I BtXK Hence the term gad-steel. 


• riigiti.rJt/GoOglc 


to Bute offe her ordeoaoce as he past by, beiog detenneiid 
to goe oat to tneete hym. It is said that the Kiog ot 
Shashma is lytcwaia retomed to hia contrey per the 
Emperonrs permition; soe it ia thonght som exploit is ia 

Also the China Capt. tells me that Damian Maria and 
Jno. de Lierana are taken prisoners and carid abord the 
greate ehipp, and is in despite of the service they did to 
the English. 

Capt. Speck departed towardes Miaco, and had 2 voUers 
small shot out of the Jaeeaira and 5 peces ordinance ont 
of their greate ship, and charged againe and gave 3. 

September 6. — We laded most part of onr goodes abord a 
bark, to goe for Aliaco, Capt. Gopingdell going up with 
Capt. Adames and Mr. Wickham. The perticnlera goodes 
appears per invoiz. 

And som 2 honrs before day littell Antony the hongew 
came and advized me bow the king was ariyed, and was 
glad onr English shipp was in saffety in the port, and de- 
sired that yf we shot offe any ordinance, that it might be 
doone when he was landed or had sett foote ashore. 

The botawen, the guner, and the carpenter misused the 
master, ofifring to have let malefactors ont of prison which 
were punished per the master. 

September 7. — Very early in the momyng the king en- 
tred into Firando, and the Daoh shot ofe 3 small peces 
ordinance as he passed by, ont of the bowse, and 20 peces 
ordinance oat of the greate ship, and 6 ont of the small, 
with 2 voile of small shot ont of each ship. And onr shipp, 
the Sozeandier, shot atfe 11 peces ordinance. And sowne 
after I sent our jurebaaso to Oyen Dono, to desyre hym to 
exskews me towardes the king, for that I came not to kisse 
his handes in respect I thonght he was awery of his voyage 
per sea. He said he would adviz the king thereof, and that 
I had reason in not coming, for that he was overweryed. 


l6l5-] BlkRI OF SICHABD COCKB. 53 

I delivered 50 taies to Mr. Nealaon, and one liiiDdred and 
fiftio to Mr. Wickham in part of his cargezon, and 60 taies 
to Capten Gopendall. And Mr, Wickham had a peece'fine 
black taffete, cost me 29 mas. And Andrea Dittia, the 
China Capt., brought back a bar of Oban gonld, sent hia 
brother before to geve to a god child, bnt now retomed, 
aod poz. fjftie and five taies. 

And Tono Samme, the king, Bent for me to com and 
speake with hym ; which I did, accompanid with Capt. 
Gopendall. He tould me that Shongo Samme waa gon for 
Edo before be came away, and that he thought the ould 
Emperonr was gone for Shrongo before this tyme. Soe he 
offerd me his letters of favour to Codskin Done and Safian 
Dono, becanse (as he said) the Spaniardes and Fortingals 
were rejected and not anffred to com in the Emperours 
presence, nether would he vouchsafe to receve any present 
tbey sent hym. Also he said that he thought this junck 
which the Hollanders had taken waa good prise, because 
they had not the Emperours passe ; and therefore he would 
not meddell in the matter. 

I could not forget to note downe how Hr. Hunt, the 
master of the Hozeander, fell out with Holond Thomas, the 
pnrcer. Soe they went together by the eares. I condeme 
them both verymnchj but surely they were drunk, espe- 
tially the master, and I think he is crazed in his witta. 

I wrot a letter to Gon Kock Done, how the Portingala 
bad taken Damiiin Marin and Jno. de Lievana prisonera 
abord there great ship at Langaaaque, desiring reBtetntion 
of them, or else 1 would complaine to the Emperour. 

September 9. — I delivered 50 iaies plate bars to Mr, Eaton, 
and is parte of money sent in cargezon, Mr. Wickham 
having 150 iaia before. And I delivered the invoiz or 
cargezon of goodes sent up into the custody of Mr, Kic. 
Wickham and Mr. Win, Eaton, to accompany Capt, Raphe 
Copendall, to goe up to the Emperour with a present and 



other goodes to sell, Mr. Wm. Adamea accompanying them ; 
Mr. Wickham and Mignell jurehasso to goe for Edo, and 
Mr. Eaton and Tome to reraeane at Miaco or Osekey. And 
I wonld not want to note downe that we had much a dow 
this day about the masters fating out with the pnrcer, all 
the shipps company being against the purcer; the master 
aledging he followed hym and sett upon hym unawares at 
advantage, and took two gould ringes from hym, and threw 
hym downe a hill, and thowght to have stobd hym with his 
owne knife, havein^ taken it from hym per force. Out of 
dowbt this Koland Thomas is an idell braned foolish fellow. 

I paid per Co Juan 5 mas for a hat I gare formerly to 
Sangero Samtna, ould Foynes Bonne, few daies past. And 
I receved two hundred Rialles of eight back from Mr, Wick- 
ham of money delivered hym in Syam voyage, so that 100 
Ha. remeanes yet in his handes. 

I wrot a letter to Gonrock Done about the taking pri- 
soners of Damian Marin and Jno. do Lievano, desiring hym 
to procure their liberty, for that they belong to our junck, 
and therefore have nothing to doe nether with Spaniard nor 
Fortingall, whom I hould noe justices in Japon. 

September 9. — I wrot two letters to Jorge Durois and 
Capt. Garrooho, in answer of theirs of the 7th and 12th 
September, as also advising them I would gereknowledg 
to the Emperonr how the Portingalles had taken Damian 
Marin and Jno. de Lievana prisoners, they being our ser- 
Tantes, and I had advised the lyke to Gonrock Done per 
letter yisterday. These 2 letters I sent per conveance of 
Capt, China. Also I delivered one hundred taies plate bars 
to Mr. Nealson, to lay out for the needfull. 

The king sent 2 barellea morofack, 6 bundells drid cuttell , 
fiah, and a hogg, for a present to Capt, Copendall before ho 
weut up. And Semidone sent to me for a bottell of Spanish 
wyne, which I sent hym out of that littell the Hollanders 


l6l5-] DIA£T or BICHABD COOKS. 55 

gave me. And Capt. Copeodall had 2 pottes of sweet 
meatea of ginger, citroDS, and oringes, etc. 

September 10. — Semidone sent for Bom sweet meatea, 
haveing invited the king. Soe I sent hym of 3 severall 
Bortc-e. Thns these noble men nse to doe in these partes. 

Capt. Copindali had with hym np 2 sivell (sic) spownes, 
2 silver forkes, and 1 silver' salt and cover of Comp&nis, 
with 2 littell silver boles lyke halfe grapes of my owne. 

Capt. Adames now came and tould me how we want 
above 1,000 cattit of ould net to calk our jnnk with all. 
Oat of dowbt hia ekrivano is a false knave ; yet I may not 
Bay sop to Capt. Adames, for then all the fatt would be in 
the fire. 

And ther was 2 baggs peper soold to Skidayn Dono, to 
pay as rest is sonld, poz. 131 eatHs nett. 

I wrot two letters to Jno. de Lievana, I per a Japon, and 
the other enclosed to Gonrock Dono, both to one effect, 
that I will CBfl the best meanes I can to procure their liber- 
tis, I meane Damiao Marins' and his, or else will mak it 
known to the Emperour. 

September II. — Capt. Copendall, Capt. Adames, and Mr. 
"Wickham, and Mr. Katon departed from Firandothis morn- 
yng towards Miaco ; and ther was 1 1 pecfls ordinance shot 
affe for a farewell. But, as we were at dyner, ther came a 
letter to me from Capten Copendall, wherin he wrot me 
that Capt. Adamea was gon before and would not stay for 
them, and that their bark was bo pestred that it was ready 
to sinck. Whereupon he wrot me to send them an other 
bark to lighten them, which I did with all expedition ; and 
per Mr. Rowland Thomas, the bringer of this letter, I sent 
hym, viz., 2 cases bottells of his owne with Spanish wyne, 
2 barrelles morefaek, 40 loves bread, 1 great hilesoll, 1 
bras candellstick. And I wrot an other lotter to Capt. 
Copendall per the bark, advising how I understood Migell 



jureba3So bad ia speecbes misused a man of Gonrock Donos, 
whome went passenger in the bark. 

Also I sent my Torkisb History per the bearer of this 
letter to Capt. Cop., to passe away the tyme per the way, 

Sepiemher 12. — We landed yiaternight and this day all 
the cables and cordage of Hoziander in onr yord under a 
shed. And wee receved peper ashore yisterday in 4 boates^ 
and this day 218 bagges peper in cloth sacks made. 

Also Soyemon Dono sent a present of 2 pewter cnps 
and 10 Japon sequanseguee (or dishes), looking for greater 
matters, which needes must be retorned to hym and others 
which are in place. 

And towards night our carpenters that wrought upon the 
junck came to Firando from Cochi, to-morrow being a 
festival! day, as also to receave more rise. I find Gingro, 
Capt. Adames scrivano, left to look to our workmen, to be 
but an eypleaaing prowd knave. They thought to have 
pickt a quarrell to fall out, yet I gave them content. 

Sepiemher 13. — Yaimon Dono, the master ship carpenter, 
brought me a present of pears, and, in the end of many 
complementall speeches, took exceptions that land carpen- 
ters were sett to work abord our shipp. I answerd hym, 
he and others were occation thereof, in using me out of 
reason heretofore and making me to pay them what tfaey 
list, etc. 

And we carid Tome Samme, the King of Firando, a 
present as followeth, viz. : — 

I pec. black wrought velvet, coat - - OSO 

S pec. grogreu. 

10 pec, wbit baftas, at 20 Rs. cotye - ■ 008 

10 pec. red zelas of 12 Ra. cory. - - 004 8 

10 pec. blew byrams of 15 Rs. corg. - - 006 

10 pec. chint Amad of 20 Es. corg. - - 008 

10 pec. couTB tapis of Oij Es. corg. - - 001 9 

10 pec. chader pintado of 09 Kh. corge - - 003 6 

5 bags paper 



1 damttskt gnu 

1 chast gas 

September 14. — The King of Firando compassed in most 
parte of tlie harbor with nettes and hedges to ketch fish 
to morrow ; and seat me word to com and drink with h;m 
to night, which I ezskewsed till to morrow morayng. 

And towardes night Mr. Jno. Huntt, the master of the 
Eoziander, came and tonid me that 2 of the shipps company 
had byn abcent 2 daies, viz., one Doughtie, a quarter 
master, and an other called SVadden, a rich mans sonne of 
Plymouth, whome ia fownd to be a very cheater. And at 
very instant I had notig of Donghtie, where he was dronken 
in a howse ; soe I took hym and sent hym abord with a 
letter to the master, eta 

The master sent me word that one Piter Waddon was 
ashore and had byn the lyke 2 daies and nightes together, 
and that he had etolne and pawnd his companions aparell, 
and laid it to pawns in whorehowses, and was gon upon the 
score in direra howses, and determened to ran away to som 
other place. So I laid out to look for hym. 

Sepiember 15. — The walle or noting the king caused to 
be made to fish was borne downe in the night with the force 
of the tide, eta 

I went betyme in the momyng to vizet the king, ac- 
companid with Mr. Ed. Sayer, Mr. Jno. Osterwick, and 
Mr. Jones the chirurgion. He entertayned us kindly; and 
so we retomed. 

Also we sent 18 ptcullea cattts net abord the jank at 
Cochi, with iron and sacks charcoll. And there was bought 
of Andrea, the China Gapt,, and his brother Whaw foure 
eattia musk, being in 86 codds, cost twelve taiea per catty 
in China; and so let ns have it to pay in Bialles of eight 


68 DUKT or BicHABD cocca. [i^'S- 

And I boQglit and paid for 4 peare letlier pompa, 
aad 3 peare velvett pantables' two taiet to a China shew- 

And in the afler nowne the king and all hie nobles came 
a fiahiag before onr dore^ haveing laid dnble nettes fiat 
crea' o7er the haven at a hie water. I made ready 2 pigs, 
2 ducks, 2 henee, and a lojne pork, all rested, with a 
banket sweetmeates, enviting them ashore, bnt fownd them 
nnwilling ; and see carid it abord the kinges boate, where 
they did eate what they pleased. And soe they departed 
along by our ehipp, where they had 7 peces ordinance shot 
affe at their landinge. 

And, in my abcense, a fello came with a letter from 
Jorge Daroia and a peare silk stocking (as he said}; but 
standing gaping at the fishermen, a knave stole both 
stockinges and letter from hym, or else, as som craflie 
knaves doe, did rob bymselfe, etc. 

September 16. — I wrot a letter to Jorge Durois of loosinge 
his letter and Btockioges. And I gave my peare knivea to 
the China Capt. to send to his brother (or rather kinsman) 
in China, upon hope trade ; as also he had 4 looking glassea 
for same purpose, bought of Dach, and 4 pec. chowters* of 
20 Rs. per corg., with knyves; and it is thought fit to geve 
50 Be. 8 to the man wbiob carrieth the letter, to pay his 
charges per way, and to send a greate gould ring of myne 
with a white amatist in it, cost me 5 U. str. in France. 
This ring to be sent to one of these 2 men, named Ticham 
Shofnoj an eneuuke. God grant all may com to good effect. 
Amen. Amen. Also 2 ivery son dialles, campaa lyke, 
delivered hym. 

September 17. — We carrid a present to Gensbe Samme, 
the kinges brother, as foUoweth, viz.: — 

' Slippen. Fr. pantoufle». 

' Perhaps & slip of the peo for " fixed across". 

' CAoictari, a kind of calico. 



1 d&mflBkt peece, coat - - - 06 

5 pec. white boftas, coat - - • 04 

5 peo. chint, coat - . - • 04 
I peec wrought «att«ii. 

I thought to have oarid preaeates to Takkaman Dono and 
Semi DoQo, bat they were gon out of the towne to their 
lands to meete the king in his progresse, he now goinjif to 
TJzet his cheefe placesse, being his grandfather dying, he is 
Boly com to govenie, and had noe tyme to doe it till now by 
meanes of Japan warse. I must of necesse^ please this 
TakkamoQ Dono and Semi Dono, because I expect to pro- 
cnre 2 chaienes (or bowses) to baitd gadongs npon neare onr 
English howse. 

And I went to Oyen Dono, the kings secretary or gover- 
nor, and carid hym a present of — 
1 peo. rich wTonght ta&Setjr. 

5 pec. white boftas of 20 Ra, coat - •400 

6 pec. chint Amad of 20 Bb. eorg., cost - - 4 
6 knlns. 

He tonld me he would assist ns in getting these chawnea, 
althonght it displaced men that paid daylie tribute to the 
king, it being in the hart of the towne, and therefore gave 
toe coanaell to get Taccamon Dono and Semi Dono to 
frendee ; but hereafter, when our busynes was well setled, 
then not to gevo giftes to any one but to the kiuge. This 
vas his counsell, etc. He also adviced me to envite the 
king to dyner at his retome back, for that yet he was not 
invited since we came into Japan. 

Their came a Portingall prisoner to the English howse, in 
company of Hollanders, haveing lycense to walk abroad. 
He was taken per the Hollanders in this junk, and is the 
5th tyme tbey have taken hym at sea. 

Sepienib^ 18. — Jno, Gorezan, om jurebaBta, fell out with 
Andrea Dittis, the China Capt. 'i\aijureba8So hath a fowie 


60 DIA.BT 0¥ RICHARD C0CE8. [1615. 

tong and falletli out with all men, and the China Cspt. was 
overmuch hasty, etc. 

September 19. — Sugian Dodo came and brought me a 
present of 2 baggs sweet powlder to lay amongst aparell, 
and aaid they were geven hym per the kinge and formerly 
geven to the king per the Emperour. 

September 21. — Ther was sonld and delivered to Tome 
Dono, our next neighbour, 1 logg leade, delivered to hym^ 
coDtainiog 225 catts, to pay aa rest are sould. The China 
Capt., Andrea Dittis, went for Goto this momyng, to meete 
Oapt. Whaw his brother, to send away a small soma for 
China abont our pretended and hopefull procuring trade 
into China, which God, of his mercy, grant may take 
effect, eta 

September 22. — We receved '18 sows lead ashore at Eng- 
lish howse, containing 4^50 catlU Japan wight. 

And ther was 3 preseates sent as fotloweth, riz. : — 
To Soyemon Dono. the Kinges reoeaver, 

1 pec. Batten, cost - • - 6 

3 peec. white baftaB, cofit of 20 Rb. 
And to littell Ontony, alie Sifian Dono, 
S pec. white boftas of SO Rb. corg. 
5 knyreB. 

And to Sugean Dono 1 damaskt peec. (or gun). 

And we receaved 18 sows leade more ashore, which way 
4,115 cattia, 

September 23. — We receaved 64 sows lead more ashore, 
which is the rest of 120 sows sent per Hoziander, which 64 
sows poiz 14,649 catts, whereof 1 sow of 202 eattis was 
retomed back for ships provition. 

And I went to Cochi to see how our junck work went for- 
ward, being accompanid with Mr. Huntt, whoe lyked rea- 
sonably well of their work, only thought them laysie, aa all 
men else doe. But it is the cnntry fation, etc. We carid 



2 barilla wyne, witb 24 maa in &ab, and 10 loves of 

Aod I receaved a letter from Gonrook Dono, dated in 
Langaaaqne 9 dais past, wherein he answerd me tuching 
myne sent about Damian, that he was in prison for misde- 
menor, the capt. of the Portingall shipp haveing taken hym 
as s man nothing apertenyng to me nor oar English nation, 

Nobesane retomed thin day from M^aco and sent me 
word thereof, and that the Emperonr was gon for Edo 
before he came from Miaco ; for which I am sory, for that 
Capt. Coppendalls jomey will be longe. 

September 24. — I wrot a letter Capt. Adamea to make 
knowne to the Emperonr how the Portingalla have taken 
Damian Marin and Jno. de Lievana prisoners ; or, in hia 
abcense, Mr. Richard Wickham, to procure in all he may to 
geve the Emperonr or the King of Edo notis thereof. This 
letter ia directed to Mr. Wm. Eaton at Osekay or Miaco, in 
abcenBe of Capt. Adames, to send after hym, Srst having 
taken coppie thereof. Also I sent 2 other letters to 6on- 
rock Dono and Martin de Grninia, capt. more of the Ama< 
can ship. 

September 25.-~We receaved all rest wax ashore, but not 
wayd. I sent another letter to Damian, enclosed to his 
host, with an other to his host in Japon, in answer of his. 

Yosqne our butlers wife was brought to bed of a boy. 

We sent a present to Bungo Dono, as followeth : — ■ 

5 pec. white baftM of 11 Ba. per corg. 

6 pec. chint Aniad of 15 Rs. per corg. 
1 damaskt gon or peec. 

Magdalina Marias daughter paid me two taiea I lent her 
a yeare past, and 1 gave it to Matinga. 

And ther was geven in present to Genemon Dono, the 
Admerall, 5 pec. baftas, and 5 knyvs. 

We receaved aland at English howse 100 2 inche planck 
of Skidayon Dono ; and we brought the Roxiander to a key 



(or wharfe), and pat all her ordinance ashore, to bring her 
aground to trym or sheath to morrow mornyng, Gk>d willing. 
And within night littell Antony, allit Sifian Done, aeut me 
worde the king waa retomed to Pirando. 

Sffptemher 26. — I wrot a letter to Jorge Dorois, to have a 
reconjng of velvettes, eattene, and other matters, as of 
Jorge the CafFro and the 100 tais retoraed I lent hym. 

And Semidone sent me a hanch of venison. I went and 
viseted Semidone and Tackamon Dono, and carid eache of 
them a present as followeth, viz.: I chast peeCj 5 pec. white 
bafbas, 5 pec, chint. 

And I receared a letter from Jorge Dnroia, dated in 
Langasaqne, 1th of October, new stile, whenn he advised 
me bow the Spaniardes had taken Damian Marin and Jdo. 
de Lievana prisoners, saying they were bownd to serve the 
King of Spaine, and that they gave it oat they wonld take 
hym prisoner becaase he was frend to as and the Hol- 

We unladed all the Hoxianders ordinance ashore, and 
brought her agrownd before the English bowse to sheath 

And Sayemon Dono sent me word that one of the kinges 
men waa now com from Miaco, and mett Capt. Adames and 
our people at Osekey, and that the Emperoar was departed 
towardes Shronge 2 daies before they arived. Bat mens 
words are so divers that I know not what to beleeve, espe- 
tialty becaase I receare Qoe letter. I receaved a comple- 
mentall letter from.onr hostis at Tomo. 

September 27. — ^I invited the King of Firando and his 
nobles to dyner to the English howse on Mnnday next; but 
he Bent me word it might better be on Sonday, for that he 
expected the King of Crates one Mnnday. And I sent a 
boate ezpres to Langasaqne to buy things necessary, and 
sent 12 taiea plate per hym which went, and wrot Jorge 
Duroia to assist hym, and to send me 2 jars or pottes con- 


t6l5.] DUBT O? BICHIBD C0CK8. 63 

aerve. And sent 2 HoUandes ohiaes to Jorge and Barto- 
lemew de la Rocha. Alao I sent to procare the kinges 
letter to Gonrock Dono abont tbe setting free of DantiaiL 
and Juan, wliich he granted me, and sent it away per one 
of his owne serrantes to Langasaqae, as he promised me he 

September 28. — The 2 carpenters and on master carpenter, 
the master mate, fell sick, and were brought ashore to the 
English howse. 

And, finding the king had not sent his letter to Gonrok 
DoQo fisterday (as he promised me), I sent Ed. Sayer with 
it exprea, and agreed with a boate and 7 men for the voyag 
for 6 ta, 4 ma. And sent a present to Qonrok Dono : — 

la. ma. to. 
2 damaakt fowling peo., coat \0 la, - - 10 

A peo. wbite baftaa of 20 Bs. corg., U - - 04 

6 pec. tapu Sorai of 

6 peo. chint Amad of 15 Bjs, corg. • - 03 

ftpecblewbymniBof 15 Rh. cof^.,i8- - OS 

h peo. red ulaa of 12 Ra. eorg,, ia • - 03 4 

6 pec. bTickshawa 

This present is sent to hym aa cheefe hongew of all 

goodes bronght into Firando, I^uigasaqae, or any of these 

partes of Japon. 

The Dach envited the King of Firando abord their ship, 
and gave hym 3 pec. ordinance for a wellcom at entrance 
and 5 or 6 for healthee and 15 ont of both shipps at his 
going ashore. And a Dnch marener, in charging a peece 
that was honycombd, had his hand ehott offe and his face all 
batterd. Soe onr chimi^on was sent for to assist the 
Dnch chimrgion to save the man, yf it were possible. 

September 29. — I receared 4 letters, viz., 1 from Gapt, 
Raphe Coppendall, 1 from Capt. Wm. Adames^ 1 from Mr. 
Richard Wickham, 1 from Mr. Wm. Eaton, all dated ia 
Ushmando, 40 leags short of Osekay, the Idbh of this pre^ 
sent month of September, where they were wetherboond, 



yet heard of the Dnch or Hollanders arirall theare 4 daiea 
before the date thereof, and that as then the Emperonr was 
at Miaco, and thonght would stay till the ead of this month. 
Also Mr. Eaton wrot that thej had news of Mr. Jno. Garneis 
death at Syam with one Jno. Dench, and that Mr. Lncas 
Antonison was gon for Pattania or Bantam, and Mr. Shipard 
left cheefe at Sy&m. This was tonld to onr trumpeter by a 
Japon that ia com from Sjam, who served in the English 
bowse at Syam. 

TaccamoQ Dodo sent mo word that I might ba; the 
China womans howse and make a gedoog in the place at mj 

September 30. — We sent a present to Sangero Samme that 
lent ns a bark to cany onr goodes to Osekey ; — 

(a. ma. eo. 
I damaskt fowling peecs, cart - - 6 

1 peo. allda> of 30 Rs. is - - .12 

2 pec. tapia Soraa 

October \. — Taccamon Done sent me a dish of fresh fish, 
I of fresh water. The kingea smiths honae was set on fyre 
this night bf the neglegence of his aervantes, but sowne 
qaenched. Yet bis dores were shntt up by order from the 
king, becaase they looked no better to matters ; it bein^ 
stricktly looked unto, and they banished or put to death 
that have their howsea bnmed. 

In the after nowne the boate I sent to Laogasaqae, to 
buy provitions to enrite the king to dyner, retorned and 
brought that she went for, with 2 jarrs conaervea from 
Jorge, brought for me. And Susanna, his wife, aent me a 
box of cooserres, with a baakit of peares and an other of 
figges, and a small box of conservs for China Capta. 
doughter, which I sent nnto her. Jorge letter was dated 
in Laogasaqae le 9th of October, new stile, in which he 
advised me that Damiaa Marin and Jno. de Lievana were 

1 Atitgea* or alkgiat, an Indian staff, made from cottiw or grass. 


1615.] DIART OY BICBARD C0CE3. 65 

taken prisoners per meftnes of Capt. Cktrroclio, wbicli tra\y 
I doe beleeve. 

October 2. — Thomas Davis, the carpenter, dieil this mom- 
yng at break of day of the emaU-pos, he being choaked 
with them. 

I envit-ed the king with his 2 brothers and Nobesane, 
Semedone, Sangrasame, Tacoaman Done, Sngean Dono, 
and 5 other cavelleros to beare them company at the 
kinges ohoiae. They dyned after the Japan manner, and 
SDpped after the English. And, as he was at sapper, word 
came that the King of Crates was arived ; which made hym 
to make short, and soe went to meet hym at landing. Soe 
the great Holland ahipp shot afe 3 peces ordinance as he 
passed by, and the littell shipp 3 other at his landing. Soe 
aller he sent me word of his arivall, and envited hym selfe 
to OUT fro to morrow in the afternowne, 

I understood Peter Wadden went 3 tymes over the walle 
in the night ; soe I turned hym abord againe. He ia a 
graseles fello and unlykly to amend. 

Octob&r 3. — The King of Firando sent me a bnck, know- 
ing the King of Crates cam to snpper, and gare me many 
thankes for his kind entertaynment yisterday. And after 
Downe the King of Crates came according as he said, 
being accompanid with the King of Firando and 3 other 
noble men of Crates. Unto whom I gave the best enter- 
taynment I conid and to their owne contentes. And after, 
they went abord the great Holland shipp, and at retome 
ashore had 6 peces ordinance shot ont of her and 3 peecea 
oat of the littell shipp. 

And towardea night 2 Hollander mariners which had 
comited aom fait were laid out for having bya abcent 2 or 3 
daiea from shipp ; and 1 of them came to the English 
howae, desiring me on his knees to get his pardon. Soe I 
wrot a word to the capt, and sent our chimrgion along 
with hym. And they were no sooner gon bnt others 


66 StABT or BICBABD COCKB. [t6l5. 

brongbt the other Dnchmui, and lie desird the If ke favor 
of me ; but, whiles I vaa writicg the letter, he gave them 
that kept hym the slip and soe escaped for the tyme. 

The King of Crates gare me a present of 2 langanacJis^ 
and a eattan, and desird to see the experience of a fyry 
arrow shot oot of a slnrbo* and a hnmyng pike ; which is 
referd till his retome from a province of his which he is 
sow bownd to vizet. 

October 4. — The King of Grates departed from Firando 
this momyng, and the great Holhuid ship shot afe 3 peeces 
of ordinance as he passed by them. 

And I reoeaved a letter from Ed. Sayer, dated in Langa- 
saqne, le 30th of Septembr, bow he had delivered the present 
to Gonrock Done with the letters, and that he willed hym 
to stay 2 daies, and he wonld ase his endevor for ns tn what 
he conld. And I wrot 2 letters to Jorge Darois and Capt. 

And apon connoell of frendes, haveing remeander of 
things bought for inviting the 2 kinges, I invited to 
dyner to morow 9 cavaleros, vis., Oonosco Dono, Unagense 
Dono, Matasabra Dono, Oyen Dono, Torasamon Dono, 
Soyemon Dono, Shosqne Dono, Oton^en Dono, Sifian 
Dono. I had thonght to have envited Ushennaqne Dono, 
onr bongao, and the kinges secretary, bnt they were ont of 

October 5. — Hie China Capt., Andrea Dittis, retomed to 
Firando from Goto, and brought me back a gould ring, 
delivered hym the 1 7tb September last, to have byn sent for 
a present to an enennke in China, valned as it cost 
51. str.; bat, upon better oonsidenition, not haveing two 
ringes, and 2 principall men emploied abont the aflares, 
they thought it best to bny i etUtant or Japan sables, and 
to send 2 to eache one. Also the China Capt. gave me a 

> Naginata, a Iftrge-lie&ded lance, or halberd 
* A tlttrbotn, K kind of cHMabow. 


l6l5.] DIARY OT EICHAHD C0CK8. 67 

musk cod for a preseDt, and was sent from a China nnknowa 
onto me. And be doth assare me on his life that oar pre- 
tence to gett trade into China cannot chuse bot com to 
good effect ;' which God grant. 

The cavaleroB earited to dyner came, being 8 in number, 
as apeareth on the other side. And aa they were at it. 
Bongo Sammes adopted sonne (which is the kinges yonng- 
est brother) came by, and they called hym in, and after 
departed all content. 

Gonosqno Dono brought a present of 10 bandells Japan 

October 6. — ^We bought our next neighbors ekowne, or 
howae place, to the uorthwardes, to pay 40 tnis for it, and 
sbe to carry away the howse, but geve it out we pay bat 25 
ta\e» for it, abe being far in debt and therfore the money 
aeazed upon. The other 15 taieg she hath secretly, to men- 
tayn ber and her children. Also Mr, Nealson paid the 
BCrivano of the jnnk 60 taxes 4 mas plate bars, for to pay 
carpenters and maroners ; and sent 150 bags lyme to Cochi. 
And I delivered 40 R. 8 to China Capt. to buy, or rather 
gamiah, 4 eattana, to send into China. Allso I delivered 
bym 4 mas wight Priaman gonld for same purpose. 

And I delivered one hundred taies plate bars to Mr. 
Kealson. Also Mr. Nealson paid sixteen taies plate to China 
Capt., viz., 12 tai^ in bars for blads, and 4 taies in amaU 
plate of workmanshipp. 

October 7. — The China Capt., Andrea Dittis, came and 
toald me that the capt. monre' of the sfaipp of Amacon and 
other Spaniardes and Portingales had hired 2 barkes for 
100 faie«, tocom from Langasaque to Firando, touaemeanes 
to steale away a Porbiugall which is capt. of the junk the 
Hollanders took ; and that ther was divers Spaniardes and 
Portingalta armed secretly in the said barkes, which matter 
was revealed by 3 Chinas which fled oat of the said jonk to 
' Portag., capitSo mlr, captain-iD-chi^. 




Langaaaquo and made report hereof to other ChiQas, 1 of 
whome wrob therof to the China Capt. So I went to the 
Dach howse and made it kiiowne to tho Hollanders, whoe 
gave me hartj thaakes for it. 

And I wrot a letter to OQr host at Tushma, per a mer- 
chant of that place, desyring to heare from hym of sale of 
our pepper, which I uaderatand was soald long since ; aad 
that upon his advise I would send more, desyring hym to 
bring or send the money for this per first sure coureance. 

October 8. — This day, before nowne, our 3 barka wo aeut 
to Osekay with Gapt. Copeodall and his company retorned, 
from whome I receaved a letter, dated in Oaekay the 23th 
ultimo, with an other of same date from Mr. Eaton, wherin 
they adviz me the Emperour was departed from Miaco 8 
daies before their arivall, and that Capt. Adames went post 
after hym, being geven to understand that he ment to stay 
in a place at halfe way, hoping by this meanes to dispach 
bnsynes theare, and so to retorne ; the Duch haveing dis- 
pached theirs before he went from Miaco. And they thought 
it fitt to retorne back all 3 barks, because they knew not 
how long it wold be before they retorned. Also they both 
writ me that pack no. 116 is wanting in the cargezon, with 
5 bambows black paynting and 5 small pec. wax. 

Also our host of Sackay came to Firando and brought 
me a present of a barrell of wyne, making much mono that 
all he had was burned when onr comodeties were burned, 
80 that now he is new to enter into the world, and to that 
entent meanes to goe purcer in a junk of Gonrock Donoa 
for Syam, 

I sent oar jvrebaaso to thank Songero Samme and Sifian 
Done for the lent of their barks to carry up our men and 
merchandiez. Capt. Copendall advized me he gave 2 iaies 
to the master of the greate bark and 1 tay to the purcer. 
And ther was geven away in presents as followeth, viz. ; To 
Gonosqo Dono, governor, 1 pec. black satteu, cost Gta ; 3 


I615.] DIABY or BICHARD C0CE8. 69 

pec. whit baftas of 8 R. corg ; 5 knives. To Shosqo Bono, 
the kings cfaainberleii, 1 pec. alleias of 15 R. per corg ; 3 
pe& baftas of 8 R. per corge, 3 pec tapia Suras. To Una- 
gense Dodo, capt. general!, 1 damask peec. To Skiamon 
Dodo, provedore, 1 pec. alleias of 15 R. per corge; 1 pec. 
white bafiaa of 8 R. per corge; 1 pec. duble borall* of 7 
Ba. per corge ; 1 pec. tapis Snras. To kinge's cheefe cooke, 
1 pec. alleias of 15 Rs. per corge. To kinges under cookes, 
1 pec. white bafta of 8 Rs. per corge. To kinges sumaker 
for cookry, 1 pec. white bafta of 8 B. per corge. To aa 
another oold cooke, 1 peec. white bafta of 8 Rs. per corge. 
To h neighbonra maid servaDtes for cookry, 3 duble peecea 
of bnrrall of 7 Rs. corg. 

I receaved a letter from Ed. Sayer, dated 6 days past, 
wherin he wrote me Gonrock Dono drivs hym of with de- 
laies, and as yet hath Dot sett the men at liberty, but rather 
that the PortiDgals have put Joo. de Lievana in iroDs beloe 
in the shipp, aa well as Damian, for that do man should 
com to speaku with tbem. 

October 9. — W© searched our warehouse for pack do. 116, 
bnt canot fiDd it'; and examening over packing bill and 
wast book, find that the said pack with the wax and 5 bam- 
bowe pointing were all sent along in the great bark of San- 
gero Samma ; soe it must rest npon the master, the purcer, 
and upon Jdo. Pheby to aDswer for those matters. 

Ed. Sayer retorned from Langasaque and brought answer 
from Gonrock Dono that he had donne what possibly he 
could, but could not get the 2 men set at liberty. So I 
went and tould the king thereof, and tould bym I ment to 
send away a bark in all hast with letters to Capt. Adamea 
to adriz the Emperour thereof, desiring to have his High- 
nes letters of favor of the matter, which he promised ma 
So 1 made ready the bark and wrot my letters r a generall 
letter to Capt. Adames, Mr. Eaton, and Mr. Wickham, as 
' Bnrtif coarse woollen cloth. 


70 DUBT Ot BICHA&D COCKS. [1615. 

ftpeareth per copy, but antedated to morow ; and ^ao a 
letter to Capt, Copendall, advizing of lo9se of pack no. 1 16 
with wax and paynting; and at any hand advised Capt 
AdamoB to use all meanea possible to set these two men at 

Goorock Dono sent me a present per his man of a peare 
huhee^ and 2 chist mach^ containing in each chiat 200 roles 
cotton maeh. 

October 10. — As I was abont to send away the bark and 
sent to the king for his letters, he retorned me word thab 
he had taken connsell abont the matter, and wished me 
once more to stay a littell and he would send 1 of his owns 
men to Gonrock Dono, not dowbting but to procure the 
men to be set at liberty. So, mnch against my will, I was 
coDstrained to desist from my purpose. 

I forgot to set downe howl receared a letter from Martin 
de Guinia, the capt. of Amacan shipp, with an other from 
Gapt. Garocho, and a tfaerd from Jorge Durois, all dated te 
15th present, new stile, and a forth letter from Albaro 
MunoSj of 17th ditto. And Jorge Durois sent me 2 pear of 
silk stockinges, cost, bs he said, 7 taies, with 100 candella 
at 7i for a mas. Also I receaved a fifte letter from Melchar 
van Sanfort, dated in Langasaqne, le I2th currant, new stile, 
only of commendacons ; and he retorned me a Dnch cro- 
nocle which 1 lent hym. And ther was a bag of Pattania 
pepper sonld to Gonrock Dono for the Emperour, containing 
grose 160 catlia, is net 155 eattis, at 8 tai* per jiicuU. 

And abont one a clock after midnight Tho. Heath, the 
carpenters mate of ye Hozea-nder, dyed of a lingaring disease, 
which began with a blody flux. 

October 1 1. — Our junck, lie Sea Adventure, waa lancbed 
this day at Cochi, and I got Mr. Hunt to goe see her yf the 
carpenters had donne their partes, Ed. Sayer accompanyng 


l6l5j DUBT or BICEABD COOKa. 71 

hym. I Beot tho letters I wrot of lOth cairent to Mr. 
Eaton per a bark of Firando, and pat 5 toos port on it, and 
in that letter 2 others for Capt. Gopindall, 1 from Mr. (gic) 
and an other from Mr. Osterwick, and a therd from my 
Belfe, dated as to morow, le 12th present, advising with 
all speed to aend them to Capt. Adames to apeak to (he 
Emperonr to procure the liberty of Dauian and Jdo. Also 
I sent an other letter to Mr. Eaton, to enquir whether 
Twan ia apointed to make warse against the Chinaa, and 
to send me word. 

October 12^ — I forgot to note downe yisterday that, when 
the ships company went to bary Thomas Heath in the 
place where they formerly had buried his mate, Tho. Davies, 
they fownd that som villanousQ people had diged up the 
cooffin and Btolne the winding aheete and his ahert, and 
lefte the karkaase naked upon the grownd — a villanouse 
acte. So they soonke the other coffin into the sea. 

The kinges eldest brother, Gueache Samme, aliug Tono- 
man Samme, had 20 eatiis wax, to pay as the reat is sonld. 

14 of the junks carpenters began to work upon the 
Hozeander this mornyug, counting the master for one, all 
ship carpenters. 

I had much adow thia day about a boy which Mr. John 
Oaterwick had entertayned, named Antony, whome (as it 
seemetb) is servant to a Spaniard that aent a Japon into 
our howae, a mallapert knave, whoe, without speaking a 
word unto me nor no man else, went up into Mr. Oster- 
wicka chamber and laid bondea on the boy to have throwne 
hym out of the howae per force ; yet he went without hym. 
But sowne after the King of Firando sent me word to 
deliver the boye into his handea, which I did, he pro- 
mising to send a man with hym that yf in case it be a false 
bravado of the Spaniardea (as I aleadge it is) that then the 
boy may be retomed back, etc. 

Also the master, Jno. Hunt, and Mr. Osterwick, going to 



a lodg the king had lent ns, fowad a yong gerle of som 11 
or 12 years of adge, dead on the back side under the walle, 
and doggs feeding on her, havtnge eaten both her legges 
and her lower partes, with one hand, being newly kild but 
a littell before. It is thought aom villen had ravished her 
and after kild her, or elae, being a slave, her master had 
kild ber upon som displeasure and cast her out to be eaten 
of dogges, an ordenary matter in these partes, the lives of 
all slaves being in the masters handes, to kill them when 
he will, without controle of any justice. 

October 13. — This night past, about midnight, our small 
skiffe of the Hosiavder was stolne away and, as the shippa 
company sayetb, per a Hollander which ran away from the 
great shipp, being one of the two I wrot in favour of here- 
tofore, and that tbey saw hym upon our bridg in the night 
about midnight ; so out of dowbt I think they let hym goe' 
away with the boate, one knave helping or winking at an 
others escape. For truly I neaver saw a more froward and 
bad teawd company then most of them are, and the cbeefe 
ringleader a master mate called Dorington. So that, 
seeing contynewally their leawd courses in going abroad 
night and day without leave, the offecers them selves being 
worst of all, we were forsed to make orders and set thein 
np at meane mast, sortinge the company into therds, one 
whereof might take their pleasure per day, retorning 
abord before sonne setting, and the other \ to look to 
shipps bnsynes and that carpenters doe their labour. This 
Dorington hath said in open company amongst them all 
that nether captain, master, nor no other had aathority to 
punish men with ducking nor nhiping, geving it out with 
othes that be and the rest would have victnels as they list, 
without controle. Once he is a drunken, unraly, maten- 
ouse fello, and not fitt to serve the Wor^ Company. 

I sent word to the Duch howso how that fello had stolne 
away our skifie ; as also I sent word of the lyke to Taccama 



Samtne find the admerall, whoe have sent to look out after 

The China Capt. brought me word that all Goto is 
bamed, the kingea bowse as well as rest, not one howse 
left stanJiDg of some 300. It ia thought the Japans sett 
it on fyre of purpose to have the riffling of the Chinas 
goods which came in 7 or S junks, but the fyre was so 
vehement that littell or nothing was saved, 3 Chinas being 
burned that adventured to save their goods. 

And in the after nowne the kings man, which he sent to 
Langasaque about the setting of Damian and Jno. at 
liberty, retomed with a sleevlea answer, they Fortingalea 
answering, as they did before, that they would not deliver 
them upon noe tearmes. And on the way, as the kings 
man retomed, som 7 leagues from Firando, he met the 
Duch man which had stolne our ekiffe, and so brought 
both hym and it back egaine. Soe I sent the Duchman to 
the Hollands hoiAse, for which tbey gave me many thanks. 

I went to the king to certefy hym, or rather to know of 
hym, what answer he had receavd irom Gonrock Dono ; 
which was as I said before. Whereupon I deaird his 
Highnesee to lett me have his letters of favour to Safian 
Doco and to Gota Zazabra, testefying how these 2 men 
were entertayned into the service of Englishmen to goe in 
our jnnck for 8yam; which letters the king granted me 
and sowne after sent them for the English bowse. And I 
wrot an other to Chnbio Dono, in the Japan tonge, to 
desire his assistance in this matter to the Gmperonr, to get 
these 2 men sett free. So we bird a light bark which rowed 
with 4 ores and a fellow to oary those letters, and paid 12 
taies small plat for the voyag, to deliver the letters to Mr. 
Wm. Eaton at Osekay, or Miaco ; in doing whereof they are 
to rowe night and day. 

October 14. — 1 sent away the kingea letters and wrot a 
generaU letter to Capt. Adames, Mr. Wickham, and Mr. 


74 DUBT or BIOHABD COGKa [i6i5> 

Eaton, Knd sent it per light horamaa as before, advising at 
Iftrge, 03 I did in my former letters 2 daiea past. And I 
sent out 6 barlces to toir in our janck from Coclii, which 
brought her into harbonr at Firaado about nowue. 

I dehrered back the writing I had of Capt, Whaw for 
550 pexoK adveotared to China the yeare past. I delivered 
it back to his brother Andrea. And ther was five pieullea 
Bantam pepper sonld to Tomo Dono, to paj as we sell the 

Two Cafiroa of the Kin;^ came from Langasaqne and ad- 
vised me that an English gentleman waa kept captive in 
cheanea abord the ship of Amacan, and that they saw hym, 
he being a young man of 24 or 25 yeares of adge. But I 
did enter into opinion that this might be som trap of the 
Portingals and Spaniardea to make me to write to the Em- 
perour upon such a slight speech withont other proofe, 
whereby to geve the Emperour distast, ther being no such 
matter at all Yet I have geven order to frendes that may 
goe abord the said shipp, to look out whether ther be any 
such matter or no. 

October 15. — In this bumyng of Goto the post, or mas 
which carid the kinges letters, lost all that he had, to the 
valine of 700 taiee, being an ould man but well spoakea 
and iherfore chosen to goe about this bnsynes. Whereupon 
the China Capt. said unto me that out of hisowne he would 
send hym 50 pezos, is forty taieg, and wished me to ad 20 
pezos more to it, to make it up 70 pezoa, and that he would 
send it all to hym in my name, as a largesse in respeckt of 
his losse, being sorry for it, promising greater matters, yf 
yt pleased God to prosper hym in his proceadinges to get 
us trade into China. 

And ther was sent 2 presentes to Whaw, the China Capt. 
brother, and an other China of Langasaque called Leanga, 
I say Leangu, both which are emploid about our busynes 
to procure trade into China, viz.: — 


l6l5.] DUET or BICHABD GOCES. 75 

ta. ma. CO. 
6 pec. whit baftaa, of 16 and 17 Bs. S eorg - 04 4 

6 pec, blew bjrams, of 15 R. corg - - 03 6 

6 pec. red zelw, of 12 R. corg • - 02 S 8 

6 peo. tapis Suras. 
6 kuyrea, coat - - - - 00 S 8^ 

And Jno. Dono leot ns bis bowse over w&y to put oar 
junkes provitioD in, till she be rigde. And I sent a letter 
per China Capt. to Jorge Borois, bow I had receaved the 2 
peare silk stockinges, and kept the case bottells for bym 
till be came. Also I gavo order to the China Capt. to look 
ont for 3 China carpenters, to |i^ in onr ship for Bantam, 
as also to bny 150 grate bambooes for db, jf ther be any, 
and to enquire wbether tbe Fortingala have an Englishman 
prisoner abord their shipp or no. We bronght all tbe tym- 
bers and other matters ymploid about the junk from Cochi 
to Firando, having hired Tome or Jno. Donoa bowse to put 
tbem into. 

October 16. — The King of Crates retomed to Firando and 
aent to desire to see a fyre arrow shot oat of a slurbo^ 
which was donne before bym and tbe king of Firando to 
tbeir greate content twise. He desird to have the slurbo 
to take a sample by to make an other, with a receapt how 
to make the compound for the fyre work. And about mid- 
night departed towards Crates ; which saved the geveing a 
present of 2 damaskt fowling peeces, yf he had ataid till 

Tansbo Samme, the kinges kiosmai), bought two pec 
Cambaia cloth. 

October 17- — Before nowne Capt. Speck retomed from 
Miaco, and had 3 peces shot ont of Duch bowse and 6 ont 
of greate shipp for a welcom. I went to tbe Duch bowee 
to vizet hym, and be tould me, yf he had wanted but 2 
bowers tyme at bis orival at Miaco, that the Emperor hod 
byn gon before be had com; and that he with his owns 
mouth tould hym that the Poriingall junck tbey had taken 



WAS good prize, both niOD and goods, and all other they 
took hereafter to be the lyke, both of them and Spaniardes, 
yi they had not his paseoj but, having it, not to meddell 
with them. He also delivered me 3 letters from Gapt. 
Copendall, Mr. Wickham and Mr. Eaton^ dated in Miaco the 
28 and 29th September, and one from Mr. Eaton of 2th 
October, with 2 others from our host at Osekay and Tome 
jurebasHO. And Jorge Durois arired heare and tetla me 
that the capt. mora of the Amacan shipp sayth that, ;f 
Gonrok Dono will, he is content to sett Damian and Juo. at 
liberty, for per his permision he took them prisoners, and 
at his demand he will set them free. But I anawerd hym 
that I had his letter to shew the contrary. Once the ead 
will try all. I think there be legerdymeane. Jorge sent 
mo a present of a bottell Portingall wyne, 12 greate peares, 
and 2 boxea craknetla and littell tarts. 

October 18. — Sytnoa jvrebagto brought me a letter from 
Mr. Eaton, dated the 8th October, wherin he writes he hath 
opened all the packes cloth Cambaia, and findes most of the 
baftes, viz. ] of them, spotted and rotten, so that no man 
will looke on them. He ofierd them all together to oar 
host for 6 maa per peece, but he would not buy them, 
answering he thought they would never be sould for any- 
thing. Also he saieth their wantes 10 pec. shaddr pintado 
of them were put into the oargezon. 

October 19. — Semidone sent me a letter how be met the 
King of Crates, whoe willed hym to write to me to send hym 
these parcelles following, and he would send money per they 
which brought them. Soe I delivered them to Semidonos 

20 pec. vhiu biftaa, of 20 R. corg, at I j lag 
20 pec t&piB Suras, of it. per corg, for 1 lay pe. 
0& pec. tlielae, of 30 Rb. per corg, for 2 tay pe. 

Som totull amonte« uuto - 



Skidian Dodo seat a beefe for a present; and Jorge 
Dnroia mad account for these tbingea following : — 

4 j«TTB conoeiTM, it 6 Mi* per j«r, ia - 20 

3 milBtones to grind malt or vheate - 01 

70 taUov candellB, cost - - - 01 

Tbia JB for the hotue, md uttont uoto - 22 2S 

More, 1 pere ulk Btockinges for Capt. Cop., at 04 

More, 1 pere thrid stock., for bym, at - 00 6 
More, 1 pore gren silk stockings, to Mr. Oater- 

wick - - - - OS 6 
More, 2 pere silk itockingee, at 7 lay, for Capt. 

Copingdall or Mr. Osterwick - - 07 

16 01 15 01 
More due to hym per rest of relvettee and Bat- 
tens com from Amacan, benda profitt - - 27 2 

Som totall amontea unto - - 64 8 

October 20. — I wrot a letter to Albaro Mofios in answer 
of his, and another to Diego Famando Rij^ote to geve 3 or 
4 gantoB candy oyle to Joi^ Durois and sell the rest aa he 
can. TaccamoD Dodo seDt me a beefe for a present aod 
ther was a pece basta Dehor, of 17 Bs. per corg, sent to 
Jorge Dnrois wife, in respect of frute and sweetraeates she 
sent to us at divers tymes which was spent in the howse. 

October 21. — This night past 2 of the Hollandera prisoners 
ran away out of great ehipp, viz. both Portingales, 1 being 
capt. of junk they took, and the other a merchant whome 
they had taken 5 tymes before. 

And Sticamon Dono sent me 2 duckes and a dish of 
peares for a present. Ha is a comedian or a jester to geve 
delight to the King. 

October 22. — ^This night past both the Portingalls which es- 
caped ont of tbe Holland shipp were taken and brought 
back per such as the King of Firando sent ont after them. 



Tfae servant of Gonrock Dono retorned back 4 pec. tapis 
Saras of 1 lay peeoe — thus tbise pedliug fellowa use ns — 
aod tfainketb to stop the other 2 iaiee. 

Also C&pt. Speck sent to buy our junk ould rother^ with 
2 great ores belonging to it, which prise was made of 110 
tai» per endifierent men on both partes. 

October 24. — Capt. Speck came and tonld me the carpen- 
ters had begi]d hym about his junk rother, they being good, 
so that he had no need of ours at 110 ^IW, but retorned them 
back againe. 

October 25. — I wrot a letter to Capt. Speck to desyre 
hym to ]ett ns caryne our shipp a^nst their small shipp 
called the Jaecatra, we finding it impossible to trym her 
agrownd where she is, wo not being able to com to the 
keele of her without endangering the ehipp. 

The servant of Calsa Samme, the Emperoura youngest 
Bonne, came to the English howse and bought for hia master 
as followeth : — 

2 damukt fovling peeceB, at 15 taia peec - 30 

2 peec. burallea - - - ■ 02 

1 pec. aUeia Amad - - - - 02 

And Nobesane sent us a boefe for a present. 

Capt. Speck sent me a letter how they could not lend ns 
the small ship to caryn against, for that they must bringe 
her agrownd this spring to trym her. 

October 26. — I wrot a letter to Mr. Eaton, and advised of 
the speeches ther is that Fidaia Samme is alive in Shashma, 
and much provition of barks a making ready, and that it is 
said the Emperonr pretendeth to make warse against a great 
lorde in the north ; wishing them (I mean the English) to 
keepe this to them selves and look out in tyme to prevent 
the worst, yf need be, and to send me dowoe the true 
accompt of all matters of ould, to the end I may send a true 

» Rudder. 


l6l5-] DIAKY O? BtCH&BD COCKS. 79 

liallance to the Company in respect of onr want, aa also to 
avoid danger^ whatsoever may happen. 

George Ddtoib sent me a present of 2 pottea of macgetis 
and 20 great peares from Langasaque, hat noe letter came 
with them. 

The King enrited the Hollanders to dyner to day, and 
sent me word he would hare had the English but that be 
stayeth for the retome of Capt. Coppindall. 

October 27. — We set the mastes of onr jnncfc the Sea 
Adventure Uiis day; at the doing whereof were 3 or 400 
men persons, all the neighboures, or rather all the towne, 
sending their servantes, and came themselves (them that 
were of acoointance) and brongbt presents (nifon catange), 
after Japon maner, of wyne and other eating comodety, 
abord the jnnk, wishing s prosperouse voyag, all the ofiecers 
haveing eache one a present of a littell bm-so of wyne, 
and sfaonld have had lykewaies each one a bar of plate ad- 
vanced on their wagese, but I referd that till the coming of 
Capt. Adames. 

Sonld nnto the King of Fashemis servant 40 peeces white 
baftas of 20 B>s. per corg for 14 mas per peece — amontes 
nnto som of 56 ta. 
The King sent me a bnck for a present. 
October 28. — Goresanos wife bronght her doughfcer of 20 
dales onld to the English bowse, with a present of a barsoe 
of wyne, figges, and oringes, desiring a name to be given 
her, which was per consent Elizabeth. 

Calsa Samme.tonld me be bad receaved letters from his 
master that the Emperonr was to retome to Osekay, and 
his master with hym, to fortefie the ruenated fortresse and 
■pitb garrison into it ; which ia a signe that warse are lyke to 
ensue. God grant all may fall ont for the best. 

October 29. — We bonght 15 bogges of Bongo Samme, 
cost all 8 taMt plate of barse. 

Odober 30. — The governor of an iland at Goto, he which 



sent tbe pilot abord our shipp Hoziander, came this ia.y to 
see our English bowse, and brought a present of a beefe and 
10 hense. He ia going to the hott bathes in Issue^ for 
dollor or greefe he hath Id his boanea. 

The China Capt. tells me that this night past his brother 
sent hym a post orerland, to tell hym that Gonrock Dono 
hath staid a small somo, or juak, at Langaaaqae, which they 
had thought to hare seat to Chiha about our afiares, but 
now is said bo carry sonldiers into an iland neare unto China 
called Tacca Sanga;* but I rather think it will prore the 
Liqueas, in which place it may be the Emperonr doth think 
that Fidaia Samme lyeth larking. 

I wrot 2 letters to Laagasaque, viz. 1 to Jor. Durois tn 
send aample of pitch, as also making mention of present 
of maogeas and penres sent ; 1 to Melchar van Sanfort with 
musters of 4 sortes of spikes or neales to be made at 
LangasaquQ, viz. 1000 great spikes, 1000 lesser, 1500 lesser, 
2000 smallest. 

October 31. — In respect the servant of Calsa Samme may 
doe us good above hereafter, ae per words he offers lardgly, 
I gave hym a fireloct petrenell for a present, which Mr. 
Hunt fonaerly gave me. 

November 1. — This day was a festivall day amongst the 
Japons, and the hors raning day, to ahewte at markes with 
bones and arrowes. 

November 2. — I wrote a letter to Mr. Goumey to Syam 
per way of Langasaque, per a China, advising how Sea 
Adventure lost her voyag last yeare and put into Liquea, 
and now is ready to com with a cargezon littell more or 
lease as the last yeare, Ed, Sayer and Capt. Adames going 
in her. Also that the Hozeander arived heare, Mr. Raphe 
Ccpindell capt., and Mr. Jno. Hunt master; and he and 
Capt Adames gon to the Japon court. And bow the Duch 
' The neigbbonring igltuid of Iki or Ikshia. 
' Formosa. 


1615.] DUBY OF BICHASD C0CE3. 81 

took a prise at sea, a juuk laden with ebony, the Emperour 
geving them leave to make a good priae both of achipp 
and goods. 

Nooember 3. — The king of Firando banished on of our 
marenars of our junck, because Takcamon Dono had banished 
a yong genteltnan for geving hym a cut with a cattan. So 
the gentelman was recalled and the marener banished, and 
Takcamon Dono checked. Also a yong yewth was cat in 
peeces for thefl». 

November 5. — A servant of Gonrok Donos came from 
Miaco this day, and tould me Capt. Coppindall was retorned 
from Shrongo and that he was to com away for Firando 
forth with. 

November 6. — We bought Jno. Donos howse and chawne 
over the way for 170 taxes, and are to pay no rent for it in 
lending it the last yeare and this yeare lykwaies, it being a 
great bowse standing aparte neare to our howse, over the 
way, fitt to put shippa store or any thing else. And he is 
to bring na 30 boates lading of aton on the havgeu, to make 
walls before it, 

I receved 2 lettrs from Capt, Coppindall, 1 dated in 
Miaco le 24th, and the other in Osekay le 28 October; and 
other 2 from Mr. Eaton, 1 in Miaco le 23th, and the other 
in Osekay le 28 ditto ; wherin Capt. Copindall adviseth me 
how well the Emperour did receve the present he carid hyra, 
and gave hym an other of 5 kerremons, 10 pike headee, 100 
arow headea, and three toaccadashes, and hath geven ns hia 
letter to the king of Shashman for trad into all his dominions. 
He also writes he, the Emperour, sent CapL Adames to Edo 
to the padres, to know wherefore they are com in to his 
dominions, he haveing formerly banished all of their coate 
out of his dominions. He also hath made proclemation, in 
payne of death, that no Japon shall goe into New Spaine 
from henceforward. These padres are com now out of New 
Spaine in a ehipp to. 




November 7. — I wrot a letter to Syam to Mr. Gurney, as 
appeareth per coppie, and seat it to LangaBaqne to Melchar 
van Saofort to send it per first junk which goeth from 
thence, advising Mr. Gurney, or any other in bis ]}1ace, to 
provid lading in tytne, knowing before of ber coming. Also 
I wrot 2 letters, per Capt. China conveance, to the said 
Melchar to buy 8000 nealea, and to Joi^e Durois to buy 
5 or 6 picuUs roseu. 

November 8. — I receved a lettr from Jorge Durois, dated 
in Langasaque, le 14th of Novembr, new atile, wherin he 
wrot that the king of Shashma was making ready 400 barkes 
of warr with all hast, but for what purpose it is not knowne; 
and that the Emperour had aumond all the kinges or tonot 
in Japon to be at Shrougo in the moneth of Marche next. 

He wrot me of pitch he would buy at Laugasaque at 
SJ taieg per picuU. 

A Japon called Martin, which Mr. Wickham imploied at 
Liqueas when he put Jno. Japon away, did steale a wacadaah 
or dagger with 10 goco» or dishes, and being taken was 
condemned to be cut in pecea Yet the kinge saved his 
lyfe in I'espect he was of Langasaque, but banished out of 
his dominions for ever, in payne of death yf ever he were 
fownd heare againe. 

November 9. — The Portuguese, that was capt. of the 
jnnck which the HoDanders took, escaped againe out of the 
shipp Ankemaen with fetters on bis legges, and, as it ia 
thought, could not be donne but the wache must know 

Yt was not the Fortingale capt. which escaped, but 10 
other slaves, Chinas and Caffros, which did belong to the 

Gonrok Dono wrot the King of Firando that he had 
donne what he could to set Damian and Jno. at libertie.bnt 
that the capt. would doe nothing ; yet, before the shipp 
went out, be would goe and fetch hym ont hym selfe. This 



is Gon Bock Dodos suttiltie, becaaae lie now understandeth 
the £mperoar hath goTen order to aett them at liberty ; 
otherwaies he had rather they were hanged, to have 
Damiana goods. 

November 10. — ^The Ghioa Capt. receared a letter from 
his brother io Ijangasaque, of a China junok (or soma) which 
departed from theoce for China with 77 or 78 men in her, 
bnt were met by theevs at sea, who cutt all their throtes 
and carid away all that was good, and soe the jnnk was 
driven npoa the cost of Goto with 7 or 8 dead men in lier, 
the rest being throwne over board. 

Gorozon, onr jurebasso, pad Pedro five nwa on my acoo. 
to bay hym shewes. Oto, Mat[iaga8] slave, ran away ; but her 
Burtiea brought her back againe. I enquired wherfore she 
ran away, and she answered because she wanted occnpiiog 
and that she could not endure it. 

November 11. — The China Capt. receaved a letter from 
his brother to buy 200 peeces dutts of us and he would 
send money for them, and buy them to geve to pore Chinas, 
to clothe them, that were in two junks which were cast 
away, one on the Liqueas and the other on cost Shashma, 
Bom being drowned, and them which escaped were stark 
naked. He tells me they will geve these dnttis to these 
Chinas, which dwell most of them neare Lanquin, and tell 
them it was the gift of the English, because they should 
speake well of our nation in respeck of the matter they 
have in hand to procure trade into China. They must pay 
a tay per pece for these duttis. 

And we receaved a rest of a barell gnnponlder, very bad, 
which remened in Zanzabars howse, and put it into our new 
lodg. Also Mr. Nealsoa pad to the scrivano of junck 33 
iaies 4 mag small plate for marranis fish for voyage, accord- 
iag to custom ; and the rise they had the 9th day, rated, as 
it cost. 93 : 2 : 4. 

November 12. — I went to the King of Firando and tould 



hyra that Mr. Eaton had advised me that Safian Do[iio] 
said that yf the men were not sett at libertye npon sight of 
his letter, that then I shoald adriae hym thereof, and he 
would use other meanes. So the king tonld me he wonld 
send to Gonrock Bono, to know whether they would set 
them at liberty or no, Gonrok Donoa man came to viset 
me, yet willed me I shoald not say he was hears. There is 
duble dealing with them. 

November 15. — Figean Samme, King of Firando, sent for 
8 damaskt snaphanne fowling peeces, to send to SaGan 
Dono for tho Emperonr. The price I sett at 20 taie^ pec., 
and I wrot a letter to SaGan Dono tberof, as also to thank 
hym for writing to Gonrok Dono about seting Damian and 
Jdo. at libertie. 

November 21. — A cavelero, on of the kinges men, sent 
me 5 hense for a present, and Skito and a Gorean each of 
them a baskit oringes. 

November 22. — Onr bostis of Bingana Tome, retomed 
from Langasaqne, came to see theuglish bowse and brought 
s present of pearse. I sent a letter per her to Mr. Eaton, 
to same effect as my former 5 daies past per kings man. 
Also I wrot 2 letters to Nangasaque to Melchor van San- 
fort and Jorge Darois for the 6000 neales and 8 bariU China 
oyle from China Capt. brother to trym Hozeander, and sent 
a boate expres for it. 

November 23. — The king sent me a letter that he re- 
ceaved from Gonrok Dono, wherin he advised bym that he 
wold sett Damian and Jno. de Lievano at liberty. 

November 24. — Ther was, to the vallew of 150 eattis 
wight, lead stolne out of the Hozeander the night past, out of 
gnners cabben, which were the covers for the tucholea of 
great ordinance and other ould lead rypt of shipp sids in 
tryminge her. It was taken out of Jno. Clough the gnnera 
cabbyn, and dowbtfnll he was of consent ; yet on Bobyn, a 
Scott, is brought in question, he haveing offerd to sell som 



before, as also oealas which he stole and was taken with 
them. Tber is, as Mr. Hunt sayeth, above 200 cattis lead 
more Btolne out of store rowme, which thia Skat with an 
other Jocby, his caDtreman, are thoaght to hare at eeverall 
tymea made away. 

November 25. — We met a knare Japon, a marrener, whoe 
ran away from jnnck at Liquea. Soe, seeing hym pas the 
street in Firando and entertayned iato service of the Duch, 
whoe ordenarely entertayne all they know to have byn for- 
merly entertayned per as (this is Jacob Specks humor), yet 
I Inid hands upon this fellow and brought hym before the 
justice, and put in sureties to be forth coming to answer to 
what should be aledged against hym. 

November 26. — The king sent for a bottell Spanish wyne, 
and desird to buy Mr. Osterwickes cloake, being of cnller 
do roy, which he sent onto hym at price of 20 tates. And, 
as I am enformed, the Portingall capt. is escaped out of the 
great Holland shipp, swyming abord to 4 harks which had 
layne secretly attending for hym this monthe ; for which it 
is said Capt. Speck is much offended with Derrick de Vris, 
the master. 

November 27. — About break of day I receaved a letter 
from Capt. Adamos, dated in Gocora, the 17th present, 
how he hoped to be heare within few dayes, and that he 
lefl Capt. Copendale at Miaco not very well, and that he 
bringeth recardd^ from themperour to set Damian and Jno. 
de Lievaua free. And I wrot hym answer forthwith, and 
sent it per Gingro the purcer, with 20 taiet in 5 plates bars, 
to spend, yf occation served, for hym to come overland, 
becaus he wrot me he had non. 

Capt. Adames arived a littell after dyner, and we went 
to the kinges pallace to have delivered hym the letters 
came from thempror and Gota Zazabi'a and SaSBau Done; 

' SpAD. reeado, message. 



but the kyog was goo a hawkyog, and so we retorned, 
leaving the letters with Oyeo Dono, his governor. 

November 28. — Gspt. Adames went for Langasaqae, ac- 
compaad. with Ed. Sayer aod Mr. Jdo. Osterwickj and 
carid the Emperonrs antborety to set Damian Maryn and 
Jno. de Lievaoa at liberty. 

Capt. Gopendall arived heare before cowne. 

November 29. — The 2 barrilles morof(u:k, which my host 
of Osekay wrot me he bad seat me, are not to be fownd in 
tbe bark that Capt. Coppendall came in, and a chist which 
Mr. Wickham sent with kerinMna and other thinges in it, 
to the vallew of 20 taies, is lykewaies lost in same bark, or 
else the one nor other was never pnt into it. 

November 30. — In the after nowne Capt. Adames retomd 
from Langasaque, and brought Damian Marin with hym ; 
bat Jno. da Lievana remeaned at Langasaqne, sick ashore, 
they havyng set both Damian and hym at liberty the day 
before Capt. Adames arived at Langasaque ; but, as Da- 
mian tells me, they had condemned them both to die the 
death, and sent hym word to confesse hym and make hym 
selfe ready, for dye he must. This passed some moneth 
agoe, he looking still when he should die, till the instant 
tbey set them at liberty. And then the capt thought to 
have perswaded hym to have gon along with hym, promis- 
ing hym moantaynea, and, when he could not preveale, pro- 
cured hym to sweare be should not goe with the English 
Dor Hollanders. 

December 1. — I receaved back from Capt Coppendall the 
sylver salt, the 2 spoones, and 2 forkes of silver, lent hym 
np, with the 2 littell silver cups or tasters I lent hym. Also 
he gave me a present of oneof the kerrvnwM the Emperour 
gave hym, as also a peece of 6ne casho or chowter. 

December 2. — Lues Martin came to Firando and brought 
me a present of diet bread, with many wordes of comple- 
ments, telling me that I was praid for of many for the 



claretable deed I did in setting Damian and Jno. at Hbertj', 
and that the capt. of the shipp was in no fait about the 
matter, bnt the Gastlllanos ; in fyne, they are all our 
onymiea, deadly yf it la in their powers. I was advised he 
hath byn 8 or 10 daiea in towne, and la ia bis lodging 
secretly, but for what occation I know not. I tonld bym I 
heard be had byn in towne eome tyme before, which he 
denyed not, bnt eaid it was to sell silk. 

December 3. — Betyms in the momyng the kyng sent to 
envite ua to sapper, becanse he uoderatood oar junck was 
reudy to departs towardea Syam. Oar entertaynment waa 
good, only the drynking was overmnch. The Englishmen 
that went were, viz. Capt. Coppendall, Gapt. Adaines, Mr. 
Nealson, Kd. Sayer, Jno. Osterwick, and my selfe. 

December 5. — I delirered six hundred powndee str. this 
day to Capt. Adames, wherof forty powndes, ten shilling, was 
in Jybuck of Tushma and the rest in Rs. of 8, which maketh 
24U0 taieg. 

December 6. — I sent 20 jarrs bisket and the 500 sheetes 
paper abord the junck, and delivered letters to Capt. Adamea 
for the Syam voyage, viz. 1 to Mr. Jno. Gonmey, agent 
at Syam ; 1 to Capt. Jno. Jonrden, agent at Bantam ; I to 
Mr. Adam Denton, agent at Cattania; and put into the 
packet directed to Mr. Jno. Gonmey a bill of lading and 
cai^ezon of all goodes sent; alao '6 jars bisket sent, 1 to 
Mr. Gumey, 1 to Mr. Sharpe, 1 to Mr. Denton — my owne 
gifte ; .with a memoriall delivered Capt. Adames and £d. 
Sayer, how to use bnsynes, yf they canot attayne Syam. 

See the Sea Adventure went of of roade, and the Duch 
shot of 6 pec. ordinance at her departure. And presently 
after Jno. Yoosen went for Miaco ; and the Duch shot affe 
9 pec. ordinance at his departure. So I went abord the 
JQDCk to Cochi and carid a barill wyae, a baskit orynges, 
and an other of pears, and a third of biskit, and so drank to 
the health of the company, nifon catange, and retomed. 



December 7. — The wind and wether beinfi; very fayre, the 
Sea Adventure sett saile from Cochi towards Syam this 
mornyng. God send her a prosperoua voyag. 

December 8. — We wayed out the wax which came in the 
Sozeander, and fownd it want a tonne; and also we waid 
tiie pepper, and it wanted above 2 tonne ; which out of 
dowbt the marenera have embezeled and atolne. And Z sent 
Niquan, the China Capt. kynsmaa, to Tushma, to bring the 
money for the peper, and wrot hym a letter, I meane to our 
host, to deliver hym the money, and, yf in case he would 
not, I sent a letter to the Kyng of Tnahma to desyre justice. 
Also I sent our host a present of 2 pecea white basta of 8 
Rs. per corg,, and 2 peces blew byrams of 15 Ra. corge ; and 
I delivered our boat bill unto Niquan for 61 pc. 70 caltis 
peper and 305 bufflos horns. 

December 9. — We got the Hozeander aflote and carid her 
out, which we could not doe in 2 springs past. 

And there was eight rialles of 8 lent to the China Capt., 
Andrea Dittis, to make hym a silver cnp, paid hym per my 
selfe. We laded 40 sowes lead, 30 bales wax, and 50 
bagges pepper abord a bark to send for Osekay. 

December 10. — We put abord a bark to send for Osekay 
to Mr. Eaton, viz. 

100 bags peper at 4!" pico - 

65 baiee wax at 24 R. H ^rpicuU 

40 sowee lead at ti K. pieo ■ 

Som total) cai^ezon amontee to - 

The China Capt. sent Mr. Eaton a jar conserves. And 
we receaved two hundred taies plate bars of Andrea Dittis, 
China Capt., which 200 taiea he delivered to Mr. Nealson to 
lay out about shipps charges. But he paid Quiamo Dono 10 
taies of it, in parte bote hier to cary those goods above to 
Osekay, the rest to make it up 35 taies Mr. Eaton ia to 
pay at Osekay. The merchant that bought peper last yere 









ofiered 6^ taies peeo lead, bat went from his word and ofierd 
but 6 tais pica. 

December 11. — There was sould anto the KjDg of Crates, 
viz. : — 

60 pec white baftas of 11 R. eorg for - ■ 90 

6 pec. Upia Suioa - - - - 05 


December 13. — We paid Jno. Bono eerenty taies in plate 
of bars, in foil payment of the fee symple of the gadonge 
over the way, to westward of English howse, wherof one 
hundred taieg was paid before. Derick de Fries, the master 
of Dncb shipp, being ready to departe, envited us to dyner 
to morrow. Our bark with goodea for Osekay retorned. 

December 14. — We dyned abord the great Holland shipp 
and bad 3 pec. ordinance shot of at our retome ashore. 
Capt. Spetick came not to dyner. He is over great in 

December 16. — I wrot a letter to Jorge Duroia by a 
China, to send me of all sortes of garden seeds. 

December 16. — Capt. Whaw, the China Capt. brother, 
sent me a barrell of figgea or jar of Japon green figges for 
a present. We envited the masters of the Hollander shipps 
and juncks to dyner to morrow, they being now-ready to 
goe to sea with first good wind. 

December 17. — We envited the Duch to dyner, I say they 
came to dyner, and were Derick de Frize, master of great 
ship, Wm. Johnson, a merchant, Piter Johnson, master of a 
jnnk, the pilot of the greate ship, and Mr. Fredrick the 
cbimrgion. I wonld have delivered an open letter to Derick 
to have carid, bat he tould me he thought that Capt. Speck 
would be content to let hym carry our sealed letters, in 
respect our ship broght his and delivered them, Yf not, 
that then he would cary both our open and also our shut 



I recearecl two letters firom Mr. Eaton from Mi&co, 1 of 
the 23rd November in Miaco, and the other of the 30th 
ditto in Osekay, with an acco. of auch matters as he hath 
donne in Edo, Sfarongo, and Osekay, as also a note what 
presents Capt. Coppendall gave away above. 

Damian retomed from Langasaque with Jno. de Lievans, 
and Damian sent me a barill morofaek and a dish of peares 
for a present. Also onr host of Oaekaj sent me a Japon 
standish for a present. 

December 20. — I wrot a letter to Bantam to Capt. Jonr- 
den of what accoirantea have passed since tharivall of the 
Hozeander, as apereth per coppie, as the lyke for Syam, to 
Mr. Jno. Gonrney, agent, and a third to Mr. Adam Denton 
at Pattania, and 2 others to Capt. Wm. Adames and Ed. 
Sayer: the first letter to Bantam sent per the ship An- 
Jcew»en, under covert from Capt. Jacob Speck, and the 
other 4 per Piter Johnsons jnnck for Syam, under covert 
as above said, Capt. Speck offring to send our letters the 
one or other way, in respect we brought their letters and 
delivered them. And 1 letter enclozed to Bantam from 
Capt. Coppendall. 

December 21. — There was 350 taia plate bars receaved of 
Andrea DIttis, China Capt., wherof 50 tales delivered to 
SkidayetT Dono with a bar of Oban gonld of 55 tales, to 
goe to bay a mast for oar ship Sozeander, but 50 tales was 
bad money and turned back. 

Decetnber 22. — About breaks of day the Hollanders dis- 
charged much ordinance and small shott, it being their new 
yearea day. The Duch junck that they took prize went oat 
of rode of Firando towardes Syam this day before nowna 
And I wrot 2 letters to Mr. Wickham and Mr, Eaton, dated 
the 18 and 20th present, but kept till this day, and sent per 
the servant of Safian Dono, with a letter in Japans to his 
master in answer of recept of hia per Capt. Adames and 
Beting free of Damian and Jno. 


l6l5-] DIABT or BICHAKD COCKS. 91 

December 23. — This 3&j a boy of 16 yearea onld was cut 
io peaces for stealing a litteU boate and carying it to an 
other iland. I sent to tbe kyng to beg his lyfe, which he 
granted me, and is the meane tyme sent a man after the 
execusoner to stay a lyttell ; bnt he would not, bat put bym 
to death before the pardon came, cuting hym in many mam- 
mocks to try their cattatu npon hym. 

I sent Piter Wadden ont to Cochi, with a baritl wyne, 10 
loves of bread, and a baskit of oranges, to Piter Johnson, 
master of the junck which goeth to Syam, which stayeth 
there to make acco. with Japonnars aboot the reparing of 
her, the Hollanders haveing emploid a knave about it which 
bath deceaved them, aa Capt. Adames scrivano hath donne 
us, and carid 50 tales with hym which was paid the car- 
pentera npon acco. of Hozeander, and receaved the full pay- 
ment of junck besida. 

December 24. — Onr carpenters came and tould roe that yf 
they might not have the oO taiea paid them which JAr. 
Nealson paid the acriTano of junck, or rather the scrivaao 
deseaved the carpenters and tould them it was of the 
jnnckes acco., when the tmth is it was of shipps. Soe we 
are forced to pay this 50 tats againe andkeepe it upon acco. 
till the junk retome. 

There came A Spaniardes to our English house, which 
were of the shipp which came from Aguapulca. They tould 
me it was true that 7 or 8 shipps were in the S. say, and 
had doune som hart one the cost of Fern, so that all was up 
in armea ; and that the Spaniardes in New Spaino had 
made proclemacon, in payne of death, that all straugers 
were to avoid out of New Spaine and never retome to trade 
theare any more. 

December 25. — Chrismas Day. Taccamon Dono sent 2 
barillea wyne and 2 fishes for a present ; the king 2 pec, 
wale fyshe ; the China Capt. a jarr of China wine ; and 
other neighbors other trifles per reason of Chrismiia. 


92 DUKT O? BtCBABD COCKS. [1615. 

December 26. — I sent our jurebcueo to thank the king and 
Takamoa Dono for the preseats they sent, according to 
Japon order. 

The HolUnders had a demi caanoa of bras cast this day, 
po. 5,000 wight, a very fayre peece. 

December 27. — Towardes night Soyemon Dono, the kioges 
steward, came to English howse, taking it in his way (as he 
said) going to the king. The China Capt. met hym. And 
his errand was about the money the king oweth the Wor. 
Company, which, aa he sayeth, the king will now pay in, 
and take up comodeties of us to pay next yeare at a reson- 
able rate, as the Duch have geven it bym, whoe have now 
sonld hym upon trust for 10,000 taies. The king, he saieth, 
taketh this course by littell end littell to bring hym selfe 
ont of debt, which his granfather left hym to pay, and so, 
once getting an even hand, will ao honld hym. The mer- 
chandiz he taketh up he geveth to Japona at Miaco, of 
whome Foyne Samme took up money in tymes past, which 
still runeth on at intrest, and yf it should ao contynow 
would undo hym. So I referd this matter ofe till to mor- 
row, because I would take counsell, and in the meane tyme 
desird him [to say] I was as willing as Capt. Speck to doe 
the king any service I could. 

Nicolas Grant, a marener, being drunk, stabd hym aelfe 
thorow the arme, because Mr. Osterwick would not lead 
hym nd. 

December 28. — The China Capt. built or reard a new 
howse this day, and all the neighbours sent hym presentea, 
nifon cantaiige. So I sent hym a barill morofack, 2 bottells 
Spanish wine, a drid salmon, and halfe a Hollands cheese ; 
and after, went my selfe vith the nighbours. Where I saw 
the seremouy was used, the master carpenter of the kinge 
doing it, and was as followeth ; First they brought in all 
the preaentes sent and sett them in ranke before the middell 
post of the howse, and out of eache one took something of 


l6l5-] DUBT or BICHABD COCKB, 93 

the best and offred it at the foote of the post, and powred 
wyne npon each seTerall parcell, doing it in greate hnmil- 
letie and silence, not soe mnch as a word spoaken all the 
while it was a doing. Bat, being ended, the; took the 
remeander of the presentes, and soe did eate and drink 
it with mnch marth and jesting, drinking themaelres 
dmnken all or the most parte. They tould me they be- 
leeved that a new bowse, being hallowed in this sort, could 
not cbnse bnt be happie to hym which dwelled in it, for 
soe their law taught them, ordayned by holy men in tymea 

The shipps company came to the English bowse in a 
maske, and after plaied Christmas ule games in good sorii 
and meryment 

December 29. — I gave Matinga a pece satten, cost 5 taies, 
and a peeoe of taSety, cost 1 tay, to make her a hmremon, 
and 2 kerremons of zelas to Oto and Fuco. And ther was 
Boald and delirerd 10 cattie Priaman pepper to the kinges 
doctor of pbisick, rated at 8 condrins per catty, or 8 taiea 

And I thonght good to note downe how Mr. Hant, the 
master, came in a fiime ashore, and broake Jno. Cooora the 
cooks head, at instigation of Jno. Shipperd, he having first 
misneeed and beaten hym without reason. 

December 30. — We bought 732 bags white lyme at 3 con- 
drint per bagg, it being good cbeape. And I wrot a letter 
to Jorge Duroia to look out for morofack and cows sbewet 
for shipps nse for cfairurgion. God send health. 

A China of Lankyn brought me a present of a barill of 
Lankyn wyne and a dozen of China cakes. 

December 31. — I paid theri^ytates for a howse for Matinga, 
that shee was in being for the Company. 

And tihe Japon barber Bappado sent me a present of a 
basket of oringese. 

I forgot to note downe how I wrot a few lynea to Mr. 


94 DUfiT OT SICHIBD COOES. [1616. 

Jno. Hant, to have had hym com ashore about Compa. 
'bnaynaa, to have had Mb advice aboat bnu shirers ;^ bat he 
retomed me a Bnapieh answer. 

January 1, 1615[6]. — Mr. Hnot, tho maeter of the So- 
teander, remeoyng still in his extreme hamoars (aa I have 
fownd h;m allwaies the same man ever since he came into 
Japon), wrot a letter to Capt. Coppendall, he being sick in 
bed (as he hath byn most an end ever since he retomed fram 
Miaco), and I verely think that the nnruly company of the 
shipp to be the cheefe occation — I say he advised Capt. 
Coppendall he wonld com ashore to morrow and geve 
direction how to cast bras shivars and shot for ordinance, 
aledging the guner knew nothing for shott, nor no man else 
but bym selfe for the rest. Tet, for my parte, I rest dowbt- 
fiill whether it be soe or noe, only I wrot bym before in 
frendly sort to com ashore and assist me in these matters 
for the service of the Wor. Company, our emploiers, because 
the Duch sent away shipp after ship yerly full laden with 
shot, ponlder, ordinance, victuells, and munision, and I 
would in som sort geve a reason or tast to our emploiers of 
these matters and send them samples with price. But, aa 
it should seeme, the master disenableth all but hymselfe, 
and others hould back, I know not whether upon sutteltie 
to leave the other is lurch, as debasing all but hym selfe. 
But be it the one or other, the Companies busynes rests 
nndon, etc., and the very truth is, here doe I confes before 
God and the world, I never did see a more unruly oompa. of 
people, and are &r worse then they in the Olave, allthougli 
they were bad enough. 

And yistemight, very late, came on Jno. Shippard, a 
tapstar as I understand, and in very deed a shuffling fello, 
not worthy water for his bier. He is a turbulent fello, a 
make bate, and aett the master at odds with others per 
meanes of his smouthe tong, and yet a drunken fello, as 
■ TIm wb«eU of polleTi, 


i6i6.] Di&BT or KicHAKD cocrs. 95 

most of ihe rest are the l;ke ; and came againe into the 
kitchin to qoarrell with oarcooke at sapper tyma, I desyring 
Mr. Osterwick to pat hym out of the howse and send hytn 
abord the shipp j but he fell upon Mr. Osterwick, and puld 
his clothes afe his back, and misased hym, for which 1 put 
hym in the bilboes to cowle his feete till momyng. 

January 2. — I wrot a letter to Jorge Doroia to buy 100 
or 200 tallo candelles and bring them with hym. And 
Matiaga went into her new howse this day. And Gorezan, 
our jurehasBo, removed his howse, and came with wife and 
famely and dwelt in the Companis howse over the way, to 
keepe the shopp or shew rowme. 

January 3. — This momyng veTy cold wether, being a 
Ip-eate snowe, the greatest I saw since our anvall in Japon, 
with a stiffe gale wind northerly, rack from W. all day, and 
snow per fitls all day, bat littell or non per night. The 
King of Firandos host at Oaekay cnme againe and brought 
-a present of figges, telling me he was to retorne to his 
howse, the king haveing rewarded hym well, as all the 
caveleros in his kingdom did the lyke, towardes the setting 
him up a new howse, bis ould being burned in the wars 
with all that ever he had. Soe, with consent of Capt. Cop- 
pendall and the rest, ther was a bar of plate of 4^ taiea and 
a bag of rise of 51 gatitet geven hym and sent after hym 
to his lodging. 

There was delivered to the fownder for formes aa fol- 
loweth : 1 bras shiver of the boate ; 1 rownd shot of saker ; 
1 langrell shot of saker ; 1 crosbar shot of minion ; 5 braz 
of several] sortes — to make others by. And I agreed with 
hym as followeth : to make 5 greate bras shivers of 35 or 
86 cattet per shiver ; 5 others of a lesser siae : 3 others of 
aise of that of boato ; 2 others of bigger sise ; 1 qnintall 
bras of eeverall sortes — and to pay 12 taxes per pica for all, 
on with an other, ready made, the fownder finding all stuffe. 
Also 100 saker shott, ^ round and other \ crosbar; 100 


96 DUET or BICHAHD COCKS. [1616. 

miaioD ehot, ^ rownd and other } croabar ; 50 saker lan^ell 
sliott, all iron — price made at 14 mas per pico or 100 wight 
Japon. I was foraed to put out these at hazard per ould 
shott and shirers, the master, Jno. Hunt, nnt cominjf to 
geve direction, netber at my request and writing, nor at 
sending for of Capt. Coppendall, refusing ever to enter 
againe into the English bowse. I conld eaj much of this 
frantick master, Jno. Hunt; but I lore it to other men to tell. 

Also the China Capt,, Andrea Dittis, had a littell brod 
cloth, pink culler, to make his littell dooghter a peare of 
stockinges or bowtea this cold wether. 

And there was 3 sackes rise, of 50 ganlea per sack, geven 
to 3 pore Chinas which lost their junck per tempest of the 
cost of Shashma and came to the China Capt. for releefe, 
he geveing eche of them a sack rise and a tay in plate. 
And npon good consideracion I gave them, per generall 
consent, each one a sack, as above said. 

Mr. Dorington late at night came to the English howse, 
and tould me the master sent hym to tell me the mast was 
wolled,^ and ready to bring ship to a caryne. 

January 4. — 1 went to tbe Duch bowse and desired Capt 
Speck to send us his belpe and people to bring onr shipp 
to a caryn, as formerly in frenshipp they had promised us; 
which in good sort he assented nnto, and sent for the 
masters of the great shipp and junck and willed them and 
the reat to aide us in what they might. These men came 
at Capt. Specks first sending for, and did what he ordayned, 
but Mr. Hunt sent me word he would never com in the 
English howse, npon a lunetike humour, which each man 
telleth me is his condition not only heare, but at Pattania 
and elsewhere hath donne the lyke. Soe I went abord and 
saw them turne up the ships keele, but water came in so 
fast at port holes and else where that they were forced to 

> To tnmid, to bind ropes about a must to Btrengthen it. — Adniiral 
Smith's Seaman'f Grammar, 1692. 


l6l6.] DUBT or BICHABD COCKS. 97 

right her agaioe to cawke her better. I tonld Mr, Hant 
I was coot to vizet tym abord, althoai^he he seot me word 
he would not com ashorej yet willed hym hereafter to com 
when I sent for bjm, or else I would fetch hym. Also I 
willed hym to send Jao. Shepperd aahore to dresse the 
Companies meate; which he denyed at first, bat ailer 
Bent hym. 

And Zaozabar, alUtu Yasimon Dono, came to vizet me 
at English howae, and bronght me a present of oringea 
and a barrill of wine, and sent 2 men to helpe to bring 
downe the shipp. 

January 5. — Zanzabera littell doaghter came to vizet me, 
and bronght a present of wyne, orenges, eggs, and fysh 
drest. And an onld man of Miaco, now our neighbour, 
brought me a banketting box for a present. His name is 
Ito Yogniche Dodo. 

Sangero Samme, sonne to Foyne Samme, was this day 
made snre to a doughtar of a noble man of Crates. 

Their was 210 cattia ould junk or reps put out to toose* 
for occom, wherof 50 eatlU to Domingo, and 160 cattU to 
Unqoan the China. 

January 6. — Sngen Dono of Crates sent to borrow apeare 
of bubes, he havetog invited the King of Firando to dyner, 
in respect he had geven or augmented his yearly stipend 
from 500 gocoa per anno, to 1000 per anno. 

Capt. Speck came to the English howse with Derick do 
Vryz and others to take leave, the great shipp being ready, 
as they said, to goe out. They had byn with the kyng 
before they came to ns, and, as it seemed, had drunk hard. 
It is said they gave a present wortli 5000 tales to the kinge, 
bat I canot beleeve it. Once they have geven much in re- 
spect of the prize they bronght iu, as also for lyoeace to 
carry ont munision, victuelles, and men for the Molucos. 

January 7. — The greate Duch shipp, called the Ankewnen, 
' Tousr, or lou : to unravel. 


98 DIABT or BIGHARD COCEa. [1616. 

went oat to Coclii, aai I went abord with oar bark with 16 
men, to rove and heipe to toe them oat, as the king sent 
many barks to doe the lyke ; and I carid 2 barilles wyne, 
3 henae, 2 dackes, 3 fyahes, 20 lores fresh bread, and a 
baakit of oringea, and dronke to their good voyage ; which 
Capt. Speck tooke in good parte, and sent his jurebasao with 
complemento, ni/on catange. 

Zanzebara wires brothers and her father were abord, 
and made peace with Jno. Gorezano, oar jur^atso. 

Janumy 8. — W^e had made price before with Andrea 
Dittis for alt our lead at € taies per pica ; but now a Japoa 
ofTring ns &\ taies per fico, he was content to let aa sell 
hym the one halfe. 

Alao I receared 3 letters from Langasaqne, I from Jorge 
Darois with 16 falling bands at 7 maa per band. And an 
ould China brought me a present of China cakes. 

January 9. — This last night, abont 10 a clock, 4 Portin- 
gale prisoners ran away out of the Dnch howse and are 
Bcaped and thought gob to Langaaaque. 

Yaaimon Dono adrised me of a man of his com from 
Miaco, who reporteth of very fowls wether above, and that 
70 or 60 barks are cast away per meanes therof. Qod send 
ns good news of ours sent to Oaekay and Tnshma. 

January 10. — Three of the Portingalea which ran away 
were fownd per meanea of men the King of Firando Beat 
ont after them, and bronght back againe to the Hollanders. 

Gizamon Dono, Zanzabers wires brother, brought me 3 
wildackes for a present. He tould me that word was 
brought to the kyng that 80 barkea are cast away betwixt 
this and ShimiuaBeke now of late per torment, most being 
laden with rise. God bless our bark sent with mer- 

January 11. — The king being ready to goe up to the 
Emperonr, we laid ont a present and sent hym, I going 
ailer, accompanid with Mr. Nealson and Mr. Osterwick : — 



fi damaskt fowling peeces. 

6 pec. white b&ftas of 20 Ra. eorg. 

6 pec. blew bjranis of 15 Bs. corg. 

b pec red lelas of 12 Rb. eorg. 

6 pec. bonll or foota chader. 

6 pec. chader Cambaia. 

6 pec. bnzBhawB. 

The king tooke tke present very kindly, offring ub any- 
thing we would demandj saying that, alUhoagh he went up 
to the Emperourj yet he had left such order with his go7ei> 
nor that what we asked should be fulfilled. This present 
was sent this day, because yisterday Soyemau Dono came 
to aske what money the king owed upon bill, for that yt 
should be paid forthwith. Whereupon it was thought fitt . 
to goe with thia present before payment were mode, other- 
wais yt might be thought it was sent in respect he paid the 
money, or else, perhaps, in payings of it, he might have 
expected a greater present, in respect the Hollanders gave 
Boe much once. Howsoever, he seemed to take it in good 
parte, and gave us a kind weloom with a eolation, serveing 
ns with his owne hondes. 

January 14. — Letters came to Capt. Speck that the jnuk 
they sent for Syam is per contrary wind put into Shashma 
in a port or haven called Cata nra, and soe loose ther 

And I paid 50 taU plate bars to the fownder, advanced 
npon acco., for bras shivers and other matters with shot for 
ordinance, which he is to cast for te send in the ffozeander. 
The 2 fowndera are called Jembio Dono and Scongero Dono. 

There came certen caveleroa Japons from Edo, and came 
to see the English howse, and looked on such comodeties 
as we had, but bought non. They report that the Empe- 
rour will have all the kyngs (or tonos) in Japon to goe for 
Edo, and there to remeane for the space of 7 yeares, and 
to carry their wives with them, and Uve every one in his 
howse aparte, with a servant of the Emporours to be all- 




vaies in coinpany with them — I meane with each one, to 
beare and see what pasaeth. This he doeth to prevent 
them from insorrections, and will not have sonns nor kjDs- 
men, but the kiogea them selves. 

January 15, — I wrot a letter to Mr. Eaton to Edo, per 
Toyamon Dono, a merchant of that place, advising of my 
other sent 6 dais past, and here withall sent as foUoweth, 
viz.: — 

10 cattit tobaco to hU hoat, cost 3 mas 3 condr. catty. 

83 eggs to bis hostice, cost 1 mai 9^ condrint. 

10 cattU tobaco to hym selfe, cost as supra, 

02 Faccata gerdella for hym aelfe tor 3 raas peece. 
And advised withall that Mr, Wickham should make all 
the hast he could, for that Capt. Coppondall and Mr. Neal- 
son were very sick. 

January 16. — Rowland Thomas, the pnrcer of the Ho- 
zeander, being dmnk, did beat Mr. Dorington, master mate, 
Jno. Cocera the cook, and the servautea in the howse. 

January 17, — There was receaved of the kinges plate this 
day three hundred fyfty and seven taies in plate of bars 
npon acco., sent from Oyen Dono per Befioen Dono, kinges 

January 18. — We reconed this day with Tomo Dodo and 
rest for biskit, aud waid out as followetb, viz.: — 

To Capt Adamw - - - 0290 cattu. 

To Syam voyag - - - 0566 cattia. 

To a pre«eut to Dacha - - 0010 cr 

To Hozeander - - - 8806 caHis. 

Som totall receaved - - 4662 n 

(/ And within night word was brought me how two of our 
shipps company were fighting with swords one a bill a 
littell from our English howse. Soe I went with Mr. Hunt 
the master and Mr. Osterwick and fownd them to be Jno. 
Clough the guner and Jno. Driver an ordenary marrener, 
both being drunken, and no hurt douue but that Driver 
had a scar on his forehead. Soe I put them both in the 
bilbows till the next mornynge. 


l6l6.] DUST 0? filCHASD COCKS. 101 

January 19. — Oar host of Tnsbma c&me to Eoglisli 
bowse, and brought a present of walnuts and a Corea 
carpet or feltro. He tonld me he brought merchandiz bo 
sell to pay me the money the pepper was sould for, for that 
the money of the place he receaved for it was not good, aa 
Niquan the China whome I sent to receive it could witnes, 
be taming back above 500 taies in receving 120 tau. 

Mr. Dorington, the mr. mate of Ilozeander, mad show 
as though he were lunatick, talking idly; but I thyuk he 
connterfeteth. A strange kind of people they are all of them 
which came in this shipp. Truly I canot praise any one of 
them which are sea men. 

The Hollanders shott ofe 8 or ten pec. ordinance onfc of 
the small shipp and out of howse late within night. The 
occation we knew not, except the junk went out or that 
they bad hard news that gave them content. 

January 20. — I wrot a letter to Capt. Jourden to Bantam, 
how the Bozeander would be ready per the eud of this 
moneth and how Mr. Osterwick was to stay heare, with 
other accurants, and sent it per conveance of Capt. Speck 
in the Anhewsen. I went to the Duch howse and delivered 
Capten Speck my letter. He tells me the occation they 
shot off the ordinance the last night was for that the King 
of Firando came to drink a farewell with them before he 
went up, and that the greate shipp and the junck would be 
ready to goe towardes Bantam within 7 or 8 daies at fer- 
thest. He also tonld me that be receved not letter of the 
putting of their junck into Sbashma, as it was reported 
unto me. 

January 21. — I delivered two hundred and threeskore 
rialles of 8 to Andrea Dittis, the China Capt., to change 
into other plate for China busynes. More, delivered unto 
hym at tame tyme one bag Rs. of 8 as it came out of 
EnglandjContaining one hundred pownd 8tr.,ia fyvehundred 
rialles of eight for same purpose. For both which sommes 





be ia to bring refined plate to Bend in the Hozeander. Thia 
ia donne because the noblea in China should think thia plate 
or nails com from tie English, rather then to present them 
with refined plat of thia place. The China C^t, sent 
Niqnan hia kinsman with these rialls to bnng plate back 

Jno Ostenrick going abroad with Mr. Nealson got a 
littell more drinke than was needfiill, and the other was 
littell better. Yet Jno. Osterwick fell into termes of com- 
parison, disinabling each one bnt hymselfe. I know not 
what to say of hym bnt that he ia an orerweenyng prowd 
yowth, I haveing had no experience yet bnt only by report 
of Capt. Coppindale. 

And late in the night, after we were gon to bed, the 
kinges hongew sent to borrow oar boate, atfo^one^ for the 
king service ; which I lent hym. 

The small junck was retomed to the China Capten, bnt 
mnch ont of reprations, which mnst be amended according 
to promts, for without her we conld not have carined onr 
shipp, and soe she had lost her monson thia yeare. 

January 28. — I gave 6 taies plate bara to Matinga to pro- 
vide thinga against the new year& And I paid a bar of 
plate to Domingo my boy, to buy hym aparell, containing 
2 tay 1 mo. And I reconed with Jno. Gorezano for € iaia, 
9 mas, viz. 

Fro 4 peare eheews and slippen l<x myaelfc 

Pro a eilver tonthpicker for my 8&lfe 

Pro 2 pere iofri'*' for Bcecbo 

Pro HtriDgB for Beecbos ahewB 

Pro » pere ehew for Beecho 

Pro a lock for Beechoe cbiet 

Pro 2 peare tahU lot Jeffrey 

Fro string for Jeffrey shews 

Pro a pear shewa for Jeffrey 

1 Fane, a boat. 

' 7'a6i, stockiugB or Bocks. 



Pro 2 bairiUes wjne I sent to Taccsmon with fish - 

Fro 1 DKM paid tba abcwmakers Bonne tor roees 

Pro 1 nuu geven the fisberman of Cochi - 

Fro 20 tattamu^ for Matingu howse 

Pro 20 cattii tobaco eeat to Miaco, at S nuu 3 eon. 

Pro 2 Faccata gerdelles for Mr. Eaton 

Fro mattes to make up the tobaco - ■ . 

Rests 5 ta.9 m. 4 e. which Mr. Nealson paid nnto hym, 
and put it upon my acco. 

January 24. — I paid fjftie taxes plate bars to Andrea 
Dittia, China Capt., for reprations to his junk lent to carin 
oar ship Hoxeander, she haveing broken and spoild the janck 
t^t the carpenters asked 100 tates to have mended her. 
Newes was brought to towne that the Emperour is dead ; 
bnt I beleeve rather it is a fable and gereu out of purpose 
to Bee how people wold take the matter. Once the oold 
man is snbtill, 

January 25. — Damian Marin fell out with Jno. de Lierana 
about comparisons betwixt the English and Duch, Damian 
takeinf^ parte with the Duoh and Jno. with the English. 

January 26. — The king sent Soyemon Dono, Skrayamoa 
Dono, and another to look upon oor comodeties, to the 
entent to bay for 2 or 3000 taia at tyme. Soe we showed 
them samples of all and set price ; but be took lyking only 
of pepper at 6 taieapico, baftas at 10 B. per pies^ baxshaws 
at 9 mat pec, boralles at 9 vtas pec, chint at S^ mas pec, 
and cader Maooy at 4 mat pec And tould the China Capt. 
he would com and rizet me before he went to Miaco, to 
toorrow or the next day, 

January 27. — Capt. Speck came and reqnested that we 

would take into our shipp for Bantam as much ebony as we 

> Talami, a mat ; need alao for a mcaaure of about 6 x 3 ft. 


104 DIAET or RICITABD COCKS. [1616. 

could in not pestering onr shipp, and lie would pay what 
fraight we thoDght fitt And he sent me a baril moro/ack 
and 4 boxes swet meate. 

Also the king sent me word he wonld com to breckfast 
to morrow momyng. 80 T mad the best provition I conld, 
and the China Capt. sent me 2 powderd storkes, and Soye- 
moD Dono a baskit oranges. 

And Tome Donos sonne retonied from Miaco and sent 
me a present of Japan €gges. He tells me our bark with 
the goods is safe arived at Sackaj, but brought no letter 
from Mr. Eaton nor Mr, Wickham, 

January 28. — The King of Firando came to dyner to the 
English howse, accompanid with 7 ur 8 caveleros, and took 
in good parte the entertaynment he bad, and gave me a Icere- 
mon, and a cloake to our j'urcbasw. He said he was to stay 
3 or 4 yeares above at Edo ; eoe I think it is true that the 
tones (or kingea) must stay 7 yeares, as I noted som daies 
past. There was three peecos ordinance shott affe at his 
entry into the English howse, and 5 at his departure. 

January 29. — In the after nowne Soyemon Dono with 3 
others came to the English howse, to receve the comodeties 
which the king would buy upon trust; but they tould roe 
the Hollanders had sould the king pepper at 5 tales the 
pico, and therefor thought I would not aske more. I an- 
Bwerd that, yf the Hollanders set pepper at that rate, they 
sell other comodetis at a bier, which, it might be, cost them 
nothing but the suting of a peece of ordinance, as silko at 
240 taieg the pico, etc. And, it might be, in pollecie set 
pepper Ice, to the extent to cros us and soe ether to make 
uB to sell it better cheape then it cost or else to make ns 
fall into dislyke of the king, and by this metines get them- 
selves favour and us disgrace. But the truth was, I set it 
at no hier a rate then I sould to otliers for ready money, 
and at such a price as I wold promis them to deliver no 
more at that rate. But tor Lroud cloth, which they set at 



14 tatea per tattfvmtj, and Sjam wood at 3J iaies thepico, that 
I would Bell hj'm at eame rate, when our ahippa and jnnck 
Bi-ived. Yet, doe I what I could, they said they dnrat not 
with their honor geve more then the Duch sould for. Soe 
we concluded to send the pepper to Osekay to Mr. Eaton at 
binges charg, and he to sell it, and then to deliver the pro* 
cead in money to the king. And bo that matter was ended. 
But we delivered comodety to them for acco. of king as 
followeth, viz.: — 

Bftftas, white, 196 pec of 11 Rs. corg. "1 

Eidem, lower, 101 pec. of 20 lU, corg. 

Eidem, lower lodg. 201 pec. of 11 Ra. corg. I at 1 (uy pec, 

Eidem, lo. lodg, 120 pec. of 15 Ka. corg. f ta. m. co. 

Eidem, ap. lodg, 100 pec of divsTB sortea '^* " '^ 

Som baftas, 718 peces divera pri«ee J 
Chader Reae Canary, 185 pec. lower of 4 Rb. corg. 
Chader eidem, 090 pec. 

Som chader, 276 pec. 
Boralles, 100 pec, lodg beloe ) at 1 tay. 
BuzBhawB, 10U pec, lodg beloe f 200 

Janvary 30. — The master, Jno. Hunt, eovited us abord 
the Hozeander to dyner. Mr. Wickham and my aelfe re- 
tomed sowne afler aehore upon occation of bnsynes, and had 
5 pec. ordinance shot ofe at onr departure, and the other 3 
peeces when they came ashore. 

And George Duroia came to Firando and brought 2 jarra 
of conserves, and he gave me in present as followeth : a box 
of marmaladj a box of cracknells, a box suger bred, a box of 
chistnuts, a bottell of Spanish wine. 

The Duch junck went out of rode Firando to Cochi, and 
there came to anker by the great ship Ankevmen, 

January 31. — I receved 600 tales, I say six hundred taieg, 
plat bars of Mr. Sic. Wickham, which he brought from 
Mr. Eaton, receved in parte of payment for lead sould at 
Osekay at 74 maa per pieo. 

And in the after nowne Capt. Speck came to the English 


106 DIAZT or UCHABD COCKS. [1616. 

hovae, and toald me tliat Qonrok Dono bad sent hytn a 
letter from Langasaqne, advising hjm aa a frend (as he 
said) that he should geve the Hollanders warnyng befor 
their shipping vent ont, as the lyke to the English, Giai 
they should take heed they did not meddell with the greate 
ship of Amacon, for that the Emperoor had mach adventare 
in her. Yet I say I wish we might take her and then make 
the reconying aAier. 

Fehrary 2. — I gave a present to a merchant of Miaoo, 
wboe gave me a fayre banqoeting box before, viz. : 2 pec: 
byrams, white; 2 pec. byrams, niU, of Ib'R.corg. — these 
are of the Companis goodes — 2 pec. chader Lollawy of 
my owne. He took it in good parte, and oSerd to doe oar 
nation any service he conld above at Miaca Mr. Wickham 
gave me a heremon of them Sada Dono gave hym at Edo. 

Fehrary 3. — The night post, about 11 a clock, there was 
a honae sett on fire by necklegence of the people which 
made it cleane against the great feast of ther new years, 
which is within this 3 dayis. Soe ther was 7 howaes 
bnmed downe; and had it not byn for the English and 
Dnch, most parte of the towne had byn bnmed. For each 
one stood gazing one and did nothing, and divers brought 
their goods into our English bowse for savegard. 

Ther was a present geven to Torasemon Dono, a prin- 
cipall man in this place, which never had any thing geven 
nnto hym since our arivall in Japon, which our fronds tould 
Q3 of. Soe he had geven 

8 pea. byrainB, wiuto. 

8 pec byrams, nill, of 15 Bs. e&rg. 

9 pec red zelas, of 12 Bs. eorg. 
3 pec. borallea, of 6 Rs. corg, 

42 catli* pepper. 

And the China Capt., Andrea Dittis, went with me te 
viset hym, and carid hym a great jar of biskit. And I gave 
a kerimon to Matiugaa father, which Mr. Eaton gave nuto 


l6l6.] DIABT or BICHASD COCKS. 107 

Paid 6 mas amall plate to the fovoder for 2 pans for 

And the kinge aeiit to have a gatheriog thronghoat 
Firando towardes the releeving the pore people whoae 
howees were burnt; towardes which we gave a tay in 

And paid tiie carpenter for mending Matingas howse 

Pro 26J dais carpt. work or wagia - 3 7 2 

Pro 30^ daya work laborers - - 1 6 2J 

FroBeates - - - - 1 9 

Pro bonks and tymbar - - - 1 9 8 

Som totall - • - • 8 3 It 

And I delivered 25 taie plate bars more onto the fownders, 
npoD acco. of braa ahivers which are waid oat this day, being 
6 piece and 42 cattis. 

Mr. Nealaon, being dninck (as very often he is the lyksj 
to my greofe), fell a brawling with the chirargion, Morris 
Jonea, and cat hie head with hia dagger. 

Soyemon Done came late and bronght the kinges bill for 
three thousand taies plate of bars, to be paid within this yeare 
for merchandiz sould hym. And I delivered hym in the 
King of Firando'a bill for 1000 tais, lent at Edo 2 yeares 

I gave 2 falling bandes with lace to Mr. Wickham, cost 
me 2 taie. 

Febrary 4, — Mr. Wickham fell into his onld hnmonrs of 
comparisons, miauaing me. I think it ia beoaose he would 
goe for Bantam in the Sozeander, which I atn well con- 
tented of. He preaometh the more, bocauae Capt. Jourden 
wrot hym a letter he would gsve hym preferment. 

Febrary 5. — I mad acco. thia day with Oyen Dono and 
Shoake Dono for ould debt of the kinge, which they aay ia 
950 ^.1 in. CO. ; but I find it to be bat 898 ta- 6 m, 



Custicron DonOj a box muches^ 1 

Yasimoa Dono, a barill morofak I 

And biB father in la, a barto wyna and a salmon [ _ 
Jdo. JapoQ, a bundell figgeB J 

And we waid oat the sbot for ordinance. 
And Mr. Nealsou made recept for 26 taU pad tbe 
fownders, and be paid tbem to baltance 14 : 5 : 5. 

Febrary 6. — Tbe fowndera recoD^Dg was as foUoweth : — 

For Ml catlit in bras sbirera, st 12 tay per pieo - 76 9 9 

For £96 rowed shot sscftr and laignion, at 14 en. per catty 04 1 3 
For 230 croabar and kngrell shot, at £6 mat per jnco - 06 7 6 

Som totsll amonts unto - - - - 86 8 

Tbe fownders brought present, 2 iron pans with wyne 
and fysb. 

And Mr. Nealaon receaved 76 ta. 5 m.Oco. of Keemou 
Dono, for acco. of Kyng of Cratea, wherof 56 tats was good 
and rest Sbrongo. More, be receaved of the servant of 
Semidone, for acco. of the King of Crates, fytty tats plate 
bars, wherof 1 bar Sbrongo. 

Febrary 7. — Mr. Jno. Hunt, master of the Eozeander, 
delivered me a draught of bis voyag from Bantam to this 
place with all the eowndiog. 

Febrary 8. — Receaved in plate bars of China Capt., 
Andrea Dittis, fowre hundred and fyftie taiea^ and sowne 
after eight hundred taies in melted plat more of bjm. 

And we bad a generall connsell this day, wberin it was 
noted downe that Capt. Kapbe Coppendall was ordayned by 
generall consent to goe up to the Emperour with a present. 
Also that Mr. Richard Wictham ebonld have an alowance of 
150 taiea per anno., to fynd hym aparell and other neces- 
saries from our first arivall in Japon untill the last of August, 
1615, we ariveing the 12tb June, 1613. And that Mr. Jno. 
Osterwick should stay to keepe the bookes, and be alowed 
I ilochi, a coke. 



2GI. per ano. to fjnd hjm aparell and otber necessaries, to 
begyn in Aprill last at his coming from Bantam. And that 
Jno. Coker, an Englishman, should stay for cooks in the 
English honse, which is donne by hie owne consent. And 
Mr. Wickham to goe up bo lye at Miaoo or Osekay, till 
other OGcation busynes be to employ bym in. And Mr. 
Eaton to com to Firando and goe to Tusbma, to cleara 
in that place. 

Soyemon Donos bark was set on fyre per neclegence of 
bis servantea, beeing drunk and feasting abord according 
to Japon fation, this day, bat by good belpe was sowae 

Capt. Speck came to the English bowse and offred to 
make a consort to have their small shipp and ours to stay 
to take the Amacon ehipp and the great shipp to goe for 
Bantam ; but it was not thonght fyt soe to loose our mouson. 

Fehrary 9. — I wrot a letter to Jorge Dnrois to send 
etockinges and candells, and sent it per bark sent per 
China Capt. to hay ganpolder and pitch or rosen for So- 
zeander. We laded all the braa shivers and shot abord 
the Sozeander this day. 

The bedell of the ward had 1 sack rise. 

Fehrary 10. — We laded Hpicos copper and 8^ieo» iron 
abord the Hozeander this day. 

Shezque Dono, Sugien Donos father, came to the Eng- 
lish howse and brought a present of mushos, wyne, and 
redish, rn/on caiange, with many words of complemento. 
And the sea bongews brought presentes. 

Febrary 11. — Gonrock sent me money for 155 catla 
Priamsn pepper for Emperors accompt, at 7 tats Tper pico, 
is 10 ta. 8 m. 5 co. As also 30 tais for chadera, cambias, 
and bnxshaws, which one of his men bought on trust. All 
which money I receaved. 

Febrary 12. — Torasemon Dono came hym selfe to the 
English house, and brought a present of a barao wyne and 
2 faisant cocks. 


110 DU.BT OP KICHUD COCKS. [1616. 

Fehrary 14— The biDg departed this day to goe to the 
Emperoar, and had 13 paces ordinaace shot oat of the 
Hoseander and 5 ont of the Dach barke, with 8 or 10 
chambers oat of Dach honse. I went out with a banket of 
Bweetmeate, 2 barillas wyne, a jarr of biskit, and 30 wax 
candelles ; which he took in very good part, aad after serti 
me word by a aerrant that it had safficed to have sent any 
one in the howse, and not to have com my selfe. 

Mr. Hunt, the master of the Sozeander, fell into termes 
with Gapt. CoppendAll about Rowland Tomas, the pnrcer, 
telling hym he did hym oot right abont the abase was for- 
merly offred, and that the said Tomas shoald find it when 
they were at sea. These were bad wordes, and were be- 
cause the said master might not keepe the kayes and 
domenere aver the pnrcer in matters of bold. But it ia 
thought that the wax was gon ont of hold per lyke meanes. 

Febraty 15.— Mr. Nealson paid Jno. Cokora the cooke 
ten taU and a halfe in great plate, npon acco. of bis wagis, 
to deare with them he is indebted nnto. 

And Capt. Speck sent me word he wonld let as have 2 
j)UMs ponlder, yf we stood in neede. Of which offer I ac- 
cepted. And Capt, Speck lent ns 50 sheetes paper. 

Mr. Hunt desired to have a coancell assembled tncUng 
the abase ofired to bym per Rowland Tomas j which waa 
donne. But more fait to be imputed to the master, Jno. 
Hunt, then the other. Soe we made them frendes. 

Fehrary 16. — Moris Jones the ehirnrgion had 12 fats 
plate bars paid hym per Mr. Nealson, agreed npon per 
coancell for his pains. And Jno. Cocora the cooke, npon 
acoo. his wagis, II tai», 

Fehrary 17. — Niqnan, the China Capt. kinsman, retomed 
from Langasaqne and brought 370 cattia pitch or rozen, 
coat 14 taie; and 310 eaf fts gnnponlder, coat 64 iaa. 1 mat; 
and for the bark 02 fats. And Capt. Speck sent the 2 
barilles gun polder which he promised. 


I6l6.] DUBT or sicH&BD oocca. Ill 

Fehrary 18. — ^We waid oat the pepper to day for the 
king, and had mach adoe with the 10 men of "ward Trho 
crinched' for wight } aoe it mast be waid orer to morrow 
sgaine. 77 b^s thia day did way 49 pica 96 cattU, and 
80 baga ont of China Gapt. lodg, 57 pico 35j cattiti. And I 
gave my case China bottelles of 12 to Capt, Coppendall. 

Fehrary 19. — 'Vfe cleared acco. of the 3,000 tait this 
day with the King of Firaados bongews, and delivered them 
merchandiz for 121 : 3 : 6. 

Unagense Doao sent me a present of 2 barsos wine, 2 
Japon cakes (or muchoa), and 2 mallardes. And wo re- 
ceaved 19 coka of braa of fownder. 

Capt. Speck wrot me a letter, desyring to have the 
master or purcer of Soxeander to make a bill lading of the 
ebony aent in Sozeander, being 927 loggs (or sticks), con- 
taining, as he said, 929 prcos. Soe the purcer, Rowland 
Tomas, made hym 2 bills of the number of loggs, bnt not 
of wight, to deliver it to the Dnch present at Bantam. 

Febrary 20. — I wrot a letter to Capt. Speck to will hym 
Bend a note under his ferme to pay fnu'ght for the ebony, aa 
shall be thought fyting betwixt the 2 agents, English and 
Duch ; as also to send the price and wight of the 2 barrilles 
of polder, which Jacob Swager tould me waid 200 cat aett. 
And aAier, Capt, Speck sent word it cost him 16 taia per 
pico, is 32 : : 0. 

The Rozeander went out to Cochi, and shot offe 5 pea 
ordinnnce ; and the Dnch shot ofe 7 or 8 chambers at Hol- 
land howse. And I went abord Deriok de Frize, and had 
S pec ordinance shot of at my going away, and at i-etome 
from Sozeander, 3 more. And Capt. Speck sent Jacob Swa- 
ger abord the Sozeand&r as we went ont, with a present of 
3 barrilles wyne, 4 greate fishes, and 6 hense. And I gave 
a peece of watcht' damaske to Rowland Tomas, purcer of 

' ? Cringe, ID the sense of to constrMQ ; and bo to stickle, or haggle. 
' Watchety pale blue. 


112 DUBT or BICHUtD COCE8. [l6l& 

the Hozeander, in reqaitall of a small rough diamond in a 
ryng of gould he gave me the other day, esteemed worth 
Bom 4 or 3 taies. Also I gave the cbimrgioa, Mouris Jones, 
a peace red damaeke and a B. of 8 in money for hia 
payns takes in howae, aad for a b^ of synomond and a box 
of mace he gave me. 

Febrary 21. — I delivered to China Capt. a bag of rialles 
of eight, containing 500 K, of 8 iu it, is 100 tais ; and re- 
ceaved 300 tats in plate of bars of hym. And I waterd 
and new packed np the amber greeee in 2 leaden pots, same 
as before, and the mask ia an other, marked as foUoweth ; — 

B. 4 

c. 4 miuk is 86 cods, coat 048 
being marked with the Companis mark. And packed np 
all three in one chiat under same marke without namber, 
and pnt abord the Hozeander. 

And I receaved a letter from Jorge Durois with a baskit 
containing 120 tallo candells of 6 for a mas, with 4 pere 
silke stockings, viz. 2 peare at 9 p<i2os or B. 8, 2 peare at 
7 tats plate bars, and 4 peare cuSes and 1 band, cost 1 tay. 
Febrary 22. — Capt. Coppendall had a runlet of pery I 
gave hym. And I delivered in three bills to Semidone, 
viz.: — 

1 bill of 70 laii, dae of onld. 

1 bill of 50 fau, for merchandize fiould. 

1 bill of 20 taU, for a gun. 

And he gave mo a new bill of 250 laU, wherof 116 ; 5 : 
was owing upon onld acco., and 133 : 6 : goodea delivered at 
Miaco per Mr. Eaton, is 250 : : now owing, to pay at a 

And Andrea Dittis, China Capt., sould a boy called Mats 
to Capt. Coppendall for 10 taies. 

And the China Capt. had 4 mas wight Faraman gould at 
14 per one in plate, upon acco. 


l6l6.] DUBT OV aiCHARD COCEB. 113 

And I gave Mr. Jdo, Hnnt, master of the Mozeander, 2 
Jspon buck skias and a peare silk etockings for a preseotj 
in reepect he gave me a case bottell. 

There was a great eclips of the moooe this night, began 
aboat 9 a dock. Bat the wether proved overcast that we 
could not observe no star, which we thought to have donae, 
to find out the true longetade aS this place. 

Ftbrary 23. — The China Capt. sent 2 barrillea morofack, 
2 jarrs biskit, and 2 barrilles pickeld tnnnj for a present to 
Capt. Joorden for Bantam. I gave Jno. de Lievana 2} Bs. 
of 8 in Spanish money, and Fran9isco Camero one riall of 
8 } and passed my word to pay a tay in Japon plate to 
Tome Dono for Jno. de Lievonas hoasrowme. 

Febrary 24. — I delivered twenty and five taia plate bars 
to Mr. Osterwick, to pay twenty tais to Yayemon Dono 
and Tayamon Dono, the two carpenters, geven ten tats 
a peece for a present for payns estraordoary aboot 

The great Holland shipp, called the Anteewten, went out 
to sea this day, and the jnnk in compa. with her. 

And I went with Capt. Coppendoll to Hollandes howse to 
offer Capt. Speck to carry his letters to Bantam, as their 
shipp did ours, shee being ready to put^to sea to morrow ; 
bat fownd Cnpt. Speck was gon ont with shipp. 

Jacob Swager brought Capt. Coppen^all a bottell of wyne 
and a cheese for a present. 

Divers Shashmas came to see the English howse, whome I 
nsed kindly. They said the King of Shasbma ment to goe 
to the Emperoar the next moneth. 

Capt. Speck sent word to desire ns to carry 6 Japon 
iDarreners along in our shipp for Baotam that were leH; 
behind ont of their jnnck. 

Febrary 25. — I sealed up my packet letters for England, 


all enclosed to Worll, Compa., 
with 1 from Mr. Eaton. 

114 DUBT OF BICBABD COCE8. [l€l6. 

1 to the Wor. Compsoy 
1 to Ser Thomas Smith 
1 to Mr. Edward James 
1 to Capt Jno. Saris 

1 to my brother Walter 
Aod in that packet the letters' which went per janck per 

way of Syam the last yeare hoth to my Lo. Treasurer, the 
Worll. Compa., Mr.. Wilson, C^t Saris, and others ; as also 
the ballauce of the books. 

More, I wrot letters for Bantam as followeth, viz. : — 

2 to Capt Joarden, with jonmall ballaaca and 4 books 
petty charges, all in a box left open, delivered to Capt 
Coppendall ; with a packet coatainiag 2 pere silk atock- 
inges, 2 bandes, and I per cnffes. 

1 to Mr. Bic. Westby, with a Japon standish. 

1 to Jno. Beamont, with a Japon standish and a peare 

1 to Piter Tomer, with a jar biskit 

1 to Francis Sewall, with a jar biskit. 

1 to Eamando Ximenes, with a pere silk stockings. 

All which matters I delivered to Capt. Coppendall, and 
went with hym abord shipp to Cochi and carid as followeth : 

To Mr, Jno. Hnnt, master, a bag bisket containing bo 
eattes, and a box marma[lade]. 

To Mr. Dorington and Mr. Carpenter his mate, 1 bag 
biskit containing 50 cat. 

To ehipps company, 3 barrilles wyne and 4 hoggs. 

The China Capt. accompanid ns abord. We had I peo. 
ordinance at entry, 6 peo. for healths, and 5 at going away. 
Capt. Speck broaght a letter to deliver to Duch president 
at Bantam. 

Febrary 26. — I wrot a letter to Fattania to Mr. Adam 
Denton, and sent it per small Duch yaaght, with a jar 
biskit and a letter to Mr. Oamey, Syam. 
1 I.e„ daplioate oopiea. 



A slave of the Admeralls did ran away and gott secretly 
abord our shipp ; of the which I advised Capt. Coppendall. 
So, when they had waid ancor and were nnder seale, they 
came to an ancor againe and sent hym back per shipps 
boate. Soe, after midnight, wind vering northerly, they 
set seale. Ood send them a good voyage. 

Tbe chirorgion of the Hozeander used speeches that Mr, 
Kealeon had not geven hym satisfaction for paines he had 
taken with hym in hia sicknes, and to that efTect got Capt. 
Coppendall to write me a letter, and sent a note per Mr. 
Wickham of dares and tomarea} Soe, at the same instant, 
Mr. Kealson sent all the chirai^ions dares back to bym, 
with a note of what he had geven bym. The chirurgion is 
a prating fello, and I think sett on per others. 

Hozeander put to sea at midnight, 

Febrary 27. — ^I had conference with the carpenters to 
bnild a new gadonge per water side, which, according to 
the note they put in, will coat for tymber and other 
stofie, besides workmanshipp, 681 tais. 

And Ojen Dono and Soyemon Dono sent in plate of bars 
upon tbe kinges acco. 519 : 2 : 3^, and upon acoo. of China 
Capt, Andrea Bittis, 28 : S : 0. 

Febrary 28. — The Dnch or Holland pataga^ went out in 
the after nowne toward Fattania. 

The China Capt. feasted all the neighbours, in respect 
building his new howse. 

I had conference againe with carpenters about building 
the gadong, which, as they noted before, the very 

Tfinb«r and other stnffe would coat - - 681 

And 2680 carpeuten dais vork at 1^ mas day - S79 5 

And 2760 laborers dales irork at 5 cond. day - 137 6 

And 0200 plasterrars days vork at - - 040 

Som totall amontee unto - - • 1S38 

* Span, andar en dam y tonwret, to quarrel. 

* Span, patache^ a tender, or small Teasel. 


116 SIABY 09 BICHABD COCKS. [1616. 

Soe, per advice and coaDseU of all, it is thought fit to 
let the gedong bailding rest till the aezt jeare, and only 
repare that on the other side. 

Fehrary 29. — I wrot a letter to Mr. Eaton that news is 
com that wars is lyke to ensne betwixt the Empror and 
bis Bonne Calsa Samme, being backt per hia father in law 
Massamone DonOj becaaBe the Empronr will not gere hiB 
BOnne the fortreBae and teretory of Osakay, yf it were 
gotten, as he promised he wold doe. I advised bym, jf 
wars were lyko to ensne, that he shonld com away and bring 
money, and pnt the rest into money yf it were poBsible. 

Bongo Samme, alitia Ifobesane, sent me a present of 10 
bensQ and 2 barsos wyne, 

Marche 1. — Delivered Mr, Nealaon 50 taiU plate bars, 
paid unto Capt. China and neighbors for parte of 90 tais to 
make ston wallea. I delivered also two hundred and fyftie 
taiea plate bars to Andrea Dittis, China Capt., wherof 200 
tais I adventure, viz. 100 tais to Liqoeas, to bay amber 
greese, and the other 100 tais into China, at hia discretion 
for my best advantage, and the other 50 tais I lendhym, to 
pay at his retome from Langasaqne. 

I dehvered the ten tais plate bars to Capt. China which 
Capt. Coppendall paid for the boy he sonld hym, called 
Matts. And there was two iais small plate paid for a boy 
called MoQ, to serve the Company 15 yeares, fyading him 
diet and aparell, the money paid his mother, whoe gave a 
writing in Japons to that effect. 

Mr. Osterwick paid Skydoyen Done npon acco. for these 
goodes following, viz. : — 

1 great mast for Bhipp . . ■ 080 

2 yardeB for ehipp - - - - 010 
106 bark lading stones for jtinck - • 010 6 

Som total! amontea onto - - - 100 6 



The frhicb is paid aa foUoweth : — 
In plate (^ b&n of that of Capt. China 
Fro 131 eat^ peper, at 6 (aifjiieo - 
Pro O03 pec chader bradry - 

And now paid in ready money 

100 6 

ToDomoD Samme, the kinges brother, sent to borrow 
50 or 60 taie plate for a frend, aod I sent answer I had no 
money; yet he sent aj^aine and would have no na; but I 
was still of one minde. 

Marche 2. — We had 15 trees of a bose^ to sett in our 
ochard, viz., sypris, spmse, orange, lemon, chistnat^ and 
other sortes flowres. 

MarcJie 3. — The China Capt., Andrea Dittas, went to 
Langasaqne, and I wrot a letter to bis brother, Capt. Whaw, 
and sent hym a Holland cheese, a bottell of sallet oyle, and 
a bag of wallnnts. 

1 delivered Oyen Bono the King of Fyrandos bill of 
680 tais for gonld, and he gave me a bill of his owae hand 
for 350 tais plate bars, due per King of Firando upon oold 
acco., besids the 3000 tais last sonld for. This bill of 350 
tais I delivered to Mr. Osterwick. 

And I wTOt a letter to Mr. Eaton, to bny 10 or IS cakit 
and rest in ehiskero tables,^ for the halfe our howst oweth 
of that was burned in Oaekay. 

Mr. Eaton advised mo that Sade Dono was dead, and 
that Osakay was on fyre when he wrot the letter, and above 
500 howses bnmed and the fyre not qnenched. 

Marche 4, — This day 5 carpenters to make orchard walle 
on the back side of gedonge, and 2 laborers. And we 
planted the trees geven per the bose of Susbensb, being 
17 trees, for doing whereof we had 5 of the boaea men, 

' Betbu, a bonze, or Boddhist priest * Boards. 


118 DIABT or fitCHABD COCKS. [1616. 

whome wo paid 6d. or 1 mas per peece, with 14 other 
laborers at 5 condrina per peace, to carry and plant the 
same trees. 

A boae came to Tizet me with a present of fans. 

Marche 6. — We sent a present to the bote that gave db 
the treesj viz. : 1 harill wyne of SO ganiea, 10 cattia pepper, 
with 2 small bars plate. 

Marche 7. — The hoxe sent 3 trees or plantes more^ and 
came to thank me for the present sent. 

A Fortingall called Gonsolva came to the English howse 
with complementall wordes, I esteemed he came to spie 
or leame ont whether onr shipp and the Dach janght Btaid 
for to take the Amacon shipp. 

Marche 9. — I lent my book of St. Angnstyn Citty of 
God to Mr. Wickham, and the Turkish History and a book 
of forme of debitor and creditor to Mr. Nealson. 

I gave a fyne chint I bought of Water Carwarden to 
woman, Mr. Wickhams gerle. 

Marche 10. — ^Mr. Nealson went to the bathes at lahew, 
fynding hymselfe ill at ease. And Mr. Wickham went for 
Miaco, to take acco, of Mr. Eaton, and he to retome for 
Firando, as apereth per coppies. And I wrot a letter to 
Jor. Darois to bay som frote trees and send me, yf he con- 
veniently can ; and sent this letter per Nico. Martyn. 

Also we sent presents to Tonomon Samme, Nobese, Oyen 
Dono, Sngian Dono, and his father Soyamon Dono, Go- 
nosco Dono, Unagense Dono, with the two sea hongavee, is 
all 10 persons, each of them 2 hartos wyne, 4 fishes, and a 
qnantety of pepper. 

Marche 1 1 . — Mr. Wickham departed not till this momyng 
towardes Miaco, and left woman his gerle behind hym, 
which he sayeth he bonght of yow' and that yow advised 
hym, in a letter of the 20th ultimo, how her mother did 

I In the mEirgin is a Dot« — "A lettei to Mr. E&ton". Cocka has here 
retained tJie woids of bis letter. 


I6l6.] DUET aw EICHABD COCKa. 119 

think to bring yow ic tronble for seliog her. Which is the 
occation I write yow now she is at Firando. 

We had 21 eakis, or square postes, of Yasimon Dono at 1 
,nuu pea, and 30 hnndeUes straw of Synemon Dodo, oost 

And I sent a vemeson pastie to Mr. Eaton and an other 
the China Capten. 

MaTche 12. — The night past Andrea Dittis retorned from 
Ziangasaqae, and brought me a letter from Capt. Whaw, his 
brother, whoe sent me a jarr of oranges, with a littell fysh- 
pond (or jarr) with live fish in it, and bought 15 pigious for 
me, cost 1 toy 5 oon^ns. 

. Also the master workman plasterrer came aloof^ with hym 
to repare onr new bought godong. 

And npon hope of trade into China I lent CapL Whaw, 
the China Capt. at Langasaqne, 500 taiee, 1 say fire hun- 
dred tai$ in plate of bars. 

And I wrot a letter to Mr. Wickham, and sent hym the 
halfe of sealing wax which Jorge Dnrois sent me, and ad- 
vised hym my mynd it bad byn better he had carid his 
gerle woman along with hym. 

And we made prise for tymber with Skidayon Done, and 
paid hym 50 tait plate bars in hand, aa followeth : — 

0460 cakii of 3 tatla. long, at 1 nuu peeo. 
0B60 nvtii of 2 lalla. uoauque, 3 per a mat 
0040 Jkamitna of 1^ tatta., of 1^ mat pec. 
1000 ordinsry bonln of 1 tatta., of 6 per a mat 
0070 Other boardee of 1^ tatta., at 1 mat pea. 
O0S6 itomtque of 2 tatta., at 3 mat pec. - 
OOJO nandange of 1^ tatta., of IJ per mat 
0160 marraqat at 2 tatta., at 3 per a mat 
0003 mmfoAta of 1^ tatta., cost all 8 - 
0016 tombu of 2 tatta., at cost all 16 
0003 feayefa^ta of 2 tatta., cost both ~ 
Oo20 ealdna ila of i tatta., at 9 mai pea. - 




The tymber to be all delivered in Firaado the next 

Aod ther wer 2 presentes geven to Joco Conde Dodo and 
Ushanaaqne Dono, each 2 harsoB wyne and 4 fisheB, with a 
littell pepper. 

And the China Capt. envited hym selfe to our fro. 

And I forgot to note downe that this day a man was cat 
in peecea, whoe had layne in prisou 3 yearea, for raning 
away with his wife and 2 danghters to Faccatay, they being 
slaves to the king of this place (of Firando), he writing to 
the king of Faccata to retome them, which he did. It is 
said that the begyniog proceaded for that the king of thia 
place would have had the oae of his eldest daughter. They 
being Christians rather choose to ran away, which cost the 
father hia lyfe, aod yet the danghter, etc And yt ia said 
the^wife, hearing hec husband is ezecnted, is secretly fled, 
or, as som think, hath made her selfe away. Word was 
sent to me to the English howae that, yf snch a woman 
were com to me, I should retome her back. 

Marcke 13. — The mans wife, whose hnaband was executed 
yisterday and shee fled, was fownd dead this momyng, she 
haveing hanged her selfe upon a tree. 

Marche 14. — I gave Andrea Dittis, the China Capt., 2 
letters testimonial] (or of favor) in the names of Capt, Gotad 
and Roqnan, to goe into China, yf in case they met with 
English shiping. 

There was 378^ eattia sea weed bought this day, at 7^ 
mas per pico. 

And Joco Conde Dono sent me a present of 3 hanchea 
salt Teneaon, with certen shelfish called woby. 

Matinga had 5 bales rise of 6 gantee per mas, for which I 

Marcke 15. — Genta Samme, the kinges yongest brother, 
the adopted aonne of Bongo Samme, sent to buy 3 or 4 
pceces stufies, ho being bonnd to lyo at the Emperours 


l6l6.] DURT or BICBAKD COCES. 121 

Court ; vbieh, ic respect ther wrb never Dothiog geren 
onto bym before and he ^ing to lye at Cort, was geven 
hym for a present. 

And Bongo Satna envited Mr. Osterwick and my eelfe to 
dyner to morrow, as be liath donne the lyke to the Hol- 

There wont divers pilgrams to Tenclia dire with an am- 
maba»h\ for their gide, the pilgrams haveinge letters written 
on the backs of their keremona (or coates). 

Marehe 16. — We went to dynner to Bongo Sammea, Mr. 
Osterwick and my selfe, where we met Gapt. Speck with an 
other Dncbman and a hoe. We bad veiy good cheare. And 
Geota Samme, the kingea yongeat brother, came in at 
later end, and thanked me for the present geven hym the 
day before, and tould me be was going up to the Court 
(after his brother) to the Emperonr, unto whome I desired 
bym to offer my service and that I made acco. to vizet tbem 
before it were longe^ God sending oar shipping to arive in 

Marehe 18. — We bought two fig trees, an orenge tree, 
and a peche tree, cost all 1 lay, and 2 other oring trees ; 
and had an oring tree, a quince tree, and a peare tree 

Starche 20. — Capt. Speck sent me 2 Portingale figg trees. 

ISarehe 21. — We receved 1000 tiles of all sortes to tile 
the new porche, with 2 head tiles. 

Marehe 22, — I sent a letter to Mr. Kealaon, per Jacob 
Swager, for the bathes of Isbew, be goeing to buy cattell 
of Bnngo Samme, the king having geven tbem an iland to 
feed them on. 

Marehe 23. — The China Capt. came back from Langa- 
saque and brought me 2 China atoolea for a present, and a 
baskit of greate orrangea. 

> Dire =^ Ura, in composition dera, a temple. YatnabuAi, an crder of 
traTeUiDg prittU. 

n,g,t,7.dt,'G00glc ■ 

122 DUST 01 BICHABD COCTS. [t6t6. 

And I recered a letter from Jorge Duroia, witli 3 qaioce 
trees, 5 Ggg slipps, an orange tree, aod a peare tree, with 
Bom garden seeds. His letter wae dated in Langasaqne, le 
25tli of March, new stila. Also I receved an other letter 
from Capt. G-arrocbo, with certen rowles of mske. 

The great sbipp of Amacan put to sea on Sonday last. 

Mareke 24. — Miquan, the China Capt. kynaman, departed 
towardes China 7 daiea past from Langasaqne ; from whence 
he sent me a peece of rofesate red velret for a present, and 
desired me to lend his wife 20 taiea in his abcanse to buy 
her provition, for which he wonld be accomptable at his re- 
tome, and Andrea Dittis his shewrty for repament. 

Marche 25. — We had greate canes of the China Capt. to 
make an arbor or shad for a vyne ; and 6 raylea or nuquu 
at 12 eondrvM. And a bose, frend to Capt. China, sent me 
3 or 4 trees, 1 of peches and the rest of flowres. 

Mamhe 26. — nshennsqae Dono gave me a greate vine 
tree, which I planted in onr new orchard on the west side 
car g&dong. 

And a cavelero of Tabilo sent the China Capt as oring 
tree, a pear tree, and 2 peohe trees, with other flowers, 
which he gave all to me to plant in onr new orchard. 

News came to Firando that the King of Shashma would 
passe this way som 8 or 4 daies hence. 

Mardie 28. — All the kayes of onr howse dorea, being C, 
were stolne, and one of them sonld in tmck of rise, which 
coming to my knowledg, I laid hould on hym which bought 
it to bring forth the partie which sonld it, and kept hym 
prisoner in onr English howse all night, bnt oould get 
nothing of hym. Soe, npon the word of the China Capt 
with 2 other neighbours, I let hym goo free upon his promis 
to looke ont for the partie which sonld it. And soe we sett 
np a bill in writing, that I wonld gere a bar of plate to hym 
which brought the kayes. 

We had bat 3 oiyng trees from Sngien Doao, the[y] bing 
BO great the bark could bring no more. 


l6l6.] DIAHT 01 BICHABD OOCEB. 123 

Marche 29. — About nowne the King of Shashms passed 
b; Firando and came to an ancor a league &om Firando ; 
whither I went to viaefc hym, being accompanid with Mr. 
Osterwick, and carid a present of 2 barillea wyne, 2 bun- 
dells fysh, and 2 damoakt fowling peeces. 

And at our coming to the roade where he staid at an 
anchor, we fowud Tonomou Satnme, the hinges brother, 
with Bongo Samme his uncle, ready to present the King of 
Shasfama with a present, as also CapL Speck was ready to 
doe the lyke for the Hollanders, having 3 other merchants 
to accompany hym. But Tonomon Samme wilted us both 
to stay till they had byn first with hym, and sent me word 
I should com next after ; yet the Duch pressed forward by 
meanes of Zanzabars brother in law, and stept into the bark 
before me. Bat at his retome I tonld hym, that all might 
heare me, that be knew well my place and ranke was to 
have gon before hym, and caused our jurebatso to signefie 
as macfa to the King of Shashma, and that the King of 
England had vassales much greater then the prince (or 
connty) which fj^remed the Hollanders, and that their state 
or government was under the comand of the King of Eng- 
land, he baveing garrisons of English sonldiers in their 
cfaeefest fortres or places of strength they hod. In fine, the 
King of Shashma took notis of my speeches, and sowne after 
sent a great lord unto me to thank me both for this present 
as also for the other the years past, and withall sent me 
10 bars of silver waying 43 tais, and the lyk som, as I 
understand, was sent from bym to the Doch, after they had 
byn with us. 

Bui I forgot to note dowing {sie) the present geven by 
the Dnoh, viz. : — 

1 greate gilded looking gluae. 

1 or 2 lattamu BUmet kemee ) 
I know not well whether the cloth as I sayd was 2 tatttt- 



tnrs in a peece or 1 tattamy. The; presented sUso divers 
peeces of China staffs, bnt I Uiink they were for his fol- 
lowers, for they put ap a petission to the king (as I think} to 
have trade into his cantrey, bnt, aa I understand, were pat 
offe till his retome. As also I delirerd hym the Emperonrs 
letter, procnred formerly, to have trad into all bis domi- 
nions ; bat he gave me no answer, bnt sent me word by 
hym which bronght the present that, at his retome from 
the Emperoors Court, he would com and vizet our English 
howse and gere me aoawer to content. 

A frend of the China Capt. sent me 2 orange trees and a 
peach tree from Tabola, I sending a bark and men to fetch 

Pedro the porter entertayned at a tay per month. 

Marcke 30. — I sent Qoresano, oar jwebasto, to a cavelero 
which accompanid the lord of Shashma yisterday, when 
he came to the Bngliah howse with the present, to thank 
hym for hia paynes, and that I did not expect any present 
at all, yet, it being sent from so greate a prince as the King 
of Shashma was, I could not refase the receariog therof. 
He retomed me answer that it was not for the valln of the 
mony that the king sent it, bnt only as a token of good will, 
according to the Japon cnatom, and that I might be as- 
hewred, yf we had a mynd to trade into Shashma, that we 
should bo welcom and find that greate man ready to farther 
as in what he might for the good entertaynment he had at 
oar English howse yisterday. 

And there was a barr mora of Oban goald of fifty-five 
taies lent to Andrea Dittis, the China Capt, to send to his 
brother Whaw, to geve to the aonne of Twan Dono. 

Our neighboars envited them selves to dynor to morow, 
it being onr Easterday, I meane the 10 of the two wardes 
and priacepall men. 

Marehe 31. — Easterday. Our neighbours came to dyner, 
24 persona. 


l6l6.] DIABT or SICHA.RD COCEB. 125 

There was reportea geven out the Bmperonr is dead, and 
that Fnishma, or Tashma Taj, a great lord or prince in the 
Dorth,' is slayne per the Emperours people, coming from 
Edo to Mice ; bot I eBteeme this ordenary Japon newes, 
which prove lyea. Alao they report the King of Shashma 
taketh this voyag to reveng Fnishma Taia death. 

Aprill 1. — I recered a letter from Mr. Wickham, dated 
in Oaakay the 22th ultimo, wherin he adviseth me the tym- 
ber and neales is provided, and that the tymber will be pat 
abord a bark of Fingo to morow, fraight 10 taies. A.1so he 
reportea of news, bat so variable that it was not worth 
writing of. And I wrot an other letter to Jorge Durois to 
bay 2 or 3 jarra coDaerve, all that was htt being geven to 
the King of Shashma, and Tonomon Samme, Sangero 
Samme, and Soyemon Done sending aRer to me to have 
had Bom for the said king. Thia letter I aent per Antonio, 
the kingea caffro. 

ApriU 3. — The King of Shaahma went oat of harboar ab 
Fyrando this momyng. And Sngian Dono aent me a fyne 
tree of flowers to plant in oar garden. 

Aprill 4. — The wyfe of a fellow, which hath atolne 17 
maa of the themperours plate and ia ran away, ia aeazed 
Qpon with her sonne and aervantea and all she bath, and 
were to have byn pat into priaon. Soe her frendea 
came to me and Andrea Dittia to apeake to the jnstia for 
her, which we did. Soo they staid her from going into 
priaon, and take conncell what is to be donne therein. 

Aprill 7, — Tonomon Samme, nnderatanding of my golden 
fish, sent to deaire to have it; so I gave it hym, and he gave 
me a great black dogg. He desired to have a littell pepper 
and som clovea, which was also sent hym, som 2 cattia pep- 
per and a few cloves. 

Ajn-ill 10 — The China CapL gave me a peece crisped 
white ailke, lyke sipere.* Mr. Osterwick said he boagbt 
the lyke at Bantam for 2 Bs. of 8. 

' Siprei, or eiprt*): a kind of gauze or crape. 



ApriU 11. — The China Capt. went a pilgretnage to a 
pagod neare Gtito, for a yoj (ne) hd made for reooveriDg of 
his brother Whaws health. 

ApriU 12. — I recBved a letter from Jorge Darois, with 36 
tallo candells, per oar jurebauoa wife, but she retomed 
without gating her father set at liberty, Twan not being 
willing to despense with hym. 

Hr. Nealson, Mr. Osterwickj and my eelfa went to dyner 
to Oyen Donoa this day, and were well entertayned, and 
amongst other speeches we had conferreiioe of the Hol- 
landers presatninge to hare entrance to the King of Shashma 
before as, and of my reproving Capt. Speck for it, etc. 
But all took it rather for a reproofs to the Dach tfaeo other- 
wais, in respeck the King of England keepeth gamisoit in 
the princepall fortresses they have, at his charge. The Hol- 
landers can not deny yt. 

There came 2 Spaniardes from Edo this day, and tonld 
me it is oomenly reported above that the Emperoor is dead, 
and that they met the King of Figen going to Shrongo 
with greate forcese. So they esteemo there will be warrs 
above. They said they thoaght Mr. Wickham and Mr. 
Eaton were providing to com to Firando with sach matters 
aa they have resting, standing in dowbt what might easne. 

The China Capt retomed from his pilgremage. 

AprHl 13. — Faaquall the Spaniard made enquiry which of 
the English in Firando was Mr. Wickhams kinsman, and 
in the end it proved to be Mr. Osterwick, nnto whome he 
sent recoado^ that he had sonld %\, I say two catiia and a 
halfe of exellent white amber greeoe at one hundred taiea 
the caity, and gave Mr. Osterwiok order to receve the pay- 
ment; as also he sent an other caUy of the lyke to Capt. 
Jonrden to Bantam per Capt. Copindall, refasing to sell it 
heare to me for the Companies nse at twenty taiet, haveing 
secretly emploid others before to have sonld it for a greater 
^ Span, tvcada, moMge. 



price, but could not. Tbna dow am I not deceaved in hjm, 
tbat Z imftgened lio had made an India TOyaf^ in the Liqaeas, 
liaving fingered 4 or 5 cattit of ezellent amber greece^ 
which made hym to stand npon his pnntoa to have gon 
away in som Japon janck or Holland ship for Pattania or 
Bantam, Yet let both hym and the world jndg of me yf I 
dealt frendfy with hym (I meane Mr. Wickham), when Ilet 
hym pnt to acco. what ha would, and yet, over and above, 
lent hym one fanndred and fiftie rialla of eight to make 
benefite of, and gave hym as much with it of my owne to 
doe as a frend, yf occation were offred. But ha retomed 
me my money as I delivered it, and emploid all his ownoj 
ut supra, 

Capt, Speok came to vizat me, and amongst other matters 
I toald hym I marveled he thmst hym aelfe forward to hare 
entrance to the King of Shashma before my selfa His an- 
swer was, he knew no reason to the oontray, and that in 
these partes be took the Grave Moris and the Estates of 
Holland to be aa mnch as the King of England, yf not 

The China Capt. envited Mr.' Kelson, Mr. Ostarwick and 
my selfa to snppar amonst many Japona. 

Aprill 14. — I receved a letter from Mr, Eaton, dated in 
Oaakay, le 24th of Marche, sent per a bark of Figen with 
fymber, viz. : — ■ 

Buanwp, or boardea, 1200, in 100 bosdeUa of 13, cart 03 
Sugmgeta, tx njlea, 0500, at 27 nuu per 100, ia - 13 5 
Beauff, or nylei, 0300, &t 3^ condrin per peace • 07 S 

SkMtro, or boudes, 0040, &t 58 eoiu^r. peeca ia - 23 2 
Tacea auca, or span, 0016, at 6 raas peace is - 09 

SageUt, or boaidea, 0100, at 13 eondr. 10 boardes - 07 8 

Som totall boardes and timber coat ■ - - 63 6 

More for boate hier carrTiug all aboard • - 00 6 

Tonoman Samme sent me 2 haucbes veoiaon for a pre- 


128 DUBT Of EICHABD COCKB. [1616. 

Bent ; and I Beat hym 2 Enf^lish knyves and a qoarter of a 
Hollands cheesej be sending afler to haj som. 

Aprill 15. — The boz or pagan prist above sent me a tree 
of white flowers for a present. 

Aprill 16. — We sent a boate to Langas&qne, to bay 400 
Shasbma boardes to cover tbe endea of onr gadong. 

Oar new wall of the Dortb aide, made per onr neighbonrs, 
Bbronk soe it was this day broaken np agane, or rather paid 

Aprill 17. — Newa waa aent me by Oyea Doaoa sonne that 
the Emperoar had geven the King of Firando leave to re- 
tome to hia contrey, and that they thought he would be 
heare within this 10 dayes. 

And at same tyme the King of Cratea man came to rizet 
me, and said it waa reported that the Emperoar was very- 
sick with a fall he had from hia horoe in going a bawlking, 
BO that no man might apeake with hym. Tet, notwith- 
standing, Shnngo Samma had geven leave to the King of 
Faccata and the King of Figea to retome for their 
oonntries, but comanded all the reat to stay hia ferther 

And towardes nigbt a oavelero sent me word how it was 
trew that the Emperoar was alive, and had apoaken to the 
King of Firando and two other princes only, of purpose to 
stop the mowthes of those which reported hym to be dead; 
only it seemed to them he was not halfe well. 

Aprill 18.— We receved 660 tiles, viz. 360 for gadong 
walle and 300 tiling Sat tiles. 

And 1 receved an other letter from Jo. Darois, dated in 
Langasaqne, le 24th of Aprill, new atile, wherin he advized 
me how the speeche went that Shashma Dono waa building 
the fortres at Oaakay and Frashma Tay with hym. 

Also Soyemon Dono sent me a letter how they conld not 
sell the merchandize, viz. the white baflas they tooke for 
the King of Firando. Soe be willed me to take them back 



againe. Unto which letter I retorned answer, I could not 
doe it in respeckt I had advized the CoQipan7 into Eng- 
land of the sale thereof, as also the lyke to the agent at 

Qonosqoe Dono sent me 2 hanches of venison for a pre* 
sent. We receved 84 rownd postes of Skidayen, called 
yofen. nuquy. Skiaraon Dono came from Langasaque and 
sent me a present of confittes and craknills. 

ApriU 19. — The 2 sea hojigews came to vizet me, and 
amongst other matters we had speeches tuching Capt. 
Specks goinge before me to salnte the King of Shashma, and 
of my reproveing hym for it, wberin they said I had reason 
and that they knew it not till now. 

Aprill 20. — Mr. Eaton arived from Osakay with a 
Spaniard in his company, pilot of the ship which came from 
Kova SpaQia. Mr. Eaton brought me 2 letters from Mr. 
Wickham, dated in Miaco the 4th and 6th currant, in which 
he wrot me something hamerousiy, both about the busynes 
as also about my misusing of his gerle woman, which is 
nntrewe. Also I receved a letter from Bio. Hudson, with 
2 others, 1 from Capt. Adames sonne, and the other from 
our hostes at Miaco and Oaakay, be of Miaco sendiog me 2 
pewter basons for a present, and the other of Osakay 10 
pewter pottage dishes. 

And we receved tymber of Skidayen Dono, viz. : — 

79 cakit matet nuque of 2 tattamy long. 
20 cakit labtt nuqtie of 2 tattamu long. 
46 nendangi, or rownd poles, of 2^ tatt. 

Mr. Nealson in a pot humor fell ont with Antony the 
kinges caffro, and struk hym in my sight. 

Ayrill 21, — I bonght a duble silver and gilt salt contain- 
ing 13 It. \ K. of 8, for same wight Spanish money. 

Aprill 22. — I delivered 6 ould gould ringes of Matingas to 
the gonldsmith, to make new. 





And Mr. E&ton gave me 5 Japon beakers, 4 pottage 
dishes, 8 other Japon dishea, and a wassell bola 

Aprill 23. — We receved tjmber of Skidayon Dono, viz, : — 

297 nuquit, or niyles. 

017 fa^ack, or rownd poles. 

070 incbe bordea, yiuiocjt iion. 

030 caJtii, or aqnsie pofltA, of 2 lalla. 

Receved in 1 boate 700 howse tilea, and in &n ether 
700 tiles more, viz. 450 howse tiles and 250 flat for 

Aprill 24. — We bought 40 rownd poles, cost 2 mat, littell 
ones to cover carpenters shed. Tome Dono lent ns 20 mats 
or tomaa, and the China Capt. lent as 6 bnndells of small 
canes to cover carpenters shed. And 40 mats bought of 2 
others per Gorezano. 

Aprill 25. — We borowed 200 toma£, or straw matts, of 
Sifian Dodo, of 20 per mas. 

Aprill 26. — I nrot a letter to Figeao a Camme, King of 
Firando, complementally, that I was glad to understand of 
his safe arivall at Shrongo and kind entertaynment of them- 
perour; and that yf anjshiping arived hear© from Eng- 
land or our junck from Syam, that I would adviz hym 
thereof. This letter I sent per conveance of Oyeu Dono. 

And I reooned with Gorezano, oni jurebatso, for monies 
he disbursed for me, as followeth : — 

la. m, eo. 

Fro a kettell, or fnraee for Matinga 

Pro a peece taffotj to Ijne Domingoa kerymon 

Fro a barill wyne for Matinga - 

Fro gerdell for Malinga, 2 fniDt«s 

Fro cotten woU for Jeffree kerremon 

Fro a pere shewe for Caruero, porter 

Fro fishiDg Ifne for mj Belfe - 

Pro a blind man that aonge 

Fro dressing me 8 ould hattea • 

Pro a idtaoU for my Belfe 

Fro a callan for Domingo 



Aprill 28. — We recered 3 square post for the water gate, 
1 plank for the bridg, and 7 sta&ll Jicanums servisable. 

AprUl 29, — I reconed with Toakey for mooiea laid out for 
me, viz.: — 

To ahewmaker for lu&king bmkins tuid 2 per shews 

for my self e - - - • 00 4 

To Matinga, 1 peare IoJm - - - 00 S 6 

To pint tngger - - - - 00 6 

Aprill SO. — Mr. Wickham writ h© delivered 25 tat. broad- 
cloth to the Kiug of Firandos man. AIbo of the lyiug news 
of Fidaia gammes being alive, and that 200 Japons are put 
to death at Osakay for selliug people after the wars, aud 
that Micama Camme Samme, the Emperours bouds aoune, 
bought a caboke, or player, coat hym 10000 taie», is 2500 li. 

May 2. — We reared the frame uuder the north side of 
our howse this day. 

Zanzabar, alUva Yasimou Doqo, envited ua all to dyner 
thia day and used us kyndly. 

May 3. — We receved in 2 barkea fonre thonsand six hun- 
dred tila, wherof 50 were for gadong walle. 

May 4. — We recered a hark ; lading ston. Cuahcron 

May 5. — The aonue of Tuan Dono of Langasaque de- 
parted to sea with 13 barkes laden with souldiers to take 
the iland Taccasauge, called per them soe, but by ns Isla 
Fermoea. And it is reported he ia at Goto, staying for 
more anccors which are to com from Miaco, and thought 
thay mean to goe for Lequea, to look for Fidaia Samme. 

Peter, our new porter, and Miguell, Coreau jure&asso, went 
about to hare gotten a Japon servant to the Jesnistes to 
bave served in our English howse, which I refused to doe ; 
but Peter let hym V"^S ^'^^ night in the howse, which 
Gorezano tould me of, which both the other took soe in 
BuofTe that they thretned to kill Gorezano. Soe I turned 




Piter out a dorea Which Miguell, in hia nanall drankeu 
humor, stomocked and eotered iato termes with me that I 
had no reason to doe it ; see I tnmed hjm out Ijkewaiea to 
beare the other company. 

May 3. — I delivered one hundred tats plate bars to ilr, 
Oaterwick, wherof be delivered 50 tais lyke to Mr. Elaton to 
goe to Ikanoura to buy tymber, because Skidayen Dono 
deceaveth ns. 

The perticniara of tymber is as followeth, viz. : — 

250 cditu, or Bqnar post 

250 aukis, or raylea. 

800 imall boarded. 

004 momboihta, or dore poatOB. 

100 rownd poatea. 

May 10. — AVe had 2 barkes lading flat stones of Tome 
Dono and Cushcron Dono, to pave yard. 

May 14. — Unagense Dono sent ma a present of halfe a 
wild bore. 

May 15. — I wrot 3 letters to Mr. Eaton, China Gapt., and 
Jor. Durois, advising Mr. Eaton to com away with what 
tymber he had bonght and boy no more, but bring 3 or 400 
bags lyme. And sent these letters per Skeyo that was onr 

May 16. — I receved three hundred and fyftie tales plate 
of bars of Oyen Dono, in full payment for the ould debt due 
per King of Firando, besides or above the 3000 taies due 
per hym last. I say the King of Firando oweth 3000 taU 
over and above this 350 taw now paid ; which three hun- 
dred and fyftie iaies Mr. Osterwick receaved. 

Also Mr. Eaton fell out with a Japoo of Figen, whoe mis- 
nsed and struck hym with a stafif and knockt hym dowue, 
thinking to have kild hym, for spite he bought tymber at a 
hier rate then he. But Mr. Eaton, in defence of hym eelfe, 
hath dangerously wounded the other. Bot the Uuibrians 
took Mr. Eatons parte, other wais they Figians bad mor- 



tliered hym. See he staada on his gard tilt I send to cleare 
bym, the Umbrians protecting hym. 

The China Capt. retomed from Langaaaque, and brought 
me word how Mr. Eaton was abused by them of Fingo, and 
that it was a marveil he escaped with hfe. So, per his 
counsell, I sent a barb with 4 ores to cary a letter to Mr. 
Eaton, and withall sent an other in Japona to the dice of 
Ykanaura, desyring hym to have a care that no violence 
were oEFred to the acrivano, alUus Mr. Eaton, for that to 
morrow I ment to send a letter to the King of Umbra, his 
master, to have hym set at liberty and retorned to me, as 
onr priveleges geven per the Emperour speaefied, as the 
King of Firandos man could testeSe, whoe I ment to send 
Mr. Nealson along with in the mornyng about same matter. 
And so I gott Jabio Dono of Crates to write me a letter to 
the King of Umbra vt supra. 

Capt. Whaw, the China Capt brother, did send me a 
present of vallance for a bed, embradered. 

May 17. — I aent Mr. Nelson to Umbra with the letter 
written to the king, and he carid 50 tait in plate bars and 
10 taw in small plate with hym. 

The China Capt. lent ns leafe gould to gild one mark 
and 2 head tiles. 

May 18. — There came a man from Umbra about the 
quarrell of the Fingonians with Mr. Eaton, saying they 
sw^ered mightely because they thought the man would dye. 

May 19. — I receved a letter from Mr. Kealson at Fooky,^ 
3 leages hence, being staid per contrary wind, but departed 
from thence this mornyng before day. Also the small bark 
I sent to Mr. Eaton with a letter retorned, and tells me the 
man which he hurt is in no danger of death; yet, not 
withstanding, they of Umbra will suffer no man to speaks 
to hym, not so much as hym which carid hym my letter, 
nor a Spaniard which came to hym from Langasaque with 
' Fufcae, on the north coast of Kiuehiu. 



a preBent. I think it ia the satnraecall hamor of the oald 
kyog, because he is a ChriBtian, he being a mortall enemy 
to that name for hatred of the Jesmstea. 

And, after we were gon to bed, Tonomon Sammo, the 
Eingea brother, Bent me word that he ment to send an 
exprea to the King of Fingo, and that yf I would write he 
ahoald carry my letter. I retorned hym word that I knew 
not what to write to Fyngo till I knew the certecty of what 
passed in Umbra, which will be when Mr. Eaton and Mr. 
Kealson (which went for hym) retomed. 

May 20. — I went to Soyemon Dono to tell hym I mar- 
veled them of Umbra nsed the acrivano (aliut Mr. Wm. 
Eaton) aoe hardly that they would enffer no man to speake 
with hym nor let hym have victoellea for money. He 
anawered me that the Umbriana kept anch ward about hym 
for hia good, because the Fingoniana, being above 150 
persons, had mad braggea they would kill hym, and* 
Ikanonra being a littell towne or village, were afeard of 
the worst, and ao kept ward ; but that they skanted hym 
of victuella he marveled, bat he was assured it was not of 
mallice, but knew the place was bare of provition, and that 
I might rest aasared that, when the bungew with Mr. 
Nealson were arived, that Mr. Eaton should presently be 
set at liberty; and in the meane tyme I must have pasience, 
for their trowble was much more then ours. He also tonld 
me that yf I would write Mr. Eaton or Mr, l^ealson, that be 
ment to send a man ezprea to Umbra this day. See I 
wrot them both, and sent them per a man sent from 
Firando of purpose per kinges brother. 

We reared the building to the southward of oar howse in 
Firando this day. 

May 21. — I wrot a letter to Jor. Dnrois, and ther 
inctozed the other I thought to have sent per Skeyo, kept 
till now per meaae of contrary wynda, in which letter I 



advized hym of the trowbls of Mr. Eaton at Ikanaura ia 
Umbra ; Bent per aerrant Bugo Same. 

And after, we reed, in 2 barkes 1400 tila. Also we had 3 
barkea lading aton, viz. I of Tome Dono, 1 of Caahcroo 
Dono, 1 of Synemon Dono. And we had 35 bnodells canes 
of the China Capt. 

And towardes night I receved a letter from Mr. Nealson, 
dated in the gulfe of Umbra le 20th currant, and sent per 
the hongew which went along with hym, whoe now retoroed 
back, with many complementB from them of Umbra, but 
determen not to set Mr, Eaton at liberty till they had en- 
formed the Tono of Fingo therof. 

Mr. Nelson weot to Ikanora to vizet Mr. Eaton and 
famish hym with snch matters as he atood in need of, 
understanding the Umbrians kept hym soe short. 

Tosky the bntler, being sick, asked lycenae to goe to his 
bowse to take phiaick. 

May 23. — Migell, our jurebaaso, desired lycense to goe 
take phiaick, being very ill at ease. 

May 24. — Wa had fliing news how our ship the Hozeander 
with the Hollanders have met with the great Portingall 
ship of Amacan, and fought with her neare to the Liqueas, 
and Bom escaping out of her ashore retomed per way of 
Xaxma to Langasaque with news, bat know not the end of 
the fight, whether she escaped or no. Of the which I 
advised Jop. Uuroia per Skeyo or his cafero in a letter; 
bnt I esteem it ordenary Japon news, which are lyes, 
dowbting (according to the English proverb) that it is to 
good to be tme, yet, according to an other, I wish that 
there never com worse news to the towne. 

Migell oar jurebassos wife came and brought me a small 
jarr of ackar^ for a present, desyring me to ezakews her 
husband in that he abcented hym selfe to take phisik in 
this tyme of busynes. 

' niudoEtani, jxcklca. 


136 DIABT OF BICBABD C0CK8. [1616. 

And after I was gon to bed, Soyemon Dodo sent to have 
a jurebasso to com to hjm about news they had from 
Ikauoura. Soe I went my selfe nnto hym, and he tould 
me that the King of Fiogo had sent a letter to TJmbra, 
wfaerin he advised that, allthough the Eoglish had kild a 
man of his, he made no reconyng of it, only he was advised 
that Bom of Firaudo that was in company of the English 
had Btolne somtbing wherby this quarrell grew. This was 
the matter he sent to tell me of, and that to morrow they 
ment to send a man expres to Ikanoura about this matter. 
80 I desyred hym he might carry me a letter to Mr. 

May 25. — Mr. Nealaon retomed from Ikananra, bnfc Mr. 
Eaton ataid behind till the bongew retomed from Fingo. 

The man Mr. Eaton hurt dyed the other uight, whereupon 
they sent for Co John, Mr. Eatons boy, and cut afe his head, 
for that he began the brute ; and thought to hare donne the 
lyke per Skite, beoanse he took Mr. Eatoos part when they 
misused hym, and the lyk of Tome, his jurebasso. All was 
about a peece of straw cord not worth a farthing. 

And I receved 3 letters and a note from Mr. Eaton per Mr. 
Nealson, dated the 23th and 24th cnrant, the note mani- 
festing the tymber, boardea, and lyrae he had bought, via.. — 

2.W cahis, at 13 taU per citto, i8 

100 rownd poetes, or maratis, S per mcu. 

250 nujtu, at 5 per nun 

004 morabashta, or dore poatta 

This paid'to bongeui at Ika 
Also 400 Kkks Ifme, at S^ eondnn 
800 boardes, at 7 per moi 

Also he writes he receved 100 tallow candelles of Qeorg 
X>urois at Langasaque, whereof he burned 23 in prison and 
Mr. Nealson 5 per way. So Mr. Nelson brought 72 to 









May 29. — I entred into cowncell with Mr. Nealaon and 
Mr. Oaterwick, whether it were best to send Mr. Kealson 
back to Mr. Eaton with a burk to bring hj-m away, yf he be 
set at lyberty at the retorne of the hongem from Fingo, as 
they promised he shoald. So it was coQcladed upon, and, 
becaase I had emest occation to tise Gorezano in howse, I 
got lycenae of Capt. Speck to have ajurebasao which aerved 
the Duch, which he granted me. But when they were 
ready to depart, there came a Japon and whispered our 
Duch jurebaaso in the eare, who presently refuced to goe on 
onr pretended affares. So I was forced to send Gorezano 
Bgaine with hym and a aouldier of the kinges, whom 
TonomoQ Same, the kings brother, sent with them at my 
request. The pointes of bnsynes tuchiog Mr. Kealsons 
proceading apeareth in a memoriall of this date, the coppie 
wherof I kept. I wrot a letter per hym to Mr, Eaton. 

And receved a letter from Jor. Darois, dated in Langa- 
Baqne le 5th of Jnly, wherin he wrot me the news of the 
meeting of our English ahipp with that of Amacan was a 
lye, only the great ship toed a boate after her, wherin were 
2 horses with provition of meate for them and 4 or 5 
persons to look unto them, bnt per stormy wether were 
broaken from the ahipp and cast on the coat of Xaxma, 
having passed tnach danger, the bark being ennke, and 
4 got npon a peace of tymber, living 5 days without meate 
or drink. I say 8 got on it at first, wherof 4 dyed before 
they got aland at Liqnea. 

May 30. — Jubio Dono of Crates lent us 5 sackes new 
barly, of 51 small gante* per sack, till we could get other to 

May 31. — We sould 10 fardelles rotten cuttelfish to our 
fishmonger for 7 tais 8 mat, to tak fish for howse in 
payment. - This cuttellfish was bought for first voyag of our 
juDck to Syam, and, she loosing her voyage, new pat in 


138 SURT or KICIU£D COCKS. [[616. 

June 2. — I receved a letter from Mr. Kealson, dated in 
Ikanoura la last of Mav, signefying he ataid the retome of 
the hongew from Fingo, and that Mr. Eaton was better used 
DOW then heretofore, and that the hongew which used Mr, 
Eaton Boe strictly is pnt of of his place and ly ke to loose 
his head for eating affe onr serrantea head. 

The Hollanders reared a nevr gadong this day, as bigg as 
their other, and made an other thatcht one a mile ofe, to 
buld shiping and put tymber in, and have mad other mach 
bnilding this yearo, planted 2 orohardes, and made a new 
key out of the sea. 

June 3. — I wrot a letter to Mr. Nealson, per the man 
which carid the other, how I thought beet he retomed, for 
that it in nothing but delayes of the Umbrians who have 
sent to the Emperonrs conrt about the matter, as I think, 
or, yf he stay upon good occation, then to send back 

I reconed with the tellers, and paid the fat tealor 5 taia 
in small plate for making me 5 new garmentes and sowing 
two ould gownea and a aatten dublet. And he paid me 
2 tai'S greate plate out of it for 2 peecea duttia sonld hym. 

Also I paid the China button maker 1 tay 4 mae for 
buttons, in amall plate. 

And I reconed with the leane telor, and paid hym for 
dyvers garmentes and mending ould, as apereth per par- 
ticulars — _.--_. 7io. 6m. Oco. 

And for making 3 antes for caffro - \ta. 8m. Oco, 

And for sowing the flagg or making - Ofa. 2m. Oco. 

June d. — I receved a letter from Figen a Gamme, King of 
Firando, dated in Shrongo 18 dais past, with 3 salmons 
for a present. Also he writes me of the good entertaynment 
the IJmperour gave hym, with lycense to retome to Firando 
when he pleasetfa, and that the Empr. gave hym 18 here- 
mons or gowns, with 18 storkes or salted fowles, for a 
preaent, a matter much esteemed in these partes. 


l6l6.] DIABT or BICHABD COCKS. 139 

Also I receved & complementall letter from Torayemon 
Dodo, with another ioclosed for the China Gapt. which I 
delivered presently. Torayemon Done advized of presentes 
geven the king. 

And after dyner Mr. Nealson retomed from Ikananra 
with Mr. Eaton and the botigew of Firando which went to 
Fingo, and Mr. Eatons host of Langasaqne who went to 
vizet hym at Ikanoura ao sowne as he heard he was in 
trowble, and hath kept hym company ever since, conveaying 
a mosket and other arraes into prison to defend hym against 
them of Fingo, yf they went about to offer violence, ofiring 
his person for his defence till the death, yf need required. 

The bongew which went for Fingo retomed with answer 
to them of Umbra that they should set the Englishman at 
liberty, for that he wonld not medell with them, being 
nnder the Emperonr his protection ; and that them of 
Fingo, which began this bmte, went npon their affarea 
withoot knowledg to faym, and therefore be would not 
defend them in the action. Tet, notwithstanding all this, 
they of Umbra would not deliver Mr. Eaton in 2 daia after 
the newa came, siting still in dattcons or conncell aboat it, 
making delayes, keeping hym baricaded till the last bower. 
And, althongh the other bongew nsed Mr. Eaton kindlie at 
first, and let Mr. Nealson goe and vizet hym, yet after he 
restrayned bym and would not let hym speaks with hym in 
2 daies. Their hatred against ns (I meane them of Umbra) 
is per meanes of the padrese or pristes, who stored tbem 
up against ns to make as odious to the Japons, for they 
are all, or the most part, papistical] Christians in Umbra, 
and attribute a great (or cheefe) occation of banishment of 
them out of Japon per meanea of the English, many 
papistes and Jesuistes lying secretly larking in most partea 
of Japon till this bower. Yet I hope in tyme to use the 
lyke frenship to them as they have donne now to us. And 
it is serten them of Umbra are enemies to them of Firando, 



for that Foyne Samme recovered from tbem macb land 
which they bad taken from Doca Samme his father, and 
added much of Umbra unto it, which they of Firando 
pocesse till this day. 

June 6. — I i-eceved a letter from Mr. Wickham, dated in 
Miaco le 22th ultimo, with an other from Co. Jno. jurebasao, 
both per the keremoti sellar or mercer, with 2 barrill wyne, 
cost both 13 mas, with 2 catabras for Matinga, 2 for his 
woman Femega, and 1 for Mr. Eatons woman. He writes 
that the King of Xasma with Frnshma Tay and other 
tonot were com to Miaco, and ell other permitted to 
retorne for their cnntrea. 

June 7. — Mr. Eatons host enformed me how he was in 
Cochinchina when Mr, Peacock was kild, and that the 
King of Cochinchina knew nothing thereof, and that he 
thought, yf we sought, we might have restitation of all. 
He sayeth they were 5 men which mnrthered both the 
English and Duch, wherof 2 were of Cochinchina, 2 Japons, 
and the other a China, their names being aa followeth : 
Mangosa Bono, Sanzo Dono, Japons; Maiigosa, Mr. Pea- 
cockes host; Hongo, a China; Uncam, bongete of junk, 
Amy, bongew of bark, of Cochinchina. 

I offred hym that, yf be would put me in snffitiant 
sureties at Langasaque to be answerable that he should 
render the Wor. Company a just accompt of all he recovered 
or receaved, that then I would geve hym power to follow the 
matter, and be bownd to geve hym satisfaction for doing 
thereof to his owne content, and procure the Emperours 
letter to the King of Cochinchina, yf need so required. So 
he gave me answer he was content to pat me in sureties to 
content. The present was geven hym, as well in respect 
of the paines he hath taken with Mr. Eaton, aa also for 
hope we have to employ hym upon CochiDchina basiaes. 

June 8. — This day was a Japon feast, being the 5th day 
of ther 6th month, called by them Qunguach goriore. 



The China Capt. sent me 2 Binall haraoe of wine and 
2 fiahea for a present this Japon feast, and the^fatt China 
telior and bnton maker sent me 1 barso and 2 fysbea. And 
I Bent the China Capt. a salmon and a phan. 

I was enformed that the King of Firando apake not with 
the Emperour, but only was permitted to enter into a 
chamber, where they said he la sick in a littell cabbin 
coverd with paper, Codgkin Dono, the secretary, going 
into it and telling hym that the Tono of firando was there 
to vizet hym, and came out againe, telling hym the £mperour 
thanked hym and gave hym lyceoae to retorne |^to his 
cuntrey. But they verely beleeve he is dead, and that they 
keepe it secret; yet it may be a pollecieVto see whether 
any will rise against hym in armes. 

June 9. — We trid our elle speare afore oure howse, and 
took 65 fresh elles. 

Mr. Eaton gave bis boy Co Johns aparell and wakadash 
to his father, with 5 mas in plate. 

June 11. — We had 2 boattes lading paveiog stoones of 
Oushcron Done and Tome Dono ; but the Duch grudged to 
let us have them, saying the king had geven them the 
iland aud per consequence the stoanes. 

Mr. Nealaon fell out with me extremly this day, mis- 
using me as he hath doune the lyke many tymes before, 
which I have put up and still borne with his contynewall 
drunken humors. 

June 12. — I receved a letter from Jo. Dnrois, dated the 
12th currant, new stile, which is 10 dayes past, with a note 
in it, dated the 18th ditto, new stile, in both which he 
writes how it is certenly reported the Emperour is dead, 
with other news of Japon ; as also to send back bis negro 
or slave, yf I can procure it. 

2 Chinas came and vizeted me, and brought me a present 
of a jarr China wine. 

June 13. — Heare is reportes geven out that Fidaye Same 



ia alive and in keeping of the Dayre, and tbat, the 
Emperonr being dead, it is now mad knovne, and that he 
shall be Emperonr and his fortresse at Oaakay boUt againe. 
Bat I doe verely think this is a lye. 

June 14. — This night past oame an expres trom the 
king, how he was at Anashma, a port of Faccata, som 80 
leagues hence, and that he ment to be at Firando to night 
or to morrow. So Soyemon Dono and other caveleros 
went ont to meets hym, or rather to goe to hym to the 
place where he is, the wind being contrary. 

June 16. — The Xyng of Firando ariyed at Firando abont 
midnight, and the Dnch shott off certen chambers at his 
passing by their howse. 

I sent our jurebaseo to Oyen Dono to desyre hym to tell 
the king that I was glad of his Highnes health and safe 
retome, and that I would com and kis his handes, yf he 
weare at leasnre, and, whiles he was speaking with Oyen 
DonOj the kyng per fortnne or else of purpose passed by 
and gave oar jurebasao very kind words and said I shonld 
be welcom whensoever I came. 

Tayamon Dono envited ns to dyner, I meane all tbe 
EDglish, he b^ing onr master carpenter, and our work all 
moat ended. 

I sent our j-ure^asso also to Semi Dono and Taccamaa 
Dono to bid them weloom home, and to tell them I woold 
come and vizet them when they were at leasare. 

Semi Dono sent me word, it was certen that the oold 
EmperouF was dead 26 daies past, and that he saw the 
place where he was buryed ; and that Shongo Samme did 
it of purpose, that they night see be was dead. And the 
presentea which were geven to cache tono were the legasie 
of the dead Emperonr, being greate matters both in bars of 
gould and vestmentes. And that Shongo Samme gave 
them leave to stay 3 yeares withont retomyng to vizet 
hym, to take theire ease for the paynes they had taken in 


I6l6.] DUBY or BICHABD COCEB. 1.13 

tyni past. Bat I do vorely beleeve lie will sowne rise 
ag&ine, yf any wars be moved againsb his soone withia 
these 3 yeares. 

Gonrock Dodo passed by yister night to Lacgasaqne, to 
be governor ; which doth rather conferme me in my 

June 17. — The grownd on the W, side onr new gsdong 
did shrink with the extreme rayne, and 3 panes of our 
orchard wall fell downe and spoild divers frute trees, and all 
the rest of the wall mnch shaken and lyke to fall, the 
grownd geving way. 

We went and vizetted the king, all of as together, viz. : 
Mr. Eaton, Mr. Noalson, Mr. Osterwick, and my selfe, and 
carid a present of 2 barrilles wyne, and 20 cordes of drid 
fyeh of cnttell, and shell fysh, of eather 10 cordes, with a 
small pott of conserve of oreng flowers. He was accom- 
panied with Bongo Samme his nncle, and the father of 
Sngen Dono of Umbra, and 2 bosses or pagan pristes, with 
the agent of Crates. He took oar vizetation and present 
in kind parte, offring us any thinge we stood in need of; 
and soe I craved pardon, telling hym I would retome som 
few dayes hence to kis his Highnesse handes, after he bad 
rested hym selfe of bis journey, to make knownp som 
matters unto hym and to have bis Highnesse councell 

The king had a flat galle pot in his handes and his unde 
an other, which som body had presented unto them. So be 
asked me whether we had such in our coantrey, and I 
answered we had. So he desyred, yff any came in our 
sbiping, that they might be kept for hym. And, retomyng 
to the English bowse, by chance Mr. Xealson had such a 
one as the others were, but paynted after an other &tion. 
So I sent it to the king, which be took in good part. 

June 18. — I went and vizeted Semydone and Taccaman 
Dono, and carid each of them 2 small barsos wyne with 



10 cordes drid fyali, 5 of a sort to each one. They toald me 
the oald Emperocr died 28 daioa past, and that all is now 
in quiet to Xongo Samme his Sonne, in respect of the 
death of Fidaia Samme. 

After I was in bed, Yesimon Dono sent me word be 
understood of a ship or jnack that was on the cost of 
Firando, near an iland 3 leags hence, and that he had 
advised the Hollanders the lyke. 

June 19. — The China Gapt. tonid me how he understood 
by som which came this night past from Langasaque, how 
they heard 2 peeces of ordinance shot affe per som shipp or 
jnnck, of the which I advised Gapt. Speck in a letter sent 
per oar jurebasso Gorezan. He retomed me answer that 
he had the lyke reportes brought nnto hym, and had sent 
ont men to heare yf it were true, bnt could heare of no 
snch matter. And, sowne after, others broaght news how 
they heard 3 peeces ordinance shot affe. So I sent oat a 
boate, with 6 ores, to look yf they conld see any shipping 
on the cost; but they retomed sowne after, the wether 
being dark and much rayne, and could see uothiug. 

Gapt. Speck said he desired to talke with me abont the 
state of Japou, for that he dowbted their might be som 
alteration by meanes of these reportes of the death of the 
Em per our. 

The junck proved to be a Ghina, and went along for 
Faccata, not inching at Firaudo. Yt was a small aotna or 

The King of Firando sent to begg my 2 golden fishes 
which the China Gapt. brother sent me, which, mnch against 
my will, I gave hym, having geven his brother the other 

June 20. — The King of Firando sent his ohamberlen to 
me with a present of 2 Japon catabras, with much wordes 
complementall for that he did not come to vizet me since 
his retome from the Emperours cort, aledging the fowle 



wether to be dieefe occation. The cliamberlen also gave 
me a ckaw^ cap of tynne. 

I sent our jurebasso to thank the king for the present 
he sent me, and to tell bjm I did not esteeme my selfe 
worthie of snch honor as his Highnesse did nnto me in 
sending me sach a present. He retoraed answer, he 
esteemed me worthie of mnch more, and waa ashamed it 
waa no better, yet desird me to take it in good parte, each 
as it was. 

June 21. — Tovardes night came news that a jnnk or ship 
waa seene npon the cost of Firando, 4 or 5 leages offe. So 
the China Capt. went oat in a boate, and Jno. Cocora, our 
cooke, with hym. 

And about midnight came an Englishman with a letter 
from Mr. Jno. Baylie, merchant, and an other from Mr. 
Kichard Bow, master of the Tko-mas, who is arived within 
6 leages of Firando, and com per way of Molucos, and came 
from Bantam the 20tb of January last. 

I went abord the Thomas, and procured boates from 
Firando to toe her in. So she entred the harbour about 
nowne, and shot of 3 peces as we passed per the Duch 
house, and 11 for the towne, coming to an ancor. Jacob 
Speck, the Duch Capt., came abord before sho came in, and 
brought a present of 2 barilles wyne, 2 hogges, and a 
Balmon, and had 3 pecee ordynance at his departure. And 
the Duch answered with chambars, both as we passed as 
also at his departure. 

Jwne 23. — The king sent to have a note of what como- 
dities was com in our ship, to thenteut to send it to the 
new Emperour. So I gave it hym. Also we procured 
orders from king to set np in the ship that no Japon 
should com abord without leave, to prevent stayling and 
cozening the marreners, which the Japons are adicted unto. 

The King of Firando retomed 8 fowling peces which the 
' CA«, tea. 


146 DUBY or BICHABD COCKB. [1616. 

Emperonr ibonld have had; bat, now he is deed,' Safian 
DonQ retorns tliem. 

/uno24. — I senb an other letter to Mr. Wiokham, per 
King Firandos man, whoe goeth to the new Emperonr with 
a note of thsrivall of onr shipp and what she bringes 
in her. 

June 25. — Semi Dodo, with others, camo from the king 
to look on oar gall; pots, and oarid aom of them, with 
jugges and pottage dishes, to shew the king. 

This after nowne came in a small jank of China, which 
came from Osaka; and came into Japon last yeare. 

June 26. — The kyng had dyrers sortes gaily pots, posset 
pots, and jogges more sent hym this day, as also Semy 
Dono had 2 galle pots and 10 grea podingers. And 
Skiamon Dono had 2 or 3 broaken gaily pottes and 1 whole 
geven hym, be coming to fetch the other for the kyng. 
Ther was a faggot of Steele let fall over bord per neclegencs 
of handing in. 

June 27. — Albaro Mnnois, Alferis Taerto, and Pasqaal 
Becois oame this day to Firando from Langasaqae, and 
came to the English howse to vizet me. I think their 
coming is to leame what oewes is at Molncos and Snra^ 
tbe which I did not want to tell them the tarath, Albaro 
sent me a present of 2 bandes and caffes, with three rolea 
of rask, and Alferia Taerto a jar of conserves. 

June 28. — There waa 2 men of Fingo and of Firando catt 
this day for quarreling on with an other. 

June 29. — I am enformed how the King of Fingo hath 
sent to Ikenanra and cansed the man to bo cat which began 
the brnte with Mr Eaton, 

Sagen Dono sent a present of frate, and came and 
vizeted the English howse. 

And Tayamon Dono, kinges shipwright, had 4 blocks or 
pnlleie lent hym to make others by. 

Jime 80. — The king sent me word that a nobleman of 


i6t6.] DUBT or BICHABD C0CE8. 147 

Xazma was com to Firando and desired to vizet our 
English howse and to goe abord oar shipp, and that he was 
a man of acompt, and therefore wished me to use hym 
respectiTely ; which I did in showing hym the howse and 
making him a eolation, as he had the lyke abord and 5 
peces ordinance for a farewell. 

I send Albaro Muaois and Gil de la Barreda, the 
Alpberis, each of thwn a gallon bottell oyle and a qnart 
bottell Spanish wyne, glasse bottells and all for a present. 

The nobleman of Xazma sent to have a sample of gallie 
pottes, jngges, tuns, podingers, lookin glasses, table bookes, 
chint bramport, and combarbands,' with the prices. 

J-uly 1. — Upon good consideration we sent these thingea 
following for a present to the 2 noblemen of Xaxma, nnder- 
etanding they are kyn to the king and greate men in those 
partes, viz : — 

2 lookiag glBsses, I aqn&re and 1 8 aqiure. 

2 pere tablebooken. 

2 gallepottw, fl&t, of 6 cattia. 

2 gallepottee, fl&t, of i „ 

2 galepottee, flat, of I „ 

2 gallepcrttee, high, of fl „ 

2 gaUepotte^ high, of i „ 

2 gallepottee, high, of 2 „ 

2 green jnggw. 

2 green poeaet pottes. 

2 gren taoiu. 

4 single eomberbandes barer. 

2 angle peecea chint bramport. 

Wliich present they tooke in good part, and retomed me 
answers per Mr. Eaton that, yf we would have any bnsynes 
with the King of Xazma, we shoald fynd they wore men 
that conld doe something and wotUd not be forgetfnll both 
of their entertaynment at English howse as also abord the 
sbipp ; and that which bownd them the more, the sending 
these presents nnto them of thinges they had nearer seene 
' Ctannurband*. 



the lyke before, and therefore would not want to signifie so 
mnch to the king their maater. And aowne after the; sent 
me thankes per 2 of their men, and eather of them sent me 
a present of a banketing box with fornetare of trenchers, 
diBbes, and other mattra, for 5 men to eate with, after Japon 

Mr. Bowe went to Duch bowse with a present of a mnlet 
of wyne, a jarre conserved nutmegs, and som conserved 
ginger, and was frendly entertajnd. 

Domingo was bownd to serve me 5 Tears, where I will 
oat of England, and to fjnd hym meat and drioke and 
clothes, and the rest at my pleasure. 

July 2. — 'The caveleros of Shaztua sent to bn; 20 green 
tnns and 20 green porringers, which I set at 6 mae per 
peecfl. But the; wonld not geve the price, but retomed 

And a carelero kinges man sent a calfe for a present. 

Alharo Mnnos, the Alferia, end Mr. Eaton with them, 
went abord the Tkomae, and had 3 peces of ordinance shot 
afe at their retorne, 

July 3. — We had news how the junck of Yilango Luis is 
arived at SfaQgasaqne from the Manillas, and Mignell de 
Salinas in her. They bring news that Don Jno. de Silva is 
dead before Malicca, and his fleete retomed to Manilla, but 
first he drove away the Mores of Achin and the Duch 
forccBse from Malacco, as they say. 

We have news of an other Japon junck arived from 
Manillas at Langaaaque, master Tasaman Bono. 

We went to the King of Firando with a present. 

July 4. — By generall consent there was a present sent to 
Capt. Whaw, China Capt. brother. 

And Torazemon Dono sent me a gerdell and a pere tahie 
for a woman. 

Also t^er was a present sent to Tonomon Same. 

July 6. Ther was a present geven Andrea Dittis, the 


l6l6.] DIARY or BICHABD COCKS. 149 

China Ciipt. And there waa geren two pressntea to Soye- 
mon Dono and Torazemon Dono. 

The gentelmaa of FirandOj which came from Xaxma, I 
meane Fony Sames kynsinan, came to the Engliah howse, 
and sent me 2 barrils wyne and 2 fyshes for a present. He 
toold me the King of Xaxma had rezolved in counsell to 
let OS have free trade into the Liqueas and all other partes 
of hia dominions, bat that the 2 noble men, which were 
here the other day, durst not tell me so much without order 
from the king, yet assured hym it was true. 

July 7. — I receved a letter from Capt. Whaw from Lan- 
gasaqne, wherin he writes thankee for the present sent 
faym, as also adriaing me how 3 of Twans barkes are re- 
tomed, which should have gon for Tacca Sange, or the 
Hand Formosa, bnt went not thither, bat rather a boot- 
Lalingon the coat of China, where they have taken 11 boates 
or jancks, and pot all the people to death because they 
Btood oat and foaght with them. 

He also wrot his brother to advize me not to goe 
towardes Miaco this 10 or 12 dues, and that when I went, 
to goe well provided, for that it was reported there were 
pilfeiyng knaves abroad on the cost of Arima, and speeches 
geven oat that the Tono, or King, of Xaxma meaneth to 
make wars against the new Emperour in right of Fidaia 
Samme, whom they report to be alive, and that he meaneth 
to begyn with Langasaqoe. This is now the common 

Tt ia said that one boate of Twans men put into a creek 
at Hand Fermosa, thinking to have diacoverd ferther into 
the cnntrey j bat, before they were aware, were set on by 
the cnntrey people, and, seeing they coald not escape, cat 
their owne bellies because they would Dot fall into the ene- 
mies hands. 

July 8. — I receved 2 letters, 1 from Jor. Durois of the 
16th Jnly, new atile, and the other from Albaro Munoia, 


150 SUBV or BICHABD COCKS. [1616. 

of the 17th ditto, with » peare blew eilk stocking and a 
jarr of nipa sent me for a present, and Mr. EatcHi and Mr. 
Rowe each of them a jarr of nipa. Thej wrot me how 
l^e PortingaU had 4 gaUiooB at Malacca which oame Akmu 
Goa, one wherof the King of Achin hamed with his gallies, 
and the other 3 &e Hollanders burned after, yet before 
Don Jno. de Silva arired at MaUaoa, and were gon towardea 
Molacas before he oame, he dying fo^ greefe that be did not 
com in tyme, aa the Span, and Port, report 

July 9, — The king sent me a melch goate and a kid to 
Mr. Baylie for a present, to make ose of the milk, be being 

July 10. — I sent Mr. Eaton with onr jurdxuao to desjre 
the King to let ns have a greate bark to cany np oor goods, 
and our oald bongew to accompany me, for that I was de- 
Byrons to keep oor oald, as Uie Dncfa did, and not to chang 
every yeare a new, as hetberto we had donne. He retomed 
me answer that he had present use of bis greatest barkes, 
meanyng to go to the Emperonr hym selfe within few daies, 
yet, notwithstanding, he would provide me of a good bai^, 
and not of the least ; and for our onld bongew, he could not 
spare hym, having pat an office into his bands, bat for any 
otber I might make choise and keepe myselfe to faym ever 
hereaftr yf I pleased. Mr. Eaton said he fownd the king 
accompanid with all bis cheefe men, surveing of armor; aoe 
I dowbt there will be som broyles in J^on before long. 
God grant all may fall out for the best. 

Pasqnall the Spaniard retomd from Laugasaqae, and 
Christopbell the Alman with hym, and an oald aouldier 
called Beales. They said that 2 jnncka of China were arived 
from Caggalion in Phillippinas, and 2 other China jnnckee 
from Camboia, laden per Portingalls. And late at night 
the pilot arired with an other Spaniard in company with 

July 1 2. — Towardes night Zanzabar, allis Tasimon Dono, 


l€l6.] DIABT or BIOHABD COCKB. 151 

aent me word that an Engliali or Dnch shipp waa com to an 
ancor in Cochi roade, a lea^e from Firando. Soe I sent 
out a boate to look who tliej weare, and it proved to be the 
Adviz, an English ship, the master called Jno. Totton, I 
sent a hogg and a barrill wyne to compaoy; and the parcer 
or merchant, Mr. Ed. Willmot, came ashore and brought 
me divers letters, viz. : — 

1 from Wor" Company, a joynt letter to rest. 

2 £rom Gapt. Jno. Jonrden, a dnble letter, viz. oopie of 
that sent per TlM/maa, dated at Jaccatra le 12th January, 
1615, with an other per Advice, dated in Bantam le 29th 
May, 1616. 

1 other from Capt. Jorden, a duble letter, viz. copie of 1 
sent in Eozeander, with 1, 10th Angnst, 1615, sent per ditto 
Advk from Bantam, who lost her monson, and retomed to 

1 from Capt. Goppendall, dated in Bantam, Id 25th May, 

1 from Diego Fernandas in Bantam, le 13th May, ditto 

I delivered 8 tait 5 ma. SeondrinfyaB plate to goaldamith 
to make bnckles for mj sword bangers and chape,* sword 
and dagger, and I waid the backela and clasps my ould 
gerdell ooutaining 1 ta. b m. 2 eo. And the goaldamith 
brought the 2 chapes of my sword and dt^^ger, being silver, 
and poz. 9 mat. 1 eondrin. 

July 13. — 1 went abord the ship Advice to Cochi, and saw 
her safely brought into the roade of Firando. We shott of 
7 peces to salute the towne, and 3 when the bongeas went 
away, and 5 at onr going aehore, as also 3 were shot afe at 
our first coming aboard. And the Thomas welcomed them 
with 3 peeces from ashore, her ordinance being landed. 

I receved these letters following, viz. : — 

1 The metal piece protecting the end of the ecabbard. 


152 OUSl Ot KICHABD COCKS. [1616. 

2 from Sir Tbotnoa Smitb, 1 of Kovember 24th, 1614, 
and otlier of 25th Aprill, 1615. 

1 from Wor. Company, divera coppies, with 1 inclozed to 

1 from Capt. Jdo. Saris, 24th November, 1614. 

1 from Mr. Georg Saris, 20th Jannary, 1614. 

1 from Mr. Fraacis Sadlar, of 25th Xovember, 1614. 

1 from Mr. Thomas Ferris, of 18th Febroaiy, 1613. 

5 from my brother, Walter Cocks. 
All the aboveaaid letters from London. 

1 from Mr. Jno. Gourney, 30th of May, 1616. 

1 frvm Mr. Jno. Hnnt, 27th of May, ditto. 

1 from Jno. de Lierana, 5th June, ditto. 

1 from Capt. Brower, of 21st August, 1615. 
All the abovGsaid other letters from Bantam. 

1 from Jno. Ferris abord thAduiz at Syam River, le 24th 
of November, 1615. 

July 14. — The bark /accairaarived at Cochi this momyng, 
and bringeth news of an other greate shipp of Holland, 
which came out 4 daies before her from Pattauia. 

Here came reports of the arivall of the bark Jaccatra and 
an other greate Hollands shipp ; but as yet non com in. 

July 15. — Receved aland the 7 packes broad cloth, with 
the rest merchandi^ie, viz. Bussia hides, 4 balles ; gild 
leather, 1 case ; 3 chistes gallipot ; 1 chist jugges; 2 chistes 
glassbottB.j S case bott., 1 with whot waters ; 2cassesfnrs; 
1 box callico, etc.; 1 box corall; 1 box amber; 1 tronk 
falconaria;! with a box rootes from Cape, but are rotten 
and not worth anythinge. News were brought that 2 Dnch 
sbipps are entred harbour at Cochi, a leagae from Firando. 

The kyng envited ns to dyner to morrow, which I gladly 
would have put ofe, but could not. The kingea brother 
came to English howse to viset me. 

July 16, — I deard with Yoskey for these matters follow- 

' Perhaps implementB and fittings for hawking. 


l6l6.] DUKY 01 BICHASD C0CK8. 

F&id to gonldBmitb - • 

Paid for dying ui onld gowne - 
Fkid Domingo, mj boy 
Paid for a stniw hat for Domingo 
Paid Mr. Eatona boys father - 
Paid for tryming my bat 
Paid for a eatabra for Domingo 
Paid making cleane my cattaw 

More paid for a hitesoU 

More for 3 per. Bhem for Kick King 

We were invited to dyner per the king, and well enter- 
tayned, and the China Capt. with ns, Mr. Rowe, Mr. Totton, 
Mr. Wilmot, and the pnrcer of Thomas, with Mr. Eaton, 
Mr. Nealson, and my selfe. And after nowne the 2 Dach 
shipps entred the haven of Firando, viz. the one called the 
- Black Lyon, a shipp of 7 or 800 tonns, and the other the 
bark Jaceatra. 

The Hollanders report that all the Hance townes in Ger- 
many, with the KyngB of Denmark and Sweaden, are entred 
into confedracy with the States. 

July 17. — 'There was a man of the Advice ran away, called 
Tho. Heath, being gnner, bat was staid by the ofiecers of 
the King of Firando, and word sent to me thereof. 

July 17. — We carid the king a present as followeth, viz.: — 

4 tatta. broad doth, tawny. 

1 great sheet gilt leatiier. 

1 pe. calli<M, fyne, no. ii. 

ConyahinB, black. 

10 knyves, at iid. per knyfa 

1 cBBe botteUca. 

1 comb caae and glasse. 

Falconariak. • 

25 cattu gad Btile. 

1 make (lie], monarky Brittan. 

1 map, king in parliament. 

1 genelogy, all kynga from Brute. 

3 Unch jugges, with coTecB. 


154 DUBT or BICKABD COCKS. [t6l6. 

And I hftd coofereace aboat oar abase ofEred per them of 
Umbra, wbich the king tonld me he would assist me in it, 
in what he might, taking the present in kynd part 

I went to Dach howse, where they nsed as very frendly, 
and Wm. Johnson, master of bark Jae&atra, delirered me a 
letter from Mr. Joo. Browne, dated in Pattania the 14th of 
Jane ; but it bad byn opend by sots other before it came to 
my hands. Adrined in it of the Sea Adventures arirall at 

Jdo. J^oBSGii arived at Firando from Edo. 

Jviy 18. — A man died ont of the Advice. 

Yasimon Dono came nining, and brought me word that 
our jonk Sea Adventure was arived ; bat it proved a false 

The HoUandes master, capt, and Capt. Speck came to 
English howse, and brought me a present of a bariU Spanish 
wyne, a great glasse bottell aqaavite, 2 Holhindes cheeses, 
and a small pot batter. Mr. Jno. Baylie gave me a besa 
ston* for a present — a reasonable bigg one. 

JiUy 19. — Sagen Dono sent me a bareU salt raspaa* for a 

July 20. — I delivered three hondred tats plate bars to Mr. 
Oaterwick to pay botemen, and to deliver som to Mr. Eaton 
to defray charges np, and rest to remeane for other occa- 

And the China Capt., Andrea Dittis, came and boofi^t 
oarrall, viz, : — 

(a. mo. CO. 
2 branchea of no. 6, both conttuniiig - - S 4 1 

11 littell branches, no. 1, 1, and 5, conbuning - 6 6 

10 4 

At 10 taya plate for 1 tay wight cnrralL 

I receved of the gooldsmitb 2 hookea and 12 ] 

' A bexoar, formerlj thooght an antidote. 
* Bupbeniea 


I6l6.] SI&BT or SICHABD OOCIB. 153 

my sword hanger, with a littell peo. sUver oontainmg jost 

July 21. — Mr. Tottoiij m&eter of the Adviee, gave me a 
target and a peare Pattania pikea for a present. And I 
gave hym 2 pere eilke etockiagfi, -viz. 1 peare red of my 
owne and an other paare greene, and sent from Jor. DoroiB 
the otlier day. 

A Duch marener, being drank, etabd a woman, beoaase 
she wonld not let hym enter into her howae. 

AboQt 10 a clock at night, Hernando Ximines came to 
the English howae, and bronght word how Capt. Adamea 
was arived in oar jan(^ from Syam, and that we had goodea 
cota in 2 jnnkes more besids her. 

July 22. — I went to Cochi, and there met Gapt. Adams 
in oor jnnok, and carid boetes to tow her into the roada, 
which they did. 

And I recered a packet letters from Mr, Benjamyn Fary, 
wherin waa oontayned, viz. : — 

1. A note all ohar^ges npon the jnnkes voyage. 

2. Invoiz goodes sent in Sea Adv^tture. 

3. Invoiz goodes raladed in her. 

4. Invoiz goodes laden in Capt. Sbobick jonck. 

5. Invoiz goodes sent in Capt. Geeqnans jnnck, wherin 
Ed. Sayer goeth. 

6. Mr. Farys letter to me, dated at Jndea', in the River of 
Syam, le 3th June past. 

7. Invoiz of goodea retomed to Andrea Dittia, China 
Capt., for hie snlfer or brimston. 

July 23. — ^We had a general] conncell this day of divera 
matters, viz. :— 

1. Yt was thought fyting to bny or freight a small China 

2. To sell onr jnnck which came from Syam, yf we can. 

3. To send Mr. Willmot to Nangasaqne to attend coming 

■ Yuthia. 



4. To land oar goodes at Langaaaqae, aad put it in a Bore 
gadong, rather tlien bring it to Firando, it being & better 
place of sale then Firando. 

5, To procure a bongew of king to remeane abord, to see 
the JapoDs have their dne, and no more, for avoyding of 
ecandaloz tonges. 

Capt. Adames delivered me 4 letters, which came ont of 
England in the New Years Qifl, viz. :— 

I from Sir Thomas Smyth, dated le 18th Feby ., 1613. 

1 from Mr. Tho. WiUson, 16th Febmary, ditto. 

1 from my brother Walter, ditto, 16th, 1613. 

1 from Mr. Ed. Dodisworth in Snrat, 20th Korbr., 1614. 

July 24. — Capt. Adames went with me to vizet tho kyng, 
he being comen from Syam, I meane Capt. Adames. And 
wo carid a present as followeth, viz.: — 

2 '»'«"» ~"-^«M tan, „jrii» 

2 B&lDlODB ] 

6 china pliittani, po«elon ) ^^ ^ ^^j^^ 
Ipuntkita ) '^ 

But he was sick, and kept his bed ; ao we could not 
speake with hym. 

Late towardes night came news how the Duoh jnnck is 
arived at Nangasaque, many men being dead, and the rest 
80 weake and sick that they wearo forced to put in theare 
for want of men to bring her to Firando. I meane the 
Duch junck which comes from Syam. 

Sangero Samme fownd a woman of his yisterday playing 
falce with an other Japon, for which ho presently cut her in 
peecea with his owne hands, and, after, the man was brought 
to the plaoe of execution and cuttinpeeces; and his brother 
had the lock of haire on his bead cut affe by the hangman 
with the same caitan which cut hia brother in peecese. 

July 25. — Our host of Osakay (or Sakay) sent his barke 
to seek fraight and to carry me up, yf I came. Mr. Wickham 


l6l6.] DUBT or RICHARD COCKB. 157 

wTot a letter to our jv/rdaaso how he sent her to bring ma 
□p, yf I weare not provided for before; bat he wrot me no 
word at all. 

And I delivered two bars Oban gonld to Mr. Eaton, with 
18 iay wight Priaman gould. I say I deHvered it to Mr. 
Osterwiok to geve to Mr. Eaton, and pnt it into the invoyz 
goodes, and carid np ; the bars Oban gonld at 56 tais ^per 

July 26. — The king sent 2 bongewa abord to see the mar- 
renera have their owne, they being brabling knarea, espe- 
tially the boteswayne. 

Fftmando Ximenes gave me a new hatt with a bang 
[band ?] gonldsmitha work, a peare silk garters, with gonld 
fring, and ahewstring samoj rnch.' 

July 27. — The King of Firando was very aick this day, so 
that his brother and all the nobilletie went post hast to 
vizet hym. And aowne after (he king sent word be was 
very ill, and that ^owting of ordinance disturbed hym 
mnch; wherefore he desired both English and Hollanders 
not to ahowte affe any more till he fownd hymselfe better. 

We pat all matters abord to goe towards the Emperoors 
conrt to morrow, God permiting wynd and wether. 

July 30. — I receved a letter from Mr. Wickbam, but had 
no tyme to read my letter over, being ready to departe for 
Edo, and Capt. Adames abord before me. Soe we sett 
forward in the after nowne, and having a good gale wynd, 
and got to Langowne* that night, where we came to an 
anchor, it being calmo. 

July 31. — Abont midnight we wayed anoor, the tide 
serveing, and rowed it np all the affore nowne ; but, afler, 
had a fresh gale westerly, so that late at night we got to the 
streate of Ximina Seke," where we came to an ancor. 

Augutt 1. — We wayed anoor thia momyng an hower be- 
fore day, bnt we[re] forced to stop the tide for want of wynd ; 
' I^,, nch. * Nagojft. ' Shimonofleki. 


158 DUBT or BICHABC COCKS. [1616. 

but, a g&Ie coming np nfler at W., we got after micbiiglit 
neara nnto Gamina Seke,' and there came to an anfcer till 

Augtut 2. — After daylight we waid ancor and paseed the 
atraitea of Gamina Seke, and, the wind being good, we got 
to a place called Tacca Saokey, in a bay, to an ancor, harein^ 
made 32 leag., and wated in the way at a place called 
Gamangare,* where oar host of that place brought me a 
present of dry fysh, and I sent hym a hwno of wyne. 

August 3. — After daylight we waid ancor from Tacca- 
sackey, and, having calme, rowed it ap till the gale came ; 
and Boe, bite at night, got to an ancor at Woshmado,* have- 
ing made 30 leagues. 

Av0uet 4. — Before day we departed &om Woabmado, 
rowing it op till the wynd came ; and late in the night got 
it up neare ihe bar foote of Os^ay, where we rode at an 
ancor till momyng. 

August 5. — ^We pnt in over the bar of Osackay, rowing 
against the wind, meeting above 300 barkes going out; but 
it was past 10 a clock before we got up to the towne, where 
Mr. Wickham, with our hostes, came oat and met as with a 
banket, nifon catange. 

I wrot a letter to Mr. NealsoQ and Mr. Oeterwick, how I 
was advized per many that it was dangeros to send abont 
onr small jmick to Edo, yf she were not com away befor 
this letter came to his handes, and then my opinion was to 
send her for Osackay. Also, not to sell lead under 7 taies 
■peripico. This letter I sent per conveance Mr. Albartus. 

Sr. Albartus came to vizet me, aocompanid. with his 
host and others, with a banket, nifon eatange, as many 
others did the lyke, and late towardes night our host 
of Sackay did the lyke, and brought me a silk coate or 
eaiabra, and an ol^er of lyneu to Gapt. Adames, with 

1 EJuninowki * " Caminogui," in Kicmpfer'a map. 

3 " Utvpnado," in Etempfer'a mf. 


l6l6.] DIABT or BICHABD C0CS8. 159 

comsndacoDS from Safian Dono, whose man he was, as also 
from Ghnbio Dono, his brother, with offer of much fi^iiahip. 
Also onr oald host of !bG&co came to vizet me, and brought 
2 barriUes wyne for a present. He fownd hym aetfe agreeved 
the EDglish were gon from his howse, and would needes 
know the occatioo, which prored to be bis bad ns^e of Mr. 
Wickham, who lodged above 3 months in his bowse, in all 
which tjrme he never would so mach as e&te nor drink with 
hym, but gave ont bad wordes against all onr nation. Soe 
I sent hym away with good wordes, telling hym I knew by 
report he was a mch man, and needed not to care for any 
for the EngHah (as he reported), nether wonld tiie Engbsh 
be nndon whether they lodged in his bowse or in an other. 

August 6. — Out onld host of Sackay, with onr boateman 
and DomingOB mother, came to vizet me, and bronght me 
presentes of fmte, henae, and wyne. And I gave eaohe of 
them a singell peo. ohint bramport, and a bar plate contain- 
ing 4 ^o. 3 ma. 8 co. to Mr. Eaton's child, Hellena, to cany 
her mother, and a caiabra to the wench which bronght her. 

Augiiti 7. — Onr onld host of Osakay, where Mr. Wickham 
yet lieth, envited ns all to dyner this day, where we had 
extraordinary and kynd entertaynment. 

August 8. — We paid to the kinges bark men and onr 
owne as followeth : — 

To the master of kynges bark, 1 bar plat, conttuniiig 3 

To the pilot and steismBii of Bame, lyke plate, 1 bar S 

To ii men tnarineni, same bark, 1 bar - - 2 2 

To tnariaera, onr bark, same plate - - 1 4 

Som total! all amont«a unto - -960 

Paid ont per Mr. Wickham, and is for demoragese in 

staying at Firando 10 or 12 daies after they were laden. 
Allso ther was lent onto Ishon Dono, the Kynge of Fi- 

randos chirargion, 5 tais plate bars. 

I wrot a letter to Inga Dono, Lord Cheefe Jnstice of 

Japon, to ezskewse me I went not to Miaco to kisse his 



Lordships handes, whicli at my retome from the Empe- 
ronra court [I wonld doe]. 

Also I wrot 2 other letters, one to the King of Fiiando, 
and the other to Andrea Dittia, the China Capt., and sent 
them per the kiugea bark now retoming to Firando. In tiie 
kingea letter, I recomended oar English howse and onr 
ofFarea to the tnition of his Highnes in my ahceoBe, de- 
siring hym to hare a fatherly care therof, and to assist them 
which I left in all occfttions they stood in need of. 

Aiiffutt 9. — I sent onr jurehatso, acoooipanid with onr 
host, to rizet the doremor (who is the Gmperonrs kyns* 
man), to ezskewse me that I went not to kisse hia Lord- 
shippB handes, by reason of the fowle weather and the hast 
I made to goe to the Emperour, but that at my retome I 
ment to doe it, God willing. He took it in good parte, and 
sent me word I should be welcom, and that I should fynd 
hym ready to doe ether me or onr nation any good he 

Aitgmt 10. — We laden all onr merchandize and other 
matters for Edo in 2 barkes, and sent it for Foshemi^ by 
water to save chargis, Jno. Cook and Jno. Hawtery going 
along with it. Jno. Hawtery went ont of onr lodging to a 
whorehouse, and pawnd a short and a pere silk stocking. 

The King of Firandos man rotorned from Court, and 
bringes word the Emperoar will hare all our lead and tynne, 
of which I advised Mr. Neslson and Mr. Osterwick, and 
sent the ohirurgion of the kynges bill for 5 tats tberin 

Ther was a bote or pagon prist murthered in his bowse ; 
but the murtherera canot yet be fownd ont. 

Augwt 11. — Mr. Eaton not retornyng from Miaco, we 
were forced to stay heare this day. 

Aiigtut 12. — Mr. Eaton retornyng to Osakay before day, 

wee set forwardes on onr voyage towardes Edo, and dyned 

' Fusfaimi. 


I6l6.] DI4BT 01' BICHABD COCKfl. 161 

at Fraggata.^ Soe we lodged this night at Fashema, the 
charges of the howse amontiog unto 8 ta.8 ma, co. 
^ I thought good to note downe that, as we passed along 
the river side before we came to Foshima, we saw a dead 
man cast npon the shore, whome had byn murthered by som 
villansj yet the cnntry people let hym lye, and not geveing 
hym bnriall. And on tlie other side was a man cnrsefied 
upon a Crosse for marthering a merchaatea serrannt. And 
in an other place (as we passed) I saw som 8 or 10 male- 
factors heades set npon tymbers by the hie way side. Tf it 
were not for this strict justice, it were no liveing amongst 
them, they are so Tillanonsfl desperate. And I thought 
good to note downe that, coming to Fnshima, which is but 
3 leagues from Mioco, we were euformed that som villanous 
people sett upon the gard which kept the 30 bars Obau, 
which was ofred for sallary to hym that would discover the 
murtherer of the hos6 (and conid be no other bat the ronr- 
therers them selves), yet carid away the gould at uowne 
dayes. This is the report, but whether it be true or no I 
know not. It ia said this cruel [men] have vowed to kill 
many men. 

Avgust 13. — Jno. Hawtery, being sent afore with our 
goods per water to Fushami from Osakay, and haveing 4 
taia delivered to hym to defray charges, iu two dais space 
idly spent the one halfe iu whorehowses and druukeunesse, 
I fynding hym so drunken ho conld skarse stand on his 
feete j and, wheu he is drunk, he is mad furious. 

We passed per a towne called Otes,^ where Mr. Wickham 
met us and brought 300 tais iu plate of bars with hym. 
And at uight we arived at a towne called Cosantes,' where 
we la all night, Jaquese, with Mr. Sweetlaud and 3 others, 
went before us with all our merchandize to avoid trouble 
and to be J a day before u& 

I Hirakata. ' Otan. ' Kusatau. 



Here onr host tonld ns tliftt Jdo. Yoason passed by to 
goe for Edo yisterday. 

August 14. — We dyned at a place called Uina Cochi,' 
aod cbarjfes cost as followeth : — 

To the goodman for all onr dietcs ■ - 3 2 

TotheKrraDt«8l00of (fi'm - ■ - 1 

So we went to another place to sapper, called Tuchiaroa,* 

where we were forced to stay all night by meanes of the 

rayny wether. Oar charges at Tnchiama was, viz. : — 

To goodmsn of honse for all our diet - 

To aerraDtcB of bowse 300 gint. 
August lo. — We dyned at Camiama,^ and cost to bowse 
2 ta., and to serrantes of bowse 100 gins. And we wont 
to bed to Shrock,* And, the wether seeming to be good, 
we hired 2 barkes to carry onr goodes in; and aboat 10 a 
clock at night did embark oar selves to have passed an 
arme of the sea of som 21 leages, to have shortened onr 
journey as also to save chargis. Bnt aboat midnight the 
sea began to rise with a stiffe gale wind easterly, see that 
we altered our determcnation and put downe into the cod 
of the bay to a place called Meea,^ where we arived the 
morrow after nowne, not witboat much danger, bareing had 
an extreme gust of wynd, with much lightning and thun- 
der, accompanid with rayne, so that it might be accompted 
a tufibn. One of oar barkes which carid our goodes lagged 
behind, and so got not in the momyug tide, as we did, soe 
that she ran a greate risge to have byn cast away by laysy- 
nesse of the barkmen. But onr hongew, with Goresano 
jurebasso, behaved them selves so that they got the bark 
into a creeke (not without much danger, nining over sholes], 
being assisted with the men and marreners of one of tho 
Emperonrs barkes, which la endocked in the same creeke. 

' Minakuchi. ' Tsuchiyama. ' Kamejama. 

' Sliirako. " Miya. 


I6l6.] DI&BT or BICHABD COCKS. 163 

This night began the feast of the dead, and candeU 
hanged oat all night. 

August 16. — Thia mornyng close, overcaat wether, with a 
etiff gale wynd easterly, rerying more sontherly, with greate 
store rayne sowne after most parte of the day, but espe- 
tiall; in the after nowne; and towardes night proved a 
tcffoD, very extreme wether, yet dry wether all night fol- 
lowing and not mnch wynd. We conld not know thia 
night whether oar goodes be mach wet or no, the rillanoas 
barkmen are occation that we got not all ashore before the 
tnffon came, aa we did oat of onr barke. 

August 17. — We fownd onr goodes not so bad wett as we 
thought, Boe, hayeing opened the fardelles and new packt 
them, we got to bed thia night to a place called Ocasaqai,* 
it being 7^ leagues. We gave the host at Mia for onr diet 
a bar Oban, with 200 Jins to the howse, and spent 400 jmis 
per way. 

The onld Emperoar was borne in this towne of Ocasaqni, 
in which place their is a very greate castell. 

August 18. — We dyned this day at Yoaenda,^ and paid 
howse 3:0:0, and the serrantea 100 gins. And we went 
to bed to Aray.' 

> Here we had news how Calsa Samme hath cut his belly, 
being attaynted of treason against his father and brother 
to hare destroid them and set up Fidaia Samme, his enemie. 
It is thonght it will gee hard with Masamone Dono, his 
father-in-law; and speeches are geven out that the Jesuistes 
and other padres are the fyre brands and setters on of all 
thia, in provoking children against parents and subjects 
against their natnrall princes. 

This night ended the feast of the dead. 

August 19. — We came to dyner to Fame Mach,^ and paid 
3 ta. 5 fn. 8 co., and to the servantes of the bowse 200 gins. 
And we la all night at Mitsqne.^ 

■ Okazahi. * Toshids. ' Aiai. 

* Hamunateu. ^ Mitake. 


164 DI&RY or BICEABD 0OCE8. [1616. 

Here ire had news how Calsa Same waa to paase thiaway 
to morrow to goe to a chareh neare Miaco, called Coye; 
som say to cut his bellie, otherE say to he shared a prist 
and to remeaDe theare the rest of his daiea. All his owne 
men are taken from hym, and he sent with a gard of them- 
peroor his brothers men. His wife he hath sent to Massa 
Moneda Dono, her father. All [he] hath for his alowance is 
the pagon church [is] i. Ttiangoca} per anno. He lodgeth this 
night at an ancles howse som 4 leagues heuce, called 
Cacken Gowa.* 

Au'just 20. — We dyned at Cactingana, the towue where 
the castell is where Calsa Samme la all night We met 
hym and others on the way in 3 or 4 troupa, but could not 
well understand in which of them he went, because he kept 
hym selfe close in a TUremon? It is said there goe divers 
other with faira to that church (or paged), where it is 
thought they shall all cut their belliesj som of them being 
men of 40 or 50 mangocas per anno, which is 8 or 10 tymea 
more then the King of Firando hath. Also their is speeches 
that the Emperour is making ready forcese to goe against 
Massamone Dona 

We came to supper to Nishew Sacka;* .so we made but 
6 leagues this day, and there overtook our goods sent 
before. So we were forced to stay theare all night for want 
of horsese, all being taken up for the Emperourse service 
to carry alonge these noble men. We paid for our dyner 
at Cakingaua --.-.. 1500 ^iru. 
With more to the servantes . - . 0100 gins. 

And for snppei- at Nisi Zaka - . - 1500 gitie. 
And to the servantes .... 0100 gina, 

Aiigitst 21. — We dyned at Fugi Eda/ and gave to howae 
1000 gins, and to servantes 100 gins. 

> Ad income of ten tboumad kohi of rice. A jboil'u^=5'13 bushels. 
' Kahegawa. ' Nortmono, BCdan-chair. 

* MiaHika. & Fnjiete. 



And so we came to Shrongo^ to bed to Stibios, where we 
understood that the ould Emperoar had left order with 
Shonfro Samme (now Emperoar) not to kill his brother 
Calaa Samme, but to confine hym into the paged aforsaid 
for 10 yeares, and in the end, fjnding hym conformable, 
to use bis discretion. 

I wrot a letter to Mr. Wickham of onr arivall heare, and 
how Jno. Cook and Jno. Hawtery had staved me 5 bottells 
wyne, 2 potts conserve, a barill of Zant oyle, and let falle 
my bag biskit into a river. 

August 22. — About 10 a clock we departed from Shrongo, 
and paid oar host for the howse a bar of Cohan gonld, val- 
laed at 5 tais 4 mas, and to the servantes 200 gins. 

So we went to bed this night at Camber,' is 7 leagues 
from Shrongo, and spent per way 600 gins ; and we paid 
to howse 2000 gins, and to aervantes in 2 howses 400 giits. 

August 23. — We dyned at Barra,' and paid 400 gins, and 
went to bed at Mishma,* 2500 giits, and to servantea 200 
gins ; and might have gon ferther but could get no horses, 
per reason all were taken up before for the Emperour. 
A. August 24, — And we went to Haconey* on the top of the 
montayoe, where the great pond with the devill is, as they 
report, and spent in the howse 300 gins; and, after, went 
Odawar,* where we la all night; but might have gon 
ferther, but could not for want of horseB. 

August 25. — The wother proving extreme fowle, we were 
constraind to stay at this place called Odowar. 

I thought good to note downe how, in the tjme of Ticua 
Samme, there was a strong castill in this place, kept by one 
Wigen a Dono (whoe marid the doughter of Ogosho Samme, 
the deceased Emporour). This stood out against all the 
forcesse of Ticua Samme, having 100,000 men with hym in 
the castell, which Ticus seeing he could not bring hym 

' Suruga. ' Kambara. ' llara. 

1 Mishima. ^ llakone. ' Odawnrn. 



andor, sent Ogosho to parly with hym and bring hym to 
reason, or else to cat his owne belly. So, upon the per- 
Bawsion of Ogosho, he rendered up his castell, upon ood- 
dition that he and all the rest might live peaceably without 
punishment. Yet Ticas Samme, having bym in his power, 
made Wigen a Dono to cut his belly, contrary to promis. 

August 26. — We haveing remeaned at Odowar 2 daies, 
departed from it this moroing, and paid to the howss a 
bar Coban ------ 6*fl, 4m. Oco. 

And to the servant«3 in the howse - - 0300 gint. 
And for passing passage, 2 places - - 0520 gins. 
And at Oyesa* for wyne and meate and to 

aervantes --.--. 1200 gins. 
And at Fogisau^ for dyner . - - 1000 gine. 

At this place two of Capt Adamee tenantes of Febys met 
ns, and brought a present of 10 lores white bread and a 
dish of boyled beefe, with 2 bottelles wyne. 

And soe we went to bed to Tozuka,^ 10 leagues short of 
Edo; irom whence Gapt. Adames went before to make 
ready his howse to receave ns, and to com and meete ns ia 
the mornyng before wee enter the city. 

I gave onr bostes doughter at Oyesa a R. of 8 which I 
had of Mr. Wilson. 

August 27. — We paid the howse at Tozekay. And see 
we arived at Edo this day about 3 a clock in the after 
nowne, and lodged at Capt. Adames howse, he meeting us 
at the entry of the cittie with our men which went afore 
with the goods^ who arived heare also this mornyng. 

Capt. Adames doth now understand that his brother ia 
law Andrea playetb the knave with hym, which ho would 
hardly beleeve before. 

The King of Firandos brother sent his man unto me to 
bid me welcom to Edo. The Spanish pilot and an other 
Castillano came to my lodging to bid me wellcom. 

' Oiso. ' Fujisawa. ^ ToUka. 



August 28. — The King of Firandos brother sent me a 
present of 2 barll. wyne and 2 jtigg^, and 1 barll. wyne and 
1 pig to Mr, Eaton. And Codgskin Dono sent me a chist 
i0ggeB, 10 bundell of mobi,' and a diah musk milUansj and 
a merchant brought me a dish grapes. I sent our jurebasso 
to thank them all, nifon catange. 

August 29. — Andrea, Capt. Adamee brother in law, arived 
heare from Orengaua late the night past. He brought a 
present of fresh bread, with a littell sallet oyle and som 
pottlderd beefe. He is a craftie knave. I noted downs 
thia present wrong, for Capt. Adames sonne sent it and not 

Atigust 30. — Codgkin Dono sent this momyng betymes 
for Capt. Adames, and tonld hym he had spoaken with the 
Bmperour and tould hym of onr being heare, and that we 
might com with our present when we would. Yet they 
thonght it best to stay till the first day of the new mowne, 
which they accompted a happie day. 

About 3 a clock in the after oowne there hapned an ez- 
ceading earthquake in thia citty of Edo in Japon, which 
contynewed, from the begyning to the end, abont the eight 
parte of an hower; but about the hulfe tyme it was aoe ex- 
treame that I thought the howae would have fabie downe 
on onr heads, and so was glad to run out of doares without 
hat or shewes, the tymbera of the howse making such a 
nois and cracking that it was fearefnU to heare. It began 
by littell and littell, and so encreased till the middell, and 
in lyke sort went away againe. 

About some 22 yeares past their hapned an earthquake 
in the province (or kyngdom) of Bongo, in which there was 
a towne (or rather a cittie] of 4000 howseholdes sanck into 
the aea, not any living creature being saved. And at same 
tyme a mowntayne neare adjoyning was clove in the middell. 
And it rayned long haire lyke unto that of mene heads. 
' ? Uhtti., plutng. 



This hapned som two yeares before Ticns Samme died. 
And, omoDget Japons, earttiqnaks are held for prodigionB 
thiDgs ; yet they aay this province of Qoanto is more sobj^ 
to them then any other part of Japoo. 

Wo opened onr merchasdiz to lay ont a present for the 
Emperonr, and fownd wanting a treble peece of ohint bram- 
porl^ wili above a eaiiy wight of amber, and 9 writing 
table bookes ; and most parte of onr gaily pottes broaben 
per the rade handling of our haokny men and fault of them 
shonld have looked to it. Also 2 bars of tyn stolne per the 
way, aad I treble peece chint stoMe faeare, after they were 

Augutt 31. — Migmoy bronght me a present of wyne, 
grapes, and waflar oakea, and tonld me that for any differ- 
ence of accompt, either betwixt Mr. Wiokham or Mr. Eaton 
and hym, he was content to remit it to my discretion. 
He is a craltie fello and very mch. Amongst the rest, he 
toald me he lyked onr religion so well that he ment to tnme 

Jno. YoBsen came yistemight to vizet me and envite ma 
to dyner, with Capt. Adaroes and the rest. I answerd hym 
I woald vizet hym before I retorned. 

There was a feeling of an earthquake 2 or 3 tymes againe 
this day, espetially abont 5 a clock in the after nowoe. It 
ehaked the house mightely, bat nothing so forsably as the 
other day, nor of so long contynewanca And about mid- 
night following ther was an other earthquake, much lyke 
onto this. 

September 1 .. — This day we carid the present to the Empe- 
ronr Shengo Samme, nhoe receved it in kynde parte, 
Codgacon Dono and Shongo Done assisting ua in the mat- 
ter. But it was long before we could be dispached, by 
reason all the noblea went with presents to the Kmpr., 
it being the firat day of the new moone. Amo[ng]st the 
rest waa the King of Faccata, who aa yet is not permitted 


l6l6.] DUBT or BICHABD C0CE8. 169 

to retome into bis cootFey ; tbe reason I canot leame. I 
think there were not so few as 10,000 persons at castill 
this day. It is a place very strong, dable diohed and 
ston walled abont, and a league over each way. The Em- 
peronrs pallia is a hnge thing, ell the rums being gilded 
with gould, both orer head and npon the walls, except 
som mixtnre of paynting amongst of lyons, tigers, onces, 
panthers, eagles, and other beastes and fowles, very lyvely 
drswne and more esteemed [then] the gilding. Non were 
admitted to see the Emperonr by my selfe, Mr. Eaton, and 
Mr. Wilson. He sat alone upon a place somthing rising 
with 1 step, and had a silk catdbra of a bright blew on his 
backe. He set npon tho mattes crossleged lyke a telier ; 
and som 3 or 4 bases or pagon pristes on his right hand in 
a mm somthing lower. Non, no not Codgkiu Dono, nor 
his secretary, might not enter into the rowme where he 
Bat. Yet he called me once or twise to hare com in, which 
I refused ; which, as I nnderstood afterward^ was well 
esteemed of. I staid bnt littell in the place, but was 
willed to retome j and both at my entrance and retome he 
bowed his head. I foi^t to note downe that all the 
rowmes in his palhs under foote are covered with mattes 
edged with damask or cloth of gould, and lye so close joyned 
on to aa other that yow canot put the point of a knife 
betwixt tiiem. 

The present given was as followeth, viz. : 

1} blak cloth. 
1^ Btammet. 
1^ Btrawcullr. 
l\ black hej. 
1| stam. bajr. 
1^ Btrair bay. 
3 RuBBia hides. 

8 pecea diaper. 

9 looking gUsaea, 1 black, 1 gilt cover, 1 witli comb aud eizerB 
2 pec Holland clotb. 

2 pec. SleM land. 


170 DUST or UCHARD COCKB. [1616. 

10 single peec chint bramport, 3 in a peec. 

2 branches comll. 

10 polisht amber beades. 

2 cheanes white (or coree) amber beades. 

2 china better amber bmdea, all nnpolioht. 

3 dozen con^ akiua, silver heard, black and gray. 

1 faggot of Steele. 
caicis gad stile. 


6 galUe pottea, saudry sortea. 

2 green goggB. 
2 greu tonne. 

1 posait pot. 
1 great gilt India hide. 
50 callit tjnne in bars. 
5 picoi lead per tickit. 

I sent oar jurebasna and bongew to Codgskio Dono and 
SboDgO Dono to thank them for the painea they took aboat 
our buajnes, and know of them when it pleased them I 
should come and vizet thorn to kisse their handes; bub thej 
were not com from the Emperoura castelL So they lefl 
word with ther servaiites. 

September 2. — I sent oarjurebasso Gbre^ano in the mom- 
yng to Codgskyn Dono and Shongo Donos howseSj to sea 
yf they were at leasure, that I might com and vizet them ; 
bnt he plaid the knave, and I think went not at all, bat 
tontd me they were goii to the costell. Bat, after Capt. 
Adames went, they sent me word they were at home. So 
I made what hast I could; yet, before I could com, the 
Emperoar had sent for them, so I lost my labour, and re- 
tomed to my lodging with the presentes, refering it till to 

And sent the accompt to Mickmoy to peruse over, for 
that I would make an end before I retorned. 

September S. — We carid 3 presentes, all alike, to Codgs- 
kiu Dono, Oyen Dono, and Wotto Dono, 3 cbeefe men neit 
to the Emperour, to each of them alyke. 



Alao I went and visited King Firandos brother and carid 
hym a present. 

September 4. — We were eBformed of another noble man 
neare the Emperor, called Ando TuBhma Dono, auto whome 
it was thought fitt to geve a preaetit as to the former^ 
this Emperoar being newly com to the crowne, and the 
Spaniard haveing geven out ill reportes of ns that we rob 
and Btayle from all we meete at sea, which was tould to as 
by greate men in the Emperours pallas, which is because 
Capt. Keeling tooke 3 of their shipps (I moane Portingals) 
coming from Snrat. Bat Capt. Adames did enforme tbem 
the trew occation thereof, how they Portingals did still 
molest oar abiping at Surat, so that now we had wars 
against them and comition to take either Spa. or Port, 
where we met tbem, in regard they took as. Yt seemeth 
there is many papistes in these partes, which wonld doe as 
a mischeefe yf they could; yet the best is, the Empe- 
rour and tbem about hym are no frendes of Portingals nor 
Spa., and the rather for the extreme hate they beare to 
Jesuistes and pristes, whom they canot abide, and gsre us 
wamyng that we should not com in their company, but 
rather to reveale them, to the entent they might be 

Jacob the Dnch man, which came into Japon with Capt. 
Adames, came to vizet me, and offerd his servis to the 
English. He is a cawker, a pore fello. The Duch offerd 
hym SI. 10s. per month the last yeare; but he refuced it, 
and after wonld have taken it, but then they wonld not 
gere it. And I put hym ofe with fayre wordes, telling hym 
we wanted no people, bat had more then oar trade did afford. 
I gave his wife and his sister each of them a single peco 
chint bramport. 

Also we gave 2 pec. grogren, 3 pec. chint bramport, and 
6 duble bookea to the secretaries of Codgkin Dono and 
Oyen Dono. 


172 DUBt or BICHABD C0CE8. [1616. 

This day ia the after nowoe, about 4 a clock, was an 
other earthqaake, but of Bmall contjnewasce, and gave but 
one great shake. 

Mra. Adames and her sonne sent me a letter from Orin- 
gana, with a peec. ponldren beefe, exskewsing their not 
coining to Edo, in respeck of the Spaniardes which did lie 
at their howee. 

September 5. — We went to Ando Tushma Dono with a 
present as the other, wanting a email looking glass and 
8om sortes gaily pots, with 2 maps of London and 88 {sic). 
This man was not within, yet we left the present behind, 
and tonld his man I would come and vizet bym when I 
knew he was at home. 

A mch merchant came to vizet me, and brought me a 
fat hoog for a present. Codgskin Dono sent me peares, 
grapes, and wallnats for a present 

September 6. — We dyned at Jno. Yoosen the Hollanders, 
where we had good entertaynment. And, in regard of the 
kyndnesse he allwaies hath shewed to Mr. Eaton and Mr. 
Wickham, to goe to the Court to speak for them in the 
abcense of Mr. Adames, it was thought good to geve a 
present to his wife and; doughter, as foUoweth, viz. 1 whole 
pec. chint bramport, containing 3 pec. of B. corg.} 1 peec 
black silk grogren. 

September 7. — I went and vizeted Wotto Dono and 
Tushma Dono, and thanked them for the paynes taken in 
our afiares, offering them to procure for them out of En- 
gland anything they pleased to geve me notis of. They 
took my visitation kyndly, and said they would get our 
priveleges renewed and goshom or passes sealed this day, 
yf it were possibly. 
Y And from thence we went rowndabout the kyngs castell 
or fortresse, which I do hould to be much more in compas 
then the citty of Coventry. It will contain in it above 
200,000 souldiers in tyme of wars. 



We dyned at the Kjnge of Finndoa brother, wliere we 
were well entertayned. 

And towardes night the secretary <^ Orea Dono came 
and vizeted me at my lodging, and broof^ht me a present of 
hense ; and amongst other speeches he began to talke of 
the padrea, and that it were good we had no converaadon 
with them. Whereupon I tooke occatioo to answer hym 
that he needed not to dowbt of as, for that they were ene- 
mies to OS and to the state of England, and woald destroy 
OS all yf they could. Bat that it were good he advized the 
Emperonr to take heed of them, lest they did not goe aboat 
to serve hym as they had donne the Kinges of England, in 
going abont to kill and poizon them or to blow them op 
with gnnpowder, and staring ap the sabjectes to rebell 
against their natarsll prince, for which they were all ba- 
nished oat of England. 

September 8. — We dyned, or rather sapped, at a mer- 
chaates howse called Neyem Dono, where he provided ea- 
hoquee, or women plears, who danced and soage ; and when 
we retoraed home, he sent eavery one one of them. I had a 
bar of Coban goald of Mr. Eaton, containing 6 taxa 4 nuts, 
which I gave them. 

September 9, — Jacob the Hollanders wife brought mo a 
present of mucke$ and other staff, nifon eatange, she being 
ready to depart towardes her howse. 

Capt. Adames this day, as the lyke every day, staid at 
the Cort to solicet of dispach to get oar prevelegis and 
passes, but still put afe ; and amongst the rest the secretary 
tould hym that it was reported how there were semenary 
prists in his howse at Orengaua. So Capt. Adames sent 
away an expres with a letter to his wife to look to it that 
there were no such matter. 

There is new edicts sent oat into all partes of Japon, as 
namely to Langasaque, Arima, Umbra, and Bongo, which 
are most of them Christians, to see to it, that no padres 



be fovnd amongst them, and them in whose bowse they 
are fownd shall be pat to death with all their generation. 
This must be followed with extremitie. 

September 10. — Codgskin Done sent for Oapt. Adames, 
which we hoped was to have geven ns oor dispach ; bnt it 
proved to be nothing bat to enquire ferther about the 
padres. So he retorned without doin^j any thing, they 
willing hym to retome on the morrow, as they hare donne 
the lyks any tyme this 9 or 10 dales, which maketh me to 
marvel], as I doe the lyke of the long stay of the Hol- 
landers. Qod grant all be well in the soath partes, and 
that they rise not in armes there. 

September 11. — Gapt. Adames was all day at Cort againe 
to attend for our dispach, but retorned without any thing ; 
only they willed hym to hare patience and to com againe 
in the momyng. 

Oyen Donos secretary came to vizet me, and tonld me he 
suspected that our delay grew per meanes of the looking 
out for padres, which weare much songht after by the 
Emperonr, and reportes geven out that som were at Capt. 
Adames howses at Orengana and Phebe. So Capt. Adames 
wrot againe to his folkes, to look ont that no such matter 
were proved against them, as they tendered their lives. 

Yt is thought that the Emperonr hath a meanyng to 
banish all Christians out of Japan. God grant all may fall 
out for the best, for our so long detayning maketh me much 
to marvill, and the Emperonrs hate against the Jesuistes and 
fryres very greate. 

I receved 2 letters from Mr. Nealson and Afr, Osterwick, 
dated in Firando the 5th and 6th ultimo, and sent by 60- 
nosque Bono, who is com up to vizet Codgsquin Bono, in 
respect of hia fathers death, and bringes him a present of 
30 bars silver from the King of Firando. In those letters 
they adviz me of the trowble they had with the covctos 
mareners of the junck which came from Syam, and that, as 


i6i6.] HURT or bichabd cocks. 175 

then, 00 newa of the other 2 junks ariral at Laogasaqae 
with Ed. Sajer. Also that the news is that the Amacan 
shipp will not com to Langaaaqae tKis yeare, she being 
arested per a morchant of Goa for money the Amacan 
merchantes owe bym. This news is come per a gallie and 
a galliot which are arired at Langasaqne and came from 
the Manillias. 

September 12. — lo respect we are pnt affe from day to 
day and canot have onr diapach, I got Capt. Adames to goe 
to Oyen Dono, the Emperonrs secretary, accompanied with 
oar hongeu) and Goreaano oar jurebasso, to geve hym to 
nnderstand, yf he make any dowbt of the matter, that we 
are no frendes of the Jesaistes nor fryres, nether sofier any 
of their sect to remeane in England, hut pnnish all them 
which are fownd with death ; this coarse hareing byn kept 
in England for above the space of 60 yearea, so that the 
Emperonr needed not feare oar conversation with that sect, 
for that their hatred against as and onr religion was more 
then against any others whatsoever. 

Oyen Done the secretary nsed Capt. Adames kyndly, and 
toald hym and the other 2 bow the Emperonr was mach 
offended against the padres, and therefore advized ua not to 
have conversation with them nor to let tbem christen any 
cbiidren of oars, yf we chanced to have any, for then they 
might presume we were of their sect, whome the Emperonr 
ment ntterly to extingQiah out of Japoo. He willed Capt. 
Adames not to think it long we were not dispached, the 
Emperonrs busyness being sach as yet it conld not be done, 
bat within a day or 2 he hoped to end it to onr content. 

September 13, — The Emperonr went a hawking this 
tdomyng with a troupe (aa it was tiiought) of 10000 men. 
It is said he will retome this nigbt. 

September 14. — Capt. Adames and our jurebasso Vent to 
the Court to get onr dispach, but coald not be ended to 
day but referred till to morrow. The Councell tonid them 


176 DIABT or RICHARD COCKS. [1616. 

&a,t the Emperonr would not write any letter to tte King 
of Cocbiactina, nor meddell in other mens matters. 

This night past, aboat 2 a clock, hapned an earthquake; 
but of no greate cont^newance. Som say they felt it 3 
sererall tyzaes ; but I felt it but once. 

We have much ado with Nico. Machievell, allius Migmoy, 
aboat clearing aocompts with hym ; bat as yet not donne. 
Mr. £aton paid Singero, the expres, 1^ tait to spend per 
the way. 

September 15. — Capt. Adames went this day againe to 
the Coort for to procnre onr dispach, bot could not be 
ended, but refered till to morrow and then he to com with 
Codgskyn Dono, and so an end to be mada 

September 16. — We conld not com to accompt with Nico. 
Machiarell, allis Migmoy ; so we are forced to go to law 
with hym. 

Capt. Adamea went againe to the Cort to hare had oar 
diapach, bat by meanes of the fowle wether the Coanoell 
went not to the Coart, so that he retomed back withoat 
doing of anything. Capt. Adamea envited the merchantes 
to supper to morrow that envited us the other day, 

September 17. — I recered two bars Coban gould with ten 
ichibos, of 4 to a eoban,^ all gonld, of Mr. IJiaton^ to be 
acco. for as I should hare occation to use them in gestes 
or otherwais. 

Wfl envited them to supper which envited us the other 
day, and had the cabickes as they had. I gave 4 bars, 
called ichibosy to one of them. 

September 18.-^Capt, Adames went againe to the Cort 
to procnre onr dispatch, and fownd all the Coanoell basyed 
aboat matters of justice of lyfe and death ; and, amongst 
the rest, one man was brought in question about Fidaia 

1 The Koban was iutrinsicallj worth £1:3:1; the Tehibu, U. 6ld. 
But the proportionate raloe of gold to eilrer in Japan wu as foor to 
one, instead of the ctnnmon Taloatioa of fifteen to one. 


i6i6.] dub; op bichard cocks. 177 

Samme, aa boing in the castell with him to the last hower. 
This man was racked and tormented very much, to make 
hjriD confes where hia master was, or whether he were alire 
or dead ; but I canot heare whether he confessed any thing 
or no. Also the Admeralls Gonne (oar great freed), called 
Shouga Dono, came to towne, having bye sent out by the 
Smperonr before about busynesses. He had much talk 
with Capt. Adames about sea matters, and other greats 
men in company with them. And, amongst other matters, 
they tould Capt. Adames that they understood theire were 
certen Elands to the northward, very ruch in mynes of 
gould and silver^ which the Emperoar ment to conquer, and 
asked hym whether (npon good termes) he would be pilot. 
He made answer, be was not now at his owne dispose, being 
servant to the Enghsh nation, and therefore coold not serve 
two masters. They asked hym whether he had heard tell of 
any ilands called les Ladi-ones, or of the theeves. He an- 
swered yisj but that his opinion was that they were of no 
moment, in respect the Spaniards had not taken them, 
they lying in hia way as they passed from New Spanie to 
the Phillippinas. They also spoake of an other iland, 
called by the Spaniards Hermosa (or Rico en oro y plats). 
He answered he had heard of such a place in conferrence 
with Spaniardes. 

In fine, the Councell tould Capt. Adames all our dispacb 
was ready, only they wanted Codgkins Donos hand, he 
being sick. So he was referred to com to morrow and 
bring Oodgskin Donos letter. 

Paid out to cabokea 3 bars Ichabo gould. 

September 19. — We went to the Admerall yonger, 
Shongo Dono,aud carid hym a present. And Capt. Adames 
gave hym 3 gilt Syam skins and a tigers skyn. He took 
oar visitasioD kyndly, and oSerd us to do for our nation what 
he could. This man and his father are the trustiest frendes 
we have in these partes. And I tboaght good to note 


178 UUKT Of BICEARD COCKS. [1616. 

downd how this tnsa entred into Bpeechea about the il&ndes 
Ladrones, taking them to be rnch in tn^e of goald and 
silver. My answer was, that I knew no auch matter^ but 
to the contrary esteemed that yf the[y] had byn snch, that 
the Spaniard would have had them before now, they lying 
in the way irom Agna Pnica to the Phillippinaa. Bnt my 
opinion was that yf the Emperonr pretended to make a 
conquest of any, that the PhiUippinas them selves were of 
more emportance, and the Spaniardes weake and ill be- 
loved of the contrey people, and that herein his Ma*'" 
needed not to dowbte the assistance both of the English 
and Duch, aa occation should serve. At which speeches 
he seemed to make a pawse, and in the end said that they 
wanted SQch shipps aa onrs were. TJnto which I answered, 
I marveled the £mperour did not make snch, haveing both 
men (I meane workmen), tymber, and all thinges else ne- 
cessary. Yt seemed to me that he tooke notis hereof. 

Towardes night I receved a letter from Mr. Wickham, 
dated in Miaco the 27th ultimo, wherin he wrot that as yet 
he heard no newes nether of onr small jnnck nor bark that 
shonld com with wood and skins from Firando; which 
maketb me to marvell very much. 

Gapt, Adames went to the Court againe for onr dispach, 
but was put affe till to morow. 

Beptemher 20. — Gonosque Dono retomed to Firando, and 
visetod me at my lodging, offring to oarry my letter yf I 
wonid write ; for the which I gave hym thanks, tolling hym 
I hoped to follow after to morrow. 

Capt. Adames went againe to the Conrt with onr jure- 
batto to procure onr dispach, bnt oonld not dispach till to 

Shonge Dono the Admerall made an end with Migmoj 
for onr difference. So he gave twenty fyve bars Coban 
gonld for ballaace of all acco,, which Mr. Eaten receaved. 

Jno. Hawteiy plaid the lewd felio againe, and stole 


l6l6.] DUBT or SICHAKD COCKS. 179 

2 peeoee ohint bramport, with 2 handkerchefa Bnmall 
cottony, and a peare table bookeH, to gave to whores. Thna 
mnch we fowncl and was retonied back. But we lack 
many other thinges, as of some chintes, amber beades, 
table bookes, bars of tynne, which out of dowbt he hath 
taken, bat forsweareth it, as he did the other till we bronght 
tbe partis before bis face. And that which was mncli 
worse, he went and cut his baire after the pagon fation, 
thinking to tnme pagon ; which he conld not do heare, 
allthongh he would. Yet there wanted no good will in 
hytn. And, besides, he is a comoQ druncard, yf he may 
com by drink, and when he is drank is as a mad man, as 
ban (ate) a hnmor as any o the rest ; for then be will fall 
ont with all men, and kill and slay, etc. 

September 21. — Migmoy came this momyng and brought 
a present, nifem eatancfe, and with hym came a Berrant of 
8honge Dono Ibe Admerall, to make frendship. So we 
dmnk together and parted frendes, bat I would wish no 
man to trast bym any more. 

Capt. Adames and oar jurehasto went againe to Court 
to procure onr dispacb, bat coold not. 

And Chabio Dono came to towne. Yocotta Kaqueamon 
Dono, Oyen Donos secretary, brought me a present of 2 
eatabrat, 1 silk and tbe other lynnen. 

September 23. — The Emperour sent me 10 kerimons and 
au armor for a present, 2 kerimont to Mr. Eaton, and 2 to 
Mr, Wilson. And Oyen Dono sent me 5 kerimons, and 1 
and 2 catahras to Mr. Eaton, and tbe lyke to Mr. Wilson 
and oar jttrebasso. And we receved of prireleges and 
goshons from the Emperour. 

Also I sent a present to Chabio Douo ; and towardes 
night he sent me thaakes with letters for the King of 
Firando, and sent me a tnakadagh for a present, and 2 
peces ta&te to Mr. Eaton. 

We could not by any meanes procure the Emperours 


180 DIART OF RtCH&RD COCEB. [t6l6. 

letter to King of Gochiochina, be eaying he woald not 
meddell io other mens matters. 

Goresano plaid the babbling fallo i^;ainst Gapt. Adames, 
whereby Oyen Dono, the Emperonrs secretary, had lyke 
to have falae ont with hym. Yt is this fellos foolish tnks 
which hath gotten hym many enemies, and put me to mncb 
trowble hertufore to save bis lyfe. 

Sepiemher 24. — Otto Dono sent me 5 catabras for a pre- 
sent, with wordes complementall. And I sent ojxt jurdaaso 
to geve hym thankes, as the lyke to Chnbio Dono, and 
sent Jno. Tossen word we were ready to departe to morrow 
momyng toward Firando. 

I gave the cahuhit 1 bar Coban and two ieliibos of gonld. 
Shezero the coboke sent me a Japon cap, and I gave her 
that brought it 5 ma» 4 condrin. 

We carid a present to Safian Dono. And sowne afler he 
sent me tbankes for it, with a box or packet of lettors for 
the King of Fininda And Jno. Yooaen sent me a letter 
to carry to Capt. Speck. And Shonge Dono, the Admerall, 
sent me a saddell for s present. Also Otto Dodo and 
Tasbisa Dono sent 3 eatabras to Mr. Eaton, 2 to Mr. 
Wilson, and 3 to our jurebasso Goresano. 

Migmoy gob the Admerall to entreate me to com to his 
bowse and to drink with hym to make frendship, as well as 
be bad donne with ma Bnt I desird his Lordsfaipp to 
pardon me, for that tyme did not now permit me, nether 
conld I goe to Migmoia bowse in snch sort without dis- 
paridgment nnte me. 

And so this night we packed np all matters to retome 
for Firando to morrow, Uod permitting. 

September 25. — I sent Goresano before day to the dark 
of the Pririe Seale, to fetoh onr goshon or prevelegis and to 
carry hym a present of a peece of black silk grogran. He 
delivered the present bat retornd withont the writing, 
willing hym to retom anon. 


t6i6.] dubt of biceabd cocks. 181 

I gave an Bnglishmatis child, called The. Flood, a fay in 
Tagemon' plate. 

We could not got our oald preveleges againe, and soe we 
[were] forced to departe without them. 

September 26. — I gave the caboque Sbezero au ickobe and 
a silk catabra, and sent the master of them a bar Cohan. 

We departed towardes Orengagava this momyng about 
10 a clock, and arived at Febe som 2 howrs before night, 
where we staid all that night, for that Capt. Adames wife 
and his two children met us theare. This Fhebe is a lord- 
shipp geven to Capt. Adames per the oald Emperor, to 
hym and his for eaver, and oonfermed to his soane called 
Joseph. There is above 100 farmes or howsefaolds upon it, 
bisids others ander them, all which are his vassals, and he 
hath power of hfe and death over them, they being his 
slaves, and he as absolute authoretie over them as any 
tono (or king) in Japon hath over his vassales. Divers of 
his tenantes brought me present of fruite, as oringea, Gggs, 
peares, ohisbnnttes, and grapes, whereof there is abundance 
in that place. 

The cabokes came out to sea after ns in a boate and 
brought a banket. So I gave them a bar of Coban to make 
a banket at their retome to Edo, and gave the boate men 
which rowed them an ichibo ; both which soma Mr. Eaton 
paid ont. 

September 27. — We gave the tenantes of Phebe a bar of 
Coban to make a banket after our departure from thence, 
with 500 gins to the servantes of howsea, and 500 gins to 
the horsemen (or hankne; men) which c^rid us from thence 
to Orengaua; the cheefe of the towne accompanying ns 
out of ther presincts and sent many servantes to uccom- 
panie as to Orengana, which is about 8 or 9 English miles, 
all roning before ns on foote, as homagers to Capt. Adames. 

I sent a letter to the Admerall that I ment to vizet hym 
' ? Tjamoug, in Sumatra. 


182 DIABT or RICHARD COCKB. [t6l6. 

to morrow ; but he, hearisg of our coming hither, had sent 
me & letter before to envite me to com to hym, with maoy 
kynd offers of frendsbipp. 

After our arivall at Orengsna, most of the neighbors 
came to viset me and brought fmte and Sah and rejojced 
(as it Bhonld seeme) of Capt. Adames retome. 

S^tember 28. — We went per water to a towne called 
Misackey,^ 5 leagaes from Orengana, to vizet Fnngo Dono, 
the onid Admerall, and carid faym a present. And Gapt 
Adames gave hym a leopardea skin and 5 handks. chint 
bramport. And Mr. Eaton gave bym 2 siogle peces chint 
bramport. He entertayned db kyndly at dyner and sent na 
meate for enpper, and gave me a wacadaah (or abort eattan) 
from his side ; and sent bis men to shew ua bis sonns howse 
newly built, being a very fayre placa This man is one of 
the best frendea we have in Japan. 

September 29. — We retomed per water to Oringaua, not 
without much diSecnlty. And the Admerall Fongo Dodo 
departed per water towardes Edo, to vizet the Emperoar 
the first day of the new moone ; but, the sea being greate 
and the wynd contrary, he went ashore, and so went over- 
land per horse. 

We gave our hostis at Mieakay 2 ichiboa for howsrowme 
and dyet, and I icheho to her eldest dowghter, beiog wife to 
a Hollander, and 500 gins to her yoogest donghter, and 
200 gins to aervautes in the howse, and 300 gins to the 
howse where Mr. Eaton did lye. And Capt Adames gave 
presentea, viz. : 1 handkerchefe and au icheho to Adrian 
the Hollanders wyfe, I handker. and 500 gins to the mother, 
1 handkerchefe and ] 00 giiit to yoongest donghter, 1 hand- 
kerchefe to Mr. Eatons hostis, and 100 gins to serrantea of 
the howse. 

September 30. — I gave Capt. Adames 2 Iceremone and 

■ MiEali, at the extreme aoutfa of the peniDaala aa the weet of iho 
entrance into Yedo Bay. 



Andrea, his brother id law, one of them the Emperonr gave 
me. And there was geven out in presentes as folloveth, 
viz. : to Capt. Adames wife, 1 pec. blak grofrren, 1 pec. 
aleze land, 1 cheaue amber beadea; and to Josephe her 
aonne, viz: 1^ tait. black cloth; and to Snzanna her 
donghter, viz.: 1 whole peece chint bramport; and to 
Andreas wife, 1 pec. black grogren ; and to Capt. Adames 
wives mother and an other donghter, viz. : 2 single peces 
chint bramport ; and I single pec. chint bramport to Adrians 

Towordea night arived a man of Capt. Adames ezpres, 
sent from Mr. Wickham with letters and othera from Fi- 
rando, Mr. Wickham advising that by procletnation at 
Miaco, Osakay, and Sackay, it was defended that no Japon 
should buy any merchandize of strangers. Whereupon he 
conld make no sales of our comodeties, and therefore did 
wish me, yf I met the expres on the way, to retome to Edo 
to redrese it, yf I conld. 

4 letters from Mr. Nealson, of 9th, 16th, 17th, and 20th 

2 letters from Mr. Oaterwick or 8, 16 ditto. 

1 letter from Mr. Wickham of 19th September. 

1 onld letter from Mr. Wickham. 

2 letters from Mr. Rowe, of 10th and 17th August. 
1 letter from Mr. Totton, of 20th August. 

1 letter from Mr. Ed. Willmot, of 11th August, from 

October 1. — I wrot 2 letters, one to Mr. Wickham and 
an other to Mr. Nealson and Mr. Osterwick and retomed 
them per same espres, unto whome Mr. Eaton delivered 
3 icheboe; aud he said Mr. Wickham delivered hym 60 mas, 
wherof he spent 43 mas per the way. And Mr. Wilson, 
Jao. Cook, Wm. Sweetland, Jno. Hawtry, onr bongew, and 
others, to the halfe of our company, I sent away directly 
towardes Miaco. Aud Capt. Adames, Mr. Eaton, and my 


184 DIARY or BICHABD COCKS. [1616. 

selfe retomed a^^ine tow&rdes Edo, and lodged at Phebe. 
We gave 1000 gins to the Beirantes at Oresgaoa, for Capt. 
AdameB nor his wife woald let ns pa;^ nothing for diet. 

October 2. — This momyng fayre calme wether, or rather 
a littell wind easterly till aboat nowne, and thon the wind 
vered northerly, a greate gnat all the rest of the day, bat 
not BO mach per night. 

By meanes of this stonne (we being onward on onr waj 
towardes Edo per water] we were forced to ran over the 
sholes right ashore, not withont danger; so that it was 
dark night before we got our thinges on land, and went to 
a towne in the way 4 leagues short of Edo, called Cow& 
Saky;^ where we had bad lodging and worse fare. 

We paid for our diet at Fhebie with oar hors hier from 
Oringana and geven in the howse, viz. : 2 icheboa in gonid 
and 1000 giTis, paid ont per Mr. Eaton. And for onr boate 
hier to Cowa Sackey I iehebo, and 400 gi?is geven to a pilot 
to help ns ashore in a place to land onr goodes. 

I forgot to note downe how Mrs. Adames sent powdered 
beefe, tysh, and bread, with rise, after ns to Phebie. 

October 3, — We went to the secretary Oyen Donos howso 
to have spoaken with hym abont our occation of retome, 
but were perswaded per his men to attend his coming to 
the howse of justice, and there might speake to hym and 
the rest as they entred ; which we did, but were referred of 
for answer tUl the next mornyng. So from thence we went 
to Codgskin Donos, but fownd Inga Dono, the Cheefe 
Jnstis of Japon, arived from Miaco and com to vizet hym. 
So wo could not speake with hym. 

Also wo met there a Spaniard, com from the iland near 
Langaaaqne, where he was arived in a small shipp by con- 
trary wynds going to Manilla, and might not be sufferd to 
goe out againe without lycence from the Emperoar. 



Jna Yoosen oame to vizet me, and tonld me he howrly 
expected the Hollaaders, and that, tnching the cortalling 
of oar preTelegesse, it was not to be anSered, it being 
wrODgbt per Safiaa Dono and otber bis associates to bave 
as pend op at Firandoj to tbe entent to work upon ns as 
they did on the Portingala and Spaniardes at Langasoqne ; 
bnt (said he) the Hollanders will forsake Japon before they 
will be bowod to do it. 

Oetoher 4>. — A Bachmans sonne came to rizet me, and 
brought a present of powodgranetes and oringes; 
nnto whome I gare a tay in plate iyne, paid per Gore- 

I got Gapt. Adamee to goe to Codgskin Dodo with onr 
jurebaeeo, to make the occation of our retome knowne nnto 
bym and to aske his couacell (as onr cheefe frend) what 
conrse we shold taka He spoake with bym and the rest 
of the Coancell and, aa it seemeth, they will enlarge onr 

A merchant, onr frend, envited Gept. Adames, Mr. Eaton, 
and my selfe to supper, and sent for tbe caboket, nifon 

October 5, — I wrot a letter to Mr. Wickham, and so to 
Bend it for Firando, advizing how I hoped to dispach onr 
matters to content very shortly ; and sent this letter per a 
yoDg man of Firando, neighbour to Yasimon Dodo. 

We could hare no answer this day tnching our basynea. 

October 6. — We ment to have spoaken with Oyen Dono 
and rest about our busynes, but could not com to speech of 
them, they were bo basye about other matters. 

I wrot a letter to the seniora at Orengaua to thank her 
for our kynd entertaynment. We carid a present to Inga 

This man is Lord Cheefe Jaatice of Japon, and now 
newly com from Miaco. I made knowne unto bym the 
occation of my retornc, by meanes of the proclemation at 


186 HURT or BICBABD COCKS. [1616. 

Miaco that we Bhonld sell Don of onr goodes in those partes. 
He tonld me it was trae that the Emperonr had sent downe 
Bach order, that we ahonld hare no other place of sales but 
Firando. I answerd hym that the Emperonr might as well 
banish as right ont of Japon as bynd na to snch an order, 
for that we could make no saJs at tiiat place, as I had fownd 
by experience of 3 yeares apace and npwardes. He an- 
Bwerd me he coald not withstand the Emperonrs pleasare, 
and that at present all matters were in other manner in 
Japon then in tyme of the onld Emperour, and that he 
conld do OB small pleasnre in the matter, it being in ths 
secretaries power to do most; yet, as tyme should serve, he 
would doe his best. 

The letter I sent to Mr. Wickham was kept till this day, 
and sent per a man of Firando, neighbour to Yasimon 
Dono ; wberin I advized hym I dowbted I shonld not make 
an end so sowne as I thoaght, and therefore wished hym 
to send away Mr. Wilson and the rest to Firando, bnt, for 
the hongew, he might stay my comyng yf he would. 

We went also to the howsea of Codgskin Dono and the 
rest, bnt conld not com to speech of any, they, as it seemed 
to me, playing least in sight, which caased me to write 2 
letters to Cawkesayemon Done, secretary to Oyen Dono, 
willing hym to stand our frend to soHoit hia master for odt 
dispach; which he answered me he both had donne and 
wonld doe, bnt verely thought we could have no dispach till 
after the hollidaies or feast, which begineth the 9th currant 
and lasteth 3 or 4 daiea. 

October 8. — We went to vizet the connsellars againe, to 
have oar diapach in remembrance. And firat to Oyen Dono, 
the secretary, whoe tould ns that we shonld speake to 
Oodgakin Dono, for that he could do nothing of hym selfe. 
Unto which I answerd that the rest did refer ns to hym, 
and therefore I besought his Lordship to procure our dia- 
pach ; for I stood in dowbt my long staying and want of 


l6l6.] SUBT or SICHABD COCKS. 187 

sales of oar goodes per meanes of this edict iroald be an 
occation I shoald not send away oar 2 shipps and junck 
tliia yeare, which would be a boHhen to hevie for as to 
beare or to answer to oqf employers. He said he woold 
doe what he could and take coimcell with the rest what 
might be donne. So from thence we went to Godgskin 
Dono, whome the serrantea tould us was in the hoase. 
Yet coold I not come to speech of hym, bat lost my errant 
with his cheefe men. 

I forgot to note downe that Safian Dono was at the 
secretaries hows^ siting in a darke comer, I being oald in 
Mid apointed to syt on the better hand of hym, not know- 
ing whoe he was till Capt. Adames toald me, which then I 
went cm the other side and craved pardon as not knowing 
hym. In fyne, every one complayneth that matters are 
worse then in the oald mans daies, and that this man doth 
nothing bat change offecers and displace tonos, sending and 
changing one into an others centre;; so that mnch gmdging 
is at it and all in law and plitos on with an other, so that 
what will com of it God knoweth, for, as the comon report 
is, no man dare speake to the £mperoar of any matter they 
think is to his discontent, he is so furions, and no meanes 
bat death or distraction. So that what will come of as or 
oar sate I know not, for I tell them it were as good for the 
Emperoor to banish as all oat of Japon as to shot as up in 
Firando, it being a place of no sales. 

October 9. — This day was a greate feasto of Japon called 
Shecoj being the 9th day of the 9th month. So we coald 
do nothing this day about onr baeynes at Coort. But all 
day after nowne yisterday Capt. Adames and oar jurebasio 
staid wayting at Court gate to speake with the coancellers, 
who still geve good words. 

Jno. Yoosen sent me word his man was com from 
Miaco and that the Hollanders woald be hears within a day 
or two. 


168 DIAftT or BICHABD CCWK8. [1616. 

And Cacozayemoti Dooo wrot me a letter that he had 
soliceted Oyen Doqo hie master aboat onr afiEires, and that 
they were not unmindfull of it, bat would shortly dispach 
us j only tbeir busynes waa much at preseat by meanea of 
the caveleros which came to rizet the new Emperonr, as 
also for the sending away of the widdo of Fidaia Samme, 
donghter to the Emperonr that now is, whoe is geven in 
second marriadg to a tono called ^, whoe fought 

very valiently in defence of the Emperonr at the overthrow 
of Fidaia Samme. 

Mrs. Adamea and her 2 children arived heare yiaterday 
from Orengana. And I gave Shezeros child an ichebo and 
Mr. Eaton delivered an other to the tuarto* that plaid on 
the shamtkin} 

October 10. — ^Late towardes night was an aprower in the 
oittie of Edo, for that a cavelero, called Deo Dono, gave it 
ont that he would take the Emperoum donghter as she 
went to morrow towardes her new hnsband, for that the 
onld Emperonr in his life tyme had promised her to bym, 
in- respect of hia service donne at Oaekay against Fidaia 
Samme. But the Emperonr now would not concent their- 
nnto, bat sent hjm word to cut his bellie, which he refnced 
to doe, in taking of his bowse with 1000 men bis followers, 
whoe all shaved them selves, with 50 women of hia, lyke 
wais protesting to stand out till the death ; whereupon the 
Emperonr caused his howse to be beset with above lOOOO 
men armed, and ofred to leave his land to his eldest sonoe 
of som 19 years onld, yf his servantes would deliver up the 
master in quiet; which coming to the fathers knowledge 
he kild the said aonne with his owne handes ; yet after, his 
servantes kild their master and deliverd his head to the 
men without, upon condition to have their lives saved and 

I Blauk in MS. 

* ? Span., tuerCo, blind of one eye. 

■ Samitin, a guitar of three strings.. 


I6l6.j DIABT OF filCHAED C0CE8. 189 

the lands to remeaDe to the other Bonne ; which, as it is 
said, the Emperonr hath condecended unto.^ 

October 11. — I went and riaeted the King of Firandos 
brother, and carid hym a present of 2 barilla wyne and a 
dish of figges, which he tooke in good parte and oSred to 
send to the Emperours conncell to desire our dispach in 
his brothers name, which 1 thanked hym for, 

I went to Jdo. Yosseo to viaeb hym and see what news 
he heard of the HollandeTs. Bat, as it seems, they were 
not come to Osakay when Albartns wrote hym hia letter 
the 23th ultimo ; bo Qod knoweth when they will hither. 

October 12. — We went to vizet (or rather solicet) the 
Emperours conncell for our dispach, bat could not com to 
spech of any of them. We found oar Castillano at Codg- 
skin Donos, but could have no audience no more then wa 
And atler nowne Capt. Adames and onr jvrebaaso went 
agane to the Cort and sawe all the Conncell together, who 
gave them fayre wordea as before, biding them com agaiue 
to morow. 

And towardea night an expres of the HoUanders arired 
at this place, who came for a goshon for their junck to goo 
for Syam. He geveth it out that Mr. Baylie is dead, but I 
have no letters of any snch matter. 

October 13. — We went this mornyng betymea to Oodgskin 
Bonos, before son ryseinge, because we would be snre to 
£nd hym within ; bat had answer he was sick and therefore 
willed OS to come agaiue at nowne, for that he would not 
goe ont all this day. And so we retomed to Oyen Dono 
the secretary, and met his secretary by the way (with the 
Spaniard man), whoe tould ns he was gon out, and that he 
want after hym to procure that mans dispach, which it 

' A marg^iml note in contiadioticHi of some of the details is as follows : 
" This man did not kill hie Ronne, natiier will the Empror let him nw 
the other have the land, for that the Bonna of so nnworthie a father is 
not fit to inherit, as he saieth." 


190 DURT Of BICHAED COCKS. [1616. 

may be will be at later Lammas. Bat afterward we went 
agaiae to CodgskiD Dono, and in the end spoake with hym 
and made oar case knowne nnto hym, which he seemed to 
pittie, and tould ns he was not the man now that he was in 
the onid Emperoars tyme, only he was of this mans Coon- 
cell, and in hia opinion it was not tyme now to seeke to 
alter that which the Emperour had so lately ordayned, bat 
that in tyme it might be amended, oar case* beii^ better 
considered of; and then we shonld find hym ready to assist 
ns in what ho might. Jno. Yoosen was theare at same 
tyme when we spoake nnto hym, and heard what past, and 
at same tyme presented hym a letter from the Hollandea 
Gapt. telling hym he was on his way to com vizet the 
£mperor, but held bscke per fowle wether, yet in the 
meane tyme desired to hare a gothon. to send their jnnck 
for Syam. Bat Codgskin Dono answered he might stay 
for it till Uie Hotlandes Capt. came. 

So now I determen to pnt np a petition to hare a tyoence 
to sell snch goodes as we have at Miaoo and those partes, 
and so to retome with their answer, good or bad, desiring 
in my petition that their honors will better consider of oar 
first privelegese hereafler. 

October 14 — I wrot two letters, dated yisterday but kept 
till this day, the one to Mr. Wickham to Miaco, and the 
other to Firando to Mr. Nealson and Mr. Osterwick, ad- 
vising them of what is past, aa also sending two goahons to 
Firando, one for Oochinchina and the other for Syam, to be 
a meanes to helpe to sell oar jnnck. Also I wrot a letter 
in Japons to the China Capt., Andrea Dittis, and an other 
to Matinga j and sent all these letters ezpres per Jaqnise. 

Gacayemon Dono, the Emperours secretary, sent me 
word late yistemight how he had spoaken with his master, 
and gave me conncell to send Capt. Adames and Gorezano 
our jurebaeso betymes this mornyng to speake with his 
master, which they did before son rising ; bat he was gone 



ont to the Admerall of the Sea, Shongo Dono, before they 
came. So they retomed without doing any thinge. And 
after, the said secretary, Cakeamon Dodo, came to me and 
gave me coaocell to make a petition to them all, and goe 
and watch them as they came from the Admeralls howse 
and deliver it nnto them. He toaght me to indite it, de- 
eyring them that yf their affares were so emportonate at 
present that they could not speake to the Emperour for 
enlardging our privalegese, that then it would please them 
to geve me a letter of pasification to the jastioe of Miaco 
and those partes, for the selling of Boch goods as we had 
theare, and the next spring I would retome to renew my 
sate about our prirelegese. 

This petision I delirerd to Oyea Donos handes, which 
he receaved with a frownyug conntenance, calling Capt. 
Adames to hym and gave it hym back, asking hym whie he 
let on com to him tliat could not speake, and bad hym 
bring onr petision hom to his howse. 8oe sowne after 
Capt. Adames went to his howse with our jvrebasso, but 
could not com to speach of hym, and soe retorued. 

It is said that the merchantes of Miaco are com to this 
place to sue to the Emperour that we may sell no goodes in 
this place of Edo uether, which as yet is not denid ns. I 
am still of the opinion that the Conncell, haveing put it 
into the Emperours head that it is fitt we should be re- 
strayned to Firando, dare not now speake nnto hym to the 
contrary, be being such a furiose man. So I dowbt we 
shall not now get any good answer, to my no small greefe. 

October 15. — Capt. Adames and ourjurebasBo went againe 
betimes this momyng to Oyen Dono with our petition, 
and he bad them bring it to the castill, which they did, 
and in the end had for a finall answer that the Emperours 
pleasure was that we should keepe hotora at no other 
place but at Firando, and for our goodes which we had in 
any other place, to put it into the custody of any Japou we 



wonld for thia tyme to make sales for as, bat not to leave 
any factor EngliBh, nor to send any goodes hereafter from 
Firando, bot to sell all theare. Whereapon Mr. Eatoa 
and I thought good to leave all our goodes in the place 
under the cnstody of Capt. Adames, for this tyme ; and he 
to leve order with what other he thought fyt to make 
Bales in his abcense, becaose he goeth downe with as now 
to cleare all reoonyngas and to receave his sallary, dae to 
hym per Wor. Company accompt to consort, he not haveing 
receved any thing till now. 

Here ifi reportes geren out that the Emperoor doth 
determen to pat Masaamone Dono and the Kyng of Facoata 
to death, with an other tono or kyng. 

And it is said Fidaia Samme is alive j bnt what will com 
hei*eof I know not. 

October 16, — Andrea, Capt. Adams brother in law, came 
from Orengaaa to Edo, and he got (I meane Capt. Adames) 
his writing of his bowse at Edo cat of his handes and 
paid bym 35 bars Coban, which ie 5 more then he was to 
pay ; and so made an end of hym to the content of his 

And CaDkesayemon Dono, the secretary to Oyen I>ono, 
came to vizet me and to take his leave, we being to depart 
to morrow, and willed me to take patience for a while 
taching onr privelegese, for a matter of state being once 
conclended could not in a day nor 2 be revoked. Yet he 
dowbted not but the next yeare it would be amended, when 
the Emperour and his Councell had well considered of the 
matter, as now they began to enter into it ; for all this is 
donne to banish padrese out of the cuntrey, and that, for 
his master and Codgskin Dono, we might be assard of 
them, as be had heard from his masters owne month ; and 
that it were not amis, yf I met the King of Firando per 
the way coming up to the Emperonr, to pat hym in mynd 
to Bolicet the matter. 



We gave this Cakeyamoa Dono a cloth cloke of Mr. 
EatoDB, in respect of the paines he took eittce our coming. 

There was an eartfaqoake at 5 a clock in thafter 

October 17. — Wo departed from Edo at 9 clock and 
lodged at Gamngana* all night, where we met the Hol- 
landers going ap, who brought me 4 letters, viz. 3 from 
Firando and 1 from Osakay, viz. : — 

1 from Mr. Wickham in Osakay, le 2th October. 

1 from Mr. Baylie in Firando, 28th Augast. 

1 from Mr. Osterwick in Firando, le 23th Angnst, kept 
till Uh September. 

1 from Mr. Nealson in Firando, 28th August, kept till 
4th September. 

Wherin they advized me of Mr. Baylies death, with many 
other matters. 

I forgot we gave presentes as followeth, viz. To Mrs. 
Adames, 1 loking glasse, 1 piktare of Solloman, 2 blew 
tana, 2 haudkerchefs chint bramport. And I gave cahukes 
6 bandkerchefes and 2 bnndells paper ; and 2 handkerches 
to Capt. Adamea hostis. Also ther was 1000 givs geven to 
how&e ; 1 single peece chint bram. to Capt. Adames father 
in law J and 1 whole pec chint bramport to Mattem Dono, 
a merchant, our frend. We gave to host at Caaingaua 2160, 
and to servantes in bowse 0200. 

The Holknders tould me ther junck, which came from 
Syam and arived in Shaabma, was cast away coming about 
for Firando, goods and all, only men saved. Also they 
reported that the great Spanish shipp in Shashma is cast 
away, coming from thence to goe to Langasaqne. 

October IS. — We dyned this day at a towne called Ca- 

macra,^ which in tymes past (500 yeares since) was the 

greatest cittie in Japon, and (as it is said) 4 tymes bigger 

then Miaco or Edo is at present, and the tono or kyng of 

■ Kanftgawa. * Ktuuakura. 


104 DUBY or BICHARD COCKS. [1616. 

that place, called ^, waa obeefe commander or 

Emperonr in Japon, and the cheefe (or first) that took the 
anthoretie royall from the Da/re who was the Buckcessor to 
Shacke. But now at present it is no cittie, but scattared 
bowaee seated heare and theare in pleasant vatlea betwixt 
divers mountaines, wherin are divers pagods very snmp- 
tnonee and a nnnry (or rather a atews) of shaven women.' 
I did never see such pleasant walkes amongst pyne and 
spmce trees as are about these pagods, espetially 5 of tii&m 
are more renowned then the rest. 

But that which I did more admire ikea all the rest was a 
might[y] idoU of bras, called by tbem Dibotes/ and at&ndetb 
in a vallie betwixt 2 moantaynes, the bowse being qnite 
rotten away, it being set up 480 years past. This idol) is 
made siting croa legged (telor Ijke) and yet in my opinion 
it is above 20 yardes hie and above 12 yardes from knee to 
knee. I doe think there may above 30 men stand within 
the compas of the head. I was within the hoUownes of it, 
and it is as large as a greate howea I doe esteem it to be 
bigger then that at Roads, which waa taken for 1 of the 
7 wonders of the world, and, as report goeth, did lade 900 
oamells with the raena therof. But for this, it is thought 
3000 horses would nothing neare carry away the copper of 
this. In fine, it is a wonderfuU tbinge. 

Som report this cittie to be destroid with fire and brim- 
ston ; bat I enquired of the enbabetaates, and they aa.y they 
never beard of any such matter bnt onlj that it was bamed 
and raenated by war. 

From Gamacora we went to Fngesao^ to bed ; and paid for 
diet, night and momyng, 2 ichibos, and to servantes in the 
bowse 200 gins. 

> Blank in MS. He refers to Yoritomo. 

' Side note. — "The littell doaghUi of Fidaia Samma ia ahome uon in 
this moneBttuy, oa\j to save her life, for it is a tauctiury and no jnetia 
ma,j take her ont." 

' The great copper figure of Buddha or Daibooda. * Fnjiaawa. 


l6l6.] DIABT or filCSARD COCKS. 195 

October 19. — We dyned at Woyso*; and paid to howse 
1500 ging ; and to the servantea 200 gina. Aod I gave his 
littell doughter 2 haDdkerchefs of chint bramport smaller 
sort And so from thence we came to Odooar^ to bed. 
And paid for dyet, night and mornyng, 2000 gin$, and to 
serrantes of bowse 200 gins. 

October 20. — We dyned at Faconiama* on the hill, and 
paid 1000 ^ttM.and to servantes in howae 100 ginsi and at 
Mishma,* at hill foote, for eolation SOO giiu. And so we 
went to sapper to Sammabash, and paid for djet, night 
and mornyng, 2000 gins, and to serrantes of howse 300 gins. 

We met an ezpres per way, sent per Duch for Edo, bat 
npon what occasion I coald not leame. 

October 21. — We went to dyner to Cambara'; and paid 
1200 gins, and to serrantes 100 gins. And at TJny," where 
Capt Adames fell afe horse, 500 gins, viz. 300 gins to a 
boneetter and 200 j^tns to the howse. For it is to be ander- 
stood that a bard flying oat of a hedg caased Gapt. Adames 
horse to start, bo that he fell backward and put his right 
shoulder bone ont of the joynt, and 1000 to one that he 
hod not broake his neck. And we went to bed to Yezeri,' 
and paid for dyat, night and mornyng, 3000 gins, and to the 
aervantes 200 gins. 

October 22. — Capt. Adames (ynding hym selfe somthing 
better, we went this day to Shrongo^ to dyner, to onr host 
Stibio, where we paid for dyner 2000 gins, and to the folkes 
of howse 200 gins. And we gare a present to Stibio and 
his wife, I pec. blak silk grogren, 1 single pec. chint bram- 
port ; and I gave his yongest sonne 2 ta. 

And in respect Capt. Adames feared his arme would goe 
ont of joynt f^^ne, he thought it beat to stay 4 or 5 daies 
at Shrongo, and we to goe before. So we went to bed to 

' Oiso. * Odswaia. 

' Hakone yama, or the mountain pass of Hakoue. ' MUhioa. 

' Kambaia. ' Yoi. ^ Ejui * Snruga. 



Fagid&^; and pud towse 2000 ging, and to tlie servantes 
200 gins, and to Capt. Adamea hostea sonnB brought present 
300 gins. 

October 28. — We dynod at Cagingaua^; and paid the 
howse 1500 gins, and to the serrantea 200 gins. We met 
Georg Durois a league before we came to this towne, going 
to the coast to seeke jnstis against Safian Dono. He gave 
me a box of marmalade and delivered me 2 peare ailk 
Btockingea, 1 silver cnller and other black, with 2 peare 
white wolleD stockinges, bat set no price till he retome to 
Firando. He tonld me that it was the littell Spanish shipp 
that is cast awaj neare Shasbma, and not the greate. Also 
he said that the great shipp which is in Shashma bringeth 
newea that the Kyng of Spaine hath mad proclemation 
that all the English and Dach pirattea that rob at sea, that 
he will take them under his protection, and geave them 
freely all snch goods and shippa as they shall take, withont 
reserving any part to hym aelfe. 

We went to bed thia night to Mitsque^j and paid to the 
howse, for night and momyng, 2000 gins, more to the 
servantes of the howse 200 gins. 

October 24. — This momyng overcast wether, wynd W. 
S.erly, but after, rayne all the afore nowne, bat dry wether 
after, with much wynd at W. N.erly, that it blew downo 
howses and nncoverd others ; bat dry wether per night and 
not ao much wynde. 

We dyned at Araye,* and paid 1300 gins. And we went 
to bed to Yosenda," pd. 3500 gins, and to the servantes 
300 gins, and to the children 200 gins. This eztraordenary 
charg was for that we had eztraordenary good dieare, 
being brought thither by a merchant of Edo, oar irend, 

called Neyemon Dono, 

I gave one of them an icheho, but 

would not have her company. 

I PujietB. * Kdcegswa. ' Miteke. 

* Arai. » YoBhidfk. 


l6l6-] DIARY or KICHAKD C0CK8. 197 

October 25. — We dyned at PagicaHa/ and paid to the 
bowse 1200 gins, and to the serrantes 100 gins. And we 
went to bed to Naromy^j paid 2000 gins, and to the ser- 
Tantes 200 gim. 

October 26. -—We broake faat at Mia,' and tooke boats 
from tbence for Goanno,* 7 leages. And paid at Mia 500 
gina, and at Gnanno 2300 gint, and to the serraotee 200 
gins. For we could get no boraes to goe from thence, 
although we arived theare at nowne, for that all were taken 
up per them which came to vizit the princes. Our host at 
Gnanno toald me that it was strange to see the presentee 
which came daylie to this noble man and his wife (she being 
the Emperours donghter), for that all the noble men in 
Japon came to vizet hym with presentes, som with 100 bars 
Oban and as many garments (I say keremons), each one ac- 
cording to his degree. So that there was no day passed 
without playes, I mesne comodies or tragedies. So that 
the rezort of people to that place was such that we could 
get no horse, etc. 

October 27. — We went to dyner to Shono ; and paid to 
bowse 1200 gins, and to the serrantea 100 ijine, and I gave 
the children 2 mas in money Spanish. And we spent at a 
howse in the way called Sacke 200 gint. So we went to 
bed to Sacca^; and paid host 2000 gitu, and the servants 
SOO gina. 

October 28. — This momyng a cold hor frost with a stiff 
gale wynd westerly, wynd encreasing all day, so that it 
might be accompted a tnffon, bat not so much wynd per 

We dyned at Ishbe,^ and paid the host 1300 ging, and to 
the servantea 100 gint, and gave the ropehakeg' to drynk 
100 gine. And we went to bed to Otes/ and paid host 

' Fugiikawa. ' Narami. » Miya. * Knwuut. 

* Seki. * lahibe. 

' Roku-thaln, a chair-bearer. ' Oteu, 


198 DUity or bicbabd cocks. [i6i6. 

5 taies piste, and aerrantea 300 gins, and for passage over 
water 300 gine. 

We met som trayne of the Eyng of Figea' goinff towardes 
EdO; bnt be hjm selfe went an other way, because he would 
Dot Tizet the princee at Gnanno, as we were enformed. 
There went about 20 women in the trayne we met, with 
the wife of the Prince of Figeo, who went to her husband 
which lyeth pledg at Edo, as all the rest of tiie kingea 
Bonne of Japon do the lyke, and those which are married 
bring their wives with them. 

October 29. — We went to Miaco to dyner, where we fownd 
Mr. Wickham ; and so I wrot for our host of Sackay to com 
to som end of our bnsyaes, and sent an other letter to 
Cuiaman Dono, our bongew, how I was arived heare. And 
sowne after I was arived, an oald boze, a aserer, came to 
Ti7,et me with oar boat of Osakay ; and he enrited me to 
supper, and the boze to dynner, to morrow. 

October 30. — I wrot a letter to Oapt. Adames, and sent it 
per Jenkeae his man, advising of the base usage of oar host 
of Otes, willing hym to go to an other lodging, yet to tell 
hym of his knavery as he paased, and to buy me 8 or 10 salt 
aalmOQS, yf they be to be had. 

We went to the bozes howse to dyner, called Sofa Dono, 
where we had entertaynment for a prince with all them 
which followed us, I meane Mr. Wickham, Mr. Eaton, our 
host, with 2 others, onr jurebaseo, and my selfe, and all 
aervantea, etc This man ia a greate naerer ; and the King 
of Firando oweth hym much money at intrest, and, as he 
said, for his sake in whose domynions we were reced^it, 
and per letters from hym was comanded to shew .us what 
service he could, was ready to performe it to bis power, 
accompting it a great honor that I would come under his 
rowfe, etc. 

I sould this day a littoll peecc of curralL of the 2 I hod 


l6l6] DIABT or RICEABD C0CK8. 199 

out in the box, containing 3 maa 7 eondrin wight, for the 
Bom of five taw, yet not receved. Oar host of Fnshamy* 
came to vizet me with a present of orengis, being glad, as 
he said, of my safe retome. We have much goodes at his 
howse, which they of Miaco wonld not suffer to enter into 
the towne, standing' apon their pnntos per meanes of the 
Emperonre inhebitions. 

October 31. — I sent Goresano, oat jwrebatso, to thank the 
hoz for onr kynd entertaynment yisterday, and to tell hym I 
thooght it best to goe and vizet the Jnstis of Miaco with a 
present of wyne and fish, and to tell hym what order the 
Emperonr had geven me to sett my basynes in order and 
to leave the rest with whome I thought good. The hoz 
came onto me and ooancelled me not to cary anything to 
the Justice howae, for that neather he nor his depntie were 
not at home, but, yf either of them came while I remeaned 
heare, he wonld adviz me thereof. 

I receved 4 letters to day per a Hollands bark, which 
came from Firando, viz. : — 

I from Ed. Sayer, dated at Conogeshma' in Shsshma, of 
bis arivall there in our junck in greate misery, the capt. and 
many others being dead, he under God saveing her. 

1 from Jno. Ferres in Syam, le 25th of May, sent per Ed. 

1 from Mr. Edmond Willmot in Firando, le 23th Sep- 

1 from Mr. Nealson in Firando, le 6th of October, 1616. 

Mr. Nealson advising me the Kiug of Firando showed 
them bnt a sower conutenance in their aSares, and denyed 
them a letter of favour to the king of Shasma, appointing 
his brother after long attendance to doe it. 

Our host of Sakay, called Tozayemon Dono, arived heare 
yistemight. He is the man which hath most holpen Mr, 
Wickham in our afiares. I bought 8 puppets to send to 
Capt. Adames children, cost 1 ma. 2 co. 

' Fiuhiui. ' KagoehiiDtL 



November 1. — Tozayemoii DonOj oar host at Saokay, tonld 
me that Chnbio Dono had advized hjm to shew ns all the 
favour he coaldj and to famish as with 10000 taiei in plate 
or merchandiz, yf wo wanted it. Also he said, for the copper 
we wanted, that he would famish as with it for 3 mo* per 
pica better cheape then the Hollanders had bought of 
others. God grant all prove trew. Yet I have a good 
opinion of this man. 

November 2. — I went to se the monnmentes of the towne, 
viz. the temple of Dibottes,' with the badge collosso or 
bras imadg (or rather idoll) in it, it being of a wonderful 
bignea, the head of it reaching to the top of the temple, 
allthoagh he sat croselegged, it being all gilded over with 
gould, and a great wall or plate behind the back of it the 
lyke, whereon was carved the pickture of the son. The 
temple of it selfe is the hagest peece of building that eaver 
I saw, it not haveing any other thing in it but the idoll, 
which standeth in a cercle or chappell just in the midell 
therof, with 4 rowes of pillars of wood, 2 on eather side, 
from the on end of the temple to the other, each one reach- 
ing bo the top of it ; the compose of each pillar being 3 
fathom, and all dyed over with red occar, as all the temple 
within is the lyke. And a littell from the north end of the 
temple is a tower with a bell hanging in it, the bigest that 
ever I saw. And from the easter dore of the temple stand 
two rowes of ston pillars, of som dozen in a rowe, a pretty 
distance on from the other, going downe to a mighte huge 
gatehowse, on either aide of which within stands a mightie 
gilded lyon, and withont the gate on each side (as portars) 
a hndge giant, mad after a furious fation. The truth is, all 
of it is to be admired. 

y And not far from this temple is an other, of very neare 
]0 skore yardes in lenghe, I say ten skore ; bnt it is narow. 

1 Uiaboods, or Buddha. The colossal figure was melted down and 
coined into "caab" in 1664.— Dickson, Japan, 1869, p. 400. 



And in the midest thereof is placed a greate bras Qibotes (or 
idoll), bat nothing neare the greatenes of the former. And 
out of the sids of it proceed many armes with hands, and 
in each hand on thing or other, as spearea, sword, dagges, 
spades, arrowes, knaves, frates, fyahes, fowles, beastes, 
come, and many other matters and formes j and out of the 
head procead many littell heades, and over the great head 
proceadeth a glory of long bras rayes made lyke to the 
son beames, as the papostes paynt over the saintes. And 
on both sids, to the end of the bowse, are set 3333 other 
bras images, standing on foote upon steps, on behind an 
others back, all apart on from an other, with glories over 
their heads, armes out of their sids, and littell heades ont 
of the great, as the Dibotes had. I enquired what those 
handes and heads did siguefie; and it was answered that 
they signefied the good and charetable deeds that those 
saintes (or holy men) bad donne while they were liveing. 
And it is to be noted that both the Dibotes and all the 
other 3333 idols were made after an excellent forme neare 
to the life, and clothed with a gowne (or loose garment) 
over them, and all gilded over with pure gould, very fresh 
and glorious to bebould. 

And just before the Dibotea below were set 3 or 4 roes of 
other idoUs, most of them made after a furious forme, rather 
lyke divells then men ; and behind them all stood two de- 
formed ons, one carying a sack of wynd on his shoulders, 
and the other a cerkeled wreath or hoope with many knots 
in it, the one resembling the wyndes, and the other the 
thunder. In fyne, this temple is the most admerablest thing 
that evor-I saw, and may well be reconed before any of the 
noted 7 wonders of the world. 

And som distance westward from these 2 temples stands 
the sepulchre of Ticns Samme, allis Quambecon Dono,^ a 

> /.«., the title of Kuwantbaka, conferred on the highest anbjcct in the 


202 DtABT or EICHARD COCKS. [1616. 

thinge to be wondred at, and rather to be admired then to 
be discribed. It is a hndge big hotrse, of an admerable 
workmanshipp both within and withont, far excelling either 
of the other temples, and within it many pillars covered 
with bras enamelod and gilded over with gonld ; and Uie 
flowre of plankes very black, shynyng l;ke ebony. Bat 
we conld not be snfierd to enter, bnt onl;^ to look in a 
wyndor or grates. And to the place where the corps (or 
ashes] are set, yow mast assend np 8 or 9 steps or degrees, 
very lardge, made parte of gilded bras and parte of black 
wood or ebony. And by the corps bometh a contynewall 
lampe, watched by a hoz or pagon prist. And for the worke- 
manshipp abont that place, it exceedetfa my memory to 
discribe it; only, all I can say, it may well befitt the enter- 
ing of so famoase an Emperonr. 

And I had forgot to note downe that before the east gate 
of the temple of Dibotes stands a rownd bill of an endifie> 
rant biggnes, on the top whereof atandeth a ston pillar, lyke 
the crosses in papistes chnrchyardes j which hill, as Z was 
tould, was made of the earea and noses of the Coreana 
which were sUyne when Ticna Samme did conquer that 
cnntrey aom 24 or 25 years past. In fyne, we saw divers 
other monnmentes and pagods, very sumptnoua, with clois- 
ters rownd about them lyke papistes mouestaries, wherein 
the boxes or pagon pristes live in greate pompe, lyke onr 
frairs and monks in Christendom, from whence it seemeth 
they had their origenall ; for the pagon religion Is of more 
antiquetie, and as many sectes or orders as the Christiana. 

Gapt. Adamea came to Miaco this day, being well amended, 
yet not withoat paine in his shoulder. 

November 3. — I bought 3 chaw cups coverd with silver 

plates, plate waynge Gta. 3m. 6co. 

Audfor cups and workmanship, at 12 mod peece- 3.6 
And for losse in plate, at 1 mas latj, is - - (J 

Somtotall . - 10 5 5 



We sonld our silk this day for 312 tait per pico, it being 
reported the Emperoun ailk was now set at sale, yt being 
deare. Also we sonld the ordenary taffeties. And we sent 
for oar broad clotli from Fusbami to this place of Miaco, to 
make sale of it, onr host of Sackay and others offering to 
buy it. 

Albartns host, in his abcense, osme to vizet me with a 

We agreed to carry a present to morrow to Gonrock 
Dodo, in respect he is the Emperoars servant and may be 
coufermed still at Langasaqae, for ought we know. 

November 4. — I went to Gonrock Done with a present as 
followetb, viz, : — 

1 tatty blak cloth. 
1 Rueoa hide. 
1 pece eleze land. 
1 peca diaper u&pkiuB. 
1 great hie gallepot. 
I great flat gallepot. 
I littell Joe galet. 

1 Duch ju^ 

He was not at home ; so I lefl the present and retomed. 

I wrot a letter to our host at Bingana Tome to provide 
iron for me as foUoweth, viz. 100 pUoa best flatt iron ; 100 
picos small square iron ; 400 picas ordenary short iron. 

November 6. — I went to Gonrock Dono, accompanyd with 
Capt. Adames. He gave ua frendly entertaynment after the 
order of Japon ; and amongst other matters asked us the 
price of our lead which tbe Emperour was to have, telling 
me it was all one to hym what price we set, yet witball 
advized me that yf we put a liier price then the Hollenders, 
that it would be ill taken. I answered that our lead was 
better then tlie Hollanders, and besids bad cost us much 
money in bringing it np, and that our prevelegis were such 
that, yf the Emperour bought any thing, ho was to pay the 


204 DIABT or KICHARD COCKS. [1616. 

worth, and that at present it was worth 7^ tais pico in this 
place ; yet waa I contented to let the Emperoar hare it for 
7 tail, and, yf they pleased, would make the price allwois 
80 hereafter, whether it were dearer or better cheape. He 
toald me he wonld adyiz the Emperours ofTecers thereof. 
And for the Steele, he said the Hollanders sel it to the 
Emperoar at 2 mas per catty. So I coadecended to sel onrs 
at same rate the Hollanders dos theirs, 

CapL Adames onld host of this place, which in tymea 
past woald have geven hym a higo,^ came to vizet me 
and brought me a littell Japon box tronk lyke maiary* 
work for a present, and oar makary man brought me a littell 
Bcritorio of same work. I had rather be without these 
presentes, for, as the onld saying is, the[y] bring a sprat 
and look for a herring. 

November 6. — Gonrock Dono sent for Gorezano onr jure- 
basso, and tould hym that this day he wonld write to the 
Emperonra court about onr lead and Steele, but could not 
give money for the lead above 5 tais per pica, because the 
Hollanders let the Emperoar have at same late ; soe I sent 
hym back to let me have so much money as he thonght fyt 
upon the reoonyng, and to com to accompt hereafter, and to 
will hym to lend me 2 or 3000 tais for 2 or 3 months. He 
sent me word he would looke over his accompt, and what 
money he coald spare he would lend me. 

November 7. — We sent presentes to divers as followeUi, 
viz. to Sofo Dono, the boa ; and to Pedrogo Zamon, Capt, 
Adames ould host ; to the host [of] bowse wher cloth lyes ; 
and to Yosio Dono, the Hollaudea host. 

We changed 850 taies ordenary plate for good plate, at 3 
mas per 100 taiea. 

The box Sofo Dono brought me a present, 2 bartos wyne, 
2 hense, and 2 bundelles sea weed. 

• Span. Dar, or haeer, higtu, to ridicnlo. 
» Makiye, lacquer. 


l6l6.] DUBT 01 BICHABD COCKS. 205 

A small earthqnake this night past at midnight, hut of 
small endurance, in Miaco. 

November 8. — Ooresano onr jureibasso foolislily fell out 
with our host Tozayemon Dono of Sackay, and went to- 
geather per the eares with hym. 

November 9. — ^I recered seren hundred tait of Gonrock 
Done, npon accompt for 100 picoB lead and 10 pico$ stile for 
themperonr, and gave hym 2 billea of my hand, riz. 500 
npon lead and 200 npon stile, the price referred to Oyen 
Dono and Codgkin Dono. The stile was delivered at Fir- 
ando, and thd lead I mnst deliver at Osakay. 

The 10 of the ward where we lodged in Miaco, with 10 
other princepall men, came to vizet me with a present, 
nifon catdange, only to see the fation of oar English habit 
and onr behavior. I nsed them in the best sort I conld, 
they offering me any kyndnes they conld abont oar bnsynes. 

Also in the afforenowne there was an earthquake, but of 
small contynewance. 

November 10. — We sonid the quicksilver for 135 taia pico, 
and brod cloth at divers prices. And I bought 54 Japon 
bookes printed, of their antiqueties aud cronocles from their 
first begyning, cost 8ta, 9ma. 

Albartns the Hollander retomed from Osakay and came 
to vizet me. He aayth how Codgskin Dono hath sent the 
King of iPirando word to come up, sick or whole, although 
he dye per the way. 

November 11. — 1 wrot a letter to Firando to Mr. Nealson 
and Mr. OBterwick of my arivall heare, and will com downe 
with as mach haat as I may, with other matters ; and sent 
it per couveance of our host of Saokay and his man. 

And I gave host at Miaco a pece corall of Mr. Tottons, 
containing 8 mas 1 cendrin. 

So we departed from Miaco and went to bed to Fushatny.* 

' Fuflhimi. 


206 DtASY or BICBABD COCXB. [1616. 

And ther was geren out in presents more to our boat M»- 
gnian Dono, and to his wife, to his sonne, to aon-in-lawB 
child. To the Borrantes of howse in money 5 taiea ; and 
to oar host, for dyet and howserowme, 80 taiea. 

And onr host gave me 20 salt cod fysh for present, and 
bis wife gave me & Japon eatabra for a woman. And he 
met US without towne and brought us a hanket in good 
fation, for which we gave his men which brought it a bar of 
silver of 3 taw, and to the folkes of the bowse where we 
eate it 15 mae. And after, our maJcary man met as with an 
other banket in state, for which we gave to them and the 
howse 3 tais 8 mas 8 condrint. 

I went and vizeted Safian Dono at Miaco, and carid hym 
2 barilles wyoe and a fresh salmon, cost all 2 tais. He 
spoake mach ahoot price lead, to let it go as the Hollanders; 
hut in the end agreed at 6 iait per ^ieo. 

November 12. — We gave a present to our host of Fuahamy 
and his wife, which we did in respect he took our goodes 
into his gsdong these tronblesom tyms (or embargo) when 
tbe[y] would not permit them to enter into Miaco. 

And we gave for dyet at Fushamy - - 8ta. Otn. Oco. 

And for lodMer goods - - - - 5 

And for servantes in howse - - - 1 

And we dyned at Fracata,' and paid - 3 4 5 

And so went to bed to Osakay, Mr. Eaton falling extreme 
sick of a fever per the way. Oar host of Fashamy accom- 
panied UB 3 leagues on the way per water, and brought as 
a banket after the Japon fatioo. And a merchant of Osakay 
came after us and brought as another. 

November 13. — We sould the rest of oar lead this day to 
oar host of Osakay at 7 tais per pica, to pay ready money. 
And we agreed with a bark to goe to Firando with mer- 
chandize, to roe with 1 3 ores, for 30 taiee. 

I understood SaGan Dono past by to Sakay this day, and 
> Eiraksta. 



Bent me word he would let me have as much money as be 
coold spare, bnt I know not jeb npon what conditions. 

I sent the goremoar word I woald come and vizet hym 
to morrow. 

Kovemher 14. — We wont and vizeted Shemasb Dono, the 
govemoar, and carid hym a present as foUoweth, viz. : — 

1} latt. blftck cloth. 
1 j itaniet cloth. 
1^ tat. blac bajCB. 
1^ tat. yelo bayea. 

1 pec. tjne whit hosta. 
10 gray cony gking. 

2 flat g&lepotes, of 6 cattin. 
2 hie galepotes, 6 caiti*. 

2 flat galipot, 2 catlit. 
2 white jugea 

2 grea poriDgen. 
1 bai eteele. 

This Sbemash Dono is Ogoeho Sammas doghtera sonne, 
and the Emperonr now is hia nncle. He osed na kyndly 
and promised to write to themperonr for enlardging of onr 
prevelegeBfl. And his secretary is a greate man and doeth 
all This prince accompanid me quite oat of his castell, a 
thing which he bath not donne herbofore to aom kings 
which oame to viaet hym. 

Tistemight came a bark from Firandoj who bringeth 
news the king is very sick and canot com to vizet the Empe- 
roar, but sendeth his brother Tonoman Samme in bis place, 
whoe is one the way coming np. 

Capt. Adames and Mr. Eaton went to Osakay this night 
to dispach som bn83mee, and to morrow Mr. Wickham and 
my eelfe to follow after to see what we can doe with 
Safian Dono, to take np som monies at interest to send for 

November 15, — T receved a letter from Safian Dono, to 
way ont tbe lead to 2 men he sent, and they to deliver it 


208 DIABT or BICHABD COCKS. [1616. 

uDto the governor of Osakay for the Emperonr. See Mr. 
Wickham and my selfe, being readj to goe for Sakay, left 
order with our host Feske Dono and our jurebasso Gorezano 
and Wm. Sweetland to way it ont to them. The[y] would 
have had it waid out in parcels of 50 cattis, bat I wonid 
not; only in the end we agreed to way 5 small bars at a 

And soe wee departed towardes Sakay, where we fownd 
Gapt. Adames and Mr. Eaton at onr host Tozayemon Dono, 
our good frend. His wife presented me with a sleeping 
keremon of silk, and the lyke to Capt. Adames, Mr. Wick- 
ham, and Mr. Elaton. 

November 16. — I got oar host Tozayemon Dono to send 
hie men to look ont for onr goco copper, to have it ready Co 
lade to morrow, as also to get 2000 taw in plate ready to 
cany along with me ; for that I conld not stay, tyme being 
past, but would leave Mr. Wickham a day or 2 to bring the 
logg and to accompt with hym. So he promised me all 
should be donne to content. 

Also I receved a bason and nre from oar mahmi man at 
Miaco } cost 4 ta. 5 m. eo. 

November 17. — Georg Dnrois retorned from Edo without 
doing any thing, and came from Osakay to this place to 
vizet me. He sayeth Safian Dono was com away before fae 
orired at Edo, which was the occation he conid do nothing. 
I gave hym conncell that, when Safian Dono came to Lan- 
gasaque, he should get some frendes to make way to hym, 
and to tell hym he had rather have a littell with bia favour 
then all with hia ill will, desyring hym to consider his 

We bonght 9 bundells paper, comen sort, to writ letters, 
100 sbeetes in a bundell, for 3 mca 4 cotidnnt per bnndell. 

November 18. — I went to Safian Dono to know whether 
he wonid lend me any money upon intrest, as he promised 
me ; bat he put me ofe to Gonrok Dono his nephew, whome 


I6l6.] DIAET Of EICHABD C0CK8. 209 

he sud had charge of hia bnaynes, and he drove me afe 
with wordes, ofring to deliver me money for all oar sappon' 
which was com in thia jaiik, at 22 mat per pica. So I left 
of that matter and retomed to bed to Osakay, having first 
receved in good changed plate of ToaayemoD Dodo oar 
host one thousand two handred tais, apon accompt of lead 
and other merchandiz, the lead at 7 i(ti» ptco; and gave 
hym a present. Thia Tozaye'mon Dono hath lent me 1000 
tais gratis, besids all other favors donne in oar basynes, 
he having donne more then all the reat. 

Also we paid hym for oar dyet in his house 16 iaie, and 
to the aervantes 2 tais. 

And I gave Mr. Eatons littell donghter Helena a silk 
coate, and to her mother a single pece chint bramport. 

Our host sent 3 men with pikes to accompany as to 
Oaakay, with pikes becanse it waa late. 

November 19. — I wrot a letter to onr host of Sakay, Toza- 
yemon Done, to com to Osakay forthwith, to geve order 
for lading of copper, and to bring reat money along with 
hym, changed or unchanged. Also an other letter to Ma- 
gazamon Dono, onr host at Miaco, to send hether a chist of 
glas bottelles to cany down with as. 

And ther was paid nnto Jorge Dnrois per Mr. Eaton, for 
money disburced at Langaaaqne for as, as followeth, viz. : — ■ 

1 jar conserres of lemoiu and onng fiowers 
1 jar ooDaerrea of oreng flovera and peachea 
3 qoiace trees and 2 baakitea of onfona to aett 
120 taUo candellea cost 
' 143 candelleB cost all 
1 peare of milatona 

Som totall of howae tux'', amotita unto 

More for my own acco. aa followeth : — 

■ Sapan wood. 



2 peore ink itockmgea 

2 pair more recered ia mj frcm Shrongo, 1 blak, 

S pMT woUen ot cotton jsme BtookiiigeB, 7 nuu per 01 4 
30 1 

November 20. — Oar host TozayemoD Dodo came from 
Sakay and brongbt me eight hundred tats more to mak the 
other up 2000 iait. And Eche Done retoraed from Miaco 
with rest of the bar copper, being 60 pico, which was laden 
abord the bark, and the rest is in hoase ready to lode to 

Mr. Eatone boy Domingo is to make hym a new bond to 
serve hym 7 yeares in these partes, or at Syam, Cochin- 
china, or Patania, bnt not to goe for Bantam nor for Eng- 
land; and is for 10 tats plate delirered his father and 
mother a yeare past. 

And per lyk agreement he is not to carry Susanna bia 
sister out of Japon, which ia to serre the iyk tyme for 5 
iais ; but he to fynd meate, drynk, and cotes to both. 

November 21. — Onr host of Osakayj Cuemon Dono, gave 
me a silk kerymon and 2 silk calabras, with 2 sackes riae, 
6 sackes charcole, 3 aackes salt, and 5 salted coddss, for a 
present; and gave Capt. Adamea, Mr. Wickbam, Mr. Eaton, 
Fesque Dono onr bongew, and Gorezano oar jurebasso, each 
of them a keremon of silk, with other matters to onr fol- 
lowers. And sowne after the Goremor sent me an other 
present, viz. 5 ailke kerenums, 2 langanates, and 2 barelles 
wyne; and sent to buy 2 pec. oorall, which I sent to hym aa 
a present from my selfe. 

Gorezano onr jurebasso having falne ont with divers of 
my frendea by means of his fowle tong, espetially now of 
late with Tozayemon Dono, our host of Sackay, I willed 
hym to make peace with hym, or else I would not enter- 
tayne hym any longer ; at which my admoniaions he set 



light, aa well as at Gapt. Adames, Mr. Wickhams, Mr. 
Eatona, and others. Wherenpon I put hjm &way. This 
Fellos fowle tong hath mnoh injured me and others, namely 
Capt. Adames, against whome he gave out speeches at 
Emperoara court, that he was an occation we gave not a 
greater present to the Emperour and to others, which hath 
procured Gapt. Adames much ill will, and the lyke to all of 
UB, This Gorezano had byn a dead man long atgo, yf I 
had not aared h;m, and have this reward for my labour. 

November 22. — I receaved fowre hundred tau of Mr. 
Wickham upon acco. of Tozayemon Dono, and gare Mr. 
Wickham ap a note of all the moniea I receaved to carry 
downe, since I arired at Miaco ; which amounted to eight 
thousand eight hundred forty and six taies, eight mas, and 
seven eondriw, wherof 7650 taies were packed up in 6 
chistes to goe for Eirando, and the rest in an other chist to 
lay out for iron and other matters at Bingana Tomo. 

Sadaye Dono, the govemora aecretaiy, sent me 2 Japon 
pistoUes for a present. And sowne after came a servBUt of 
Calsa Sammes to vizet me with a present of fmte, telling 
me (as from his master) that he was aory he could not doe 
me aoy pleasure in respect he was in disfavour with &6 
Emperonr hia brother ; but, yf it were otherwais with hym 
hereafter, that then he would do that which now he canot. 

November 28. — Onr host brooght as cabvquea, 3, one the 
cheefe, with their musick, and staid all night. I gave the 
cfaeefe a bar Coban. And Eohero Dono, Mr. Eatons onld 
host, brought me a preaent of a hento, or box for 5 persons 
to eate in, and a fyre harth from his wife ; and Shroyemon 
Dono> a pike and 10 papers fyne rise. 

November 24. — Oorezano made frenship with Tozayemon 
Dono, and wonld have gladly gotten to hejurebasso againe; 
but I would not. 

November 25. — I gave the cheefe caboqrte 1 single pec. 



chint bramport, and her maid 5 mas in plate^ and bo sent 
them away. 

And we departed from Oaakay towardes Firando in the 
after nowne. We put over bar of Osakay at night, and 
divers frendes came after us with banketee for a farewelL 

We got this night to a place called Taccasanga, 20 leagues 
from Osakay. 

November 26. — So we [made] 25 leagaeB this day, and 
came to an ancor about midnight, it being calme, and so 
Btopped the tide. 

This day passed &foyfon^ by na with 20 ores on a side, 
vherin went a hongew of the King of Biengoa,^ and came 
and spoke with na, seeing we were strangers, and sent me 
a dozen of larks for a present. So in requitall 1 aent hym 
a smalt hwrso of wyne and a aalt cod, which he took in good 
parte, sending me word, yf we pat into any port of hia 
masters province, we sbonid be welcom and have any favour 
shewed ns we stood in need of. 

November 27. — We waid ancor an bower before day and 
rowed it up, haveing somtyme wynd and somtyme calme. 
And so towardes night arived at Bingana Tomo,' haveing 
met a bark of Firando per the way, whoe tonld na oar 2 
shipps and junk were all ready and attended onr coming, 
wishing as to make hast. We made this day 15 leagnea. 

At my coming to Bingana Tomo, I thought to have fowad 
600 picas iron ready bought and waid ont, aa I writ our 
hoatisj but fownd nothing doune per meanea iron was so 
deare, as the worst sort at 17} taie jisr pieo, and aecond at 
21 m(u pica, and non of best sort to be had. So I had 
thought to have aent back an expres to Osakay to Mr. 
Wickham to have bought som theare, but upon better con* 
sideration left it ofe, and thought it better to carry money 
then iron at so deare a rate. But in consideration our 

' Boat. * Bingo, in tbe main island. 

^ Tomu, in the province of Bingo. 


l6[6.] DIAfiT OT BICBABD COCKS. 213 

hoatis said she h&d bought 100 picas, worst sort, at 1 7 mas 
2 condrins, I took that and meane to send it to Syam, the 
king of that place haveiag writ for iron ; also a smith of 
this place hareing greate store of flat iron a span broad, 
made of purpose for the Emperonr, but durst BOt sell with- 
out consent of themperours dico or hongeiv, which he would 
Bend unto to know the lowest price. 

November 28. — I delivered two hundred and fyftie (at* 
plate bars- unto Mr. Eatoiij to pay for iron at Bingana Tomo, 

168 fardella coise iron, at 65 cattit fardell, amontes 

to 109 picas, 20 cal. - ■ ■ 186 fi 4 

Olfi fardells best iron amontea all imto nett 012 

picoi, Ih cat. - • - - 035 2 

n at 17 mas pico, aad beet at 20 tniu 

- 210 8 

November 29.— We departed this momyng from Bingana 
Tomo towardes Firando — 

And we paid for our diet - - - 9ia. Oma. Oeo. 

And to servants - - - - 1 

And I gave an ould woman - - 4 5 

We met 7 boates with the King of Fingos^ provition, he, 
as they say, cominge after to goe up to themperour. And, 
after them, mett as many with the King of Bongos in lyke 

So we made this day and night following 30 leagues. 

Noeember 80. — We came to an ancor 3 leagues after we 
had past the streates of Gamina Seak,* and thear road all 
night, it proving a very storme. So we made this day 13 

December 1. — We waid ancor at break of day and road 

it up with the tide to a villadg called Mia Nots, 5 leagues 

from the place we came from, and after rowed 2 leagues 

' Uigo. ' KaminoBeki. 



more snd came to an ancor againe, the sea being veiy 
greate. So we made 7 leagues this daj. 

December 2. — We wajed anoor 2 bowers before day, and 
sett sayle and came to Shimina Seak^ 2 towers before 
nightj where we staid all night per meanes of the fowie 
wether; Capt. Adames coming in late same night. So 
we made 25 leagues this day. 

The King of Gokera was at this place with 50 seale 
barkes, ready to goe to vizet the Emperonr. 

December 3. — We waid ancor and pat to sea with wynd 
proringe varible, and arived at Firando the morow mom- 
ynge at son rising, haveing made 55 leagnea per day and 
night followinge. 

And Bowne after Ed. Sayer arived at Firando from 
Shashma, where the king ased hym kyndly, in respect of 
my vizeting hym ae he passed by this place. 

I sent our jurehaaso to advlz the of my ariTall and 
that I ment to Tizet hym to morrow. And he sent a man 
after to bid me welcom, as all the princepall of the towne 
did the lyke; and the neighbours came them selves and 
met me, after they heard the shipps shute of their ordi- 

And the Hollandes Capt. sent his jur^asso to bid me 
welcom and that he would have com hym selfe, bat that 
be was basy writing to send away their ship and jnnck. 

December 4.— The China Capt. tonld me how be bad 2000 
tais in fyne plate ready to send in our ship, and that he 
would write to his brother to provide more, bat the worst 
wM that Langasaque was belegered and all the passages 
stopt that no man might retome from thence. The oc- 
cation he knew not ; only som said it was to look out for 
on of Fidaia Sammes consortee, and others that it was to 
look out for padres. 

Also there was reportes that 25 saile Hollander shippa 
had taken the Molacaa. 


l6l6.] DUBT 07 BICHABD COCKS. 215 

December 5, — I went and vizeted the King of Firando, ia 
company with Capt Adames and Ed. Sayer, with letters 
from the king of Shashma and Safian Dono ; and I carid 
the Idng a present of 2 barrelles morofaek, 2 salmons, and 
5 perfamed fans. He took it in good parte; and I gave 
bym tbankes for tho paynes that Fesqae Done his boti^ew 
had taken in going np with me. 

And from thence I went to the Hollandea howse to vizet 
Gapt. Speck, to know yf he would send me 2 letters in the 
ship that went for Bantam and the junck that went for 
Syam, which he promised me to do, as also to gere me a 
letter to Bantam to send in our shipp, to signe£e that it 
was falce the reportes geven oat about carrying the ebony 
in the Hozeander, and that he was ready to do the lyke for 
US DpOD all occations offered, it being the States pleasure 
he should do soe. 

I wrot 2 letters, 1 for Bantam to Capt. Jonrden, per 
Unch ship, and the other to Syam to Mr. Senjamyn Farry, 
per Ducb jonck. 

December 6. — I sent the China Gapt. brother a kerymon 
and 2 salmons, and gave the lyke to hym selfe, and a k&ry- 
mtm a pece to Mr. Bayer, Mr. ^ealson, Mr. Osterwick, Mr. 
Rowe, Mr. Totton, Niquan the China, and Mat[ingas] 
father, and 1 to Mr. Wilmot ; and miangas of gerdelles and 
sbowes to Mr, Batons, Mr. Sayera, Mr, Nelsons, Mr. Oster- 
wikes and M&t[ingaB] women; and a silver chaw pot and 
a fan to Capt. China wife; and a pear table with string 
and a fan to his donghter. 

The king sent for me and Capt. Speck, and shewd ns a 
letter he had from the Gonucell to tell us we should not 
trade into no other parte of Japon but to this towne of 
Firando and Langasaqne, and to adviz hym eich yeare at 
ships coming what merchandiz we brought, to the eotent 
to signefie the Emperour thereof. 
We find per experience that the King of Shashma hath 


216 DUST Of BICHABD COCKB, [[6l6. 

shewd us extraordenary faror, and the Duch to the coa- 
traiy non at all. The occation I thiok is the present I gave 
hym as he passed by this place to goe to the Emperor, 
the Duch not doing the lyke. So that now he let Matias 
stay aUmost a month aning to Bpeak with hym and might 
not have admittance. 

December 7. — A mestiso' came to demand passage in onr 
JQDck for Syam, and tould me he went in the junck with 
Mr. Peacock and Walter Carworden for Cochinchina, and 
related to me the death of Mr. Peacock oleane contraiy to 
iSie report I had before, saying that it was by mischance, 
an other boate mning against them in a corant overthrow- 
ing theirs ; and that Mr. Peacock was drownd by meanes of 
money he carid in his pocket, and that his host was in the 
boate with hym and hardly escaped with swyming, being 
halfe dead when ha came ashore; and that Walter Car- 
warden, their host, and he went afterward and fownd Qte 
dead body of Mr. Peacock, and- brought it ashore and 
buried it ; and that Water remeaned in the contrey above 
a month after, not any one offring hym injury, yet in the 
end embarked bym selfe in the same junck he went in to 
retome for JapoD, carrying. all matters left nnsoold along 
with hym ; which coming to the knowledg of the Kyng of 
Cochinchina, he wrot a letter to Safian Dono, to signefie 
unto hym that fae was ioocent of the death of the English 
or any other, and that, yf they sent any of their nation to 
receave the money he owed them, he was ready to pay it. 

1 sent a bnndell figes, a paper rise, and 2 perfumed fans 
to our neighbours, Japon manour, I retomyug from above, 
viz, : — 

To Tome Dono and his wife; to Cushcron Bono and his 
wife ; to Zazabra Done and his wife ; to Skydian Dono 
and his wife ; to China jurebaseo and his wife ; to Eitskia 
Dodo and his wife, and a fan and a paper rise to his mother. 
And to China Capt wife a keremon, she asking it. 


l6l6.] DIAST or BICHABD C0CX8. 217 

December 8. — I came to understand that Gilbert Dicken- 
Bon, being pat in tmst to v&y out the Companies wood to 
Japons, did secretly consort with tbem to wrong the Com- 
pany to benefit hjm selfe : namely in 20 picoa delivered to 
onehegave22jnco«, and after went for money for thssaid 2 
pieos, which coming to the knowledge of Andrea Dittis, China 
Capt., he advized ms hereof and caused the mooey to 
be staid. He delivered or wayd ont much more to Tomo 
Dono and Cnshcron Dono; but I canot fynd out in 
what |ort it was, only it was tonld me he was seene rea 
money of them and brought it back againe to chang for 
better, it not being good. Also he was accused per the 
cHrni^on of the Advix, called Robert Hawley, that he in 
secret tonld hym he made accompt to pnt ten pownd in 
his pnrce per waying ont of that wood, etc 

December 9. — I wrot a letter to Soyemon Dono, and sent 
it per our jurthasBO, to entreste hym to Bpeake to the Mng 
for the 3000 iaie he oweth, to send now in these shipps 
which will be ready within 5 or 6 daies. 

Georg Dnrois came to this place, haveing past much 
danger at sea, staying 6 daies after us, many barks being 
cast away before his eyes. 

The king sent Soyemon Dono and an other to know 
whether 1 ment to send goodes to Miaco and those partes ; 
as he was enformed I did, contrary to themperours edict. 
Unto which I answerd that I ment to send goodea to our 
host of Sackay, which I had sould hym for the valln of 1000 
tais, for which I had receaved money of hym before hand ; 
and that 1 might sell my goods to any man at Firando 
without geveng offence ; and that he had sent his man with 
his chap or marks to set upon the goodes, and ment to 
com after hym selfe. So they took the answer in good 
parte. Also I deayrd hym to be emest with the kyng for 
the money he owed us, to send in these shipps. 

December 10. — We had a generall meeting and councell 
at English bowse, whereat assested, with my selfe, Mr. Ric. 

218 DURT 01 BicHAHD coCKa. [1616. 

Rowe, Mr. Jno. Totfcon, Wm. Eaton, Wm. Kealson, Ed. 
Sayer, Wm. NeaUon, Jno. Osterwick, Edmond Wilinot, 
Wm, Colstoa ; where was handled the matter of the rtining 
away of Tho. Heath and Kico. Wilson of th'Advizet com- 
pany, with Henry BlackcoIIes, Hewgh Hewes, Tho. Somoer, 
and Chriatorfer Galsworthy of Thomas company, for runiDg 
away with the Thomas skiffe and 350 Bs. of 8 of Mr. Bowes 
in money; hut being taken, we condemd them, with on 
Widger of the Thomtu company, their consort, to be dackt 
at yard arms 3 tymes and whipt at capstayn each one 20 
stripes ; only Heath the goner to be bnt duckt. 

Also Jno. Hawteiy was brought in question by Mr. Eaton 
for goodee atolne at Edo and Osakay, which he conld not 
deny, but fell oat in rayling termes against me, tfaretnyng 
me that he would make me to leape, etc. For which Mr. 
Rowe carid hym abord and put hym in the bilboes. 

The Hollandes janck went out for Syam this after nowna 

December 11. — We went abord the Thomas, and saw 
execution donne upon the persons aforsaid, according to 
order, only Galworthie and Widger were refered till as 
other tyme, they being both sick of the pox, and per the 
cbirnrgions opinion would be in danger of their lives yf 
' they were ducked. 

Georg Dnrois being ready to departe towards Langs- 
saque, news came that the cheefe in that place was taken 
and bownd upon suspition. 80 be staid till he beard 
ferther newes. 

Capt. Adames entered into extraordenary hnmoors, taking 
the parte of the scrivano of his jnnk with one Migoell, 2 
yillans that Lave cozened the Company, against me and all 
the rest of thengliah, to mentayne them before the justice. 
I take Qod to witness I do what I can to keepe in with 
this man, eta 

News came from Langasaqne that men might enter but 
not com out againe ; so we know not what will com thereof 


I6l6.] DUET 01 BICHABD 00CK8. 219 

December 12. — We bonght a slave of George Darois, 
pownd (sic) aato hym by oae of Firando for 7 tais plate 
bars, which money is uow paid DDto hym. The slaves 
christen name is Laurenso, and in Japon Sanzero. 

Also this day arived a Bmsll China bark or soma from 
Hochchew,^ laden with silk and staffes, in this towne of 
Firando. They bring news of the wars betwixt China and 
the Tartars. 

We agreed with onid Mr. Barges of the Thomas and 
yong Mr. Burges of the Adviz to goe for pilottes in onr 
junck for Syam. And ther was 50 tais plate bars geven to 
Skidayen Dono for to make his voyag to Syam, he being 
capt. of the jnnck. 

Niqaan tiia China retomed &om Langaeaqne with 6000 
tail fyne plate, sent trom Capt. Chinas brother for ns, and 
sent me word he wonid send 2000 tais same plate to mor- 
row, which he bad taken np of a frend for na at intrest at 
20 per cento according to my order, and woold take op 
more yf we stood in neede. 

December 13. — I receved 16 eattant of Mr. Eaton to send 
to Sir Tha Smith, cost viz. : — 

2 b«et sort long cattata, at 2} (aw per eallan, m - 05 
6 second sort long catlant, at I^ tais per cattan, ig 09 
8 short cattani, at 8 moi per cattan, is - > 06 4 

Som total! amontes unto - - 20 4 

The China Capt. sent as in 2 chistes plato bars good to 
melt, to send for Syam with the rendadors chape upon it, 
containing in eachchist one thonsand tais — is tow thousand 
in all. 

December 14. — Taccamon Qono paid all his onld score 
and desired to have 50 picoe sappon npon a new acco., to 
pay next yeare as we sell the rest, 

' Hang-chow. 



December 15. — I delirered one himdred tait pUte Imts to 
Andres Dittis, Chinft Capt., to deliTer to Skydayen Dono, 
capt. of the Sea Adtentur, as his owne. Tor most advantage ; 
but is for my selfe. 

Capt. Adamea enrited aU tfaenglish to a banket with 

Deeember 17. — t delivered tow thousand tow bmidred 
tms to Mr. Eaton in plate, wherof 200 tais was in fyne 
plate, rest in bars, and ia parte of cargezen sent per hym 
to Syam, rest being in Bererall sortes of goodes, am. to 
3013fa. 6m. 2ieo. 

I wrot a letter to the King of Shashma, to geve hym 
thankes for the good nsadg of Ed. Sayer and the rest in 
onr jnnckj offring my service to hym in what is in my 
power. Soyemon Dono hoipe me to endite and write my 
letter in good termes befyting bo greate a prince. 

Also Soyemon Dooo tonld me that the King of Shashma 
did mnch esteem onr English nation, and fronld so&er ns 
to trade into the Liqneas or any other partes of his domy- 
nions, but wonld not suffer the lyke to the Hollanders. 

December 18. — Yasimon Bono and Albaro Manois arived 
at this towne of Firando, one from Xazma and thother from 
Langaaaqne ; and Yasi came and viseted me, telling me 
how our nation were respected in Xaxma, and the Hol- 
landers nothing esteemed of, and that they were lyke to 
loose their processe with a China abont red wood com in a 
jnnck from Syam pnt into Xasma per contrary wynd. 

December 19. — I delivered my letters to Mr. Eaton, viz, : 

1 to Mr. Benjamyn Farry, Cape merchant at Syam, with 
the cargezon ther inclozed. 

1 to Jno. Ferrers, to Syam, with his bill of 36 pezos or 
Bialles of 8 I paid to Capt. Adames for hym, and send hym 
3 shntes of aparell by hym. 

1 to Mr. Jno. Brawne, to Pattania. 

Tow Spaniardes came to vizet me, of Andelozea, saying 



they were parentes of Harenado XimineB, enquiriDg for 2 
or 3 men that were escaped ont of the Spanish ahippB and 
they eaid fled to the Hollanders; bnt after, Capt. Speck 
came torizet me and tould me these Spaoiardes had haoged 
an English man ont of littell ship. 

December 20. — Oar jnnck the Sea Adventure went ont of 
Firando to Cochi and there came to an ankor. 

And Capt. Speck brongfat me a letter to send tb Syam, 
which I did, and enclozed it to Mr. Fary with a word or 2. 
Also Capt. Speck went out with his boate after onr jnnck 
to helpe to tow her ont, and carid a present of wyne and 
porke ; and shot afe 7 or 8 chambers and pec. ordinance as 
she passed by, and oar shipp shot afe each one 5 pec. of 
ordinance. And being abord I fownd the capt. drank, with 
others of Firando with hym, whoe demanded a writing of 
my band to make good their preveleges, as also that I 
should lend hym 200 tais gratis at Syam, to pay the lyke 
som heare in Firando, at hie retonie, which I denyed to doe 
and BO retomed ashore, offriog hym that yf he were not 
cxintent with that which he had, that then he might geva 
over the voyage, and I wonld send an other in his places 
They had gon ont this momyng but that Mr. Eaton was 
not abord, but abont midnight he departed from hence, 
Mr. Wickham, Mr. Sayer, and Mr. Osterwick accompanying 

December 21. — Oar jnnck. Sea AdventuTe,-pnt oat o{ Cochi 
Road towardes Syam this momyng. God send her a pros- 
perous Toyage, 

The King of Goto arived at Firando this after nowne, 
being bownd np to vizet the Emperoar, bat came heare 
ashore and vizeted the King of Firando. So it is thought 
fit to cary him a present, becanse onr shipping and janck 
do still com and goe for bis contrey, and somtymes per 
meanee of fowie weather enter into bis harbonrs, and have 
byn kyndly OBed. 


222 suBT or siohabd ooceb. [i6i6. 

Deeemiier 22. — I went and vizeted tlie King of Goto, and 
carid bym a present, tiz. 1^ tatt. brod cloth, 3 eyngle pecoB 
chint bramport, 1 chast fowling peace. He took it in good part, 
and afler sent his man to vizet me (be being ready to departe 
towardea Edo), to tell me bia bast waa sacb be conld not 
com to tbank me bym selfe, but assured me that, y( any of 
oar shiping (jnnckes or other) came upon bis cost, they 
shonld be snckared with the needfull, and that instantly be 
would adviz me of the arirall of any that were to enter; for 
which I thanked the messenger, telling bym I was Bory bis 
Higbnes was departed on snob a sudden, becaose I ment to 
have sainted hym with ordinance as he had passed oat, the 
which he said he woald make knowne to the king, bis 

December 23,^1 went and vizeted Songero Samme, onld 
Foyns sonne, and carid hym a present. Yt is said that the 
king of this place is to goe np to themperoar forthwith, and 
soe much Oyen Done tould tne, he comyng to vizet me yia- 
terday, telling me the king was in great care to provide me 
money to send in these ships, be being nowpnt to his shifts 
in respect of his going np to themperoar. Also it is said 
8angero Samme ia to go up to themperoar, bat apon what 
occation is not knowne, whether it be by comandement of 
themperonr, or of the King of Firando, bis nephew. Yf 
themperonr sent for hym,it is tbongbt it is to make hym kyng. 

And I bad an onld cloake of Mr. Totton, which I 
gave to Capt. Wbaw, Cbioa Capt. brother, at Langssaqaa 

December 24. — We receved 16 barilles gunpolder from 
Langasaque from Capt. Whaw. Also I bad 16 cakes Surat 
Boape of Mr. Totton. 

December 25.^0ar 2 sbipps, Tkotnat and Adviz, abot of 
each one 9 peces of ordinance at son riBing,iQ honor of Christr- 
mas Day. And Andrea Dittis sent me a present of 2 peoes 
black taffeties and 10 greate China cakes of sweete bread. 

We envited the masters, mastei's mates, and cbeefe 



offeoers of both shipps to djner and sapper, being aom 20 
penioas, as also the China Capt. and our selves, merchaDtea, 
were above 30 persona. And Mr. Bowe envited no abord 
the Thomae to morrow to dyaer. Mr. Totton being very 
sick, could not com, as Mr. Wilson, masters mate of Thomae, 
the lyke. God send them health, 

December 26. — We dyned abord tbe Tltomas, and had 3 
peces at entring abord, with 3 for a health to Honorblo. 
Company, viz. 2 out of Thomas, and 1 oat of Advix; with 6 
other single healths, viz. 1 to Capt. China, 1 to Capt. Mid- 
delton, 1 to Capt. Jonrden, 1 to Capt. Adames, and 1 to 
Capt. Saris ; with 7 peces oat of Thomaa at going ashore, 
and 5 out of Advie; with 3 oat of Tkoma$ for the women. 
And we bod the cahokia after supper ashore, who plaid and 
dansed till after midnight, and then went away, being 8 
women and 6 or 7 men. 

December 27. — I sent the c(^oquea eight taia plate bars 
per oar jurebasso. 

And in consideration of the frenship the China Capt. 
brother hath shewd as to procure us money, 3000 taia at 
intrest, and woald let Mr. Wilmot nor bis followers pay 
nothing for tbeir diet at Langasaqne, they lying theare 
above a month at a Chinas bowse, we gave to the China his 
host I taita black brod oloth, and to Capt. Whaw 2 tcMa 
stamet bays, 7} tay wigbt best amber beades, being 130 
beades, 2 tay 9 mas worst amber beades, being 10 beadea, 

TasimoQ Donos littell donghter came to vizot me and 
brought me a present of oringes, and I gave her a per- 
fumed fan, a perfuming bras balle, and a bandell of paper. 

December 28. — I wrot two letters (per Andrea Dittia, 
China Capt., his direction) unto 2 greate China lordes, viz. 
to Fiokew, aecretaiy of Estate, with 200 taia plate bars, 
delivered to his servant Liangowne, for to provid charges 
per way ; to Tykam Shafno, concellor of Estate ; and that 
I delivered 10 bars gonld Oban to same man for purpose 


224 DUBY or filCHABD COCKS. [l6t6. 

sflbrea&id. The 200 tais bars plate Mr. Osterwick de- 
livered to China Capt., but pnt them npon his accompt ; 
but the 10 bars Obau, containing 24 tay wight ji^ould Capt. 
Whaw delivered of hym selfe, amouDtiug unto 550 fats 
plate, all goiag for their proper accompt, ;et they them 
Belves have wrot I sent it (or gave it), as apereth to them 
in my 2 letters. God grant good suckcesse. 

Also I wrot 3 letters in Japon, viz. 1 to Safian Dono, and 
an other to his secretary, to desire Safian to geve me a letter 
of favor to the King of Cochiachiua, for payment of such 
soma money as he bought goods for of Mr. Peacock. I say, to 
pay the money to Capt. Adames and adviz me how Mr. 
Peacock came to his end and what became of Water Car- 
warden. And the 3rd letter was to our host, Tozayemon 
Dono, of Sackay, to buy 50 yiais goeo copper, to send mo 
per first, with such money as he made of our goodea. 

Also Mr. Totton being very sick, I pnt hym in mynd to 
make all matters striglit, which he promised me to do. 

I paid the China samaker 18 maa my selfe for 6 peare 
pantables, slippers and pomps, at 3 mas pec, for my selfe. 

December 29. — Mr. Jno. Totton, master of the Advis, 
'ynding hym selfe weake, sent for me, and in the presence 
of Mr, Edmond Wilmot tould me he ment to make hie will 
and set matters in order, asking my opinion to whome he 
were best to make over his estate, that it might com to his 
son, his ould mother, and a sister he had, in respect be was 
now in these forren partes of the world of Japon and they 
in England ; so that, yf he should put it into my handes or 
Mr. Wilmots, we were mortall as well as hym selfe ; so that 
he thought it best to make over hia estate to the Honorable 
Company, onr employers, leaving us heare for witnesses of 
what past ; unto which his adviz I gave comendation, bo 
that he went on and took an inventory of his estate of 
goodes and monies. 

And I wrot 5 letters in Japon to severall men, viz. 1 to 


l6l6-7.] DIABT 07 BICHASD C0CE8. 225 

host at OBaksy, Cmmon Don ; 1 to host at Miaco, Mes- 
gaaysmou Dono; 1 to Keyemon Dono and his partner at 
£do; 1 to Gapt. Adames wife; 1 to Cacojezamon Dono, 
secretary to Ojen Dono. 

December 31. — I was geven to understand that Tome onr 
jwebaxao, whome I ment to send for Bantam to hare done 
hjm good and have geven hym 4^ years tfine he was to 
serve me — I say I was enformed he owed 15 tais to the 
eaboquis for whoring, with other wild triokes he had don, as 
pawnyng bis fellows weapons and aparell. Bo I delivered 
hym ap his papers and tnrned hym away, he having beaten 
his owne father the day before, who came to vizet hym. 

January 1, 1616-7. — Capt. Adames departed yistemight 
toward Langaaaqne, to bny cables and seales for his jnDck, 
I mesne oar jnnck in Shashma (falne to the Company), 
sonid to hym for 750 tais Japon plate, hat cost Company 
1289 tais, Capt. Adames now being resolved to make a 
voyage into Cochinchina in the said jonck. 

Mr. Row sent me a hat for a new yearcs gift. 

January 2. — We deliver 2( brod clothes to the 2 ships, 
to make men aparell this cold wether, both the whole 
clothes being much staynd and moughteaten in the be- 
gyning or fore end of the cloth for 4 or 5 yardes in each 
cloth, viz. no. 338 mnrrey containing 33 yardes, cost ster- 
ling £21 ; ; 0, and no. 23}, a straw dr., 13 yardes, cost 
£14 whole, £7:0:0; which cloth and halfe was .delivered 
to the Thomas to Mr. Bow and hie pnrcer Colson ; no. 524, 
fawne caller, containing 33 yardes, cost £13:15:0; which 
cloth was delivered to Mr. Edward Wilmot, parcer to Adviz, 
to clothe the naked company. 

Capt. Speck and the master of the great Holland ship 
came to me to request ns to caiy them 3 man in oar ship 
for Bantam, yf they came not before their great shipp went 
from hence, which they were determened to send away 


226 DUBT 01 BICHARD COCES. [1617. 

forthwith, the yeare being overpast. To which demand I 
answered I woald take coancell and adriz them. 

Also the King of Chicongo' sent an embassador to 
Firando, whoe desired to see oar ahippsj which he did sad 
had S peces ordinance shot ont of Thomas at departing. 

January 8. — Yt was agreed upon generally to send Capt. 
Speck word that we would passe his men in onr shipps, yf 
they came in tymej but that I ment to send away oar 
shipps within this 3 daies, tyme being spent. 

January 4. — I gave a fello a tay for nntmegges he gave 
me, be being a marrener of the Thomas company. 

The eahoquea took Tome prisoner for 15 tais he owed 
them for lechery, and, not haveing to pay, set his body to 
sale, or else might take bym for slave, no one geveing the 
money for hym. 

January 5. — The ship carpenters made complaint because 
the howse carpenters wrought abord our shipps,and got the 
kyng to wame the howee carpenters not to doe soe no 
more, although he had formerly geven me leave. 80 I sent 
om jv,reba»»o to the secretary, Oyen Done, to get the kings 
formor prom is performed. 

January 6. — Capt. Speck sent me word tiie greate shipp 
oalld the Black Lyon ment to put to sea to night to goe for 
Bantam, and that yf I would write a word or 2 he would 
deliver it. So I wrot a letter to Capt, Jourden, how our 2 
shipps were ready, and meut to send away the Thomas to 
morrow, but to stay the Adviz 10 or 12 daies, in respeck the 
master, Mr. Totton, was sick and not able at present to put 
to sea. 

We laded 6 chists plate abord the Thomas, being in all 
8000 iais, all fyne melted China plate. 

January 7. — To day Taccamon Dono sent to me to end 

the matter betwixt the Japon Miguell and his consort about 

wood of Syam they oleamed in our jonck, and desird me for 

I The iflluid of Shikoka. 

n,g,t,7.dt,'G00glc ■ 


his sake to geve them 2 picog, otharwais, yf law proce&ded, 
it wonld cost them their lives. Bo I condecended. 

January 8. — The King of Firando sent a writing nnto 
me to have me set m; hand nnto it, that I sent goods up to 
Miaco to pay 1000 tais lent me by Tozayemon Dono. Unto 
which I answered I sent no goods up, bnt delivered and 
Bonld them heare to his man he sent downe to doe it of 
purpose, and sbewd them my letter receved from Tozaye- 
mon Dono to same effect. Yet this wonld not serve, but he 
sent his man eeverall tymes to have me ferme^ nnto it, 
which still I refiiaed, referring hym to take a recept from 
Tozayemon Donos man that bought the goods (or racier 
receved them) for his master. In fyne, this Tono of Fi- 
rando either doth it to bring me into danger of sending ap 
goods (a thing contrary to the Emperonra edict), or else he 
would begyn a new eastern, to have me geve hym notis of 
what goods I sell or to whome, which by my prevelegese I 
am not bound nnto, bnt only to bring onr shiping to his 
port of Firando, bnt to sell to whome I will withont geve- 
ing notis to hym. In fine, I had mnoh ado aboat it, with 
Bending of many messiagers, as also employing the Gapt. 
China to perswade me tmto it. Yet I denid to doe it, with 

Also the Tono sent his bongew to recon with na about 
tymber they brought for reparyng our 2 ehipps, as knees 
and beames, but all was ended before those tymbers came ; 
yet wonld they have ns take them, and set the knees at 20 
iait the peece, and the beames at 100 taU peece, they in 
consience not being worth above the 10th parte they prize 
them at. 

January 9. — The king sent still to have me set my hand 

to a writing concemyng sending up goods to Miaco, bnt I 

denid it, and went to Oyen Dono to tell hym my reasons, 

and to enforme the kyng thereof, which he promised me to 

' Affix signatore. 

<12 . 


228 DIABX or BICHABD COCE8. ['^I/* 

doe, 8a>iDg I bad greate reaBon in doing that whicli I did ; 
yet after I had much ado aboat tbs said matter, per otter 
messengera seat, bat still denid fermyng, allthoagh they 
thretued to bring the matter in question before the Em- 

The China Gapt. eovited the king and the nobles to 
dyner, and feasted them both day and night with a China 
play i and after, they bid them aelres his geates againe to 
morrow, to have the eaboquee, or women plaiers of Japon. 

January 10. — I got Capt. Adamea and Mr. Bowe to goe 
to Mr. TottoQ, to perswade hym to stay here till next mon- 
fion, in respect of bis sickoes, to the entent we might send 
away both shipps together; unto which he answerd that we 
might make them ready, and, yf he fownd he were not abell 
to goe, then he was content to goe («ic), or, if we pleased to 
let bym have the shipp to stay bnt 8 or 10 daies mora, he 
made no dowbt bnt he sbonld be well able to goe in her. 

January 12. — I went with Mr. Bowe to the king to take 
hia leare and offer hym our servis, eather at Bantam or in 
England. He seemed to take it in good part, and made na 
eolation, and see let ns departe. And at night he sent 2 
armors of Japon for a present to Mr. Rowe. 

January 13. — We went ont with the Thomas for Chochie. 
Bnt the king sent word to desire as to shoot afe no ordi- 
nance till we came ont as far as Coobi. The reason was, 
his brothers wife was brongbt to bead, and therefore wold 
not have her disturbed. 

We bad 11 boates with 2 bon^ews to toe ont onr shipp, 
and at tber and onr retoma ashore they shot afe 7 peeces 

January 15. — I went abord the Thomas, and carid my 
letters J viz. : — 

1 to Mr. Humphrey Slany, with 2 beakers. 

1 to my brother, Jno. Cocks, in Staffordshire. 

1 to Peter Turner and Diego Famandos, with 2 beakers. 


l6l7.] BIASY OP EICHAED C0CK8. 229 

1 to Mr. Jno. Hnnt 

1 to SophoDe Cozacka. 

1 to Mr. Cliristofer Lanman, with 1 beaker, per coppie. 

1 to Mr. Fra. Sadler and Mr. Bic. AtkinsoQ, with 2 
beakers, copie. 

1 to Sir Tho. Hewet and Sir Wm. with makery ware, per 

1 to my brother, Walter Cocks. 

1 to Mr. Francis and George Dorington, with 4 beakers. 

1 to Mr. Barnard Conper, per coppie. 

1 to Mr. Jno. Gooroey, per coppie. 

1 to Generall Eeeliog, per coppie. 

1 to Mr. Wm. Sewall of Corentry, per coppie, 2 beakers. 

1 to Mr. Tho. Chase, per coppie. 

1 to Mr. Georg. Balle, per coppie. 

1 to Capt. Bapbe Coppindall, per coppie 

1 to Mr. James Foster, master of Glove, with chaine and 
whisteU: copie. 

1 to Capt. Samwell Castleton, per coppie. 

1 to Mr. Tho. Willson, Esqair, with makary ware: coppie, 

1 to Mr. Wm. Greenwell, depaty, with makary ware: 

1 to Capt. Jno. Saris, with 2 beakers : ooppie. 

1 to Sir Tho. Smith, knight, as per coppie. 

1 to generall Company, as per coppie. 

1 to Capt. Jno. Jourden, as per coppie. 

1 to Mr. Kobt. Offley and Mr. Kaphe Freman. 

1 to Mr. £d. James and Mr. Lawrance Green. 

But, the wether being fowle, we went not abord, bat 
taried till to-morrow. 

All the letters afibrsaid were dated the Ith day of January, 
bat not fermed till now. 

January 16. — >We went abord and delivered all the letters 
as afforsaid, with the bookes made up in a box, I meane 
bookes of acoompt, jonmall, and legear, and the keys of 6 


230 DUBY or BtCHABD COCKS. [1617. 

chists money sealed ap and in paper and sent Gapt, Jorden, 
as also 4 other letters, -viz,:— 

1 to the geaersll Company, per coppie. 

1 to Mr. Thomas Willson, Esqair, sent per Mr. Bapbe 

1 to Capt. Jna Jonrden, per Wm. Sweetlaod. 

1 to Capt. Jno. Jonrdea, per Lea^w, a China, to lend 
500 pezos. 

Mr. Bapbe Willson gave me an English book called 

January 17. — ^Towardes night the Thomas waid ancor and 
pnt to sea. God send her a prosperons voyage. 

January 19. — The boteswayne and an other offecer in 
Giqnans junck came to vizet me, Ed. Sayer telling me they 
stood to hym in all extremeties, otherwais all had gon to 
wrack. So we gave 2 single peces chint bramport to the 
boteawayne and 1 to the other. 

January 21. — I paid as followeth my selfe, via.: — 

To tbe gouldamith, for w<^iDg bncketla, mj geidell 

uid bangen - - • -212 

To Ca Jno. tor 2 kile»Mt for me - -060 

And I pud tbe fatt China teller - • S 2 2 

And to the China haberdasher • • - 4 

We agreed with Goresauo to keepe the sbopp with all 
Bortes merchaodiz, and geve np acco. weekly of what is 
Bonld, and to looke to the chang of all our monies ; be to 
fynd hym selfe victaelles and to have 2 taia per montL 

January 22. — I paid 7^ mas to Matinga for cotton coates 
for Bicho, Jeffery, Dick, Otto, and Fuca, at IJ mas per 
peece, and 1 gave Bicfao, Jeffrey and Dick each of them a 
keremon of silk, redy made. 

January 23. — I bought 3 gerdelles, cost a mas aud balfe 
per peece, for Bicho, Jeffrey and Dick, and gave them them. 

January 24l. — I paid ino. jurebatso laid out for me, viz.: — 



ta. m. eo. 
Pro litTer wwk tm the ealtan Bent Sr. Tbo. Smith -060 
Pro vorknuDBhipp - • - - 4 

Pro a huidell for cal/on - - - 2 

Pt« oord«fl for the haodell - - '040 

pTo2bnabnttoiiBon the aide handell c»lled iRenufue 13 
Pro a hilt for the cattan • ■ - 1 6 

Pro workmaoHhipp h&ndell - - - 1 

Pro making oleane 8r. Tho. Smiths eattatu - 1 

Somtotall - - - - 2 8 

January 25. — In respect of Japon feast, we meat to send 
out theAdinze tomorrow; which coming to knowledg of the 
marreoers, they came all in a troupe, the carpenter being 
ringleader, to ask 2 months w^b, saying they would not 
way ancor till they had it ; and that matenose fello told Mr. 
Totton to his face that when he came to sea he wold trym 
seales backward, and yet he hath receved, as per parsers 
book, above two thcrds of his wagis due to hym, contraiy 
to order. 

January 26. — We thonglit to hare sent ont the ship 
Advize to Cochi this momyng, because the greate feast or 
new yeare of Japon begineth to morrow, which contynewetb 
15 daiea (as the lyke order is in China), bnt, wind being 
contrary, conid not. 

And I sent these presentes following for new years gifts : 

2 barills singe wyne, of 50 gants barell, with 2 greate 
fishes, to king. 

2 barll. singe wyne, of 25 ganta barell, and 2 fishes to 
Bongo Same. The bke to Oyen Dono. The lyke to Tacca- 
mon Dono. The lyke to Semi Bono. The lyke to Gon- 
osqae Dono. The lyke to Andrea Dittia, China Capt. 

The tyme of Japon feast beginyng to morrow, we adven- 
tnrd to cary out the Advize, bnt conld get no ferther then 
the Tabilo, and there came to an ancor. 

And I thought good to note downe that Mr. Nealson fell 
a qoarreling abord with me, being in his potts, as ordenaiy 



he is, telling ho Bcomed to write or coppie out accompta 
noder any man, and upon terms fell oat with Mr. Wickham, 
whoe tonld me that the said Wm. NoalsoD had written s 
Bcandalons letter to Sr, Tho. Smith, taxing me of insof- 
fitientie in accompt keeping, eztoling hym selfe that he did 
all, which is a notoriona solander, he doing Dothiog bat 
write per coppie as I apointad hym. 

January 27. — Oyen Dono came to vizet me and bronght 
me 2 gilded pay pins. 

We sent oat these presents following, viz. 2 barells 
ginge, 2 fishes, to Sangero Same. The lyke to Xazma 
gentellmaa. The lyke to Goto hontiew. The lyke to 
Unagense Dono. The like to Sugean Dono. The lyke to 
Soyemon Dono. The lyke to Tozayemon Dono. 

January 28. — I sent these presentes following, viz., — 

2 barillas wyne and 2 fishes to Sagian Donos father, of 
Umbra. The like to Tasimon Dono. 

IJ tatta. black cloth to a China of Langasaqne emploid 
aboat trade. 

1^ tatta. dito to the kinges chamberlen. 

I^ tatt. black cloth to Sifian Dooo, sea iongew. 

1^ ditto to other sea bongew, 

1\ tatta. dto. to Fesqae Dono, oar iongew. 

2 barill wyne, 4 fishes, to YaaimoQ Dono. 

1 barill wyne, 2 fyshes, to the nserer. 

2 barlL wyne, 4 fyshes, to Skidayen Donos wife. 
And there was presentes bronght to me, viz.: — 
The baker, a small barao wyne and 12 lores bread. 
Toraga, a small barto wyne and a banket egges and other 


The sknUion, a small harso wyne, 2 fyshes. 

Skeete, a small harao wyae, 2 fyshes and orenges. 

Jefi'ery, 2 bottells wyne and orenges. 

Jenkyn, the lyke. 

I gave Hon a keremon of silke, a pere t<^is, and a gerdelL 


l6l7-] DUST Of BICHABD COCEB. 233 

January 29. — The kiog sent me a back, skyn and all. 

This day a bark was cast away coming from Ishew, with 
23, and as others say 29, people in it, men and women, all 
drownd. The men came to doe homadg to the king this 

January 30. — I sent Mr. Wickham to take leave of the 
king, for that he was going to Bantam, as also to thank 
hym for the veneson ha sent me ; bnt the kyng was sick 
and conld not be spoake withal). 

And I delivered my letters for to goe in the Advise to 
Mr. Ria Wickham, viz.: — 

1 to WorU. Company, copie of former in Tkomaa. 

2 to Sir Tho. Smith, ditto. 

1 to Generall Keeling, ditto. 

1 to Capt. Jno. Jonrden, ditto. 

1 to Bicfaard Bow, dated this day. 

1 to Hamando Ximenes, ditto, with 2 from Toraja. 

Mr. Wickham had my salt silver and gilt salt seller, con- 
taining 13^ It. 8., pat iato oai^ezoc goodes. 

January 31. — Mr. Wickham left bis gerle woman with 
Matt{ioga] and gave her 2 bars plate, containing 8 ta., npon 
acco. her diet. 

I went abord with Mr. Wickham to take my leave. And 
68 we past the Duch bowse they shott of 3 chambers. And 
Mr. Leanord, the Cape merchant, came after in a boate with 
a present, nifon contango, to byd hym farewell, as Capt. 
Adatues did the lyke with 2 barell wyne and hense. So at 
departure we bad 7 peoes ordinance. Bnt I had som wordes 
with some Japons which said our men owed them money ; 
bnt I cansed them to be tamed ashore withoat payment, as 
being bawds and knaves. Bnt the tyde being contrary and 
night coming on, the sbipp did not departe. 

Fdmiaty 1. — I sent China Capt. wife a perfumed gilded 

The ship Advit pat to sea this momyng with a fresh gale^ 


234 DUBT OF SICEABP COCE8. [1617. 

wynd at N. Easterly; aad shot ofe 3 pec. ordinance at de- 
parture. God send her a proeperoas voyage, Amen. 

There came a Scotsman from Langaaaqne to have sought 
passage in onr shipp to goe to his cuntrey . He was lefte 
behinde oat of the greate shipp in Xaxma. 

Albartus the Dachman came from Miaco to Firando, and 
brought his woman and child with hym, he not being per- 
mitted to stay any longer above. He broaght me a letter 
from Magaafen Dono, our host of Miaco, with 2 others 
from Mr. Wickbam and Mr. Eaton, with 2 candelaticks and 
a duble salt of copper or brssse gilt, one candlestick being 
famished with a lampe, a snuSe or place for caudell, and a 
peare of extinguishers. 

Febrary 2. — The Scottaman which came out of Spanish 
shipp is oalled Henry Shankes, and is a ganer per his pro- 
feasioQ and oat of money and aparell. Soe, upon his bnmble 
petition and by generall consent, we took hym into the 
English howse and gere hym meate and drink till we can 
otherwais provide to send hym for his cnntrey. 

TJnagense Dono sent me a present as followetb, viz. 
2 harsos wyne, 2 greate muches, 2 wild ducks, and a 
qnantety Japoa potta rootes. 

Fehrary 4. — We reconed with Capt Adames for hia 
sallary since he entred into the Wor. Companies servia. 

Fro 3 jeaieB and one month, begyning the 24Ui 

November, I613,Rnd ending the 84th December, 
1616, at lOOi. atr. per anno., amontes nnto 
More per 36 Ra. 8 ]ent Jno. Ferrera at Sjam, 
for which I answer bym, ia Japon pUte 

Som totall owing onto hion 

And he is paid as followeth, viz. : 

Per 15 bare Coban gould, piud pei Mr. Eaton at 

Edo at 65 nuu Coban, ia • • - 0097 

Per money owing me, 2 for one from Syom - 0160 



Fer a jonck belosgiag to Giqnan, Boold to Capt. 

Adames for the aom of - 
Fer 3 barilleB moro/ack, aa it cost - - ' 

Per cbint bramport I peo. - 4ta. Om. Oco.} 

And ramall chint bnuo. 1 pec. 2 0) 
Per 34 tjah Aim, 10 R. 8, pd Sir. Hunt - I 

Per 1 bare plate, coutainiag 2ia. 5m. Oco., with 

103 gantei rise, delivered to hia friend per his 

order, the rise pd. to Juo. Pheby, Ita. bm. 8co., 

0978 6 3 
So restes dae to ballaooe his acc°. - - 0283 6 

1262 1 3 

Febrary 5. — I gave one of my best fceremoTW, which them- 
peronr gave me, to the China Gapt., he asking it to send 
into China abont bnsynes. 

And the Chinas came to the English howse with a hobby 
horse, or rather a tiger play, with sctea of actively, many 
of them coming together. So it was thought fyt to send 
them somthing. 

Febrary 6. — There was a bar plate, containing 4 tais 2 
condrins, geven to the Chinas tiger players, in respect they 
were Chinas and sent to the English howse. 

Febrary 7. — The King of Firando went for the bath at 
Ishew, and as he past per Holland howse they shot afe 5 

The China Capt. invited all the English to supper this 
night, where we were well feasted. 

Febrary 8. — Yewkyn Dono of Shashma sent me a present 
of 20 birdes, viz. wood pigions, larkes, thrushes, and grea 
plovers, with 2 haraoa wyne. 

Capt. Adames had news his junck was arived at Sotto,^ 
15 leagues hence. 

Mr. Totton fell into an extreme payne of pnntos (or 

stiches), soe that we thought be would presently have dyed. 

' Perhaps Seto, v. liltle to the north of Nagasaki. 



Febrary 10. — Capt. Adames janck came in this day aboat 
nowne, and the Hollanders shot afie 3 chambers aa sbo 
paBsed by. I went abord with a present in a banketing 
box of a henne, a duck rosted, with sweetmeates, nifon eat^ 
tange, and 2 botteDes moroeffaek, a harao of ringe, and 3 
loves bread, to welcom Tasimoii Done, which Capt. Adsmes 
and he took in kynd part. Oar /oj/onei/ went to Shashma 
with the rest to toe her hither; bat all the rest of the 
boates are com, onl; no news of faer, which som take she is 
oast away, bat I rather think it lasines. 

Gorezano, oar jurdtasso that was, seeing I meat to pat 
hym away, seat many to entreate for hym, wbioh, seeing he 
conld not preveale, went to Semi Dodo to complaine, saying 
I gave it OQt that the king ment to baniah hym ont of Fi- 
rando. Wherenpon Semi Done sent 2 men to know yf I 
had geven oat any sach speeches ; which I retomed hym 
answer I did not, only I tould Gorezano that, yf he receaTed 
any favor from the kyag, it was for my sake (as being my 
jurebasso), and not for his owne. Also I sent bym word I 
ofFred to take all the tymbera and knees which were bronght 
in my abcense (allthongh they came ont of tyme when the 
shipps were provided) at a reasonable rate as they were 
worth, which the bongewa denyed. And I went my selfe to 
Oyen Dono and toald hym the lyke, as also what passed 
tnching Goresano. Unto which he made answer that the 
kyng knew nothing of these matters, which, yf he did, the 
hoTU/ewB wonld have no thank for their labors, and for Gore- 
sano, all men knew bis bad tong and that I had saved his life. 

Febraiy 11. — Oar foyfone retomed to Firando this day in 
the after nowne, it haveing byn 19 daies since she departed 
from the janck, which (as they say) was by meanes of 
a leake ahe fell in per meanes of the extreme fowie 

Febrary 12. — I sent Gorezano word to avoid ont of onr 
howBe, for that I wootd have Mr. Totton to lodg theare, to 


i6iy.] diab; or sichabd cocks. 237 

the entent to m&ke cleane the fro againet the E^yng of 
Xoxma com, it being gevea oat he will com ashore at Fi- 
rando and vizet onr English howsa, etc. And sowne after 
Groreaano came to me, telling me he was ready to departs 
ont of oar howse, yet seemed, to be angrey ; and amongst 
other wordea (in presence of Mr. Osterwick) toald me that 
he conld speake somthing of Mr. Eaton, bnt that he was 
loath to gere discontent. Bnt I willed hym to say on. 
And was, that at Miaco one night Mr. Eaton, haveing 
dmnk hard, toold hym that ho would stay no longer in 
Japon, because the Emperonr had taken our prerileges from 
ns ; and that yf thenglish went out of Japon they would 
take all the jnnckes and shipping, that non should com into 
this place. I asked him whie he did not speake of this matter 
before Mr. Eaton went to Syam. He answerd he was then 
loath to meddell in sncb matters. Bnt I repUed that I 
esteemd he lyed in this matter, ae well as in others, telling 
hym that Mr. Eaton could not determen of any going ont of 
the cantrey, I being his comander and over all the rest of 
the English nation. He replied it was true. In fine, he ia 
an envious knave ; bo I bad hym doe his worst, assuring 
hym the least Englishmans word in Japon would be belived 
before hia. He toald me he feared not the King of Firando, 
for that he conld not nee jastice against hym, he being 
servant to Chnbio Done. 

Fehrary IS. — I borrowed one thousand five handred tait 
of TTnqnan the China and others, to pay the China Capt. 
This to be paid with 20 per cento intrest per my bilL 

Fd/Tory 14. — 8inze, oar barkman, brought me a present 
of a harso wyne and 2 fyshes, desyring me to chang hia 
name, according to order of Japon, which is held a greate 
honer amongst them. So the ChiDa Capt. sayid it was 
good to call hym 8inemon Dono. 

J'etrory 17. — I delivered tow bills nnto the China Capt., 
viz. one of 2000 tais plate fyne, payable to Capt. Whaw at 



a ye&re from 6tli January last, with 20 per cento intrest ; 
the other of 1000 tait same plate, payable to Cianqnaiij a 
China [at] Langasaqae, same intrest and same tyme. 

Febrary 18. — Capt. Adames tould me that the King of 
Firando had sent hym a sharp letter, because he did repare 
his jnnck and took no tymber of hym, saying he woald not 
let hym have carpenters henceforward. Unto which he 
retomed answer that he had the Emperonrs passe to doe 
what he did, so that yt were good be took heed how he 
processed herein. Yt is thought Semidone seCtea on the 
symple tono. 

Febrary 25. — Ther was a bark set on fyre in Firando per 
neclegence of them which trymbd her, and had lyke to bare 
set the east parte of the towne on fyre, had I not sent 12 
men with bncketes at first, which staid the fnry of the fyre 
and qnenohed the fyre being entred into a thatched howse of 

Febrary 26 (1 Nmguaeh). — Mr, Nealson going a walking, 
per chance fownd an alter of the ancient god Priapas (or 

the lecheroB god) wherennto women goe on pilgremadge 

as weU women that are with child, to hare speedy 

deliverance, aa also them which are barren, to be fmtefnil 

I remember, when I was in France, and passing thorow 

the landes betwixt the cittiea of Bonrdeanlx and Bayou, I 
had knowledg of an imag and altar, whereon stood a pick- 
tore which, as I remember, they called St. Pachin, to 

which all baron women went on pilgremage, to the entent 
to prove frutefall, and to that entent scraped affe a littell 

and pnt it into wyne and drnnok it, per which meanes 

they verely beleered they shonld be frutefull. 

JlfoTcAe 1 (4th of Ninguach). — A Byskan called Antony 
deaird to have a man of his to goe in onr foyfone for 
Langaaaque, which I promyaed hym ; bnt, aa I was enformed 
after, it was Appollenaria, the fryre, which thonght to have 
gon in her, bat wonld not com in sight because I ahoald 
not see hym. 



Marche 2. — I receved 3 letters tbis day, viz.: — 

1 from Safian Dono, in answer of myne I wrot hym, with 
» letter to King of Cochinchina in onr behalfej to send with 
Capt. Adamee. 

1 other from his secretar;, in answer of an other I wrot 
hjm, and how his master had performed all I requested, he 
aoliceting hym thereunto. 

In fine both very frendly letters. 

1 from onr host Tozayemon Dono, that the boates oar 
goodes went up in came so late that he could make no 
fiealee, and therefore, yf he brought money along with hym, 
it must be borowed, and that he was ready to com for 

Marche 3. — Oorezano, our qnandum jureba3so, oame with 
our hoetes man and shewed me a letter, wherin a frend of 
hia wrote hym that the Dnch host at Miaoo was put into 
prison for letting Albartns lye so long in his howse, con- 
trary to Uie Emperoors edict. This knave did seeme to 
rejoyce thereat. 

Capt. Speck arived from Xaxma thia day towardes night, 
and had many guns, or chambera, shot afe at his landing. 

Marche 5. — We reared our pigion howse thia day. 

And towards night onr host Tozayemon Dono of Sackay 
arived heare, but (as he tells me) hath not brought a peny 
of money, as not haveing soald any of onr goodes. But I 
think he maketb nse of it to send for Cochinchina, and I 
dowbt not without counoell of Capt. Adames. 

Marche 6. — I sent Ed. Sayer with a jurebatao to Oyen 
Dono, to desyre hym to speake to the king to helps as with 
som money, in respect we have such oeede. He sent me 
answer he made accompt the king would be heore to night, 
and that at his coming he would enform hym thereof, saying 
I had greate reason in my demand. 

Marche 7. — The King of Firando arived from Ishew in 
the after nowne. So I went out in a boate and met bym. 


240 DUBT or BICHABD COCKB. [l^l/. 

as many of Firando did tlie lyke ; and the Rollanders shot 
affe 9 ohambers or bases as he passed by, but went not out 
to meete hym, for that Capt Speok and Albartus were gon 
to LaDgasaque tlie day before. I carid a banketing box 
with preserved nutmeg, conserve of roses, a box of mar- 
melad, and a marchpaine,' with 2 bottelles Spa. wyiie, and 
a barill morofack, bat went not abord the kinges bark, he 
not calling, but sent it home after hym, the jurebasso re- 
meanyng theare an hower or 2, as others did the lyke, and 
were put aCfe for recept till the morrow afber. 

Marche 6. — Bongo Samas man came to me and tould me, 
as it were in secret, that he heard his master say that the 
king his nephew was offended against me, bat he knew not 
well the occation, except it were for that I went not to vizet 
hym at Ishew, or else for bringing Capt. Adames jonck 
ashore withoat asking leave. To the first I answerd that 
I coald not think the king looked for homadg from me aa 
from his vassals, and that my bnsynes was sach as I cocld 
not goe, and therfore had wrot hym a letter to same effect, 
signefying of my gladnes to heare that he fownd the bathes 
to his content. And for the jnnck it was none of myne, bnt 
belonged to Capt. Adames, whome asked leave before he 
dockt her. In fyne, this kyng is a symple man and led 
per bad oooncell, and eo I think it will prove in the end. 
I am of opinion that Groreaano, our l&te jureboMo, is a whit- 
fltoD to egg hym on against us. 

Marche 9. — I went and vizeted the kyng, and carid hym 
3 barilles wyne, 12 wood pigions, and 5 roles bread ; and 
Capt. Adames carid hym 2 barilles and certen stickes dryd 
fysh. And, amongst other matters, 1 desird leave to have 
laid hsadea one the scnvano of the junck which Mr. Saris 
oame in from Syatn.he being now com to towne as I Dader> 
stand. The kyng willed me to know the howse where he 
lodged, and that he would cause order geven to stay hym ; 
> AliDond cake or biscuit. 


1 161^."] DIAET OF BICHARD COCES. 241 

™^- which I did lear[n]9 ont and sent hym word thereof. And 
TiclB Capt, Adames desired the kynges letter of favor to the King 
'""' of Cochincbina ; which he promised hym. 
'™? Marche 11. — The ecrivano of the jnnck Ed, Sayer came 
^"^ in from Syam sent me word he was contented to deliver all 
■ V^' matters into my handes, with the billes and writini^es of 
^'"^ Giqnan the dead capt.j bnt, as it is said, he hath opened 
'n" the dead mans chistes (6 in uamber), and taken out what 
'W' his [he F] list, and now wonld deliver the emptie chistes to 

ne. So I Bent hym word he should delirer an accompt of 
id' all to Capt. Andrea Dittis in this place, or to Capt. Whaw, 
'i^'- his brother, at Laof^asaque, and I wonld take an acco. at 
b!*' their handes. This scrivano made snte to Taaimon Dono 
'•ni^ to take np this matter, and he wonld gevo hym the ha]f of 
i p- the 140 pieols wood in snte. 

■ni: Marche 12. — I wrot 2 letters to Taccamon Dono and Semi 

ir' Dono, and sent each of them a paper containing the truth 
[ts- of my plito with the scrivano. Taccamon Dono was within, 
'(& bat wonld not speake with Mr. Nealson, whome I sent, nor 
iii receve my letter nor petition, but sent them back per our 
■1.^- jitrebaaso, 

!(■■ Marche 13. — I went to Taecamon Dono in company of 

i'n Capten Adames, and carid hym a barill wyne and 2 fyshea, 
& nifon catange, and delivered hym my letter and paper con- 
it' semyng mj procese against the pnrcerj which be took in 

good parte, promising me justice when he had heard what 
^ the other cold aledg against me, but sent home the barill 
t wyne and fyahes after me, for that no present was to be 
^: accepted when men came to crave justice. 
It Mari^he 14. — A comon ea^oque or Japon play was sent 

t ont and alowed for 7 dales space, at 2 condrins each one 

that entered, eto. 

The King of Firondo set a tax npon all hia vassales, to 

make hym amongst them 3000 taioa in money, and to take 

ryse of hym nt a dearc rate in paymt,, to make money to 



carry his cliat^s up for Edo, And, amongst the rest, 
certen were taxed at a hier rate then the rest, becanse they 
provided us tymber, bisquite, and other matters at a lower 
rate then the king liked of, Dot asking hym leave. This is 
thought to be donne per the coancell of Serai Done, whome 
is very much hated therefore of the comnne people. 

Marche 15. — I had answer from Syen Dono, the govern- 
onr, that the king could helpe ns now with no money, for 
that he was put to his shiftea to provid money to goe to 
Edo. The Hollanders were answered as we were. 

The China Capt., Andrea Dittis, toald me in secret that 
the King of Firando had sent a rnch eattan for a present 
to his brother Whow, to make accoyntance, to the enteut 
to borow money, and that his brother had promised to lend 
hym 2000 taies ; so that at instant the king sent for 300 
tales, he wanting 150 of that som willed me to borow bo 
much of Tozayeinon Dono for 10 or 15 daies, to pay intrest. 

Marche 17. — Mr. Nealson being ill at ease went to the 
bath at lohew, and Jno. Cook with hym. Grod send them 
their healths. 

Marche 18. — Taccamon Dono sent word to Tasimon Dono, 
that the scrivano of the jnnck £d. Sayer came in had put 
up a petition against hym for delivering the 140 pieos 
sappon into my handee, before the matter was ended hy 
justice. So I gave a writing under my band to save hym 
harmles, both against the justis and scrivano, whatsoever 
they would demand of hym tuching that matter. And 
after came an other ho and cry (as the proverb is) that the 
justice would not let Tasimon Dono goe on the voyag, 
except I delivered the 140 piculln wood into his handes till 
the matter was ended per justice. 

Whereupon I went to the king, in company of Capt 
Adames, and with much ado carid the said Tasimon Dono 
along with us to make complaint to the king. But, when 
we came theare, he would not per any meanes the king 



ehonid know of the matter, whereby we percered he waa 
consorted with the said scrirano to parte stakes with hym. 

Marche 19. — Capt. Adames went out with his janck to 
Cochi, and soe to pat to sea, and shot affe 3 chambers as 
ho passed per the Duch howae, and they answered with the 
lyke and, when he was past, shot aSe a pece ordinance with 

Capt. Adames host Yasimon Bono plaid the firemeny with 
hym to day, sending one to hym to tell hym he mnst com 
to the king, but after proved to be to the 10 of the streete, 
about wood staid from the tico of our junck he came in 
from Syam ; bat he answered them he had nothing to doe 
in the matter, refering them to me. 

The Capt. China sent a bar plate to Capt. Adames and 
an other to Yasimoo Dono his host, for a present at their 
farewell. Soe after nowae the janck put to sea towardea 
Cochinchina. God send them a prosperous voyage. 

I delivered a memoriall to Ed. Sayer with a cargezon 
goodes, viz. : — 

Broad ckith, amonting to Japon plat« - 0278 3 7^ 

Bajes, amontiDg to aome plate - - 0141 7 

Cambaia cloth, to - - - 0052 8 

Rasoia hides, 46 ... - 0144 
God Mille, 120 cattit Japon wight, coat atr. in 

EDgland ... - 0007 9 0^ 

Fowhng paces, 20:9 danuukedand llchast.coet 0095 6 
BUophana teeth, SO, coutaining 1130 cattit, cost 

inEng. .... 0488 2 S^y^ 

Copper goces, 21 picull, at 6ra. Cm. 5co. pica • 0137 6 5 

Table bookea, Beverall Bortee . - 0011 6 

liooking gluiseA, 8, cost . - - 0025 6 

KnjTes, 2 Rortes, cost four doien - - 0007 H 6 

Amber beades, 12 ealtis, 2 eortes - . 0118 6 2 
Diaper, 9 peoes; Holland cloth, 14 peces; Sleze 

land, 18 pecea, coet . - - 0097 8 8 

Armors, 2, vith 1 head pez, coat - - 0006 

Galepotea ; 1 cbist, No. 8 ; divera Bortea, coat - 0009 1 gj 



Gules,' 1 sack, containing 1 picatt, cost - 0015 7 3^ 

Eiae for victuUng, 8 aackes, cost - - OiX)6 6 63 

Money, 150 Ra. of 6, amontea to 
With 084 : 9 : 1| condria plate ban. 

With 003 : 1 : 8 ohargea oq>per 

- 120 \ 

■ 084 9 IJ j "^ 

- 003 1 8 ' 

Som totall cargezoQ to Sjam amontea unto 185G 3 8H-§^ 

Also I delJTerfict a memoriall to Capb. Adames, as apereth 
per coppie in book cargesons, with that to Ed. Saver. 

UnageDse Dodo eeat me a quarter of wild boars for a 

Marche 22. — Capt. Adames, fyading contrary wyndes at 
eea^ retorned this night pasc to Gochi in Firando, from 
whence he wrot me a letter per Mr. Sajer of what pastj 
aaoiely, that after I departed from hjm the 19th cnrrant, 
being under seale, Yasimoa Dono espied a bark coming 
after them with a cloth seale, desiring him to stay for her, 
whicli he did, coming to an ancor. In which boate came 2 
of Yasimon Donos brother in lawea, with littel Anthony, 
aliue Sifian Dono, who at the 6rst entry abord iaid hold on 
Capt. Adames armes and, befove he was aware, wrong hym 
in such extreme sort that he put hym to much payne j and 
another of his followers laid hold on the bnsom of Jno. 
Fheby his boteswaine, one secondyng; hym with his arme 
ont of his heremon as though be would have cut hym ; and 
on of Yasimon Donos brother in lawes laid hand on the 
hinder part of the haire of Mr. Sayer — all passing in as 
violent sort as might be ; which moved Capt. Adames to 
fetch out the Bmperours passe, kissing it and houlding it 
up over his head, meanyng to protest and take witnesse of 
the violence they offered hym. But his mercbantes per- 
swaded hym to the contrary; and soe the asselants gott 
them on a sudden downe in to Yasimon Donos cabben, and 
sowne after packed ashore, not speaking to Capt. Adames. 
■ ? Calls. 


l6l7>] DUBT or BICHAKD COCKS. 2l5 

So I sent Mr. Osterwick abord vith a letter to Capt. 
Ailames, with a barrill wyne and 6 hense, advizing hym 
that, yf he pleased, I would bring the matter ia qaeation 
before the king, yf he please. 

Marche 23. — Mr. Osterwick retoraed from Capt. Adames, 
wbo set seale this niornyng betymes. God Bpeed tbem 
well. He tells me that Capt. Adames desired me not to 
bnDg the matter of his abuse offerd per Antony and hia 
crew in question till his retome; only I might geve out 
som sp9ecbes, that it might come to the kiuges eares, yf I 
could conveuieittly do it 

Marche 24.-:— I seDt Mr. Osterwick to the rendadora (or 
mint men) with two barill of morofack artd 2 fyahea, nifon 
catange, to tell tbem that the purcer of Capt. Adames janck 
tonld me that they sent to me to know what plate or money 
we sent in the same janck, which I gave them notis of, 
assuring them that we sent out no fihuck, bnt observed the 
Emperours edict ; bat, when we had occation to melt money, 
I would send for tbem, etc. So, presently after, they came 
to the English bowse, haveing first sent back the present, 
aleadging their master had warned them not to receve any 
present. Soe I made them eolation, and so they departed. 

Also I went to Taccamon Done, and carid hym the cop- 
pies of the 2 billes for 27 cattia plate, delivered Giquan 
the China capt. to buy sappon, for which the scrivano wan 
bound to deliver me 922 ficoa in Japon, whereof I wanted 
212 ■pkos. 

It seemed to me that Taccamon Dono took the parte of 
the scrivano over mnch, wishing me to geve hym the halfe 
of the 140 ficot Baj>on I had in my power, and that lie 
shonld deliver me all the writinges and goodes which be- 
longed to the dead Capt. Giquan. Unto which 1 answered 
I was to demand 115 picas more, which he had delivered 
to marenars in Xaxma without any order to show for it and 
per force contrary' to Mr. Saycrs will. In fine, be willed 



me to talke with the China Cupt. aboot the matter that all 
might be delivered into my handea, and I to geve hym a 
qaitance for all, that the Chinas shonld not molest hym 
hereafter. So it seemetb to me this mans fist ia greased. 

Marelie 26, — Capt. Speck retomed from Langasaqne, and 
I sent Mr. Oaterwick to vizet hym and bid hym weloom 
horn. He tould Mr. Osterwick he had spent both tyme and 
money as well at Langasaqae as at Shasbma, and yet coald 
get no JDstice, which, as it should seeme, moores bis pa- 
tience, as also the slow payment of this tono of Firando, 
which he fyndeth as well as we, etc. 

Here is flying reportes geven out that wars are like to 
ensue in Japon ; but what will com of it God he knoweth ; 
only I dowbt the projectes or secret insynewations of the 
fryres, jesnisteE, and pristes, whoe have over free entrance 
to this tono of Firando, and not nnlyke they may have the 
lyke to others more greater then he. God grant all may- 
fall ont for the heat. Amen. 

They tell of a yonfif man that is mnch sought after for 
being on Fidaia Sammas part, bnt still escapeth per pa- 
pistes secret conveances. 

MarcJte 27. — Soyamon Dono sent for our jurehasto to 
speak with hym, who fownd Semi Dono with hym, and 
they sent me word that, yf any timbers were lost, I shonld 
])ay for them, and that the king ment to desire of them- 
perour, at bis going ap, to have the Hollanders and us to 
gue to som other place, for that he was awery of ns and 
of our proceadingea. 

Marchc 28. — I went and vizetod Capt Speck and tonld 
hym what Semidone sent me word of, that the King of 
Firando would demand of the Emperour to have us sent 
ont of Firando to dwell elsewhere. To the which Capt. 
Speck anawerd that it might be we might be the first 
demanders for that matter, telling me he thought it was 
best he and I went together to Semidone, to know where- 
upon ho sent such word. 


l6l7-] DTAKY 07 BICHABD C0CE8. 217 

I wrot 2 letters to Neyemon Dono and his partnerj with 
one for Mrs. AdameB, all for Edo; and another both in 
Spanish and Japona to Tome Dono, jurebasso to Massamone 
Samme, to adviz hym we shall have oocation to use hjm at 
our going next to Edo' in Angast next, to be jurebaseo to 
the Emperour. 

Marcke SI. — Harry Sh&nk retomed from LaDgasaqne> 
and broDght 3 vyne trees with 14 other frate trees, dyvera 
sorteSj with some garden seeds, and a little frunincense to 
perfnme the piginhowse. 

I sent Mr. Osterwick to Semidone to tell hym the price 
I ment to geve for the tymber ; bat he entred into a pas- 
aionate humor. He is a prond, beggerly, presamptious 

Aprill 2. — We bonght 2 frute trees, 1 oreng and the 
other peares, for 4 mas. 

Ther was a jnnck of China, which went oat of Lango- 
saqne and bonnd for Cagallon in the Phillippinas, pnt back 
to Firando in the roade of Cochi per meanes of bad weather 
at sea. 

Aprill 3. — I paid the gonldsmith 1} mas for making me 
a silver instrument for my salvatory. 

Capt. Speck sent Jacob Snager to vizet me. But I take 
it to be underhand, to know whether I would have acepted 
of his offer to have byn nmper in the price of my tymber; 
but I said nothing to hym, nether did he speake of it to me. 

A China shewmaker died on a sudden, being well not 
halfe an bower before. 

Aprill 4. — Thomas the cook, lefte to attend on Mr. Totton, 
being a harebreand felloe, threw a kitchen knyFe at Balle, 
the kynges dogg, which we kept in the English howse, and 
stuck bym to the hart that he fell downe dead presently. 
He hath beaten many of our Japon servantes, and had lyke 
to have kild one of our neighbors servantes the other day. 
He ys not the man I took hym for, and wrot the WorlL 


248 DIAEY Of EICHARD 0OCK8. [1617. 

Company in his bebalfe more then he deserretfa. Yf this 
had hapDed id the tyme of Foyne Samme, who esteemed 
this dogg much, yt might have cost na all onr lives. I sent 
our jurelasso to exakewse the matter to the kyng, who sent 
me word he esteemed that the English man did it not of 
purpose, and therefore willed me not to punish hym, for the 
deede being donne conid not he nndon, eta 

Aprill 6, — There ia news geren out that an embassador 
from Corea is to goe to the Kmperonr and ia expected 
shortly to passe by Ishew, 

Apriin. — I sent oar jurebasso to Semidono to t«ll hym 
that, in respect he took the matter in hand, I was content 
to gere 50 tais more in the whole for the tymber, that is, 
whereas I offred but 270 taies before, I will make it np 320 
taies to geve the king content, etc. And he retomed me 
answer that I did offer well, and eowncelled me to goe to 
the king. I think the Hollanders play the jemenis, and 
goe underhand to buy the tymber when it is at the lowest 

Aprill 8. — I went to the king to tell hym how his bungewa 
would force me to take tymber at the price they pleased, 
I not haveing bought any of them, nether they bringing 
it in tymo to serve onr shiping, as also that Iconld have 
no end of the procese with the tbeevish scrivano, althongh 
I had papers to show for what I asked. But the king 
BuSTerd me to stand, withont attending, an howre, and in 
the end would not tarry to here me speake, but bad me 
confer with bis hongews. Soe I went from thence to Oyen 
Dodo and tould hym what past. He gave me conncell to 
make an end of that matter of the tymber at what price I 
could bring them to^ for have it I must; bnt for that of 
the scrivanoj he thought the king would see me have my 

The China Capt., Andrea Dittis, envited the king to 
dyner, with most of the nobles ; yf a king and nobles a 
man may call them, I fynding no-noblenes amongst them. 


I617.] D1AB7 OP &ICHABD COCKS. 249 

Ajirill 10. — Mr. Ncalsons boy Lairance ran away, because 
he did beate hyto, which to say the truth he doth over 
tnnch ; yet the boy is the best boy in the howse. Bnt after, 
be was broaght back by hia parentes and left with hia 

There came 2 or 8 Chinas to see oar English howsoj men 
of esteeme, and one of them a doctor of pbisick, nnto 
wbome I geve kynd entertaynment. And one of them 
sent me a box of comfeta afterwards far a present, thanking 
me for their good entert-aynment, 

Aprill 11. — TonomoD Samme, the kinges eldest brother, 
arived this day after dyner at Firando from the Emperonrs 
conrt. The Hollanders discharged 3 chambers at his pass- 
ing by. And sowne an«r I went and viseted hym, and 
carid a present of 2 barillas wyne and 3 cases mach, con- 
taining 10 in each casej which he took in good parte. I 
fownd hym accompanid with Semidone, Sangero Samme, 
and all the rest of the caTcleroa in towne. 

Aprill 13. — The China Capt. came and tonld me he bad 
receved a letter from hia brother Whaw, from Langasaqne, 
bow themperonr of Japon had sent ont a bark, well manned 
with above 100 men, for the cost of China, wherin went 30 
gentellmen with a letter and present of worth for the Em- 
perour of China, as 10 rich cattana garnished with hiltes 
and other necessares of gould, with many pikes after same 
sort, and 2000 taies in bars of silver, so that they canot 
tell what to jndg of the matter ; only they think the Em- 
peroar of China will accept of nothing which cometh from 
them, the hatred betwixt them is soe greate. 

We dyned at Holland howse, Mr. Nealson, Mr. Oster- 
wick and my selfe, where we bad greate cheare, both £rst, 
second, and therd course, and bad no want of Spanish wyne, 
with drinking of healths to the Kinges Matie. and Queene 
of England, with the Grave Mouris and States. 

Aprill 15. — Towardes night the Kyng of Goto sent two 


250 DUBT or SICHAKD COCKS. \.*^^7' 

of his clieeffl men to me with a present, he bein^ newl^ 
retomed from the Emperonrs coort, viz. 2 banillefl wyne, 
14 iegge^ of ponldren venison, 10 great salt fysfaes, 3 hand 
guns or calivers of Japon ; ofi&ing me mnch frendship, yf 
onr shiping chanced to pnt into any of hia portes, as also 
to farDish them with tymber or any other matter they stood 
in need of, at aa loe a rate as we conld bare it in any 
other parte of Japon. 

Aprill 16. — Towurdes night word came on a sndden that 
the King of Xazma passed by and ment not to com to an 
aiicor. Soe I provided a present and went ont to meete 
hym. The King of Firando went oat to meet faym and 
sent ont his brother before, wfaoe met with ub in the way 
and willed me to stay till the king his brother had been 
abord, and then deliver onr present ; which I ment to have 
donne, whether he bad spoaken or no, and soe I tonld hym. 
Tt seemeth he hsth noe greate good will to the King of 
Firando, for he had bnt a word or 2 with hym, and so let 
hym departs, bnt kept me in taike allmost an hower, asking 
me many qneatibne and ofifring me any frendship bis cnntry 
did sfTord or that we stood in need of 

Capt. Speck went not to vizet hym, whatsoever the oc- 
cation was; whereat som exceptions were taken, and, as we 
retomed, on of the barkes of Xaxma made signes to me to 
come abord, thinking we had byn Hollanders, and, seeing 
we were not, sent a letter by me to deliver to Capt. Speck, 
which at my coming ashore I sent nnto hym. 

Aprill 17. — Ike Dono came to me this momyng, as 
he went to the kyng, and tould me the King of Xaxma 
axcepted my present in good sort and spake mnch good of 
our nation. He also tould me that the other 2 did expect 
to have had something, so, per his councell, we cut out 2 
vestea, black cloth, and 2 whole peeces chint bramport and 
sent to them. 

Aprill 1 8. — I paid the gouldsmith for aeting me a burning 


I617.] DIABy or fitCHARS COCEB. 261 

glaa JD a silver frame IJ mas, and the frame waid 3 mas 
8 condrins. 

Semidone sent me a bill to set my hand nnto, to pay the 
king 450 taies for the tymber we boagbt of hym. I re- 
ceved a letter from Cacamoo Dono, secretary to Oyen 
DoQO, the Emperonrs secretary at Edo : a frendly letter 

Aprill 19. — The king banished Sangero Samme, his node 
by a Corean woman, ont of Firandoj to live in a vill^e in 
this island, 5 leagues from Firando. This Sangero was 
Bonne to Foyne Samme in his onld adge by a Corean woman, 
and at his death he left hym 800 goeos of rise per anno. 
Bat he was no sowner dead, bnt the kyng, his nephew, 
shortned hym to 250 gocos per anno, and now hath taken 
occation to confine hym in this sort, because he dispiseth 
his wife, a noble woman of Crates, and goeth after other 

women geveing them greate presentes, bringing 

hym selfo into debt. This is the common report. 

A hoz of Crates came to see ihe English honse, and 
envited hymselfe to out fro with other hozea of Firando. 

Aprili 20. Easterday. — One of Towana aonns, of Lan- 
gasaqae, came secretly to 8e« the English howse, but I was 
enformed per one of our servantes whoe he was, and soe 
gave hym tbe beet entertaynment I could. Tliis Towan ia 
held to be the richest man in Japon, and com np of base 
parentage by his snbtill and craftie wyt. 

We had the Hollanders to dynner and our nighbonra to 

Apn'il 21. — I went to Semidone and carid hym a harao 
of wyne and 4 string of drid cattell, and thanked hym for 
the paynes taken about the tymber. I also towld hym I 
marveled at the presumptions speeches of that Miguel! the 
tieo, who gave it ont he would kill some Englishman, I 
haveinge before payd hym all he could demand, to a eon- 
drin of sappon, before the kinges hongews ; so that I 
wished hym to look to that theefe and bis companion, that 


252 DUBT or BICH&BD OOCKS. [1617. 

they went not abroad to doe misclieefe, but fcbat tbey might 
be carid to Miaco to answer it with their lives before Ingo 
Dodo. At the wbicb he seemed at first to be mooved, yet 
after he said tbe l:>Dg meat to goe np within 8 or 10 daiea, 
and that, yf I would send a man with them, he would cary 
them up in bonda and deliver them to tbe justice, which I 
was coDtented witball. So after, I seot to Takamon Dono, 
cheefe justice, to sigDefie as much to hym ; and he sent me 
word be thooght it would be long befora the king went up, 
and that it was better I sent them np sowner. But I 
answerd I had no such hast, nether was I willing to seek 
justice in an other place, yf I could have it heare ; and to 
same effect sent word to Oyen Dono, the kinges governor. 

Aprill 22. — I thought good to note downe bow theKiuge 
of Firando, above a yeare past, sent me word he would geve 
me a bowse rent free, which Matinga dwelled in, it being a 
matter of some 10 shilling or 2 taies per anno, but now goetb 
from his word and deniebh it. 

Aprill 24. — I sent Mr. Osterwick to our bmigews, which 
tbe Kyng of Firando hath put abord our junck to see each 
marener have all belonged to them, to have tbem put their 
handes to a writing of tbe debvery thereof to their content ; 
but they denid to doe it, yet by word of mouth confessed it 
to be true. Thus are we used in Firando and can have no 
justice, alltbougb we have all the right in the world 

Aprill 25 (first day Singuaeh). — Yt is thought St Mr. 
Nealson goe to Laogasaque to complaine to the Emperours 
bong^o bow we con have no justice in Firando, and he 
carieth all our papers of processe against tbe scrivano of 
the janck of the dead Capt. Giquan. 

Aprill 27. — Jno. Japon paid a mus of ptate to the goold- 
smitb for me, for making me a Jemall gould ring. 

We delivered 10 pico$ copper to the fownders to cast 
bases or small ordinance. 

Aprill 28. — Jur. Durois writes me that the Kyng of 



Umbra hath taken 2 padres presonera, both Jttpons, the 
one a FraDciacan frire and the other a jesuist. 

May 2. — This day is a feast ia Japon, of their great profit 
or god, Shaka, whoe, as they beleeve, died a month past 
and rose againe this day, being the 8th of their month of 
Singnach. Wherenpon they deck all the eaves of their 
howses with greeae bowes, in remembrance of hia rising 
from death to life. They also hold opinion that in the 
end (but they know not when) that on this day he will 
apeare (or com) anto tbem againe ahve, mach lyke to the 
Persiana that look for the coming of Mortus £ly,^ and ther- 
fore attend his coming (aa that day) with great derotion 
and reverence yeai'ly, 

I understanding that the King of Firando was ready to 
departe to goe to Edo, I went to vizet hym and carid a pre- 
sent to him, viz. 1^ tatta black cloth, 1^ red or etamet 
bayes. He took it in good parte, and wished me, when onr 
shippa came, to send np no goodes to Osaky or Miaco, untill 
the Emperonr permitted. I answerd hym be needed not to 
take care that I wonid ofiend in that point, for I looked so 
neare to the Emperours order that I meat to have sent a 
man with him now to Miaco, about the processe I had in 
hand, bat staid till our shiping came, becaase I would not 
in any sort infring the Emperonrs edict. 

May 3. — The king dyned at Shosque Bono hia cbam- 
berlens howse, whoe sent to me to desire to have a pie, a 
roset hen, and a duck, dressed after our English fation, 
which was performed and sent to hym. 

May 4. — Semidone sent me word we would com to onr 
English howse and meete Capt. Speck, to examen the 
matter of those speeches geven out. I retomed hym 
answer, yt needed not his Lordship took soe mach paines 
this fowle wether, but that we would com to hym ; but he 
«ent me word he would com to me, which he performed, 
■ Mortua AM. 



the Holland Capt. meeting hym. And Semedone broagbt in 
bis company Tormzemon Dono and Soyemoo Dono, and, to 
coDcInd, deoied all his former speeches, only he said the 
king took it in ill parte I denied to sett my hand to a letter 
or writing that I had aent goodes ap to Tozayemon Dono 
of Sackay to sell for me, which I tonld hym I had reasoa 
to do, for that I sent np non bat soald it in Firando, yt 
being a matter against the Emperonrs edict to send np any 
thing. They answered I had reason, yf I soald it baare, 
etc. Yt seemeth Gorezano, oar jurebasso, was a cheefe 
occation by means of his bad tong, gereing oat false 
reportes; which I will requite] yf I may. 

May 5. — I entring into consideration of the small respect 
this King of Firando hath of os, in comparison of that 
which he had at oar first entrance into Japon, and comparing 
on thing with an other what might be thoccation, and in 
the end finding my consience cleare that I had geven no 
occation thereof, I wrot a lardg letter nnto hym, openyng 
the discontent I had for these six months past, in respect 
of the kynde osadg we had heretofore. The coppie of 
which letter I have kept both in English and Japon tong, 
as I sent it to hym by Mr. Jno. Osterwick. Which letter 
be receaved in good parte, and retorned ma a frendly 
answer that he held me to be his frend from the beginning 
and that my hart was true anto hym, and so should his be 
to me and the rest of thenglish nation, and that I shonld 
make no dowbt thereof; yet he, being ready to goa up to 
themperoar, could not geve me satisfaction in all, which he 
would doe at bis retorne, and in the mean tyme would take 
order for Miguel the tico. 

May 6. — The King of Firando departed towardes 
(hemperours court this day, about nowne ; and I went out 
with a email bark and carid hym 2 barillas wyne and 30 
loves bread, and praid God send hym a good Toy^^. The 
Hollanders shot afTe 7 chambers or paces of ordinance as 


l6l7.] DIAET OF RICHAED C0CK3. 255 

he p&ased by, bat went not out to accompany hym as they 
were wont to doe. 

There waa 30 catlis tyn sent to the foniiders, to melt in 
our ordinaDGB of copper. So we cast 2 basses, or small 
peeces, with chambers this day. 

May 9, — There is speeches geven out that the Corean 
embassador ia howerly looked for at Ishew, with 500 
attendantes following of hym. So the King of Firando 
hath geven order for receving of hym and apointed som 20 
or more of the rnchest and hansomest men iu the towne to 
accompany Tonoman Samme his brother as his attendantes ; 
but at their owns charg, to prevent cost. 

May 11. — There was news came this day of a boate of 
Xasma which came from Langasai^ue and took in som 10 
Japon passingers to carry them to Firando, amongst whome 
was a yewth whoe had som 2000 cattu tobacco, which 
might be worth 8om 4000 mas. For which (as it is 
thought] they sett on the passingers and sine 5 of them, 
but, being neare the shore on the cost of Umbra, the rest 
escaped and raysed the cuntrey, whoe took one of them 
presently ; but the rest, being 6 or 7, escaped into the 
woodes, which forthwith were besett rownd about by the 
kinges comandement, eo that tbey canot escape. 

Yt is said their are many of these Xaxmas in (heir owue 
cuntrey up in swarmea and keepe the woodes, doing much 
mischeefe and comiting many murthers, and canot yet be 
suppressed. The begyners were souldiers which were 
prest to goe helpe the Emperour against Fidaia Samme (or 
at least made a shew they ment to doe soe) ; but they 
coming bo late, he bareing no neede of them, they were dis- 
mist without pay, which caused them to doe as tLey doe. 

May 13. — I sent a letter to Jor. Durois, with a Spanish 
book called Gatholico reformado. 

And the fownders had 30 cattie tynne more, and cast us 
2 more copper bases, same mold as the former. 



May 20. — I went and viseted Taccamon Dooo, the cheefe 
justicQ, atid carid hym a present of a barill of wjds and 2 
fyshes, wit.h 2 papers roHa oT match, contaiaing ia each 
paper 10 roles. He took it in good parte, and promised 
me to be ready to favour our nation in all fae could. 

GorezanO; our (\xxxdava )iirehaa»o, came to me and tonid 
me that he esteemed hym aelfe worthy of the 36 tais od 
money he owed upon rest of accompt, in respect of the 
service he had donne ua above at Emperonra court ; and in 
fyne tould itie, yf I ment to have any thing, I might get it 
by law. Also he tould roe that Shoaqae Dono reported 
unto hym that the Emperoar had comanded Safian Dono to 
cut his bellie ; but I canot beleev it to be true, for I sent to 
Shosqne Dono to know whether it were so or no, and he 
answerd such reportes were geven out, but he knew not 
whether it were true or no. 

The fownders had X^cattls tyn to cast chambers for the 4 
fowlers, but wanted stuff, so one rested imperfect. 

May 21. — Speeches are geven out that the caboqiies or 
Japon players (or whores), going from hence for Tushma to 
meete the Corean ambassadors, were set on by the way 
by a boate of Xaxma theeves, and kild all both men and 
women, for the money they had gotten at Firando. 

Bongo Same sent me a banche of wild boare for a 

May 22. — Jor. Durois advised me that the Kyng of 
Umbra had put two padres to death, viz. one a jesuist 
and the other a Frauceskan fryre. Also that on of the 
murtherers was taken which kild the Japone in the bark, 
but aa yet will not confes whoe were his companions. 

May 26. — We tried oar 4 fowlers this day and fowud all 
to be good, only the brich of ij of the chambers of one of 
the bigger peeces were broaken by meanes of the iron fid 
which was badly made. 

May 28. — The Chinas rowed for wagers this day in 



boates with paddelles, som 8 or 9 on a side, setiog ap a 
ma[r]V in the Bea^ and the boate which came first at it got. 
This they doe upon dable occation ; the Chinas houl ding od 
origenall and the Japona an other. This feast begyneth the 
first of this month of G-ongnacb, and endeth 5th day, which 
is to morow, which is tbe cheefe day both with China and 
Japon. And this day in tbe momyng they decked all the 
eaves of their bowses with green flagges (or segges) 
mingled with an other green herbe, which they keepe all 
the yeare after, drying the said herbe, and make littell 
mattches to bame their bodies, legges, or armes, or any 
parte wherein they feelo payne, which they doe in place of 
letting blood. I say, wheare we nse to lett blood upon 
occation to sick persons, they use to burne them with thia 
herbe, and esteeme that consecrated this day the best. 

And now tuching this feast of Piro (or Pilo), the Chinas 
hold the oHgenall as followeth, viz. : — 

They have it by record (or writing), as they say, that 
many ages past a king of China propownded a question to 
his sages (or wise men), comanding them to tell hym the 
tmtb, what thing only they esteemed. the best and most 
necessary npon the earth for the sastenaace of mans lyfe. 
And their were two only that stood in oontentioQ aboat the 
matter: the one saying that salt was the beet; and the 
other, suger. So the kyng comanded to bring hym both of 
the OQ and other and made a taat of both ; and fynding tbe 
salt so nnsavery in his month, comanded that wyse man, 
which spook in praise thereof, to be cast into tbe say. But 
thereupon grew such extreme fowle wether for a long tyme 
afterward, that they had no meanes to mak salt, bo that non 
was to be bad to seazon or dres the kinges meat«. By 
which meanes he fownd then by experience that salt was 
better then suger, and was sory he had soe unadvisedly put 
the other to death. And on day, as he sat at dyner, in 
greate care for want of salt, there was som fell downe npon 




the table, and he knew not from whence it came. This 
miracle (they saj) hapned the first day of Qon^oach, soe 
that presently the king comanded a seremony to be used 
upon the sea, in memory of that man which was drownd, 
whose name was Piro (or Pilo), as aforsaid. So that, as 
they row, at every atrok of paddell they geve, they name 
Pilo, they being aDswerd (all in one) with stroke of drum 
and bras bason. So that, ever since that tyme, they nerer 
wanted salt, and contynewally every yeare, at this tyme, nse 
that seremony. 

Bat they Japons howld it to be an other way, yet both 
agree in the name of the man. The Japons say be was a 
wise man and a great eatronomer, and dwelled in an iland 
seperated from China, about the cost of Camboja, and that 
by his learayng he understood before hand that the iland 
where be dwelt should sink into the sea, and tould they 
inhabetantes thereof, willing them to make provision of 
boates and ahiping (in tyme) to carry them away. Bnt 
they laughed hym to seenie. Yet neverthelesse he made 
provition for hym selfe in tyme, and see escaped and came to 
land in another place, all the rest perishing when the iland 

May 29. — This day was their feast of Qonguach Guench 
or 5th day of 5th month. 

Jwne 3. — Word came that a bark of the China Capt. was 
cast away, I dowbting it wa.i she he went in for Langa- 
saque ; but it proved to be a wood bark of his overladen 
and sunk, but no people lost. 

June 4. — Tozayemon Dono advized me that Saiian Done 
is at Edo and in favor, Gonrok Dono his kinsman gon for 
governor to Langasaque, and Chubio Dono his brother at 
bathes, all in favor, and that themperor will be at Miaco 
next month. 

June 6. — It is aaid two more padres or papist pristes are 
put to death in Umbra ; and, because the people carid away 



the blood io haodkercIiefeB and clowtes of the other two 
executed before, he caused these 2 to be cast into the sea, 
TTith stones tied aboat their necks. 

June 7. — Towardes night a man of Groto brought word 
how there were iij sbipps arived neare to Goto and there 
com to an anker ; but he knew not what they were. And 
about midnight Capt. Speck sent me word that the[y] were 
ij greate shipps of thearea com from Molucas and had 
taken ajonck on the cost of ManiHias and brought her as 
prize to Japon. Also that they had 10 greate shipps at 
Manillias to look ont in those partes, etc. 

June 8. — The 2 Holland ships and prize came into the 
roade at Cochy. It is said they have taken and spoiled all 
the junckes which went this yeare for the Kanillias. They 
confes 14 or 15 sayle, but thonght to be much more, and 
have burned the Spanish shipp of Don Joo. de Silra and 
others, bnt not knowne wether they had the treasure or 
no. It is esteemed their booty is greate. They say they 
have another junk prize which they lost company of at sea, 
faaveing 7 Hollander men in her and rest Chinas above 30 
or 40. So they dowbt the Chinas have kild them. Also 
reportes are geven ont they have taken China junkes on this 
cost. In fine, yt is thought they will have trowble about 
taking Chinas. 

June 9. — I went abord the ij Holland shipps t-o Cochy, 
and carid each of them a barell of wyne, a hogg, and 10 
loves bread. I thought to have fownd Capt. Speck abord, 
but he was gon ashore ; and the King of Firando had set a 
bark to watch that nothing was brought ashore. So it is 
thought the Hollanders will not let their shipps nor pnz 
junk enter into Firando, for it is said they have robbed 
above 40 junkes, and are both full laden with silk and 
fituSes of silk, and the priz 200 ficollei silk abord her. 

June 10. — The Holland marreners came ashore unknowne 
to the master, and brought taSetes, sattens, damasks, mos- 



260 DUBT Olf RICHARD COCKS. [l^l/. 

cods, and sucli lyke, geving aw&y and selling mattera good 
cheapo. The master and capt. of both Holland shipps 
came ashore and went with Capt. Speck to vizet the kiuges 
brother, and from thence came all to thenglish howse. 
Capt. Speck toald me that the kingea brother had warned 
them Jiot to sell anything till they beard answer from 
tfaemperonr, but might land what they would. So this day 
they loaded 4 or 5 barkes with raw silk and sent it ashore. 

June 11. — The China Capt. took a boate and went to see 
the junk that the Hollanders took, wherat Capt. Speck was 
mnch offended and would not let hym goe afaord. Yet he 
8pok to the Chinas, whoe tonid hym they shewed great 
cruelty to them, and were not content to take sbipp and 
goodes but caat them overbord, for of 270 persona that 
were abord that junck they had left but 30; and, when 
they had taken all that they liked out of other junkes, they 
sunk them with the rest, people and all. Soe he hath 
taken councell with the Chinas to send up to the Emperonr 
to make complaint ; and in the meane tyme hath sent for 
Gonrok Dono, to Langasaque, to com hether. 

June 12. — ■! wrot 3 letters to Tozayemon Dono of Sackay, 
Cnimon Douo of Osaky, and Magozemon Dono of Miaco, 
advising them of the arivall of the ij Holland shipps with 
their priz, and delivered them to Soyemon Dono to send 
up in the kingea bark which now they send up abont Hol- 
landers matter, per which conveance the Chinas send to 
have remedy against the Hollanders. 

These Chinas in the junck will not be perswaded but that 
they are Englishmen tvbich took them. The reason, the 
Hollanders in all their tbeevish proceadinges gere it out 
they are English. 

June 13. — Capt. Speck receved a letter that their other 
junk the[y] lost in the way was arived in Xaxma. The 
Hollanders sett out orders abord their ahipps that the 
mareners should sell nothing to the Englishmen. 


l6l7-] DIART or BIL'QAED COCKS. 261 

June 14. — I receved a letter from Alvaro Mniios, Trbicb 
Cnpt. Speck opened before it came to my handes, of the 
which I wrot hym a letter that I took it in ill parte. 

■Tune 17, — I sent Henry Shank iij iait smalt plate upon a 
bundell sOk id pawne, to pay (as be saitb) for stafTea he 
hath bonght of Hollanders. This Shank I fynd to be a 
bnsye, hnmeroas pot companion. 

Mr. Totton, being enyited by some of the Hollanders to 
goe abord to make merry, took a bark and tbonght to have 
donne it; but, being ready to goe abord, Uahenuaque Dono 
comanded the Japons which carid hym to retome back, 
except he brought a ticket from the Hollanders. Where- 
upon they would not be perswaded by any meanes to set 
them abord. So at his retorne we thought to have provided 
hym an English ging to row hym abord ; but the tide was 
past, that they could not, and so it rested till the morow 

Harry Shank is a quarrellaom, drunken fello, and not 
many dais past entertayoed a wench, although I perswaded 
hym to the contrary, and after threw her out at a windoe in 
an upper loft and put her away in bad sort. Yet this day 
he got a dagger in his packet, and went to her fathers 
howse, using hym with bad tearmes to provok hym to com 
out, and then wounded hym in 3 places; so that all the 
street was in an npror. 

Jniie 18. — This momyng Mr. Totton went abord the 
Hollanders, rowed in our owne boate all by Englishmen, to 
see whether the Hollanders would forbid hym entrance ; 
and withall I wrot a letter to Ushenusque Dono, or such 
hongevs as was theare, to geve hym to understand I took the 
Hollanders no kingea in Japon that I should seek a passe 
from them, willing hym withall to take heed how he medled 
in matters which tnched our previleges, as he would answer 
to the contrary before the Emperour and the King of 
Firando, his master, my prevelegea alowing me free \ 


262 Duav or eichakd cocts. [i6i7- 

both hy sea and land, to doe my busenes withont distorb- 
ance of Japon or anj other id Firando or LaDgasaqn& 

Mr. TottoD was frendly entertayned abord by Capt. Speck 
and the rest of Hollanders, and tonld hym that it were the 
JapoDS that forbad oar cooiin^ abord and not he, and that 
I had good occation to be angry, yf he shonld set ont any 
order to forbid thengliafa to com abord. And for my letter 
which was opened, he made many protestations it was 
against hia will, he, being busy and the letter bronght anto 
bym, opened it unawares. 

June 19. — This momyng fayre wether, wynd northerly 
bnt rack easterly, and sowne after rayne most parte of the 
day, with much wynd as abovesaid, and in the night proved 
a taSbn, or extreme storm of wynd and rayne, blowing 
downe Or nncovering bowses and sincking boates, and 
amongst the rest out foyfane. 

Also in the aSter nowne our host Cuemon Dono of 
Osaky arived beare at Firando and brought me a present 
of ij catabraa, one of silk and thother lynen, with ij 
littcll packetes fyne rise, and a wyre frame for a aequan- 
eeky* or cupp. Yt is said the King of Xaxma hath snfferd 
the Chinas to land all ther goodee ont of the junk the 
Hollanders took, not medliog with the one partie nor the 
other. And the Chinas make a pnrae amongst them all 
of 5000 taia to send in a present to tbemperonr to have 
redresse against the Hollanders. 

This night the tuffon (or storme) drove the 2 Holland 
shipps agrownd with the junk they took prize, and, as it is 
said, are all 3 bildged and all the merchandiz wett that is in 
them. Many men speak diversly of the matter, but most 
say playnly it is a ponishment of God upon the Hollanders 
for wrongfully taking of other mens goodes. Howsoever 
the loBse will be infynet^ all being wet, and now must land 



that peiTnerce ^hich tfaej ttonglit should never com ashore 
in JapOD. 

June 20. — I sent Mr, Oaterwick to Capt. Speck to tell 
hym I was sory for the misfortune happened, offring them 
any help we coald. He desired to have omt foy fone, which 
was sunk this night, to helpe them; which we sowne 
cleared and made her ready with 14 ores to row and one 
of oar jurebassos, and so sent her to them. 

JuTie 21. — I wrot a letter complementall to Gonroq Dono, 
that I was glad of his arivall at Langasaqne, as also tuching 
my processe against the scrivano of Giqaans junk, with 
other matters, as apereth per coppie, in the Japon tong. 
And I wrot an other to Capt. Whow, the China Capt. at 
Langasaque, and sent hym all the papers of my processe 
against the said scrivano. 

And in thaftar nowne Gonrok Donos man came to our 
English howse, and tould me he was sent per his master to 
accompany certen Spaniardes and Portingales, to signefie 
to the Tono of Firando that he should not suffer the Hoi' 
landers to let any of their sbiping go it (iic) to lay waite 
for thamakan shipp, as they gave it ont they would doe, as 
also to comaod the HoIIandes Capt. in themperours name 
that he should ee it performed. Yet, as it falls ont, they 
needed not to have taken soe much paines, for God had 
prevented their desines and brought their eh i ping on 
grownd, and bildged and broaken her to peeces which 
should have gOD ont. Also the China Capt. tould me that 
the Xing of Xaxma had secretly geven leave to the Chinas 
that nere in the HoIIandes junk of priz, put into that place, 
that perforce they might discharg their goodes against the 
Hollanders wills, which were but few, and then pursue law 
against them at themperours Coart ; which they have donne. 
And this momyng the China Capt. sent one of his servantea 
to the bonyews which saw the unlading of the goodes out 
of the China junk, to know wheare the goodes were put. 



either into the Hollande howse or the kingea gei3ong. Bat 
he retomed answer he kneir not where they were put. In 
fine, it is thought the Hollanders will fall into greats 
trowble about these busynesses, and som in this place into 
danger for permiting matters to passe as they doe. 

The Spaniardea and Fortingale come to towne were 
Alvaro Manos, Lues Martin, and one Famandes. 

June 22. — The Hollanders gott one of there shipps called 
the Flushing aflote, and hath not much hnrte, aa they aay, 
besides the cuting overbord of the mast. 

June 24. — The Hollanders men remeaned ashore, day 
and night, notwithstanding the danger their shipping and 
goodea were falne into per meanes of this tudbn past. So 
Albartus, Leonard, and. Jacob Swager, accompanid with 
Japons, went to ferret them out of their whorehouses. 
And som they took, and others eacaped into the woodes, 
after whome they sent Japons to hunt them ont, geveinfif 
them five mas or halfe a crowne atr. for each one they 
brought, which was not long a doing, they being carid 
along the streetes with their handea bownd behind them 
and garded to the Dach howae lyke theeves ; and aurly I 
esteemed them worse, that would leave their shipps in such 
danger, som of tbein never going abord since the shipps 
came into harbor. 

Our host Cuemon Dono of Osaky came and vizeted me 
and brought me a present of a harao of Mywarey wyne. 

June 25. — The Hollanders sought for a cafTro which had 
stolne thiuges from abord, and fownd hym and carid hym 
■ abord in bandes. Also there were aouldiers which were 
unruly ashore and would not keepe quarter abord, nether 
cared for marenera, master, nor other, till their lieutenant 
soldier came to look them out and carid them abord in 

I envited Cuimon Dono, our host of Osaky, to dyner, 
vifon catange (or Japon fation), with an other of Osaky 


l6l7-] DIABT or BICHABD COCES. 265 

which was in his company, and their host of Firando; and 
by chance Alvaro Munos came at same tyma and dyned 
with us. This is a suttell Castillano &nd a tyme observer. 

June 26. — News is com to towne that 3 more of the 
Hollander men of war that fought with the Spaoiardes at 
Manillas are without, at an iland nenre unto Langasaqne, 
called Komozaky, And sowne after the master of the 
Flushing came ashore to the English howse, and tould me 
that 2 of these sbipps which are com in are of Bantam. I 
say that 2 of these Holland ahipps came from Bantam and 
the therd from the Manillias ; in which shipp is com Jno. 
Derickson Lamb, generall of the fleet which came from 
the Manillias and fought with the Spaoiardes. And now 
tbey say that the ambrall^ shipp of the Hollanders is lost in 
that fight with 2 others, and that 5 Spaniardes were suDck. 
But it is nncerten whether it will prove true or no, for that 
the Hollanders differ soe much in reportes. 

Tt is also said that Capt. Speck gave adviz formerly for 
these 2 shipps which are com from Bantam to com of 
purpose to take the Macon shipp, and so to carry tymber 
and other provisions from hence for Molucos, yf they missed 
of their purpose. 

They report that news was com out of England for 
Bantam that the Spanish ambassador was taken or kept 
prisoner in England for treason pretended against the 
Kinges Majestie and state, and that the Kinges Majestie of 
England had set out his army royall against the Spaniardes ; 
which whether it will prove true or no I know not. 

Mr. Nealson, being drunk yistemight (as he is seldom 
Bober), fell a quarreling with Mr. Totton and used hym out 
of fation ; and because I reproved hym for it, willing hym 
to goe into his chamber and sleepe, he fell out with tne 
and cald me ould dmnken asse, geveing me many tbretnyng 
speeches not snfferable, as Mr. Totton, Mr, Osterwick, and 
all the rest are witnesse. 

' Admiral. 



June 27. — Mr, Nealson wrot me he was Bory of that 
which passed yistemight, promeBiQg amendiiieiit ; which 
God grant. 

Mr. TottoQ and Mr. Osterwick went abord the Holland 
fihipps, being themnto envited per the masters ; but Uche- 
nnsque Dono, being bongew, sent men to take their ores 
from them, as they did the lyke from Jno. Cooke and the 
chirurgion, with certen peeces stuff was geven them for 
preaentes j but after, they better bethonght them selres 
and retorned all. Yt is Strang to see how we are misused 
by these Japons of Firando, and how that theefe Gorezano 
is mcntajned to misuse ns; and the justice .wilt not com- 
pell hym to paj me that he oweth me. 

June 28.— About nowne came news that the Amacan 
ship is arived at Langasaque, as also a junck of the China 
Capten, com from Isla Fermosa, called by them Taccasanga. 
Also they bring word that the Hollanders which com from 
Bantam say that we have 2 shipps to com for these partes. 
God send them well in. 

Before night there was letters came to Capt. China from 
Langasaqne, that it is but a small friggat of adviz which ia 
com from Amacan to Langasaque, and brought but littell 

The steward of the Duch ehijipIUdLifoti, coming ashore 
with certen stnffes to make aparell for the master and 
others, to the valine of 50 R. of 8, it was all taken from 
hym per the Japon bongews, and he wounded in the head 
because he made resistance. I know not what the malla- 
pertnes of these Japons should be to forestall men for 
making use of their owne, except it be they think to mak 
booty of all, yf themperonr favor not the Hollanders. 

June 29. — The other 3 Holland shipps enterd into the 
bay of Cochy yistemight very late, and the FlugMng shot 
affe 3 peces ordinance for a welcom, but they answered 
with non. These 3 which now entred are the ould Son 


1617.] DIABV or RICHABD COCKS. 267 

wlierin Jno, Derickeon Lamb, the generalt, ia com from the 
Manillas, and the other ij came from Bantam, the on called 
the Black Lyon, she which was heare the last yeare. 

Capt. Speck retomed ashore yistemight, he haveing 
byn out 4 or 5 daiea abord these new com ehipps, and, as 
it is said, was at Langasaqae to speake with Gonrok Dono, 
whoe, hearing of the arivall of the Amacan ship, comanded 
hym io themperonrs name to retire to Firando with their 
3 new com shipps, according as themperonr had ordayned, 
to thentent the Macon shipp might enter without empech- 
ment. See the Hollanders wayed ancor to com for this 
pUce ; and sowne after, in sight of them, the Portingall 
ehipp entred the port of Langasaqae, 

I forgot to note downe how Mr. Nealson went abord the 
ij Hollandes shipps, but was noe sowner abord but the Japon 
hongewB sent to take away both boate and ores ; which he 
seeiog, stepped into the boate and bad them stand back or 
enter upon their parell. So they returned grumbling, 
thretuyng the Japons which carid ns. 

About dyner time I was enformod that the jnnck, which 
Shobi Dono should have brought our 5000 skins in the 
other yeare from Syam, is now arived at Langasaque, and 
that she wintered in Champan,^ and from thence came this 
yeare. Soe I presently diapached Mr, Nealson for Langa- 
saque with 1 bill for 5000 skina, wherof 440 for Andrea 
Dittis, each to pay 24 skins per cento, fraight ; 1 bill of 
492 tais Japon plate, to be paid per Shobio Dono within 30 
daies after his arivall at Langasaque. 

June 30. — I went and vizeted the Holland generall named 
Jdo. Derickson Lamb, and carid Lym 2 bartoi wyne, a 
hogg, 20 loves fresh bread, and 5 hense j and to the capt. 
of the other ii shippa each one a harso wyne, a hog, and 20 
loves bread. Tt was taken in good part. I doe percevo 
by the generall that in the battell they sunk no Spanish 
1 Cbampon, in the Golf of Siam. 


268 SIART OF StCHABD C0CE6. [l6l7- 

shipp, but that iij Hollanders were sunk, viz. the admerall, 
called the New Son, and a lesaer shipp and a smalt peenisse, 
ftll the men perishing out of the ij lesser, but saved them 
which were in the admerall that were teft ulive, shoe being 
ready to siuke. But the viz-admerall, meeting with the 
other 2 Holland ehippa, burnt her selfe, as I have formerly 
noted, as also they burned the shipp which went the last 
yeare from Xasma with the treasure which came from New 
Spaine to the valine of 6 millions ; but the money was 
landed before. 

I can heare of no letters they brought for us; only 
they say the small shipp, which went from hence, was 
making ready to com back, but can tell nothing of Capt. 
Keeling] whether he be gon for England or for the Molucas. 
They allso aay the English Capt. at Bantam is dead, but 
know not his name. Some yet said it was Capt. Jounlen, 
and others said he was gon for England, and he dead that 
was left in his place. They also report that the Sector was 
cast away at Surat, for fait of looking to in carynyng. 

The ij Duch shipps whicb came from Bantam did tnch at 
Pattania, and say there was but ij Euglishmen theare, Mr. 
Browne and a yowth. Also yt was tonld them that Mr. 
Benjamyn Farry was dead at Syam. And they say there 
was ij French shipps this yeare at Bantam, but came with- 
out money and so could doe nothing. Their pilottea were 
Hollanders, which the Hollanders at Bantam took out of 
them per force, 'as they did the like per all other Hol- 
landers they found in them. They say there is iij other 
French shipps coming after to second them, which, yf they 
speed no better then these, will not geve the adventui-era 
curadge to send any more. 

These Hollanders report very Strang newes out of Eng- 
land of treason pretended against the Kinges person, 
wherin the quandum Countes of Essex, that was marid to 
the Earle of Somercet^ should have a hand, as also be 


l6l7-] D1ABT or KICHIRD COCKS. 269 

a contriver of the death of Prince Henry. In fine they tell 
strange matters. 

There were 4 of 5 English men abord the Son, the ad- 
merall sfaipp of the Hollanders, which, as it seemed, were 
afraid to make them selves knowoe nnto me ; and one of 
them, a talle fello, stood staring as yf he had byn agaat, 
and tould me he was dowbtfall whether he might tell me 
he was an English man or no. It hath made me to enter 
into many imagenations of the speeches of killing onr 
English men at Pulawaj and taking it from our English 
nation, whome had pocession of it before for the Kingea 
Ma'" of 'England. Also of the poiaonyng of Capt. Oas- 
telton, which they put upon the Spaniardes ; yet may and 
is dowbted over much by the familliarety betwiz hym and 
Jno. DericksoD Lamb, the Hollaudes general!.* 

Juli/ 1. — Skydayon Dono, capt. of our junck Sea Adven- 
ture, wrot a letter to his brother, which letter came per 
junck of Shoby Dono from Champau, wherin he advized 
hym how onr junk Sea Aduenture made her voy^e from 
hence to Syam in 28 dayes. God send her safely to retorne. 

July 2, — Gronrok Dono sent his man to Capt. Speck with 
a present of 2 peare beawhi.' The heawhs were sent to Jno. 
Derickson Lamb. 

I understood Jno. Derickson Lamb would bring in his 
shipp this day, wherupon I sent our foyfony with 14 ores 
to heipe to toe her in ; but she came not in, but the lesser 
shipp called the Gallyasse. I sent Eichurd Kyug in the 
foyfony, because he spoke Duch ; and it fortuned the Eng- 
lishmen fowod opertunety to tell hym they asked the 
geoerall leave to com ashore, to vizet their cuntreymen. 
But he reprooved them, saying they held the English in 
these partes for their mortall enemies, and therefore forbad 

' See tbe notice of these events in the account of Peyton's second 
voyage to the E^t Indies, in Purcbu'a Ptlgriiues, 1625, part i, lib. iv, 
cap. 15. ' Screens. 


270 DUET or RICHARD COCKS. ['^17- 

them to com to our howae. This nufrendly dealing doth 
still conferme me in my former opinion that they have 
glajne our men in the Molucaa. God grant they have not 
used som trechery af^ainet Geuerall Keeling. And at this 
instant came a drunken Flemyng to onr English howae, 
vhoe toald me they were forbidden upon payne of their 
lives to com to the English howse, "yet", aaid he, " I will 
com to yow, and were I out of the Hollanders service I 
would never serve them more". 

July 3. — I went and viseted Tonomon Samme, the kinges 
brother, and carid hym 2 barsog wyne and 2 cordes drid 
fyabes, exskewsing my not coming before since his brothers 
departure. He asked me whie we did not take China 
junkes, as well as the HoUandera. I anawerd hym we 
could not take any that were frendea to the King of Eng. 
land, as the Chinas wears and all others till wara were 
procleamed. He also asked me whether we would take 
Spaniardes or Fortingall shippa, yf we met them. I answerd 
hym that we had more reason to doe that then to take Chinas, 
for that they did take onrs, yf they had strength to doe it. 
"But," said he, "I think the Emperonr will not permit 
the one nor the other to meddell with the shipp of Amacon." 
I tould hym I thought to the contrary, that the Emperonr 
would rather permit ns to take Spaniardes then Chinas, for, 
yf we took them, we would bring them in heare. "But," 
said ho, " yf yow had taken her this yeare, yow might well 
have brought her in. But how should we doe hereafter, 3rf 
yow debar us from that continuall trade ?" I-answerdwe 
should not want to bring in yearly the lyke comodetie 
either from one place or other. 

He tould me that he had noted a long tyme that the 
Hollanders and we were frendes but from tooth outward 
and not cordially, as neighboura and frendes ought to be. 
I anawerd hym the fait was not ours but the pride of the 
other, which would make the world to beleeve they were 



that which they were Bot. For that it was well knowne 
there was no comparison to be made betwixt their small 
state, governed by a county, with the mighty and powrefuU 
goTemmei^t of the King of England, whoe did in som sort 
goTeme thein, keeping garrisons in their cheefest places. 

I also tould hym I marveled that the Firando bongews the 
other day did take the ores out of the boates which carid na 
abord the Holland shipps, with such peecea of stoffes as 
were geren our folkes to make them aparell. He answerd 
me be knew nothing thereof, only order waa geven by 
Taccamon Dono to restreigne all men from buying till order 
came from themperonr what was to be donne therein. I 
asked hym then by what anthorety Gorezano was snfiered 
to boy and to goe up and downe in the shippa with greate 
bagges of money, to buy and doe what hee list ; which 
speech pnt hym to a non plus that he knew not what to say. 
Id fine, I tould hym that I had a processe against this 
Goresano for money he owed me, and had required justice 
long ago, and pnt my papers into Taccamon Donos handes, 
but could have no end thereof, only now I desird hym that 
seeing this fello had money to bnild howaes and buy mer- 
chandiz, that he might he constrayned to pay me that 
which he oweth. He anawerd me he would epeake to 
Taccamon Dono to doe me justice. 

There came 2 Japons to the English howse, which came 
in these Duch shipps, and complaine that the Hollanders 
will not pay them their wagis according to promis, and 
desired, when our shiping came, yf we had need of men, 
that they might be entertayned, for that they would not 
serve the Hollanders any more, haveing byn soe badly dealt 
with for their 6 yeares servis now past. 

July 4. — The admerall ship of the Hollanders, called the 
Sone, came into Firando road this day, and shot afe 7 pecea 
ordinance, and 4 we[re] shot ont of the Oalliaa and certen 
chambers from Duch howse. I sent Mr. Osterwick abord 



to bid the general), Jno. Derickson Lamb, welcom, and 
sent hym by hym 2 peare silk etockinges for a present, viz. 
one crimson, and thother sad blew, which he took in good 
parte, telling Mr. Osterwick he would com and vizet me at 
onr English howse. 

Towardes night Mr. Nealson arived from Langasaqne, 
and brought the 3800 skins along with hym, as also a letter 
from Mr. Wm. Eaton, dated in Syam, le 28th February, 
1616, but kept till 13th March, and sent per way Cbampa. 

1 from Mr. Benjamyn Farry in Judea,^ at Syam, Itli 
June, 1616. 

1 from Mr. Jno. Johnson and Mr. Rio (?) Pitt in Jndea, 
ISthMarche, 1616. 

1 from Mr. James Surges, pilot of Sea Adventure, 16 
Marche, 1616. 

1 from Jno. Ferrers, at Paria in Champa, 18 May, 1617. 

1 from Bobt. Purges, ditto Champa, without date. 

All which letters came in the junk Shoby Dono from 
Champa, som of them being sent in a small goma from 
Syam to Champa, with a cargezon goodes amonting to 
680 tais, under charg of Piter Hall, Jno. Ferrers, and Pobt. 
Surges for pilot. God send us good news of them here- 
after, for they advize a Portngall frigat took the Hollandes 
bark going out to retome for Syam. They advize both 
from Syam and Champa, as also from Camboja, that the 
kinges of those places, as also of Cochinchina, desire much 
to have our shipping to trade into their cuntres, eapetially he 
of Cochinchina, but to com in our owne shiping, and not in 
Japoua, for that he hath banished them ont of his cuntrey, 
I meaue the renegagea enhabeting in those partes, which 
did all the mischeefe before. 

I receved a letter from Jor, Dnrois, of 12th July, in 

Langasaque, wfaerin he adviseth of 20 Spanish gallions 

arived this years in the Indies at Malacca, viz. 12 Spanish 

and 8 Portugeze, with order to roote out all Hollanders at 

> XutkfB. 


l6l7-] DUET or BICHABD C0CE3. 273 

Bantam, Mulacoa, and else wheare, aod not to let one 
remeane alive. God grant it prove falce and confownd 
tfaem in tbeir proceadtnges. This news he sayeth cometh 
irom the Manillas, and that the Spaniardes cha&ed away 
the Eollaoders from thence with losse of 3 Hollands shippa 
aod no Spaniardes ; which ia a lye, and so I hope the rest 
may prove. 

July 5. — I sent Mr. Oaterwick to tell Capt. Speck the 
newes we heard of the takeing a bark or boate of theirs on 
the bar of Champa by a Portingale friggat, as also what 
Jor. Duroia hftd wrot me of the 20 galHons arived at 
Malacca. Bat he skarce did voncfasafe to open hia Hpps 
nnto hym or look at hym, bnt sent to know what he had to 
say. At the same tyme Jno. Derckson Lamb waa by, and 
Bom 50 or 60 small shot plying their mnsketa before hym, 
he walking in state with a greate cheane of gould 4 fonld 
ahont fais neck, and had sentenelles of mnsketers standing 
in each qaarter of the howse, with nansket in rest and mach 
in cock ; but whether they did it to shew greatnesse, or for 
feare to be snpprised (their conaciences accusing them), I 
know not. 

July 6. — ^The Dnch domine came to the Gagliafa howse, 
and, as I perceaved by his speech, he was aware of w[rong] 
amo[ng]st them, saying they had not the feare of God 
before their eyes, and therefore could not be happey in their 
proceadinges. And sowne after came the fiscall, unto 
whome I showed my adviz (or letter) I had receaved of the 
20 seale Spanish gallions arived at Malacca. He said it 
should be strange yf snch a strength should com at once 
out of Spaine, without being seconded per the Hollanders, 
who no dowbt woald not want to have a care thereof; and 
did verely think that their Company and the English weare 
all joyned in one before now, for that the difference, being 
but a money matter, could not chuse but sowne be decyded. 


274 DliET O? EICHAED COCKS. [l^I/. 

Tt slioald seeme their is but littell good will between this 
fiakall and Cftpt. Speck. 

Tt IB Strang to see the nnrnljnes of these Hollaiido 
mareners and aouldiera, how they goe atagring dmok np 
and downs the etreetes, slashing and catting .ofe each other 
with their knyves, lyke mad men. 

July 7. — This day Mr. Totton had much conference with 
an English man which came in the Hollande shipps, and 
did what he could to leame oat whether the Hollanders 
had tild oar English men at Pnlaway in the Molncoe. This 
fello was loath to say any thing, yet in the end he confessed 
that be had heard others report that we had 5 or 7 English 
men in that iland, and had taken a howse a littell np within 
the cnntrey, and planted the English flag on the hiest parte 
thereof; which coming to knowledg of Jno. Dirickson 
Lamb, the Hollande generall, he sent for them to come 
downe to bjm, which the English men denied to doe, 
retomyng hym word they had taken pocession of that 
place for the King of England, and that they would keeps 
it and mentayne it to the last drop of blood they had in 
their bodies; which the Hollander perceaving sent a multi- 
tude of Molncan people to take them perforce and to bring 
them to hym alive or dead ; which was performed and 2 
English men seene brought downe, bownd hand and foote, 
by that raskall rable ; but what became of the rest this 
man knew not. Thus much have 1 noted downe, that, 
whether I live or dye, yet I hope this my hand writing may 
com to the handes of our honorable employers, and that our 
gratious soveraigne, King James, will Dot let his sabjectes 
be mnrtbered and his pocessions taken from hym in such 

And we sould the rest of onr ellophantes teeth to 
Shroyemon Dono at 70 taU picull, waying 619 cattle; and 
were waid out unto hym this day. 

I forgot to note downs how thenglishman tould us that 


l6l7-] DIARY or BICHABD COCKS. 275 

when the matenooB Hollanders and their coosortes had kild 
onr Englishmen at Poolaway and broaght downe oar 
English flag, the drnnkea, envions Hollanders (brave men) 
paid it in peecea and dm it thorow .... and made cleans 
.... with it. 

July 8. — I thonght good to note downe heare how 
Taccamoii Dono sent to know what onr ellophantes teeth 
waid and the price we sonld them for, and to see the money 
we rec. for them. And I retomed hym word I would not 
let hym know nether the one nor other. I know not what 
this ehonld meane, except they thinke to have aom advan- 
tage against the Hollanders, and imagin to make their case 
and oara all one. Yet my comfort is, they ahall never 
prove we have theeve stelae goodes, and therefore not to 
geve accompt to them of what we have. 

Also the servant of Toaomon Bamme came and shewed 
me a letter which he had rec. from Gonrok, that yf any 
ponlder or lead came in Hollanders or English shipping, to 
keepe it for themperonr, I tonld hym he might have pnt 
the English before the HoIIaoder, for it was his place, and 
for the rest, what we had was at themperonres service, aa 
reason wonld it shonld be. 

July 9. — Capt. Speck, accompanid with Jno. Yoosen and 
Albartus, came to onr English howse, and amongst other 
matters asked me what new and how those people nsed ns. 
X answerd hym it was no news to tell hym how we are mis- 
□sed, and that I fownd it every day worse then other. He 
toald me it was impossehle any others were soe misnsed as 
they, for that the Japons kept watch and ward abont their 
howse and about their shipps, and woald not let the 
neighbours enter into their howse, nor saSer the cnntry 
people to sell them provision of victnelles nor lett them 
have a boate and people to caiy Jno. Toosen to Lan- 

Jtdy 10,— I foi^t to note downe that yesterday, in the 


276 DUBT or BtCHABD C0CE3. [l^t/- 

after nowne, the seiraat of Gonrok Dono came to the 
howse of Tome Dono, our next neighbour, a J&pon papist, 
and called secretly to hym both our jurebaesos, with 
Domingo, my boy, and there made them all drunk, I knovp 
not to what end, except it were to learne of them what 
speeches passed in our howse. 

News waa brought the Chioa Capt. of a junk from Syam 
arived at Langasaque, which came in company of 5 which 
came from thence, but lost company after they passed Isia 
Fermosa (or Tacca Sanga). Grod send them well. 

The Holland generall, Jno. Derekson Lamb, sent me a 
present of a harica Spanish wyne, 3 Holland cheeses, ij 
baskettea sugar candy, and 6 gammons China bacon ; and 
sent it by an English sonldier, a gentelmans soone in the 
west can trey. 

Usbennsque Dono came to vizet me with many fayre 
wordes, unto whome I did in som sort tell how we were 
worse ased then in tyme of Foyne Samme. He said I had 
reason bob to say, yet we most consider the goTemment 
was otherwais now in Japon then it was in the tyme of 
Ogoaho Samme, for that the lonos in Japon would not be 
comanded in such sort by Shongo Samme as they were by 
Ogosho [Samme]. These speeches of his were strange. 

July 11. — Soyemon Dono came this day to vizet me, and 
amongst other speeches I tould hym it was strange to see 
how both we and the Hollanders were used now in respect 
of tyme past. He said that, for ns, he knew not any thing 
whereby we should be misused ; bat for the Hollanders, 
they bad brought much stolne goodes, and the tono of this 
place bad great reazon to look unto their proceadinges till 
order came from the flmperour for the disposing thereof. 
Yet, at first entring of the ij Holland shippa and jnnk, the 
kynges brother ofierd to take the matter in hand and to 
councell them for the best, and to certefy the Emperour yt 
was Portingalles goodes. At which his offer Capt. Speck 



lawghed, BetiDg light by his speeches, geviag hym had 
learmes. Wbereapon he hath ever since held this strickt 
coarse for his owne discharg, and advised the Emperour 
that all which came in their shippa and jnnk is Chinas 
goodes, taken from them per force, which he thinkea the 
Emperoar will not saffer any stranger take ; and bronght 
in for a presedent how, in Ticus Samas tyme, when the 
Japons had wars against Corea and China, that certen 
Japons went on the China cost, robing and spoiling with- 
ont themperours comision, gating greate mches, but at 
their retome were all put to death and the goodes confiacat 
into the Emperoars handes, parte being retomed to Chinas 
which [could lay] claime unto it. 

July 12. — Yistemight late I receaved a letter from Jor. 
Dnrois, per Fachemon, dated in Langasaqne, 16th July, 
new stile, wherin he advised me of the entry of a friggat 
at Langasaque, which came from Goa and tucbed at Amaccu ; 
bnt writ of no newee. AIbo that 3 barkes of Twans are 
retomed, which were Bent out to have taken Taccasango 
(or Isla Fermosa), hut could effect nothing, yet were pnt 
into Cochinchina, where they saw Capt. Adames junk and 
others labouring to get straight, hut thoaght would not 
retome full laden. This he writes. 

Jno. Derickson Lamb, the Hollande general], came to 
our English howse, and Capt. Speck with the rest of the 
principall Hollanders did accompany hym. I gave bym 
the best entertaynment I could, and, as it seemed, to his 
and the restes content. 

And I forgot to note downe that ij or 3 dales past divers 
Hollanders did sue unto me to get other prisoners pardon, 
thinking I might doe as much for them as I had donne for 
others before. See this day, amongst other conferrence, I 
gave hym thankn for the honor he did me in releasing 
or pardoning those offenders at my being abord, I being 
ashamed to make sate for any others, although som had 



entreated me thereunto; yet I desyred Capt. Speck and 
the rest of the company to apeake to the general! in their 
behalres. In fine, they aaid nether yea nor no ; yet rather 
made shew to enclme to my reqnest. I gave an item to 
Capt. Speck, and he cald to generall to heare it, that I waa 
enformed to {sic) Spaniards vent abont to sobome their 
men to ma away, and that, yf they took not good heed, 
they [would] want men to oary away their shippa, and tb[at 
it is] in my opinion not good to nse over much p[nDiBh- 
ment] for light ofienoes comited per meanes of dninke[n- 
ness]. Yt seems they took my adviz in good parte. 

Soyemon Done forestald the bay with netta, and made a 
fyshing just over against onr English howse, and sent me 
a dish of fyshj and I retomd thanks, with a bottell 
Spanish wyne and a littell conserves. Soe, presently after, 
he sent to envite me and the rest Enghsh to snpper, where, 
amongst other speeches, I asked them what they thought 
of this busyues of the Hollanders ; and they are of opinion 
it will not be ended in 1 yeare nor yet in 2, and that the 
Emperour will hould pocession. This they reported, and 
the rather because answer of the letter sent to themperonr 
about that matter were retomd this day, but noe order 
that the Hollanders shonld enjoy that which they have 

July 13. — The China Capt., Andrea Dittis, retomed from 
Langasaqne yiateroight in all hast, to send up new replies 
to the Cert to enforme against Hollanders. The Tono of 
Firando sent me a letter from Miaco with ij catabras for a 
present. His desire was to have had all our ellophants 
teeth, and that he sent mon^ to pay for them ; but all the 
teeth were sonld to Shroyemon Dono before. 

There is a China com from Camboia whoe tells me that it 
is true the Portingale frigot hath taken a boate (or somo), 
laden with goods for the Englishmen and bound for Pat- 
tania wherin were iij Englishmen, whome they pat all to 


l6i;.] START or BICHABO OOCEB. 279 

destli ; and tliat there was good store ready money in onr 
Baid $oma. Which news coming to the earee of the Kyng 
of Camhoia, he forthwith banished all the Fortingalea out 
of his ctmtrey, and sent ont 7 Or 8 carecoles (or boates) 
well armed to have taken the Fortingale fn'gat, but conid 
not meete with them. Bat serten Japon fugeties, which 
are thought to be of them which were formerly banished 
oat of Cochinchina, did joyne with the said Fortingales ; 
whereupon the Kyng of Camboia hath lykwaies banished 
ell Japons oat of his cantrey. Thus mnch this China re- 
porteth to be tme- He sayeth ferther that ij Fortingale 
fryres, of them which were lately banished out of Japon, 
had lybewaies eetled them selves in Camboia, bnt are 
banished amongst the rest. 

The China Capt., Andrea Dittis, gave me a China seame 
(or draught nett), and I gave hym 2 lynen eatabrof. 

Many Holland mareners came to thenglish howse, com- 
playning how they were misused and beaten lyke boyes 
without forme or reason, Tt is dowbtfull many will ran 
away in the end. 

July 14. — •! rec. a letter from Magazemon Dono, our 
host of Miaco, with a box and 20 ordenary fans, for a pre- 
sent, in it. Also an other from the maJn/ dono, with 3 
boxes or chistes mahy ware, which were opened, viz. ;— 

In one chist, 20 tankords. 

In an other, 20 large spoote pottes. 

In an other, 20 lesser spoote pottes. 

July 15. — Alvaro Munos came this momynge and tould 
me that the Fortingals had taken no English men bnt 
Hollanders on the cost of Camboia, and, as I am enformed, 
went to the Hollanders and tould them it were English 
which were taken. 

Also Gonrok Dono sent the scrivano I have the pltto 
withall to this place, he haveng tould hym that I had re- 
ceved all the dead Chinas goodes from hym, soe that the 



matter miglit be brought in qnestion before the jastis of 
this place. So now I hope this lying theefti shall hare his 
disertes, for I have not receved any such mattera. 

Jvly 16. — The Hollande fiacall came to vizet me, ex- 
sbewsing hym selfe he came sot in company of the generall, 
his busynes being such as be could not, with many other 
complementall words. He tould me of the extreme jastis 
they had showed to the trumpeter and an other in beating 
them allmost dead, I answerd bym that it were not good, 
in my opinion, to use oyermuch rigor in punishing drunken 
men ; for it was not they, bat the wyne which was occation 
therof ; yet I denid not but such justia was fit to be used 
agaust hainose offenders. In fine, we bad some speeches 
tuching their busynes against the Chinas ; and he said that, 
yf themperour did not lett them quietly pocesse that which 
they had taken, they would take Japona as well as others 
the next yeare. 

July 17. — I seat Mr. Osterwick, with a jurebaeso, to 
ToQomou Samme abont my processe against the scrirano 
of Giquans junk ; and he said he would take councell abont 
it and doe me justice, and that, yf he had knowne of the 
matter before, he would have ended it. But these are but 
wordes, for I had long before enformed hym of it, and he 
turned me over to Taccamon Dono, who, as I have formerly 
noted, would nether doe me justice in that matter, nor in 
any other which from tyme to tyme I have brought before 

An oftld Frenchman of 70 yeares ould, of Marsellea, 
came to thengUsh howse this day and tould me he had 
served the Spaniardes in the Manilles 11 yeares, and the 
last yeare went with Don Jno. de Silva to Malacca, and 
from thence was sent in company of 1 galley and 3 frig- 
gates to sucker the Spaniardes at Molucas, and there (upon 
som occation of discontent] fled to tbe Hollanders, and 
came in their fieet this yeare to the Manillias, showing 



them all tlie portos and places where sliippiiig might enter, 
doing them better servis for that place then any other 
which was in their fleet conld doe. And was in the Holland 
admerall abipp when she was soonk, where he lost all that 
ever he had bat the cloathes on his back. And now, being 
arived in this place, he being an onld man, desired the 
generall he might lye ashore in any howse he would 
apoint hym; but, in lien of his demand, he clapt iron 
shackles on hi^ legges, not geveing hym a peny to buy 
hym foode nor rayment, which drove the oald man into 
such desperation that he ment to hang hym selfe. In fine, 
he did curse the Hollanders extremely, and said they had 
misused oar English nation very much in the Molucas, 
which he hoped would com to the King of Englands know- 
ledg, that he might take revenge on them. He had his 
boltes or shackles on his legges when he spake to me, and 
still, when be looked on them, wept lyke a childe. 

July 18. — Soyemon Dono sent for one of oar jurebasaos, 
and bid hym tell me that Tonomon Samme, the kinges 
brother, Taccamon Dono, cheefe justis, and hym selfe 
ment to goe a fysbing within a day or two, and desired my 

July 19. — Tonomon Samme, kinges brother, sent for me 
to make an end of my processe with the scrivano of junk. 
And I fownd Bongo Samme, Taccamon Dono, and Soyemon 
Dono, ^hosque Dono, and others in company with hym, 
bat the Bcrivano was not there (at least he was not in 
sight). I tould them I needed not to speake any more 
about this matter, for that Taccamon Dono knew it aa well 
as my selfa In fine, they referd me till to morrow to take 
danco (orcouucell). 

And I thought good to note downe how, in the mcaue 
tymelwas theare, Capt. Speck sent his jurebaeso to demand 
lycencfi to sell 2000 deare skins, which I make accompt 
came in their shipps which tuched at Fattania, or else they 



are parcliase. They retomd hym answer they would take 
conncell aboat it, altlionghe he aledged the loase of thein 
this hot wether, yf present sale were not made. Id fine, I 
hod nothing aaide for selling oara (to the China Capt.) 
which came in Shoby Donos jnnk. 

July 20. — Soyemon Dono came and tonld me how I was 
to make my writing against the theevish scrivano, and 
dowbted not bat I should get my processe ; but desird me 
to keeps it secret, for that he wootd not be knowne to 
favor my cause, he being to jndg of the matter betwixt oa. 

There was reportes geven out of 2 junkes which are 
arired in a port of Shazma, which came from Syam, one of 
them thought to be the Sea Adventure. 

July 21. — The kingea brother, Tonomon Samme, sent for 
me to make an end of my processe with the scrivano of 
Qiqnan, whome I fownd aocompanid with the boateswane 
of the jonk and the China, Giquans kynsman, with an other 
fello who cleamed 120 picoB sappon of our wood, but had 
no papers to shew, but tonld a longe Canterbuiy tale. Bat 
this Jno. a Nokes was sowne sent away. The China desird 
restetntion of the junk, and that tiie scrivano shonld deliver 
the dead mans goodes unto hym. But I shewed bills that 
I had right both to the one and other, and desired l^e 
acrivano might deliver those goodea to me, aa alao 42 pico» 
sappon yet wanting of the capplement. So we weare all 
dismissed and attend the conolution. I forgot to note down 
that the China brought a jurebasao with hym who spoke 
the Japon tonge, and I ehewing them ij bills I had in the 
China tong, this fello spake to the jurehasao to say they 
were not made as they ought to be, and that it might passe 
because none of us knew the China tong; but tiie jurebasso 
reproved hym. I think the reason was becaase he was 
much in feare to fall into danger per any occation, 

July 22. — I rec. 2 letters from Jor. Durois, dated in Lan- 
gasaqae, le 22th and 25th July, new stile. He writes atill 



tliat it is trae that 20 galHons are at Malacca, and are gon 
for BaQtam, as also that the Spaniardes have taken the ij 
Holland shipps, which yet want, at the battle of Hanillia, 
which, if it be Boe, ue called the New and Ould Moon, fie 
saieth also they took a galle ; bnt that is a lie, for the 
Hollanders had non (as they sa;). 

July 23. — I sent onr jurehaaao to the kinges brother to 
know what end he will make of my procease against the 
scrivano. He retomed answer how he had this day envited 
the Hollanders to dyner, bat tomorrow would geve me to 
understand of alL And sowne after he Bent to borrow our 
chears, coshins, spoons, silver forkes, caps, tableclothes, 
and napkinBj with one of oar Japon Bervantea, to show 
them how to order the meate after the Christen fation, and 
witfaall sent for a bottell Spanish wyne and som aalet oyle; 
all which was sent hym. 

And I thought good to note downe how Mr. Nealson and 
Mr. Totton went abord the Holland shipp whidi is sunk, 
being envited per tho master and pilot; bat the Japon 
bongew took one of our rowers out of the boate, beating 
hym and sending hym per land to Taccamon Dono, who 
Bowne after set hym at liberty and eent hym to me. 

There came newes to towne of a boates casting away 
coming from Langaaaque, wherin were iij Chinas and 6 
Japons. God grant there were no money in it sent from 
Capt. Whaw, the China Capt., for me. We wrot hym to 
send som. 

OaijuTehaaBo brought back the plate and Ijnien lent the 
kjng, and tould us of the greato feaste was made to the 
Hollanders, and the Instie drinMng, and that, amongBt other 
taUces, Capt. Speck asked what our jurebasso made theare, 
and was answered for his skill in cookeiy. At their de- 
parture (I meane the Hollanders) from the kinges howse, 
there was 15 peeces ordinance shot afife. 

We delivered divers sortes inerchandiz to Jno. Japon to 
sell in the shopp or shew roome over the way. 



Jaly 24. — The Dach preacher of thadmerall ship came 
to vizet me. He waa borne at Hornchnrch, in Essex, and 
his mother an English woman. I gave hym a new pears 
blacfa silk stookinges. Yt seemeth he is awery of being 
amongst these Hollanders, whom he sajeth hare littell 
respect to religion, and therefore doth not mamll that God 
hath ohastissed them in their proceadinges at Manillias. 

I receved 5 letters from Edo, viz. 1 from Mrs, Adames, 
1 from her sonne Joseph, 1 from her sister Magdatena, 1 
from Andrea, Mag. hasband, 1 from Tome, the jurebasso of 
Massamoneda. Mrs. Adamea writes that Neamon Dono is 
coming downe to bring money for all ear goodes sould. 

July 25. — I wrot a letter to Gonrok Dono about my pro- 
cesse with scriTano, and sent Mr. Totton with it, accom- 
p&nid with Harry Shank and Co. John for jurebasso. 

Also I wi-ot another letter to Jorge Darois in answer of 
his two, and sent hym 30 tais per Mr. Totton, paid ont per 
Mr. Jno. Osterwick, viz.; — 

Pro 2 ratlit almandee for Mr. Tottoo, coat - 01 
Pro 1 peare cotton yome BtockiDges for rajselfe, 

coBt ■ - - - - 01 

Pro 20 pigionB to pnt into dnfhonrae, coat • 02 

Pro talio c&ndellea for howae eip«Dce, coat • 01 6 

Pro 1 peore nmet silk stockiog for Mr. Totton - 02 6 

Fro 2 peare cotton jorae stocking for Mr. Totton - 01 2 

Fro 1 pec. black satin for taj selfe - - 10 

Pro 83 saisagea (or laDguaaa) for howae expence - OU 8 

Pro 12 drid neutea tongeB for howae expence - 00 6 
Pro a jar green ginger, containing 65 cattw, for 

howae expence - - ■ - 06 6 

Pro 1 peare rtuaet ulk atocking for my selfe, coat - 03 > 

Pro 1 peare cotton yome atockingee for mjr selfe - 00 7 

Som totall amontce onto - - 80 7 

Mr. Totton carid Henry Shank and Co. John with hym 
for jurebassoa, and Andrea Dittis wrot a letter to his brother 
to helpe Mr. Totton in oar affares. 



I rec. a letter from Capt. Whow, China Capt. &t Langa- 
saqne/with 10 pots sett with trees and Blowers [floweral], 
and 4 gilden fyshes, for a present. 

I forgot to note downe how Soyemon Doao made a 
fishing over against English howse with cormorants made 
faat to long cordes behind their wingea, and bridles from 
thence before their neckea to keepe the fish from entring. 
their bodies, so that when they took it they could take yb 
ont of their throtea againe. 

This day one George Dowry,^ an English gentleman 
which aerveth in the Holland ahipp (whose father, as I 
understand, is a Devonshire man and a jastice of peace 
and dwelleth at Dowry house), he tould me that there 
is much hould and keepe amongst the Holland conncell 
heare. Som would have the comander to goe up, and 
others no, espetialy Capt. Speck is wholy against it. See 
it is thought the fiscall shall procead in that voyage. Also 
he sayeth the comander, Jno. Dirickaon Lamb, is much 
blamed for his proceadinges at Manillas, his comition being 
to keepe his Seete togeather to defeate that of Don Juan de 
Silva ; but he unadvisedly seperated them, and so was set 
upon at an DnadvaDtadg, by which meanes he was over- 

He also tould me they took a small jouck, wherin they 
fownd all Don Jno. de Silvss designes, emprinted in the 
Spanish tong in the Manillias, which was to have joyued 
his forces of the Manillias, which were 10 gallions, to 
those which he thought to have fownd at Malacca com from 
Goa and other places, which, with gallies and other vessells 
of war, might be as many more, I nieane 20 seale in all. 
With which forces he first thought to have gon directly for 
the Hands of Murises', there to have met with snch 
Holland shipps as were bound homwards, and after the 

' George Dowriche, son of Robert Doi»riohe. — Tuckett, Dtvondiitv 
Vtdigreei. ' Mauritiua. 


286 DiABT or bichard cocks. [i6i7- 

apoile of ttem to have retomed by the coat of Sumatra, 
and BO for Bantam, to have destroid all, both EngliBb and 
Such, not letting any one remeane alive, generoll nor other. 
Bnt, as I noted heretofore, his forces he ment to have met at 
Malacca were destroid and 4 gallions Portugezes bamed, 
one per the King of Achin and the other 3 per the 
Hollanders. So, Don Jno. dying at Malacca, his fleet was 
disperBed, one gallion being cast away in a storme at 
Malacca, and other 2 sent for New Spayno. So 7 retomed 
for Manillas, where they wintered and were bronght 
agrownd, most of them being halfe full of water and all un- 
rigged when the Hollanders first came on the cost, which 
they saw with their eyes; yet the gridines of pilling China 
janks made them to abstayne from that they onght to have 
donne till it was to late to be amended. 

Jvly 26. — I wrot a letter to Capt. Whow, to thank hym 
for the present he sent me; and I gave bis men which 
broQght it in a boate, they being xij men, a bagg of rise, a 
barill of wyne, and one tay in small plate. Capt. Whow 
sent an other present to Capt. Speok with au other letter ; 
but he did not vonchsafe to thank hym for it, nor to write 
a letter in answer of his, nor gave any thing to them which 
brought the present. 

Capt. Sboby Done came to Firando and brought me a 
present of halfe a lb. of lignam allowas (or calemback^), 
with 2 Champa matts. And an other which came in com- 
pany with hym brought me a box of cumfets. 

Leonard the Hollander came to thenglish howse and 
tould me the tonos brother (Tonomon Samme) asketh a 
therd of all they have taken, in right of his brother ; bat I 
think they will not [geve] it. I had rather have that then 
ten kyngdoms of Firando. 

July 27. — The Hollanders envited Lnes Ma:rtin and 

Alraro Munes abord the Black Lion whoe is odmerall, where 

1 Cakmbae, the floeBt aloe wood. 


l6l7'] DI&Bt or BICHARD COCK3. 287 

their weare man; gans shot sfie for healths, but of whome 
I know not, for I cannot esteem it was for the Kiof; of 
Spaine, whoe is their mortall enemye; and at their retome 
ashore had 3 cnlrerina shot afe for a farewell. Many 
Japons and Chinas took notis thereof and could not chase 
bnt laagh. 

We made an accompt at hazard or by estimation with 
Tozayemon Dono, host of Sackay, as apeareth by per- 
ticalars noted dowoe in the wast hook, viz, : — 

Bord«e of 2 taU., 300 at 9 eondrim per bord. 

Boides of 3 (iK., 800 U 1 ma* 2} eondr. per bord. 

FlaokeB of 4 taL, 26 at 6^ mat per pUnk. 

Iron mieoaxj, 50 pioo., at ] 6 mat picuU. 

Ditto yet to oome, 60 pieo., at 16 nta» pie. 

Copp«r in goco>, 100 pic. to com, at 6ta. btaa. 6co. perpico. 

Copper in ban, 100 pie. to com, at Sta. bma. Oeo. per pieo. 

CbargeBbordai and copper and iron laden abordbBrkeB,18(a.7nia.0eo. 

Jultf 28. — This day was held festivall by the nobles of 
Firando in remembrance of Bono Samme, father of Foyne 
Samme, soe that (as their order is) they drnnk hard, 
pristes and all. And in the end Tonomon Samme, the 
kiiiges brother, going home, met a Hollander in the 
Btreete, it may be in as good a pickell as hym selfe, and, 
becanse he nsed no reverence to hym, caused his men to 
beate hym, breaking his head and cuting afiTe 2 or 3 of his 
fingers. Bnt he was nothing comended of any man for it. 

July 29. — Mr, Totton retomed from Langasaque, and 
brought word that Gonrok Dono said our hills in China 
languadg and Japons were made soe short that be could 
not judg on our side, bat rather on the contrary. Soe 
it seemeth he harkned on both the China and the Japon 
acrivano, Cayanseque, to proceead against me, the one for 
140 pieo wood, and the other for all the dead China capt. 
Giquans goods. So now they are retomed all to Firando. 

It is said BeUuge Lewes junk is com from the Manillas 


268 DIABY or KICUABD COCKS. [1617. 

within 9 or 10 leagea of Langasftqae, but not yet eatreA, 
and 2 or S other jnoka upon the cost. 

July 30. — We were envited to supper to Taccamon Dodo 
as the China Cspt. was the like, where we had good cheare, 
nifon catango (or Japon fation), and at departure he gave 
me a wacadaah (or small Japoa cattan) and a catabra to 
China Capt. 

I receaved a letter from Mr. George Savidge, per a 
China, dated in Camboja, 1e 10th May last past, wherin he 
wribes me how the I'ortingales did soe insence the king 
against onr nation at his first arivall that once he gave 
order that he should avoid ont of hie dominions, but after, 
npon better enformetion of their false reportea, caused hym 
to stay. And since that tyme, fynding the Portingales 
gilty of treason against the king and his sonne, he hath 
banished them all out of his dominions, and the rather for 
that they took a Holland bark going out and carid men and 
goods to Amacau. 

ToDomon Samme sent ij men unto me to know whether 
I would deliver 140 pico wood to the scrivano and 30 to the 
China tico. I sent Mr. Osterwick back with them, with a 
jurebasao, to tell hym I had no wood for the one nor other, 
but to the contrary was to rec 42 pKO I yet wanted, and 
desird that handes might be laid on the said scrivano that 
ho made not an escape till he had delivered the said sappon 
and Chinas goodes, etc. 

Jno. Osterwick, going abroad with the Hollanders and 
being drunken, misused me in termea at his pleasure. I 
find hym a prowd, surly yong man, and one that scorns all 
men in respect of hym selfe. 

July 31. — Much rayne per night with extreme lightnyng 
and thunder, as I have not heard the lyke since we arived 
in Japon. 

I sent our jurebasso to thank Taccamon Dono for onr 
good cheare, and to goe to Tonomon Samme to desire hym 


l6l^.] DIABY or RICHARD C0CE3. 289 

to keepe fast Cayaaaeqae, the acrirano, till lie delivered me 
the 42 pico Bappoa and the Chinas ^odes which is dead. 
Bat he conld not aom to speech of Tonomon Samme, bat 
left word with his maD. 

We had news that the capt. moore of the Portingall 
shipp at Langasaqae comanded Lnes Martin to accompaDy 
hjm to Miaco (or Edo), to speake to themperonr and mak 
complaint against the Hollanders for robing at seas. Bnt 
Lnes Martin denid hym and came secretly to Firando, for 
which the Porting, capt. thretneth to hang hym. 

I rec a letter from Alraro Manos, from Langasaque, 
dated le 8th Angast, new stile, wherin he wrot me how 
Billang Lais is arived from the Manillas, reporting the 
overthrow the Spaniardes had geven to the Hollanders in 
that place, barayng and sinking 3 of their ships and 
driveing other 2 on grownd, with the losce of 66 Spaniardes, 
and had taken 80 Hollanders prisoners, etc. 

August 1. — I rec. 3 letters this day, in Japons, viz. : — 

1 from Edo, from the King of Crates ; 1 from Miaco, 
from Safian Dono; 1 from Miaco, from Jnbio Dono — all 
three letters comptementall in answer of myne. 

And in the after nowne I rec. a letter from Mr. Wickham, 
how he was arived within 3 or 4 leagues of Firando ; and 
therupon I sent out the foyfone with Mr. Totton to meet 
them, whoe brought them into the roade of Cochy late at 
night. And Mr. Wickham came ashore within night, 
and tonid me how the Hollanders bad taken the ' 

and Swan, tow of the Hon"'* Companies ships that were in 
the Molncas, kyling 5 men in doing therof, and keepe the 
rest prisoners, etc. 

August 2, — The Adviz entred into harbonr of Firando, 

and Taccamon Dono came abord her before shee entred, 

sending 12 or 14 boates to tow her in, as the Hollanders 

sent their Jm/fone with 20 ores to helpe to doe the lyke, 

> Blank in MS. 


290 QUBY OF RICHA.BD COCSa. [l^^?- 

Taccamon Dodo had 5 pcecea ordinance shot affe at his 
departure, and other 6 we shot a£Fe as we passed by the 
Dnch howae, theyhareiag first shot 5 pece out of admerall, 
and after, other 5 from howse ; and when we came to an 
ancor we shot affe 7 more, and the Holland admerall 
answerd with 5. So, going ashore, we had 7 more shot 

The iono sent ij men to stay abord (an h© said) till onr 
goods were dehvered ashore, to see we had no injury ofFered 
ns. I answerd them it waa needles, yet in thend was con- 
tent they should stay this night, till I had better enformed 
the king of the matter. 

The JapoDS stole Mr. Tottons Terky coate (or gowne) 
from abord [it haveng a gonld ring with a diamond in the 
pockety no ring in it. 

And I rec. of Mr. Wickham these letters following, viz. ; 

1 general! letter from Wor. Compa., dated in London, 
30th July 1615, with 1 copy sent per Clove to us in general!, 
and 1 copy per Olove to Capt. Adames. 

1 from Sir Thomas Smith, dated 31th January, 1615. 

1 from my brother, Walter Cocks, in LondoQ, 8th Jann- 
8iy, 1614. 

3 from my nephew, Jno. Cocks, at Cape Bona Spe., 26th 
Jane, 1616. 

2 from Capt C^eorg Bale, from Bantam, 9th June, 1617. 
1 from Capt. Copendall, from Bantam, 9th ditto ano. 

1 from Mr. Westby, from Bantam, 5th ditto ano. 

1 from Harsando Shiuenes, Bantam, 4th ditto ano. 

1 letter retorod I wrot Capt. Castleton, he being dead. 

Tonomon Samme, the kinges brother, sent me 3 Larson 
wyne, 3 drid salmon, and a lynen catabra for a present. 

Atigu8i 3. — I sent a note to Tonomon Samme of such 

sortes of merchandiz as we had in onr shipp, and withall 

deeird that no bongew might be sufibrd to remeane abord, 

1 ThaK woHb struck oat. 



it being a scandall to our n&tioa se also against onr preve- 
legese, which never had any aoch matter ofTred till now. 

After nowne Tonomoo Samme, the kinges brother, ao- 
companid with Uaagenae Dono and Soyemon Dono, came 
to thenglish howse, and at same tyme Capt. Speok came 
also per water. So I made them eolation. And Tonomon 
Samme departed, biding me aniade onr goodes when we 
would, Capt. Speck came to haare news and brought me 
3 bottells Spa. wyne. 

Tonomon Same sent to have a parrat which was in onr 
shipp, which was thought good to buy of the carpenter 
and gave hym. Also I sent a munky to Taccamon 
Dono. Both which presentes were taken in good parte. 
And Mr. Wedmer, master mate, gave me a parakita, and 
the chirnrgion gave me the mnnky I gave Taccamon Dono. 

This day was a Japon rosted to death, runing rownd 
about a post, fyre being made about hym. The occation 
was for staling a small bark of littell or uo vallue. 

August 4. — The Japons and Chinas unladed tbeir goodes, 
because they did lie on the top of ours. And we rec. 
ashore 2 chists silk, no. 14 and no. 20, but the rope broke 
in taking up no. ; soe it fell into the water and was 
utich endomaged by watering j but we washed it forthwith 
in fresh water. 

Flying newes came that Capt. Adams junck is arived iu 
Xazma, but of no certenty. 

I wrot a letter to Uonrok Dono about my processe: 
seeing it conld not be ended nether hears nor at Lan- 
gasaqne, I ment to remoTs it to Miaco. Also I advised 
hym of the arivall of our ship Adoiz and what sortes goodes 
she brought. 

Avgust 5, — After daylight was don the last night, word 
came that the Hollandes junk was arived neare unto Lan- 
gasaqne, haveng byn almost 2 monthea on the way, so that 
dyvers are dead for want of water and all Uie rest full of the 



292 SIABT or BICHABD COCKS. [1617. 

skerTis. God send na good news of onra, for she was ready 
to 00m away with the other, 
^ We rec. ashore this day oat of th' Adviz 16 chist of silk. 

An EnglishmaD came to thengliah howse, and secretly 
nilled me to take heed how I accompanid the Bach or did 
eete or drink with thorn, for that they hated oar nation 
mortally, and in all their conncella (which daily they held) 
they ordayned and coyned articles against as how we 
abased them, and formed it with all their handes, to send 
for England to their embassador, to star up the Kingea 
Majesty of England against as his natarall aabjectes. And, 
amongst the rest, he tould me of a HoUandes trick (worse 
then a Flemish) which they osed, and was, when they had 
forcably taken the pocessioo of Poolaway from our English, 
it being rendred ap to the Kinges Majesty of England, they 
called a generall connsell apon it, and forsably made an 
English merchant, whom they thretned with death, to sett 
his hand to a writing how he sould 2 peeces of ordinance to 
the blacks (or Mores) which brought them downe bownd 
from the fortresse, althoogh they were sent on per the 
Hollanders to doe it. Which 2 peeces they ment to send 
for England with a glavering falce letter to ezakewse them- 
selves, laying the fait on the Mores, and that by the Hol- 
landers meanes our mens lyves were sared. 

This night began the feast of bonbon,^ or for the dead, 
with hanging oat of candell light, and envitiDg the dead, 

August 6, — This momyng the Duch jnnk from Syam 
entred into the harbonr of Firando. They say onr jank 
was ready to departe within 2 or 3 daies after them. 

The Hollandes ship being to be broaght in this feast day, 

they could get no men ; soe Gapt. Speck sent to desire me 

to lend hym our bark {or fot/foney), which I did, with 16 

ores to toe them in, they hareinge sent thoirs before with 20 

1 Bon, the feast of lantema 



ores to helpe oar sliipp in. So the Hed Lyon that wae cast 
away was made tite and brought in this day. 

And I wrot a letter to Gi^nrok Bono, in answer of hia| 
that I apealed to the Emperor, and would not stand to his 

We reo. oat of the Adoiz this day, viz. ; silke, 18 chistes ; 
bayes, I bale; brod clo., 10 fard. ; cony skins, .2 bales, 
these most parte rotton aod spoild ; wax, 6 catty. 

There was a greate eclips of the moone this night past, 
aboat 3 a clock afler midnight, which Mr. Nealson and Mr. 
TottOD observed, to find the tme longetnde of this towne of 
Firando, which standeth in 32^ degrees of latetude to the 
northward of the equenoctiall ; and the stars they observed 
weare the Bulls eye and Herons, the goate, I being present 
when she was halfe darkened, and the Bulls eye was 46 de- 
grees above the horison, and Hercus 46 degrees and 40 
minutes ; aud when she was wholy discovered the Bull eye 
52 'min. 

August 7. — Before dyiier Ed. Sayer arived at Firando 
and brought me in a letter from Gapt. Adames, dated in 
Goto, Sth current, advising he hath fownd but a loosing 
voyage, 800 taies at least. Also that the King of Cochin- 
china is well contented our nation shall trade into hia 
cnutrey ; but the cheefe men about hym, as it should seeme, 
weare axesary to the death of Mr. Peacock, and had parted 
the Companies goodes amongst them, with his host the 
Japon, whoe fled away whileat they were in Cochinchina, 
fearing to be brought in question. 

So I retomed answer to Capt. Adames per the bark 
brought £d. Sayer, unto whome was paid 4 taies small 
plate, and a bag rise ; and a peece damaske sent the hongew 
Musioyen Dono, cost 4 R. 8, with a letter complementall. 

And there was rec. out of the Adviz, viz. : brod do., 2 

bales ; perpetuano,* 1 bale ; wax, 9 cakes ; quicksilver, 3 

> Space left in MS, * Ptrpetvana, a vooUen BtuS. 



chistee ; 7 hhda. drugs cachs ;^ 5 hampers pocfaok ;' 3 ham- 
pers silk; 1 bale kersies; 1 bale lambskiDB, all spoild and 
rotton. Dot ooe skin left sowed, and 280 stark spoild ; with 
2 other bales oony skins, all in very bad taking. 

Aitgutt 8. — The China Capt. went to Goto this da; to 
Nigoan his kinsman, whoe is come in his junk from Cochin- 
china. Unto whome I sent a barill morofack and a littell 
pott green ginger. 

And we rec. ashore this day ont of Advix nyne hnndred 
and seventy bars of leada 

The ij bongewa of onr shipp Adovs came to the English 
howse and fell a swaggaring, and gave ns bad wordes abont 
the stealing of Mr. Tottons coatOj and, doe what I conld, I 
could not get them out of the howse. So I was forced to 
send Mr. Osterwick with AJvrebaseo to Tonomon Bamme,or 
Taccamon Dono, to comand them ont of our howse, becanse 
we conld not be in quiet for them. But the noble men were 
gOQ a hunting, and the brabiars departed when they thought 

August 9. — The China Capt. retomed back, the wind 
being contrary, and went not to Goto. 

Avguat 10. — The kinges brother sent back the parrot I 
gave hym, to keepe her, she being sick, or I rather think to 
have a better present sent in place, for the parrot is welL 
Ha also sent word he would use the bongeica no moreabord. 

I rec. a letter from Gonrok Done, inching my proces with 
Casanseqne, that be wisheth it might be ended heare in 
Firando, and not sent above. Also he adviseth me to send 
word to Safian Dono of goodes com in our ship, and not 
sell any till we know what themperonr will take. God send 
merchautes, and then I meane to sell. 

Augvst 1 1.— Naquan the China arived from Cochinchina 
this moryning, and left junk at Goto; and meane to nnlade 
ther silk theare and carry it to Langasaqne, becanse men 
> Cania. * ? Feimui : pothak, a garment. 



are misuBed heare. Aad Boe the Japona meane to doe the 
Ijke with that com in Capt. Adams jank. 

The China Capt. came in hast and toald me that he had 
news the Emperoarwas much offended with the Hollanders, 
because they had taken the China junks, stryking his hand 
on his thigh 3 times when he first heard it, saying he would 
not suffer them to doe it. 

We rec. six handred and seventy bars lead out of the 
Advia; and Gourok sent word to hare all our lead for 
themperonr, of which I desired a bill of [hym] . 

Word was brought towardea night that Gapi Adames 
jnnk was on the backsyde of the iland of Firando, and sent 
for boates to toe hym in. Soe I sent out oar foy fone; as 
also the tono sent out divers other barkes. But it was past 
midnight before she came in, the tide being against them. 
He came to vizet me, I not being well, and tould me the 
King of Cochinchisa knew nothing of the murdering of Mr. 
Peacock, but that he was cast away per casualty. 

August 12. — We rec. 215 bars, I say two hundred and 
fyfteene bars lead ashore out of iWAdviz, which is the whole 
complement of lead, being 2065 bars in all So now all 
goodes are rec. out of Hi'Adviz. 

August 13. — Gourok Donos man with ij of Tonomon 
Sammea men came aud looked on our lead, and took one 
bar for sample to shew Qonrok Dono, containing 43 II Eng. 
was 33 catiu Japon, the price at 6 taie picuU; all staid for 
themperonr. As alsoe they tak all the HoUandera have, 
Syam lead and other ; but t^at is not soe good. 

There was rec ashore out of Capt. Adams jnnk, viz. 
2 chistes merchandize, 1 bale gallea, retomed unsould from 
Cochindiina ; 2 chistes agnila, 2 hampers silk, bought at 

The chimrgion of the Adoiz now com, called Benjamyn 
Parsons, being (as I take it) drunken, met the Duch fiscall 
in the streete, and, like a bestly knave as he was, gerded 


296 DUBY or WCHABD COCKS. [l^I?- 

out , telling hym it was for the Hollanders. Wlier- 

npOQ he cam to thenglish bowse and complained ; bat at 
that tyme I was ill at ease, and did not speake witb bym; 
otherwaies he had been punished according to his desertes. 
But after, the said fiscall beged his pardon. This ohirurgioa 
is a drunken quarelsom fello. 

August 14, — The servant of Gonrok dono with 2 of the 
kinges servantes came to thenglish bowse to have set my 
hand to a China letter, bow I had 500 pica lead, at 6 iais 
per pico, for themperor, and not under. And in the means 
tyme, as we were debating the matter (I denying to set my 
ferme to any such writinges I knew not), came the China 
Gapt, and tonld me they had set downe 5000 piculls for 500. 
In fine, I denid seting hand to any writing, although they 
aledged that Capt. Speck had, for 600 pico, Syamlead, now 
com in their junck. 

Also the kinges brother sent to bavo me send to I^a- 
gasaque about my plito with Casanseque, tbe scrivaDo; 
which I denyed, desiring justice here. 

August 15, — I carid a present to Tonomon Samme, viz.: — 

2 lalta. sad blew clotb, 

( & karay, pepper greeo, 

} a pec. naro perpetuano, 

1 pece fuBtian, 

1 calty calemback, 

which be seemed to take in good parte ; and I desird of 
hym to have a bark to cary up tbe Emperours present, 
which he answerd me he would look out for. 

August 16. — I gave Niquau, the China, 1^ tatta black 
cloth, fyne cloth, in respeck he (as I think) taketb paioes 
* about our entrance into China. 

And ther was a present geven Taccamon Dono, cheefe 
justice ; — 

lilatla. Bodblew. 

2 tail, caisjee, pepper green, 
j peec. aaia perpetuano, 

i a peec. fiution. 
1 eattg calemback. 



We began to way out the lead for themperonr, bat they 
brought 2 falce beamea, one over 6 per ceoto, and thother 
4 per cento. So we gave over; and they carid 4 bars to 
Langasaqne, waying 115 cattig per oar beame^ to try it per 
kinges beanie theare. 

The China Capt. gave me a peeceyello shagy velrett. 

August 17. — I rec. a letter from the King of Firando, 
from Miaco, wherin he advized me to mak hast up, for that 
themperonr would retome back within a month. 

One of the Advizea company died this day, called Yewen 
Lake, whome was cotTend and carid to the Christian bnriall 
place, with a hearse (or coveryng) of black bayes carid over 

Oyen Dono came and viseted me to day, telhng me it 
was best to reserve the greatest parte of the present for 
the King of Firando till his coming to Firando, 

August 18. — We laid out and packed op our cargezon 
goodes to cary to Miaco for presentes and otherwais, with 
an over plus to ael or bring back, 

Mr. Wickham, according to his accustomed use, set mo 
at nought, geveing me bad words, as Capt. Adams and 
others can witnes, saying his tyme was ont, and that he 
would goe for Fnglaod, and serve the Company no longer. 

We had much a doe with the brabling Japons which 
came out of England, they demandiog more then their 
dne, as 10 taies for tJ mo., when per my book most of them 
had but 7i tais per 3 mo., and the most (which was but 
one) had bnt 29 mas per month, and demanded 350 tais for 
their losses in England ; and, had not Mr. Wickham brought 
a writing from Bantam of 150 Be. of 8 rec per them there, 
in consideration of the said losses, with all their ferms at it, 
they would have put us to much trouble. And one of them 
took Capt. Adanies by the throte in his owne lodging, be> 
cause he wonld not stand out for them that all the money 
they receved impres, at Capt. Saris being heare, was geven ' 



them gratis; and thonght to have laid violent baades one 
Mancho, the jurehatso, because be witnessed the truth. I 
had much a doe to hold mj bandes that I had not cut aSe 
one or two of tbeir beades, whicb I make no dowbt but I 
Diigbt well have answerd. 

August 19. — Here came fljing speeches of 3 juokes 
arivad at Goto, one of wbich ia tbonght to be ours. 

And it was thought fyt to geve two presents anto tite 
China Capt., Andrea Dittisj at Firando, and his brotber, 
Capt. Wbowe, at LangasaquOj viz.: 

} of black broad peipetnano. 
^ of baircoUr naro perpetiuno. 
^ a peec. f tutiou. 

I say to each of tbem tbus mucb, in bope of their travill to 
procure trade into China. 

August 20. — The Hollanders went up this day towardes 
themperour. So their shipps shot aSe ordinance at tbeir 
departure, viz. Albartus, Matiaa, and Mr. Barkboult were 
sent on this busynes. 

And we are ready to departe, but can get no bark, but 
words of the kinges oSecers ; soe we are determined to 
hire a bark of Sackay. 

*^ -* "' '^*--- -^rived a jnnk from Cocbin- 

Corea, aud bringeth word a 
orerbord, which we esteem 
ut our/ojf/bn with victuelles 
destress. Also the China 
at [night] . 

rard the Cort this morning, 
I from abord shipps and at 

yme to tyme per the Umo, 
J up the present, for 80 tais 
for master and another to 



A junk from CocliiiicbiiiK entred late this nightj her 
lading for Chinas of Cochincfaina. 

August 22. — There came in a amall jusk of China veiy 
late this night, laden with pursalon, or China vesBella. 

August 23. — I gave Robert Haley, the chirargion, ten 
taiee for som other matters he formerly had geven me. 

I delivered two hnndrod taia to Mr. Osterwick to lay out 
in my abcense to Miaco. And I delivered up 3 memorialls, 
viz. 1 to Mr. Wm. Nealaon j 1 to Mr. Jno. Osterwick ; 1 to 
Ed. Sayer, forhym selfe and Mr, Wm, Eaton — all of what 
I woald have donne in my abcense at Miaco, as appeareth 
by coppie. 

So we laded all onr goods abord the bark for Miaco. Aud 
comiog to knowledge that the mutenose Japons which are 
com oat of England bad pnt up a petission against me to 
the justice, that I would not pay them their wagis, I made 
answer to yt of their villanos cariadge and falce slandering 
of me, I being ready to pay them their dne owing to them, 
as Capt. Adames and Mansho the jurebaaao are witnesses 
at bargen making, and as I set it dowce in my book. 

August 24, — The kinges brothers, Touomon Samme, sent 
me word to pay the brabling marrenerB Japons which came 
out of England, according as I had agreed with them, and 
for the rest of our processe, to make it knowne to the king 
bis brother at Miaco, who noe dowbt would take order to 
geve me content. He also sent me word he would send a 
Aoni/ew with me to assist ma in my busenes on the way; 
but I retorned hym answer it was needles, the king his 
brother being above. 

The China Capt. retomd from Goto, and is of the opinion 
that our junk, the Sea Adventure, is pnt into Tushma, and 
that it is she which lost her maine mast. God scud us good 
news of her. 

August 25. — I paid Mr. Nealson ten pozos and twenty 
taies in plate bars for the matters following, viz, : — 


300 DUKT or BICHAKD COCKS. [1617. 

For a embrawdred velvett qoilt, 5 E. 8, is - 04 

For balfe pec. wroght velvet, & R. 8, is - - 04 

For 60 muek coda, at 4 mat pec., ia - - 30 

There waa & difference betwixt the China Capt., Andrea 
Dittis, and Mr, Nealsoa, he denying fyftie fates that the 
China Capt. fuwnd per acco, he had delivered unto hjm, 
the one and other standing stiffly in their opinion. 

Mr. Oaterwick paid fowre hundred and two taiee plate 
bars to the Japon marenere which came oat of England. 

August 26. — The wether being aoe fowle both yisterday 
and this momyng staid ns from seting forwardes towardea 
themperours conrt, all things being ready laden abord. 

Aboat 10 a clock we departed from Firando to goe to 
Miaco ; and the Adviz shot affe 7 pea ordinance, as also the 
HoIIandes ship shot affe 5 with 8 from the Hollandes howse. 
Soe we got to Languay' this night, wheare we staid at an 
ancor till Bom 2 bowers before day, it being calme, and 
tben, the tide coming, waying ancor we roned away. Capt. 
Adames went with ns in a bark of his owne, as also 3 or 4 
other barks the lyke, on being onr hostis of Bingana Tomo. 

August 27. — This momyng calme wether, and afl^er, wynd 
rarisble per fittes, sometyme calme, with lightning and 
thunder towardes the northward, with much rayne, the 
wind vering, a storme to N.B. ; soe that we conatrayned to 
enter into a port of Faccata, called Imatds, 16 leagues from 
Lanquay. At which place we bad newea that our jnnk, the 
Sea Adventure was entred into Tushma 3 dales past, many 
of her men being dead. Also the junk which we heard bad 
lost her meanemast entred into a harbor of Faccata 5 dales 
past. She came from Tonkyn, Of which I advised in a 
letter to Firando directed to Mr. Nealson and Mr. Oster- 
wick, as also of our arirall heare. 

August 28. — We went ashore at Imatds, I being very ill 

' Nagoja. 



at ease, as Capt. A.daDiea did the like tbe Dtght before. I 
think we had eaten or drunken somthing that waa not 
good, so I drank a littell rose a Solas,* which presently 
made me to Tomeb, which did me much ease ; and late at 
night I drnnke a littell bezas ston, which gave me mnch 
paine most parte of nightj as thought 100 wormes had hyn 
knawing at my hart ; yet it gave me ease afterward. 

August 29. — 8om 3 howers before day we departed from 
Imatds onwardes on oar voyage and paid the howse, viz. 
to the host for use of his howae 1 bar plate, containing 
3:1:0, and to hia wife for to bny oyle, 0:5:0. 

August 30. — With mnch a doe this day we got to Shimina- 
seake within night, yt proving stormy wether, with rayne, 
wind S.eriy per nigbt. 

August SI. — At this place we understood the Coreau 
embassadors departed from hence yesterday in the momyBg 
with 450 men in their company, Coreans, 3 of them being 
princepall, and all goe in like authoretie. The Emperour 
hath geven charg to nse them respectively in all pteasea 
wbeare they passe, as hath byn both at Tushma, Ishew, of 
Firando, Faccata, aud this place of Shimenaseak, new 
bowses being built for receapt of them in eache place, with 
boates to couvay them per sea and horse aud neremom (or 
litters) per land, all at themperour of Japons coat. Som 
report (and are the commons) that they are com to render 
obaysance and pay tribute, otberwaiea themperour would 
have made wars againat them againe. But othera are of a 
contrary opinion, that th«y com to entreate the [Emperour] 
that them of Tuabma may trade noe more into Corea, bnt 
rather that the Coreans may com to Tushuia or other partes 
of Japon. 

I wrot a letter to Mr. Nealaon and Mr. Oaterwick to 
same effect as my former from Imadts, as also that Coreans 

■ Rosa aolit, a pleaa&nt liqnor, made of brandy, cimuunon, etc — 
Bailey's Dicd'onory. 



passed from Sliimiii& Se&k yiaterday, and left this letter 
with oar host at Ximinaseak to send for Firando. 

So we paid onr host at Ximina, for diet and howsrom the 
night past and till nowae to day, 4 taies. And so departed 
from Ximina Seak, haveing a stiff gale wynd, W.erly, 
aomtyme 8.erly, and somtymes northerly, all rest day and 
night following. Soe that the nest day in the mornyng we 
weare at a place called Yew,' 45 leagues from Ximina Seak, 
hareing ont gon the Coreans this night past. 

Septemher 1. — I met Neyamon Dono as he passed to- 
wardes Firaodo. Soe, per meanes of contrary windes, we 
stoped tides, and got this day and night following to 
eon rising 20 leagues, 10 leagues short of Bingana 

September 2. — I wrot an other letter to Firando to Mr. 
Kealaon and Mr. Baton, and delivered it to onr hostis of 
Bingana Tomo to send nnto them, she metting with ns at 
sea near Bingano Tomo, yet went from Firando 3 daies 
hefore ns. 

We went into Bingana Tomo to stay tide, where oor host 
sent me a bareo wyne and a baakit peaches. 

So we passed Bingana Tomo yij leagnea, and came to 
ancor at a wast iland, haveing made this day and night fol- 
lowing xvij leagues. 

September 3. — This day and night following we made bnt 
xiij leagnes, geting to an ancor at a place coUed Wishmado, 
10 leagues to short of Moro,' 

Septemher 4. — Wee gott this day end night following to 
the bar of Osaky by son rising, having made per day and 
night 40 leagues. 

September 5. — At onr arirall at Osoky our host Cuimon 
Dono was at Miaco, and the king Firando sent a man to 

> Ta, in the proTiace of Suwo, in the main ialaad. 

* Tomu in Bingo, in Etempfer'a map. 

* UtOTtuado and Unra, in Ewni^eT^ map. 


l6l7>] DIARY or RICHARD COCEB. 303 

accomp&cy ns to hjra, with 2 horses for aid and Mr. 
Wick ham. 

This fello toald me that the Hollanders, per couDoell of 
Jno. Yossen, went dirently to Fuahamy to themperonr, 
without making the King of Firando acnoycted with the 
matter; but were by Godgkin Dodo and Oyen Dono put 
back to bring a longew of the King of Firandos, before 
they conid be admitted audience. Bat (as he sayeth) the 
Emperour hath taken the present was bronght per them. 

I wrot 2 letters to Magozemon Dono and Cuemon Dono, 
and sent them per Co Jno., juerabasao, whom I gave order 
to goe to the King of Firando and tell hym of our arirall, 
and that I expected Gapt. Adames coming this night or to 
morrow, and then ment to com to vizet his Highnesse, and 
tak his coancell for delivery of the King of Englandes letter 
and present to themperonr. 

Mr. Wickham paid the barkmen for rest of the Fraight 
y-TTT taw, as also 1 bar to the master containing 3:2:5, and 
an other bar to the marreners containing 3:9:3. And I 
gave 6 mas to a marener which had his coate blowne over 
board. This money onr host sonne laid oat for me. I gave 
2 mnsk cods, with 2 piktures of onr Lady, the Infant Ghrist, 
and Christ crowned with thome, paynted npon copper in 
China very lively. 

September 6. — Co Jno. retomed this night late with a 
letter from the King of Firando, whoe took it in good 
parte that I sent hym unto hym to adviz hym of oar arivall, 
a thing which the Hollanders had neclected at their arivall, 
which gave hym mnch discontent, soe that I should find he 
would doe his best endevour for our English nation to geve 
themperonr truly to understand the difference he fownd 
betwixt the Hollanders and English, wishing me to make 
what hast I oonld before the Corean ambassadors arived. 
And after Go Jnos departure he sent an other bongew to 
thank me for sending to hym the day before, and, as it 


304 DUST Of EICHAED COCKB. ['617. 

sbonld seeme, coDdenmyng tbe HoIIauders for tlieir pro- 
ceadiog. Yet I doe consider this may be donne at thinste- 
gation of the Hollandera, setiog the King of Firando on to 
Bownd me what I would say against them. 

Our host at Faxatny sent his man to bid me welcom^ and 
expecting my coming to his bowse. 

And Caimon Bono, our host of Osakay, retomed from 
Miaco, telling me wonders of the bad reportes was geaven 
ont agaiuat the Hollanders, and good of thenglish, etc 

September 7. — I wrot an other letter to Firando to Mr. 
Nealson and Oaterwick, and sent it per an other barkman 
of Tome Dono. And as I was a writing of yt, the Corean 
ambassadors passed throw thia towne per water in very 
pompeonse sort, tbey being royally entertayned all the way 
per themperonrs comand, and had tmmpetts and hobboyes 
sounding before them in 2 or 3 several! placese. 

I advised I ment to departe for Miaco to morrow, and, 
yf Capt. Adames came not this night, would leave a letter 
for hym to follow after, and send away presentes thia night 
for Fazamy. 

And within night the onld man of Orengana brought me 
a letter from Capt. Adames, dated in Takasauga' yisterday, 
22 leagDCS short of Ossky, signefying the danger he passed 
the 31th ultimo, a leake springing in his bark, wetiug aud 
spoiling all his goodes, she being ready to sink under 
them. So, not having tyme to writ to Firando, I sent fais 
letter in myne dated yisterday. He writes how he changed 
bark. Aud this day the onld man sayeth he thinketh he 
will be beare, I meane to morrow. 

September 8. — We being ready to departe towards Miacoj 
Capt. Adames arived at Osakay. And it began to myne. 
Soe our voyag was put oSe till to morrow. 

Our host, Magazayemon Dono of Miaco, and Maky Dono 
came to vizet me, as the King of Firandos host and others 
> TakMBgo. 


t6iy.] DUKT OF BICBARD C0CK8. 305 

did the Ijke bring presentes of figges, pear«9, and other 

September 9. — We departed this momyng from Osakay 
towardes Miaco, where we arived this night, only to speaka 
with the King of Firando before we came to Fusbamy, 
where the Emperoar la. So, late towardes night after onr 
arirall, the Kiog of Firando sent me a present of 4 baraos 
morofack, and 20 bags or paper packets of fyno white 
beaten rise ; and Semi Bono a banketing box staff, nifon 
eatange (or Japon fation), with many complementall wordes 
of offers of greate frendshipp, and in 8om sort complayning 
of the Hollanders proceadinges, attribnting all to the folly 
of Jno. Tosson. 

September 10. — I wrot a lotter to Firando to Mr. Kealson 
and Mr. Osterwiok, and sent it per Magazemon Donos man, 
advising of onr arirall heare, and the report the Hollanders 
did look for their dispach yisterdsy, and that the Caetil- 
lanos had theirs the day before. 

We went to tbe Totio or King of Firando, and carid hym 
a present as followeth, viz. halfea peece ofDeashier kersie, 
halfe a peece of blak broad perpetaano, halfe a peece of 
fustion ; and to Semedoae, viz. a vest black perpetaano and 
i pec. fastioo. 

I had much conferrance with hym about oar bnsynes, 
namely, how we should procead to hare oar previlegese 
enlarged that were ebortned tbe yeare past ; anto which be 
promised his assistance, willing ns, as Semi Dono did tbe 
lyke, to geve out the worst speeches we conld of tbe Hol- 
landers, that it might com to themperoars eares. 

And towardes night we retomed to Fasbamy, I geveing 
oar hostis of Miaco 2 mask cods, with 3 picturs, as aEfore- 

At onr arirall at Fnshamy, I sent oar jurebaaao to adviz 
Safian Done of oar coming ; as I did tbe like to Gacayezamoa 
Dono, secretary to Oyen Dono, and Torazemon Dono of 



Firando, whome only of the 3 was in howae, and afterwards 
BODt me a barrell wyne for a preeODt, and word that he 
would com to me in the momyDg to consider about oar 

September 1 1. — I sent our jurebaaso ^^ne to Cacayezs- 
mon Dono, to tell hym I would gladly speake with bym. 
And, aowne after, he came, being accompanid with Toraze- 
moD Dono, and, after many wordes of complemento, be 
tonld me that be tbonght themperonr would lett ns have 
any tbinge tbat in reason we wonld demand ; and that the 
Hollanders bad tbeir dispacb, and was that, notwithstanding 
the petitions pnt np against them, both by Spaniardes, 
Fortingals, and Chinas, to have them banished out of Japon 
as pirattes and sea rorars, he gaine said it, and tonid them 
bis cnntrey was free for all strangers, and thatj yf any 
private qnarrell weare betwixt them, they might seeke 
remedy at their owne princes. But the Chinas replid, and 
said they had no private qoarell with them. " Well", said 
themperonr, "where took they your goodes from yow?" 
And they answered, at Manillias. "Whie then" said he, 
"goe to the Manilliaa for yonr redress©. Bat yf they come 
within my jurisdictions, I will see yow righted." 

Capt. Adamea came to Fnxamy this momyng, baveing 
byn first at Miaco, and spoalc with the King of Firando, 
who need bym respectively in eztraordenary sort: the reason 
he gathered was for fear we should complaioe against hym, 
as the Hollanders bad donne, which yf it happened, be 
would be shifted ont of his government or heritage; but, 
considering he owetb onr honble. employers so mnch money, 
it is better to beare for a tyme. 

Albartus and Matias, the BolUnders, came to vizet me 
at my lodging at same tyme when Cacayemon Dodo and 
Torazemon Dono weare with me, but staid not, only tonld 
me they ment to departe towardes Firando within a day or 


l6l7-] DIABT 0? BICHABD COCKS. 307 

September \2. — Capt. Adames went to day and spoak with 
Oyen Dono and Codgakin Dodo, themperonra secretariea, 
to know when we might have audience and deliver our 
present. They gave hym good wordea, and willed hym to 
retome to morrow mornyng and he should have anawere. 

The Hollanders came all 3 this day to vizet me ; and, as 
it seemed to me by their speeches, they goe not away with 
much content, as not haveing their privelegese enlarged. 

September 13. — Shongo Dono the admeralls soune sent 
me a present of a barill wyne and a box of stuffe like pack 
thrid, made of wheate flower, which the Japons use in 
brotbes at bankets. 

And I wrot a letter to Firando to Mr. Nealson and Mr. 
Osterwick] dated yisterday bat kept till to day, and sent 
per Mr. Albartus, the Hollanders retornyng towardea 
Firando this night per water to Osakay. 

We carid and delivered our present to themperour with 
the King of Englauds letter this after nowne, as foUoweth : — 
From the Kingea Ma^' : 

4 laila. of Bcarlet. 

1 halfe pec. skd blew cloth, no. 291, containing 14} jardes. 

1 halfe pec. bairculler, no. 121, containing 16 yardea. 

1 halfe poec. 7ello, no. 227, containing 17 ysrdes, 

1 pea Densh'tcr tcrsey, pnrple in groin. 

1 pec. eidem kersey, y ello. 

1 pec. broad black parpetuano. 

1 pec. eidem white perpetuano. 

3 peeceg foBtione. 

1 furd gowne niskin bellies. 

1 contoci Lad; Smith, valued at forty mark str. 

From the Company : 
51 cattis raw ailk. 
68 cattit wax. 

1 halfe pec. brod clo. fawne culler, no. 286, cdntaining 16J yardea. 
1 halfe pec. black fyne, no. 689, containing 16 yardee. 
1 rem, bayea yello, containing 13J yardes. 
1 rem. eidem black, coutBining 11 j yardes. 

' Contore or counter, a counting table or desk. 



308 DUBT or RICBABD COCKS. [l^I/- 

6 blak cnn^ ikiiH. 

60 vhite UmbBkins. 

60 black (uid red Umbskiiu. 

fiO fltcbet skina. 

10 pieulU of lead. 

September 14. — We carid and delirerd these presents 
following, viz.: 
To Ojen Dono, Emperonrs secretary : 

1 latla. akariet. 

2 tatt. bUok do. 
2 latla. Bad blew. 
2 lalta. jello. 

2 latla. hairculler. 

1 pec. bUk perpetnsDO, brod. 

} pec. keray. 

1 pec fiution. 

35 white luob akiim 

25 bl»k coaj akina. 

S bundelles white silk, oontAining 17^ catti*. 

And to CodgsHns Doao tho Ijke, bat no silke ; as also a 
narro poec perpetnaao, and Oyea Dono broad. 
Alao to 3 others, viz. : — 
To Tnehma Dono -j 

To Otto Dono > throe of themperoars coancell. 

To Eenaske Dono '' 
To Kennske Dono : 

2 lalta. black clo. 
2 lalta. baircnller. 
2 lalta. sad blew. 

2 tatla. Btrawcnler. 
1 perpetnano, narrow. 

1 pec. fuation. 

^ peece yello keraie. 

26 block lamakiDB. 

And to Tashma Dono and Oto Dono, viz. each alike : 

2 laita. black do. 

2 latla. Btiuw culler. 
2 latt. fawne caller. 
2 latla. blak bajrea. 
^ a kenej, culler green, coDtAioing 2j latla. 


ifil/.] DIABT OF BICHAED COCF8. 309 

\ peipetDuio, oonUining 6} tatta. 

1 pec fuation. 

Saptemher 15. — We carid the preaentea following, viz-:^ 
To Inga Dodo, clieefe juattce of Japon : 
ii latta. bl&ck do. f jme. 

2 lalta. fftWDeculIer. 
2 tail, strawcoller. 

( pec. keisy, greeii, oontsiniiig 2{ toffa. 
j peec. perpetu&Qo, ooDtuning &f (af/o. 

1 peece fastiou. 

And to his secretary, viz, : 

S| lat. perpetoano. 
And to Safion Dono, viz.: 
1} laaa. bUdk fyne clo. 
1^ latla. famie culler. 
2^ talta. blak perpetQ&no. 
J peec karaje, willo caller, 2| jardea. 
^ pece faetion. 
And to Shongo Dono, admerall : 
1} latta. (fue bkk do. 
2^ talta. bUck perpetuaoo. 
4 Idfto. fiudon, IB i peec 
Also Inga Dono sent me a present of 10 catabras or 
cM)tea : 5 eatabrai (or coabes) of silke, 5 ditto of lynen. 
And he sent 2 of Bilk and 3 of lynen to Capt. Adames, he 
baveing geven h;m a present of ginco (or a kind of lignum 

And tovardes night the Kyng of Firando sent Capt 
Adames a very fajre cattahra for a present, with wordes of 
complemento, as yt should seeme hecaose he had (as oor 
jvrebcuso) tould Semi Dono playnely how we have of late 
bya misused at Firando in all occationa whatsoever, con- 
trary to themperonrs edict, etc. 

Septemher 16. — We sent presents as followeth, viz. : — 
To Oyeu Donos 2 secretaries : 
SJ blak perpetuano. 
\ parte of a peec fiution. 

2 talla. i blak perpetuano. 
If parte of peec. fuation. 


310 DUBY OF HICHAED C0CK8. ['S'?- 

To Taffian DoBO, Codgskin DonoB secretary : 
2 talla. J black perpetuano. 
2 tan. ^ ditto, other Becretary. 

And I rec. letters from Tome Dodo, from Edo, tliat lie 
was sick and could not com to be onr jurebaaio ; with an 
other from Todayo Dono, Neyamon Donos partner, and on 
from Neyamon Donos wife, both complementall. 

I gave Domingo, my boy, and his sister, viz.: — 

1 pec. corse damaske, cost 1 ta, 6 ma. CO., to hym ; 
1 pec, red taffety, cost 8 ma., to her. 

September 17. — This mornyng we went to Oyen Donoa 
howse and to Codgskin Dono, to deliver np onr petition to 
have our privilegese enlarged ; bnt they were gon to the 
castell. Soe Capt. Adames went after tbem with it. 

And Mr. Wickbam went to Miaco to Bee yf he can make 
sales of car gooda ; for which purpose he faath carid musters 
with hym. 

Capt. Adamea ataid all day at castell, and in the ende 
shewed the petition to the conncell, who willed hym to 
retome with it to morrow, for then it was to late. 

September 18. — We went againe to the councell, and 
apoake with Oyen Dono, who gave me good wordes, and 
willed Capt. Adatnes to com to the castell and he would doe 
what he could to procure our despacb. 

Also I went and viseted Torazemon Dono, of Firando, 
and carid hym a present, viz. 2 tata. 7 inchea black per- 
petnano, ^ of a peec. of fustion. 

And I wrot a letter to Mr. Wickham, to Miaco, to look 
out for 6 ^iaills gnnpolder ; advising allso that Capt. 
Adamea had delivered a bar plate to Mr. Jno. the bos (or 
scribe) upon ace. for his writing, containing 4 ta. 3 m. 2co. 

And towardes night Cacayemon Dono and Torazemon 
Dono came to vizet me with many complementall words, 
and toutd me it was no dowbt but our previlegese wonid be 



I sent Co. Jno., oar jrtrebaago, to accompany C&cayemon 
Dono to hia lodging Trith & present oa followetb, viz. 2 
tat. 7 inches black perpetnano, ^ of a peece of fuetion. 

And I rec. a letter from Mioco from Mr. Wickham, 
dated thia day, advising that he ia oSerd but a sjmple 
price for our silk, etc. 

September 19. — Capt. Adamea went againe this momyng 
to the Court, being retorned jiaternight with answer he 
shonld com againe this momyng, he haveinge sat theare 
all yisterday from mornyng till night witbont eating any- 
thing, aa he had donne the lyke the day before. 

I wrot a letter to Mr. Wickham, in answer of hia, and 
sent it per exprea to Miaco from Fuahamy. 

Captk Adames did nothing thia day nether, in respect 
the Coreans weare dispached at Cort, and all the tonos to 
the westward had leave to retome to their cuntriea. 

Also the ould direy, or pope of Japon, died thia day.' 

Sejiientber 20 {Oonguach 1). — Yt is eaid the Coreans sent 
a present to themperour, and made their case knowne 
wherefore they were sent from the King of Corea to hym ; 
which was, first to vizot the sepulcre, or doe funerall Hghta 
to the deceased Empcrour Ogosho Samma, and next to 
rejoyce with his Ma''", that now ia in that he had soe 
quietly sncceaded hia father without wars or bloudshed, 
and lastly to desire hia Ma^ to have the Goreana under 
his protection as hia father had before hym, and to defend 
them againat forraine envations, yf any other nation did 
seeke to disturbe their quiet, etc. 

I wrot an other letter to Mr. Wickham per expres, to 
look ont at the tono of Tuahmaa lodging yf the Coreans 
were ready to departe, to the entent to rizet them before 
they goe and to carry them a present. 

And Capt. Adames retomyng againe to the Cort, I wrot 

a letter to Oyen Dono, themperonra secretary, to desire his 

' Go Y6 sei in, who resigned office in lf312. 



Lordships favour for onr quick dispacb and enlard^ng of oar 
previlegese. But nothiog was donne this day by meanes 
all the tonos vizeted the Emperonr with presents. 

And oewB came to Cort of the death of one of thetnpe- 
rours doughters, whoe was married to a grent prince. 

September 21. — I went this moniyng to Miaco, to vizet 
the Coreans, leving Capt. Adames to follow sute at Court; 
bot I could not be permitted to speak with the Coreans 
per meanes of the King of Tushma, he being gelouse we 
might get trade into Corea, which Don other are permitted 
but the Tush mean 8. 

September 22, — I wrot a letter to Mr Wickham not to 
goe any more to Tushma Tono, nor his secretary, till he 
heard fertfaer from me, I havcing now emploid Cacayemoa 
Dono to speake to Oyen Dono, his master, to know his 
pleasure, whether I might be admitted speech with the 
Coreans or no. 

Capt. Adames went againe to the Court "and there re- 
meaned all day till toward night, and then the councell 
sent the King of Englandes letter to be translated into the 
Japon tong, which was donne, and he willed to retoroe 
againe to moi-ow. 

This day all the Japon lords or fort oi went to vizet the 
Corean ambassadors, carrying them greate presentes, a mat- 
ter Strang to see, except it be they be set on per the Em- 
perour to withdraw them from favoi-ing the King of 
China, etc. 

September 23. — I sent an other letter to Mr. Wickham 
with the coppie of translation of King Englandes letter, to 
have Jean Dono to write out two more. 

Capt. Adames retomed from the Court with answer 
from the councell that the Emperour would geve our 
Gnglishe nation no larger previlegese then other strangers 
have, only to sell onr merchandiz at Fiiando and Langa- 
saque. The reason he doth it is for that his owne mei- 



chants of Japon shall have the profit of seling within 
land before sti-angers, as also that, under culler of buying 
and seling, noe pristes may lurk up and downe his cuntrey 
to alter religion as heretofore they have donne. Of the 
which I advised Mr. Wickham in an other letter, to 
thentent he use diligence to sell somthing, for that we shall 
not be snSerd to stay long after the Emperonr is departed. 

September 24, — I went this momyng to Safian Dono to 
confer about our matter of proceae with scrivano, which he 
desired might stay till he came downe to Langasaque, 
which should be shortly. Also he tooke notis of what mer- 
chandiz we had to sell, and wrot a letter to Gonrok Dono 
to take all lead for the Empcrour and pay us ready money. 

Torazemon Dono came to vizot me, telling me that Semi 
Dono was at Court all this day to sue for his master the 
Tono of Firando to retorne for his bowse or cnntrey, being 
very sick ; but could have no answer. He said the Kyng 
(or Tmto) of Xazma retomed for his cnntrey yisterday, aud 
to morow the Tonos of Umbra and Goto have lycense to 

Ther is 2 noble men taken and brought to Court, their 
castell being overthrowne, wheriu was fownd store of war- 
lik provition of poulder, shot, gnns, and armor, but for 
what pretence I canot understand. 

Septemhffr 25. — I wrot Mr. Wickham an other letter, in 
answer of his rec. the night past, to make sales of silk, yf 
it be possible. 

Yisterday, Oyen Dono, Codgskin Dono, and other of the 
Emperours conncell went to Miaco to vizet the Coreans, 
with a present from themperonr, so that we coald doe 
nothing tnchng our dispach. Bat this momyng Capt. 
Adames went to Court about it, with our juTebaaso, and at 
night left our writeings with them to alter or amend them 
at their pleasure and geve ns ij goskont for Cochinchina 
aud Syam, 



Mr. Wickham wrot me he lisd soold a smaD qnantety of 
Bilk at 218 ta. pica. 

September 26. — I wrot an other letter to Mr, Wickham 
to aell 10 or 12 chistes more of silk, although it wears at 
215 tais pieo to delivr it at Firando ; for that money we 
iDnst needes have to send in this shippj at what price 
Boever wo aell ; and, now our prevelegese are lost, we mnst 
not stay heara to procure sales; and we knew well tfaer 
were no merchantes beloe, so that now the tyme to goe 
thorow or never. 

Gapti. Adamea went againe to Court, but did nothing. 

And Semi Dono sent me a letter to procure out a goshon 
for hym for a junk to goe for Tonkyn. But I retorned 
hym answer, he ehonld pardon me, for I had so much to 
doe with the lordes of the councell the other day about 
my owne matters that I had no desire to enter into other 
mens nor trouble them any more. 

September 27. — I wrot a letter to Firando with the 3 
barellea brimston, and sent it per Sinda Dono of Sackay, 
to send for Firando per first. In this letter I advized of 
all is past, and that I think it will be 15 or 20 daies before 
I shall be ready to goe for Firando, and that they shall mak 
sales of any sort merchandiz, 

Capt. Adames went againe to the Cort, but was referred 
till to morrow for dispach. 

Divers noble men sent to buy broad cloth and fnstiona, 
but I referd them till Mr, Wickham came from Miaco, tell- 
ing them I knew not whether any such thinges were left 
ungeven or no, for I canot tell whether it be doune to 
know whether we will sell beare or no. 

September 28. — I wrot Mr. Wickham answer of his letter 
rec. to make an end of Gmbstreet, our host, about the dif- 
ference of his refusing his bargin of silk bought; for I knew 
not whether he did it of purpose to bring the matter before 
the justice to make it knuwne we sell goodes above, con- 
trary to themperours edict. 


1617.] DIAEY or RICHARD COCKS. 315 

And afterward Mr. Wickham came bym selfe to Fnsbamy 
to asbe couDcell about our proceadinges to make aalea ; 
and Boe retomed for Mlaco againe. And sent by the man 
carid my letter in the mornyng 10 saka of rozen or pitch, 
each waying 70 cattis, is 7 picas at 3 taia the piev.ll. It be 
excellent good and dable the goodaea of former we bought 
at Langasaqne. 

Capt. Adamea remeaned most parte of day at Court to 
get our writinges and dispach ; and in the end left our _;ure- 
haxso to bring them away when they weare sealed. But when 
the griffer or clark should have geveu them, he demanded tbe 
delivering in of our onld goBhon (or paaport) for our junk 
for Syam, which we had not, our junk not being arired nor 
no uewea of her at our departure from Finiudo. 

This day the Emperours two brothers came to riset 
hym, one being 16 yeara ould, houlding tbe castell of 
Sfarongo, and the other aom 2 yeares yonger, bouldiug the 
castell at Langaw : two of the strongest fortresses in 
JapOD. So that all the tonos of Japon went to accompany 

September 29. — I wrot an other letter to Mr. Wickham to 
look out for Shoby Dono, to the enteut to sell our junk to 
hym ; and rec. answer, he is not at Miaca So I think he 
keepeth hym selfe out of way of purpose, for that he oweth 
aom 250 to Hon*'" Company. 

Capt. Adames was all day at Cort with onr jwrebasso, aud 
in the end got our writingea aealed. But, aa they weare 
ready to be deliverd, in reading our previlegese over, aom 
one tooke exception that Langasaque was put in aa well as 
Firando. And soe they staid them till the next day, to 
take danco, in parte that Oyen Dono, themperours secre- 
tary, was abcent by means of the death of his wife newly 

September 30. — I wrot an other letter to Mr. Wickham 
not to trust Semi Dono nor any other with broad cloth 



except they brong^lit ready mooey, nether to seed the cloth 
to aoy of their howseSj but let them com to our lod^ng 
and see it. 

Capt. Adaraea went this momyng to Oourt againe to get 
out onr goihon, and had them delirerd to hym sealed be- 
fore nowne, Langasaque being pot in as well as Firando. 
But he was willed to stay till the rest of the coanoell 
came, to see them read our [goshori] before he went away ; 
which in the end was donne. But Tushma Dono and othen 
tooke exceptions that Langasaque was pat in, and aoe 
would not let it passe bat altered it as before. Wherenpon 
Capt. Adames replied that we cared not to have onr stup- 
ing goe for Langasaqne, but only to sell our merchandiz. 
Unto which Tushma Dono answerd that we might doe soe 
witbont puting any word iato our previlegese, having a 
letter formerly to that eateat. 

October 1 (12th Conguack). — I wrotan other letter to Mr. 
Wickbam of recept of his, as also that at present I had 
receved a letter from Semi Dono, whoe very emeatly desireth 
to have vij tatta broad cloth, to pay for it 6 wickea hence 
at hia arivall at Firando. So I advised Mr. Wickbam to 
let hym have it, taking his bill for payment, and, yf he will 
pay any ready money, to receve it and pat it on the bill or 
shorten it on acco. 

I desird Capt. Adames to goe againe to Cort, to get 
Goto and Shashma put in for shiping, yf in case the Tono of 
Firando did misuse ns, as, to say the truth, I can not bragg 
of any good nsadg, yet lothe to complaine. As also that 
thenglish desire to be in a place apart from the Hollanders, 
as being of divers conditions. Yet, when all was donne, 
we were glad to rest contented with matters as they for- 
merly were. And so Capt. Adames brought onr previleges 
with 2 goshtyiis, 1 for Syam and the other for Cochinchina. 

And tbemperouF sent me word he would make noe 
answer to the King of Englandes letter, nor send present, it 



beiiig directed to his deceased father, a thing helde ominons 
in Japon, bnt withall seat me a cattan and 10 coates, and 
10 coates to Capt. Adamea, whereof we gave ether of as 
one coate to Torazemou Dooo, whome bronght these thinf^ea 
from themperonr. 

Also I rec. a letter from Capt. Whaw, the China, with a 
present of a jar green ginger. This China which brought 
it came to gat ont a goahon for Coohinchina. 

And I rec. letters from Firando, dated the 7th, 8, and 
9th altimo, of arirall Sea Adventure from Syam at i^rando, 
Tiz. : — 

I letter Irom Mr. Jdo. Johnson and Richard Pit in Syam, 
May, 1616. 

1 from Jno. Ferrers, from same place. 

4 from Mr. £aton, 2 dated in Tnshma and 2 in Firando. 

1 from Mr. Nealson, dated in Firando. 

1 from Mr. Oaterwick in Firando. 

1 from Mr. Totton in Firando. 

1 from Mr. Borgefi in Firando. 

By which letters I also rec, onr onld goskon from Syam, 
and delivered it in. 

October 2. — I sent two letters to Mr. Wickham per onr 
host, one from Mr. Eaton and thother from Mr. Osterwick 
for hym selfe, with one of Mr. Eatons and another of Mr. 
Barges of myne to shew how hard a passadg our jank had. 

And see Capt. Adames and I went to Oyen Donos to 
take onr leave, where we met Codgkin Dono and all the 
rest of the conncell, who were ready to set forward with the 
Emperonr towardea Edo, he gooing to Otes' to dyner. 

And I wrot 4 letters for Firando, viz- : — I to Mr. Eaton 
and Edmond Sayer ; 1 to Mr. Nealson and Mr. Osterwick ; 
1 to Mr. Totton and Mr. Bourges ; and the fonrth was to 
Mr. Jqo. Johnson and Bic. Pittas for Syam, to be sent in a 
jnuk from Langaeaqne. All these letters I aent per Synda 

' OtSD. 


S18 DIABI 01^ HICHAED COCKS. [1617. 

Dono with the 7 pico. rozen, to send both letters &iid rozen 
forthwith for Firando ether from Osaksy or Sakay. with 3 
or 400 gantes fysh oyle, yf it be to be had ; and to that 
pnrpose wrot 2 letters to oar host at Osakay and oatis at 
Sakay. Also I sent 2 letters to China Capt. and MatiDfjra. 

October 3. — We went this motnjag to Miaco, to dispache 
our bttaynesj and, at our arivall fcheare, Leard the King of 
Firando was ready to departe to morow towardes hia contrey. 

Soe I went to vizet hym, Capt. Adames accompanying 
me. I tould hym how we had bya misused at Firando ia 
hia abcense in all occations whatsoever. He gave me good 
wordes and toald me he was sory for it, and that all should 
be amended at his coming theare. 

Also I got Capt. Adames to gee vizet the China which 
came from Capt. Wbaw, and to telt hym I was f^oing to 
Miaco and, yf I could stand hym in stid theare, he shoold 
fynd me ready. But he came presently after to me hym 
selfe, to thank me, being ready to goe with us for that 
place, and so to Edo, to take out 4 or 5 goahoona for shiping, 

October 4. — We went and vizeted Chubio Dono and carid 
hym a present, viz. : — 
H laUa, Bad blew. 
2} tatta, black perpetuaoo. 
\ fuatioDB. 

He took it in kynd parte, offering us any frendship in his 

And I sent the China a present ij barill wyne and 2 fyshes. 
And Sofy the box sent me ij barilles wyne and 2 hanse. 

October 5. — The maki) man envited us to dyner to day. 

ta. ma. co. 

1 bonght a coate to geve W", cost - - 1 

2 pec red alike lyne termwnj, cost - - 3 3 
8 gerdelles to geve for presentea, cost - - 1 8 

The maky envited us to supper at a tavaroe (or bauketing 
howse), where we were well entertayned. 



And Mr. Jean the scribe had a bar plate geven h;m in 
full payment for his pajnes taken in writing our petitions 
and other matters to tfaemperonr and councell at Fuchamy. 

Also I gare a bar plate to the tabamar where we dyned, 
containing ita. 3ma. Oeo. 

October 6. — Capt. Adamee sent a man ezpres to Firando, 
per whome I wrot a letter to Mr. Eaton and the rest to 
same eSect as my former. 

Also we sent Capt, Adames man to Edo to bring away 
all the coast and Gambaia cloth, aa alao such monies as 
may be made per Neamon Donos partner in his abcense. 

And I wrot letters to Capt. Adames wife and childrenj 
and sent them for presents, viz. : — 

1 pec. irliite damask f 

1 pickture >- to Mrs. Adomea. 

1 nrask cod ) 

1 pec, mingled cuird damaak ^ 

2 musk cods ^ to his aonne and dougliter. 
2 picktnres ) 

1 musk cod J ^ Madalina, Mra. Adamea giatei. 
1 pcktore I 

And wrot an other letter to her, in answer of hers re- 
cesved; and an other to Toma Dono, the Edo jurabasao, in 
answer of his. 

Chnbio I>ono sent me a pike for a present, with a letter 
of reoomendacons to his nephew, Gonrok Dono, governor 
of Langasaqne, to nse us kyndly for his sake. 

October 7. — We came this day from Miaco to Fnshamy, 
and gave presents, viz. : — 

iJ(a(«i.iadblewclo. | ^^^h^^t 

4 tatia, black fiurtions > 

2i lalta. black perpetuano ) ^^ ^j^ ^^^ 

4 talta. fnstion ) 

1 pec black tnttea, coat 5^ ta. \ 

1 pec. damaok, cost ita. V to ostia 

1 pec, taffette, coat : 8 was. ' 

With 60 taies for onr expence lying theare, and a bar 



plate, oontaiaing ita. 3m. bo the servanta, all paid per Mr. 

And we gare for a present to the maeky man, riz. : — 

S| latta. monBcoller keny. 
1 pee. damask, coat 1 ta. 6m. 
1 pec. tafFete, ccet : 8. 

And I thought good to note downe that in the way from 
Miaco oar host shewed ds the preparatives made for the 
bnrialt of the onld difrie (or pope) of Japon, viz. : — In one 
howse was sot a rood or shrine of marveloBe lardgnes, with," 
to my thinking, 100 pillers gilded over with goald, with 
each of them a gilded crowne on the top of them, and 
rownd about the howse, against the pillers, a gilded skncbin 
hanged np, which, as I learned, represented all the pro- 
vinces or kingdoms in Japon, over which he houldetb hym 
selfo king of kings. Also against each piller stood a caodel- 
Btick with a wax taper. But yow must understand tbere 
was an other howse, built highe and 4 square, not far from 
this first with the shrine, in the midest wherof was a dipe 
hole very fairely plastered, over which a greate vessell of 
wood was to be placed, wherin the body of the dirie was 
to be put, and the valt under filled with sweete odors and 
pretiouB woods, which being set on fire burne the vessells, 
corps, howse, and all the rest ; with 4 gates made E., W., 
N,, and S., walled about a pretty distance from the howse, 
all being hanged about with white silk which was to be con- 
sumed with the rest. 

The greate wooden vesaell I saw in a paged not far from 
the place wheare the body was to be burned, which pagod 
was fowoded per the said daire. The vessell in forme was 
made lyke a lantame, set out with pinacles of excellent 
workmanship, all being gilded over with gould. 

The top of the howse where he was to be burned was 
painted with the formes of angella, som with instrumentes of 
musick and others with garlandes, as it were to crowne 


l6l7.] DI&BY O? SICHASD COCKS. 321 

hyra. And they rerelj think that, when the body is con- 
BDmedj the sole flieth directly for heaven, bareing liberty to 
passe oat at any of the 4 gates, eather R, W., N., or S. 

October 8. — Being fowls wether, we staid at Fushamy all 
this day. 

October 9. — We departed towardes Osakay, and gave for 
presents, viz. : — 

4 tatta. dUce fustion > 

1 pec damask, to our hostJB. 

1 kerimon "i 

1 gerdell V to hia sonn, Ric. Cocka. 

1 per tabU and EtringB ) 

. , . J to tuB BOn WickhRtn, 

1 pere tabu i 

1 gerdell, to his dougbter. 

1 pec taffetj, to bis sister of other howsc 

1 bar plate, to her bosbaod, for pa;nee, coDtaining 3 ta. 6 m. 6 eo. 

80 taies for onr diet and servantes ; 4ta. imas. for ga- 
donge; 4ta. 4mas. to servantes. Our bo9t and others accom- 
panid 03 2 leagues on the way, and brought 4 banketing 
boxes stnff to feast as } and he sent his sonne and man to 
goe thorow with us to Osakay. 

October 10. — Mr. Wickham went to Sactay to buycerten 
thinges for Syam Toy^e, as also to look oat whether we 
could make sales of any matters. 

Also we laid out a present for Shemaz Doqo, govemer of 
Osakay, viz, : — 

2 tatla. Bad blew cloth. 
2 latta. fawne culler, 
2} tatla. keny. 

25 black cony ekina. 

26 white lamb nkins. 
^ peec. fufitiaDB. 

And to his secretary — 

l|MHa. Bad blew. 
-J pecc. ffutians. 



And Sa&an Dodo BBnt me a letter with 2 langanatUt for 
a preseat. 

October 11.— Wo carid the present to Stemaali Dono, 
goremor of Osakay, with that to hia secretary, which 
was taken in good parte and many kynd oSera of fren- 
ahipp to our English nation. This place is cheefe key of 
Japon for sending up goodea to sell, which yearly, when 
we vizet themperour, we may doe per their permition and no 
man dare open their monthes. 

I rec. letters from Firando, dated the 15th nltimo, viz. : — 
1 from Mr. Baton, 1 from Mr. Sayer, 1 from Mr. Nealson, 1 
from Mr. Osterwick, 1 from Mr. Totton ; with a coppie 
letter of King of Firandos, written from hence, per meanes 
whereof yt seemeth both we and the Hollanders were per 
his bon^ewe misused. 

October 12. — This day Mr. Wickham went for Sackay to 
look out about bnsynes, staying till now per meanes fowle 
wether; and, before he went, rec. fyve hundred taifs of 
Cuamon Bono, our host, upon acco., in plate bars. And 
deliverd one hundred and fyftie tait to Capt. Adames to lay 
out about Syam voyage and for Cochinchina in necessaries, 
wherof he is to render an accompt, all in bars. 

And towardes night Skengro Dono, our hostes Sonne of 
Miaco, with the maky man, came to this place ; as Gifio 
Dono did the like from Sackay, sent from the wife of 
Tozayemon Dono, and brought me a present of frute. 

October 13. — I wrot a letter to Mr. Wickham to buy 2 or 
300 gantos of oyle to send for Firando per first, Mr. Totton 
haveng wrot me there is nou theara Mr. Wickham re- 
tomed answer they would not let ns buy nether armour nor 
guns at Sackay, it being defended that no strangers might 
doe it. 

October 14 — I wrot a letter to Mr. Wickham to tell the 
governor that we brought better guns into Japon then wo 
carid oat, and that we did not buy these to weaken their 


l6l70 OUBT or BtCHABD COCES. 823 

cnstiy, nor to orme their eneoiieaj but were seat to their 
frendes, and that I cared not mnoh whether we had them or 
no. And he retomed me answer, he could not com to 
fipeeche of hym; but had bought 138 gantas of oyle at 16| 
eondrivs per ganto, and shipped it for Firando in 5 barilles 
at 2 mat per barill, is 1 lay. 

October 15. — I wrot Mr. Wickham to meet me at Croby 
Dono3 at snpper at Osakay, and to morow to goe together 
to Sakay. And I paid Maky Dono, for 20 comb cases, 6 
taiee bars; and to the traders 6 tai», and 4 mat to their 

Gapt. Adamea earited us to his host Croby Donos to 
supper, where we had kynd nsadgie. 

October 16. — We went to Sackay this day to see whether 
we could procure sale of any thing, Capt. Adames and Mr. 
Wickham accompanying me, to spend 3 or 4 daies tbeare, 
till Cuemon Dono of Osakay have provided money to cary 
downe with ns, as also to gave content to Tozayemon Dono 
in lying Bom tymo at hia howse. 

I gave a bar plate to Domiugos mother, she coming to 
Tizet me, she being a very pore woman with 8 children, and 
her Sonne serving me. 

October 17. — I got Capt. Adamea to vizet Safian Dono, 
the governor, in my name, to thank hym for the present he 
sent me, as also to shew the letter to hym, wherin we are 
alowed to trade for Langasaque, as well as to Firando, and 
to offer hym to doe hym any service I may beloe. He was 
sick and could not be apoaken withal!, bat sent word about 
buying guns and armors, it was a thing forbidden per 
themperour in respect of the Coreans, yet, notwithstand- 
ing, onr host or others, by 8 or 4 at a tyme, might provid 
them, and he would not take knowledg thereof. 

October 18. — We were envited to Synda Donos to supper, 
where we had good cheare, and dansing beares sent horn 
after ns, after they had showed pastyme theare. 



824 DIABT or BICH&BD COCKS. [1617. 

I Bent a letter to Firando to Mr. EatoD and rest, with an 
other to China Gapt., in Japoos, how Capt. Adames would 
sell hia junke. 

October 20. — We retomed to Oaakay to sapper, and paid 
onr host, at Sakj, for oar dyet and that of Mr. Wickhanij 
XXX taies, with a bar plate for servantes, containing 3 ta. 
7 ma. 

And I gave a bar plate to Qifio Donos father, and 2 tait 
small pUte to dansing bears, and 5 mas to serrantes, and a 
peec. corse damask to beares, cost 1 ta. 

And oar bostis and her daaghter had geven thero, viz.: — 
2 pec. dAmask, cost 4 laii per peec. 
1 pec. damask, cost 1 la. 6 mat. 

Also Capt. Adames had 2 peea tafieties. 

This night the gunpolder howse at Osakay was blowne 
up, and 6 persons kild oat right, and dirers others hnrt, and 
the bowse bnmed quite to the grownd. 

October 21, — Domingos brother in law came and viseted 
me with a present of a pewter bnson ; and I gave hym a 
peece of taffety, cost me 8 mru. 

October 22. — Our boat of Fusbamy came and riseted me 
and brought a present of muaberons. 

October 23. — ^We went to supper to Icbizayemoo Dono, 
kynsman to our host at Miaco, where we were very well en- 
tertayned with good cbeare and dansJng beares. 

October 25.' — We were envited to Ecbero Donos to sup- 

I wrot 3 letters, viz. 1 to Cuetnon Dono, our host of 
Osakay, to com and bring away the money we stay for ; 1 
to Magazayemon Dono, host of Miaco, complementall ; 1 to 
Maky Dono, that I paid 100 taU to his brother for Mr. 
Eaton upon acco., desyriog hym to bring the rest maky 
ware and receve rest of money. 

October 26. — Our boat, Cuimon Dono, retomed late yis- 
temight from Miaco, and now tells me he canot pay all onr 


l6l7>] DURX or BICHABD COCKS. 325 

money, bat will send som 1400 iaiv, which wantes, per Gapt. 
Adames. I dowbt he will deceave us. 

I sent to the governor, Shemash Done, to know whether 
he would comand me any serviZj for that I was ready to 
retorne for Firando, And our hosb Cuemon Dono (alius 
Grubstreet) gave me coaDcell to send 3 tatta. fustion to 
Shemash Donos steward, in respect he was a man neare 
unto hym and might stand us in steed hereafter. Soe it 
was don ne, and taken iu good parte. 

October 27. — Our host, Cnimon Douo, of this place of 
Osakny, went back to Miaco, having made acco. with Mr. 
Wickham for all goodes sould hym at Firando before our 
coming from thence, as also of all other sould here since 
our comiug up. So he rest to pay the ballance only owing 
belo, being som 1420 ta'tt Japan plate bars, which ha 
promised to pay to Capt. Adames within this 8 or 10 daiea 
to bring downe after us. And he gave me a present, be- 
fore his going, of a catahra, 2 bagges saudes or perfume to 
pnt amongst clo., 5 salt coddfysh, and 2 bnndellee of sea 

And Shenuish Dono, goveruonr of this citty of Osakay, 
sent me a present as followeth : — 10 pikes, 6 guns or 
kalivers, 8 hartoa of wyne. 

October 28. — The steward of Shemash Dono, whome had 
the 3 tattamis of fustion sent faym, sent me 2 piks for a 

And I had 20 taies plate of Mr. Wickham, whereof 10 
was for Tangano, 8 for MounsMne, 1 for Dilligence, 1 to 
Goiye and Marebatan. 

And Crobio Donos sonne came to yizet me with a pre- 
sent of banketyug stuffe, and to envite us to dyner againe, 
which I thanked hym for, we being ready to departe to- 
wardes Firando. And Shroyemon Donos littoU Sonne 
came from his mother with the like present, enviting us to 
com to her howse, which I answerd as before, and sent her 


826 DUBT or BICHABD OOCK8. [t^I/. 

s moBk cod, and gave her aonne a peec taSety, his father 
being sow at Firsndo, a cheefe merchant and onr good 

October 29. — I wrot out a remembrance to leave with 
Capt Adames, he being to Btay hears 18 or 20 daies, 
to attend the coming of Tozayemon Dodo and Neamoa 
Dono, to accompt with them yf we Bhonid miase of them in 
the way. 

Skengro Dono came from Miaco and brooght me a 
sifron in a chist, cost 4 ta. 2 ma. eo. 

And there waa !( tatta, broad do. deare caller, and 5 
handkerchefes chint bramport geven in a present to Groby 
Dono and his wife. And tatta. perpetuano, 3 tolta fostion, 
5 handkerchefes chint bramport to Eche Dono and his wife. 

And towardes night Croby Dono came and brought me 
a basketing box for a present, and Echere Dono brought 
2 banos wyue and 10 tequamequet. 

And I gave a coat to Shiske Dono, Echere Donos bro- 
ther, cost me 3 toAS 8 mas. 

November 2. — I rec this mornyng 3 letters from Fir&ndo 
per the expres sent from Miaco per Capt. Adames : — 1 
from Mr. Wm. Eaton, dated 16th and kept till 21tfa ultimo; 
1 from Mr. Nealson, of 21th ditto ; 1 from Mr. Osterwick, 
21th ditto; 4 from Capt. China, Matt[ing]a, Jna Japon, 
and Sinda Dono. And with these letters came these papers 
following, viz. ; — 

Tozayemon DonoB acco. in English -j wrote ont per 

Neamon Donos acco. in Englifib J Mr. Osterwick. 

1 paper for broad cloth and elo- ' 
phante teeth all written in 

1 paper for 2000 dearke (sic) skins Japons and for 
of Byam thaccompt of 

1 paper for broad cloth Tozayemon Dono 

1 paper for sererall merchandiz oar host of 

1 paper for 50 pica sapon Sakay. 

1 paper abstrack of accompte 



1 paper (or acco.) of Nsaman Dono of £do, in Japoas. 

I paper (or bill) of Zezabro Dodo, host son of Oaak&j, 
for broad cloth scald hym at Firando/ 

All which pappers and accompts I left with Gapt. Adames, 
to reccon with the said partis when they com np, I being 
ready to departe toward ea Firando. 

Also Mr. Rio. Wickham left in the handes of the said 
Capt. Adames these papers and acco. written in Japons, 
vix,: — 

1 paper or bill of Tozayemon Dono and Shroyemon Dono, 
for broad oloth left with them 10th November, 1617. 

1 bill or paper of Tozayemon Dono, for goodes at same 

1 bill or paper for goods left with Techero Dono of 
Oaakay, le 2i5tli November, 1616. 

The 13 picalls 88 catttB silk sold Tozayemon Dono I 
Tate at 218 taispico, as I sould rest, is 3025 : 8 : 4. So I 
make ballance ofTozayemonDonoaacco, 6003:3:3^, besides 
the 50 pico Syam wood. 

And towardes night Tozayemon Dono came to viaet me, 
and tonld me I should take noe care for the payment of the 
money for the goods sonld hym, for that it shonld be at 
Firando in tyme to goe in onr shiping. 

November 3. — I made a bargen with Croby Dono of 
Osakay and sonld hym all the silk remeanyng at Firando 
nnsoald at my arivall tbeare, at 218 tais per j)tco, and am 
now to reoeve 1000 taies in hand and rest at delivery of 
silke, all in good Nagite plate, paying the small exchange 
of 3 or 4 mas per 100 tais. 

And being ready to go towardes Firando, there was 
gflven in the howse at Osakay for presentes, viz. : — 

To our boat : 
1^ latCa. brod do. gad blew. 
S tatla. fustion. 



1 pec. black satten, c«et 4 tau. 
1 pec. cDsheu Telvet. 

And to his soDne : 
3 tatta. naro prapetiuuiio. 

Aad paid for diet and howee charges, 100 taiea ; and 
geren the serrantes a bar plate, 4 fa. 3 mas ; and to the 
cheefe maid two taiee. And I gave Woman Dono 4 iais 
3 mas ; and Shiske Dono one tay. 

The Bonns of howse ga7e me presents of wyne, 2 barsos, 
and 5 hensse. 

Soe, late at night, we went downs to Dembo, to goe over 
the bar next monijng, unto which place divers frendes 
accompanid ns with bankets. 

And very late Croby Dono came with a thousand tais 
plate bars and two writings of the bargen of sale that re- 
meanes at 218 tais picull, this 1000 tais being in part, and 
rest to be paid at delivery thereof. 

I rec. 20 taia of onr hostes wife of Osakay, to employ 
for Woman Dono, Mr. Wickhama gerle, and a writing de- 
livered per Mr. Wickham wherby she ia to serve the said 
woman 4 yearea and then at liberty. 

Noven^er 4. — "We pnt over the bar of Osakay an hower 
before day, and made this day 35 leagues, day and night, 
geting 5 leagnes past Monro this momyng by son rising. 

November 5. — I wrot a letter to CJapt. Adames to aend 
the goshon of hia jnnk with the lowest price he will aell the 
junk for. This letter I sent ashore at Bingano Tomo 3 
howrs before day; and soe departed forward, we having 
made this day and night till son rising 19 leagnes, having 
passed 4 leagues past Bingana Tomo. 

November 6. — We made thia day and night following 20 
leagnea, being xiij leaguea to short of Camina Seake in 
the momyng at son rising. 

November 7. — We made this day and night following, till 
son rising, 21 leagues. 



November 8. — We made this day and night, till son 
risiBg, 23 leagues, and catne to an anoor at a place called 
[Manco].* Also late came in a bark wherin Neamon Dono 
came, and sent me word he would vizet me, bat did not, 
bnt departed away secretly in the night. 

November 9. — I wrot an other letter to Capt. Adames, to 
send per first bark ws mette, to adviz hym how Neamoa 
Dono did serve me, as also to same effect as former dated 
at Manco. 

Soe abont nowne we set seale, and with much ado got 
within night to Shimina Seak, it blowing much wynd N.erly. 
Soe we made 17 leagues this day, and ancored theare all 
night, wynd being W.erly, with rayne. 

November 10.' — We staid at Ximinaseak per meanea of 
fowle. weather. 

November 11. — In Ximinaseak I delivered the 20 tais of 
Woman Dono to Mr. Wickham. 

November 12. — We departed from Ximinaseak after 
nowne, and paid our host for dyet ashore 6 to. 1 m. 5 co. 
Soe we pat to sea at son seting, and made till son rising 25 

November 13. — We were forced to put into a village in 
Faccata called Cattadomaiy, 27 leagues to short of Fi- 

I wrot a letter from hence to Capt Adames, to bay 6 or 
8 pico gunpolder. 

Niivember 14. — We bought two calves this day, cost 
1 ta. 5 ma. c. both. 

November 15. — We departed from Oattado Mary this 
momyng, other barks going out, and soe, allthough it were 
calme, rowed it np, and with much ado the next momyng 
got to Langnay, wind being so contrary, having made, 
night and day, 14 leagues. We gave our host at Cattado 
> Hulci. A blank left in the MS., but the name is giren nnder the 
next day. 


330 DUET or BICHABD COCKB. [1617. 

Mary S ta. 5 m.0 eo. for hia howaOj and a peece of backar 
barocbe' to bia cbildren to make them 2 coatoa. 

November 16. — We put into Langaay, where we ataid all 
thia day and night foUowiog by means of contrary wyndes. 

November 17. — We departed from Langnay, and aboat 
nowne oame to Firando, bayeing made 13 leagues; bnt gave 
a bar plate to onr boat. 

At onr arivall the Hollander ahipps shot affe H or 15 pea 
of ordinance, and oar ship the Adviz 7 peeces. And sowae 
after the Dnch geneisll sent me 2 bottella Spanish wyne, 
and Albartns came to vizet ms with many complementos. 
And most of the gentellmen of Firando ether sent or came 
to Tizet me. 

November 18. — I wrot a letter to Capt. Adamea and an 
other to his hoBt, Croby Dono, adrising howe we had sonld 
all our ailke, wood, and akins, as also all odf broad cloth, of 
which I willed hym to adviz bis said boat, because he should 
Bend downe do more money traating on the sails of silk. 

Also I wrot 2 lettera to Tozeyemon Dono and Gnomon 
Done, desyring them to dispacb Capt. Adames away, other- 
wais the money will not com in tyme to send in the ahipp 
nor junk. Also I wrot Capt. Adams in a ticket pnt into 
my letter that the China Capt. hath spoaken to aom frendes 
to bay bis junk, bnt noa will gere above 1000 taies for ber 
with pasport and all other matters. 

The King of Firando sent to envite me and the rest of 
thenglisb merchants to dyner to morrow. 

Novemberld. — IgaveMr,Eaton,l([r.Sayer,Mr.KeaIaon,and 
Mr. Oaterwick, each of them a keremon of them themparour 
gave me, with 2 others same to Capt. China and his brother. 
Also I gave a langetiack to Mr. Totton, a pike to Mr. Wed- 
nore, and a banketing box to Mr. Coleson; with a gerdell and 
a peare tabix and atringes to women of Mr. Eaton, Mr. 
Kealson, and Sayer, Mr. Osterwick, Capt. Chinas wife, and 

^ Feriupa thii ma^ mean bam^, a doth, made of hariffa, or iDdian 



Snaaona; and a coate and peara tahis and stringes to 
China Gapt. donghter; and like to Wm. Eaton; withot her 
matters to dyvers other serrantes and frendes ; and to 
Matinga, 3 coates^ 2 pears tahis and stringes, 2 ger- 
delles, etc. 

We went to dyner to the king, where we were well 
feasted, he esteeming onr nation far before the HoUandera, 
as he tonld na. 

November 20. — I wrot 2 letters to Langasaqne, i to Jorg 
Duroia, and other to Alvaro Mnnos, with 2 other letters in 
Japons to Gonrok Dono and Gapt. Whaw, and sent a 
ieremon to Ghina Capt. "Whaw for a present. These letters 
went per Mr. Baton, whoe I sent to Langasaque to rea the 
money of Gonrok Dono for the lead sould themperoar. 

Also I sent Gonrok Dono 2 letters, one from Safian Dono, 
and thother from Chnbio Dono, his uncles, wherin they 
wrot hym in onr behalfe to ase ns weU in all occations. 

And we went to the £ing of Firando with a present as 
hereafter followeth, viz.: — 
4 tatta. asd hUm. 

4 lalta. Mrawcullei'. 
2 late, fyne black. 

1 peec. Denshier kenj. 

5 peec. brod perpetoano. 
1 peec narro perpetuano. 
B peec fnstiane, 

50 bkk cunj skins. 
60 white lamb skioB. 
60 fitchat skins. 

6 picuU of lead. 
10 picull of sapOQ. 

Mr. Osterwick paid 2300 tais plate bars to Andrea Dittis, 
China Gapt., for rest of acco. money taken np at interest of 
his brother and other Chiitae, and gave me back my two 
bills for 8000 taies lent ns at intrest of 20 per onto, the 
yeare past ; and in this acco. they alowed the money and 
intrest wanting in acco. at Bantam, being, as Mr. Balle 
writeth, with exchang, 1800 ts. 


332 DUST or richabd cocks. [i6i7- 

The Hollandes jank for Syam went oat, and I sent Sr. 
Matbias, the capten, a barill morofack aod a pork. 

November 2\. — I wrot a breefe letter to Syam, directed 
to Mr. Jno. Jobnaoa and Mr. Hie Pittea, and sent per Sr. 
Matliias in the HoUandeB junk, advising tkem that oar jonk 
woald be ready shortly to goe after hor, Mr. Eaton being 
capt. in her, and Mr. Burges pilott^ 

November 22. — I wrot a letter to Mr. Eaton for Langasa- 
que, and sent it per Sr. Harry Starkasse. 

I rec. a letter from Langasaqne from Capt. \Thow, with & 
peec. wroght satten for a toaken, in which letter he wrot 
me how all the skins he bought at 23^ tais per 100 skins, 
whiche he sonld to Japona at 18 taia after at tyme, are now 
all retomed back from Miaco npon his hands, as not beinge 
merchandable, eaying no man will geve 8 taies per 100 
skins for them, they are aoe motheaten, as also ther wanted 
135 skins in tale. 

Also Giquan, the China, and an other China of Langaaa- 
que came to rizet me, and broaght me in a present of 2 jars 
conservs, 2 hartoi wyne, a baskit of oringes, and another of 

And the China Capt. gave me a fardell or seme* of mase, 
wayiag neare a quintall,^ it being sent hym from Bantam, 
and he not knowing what it is good for. 

November 23, — The China Capt sent me a fatt hogg and 
3 marchpanes for a present, haveing many Chinas com from 
Xangasaqne to vizet hym in respect of the berth of his yong 
donghter, the Chinas being above 50 persons; and each one 
hath brought a present, most of plate, and some of eatable 

November 24. — Many men com to enquire after price 
silke; soe it is risen to above 250 taig pico, and is 
thought will com to above 300 tais in respect the Hollanders 

' Another form seems to be Krone. 
■ Span, quintal, a hundredweight 


l6l7>] DUBT OF BICHABD C0CS8. 333 

hare shipt «^&j most parte of theirs they took per reprisal!, 
and the Portingalla stand upon the price of theirs, sa the 
Chinas doe the like. So now it apereth what it is to sell 
away per force, as we doe to make retorne per these shipps. 

Oonrok Dono sent me a letter with 5 coates for a present, 
with many wordes of complemento, being ready to departe 
towardes Miaoo. 

And Mr. Wiokham went to Langaaaqne, and onld Mr. 
Burges with hym. 

November 25. — I rec. sererall letters from Capt. Adames, 
dated in Osakay, from the 10th to the l€th cnrrant, 5 letters 
in all, 4 of them by his man Genkese, and the 5th by Croby 
Donos kynsman, with a present of a silk coate, a cattan, 
and 2 barsos wyne; and 2 harsoB wyne and a hen from 
Taccamon Dono. 

Also Gapt Adames wrot me that Safian Dono died at 
Sakay the ISlh day of this month ; as also that onr host 
Gmbstreet would pay no money, bnt drove hym affe with 
delaies, pleaing least in sight, etc. So I wrot hym a letter 
(I meaue to Capt. Adames) to bring hym before the justice, 
and soe to make an end. 

Genqnese brought 2000 tai» in 2 chistes from Capt. 

November 26. — I went and rizeted Semi Dono with a 
present of 1 ^ iatta. sad blew clo., and 1 peeoe fustion. He 
took it in good parte with many kynd protestations. This 
is a suttell man, and one that raleth more then the king. 
The Hollanders gave hym a present worth about 200 taies. 

I also made sale to China Capt. of Capt. Adames junk 
with the goshon, for 1200 taies. But Yasimon Dono stood 
against it, thinking others would geve more. So I offerd 
yt to hym at same price, which he refused. 

I sent a letter to Capt, Adames, junk sould for 1200 tats. 

Novemler 27. — I sent and eurited the Hollands general! 
with tho rest of the principal! men to dyner on Sonday 



I wrot a letter to Mr. Wikham and Eaton to Langassqae, 
how I thought the swart' was ran away with onr table 
lynen he had to wash, wiahiog them to look oat theare for 

The HolUndes generall sent me a rnnlet of Canare wyne, 
exskewsing hym selfe to com to dyner on Sonday, for that 
he fownd hym selfe ill at ease and tooke phiaick. Bat I 
doe rather esteem he take state apon hym. Tot, bs it ether 
one occation or other, I sent hym word he should be well- 
corn yf he pleased to com, and that I made no dowbt, 
althoagh he were ill at ease now, yt might please God he 
might be well againe before Sonday, etc 

Mr. Eaton and Mr. Totton retorned from Langasaqne to 
Firando this night. And the China Capt. Whawe lent them 
"hia foy fone. Bat som of the rowers stole a small silver cnp 
of the Companies oot of Mr. Tottoos cbist in carrying it 

Mr. Eaton tells me that a Spaniard called Mignell de 
Salines would haye taken away oar caffro Antony, set Iree 
per King of Firando, geving oat great wordea that he wonld 
spend 4000 tales bat he would have hym. Bot Mr. Eaton 
tould hym bis wordes would not prevaile, and therefore 
wished hym to com to me and aske hym, otherwais he had 
nothing to say to hym. 

I, upon good consyderation, let the China Capt. and hia 
brother, Capt. Whow, have oar 2 lesser bras fowlers with 
their 4 chambers, 

November 28.' — I delivered Capt. Adamea goshon to Sk^- 
dayen Done, whoe is partner in buying hia junk, in presence 
of the China Capt., when it was delivered. And we sould 
all the rest of our skins of Syam to Croby Donos kynaman, 
for 20 taxes for 100 skins. 

This moroyng an ould man came from Jor. Dnrois to 
trym our &ute trees. 

> ? Black mu. Dutch, rwart. 



NovemhfT 29. — I wrot two letters to Lang&B&qne, one to 
Mr. WickliaDi aod an other to Capt. What?, and sent tbem 
per China Capt. And wrot Mr. Wickham to bring 3 or 
4000 iais refined plate from China Capt. for bo mnch de- 
livered hjm heare to chang. 

November 30. — I rec. a letter from Mr. Wickham of report 
popish miracles, hov a mans arme was drid np for oSring 
to bume a fryres cope or vestment, his arme standing stiff 
ont, he not being able to pul it back nor bend it. Thns doe 
these popish pristes envent lies to deceave the pore symple 

The fiyre that was taken at mas was called Padre Ap' 
polenarius, and was taken in Arima; bnt the Christians 
rose ap in armes against the Emperours offecers, and tooke 
hym per force. So what will com of it is nncerten. Tt 
was this mans cope or vestment which he left behind hynt 
which wrought this miracle, aa the papists report j but yow 
may beleeve it yf yow please. 

The Hollanders came all to dyner, except the generall 
and Mr. Barkhoult, they being sick of a fever, as the others 

The master of the GalUat and the secretary sent me a 
barica of Spanish wyue. 

December 1. — I envited all the Chinas to dyner, which 
came to the ceremonies of China Capt. child, in respect of 
the overplus left of enviting the Hollaodera. Soe it cost 
not mnch, they being above 20 persons. 

Capt. Speck came hym Belfe to desyre me to let hym 
have one peece of canvas (or poledavis) for a sample to trye 
to make other by. 

Deeember 2. — The China Capt. departed towardes Lan- 
gasaqne with all the other Chinas with hym which came to 
vizet hym for the berth of his child, 

Jdo. Derckson Lamb, the Hollandes general!, came to 
vizet me at English howse, exskewsing hym selfe he came 



Qot to dyner the other day, in respect he was sick and 
newly let blood, soe that his chirui^on conncelled hym not 
to goe ; otherwaia no other occation shonld have staid hym. 
So I made hym eolation in the beat sort I could. 

Mr. Osterwick rec 931 ta. b m. co. of Croby Donos 
kynsman, for 4050 deare skins at 23 tatee per 100 skina, in 
bars of Nagita. At which tyme I deliverd back the chist of 
1000 tats plate bars rec. at Dembo, neare Osakay, of Croby 
Dono npon acco. of goods sould upon conditions, viz. silke, 
yf it were not sould before. Bnt being sould before my 
arivall at Firando, I retomed the money back. 

December 3. — The Hollandes generall went abord the GaU 
liaa,& shipp of 400 tons, which they are now sending oot to 
attend the Amacan shipp, whoe, as it is said, is ready to 
departe from Langasaque. Soe the generall took leave (or 
bad the capt. farewell), and shot afie much ordinance ont of 
all their shipps, that all Firando shook with it, and at same 
tyme ordained one Mr. Barkhout captaine of the Gallias and 
the Son, whoe are apointed to som exploit; and Jno. 
Dreckson Lamb to goe in the Flushing direct for Molacas. 

The generall, Jno. Derickson Lamb, sent me a peece of 
wrooght velvet, a peece of silke grogren, and a peece of 
black rich taffety, for a present, with many complementall 
and frendly speeches. 

The Qallias went oat to Cochy roade, because she might 
be ready to sot seale when the Macan shipp departed from 
Langasaque. Ther was much ordinance shot affe at Duch 
howse and ont of ther shipps, and 5 pec. out of the Admz. 

December 4. — I rec a letter from Capt. Adames, dated in 
Osakay le 21th of November, advising of an other sent per 
his man in a bark of Sakay with 1300 tais Nagita plate in 
bars ; and that Gmbstreet will pay noe plate, but pat hym 
affe with wordes. Bat the bark of Sackay is not yet com, 
wherin the plate cometh. 

Sofy, the rich boz of Miaco, came to vizet me, and brought 



me a present of 10 Japon trenchers and a baskit of wall- 
nottes, with many complementall wordesj and tould me he 
would com to morrow to look of Bucb merchandiz as we 
had, and bny them, yf we woald aell at resonable price. 

December 5. — The bark of Sackay, wherin Capt. Adamos 
sent the 1300 tais, arived at Fimado this day, sent per his 
man Gerosaqne, rec. of Tozayetnon Dono, as also the 2000 
tais before was rea of hym. 

Decemher 6. — I sent Jno. Derickson Lamb, the Duch 
generall, a present, viz.: — 

1 makey spont pot and eaner of largest sort. 

1 standing onp and corer, maky. 

1 tankard mala/ work. 

4 beaken mah/ work. 18 

The Hollandes generall sent me two bottells of Spuiish 
wyne and a HoUandea cheese. 

And I reo. 2 letters irom Mr. Wickham, dated in Lan- 
gasaqne, le 3th and 4th currant, sent per Mr. Surges, 
wherin be writes me he stayeth only for 3 or 4000 taia the 
Capt. China promisetfa to send me in refyned plate within 
2 or 3 daies. 

Bocemher 7. — Thi* night past Shosque Dono, the King of 
Firandos secretary, was made to cut bis belly, as the 
secretary of Taccamon Dono was caused to doe t^ lyke 
few daies past. The reason was for that they bought and 
Boald abord the Hollandes shipps, and forbad all others to 
doe the lyke. The king demanded 800 taia from Shosque 
Dono, or else to cnt his belly, whoe, not having it to pay, 
did it. 

He also demandeth 300 tms of Groresauo, our qnandom 
knave jurehasso, or else to get hym out of the cuntrey with 
on snte <£ aparell on his back, and leave howse, wife, and 
children, and all the rest he hath, behind hym. 

Also the lyke demand, or such lyke, is made to Skyamon 
Soad, a stranger, and favoret of the kynges heretofore. 


338 DIABT 07 RICHABD COCES. ['^^7- 

The Hollandea ^nerall Bent me a present of 2 bottells 
Spanish yryne and a Hollandea cKeese. And the dotnene 
cam to me with 3 soldiers with hym to entreate me to 
speaks to the said generall, Jno. Derickson Lamb, to save 
3 soaldiers that were condemned to the fellies, of the which 
I had broken the matter to hym before. And it seemeUi 
now they are desiros to sett them at liberty upon my second 
notion, as I miderstand from the fiacaU. 

December 8. — The Hollanders were enrited to dyner to 
the howae of Semi DonOj whither they went in pomp, the 
generall leading in ouerpo, with a tnmchon in his hand 
and a greate cheane of goald abont his neck, and all the 
cheefe in rank after hym^ 2 in two, to the nnmber of above 
20 persons. 

December 9, — The rendador (or mynt man) of thempe- 
ronr came from Langasaqne to Firando to melt pUte for 
the Hollanders, and came to vizet me and bronght me a 
present of a ailke catabra, offring to refyne onr plate in any 
forme or goodnes as we desired, and tonld me hia sonne 
was atmcksii blynd, desiring to have oar chirnrgions to 
look on hym and to see whether they conld doe hym any 
good or no. 

I went to rizet the Hollaades generall, whoe at my re- 
qnest set at liber^ 4 sonldiera formerly oondamned to the 

December lO.^The fiscall and secretary of the Hollanders 
came to thengliah howse and brought the prisoners with 
irODB at their leggea, and toald them for my sake they were 
sett at liberty, and soe canaed a smith to knock affe their 
ahakles and let them loose, they upon their knees gereing 
me thanks, promising to doe soe well hereafter that they 
hoped my time emploid for ther liberty shoald not be ill 
spent, etc 

December 11.— In respect Gapt. Whaw lent his foy /one 
and people to bring back Mr. Wickham, we gave a bariU 


l6l7-] DUBT or RICHARD COCKS. 339 

wyne, a bag rise, and a tay of plate to compaoy, and 1 tn^ 
plate to Capt. Wbaws man. 

The sai^antes, corperalls, and other Duoh ofBcers name 
to thenglish howse, with 6eorg * an English man, 

to thank me for being the meanea to get the 3 aoaldiers 
pardoned. Tt Beemes Capt. Speck was mach against it, 
and urged the generall to teU hym he was thoccation of 
that had happened in leaving open the windoea, otherwise 
no BDch matter had byn attempted ; and, yf he well be- 
thonght hym selfe, these men had spent their blood in 
getting iboae goodes, and lost all they had when thadmerall 
ship wan sank, so that a more charetable mynd were better ; 
" and yet (said he) I am no man that will mentayne theft. 
And had it byn any of your merchandiz sent ont of Holland 
I ahonld esteem the fait more greater." 

December 12. — Capb Barkhont, Mr. Albartoa, and aa 
other merchant came from the Hollandes generall to envite 
VB to dyner on Sonday next. 

We delivered the 10 pica sapon to the Tono of Firando, 
geven hym in present 

December 13. — The rendadors made ready the place to 
refyne our plate, and Croby Donos partner delivered me one 
tiiousand tais in onld plate bars, choaen per rendador, it 
being better to melt then thother, and goetb upon accompt 
of aappon, he which bought it haveing promised the one 

The Hollandes generall sent me a Hollandes cheese per 
AlbartUB, puting me and rest in mynd to com to morow to 
dyner. Yt seemeth they bad not greatly cared yf we had 
not promised to com to dyner, in respect the world might 
hare esteemed they respected ns not yf they bad not don it, 
which made me to goe, notfor a dyner, etc. 

December 14. — The thnnderbont light upon the mastea of 
the 2 Hollandes shipps, the Fhuhing and Sonne, the night 
past, and did them som hurt, but not much, 

■ Blank in MS. z 2 


340 DIAET Of EICH4ED COCK8. [iSl/- 

We dyned at Hollandes howae, where we were kyndly 
entertayned, etc. 

December 15.— The kyng dyned at Hollandea howse this 
day, where there was healths drank and much ordinance 
shot affe, hoth at the howse and abord Hie shipps. 

We dyned abord onr jank, she being now ready to set 
seale for Syam. God send her a prosperoos Toyage. We 
had 3 peeces at onr going abord, widi other healths, shot 
a£Fe for Eynges Mt. of England, with 7 at onr departure, 
and 5 oat of De/mce. 

December 16. — I sent yistemigfat to thank the Dnch 
general! for onr kynd entertaynment the day before. And 
he retoraed answer, be was very glad yf it were to onr 
content, and was ready to doe ether me or any other of onr 
English nation any service or pleasnre he could; withall 
sent me word that the loving kyndnes he had receved from 
me in espetiall conid never be forgotten whiles he lived, 
knowing well it came from a good hart^ wishing the English 
else where were of my opinion and caradg, and then he 
durst presume there woald be no ill will betwixt the English 
and Hollanders. 

The China Capt, Andrea Sittis, retorued this momyng 
from Langasaque, and brought me a present of a box eett 
with glasse beades, or snch lyke, as I think, as also a letter 
from his brother, Capt. Whaw, to send hym 1000 tait in 
plate of bars to be emploid about procuring trade into 
China, they allwaies being answerable for it, whether it 
take effect or no. Also he desirod me to send hym a Japon 
Jceremon of the largest of tliem themperonr gave me, to be 
emploid that way, for which he would not foi^t to be 

Our junk being ready to goe oat, the Japon offecere cam 
and demanded to have 14 passingers to goe for Syam, 
although I had it under their bandes to the contrary that 
they should cany non. Soe in thead I oSred to geve 7 of 


l6l7-] DIAB7 OF BICHABD COCKa 341 

them 6 tais per man, and the boteswaine 30 tate, to be 
emploid in wood, and deliver them at their retorne to Japon, 
but know not whether thej will be content therewith or no. 
God blesae me out of the handea of these people. 

An ambassador of Figen^ sent to the King of Firando 
came to see thenglish howse this day, to whome I gave the 
best enteitajnmeat I conld. 

Mr. TottiOn fell into a Strang fanmor, misusing Mr. Neal- 
Bon in vild terms, telling me he was used like a slave in the 
English howse, and tberfore would com in it no more. 
This he did being in drink, as it seemed. 

December 17. — I gave 2 of my beet keremoru, geven me 
per Emperonr, to China Capt. and hia brother, bo be sent 
into China abont procuring trade, for a present to greate 

I sent Jno. jur^atso to Oyen Done to Bpeake to the 
kyng to heipe with money to send in this shipp for Ban- 
tam, as also to canse the 22 bagges rise to be delivered me, 
paid for twise in acco. ; whoe retomed me answer he wonld 
solicet the kyng in this matter. 

Also I sent hym to Semidone to pat hym in mind of 100 
tait Goresano oweth apon acco., that he wonld force hym 
to pay it. He sent me answer he was going ont of towne, 
bnt, at hia retorne within 2 or 3 daies, wonld tak matter in 

December 18 {Seitack, 1th day Japon moon). — The fown- 
ders to mett plate (or mynt men) came to work this 
momynge. I delivered the thowsand tai» to Mr, Oster- 
wick, which I rec. of Croby Donos partner the other day, 
being plat bars, to fownd (or mynt) with the rest. 

The China Capt. gave me 2 peces red damask, sent from 
his brother, Capt. Whow, as he said. 

The Hollandes shipp called the Flushing went ont to 
Cocby this day, and I sent our foy /one to heIpe to toe her 



out. She Bhot affe 9 peaces ordinance at going oat ; and 
7 pecea (or chamberB] were shott affe at Bollandea howse, 5 
peces ont of the Son, with 5 out of our efaipp Adviz, and 3 
out of our jimk. 

We were constrayned, in respect of the necesaety of tjme, 
to agree to lend the marenera of oar junk 150 tai» Japon 
plate till their retome, with condition that yf they wait 
qnietly on the Yoyag, and ao retomed to Japon with the 
good report of Mr. Eaton, the capt., aod Andrea, the Japon 
botawain (or counter master, as they call hym), that then 
they ware to pay back hot the 150 taU ; yf not, then to pay 
300 tais. As also there was 7 of them had 6 taU a man 
paid them, is 35 tais. 

A letter to Capt. Whaw, with the 2 Japon keremotu, 30 
amors or bundelles rottans ; and that the 1,000 toe. was 
ready to lend to procure trade into China; as also I had 
rec. t'hBfoyftme or boate he sent me in present, etc. 

December 19. — I rec. 2 letters from Capt, Adamea, on 
dated in Osakay, dOth ultimo, and thother in Ximina Seak, 
14th present, how he bringeth 1,200 tau from Tozayemon 
Dono, and 500 tais from Gmbstreet, and can get no more. 

Also I rec. a letter from Omperaa father, with a littell 
barso wyne called bringe, and 200 orenges. 

December 20. — A cavelero came to vizet me, and brought 
me 2 bareoe wyne and fishes for a present. Matingas 
father waa hia servant in tyme past. 

The night paat, the Hollandera tooke 4 theevea of their 
owne people, 2 soldiers and 2 caffros, whoe had made a 
falce key and stolne goodes out of the howse. Som 
thought to hare fled, but were taken, the King of Firando 
haveing geven charge that no boate should passe out of the 

December 21. — I receved a letter from Capt. Adames 
from Langway, 12 leagues from Firando, how he la there 
windbound. And the Hollanders shot affe 7 pecea ordinance 


l6l7'] DUKY or RICHARD C0CE8. 343 

ont of tbe Son about midnight, and 9 chaabera oat of 
howae, in hoQor of their New Tears Day to moiroir. 

December 22. — The Hollandes generall sent his nois of 
trompete^ to gere me a salve this momyng before day, 
onto whome 1 gave e, bar plate containiDg 3fa. Dm. Geo. 

About nowne, Capt. Adames arived at Finindo, and 
came overland from Lang^ay, the sea being greate and the 
wynd akant. 

Late towardea night, the Hollandes generall, with Gapt. 
Speck and all the cheefe, came to English howse to bid me 
fare well, the generall meanyng to departe towardea the 
Molncaa to morrow, aa they geve it out. The generall 
dmnk a health on bis kneea to the Einges Matie. of 
Eogland, and caaced 7 peces ordinance to be shot out of 
the Son. And after, we drunk the iyke to the Grave 
Monria, and shot 7 more ont of the Advize, and 5 for a 
health to the generall. 

December 23. — The Hollandes generall, Jdo. Derikson 
Lamb, went abord his shipp to Cochy to put to aea, and 
bad 11 chambers shot aBe at Hollandes howae, with 5 
peeces ordinance out of the Son. And we shot 7 ont of the 
Advhe, and they answered with 3 after out of Son. I, not 
being well at ease, sent Mr. Wickham, acoompanid with 
Capt. Adamea and rest Englishmen, to Cochy to bid the 
generall fare well, and sent hym 2 barilles morofack, a hogge, 
2 Bucking piggea, and 20 loves bread. And, aa they were 
within Baker ahot of the Duch admerall, she shot afie 5 
pecea ordinance for a farewell to the Japon bongews who 
acoompanid them, one of which peeces, being a braa 
demycolverin (being dnble charged by mischance), brake 
and etaved 5 or 6 cabbins and as many cbistes, and did 

> A technical term for a band of mnsiciaae. See &d entry in 
Alleyn'a A'ary (in this Mme year, 8 Dec,, 1617), "given a nojrse off 
trnmpetera yt lownded, 0:2: 6".— G. F. Warner, Calatogxie of MSS. of 
Dubeieh College, 1881, p. 167. 


844 DIA.ST OF BICHAKD COCK8. [t6l7- 

nnoh shake the generalls cabbio, patiDg hym in danger of 
hiB lyfe, and wounded and meamed 7 or 8 men, but non 
slaine, and was in greate danger to hare fyred all the gan- 
polder, being 200 barilles ; which canced the fiskall, Mr. 
Albartns, and the secretaiy to leape orerbord into the aea. 
Two of them, not being abell to Bwym, had lyke to have 
byn drowned, and the therd fell into a Japon boate, and 
Bhaken her bottom out, and had ]yke to have broken his 
Ib^sb. Yet in the end all tamed into a laughter and 
mocking of those 3 men. And soe gave thenglish kynd 
entertaynment, with 5 peces ont of admerall, and 3 out of 
Oalliae at their departore. 

And at Mr. Wickhama retome, he had notie that the 
Japon whome I saved the life of the other day, and gave 
hym to hym for hia servant, did yietemight steaie a stiver 
cnp ont of the HoUandes howse, and sonld it in the towne 
for Sta. Smat. The cap I retomed hom to Capt. Speck, 
with advise I recoverd it from the theefe which stole it 

Veoembor 2i. — Onr Japon slave had punishment this day, 
all the eervantes in the bowse, with others apointed, geveing 
hym 10 lashes with a dnble rope over the naked body and 
bnttockes, till all the skin was beaten affe, and afler washed 
hym in bryne. I wish it may be a warning to the foole, for 
BO I estem hym. 

Divers passingera which ment to have gon in oar jnnk 
against my will (for Syam) went and complayned to Tacca- 
mon Bono to have passag perforce, and to that entent he sent 
me word. Bat I retomed answer I had the Emperoura 
goshon to entertayne or send whome I listed, in paying them, 
and, yf he had any other anthorety to send pasaingers 
against my will^ let hym shew it, otherwaies non ahoald 
goe. Unto which be retomed me answer, he would not 
meddell in the matter, but bad me doe as I pleased. 

December 25. — I envited all the shipp and jnnk oSecerg 
to dyner this day, it being Christmas Day. The China 


l6l7.] DUBT or BICHIBD C0CE8. S45 

C&pt. sent me 10 boxes marmalade a baakit of pearse, and 
a fat China capon j and sent a boate for a kjd, bat not 
retorned. The Flushing went out, batj wynd proving con- 
trniy, retorned back to Gochy roade. 

December 26. — I wrot a letter to Salvador DaraviB, in 
answer of his rec., with the ring of rubia and 2 gars salt 
mangas. AIbo I send a scritorio for hym. 

The Hollandes general! sent me a barica of Spanish 
wjne, and after djnet I went abord the Hollandes generall 
to Coohy roade, and carid hym a langanate, which Safian 
Dono gave me for a present. At our coming abord (Mr. 
Sayer, Mr. Osterwick, and Mr. Totton accompanyinge me), 
he gave ns S peces of ordinance, and, at onr departure, 5 
more, and 3 out of the OalHcu, Tiz.admBra1l, taking my 
Tisetation in very kynd part. 

I gave the China Capt. a kerymon of silk for his doaghter 
to sleepe in ; and after, he sent me a peece black satten and 
a peece blew damaske. 

Capt. Adamas bark arived this day late from lAognay, 
having taken greate pains to row it np. 

At my retoms from abord Dach shipp, word vaa 
brought me that Taccamon Dono said onr junk should 
sot goe out for Syam except I sufFerd each ofiecer to cany 
2 passingers, according to the custom of the cuntrey. Also 
others said that oar junk was &lne into an extreame leake. 
And the therd news was that i^ngasaqne was set on fyre. 
For the two first, of the wordes of Taccamon Dono and 
jnnkes leake, I think it rather the knavery of the unruly 
marenerSj whoe wish it might be soe, then otherwaies, 

Becemher 27. — I sent abord jnnk to look out about leake; 
and it is nothing but puting abord ballast bath brought 
her deeper, aod som 6 inches water encreased in 16 howres. 

I rec. a letter from Jor. Durois, dated in Langasaque, 2th 
January, new stile, with 8 oreng trees, cost all 6 taiea. 

I rec. of Capt. Adames in ready money, via.: — 


346 DUBT or BiCBASD cocra. [iGi7- 

ISOO takt from Tonyemon Dona (»f Sakay. 

05DO laiet from Caemon Dono or Grabetreet of Osaluty. 

0080 laia from ShrouooD Dono of Os&ksy. 

AU the whicli soms of 1780 taiea I delivered at receapte 
to Mr, Jdo. Osterwick. 

And I rec. per Capt. Adames these letters following : — 

1 from Tozayemoa Dono of Sakay. 

1 from Shroamon Bono of Osakay, 

1 from CnemoD Dodo, host of Osakay. 

1 from Magazemon Dodo, host of Miaoo. 

1 from Neamon Dono of Edo, 

1 from CjrDemoD Dodo of Osakay, nnkao'WDe. 

1 from Ttiug&no, eto. 

This day the trew oewB came of the hnmyiig of above 
200 howsea at Langasaqae, vrherof maoy did beloDge to pore 
Chinas. One amongst the rest, adventaring over laahly to 
have saved som money, was smothered and burned, never 
retoming oat. ADd Andrea Bittia and his brother, Carit, 
Whaw, had 3 howses burned, with 1 gedong, much goodes 
being in it, as Andrea tonld me. 

December 28. — I sent a barill tkar beare to the Hollandes 
fiskall ; bat the ship was gon out before it came, and the 
bearer delivered it to Capt. Speck. 

We gave 1 pica bitell Dottes to the China Capt., for no 
man will buy them. 

Towardes night the ofiecers junk came, and tonld me 
Taccamon Bono had sent to warne their hostes not to suffer 
them to carry out our junk, oor goe abord, except they 
might carry passingers with them. 

December 29. — I delivered my letters for Syam to Mr. 
Eaton, viz.: — 

2 to Mr. Jno, Johnson and Bia Pittes. 
1 to Mr. G«org. Savidg for Camboia. 

1 to Mr. Jno. Ferrers for Champa. 

2 coppies letters rec. from Mr. Savadg and Jno. Ferrers 
from dit. plac. 


l6l70 DIABT 01 BICHAES COOKB. 847 

1 letter to Sslrador DaraviB. 

With the memoriall or comitioo delirared to Mr. Eaton. 
All which letters &nA coppies are to be seetie per coppiea, 
Ab also the car^ezon goodes sent ia Sea Adventare, en- 
clozed to Mr. JohnaoD, etc., viz.: — 

In plate Soma refyned, irith ezchanga - 1218 

In ban plat refynd lyk tyn, with exch&nge - 1166 1 6 
In plat« ban of Japon NagiUt - - 1000 

Som totall plate amontca unto - - S374 1 5 

And in merchandiz aa per perticolen - 0438 9 2} 

Som totall all cargazon amontea - - 3813 7J 

Bnt I make it - - • ■ 8813 9^ 

I Bend tokens, viz.:— 

1 scritorio to Mr. Jobnaon, cost me - OSta. Om. Oeo. 
1 to Mr. Pittea, cost ... 01<o. 8m. Oco. 

1 bill to Salvador, monej geren faia sonne, with 1 skri- 

The mahf man arired here fistemigbtj and brought me 
3 letters, i from Tozayemon Done, and the other from 
Magazemon Dono. 

December 80. — I wrot 2 letters to the English and Japon 
nmpra, and sent them 2 preaent, viz. : — 

2 fowling pecm, cost - - - 8 8 S 

1 pec. apoted natten, cost - • - 8 

1 pec. damask, blak and green • - 6 

I forgot to note downe how I went to vizet the tono 
yistemight, and carid hym a jar conserrs, and Captc Adamea 
carid hym a bamo wyne and 2 fysbes. I tonld hym onr jaok 
was ready to departe towardes Syam, offring hym to doe 
hym any service in that place we conld, which he took in 
good parte, promesing all frenshipp he conld towardes oar 
nation, and with all thanking me for the frenshipp I showed 
hym at bis being at Miaco, and telling tne I shonld have 
barkes ready to toe ont our jnnk at my pleasure, etc. 



Oar jnnk being read; to goe out, Taccamoa Dono sent 
me word thatj except I would alow of 10 pasaingers to goe 
in her, we ahoald hare no boates to toe her out, nether 
would he saffer onr offeoers to {^e in the jnok. So the 
tyde not tanyng for the kyng (as the proTerb ie), I hired 
2 boateB hj meanea of Gapt. Adames, and two I set ont my 
eelfe, and the Hollanders aent ibeir foy fojie, and the China 
Capt. an other bark, and the AdvU sent her boate ; with 
which we got oat onr jnnk, contrary to their expectation^ 
and carid her into Cocfay roade. Tet this Taccatnon Dono 
canoed the Japans hostes to our ofiEecers to stay them. 
Wherupon I was forced to goe to the king to comptaine, 
bat could not com to speech of hym. So the jnnk was 
forced to eta; all this day, and loose a fayre wynde. And 
within night this Taccamon Dono sent 3 or 4 men (oa 
coming &om the kyng) to have passadg for 3 men, and got 
the China Capt. to com to speake for them ; bnt I denid 
them all- 

Oyen Dono sent me word the king had reproved Tacca- 
mon Dono and bad hym not meddell in onr basynes. 

Mr. Eaton had one hundred taies alowed hym on hia 
wagis, and I paid hym my selfe. 

December 31. — This day Taccamon Dono sent againe to 
the hostes bowses of oar jank offecers, charging them not 
to let the offecera departe till I agreed to let the passingera 
passe in onr jnnk. So I was forced againe to get Capt. 
Adames to goe to the kyng, with onr jurebatao in his 
c<Hnpany, to complaine of the wrong Taccamon Dono doth 
OS, oar jnnk being now ready to goe ont. So the kyng 
gave order forthwith to the hostes to let them goe. And 
sowne after Taccamon Dono sent to me to exskense hym 
selfe, saying he was ill enformed of my matter by the 
passingera, and therefore craved pardon. This Taccamon 
Dono is a prowd, hamerose, dreamyng fello. 

After dyner, Mr, Eaton went abord the jank to Oochy, 



and c&rid all the marreaers with hym ; bnt the wether did 
gToe BO boysteroos, and blew aoe hard a gale wyud, that 
they were in danger to have perished. And, aa report 
goeth, ther is above 30 barkes cast away, laden with rise 
and other merchandiz, coming from Langaeaqae, Fingo, 
Xaxma, and those partes, and all or most parte of people 

.END 07 VOL. L 






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