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Full text of "The Dickens dictionary; a key to the characters and principal incidents in the tales of Charles Dickens"

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f [vi-.xs Dir- no.wNRv 

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Dickens Dictionary 






'Ifhebf ifnArut, *ho«nuld not wiih ia mlirge huknowledAef I fha b« knowing 
■ha would not wiHinglir nfruhhiiiiicrnDT7!"— Uldvs 


NgwYork; SSHflh Avaiu* 

I . 



- P ■ 


Capyrighi, 1871, 

Copynnht, igoo. 

Bt olive w. wheelek. 

*(// HgMt nserotd. 


^I)e Wxthttis IPictionatQ. 


"AalbrthealuiUca of Hr. DIckeu, multiplied UndocuM trbldi be luw ao* 
tend Dpon ni all, upan onr ohildreo, apon people educated and imediiiatad, upoa 
the mjTlade who speak odt oommaa tongae. have not yoa, hare not Ij all of btf 
reuoii to be IhaoUht to thli kind Mead, who looUied aad charmed lo manj 
bonn, brovfcht pleaflore and sweet laaghter to ao many homei, made laoh molti* 
fade* of ohlldnii Iiappr, endowed ni wltb (aob a iweet Bton argradoDi thougbta, 
fUr Ikodet, aoft irnipatlilei, hearty eolaynieDU ? , . . I may quarrel with Hr, 
Dlckena'i art a thowid and a thouaaud timea : I delight ud wander at bla 
lenliu; I raoognlie In tt — I ipeakwllb awe and TETereDoe — ■ oommltBlon from 
that DiTliie BenBBoence, whoae bteued tank we know It will one day be to wipe 
ererr t£«r fVom every eye. Hiankftally T take my share of the fbast of love and 
Undnesi which this gentle and generoaa and ohatltable soul haa eonlilbuted 
to the happiness of the world. 1 take and enloy my abare, and tay a besedloden 
for the meal."— Thjcehbat. 

"Wnt Ball his books swept bysomelnteUeetnalcatMtrophe ant of the world, 
there would still exist In the world some soore, at least, of people, with all whose 
ways and sayings we are more intimately acquainted than with those of onr 
brothers and sisters, who would owe to bim their being. While we Uie, and 
while our children liA, Sam Weller and Dick Swireller, Ur. Pecksniff and Hrs. 
Qamp, the Kicawbers and the Sqneerses, can never die. . . . They are mora real 
than we are annelves, and wHI oulilve and outlast ns as they have ontlired their 
■nator. This la the one proof of genius whloh no oltlii, not tha moat tt**! ■* 
IISMtUSad, eao gatns»y."— a i a ch Bocd's Ifag., vol. itz. p. at. 



Ot Mtiging tkt First Stria ofAltlJU Ytar Rimnd" (9 a th$*, 
Mr.DicitHt ustd that words," It is betttr that evtry kind of 
work, hotustfy underlAlitn and disdtargtd, skouid sptah far itttlf 
thoM bt spoktttfor^* iVow, ai the general inttnt of this v^umt, tht 
manntr of its eitcnlion, and its usi/nlntss to tit i jading puNk, 
vriit bt snfficieitlljt ebvions on rvtn a cursory intpttlton, ihty nttd 
mtt it '^spaktnf^" here. A few fatts, kt^vevtr, ■:r(tvt to h* 
ttattdiy way of txplanalion and acinowitdgment. 

Tkt arrangemtnt of tht names of characters under eacA tale it 
odpkaietkal; but the order in which the tales thcntselves are treated 
is eAronoloeieal. The latter remark, however, does not apply la Ike 
" //printed Pieces," which are put at the end of the list, as hetving 
been originally published — in "Ifousehald Words" — at varioms 
dates beta>een the years 1850 and 1856. A'or does it apply lo 
"Some UneolUcled Pieces," which, though among the earliest 4^ 
ottr author's productions, are piaeed after all the rest, as being little 
known, and, at pruent, inaccessible to the majority of rtailers. 

Besides iktie, a number of other sketches and tales still remain to 
tt gathered from "Household IVords," and '-All the Year Round," 
and from other sources. To the " Christmas numbers "publisher 
vt eonneclion with these two periodicals, Mr. Diekent was gener- 
mlfy a contributor; and in tSfi? he collected and revised, expreisly 
for the "Diamond" edition of his works (issued by tht publishert 
«/ this volume), " the portions of those numbers" ■mrilten by hinf 


ttl/; mmttty, " Semsiody't Luggagt" " Mn. Lirriptr't Ladgingi? 
"Mri. Lirriptr't Legaey!' "DmUt Marigi^d;' '^ Two Gfmt 
Storitt," •• Tkt Boy at Mugby," a«J " Tiu N^y-Trtt." Hi it 
t»i4t9 havt written tktfirfl aitd third portions of" Tkt Ptrih of 
Ctrtain English Pruantrt" (1857), and tnor* or ttis 0/ "Tkt 
f/auatfd Home" (t»S9), "A Utitagf from tJU Sfa" (_tS6o), " A'a 
Tkoroushfart" (1867), &^.,- bvl m he did notut fit to itckmavtl' 
tdgi any ikare in thu* eompoiiU productions, and as it would it 
impostibU to sfparalt hit t^ntributions from those ef tht otktr 
writer t ttjioeiated with him, thts* startts have bun vtholly omitted. 
If is to be noted, hav/rver, that although, in the " Diamond" edition, 
he eiaimed as his own only those portions ofAfugby fuaetien^' eif 
titled •• The Boy at Afugby " and " The Signal'Man " (reprinted at 
(ht second of " Tv/e Ghost Stories "J, yet, in the Contents prefixed 
to this Christmas number of " AH the Year Round," he fiut hit 
name as author to two other portiont, entitled " Barbox Brothers," 
and "■ Barbox Brothers and Co." These are atcordingly included 
in tht present toork. 

In three or four cases, the extracts from Dickens art taken 
from his " Readings, as Condensed by Himself," and not directly 
from his novels. In the case of ether extracts, omissioMt and ex- 
planatory additiant are always carefully indicated. 

The summaries of the Principal Incidents in the longer tales 
have been borrowed (with some slight cutditiont and changes) 
from the "Diamond" edition; hut, at ih* origiital references 
were to the pages in that edition only, these kaite been omitted, 
and chapter references given in their stead. 'They will bf found 
to fisrnish an excellent analysis of the tales, and to be exceedingly 
convenient for reference. A general synopsis ef each story may aho 
it rettdily obtained by reading the account of the principal eharactet 
tr characters figuring in it. 

Th* Illustrations are selected from those deitgned by Afr. S 
&yfinge,jun..for the " Library," " Houtthold," and " Diamond 



tdUiana »/ Dlclun^t Works, ptMisktd, with tkt aulket'i MHetitm, 
¥y Afutri. Jamti R. Osgotd and Company. Mr. Dicttm 
Mtfy cviffirmtd tht gtHtral UUimgny to Ihiir ixttlltnct in trying 
oflMttn, " T%4y or* rtmarkaMt for a dtUtaU perception ofhtauly, 
a Imly tyt/or tAaratfer, a mott agritabU absttut of exoggtrtUio*, 
and a gtHorol moditty and propriety, wkUh I greatly liAe." 

The ntanber of names of charatltn inclitdtd in the Gmerat In- 
doe, and more or Usi fully trcattd in the pages preteding the Index. 
is itpwnrds of fifteen hundred end fifty. The number ef names 
t)f imaginary plhees, societies, and literary works, and of familiar 
phrases or sayings, and the liie, — also included in tie Index, — 
is uparards of tu'O hundred. 

On the eompittioHofthis Dictionary, it was placed in tkt kastdtof 
Mr. William A. Wheeler, as a" scholar of critical habits end 
apprvoed experieiue," to be revised and corrected for the press ; and 
he has read every page of it with scrupulous cart, both in the 
manuscript and the proofs, suggesting many alterations which have 
materially improved Ike work, besides furnishing contributions of 
his own, which hetve given it still greater interest, value, and com- 

As the preparation of this manual has been a pleasant task, the 
Author tiioutd fain hops that thoie who consult it may find the 
perusal equally pleasant / and that it may help, in however small a 
degree, to extend and perpetuate the fame and infiuencc of Char let 
Diekens, not only in his nttlive land, where he rested his claims to 
remembrattce, and in America, whose people he always regarded 
as "essentially one" with his trwn countrymen, but throughout the 
world, which he has so warmed and cheered with the susuhitu e/ 
his genius and humanity, and to whose intellectual u'ealth he has 
t^Ued so much. 

Apml to, 187a. 


Lnr or Iu4Jstsati<us ...•..••••. -mI 
At>rnABmcAi. Osdbb of DiokksM Borxu Ajn> Tll>cli wt» tbb 




Pickwick Pafcm U 

Oltvkb Twut Ml 

HDoroa Abwciatioi ..........,1U 


&KCTCRU or Toirvo CoorLCi IM 


Ou> CcBioatrr Shop ...........IM 

Babbabt Edimik •■•••••• ....IM 

CuHisnua Caboi. ,,,,,..,,,,. tBt 

KABTm CHDZZLXWrr ■••• ••. ••• .t» 

THBCaiKEa. ., MS 

Cbickkt o> tb> Hsixa ..........m 

BaTTLb of LlFB SH 


HAinrraD Kav ..>*••. Xt 

Datid CoprnjivMi no 

BIhSak Bodu ,,,,,.,, m. 

Hakd TDm ■••>•*■••»•. ■ AOO 

SVTES FOOB TBATVUKM ...• ,. ,. . ,I7t 



Talb of Two Cnna .... ...... «k 

Btneno Domt ■ . , . . 41T 

DxooiomctAL Tkatbllsb .... lu 

iAbb«t EzpscTincMn ........ aa 



SOKSBODT^ Lcoaias (..HV 

Mas. L:bmpbb'8 LoDooioa ...• tea 

Una. LlRBIPEB'S LlOAOT ■•••••••> >1H 

OVB UdTCAL FRIKao .,....4M 

Doctor Uahioolo ...,,...., 

DAB90I BBormu . .•..•>■•. ..US 

BOT AT UUOBT .. .,.,,.<.. 4M 

Two QUOaT-STOBIES ,.,..••■•..000 


Gboros Bu.veBmam'S Exfi,Akatii» GD7 

New Umcovkbkcui. Sauplbs , . , . . . ■ • . .113 

Eowuf 6rood . . . SI3 

esPRurrED Pieces ASS 

Soke UHCOl.i.BCtBD PlECU 63t 

UsoncaiL. HI 



£T0t of SUustrations. 

OitAju.Ba IMasm '......•••• fkimlUpitm 

[£ivnn>al uihIs- tU ti^arliilmfno* ^A. T. B. AiirMa.r.I 

Tna Pickwick Clitb ...,.,>.• . paok U 

Joe, the Fat Bot .U 

Olr Wellsr aiid the Coacbkeh U 

The Artpci. Dodorb akd Chaslet Batxi ....... M 


Ub. akd Mrs. SqcEEsa and Uasteb WACKroBT ... .141 

Ql'ilp, URa. QmLF, AND Ubb. JunwiK ...... , nt 

Dick Swivei^ucb aso the UABCHiOMMa 181 

Bod CsATCim ahd Tuti Tim . . Sio 

Baieet Gamp and Betset Pbid ......... B3 

Mr. PECKSNirr and nis DAuoHTEBa ........ BT 

Elijah Poobah aed Vbb. Bomut 131 

Captain Cdttlb ........IM 


Mb. MiCAWBEB and his rAIULT . ■ >D3 


tlAROLD SKIHFOLB ,,....341 

Mr. Turvetdeop and his Eoh SSI 



fos Gabueet ahd Ub9. Job .......... 4:t 

rt'llBLECHOOK AKD WorSLC .... .... , *K 

PODSNAP .......•■••...•<T1 

(HE BOT AT KmiBT • *( 

CXlpljabcticfll ©rbtr 


Wifn T«B DATS «r nisoi Fuai romuKXTma. 

BI.KAK lIOirSK, IB5S-63. 
BOT AT MUUBY, 1866. 
CmUBS, 1814. 

OMBKY AN'D SUN. i»*t~*S. 


nuNTEo nows, iai». 

MASTER llUMt'HRCY'S CLOCK, 1640-*!. 
UDDFOO ASS0CL\T10N. 1837-36. 

sir IRlvbBbtttcsI •<htt ■! 

OLIVER TWIST, 1837-39. 
Namify! — Tdb BBaoiHO LEtTBB-Wum, IBSOl 

BiLt Stickino, 18S1. 

BiKtnB. Mn. MasK, op a. Son, IHl 

Child'! Dbbam ov ^ Stas, IB9(h 

Child's Stobt, I8SS. 

Chkibtmab-Tkbb, 1860. 


Down witb tiii Tide, 19S3. 

A FuoHi, 1B51. 

Tbb Gqost of Ast, 1850. 

Tbb Long Votaok, 1853. 

Ltiko Awakx, 185S. 

A MoHDMBsT OP Fbbhch Fou.t, IHt. 

NOBLB SaVAOB, 1853. 

Ob Ddtt witb Ikbpbctor Fiblb, lUl. 
OuB BOBE, 1852. 

Odb English Watbbino-Plicx, 1851. 


Odk Honorablb Fbixhd, 18S9. 

Odb SonooL, 1851, 

On Vbbtbt, 1852. 

One OP THB Sbabon, 1856. 

Oct of Town, 1856. 

A Platbd Abticlb, 1853. 

A Poor Man's Tale or a Paurt, llHi 


Pkince Bdll; A Faibi-Talb, 1855. 
Sohoolbot'b Stoby, 1853. 
Tbbbb "Detectivb" Akbcdotu, 1850, 
Walk in a Wobkbodbb, 1850. 
Namelgt — OcR Fabish; amtaimng The Beidla, the Puuh F.Qgint 
the Schoolmaster; The Caraie, Ibe Old I^Ay, the B«U 
paj Csptain ; The Four 8i*len; The Eleciioo for Betdle 
TheBroker'iUaB; The I^die*' SodeOei: OnrNextHko 

S[ch(K9's Nobcls anD |K(tiai SitiK. 

STCUE8 Bt BOZ. amtiautd. 

SouiB* i Eoiiauiiap Tho Sin»u — Morning;: Tbe BtivetJ — 
Kishli Hhop« luid thoirTenDDu: SoolUad Vnnl ; Seren 
Pis]*; U'xtilaclanii In Monmonth Btrtci; tlackncj-Coacb 
SUBiU; Docion' Comsioas; Looi^on Iiccn»iioi» ; Tba 
KiTor : Aftlnj*!!; Greeiiwi«!i Fsir: rrirauThcairti ; Vaax- 
hali tiMikn* bj 0*j', Knrlj Coicluv; QmnibuKi: Ths 
Lut Cab-DriTcr, >nd ibc Flm Omnibun Cwl: A Porlta- 
IMnUirr Skctcli; Pcibllc I>inncn; The Fini of Mn;; 
Broken' nn<^h[nrlnc-Siorc Shnpi ; Gin 6hoi» ; The ['awn- 
brolior'ii Stiop ; CrimlnDl CourU; A VtiU u> HvwetM. 

Ch<*a<;terii ; amlaiitiiKi Thoughii bIkiiii Pooplc; A ChilM- 
mu Dinner ; Tlio New Yciu : Miu ICrkiii jind the Eaglo; 
The l^ulo^ Qnur; The 1Idi|.Iu1 riticni; Tho Uiiplanid 
Attacbiucnt of Mr. Joliii Dotinri; Thn Mi<iHli«n Millintr; 
Hit Dancing Ai;nit«iiiv , f<)iiiIi!>y-0«rili>«I Piii);il(i; Mnkin([ 
a Ifiglil of ii ; Tlie tVihunnn.' Vbii. 

Tai-u: ttmlaiiiiiuj 1'hii Boan1<iis;-1IiMiM ; Mr. Minn* tni bit 
OouoiD; Scntiiui'iii; Tlic 'l'ri;;k'M'4 "t Kniini^'iiw ; llomiiu 
Sparkim: Tlic Ulick Veil; The Swam Kxcunion ; Tho 
Groal WingkbuiT Duel; Mn. Joieph IVincr; A Puaago 
ia tbe Life of Mr. Wmkitii Tottlo ; The Bloomiljutjt 
Cbrisiening; Tho Ptankoril'i Ueaih. 

Jtiiau^i — Tbe Yotmg Couple; The Formal Couple; Tbe Loring 

Conpic; The Cantra(liator7 Couple; Tho Couple who Dow 

upon Uictr ChUdrea; The Cool CoDple; The Plauilble 

Couplo; The Nice Litile Couple; The Egoiiiiical Couplo; 

Tho CoDpio who Coddle Thcrawlrc* ; Tbo Old Cooplo. 
yamtij/i — l» Siu> 111! Wiret 1837. 

Tna LAMi-uciiTan'a Stoht, IMt. 

Paktuuihi: or hirr., 183". 

PuBUO Liri: or Mu. Tui-hl-kdiji, isn. 

TuK Stiuxok CtniitLiiitAH. )S37. 

Tub Viluoe Co()Peitm, 1«3«. 

taij; of two cities, issg. 

two GUOST STOIUES, 1861. 'es. 

The Dickens Dictionary. 

Slulcfjcs bji Boj, 


ttaMuvkoallKtian of ihorlplnH.ODiiipriilnf Ur. DIcknii'ii flnl atlBriplf tf 
■dMnUp^ IBll OVALKtninjr Ibe j^rmior nAuyof th? rbtrtisim which VTr^mora 
My <T«l(T<d la bli ti!*TVorkt. Tlj*r vfrv iirlElnally MiKrlbulxl |i>"TtM 
HiMUrU^kJdiw"r'nwOi<lJlanihtT."wit*M collol (a dlilliutuUh N froo) 
Mb<Utf(-N«rUeiiIblr">."ThKllanilnf Chraiilel>,"wid " llxll'* I.Ift In I^n- 
in." la IBM thc7 mtc tuwiKlit xagnlia, uid npabUibcd. with IlIailrkllDru bj 
Gfor^ CnftBhuik. tulwotrrlM, of which Ihv ^rmer w&h cuintAlit*^ Id iwn vol- 
laMiakdibr littwtiiobt. Dwrtrr Onlof Xhnt "SkFlcliFi" iru IhM tdUIIkI 
~Mn.jDHiJi Portar." It spjitArftl In "TTi* Uoolhlj' If iculon " forJuauy, 
UM. Tlia On* ta whieh Dlckfat uniiiinl Uif ptendoSTin of " Iloi " WM 1h« 
Ipan or ebipMr of " Tb* Itov^hic-Houx'.' which came onl la lh> iun« 
Etmtn AbituM, I8H. OflbporTicin oflhli ntnit, tb* (atharhM cItfd i)i« 
RillawiDs Meuanl: '■■Itoi' ir&i tha iilekiitmt ef « )>K dilM. > ;ount«F bn>Uin 
I Dkknwl. (Tbom I bxt flubbtd Horn In honor <>r tbr Vltar of VTak^ 
1; wldch,b(lng (kcMioailj' piniiuuacuil ilirou^h ibe tu»e. btomc Bom*, audi 
; thOfMiuil. bcouM Ikii. ■Itoi' wu aTVij OmllliU' lioniptiolil word lo ma 
[b«An«I»Bi lUi aalliiu; uid to 1 earoa lo *>]opi It," tt will bt (hii thai 
~W> oaiDK WH orlRlDiitl)- tirunoua«Ht with tli« long •aiiixl of ii, u If rpKti /ln»i 
Bol til* public bclnc ignorant of lu doHtttlon. natur&tly tnoD|;h (in Itie tdwcI 
lb* ibtirt wand, t In Ifob. I'hun llovd lap, la Hi* isrtu ha wrow oa (lH> < 
I of tNcteU'a learlng Enflaail toi Amcrloa In ISU. — 

"Tboock ■ iilnlf* I hai (0 •&!*«, 
AM tb* InnfiM *v«t iMa 
Bn ku T— i i icn «( itnr, 
1 *Mld il:lak a bslib la «M " 


Cbe Sfctieni SIttUnaif. 

lb. nitfiUft 4 ■rn WlnuK nf " Tb« g H W tm "— iItm la HBO, ta th» VrrOM 

loa DEW edition or Ibcm — ir», thM ibtj»n"<rTira QXtrvmely crudfi and il]-«oi^ 
■Idwfd, hraflng ubvlcm* mafkt of liut* and liMuptrtircioti, pirtlrulaffT la lUai 
•Mttoaof tbsiolamFwIiIoli ti«MBpr(MdtlllderlIi«pMralbMdorT)>l(i' Sock 
bowmcr. wai UwlMuInglvd A[*«daN*,hamdr.aDlpMK<M.M<aiii>daudfnphl« 
mra IbFf, (hu lli*; (pMdIljr bMUi* tr; popular i aad DirallmB. Indrsd.tlHte 
kind m< gnaiM' than (ha lopplj. 




Biininons. Pvieb beadle^ *nd prototjpe of Ur. Bumble to 
" OIi»« Twbl." 


L.'iWSOiL, Mr. A surgeon, ficc, in aticodance on Mr*. BotilnaoD al 

iha tiiuP oi' her conGiiL'iiicilt. 

Bobinsou, Mr. A ^>iitlutuaii in a public office, obo murrics tba 
jruuiigiat Mi!iH Wiltiii, (I]Oui;h h<j hm to <uurt hur llimo siiit(;n aXto, 
M tbi^y nrc aW comjilcl^ty i<lunlifiei) one wiib anolliur. 

Willisaa, The four Miaa. Four inlen io "our parisb," who 
Kcni to buvo no acpnTBlo cxL^UDce^ and <*li<> <lriva tlie neighbor- 
hood dUttactcd bj kocpiog proroimdl^ vccrot tho name of tba 
brtunaM one who ia to aarry Mr. Kobdtuoa. 


Bnsff. Mr. A nmn of ibirty-Sre yean of a»e^ with flv« email 
Hiitdntn; n camiidati: fiir the nffice of beadlo, which ho obltdng hj 
.1 Inrji? majorily. {Six br.!ow.) 

Purday, Captain. A btufT and uncercmoniinu old naval ofTicor 
on half-pay {fimt iniruducod, though not mtntiooed by aatatt, in 
ihe vkvtc!) outillvd •' Tho Curalu "). Hi; U a duttTmined opponcn' 
of thn ciiiiitlititMl uuthoriliei, nbocrer tbey amy chancu to be, and 
KMtlriu^Iy niipport* Duui; li.T b*aJ!e. 

Bpmsgina, Mr. Tbomas. IX-feat«d caodiduUi G^r beadlti a 
littlp thiji luao, fifty yean old, with a pale taee ezpreaalfe of car* 

Ikritlti bg Utj, 

tmA taiigat. owing, perluips, to the Euri of fail hiTliig ten mun 
cfalldmi (two ot them tvlna) and a wil«. 
BpmsDfins, Mrs. Hi* nilb. She noliclu voUa fbr Lei huaband, 
»nd inrivjwii tlio gennrftl preponscsi-ion ohich kc lif*t preTail* in 
hi* fsTor bjr her pcnonnl appcnroncR, nhicb loilicfttc* the pcb*- 
bili^ dT k ftill funlicr mldition, ot no remote period, to hjii already 


Bimg, Mr. A broker'*, nn^^rnjirils tite parlih budlSk 
(Sm afoiw.) Oqo of thoBO c-«rp.Iw», gooil-fop-nolhing, tnppf 
fisllom who Boat oork-ltka on tbc aurnice for the world to play ak 
boclcej with. 

Ptxaaa. A broker, who bkiubc* (h« tiiaa of Smith ; Bung'* mnattir. 

John. A MrranL 


Browna^ Tbd three Mlas. Memben of vanoiH vititalion oom- 
■ i ttw aatl chart'ln toi-irtioti, anit admlran of the cural«, who li 
a yoaog mnii, ami uiiiii.irriuiL Hipy ar« upporal la — 

Parker, Mra. Johnson. The nioUi«r of «eveD cxiromdy llnfl 
f^ri*, — all unionrriotL. — and ibc rounilnr of a LmUor' Bible ami 
^xj«r-Book Uuitribution Society, flvni which tho Uim Rroirn* ar« 


WflUam. A jroang bioo nho overiMk* himietf to earn a nipporl 
fiir hinkMlf aad hi* widowed moth«r, and at last diee in her arm*. 


UacUin. Mie. An Inhabitant of Ko. t Id one of the IlUle ilrMt* 

in the fubiirtn of l^adon. 
Peplow, Mrs. A neighbor of Mrs. Mncklin. 
Poplow, Mnstor. Ilur son. 
Smoggins, Mr. A titil« round-faced man, in the comio lintr, with a 

iniXMd tir of wEMeoial and mental contviousnet« of hl« own jiowor*. 
VftOset, Mr*. An inlttbliaB- of No> S in iba Mine itreet with 


•It artkfit) ■Icttaaiif. 


Uar;. A womui who kw Ukmi " tbrcoouU" cnongli cf g^ And 

bitten to make her qnarrrlKunn. 
Somali. A rijtcn «bo falls out niUi her, ksd iMtIca the difficnl^ 

by ft TCMTt to blovf. 


Bumple, 2Ilobs«l. Promoter, or compl»iiiaDl| ag^st Ut. SHaA' 
Ixiny, in & brawling; com. 

BludbertT, Thomas. A little ttd-boed, «ly-lookliig, glngpr-bfl« 
Mitlur, ilvleudaiil in th« ca«o of '■Bumple ngiilniit Sludbcny;" miii> 
(meed U> excommnnicMioa for a fortnlglil and pnymcat of co««. 


BUI, Unold. One of a part; of Sundnj pleasnrcr; M a lea-gnrdrn i 

t^onfidi^Tvd a gn^at sit hy hit friendi. 
Bally. Hi* ni<v:!r., joked by Uncli: Bill about her marriige, and ber 

firvt baby, bccaiua a cvrtuia young man U " kiwpiag eoiopaoy ~ 

wiih ben 


Daodo. A boatmui. 

Woolford, Miss. 

A circus Tider. 

Larldns, Jem. An amateur actor in tlie Resteel oomsdy line, 

known to tlie public as Mr. Horatio St. Jullau. 
Logglns, Mr. A placer who take* the part of Uaobeih, and i< 

Mtnoiincod 00 Uic bilU aa Mr. licrerlcy. 


Gh'eeii, Mr. An acron.iut. 

Oreen, Mr., Jun. Ilia Min and amdatant. 


Barker, Mr. William, eommonly ealUd Bill Booiueb 
A<:oKiiAWATiN Bill. An ornn!buii-c»d, with a rciuarkabk taleV ; 
lor ontlcint: the youthful and uowniy, and «tiOTlDg tlie oid and help , 
lent, iulo the wronjt Ihi*. 


Captain, The. A ipnTr, f^jurjiklng old Di^n, nlwa^it dAmnleg bli 
QWa <7C> ta "^ romvhody dac's" kod a coippkto walking-nMcrroir 
of *|uriU Hnd «»i:r. 

Jnno. Tbc Hebu of " Bellamy'*," or thu Tefreshment-rocm at tha 
Uuusvs of Parli^uufmt. Shu bat a tlioniuj^h t^untumpt lur tlm gnirt 
BiHJority cf livr viaiUir«, and a frdat love of admirutioB. 

Nlobolas. The butler of " BtJUmy'H.'* Uc hat held the lamm 
pl«ce> dreiud exactly in iie *ane uianiu-r, iind laid prtcwcly iba 
mmv Ihlngit OTor aUic« the oldett uT itii preteat ririton <&ii 

Font, Hoaeet. A mctropolitna member of tbo Houm of Coiumooii 


p|i|ffw]^ Ur., of Adftm-and-Evo Court. A tpenker U iha uml- 
TBT wrj f dinner ^rea to the chiinncy-sirecps on M>f-d«]r at WUw 
Coodoit Hotue. 


HstUT, Kx, A pawobroki^r, irboM ibop la near Drury Lone. 
Jlnldos. A cuatOTDHr, diity, inloxicutvd. nnd t|aiirTvlsam(b 
ICaokis, Urs. AiiOThFrcuBiumer. eli{jp.b<)d aut] abufire. 
Tatbam, Mrs. An 'AA wooud «ho Iric^ to borrow •■ighteen peace 
or ■ idiilling on a child'* frock anil " a boantiful silk aokecher." 


Smith, Ur. A poor clerk, a mere pruiirivQ ciwUnre of habit and 


Oaore*. Aunt. Tho boMun at whooe huiu« the ChrUtnuu funil^' 

ptitjr uMmbhi. 
0«org», CTDold. n<.T Imstund. 
Jiuie, AuDt. Ancthij-p tiioiubcr ot the fitiuUy. 
Uarffaret. Atmt. Mnrrinl m * poor man, and treated eolillj b| 

her mUtioiif In conKoqncncc 
ftobertv Uncle. Huabatd lo Annt Jnno. 


Cb« BtcKfH* BCct(oKB(|. 


Dobble^ ££r. a clerk io a public office, wbo gire* « qnsdrillo putj 

on Ni^ir Vvar't evf^ 
Dobble, Mr., Jus. His >ua. 
Dobbla, Miaa Julia. HI* •IdaM daugliur. 
Dobblo. Mrs. Hit wii«. 
Tuppte, Mr. A junior cterk In tho riiin«i office with Mr. DobU*) 

• fumi-^ iiiuu wiili a te-.dL-nc}- la cold and coma, bat " » chwnlig 

jMTKui," &ud " a perrtKt Udiu«' mun." 


ElToas, Mias Jemima (callal ■■ J'minu Ivins" hy her icqauiii- 
uucL-sJ. A sbuv-bluilor &ud eiraw-buDnet-uiiiker, kiBuiced U> Hr. 
Siiuiiii'l Wilkiiis. 

Evans, Mias Tilly. One of h«r sbt«r«. 

Evans, Mrs. ller moUier. 

Wilkins, Mr. SamueL A joune^^sn carpeoUr of kmII dl- 
n eo Kaat, " kocfing company " witb Mira Jomimn Etui*. 


SUlfl, Mr. A dliiirp'iiotH.-i] man wiUi a vuiy slow ani) mft Tcioo^ , 
who (.'OdBiilerB Mr. Itogem " auth ImiiroTinj company." 

Bogers, Mr. A sUiutlsL mim of ubuui forty, villi a red be» and « 
ccriifidcnL oracular air, wLivU marlis bim a* a londlDg poUliclan, 
gcaural authority, and nnlvertal anocdole-ralfiter. Proof to wbat 
he require* — proof, nol aasonion* — in regard to any tiling and 
«vcry thing whiildOdTcr. 

Tommy. A lilllo chiil)hj--rac«d green-grocer, of great good »«aie, 
uho oppoDctii Mr. Bogcr*, and is denounced by bim, in conM<jUc&ce, 
u " a willing ilavc.' 


Jack. A youn^ follow who tmtts his poroinour *o brutally u la 
cauM bcT dcaih. and yet ia so loretl by ber, ««en U) tbe laM, that 
ifau {Mnnut bo purnuaded li> twcar bis life awfty, but die* praj^ng 
Uod lo bleiM bioi. 


DoUDoey Mr. Joba. A lal, red-faced, wbiUrbciul )d old boj, ■ 
rutirod glove and brace* maker, and m wtdow«r. Ue fall* Is lovt 

dikttitt* bs JSaf. 

vfth k bewhehlng bar>ni^d. who aide* irith Ilia alTectiaa*, ukd al 
Um l«Ua bim plaJnljr that alui " vauliln't hiTo bim m nopric«;" 
wlMnapoa ha affbn UniMlf FUcccfsircly lo n tchuoUiuiMniM, ■ 
laadlMly, a fcmininvi lobicccoitti M houM-kccpitr, and bU otrn =ocik, 
hy the Uh of vbani fae ii Bcccpti-cj, mumcd. — mid 'liatva^clilj 

Harris, Mr. A kw^utioner and a jolly old fnilow ; a Griurd ol 
Mr. Iknince. 

Jeottinga, LXr. A robo-tiuJi«ri also a lTi«nd ot Mr. I>Muica. aa<d 
a ml do^ in ba tiuie. 

Jona^ Mr. AwHbar (Hend, a bantnter'i deck, aail a run lUlow, 
— «apllal conpaa^, — full of aoecdote- 


Martin, Miss Amelia. A milliner and dreHuiiikcr who hat an 
anbllioD 10 " coma out " M a public ungear, and triea It, but Taili 

Bodolph. Mr. and Mrs. Jenninss. Her frimdn and coamwl- 


BUlometbi. Sisnor. A pupuW iLtncin^-tnuta'. 

BUlsmethi. Master. Ui* «>n. 

Billflmethi, Miao. Hi* dnushtrr, a yoanz lady with ber h&lr 
ourliid in a ctx)p all oror ber bund, nnd bi-r sboi-s tind In tandala all 
crer bur aakli^ She «eU bur cap for Mr. Coopnr, and, not ruo 
OMdiag ia mouring liin (or a buaband, brio;;! a «iiit for bmBcb of 
pfwmil» but laaUj eompromlHi the mattvr for Iwi-atf poDDda, fuu; 
frilling*, uid dxp«nc«. 

Cooper, Mr. Augustus. A young gMtlenuin uf Petiar>«, 
in tbe oaNad-colof bnalnes*, jnat of age, with a tittle taoaty, • 
Kttl* bnrinav, aad » Uule iDoiher. ' 


Potter, Mr. Thomas. A clork io the city, witb a Umilod iiicain«, 
and ao iioIxi'iikIoiI friuodiihip for Mr. SniiilierB. 

Bmithus, Mr. Robert AUo a c-lerk in ibe city, knit by the 
doKKt tin of iBilmacy xoH frlptidihlp (o Mr. pDtt«r. On tba 
reocipl of tbcir quarter** cilary, Ui«i*c tiru " dilijE-aiid-tlitn pall," 
a* tbcr}* atyle tbcmaclre*, uprnd nn rvonio^ together, sod proconl- 
!m by dcgraea froon nmplc bllarity to drunlcoaiieM, commit ranoui 

Kit SUcKtni OUtEamiTf. 

of tfaa peMe, ant locked np in liw mtfaa hoBM tat itm 
■Ighl i btvug^ baftn lb« polie* oostt ia tbs mOTlng i ud each 
inad in MSBagi fir b^g dmnk. and tbirtj-fov poasdi ftr wv- 
■BtiNMi aiianlfi ti tartr fhillifl*^ & bcftd* 


BsUa* a joaof girl, not fouRocD, foraod by a Hr£il wmi rayaciooi 

■Mhor to a lib oT vka uid crime, which she toathM^ bnl cvuMt 

aacftpa from. 
Bmily. Her lutvr, hunliTDdd ia icpmvUf hf two a«fcHHiettal 

jvan' nijiuriviiM of ibe (l«bMicber7 of Loodoa ■raotJiAi, aad 

priding li«melf on beLog " gam«u" 


AgatM. Mro. BIcai'i maid. 

BlxNML Mrs. Tb« wcnliby widow of a corlc-cuttar, whoae ooolc «1m 
had been, llavinj uoIIudj[ to do, >[ia iau);me8 slie taiM be ill, 
bm call anmbKl}-, aad baa lb« uppeiroace of being rainarkab];^ 
wall. She in^u* tlio acquaLaiaoco cf Mr. Gobler, and man'to* 

ColtOD, Mr. A lUporuDuated buan, cxcoodingljr vain, inonliiulAljr 
wlil'h, Mill ijia *iiry i^nk of politonoHL IIcmiikobiinMtf agrenabte 
to Mr*. MapleMOO, aad ngroo to marry bur ; but, f^uUn;; to do so, 
■iMiiiotbitalbrbraachof promiw:, nad recover* a ibuuMud pounds. 

OVKUOn, Mr. John. A item, moro««, luid discoolMiled mai^ « 
tboroii^ili miiicLil, iinil a nnirvntal Etull-finder. 

Qobler, Mr. A liur, mlBsh hj-pochondiiaii, whoM di^siion u n 
tBMeh Impalnvl, and wboao iutorlor ao dorangod, that hii lUtaaet 
If not of tbo l«Mt am to hlin. 

}flj>tfa^ Mr, Septimus. A l.ill!*h. whit<vfncod, ipectuslcil joung 
man, wlio )iu ibu rv.puuuon of tMun'^ very t^>ni6d. He falli in 
loTo with MJM AUiildA Uaplcwnc^ whom b« matrk-s, but aft«r- 

WBItl* ItMcrtf. 

June*. A acmnt to Mr*, llbbn. 

Unplosoae, Mn. An i^uturpriMc^ wiJovr of Ally, Rhrawd, •ch«a». 

ms, and KixHl-luolung, with no utijwtloo to mJutyiag again, if il 

mxild bMinfit bur dear girU. 

ldAplMK>a», HiM Julia. Her rounger daughUr; amtiiei to 

Mr, Svptimiu Hid:!. 
Mapleaone^ MLas Matilda. Jler eMor daoghUr; married to 

Hr. Sim {MOD. 
0"Bl6ary, Mr. FradBlick. A patriotic Irii^mnn recently Im- 

[ioru»l iu a pcrt«cllj niS^l ti-iif^; in rcirch of cmploymcot, uhI 

iiAdy to do or bo any tbinj; tbnt nii;;lii liini up. 
ttobhwon. A femaln M:rvimt to iln. Tthha. 
BIsipMOC, Mr. Odu of tlio "walking gieatliioivD " of •oclcAyi al 

enptj^eaded 70111^ aan, alwayt ilreucd according to ifae cartoa- 

tatvt pubUtlied \a tbe moutlilv fuliioiia. 
Tibb^ Ur. A ihoTt nun, with mry nhoit legt, but a ftea pMaliw- 

]j long, bj way of bdeuaiUScatioD. He U 10 hU wlfii mtutt tbe ft 

I* In to, — of KHDo Importaoc* with ber, bnt noibing iritbout her. 
Tibbfl^ lbs. Hi" wifn, miitrru of tbe liairdin^ bouio; iho inoat 

tidy, fidgety, tbiiJly liltle pcrsoa tbut ctvr iobiLled ibu amuke of 

T fimlrina ^ MT. Alfred. CiiM'k IB B wine-house ; a conninaienr id 

|iaiatingi^ and with > wondcrfal cyo for ibo picturvnfuo. 
'Wiflbottle, Mr. A elcrk in ibc Woods and Fon.-st!i office, and a 

bigb Tory: addicted to wbistlioi:, iind having ■ gniM ide:t of bis 

•tnginjt powers. 
WcM^, Doctor. Mr*. BIusi'i mejlval aticoduit, wbo haj 

■Mirwfil » (ortSD* by iuvurlably Lumuring ibe wont funclca of hi* 

ftmato puiaitl*. 


Broiiaoil, Mr. An elderly gentleman Tlating at Mr. liuddnn't. 
Baddetl, Mr. OotavtUS. A retired ooiB-chaaiiler, miidiai; al 

Amdia Colta^, I'oplar Walk. Sixmford Uill. Ho is a cou«o to 

Mr. Minn*. 
Buddun. Mrs. Amelia. His wife 
Buddea, Master Alexander Augustus. T1i«jr mhi, a pru- 

Curiour vbikL Kud llir pvide of bin parrnln. 

Joses, Mr. A little nuut with rod wbliikerf, a visitor at Ur. itud- 
dee'e. and s "dt^tiliMi tharp fi'Uow," who talk* •({Ually woll on 

■DV (UbJMt. * 

UilUlB, Mr. AutfUetUS. A clerk in !kitncr*ot Uduk, and a 
praciK^ tidy, n>lirir:g old biwlwlar, who is nlway* getting into 
toveUa wbeu ho Icaroa bis own mug and wdl-ordetcd apartnitnt^ 


8bt Bltttni Blctl«Hac|w 

ftnd wlio u tliorvuglilf ditgusUd. with ■ vioit wydl tw ^ ooapeUed 
to tuAke to Ui coueio, Mr. 0i:uviui Buddco. 


Batler, Mr. Theodosius. A rcry wondcrfai aenlnii, taihcn of u 
pimphk-t nntitltd " Coasi-Juntions on tho I'olicy of Bomnvins ih« 
Duly on Bvvawiuc.'' Thin Ue prescmts to Canwliui Brook Diag 
ynB, E>q., M.P-, uucl«r iJie Msumud ii&iu« of KUwurJ U*Navl[U 
WtilWr, snd thus gains adiniMloii <o til« Itouw, aoil an u|iportunitj 
of wiimlii^ till' licArL of hi* suptrrcKntiinonla! Uitugbter. 

Crumpton, Mias Amelia. A very mil, thin, akinny, uprlglit, 
fdlow. and prwiiH! maidoD Udr, with Uio «trict«>t pouiblo idea ol 

Crumpton, Miss Maria. Tbe ex.sut countvqtart of her nitcr.ia 
oonjunction with wbcim the cairiut oa a fiuUbing^acIuxil fur janng 
ladiat, called " KtiDerr* House." 

DadaoQ, Mr. Writin4;-m:L<l«r U the MIm Crumplons' achaot. 

DadsoD, Mis. His wife. 

Dingwall, Comeliua Brook. Esq., M.P. A very baugbly, 
»ot''inn, nnrl porlentous mnn, b.ivln*^ a great opinion of bi« wn 
abHiticT, and wnndcrftilly proud of being n member of parlioniOBt. 

Dingwall, Mrs. Brook. Uh wiftu 

Dinfwoll, Frederick, i^otx of Ur. and Mr^ Brook Dinpralli 
onu of th(B(' public iiuisuncvs. — a tpoiled child. 

DinffWUll, Miss Lavinia Brook. Tbt'ir dnuj^btor, tlie most 
roiuautiL- uf nil ruinwtii: vuuu); ludk-?) ; in luvi.- with Edward M*Nur- 
iUu Walle^r (ulberwi^u Mr. Tbi'odoeius Biilkr), a yoiin^ mnii luueb 
bcr iiLl^rior In life. She la ihcrvlbre tieiit to ihc Blirui Cnimptons' 
«diiciitionftl CRtabllehineDt, to eradicate iiu> Kcniimrnut attikchmi'm 
ttom bcr young mind, on the fiipporltion tfaiit thti ran bnvn nc 3p- 
porlunitr of nict^lln; liim tliiTc. Shr iloen meet him, howovLT, and 
rum nway wiili and morriiM him in hojlr^ only to rrin-'nl at li.>isur« 

Hilton. Mr. Xluirr of ccrcmoniri^ at a boll al Minerva Houw, 

JlUHfl*. Ser%-nnt to Mr. Brook DiD;;wall. 

[lObaklDi. BiBDOr. A ain|^ng-ma■tl^r, with a ejilendld tenoi 

Parsons, Miss Ltetitto- A brilliant mn^ical porformBr. 

Bmithers, Miss Elmily. The b«ll(: of Min^rra IIoiuic. 

Alison, Miss CSaroiine. Utr botom-fricad, and liut ngliat gii 
la IlntnBMimnllh, — or out of k. 


JMctilts t| Bsf 


ftmfhHf. Jans^ and Mary Ana. Yuung Lwllei who take pirl 
bi BUM* of cbuic* 111 H coiiC4^n-nxjni nt Itunii^utL-. 

Blaiiirhter. Liautenant. A fHtii(i of CB{iUiiu Wawrt. 

Tippiii, Mr. A cf<nii<: suigcr at Knin»H;atc. 

Kppio, M19. Hit wile; * cMicvrt^nKOT (nm die I^oadon 'Jientroft 

Tippin, Master. Thdr ton 

Tippill, Miss. TliFir daugUt«r; a peHbnuitr ou ihtt (■uitur. 

Ihvgs, Mr. Joseph. A little jiura^r Luu-ion grocer, with iliio; 
ia\r, twiii^Un^ e,v<M, anil ghort U-^ Ry (be uncxpecUid ileriaioo 
of a loD-f pending law-«ul(, Iw come-* into po<»eH^on of twcutj 
tllOBKUiil poondii, whcmnpon ha int^nntinpntly paiaca aln, clo*ef 
bdj fbop^ and itAiU iritb bii foinily for RamngsOo, that bdiig ■ 
&*bionable mttcrinjc-placc- 

Tuags, Mrs. Uu oiiie 1 in chiujie of thu eh^tpomcat^gaj dejmit- 
mvai. whilu bur huftband u a •Jiup-lcevpvr. 

ruegs, Miss Charlotte^ Their only iluugbior. Whun her fi^ 
Uivr b<.>ci>ini-> rii'b. sliu criillti tiernull' CliarluUa. 

Tugga, Mr. Simon. Their unljr mo; a j'ouiig gCDtJemun with 
that elooEatioii in his thoughtful face, lui'l ih^l lendunt']' to wDak* 
neat i& kia ini«re>tiiig leg*, nbicb tell m forcibl)r of & greut laiiiil 
and ramantJi; dijpaalUoD. At flrnt, !■« Is » book-keeper in bi> &- 
llicr't (bop; b«t, when m Ur^o fortune Rulilrnly t^jls iu the fumiljr, 
ba ciuutge* iho ortbo^rnphlcal OKhitoclum of bi> nnmo. nQ<] Kj'Im 
himorlf CTmon ; atttMiiptu to play the t;nntlcmAn : and roundly abna- 
<« hi* Ctlhor for not appeuritxg aristocnilic. Going lo Uam^nto, 
he ia neat!/ toki-n in and awlndU-d b;r Captiin Wsitiat ocd lu5«t&^ 
whom he lacvU ihcrw, and grvally aJuiin-s, — t^-ciully the wife, 
B« <!U-apel with the luo of hit vonemlon for appeunuitiw, and of 
fillt«a hundred pounds In inonej. 

W&t«T&, Captain Walter. A pr«tcnd«d ■nIUtaf7 man, and a 

Watan, Mrs. BeUudo. Ui* wife ; o young l^dy with long black 
rtDglaUv huge bUck cyaa, brief pctticuaus and uncxc«ptlonab<a 


Barton. Mr. Jacob. D-nui*r of Mre Malderton; a larce ^ tocct . 
wIm DRTcr fCTuplol ■« avow that he waan*! aboTO hia buaUieN. 
* Ha'd wads hia moniiy by It, anij ha dldnt can who kaaw'd ik' 


eit vrittii Blctlaaacfi. 

WlamwtU. Ml. A little fpaOA tomimttr, aitk grea i 
klwaj* pr»teadiii( to kwnr CTei7bo<l5, bat is naBtj 
rMf, •fttcwl ef Hr. MMmttm. 

Joha. A man In Mr. IbUnton'i wrvie^ lulf smn, tnlf ^wdc» 
•r, bill, oo Knai omwIom, tooebad up ud bnMfaed le look Bk» a 
MMHVt flntinAfi- 

tCAlderton, Mr. (nr Oak I^^-, CuBbcnwD). A aui who ha» 
iH-winia rii'!) la numofiucacc of a fc« ■ueccvful ipccobifaM^ nA 
vim li ho*|iiUble froin atrtentatkm, ilUbcnJ Ana ignonuic*^ aad 
p««^iliccil rmn ocMMwit. Hw whole Kope oT bi* idea* ■• UauUd 
to h\or^*, Uifl Exobuip, the laiUa Uoote, and the Bank. 

MAldcrtoo, MiW. tlU wife i a little fat waataa, with a great aver- 
•tcHt to anjr thiojt Io<r. 

MttUartOD, UIm Uuianna. Thdr jroonser dangfater; a acati- 
nwntal doinwl. 

ICftMerton, Ulna Teresa. Thoir elder Haughler ; a jrMag ladj 
of al][til ani) Iwantj', who hu Airtad for t«n yoan In tkId, bet U 
■dn pa die Ineltoat fiir n Imnlianil. 

Ibldwton, Mr. Froderiok. Their nldrr »on; iho Terjr Wn 
Mm! of II ■mnrt wiUtiT, uai\ \in: fnmily aiilhuniy on all poinb of 
laiM, ilmc ntid liiibionnbk nrranitc^lc^DI. 

SloldATtOn, Mr. Thomiu. Tlwir yoanfftr ton; mvbbad by hii 
flitlifrr nn all orniwiiinii, with a viow to prewnt hia becoming 
" iliiirii," — n viiry iinliwo«iu>ry prnpniitioo. 

9piirlciiii, Mr. Horatio. A yaun^ mna "Iiom; daubing mannor* 
ail<J {p-ntlirmiLidiitti iippi^Jirnnoo » duxla lUa Ktildtirtonis that tbcy 
tlitnk be niii'l lion inuti uf Inrito fbrtunu auJ ariKlocralJc fiiinity 
Thoy oTni pi lu fur u> to iiuii[>ii.'t tliiit hu luaj' tfo !k oalilemaii, and 
are Kruaily iiiurilfluil lit \ivii to iJI»i'CiTi-r Ihnt lie ta a mere clerk In a 
llaBn-dmjMr'* «ll»]^ and own* to the [ilobv-ian nanio of Sialih. 


>MaB«> Mra, A whlowbdy i a rival nf Mn. TaontMi. 

HrlBRB. Mlsa. One <t( bo- three dau^hterv. 

IIHfitra, MIm) Julio. Another daughter. 

ItrimrK, Mbui IvAto. Atio4her du^U«r. 

Brlinr*. Mr. Alexander. Her yM*gtr aon, artielnd to hii breth. 

iir. Ill' i> rvmnrkitblu for obitiiuej. 
BritfBs, Mr. 8lUnu«L Her older mxi ; an atton^, aad a 

■HchlM 1 a Mft of MU^llng, h^ walkug-edck. 

AktK^t* bs S«F. 


BdkitlS, Mr. (oT tbe Inner Tnitiplc). A ptttc jiung gcntloiaAii 
in A txceti hUtek obiI ktccii upcctAcloi, nbo makcji a ipcoch CB 
CTC17' oexvion on which one con pouiblj be mido. 

Fleetwood, Mr. Onu of the «xcunioii partj. 

BlOOtWOOd, Mrs. Bi« wifis nho accumpnuii-H him. 

Pleefewood, Master. Their aon ; An unrortunale bnocent d 
khont four y««rf of og«. 

Hardy. Mr. A tlont, mlddloa^d gcntlcnita, irith ft red tnrm, a 
•OBiP«h:K haAf voice, and n t^rmc^ndoiin liugh. Ho h a practice! 
jolter, U inuiMiDMljr popnUr with nurricd lodicit, and a geenal 
fovoriie with jonag men. 

Belves, Oftpt. A military f^ntlumikn with a bwu vobe tai »a 
incipient red mnstathi- ; a frinii'l of this TBUntonv. 

Noakee, Mr. Percy. A liiw-Rluilunt, rmart, epuffi..!!. and eight 
end tweniy. Willi n few frl^niis he utieniptti (o get up an excur- 
lion portj to which no one shall be invited whi> ha* not mriyw) 
!b(! anoniinoiiti rote of a rommltlee of arnn^rmtrntj. But the ol^ 
itinal« Mr. Alcxaader Briggs being tt member of tliii committee, 
sad blBekbsIlin^ everybody who i* proponed by Mr. Noakcfl or hi* 
fiiendf. tho origiaal plan is nhandonud ; itnd every gentleman it 
kUowed to brins whom Iw pittuvs. The party start on n Wed>e** 
day morning for the Korc, and reach it aftor a pleasant trip; but 
OH the return n violont aquaU oomu up; the pitching and toning of 
the boet brii^ on n f[«neral seasick nemi ; anil, wbun they |^ bade 
to the wharf at tm o'clock the next morning, every one is thor. 
oii;;liIy dispirited and worn out. 

BtubbSi Mra. A dirty old Inuodnu, with an inflamed counte- 

raunton, Mrs. A good-looking widow of Gfty, with the form «t 
a glantCM and the siliul of a child. The «ole cod of h/tr cxl*t- 
ence b the par»idt,of pl«amir«,aDd tome mean" of killing timn 
8hs b e perticnlar (Vl^nd of Mr. Percy Nonkcn, and a mortal 
eiMoy of iho Brigg»«b 

nuJOtOit, Misa Bmtl;. Her dsuxbter; a fKrolous young lady. 

T^tintoQ, Miss Sophia. Another daughter, a« light-minded •• 


Brown, Miss Bmily. A youn|t la^dy beloved by both Mt. TnU 
and Ur. Bonier, but finally married *o tho latter. 




Sbt Slcktni B ctUnaT^ 

Bontdr, Mr. Horace. SItoI of Mr. Trott f^ the (uad of J 
Emily Itnjwn. 

blanners. Miss Julia. A biurani uul irvaltlij woiurd of forty, 
broiurly engaj^ to be mamcd lo a Mr. Corebuny, nho clipj In*. 
lag hiT a lurjco properly ancncumbercd with tho uddition of litiik> 
eelf. B«tng in wnnt of a younf busband, ih« fullii in love with ■ 
oerUin wili) anii pT<yilgi\ nubleman. Lord Pvtur, who falls in loft 
*ilh bcr liandnomo fortune of Uirce thoiifiand poiinda ft year ; b 
in Uh' cnii slio mnrrioJ plnin Mr. TrotL 

Orertoc, Joasph. Etsq. Soliciior, and mayor of Gnwt W» 

Peter, Lord. A dLuipat«[I (prij; of oobiUty, ftttached to MiM 
MiuiDBn (or Lor money) ; Idllcd by beioK ifarown &atD Ixis bone 
in a sl«cple-chMc. 

Thomas. A wait«r nt the Wln^lebuij Anas. 

Trott, Mr. Alexander. A cowoflly yoimi; tailor (or nmbratlft- 
m.ikar). Ht^ di'^irvj Id mnrrj Miu Emily Drown, bal iadetcrnid 
by the buitilo altitudn of Mr. Uomcii Hunter, who chall«n<;iH him 
to mortal combat for tlnrini; to think of •nch a thing. He iiocepu 
the cbilleiiKu in & blood-tbinty notn, but immiidiMoty rcndi ut- 
odier, and ui anonymous onu, to tbo mnyor of (iirat ■Vin;;l<il)ury, 
WKlngthatMr. Trull berortbuithurwiitud. By n ludicrous blunder, 
he is mlMalwn for I<ord P«rt«r, who b expvotvd nt tht.' Wln^k-bury 
Amu for (he purpoee of ni«ivlinj* Miu Julia M)iuu>:n. bis intend- 
«d, and who li to be ociied anil carried off as an lowne pvrtoo, 
In order thai his relatives may not diinovcr him. Tl»i!> It hnppmi 
that Ttoct b t:tken awTty in a carriagn with Mita Manner*, and, 
muiual cxpluniitioni Laving bt^cti cuide, diat ho marrie* her 
insU'ild of the adorabit! Miss Emily Bmiro. 

WiUlamaoD, Mrs. Linatady of tbo Wioglebury Anna. 


Balderstone, Mr. Thomoa, eoitat " Dxcui Tow." ^ rid. 

biother of Mm. Galtleton, always in a good tumper, and always 

talLiiig ^ir;d jokitig. 
Brown. Mr. A pcrJbrmpr od the violonoello at the prlrate theat- 

Cape, Mr. .V violinUt. 
Btodb, Mr. A tail, thin, and pnle yornvg gvntlomnn, wiih lordy 

«hiRk«rK and a rcni:irkablu l^il^t for writinx vt:r»09 lit atbomti. an* 

Akttcpt* Bi; JIar 


fcr pUjIn:; the fiata. H« U <ho IMtriya of the prirMtt lb«M- 

BtttUctOD. Hr. A relink sUwkbrakar, Gvins; tit Rose VUK C1»p- 

fasB Bbn. Uti ii inf«I«l, u ■» ike Olhvr nuMnben of hi* ti>inw 

It, willi » manik tor firi»:«l*t thf^tricul*, nciini; Jiimwlf ii« proinptur 
QatUeton, Mrs. 10* «ifc: n kiml-booricil, Koad-tvmpcTvd, Tiit- 

pir tnul, with » nntunl soliFiathy to Olbur p&aple's uDnULrrltd 

J«1Ightc^^ a bodily (ecu- of ridicule, sod a gnat dislike for 21n. 

Joseph Porter. 
Oattleton, Miss, One of tbvir liaee daa-^tera. 
Oftttieton, MiasC&roUne. Anoifaer dau^Ut^r ; the Fm«3aof the 

]iri«a(e Uaeatclcali)- 
Q&ttldtoa, Mlas Luoina. Another dmighter, who plajr* the 

p«il of Dttijfmona. 
GattietOQ, Mr. SempronitlS. Theimon, at onco (tago-maaager 

Hnrleigh, Mr. A aiagcr, who take* the part of Ua>ani»lh, 

Junkins, Miss. A pioai^ptarcr. 

Porter, Mrs. Joseph. A n^rraitLo nr-nadal-mon^Rr, who <le1^ta 
ia Rkakin^ otbcr pcoptu unc^omtbrtablc. Ac the private tbetttricala 
of the GatUotonx aho indulsi^i bur propomitjr to misDluuf-oiaklng 
\iy setting on Mr. TliuinaB ItuJdi.'ratuiie (wli<.< |.<riilvH liiuuelf uii Lis 
aoeuT«te koowlpilg? of $li(i)u[>OEirp) to interrupt the perforraen In 
(be rery midft of tin.- piny hy correcting thnir namcrout mistakee. 
Porter, Miss Emily. H«r daui^hcer. 
Wilson. Mr. Tbi: logo of the private theabrkab. 


Ucey. Tho factotum of Mr. SaloEoou Jaoobd's apou^in-^honse. 
Jacobs, Mr. Solomon. A balliiT, living In Cursltor Street 
Jam. A lul low. faced. md-h.-umil, «alkv hof in charge of tba doa 

of Mr. Jiicoba'j private lock-up. 
Jobo. Si-rvaiit to &ln. Panona. 
IiUlertOD, Mias. A prim apitwter of uncertaia age, with a com- 

|il>'xlr)n AS clear at that of a wax doll, and a face ■• expreadn. 
Usrtha. Servant to &lra Panoas. 
Parsons, ISr. Qabriel. An elderly and rich nigar-bdter. who 

miMalin radoncii for houcniy, and abrupt bluntneea for an open 

■ad ewidid Manner. 
ParaoDB, Mrs. Vtatnj. I£a wiio. 

16 Ctt Blcktni IB(ctleii«c|. 

rimson. The Rarerond Charles. A Triend of ilr. Ponom 

Hi> uLurricTS Miss Lilli-rioa. 

Tottle, Mr. Watlcms. A plamp, clean, rony bichclor of fifl}' ; a 
GOUIkOtUKl ofatmig uxoriuusinoliDutions au<l an trapurallcled Ocgree 
4f Ultl-OODiiubLit lluiiditjr. Havinj; hevo urmtird fur ilubt, andcon- 
Gnod In a epoDgiD;;-liouHe, lii» (Vitind PunuuB eiij;u;^ui U> pit; tba 
dabt, and take hiia out, tf I14 will agrv^ to uiiury MIm Lillcrtoa, 
who Id* Stc hundred poundR a your la ber own right. On being 
rcltsucd, he nSvn hlniwlf to that l.uly, bitc afktr aii(;h nn nnkwuril 
■ad Ainbii^uoiu liubion, ihnl the rjuit« mistakes hlii mvniiing, 4nd 
Riuwvrs him in a way that mukcs him think himself ni^ccpttd. On 
bi-in;- leiii by her with • nol« — rvspQcticK iht-ir marringc, «i ba 
tupptwea — to tho Bert-n-nd Ur. Tiiuson, it trnnspirvs that ebu baa 
bcuu engaged to that guntliMnun fur Kreral wi-olu. The upihot oS 
the whole affair K that Mr. Phtsoub rvnuuncee tbo frivndship and 
acquaintance ef Mr. Tottle, who take* refa^ fram " tbe lUngi and 
amiwsof oiitrageoiigforuiQ0"by walking Into tbe Reganf a Canal. 

Walker, Mr. An impritonod doblor, Inotate of Mr. Solomoa 
J;u'gh^"» private, lock-up. 

Willis. Mr. Another ionutc of tho NUna eatablliliaDeBt- 


DaQton, Mr. A yonng man witli a ooDaidenble Bloek of Impii- 
d'ncn, nntl a vfrry smnll fham of ideas, who paaaaa fyt ft wit Ha 
is a friend of Mr. Kitterbell'i^ and a groat flivortttt geaenlly, aep^- 
ciiiUy wiih young {adieu. 

Dumps, Mr. Nicodemtis, ei^ed "Lo.ia I>i;iirH." An old 
biwliidcir, ixrcr happy but when ha i* tnisuiuble, and alway* mi*cr- 
ubl« when he has thu bust noMn to be huppy, nod whoao only real 
comfcrt is to make UTorybody about him wreteh«l. Ho is ancle to 
Mr. Charles Eill«rbell, and, havin-; been iniitud to stand a-i god' 
father to that ^ntlcmnn's Infsal ton, relauUtUly does ao, bui lakei 
hi* reTeoso by auggi^Eting tho most dismal poaalbllltlea vt tlcknaaa 
Md accident a» aliogetliur likely to happen to tbe child, and by 
making a rpe«ch at the supper after ilio cbrinWning, no lusnbrioui 
and full of gloomy foreboding* a* to throw Mn. Kitterbcll inta 
riolen' byiterics, thiM broaking np iha party, and enabling hta 
(o walk home wiih a cheerful heart. 

Citterbell, Mr. Charles. A imall, sharp, «part man, with ax 
extranpiiuarily lirj^ ht'od and a «ut in bit) B^e ; very etednloui 
•nd matt«(>«f liKti 

Akttttt* be Sof. 

Cittorbell, Urs. Jemima. Ili* wtio; » tnll, thin youn; Iiuly 
wttb rtrf Itgfat bodr, ft |iartiou1arly white Etcti, a alight COUgb, And a 
lat);;u>i] nolle. 

EitterbaU, Master Frederick Cbarlea WUllam. Tbair 


Tom. Oa« of ihe ofiiccnt who nrrmC young WnrtJcn. 

Wordeo. A confirmed acd irrrc.Inimabta druoknrd. Bcmor*^ 
feai. aji<I dianw; the Ium ot' fntnUx, happlnuw, nod station ; iha 
dckdl of his wUb from {frief aiid ture; tliu murdor of One of his 
too*, wboiB be hail driven fruiu hoiue iii a ilruukea fit; hii> ova 
beiraj'alof Miollicf Ma Into the h.ingiiiaa's bands from a llkecAuse; 
his AobI d«*«ni(in \>y hlf daughbr, who hM ctaycd hj him and »□]> 
portcil hlta fbr ^enr*; ihc otmoKt cxtrcmilj of pov^rtj, <liai:ii>c, and 
hoiMclna wont, — do not avail to conquer bii fii.>rt:o ro^ for drink, 
which drircs liim rvmorKlcuI}- on, until nt la,it hu ««eks leleaw in 
dentil by drowning Iiimwir iii ih« Tfaamtie. 

Warden, Mary. HU daughter. 

Warden, WUUam. Bis Min. Ui: arunKe* bi> lirothvr'a d«atb by 
killing the );auH.'keeper who shot hiui; fleea from juntive to hii 
fiUlwr'B •0IIIR17 alllo-room la the obHcurett portion of WhilvfrUrt; 
!• dIac«T*rr<l tij iho ol&cera In ooD»oqii>^iice of hl« father's goiiiajc 
lMancai«d and bntraylng bis hldlng-plncc ; luid is soiled, handp 
vJM, cairiod off*, aod made to suffer the nenaliv of hit etiai* 

IPostl)iimous papers of ll)c pick- 
luick ijllub. 

Tr» workwH tHurd In monlhlj iblUlng nnnitwn, with grm coran.— ■ lbr« 
sf polillcalliin oliti:)! Hr. Dlclciur iilopliid lu mil lili lUlMBqucnl nonlhlj »iUIi. 
Tlie ant number appcarc^l [d UBroh. JSM, wllb toat llliiiiimlDni by TEoburt S*f 
aoat. Ilut UiU urtlit d^iug ludden]}. bufure tbo pubUoallan of Ilii lecoDd nnin- 
lwr{nirvIilt(i,hoiniTCr,belii<] ninil'brdlhrtF[>lat«i].iiMr, K. W. Buhwu chat- 
an to iuoc«d liiia 1 uiil I WD |>t*lei " diUHD ind etclKNl " by thl> ernttciDko appauvd 
1b No.). Itiii tavyavTr no latrrlut IkiIIi In rjinnrpllon and exeoulloD. Uifttba ww 
dlkml'ied, vid Ur- ilitblul Kiilj^lif Br^vrnt w^a ttleoitd m* ibv LlluBlrvIor erf Ibv 
work, nimlahlBjt tli* two plUi-i for No, *. In Ka. S lio nml [nr ih> Qnt tlnia Ilia 
pBCudoa^in of PM*, whlob bo bai oror a1nc« rclaioed. lu thv tmod vdlrloo «f 
the irork. tb> jiublltlwn fBOOflM tb* two pIMu bj Ur. Ruii. *b!cli B|>pw«d In 
ine Uilnl number. >nd (DbtUnCad lw« oUitn W M/. Droanc. 

Tbr aDlbor b»> (Inn Iha Itallowinf ucoddI of Iha ori|lo of lb* work : ■■ Thu 
Iddi iiropuuuilBd lo mo »u, Uuil Ibe nwntbly nmoihlDg *hou!d br ■ Toblole Ibr 
fortnln plnU** to bf rivcufDil bjr Mr. S^yoKMir; vni (here wiu ■ Dutioo. vltti^r on 
Ihr iiuitor ihM (idrairtblD Uumoroui vt4<t,oror mf •lillor [Mr. Ch^imnn. of tli» 
Inibllnhlni-huuia of Chapmiii uid Hull] (I farfol vliicbl, UiU n-Mtmnid Club.' 
the aiombcn of wblcb wcrt lo fp^ out ibooUni. Anhlnn- nod so fOrlb. uid ^iTIdji 
lfavjtir»(rtvi-i Into dllBculllttv tl^roufli tbr<1r»>at of dfitorllf , would bt 1(io b«M 
AWu of Inlrodudnc lbi»v. 1 ol^pCMd. oD K>nildmZ1oa> Ibnt. altbouKh bornond 
liArU; brcrd In llio cuunlry. I vmt no (n^I iiKirlimAO, axrvpl In ti<giiril of nil kind* 
of lotQInorion ; Ibnl Ibolden wH not novrl. nnd hnd bpon nlmtdy mu<!Jiujicd; Uinl 
ll would iw liirlulWr bailor (brtlHi pinto to nrlio nnitimll)' nut of III* laiii nud 
Uukl 1 f houid Ilka lo tako m^ own wa^i with n ftoor nuija of Kn>rliah toenoi juid 
MOiilo, nnd (ru tAmld I ihoutd ultlmnUlx do •« In nny emtr, trhworar oonn* I 
mlfht pmotlba to mjirlf at lUrdiig. Mj- ilawa balng diTirrcd lo, I Itaougbl of 
Mr. rickwtek. Mid wroia iiia fltit number; ftom ibe proafiboou of *lit<sl> Mr. 
^rmoof ""lobltdrnwlngof iliuclob. nodllut hapiifiKirlmlLnflia (oundtt b; 
•hlrlibalialwafineOEnliiHl, Hiitnthlah mn; bo w)d lo bacamadr bliDBtrktllr 
iMDDMcad Mr. I'lokwlsk wtlb > dub, bosHU* oribaanxlnnlauuctllou: aa4 . 


1^ Xr. WtnUa txplttH) Ibr Ita* ■•« of Mr. Surmvn." TTia oonn pUon of 
E •• u •Idarl}' lIlUs gculleontu, aomBnliiU pun;, n'-lll > bUnd Due, Inl4 
. ^TCulAT ifivctAdu, rftiiii-«o]or«d IJf h£i, mad blade ffailm, li palil to hftT« 
DrLj[lDktt<t la It drx^rlpiloa 'ly Mr. i.-hapmxa of alika tHiil-looktug uhimbcltf wbam 
h* htfl m«^t ■! RictimQQif- Tlie Ijilicrout oune or " lldEwkk" li nrrt • fiibrt(i» 
Uan vf tllT tKiTvlLArimimiBny ■ujiptma. tnil U ah') " frjuudnl on ftct-" Ir w u* 
taaUy boroe by ihv proprietor ofa Huv of sia^t nnnliix brIWT«n LODdon uut 
Buh, and. eaWMiif Hi. Ulokpu** *yo (whlob wu BlwaTi sn th< wsMb ftir 107 
llilBf 'juwr ui out oT the way), It irM tdopud by Urn w lh« Diuna of hla barA, 
tui/fltta iDthealub. Intlndof ~!IImrod,"whloh bid baaasE ttril proixu'd. Is 
Uw aoeDaDl of tba Jaurary la Bull whlob Mr. Flckwlok uul lili Mend* Uk« •Aer 
Itw DuwMU trial It oirr, th* folio*! 02 ailualon tv lilj|iiaaiHSk«o«eun: — 

3U. TlpM— Ma Mr- HanteM h>d atawa Itinwltw »l tba taa put c^ihe wwabi 
Mr. Wltikla bail taiinK>1>t wd Mr, FUtwlok vu ptapuinf ta rollov bin 1 vbaa •*■ 
ItallarcBOHnpiobitmiftr. 4fu1. wblapflniiit la riU aaf , ban^ t^ •(■•■k to biixi. wtaaa 
Mraf lb* di*paai aymir. 

~ Wan. Ksm," aud Ut. Plotwlok. " *ba> "■ Iba malur notrt ** 

"UaaaltnytbararDni eo, tlr,"' rapDad ten. 

■• WkMt ■- taqulRd Mf. l-kK«UI. 

"Iblflbatv. rir." t^JoloBd SaoL "I'D! ««r', Ibal Iba pnipadalv*' 
ma h>f> uach U a-playlB' aning loitw rtiut Titta ni." 

■■ Uim la (bat. Bam I " MM Mr. I'lckwlik t - an B'l Iba namat dawa ob lb* my- 

** Tba ^UHa la Bot oklj down 00 Ilia *af>bai, air.'* rapllad Bami " bat they 'va 
|Btatad*im«i 'am ap oq Uip door a' cb* eoaoh." Aa AaA apokai, ba polalad ta tbalpaA 
9i lb* *ea t b^>Q T Db wblcli Ui* praprlotor'a uani* itaually appnara^ and tbtra. aan 
wafk lb fUl Mttn of ■ (uully aiit, «aa iiia mxk o±mtvl ficanica. 

■I>«ar ■nal''*uluiBailX>.riskir1ak.qalIa lUmtrad by tbe oolDDldesea. " Wba( a 
ffify aatraordlbary Ibltii ! " 

faaibnl tbalalnlall." taldBafn. aialndlrttfLInf btamaiUr'aallaDtliHito tbae«bib- 
tPtt. "XM UBtantMIbiriltln' ap'riitolct.'Itioypula'UuKa'iroTt It. Tloti I call 
iMB* HMlt te tajary. *• (ba pomil add Tun ib>y not only luik bim bvm bit utlira bnd. 
MtHMcUmuUi tb•En(IUhll^[wllllaaRBmrd■,~ 
- ll'i uld monyh, CKirtalaly. Aam." aald Mr. Flak wloK. " Bat. If ira atand talUnt ba(«, 
va abait ioat our placva," 

"ITal] ■iBlnolbln' IDtia dDnclncuna«]ii«)Da,alrF"au1Uned Bus, paifKtIy a(baal 
u Iba ewdnoa ariUi whlrh Mi. I'lokwlck pnpaivil (o anacorua bUiuotr InMda, 

" Uvnal "aald Mr, I'lckiKck; "wtiai ihoQid bndimaf " 

■ AD'IkibnIy lobe wliuiij^ fur ukln'Uila bin Illiatly, alrl " aid Mr. Wallar, wba 
MAaa.MitaiiaalulrHihi'Hoald htit ttra MmmlialoDtd to eba:lonKa uia (said aad 
aaaelBBB la a ^■Ulina aa^ovntor oa tba apoL 

-CaMMjook-iapUad Ur PlekiilstaMnly:-"Bo(oaaar>«ai>aat tamfr- 


Ept Slclitn* Blrttanatii. 

T>i> nul iMua «f " Tbt Fickwick Piprn.' oomprblnn Pull t tod 30, »M 
la OMOber, 1637. TbM MSpli^t* wcrk wu now braujflit oot Ift un« Tofamn 
KtiTO. BDd WM dcdiaatat by ih> wtliar lo Mr. Heijcuit TaUlnird. 5M p. K9. 


Allen, Arabella, SiaUx of Bei^aiuia Alien ; aderirards (Im wUi 
o! Mr. Wirikli-. (Cli. xsviii, xxx, ;isxi», xlvlll. liil, liv, Ivl, M.) 

AiloQ. Benjamiil. A nuMliciil MDilcut, ftnd i}i<! il^voud IHcwd of 
Mr. Bob Snirycr, to vliatn bu [turiioaui inarrying hu liitttr Ar^ 

•■I dHlinfd '(110 fCrr««Bh riihM ; ihrTtufri' oimln for awA olhH. nFiit latothi 
world for t«ch oibcr, bom for «Acb other. WEnklc," takd Mr. ttca Allan, icitiuji 
dawn ht> jfliuA with gnaitiDpliailii. i^Ttiaru 'a a Pin-cilnl Ai»i\\vj In Ibn inallrr, 
nij ■!«« ii[r: tlirre "a onljr dfc r>kn' (Ulftr«nn< br»ii«ni ■i>m, and twlh UmU 
blnb-dtt]'! k» la Aiigiul.° 

Mr. Allien doRi not lurcct^d in his project, however, a« Mr. 
Winkle, irith the a."»iataiifo of Mr. Pltkwiflc, cairiea the j;irl off, 
And nmrritt* her without the (.•oomnt of titlitr her bruthiir or Mr. 
Bob Sawji-r. (Ch. XXX, xxxii, xxxviii, xlviii, I, U, lii, li», Ivii.) 
Set Sawver. Bob. 

Ayreateigh, Mr. A prieoocr for debt, wLum Mr. Pickwick m«eta 
in tkp " €CiflV-room " at Colomnn Strccl. (Ch. kI.) 

Bagman, Tbe one-eyed. A mont. jovini, middloagifd man nith 
a " lonely eye." w!iom ,Mr. Pickiriek raeeta, 6rnt nt the Pcaooek 
Inn, ICaiiinsnilt. luid kftemwd* at the Bu»h. in Itri>tol. He ij> the 
narrator of "Th« Bmsun't Siory," aiiJ of "Thu Story kX 11« 
Ba^Lin's UiioIa." (Cb. xir, xltiii, xlix.) See Sharx Tom. 

B&mber. Jack. A llltl«, Li^li.«l)ouMot«iI, kc«n.«j'i>d oliJ dmui, 
whom Mr. I'lokwirk casiiftlly nic«tti at Ui« JtlaepJo nnd Stump- iln 
xv\:\u-a ''The Old Mnii'i Tnle about a Queer (;iii-nt." (Cli. xi.) 

B&Dtam, Angelo Cttus, Esq., M.C. A < harming yotin^ man 
of not luueh more iliau Nfty, miioui Mr. PiiJiniek vatxU at Badt' 
fnuiiil to Ciipi. IXiwIiir, \uv\ ti]iut«r of cure monies at the bull which 
Mr. Pivkwkk ulleiids. (Ch. xxxv.) 

Banlell, Mrs. Martha. Mr. Pickwlok'i l-iudlady ; uid to bnv« 
beva dmnii I'tom a cortAiii Mi'B- Alio Blli«, a comolyand baxom 
woman of n^'^jibie manneni, who kapt aa sMln^-houu! in Knight' 
lidar Strcut. near Doclora* Couunoni. BMoning Imprewud witL 



BU SdktitcK Siprcf. 


A« lies that Mr. Pickwick hna otT^nv] to maTrjr her, die In U-^hl^ 
Indigsuit whca fbo find* hcreuir miiiakco. Is fucd »be biritU 
tlut (be i* not mUtnken, rii'I fortbwilb brings no action ftgalntl Uln 
for brcndi ot promiue. For a full aci^rjant i>f ihii fftiiioui trinl. aqcI 
[ta Mqnvl, K« PiCSWiCX, Samdkl. (Cb. xii, xxri, xxxiv, xlvi.) 

BardeU, Master Tommsr. The hopeful mq of Mr*. B»rdelL 
(Ch- xii, xxvi, xlvi.) 

BetoeP' Servxat-girl ai Mm. BaddU-'j. (CIi. xxxU.) 

BUdud, Priooe. M} iLi' m1 fuuudvr of Biith; hem ofUWlW* 
Ij<>;;i'jiii " liUeojwvd by Mr. Pickwifli. (Cb. xxivi.) 

Blotton, Mr. (of AUIsati-)- A nn--ioUT of ihe Kickwitk Ciuh. 
Having been accused by Mr. Pickwick, at » meetwit of the club, of 
acting la " a vile and cilummous manner." lie retort* by calling 
Ur. Pickwick "a humbug i" but It fioally being made to appear 
tbai ibay both uiod the worda not ta a coniniun, but iu a porlia- 
roeni.Try « lUreraly Itichalcal or consinn-tlvo i>'ni>i>, and (hat (tach 
pmonnlly cntcrL'^iu the hi^IuMl r^gnrtl and c:<lrRn) for lh<i other, 
the dilfirully i> msuiily tnttlnd, and ihn gcnllcmen <-j(prc>ii tbom- 
•clicd mutii:ill}- (atisfiol with tho cxplnnntionii which have t)eeu 
in.i<lo. [Tliu incident wa» intoodcd to ridicalo a mmowhat 
unci which took placo in pnrlianiMit aboat \be timn that ' The Pick- 
wick PafM-ni " fint eppcanii-] (Cl>. !.) 

BoldwiSi Captain. A fierce liitte man. vi^ry anu 
imprrioui ; nwiu'r of the prvmiMS on which Mr. Pickoi-L'k and his 
fneoda trcipasa while bunting. Mr. Pii'kwiek, having fallea a»I(«p 
nndcr tlie influence of tuo much cold punch, i* lelt thcra by iht 
rv*t uf his puTty, and Is ditcororcd by iLe cnptain, wbo inill^ 
B&ntiy unlen him to b«< taken to tho pound in a wheelbarrow. 
(Ck ais.) Sn Tickwick, Sucdbl. 

Bolo, Mias, A fiuhinnablo lady nC Datb. (Cb. xxxr.) 

Btidtcer, Mrs. A little old widow, with plt-nty of money ; Mr. 
Tupui«a'i> partner la a <|undrillc at the dt;iriiy luill ut the Bull Inn, 
BoclicMer. which tie attends in comp.iny with Mr. Jingle- (Ch. iL) 

Bnldfltr, Ooloool. Ueai) of the ir:irrinon ul Boi'hcsler, and ooa of 
ibc coaijKUij at the mmc ball. (Ch. li, iv.) 

Balder. Mrs. Colonel. Uin wife. (Ch. U.) 

Bolder, Mi^s. Thtir daugbirr. (Ch. il.) 

Busfliz, Serjeant. Mis. Bardeii'a conatcl, nmRrkable for her 
lirutal and butiying iusoieuee to tlie wiinc)>ic« on Mr. Pickwick'* nido ; 
•aid to reprtaent a ceT^n SerjvanI Bunipii*, a lawywr in I<ond<ia 


Cbt Bftkcna ■(ctUniti. 

iitt)i«itinc"'ThePickiric)tPai>«r«"iroronTittcn. (Ch.xxxir.) St 

PiCKw:cK, Samdki- 
CfaKDoery PrisoQar, The. Aa old hibd wbiwc •c^umdUuww 

Mr. Pickwick raakei in liie FlccL Bo hiu tiwii conGtid tha:« (ur 

iwent}' j'^xro. but gets his ivltnse at IubI fram iLe handB of hli 

Uak«r, uid accepts it with » tniUu vf quivt mtislnctkin. (Cb- xUL 

ClergfTman, The. One of ihe gn«»ta at Mr. WnrOIc't. lie lingi 

ihe *on^' .if ■• The Ivy Green," nail nlUu tho »toty of " Tbo Com- 

Tict'» Rclurn." (Ch. vi, m, xxriU.) 
Clubber, Sir Thomas. A fuhiooahle |teotIeiii»n at BocliMtm, 

c(Hll(lli^5iontr >t tliu head of iha (lock-yard then. (Ch. li.) 
CJlubber, Lady. His wife. (Ch. ii.) 
Caubbers, The Miss. His daughters. (Ch. ii.) 
Quppins, Mrs. Betsey. A bo»ou)-rrien<l of Mm. Barddt's 

(Ch. 3uivi, xxniv, xl»i.) Sm PicKWiCK, Sauvkl. 
Cradctock. Mrs. &(r. Pickwick'* landlady M Bath. (Ol xxxtI, 

XXX vii.) 
CSrookey. An atlcadant at the s|>ot^ng-houio in Colcnuui Street. 

(Ch. xl.) 
CSmshton, The Honorable Mr. A tccntlemoii whum Mr. Piek- 

wick lutiela nt Bath ; a frivnd of Crtpi. Dowler'n (Ch. XUCT.) 
Dismal Jemmy. Set Duri-ET, Jkm. 
Dodaon and Fogrg. Aitomuys for Mr*. Bordoll, (Ch. xx, 

sxxlv, lili.) .S'tfc Pickwick, Samuel. 
Dowler, Captain. A l>ln«UrriD<; coward, fonnerly tn the oroy, 

whom Mr. Pickwick ni^ots al Ihe traveller*" room at tho ^Vhit* 

Horse Cellar. (Ch. xxxv, xxlvi, xxxviil.) 

The traTCllai*' roam M Iha White Bona Ollar I* . . . dlrldcd Isto bexM An 
Oi* (otllarr oonlliMiiHint of trvslln* 1 and Iifurnlilird wllti ■ olock. ■ tonblnf 
|lui,uil kiln <nUi«r, which ialto utlde la lupt lDifmBllk«DDeirorwuIiltii 
|ltuu. iu a conitr of the kiuirUDOiiL 

OnforihnaboxNWOiocicuiilriil.aii ihtn pantoulu o«ca>> ■Wro.cfed 
Manoratioiii ai»«>r1;, wlioliadklwld uid itlau; fanhnd. wltb a fnod 
daol of black hair ■! iliv lidci and back uT liii tirsd, aid large black vhljlier*. 
B* vubmiOD.'d lip 10 ibi'riiln Iu ■ brviTD coBl: andbadaUrgrii'aUUtili«T- 
etZlajT'mp, anil a ffifsi-^oii And cluiUt, hint on tho ttat hctlde him, Ur Ifxiko^ 
Dp tmia bti Iiri.'nkfa>l a> Mr. P^Rknick pnrunid. wllii ■ ei-m aid pcirmptorf 
Ur. nhlch wuTTcyiUfulflrd: and.tiailDg mniiliilml llmi Rrm'iRiau aud bu 
Oonipaiiloui to hJt «i.tlr« lati^facllon, huniEin-d a tunr In a :iiann''i vlilr# 
iMmMlD lar 'hat lie rsih>'>ai»ptet*i]K>m>it>uilj muiltdto lak* lb* idTaDUgt 
■fhim; butlt vrtii.jdut dii- 

" WolWi. "uld ih* ituUuBat wUb Ui« wUakMt. 

Cbc VlikbCtk 9'p»x» 


"fttf rtpHtd a >nui iriih it dln^ taatflNilaa, iDd ■ toird .~f tha tlMMt 

SBOClDg rtom Itw kcluiFl brToI* iBMillon«d. 

« 8ea* aorc umi." 


** S«(M««4 Mwtt oriad.'* «>td Iha cmtlimu Aaraclr- 

••lyitalr.ilr.'RplUdtbB >tU(rr. 

Tin |iiil1iM«ii wKli Iha whlikEn liuaacili luna tn Uia ibsi* tniiUMr u b* 
ton, and prndlBiilic iirrlTtl of lil^tokn. adrBiKvi) to I h* front of tfa« Qrv, wid 
[ bit «Ml-uau unilu Iili wini. looktd ■! bli boou, and rumlnalcd. 
■ I woDdcr *liuc»b«uu in B*tb tbi* c<wcb puw up." wld lilr. plct^'lok. mlldl. 
■MraulDi Ur. Wlotl*. 

"Ham — cb — whkt'i Ibsl?" nld Ihe (tr&nc* ti»o. 

"1 madCBfi ubtcrvftrlDQ «f my f fiend, tit." nplloJ Idr. riclcwlolE, BlvaTv rvad^ 
•OMiI'r IMo nmvrr'WtciD. " I wimilntn: uolial bouie UxBittU eoMb puu ap. 
Parbap) fou can fnfoiD mr."* 

"An fougiiiiit lo n*lb?'iBlil Ibo I Inox* ■■>•■)• 

■■Iam.>lr."trpll«lllr fhkwlBk. 

■■ Andtboaroltiirgvulldutv?* 

'*Tb«r»fPKOin«»UD,"iai(IMr. Pl(*wIo*. 

■-Knl in>l<l>l I 'toilunnfil If ;oi> 're fOliiK liulil* r * lUld (b* tbmnf* sua. 

-Valmllat u-," p»H1 Mr. I'ldtntkk. 

"So. Bat ■!! of 70U," lalil lli« ttiaaxp min nuiibUlailLT. "1 *•• Ukm nn 
plaMi. If tlir)' iry tu mgufcio lix |>cu]>1d into itu lufctnoJ box (bat oolr boldi 
Rnir, 1 *TJ toJtq d jKWl-chAli"<. uid briaf aa artlro, I ** « luld mj-Ckrvi. Ft won't do: 
iMldtbBdcrk tballt woulila'lilo. I know lb«e IblDRi bare btvii done : I know 
tbf7 wdonf pwryda^: bat I nmar wa^ duna. and [ otnut vill ba- Tbota wtw 
know mebcil.bHt know U. Cmih mvl" live* Ibp flam CTDtlFDian rang Ibe 
btU arllbfnatibilaace. and lold (be waiter ba M beiiu tving Iba kiul In Gia 
•MondhOrtW 'd know tbi> ri'iunu wby. 

" U; 4aw air," uld Ur. Ilckwtck, "jnu 'U allow ma tn obtarre Ibal Ibti U ■ 
wry inaawiao dlipUy afaielK-taciit. [ liaia onl^ laktu (ilacrii liuldrniriwo.' 

" I MB (tad (0 baar li," uld ilii- Darca man. " I wliliilrnw tn; npraadou. I 
midaranapolotr. Tbora 'r toy card. Givv ma jour aaguaLniaace." 

" WUh gnal plauurc. ilr," replied Kr. Pluiwlck- " We am 10 Iw (allow-tra«- 
tUm, and I bopc w* absll flad aaib oibac'' miditiy muluallr acrraable." 

"^ J bape WD aball." tald tbo fl«n ifcntlcman. '* 1 know na ibnU- I Ilka yum 
lookt: Ibfjrpltws na. GCDlIaairu. your Imiiiln sml uaiuni, Kmivi ma." 

Of coime, Ml ultcrcbaDi'i' of fm-uilly aiitutatinnii follow* thll grtr 
eloat apeecb; Mid it !a kiou fuunil iliut the svcond pbcu in ihu noailb 
hi* been taken for none oilier than ibi' ilhisirii.>un Mn. Dowler. 

■■ Nw ^ ■ llD* wanao." laid Ur. Dowler. "lam proudof bar. 1 hira raaaoD-* 

'■I bopa I 4ba1t bat a ilit pli-aiura of judglitg." taJtl fit. I'ldcwlak. wllb a imlla. 

■* Yon iball.' rapUad Uowlar. " Kba ibs'J kuow jou. eba iball aatom yon. 
t xHirUd tin- under ^nj^ilar clri'unutanar- I auu bar Ibruugb a raib tow. 
r&u>; l^wbari MuvtilhiTr; 1 prufiuiirii; iib* rt'^u-ad ma. * You loraanetbar?' 
^^bparomf blnibaa,' — ' 1 knotf bttn.'-^' Yoti do^' — 'Vary good, tf bt rtmalu 

"LodyaMOWl-aiirlalmadWr. nckwlcklRtoluDMrlEr. 

"DU |«aaklntbC|icnIlatiian, ilrf-'ln'jiiir<dUi.WlaUawilba<*-7palalhiB 
•IViOMhlaaDOta. 1 uld it ww a paiuOi. tbki^ . AitdioUwia' 



Kbi attttsi ■fcltsKic. 

" CMUlnlr." iBIarromt Mr. Wlnkl*. 

" I Hid I bad plrd^d nr wori] H k itniilpniui to akin him. Hf *tii 
niu at lUka. 1 liud uo tltcrmuine. A> wioSMrliilil>lf«)cilj'i>mlo(. twM 
biiutiil u> nklu liliu. I lugratud Urn ukohII;; bul II uii»l Is ilnoe. H* «w 
open to ooDvIclion. lis law Ibu ths rule* of llip fvtilM< nn loipmtl** 
He (lod. I uiaiiiril het, B«»'t Ihe ciumU. Tbui"! li« benl." 

I Rtoiit in proponion 

Dowler. Mrs. Wifu of Capi. DuwIm-. ( 
Dubbley. Ouo of ibe apcuiul offiixN of i 

»k-li ; a JirC}'-f^Bd iniiD,av«riii foot higti 

(C'h. ixlv.) Seg NupKiMA, GxoRUK. 
Dumkins, Mr. A mombcr of the AlI-Muggli;ion Cricket Clulx 

(Cli. vLi.) 

Edmunds, John. Horo oflho trtary of" The CooTict't Rctnni ; ' 
n tuUm. vilful youa)i man, cue it cm mil to death for crime, but, 
by tommutiitioii of lii» fli'iitcncv, lr»as[)aT(U(l for fourt«i9a yuan. 
A tv[N!iitiinl and tttta.-re<l man, lie rvturUB to hb old hoaw, otilj vs 
fiaii his iucrtli«r biiri<.<d, aiid lo h'd Ills laiher dlv foddoolj' fkim iIk 
cRuou of pamian aiid u^trur, — tbe mm* lM>n]-Iwaii«d and feroclout 
brato ll'.ti 111' .iliTjyii known liim. (Cb. vi.) 

Edmunds, Mr. nip falher; amorasc, diMoIiil('.,aiidnrag»4cnttd (Cii. vi.) 

BdmuDda, Mrs. liunioihnri > gcntla, iU-UHd, HBil bcut-brokcD 
Kiiuian. (Cb. ri.) 

Bmina. A lyrvum-glrl at Mr. Wanilc'*. (Ch, sxviii) 

SHta^arshaU, Chartes. Sre Jinolk, Aij-iikd. 

Fizkio, Horatio, Esq. (nf Fukin Lod;^, near Eiit«i«<nll). A 
CJiuOiiLiti- I'ur jj^rlLiuiuiiC, dvt'eaifd liy thio Uanomble Samuel Stai»- 
key. (Ch. xiii.) Stt Sluxket, The Honobadle Sauvku 

Flasher, Wilkina. A uock-broker. (Ch. Iv.) 

PoEs, Mr. ■'^ DoDsox »ud Fooa. 

Ooodvio. t» Mn. Poi;. (Cli. xvlil.) 

Gtoofflo, Thomas. One of the jury in the cnae of Budnll p*. 
Pidcvrici:. lIodoMroilobc ucoiodfiDin atlondnncn on the groniM] 
ihM bo is m vbtmiit, and ha* no BMUUint. (Ch. Jtsxiv.) 

-I <aii1 hclpUMt, rir." rf^d Mr. JoMIe* Stw«M(b! ••pm ikaaU fatn 

*• I out airaH li. n; l«d,' ttfetnul Iha thanW. 

" mat JM eogUl In b* abl* to ainnri H. (tr," otil llir JadfB. nddrai^' 
ferllr./num8taraM«li'>Maip(*bN4tn««« tlir Initatilc. mhI bracAtd DM 
•DamdloUon. . . . "SwawItMpaUlaM.*... 

■'Vwj w*U. IB!' Iu[4." niplM iM «b<BM tnaradgaiid nmncr. "'nt* 
Iktn'UbcBunlvM'imiUalifillVfWiaM^alL ammr m«. if yoa ti l i» » 


8tr Xllttitgltft Vipttg. 


A.' Aid rvDn Uie <liiml(l «w Mbn lli« JuOt* «ODld Bad «<iA> to 

lamly wu>Ia4 M obnrt*. mr lord." mid Ilip cbrmisi, taklnR hit tcit 

-•Ml pm dtOlnrMion, '■ ihai I St Irfl nobodj bui gji iTT«nd.l)iij In mj •hi>p. 

He U ATOTT Dlfv bny. my lord: hitt bv i> nol aajujiIiiiii'I wlrh itmifi : vnd I Icno^ 

t tk« pnwslllnB IniprHflin va hU nind In. iliit Kpiom iilci mtu ;juilt< 

Midi uid lynp of imnpM Uudkuum. Ttau*! ■!!. my lord." 

Q nib, QabrieL Urro of Mr. W»raiu'9 " Story of llm GoV Um who 
stole a S«s(«d;" m croai'fniined, miHj', •Dtitaf]' fellow, wlu> bnuula 
t;ciad«niim'-d nnd coDtt^ntt>d bj bjs ranarkable exp«ri(iic«a on 
Cbrinmas Ri-e. (Ch. xxii.) 

OnuniQer, Dome!. A coofUhlc in niirndnncn upon ibe Major*! 
Court al IpMikh. (Ch. xxir, xxv.) S« Nui'KINk, Gkosox. 

Qrundy, Mr. A CrieaJ of Mr. LoKicn'i, tuid a &cqu«iiwrof ibo 
MH^:|>ii- Hnit Stumjj Iqu. (Ch. xx.) 

Ounter, Mi, A t'rionO of Mr, Bob Sawyurt. (Ch. xxxii.) 

OwyBO, Mlaa. Wrlling aail cipLeriug govurD«is at Wcstitato 
Hoii^ Rftablltiiaiient fur Youn-* Ladici^ at Bury St. Edmuadii 
(Ch. xtl.) 

Hania. A gr«cn-groc«r. (Cb. xxxviii.) 

HeoiT. A (-hnrnctrr In "Tlie ParSeb CWk;" vouma to Maria 
Lobbf, wbnm he tinnlly nuurlc*. (Cb. xvil.) 

Heyling, Oeorge. Hero of -The Okl Mna*s Tule about a 
QuMT Client." Ua in a )iri»oiiGr furdcbt In the UarvlMlMa. Dui^ 
ii^ hi) ccafincmval, hlx liltli! boy ii tnlccn rick and dlrf; nod hl« 
vife, wlio thensspou vlunn her hiuband'i lot, toon follow*. Finking 
■ncomplaiaingljr tuder the ouinbluvU vOWta of bixlily and m^niAl 
IUmm Beleaacd from |>ri»0Q b;' Ihe ludduD disitb of hii Eaih<^. ■ 
W7 wcsHby nuM who h.-id dleownod him, nud bud iu«iu)t to iliain- 
lurit bin, bo ilcvoics btoiMjIf uniwiulctingly to aveo^e tbu deatb o[ 
liu wife and diild upon bin wifc^'x father, who bad vul bjin inio 
priion, nnd IiiliI ipurnd! d.iu^litir .\di) grandcblld from bis iloor 
■her. tlicy lui^il nt hii fi^ol for nu-rcy. lo tbti aclMmeof venj^ouice 
be ia mccuslul, ikSi-tIhx t^o old tnnn'x bo^ to drown befora bi* 
crci, tbougb b« mi^^fateanly havu tiatvd bim, nnd aftcrwxrdi) piir- 
fuioji the father until he n-dm-os bim to ntti^ dciiitiiiiou. He 
EnUnda to eoataj^ liiin to the iiojielest iuiprisonmont which he ba^ 
Unudf » Ions oodured, bul, on anuotiiu-ing liia purpoie, hl> Ticliiu 
faBt UAIeot. ud Hcyliug ditnp^feiara, 1caviuj[ no ckw to hii vubM- 
qiieni hinlorf. (Ch. xzi.) 

BerUag, UaiT. Hii wife. (Ch. uL> 


CDc BUktni VIctUiKfb 

BopkbUi Joolc A m«(UcaI ■ladBirt, wbom Hr. Pickwick 
U llr. Bob t)aw/«sr'« pany. (Cbu xuiL) 

WlhDpctHM'a J*di IIo|ikln*,-M>d Kt. Bob S«rr«. " Boallt Tm: H 
ll, CamDu^ Jjuk; ouniitup] " 

A lir*>r fmuup w» h»ril upon tb* ftaln, aod Jack Hoptfu pnMDttd 
kauEir. lie sore ■ bl*ck Telnet wtliiecu with ltiiLDd*r«i>d>U(liUilU( bul- 
lODf, ftod a blur vlrlpe*] «tafrt if IIU t vhlf t f^ltt- ivllHr- 

- Yoa 'nUiF. Jaek," tal4 Ur. Ufnjuntii All>n. 

■■ Una detalnnl u Dullialomvir'a," rtpUcd UaptlD>. 

"An/ (bijig xit'w ?■• 

"Vo: Qolblac putioular. Balbira food mdJwH litM|bl tnM iln ■■■• 

" WkM ITM tbat. lir ?" In.iulred Sir. Plokwlrlt. 

"Oalj' I raku lillun out of ■ rimr-pKlr«f4UIr* wtBdow; bat H *« • *VT 

■■ Do jon nesn that Uie pwient la In ■ (kXr n; to nearer? " taanlral Mr 


" No," rfpllnl Etopkin* luvlrnlr. '■ No, I (biiulrl tmthvr ny hr would a*t. 
TtitrB Diiul be • >plriidld operMioD Ibougfa, lo-niorroH'. — ui^[n!ncen[ ilgbl 
ir 8Lub*rdu«>lt>" 

■■ Too OODIlder Ur. SlMbcr • fpwd opentor ? " laid Ur. I'lckwlck, 

" B«l kllvc 1 ' njilled Hopklui, " Tuok * b<-y>« leg out of tlio loekel Iwl mck. 
— iny BtoHi* appliu and ■ slncrbrfuil-ixko. Riacilj' Ion irilnaoi after II 
*■• aU over, boy a»Id lie would nt lie llien lo b« inada f/naa of i kod be 'd Ml) 
kit BOlba ir tlwf did D'l brslo," 

"Dwrnel'Mld Mr. rii]kirlr<k. ailoulshed. 

-Faom Ihai'i D(.iliiiii.-lIi«aio't,"HldJM]kBopUu. "lait, Bobr" 

" Sotblng U all." irpUiil Mr. Bub 8»w]r«r. 

'Bfllia iy, R<'b." old irnpklns. wllb a (earMlj per«pllble f^nn *1 Ur. 
FMiriok'i BtirnLivo Cm, " we Imd a ciirloui aodOcat lul ulflil. A diUd 
WMkoutflil Id wliu bod loaltiiHril anpcklai^n.'' 

*'B*atlain-d what. >1rr"lolrtnipl*d Mr. nekwick. 

*A BHklaoc." rppUed Jack llopklui. "Not alt at onoa: fan ksn* ihM 
would b» too much. TeutovJd u'l (wall iiw that. If Ihn cbtld did. — t4i. Hr. lisk- 
wlek> U*. bal " Ur Uopkliin appniu-pd blf;Iil>' Kratlilcd witb lili o«d plea*- 
autry. and DonLlnued. '*So. ibe vay uaa fbljt cliUdV (larautj HCrr ]H>»r pa^ 
p7r nhii livud ill a cnurt- rbi!4l*ii iiM"i1 »lili*r bciu^hl a iir^kliKe, — wounon 
BHklace. made oflarff? black vooden beud«. Ublld, bpinjf foQilortoji. eribbva 
Ika nacklaor, bid II. plaj'cd hIIIi II. <ul Uio alrliif. ami lu-alloirrd a bead, 
Cblld tliouglit It rapllal fuii; u-nni bnr.k n*xt<lay. and tnallonrd anoi tier brad.' 

"Blea itr tiMit." laid Ur. ri<ik»1ak, " What ■ draadTul Iblngl t ht^ 
four pardon. >lr, Guon," 

" Haxt dai. olitlil unaUi'iiod itrn bradn ; tbv day aDrr Ibal. lis Iroatcd hbn 
•rlf lo tbrec ; and laoD, till la a week') time lie bad );uiilirougb lb* iMCUacBi— 
(Ivihaiid-lmriii)' briulJi In all- Tlir jiiqrcr. wlio wan an lEiibiitrloiiJi fiti, andaat 
doJn trvatrd hTFcIf lo a bll of linrry. Dried ber eye* om al llie Imh of tb< 
neckliua: luoLed bigbandl ">r for il; but. I need u'( Htf. didn't IIihI II, A ftw 
da;r> aft#r. tbo bimll)' wpraal dtmier ; The child, who wan n't hnnfrj'T waaplav 
IdH about Ibo rwlD. wbrb ruddruly there was iieard a deril of a Dolje, 111^ a 
•inall liail-iionu. ' Donl do Itiiit. mj' bor.' Hid the faitier. - 1 aint a^dnta 
■oiblaV uldtlia ehlld. 'Well.dcrn'lda lta«alB,'ialdtb« btbu. Ttaanwaaa 


tit Stcttblii lliipcis. 


•llraN, aDd ttiMi Ih* noi«« bt|C>D tf^la wont (ban crsr. If jon don" 
Blodwliat I »; bof.' Mid llie UliFr. ' jou 11 Qnd yoanrit la twd In hiim 
(blOtf Iau thfen ■ plf'ff tTbt9|>rr,' ttr RSTr Ibe oblld ■ shokt to miikt blJO olw 
dlxnl ; iMI •ueli » tUillDg •luut'il w uubod.t ■•vr iHOUd brruic. ■ Why.diuniiur 
K*i la Uk child I ' tald It]* l^thtir. -Jlt't got tb» oroup In IheiiriniBplMRl 
— 'No. I IWTe d'I. tMUn,' Mid Ibflhlld. bcf[1anlna 1007. -It'* Ihe sMk 
laca; I imBowcd ll. btlier.' Tbc I^ltacr mu^IiI IIifeIiIIiI up. nud nLwIUihla 
U ttx hiitpUal : tlH t— iln Id Uig bO}'> iieiinvh mti ling all Hit xuj iilijiih*jnlt. 
iDCt KDd ibe people looldsiE up In Iho ftUi AucJ down Lu iLic «L]ar«. 14 kc iI)«t« 
Uw DDuniiJ louiid euue rroDi. Rf'tlaliii !u»jilul nav/'amld Jnck HopktBj; 
"and h« lunkv aufih ■ dprll of ■ d(iI>« mbvn lif w^lk" about, that Uiitt 'n 
«blJc*d tomoills blu U « ■rnMhwan'* ooai, for f«r be attouM wato Uw p» 

Humm, Anthony. CliAinuii oTttie Brkk Lane BrMch of di« 

United Graad Juiii-iioa EtN-'Qczer Teniperanc* AaMcUtiun. (Ck. 

xxxiil) S«, Samcel. 
Hunt. Gnnlcni^ to Captain Boldwig. (CU- sis-) 
Btinter. Mrs. I/OO. A IXlontry l&dy whom Mr. Pickwick in«eU 

aX KatvnswUl. (UIl xt.) One morning, Sam Weller hftncia Mr. 

Fidcwkk A o«rd bearing th« fullowiug inaciiption : — 

^i>. Eio JQnntti. 

TIUDBt. Eataniuta. 

" P«»aa ■■ a-frtltln'." tald Sam tplgmnmaflFtJlr- 

"Dan Ih* [wnuii want mr. ^am?" iaqiilrtil Hi. rirkwiet. 

"UviraHs jroa pBrIlekl« 1 and no one rlnr 'U do, ai tb? DctII*! frtraMMft 
nurj laid »«d bo Ibtobtd o»«j I>r. Fnuitui," tcplled Mr. Wcller. 

"lilt lallagflnllnnuiD?" itald Ur. I'lnkvlrJi. 

" A wtnj Rood ImllaMon o* onn, If IIaJn*l,"r('pll»I Mr, Wellor. 

" BuE till! u t Indr'i cam." laid Mr. FIckwkk. 

"GlTvn Ri* by agiiii'Im'n. binii'im-r,'* n*pMml Sam; ** and h« *i a^raltl&'d 
tb* drawing! room — aald be 'd rallivr wait alt daj tban not ata jvn." 

ktr. lickwiok. on bearing; ILii delcrmlaatlDD. dMwndtd (a (be dmwlaf 
TQoni- irliar* lult a ^avv iimn, Abo •larlul up on hit autrann. aad aald with 
«■ air of proDiUDd nipcvt, — 

*-Hr.r»ckinck, I prwumar' 

" Tlie aain« " 

"AJlu* at. ilr. UiebDaaraf gmplnt your band — permit taa.ilr, li> ahik* 
B," MJ til" craTit man. 

-■C>natnl;."MldHr Plckirlck. 

"TlMtttanfir ibouk lliu rii(i>i]*<l hand, and then eontlnned,— 

"Watore hntil of ^Durlknir. ilr Tlin nolt* o' rmir anllqiiartan dlnnna- 
rioo tlM nw^iMl tbv ear* of Un. t.«a Huuifr, — ur wltt. ili: /am Mr hto 
B«BtFF." Tb* itrvngrr |auF*d. a< Ifh' ■^^Hard that Mr. Plckirlck muuld bt 
^••uoinDB bylliadlMloiBrci bat xxiDC Uiat be rrmaloeil port^cU; calm, prv 


Ctt BItktn* StttUnarfk 


■•Ujirllh. ilr,— Un. LfoRiiDUir.— M pnod 10 nunbar auoof Itfr kOToilat- 
•lira t\\ Ibcuf who hat* rrndivtd ibnoftlvn wMmHnl hj tbalr iruik> and 
talcnu, I'etnltlW. ilr.tDpUaln •c«uptcaoiuM"o'<>HiU'lIh«n>iDeor Hr 
Ptskwlek. ■nd bia brotbCMHunibrr* of the club ItiU dnrlxi lu uiuiafroai lilw." 

*■ I ibal) IM rxirtCDalf bappj to mikv Ibr >R]ualnt«iic* «f anob > ladr. dt.* 
HfillntUF I'tskulck. 

**Toii tA^Jiunkc K. iit.'uii tb* snirr Duko. "To-monair marBlii|. air. »• 
flTeapabllitbrTiitni^l — i/tteOkMipAn— to ■ E>*ai niinibri«f iliin^wliii hari 
fBDiTcn4 tlicm^liH jirbraitd bj tlwlr RorU and uJcnu. I'crmll tin. I/m 
HuDlar. lir Ii> liaia tbr (nilt Until iin of ididng ;i>u at lb* Dan." 

"niltiit'wip>p>>urT."rfpll«lMr, l'lf''*lck. 

■-Mr*. I'D iliinler ba> wubt of Uicn. omknuu. ■■'."RiDmHl tha new a* 
i|aabitaim^ — " - fi*APtf uf rT<a#Dnr »ir. and ll'nvt nf tmil.'HH n-imwluHly wliu vrrota 
a tocDct lo Ur«. Ix<i [IudIvf od hft brcaUkttt, IcfillD^FF and originally ob^prrrdr" 

•■VTii he «lebr»lwl fur hit wiirln aiid Ijili'iiii?" iii.]uircil Mr. I'lokwipk. 
- n« wai, 110 n-|>llnl lb* grti'st man. "All >lt>. I.tu Iliinlgr'i aeyualDlaasa 
an: II If bcv ambliton. ilr. lo hiTc no o(b« aoiualnUDM." 

"tt UaTfry DablGiuiibltiuu.">aldMr. riokwkk. 

*' Wlivn 1 Inftirm Mr". L^t Jlimlpr. that that rtisark Art] ttftm yAur ilpt, alTi 
«bv ialt] Inilpvd be proud/* taM tba JT^aw man^ " You ha>f a jcrallPmaD in jauf 
mla xbo ha> (iroduovd >iiiuv brautlflil I lulu iwuiui. I ihiDk. lir." 

" M]r n-lxnd Mr, Snoiljcrvt lia( a ami (vi* Rir |iu>rtr]f.'' r*plM Mr. Itek- 

" Ha hai Mn. Lra Runtur. ilr. Hli* duali uu jiucirr. tit. Xh* adaraa [I ; I mar 
ny thU brr Hliulu «oul and mind arc wound up aad iDlwhiN) wllb It, Sht bat 
ptoduwd lome dclIgbiTul plaecabanrlf. tlr. Tuu uuf barcDMl wttb ber'Od* (a 
u llxplrliiff Fn>jE»' ilr." 

•' I don't ililuk I hare.' lald Mr. PlBkirlck. 

**Tou ailunlili or. ilr." lald Mr, Loo Uuntn. "II eraatad an imDWUM noM- 
lion. II «ai ilf^itd wlih an L' and eight tUn. and apptarod orlftnaUr In a 
t^l'i Xtftjloe. Ii oaniiuuucsd :— 

'Can 1 Tli-w iljpf pxiiln*. It!"* 
Onibf ■iurD«cb,«iUiaot Mpbiiui 
Can I DDinowd le* tbee djlui 

On a l«E. 
"BaHttfllll' lald Mr. Ilckwlck. 
•■nna."aaldUr. I^aBunier; "*o>tapl*l> 
" Verr." Mid Mr. 1-lekwlok. 

"Tbsuiuit venal! illll luun loucliing. Sball 1 1 1 ^ Hi II T~ 
"If fun plvair." laid Mr. Ilckwlck, 
*■ It nni tbiu," HUd ibo sraie luan lUU mara fravalji— 

" ■ Sa/. ban flmda In ahaiM at hort^ 
vna inid naUoa ana liraul umm. 
Doolfd IlK* ftwu nunlif |er*> 

Wllb a dot. 


'nnatraxpr*u«d.'nld Mr. t*1«kit1ek. 

•'Allpnlnt, •Ir. all pnlol,"iald Ml. Leo auDlcr: "bat joo abaObaar KM. LW 
Maatcr itpcat II. £Aeeau duJiuiliM loll, air.' 



Kit Vrcktolfk Vaptta. 



Hunter, Hr. Loo. Urn. Leo Ilontrr'ii hu*buid (Cb. x'.'f 

BuUe7, Jem, ealUd " Dumal JruMV." An itiuorxnt ncinr, wli« 
■■ ikx-i Ow bi^nrjr btuiavMi " brDtbor to Job Trotter, aqiI (neoil ot 
Ui. Alfr!d JtiiitlAi vlio iDtrcHlnrca hiu Ca Mr. I'ickwick. H* 
rcUlc* to tliem " The Sinllcr'a T^',~ in «h:.:b hu luoiwilf %ure*. 
(Cb. Ut, r.) 5m Joidt. 

laaac. A frirad uf Mr. JaclcMnV (Cb. xlvt.) 

JaokaOQ, Mr. A dcrk in tbo offlco of DadKa aad Fogg. (Ck 
xit, xjixi, xIvL) 

Jeoimy. Dlamal. 5m Umutr, Jeu. 

^Ingle^ Alflred. An iraiMdral etroltirif; ttctar, who pslcu UiMelf 
oir oa Mr. rickwick and hit [ravcLUn^onipAoions of the club ft? ■ 
^BtlHnnn ori.-onwi]ucnco,ipongrJ good dinnrr* and bormm money 
liau them, nnU Iinitljr ^ein into th« Floct pria:>n, whcn<, onnin timo 
aflerwftrdi, Mr. I'irkwkk Bad* liim in great di'stltution and ilis- 
tm^ Bad bvni-rolftiil}' (i>]n hU dcbt< and rcli^juei lilm, on saiis- 

IEutaar «'i(lM<-'<-' of ji-QiMincai anJ on proinL^of reformiition, wbifh 
U Etblifull/ kept. Mr. JiDi-Iu is i> vi-iy liKiuHuioiia penon. tdlktott 
ineeMKBtly ; rurcl]' spvakuiK 3 connectiid xuitmeu, however, but 
nringiiig tOS^llii-T iQere liiiguiuteil phroM-e, {■cneiallf witliout ictbs. 
Ba fint meets Mr. Piikwiok ftod hli puty at tlie coacb-ntand in 
BainI M-vtlD'e-io-Omod. 
"ITtibAa. Ijt^ilB; t$X* orir uf yiinr hrvl* T *' nifld Iha l4)i]UB<^lniii untigrr. u 
tbrf mn* nut nnilFr Ihv tDic nr^linay, irhteh Id ihotr diii-i ronnid iliv tnirniiM 
CO Ih* Mwefa.rknl. "Trrrlblg plBca— •tantemui iraik— otbcr day— flue clill- 
dica— molbfr— fall Uilv.raitogMDdwIdiu — (Qrtol ibearcU— crwii— knurk 
^ebiidrvu lutik niuiiiL'-ninlhi'rSi liParl off.- taoflwl till In hi>r liwi'l.^nd nifliith 
Hful II In — h«d oraflmillvQrT— ihofklng, ihoi-kliiKT I.doUiik al Whlieliall. 
dr?— OoepUot — lllllc "iuilu* — loiueli^ly rlic'i iioad oBtlitn. rli. ii(?— he 
Ado't kp*i» a filiarp Ictobn^t ('iic>ijgfi,#iE}ii'r^i:h. air. 'la^" 

"I *«a niialDaUDg," lal'l >tr. I'lclniItJi. "on Iha itranfe mutablUly 3f hn. 
«aa alTUn," 

- All I I H* — la al Iht |iaIaat.i1aor onr daf . out at tb* wlndDw til* D«M. 
PUfcaoptnt. ilri" 

I* An abMCrar uf hunian narorc. ilr." iBld Hr, riekitkk. 
" Alhwam t. Miul|ifi>pIo tn wiitm thay S* Jlitls (uilo, and lax to f«L 

"M-frlrndHr. Sf»d||nu(haiann)nii[»ctleturn." taldMr, rickwkk. 
"8u tiara I.' tald tha niaapr. - r.|ils ixma. — Wn ibiMUHinl llni'i — nntnia 
Um of JiIt — Mtnpoidt Itnn IbKipoI — Kan bydaj-. ApoUoiiy ui^l. — bail| 
1^ flvld-jilcco. iirvni; lh«lin." 

'yuu ■mpr<a«Dt ut ibal KlutUm Mane, ilrf "tald Hi. Snodirau. 
-rnvvatr Ihlnit I nu; tlK^ainii*1ipl, — Itrcd irlUi ao Idra,— runbedlDtot 
«l«*«bop — mote It dovn — back w''" — wtili.baof — anolber Ido— wis* 

C»« »!(«••■ WUUt%Mtp. 

(.. r.MM-«*g>«aM*4-«liMti4 a^M- 

Mill u tHi Un) - »^MM.raM■ -vwM li*lB«a— «it 

• fc»«»<-<lll««<l», I—— lMW<|llt^— ■Opiiiitoif if fcMO>d tf »«» 

4k*t '•qWt ta Ikli ■wluinf ' — »ii»y b'I fa** H — woadarfU dog — 

4*« lliH ■•<F • 

"M-^lH •IfHiMfMua Ihal.-MldHr.l'WkBl*. " Wm yn bDw ■• 
• iiMn ti4 Uf 
■ ■I lain 1 1 iti, wtWttf — liHiMlmt nan mmMh ofUw mub* »iiIi— ij 
<Mi Mr T»t> liiiiiiiH, Bkn li»4 bMn bntowtaf (naitrf ^ 
, •tm4 nil ■ r'KXit '^'f ^ I"* ruat^'da}. 

)•! Ilr r»|H>*a 

I ih ii fit ■■•'( (■ r<» •• l>M"l*ll ~ ■I"'''* !>''*■*»'** ~ J*t bait — bt 

toMI •■■liitH — tawiUnitl" 

' M *|wl«. (li t " nld Hr. I>Mf TiitiBiBd. I 

^« • I 

iiiiaii 111 r" Inijolnri H'. T^>|rtM>. I 

I t<.»i.-*it<t< iv-ii iioitia >1nal|l — OrandM — oatf dugU 

• ■' — l'»*>l ID* ID dliirMMon — iadil 

*■ KactUhDiBD — Uauua ChriMM 

(I'l'xii •' ' I'l-r In Bu poUMi m — — ■(»filoo ■ 

WMMrt w M ■«*«■ — IniB Xiii —d BbJ 

• > 


•■r* iKtalndHi 1>ip«B>.aB>MB(lw4 

I '■•Mar' 


I >(t*MfB^M,«««4fMtMMi>%H«T«*>Mtf* 

^ fci^ < —>■■ J .v<'Mtii«ki^a -^ 

«Ht H«« ni* M«A ftBB «■ tta WM (^ M* ■ ft* <aii*i^« IB Mb l^pBfel 


Ctt Stikfiii ■(ttl*«ii|. 

MMF a«Ma-|m wi4 lak-tM* h^Ii-mi m4 da* — i 

•yaniMn, f*r f •■ Umflj NtrnlKf (• Mr. friakK. 
- A llHid, >lf ,- riyM Him f — '— 1 
•• flM VwrMlt. 'Ir . - a** panwlt — Dofi, dr r ' 
■ ■M^Mlaww.'MMNr. Wlakb. 
"Ah I fmt iIhhM k*^ dog) — ••( uliMli— MC>da 

I enarvM- 

•r awa saw — pvtawr — iMrpHalni iMtlacI — odt tkanlv •■• ^ — < 
««l«MM-<rMMM— do«)l«Vfai-«hMM ^H>— I'm*"— ■« »: 
Mill -«^M Mm - rMM. I'lmta - womM Bl «>m-4^ tfaai«n4- itHtaBM 
K lM4f4-lHaa4«|>.i*imlaMrtiMian — ■OaiiMtMparfaMOrtcnWiMMaK 
«m*«M>il tn Iblt radiHarv'-vouMD-t i«u U - nadwfti dofl — *>kMMa 
4*r IliM — tn^.' 

" MHt>lv ilnHMftaH* tliat.* mIU Hi. rktwlck. " Wm rm alln* ■• n 

"OttUliJ]'. Rli, wflaWr — liymlml mora knteilotM oTtb* HiM aalaNL — 
rlnn ftrl, tir ■■ <ia Mr. tnef Tu|iniKn, who liul been bcaMratsg maiirj Ut^ 
t*Mkift«bt*(i f f*nne* ini ■ foiinf Isily t>7 lliv rund-aliluj, 

" Vfltr I" iiJi] Ml. Tapmiin 

"Hnjllth (lili nul to nnr M Hpaiiltli — oabli e r e« t «jM — ;m bMr — Hif> 
•|i«* — l«r1r nittN) — awiwl crval urH — bi'tuUfuJ I" 

■■rou li*'i< Li>ni In Hpaln.ilrr" Mid Ur. TrxTTupmao. 

"Hauf oouijilHli, iltf" liii|iiltn>l Ml, Tu|ini«n, 

" DuhiiumU I Tliouatiid*. Ihm llciani li'lfigic Umiiira — Dolr dsuBlilir 
■•Donna rhrttllnii — iiilrudlil FivHlurr — loFCd ms to dlitraetion — Jnluu* 
miiP' -^ hlfrl}-"}!^!*^ lUufUl^r .— ImijtlaiiitiB Ktiglliliuiiiii — Jiuunn <JEir1«rJna to 
tujialf — ptuiild iKld — ilinnvli |<i><np '» inr po'ttBanimu — opcrmifaa p«> 
Airmtil — iilil Uolaro In (Mtaiirt — cDnipntlo our union —Jain handi auilauuili 
ur timru — nnnitiillr nUirj — <ivry-" 

" t> I'm Uily In Knitliiiiil Don. Mr?" loqnlnd Mr. TupiWB, oa wbom tb* de- 
•nl|>lluii of Uvr Dlmrini liiut produeeil ■ p^wtrAil tnprculon. 

" IMad, *lr — dnwl," uld Uw Mruifsr. ■piilj'lnfl la tiln rlfht vjv tli« brief rrm 

■ani a( a (ur old euntirld hundknrdilBr " ni n 1 1 iliii iciiinrti [ p 

—MMfertrtnNI oanBllial hw — (Ml a ilcUm," 

■■ And lit* n>tb"t t " inqulml tbo roMla Snndt»«»». 

'•ll*iuorM'»udDilwTj."rtialnllJMuraB]:Tr. " femtkn diinyraaw — talll 
af Itwtthul* cllf ~>Hiueh madr vrwriibt**- wlltioiil wieciii- paMli luua- 
lalahikt Rival •qnantniMcnlit na«*d plurtaj — irnto «Up»td — (lill ■ imp 
ftgt — Wdrkmrn unploivd M <4Ma II ~ waivr drawn MT— ftUwt^talaw dl*n>*' 
•nd Mitktiw l>»A ■"*■ lolb* >Mla iil|>f. Willi k (ttU caaAwtea ia U> ri(M boot 
— t««k Um <wl and Ui* •hmmIb pliQ^ ant Main ■• **« •■ ***r'' 

"Wni jaaaHtWMaM aoM ikai liIU*nunaiK«da<im.*lrf»wldlb.aBa4 

■■4?anaiatf,ilr,«afUlaly, — iftrnMvtf jaaNfenta baai S« — ■mas* Uk 
MK* - ratbw eartMa fautaqr -Mt iwwiitfciiii. kat da^Uar.' 

{Ox. ii. ill. Tti- s, X?. xsr, slH. xW, xhrii, UiL) Sm WnuA 

nak«, BCr. A paK AM|HM»d. hatfM, lUbbOjsdxl cl«rk <£ 
a» Uaj-or** Own M IpMMk. (Cb. snv, xx« ) Sw Ncmn 

niK PAT 80V 

Ctt VltkiDict yapti*. 

linkiDB. Mr. A ^aruMr ia " The Ba|[m»o'a Slarr ; ' ■ nfcatlj 
adrentimr wUll a wife uxl *U tialiei. — all at Uwia aiiutll oavK, — 
wlw iriM to nkarry a baxou widow, the Uodki]; ul' a ruailsiile tna. 
but ti prcTontcd \>y Torn Siuiirt, who marriv* her hlfntelf. (Cb. xU.) 

Joe, the Fat Boy. Scnani m Mr. Wordla ; a Toiitfa of uiontib- 
iag obori^ anil vcaactty, who ho* a way of going to iiuc|> on tht 
■lij^tMl proTocatMii. and in all surU of pbcts ui<l attilodva. Ui 
WanLl«, liaving DMi Mr. PicliiTick aii<l liU Irieuil* at a ^und review 
at Boclxau-r, iBTil«> iheui into bis carriai^ fur a luDuh. 

" Joa, Jo* . ' Mid lb« itaul (•ntltman, wh*n iba eltail*! wa* lahtD, and Iba 
lilf r > and bM<»|i i mt ivwa to dtniwr. - Uama ttut bajr I b* t fOD* H 
*l«cpaola- B<r>od vntrngb to pUKA bUn. (It. — ID tbo le^ IT TOO plo 
anihing •■•• waku l>Uu. Ttimk ^mi ' Cado Ih* hamper. Jso.' 

Tba lU })QT,fiia hail h<'«t> irirwituiill}' rauiiod by tht> eomprntloD of a pv- 
ttoaoTMi lr| btlwRfl ihc flngfr iDd Ihanibar Dlr. WiDkle, rolled olT UwlMS 
•an *c*la. aiid procHitul lu uupack tlis liunpcr. wlUi auut tucpedltfoD tbao 
omJd kiTt b*vb fi^ptcirid fVtjm hlji pniTlom L»iUTrltU7< 

" Xtm, TV muit >II clone," (aid Ibe tloul (cntlcmaD. AAor a crMt maaf 
Jsbeaaboot aqaccilnf ibc lidin' itcctiMi. »iil ■ vui quaailly of bluihlDK ui 
M^hjJOMHpnponli tlut 111* IuIIfi ihouM lit lu IIik Rc-iiili'mm'i liiii*, Ilm 
wbol^pan^ w«T« ttowpd iowa lu the bAroucbc; iind Iba ilout irvnilcmaii pnx 
CBnlnl lu tiudiiiu ililiigi frutu ibu tal tw;' l*t"> '»' uouul*d up bcliindrur 
la* pur^a>H) IdIo th« mrlncF, 

"Xvw. JoOiknlteiBodrorkil" Tli* kalis and brluwnc hudcd In; and 
lb*ladl«iaiidcnUnD*alii>(<l«,iuii] Ur. Wlnkl* OB Ihv bui. nn iscli rurub>h«d 
with Uuiwr awflil Impli'iDrotJi . 

" FlMaa, Jot. irUtu I " A ■Imtlar prooHi «inpl<ircd In Ibc dlilrlbutlan of 

"XoHi J«*. Ihf fairli. — Daion that boy I b*'B foiiK to tlvrf 'rh'iI' Jufi 
>aal" (ISDndrr lApi od rho br^Ad wllti ftillokpiiDd tbc fbt bo; . alib lomc dUB- 
aallyttootod ffom lili Ivibivrgy-) *'Cuiiii>t buitd In (hv nuiublu-" 

TbtrviTu •omnhlni Id Iht «oudd of Ibp lul iroril, wblrh tou«*d th« niiolU' 
aoi boT. H« Jumped u|> ; nud ihc Irudcn oyei. vblch iwlokJcd b- Dlud hlainoiia- 
taloooi tback). Ivand butrlbty upon tba (uud ■■ be uu|Xokrd It ttoai tlii 

"Xov, Bukr hutc," laid Hr. Wacdie; Du the til boy wns biHiclnir f-iodly 
tnat ai|>oii, olitcli hn •mnul wbulty usablo Ui \t*n Mllb. Tbc boy >lfhe4 
AHvly- and. bxtowlDR an ardrut fain upon ll> plumpntmi. uowllllunly eoDnlfurd 
ll 10 hU nutifr, 

(Cat. W -ix. uvlii, Ut. iTi) 

John. A luw pautuuiiinti nttor, ami an habitual drunkard, whoM 
dnath U deM'ribed in " Tbi- MruIliT'e Talo," related M Mr. V'lek- 
wick and hb friumU by Mr Hiitl.y. (Cli.iil.) 

Cate. A chamcKT in tlm Kmj 1/ " llie I'arub Clark ; " coiirio U 
Usria LobU. (Ch. x«ii.) 

liObbs, Mnrio. A cbimcter in Ur. Pickwict* ttorj »f •• Tha Par 


Cbt S(cktna B({tt*n>i>. 

Mb Clerfc I " a pretty girl, beloved by Natliaaiel PI|J(jn, imil kIm 
by bcr cnunn Henry, vhnm the iomtIm. (Ch. xvii.) 

Lobbs, Old. F:iih«^ to JlAm Lobbi ; » rich iwddlnr, lukil a torribl* 
uld r<illo<r vlien kii p«i(lu ii injurvd, or hi* blood i« ap. (Cb. x*ii.) 

Lowten, Mr. A paSj-i^-vii youu^t nun. clerk to Ur. Perkur. 
(Cli- XX, xxi. sxxi, xxslr, zl, zlvii. liii, Vir.) 

Lucaa, Solomon. A oofoinuior. (Cli. xv.) 

Luffey. Mr. Vii^-presidenl i^ the Dla^Ie/ D«ll Crick«t Club. 
tCt. vii.) 

HaffQOS, Peter. A rc<l-hnirvd mwi, witb an Inqnidtlvci dcm and 
blue fpcctoclia, iiho tt n fRUow-mTellfT wilb BIr. I^ktrlck from 
Loniion to Ipnricb. Tbu two i;entIc<Di;n cliat coiily on ibu rood, 
nod diac tOKCtlier on llwir urrival at " TliG Gn-at Wlutu Uonc * 
Inn. Mr. Ma^-iiuii, bviug unluraJly <i( a ivry uoiuiuiiuicaUTc dispo- 
nlion. iidd uixde uiorv eu by lb« brandy ami •tain' he i.lrinkt. oonfi- 
dentiailj iafuna* Mi'. Pickwick that be biu conio down to Ipswich 
to ]Wopose to a certain ludy who li vvva th«n in the uiuo boaw. 
Hu n«Zt mornlDg at lircakffliit be recnrt to tho famo tiubj«ct, wid 
the following convention take* place : — 

" I ^R 7""' parduu. Mr. Hckwldt ; bul Iut* job nvr dun* thin aurt at ihlnl 

tn joat Umn ? " satil Ui, Maguu'. 

" YoD nuan prapotlng ! " uld Ur. piokwkk. 

" Ym." 

" IiDnrf"nld Ui. ItokwItilE with fr*il gDcrn>, — " nnn I " 

"Toil Into ua Idea, tlitn. buw it *■ but iob<(in?"Mld Ur. Magana. 

** Vhr." Bald Ut- I'lckwldL. " I may lu>« ftirm«d xonif Idftti Dpoo tht tat^ 
|COt; but. u 1 liAre no?r fubiDllIrd iLiem l4 tb* iHl Of txiferlcnw, t ■TtMiIdM 
mirr) If ^ou wm iiiilucvil 10 ri'jpilaie ;our prooMdlngt by ilicm * 

" 1 ihrmlit n-Tl Ti-rr much iilillgail tu joa Ibr my ulitoi." uld Hi. Macauf. 
takijif anoUicT look al tho oloQl;. ibe baud of wblah«a«vvTjElDf oailwflr* mlo- 

■■ Well, tir." >Alil Mr. I'lckwlclc. wOti tlm prafaund •iiliMnnlijr wtth wblib 
lliat cr*7at niBii could, wbcn he pleaded, render bli rcioarlci to dorply lntpn* 
fiTt. " I tlKnkhl kxiiLiiiieuce. air. wUb a IrEbum to iIlp lAd>'« brauly aud pxnllval 
qualllln : Imm tlii-m. ulr, I nhoiild dlvurge la my owD uowortlilDPH." 

*' Verx Moud." aald ^r. Uafrnui, 

" UiiwiirlliltiMt («T fti- uuIt. mind, ilf." TTfuiudl Mr. Piokwick; "rnr M 
Miuw lliil I »ai nat vholly iiiii'oitliy, •!(. t ulioulri liikf > t>rK<f rerliw 01 mj 
patt lllb and firettnt ooactLtloii. I ibould arAiie. by nnaloify. tliat^ to anjbodf 
•bo. I Ruitc br a xry dralcabls oldtel, 1 •lioiild llirn iii|ialltt> uu Utc wainlk 
of 07 lore and Ibrdvptb of mj' doiroUou. I'wlHpt I al(tittb«a bo ltwpl«><] ta 
Mia* htt baoil." 

" Yh. I m." •all) Sir. SiHf uu> : " lltut wuiild be a itfj great pelnl.' 

"I ibuuld ilicD, ilr," KunUDuivl Mr.^irlii(wai'Pi*r a« lh»*ii<)|Mi 
ttaantnl Itialf lu nora (loiftni oolon bafat* bin. — " t tliould Ui«n. air, i 

ett ^((khrck paftt: 


w tt-i idKin wul ilmiila qoHlIoiL 'Will ^oo hat* mft' I Udnk t amJuitUat 
la AumiiiAg, fh*E. upon tub, ihtf laoulil irnn «ivay hrr hnul.* 

" Vari Ibllik chnf (nnrb? 1ii):*n r-^r eriinltil?" inLd ^[r. HucHiu; ** bi^culiPk tf 
(Iwdlil not do iliu at the rlitlii liluv. ttir'iuM Iw iimliii/Tii*Oa|." 

" I lliliik thv wuiild," >j1iI lit. riidtirlr*. -- l!|K>n ibl>. t\t. I nlKiiiIil (lurvn 
WrtaBd. snd I Ihl'ik- — I (*(«»-. Mr. Uicuui. — liiuEiinptI liiulcl,>naII>iK,iu|>pw. 
int th«e wu Drj nruinJ. I iliuulU trMj draw amai ih« bundlLYrDlilrr. uiiidli ay 
•llRht knowlfilgB <if hiiniiui Raiiir* Irad* me 19 »ippn<s the ladf wiwld Ih' iii<|>l>in( 
WlMr«TCT V llHimonirni, aad -t«l arci|i><triil kiit. 1 ttiUli I tlmiild liii) licr, 
Mr- K*)[*iiu; wid. U llilt lurtlciiliir iwliU. Inm dicldHllr df opinion, ihai. If th< 
tedir mil' cDlBftiiuJin Clin HI till, >lit> would iDunaur luio luteal ■ buliCul acrtipi- 

Hr, Miic>u> alirtfd, );ucd on )Ir, ndnrlck'i lulKlllgfiii. Awf tor a abort Lma 
la •!)»». and ilii-n(tli<-illil [mliiiliigioilir loa mlantca pBM)ibO«k Mot wanal/ 
br llwluad, aDd ruhvd dp^prraTvIr tiom ibp room- 
Mr. ItekHlclE tiad takio a fot •leldn iiiaiid Ou; aod Ilia amall tiind of Iha 
•hct. (OlluiHnt Hit latlir t>iii1 vt Idn (xaiiinl'. had arrlitd at tjis tiffurv wlilrJi 
laAeHH the Iialf'liotir. nlicn tlis door tuddml*' 0|Htnril. He iitmnt niund to 
grorl Mr. IHWr Hafaui. and Duuoiinlr'ml. !u Idi ulnul. iliv Joroui l^« ot Ur. 
TaiiniM. Ilivfmnv egunirnanoi' nf Mr. WInklr.aad tho InirtiHtual liurauiaoli 
or Hr. Huodfrati. 

A> llr, Plckv Itk (THIrd Uicui, Sir, Paliir )1a«iii» Iiljipiit Inlnllir room. 

" My IK«nd>, llw 2rnilmiaa IwaaipvaklDBOt'. — Ur. UBKnui,~— laldUr. PlBk' 

~ Toar (mant, trnilf>inrn," lald Mr. HaK""'. nlrifnllr In a high ilaM at 
vxriicmcnl "Mr. lUckwlck. allov tat (o »fir»k to rou. one luomvut. »lr," 

A> br nid llili. Ur, Maipiui taamnuRl lili fuivllnip-r iii air. I'lckurlUE'i (MitOD. 
jok. awL ilnwiuit him Inio a wIndoir-rccMi. uid,— 

"CDOHmlEtliitt' in*. Mr. P^irkwtok: I f->llowr«l ;u(ir aiivlc* lo lliv vny letter ." 

"And II wai ati mrrrct, wat II'" Infill rrd M' llcfcTriok. 

"Il wat,«lr,~»)uIdi>ali>oiilbl;i have ttern briwr," rtiilied Mr. Uajniit, "Mr, 
^Ickoluk. xIiD 1< mliir 1 " 

-' I oaoxraliilalv joii with all mf brwt," ivpUad Mr. Fldmlak. warmly >hiik]aa 
hb QrET friend by ibe liand. 

"Tou miiil •erhtr, air." lald Mr. Mafnua : " thia «*y. If jou plea». Eunfe 
•tftir oii'iii'inni, gMitirfuen." And. hurryinf on Is (hi* war. Mr. I'ele/ Hajnui 
^*w Ilr. I'lcl^vrkk from ilic loom. Hipaainl at Ui( iisxc door In thr pai4aee, 
aad ta|ir>oI C''"il; ilicri'il. 

•'Coin»l(i."«aldefriaal«rol«e. And Id Ihty mnl. 

JSiiw, it linn imtuTIdiiuleljr liiij>]H!ntd thnt Mr. ri>*kwlck, on Ibu 
tighi uf Ibciirtirrival, IihiI occM^iuii to kaw bi^roum Ui ^et bU vatch. 
viikh lie UnA Iftt on a ial>t<.' iluwn tlnin. RL'turnins; in tlii.' dirk. Iiu 
ion hi" way, uxA grupcl nhom lii seHnrh ol' bi) ruoiii fur ii luns littu>. 

Adaunltin»d!dl>eioflt.Fnirn the Imtidla of lame boltoom.diHir ithlrh mam-<nwliniii,nf" Whotliei1i>vti"»lliai>"or" Whaldw 
]«a*atil be rr ? " <nu<»l hlin lb dcai airir.onilplac. villi aper(C<cily niatvollau* 
Mfrity. He wuj faddc^ to IJir verge of ilr'fialr. when rni opan Attttr atuwiad 
all altoolWu. Iln pprfixl In — tl|[l>lni lai< I Ttirro wPrr Iha Iwo bed>, whota 
•Itualtoa be frTeclIf rvmemlirrRl. aii4 llie nro ■ till bur idiig. t11< candle, nol ■ 
laiUOB* wban liaani ravlifd ti. had IllekvrnI swaj n llirdtaochl' of air ihrDVft 


Kit Btcttni BIlttlanaTi. 

«hlr*i hv hvl pMicd. uulBuxk luMltw aodwl JiiilMh*clciicdlb«4aorkft*rlilM. 
"Noin»t»r."t*l<l Mr. I'Worlel: ; ■■ I o»n unilfpi>i mj^M-lfJu"! u wrll bj- ih» lljtlU 

The hcdiiHidt »nn>i ona oo cwli ild* of Ihf door: uiil oa ibeiBurriMnof 

Mull wv u IIU]*^ r^lh, Unnltifttlngln aniHh'btittumrilrliAlr. Jdii hjiIu iin»ijjtli la 
ftdmU of u i^'iQh^i itT^rlnjf Into or out of brd on that aJilp, tf 1t« or iliv (houchf 
proper. tlAilajE u»fu[]p drawn IliP eiirTatut of hii bed on Itie ouUidc, l[r. Plck- 
witk Mil (Iriwii on Hip rqi|]-b*>rl»muil dmlr. and Ivlnumt)' rl]f r*(cd tiliiikPlf of hU 
tbou Mii inltrrt- llv Ihi'D look olT and fnldi-d up hl> cuiii. irBltUioM, and D«ok- 
^OLli. and. ilowly driBEngon LI4 tutcUect n^jrht^cAp. trcarod It Omlj DDhlibMd 
if lfiEi(fa*iwmIh liln cidu lUi iirln^ wlilrh lin liul iitHay* ultaohed to ilml ullcM 
•^dran. !(«■) ittitil' inomt'nT [but (bi'ab'iirdilrof lilt rveral b»wlldrrinviit ninist 
Bpob blanfod; kod. Ll^rowlnn liLiutcif bflok [11 rbo rufh^boiiDinnl nhair. Hi. I'ick' 
wiek lnuflii-d (o hluiirif ao hfVlll;. tlml tt Itutitd bHtc biTn qiill« deUftbtful lo 
■nj? mm nf iri'tl-cnDiillulrcl mind lo h>Tp WBirlml (lift fmUn whlcb tipinilvd tila 
MtfDiBbiD fFAtuTf«M iZitj lUono forfb IVom brupftai ibn ^[Jtllt-cap- 
'- It In HiDbcit [dM.°>aid Mr. I'lr^wick tiililmxrlf. imillni; lillbaalmiuKMKktd 
IbfllVil'^p-'irlnit'- — "IE ■• ilir IH><1 Mm. nir Inilnf njolf In tblt pixw. ind 
■BBderLiijr aboM tboeo iralf cue*. Ihu 1 tver livni d c>f. Dr^H. 4fOJh very droll ! " 
BtnUr. ncknlcli •miloilafiilo. Bbmudcr iidIIe tlmu befbrr. ked tm *biiui la 
oraUnDi? tlir proort* of undtt-fing, lu iln- b"l pcunibli himiiir. vhvii b" if ii> "iiil 
denly flopppd by a ido4< unnpf^td Lolcrruptlon; lo nil. Ibt CDIrancr [Dfolhf 
rooui of •nine (wnuu itllb ■ uiidJn. nho. aUcr lucldoi IbB dour, adtsumd to iIm 
drfiiliijt-tatilrt. mid *(*t dnwn tlm tl^UI upon It. 

The (mils Ihal pU'cd on Vr. ptEkwIck'i fkiatiiru <r*j InitaniAiifoutlT lofl la 
a luEik of (bo inOKt uiiU>unJr.d luid woiKlrr.ptrlrktm purprJur. Tb« |if r>nu. nhiv 
•vrr U Hn*. had «oni* I11 'o'uddi'Dly, and wlib gollI1lrnnlu<. ihat Mr flfkokk 
badDO time (ooollout. Of oj^patd Ibi^lr ciilraDH. Who could It bt? A robbvrf 
SomcflHt RiltifbHl pDt'un trbo bod Mv-b Litm iHiiDtf up ictaLn ftilb a tdudBOWD Hutdi 
In \ili band, pirlmpi. What wh bir lo do I 

TUo ooly war '^ wblcb Ur. Flokwick could catch a j^lmptc of bia niTvtAJoua 
•lilior, wltbibo Icui dimgni onH'Init nfn blmirlf. iru b> crccplujton to ihcbnL 
and pnipUig out from boiwnn Ibi-nrlalmon ibvoppoilifKlilr. TuiIiIk inannmi'ra 
ha awunlinjfly reported. Ktrpliii; Ibt carlaloi carr-fullj da*td wllh bit handi, no 
lEiainotb^rig roDra iifbEm e<iuld lui n^n than bU f^fV sod hl^bt'Cap. aud jiutliDg 
OD hi* ii|HH^aEif(<ii, br uiuiiurvd op oourago and UH>kDd out. 

Xt. rickwlck atniott lUdMd with borr«r and dlrmaF' l^tjindlnff brfnt* lb* 
i|r»itiit( n'"'' """ ' riilddlc-attcd lady In yiOlow cutl-papirt. butUy tagigBi In 
br'jf^Mni! "bar liu1l<Kcalllbclr--back1ialr-" ICowoior tbimiaronBdoukndcldU^ac^d 
ladjr canip Inioibal room. It «» iiilu-ubnr ibat ulinaonU'iiiplaml n'mainlnjtihfir* 
Ibr Ibeiil^it; Airibcbad bronjcbl a rutbHjtbt and fhadc hUIi btr, Tvblcb> with 
^ralH^vor1by pmjitiittuij ugaiiml flrv, %hr bad atjiTiaut'd ia a bwiti on tlia Qoor^ 
wbtic 11 wat Klliumcrlni- awny. Ilk* a glfBiitlc Ilshlhoum lo a panlruiarljr null 
Ik* i>r naicf. 
"IllMi aif iDiil." ibunfbi Mr. riRkwIck. "wbal adrvadhil tblnRl " 
" Htm I "Hid iboold ladyi aDdln wml Ut. llckirliiK'i baad with ■uloniMB- 

■■ I ni'recmni wlib wiy Iblnf to awful a* Iblil " Ibougbl gioor Ur. Plckmek 
Ibc oold piTrpliallua Martlng indropi upoo bin nlehltuip, — " orrrrl II1I' It 

II wat quit* lmpu»tbl<i 10 tiulii lb* urfnnl^Mlio to ><w m-hil wuKiini foi 
So out wPDt Mr llokwttftr*! head tgiln. n» proirKt **• worw thai 

ttt y[ckti(ch yaptts 


Ylw nIditlv-icM l>4f btd (Inlitirri srranitlaii Iwr hair, and daraftinr «*•* 
•(*'■■ In" TOulIa Dighl-«p wUh'imallplaludbanln; uid <tm ruIdr prulnlr 
K Ifca Art. 

•Tliii ouUiir l< growl.i/j uloriuiint," reuionoil Mr. Plckwlrk wllli hlmirir. 
~I««n'l Hillnir Ihlngi 1<i K» nn In tlili way. t%T <>>* ••'tl-ptHM^iInn of that larlf, 
h ^* «Le«r lo mo that t muni hovo como Into The vrn>Dj( rooo), tf t nUI out. Lb' '11 
aUrmttivlwiiic: bui.UI nuusUilir'ro.tUsaoaMqiMiiMirilllMMillniimrHKUilUt.'' 

Mr. rickHlrk, li Ii ijiili' iiniii'>'>-»«-y ti) u]r. *•* ast at the mon mi>ii«l and 
Mkair-miiidM of mon* If, Thr Trrr Mm of tihibiilaji hii nlsbl-cap to ■ ttif 
■r*Tpowtt«<l )ilji:bm belutdilodlliftoiuurunn'IrdMrlii^ ins kuol. nail. ilii wliiU 
!■ would, b« ooald n't r*( It niT. 'I'li* dl>rjoHur* mg>t br (ntdo, 'Him* wu opI; 
tatMhttWufOl dolDK It, lie tliruuk tn^liliid tlif siirikliu. and eallfd out tgit 


TMI tbe l&dT f lartnl •! IliCi uotzpKttd lound vru (i Ideal br lier (Ullnf ip 
■(■llul ihn ru'lUlghl-nliaill: that all* [mniiailuct harwlf ll tnu-l liav* tmii Ih* 
tftoSof Ima^nbllon «ai T<t'iaUj d?Ar : Ibr vbrn Ur, t'lokwlck,. under Ihe Emprvi. 
•tsatlial alia had ralntcd * war. >laiie-dE«d.fMiufTlKl>t.rBnIu[Oiltu pDrpoulagalu, 
lb» irta (ailnf iwiiwlraly on Itia llrr ai brfUr*. 

'■Moat ts^raonliiuLrj ftmalQ iEiIjT" Ihoujilit 3£r. Flckwlck. popplnj^ In a|Ti4n- 


TIWMhM KHindt. lO Ukr Ihoi* In vblcb. m lFpait< Inform di. thr f<-rortODi 
gam* BlDBderbare irw in ibe habit of DxpTWlnji lili opiulon (liat it xai time to 
IV tlia doth, wm loo <I)aUaol]f widiblo lobtifSln nilatakva far Ibe wurkinp of 

-(rndoiM nt>rtnl"aaIdth«miil<IlPa«iHllaily. "nhat '•ihalF" 

"It '• — 1> '■ — onlf a (vntlomaD, iDa'am." tald Hr. ridnrlok ttmn bebind lb* 

•• A ttatltmtat" aaUiha ladj with ■ ivrrino •crMim. 

-It ■* kll OTCr," ib«aght ttr. riokwliik. 

~ A Mraofomaal'ahtifktddirludy. Anolhcr lualaiil. amllli* nounn would ba 
tUrtncil. liar gimmti ni*>>nlM ib* rs'lii'd inwanU Ihoiloor. 

-Ua'Ma.'Mld Uf. Plakilok. IbraiUng out bb boad. in iba mr«mllt of nU 
larpanUon.— -ma'am ' 

liow.atllMMichlilr. llokXiA wM DotaoUwtad byan; dMlnll* ohiral Iti ^Itlnii 
lot Mb band, It ou Inataaiaiicoiuly ptoitiuilli'a of* good tBcat. Tha lady, aifra 
ha** tlnadr HMod. ni nrar Ibe door Hbemnil pa» II fi readi Iba iialmtn, 
^id aba waald lauit nDdmibi'^dly htiro duiiv toby ibis lini*. Imd unl Iba nudd'^n 
lffMtO€tHt Hr, I'Iflknirk'* nlcii|.r«r dtlTi'n Im bark Inio llx' iruirint tninn 
•f thaapatunaol.irbcre ihciKiod iiu ng wlldlj at Hr, I'lekwick. nUlle Mi. lick- 
■ICA. In bia turn, atartil wlhU^' al i^vr. 

■■ Vrtub I " tald ibn liid,r- comrlni li«r ayaa witb bar hand*. '■ irbal do r'>0 
■ml liire > " 

- VaOlllig. ma'am. — n»Uilngiibal(>nr, ma'am." laid Ur. Pickwick canwiitlf. 

■• HolMns 1 * mU tb> lad]-, looklni up, 

■■ HolblBt. ma^am, upon lay honor." lald Hr. Fickn Ick. naddlnn bit bead lO 
HW^^WIi^nj I lba> tha laawl of .ila ntiE'il"^''!' clnnciifl ajpiln- -* I am ilIomjuI 
■VA^ toaink. ma'am, brnrntb Thpoonfii^lon of ru1i]r<>4<tiif a In^y in iii> uijtht.'iap 
Tutn lb* lad]- haalily >na'Hicd olT bcra): but I rm'l k<'I II tilT. ma'am ibrre Mr. 
ftdcvlakftt** It a tmnvndouaiujt In proof ol TEifi aiaii-rikfnij. Iili fl^lilrui unatf, 
■tfMD, BOW, Dial I lia<* raiiiakci iliia beaioam for my own. I bad uul Mat 
Wn t" mlaBaea, m'ud, whnu jait aoridtBlr aDiacvil It." 



Birr Sfcbtna Dfctionaif. 

"irihlt tmpnibatilviiaiTba mllr tne, ■&." Mid ttn tadj', '>i>bUii| rlolrat)^ 
■• ftm wtll Ihtv ll IniUDllr." 

" I wtll, iDR'iiii, Willi t!in(n<uwl pluuar*.' rrpllfd Mr, FleliwJek. 

■■ Inniiinitr. ■d." ■sl'l <Ii» lady 

**CtT[nliiIy,iiui'un.^Mi]trrvA>«dMr,nok«lekr«rf ifulckly^ — "ccrfAlafy^Ttui^m. 
1^ l^iin yrry tdrry, mii^aTnt" 'lUd Ur, I'ldtivEclt. makinj^ hit u\i\n-ucmacm ml tht 
kMtiini Af Ibp bnl. " to lia<ct>mi(hcliinas«iit<Ktt«li>nof lUolvmkDd tniotli 
— dcvply lorrf . nin'wn." 

Hid Uit]' iKtlDlxl In ih* rioor. On* ncfillfinl qiiHlKy of llr. ncltwlcl^ *li«>' 
v?lFr irH bpuiilfalLy diiplhrfd ai ihli momrDt un>lrr (h« rn<»t lr>lnR cireijni' 
IMnOH, Altlioujtli Ii' >iii4 liftniilr 1"*^ O" '■'■ '■" <"" ^1' ■iIrIiI-o'Ii- *ti" <!■■ 
■Binn' of (h* old p«tr«] ; kllliovitti bfl mtilnl hl> nhon and itlirrt In hl> htnd, 
md 1il« coiLt and wa[»Troat ovtr Iili arm. — noihI[i£Coalc1itibdiiehI>iiaiJvepoUtfr> 


•• I am n(«w1li>i;lT »«rtj-. mn'am," tald M». I' I'nirine wr/ liir. 

**lf fOu arts. lir. you wLLlat odh J«avp the rooin>" tald ihr lady, 

" Iinm«dlali'l7. nui'uni, — tliii Inilanl, niu'iim." mid Mr. Pl<ikw1ok> opanli 
Ibadnor, anil rtrnpplnic bolli lil> <hoFt nidi ■ Inutl oraili In ■■') dolni, 

" I iruil. laa'am," n«uEncd llr. I'lflkwlek' jfarhcrlnjc up blf ihoM, and lurnlnjf 
nand lu bavr afitlu. -^ - I Irutl. ma'am, llmt my uiiblamltliDi] ch)iraqi*r. and tlia 
dnoifil tiupi-cl I rnlrrlulo for jonr b""!.!!-!]! pli'nd »« I'lm* 'llilil mniiw for 
thlfl"— But.bcforcMr-rFckulf'lioaiilil conrhidt Oic unicuoc. ilicT^y badtbmiA ■ 
mm Into (ha paaBiLjfp, anil Uidct<d and bolEf^d E.hi> duur bnblod lilm. ■ 

Mr, ritkwiiik finally iriiL-nuiitern WclItT, hLi Tnlct. who lead* 
biin tu his ruoin ; but t.liis nLjjtil-»dx-i.>[i<tiru dinlurbs hiin i^oaiidi^nbljr. 
Tlii; rL-uit^iuLir,iuce of it w<>urs iiway, huvi^ver. xud, at llii< luumonl cf 
being iiitroiliici>tl hy Mr. Ua<,'iiiis to liis betrutlied, tlie ocouiT«nce Ii 
Dnt In his mind nt nil. 

"SUh tVIHirrdrlrt," <Wd Mr. Ha^iii. "alloo' me to [nIii>duM myTpry puv 
Ueular n-Iind. Mr. Plekirlclc. Mr. PIckwiek. I boj M makt yuu known lo UlM 

Till! lady wat al the npptr end at th« room; and.** Kr. Ilckwluk bowed, h* 
look liii ipcftu'lei from li[> »'tli!eo>|.|i«liei.and put ilirmon. —a pHxcii wlileli 
jr hiid no Hoiinrr fiirto (linmgli. {lian.iKltirlnf an irlnmutlun ar*iifprl"*> Ur, 
I'lpkiririk rvlrratpd icvpral pac«<. nndibr lady, wltba hatr-noppnonl Mirram. hid 
brr lii« 111 brf biuuli. »ud Uroppt'd liiio ai^lialt; vticitupooHr. PetarMMcnu* 
wafl iirucL muUiinlt-Hi un Ihii *pot. ani1ff«ipd frtm one Inlh* oUiirvliii acoiib' 
.muia* vxpTTfMTK of tb« riirrrnlllpi of liottnr and inrprlie. 

Tbit certainty ww. lo all ippcimncs. letf uniueonnlabte behnrlori bn! Ibe 
taol wa^. iliat 31r. I'lrkvrlrk no MiHtiirr put on hi* fpeciaclvB Iliiu ho ul onn- rd^ 
kjrnlicd In irxerbture Ura Mp|tnu* ibc lady Into vbote room be had to iinirar- 
nutatily Inttudrd nn rbr pieituu* iilglil; and lb* npi-eUclei bad no looDer fr(i»«l 
Mr. tlnkttlck'i nofr thin tbp lady at oni* IdpntlHert tlm nimil'mmi* whlrli >liii 
bad Hvn 4UFFoiindtd by nil ilie liorron of a nlgbt'cap. SoIhe lady >crTUi]ed, and 
Ur- PlcknU'kiiunrO. 

"Mr. rti-kBlck ' "' tvcliiltnrd Mr, Mainni. lo«i In Ml'>nliiliniml."what b ihe 
tieaninc of ibli,>lr? U'h>.( !■ tbt meaning of li. ilr?" added Ur,>lBCnUi tl • 
ftrulenlnji and a louder tone. 

"I9lr,'>i«ld Ml- t'lokirtsk, •omevbat lndl|mut at Ibatwrtuddeo maonM It 


etc VIcktBick Vapcii. 


whktt Mr. FM*r Hagnui hiul a>ii]u|[>l(iil hlnualf InM Iba Impentlirs moo^ 
' I AmUiw uawmrtag thai i<ivilloa," 

■ Ton detilnf II. lit ? '■ iftlil MP. llijrna». 

••14o.jlt."nn'lln< Mr. ■■Jckwirii. - I irOncI In njlni snr Ihlagwhloli M^ 
Will niuU« llut Io-It, or ■■■km anplcuuil rMoIlMiium In >i*r braut, with- 
m fau OMMUt uul ptnalialaii." 

"Mb* WIHwrttrM.-MMMf IVn Muronn, ■■'lo j™i knnw ibUpmwe?" 

■" Know bin t> repMtcd ilif iiilildlc'axfd lad'-, bp>!tai\DK. 

" Y«. kuaw blm. ina'UD. I ulil knoir him.' rpjilM Mr. tlignui wllb to*- 

**! hiT« tnn hJm," replied f he Tnlddle-anM liulj. 

"WbtK?" Iiuililr*! Mr, Mbk""'- — ""'i""''" 

' nal." taM ihr mtddlr^ited tadj'. rlalng from h«r •«■!. uil aTonlng bar 
bMi.— '-rhu 1 vauidDOEnrntlfar wortdi." 

"I andenlaiid ;ou. ma^un." itlil lit. I'lckwldi. "ftnd rnipeel j'Our drllMCf. 
tl llnll nn«r b» >«t*«l*d brne. di^pFad upon II." 

UUiOfcotirii^, maki-i Mr. Mngnun Ttrrj-angrv; nnd hi- prorMidf 
to work hiauwtf into n ri«i'hot, n'orchins, Konnumins pojuian. uad 
ladnlsua ftwly in tlirnul» or a duel. Mis* WithL-rii'-UL howi-Ter, 
e(»itHT«a to ttvle matlvra by inrurtuint; UiH tn.ij-ur Mr. Pick- 
wick la iibcnit 10 Gglit a duel, iu wliicli Mr. Tii|>uiaa pruputos lo aoc 
uliis MTond, and tbat ibu other j>:irt)' has ahacaa'leii. TUv Hequel 
h, Uiat Mr. Pickwick nnd Mr. Tupuiuu aiv uircsU-d. anrl token 
bnTom tbs mavor. For prDceodin^t at tlio trial we NttpKon, 
Geokoe. (Ch. Kxli, xxW.) 

Mallard, Mr. Clerk io>Ir. Sc.nenni Snubbln. (Ch.sxxLxnIv.) 

Uartio. Mr. A priioner coiifin<;iI in the Fleet priaon. (Ch. xliL) 

Martin. A conrlimnn. (Ch. xlviii.) 

MartiD. A ni^mckii-per. (Cb. xix.) 

Unrtui, Jack. Ucraof "The Storr a( the Ba^an'a Uncle.' 
(Oi. xl«.) 

Uary. A wrvniit-glrl nt Mr. Kupkiur'A; aflerwards married to Sam 
I WdliT. (CU. tKT, xxxix, xNii, Hi, liv, Ivi.J 

Uatintera, The two Miss. Ladies att«ndin^ thn ball »t 
t Huh, tt'h. xvxr.) 

.JIUer. Mr. A pieM at Mr. Wanlln't. (Ch. vi, istiii.) 
I Uivins, Ur., ailUd tbv " ZKniYiu" A felkw-pciioner with 
[ Sir. Pi. :k«ick iu iLe Fleet. (Ch. xli. xlil) 

^■Hodge^ Mr. Jonas. S.-eivtur}- of be Brick Laac Braacbor the 
^^F Unitrd Grasd Juncliou Ebeuezi>r T«ui;>eraiice Atsociatioii (Cb. 

tfitanhed, Lorl A nuhionable gBBtl«iiuiD whom Mr. Rlckwick 



Ctt VliBtni SIcIlaRatp. 

idwukI a bMlin Butli; arrionilaf CapUiniuKlMn. I>o«l«r. (Ch 

MncslO, Mr. An uatlenized fiwtmBii, *ilfa n long boilj' knd thatt 

\e'ji'., !n ibo service of OiroiT-e Ku|>luiis Eiq- (Ch. xxl», xnv.) 
Namb7, Mr. Atberi(r'»o(Tiri>riilioarrc»wMr. PkVwIc'*. (Cb. xl.) 
Nflddy. A prinODcr f«rr ili-bt, coiiDdi^ in ilia Fl<u^; ft (i.>ciniilir 

ami t.'u'jtiim man. (Ch. xlii, xliii.) 
Noddy, Mr. A friend of Mr. Bob Sftwjrr. (Cli. isxii ) 
Nupkins, George, Esq. Mayor of Ipswich. Mr. Piokwicli and 
liis fritrid Air. Tupmaii mru bruuj'ht befuK hiin on a cbnr)^ prn- 
fotTed by Min WlUierfivli]. dial iliuy an> about to engago In • 
iluel. — Mr. Pii-kvick as principal, ani) Mr. a* hi* (c^ond. 
(Cb. xxiv, XXV.) Sr.e Maoxcn, I'ktku. 

Tb« n>raii Ru au liDpnwlvr ou«, n-fl1 csleulaWd IQ ilrtt* trrror lo lit* 
b*«rl* of culpdu. kuil laloiproti Ilirm vttili an ailuiiusui Mm of tiio iitip ma- 
J*>i;r vt Dm law. In rnmi <)f ■ blE l>ook.Mip. In a bis flhalr. bthlod a bijt labia, 
and bvfoTc a blf roliuni-. lat UAt. Nu|iUn». loaLUin A fiill *Up larijor tliiLii Bnf 
ODO or Ihrm. btg a> lllfy Hcie. Tliv latilu hu> ■ilnrnifj will) pilu ol |iaprra; 
anil nbnrr <l>r Airihirr pnd of li ippparcit llif hriul iiid ■haulilrn (4' Mr. JiDlu, 
who wBi buiil)' eiiRugndlu luuUnstii Ini'i — pimlblff. Thiiparif baTln^all 
rntKR-il. MuhIo cartflillF clgnwl tb* doot, anit pland hlmtflf bchlnil hl> nuu- 
l*r't ohnlrioavslilili ordin: Ur. KnpkUii Ibrfw blniielf bark wlUi UkrllliDf 
aolcmiilli, am) >cniiliil»dtb* tUoi vf bla iinollllng ili^inti. 

" Niin. Ummnir-r. trbo li (hal ftrtoay Hid Ur. XupUni. polotlnii to Ur 
PlekwlFk. vlio. ai Ibe >i>i>kuiiuaimf bliMradi.ntuudbal In hand, bowl ni with 
til* iiimuiR pnl1tri>v>< and rr-prvl. 

"Tlili hete'i rictvlcli. jom wuli-up.'iald OniBinier. 

'■ Cuuw. iti»i> »' Thai Vri'. i>M .^trlka-a.ltght t " lnlprp(»*d Hr Wrlltr. vlbow- 
Ingblmxvlf tniq ihr-IW>Dt rank. " l)p|[,vaur pardon, ilr; bui Ihl* brir olILFor o' 
ycminlu thcKunbop! ii>|i> 'II uvver CHTQ adoicni Uviu'ai a u>*<<i>ro' liir >.-<Ta> 
mODl** any r^nt. TliU ticr«. fElr."* otritlnund Ur. W'tli^r, Ibruiitltig Ctrumruiv 
aaldr. anri cuJiln-xlag ibrniaj{Ii[rBlv HiTIi pIcD'anl hiulllaiilr. •"(hli b«rp It 
S. Plokvlek. RiijiiLre; iliU lirro '» Mr. Tupmiin: ihw Vrc'i Mr. Hpodniaw. and 
l^rdur oti. uifxt hLm tin ihv IVttlirr i-iilir. Mr. WJiiklh .— all wfrr nfv iTKtil'm'n, 
Bif, M rtiu 'If Iw nciiy Imppr to liavf* ibc an|ualntanw on: bo Iho toonrr too 
commli* il|p»f hetroiBcot. 0' juurn 10 ilic iMadmiil for a monib or two, lb* 
■ooner wn 'Imll lH<0lh to br on h p]«a>Hnt iiiii1i<rp.rat»4tJ»f. lln^lnrMi Urjri. ptfa*. 
or* arlcrnnrdi. bi Kloii Iticliard lh» Tblnl tald vva bv ttabbcd ibg tViibcr kbi| 
IB ibe Towtr. altare ha ■nnlLured tha babblu » 

Atthacnnahiiilonaf IMtaddTMt.Ur. UTtUvrbnitbpd hli bat wirli bl> rl^b^ 
•Ibov, Biiit DDddei] benignly Id JInki, vbo bad board bin tbrttuglioul wUb uo 
■pcakablD aw*. 

" Who ■• ililn man. lifutnmprt" lold the maiflilratif, 

"Wrridi>'p'rmf obmarier. foiipwaalmp.'rrplir^tlruininn. "HcBltropt 
4d to leaouc Ibc prlioimi^, nml ■4iauUv«l ;b(i oHlvra : m wr Uuik him Into vni 
Mx. Bnd brouflit bitn Iirre." 

" Voa dU qultB ilglit." replied tb* mM^iimc, "Ba Ucvbkmly a Itaptnn 

CPf Vlcktoick ViyiKi 



■ Ihat rblag Inta a t 
" Us la • TM>t«ad M 

■■ Dabnr MrvADt. ■Irl''utdlir. piak«i(diu(TflT. 

'Ukl IM <• narcHTuiIi li h>F" udil Mr. Kupklna. "A eantj/lnef t» 4» 
*■■ ihB (Bte of JD*U«». will Diurilpr lu odlsm. IlEkwIok't trmac l*at UM 
■r. Jlokt did M. 

" WiMi 'iriMir aamtk Ml0« f " ttiiiii<]«niJ Hr. XiipUiu. 
■ VBlIar,- rniU*d Sam. 

'A-rrit cond aaonfarlti* N*<ni>l« CnlnQdar," nld Mr. Knpklu. 
nil wai ajok*: (o JInkh Oninnet. DubUO)'. all tli* ipcelkli, uid Hauli 
■ilaio Al>«f Iwif nWr for flvi bIiiuIm* ilgmlun. 
"FMdawn hl< name. Ht.Jlala." tald the nugiftrat*. 
~Twu ■.■•, old IVDer." aalil »aui. 

Il«« an nafiinuaal* ipnslal lauRhnl *<aln- i>nar*opoD thii maglitntu thnafr 
Mad W eonmEt Mm buEauUy. it <■ a dajigeroiia Iblad tautttalsg ai iba wn»| 
^_ MBn la ibaw (■»•. 

^B " Wlinr do r™ Ui* F ' wid thn loaBlilIat*. 
^H "Tarsiner lean." nfiUed Sam, 
^H ~ fnl thai dnnn. Mr. Jlnlu.~ ulil 111* macUtraU, trha < 
^B "Score HuDdpr," hIiI fiam. 
^^ "B«Uaia<*l>oiu1, Mr. Jluti." taid tbe nu^liinlc- 

kUowy )tamiFiit: libaoottHr. Jlnkir* 
I " Cotalnl;-, itr." 

I "llMB 1 11 eaiDinlt Mm, — I '11 commU lilm ■> lush.'iaid Mr. XupUoi. 

' "TMi Itai'ir)' impartlBl niun<iTliir)iii<Ji^>," >al<l .StLtn. "Tliir* alula matctl- 

I katognlnf ai dau'c commit hi m«vir Twlfrajoffco a> broomniltaozbi^r ptoplv.*^ 
At till* ullT aiiiichi'ripi'diil iiuijtlKil. and llii-n Irliil to luuli to (ulMmatunll; 
MlcniQ* IhaX (he DiiflAlrutpdplr<n(<'l him Imm'-ilHTrly. 
I " Cniiuiurr." Hid Mr, Nu|Jiiiii, tcddfjiiiiK »lili pauloa, " haw dan ^cs Kkel 

I wob BQ lD«ll|cl'm and iliiir(>putabif* prmon li<r a jipaolal contlabla, aa Uial maaf 
HMT d«TC TOU da ll . ilr r " 

■■ I am wrrj' jorry. your w««!i-up." f lamtnfrcd Oramnicr. 
H Vt^ vorrji" fluid tiiv hjrlmii iiiiiEiMirxr'-. -" Yon xLail miw&l of IhlA Dt^JBct 
Of dm;. Mr. Qfununtr : )vu abaU be made aD eaanipir of. Tate tbaE frllav*a 
iUff ana)-. He *• drunk.— Vuu 'tr druuk. hltow." 
" I aa not draak- jmir wnrikblp." said rhv man. 
^K. ■- Y«a or* drunk." returned llie uiagtiimto. " How da>* 7«D laj ran an BM 
^^■■IIDk* atr,iabtb I mtyytm art > Ihn^n n^ lie amelL uf «plrItA, <itbinmrr ? * 
^^^ " Uofrtdl jour wa«li-up,'' replied Urummvr. vba bad a la^ue Lmpreulna tbM 
I ■«•>• *•• a tmell of mm (ommlier*. 

I '^IklMW tiedidT**aaJd Mr. Xupkin*. '*i aaw he wm drunk when be Oxittmm 

UM lb* r«am, b; hla ■xeitad iireL [>i<] juii oburit bli ucllcil ajre, Mr. JlbkaF 
"CanalDlr. >lr." 

•■ 1 bar* dH touched a dnp «f apltita tliia nionilng." lald the man. who WM A 
telwr • Mlow aa oHrf b*. 

"Haw dart !>in> Mil v* atalielisnl?" (aid Hr. NupUni " la n't he drusk • 
ibln nosi nt. Ml Hat^y" 
"trrtaiuly, •tr.'' F«|>Iird J.nkl 

"Mr.Jliiki." laid tliH matlaUito, *^I iball Mmmit Uial nan for wntmnpt. 
^—ibk- oui hi- oammlttal, Mr. Jli>k<." 

^B And eommltwd Uwaprcial woo-d have bt*n. only Jlnki. who w« Ibe maRlf 
^^n^tVa asltlAvr, hating had a Ivgat educallun of three yran lu a conuiry aUorDay'i 
I liMCi whiipmd thr maxlftrat* tbat h* Iboosbl It wonld B'r da : H tfai aafw 

C|( Bdktiia D[cl[anac|i 

lri» Of*! > f » ». «aJ Mid. ihw. lu aiDaldnmlani of ib« ipKUI't bullr bt 

•bM iMTClir nfrtmuMI Md diuhuiti' iLlm. AHotaiiiRly. Ilir tpLTial hm ibuivd 

MfciWMWlj nil B^f im irf MO laciuT. And >DuI alHiut Iiji bLmiiihu; miil ijrvnjnipr, 

7> UubIb. *ad (B Ui* ottir>r tpHlaif, muimnNil tlieir ■dmiiKtitiD of lli* 

I ■■■(■■■llallj or Ut. Xupkini- 

** Km. 1(t. •Ilnkt." nld ihs iaii|[lilniU. "■marGtummrr " 

Oraaamtr was VKCra Oirtctly; butu Ciruniiucr uiaikml. nud Mr. NuF>kln>'i 

^jBwUoiia lo Gninuni'r, vrhkli Uruirun* r uimw^rM a> orvl; io, the kJQi'ujuif^it h 
b«oouI<l. .soUiTVimntiiiilDn wcnl oir all > itv ■mwlli auit cucnr.irulilr; nnd lh( 
two ■■»ul[< vrrvprmed mj^uBtlb'. Wgllrr, (III) I^rcut HKolnil Mr, Winkle, 
>ud > jii»b If tlnil Xr. SuadgrBia, AdiI. n'hcn nlJ Oilt wua dLiiia lu lli< in*c(* 
tl«n^ MHlnikctbia. tlio maglilrMc anil He. .lUik' mui-ulli'it In wbi<p«n. 

Ttie MBsUllalloa hatlni lui*il aboui im nilimti'*, Mr Jluks icilivil to Mi rnit 
of th» table; iDd Iho miglatralr, iditi & |iic|miaiotj>ouugli.elriiwltlinii<'lf op inhlj 
•baIi,nn<lwiup[aModlagtaooiameiioohii>ddr*u,irb*ii llr. l1ckiiicklnlcqHM«d 

"I btjt It'll piirduD, olr. Dir Intomiptlnf pia," lald Mr. rlckwlck; "bai. 
b«Al» |vu prooHd to txprcH and acC U[>i)a aay oplQlciii jau may hm-c furntcd 
on thv ■laUfiii^uu nblcli bavo bti^n madfl bnc. ] mu*t bU^iu mj rl^C to be h«ard 
tohrai I am pFrioiiall)' rontmnird." 

■■ lltild yuuc tongue ■irl">pJd ihs inaKlonua P'raniptoril)'. 

"I milfrl inbtnit InyuU) <ir."i>aUt Mf. l^lr-kurldc. 

■-IIuld>iiur toaju*. >lrl" lnl*ipot«ltbBmiigi>[nI*. "<irl ahall ard*r aa oOMr 
Ittrinar* von." 

*< Yvu may order your offlr^r^ lo do wbatavvr you p]«uc. >[r." «alit Mr. rirk- 
Mck; "aud Iliai* iiuduubi. fiam liic >]>R'Iiucii t bsvr lia<] uf ibt ■■ibordluBiltiu 
inwrrrd amoii(tlii-in. ilmi. •rhaini-ir vuu iirdrr, iliry will nspulc: but I <Ii»ir 
MkrUialibcrly, dr.of clalmlDjt my rlglit to be lifud. uulU I am trnioird by 

- VittkTlik and prlndpIvl'KialiilRiKt Mr. W*U«r la a rarj ■iidiblo rolM. 
"Sam. be quid," mill Mr. llcVivldl. 
**Diimbv a drum villi a biik In li." (vfillc^ Mam' 

Mr. Nopklng looked ft Mr. I'kknli'k -nlib a (aie of InloBta wlonlihnirnt al 
Ilia dliptAylng audi iinwuiHed (einvri[>'. lu^d wa* ar^jian^uEly abnnt to return a 
Tcrr aDRry rrply, "hro Mr. .Iliiki pulli-d him by ltii> ulri'vr, and Hblipenid ■iiinr- 
Uilncln !>'' *ai. To Itili the dinjrl'liair n-iururd a hnir,uuillblDai»n'«'; aadlhni 
tb« vbliqirrlng wxi tcneued. Jlukt tvoi evidently rrniimtlrallnjc. 

At lencib Ibv iiiii|^iliair. K<>'l<l'>il down ivllh a ivry bad K'a« lili dlilnclloa- 
I'Jca to bear any (hlntc more, (urued lo Ur. I'lckwlck. aiii laid -liarfly, ■' Wbai 
I lo you want lo nr ' " 

'Flnt,"<tid Mr, I'IckwInk. (mdlng a hmk ihrnngh bit ipHMacIci iiodir irhlot 
^fitn JiufHat qiioiled. — "nm I nbb lo iaov: aliiu t and iny tthai hSTa bet« 
(hi bri'i' lorf" 
"Uiiai I itH lilmT" vhiapFrtd Ib« mBgl'lrato lo Jloka. 
■■ 1 ililuk ti)u bad belter, lir." whbiiereil Jiiiki lo Iho martalrat*. 
'All Inrormmton baa bprn aitoiu befon- nit>," <ald tbs majcliiraM. "Ibat It II 
11 (btiidi'il you ar« (oing to Dgbl a duel, aod that tlit otbu maa, rapoan, k 
raldfrandabiuiar'alt. Thvrafbra— <h, Ur. Jlnka?" 
• Cmalalv. ali* 
("■tlMnflmlcallopoB ywihmhio— I tbiDkthat'a tboeonna, Mr. Jlakar* 
> "CMUdDlr, dr." 
■ fa — U— «ba>. TSr. Jlakt i " uld tb* maflatrate pcltlablj'. 


ett vi(b»rtk 9«|itii. 



•-Tb. nirn'bn I oil upon ymt boUi~M 1 wu (tent W t^ vbn 1 v«a 
taunplnl by inyckik — lo llud Inll,'' 

••i^ood toll." i>lii<t>civd ilr. Jitiki. 

**l •liall rrqulri' kiiwi bull." •alrt Ihi mictsItalAi 

"Toirn'i-pwplr," Mhiiptrca lliikn. 

'^ TbcJ Qiuit bD[awD'*'rit(iLi[v,***nicl llif< mhitlilrutr- 

** WWy pouDiU ■■cli," whitprrrrl JIdIli, " hikI houicboldvn, of eonna." 

"Iihd rcqnirr Iwo nir*(k>or liRy |iauii<li cuh." tild tilt suflitntc *lo*l. 
wllk fiw* disnil; ; " anil IIit;i iiiux bn tiimxhiililin.of cnunr," 

-But blcM iiirhiMit, »lft"uilil Jlr. IVcliwltk. who. iipp-i'iTwIIh Mr. Tupman, 
vu aU ^nuHlncDt ikDd taUl;Jiiallait. "^ *Tt jtri-' pt'rf«-'<t ilfftHKira In IliU lonn. 1 
kai* ■■ liiUg kooslHlsa of an/ li'Hitahuldvn lai* •* I ■■>•■ luUullon or Htlitlni 
• dstl wUb iDybody." 

" 1 dan *•)." (I'pilnl lbs fuii|[ilrMi. "I duo nj: don't jvu. Ur. Jlnkal" 

-tVrululf. lir." 

"II«r*FOuaii]rUiInt«MmaHv?'' Inquired Um nufliiiaM. 


>Ir. Pickwick n«otlMU that h« haa Uldf licard or th» adTcntnn 
«f Mr. Airrcd Jingla in iho*a purU, luiclor tbe aliaa Of Chsrle* Etl- 
vord Fltx-Ukmlutll, and Uint nimnr Iim ic (hat lie in about to nniry 
ft iloa^tcr of tli«inavc>r. Mr. Pitkukk dricmiini-* io>iicnk priVHte- 
tjrlo tiiB inn^is Irate, and, if lliia pn>vi-fi to !» tlic fact, to c^ipotc Jiii^l<^ 
■nd fEMO tlic good will of Mr. Nupkint. lie tlicrcli^ru uka a piiv.iM 
>cr(l, wbicli, oIUt vomit livutatinti and jn^at aatunUbment, iii^ranicd. 
He cuBtaluiloa OT«r, Ur. Pickwick and tbi- mnyot return to tlio 

" GnuMMT." hM tbe miflMni* la an anflil toIm. 

"Tonr Kuli-up." it'pIlHl (Iruramcr irltli llw iinileuf aftiTorfl*. 

** CanWi. eon*, dr." Mid ilx msflsmrp nlrrnlr. "dfm'i in mr manj' of lti[i 
Cfllrbcrc. It li Ttfj unbMaralDit ; vid t coo aiiun jou ilisl }oa Imvo nrf 
htlP io iniDe ■!. Wu IhsiKaiuiit juugiitv ni* Jmi iiow •iricil]- uaat Now b* 
«n#Bl. fir.' 

* Yoor wa«h'U|K" fumiDertd UrittnniPF. '■)".-. 

"Oh I jou arc euDfiianl. a(v )'uu f " uiid ibv Biii^«uiitB. ** Uri Jlaka. jrou ofaatrr* 

I «BfNtlon ' ' 

- CsitviT. fir.- wpllpd JInto, 

*>Nav.'' laid Ihr magl'lnile. ■'liiil rrpul )<iiir •tatnnrnt, CrnmBirr; ant 
I ararafca l<i lir nn tul, Mr, Jliikt.iak* bit wordi don'ii," 

TIm uotiiniiaialF (ifummrr tro"^'-! >» ruLBi* bli coiuptulflt ; but uliai ^•- 
l*Ti«d Ur. JHIa*ilalLRgdiiiiHlili wunli AndTbttma^flHUiLti'V taktitjrtlarfii iif, hi* 
•aiiml lfaani«y to nmbHnt. anil iiln tximiif oontnilan, be mangsi'd la f^a 
MTolinl In (ometMDjt u ■"U-r ilitM niliinir*. lu ludi • moii ut riiiaii;;l<'m>'iii and 
•onlndlcllou. llial Mr. Nii|it,l<i> ■■ uuK di'dnml Us illil ii'l brhcr* litni. :so Th* 
Ib^vvr* ri'imllifvl. ahpI litr, Jlnk« f-iund a couple of baU [u no tliQc; and, all 
Jmh •DlMnD |ira«rilin)[> Iiailiif Ih'FD rjilirnriutili wiidudrd. itt. (IruminvrHai 
^ootlnlaijirlj ordvrad uur.— aii avful hi*ia»ra nt iJi« tnnablthy of liuniBnpvat 
%«• and lb J amnaln itimnot i;it>i Ditu'i favu. 


n* Blcktni 9lctr«naip. 

Nupkloa, Mrs. Wifo of George XiipkLog, Ecq. (Cfa. uv.) 

Nupkina. Miss Henrietta. Tliiir <laughu-r. (Cb. xiv.) 

Payna, Doctor. Surt'i-nn of the Koriy.ihirf rvgimpitt, dud* friend 
«■' Doctor Sliimnicr'i. (Cta. u, tii.) 5m iiLAMSiRK, Doctor. 

Pell, Mr. Solomon. An attarocj' at the InMtvimt Coan io Pot 
nipti Sirccti A IUN fLibbv. piik- tuan. with a murow forehead, «rid« 
(nrp. Intpr hi^ail. sliorl [Uu'k. aiLii wry uomi. (Ch. xliii, 1v.) 

Perker, Mr. A;;i-ut for t'Li« lIi>iiorHbte Smnui'l Slumkuj- la bl* 
mcu lijr j.urli.iitn'Ul; sfterwunh Mr. Fiukwick'* altome}-, — a little, 
high-drU'ii man. will) a doik, N)ii«:cit«i)>iip f»c<!, fiuall, r«itl«M black 
ejvs nnd llie nir of one in tbn habit of propounding regular pofeni 
(Cli. X, xiii. xxxi. xxxiv, XXXV, xlvil, liii, liv.) 

Phonky, Mr. Assckuic conntel with Scijoant SQul>bia in thv 
cwc of Barilell pi. Fickwick i regarded as ■' an infant bnrrirter," 
■x III.' Las uoi bMD at tbe bar qvius eigbt Tear*. (Cb. xxxi, 

Pickwick, Samuel. Foun<lorof tbe Pluk< Gub. (Ch. 1- 
xaviii. Exx-xxxii, ksxiv-xxxvii, xxxiz-xlvili, I-1tL) 

TheBnlnytd ll^tbt which Dlumlnci iIif gloom. ui>'* w- rcrti IiiCu ailiudiiii 
brillliiDu-)' (lial dMcurily iu wbicli Itir Daillui lililmy ut t.^ ,.iiblln ^1UH^^ of ihc 
iMaional Ploknlok woulit appear to be InTolrr-it. ■■ drrirca from Ilie pcrutnl ut 
tha fbllowtnn (^Irr Id Ibc iSranMUIioDi of t!ieric)iwlek(!Iub: — 

-Uarl^-lX'^- — ■'"••'tili^n><M'>"-R*1'-l'.V.r. M. P, C* prMldlag. TtM 
JUlowlDjt ri'tuliilloni iinaDlmoutl^ apmlTO:^ 

"TliMi (lil> Axoclmlou liiu lioacilrudHlllifiiplIugmiif anulairlnlnallilkelloa 
and uiiqunli'li'il upiirnviil ilii- lapar commualcatn] br M(nn*l I'Irkn Ick. Kiq,, 
G-C 11 IMJ.pT^nttiJrd ^ bi)c?iilati'>ii> on tlic ^ogm of the Uaiitpitcad t'oads. 
witli SimiD (1IIIIT1 allaiii on ilinThwr; ofTitllDlHiii/aud that titli Aiiociallaa 
da« Liprrb)' tkI'ixi Hi warmvui HiudIueo Itic nlillSaiDuct llokwlck, I>q., G.C. 
H' f. <^'. 'or ihi lUDs. 

>' null wUIlD lliJi Auwiiallnn l> dnrplf (ranlhlii of 111* adnDlajiM wUeb 
41111 icoruv liiitx' iMuiiK of lolvniv from the produclloD towblnhltivy hat* Jotl 
^.iHi.'d, uoIph ihmiCfoin iljr ui.w»«rioil rwcatclin of Samuel ridiwLck,l>q., 
^i C it- P. r.> ill llaittifpy. lll^ligHt'^ hrliLion,au'l Cambi-twnlL tiii-ycHuuut bul 
■nfrtiln > lively 'luiirof Ilir lociilmablt' brncflK Bliiob miiii Ini-illably rroili 
fFuni i-u-r^Jnj; the tjicmliiiJoDi of |ji»i IcirurU uiau liitu a wldrr field, tnaa «X- 
tnidliK bla irnti'l-. niiil runiirqiiriii1> rnUrE><>K liir •plirrrul vliMnatluD; totb* 
A^«uH>Uj<'nl of tnovlcdjtfe and tlie diHuiloii of Leurnlutr 

"That. »lih Tlir lU'ujunt iiiriTtluiiiHl, Ibli Aiioi'lullun hu lulif-u lu*-0 lln •rtl 
IU aiiuldrralloi) a pri>|in>i],cniBna[liij[rraai llu afomald Samuvl I'li^kwlvk 
Bi9 , <1, C. H. I', r^ and Ihrte oihvr Ililwlctilaiii brxlnafler namnl, foi 
laiBl'il • arir hrjiioli of llalinl flnkwlijUaii* uiiilur itw lUlB of ' Tin Com 
^jadUil (MM'fty oTibr llokalck anb.' 

• rirptlujil VI«-|-rM«wl. — UmbMi nakmct Clab. 

• QamlCbtlnun. — HfBibtrPlcLKlckClvb. 

Eit ^rckblck tfaptii. 


"ThU tb*Hldprapcul hu rMadrtd thf Nnecloi *n<t ippra**) «f Ikl* Aw*' 

" Tlul lb* CorrMpondlDi- SoolMr of the Plekwiek Club I* (honftir* hvnbr cb»> 
(UUKd: uul thai ^a.m(ii.-] Pickwick. R>q., U. C. M I*. C, TT«y Tnpmui, bq, 
H. r.C..Auri>rTiiiMnii(l|;iB". I>i.,U.P.C..Bnd Nithaiiltl Winkle. r>q..U. P. C, 
to* bvnby DomlniLicil sad ipfuiinicil iiirmliitn uf iliu >iuni'; unit ilui ihn; be 
ra^UMIAd U>tor»Acd-tTtno tUtw Ut timt', unthi'nlJr-Hlcil Jt<munti»r their Jottrnvjw 
ftnd tim«|lf|Kijnn* ; nr Ibvlr nl>4rrvatloD« of ohnraclcr anil rainiHn; ixitil or IJM 
whole of (bclr ailvemurci, lui^IIicr alili xH ului ami iiii]i«r>i l<i wlilrli luml ««(i» 
■r/ or VflUciiLTkiiitii riH/glvti rixv. ih Oia r^fkirkk (.'lub, iloilonvd in I^ndoD. 

"That Lhu AHKWi&tlon oonllmlly nvojruijpi the pilncifile <tf every luvmhar of 
U» Connponilnn Soaety (1i<r>;tD|[ hb UHil trnvrDliiK ei|i*oiv>; ami Ihnt llama 
DOoCtjccUoa v^hAtevur la tha raaiabacafif in4> taiil Hunlrtr pufmliiB Ihelr iDquitlM 
Itai BDjr l*D|tti uT ilm* Ui*T piMae. upon Ihe •■ide tcimi- 

"lllal Ibf memberi of llie»ri5maLd Cotrt»i»iiiiUnB Suoletjr ba aiiil ara h»r»l>r 
UifonuM. itml Llittr firuifujutl ii> pH* ilii' p^nTn^nf I fivlr Ivtlvra, and ihecarrloff* 
of Mielr iu>rc><l>, hna tf"!! cji-llb^^ralo'l ui<i>d by llilt AHOolalloD. Tlial lllli Aiio- 
(laiioD oaatCdrra tuoh prDpoiol vorita; af ilie trreii mlaiUIVuiii iihlcli ■(■owiiaMdi 
aud tluti H bi^ri.'bj' BigiillUv if |4rr*cl iioi|itiiuoa(iR« diprelD,'' 

A auutl 'ilHRtiar, adda tbr Morvutr. is whoie iiotpi ns an ladebleil lot tb* 
roUawluR BHwiiQl. — a euiuJ obaener mlKhi iKHiibl]' have roiuarkid nollilng u- 
Iraordloary lu (hv bald baad. aiid rltciilar hj«ciai:][-i, whjcli wera latetiity tDmr4 
loraitd Unrarda liU (Ibo nMreiar;*!) lacvdurlnR I lie n-mlliiii gf ilie aborp ihoIu- 
Uuna. Ta Uiou who knew llial ibr glK'nt''-' brain a! Plrkwlrk wu norklng b» 
iMUh IhU fOrrhrail. and ibai Dm lK-anil»( v>rt of I'likwlrk were IwliikllDK be- 
Ei[Dd tb(4c jElaiBct* Ihe alAlit wat Ed Joed an Lutef eaUj^g oue. Tlicre >ai (lie man 
wlio bad Iraccd 10 tbi-'^r ituurrii the aiLj|ijri jh>iiij» ct lldinjniiHil. and agh-aind tba 
■clmtlllc worbl wltb bin 'Ibwrjuf 'Imlutiali. a^ caJm anil unmoird a> (be devp 
waien of the ooe on a fnxlf daj. or ai ■ •olluu)' ipccimfti of (be oiber !u lb* 
ibiDoil recraBa^ of au cArtbau Jar. Aod huw loucEi uiurv Lnlamilng ditl iba kpa^ 
lw]* bMnraa, wbro lUrtlnc loio full Utv and aaluiiiiloD, ■■ a almulianeoui uU 
for ■'riokwici" hurfi Iiom lili folluwcri. Ilial lUuiirloui man iluivlj- luunuii^d 
Inlo IbD Windaor chair, bci wbkdi bv huil bcao prvvitiUKly »cnlrd. ami Hddriwi*d 
aaoJub hini>''lf nad niuud«il I Wbataalint; for an atllil iliri ibu eMtlli>|t (e«i« 

went I The floi|UFal I'ickRlck. wlUi one baud itracofiilty oauublrd tK'blud bla 
toal-lalU. and IhcoElii-r t*4viiigln ulr l" aniili*! bU glowing cticlamaliuu. — bl"<l** 
rali^ pnillliin mrnhng Hnxn llgbln aod K>iller). oliicb, had tbe; dolhed an oKti- 
DdU? DiDn. mlHbl have imoeil Miibuui abivn-aiiiiii. but wbicJi. when Pickwick 
diHhtrd tbrni (it wn timy uw rr;ii riprfuiun], liiApirvd involuatftrr awe aiid 
fetpeci, — fUiToaodod by Uw mta who had voluideexed to ahnre Ihe peril of bla 
iriteti. Olid who ncct' deailncd lo pnititipal* lu Ibr (rlurli'n uf bi'dlacorwiaa. Oa 
hut rljtiil band nal Mr, TraCf TUiiniau; tli" Inn pm-r^ipiiblr l^iiriman, who lA Ihe 
irl>d»m osdexpcrleikMof iiutfiirEV>«ti«upuraddi>d r?io t'liTbuclaimaud ardor of 
tlKiy lu ibo nin*r Inter^Uixg Aid puikmublL- uf Immuu wrukuvjkiu. — lovr. 'I'lin* 
and RMlUit bad ex^aDdpd Ihat oniw mmaniln lurni: ib>< black illk wilnimal 
bad bHuinn morn aiid imin <tv>e1o|ied; inch by Incli had tha ^old waiali.rbam 
^eaealJj it lUxapp^rM JVom within Iha rauga of Tupmati*! tlaluu ; aud ifrudiially 
cad the aipauluui cbia tqcmacltad ufHin th* burdtrm of thn whita craTal: but tha 
•nl of 1 upijiAn biui kuuwu uo chaDjcc. — admiration of tUe fair (si waa allll iw ral' 
Ugpaialon. <)D lb'' k'lt of hit iimi liqdir -ui ilm iiiwile (tnodgnui ; aodiwarlilm, 
kitaiu. lb>: •poriluiE Wiukle. — the furinpr poelloally cuvfioiiiHl In a myiliirlouablna 
■loak wiiU 11 cauliiv-iilLlii nilliu': aud Ihe latu-r •-■auiniiinlentliiK nddltloDal luaua M 
■ nnw i|ie«u ihoollDg-iuU. plaid DKkercJib'f. and clunclr-Hlled dcaba. 

Bit Dickens Blctlanai^ 

Mr. Pickwick finrU oat upon hi« travel* niih ihc odi«T mumU-n 
of tiia Com'poiKtin;; Sucioljr of [bu Pkltwick Club, ami iiiui'ts iviiii 
mncjr bui;luiUo aud iaiMcttia;; ndvcniuro*. Al ltoclie»icr ibi'y 
4itcnil a i;nu)d ivriaw. auUon ibcmMUcK io the fWmt rank at iIm 
crotrd, iinil {lallritllir Awnil the »imincaci:iucnt of iki! iinx^cciUn^'. 

flm itiionj WM iin/rfa*lD|[»Trrrmonirnl-. ud Ihe pfforti Ihcf were oonipctit* 
ID DiHkr In ritinln the poiiilou Iltc;' liiul jcninol mlBclciiiI)' Decopled llwlr ■lla» 
tloii durlDg Ihi? I wit Udutt itmr ddriit^itr At "iiv ilniir. tlicr* w«a m toddoa piVMLn 
Cnicii tii'lilii'I; nu'l Itiro Iti. I'lvktcldi wujcrtMl fanmrdfoF fnrnl ;mrdi, irl'b • 
•IrgntlUir HHfd niid tUvllcUv liL;{lily iDCOIIliitcnl •ilh llio griicril ([i»vllj' of Id* 
dflmniliiir: h-L jiuc^iEut iiiijiiii-(jI iliorvi hjm a rrijiifvl (o "kciip Imrlc" fmui tli* 
ftuui ; aud tlirii ttin Iiuil-i'iid tt ■ mmki'l w» tIiIim dnipprd ui»in Ui . Ookwti^n 
ton td rtiufuil him of Itipdctnukd, or (bruit intobi* obPit lo [itiurc Iti bcinjccojD- 
pUpd wlilj- 1'hiiu ■uiD« focutiuu* gi^ullcmau va tlm h-Jl, iftur prvatlnn nldi'uKja ta 
iboJf. and fiiiN-jloa Mr. &iiin1j[t»<t liila lb»rpfi- Iwl pjtfpiDeiif liinnnntwiur*. 
Kinild rciju«4l lo Ka^vff " vf rv Lfi n u> frtfliorln^ to;" and, i%btii Btr, W[itkEfi liod 
doiio eipivuhig liL4<a(v»ifU liiiliguiilian ■! wllDrhnlng tUI« uDTt^(lV4>k1^d B»>'niH(. 
(onin p''""" WiiiM would kucxk ill" balnvnrMi irti". and lii-jt ilici fiinvrnf hl> 
imllliiif liii iiraii 111 111 !t (hOiJiei. Tlivie, aadotbcrprattlcaLvittlcLjini. coupled witb 
Lii« iiii«c:u^iLinjt[]U' uli«nL» of Mr, Ttijiciian [wlto bad suddenly dlKljiiHVrt^L. niid 
Hv nonlii'r lo )> r^'iiid). trndi-ri'd tliiir'liuailon. iipoollie Hbolo. rarbnr non 
oiiouinrDrinLic tlinii iilta-ldB of dciiroblc. 

At li'ii^lh Ibut Li>iv ruitr itf many vittiip* ran llirniijcb th* crowd, nbkb qhuiiJIj 
U1DOIIDW4 (bp nrrWal of whalnvi^r Ibrj have bccD ualtlitjr for. All i^jc* w«r« 
lurucd 111 llie dircctluu uf ibc nlly-iwrl. A Ibw inoiuDiiti of iM" cipcclaliun. 
and eolnrn wiTB hbmi niiiurlng(a5'j 1" """ air; aiin«(:llnl»ni'dbti([bityini'h<i«uiii 
BtilEimn iLn^r wEimin pouitd oa to tbr plalu- Hic Iroopt bailed and fonnrMi [ tbc 
word Elf iviiiiiimuil riittg Ibroiiitb xhv linr; ibcrc vm a j^rierul da*b uFuiu^kuL* aa 
aruu wpri> prt>i>onIi'd i and ilir oonusaarlvt-lu^ilili'f. ailviidnl h/ Coluiixl Iliiliirr 
and niinipfoui om«n« cantrrvd lo <lie fninl> TTi<* mtllltfT baodi "Trmrk up all 
KqP'ibi't; I hi' Iionni iIuihI iipOD ii*u leg* each, cantered baokwardt. auil iiLiiikcil 
lb<lrlaUi> about In all dlrMilom; thn <Ii>a> harkink «iu nmb ncn'mui'd ^ (lit- Inwpa 
iv«overcd; and noiblnjE vu to bf< tcf^u on tlibrr ^Idr. v faf g^lb^T'yf coiiMr^Mb 
biilabmf |ii<ii|>ccilig at ml ouau anil itbilr irouivrf. flxtd mid innMuuloti. 

Mr. t'lckirlck bad bMO M ftillir onupli"! In IVIIIiii almul. and itlirniiiiigllnt 
Miutrlf, niixaculouily. TraLU tvtAct-n (be Ic^f of horavi. ibat lip Imd nnl irj^jnyvd 
■altli'li'Dt WitiifiT In (ib<4'ivr thv icf^iic tH'tutt^ lUiu- uuill U a>iaiiirij ilie aj'pi-araoct 
r* har«Jii>i drierlbcd n'bin beitiu at tail «nabtrd Imiaad Hriolyua bit Ugi, 
•I* sratlUoKluo and di'llgbl nrre unbounded 

■•liaii Dii:r Ibliig benuri at luore di-linUcru!?" be(n<|H[mlal Mr. Winkle. 

"TioUiLnjf," rrpllvd ibat priitlrnian, vrbci Iind tiuil a»lii>rt iiuui tlaudlug «ii *■£& 
If bl'fPDI fur [be<JLiArtrr of an boLir LinniL^latfly pr4wdlDj[. 

" II li iiii1«d a nidile ami t brllliaal liabl," iruld Sir. SuoiI|ira».ln*b»cla>(ia 
■ blatii of imnirj- wa" TVpUltj bnrvttii|i Ibrtb. *' to tf« ilui falEaiit dftVoili-r* of ibnt 
eauitf rj drawu iiplu a 1^^ [Ulan I amy before lit j^acefultitltms; Ibelr fan-^brvm 
\ag. iiiit nlib natllkr firudiy. but wlib clTfllied )t<NiIcu»i: tltelr vi<i Ila<liiii|t 
Dol null tbvnide lire pttiipEneorn-i*u(i>.biiliai1Uth*tDn llglii ol buuuiillgr and 

Mr. nskwlck fullgi eninwd Into Iha (jiliil of llila culi]|luBi( but baeould nol 
Ijr rv^sbo It4 Itrmt j Rir lbs aoR Ilfbl Df lalcUlt«tu» barat ratbar fMMl' ■■ 

Ctt Vrrktalcfe Vipti* 


ttttrMof IhnwUTturi. InvmuchuUiBwiniinanil. ''KrHltuul " hsdlnienglicn: 
■nd th Ihv (pn^talor aaw bf A>r> him WH *nrr«t thoiiiBnil p«U of Qpllot turlnf 
ltr*Jji[bc forvarrL wboU}' itST^tft>l of AQ^ mprpulAD wliiTcvtr. 

"1V> nrr til a ruiiliiJ •lliuillon. iwir ! " mia Sir. PlcknlFk. tonklnir rounil blm. 
Til* rrniril lisit grniliiuJI]' dlipvmd (Ton UiTlr lnini«dlai* vlclnllj', uid thrj w*n 

"CaplUi1<''«l>»i>itlmtli Mr, Aliuilgrwi Btiil )li. IVInkl*. 

"What ur Iliv>- i\u\ng ni><r'" Inquired Mr. I'lc^mlok. aitlUKtlae h[» tpMtaolci. 

" t — t — rnilier itilak." ia[<l Ur. Winklr, cluuiiitns eolor.— "I rMbir (UUil 
IbtX 'r* lul^K lu llr"'" 

•■XonMiD*Tt"<w<1Hr. Ilckwieit hMllIy. 

"I— I — reallii think ihoy ««:.• uretd Hi. Sni*I«r»i. ton»wli«( »l»nDed. 

■■ lnip"»lblB r " rviiliH Mr. I'iekiiifk. Il> Imd hardlr ultccDd Ihoirorit. wh«i 
Inr whot' ImlMiHHi ri-(ilin»n« IrnUwl Hiclr rou^ln-n on If Ihry liail hiii nn» mm- 
moB object. Bnd LhU oljoci UiP nekwltkiaiu. »udbumto[tU with i!ie moti Bwfol 
■nil irmiiviidoiiii iltaDtiarf* that ■•«■ ■hook tlw iwnli to lt> cantiv, or au dderlj 
trnllrmu ott hli. 

tl ni to llili Irjln; illunUon. Mpoieil loa giUInjtflrcof hlnnk cntirldart. and 
h8TV>*db7lliitnptirali(m*of OitiiniltljirvH — afrvnh (HKlyiif wliimj lim] hi-jttiEi ralWII 
Is an the oppmltc ulilt, — Ihat Mr. I'lckvrlck ill'plnyi'il Ilia) [itrr'-oi rnciliii"! and 
wlT'luMicuhio. which arc ihn lu<ll-|>i'ti*nb]Ea«Him|iimlinciiti(if uK^^i mlDd U* 
•Vttfil 3fr. IVlnkJi' by IU« ami. nnd. plnring Mnixi'Ef IhiEai'Ciii flml fji'iitlcitian and 
Ur ^QOiljtraift r^nciily bctoiii:h( Ibem lo rrm^'mbrr, ll>nMi?y'^nd lin-pnuthtJlty 
tt btiiit nnilf rrd draf bj IliB iiiii>*. (ti*r* n-iu no liiimrdlalE dangfr to bt appra. 
bfBil>4 from Uis Hrtng. 

"Bui — bill— luiipoM aonio oflbeniFn tbould ba|>p«i to bait ball oaruldgH 
bj nl^tak^" ™nnniitra(#rl Mr. Wlnkl*. |iHl!ld al tlip tnppiii-IOoti 1i« vran IjkinveLf 
aprijBriDii up. -■ I hrarit eoni?IZilDj| vhlallv thioLixh the all juit now — io tliarpi 
doM to mj tar." 

■■ IV* had brtlw llirow ourMlvn on mit On*", had H't wri" raid Mr. MuxlgTau. 

"So. ool It"! oi« now." laid Mr. Mcfcultk, Bli Up nil(1il qulirr. and bU 
cbfvk might blandh, but no ntpn«4loii of IVarorooDoam ivnapvd ihn lip* of thai 
IIPDUinn] nian. 

Ur. fickwidi »ai tight: (befiHntc«uc4. But he had Ksnalr llnw to eongrat- 
alare blni"rtf <iii ilm aivura^ of IiIm r>|iialv". whim a quick m^tvcmvut vaa rlnlbla 
Id tbp Udp : I^e lii>ar«e ahout of thv word of mnmand ran alonj; It. and. bf^orv 
(kbn of tht parlv oiuld furiu a h'>«> M Hie tuaaulUK of lld> art maiiiauvra. tli< 
■iMla of the lialfd'iirn rr|linvnii. wlih Hml bnyonvli. charp^l nt doublv-'iulok 
llBwdovDUpou \ht vtty tpot OD Hblch Kr. FIcktvEck and Lli tilrudt wrra tlfr 

IJaa If but mortal; and ibrni li a point brinnd nhlsh homaD voangr fannot 
txlaod. Mr. Pldmlakfiui'd thn>ii|[h liU iprctaoln (vr an Iniiant on tbeadiaa- 
dafl BWWi and lh»n Ailrl)- tuiniul tiii baiik. and— ic* will nut oy Hnd; Ont. 
bMHDIOIl \m an Ifnoblp Ifrm. and, xwndly, bf-rajttv Mr riokvlck'i fl]rurvirM bf 
DO mtana adaplMI for Uiat niudi-of rtirvul, fir iiuiitd am ay al a> <|ii!cka rata a* 
M* l»|n( wodU oeatar him. — <i><iTiiiiklr. Inritrii. thai. Iivdiil nnt pi-rorlio ih( awlfr 
^ardoiMt of bit iltiiailoD Eo ilipfull cMeur, uriiil loolnfr 

Tbf oppovltv Iriiopa. ^t-Einxi' fnEllEig-la lm<1 in'r^jlrxi'd >lr. flckirjck afrtrtavondl 
bKarv> vrro drann it|f 10 rcin-Klii? nili>ikp altm-k »( (be rham bt^kjEcra of 1b« dl' 
tdcli and lbeooni*<)DenK w»>. Iliui llr. I'lckwlek and hl> two eiiiiipaii!aini fiiund 
UHiBia*lvaa*addnlranfiEciii«d t>4*iwprn two linn nf fr*ac Iniifih. — lEii* oufi advaa 
4agM aiD^d pate, and Ibt otlwr Unnl/ walUn( Uii eolUiIoD la hoilile orraf. 

■M«a«rw«riki kmr M he ca. 
off, rmuiiag aA«t 



or be ran* 

ort«lMll«W— Wtw. Til* 

if pMMk, t« t* WMf ■»< «MllOU, 

kite* IL itea aOa B npid dlM, 
■>>— <.MatHflWiiH]r«a tiM 

r m»M, *i tat nOtt fOHhrly betarc It. 

M. m4 Mm kM rallid onr ukI urtr u 
■ li m^ b*Te roIIMI. ftr 
fraiMtaUaUx ilopprd Jsit 

■ml •t'lM la )rl<v lip tba eha**, 

>irw mi^ 1 1'^ 1 • ' •iiiii 
to jkk H opi Mr- Ptefcwidc '■* M«o>ti^<I l>y Mr. 
^Je tb vqnIusaM of Ui WardU; an<l hli 
rflfci wiiiln^i' Md w iBlrailiicciI to thitRi, M 
■mI Ut. Wb&lc. «ho cem» up shortly tUtor. 
^is, Sir. Wiinllc** borne, nn tho 
W pi» thw of Umo in B ckaiM. And 
^ ^ aiatj bow, tbe mriase b bnoght to th» 

|anbftrM*lBft««B b; u tmrnraM 

■#»aWL ABl«MlMMiM4»avli.tuil<llii( 

> ■lianMIt; ■ w nlitlTr vtlhr ■nlmil la 

at n*wlA « tt« «Md apot Um p> ineui wbiU 
M4l«kBtwMnr tu<* itHniihl 


B(t |)tclttDlc& ^aptif. 


-as^Mt ilij; doubaf ■ Inqulml Mr. PlekKlgk. 

"I^itr.^t He iTDuld at *h]r IT b« wu to mMt > Ta|Qtl*-l<^ ol DODktni'Tn 
Ottr lalla bmna off " 

Tbe Ivl rwxiiiim*mTiilli>n wta 1ai1LiputBblv» Kr- TnpmnQ ftii4 Mr. S»->dgra^t 
■oilDloltiF blDi Mr. t'Irku IfK Mccndeil lo Ml prnh. uid drpoilitd bit (ait on ■ 
•uor-dalliKl •brlTarfded iMusalh It Bir Hint pur^wic. 

■-X«ii. Sblli]r VBIIsn," ••Id the ha<M«r lo llin ili'imtT hnHtor. '■e>>« 'ha fml- 
n^ tb* ribbliiu * -ShbiT VT[llBiii'°—tof>lkit. probabtf. (tarn hli link lulruil 
Mtr D«ini«uui«— ptiuni tlm rctui In Ur. Ptckwiok'i lift liuid; iLnd Ibe offM 
£iM(ler lliruil ■ it hip Istn hl> rlflil. 

"Woof nwa Mr. l1ckwkk.MUifllaUqiiKdnipcdFYlnocdBd«tiI(d Indlnklloa 
Id tiMli Into Iht reOrr-nom ulniuti. 

*^ \Ti>-*a1 "Mbocil )[r-Tupmiin itrtd kfr, Saodcnm ^(iKhitMo- 

"Oulr hli pla>-fDliir>i. jrrn'ln:')!," Hid Ihc hrad hoithr rimariitlnillr: 'M'*l 
klMttbold on him, VUliam ." Tlicdcpuly rei mined the viluul'i loipeliKMllT.aad 
(b* prUK(p«l mn lo u*l>i Ur. Wliik)« In mouDiluc. 

"folbir (111*, iilr, If )'0u [ikv* " 

"UJowpd If tho fcn'lm'a warb^t ft-^[tin^up od the wroo^ tlda 1 " vhlipArvd • 
frtBDlnf pa*t-tu)' tulbu Inrxjiri-ailUlv grmmoil wsIkt. 

Ur. WliililK, ttiilii In-iTiinlNI, cllnibrJ Lnio lilt inildlt nlih iibgul ■■ much dllB< 
*illf ■• be woulil liitc eiixrlruciil In t[Dttiu| uji Uie •iilc uf • ani-ciil* uiui-uf- 

■- All rlflit I" iDqulnd Ur. riokwlok. vUb W lavanl prHBndiMDI thai II wM 

- Afl rifhtl- r*plli!d Mr. trinUi Unlly. 

" Ln 'tni go I " died the IioMlrr. "Iiulil him In.elrj" and awv}' treat Ih* Ehalai 
and the ••ddlii-tiDn*. Hlih Mr. Ilrkwirk nn ih* box <if ihr nntsond Mr Wlnklroa 
4he baicknf lb** (jtb^r, to tbv iJol1j;hT ajid ffradllfAilonof ibc wbolc Inu'iard. 

" Wlwl nuk*i him (D ildcwufi > * lald Mr, nitudgraai iu tlw bla tuMr. Winkle 
Id the •wldltf- 

-" I out ImaRlnr,'* rrpllvd Mr. Wlaklc. Illi hnr*p wa* potnir iiy thn ''r^rt hi 
Ihe Biad tufilerluui maiiner.— iJdc Bnl.HllU UIj> bud luwanli uu* ilde of the 
way. atid IiIh IaH tii llii- otliKr- 

Uf. riokwipk b»d no It-liurr lo oberrre vlthvr xliU or any other parftciilar : tUc 
iibeJ* <if bii fantlUM twlug eonMulnilrd lu Ibr iiiaiiii)[iiiiia»l of ibe unlmiil ai- 
larfi*d to thv rJijilBt»4 wtio dbipljtynl TSrlMiu pKnitlarltlFii hljfhlr l»i«tt^[)njE loa 
^■laadrr, but by do m«ai equally amualDjE to any oae itattd bchlDil blot. 
bafld*fl eufif fitiilly Jurkln^ lili head up iu a ver)* unpCi^avaiu aii4 uuooiufurlablv 
aMPDrr, aijcl (iijEK'^ilflt [bi< rviik' to aa rKKmt u^likh rr-jiiieml It a iiintlpr at jfitM 
ttMtttlty foi Mr. PIcLKlrk tu hold tlionu be bad a tln^itlflr propt'nAlIy for daflhtfi 
■iddaiilr. *i err nnw and tb<'.n, to the Bide uf the road. Ibeu itupplng tlioit. uud 
■b(«ru>hla<ronrard for noiDF iDliiutn.ala tpnnlnlilrti It km wbolly Impiiulbl* 

"Wtunn hi< ntwn bythl*''* old Mr SajdcraH irheD lb* bone bad aaa- 
Catf<d thli in&nfruTrv for the Iwntlelh lime. 

*■■ donl kniiw,' nptird Mr. 1>i|>Tnaii: "II ta»JNi tcry Ilk* ibylnji. doD'l II'* 
Hr. Haodsrao wu about (o rrply, nhen hi> wai IninrmpM bf a •honi l>«ui Ur. 

" Wa*t"*aid thai sfntlatnan. -I lia>i- d[<>|i|ii'd ray «hlp." 
" WlnkU." erled Ur. I-nad)[rB*i. v llie eriuFitrlan tmitiK irvltlni up ou <bo tail 
I. wtlh hie hat oinr bu can, ead ilialitug all otu, ai If be would ihak* to 
wU Uw ThileiuN al Uw (twrab*. — ~ pidt op Um wblp; thai* *■ a feed 


Cbt SlcbtK* Brctttmti. 

Mlav> Xr. winkle pnllrdalUiebridtoarihe Mil bona tm ha •» Uwt t* tkl 
fc<v; BOd futrlnif, at 1«1IK*^> tdOOOTdld In 'lopplnfl fitm. dl«niQtfuUd. riHidad lta« 
vhlploMr. rkcknJck. uu1,|[inupldK1hcrc1ni. pr«pu«d Iri Rraounl. 

XoK, wliMlic* Uia ul! Iiunr. In llie nuiunl pliifiiliivuer l>l>ill>tpMUii>D|Vu 
dtvlTDO* «f baTinf ■ lliilc Id'iokiii rrFirulon w!i)i Itr. WInklv. or Khrihri li 
ORurmI lo tilm |1>*1 lia muld iHUfario Ui« lavniBf ■■ much la bU owo wililkalloB 
■iihuui ■ tlilvr u wlUicac. arvpolnu apaa wUcIi, of ruanv- «( cui iirrlr* *l no 
fnIIiiKp ud dlKlDOt eoDi-luflon. II7 iih>l(*«r ibmIvh t)ie hiiIidbI wm Mlnuxti 
Wftaiu Itli.ll>tiMr.n'lukleliitdooiauiivrli>uc)ivit Ihc nloatliau kaillppod then) 
oi*r HLb hvmA. »niL dHrlt-cl tiHrlEU-Hrit* Iq tlipir full Iniffdip 

"IMiir fflJowI" taia Mr. Wliikle tooLhin^ly. "poar fcllaiT. noo'l old hnnrt" 
TliB -pouf fi'lliin'" »»* prti-jf ii([dn>l llatterj: Ihi- mof* Mr. WiiiUc (rtoil loj^l 
nxm him, ili* nwnibo i-ldlvd ftwiiy; and. iiotwllliti>ii>llnsnlI klmlo of cmuInK 
■od irbMdUDt. Umm wer* Mr. Winkle and I1i< banc r^'i'V rouna nnd round rich 
MliM-flirMnmlDiitai, U the ind of whicli ilmnnch wuni |ir<idia|y Ihu •wiwdlt- 
tanct rnim thn oiticr n> Hhrnihi'yllrilaiinnir-DCnl, — aDUtualJiiniiiXirrinniifthliif 
Dbdcrant 4!lrcuui*(aiiivi, but panieulAfly ta lua lauely road, vhe^ W> a»IfumM 
Ban be pnmitvd- 

■■Utuuam 1 iinli)?"ihnin»d Mr. WInklK. after the dnd(rtOKli«db»*npmliiB(iid 
Sir a toiuldmbii! time. ■■ WUit im 1 to do? I ean'l a^'' o" liiml" 

-VuB liad briler Jriul him 111! we •siini' I'l a tiiriijiltii-." fpllrd Vr. Pidtwiok 
froni the ebalM, 

" But he voo'l oome." fonml Mr. Wlnkl*. '■Ducome and bold him.'' 

Ui. F^kirick BBi Ihi' very pcnunBlliiD of LIndncM and htimaiiiiy; he tiurw 
Ibr leloi on ilie horie'i tiuiA. and. having drji«iiilr>a ftoni lilt it»i. carefUIIj di*« 
Ilia clialie Into Ulv hcdnv. Imt any Ihtuf ■liriuEdA^inD Ji1i>aj tUc rum], a^id stepped 
back W the awlitanm of h]>4liU*t»dcoapaalan, leiTini IIi. riiiiman and Ur. 
Bnodpwa in l)ie nhiolc. 

Tlia borta no woner bvbetd Ur. Pickwick ailranrioif tjiward* him. vrllh thv 
(feal*e-Bhlp tu &!• tiaad. ihan he exehanned Ihe roiari nuilon in whloh li' tiid 
mlnMiily tudul|i«d. Rjra telrainale moieoxnt. of lo ler' drieriulDcd a chuao- 
m. (hal It at onep rireir Mr. Wtnltlr. whn wan ■Illl at Ihr end nf Iho bridle, al a 
talhtr quicker rare Iban Rul wolklnj;, lu iLie dlroorlon Trom wkloh they had Jnit 
•ana. Hi. ltcliBl»k ran i« hia a»l-tancw^ hiil, tlin nulnHr. Plckieiek ran for- 
■md. the fwter the hor>e ran bnckaird. TSere i>» a Rmt fei«|llii| (if ft>l. and 
klcttDcayof (beduil: and al li><i Vr. Winkle. )il> >rra> bi4nit oiarlj pulled oiil 
ol IhHr HicltMa. fklrly let ga bin Iwld. llir linr-e pautM, tfmMd. *hMk die bead, 
Inninlmiod.aiiidqulfd)' trotted home t-i lb>cheiMr. leaTlaicMr. Winkle luid Ur. 
(■Miwick gaiint oa eacft olliar with cuuuiuuaticai of blank diimay. A ratlUn( 
•olw al a lUlleAManse altiaoted ihrlr ailenllon. Tliiy hwkni up. 

-Hln* a<r eaul I " aaelalBwd Die acontred Mr. nek*kk : ■ Hint* ** Iha olbn 
borer ruaatag away ) ' 

II nai bol loo tnie. The snlnial irai ■larilnl by iha niiln. and llie rclni wm 
■a lit" bark. Tb» (Mali may be «iie>ivd. He ior« off wild ihefun'-wtuwlr^ chalia 
b>hka<lMn. aMI Ur. Tupioaa aa4 Mr. i<nodxra» In Uie foar-wbeeled ehalte. Tb* 
bMI ««i a •kon on*. Ur. TOfOMS tbnw hhnirir Into the be<](e ; Ui . SnodKraii 
IUhkW«dU*eWBi|ila; tkia boraa ^to* lk« fonrwheeled cbalie »<alii< a wnudea 
kildcr, N^MUfd Iha vheeli fNna lb* bo4y. and llnallf i-ood ttoOk illll lo fan 
»lHni Ikt (Ida W tmi nad*. 

Allrv cxtrbniUi; tlivmmrtvva, tbo putf »t» compclM Ui walk wni 
U Ixail tiM bnTMi; awl li b not iiaiil iMc la ibo aOcrnoon thnt thej 
•warh Manor Tvat. titvi. ilutlj. &nd ftioMor*. 

Bit Vlcktotcb Dapcci. 


Wbca in Lomloii, Hr. Fickwick nake* it his homo at Mr*^ lUr- 
4dl\ ID Gowdl Strset, vhcrc tic hu V017 ccunforiuble lodging*, ami 
■ vicry «ccoiDiiMd«iing londlttdy. Uu dctcriniau>, bonvver, to take » 
■erriuit ; anil. dMiring la coimilt Mm. UoiilcU ia itilatioa to the miU 
l«r, bij u-nds far bur. 

•■ Ma. BkHoII." u[il Hr. rtcVirlok .... 

"8tr,''tal-lUn. Ilanlcll .... 

" Do r<M Uiluk U *■ ■ much pcUa expeni« to kf cp two people lb«i I« kCT 

~L*. Ur. flokvlsk I " Mid Un. Uardrll. tolortnit dp M tb« m? border <f ker 
Mp. M iIm Dtoclnl lUe obtcned u iiurtl»i uf uiurliaaulal Itrlnklo la tlM vjVI Of 
bir ludc*r. ^ " J]i_ k(r- Ildtiridk, sIiml miiiu^Itonl ** 

'- W*II, bal A- TOO 7 " lainlnd Ur. Ilckwl.'k. 

*■ ftIM deptndi," uld Mn. BuUcII. . . . >- IhU <Ie|>cndi a gosd dMI upoo the 
PM<ua, fon know. Ur. nukirii^i Md a-hftlier II '• ■ itvlug mat Mrcittl pcmiii 

■'Th*t'>Tvr7lmii,"niild Vtt. Plckwlak; "b<it thepv'on I hir* In mjr (t* (hn* 
k* lookrd rrrr iiarl it Mn. Uardrll) t ililnk po>Hwe« tbvic iiubUIIh, and hu< 
■omier. xiiniMmblr tnnwMitnof Ibn world. kndagrtat teal of durpnnM, 
Un. lUudvIt. wliJcb maj tjeof mnierlol uic lo me." 

- 1.*, at. Plckwkkl " add Mn, lt«raell, llie triiDion riling to bor cap-twrdw 

*■ I ilO." *ald Mr. HckwIcI:. itrnvrlag ourrip'lla. w f>u hll huuL la iii]uaik1n( of ■ 
wMBrt whiab lntn«4trd him, — "I d^. Iiidiwl; and, Co ItUiou Uia IniUi, Mrt. 

•'Dear luc. lift "ridiimuilMn. Bmrdotl. 

- Yoo II tliink II not vrrr iitanfv now," raid Uw aniUbla Hr. Ilekwlok, Willi a 
■ootf-hDmorol ftlaiioo at till ccnapiiU-in, " lliai 1 uo«er eaoiultod ynii utHiuI tiili 
Muillcr. aud ut^vcr invnllnord U. fill I ■■nt^tirlilllubojoilt Flilx morntnjt — t^h?" 

Mr-. Iiird'1) cvuld fnlyrrplj bf a look. ^Iie had lanf wor*lil|i|>cd Ur. lick- 
wtrkai adliiuicc; bu[ here die wu.all at dudo talwd li»a[>Iunaelt In oMcli lirr 
wlMi^ii and iiioiHt rktrnveij^atit liojte* bad iierer daml to wp\rv. Ur. I'lokwiok wa« 
ping to prvfiota — a di:lllKiraLe plan, (oo—icnt bcr llttlo boy away- 

Aflcr n ftw vord* mor^, Mr;. B-Ardcll, ovcrcoine by her feolingt, 
goca off* Into hys(eriL-», and throws huraelf into the amx» cf 
Ur. Pickwick, who vc)i«ntcnt1y pt^Utats, nod begs her lo dealil. 

*■ Mr*. Bardell. mr good oonian — d«r lae. wlial a iltuallonl Prar acaaldar. 
Mra- Uacdelli don't — If lOTbody ihouldcuine " — 

"Okl tCt Ihciu «iinr."«iolaitii>'d Mra. Msr.1i<l] IVaRllally. "I'll inter Irar* 
ran— daar, klad. foml, Mull "Acdwlib Iheie wordi Un, Uarddl ilung itaa 

"McrcyupnDmol'aafdUr. nRkwIgk.MmntllngTlnlenilr. " I t<ar •onebodj' 
•milag ap tha Main. IKin'l. di>a'i, llirie'i n k»"i1 oreatare, don'l . * llutenUealy 
•ad r*aouinD««crr alike uimvaUltiK: (m SIrf.lMrdrll liail fiilnlwl In Ur. IMck- 
wkk^ATtm; and. brA»n* lineiiiilil icaiii iLinfl(i>di>i>04i1 lii^ron a chair. }lft^ier Dai^ 
MInUnd llirtooni, oitaFiliiE lu Hr. Tupiaan. Mr. Winkle, and Mr. <4ii>idgrau. 

Xr. nckwick w&iacruek inuiluiilcuami njirechivia. ||« Btnnd nlib hin iotst 
■■rt« io bl>aniu,|ailus<atullj' on Ibe oiuuICDaiiMi of bti ft'lcudi, nltluul 


Cbe SItkins Olct[*n>iit 

lh« illihlHl atMinpl ■InoogaltluD ur ■ipliiDallnB. TlHT. fai llidr Iotd, ittndU 
Um; ■odiluici Harden. [D hlduro. tHkrcd ■[ (Tprybady. 

Til) uloaiilimcat ofllie FIcliwIekUui HU >u alnnrblaG. aiid Uir porpkxOr ef 
Mfn fkkf Ltik W1U HA uhtrrmff. llml Ihi^y mlf Iil hum n^mbTiiiNl Lh rxlunTy the luiw 
rvlAlWc fUuftllons unttl tbo 0u*pclid?(1 aDlmAElon of the lad)' vu r«>roKiL Uitfi U 
DOI bMa fur k mail bcauiiful lud louciiluj ci|irvi>[i)u uf nUnI Hifi'mhiii na (Ha 
pan of h"r jDUtliflil ■un, Cliwl In » 11(1'' """ "' r»/i1nror >p»ujtal irltli brad 
batfodf of ft TPT7 DOD Bide fable 9] 4Ct tip at Grit Kood rtl (IteUoaraiLQuiidi'il and un* 
corUiu; tiuE- by ilcgnst. Ilie IiuprvmSuri ilml UIi mother muni tiiit n >iifl^rr*l wonit 
paniiiiBl duniie* pTiiutiid lil> pirilKJIy-iliovlopvd mind, md, n)u>ldcrlii|| Mr. 
Piokw1ctMiIio»](i[rM«or.heiM np»n appalllnK »nd •oial-furtlil)' Wnd oriionrl- 
Iftf. aoij. btilUujrurtfftrd ititli hli tirsd, cummbiinnl uimitlUnf that Immorlal gira 
Ukdwi *bout Ihn bwitL nud \rp. nidi >n<i)i lilnvri nod pluclipi u IIii tmnstl) of 
bid arm aiid llip violcimof lili eidttra^nl allowed- 

'-Tkks till* lllilsylUiuii sway: ".Bid ilKtMRmilii-;! Mr, l^i^tKlck. " U*'iniid1> 

~ Wbattf llwmalivr?"iald tlin Clire'? (^Dciie Ilcdl<lel;vlaklani. 

"I doal kiiav.' npllnl Mr. Ilcliwldi jKiililily, "Taka an-a^ Iha bof (hma 
Ur. Wknlilii namiid tlii^ tiit«v«(tDg boy, 'an^mlniE and "tnijnrllu;;. to Tin fkrtlict 
and of the apujtnienl), How help me I0 load tbli womaQ dona ttAtra." 

"Olit lambDlicFiioir."Mi!dMri. Bardellfiiiiilljr. 

■' l-fVl mo Irad yon dona ntatri.'' aald ili<> rT«r jtatlaot Mr. Tapmmn. 

■'Tliank yvn. air: thank raul " cxelalmed itrt. Bnrdell Iif4ieri«*lly. And 
down alairt ih* wa^ l<;d aoKlrihq^ly. DOoouipanlc^ by bar alTWelionat* aoD. 

" t eannol MDNlTe.'' lald Ur llfktrkk, nben hli frlmd i^larned. — "I am 
notMiiiccIvc wliai hiu U'cu iheuuiicr ulUi Hist wamno. I hadiuorrlyanuiiiiiKvi) 
tv hrrniy Intftnlloniif k*ppinjt a man^prvaiat, vrbfa *li« f«U Into ibe «xu«ardl> 
oarj parDkyfin Id whieb you found ber. Vofy axtraonllniu'; thiogl ■ 

" Very I " lald hli Ibree tf leudi. 

" I'laoad oa la auoli an rxtniniali' Rnkwvd iltaallon,' cmtlnatd Ur. nck> 

" Votyt' wu Ibt nplyof bla fulluwar). u Ihty eouglird ttlfhtly. and 1ookr4 
dubloii'ly at rach olber. 

TUI> bebavlor vai not loal npoa Hi. Pl^wldi. Ba i«ui>rked tbtlr lixindii- 
My. TbayarldantlrinipeoIedlilD. 

Aft« ilii» weurrcnco Sir. Pickwick «n;*g«j Samuel W*ller aa lu* 
Mrrnnt ; nnd the nc^t dny tlicj all fcC out for Knlftnuwill lo ubnerv^ 
till! iiicidi-nU atti^QiI'ing aa clucUon at tlint liorou;^!!. Thn parlle* 
tfai-re an! ditidf^d iiilo tvro fnctions, — iho Bufla and tho B!iir>. 

Of OBBraa 11 itm HMOtlilljr and lodlipaniably niM^cniiarr tbal varJi of tbMr poio 
atftil partlea dioublbMO lu ohHUi arj{in nod [epretenlailie 1 and. uw>rd1nf1r, 
IbiT* mntwo nrmpapaia Intba town. — "Tbn KaUininill (Iiuciiii''aiid "TOa 
JaeXfdon ^niuiidi decidedly tiat. Flua newipajten they Horc] ^ueJiU'tLdl^gar^ 
llelf^.ana *ncli ■■plrlt#d attaekt!.— *-Our w<irtli]r*H aiulcmixirary ~ T1i« Uaactlet** 
■TltMdliKtBOrfUl and dailatdly Journal 'Tbv,'" "That fulie and 
•wrtllODi iirint 'Tlie Inde^icndcDI."* "TbttvUc and tlanderoni caluimilalur - 11u 
SaMtH,'"— tb«* and sthartplrit-«Urrincili>Diiorlaiiunii wi'm iiriin-n plrnttfiillf 
••W Ibt mlsmnt of neb. In •tot nnmber, and cielivd feeltDjci of the mam 
Mania dellfbl and IndlRoatloa la tha boiomi trf Iho lunn'i'pinplF. 

Ml. Ilcftolfft. wUb bli uiual furui(bt and Mgaoit;, bad cboien a ivouUafl; da 


C(( yitktntck Jfisftt*. 


■Ittbl" nonWDt for hl> tIiII to Ilia borouih. Vtyti ntu lueb • oonUit kuows. 
TliQ UoDorjiblc 8&miie[ a.umkcr of filamkv^ Ufttl wa4 Iho tilut oiDdldacr: and 
Huntiu I'ljkiii. Kjh; . of FiiliiQ Loilge. pcti EiiuDiwlll. Iiuil been jirvriulcil upuu 
^Ut IM^adfl to J>imul fL>rw-dnl (»n tlio RuiT IiiTitet^I- " t^n Guttto* iranird tl>* 
*Icct'>nof EatniuwiU tlial ilio efc*, aol only of Kngliuiil, but of flir oboIoalTll- 
Inxl wnrlil. wriu upuii ihcm. 'IbiliideixiKlcnl "Impctaliitly dcinuuiloJ Ui know 
wbntirr Ihp mn^llliivnoj- at bitaniwlll •rno llif giaiiil fVllotn iIik^ li»d ^ir>j* 
Iskea Lhcm for^ at bafc aDd terrllv tooUt undodcrvlng alilu of tbo uijue of Enf- 
tlibmeti knil ihu blvmingi uf frceduia. Xvrcr linil tuob ■ eonusutluu ncluitBl 
Ibelown bcfofr, 

II wu lair to Hie ritnlog wbco Ur. riakalck and hli compnnioai. utlttHl bf 
Avn^ diimnutifT>ct frtna tbn roof"f ttiit FiaUtnBwHl a>vJi- Larjffl blue ■[Ik Rmgv 
ITFrp lljlDjr from lb* trlndoirt of tbr Town Armi liiii ; und lillli Wfrt poilwl la 
•rrr)- nuU. liilluiiiH"n,iuKlj«otlolcu«fi, Ibnt llic Iloooi-ablo Bnniuel SliifOk*)'"* 
Cnoimliirv »Bt iht-m dally. A eniwd <if lilkrv ivi'.nr Aiuiiml]li!>d In tb* mnd, liwk- 
lof at nboiinriDAa in 1b« Mcoiif, irbo irn« itpparrnUf tn Iking hlmtclf Tcry red 
lu Hie fw* in Mt. Sliimkf)''i l«luiif : but tlie furco and polai of vhuM t^guuieaM 
irirrp 'omuffhat Impitirril bj tboprqwtuiLllifaliiigiif fourlurgn jlriitna, whicli Ur> 
Ftlk^n^t oonimUti>r bad BtaEloucd at :bc sLroct-ooracr, Tb?rv Wki ft buif littiA 
nanbaldc biiu, ibuufib, nlamuoli uiT bit bat >i inictvali.aud raolioncd to tlM 
^^ ,p»optii tocihewr, n-ljJLiTa Eb>'>' f^H^ilurlj diiLoimt (mIim*iju>riaiUr; ind. M tliB j^' 
^^BkeBd (vnllfniaD went on (olIilnKlMi bn vairaldtT In tlicfau thantrrr, It Hnmed 
^^V |»U*iiWrbli|iui]><»« ijnil* a> nirll at If anylmil)' iiad licwd liim. 
W TtW Pkkvldctant had no lociDcr digmountvd tban IhTfimre iDmiundnd bjm 

L fanadi BubortlialiDiicni and iuil>-|K'ndt'iii. nlio rurtliwlili »( up lima dcareiiiii) 

^^H •batra. wbleh, balnjt mpondi-d uilijMif main biKly f for It'* nutacallnn^uaiyDjr 
^^H ftcrovdiokaow vliflt th<yy art cboerlniinbautj, twrllnl LnloalremnidDuiiciaf <if 
^^^ EHaiDpb. vhlcb4l'ipp«tl vien tliti red-nm'd uiiui in Lbcj LaIcou/. 
I " If urnli I " ibonlvd (he mob In conclciAlnn. 

I " One ebcer more 1 "icreamcd Hie iliilc fujlcmoii in tbe t«loaii;r : aadoutabMi^ 

1 ad lb* mob a^iin. a* If Irritgn i^craeont Iron, with lUvl hdjIi)- 

I '^fslamkejforvrcrl "roared tbe boncti and Indrpeodent. 

I *>Skunk*rl<>m«rI°*cliucdMr. Pickwick, IDkIii| ulT hia bat. 

"KoHiUdI "roftndlbeoroird. 
■Oerlalnlr noil " ihouted Mr. I'lt^kwlcli. 

*'HiUTah1 *' And IlLcrn ibcn' nA* aimEliiir marliiff. Ilka lbaCofawbn]«taoiuj^ 
lla inira tb* elfphant hu nini Ibp U'll for tbp oold raeat, 
■■ WTho li Slumkaff" wblipcred Mr. TupmoD. 

"tduB'tkaour," rolled Ui. Pickwick lu tlio uunx loan. "Huilil DoaH aik 
HV quMlloiu. It*( alwari biilon tbn»O0MilunB to donbai lbs mob do." 
■■ But (nppoae tbere arc two mobt." lugitf-iiod Ut.bDodgiM*. 
•'Nhaalirllhtbglar|isall"rP[illcil]Ur. nckvrlck. 
Vobimn could not liain >nld inori'. 

WhUo In tlia «niDtr7, Mr. I^okwlek Mil bU friends tlkink it will 
■M well to tniiiilgc in .1 little sporl, nnd coMcqnetilly rwolvo to pt 
mt gaaa'saj!. Artytnipaiiicd bv Mr. W.inll?, lh,:y lake an 0{>«ii ciir> 
TUgeand drireoC Arrived at thn groumli, Mr. Pickwick finds tilm- 
trlt too Ume to walk, nod in much disippoinlcil thcrcni; but Sam, 
Wtii^ dttcoTOvd A wliuul narrow, pnipoBet to give him a freo rida 


Ztt Dfchtns SUtfgnatf 

Inthu novi'J Tobiclc, which proponUon Mr. Piekwick ^ntefulljr ! 
Copt!. But herv a dilEculty arista. Tbu gamekeeper rcsolulely I 
jirciU-'sts Bgalnst ihe inlivducUon into a nhooUDg-pariy of a gentli> 
luuD in a b:irn^ir, as u grou viulaUun ui' utl v«U!]lishud ruloa ami pre* 

It witv a fr*tkr. <>h)ivtimi4 bul not ■□ iDmnaMntMhT* ono. Hiv gmekfpn bsr- 
iDjI been c< axed ind fct^d* intt fiaTln^^ morfow » vu^d hU ItJnd by " punpliiujf" 
tte liCttJ uf lliu Imriilivc )uut)i nliu hnii (Inl luc^tilcd tlie u>Fof the mu-'ltlo*, 
Kr. rukwlok vHa pEucnl In tt, AEidtiEr lU" J>a1jai?I. — IVir^Jio imil tliv lung fimi^ 
kjfpArlrsilliifl t^ewoy; «ad Mr. Fickwlalc in the bu'raw, |>rojiollttl by Stia. Ijrin^ 
b(Bp(bB r«Br. 

-■ Slop, 8nit < ■ Mid Mr. nefcwlck, irhni tbrf bftd lot balT uroM tbe Bnt d*ld. 

'■ Whal '■ til? mailer DOW?" Hid Wardle. 

" I «uut lulTur Hill bftrniw to bn niuvod anaDiir •lfti>,'' Hid Mr. Plcknlct 
httvlfi "nnlCH Wlnklit oanlBi that cun of lili Id a dirTerent muuMr." 

"HDwum I lo durrU?" Mid Ills wrMolic4 Winkle. 

"CaiTTlt Hitli IliamuiiUur II lu Uio gnniiiil," npllnt ttt, Plckvlok' 

■■ II*> <a umparunma-Illce," rT«ioii«d WlnliJc. 

" t dso'l eare whclhcr It'i uniparUmao-Ukc. araal.*re|>lie<lMr. PickwidL. "I 
■ninot giiingUbailioIliiawhHtbanaii, ftir tbB nlto of *pp«>ruic>M, to plvwt 

"I know tbA jr^Rtliimma '11 put (bat 'rn diarj^lntd •fncitbodyaforo be'vdoEHS* 
inwliHt Dili lonK miio. 

" Well, well, I dout ulad." lald poor Wiultlf. lumlag lili sun-tioek nppar- 
miMt: -llierol " 

" Adj' tlilu' for aqukt Ilfb," uldHr. Wellvr: andoa (bej wcnlagala. 

■■ Stop I " lold Ur. Flukwluli aHvr Uicy hod gDiw a (hw jitnU tutbar. 

« mat DOW ? " laid Wudlc. 

'■ Thai guii of Ttigunim'ii li nu[ aa<^: I knoir It lrn'lt"»1d Ur. I'lskielek. 

'Ehl Wliali nal •alb?"i<iild Mr. Toptnan In a ion? uf ttrti alarm. 

" Not M jouarccarrylnf II."iaii] Ur. IVkwIck. - I ain tvif •urrr tn muk* 
anr ^I^hrr <il4]Bciiuiui ; but I rauiiiii Dui»rut ID ■» on odlcH j-ouoartj II a< Wln- 
klodim lilt." 

"I Ihlak ;du luid bftlcr. •It." laid llie I»ng ^mrknrprr. -«r you "niiiulla M 
Ukrly lo I'xIjlP ibr ctinrgq Into jniir ttyrn Tnieuni ai In anibody ?!(?■■." 

Mr. Tupmoa, wllbihp motiobNglniThbie. |»la«>d1ii> (iI«d In lUe poililoD rft. 
I^irrd. and lliv parly uiorval Qn afcuin; tliri Krci ainmtrurn marcblof witb r*VTrf**d 
Umi. like BtnDplrof prlritnal a rojnl runpral. 

TUe <luj;< caiue fuddcidy to a dead ilopi aod Uie patljr, adrauelnf tcralthlly a 
■lattls f*e*. (Mppad loa. 

" What*) Ih«tiMUerwl(bibAdDi^'l?K9r"nbIipi!»dUr. Winkle. ■■Bovquw* 

'lloiiil nw^ }'ou?**re|>Ilnl Wardio KrlUf. " Doat foa ice llier "r* makliis ■ 

■■ Usklni a point I " ■•!() Sir. WInkTn. ■iBftng abnut lilm, at If hr eipr-tltd t« 
llaoorer fooi? pnrllculiu' brauly In III? laadiiup?. wZiIeb lb? lajiaDliiEii aiiJaiall 
■B(« calllag (padal alloalioa lo, — '■ maklnf a pulntl IVbal an Ibqr palulU| 

"KMl>;«arrv?iiop*n.''iBtd'n'aFdla, ool IiMdlof lb* >|a«IIoB la tb« azMM 
lof th« iDumnnl. " Xow, IbaDI " 




8t» Vrtfcbiitlt ^aptif 


Ttxra wu* a uliup whlirtng doIm. ttau miul* Ur. VluUa itart bwku irttehat 
knn ibct lilmtclf. Ukn(,liing. wrmatanpltor nuai. Thii inului mrnpl qa^iUf 
■iTBjr evar Uie Htlil. uiil cuilcil iiiio ilie Blr. 

■■ WhTrviri' Ihvy>"uM )1>. WtiiJdti tiikMsIaurtlie1il|[liH( cidlemgiit, turn* 
(■(touml Bail rouad [n mil dlnctloDt, — -' B^vrc ue Ibvyt 'Mi nmufUru tu dr>. 
Wbara u* Uie; ? wtiEra nn tliay ? " 

" Wlura are Ibrr 1' " >il1iI tVsrdle. laklnB np a Irno* uf Mnli wlileli tba dap 
feB4 4(p<Mii*d ■! U« Itcl. — " wtittv Br* Uio; ? WLj, lien Ibiy arc,* 

•No, aot I mraii tliii allien," laid liic brviUleii'd Wlukla. 

~nr«iiNict. oDbjrDil* Unv." mpllnl Warctlceutfll)' reloading hli icun. 

^WvabsllTcrj Ukd^'ba up vUh aDoThor oowf In Avv mloutv*/* *ald tha Long 
gpmitwpaii "^ If lb* (cnilunau brgiui tu lira now, (icrlupi he >U Jml gal UM 
(lul Mil of Ilia bairvl by ttiT llm>> 1I1P7 rlin." 

"Ba. ha. UI'-KMuadMr.Welkr. 

"M«»,''ial 1 Ur. Plckwtafc. COmpaiilonaliog hli roUowar'ii coufUilon and us- 


H Dal taogta." 

"OtrMtolr not. •&■■* 80. bfWKJ of iDdamnlltcnllOTi, Hr. Waller ooatorird bta 
(NUiii I fRim bnhlDd UiB whBrlbarruw. fur U» cxclualva acnuicinan! of tba bo;* 
■nh tdv IvRilDp, mbo tban^upou bunt Into a bciixtrniui luugti. and mu ■iim- 
■arilr oifM br Iba long gainaJiaapar. trbo wumed ■ picicit for turning round to 
hWt hi* OBB marrlmonl. 

" Brvo. olil ttallDH I ° laid Wardle to Itf. Tapman: "yon drad that lima, U al 

" Ota. ;» 1 ■ Rplic4 Ur. TupmiD with coutloni pFtde, "I lat tlolT'' 

■■ Wull dcaa. Yon II hit lumolblug ntxl (Iras if fOu look ibwii. T«I7 OWTi 

" Tat, li '■ Tcrj puy," nid Hr. TUpman. '■ Hov 1[ burta OM^ (boulder, though I 
II marly kniKknl inu ■•wkwarili. I bid do lilcia Ibima •mall ar«.*rni klekad 10." 

■'.IbT" (aldlhti oM itratlfnian. •tntllnjc " Von 'II gn awd la U In llni*. Now, 
Uhii— all read V, kU tljtbl wllh the barroir (bare?" 

"All right. >1[." r>']iti«l Ur. Wallar. 

" Comaalnnif. thr^o.** ' 

"lloldhurd. >lr." mid Sam. raiting lb* barrow. 

"At. ay r " rrptif-*! .Mr l*1cik>rlck^ anri on ihry iranl axbrNlcTf ai naaiTba. 

" Kaap Ihal barron' bock, nov." orlrd War dia. whan II had boan boltlad orar • 
Mil* Inio BOuUiar Ucid, and Mr. ricliwli^k liad Iwuu duiwillod lu II aoMmar*. 

" Alt right, ulr." rfptli'd Mr. Wrllar, pBintiig. 

" Now. WlidJr," (tild tlia old crDtlcmau. "fallow tna tolUy. anddonl ha ta« 
lata Ihli Uua," 

-■ Xwrr faar." «ld Mr. Wliiklii. - Arti lliai pnlntlng " 

-* Jfo. no I not now. tjulatly now, Qulally " On tliay arrpl. add rarr <]ul<<tlf 
nwT would have advanced. If Jlr. WInklo. In th« |>rrfurniauco of lome rary luirl- 
■iiwrnluElonM wIMi hi" gnn, bad mil acoldanially A rut. at tba mntt erirtcal (n'> 
•lant. orar tha boy^t hand, rxaaily In iha vary tpot wharo Iha tall man^t train 
kould bsia breu, had lia bena limn' lailaad, 

"Wby. whiilonHUihdldTODdolhatfbrr'aRldoid W>rdIa,B< tlia bird* ll«w 
Knharniad away. 

■■ I n«viT •jw iimh acunlii my llfi>l"r»plli>d">ooi Winlilf,(uoliliigatlbrloel,ai 
V that wonM A) any good, •■IigoMOIIarilavaaaoaord. Iiiclliduli," 


Et( Blcktni SCctlDiiari. 

•■ Win 4« Itl " HAtoad Ww4lp. Willi MinMhliiii of Ifftlatlaa Ib lOi I 
«l*hlliTOul>t kill •anisUilDKOT 111 own Mcotd,' 

" It 'L J . "m Ktvn l«nS' ■I'" obHriwl Ui« 1*11 mm In a law, prat*tlli 


" WliM da jaa mon by Ihal ob>>r>Ulon. tlr?" In^alml )Ir. Wlnkl* Uf^lr- 

*< Niitr iiiliiil. ilr. Dfvcr idIdiI,** rtpllnl Iho laiij{ gamciwiiFr, " 1 N-v M 
iMnlly mrwir, ilrj vitl ilila l^'m bcir'n diuIIi» will gM •omrtliinR Imdwnw ftoa 
fHriinilTiuf.lf lia '• klllnl ou Ul> U»<1. 1,umj •^a. ilr; toad hchIu.' 

"Tii1» KHir Ml Run I" uleilUf. riekviidifMm IbcbMTOw.barror-ilrtdKB M 
lk*li>n| maii't dark Initnunlluiu. ''TtkcawnrhUfunldo juu*be(l;(r" 

HobnAy. howmr, ToluMHrxl lo obfjr tlw miimiiiiil, md Hr- Wlnkl*, •Oar 
lMlln(nrab«lll'>u> rIuub at Mr. llckwUk, nlM^td bit cu,«id pTOtaedtJ •*■ 

Waan bound, on tb* anlbwtly or Mr. rickwick.ln nialohat Ur. Tapoaa'^ 
KOda of iiroOMJIaf arlnnd Ba mm ot prndciiw and ddiberalliin than Ibal 
•dapinlbrllr. Winkle- ... 

Willi Uir i|iil<iknHt and p*nMniiOB of a nan of kwiIr'. h* 1i*d a( onof obavrral 
(bal III* Ifiu ("al polnti (obf ulaJuHl. wm flnt lodlicbarjalilipker wliboal 
mur7 >a hlmtitf. and, Hinadljr, ta do *o wlttnxrl dan^r tv th# by^itjujdtr*. 
Obirliniilf tlipbpit tbluilo do, an«rnirm«uiIliij[(hadllIliuIVof DrEnK alalt.ww 
to (hut M* 'r" liniily. *ad llrs luM Ibo air. 

On ana oooattOB. aitw pfrf'innlnf thti fno), Mr. TTipman, no oppiiln^ htt «jr**. 
balitid a plamp partrldjEv in (he very act of I^UInj; voundtd lo tlk« jironod. Bo 
ma )ait on lb* pttnl of coiif ralitlalluf Wanlla on )ili liivariablo mtearvi, wbcn 
tbai faulleman adranOHl lowardi him. and i[rup«l him wannljr by t)i« haud. 

■' TUpman." (aid tb* old jpmUoman. "you ainglod oul that particular biiil f " 

"So,' Mid Mr. l^pman, — " no." 

"Yondldi'MblWaidls. "Itawyon do tt; I obnrrod yoa plok bim out; I 
notlord yon aa yon ralHd ynur i>li» lo lakn aim: and I nlll uyltiln, Uiat tha 
beat abot lo avlitasoa could nut Udvp done 11 more bvauilfblly, You afo an older 
band at tblithan I tliou|hl you. Tupmau: you hutc bocu oul bcfurc.' 

II wai In tain tot Hr. Tupmao Is protcit. with a imlle of iclf-doolal. ihai bo 
nf^rrliad. Tliv wry amllowai taktnan rvidDucoto Iha ooolrmry; aud.n-inn that 
llin<y funh, lili npulallon n-ai Mlabtlthod. It li nut ihv only r«puia(lon Ihm hai 
tKcuaoc|uIrtdBiea>lly; no; *r« ludi fotluoalo elrmm>tanc« conDucd lo patlrldto- 

Uoanwhlle. Xr. tFlnklo flulicd and blaied and (mok«d away without prodo* 
ting aoy fualeital roulu worthy or iMilng iiatn) duvru; lomciliDri upending Ml 
(liargvtn mld.atr. and at olbiri urnitlng li •klmmingaliingiii nniu llm lurlV* of 
Uia ground ai lo phuo the llvoj of tijc (wo du^fi on a ralhcr uiiHrtahi and pri>oa' 
rtouB laiiurp. Ai Hdliplayuf faii<!x->liiHiIliig- It wavvxIrfuDClytarlrOaiidCTiriuu*; 
M an cKlilbUlaii of Urlng wlih any preeliaobj'M, II wu, npsa tho whulT, porhapt 
a dillui*. . . . 

'■ Wall," aald UTanltP. walking np lo tha iUb of tha bsmw. and wlplog tbt 
Mfoainji of prp*plmton from hi* Jolly rtd thM : " nmoking day. In n'l It ? " 

"It li.lnlonL," trplk'd Mr. I'lcLnlek. "Tli* tun !• tmuiFudauil/ bat. orcn la 
■a. 1 doiil kiicitt tu)ir yint niiiiitf<>ol It.* 

•■ Why," laid Iht old grntlemau. ■• pretty hot- tl *■ p«*l IwoItc, lhao||b. TtM 
NB (bal (loen hill tbvrf ?" 


"t1iM'*tba|>Us(ali«iawaam(olBD>b:aad,byJaraItbata*itba)oy wtttalki 
laakM, puactaal aa tlock-work." 


cat IlltktoCtfc Dapitf. 


■6obaU,"MUUr.r]E!kw1ok brtjtliWBlotnp. "noodbor.ttiU. I1I(i**hla 
■ tlilllt«K p wi « M ly. Now. Ill* D. .Sun. whrrl Amur." 

'■lliildoo,«lrl"uidltr. Wvllrr, loiltiormTcil Hlili1hsprai|>«lof HiVHiunpaU. 

"OwoT llM nj, rovng lt*iheri i If }uu nallfv luy |>niclum U(v ilun'i u|ihiI idc, 
•• Ite gval'iiiftn nJd lo iFi* drlitfr whifii lUvy tru v.ciirrjln' lilui to 'l^bumn" 
Aait 4>it«tniln( hit laor Co ■ thvp rua, Mr. Wglier vhcelcd bli niuioi lo Ita* 
(MM hUI. iliai biia (li'xterauilr (nit by tlis rtry Hide of Uiu bukat, aud finemtitd 
to oapKk It wtin ibii utnoit dupxati. 


" A wnr (0°^ naliaa of ■ laacli It U. tal» It ■Itoiatlwr," ukl Hr. WslUr. uv- 
t«]iii( liU amiifdiif ni nf iliv ti'piiit HUH gmt MlliAMtlon. " Kow, snTimm, 
' nUl OD,* u titr llitj£liili toJJ to IliD FrcQoli wlicn lUcy llx*d b^KtoeU-^ 

It a«MNl no (nMUd liivluiinn li luduov Ibv piuty lo ytrtiT full JuiIlM (o Iha 
toCSlIftmlHlltitvimaklDgLlidit roi|UirL- loludLioolEr IVellor. tlit louj^jrajiiokNipflr. 
Wd tba two btrja. tu itJLliin ilinnMvlvoii on thvfr&At at a iUllir diiliLncr, ami Ii^dd 
pMdfKrrutlan upua ■ dporat proporlloa of Ibn Tlaoilt. An oldoali-tiw allDtdpd 
* pl>«*»nt ibeltflf ttt ItiB group ; kodariob pnnpMi of ftraUn aud mntduw Imad, 
hilai iMfd Willi luxnrlanl )i<dg«. aiul rioblr ornvnaplwl with wood, lay ipmaid 
Ml bHbn Ihem. 

"Thla U diUsblflil, Ihoruunhly dallKblful I " ■•[•I Mr. Pldnrlek. Ihe lUn of 
wkiMa *xpn<tl<» oounlpnantii wu rapidly pwting all hUIi •apuara id tli« 

■■!^ltl«, w It U. old ftllnw I " wpllod Wardlo. "roiiif. B|(liinof piincll." 

*■ Wltb prU plwure," tald Hr. lletviek ; and Ihe lUlifiuHlou of bli CDonl* 
Biiafv aflrr dHnkluf 11 bora Irvlimoux to llifi iluoehty of Iho rvply. 

"ODsdl"iBldlIr, llvkwlcK. (macklnt lili lip*,— "•(■r)' good! I lltakf auolbflT. 
OnA, fttj eool. <^mc. fcuileiuoD. " ronlinuril Hr, ncknlek. itlU ntalalDf Id* 
b«MBponlh*)lT,"BI<HUt: UurfilMidnallNDglry IMU.'- 
nM UMt WM dnink villi loud awluiDJillaiii. 

"t 11 uUyou vbui I uliill da to fvi up my ihooUaf; agalii,'' »id Hr, Wliikla. 
«1w wmMtDC brrad and liam irirEi a puf^kc^t'hitlll^ "1 'LI put antuilV^ j«ttrldj^ 
im the l«por Apoil. and pfiiol1»o al 11. Ix-jeIeiciItije at aaborC dlitaofv. aoil lotigtb- 
■BlBf fl br degreo- I uiidcniaud 11 *i a capital pruilu." 

"Ikuow a^oo'I'man, iir.">nld Mr. WtIIt. ■-» did Uiat, and brinii at two 
ri^di : but be nercr Lrlod II on nf^lii ; Ibr ha blowd tha bird right ciBaa awAy M 
tba flni flta. and nobixly frcr acad a fcaUict 00 blm attaroarda." 

" Sun." aild Hi I'lckwlok. 

"Sir." replU-d Mr. W«U«r, 

" Hal* 111* gnuiltuut to raaCTTa yoar anaodotan tlUIheyanoilladftt/' 

" Orfnlj, ilr." 

liar* Mr. WiUri winked Iba eye * blob wai col oonnalid by Ibe bur eao b* 
m%M rmt^log to bli 11p«, irlth ■urii ax^julidiafkrvtbiniiiiTdt. iliai tlia Itro boya want 
falo ipoDtaii«out contuliloni random ibp long man condi^^ornilrd toamlle. 

" Wtll. tlial antaluly Ii noil capital cold punoh." iiid Mr. I'lokwtck. looking 
«anMally al tbciloaa bollli-; "and tha day li ■Ktramoty warn), aad— Tupmao, 
ny ilaar tHona. a (lau of punab?" 

•■ Wltb tha graeiati ditlghi.'' n'plicdMr.Tupinan: and. hating ^mnkllialEliua, 
Itr.PldlwIck look anotlior.)uil to ic vliPlh'T thTV wai aoyoraiij^i>ccl In tba 
fnacft. bnanaa oraajca-twcl alwayi dliajcrccii wlrb liiuj : and. rtiidLni; tlht Ibara 
waa&Ot* Xf. I'lckvlfik tnok anoibrr g/jta io tli<^ higilili of tliKlrabti^ni frUnd, abd 
due Ml MnuMf inipcratlTCly oallad upon to propoao uoiber In honor of Uw 
fBDCb^mopouDdar, DakDOwm. 


ett Dlcktnt Dtctloniti. 

lU* MmtUM nmiMtlofi of gI*MM iirodDMid Ma»t<t*rBbl« dhei spon llr. 
nokwlcli : lib a>un<(ii«u» bruiLvd n Ub thr uMt iuudt "ult'^' ; itugntri pla<'*4 
vma<£hUU|ii; wid |fnnEl-lLnrn»ri'J Eiivrritortit twIiiLlvil In hU Ofp, Ylclmuii 
Vj d^m to Ui^ EuTluviirc of the enrilUi|fUquM. r^uil?rrd niorr to by tUc lirAt. 
Ur. rickitick riiiruiiod iii>riiii(d(atNt*n««licct a ioiik wJiicli Iil' 1ml hvHrd )n 
Lli InHlUkOj't «ncl^ llm mir'nipL iinitlng Aborllvr. trnigM lu ulLmuUIr tiLd nirmarr 
«t)b nu>n (liuci or punota, trMfJi >r|iivivd la luii* ■ quJIv roulitry tiTc«i: fur. 
Sam IbriMlliiK IlwHurili uf Ilic •ou|E> bctMgui lo toifrt Uuw lu artloilii* u; 
VOtdi al lit: aail dmllT. lifter il><n)[ le lili Wgi Ui uiJitiui ihi> oqdipbd;: la ui 
•hxincnt irecdi. tis ftU Into lb* barnnc. unil hut (xlivp dmuIiaDfouily. 

Ths taakM hS'lns beui RpukcNt. and l[ bciag fuuDd pcrlcctlj' linpoulbl* I* 
«VBk« Hr. rtiftirlsk from lili turpur. ii'iiiu dliniiuiuii liwk |ilM» wbubcr ll 
wmU be b«uct fcr Hi. W«U*f lo nbixl bii mvMr bock affilo, <u lo ItMC litm 
when b* ma* onUl Uwf (iKiald b* oil radf M lelDm. tbe Utl« soufm wu M 
b^lbdMMtioB; SDd u lb*lr ftinb*r rxiwdiliun w» not lo mt—4 an houi^ 
dnatlOD, a«4 u Mr. W(Dwb«(g*d vrrr bird lu tw ooe of Uis [ivty. II hu do- 
HtBlBfdlolMnltr. FMnrlShMlecp In ihcbviovr. audio tail fur him on (batt 
Soairej Iter mnuloarlog Ur. Pickwick MUiInf uoit mmfoiuUj la 

Tk«t Hr. rickvlcfe would bata UDIloai)] lo anor* In Uio ■htd( anUl hla ttfend) 
«*■• kstk. or. IB Mhnlt tbrnof. aotil tti« ihadra of erinlnf had fallen on th* 
taadaaaf*. tttraaHirar* no na»nabla «ui>e toduubt: alvap tiipiiOBlng Uml be 
had beoa m ^rid ismnUa Ilicrn in ja'arii. liiii h<> hm not tDJlvml to iviaala 
Otnlar****- And [bli 1( nlial piirvuln] liiiu. 

CafUla iltfUvlg «>• a Ullle fluiva uiau iu a ttifr black nfi-kmhlgf and blua 
annoaw wbo» ■ban b«<lldoondr«?fudlo walk aboui Ida propcti«. dIU i( in fniw 
{■ar >tUi a lUtk nUUD aiiek nlib a bum rvruie. anil a fanlnnrt and lub-cwdco- 
•c villi MTtk Cua*. towlium (Uiv garilniFn, not Itii- dkk) CapiaNi Uuldwlg 
pvr* bli ordm irltta alldnepwiilpur aod fFraoltj>; for Caplalu llulilm-lc'* wtAFV 
iW li*< lai I Iwl a Dai^li.aod Iliu ca|ilaiii'> liuuxwat atllta.and bli Und 
"p^OBitli' aadlt wuall larjr blali and ■alx''!)' and grrai. 

Hi. rhkwtck bad oot btcn aileep half ao boar, when little Capti^o ItoMitli;. ihl- 
)*w«<l bf tb« t«o (Brdanvn. canv Mridlac along atlkjtai bit <l»and Imponanc* 
■ iwH M hfaai aad. *rbia h* oamn uaar Iho oak-ura, Captain Uolilwlg |«u«l. 
aad 4inr a bwf bnalb. auHaokad U (bo pxMpcM, ai If !>■ Uiuuglit ibr pruipnt 
aa|>| M ba hlllilr (talUlaJ at harlu^ blm to takr doiIdii uf U : ami ihon bo tlrutk 
lb* (TMad Maybatleall)' with hl> lUdi, and (unuDonnl Ibi brad-farduur. 

<■ HWM," aaM Oaplaln Daldvlc- 

" Ta*< itri'aaUi Uia Banlaaw. 

■■ItolKMaMacaliDVatTow Buirativ. Do too baw, Baal?" 

•■ *ad lato Mia Uiat faa k*tv m» Uda plaoa U food onkr. IM pm haaa, 

"Aa4i*a>Bd aa Mkait* ahoart doMaaboat IraipaMwa aad ffrinrKuaa, 
■■daBlbal HrtoTUUiV'iokMplbaMWBMpMplaoat. EM foa bur, IIboi; 

'• I M am fcrvH II. m.' 

" 1 *■■ fvar rantoB. (Ir,* aaM ika otbtr maa, aitraadDf, with hi* haad M 

- W >IL VriKlaa. wbal S Iba BaHai wllk fMl ■ faM Caplajn Buldwig. 

* I taf i«ai pwloa, tUi bai I tUak Oitn ban b«a iri*t*ttm ban l»da<r * 

Cte |IIc&tBl(& 9ipcti 


"Hal"'*!!) Ill* eajHoin. lojwlliig tround Mm. 

" Ym. Air- Thpy hAvP b<«n diulb^ Iiitt*. I thiak. tlr," 

" Wliy.dunn lliclr audikclljl lothcy Iiiiit,~ tBiilCipMInlloMwIi.attlMiBamlK 
■ml fnigmoHli ih«t wcnj«lf«™ upon itio gnu* mti hit cj». "Tbey haso l>r*a 
•ctiiullj itr'nurlng their fLiiHl lion. I witti I hwllh* ncabolidl Iiciv I " (aid tlH 
eatitnln. ciinchlDR tbc IIilvV atlok. 

- 1 nlili I lisU Oil tsicnl'i'iiili hen I " laiil llie mptala wralliAiU]'. 

- It's fonr pBRlan, dr." (alil IVIIUui --bul~ — 

"Bat irliM? EUy roiml tan Mplaini anil, Tntloirlag llin tireld ilanor of 
WllUai, bia <}«i coctfiQntiTrtd the wtacdbnfrow and Mr. HcknlDk. 

■■ Hhom fiHi, fou nucsIP' lalrl llie latpralii. vluiliiiilviiBg ict«nl putH M 
Mr. rkmnDk-* bodr wltb dm Itllck nick- ■■ WhBl '1 jour unma ? " 

"(Mtpuittb."Taiumutrailt. lirkwiFlCM hodink M*l«rp aitala. 

^ WbMF ■ ihwandMl C>i>lalu UoId»<g. 

•■ What 4td be MT hti narav wu ? " uked ihc capuin, 

« Pnseb. I IhlDk. tir," [r[iU('d WUklut. 

" Tbal 'a hi* Impaditicp : chal't blcMiiAiaadfd liiipiiiIoiHivI'nldCapUlDBald- 
wls- " B« *■ «a)r fd^ioit (o be wlMp DOW," aald Ihr uptaln tn a ht^ patdoii. 
'IlaHdmak; b*"* a dniuk*B pUbflan. WhMlliiin aw*}, WUklfu; wlicd bin 
nrar dlrMllj?.* 

"TCliDrcihSillI vlmllilmlo, tlr!* [D<tDin4l*wnklDi irlUifiMtlliBldltjr. 

"WhMlhlinluUKi lMi[I."ni>lltdCa[iUiu BuldHig. 

•• Vfty mt. air," tii Wllkiu. 

■■ Btar." (aid Uia eaptalD. 

miklu ttoppnl ■nnnllnfl]'. 

" Wbxclhlml'* laid Ihiy «p(aln.~" nhfcl lilm to Ihf pouDdi and In a> in 
vbctber be caili Itiimrir l>itui:!i wIidu lie uuioiu (u liliuMlf. He (ball not bull; 
Bia: be ibiJI nnt Inilli' iii* I W1i«<l him ana]' I " 

Xnty llr. I'kkwlck iru wliwlfd In cuiupliaDn with Ihli Itnptrtout maodaMl 
and ibe K'**' ^^■Pl'lB Boldwiir. >w»lli»g nlili Imilgimilan. iirowcdcd od Itli xalk. 

luux7>n.atlb]o WW tbwtnnlihirirnl nf Ihti ILITlt^ pK'lT if hrn llu'j tvltjniiHl. I9 
Bad Lbat Ur. ri-?k*ifk bad dii«p|iMr«d. and taken (be wbrdboritKr hiiii lilin, 
llwai Uiciiiiiii mr^'rloiuaailunaesiiDnUblelhlni that wai ever beaid of. Fora 
bm* man to liati- pit Dpaa hit Irfi •(l(haD( idt prvtlaiii nuilir, aiiil vtiilkeil oO*, 
would bare kc«n nUMr tilnordlDarj' ; but when It nmo to bJi vhtellng a bW'r 
barrv* before bliD. by nayoC ajsuivuirui. ii grcir jKiiltliel)' Tnlraeulon*. Th«r 
varclinl wrrj notik and ^riicT rniinif- logt'lbi'r ant] ■eparati'lj': tbr>' thoulad, 
trhlMled, tiuslied. cnlk>d, — and all nith llie tome retull. Mr, flr^knlrk hu uut 
10 be Taundi and. aflir laiiiD liiiiiri ufliuiilnii iriiri'b. iliey atilvrd at the umvch 
euute coudti^liii. iliat tht^ tniMf gKt huiwy utiSt^uE liLni. 

llMnntblli- Ur I'lckuick bad been wlieeled to llir pfiiind, anil <alii1i| drpiwlli'd 
llMfaln fUl a»Eeeji Eii thewlieelbArr^rn. lu Ebv Iiiiijieii>uriib]e de]l|£ht and intljf^ 
Hod. not oni^ uf nJl ilu' bu)!! lu !':■> •lUngii, Imi thri'i'-fiiuTtlti uf Ilic whole |>o|iula> 
tlvn. who tiH<] jEarhiTi'il rniinO In txjjirEjiIin nf liU waking- jr tlieir Tn[»t In 
traei KrnTlfkallon bad been awakfiied hy leelni; him vberled In, how inanjr 
■undredruld Hal lhr.lrji>f loGi«iu*d.wbnt, 4i1>-r ufew ludlilluet crlci if "Sam I 
h> III lip In Ui» barrcw. and gattd with Indi.'crKuibla' ailoiildi Bigot on tlia facM 
Mtorr blm I 

A (natral ibout wa>. of oiurw. iha ulinal of Iil> barlniwuk* up: aud hli Ir- 
rolini(afTloi|ult7 0f "Wbal't tlMiaallarr' oocaatouad anulbar, luudei Ibao Iha 
dot, If povtlbl*. 


Chi urcBtni BtttUKstt. 

" Hera "i* game l''r(Hind Iht populm. 

" WtwT vn 1 f" nirlHtiDi'd Mr. l>iakirl(ik. 

" Id Iliv pouad,'* rriillpr] tlii- mob. 

" How aunel licre? Wlm wu I doing? WharewM It>raii|bl !hn»f" 

'BaUirls— Cip'^nRuldirl)!." n-u the oiiI]r if ply. 
"J^tmiroGC: "erieil Mr, I'ldEwIcK, " Wtioro 'i mf niruil ? n'b*n< ua af 

"Toil >n1|[cit iio rrlcodi. Ilurnlil " And <>iBn llimenmiialursfp. uul Dim 
■ pulaiu. uil ihi'U >□ ra- ollli ■ (^ otlur Uttin tolWDi at tlie plKfOil dlipotUlaa 
of Uio mBojT'btulcd. 

tl<n> laug tliii loruD idIkIiI liat* IiuIbiI. ot liow much Ur. Ptckolck migtit liari 
*ul1«riiil. 1111 nn« ran Wit, ii»d nol ■mfrlaci', whlsli watiiiMngf^llHytij.taidra' 
It pullod up, f>ofn vh«Dcc (IiorctlMHTiiiJnl oiA W^riiW *nil Sam VTcliori Uic tot' 
luctof wlium. Ill roi-luii ilaii- tlimi li laiit^ !o whii' II. if iml tu tuiul tl. luul uinJa 
lilt nmy In Mr. I'lckwlck'i ildo, aad plit«<l him la ll» vrblot^ Juil w tbn lot- 
ur hail coacludcd Uxo third wid Uil round at a ilDglo cambaC irlUt Uu iowd- 

-'lUiaMtha JiiitlenX" cr|g4 a doMD of ratoM. 

"Ah.ninavRyt<'>aldilr.Well«, Jumping up no tbe boX- *'OlT« IDT con- 
pUmf uU — Mr. VellBT^ eampllmnit* — (o the Ju»W, and icU hlia fie ipoilod 
hln Ih-hIIVi and Ihat, If ha 'II Knt In a sew 'nm, I'll omv back agin lo-muiiuw 
■Dd tpollhlm. Orlrcon. old ftllcil" 

" I 'lliffvu for the poiiiiurnwuifui of an anliin for 6ii» Imprtaoti- 
niHut aguiiiil tlitn cupiulu UuliinlK diracily I gvt to LuaduD," *ald Mr. f inkvidi, 
M HWD a> the carrlagi! lumed oul of (he toim. 

" Wt wtre impaulng. ll toenn." taid Wanlle. 

" I dou-l tare," aald Mi. Plckwlok ; ■' I -11 brtng lb« aotion." 

" No. Jou woo'l," laid Wardlp. 

"twill by"— Ilui. u tlirre wai a liuiDOroui txpruiIoD In Warilte't fMe. 
Mr. rickwickchcFktdliiinx'ir, uiiaialil." tVliy noi^" 

"UcoauH.'iaid old Wurdlc. half bumlnK niili lauKlilei. "bcuutc Ihcjoxlgbl 
turn loundon lomo of iin, and inr ■"' Und lukeu loo mucti cold puaeh.'' 

!>□ wlinl ho would.aamila ^Toiildcdijiqi Into Ur. I'inknlot'i fact; Cbv aiDlla ■■- 
leaded laio a lautli- Ibn lau^h Into a roar, aad the roar bv«uac jrcaeral. btt, to 
keep up thdf sood'huiuor. (Iiey ituppvd al 11m flm njndtide uvum ihty <«iiM 
to. and oidend a glua of brandy and water all round, witli a magnuai of astra 
■Ircugtli for Ml. Samuel ncUor, 

A Buriotij tro'iblo, howevur, ia in iloro for Mr. l^ckwiGk. 
Diorniu);, LU Hervaul IuluOh hint a Idler in n Knui^ bond. 


"IdDUlknowtfalihanil.-Mld Mr. l-lokwlck.opvalirg Ilia Iftler. "Mangos 
•at whai'tthli? II muat be ajeit; it — it — can't b« true-'' 
" Wliat'a the iuatlar^"w8i tlia geurriil Incjuliy. 
"Nobiidy Ui(ir«r"tald Wanlle, alarmed at Um bamr tn Ur. Ptak- 

■Im'i couiilcnniior. 

Kr. I'lclittlcl: iimde no reply, tmt paihlngth* Inttfi acro«> the tabi*. and dHli> 
IngUr- 'IiipRimi tn nwl ii nioud, fWI back la hli obali wiib a look ofTacBoI a» 
loalabm^Dl gulte alariulDji to beliuld. 

Ur. I^pman. wldk a inmbllm Tolw, read Ui( Mtar, of which lb* IbUowlsg li 
• ••Wi- 


etc 9''^^'^ 9'f' 


rwutun CocBt. CduwiA, Aof. WK, m 

fllB. — HiiIOK b.wn In'tmoifdbr Un. ll»nha Uardvll looommdKe m kMloB 
>Cii)ui< yuD fiir a brroeli of pi oinlie of nurrlngo. tot whlcli tbc plalntllT la> ■ licr 
ft»jiiBjfcL> u fkfln'U tmiiilnil ^nfuiiilB. wv bt'g l<i tiiltinii yuit tliit i wtit liA<> bt^n ii' 
ftoe<l o^uintt you In Uil* <utti In thn Cuort of L'ommnQl'IrAti ijidieijuf'dilokQOWj 
ty roturn u( (-Ml, tUa nan* af pxu Utaiaei In LoudoD vita will wscrvl Mnlgs 


V* «r«, «li. 

Tour obedleal terruta, 

Mr. Saamt Ptdcufet. 

Mr. Pickwick Is br eomo timo iDclinul to think tEia ]«iier a Jcik* 
ueiely ; liul be U rcnilailetl or tLe Out, ibnt, on ono occmIoii. he was 
Men wiib Mrs. Uanlcll in bia arm*, cnilcavtfrinj to wotbc hnr nri- 
giiliii. Finding tiinuclf thu '' lictim of ci^cUIDilU>ncc^" nnil nooiug 
tbnt ihc cuo ii likvly to bu a wriaiu oav, bu wcki bin RoUcitar in 
Loixlon, <*bo cogBgt^i lo nrUin Snjeanl SaubUn, nn odvocntu wboi* 
" lit the very top of bis iirofeBinoQ," unJ " lemlB tlia court by liu none." 
Tbe caM i'uuies on iu due llmo -, sud, ou tbo mijruiii-; uf ihu triul, Ur. 
Pickwick, bring eecortoil iuta court, aiuid^ up lu agitatiun, and take* 
a glance ana ad him. 

TlKir wen *]n»il)' a pttiiy larKo iprlnktiug of iptcutuo In Uif fallrrj, ami a 
DQmnraui nu<C*r of ■nuili'niKn in wigt In itiv batiliinri' iput). wbu pi«cuiril. at 
abodTiailttiaiplnHlniBiidHiriuJvo varlciy of noic aai] nliliLcit (<irirlii<th I ho 
baroT KafUadli mluMy cvkliraicd. Sudiuf Ihc (^-oiiIcrii'ii am iiai) got ■ brief 
to tarrr carrlvd It In «■ euuplriiaDt a mannrr ix jiomiblr. and ii«:iiiiluiiu1l]> 
■entdlcd Ibdr Dhp* Ihcmtllh, lo Inipmi ilic fact ojoti: itrvjugli> i>ii tliv ulitTva- 
tlou of Ihf fiwdatort- Other Kcuilejiitii. vhu EliuI tu> brlrfb to ahon, carried 
nailer IbeLr annt fotrdlf ootaToa, villi ami UbrI ticlilatlr and that aDd<r<dan^t^ 
cniii-calum] cover, alilcli !• lectinlukll)' kiionu ai "litvr calf." iltlivn. irha bid 
iw41h*r brtrf ■ nDrb(M>Li. Ibnitl their haciilii lnti» iliuir pnrkvit. and looked ai ^laa 
ai tlitrj could, llie uholf , lo Iho grrmt woinlmneni of llr. liekwivk, were dlvldnl 
loin IIUl* Eruaju. who were cbaitlnf. and dlieu>iiii( Uir nvira iif lb* day la UW 
noil untlwlln(nuinurrpoulble.Ju'tiu if uu trial at all werir oamlnn on. 

A luudery of " Silence 1 " announced the entrauee uf lUe Judge, who wat mewl 
panleularli' iburl.aua (o fut. thai lie leemeij all fiu'v anel ival>i<i'ial. lie rolled In 
■p«n Iwo tlUlv turnmi Iryi; and liarlii^ ttibbisl li> IIk' bar, who bobbed lu liiin, 
pul J*l» imie IrjEE UDderncalh liEi lable» and till lUTlc rbretH^uriieTed liHt ujwin It; 
Lfrn>ailou uit* ilicit tietetriiilblc \n lUu ThkIv tif ihi^ rciurr; nrtd IminedlnielF aler- 
■ronw UiiHirttcll. Ihv plaint In. >iippnrliil by Kn, C'lupplni, her biixmi-frlend 
nunibur one. wai ted luin a drooplue il&le. An cvlra-iifDil itiubn'lla ivdi llien 
landMl In Ijt Mr- UlvIjiou. 4Uda|faL'of luuliu* bf llr. V<*gx (Uoddon aud Fr>fcj| 
ttinjl tbe plslniiir' ■llnriii'yi]. eaoh of whom bail prepared a irm|iatlililnf and 
oiiloiirliiJlf faro fcir tlio oeoi<lp>n. Mil. Koiid.-rt. iwioiii -friend nimitKr Iwo, tlien 
iqipparrcl. li-aitinc In Mailer Uarilull. wlimn <ha plBcvd on Ibe Itaor of llie Duurl la 
froDtof bli liyilerlwl molhrr. — ■ commaiidlnr potlliun. lu wMeb lie oould not 
fell to airakaa lh« •j'miiaihx of bulb Judf* and Jurj. Thli wai not dooa oilhaat 



tit BEtfctdi Bltttinatf. 

•DDildmbIc appotlUna en tho |i>rt a(11iv;ounK KCDllnniin MiDtvtr, wbo hk4 
misxI'tnKi lUu Iiii bclnH filaccdlu tliilUlI glare of lUv Judnc't eit iriuualj' mfur 
tun) iiiEliKla 111 litx Ix'liig ImniMllaldy ardfii'd attaT for 1ii»laiil I'XKiullou. 

'■lUDfarlliv plnliiLllT. my lard," ••Id Mr. 6c[}cuil Buinii. 


Mr.sklmpln lKrHr[),|i> Inllmut* tbH ti« «•>■ 

" I B|ipcu for iiic licfnutlnot. injr lar<l." lald Xt. asijeiuit Saubbla. 

CoiTBT. — ■' Xu] iHiily H [til JOB. BraUiu Snubbln ) '' 

•'Mr. rButikr, mjlord." 

CounT, — "Goou.» 

Ut- ^klmgilii pmwiinli'il iv " ap«a th« CMC i " and Ihv tata appMnd to ban 
r«; IlIllF luilde li wbia lio bad op^wd It. for lie li:|il lucli parllnlan a* tw ku» 
Bampltlcly to lilinicir. 

S«r]T«Dt UuiTdi tbsn nun sllli all lh« majMlr and dignUy irhlsh the (ran oa- 
tun of ths prDtHdinKi demaudrd. aud hailiig i>!ii>|>rr*dt<>I)iid>cin.aiidc<i(ifttml 
brlaflf Willi Fu(g. palt«l hln guwn oirr hli ibuuldm, wiijisl blolg, aod ad. 
dr»**d ilin Jnry- 

Sci'JiMLiil Bu^fut ba^taii b/ aaylns, Mial oorai. In dm wlxilo ainnr at 1il> prufba- 
•lonal exirtrituw, — n»r«r, ftnin tbi- t»rT iitil mommi pf hln appljloj binmilf Is 
the icudyaiidpranlja orihclniv.liad he a|>[iFoacli«l a rate nitb (uCb a bca>y 
■ruicaT tborci|ioiii[bl!ity liiiiiuiuil ujhiu IiIiii.— a i*ii[iaiiuibllll)' tin cuuld u>v*r 
hnio (uppurivd. wvtv lio not buoyed up and aunalnrd by a mnvLcllfln. lO iIinnK 
tholliiLiiiouairdto poilUro ccrlaliilj. liial Uie «auu ofiniib and Juitln. fu.In 
othnrnfimii.tliiK'.auJin iif ti1> iDiisb-Iitlurvd and raoat-opprwMd olloDt. aiut pr*- 
Tall wlib Ibc litjEh-udndcd Kud iQLeUlgvut dofcnof mta wbom he doit i4W la that 
box bofure liim. 

03uii>i:l al»ar> bugin Id thli waj. bManic It putn Ihii Jury an Iha b«l t«nn« 
with Ibemvrlret, and makci tbeiik think yrlttU iharp felloivi thry mutt be. A vikl> 
Ut bSVicI wu DRHltiwd InHDedlalilj ; (rrtral JuiTmtD brglaatoc to lak« niluBt- 


" You liarn bnrd fhiin my Inunvd frltnd. |nitlnn*n.'* ouitlnaod Saijaaal 
Umnii. nrlt kiiovlDg. tbii. tniu the Icariiod filcnd alludrd I«. tlir fgnilMnnn of 
thr }urf bad lu-nnl milUlu); at all, — -you liuto hrunl from niy Inarncd Mrnd. 
C>inilnnitn, ihai ilila In an afllnn for a bmob of prniatji* of inarrlafa. to wbkib 
tJi« daiaogi^i arc laid ai odc ibau^aud (it« buudird pouodf. Bat pMi har« nol 
hvard from iriy ■■'arunl fHcrid. Iimmmrt-b mt U did not oamr wtlhia my lDan>«d 
rrirnd'i provUi«c <o 1(11 you. wbai art the fbcla and climni*tanMv of thl( oaa*. 
TUOH fluli aud clrcuioiI*ii«u. )[>iiili'mi'ii. yuu •lull bmr dFinilrd bji ma. and 
prrji pfl t7 rb" uiilmpr^chablc f^tualc vbom I ^111 ptai:«< la ITiat b<ix b*n>r* yui- 

" Tbc plainlLIT li a wldovr; yn. (eadfairn, a widow. The lal* H(. Ilardi'll, 
aftoF Diijiiyiiic (lir rnniiy yean Iha I'llixn and nJiilidi'iiRC of bli io<n*lgn. at one 
nribc p^aiuiuDi of liij royal nncnu». Rlldrd alinmt ImpRrvpilbly friim tb* 
Korld lo icclt oUowber« for tbal rcpote aud (icaeoivblohaoietaiD'houte AUMrcf 

TlilJ nu apathuilfidojioFlpllon of I be dcocAie of Mr. BardeM»t*ho had bnu 
ICSockod on tliL^ bcBil ^rllh a qtjan-pot Iti a pnbll■^-!]1m<^ ''vllar. 

"Sningtimir btfon> Mr. Uanlcll'i dpatb be hadilamix'd liti llViwu npon a lit 
deboy. Willi llilt lllLjD bi»v. Ibe only jiledge of her departed eiicl«eman. MrL 
AarJwII KliTdnk from iIm< wurM.mid eotitful tlip ruil'i:mtii1 and (raiuiullllry uf Qua 
>wll Strret : and here ill? placed !a ber frnnlpnrlnr wuidovt ■ wtltien plneurd 
•nulnfrUili liiierliitloii : - ApHrimonli t^imUlied for a ilngle Keulleman. Inquire 
vlUiln.*" Her* iinijeanl tlucAii pauiwd, whit* terrral Eiiiitl»iDBu of Iha Jarf 
MoR a Dolt Of tbe dacument. 

eti« <i((&toic6 viptt*. 


>TlMn ta BD ilBis to (bM, l> Uiere, *lr r" inqalnd ajuror. 

"Tlien U nodntc. {r°iillsiiii'ii; but lam luxniBlnl to ajr iliat It wan put iDtbl 
plklntJITf par lor -window }iifl( thli lime llirpe yuff. Kow I cblrvuE thv Htliintloa 
nf tbojury to Ujc wunlinjfaf thU dKumrMC : - Afdnjji''Eit< flimULvd l^rnjltjjflft 
ftiBllnniui'T 'Mr. Iliml'-IJ,* «lit tllp vMow, — 'Hi, Oirili;!] wiu a man of houar; 
Hr. BaidFlI wu a man arbli W4nl: >[t. Bktilvll niw iioilcinWcr: Mr, llMnhtll wh 
One* & Ahiiflt j[i-itijvmui hiQstIf; In uliiflt ^mlemL-n | jilmll [prrpi^tuarjy t«* 
•ofnMhlnK to rtml Dd m* of (rhai Ur. BuJcil wh whfu ht flnl tvoii luyyuiiiif 
uut <iiiir[«l aHMUoai; to Ai1iuiIcitvi>ilciiiiin>hulliiii'Io<lKhii;>I''' M.' ActuUad 
bx tbiA bcttLilful uid WiuGhInc loipului (iu»i(i]^ ih" Ih-^C Impii[*f4 <>r 'jqr IviprrANM 
Biuire. fvnllrmcn). Uif diiDlatc widow drfoil bor Iran, fimilibcii Itci llrx lluar. 
au|1ltbvrlulIunwtbu)^tl>ll«l^■Wro■l bomtn-And putlhrtiUI op In IiTpuIur- 
vtndow. Did li rtmiiLn Itiifrclonji ? It». flc^rotbo bill hod been la Uip parlor 
aladtw ibrce dar*. — tbm dttjt.fonltomon. — abclugvncl njiun Iito Ipfi.iwd 
boarlofl all tboontntilMimlilnnD* ora DM. Bul nin ofa monilvr, kniwkcd Bt 
lln. lUrdell'i dtni. lie laiiulrrd withlu: bo took Ui« toOglniti ; uut on tbcHrr 
next day III «at»rell lata pouatlaa of than. Tbla nan wa* llakvlok,— rtsb 
<rfc<lb* drfi'nilBiit," 

Hetjcaui Itujfut livrK pinind tar brvaih. Tba ollmra •woki' Mr. Jnillta Star*- 
Iflfht^bn ImmMJalplT *Totpdoini fomrlblnc wllh a prn wlrboui anvink In II, 
did looked uDuiunll)' [irofouud. to luiprau ilicjury wlili tlio Uiticr tbal Iwalwaj* 
tlinilfrllt mtint divply vllb bit ^7** thut. 

-or Dilimaarlekiilok t will laylliils! Ibo lubjcol preienu bat IhvBttrB^ 
tlona; atui !< f*(tilrtnnn. am not lliii ntaitr nor art fnv, iprnti'^-mm. 1^e nvo. todd- 
Ufbt In tbrmntrm pill ion of rvvoltln^ heart IcHoeu and oftriiemaile viilany.^ 

Herr Ur- TickwlclL wiioiuid hvnti wrltliic^f in •livno*. guTp a tEuIchi atart^aa If 
•oniniaftii>hh«orauauilliiE Srrjistnl Buifui, In the aujcuit pr«i«noo of JtiitlM 
and lav, lunrpMed Ilxlf la hli mind. 

"I »ay 'n^'^'niilic ti!Ian>'. ir<'n[li'mir.D,''iiHld Siirjfant EtDifVix, looking Ihrouj^li 
Mr. rickwick. and talklnjt al lilm: " nod, when I lar 'Xflematii! vllliuij', ler me tell 
thr delbndaac. lickwlek. — If he bo ia rourl. M I am [uforinvd ho li. — thai li 
WDuldhivabHniBorodi-iwnt In hini. more bpoomloS' lo bf<tter Jadfineiil, and In 
tctMr Mn», If hv had (lopped away. 

"lAmibov f ou. (cmlcnien. tial, forlwii rnn. rick wlrJi con lino i~d lo rf*Idt. 
«l(hiHilliiWrnipl)(inar IntrnDlulon. at Xrr UDrdFll*! houxe. I 'hnll •KowTn, 
that on nkaoT ovuuloni he Eive batl^nw. and on lonte ofvaJlons cTm pixpvnnai 
lOhir Utile boyi and 1 ihall (itote lo jou. by a tilmeia »hote trtiltnoii)' It 
will b* Inipu*ilh1« ttti my Ixame'L frlrii'l M w«<alc?Q or egntmrfrc. iliat, on ono oo. 
oaaioD, he pal[4-d the boy on the bead. and. after inffultln^ whetlier he hod won 
aayufliv '•"'' « artiimtmrgt Uidy [1»>tb of which [ iind<-nlaud lo lir a jmrtlciiiar 
•paclaa of martiiat niueh prii^l hy ih" youth oflbti town), mnd'- une of thin rr- 
BBTkable «KpF*Mt>a: 'Ilow itiouid you like to have another lather?' 1 thall 
prov« M you. gonllamen, on IIih iinilmoiiy «( Ilinw uf lili own filcndi. ~-ina>it 
VSwllUnjwltniiMa*,g*nll«ntin, nio't ntawDlinff wltniiaiiffi. — that An tbal nunw 
Uf h*WM Mttotma bylhem hohllnK the pinlBIUT In hi) omu, Btid taolblnn ber 
agitation by Ui etivitri and cudi'iirineoii. 

" And now* cnllmnn. but onv wnrd fnnrr. Two lf<tl*r« bai* po-wd bfilw**ii 
tfame partlee, — ielten vr^ich are admitted to be iD the handwrltinf; oflEiedel^nd. 
tni. I^t mil mA ilif flmr — 'i-larrawayx rivrliuoVliK*. Deaf Mr«. »- — tainpt 
and InntlO'iaooe. Yonrt. ricKVK'it.* Uenllcmen, what doei tbi" meanp 
rbi<|iil Draeloui branna r oadiuinaiu-uiuccl Geullcucn. ii the Iiapplueu of a 
•■■■■ttti and coDlldlnR f^mala lebt Irlfled Bway bf *IHIU •Dallow arttu™* M Ibns I 


Clic Btckeni SIdlonaKf. 

n* nnil bM BO d*l« whalmv, wlildi lj In lualf •u'plcton*. ■ Dmt Mn. II., I 
ihtll not be al homo UU UVDamir. lilow OMCh.' And then roUowi tlili tetf rt> 
mtrkalile eipmilgn. 'Daa't iroublv jwanrlf abaut the ■uuitng^piui.* Why, 
(foUtiun. wtio line* traabli blowvlf olKnil a wvuiliic>p*n ' IVIiyli II r< UanJrL 
•ocanitMlrcmmintaot Wanlulc hrrtelf about Mill warmlnji'iiiku. uaJ«i It li. 
MlaMcnUtobt, ameMBurarfbirhltMrn tirg. — ■cnvf 'uli'tlliiic (i>r auinii m- 
dftulpf wonl or prambv, >frH«blf to a pncoDottitLl pTilfin pf corfT"iinndpD0F, 
•Mlbllf eoDirlTCd br Plokvlck ti'lib a irluw lu iili oi>mcmplaiHl ilueniou. tai 
wblcb [ ain a<«[ Ln acvntliilcn lo txpTaln? 

" )jnnuin<if Ibis. MrcJlvDl'abopci bdU proipoctJ ar* rnlDod. Dot Plokwltb. 
iratlaiacn.— llDkniflk. ibc rulbJni > ilntKrf u of Mi doniHilo oula In Iba Simat 
al Uxiwdl &ic«i. — riokTlck. wbo luu elmlitil up ibn mil. uid Ihravo Hlte* ok 
Uiaairanl. — Pldkiriok. wbn eoin™ b^tori-j-ou lo-ivr "lib Ui hivrllui lomaia 
Ma«t and <rarniIO|f'piiii. -- I'lolnrivk iilll rear* hli bead nllli unbluihln^ 'ITiOD- 
Mfy, mil gam frlthout a itgb on Ibi' nilu bn bai tuado. Duiuagei, (teaileiaeii, 
|ia4T)r daiiiBgv'. an- lEio only pucitvliTatral rirlLh whieb juu cau ritil him. Iba ontf 
reooiDprme jDii cau award [a mf cUcnl, And for tbtHV damij^' abp nnv AjFp^ala 
li>aiica!Ij[liicucd, a blgb^mladfNl' ■ r^gbi-lteliDj|» a eoiualooUoui^ adWfAuloDa(a, 
a 4yTupatb^xliig. a conlQCDpUtivA ]ury of ber cltLlJiod eoimEfririDU." 

WUbibUb«iaatl(U|i«roraiiaD. Hr.&etleanl UuifUa Mt doim, and Ur.JuitiM 
Gtaivlolgb woka np. 

" Call UUnbrtbClapplai," Mid 3p>]nuit DDifiu, cUog a mlnuln aflnrwarda, 


"DajTB" nooUasl. Un. Ougiiilui. '- da roa nealleol being In Hit. Oardell^ 
task on* pair of Main ou udd {lartlcular marnlog la Jul; latt. wbea tba wu diul- 
Its n«k«um opartmnBi r " 

"In. my lord anil J utr. I do." 

"'Itr. Hokolak'iiliilDg.ruoamathannl-flWrftOBt, Iball*T«F' 

■' Vm, I[ worp, tlr." 

OotliiT. — " Wbni orrt j-on doing In Ili« back-room. ma'aBf 

"Uy lunt and Jury. I Hill not dvotdTi- yoo." 

OuttnT, — - You bad brder nul. ma'am." 

"TiiBi Ibsn uobikuuiTii ti Mn. Ilanlcll- I badb*enoDt wllb a IIIUb tiaikal. 
gcnilemoo. lo bur tbn>e pnnnd at ird kldnny poriallM, which km Uuim ponod 
lapponM ha'penny, whcD I icb Mrt. BanluU'i (Iratl ioot on Ux Jar." 

CODtT. — - On (lie trbnl I" 

" ronly open, my lord." 

Court — "SboaaldoQiboJw." 

"tt'iaii tbi-uEaa,mTlo(4." 

Tbc Utile Judi* looked AmMAiI. and aald be M make i note of It. 

"t i>,Juit loia; good- mo ruin', uid mem In a pennticuooi 
nannrr iip tlair*. and Into Uiv hatk-room. Cocllnnpii, tbtro waa ibe lound at 
i^leMln tlie n'ODl'Iwnn. and" — 

" Audfou llilcuful, I bcllcrn. Hn-Ouppl»r* 

" UfCfln' Toor pardoo. ilr. I KOuJd •ODrn tb« luutlon. Til* TolMa vai TM7 
Voudk til. and fi:>rctd tbrmncjvtt upon mjr rar.^ 

■* TCclI. lln. Clii|i|ilni.)uu wtreuul lltMulng. tiot fOD btaiil tlistolou. Vn 
aasar IhoiB riilor* llvktrlck'i ? " 

■• were, ilr." 

And Un. Clapiniu. aftrr dlallnnly ilallng Ihal Mr. Dckntrk addrciH'd blmialT 
la Mr«. tlat^plli rrpraitd by tlof drgrrr*. aud b* dinl of iDaoj ijuviiloni. lb* 
wammJou ibn bad Iiiard. IVlildi, like uaoy oibw tunnrMlloiu nixawd ■• 


Kit 9ftK1i>[ck Ifitfttt. 

Jar MwU draiinnmiCM. or. ludrrd, Ijkn tnany Qllwr omrinBtloM npMlvJ niidit 
tnr f~nm**nT~'j vu pf tlix xmnllfit tK»->IMn Impiirr^nnr Ld llattf 

Un. Clapplaa. bavlnf biokcn liic l». ibnugbi It ■ fi'onbla ii[i|xtrtiiii<t;r Ibr 
tmirj\ng Inlii ■ *h<trt iliaitrrEdtifln ou her tiwu dumcaUo Lmftirn : m ubiT «IriilRbt> 
timT prococd^ to intoitn tlw court that ah? vb4 Ibv toother of cLj^tii ^Udrrd Al 
Uat ptKKiit ijifaliitig. uidtlial ■he«uiertiiiiicdoi>ufldciiluptc(Uioiu of prr»nt- 
ln( Kr. Cluppliin with ■ titaili •a>RirwJirr<i nbaai Ihat ■la;' gU iDOnllia, Al Ih<* 
^lai*cwllnKpoIii<.t)icllltl«Ju(Ic«liilrii>o«*d nott iTMciblf; ■ad tbo w«nh; la<7 
*» tikaD mil uf court. 

" Kalhaiilrt Wliikin I " tald Mr. Rkimplii. 

"BcrcV" Mr. Wloklc Fi)lfrr>l tbg vJiuOH-boi, ud. h>i1n( brtu duljaww^ 
tMt*il lu Itin Juilt^s. wlio ackimnleilj^ ihc witi)>llu>Mil bfttjlag,— 

COUUT. ^— "IMin'I look at met. hlr: luok at Ihr jury-* 

Mr. Wluklc obeyed the inaadalr» and looked al tbepJaoe vb«v hB tbougbt Iba 
Jofj luighl be. 

Ilr. Wioklc m* Ibra raaroliiMl br Mr, dkltnpln. 

^^Ko«r, ttr, bavti tbeffoodneti to l?t bl» lordsblp aad Ibe jury knov wbat toot 
BKUoli; *lll TOD?" Mr. :^klm|'lIl iiicUueJ bli b»iluu uue nbk'. and IMnun] olib 
fnai ihariiorH for tbe ananvr, oa If Id lnip]j thai be niher tbou())I Mr. Win- 
kl*"' nalaml tttiu Ibr perjury nwM Induce bim lo |It« lome naoio wbldli did bM 
••Ionic to kira. 


OuiTRT. — " Har* 70a any Cbrlitiao aame. ilr?" 

" Nubftniel. ilr." 

OOCTRT.— -'HanlE], — anr other □arac?" 

" Kachanlel. ilr. — mj lord. 1 mean." 

Cornr- "KalbBDiclDaiilcl, or t>an<el NilhanMr" 

- Kd, lajr' Nalliaainl ; nui Doalel at all." 

Covur. — " What did you tall m* It ni UbdIsI Ibr. thm, ilrr* 

" I dia u't, mr iMi.'' 

Cot'Hr. — "You dlit,ttr. How eoold I hait got Daniel on my nolaa aalwa ptn 
loldme 10, alrf " 

" Mr. niDklr hai ruber a ihort ini>ninrr. n>T '"^ '• *• •lull Had ummu lo m> 
tmh lltH'Tuni we haic quite doue wJi)i blm. I daceiar- ItOiriSr.Wlakla.Ulctid 
lome. If ]rou ptfv«e,>lr; and 1*1 mn rrciimirjcad ;on tobaCBr*ftil. Iballvnjn 
arc a particular friend of riokwlek thpdpfrndanc; are you not?" 

-t hare knuiru tir. FlakaScli uoir, w itrll at t rtcolleot ■( Iblt moncot, 

"Pn^.tfT. Winkle, da noicTadelheqiwatlon. Ai«7an,orw«rMiiwt,«iii^ 
Itenlai friend of Ibe defendniil** f " 

' I waijuat about la tay tlutl" — 

'- WIU ywi, or wUi you iKtt, answer my quatUon. tlrf* 

COCST.—" If T«u dont anivier tbe queitloD, you 11 be commltlcd to rriMm, 

"Tat; I am." 

"Yh: yon are, Andeould at yoaatyUwt atsBoa, ilrr Fnlufa too kno* tba 
flalailflloD! Rb.Ur. Winkle ?" 

" I dont know bn; bat I 're »«■ bet," 

"Ohlyoadon'l knovher; but you Ve imb b« F Kow !■■:•* (h* loadnaia to tall 
Ji* gralleiDta uf Uie Jury wba< you mean by fAot. Mr. Winkle.'' 

" I iMAa lliai I am nnt hirlmatr vrltli brr, but llial I bare ttcu btr wbca I \ 
<• aU oa Ut, rtctiilck In Goawell btiHt." 

M Kit XKckrns Bltlf*iiai|. 

'* tloK <in*o lAn yea *MS htt. ilrT" 


"T«s. Mt. 1VI«UCh-~hD«aA*iiF I 'D Np*a( Ub qnation (br rro ii doMa 
IkBM tf fOB rvqttin IL tir.' 

Ob tbU qoMtn Iter* anm Ibt cdl^tac tnmtmktliii: cuiiainur on tuot 
fotaM. rinicf an. Xr. Wlaklc«aldk«wqailalmpii»lt>lvfbr IiIid Io hi lioif 
MMr Uhh h* had •«■ Hb. BuML Hm he ■» mkcil If Jic bud ircu lir* 
l » « M y Unw«i l» whh* W H|ilt J. " Otmtely. — mon Ilikii Ilml." Ilii-a Munii . 
■Aad BWtttrtohad al tMa b*r a hamlrcd tlmvii whnhrc tic wnM u'l ■■lall 
thUbetadMtmWraaralbaadftj-Ilnwiiiihfibei hi did ntkuUH' Ilial !<■ haff 
■cm IWT at IcaM wnatf-At* UnM*; and to Ibnli. 

-' Pnj, lb. Wiakit, *> jvt r itmU r wiling on tha dcftndaot DdnrUli. it { 
ttcM ^MMiwli (■ (ba plaMUt^ Insm In Cunctl 8U«c(, on ona partloitat 
■aflat ■■ t^ iHMk tf Jalf latlF" 

~Triiajiiaaiw|aal>ilnhlhainnraitiiiibji afilirnlinrrtii naim of Tupnua, 
■■JaaiiHii iiflhi »■■■ iif rnirnlpaii r- 

•Tail IhKT a>«,"laolclnf T«T*VMa(l]r Waardi Iha Spol arhua hli MfDib 

naj Mind Mnw.lli. inakk. nad anar mind jmir frirnda." vltii u<oi- 
lMtBllke>f7< ■- Thar aun Ian tMr iMriii ivluiuul aiiy piKvionimn- 
faa.tfMMhMJMUk«aptMt''(anol[ii'Tl()okatlhcJHry]. "Xotr, 
of Ibtjor; wbal ;oa laic on caictlng tUs di-n<iiduii'a 
aa iMi partiayar BanUag. Cotav. uuimtti It, >1r:trcmu>iluitt ii •ooner 

nr MtatMl, Kr. rkkwMu wai haldini ih* plalnilir Id bli arm*, wiih hb 

ih |1a1iH~ir":'~"^l^'""* *l>two>v<1 <u !'■••■ folulvd aw*;." 
IM jaa baa *t **«daDl aar HJ thlas ? " 

IMwdhtaadlbLSarMI a (ood omtoNi and I heard lilin n>k h«( la 
•wiatata aUaaUoa il uai irau}bo>1/iliuutdiuiDi, — or *onU 

-X««. Mr. W1aU»t I ban dat; sac more qufitlon loaikyou. Will ; dd annrf- 
tM* M>*wr*al Pfcfc» Icfc >h» ikfr mliml did nul uj'.on ibe oocaelon In ijuat- 
M» ■1^4M«liif,Bw4aa,T«a'n*gvadnTatar*iwnpo*eriHir*flf taiUatl^ 
lMa„>jl l» Ihti iliaallni jiia nuilcomc,' — orwordi la ttal aObct T " 

-l—IMklaaAwaMadUaiiomnalatT- Iwaaan llio ttatrcue. and eauld 
k^ hMt **MH! : tk* lH*Mial*« WW ■*»>>>" - 

-WiUlalliMaaaf Ifca V»T waal a«M af Iha tmprtuEou on jroariulnd, Ur. 

W^h h . ll i H» 1 rtn- -r-tl *- -f r" ^ 1- Tr-TT" tmllhtlhrwanl man. 

Vm HH Ml a* aMkoaat 1^ dM al dbtlacUj haaf ; bol foa will not twnar UiM 
VMi««!«MMlMM*>Maf llM«(fi«aalen I hwra ^uMdr to I andcnund 


•>Tw Mr >M** Ik* tax. air." 

TtMT l^ifMaaa aad An^aMa 8M%M>i «nn mttallraallad Inia tha aox. 
Wtfc « ■«»>««•*** t>*«l«*li > r«ttk«te Mk ilt T M»nd; and aachwai drivFol* 
itew^iitl»a|Wlh»V "" "*'»fc«<r '< n f . 

MtMkMb AbAmbm* IhM aallvl aid axaBtoad bj anjm-i Ouifbi. uj 

Um i wLH i w I V'nl '--■■'-'- UadahrarantM and bcCcvcd that nek 

MXuaMwlan TIti ^rtrH KarvUiallln. Bardtlnbrl3«BD(acnlMl-K« 

8Bt {IfckHtcIt liaptc*. 

»IA wai OrtiDurnal toiiln cT o'arr-'Moa In Ilia Dnlcbborliood afMr tin ftloUng 
la iolr. Uid hranl Il-rkulck iik Ibv llltlv boy how li« Fbonld tlkvlshiir anoili 
■r fallin. bid uol knao tint Mn. BwdcU irw M llial Uue ktaplug oimiiaiif 
arlth Ib« bkkvr. but did know tb il (III bitkr'rRiu tlian ■ iilni;lii man. »n4 U noir 
murltd. Tbanjtht Hit. Kardcll IklDittl aniTcip Ihi moraine lu .1 uly , broania 
Flckxlek wknl Iicr Uniune Ilia <!•)': kurw iIio,t ihe (Hiiucii) fnlnlea fnhfnau* 
illwlirh^a Ht. Sandar* Mkvii Afr to nuiitf tlip fU;r.iuicl tx-llprrd It^at tdjtwttj M 
c<llc4 bcntl/ > Iidf WDBid do Ib« (aoir uudirr tlmllnr clroimtianctfl. During Iti* 
l*riod of bar keapto) aompuiy ttliU lit. )iftadcr>. •iia lind T*«cli*d luia-lulun, 
tika otbtT laJlpa- In tba oitmo of cJintr i»rr«'p<indMiM Mr. ^BtidBrt hu3 oJtOB 
cillvd twr m "duck;" but ha hod oavci akilnl bar *'oho|iii^ nor ^al "loruftUK 

&«](ml Buiftii noir rote wllh mora IinporiancatUikD ha bod 7*1 exhlbltelt.U 
Ibsl war* puiilblr. Slid lalil. '-Call SunuK] U'rtkr.'* 

llws* •jalla nnni-coHaiT (o nil KamuH U'ttlfti hr SianatX Wtlln iMppNl 
Idio ibaboi tliv luiianl blinimo iru praaoua«d: aud pladD( hi* liu on lb* 
floor, and bliarnifOTi lb* rail, look a blrd'A-0^ tioworiha bar ami a anmprabi^i^ 
dTviBtvar odbabaDBli. nltb a remarkably Aaaifiil and IlTtl/ aipad. 

ConKT. — " Whal '• jroiir Diaii-, •trt" 

■■ liam Walltr, mr lord." 

ComT. — "Doyou tprlllt mllha'V.'or tdllia-W'?" 

*' Tliat dvprndi npon itirU'luaud ttinej ntltm •prllT. my tont. I unrr had 
MCMlonloipallllmorethaDoaaor twKclaniflircibut IiiHlliUwlttia'V." 

Unaarolt* In ihv enllt'ry Txelalmtd. ■■ Qiilta right loo, i^iualral ; qolM right. 
P«(ll4oirnBiTr. mflonl. putlcdoBD aw«." 

CocTKT. — '' Wlio Ulbal wIiodar*> toaildtaii llic court? Uibcr." 

■• Yw, in* lord." 

CornT. — ** Bring thai ptnon bar* Indaoil;.'' 

'' YtJ,piy lord-"* 

Uul, ■• (lie O'brrdld nt Dnil Ibn jH-rfon, hadid n't brinihim; and,iftarat|T«U 
oofomoiii^Q. hII (ha people wbo had got up to look for tha culprit lai down agalti. 
T^o lliile Judg« lumad t*} ilio wltuOM a* *oou a* hit Indlgoatlun would allow him 
to tpfak. and (aid. — 

Contr. — "Doyoa know who thai wm, air?" 

*■ I rajihar lUBprat U vat mj thitivr. my lord." 

Oouirr. — "Do TOO n'c lilm here now?" 

S*iB ttartil up iDlotUg liuiturn lu Ilia rnofoflh* eourl, and raid, ", 
mr lord, 1 rant nj that I dU a«« hicn at Hir pratani motnanl." 

CnUitT, — " If joo could baia polniad bitu out, I oouhl baro HOI him to Jail 

Sun bond bit ackaowlfdginanta, 

" Kow. Mr. troUer," laid !>arlcanl Buiftu. 

•How, ilr." . 

'' I Mlrra jna arc Id the htvIc* at Ur. llAwlok. tha dtfbndanC In tUa ui*. 
tpaak op. IT joa plolat. Ut. Waller." 

" I naaa lo apaak op, *li. I ain la the larrtni o' that "ara gto'l'mao, and ■ 
««rr foo<l atrrloa It l> " 

" Llltb to do. and plenl; lo gat. t luppoia ? ■> 

"Oh>,]tilit rrnoiigli to gal, air, « tb* Kildl^r aa'dfCD thaf ordtrtd Mm thfM 
nndrcd audDft^ laiLaj." 

OotiBr. — "Yoa muit nol lall oi whal tha tiildlar nid, antaia Ilia aoldtaa li 
a onrl, aad li txamlna d In the uiual wa; U 'i not cvldenoo," 


> OtCD up tb* 

I ttajr fA "BB ual of 
I «lt ^ D«bW* tka onrt bjr Mkliig bin 

^^ ^___ n BiMfc*!!*!' nl"-'- " — >M didal 

tf MB. aartril «*f« Itri, k n« pufWtr «•«( 

eti l)EchiB((k 9»fttM. 


Hr, Plokwfil OKI wrong, bid. If Uiojr lliou|th( ILif cvliltnn of Un. Ctupplni woe 
Itg'arandrnn'.llMy womld b«llrr* II; mhI If tli'-)' <ilJ n't. wliy, lliey wuuld iil. 

TbeiafT Uita KEErcdlil Uitlr prlTttr room tot^kUic roatltroTcr.Bnfiltir^Judjr* 
iMlrnl M Ui prInM cuom U> mlVali bliniil/ irllb a uiulloii-cbop and a glaiu of 

Ao aPxloBninnrt^f of ai tnmr*la p wd; Uiajtrf caniit bade ; and tbft Judg* WM 
&40he4 La. Uf. l*lolEwlflk pui od hla vpootaoln. and ffOAT^il at Ihn furoniaa. 

" <}<iiiMeui>.-n, an jauall agmd u(hiu yout vrrdiol?" 

■■ W» BfT." 

"Do Tou and for llii plalDtlir, KcntlameD, or for ttia defiudBiitf" 

"Forlht fiuiulitl-" 

"With Willi dirmi4"t, irrnili»(n"ij>'' 

" &«v«a liandrcd dad fll\r poundf ," 

llr. Pickwick touk ulT lili ii|>rL'iaclH, eaKfltlly «l(><4 Uia (laaaaa, Ibldad lliin> 
lata tilt «aM. and put ilivm In l>l>i iWRkot; Iboa liiHug drawn oa til< Klniim wltn 
|TMl ■1«M)'. and lUrcd at Uie farfmao all tlii wbUi, ba mcoluuiicaltjr fuUuwcd Ur. 
P#rkr<r and Iha Mitn twg uut of cimrl- 

Tlirr tmpprd in n ilil»-ranm wbllg rvrkrr paid tlia moRiAm: and hrrr Ur. 
Plokwiek wu JainiMl by bli l>lcnds. Ben. loo. ba «n«MialarMl Uuira. Dodioa 
and ^"tg. ruljtilii|f tiirir Iiafidn wLtU nyary 1'>kaa of outward aatlB^ollon- 

■■ Wrll. KonlicmoD." Hid Ur. Ili^wlok. 

" Wtll. ilr," laid Dodion. for (clf and parliwr. 

■■ You luaglnt ]fou 'II fvC yont anla ; don'i jnii. gsDlIeniRi ? " tald Mr- I'lekwlek. 

Tots ■■I'l "fy l!>nu(b( it rallicr pcobablci and Dodaon ■lailad. and aald (Iwr "d 


" YoQ mav try aad trv. aod Irj ajcnlji^ Uc44ra, I>or]toD a'ld FoGf." tald Ur, 
I*lck«ick ir«bfriivA1iy: "but nut c>ui> furlliLnji: of eatli or daniAjfei di> yuuavor fflt 
from Ar*. If I tpviid Ilia r^rC ttf m/ otlfltdnca tn a dDblor'i prLpton.'* 

"Oa. hal" aald DiNboo. ■• jaa'U tbink batter of Ifaat bffoia OFXt Icrm, Ur, 

''Ita.tia, hat w« IImou am* aT^notthaL. Hr, P^kwlrk." grlnnnt Pau- 

SpHcbl»a with ladlcnatlon. Mr. llckwtcik allowed hlmnrlflo bo l«t bf hlaaoll- 
dWr aad IHoodi I4 Ibi'danr, aud (licru oiilitud Into a liacknai'OiMwli. wblcb bad 
bamArtobvd rTibK piirpnMii by thi^ <ivc<r-waiclif^il Sam tVfUir. 

Saia had put up tb? *I<^p>. and wa9 prpparlnir To Jump oa tbo boK. wban ba fyll 
UratHf gvndy UincbcHl do EUv vbotUJi'r; and bis IkEbvr iluodbufuro biui. 

"iSamlTvl. til* BuY'nur iiiiilu ta bnvo Iwun E^tDd with aall'ibl. V* cot Tain 
TUdJpark otT 0' tbac 'trc uiaQ<lnii];bicr (Ibat como of bard drlvlnji}) Tlth a alleybl. 
ran all Ilia big ^Ig* to a wan i>a!d jl» nuiblujf «iuld a*l mva bim- I knciw'd wbat 
"at ramao'thla bar* war o' doln' blinlH. U Haiaoir, Samtoy I *7 wom'tibaraa 
aUcyM ; " 

Mr. Kckwick iticles to his Jct»?rmi nation, and Rw-a ti> prijon. Sim 
Wi'ltcr, il*3f>erate at being nepiRilwi Irom liti uiaBter, borrows twenljr. 
Qre [KiitnilK of his fiither, wbom hu geu U> an«at hlin for dubt, and 
K> t<A\o«t Mr. Pivkwii'k. 

Mo«sr«. Do(l«on and Fogg, hitving gut a tognoeit IVum Mm. Bardell, 
tfifT ili«i trial, for tlie amoiinl or uotca, bf r^raMnling thnt it was a 
gtts<i inaltcr of Ibrm, take hi>r in exeetttlon tot them, sud ano'l hor 
tlio (0 Ihc Fleet Hero iho mecti Hr. Pickwick, wbO| findin<' thnt 


Cbt Olckena Bltifanarf. 

aoboiljr can tcloiuc hor from tlutt den of wrclolieiinnFs but LIoimIC' 
nnil thnC be ■'an only da lo hy piivtn^ tbn rnlirc cotti of llie (iiil 
(Imtli of pl-iinlifranddcfiindiint), and bcin^ alui moved lo tlit: i.iuio 
courso hy clivers oilii-r KOf'l rcjuoni, jinj-n tlii-m, mid wts both hiiii- 
tnlf nnd Mrs. Burdoll nt lilii-riy; wltorvapon Sam Wcll«r praourc* 
I'toin liis ttttomvif a fonuaJ disvhugOi irbicb bis prudent papa hat 
hn\ lUu fur^i'^lil tu Il'svi.' ia the huiida of dutt gmtleinitn to ht 
tifci in Any cum of cinvr^ncy. 

Mr. Ptckniek bavlnj;, not Icm-- aftcrvanJs wllbdrawn from the 
dnii l>r!Lring hi' Dame (vrkicli rirvumitancc, conplud wltli olbcn, 
occasions III diuH^luIion), (UtUirniincx lo (uulc down at Duiwlcb. 
He sees nil tua youn^ friends hnpptly iQamnd, including ibn <lcvnii'il 
Sam Wulltr, who takes to liiiuicir n will-, who is in^^tallc-d us Mr. 
Pickwick's boufcki-i-por. And Uiiia Mi'. Piokwick'a biography It-r- 
Ihinutvs wLilu ibv "luiiduoo of tbe wurlil is blazing full upon 

Pipkin, Nathanl^. Tlio ■' Parish Clerk " in Mr. Pickwick'i lalo 
of name. Ifc in n barmlcw, gwnl-naliired litlln bolng, of k 
Tery ncrvniia Krnijicrnniont, nnil with n c-nst in bis ryi^ And » halt la 
bU gail. lie fHlIs in love with ibc beanlltul Uorioi Lnbbs, but »evs 
her m.irriuc! lo another. (Ch. xvii.) 

Podder, Mr. A uiQuilwr of tba All-Mugglcton Ctickot Club. 
(Ch. vLi,) 

Pott, Mr. Editor of "Tbe Eatoaawill Gawllo." (Cb. wii, xv, 

Pott, Mrs. WIfo of the editor of "The Balunswill Gazette." 
(Cb. xiii, XT, xviti, li.) 

Price, Mr. A ooanw, vnlinr yoiinj man, witli « eallow fao9 sad « 
hnrth voire ) a priscmrr fur dvbt, whom Mr. Ilckwick encouatan 
in iIm "(lofll-C'room " of lli« xpooging-liouia in Coleman Street. 
(Cli. xl.) 

Pruffle. A servant to a wicutiriDgentlenianatBatli- (Ch. xxsix.) 

Raddle. Mr. Hoohnud to Mrs. RAddli?. (Ch. sxxii, xlvi.) 

Rftddle. Mrs. Mary Ann. Mr. Bob Sawyer'* landlady j ustev 
'.I Mr*. t;in|ipin*, and a rliorvm^h threw. (Ch. xxxil, xlvi.) 

Roifors, Mrs. A IwlgOT .tt Mn. Bjirdcll's. (Ch, xlvl.) 

Roker, Mr. Tom. A turnkey at ibo Kloct prison. (Cb. zl-xlv.) 

6am. A cah-Urivrr. (Cb. ii.) 

Banders, Mrs. BusEtnuah. A boMot-friond of Mr*. DwdgllV 
(Cb. XXV I, xxxir.^ 


E»t ^[cklnrcli VaptTf. 


Bawyer, Bob. A medical tlU'Ient whom Mr. Pickwick mcuU at 
Mr- Wariili;')!. tie liftitrwanh tiangi out bii idgn (SawyvT, lale 
Kock«i»cirf) AJi • lEX^'lk'^iLl jiractitinncr, in Briitol, wbt.-ro Mr. Win- 
kle nii-.itu liini. Ho hat ft Vi'.ry nico pliKru ; bul " half tlio drawn 
haxK (jot nolhin^ in V_m, and liiu other half Jon't open." Iiiiii-ud, 
"iianilj- nny thing real in Uia shop Iwt iha te«hi-»; Hud llitj/ Br» 
Kcoad^Miii'* Ur. Skwj-er keeps a box, whow dutlei «re tbu* 
dstcribcd : — 

■* II* inn aptn ■ bntiM, rtngt thiortk-btll.poliu « |«ek(l of mnliclnenllb 
Oul > dlrrAiun lata UwierTHit'i hand, ind mlki oH. l:(>n«ntuli« li Infi ItM 
dlDliiC-piulor ; mwMr op«D> ll. auJ muli lUe Idtirl ; ' Dr*u|hE lo be lainn M 
tHM^tlmfi ; pull MA ht^Oni lotion M ii>iiil1; fA' piittd'r, FTOm Aftw^rr**. \Mt 
Norkrmorf't, rh;tMini> pNMrlptlon* arrfUIIv prrpuri'd: ' nixl nil Dm rnt 
of ll. SliowBll loliii «!!>: ilUKibli IIio lubcl. Ii cccxlovn totboHTvanUt 
1*9 nw) th* label. .V-xl lioj ilif liny i«ll.: •\rrj norrr — lito nWaae— 
iMnmia biulnM — jcmi manj parwli lodoHver — Hr, bBiryvr'* oamr>l<iMDla 
— laM Kocktmorf.' Tlio nunc gn^ Irnown: aod tliaL '> ibothlitK. mjr boy.Li 
tto mMlleal ny. Blrii }uiirJifari.iilJ(ulluH, II '•belter tban ■JllboRdicnUiag 
In Eht sorld 1 VTe liaTv sot oqp roiUM>iiiia» boltla tbat '• bt<*D tu half Uin boiiHa 
Id Brtalol. and hu n't dour yet." . . . 

"Til? lamy-ilKliIcr liu tlghtn'D prom • vtl■^k loputl Ilia ntglil-tK-ll Ibrtaa 
mlriute* ci'cry iIie^o lie cucnei round, aitdiny boy al»ayiru»liFi Iblo ohurob Juit 
bcfurfl lliir pvuluii, vrht'u ii^i pi'iipu^ hnv* gai unThliig lu Ujf but liwk about 'om, 
■Dd «lli m' oul. wllb bormr and dismay dcplrtrd on hb ooaiUCDaaoi. ' Bin* 
my ioul 1 ' everybody laji, > lomeboay laleu Bgdilenly 111. tjawrnr. late Kotkeu- 
orfi a*tntf^- What u buidaii** llial yuanji (nau hiLur ' " 

(Cb. XXX, xxxii, xixviii, xlviii, 1-Ui.) Stf IIopkixs, Jaox. 
Shepherd, Tho. S** STintuNS, Tuk KicvRni:.M> Mil. 
Simmery, Frank, Esq. A smart young itnck-bmknr. (Ch. Iv.) 
Bimpson, Mr. A pii^ontT in ihc Fltxt. (Ch. xlii.) 
Skiispin, Mr. Junior counnl with Surjcant Ituzfux lor Mn. Bar- 
dcil, ui htT Buit i^atDcl Mr. Pickwick. (Ch. xKxii-.) A'm PicE* 
Wick, Sauuxi.. 
Blammer, Doctor. Surgeon of the Ninct)-.*cveiith Rprfincul, 
[in'sciil ilc a (hLirilj- hull at thu Itul! lun, Hiithi-.-sUir, The »Iiin 
Mr. Jin|;le ui<l iha siout Mr. Tupmnn iluiin; lo aituiul lliu ■uuiu 
bnll; bill Mr. Jinglo huppi-ni not tohavo n, chui^jeoTuloUiiu),'- H» 
tlicrvforc iiiduco^ Ur. Tu|>uiiiQ (altlioiii;Ii ihey are cumparalive 
(Lrangeo) Ui borrow a »uit buloii^mi; tu Mr. Wuikl«, who Liiit bovn 
indolgin;; too frwly in wine nt iho 1a\i'.e, noil hat Tatlen fa»l asleep. 
Mr. Jingle, bving a very widc-Hwukc and piautlblo perKiri, ronkcA n 
decided iniprodonoa an cidurlyaud wealthy wldoir-liid/ nlniath* 
object ur Doctor Stamnwr'a urnvniitting ttlcDtinn. 


Kit BIcltcni B(ct[anai|. 

Upon lli« docMr bsiI ttaa irldaw lt]» ejM both of Mr. Tupniui tod hit tarn 

pftnlOD hu«t>AeD flx«lfor lomn tlin^< KhcD Ihvfltrangrr brokv ^lltfiiov, 

'■Lnln »f mnni-r— alil glil — |i»(iiikiui iluvlur — Iiul • htd Mo* — (ool Ain.* 
•rrn Itie IniillfKlblv lenltoou wlilcti U«uvd ttom bU Up*. Mr. Tupnwn looksd 
laqulililvrty In bli rucc. 

■'] 'II duim Willi ili» itiilnir.'MldlbealruigFr. 

"Who tt tbo?" Inqurrwl Mr, Tiipmto. 

^T)uaH kciutf — never law h(^r In a]] mj Uro — cut out th« dACMr — h«r4 
|p>OB-" Atiil (he aimiigbr forthu-'lli Grii»c<l IhA roDiu ; hui). }irtmiug t^liat a 
mKill».|>l<TD. WJiiiiuiiii-'Oil jfSiii.g Willi «" •ir of rtijiMiful mid nicUuctoJj- ut 
fDVmrlon on tbv fni coiinU'tijiiirn irf ihci liirLt* c»M Eiu!)', Mr- l^jpmjiii ]i>okvd ua 
la male uiooiilimrni. Tbv gininiErr ittogrptii'il [Bplitly. Ttiu lltltr doclvrdaiiord 
«llh kiiqtUui [sdr — Uic wliiuw droj>t>>-J lier Oin; tlic ilrkngcr |>Ickai] 11 up, and 
pmfnl«^ Ie,-^b amilv, a Im^. ■ cmirEi'')'. a Si-vi wonln o( coui'L'rtaliuti. Tiie 
•iTftDKcr waUvd boldly up lo. and rrlurnrd irllli. llic mailrr uf llir crmuiiDliti, 
a lltU* iuii^udotf paatomlmo, «id ibe iinnger and Mn. Uudjin' took Uulr 
pla4W« Lu a qiiadriUv- 

Tlio lurprlm' of Jlr. TiipiBWi iit thl« mtomnry pok^ikHhk, gntt n* It was. 
«M LdimeiLJurably meeoded bf lite OJIonUlirocnt of Iho doctor. Tho ftraaflcr 
wac }^un|[, iiieI tbu utiilovr wa^ flKltervd- Tli* du<:lar*« altvutioua wcro iiulictd- 
pd by tbo Villon; mid [lio dwlar't indtenalloa WM wholly lonl on lil> IniprT' 
(iitbablo tlvKl. Itoeior hliiunicr wai jmraliicd. Uc. Doctor Klmsawr of tbO 
pj]iifiLy-*i-vputli, (o IfiJ i-xtlnipiUhtd in a inojnt'iil by ■ inoii wliom DOtiodyhad 
ever lecn bcfure. kDd wlium nobody knew even now. Doolor Slamowr, — ]M» 
lor Klaininiir of [bi Nluely.nvti'iilb njii^luai Iiii|Kii»lblnl It could uot bcl 
Ym, It traA; tbvr* llii'y vti't^. WhuM IrtLrDdurini! IlU frlrmdl Could h* bcllova 
bli tjvat Ue looked aEain. and wai under lite palnrul nccvHlty of BdmllllujC 
lb* TOrntii)' of hl» opilci. Mrt, Budfer uiu dwidiiR nflli Mr. TTBcy Tupiiifln' 
Ibrr" wiu nil mlnluklng the fkrt. 1'h«r« wa« llii* widow bnHire dim. buiinclnjf 
badily beie and llipre vltti unnonTed vlcor; and Mr. Tracy Tupmau Jiopplns 
abuul wEIli A fnt* expre**ive of flin uimt lotvcuu Aiilcjunlty. ilnni^ijij; (u Jt guud 
many people do] as If a quadrille were not » lliliix lo be Implied al. but ■ leTCI* 
ItIhJ I" (be fci^lloiiJi. wliUifi ll nyyiitvt liiili<Kiblfi ni*olidion ro rut^imufi-r. 

Ktlenily (.nd paiienilydld Ihedocior brnrail ililt. and all ihq bandlnRi nrnrmi. 
Bod wateblnj; for K^i^*'^'. Bud dartlnjf fur bineuLU, and coi^uetilnji. tbat eniued; 
bill. ■ fvw hei-ii]ii1i iiilcr IJjfl flruuger bad illaKpixrarFd t^i l«d Urn. Rudger 10 bar 
(•rrlsgi'i Ijr iliiri.d nwlftly from ilip room, Willi rviiry paftlole of bin hithrrlo-bot- 
lled-up liidl;ciiaiioa e]Terre«elDd from all fiitru of UIi eounlenanot'. lb aperaplru- 
IJoui>f pvibm. 

Tbp Biranxer wan relurnloi. and Sir, Tupman wai beside Mm. II* •pott* In a 
low lone, and taugtied. Tbc lllUo doctor iJilnled for bliUfe. IIawH«zulllaK- 
IT(i bad irtuniplK^L 

"rilrt" lald lb<< dodor In an and rriMnglnlaac 
anillo of (be paiMge, "luf Duac Ii bUmmer. Doutor Slammer, ilr — Ninety 
Mivenlli rejfluii'ui — Cliaihiun Barrack* — my card, Kir, my card.* He would Ua>* 
L'Idfil mute ; hiii b1> IndljEDallon oUofctd hita. 

"Ab:" replied tbo iirauger coolly. " Slammer— nmeliobllged—polllcatiea 
IIOD^not ni now. Slammwr.— but wben I am — kncx-.kytiu up," 

" You— you "r* a 4bnltler. ■Ir."guped tlie Itirloui doctor, "a pottroon. ■ cow 
Ird. ■ tl*r. ■ — a — will uoililug Induoryuu to rIvb mt your(«rd. lit?" 

*Ohl T If •■"Bald tbn eitanger. half B^lde, *'negn)i vio strong bom.— Ilbcrb 
andlwd—TarrfMUib—TCcj— lemonade mucli belter — bolro«au— elderly g«D 


Bit 9(cblo(ck 9«pt(s 


Ihiiimi III in I G)ill In Uia morulnc— orasl — cnwl;" mnd ba mo**d ODailcy 

^ Yc4 W jitnpplDf Id tbla hDnn*, tlr,* jtmlil Lhv Inillfnvtl Mltlv nun ; " joa uv 
loladOBMd DOHr. Mrj fOO iluU UautMini ms tn tha maruliit, ilr. I itiftll Aiid jroa 

*-IUlbir fOn fbaDd a* mil tliKn fl)iinrl mo •( homB,' rfipUti) ih* naraortd 

Dotitii fOuamtt looknl unuiLcnbLc fcrocLlv u he nxtd !i!i 1i« uu hli had 
wl«b Vb.lnilliinitit kcKH-k; mil Ifif Hlntnirf^r Afic) tfr, Vupmnii hu^nivi) In 1h« 
^■dfOOm of tbe Utier to rcilon Iha borrowed pliimafc to tlia uDoonscJous Wlo 

Dial cnitlmian vu fkjit ulr^p : Um rvilormllnn vba voon mwf*. Tht timtifvr 
ITH CSUEDMlr jMOic : iDd Ur. Tnay TuptDBQ. bplnjt quite twuillitpiFd villi wini. 
M(U, llgbti, and Udiu. ibouKbl Uie nbale AITiiIt »u ciiiulnjli) Juko. illi urir 
IHVad difiArlhl; mnd &n«r nvjirrlitndnji noniiT alEirlit illEQrulEy In rinil^nf thn orl* 
flBfrIn bl* nI;Eb[-f«p orlKiDoIly iDlcndnl for ihp rrocptlon of hit hc&d, Ami iinallf 
•rntuniiiig hii uurlluiick Id Ii!i itriujKltM (o I'al It on. Ur. Tncy Tii[i»iau mu- 
•gadto (M Idm bnltqr BMiintf ouispllcatoiln'olatlaBi.KDd ■hoitlj' arterwiiRla 

£vl)r OQ Uie foUowint; moruiag, imiuir/ im unulu ut the ian far a 
{eatl^Diau ««ariB(; a bright bliio ilfVM'-cont wltli a gilt buttuii with 
■I*. C.'on it; anil lu Mr. Winkle nnawcra To thn drscripUcin, ho is 
awakened out of a souad ril(K!p,dr«aM'«bImii«lfhaii[i1}', and goeii down 
■lain to the cofTve-nxita. 

Aa MB«r In Bndmi pidlbnn WB* loofcliiit oul of Iho wluiluw. Ilr [umvd 
noad at Ur. VTIiikle cnlarad. aad mad* ■ illS iudlnallim of tlin tipBd, !1iitIu( 
•rdmd tlN Bti*n<lBiii' la >«Ur^ sad oloxd tha door Tcrr «a>«AiIlri ha n^d, 
*»». WlaUe. I preiumf ?" 

■' Ilr DBiDB ii Wiuklc ait." 

'■Ton ■rill not b*HU|)HMd,(lr, wb«a I labrin foutbat I liara obIIci] licr« Ihli 
McnlBgOBbeldiroTinrft'leatli IMclor GlBnuncr of the Nlncl^^aaieulli." 

"DocUrHlamiDrrl" aild Ur, Wltiklo, 

" DoaUw Uammar- Ilr btgirti rik lo (^pnu hl( nplnlon, Ihal jour conduel ot 
laM tfttlt\t >■* ^f a dOHrlpUon whloli no (pDilcmnn wuid caduiD, and (ha 
aAlad) wUali do on* gcntlaiaan would |)unuii lowardi Hiiuiliiir." 

Hr. W*lnkl>'a •■lanldimnnt uu tou ml indion FiMimt toiwsBpr tlisobtDn i- 
Uoaof Doctor SlaiDmcr'i friend: ha tharpfon prooaaded, "Hy (>land. Uuolar 
SlanUBcr, nquaied uc tu add. Ilial he li (tnaly |i<nuiulcd yoa wrni inioxloatad 
danog B piction at ilin trtning, and juiultily iincimicl"u>i of tha ailvni of tb* 
bmllfon w*ra KUllIf of , Kr Himniliilonad ma to (ay, tlial.ihould Uil> IwplFadod 
aa an cxoiu fur your bL-liav lor. he will Mnucnt !•> accept a wrlltcu apulugj, lo ba 
pKUiad bf yov tr<no my dlcuthin," 

"A written apulDfTi"reptaiad Ur. WtnUe ta Ih« man (nrhitie Una of 
•naananit t>o«lble. 

"Of saaran joo knoir ilia altamatlTr." rTH"^ Iba i1»l(or ooollf. 

** Wara jon tnlnutad wlih tbU mnfa^e to mc bf name ?" Inttuirod Mr. Vria< 
Ua, ahaaa IbmUmu w«re bupcleial/ coufUied by Iblt ulraordluBrj coDiarifr 

•■Ivw BMpT«wnlmTKlf.''RplIed<be (tillari "and, la eani«iueiicB of roiu 
tlmiraniul to(lia jouicaid lo Ductur Slanuub, Iwaidutlrad by (hat Kantlamca 


eiit Blcken* Blclfamtr 

lOlikalKyUiBmmrcifiiTcrr (mODBuaoii eoM. — KbrlxMblandraH-oiiat, wltb • 
gUt lHIIIilu>)Ii[ltll)lngabul(. >uiII1iF]cUcrl-r, C" 

Ilr. VTIiikU UiSiiiill;' lUgip-nilwIih iiili>DlKliirii.-iiI u lie luurdliliowDCMIunw 
tbuf mlauU'ly dc40fll>f0. LKrcIor :slitiuq)('r'0 f'loudpi'oci>rOrd,— - 

-^ Fn^Eu tlic Ingiii'ics I lu&d? At (ho bur Jutt uow. I wu conrlond thai tb< 
OWDtir of Uli" (out L(i fjuFurtloa atItinI here, witli IhriiB grullDfuvu, yvtUirilAy Bflcr* 
noon. I ImniccllalvLr tent up to thi* KCMili'TDnn nbo «r»«d«crlb«d M aiiinaitaa 
iQo liFitii or liie (mnr ; uidhe iil auu idi-rHdue loyou." 

If tli«i'rlnolpiil lu«i>rori{i>Rli'»I<-rCiuilii liivl luiUi'iilir •rulksd (Torn lulbuoil*- 
Itou. BQil >lall09«l liicU'oppoiit? Iho wITfr-rooin-ninrioir, Mr. VTloklO lurprli^ 
woufit hAvir t>coii 1.1 itnrliEci^- iMiEii|tun'i] with (he \itotuuaC ailoDtfhmnni wUb 
irhlch bf< \iivi Fiviird ttiUtihlrf^hH, Ui» ilr<( iini>(v>»hm «a* ifi«t iiia rukl bad been 
•loiru- " \V^]I;foa allow iui.< (otlciuln joii i^nf moiacju'f^ B*Ld Iw. 

"KltTtxiiity/' M'jiUed Uit' uuwi'lcoiiM-' ^iiUof- 

Ur. Wliikli- rnn hiuiUy u]< oinli-K. msui * ith ■ (rambling lund npannl Uia bag. 
There wu the oonl In Itiuiual plujc.butixliiblilnK.oa adiMVliii'ptclbju.HUiiBt 
lokciii of bav lu^ bccu ooru ou Uic fnenllng uighl. 

"II mut b« 'ii,''>iilJ Hr. WlnkUi. IcKliigibceiMtrallftoaililibaadi. "I loot 
log mnoh vUir allrr dlunrr, and ttncr a irry vagi;!' n:oallfcilon nf wiilkiiii ab»ul 
Ui« itrMla. and ■umklug a cigar oftf rwirdi. Tbe Dwt U 1 hu tuj drunk. 1 
nUFt bare otmngvd mj" coat, gonr nomiiwlicra, aod InaaltcilMiDcboilji^l bai^ | 
no doubt of ll, — andibla mcHaiti' I* ihn itrrlblv «nn>ii^usiu>." Sajring irhlcb, 
Ilr. Wiuklu rr(raccd bb *tcpt la Ibe direction ortbo coflM-rooiBj mtth Ih(< glo»»:r 
and drvadlhl molio of Hoocptlag Itiv challeugv of (lie warllki DOMor ^lunucri 
and abiding by (bo worit oonicqueuwi tbiil niJiht cninv. • 

To thl> dcUmilDallaa Ur, Wluklo »ui utfcd byaiarlcl/OfMnildtralloa*; tlia 
Drol Apwbliih waa hUiwputallonMlIlithe rJub. lj« badalwayabccDbioked npM 
as alilgb auttaortlf on all mattrig orainuipniontandituiWrltji', wbatbtrDAniiTa, 
dcfeiuivB.oi Inotrcnilrci and IT. OD tbii [ujrUni onaaloa of Mogput lo Uw 
Ifti, bnahrunk iMckfrou Ihilrlal, beneath bit leadsi'a *)«, bli iiamn and •land' 
Ing irrrp lotl FimFr. Uottdnt, bn rvmtmbvrod to bats hrunl II f(i'i|»cully 
■urmbtd by the uuEnltJaled Id Buch maltcfv. Ihal, by an nndcrftiKid arrangrnitntt 
■wlwccutlie ircoudi. ibo jililuli weretcMum loaded with boll: and. fiinhermore, 
li»i ri>ltrvEiu), (hut if Ui-^ Hpplxiit to iHr. .SiKHlgtati to act lu bit ic^oiid, and depklcd 
Ihe daujler In jtI°"lD|< (erm). that guntloman mlihl [lotaibly onmmuiilcata Ilia 
luU']U({i-a» (o lU. rickwlvli. who would ccitalnly loie DOtlmo Id naninillLhig 
II (u ihx local autliuriiltu, and tliui preri-nt (Us klUlug or DuUmlng OT bla fol- 
lower . 

Kudi wen bit lhoDj;hU wheDhc rriunied totbaooSM-room.aad '"»■■— t-^ Ida 
luWiiiton <ir unu'iiUiig Ibe duclai-'i uballcuge. . . . 

Ilial morning'A breakfoat pa««od boavUy olT^ Mr. Tupxnao wai not In a Condi* 
UoD to rltc after Ibc uniraattd dUalpatlon of iho prevlont night; llr. »niiclgtu< 
■piKEun-^IIu liibiiruudi'tapoetlal dcpiuilau ofipiilii; aud r»ea Mr. I'lcknlck 
tiliinrt 111 hhu.obI oiloohnimt lo kllpiiot uiid ioila>"fttrr. Ur. Wlnkl* uagerlf 
iralehed liJj op{}or(tini()\ It vdf not loug vt^ntlng. Ur. Snodgrftsi propoicd a 
rl>il lu Ihi' >-ii>(l>-:ind. ■• Mr. Wiuklo waa tb* oul; other uenibu of tUa pai1}> dia' 
a»K<l r^i Hslk. ilii'y went out tugolher. 

■'Saudgrau.">uidMr- tVJuklc wbeu tbe^ >ud lurnedontofthaiiDbUoitrtal.— 
'^urKlgriLLi.rajdvarfhllowT can 1 rely upon jour •ecrccjr 7" Am Ii* saU thU, b< 
(Wit devflutlcajidrameitly boprd bo (tou)d not. 

•• Vou caa." replied Ur. Snudgrati. '- llcar luv iwcat " — 

"No, unflDli^rruptrd Wlnklv. If rrlHfd at theldiMt of hl< fompanlou'a noflon 
aelou^ly ple<tglnjf hlmie-lf eloi to glrc ItiforniaiioD. '* t od'I fwoar, doaH ■wea^ . 
U'l iiulla umitOBuarr-" 

eb( sitbtDicii vititti 




Mr. Sanlfrui Iroppid ths hrad irhloli li* had, In tha (plrll or ponj. >iiIjh4 
Mmfili tlK clMuli M he nuwlc ibo aboi-e ■pp«l> and ■miudmI aa ■lUluda oT at- 

'* I want joar iHliUiiar, m7 diu- fellow, laanaMr of Iiunoi," *ald Ur. Wla- 

" Ynn thai! hn« II.' rvpllnl Mr. !tni>ilKraM, doping bb (HcBd'i hand. 

" vriUi a doctor, ~ 0«<or f-lammi-r of ths allMIF'«*T«DIII.'' — ulilUr. VTIaU*, 
•riJbisitla Dilke llieiriiiU>ra|:|i»r ■• loleniQ at pnufble: "aaaOali villta ID lO- 
ear, *r0iui)<il Ij^ aaciihfrf gft^rr. %i miuHl Ihin aiYOluf, la a loudy ^clJ bcjood 
if»rt nn " 

■• I wllJ uwnd jou." Mill Ur. Saodpaai. 

Uc nai luuiiilibvil, bat bf an lavaaa dlimajvd. It I* extraonUnv; boir MOl 
mj' port)- but tlte gi\aaljmi eaa bF In «u<ib taiM. Mr. WloU* bad brgulcea tUa. 
Il« liulJiKljttiluf UlB fritnd'H ft'clluff* bj biJ Qva. 

*' XhA OKKmijiicfii'iM may hi' drt^ail^l.'* taid Ur. WlflU*. 

" 1 Uopr noLr'' **i'i Mr. bnolgrati. 

" )!>■ docwr. I btllcve. u a ter)' ;(«od iboU" (aid 3ii. Wlafcts- 

■' Uii>l uf UiutB lalUlarTOMD ara," obtvrrad Hi. 9ao<Ij{nui ealiaJr; "favl aa 
an job; a'a'tyflu?" 

Ur. Wlnlila replied la tb> anmUlTc ; au<1, |«r<c1(lD( tliat ho badaol alactaad 
b^* eoQipHuloo <uJllcl*i>tly. clLaii(ril tilii (rviiud. 

" .>nnilKrau." lie Mid In a loloc ItnniUaut wlUi ■DOttati, " If 1 fall. roawiU 
tlDil In a jiulei nhii-'b I iball ijIhu In four hand) a tMM fbr my — Sir my faitacr." 

Tlii> altMik *agaflillur«al40, Ur. ^nodgnut wh affxrCiiil: but hn undertook 
tb»drllr*ryof Ibt Bolcai reodUrai U heliadbccn ■ Iwo-pmn)- poBlnian. 

"tr IUl,"HldUr. WloUe,"or, If (ba ducixr falli, ^ di^ frleud, will 
ba Mad a> as aaootMrr beftin Ui* Bwt. Bball 1 lorolro mx^aad la Iraaiipor- 
tatloD, — pOHlbljr GiF tffo t " 

Sfr. Rnodgnat wln«d a bill* at Ibh; buthli biirolim irai lailiicibla. *>tn tba 
•ai)aaoriM«BdiliIp,'*IioftriFnilf vxclaiiDfil. " I would braioall danii'n." 

How Mr. Winkle tuned bin tumiuiiiluii'i devuiPd frlpuiliuip luttrnolly. ai Ihey 
wallDtdvlTtnlJxaloug. Klde bTAlihs for lomo niJiiul^*. ear]} ImEiiirm.d In blx {jw& 
madhaclonBl ThatDOralnx vai v^arlnx away- bo ffrew deiperule. 

*' Saodcran,'' be lald. Kopijlnic luadeulir, " do fwl let ine lie l»Ik«l la ibli mab 
tvrj •toaof gtie luformaduu b> thv liml aalboritlM; di> nut ublolD tbo a>il>i- 
BBcaof »eTaralp*ac».DfD«ri lo lake citber mo, orlMoior eiannorr of llie Miifi- 
lf4«(«Dlb B*Ktntear,a( pment <iuun<red la Cbathain Bairadu. lata eaiiody, 
«Dd Ihui protenl Ibli dual.— I lay. ila ant." 

Ui. .■•niiil^rruii uUrd bli Dlead'i haad warml;, n ha enlhiulaatloally rv^ad, 
"Slot for KotldiT" 

Attain iMuod direr Ur. VlnUn*! fnim(>.a*Ih*«nn>lrillnil llmt )iv h*>! ri^iililng 
l» hope Aam hit Irluod'i IVar*, aadtbatluoai doiUocd ta become an aolmaled 
largtt. ruibnd (or<lblr upon blm. . . . 

11 Taiaduil and Ucuir •"•nlnBwbmi Die; again tallied fiirlh on Utalr awk- 
ward iimud. Kr Wliikl" fat muffled op Id a liUKe doak lo eMape obiemUoni 
Bad Ur. ^oJjfTav bore undfif bit the lit ilru liken La of de^ttuctlon. . . . 

*■ Wearo Inaaeellaul IIuk." pkIiI Ur. .vnoilgiau u iliv; cllmbrd tbe fknea of 
■ •sflntRlM: "the tunlijuit gnlngdovm." Ur. Winkle looked up at Ibcdcflln- 
i(a>h.aiiil jiaLofUIIj Ibougbl of I he prulFablUTr uT bli '-);uliig dowu' bliDKir. 

"'flien^* Iho nSotr," txdalmed U(. Winkle, after afcv minulri' walking. 

"WhtroF" laid Ur. <iii(i<Igra». 

' IbCN, — lbs gcutl'iMU la tb« blaa jloat.^ Ur. ISiutlgratt leokad La Ibf d> 


tit DIcltins DIclianaif. 

IMNaB Mhalnl by lb* ItaraflngBrof lii* M«nd, and obHrrad > Bfarc uniaM jp 
wh*tniitm«fk«d. "n* omoet o>to«nl bl* MuoioiuaHi of tlirlr pnicoM b} 
tH(M^ twtBiilt wlUi lUi bud; ind (Ue too fricndi fullowxl lilni al a lliilv Mr 
I airaj^. . . -[IId) titmrd wurltkmly frnra Ihv path: and mUtt 
, wid tmtJiiff a JirdjEC) cnTcrcl a t«IukJvd flelU. Tao j^otl^ 
MM WMv waMaii In li: odc vu a UlUe TbI man willi black bair; and tba 
Mb>r — a tunlr ptnonaga to ■ bnldsd ■arCoat — WM (lltlDgwllb pwftcHii— 
Blmlly dD a ouDp-tlool. 

-' 'Hi* ulbrr panr. (Qil a nirgeoB. I (BpiMMa." udd Hi. 8aodecB» : ■■ laks a 
kvpuf brami)'," Mr, Wlak]B»linl (bs wickrr tMHlfwblobhli frlvtid prafftmd, 
•ad look a It'll gfhrii'Hl piili w tliv ribllatallnK hi)iild. 

■■ Uy frlt'iiil. lit. Mf.finodnrtn." iklil Mr. Winkle. »» Ibo tifflmr aiipmlcliBd. 
Uoalar^lHiuitiur'ji ftlDuUboHrd. Hud proclun^d a c*** ■yoUai- lo tbaturblcb Ml. 
|Uwd)ri«H rarri'd . 

•' Watiaro nollilDft nirlbrr tour. 'I'', l1tiInk,"bc<utdI/i*(Datktd,aitooptMl 
Ul#aua: "aii ajiuloi^y baa boru nuniuulx divUnrdr" 

" N'olhlof . <Jr»" «ald Mr, fiaodf raH^ who bcj;an to fbel rather tmcomfon^blt 
bltnieir. . • • 

■- Wb max plaortrar lom, Ui*D| I tfatak." otxprrtd tb* offlcpr, oltb « nacb la- 
^IffoiYim' ai If tbe prtuolpali iv«ra obriB-mon. and lh<> >?Dondi ptarcr«^ 

■•I lliluk wo iii»j." rfpllcd Xr. Hiii>ilgru«i. wlio wuulU Imiu a»cut«d to aof 
pnipoflitlon, bcQBti'K b« kiivnT iiothlnji about tlif jnHCtvr' 'I'U" c>(BD*r oniaMd lo 
DoNar Sluuner, and Ur. enoignH hfdI up la Ur. Winkle. 

" It '■all rcadf." be tald. oflbrliig Um plulul. '- Give iiic jtrur cloak." 

"You taaiogol Ibepadkrl, mjr dial ftllawr" Mid poor Winkle. 

•'Allilfht."iaidlli.SDodgiau. " Be *leadf . and wlug Ulu." . . . 

Hr. Winkle vataloajr* rcmarkiblt for azlraaia humanity. It lj CMijMlurHl 
Ibal M* DuwIIIIacnMi to bnrt a Rillaw^tvalura inUDtlonallit wai tbaraDiraf bit 
ibalUnf hli cf PI whrm bo arrlTcd at lUo DUal ipot; and llUI iba clrmmiUiKw ol 
bit *ytt bring diMcd iirEvL'uird bli obMrrlot Ibo TCrf txinumUnarf and uuae- 
nnntabli) dtniranur of [lwt"r iSulnmiKr. That cvnllanan iiiannl, nnnA. n- 
trvated, rubbed blacjcf I itarvdaxalD, and Jlnallj BboulBdt '^Stop. ito^I" 

•'What 'I alllblir' Hid I>uctur itUuuiuur. at bli Alend and itt. BnodgnM 
mnvrutinlncup. "Th»t'i nottbD man." 

"Not Ibcmaor^ iald Do«cor tilamoicT^a BMOnd. 

" Xoi ilu luaiil" lald Mr. Snodgran. 

"^oL Ibainau1"<A}d ihi^ giiLtlnoiau itlth Ibv catnp-ttool In hUhand. 

■' CrrlalD]/ Dot."rFplloJ IQi UiUpdootar. " Tbat 'i net Ibi pf rton wbo InsDlMd 
neUit niitbl." - - . 

N»iv. Mr. Wlnkla badopsiml bli rrna, aud bU««r*loa. irhi>n hnbMrd bl* ad- 
nnarr^BJIoiilfbraoamllaDOf boHlIUlH: and perceiving, by itbal be bad aftir 
nidi laid. Uiit llmv waa. bejand all qoeatian. louin mliluko In ibo inalter. b« M 
anci.< fortvaw the Inoreaip of rtrpulallau hn »bciuld linrrttablr ucqtilr* by ^ucual' 
IbjC (lie rval mollr* for bli mmlng out : be Ibercrore Hepped boldly tanuni, and 


" I am not 1tii« p^nnn- I knc»w It." 

"Tbvn. Dial." raid tbe man iritb tbo tamp^tool, *■■• u aAtnl lo DoMor 
f- and a laOlclent rtuou for proeccdiiig immeiUaielf .■■ 

" Pray, b« igulnl, t^yuBT'uld Itip dimtiir'a mujond. "Wbj did 700 not M^ 
■naloata ttili Ikct lomelhl^ morning, dr?" 

" T» be inre. to be lun t " laid tbe man nitb tbo camp-ilool Indlitnaadr. 

• t animat you ts b« qulai, I*ayiM," aald (ba otbor. " Uar I rrpu' ^ ^*** 

€it Sldtkrck Vapfis. 


"BecauM. ilr," r*pli«] Kr. WtnklB. who had Una lo dtlltnraM open hti 
•aiwat. — - banuii*, nlc. vou dricrll-rd an InloilFalvd aiKt univnlifmaaly |icr- 
aon a^ trrarh^ea Miat vhlch I hqva tlic Itooof. not only la vttiu. Imt la bave 
lnvenl»l. — Uie ijru|iuf<l uJiifurui. •fr, of llio Plrkwinli Tlub lii l^oiun. Tin 
hoDVr uf iUat i^blfi>ri» V fti>-l fKiiiiicl ici jnaliiinfri; and f thvrvfoiVt witbtnit la- 
qwtrj^ awpptrti ihr chatli^ui;? wblrJi yon ojTcrtd mr." 

"My dtar tlr,"iiild tlis doodbunioicdliitleiloclor. advancing willi •ilenrtod 
tkandp ^' I litnior yoar gHlEautry. Permll inir Ixj inaj, nir, tliai I hifflilj aAmln 
roar CDoiInot. and nintnrlT ngrvt h>TUi|| cauidl you tba toODDTBnleiuia Of 
tilla mn^tinj^i to uo purpotc." 

" I beg ;«Mi uvnl mcnlioQ It. ilr." lald Mr. Wlnklv. 

"lohall IW1 proud (irr(>i>'<>'''ti>a'"'an'<'- •Ir/'uld ilirlltU* doolar. 

'' It will allbrd me the (tmIhI pl»>urii la knov ;an. ilr." rrpliid Ur. Vln- 
U(. Thereupon, the duoloiapd Mr. WCnldealiDokliandii aod ilicii Mr. tVlukla 
aod LlaaUuaat TappleloD tbedbCtni'i irMiiiI]; am) llivn Mr. Winkle and ilie 
manwmithacsnil>->l'><i!:and.tli>a)lv, Mr. W ink k and Mr NaodsraH, — the tail- 
HUMd MCbtltnuiD In an eimai ot odmliatlaa m ttie nolile oonduot df U> ticraio 

" f think ir« ma^ a<IJuurnt" nalU LlmliaBaot Tikj^lrUm^ 

"CanBlnlr.'addi-d thednctlor. ... 

Ttio Inv ■•OHidi adjuiied Ibc owei; and Uie obolo parlrlaR tha gronDdlo 
m muah mor* lit tXy tnauner Ihau they IiAil pruivbdnl to U- 

(CI), il, iii.) 

Blumkey, Tlie Honorable Samuel. CandldAU) Tor porlianMnt 
from iliu boruiigb of EiiUDxwill. lie U 8iii:cc>«riil in iho fnA^i^n 
beailog hit opponent, Uoniib Fickin, E*q. {Ch. xiii.) 

Slurk. Mr. Eilltor of " The EaUaswill ladi<puiid«uU'* (CU. U.) 
S« i'<»TT, Mb- 

Smaojtlo. A fcllnw-priiionar with £lr. Pickwick In tbo FkeC. 
(Ch. xli. Klu, sliv.) 

Smart, Tom. Hero of " The Bagniitti'* Story." (Ch. xiv.) See 


Smauker, John. Footman lu tho service of Aagelo Cynu Baif 

i.iiii. V.'q. (Cli. xsxT, xxxvii.) 
Smiggera, Joseph. I'crpctun! Vice-Pr«a!<lcot of llio Piikwlck 

Club. (Ch. i.) 
Smitbers, Miss. A ytmo% hdy-boaxdcr Kt Wcstgate Haiuc, 

Burj- St, Eilmuinla. (Ch, xvi.) 
Bmitilie, Mr. A g^uilemau prvntiDt at the ohfttity ball at tlM 

Bull luri, Ito. ln-?(or. (Ch. il.) 
Bmithte. Mp8. Hi* wife. (Ch.II.) 
emithie, The BCisses. Hu (lii^hi«r>. (Ch. U.) 
BtDOrltork. Count. A fAmom forci^er whom Mr. PIrkwIci 

mtO'Ji Bt Mr>. [.CO lluntcr'i fnncy.<lrc«» breakfaxt. (Ch. xt.) 
Smouoh, Mr. A xhcrilT's uhi^tajit, whs take* Ur. Pickwick U 

tbcFIict Prisoa. <Ch. xL) 


Cbt SIcbins D((t(on<tt. 


8nip», The Honorable Wilmot Eosipi of itc Ninciy-w* 

cnUi ; one of thi! couipuojr at the ball in Bocha»l«r Mlvodod bj 

i!r. Tu|iuian. (Cb. ii.) 

Snodgrass, Augusitua. A poetic niombcr of tbo CiUTc«[)ondin;{ 

Sodiity of ilio i'itkwick Club. (Cli. i-vi. viii. ai-xy, xviii, xxlv- 

, xxvi, vtviii. xxx-xxxii, zxxiv-xxxvi, zKv, xlrji, tiv, IriL) 5*« 

^ Pickwick. .Samcel, 

i SDObhin, Serjeant. Seolor counsel for Mr. IVliwick in hi* rait 
\ will Mr«. Uardull. (Cb- xsxl, xmIv.) 5m Pickwick, Samukl. 

Ur. Srt]eant Snubtiln vu * lunlcrntkcrd. taitcnr-complcilODid man. of 

■bout IWn 11111 IllCl;. . . .\J<I Imil I'm! .)llU-IcJiit[illfC.)N4]>->l><l-. wliluli ll lOOfltD 

to be tc«D Lu tht ti?ail4 or p4^op[i? wbo bnv^ ik|>l>l[i<J Ibiirn-rlvr* ilajlntf mhay 
yrmn to a frci&rT mid labarliHiA coario afBtuity, ilq^J w1i1i:]i troulj Ziav« bpratuf- 
fldital, wirtLoul (liv ■■di1Lli<iiiJt] v}*^ElA*t wlijnh iljiii|]i:il fritm it bni*(1 lr!)ick r[^ 
bon roand hlii nrok. to wmra > atrBaArr llinE lie w«4 vcfT DfMir-«lch(^h lILi 
b*ir wiu ililn &iid wrak. vhlob nu partly atiriiiuinlili in Iili haviufc Dcrcr •!?- 
*ol*d mugli tltim to II> ■nanjcrnii'ni. anil piuilr lo hli linJni; worn rur tti« 
ftnd twenty ycafi Ihfi Tofcdi Ifl itIk vli&cJi tiuDj^ on a btoclE bvwLile blm. TL« 
mark) of Ualr-ptin dur ou bU oiial'Ctinar. and tba Ul^viubiAd antl voriD-ilod 
nhlir ni'fkriTblcf round lilK Ihrnsl. •Iitmnl ttiatha had nol fonDd Ifl'un' iltipa 
lialrj^ Ihn ruurt lo loike an.v allcralluu in hli drau; wlina Ihe alotanlr ([jrl* 
of th" r*inainil<>r of hli ra<tiiini< warranird ttii< infi-niiiM ibat bla porioiial t^ 
prarancc would uol liaveborn very mucli Improved If ha haiL 

Ssuphanupb, Ladjr. A fnihion.iMo luljr whoin Mr. rii'kirick 

mccti nt n party nt Bnth. (Cb. xxxv, xxxvi.) 
StKpl*\ Mr. A IlLtlt! crickcC-playcT nhn initkon a big rpcccb 3l 

Umi (Jlniivr wliicb auccevtis ib« mntcb-gamo at Din^lvy I)c.Il. (Cli. 

Btareleigh, Mr. Justice. Tlie ytd^ who jmaidex, in tlin nb- 

teaca ul' llie cluuf jus lice, nt tbe irinl of BnnltU tt. I'iukn'ick; 

taiil to be iRl«n(l«i] m a tuirloatiini of Sir Sii^plieu Gitodcc, a jiia> 

iorjiiil^e oTiJic Court of CoinnioiiPI«as. (CL. szzir.) 8t€ PicK> 

vicx. Samckl. 
Stiggitxs, The Re7eread Mr., eaUfd Tns SnePHERo. An 

inlfiiipi-rnli', I'nniin^, .iiiil liypoi.'ritirnl p.iDOi), vlio nilDl»t<>rs to n 

fnnnlicnl Qiicli, compo^cil largely of women, M Emanuol niapel. 

(Ch. xmii. xxxiii, slv. Hi.) 

" 'Jviuffc AUd Jo>r[ili ^uil^cp, Sllv^rni and CUadlrfifid, trtinatr ilnjipmcbliuAr 
■ntiinMiik ant) anun m'T^ vnunqt Lh4n LuuOicOa of ilinc ^lnqn th'^iimitrmctand 
Obcw^amlUr uEijccuuf inlatrutt aiul aatira; but lli..[rbyi]acri>]r.lliiibuiiiiEr,B£Nri|. 
IvUitbr (iLd ujlna. wbiQhitcopavabj^trtac, hai rUiioTiiiioJiia ^..-Hiat Lurruiu«tf 
(«<). A miiD ■nar pneb aonl tnanii. thniiGii ha cnai' bi- tUBwir boi alai jinciiiiaaari 
a I'linriit'CiuvPBiplDaaiof foMjijiii lUo cbiiiiir>9lalcuulDrnm bfiwonv abd <• 
ifBUiInn: huttbabadman^aDldflxsliiba viilowasdihelhtbiiliaaaimllai ilr»toi4 
Ban'a ibo bnichei and bakvnniui saadi look. Bulla nioUna.bol M ataatr.ut t« 
laiB fat tliclr wut*."~ nwltray. 


Cbt )»((libl(li j»aptta. 



struggles, Mr. A cricketer of Dinglcj* licil. (Cb. tiU) 
Tsdser, Brother. A member or tho Brick Lano of tfae 

Uniwd Gnuid Junction Ebuacier Tvnipiirance AMoetaiion. (('i^ 

Tappleton, Lieutonant. Doc'ior Slammoi'N mco«u1. (Ck. i^ 

iU.) .So: ,SLAM)lt:lL. DuCTOR. 

Tomkins, Miss. Prinuiiinl of a boaTiliu'^-whuol fvr j^unx liiiliM^ 
tnlli-ii Wriij^-jie IIuuH.-, M Bury Su Ediuundj. (Ch- xvi.) 

Tomlinson, Mra. PontmbiKM u Itoch^slvr, and ono of tlia oon- 
paiiy M tbe chiu-irf bnll at ilic Ituil lim there (Cb. ii) 

Tomm;. A valfrrmnti. (Cb. ii.) 

Trotter, Job. Tbc caitfidunliiLt ».-rTant of Mr. Alfred Jingl<i, anit 
tlio only mail nbo prows buo iiliNr|i Car Sam Wtllur. (Cli. xvi, sx, 
xsiii, xsr, xlij, ilv-xltii, Uii, Ivii.) 

Trundle, Mr. A youu~ maa wbo marries IsubelU Wurulc. Ho it 
ri^priiudly brou^bt upon iha scen^ it an acior, but not oncu m nn 
intt-rlocHtor. (Cb. iv, vi, vlii. xri, xvii, xin, xxvill, Ivii.) 

Tuckle. A foounan nt Bath. (Cb. xxxvii.) 

Topiuail. Tracy. Odq of tho Corr^tpoDdiD^ Society of ib« Pick- 
wick CInb; of M> (iMMptiya a dispudtion, thnt bo fall* in Iotu 
Ktik «*erj prgU}- girl hn mecta. (Ch. i-ix, xl-XT, xviii, xix.xzi^- 
xxri, xxviii. xxx, xxxii, xxxi«, xxxv, xUv, xhii, ItIj.) Stt 
Ilex WICK, SaiUjki.. 

Upvitch, Richard. A grccu-',;rucur ; ddc of tho jnrymea is tW 

viae of itardt:ll M. Piekwiclc. (Cli. xxxjv.) 

Wardla, Mr. (of Maoor Fdrm, Dinglcy Dell). A friend of Mr 
Pickwick and Ids coiuptmlons ; a stout, bimrty, huuujt old gmtlo 
HMD, wbo ia BUM happy when be 1» ntakiog oiben tc. (CL iv, 
^xi, x»l-ilx, xxviii, xxx, liv, Ivl.) 

Wardlo, Miss Emily. One of big daugbtw*. (Cb. W, »l-xi, 
xxviii, xxx. liv, kii.) 

Wardle, Miss Isabella. Another daughter. (Cb. ir, vl-^rtt^ 
xxiiii, Ivii.) 

Wsi-dle^ Miss Bachoal. Hia einter ; a spinster of donbtflil s{^ 
wiUi a peculiar dignily iu ber air, uiajeat}' in bor eye, and touch. 
me-aot-Uhiwa* ia tcr wnlk. Tlio ■* too iusceptiblu " Mr. Tupmnr. 
ftUainlovQ nith bcr, ouly to bo circumrcnteil by tbu adroit Mr. 
Jingle, who *l«B!f her beurt nwny froic htm, nod t:\iipva witli her, 
but ix punucil, ovcTtsikon, and induecd to rclin^ui-h bis pj'tas in 
r^nxideiratlon of t check for a hundred and twenty pouude. (Cb 



tit BlcM>f ■f(tr«nic» 

WakUBi Mis. Motkcrof Ur. Wardlnanil Miw B*cbtu7l; Tory old 
tMi ttrry dctt (Ch. vi'ix, xxriu, UiL) 

Watt7, Mr. A bankrupt clivnt of Mr. Pcrker, whom be kecjM 
povterini; :iboutbL> uTiiirs, ftlilioii'^ tLe^r Lave nut bvta in Chan* 
I'Crv four j-fjir*. (Ch. xxxi.) 

WfiUer, Samuel. l^Ir- ricknick'ti \a\ct ; nn iniroltabi* compouiul 
of wit, >ini|)Iicily, rjunint liiimar, nnil ficlctilj, vho maj bo rt^^U^wl 
■a an cialiodimcut of Lunilc>n luv lilb in iu iiioi>t agrM«bIc anil 
cntiTrtainin^ form. Maalt-r aiiO BtTrant first meet al a pnbUc-hotiM^ 
vkithiT Air. Pk-kwlck goes ni[b Mr. Wardle in ti'arch of that gen- 
tlemau'g eiMer, vthn b.iR clopciJ wilh Ur. AUhed Jiu^-1u. Mr. W«I- 
l«r Brdt ajipcari on the hccdc busily vinp\ayvd In briigliin^ a pftlr of 
boolf, and " lialiited in a coanu ^l^ipl.■ll waUl^nt, wiib b!.n-k calico 
ii!<iflvcii noJ blua gluHB butUins; Jrab brcvches aiiil li^gjing^i. A 
bright ml liautlkoivblef wa» wonnd Id a very looett and (infCiiilicd 
*iylc ivuud lii» nm-k, nnil an M w!iit« hat wag diroirn careti^isly OQ 
(iriu fcido of hi* hnaci. Thprr wpn: two row* rf boota twfora him; 
Olio clu.incil, iukI the othi-r dirty ; and, at *rtary addicIoD ho mads 
lo the clean row, be aloppncl in hii work, ftnd contomplAlod Il» r»- 
folta wiih evident (atiifai'tiua." Sam came* Ur. Jjngle'a boota to 
him, and. being ailuNl wht^re Ductor*' Commniw iii, at onco (Uvin«a 
that he wiiula to procure > mun-in^liuvaav. 

" Hjr tallini." >iLld Sara Id Nplji lu><;>iMISoa,'^T<Maa>ar1imaa- A tldwvr 
IWTOi, and (kl cnouKli for an/ ItilnR. — sneommoa fat, to beiurvl Wm mlHat 
diH. and Ivavci liliu four bundml iioiiad. Itown hejtoa to tlia Oiiainuiu, (o 
K« lli^ lAwj4r u]d draw Hic blunl,^wury ■mrjT, tup-hnulu oti.DiMti^^ La hU 
bulUiu-ZioIc. broiid'brlaiaipd tUv, fnvn phavt, — quite Itin j^a^Im'a. tiot9 
Uinjugli Uio arclnay, ihiuklog liow lir slioHld Inucii tUduoney; up«imu lln 
loulrr, I^jiti^hH* hli 1im(,'^'IJivu>p, ilr. Urbuiit^?*^— < Wfaat '« dial?' kaj« bi;p 
falliiT, ' LicpDHs ■k.'iu}'! li"- ■ Wtiiti llniDai'i" ■■;• m/ Ikilnr. -Ittniitr- 
Uocnia.' •aj'* Um inulcr. ■ I>a<b my vciUt I ' lajr* mj' Mbor, ■InciPt ihauubt 
O* thsl.'— ■ I tlitnk jfiiu nauu one. lic' aaxi U>n luulvr. M7 raUiar |>ull> u|i. and 
thiDki ablt. 'Ko.'ta^ii lif, ■ilammi^ 1 'la loo old; b'lldM, I'm a man)' iltn- lou 
larsr.'u^lM. • Kat a bit on U, lii I > hji iIid lonler. -TlilBk uoil' •■;imr 
IktLvr. ' I 'la nun duU* BayB bP- ' Wi uiarrlcid u gi^n'Im'D iwliv jr"i*r ■!■« lafl 
UOMUf.'— 'Uldrou.lliougli''' uvi nif fnihiT. 'To br fimiv dldt ' u;> Itai 
tenter : 'you're ■ habby lo him. Tbli tmj-. tii, — Ihii vnj;* And. lurv tnou|;b. 
my father «aLL« artnr Uim. bkc a tamu mimliL'y bali^nd a Imrgan. luto a Utile 
back.ainn >«ra a^.tlvrnl amoiiM dltlypapcn aiid Ila boiH. maklus brilvi* 
be wu buaj. 'I'lay take a tut ills 1 lualiei out the ofDdci It. elr .' laji lb* 
tawyrr- *Tbankep. ^Erl * t%j* my ftiih*\r; aad dwti Ut iiat. aad ilarrd t-LIhaU 
bla (T**, and iil> RiDUih Tide uptu. ai ibe iiaicmoa ibe buxn. ■ WbalHfDoi 
namft 111 f ' Hri tbe lawyrr. 'Tonj Wtllcr.' layi mr intUcf. ' r»ri*b ? ' eayi 
tbeUiijer. ' Bclte fiarafr.' hji Uijr (allinr: fur I1* kingipw) iliDru tvu he Hiott 
>p) and ba kao* 'd iiat)ilo( aboal parlitiM, be did at. ' and what 'a llici ladi't 

eu V((kb(ik Vayiti. 



umaf'Mf* ll>*l*'*T'"- Hrftchrrvu tlrnA oil of Mh«ap. BIcn^UIICDOirl* 

■*;■ iie, ■ Sol Imu-n 1' layi !ho Uwfet. ' No luore iiurjou <lu.' ttp rui'Mlitr. 
■CBJi't J puE iliAL III anmrtnlf r * — ' Impoulbltf M ttmyn Ih" iBAjnr, * Wvry wvll,' 
MTimf Iklhfr. oAtr ht M tboaf^bl A monmlt *put down Mr*. Ctftrkf.'— ^* WTiAt 
Otrko?' ■■)• tlic laojDT, dipping liU pvu lu ttia Ink. 't<u>an Clvke. Murldi 
o* QnDbir, l>arkln|[.' •■r* my htbtr: ' thn II lm'« in«. If I H'li h>i. ) Ai-:ny. | 
Bitcr faid nmhliic m lur; bul ihs'll birr mp, I know.' Tlir llcrnx! nu mod* 
out. ftud jiUc didhMw Idru: And. wh«i'i ia(»M. »he *■ got lilm now; and / ntt«T 1ja4 
ur of 1h« four Immlrt'il pimnil. wniv* lueitt Jtcg your f>arilim, aIf.'* krIi] njkm 
irbva ha hul ennoludi^il, " but, vhin 1 gett on lUli hen grle»iicn, I niD> on Ilk* 
A ocw borrow tlEb the vlieel f»«i«l."' 

Aftvr tliiH. Mr. Pickwirl: tncvts Snm. hekI. likiu;; Lis )ip|>eiiraacei 
reiioli'«8 to eii^rago hiin. Ilu avails &jt liiin. ibcrerarc, uuil {irupOAvs to 
gtvo hliii twolvo poiioO» R year, and two suits of clothi';', to .ittcnd 
upon iiim, nn<l trnvcl about villi him aiul llic ctlicr I'lckwivkimu, — 
tcrau which nrc highly Enti^actary to Hum. 

Wlien Mr. Kickwick ffiv to codbuU Mr. Purki-T in relation to tha 
■clion which Mrs. BiirJelt hut bniugLl njpiiiiiit him for bn-ucU of 
prottiLw, Sxiu ]U.'[:uuipuii<>9 hiiu. 

Thf; Tiiil WKlkfiil anmr ilIitiiuM'. — Mr, PlRkwIdi Irolling on beiort pIungMl la 
pnifound iDcdliailoa. boiI Sum roUowlDg bflilod. wllti t nuDIpnanisc tipntilr* 
of Uie nioti Fuiinble uid rwy drflance of evcr/bod)' and every llilin;wbeii lb* 
laltt^ft whu wan alwa]^n|>*<l«llynAiuujit«>1inimrl tn hi* mjut*r aiir 4xc1ii*It« 
iBDimiailon be pOHMfed, qiilckcDcd hl( pun uutll hv wm cluir at Mr. I'lckwlck^ 
bed*, nnd. palniinji ut> ai i bouie the; w«re puiing, told, — 

** Wtry ni» pork-flhop tliiiE 'rrn. Air-* 

" T« : It MFrng >o," (.aJd Ml. I'lctwlck. 

■■ CckCnlcd Muafe-IMIorr." wid Sun. 

" I* it ? •■ Mid Ur. 1-lckwldc. 

■■!• Ul' ntlCTUti] Ham wltb )i>mt tadlgMtlont " I ihould rB;lhrr thlok H 
WM. Wlir, air. bleaa jtaj laaowDI erebrowi. tliai'i wlirr* ihs luyitDrioot dl»- 
i^poanta i>f ■ 'aiardablt trvdaamui (n'»k placa Ibur y*&n aito.'' 

" You dpD'l mv«i to Htjr bo wu burkrd, saml"'*ald Mr, Pltkwlek. looklni 
haiUljr rauod. 

~ N'aMdoB'llnilml. >lr."r>|>lJpd»r. tTrllnr. '-Iwl>hldldl rarworMtha* 
ttial. llr waa Ihr lattWf o' ilial Vro ibop, air, and the iDwrnWr o' (bat palenl 
navri-lwlb'-olTiwMKe iivam-lDjInD M 'ud iwallcr gp a pai lu'-iione if you put II, 
twEi^Vtatiil rriod it Into aaavaftui an «aaf ui tf It wcui a 1riid<ir yzmng babbf< 
W«rr proud <•' Ibnt mwhlnv hfnai. an It trni DDl'rnI lis glum Id bf, oDd heM 
ttaaddown In [bc»[lar a-lookia' At U weu ii wai En rull |>la.^'. ILU lio fot fjnlt* 
IMdaadjaly with Joy- A ttcrr Imp^if EDuii bu 'd liii* Ijrvu. air. In Ebfl pnfnvtKlnn o' 
ttiat "WalDClni^a'td tivfi nior# liiri'ly Iiiiif«ni4 bripnidi**- If U Imdn't b^rn for bla 
Mift. wtto wat aiDoit ow'dnoloui wljitn- bbawaa alwar* n-foLlerlji* bim about, 
(nd dluBlu' ill li!> can. till at lail lie could u't ilauil tt no iDDtriT. ■ I '11 Irll jroo 
what It l». lof dmr.' Ii» ttyi one dujr: ■irjon pBri»w»r» In tbiH brre tort oT 
VDiiKiiirDt,' be wri, ' t "nkblruHl If i don't KO awarTo 'Sterfrker: and ilini "tall 
abuul it.' — 'You "re a idle wlllia.'iay»be: ' And I wlih ths 'Hrrrlklm Jn^iif ih*b' 
baftflb-' Artvr wicb ibn kvrpx'^n ihuKlh' uf UUu for half an bouf and Ibrn nini 
lata U» Utlla pwtor beblDd Ibe iliop; tet* to a^orvamlD', lafi bell be ib> dealt 


eit SIckcna BIctrtDxcfL 

■■k«r; ud Ul« to «fll.whkklifli(t* three good hoar*,— oofccttacaMiwm 
I* ■■ nrw lu' mi kleUB'. Wia b«I marBla' Uw Ira<lMi>d «u nHuUC. Ha 
htdD*! Hkn M(U>' f>Qn tha lUl; h^nt vr«a pa oa bli Krntl-oMi: (o il 
«wqBllcdfwlw«irMfMwlOllcnarr. DMaH «saa b^k nxi dir l iHdnH 
•OBI hKk imi imk : odMit 1m1 Mb priBMd. MfV, ihM. IT k* -It oinw buk. M 
■ImbM t> CM|Cl'« «ntttrtUartirtM)«a*««r]rll»cm.«*(B>tb«lM>iwlD'l*Hi* 
•oiklB'alatI). (llllht fn«l»if rlri|j:ri1 ■nil (hi r^nmtlhi Mrwimli. nhn 
*nrBko4rlani*4ap.HvHaRtedrlthtUnichloCtalh*iaHac>-«hap Hoiri'. 
•nr-BOBaoB^B sannnd: w tbr? ■>» oat Uuthc'd ran n^»y. iindihi kcgil on 
tt« bfa'BCTi, Oat fjBtBid*! olf bl. a IllU* UiId old (trii'l'ui'u winu tnio ilm olinp 
b*|iM*fanlaK.aadan-' ArvfoathaaUultof till) hfmhop?'— ' Yrt, I bid,' 
MTBtbB. ■W«a.aM'BB.*i>nb*>*>'*Bl*'*J<"< Iwkrd In to lartbat mt Biid 
■qp fcaOy bIM •folB* ta b» Aite< <br ttnttUi' ; uulnvira thitn Ibiil. ma'ain.' ti« 
■fB.'ja*Valliwa«lBahaiiB.tlal.B*}wi don't n-r iiiv iirlmpii parti or iba 
■■■hlhs wfcaWBf Wi mi ii I thM;faB 'd nnd brrT tome iitmij m ch«a) 
■ibaHMi • "Hi baaoai. (IrI'MJV ■&*■ 'Bultoni, nu'un.'uiid liiv lliil* eld 
HMhMBB. ■BlIiMtt B bil <d paper. Bad ftunrla'tiitiiij- or iMtiy liilvn a' but- 
MSL * Xto MBMalB* Ibc MUBjIi U Iniuicn' bvlluiu. ina'aRi J ' — -'riicy 're nr 

iBibBiflib ail'lB|il%nrlHi ' i ' ■ VVIiMr»nain*il.allttlc 

uMn aT M T i. Iiiit< r awf lalr 'I mtt all i" •!!)'■ tbvniddi-i; ' In u ili nf i>ib- 
pj«aiyl— altf IWia»MT(Ba»w>tiJtil<.clf Inio muai;rtl' And lo hi' bad. lir." 
sMMr. W*llw, laafetaCattaHr iMo Ur. DckwIck'H liiirrnr>iilrlrtcn oounlcniiniv 
•vAi8baVbM<i*a*MlMotli«liV>i><^i bat, hnncvcr that iul|:lit 1m'Ui>n. tliK 
m*oM|MTM^ «kB had b«BB itmBfkablr puiUI 10 taoaivt nil liti tlTe.rutbcd 
SM «■ tki tbtf la a viM •!«», aad wu notH b«rd ob anenatdi." 

Sim, In Us Ifarelt with Mr. rickwuk. faUa in wiili n <<i>mdy wrv- 
Mlghl by Um nanw of Uai^, imil U iiiiiitvii witli her c1iarin!i. Ue 
deturmWa Ui writa bar it Untxr, and, wliUo eogs'^ in th« tiuk, U In- 
iHTvphx] by kia Gufaor. 

n IbM** Bb4 pnUHBta vho bi« not In th* babit of dFToUni Ihi>nii»lT«* pni» 
HNAf iBAMHtMoefpNUDaiulilp. orlUniBMlarltnanrjrMHy rn-k. UMiig 
al—T* >Ba» i a n a < aitat—tr te meh oatw for Ui* wrIWf toredluehin litail on bli 
ItA •««>. fBBt M idMB hit IfM M Mwljr M poialUf OB • levvl vlUi Ihr paper, and. 
■Ml* ■laactBS alilFiraf 1 ai Ibclmtn Tic li eonalFumliilt. ii) rorm wlfh bli loiifciis 
laaantaanr fbaranvn IS BirmpHiiL Ttii>H<taiiUnni. allhinxbunqucirlunnblvDriliB 
(itaWrt ■iili t aatBWwmrialcopipoallloii, rolard. In lomcdrirrrr. iliD|ir'>(rri'uiir 
Mm vrftfl aad Sbm hat BBDaBactouily bc«n a fliU biiur ai>d a liatf wrlilnff nnrdi Id 
•■mA I'll. •Bi(«Hb|| OBI KTOUitli-llen wllti hia lllllf Itnc^r, slid pnlilne !u ih'H 
alma, wlikb rvqalrml itdag mrr rrry fttea lo riudfr IhPiD Tiilbto throuKli Ilia 
■UUvX. vtKBtw vaaTOBfolb; Ibo upruiniof llw duuc lUid ibii uBirance at bli 


•■ V>4I. VBnn-)'."aahlt])»flUh(t, . . . "vot *i that y ou 're a^diila' (if,— pot. 
Mil of kkMi4«d«a BBiIrr dtScuUiea? ab. .■tiunmrT" 

"t S* daaa DOW." aaM Sam, Hllh atifbl ambanaiMnicat. "I ^tc baan •■ 


' >:< I M»,*'r*pU*dltr.WcIlrr. "Kattoaarroiuig'Doniaii.I hopcsSaninir.* 
■'lV)i). Il 'anaB>*B.nTln'ltalDl."npll*d!l*ia. •■ II ■• n iralCDIIiiit" 
•■ Ai>l>an"wi*lah>*4Ilr, W<tl«. apparmll}- borrBr-Hrlckcn br tbi- wori. 

^ vatofldBB," npUrd Aajn. 
•> Mafial. SaMhBl," aald Mr. Walln la rvpraaihAiI loewu, " t did at Iblnk 

Ct* Vtckbtctt VapcK. 


TOD "d ha' AmmII. AiUrUn«>r>ila'fau'vuliailu'}aurfiilli(T*a wldoai |>rep*Ml 
Up-; iiit«rall I '<r* Mdd to roc nponllili Ikti' "'ly nibjrcli wlTr MIltciiIlT irtln' 
•udlKLa' i4(h« MBiiMUf ■/ four own moUitrtn litvi [Tirb 1 ihould bi' thoiiglit 
TwanionU liHtoo a> iu> man nnitd tvci Im' forfO;:-'! In lili >I.'iu''i!a;l,-~I illil u'( 
Ihtok foa 'd bA'iloiir If.Saniniy, I Aid u't Uilnk y»u Si bv'<Imap li-*' '[lan^ rcllt^ 
Ifauu ni* loo iniich Tur (lie ckkI old niiia, Uo ralgcd Sam'l tVoblM M hli II|m, 
aadibaDk off Uic coiKcnU. 

■■ HTot 't ■III' iDntlirnun?" ishl Sum. 

" XcT'rmlnd, l^mmii," rrpllvO Mi. Wrll«r. "1111 b*a wfry neonliln'tilftt lo 
■iat my Uiut cf ILfc; but 1 ^u jjrctiy loL-gb.lZknl 'i ma coutuUtloD. ■! ilir FCrf 
add tiirkvy rvnikrkMl v«-ii ihn fnriiuT notd hn wm afflend Iiv thouM be obliged 1^ 
kill bUnfor lliv Lontlon mu-lirl.'' 

"Wol'llboaiHal?" liniulrcd Sam. 

■■ 'Ti iM yoo inirricel. j<uinmy ; lu icD ^ou a dtliidcd irlotlm. and Uilnkin' in 
yoDr Innoarii.v I'lsc ll 'a ill n-vry mplKt/' rrpll*il Ur. n'allor. " It '* a dmdful 
Ultl la B fMbpr"! IVolln'i — itml '•■>*, Gammy," 

-- Noiucuii' I " laid Siuu, " I alol a-guia' lo grl raarrteit. don't yoa tret ;our- 
•flf about Uikt : I know jroii 'najudgeur Uinio [liltig>. Ordvr lu yoarpliw,and 
I "UrnMl jTiu lb* IMIrr — Iboitl" 

Woeannul diilinuUy sly wbctlicf II win tli* jiroipMi ot (be pipf. or dieooBioU 
■lory rtAtcElon that n fatal di^iHuiltiEm to gal nmrrU-d ran In tbn Aunlly. and 
(ould 111 br bclpi'd, whlizh nlnivd Mr, Wrllfr'i D'Ctiug;, and rniiird h[< grlrf [o 
lubiidt. Vr ilionld bcralbcr dlipotrd lo lay tliat Ihe twull km alUUnnl by 
(nmlilnlnii ibr two mmiii-t of cnniolallun ; tat Im n']<mii'il thn nmiiil In ■ low 
loop very l>vM|ijrnlfj, rln^lDje ilio b<<ll. mtanwIiUc, to onlpr In ilir JlrsE- He (boo 
dlvviiFd biiiiirlf of b!i ujigif f coal : and liglilliig (lie \l^•e, and plaFliig lilnutlf id 
rrtiiit Elf irii-rltfl virli biH banlt in^v^nla It, »')1Iia| bi*iv»iihl d'cl lEi (nil liral^aod tv- 
ollnp afaln^t <br miuillc-plorr oi (lie tt^nin lime, turned lownrdi StUUi and* wlib a 
cuuiKcuanec giouly modlJled by tbe MtlCDlu( laHueacc of lobaoco, raqucitad Mm 
10 ■■ draairay,'' 

Sam dippRi hi* pen Into tbo Ink to be roady tar any oorrMtlont, and bcitaa witb 
Biery Iboatnml atr, — 

■-'LMely'" — 

■■ Slop," •aid Kr. Welltc, ringing tho btll. " A doubla glaM of Ibo tnwarlnblF, 
my dear," 

" Very well. >Ir." replltil (baglrl, wbowlibtTea((iu[ckocii BpiKurod.raniiUad, 
rvtUTifd. and dl>aiip4^rrj, 

" 'niry lecm to know your wayi here." obtervcd Sam, 

" Yoi.'RpKed hli Aulier. " I '•■Iwcubutsbi^utvluiny time. Co on, Samioj." 

" ■ ljort\y crrulgr,' " n'p''ut(»d .^atn. 

■■ "rilti'l In pilelry, !• ll?''lBleriiorcd Ibe blbrr. 

" No. no, " npllnl fiatii. 

" Wciy glad In bvar II," aald Mr. Wetli'r. ■' Piwtry '• unsal'ral : no man mr 
lilkrdlapmrtij 'Mpt a beaiUo on boxlnWay, or Warron'i btiwliln*, or BowlaodV 
0(1. or fomo of (hem low f);Uow<. XoFor you lot yoortelf dovn lo talk poetry, my 
boy. Begin again. ^amRiy.'' 

Hr M'ellrr roonitd hli pips wllb oriiltal lotmuillyiud SamoiuK moir c«m- 
(Dencol.aQd rrad ttt follovt:-' 

" 'lorely etM(nr ! fi-ul invHlf a dammed'" — 

■' "Hial alii'l propT," ■a,d Mi. \Trller, taklni bin pipf from blimoatb, 

'-Ko.llalnl ■dBnimcdi"'ob9enrd Sam, iioldlng llie letlor up lo the Ugbl; 
''It '• ' ahaoMd ; * llier* "4 a blot tbort. -I IWi mpelf afbamad."' 



Clit Btcttn* Sdtfonaif. 

••ntt7tooi."imlilSr.Vtntt. -Good." 

■■■Fn:] m;>olf kihtnu-d. •nd completclf elr'— [ IbrfctwM Ihla h»r<tiar4 

It." Hid Saiu. lErmciiiiig Itli hiNid vrUb tlin (it'll. In txla •Itompli lo KmeuitMr. 

•■Whydmi't jouliwkdia, rhnn*" Imiulrwl Mr. Weller. 

" Sol iina-looklD'atlli" replied Sam; "but Ibrre 'aknolhei Uot. Il*i«'***<k' 
tada'i.'auil ■ '<!.' " 

"Olroginwriili'il, p'rhtiH," tiiggnHtcil Hr. WitlBr. 

"Ko. Ilkln't (bat." raid Him, — "cl'iiuniicrlbeil; tbit>iltl" 

" Tluu klo'l M good a nroril m clroiisweDMd, Saminr," Mid UT. Wtlbv 

gl ITXlr 


"Kaililn' like lit" nplJcKllilifallieT. 

" ttiit duii'l yuu tUInW 11 tiivaut ID0ni?"1uqiilr*d Sim. 

" Veil, pviispi II U ■ mnr* iradrrvr word," raid Ur. WvUor after ■ Dsw n^ 
mtnu* MMlt-clloDt G<j oa^ SEunmj." 

'- ' Fih:! tn^ii'lf uliaiiinl auil (>>mj)lDlalr Dlranourlbcd in a dreiwla' of jDa, ft( j 
fod afv- a uiot giti. anil iiDililn^ (mt IL' " 

"Tliai '> a mrrr prrliy HullmpDl," said tba •Idsi Hf. Wellel. renoTlDg Ul ' 
plpr lu uiako way for tlic tvinark. 

■' tt, 1 tlihik It li laylliiT gwxl." oliifinml -''■m, higlilr flaKiiiw). 

•■ W'oi I11Velinl)it>ro)lrlo of wrltlu','' nald Ihr i'Wpi Mr. (V<t!Br,'-l>. llial 
Iber* alu'l ao calUu' oiuuc'i In It. — na Wcnuiu. uoi nnUilu' u' lliat Uud. Wol *■ 
tt< KiHHlu'callln'a jauug 'winBii a W«Du« oraaugvl, Samaiyf " 

"All 1 nbat. lD<]si>U?"iTi>ll<:d t^ain. 

■' Yiw mijhl Jilt a* >cll oill lift * KrilSii, or • unlearn, or a king'i ami al 
-yno*. wbkh U irair wnlt kaawalu bi:aoLjl-]«cllt>a o' Ikbuluuji aalmalfl," adiJtd Jir* 

'^ Juat AJ well." replied $am. 

- Vtitt on, Baiumy." inid Mr. WrtliT. 

Sani (umpl 111) Willi iho tniuiii. and prnorrdpd ai followi ; hli (klhcr maiina- 
Ing la imokr olib a mixed ciprcmlgn oC v/UOom and complaccncj whicli >■ 
pari Inilnrly tdirj iUK- 

" ■ Afura I <™ j"ii. I llioiight all womm in* alltof.' " 

" So Ihtf are." otwerred Uia eUel Mr. Wellor pnrenilietloaUy. 

•^ ■ Bui aa<r,"' oantlnued Sam. — '"auw I flDdobatB reg'lir aoft.hnadtd. I» 
ImHiiux Itirnip I muit lia'bna; DirlTii>ni ain't oobodr llkvyaa.tbouiiti tUlttyvt 
bcitrr than notbln* Dt aU.' [ Iboufhl 11 beat lo make tbal raytber tcroof/' aald 
Mm. liuUujc up. 

Ur. Wrili'r niKldnl iLpprorlnjfW, and Sam rvfumfd: — 

■"So 1 lake Ibc privilldse of the day, Uory, my dear, — ailheicenlpni'nladinw 
CiiUlBt did, VCB lie valkodoul of a Suaday. — tu icll yuu (liat Uie Gni and only 
ritnn f hw i^iiu j^tur llki*iifwi \tiu1oitk ou inv ^art In niuirliquldlwr tlineandbngbl* 
er oolort Iban ever a llkeurui wai token by the prcreel moebeeu (vrloli p'l^pi yo« 
may liavc lioerdon nary my clear) lUlid II Aif Qulili a puiiruiiauilput itm frama 
and fitani un oauplnip witli a liwk at lliv end lo linni II up by and all In liiu mla- 
lift and aqaantr.'" 

" I am afMitil tiat inigrt aa ttit podlcal, Sauun]'," uld Ur. Writer dubl- 

" Ho. It dobV replied Dam. raadlng on rerir quldtl; M avoid eooleiling lb* 


- ' Eicvpt of m* Uarr my deaf u jour salenllDe and Iblnk ot« vhat I "■ 
uld, Uy dMU Mu) t will now coneludr.' Tbat ■> all." tald Sbm. 

CDi 9ltl\tU\L 9sp(t> 

(■Hull ■■ niTlhfr & inddiMi poll up: nlnt It. !^mmy7"lni|iiIndHr. Welltr. 

" Nnt « bit on li." iftid -Hjiui, " Hht *fl vl'li Uinru hub uijrD. uii'l thit *ji thp gnrnt 
tn o' IMIfr.icritlii'," 

''WrlVcuiilUf, Wtllcr, "Ibare'iioinciliIaMn lh«i; «Dit t »ii!i rour uialtiti^ 
ls-t>it 'ii<l ttOly coniluct tinr acomrMIIno on tlm ■oinii |bii.|m>1 iiHaoliilv. Jilift 

•*Th>l'«Ui*<!Il!neiiIlr.''uIilaam. " t don't kaoir whu to tiga IL* 
"SICD It ■ V<ill«.'*Mld th«olil«"l ■imWInji prnprlntor of that namn. 
"Wtia^Ca.'' Ukli Sua, "7(«vcr tlgn > « nlcDiIao vrtih TOUT own Qame." 
"Siga It 'FIckrick,' HieD/'HlJ Mr. WdUt: -El >■ nitty kikxI luiii*. and ft 

■fjronvlo tpt<ll " 

"TLiVvrx lhlii(l"Mld!i<ua. " I«ruJ'I«nd vhbawcnc: whaidajaatblDk?" 
<- 1 dani Hln It, Sam," njolofd Mr. WpIIci. '- 1 UDT*r JciiowM a n-ipreUbla 

•laclinuia a> wrota pi>*trT. "tapt onn. M mvl* iin stn^ln'ropyn* nentt lb* dIkIU 

iTar* be iro9 bunjcrota hlgbtrajraMKry: and lu wim onljr a OunbcrviU oiaa: M 

•»to Iliat "• no rule," 

Uut Tiani w not tn bs dlMnadnl from lh« poMlul Idta tbst bad amamd to 

Um, to b« fllj^fil (be Icucr. — 

" Tour lov»4lok 


Ai»l, lia<lB( fbldad It [a a rarr Inirlcaic oiiuunr. rKguciunl a ilown-blll dIrvotlOB 
loooBeurorf.— "TolfarT. Uooin-muid. at lit. XupklrnV Miironi. tpiwloh, Sul- 
folk."'- aud puI U lata bit pockDt.warcrnl.iailicailf for ihejiciiDral puil. 

To the IaM, Snm mniiiiiix (l«votciIiy nttsiclicii to kS* muter { and 
xshen Mr. fli^kvink iivn* up hi* rambli!*, rcdn-i f'ram nctivo tiio aod 
tcttic* clovQ at UiUwicb, be gov* wiili him, Uciermincd to romaia »lo- 
|[le, aod to tlick by bini and maka him comfortable, ** vagtui or no 
tagCd^ DOIIoe or no uotice, boiird or no board, lodjjiu" or no lodKia '," 

Sam TTallerkapt bU vard. ami roiaulni'd unmartlKd f-jr i<ro ^van, Tlie old 
boaifkrtprr d;rlnfr al Ibo «di1 of :bni iJmo, Hf' t'lckwlok prooioted Mar/ lo rba 
•llnalluih UD MUiUlbiu of tier miii'rj'!n)[ ili. WtlJer at [iii», wlilcb •In- did wltti- 
mil •RiiinDur. I^ID Ihn rJirumi-tsiiiw vf l«o itunl/ llllla boi-n lisitng bturn rv 
paaEcdlf acm it llu gals of (b« baok' garden, we baie reauo la luppoie ibal ciwa 
baji mmD ftaily, 

(Cb. X, xi!, zUI, XT, ztI, XTiil-zx, xxll-xxv!U, xzz-xxzv, sxxvl- 
tlvii!, 1-lli, iT'lvii.) &« JoK (tbs fu boy), Pickwick (Samukl), 
Wki.lkh (Toxy). 

~ Sam )■ lU* rvoH nght-hntie'; Ifrn, prrUnii*. thnt imi rrn' ho i piii upAn otan*. D* 
Mlba vetTliaE>crHiv>ili>ncirfttB3rci>ui4laiu lUlU ■ud dLavDmcH. Ua bu tieirffr mot wltii 
■■7 IBlUf In bl> iMrwr Ihil b« vnM KM (Irs > (ood •eooont of. LltO It ill alM>i»4Mid 
vllb blm. lUalibl^nttnl, J(nlat,ou tba luffua. , . 'klili bairtliir tfroin Ibc 0^7. Ibit 
|»ottf4flkCd aplWiDthepavTincalJ*,«tltiuul doutjIATcrrnlravQrv/.evFrybodr^BiiuaLCC 
lAIMtfoiT of which hi ii ilii nriiLrcs Viiii-a LhB wtioici JiiiiaDnminiinUj Ji tbpbu'^kla 
pnuM. a«m'> tl<irirTLi.v cull Uitkuui. Ii i« l» »Iii> •Xwa^i hm wbutuHn. wUokr*;>( 
Hf rTb*>d7 'Im In afj**. He *voimnmTtl"&4 with biarSlfot iI]4Dcnint>lltbod tPntnr<niaa 
lb* Atbifr PACf <jt jamt pfM*j. iiU rriuiia til* iulvvfIiwIit all tbruDfb Iba buok. at noea 
n pltUawpbraodpiaallcal iiuikM,I3 loieand wu "-Uacinwd-i JAva>Ua,»I.CIX, 


Blit Dltbtm Oiclfonaig. 



WflUer, Tony. Patlicr to Somuot Wdlcr; odc of llieoMpKilliaik 
ic, motlli^d-titMd, K'val-i'aatcil, mnny-wiuitcoiiled »U)te-coacbiuei 
tliAt llouriibvd in England bvibtv thu iidrv-nt of niilinifis. Bdn^a 
wUtunur, iiiiU tbvrv&ire fWbg ratliur lonely at iiiiK>s, his U invei- 
gled by u buxutu willow, who k«L'ps A public-bouio, Into mniTTioj; 
agiiiu. FatbiT and ton, who have not Men each other for som* 
llnio, accldcatiilly meet ono dnyftt an inn whcra Sam U ncajriog 
with bis matter, Mr. IHc-kwick. 

A hoarH Toice. Ilk* lonio ilnnK" olfbrt of nntrllaiuKm. nnirrj^ fma 
brnntli iliB cB|>*oIau( iliawb wlilch nuiOliyl . . . Ilironi aad cbcti, ud ilDiclr 
uiiPTixl ilui* (onndi,— ■■ Wj". Sunipj : " 

■-WTiO'»lh»l,S»in?"IOiiBlfiil*lr. Pickwick. 

" Wbf , I wouMdI ha' bdKiTiHl IE, iltl" i«|ili«d Ur. W(U«r wllb MIonimM 
•jm. "lOllicold'ua," 

" Old oarf" Mil'! Mr- I'lokwlrlt, — ■■ wliM old one ?" 

"Uj lailiFt. ilr." rvpllfO Ur, Wcllir. " tlowweron.nir ■ndvnl?" Audi 
wllh Ililabnutlful rbulJIIlnci or miftl altVollun. Mi. Wolln lUBdv room ou Uia 
teal brililn lilin Tur Ibo itoul mui, wlio ulfoiind. pEito In noutli Bud pot la 
l»ad. lo srrct blm. 

■' Wf,Siuiim}>I''Ml<lltia (Mbn: "I han't tevD f«u fbrtwo ^Mn and b>t> 

" Slo IDOI* yon bxrt, old eodg*t." npUnl Uie ten. " Uow *■ mollirr-lii- 

" Wj, I 'Illi'lljciuvrliBl. .S>Jnmy.">Hl<1 Mr. Wrlln.Hnlui.wlIh much Hitura- 
nlty la IU> nuini]er> " Ilicrc ncvrr uu a ul«r womau u a nlddtr than tliai 
%raa*conduL']iluro'iiiliic- X anrci cn^L'Tiir >1iv waa.Samuij'; and all I rau^ity 
onbCTVOwli. Ihnl, unvhovntmicli an nnnnmiiiiiTi ptrvjnnl ulildi'r, Il^afrrvC 
pity ah* ev" 'liUQGcd hci (ODdilioo. Hhr ilon't act aa a t tft^ eanuny." 

" Duci'r. thB. llinugli ) " liirjiiliod Ur, Wi'llci, Junior. 

TlievlclTMr Wnllvrtliaiili liln lii'ad. a« ho (I'plliil Willi a itiili, " I 're don* 
II once toil onm, Samm)', — I ^e itonc 11 on» loo ofleu. Taltc iiainpU' bj j-our 
mtiiT. nijf lHi>'. null be wHjr orcttal s* vrlddm all yoxir lift-. Kjirfliitly If Uvy "i* 
kept a |nibllc-linn<r. Siunmy." And, hating di>tlTi>ml tlili parrnlal advlM WIUl 
jfr«at fialh^t. Mr, tVcllcr. fmloF. irliUed Lila pl;>c ftom a (1u liu4 he carrfad t9 
Ikli iiockdt. auil.llglilliig hlkfrr.hli |ii|4 from 111* a«liu of LUa old uju^iifl^ 
pun«Kl (nMUiig at a stMl ral*. 

Shortly «ftp- thi«, Mr. WHIct meet* hU ton ngiin, whcm > mora 
extended conVL'Tsntion (Ttiiucii. 

" Tbnl Vrc jvur KOTrrnor'i lujnraKC, )^mDiT?''taiiul(cd Mr Wdlcr. icDlor 
of hli alTccilanaicion. aiht ciiii-rcj iheyard «( Uio Bull lua, n'MUsctiajii'L 
with a lraTi-llltig-l»aK nnd a imatl poninaniPau, 

" Too nLlgbt hn' mndc awonr^ Ku»> Iban Uiat. oM f«Uer." Wplird Hi 
Wrih'i. lhc]iiuiigi-r, iclliUE Uii»ii hi> Irardt'ii In Ihi> janl. and ■llling lilmirtf 
4aini upiDli a1\i'tiTsnl>. ■■ Tiii-gnviTnorbit-srlr'U brdowu brn pretcntlj-.* 

" Uc I n<riibb]zi']1. 1 fupjioit ? " intd the nuher- 

^ ypj.lir 'i a-hail^;' UvmuiM o' JiLiigur ai ci^latpflDQa," rt"pond<4 Uw *o^ 
■• Dow '■ moilirMn*law [his mornlu'^" 

" (luacr. ^«^^n/.•)u(«t," replied Iht cidar Ut. Veller wlUi Impntal** gra* 


etc Vttkkltk 9uft». n 

Kr. "ttmH lata fNtti* nvtbv !■ tM IhcboauUcal w4ir lu^r- Suinri 

nJ ■&•■■ ■ — !■<) |liM. in kaian. sbe'i uo itoo4 > tnciur ror ma, 

twiBTi IIM l4nt4«MmbM-." 

•■Akl'MMMr-SHMd: ■-|tut**vcf7Mlf-4nTtB'c^rn.* 

" Wtrr." nplkd Ui pattM <rlUi > li^b. " Sba *• cot bold O' unio taT«DtI«a 
lkrci«>rii-apii*Qp]* brlns ton aolo. Samnr, — Iba turn UHk, I lliluki tlMf 
aUi U. t ihiKM nrj niKb fits (v mv Ihal trdim la hiatlaa. hunior- I 
ifeesld «ctT mudl Uk* u *m }aar doUicMb-Uv boni ifils. WouMn't 1 pM 
fear <M>I la Dane I 

-mat 4o fOD IhlDt Ihan iToin>n dni« t*otbw daf," wMIbhi* Mr. W*ll*r, 
■!)« ■ iliun luiiic. dutluG Hliicli be lii4 (|(aiflMUl7 MIMk th* (Id* of tdl 
•OH Ktiii lil< roiidiicvrKlun lulfiluuu liiBM, — " »hai da }«a (Uak tboji doat 
I'Mtm da;, tamm;?" 

•'I>i>otltiw«."«pll«dS«in: " whal?" 

■- Oon and SM> Dp • Eiinil (n-dilalcln' (iv a Mkr Omt mUi Ui*I1' *bay- 
tMnl.'ialil Ur. Wdttr. " I wx a-fuadlac ilarla'la at tb* fMar^bop dowa at 
■ar |d*ec. wbcQ t K<* a III Uc bill abgat II: ' TIckMahalfacnma. .AUafifltfr 
ttaw ED b« nvl* lu tha eunnnliUo. SMraUrj'. Hn. W«U*r.> Aad a^tn I gN 
booWiUiwawaa tlw wmminH a-flitlo' la oar tja<k-yarlar> — IMnaw wqmiw. 
I witib Toa eonld h^ bcatd 'esi. liunmr I There thuf ira», a-paiilB' W»UlBlfcM^ 
and voIIb' auppllai, aod all Mrli u' gimrv. WdL obat wilk jaur Bi>ltet4a 
tow a-in>rT7!D|i me to t^, £nd trlut arltli m; tcoklag (tor'ard to mlu * hmm 
qonr Haru If I did. I (uit ■D)' nam* duvn for a llekrt. At *lx o'docK oa Iba 
Vridal' ermlii* I dreat u n^trlrout vrtf louut, and olT I cot* tith lb* «U 
'Maaai and up >• watt* Into a fu>l Hoar wbcre tbere tb* m-tblnxi far IfeliVt 
aad a wIm** k« a* wemni a« brglm wliU|Mrla' la ana anaUnr, and loofclB' M 
m» M iritMr M a*«*r xaa rairtbrr a itaat ctalm'a of «lcht aad URt Bfln«. 
Bjaad kr, Ihafa esota a p«it bui ilc dovD alaln; and a lankTcaapwItb a r«d 
Hna aad wblta aackclolb maliei up. aud *iugi our. - Ili^t* '• ibr riit-pltrrd a 
Mdlaf Kt trtill hla ndlkltal lock t ' ami Inmniri a (■■ (hap In black, liili a cnal 
■Hm Am. »ai»il!n' any like c^xk■«(lrt. fiuch (aln'von, Saaua)' I ' Tlie kU« 
of paacVt' 'ayi tlw ■Iit^pIiiTd ; and ili^-'u Ua kUud Uiu wuiudd all muad, and, vva 
b«*ddoai!, tbc Diaa <ltb Iha iwd di»ii lirgaa, I wu JiLti a-lblnklu' Bbalbtr I 
bada't b«ttu btfU too. — 'iipeclallx ai llirrv mu a wtrj alee lady *^ltaa' aext 
an. — van In eomai Ibo lea. aud jour uoUier luid br«u makla'tbr 
bttUe bolldowa lUlr*. At lltlxrHal, iiiuih and nalt. Eucli a prrrioui loud 
Ignaa. Banuar. WliUa tbo le* vu a-bnnlnKl lucb a itnuc! inch tula' and 
felaUa't I wlali juu could tia' hi'D Uie iliepUriil wulliiu' Inis tha bam and 
■dBw. 1 arrrr >F« •ncli a rliap to rai anil dtink — urnrl Tb* mtaoaod 
<nan tram'C bj no meani tlw tort of pcrfon 700 'd llketocnibby conuad; bul 
b« vaa nottilu' to tliA Bbeplwrd- tVvlL cmrr tlia lua wiu ovi^r, tli*)' tang ai^ 
g|fei( fajtOD. and II1141 ilm thrplii-iil brcsn lo pn-acli ; and n-rty nell lie did U, 
^DDildctto' hoiv heaT7 them mufllDt mutt have lird on bis cbeat. rrea«titly aa 
I dla a^ all Ufa (uddvii. and liollin out, - niirrc 1> ilis iluiu'c? ahir* U bba 
iM'nait daiiCTt' npOD ohirli all th« iTDDim twki'd at ar, and Irjta I* 
p Baa a» If Ibry aaa djln*. I iboaiibi tt iriu mhtr linit'IiLr: buL ■lowi'nia, I 
•ar* aoMof. ri iiiinllr b* pull> ui> itnlo. aiid. luikiu' wrr/ tiard at mr, aafa, 
•Wbtta tt tba *laB*rr whm l< ihe ml-'ial<le rlmirr?' ud all Vat iiiiiaan 
iroaa* agilB. Ian Uidm louilci ilmu ttuir. I goi ralber xild at ilii>: w I 
MkM a Mty or two llnVd.and U]-*, - llj f'lKiid,' uyt I, 'did j-oa affUf that 
«raiibiuaBItiiai«n*?' 'Slcodor beiUElii rar pardon, ai aDJseuTiu'u would 
Wdaaa.kafM nOf* abutaa Uisn ixi-r ullfd uu a kisidI. Kamiajr, — amv 


Sbt Dicktna DCctfanaix. 

•d of imttb, -- uul ill tarli o' n«mu. I^o oij' bliHXl IicIdb iTflanj op. I llrM 
gBk«ltlin IvroorlhrB* ftit hliam\U jind tl;<iil tvnqrlhfrfi IDnn loliBnd 0>vr U * 
IhvioaDWlIh tlis crd nol^, Md wulkrd off. lwl>li;ou could bft' licanl LoK^ 
Ibn nomcn •cituncil. tjanmjr, vcD Uie; picked u;i Uie (boiilmnl ttitta andor ibt 

(Cli.xx. xxii, sxiii. xxvIj, xxxtii. xxxk, xliii, s!v, Ui, It, Ivi.) i 
Sm Pickwick (Samuel) nnd Wgu.KR (Samufl), 
WeUeo-. Mrs. Sosaa. Hi* wift^ il.riucrl)' Mrs. Ckrku. (Ck 

xxrii, xlv.) Sft. Wki.lkk (SAituei.) anil Wri.vLK (Tomr). 
Whiffers. A footmnn nt Bath. (Ch. xsxviL) 
Wicks, Mr> Cicrk ia olUcu of Dodson tiiid Fogg> (Ch. zx.) 
Wilkins. GanlL-mrr to Cupl.iin Bulilwtg. (Cii. xix.) 
Winkls, Mr., senior. Failicr uf Nathaniel Winkle ; ta oli|^ 
u|j:iifn>gcr ^il. Uiniiiagb:!!!), nitd a tJiorough man oi'bu*!DeM,liaTin 
tho inosl mclhoilical babilJ, nnd never cominit ling himsoirbfMtiljriii 
any uQidr. Ilu b grcnilv duqileaecii nt hi» son's tnarrii^ to ACm - 
Arabella Allun, but Cnally forgives him, and admit* tliac the lodjr 
is " n very cbarming little daus;hti?r-iu-Uw, iiftvr all." (Ch. 1, Ivi.) 
Winkle, Nathaniel. A membir of [lie Currespundinj Socictjr 
of tho Fickirbk Club, and a cwknuy prftendcr to sporiing akili. 
(Cli. l-r, vii, is, xi-iiil, xv, jtviii, six, ixiv-ixvi, ixviii, xxx- 
xxxli, xixiv-xxxvi, xzxTiil, zzxix, xliv, zlvii, lir, Iri, Ivil.) 
Witherfleld, Mias. A mlddlo^^ed ladj-, affianced to Mr. Mag- 
nus. (Ch. xxii, xxir.) Set Macki^s, Pktkr. 
Wu^bjr, Mrs. ColoneL A fashionable lady whom tir. Fkt 

nick tiiQcls at Bntb. (Ch. xxxv, xxxvi.) 
Eaphrr, The. S«e Uiviiis, Ha. 


Cnirtn I. MMllntoribol'IclLwiDlLCIuhi Mr.lllalloimlliMt. riiiktrti^k k'bu^ 
li«'*lii»"Plc**lrlil«n»ai»»."' — U. Tbo l-lcli"li*lBiri nilniuirjutilewii!i ibs VLAob- 
den oi tin iloMm CruM Inm Uidtid'wI Sft. AlfrM Jtnali-! ihc luunifT la KiKhHi^ri 
tt^r aupixr uL (liQ ball loa. Mr. Tapmtu uul Ur- JlpjiEa miei^ei^l Elia Ij&U, Mf- Jfri|rit 
«ii>«i1fiti ^\r- li'inUri^t ci»i; Mr. Jlnclv vixJm itic jM]oii4j(.f Jjr'£liimiD«r. «rbo cbEil* 
*njc<'dMr. \ViiiL]claciii]«»iui-iict; tbf]4Eii^.«blGbbliiUvtv;ftedlO'D&81]UiiiiipritEi«ur«^ 
ID* I'lm .Mr, WEiiklcfii-'i.ii ihrmia" — lII.I>^>lIHllJ«allll^wUlt4■■Tb^Blfolll!^'ll■lP^" 
in- HltiiuiEicrrPC<n;iilicii»llf. Jmtltf. — IV- I'EiDEnEElEoJjr re»ttw ■lUoclEi^Kr; pir-llnj,' »%]l» 
Ur, Wnnllii null \<\t pj.riy, — V. Thn ij'lvo i»I)ln>:li>r DtIE| Mr, Win;il».dli(a.,iiniln«. 11 
jitil* to raiuuuEiE ; E^ibl.AAr-t'lcLwlrk^iiK (vlui«t«lfll»uE:a.lUAbD^H](uqBiittty.t<4vhif 
tti PlfbwUUuu UTnlkUioiMorib* wijr.— VI. TboouO-puyraiMi. WvOla^l lb* 

8k» 9tckbtcft ytftii. 



tIsiTBiaiwIM** T*tl»jOn«n,"«B4nlm»— nwConThtrttolam."— Vn. Mr Wl» 
kls MUoiM l» ihoet IhB n«k*, Md m«iH)t Mf . Tupjiimi; ihr FtkliiM-uuuh ■■ Xiu«i» 
lan.aodltoaiintrirUebaillownl.— VIII. Mr. Tnfniin pn:p'aM to Miu Ruiiirt. «•! I* 
dMCBVMtd tif UMMMri '<»■ nliUiii il» diKoiTry IodIiI Urm. WwiUf. ii oicitEtrH br 
llc.Jla(l*,*bndMtnnlnMto wpinrOr tir, Tujinun In iim ■piiuui'i tmrtlom. ~ IK, 
rUuUniMistUiuccn^l. tat alalia* Mill licri Mr Wnnlluiind Hi. l'ictirkk:i>t:un>, uitl 
■I* ]UM «o Ihr i»>1iil of orarUkMC Ilie fiiti><l'i», i°1i'n Diclcrnrrloii'UMlLKluxn. — X. 
km Wtii*r'iafii3ti>'o»'K*u"b(KiU">i uiu wminiun imi: bi> accunm uf iii>(». 

tlvl'iniirrlniPL Ul. Watdld qnHlIiDi Jlim, null fl'i<1i llial Jlnalo iril Vlu Rirhvl urtal 
(tie WmiolluH; Mr. JUieU !• IwuiBt uft, WIS lilt iBily letunu wlltl IHT bru-.a.!.— XL 
Tb4 <tfia'>pwirnDCD or Mr. Tupmwi^ uU llw Jonniiv i^f rictvic^ Siii^tlgrmaiH mi) Winfcl* 
te March of tilin; Mr. I'l;ikirkft dlKovon Uiv abJim wllfj U10 runDHftanilqud Liiacrtpuun; 
tlMmadiOjuk^Duiuwhpti OMdIaoiiHlQfiiHMMlonnlrunone llie ]O4fQ0d (vr^lftlo* l>y Mr, 
ruioltk'i dlKuvcir. — Xlt, itt. rii^twlct., InronDluc Mra. tiirdaU dTIiIi AuInmluuXiiii 
IVPmploJftTllft. UniltlilniHlf In anairJtmr^ tK'inllitikJn vlflcb lip li dl«WTVnil I'J bll 
fnuula^ Mr. rkti wick cnirii|[i.i Ham WsUbt ■ahlatAJcc-.-XLtl- oomvuvunnlDf r.aian. 
t^Jtl.aiiit llii'rkc&ir'U^tloQAor tlj4 nuAttld mimt Mr. rerk«r ^ipltin* bow ah c^wrttca !■ 
BuuiaKid. aoU latmiljicc* Uitt ricliHliiUiiu so Hr. ^jlt. tdltor of ili« {UtotiA, who lnvLI«« 
Mi. rickvUk ud ill. WlnUo luhu hsawi Sftin WrUer nlilia 10 bli Diut*( (uiuc liloliiul 
Uia tlocUoD i apecebHorUi* rftalubdldalva, anil •ucdHvof elm Hon. A«iaii'l9iluii)k'7.— 
XIT. "Tti*ltafaii>>'*GiiirT'"~XV. Mr. I.t<ilIunliir«l(*ii»«flMi. PlutKlet.miilni'iioa 
btmaDdliltMaidklaftJibfikiniy'rflMnhr fivonbyUr^LtallmiiBr: diapiitJi ami rr^ob' 
WlUUuaalllf.FlakwWkutdMf. fuuiuin: iiiiihtic7twU>iUrKBaiiUT'ii.iii<iie-*pi)Kar- 
■ii»ii(AIII«<JiBfl*ullr.C%irlomi-Msr>hiUI| r«;o(ni(in(Mr.riokwliit,tiiiiiidJralr 
3*pMtt.tadKniUaw«dl>rMl. Flckwkt ami »aiil to ini: KiirratEdBDUllk.— 
XVI. StmttritVi. Plokwltk •line ■fcmiHi orhli tiriiiitiiii up: Bam diKoian Mr. Job 
TmlHr, wTia ruTaal* 1I1D plmuaf Mr. CbvlruFIU'Mfltaball furtilnplnif m-Llhii/ounc ItiAf 
IhiiBiliAboAAllQg-tcbool^ Mr, Ili'littlck^* AdtvoltiK ID [liu tmanliiif-i^buoi ^ beiirviisrnl 
ftsiTfihlKiin|tlaai>*maituatlfHthy cbaa&pti mi iaaqf Mr. WanlEnani] Ur. 'lyumlLf. ^ Wll, 
Mr. I'liltvlcli TVuSt toMr. W«n!le(Ii»-ei«fy of «w Pariah C1.tIi."-i;hii. sir, t'au, 
tnvlnjjhla jrBlouaj'orMr. W)nklomill«l3bTknaitlfilc< En"T]iii tiiilf<poDi1frnt."4c(iiilluos 
lAni triioLLi-nia^. vrbEFuupoii aBi^ruoaiiaili«.oiii)[uit]Jill]cdi![iar1uroof Mr. winkle; Maaar^ 
ninkli., KgoiUinua. laia Tiipman Jotu Mr. rinkwli^k tl Uio Argrl, at l\arr SI, MmoDilii 
Mr. l'i>:iLHii:ii, rvi:i'iru * lilMr mm Utma. Iiuiaua anil Kohl'. InDinnln) uim nt Mri. 
BudtU'imli it>rbnKh <dplmaii».—XJX. Actouni al tlio >UijuLiMi:.paitv an<l iba »■ 
tnordluar/ lUJl of M4Hn.TnpiBU uvl Wliikln; Ham WrIIrr ciKLilalim thr* iiijiif>r1<iof 
"wmL pl«i*' Mr. PLrkvlcK. battnjf unlilbnl puatb lary tnoly. ralta aaloi-p lu a wbml- 
bufow. uit la J«A aloiM mrtill* tba party conn nun tlir4r iporlL bf" la illiKufi<Tf«l l>y Ci|iL 
fiuidMir. uba orrleri hirii lu ba wb<«l(ij ojT id lEia vouucl, from wtak'h bll l> riivcuM t'r STr. 
Viftllnandliiiln Wfllpr- — XX. Mr. rii^knlok 0Q1I rtunj vldll IbeoOloi^l'f Dud«.«a 4ud Fj«. 
*fl^'f wbiclvllity call at a tfl-rem. »li*iru .laio mtmpoclrdlj' nncoimlfm bin^Ib^ir; ftijcn 
biD Ml T Iram Ihsl JIntfo HELd Jolt iToller aro at Ijianli^h. and Mr. rU:]iwicli di-cJdc« to 
n*K ibain Uiefo at oner ; Mr. l'lctHli;k Onda Mr- 1.ow tonal Ihi lir-id of acniiTlTlDlpart;^ 
at itirilui^iff abilfitaiDPtand It invliAt 10 Join ibcm. — XJCE, Javk Homlior rvLnifa ktm* 
•Ionia atuul Unf'i Inn. anil alio "A Tain nfs tjui>i't l'tl<iil"'-XXt[. Mr. rickrHik, 
fdlog to lL.«iTl<ib.t)iwct Mr-r4KffU>^uj.KolnVlo tbouuiv jilacr. and k'4ma Irum dial 
lOiUtmiui bu Bblatt In rUIliu 1^1 olir I Mr. Pink win k, trllilni fiir Ibr niuht, IrsioMt 
f vsb D[<iB tlia Ubit. utf. ntunilnic to aaiit ii. lutu liU <nr. *aiS iteii I11I0 iiid wrwit 
fDi(i),«bkC pnmaiulM nw sbuiMrof • mldoiONWfd lad<r.~XXlII. lUni Wellorun. 
vfMltdtrmmiuitenMr.JebTratWt^MidbwIiuUantam-iDiitiili.-XXIV. Ur.HwnuB 
.MndeeM Mr. l-lekiili.'k U U* litr, and l> uunlabM ai Itetr Ubavln 1 Mlia nriuitmcld 
■alu QfOD 0»rr< Suiikltia. £•].. aiiil eiiitin a vouiiilainl arainat tir, PleknliU. In con- 
kdjumco of wblch Ibat v«>i)iE]Tnan ami Mr-Tupinan w amiatf<il. a.nd. In alttntptlnv a 
naciw.tam W<]]trknd lUe uilur I'lFaxii^kiinn •bunt luo mna fku, — XXV. TUa ulal 
talbwOaar g a Sapling &■>).. nlilen laUi'iiiiiiioanuni'ipwialMRnlnaUunbti Mi. lUeK- 
iriuk ntmbitiU AlAvl iluult ami bn <iiu]k-n>^ Mr. Wr]|eralH> apotaa Job Tmtifri 
■la dni paiUBo I., ^ir. IVpili'i'i Uni lorf — :c.XVI Samvluu Mrt DanlolJ. and aaalaU 
M a ctfamiaUua wlil^b Uimi** vimi t^bi ua Uh action of llw^oU *t. ni;4irlak- -» 



Cbl BfcKtns BItttoistf. 

rUk*kUHi«MiiauBWMttr|»(i>DUvlQDdl.iodB(haii tw HnUInt u( Hi. Iiiuiji* 

MU*li)lln.WMjl(lB ibe«RBli«:)lr.WH>il*a|n(i»-Cb>MmHCanL~-.XXIX. 
Ml. y*H^ nttim-Jha^uax atiitOoVIUaiitaM*U»»tiniii."—XXX.ttf ritu- 
>kkluu ■utoNwatqiulnuaMotMi. I)« AMni wid lit. Bob tH^rr: Ur. WuiUt 
^lIiIuUaiU|)iBib*wui(>n»*ibnimtsraUi««:Ilr. rkkowk-Xkll ibnuife Uh ih, 
■»iNND«ii.TTakln«iip«rUupwt)r.— XXXt. Mt.jHtuD.>facli>}u<<r ItiaBiiuN 
n».nib|i«iu«UMftuodaaBdHrr«u«f Mi-nokmeki Mr Mokwk* wd >iw to ■• 

*t Mf' Ni««r bUtemi Ur. ttckirtek itaM Im tm niUnM S«)iiW Xnylibia at 

Hi (^aHU, iBd toasntj M Kr. rtikwkk'iiMHnlaalim la (M nu cBUini r«MS 

•■•I Mr. rkkintk1uiivnm>nib*W<mMiiMiln.iairtJt*U*TmJoiiM<br Sdf 

rMDkr.— XXXII. llr.lliibMiw]r«r,frafadMloElT«*bKhglDrrwlr.ft«*BBa innN* 

wMbbUliaAlidritt* «utr.(«UMMiW.w*«MnM «ii bj Wn.BidaM.--XXUII 

>''' l*M **I)«> IBIW U hmM Ml Ukw M th* BIB* Boar.liH bl* UUBtMi MnwMd br » 

I'liMl'* t* ■ itw^^iutov, (Dd, vanbMUiHOtrwid p(u,b> indiiM **rttBiiH *• 

lk«.»UabM[. WcUat.mUir, niiuiHauid ■prniwi Mi, IfaHaand Sui iiuiul iBi 

urMlnt bf On BrUK Laiialttucb of Ui* Cniud OnadJaDcu«i CkMNu TuialAtnU- 

bMd( Aaaeluioa : br. KUulM alH •iToidt u ■ UiMwWsb ■uoafe«M tt* BWBb««,wM 

MHHdbbaupwanotlkaucthu.— XXXIV. CuBaMMOoU of tt» mimwbU MH. 

lUrtill w Ptakvtoki dnmuiM adMI of Mn. llanMI-a mftMbani aMnn «r •«]««• 

ftatfiu. Ibnomd hy OwtumlniUan •< it» wlnaam. and ibampBrtMIUMUanir otlna 

Wnilrri nrdiel bHQg plauiUS — XXXr. Tbs l-lctwlokiun, (aliii HBMb.auU iM 

■cqoatntuwotOapL Dowtir, Uki afAniala Cmu nuium. Kaq., MX. i Sao tan on 

•n (traoi 10 qoaan l^aani, bud nmu Ua ta*|rtaDdtDi Ihumui i lb* Mal«lf hi !■ tba 

■•■■B>ilr-rrioai at BMhHMn »r. rickwiekdota hlioKlf na erwUt al emra*. —XXXVI. 

■ir.l'UkwIckUkcaliMdBOfbrbliMatrtadfrleBdiU UM Har*>Cn«*Mi ba Ditte tba 

■■TnoLi<inidDrrnooa8lbdMi" Mi. Daarlar, UuBwBbtbrblKnft.wliDtaairaa loa 

fanr.ttflaaaltapi Bbbant«nnilna*«^P4balT.Kt. IftnUotoaa Biat >wa ■ftwaaJ. 

•adb*pnca*ai^ladnMliir««<raaidaUn"n>)oa*«iliadwr.vbaDlt (• tlairalo b»> 

Ul>d bUk and ba nibai lUolbeMdak^halt: amtiDC c>a«ar Mr Wliikia tr Mr. Dewlet. 


«tUObbia<UBdiandorUwpalniui«*arUr.JgntiSmulwri Mr. rUinak niUfa u >MS 

Iba norf of Mr. Viiiii{a>( (U(bc. and iianiinl««rni* bla lo Ond ami bmia bin 1 

XXXTIII- Mr. n-ii,i.u. banB(ncdioBrUb4.>uiRiiiK««d|yaodi Iklnncir w iiia iin 

ll Ur. Uati San jR aiiil Mr. B*a Allani Mr. Allan HVIalM la Mr, irmtlahlMialmlumla 

.«(«<lluUtU<lar AntalUi Mr. IVlnkla. Rlamluc (>jbii Haul. In irH^ utual4iHl U 

ind Mr. P<t*T]<ri uuIubI ntpliiuQuu Uhl r?«^>n'i)katl<4TL — XXXIX- t^uji W#ll«ra|i|j*af^ 

iM iiiid<nbjl«* u bad MIH Araballb AJlvn; b)> u]iet[>n1xd mtjotiuic wih IbB m<it 

MaMnaM. Cbwwb whoia b* dnda and bu an ivMr>li-o wrili Kim Allui Ur. ntfcwMk 

iftbDfta aod (Mlala u • manlni batafWD Mr, Wlotiu and Uim Anuil*. and «•«• nav 

lUbt onOwniMlaaoCaKlaDUdoiHiIlBOOMi.-XU Mt. rickwickiiarmtodi Krr«ba> 

■MUUiB.balUaiiablattliiilowhlniUvar lhDdainnfua<1Jui1k*«l.iii<l Mr. I'ldii'k.h M 

jHiM •* Iba riaaL— XLI. Hnm nlaUa Iba aiiur *f m* aluiHarr piiowr; Mr riib- 

>Mk siika Uw uvuliiintiut it )!*«* MItIm and Smaiwtg.— XUI. Ur. Biun|l>'« 

JUaH-ili ptfniri'' ■ ' "- T"-- -'" M iraatnMd br Sua iVvlIai ■ Mr, l-UA- 

iiUkU''aliiiiinn>d"iu>iuiKo.)rM (ba lUId. and ulln pitiBmloii uflila qunart. tiU 
iliMWc bta bcwDE* dliHiHalil* M bla ihoffl*. and laanUnc Uut U« nn Un <la(*hn^ 
toUiM*c«mln Iba eainM>biiUH ■Hbli ba vulu lb* p«tr uds alaupnm'.mi v» 
tanMiBMr-AimdJUila and Mr. Jolt TniUtTi Mr. PlokwMk l l li iB liaw gam, — XLUt 
l«iuarnnii»wltbbliOi,ibuaiiiUgtdaii. by HliKb b* ■«» hlrontf arra n al and (•« x 
Ilia Fl»l *• ■ prlKMinr. Id ohlch vbanr^lK ba aahailihoa Ut riekHHeli. ~> XUT. Han 
niain lu bla nianiar ibn Ui>rr i' Oio ii>iib"iii >iIM bUHlf on prinolflai" b> m>4a« 
lb* (aqiuiiisnLt uchti cliuiu. lh^ (.'Tililrtt Mr, rirkwlek laTlUudbr Hrur*. Tufnun 
likalcnM. ami vTiiiKi-; riiaili i.f mnihBiicrrr |i'i«>n'r- — XLV. Wam Wtlitrmi.imJiij 
(MMi. bu mutbir-ln^air. aod Uh abopbiad i ba I* oTVWbalnad wXh aaii mi ili Hini it »■ 

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ncoomtfilnf MT.JsbTMUr; Mr-TnlUrlnlmdacfa Ur. riekurlirk anil flam tn •" nrhli- 
IUli(.<b«p."— XLVL Mn. ItaM«U l> vL«lir-l >•! Hjin? fnrmli. HJtti »b<<Qi hihI bi-rl 'Iki'i 
■btfOHlsIM HmbImiI Ten <lsrilitDii lli«lr ic^putr |> Inicrriipti'il l>y Nr,>.n..if 
Pilhai and raciv ry irbnm Vn. Uinlill ucarrJnl luitui Mft. In tiHullm rorcmU li 
Ittc *(M (< Dwdall *!. t'lckolcX. ^.x^vit. llr. I'lttsr. liavhiu fcctlrkt noiioA ur IhK 
fnm fvnt tMu Ur, t^lokvji^it, Mr, uiiL Mrr Wiokla ft[j[i«u. ti> corifeu ibvir uiArriafu; 
Mr, BEwdtiva* hDil Mr- T^initanftiiiuBnlvp; and Mr-l'i(]kwUtk]lQji]ljrj'^^l<^i''^h^ii'^i'it^ 
•P^MIi, (Dd oottHDU to nlisH bImHjr IVtim prtouOi — XI.VI1I. Ut. Eat a*wf n- and }tr 
ImAUfntAJVaaaitu U» prtipccca. tfUhUicu and mjUrUDaolAt^ of tb« iHwr.BMlMMi 
kf u tuni dfitia luur. ■!■> tj Mr I'lntniek wiii Sami Mr, FiMwlck'* explauaUufi 
neoBellHaUpuila*latb*nuRU««<irUlajlllmiii'Jinilr. wmklni Mi. riet<ileka(idB 
BM> lb* l»»1-«d bi«DU».~XlJX. It* nlUM "TtulSluIy of Ilia L'lji:!^."— I, Mt. 
rtckwicft hBtlnf irrwif*1 wlih Ur n«B AMm to Acuompanj bim la lutminfliafa, lo 
cir^untDalXrtbi Ilia cider Ur. Wlpklr. It ■iir;irl«i] hE Mf . Bav^^r'J ilcLcnnLluUun to r> 
*lib llMnii tiiiiniin>ai uindiiK of UiM cii<l<iinan nn ti» Inumm tiit ibtw ilili llr. 
WtnUcKnlvr: imtaiurKFrld rctfiitl vf lAA Inicrvii^w. — LI. Tba tuiri^iFacunimk'lal'J'Lituii* 
■Ufi ■( Ih« aanum'i 1 li^ij. ToimaMr, whi-rn llirirenil Mr. rHIi ■rrlisl or Ur Muik. 
and dcaponte ■QFutimue uf iha r1«4l BdiDaTf. — 11 1 AaiuFtfCDji-vau4iitKo( ibadeuli of bit 
ouUitr-lii-Uw. inil nota la U>irlin( u •M'bit raihpri Vr. suigiu jitjra ■ TIMi atijIB- 
paUiy Im the whlJwcf . by 'abmn Ito la ^i^kftl uiit uf Umira, jmJ flggitiwl tn tba bnw Ew aal^ 
— LI) I, .Mr, PlitkwiiikuUaiacvnniltllt- rrrkrroa 111, Wlnklc'a ■aur*. tiid OMiU llr^ 
JlnsLnATid j4>b'rro(tpr. wbo fluBlly tabA Uit^r Inxve of blm iwl uliU* tt^Hfti Ut, DcIl' 
vlft jflyei Mcain. DulJOQ ud ToKjr bit o^lnlun of Ibtdr cbarmctar. — LIV. Tli* Ctl boy 
•nnouiKntli'iairlvaldfbbvuliD; Ur, Wanf^a vrniiJiiliM Mr, rEokwEnk wktb lb« alnry 

iir IliB iilliii I I iirnii TIiwhIli—. a'nl TIIIh LipII^ Warkllei Ur^SELodvr»^T]alUiif Ulaa 

EailU, l> divo > rrti] b^ tb6llilMr>*'l>o laliTlbtd lo k«i?ptna loi^ri^l^ Mr, Wuillt IIHI lUa 
part J rnmrnlDd nurUartbui «xjHQb«d, Mr. Il(i4d|[niaa dLiucmJa MuiAilflo an Irniarnwin, 
ftiBai vuicti Iiu u ufutiUwoupti DUSeaiinultlg bcbuvlui ii( Jue, irtuclila (xvlnuud by 
Oe ijipeiniiin uT Ut. Sui>l(n«, lad M« iiorj-— LV, Mr, Wolicr. adTlMd bySani.liM 
bii Uu iriiV'a <HI1 pmbatid, uid •UIi bia •hjira In tlia ruadi, iiirMiiiih iha alil orwUUna 
nubu. Ewi, — LVI. Ur. iTtllH. Mnlar. cuuiiniu bl> pmiierc/ luu Uui handa ot at. 
Flakwllki Mr. rtnkwlrk adttxa tam, nub Ut IkUlcr'a (oumt.iii oinnT. tint Sun auully 
w flm atg taavabla niaaur ; Mr. ITInUe. aanltr, cjiUa on bii dausLEar-in.Un. vid bvcamaa 
NMAcUal iahM«n'>miiria|a. — LTIII. llr. rickirlL^k inn<.unc*i ibodlHolulluD -Y iba 
alBbt mntrlita M aamUnaa and EaU/ WaMla.and •ataa^MBi UaiuTi' tta «itotl»al 

She ^bucnturca of C^liDet Ctotst. 

T— tiwW'l"'! if tfiliil'ln wu orlgliitlt)' publlilicil during Ihr j'lan UWuid 
!■«,>■" BwMkrt HaculD'.'* oTwhlfb ilc. Dlckrmwu fttllinl llmg tbe rdllar. 
li aM bc^a *■ lb* iKoail number (foi Fetiniv}'. 183T). kn<l itu lUuiTniUd b; 
9mm CtaBibMA. Od lU eomplMloa. It wu luncd la ibrtn n>lum«), bjr Mr. 

tk ' OM**' TVI'I " Ih<d»iiB wnll«d Uiv abuM* of thp poor-lkw tnd ■orkbOBH 
Of bta not* itnenl ob]eol la wriUnf lli« work, 1» luu lilmulf (Ina 

*l Mm t^ bti^*ra Hut k Idw oTUip piinv( good mariuit b* drmwa lh>m Ibe 
inm I'll I tuTcAiwmriiwlL^pi-ilihli t4b« «r«e<catMil*ni1«Mlillah^triiUkJaUk1i)<ni 
^■M(n*<'^'D'''0><^"'l'' ''" KTn •HB. dotwnaUr Htcd Dpoi tjOi- ci»u>i oiiil 
■v*.«ni] tfotiannc01rrtli*f«auniiivl*x;H<r1AnoDftf««V7EtL^iikltif Rilud. liflw 
ganOMBi ••>«■ > wtulc U)U bout. »br Uu> <tn.'i[i []( lift, IB lone u Uicif fpmti tud not 
^^ Kk> Hf' *lu>uld not KTvv iLe parpo** of ii raoral. at luAt h wtll ■> Lit rrvih utC 
ana- Kdrdl'l ( AnaM Uui itarn Ikf itatMlDfinHdniailM'iaifasdniiiMrUlitomnli 
aiim* If "ir' - *■' (uuull tn SclulJiUDU'i. 

- )■ iiiU ipUU. vim I olilied 10 ttaw In bnle OUnr tlia ptlHlpla of fi>94 tnrviTk* 
an«l> rrrr MtniM cdnuBMMK*, aad liiainiihing u luii mil wk*n I sooiirifnj 
^MM *ba> cnaptaMu I MuMuy htm t«U »*>Iiii rrmdluUut klud of man Inlo vIiuh 
^^fea*autit nuMDMimll7lhll,-^1 belhiMiKbL ni^Hlf uf tbuw who mun Lu tliea* vol' 
^(H Wk«i Imi»tiidlMiu>th«>al>j<icimsr*nistiinl7i'iUiin)ii<ir,lHiiin(o;>CM0| 
lAci^uftialiUllbiODiirM towb^cb I ««« Inclliwd. I lwdrr4dQrtlil«ir'«bTK3ioi.— 
Iln IB]luB*{uiiI«ti)a ArtlM nuat t«n^lkulilna In Urk. pluinii In pcKki't. C)i*c« 
_fcini null, bald In Imrau. Ibnnou* In ntluin'. (MU ■(•■oDf. ■ bo>ii(k pack af 
f(l4i^>*illi>-l>ni. vxlnt DonipMMH fir lt» tuarraii bat I bud ofvtr nwi (ranfpi ■• 
DMUr*^' vllj tlH uiucfmbto nnlllr. Itnppi r al lomo t^■l lodnwi kiiul of auch **■ 
lltlIHa l> Mine ■■ rcallr Ob wMi to palnl Uiisi In ill cbolt dsfumilu, Ui all ibrlr 
fftMMdnini. In lUtb* t^nlM ftrtryr at IhrU llmi M •hgwilinn u Ibij rtdly u* 
V*'X rtnlhliii uunaitl)! tlnvajkiliaillitlHitBtbiofUto, villi tb* iniil, blKk. aluni 
tf «tll-i"* • ■■■lof up tlwU pranparl. Inn Ibon wkin Ui*r onjr- ~ll WPMIWI lu ma dial 
H «• ibit wvulil ■■ M uiOBpi ■ uHCbUic *til-^h VH (THUt nHdnl. and <rli)cb veoM 
tl*«anl'aMkMM7. And ibaivAir* I did ii •■ 1 bgatCDU'd." X'tr^tvMt. 

•Kbci CtariL 



Anny. A pnupor. ((^. xxiv, 11.) 

Artful Dodger, The. See Uawxixs, Johx. 

BftTDO;. A villiwoux 7o<^nX ^o«, with a chronic caUrrh, cnaploved 

U Tlie TliriM CripplM Ina, Littio SiiTron lliU. (Cb. av, xxU 

xUI. xlv.) 
Bated, C3iarldy. A iLief: ore of FHgiu'a " appreuticeii." (Ch- 

ix. X, xii, xiii, k)j, xviii, XXV.} Stt Daweins, Joun. 
BaTton. One of the poor of the parish. (CL v.) 
Becky. BiLr-muitl at tlm Kcd Lion Inn. 
Bedwiu, Urs, Ur. Browolow'v liotuckwpvr. (Cb. xii, xiv, x*i^ 

x!i, ii.) 
Bot, or Betsy. A tluvf in Pagln'a mrviae, sud s comiunion of 

Nunc;-. (Cli. Ix, ziii, xvi, xvlii.) 5e« SiKKe, BtLU 
BUL A graTt-diKxer. (Cli. t.) 

Blathers a-u! Duff. Boir-alrtut officurt. (Ch. XJuL) 
Bolter, Morris. See Claypole, Noas. 
Brittlea. A Krvant at Mrs. Mnyllo'*. (Cli. xxvUl, sxx, xzxJ, 

liii.) See GiLiu, Mx. 
Brownlow. Mr, A Iwncrolcot old gv^ntleraan, who tnlsc* Oliver 

into hishnu«c,aiultrcili him kindly. (Ch. x-xli, xvi, xli, xlvi, xlix, 

li-lUi.) Srt (Mu.), t'AOis, Mo.sxs. 
Bull's^ye. Biil Sikcs*s do};. (Ch. xiii, xt, xvi, xts, xxsix, xlvlii, 

I) .VeeSiicF.s, Bill. 
Bunlide, Mr. A bL'silla pulTvd up with tbo biwlenoe of office. 

He vbiu tliu bnmcli worlihonsi? whtr^HtTM JflnA is "farmed," 

and la recuivod wltb gr•).^I nltcntior^' Mn. Muuu, itie mtitroii. 

Un. Mtna uilipml ilic bcudlc l[<tai<i>iniill jinrWwlili » brick dooi'. |i1im4 
kMM &>rliiiit. niiil "(U dull -Ir ill' MKfii'd bltnuli'iil linl mill mie oa Tlic Mtlab»- 
fbrrblm, lir. Uuoiblxoipi'ilta^i Itiiroirbfad lliv [wriplmili'ii whidi lilt vtxlk 
bad ea^'nilrf del. jslanovd cov^iiLr:iiit[.l^ iti iho uucLcd ZibIi oail nnlli^. V«4, bB 
fsllrd, bMilloiarv bill tffn . jiut Mr ILiiiiiliIci ■iiillnl- 

"^'ow.llOllt jon Iw gni'iiJi'il m idini i 'in n-Rnli>jt to ■IT.'* ob*RT*d Un. 
Uiuii villi fapllvniliiKwi'iiiiini. - Vou '■> bail • IodjwbIK. ;ou kni»i or I 
wouM n'l mviiliou H^Sow, iclll foo Uln ■ lltU* drop aruiiii«lliiii(. Ur. Bun 

•■Hot » Atop. t^. B dnip," »lil Ht. Sumlil*, wsrlng bU rithl haDd to • 
4l(illlird butttUWfurld munuci. 

• I th[Dk}On^iij,-.H„|Mn. MnuB. wlljll»iliiolii»dlheloaroflb"«*i«l 
■nd Ih* ^•lur^iml bud inqiDpaalHl It,— " luit * t(«<fe i]rU{>, wltb > llllle ooU 
wiUr, »ud • b^ip or tugit." 


eti ■lckin> Bfttlon>c|. 

Hr. Bumble rouRbal. 

" Now, jii-i a UitW •irofi.'* rnilil If n- tfwin ptrnnailnlj^' a 

" n'hBI la ll ? "■ lni]uln>d the budle. 

" Wlir, It *> what I 'm obliged to kevp > IIIIId of In ibe liouan, lo piil In Via 

Vmti lolknU* duly irbrn tlivgr aln-l mil. Mr. Uiuablv," r'pllcd Urt. Muui 

1* abc cptacd a corner oupbonrdt aad loutiloirn a bo(iEc«jii1 filbt- '^ll'* gin,* 

" Ilu }\iti fit* tb* cb!l4r«u OiuTf » Hra, ^Iwin ?** iut^uirUEl Buuibl*. lblJoi*lD| 

■tth lilt rfVi tbp iDTomdoit pRxm nf uilclnj. 

"Ab.blvu^ml ibM I da, deuHii l>,'*rvpllcd Ibe oan*. "Icaulil i/t •«■ 
■•Bi MSVir b>hir* injr orti. ran kno*. >ir." 

"No," Hid >Ir. Dutnbin Kftpttnlntiy; "no. 70a oonld DM. Ton arc i h> 
taaa woman. Mh. Slanu." (Here ilio act liowa (bo f|1u<0 *'I>1a11 lakn ■• 
Wlj opjinrtgnlty of invuilcxJng It io tlir Ronril, Un, Mann.** (Uo drew U 
towarili Iilui.) "You ftt'I w • niollicr. Ifn. Usun,* (Ho tUrrrd th*slam4 
walfr.) "1 — I drlDk your h«altb witli sbMrnilnuM, ilr*. Hum;" and tM 
iwallowKl half of It. 

"Aad uonr about biiilixa-," ■nlil lb* biaillo, taklnjt out t lealbrrn poekrt- 
book. "Tlio ciald Unit wu half bapl licit, Ollrer Twlil. !• cifbt jnat* iihl lo- 

" Ulai bin I " LuarpoTMl Mr*. Kann, laduDlnn hrr left 070 irllh ttto eorur at 
bcr HprDii. 

"An^l iiotfliihvlAnilliis ftii 0IT^<rrv1 rvwanl of Ion poimrl. whlflh wa* til^r* 
Irarili iiiprca^cJ to iircDlf pound; Dolirllhrlandlu^f 1I10 moul tuporlatlve, and, 
I iwij «Hy, jiii|HTii«rrikl ■lerllon* 00 Ihir jiiut of Ibjji parliib," (itlil ItunibJo, 
"w tiair n^viT btr^ obE« Id iU^ou^'v wbo U bin l^lhor^or vlut li Ut moihcr'i 
KrrttULL-iiT, iii^jv, oi-oondLtloii." 

Kn, Miuiii raUoil licr hmi(l> Ici vtoiiljibiiiotil. but vidfid, afltr s moiii«til*a 
rcAmluii. " I loir eowf* bo lu ]i>vi'»ni> iimnrat nit, Ib*n7" 

Tlu IhnxIIc drew bimicir up wIUi (lou filAt, and Mid. " i tawuiMd It." 
"You. JIf. Iliiaibbi?" 

"I. Jin. Hano. Wo name our ftiUDdIln*g In alphnbrttcal order. The Iwt 
wa* a .S. — Sn-ubblo^ I named Mm. TbU wu a T, — Tvlil: I iiinird Mm. 
Tb* nttxt onti ak cxtin<i4 wLtl Imi Unwtn, aud rbu ural Vitklo*, I hafe gat natnvi 
reudy made to the end of the afpbiibet, and all thu ira; tliroujfb It fl(>fn, tihcu 
vneontp (iiZ.** 

"Wby. T<tu*roqnt(' a llfraryeharaetBr. ■{;,** *ald Mn- Maon. 
"Well, wetl.'Mld 'li" b""i1k', evldputly gnitttlod with tlio campUmeni; '*pTt> 
hap* I Ruii li«. iwrliapi I may be, Mn. Maun." He anlibrd Ibe kIu and wa- 
icr> and added, "OJlver being now tx) old tu r*n>alu lian^ ilig Itoiud ban 
diirniiinml lu liaxi bim bull luio ilie I>i>u>ol and 1 bar* omuo ouI m;*(lf U 
take til III tlieit : to let ii» aeo blm al nnte.*' 

Sirs. Corui'y lii'iiig tuiitrou of ll«i nork(>oii», wid ilie dealh of Sir, 
Sloiit, lb..' rii.ialt r ■.-I' llio c»t»bli8liin>.'DI, being liailr eiiJOtlud, BIr. Bum- 
»lc,«ho flADiii) next In ihsonlor of mccunoi.^ UiinJu It migfat bu a 
(Emxl opportunity fur "a joining ol'1it!tu't«iind tK.uiiekc«piB-;a." Wiih 
Ihia iJen in his mind, he pn/f the liidy 3 viiil, ami. while ttio U out «f 
lltcivoinlbra lew mompiili, cnunt* ihi* spoonn, wi^ii;i>s lh« (ngar--iong», 
.loitly innjn-cts Uuj lilver niilk-jiot, tiiltei a luculal inventory of thi 
fiiruiture, ai\(l tuBlci.-!i htuuelf uufiuninied wiib lUe cciutent* of a die*' 



muut cbot 


•f dnmnii Upon lier n>tar«. alW tome billing kiwi cotJngi. di* 
H^ "the cue litllt-, link', lillU" wonl " ho boiji lo hcnr. sinl Uvh- 
fbUy fODMRU li> l><>ooiD« Mra. Bumbio M toon m cn'r he pimwm. 
B«t llio coiine of Ur. Burablo'a lova doa« not tun ■niooth nfU-i 
miirHa^ ; for hi* wlln turn* nut to lin n tliiiraii',j;h lUmir. Wbc^n tli« 
finit tiff ori.'an, Mn. Bumblo bur«U into lean, hut ihvy do not *crra 
to (oflon tba heart oT Mr. Bumble ; for ho amilLn^ly biiU lier keep 
on. " It opens tlie lungs," he IclU her, " wKihun the couat«ianc«, 
nciTciMa tlio vyet, and acdtcns tbu temper: so erj i*af." When, 
lM*«Tur, she cliAn-^es her uoiks, boltllj ttivi ai bliii, nn<l glvo* Mm 
a aoimd and wull-muntvd drubbiDf-, lie yiti'h iiicontfucintiy, »nd 
IsdnlgM in *ad and Mlitarj ruflections, •* I sold myntH," be Mjni, 
"(br sbc («ii-fpnon8, a pitlr of lagar-IODgB, and & mllk-pot, with a 
(Rinllqunntityoriicconil'h.ind ftmdtor.ftDd twenty |v>iin<l in money. 
f I went very rcnRonabln, ch(:np, — dirt cheap." 

Thii pwiriom piir sre nftcrwnrdi Ruilty. — Urst. of irellina certain 
articlei whith were left in tlio by the tiiothur of Oliver 
Twifl, and wliii'h nrv necviury la liii idcniilli^ntion ; and, sucoridly, 
of witncMinir wh»t they tupposo to ho ibo d<;(truclion of thcoe 
uticlct. Bfoiijht before Mr. lirownlow, they aru confronted with 
prwfi nod witnesrei of tlicir raaeulUy : but Buniblv uzi'uwb hiuisvi* 
by Ujlo^ "It yum alt Mr*. Itumble. Shu woM do it." 

"Thai !• 00 cxvuir." n^illnel Mr. Btnwnlow. " Yiiu wsm prrutnt an Iha i>«- 
OHton «t tbu dMirurllnn of thr-t irlokrit. and. Indcwl. are Ih* motv Kiilllr nT 
the two. In ihD rrooT Ifac law; tur the law lUfipaKii Ilial your wITv UIi anivr 
yoat dlracUon." 

■* If tbr law lUppMm that," Hid Ur, Bumbl*, •lueeilni hli hit tMoptiattoalljr 
labdth hancli.''tlieUwlJ aui. a Idiot. ITiliat "i Hit e>c of the law. the law *a 
a baelii'lijr; uiil Dia wop« I wWh tl>« law li, ilial hliKjOBiiy I* "pi'iniil b^ »«■ 
Krlvaoc— by uprrimot." 

Not<*Etli»tandlng this dunjloimur of any pvnooal re9|Kinsibiilly 
In the matier, Mr. Bumble loses bis slLuutiou, anil retires with bla 
wife lo privnuj lifo. ^Ch. I, lll-v, vil, »Tii, xxtij, M MviJ, y]y "'» l'][ i^rj 
.?« Dick (LirTLr.), Twiaj (Olivkb). a^\f\fif^'^A**v' 

Obttrlotts. Servant tn Mn>. Sowcrbcrry; aflcnranit mnnied ta 
Soili Claypoli!, (Ch. iv-vi, xxvii, xlil, liii,) 

vUtline, Tom. An " apprentie-: " of Fujin*!; a " balf-wiltud 
dupe," wbo maki.'a a ralli<--r uiuueceMsfiil lliicf, (Ch, xviii, xsr, 
XTxix, 1.) 

Qaypole, Noah. A cbnckle-lieadud ohnrity-boy, appniniiccd 
lA Mr. Sowcrborry Uio iindcrlalior- ll<t Afterwards guu* to Loit' 


Cbt BIcKcaa SIcttaaatf. 

a thiii^ (Ch. T, tI, xxtu, zIB, zUn, xVt- 

don. And beoamM 
xl*k UU.) 
Camay, tin. UaUnuoTa wocUimm; itAerward* Barriot to Mr. 

Clraokit.Tob7. AbciaMaM«akMcr(ClL]DdB.xxJ^n*ill,x»ix,l.> 
Dawkins. John, eaSai thk Aarrin. t>orH;i[K. A ;«ang pidc- 
po.-ka in iho wcrwiem of Fkfia ihe Jow. ^Vli«n Olinr ISriM rant 
awajr fion M* nuutsr, and actf oat for Looilan, ba bocU the Art- 
lU Ded^er on tlia road, >1m five* hfan wtclhing la aat, and after* 
ward* lakea liini to Fa^'s ilea. 

" Oral b*t TOOT rF^Ut ■•.. .old Aar<n«gantltBU. " I >tc r» Is Im 
(a l.aiaMi •o-Mght.aad I lata* ■ 'ipMUlkle old c«s«laHia M Urm IbfTr, 
mt 11 alT* jVB htdfloi|i tor aaUilat. aail oerer Hk Ibr tba duDKc ; that In, 
iriaj itiailaaa >■ Iiiipi IWifciiw jmi AfrldoDt lie koow ne? Ob.nat 
MMlBiMltaMI araiiMaaii CnMair ■»>>'" • 

ftllhiiauli Un Dodger li aa adopt ia tluciiBg and knnTcr7, ho ii 
dMcolad at laat ta auanptiiig to pick a g<M)tl«iiiiui'!i pockut, ;uid i« 
wu/ttBKti to Iraatportation lor life. While in court, bo mainttiua 
lih wmil'my* —"'"*" in.pi^..t.iljr chaSii tltcpa]i(;c.<ilBuuiT, tuluD-; 
iba jailer to eomnimleatt' " lliu nairnia of ibi-m two Rh-a as wm on 
tbo beaeli." and genemlly " Uolnj; full jiutiiru to bifl brinjliiH-iip, 
a»d mabKAlpg (or hiiiiHelfa ^Wiou* n-putution.** Whvn brought 
lato oourt, bo nqupai* U> koow what bo ia "pluced ia ibat 'cro di»- 
IparWul •liivation £»." 

•■UaUraartoniiug; «lllyoaP"MMItMj*llw. 

•■ t *■ HD EliglUliiBUi. ain't 1 1 " rrjulard Che Dodfir. 

" Yra II ft four priiilrco looo cnaDjh," ntorlcd tb« iallBr, 

■• We'IIiMwiitlhaitMmvrorSUlcror tlio Houin AITUn bu jpl to nj 
••Ibfbwlo, If t doDl."»I>!lat Mr, Dlitklni. - Kow. tlipn, wol li ttili tier* 
tMlsMi? t ih«llrli*iiklli(iMi1jT'i>triUiw todlipotc oT Thli licra miln nflnlr 
HoJiiiillo knrpm*wbll( Ihrrrpul the paper; fori "ve fui sn ■ppoinlmein 
nliU ■ EMit reman in I1ii!ctl;^:audiu 1 'miniiiii urm; »nrd. andwery jmiielual 
In ta>Iari>.miiliDn. Iin 'II (o *<««r If I alo'llbere to my tliae. *udili«n,pV'ap( 
tbrnminl tit ■iiMllontOrdam^a(BJiiil llKucu ki<jil am ■nnj. ob. noi 


Hm «TJi]eni.-i! (icnirntbim in direct iiadcunclusirc: buttheDoJ-^ 
■r WBtlBUOa uniibiislii'ii ; ami, when t!io luai-iBlraio .tiki him if b« 
hoc any tJiinjc to »ay, h« ulTccU not Co hear tbu qutulion. 

*- Diir-nihtarlilgirarshlpukyaulfrtMi'veaar IblnjEMMrT'lB^nlndlkd 
alhtr, nud(ln( llie aiUal UMfi-.r triilj lilg vlbow. 

" WlMira an mj 
and peppw 

•Ilkfc Ckfft 



" l^eg yoaiftrSaa." tald thf Dodscr. 1ooklii)[ Dp with an drof alMtnoUoii. 

"DU jou t«i«» jourtelf 10 me. mr ma"? " 

dM OflflCr Vftll * frlA- "Do^oumcan to tuy ftnr tZilD|;-Tou j'ounir iliavcr?" 

'■ No.'nplM Uic D<Klgi>r. " am Ii«rv; fur tlili uin'i ilie iliugi for JiiatlD*; 
btutdr* whloh. Dir iiiKinicy ■•■-bmtfHilnjt tbl« morntng vltli Itir^tpprMh 
(truE of iftA houAf of comnioot. Itirt I ihAli taa^^e Aoincililug to xy elicrtlier^ 
•cd •(> wLll h«. J1I141 havrLIt ■ wi^rj- uiimtTimJi And '*|>rctjiLle clmEa of fecquulat' 
■nciMu 'IL iDiki' tliiiia brnk' viMi thnj-M nfnr bnn Ixirn.or thu ttufV 
fat iheir fooitupQ to liAog 'cm up to their ovm lijtt-pc^ aXtftt (JicyleC'era oonl 
out IhlJi mcirriliig to try It onijpon ma. I *ll "^^ 
. *■ 'tarn I ho '■ fiiUy oaiDDiiltcd," iDlcrpotvd IbF olnk. " Talcr lilm inf." 

" Cuiq« ou," tftld Llio JftUcr. 

** Oti- atiT I '11 r^imi' on,"r<ip][rd tliM t>n(lfpr. bmKhfo|[ hi" lint with thf pftjn 
of hit hAnd. " Ab'^(to tbc tmiobj *'!('« do ute lour looking frlglktriwd: I 
waul tiiaw irou no nnrcy. -- not ■ lis'iunli of II. Tov 'U paf las llili, uy Itua 
rallw*. 1 WHUlrtn"! br ym lat •asntiMagJ I wonl'ln't gn frw. now. If ytm 
WABtofVll down on your kupca Bad uk rac. UerccArryDLo off to prlKMiT 
TiUm ni* OHHyl " 

Willi tliPM tut wonli 111* LMdfcnr ■nlfkrad MnMlT to bp Iril olT by 111* ool- 
Iti, thrrtitciLlajE. till he fot Into tlie ynrd. lAiiiAibt • pai UAinciitary builncM tt 
II. Md limn pinning Id llteoihccr'tfaua witli gmc glue uid ■vir^pprtrral. 

(Ch. viii-x, sli, xiii, xvi, iviii, zix, xxr, xxxtx, xliii.) 

Diok, Little. CODtpnnlnn of Oliver Twirt nl it brancti workbonm 
when; infant paupers am (coded with parochial COM. (Cb. tU, 
xvlL) "'■-i^t-. 

Dodger, The Artfkil. Sat Dawkins, Joiin. 

Duff. A Bow-iiruet olBiMjr, Ser. BLATiiKna nud Dufr. 

Ptt^nn, A crafty old Jow, n receiver of •lolcn good*, with n num- 
bur of confudcmics of botb icxvi. He also employs soraml bofa 
(siylod " iippTvtilifira ") la carry on a eysti;ruu1iL- tr^u of pillurinK- 
AAer a lonj; varvur of vilbny, he is *eulenced to dcutli fur uvtupIV 
city in a murder. llaTing buoti taken to prison, ho » ptac«il la 
one of iha " cnndomncd collfi," and Ictl tliere alune. 

Uc till down on n alooa beiioh op|ioille Uio door, wliidi imnl fur uM and 
feaditAbl. and. casting hl4 blDtiilhlint tyvq iipnn tli* grotihd, tHud lo ool]*<l hU 
tbmghM After a wlillr. hr bcKin lo mncmber a n>\T (Ihjslntcl fracmcnu «f 
whu ilit}uil|n bad lald. ibauitti It bad luviiivd ti> lilni m tlic tlmeibal boeMM 
aol lifAT a rturd. 'fla<-af grwliiiJlyl^h Into tlirjr iit^^iKT pluctft. und. ^ dPgrata, 
•OgBMIcd mnrr; to thai iu a II 111? I In* ho had Ilio whol* Blmanai II waidvllT- 
•rnl. To be liin«vd by Ilie iiMk till hawiwiluidi that wai the ead. — to b« 
hang*d by llm a^f-Tt 1111 b* wax dead. 

Ailioanc on Tcrrdnik. ho brmD to Ihlnli of all lh« men be had known who 
baddlMupon tlir »i?nlTifld. — toiuv of ihcin thronicti lilt mtnni, Tbi^y ro»e up 
In viicj] rjitlck jiuffivwic)n. (bill iK'cotiM Eiardly (loiiiil tlKTin. JJv bad anrn •cim* 
of Llioin dir. and Joked, loo. bccaaie tbcr dioil witli prayvrl ui»u their lip*. 
With vrliat a lailllog aalM (bo dnif wenl duwul and bon ■uddcdly Iba; 
•ban(r4 i Vom ur ong and tlgonnu iiniL»j lati^liig hfafi of elolhw I . 




etic BUKn* Slttrtiiac*. 

Komaof tlicm mlcht bavc ln1i*b'U<d Ui*t tvr eflL — Ml npMi ttitt vrj rpat 
ll VM Tery dark; wliydlil ii't Ihr)' bring ■ llfhir riw (vll h«d beni kollt fl)t 
many ;rtat>. Scum of aita muM liair ii»»nl (hplr lui houii then. It ou llbt 
tilling 111 K rial* tlmrn niiti dcid bodlH, — liie c«p. Ilie 000*0. tlii plnloDcd 
trait. ITic fiioci iliil lie knew ctcii hcni«Iti ihal liiJiuina >all. — l.ljibl. tlfWI 

Al li'neili. wlii'D lili liudiiTors nn wlUi liralliiK DfnInMUie lHtti74loorMd 
w>ll<, too mrn ojip'^nrMl, — one bcnrliis a caudle, uhJi'h b> thntfl IMo an Imo 
Cuidlciilok niod acklnil Uie (rail, atid Hid oilu't drae|[!n| In a BwUran OB 
Wlilcli I" pau iUf nlglii ; fi'r tlir prlgoD^r vcat la bt left alone no moi*. 

TtiVD nnip Dlfhl, — dark, dliouLl. illmt night. Ollict wrelotiei an f^tt ta 
Wvr (lie eliunli-cIiK'kii ulrika: Cir tht-rl'll at Uh and oomlnft dajr; to Ibo J«ir 
Uirjf bi»iij[lit doipnir. The boom of rrrrr Iran bell noio ladmnllii ttis ga* 
4(^. hallow aoand,— druiU. lYIial availed Ilio noli* and buxle at ^niral 
Bwnliig, wblcb pCD»lra<cJ uton thnr*, to tilinf It wai BDutlisi fona of kucU. 
irlth TDoekoT added to (hr vrariilnjt. 

Tbeda^pAffed off. IMy I — tbcre wbi no day ; II «ai JEonr as vooa aa ^ma; 
anil nlgbl uudo on mraln. — nlEliI to lung, and ;*l id •3iatt; lung in ludnadful 
tilSDCa,Bnd>liuitlnltirl)iiMlnf:Uuuri>. At on* (lain be (ar*daiidblaipliiHDpd; and 
at another lionlnl,aiid ion* hia hair. Venerable men of Tdi own pern ulon bad 
tome to praybeilde lilm: but licliul dtlTeatbcoi away wUh can**. TtMrranemd 
Uifit cliarltablv cnVirtv, luiil lin tH<At thvni atr. 

Kalmda;^ nlf^l. tie bad onlyoai niKbi moratolln; and. aa he tbougbt orihlii 
lilt day brok«.— Suuduy, 

It «a* not ontll lli« night of tbl< lait awflil day, IhU a iTli:irri>iR •m>* nf hi* 
balplaaa. da*|Miml« ttal* eaow In iuflill luleniliy upon liliMt£litedioul: noliliat 
ha liadartr ht^ld atiy deUnvd or poalllv* hupoormflny. but lliat Tj# liad iii^ver br«fl 
able 10 oonildcr more than Ihe dim probahlllly at dying an (aDn. II* Imd iimlirn 
Utile to elilier of llie turn mcu ntho rTlIefcd eacUoiber In their attiuriaDce upon 
him; ami llii-y. tnt tlw\r pnru , miidti no Rff'irtlu tuuh IiU alUmtlun. Qaliail aal 
there, avrake. but dreamlag. Nov he itarled up Fiery nilnut^ and. with gwplag 
mouih and buriilriK ikhi, hLirried to and (hi- In ineh aparoxTim of frvr and vrnih* 
llial i'vi'n rh*-y — ii-i-il ii» jiiii^Ii i lulitt — r^fiillod fr«m him wUh li'irrtir- II«|rtewhO 
Icnlhli'. Bi lam. In all the t^ituTei of hi* eiU ooanxlenn, Ihat tno man conld not 
bear to 111 (here e^lniihlnialaD*; and to the 1*0 kept watch tagolher. 

fin cowt-ri'd d(it«n n|>on hla Blonii br^l.KTifl thi>ught of rlin piMl, If a bad b*<a 
wounded u-lih *oma mlHllea tnat the crowd on Ibp day of hl> ciplure. nnd hli 
hcadwu buiidigcd wbli allnonelolb. tIJi red hair hung down upon hliUoodteii 
lafv; hi A lieurd vitt* torn, and twlnti^d Inlokriotv; hU cyita aJiuni with a It'rrihjii 
llghl; hI>uu>vB-hol deibernekied with the fcTer Ibatbiimt bltnup. Elxlil — nhiti 
^ten, iril Kju not a Iriek tu IVEfrhtcil blin- und Ihote were Ihe real honri treading 
•DcacJi oUiPr'iL b«>l>. wlivtr wnn'i) lie bn when tlii-jcamv roond again I Elnanl 
Another ninirk before the lolee of the preiloua Iiour had naied to tibral*. At 
tight he would bo the only oiuurtur lu bl> own funtrul-tniin : *> el«en — 

Thoiii drua*!^) walli of Xvwgatf, vrlileh bare hlddirn to ttitach niliifry and neU 
>n-pMkthle angulah. not only from the eyet, but. loo often and too long, frnin Ihi 
Ihougbti. of men. never lii'ld to dnad a r>|>Kia£le u tlxat. Tlie few wlio lingered 
4alhty paiHvd. tLnif wundered what the rnan waa dnlxigwhn wan lo bobung to-moi* 
raw, would hara ultipi Init III thai nlglit If tiiuy emild Usie unrn liim, 

LiLlv at nielli. Mr. Krownlow nppcni* with Oliver Twist ul iht 
•ricki't of [he pri-iun, anil, pruntnting wn order from one oi' tku nlMiillA 
t> iiuucUiaWtf ailiniitcd, aad conducted to Fa^ia'a cell 



eUDtt Eto St 


TtiB toaienutBt CrfmlDil WM traixl on Iil> licit. Hflklait hinitntf fMm (M« l« 
rlir- iiirh « funntcnum raifn> [Jlu* lEint rjf ■ -nnrt'il hni^i t'lkn tfi4i flir^of » nyui< 
Ulanlud Kai sTtdimilr nindcrlnic lo )ilt old I[fc; Tor be conllnooil to muncr. 
trillioat ■ppiTlng ennicloiu of lliclr iihssucd oirierwba tliku M « pan of 1il» 

■'(l(»d boT. Cb vl-^. — vtII doasl" ho mumbtcd. "Oilier foo, hs, tiik, h» 
Olticrluo. — <]uiie t!w ^Dlleeinu iiait.<]uitsiha— TakntliU hoynvair to bnll' 

Tin JulJiT iiKik Itin ilUiF'iipipHi hand of Ollrar, and. wblipoilug lilm not ts b* 
■lanKd. t<x)k<^1 on nlfhiul i<piYLklDK, 

"Tul-f hid awar lo b«lt' cfloil iho Jtw. "Do yon heat me, HraiB tt yOdP 
Hr hju Ikpta tlan — thi* — iocnnhow (hi- cmirii r>f Alt tlila, 1l U Uiirtli ttia momrj' to 
brlOR him up to [I. Uotlcr'i throU, Uill. — uoiEi' mlDd thojtlrl. — Uoller'iUiraUi 
i«4Kp*ar><i It"! BUI. Bsw Iili headofff" 

" FimiD.°Hil<l ibBjoIlvr. 

" TbU "t mc I " ericd the Jinr, filllnj; In^inntlr Inio Ifae ■tlllidsof lliHolnji ba 
had aiMtned upon h[i irUiI. "Au nM imiu. mrlonL — a Tnrvold. old mant" 

" lltr«.**fekl thP tunik(->'> lij^tifhlK hand upon hlA brchillok>^p tilmdciwn,^ 
" brm *« BOmebody wanla lo tM you, Co aalc ^ou lome qupiiiooi^ 1 tuppose. Fa- 
gin. Fwlnl Alt jou a man?" 

'' E Bliari't be <inn li'tijt," r*|aNrd Ihn Jp<r. Imiklnf up wlch ■ lWi« nMalnliaf no 
bumati cxpr«4[oii bul roj^ and (error. ~' Strike them all dead I What rljEbt hava 
Ui(T Is boivbor iM ?" 

A* Iw *pokfi h« caught alglit of Ollrtr and Ur- Brawnlow. Sliilnkluf to Uu 
(hrthcti cornof of theacaf. ha dcmandtHl rokuow wbal tbo^ wnaicd there. 

<-.Smdy."aHl.]i)tal4irDkr]r.>UII boldlnRhliniliinrn. "Xuvr. air. icll him what 
faawaiii. — igalck, If you i<l»ir; for br ero"* ironn ai tb* lliiiec«t*oa." 

■ V>iu haiciomc papen." wld Mt. i)rou'nlow.advanclag,''1Tlilota Iran placed Id 
foat liauda. for b^^irvr ttcuri\y. br [l iimii mllnd Muiakr.'^ 

"Il '"all alia Uiartlnr." fplW ihi-Juw. ■• I haveni on». — nolont." 

*'For the love of God." tali] Mr. Ilrownlow tolemDlT.^do Hoc lay rhal DOW* 
spou Ilia TiTy v'TKor di-'alh. bin I<II luv nilicie IliC)' are. You kuow lliut Mk»> 
li di'sd; ibat MiiTiku h.u mnlWird; Iliac llwro It do hop* of auT t^llier gala. 
Where afo Mio?-ij pripcrB?" 

" Oliver." crlra llnJtw.twtkunlai to htm. "Her*, her* I IM ma wbliptr to 

" I an) oat afraid," (aid OUroi In ■ load *OlM. M h« nliaquiihnl Ur. BroWD 
low'* liaml- 

" The papen," mid the Jeff. drafflDg him toward him. -' ar> In a ivnTat bag. la 
a bole a lltlin May up the chlmaey In the top fcont'rooia. I (rant lo talk lo fOo. 
my dear. — 1 vant lu talk lonm-" 

"Ve». r«a."r«luincdOllrer. " LcC mO ily a pr*r*r. Dol liBr«iil5«ae,ityo» 
) MX knifea. viCli ma. and wB wllKalk tlU morning." 

"Ouuldc. ouTildc," replied Ibe Jew, puihluK Ibe boy brton him toward Ho 
door, and InoUoit •acaully over blihuml. "Sur IVauoDeloileep^ thoyll btlleia 
fou Yoa ean get niP out. If jno lake mn »o. Son ihi'ii. now Iben 1 " 

"O <>i>d. fbrflve (Ilia wretched man t " eried Ibe bny irllli a bnnl of (tan, 

" Tllal *• right, thai '• right," >alil llie .loir. " That '11 help u> oo. Till* door 
<nt. If I ibnke and trcmblo a> we pan* tbo gallowa. don't ]'aa mind, but borry 
Id. iiowl " 

" Ilaio lou noitilng <'1>e to Mk aim, alrt" Inqulitd lb« torntor. 

*'!>«alhctqueailon," replied Vr. Ilrowokis' *- (T I hopod w* oonld racill Um 
f> ■ ivue of bii poilllou " — 


* ^ 





i * » '» *' 




■■il iM Ii ~ 

I and iiaihMiily 



it (UM Mr 

•Kbec endt 


"Iff DHDf, tlr."!!!!!! thc old cfntknuia. ipeaklngUMftitaDllainkn.kiid cituia- 
fBMtlj In iirouj eouinut lu llr. F»ng. — --my lutni*. »lr, U llrownliiw. r»rtiilt 
n* la foqulr* Ui« n»rD* of lb» muKLitriile who DITcn ■ Krnluiioui ■nit unprovoked 
Iniull to ■ r»peclAblv mnn, under tlic prulwhuii u( iliu lirnoli." ba^IuK iIiU. Ur. 
Brow nlntr looked muttO ilie ufQoc mtit in ^mteh ot aom^ p?r>oi] ivbo tvulit klTont 
btni r'lr rfi«fii(r:i(] InAtriniillfin, 

■' OOlocc." lold Mr. Fang. t!ln)vr[iiK lliv paper on ona ildf, ■' what '( lUi frUnw 
(barRRl Willi!'* 

" IIf '( nnt char^nl ■( nil. roor wonblp." replied Uio oHlocr. " It* appwn 
•(•Inil llu bor. ;our wonlilp." 

nil wnnlitp knirw llila pcilkolljr wrll ; but U WM B (Wxl uinoyaim. uul Aiifc 

•■ Appean »);iln>t Ihabojr, durili*?" ulil Fane, (urrvflng Ur. Drownlon' VD- 
t«nplKnuii)j ftiiio liiiud In f not. ".Sin»r lilm," 

" Ilcfr^rt 1 Km morn, t niuiibtK tony oiin wnnl." laid Mr. Biutmlowj "•nil 
(ku U. that I never. wliliuuEucliiiilpijH'iIi'ur<% cnuld hnva belliiT(>iJ " — 

" Itulrl fonr "■"C"': »lrl"«ttld M(, FaliJ jwrrmplortlj. 

" t wni nol, ill ficplled Ilic ipliUcd old gciiUmuaa. 

*>nold j-our longiia llili [att*nl. or 1 11 liut joa tninfd ool at t)iR offlnit'i 
hIJ Ur. Fanf. " You 'ns ma InieliiDt, tmpcrUnral Aillaw. How doro you bullf 
• Biagiilnlle.'" 

" Vrhat^"rxflalmpd 11m old gunrltmaa, roddfinlnf. 

'-tiirrar ihti )iuioQl"iiiId Psng to llio detk. "til not lieitr koollivr word. 

Ur. Itroiiutox's fndI|nalloa km ITMIIj' rou9<d: but. rrllpiillnx that be mPf hi 
Injur* ilietwy ■>;)!'> Ii'S '■>>> >* It, be (uppnaiod bU fHlliici.aud tubmlilsd ta 
be nrora ai i>i>». 

"Xow.''iiildyans,"«bM^lhDghaiK*aR(liUtthl>ba;? Wlut have ;au got 
loBj. ilrf" 

"1 WM ilandltif ■tabonk.*tatl." Mr. Itmwnlorr b«ciin. 

•■lloHraurlflnSuc, ilrl" laiil Mr. Fann. ''rulloeioanl — Wbct* ■* tbepollM- 
nanr Kerr. tircBr (lili man. Nuw. pi>Ur«maii. what b tlilif " 

Tlip pollcrman. with brminlnn hiinilllt>-, rrJalnd bow br bod takra the cbi'Ki-; 
how he hod iMnhed Uli'cr. and found noihlni on UU perMo; aod how that waa 
all lie iLUfWahiiut it. 

'■ An HICK! anf wltnsMM?" tnqnlmd Hr, Fmuf. 

^^Xooe. 7 our wortblpt" replied tbe policeman. 

" Mr. Fanj mtx alloni fur fe»ma mlimlu*. aud tlif^n, turnlnf round lO th* fnt^ 
•ator. tald In ntowrrliig p»><I'iii,— 

"Uo ]Ou lueau to iiAXe what your complaint aitalait tlili boy li. IkUow.ord* 
yon nol^ Vc»u lmv« hinm mfijrn. Vow. If you nuiehI tberir, itfuvlnf to flv« Vrl* 
denfr. I '11 ponlrth you for dL4rv«pro( to the bt^ucb : I will, by **— 

Hr wliiU ur by wham nuUxJi' kiiuwi; fur lUo clerk uud Jailer eonBtMd v*rf 
laudJuiM at Ili« tichi mumcnt. »ndllj0 farmer dropped a heaiy booken thadiiori 
Ibui firetentlnjfUievord frombei^]^* henrdt — neoidenlnllyt of OOUTH. 

Wkrh mai)j' lulArrupUon* aiid rcptaied liiatjlii. Mr. Bruwn\nw contilvnd to 
naic till eve; obo'i-vluj]. that, to the ■iirprlgi' of ibo Ri'tmvnl, hi had nio nnerlha 
toy beeaii^elie inwhlm mnnlnjiaway; and eiprr^^lniE hi* bopc, [bat If (hemagU 
Irate «b<'iild lrvll<*vfi biii], uHImogb nol arlufdiy ihr iKIuf. to b<i Gimiii>eiiHl wliA 
thieve*, he wou]<l deal m Iroletiily wiib him w lii'lln n-ould allow. 

'- He ban been burl alread) .' lald llie old (eniloman In cuuelu>1oa " And t 
kar." bii addnd wl(b(r«*i nBsy, looklas Itiwvdi tb* bar. —"I laally fWai tlial 


eii( BUittn* DIctConsiB. 


" OhiTMt t im »T," BiJi] Ur, Fanjt irilb & (imr. " Ccmv, nona of jva 
litelu hrrs. jou young itc"!""")- •''"'' """"'l ■'<'■ WTiU 'i your Duna!" 

Oht*r tH^d To Evplj; but lilt iiat;^ii' filled laim. lla wu il»uUjr pila; kdA 
tbc n-liolg place Meionl turnlnit round ind mond. 

■- W uu 'I )!our nuno. you htnleued icoimilcel > " Umndend Ur. hug. " Of' 
Ann', wlmt. 't bltiuiBaf 

Thl> wu «ililiiB|i fl M • blnir old IMIow In m (irlpod wotBUfM, oho wh 
^lauding liy llic bar. Bt brol ovrt Mtlvrr. and TcpruKd ilic iiiiiulrv i but Hod- 
Injf him mlly incapalilfi orundrritaDilTnjc tho qurttitiD, and kuowinc (hat hi$ 
oui iTpljlug wutild aulr loftiilalo tht niasbuatc the uoK, aud add lo lb« 
••f Mllf uf btt (rbtvagak lit bwardvd b gnaaa. 

'■ tie »;i till nam« '■ Tun WUw, jmr wanhlp," aald IM> UDd-b«rM4 

" llowdOTOD [irepiufto dvalwltb th* cut. alrf* laqnlrad lb* dvrk Is ■ 
low (dot. 

" Summariljr." r*|i1lcll Mr. Fang. " Oe iianila camnlllcd tat Ibt** laanUu, 
— hard laboi, at niiinc. Clear tliB uSoa." 

The keeper of iho book-Mall, hownrcr, who mw Uw affair, and 
knowa ihai OUi-cr it nol guilty, just at ilii» momccii lii»»iily cnt«rt 
lIic room, (icoi.inilp to be Lcnnl, nnd testifies thnt it won not OIitit, 
hal lii( eompniiion (tlic "AnJiil Dod(;pr "), who picked Mr. Brown- 
low'* pocket ; and tlut Oliver, npii.irciitly inucli lerrifii^d nnd twlnn- 
iibcd by tlie proceeding, ran oET, «u punned, knocked down, 
lUTcstVil, and takl^□ away by a pulit^tHifltctir. TliU oviduDOC. though 
unvtI!liD};1jr ruiMiived by tbu ina-;iBlrjle,fiC(iuiI« tbebuy, who Iscmn- 
]i.-ij»ioiiaicly lakuii by Mr. Brownlow to hl» own house wlierL' bu h 
Inid lip wiih fvvcr, .and ii carofiilly DiirKil till Sir mrovcre. (Cb.xL) 

Fleming, Agnaa. Mother of Oliver TwisL (Ch. i, Itii.) 

Fleming, Boss. Sen Uaylix, Bo«e. 

Qamfield. A cbimncy-swccp. (Ch. iii.) 

Qilds, Mr. Mrs. Maylie'* butler and MuwxnL Two bnrglani. Sikm 
and Ci'aekil, atioiiipt to brviik into Mr;!. Miiyli<:!'s bouso, one night, 
bu'., being alarmed, rulrvac in hnslv, aud are rollowvdin il laoatval- 
innt in:mncr liy Giles and bin fpllow-tvmiiil*. When a Jiorl di»- 
iancp from tlic bniisc, howcvor, dwy ktop very auddcniy, nndoT in- 
acruRtioni from Gile«. 

■■ ISr, Icaitwa^. t ibauld lay, mr order; [(."lald tbe IMteat nan 
nt lilt parly, "(bat n 'uudlalvly go hanx' afaln-" 

'- 1 um ignrable to any tiiloit which U asmvUs to Ur. OUw." «ald a abortn 
man, wliomubj' noincoai of ■ aliui ftitw. uid nbo vtiTory pije lu ibetMa. 
■aa very iiuUlE. ai IVlgbtaDtd noD fraqarnttr *r*. 

" I itioiild a'c wlib to anmu' Ul'minnuvd. Esntlrmen," tatd th* Iblid. win 
bad called ibodofli buck. ■■Hr.Gilotougliiiaknow." 

" Corlalnli." trullvd Ihoihorivr niani "•ad.whaUrFrUr. UUmaya.llUM 
aai pUaato coulrodlol him. Ho. nu. I know my illlwaliDD.— IhanKnyHan. 1 
know atr •lUwalloo." Tu Itll the Irulti. the llitle niau did tetu to fcODW kli 

M(b;i etaliL 


rtfuUon. Rid M know pgrflvUr mil thallt «u bf do mwi ^ ilMlnbl* ou, 
fyt hit Ic^ElL ct^Attcifd In hlj bco'l ki hv >Dokv. 

- Yuu ■» ftlVild. lIcIIIlPi." tBld Ur- UUC*. 

" J •lo'l." talil UrIlllM. 


" Too -i* « hlKtioiirl. Mr. Cfl'-," •»M BritUM. .. . 

"Tou'r««Ile.BiiiIlo<,"tal'l H(. Glle*. 

Nov, lb«* fiiur rrlc^rtA aroav fWim )lr- GiIpi^'k timnt; miiri )fr- Gi1*Mi*t t*um 
hftd «rlBPD l>om hLilliillKliftllonftlbBTlaiEtlK? rr>pr]D*lbllltyof jEoEnf hnmfe AfalB 
Inpowd uiKiD Iilnuctf under «irci of ■ coiupUmeut. Tlie IIiLrd mau brou^l 
tbt dif'ptJU' to ft tflciiiiiiio>t |>ht]4l>•l']l^t^ulTy- 
'■I IlIcU /ou wlinl II 1), ErntLciDcn," nald he, "wc 're all i>rrikt<1." 

" Sptak for yourirlf. tlr." laid Ur. Gilvj, wlio wuthe iialcii uf 111* prtrtf. 

"80 I do/' rrpUcd lUo dad. *- It 'J» oJiturcl And pr(}[rirr to be Afraiil undAr 
•acta drcumniinop*: / km." 

" So aui I." ulil Btllllea i " onl/ Uiett ■> no <«tl to l«U a man be li. lo twnnce- 

Tb»e f^BDlt pdmlulons toflencd itr. GIIfj. who ftt an» ocntpd ihat A« w&t 
afnld; i]j>rfii wlilcU iltc^'iiU thrct fiuvJ ^liom.aiid rnxi buck itfHlu wlfli ihroiiiii. 
pirlp-t iina'ilinlly, lilt Air. tillr> (wlio hn't llin >hor1i><l wind of III* party. i.iid 
WW cncumb^rpd ivlLh a pttchr<irL} raoil LiLDdsomcly LuLilcd upon itopplu^ lo 
BKiik* an m[>olO£j^ f(>r 1i[« luitLuvm uf fjici^ch. 

"Uul It '■ irnodrrfiil." ikld >lr. tilU", nlien h*Iii(<l*Kplaln*d,"what • nsa 
will do wlicii lid bluud !■ uji. I iliuulJ ban* oomiuittad niirdet, I know I 
tbotilil, If wi- M caught ijii* ttfiUo n^cMin-" 

A> tlio otlipr ivro nrrc Impmipd vtltb ■ ttD^lBr prpt^Dtlncnt, and tbpir 
bluod. llkE tili.JiulHlluoiioduHuaiiulii.iuniD ijiccubkliautiiiuiuluiiau ihccauH 
of tbl' >»ddrii rliBi^^i- Lu thvlr tmnpi^ramnnt. 

" I know wtiul ltn-u.'>>BldU(. UUc>; "It WHltivgatal" 

■■ I ttiould o'l wonder If It wai 1 " cx>!Uliacd ilrldloi. uiUlilDg •( ilie Idea. 

" Yoii maj drpvail upon tl,** unlil i'fUiK. " that thut gate xlnppiid tha Iliiw of 
Ihc (iGlicmFnt. I ft'lt all mloi! •iiddrnlr Kiilng liitayan I wbh ellDiblug oifr It." 

It; arciovrliable wiucldiracc lliootlicr ixo liud been vlilied villi Ihc aaiua 

uop)r««anl Kvn*Kl]oD at llut jmidBii iiiuiuunt : hO Unit U wv quIlP cimrlu>ii« 

lliai ltira)tbe|UF.<ipcclBllrutl>m»it<n'> doubt regarding ibi- ilmrntirtslnb 

, Ibc dianga bad taken place, beeauie all tbrce roiuciubored lUat ibey had ooma 

iBilglilvf tb* rubtwrt U Ibn •■tjr lu'tunl of It* ocsurrcnce. 

(Cb. xxviii-xxxi, xxuT, xxxv, llii.) 

BrilDWis, Mr. An irmciblo but wnrm-hcarted friend at Ur, 
Broviildw'n. 111! ii tbiin intrcxlu™d: — 

At.tblf moiDr^nt thnrv wiLlki^d Inici ttie mom. hup^iorETng liiio'alf hy a thick 
atick. a tteui old gciEflcnian. rainier lamr In one leg. wbn naJi drri"vd lu a blue 
«IM.>1rlpi>iiiaI>Ici>iil.uaiika.'i iihri'edii'auiJdg^IIri.'.aiiflaliraad-briiuiuTdMUlti 
hit witb IhrtLdiMliinii'd upn-liTi gn'rn. A Trry »rnaJ] -plaited thirt'frJlJ urutk 
OotiVttnk Ilia walBlooat- anil a verj ]i>ug itnl irarch'tibaln.nrlib noihrng but a 
k>r at tbo Pud. dangltd loiu*!)' bi'lbW li. Tliotud' 01 ]i!i while ceckercUiei 
wm IwUtod mM ■ bkll aboui •>>•■ Klm^r an iiruiign: tbo •ailvl^uf ihapfi loM 
ahicfa Ua BoaDMnanocwaJ twlJtoddef] d-icrigiilon. llrhad a manner of Knnr- 
big hia brad raund oa one aidn irlirn hn >pake. and tookliij oui of iliv eorimi 
•f hli a^ea at Ibo aaus Uow. wMeb imiiilllity nmludm tlia beholder tf • 

.COl^iOUhtni Dltltinaig. 

jmmt. laWfjifmoie Iia llztdlilauelf tliB iiuhbvdi b* in*dc hl> ■piMaranM- 
ftad. li^VIfn^DUt ■ uiialJ pl<>«r 0/ oruiSP-|m-t ai arm'tJoiiKtli. bnbIiUuliI In ■ 

'■■■ UiutlirrEl ilu )(iu nil ihliT It nt Ha moit iTDnrtrrfUl aiid uUBordlBvl 

, thfli^ iliat I taii't nil at k manV boui<\ bui t flnil a iMtt of il>i> cunrJ poor 

•'•^^fUtmii.'r^ncnii OB [licilainwM? I 'iclMVU lauinl nlUi nmif-prfl ono'r nnit 

, ■•*^'J\n<nr omagV'imlwlll l» m; draili at ImI. II will. >)ri oranjiv pfcl utll b« 

*■, * ay dntli. or 1 11 tw CDnlrnl 10 vu mr ovd IiouI. air ' ~ Tlili hu ilin ImiidiDina 

/titrr iilib which Ml. Grluiwl^ liacWd uurt r<iiillnn«il nparly irtirtj ai>ptiinn 

/ dial lit Duubi: will liwu Ihn man- •Inpilarlohl'cwe. brDautc.HonadinliilD);. 

/ (tir Ihr 'Bio- of arKuiDpni. Il>c poulblUi/or teicntlllc linvravuiiauu tKln| OFr 

j biouicliitalliiiipatiwMcJiiiillloiaUnaceiill^iunla («l U* own brad, In III* 

I anot of hla Wliis in illipntrd. Mi. Gilmnrlu'i brad waa aocb a |itrtlcul*flf 

I lane one. Ilial the man unniilue man uUi c cuiild bardtj •niorUlu ■ biipc at 

\ Mag abJo Id pitt (liruugli II at a illtlflf. Is put vallnl)' oat at Uit qDMUnn a 

TTi? ilildk ooatldR ot pomltr. 

(Gu liv, xvii, x!>, li, IliL) 
EoffS. A rctUTDed trnniiport (Ch. L) 

Li«6fiord, Eldword. ■>« Mi>nilb. 

Llmbklos. ChaLnuan uC iliu woikliouw Board- (Ch. H, liL) 5m 
TwifcT, Oi.iVKit. 

Lival7t Uf- ^ Micnnan tn Field Lane, and 11 doalnr in itolen 
llDod*. (Cli' xxTt.) 

LoBbeme, Mr., caWed " The Doctor." A fritnJ of ihu Mayliu 
fuiiiity; a surgeon, £nt ralliPr from (■""'I buinop than good limg, 
SB<1 an eccentric bnolidur, liut kind and largi»-litiart«d wltLal. (Ch. 
xxix-xxxvi, xli, jtiix, li, lUi-) 

MeiOII, Mrs. MiitroD ot thobrancti vorkhuiMowltenj Ollvor TiriM 
in " f.irmwl." (Ch. i, xvii.) AW Bu.uble, Ma. 

Martha. A pnii[>vr. (Cb. ssiii, xxir, U.) 

Maylie, Harry. Iwo ol' Mrs. Mcyliu; afttnrards mnrried to hit 
rMUr-Mitur. Wo»0. (Cb. xs.\iv-xixvL, li. liii,) 

Maylie. Mrs. A iudy who bcfricuda Oliver Ttvlst. (Cli. xxiz- 
xxxi, xxxii'i. ixxiv, xli, li, liil.) 

Maylio, Rose. Uvr ailojituil dnu^kliT; an orplinn. wliote true 
Mies is Kitse FIvmiTi-i;, andwliotiirnitouttobo 01ir«r Ttri'iV aunu 
(Cli. xiriii. xxlx, xxx-sxiilli,xxxr,xxxvi,x1, xli, xlvi.Ii, liii.) 5m 
0IKE8. Hii.L. 

BSoaks. A hiiir-broClicr uf Oliver Tnht. nii rent luiitu) b Kdwan! 
Lt-cfonl. Ills (Htliur, wliUc livincnpurt from lii« w>fr, from whom 
fai- hut long bpon ippnr.itml, tvot lOil lovw Agncii Fli-ming, ■Inugb' 
tor «r ft retired navitl olficor. Tho mult of their intimacy i» h 
cbllil (Ollvor), vbo ia bora wbild Ur. Lcoford b in Boine, irlicini fa* 

• Itktc Kkftt. 


li MidJoQty taJc^n ill. ind dii'). His nUo luid ber Kin jum bim at 
Mon 111 thfiv licar of hii illnrs*. that they mny Itiok after hii largo 
pmjwrty, whiiJi ih^y lake fnissK'saion of imracHliaicly upon his duuUi, 
dfjtPoyinii a will, irliicb luavp* the k^liilI bulk of it t'l Agnes Fk-w- 
lag aad hvr unbora I'kilLJ. llclJL'viii;; th»l tliUvLild wilt yet spixMU 
to claim his ri^lils. youn;;; [jCtfuril, uudvr tLo OMuuivd uiiiiie of 
M<ink)i. (TideavtiH lo tin<i him out, anil, after a Ion;; pcau'li, i!i»oW' 
RT* ilut he wju liom in n workhtiuic, but ha* left ihoi'c. Ho [iiit- 
«uei ihn Ikjv, and finely him ill lost in linndnn, in tlic <lvn nf Kagis 
diB Jl-«. whom hu iuak<!9 his ^iL-toiupIicc and t'onfidiint, iji'ins liin 
a l*r^ reward for kiiapin^ llm boy imuiirtid, Tlw piwfBof Munkt't 
lillnuy .iru discuvcreil by Mr< Bruwiilo* ; fLDil bo h compelled to 
give up oai-'Lalf (ilira« ihousand poundii) of tl)e wreck of tlie prop- 
erty Tvmainin^ in hli bands, alter nhinli lie- Ir-avej tbc country, and 
nltimalcly dlo io priwn . (Ch. xxti, xxxlti, xjuIt, xxxvti-xjuix, 
xUx, li, liii.) 
Kuioy. A tliivf in Fagin's ivrvkc. utid iiiiiilreiiii (o Siki-!. to whom, 
brutal ■.t» liR ix, »ke iii alwayi f^iitiiful and dcioied. Tbu author 
••ya of her in hi> Pnifitce, — 

El 14 oiM-1f*44 ta iUtfnitt wSt-ttii^r the conduct and olianclvr of tbv [Irl MnV 
tialura] or unna^urAl» pfab&blp of [mprttlubl?, rljEht or wronjr. iT 14 TKini 
£)*r; iDHii wlxi Iiai nmclicd lliuiD uiuluBcliuIr iliudiM ff lirv kuuwi II to b* W. 
t^uXKHInJ to tnj (ntnU lung aifo^ by what I orft*D Hmfr buit mwl cir In Mtut] lUb 
•raund no. 1 liatc indiol It tItrouKll nuuij prafllKiic sDd aoLiome w*y>, and 
(uuudll ttlli Ibr nmit. rninillit Snl lulnxIucUon of [lial poor wrMoh. to bar 
■■Tincbvr btood; hrodiipon therebtwr'* brwl, Ihnv la nototiowniilflEaigw 
at**l orofer-wmitflit^ ll Ucinpb&tlcall7<:od'i truiti; for Ic 1b Ihe Iniih he 
Wvff4ln tuoh drpnTni]anili»ljitrfthlfi hrcikfR; tlio h(i|f« ^ ct UtiffDrtojt bcliliidj 
tbc Ian fair drop of wniir nt lliobaltom of Ihv drlpiliip. i"^l-rlii>k<'<l nrll. It 
Iniolvn iUl' litti mid wuni ihm^t* Of ovr oammon namr«, mucli of Its ujilJ^ 
hu'"^ anil »iiini-ihlf]|t ■>f It* tnci«t hvautllul; 11 U aootitivllE^Ilun^iKi aimiualy,! 
miartDi ImiKxilbllllr: but II it alnith. I am (tad lo Imrp hari ltduubl«d; ftr 
In Ihol clrcuniirmioe I and a luOlDlunt udurancc ibal 11 occdid lo be told. 

(Cb. U. xUi, XT, xvi, six, ss, xxxi, sxxix, xl, xllv-xlvlL) Sm 
8iKKe, Bill. 

Sally, Old. An Inmate of the wurkhouse, nbo robf Agnea Fleni- 
ing (Otivur'i iiiotber) when on ber di>ath-bed. (Ch. itsiv.) 

Slkee, BilL A brnUl thief and boufic-brtnkcr, wtlh no glciun ol 
li^-lic In nil tho blM'knRM of hii rhnrat-Ii.Tr. IIr fir«t nppfars on thn 
»cpno during a squnlibli; bi'twpcn Fajin and the Artful Dodjnr, in 
which Fagin throw* a pol nf b^'T at Cb.irliry B^lIi^il The pot iniiijea 
ita mark; and thi: mntimU ore (prinkied over the fac« ol' HiltM, who 
Jan then openi ihu door. 



Sbr iDlcltent 9lcl(>n«cf. 

■Wbjrl wbkEiln blamb lo the wlDd nowf" groidad a iMproloa. -Wtu 
pltohnl dial V» ■■ tii<i ? ll 1 wttll U ■• Ihv txHT. niid not lb* poL M hit mo. or I ij 
liaiBH-iiliil inmabwlr. • . Wm 'i ll all Btwur. Fa)(Iii ? t>-'ii». irmj occkank* 
ilwf «lii1 liuHt vtihbccr'i-Coioi In. ) ou innklRg mrtnint : vutmn jtmnapiiliil 
ftatiUo fbr. lU If yuu w&i> ibLhiLttinil nf ^niir inuatrr? (.'-itinfi In]'* 

Tb* min nha Eruiclcil out iliiie wordi wiu n iiouilj-bulli fctlov ef about At* 
usdtbny, la a blade vclveMen luu. irry •uHu] ilnli bmrlir-. lun^^p IaIMiwU, 
and tpv ooiioD tui«kln(t. whlsh rnDlmnl k itrir bulky t«l) i>r Irm- "lib >■'!(• 
vw^lUnjEfiilrpii. — ibv Mrhdof Ivjtb nhiclx In »uchco«tuine alwayi loitk io an uuQi^ 
libpd and Incompli'lt ituTS uIDidiii b ii^I at (VIlDn to Knrnluli lli>-ni, llr ht<) a 
brUHH liai nil lih lnwl, nix] a rtlity briolirr hnnrtkirtJili'f rcmud 111* Drtk, widi Iht 
lonff ^nvrd TDil" of vlilcli be imfDfril the Lcrr fVoni his f^eo lu lie ajtok^- ilifdut- 
li>C, qlica Itc liudduup >u, a btuml hu4ry cuiiulvriitDcn vrlMiu iH'jiri] t*t I-tirvo Any*' 
fr<fwth,«nit 1H-0 -ctoirliDj; eiot, onp of wLltlj <ll4p[j3>'ci] vjuloui puilj-colored BfiD;^ 
lODU of bnvlnij bera reot-KiZy <laiijii|fi'il by a blow. 

"Cuuieiii, d' yv hivr?" ffiJtrlnt1lilictigag1n|^l<»nlilnBnElT1an^ A vlilLf "hng^ 
dof . witli Id* nuw wraubed auil torn In Iwmir dltTcnui plaCH. ikulkrd imo Ilia 

" Wliydld ntTOU ram* iDafUr*?" •aid Uivmaa. '-¥00 *» (vmoi too prood 
tOowD me iKiraMimpiiUT: uryoaJ Llrdownl" 

Hill ooniitiiiNil wii> ui.-<»>iti|)nulii>l «rll)t a liick wliidi tool the aaloial tn the olhir 
end of lh« mum. lli- ipp^^an'il wpll n'Mln It. lio»«»#r; for br collnl liicn'rlf up 
III aoornrr leiy giiEcily.viihr^ut mirrlDA a iouDdiB.Qd) winking bia very IU<looklnff 
eyet about Iwrnt; tlmaa lii niniiiulr. a|ipi«rcid tu iKCupi'Miiiiir]/ lutak.ia(a>un*y 
of the ■panmenl. 

"Wlialanyouupto? ni-tr«allag tin bor>,rM MTstqni, anridow. ItHB-ll- 
a-blc old ftitiai?" uld iho man. uallng Jilmulf dsilbcnlalf. -I wonder tlier 
riiin'tRiuiilrrrou: f woutd If Ini ibnn. If I 'd bcvn yitat "pranllct^ I "d bar* 
dvna 11 lonji wro : and — uo. leoulilu'ihsieiotilyouarlcnranU.llioujtli: loijSi'tr 
acfttfbolhlnf but tL«4>ptnf •« 11 ciiriop1ly<ifiij£lln<*rt In agl^i' bottle; ikodI>nppu>a 
titft don^ blow them larffe CDougli." 

"Boib.liuab! Sir. !ilk«,"iuld Ilia Jrvr.lremlillDit. "DonH (peak lo loud." 

" Kotw of )roarm)iiWrlng." replied thrfullliuir -jno alwoyi maan miwlili-f wlirn 
roaaomethat. Tog knov m; name : out with it. I ahanl dligna Unbni ina 
lUna eonm." 

" Will, vrll, than. Kill SlkM," >ald Uia Jew wlih ahlict liiitnltU}'. - Ynu nran 
•otof bamor. Hill " 

■■ rerhapi I am." trplU'd SlkM. ■■ I ihould think fon were rather out tpf torta 
loa. uiileti ;oii mean u Utile barm wh-n ynu llitow pvirter pot* about. a« jmu d> 
wbau you blab ud " — 

"Amelia madr" taldlba J«*r. (alddns tba man hf the riono, aid palntbiK 
lowardi tht bof*. 

Mr. &lkt< oauteBted Mmaelf wlUi tytng mi Itoafrlnare kool nadra hia loft tar. aod 
jerking Itln liMd orvron ihe rliflit ihtiituldi'r; a plr«* vf iluuib ibow vhlob tjie Jew 
appraiT'l to undnrMand pnfcrtly. He ihen In «nl trim', villi whicb !iU whiila 
nnreiii-lon wu plrntlfullr brfpHnkliil. but nbleli would be qullo unlnirlllflbl* 
If tbaj wen monlrd barr. deniandnl a fta" pf Tlquor. 

"And mind rou don't poljon li." lald Ht. SOm, lajltighli bat upon Ibatabl*. 

Tlila wu ■^dlujcii: but. IflbeipcakarODuld bate lernliir evil kcr itlibwbWk 
■be Jew hit bl>pa)r lEp D^ hv turnrd ntuiid to ttiefiiipboard.bp mifliihiir<fFti»tif1a 
I UircauIluB not wholly unnenaMTT. or the wiih. at all erenti, loLnproTaDpan^lU 
'< llallllar't Uifanully, sol jnj <kr tiam tba old (eutlemaD'a aitnj ttMM. 

9UUT Ctltat 


ARrr (Wkllowing two or ihn* (lutlVi)* ot tplHU. Ur. RAh cnndrteaulBd to 
tekeMuuc uifdcc of Ihfl njuuji f;rnlJciacu; nhioti ^ua^oli'i ludriJioaTQiivrrHiilaii. 
In olilcti (ha uuwaiid luaiinui of Oltviri'i cajiluiv w«i«eircuDi>lanl[«lljiI«tiUcd> 
wlih Hioli ■Itftatloii*. tat tinpri>v>iii*iit> an llm tnilli, m t* tha Dodctr qpiMartd 
mot! advlHlil* under Uie drcamtlBlicca. 

" I "to afraid," laid llio Jrw. " lliat be ai*j ny lometliliii wUcb vin get <u tnM 

"Tbil VTcry tllctlf >" Nturnsd 6U[» arlib ■ miUoliMH (lUi. "Tou >» blomd 
npos. Fafin." 

"And I 'manvld, too ••'••" ulilril iIiD Jnr. tpraklni a> If li* U*d no! notleid 
lb* lalrmiiiilon, and rrRirdlnc llir oilier (>l(»<ti'a<i hcdltl lO. — " I 'm ■frul'l. iliai. 
If IhafaiDOiraiup wiib m. U laiglu be up wlib a jiood id«iiy nunv; and lliai It 
*«dM cODBQut raih'-t nana furymi limn it would Cor ma. mrd*at." 

The man Marled, aod turned Dereely nuodupan th* Jpv; bal (tia old gciitla- 
mau'i ihoulden Mrrc ttirimgcd up to lili cart, and bis ct» ircrv Tadantl/ ttorlnj 
OB tha <ip|Ki«lti> wall. 

Tbrir wan a lonff paiiie. I>er* mcinber ot <h* rHpuclabla intnrlr appnar^ 
pluiic«dlabli Dirii n^1ii'^ainn^, iml I'lcvpiliii ihvdeis. ulm. by a Dcrfaln lunlldoui 
Ikktofof I'll tip', ■M'lned 11 bv iiiwITlatltiE an Dtlark ii[yin lb* lri^ortliaUi>I(Ba. 
nTTWtft Or lad}' be luFgtiL tncounEer In Iha itreet whcu lie went out, 

" Romeliuily muii find out wlial *i bfcodono al Ibo oniec." uld Mr. Klk«i Id ■ 
siuch Luurr c»Ei<i Ihnn h*- bud laktm hLucv hu camp Lu- 

TIio Jtw nriddcd uienl- 

*'lf Im baa nt |H4cUvd, and It ei>niRilimT, IIuti^ ^h rv> fh'ar till bi aiinpa <tut 
airtlu," Hid Ur. !ilkHi "and tlienliemutC botaJuiDeanian. Vuu murt get bold 
of Um •onii'hoBr.'' 

A^Id Ibe Jrw iiuddaiL 

Tht pnidann nflbli Una of acHon, Indrcd, wa> obrloai! but, unfbrtnnataljr, 
Uwn «M OU nrj ilrong objrolion la Iti IwtnK adopled ; and tilia w. that tba 
Dodgerand Cbarlc)' Baw> and Faglii and Mr. Wllllva Rlltri liajipnni'd una aud 
alJ ta rnrcrtahi a inn^i tI'^hhi and tlv^jt-r'HiEiMl amipatbf lo jtnlog D<«r a putlog 
ofllr^oa aD7 (round or pretext irTmlever. 

□«« long Hicr mlt'X liBvL'iat and luukedal eaeholhor. iuatuieuruneerlalnti' 
not 111* niDtt plc«#ant nf Ut kLikd, It Ih diin^'ult tEJuay. It Lji nut tii'cv>KHtyic» muko 
aoy fUettH^Qlbe tcil^ecl. bowever ; for tbe luddeD entrauee of Iba (Wo youDjt 
ladlF* sboiu OlirtT liad •cen uo u furmt'r ocoMloa muted (be oaatcriallau (o lloir 

'- The >et7 tttlsii I " *ald llin Jtir. ■' Bet vlltgoi want 700. n; dear?" 

" U'tu'Rn?" Imjulredlbe^uuug lad;'- 

"Onlyjuii Bp lAibnofflcr. iny dear." uld tliu Jtnt oaaxInKtjr. 

tt •• du« 10 IJif rounji Udy to lac tlint ibe did not positively aSlrm ttiat *ti« 
■Wild uoi. but UiiU tha merely uiinmi'd an ciupliaiio and ciirDrti driirv to M 
^JtngBrvd" It aha wonld*^* p*>ltt^ and flulmin nviulEm nf ilia rwjt^Mt, vlUeJi 
alroWB Ihd younc lady Co hare been poaiet led of Ilinl nblural jEood-breed^DjE IbaE 
aui«K bear to lodlGl upon a fcIlutxrealUK (bu pain ot a direct aud iiolcied 

Til* Jflr^i oanaMnaoM lUI: and he turned to tbo other young lady. Kho waa 
layly. sol m aay (argcouily alliiul. la a red f una. gi*«a UxiU, aud )VlItiw curl 

"Nanny, my d*ar,''tald IhoJeirta a WMlhlng maiuier. "what do lioii aay?" 
' nwi lIUDn'l do: to It'i no utji-iryluf It uu. Fagia," nplleid Xauoy. 
"Wbalddyouiuaaab/Uiai;" tald Ur. Sikn. loaklDgnplD a turly manovr. 


Zit OltkfBI Bt(l[aMBT|. 

•• What I my. Mil * rtplM ih* Mr caDwtaCr. 

"Vnj.jvt'n-l'inUttrrrj ftnemtot 11,* nai^miaUr.SUBn: " nobodr klieat 
ane knoir* urr llilk)[ a( jim." 

■■ A>d M 1 4s^ mM ■«■ to. arlttM," nplM KIm XsKj ta Um urns (wib|him4 
■awMT. ■■ li ■» nvt^r mora M Ump jm wtan Mb BUL" 

-Sfa* V c». FaKia." Mid filta. 

•■ ir«, abe »iiB-t. Fi<Ib." bnM Nascr. 

•>TM.i*a<mil, rwia."uMsik«- 

Aad tb. SIkM vw rlfht. II? dlBE of tXleraue OartU. pnmJan. and tutUih 
tengaft^Maale laqMUloairu ulllnuiptr pnrraltcd upon lo uadirwln Iba 
•aaalHkB. M« ma oM lalnd wiihlicid br ibc cama muIdcraUou ■* bar 
■CmaMaMtad; fOr.lMiia(>VrTr«>iitIy niaatciIialalbeuclxUburliiwiloCFitU- 
taB* frim tba nMMa bat (vaud Hibarb of lliiicllin>, tim wai nut uader (ba aoN 
■Hiwfciaiidw «f htfag mefalatJ by anj oT hsr Duiacroui acijiiUDlance. 

lull Hail. ■!!> 1 rliiM rtlnafinii ili t n in ili i rvd |{<ihd. aud ili* raUiw 
»wilkiJa«^lMsbM*AtoMaefc,— Wh Maatr pRfwad tu I»i» forttaon bw 

"Ntli • ariaMtk BT dntf." mM Ilia J««, prsOudnit a Ulllo eorsnd taakat. 
'CWtylbattaaaabwiti IllM^i mm* rapcctablc. ctr dear." 

" Gtn bat a turn Ur »» am? la liar ISHbn OM. Fa^," aald 3»na : "UlMfel 

- Y(K. tw. ■; *aa! aall4aaa.»iaU Ibe Jov.banXlngUia larfO Uraat-iIiKr-kar 
Miibalb*<aaf<aaftt*}WUigl«4]r^r1|btbaiid. "TLicroi Ttrf (ood,— tarr|aad 
to*«^ V **r,* uM Iba Jeir, nbblBi bii baudi. 

•Ob. av braaterl Mr psor. Aaar. awnit. IniiuCFni lluli broUici'l " cxdalnud 
IpM XaMj. batiUbC IbM laan. and vrlnciDS thr> liulr bMMt aBd Uieitnel-doer- 
hcrtaaa^MTOf Amnm. ■■ Wbal ha* beonma of him P VThm hara tbcj lakan 
bin ta r Oh 1 4a faM« pUf, and Ml ■« wlim '■ brro dona Mlh lb* dcw bor. xcu- 
tt(an«: 4a, ttMliMMi iTiwa ftaaaa. sesilciaca," 

UntMt a W iaJ (haaa wor4i In a moal lananlabla ud hfar^brnkf a (onr, to tb> 
taMaManbIa Mlgtat «f bar heafcf*. JOaa Kaocf paiued, wiaied w tli« coiniaii/, 
wMi I ibMhT'***'.— J^UarocTfl. 

Slix SiMU<r ilboamn Oliver on tlio street, bent upon executing 
■ nMWliKlnn irlrtl Tiliiili Mi Broitnluw lins lulruslud Um. 

■ana* oalhhw alaac. thlaililin b«ir hai'P)' and comoniol bo ouKlit tu IM, and 
kaar aMKft b* wuoU (Ira ft* aalr aaa lank at poxr iltttr llJok. wba, slarved aod 
iaalia. wUhl ba Irtai dead at thalTerr momenl. vliea hcwat itarilril b>' a 
fm»§ iwaa m i— lat nat TWy hwd. -'01>. mgi drartuuibcrl "sud !io huel hard. 
tf iMbtJaittaaaa aba* tha inaiur wm. vbcn henai ■Uipin'd by liailag a pali 
ff W^ Unxra Ufbl nud bu btA. 

••lMrt>"artidWnr,aln«tttax. -Latianrnsl Who U It? What ara 
faa iHfvfltf Ma iwr * 

TViMir niily WlUaMMaftaat OBMbarof h'udliUBrntalionirrum iIinTiiuna 
aaaiaa wba b»4 iihiaHtaMa, a*-! who had goi a llult Imityi and a ■inM-doai 
In ta hw bval. 

" Ut>, M.r fraalam I " nU tba ]rouD|t wnmaii. " t 'T* ftnrnd hln I O OllVM, 
WItarl Oh. )tn MadMjr boy. (a aMka nu imfrr >ueb diiln«i on juur atwunl 
OMWhuwa.A'ttr.aHaa. OthlVafcaad liiial Thauk itradoui gdodunia hear 
M*. IHafnaad btal" Wlab Ibiaa Ineolnrrnl nxdaianilunn th* lOaD^ Domai 
^illaMaaaUwH«rM7li(.aMl|MMdiaaitnitl>'h>itcr[ead. ihat a eoupk at 

yat tb* mODtnlMknl ■ bulchcr'i bo^' "It'i * (hliif Lead of 
, vhowMalMlooUnii'in, wlinliiT bv illd n't ihluk Im liad 
botttr nin br IIib doalor. To irlilch the huri^bcr's boy. who ikpptiixcd of % louit 
(lug. wit le ■B;r luiJulDnl iliipenlUuu. rfiiUul ciml In' lliuiiglil Iiol. 

-'Uh. QU, no I nrirr mind.'' gaki Uio yuunc vummi. griuptng Otlrar'n liuid: 
" I'mbrlleriiQif. {^iqnhtiDu dlreMly. you criid boy. oomrl" 

**VrhBl '* Urn mnFI'r. mil'bni?''1[U]niEviloEiDi>f lh« ttuiiinn- 

" O ma'auil" rFpllndihcinnnK womsn.-'li'' run »rn.>' nrur « niantli (go tnm 
Ui pMicnU.iriiaarchanl-WDrltlng and miiMUble |>fu|>lc. and Joiucd a (at ol 
Iblaraji and bail rhanulrra, aiifl ulin<tiit bmkv hU moihtr't bfrarl.'* 

" Yi'flnjE wmob J " flalii oqc vroman, 

'■noliomc da. )!oa lltUc bruic ! "lald ilieuibet. 

- I "m noi," »p1l*d 01lT»r. (piMill)' alannvd. " ( rfin 1 know lior. I hHtna*! 
got aor liiLcr. or fttbttaad motbcF.cUbar. I'm ai) orpban; 1 live at I'VDton* 

"Oil. only tirorhrml hnw lii>br»rm It oat) "orloil thTXinS ""■'■an. 

" Why. It 'a Nancy I " (islaiiacd Ollnr. vbO now Mw bcr taot for tb« Bnt UlDtt. 
•nd ■lartnl bark lu Irr^iiiruihlD utoalibaiiinl. 

•• Vou ■« ho liuomnM."i!flfilNiiuey.ii|i(>oflliniiioiheby*landeri. ■' Heeaot 
help bljnHrlf, Jtldkd bim a»mir homr. Ilium H giKHl jmoplu.or bfl'll-hlll 111* dvar 
mollirr and fathrr, and bnak my brikrt t " 

" \VUu£ Llio dtvU't Elili?" falil uman barsiiDjE out of a bcor.ibop, wltb n vbKa 
dn^ at hit liMli, " YoaD2 Olitur t Coian lionii to yoiir poor mocbvi, yon young 
doil T wmc bomc directly ■.** 

"I ilmi'I btloriM lo IbfRii I don't knov them. Belp, belpt" «rM Ollror, 
•TTircillnE In ilic Kunx't iwnetfljl franp. 

-' llTlpr' rc|iH.Lrd ibc mitu. "fcii t II bolp young rucall What 
boola ant tbw y You 'to bcim u^IcaUnjE *i*in : have you^ (ilvb Vnj hiTrt" IVItb 
Umh wonl< Hbv man loro Ibo voIuidm from iiU graap. and itmck bim Tlolcntly 441 

"Thafn rlglitl" rrlKl ii I'iok>r'On teata a garral-irladaw. ■* TbM** ttaa only 
Way of brlojrlDj; blm to bl> icn>oa \ " 

•• Tu In) iiirf I " OEiad a alMpy-fiixd DanMUtar. caaUug aa aiipniTlng look at lb* 

" II 'tld<>hImgDOd[''nldthetvro womrn. 

*■ Aud bu ahitll liars II tout" tO'>lii>'d Ilia man. ailm)n[>t*rlug auolbar blow, 
and »tiliiR UllTrr by IbOMDar. " Uomoon, yon youngTlUaln I II«rf, UuU'r-cy^ 
mind liim. boy ! mind him I " 

Weak with morut lJbiii». itiJiwArd by tba bbtvf & and tb4« aufblAnonn of Ih* s^ 
task, tsttUtrd bv the Di-icr (CtqiiUiik oI tbv doR and lliv bruIalHy of tho man, ud 
vrcrpOwrMd by tlie nmiioilon of tlic b'-iiondcm llml lie wu mlly tilt hankntd 
lUtlawTolcJi be vTvi <IoaiTllH^I Ut Ixr. wlial oanlil onfl poorablbliloP Darkna** had 
•Mln; llwat alow ni'lclilxiriioixl^ no bclp wu uear; rralilanor wu utplria. In 
•notliar mnmmt h«"ni dta^fi^d into a labyrinth of dark, uariow cunrti. niid 
Ebrord along ib(*in at upve wliK'b ^fitidi^rcd ilau f^w ctivai lipdnmd girt- uit^ranct 
10, nbolly unluirlllglbtr. It kdi of litllv moment^ [udcvd, wbHbcr they wrre [o< 
tvlUgltfli^or oat; f<r tli«ni HM nuUuUy lour* (or thrm bad Ihvy bnn otnr M 

After taking Jm Iki)' tiack h/ tbo Jenr'a tlen, Nancy, atnick witlibii 
pitle fitoe and gn-ut grii-f, tries to tbluld Litu rroiu v!uIi.'tiF«. Oliver, 
Jslgnnimd to c»c(tp«, wntckun for u opportunity, aod, when lUu isat 


Ctt Sfcktni lltttlonavt- 

b opened Tor n main mt. hn dnrta through it. foIlowDd hjr tht. Jen nnd 
hii two pupil*. &lki.-3*s du(; ts also aliout to iUaIi .-iHfr blni, nbca 
Nunc)- springs to tie door, anil gIomh il, tryiug. " Koep boiiJt tiiu iloft 
Bill, kvep buf k the (lo£ I Ho 'U W»r Ui« clilM to pinrva." 

*' linrr* Mm rig!ill''cri*dSilN«.*lnBUai|ta4iwngii«o lilinirlf Omid Iho^lri^ 
tnrp. " island oir rrom a*, or I'llqilltjcurtknll >gnliiittli« wi^ll " 

"Iddn'lotnfar tli*l.Blill I4«n1 Csre (Or ilmtl" itminpd thp j^rLdnf- 
gUiV ■1ol*nilT wllliUis man. ■' Tlio dilU atiBn't be loruikiwsb/ (lie dug uulM* 
}oa Lill me flrtl." 

■■)<1i*D't h*!"t«ldStkf>, avHlDf III* Utili llamlj. "mnaun do that, IfroB 
Aral knp oir." 

Tliuhiiuii-bntakirflaogtM (Irl ftoin Itlin to Ui« firthv euil of Um raom, JoM 
ai tbp JfV nnd the Ivto boji trliirniHt. 'IiiKgl]ig Ollrrr iiR>nii( ihnin. 

" H'lwl ■• Uio inWK'r her* t" laLci ibe Juw. looking rounil, 

"l1in|lrl'>(0B«niad, I ililnk." trplii^l Slke. iiiirim*l<r. 

"Xo, ■liehMn'll''nl^X*ii(ry. pale and brvatlikti fi'Dm tba •ouffle: "aOitb* 
bw n1. Paclii t don't think It," 

" Thm knp quirt, trill !-ou?"«Bld lliF Jew with a thri^aWiilng took. 

"ito: 1 won't do tliat. sliUor." rtplied Namy. ipc aklng 1H7 loud , "Com*, 
what <l» ;na ililiik at ilial f " 

Ur, Fagin wat iiulSclrully wrll aoiiualiitcd irllh tha nwnnrni •odeualomn of 
lliat parllculttr •ptelc* of bumanttif to ivhioh Mli" Xanr^ brlongnd le fcpl lulr-™- 
bij' ocrtnin Uiei !l noiildbc rttibor untafc to prolong any (oovpriallun irl'li ti'r 
at tirririif. Willi ilii tIfw of diterlliif 111* aiiBRliou of Uic cutiitiany, ba lurnnl 
10 Oliver. 

"80 you iTUitcd to set away, m; drat, did you?" tald tlie J«it. taUni Dp ■ 
>n«ilaiHlknMtBd«lubir]ilrJi lay In acnmot nf tlio l1nt>'>Mi "cbl" 

OIIt(t mado so reply ; but he icatdhnl ibc Jvn'i mntlonf. unil br>Bllied<iu!d;lT 

"WaniPd to get luitiaiiK: calUit far the pollM. did you?" nvrnd ilw 
im. rjilclilnjt llip b?y by ihi'arm. " Wn 'II niroyou of that, my daarl" 

Thp Jfw Inflicinl a iDiari blo« on Ollitr't ilinulilm wltb Uio club, and wna 
ral^ijjj; U fur aK^fuuJ; wlit-u llac jcLrl. imhiiiit foi^otil. ktvucA It from hi* hand, 
lad lliing It lulu iliu [lis wiih a furcf iliat brou ilit ■oina of Uia ffliiiluf ^ toa li 

wblilliig out I nto tlir r okioi, "^ 

' '■ l-vou'llfuiidby and tea le done. F»rttAT'* criod tlic girl. " You're got tho 
boy ; ami what matr w<iuM yon bavi? * L?t M(o h^"^ Wt hini bn. <ir I Abhll |mt tb* 
mark on •■uneof you Ihat will bring mc to thcgalloKi bclbn mytliiinr" 

Tlieglrl tlaniiiud hrrfiioi lidi-nily mi Ihn Hoiir ■■ »hi) «ni«l ihlt ihrrat; and 
Witli bar ILp* ccmipmui-ti^ aiwl hi.'r han't" ollDcJird, lot^ki^d allrrnalKjj at ibe Jeia 
Bod Ibeoibrr robber^ her Tiifo ijuUe oolorlois Ooiu ibopafrlou of rag> lutowhteta 
ahc bad^fniiltmlly tTorkii<1 hi'm-lf. 

" Why, Xanoy I " "altl Ilio Juw lii a »oolhIng toup, aft'r a jaun. during nrhldi 
•i» and Ur. lilkei bad ilarfd at one anoibrr in a dliconnruil maiinnr. ■■ yuu ~ 
fon 'r* tEura <flov« iban tnn In-ulcht. 11a, ha I mydur. y«a are acling bcautt 

■'A)nl?''iald thaglrl. "Tolutarv tdoo'l orerda il; yon will ba (ha won* 
tirit. Pagln. It t •)'>: and no I tell yon In good limn ti> kiiji clear of met." 

Thvr* 19 ■omclblny about a rouied womaD, fnprdnlty If hIik add lo all La 
ntier itroiig |>a»luua thn fluro* liiipul»rt of r«oklninn» and dpupalr. which (bw 
«*a llk( to proioke. 1'lie Jen iBvr tbal II nould be liojxilau i<j alTccI any (Brtbai 

•Itbtc CtBllL 


aiaCak* r*|kn)1ii| thanalltrof Ul» Ifunn'a nf. unil. (hrlnkliis InroIunUtrllr 
bwrlEK* r<'iTpiK><^<.c»'IBfTailHj», ball^lrnpl'iHnif nnd halT'Con'^fvU^. a1 bLkcj, u [f 
U> ktul Uioi lie wu Uir llttui ppnon la puiiuf tlic ilialu^uu. 

Hr- SEkoL Uju* uiblvlr Hpp*4lr4 In, Biid ptitalbLx fWJInf hi" j>*r*»nht priil» anil 
bflncoce tntimvlnd lu Un tninnlliHf ivducllOB ol Kits Statrj ut iriuoii. gnre at- 
IcnuiM to about • couple «f Knn ot eant uiil (litvMt. tlio rapid drllvrry (tf 
wlil<b rrflNUd gn«c endlt oa <h« frrUlltr of hit Inviution. A> thij prsduoad 
no viillili cITcci an the vlflcai agaliuc Wlion Ihcj wcr* diaciivgcd. bowercr, U 
nvoTTtil to iai>n ijuiflbla arruiuanU, 

■- What do j«D mMD b)r thlt?" aold Wliea, tMCfclng ike Inqulr; ntth avoiy 
nuDBaa tmprceatloa oiaecriiiniitUointutbeaallftilariiuiiiauA'umir', Tlili-Ji.iril 
wnvhrardiibiHnDiilyaiKa iiutufovry ilftj thDOKanil ilmci li !• ullert'd belmr, 
•wild n^dcr bZludoeHBa common a lUtordej ai meaiZef. — " vhal do yoa mau 
bfil? Rum Hty hoUyl Do^ifu kiiuv who juu ar(% aad whaljouarvf " 

■'Oh, yMl 1 kiioir all abaul li," ifplli'd ihe clrl, iBDghlDK h;>IerloaUTi *»' 
■bakhiiEher heudf^om fEdo toiLile with a pooradaLLmpUoD of likdifTereoee. 

" WttL tliuu, kei'pijulet," njolocd Slkei wlih a fnxtl Ilka iimt lie wu aonin- 
tamri to u«* whru Mhltwiltitf hit doB. " ot I '11 qulei ]ou for a coud loufi lime lo 

Tliitflil U(i|hrd a^lia- a\ru 1(^'» crimp'iti^lj' Ihari Ix'foni, and, diLTtlns « ittftj 
look at nOliH, lumed herrdcv ii'lilr>, anil bit Uft lip tilt tbo bliwdcame. 

"Ton*!** aI<woiic."adUnl r.i]r.f>. u be lurve^cd her hUIi a eome>ni>Cuoui 
■It, "MtakeuptlivUumuiK-a'xl K^uivvl tliitt A yntty tubjwt (vr Ui« diUd. m 
fQunlt tiliD. lA make a (ikad of 1 " 

■- Ood Almlchci' lii^Lp me, I ami "erivd Ihv flrl |ui«ii1oaate1f ; ^aod f wi*h I 
had been Bifuek dead Lo the street, or ehani^ place* with themve pu*ed lo 
Dear la-iiijtti. Iii'rjn< I Imd li'iit a liaml In brl»g!ii([ Idol bet*. l(r 'i a Ihiff. ■ 
IIilTh adi'^IJ. all tlint V biMit friim (I^Ih tilcht fnrth! lH&*t that moiiffb lor the old 
wreteli wEtbouI blowi?" 

i-roujc, nintt. »lke>." tald Uiejew. apiiealingto himlu a miiouiIrUurf lonii. 
and mniionlDgiiiwanl' lh» bnyi. whuwniv eaferlf alt«DtlTa to all UiM |UMMdt 
"we muit hare otvll wordi, olvll word'. U1I11 " 

"Civil worilil " cried Ibe (Irl. nbotc puilan wu fllghlAil to >«. — "drfl 
word*, jnu "tlluliit Vat, jfon duerr* "Dm from mo I 1 tklived Ibr jou when t 
wu aehlld not half ai old at thh (polntlDjr (o Oliver). I hare been In the tame 
irai^ : and Hid luine •orrieo fur Inelro }tan alnce; don't ;oii know U? iipoak 
Mt. doni ji"i koowltf" 

" We]l.welll"rcplt«l the JewwIUi an allempt at paolficallon; "aad. If r«a 
kar*. II *• ;<iuc ll'laj[." 

" Ab. It !•' "i»iurned thrj^rl, not "pwklnK, bnt poorln( imt lh» ward" In ona 
aWtlnuout and vehcmeol tcieam. "It It my living; and the Told, wet, dlrt^ 
ttnvu are my lioiiie : and r'lu 're the wmldi that drove rai to lliem laUK aso. and 
tiat'll kfrpta* ther* day und nlihi, diir nml iilj[I;t, ml I dl«[ " 

" I tbalT do you a miiclUef I '* InTcrpoied iliu Jew^ ffooded by Ihete reproftcbo^ 
v'^a nilBCtiEi^f Worvii than (hat- If yim fay iniirb m'fre." 

The girl tald noHiIns morej but. ItarlDi Ivr linlr and droit In a iraniporl of 
franiy. made meh a ruih al Ilio Jew at would probnbly hnie left ditiutl maikt of 
btr nteoge upon Idm. had not her wrbti been teUed by !^[kn* at the rl^flil mo- 
aesl; upiin which the mail* ■ f«w Inem^iual ilruff lirt, and ftUited. 

DlH'CfvriD;; B (Inrk plot ngnlnst Oliver, aDtl hcitrin-; tlio DAiua 
*l Hiu Unylir eonnovUxl with tit tt uf tlio boy, Hmcy dutcrmlnei u 


Cbc S(cktB> BCttlonais, 

iixk out tlic! lady, and warn her. She dot* Ms and, dUclodag wbat a 
Ulb ilic! Icnd.i, Li cntrvntod by Bom to ({uU IL 

■■IVby irlJl jnago baoli tocntapauIoDi foapnlnt la luafa icrrlblrfolan?" . . . 

■■luiiti to Gobuk.'' will ilio;ilil.— -' I wi>li logu Imcli. bKauie— lioir can I 
••D tuQii ililikgt to ma lauMODt Udjr l^ko jiMi'^tu'canii-, aniaii^ ilitmtii t har* 
told TOO nr. Ilivrc li odF, Ibp mMt ilr(|H'ral« oniiciu all. Ilini 1 om't Icaic: »•>> 
Wl ^'tn (u be lavrd froco lbs lift I aiD Icadlug now." 

■• Vour Iiai lug luH'ifcrnil In ihli drar bcii'*bvb»ir btifow," wlil ICoa*; "fya 
pomlnf hrrf, ni >o ||Trni a rlik. fo irti no what fou bavt beard \ your iDaniur> 
(rblcli cufKliicu me of (lie tniib at wlmEyoa My; j-oiir inldonl oontrlllon aotf 
toaav uf jIiiuud,— all Ivaii me 10 iH^Jera ttial fou might >c^t bo re«latinrd- Obf* 
Mill thp nniwl gtrt, raiding her banilt aa Uic Icnn nurtril down ber&fle. "da 
Dol turn adeuf cat 10 ilie tulmatlRi of uns of yaur o»n t«x: lli>^ llm — Itw Ural. I 
Ailwtlcra — irhD aiar appsildl to jou In (he toImo* plij and wmpaHloii. IM 
taaar my wordf , and lal lu a*va you yd fur better Iblniii." 

"lAdyl" uitrd Ibe girl, tinkluit oil lirrkiiee(,>'it(at,>VMBl.aiigal lady, rnuara 
Uia nnt tliBl vnr blcxud niv kIiIi lucli ii»r<l< a« thwa: and. If I had beftril Ihem 
jvanagOiibey miglii baio laineil dm fraaia UAoftlnaiuliorrawi but II It loo 
lata: llUloolalcl" 

"It li nn*r 100 lat*." (aid Itnit, " for |iralt*sci* and atonetneat." 

"II b," cried tlienirl, wiiihlng In ibe aniuiy of ber mlud. "I cnnaol leave hia 
DOW ; I eould niil bo liU dcvb." 

" Wliy •hnuldyoo bat" BBkpd llato. 

"Nathlog OMild MI* Illlo,"«rierl tlie flrl. •' tft loldolbert obal I bate laid 
fou.and Itil 10 Ihelrbrlog lakaa, ba KOuM bciuia lodli. 11a l> Uio bnldcii.aad 
bmt btpu an crijiili*' 

■■ li 11 [»»i1ble," orled Role. ■■ that, for lUch a man aa ibli, you oan rolgn vicr; 
Italun 1iu|N.- mill UiD oerlaluly of lioinedlats n»ca* ? Ill* nadaaul" 

*■ I diin'i knnwnbu It l>." amwarad ths jtlrl : -"I only kaow that Itlaaoj atul 
not wIlU ine alone, buc wllli bunilnsda OfoUiffn ai bad and ju wretebcO at byaelt 
I luui'l go buk. WliuiUcr <( 1> Oud'a wrath for lliu irrotig I bare dunn I dn nnt 
knoir: bill I am drawn hnrk la him throogb aniy •nXctlng and Ul-uiagr, and 
tbcuJil be. 1 belleioi tf I kney that I »i«* tn d ie by hi» bunJ at lait." _ 

WLsbin): to iiujuiTt fuiili^r iiirumaiion om the obtains it, Nancy 
HUiko* an aiipuincmont to nnik on Luii-!uii Brid);it tivtry Sutxlay 
j){^t ftvin cIcK-n till twolT* o'clock, whero Mi«i Mnylic iigr«t-4 to 
niMt her, accoinpniiicd only by Ur. Urowulon'. Dl«KiTcriii}; miu»' 
Oiiitg Kntiige in tlie nirl'i Appcorantv, Kn^ caussa her to be 
watchi'^: iia44^c dbcloaiiRf iJiq mahei ar« ovcrhcnrd nnd cotiTcyrd 
(irhiui by Utu (pyi bo (auptoya. Furious with mgc^ tlio Jew impona 
(o Sikci ihu liuTl ul' Kancy** infuriaiau u[iod lliciu. Flinging the old 
□iBn IKnu liiiii, tiikiM rutboi I'urioiibly from tin: room, aad dn»li£» into 
the tiiont itnwta. 

Witiiniitoaepaudrorfnanani^eaatbkfatlaDiirtlboBt oom tutatng hb bnt 
M ilir riitlii or Ivlt. or raliln; >iia eye* lo tiN akf. or lomilng ihrm to Iba CTeaad. 
lui UiiiVlug alrBlNbC biffaie blni wlUi tafage rcMbittOD. lib Inth ao tttthlly Ni» 
N«hk1, UuttbeittaluodJunHvinnI alardsf tbraii|ti III* akin, Ui« lobUr boU 


«tEbt[ Chrat. 


•a bt« ti«ftdloiijC AMiHe, nor nuiterrd • wont nor rrUnd « nuKlv, until h* 

rvwtariil L^x »ivei iluur, Uc I'lH^itrd it inrLy frlrfi ft kry, itroil? Uflht]/ up rli* 
>U]n> ujd. rnli'rjiijt bU own room. douNp-Iockt^il itie Joof. ±uil. Urtntj; h hvprf 
table m«*lu»t Lt . drew bMk Uio eurt«Jn of Ihe brd^ 

'Hie fir] wM Ij'lu^ hAlf<df««toc1 ujHjn It. Up hud rooHfd bar firom bcnlevji; fat 
ilM fftJiwl liprni^Jf i«lih K hurrlwl «ud lUrUtil look. 

-^Gel upT"»[d tlirloka. 

''IE Cj yuu- ItUl! " erlffd thftj^lrlp i^llTi *□ txprV'iilcRi af phwoun ftl b1«rncra. 

"Ill",'' w»» iJm r*iily- " O^t npT" 

TTirre wu n rmidt' bumlujr; but thp man liAJltly drtw U from llie euidJfHtlc^ 
I4d ImrErd iT uuilir lUt jfiu^e. ^tcEug lUafiaut UgUl of pftrly (Uy^Uhout, ihc j^ 
nap to mulranv iUa iiurEnkii- 

"Lrtltbf<l"x»f<1.>4tkPrt,tbruAtltif his taud before her, "Tbcr«^ ll«lit«uDnt1i 
Km- wtufci I Vc ffor u> do I ** 

*- Bill," uld the gtrl Id the low TOln uf Kl»na, " wbjr do xmi look ilk» tlutt M 

Hie robber ^at rtfirdlojt her far & f«w tecoDdJi wlTlj diUTvf DiufHIii nuit bt«T- 
icjr firrHf], mid Ihuri, grii<pIiiK Ii*r by rEin iif hiJ aiuI thr->iiE, <1rag^c'i1 jj^r tnlo ttte 
mlditE* of t^i< mom, Hml, Imikliif oucv lonftrds The door^ plaixd Lla bcavy hftud 
gpOD her moil I h, 

"Bill. BUM" ffjuped tlie girl, «r«>lling wllb Iha fimifth of mnrUl frar> " I -^ 
I vron^t »er«uB or «rjr<-bot OMii Hear me, »pMk to m«y tell ia« wb»i I hftP« 
donef * 

" Tod knr>w. joii 'liMfrll.''T«Kimi>dthitr»bb«r, rafifrvHlaf blabrVAtb. "Ton 
were vAtclied to-Dlflit ; Lod every word you tald «ru heftrd." 

*' Tticn*7jqn my llfe^ U't Iliu lure of Hut'Ou, m I vpiiri^ joitm," r«jn1nptf th« 
l^rl, dlngtiir M htm^ " tllM, dp*r HUI. yon rannnt bi.*v The heart lo kllJ mo. 
Oh I (blQk of oil I b»Tc clven up tlUt ooe Dlfhi for you. Tou iWMmvD liiur 14 
ihJnk, and iuto yourulf IIiLji crlma- 1 wlU not l-wts my hoM : you rjtnciot Ibrnw 
me orr^ mil, ULIl 1 for 6rnt iroirii iftkK, Tor juur nwn. t^r mine, alop before yoa 
fptJl mr blood ] I dave been true to yon ; upou my gaitiy frouU I lia^^," 

Thf rnmi HtnigfLed tlolcuEly (4 raJcAie hii sriu*; but thu*e of ibo girl w*<r* 
(Ivppd round UU. and, («r liAran hi would, }iii<K]iild not l^ar tlipm nwrnj. 

"Bill." erlvd EUc >*lrl. •rrlviajr to Uy btr lieod tipoo bit brriLit, " the fentliiuui 
ud ibHt th-iit Lady told uie l4>-ii1gbE of u bumo ^u numo tiitv\gu connEry. whof* I 
t«uJd end my diyt Iri nolJiudc aud pfiicrf<- \A't mr tr^i ilirin a||alii, and beg (hm 
on tny kncoi t ^ alio w the taoie mercy aod Ri.>odQo<» to ioii» aud lei ub both Irava 
thin drvadful plaor. and, fur aparL kad bvUcr Hvej. auil furgoE how wa Uavr llvtd, 
ekoepl In prayprA, and tmvt it^ "'ach (itEjer inorp. II U netrt t'Kt Ui* to rvpfat. 
Ibey fold ine »o. I roe! It now. Hot wemuii havetlmeH — a lliile, llctte llmel" 

The houfrbipakvr fnNrd otiu axui. a^id grai^rH^d hlfl piiEul, Th«»Tia[itty oflm 
mediate detection, If he Hr^'l, llvhrd acronhiA m^od eran In Eharoldiit ofliU Ajry, 
tud hviU'Ul a iwkc. hlih all Ibu rorec he could aummon, upoa Uia uptumed f^ot 
:hiU olrnwE Euuchvd EiLa own, 

fihf* atwtc^rtd aud f^U. nvarty blEnded wlrh thoMiHtd tliat raliiod down flvra a 
4np JFiuh lu her forcboad, but. rnliioc h^rxelf with dlJUniHy on ^er koeei, drev 
rrum twt liQioin Awhile hftadkerctilrf. — Ko»e MayUe'iown, — and, holdiQA ii UD 
to b?r foldrd handt ai high lowanU h**viii a* licf feeble jEf*ugili notdd Jet liar. 
.realh'Mlonc pTm](<T for uirrf t<> Jit Maktir. 

It Aiu aiihaJily figure lo /00k upon. Tbe murderer, ilagjicflug baokward la 
tbc waJl, and PbaEtlng out thn jlgbl wLih bU haad* talicd a hvaty club, and atniol 
acT UOWD- 


Ct« BbftcKa 9((t{««aic. 





n»«M«i ^ ii J »ai»i ^ ifc *> Ai*: 



or Om fomvmj-inn rJiirifHr. XKcbw Mf* li hb rtvT 

■»li I l | iiilfcw ■ ;>iMMl» M» ^ H i ii H liW 



I va MR); HT. OM t fM( Mn «• 

eifbtr Ctatit. 


IfaM tbpr* arv mnh mtn u Hikn. who. l>rlnidD>*lirlbna««dltiran^ll( »■>• 
■pww of time. >Dd tliroucri ibf ramp currrni of TlrcumdaneM. VMild noi kItt. 

b; unv liH>k ui iLCtlou «r • Dii'mcBI. Hit fuliilcil tiiitltailoo of * brlter uiUtir*. 
VThrth* pfnrr ftnillrr hunma (r^llnitU ilnfiit wllMu tuch lH>ki>ni>-, iir 1 h# pnjpw 
Chord lo nrlkf bu ruilcd, and la baj'd lo fiud, 1 do nol know; but, Uiat iha IMt 
li M. I am ■III*. 

(Ch. xiii. ST, xri, xix'ssii. zxTili. izxis, xll», ilvlL slviii, I.) 
Bowerberry, Mr. A parmhial uDdorinkor, to nlioiu Olirwr Tirist 

i- sj.prtiiilic.'il. (CL. iv. T, vil.) S« BUMDLK, Mb. 
Sowerberry, Mrs. U>9 wll>^ "n short, tliin, HqiicN:ed-U}i womiui, 
Willi a vixrnifli countcnanm" anil dinpoiilion. (Ch. iT-vit.> See 

ThiQgunimy, Mrs. An old nunc ut the workhouse, who usisti 
Olirrr Tirial iuto lliB worlJ. (Ch. t.) 

Twist, Oliver. A poor, nainoless orphan-hoy, born iu the "ork- 
hou!« ol' uii English vlIU^v^ whitfai-r hh< youa^- uutlivr, ad uulCMt 
ftnil n^r, hail come to Ha down uid die- lie ii " brought ap 
bj- hand," nod "fnraicil out" at ■ branch ertahliilmipnt. whore 
twenty or tbiriy oilier jurenilc oflender* ai^^M tlie jKX)r-laws luv 
(turvcd, bciitcn.And abused by Mncldi-rly ironian mined Mrs. Alnnn. 
On his oinib birtbdiir, Mr. Buinbk', the hciaulv, tiMts the bniDcli, 
twtl remove* liiin to tli« wurkbuuite, to be tau^'ht u ovefbl tr«Uk 

Tli> nioiti (In I)IL' workliuuic] In « lilch Ih* buy mtcis f«l iru a laifK ulaM 
b»lU vlE-h a<iir;w nl "Uf rncl. hut pfn-htc^h I 'if mivirr, clri<w(1 In no nprr^n for 
IbepiirpoK*! and n«--[^1C(J t>j one '>r Two vomen^ ladled tliofru^l al mctiJ-UmeA ; 
of vhlclt eotujKiHiioH vach boy Uiul unv \iori\aitex. tiiiiX uo inurv. -.- I'KrwpC OA 
ftallvvi ofrvflluit", — aiif] lt;<m In' Tinct tvitt ntnirau nnd a <]iiatl4r nf brrart bcvldc*. 
TiM bowlfl nci«r winlrd wa^hlnfr: 1h« bojt polUJicd Ibcm wltb tUcIr »pooiu 
tlUlb*]'tbuun again i ami. nlivnilicy liail jUMfuimcil lbi>U|>(r81i<>n(wtilcIi ucrtr 
look Tf r7 loni. ihr Kpunrni b<>lng noarly a< Inrg* m tbabotrli], thrriiDuliI all ttai^ 
log at tbr fopprr nitb > iii^b fajtcr pyrt, aa If lh*r eotiM d«v«ur Uu t«rT brldn 
of irbtrJi li »iu coriipotca: euiplu^luK llieiiiBelru mranwblla In incklng Ibclr 
flu^rr ino*l **ilrlu"iiijy. wlJli thn tIi-w of nlohlng up any airay «pla-hpa of 
ffuci Ibal might bave bfi^n cait tlicrton, tiui* have goui^rnlJy f X'^cllriit npp^ 
lltift. OllvT Tvl«l anil UU cwtii^nulon' nuflVriTj If)* tortiirrt or«l»w ttBrvatbui 
Af tlm^auiDtbi; at la^r lliey g^i 40 voraclnut and wlldnlth bunitrr. that one 
hoy. itlio wai t*[\ fiif lil> aKr. and liuil n'l bi^L'n amd lo tbal aort of llilni (for 
%U itehftr linri krpt a aitiuJI txiok't nlinp), blittrcl iln'kly tr> bli oortipanlonn. that, 
lialcaa h* bad another baald of ittiicl pre dlr», br naa alrald be ibould totae 
ntgblMillhe bo/itbo ilcpl ntn hlra. who lui^pfiicil 10 be a veuklj' youtb of 
lend^ ngp. Ufi hail a wild, Itvugry tiyvi aud ibuy liDidleltly tH'ltcfed biiu, A 
coancl] wat held l.nta wrn mi wbo (bould walk optolbemaiieraflFiniiititr 
Ibat r»oiiin|[. and ailc for inofc ; and '" f«ll to OUnf Twtit. 

Tlir evening nrdind. Tlio bn;ia Inok Ihtir flaci Um ninilfr. In blieauk*! 
Doiforih. ^tniioued blniJtelf at th< copper; hlf paupor aviUtunCf rankled [hf^m. 
■rlrfii briiliid lilm: llic gruil «■•. irrrMouLtid along gnWM wu laldovor Ihi 
*bart wmmoiia. Thv gru*! dlaapncaredi and lb« boya i*h1g|«rcd lo eaeb olbw. 


Sit SftbtKi stctliniif. 

ud iniilml ■! OUrar. arMI* U* aazl s*l|tibon nndftd Um. ChlM h fee wu, 
kf <•■> <lrt|iir*la wUb faaBtM. aad x tfcl— wtlb mtKry. lie r«« rnim lb* 
[■lit*, and odiuMlDs. bada sod « pw B la iMud, t* lb* UMMf , uld, (uawwbii 
■UitJM ImiwrniMMrliy.— 

■- FImib. ilr. 1 ■ul Knar man." 

"na Rnrt*r urs* a tkh bmllkx mui: bnt Tm lonwd nrrpale. H> ganl ta 
■ W ^ Ui dw t iaii hmf iloattwinwO nl*l forMnn* tKaudi; uit Itiaa ciUD( Ibf 
•apiMtt la tkt eapptr. T^ aobtuu itn panlj^sfd ttiib traiutw. and tlie bogn 

"WkUl" NMtk*MMMrMttaf^tilBaflt!DlT«lMi. 
" Pltia. dr.* miBrt OHm " I iixot Kiinr mnr* " 

Tb*aMMTC«taHall*««IOIlTtr-> k**dwUli Uia luS*, pinioned liira In III* 
HM*. Mri atobkCd riMd IMIh* bMtML 

Tlw a««i<nw MIH^ l» »»!»■■ aarliTi, mi/n Ur. Uomble ni>h»d tnt« lb* 
re—i t« gwi f M. II' ■ « ■». ^4, ■•>■ I ■■ ( > > Uw canttman to iht hlgli fiotr. ■nlJ.— 
- Kr. UmbUiu. I hf jvu pudoa, ilrl OIIt«r TmM luu uknl Air mora." 
Tban in* a |*Mral Matt. Ponw ii»« <iftWd oa wmj o>uat«mitr. 

•■nr«v«J"MMIIr. Uwbkba. ■■ O*«p0M rtUMlt ButnUe. mul anxnT 
■• dMhaUr- 1^ ' aalmtaad Ibtf ba Mfead fca nna afUr b« b»l mtva ibt 
■■ WW B' W ilbytfcaJ kWj ?- 
« B* dU. Mr.' M*li*4 Bwab)» 

-Ttalb^i>fllb*b«^,*nldlb*CNUHBaalatbairUMval*tooM. "IkDOw 
Ibai bi» tda b* haaf." 

ntiibiilj iiMliamlidlbi |mfl>irliH«ll^Ma'»iHdiili"i Aa animated dlmii- 
OUrn wa* Wtw u d IM* I— Mat eoDaacmcnl; and a bill m* 
lib* aaMUraf rbri|ala nlTlilin a rvvJ ur tlrn [lotindt 
radd l^iOVnrTMMcdrib* haadt af ih* parlih: In otJiet 
■ aa4 OVrar TvUt w«n aibnd U nir bub or mmiaD wbo 
»aa«d as a>yiaaM«« la ^Bf uada. bartaaai. oa caMB(. 

AAtf Mrvng a thart ifpKUieMliip to Ur. SowcrbcrT}', parish 
iMlotiftdrt Md iNliilg WMHjr atMttd, bn ni&a off, ud makM bis 
V^, vnAtr ll» goUMM of Ur. Joba D.iwkin» (ofim the " ArtAit 
Dilfir") M LaoJow. «bcn b» is Ui-coj^iil bio Um dea of Fngin, 
M «U Jew, kwl a rvcciiw of idalni goods, wbo cmplo)-* a number 
of jmng purvoo* of both te*m ta cany on a tyttvmuic trade of 
IhfiL FtaM lUt hasnt of vlnv *ti«ra he u cantiotuly and grail- 
mUjt liMraMed ia dw art of bnwjr, ha ii uaqiararily rcM-ucd (nw 
Fako). but b raeaimral, and watched ■(»» doiafy than befuru la 
imiwit U* «M«pa. Si* aaiutaiwa. bo««t«r, b«ln^ vury Dcccssujr lu 
IIm a»CM)o« tif a coatnaplMeil hmr^\a*j, ha It fcracd to nccompaajr 
t«u TCMiMrnMM of tho J«« (SOem aod ftioh Toby Cracklt) oa 
livtr faM»bwatli^ isspaditioa. Bui tha plaa &iU. a* ihn tatai]/ 
W« ahnMd) aid iIm nbbtn tte, ttlUag with tliem OIiTcr, who 
iM hM» abot. «d M*«nl]r wmndeiL Brfag dotdy punuitl, the; 
llMft ttwi U>f tMM a dlnlh aad dart «ff at &11 i))eed. On rocotw 
bf bU w«*nk Olivw vaathta ahoat tin bv connw to the ray bamt 


•Ubci SiBtst 


Ind enUnd. Oc balng adiattW, 1m Ii UaHjiMnd Ibr bj Ibi 
laJr or the bouM, Mrs. Maylle. and Iwr d1»c« Bom, wboi on bwifaig 
Ilia ftcry, saiti liiiu TroBi arr^t, ao^ educate liim nnd love bim. Tbs 
detiNiIon and punbliuicnt of tho Jew and hii orcom^ilicc*, and iho 
Idonliflcation of Olrrcr Uirough llio xuulous efTorts of his new frienda 
(aiooag vhciiD he findu nn aunt in Bosu Mayliv). bring the ule to a 
bappj' conclusion. (Cb. i-xii, xiv-i»i, xriii, xz-xxii, xsriii-xxxn, 
il^ U-UiL) See Bdiuub Oia.). Faodi, Mo.nes, Siua (Oill). 


C^kffn 1. OtIvCT Tv^At 1* hnAi; tdi mnlTier (tlna-— 11- Ha ■■ "ftnn*d" wllli Mk 

lluin^ Hr, nmnbla T|>lu Mk Uaitn. u[iIaUu ho*r Olticr r«Mtv«<t hu bauf.ud Uket 
tiLu I't lilt «t>rt;lik)ii>ci OUtit in ^rnIl«^lI ^rfi-re Ib« " fioanl," uid laidj^ih] bt filcklnc 
pftkiini: ■i)|mint«l l-j lot Ainunr Uib ■[itvjjJ loyt. lio uJib (Vjr " nkONL'' Md Ii dulFVUn- 
bhrd'urlittiviniTiir — 111- Uf GaqiDoM inc^iJaUoruftirOUiriirr— JT> Mr- Cownrlvrrr 
roDTvn*! vUh >[r. llumMn an itrliUi unlvriAklTir uidju'le^- lokca Ollvfr. whu— V. 
UfltafUM h-itiu<nl«l wUti NvKb C^^fUle; on *»ouat of |il«"la(^TV'Unf «xpnaBlgfi o| 
tneldiHliolj." OUrw la pivinai«d Id b* ■ ''«iuU."uiil AltvodJi 1i:m ftni runml,— TL 
11d kEwt«i down XMb CliTpDlQ: lb* uulEkhui eia>«d bf ibis « KhiLriUoii ut t^wt.^ 
Vil. lUa puDltbiDflftti Iw ran nvTBT. — Vtll- Bipnlunadl^f* ri<»vl«Iilp9 una hl-irui- 
nvaij oiHi* Jkck IV4wkliia"lhaArtPil l>iHlircr; " ip^tawittablmtvLaadoa. — IX, tl«an 
rtitfl^iAoin^uuf OTtrft boL of ti4lon wvUibH and \awtlrj. Tba"AnfuL DvditrF'^ uA 
Charlrj' lUW* r«pnn Ihvlr ^uccn* in (KKkcl-plirkEnii at hq titcullna, — X^ Otjvrr jr(>M 
9DClD0pflr«U*Ub tlirm: ■• ifrfvltd^ - XI. Oif tnal. — XII- Elta ilekticu ar Mr |lr<iwn- 
lOtr'ti Mr BnfWOlfFir vWn blnit trnt !■ lurpi-Jicjl by ht4 OuDJLinr In^>k ; iKupUon of tb« 
l>adEO Wi4 Cb±A<r Kftia* b/ WnpD, tAcf OUver'i nniL — XIII- BLU ailin. witb bU do*, 
tnttn r*iiUt'f rooDii ibHr AlurcitJoii: iSmey gH4 lo Uw padqe^mn io LHinwbcn 
OllTtrli.— XIV- Ur- Urawatuw'* UcmIiipm lo Oliver; fal* eunrcnHil^itn witb hlniH wllb 
Ht. Ortrnwl^; OtitorLttcnl with ■ pur^rl |i/ kl4'>nliHLpr. — XV. Ht l» oai^tLl l>> \uic/. 

— XTL ImpTfi^oo pnhlu£B(luTt ri-.'EEi'a Ebi<]t«b/ Ul* nturn anil eciod ulEah'^i OlLTpr** 
|Tlrf tt hAvinf Mr, Hf<*w rU>w]^>j T tH^n''j.ft*Jil thg paFTol of i^'Mffa ft^tl' f^o^ himi ho M 
trm^n t4} nin awi^: ttmncy prutKU blm wban r*1ji)i«; bnrmn* a^uil^iaf l«lk*A uuj 
/««lu. —XTII- Bir. Buml^lt viutt ib*"p4inn'bl«]*'nurHr7i l>jrli uioufuls biin b; 4a> 
ar]n|:tAluT«aar]htfiiinirrkt«itDoUapnii>bi|E hut biva 1\»r Ullrfr» anA hit wlih m ttlci 
Mr. Bmable ctH Mr Bro*raE:ir'<«<lTUtli«ii»alA>T Oliver, UTidulltDii bliuj utlt^iarr 
■1tf«T«Tabla attirr of Olm-T'i puobUtfa ana cbuactrr.-'XVIII, Tbv "IriKl^r" BjIrUct 
ttJvcvia tiHam*4"pFif-" ti in4iL4 rfloihU"ltA rftK^n. «QiJio«irHl.bcr4u<«.i(ba lUdii'l, 
lOfiotOilr ■!» wuuld; 'JlHrr Ixcuiuea uquklutcul wHb I'um (-blUlnir. Jml ouL «r lb* 
hau4 0f cCTCllon. — XlX ^XmhihI rAflln|>lAn a huTKlarj In vidcli Ollvarmu't aialtt- 

— XX. 1*4^:. tiillB i.iIlTwr lirf fliu^r Kf with AlknK, dihl alvf Ulm a hmk I'f manlen to nt4 
mi Hdi ittTi Stiiicf uki>i nliu ('> 6lk<^. wbo aivn hloi bt> luAruttluEia.— XXI, 'nivJi 
>wnic7. — XXIIr rr('pB"i^'""«'''i'<''r hurwl.TV by Mkri fl'JJj TohjCnpfcH; OUtvr^tgrm 
mJ Icrmr al l^mritliu; On'ir ^vtan aim tliul t'c miibr nM iimKtimij;lti bornlcm lb* hngH 
•fMr^ Majlle^U »U"I. •i>U*rn>4l<4rhj}41lt4tan()CnekiL— XXllI^ Mn. Lunicymtbrt 

cu^ Af bu, 4ii<1 biABimcrTflfuiLuiiiuter til Vr Humbln EalEt^ khiI dtafii4*r4 Uia i>LhU- 
Ui^ of jiauticn. anil (U fT*4C " ]iOFi>chi>i " lUVcunl- — lo * Ivc mpta vucUx*rb4l tlnif 
ka'lwtfitL ubaai cap of ttawiib itn. Cant/, uid b«oiD«t taadtr. — ZXIV. jUi pL« 


Cbt Drcbias BfctfontTf, 

butyl »fy.—JCX VI- t'iitln*«k« tfilrHiiffQi'iief KlVw^nwnrtlm tniJ''" iniitbltiifcHKlat *f 
l^r TJin^i* rr(;>[>li'H Jti 8Ut4'> i'wn roomi nlUKMi lwb»»* |i]»iiwTi ^»iU toN*fley j lui 
* roiifi^rvufc witti MonLt, — XXVll- RfuCtoT tfm«l ruirica 'li4l mlL'Itt bo «a|il troncHniliitf 
•taAIivl >ff' JIi^idMo, iHThif wcUbHl Kid codiiiaI Mrv Ornor'n >Llv'fT |>Ulr vilillt tLia 
^M ■! Olii tijiiy'% lintlb-iKd, tia ^cT^otlJ^l tunrluJ^v iU* i-aatjEhtii-. on Utp i*aj lioina 

of flUvDTh/ -■■il;«Hiil Cnclill 4n«r thv hnnXmrj-. cuDtcnatlttti tiDlwnufl i;iln luid tttiU 
lln Khilfr puniiUi^ iLtmi OJiTcrrteovtrtcouHlmuDHi, ftDdw^iidtn iuitiebouMl>iBlai 
•nUnslUia [^rkivlom i>lstil; f*1Ia'^ rvjiuTt (u Iho viliBr kcmintk of the Inthlvola of Ilia 
iiiffVlarv: iniht^inMnorbUnAmilvfi Olurr knort^ ud^tlWr caa"|it*nCiH 'mMfy. U 

Alij'Iiv >Qit Itjfr h**\ tH OILtvf ilPopEaf , Ami Row pleA<)i ft>r raerrr iwtrd htia: ba talU 
lllolnr^i IbiriloESorcluI^fliifaUllnBUid brlulOB to hU^uUiy Oiitarni ihri hnjr vTif^hiid 
bmkVBlrUu iin. MiyllaNi bouH. — XXXE. DlflUirrt uiJ Duff ex^iiiliiD lb< Lmml>L*.«iUl 
n-pon ihrir ofitnlDH of Ui* burslarr^ ■■■^t tahrnfl tnmn vpinu ibtj bvcoiH lo^MStoUfk 
uilI iriUKrfT Ounkey ClilclLww?il rabtwt hUDivir: lUr^ J«>h *i Oll*«r, «nd cmMom HHm 
■ndDiiuiHlVjrilH-lreaainillciDTrtwjDinnx --XXXU' OIlTvr vxpraBM bk vnaliad* tA 
He**i ibff doctur IhLn blm (a h« 3ir. Dn<tTiluw. md at CAtriuy Bldt* fiuVia Uito 
UmhoavOlJTerpoludoiilat thr out iramwTilTib *^nM Ami Cr«Ah'l hail saiw to CoDimll 
itM baTctur ; OUvr^*<t]Hp|>oinLiii«i;t m nuilinkr UiaiMr^ BrovulPW h*4 focn lulbaWvE 
jQdLAii b'« dmiH ftiid ilpiiytfU to ihp fiuiarr-hont* in vhieb Urt. )lafl]« nov«d ki lb* 

■pnii^— XXXUr Hnvl« Ukoii vitk; Oliv-r ELvra !□ Ih« oiarhtl-Gowii vltb » IMtmrfbl 
ttiff doctor j «iK(iiiDUn UufiM i Butucumrtoulof IbocTUlioMjiTfrvcr L^ Utcl— XXXIV' 
Olhvr, "—■ y^T^*| w.Tt..»i*^ .I..1 ifi^ji'iinM»iTi| |iiifTv M7.iiiai iiHittvlU bl* >noili«f 

bU 1*>vP fi>r lUnv : <>[!»'> aBlUdlr)' m Of OltEi ol Ibo Inimlu 

ftULldrt'Snif thai TB^la Aii't Slonkaiir* , . _ 

Tb^rrurLi''UBE'nr<:hffjrihMii; Itnojr uua BOnd Til* Into ; vb* uptAias vliy *tw~toB«( ant 
booumo 111* viro — X\XV[. The 4<Kt."1 and lUtVr Umyiit loivo Mn UtyltoV — 
XXXVII^ iiF- llmnDIa u inAiuiT <>f (be vrorltlifiUHai Oteuvlon nf (arf^rouAUn ImiIwtvii 
bJiDitid Mr«.((;«mpy) Itujotilf i trtUo 1 ifpcltjvf tjr labcr Aivor ^ Mr i^Ufkit^Je. |aUuK lutif « 
putrIlc-bE>u<B Id rv^oln lit* «umjHiaur«, iu<vt* Unnka, xii-\ mn^trv nuaitmwt In^nirlv cm- 
r?mln(OLiTor« idi>i h^r «np1 ib« «iidi«ii wIjo nuitc4bpr. — XXXVill Uf. aoilHr*. Bum* 
bla |?o W Udnkk'a bidiii£-pl4CD; Ur*> llmnbJn. dDp' tltpmandJud tml rpmiirihtf nrp<il:r 
|wi|iidd^»L>lo««ibnt OldHollj tvlil b?F AU^-iii Olivvr'v mulliFrj tumb UouM a JtfCL^t «ni- 
lulrimc Twn Inrki of luir ajul ■ ktiI^I m>MlriK-rtnC, i*hl«lj hv drk>p« tbrw^ h in|btf<i»-ir» 
»iiil rlirii ^jimLtPtd Vr. AOil Mn Buuibto. -WXIX- fllft«M rKOVOf* fnm « Ikvtr-. I'acln 
■m:bi»lflj» brtnr ffffiahinfnui Nwwj HLiMWitb FhrId fftrioteff monPr&iMbwp «l>« 
oiTrL<MiT< « v'4'iiv«rt4lli>n 4»^(«cpn Fri|;lu Anil Itlrmk*^ civna ■» i>|Uiiifl iu HL««; B4t« l« 
fliHl HiMM iipylia^ ^ Xh- Hbd mpdalu wliBT rh* liiuiFkl MonLatrlE r^ekQ jiIkmL 0[1tpT| Bdm 
>]Hdi nllb bvf (0 ftbantloD bi;r *vrf?tinrd <>uiir>u vt uroL — XLI. Obvdf KVcblulUl^ ilU 
(Orer* Mr-Htofmloiti hUM pn^* to liU br.uH nith OMrrr. Mr, (;niTiwU'" 'Krltnavnt '1 
^CArbiff bvr iccuai^t vf Ohvvrj joj ful turprlfo uf Mr. bruwnli/V anO Mr*. Iti-dMn M ttif^ 
;pir i>Iit«f : JIvciubIuii E>f tbDbnimuOtt of oluiln^ gp ibv mjvi'rj of bit nnnDU^i^t'xud 
•HD'lntl flunks. -XLU- Noob Cta/jioli vnd CllVlUlbt. butJnj: ntilttA Ur ^«*tb*rt/, 
|,-(i 1o t.uDd.m; Khar *^P >t Iha Three Crifipl**! r<«lil «v«IiHrk tJi4lr ci^DrvTHUoiir 
•liuttt [Jul ba kiiDtn vt Umtt llinO, idd pmp(u»r< Lbiit IbB^ Jala ll!i V^i^l Nosh <nl«n 
^ffrriitr ii^to Lli |>liii. And ij^rtiiM li> anikrlalc alUltuiE tuoaoy frOU CblMRu tvnt on 
41 >udB^ — XUU. ITHElnai^Utii'bDvr NndbeuiBOl Uk« «i>rn nf h(iiivlr witboul lurUig 
•PMrAlr«f«fatoFitfkii'ataUn4(i; ibc--ArifnLl>odecr"liiirTr<t«ii fdt:muv«u>te* i^ 
111* tdbrr Iwr* on Ui» mm>iul A^fir/ r>r 4lUmlnf to iElt> dliinlir 4^ tniwi>^iMUaD|bi idb M 
ibe"£Kpdcr'i" t<nk^<' tta Noabiiiuw li^umi iLuiuri^uit ii> iiiv p^iviMfffloa to Icsa 
lb* "Dodfer"*^' ta,t6i liUcarnninnEitKiawic^'ininiiLil.^XI'LV- Nancj Grt^ lo k«rp bcr 
tppolDiinfiii wllb aoHb Bqnilox nlftbUbm b prvrvaivd by frihcoj Fhiiu obanrrfa b*t 
•0bn». nod rmolTH loliiBnibffiHm.Had « ttftnstliDD hlalDfliucon ovrjbu. — XLV 
B«Hodfe?fo4btflftiUowhrrUi^nri(AarHliTnichl. — Xt.Vl- JtmbdneaberiLiriiBtolAniliV 
iVdtfC, nbtn Mr, ttrawnloH anJ iCiuv U&rllAm««bdr; Om Lvlla ti^uio wlij *br^L«ilM 

•Ubet Cbilit 


1 brifrf4| d(4erTliMyi>rl«i if Di-g^d l4ftirvil[vli«r*1lv<«in|iiiitQii>,T»aldd«|*Tn 
■lnanD«l.*XLVTT. fecmiuUi^jKaiiuf bfrillxlmiirpi; Mkrt^lnt fTpnffaTncp.h'Of^la 
faUmmn. I^iti Nui^f »h4 wu v«t«h*d«ii4 jvtkbMnl ni LoniLiiD BrUge. ind LiUa bvr. » 
XLVUt UbmnTiI^ «l«nIiip«p«d<!l«TalhntoUkajkb](wa-aUlno>JliifhI>SAii hr biur* 
tbf murdvr talk**! of •( Xht maD<OMli| irfM lo ilHp^ bat tb* mnnlfml rlrl^i cyca nnil 
avuTT hhoat Ulm : hd;ii nl ■ Oni r°«B bjick to LoudaiL'^XLIX. Air. Iinnrnluw vituM 
M«riki Loh<^kpkiKtLl', (ri[Ul)tm thf- *tary uf hit UiJ^rr. juothor. vid OhTtr; fUTirlncu blu 
UiAtlila viUany.Aiul Hid pn-ufi nfll. KnttiimEiairii; nmXa lUm pramlknnrniiL;)kk<iJ« tlni* 
Dfnl«r fhruln ro^rd t« Oiinr. adiI fall rMUliitlt>u of ainaty of Klilvblic Linil ilimuJofl 
Jtlm-*^!* Jitdab'* laloud. iflicr* t'lij.'tEi^i if*nc l^HilE rvftj^ mtiaiUit arrMi; Cl^lcUng'f «^ 
fimii vf )'ii0in'» Cfpiurt ] #lkc4'il'>e, wUli-h lie bhl T«lbl; crLod lo 4ru*n. rwctiai tba 
bJiiDd; Hil« Tilnuefr coui«, fuerful^riiDiittnl; Cbntarnitfa ao barrlflnl m 1» alUck 
binif W* hjillfir-plHv la dlHOTonJ, «nd i drrce crowd iry iot4piure bin; Mi fVvitIa 
ttlorm ij>«*cAf*cj ■flcldmlallyliHiRiliIiniiilfi indhlt dD^>-4nrLnK^nd ^^ biin — UlLU, And 
4ut>H AnlbUlfnlnf, — Lt OIlW^nnHtloiit ubdifOrtlolilfiullvttcowu; IieliittriclKd 
mtkliilit of UaDlui «M^ hx i^T- llri/wnlow, Ui]|l).a rvlfeir* 111 t>]U'or'< hPnr-f^r'Uprt tUn 
ClFCDOHUncM of iLoiltfDlh Lif bL* mill Oliver'* raiTitf. and JeiuriD^'t IFte will and i<riiir ha 
1*A; IhBdMtnjcUncicf lli« wUi bj HciqJkO inmlior ; hi* pn>n:»# tn bunt down OIlTuri bl* 
bilbliig of PaiEtij 10 liuiui» OLJvcr. uA bit own eip^urg^ Ur- and Me« Uumbla an 
■iimn»ti«i1 1 Vrik I^umM* drnl^ ilI kncnrLniltf^ of Mnntv nnil tbv l«l(f.i, but |ifO oU 
ptD[>tP^oin«n. wbo i>v«tlitiAfkl OM 8aUv'i oorftHtoit. rTl>u*Ii hpr lut'murr - Ur. t^umblA^t 

WflTitAv* inAJi] kiiuwii ; ll^nj. liAv^iif ri^lucDJ hit vmuiutUm^u ii* mali^b lirr*. uiA 
boGaAS ■ «Lt<rB]'niAD, w|i>t h^'t liBnit-^LLL Kncln nfi Irlil; hli tentfnu^L bit lut *ta^» 
■Ad tilifiliUL Vr BruwEiluiv BDi) Oil¥fff vl«lLlUDkL ho MLa Ollvnr vh^rv bd pat Vu | 
f WA kUB br UdDhA. -^ LHL I'M loc* tt lb* prUwlpal «ar*iTLnv nbifriwn 



iitubfog Association 


Thbik broxll; hmuoroui nporti ■pprurd In " Buntti^'i UlicwIlanXi" )° I''' 
■Dd Itas.vlilla Ur. DIcktBi «u Ibo editor of tUat pciltHlleKl. Tlicj were 4*> 
•Ignni (a Mllrliv tbe prDn«<llD(T of lbs Brltliti A»util*Uon rorltia Adnnermrnl 
afSci«i<i,wlilclituiiIlbaa ticca rt«uU/tiUibliiIieiI. Tlie ilnl ni«I!ii( li "lioIdaB 
In Ihc town of Unitlbit; " loDie or the fcctloai titling M tbe OiiftoiJ Pli, MiiI 
Dlhen *( Iba ng aud TlndiT-boi: tbe eecoad meeting)* at OldcuUo; uid lb* 
r«itui» MCilona obMln KOOnimaditlaD st Elie tvo rlTkl Inn*, — tbe DtukBorMBd 
BtOmaoli-aabiB, uid tin Bool-Jick uid CouDtenuoc. 



Bell. Mr. Knight (M. B. C. S.)> A. member «r the Bssociatlon, 
irha exhitiils a wnx prepnr.ition of Iho lalcrior of a laxa, who, fn 
eorly life, hud «wallowcJ a lioor-key. At a /wMf mortem cxnminntion, 
it in fimud tluit nn i-xnc-t model of the key U distiiiEtly impruocd 
ou tJii- L'uiittD}; of thu ntoiuucli. Tliie conting )t dtssipiitvd invdic&l 
Bludii[ilele:ili,iiud ImtCi'iia wllli it to u loctamiili of doubtAili'Imtao 
Mr, who luakv* a new key from tbu tiovel pullvni. Witb till* koy 
tliR RtuilcDi <iatera tliu hoLiso of ih^' deceased geiitleiriBn, and com. 
niit* a, bur^l.try to a large amoiinl, for whicli crime hn li irbd and 
exccuti-'d. The di-crn^cd grntlcman hnd nIn'nj'S bcrit much nc* 
customed to punch, and it i» lupjHiitcd ihnt tlic orijiuul key mu»I 
barebiMr. duetroyed by tbcacld. After the unlucky ucc id eot, be wm 
troubled with nljjbtmiirc, undur the iafluvncc of which ho alwi^ 
ImagiDGd blmwlf a wliie-cel]»r ilvur. 



Eft iHuatag aiiaclittan. 


FW'"**'i Mr. A member who exUbita t, model of a bslilimable 

uinnil, ootnpoto') of coppcrpkum, gnlil-leaf, And silk Ixmnls, nud 

workpiJ cnlirflly by milk Had witlpr. 
Blubb, Mr. A cnrmber who In^tuiv* Icarntull}' npon • crauiuin 

which provrs lo be » conred cocoanut^hcil. St' KiCTcn, PhO- 

peBBOR Jo ax. 
Blunderum, Mr. Contributor of • paper, " Od the Lut M» 

miriirs of ihi' L(>anii.'[l Pig." 
Brown, Mr. (of Edenburg). A nwmhw. 
Buffer, DootOr. Anotlier member. 
Carter, Mr. Prvsidvnt of SmUoii D (MechaoicaJ Science), at the 

f)r*( oi^vriDg of tlie aMoobtion. 
Copporoose, ISx. Author of a propoaiUon of gnM. mugnittula 

and bicrot, nihmlticd, at the flnt meeting oS the atwclation, 

to Section B (IKiplar of Models and Mccbanli^ol Scinncn), llliift. 

trated by a rait number of mulclH, and explained in a irMitiM 

eniilleJ " Praclical Sujgpjtioin on llie Nctciiily of Providing 

some Birmltiiii and Wkulcaoiud Belaxaliou for lie young NuLil»' 

men of En'^lund." 
Crinklea, Mr. iBveoIor and exblbilor ot » beutlfiil pockel- 

pickin-; macklne. 
Z)02e, Profoasor. Tloe-prtddsot of Section A (Zoiflogy and 

Itr>tAny), at [be firct meeting of ibo aatoolaCion. 
Drawley, Mr. Yice-pretident of Secdon A, at tha second 

Dull, Mr. ViL-O-president of Supplementary Section E (Umbog- 

olu^^-y and Dil(.-hwa(eriiiUo8)- 
Dummy, Mr. Another vice-pretident of the same icetion. 
Fee, Dootor W. B. A member of the aafociation. 
Flummery. Mr. Ajiolher member, 
Orime, Professor. Another mcmbnr. 
Grub, Mr. Preiidcnt of Supplementary Section £ (UmbogologT 

and Ditchwati-ristici). 
Ortnomidge, Dootor. A physician, who i;i*ea an acooiinl of Ua 

curiag a immi of luunomauiii by (h'< beroic method of irealmeat. 
Tobba, Mr. Exhibitor of a f>r(-iiit;'rnHvhIne on a novel plan, fis 

brill pug join t-»toek rsil«a)'-iibare« preinntureiy to a premium. 
JolUred, 81r William. Prc^idem of Section A (/MtAo^ and 

Bornuy), at the cecond uit-etiug of tho ciMOciatlon. 
Kj&tdh, Profiaflsor John. A member, who ia ealled aoon to 

etit 9(ck(ni SItttanitc. 

exLibit the skull oJ'tlie Isle Mr. Grvcnocrc, which he prorfacr* wjlk 
the n-niiu-k, *" lliBt he '<1 puiuiil it &< tluit 'vre VpccUiblQ nKction 
[(ho eoulloo of lliubugologiy uii] Ditch w^Uirinlivs] hud ni^vor *«:<] 
a more ganiertr coTe nor he tta." The " [iroftusur " finds, liow- 
emr, that he tuu m-tile a stight ntifi»ke, nud hii» dicpUved a 
carvcil coc-iMnut instead of tlic Fkiill whk'ti he tnicndi'd to f-bow. 

EutankuiiiaeQO, Doctor (of Mdtcoir). A physician, who 
BULVuuds ID cuiiiig in alarminKlj* healthy nian by u pcrsuTtring uw 
of puwurTui medieliie, luw diut, and btueUiiig. which mvthud of 
trtaluienC to far tvsiorc-s hioj ns lo euablo hlu to walk abi^ut with 
tbn Blight awatance of n crutch nnd ti boy. 

Ewokley, Mr. A mcmbiir who nubmiti the ivault of tome 
ingrnioui slatisticu! iinjuiru;!! mliitivo lo tho ditl'cranot between the 
value of the quulilicaliun of suvural nitmlKr* of parliauicot, at 
published lu ihik world, and its roal nature and amaunt. 

Leaver, Mr. Vlco-prntidcut of Section B (DUpIay of UodoUaod 
Mi'i.'liiiiiii'^l Scirncc), nt the Oldcaatlo mct^tin^. 

Ledbrain, Mr. X. Viro-prcndcat of Scrtion C (Statintkca), at 
Ihu Muilfi><^ iiiFctln^. He reads a very in^cniouii paper, showing 
thai ilic total number of legs beloDj^ing to one great town in 
Tork^hi^e U, in round numbers, forty thousand ; while tbo (otal 
number uf chair aud Atool legs is only thirty tboosaud. Allowing 
the very favorable average of three lugs to a tvat, ho deduce* the 
CODcliiKion ihnl tco thousand individuals (or one-half the whole 
population) are eithrr destiiuteof nnr scntsatall. or pais the wliolu 
of their leinuri! time in sitting upon boii-s. 

Long Ears, The Honorable and Beverend Mr. A mcu>. 
bL'r of ihu a°9u<'iatian. 

Mallet, Mr. TrrsiileDt of Section B (Dlaplay of Modeli and 
Mechanical Science), at the second meeting. 

Mist?, Mr. X. A member. 

Mist7, Mr. X. X. Author of a communli^ntioti on the di»- 
nppiiiimiici! of dancing bears from the street* of London, with 
obscn-iiiioos on the eshibilion of uonkcj-s ua tonuuctud witli bar- 

Mortiiir, Mr. Vice-president of Seetlou C (Anatomy and Medl- 
cini.'), at lli« OlJcastle meeting. 

Muddlebraios, Mr. Vice-prenident of Section A (Zoiilogy iLti£ 
Ito1any)< at the Uldcnstle moetjon. 

Muff, Profbesor. A mcmiicr of the association, remarkable dm 





Ct« iVuklos aiiBClatlDi. 


As MllMi^ «f Lis mannen and Qio ease nilli which he aJuptt 
UluMlf todw forms nml cercmoali^g ur orilliinry lifo. At Uic lin-t 
meeting;, at Mudfoc hn trie* unmri pritatR experiments, in canjuno 
lion iriib I'fofosHtr Noro, with prmsic anici, upon n doit' Tl"" 
aniiuaj proTiM W hare bvcn utolun Irom nn unmarrifil Wty in Uis 
town, wlio b rcJideraJ utMirly tlialruct«d hy the Iuiib uf her ji<'l 
(aained AngiwIUB, In alTectloiiate reuiumbruucu uf a Ibnuer luv^rj, 
RiliI nrrnsc!* hi' death bynvinlcnE allack on liic two scicDtille 
KcntloiDcn, tn which the cxproaivo fcnturra of i'raft;sK>r ilaS ;ira 
much ncrawliBd aud luci-rali^d, whilu I'rolcjsor Nogo, bpsidcj sus- 
(aiuing soreral tvvere bitUH, latva k>uiu hundfuts of hur. Pro- 
f«Mor MulT »ub«<:'<)ueiitly relates to thu aasuciaiiuii au extraor- 
dinary and convincing proof of the wondcifol efficacy of tbo 
iytlcm of tnfinitviimal dcWM. Uo bad diSoMtl Uirco drop* of rum 
tlimui;h a Imclccti'ul of water, and given tha wbulc to a potiunt who 
was a h;ird driiilter. Bclbrv thu man bad drunk n qu^tt, be wm 
tn a Htiitu uf hvastlj- iutosication ; and fivit oihar uion w«Ttt madu 
dead drimk wiiii Lho rtmuUnder. 

Uull, Professor. A uiembiT of tho aasoclation, who crilicUuB 
*oijic of iLo IdcaM ailvaiiced by Ur. X. X. iHgty iu hia paper on 
<inn<-ing liean and baiTcl-orgiui monkey*. 

Neeehawts, Doctor. A medical memlicr. 

Noakes, Mr. \'ice-pri!sidcnt of Section D (Stntiitic*), at tb« 
tiH'L-tini; hiiid at Oldeitstlu. 

Nogo, Professor. Exhibitor of a model of * wonderful wiTutj 
fln>^'?cii[)e. See Mcff, Profbsbor. 

PeesdU, Mr. Vicc-prcaidcnt of Section C (Aoaioiny and Medi- 
cine), at (he meeting at Otdcosllo. 

Pipkin, Mr. (11. K. C. S.), Author of a paper which Mofca to 
jirove iliu oompleio belief of Sir William Courtcn-iy (otbcrwlaa 
TUaai), rvmciiily ehot at Canterbury, in bomcEOputhy; aiiJ which 
argui'B lhatli« might bavo been restored to life if an iuIinitciiimLl 
doM uf lead aud gunpowder had bvea aduduisUrcd to him imm^ 
diatcly Rft«r be full. 

x'rosee, Mr. A mi.inbor. 

Pompkinslcull, Profossor. Ao InSuontla. memher of tha 

touiicil of llic iiMocintioE. 

Purblind, Mr. A mtuiber of the ajsociation. 

Queerspeck, Professor. Eahihiior uf a modRl of a portable 
rnilwav, iioatly nioi]nii>i lu a t;n>eii eate, for the waistcoat pockcL 
By attaching this logtruiucat .o hit boolii auy bank or pnblic-olHc* 


Cbt Slckcitf BtttroiiaEf. 


clerk coiild traniport himiclf from hi* ptnce of ndduDce b> hii 
[>lico of biujnou at thci caaj rate or nitj^-fivo milua an hour. 
TbB pniftswr explains ihat city nentleoipn would run in tralni^ 
ln-tng hiuidcufleU logi-lLi>r to prevvnt coufusioa or tinpleiuariliMM. 

Rununun, Professor. A member. 

Boroo, Mr. Vice-prcsiiivnt of SijctioQ B (Display of Mo>]c1j imd 
Mot' line leu I Si- i unci.'), nl tbo »«i;oniI laeelliig of tho nmncinlioD. 

Blug, Mr. A c<ikbr»i«d «lati«tlcinii. " Ilix complcxiim u n dark 
|Mirpl«, Mid ho ha* a bnbic of Hgliing coastaatly." llo prvavata to 
Section C tbo remit of (omo invuitijations ho liii miuiu regarding 
the MAle of ioCiot education anil narsery literature amou); tlw 
tniddlF cluBsui at Londou. Hu also otalAB tnuie curious calunla- 
tions Tc«<p«(;tln|- the dogs*-ii|B)tt barrow* of London, which hnve led 
kini to the coiiclutilon, that, if all ibe skcmn delivered dnlly wlih 
tho mi-nt, could be ci^locl«d and irarehoQMd, thi-y woulJ, in ten 
yiMini* time, afford a mnia of timber taorv lluD (ulBcicnt lor tW 
MHiitniction of a fint-mt« vuiaid of vitr, to bo called " The Boyal 
Skewer." BDil to bocunte, under that tiame, the tvm>r of all thi 
uuemies of Great Britnin. 

Smith, Mr. (of Loudon). A memlier of the uiocialloa. 

Snivey, Sir HooUiam. A member who combats the 0[4iiioQ 
of Mr, Bliibb. 

Snore, Professor. Pnjuidvnt of Section A (Zoolo^ and Botany), 
n.t ihe meeting at Mudfog, 

SnuiSetoffle, Mr. O. J. A member prcKot at the oecoad meet 
ii)g of ihe aj^OL'iation. 

Soemup, Doctor. Pr«ridenC of SucUon C (Anatomy and Modl- 
i.'lnc) lit iho getoiid lU'^eliu}-, 

Sowster. Bo'llo of OldcaRtin ; a tai man with kd ImmcnM 
double-chin and a reiy r«d nose, which he Attribute* to a habit of 
«Ar1y rising. 

Styles, Mr. Tico-preiideni of Section D (Statistics), at tha 
noeond meeting of the aMociaUon. 

Tickle, Mr. Exhibitor of a newly-invealed kind of speotAchti^ 
which cnnMe the wearor to discern In »ory bright colors object* 
nt a jrTcat dicuncc (ns the borron of the Wc»t Lidia plantntiont) 
and renders bim wholly blind to thow Immediately bcfbre him (h 
tlie ikbuses connected with the Manrhotcr cotton-rallls). 

riXDbered, Mr. Vice-president of Section C (Slalinicc), at Om 
meeting held at Mudfug. 

Vtt iVuBfns Sflcoctatfen. 


TooroD. Doctor. rrrjatlGut of Section B (Aofttom; ud Mcdl- 

cine), at the »amc mt-cting 
Tniolc, Mr. Oa« of tbu vicc-pTctiduab of Section D (Mocb-tnioU 

Stiwuft.'), M tLi! 8aju« uii-uiini;. 
Waghom, Mr. Acother of ibe viue-presidcnU of Ui« Hma 

Mvtion, at lb« moib meeting. 
Wlieezy, Professor. One of llw Tice-preaIdeD» of Suction A 

(2oolo);j and Botaiiv). «t ilio utme moe'Jci;. 
Wigsby, Mr. Exliibtlor of a cau)ilIow<!r vomowkiit larger lima n 

cbAioe-ombr^llai raised b^r tliu uitiplA applifUliuu of higblj-i-'ai^ 

booaWd soda-water as maDure. Hu cxpl^uns, iliat. bj- acooplngout 

tlM bud (whli^ would ^ord a new and delicious (pecks of 

DOirHduncnt Pur tho poor), » purochuio could at once bo obtained ; 

the »taik, of eounc. being kept doWDWOrdi. 
Woodeiisconce, Mr. I'l^niicnt of 8c«tioo C (Scaditki), at 

tbe uukLUij; tield at M-^tfl^ 

IS.\)t £ifc anl» ^.Jiucnturcs of Nicl)o- 
las NickUbji. 

THM •r«7 *■* btann wllhln ■ few nnaih* ansr the eomplMioD oT lb* " Pfak 
■riok rapcn'* (ScpWinbcr. Ian?); "Oliver TVIxt," whlnb fflloirrd Ibal woik. 
lii»lii|ib«nei)nini>Dau] lu FcliruV)'. UCC. «nil eu-Hnl on ilmiilianoiuilywlth U 
tor Hrrral monUu. " Ktcholu KleliJrbr" wm ItiuM In nonl lit]' ■hilling aum 
bpfi. nn.l HM llluilraieil bjr " I'hl* " (Ilablol K. Browoc). On lu tomplpllon. 
In IKM. Ii nw brought nut In Tiihimii futm, wlili a iiirnxn] porirmll ot OlFkCDi. 
f agravdl by I'lmtcn ttom a palnliag b; Muclliv. rrprMirnlliiic lilm u* a rviiiark- 
•bly •pram }(ion| man. iilib a >i]i(iaUt ftoa. uiil long wavy hair. It ou dcdl- 
oalnl lu W, C. HniTeiKly'. 

Tlio main otdrot ot (In work «a* to upMC •■ tb* matulniui DCfileol of adu- 
eailou In KnglaiiJT tLntl tbv tllvrrgard of U bf thu SUIr, a« a muaia of fbrm- 
tvf K^oJ or bnci cEtUonj. and inUeral>lc ot hippy Dira/* bj nbonlnf up. at 
a Doiatilc iiuupli'. tlio c)i«p Yurkililn kaIimiIx, wliich wer« Id cxiilcae* at 
thai tlnin. THq autbur'a purpote rat aain-crvd. Id Ui» Pn^ka to a IU*r 
wlUlon of " Nldiulai SlcWcby," be wai able to ipcak of Iho raw of Yorkiblra 
•dioiilnuuDti "Id Iho pait I*n>(>,"aad to *aj, "Tliou|b II haa not jet diu^ 
pMn4, It li dirlnilllnB dally." 



chahactebs wtroduced. 

Adams, Captain. One of tbs tKconda in tho duel b[:t<ireeB 8if 

MulbeiTj- lltwk nnd Lortl Vcrisjpbt. (Ch. 1.) 
Afirioan Kfufe-Swallower, Tho. Amcuibvr if Mr.Cnimmla'i 

t)i<!iiti'ic<il oDiiipuuj. (Cb. ilriii.) 
Alice. -Srt VoiiK, Toe Fitk SiflTEita oP. 
Alpbonse. Mn. Wiiillerl^'i {iit^ ; io dlmlautiTe, " ibat his bodf 

woulH not boll],, la ordioarjr uray, the number of amall buiwow 



Ktctnlii NfcItUbf, 


i4ick an IndfspenMililc to B pn<;i;*s roftumn; nnti thiy werc< eon- 

teqiMiidj obligud to bo ttuck oti Ibur nbren^L" (Cli. xxj, xiiviii. 

Belling, Master. Oue of Mr. Squcen'* papjis at Dotliuboyt 

n*ll. (Ch. iv.) 
Belvawney. Misa. A hHj In Mr. Vlnccat CruramWs tlieatrlcal 

cflmjviny. (C'l. xiiii-iXT, xxbc.) 
Blockson, Mrn. A cliar-woronn ^mplojod by Mat Knag. (Ck 


Bobater, Mr. A fcrooiuuii old fi'tlow into viham huiuu Nii-liolni 
Xii-kloliv ifl iiitrwliiccji ono evpning liy Nowiuaii Noj"^ whom Le 
h:u conunir^ioncil to lind out whcrv Mndclioo Bray Vives, and vlia 
mnkc-t tliQ ludicroiK mUtakc of diicovvring tlic wrong party. (Ch. 

Bobster, Mise Cecilia. HU tjau^liier ; mvilakcD by Ncvrtnnn 
No;.~^s for Alien M:i<k'Uiii: Bray, mid jiunuuded by Uui to *U« Niclio- 
Uc .tnd to hnkr bini »pc»k for Lliuicir. (Ch. xl.) 

Bolder. A piipil ntMr. Squccre'sntucatkmnlutablishmoDt, called 
I)i->i1i<:Ihi_v8 H.ill. (Ch.viii.) 

Bonney, Mr. A friend of ILiIph Nickkby"*, and the prime or- 
[^nnixcr of the " Unitt^d Mclropotitan Improved lint Muffin nod 
Cniiujwt Buklu'^ aiij Punirtiul Delivery Company," (Ch. ii.) 

Borum, Mr. A gi-uiloui3.ii ui vthotn Iioum Nicholu Kiukluby and 
MiH Snci'vl!it'>.'i call (iH.'<:ompanii>d by Mlaa Ninutia Crumtnlt^. iliu 
"Infant rhoiiomenon ") to Indilcu bim U> put hh naiao to Miii 
Snciclijpci'ii ■* Iwspcnk," (Ch. xaiiv.) 

Borum, Mrs. Uii nife ; mother of ux intere^ing diildrcn. (Ch 

Borum, Augustus. Their «on ; a young gentkman who piiicliui 
ili^ '■ J'liiiinJitiv'iivH " behind, to asctrtuiu wheihi-r sliO i« real. (Ch- 

Borum Oharlottd. Ono of th^ir dAn«litern who filchoa lb* 
■■ nll^no^lL■Il□a■i " [nir;iiol, iind oarrUis it off, (Ch. xxiv.) 

Borum, Emma. Aoothcr Uanjhtcr. (Ch. xuv.) 

Bravassa, Mi3S. Onu of thu tncnibLTii of Mr. Crnmmli!*** theot 
rical i.-ijiii{'a[iy. (Ch. xxiii-ixv, xxix.) 

Bray, MadoUne. Dan-^htcr of a ^cnlkman who married a 
Ti-ry p.irik'uLu' IHcnd of tlie Clii'cryblc Brolhert. ttur mother dlM 
wltilf! the h a mtav child ; and hc^r tclSsh and prollig^ite father, at 
a fumrwbut Uitcriintv, U reduced, bt'twcen sickncsi and povvity, l< 


CM DItkcBs BIctltnaci:. 

At twge of (kuk. AlUiou]^ Ae hrvre* |it.Tation, de^roUtioft 
■al lAktlca, Tur Uie nlte of aappurtiDg bim, be b on (Ik ponu ul 
fixrlni; ber lo luarrjr a rich old mlwr nanieJ Gtidei wbea <I«fttk 
•niUaiilx («mM ofT tbo unnuuml )iar«Dt, ami M*^ht It r» 
U0vu(l Ui Hw. Nicklnb/* hoam. She ailwwonl* BiiurlM NicbolM. 
(Oi. xri, xl, xlri. xlvti, 11, lij, iir-lvi, Ixiii, Ixv.) 

Bray. Mr. Wnlt«r. Faibur to M.-idcliiic, a brokca-don, imUibIa, 
aii<l (flliali club&uubce. (CL xlvi, xlrii, lii-Iir.) 

Brooker. A fvloo ati<l «a outcut; • (bnovr clerk to Balpfa 
}Ilc]clel>y. Being lll>treat«l by his to»Uer,»tA haiias hiin, he Uk<« 
■dviDlagti of fnTTiring circninstaDCM tO Diakelifaii think bla aalf 
■on ho* (lied nnti been Iiuriod durin;;; hi* tempomiy nbar-ncti from 
boiM; thou^, in reiitity, the boy bm br«n kti iit n Yorlishirv 
•chool, witli the de*l(^ uf onu day making tlie gecivt a means of 
gotting money (tota the laihor. But Hia plan foil* ; waA Mr. Xiukle- 
bf , In thn liot piirniiit of bail enijs, jicrMuutL'S and bunto down hii 
owii tbilJ lo death. (Ch. xli», Ix, !st.) Stt Smikk, SQC«i:ns. 

BrowdiO, John. A itout, kind-bc-arlnl Vorktdiira mnri, dmwo 
ihiui life. Uv ii butrothL-d tu MitH Mntildn Price, whom lio ai)cr> 
wurdi innrries. At his fir»l meeting witli Niclioliut Nitkli-Iiy, 
he bciconici ruriously jeuluua of liim. Fiudln^-, Luwcver, thjit 
Hiclioliu biu no InteatioD of niakiug truubto Lctwoco him and t>U 
inUtnded, ho conedvM « mora f»vorabta opinion of thn young 
gcntlumon, and Iboy became good fiiendn. (Ch. ix, xiii, xxxix, 
xlii. xliii, xir, Ixiv.) 

Bulph, Mr. A pilot, who keep* a lodging-house nt which Mr. 
Crmiimlcj lire*, ((^h. xxiii.) 

Ch««t7bla Brothors, The (Charles and Edwin). Twin- 
hrstlien, parUieri in biiAtni.'!^, uml iliu lii^iicfiu'lurB luiJ vmpluvvrt uf 
Nlcbolu Niokleby. Mr. Uickeiis nya of tkuiu iu bis Pntf^itv. ih.^t 
Uiey an) ■' drawn froiu tile ; " and that " their liberal chftriiy, tlioir 
ringleikvM oT buan, Oieirnublo nalni«,and their unbounded benevv 
loner, aro nnctx^tiODSOf theaiilhor'« bnun.liut are prompting' evi.'ry 
dny (and olWnvst by atcalth) some mimifievDl aud gCDirrouA i],<^.H in 
Ihst town of which they am ihc pride and honor." 'Ihi! ori^iiioli 
of tlMM ebanoUir* wore William Graol and Brolhcrs (UaDlcl, 
John, and Charles), oouon-^tnncra and eatieopnaten, nvnt 
ManeheatOT. Ur. Di(.'k«<n^ however, ncircr uw tbtae i^ileoieu, 
cr lnierclitag*d aay conununieation with thetn during hi* lifo' 
Ilatiftj b«eu aneoarafod to toll hit tlaej to une ot Oia brothen^ 


MdtataA Tfltkltbe. 


wtiom hitht* accIilentnUy mat on tlieitrvct.NIclioliuibhimiodinto 
tui omnibu*, ■nd Laki-n straight to tho warcliou»f. wh^ru hi- i» 
introducmj to tb<> utlier brolher. an<i, Bl^er lomu inciuiriea und 
privatt) coDft-reiiL-e, la uiken iiito Uieir couuiingTWui. (Cli. sxxv, 
xxxvl), xl. xliii, xM. zlix, Ir, Lx, U, 1x1, IxLli, Ixr.) 

Cheeryble, Frank. Ncphuw oT tho Chewyblo Broibcrn. Ita 
fiaully miii'ricii Kntc Kickleby. (Ch. xliii, xlix, Iv, Ivii, lix, 1x1, 
Ixiii. Ixv.) 

Chowser, Colonal. One of the eu&iU al s lUnaor-fxtny eives 
l>y Kali.h Nkkleliv. (Ch. xlx. 1.) 

Cobbey. A pupil nt Squccr*'* wbool. (Ch. Till.) 

Crowl, Mr. A tcllow-lodger of NcirninD Ni>gg*'>. (Cb. x1t,XV, 

Cninuoles, Mr. Vincent. The iniu)iL;i^of &n itinerant theatrical 
caiiipii:iy. ftli^iftla|r Nicliolai Nickluby und Smike at an iun not far 
from Portsmoiitli, b« stdviaea (hvm lo adopt t1i<! sla-;e fur a prolcMioo, 
nod oflitn lo bring ibem out. " Tht-m '» gealeel comedy," ho inlla 
Nli^bolM, '■ in yoiir walk aod manner, jurcnilo tragedy in yoor 
«yo, and louch-nnd-go Ikrcc In your Iftugh." Of Smika he tayji, — 

" Wlthoul a pod upon tib t»ilyt and hantly > EOuGh of paint DpOD bt> fllC^i 
li( 'd maka nueli Kn kclnrforUiD marrvtl biiiliiMi u wu iicwMna la tbi* 
•ountrx. Onlf Int htm bv Inlnrnbly wril up In Hip BpothMarrla 'KnaMud 
Jnllvl,' nllb tbiJiUshtcst poiiLblo it&bafFFd on (lie ilpof bit n<M«, ud b^MIW 
ovlalnof Ulrcc rounds Ibo luumtat lis put tut hcud uutof lb* pnutleaU* dO«r 
Inlhi troBtgmomO. P." 

Tha re»iilc Ik, that Nicholas, aflcr ft Illtte deliborntlon, doclvv* It 
a boi^ain ; and bv and Smike become a part ot Mr. CruinmK'i'ii com- 
pany. Ho treats them very kindly, and payi them ircll ; and wbca 
bi! finally Bsparnlw from ilium, — oa tbt> occMion of liia dt-partiire 
vitb hit family for Amvrk-o,— he piila out bis band, vtitb -'nota jotof 
hit theatrical manner " reinai&inj;, and aays with -^ruat warmtb, " W« 
mnra a T«ry bappy lltilo company. You and I D(>vcr hsul > wdtd. 
lahail bo very gind tomorrow morning to think 1 taw you 
again ; but now 1 ntmait wiidi yoa bad n't come." (Ch. xxii-xxr, 
xsix, xx.\, xlviii.) 
CnimmleB, Mid. Wif<.- of Mr. Vincvnt CruuimEca. (Cb. xxiii- 

XXT, xxix, SR^, xlviii.) 

Cnmunles, Mseter. Ona of their n^Dn, nnd a uiotubcr of tha 
tlicairieul eompnny. (Ch. xxil, xxiii, xxz, xlviii.) 

Crtimmles, Master Pero?, Another Mn. (Ch. xxU, xzlli, xxz. 


Ctit Stcbina Bfdlanaty. 

Crominlea, Mian Nlnetta. Their daughter, tnown and aA 
vcrticod iw tho " Infant rhnnommon-" TbI* chnrnctcr wa« dntwn 
froin life; and the ori^innl in nnnr the wiib of a di*tin(;uUlied 
Aiui'rican KenenL (Ch. xxiii, sxiv, xxr, xxix, xltiii.) 

Curdle, Mr. A PortMUOulh BKnllumau, whom Miss Sntm-Uicd 
I'nlU upon to rwjuett tli&E ho would put liie u»tiiu Iu licr 
*■ bcspok;" he Iwing * •rrcnt criilcand linviiig quite iliu I^mdfio 
tattu in mnttcr! n'lalln^ (□ lilcRkiuiv .ind ihc'L. lie in iLe 
ABlIii^r or a pamphlet of 8iKt}--four pngc*. prui oi-tnvo, on the chnr- 
»cli-r of thu imrsc'B deocaK-d lm»biuid, in " Itomvo and Juliet." 
(Ch. xxir.) 

Curdle, Mrs. Ilia wife. (Ch. xxiv.) 

Cutler, Mr. and Mrs. IVit'iidi of tlio Eeawigsei. (Ch. zlr.) 

David, Iluikr lo iLi' Clic.jrvblo Brutiier». (Ch. xxxvii, Ixiu.) 

Digby. SiitikL-'s iheJttrii'at u;imu. Set Smike. 

Folair, Mr. A (t.ini:rr and pnnioniinilc autor bclongLog f> Mr. 
L'roiniiili-i's I'ompnny. (Ch. x»iii— ixv, xx'ix, Jtsx.) 

Oa£mgi, Miss. An .-ictrcis in the ibratricnl company of Mr. 
Viiifunt L'rummlci. (t'ii. niii.) 

QeutlemEin, The, in small-clothes. Sm Nicslcky, Miis. 

0«orge. A irltiid iif tUo Kcnwigue*. Ho b a younji man who 
h.iit knunn Mr. Kcuwi^d wbcu tin wns a bachulor, :ind is much **■ 
tocTRi'dbv thol^idics.Mlu-ariD^lhe ivputalionuf n r:ike. (Ch-xir.) 

GraTiUEU^h. A pupil nt Doihcbo/> Hall, Sqi^'ore's Bchoul. (Cb. 

Oreea, Miss. A frii^nd of tic Kcnwigica. (Ch. xir.) 

Gregsbury, Mr. A invmbi^r of purliiuncnt, to whom Nicliotu 
^k'kk'by ii[>plli.'a fur ii filuuliuu iu private >u<.-rctur<'. Tliu iXHjuiro- 
uieuis, hu»cv«r, iiru «ci mauy, uuO nu dilHouU to auxt, that tliu eilu* 
atioo is doctiui'd. Sayt Mr. GnigabuiT', — 

" My •renlar)' trnAM Iian la niuk* Iilmnulf mwlur or Ih« fbrrlfn pulicr nt 
tboHoiM. »' It iiRiitrurvtl In tliv nrwipofWD i lo run bli rje OTfT all mouuti 
or [lublEc jn?f<tlu^, oil IcQdlnjE imldo^ and Bccuuiiuof Ibo proorodiiigt of ]iub- 
liu tHHiivi ; auil 1-1 m:Uifi tii>[i» of any Ihitig wlilcii It appvartid to lilin tnlgtit tf« 
im<lr a pi>lnc of In any tltllr Fprpcti upoa lliv quctilon ot (ome petltlOD lying 
OD ihmiiblo, or nny ihlnjtof llui kind. Ooyoa uudcnuml f " 

" t llillik I <•). -Ir," rciillcd ^'Irtiolu. 

"Tlien." idiilMi. f.ti-K>biiry. ■■ ii woiilil In; mwiM.Hrv forhlmlomaknlilmivK 
■cqualuIi^J fn>Tu Haj iu lUy iflTli lU'WAjtAfHT purajfTjL[jLA nn p^tiag t'V(*nl«, 
•QOb M^Mytirrlou* dltopp^nraiicc. iu>i] luf.po^cd sukEil'^ of % pouboy.* or Uij 
Ihlotoritialnurt. u|>oii wlilch 1 uiigtil fuund a ipirttluu lo tlip Saomaryst 
Biala Ibr tbe Uomo brputrnvDl, Than b« would liaro lo copy the quenloB 

Mftlalai Nrckltbj. 


aai M mnrJi u t (siacniben'il nf (liv kmrwDr [InelaJIng ■ lltti* | 
•bom my IntltiH'iiilrno uml Eiiml hi-iukO, nn-l t" TiicI [hi> RinnuurlptlBftftailk 
)a lilt- local [lajHM. nUb pFihapi hnlf b iIojcu IIdh of kwlcr. Iaibc«aoc( (bu I 
«v 4tMa)* U> tHtfuuml 111 m^ jiJufd In |iiir)iitiui'TiI. sdU uPv«r thrunk Trvm ili« 
dltdiarfiF nr mj rv4|J0[i"l&lp uml drditoufi (liitlflv.iail nofonli. You i«c?" 

Klfholu iKiWCfl' 

"Bti>ililc4 Mliifli/'csjcitliiuml Ifr. C;ri<|^tnirT, " I Jitiuulil pxprct JiLni nnwaid 
th«afop? thrvufihB (Vv Djcurt^ in Ihr pr^DtoJ toblcf , ■ml to filck trnl a fev r^ 
(nlli.ioihai I luiglii oomcoui (xeltj- well uu ilmbcr-ilufjtiuMiioni.auil noanM 
qat<AllUui, Hiiil AUiiUi Hiiil I ahuiilcl Uki' lilin tu gH n|iii A'W lUtLn Argirmi^riU 
ftboui ibr <lija<<lr4UB vSeextot n rrliiru 1i>oa«b'ii*yiicnla iLiid a mniillJocur- 
rrnirr, nLih n tnuch now iikI tlivn sIhiuI tlio «ii>UTIaIion uf bulllun, bikI (hr 
Empf ror of Ruiilu. aiiil tunk-uoiu. nuil all (hat LlBil dF ililug. wlilcli It *• onlf* 
aBQgMiy 14) talk lluviitly abiiut, tHrviii" viibwiy uiadrfKlaiiil* IC. ho ;ou tokv 


■■|ltiIiikIuQ<lirriUaiL">aiJ Xloliului. 

■■ Witli trgmrct intuflli ni<«i\mn ox n"* nil pollllcal," ennllmicd Mr. tirffi- 
bgr^' ■mrmintr, ^'aodwLScUouceaD't In? eipc«Ertllf>oa»adamii about, bryoad 
Ctw aAtufsJ ear* iif not aniiwlti^ Itilbrlnr [ri-oplti loliv m* wirlJ <alf ■,>• Dumi'lvr*, 
(fliTwhrr* arr our jirtilUiri^ ') I sliould ni'li lay »«n;Urj !•» irct lif-pilirr n 
fnrliii!cilaurlili[iigi)i»ulic>uf a iMrrinllccwt. . . . Tbitliahui) outllncor 
tt»irliUr tiling* jraa 'il Iiud !■> ilu. •icD[il walling lu tlie \u\itiy vttiy iilg)i< (La 
eo&c I forgot any tlilujf. and ehouM want ttrih crmnnDlDg). and now aoJ ilif-u, 
(lLir]TiggFi-iilcli:liii('*.iiilriiig in thu fniul ruw uT iliu frullcry. aii<l lajiiig tit tlio 
piwplc about. ' Ynu tr* Ibnt (intlKOmn Kllli litiliaiiil In lilii Aiw.duiI IiIh 11111 
Inliliil iin)mlllie|)lll«r? TTlol "» Mr. (ltr(til><"y'l'>o<^'''brn1ci1Ur. (irefuburr,' 
— irlibany uiJicr lilt In euliigiuiu tkiat inJgliL Airlko jou ai thn inoia«ni-" (Cb. 

Oride, Arthur. Ati old raiser. (Ch. xhli. 11, lill, Hr, Ivl, lis, 
Uv.) See Bbay (Mapemne), NicKi-Env (lULcn). 

Qrogswlg, Baron ofl Ste KoKLDWKTitouT Bakon Vox. 

Grudden, Mrs. An nctrera nlUclicd to Mr- Crummlcs'i thcntri- 
ail •:»uiii;iiiy, uinl in nknisLii^t to Mra. Cniinmlca in her dbiii««tic 
aflair!!. (Cli. xxiii, \x.i\\ xxix, zsx, xlix.) 

BillUiah. .SiTViinl lo M>>"i l.n Crecvy. (Cli. iil.) 

llawk. Sir Mulbsrry. A f;i.iliii>nnhlc gnmblcr, noue, nnd knnvc, 
rtMnnckAlik Tor hi* iiu-X in ruiiiin>! yaiiug gi-tilluiavti oribrttuc. Il« 
oadcBvon to lead Knic Nitkli-by lutriiy, but lailii, am! is pitoislicd 
irf bcr bratlicr. llo .it^vrwinlH flgbis ft iliitil wi^h Lis pupil and 
'upc, Lord rnNlcikk V'L.-riwpht, !ii wLich tho Litter Ukllled. (CI). 
xix, xxri-»iriii, ixxii. xixiiij, i, Uv.) 

Johnson, Mr. The stage name giTcn jy Mr. Criimmloii K. Nicbo- 

Inn Nitkli'Iiy. 
KaawLgS, Mr. A lunicrin ivnn', nnd u lodgiT ia the uninc houw 
wilb N«"iunn No™*; ' iookci upon w a person of some ctmsidfra- 
liOD uu tbi^ [)roniUc<, Inaimu?ti at he occupied ihc nbolii of ihit 


Sb( BIcktn* 9(ct(iiiiaci. 

firct taar, compririag n toit« or two roomi." (Cb. xiT-xvI, xxxri) 

Keawigs, Mrs. Uii wifi; ; " i^uitD » Ind; in bcr maontn, and of 
a vi^rv (jtQii-tl liimil)-, linving an uiick [Mr. Lilij-rii-k] who collecfr 
ed a wuttr-rjtv 1 liOBitiu* "lucli Uisiiiiciion, tins two eldvrt of 
little girU wvQt iwioo a WL'ck to a (lat>«i:ig-8vbuo1 in tlio nelglil 
hooil.audluid iLucvnliiiir tituliviihbiueribbunslLikDijin^bluzttrlatlt 
pigtails down their bsuikn, nod wort Uttio wblto tronMra with fHlli 
round thd Ankle*, — fnr nil or nliicliroMonmnnd m&nyinorc. ci]ub1- 
ly valid, but too nunicroun to mi-nlion, iilic ttm cnniidcrcd u rci; 
durfriiiilu [leniin (o linow." (Cli. xiv-ivi, xxxvi. Hi.) 

Keawigs, Morleona. llur vUal dnugbti^r, "rcganliag wIiom 
iiiic:i>iuiuon CLriEli:iii uaiue it may ho stated, tluit it whs itiv^inted 
&[id coiupoiteil by Mra. Kt-uwi^« previous tu livr tirtt l.viog-in, for 
the npi-rial dlstinctioa oT her eldeit child, iu caw It slioiilit proro ■ 
d.iugUirr." (Ch. xIv-itI. xxxvi, lij.) 

Knag, Miss. ForcwnniRn in Mndnmo Mantnlini's niillincry palal>> 
lisluncnt, nDil her succcesor in (lie biulneai. (Cb. xvii, xviii, xx, 
xxi, xliv.) 

Kiiae, Mr. MortiiQer. Ilr.r brother ; a young mnn wliom un* 
rt<|uittd iiBVflion hns iniulu iiiiscTiible. (Ch, xriii.) 

Koeldwethout, Baron von. UtMu ol" mio ol" tlia Uilo* told M 
u roadHiOi) iim wliou KitLulaa Nk'klvby Hud StjuviTS. wllli otber 
paMODgerf^ ivvro dutaincd tbero by uu nceidciit to tLo «lii;;i>-C0Ai'll 
in whicli tliey wore tr.tvelUng. The biuon lodoKribcU m dwelling; 
"onco npon n time," with numcront rotaliwi'i^ In an old ca*tit 
mt Grojiwi^ In Gi-miaiiy. Uc ii a youn^. joiiy. ro}'5tcrini; bladt^ 
and u iH-rlL-ca NimroU ol' a, liuntvr. Bocominittirod of bit iiioimIo* 
nuua bucbvIu[^lil<^ liu niurries a daugliter ofttie BarOD mn SviUun- 
hauBcn, by nhuiu ke in «ooii well BDubbcd, and cffevttially tabdiud. 
Ah ibu l»irunc»P'iiuk''->i it a point tliat thi.- iMUiily [jedi^'« ^biUI 
receive an addition yearly, .inU as the ijpogcwig cofTcr* nre not at 
inexhiostiblG as her relaUvea soppose Ibcm to be, Kottldwdiioat at 
lait lows heart, and resolves to tnaku nway nith bimndf. It'it, 
belbre doin;; so, he suwkos one lust jiipo, and tOBn-n oS' oco loit 
omaure of wine. Ibo cITvct o( wliicli is to ■.oiijuri- uji ao npparitiou* 
— tho "Genius of Suic.*ld« and Degpair," — with wLicb lie bu 4 
confercnco i-niU In Jils deciding to piil a -^xhI t'iice 011 ilie whult 
natter, nnd ti'y the world 1 litllii loDgi'-r. Thin he <locs; and dle» 
Vtutj j-cnn allcr, a happy nan, if not a rich on*. (Ch. vi.) 

a of 


Nt(ti»(XB KfcKUtjr. 



Koeldwethoat, Baronesa von. tlla irir«. (Cb. tL) 

La Creevy, Mlsb. a inincirig young ludy of fill;- ; a nuuialUM 
poinwr, who iMiraniics « fail IVicnil of tho N!i-k«lbyfi, ami finally 
inaniuB Tim Lickmnnter, iho o.<l clerk of tlio Chci^ryblo BrotWrt. 
(CIl. iti. T, X, xi, XX, xxxt, xixiii. xxxv. xxxviii, xlix, Ixi, Uiii, 1x*,) 

Land, Mise. Govi-rnm to Sir. Itunim'i family- (Cli. xxiv.) 

XiOdroolt, Miss. A mt^iubvrcif Mr. CrumnJvs's dr^iiuiitii* vmnpnay. 
(Cb. xxiii, u(v, XXX.) 

LeDviUe, Th<»naa. A tragic actor In Mr. Crummies'* tbcatrtb 
{Ch. xxiii, XX IT, xxix.) 

LanviUe, Mrs. Uuwifo; ancinbcrofUioHUncprorf'tMnn. (Ch. 
xxiii, XXI.1.) 

LiUjTick, Mr. A eollMrtor of wnler-rntM ; imcic to Mri. Kenwigs, 
at one of ivliusL' aiiuivi'nury wt'ddio'^jiurllvs liu iDi'i^ts Mias flcnii- 
CttA rctoivlc>;'r, nn aiiiutuur iivlrt-s, uiid is ^ulil(t'u witb her chiLrins. 
Uc finally foilow* inr lo Torttiiiioiilb, — where iilio hai *iigHgetl lu 
appear in Mr. CnimmlM's tlicnlru, — anrl niarric Iht, much Ui iha 
dit^Dtt of tfa« KranlgHi*. who have coaaidered theunMlvcn bU birirti. 
But Mia* Pctowknr Man ppOTot &Ito, and nni* away with nnocber 
nuu, leaving tbc collccciir ditconnotalc. Ho n^tiima lo l^ndon, 
aberc lie lui-cts Ncwmnn No;^"*, nnd is prcvnilcct upon ti> "a to the 
bouw of Ilia rclutivcs, wbi-ru n ludiuuusi/ aH'ccting iccno unmii. 
A boy bail bveii born lu tiitiu during; bU nbGcocu. Mr. LUIyTkk 
inrorius tlwui iLnt hv uvttt ^ball i-x[K'Ot iLl-iu to rccuivu bin vr''(e, 
M fill.' bn* dMortvJl him. 

"F-lop«l nltli* half-|iB7 eaiilaln," trrpfnlcd Ur. Ullrvlek. — "bwcl; and 
f&lHfly c1ii|H'iltr^tli A tiAlf-pay upiklu, with u iKitili^-uoiiri) Api^u ilixi uiiy Qi*ti 
DU^tit h«i«t»iiiiai'n>I blmiilf iKlc fhiin. Ititu In ihli roonii" lald Mr Ully- 
Tick, looking I (imly louud. "tbu Idnt tCoUcniictU Pcuwkcr: it U lo ttili 
HWDi UiU 1 turn lierutT fiirFvtr." 

Ttila diKlamlun a'inp1rt*lydiu>gi4lli('iilinl« poiinnof kllUr*. lira. X>n- 
vIp ttarti* hnatlf upon itio old gciilleuiaii'i iicek. bitterly niiroMblBg bcrtclf 
Ibrber 1*1* liftnliiipu. hikI vxcliLlmtiif , it the hudnuff^ml. what inu>t lil« ■nflVr- 
Infi tiO'i- tx^o I Mr. Kviiwljii griKptd hit lianil, miil roncd vlitaal frlrDiIiUp 
and remonc, . . . AndUr-niidMn. Kvawlxi l>atli Mid. wIlhalioiiK recline Mid 
tMnof •irapMIiy. Ilmt tiity ililn^ Ixiiiprnitit Oir Die b«ii. and cunjiitril ilia 
food coUfotot not to kIcc way [o uimcaitlTigsrli'f. but lo tHk oouulMlun In tli« 
Mdtnr oTtluMeaireollaiutlimlaijaai Mlioic ftrom audhcbm vtrictu op«nto 

■' Out irf »n»wtloD apd rc(Bfd dr tmi, Sii'nn and Iti-nirtffi." ■niil JIf Lilly- 
TldL "and nol iwt of rof cn^o and iplrc afoln^l her (for «Iid Ia bvlowli), I^hall 
toinorr^'w iik(rrE>in|*r((lpu[^Ei>»uf daldrro.nndmqliujmjabliiroi^uPUFvlvOrt 
of Hivm. wlirti Ihpy eomror a^i'iir niafiy, ihnt (inni'Vllmt 1 oiici' tiii^ant lo 
*«¥• Vm Id my «III. Tli' ttva ibail be execulcd ta-monaw, and Hi. Hagff 



Ept 0(ctltn» DltUonarp. 

•luLbeoneof IbewltiMMM. llohNnine prooila* Itili. kd<] he EbaU ■•• II 

(Ch. xiv-xri, XXV, XXX, xxxri, slviiu) 
Linkinwuter, Tim. Clu«f clwk of tlio Checryblo Brothert. 
Llnkinwater, Miaa. Si«l«r l« Tia LinkiuwaWr. (db xzz*n, 

Linlcuiwnter, Tim. Chief tkrk of Uic Cliccryblu Bn>tlii.-n. 

" U '■ tanj-i"\iF 7c4f," fald Ttm, mnlEtniE « nIruUiIon In tbr ulr TILh hl< 
ficD. and draving au Imajfta&Fy Une bc^ora lie t^Ait U up. — "forty 'four y«M 
MXI U*y, •liiM I dni Lf[iI Ibu l>ui)ki ii( Chxrij-blu Bruilii'n. I "re <>|>rijnl tb* 
aiLfit *tt^Ty montlrtiE nil t^at tttnu (tfticadayi «t^np1vdj, ob tbr cliH^ alruok ]>1i^ii| 
ftud pine ovfT tbp tiouao rrnry uljcht at lialf p4«t U^ (firrpt oi* For^lj^n INjil 
nifftiu, knJ thru t«?i>ty mL^iiiIH brruri} twch'rj M bi^o i1ic< dtiurv futpEirrl, vaj 
Ihfl Anu tiuL 1 "tu never *l<<pt onl uf thu bnrk niijc <mp ulnalc ijl|;ht- Thwr* ■■ 
tbevaln?i»lfnoilpU«'box in tbrmld'tlaof tlii* vlndov, ami tlic fAmtr foar floWPT* 
pou. two oa each >ldOt tbat I biaughi nliJi mo wticb I l!n( canto. Then *lii% 
^IMi Hid It ttgtiii nui hj^lo.itiid I *U maiiitnln It* -^llivrci ain't *ucli a aiimira 
H Itila In ib« wnrltl, I htoui thoni nln'I," uld 'I'lm irub •iiildi<n (nrrgjr, and 
looking iiiTuly about blm. — "fioi one. Furbuiliicu iir plcoaurr. In auminnr 
tJmdorvlstAr, »I difii't car* wlikh.^ttinrtr *■ i)r>thlr)|; like It, Tlirn 'ai>nt n«]| 
a ijiTlng In KnirTond u ibc pvnip uuilrr the amhvtuy, I'licrr > Dot «iii^h ■ tlw 
Li Eutfln^d a* tbu vUiw »ut tit my windgw, I 'vn tvca It tvcry momlnn beAirtf I 
■h»edt*iidIaosbI In Vnnv Himribing utinut ti. I hanjalfpi In iliai non.'wld- 
«d Tim* ■JnUns 111' volcoa [iMt.-ti't fuuratid for.'y year; oird If It na D't Innn- 
vnlsRI. wid rtld »'( 1nl<<rfitre wtib budiiuta, I tbould rvquHl leave lo dlaibtrt." 

(Ch. xxnv, xxxvii, xl, xliii, slix. U, Ilx-Ul, Ixiil, Ixv.) 
Lumber, Doctor. A phyrici&n who nitv ntlo on Mr*. Kcnni^ in 

hvT liiBt t-oiiGni'iuimt. (Cli. xxxv.) 
Mantalini, Madame. A £udu»tiable milliner and divaamnlccn 

(Cli. X, xtii, xvili, xx'i. xxxiv. xliv.) 

Mantalini, Mr. Alfred. II<<r liuBbn,nd. 

HI* nUDV nni ailplunlly lluiillii bul li hxl btca eanrartnl. by ■ 
InUulllOD. lulD Uaiiliilliil, tlic lady tlKhtly tsnildrrliii tli*l no Lngllnh 
iBtlon voald bp of acrlmn injury to Ihc bui!n»(. Uo hod maTrlcd on hli nhl 
ken. gpoowbioU property lie had prailauily tubtUtnl. In Kgoolocl moiinei, tat 
•Omi yW4; and whicli Iioliad n^cmtly Improrfiil. tiftnr p^tlBnC cullivmlua. by 
Ibe addition of m mu'lMbc. nhloli piuml^eil to teouie Ulm on fty ladefKiid- 
cmw; btaaluuc Id ilia la.b«n of Ibc builucii belns . . . eoofltied (O ipmiUas 
fbii looocy. 

Wlicn raiulainc rcfiMCi to supply hi* ilcmnadx, ho at StK n*an» 
to flattery and boneycil trnril*, ihi^n decloivx, that, btung; a bunlen, 
Iia will {)ut uo «nd to hi* cxistotioo ; which gcaurally hits t^u eflcL't of 
kotViiiii;; htr hvait, and brining Iwr to tvrmK. Sbu is al liM, how- 
muT, drifcn into banknipicy bv hia r«(rkl«M utnivagancc, »n'\. lbs 
■i)lcl>le ilod^c haviii;; buoii tried onoe IoooAgd. insists on .1 K-pnr* 
tioii, oml iL'cl.ireJi her fiiin •k'tviTtitnalioii t>> h.ivo nolliln-j mom 14 
da wiUi Mii-h A man. lliii clr^aul nnd tIacUiog fop't buttrrHy-lift 
tiwon <-nd(Hl nnd he sfie* "(o ibc dcmoiiionboiV'Woirt." Hogeta 



token I 

Mttbolsa Triikltbg. 


fntn priton, nnd if taken oat by a vixralsh wn«licrwomin. who is »t 
Rrti cajiiiv.-iteiJ hf bii luuidMMnD pfmon nnil«flil maiinuiii, but, 
bvcomin-^ tliMilclualcd. Lli^im bi^ coiutniilly turning a mangle ia 
llw Ktillar in wbicli alie I1>«h, " I'lki) n ilemd old hnrro In a donv 
nillim mill;' mnJctn^ his life, ashu says, "one dumil horrid ^ind." 
(Ch. X. xiii. xxii, xxxiv, xlir, 1x1*.} 

Uobbs. A pupil lit SqupRri'i M'lxiol. (Cli. vill,) 

Nickleb?, Mr. Godft-oy. Fnihcr of Ratpii ami (ho pliier Nieh- 
ulas. lu till- l(iri»i.-r of wlifjru liu lull iliri--i! ili(iuiiiti<) potiTi4!i In CiLsh, 
ftiiil lo th« lintvr ■' ono thous-tuil and tbe fnnn. which win u Mnnll A 
Innili^il cEEnlr a* ono wouM (Ic-LrtJ lo see." (Ch. i.) 

Nickloby. Nicholas, ih« dikr. Son of Mr. Co-lfrey Nicklcby, 
bniihi^r af KiUpli, .inO fiitlipr of Nichol.'u an<l Kiit^ Uy liis wifu'a 
oittico ho undertook 1t> gptcuUtc wilh nhnt MiUq capllnl bo \iaA, 
&ii<]. lo-iu,; it al!, lu^l liuart too, took to his bvd, nnd died. (Ch. i.) 
a'« Xickledy, Rali'b. 

Niolddby, Nicholas, iln> jjoMnger. Tlie ch;Lractur froiu wkoiu tho 
story i^ikvs ili name ; a youD'* inau who finds himsotf, at the fljue of 
ftincicra, rrdiiccil to poverty by tho nnfortunaui spuculaticins and 
dnnlh of hi« farhnr, b>it poii*c»»cil, notirltbst.'Ln'ilin^, of A good edu- 
cation, nnd with Bbuiiiidm^ cnvtzj, honrdty, aiifl intlustt^. llSs 
molbcT beiiiit dcturiiiint^il lo mnkc an npprnl for ouiitunce lo lief 
(i(!CWui;ii husbuuil's brotbiir, Mr. Italpb Nickkbj-, lie oppompnnicii 
ber.witll hiJ London. Ou ibuir first inWrviuw tbuirrdi^ 
live Tccvivof thctn very roughly, and laka n dinliko (a his nupheir, 
Muountiiig to pokitivu hatroJ; but bo procures hiin a situation aa 
uwiatant tutor at I)>:illichnyi Unll, — 1> mIiooI kept by Mr. W.-uilc- 
Vonl Squi'cri, iu Vorkihicv. Nichulns procenl* ihittiL-r to usumo 
hii new daiiea ; but euch U tJiu meannu**. rapacity, utid brutality 
of Mr. Si[uecr>. that bo suon forvibly interlVres on boliall' of iba 
"pupils;" gtvii* ilia Mineii-r a soun<l drubbing; ftnd tlicn turns 
fall Uu'k upon tha plncc, talilri'^ witb him a poor, half-ftarrcd, and 
ibamv^fully-abiiicd \aA, luOMd Smili«. IIq returns to London only 
to find tint tlm >lor7 of bin ndrcnturc bi;:lily ninguilicd nnd di>- 
tortod, haa preceded him. Lt.>iiroin^ ibul bit rislvr will law n 
Httntion *bu ha* obtaiueO. if bu reuiuins at liotiie, ho i)uits Loudon 
^Wa, and guvii to I'urtBuiuulh>"bora h) joins a llujiilrii'al eompiinj, 
«nd bcvomus a "star" actor, llo is, hjwvvcr, »iid<l<.'nly siirniuoiied 
baek to Loudon tc protiiit bis Kstcr IVoni tho liisulis nnil pertwtt- 
tiona of two arigtojrallc rouA, ono of whom ho cbnAiars KV«relj 


Cbt JBIcktni BIctlviixt' 

IHiilur drcmnsUncc* of itroat pravocntion- Uc then UkM fail 
mollicr and ■inUir andrr Iiix own protcictinn, anil eoon afttn* malcn 
tli« MquftlnUDce of two beiwTolenI nwrubaoU, — the Cheeryble 
Drotlicrf,— ^aina dislrrMpect tai ooaSdettco; l«. aftar a vlillc, 
aJmillod tokt tbo dnn: and fin&llv marTiM a rnpiid and pnittif& 
oT hl» bcncTaclonk. Sir. I>lck«n8 taj** of Uils dtaraeUr, in Ui 

If Kloholu tw not Kiwiijt Ibund (o be blamctm or KftifCBble, he li aM 
alH*)a iuMiidcd to Epiicarao. Iln ii a jouog man of au [uijh'Iuoui t<iii|>c*, 
and ar ttiiUur du cxpurli'iicfi and I Ian nu rtaiou vhf iodIi a lisco tliuuld Is 
Ufti'd oui or aaium. 

(Ch. iii-ii:, xli, xlil. xv, xrl, xz, zxil-sxr, xxixt xxxU. xolUi 
zuv, x»[vli, xl, xlli, xlill, xir, xlvl, zlvUI, xlix, U-lr, Mil, bd, 
Hickloby, Ralph. A luiim nnd unircr; undo to tlio youngKr, 

and broUii^r to ihi; elder, Nic^boba Nicklcby. 

I'hiHp two broltim tivl brcn brouKbl np loKSIbM' In a adioot at Kaetfr, and. 
being nocust allied (ano Iiomo oucc a wouk. bad ofMn heard from ilicli uotlier^ 
ll]» IcjiiK iitvuitiitii uf Ilinlr nitbitr^ luffrrlnsi In lili dayi of |M»crIv. atid <4 
ttii.'lr di^ci.'«i('d bnclc't lid^naiict In tUi dojt of affluaan, ^KlUch rKlUJd|irO' 
duwd a MT/ lUiTcrtni ImpreuluD aa Uie (wo; fur wbllc llio yoimuei. who ira» 
of «[Jei][J Kiiil ri^Tlrlng <l[]iiii>i>FlIim. |ttf«]itd f^m tlinitfw nothing but AjrPirarn- 
li>l[> III -liiiii itirgimiW'irlil.andiiiliiFl] liliniririoibv quirt loulldniif acDUDti7 
life. ILilphitictlderdodiicedf^m Hid on<ii-reffl[ I'd Tale 1bfilnuj(F«allnafal«i — 
llmt rlvliei v^rv IIipoiJ; true lournQ i>f liitppJiic** luid pnirer, unil tlmlilUlawfktl 
kUil ]iiit In roiiipii>i ihKir ii-:qiililllun by at) mcaiii rliori of n-loiiy. *'An<]." 
ri'ktourd tidlpli wliU Eiinivi^If. "Ef lia jjood eamc uf m/ micZe'd luoney wbea be 
vat alUr, a jircut Ji^aJ <if jijkiiI camn of It aftrr Iik ii'a« di^ml; Itiuvcuucb u nt]' 
nutitir Ii»ri1 11 noiT. Bud In Mrlnjt II up for i»r, wlilc'i h n IiIrIiIt vlrlueui 
purpote. And, ^oEii^ bikokto [livoldtfentleiiijiii. j^ooddi'/coruo of ft tolilDt loo: 
for lie lioiHhe pTcHiEirecf tliiiikiuiiuf Hall \iU lifu tutif:, end uf lining Mivled 
and ooiiried hy nil lilt Aimily lir>idifii.'' And lUlpb nlmji Riiiind up ihrna 
mental lolUoqulrM by airlvlng at LUe eouiJiiilan. lUat tbctcniu DoiblDg Uka 

Xot c«aIlulDE hlnuelfto IbMrf , ar permlltlnn hli flieultlM la rum. eTPo al 
Hint vailjr age. ill lurre ati>trnet>pcoulailuui. lUi pmmiiliia lad eommrDIOd 
uiiirrr on a llmlietl toul" *i >cIiihiI. pull [ng out ni giitifi luTt-n-flt a iiimill capital 
of ilaie.pi'ucll BUd iDBibln, and itnidunlh' ex c ml Inn bU opccnMiinit iiiiill 1I107 
iui|iiri-'l Tit Eht Ljuippfr ^Ui%y^ uf ihi* Kaliu.Eii Mbloli lie bpi'i^uUlod to oon«lde^ 
ali]» itdTBiirM^^ >iEitd1d be irnLible 1iIj> Ixirrum^n nrlcb HlM-tntn tnlrulailuiia iX 
ItlPim. or rpfercaoe* 10 rcitdy-rrcli<i<iFn i I1I1 tlmpk- tul» of InleriHl buliig all 
aonkprlied Id itieoiicj^oldcD ieutrncc. -■ twopence for every lialf -pe ill. y. ^ n bleb 
(really ■iiiipUfli^d ibc ucoimnl'. mid wlilcli. im afmiiiUBriirectipi. — more eatHj 
acqulnd. aiid n-ulm'd iiitticmi'marr. lliaiiBuy known nil<< irf arltliniiitlB.— tan 
not be 100 ilroDf]}' leizommfoded to Itie nolle* of mpltallAl*, Detb largf an4 
•uiill iiul tiuin' eijHxiBUr of money -biotirrt and bUlflboouatcr*. Indeed. t( 
do lliiuv grntli'iii'D .iiiailiw. many uf them ar« to tbU day tn Ilia Aaqutnt Iiabt 
af adoplliifll irUh emiucut tuooeej^ 


KttboUt Hruitbji. 


Oe Um destb of fala ftdwr, h« U placodlnamereMlHAlunasli 
loadon; sppIlM btnuelf pualonntclj' tn hi> old pursuit of imb^ 
pptilag ! won bn* a spaciom lioujc of his own in OoUInn Sqnaro ; 
Mill onjoyii tho raputnlion of buing inimpiiscly rich. When bin 

brolhcr't widow prcjients lip«i?ir in LonJon, nilli litrtwo Rliildrcn. 
iMkiiiz hi> oMJiInncc. ho ^iTct bur ta uaiier»taiiiJ ibiit hv h iiot to tM 
loukixl to "^ tt» the juppori of a it*^*' hearty woinun ainl n gKyn 
bofttiid E^rl." Hu iQuki^s them wurk, iLorvfui*, furthvlr bn'ad,ani)i 
taUngail intuuto tlisliku to Uisncphtiw, tries lu ■.> very witv tohiiiul>lo 
andrttin him; liulhis miidiiiiulinn* arc all ilrfrated, Iii« illr^nl <ip»- 
ratio»» delect ec], bi a dvil ileoiU dintovcn-d ; nndhn finally hangii hi lo- 
■cIT in a fit of mingltid fVcnzy, hiitred, luid dcupoir. 5m Suikx, 

'*ln Ihm chkncuiT* nfTUIph Klcklvby and Ar(lii]r<irt4a,lfr- I>lok#ii« drw • 4wr 
dvnlncl/DiL [had wjj lilt ^r^nt. The/ 4r^ ttolli t^lanlv^ hr kn H^nltuaJ imiajun. — Ifia 
lars ottaiauf. Hut RiEpli MchJabj la mitr* Ihun niniiHr : bnl« AniBn*hik JnTtt iria 
ptiwtT vlit«h niiaty tlvca., a»d who txpenili mi>ii4y in ■toDniin Lli« itraLia*:!!!]!}!! tlit* 
ut tt-ntiiti tnti rvrvntD. Artliur i^riilo u tmm toi^iAmUDt.^ttnu-i^t^ih-itr^ntjf 

(Ch. t-lv, X, »x, XX, xxTili, xxxi, xxxui, xxxv, xliv, xlv, xlvii, LI, 

lir. In, lix. Ix, UiL) 

Nickleb?, Kato. Sitlvrof Nichola*. Sbu nuirivi Frank Chcorj*- 
bli:. (Ch. lit, r, i, xi, svii-xxi, xxvii, xxriii, xxxiii, xxsr, xxxvii^ 
xli.xlili. xlv, illx, Iv, Ixi, Ixiii-lxv.) 

KioUeby, Mrs. Hldow gf ibo cider, nnii mother of tlw j'uuu};eri 
Nich'il.u Nk'kl^liy; a well-meaning woman, hot woak wiibal i vor^ 
ft.nd anil [iminl of bcr children ; Tcry loc|uaciouii ; »cry deiimuii of 
being consiiitrcd gentL-cI; niid remarkalik lor tins tnaccurncy of lier 
(ncmor;-, lliu irnjlovancjr of Lit ri-iniirks, and ibu (jeuernl ilisuuriivo 
nvss ard incoii^ijui^iK'u ol'bvr couvcrMiIiou, — trHits which an- Mid 
1o h^ivb hueii churaclc-nKtic, to some exti^nt, of Air. I!)iekuiii>'» mother. 
Wbenabaluxresher quiiTlurR in London, anil ^ocn wiih NiHioIiu 10 
liveatBoWihorBUeiition i» attrBel4.'il hy tbo (in^iUrdeporUuvDt of 
■t «ldurly guulh.'inan who lives in ttio next houne. He in ao plain!}' 
Mnick Willi ]Ur*. Nickleby's tppcaranee, and bvi-'ouiea so Tcrr 
dciRiOLSlrntivc, that, although fho fijuls ihitti^rtHl by hin liumn|;o, tbe 
dolcrminc*, ntivcrlhclesa, to uciinaint hor «oii with the TactB. 

** Itierv tan bvai>cli»bl," faM ilr^- Nicklvlir, *^tl,i( Imijnp^iLtLciuiau.aLicI 
tib< th« niaiiiitn of u jfCDEkiiiaEi. aL>J tijp B^jpcafBDCc <if a jec^dUi'iuaji » alllioux^ 
h* data «tw tBiallii aon f ra; iinr>i(i<] lUidiiiigi. TliM luaj' tw rcceniiiclly. or 
b* maj be proud of bli lcf>. I don't Mvwlir ha ibaalda't b*. Ttu- prioca 


til OdKinn Dfctdinats. 

Nxent WM proud of hi* I«t>, uiil lo wu Danlf 1 Lanibtrl, who ww alio B Ikt 
Risn; it wm proud of his lr(i: ao «M MIH lllina: tbn nu— no," added Ur< 
Mckltbf. (vTiNUnjt hFiKlf. '■ t lliluk tbe bad only lovi; but tliD pr(ui:Jp)ii U Uit 


MdiiiliLn liHikrd on ']ul<r amairit at thv latnidutltoii of Ihla rcit ilinne, which 
■HDitilJuii Hlint Hrt. McUfby Iiad capcclfil lilm to be. 

" Vou inaj wrU hn mrfiriii'd. NI<^li"laiiT m^ drju." itlii< nikM: " I am Tur" / wXi 
)i nmr upon mv llkf a fla-li «r Dit, and fllmoti Itoti niy blood, TLic botlani nf 
III) Eardcn jolni l\it boimiu of Dim. and. ot tuiuric, I biul lutcnil llmu tmn lila 
•llilDi; ntiiuu); ilic lailnlbriinrntti hia llitln attxir. iirarnrlilnitct hti linlo liol-btdk 
I tiJii-d tij tlilnh bK Hlurvi) ralJirr; but I didn't take auy particular uoilfv of Ihat.Bi 
iTt wr^iv nrw'comrri, and ho mlffhi bo curlom ta »» vrliai we wufi like Bui 
Vbeii he brjfuij (0 (brow bit i^uruui^H^r* cmrnHf uall " — 

" 'in thruw bl* cucucnbi'rF ovrr our nail I " rrpnlcd ^(IcJiota* lo pral aitonltb- 

"yea, Nkbolai. lurilcar." ri'pllcd Mn. Mlckltb)i In aHrjr iiariuaa loo*, ^'hli 
tnouiobKR ovvrour wall, and vcj^Iabli^oiarrowt Ukvirltv." 

"Confoiiiid bit iui|nidcDC« 1 " »lil Kldutlu, Dilog Immediately. " Wbat diwi 
b* iimii by lliut? ■ 

" I don'l Iliink bv mcnni It ImpFillDViilly at all," rrpllHl Mn, KloUrbf, 

*■ Wbotl" iuld Slcholiu. — "cummlwft lUldvcgclllbll^-maTTOITl tijiujeal til* 
bradi lit tbii IhiiMy at ilivy walk In ih'lr dwd K^rdrn. aiul not Dii'Bnt tniprrtl- 
nfDlltt Why. molbor "— 

Mdiolai •l<i|i[ii><l iti')rt: Ttir Ibtt* VM an Itidi-anrlbabt* (xprMiInn of pltetd 
trlaiDph, minictcd vldi a modnt ranfuilon. HiicttrlnK bctwrco tha bordm of 
Un. Nicklcbj'i iilnbn^(>. wbidi arrralcd bUaiioaiion rnddcnly. 

"Hfl muKbfi ■ vrry wf-ak and fimtijih ami Incou'LiluraEu maa,"tald Un. KItf 
klrbr. — "blamablr, lndci'd;Bl]Fa>[.l •uppo^volhrrpropli; would mnildrr him »: 
of CDOHF, I tiii'l b* expceiod (o i-tiin.'» any u|jliiloa on ib«i point, Mp«l«lly 
hfU^rnlwayf cli'f«iidln|{ junt {KHir ']rar|i4pn, whvn o(T)<t [tr<>f>](i blomiHl him, flir 
inBklnjtpropouli la iDfi, Aud. to bo jutc. [hero cud bo no doubt Ibat boha»(Ak?a 
■tciy (Ingular m-*)' ur>Uonliigli: niin. ti ibv lamolnic. bl> aileDIIoni an — ihit 
U, u Ihru It gnl. Slid lu a wrtoln rxlTbt. of <»iin« — a eutning inri of 
tblng: and altbouKb t ibuuld tiovor <li«aia of ntarc^liiit agalii, wlthkdoar nlil 
Uk* Kat* Mill tMi«aiWd in ii(» "- 

" Sunlf , moUior, tucb an Idoa nmrfotrrtsl your brain for an Inntant T" tald 
NIcIiuIm. . . . " Tou kaow tbcte li no lautiiaitr of vcgFiabloi wblch oouTeni ■ 
■wmbar Into s n>rn)Kl di'i'-lumilnn of aitMlimont." 

"Hj i»ar." r^UBi Kii . ^'Icklcby.toiilnjihci hpad.and looUiif at tb* utira la 
ItegraU. " lie hai doiin and lUUall lurli of Iblliffi." 

■■ I* tb«i« no mtitakg on your pan y" lukwl Xlrb»1iu. 

"UlalakBl" cried Un. Nlckkby. " I«id, NIoIioIm, mrdcarl do fou auppOM 
I dml know when a man *• Id I'uriical ? " 

■■ Wtll, wril," muilerod .Vlohiila*. 

■' Ktcf)' (Ime I go to the nladov," nid Un, !f Itklebr- " be kiMM onn hand. 
«ad la^i tbs otbrr npim hUi bout : of coune. Ifi TCryftKilbli of him lodo to. 
ind Idnrsiar you'll «? It '•yorrnrot*: liuthmloft II vofr rMpec«fiiIly,—i(ci7 
fvi(iCf<fLifly ludcod. and fcry tcudotly, ^nlmnely t^ncliTly. ^olkrlM dvaH'M 
tbK K'^"'!"' '^>"dil : ilii'ic em be no doiibi about tbai. Thr 1 tbvn> ar* llic pi«« 
rtiU, wbldioomr ponrliij orc-r the w^lII rvvj^-day; aud very Elue they eertalbly atO 
~Tery Hue: we bad one of the cueuniben at dinner Teiier.lai. and tlibik vt pl» 
Utng lb* iMt Ifar nazt wlalcr. Asd laat •Tcnlof ," added Urt. NItklvliT Bllt 


HICboUl MttbUbs 


tuowuH canfbiloD, " h« rallM iP-ntl)' orr.r iho nil. u I wM walking In lb* 
pWlf^. and prvpoicd mmrrUt<- and in cloiif^mmt' IIU TolM l« AJi cJcar ta a 
brU err a miiiiicul kLmoIh — *vry likr a iriitaical k^'-'** [rnJced. — buT, of wunv, 1 
dMii'l ll«t»>i i» \t. Tliau tlio •iiieiiliin li. Mdiulai, my ilcar, wlial am i lodn?" 

•• IhH" Kalv know uf iliii } " ail:»l Sitlnjltu. 

" I havv niti ^ul^l ■ ward nhrmt It ^i^i," a^iiwtrcd his mother. 

I'ThcD for Ilpavn'i lakcl" rrjolocd Nkti'iloi. tliluf, "do not; IbrltwouH 
Biak» hcrinrj Mii>iii(.|i)'. And Willi rojafd lo wliai vou iliould du, luy d™r 
molfivr. do \Tlial 3i]ur b*tl«r iitn** and fL^Unjf. a»i] rna|itfct ftit uiy tMXicr\ 
latBiorj. would proupf Tborv a/v ■ Ihou^and waya 1u wl^lttli run ua 'liov 
T^Di^dliUkeof Ihtic jiKprtiirroui and doUn;f aiivDiioni. tf you aol udvold- 
•dt; M JOU ouEbt. anil (Iiry arc iilll goniniuiiil, and to your anniiyann. I au. 
tgttJiSr pal a iiop lo ilicm." . . . 

So taylDg, Xli^h'ilu ktniiDil til* notlier, and bads hu suMl-nlgbti and tbsj 
Mired lo UuliicipTcUve Dbombcn. 

Un. Nk-kleby is fiiiu!)}' couviouod tliiit her admirer It Intftno, 
whk'h Dubtxly elm 1b »Iow U> purtulve ; but tilie will not ndmit it 
UDtU tlio olil h.ii lr.i]i><fci'riMl Iiik lulmiritlion to nnnibur 
Isulji wbon flic suildc-nly li>'i'oiiii>a fatif^lioi) ihnt mch ji thu caau ; 
thougU fliH pi;ni)t4 in Ihiiikinic ibnt bur njuvliuu uf lus luliIrVKstia it 
the imbappf cnata of hit modni-ts. (Ch iu, t. x. xi, xvui-ss, xxi, 
xxvi^xxviii, xxsiii. xxxr, xxxviii, xti, xliii, xlv, Iv, Ixi, Ixiii, Lxv.) 
Koggs, Newman. Mr. lEulpk NicklisbyV -Jurk mid drudge. 

11(1 "ai ■ lull mnn, of mlddlaacp, irltlitwo([on1iMiyii<. — of whlohoucWM 
■ nJCiDK, — aniblcimd noi«.a pada^^prou» fuoo, and a luH of clullicj— ir Uia 
term bv altonablu ^bcu ilKy adirilliEiti miE uE all — nmcli tlinwoivc Airifnir, 
TCiT mudi luonmall, andplMPdopnii lucb ailinn a]l'>nnu»of bultont, ilial U 
vat ^nU9 ax^rv^Uoui bciiv bo coDtrlvbl to keep tlicm on. * * . Ho turcty ■txfka 
toanybcKly. ulil»j avmv}n»iy iif>uttc< lo lihii. - . . ami [wak Iu lUo iitkUtl tit ruin 
Unc] hi* handiilowly nvrr yitch "ihrr. ciactiiiji tlio Jcilma of hit finscn, and 
*i|u»ilnil Iheia Into all poiilblo dlitoriloni. Tlic liiixuanl |H.'rruriuuu«u(l!iiji 
TQUrJnitoij tvary oocanlun- and rhti coEunmn I cnL Eon <if n flKt'il and rlKld Imtk T9 
bi> unalToclvd ay«< *o ■(< tomnkp 11 iititiWrm wUb llio oilier, and ri^ndor It Ini- 
^OBlbli- for aiiTbodr lo dtitrinioc wUi^fo or ai what ho »ai li«.kiii|t. (uro Iwu 
■moDit Ilio niiiHFtniK i-tciiliatlili'ii u( ilt. Unegt. bIiIcIi idtuok au liiuit'ilFiiMtl 
obwjTtr ai An: lUiLi. 

Thu mail wns ouce a gentlemuu ; but, Iwin;,' of iui opt-n and 
SD(iuiii<.-iuus titttura, bo falU liito tlie baiida uf Riiljib Nloklv-bf ami 
etlier knave*, who niin him. lU-diictxl to pox<^ (jr, ho eiit«ra 
NldJoby') oci^icc 01 clerk .iiiil fng, bolb lll:l^^aIo ho \» proud auit 
therouono uibvr drudge* (liurv to me his liognKblJon, and b» 
CKUM ho u rcKilved lo Gntl Nicklebj out. and huat him clown, liu 
b«frivad9 Hud attiiiiU Nicbolu^s aids in uurivvlIiDg his maitcr't 
wicki-d plutif, AUil lit hut has tlm aaliafiWLiou uf tuiling bim whai 
he baa dune, " (nfv to tiioe, man lo man, aad tiki3 a mau." (CL 


Bt)i nCEkena Dtcitoniit^ 

il-vi, si, xtv-xri, xxU, xxvlii, xxsi, xxxTil, xxsIt, x], xU*, zlvil, \i, 
I!!, Ivij. tix, 1xiii. IiT,) 
Petowker, Miss Henrietta. An nctreis who marrica Mn 
I.illyvii'k, mill tlitfu vlopi-s with a "bnlf-piy captain." {Ct. sir, 
XI'. XXV. XXX, xxKvi, xlTiJi.) A'« KenwIOS LlLLVTICK. 

Phoebe, cr Phib. Mim Siiuwrn'* niaid. (Cli. xiL) 

Pluck, Mr. A ereainio of Sir Mulberry Hawk's. (Cli. xlx, xxt^ 

XTviii, xxxviii, 1.) Sre Hawk, .Siii Muuiiciiky. 
Prioe, Matilda. A ribnil of Ali>* I'anny S(]iiucn**, engaged to 

Jubii lirowdit.'. wliQiD oJie aftunriuxlt murritst. (CL ix, >ii, xxxlx, 

xlii, sliii, xlv. Ixiv.) 
PugStyles. Mr. Ohl' of Mr. Gni;»burj''B coiiMUut'ntH, wiJ tliu 

(■l>'ko6ii>;in •.<■' a 'lelegaiion llint nail on ibat gentJeuiaD, u> roquMi 

Iiiiii (n rt-iijn bis aeal JD parjliiinont. (Cli. ivl.) 
Pupker, Sir Matthew. A member of |>ftrlInmont, anti chair- 

muu nf n luRcting cflibil to orguiini ** Tbc United MctrapnlitMi 

Improvoil Hot MulBn and Crumpet Boldng anil runctunl Dulircry 

Company." (Ch. ti.) 
Pyke, Mr. Toad-iMtM- in onlinnry to Sir Mulberry linwk. (Ch. 

XL.\, xxvii. xxvUi, xxxvili, 1.) See Uawk, SlR UuLBKBRT. 

Soaley. Mr. A KliisrifTM uOiuer. (Ch, xni.) 

SimmoudB, Misa. A worknownn of Madiuae ALuiIiiLUui'a. <Cli. 

Sliderskew, P«g. Arlliur Grldt'i Ufiusckftopcr ; n uliorl, tWo, 
«-is-ui-!i. bleiir-cyed old itoid;iii, jiaUy-alriokta, hiUcomly ujly, .-utd 
viTv dual'. (Ch. li, liii, Ii», ivti, Ixt.) 

Bmike. An iiimatt! oi' Stjiicers's liousv. hvd with Mr. Squet-n at 
an early age, aud no ouu iipiHiarlng, alWr ttie finl jw, U> vlAim 
luiti, ur to pay for Itli tioard and tuition, bo u made um uf aa a 
driidgo for llip wholo fiunlly. SWricil and Iwat^'n, ho beconii«« 
broke n-*piri'cd, and ncjirly hnlf-nitted. ^Vlicn Nlcholai Xii'klohy 
Miivc* nt Ihjtlieboys llnll ni Sciueeni'* aHlitnnt, his licarl !s lillud 
wiiU pity for t]ie poor lii<J. and bv liv.ita bim with ^rnat gcntt-iicM 
And kindui^iis ; and whi'n Si|iivi-rs uudvrl.iki's to <lo^ the boy wilJiiii 
an intuit of hiK lifi-, fur atlompliii;; to run away, NiL-lio1a<i inturfvrM^ 
compi-li thn rufll^iD to dvaint, .lud givtt bim as (ic?ere a l)OAlin» M 
Smikc! himw^lf wiu lo have had. The two tlicn le.tvc tlic Bcbool 
and tho tiilajc togi-ibcr, .ind, after vnriuni wanduringf, fall in with 
Mr. Crujuiulcs, vrbti is much (track with Smiko'a bagganl eoun- 
t»nan(.-e, and ewuri's him for Ilia ihealrioal coutp&ny aa " an aoUt 




Mtcttlii TCtckUbv. 


ftff tha iMrvcd bii'lnKss," brln^Iug liiui out ns tftu apolhuciirj in 
"RomM and Jnliut," imili'r ilio tujio-naiiio i>f Diiiby. Sinikd U 
vubMiqiinnily caplumt by SqiKirrn, wlio meet* Liai on the etreet if 
London, and lakes him to Snnwtcy'* hou*n; but he h allied l« 
cwnpu bv J»liii Bimrilii.-, iinJ inii;ci--odi in Rnding bi» way hai'k to 
Nicholas irlio relWs to aire him up. Introdiicud to Mr*. Kli-Icl(!l)jr 
■ad Kate nnd ftliM L% Creevr, aud surraunilcd by uti tbu conifnrlj 
uid pIc.'kgiiTV.i of A lioiiic, Suiilcu j^riidually beoonieB accniiluiQeil 
to lli^i nvr liln nprm whii^h lie han «at^tvA, and reixven muuh 
of his nMurnI Intclli^ni^R ; but it 1> not lung boftinj ha be^lnii to 
droop, and, though he rallies oaeo or twice-, pnviit irfiikn nnd 
Tcuki-T till bu divi^ It i5 nAcrwnrdx juccrtnincd that he. wu tho 
«ua of lUlph Nicldi'hy. (Ch. rii, viii, jtii. jtiii. xr, xx, xsU. Kxiii, 
XX*, xxi.t, XXX, xxxil, xzzv, xzxtii-xl, xir, xlix, Iv, Iviii.) Set 
BnooKRR, SqURGbe. 

Claawl67, Mr. A BaactJmonlous, hypocritlual mtcal, who plactv 
his two liitto glcp-fK>ng in the cure of Sqiieers «t Dolheboji Hall, 
with the tacit UDilcrslanilin-! that they are to have no racaitoiig, 
and niv to "ron^h It a little" Acdng as the tool of Kalpb Nlo 
klnby, he nftorwafrfi clnim* Smikn na lijs son, for Uic piirpov? of 
»epMiilin2 biro ftom Niciiolas. nnil rpptoring him la the custody of 
SqiK-cn ; but liia vilhiny is discovcrwi, and, to iituro lua own 
tafiMy, hu diTul;;i.-a th"-- ivli'jk- Bohcini-s namins lUlph Nioklcby la 
hit etuployer, aud liuplii'aliii'^ Siiuoer* u a vi>iifi-il(-rat«'. (Ch. Ir, 
xxiTiiLilv. li».) 

Baawley, Mrs. Hi* wif*}. (Ch. xxxvili, iU,) 

Bnevellicci, Miss. A mc^mbcr of Mr. Cnimmle!)'* drnntntlo 
conipiiiiy. (Ch, sxiii-iJiv. xxix, xxx,xlviii.) 

Bnevellioci, Mr. Her dthtir ; an actor belonging to the mnc 
conip;iii_v. (Ch. xsx.) 

l^aeTelliocl, Mrs. llt-r motli«r. (Ch. xxx.) 

SQewkes, Mr. A fricml uf ilie Keawi;i^e». (Cli. xir.) 

Saobb, The Honorable Mr. A ^nesl at the dlnn^r^rly glran 

by Rilpii Ni,.kl.hy. (Ui. six.) 

Bqtiovrs, Wnckford. A bruUi. rapncioiu, and igtiornot York* 
thin: KhouhautL-r. To ihia perMin Kitholiia Nicklfby engage* 
hiinwir u a icholutiu MAMstaiit va tbo fitith of the toltowini; 
■dmrtbcuieut in the Lotidoo paper*: — 

•■ KtiUC«Tiox. — At Hr. Wm-liforf Sc]iii»ni'» Aradraij, IKrthi>boy» I1*I1. il 

tb« doJIglilfUl liliagv (if Diitlict");'ii cru Unla ttrlijfe, la TMkiblrc, }«utli art 



€ft BUi**» »Utl»**W9. 

n Dii n 0i. >«<>uc. 

■w;. ^imm idi^ ^i*>i. 


ThVh, MUMT i>M«i ffW 
^«rf.^^fliM>4 N< *«»•> It la iwra. a^ 
IW. C I'' ■*•»«'• ti-a*. *WM OM, K. M^-Aa 
Amiadt^itt.tA A U»ii»f if Art* wihU\» fntmM.' 

th. atfUmH ••* MaaOlaf V MM ■( Aa u «tM laia 4rc|iani; aai M* i^ 
paaMMir BTM itui ^*|AuaMto^ Hi bad la* ihm mfi; aad Ow yafalar ^«^- 
#w KM In huw-f iKV Th* Uwdl Ma olldt bnaaa iMApa*»iil ap, 
«i:V4, iri.n htm « M«d>«w awMfaav. Tti-r-lallf aWa ha imllll « aMek 
'"« lnf<t>i>4 urn <lk* TlUaauaa. ■• m*a a aMIa aa^aRUif 
I » •■Vrfarfl'nii «rUaifc; ba) lil»B>a> *«fTMbrif gw* 
4tai iv. iMt. 4nil UU mwari a ynai <mI (uw (ban. ka aitttcarKd tO al nu ta 
U* thUmt aul H If Iw aata ta ■ pirflual Mala of mtoahbmian ■( BadlBg 
UUitfdf M /aapMaUf . 

tli(kHHadt«llllaMltbl4laftiraMiuaiinaIlniiwur>ur eulTcr.niiluoriiot 
Inwi , w^ • iH<i| (nwiul irf li**fi M Iw ■•» al llwl B-imrBi loMut nn iirrpiulug 
•MtliM IWMtiKH fwf th* Hilt* tllf. 

■' Tbli ■• liH/|iii utili W uillki b ll, ••IWr I" mM Ur. 8<]UMn, looUnKdoirM 

iHluaUifa lilucMiii 

" |i.M'>i>'i[ai>ii'iinli. •>'."nplla4lli**alwr. 

•• Wl.*l ■ IW* rulM» milk la, l<i lj* iiirt. lu LwDduDi Jnii Oil Ihil nag ap 
•llliliil»i»iiiiii Hit>t>. WIIKiMM Klllrnu*" 

■Th Itiir ■•■c l<i|i, ilr(" lu'|iilr»il Ilia watur. " Wlir. Ilf nilk wtll ba 

"Hmi* II rl|l>i Air ImIuji *• d«ar. You ontartd Uial ililckbiaadand biitMrlbr 

Hi'MI lIMxiMf" 


•■Vvu ■•iwtii*' lio'TT )»ii>»ir," lald tqnaanr ''tWra^ptaDtrnf Una. Oaa- 
^HM t_ii( |ut»i»Hi. lii'K. ■■Ill <l<"i'i Im MfW altar *IUl*a." jU ba atiaivd thU 
IHitial (••tic|>i, Mr >ii|i>i'i'>t i<».i • Uma Uiaoui of ihteoM b*tf. and iaatifatH4 

• al(<l»«*,Mr Ni»l>'*"i" ■■■•I ■^iicnn. ■■ tlmir*arr>'bT*aUkrtlns.TouH«.' 

NMi'i>ii> •IM iKX ••• <I>M *ii<b<i>lr maa IiiraUbalkag vu*^ Ki. li-ymn. 

"IMl thal><l».>uiUk>i»)n«>»ti U II. Wlllla«r Utr* *■ Hchuna I niBk of 
Hkt hiitiiT Iw w n anil ua^uiu la Ih* >(n*ii iliM *mM ta (lad aTlUhlklla 
but Mh»« I t*i ihmWi oua.llMbtfiriHtltut IMthauiluMn'n ilw « la<»» — f 
taia )i.|>tui| *■■■!, alwH I taji iiHiHb*tliink.(h«bi>r ■•■>'* blai will (utaiaadMllV 
»v ti'iu.i (.1 iii>«t*H friv- *i« 7W naitf f " 

^\t. .1. - 

'^liwt-xvliMil livUraw Wtafta. DiUm ;aw*vfaUua.Md T«a'n<aa 
HWiM i><>MaH Hlwr —ma la Iha vagi «a taiali W i« l «w t« b of ailad. Mr 

Ahi>»M - 

hMkxK* Wa>«w(«4 mmMUM >> •*l'}'i "^ Mm nth ka^si 

"t1MMK^Mir«||«Mtkn«klMI XiMta*«HBwMk**^ 
!iniiWi*M<<M*MMUi*»*<M««gwi^.aja< 1*1 >»• ' 
|teMili^awaa.a«MatMtv«^H«f«aMaAa ilpaltori 

■•M«MMM«M tai 

tNM Ml Mm MM Mil 

3f[tDalas MttkUbi. 


" Asd i>Dir.*'t>ld thi iBhMlnwater.dltfdlni Ihu licrad-uiiHutlu for thrra tolo 
>rs ponlont, " fou liM txtlrr lookiharitirllb ^urbr«klk(li fortlio bom will 
Uow lu ani[iuicorivo.wi<l ilirucnr; bo; Iuth dIT." 

Tbv boj* ^JF^° to roi r<tr[uU>tt»lv. witlla thv uGhtHilnuiBinr (wbo wm In hlffb 
gaod haniiir aRvr hl< mml) nlolird bl> iKlb nllh a fork, md looknl an. In > 
leiy ibott Un» Ibc h'"™ wm anvd. 

*- 1 tboiTjfbl It miutdca^I Iju UiogJ' ttM 8qii«>n^ iamplnj; up, 4nd prodncfnf ■ 
Qlile bckFl. " I'll! stiai you bSTObt bail Ilmc to «■!• In berv, boyil Tou V 
«*iii U «n [lie fKtd '* 

rij<*y efriniulv *ii'l wiial 1C on fbf mitd- «(id vorj' inuRti iwi; for tba jAurnvf 
■•» lotiK. Ih<? wt^ilirrmn liilnwrly railil, a jpTHldi'iil o( unnw fnll noro llmiMo 
iX-ms, and tbc wind ita> [nlolcrftblv kctu. Ur. 2?itirfrrrt £ol down at almost 
nvr^r lUffF. — tu ilrelcli liii Iri^. b< inlil. — knd *• tin iilwii)i aune bidi wlilia 
n^ ml nritv, uiif r^iiinpiurd btmipff lo «lr«p illrmlty, the* ttrntchhift nwDint-d In 
Kuntor, II VB»a ]i>Djf Joumry: but Ibo Icmlctl Unv hM a turning ■( Inm: Bod 
toM in Ibe nigbt llic |yiai.'b |iul Itima duira u n tangly tuidiids Iud, wlirtu llicj' 
Ibaml In wallJnir lirv luborlng mm. « T\i%ly puuj-chnlvv. unci a carl- 

"l*ac tbr bnyi and lb? bniM tnio tha eart; and tbt* jming nutD and mv will 
|Olnlh«chaite. — Uci in. Xioklob^'.'* 

XiehelM obaycd. Mr-^'turcra wlih lamrdlfflmliy lndiielni{lhe iionrloobar 
- IM. di*)' itartad oU. 1>'iiiI]ie ili* oait-Iuiul of Inliint mixity lu fulluw at Icliun. 

■■ An you cold, Xlcklrby > " 

" H«ih*f. >ir. I mint <tny." 

•■ WoU. I don'l And hull vIUi tbat, II 'i ■ long ^natarj tblB WMthw." 

■'bit muDblkrUiar loOai1i<b«r< Qail.iir?" 

" About Ihrao mllD. DnI you nH>d n't okll II a ball down ban." 

HlotiolM coiiibni. an If hi noabl UlM 10 Itno* wbj, 
. '•HulbMli.kalutabaU,'' 

" Indeed 1" 

~yi>. Wn call It a hall up Id LondoD, baouM It lounda bolter; but tb*T 
don't know it by ibat Damo Id time |Ar(f . A man may call hij houie aa t*]and 
If hallk*!^ IbCTD'i DO i£I of pirllumiMil agaliiil tliiU. 1 bsboro?" 

equHcri I7■^d lilm at lliu cuacluilou of Ibli llttW dlii]»Riii<. and. ttndlng lliat 
M had ETowo Ihoiijclitfol, eoatmtod blmelf vltb IhIiIuii tko pony unill tbsT 
Nacticd tlidr Journey *■ cud. 

''Jampontl Coma In I" 

Klsliolu bad itm* tu ubiwrr* Uiat the Mbool vai a lonR. oald-looktnit hoaaa. 
me flory lil|[li. wltb a fCw *lnotUn|{ cul-bulldlugi. Ur. EcjaHri, having 
bolLcil Iha hrmav^bKfF 10 lejtrp It aliul, uvlinri^fl tilm Into a imall parlor afvnlllf 
ruml4brd.tybvrpib''y Ijnd not bepn u ooupio of mlnntr^ wbm a fpmnle bounocd 
Into Ibe tooni. and. ifiiliiB Mr. Si|uihti by liiu liiiuul. it«n bliu t"o load htiHi. 
^VDO dOBO tSlPT iIki uthi^r. Ikkff a p4>iiLma»'p knnok. Till" Judy nut uf a >arjrfv 
mr-boncd flpin. about a bead lalliT iban Mr. liqutm, and ma dmaod lo a 
dlmll;r aixbt'Jacket. ullli her linlr lu iisprri and a dirly ul^btotp. (9lia <raa 
ivnatODUNl to boiul tlial tb<r wn" n<» (fnitninhrlan, lliank 0<it\ 1 aofl aNo tliaj 
A> bad iBtaed a hlRb ipirii or iwa in licr day. Tmly, In oonluoaUoii intli iMt 
MOrlliy liuiband. ilie Md biuVeu iitauy and utaayaooc.) 

" Mnvr t» my .S(ju"pry y " 

"Ijulic nil, my Uivr, Ujv '•Ibcoam}" 

■• Tlio cam ii all riglit, — annj one tC 'am.* 

- '>* Tb* pip la aa ttrll a* lliry wv whinjoa (raot awn" 


etc SIckenc Bdiftaaxf. 

'. - V* v^ : s \ 

• Oamal TbM ■• a Ucnliis I Tho bar*at«all M th«Ti>«m,I lappOMF" 

••OlitrnI Tbo bof* In nil nnnugh. Oal; UiUrouog Pllflier '•htila IW«t.* 

"Vol Damii ibatohop. Il< '<»!*«;• M wnnetltliwor tliiii lorl." 

rmdlnii llicio cndMrOMiiU. StoholM hnd hooJTVi" li«"«i Jl^ unoU^,' Iff" IM 
Rtlddin nf till* ri>oiK, not rvrx vull kriEm-JEi^ vrht^tFirr ln^ nit* i^xpoct^ u iWll^ 
lulu ihc pni ■«!;<!. Hn wh noir rrll'-ml from lili petpl^lt^^ Ur.l^UMra. 

" Till" !• lite iio» TOuug DUQ. my 4l«r." 

Uttv ■ jininj (BrdMii-sltl hruuKlil in i> Tocluhlre pi* aud •obi* cold b«*f: tat, 
lhl> brliiG tvt upon tw tabla, ■ buy, •ddruMtvl by th« OBina of Aralk*, aplnni 
irltli a Jujt of nlc. . , (^ \(l \ 

Ur..-<i|uruM wu cmiitrliii li!' irn'a<-'>°a( rxx^keli or lellen ft iltlttoreni Kyif 
aailnlliiTuDUiUflnniiini'iil'i wliMi h" li>iil brgii|[Mi<»vrn Iti tlirm. The bof (laocn) 
*lih an inxlika* nnJ ilmid o\;)n><ilH>ri ui the pif>0M^i ^jf I'^Jt sickly hop* ilwB 
nnn tniiihii tliiim might n:\Mr I" liim. Tliu lJu4^wK\|^Al ikltfiilalcraOil ircot 
to Xlotirilik4> brart nt oii<H^; for It inC'l x tnii^nfil vurr iiut hl^Mry, 

[I lodiicnl liliu tu ooiuldor tlio bof niou ^ii^JIM/l Mid M «■! HHTpriMd M 
jbxtivH lliurTlraur>lliiiFy(olTlu(a<ifga1«iiAii)i>liti.VrorfadBMiiMta*ai, 'iUUioiigtl 
lia omlit not bnvr bi4i'n 1i>*" Ilinn vLf hiif^^n nr nJimEi^iTn. and wan toll t^r tbaj aj«, 
tia wi>n* avIctlfrloQ lult mvli a^ wai Ibrn uiunlly put upon a wiil Ittllir twy. Id 
•nhvlliat tlir lownr pari uf liin li'||> miglil be In ptirfccl kVcplii;; wltli lliii ilii«iil»r 
dreni. 'IP boil a trry iBrjt" l*'f "f bcml", iirt/loaliy nmh> fuf i"p«. nhloli iiiinhl- 
hare Ik'OU un« viirA by looki^ »toiit formor, b^L wtrt' ^ir tfttt ^Mflolicj-aTiiui^tt^i^il 
fbrabfincar- <j<fi kiii>iTji Imw luiiyliu had Ih^i-ii ibi-m! but lir *till ^urfiatalCf^rDil 
«htld'anrtll.on1yluilf<»iii:ca1cilbya«iar30lan^ uvdctrclilltf.vllt <"ai laiav; ami, 
aibrfflsned to b« biiiy la arranglniilhalaMa, RMiiwiIat ihoVtivn Vrtili a Inuk 
•>> keen, aud yet lo diiplrttcd aud bopelaai filial Klobolu could bard]/ b«r 14 
waloli liim. 

" Wbatareyou bothering about thrre, l<Dillw ? " orttd Un- Sqnaari. '■ Lat tba 
tbln^ nlonr; oan't you." 

-Ittil" aaJd ib|u«ini. luoklug up. "Oil I U'lfou; lilir" 

-*«. "If. ItlhTie"— 

■Mfclll wlial anyou iinmnicrtnii at?" 

"Ilam y<iu— did anybody — Ima imilii n( Iionn litanl — about na?" 

"IMpvII a bit. not aarnril; anil iii;vrr vtll br. Kow, lhl« li a pn>tly tort of 
(biof ; !• n't K, — tliut yoii ilioiilJ Iihm; b«u left licre all lh«<a yean, and 00 
nutiffy paid al^vr Uau E]r>t ilx. aat tiif ii»ili^ luki'ii. nor uQ civw lo ba gut wbo 
f ou belooK to? It '< a pmiy mirt nf IhtiiK ilini I flinnld have to And a freu 
frllov Ilka yuu^ and Dcrcr bope La jjet oac penny for It ; U n^t li ? ** 

Tlio boy |iut liii baud <o lili bead aa If li« wera nwkliiK an clTort ta r«uullct« 
•amrCMiic. amt thtn, looking lacanUyat hi* quoallonvt, jtmlmitl]' brnk* luio a 
amUCk and lijapcd avay. 

" t 'II tril you wbal. Squecrt." nniarked bli wlfo m the door olMcd, " I tbiak 
tbal young ohiip *n inming AiJIy.'* 

" 1 hope uoi; for be *«a bandy fbUoir out of doori. aud worib bla Meat and 
Itlnkany iray. Horn'ovor. I tbauld Ihluk he'd ban *li viiough titr iin If bn Kot 
■niy. Oulcoianl Lvt'i baro «upp»ri tot I 'm hungry and tlnil, and won! togtt 

Tbli r«mlndi>r bnmglit lu lu iixctuilrg ■fmk fur Sir. 8E|u<wn; and KIMinlan had 
a tough bit of mM brvf Mr. rjijiiMn Ibrn look a bumprr of bol braady an4 
vaicr of a diiT naiuro; and Urt, Squeen audi lb« netryaiinj wan llirgbailof a 
■nal' ji>ai<ful of ibal euuipoiitid. 

Then Hr.Sqa*Kn yawnod again, aad oplacd tbat Itoa* (Imolo golobtdi upcs 



Mtttolai XttkUbg- 


»hlcli ilfDtl Mn- Sijuvn lud Ih* clrl ilnggii In m ttnw suMlTMi Rod • eonp • 
•f liUilken. wjil amnjCFil Mem Inlo ■ nnieli far Nloholii, 

■■ Wo n put )uu iaiu rour rc^tur bcdr«am (»-iDono<r, Kkklab;. Lm m* Mth 
Vtao tlrrp* In Srvoka'f b«l. luf ■I'*''" 

"UiI(r')iik>'^llirre*iJrnDtaK>.itille!loldor>Qr«rininh. ■nilWtiBl't-bU ntnt." 

'■SathenU' Yei': ItnKilii iifull. 

''TbBw** a (ilu* Houtmrhitrn I knciw; biit I can't ut thia munivnt nil to nilBd 
wtNTS. tlDHvrtr, w« 'U liuio thai nil Htllol lo-morTOir. Gowl-alfU, NlcUttir 
■CFta o'elMli lu ilio moriiiuB. mljiil."" 

'-IWlulMH.r.miy. .if, «•llH^lligllll " 

" I <lun1 knnw. b)' iho br. whniK inwnl la put )roa oa ; but. tl jaa 'U fnaka iWfl 
villi •omcUilug lo-morrow raorulni;. Mri. fiquwn wlU arrange tbal la tiie tcnUM 
of iliD ilBjr. St dEa*. fiaafl r<irg<n." 

Ur. S<|aiivh tli«ii nnditvil' H>«.SqiiN<r* to brtnc ■•ntylbe brand; battle, IM 
Xlcb"lai Mioold belp hlmielf In itar nlictal i and. Itie la^ barlog lelied it with 
lirc4U |.ml|iilalioa. Ibey rvLitciI logui^cr. 

Tho next morning, Kichola« i» itwak«ne)l v«r/ efirt]' by Sipeen, 
who U'lls him.ihnl it in tinui to get ii]> ; ntid aI*o tbftt thu piiiDp it 
froecn. so that he will bnvo to give himself a ■' dry polish," liU Out 
it» i> btdkvii in-Uui welj. Uis. iyiui.>i.T( now appcora on the icune, 
luukidg basUy Ibr a vpoon irliich U initaiog. 

"Ont lliclltlngil" •aidtbo lady.opcaing ttw Mipbuard. " I eant Bad tb* 

icllaol V|iit4m unywliHV.'* 

"XeiprtDlnd It, m}> dear," obwrred Siiueeri la a lOailiiDX nuuiati: "U '* of 
no (ouiciiufuce." 

•■ Xoooinfiiunn™! Wliy. bow Tou Islk I " nriortfil Un. Sqorcn ihaiply. "la 
n't II brliiKloiie mornlDCi"' 

■' I forjiot, my deAr." rcjalncd Gquoarf : ■' jtt. It Mrlalal)' 1*. W* purtiy tha 
boy*' blrHjd« tuiw ami tliitci, N'icklebjr-" 

" Purliy nil'lli^iilckt' eud> I " iBld bis ladjr. " DoDi Ihtnk, fOuug laaii. thai w* 
ffl (4 tbr cxpeuic ar dower of brlEDaloiiD and malauu )u>t to purUy Ibeju; b^ 
eauau. If yuu rhlnlc wo etLrty oulhv b[i*lui?*i ia I lint Mrny.joa 'U AadjuvmAt mlt- 
Hkeu,andia 1 irll yim iilKlnly." 

■■ Uy dear," laid Bnuccrt. froimloj!. '• liaml" 

"0(^ nontemcl " rfjoluod Mi«- Scjurcn, " If Ilia yimnf man canm to ba a 
taHhor ban. let blm uiiilirmiinil at unm that nc daa*i want any toolrry about 
Uwboyi. They hi'* the brlnnrono aud ireade. — jiarlly brcamc. It they imd ol 
MraDllllnil iirothDr in Did rrtj it luraiiUiiu. tliu; M b» Hl>r;i>i alUug. ami eIvIiik a 
■otiil at ttoubln; wid parlly Ih'iulu'i' U Kimlla llii'lnippitll''', niid cumra obeapn 
than brcakfnit and dinner. So It doca them good and at good it tha laine lima; 
iiiJlbal '> falrruough. 1 'm •uni." 

NicholM ii vbortijr unL-rwuriJa introiliicod into tlio tchooboom. 

"Tberal Tlil« 1« oor ilinp. Nlrkli'by I " 

A bar* and diny room, wiili » eouplo of nlndawi of which a lenlh part mfghl 
t^ uf jrlaia. tUo 'iMunludLT bcLug i^oi'pcd up wltli old copy-lHi»ka ami paptir; a 
EMipl* of old ilDikt, Diit aixl iinichiid ami inki'd and damsce{t in cicry poiilbia 
•ayi iva or Ilirce forme a dciaclied aeik Cur Squecn. suulliei fur hl> aiiixti- 
■nti wnlli au diioiliircd. ibat It irai Inipmalbla to tell wbvltier ttii-y bad aval 
trail iDiuhod vrtib paint or wbllfiraib. 

Zit BItfccnt Btctlanatp. 

Bui IhrpnpUi I — pair and liauard fkoct, lank and tway flitiiiH. cUtlicn ii lit 
Iht ooantPiianeaa (rfold moa.dfroriurili^iialili Irum upao tlicir limb*. (■»;• uf 
AtvtiUid jpunnh. And W7J wftna lucif tntngtr U-gf knuIlI hardly bfar ihrLr btidtaa 
Tlicn nm IttUrlttOM. whkh odrIii la liaic brru luindioiDis darkeDol with lb* 
Kunl ot ilogfci mSurlntii llim Hiu chndbood widi tliulljilii onu ejf nHrnOifA, 
lit hvikiity giiap. ttti hvlplt'a'oiut alomi rrrniAlalEig; thm* vrp Imripn bojm br^wtt 
UiH, LIkP m»[i^tli0InM In JnU, aad Ibpr? irvrv toiihi; crralurod dd vliom thr ilJUOf 
Uitlr frail paffiiU had dc»«nded. wwplng or ou fur iho imrm lhi.7 liad known, 
and tiitirtuina r^cn In Ihr-Jr luonll^ir-jta- Vfllh wtfrf «;-tiirAl]if and altivlluD 
bioilfl In III Mnh, Willi fvrrv hialihj rwllnM doEKfil «>d Kantd down, wli*^ 
tiprj RifiiHi^I paitloD iliat can ftiitt la Iicaru caUof lli <tH w*j ta Uiolr 
eon', wlint an liirl|il«iil hull I 

11 WI1 }lr. Sqvc-i'n'i FuilQin (a ««11 the bo;> locrthrr, and autlm m mtt of 
trport. mliatwrTy haK-jmrlj viilt 10 lite mclropoUi: lo. lii Hit nftomoon. Ui« 
bajiwnre r«ca led (W>u houii'-wlmluw, gvdua. (labia, and EOW'^anl; aiid tli* 
nUUfl nvr* vntvmblNl In full rune lave, 

■' Lot anj bar ipnk a word wlihool loaT*," lald Mr. Squeen nlldl;. " aod I •U 
•akc (h» iklD ad hli iinelt." 

iMwtli-lUia*llrnc*liiii]i«dlal*l]r pmalli^. 

■■ 11071, t >TD (well 10 Loodan, and bfti'c rcturocd lo m; fwallr and yoa m 
■tniug aoJ a> wall m ever." 

Tbv boyi gart tlirto ft'nliln clirpn ■! tbit rrfmhlns liitH1l|tmic>t. Sailb chrail 

"1 ha VI? tcpD Ifac parcDit of toin« boit.*'conilnu«d Sqiic^rv. iiifalnj; oierhla 
pA|kvi-* I " aiid lliuy 'ro jiu j[liul l<i hvar huw ihrir •uii* ara iMtlnj uo. tlial Ihrro *■ 
no pjoipcvt at all of iliclr ton/ ffoluf awaj, whlob, of couriC^ I« a vvry ple4iWkl 
lliliiK lo rtBi^Pl upon fuf all paiUei." 

Twu vr ihrpn h«iii1» wvm 10 two nr Ihr^p 'vh^ bill thf KTfulfr pftrt of tin 
rouliff ci^ntlrmcn — havlufi Do parltcular parv^Ia lo 4poak af— WCK wholly uo> 
iDtcrcticd la ilia way or oilier. 

liaTo hail dli,appolo(nieut« lo eunlftnil a£iLliut. llnldrr*! fktber w«a two 
pooad If D tbon. Vriirru li Uoldcr t Comi here. Holder ) " 

An buImaIUi) .looklnn boy. with warU all over lil> bandi. aiDppad from bl* 
flMiOt lo Ibt naatR*' UuiL. aud tabeil tiU arn to tlm Aim; bli own qutl« whit* 
Ihiin UiP rapid bralinc of lila b«rt. 

" lliilOiir," (Uld Stjimri. ipcaklng ray ilowly; farliewai eoni!derin(. ai th* 
Mlilniiroo<, wlirti' Id hkvf lilm, — - Boldnr, If your faib*t Uiinki, thai, bMaan — 

Ilv i«u(l>i upiUv boi'i hanH h) the«uirot hli jacLot. 

■' Wbat do ]OU «ll llili. itr ? " 

■ I oui-llitlplbc warli, Indcfd, «lr. Tbrj will come. It ^ till dtrly W0«^ I 
<felnk,tlr.--at Irwtl, IdtiulkuoH what iiU.alr; butll *■ notny (kull," 

•-BolilrT.Tou'nftn Innirrlflhlf fining >eiiDBdr>l;aiid. u Ih* tvt tlirwblns did 
|ou nof^'ud. vtt lauAl tee what anoIh-T will do lowardt beating II out of you." 

Ur. ^qniH-ri lull niHiu I1i« buy, Bud caoed him aouudlf . 

■■ Then, rub awny a4 bard u you Ukn : yoa won't rub ibat off In a buiry. Vtm 
Ifl a' #rfi- A Irtler for Cobbey. Stand up.Cobbcyl ** 

Anolbrr t-it dwHl up. aud »ycd the Inllor i«ry bard, wbila Bquotn ui>d» • 
■wuial *t»lriX of lb* maut- 

" OhI Cckb^yn fiandmolbarlidtiad, and bU Undo Jolin bu look lodrtoklBg. 
■blck li nil Ihs newi hli ilfMr unda, rzoapt •IgfaUaa.prBea. wblcb will pay ta 
JMI bnikoi *quai« of ginu. ltn.6fpittH,at^""i^0lTM%lkttluaoatjt' 

■■Onyniarab, — b*'t tliiBOl. Hlud up. Gmfounb I " 

1«[i»ttUi MttftUb^ 


Another boy itoofl np. 

■'nnrno'^i'* ■"iil"<'<"il ituBl !• TBTMlliut K> Iiru lie '* lO mtl and hkgjpT.and 
•mill lii-r tMpntAil ■wmpUmcnli la Mn. Siiumti, an.-l tlilukt ■lif tDuil tm na 
■JiRi-I. Ifhtr lilnvlaeltililkiUi. Siucpri la luo (Ood for IliI^ norld, bin liopri lis 
iii«> lonj bo ttuiKd to earry on Hie limlncM. Vfould lime mtat ilie iwg |.ilr of 
■lDckhi|f>, MB ilraJ^nL btiL i»Mlniti"t tuiiury, *o f^imrHrih a IfHrt iti^ttud. Ilupu* 
■boi* All ibliiji'. thB. Urarmonb will tiii'ly Ut j>lr^a«t Mr. and Mr*. h<iu?m, ud 
look u|H'ii Ihrjii HI 111! oul}' ftlenda ; *ud ilmt lif will lui c Mulct liqu»ti ; ind 
HOI otijvff to klfHplng Avfi In a tfO, <Ktiicli uoCUriJttlAji nhoiild. Ah- a dklJffhtful 
lirttiir; nr; alTHtlntt. mdcrd," 

II wM olTcctinK In uuncDie: tot fin/aiutb'i maKrnal not wm *Uon(!7 (up 
pcf*ed itf hux inim LiitIhiaI* ^rml' ((} bp lifh luul'nial piir«Dt. 

"lIoLU'i mollirr'lu-lnw took lo hci' bt'd on bmrtnif iliat hciriMiId o1 rat fU, 
■ndbiM bc*D Ten ItlrvctilDH. Hht « liliu to knoR b} oatarty[XMl«bfiF be ex- 
IMCU la |D (0, if III' ijunrrrln wltli lil> iliiln; auilwlili irhM fMllnCi ba e-niri/ turn 
op M* noM at Itav mwVllvpr brolb. aftvr lili good mulrr bti Mkad B bteiilac on 
It, Thli wm told liir !ii ilie Ix>ii>Iuu iinn|i8|>rn. — not by Mr. S^juMti; forlio U 
too kind uiie! tijE) giHHl to m-t aiij'tiocly agiitEi*! anybiHly- tfohbaV innilirMn-lav 
li Hon? to Hiirl Mobbt U dlHunlcnlrd (wblpli 1i itnful and hoirldl, and liopri Ur. 
equun will flon bin lulo a Uu|i)iicr ilulc orinludi wlUi Ilila ilrw lUr bin alM 
atoppai] bin ball^ijiiy a ^I'ok piH-krl-tiiono^, and gitr-u a dimblv-btadrd kulflf, 
wtth ■ Wlkiaraii Id U, wblcli obr hud boiiRhl on |iuriio*i' fof him. lolhv mlMloa* 
■rlM. A nlkj atalc nr ftrJIng uuu'l du. CbcrifutucM uitt caaMnuocnl muil b* 
k'pt up- — Mobtw, Rii>i«la(ni-I" 

The nnhappr Uobbi mavcd ilowly lowardi tbe df^ik. rnbblnfi bli tjf Id antl- 
dpallim nf good cauA* fur dulnjf na; and hood atWrwajdii rating by tiii* Kldr- 
door, wlrh 44 jrood miio aa a boj nrcd bave. 

Ui.Squcfii thtn (ifOMPit(ato<i[«naiiii>i«lUiisou»eollMllonof ItlWn.— uninn 
•ndiwlni moiii')-. whlrh Mm. Wijiicfrii "limli cure of;'" and ofh»n> rrfprrlog to 
■mall vtlcTcf of appoiTJH HA captt and Mj forili. all of vlilcL Ibc «Ania ludj' italvd 
to be too lar^cor tou luial] Uir vyvtybtHjy hnt i^maj; Si^hi^tb, itlio would ut^pt'iir 
10 batn bail fiioil ■camituodarlni liinbi ; idiini crrry IUiiie thai taioc lD[o iba 
Mbool lltifd iiim. 

III Tuurnt of lima. HqaMr* mllrmi to Ida llnialda, ISAtlnR Klcbobw to Iska 
nri' III the bnri In ib« •rhoDlroom. *-blrb w» Tcry cold, and whno a mval of 
brrad and cbcc^c wai itrvHl out 'hortly aAcf dark- 

Thctc viH a inuill iluvv ai (linl cornnr of Ilin nmni nblr.b wai nVHTxt to Iha 
■naalar'i dr*k; atid by It Mpholiui ■atdnn-n, drprrwi'd *iid irJf-drgradnl Ai ho 
arjM abtotlifd la mrdltaJloiit bi* cDoounirrcd Ibc ujiTurpcd Tofo of SfolLr.on hia 
knCH brfomhoiloic. plekluffufew cludvn fmiu Ibc linirlli.aiiilplmilliigittrDioa 
lb* tin. Whvii bo uw that lii^ ■•» ol>»)r>i«i, JietliniDli IWFk.iijHtlnKa hlo«, 

"You navd notftwm*. Arajoa cold?" 


" Toil arc ihlitiliig-" 

■' t am not e»ld- I am nird lo It." 

"l"™r, bTokra-opIrltcd creftture!" 

Ir be hid ulriick I he vrirtclnsl ol^MA, lit would tiBt< (luDk aira; nltboata 
Vttrd. Hut laotf i*vi biirAt Into teatv. 

"Oh.dfirt oh.dcarl Ity bean nlU l^nak I II will. It •1IIII' 

** Huab I Be a man ; jtm \to tiuarly one hf yum- fiod help you T '* 

"Byytat.l Oil, d»»r, il"«r[ bow many of tbcml How mviy bf (btm ilnca 
t vaaalllUv dilld, youu^er ihau am' tlia. arc bere iiukI Wliarvats tlivy iXIt" 

ett Bttttns BltKaoari- 

*Wb«n iloyou ppertoT?" 

•■ Mj Mviulii. lontit, mjr — Otil whal luffiirlnjti mln* luTe btM I ■ 

■■ Tbera It alour* hope." 

" tlth Bi>4 non« for luc. Do fou racombcr llic boy tbal died han?'^ 

"I mu nol Iwn. )^iu knuw; Iml wlinl or litin?" 

" I nsi with lilm M nlithi ; anil, wlirn li irgi all iiilont. hr crlrd nn mon fbl 
l;lnidi Jie wLilicd to coiutftiiit i^t with lifntt but bcjcan lo Bcc fAocirouIi<1 bid ho4, 
Itiai cams ftum Iiodm: huislil tin-y imlUil uid liillii>dt^> Uiiii; anil li*<11«] u Iwl. 
URUitlililitBdloldHtlivm, WhM Itaon Hill •iiiilnon mn wlivn I lUr' Ktis trlU 
tolk lo me In Ibiotc loofi. long ul^lili? Thr->' cannot come from bmn?: Ibey 
voulil frIghUB m*. If Ihfjr diil; tot I ddiiH kaow wtiut liDiiic li. FaUi Mid ftsr, 
pain and fMr. Itor mo. Mr* or draJ. No linpr. no liapi- 1 " 

Jilt brll mnK lo bed, and Ihr boy crppc away. Wllh > hrflTy beort XiBholM 
•oaD unirrwanli n-ilml— uu. nut nlliFd: iIieiu wai no miremem Ui*i«— tl>l> 
lowrd lu tlin dliij aail ccoirdtd iamltorj. 

A tliiy or two nftcr ihla, tliP poor crrnturc Smlkr., In tho bopc of 
poiiit^Iiow bi^tlprin^ hi> comlilion, rDiii awKy. A* Squcurs cannot a£- 
fbrd to loK nj voliublu a drudge, he ia punurd, ovurlakcii, imd brought 
back, wiih bU log* tied under the nproD, and nLide fast to tlie cbaiMi, 
to jiruvtnt liU (Tf(.-apiti'^ uu thi road. 

Wllh liaiiili in'mblliig irlih drll|;lit.8qUMra uDloouard llioeoid: andRmlka, 
QoK dead iliau allvc. wai tiroufbt In, and locked up In ■ Hllikrunlll nob tUna 
V Mr. S(|ui*rji alicmld dcviii II trxjH'dii'itl to oiwrnU' iip<nj hlju- 

Tbp nem thai (bvAigftWr 1ia<l bfipii caught AJid I^nmiibL lunk ran 1lkf> vrllddrV 
throufiti tbc bunfli'y oamiDuiilly; and rxfieclatloii wo" ou tli>(oe all the mornlEix, 
On iljiioo lirwnslntd uulil llie a/lrniooii; wbon K.jutcn. Ii«vin;( rrftrnhra hlin- 
**irwltbb1" tUnikfr and an *xtn ILbatloii, or no. tnailu huupt^'ankUC'i (aoccinipt^ 
nlcd by bla amiable jiartner) wlUi a featfUl InilxuinCDt of dagcIlailoD, altOOf, 
*at>p1r. tru-Tuik'd. uid tiCH. 

■■lAMrry hoy hum?" 

Efciy boy nai lbcn;but errry boy VM »IV*ld to ipcAi lo Sqnten 0Mt4 
•long thit lliiei lo aimic Itlinii'If. 

■rh"f* wa« aoiirioui expriwlnn In ili* nihiT'« Im-; biitli' look bt« teal with- 
out openiiij^ hli Itpji Jp rtI>IX' Si]Uivn kit tliu ruoiiL. aiu] ■hurtl!' anorwanUf^- 
tuninl . dniud njt Smilirby ibpeoUar. or. tatbri. br Ihiil frD«mrDi of bli JaclcM 
■blcli »iu ni'a««t ibt plew wbt™ liiJ collar ougl.t to hate bi«ii. 

'* Novr. i«bat hatp )-mu fill to tay furyoiir*vlf ? — i'tauda Lllila otLtoTtbainjrB 
Kn.Squien. iDydear: I 'n hardly lot (oamrnouch." 

" Sjiaro 111^, tlr I " 

"Obi IlialS all ym 'TVEOt tuuy; !■ IIP To. I'll Bos yoDirlthlaa* Is* 
if jour lift, and »p«» fO" thai." 

Qui cruel Mow bad Tallca oo him, when KIcbola* Klcklcby Erlcd, " Slqp I ■■ 

" Whnotll'dKlopf" 

"I did. llili muit Dotfo on." 

"Hull not go oui" 

"Nol Muiiiioll RhallDMI I irtU pmant tl I Yon hav* dlKrefardod all ny 
lalet llilerff fTDCT in (hl< mlsenble lad'a behalf; you have returoed do anfwer l« 
Ihe Irller In wlilcli I ln'i^ged fui{;h I'ui^o tor Itlm. awl Ul1>-ni1 lo be ri'i-)>ciiitib1i 
that li> wvnld CFiDiiln qulciily b'ru. I>ou't blame me Tot lhl> public lultcfcrrnot 
Vou hare tToucbl ll upon joaraelf.Dot J." 




XUbeUs Mliltltbs- 


"Sllilawii. hrgjiu-l" 

- Wrulcli.iuucli'iliDiKaln M^nnrpfriJ I I will not mad I17 Md fcc Udoite. 
Hr blood li upland 1 liArc tbp i:rvn|rch of len tudiinBa >i JOQ^ BjIIravaai I 
Will DDI ijiiirt juu If you driiouDon. I liam ■ •hfIhii nr prnonal IniulU to 
■T«DSS; Htiilmy Indlgiuiiliiii In aittiitvaiiiil b^ihc erunliloi prmgllitPd tn llili fool 
dui' ItiiTA care; for. If jvu mlto the dcvU In mo. Uie ooniAcjucnc* vlU Rdl 
bemOy upau ruur liiiul." 

NiiafAr* tpul ktlilm. and ■Irac-k hlm n lilnw konut the fluv, NICoolMlB- 
«Iu]E]v vpn^K upon lilm, wrciird LJt weapon ff om liii tuuid. Add. |>iilQla( b!a 
bj [ho UiToat. brill iIie rufnau till he ruoicd fur iihtrv. 

ngflunshlinaKiiyKldi idlthi- Inrnr l>i'«ouldinii>trr; and thi Tlolrnwnf hli 
All pnotpltlttrd Mrt, i^tiuevn OTfY an ndjannt form; Stjncvn. alrllii]i|f lilt he^ 
■fsiut Ibe luat form b bU dcuent, Uf al bl* ftill ltD(lb on the BRJimd, 
•tuBimiaDd iRailoiil«ii«- 

lli«lnt{ broDEht allklratolliUlisppy tnnilBftttoa. and tiailns ai«rl>1n(d. lo 
bU mlificlio!!, 11111 S.]iirrre was OTlly slmiim!, and mild<>ii.l {hibui whkliiioiiil 
ho bafi Itiul ■umv uhplrb-antdniilfti at Itrst], .Vij^httlni ptKk*-ii tip afnvclotbMln 
■ *iii^l TaElflp^ and^ dnding tbal nobody offered to oppose till progrcM. nionhcd 
boldly out by the froni-duor. mid •truck luio iJit road Tlicii "lich a ohwrnrote 
BA IbD wallH of Dotlicboyn tlnl] hod tiervr rcliocd brfiirv, and iTc»iiEd tH<rpr r^ 
tpoQd (ooiiaia. WbculUe>uuud hod died awa;, tbctcboolwu ciuptyi and of 
liw crowd (if bor* nol one ranaKwd. 

Ur. Squccn mceta bis just dcMrts at laat, bdns MDteaceil to 

tniupoiialion lot eevec yvan for being in ihv unlawful jiosiu-tiiion 

of antoko will; tho resultof which I«,UiatDulli>.'<bo)'9 QaM is broken 

Dp tor evnr. (Ch. W-iz, zlilt xalr, utxviil, xxzix, sJLi, xlv, Ivi, 

" iTii, lix, Is, lx».) « — — * ' -" 

BQuears. lArs. Wifb of Mr. Wackford Sqneer*. (Cb. vUi, iz, 

xiii, ixiv.) Sec StjUKKKS, WaCKCOKD. 

Bgueers, Miss Fanny. Dnuihter of Mr. and Mrs, Wackford 
S(]iiitrs ; a young lady in ber tbrMMUid-twcnticth year, Tcscnibling 
biT iiioiLiT in tliu liareluieBB of her voice nad tbe sbrewishoera of 
ber dl^pusidoD, aod lier fitiher in tbu remarkubk- tMLprensiou of her 
righi e,vr, something akin to having Doti» at uU. (Ch. Ix, xii, siii, 
XV, xxxix. xl\, Ixiv.) 

Bqueers, Master Wackford, junior. Sod of Mr. uid yr*. 
Wsckfonl Squeun. (Ch. viii, lx, xiii, xxlx, xxxiv, xjuviit, xlii, 
IxiT.) Ste Sqoeeks, WxCKronD. 

Bwillenbauaen. Baron von. Nui^hbor &nd falhei^ln-law to 
the BnriJTi of Grogiwig. (Cb. vi.) 

tiwillonhatisen, BaToness von. iri» wift. (Ch. vl.) 

Timbeny, Mr. Snittle. An actor bcloDgjiigto Mr. Cnimnilc»'i 
iN-niri-. {Ch. xxi.) 

rix, Mr. Tom. A brcikir wb( make* »d invcntoTT of tbo (lock 


Ctt nccktnt BliltonRc{. 

in Madame MiutoUai's aulUnurjr csubliibiiicat on Uie occutloit of 

lior su'l<lon tailun.*. (CK ilrili.) 
Tom. Clerk ai (be Guiionl A'^ncy offlue. (Ck. xri, xUil.) 
Tomkioa. Od«< uf Squeon's piipl1«. (CK xili.) 
Trimmers, Mr. A fiipnil of ihc Choctyblu Brathun. (Cb. xxxr.) 
VoriBOpht, Lord Frederick. A MllyyouaK tiobU-inan. tbu tool 

ol* Sir Muiiicrry llawk. Hiibi^pomos i?n;iinoun)U of Kutv Nk'kkb^, 

■nil tins nu iingty :iitvr<!Mii:)ii runci-niin^ lier ivltli Sir Mviil>i>rry. 

Tliu quarrrl luails to A (luul, !d wLicli Lon) Fnilvrlck U biltad. 

<Cli. xin, XKvi-txviii, xxxviU, 1.) S« Il\wic, Sm Mulbkuut. 
Wfistwood. Mr. One of tlio n-cond* in rhc dacl between Sir 

Miilhcrry Hnwk and Lord Vcrifopht, (Ch. I.) 
WUIinjn. A wjiiti-r at ilio Siiracen"* Uuiid Inn. (Cb. r.) 
Wititterljr, Mrs. Julia. A UAy of ih« luiJdL-, wlio upM 

llio airs und Hlylu uf l.lio urltH'XTticy, iind with wjiuin Kate Xii.-kl(l1>f 

lives for a wliile a« eompanlon. (Ch. xxi, ixvii, xiviii.) 

Wititterly, Mr. Henr;. Iluslutnd ■« Mra. Witiiicrly. Bcbig 

informed Knln hnn nppHcd for a utuittion as companion to hia 
tvifr, b« dincitpudi tho matter for tome time nitb Mr». li^tiiterly in 
whiipcn. At lungtb be iioti>-eii Knie. 

"Obt" ti«*«ld.taraIniToiind,"r«i. Thit I* a moit Impomut nutter. Hn. 
WItlitcdy li of a Tciy excitable uaEuio. ytry itdteala. tuf ti»gllc, a iMt-boaM 

fiaaU auiMUCio." 

•■OIlBory! tnx '*<•''" '""'P'""-"'-^'"' WilltlnlT. 

"ToaafViinrloToiToii know ton are. ouu brcalli " — tail] Ur. W., blowIs( 
aa Imaclnary hiUbcrairi]'. -I'liul jnu 'ntgixiD," 

Tbr Inly ■Ighi'd, 

"Tour tout liiMlariv for rour body." laldUr. WllSttcrly. " Tmr lat*n*tf 
wmn yon opt: aU Iliu nirdicHlmcu utynci. You know Itiat Ihurf lnnotkpbyvl. 
•Itn vthn li not pruud nf bi-lnn mUvi In la lou, Wbai li ttieli iinaiilinoug dw 
tarkilon? ■ (17 dear ilocior.' lalii 1 lo Sir Tumlfy Sminim. Iii ihl* riTj nioiii. 
ttiD rcry itmx rlinfl ho cuinc. — - tuy dear (ludur. viU^l i» my itilV* a}fn]il4Lliii f 
T'll nif nil. I rim l«'»rll. It It ni-Tw?' — ■ II7 dpir fMIcm,' he Hid. 'btptoml 
of Ibat woiDAD ; mike nmch of lier : iibelt aDomaaiooi tu tlieftulilauub^ti world. 
and ii> jri>u, He^r ct>iu(»l]thif Itiuult It iwfillf, txpnndv.dilniiu.— (Tip lilnnit ijre^ 
llmpulnrqulcWnii, Ihn noltninBiil inmemni — wliewl'" Uere Mr, Wllilletly. 
who. Id tbe ardor of bli dciorlpiloo. bad Qonrhbed bli rl^ht band tu irllhlu 
aoir'>tIiItc l<v> iliau an luuh of Mn, Nlckb-by'd b;>nrii'l. drew 11 hiuilly baek 
aplti. mil hlvn bin now ■■ llrrwlf ■* IT II bad beeu doiie b; tome violent 

■• Vqu male mo uut wona thao I am. Qaaiy," aiild Ura. Wllitterl; wUb ■ 
fUol I mile. 

" I dnnol, Julia: I*>nol."MldMr. W. " Tli« »oi!lety In irlilnh jini mor* — 
neecaiaHIy uove^frnin yttar ■Uili>D,o<)niM*rllon, andeDdonmetiti'^li ouevov 
tai (iJ wlilrlpiMl at tba inoit MgblSUl endteineDt. . . . And (Or Ibat rtcf 




KIcbBla* HltbUbf. 


Muon fou miut han ■ oompsnlaa la vlioin th>» li (»•[ (i;llln>»i,itn«l 

■vVMSvaKtQKO'uLv* aympialiy. ami paiArt r^pvitc-" 

aerabotbUr. itnilMn. willltrrlj. irtiohut UlkMt ntktr at tli« KloklMiri 
thriB lo «ivili Dihrr. ivft off AjicaJLlag. and looked 01 tbeir two hcarcn with an 
(vpnaiToD of <^uiiluti4»« wlildi >D«iiiDi1 la mhj-, " TCIiat do jou IliLufe of all 

"Mn. Wltltlcrl]'," »M her huibanrt, aililrpMlnjiMiEH-tr lo Un. MMkleb]', 
" U luuibt tlirr auil Muiiiil br g1iiicilu| crfiwdi mad brllll*D( «ltel«. SIm ll 
«n(l»4 by thi>op*r», ihcdniiiiK, the ilin> Bft>. llrn — th* — lh»" — 

" Till DoUlllF. mj locc." lulrrpoicil liln Wltiilrrly. 

"TliB iiubllll)'. of courtc." inlcl Mr. WlilltotI)'. "md Ihe tarUXmry. Bh« 
fbroiJi ftnd ^ifprt'u'^ an ttnmnnan r%itHy ufopljiLonLon an liiiinbtiiawirtjrof 
)iilU«iU. If toinrpKiplr in public lift) vrrv iici|u>liittd vllh Mn. W ItlilFrl;-'! 
ttai uplulon of llicm. Uicj' would not bald (bclr bend! gxirliapt quite ai bSgh ai 

(Cb. xxi, xxvii, xxTiti, xxsiii.) 

fork. The Five Sisters of. Tho title of b rXnty loM by n 

gray-hnired yiintieiuaii ^t a foiulsidu inn twiwctn Grantham and 
Newiirk, for iJic aiuuM-mviilut'liiB fclluw-pu»(?[i;{i!r», viho havv tHM.-ii 
det^nod lliere by triu brutikiu-;-i]ovi>u of a suv^e-coucb. The Av« 
n»len iut< repre«eii(ijil am livini; In York in the early part of tlie 
lUt«en(b century, in nu olil Iioiiee Moiigla^ to ihu black maiiks 
of St. Benedict. While engaged in emtirnidering « complicated 
and Intricate pnttem. they nre Ti^iled by one of the monks, who 
orgM them toUkothe veil ; but, under tlio intluooce uf tiic yuun^i'Dt 
diler (niuncd Alice), they refuao to do so, boUeving tliat poaeo 
and virtue can be found beyond as well ni niihln n eonvent'* 
wallt. Years pass by. bringing change and reparation and sor- 
row : but Ht lat>t the four eldt-r eiti'-rs meet again in the old Iiouk* : 
and again the tame black monk ur^m tlK-ui by all lh« «ad inemoriua 
of tlie [iKgt to tvek cfinsolalion and ponce witliin tho gheltering 
VmR of the Churvb. Bcmemliering bow the youn^ heart of tbeu 
lontnitor hod sickened at the thought of cloistered walls, they agaia 
rvfiiK. Aaawork of piety, however, aawtllasa memorial of alTco 
Hon. they cause to be ezccutud in fiveeoiupartinentsofstaineilgliiaa 
&twd iato a lar'g'o wIdiIuw in York Cathedral (which hs slil! abuwi 
lLer« wnder tli«i name of the Five SiuUir^), a faicbful copy of tUuii 
old i!(nbroid cry- work, through which the sun may sliino bri;;htly Ot 
■ flat atone in the nave, which bun tlw name of flKn. (Cb. tv) 

Ct( aicltiii Bltttonjicf. 


OUrm L -SktMb tf Ih* 1MM7 If <bi iCItUtlir hollr TXiMm <•*• flu ef av 
Mgfr> OM dMiK M N I. X)eUa*r> ■•iba t« It* km. — u. DBK(1»aaa (Oir. ailvli XukliV. 
BKlnrhlibivtncHi fnf^UwirfibcCMfWCiiaiT.— m. W^iikuifartmfw 
lt» 1UO • or Ml br<iU»r-> Onik. ml tte intm •'lb* wMn a4 tartbIMm M UaOwi 
bi aiKli Rmb la laWngt >i MU L« Cnnr'*, ihl pr>KHiliii4i>nnU*fMlkiabri>**M^ 
tDS u Hton XMlulM 4 uiuMlgB u •MUUni In iiii iciiiicu]:> of Mr. Widtlmd I^biim 
l> TmCrfilnt— IV. lDum«w briwHD Mr. Hqurrn toil Mr. ^oanlFri BalpJi oJ tli 
Di^bw call apab Mr- nqurwn^ ai^ Mcbul^ Mcom Um atuuirm ; \lcTiala« Infimai Xmt- 
XotfBaof Ui uncJir't LounUoEkt la n^faM lo LJeq, — V. Klctiolai M*l> Hdlra to Mha 
E^ CrMT;-, Bnil Imvoi Uw takiuaa wllJiotif JlalnrlJtnir lila m^uti^ iin4 ktilrr; timv Vr- 
Kqivn.i'ik] b 1 1 TK^t TtTHklktUNl I RAfi^h. Vn. ?ticL]4:ti^v. and Kart.- rucii? la k* >iAeAH 
off, ftitu N«ir]n*n NqtHftt wha nMct^Uj iri'<*< himji hurrr — VL <>n tho jTinTTkr^ it Tgrt- 
•hire 111* eoacb la memunadi vtillc walUui: for ■nuUvr. ow i:cuUciaim WKrlUna bia 
fallow fimr i mill ilm tary *tl dip I^TpNiiivn^vf York i noit m.ti^nb'^ r/of- rtlana IM 
MOfyataaBaRin uf Ororiwlf: lber>M>* Um iim* M 0(*U Undtc, wd Mf- lifn 
liu irvh" ■• lis bu OnqMoUy 4mm on Ihe JaunH-^. — Til. Tbt7 r mb 
mawUffilUil. wiift -lili'li XlchtflM Itaw ftwnWr impMit! he l> liiTmOM*! U Ma. 
KqoofftT nolleiii lb* h4 ifipfannta vT "nilk*, uiit(«i*tn Mta of tbt Inwrtial MoOMV 
of HquMn'taatahllahDinil: ba readi S<i<cuud Mnat'i lour.— VUl. Uri.Sqoian lo- 
prtrtca Ibe I1071' HipeULaa bj doalog tbciD wltb brlnwtniio anA ircaci' j Hr. *4i»**niiBnwa 
toll pnHti«l uoda of IMahliur. nuAaa a npon U> ft* aebivl of tala Jaqmay Id Loai^ja. 
tat aijdi 1 lllma) dlMtiillH wla iba ctM 1 SIcbslM ihDvi ni> irmpMlv Air Bmlkr. — [X. 
Un. ftquetra «iprT*va It^r oiiinivn vC Xlcbola*: MJa* Fuuif Sijimn mal'a aa Mi«a4 
[ato Iha aahmlmnni. in hrt fnifivr~* aliHooe, for Uiv pitrpoa uf lidi««ilnc Mcliolaai bH 
appa«rviot tPt1niuiWf>H-fur^,itit u( unc^rtll* in l.^ieiili^lilm.BihlhatEfnftioanfgTiDbfr 
IrTtlft'H*"'' Ml>a I'riLf.ijf lior aitafhmcnt 4n^ lu rrium; MIu ftqucrrK mnl;*i a IHIlv 
parVfbEII"-'l<ariiii*r uMiiinxluol'itf Nti:liiriH« f'» bcr IttrrnJ* ; b^fxrlMaibn Jfa]o4«^f/Mr- 
jabn BrowJ^r i aod Hlai l^ca di** Ibo Mm* awtc* IVjr l^aimj' >titu<v». — X- Mil* La 
OraairjpaUiU Eato Mahlvb/'a purtrali 1 ttiacuiaiiiffUi* cliarvii<ruf Kiipb N4i:1il'hT.ihfl/ 
a» IdlarrupUd b^ lb* niip<«raiiita i>f thai rm^Elnmaii; lUljib Lnf irqu K*14 and hc^ mcAhrr 
Dtlll■■1llHElwlta«bat«bBaUM<llllrB^r tniijaeiiabllibniciniur UadBoM lUaulinl: Kau 
baa •unuMvigw wllb Mr. awl Madioi* Uanulini. — XI. Nuonua Xona mmo Ura. 
SkUvbranilXaWIBIalbsbuiua it wblcb Kal|>li Ntt-tiluti; linitlvcD Ibom p m awalmi.— 
Xlt. X1**ri1«alDlbim(lIMl^ur?mllii( hmrt-l'Dnt'daT 1> Aiwti Xlcbolu In bu asU 
tarrnltlamilbTMIaRqutin anil rmrminil, uxlaKCwIulluvi Inwblcll b*<lH]atal 
blaaeJiiliDDntafttr ibcfbbfilmH^irf'atlAng'tivfc Nkhoi»i4 hat a c.tiT.TfrvtiDti with Halk*L 
— Kill. Smtkt ruinawaj. I> iiunuivj III qui: dineiliin I'j Squcurm. ami In aDointrbjbM 
■lA. and )• anruken anit brouibt l»ck l>r Kn-Hqurrii ilt ^ii«rn la about Id Ao* 
Hmlkc, wban bp i« aiuppfrl i>xSicbuJv.tt7iaE>faiaEnabriitciai«crrir,a(idlcaTE4ibtbcat«i 
tUtUal Johnlirowiii', ibai irtirETi/ iiiiiiviilunl \<i irr^at^j di'iT^hii'd irp hPar sT McboLaa'a 
Mi|i1all,aniliu*iaij riiiri un lilinrajr; >icIk>Iu b jutfini ir^ timihc. --XJV. NvwTDan NovRa 
■inndaibn iiitr-'fihn KMinlgva on Ihnir iiM<llii(<la7, jinil la nalln] airaylq UioaRKal 
al Mclioliu iiM oinHB. — XV. Sawtnau rtaili lu MfUiiliu ili.' coffot Kanby Sqiiwnil 
IMirnci Riilnh Sli'tlpl^i >ilF)iola*l*aOiiH(bciiilkDl KTialgi n<in a ibuinrniii poaiaaii 
asil mnhi-'t iSavurabl* ImpraiilvD au Ibe ciiiav%s\y--'\Vl- \^clinli». vlallln^e ail IBltUI 
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Adama, Joue. A )jou.wmiu<l. 

AOQS. A bousGiuuJil iit " Nu, 6 ; " friend to Jaoe Ailami. 

Fielding, Miss Emma. A young Ixiy about U) be married M 

.» Mr. H;irvi-_v, ivbi> iti "!in nngcl of a gentli'mnn." 
Harvey, Mr. A yoiinir gi-nllomiui cnsttX'^'l ^ ^^* Fielcliog. 
John, Mr. A si^rvnni in tliu buusu of Mtu Fielding's Cilhcr. 


Xisaver, Au^uatus, > Tira mnnicd persons ^ tcndor, ao a8ii» 
Leaver, Augusta. ( lionaU', bo giren to tk« intcruhsnge of Mift 

cuili-'uniii^iiH n3 u> bu w«ll-uij;k iuUtlcmblu U> ererj'boitjr elK> 
Starling, Mnt. A wiiJ>jff-ludir eeraptunyl nSlL the attuullMiat* 
Ufluviijr uf Mr. nuil Mr». LoMVur, wliom Bbe coti&idcrs n ]>erf«c4 
niodol of wctidvil fi'Uriry. 


Charlotte, t A luiu-riod puir wliu ioom to feud a paiitiro pleunn 
Edward. ( in contradiclion, nnil agree in nothing elM. 
(Charlotte, Miss. Their (Laughter 
James, Master. Their too. 


Baundors, Mr, A hnchelor-fricnd of the AMiifflcrs. 

WhifBoT. Mr. and Mrs. A murricd piur, whone thougnu si 
ull tiiui-9 Hud in HJt pUices fire hound up !ii tlii-ir chitiireti, nnd bnTO 
till tphi^re lii'/ond. Tliey relate clever llilnga their oOVprin^ sujr ut 
do, and Tcar;' every conipnny villi their prollxitj' &ud abnirditjr. 



aHiKlita d( S^aung eouplti. 



Chai les. t A buahaml and wifn, iTcil-brcd, easy, and corelue*, wlio 
Louisa. > raivl)- (lunrrcl, but aud ansyiopatluziug, ami iniUfloroat 
tu ua^b oiLlt's coiufurl ind bajipincis. 


Widger, Mr. Bobtail. ) People of the wnrUl, who adajit tkeis- 

Widger, Mrs. Lavinia. | hcIvcs to nil it* ways, all its twisb- 

iiigs anj turuiiign', who know wluin to dosu (litLr uyes, auil when 

tht'ir eMs; wIk-u to crawl upon thirir faa.ndR auil kneOTiwIica to 

Moop; Aud when to alaitd upri^U 


Chirrup, Mr. A wurm-bi-aried little fuUow, with tlie timMtnMfi, 
HQil Muit'thiu^' of iho brisk, quick maDDer, of a ainall blrtl. 

CllUTUp, Mrs. Hit wifo i a uprighlly little woman, with nn taata- 
iriK quantily of goo<Incu and UMifulno^ — a condensation, induwl, 
of ail ibQ domcetic virtucx. 


SUvaratoaa, Mr. A clerical ^ntlouian, who msgoliliM kl> wUb 
on cTi^ po**ible occMion by launcliing oat into glowing pruwa of 
hcrcoaduct in tht jiroducUon of <:ijiht young children, and tbo mib- 
»ct[ucii( reiiiiii;; und fostvrinj of thu lauic. 

31iTerstoue, Mrs. His will-; alwajr* «i)g»g«il ID praising her 
hiubaud's wurtii aud uxuelJenue. 


Uerrywinkle, Mr. ncd Mr.s. A mamed pnir, who hare fallen 

iulo i-xi-l'i-ini li:il)iif i.>f mi|f'iiLdiil-^ince> nud forgi>l their nulural 
•yuipiilliy iinil cli-i"!! L'uiiiit.L'liou wilb everybody and every thiug in 
tlio world .'irii^nd iheiu; ibos deprivliig (bomaolTai of the bc«t and 
truest cjijiiyiiioiit. 
Chopper, Mrs. Mother to Mr*. Merry wink !& 


Adamv, Jaae. Ac a^d icrraat, who hoi been anrw snd atoi^ 

u^llur to two genui^lioDi. 
Crofts. A barber. 

iltoelct §umpl)rcj)'0 €lotk» 

tnruiR Itili llUt, oil Itic tlh of April. ItMO. 3(r. Dlekini lUrtcd * ralic^lMir 
Olilebwu U b* liiued InneoU/ ouinben (U lhriw|wn« ruli). u well Oi !• 
■Dontliljr puW, iinil which «v tonanilituf nhort.dvtwhrd piipen. wltb oocBdonal 
eoDtlfmoqa klorlfii, Tlioo ffcnlutrodiioe^ftDdooDnHtftl toj^ther bf mcaniotf • 
Aollnn^ dAnnrlblng in olit f«ii11«^mui dstiiviI Himtet fluntfilirvf. ftqd « kind of 
club, wlifflh inor-U oacc a wc«]i At bin houw. In a ijunlrii oM roniD tn wliJrJi tb«Tt 
fa * lull. ulilTuliluiiod donk. ftum ilio ruin of wtiltli tbcf dnw fbrih jiIIpi of 
doKtT pappTt Ihit th«y lhcmi«lr«4 h&v« wTtitvn, nod pliccd tbrrv !<> b^ rrvd ftt 
(lieir ipvcilugB. Tha wurkeiitiKlod 14 flgliir-cijttil fmni.fucrliin ■ period of 
utarlr Iiro ynn. It wm broufht out Id Ih« rarm of an JmiH-rlnl imtnvu, wu «x- 
ertlently prlnlrd on fooi paper, aud wu lUui(rBt«1 vllh wood-ni|;rai'lnjEi (Ifl- 
MMd or otflhlnsi on *l*«t} br Gwrf* Cattnnnula, "Phli" (R. K. Browne), 
Q*arcv CrullHbadl;. sod Daniel HdcUic — IhB Im) lattir trilitt. IiowoKV, farolilk 
Init bot ODD ikeuli each. 

Ttap pubtle did aol lalto Undtr to the maohlncry of Mantsr lluniphn<T '"i) hti 
IHendi ; noil, lo rn[»o tbelr flagKlDf Iiitaml. Mr. Plckwlok and tLio iwi> Wctln* 
wirpa^aln brouitlil uiwn thp tcpni>, ai waa alao a tliird 1V»llpr. — a rniing Tonf, — 
*lio l> !4«ni'> lOD. aiid a eouiiiFriuirt In nilnlaturn of hU trrandrnlber. ThU devlea 
WW •nuoMinili and the irork iron Iti waj alradllr tn gi'm^ml fiiur; the tml 
lOngerUlaaOODUinedlnU — ■•TlioOldCurlMHy Sliop'und" Bariiabj- Uudjto "— 
b»ag rm'-tcoapA lunang the brtt or tlie «u(hor't noTelt- Itnt llr- IMckcnt con- 
■Idvrvd that Ibe ooDocoUnc fiction of Mailer Humpbrcy Inlcrfbrtd loo much wicll 
Ibe eontlnullr of tliii principal ttnrlei. and g»tn ilin whnle work ■ too doaulury 
fhar^etcr. lie tUorcfote ovcQliinllr eant^Iled the iDlroduorory. tnlemlnry. aad 
•oneluding clmptiim In u-hkh thi" Action wilh c<tnrjiliii<d, (hi^oiib tm Ibe AimplufloD 
Of lb* olithlr^elKlil porta of which lbs wotii caniiited, It nu iHurd In tbra* 
nlumsa. — of irlitcb the llrit iip|H'amI In tMn. and thi- liul Itro In \M>, 

tn ■ lolli'i lu ■' The IHIljf tiirwi," l>oWor Cbnrlr) Hogm glYW llie follintlnjt ■• 

rtMDI of the origla ot the namn " MiHter lluntphrey's Cinok.' " la ISOt. In the 

of > tour, [ arrlTBd al the tawD of Banucd Cutle, tn Um MUltr oT Dor 


JKailti Aumpttite'i etdck. 


ban. laU on a wlDEor CTBo!n|r. ana put ap M Ibe principal hetPl. . . . Al bntlt- 
fk#l Ihr foUowtniE iiionijQ|;» J rhaDocil la notloe do III* Dp|>oiillc »If1e of IIip «lrp«t 
a larir* c1f>ck-nuit vrlth fhn uxmv - Utunplirr^'HUrroiindln^ tt, munt cE1riiiplciir>ii*lr 
tKhlb1[4^ lu ftoni of a wiiich aad dock maker't *hap. * tlovodJI*! exclaimed 
■o a gBDIlimau icatcd batlila mi: -lim I* Haiwr Ihimplirnj't rjuekt'— 'Of 
■DDtfr.' uild Ihi! ip'niJemad; ■aoddoDi jou know Ihat DiclLrni r»l>lod lisf« for 
•onie »cck> wliFu hf wa> wllrciitig iiiiliMHala fur !>!■ Midxilu Mdtlcli)'. and 
tbalhi- "ho" M> II lie flirliit nnit irnik br otMerrlnii Ihai Mr (lock-faor fiou tbli 
MnilciT?' Afler bieakDut. t iirpped aoniii ><■ Ihs watdiituket. and aiked liin 
wTiathpr I tiad beta onrrvolly Infumiccl r»«p«H3tliij[ Hr. Dli^kcina and thfl otoflk- 
The VQrthjr horoloj^hl vDtvrcd 1d:o parti i?LLlari. ^ Uy clock.' fald lie. ' iU|QED«i«d 
to Mr. Dleknlin (h> lllla of Itli bunk of llul namii. I ban a tftlnr frmn liiin ilat- 
bv Hit*, and a «opy of lb? vmrk, Iminlbrd wllh hi) ovtd baud. ... I Rot ■» 
qnilDWd with bim by lili coniliiu acroii fratu ilis bolul. ai jdu Imia ilniie lliii 
monln|. and uklnf ma to lufiirm blm alMUt Ui« (laM of Uie Bi!lghtxuln|| board' 


Alice, Mistress. Hi-roinc of the tale tnld bv Mngn^, tlie GuDd- 

liull <:'iLi[it, to liU cutiipiLnion, Gon; tlm tK-'uiitil'iil nnd nnlv iliuish- 
l«rof » vtcaldiy Lonflon Ixiwj-it of the ulittH-ntli ctniury. Sho 
«lope* wilti a guy voutiy cavalior, by whom she is Cdnvi-yud abroad, 
wlicre *hunc and r^inorM OTertakn her, nnd wring her haiaU Her 
fatbor, dyins. Innvv* nil hi« propfTty iind trade to a trii'ted 'pronllc^ 
anmcd Hush Ornhnin. I'luirninz Uim with hU latest bro^tlh to rv- 
Tsngo hi> chiUI upon the niiihnr of her iiiiti^ry, if crvt ho hn* tli« 
opjMrtunlty. Twenty yeiirj idVL-rvards, Alico miiidenly rcttimi; 
and Master Gru.haiii (who whs rurim.-rly un a^ipiraiit lur hvr bond. 
nnd who etiil Iuvcb her) gives bvr tudging iti his housu, — mica 
berv, — taking up hi» own abode In n dwelling nearby. Soon 
kfter, he cncaunttim ihc man who wroiijiht hnr riiia. Ilie two 
ex('hangi> n (i-.v his;h, hot worda, and then elate in deadly conl^^t. 
AfW a brief ulru^jsk', the nohln falls, pieroed ihrnuffh tho hitnri 
nilh hU tiwn »woni by thu citiien. A tiot cniuo ; and at but 
Grahun U phot dead an hi) uwii dooralc^p. On carrying him up 
■tain, an anknovnt wouan If discoi^rvd lying lifulcM uuDealh ttra 



Cbc Sfc&tiu ■ cttonaij. 

BelfQ^it- A diBtraL-tei] 'lumtcl, vho writes a letter k> Mxctct 
lliiii>[>1irvy xliout h«r fnitlilcM IoT«r. 

BdlltOD, Mias. Mit8t<>r niiiapbroy'» Iioowlcceper. Mr. Weltur, 
teiiliir, in n inoinoal ot weaknepK, fall* Id Ioto wlih her : but tlie 
jirvfi^ra Mr. Slitlicra tlin tiarbpr ; nnd tho old ^ntlninnn, ri^coTeriDj 
lii» " native hui! of miolmioD," conjure bli wn Samivcl to put 
bim in a stniit wnUtouiit uutil the Gt h pusiid, in Ha eront of hit 
ervT biijouiin;* niiiututis a'jaiii. 

Doaf Qcinttemaii, The. Au latiuiuie friend of Mustur Hum- 
plirey's, Biid a clioorfiil, ]ilnclil, happy old It i» lii» humor to 
cnnri^nl hu n.iitio, or he hiu n rt^siaon nnd purpose for do) a g so. 
Muster Humphrey and th« cithi^r inmnlicrii of iho rlub respect fall 
eccr«t, lliuivlbri! ; itnd ho is known nmong ihum only a^ the Deaf 

QrOg. One of the Guildhall gjanu. Set TonDTttlOit, JoK. 

Oraham, Htlgh. .K howyur's 'prentice, in love witli his niM(«l'l 
dnu^Iitvr. Sr< Alicb. Mistbkss. 

Jinkinson. TTio suhjett of an anccdotu minted by Sum Welter. 

Magog. Oni- of ihf flail'lhall gi.ants. Sr.e TiinoruiOH, Jok. 

Uarks, Will. 'Ilie hero of a tal« wliith Mr. Pickwick snbinltt 
to Mailer HumpIirL'y itnd bis frienda as a " (jualili cation " far nd- 
iDi!<)^iuu lo Ibeir liub. Will h a wild, rovinn; young fellow, lirins 
at Windsor In the time of JamuH I. Be rulunteera to keep 
irateb by nl<ilit at n gibbet near Kiu^t«n, for the purpose of 
idenlitying aoaie witcbpH who have been holding hideous nocturnal 
revels there; bm bo findn, InKead of wIicIim, two gCDilemiliien, 
weeping anci wnilin;; for an rxpculrd butband and brother. Hfl 
Rnil'ci'E himsi-lf to bi> ronducleil to Putney, where he la introdticad 
to a milked cavalier, irbo induces him to take the body of tha 
deod man liy niKbt for burial to St. DunittinV Church in LoDdco. 
Thii tiLik. tliouEh a dillicull and dangerous one. lie perform* ; niul 
on hia return houie, fiiidiii;; the whole nei^hborhooil worknd up If 
a bij*h pitch of myaler)' aD<l borror over bis di.<apj>t<iirance, ho 
adds to the vxcilL'nii-'Ut by li'lliai; them a m^iat entraurdinary itoff 
of his adveuture», deeeribiu^ tlie witi'bea' Janee la llic luinDlcri 
Dtotlou cif their lc(^ and performing it in cbaraeler on ti.e table the aMiiitanee of a hrooinHiielc. 

Master Humphrey. A kind-hcHrled, deformed old genllemai^ 
living in an .tnuii'iit home in a veniTablo foburh of London. He 
ii the ibuudcr of a tort of dab, which meott in hia rooiB ono ni" 




iKiltd Xumpltts'a Clock. 


''h emry weut. at l!ie hour of ten. In thii room mo ili chtln, 
four cif wliich itro filleil b)' M.iati-r Uuiujihrcy and bis JHonJs,— - 
Jade RtMlbnni, Mr. Owen Milu«, aaii ilio '' Uvuf Gentleman.' 
The two ompiy fpats are peserveil until thev can fill Uicra with 
two iiinn lo tlipJr mind ; and Mr. Pickwick I'vtnlu^illy becoraca lb* 
owupant of ome of ihnni, while Mr. Jsick Bamber is proposed m s 
cNndiilatc for tliu other. In a "iiij corDi.T gla]id<i a quaint old 
clock in a huju oikca cau.- curimnlj- anii rfebly carved; an<l tn tho 
botioiii of thin caiL' the! mt.-mburs of thn dub. fnjm timo U> tlmo, 
deposit miinustript laics of tUdr own coinposiiion, which arc tah«a 
out ftni] road ut their wt'ekly uiuutin^*. Amonj thnw arc tlw two 
well-known vti.>rie3 CAllod " The Old Curiosity ShotJ " (tbn iccoad- 
aiy title of wblcli, m aI fiwl publialiud, was "PerMniil Adventure* 
of Uaaler Humphrny") anil "Ddrnaby Rudge." MuMvr Ilnnt- 
phiey thun deKrlbnii hiiowif and hifi friuoda : — 

"We ■re msn of Mcludnl hnblt), wllb >oaisihLii| af n cliiiid apaa ourMrl^ 
fbftuniu, wliote euihii»tA»m, bovflrtI»t|iTtj, hnn not cooliyl villi tipii whotA 
vplrtt of romuiDF linot jet qiipTiFhpd; who nrcconlani lo rvnblfl tlirOTi|;li tli* 
vorld In n islcmanl iIiubtii. rjiiiii^r Ihaii wukru ujpln ii> lu liiinli r"i1ltlc<. We 
«rv ftlcIiciDl"l4,uh»wuijldri(raolIli« r*4paw of perpetual youth Ttotadntl miil 
Mliei. tempt coy Ttulh In luiuiy UftlitaQil klrr fOruu from lliu iMlUiin othrt 
wnll. atifl 'llveon'r acin jimiub (if oomflm ur cicaf f rtln i>f good Id the ooiQ. 
inonHt ftnd lojL4f-rrjEartlrd mAtlor tbftl p»stn Ihrouf U our crucible-" 

UUee, Mr Owen. A wi^allbv rctin-d int-rdiant of uterling chfcr- 
acItT; a. ^rvM iViend iiinl ailiuirer uf Jack Rcdbum. 

Hokwiok, Mr. SamtiaL Thu ht-w of •• TTio Fickwtpk Paper*," 
EuaUiiig SLiiti-r llLitujilircj-'s account of himiclf, his clock, and hia 
club, be is wL^ed with a stron'j duairu Ui become a candidntu for 
Jne of the two v.icant chair* lit the club, and accordiiinty furnisbu* 
a witch-clory of the lime of Jnmo 1, aa his qualification, which 
procure* him the honor. Sm Maiixs, Wii,i„ 

Ur. Plekwkk'i ttai. wblle hli lalowai belnn nuL wniM hats altruMil 
tlM atlPDtUin uf Ihp dullftit nua allm. Tlio cimpTiiciiiii mullim of bU hfvd 
and nmOiiEcr h he f-onil)' b(«t llnir. anil eorrocli'd Ihfl nlr nllh ImiKlrisry 
panRlunllim; lliu imile iliui niiuilculoi) bli ftmutct ■■ crnrJiMOia i>iu>a|ir. 
anil the ^ty Imk be •lair nrniiiiU loobteriv lit 'iltVct; lliBatlmmaiuiirlnnblrh 
lie tli'it blBtttwiaiiil ll'lenecl Mlien ihcrewna lamu l&Klv |ii(ve of ilftKrlprtuii; 
ih« cbauginj; cxprc*ib)a nlth wlilcli lieaeled lliedlnlngoeiahliiiM'lfi hliafnn]* 
that tliii I>Af (isiillemaa utiuuM kuow wlmi It mi>>ll>Urul: ami liliextranrdl- 
narf aniloly lo opneol Ihij niuliT •rbrn be lie-ltnlBil al «irunllii tbg mano- 
icrlpl.iirautHIIIDIed a wroiijr one. — were aUko vorthy of reniark. And wben 
at ta"I. eniliNtviiKiLjf to cummuciLeile wlEb lUtf I>euf l>ficitlEiii]i^i by mi^Hiit of Ilia 
Asxtr-nlDhaliel. nllh nblcb he eonilniciled tueb wordu aa ar* nnkoown la aa^ 

etit Sicktns B(cttonaEg. 

wiml In a tinp, ihv ijurtllon, Ilow-ito-jroa-ltkp-ll ?— nhm ho dJd lb[«, ■nd, 
tmniUuK tt cncr the IdbEc. availed Itie rppl^, wUU w oouDrcaanoe odLj brifht- 
■neil siiil fuiimiriMl tir I>1> grru cucllt-mciil. etoii Mr. Ullci r*lBJESd, and Maid 
IWl ^>rl)iirir lo^iktuf At liJjn fVir IbK attimcttl wUli tntrivBt and AiTor< 

Podflrere. John. A olinmcWr in Mr. Pickwick'* Ule; a MOnt, 
Jmwtv, iji-niiteil »UI fctlow, hclil by Iiis neighbor! to bo a laitD of 
•trwi^ lountl (icn'L- ; unck In Will M^irki. 

Be4buro, Jack. Oav of Mantvr Uutnphrcjr'f Bicndi^ anil hi 
fitctutuia. Mr. Uil«a U kit ituepitrsblo cooipanion, tuid rc|[ui)t 
liiiu with gitint ailuiiration. believing not only thnt " do num vra 
liviv] irbu coiilil ilii tio lu.iny (b<n<i;t m Jnclc, but Uial no niu) eT«r 
tivi^r] who roiiM do any tbin;^ rrt well." 

BUtheo's, Mr, Mr. I'irkwifk's barber; a very bustling, nctin 
little, wilh n ri;il noin and a rouiiil briglitfacc He fiilU in 
loTO witli MiM Btntoo, 3Ja«tcr Uiiniphre}''8 hotuvkocper. Bad 
Unatly loarrie* tivr. 

Toddyhigb, Jo9. An old playmate of tlio lorJ-nuiyor elect of 
l^niion. Tbc two bad lii'tn poor boys logclUpr at Hull ; and nlwdi 
they B>par.-necl, ancj went i>ut into Uiu world in diffL^i.-nt directions 
to fcfk thfir fortiine*, they ii^rctd alwnys to remnia fiit fru-ndii. 
But tiini; works mnny ebariges; aiid t"> iC bii|)p«n» liiat tbv tont- 
muyDr elvot ivroivi^s liis ul>i eouiponiun very uoldly irhfn be sud- 
denly appears tu bl; voiiniin^-rooiu, and elaLns BcqiiainiiiDi:c, at » 
biti! buiir on llio very night before llie gruid in&ugimUoD. 
Asbnuied hriI di^triHtfiil of bis old friend, be ^t* nd of him at 
quickly M pQtiablt, giving lilm, bowevcr, n ticket to ihn graad 
dinner on tbe morrow. Joe t.ikcs it iritbout a word, iind iniinnfly 
deparU. The next day bo goes to Guildliail, but. kuowing nobody 
there, loiinsex about, and at lost comes into an umply lillte uuido* 
gallery, wliieb eommanda Ui« wliol« biill. Silling down, lie moa 
fills Bslcep ; and wbcn bo wakes. ;n ibe clock Btrike» tliree, be ii 
aslonisliFd to Iind the gueslfl di-p.irtt'd, ;ind to tee the tlacuo* «f llitt 
granl glints Gog and Mmgu^ (tbe -jiianlinn ^enil of the c!ly) 
endowed wiib lifq and motion, and to hoar ibem >peak in gr^ve 
and solemn voices, agre^g 10 wfallo away die dn^iry ni^bti witb 
legeudB of old Tjondoa snd with other talei; Mago^ making i 
begimiin;! by ntUtlng the Ural of ihn " (liant Clironiclcs." 

Weller, Samuel. Mr, Pickwick's l>odi--5erviint ; " tlio Kime trim 
faithful fellow " tliat he nsud to be in the days of ijie Pickwick 
Cbibv roraining nil bli native faumor too, and nil bis old casf coc& 

fUtnltx JQuniptictg'fl Cldtk. 


, ui'l knowledge of tho world. See Wkjaxk, Toitt, 

WeUer, Tony, ih« elder. Tlwi )1J ploihoric ci>8uliui»u of " TTi* 
Pittfick Papnr* ; " fjiibfir W S.un Wcller. Wll(^o Mr. Pickwick, 
attpncli^ii bv Sum. vUiti Mutter llumplirey on eliiH-nighU, clil Mr. 
Wtllw nccompnnios ibttni n* part of Mr. Pickwick"* l>odj--^iir<l. 
Wliilis Uio muHiben of MnstL-r llmnphrcy"» Clnok nrc holdinj; tUcir 
UMtiaj; in Uio ■(,»<]/ up stairs. Mira Buntoa tliD liuutukLi'^x^r, aofl 
her fUendi Mr. Slltben die btirber, enturUin ilia twu Wvllora ta 
tlia kltolicD. 

"I don't ililnli." Mid Sun. who wu (moklag irllb fiwl Mmpoium aiid an- 
Joynicul. "lliur. If Ilm liirty «<» ii|[rnn«b!>'- U *trd bvvwTlhroul n' Ihv T«y Air 
lu fl>iir lo Dukv up A otub of our o«d. llko Iho irovcfmori 6oti up iij^n. *nit tet 
hln" — S*a polnud wIUi llie ilotn of lili ri(p« luwimli till paiwnl — "bo Ihn 

Ttl* h011iVkvi?p''Tairiibty dpptircd (Eml It wai thOTirrUklnff iba had htcn 
dilaUnf of. Ttif birtur uld Uic >aiD«, Ur. Waller •■[!) aotlilugi biti lia laid 
town hi* pip* ** tf tn a nt of ImplrMloa, and p«rfbrm«t tha Ibllowtng 
naaoouvrH : — 

CobolE'inlaf iha Ihra* lowrr batton« uf hU wahtctMit. and pwiFlnf , fbr a 
BOnMUtt ta mjoy Iho «a4y now of biralb vintofjuoDI npmt 1Ei[k pFooct». ha laid 
Tlolaut hwida uiiaa Wi wiiifli.cli*Iii. auit iluwli-. and hIIIi aitrcmrdKncnll)'. 
irvtffrijnx lit* f'lb nn imToiitmii ilfiribl-f-ca^od ■llT««r var^li, nhlGb broujibl Iba 
llnEnjE of iho pockol wirb it, and wa^ noi 1o bo diacnianxlod buc b; ffnar cier. 
lIuDi ami >n uniiiiliijt r<.iliio*i of lUoi. Hailiii fhlrtr ir>l It nul lU lut. Iia 
dalao'^ad t>M wiirt etvu. ami vramid ti up villi it k*^ at oorrt»^tn'itHf[ ma^pil- 
ttide; thtji pm lbpnAi>on ajCftiD, and, bavlQjC applltd rhv wiiioli 10 hli car (o 
ucertnlii Iliat li wu mil ttoloji, savo U loiuc lulr-duiou burd knooki on Uui 
tahli*lEi 1jnpnrr«11a ^■rfurnuinOB. 

■■TliBt," "iiJ'l M', \VVlli'r, iHvIng It on tha labia, with 111 fioa npnardi, " I* 
lUe lEIIu flfidcnibli^m oM&Ii lipro toclcty. Sojomy. roLob fbtTn (wo ilooli tUI« 
TB> lit i)i<i warunl cbaari. I.&dlM and gvn'lDion. Ur. Wallar'i Watcb la rannd 
np. and noir a-cnln'. OrdnrI" 

D^ way of cnforolnji thli prootainaiion. Mr, Wetlor, ualnjr f be watch altor 
tba inannur of a praildant'i Immtuar. and niiuirkliiK w<ib irmt prldn 
that nolblnf hiirr. It, and that ^IEh and i*>aoiiiiU>nt of all kindv mati^rl* 
Ally anhan«^d iho cxi^ollrnoo of Ihc workf. and aaablad Iho rrKiilalor, 
vuookPcL Elii^ 1a!>]u a ffrunt miiny lluic*. and declared the aufwiatluu fi^nnally 

ITu! old " wliip" iirraides with gruiit diguitj-, ami obwrvps tba 
■trictunt rulun ot' parliamoiitarv law ; lbii», when Sam, In ihe coiir«o 
of Home n-m:irks, refers t'> n c\a»* of gpntlcmen mi " bartior*," and 
Mr. Slitljcr* Hms ani) au^cfit* that " hair-ilrcMcrs " would bo 
VOre "wolhlni*" 10 hin fcnli^gis Mr. Wullcr rulus "haii*- 
divSHni " ia th« on)/ dcai^n.-ilioc p?o|>er 10 be used in the debits, 
tnd lUaL all other* arc occ of onlor. 


CDt Sicttni SUtlanitf. 

" WbH. bnl loppaaB Ii« wu nl k tulr-dTMMr." luiistatcil Sam. 

"Wf llicu. imrlluuFadiry. ami rati lilniTun all llm morv," ntnnxHt bit 
Ib^vr. " Jn tho xniiir' t iir im cr'iyfrirEiii«ii la an'^tlivr v^u^ 1> ■ Aonorikble^ 
flv'ry bdrbvr iii iLIt iilnco [« a bolr-dfpifci. Vcn yoii read llio B|]f(<c1i«« in Ui« 
papflm^aLul utr a» vuu utii'EiiLaii >ayt erf a^tolhcr. - Iho Ihixiorablr mnnlifrr. If be 
vUl alloniuv lo csJl him ui,' riiu vlll <iiiili<r>ian<). air, thai Ihnt nmaa, ' If lia 
VUI nllaw mt (okotii up that 'ero plnasant and unl venal dctlao-*" 

Uarini; tuki-n a dtiJilvd fancy to Miiu Bi!u(ud. but t«ing ofnld 
tint iJiu is a " wiijilrr," Mr. Wellor gen Sam to iaijiiire at to tba 
fact. IIu ia Ii>l<l that ^hc i' a tpiniilcr. 

" A mil ?" 1»1J lili father with deep loorn. 

■* A •plnatar." rvpllul ituxa, 

ISi. IVclIer lookcil 'irj hanlRthlittaD hr ■ mlniite or two. Hid tlieuiaid,— 

■' Never mind vcilier (lieinaki'ijokca. or noi; lliat'iaa ouitlCF. Wol I*ay li. 
It tJjat nnr fanjulti u nidilur. or In aim not?" 

■^ Wot do you DieDH by l)rrniukliic)okr4?**i]eniaDdrd 5am, qult« a^^^at at 
tlir obneurlly of lili |>aceut'i ijKech. 

" St'tvi yiu niEud. .'^arulviii." rvturiird Mr- WbIIit (ratnly, " l*unt mij b« 
nery j^ood Ihtngi, or Ihey may t» wciy bad ^na. aud a female may be Done Ilia 
bvllvr.utilieiuay be none liieiuriD. rurmoklUH ofciu: lUat'afUl uullilug Ui 
do rtUi »ld.lnr,." 

" Wy. DOIT I " aald Sam, looklnEroniid. "would aaybodr baliOTO MamuiU 
bla timp o' ILfu cuiild Im ninijlng lili liitml a^lii uplimlnr* a]i4|HirLHtor4 iKilnj Iba 

aame tiling f" 

"Tlicte adH a iiraw^j diiTereuc« between Vm."iald Mr- Wcller. "Tour 
faibvrilld u'l ilili-e u cuadi funutuaoy jeon, uul to be ekalta bit own laos 
fidge. H tWr w lluUpir', f^namy." 

Mr. Wcller insinlg upon Un? two words being syoooymoiia, but la 
flnilly iL9furci] that Miss Ucntoa is nnl n iriclovr, which givcii him 
grent satisliiction. 
Weller, Tony, Oie •/oungcr. A son of Sam WcHcr; nniiicd fur 
hJB pnndiiilher. He is n very smaii boy, about twa (btt sis tVoiu 
Uio gnmnd, tuiviiig u vury round liicc etroagiy reieniblhig Mr. 
Wclter'a, and u slout Itltlu body of i-xnctly hi» lnJild, firinly twt 
upon a fouplo of very stunly legs. Wlien Mr. WuUor U find ioti'O- 
ducoil to Ma«ti-r iliiiiipluvy, liu iiumedUtuly gow ofT, hs be nlmnjrB 
ilocf, intu pniises of Ida iiaiuvialiv. 

" Somitcl (Ttlief. air." laid [ho old gentleman. ■' h»» eoii-ftrted upon me Uia 
atidt'itt lltib ii' AfHiidJ^tber, vlcti bad la»g laid ilonnoiine, ami woa k'|xuw] to b» 
Avatly beK'tluel In our family, ftaoimy. relate a anecdote o' run o" Ibem boyii 
— thai "ere little aneL-dotn about joung Touy uij-lii' aa bo mold iiuolto a iilp* 
gnbelimiiTn lo lilo inoIh>'r," 

" lie quIptT can't joii?''4id£am- "I never aeefueh ft old maj^ple.-.- never T* 

''TliBI >B[V Tuny litlinlilnsgedulbei)'," .aid Mr, Wvller, lie.ilti'ia of Ihla ra 

telT, — "Iho bleiaedoal boy niever I ire inm^daytl Of all tbe ctiarmlu'ext af 

«T«T t heerd letloa. lududiu' tliem a> irua klvei*aiiv(r by tbe robin redbreaiia 

■rttr Iliey 'd cummll ted iooldde, with bliokbanlea, tbrr* onw wa< any like IbM 



(KasttT 9fumptct]i's ClStk. 


'm lHll» Ton^' n» S iilnii]™ •'pl«rln' with ■ qniut pel— lh«l boy I". To i«e 
him ft-Kttln^ ^wn onlhu dooriti>pt prctcndlajE (o 4rEQk out ot II. anrl fblcJiInn a 
.ong brcalh uleriirii*, ind imoklng • bit of flra-roud, uid iDrlu'. ' Nciw I "n 
frandftUivri* ^ tv *Ri} him nKlEjIa' time Al two TVoroH t< brtlprlliHii hRvpfayAt 
WDi CTcrwralc. ■Nonl 'in RrnDrUklticr I * Uf icoiitil n1 itt( > pint pot If ran 
woi 10 moke hima pro»nlOn It; butbcgcU Iili 'luart; usil Uien Im aajri, 'No* 

Ur. WfUor km io oiorpoinrfil by Ihli prnara, that bo ilralxbEirar fp[l [nto 
■ moit ■lumlnit 111 of wugblniti wblali mmt terlslul)' hate beta UMocIcil wlUi 
Kniio nual mull but fiitDia doxlerlly aud prompllluda of $ain. wbo. Uklnj[ a 
Irm gnvpoftho ihawl Jirst onilvr hJi t)i[)ivr*i shin, (book him to and fro nil b 
fToaL violence, al Eho lamr tLmo admlnlitctlD^ ionic imaft blovi bom«a bU 
•tionldcn. Br I'Ui cuiluui modu of irtutmi'ul. llr, Wcllor wan nuall/ raaot»r»4, 
tHtalth a T«rr crlauoo (UN. and la a (tata of gnM eihaoatlo*. 

Sl)c (Dlb OTuriosity Si)op. 

THU >Ur7 nr1(liuUr lippewcd la tha terM mlHetlanr (ullcd " HhIot BDin 

plmr'iVlook.''— lb* nm diaptur In Un-fCnirtli niimbrr. It li iiu|i|>o>>il lebo uBi>i 
nilcil b)' !>Iiul9t Uumphrcy (nha Dgurci u Die Single Ocntlv msn. the brolhfr at 
Llltlo Kitl'i KTSndritlier]. ■iiil. ■> at Hnt init>tU)»a. !l boM the luti-IIIla, •■ Per- 
K>u«l Ailvratnn'n of MiuWr Humphrey." 

Tho uillior (Bfi of (Iili tiLli-, -'Tlio auuij McaOt 11 woii me. tni the muij 
benrti It (arnni) la me when Ihey Ken full OT prIvMc larroir. Innut It irilli an 
liil<!rc>t In my Ditail wlilcli li nut a publln oofianil tlio rlHhr/ul plsee of wbleb 
■piK'sr* 1(1 be ■ K IDoco IrmoTci] grouDd.' I will mcKl; obtrrrr. IbcrelliH, that. 
In wrltlDjf the book, t bad it hJitr)-] lii my fancy tu Kurriuad the lonely ttipira 
of the clillil {l.liile Xdl) nitb f^oletque aad wild, but not Impmnlbla anQpao- 
tUD', anil In pilher about livr lunuceni nun and pun liitecUaDi MfoolalH Ba 
■ttaiigeauil uiiivue*ulii] u tbo frlnrobjeou that Br« about hetf b*d whoa bar hU- 
lorj 1) ant foreibadowed." 


Bachelor, The. A Uud old (.-ontleuiaa at a village where UttU 
Nell and her [p^ndfdtbor stay In the course of ihcir wanderings. 

Xone of tbo rUla^en bad urod to atk LIi narnc. or^ nhrn tbr? knpw lt~ to 
iltjre It Id tlaelr mnnttirlir*; pf^rliiipa biviiEini] lie vrai uQuarrlcU he bad berU 
tailed the Diotaelor. The DBme plwrd hlin, or tultrd hltn ■* mil u uuy olb- 
ii: and ao Ills BACbclur bo bndcvcc •lam lenwlncd. 

(Cli. lii. liv, Iv, Ui. Isviii, Ixii, IzKxlii.) 
DarbEira. A ImuM^iuitid at Mr«. Gurluad's ; alYcrwards the wife of 

KitNuIiblvB. (CLxxii. xxxviii-xJ, Uviii, btix,lxiiii.) SmNb* 

nLEs, Kit. 
Barbara's Mother. (Cb. sxxU, xl, Id, ixrlii, Izis, IxxiiL) 

• Ill Cutfaills &\Kif 


Brass, Solly. Sietcr ud purtDcr or Snmpmn Bnui^ 

In fioF ihc bor* a ilrlklDirvMiablBnw lu lirr bnilticr Sampioa. 80 cxaM, In- 
dr*d. Hu ilic IlkcnsM tHl««eo Uunn, IhU bad It ronxomil with Htu llrmu't 
iDiilili'ii III iKti-xi; null |trntloiT0in«i1ioailtol>i»<Miuni«lherbratbcr'ivIolliF>la 
• frolic, ind Hi iliiwn bMlilfi liliD. It wcidIiI hsre biiiii ilifflcult tit tlic uldul 
ftknd ortlic Cmnllv to dPItrniliiv vhlirh urai !-anip)oD. and wnli^ti liall:': «- 
piwllll)' » tliuUilj'cvricd upuu lice uiigKr tl|i wrttin rcddt>Ii dPinoDilnillaiu, 
vblob^lTUio tmiifliuitluo bad b«*n a«*l*i"il by lll<^a(1ln^ itilglit tiuvL-bcfu ml^ 
lakaa for a b*ard' TbtH vcrr. Iionvrcr, In all prot^nblUly, uolblii^ murv Lhaa 
•^LubM 111 a urong plafo. u the cyu oT Ul» Bran vfcr I>w. quLic. fnna 
any vuctb laatunU liii])PrUiirnv«. 1a«»m]>lexUia Mlaa HrivJi vrak ahIIuw (faUier 
adlrljiolloii. 10 10 'pvaty, but ilili liiiowni u^i»>iil)lf rritrTKl bythf liralUi/ 
lt<t>w wlilcli luaiiili'd in llic ritiouie il|i of lirr lii<i|;Mii|t uiku. IIiTtcilw wa* 
racfl^Jlagly Imiintulrcr. iloc^ luul tlcii In ijualii)-, and. ifuo« braid- not <«>11jr 
KugDUFD. ... In mlad the wa* of aitronji and vlniirout lum. bavlDif ttom 
hrt nullut jfuulU doroird herwlf with uucnoiuiuii arilur In iha utodjr uf Iha 
lav; Dutirvllng lur KiH-rulaifonn iipim It> tail* 0l|lit>. whirta am ran. bill 
trauiag It a^tcnilytdf IhroujEh all tho lUpprry nad c«l'Ukc crawUa^ In wbicb 
II eammuul}' iHinun iMHaf. . . . Wlicilirrilio bad«r#ln1 Ucr lirurt afiiluil 
™'tH"'*. ur whatbar Uma who mlKhl !>■•• vonod and won b<^ nrrr drltirrd 
by Iban. that. bclDjE Iru-ntd In the Iaw. ibe laJght har« too near bcr Hji^rrv' 
Hud* (iKjHv parlLc-uiar itntmi'^ vrhicb ti'ftttuio wliitl iir« flMnJliarlr Ivnii^d a<K 
tlani for breach, cerlnlu It I1 IIuli the itu iiill In ■ ilnlc of cdlbacj'. aiu) itlll 
til ilally fjccii|]alluii of bnr old 'Iinjl. Lip|Ki«lt* to Hint <if h«r btoUipr iSampnon. 
And njuolly fvrlaln It U. by Ibe xvay, that, bvtvnwu ttia» two ftoolfl. a fr«al 
nail)' i<fio|>to biul cumc i« the ground. 

(Cli. ixxiii-xxxviii, li, Ivi, kiii-lx, Iwu-Uvu, Ixxiii.) 
Brass, Sampson. A riUaaoiu nttomc}' nf Bcr'a Murks, irith n 

criii^iug uiLiiiiier uqiI a. v<jry luxnh TOico; Quilji'* legal udviscr. 

He i) a lull. iiii-ii;^rv 11111U. willi a uobo like aweii, a prulruiling Ibrv- 

hiead, relr«auny eyes, .tnii bfur of a. (icop red. (Cli. xi-xiii. xxxiii, 

Xisv, xxxvii, xxiriii, xlix, li, IvI-lx, lx.ii-lxlv, txvl, Ixvii, Ixxziil) 
Cheggs, Mr. A innrkcC-gardenor ; n rival gf Mr. SwLvul!*r'« (or 

the hand nf Sopliy Wncklo*, irhoiii Iio (inallv mnrries. (Ch. vlii.) 

.Scr SwiVKLl^R. 

Cboggs, Miss. BU aUler. (Cb. vlii.) 

Ohuokster, Mr. Clerk in ibu nfficu of WiQmrdeo tba nnt(ir7; a 

EHi-mlK-'r uf tliu Lu<l^<> uf Gluriuus Apollus, and a mgrtal «ni>my of 

Kli Kubbli'ii. (Cli. xiv, xs, xxxviii. xl, Ivi. Ix, Lxv, Uix, IxsUi.) 
Clorgyman, The. A very kind piutor m tbe villn'^ irlivn- Nclt 

Mid her gr.itiiifiiihur May for n time, (Ch. Ui, Ixxili.) See Tbest, 

LtTTi.K Nku.. 
CodUn, Tom. One of thu Puneli-ani1<Judy nhowmcn wiUi whom 

Lii.tle Ndl and Ills' gnu>J&ELiu- iroviil fur a few daj-». (CLi. xti- 

xix, xxrii, Uxiii.) 


tit S((&(nfl ]D<tiConat|i. 

David. Old. Aadsiant to tha old tcxton tn the Tlllago wl^n 

Littk'K^llilka. (Cli. liv.) 
Edwards, Mlsa. A pupil at Mist MonlUUieni't edncaticnoi c«- 

Mill! fill lui-nc. (Ch. ixxi, xxxii.) 
Svaos, Richard, f "o "l" Mr. Marion's pupil*. (Cb. Iti.) 
OarlaQd, Mr. A IIhIl-, lal. plai-id-fa'.-i'i), anil very kiiul.liuarted 

olil [;i-Dl]i>iiiaD. viilh ulioiii Kil Niibblen lives nlUt hv leuvcs LUlle 

Nell. (CL. xIt, xx, xiil, xx;tviii-xl, Ix, livij-lxx, Ixxii ) See jj. U3. 
Qarland, Mrs. U'a wilu ^ a. liiile glit lady, (iliiuip nni] ptacid, like 

tiiiiiiM-ir. (L'Ij. xiv, XX, xxli, xxxviii-xl, Ixvli-lxix, Ixxiii.) 
Garland, Mr. Abel. Tlieir eon, articlcil to Mr. Wlilicnicn tba 

DONiry, wlioM jiartner he aflcrwjtrds becomu*. (Cli> xir^ XX| 

xxxviii-xli, Is, Ixv, Ixvii-lxix, Ixxiii.) 
Ooorge. DriviT ofUr?. Jnrluy'v caravan ; sUlerwardthurkuiluwL 

(Cli. XXV i, XXV iii. xlvii.) 
Qeorge, Mrs. A ui-igblKir anO frieDd of Mr*. Qiiilp'x. (C1l> i*-) 
Qraadfather, Little Kell'a. Proprielor of tho Old Curiowiy 

SLiij). Tliu hlfUiry of liia life before llio time when the itory 

opuus to thuH tkelulicd: — 

■' 'I'lii-rp wfirn once Iwo brulhors. vrlio luvvil *9ah other dcjtrljr. TJic™ wm b 
ill"parlly lullidrngw, — »umiitwi.'lvi> J"*™. . . . *1 iilnullm liilc>r(»l iM'lwtni 
lUciJi ^01. Lowevrr. Iltoy bccAjDo ilvplt too looo. TZir JcopetE Bod lErongc*! 
•SKcUouur Iwlli tlii^Ir ]ic«rtB bcUIimI u|>aiioiii'UltJcct. 

VI J XUv !lF«t to llii'l thJt ouE, 1 wVll not loll jon what lat»prr hi? ulkdcrvrem, 
ivIiAl aiuiir iif ■mil li> knew. Iiun (iriMil lila tni^nid iiiniinilo "■*. ... II* Irtt 
1il> lirulUui lu be liQiijiy. Ttic Iiuili ucrei (jiuinl till Him; auil bo ifuillDil Iha 
counrrj'r hipping to ilin nt^ninil- 

"Thc cldi^r brotlu^r loarrkd her. KbeWfta [n hear en before lonj(. (ud IcA 
Uiii vUh Du lur«utiLiiiKhi<r. . . ■ 

*' J II cUUt dAiij[til4ir tiki iiMJthi'r tUivl Bgnlji. You may }adfpnrlth wb^dfivo. 
tloQ bo wbo loit Ibal Jnotbvr, ajmont &u the wintilnjEh vLiiiiit lo tbii ^d. her 
bmalbiDR liiiajte. tibc k'o" ■<> wommitiuai], lud xavo bi'r lioul to ono wliu 
euuld uol know i(> uurtli. ITrlt! Ilt-r luiiil fnlliiT euuld uol •im: Iipi pliio unit 
droopr IJo jntj^ht Int laurp l]l1I1<lf^lng tlmci tie tbmjjjtit liliii- ll» Biitiiry mljthi 
tcooluv tn n-|th A win! ilia hi-r. llrjolnvj Iticif liiiudi> fiiul tlity wtrc marri«d- 

'■ I'hrouEli all (he miicr}' ihal foUuwrd (bit UDlaii. Ibrviigli nil the vuld arg. 
Iiiot and MUd»Grvcd frproidi. tlirou^b *11 the jHirrrty he tiroufEht upim her, 
(hronEli >ll the iilrui|[lva nf tbelt dally llfi-, too idhd aud plliniL (o icU, t>ul 
drmulhil to endure, the loFled oa in Ibc deep dcroliop of Un iplrlt. and lo hot 
Iwtleroatute, at unly wocimu vAn- llcrmeaut and AUlAlaneavaat^d. burfathr' 
nearly t>i-jtj|i>ri'd by hue hmband'a hanil, and Ibi' hourif irttDCU (tat lliey tlvetf 
llo^^ under onp roof) of her [Jl uuge and ftubappLno», ihe ncfvr. but (or hJiiL 
lUHUlIed )ier fute. Rttleiit. aud ii[ilicld hy ttoiiig ullVctluu to >!iii latt, tli* ille4 
a widow of noina ibren wiaM'dale. leavlaglo lierfaihpr'ieaiv two orpliam, — 
MW • ten of t(a«r twelve year) old: thootlicraflil, ■uohanalberlulkalafaiU 



01B eucioiiits ab*9- 


.'llie uBia in licl^ileuiKu. In tgt. In fam, in IteuiiKi) M (IM bad tocn h>r»U 
vbvci Ititr jMii&x iui»llirr dlrd- 

" 1 be ridrr limilirr. gniniiniihvr It) lb*** two diUdrvn, vnt now K braktn 
nui. vuibod •nd boroc donu !«•■ by the mlftUt of fcar* ttiiu by iho bind of 
Urruw. ITIlh lliv irrreltor li)> pammtom bebcjtau tu mdc. — lu |iktiin>i bm. 
■nd tbn Id curlnu" uic^iiht iJUngB. [Iv luul iTniffUdiicd ji ^iticlnmB f<»r Jiiictti 
Ruttcn from ft boy ; idiI lliv t^^Ttu tic hoid cultlvsu'd Kiro uovr lo >U'ld bOn na 
■nxlDui *ad prccarSoui •uUiiMcurc. 

" nw buy gti-vt lEkitbJ* fuIb^T Ld mliid itnd peniiu; Uib |;tr] aa Kkr 1i<ir tiii>rli#rr 
Ibal whrn ILpnM man bad brron lil* knri'. nnd I'luksd Into tiff mild blon vvn. 
bo f*U aJ ir awaklnit from ■ urctcLed df ninp and Lit dausblfr Tcro a iitllp child 
agaiiir 'I'liO ivHvwiifd b»y awa ni^uruvd Iliv lUi-tUr erf h\i tOdU and •uugld abt^ 
dMot more ooDKiiUal lo bli tiuUi. I1i« eld mail and tlin diUd dwvit aJtino t» 

" )[ KM tlirn, wlicin llir Id<« of turo drad pn)[ilr whii bad Ihwd nnirut and 
flcaroit [o Lin bran Ha> all iranidWr^ la tlil> iHctit prrvran; whm hvrf)i«F| 
couiEamly tri^r^fc lilio, rrmlndtd IjIid from lioiir to hour of the log «ar]y cbaiiifB 
liB lisil cv-ii III 'ucti aimiiirr. ur all llic ■uffrrlug lio liad iratofa*d and kiiiinii. 
and all Llivlilld liiuJ uhdrt|nnv; wlirn IliFjoiinE muiV proBI|af* and liardi'tird 
<our>t draiatd Lliii of money, at Lit ChLLor** iiad, and even ioni«tinir4 occaiioned 
tusin li'iDjiumr)- iirlrall'iii ]iad dlxlriui. — U WM Ibcn lllat (iicre brj{*a lo beiet 
blm, and lu bnTvrr In bin oilnd.a Rtuiim; iliiiiil«r {mvoriir und want. Iii>liad nu 
IboufLt for iilDiai^^lf in (Ijli. tlii fmr vu for tLc cLild. IL vui a tpeclre iD Ida 
boBM, and Iwinwd Idni nJghl aud day." 

PofscHcil hy this overmastering dciilro to provlfle Ibr hii gnind- 
dtughlijT, liv U (Imwn lo ll>e gnming-tablr, and trie* hU luck ng;nia nnd 
ngun. until tit last Iw bccoinc^s — ibr Iilt caki^ — a confinnvd gambliT. 
Losing lieavily and ooust^mtlj'. but confident ihut ibrtune will finally 
litror blui, lie burruwK luutiL'}' fruiu Quilji, a rii'li dwurl', plvd'^ing Ida 
Ultte «tocl( a* i-C'^urky for ilio debt. HI* rciourc(AliOW>rvitf, arts toon 
nil cxlinuntcd, liiti sin.]-! iind its contnnla tnkrn on exccBlion, »nd he 
Limscif ii llinmn upon llic world, n bcggnr. tliattcrcd in int4^llc<ct, and 
tottering on the vcr(;c of lliu gra*c. Little Noll Icoda liim nwny 
Irotu London ; und they wuiidur toguiher throufth iho country. But 
iLc [luaiuu fur iiIhv only £luuilH-rs in biui, siid is icndy tu awuka 
Willi tliu firat op|x>rtuiiity that uSert. But ia iLu «('cl<i»iou of a quiet 
villflgc, "here they nt lust find a hoDio, »ui*h l«niiiiatlon no longer 
lOtncji; and liii hopcunnd frart, and all lii!< thou^litii, artMurntid to 1I19 
g«iitlc object of bin love, wbo aoon begins to rink under tbu cflceU 
of btr imm trial* and BuflL-rinp. Mcuiliiui-, — 

"Tlieyouiiitrrbnillicrliii'l been a travcllctln many oouDliiu. and Lid mads Ui 
plllEilQiai^ through ilfb alone. HIb 'olunlary builiLrurat Lad bven mlBooiutruod. 
and iio liiid bunw (aol Hlliiuui |<ftlii) ri'iu-uacli auU nllylK fur duliiji tlial Hlilrb 
had wning LiA b'^ari, and c*<i"l a niournt^il •LjKlowiin iili jtnih. Apiiri Tt^m lli]», 
HnnniDiOatioD twIHVtn Miq ond li^e cidor vut dllDciilI and uncvnalnn and ottca 
MUd^ IIJU It nni liol 10 Hhully bci)lu.-u '•IT but ILuI liv li-uru»l — »ltU Inug bliokl 
^oigapt tvtwiH'ii ira'^L lalerral of iuformallon —all tbat 1 liav* told you Dow. 


Cbt Blcftins nfctionttg. 

"Tbea dnanu of thctr yoaait. tiappj' lift — lu(>pr to him, thmiBl' ladrsoltk 
paJii »ud i-H[lj euro — flilli'i! !ill jilllow yd oDcnvr Ihan brforp; aad ttrry Iil||ta[, 
a bny npilii, Iip *f <ti tiln Iirfjihrr^Ji <lcla- U'ltli Utu utmum ip4-Hl Iid eouJd rxcrl 
he BCtllciI Iii> arraln; convortfd Lnlo money all ih^ jfno'l^ hp had, ant] trllh Ldp' 
iimlilii ivi-ullli eiiuugli forlHilli, wHlioiwu lii^uil anil huinl, wllli llnil.i Itut tr*m- 
bl«l n« llipy lion Itlm on, wlih pnKilliin tucb •* inou cau liardlj' brar ui<l lira, 
arrlfcU one cvculDg ac lili tiralZior'a doof,'* 

WliuQ. 1)/ (Unl of such iu'iiiirius M di0 ulmoat vIj^llanM and »■ 
[^iljr could set on IboU lie al lui diiwoven Uiii place of tbo lTUld«^ 
vrs' iiMn'.tl, It h only to find Little Nell dcnil, and hi^r gnuidAthor a 
ni^ro wrvck. Btcd Kit Nubbles, bis ol<l serviki>l, nbo nccampMiicdi 
the younger brolher, bus no power lo move him. 

"WharFU*lw?"<1(>maniliHlKlt. "Oh.tell mebatiba1,biittbat,d««-niMtwI" 

" Sho U ulnp— xondcr— Is llieie." 


" A; 1 Thank God I " rctanitil thu old man. " I lorn pratvd tn hin maof 
and nauj-aial maujr a Uieloos olglit, wlien ilio bat bcrn ul«p. Ht kniin. 
Uarkl UldtbBMtIf" 

" t heard no volor." 

- Yuu did- Tuu lirai her ooir. Do you UUme ibaljoudoDttiBaTUat?'* 

Uf tlannl up. and llnlVDPtI aaaln. 

"Xor iliai?" he cried Hlih a trinmpbwt ■mll«. "Cts anrbod)' knowthat 
*«ioe la well M I ? Huih.Uuahl" 

Mutluuiugtu biiD lei In tUvut. ha atola awa^ bito aDOIIxT duunber. Aflcra 
tliort aba^ncv (liurlnE whlrh tio e^itild bn lioard 1u irixialE In ■ noftADdd. aoothlnj 
lone) lit returned, bearing In hla hnod a lamp. 

"Sbo li«illiulnTi."fto ivhlS|Krvil. " youwero rigbt. She did doI all. un- 
Infl flbo iLId MV In lier eliimbtr. ^hc tin* cuU<-d In tuv Iji lifT hIi^i^]! bcfiin uuw. tir. 
Aa t bave laC b^i waieliiug, 1 bave e«cn btr U|«i movp, and have knuvn, Ihougb 
M touud Dawn (Vom Iliem. Iliat tltc ipuke af inc. t fbu«d the ll(ht might daulo 
barrym, and wakr livr: m t liniiiEbt It hBr<^" 

ileipgfcenther to blDucirtban loiliv rlalluri but, Rbvn hv bwl piit (b* lamp 
Bpon lli« Ublo. be took U up. a> IT Iiii[>eUciI by ionic maucDtiU)' rcoDtlectlan mr 
furlotlt]', anil held II neiu bl> flu*. Tlirn. b> If fiiigiHUiig bin moLlta lu (b* v njr 
action, ba lamed anay. and put II down ugaln. 

"AliB li iltviiliig •uuDdly." hti Mid; "but no wonder. Angel-liaodi faaT* 
ttiTWn (be RTound drrp wlib mow. Diat llip llgbtiMl frnttipp may Iw Hc'iiir let; 
and Ibc very bird* arc dead, ILiLI Tbry may not wake her- l^be uie<l lo feed them, 
■Ir. Thi.ugh III1ITI1I culdaiulhuugry.Uie timid tblngi would nyftom at: Uuf 
neviT Dew l*oni Iwrl' 

Again lie •uiijied to Uiteo. and. lorecly drawing btcAlh. Ililened for a lon^ 
bmg timii. That fancy pvlI. Ijai oix-tifxl an cild clivvt, l4M>k out homu drilb^t an 
timely tu If Ibey bod bciiu living tZJug^. and bvguu lo «mootb and bnjeh Ibem 
■rllli bU hand. 

" Why Aori tbuii !!■ ho Idle Iher*. dtvr Nflt/' tie murmiirml. " wb«n Iber* arv 
OTigbt rrd berrlea out of doon, walling for Ihee to pluck Ibrm ? tVhy do^l tboQ 
!lo tttlUlo there, wlicu iJay liMlo frtpiitlH ctimo cre<'|tlnK tu the duur. «y fug. ' Wbcra 
U XntI, awm Kill I ' and nob and wirp becjuite lliey <lo Dot roe ib«, t^b« waa 
atwoji genllc wlUi ebUdrcn. Tbe wUdcil would do Iict bidding: *1» bad a telulv 
•V irllii tbwu i Indoed aha bad." 

OID 0ut(eift]> Sbop 


"Klthul napamrUfpMk, UlxyMWorr l11]«lirlUil««n. 
-' UtTliltlchomclJiInu.licrrtTiiHIel" cHul tl.r uM mun. ptm>Iii( U to hU 
kmwi. u<l iiaulng II vllh liU •brlvi'tlnl hand. " »■■• wlU miu ll vtiva (be 
■■kH TficjrbiTcIiUlIt liei*lu>|n)ti. BuIihetluUlluiTBll: ibc ilialt liira Id 
I WDuM iiul ¥01 my cliulliiif flir Ibii frl^ln wurlri'i rIdHi. f^hant-ttifi* tUw^^— 
ho* vnrn lliFT iin>l Bin krpl ilirm to rrmlii<l hcr<rf our lot Iodje JouroeT, Von 
•« wbcn iho liitle ItM weoi bure u|«B liio (ruund. Tlity li'lii mo itnKrwmril* 
llu( \lin kUibttB liitil out mul bniktnd IbPm- Shr ttartr (ojrl mti ibal- Nut no* (rvd 
bim lirr I Ant] I liaic irmembenil itDt*: (be irnlkctl bobind we, ilr, that J istghl 
nol iH Ii«ir laniB ibt mi ; bat yet tbo bod nij biuul In ben, sad ■ccincd to leul 
ma >lUt." 

ByUnJc anJ Ultlc Ibe old maa bad dravn back lowiLrd* tbc [nner c]iJUiitb«F 
VbU* lb*aa wurd* nn- npukcii- lid poiulfld tlitru, ai lie rt^jitkd wilb Uvmbliof 

" Tou plot among yon to wnn mj bcact fKon bar. Ton nem iriu da Ibael 
navor. vrbEle I bai* llAil t batp ni> rnlativ* or IMtind but iwr: I nairar bad: 1 
nvifr will bairt t^liv li all ID all to mc. Jits too lal* lo pari u> Don I " 

Waiius llii>iu on vrltb bli liuil. and callinc ■iitti)' lu livru bi> wtnl. li« ttola 
Into llti< T'i'tm- Tivny wim vr^rr Ipfl bvbltiU drvw ^lo^i^ tn^ith(>r. and aft^r a fi'W 
wblaprrrd wonlip not unbrokon by cmattoai or ca*11r utlcrod- followed him. 
Tluy moicd >o genii;, that ibcic fuuuirpa niada nu ikiIk: but lb«*«««to loba 
^m auH/nf ih^crou]). and noundrof grirt and nioarnlDf. 

)'Dr ihc wiu dead. Tlicra upoa haliltle bed abo lay M ml. The aolunn 
alTllflPu *a* nu uijim'l miw. 

lih* *■• dead. Ko ilccp to ttcaulinil and «1m, lo Trm ttoro IraM of pnln. fS 
IWr to iDok upon- Sbe m ni-^ a creature fn'ili IVom llic hand of <lad. and wall- 
tuf n>r Ilia brculh <iF Itftt; .i»t oni- wiut lioiJ IIvmIt and •nffrired diMtbr 

Itrr ixiucll was drvried vhh here and therv poni? iTlntcr-l>prrl« and KF^pn 
ItBTci, gntbetvd In a 'pol tlio luid Imn uicd lo finur. " When I die. pul uuur 
m* Muetblns that haa lorod the light, and bad Ibt nky above It ■lirajB.'' ftote 
wsre hrt wordi . 

she nai OaA. DDar.(<[|Do(, nobli Ktllwaa drad. IlDrllliln hird.a 
pour illghl U ingihi- pmnmot atlng-r mrnld haw uronhwl. »»» Btlrrtiie nlnwly 
tnllacage; andtbeitrong bean of Ita child < ndjircaa wai mvto and njotlunioa* 

Wbaro were ibF iraeM of her i«rly oarea, her aairtirlDC. and fhllgiitv? All 
(Otw. EoiTDv waa dead Indttd In her; but pMCe and iii-rfeci hainiliioat wera 
Aorn. Ir-iaffad In bi:T Imiujiill luinnty and iirolbund rftpo"?. 

And alltl berltonopr »elf laflhrrrs uiu^iored In ibl> flhao^*. Y«. 'rtie old 
OfMlilc had imllcd upon thai aonut iweci fuec: it bad paiied. like a drenni. 
IbroiEgli Imunlfiif ml>rry andfiirvr At thv doitrnf thf- itnor ii<:lifj(>lniaHtrr ou (ha 
HUanKT ironing. brDirr tlie fiirnaw-nrv npou Die cold <rei niKhl. at Ibn tliU bed> 
•lilc of ihe dj-Int b^ju. tbPPP had been ibc tame ulld. lotelf limb. Su ■hall we 
kDitw thu ungi'U li^ tliuir inajtaty after dflaLiu 

.'Tlieold man hvid one Isaguld arm In bij, and hod Iho imall hand llgbl folded 
■I Ilia bnul fbrwamitb. II wat ibu hand ilin had ilmldixil imt bi him iilih 
ActIuI aralla ; Ibfl band lime Ixd blm od iliiAngli atl thelr^andprlngn. Ever 
■ad anon bppmiMlll lobla tlpi; inrn huggMl li to hia br«ui again, inntmurlng 
IbBI It *aa wanner now: and aa be •■lil tt he lunknl Is agony Vi thuw wba 
4|aod amund. an If implorhig ilirm to help ber. 

lihe wai dead, and pail all be]|i. vr uani uf II. Tbe anolent room* aba hid 


Zlt Sfckcni B((tIoRRt{. 

KPineilta BII Willi lifc.«imvhlleb(r on wu wtnlog fkit. Ill* gtrim iha bl4 
t*n<liid. tb« *7W ilin liml gliuliIraKd. lb* iioiitli-U huitiu oT idkuj ■ thaiiKtil^ii 
hour, ibe iitihi die had Irodden M II n*n but yuicntoy. cauld knuw tua ncier< 

■-III«DOt."uldIIiiiidioaImuMrubo bml down to kJn heron Uw cliMk, 
■nJ mvf Iiii Iran Tte* vvor. — "It It nol on rtrtb IbtE Uoktod'* Jnitka eadj 
TUInk wtial iinrili [■ coiiipaicd with the world to wbleh har yoiuif ipltH bu 
wlURpdlM narli-tlljtlii-. Hne|ii;r. If oiiodellberU* with BxpnM*rd ln*olcna Mtbii 
■boittbli bed oould Dili bet buk to tltV, vblnli of u< would lUUrK?" 

Tlc}" tliun tiko iIk- olil iQiin out while I.itllo Nell it removnil lo 
the chim.-lij'an] ; but, upon lii« mtiirn, lio repair* atnigltt to her 

Not flnrllnu iv1i«t he had loft Ihore, lip rcl urn pd with diilradBA lookt ta Ihe 
room In which l^**}' wi'm ivmtmbli'il, From liml Un runbud 1nri> ibc «hool-cij]ii>- 
lor'i Conner, caiUiijE bcr nallll^ Tb^y ^ilt'twisl clonic upon bim, ftod, whra bfl 
li*d mLolj ifarchcd il. bfouglit lilm home, 

Vfuh Kilob pvrHUH><iv* wirib HM |iLt^ Auditffdclion cuuldiugfMf, tbeypmaUad 
npon him to ill mmoag tUcnt. anil hnr what Ilii? "hould lell bloi. Thoo sodMi*- 
orlDg bycvorT I'L''' •'■'I'"' If l'»pi>r<i bli wind for wtuumuitiMiiHi, and dwcU- 
Injtwiih tnan; R'lvi'ni wordi i>]>ijii ilii- hiii>py lot tu wblch ihc bud been Ktnorod, 
Ihey laid bini. at lail. Ihc Irutb, ITir luQuwiit II bad poiicd Uielr tlju, ho fell 
down itmoiijE lh*iin Ulto A niurdrrvd tuan. 

For many liounlbcy bad Ilttlsbopp of hbaurTlrlog; bat urteri* MroDg.aail 
bo laoovarcil. 

If thnti bi' any who havn nvrr knnwn ihi< blank ihal rollowi deatb. the wivry 
TOldt the leiup of dciolailoD that will ooma upon 1^0 jlrtiu^nt nlad* ■boa 
aDmtthtiig Iktnlliur and bi:li>rc>l 1> luiiwd at (icr; lum, the couaeoUon bclWMD 
Inanlioat* and >rii<olp>i IblnKo and lh» ubjMt of luoullecli.m, when avorj hoat^ 
holdjiod bcsomci 11 moaumviit. aud cTi-iy room a gtavv.- If th»rw b< aoj wbo 
liavi- iiE>t kiiowri Ibis, and provvd it hy Itiiuruwii cipcrlCEifH-. ijipy f^at unor 
fnJully gucit lion, for man} thxy. Ibe old iiiau pliicd. and niiipn iway qu Um», 
and wandorvd bora and therx ita mclilnit'onirlbliic- and bud no eonfort. 

Whal**« powtr of Iboogbi or mi.'oioty beiciaiuod wa4 all bouidupiniicr, 
Bt narcr undcritood. or iwniL-d lu cam In undr-ni land, about hli UvtbR. To 
•tiry Midpnrmciit ami alleni1"n bo conilnued IlMlou. If ilicj' iiHikDi,, ),|g, ^f 
ibl>, or an J oihvr tbc]nr> — tnrc one, — be would bear Ibcm patJ^nl ly f^^ witU^ 
IbPO turn awaj. and go on lefklDRaaboriicT. 

On Ihnt onv Ihrmr. wbbdi wa>i Iti lain and all their mlDd"i II wa« Inipri^Hjie to 
touch. Dead! He eould Dot hear or bear the vunt Tbe alljibtT^t biTa ^f \i 
would tbron hbii lulu a |>urox)>iia like ilial liv liuil hail wlimi 11 wai llni iii^m. 
In wliot bope he U*ed no mjin could Ivll; but Uial be had inme liope of U^Ung 
tier ajpiln — lOiUf- tultit am] tbuilirwy ho|Hi, ilufiirretl tt-ttm tlujr lt> da^ . aucl iiii^i^ 
blio [tomday to day more lifkand >iireBt benrt — wfta plain loall. 

Thi'y iHUboiigbi Ibiiin <if a ntmuval from Ihu fons of Ibbi ImI tonow. of ^ 
Inc Kbrlhrrrba'if^ of pUw would nvie or cheer hini. lilt brolbpr tniighl % 
■dilwof tboie who were ouounlod ikilful [11 tueb niMUn: and ihe^ caiiii.- 1^ 
taw lilm- l^omD tif llie number tlald npcm Uw *]m\. eourvrtud wlLli liitii witri ^ 
would coDvcrtr. and \Tatiihrd blm at be waude red up and down, alaor and 'lli^. 
Uove bim where they iut(ht, tbey lald. bo would over aCDlt to («t back Iber^ 
Hit niladwoutd run upon ibM npot. If tbey ooulliied Um olotct}, aod kept a *Irlf 


ftlB CuitoiCtii atap. 


' gatrA Qpoiihlia, (hey mlsht hold him pritonet', bul.If hanulil bj any ia«Oi 

*«eAiK\ ho ^vOLildBiml^ uiiriLlrr (i«ck tu tlmf plitcr^, »ri]iA K^n Ihc luAil ^ . . 

At I'lnitili ilii'v (mmil.nnii ilar. Hint he tiwl titen nrly. and nllh bli kn ipunk 
on till bade, hit >tiff ib bund. Iicr own ilniw hal, and IKilBbukcl fullof auth 
tUlB/ti u lire li&d been iiii'il to oniry. wu ([un*. A< IliK)' <rtn nukEnf tiiulr lo 
pumiii lilm fur and nldn. a filRlitrnvd pctaoolboy nine, who hut *acn him Uil ■ 
uomrnt btffirv ■IftlnjE fn thp ohureb.— <ii|»aalieTxnive. bft laid' 

Tlicy tiulruvd iliun'. ittid. guing mnif to tlirdiKir.Mplad him In Uiaallltuik 
of (inn nho wnltvd puKrntly, Thcp did Dot dliturb hlu Itun. but krpt a WBtch 
ui«D lilm all that day. Wlica II urw ijutlt dxrlc. be rOK ikod Klaiucd lic>ID«< 
And wpol to trt^d, trti^rmurliig tn htiik*(ilf, ">Imi wtll onimi i(>.m"fr(iw-" 

tfp'itj III" morrow be wjin tt*rro Df^ul;! from ^unritr until niglit; and ■till at 
nl^bt tio luJd IdmdowD to rcjt. and launiiurrd. " Slic «[II tome to-raorrow." 

And IhiTiin'furth. (ifrry day, and all day binjf, Ue nait^at hi^r grAva fur b«r- 
llow maoj pleturM of uvw ytaratyt ore ptviuaui oouutrj, of rrfllDE-pla^v 
undci ibu (tec bruadikj'.ofnuiibla* In Itaoflddi and waoai. and p»Uii not oflca 
EnHldfOj liow manr tonpt of that out wdl-rvmnnlMrFd tnlcvi hnw man)- 
ffllinptti of itit form, the duttcrlnjE dtrii. tht hair (bnl wavtd to fP>Iy lo Iho 
w<ud: hovr irUBy viilaniofwhiii had twi'n. iiid « hat be hi>]ieil wu ici (u be — 
ro*** i[p brfnrt^ titm tu ttipiibU ilnll, aLlml oliurrhl llr nrrrr tnld 1li<-ni ulmt btt 
IhoujEht oruliprr he went. He would >t1 wltti Elipni at nl^til^ ponderlog vlth a 
totr^t uniitfiMction tltcy ecjiild uni^ iipan ttai^ Hlglit Ihul hi' and ihe wi>uld lalu 
before ulKbtokmcacaln; and tlill tb<i7 would liiiit hlin whlipcr la bU pnirtn, 
" I*rd I Irl bet ci>liie lu-uii)rro»." 

Tho Ixl tliDV Willi on • Krnlnl day In tpr\nt. Itt did not rotara at th* IUB>1 
bour. and (bey went to irvTt Mm. He wa< iy^ag dead upon the flODc. 

The)' laid btm br the 4blo of lier wbum Ita hnd loved (u »ell ; and. In lb( 
ahurrh whnn Ihvj' had oftrn jmiriid aiiil ni»><"l and lliiKunul hand In baud, Ih* 
Child and th« old man ilept logotheiF 

(Cli. i-iii, ix, xi, xii, i*-ilx. iiiv-xxxii, xlii-xlvl, lii, lir, Ir, haj, 

Ixxii.) See T&emt, Little Nbll- 
Orlndenr, Mr. A abowTDaD. (Ch. xtU.) 
Orovee, James. Lnndlgnl of Tlio Valiiot Soldier Inn. (Ch. 

x\'a, ixxiii.) 
Harris, Mr., tUioJi Siiobt Tuottkhs, 611/ omnumly ealUd dihtr 

Shout crTsoTXERi. Unu uf tUa aliowiucii vtitli wliotu Littlo Neil 

and hvT [;rBiiilliitbi.-rlravel iorafevi days. {Cli. XTi-xix,KKvit, Ixzui.) 
Barry. A scLoolbo/ ; Mr. MarUin's favorite pupil (Cli- zxlv, 

Jarl97. Mi«. froprktor of " JTarlfty** Wns Work." Little Nell ia 

vtiRii^cd by ilii* lady to point out tbu figures to Tuiion. (Ck. 

xsri-xxlx. xxx'i, xxxii, xtvii, Ixxtii.) 
7wry. Pruprktor of « troop of d^uL-ing-dog*. {Ch. zvU, tSx, 


Jiniwin. Mrs. The moiher of Mn. Qullp, with whom ibo II*e^ 
and with irhoM busbaod *h« wn^ perpetual war, though aba 


Cbe 9(cktn* Blctlonati. 

«tiuid> ID no flight (Ireful orhlm. (Ch. l*-vi, xxiii, xlut, t, Isxiti.) 

Scr Qcil-P, DaXIEL. 

Jowl, Joe. A gaiuLikr, who tempts LUtte Nell's gnunlfutbcr m 
rob Mi>. JnrK'}'. (Cb. xxix, xlii. Ixxili.) 

List. Isaa/}. A t;amblvr an<l IcnuTo. (Cb. xxix, xxx, xlil, Ixxiil.) 

Marchiocesa, Tho. Anamcgiion b>lb«»innU«crviuit>tSainpt«D 
itnw'ti, by Dick Sniveller, nho marrici licr. (Oh. xxxir-xxxri, 
li. Ivii, Iviii, Ui'-lsvt. ixxiii.) Stt Swivkllkr. Dick; alto. p. US. 

Marton, Mr, An uM ediuo!mask-r who bvlrianiU LUtle Nisll knd 
h'.T Hfuii'll'albor. (Cli, xxiv-iivi. ilv, xlvi, Ui-liv, Ixxi, Ixxiii.) 

Mooflathers, Miss. Priuciimt of u wli^ct boinUag-wbool for 
voQit); bidii'H. (CU, xiud.) 

Nubbles, Christophar or Kit. A ultock-heiuled, ahainblini;, 
■wkw.-mi liid, with nn iineomiiioniy wUc nioiiih, voty red di«eli«, a 
lurnud-up uofH, and a peculiarly comical cxprc.Kiion of fnc& llo il 
very mui:h nttocihcd to Liltlo Nell. wliOM grandfjilbcr employ* bin 
u an ciTiinJ'boy. After a while, however, the old man takes it 
into big bead that Kit bat 4ol0 of bis i;aiQbli(ig-liahils, iiaJ th»t 
this is the reaadu wliy lie cannot luccised io liorTowing any mans 
laouoy. Uti thereluTi! forbids bis ever coming into his pr«ene« 
ngnin. After t lie disappearance of bis old naaior. Kit g«tB«nplaj< 
ment in llic family of n klnil old gODlleui&n namcJ Garlaad- Al 
length he fiUl« into trouble, being fUiely a('C'u»«d of laroony, aai) 
ia anx'stcd, aod (brown into [irieon; but bis innocence ii noonestab- 
lisbiid. and be ia set at lilierly. lie afterwards marries Barbara, 
Mr». (Jarlanri's scnnnL (Ch. L, iii, vi, x, xi, xlU, xlv, Zx-Kxll, 
xxxTiii-xli, idviii, Ivi-lxi, Ixiii, Ixlr, Ixviij-lxiii.) 

"XliN'ubhtM ... lA4pDrtfncnt«£itmiil*, iiai(iii/ndinFmaaQUtiiT«.oribltiiai«litiif 
^■QiniLn. (ho ^rf'rr "plXMiu <if a cnmman ii9v«]i«i'p Iilni nf Gid (ninituinir, iriih « iuria 

bi! iKiconirv m nrrifln of ni<in> wiiirnainE Inianu ud aHHtlDn iL>n a cluiuuiHt nt Iht 
^^nAyitca W ruC* iit IklLuri. 

"Wo nni oiUj-iifcp him, finiitm wbnlcltaiiljt. — Wi» SohMo^ J»nob, id* In )]r. aat 
■It; ind yri iiuihiiif li uvcrchuntcd In itifl dueRptloa. and mry I'lruumiianH «*lco- 
liii>I1iiiii«licKii«nnb)KifnrI>ij|iiiU<li(IMlira*aL*'— C P. \fh:pflt. 

Nubbles, Jaoob. Urothcr to Kit. (Ch. x, xiii, xxi, xxij, xxxix, 

xli, Ixi, Ixi-t. Ixxii,) 

Nubbles, Mrs. Mutbor to Kit Nubbins; b poor but ludustrion* 
Widow, very |iioii», .lud vciy tonatam lu ber aII<^D(laDce al n ditswifc 
iag c1i.ipcl called Lii-tle Itolbel. When the Single Genttciiinn M 
Uit gains tiding* of l.tttlc Nell ftiid her gnuidfaibttr, he desires Utk 



0lt CvTiosIti Sts^ 


VhbUwi, a* bcinv ui »c({uaintiii:xre of KiOl'i, ixnd a liind luid tnfitli* 
wly penoD, to ircotupnny him for the purposf of hiiaging iho 
w»ti(len:rj back. Tlieru bting urgunt nti-d of linstu in tJiu luulWr, 
Kit ia d/i^piOched fur \ui inolhtr. lie Jom not find hur Ht liom*^ 
aowfrver, and fettling iiir« thai (be mmt, thcre^furo, l>e nC ehapvl, he 
lakca hia vay to Little Bcthnl. 

tl WH ncn TCTT c^ti lo pnKure 4Ir«I1ciii Io Ib( Mi In •juHllon. M none «f 
Ihr nrlftilHini were or Ilia iluvk Tital murtrd ( lilt her. atiil fi'w liiicw nuf ililug 
nar« of It ihjin tti« niinio. At Imt. o EOolp of Hn. ^llblllM^. wlio Imil uiinin- 
pftDltd hvr la Dhapcl on oo* or two OOOWtonp. n'bi>n u cv^inn^rtAblv ciip of (rA 
bad inrocdiil her dEtuiiooi. tbraUhcit tin aHdflil lururiuiUIun ; itbicJi KlI Iiud 
DO MWDvr ohMInnl ihui Iji' tunrdoirainln' 

Utlla Bctlicl mlRlii haiT bcpn nmnr, lUd mlj^t tia>« bwn In ■ itrnlBhlM 
nMd. ihouKli, in TU»t cue. Ilie nrcrtnd gcnilcmiD wba prMiacil ant !ti conjirfc 
gnlino wunld hait Ioae tilt fbvnrltx alluilnn to t\w rjookod wajr* by wliicli II wa* 
■pptorulivd, asd which rnntilrd him 10 llkon II 10 paradlH Itirlf. In oonirwllii- 
tlnorloD lu ihu pariih tliurpli. iui<] rhe broad ihorDujchfftn Icadinjt Ihemiulo. 
Kit lonncl It at Luil. aHur 'onir ircit]l]t<<. and pauvlii^ al (he di>ur lu lakabrEatbr 
that br mliEbl mtcr with bfpiinlng il'ci'npj. p«»w>rt Iniii ihr diiiiwl. 

If w not badly oamtd in ore rcipf^ct. being, lo truth) a porllciitarlj little 
D^hrli — a &ath«l of lli' "malli<<t fllnii-ni'liinp,.— with a imall nuniTmrof tmall 
peat, and a (mtll polplr In nhlcli a xmalJ (crndrman [br imdr a alioriDakFr. and 
by ratling > dlrlne) ww aclltctlud in a by uo ineant iniall vol« a by no meani 
•TQall flrrmoo. iaAgiag at Iih dlriii-tiHlauH by thu cciikIUIuti »f UU auilivuoa, which, 
truieir grott amonnt 'wrrv tnit imall. oomprliod a alQl «mallpr numbr^r of hfiaran, 
W UiB CMlorltx were iluniKtlug. 

Anvoafftbaaa wak Klt'« Riolhor. who, Andinf tl niatlvr of 'KtrmnD dlfflAalty ta 
t»ff hrr *jt* opm iftrr Itir thllicuc) oriui oljtlit, andlbtllnc th'lr InrllnDlinii lo 
date •lionitlj bMkcd and •cciiniei! by ihr aiKumrnli of the pnaehrr. Ital yielded 
to thf* drt>w»tii«u UiaC in frpEim'rt^d Iut. and Allien anli^p; Uiough ucx ao muadly 
but thattlir tnuldfTOiin llRiK lo ilmr ucivra illElK and alrooil Inaurillilr cnian, m 
if In reco^Itlan of the oFaior^t docirlnot. The baby In hfr amu wa* om Aut 
a>lrH<[> at ■tii>. and llilla .laonb. whuic youlh preteolcd him IKua teoojtuliIUK In 
till* prnlnnRiul tplrltusl nourish in "W unylhlnj half u liitswtllng ax oyilen. wu* 
aUernattlr very tlk^l ulrvp and t* ry wide awake« t* bl9 Incllnallou to tlmobcTi 
or lil« ti-rrtir of ln'liiK jicrionally alludeil f> in the dlicourie, gained lUe nuwlerj 
ornr bim. 

"And now I'm bore," Ihouiht Kit, jillr) log Into Ilic nearrit p?w. which WM op- 
poilt* Ilia mother'*, and ea Ilic oiliet ilde of the mile alile. " how am I ever la gn 
al hrr. 01- pt^raua'lD bvr toeomn cut? 1 mlfjht aa uatl tni iw<<iiiy idIIh olT. 8ba'U 
Uier wako till It U all orrr^ snd lliprr K"" ">' olook bbhIuI If hn would bat 
laavaoir for a mlout*. or if they'd only •in([T" — 

But IheTc win list* cuDOurannmDiil 10 bellcne that olthemcDt would happen 
foraooiipteof boura t^j oomv, Tbe prew-hi^r wunt on lelllng fhmii what hvmtuint 
loeonvlntv Lbem of before be tmil done; and It wiu clenr^ Ibot If be only kept to 
DDK half of Ilia proml>*«. iLQd foiijot (ho ultier, ho wim good for tlial tlmv, at 

In bli detperalloD nnd mlleainau Ktt «ait Ma eyn about the diapel. and, hap- 
pt-nlnn lalvi ihi'm fnit upon n Hide ni-m In fiaut otlheelerk'i deak. could •naitclf 
>elfeve ttlfUf «h*n they Kbirwed h^m^Qullpl 


Cpf Bttktni BIcKonaig. 

R* nibbed IhfmlwlN or IhrlM: but ii[IllIiay[niI>(#i]ihMQuI1p KM tti«#:«a4 
Uteir, Indued, bt> ww. dltlocwlih I>Ih l»nil< iiiwii lil< knrM. anil lil'lmi (hi "-ran 
IJiBm on A little wawlen bracket, viib tbo AAauAlouiiiil gTlu on IkJi ilEriy Teuy. anil 
bin ej-iit Divl u|wn llie cElllug. Ho MMsliilx did not steacu *( Kil arnt U> 
tniiihrr. ui<I appiutml ultfrlr ancnntoloni or thtlr prewitori il4ll Ktl wulil out 
bflp IVrJlDK, dtipcilr, ilial lbs attenUoD of Uio *l]r UtUe dend «■• nHt«i«l Upoa 

Mul vtounit'Hl ■• lio ffu bf Uiv ■ppvllloD of ihe diritri unoait tho (.lltl* 
BMbvliiH. aocl Dot IVce from A luU^lvln^ ilmE U ifOJ the furprunucr uf iomo 
Cruubia OF aiEiiu^AfLCO, lia woa ooiapi'llri] lo viilnluo lila wundiT. and 10 lake acllT^ 
DWIUurKf fur ilir irltliiliDWil of till pafTOt, lu Ihv rvrnln^ hbi iiuw nrtsplug OQ. 
onil iJio miiLcr ^rpw icfloui. lliercforo. II10 next tUov little Jauob wako. Kit aet 
liimHlf to altmcl I1I4 witadiiiliig allnnllon; and. (lilt nut being aterr dUnooU 
la>lt foot •nvPta *fITCIrd li). tir il^ncd lo blm lo rmin hli innilirt. 

tll'Iuelt nould IiBve li. bowcvci'. that. Juit then, tlie iittubcr. Id • fnnlblv •>■ 
potltloD of Our tif*iLd i>r hU dltcoBrtB, leaned uvpr npon II10 piil(ill-deak. lO Ibat 
TtrrlllUe mora of blm IU>n I1I1 Iiki n-nialurd lauld?, and wbUo lio madn vulio- 
nWDtiMturaiirlth lili r1|[lit liaml, and lield on irliti Ma Inn, tlBifd. or tHmrid to 
■farv. timlghl Into lltUe Jaoob'a cypi. thmucnlnff Mm by li]« nlrnlard look and 
atiltudp ;>uU appnuTiI lu His otiild). Iliul. if ho •» imieb u marej a niuaule. he. 
ihe |ir«oohpr, voold br UtrrallT, nud n'Ht lliiorBtlTaly. ■' dom upun lilin" thai In- 
■tut. Inllili IVartUl itotetif ihlaHi.dliEraolcd by the tuddpn appfiarani" of Kit, 
•nd faiduaMd bylhr ij-tMof Ilir ptraslici. the miicrable Jarob >at bolt uprlRht, 
vboIJir lnn|iablr< of mgilon, kItoiijeIj dlapoaed to cry. bill aiHild lo dii to. and nv 
turnlnji Uii (laator** fate until hli lol^nt c^va wnued alarllDg tmm ilielr 

" If I mii't do II aprnly. I inoat." Diouflil Kit. VTItli Ilial lio walknl lofLly aut 
Of lilipeir, and lain hli mollirr'a. nnd. ■• M(. SnlrtDiT n-ijuld liura utuutivil If lio 
budbe*n iitracut. "caUared" the baby vUhout tpeaklnjt a word, 

'' IIU'b.niDlbvrl " wlilBpand Kit. "O>iuoaluu( hHU ub: I *>< (M MBOtblm 
to Ml yon." 

■■ Wbere am I ? " aald Un. !Cubb1«*. 

" Id Iblt blotud LIttta flotbgl." rtdurnad lier (on pectliblr. 

•'Ktaatd Indndl" orlod Ur*. JTabblH. olehlnK at ■)>* word. "O Cbtlal^ 
fbtf, how bavs I been edlfled llili ninhtl ' 

" Yoa, )«. I know." lald Kit limilly. " But ounia aloiin. mother : eirrjbolly '« 
looking ■! ua. Daol make a rolev; brlntJanih; llini '■ rtihil " 

"SlAy. Sman. itayl" orlnlihe preaoher u Kit wai didvIdk olf. 

"ThoiODllunao nysyuii 'n ii> lUt}', rhrlilopliiv." irlilaiicred b!) mother. 

"$ai)r, Halan. ilsyt" ronri-il ilin praaeher BEaln- "Tompt uol tbo wainan tbal 
Aoib tnollae ber ear [oilice. but hearkm 10 Itac nolwof him (hat catlfth. II u haili 
atatnb Tmm the fuldT" crird the preaeher. roltlnj; lili voice ntlJl hIjEher. and 
pulnijnji to [hp liohyr ■■ Uv hrafttu oSt a lamb, a preduaa lamb I He goulb about 
like n waif lu (be nlgtat-aeaion. and iDTelKlelli lbi> (•ndrf lamb* I ^ 

Kit waa Ibi lM*(-l*mparad fallow lu Uie vorbl. but eooildirlDji Ihia ilronn 
latutuaRp, anil Iwlng aomiirbM oxdlfd by tho drcumiunau lo wbleli he kaa 
plaead, bo Ibcnl round on Uio pulpit wllb (ho baby Id hi* ami, and repUad 

••Xo; IdoDl. Ho*! my brolhrrl" 

" He "* ny brolher ' " cried th* preaebir. 

■■ Ho It n't," uild Kit Indlfliisnily. " How nn you lay luch a Ihlnn P And dool 
bU a- nanm, If you plf»>r: wliat liarm han tdotiai I ihould o'l liaie soma 

(jutLP. MR*, 'jun.i'. ANn MKi. jivm*r\. 

Aid Cntlosftp Abop. 



tol^k" Vm away nnT^u IwwiobllfHlrjroii iiU7'dP|>''Ddup<]h Ilut- fwADlfO 1.0 
do Ii Tfrry lukt; but jou Rould d'I ki mtr Now, >uu li47c llir* jjcK^ituot^ ta 
■buic Aatan Miil Uiem w mucb w fou llfet, tlr, and (o let mo •lone. If j^t 

So laTlDji. Kli mMiehcd ouC of Ihe chapel, roUoiTfil hy hlB molhpr and I1ll)« 
Jnciiti, and fuuad liliiusK Lii tliii ujiru nir, wlili uu ludiiliudl r«olI*i>IiuQ cf bar- 
iTLjCftf-rii iht jH'opIq mtLr iip» atid lijuk KurprkiHl, and of Qutlj) buviiijf ivcuniuM, 
tlirougliaut Hid LDf^rruptJon, Id hlf old amiu<^c. without iaorlng liJa v\*9 trttn 
Ibir «i!lug. or sp|>rar[ug la raLn IIid >id4Ucm( oallceornDr (bins ibnl pui«4. 

(Cli. X, siii, xxi, xxii, xxxlx, xli, xlvii, xlTiii, Ixi, Ixiii, Ixix, lxiU<) 
Owen, Joho. A sr-hnolbo}' ; one of Mr. Marton*s pujiib. (Ck lil.) 
Quilp, Daniel. A bidwius cniaturL-, full of rvrovitj aaU cutnunt; 

H« is ^l■.■9(-rilH.■^i aa, — 

An uldcrlr mikTi, uf rfltuurkabty tuLrd riiatumn atid forbidding Hri|i«>ct. aad 
•0 low h» diaturn HB io b<^ quir? a dwarf I (hou|;lt hl>^ h«vd aud tiuv wvra 
lars^ tnougfjfuf jhcbod^ uf axlaui. ilij black cyo ivcrr rp«iloi>, aTy^aDdfluu, 
uibf ; hi* ui<}utb and obln brlnlly wtfh tlut niublilu vf aDuarnv liitrdbaatl; aud 
hlfl MiLplfilon wiia nno of that kind which urrrt luolm clron or wliiiliuiom*. 
But ttliar added niDtt loibcfE'^t^iquoflxprcitluDof bJjfOoR waaajEbaitTramllOi 
whloh, ^ilK-arinjf tobv lliP itiiirD rp*ith uf habit, and (otiBrAnucauufollo[i*ilh 
an J ndrthrul Dnx-mpEiuvnt foclluj;, ponitaatJy rcvcalodlbrrvwdltcoloivdfaD^ 
rhar Hi^n^ >i't iciiEcn-d Ja Idi uiuuth, uiid Kav« tilm ihu n*i>cc( of a puftilfi|r du^. 
tllB dnui ix'niUri'd of a larj[" Iilgh-cri^wnt^d hai, a wuru dark lult, a pair uf 
copaelou* «h,>oi, aitd a dirty uhiLP Dcckorrhkf.BufflelvuIlyiLmp and crumpled U» 
dliuluiD ilic grmirr jiuriiuu nT hli wiry throat, RucU lialr ai bi had nai »f a 
■rliilril blark, cut iburt and nitalslit iiiHin hln tt-inplsa, anil lianglng In m 
fntwiy ftiuj^eatwut blf vtut. Uls baudfl, which a^crcof a roiijEh. ooarte fnilll. 
wen icry dirty i lib ODfCMialb were cruulti'i]. lung, anil yi-Uuw. 

Hi tjullp ciiulil Marotljr b* lald lo b" uf any pnnlnilar liado or ralllai; 
IhoujEb hH puriuita WFT* dlwnlllMl, and ble oOOupatlona DiimerouB, Ur oal< 
trctud Ihr rruUof whole cotonloaof OltbyaltMU aaJ allcyiby ihe watui-ilde. 
advanced nmnBy lu the tnarnvn and petty offlccr* uf iticrcbant-vri»r|ji. had a 
•han la ibc Tcnium of dlren matn iT l!iiit-Iii<JlaiiiTn, imnkcd hl> nmtiMled 
djfan uudrr tbfl very noto of lh« cuiIom-bouBe, and made apj>olDimeDtt ga 
'Cbangv with ncti In glaaed bata and ruund Jacktta. pretty well every day. 

Qiillp b.iving absented himself from bcimtt for ionic lime, uid 
not liavins iivf.a heard fr^mi, it ia liniilly luppoai-vl tliat be U iliwdi 
and Mr, Snmpioa llra»s the iittoinii.'y, ia caJloJ iti lo write a de- 
KTipiive lulvtrliacnicnt iu hopes of fiiidiug ihu bo*!;'. Quilp rw- 
iurus, buwvver, Juet At this moment, and rcwlvca to itckl upon hll 
will- uu»W!irc8. 

Tliu bedruniQ-dooi on the ilalrwe bring unlockrd. Hi. (JuUp itlppi'd In, and 
planipl hltii"'>lf Iwbltirl tlm rlour of eofiiHiiiultailon heUfeen iliat chnmber and 
the (iLllDK'footu, wlilcb, MiinillnR xjar. Iiiri'iidrr b'llh miin- airy, nml liavtiiga 
vxry cixivridcai ehiiik (of whieb he had often availed blmielf for purposes of 
rnplal. and hail Imh'td I'liiur/feil nHh hli pocket-kalfc;, ouaDtvdblm uot only ta 
beat, but to »«« dlatiMlly, what waa p*iila«. 


e|)c Slcktna Bltllftiaci. 

Appljlof hti ay* to thU«uir*iilBulp]K«.1ia lUnatlrd Mr. llrmi» uaUil u tM 
Utiln with pin. Ink, and p«p«r, u<) Ilic eM»-battlc al rum — til< own cBsr'boitl^ ] 
Mid hit OSS lanliDlu- JuiuitB — eonronlcDI la lilt baii'l. villi but nniiT, f i«- j 
(rani kmoiu, wlilM luiup->iit*r, and all (hiujti ntliug; frmn wUtoli clinlcv mit^i j 
Htb. fcmpwn, by oo mMiw iMnulU* to Ihclr rlslniK upon !>!■ kllc-iiilan, had | 
•oiapDiifHkd a mlnlilr tff of (mndi. rHklcii bot. which lie wit at timi iccj mo* i 
meal •UitIds up villi a iraipoon. and K>nttiu|ilAtlng nllli liHiti< In wlilcli a (Uatj 
aAtumptlan or nvnttmrntal n^jin<i jiinitfitlf^] biii wvatly wiili a biaii'1 nm! oonifoiti^ j 
blv Joy, At the lamc ntblCtuilli bofh lipr clbovi upon II. wu Ur*. Jinfvrln. DO j 
loujfpr ■l{i|]iiif OElii'r |iuu|iU''j (mni^li li'U>En»iti'I)' wlili (wpoon*, but l^lriff decpl 
dtaiiictilnfumi • Jnnim of liprown; wliUif hrr dauKhlrr — nnl 'xbtiIt with aatM*] 
on hrr Eirnd, or luciKlDih on tior back, bul prcicivinjf a Ttry dc»Di utA bcMmtns 
ajipriu-iiiiei.' u! lorruw. nvtnribslrii — waa n'tllntu( lu au vaiy-chalr, and looili- 
l>iK l"'t f''<f wlih ■ imallor illoWBnM of th« taniv ettb liquid. Thnn mrt alto 
pr4'pri>l u couplp ot water-aide men. bfafln([ bctwera iliem cerfalii maehlUM 
callTd Ursui . KiOD IheMfirllowi mm w^iMmiiniKlatiil wiili ■ ililTi^au apleoa; , 
ami u iliiiy diank with a kttsI rcltih, aod wcrr uaturalty of a rMl-niM*d. plmpl*- 
IWrd.mnililal look. UiclrpiFtrnoc latbeilDorcwed than dclraoted from IIUH d» 
ddcd apiicatauM at oanirurl which wa> UiK Kr<ial cbanelarbtio of Ilia parljp. 

" If I oniitil[iDlion tbat dfar aid ladj't ram and warn," mmmarsdQullp. "I "d 
die happy.'* 

" All I " laid Ut, Br»>. hmiklnn ilin illpncr. and lalilng hln ryu to IliB oeHlns 
Willi u liifh. ■■whn knijwi but lir may br looklnj down upon ui now! Who 
Inowt bulho may br mriiiyliid of ua ftoio — ihiio lOuicwlierM of another, and 
e<'iileu|)lii<lii|[ ui with II nilrhriil crtl O Lort" 

lien Mr. llruK iioppFd to tlrlnk half hia punch, and tbcn munied, looklofc at 
the other half, aj be tpoke, wUZi a ilejeoled ■milo- 

"I eaQ almiul niiiey," mild ihr lawyer, nbnklnf hli head, -'tbal I >•■> hli •)« 
(llatvoliig down al the lery bottom of my liquor. When ilialt we look upon hU 
llkeajEnin^ Xever,neverl Oiioinlnule ^4 are liere." — holdErijc bit lumblerli^ 
furcbi«ijyui.^"lhir next weah^ tliiTe^' — gill plug down lift oi>ti1ent>. anil nlHklnji 
hlin'eir empliBllwIlT ■ IKIle below the obeal — ■' In Ihe >1I(-DI tomb. To tblak 
tbal I vboiild be drluklii|E hit vory ruuil It teetnt like ndreun-'* 

With i)ie tli'W. iiodiiubl. oftditlni thn ntnllly ufhla iHinIUun.Hr. flnui puihul 
hl> tiimliler. ■• lie upoke. towardi Mn. JlnlHln, for Ifae pnrpote of being r«pltll- 
Uhed. und lunied tawonb the at tendiut marlncn. 

" TUd iJtHrvli liiu been i^ulte uniiiEunitllil. thiin }" 

•• Qiilie, nrnntPt. Uiil I HhouH nj, that. If he tDm« np anywhera. ht II Oom* 
a«lior« tomewherc about Grlnldjte (o<moTTOw. at abb ilde; eh. male^" 

The atliffr frettllvmaii aueiited. oba#rt lujt that he nnt ex^H't^leil at Hie Hotpltal, 
and ttiur tnternl peniionem wnald b" trady to re<vlTe him whoiii-iDr be arrired. 

" Then we bate noibliiff for tt bol re«i]|iiai1on." taldUr. Urata, — ^'noihlnjibul 
reilKiiailDa and <ix|>F<ilatliiu. It would Ih a eamAirt U have bit body : It would 
be a drrnry (ioiiil<>rl "^ 

"Uh. beyond a doublfaucnWdUta.JIiilirlnhattlly. "If weonot had tbat. 
trv abould be cjullv lura." 

■ V lUi regani to Ihv deierlpliie adTcrlltemenl," lald Sanpinn lltani. tnklDf 
•p bit pen, " It It a melancholy pleaiure lo rttai] bit tralu. UespeelluK bli leg* 
BO* ? "_ 

'■CrooVed. oerlaluly,'' taid lln, Jlclwin, 

"*>a|tDU ibink they vfrt crooked?" tald tiraii in an Injlnuatlnjr taoa. "I 
tblnk I tee them now. oomlDg np the ttrrrt, nrgr wide apart. In oiuifcM p*al» 

®11i Cuifosft^ Spop. 


tMMf. ■ llTllf ibrntik. knd wIlhDut ilmpt. Abl vhkl a rait oftMn tra Ut« iBl 

Di) we uy RRHiInd ? " 

■■ 1 tWok ihpyin'fii a lltll" nn," (il«»r»i'il Mm. Qnllp irlili »«ob. 

* L^iff* orooki'dk'' lalJ llrau, tfrlllojt ai he ipoke, *' tTJCc hea4i ihoK bodj* 
lufta erookrd " — 

'*Vfr7crni>lml," KUfjrnlnd Mm. Jlnlwln, 

** Well Dot fay vtry crooked, ma'iun." tald Druf pl0iiil;r. 'I^ Uf not bSM 
tuud apaii tb> nakoHiiM of Ui; dcoaicd. Ho li gone. nia'iuB. la when lili hgt 
niU DBvar com« Id ijucuEfoD. Wv wLIt GouCcut aattvttvt wltli cnHJkud, Mr«' 

■• I (lioaflil you wanifj the Inith." laid Ihe old lady. " Thai ■• all." 

*' fl]i^-« ^mr nyiu. liow [ lovvt ^ou 1 *' uiullDrvil Qullii- "^ Tlivrv phu j|(i« agaLo ■ 
Xolhlng hilt pimrhl" 

'' Tlilt Ji au ocoupadon/^ tald Ihe lairypr. IqjIdm dovn hli pen. apd eiuplfln^ 
hi* fflau, ~- wlii^h ■("ami to brC^n hlni Iwfurc iny eyi-t lika (lin f iKmt of Ilanilct'l 
Athfr. Ill llio vrry cloihi-ii lliai Im ninrn on "iirk^ailaj-s. Ill" «iat. hla B-al'MoM, 
liU fboct UJid flockiUKK, Ilia irouatn, hit hM^ hJi vU aod humor, hii palhot and 
hii umbcilla, — atJ cumn lirruru luc like vliluui uriur yuuUl. llUIlurnt" luldllr. 
ItraAM, ■mlllrif rimHIy at th«t unll, '-^- hlH tlitnuT vrfilcb wax aJhay" oT a (iLrtliiiJar 
Color, for luph wu4 h[4 vhlin ajid fHocr. — }iow ptiiln I mhEii Unca howl" 

" Tuu had ^rier k^i^iI' *^f" >A'^ Mri. JLuiwln LiDpatkntEjr- 

" 'J'rui'. nin'nm, IruuT*' dml Mr. Braai- " Our fatxiIIU'a iuu*t not frw<te villi 
frlrr. I 'IJ tioiiblc rou fur a Ullla mora af UiM , ma'am. A quoiUoa Dowvbti 
with rrlattoii u> IjU ito>v-" 

" Flai,""«ld Mn. Jlnlwin. 

" AfjuUUicl ** cried <JaII|». thruitlojr In hla head, and alrihiDjr Uie ftvlufc vUb 
hli (Ml. — "ai|<>lllni'. jruu liagi l>> j-ou ace It; D» jiuu cull ll>l> flat? Ihi jiiat 

"Oli'faiiklat.eapIloJT" fliokird Braai.lKkm Hit mcr* firtvt of habit, *' Exerl- 
Irntl How very MiKHl lie lit lU^'it a aum rcumrkibliiiimn..— to eilrcmeljr whim 
ileal I Kudian nmailnc power of lukiog piiipii. iiy ■utprliel'' 

Qullp pKld no F«j;ntd uhoiever t» riiete compllmeottt nor lo (ho dubloai acid 
IHtEbtctietl ]i>iik lutu uhivh tin' lA-nyer ^nidually vululded. nor u> thn "hrlfik;! of bit 
■rift and niolhrr-ln>Uw. nor lo liiv lnii»r-t mnolngiVoio ilie room, norlo the for- 
mtr'a ntlnlinir aHay. Kteijiiig lilt ere nxedoa Sampiou Drat*, he h'ullLeJ up ut 
Uif lahle- Btiii, bi'iriiiiiioii «lrh hi* RlaJii- drunk ulT lliv cuui«<iiii-, mtoI vri'iit it(u- 
larty mond nnul he boil i-^ipiM iim oHitIwo; whi-n he nrlird the oaar.bouie, 
\BiL liiigging It unilcr hli arm, lorreyed him with a moil cxtr«an1iBar]i tear. 

"Notjrol. flampion!" isldtjallp. — '- uut Junt yvtt" 

"Oh.Terytmod lodeKlfertedUriivi. reaavvriDc bii (pirit* a Utile. "Ha.hi. 
bal Qb. exceedingly KoodI There'! not another man aJlve who could oury It olT 
Eik* that. A mci't <]il]^cuit pu^tllou to carry ulf. Hut lie boa aucb a flow of giM^ 
h'imDr. inch an aniailDCllovt" 

"Qood'hlfllltl'' aaid the dwarf, nodilfnir expreviilrely. 

■*G<N>d-alBbl.alr. E<""l*oiitl>:l" cried the luw; iir. rettcaliuf backwardi lowarda 
thadoor, "Tbl> li a Joyfiil ocwiuu. imlvi'd; Tilrenivlyjujfiit.,bal Ot 
4tr} rieh. very rloii Indeed, rewarkahl; >o 1 " 

Waiilnit uiiUI Mr. Itnt»'i>*;a(^ulalli>na ili'd away In Ih* d1(tanca(fbr h* soa- 
tinntd lo |.}or tbrm out all llir way d'lwQ nlalril, Qullp adi-iuiGed lawaida lb* 
nromcn, who yet linxeiallu u kind uf ilupid aniaienxonl. 

" Han you Im en <1ra|i|[!ti)i ibi> rlvi-r all <Uf.{^atlrin*nF"Mld Ui* dwarf, liaM 
ui|tbedoorop«D wiLbcrnai poilt«u«*. 


ett Bltktni Dlctlonatt. 

" Aod jfiKtirUr. ton. ni««l«." 

" Den IDF I you 'if bull tHrml at Iranblc. I*rar MmtllCTMrNylhlas jroUN 

llut you noJ ui«u iho — upon (ho body. fiaod-nljUl i " 

Tint mKn Iiwlct^l al oicli Dthor, but hxA MTitlfliiltT »0 [ndlciatlon lo u'CUt th# 
point Ju-l thru, nii'l >ih«in**<! out of th'^room, TTi'? <pw<Iy ctfl»fuu<w rlt^cl«t- 
QuUfi Iock(><l llic doon, %aA. itiH cmbrftolnx tti« oiu^boitlc nlib ■Jirujfgetf- d^ 
(biiuIJiTi anil r<i]ilMl uuii. Muoil liH>kiii| al 111* laHuIbla vttfa Ilka ■ dla 
BoUDt'd nlgtiUoara. 

QnHp comes lo hu end by IaIIiti^ intoihc TIiudm, andclrowntD^ 
on H dark night, in nn nttcmpt to cj>capc fi'CiiD nonic olEctm wLo nn 
on the point of nrrcsting liim fur various ciimeii. lli> propcrtj f:tll* 
to hj» wifi', who bears her bertavement with cspinpiarj- raiztiBlioD, 
■ii<l nianifJ again, chcNiaing the c<aet oppotile of the dc^r ilcpnrtcd. 
(Ch. iu-*i, ix, xi'xiii, siiii, ixrii, xxx, sli, xlriji-Ii, Ix, Ixii, Ixiv, 
l.tvii, t.ixiii,) Sfe Scott, Tt^. 

QoUp, Mrs. Betsey. Eli* wife; •■& pnuy Uttl«s mlld-BpokeB. 
bUi<M:yi:il womin. who hnring nllii^d ItcrMlf in m^dlock CO tbn 
dnarf, in nnc> of thosn sETiuige infutuaiiooii of wbifJi vxamplca wn 
by no mcani scarce, iierlormei] a, sound prattit-iil pi^naiice for her 
folly UTury day of liur lU'a." (Ch. iv-vi, xiii, »xi, xxiii, itbc, I, Isrii, 
Ix.tiiL) See Qdiup, Daxikl. 

Soott, Tom. Quilp's bof . AltboQgh lie is habitually beaten and 
abuHul by Quilp, Tom retains a qneer *OTt of affection and adtnlrs- 
Uon for hill moBIcr. His farorito atnuwakcnt i> to *tand on hia 
head; and be also adopts thi« attitude when hi! wisbv* to ahoir hi< 
defiani.'O of Mr. Quilji's itiatiuctionft. or to rv*i<ti^e hituiKilf tipon 
him. Belli); cant upon the world by Lis inaiitvr's death, lio det^r- 
ninea to go tlirougb it upon bis head and handa, and accunlingly 
beoomea a profomoaal " tumbler," adopting the name of an Italian 
inagft-lad of hi* acquaintAnc(^, and meeting with cxtroordinuy m^ 
ccM. (Ch. iv-vi, xi, xiii, xxvii, xlix-li, Ixvii, Ixxiil.) 

Sexton, The Old. Au old man at the vUll^^ where Little NeD 
and her graiiJlatlii-r find a home. (Cli- llii-lv, Izx, hudL) 

Short. Sft lUimis, Mn. 

Simmons, Mrs. Hetirietta. A neighbor of Mr*. Quilp. (Ch> 

Single QoDtleman, The. Brother to Utile Ncit'* ^DdfatbeF 
Ho proTPs lo be Maitur Uuupbrey, the aarKitororthu etoryJiCCClk 
xxiiv-xxiviii, il. ili, xlvii, xtviii, W, Ivi, Uvi, lxit-buiii.> S«t 
Granuf.vtiier, Littlk Nell's. 

Slum, Mr. A writur of poetical advortisemuDta. (Ch xarUi.} 

Sphynx, Sopbronia. See Mabchionbov, Thk. 


•la CttcTaatIg Stop 


9woot William. A lilont man, who tarns his Itvtng hj ihuwing 
irii-kf upon cordi, anJ «)iu hm r»lker •Jtrin;---d tlie natural «ij)re»- 
rinn of hi* rouDt''nnnce hy putting small Ic.i<!<'a loBen~oi into hi* 
eyeSf and brin^ii.s then) oul aI hU mi'iiich. (Cli. xix.) 

B'wiveller, Diok. Fric^ml to l-'rcd TWnt, and clerk u> Snmpson 
Bra,as. lie i» first introJucL'd oa tlic occfljion of a visit whi'^h youn;^ 
Trent mnkes (u bU (jrundfuUior fur the purpoM of dcmaniJing to 
tea hit tittet. 

At longtli tlicn ■lunlarvd up an tha oppHtt* (Id* of lb* m*. wllli ■ imt 

ptrunw lit |<u-lni by Mcldrat, ■ Itgan ooniplsiiaut for lu dirty •mirlnpo, 
vhicb. nftrr n CTT«t nuay troww and Jtrki of fhc bead. In rfipU(iinD« of tUa 
IntltMion, iililimiii-))' <^ri»*nl ilio njad. md wiu liiviiigiii Intnth" thnj). 

"TIivrTt II '■> l>lcil: SnlTvllvr," Mid lli* youtiE Mliiw, pnibJns biD Itu "SB 
doini, Swlvellcr." 

-Rot It 111* old mlD *gr*«ibl*?" Mid Ur. ttwlvallarln id ppJw WW. 

"Sit down t"r*i«"*li>d )ili cHcnpBilnn. 

Mr. Svlvclicr omnpUrd. and. looking abooi him with ■ proptttMOry imlla. 
(ibnrt*d Uiut IbiI whIi wu b lloc week for ihr duck*, and till* vriu.'k wiu a Sn* 
Wf«kft>rl1i«dii''t: ItftI•r>c]^tl■rvl^1,1lmt, fhllvt^iandbiBbf tbapoar. BiiliMiir«i<t- 
dDn«r>ht bad obicriFd a pin vltli a ilrair In hti mODtb lualnj oul of lbs lo- 
lurniD tliini. riiiiii wUli^li a|)|ieurnnee bs arguBd Iliae ■nMhar Aim nrrk fur (ba 
daaki (lai (ippmBfhIni. anil ilmi ruin wmild earlalnl)' «ata«. IIP furllKirmnra 
took oocailoD to ApoloKlio for any nvi^llceiica thai mlf ht be pflTHptlble Co bla 
diw4, c}u ibo f niaud Iliat laAl ulghl ho liad bad *- tti* min r*ry *lroDf In bin 
•yC>>*by vblcb ^xpm^-tin liMTuauiidoT*IiKHl1ooonToy to hli hvaren. la tb« 
meM dcllmtB laanucr poiilblc. the Infotinallon (lial br bad lie*n ail»molr 

" Uul whal." laid Mr. MvIrvIlFr with • ilRli. — ~ nhnt If Ihn oddt >a toDH ai 
tliDflr* of joiil ]• kindled at the taper of eonwi'lallty. and Iho wlnjof fflendiblp 
EkmTmoutlB alVjUbar? IVhil li Ibn (H]d» >o J-mga* lEi* rplril U nupainlvd by 
meaiu of roiy wtno, and Ihv prr«?Dl jaotavol it Ifao le«»t hoppWt of our nlft- 
•lUaP- . .. 

It tmt, pnbapa, no! nry Daraaaonabl* lo (aipeot. from what had Hlr*«dy 
patted. Ihal Ur.l^vlreller wainotqnilQrf«over?dfromfbeeflVw(4of tbrpowerfbl 
•invll^hl towhicb be bad made alluilon : but. irnoiueb>u>i^irluii1ta<lbe>:iiawuk- 
•nadbx bl*ipa*oli.liliiwliytialr.dgll«!*4.BiiduUo*lkw,irogldilUI IsKTebrm 
ni«i>{wltn«*»*a acaliut tUm. Uti Hiln wa* nocaa be bad Uouelt binted, 
tuuifelblo fiir the nloaat amniieiDUil. but «>* In a aliUa of dUordar. wblch 
aljoagly indiirud llii» IJra Ihnt bo bvl g^ttif In bed Inil. Jt canilntrdor a brvtrn 
bOdy-Qoai with a creal many brau buttoni up tbe f^nl, and only one behlud, a 
bright check uecken^bh^f. a plald waUIcoal. loileil wlif' Inmavr*. and a f*ry 
Itmp bat, Kom with (be rnimg aide r-jri-inoit, to hldi> n bol« In tbo brlin. Tha 
bfvtat of ttia coat waa ornamented vllh an ou1»Ide poekel. from wbieh I1iei4 
paapad farth the elaanaat eiid at a trry laisnand xi-ry llirutiiriHl Imndk'rfhii'r; 
bttdlrtywiiatbanrinwtrapntliuldunniu f»r««i><»>lbl5, andonmiiirliiii.lrritded 
boekover liU oulfk; bedliplayed noglovei. and carried a lellov car^e hfii loj; at 
Ibn lop a bi>n* liud Willi Iha •einblaDia oCa tliigt on iU lltllo liiifpT.aiidiililaelt 
ball la Un er-ifp, W.'U all ihnie penonil adnnlaii"" (lo wninh mm I* adili'd 
■ attdog Mvar of tobasu-tmdkc and a prctalUnit gFtaalaua of appewica] 


Kit Bfcfctns nictfanxif 

llr. BwlMUer Utati Mcli In h't ehalr, trltti hli *t*i Ised on tb.r adtlnjt, ukd, 

BatMloinll)' plinUnit U> vnicfl In Hid tiMilful kC)i. ut>llK<^ ■>>' i^mtHiaji wVili » 
h*r hurt oran luiruiolj-dttaul ail. aad ttiFU, In ibntDlddla of a aola, rcJi^wad 
Into hli ninner >U«di>0. 

Mr. Swlroller and Fred eot«r bio a tort ot cotapincy lo mwrf 
iLe former tu tatiJu Nvll, luiO tliu» ^t posMuaion of llin pDonnoiH 

wealUt wLlcli, ii 1« *up|Xiwil, ilie old miui U lioariling ii{i for hor. 
AiWr tho diKippcnrnnce of Llulc Nell nad her graniifnthor, Dick 
cnikt!* a friend of <jm!p, who obliUDsforhim « titualion m el«rk in 
t!io 1av-afli[>c of Sunipion HnixE. 

A «>Mi)i «lopt>v(t mar thv dmr, and prrHiitlj tflenratdi t1i«re WM a lood donblr- 
toiiwk. Ai ihlii™ uubuiinaiiotJir. KwJMUort.IheiJfrion not Hnglni! iho offlip- 
bo]!. Iia {iiinucil lilt dlTBrtliin witli iwrfiKt compoiur^ Dutwllluundliis Il»t h* 
nihnrthnuKlitihfTp wm nobo^r die In Ihvhouic. 

In tMi> biiw«vtr. W wa* iDliiakcn; for. after Ili«hn'>r1c hfid bc^n rvpvaE«d wltb 
Incrratrd iEEijuiUtfUi^c. flii^duor niu iiiivncil. and BcinmbiHly vrErU a irury hi4vy 1r«ad 
went lip llin Blaln, and Iniii ilii- mom above, Mr. .SwlvelliT wan unndrTlng 
trlieTlirr tbis m&£hl be nnothcr Kitt lirui, tnin^iULer to tlic Orai^on, wbcn tbei^ 
nmc a m[>]>luit (>r ktmcklei at iIid uflu-door. 

"Cum4 In t" Raid Uick- '' lh>»^t Ktaml npun oarrmon)'. Tim bstioau wLU f«4 
ratber eomplieaiFd if I 'iriaany more ouiioniort. Cumelnl" 

"Obf pU'SAC*^ tahl A Niilv r»lao vrrf lowdmrii In tbn dourwaf » " will yoa <ioiii« 
and ibow ihr lodgliif* ■ " 

Dick leaned over Lbe lAblc, and descried a imall. alipsbodslil In jidinr conn* 
aprou aud bib. ivhii4i U'ft uaiblnjr uf Jntr rUlb^tf but bur fuca and fvct- &be ml^bt 
aa veil buve britu dr«>e<l lii a iloIlo-eaM. 

" Why. who aie you ! " Mid Dldt. 

To whloh the only repljrirM, "Obi plaMe.wUl yan cooic ud allow tin lodg- 

Hiera DPTrt wst «iob an vld-fMblaiKvl eblld la her look* and maiinBr. Sha 
mail liarobecnal «orklh>iu bcicrsille. 8be leeiuEd ai much afraid of Dick •■ 
Ukk ttit" JUnAHiHl at ber. 

'- 1 bare n'l sot any Iblnjt to do wtlh the lod^lajri," Mill [>lak. '■ Tell 'cm to can 

-- Ob t hn: pliuiu). nr 111 ^ii o»nii und >l<i>w Iha Iwl|tlil«* ' " rrlurucd IhB girl. " ll "a 
elKhKwn •IiUIIur' an<-ek, and bi nndlng plate wid linen- lloola atid alottiM U 
ulra. audnr^ In wlnicr-dnioUclxbtpcDeo a day/' 

" H'liy duci'I yuu alioHr '(id yuunelf F Vou toitin la kaov all abmil ■on." aald 

■< Mil* Sally laid t vm n1 to. beanie people nonld nl bellBve the UlendaoM 
ma foof], If tbnr *atr Imxt aniHll I wa« flnt,*' 

" Wi'Il: but they II treboir imallyou aFeaOrnrardi; won't they ?" (aid Dick. 

"Alit Itm ih«i llicr "U baveiaiicirrnifyriifoHoighiccflaiii.'' replied ibe child 
artlba "^ rvwA Uiuk; ^-nnd pi*{>pliMlon't bki^ muvlng wlirn (liny *n our* •otilrd." 

"Tlili i> a qu«'r lort of tliin);," ututtend Ulok. iliing. " VTbal do yoo Duan 
W >oy yita arr ; Hie cook ? " 

■■Ve*. I dr> plain cnokdne,' replied tbe eblld. " I "m hODMmald too : Idoalltha 
vorkof the baoie." 

" 1 Htypoti Bru" and (b« Dngou and I do thr dIrtlMt part of It," tbaoflt 


Olh eutfoaltji atop 181 

nek- Am) M mliht liaie Ihoujilii mflcli morr. bclau in • doublflil and liuluting 
ouhkI. but lliil tUcT ulrl H^iitirip^iL htr rt«(;if I. un*) c*rulit iny»I'>rUaiiH biimplnjf 
loiindf on ihepjMHkfV tmil ilaircwio HriiK^il 10 icif? oDir oT the ■|ppli«at'* linp»- 
ticDw. Eldiard StIvcIIcf. therefore, iiltklnn a (itu btliln.l cocli rar. and («rr? laf 
anoUii'T lu tiU muutli ki 1 tokeuuf liihgn^^impurTaucv, Audilerotioii lobualoiBUr 
binird OBI toniEWluid tnat wIUi (ha ilnBla EMiilrDWD, 

ARer ih«i airoct of Kit Xiibblcs, in cotis^imuce of tli« fitlou teati- 
Biun^r of Sitnipwn Bru>, Dick, nbo biu tlilud wliIi tliu [xMr boj', is 
(iiuhnr^cil. [lo takes liii iiitlc bundle under Lis sno, iaieoiliug Id 
go lo Kil'i mollicr, and comflirt and nnUt her. 

Kill Itie lUvn nf grriilrnii'D <t'r»<nl la nuoli p1rMUI«< •• Illohvil F-vlcrllpr u* 
nlTvinely pTvoorlouv^ Tbc iptrltual cxdlcmeDt of ITic lut fortQlffhf. workliijc 
lipun A «ytl«(u HjffMhl iu no *U^!it ili^grvc by 1I1D iplrhoomi rxdlffmcnt nf miujb 
f*an. prorrtl ■ Iliili' (mi ruunh n>r lilm, I'lmt i*r;f algM, ill. Itlrliotd irsi Hplind 
vttk an Ktanalag IUdcai, ukd In Iweatj-tonr hDnraitMM itricken Wltb a 'aic^o^ 

^Midei| to ami tWi upon Tiii hot, uociliix b*il- lormvnt-nl h;r a llflrrA Ihlnt vhluh 
MUllog OOUJd app^iL"', i^TiabTe lo And In aTi3^ cbunf? nif pniture a momrnl't pr^ca 
OTWe. andrLinihlinucbcr llLfouAlj dr^etli uf lliou>;M where flicfo waJ uo rcil- 
injr-pZACTH biiJiiglit or Honml anggrjitiifi of rt'fci^nhuiriit or n'p'fnv, nulhlog bnt -% 
dull 4'frruuJ wi'irlQcAf, with no chan^r bnl ihi; retElcfi ihlftlii^ or U]> mttcrahlo 
body, and Iht- wciu)' wmiilrrlug of hit mituL cuottuut aEUI 10 00a vvPr-jiri'iiFiit 
uulolv, — loa #i'nj<« ii(" Hiimi'4EiitiK kf\ u ndi^n e, tfF tnniD ft-ttrAiJ nb^lnolr lo bpaur- 
mounted.of dome carkin^f «^kro thiLt woLxId not be drtven Avaj< and whii^Jj liauiil* 
•d Uie diilCDiiK-Rd biuln. nuw in II1I1 form, tioolu IbaUalwayi thadii<r>' unil rlhn. 
but roengnltabl* ftir thnuunn phanium In nvt^ihaiw It look. darkfilnR I'vrry 
ilrioa like an n-llooiudeuoe, and maklnfitluintXT horrible.— tnlbcieilow Ion ure* 
<a liU dR*d diuiue tbD uuTorlunaie KlobanI lay wailing ami eouiutnlug iiidi hy 
^neh* ntitil at la"l. wlif n Ha iLVvmi^il (ci iLj^lit and j(tnij{Ele !■> rlae up, and lo be brid 
down bjderllB, hp latik Into n dfep aU<rp. and dreamed no more, 

llnafrokv. Wlih«>vn«ttlnti of nic»ttit[nifnlrMt. bptlt^r fliaa ilci^p IlKvlf, he 
bepuifndually to lemenibcrfromr^ltilniEof Ihetc lulTerinjE*. and 10 ttiink what a 
laai Dlgbl II liud l»an. Bud wliellicr lie lisd uul bucu di'llriuui mlrA «t Ihrlcr. 
li^ppralnf , In the mldil of I))»r c»gtiuil<ini, in mine hit hand, he wa> aiionliliFd 
tOdnd hov heavy il leeined, and ict how Ihln and Ii£ht U 'eulJy uat. .HE 111 ha 
IhilL Inili1r<rriii audliBppy. and. baviufr uucurluilLylopEinriiithc anlrjiot. rirniHJnrd 
lu the (unie uuklni'luintwruulll 111" allFOUun wu adraclrd by a c-<ujth. Thi> 
nado hini duuht nhi'iher he hnd looked hit doop laii nijthi, Hiid fuel a liiile 
larp^l'^^ Kt having n iHjmiJHnioii Eii Ibo room- 81III be Ufki^il i-nerg r to foir^DW 
Up (hl> irnln of Ihnuxlil, and . . . waa rambllns In Imnirlnallon ■ . . uben ha 
beard ihc coujihoui'c more. Ralilnfrhlmtelf allnio In ihc bnl. and holdlug (bo 
nirtuhi i>jmu wllli cin^ haiicL h*> lookvi] out. 

The •oioe mnio, wriiitnly, nnd iilll hy candlf-llghf; but with what unbonodfd 
auoijlibujeni did ht tcv &U chute hoitlei and hot^nt. And arllete* of lEiitri ul'ing 
by Ihir lirv. nndoich liko rurnltni-c of u -ii^k-t^hnmbtT. — hII viTy dvnn and tii'ikt.hiK 
•u quite ilUTercnt (iMm any Ihliij[he \i4\ there whi-n hi> mm lo tied I Tlie altnoi- 
alijrr. too. nileil wiibseuol imellor herb* and vinegar, thaflwr atwly •prioUcd, 
ilia — lliewhnl? I'he SUrrhloni". • 

Tei; phiflnjE erlhhtijfe nlrh herself at the table. There (he ani. Ihtpot upon 
Htl gam a, « ugbing uow luid Ibnu lu a tubduird luaiiucr oi If ihi^ renii'd to diilurb 


epe Dtc&tss Bfttlanavi. 

Uai.— *hnnin| tb* eardt.oitilnit. dcallnc. t>l*rtog.aiiatln(. ptggliiii. — (trin) 
Ihmniih ali tb* mnirrlivof erlbbait •> tr ahf had brtolD fall pnuMon (ran ha 

Ur. <tiitl>(>ll(iT nlxd th* curtail! *giln.deteriBlaEd id uk* tlis finl fl^vnrsbl* 
opimrtuiiliT or tMnntat l>>> xninpnnlon An nnwaliD wK>n prrvninl lUwIf 
The UArcliiapeH deftlt. tiirnod U|i ■ knAvc, und ainln^il to lAko the iuuaI kdvaa- 
ta^; upgii which Mrp8wlv«ll*r aiUcct out lu Uttui lu la<* {v>iit(t» " I'iru fur hh 
h«l' t " 

Th« MarcJil4inv» Jumpi-diipfiulckljr, «nr1 4Uiip|>«hi1 1i*r tmnili , - . fhrjoy, . . > 
dKlarlnit . . Dint fbD im " 4o (lad nil* riM n't knniT nbu to d«," 

'- Mardjion'-ta ," iaTd Ur. tiwIt'otJcr iZiouAlttfuLly. " t>c |ilra>ci] lo dnw n«anr 
Ftnt nr hU- will ^4>u hnvnlhr Bi»)dii'"i 1i> lEif-»rin ma wh*tr I ihult fltid my voL«^ 
and. HOondlj', what hai bpcnnr of my npih > " 

Til* Um)iloncM aal^ iliaak liprhrad laaurafUtly. and eriod axaln; nliampoB 
Mf ■ .SwIVTll^'r (l4iln|| ""ty wpakj frit lilv f»*rn !*)-« an^cT^iT tfknw]»«, 

■^ I bvf^D to latrr ^om yoor ntaouor infl thr^? app?anac>»» MaroblonMi," 
•il'l Klcliardaflcra [lauit.aadimlllUB Willi a IrviDblUig lljj. " lliat I ba«s b*Mi 

- Youjiut bam " nplied Uh imall aerrant, wiping bti rjta, '■And bar* n'l 
foa 1#pn a'talklng aontflnse I " 

"Oht" Hid Dick. "Vorflll. Karohtonan, bantbiNiDr" 

*' DcAd, all bul,^ replied tbo imall itrrant- *' I dcvof lliouf lit yau 'd gal bettar, 
ThMnk Ifravrii y\m Unrr I ■' 

Ur. SvlvclFpT wai tllont for a ioag vhllp. Bj and bj he bcfan to lalk again, 
Inqulrinn Imiv lui.j; In; had brm*. 

"Tlirp^iri'i'k* lii-m-ipn**." rapllr-d llip ■mall Avrraut. 

■• Three wbal?"(ii1d Dick. 

•■ Woeki." ralnraeil lUe yianblaaaMompbatleallr. — '-DirM long, (low wwlca." 

Tbfi bm-f tliriiiifht iif havthji bufii In mKtb n(ir*mlty aativTd hlohard lo fhll Inra 
anothpr lilenee, and lo tie dat down ajEaln at hla fhU^lenjrtb. Tlie Harelilcinsit, 
havliiKanaii^-pil rJiD tH'd-diilliu marDntiiJiiriably. and frIE Ihat h|ji hand* and 
Ibrcljpiut wrrp iiiIEt fnol. — a dl>nr)rnrT- tliql flllod Eio' wlLh dpllfflil^ — OTled a llttt* 
more, and tbou apfilled hertclf to flcttlnff tea ready, and maklnjc name thiu df]r 

Wbllrdh* wan than minRwI. Mr tiwlvrtler looked on with a irnl'-ful liearl.Terjr 
Tnneli naionlibed to it* how iboroufftily a' borne >lie iniidn honelf. md ■liribmloi 
'hl^ attiiiiElDo. 1u lla orlitta- '■> -^ally ftraat, whiim. In bin own mind, hr ctmiA not 
Ibank i>noua:h. Whrn thr Hanihlnnru had Unlibed h<'r Ins'llng. ihe uprrod a 
alcaneloth on a tray- andbroujtbt blm toinecrS'p slice* and a jfreat bafln of weak 
Ua. Willi wbM ribeiHld) ihe doriur had len wiirdlio might rvfri'ih hlin>K)f irhm 
hcKwnkn. «bo|irop[md bim np wlih piltuwn. If not ■< ikllfullTai If nbe bad been 
a prvifeit'onal nunoalJ her lift, at leul a> tenderly, and Itiokedun wifh uimElen^ 
bte^aUifaciliim wliUa Ilia patlDol ^•topping *vi>rv nnw and tbnn tn nhako hfrttf 
tbe hand — look hli poor meal wttb an apperlte nnd retiah which the jrreatAaf 
(ainiie* of the earilLuiidiT any oihcr eitcuinitaneii«. would baia failed lo pro- 
mki'. Havlnit e1«<arr<l awav. and cllapniied i-wryihlhtf comfortably about bUi 
■fain, (hit <ni. dnwn nl Ilip lahle lo lake her own lea. 

" March l<>ne»»," lahl Mf. >iwlvidlef, '►bflw 'j Sally?" 

Ttii'-mnll BrrvaAt ■irrKwitd hnrfion Inlo an «Kprvutoa of tb« Tory □(termoi 
Bntabflcineni nf 'Ifbe'in and ibnok her head 

" WhaM have ut you lonaher lately !" laid Dlek. 

■■Saaa li«Tl"arMtboanaU**r(aat. " UIvmidii. I'lenii] awajrl* 



Kb Cnttaillf Jbtoy 


Vr. 8vltr*ltpr tmandlaMr Utd UmMir dawn iK*la qoRs flat, and lo rrnwiiwd 
br abiml Ave mlnuKt, Hr uluw deirou lin ruuined bli illllos pMiuro (Ru iliat 
^■4 ot llnr. KDtt Inqarml, — 

" And wliefe do vou live, Hm^lilDniii ? • 

"» t " rrliKl Ihorm*:! »i-rTBnl, ■■ BrtrJ" 


And with Ihal lie rt>tl dovn flat tguln a* unddnnlj n IT h* had btan ihM. 
rhnt hfrviDKliiPil, mollonln*. and brnlt of apmh, until (lir h»d ItnlihHl bvr 
BHal. pntciR; ililniilTilu plaw. and •HVpt Ihe hmrUi: whon lie motioned li«r 
UihrlniactialriD th> b"il«ldi!, and. Iwlnjt propprd up Kpilo, op^nnd ■ furihtr 

■■ And lo.'iiiild Dirk. '■ jthu li«r«riin mtaj'* " 

"T»."Hild til" Mmmlilonnti ; ■'ini ihcy'Ti- (wrn D-tlrlnfC'if air." 

" BMn — l btK four pnntan." Hid Dluk. — " wbil line (her bwDdoInK?* 

'■Bern ■tiling oTm* — tlxing, joa know, la ths twmiiapan." rtjolncd Ot» 

'■ Ay, av." <ald Wc*. — " advertlsinf ? » 

"neimUl tiTvini luuMed uml ivItiIirI. aatyat wen to red wlili uvlilof and 
trybt/t. Ihfti ihi^ l^raglc Muar might hare wln^nd with gttmlet ttttttltfmcy- And 

" T*ll mo," laid h». ■- hnw 11 wai Uiil jou Ibouirhl uf coming ben." 

" Whf. rOd Mr," EvrurDcl the MarehloiKPia. ■■ when yoa wan jrnoa, I had n'l 
B»f frlmd at all, buoniipihe lodjrrr he nevrrMine back, nnd I did n't knowwher* 
either Mm or you »«• tnbt r<>uad. you knaw, BuIdtid miiroltig. when I wai " — 

■^ IVbji n4inrnkexholp,"ii]^g*««Ir<d Hfr, SwIveTlfT. ohHrrrlnj; that nhn ftilt^red. 

" Well, then»" Bald (he tmall (ervaol. nodding, -^" when t wa< near Ihp olllev 
keybele, — ■• you aet me Ihroiigh. ynukmiir.-' I liKiirH mmxliodr •■j-lng that ilia 
llir»d Ill-re, and wa« the lady whine lino" tou Iwlgrd ati and Ibat you wni took 
very bad : and would n't nobody eomo und take aire of you ? Ur. Brua he layi, 
' It*! aobuilufii ormliM.' he layi; and Mln Hallyihe layi. ' Hu'ia fuuiiy diap ; 
but It *■ iu> bdalnMBi of mine/ And the ladr went away, and Jilannivd the dimrti> 
when ab« went out, t can tell yon. So f nin away thut nl^bl, and ooine herv. and 
■Old Vn rou VM my brother; and thay bellcTod ma; and I *•« ba«n hare cm 

In tilt! emd. Kit in tv-)ciunH, anil r«it>irneil t'> hln fdniulii. Dirk fall]) 
into an nnnuity oT Ann hiinriprd anil fifty poiinii* a jxnr, nnd. bpine 
TUrv cmiyftil lo IIm' Mnrftiioncta, hi« firirt ihniijlit i» of her. " Wi-ase 
Cl«d " he sajs, " tie li tonku n achoUr of Ite poor KUrchionuRi yot J 
And ftie thai] walk in silk at^ru, ui<) uller Iinve to tipare, or a^j 
nerar Hh.' ftnm this biyi again t " 

Alter mtlns about for tome time tat a name which *li«ul4 be worthy Of bei^ 
ftedecldiid In fuvorof Hofihriinla -Hpliynx. a> living eupbonluna and f«ntee1, and, 
hirtlti-rmnr*. iii4llmiv«* of niv<lery. Vtinvr tliln title, ibe Mnrnhlonxu ri,palrad, tn 
Ni^a, to a »chi»i of hia feleetlon, ntim whlehn aa ahcioon dlitaneed all competl- 
■on. ahe wax rcinoriiil In-ftm ilie li[i» of many <|uarlera to one af a hlt^n 
pad*. It 1< but lniri*)iiKili;p (o Mr, fsnlreiinr if> tar, rJiat. althniif li (be pxpennaa 
Of hel education kept him in atrallened clronmitanfei for half a dozen yeara, 
bo navvr alaclcenHl In Ida lesl. and alwayi lield hlimi'lf >ufnidi'n('y ri'psld by tb« 
Uoounta h« litard (with srval (rarlly) of her odraneemenl. on hi) (noiithly vliHi 
-« Ibc gOTontMi, who looked uioulilmaiallUrarygciilleiDaaofMetiilriehabUa, 
«d ^ a moat i>rodi|loui tulani In qantalloB. 


CIic SIclttnn ISliKanaty. 

In ■ word, Mr. Sirlvcllfr k*p[ thv Mintiioon* U tblt Mtkbllihoral until fit* 
•nu. H ■ DiiKlcralf suMf. (U1I Dlnric'-a jeitri of ig«. (onil-lauklnt. tlircF. knd 
j^KXl-buiD(rrc(l, wlii^N lin h*^ia hj (ujiiihlHr luirlituklv wlut iriiii in b*> ilnnrt ni-jit. 
OnontfoT hlA pvrlodtml vWIli, vliUvh? va* nvolvlnj; IZiIi i^itcstlan In bli oilnd, 
tfM Uaroblaafr^i camB down tck lilm kU>ii«<, Li>E>k[u|f mom aiiiiilng bqO luurt frKBh 
tlian •»«. Hi™ 11 DKiiripr) m him (birt nn( for ih" (lr"t llmp>, Hint, If ilip »ouii) 
luArry him, bow oom(t>'Ub]c tlk«y mSK^^t ^'i* Hu Hli^hiu^ &t)[«1 her- Wharrfvr 
■Ilfr «alr|. II wju n't Xo: ariit tii<-r wfrv nurrLi'^l Iti ^h^I i^nit^Ht Ihat djty wHlc, 
whkJ; gKVf Ktr vvrwrilvr rr^ucDl ora&«Ioa to irmnfk at dlvifr* AubAvqucat per^ 
oiUthat (Ucrc had b«D • f dud)) Imly uvlnguii tai iiliuiinei itll. 

(Ch. ii. iii, tu, tiu, siti. xxi, xx'iii, xxxiv-xxxviii, xlriH, 1, Iri-ls>4. 

"One of tilt rnoUit enmUoui- W««n- qoi tqfA ihiil mr* ^ not. ttumiKDruf fndlvlil- 
iulnpiiiinii,piiido l}K:kon ■ [>innjiol«4b4v«a)l ilio reit,^ft iiiniuole vblcti.ppTbfpt^ba 
may dJvmo tr]1h Ibe Mk'awban. LrnlmlUbld pilrtl lint wtilch oot tt^xi Mun Wallor Oold 
rvHi^ti, Ram ]> A anny f^TIni*, vluim w* *11 know wa h i>ii1A not lolaml* La <nii HrvlCB 
rL>rH4laj', iiftfiii cu tlU1•apq^» Mr. Vi<:\^f\', Imi ii\ck MwlT-Jkrw* lit* lo nor bnvon. 
nil vpirfillvcJEit'-^iTaAM, ht« iciOiNljruitm-tos ' Uio tvkj ' uliJelt Iiv [iij*«AW inDLOli loo oftni. 
tbc lillp way> wbJch whr^Anriol hi>];i ■polnif^ — WD Iflnt u;tnn aH Willi ImtulMrnl ^^^^ 'l* 
i*no«H4liL»kvaAn1lri tiblow»L{Uj4. «vaii Uia ihw^iIs [q lli'iH tLneU M'tUi^Ii he thul 
iiprT3VtD*lly hj'liuyincn^1r«rBlovnlD on* ploeo. ana ■ |int <i( imm^dd In inrhih^^ muit 
bA¥OUiiiHil LEiii whtnhofioLunieWtfitb/lilVili chaotDd LnHUWr*. ttrtntfliiir bCi fjuip- 
, , - lEiihP4:(i4pt0riiRhK:ti jUauM«fiil4««onMEi[akf<ftlirellar.tb«nl>n]i>r*tniohiiEnAr 
Etiiu Ifiiiuriii itvinf |)[<;)L«nft; fJirriAtiArlkipi. alonitflT All tht muj pnruiuUK* "f bi* 
rtmWjr. hu fotrhe lov^of hltvithar- UilttKaCAd frtodlv, wilb 4 ji/tnlld luuch: h* !■ 
nLb^afanartaDjDfljr: b* It cdnninftlx riiCDniin«n4l«t ta our trrt<ci^Diui, at ft tutui rvcom- 
mpri^ln a lru« Ill-boy. wtioli ttii- llGbCof hltayoa. InatI Eiifljin«r'<r mfl pr^(i-nJi>l Ft[iro4cl)' 
imahflrmi'l abiiiw. Hi ■■ Mmoir (lui onlr min diubW. and IniKpsMti or la'Eptnit bim- 
koir,or wbumEfkk^iitiaiMt* jtrntfurlto . , . Whifjiihii MnrthrmfML^itmn u^hta UtD^Uc*. 
Itia iilcilura iH |trnVc:i. . . . Tht-bnntnl M\a^^* aOntit'Hn la iti* rnrlom cblld, Ifa* p«rfMt 
DflHWiih wlilvliha Btl^ipU blniH^r ta JiprmoclaEx^Uiv LUila ftcllon (vj quInUj IbMkiM^ 
•luUT''*r*whll<'< mrT4ltvrNr1iriowt4\T*atK>u(bm — tnalllTila Hi« know kcwro^ljp 
■nymttcb la Uiv UdNUiiird, uul c*rrRiiiTr nuLblQiE e]|u» Imipurtitia idl] CkittlkiUmt^"^ 
JitorfuDAiTt Miij.. vol. ClJ^Hiip^af^-^ 

"Mndifif t^LcliunA't most txt\iiiMiia imA iiia>t mxuhaemit humur I* lUifilR/pd In rt^ 
ntonlLntf chanclfn cuniiMtmiOnd of vanity, cimcvlt, niui uiumice. . . . Mt- 1Uchiu4 
BwlwfUrr It pror>iM/ iliv mmt <p)ODiil(l tptvln^iTi *' Ibi cli^u. amt !• 4 flfi* •uimpU 

ttblitnt; itiUt mi-ii" fvifiUfm. Diet li 4 aort of ■liattb^' Blr Elarr^ Wil^Alr, 4 rpck)(4«, 
fhtrbor^hnlncd. dood'nniurod Tt^haml, wirb no ifvptb if |[ltII■^ uil wboH Imvulart- 
Un4r«Uko T«ult of IdJoiin*. vinl(^> oiEoM«aLH and 4 vrtAt ilwirf aiplrlu. Wllh ft-nM 
tpLnlfiii of bit own qbum^n, tin |j aUEl uvt7rrt4<:li«4l b/ vt</ry kiiKVtf 1ib cuicoDDlDn) 
■OdlilillA It 4 OMCi-nt froDi one 'cnttbpr ' fry KrtoLbcr. ]|4 It to rtfn, iMl bn *Jmo4l 
bttltfTi^bU tiWD ■uINnnllLnii lln; »tid bn i^iinoi puvibly an ibtaoi •■ iJny 4i%. . . , 
itU liMtl ]< fjll of tonpt i>r tungi nnd plMt. ^bloh bo L4t a «1ngulAf MlCion* 1nr«. 
icltr In quiiiinir It} fotuin i^<'k«ntiin<'iiiof ihnmoiAnhi; ntUi tili K]■ll1J^ flrcr Hcpumpany- 
kDffblttMiIltafit. ItMolifimotdrliika u Ibrtult tni hit tlriFU, orltiv iiitrli of TJOH-'t 'ofTk- 
ilnirAmrdrfe^nn b^t iivii rn^L , , , t^inii^i iniKCin«EJvn vnnjir n^HtlTiLi'ry ilKPtvc* bU 
ptrQKiuvL He t^dllaa fl|{bL In whli^h liliuwn ru«e 1b dnuin^ a f%->Llvo M^De; bo Wttf 
kl<i«nni|Hiti]qn In piinc^h b [tiiH f bn m*F irln<v 1 be L-Hr^rorhit TJijqnr T^T tttldDDty ftd*l» 
rue tbtf Afpy Al tbo bbrnev«r to (<7uth tiilriu; ami trLli a ■iMiigrr ^bODi hb dttlgna U 
Oupt^ ibBi UiP vlng of fnrin44hJp niiiAi n^-pi mniLU 4 Ouhnr. -iir l-plcnrB Munmon hliiH 
9Ph hardiT iwilUr* with mon njIn^'Bt bl» Hoif enu* Ti>]onJi k>f qlnttnuy iinl ]it-;ii1l:« Uita 
Ibeiourv^^'All ib4iliMnn4lmJi»U>JLUuii tucc«c4vwb uiAvr M fkoii la po« Dia\' 

9(t Cntioilts Abap. 


Frent, Frederick. Brother to Lilll« Nell. (Ch. ii. iH, rii. Tiii, 
»iiii. 1. Uxiii.) A'« GttAKufATiiER (LitTLB Nkll's), Swiv* 
BtLKR (Dick). 

Trent, Little Nell. A muull and dvliuaUt I'kilJ of antrclio panty 
of cliitmclvr, uid swuuDWMof <liii)K)<!ilJun, wLu Lire* alone with li«r 
gntnilfaiber, an old man poMeased by a tuauU for gaiublis^; hb 
olject being to moke her Hcb and happj. The accouut of their 
wftQilering*. nil«r the old man lotos the IiuC of hi* pr()|ierty, and 
i* turned into the Etruuts a bc^nr nod an imbcdle, funni tha 
thread of the ttcay, 

» Whirii WIT ? ■■ ••td the obOd. 

Tbc olil nun loiit«d ImaalDUir bdiI hclplrmly. flnt U h»r. Ihtn (o Ibc rlithl 
and kn. IIi«ii al hrr i>|pt[a. siiil iliuak 1il> IibwI. II wu plain tlmt tlio wnt 
tbvnetlbrtli hli fiildi* aiiil Inut^r. Thv nhlM frli If. f>iit hu) no daubtA oriDl»- 
XlrtiiK. Md. pDlttng hrr hand In hl>, led him Rcntt,! tany. 

It wiu ilie brill lining uF • dir In Junf. Ilic deep blue ity uniullled hf a 
ebwd. and tf^mlnj; nitla brIltianL ILjfht- Tfin *lr*#u warwaf^lnmulyfiTCfrnm 
pawamm; Ihr lioace* and ihopq vrrT elOft^d : and the hvallhj air of jiioralD£ 
MI ilka bnaiU Irani ■iicrli on Ibe ilrejilDc (ami. 

ThunlilBini) iiml tlir rtilld riMiml on Ihroiiglj ihri[l»il"IlBn(". HnWulfh hope 
ttid jjleaiure. They were oEoEie lajEellicf oncK ajcaln. Kver^ object w» brii^lit 
and 1>viiU : nuthiiig rentiTuli-il theiEi. otlivrwUe than b^ contraJf . of thi' moncil' 
mty and lymitmlnf ilii-i had l-n behind, Chureh lowen and tlerplet, frownlog 
and dark at other iliiief. iiow shone In (be iqu; each humble nook aiidoornor 
' rtJulcDd lu llitbt : and tlis ikr-dluiuwd only br axcvtln dttlaaa, alinl III plaold 
>ml1a on rvrry ihlnjt brnwih. 

ForlU troia the eirj. while U yftt ilumbered. went the tivo poor ailvcnEureri. 
wandartng llier kutw not wbllhar. 

Koll and her graiidfnther fall Into the coni|)anj' of iDHiiy sirnn~« 
people (liirlDg tht^ir wandoring!!, among whom aro Mi-fivra. Codlln 
and Sliorl, a couple of itinernnt *howini?n, wlio take it Into ihclc 
taradi tint ihn olil mnti hiu it.olrn thn child, and i* (.■nilritvoring 
to elude pursuit, and tbiit there will ourely be a revriiril oifL-ri^d foi 
;hdr appn-'heiuion ; whcn-'upon lliey tvnolvu lo kvvp ihvin il 
dieir eotii^iiiuj' until llxt ri^jltt tituu eomcH l>>r nurreuderrin^ tbeii> 
battle Null divines iho otyect of Ihceo ntvn ; and, fonrlng that hei 
graudfallk^r, In cnan thc.r dioiild bo handcl over l<i the aiitbnr^. 
Um, mny l>n (xinlineri in anme uylum, the eaeapen from lh« 
Bhomnen, and tbortly aftfrwurda falls in with Mr*. Jjrlcy. tho 
propri«1nti» of ■■ .Iiirle j 3 Wax Work," who engajt-i ber to point 
out (be fiKures to viiltora. WhLi walkinL'. one ureoini!. near 
the town where Mrs. .1uv\ry is exhibiting her vrorks, Nell and 
her graodfutber are ovivtaken by a MiTor« stonn, and are foroeJ 


eti ntcktns BIiKonats 

to aeek thi'lter (br (iie nigbt M a rondiidc inn called the VolUnl 
Soldier. Behlml h screen tonw men luv ptayins at cardt. rnnil, wttk 
■he *i<;hl of tLls, all ihu tluuibi'ring piuaiuu ol'tliu old inan it aruused. 
B«in^ tuk^i] if }iv Aisiiitv« b> join thvm, — 

l(c . . . nplitil by iIiiIlIur thir llltla piinii lu hti ra^r Imnil. iinil llirn ttinHT' 
Inf It rliiwn upon ttif labl*. unit galhprlng up Ibv mrttio ■ laUrt vmiiIcI cluleli 

"Oil I Tlutt [n^HiII" mill I>aw. "If tlml '•wlml tli* ifDili-niiin mi'itnl. I brg 
th» (tmtlmiBn't parrton. Ii iliiiihc EtntlrmiiD'i tl[rlppur»r? A i-»ry pr<^tT llHto 
puno. HAihcr A UtrTil punc.'^ udiltd l»iuu, fhniwrLait It Lutd^iTicAJr. AntloAtcbtnf ll 
d«it0iv)ii»ly. "(Hit cimuKh to bnni^L^dgf^ntlt'umn fur hitif an liuur (ir »■!-" . . . 

Til* cMId, In ■ iirrn-ot Dconr, drtw her crtniUMIier wide, uid tmpluNd hlnii 
^nn tbcD. to coiiLc Away. 

'■Cntnr. Nile) ■!• nmv litiMi hRppvt'MAlit iUf flhtld. 

"WeirUl be li'i:>py," rvplrod the old mnn haitlly. "Let ne |{Ot H«ll> TtXfi 
DMkui qF iiapiilnvd are ou iIil' «nli ami Ilir i1i<s, Wa miKt rlin fiuin liitla •io- 
TiTiiEA (^ jtnut- Itirm '■ Utllti 1» bf^ tvnn lai-iw; hul freatiT|]|«nmeIri tJm*'- 1 Hbldl 
but win biiek my oni^; and it V all for tbee, my darUDjE.** 

"nodlictp ml "cried Uie uUld. "0)i! wliat liard fiirtuna braqghi m tiim?" 

•■llii«h I " iTjcilneil ilie old man, laying lUn hand opnn her month. "Foflunesrlll 
not bear cUiliuK. WbiduiI net reproMh bet. Or >he ibuiuaa: I haea found thai 

"Nov. mlitcr." lald (he itout man. "irri>u'>«DO[oiUiiln|[yaarieir.j[lTeiutb* 
catdi: wlllygu!" 

"lani rnmlnir/' eried the old man- **8it Ibiw dourn, N«ll; alt Iheeilowiir ami 
look on. lleofgvKid lieati. It V all (Or lhe«, — all, ei-ery penny. IdnD'i lell them: 
BO, D0 1 or elictbey wonldn'l play. dreadinstbeeluiDCcthiitiuchacuitMi luuilKlta 
ma. Iwili at Uiem. SMWhallbeyara, and wirat thniarl. Who duubu thai H* 
nuut *la ? " 

"TlieKenilcinnn liai tlioufrtii better of n, and I* n'l comlu*." lalil Iwar. makini 
aa though liii w<]|jIe1 ri»o fruni tlici InbLu. " I 'm jiitrry tba genlh^nmii^ dauuted. 
KothlDC lenture, tiolhlng bave : but the geDllemwo knon brat." 

"Why. I am ready, Vou Iia'tall been ■low but tat,' aald (ha oM mau. " I 
wonder whii l> in»n- anxliirin lo bagin than I?" 

Ai he (poke, heiticv aebair to the table; and. tbt other Ibnacloalng round II 
U the *ainK tirne. tlic gmiiv cOiiiincaecd. 

Thoehlld >oi by. and wmolieil rr» pragrepw wlib a troubled mind. Ke^nrdlexof 
the run of luck, and mindfbt only of IbedenperDtepat^loaublch had ltd bold upoD 
)pr irrnadfailiiT. loiwi and jtaln' were to her allkr. Kiulllng In irimD brief trl. 
Dtnpli. or E-ici diitoii by adrftiat. Ihi<re bv jat ao vrUdaml nuiicttiHol^vvrlabLy and 
.D'<ib<ely unxlouf. so terribly eajcer, «o rarenoui for the fialtry itakea, that the 
«o|]d liavr alniotl bt.ltcr borne to lee hiui dead- Add vel ilie va* tbo laniMtiil 
KAUmi iif nil fbU (oniLri'; and lie. gambling ^tlib ttiRbaxnvagK Iblni fbr gain aa tU> 
moat Insatiable csmbler neicr n?l1. had not one aeUlih Ihoucbt. 

On theoomtary.itip other tlirco. — knaTei and jiai"'''iBrt byilielilrade. — wMla 
Inteulupnn Uidr game, war* yal a> coul and i)bM a* If ■lorytlrtu* bad b<«a«(ni 
Vvd In their breon* . , . 

11ie •lotiu bad rajied for full Ihrecboar*: Ibellgbloln) had froirn lUutar aii^ 
laaa fri-quvai ; 1h<. tbnudHr. fTiim irvmlng to roll and b(*ak abora their bMda, 
fradiially died away Int4 a deep. hf>ar»o dlitanee; and itlU the game venlon,aDa 
ulU thtauloot cblld nai t)u!le forgotten. 


•lb cutioiits aiiop 


'Tbt: olil msin pl*yf until tlii^ lUtlo piini' id cxfaaastcd, and nothing 
li lutl with "liii'h to ptj for thrJr mKrtaUimi'iiL In thU Ktrnit, N«iL 
mfltr much ln.-^ilaUon. and ft-nrful that her grnnclliliiir will obii-rv* 
ber, takes from lior drvw a tmull Enld-picc'c which ulic? lm» kopt con- 
OMl«d tluire. in aniit^ipatiuu of Bgno (crot cracriicnc^y, and [uiy.i ibo 
ncboDing, billing iL« cliuu^i! vi1ii<.-h etm receive), befon.' rejutulnjr \xec 
j(T>oilf^ilier. Sbon\y sJltrvmnh the rulirvn fur ilic nij-lii. 

Ai iMt. ilFpp m^Btlly nolo upon lior. — « brolwo. fltful lierii. Iroubled bj 
drtuDt uf flUlLikg fnirn liLjcli tomn, iitui wokltijf with ifc ^lart niiil In cn4t l<rrrvr, 
A drrpcr clumber f[>IIi>w«l EbLB, «Dd (ticQt — whax I Tliat flxuro la tlw ixicim f 

A lik-urf vru (UcK- Ti'i: ihelikdilnwu u|i ilia bUnJiu «liuJI iliuUifhl wlicnit 
■tinuM be (Uwa. uid Uini*. b*tHMD tli" (not of tin' bi'il mi'l ll>i< ilarV cvrmnit. It 
rmuobod lad •lubk jUduiE) jcroplnj; Ltt v^y wltbniil9cZvfr>Einndi,u]il ilpalin^ lound 
ttwbnl, &I10 bid no loioB lucrx furlislp, im;>uwiirto muio, but i»f tiill. walcli 
IPK It. 

Ob tt auDf, on. lUcntlr and •icBlibllj, to ihn bed** h«Bd ; ibi broth *o near 
bar pUloH. that •bDilimnk luukluio U. lot Uiuin vnndmiiig bnndi iIiimiM llcbl 
spOtt b*r Auv- llHOk tgmia it awW ti} thn irljicl'»w, irmti turnvd ll^ l^viad U]n-«rd« 

Hie d*ik form hm *incnli]i>( uiwa tlie llK<i(rr diikiicai of i!ie nomi but iha 
Mw iIiH tuniliiK at (li<^ liFR'l, sucl fvlt HUil kauw liuw lUu r}vt Iwikvtl, Hnd ttie «(u« 
llitFni;!!. TUrro It rcualDFd. maciouloii *i itic. At leoKlU. tlUI kcFpInf Uie lk«* 
bffWHrilH heir. II bM*]*d tlJi liAiid* in AornvtblDfT. «nd ibu licitrd lliu viduk of mtauD)*. 

ThcD uu It nniroKiilii. lUmt lod •iTulth;' u brfon, and, rvi)liHi|nji lltv cvnuiDM 
II h^ tAkcD l>oni 1I10 bodiliJc. drop[fcd uiK>a id Imudt adU Kdch. and cnttled 
■■«y, H'lw jilowtj' It Aeviiitd 10 iikc»d tiEiw thai Aha nmld lirvc. but uol tee it« 
m-i'plnE ■lEinKihi' nuurl It rriu'lii^d ihv ilonmt livt. und tiuodupnn IlitVnI. Th( 
IUp4 crcolicd l>cni>ath Ira nol^clcit Ifcad^ «nd It wikd goac. 

Till) licit 1mi»ilii>.- of The ultild wu 10 Br from tlio ivccor of bclag Jif bontlf Id 
Ihftt ronm, t» l»'ii i<iui«1>i»l/ b^. not ID bn slnan; »iid Uipii Iht pumr of 
^«li would bQ mtorsL With DO ooiualDuiDvai of biTlUg mined, aba g>li]«d 
Ibit duur, 

7brr« KM tb(i dn-ailfUl KhjulftH. pituaLni at th« bottom of thn atrpii. 

£bc could not patt Lt: abc mlfht liavo done ao, prrhapfl> la thv darkfipaa> wltb- 
eul liTluK ulicd : butbEr blood curdled m Ibc iltouKbi. llirflgureitoudiiuliciUU. 
aiid 10 dldahv; tint botillr. but cf aviirhiiHyi for gidn^ hack liilii thii ruom wa* 
barJIy lcj4 Icrrlblo tlma joi1ui;o0r 

Tilt rulu bi'ii full and furluuily >rllbaut. nud mi daini In plMUuf tireuni ft'om 
be Thar cli I'll ruol'n .Soinp hiiuijikt Intect, wllb norvcnpr [uto tbi' itlr. IIl^w blludlyttt 
IDdfro. tRiilnji 1I( bodjr seal nat 1 be wall i and n-ltlnR, and nlllnj|tliii nlli-nt plaoa 
irilb luurniuri. The fiuiitre moved A|pilD> The elilld Involuutarlly did tbe »am4- 
Door In hir ifmndflilhcr'ji riMTii, utii' wcnl J tm ,afu. 

H erept alon^ flii* Lfa«<atfi? unlU It nm'' l<* th" %orj dnof ih* longrd lo ardmtl* 
lu reunh. Til* ehlM« In the nifouy of bcinj; ao ni.-ikj. had aZmott darted forwafd 
villi ih* i)«*lKn at Lunlltig luia tliii luuiu. aud cluilug It behind her, when tin 
dltufe flopped apiln. 

TU" blm dallied audilcnly upon her.— what if It cai»ted There tudhad adevlifn 
»pon Iheold man') llful She turned f»lni ann ■Ick. It did. It wiroi In. Tliara 
«» allfbl Iniide. Tlie flxure wu now wttlilniheohambtr.ud abe, (till domb,- 
lallddmob, aadatmoat aeiuelau.'-itoud touklug on. 


ebt m.cftrnt S'ltlanarE. 

Tho door w» p^rLly open. Kot kna«[njr vIiai th« meant la do. biit laeanlag tfr 
praiam- liJin. m Iw Itllli'd lirnvlf. ilin ■Uurrnil [uiwvd mid luulifd lu. 

Wh»l n'lilii TWllint whiph mvi hrr i-lpwl 

Tlin boil had not been lain on. but wni iinnoth And flm|j1/; flod nt a LaMr fat 
tliflOld III4I1 lilia^i^ir. Ilii^ only lUIn^ orcnluru (hPrD.-^lijA whili^ fnfM plncdicd Biid 
iiharp-'4"Hl Itv T^« jfn^i'dlEii^-pi whirli rnrbU hE-i trtm unnaturallf brlj; ht, ^ '^onnClDC 
th^ .uoDcy of which hlA linnd* boil robbed b«r- 

SltuckcrJ bL'yiinil inva'uro Tiy llio sijthl. tlic ebiU nttunm tii lier room } 
b?t, duHut; thu niglit, sliQ slcals ag)t>a to hor grandrxthor'R aide, Vtii 
(ind« hiro iMik'op. 

Shohikd Da frar u »hp looked upon lilf flnmbortnjf n^AEunj; but tbOhAd ft deep 
>nd iTCiiglitr >urniiT. mid il timml lu rtllor In tun. 

"God blvmi* html" tAlclLb* aUt\A, tin-jplng Aotttj to kliJi bh plifllft i!]«i-k. '*1 
(MtOO wcH ddv. thai fliry would Indeed purl ui If they fouil4 ui ott. npd (hut 
him up from tUslIgltt of tlie luutiad iky. HoluuoDly me tu belp bin. IJadblaii 
un hoih'" 

Llfibllng her (andlv. >be rrlnued mt ftlencly ■■ abe nad l!Oln^. and, gnMnn hi>r 
own room ottca mora, t>l up darlof ths raiMluaer uf tbM long, long, mlierahle 

At lut Ilie day lumed ber wnnlnj- sundle pule: >nd 'hp MJ iilfnp. Sb* wu 
quickly rniiaiil by Ilia girt wlin liml liiowu livr up Id bed. (nd. a.* loon u the WM 
d»p""ed, prepmoil to go down to lipr jrrundnnliiTf, Hut Uril «h" "i-urcbM lipt 
pocLel. and found Ihcit lier iiiDiiey wat all ffone ^ not n tlxpenee remained. 

Tliuotd man wim rnndy- and in a firw ■L'cciiid* llioy worv »u thiilr road, Tlie child 
thouclit be rather ninldedher eye. snd appearMl to «xp<Mt ihst ibKn-iialdWII bin 
of hef loii. 8110 ftli *!■« mint do that, or be ratKhl lufpeot ibf truth. 

" GraudAilher." "h>i "Aid In a trFfniilEiua irnloii, af^er tliiy had walked about A 
tulle to flUenw. "do you tblnktbey nreboneit people at tbo boiineynndnrT" 

"Wliyl" rMuruud llic old loan, Iroinbllng. "Dollblok tbciq hoiiMi?— <« 
tbry playd honenily " 

"I 'II lellyou why I aik." rejoined Veil. " I loii>om« money lant nlEbt. oat of 
my bi'dnioiii. I un aiirp. Ilulaii it wUJ (al.i'ii by lomcliijili- In Je»[, — only In JesI, 
tear ginndrmlier. which would iimki' mr liuiih hc^aiHly if I onnld but kmivr It."— 

•■ Wbo would take money In Jeit?" returned the old man In ahurrlod tninofr. 
"nn>e nbnlitkK monny laknlt to knnp. Dim't talk of Jut." 

■■Then It wag ilnknouiiir my room, dmr," Hid tha obTId, whoan laat bopoma 
iMlroved by 1116 aionner of thli reply. 

By If nrs and eniruati'M, Noll supceeila in ti'a;ling her graadfiiiliflr 
aw:ir iKmi tlii* old leiuptaliuu, wlik'h luu ii^.iin tn-tvl him. xnd Ibrms 
(n^h hupL-g of K&vtn'^- him; liut (Hkm atv mkid dinipnl^d. Ud^et^n, 
her»elr, sh« diswjyers liiin in coinpAnjr wltli ih.i luune gamblers And 
wilnewM tlioir c-iitinin;- endtavoM W Iniliicc him to rob Mra. JnHey 
In order to iblnin tl)n tuf.fitiii of winning hiuk itll ho bod Itxt, tuuH 
iHThnjiii, fif apdirinir «lill i^iTnlitr gain*. 

She went bark to hrr own room, and tried to prrparv hvrii>tf IVir bed. Iliit ithn 
•ould alwp — ileopt who could lis paiiWety dovni — dlitraoled by tuoh terroni 
nwy came apoa bei more and dor* alronf ly yet. II><f-uudret(ed, aod *rlU) bm 


•In CuTloifts Atisp. 


kllr tn wIM dlaoHrr. iIip IIcit to the oia tnin'i b«dilife, «]«p«il him tir Ibc wrltt) 
~ Whil ') IhLi I " tir crlrd, ilirllne up [n bnl, «nil Ditlaf hli vjn npoii >i«r ((><^ 


-' I hmtii ha^ a dreiulfiil drown." laid Ih* child, with an cnrnrr ibat nutlilnm bat 
tMb tTFor* couJd harcv tnipTrrd. — "Ddrpivl^jl, bnrrfbl'' ftrtfiimf I Iiaya had H 
M^ebefoTV. Il li A droam of jcTmj-haIr«d mon lUv !ri>u. In flarkvnpd ror^mf, by 
rfTiitii. rubbiuH >I«i|ii;ni of lUrlr ki)W. Up. up'" Tlio uld man ilioali la avcrf 
Jolnl. anrt fnldi'it bla haniti Ilkr oat- vbo pr«T>' 

■■ Kal li> mr." hU itir c>iIM. — ■'DM to ni(: la ItcaTVn. lo »•« ui fyom 
•B<h ilHdil Th<i drFam !■ iiiu raal. I caiinui mltep; t alniHil ilarlieH; I 
Duinni inn rou alnaa nndrrlbs roof trhtre auoh dn>>ini cams. CpT Wa muM 

He loolist at hrr ailf aha mi* a •plrtl. — the might bare been for all Itm look 
of tarih ■hnhixl. — •nitUTmbM morp aod mon. 

" Tbpnlt Di) Uric to low: twill not loie oneintnat*,''Mld tlie«hlld. "Upi 
•Odaway wilh rnn ■■ 

•" To-DlKht » " miirniiir»d Ihe old man, 

" T*«.tn'nlichl."n'plI(Mt ibe child, " Ta-Tnorrnw BiKht wtU be <oa tale. Tbe 
dnsm wltlliaveeamF again. Xntblnit biKDIslil ran >8teu>- Upl" 

Thr old man map from bin bp4, hi" Airrb'^a^l boi1i<w4id with Ihp PoM «w««t cf 
fMir. luad. bpH'tlnx brfore The cbHd at If the had bpcri an anifrl mpxenffrr trnt 
lo Itod tilm whcM ihr woutit. ins-le reail/ lu fQlloi* her. Slio looli him by the 
hand, and 1i-d htm on. A« ili't pa'ird Ihp door of [ho ro«m Im bid prnpmwl to 
rob. the phailrlpred. anil looked up Into hii fatie. What awhile fUc wai Ibatl and 
wiih what a hiuk did hi' mn'< Iht* \ 

!ihp look Mil In bri-.iwn phiinitipr, arid illll hoMtog him brthp hand. M If "hs 
frarrd lolo^e him for an ln>tanf , gralhered topelhcr the llriZe »loek ahe had. and 
huon her haikrt on her arm, Tha uld man tnnk hl> wallet from her hamli, and 
■trappiMl It in htn •bonlden, — bi> ttaT, too. ibs had bniuibl away, — and Ihen tta* 
M him ranh, 

TliGv ^iilTor much priT^tlon an«r this, and the old mfin eomplalni 
pitcnnaly of hunger ntiil ftl.!;^"?; bnt tho child tnidu;et on, wllh leas 
nnd Iru of hnpn and utrvn^th, indeed, bill wlih an undiminislir^ roso- 
lolion to lead hut lacrwl rhnrKn aomcwhcre — anywhere, indeed — 
■way from iruil' and ihame. At l»st tliey cneounlwr Mr. Marlon. • 
poor but kind-lionnuil aviioolinaatt-r. whom At^ hnd mi't ont'e befuro. 
He i* tmtelliog ou foot to a distant vills^, wIi'to he linn been np- 
poinii^d clorkand tenwher; and, on learnin™ froio I.itili? Nell tho ftiU 
rtnry of her" and aiiffrringa and wnnderin;;". lulca her nnd hop 
jrandEalhor to aeemnp.iny him, prominin-'; lo use hi* bcit eadenvom 
ta find them aomu humblo (weupation by wlueh they c»n aubniiit. 
uittl« N«'II s'^'y einbraoi.'R liia offer; and they jonruiiy on tu^Diher. 
Airi»*d at tho villase, their kind friend exorW himwlf Bticcosffolly 
'n ihflr beh.ilf. procnroa iboiti a ploiwnnt home and a lijht cinploy- 
■ont in connrelion witli the pariah chiiKb, which brlnga them monoy 
imou^ to live OB. But the i^uiet and happy life they bogiit ta lead 


Cbc BfcBtn* Blctfaniif. 

it dMtin«d to b« of abort dunitioD. Lon^ cxpoiure and >ti(r»rin« 
hNvu biiin l<Ki much fur tlitt oliilrl'ii ilvliL'Stn ur^nnization. and ber 
health fails. Slow]}', but iturcly, Clie eud dnivrn uii, aud nl Lut Ac 


They halt rrul and tallu-1 (a her In lbs c«r1lvr portion of ths Dluhl ; bnl, M 
Ihs himn cni|il on. ilin nuiik Ii> iiloci>. Tlier enuld idT. by nhni nhe fUntl; 
utiJfyd In lirr ilmnm-i, rlml thpy wnti'.af Iti^ Jnarafyin^ wjlh Ihi^otd man: rhrj 
TfF«of nopninriil »ccnr«4 but of pi>op1v vbo bfldhnlpi^il Hud UMislibrm klndl^i 
tor i-hti oflsu iii»lJ. '■ Citid biPH 5011 1 " wVih (riMt fi'tiof . Watinn. ihe nricr 
vftnilvrt<) In bi-r rrhnii hut Dfirt^; iimt (h«l wit> of h<^*it(lfU1 iriu-iQ whEch «fa* 
Mid Tdi In the r It. Ciodknowi. It mn.v biv^ hf<en. 

Openlug ber «)<«. *t Iml. fhJm avcty (juLel ili-tu. the bpgjKid ib»l they wool I 
kiu brroniv AjfAJn, Tlmr ilcinn, jibn lurntd 1i> tbaulil lujiri with n ravrHlj* antll' 
upon bfrfOoc. — *uob. lb«7P»(il, ■< thvy had tievvr ^rrtiH and ncvrrmnld Torgtt, 
— anddunji nllb b<illi berarmi aboui hli neck. Thcf did dd[ know thai ibe 
wa* diwl HI flnL 

Sbe bod (pokro rerj cflra Qf the Iwo >1>il«r«. nhn, ih? tnid, wprv Itke d«ar 
fVlDadt U> bor. f^ho ^vliUcd tb^y could be rold how much the rhoui;ht abonc 
Iht^m. and hnwR^tibmd nmlchi'il Ihitm tuihiyy vralkinl t«ifrvih<ir hy Ihti Hv»r<*i'1n 
atnlRht. Sbrwoutd tike toieepoor KU nhvhud oftvn<Bldnriii(e. Shewlihed 
Ibere wti loincbody to take her lo'c (o Kit. And cfon ihcn <be never llii>ii|;bt 
or "poko about tilm. but with fmrntflliUifl of hur old, clear, merry lauifh. 

For Iht rutk *he had oerer murmured nr cimptBlned. but wLib a quiet mind, 
•nd maDiiCTquDa unaltarod, — aavo iliat the evory day hcouue mure eoraeai 
and ninre 2ntf<fbl to thonii^lMeil Uku the lEgUI Eip'>ii a Humnttir'* ertfoitiB. 

(Ch. i-v), Sx-xi(, sv-xix, xxiT-xxxii, xlil-xlvi, lii-U-, Ixsi, IxsJL) 


"Amilt tlinvrotflafa m«flfnliy of Qullp, the iturarM En^annou "f tlnu, tbn resrtDf 
eoD^tvlnhty uT ^w Lvcllcr, amiJ focnet of u]11«hni.>tt aod iliinic. i>t i^tiHiva ntii eritae, 
thU^i-tlpiili-envttian mnnw >]nni;, niKtiUlhl, fianili^d, pnrMUttif ihi'K'K^El in tTiolmpla 
tanurklnflw of a pore heart, rILillntf 10 tb« iamb m to a nt'^t vtwp. unil leailiic to 
everr plaoit ihar Tikt [arpacnoe hf^allfltv thu marka of (trltutial fnotprlnta- Hnrrovrt 
aucbat TiBra.uvvr^bltlit'^flnr atfotliADfit ihedvfcaconteeratlLtTit, havD l>C4in veil ■aid 
UMin bartnod fnr ibo inriibnonanflayt 'fDrineyirlD « aafilr trsta lin. and Dtiuto 
diaanilllne"-— £ J". tritiypU. 

Trottera. Stt HATtniai Mr. 

7afflQ. A nliowmAn ; pnipriGbir of n giiuit, And of n Utlt.i lodjr 
without legs or nrma. (Cli. xix.) 

nTackles, Mi^s Jane. Youn;:psi danuIiUir of Mrn. Wutklus, 
and inFli'Ui'tor ia ttm art of tic«d1evrijrlc, uiarkin);, and i^auiplory, in 
Ihi- " LaiJi'ji' SfdiiiMry " presiiiud over by li^r nwrher. (Cb. viJl.l 

^aoklea, Miss Melissa. Tivicbcr of En^U>h ^ramntitr, com- 
pMttioD, ^o;^pliy, and liie iific of the dumb-bella. in ber raoUier'a 
ftiniin.iirT for yoimjj ladies. Sho i? the ddist dau^liti-r, nod vcrge« 
on the aiitumoal, having locn thirtr-five summery or tbecuabouti. 

Wackles, Misa Sophy, A fl«sh. ^looil-humored, tnutom ^l 
o( twi-niy, Mrs, Wackliu'fl u-concl liauglttcr. and tnacKer of writ- 
ing, nritbm«Ur, •l.tiidii;;, and •^n«ral loKinatinn in thn '■ l^ilicd* 
Spminftrj-." An unsiieecs-fiil atWinpt is maili: to iiirdglu Swivrllcr 
Into B maloh with Miss Sophy. (Oi. viii.) 

Wockles, Mrs. Ptviprictor of a vrry »mi»n daj-acliool for yeung 
loOiei, at Cliclwa ; an cscellont but nthcr venoinou* old lady of 
lIiree*>;ore, who Isltei special charac of the r orpnral piiniahmeM 
toting, »od other torHireB and Iutrim oC thf fuUibUsbiminl. (Cll. 


West, Dame. Tlio gmodinolLor of a favorite pupil of Mr. Mw 

ton's. lliB scliooliQaitiT. (Ch. xxv.) 
Wtiislcer. A jmay lielnngiog to Mr. Garlnni], obstlnato, Indepeod- 

vnt. and livalcLili. but -'a reiy good fellow, if yoii know bow to 

inui)i£0 him." (Cb. xir, xx, xxii, xxxviit, xl, Ivu, Ixi, Ixv, Ixviil, 

William, Sweet. Sm Sweet William. 
WithardeQ, Mr. A uuury ; sLort, cLubby. freeh-volored, brijJt, 

and pompouiL (Ch. xIt, xx, zxxviii, x), xli, Ixl, IxUI, Ixt, IxTt, 



ChAPtSft L LtlU* yall Inqiilrai tho wmr uT Utntrr lltiinpbnr: b« foca beiMiriai 

m BbOrr cnntru^tniT EMiiu'tcEi iTia viH oiUi and hi* vTBridauu^ Vi\'4 Tmil I'tiMs Ui Alt 
Mffld iir. nvtvvlltr. who bIvih ik^mo pMlda adtlMt M»[« >rlL TMum«, — lU^ Kh* )« 

ilbfwnl bjrQmlp^ ibr Md lun ktKpi hi* Henl dVH, — IT. Mr^ (Juilti uul h^r muLlii?!. 
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the clou? of ths rrign of <>Hiire III, (lie crimlaal code, with almoii Ditcaolui 
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■jr of tbon of a eonpanuli-cl]' venial cbutetet. 



Kit Stcbtns 13[cl[oKir|L 


Akermaa, Mr. HcadjaiKTaiNewK"'^ (Ch. liiv, IutI ) 

Black Lion, The. L^nillunl of a Ijuh'Iod bii of tlii< umti oamB; 
•ci ciilii'il tirciitiMi ho bail insiriii^Ied tlis nrtbc who palnloi) bU 
rign to coDvcy iaio ihn foaiurcs of ilie lonlly brouj wboxo i'ISg7 it 
buiv, us Dvxx u counturput of bis own fnce as hi* iklll coutd i^oiii 
])3M imd dvTiiie. Hu u «adi a swiggur of bvcr, llwt most of Itii 
ftculUej Lave buon utturljr ilrovut^d auil wbsIici) awn]', exceiit tbe 
ono gr^at faculty of sleep, wludi lie retciasiitgurprbing purfecUon- 

Chester, Mr., Bi>mFniil9 Sir John. An elegant utd punctili- 
ously polite, but lliorou^ilily lii:ar-tU'«« and tm principled gnnllcm&n ; 
iaiendcd .la n pon.rnit of Lord Cbutcriicl<I (Philip Uonucr Ston- 
liope), wbo w;u (equally cdubrntud for hb polisbdi gntcu of malt- 
her, bi> loose uionUity, nniJ his Iuto of intriguo. Mr> Cheater at- 
tempts, but unnicteiufully, to break off ibo miitdi between bb win 
Edwnrd and Miss Eumin Uurudak-, IkiIL bei-iiupe llio girl 'a poor. 
Bud lieoauFC Lu is bout on uii allianee which nill sild to Iiis own 
wenllh mid Iniportnncc-. (Cb. x-xii, xir, xv, xxiii. xxiv, xxvl— 
sxx, xxxii, xl. xliii, liii. Ixxv, Ixxxi.) Stt flAnKDACE (Mb. Gkov- 
Faey). Hucir. 

Chester, Edward, His son : in lovo witli tmd finally marrii'd to 
Miss Einuiu Han-clulv. (Cb. i, ii, T, vi, xi*, xv, xix, zxijt, "•■■*! 
IxTti. Ixxi, Ixxli, Ixxiii. Ixxiii.) 

Cobb, Tom. GLncr^l ihundler nod post-office keeper; n cnmy of 
old Wilk'iX .ind n ri-eqiieiit visitor M tho Uaypolo Inn. (Ch. i, 
XXx, xixiii, lir.) 

CoQWay, GeneroL A member of pArliAmrnt, nnd an opponent 
of Lord George Gonlon. \_Nol a fictitiovi e/tanKler.'^ {Ch. 

Daisy, Solomon. Parish clerk and bell-ringer of (^igwell ; a 
litilv luati, with litllu round, black, shining eyes like bradu, and 
etuddtii all i!<.>wn bi» nisly black eoat, and lita long flapped wauii. 
coat, willi <|i)e<'r little liTiltons, liku nothing except bit i*yc>, but te 
like Ihcni, tlint he seems nil eyes from bead lo foot. (Cb. i-iii, xi 
XXX, xxxiii, liv, Ivi.) 

Deonis, Ned. Bingloadcr cf tbe Gcrdon riotvre. daving Ga 





totttj bt-ca > li.-inzinan, ami tluTcforu cnuirbunb^ a pWfeBn d I» 
fpoct Tnr the kw, be dcsjrci ihat cvurj' tLinj; ikould be doue In ■ 
oonititutional <ray. Yet, u an nili-pt ill tliu art of " working peo- 
ple off," hu ibbks it ibe Iwjiter und nL-ai«r niKtliod lo bang every- 
body wlio stands in tJu.' way of Uiu riol«r« ; ttuil lio i» fr«qiionUy dl*- 
gnstod by (be rvfiin^l oT Ills lV1li~m'-iiifiiirs<'Tiu to mlopt Ui; fuggo 
tiono. When ilic riot in it lut EupprcuciJ, nnd Dennis ie uruled, 
Uitl ronJi'mni^ lo death, he luddi-nlr discoTcri ifaat ibi? saiidiiction 
wbicb be hji» csperitufcd for «o mnny ycnrs in i-xoL-utiiig tht> tapi- 
Ul teottHKH upoa hia &lIuir-'UiorUU WM, in all probuliiliC]', doI 
(bared by tlw tmbjwts vt hit »kiU ; )uid he ebrink« in iho moit nV 
jecl r^nr lk)ni bJs f^X^ 

" So miirlcve. noreyrlOT*! NoIkkI)' cumMnoar ui. Tliete ■• only llitnigtil 
l*ft iiowf miHLnint iH'iiDla MMiy,iu hd wniiig bU linniln, "Vo yiiti lliiuk 
tii*5 11 ti'jiii.^vc in? is IbD uliilit. linilliiT ? I 'vr kiiawn loiirictei come in Ibo 
Bjfbt, Bl^>iv how. 1 *if known 'i^m onmn »■ fulu ilh Mvp^ nix. wid ivrru o^cluuk 
In fhtf momTax. pon^t you (liink (hero V n fO'>d chance yd ; dtint fou 'f J^Vf 
foudo. Sir yini<l>i. yiiUDM lu*"" nl'm'J iIid nntrrabln cccaiurt. wltb wi Im- 
plorlog gHlun loiwila Hnruaby. " or I iliill commit " 

■■B«lterbt a>ulDiuiiwichi>rr,"wiailu«li. ■< <7[> mad!" 

" But 1*11 ni« what ymi think. ^invtHxlyU'll nii'Hlist li<'lhlDk>l"<!rl«d tha 
vrrtlbc^ objrcl. — fo mraa nud wrcichcd and dupicablc. tliat ctcd Flty'i Hlf 
nil(11t tiayD lurncd Away at Hlgtit i>r iucb n }>clu|| lu Ihv likviiiHt uf ■ diu. 
"Ii Dt Ihvn ■ chuncelor act li n1 ihcrg ■ rwhI chnncfl for mii? I> &t 11 
Ukclf Itacy may bcdalov ihU la rrlKliIco mc? Don't you think It li? Obi" 
he B]inn>t ]ihhvkt>0 tu* he wrunif liiJi haiiclK, " wcin'trnirlnhlyitlvi'mff ctxnfurt ?" 

" Vnu ooght lo bcibc bc>[, innriylof llimorii,'' taid Itugli. iilti|i|'lng bvflira 
hin. " llo. h*. huT Soc ihc hau^rman when li comet home to him T" 

- You don't ktiovr iihat li <■," crliil TJuniili. acauBlIy willliliig a> be •paka: 
•■I do. Thai I ihould romrmbii vtcirkt'd tilTI— I, 1. — thai /nhooid oomct" 

"And i*hy not?" ia[dl)o]:rh. u hethruat bock hit muiEcd hnlr io j^ct a bet. 
Mr tle> of h1> laic a»>ai;Iur " lloir oflrn. bnloit I kucw your iiadc. did I 
kaai jou lolUnti of tbli «• U It v*i a tioal I " 

" I aJu't imcKinilA(*nl t " uRTCHnincl thu mlJmrabla errotur*. '' I 'i1 talk ao 
\^la, tr 1 irnt bADEnmn, Somcothrir man haq i^ol my old oplntoiu at Ihia 
inlDute. Thai iiiri^ix li wunc. humEbudy'ilunglugto nsik uu oIT. I kxiw 
by nyT^lt that Fnmrbndy niui^t b<^." 

" lie 'II >oon hi>e hli tonnlBC." lalil Hagb, mumln( hli nlfc. " Thlok of 
Ibat. add tMiiuli'i." 

(Cli. xxxvi-xl, xliv, xlix, 1, lii-Uv, lix, Ix, bcui-lxv, Ixix-lxx!, 

daftaford, Mr. Lovd Geoq^ Gordou'i tovreUry; & Ull, bony, 

kigb-ihoiililfreil, mid aii;.'uiar imiii. 

Bli dnaa. In Imitation othli BiiiuilaT.wu 4«naF« and Haid In i1m (nramrl 
UaaaoMfTfoRDa] andooTiBtnli;uiI. Thit HDnltonutn hud an Dwrhiingfair bniw, 
t Ikaoda and fnt and ear* . 4nd a pilr of eyoa ha; *t«[ni>d to liave made aa 


Vbi Blcktm Bdtlonacf. 


ommtanl mrriillnto Mi hni, uhI to hire dag tbnnHlTn ■ ottc la tilJ* tx 
£t]# miinrivr w:» •eiuhh^Ii uiil liuTiiblo, liul ti^ry uly eiilJ flilxiVIr]^, He wort Ihc 
Hpodof 4 mhli liMti tVM nltT]i|-a ]>luf 111 wivlt for Hoinclhtng llint lf\>ul<fn f vilB« 
to pMi; liDlh* loolicd p*UaDI[*err piUent), uid iBwncd Ukc > ipuilel dog. 

(Cii. xxxv-xtjcriii, xIilI, xliv, xlviii-1. lii, liii, Ixti, Ixsxii-) 
OUbert, Mark. Out- uf the " PrtMidm Knights, or UqIimI Ball- 
Di-rjjB," a siicfvt eocii'ty Ibrmod by the apprnntice* of Locdno foi 
iho porjioao of rnsisUng llie tjT.inny of their mniiConi. On Um 
occasion of Mark's ftdmUsion to this organ ixntion, be i» thiu 
depcrilied : — 

"Agr ntnvifni, UmrndtsThomu Canon, hoilrr. (JoMmi FIiwok, Aldl'M- 
Lovof CunoD'* daugbter, Cwaot lar "ul Curian'i duigblM Inna Ulli 
Should tliink II pruhntile. CunuD inillnd lili «ui Imil Tunilii/ wo!k." ^^M 

(Ch. viii, xxxi.v) ^H^ 

Gordon, ColooeL Mcmlwr of partimnRnt, utid an opponent of 
liU kimmaii I^nl Gi-orge Gariloo. (Ch. xlix.) 

Gordon, Lord Qeorse. ThirU son of Conno GL-orgy, third duko 
of Gunion; burn Suj>l. 19, IT50; uuier] as tlie I'hief liisligator 
of tht- Protestant or "No Popt-ry" riow, wbidi took placa Ut 
Luniluii in 1 780, and wvre a rvsult of lh<.> passage of a bill by par- 
liament nitievlng Koiuan Culholic» fruiu ciTL-iin disftbiliclet Aod 
penitUio. In liu-fo rii>l! (whieli lniiri>il for sprcral dayfi) iniuiy 
Itoman-^alholic churches were dGslroycil, a< were hIho Ncwn;nt0 
Prison, thu rusidcnci? of T,ord Cliicf Jnslice Mnnilii-.UI, nnd nnmcr- 
ouj other privuta dwelUugi. Lord George wiu arrested on a clure^ 
of high ireasitn, and wai comln^ttl^U to the TowiT ; Imt, thu offcnco 
not bavin;; 1)12 L-D pn>TEil, he nas ncquitiud. Hu liivil Nov. I, 1*93. 
Dii^kena's Uca-Tiplions of lliii inisguiiloil innn, and of the dn-adful 
■vencs in wbiuh he wad tbu cbi«f actor, aru [iot only '^apbiu and 
vigorous, but failiiful to tba facia of hUlory. (Ch. xxht-zxxtI!, 
xllii, xlriii-l, Ivii. Ixxili, Uxxii.) 

Qreeo, Tom. A soldier. (Ch. Ivlii.) 

Qrip. A r.iven; the constnni companion of Bnmaby Riidgc; btwjf 
knowing bird, supposed to lie n hundred .tnd twenty yvare old, or 

Thp wlilnw iiifi (0 muke light of DJirnabr'erTnisrk. iiriEleniiBinoreclloJlvtirt 
Ui aUcnllon Lo «4int new 9ub)cD(. — loa ca*y s tuk at all ilmv4. m 'be knC'V, 
Bis sapper di>ua. Ditruubr. n>g*nl]Euurii«r ealrcsiioi. iiHtchn] bloiaelf ou tba 
Bit bf fbre till' IW (f^rlp pr-mhniL npon hiK lp£]- iftdd dirlilml hit rlmi> IpMwwb 
doilnjr Id tttr grtkirVul wnfoilh, ikod tndcavorlnK [i^ It prctcotly sppvared! tft 
tccsll It tiiriv ■«H>iii|>U>limeni Iiie liad boou iluilrlnit sH '!>)'' 

A lAnjf mid pnif^juncl ■llrnc votuis). brnktMl only Ity mini*' cbsn^n of purlttOV 
an tht psri of UiirDabT,wboi*rT«wcmiIU vide opcD.sndEai«arTy died opM 


Bitnaftf XLvDit. 



the lr». or b7 ui FlTort of rcoatleMlQH on tba put of Grip, who would arj In ■ 
low ruIOErrarn tlino to Unn. -Polt)-. pullhvlML"— uiilthfrottoptltarl, forgM 
Uniiiliii (»inidnilrr. *n<]r> off In ■ Ar>ii- *ipttn. 

After along [QCorvuL.Btifiiaby'j tmaLliLnjf frcw morv 4i»p and rr^Tir. ftQd 
hli*;r*> wsn rJiKiul. Bii(*vi-a tlinii lh<i uargniDi apiiUortlin ratroa luicrpMcd. 
"rollf. piii ihBlut."— Drl«l tlflp: anil lil> mmitir wiu bnivl ■•rnk" tgtia. 

Allcngib boitcpC toatidly; ^odltic bird, vith hit tjlll 4unk ui>oa hl^ brfA«t» 
Ilia lif«Ai>E U'vir putrbd nut Jnttf ■ i^itmrvrlitijlo iiMDrio:tn-fiku rurio. 4ml Uli brif hi 
«yr frowlnjE'dnnllT v.a*\ ^miillvr» nuUy fr?«tai>it (obr aubildinjt Inin k xtat* of 
rcgnu. Nowaiiil Urnu lif aimi«rDdtuim.'[mlchr«l?di<«. " Folly, pui ilicket," — 
Uit rorrdniuTBlly. nnd rnnrv Jlk* Aflruiiki'ii mnn iJmn ■ fi^fli^ulliig nrun, 

Tlic widow, ecacfwry vcnlurlnc (o bro&TliPi rofv from livr t^t' Tli« oum 
llidedfroiu (IievIuk'I, did rxUiiguliliM llie otfidln. 

''— Uitiin,"4^riiM lirSp. vuddirnlf tiriirik wiili hh JdflA, and Tpry muoh «xo1t«4> 
" — llaon. tluiriklit roily. putihvkvMIvon: vc'tlallhiiyniH. I\il]y, put Ilia 
fcnMlvon: wv 'II all hat« Iciu llurnili. tmmili.Iiornlil I'midcrll. I *u>4der!l 
I 'ID ■ k«C-tl« on. Keep up gio"'' iplriu. Xvrvr ftj din. Uow wovr wawl 
I'madtfll. I'makiH-Ue. t'ma. — PoUt, put ttio koMlaan; wb'U »U bM* 

Ther (tood rooted to tbo crovad, m tbou^b II bad bmn a raid* fram (ho 

llatntn thia Mlail NiiwakpDlho ilntiiMr. Re tufnadotrr towanl* Iba lira : 
bli arm l%ll to lii« Rmund : and hli hnul dniopad bmilly upon It, 

(Ch. V, tI, X, xvil. ur, xlv-xlvii, Ivii, Iviii, Ix*iii, Ixxiti, IzxT" 
Ltxvii. Ixxix, Ixxxli.) 

Oraab?, John. Scmnt to Lord Gcorgi: Gordon ; « H]Uam-buU(, 
jtTun.r-in.iiic. buII-ni?ckocl fellow, of the tmo EnglUh bniud, wlf 
pouciMKt, harij'hciiilcd. and inpcrturbabte. (Ck. xxxt, xxxiil, 
xxkriii, Ivii. Ixvj, l.txxii.) 

Httrednle, Mr. QeoSre?. A oountry genlleman, burly in |>ersoa, 
•Urn ill dit|>oeiiiuu. roii;;h auil abnipl iu ni.ianer, but cliorou^lilv 
botlCM iin<I iinHoJIiab. He rc^iilea at a miuision calle/l " Th<! Wnr- 
ron," on the iMirelera of Kpping Foivil, And oot far from t!ie Mny- 
ptda Inn. Itdn^ A rigid Roiaiui Catholio, lui is miidu n s)>ec>al 
object of veniri-'aiicc b/ tiii- Lunl Gordon inub. Hu kill* Sir John 
ChMter in a duui, and theryiipon quits England forevvtr, ending bit 
tlsya to tbi: svc^lustgii of uii lliilian oonvi^nt. (Cli. i, x-xii, xiv, xx, 
xxv-zxrii, xxix. xxxiv, xlii, xliii, Ivi, Iu, Uvi, btrll, Ixxi, Uxrt, 
lixis. Ixxxi. Ixxxii-) 

fCaredala, lAiss Bouna. Ili^ liccc; dausbier of Mr. Bcuben 
narod!il«, vb« ia myatcriously murdered. She is finally mnrricd W 
Eilwuil Chcutnr. (Ch. i, iv, xii-xv, xx, xxr, xxvii-xxix, xxxii, 
lix, Ixx, Ixxi. Ixxix. ixxxi.) 

Hostli A wild, ftllilclic, gyp!7-Iike youi^ fellow, wilh (oowthing 
fiitet nnd loUeo in hi* fbaturo*. B» \a at £ral n luMllcr M (]>• 



8t>i QFclitng SCcilonacf. 

Ufi/|>o1e (on, anil allerwan]! a )H«Ier io the GorJon rioU. Iln 

turn) out to tm n n.'kCiirAl KOii of Sir John On^stni*. whn, when urji^ 

to >nvn bim fiMm tho g'^llom. trcau the sppcjl it'ith \he utinoal 

tangfroiil. nnd permits Lira to \irt cxacateA, without mnkiiis the kaal 

effort in hi* buiiilf", (Cb. \-xii, xx, xsii. xxiii, sxTiii, xxii, xxsi*, 

xsxv, xxxvli-xl, xliv, slriii-l, lii-Ur, Us, ti, UUMsv, Izrii-bclx, 

Ixxl', Ixxvi-lxxvlii.) 

" (lu£b li a ni>ti1o ounHitilua. Uli Oero* uiOUDeiq in tilt utoul pDwAn^ bl* *i^ 
•orripfirj' (0 1I1A imnorh CFirtcr. biB mtnlinjl ei7niMn]>t %r\i ptttoiuva «r T«pp*rt1^ 
■sil ait Fruui yti tina caiiniio la ut buur of OuuUi. Dina ■ iiiuUre u Im hi U 1U> 
nmiiili.- — £. J. A* 

Langdale, Mr. A vintner nn<] dlitillur; n portlj, purplo-fiuftd, 

anil uhuluriu vIJ t;iintIiiiDUi. (Ch. xlti. bc'i, IxvL Isvii, txxxi.) 
Uiggs, Miss. Tbu siu-^lu iluiuaiiUc' Mrvaut of Mrs- Vanleik 

TUld Ml£>h* ^JU <^ *'^'' r ouDtf livly. vory mitch AilJictod lo pAtipbi In prtrato 
tE^!; Dlemlfir aii*! H^ri'wiih, nl' d riLEhi^r iini^r>mr.irE.)ihrit ll^t;ri\ in J, lljuit^h nol 
nbnoluWlr ill-Iookine, of > ilinrp lad iKlit Tltnso. .V> a gimiTnl prlndpln mid 
klBiriiot pioiKiaillOQ. M1|igi bold llio mala aox to I>c ultcrly coalpiDptlbt*. 
iiniliiuwartbj'oriiiitla*: In boflflkln. Iklx-tiuo. (ulDili. Indlitoil (□ jMijury. Kii4 
wtiollr iindpHirrliiR, VTbvn pirttcatnrlr ex»ii»?riltr1 tIRiiInit Ihnnt (i«liln)i. 
tcuidol a^d. ITU wbrD liira TftpperiltBligUtodlicr lootO.tlie VBtuMuBlomMlo 
widli, wltti grcnt rmplijuti*, ihnt Tlii^ vlwlit mov vf wmnr^n oiiulil ItuE <llP nlT In 
ontcr Ibat tbomcD might bo broEiglit loknovf Ebtt rvnl vaTui? o^lhc bt?4FlD^ by 
wliloli tlipy lot 10 llitle more; niy. hfrrwllmfOrlitrurcIrr rmi no high. Iliatiba 
fkOmeLlmoi ileclufvil. If alio <ioliIc1 ouLt hATu guful nnnnrltjr fctr iL fhtr rmind Dbm- 
bcr — Boy Eon tbounikDd — of young Ttrglut follawlujc tior cXAmpli?* she WOblit, 
l» aplte nunklDd. Iinng. droira. iMb. or polioo bonclf wllb > Jay pMt III tar 

Whnn Uw! Gfirdon riot hrpaks out, ahc forsnkrit licr oM miutnr 
and miatrosi to follow nnJ wnlch ovtT Mr, Sim Tapperlit. AAvr 
ihu Uiipurwon of tbu rioioM, Mi»s Migjs roturos to Mr. Vimlen'( 
bouau. qtiitu 0.% it mittter of course, cxpn^tln^^ to be ru-inatated in 
her oltl iituatioD. But Mrs. Vanlun, whu is itt Gratamtiiod at hor 
audacity, oi^ura her to Icavo the hou.4o InaunUir; whereupon tho 
young \aAy ritlicvea her mind niiet thii wi«n; — 

" I *m qullo doll^led. I 'm luro. Io flnd ifoh iD^opcndoncy; f^tlDJ^ lOIffB 
ttiaugh. al Ux: •ama lime. ia!m. that j-nu ibould liu'c brsa fiircfl Uila •ubmiiilont 
wUrB v^<i<uiLi1i)c,'lb«[f>Toiird(ftr, lln-ho.hcil It inniH^grpatvoXAllonn-'KP*- 
(ijhltyooniiflprlngliovUJToualu'Hyf apokpof Mr, Jo<^,(oliAvoblmrorAKOLi-lD'law 
atlut; uutl I wuuilcr Mlsi Dully cnn put upwti)i1i[iu. clilier,af1rrl«'1iiK»iriiiil 
Ob for 40 laany ycur* wiiFi h cndjOhinHk^f r lint I A^iw li«i<r<I tiiy lUvt ihi^nnifb. 
mftiTcrihoujclit IwlwatwuiLt. — ljp,1ic>heT — DUilbiil tiptoldnyouiJKnkLDAf wM 
» (Miind of bl>. Iliut lin linpud l,o Icnawoit bettor tlian la tie ilntwed lula lb>: 
Itinugb ^ti*^ ntiA fill (he fiimfty li^/piiU i]ner}ininoa tlrong." 

Liei'o file pftunnl for a rvply, and^ rrclrlng none, nrut on a, before ^^ 

■* I kan bMid Boy, mlra, Uut tbo lUncuunf aaiiMladie>iiuallpi«l«aBlaat 



kfvnabi KuOg*. 


•■dtliu Ihcjr CWld fklnl aiTkriMDi'drkilvhenaicr lliey Iiad IJie [ncUuiioiu 
iolodo^ Of eAUrM, I uvvrmfrp njoh cktH tflth my (iirn *yiia: liv. unr — h<<,IiEit 
bet— nur iiuii<t<<r. nvlthi-r- ho, Dof Ur. M. he I 1 ham tipcrd lUp Dc1|)ibuc( 
BUk* rrmvliu MoicoDsuUicrHiuiiciiUftiawil will) wai a vuof gfiaH-iuHai'a, 
tDC«Q'*p1rUDil Cf«v(ur lu vt'nl uut Aihlnjf litt u irfAi unit tU^h hikI fsuj(ht « 7«> 
IBT. O/ counr. ( imm, tn inrliuawrnl(F, irr Ibr pour prtioa lilmirir; Dor did 
joa. Mllbvr, iDlm : I wandcrwHaUcoalw; ilau'i jruu.ulm? Xodoubi 
fOudo.inlu. Elo.ynl Br. Im. Iir : '■ 

Ciut Upon a tlutnklcsi. uiuli-ictrvins world, uid bnfflcd En kU licf 
•efaemua, inauiuionial aad i>lhi?rwiK>. Miss Miggs turiui iboTptr luid 
■oonr ihan «vor. It b:ip;wu4, bowi?r<^r. thai, junt at tUia tiuu, n 
baule turnkey in <raDl«'l lor iho county BrideweU, &□>! a (Iav mdi! 
honr in ftppoinUid Tor Ihc Inspection of candld»l«i. Mlu Ui^* 
mttradii, And U initantly chosen from a hundred and twonly-foar 
oonpcUtora, nnd instnllcd in oificc, which rhf holiln till kor dcoojue, 
moru tbao thirty yeitri oilcrwnrds. (Cb. vii, is, xlii, xviii, xix, xxii, 
Xzvii, xxxi, xxxvi, uzix, xii, li, Ixiii, txx. Ixxi. Ixxx, Ixxxii.) 

"Tbftl lAlfDClAOf nitnvl«rl ■ nknoiL Itnidn;. anil eeuI^co. — IbB [jUM>EU[ru-al>1fl MiM 
tUffft Sb*Uui*li](Vly uu^[In[k.wrl^>. hy KHD'tlftnirDllvaLHEoiltll^l^rloriDMIIlLrKl, 
ba ban aUoirDd lu niuiiii umnuiled. Tlil>iitifl«lnili!lillD>Dn»>in>ti<J>'iir«ii»ai'. 
CMsMfOFttj LbofAQi itiii lipt ^Dnonuid dlapottiliMi «me wHblD rlir rtuyaof Mf, 
Tavyvrtll^ tpniiflt of ' icrnEtuT.' #Lii bud Tftrlouji Hftyi gf wrMtinR bc-r h^irni ujion 
lb* olbtr ao. IM au« iMucI i>r otiivb >»• l»«n<n iimiunuii ibocn *iiJi ucr •.vmynKf 
and diKDDrv*. > ^ - Whrn iri* wmrbr* bi ib^ mmlnw fnr ih* mvm ut KJm TkriinriiE, 
vUbibvLuUntioiiaf bctnrifif blia.ibB lidncFiircd ks'bivlnf na eipn^ioo orfkc* 

umpb. and j^uUcrit Fit'v^La'luD. wrr-j bLI iiiliftl up rujdi'lLrrlEii LJiid of iih^ilugfiiuqilc^ 
pDMbl' UKUUCunipoclnEliTvlf lownEI lUiJliBtnnMlli* vtmnrjiJroKTrM whv tiAaaat 
aln^AndWiuwvllhKrurtalblijD frum w pluujji yuunn IrAVot^Ar/ l>ki:k«i»t tii Ibb 
«himn>.iraUivpi«wnubi'Wiuiili •MimingJrbuiimtn''<niinaligD«iU» UUa Xigft 
<iBb*esm*lhDp<ii t.r riiuiUi-'. uiii lUut. inug«b ruiiul •eaLnns unl inuUgnit}'. ibqr 
ftt) b*pl^>ild of tbflf vlrtiifi iulI n<rLji-]'ink r^nil inifca lUndAr Ui« iiromln'inl clBmonl at 
ibnr uioiix coatvnmiutL- ^ £. J*. WtiiyiiU^ 

E*arkes, Phil. Aran^r«hofrc<|UGnl3thc Maypole Inn; atallniar, 
very tiiciiiim, nnd a priifinncl unidker. (Clt. i, xi, xis, ixxiii, Itr.) 

Peak. Sir John CbesIcr'svaU-t. (C1i.xxiii.xxir, xxxii, buLv.Uxxii.) 

Beomiting Sergeant, The. A militnry olEcur in nlioM re^- 
mcnt Jog Willi^t mlisii. (Ch, xxxi.) 

Budge, Bamaby. A lkiita.9ilc yuutJi, h.tlf-cruaed. bfLlf- idiotic 
Wandering lisilcaily about at itw litue of tliu (jordou riot, he ii 
OTertaken by thu mob, and vagerly joina tbtria In lli«lr work of de- 
structloD, nil) rtren^-th and a>;lllly in:ikc him a vahiabl« auxiliary ; 
aad he coDllnnct fij;htlD», until bo ii at lait overpowered, amiitcd. 
and condemned to ili-nth. " Aha. Ilu^h I " aityi he lo hii conipanioQ 
on the GVtt of their exooulion, " no shall know what uiakcs ihe 
dune now" A pardon x» finally procurvd for luu by Mr 


Ct* QUtitas Blci[ona(|. 

T>rd*D. ((%. Di-fl, z-xU, xvii, xxv, xsvi, x1t-1, lii, liii, Iril, Irill, 
Ix, Ixii, Izv, Uviii, Ixbt, IxxiJi, buLv-lxsvii, buut, Ixxxii.) 

Cpoiuvkc, ^ ILti tUEin flue fcvtiiifa lEId lu^rTi Qdi^lEly, aj ' l^LrUiitii : ' tiul llituuud dou ih;4 

wbivnUr Di'-'L«itH ilFpIf tfd In lui^r itniu the crloklnA] of the ratnuiGV. Ute nivl»4r» 
DHiiv' Ruilvr, rorrviT tiqtiTiiMl t>r h^i im^ifiiiKtinii.-^pnciiwijiii w*Hr*u-1ii by pvraDM 
bmEIlar wiibEhfin (iiunli'ruf* lm hu< Irnubit:!, ^ U'lidltije a n'lr-curiurnl 11(0 rur/flvv. 
arid Ihpi) Iini>«ltr4 lJ> 't*" lUc HflUP of M< rr^tnP : «1 whkTi Mivil nr n riifflan who &M 
•k4pii4l dfiUclluu Ity 4 tu'^ clnidr rua* mnlani upirrlunH wuulj uiUa Um v» da 
■otfulla: IhottOT KuofDucbfOr at. It ka loo powrrnil to bo iwhIicciIv tboofb :t !■ 
vflntljr nntma; thitrBFura h« nuvil II ju Qua tilVit diicat runuimB* cvir wrlUmL" — 
Auilui £»«*. tuL CII. 

Budiie, Mrs. Mother of Dftriinhj. (Cli. iv-^ xri, xrii, xxr, 
xvvi, xlii. i1t-I. Ivii, Ixii, IxU, ItxiH, Ixxvi, Ixxix, Ixxxij.) 

Audge, Mr. Fnther of BnmiiUy, and a Ibnotr oluward of Benbnn 
Ilorcdolc**. One morning in the jtan ITSS, Mr. Hw<ble i* fouiid 
mucdoreilt lUiil the Blvwsnl it inisMa". AflenranlB n body Is dis- 
OOterMl, wliivh U NippuKil to lie tli&t of RuJgo ; but it is •> <li»- 
flgiired as not to b« rocogoizable. Adcr tlip \iipft> of manjr jvars, 
it is proved llul Ruilge «n* the reni munlirtir, nnd tlmt the body 
wLivh waa tJikcD [o be hin »!u rmDy tlial of nooiher of bii vle- 
tiiu«. II« 19 Snnlly caplumd and executed. (Ch. i-Ui, r, li, zvl- 
xvill, xxxiii, xIt, xlri, Iv, Ivi, Ixi, Ixii, Ixv, Ixriii, Ixlx, Ixxiii, 

Btogg- A blind mkn ; proprietor of a drinking-^i^llar and *ldula> 
ground. (Cli. viii, xviij, xlv, xlvi, Ixii, Ixix.) 

r«ppertit, SimOQ. A)ipre>ntice to Mr. tiiibrlel V&rdeo, aait a 
■worn vat'ity to Jo<< Willci, who bax riraltcd hira In the affection* 
of his mailer'* daujjhier Dolly. 

SiM . . . wa« an alil-lki3ili>n»t. thlD>bea1. slMli'luiIrad. ilurji-DOtgd. nntll- 
eyed little fftlow. ycry llllle mon Itiaa (lie fwi lilgb, tad DiorouitblT conTlnMd 
to hid oif n mlDd tbmt li? vm Hl>ov?Iho midille tiJiE. — raxlict l^. [a Tail, Itiiu 
otberwlu. Of hl> n^K, wlilcli »gu wqU cuuugti fiiruied. Ibuugli noinrRliat of 

he Iraant, liv rnimiinri] ilm blgbexi ■dialmiliin ; »ti<S wllli lilt ■(«(. whieli. 

d kiue'br(>eeh?t) if ere pcrTeot eurLo>1tlet of littlene>i^ lie wai cufaptufed to ■ 
vigra* auictualiuii la eathuiEaim- . . . Add tv Itiln (bal he wax to ymn JoM 
neat!, tn hli lixik* rnnnh olilrr. anil la coaoelt at Leatl (wo bundredi thai be 
had DO objeeiioii to be Jeited with louclilnf; hli ailiiilrailau or bit muUr*! 
AaaftalHr; and bad cvuti. vrbeu culled ujHiri at a ecrtjLla titiicGUt* tatvnt to 
pledjia the Imly wliom he bad benoreit wllh bit l^ve, loatted wUb numy vfokt 
and limn ■ (alrcreatun. wlioie ChiUliaa naue. bo laid, be^a wliha l> [t>ull> 

Mr. Tappertii i» captain of lh« " Prentice Kni;>hu " (afterwardi 

callod ihu *■ irniiod BulM>og« "), wboM objects were vengeance oi 


Matnakt K.ntgt. 


tWr tyTfint n.aitcn (of wboM) ^evcim xml iniupporUMo opjire*' 
■ion no 'pn-ntici; caald entertain ft moment'* doubt), nnd llie rci- 
tCFnttion of iht'ir nncu^nt rijhtJ and holidavs. ili? takvs a kading 
jiart in Uie l<aril Gi>()r;'u Gunlou riuts, but finslljr n-cciTes a gun- 
vhut woiiiirl ill Lis bodv, mid iu» \u» prvclous li-;n cruslied into 
sbapelvB« u^linugg. Ahi^r bi-in^ n>movuiI Iruui a fauapital to priaoD, 
and tltuice to hi«i plitcc or trial, lie is d!scbar)i«d, by proclamnlion, 
on two «ooden laga. By the ndvioe nnd aid of bia old mnilcr, to 
whom hi! ftppHe* fur &<Mitancc. be is ctUliUehed in btinnt-M aa a 
Kbou-blaok. and ([uickly sfi-uroa il great ruu of cuEtotn : so chiit he 
Uiinki himself juitilitd iu taking to wifu thi; widoir of an Miiineut 
bono and rag coUeuIor. (Ch. iv, rli-Ix, zvili, xil xjiii, zxIt, xstiI, 
xxxi, xxxvi, xxxix, xlvi!i-lil, lU, U, Uii, Ux, Ixxi, Uxxii.) 

Varden, DoUy. A bright, fionli. coquL-ltish girl, the very unpci^ 
■DnRtion of gimtl-huinor nnd blooming lieiuty. She ts finnll}- mar- 
ricil to Joe Willet (Ch. iv, xiii, xix-xxli. xxvii, xx.xi, lix, Isx, Ixii.) 

Varden, Gabriel. A fruok. Leiiriy, hum.<8t old lockintiUi, at 
cb.iriiy witli all mankind ; faiber to Dolly Varden. (Ch. li-»!i, 
>iiU xiv, sis, xsi, »ii. sxri, xxtU, xU, xlii, 11, Ixlil, Ixir, Uxi, Ixxll, 
luuT-Ixiri. Izxix, Ixxx, Ixs-tii.) 

Varden, Mrs. Martha, tlii wife. 

Un. Vinlfii wni ■ luilj of what !■ euiDinoaly <iitllvrl «n uii«rula Icmper. " 
a pbrvr, irhl^h, t>rLhK itiittr[>rptiM], KigiilUic* % l4iniK<r t<il*<t«bL)r Hrlaln !■> n»k* 
•r«ryb<Nl7 luon or Ittt uuoomfarutijQ. 1'hui U irtutnlly luppvneil. that* 
when oUtrr luruiilu men iBorry. Un. Vatilen nai dull: *ud lliM. wli*a otbct 
fivoplf xrPT^ dull. Mn<n %'Ard((ii wm dU|Hiiiiil 1A hr ainmiiifir cUfrrfut. ladvrd, 
tJifi worlhy lioutpwltc nu of fucli a caprlrlouA DHIurv, Itiat ^U? not only th^ 
titlucrl u blit'ivr pilch uf itviilui [bin lilubetli. In rrtj»ct of licr itilUty lo ba 
wfto, unuueif. tpinpcralo Aikd nirlou*. Io^aI anrl n^uirmL In an latlnnt, tmt woiafd 
KnaMlmcii ring ilju cbvifvi iMtcltwmrdt «ud fornntrdu un all |»ouLblo tiioodi »nd 
fllflitJ la one abort qiinftprof no hour; p<?rronDlnE» M It wvwr^ aklnil of tripl* 
boh miOoroii Ihoppal of Inntnimiinii In iliu fpmnlii brlftj . wlili ■ i>kliniluu« 
4Bd nptdlly Of cxT^^uiioD tbat lutoDlfhtd mli vho bpard bpr. 

It bikd burn <)b>atTi'dlu ilili ti""'! 'I'di' (wliu did uul Kiuit (Or perianal at 
tnctlOOB, bolnj( plump and bux-»in In liHik ■!, Thimgli. Lllcti Imr nilr djtUKblvr, 
•Dmtwbit Bhorl tn vtAturc). tbni tZitt uDccnalnty of dlapo^ttloii atm'iEEIir'iitJ 
■BdlBOWiHl wltb liutiDm|.orsl pniipncll)': and diirnwliemeuand inKiona 
On nivodlj l«nn* witli Ibv l<iAk>tnllli anil bin niiiillx'Tpn w«tiil to Airv lo lU- 
Hri. ttial atunblsiloKn >nnicbatf'da»n roundi In tbr world't lidili't — tuiib 
H Hut breaking of Ilin luiitk iri wliiuli Iicr builutnd kvpl lilt moacr. or tame lit- 
llaftllOf thai Und — would lj>' thn in^klnit of bfr. and noidd hardljr Adl to rv9- 
^u ket oDf of llait iDoai aif rccabJc oomjWEUon* in txlttenot. 

(Ch. IT, TtL, xtii, xix, xxi, xiii, xivit, xxsyi, xlt, xlit, li, Ixx^ 
fatxii, Ixxx, IxxxiL) 



etc Dtclttna Srci[oniT|. 

Wtlldt, John. Laudlonl of tim Maypole Inn nt Chigwell ; ■ 
burly, !nri;i>-lie.tclc<1 iniin, with a f^t tiicts, whicli butokmiuij proibuDj 
ohaiin.-try and nlownofit of appri.'hen^on, combiacd wilU & vBrf 
(troDK reliance upon his nnii merit*. 

The Uiypolcni Bu olil tiutldlng wiUi mor* gmlili-inilii Ihan ■ lutjama 
•mtiiUtennf til miirii cm n mtuiy Anj; huffv ''ffr*K c^hfmnpyii, niu of »]ilfrh it 
HvfnMiw ir<innkc crtiilil not olioi>ac but oomoin iiioe'C lliuii imliirully rBiiIa&r[i 
tlupci imfjirLfiltu El in !ti toituoun \mirift' ; iinil y«il ilut.1r». (jloiliiiv. luli^ 
S1W4 Hudtiiuj'tj'- TIiu |»Ikiw whji HiiLrl til lijavi^ b^i'ii biillt la iliv rtajt <if Klf 
Umr^tlin CIghih ... let icinctuivi H-vrc old dlinioud'cauf Intllwi; IwllMFt 
«tT«iuDkca ftndunDToi; Ii> oolliiiK blai^ltciicd lij' liio liuuiluT lloic and IiM<)> 
Willi mAUlvtf ^uiEiJi- OvDr Ihv ilrmrxriij- vta* *n Jiiirioijt porf^h <|UAlfil1r BJid 
tnilwjurljrutrviiili mid lii-rp. "ii ■LimiuirvvnilDEi, ihcmnrpniTantlaiiKinifn 
■mokcd aiiddiank. — ny. &nd luusuiiiuy ftyJOLl >oug too. lomcliium. — rtpoi- 
lag ftu livTf grim-UhtklEiff. lilgfi-bai'kiFd ■iiltlr*, nliLcTi, Ult« th* Itrln itm^pmii of 
toin'< falrT-liil'',([iLAr%]iM] Thr rntfundr ti> the nian^lon, , . , All ban tn; mjiff 
plaou; tHit tEi« MfiyiMilc^i wo* ihc very tnn^fccit. C(»Ec<t. ^ud «opL]iZ^t4ft tar 
thai v^rr lliv tvU of iniin Ot'vlti^iL .^uch fimAjlRf btiEiln fit iiM (ink'n pigf^ti- 
haleu? Kiivli 'iimlj' titlli' lliii':li krit>. r*ncpd lo rowt on thclvnl go miLiir Icm- 
oiu.buiirinK'" •r|>niiilciici>.sndroiniiaglIiefi«^iiDI xruvf ulmiul)' meullopod 
In lltlH chrifiilrln, vu^^'ahvit. vHli ittm^ly ciinK untl incmf '■ijTir hEnwwl a^nj 
bBrd by, «f i>uikoh UralUrd beyond ^1 mortal knowlrdjref ffucb rloTtnl VQcb 
lirr^ul tiirh film^a fnf jiulLliig thiu^H hituv Ili hiilhiir vlii(low4Hiij>l^BlJ 
^rommfHt to rhr OYroDt wllb faldbk'i, 'Irlnkdblci. nr «ai'or; oODdlmetitl, luk 
Ijr. inildii^riinii nil. m iy|>lcat uf (bv Imini'iiio iriouitua ur Iiin eatabUihnMDl, 
aadlE* deHnniwtaall vhttcirn tocnl And Dcjm« agmfn. nucb a 'iiL[>rnHnu« oh«a*vl 

(Cb. i-iii, x-xiv, xix, XX. xxiv, xxii, xxx, xixiii-xxxv, Uv-lrl, 

isxii, Ixxviii, Ixxxil.) 

" mA WUkl i% tint furpv^^ij ]i^ 4n7 c^vnci^ir. DT*n amnnff thtnv 0I l>lck*niL II* 
li DqturD ftMkf: /rt ttftrit&rthDr vi>uld buw iilqi^nl bliB Itj tlio ijIam or CBrli.'Btim, 
lUa oamblnd oanoclt tuvt DMEiall7 4r« InilAVrlboJil^ ilri^l); ami bin ppcgluj mt*> 
dlncMd (u»rD'. wUeu htuUmiI, !• «u« (if Ibc taotl Uf|iilalM tuoctiH la all hUfaunul 
palnllD)!."— iC. A. Poi. 

V7fllet, Joe, Son of Jiihn Willut; a broml -shouldered, atrappinj 

yodn;; ti^lUinr, ivhuin it plfiisva liU i'athiT stilt to cullsiJ<^^ a UllUt 

hoy. nc'l Xt tn-at ^'<.'urdiii;;ly. Al^i^r bi-io}; bulliuil, badgHrud, wor- 

riin], frutlt^tl. ;iuJ broir-biiiiton, uutil Le vAa endure It 110 lonjn'f 

Joe ron» nway and joiiia ihtt army. At the time of the Lundon 

riots, buwevwr, U« turns Uj), aod reader* gcxnl service to his frioadii 

noiwiiUniaiidiii^,' tho Iota of an anu at tlie iiii.>>^ of Savnnuali. 

riiB fHthL-r U ouly too glad V> welcome Iilin biu-k ; niM-er S|)eak» of 

liirn W a mranjri'r afterwanla, without saying prouclly, " My iion*» 

Ami was took olT nt tho dofcnce of lli<! — < SnWiinncrt .• in 

Amerii^a, whcro tho war i*." Joe finally marrie* IXilly Vnrdcn, 

whom lio ha* lon^ lovod. (Ch. i-Ui, uii, xiv. six. xsi, xxii, xxx 

xxxi, sli, Iviii, IxTii, Ixxt, Ixxii, Ixxviii, ixxz, Ixxxii.} 

Hainabg Kungt. 



Cajum I, Jotin WUIei. luidlDfd of ib« Mn^jtulo^uid faii cvnU.ilUt.aH tbtw«ub 

Jo# WUI«l; ihoyDiinuar FUQBt »l*nuc Id vmlk to »n Jun Uifnuitri thi *tnrni; Jo* Witlft 
!• JtcturM ror hli forwanlnn* by hit nilhrruid hla frloDdB; Rol^rinrHi Huty rvlnioii ih« 
■tory qfibiirniinlrrnf Mr-Itviiliffiill«i«dil« tvrvsityHvrarMnTH'riiTf.'-tf, Thn 'luiaJiTlou^ 
loolLinf ftranirtt fris uut ftjr London, Ami rldf* Airiofuly ihrvu^U llio iiiiriinna ; he «iy 
roum>n<MbiiAl Vjtn)i<n<inihp >n«kl; (Uhrlci )ik>M (Ofih lo Ibv M4j|i'>le. — in. JorWiiifi 
rrbdvAfftUnC liliUdHir'aauTliorlly. ud iliiralcm to ran Wiij-; U«lir1cl Wlvltu hln M 
thLht hnuv of Iti ftatit <in (» l^n^lonn iltltrl"! It ttOVtM ^j loud oulchrA. qml And* 
Barfifllrj It(HlB« «r«tiittnr uior ■ MikkIv ami dji[pnmillr urolH* bodj-- — ItV Mr, Vitrdrn't 
ttooit dHMTlMdi Ui; tilmoEi TappprlLt It |;iiro.1nri«4 ] Yt- TBrdpQ Rlvq tJt diupbt*! vtk 
■tfc<»aiil of hli lul nIcbCi a4vFnTitre vn tfaa nHi3, tEi4 alu bit dlOtcQltr In andnin Ml>a 
Bram* HwUln; iJfltlj'* c<rtirrmlon tin brtrfnir of Jot W*llolr lb* JfflJomj of Mr TiiiK 
pcttit tannqtal. -V. VBn!i*n ifuct loMf*. audsii'i |u[iuiuinj nlMml Mr. Kd*»Bftl rti^u-f, 
(htyoDiitf man wboQ) fm TVAinit; hit It ■tUhiiLi^'^ 1l> nnd li^r r<'''^i^liu ■ dH fTMTij iho 
riiflMDhfl0acciiL£i1«Evr1un Iftt rjiJ. — VI- -■'lio rtn'tini-v io mnki any !n[iU*iati»in^ hm b«» 
faun lo tHptllpni] <J4br1H Kf^ Mr, Filwriri] Chr^tcr. wljo KiiTt blTO tn ucuonl of bit 
lUltanuirir^ uu! Ttrdoti noiNfitlf d In IjLi nudjriinl din unin nith he hlmM-irmvE; llanuilir 
■nd hii n*fm' — Ttr O^^riPt'f rtflp|j|i<^ii fiy Vr» VfH>U'n und Mifkr*i>ri Mtn'tufri byline.—. 
WW. t*lmTtpi»rrui ■«n(.l}' iDtvCBi^iD hiKjad.ond mi™ tu ihi^rfmrtPivouBnf Ehfl ""iTmllP* 
ICnlflbl«."i'liFmjolt TTCC1«(^ by ^U^if ; tbd "T:rmiee KTiigEilt '' OilmKftittWTtii'mTtfr; 
•oalia*n«b«w*anlbt«p[AiiiaiiJib0Dovic«, — tX' >IittMlrat wiinivntSlin'afAltfroin 
tbtbOdte, Vidr«Cclnth1iDi3nblarvLitm. — X- Mr- Jotn ChniuHiLta thn MinH>1^4nd 
timdt 4 nniit u Mr. lUrtdtl*. ivgDHilng him to oitot htm ihoni Bonubj nttmu mUiUr 
HjirRU|t'vi.Ti>wflr-— XLBpociUiClEmtDrMr- WJllar>cuatnmtn)nr*KBM|o(lnnMUiirof 
Ur.<T*iM;frti]d MTitljuvdMe- Ininriow boiT«tn fht« Kentl^men. In vblfrb th«r 4bcikM 
IbB BUHbDB&l OT Mr. Edirlrd Cbuter juid U\m Emnit Mjindtin, itnd ■rn>i>. itianfili on 
tUhnst 0roaifete,toop^«*lL — m, SDrprfuorJohii ViUtiiniudUiirUr Cbivur unin- 
JiutiL— XUL jQ*WntaltaUonCfi»rLDnrl(>i> tD|>nyTilHfttb»T^t»nii be* trnca ^l ibv WHrrvn 
ftira£ir<i3*"*^J'l*Ktaxn>nMrbtToriirFLl4^ri^rbr^ivf: Jooi<or>*i'>ibeVKMeii<'. itlipn 
l&lbovqiittbthadpnptndftirDutlymrQUtiiiriKlnrliitiKniriii llolb H<>r> lanpprlT-aiiLt 
fMfoMtwiriodlMppiilDipM. — XIT- ODtbenidbomoJoeliJolneilbjrUr Edi*iir\lClii;Atrr: 
KdAWACAtltOnBitttli&mliilr.uicl li lUamlivM IhnD Ibt boiiat brbcruuula; amUncbtii 
fttbar lEt Ibv MifiwlB. Fldwtid «Tnld« mottlnf blib, uiil mtumt to i'>wn. — XV. Iniurvli^ 
bVtvtBO Sttr Jobn Cbcatdf eli>e1 bit »n, wbtrola bt«ipUUti» IE10 pomri/ of Ihclr fcwiuvt* 
«ttilCb« mtnmXXf of hi* ion't Amninf t iTdtlibjr mArrtMio. — XVI, C'^ndiuon or London 
■Cr**lt «l Ibv Umv of Iba Hury^ ApjtPtnn^^a jun^m tb« duii^juib cif ttia rufbtn vhi lU^ 
vullad Ur Cbr^Ur: bofLiLlowi Xr* BuLlgd ti> her hfim«, tnd (tliu tifEitUUDC««— XTIL 
TKmr uf tb4 widow Ib«1 hd »bi>uM Fmikvh by lirf liUni jc»n^ lULctuihy l«lJ* bit matbrrctf 
*!■ MHCll fbr lb* rnbtitr. wlio.conci-alrti rn n <li>wt, OTtrbtan tb«[r convtivitloni tbo 
ttOu IhnAMAt bor vj tb t ■urt'iiiul i^ow ruvrncic-. If >bti liviTay* him. *nd La«t*4 bcr- — 
X%'IIL AfttTwuiilffrlnitiint^Rh iho itrppit ntiifi.v all nfifht. hotfct the dcponun of fUm 
T«#pcrtltfhtfb tbo rcndnfvuut vt iTio 'i'lrnUfn. and jaliUltiJi BbtltdrvlLb Aucs- — XlX- 
ftdwwdCbcvtvciiUauUr. T^rdcD't lo rtqucat Do[l>' to bo ib« bouvr of ■ loiurto MM 
OtmlBlv: Mr, Tudon pfopdMi 10 tik« bliwUb nd dwiibUrlo tb* MaypcatLiiDa bow 
Mfl VvtiAh TiA»lmi iiwi pTDpdViJ 1 1h«r tfrlw «< tb* Vtyrmlv 1 Dally totm ta Cht Wuim, 
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>ovi;rc«ionD rii^LEiir wkiboui ; tuililcn cniniTica of Solomon D*ity in (ppcul f^^^bti fao i^ 
lUM hbnt li« hu Jual baud and mhii aI lb* cbarcb, — XXXtV, J4r, Willnl ivtalfm 14 
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luruhrir hi-iiio. Mi. Will-:! uiiouunivr* Lord Ooort* Oonlon Ud Ut fttlmidtnU, vho fo (o 
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^id En W^Diimtnw^r [l*ll: LordG«oF]^» Oordon joiui iUoia. and ^ir Jubn iiiErvdmcs Mr. 
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t3ii It ntcuvd frum iiianvcnra of Lbo mob b^ Joba tirutt^y. — XLIV GbtbfurJ )uiua 
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D Uiv itu) tl yIIIjuq boino 1Jii>y LueI HVurM, in* faTutAl by a blind wiynnfr: |ip |»rvm la 
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iinnwid* tirealy pumidK — XL VI- Alaicir ucltn la llarruby a u^lro la •va ibu vrrirLd ; iba 
apldow ilvea i^Ucv bor iiitic b»iid. and Hrljr lb cbv mcrDlnit Icaraa bar boot* iiiib Dam* 
17 10 law thnuulva* lo itta uewdi uf L«d(>« — XLVU. Uanb uaalmout atf ttia trUtow 



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filiin«<r l^t^U^i ]iiat ulbsi^mirilcf LonI OunJaji^ ndlurrCitt* Sk pualnir ^T^r la tTif «117 . 
|Sui;jki.N L-i-NLkMEa Ji>lq IbiriD Eiy Lqt^ <faartF blrDKtfj h« h n^o^Uod by Hugh. UU 
4»«vri inro au-ranki — XLIX> Thftvi«vd AridrtdaenaODnloEi~mf]i[a«rt<iiim»<i ■! ih« 
^amt fir cnmnmnn : tb«r ■>■ eooftoBted tif 0«Ii*tb1 Conwaj trhS Ci<lonvl iturduD; th* 
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IcTict. — LL Ur. TAf'licriU rvlun»lL<im«. bnvIliWDr tha^«jthi buUXnn inth* <1|*|nr^ 
iinE:a nf ihv ila)r. ffin« Un. Virdm « " proMotlon " fruin Loi4 <i»rae ti^rdan. «Bd iib(»|hh 
friMu Vr Vant'Ei. wliu«»aaiplj<Ddcteliibtin: OtbrMl dtitrojrA taliwfto'i catl«oijv-n««, 
«nd ifto "|irntwLiWi." — Lit- llaEh And 9\m Tftppcnlt plu an ejcpcdtUiai kvbit*! tit- 
Ilu«d*l4^ TmuH ; Iha nvlBr> d«put] fbdrcbaB kihI dtrrllUitB, ■H'I mnkr brnititwu of Ib4 
ptandrr— Llll- Oiahrard tnfurma IJa^b «T thv r\'H>nt itflrrnk furUia rlntflMdon bf 
IkaBH^i ilit rlitbtn vi out «i(lirlr»tpnmu>n to rhEjiWp]!. — uv, Mr Willm vi<Htba 
"•ndnofO^Ua •«■■»'* ■giiDti the niiinitvt ibr l>'ii^un rk^U: bl* cfi^nifit hatI fur 
IsadoA to ■■■ Air UhidhI*« I tEtdnmb vl^lELba Uaj-p^'l'^ da'pnU Lhn |iouH>.liliid olOJcbn 
1oblavlialr.«ndEiA»t«noiil4 ttaf Wtmo. — L»T. lAcr ib^ dcpartun of iba luiiEi,^ rau 
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FlH4UAfl.«l: ft orw-*mail DAQ bflnif* E»w>uf Hid Aznai uf B^nUbr. — LXI^ Ur. lUr» 
4^11 bAHl«n« Efl LobdOD witb bl^itrEHinnr, qml Jipiillr^ l4 ihn IgnJ'iTmrof Torbl* commlElAl i 
biDWbDCvUb ni> tu«CM*. h« DbUfQs a vruruuirrv^iu^lr Jubn E'li^Mlo^, Vift aui'b (Iw niitf^ 
dMVrdOnOnnl in NnrdtU^ — LXtt- 'Ugu vl>rtii Kudun Ih prluan. whn ftUIm tn blm th* 
p«rttMl*r*i' tiltorliur; SUfrCjrUii ■ plikii fur rt^ntBlbti iilui; ibu fdihpr uud hju iiicci In 
ItefMiOQ.^LXIll' Thv Ifltrri, fiftrTjInf fiiiL Lb^lf ilraLinui on >i«iTgiit'. rr[i4lr 14 UAbnd 
Tae^co'i; h«rvfii>ul«eoiDpJjwLLU ibi^ir Jcuia^ikl Uiat b««Jtii]i picK itiu priiunluch; Siit, 
T«pt«fitl«ldfln V|(is« la b> mlVHiI.Hu] tgndt bcT lo Join Kmpi* and tiolJj-.— LltV. 
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ilDia* bun down tb« jhEMour. buiI v*1d «BtT>ae« to 1h« bil«rl»r. -* LtV- UulTuu miA 
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■qbTi nloun tb<B« crbnm&la iirtinat IbarvnioiutntHHitiif DaniU<^— LXVl. Xr-UundiUa 
AH^bb Bk<* wltbout Avail: frafinx ibr rvltattar ibo munJ^nr. be ruo* to ^«*<g4i* 
bttiia met bjr Mr- l^nitdaJa^ wh^ cuaiEjrt blm. In an txbadatoJ vundlUun»to bLa bonie; 
fnt nm ot tbo rtoi- — LXPl. Therloionklodbf HoKb, Muok tbf< buu*p oiilr. Lan^dAJot 
bofdaJ* oad Mr- IQndalo,aica^ncbf Bt«ntpaaaajiii,u*iDat hy KdwirO Cbuteriod 
Joo WlUet, wtiOL dl»«uiHd u rlolon. Imo Ibnod tbli Duuu vTnHaiDc rbomt JwWUlft 
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UiAlr* la CH^jici'ilfit. — LXiX' llurinLiiy i:uca lb tcurcb uf Hiairt:, wLib wJiom be rrluma; 
|>fiiinJ* }ti\iit tbe<in4 and, at a «l|nial trum blim. a Lcklr <if rtflEdlTii adv-^nf. and arn«t all but 
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•ad Dollr fert cvnflDn] I MLfijii lhtV>nn* him Uiat MlM Uorodalv I» W hr r*ni<**i4 ibn next 
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meii»lheMii*lT«i,kiidallnpdrcolBabUc1i Uml— LXXIl^ HrWMIrt nUa up hia 

otnil Uui J»'> kflD b«i"lw«a took cHTl" intenirw t>«nmti l>all]r»nAJM--^L]CXIIL 
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Irrriir uC llufti tm tfoTiu conDiud In tht Miuia cvU wTtb him; llniTi ttllt Dininl* of bli 
niirlhfrifrtt. — L3k.XV. OftbrlvJ V4M«d <iAlltoiKm SIr.Ivbn Ctinttfi* lnr>>n]u hlin tbu b* 
liall*t«»llDj|bbib*blaHjEi,«ut IftBHlr 4]ohn lu tt* litm, JinO 4iuai(it la mtiH la blA ■ 
MM^tU«(nlili SlrJoliD'i TaUuu«rH*h — LXXTl. Thr tiH'iOon oFRudtfti monx cC 

llTHtlll— fllfurPWliJ LTTTTIT lioUj' »«^ <m( Jop Wmrt, ud ilwlu«* b^r«n«(V 
tkODlDrblin. — LUCIS- JIr> llAmlitIa wid Kivmra Choklvr mtl at Mr. Wdvb'A baiiaf; 
Af r lltrtdnip nn«r ftppmta Pf &ItftM'*AlUobuicnl1-j hit rrtfte^ and bla m t tbdi iinloDt 
UitnpJU hn^itRhL hoiriA in tfinmpb bf Uid erdwd, DCCciuijhKilvd b/ HuuTiy. fUr whoio 
Qkj h«vc unu'at'd a pinl'-^fi.'LXXX BftpplncH u/ib« Jwh^mltb *Dd blthmiljr i Hljffi 
nQPlVH* hrr iI^Kh^ifgvt rrcua Mn. Vnnlitii Mr lUmljila vUEti (b« nliK of Iba VTATTDn, 
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hi irucb 9tt JgbA ii fcHM. — LXXXL nnfMirnni e^tmt itt i^ pr\aaitM chuMHa 


^ €l)ristina0 Carol 

ni PKOHK. 


TidSwark vu "prinWd and pnblJibcd for tbc nilbor bjUHin. DmUnr; uid 
tritiUt In Dewmbcr, 1§U, tn ooe volume, Umo. wltb fbur oolared «lo]ilngi OD 
■tnri bf John Liwdh," In th« VtirtiuiK tn ttis eilltlan of (he Chrlslmu booki pub- 
lUhed la ISSO, Sir, Dlokcoi vnld of thlj, u well ai of IhQ olh«f*. " U^ jmrvoiit 
wjM, Ln a Hrht^tuiatL kiuU uf luAak. wIUrIi tho giiod htimor uf the urMOQ Jiiilltlvd, 
10 Av^en taint Lovinjii^nd riirtirartiig (lioughu^ DrTrrouiof tcuanlii » Chrbtlao 
land." Lord JalT>r)r wruiu tu Hid nuihor ti>j|M'Cllng Ih« pnwent intis " Vuii m*y 
b* mn you haTp doDQ niorr K<>nil> mid n'^t t}n\j ni^I«DviJ morr kladlj f^IlnifB, bul 
prompted more p«llI>o ueu of bructolFQcc. by tlilt tJiUc |>ubtl«UUD. Il»n ata M 
MM*d (0 all (ha pulptu *iid WDhuloiuli dnoe CtirliluuM, ISU." 


BvUe, A comely mstroo, whom the Ghost of Chriatma* Pnst 

idiowa to Sonwge, uid U whom he reoogaina aa old swe«tlieart 

(Stare u.) 
OVOliso. Wife of one of Scroo>;c'* debtors, shown to hini id a 

dmUD hy the Ghoat of Chrislmwi Yet To Coin& {Stave iv.) 
Cratohlt, Bob. Clerk lo Scrooge. He norks in a djsmd little 

cell, — » sort oT tAnk leading out of Scrooije's oounting-raoca 

(StitTC i, ill, Iv, V.) Set SOROOOK. 


Ett 9(cktn« IBfctloitRcx. 

Cratchit, Ura. His wife. (Stevo lii. It.) 
Cratchit, BeUnda. Tbelr wm:ooi1 daughter. (SUt» UI, Iv.) 
Cratchit, Martha. Tlicir elilegl. <1:Hi{;bWr. (SWtc iii, iv.) 
Cratohit, Master Peter. Ono of ibiir nons. (Sure Ui, iv.) 
Cratohit, Tim, caiUd Ttur Tim. Tlicir youngest ton, n crippi* 
(Stavp iii.) S« ScnOOGK. 

DUher, Mra. A iaundrcgs oborn the Ghost of CbriitmaB Yet Tc 

CiHin.' eliuws lo Seroage. (St.ive iv.) 
Fan. Alilile»lr1,8crix>^c'»bifit«'r(nfVrwiirilg the mother ofFreil.hl* 

nephew), nhnm the Cihr^t of Qirlstm.i* Pnst ehow* to Scroogf in a 

iln.':iiii. (Sinvo ii.) 
Fezzlwig, Mr. A kind-heqirtcil, jolly odd tncrcbant ti> whom 

StTuoge was a 'preulici- wlii-n n younj; man. and whom the Ghoul 

of Chrl»liiia8 PuHt bringg leforu liiiu lu a vusion whuu he ha« beconw 

Rn old man and ft raifwr. (Sta?o ii.) 
Fezziwig. Mrs. His wifr, " worlliy (o ho liin parlnnr in prery 

si-nre of the Ic-rm." At the hnll which her hucliand gnvo lo hin 

work-jieople on Christmas K»e, and which the t!hoit of Chriatmn* 

Past shows to old Scrooge, " in came Mrs. Fei*iwig, ono »a»t, nub- 

stiuitial smilf." (Stave ii.) 
Fezsiwigs, The three Miss. T1i<^ir daughter*, heaining und 

lovable^ with »li yuung Iblluwers. whose hourta iht^y lovak. 

(Slave ii.) 
Frod. Scrooge's nephew. (Stave i, iii, t.) 
Ghoat of Christmas Past. A phnutom that tihow* Seroog* 

■' shadows ol' tiiirif;? ihal have been" ii> his past lifr, (Stare ii.) 
Ghost of Christmas Present. A jolty spirit, Kloriomi to *e«, 

of a Itiudi gcucioiis. hearty ualurr. who iuvisihly condueta oM 

SL'rooge through various Eoeuei on ChristtnaB Ere, (.Stave iii.) 

Mucli Itivx **w. itml fuT (licy werii. niit\ atntiy liomc* ibey viilffld, but alwajv 
with ■ htffy cod, Tli« oplrlt >to<Kl bciiilo itok-bcits. uiil tliay vtnn' (ihiH-iAili 
6D torrign Uodt. and they w«fo elate at liomc; by fttum^ivg moo. andihe^ 
wrnpHllvDl In lliuir Rn-nier hi>|>«; tir |H)vei<y, anil II wu rich. Ill alnubuDta. 
he'pttelt Bhd Jail- lataLMr?'* npo* rtf^gv, vhen vnht inuti. Ju IiIh htilp brtvf 
■ulbortlj, bad not nude fiwt Ui« dogr, >iul banrd tlig iplill out, ho lilt Ua 
blflAKlnff. and taught Acroo^ his prrcM^]h{B- 

Sbost of Christmas Yet To Come, An apparition which 
■howf Strooge '■ ibadowg of tilings that liave iiul happuned," bill 
whiL'li may happen in the time befo-t him. (St.ive iv.) 

J06. A juuk-dealer, and a receiver of sl«leii goodsi, dliown Ui ol< 
Scrooge by the OLoat of Cbrielinas Yet To Come. (Slave iv.) 



21 eiittitmiif exiat. 211 

Uarley, The Qhost of Jacob. A spectre iliat viiiti Scn^oge 

oil ChrblniM five, and km In life hh pnriuur in biisinctis. (SlaiA 
i.) Sre Scuooar.. 
Scrooge, Ebenezer. Hie hem of the " CArcl;" mmving fntrt* 

HI* of llio Cnii of Scrooge niiJ Marl«y. 

Oil! btil hrt wiuftFlglit-AiTi'rlhiiad AtrlKffrtnc]iinnf<f:?LoToo^l^»t(|ii««ctRf, 
wrniflhlni;. gm>pliig,iFriii-Ing,rluIch[nK, tnTvioui old (liiDFr I llaol ■ad iharp 
HOlnl. rrom wUk'li iio itctlbuIti'Frilruckiiul (t'lu'roui Arc: ictiri uid lolf 
COuUJni'd «arl Aitlllnry lu au u^«tirr- Th* ctiUi wIEIiln Eilni tritf tiin 4»ld t*m 
turn, iilpprd hla polnlpd nono. thrlicllMl bt> otiFck, ■ilircnM hit rrU. mwto hli 
cyti nd. hi! (bin 1I|M blue, anil ijiuke out ■Unirillr [o liia KruliiiR tolcc A 
fhHit rEmt^ whm on IiIh html. tittA »n hri f<f rbrnnn Aurl hln ^'Iry fbln^ II* cu- 
rled tilt own low IcmpFrmluro ikl»iiyi About with hlo)^ bo loed Ui OAOV in (b* 
duii'Ua]'!. uid dill u'l Ilinvr It uuu ili'grr« nI riirliUuw. 

One Chriitmns Eve, nAcr having ilccllnod in ft very lurly man- 
ncr to nccopi na inviiatioQ lo dinn«r the ntxt d.iy from liU ncpbcw 
Fred, and having rvlututitly givi-n liis clerk. Bob Criitcliit, pi!riiii»- 
■ion lo be abaoiil ilie irliole day, Si-moge govs homo V> lud loUg 
ings, when', brooding over a low firo, lie is vUIC«<] by the ghoM of 
Old Marley, who h»8 been dcful seven year*. 

Setooga fell upon hli kniei. and alMpe4 hii buidi bcAirc bli Dka. 
■-Miifex'" bn lald. " Iln'Uiirul apiiiirllliio. whjtlujori trouble mo?" 
"Uui of till irorldl]' mind 1 '' rrpllvd ilir gbwl. ''dii fim bvllv* In mf, or 


*■ I do." uld i<BnogB. " I Diiit. But vbjr do >plrlu walk lit* cuih ? uul 
wbj-dii Uip^ttunp lo nil'?" 

"h 1* rfv^ulnd or r«CFf miD.'*(he fhatC rvmniedt "Ihkt tb> iplrll wItbiA 
him ibiiuld Hulk obninil umiiiig liln r*llu«itltli. mid liRvti (krillid wide; UDd, 
U thai iplfll jEO?» not forth In life. It Itf wndf^nntd lo do <n an* r <|i'«Jli- It U 
duumcd lu iiKiidvc lliniu)ili (lio world. — all. v>av It mel — *Qd nllncM nhat H 
cannot nhn'r, but iiitjfhE Iiavii ihArrd oo Rarlli. Had lurprd to bAi^pEov**-" 

Apiln the ipHlrc nUsdBCij.snd thook It* cbkln.Mid wnmf It* ihulowj 

■■ Voii •» frlt"f»d.~ Jkl.! itcroog*. iMniblinj, ■■ Trll m* whj." 

" I wiBf Ibe fbiilo I forp-il In IIHi," irplli-il tbi- bIh«L " I Hilda 11 link hf 
llak. and yard b/ jard : I girded It on of my own fr» wlU, uid of my own tnt 
will I ofoni II. till* jialtrm olriiiiEa to jrvn t " 

lifinWRe irnmbled more and nior«. 

" QwRinT" crindtbn glioit. " M)' (liaa b no»ri; gone ... I km her* to- 
■JjchC lo warn ;od Ibnt you bBr*):tt ael■ll^»BDdhap«o^•(e■plDSnl]^ftUi.— 
cb*^« frud h^pt of my procurlnj;, t^beneiFr," 

"You WIT* i!w«j« a good fUend (u m6,"«id Sorooge. " Think"** 1" 

" tan will Iw haa uteri," rexunanA llieghoit, "bj Uir** tplrlU. . . . Ripvct 
lb* t\nl to-morrow, when fbe bolt fotli ooe.** 

"Cuuld d'I I lakD'eniillal one*, and hur* It orer. Jacob?" Mnlrd Soraoii*. 

" Kxprct tlif neeond on th« next dIk^I al Ihn ■nmv Imur; III* third iirua iha 
Mzl Dlgbt, wben [he laat ilroke of Iwelrs ^at n^atcd to vibrate. I,Mik to *M 



Cbt Dlcfctn* DfclIonaT}. 


n«na mat*; Kud took, thtCfbrrowr own ■•kB.jmi NoumlMr «IkC bM pMMd 
bMWHD ml" . . . 

l^eroiiKii iMKame wnalble of eonftiHiil nolH« In Iba ^r. luEOtiartDI (onndii of 
Uniruiiiiloa nod rcgr*!, HaUlnjp Inrxpn<i>ibly nairon-fiil and tM-treatuorj. 
T]M ipveiie. atlut llslcnlns a morooad Joinail In Hid Diouiuful Higt, *ai I1a»l*d 
Ont upon th« blnlE* duk olfht' 

Being miicb in need of Kpoac, whether firom the cmoiion he htA 
vnilergnne, or the fatigues of the djtj, or his gliiupso of tbu invbiblo 

world, or tbv lalanets of l!ia hour, or from all oombined, Stroiigc foe* 

ftruight. lo bed, without uiiOrt'Hsiug, &uJ tklla uloup upou Uie inttant- 

When he awJcc9> it u ii\:ar]y ouu- Tho hour »oon stiikcs ; and, a« thc^ 

Uot«a die awAj, tlio curtalnii of tlic bed arts drawn uid«, ani) acb 

Btanii^ botoro him. It in iho GliosI of Christmas Pasl. The spiril hlAt 

him follow, nnd lakcG him to raencs long pitat. Ills cliiidkood comes 

bock to him. His sii^ter Fun it bL>f!irc him. Hisnid master Fetzi wig 

rv-n|>pi!ixn^ nnd Dick Wilkins, ihu coiupiiniun ofhb hovlsh diys. It b 

CliriBtmu time ; and he nnd Uick and many xtk m.-idc hnppy by Uivic 1 

niiuilvr'ii libcralily. Thu seem.' changus, nnd Scroogo soca bimself in 

ihi) priuiu of lifiN " His fauc bud not thu lianh sod rigid liniMof later 

years, but it bud bc::im t« wear the eigna of avtirit-o ; " uud a young 

girl Etands besidu him. nud K^IN liitu lliut nuollier idul, a i^ldoii ono. 

baa diiplaced her, nnd Ihiit alio n^luaies liim. '■ Muy you bo bappy | 

In the lili: you have chosen I " she snys sorrowfully, and diiiippitBrs. 

"Siaritl" any* Scrooge,"' show me no more; con dm^l mc home." But 

the ghost points ^ain, nnd the wro Idled mau »ecs » huppy home, ~ 

busb^uid nnd wife, nnd many ehildren; and llie matron is ibe whom 

be might have cnlli^d his uwo. Tba ipiril viuusbes, nnd Scrooge, 

cxhnniited Hud druWKy, ibruivs liim»elf ujxjti the bed, and ebiks inlii a 

lieiivy Rieep, Ili^awnkcx.ts thuboll is upon the stroke of one; and tha 

liliont of Cbri"tm:i? rrwont i» bi'l^ire bim. Ag.Vm be iw'-' fortli. 

And pcibapi il wai tlio plfwure the jiaad (plilt bid In thontuK ott tbli powar 
Af iiJA, or vlBA it wM lii* ovru kiud. (rviiemmi. bnarty imlbro. null ill* *jrnipath]r 

Willi bIJ poiir mm. tli»t 1ml lilm "tiiilftlil to Setungr-'n olirk'*; fcr ttii-r* lin wmt, 
wid took Scrooge nlth lilm. bgEdinir to lili robe; and on tbc [tucshald of the door 
thi- aiilrlt tmlliil. ami >tu]iiil<d lolilnii Itulirrslcliit'adwrtllngwJUi lli*>r|)rliiklliict 
of hl> lonh. Think of thai I llnli liad but IUVrii " Hnb" ■ nrrk blminlf; ba 
pockctod Da Kbiunlari but anccneapiciof bit ChrlttUn name: and jet IbcGboit 
yt l~Iiji>tfn]ii, l'rr*rut blvvjivil liU f^u'-rCKimiKlliduar 1 

1'litn lip ro^v lilt Crnlcblt. L'nilolilt'i «1fr>, drnoKiI <ivl but poorlr In n IwlW' 
turnip Kuwa. but tjruA'i: tn Tlt>boiit. nhidi nir cbcap. and mako a^aodlj' alioq far 
tliiH-rirr'; auil *hf iHLd t\ip cXolU, a"AlhI<'d b^ Dullnda Cn ictilt. .Avc<md of htr 
daui;bTrr«4 1^40 brarp Id rlbtH>a«; irblle Mailar IVI^r Cralobit pUngvd a fork (DLa 
the taucwpaa cf iiotalou. aud. cctllii) llic conwn uf Iili uooiUuui tlilrl-aallai 
Uob'K piiiata prupvrl]', onufurrad upon bit tun and hair In honor of tbr da) 'Mt 


fl Cbifilmaa Caiel. 


kU mouth njalenl to flnit Mtnwlf lO gilloBltyalllrtil. and ]r«an»dla iboirtiU 
lUwd In (lis hihlodBlklf- po'lii. Ai»1 nun- inii >iu>i!lrr Ctaictiiu. btif avil i|!rl. 
ewne i«iriii|i In. icmunlnx tbal antildr tlic bakcr'i ilicy lind imtlt (lio /tooiv. U'l 
kDUi*iiltnirllirlruvn;uid. buklniiliiliiiiiiluui lliiiuKhliutMgiiuidonlou, lhc» 
Founi CntdilU diinml (tmal U>ii t■btl^. uiil iixnlinl Mutir I'vifr i.'nictili lo tli* 
itl^I vhU« ho (not proud. aJthouch li1» collur uiMLTtilioknl hlml bkvr ihc Ura 
BiUll lh« Blow iiOUUuBa. I'liblilliig Up, kuockvd luuiU}' ■■ lUe •nnvpan-lbl ta tt let 
out. and prvf^d. 

" What tim cTcr rot your pmloui fathrr, IbfD ? " Hid Un, CnUhll. ■' And 
Tont brolliDr TlurTimP AudUu-ltmnun'lMUiclutCbrliliiuu Day bjtanUno 

"Ilvrv'i U>nb>, molbrri" Mid ■ [Itl, ippMrlnii w (h* rpnk*. 

" Hero 'ilIufUiu.uiuilMi I °cflcdlbc(wa young Craloblu. "Ummb FhtM'i 
■BCiku giiuic. Murtliitl " 

" Wli;i, your lii'«rl »Hvii. mj di'Sr. bo* iKeyou (h-I" i&ld ttri. Crstohlt, 
Unlngbrr ftdoiva tjipva, nnd liking oiT Ijvr abikiTl JLiid iKiniint fur Linr wtlU ofU- 
itooi ical. 

"WdM « dntl of Kdtk to Onlih op Iwl id(hl,'' replied (b> (Irl. " nnd bw) to 
4l«*ranny till* inijrnlnn. mothnrT*' 

-Well, never mind, ni loug ai you nr* oomn." aald Hn. Ontshlt. "9lt ;« 
down bcfoiotbenie. my deor. nudliavc a unim: l^rd bleMT*(" 

"Xu.Dul Tlion '• RtDiFi LvimliiH." vrlvd ibc two jojog CralohlU, vbo iMr* 
•••rjwlKit* ■! oo(w. ■■Hide, Mmihii, hidiit" 

So MvUiu bid livnelf: mid In cninc Utile Bob tbe ruber, irlih ■! teut Ihrpe 
fW-t nfniinf<>rIcr,rKijIuilvi'of [hHfrliigi'.. Iiuajtlngtlowii iH'for? Itjiii. niidUii tbri^ad. 
bare elolbei dnrnnl up ind bruahrd 10 loolE «rivioniibln ; nnd 'liny Tim ii[>oti bli 
(ItouMi'i. Aliu Tiir Tliiy Tlmt lie bare * Utile enilcb. uid hod bli llmtw *up> 
pOrKd by HI iron fr»nn", 

■VThy.nbere'i our Unrlbk?" «>1«d Boti timteliU, luoltlog round. 

•• Sot cuulng I " iuld iln. CratdilC. 

"NntMDiln;t'* ■0,1') Bib. •rllh ■ nuddiiti drctrmlon In lili bliili •pIrlUi for h« 
htd been Tlm'i bloodborte nil (he nay from el)umb,and hud uinii' Imnia ranipvil. 
" So( ooiuind iij)iiii f ■l.tb'tlmu Day I " 

Hariliu did n't liVi' ri> nw lilni illKipiiDliiltd. it It *er« auly • Joke : lo the rwne 
Mt premsliirely Doni b^blnd the do<^l-dllur. und nn Inio l>i> mimi; nildleihclHa 
fMDR rrateblli liuidi'd liny Tim. nnd bore him oIT Into tlut waih-hoaie, (bM ba 
Alflit li(^Rr tliti pudding nliiKUifl 111 Itie 0i[i|ior- 

■• And how did l\Mv Tim bt-lmvi' » " ■■ked Mrt. CmUhlt. irhBn iha bad rallinl 
Sob oo bit credallty, nnd Hob bad hugjied Ills dauf bLer to lil> liearTV ^intrnl, 

" A> Koixlm |[idd."iiiid Bob. ■' »iid bpiler. Someliow be gelt ihoughiftil, ilt 
■tngbt'blirii'rir to (iiiii^b. and ilijnk* tbi- nrrmiifnit ililn^ jon vi-^r licitrd. lie (old 
Blr. eomluif bnine, lliul tie lioped llio irt'opletawhlln Id tbe tfburch, ll■'VKUa^ bi^wu 
■ cri|>)>l<Miiiil II iigluhi !>•.■ jilcu-iiiii lo I lii^i (o icmenilMr upon Cbrtilouu Day who 
ma'le binm bi^gjcjiDi n-itlk. ami bllncl mi-n nrr-'* 

Bob'i Tolee ivai Ireiouloaa vbpn be laid ihrm thli, and tmnb1*d war* wh*o br 
•■Id thai Tliiy Tiiu nan gioniUK >liuu|i uiid brurtr. 

Ill> aolirn Hull' I'niieb wax bi'Rid iipiin ili« IIckii; and back cauio Tliiy Tim bafora 
another word ifa« rjioLeu.eteorte'] by bis bFoibcr niid <l<Ivr to hit rlaot boalde the 
a™. Aud wIpHo Bob. lu riling uji lil» nilT». — «• If. poor fellow I Ihey npioeapabta 
tt bftiig madii mure ■habby. — r<ain{iftundi-d ■umo h«it mialure lu a Juk wllb pin 
Odlemoui, and tllrred Ir r*]und and round, and put It OP Ibe liobloitimnrT, Maa- 
ler ViiTr and I lie Iwu iiblcjiilruui joung Cral«<illa went lo ftleli Ibe gootitWUk 
vUiA thaj touD ratiimt4 to bigli proeetalun. 



Cbt lOftktns BIctlDniip. 

SDih • bnitlc esned, that tod mlfbl barii (boatht ■ ga«» the rwMl 3f d 
Urdfl.^* frftllitnd ^benomenoii^ to uhLi^h a black twAu if oa * mafitr of tourtr, 
and. tn tmlTi. If wiu touiBtUIng r^ry IVm U In lliBl Uou^r. Mn- Ovmldl laoiia tlid 
fTSTT [mul>' brronliand la alltUa (KUfrpiin) lilolnit hut: Minlrr IVirr inMlird 
tttc polAIUcaftllh iQcredlblV TijBOr ; MIml UoUada Burcm^nod up Ihe applc>«uioe; 
MuFllis iIuiirI ttm 1i»t (ilniM ; Kiih took Tiny Tliii hoif-lo lilm In ■ liur curiin' nl 
Ihr I4ibli*j ihpiwo ynimtr iJniii^liEu "vL rJinIni tur rviv)bnd>'H nor fi>rir'itliif Ihrm- 
teUct, Atvl- laounllnic jeliatiI upoo tlifir po41i. cruiimoiL -pooik^ Inicr tlitlr Dioulht, 
bil ttrny iliiiiiJil ilirliJi f»r K<'U*n biTorc lliclr turn (ttinc lu tw lictiica. At luat Ilia 
dlAh«* itrrv art on^ miil ktoa^ itv Bald. It vju puctn^vd Tn n brt'ATIilvHH pBiii>a, 
«« Mrt. Crdlchil, looUog ilowly all aloTiir Ihc «fv[aj['kDlfv» prepared lo pluVfpo It 
lo tliebrW; but wbrnihediil.auil vrlIcDltialaiij(.»pfclal)W>buI'iluiniij(l»iiod 
f^rlhtOtif- miiriuiir t>f diOlithl arn'ii all iviindlhe'bctanl^amlvvrii'i'lnr l^im.vxrllrd 
b.v Ibr tvo ;roiuiK rralotilti. bral oo tliv lablv wltli lUv bindlo of Ms Icnlfti, hUd 

AtlMt itaedlnnrrwM all done. the doib *« vl(«n"). thn hmnb (wvpl.aDdlba 
An Diado up^ TIlb oompouod In (be )ux belnjc fuled. and ooDsldtred pvrfo<]l, ftp- 

(ilu itqa <jr(fl|;ai wrrc |iiil uiHin (bu lablr. iitil » ulintvlflil uf ebi»Ui»Li uii llio Die. 
Tbi-Dsll ih> Cralfhlt Ikmllv drrit ruiiiid thn hritrili, InirbW Hob ('jiriiJilt nll'd ■ 
elrflr, meanlnji half ■ one; uud nt Hob Criitclili'i pibow (lood Ihc funlij dliplaj 
of iititii. — Iwo lumbliri ituil u <:u>lard'i:u|> wlUiuut a bandit. 

Thi<*c hT-!d Ihp hut ■tiilf frnm tbr Jiije, howrtvr, il« wt-ll nii goliU-u pibbit* wxiuld 
bavedoDc; and Hob icivHlUout with bcamiUK look), wbllo Uic cticstBuMaD lbs 
an tfpmtt red laid cracked noUily- Thru Rub proputvd ; ^ 

"A tneiry Cbrlitmu touiniJ.iDj dnni (iod ble*) 0)1" IVblDball tbclkmUr 


■-G<>d bleea us crerj ooi t " laid Tiny Tim. th* lail of all. 

Bob then frrnposDS the health or Mr. S<mn[rc> ; and nltlicni^h hi* w[fe 
doca not r«li»U thu tonal, yet, nt the nolipitiiibn of bi'f hujbnnil, she 
fouacnU to ilritik it for Iter bmbaiuVa sake ftnd tin; ilny't. 

A;;.im tlio stsuc ctiaiigcs, and Scrot^ finds litinsult' tu tbo bright 
gleaming buuEC of bis nvpbew, whertt n menj compuij' are vr^uj'ing 
themselvus, and are Uugbiug at his surly refusfd tojuin lu thutr Cliri«t- 
mrui festiviiicji. 

The tltird .and InsI iipirit pomes nt iJic !nme hour, nnd introduce! 
Itsoif as the (Ihost of Chriatmiu Yd To Conu-. It nhows Scrooge n 
room in which a dead mnn i» I}"!");, nnd in vrliicb a tnollcy crowd i* 
joking and luugliitiz. nnd enisling lots for the n-ry (.'urtaiiis Aiurouiid- 
tag the bed on which tho body lies- The vpb^lt point* lo the headi 
wvered by the tliin sheet; but Scrooge has no power to jiitll It aaldes 
Mid view ihn featiiivt". As they leave (ho room, bowerer, hn booeochea 
iho spirit to tell hliu what man It is who iicn ihnro no friondlPiw end 
nncantd for. The i;lio>it doet not naiiwcr, but convey* him hurrii^dlT 
la a chiirchyaTj, ni'glecl^d, overgrown with wci-da, ■' choki-d up witll 
•oo much burying, fnt with rcplcted nppctiti-. A worthy ploco 1 • 
Tbo njurit itmid* among the gntTcs, and poi&ti dawn to one; ant 


a SpciitniBi AatoL 


SunKige beliolili upon Uio'stAoo of tlie orglecUxl gravo Msoira 
BAtnOi — *' EboupKer Soroo^';." 

"Am /thai inaa wbi>]ii]> upon tlir bed 7 ' he orled upon hlitaue*. 
^v tplriE prifriTnl fnini thc< ^ nv« lu liJiD, aud bKk >^a. 
"No, (plfU: (Hi. no, no I" 
TbD ani;«r itltl w>i Dior*. 

8croo{:« (uki if then) ii no tiup« ; if tluwe (IghU are Uw riudowi 
of fli&t ir.iu', ur wIiLit r;ia^ l-uiul- to him? The k!iid Laod tremblug 
and Scrooge t*<vt rvxiiu Ibr hope. 

"1 will Iionoc Ctirlilmw lu my lie*rt. *iu1 Ir; to keeplt*ll Ihaycar. I vOI 
lln In th* I'ul. tti* llnaiit. and llic Kiitun. Thu iplrlU vt all thres uliall 
(UlmrUliIii aif, I will not iliuIfTui Ibr l«>Hni Ibr;' leaeli . Obi Mil ami majr 
^Hvnj^awfly ibe writ lug on ihU iroDQl" . ^ , 

Huldliigui) lili Ixnila lu ■ liwi |ini;'a to hm bl* Tala rFvSTHd.ha taw an 
'•ItMntlon In thr p'lanioiD'i bood and dm*, tl )bnial, anllatwed, and d*lii> 
died down iuEo abod'irotl. 

Y«al and Ib^' bvU-puAt wili lib uwu; iive bed wiuhU Qwn; Uw room waabU 
own. — bMt and bapplul of all, lbs Ilms brOin blm waa bla own to luakt 
amend* In 1 

And be ilova tnaku amendn roost amply. The luMon of hU tlroam 
la out forKottvD. Ho instantly ecnib a priic turkey to ibe Cratchiti, 
tsrice the- tlzo of Xiny Tim, and gives hall' a crown to ihe boy that 
gxt and buys il fur hiui. He eurpriaea hii nL-phew by dining with 
him, and the next duy raistvi Bui) Cratvhil'a suliu-y. lu short, " he 
IwcHuiu as i^ood a iHcnd. aa goal a master, and as good a man, as 
due B^od old viiy knew, or any oilier good old city, town, ur Uirough 
la the good old world." 

Tiny Tim. Sm Cbatcuit, Tiic. 

Topper, Hffr. One of the gucmt* at Fred's Chrtatmas dliuier-party ; 
a bachelor, who lliinks himself a wreteheil oulciut bocaiiKhe hoano 
wife, and conHKiiu-'Btly gcti his eye upon one of S<iroogu'k Dicca'a 
aiMera. (Stare iii.) 

WiUdna, Diok. A ftJlow 'pnitko of SmMge'*. (8ta*a Q.) 

iSI)c £ifc anb '^iiuciituro of ittactiii 

Thu notvl wu btfna afteT Hr. Uldiiiiit') ntaro from hU Bnt ililt M 

AoiFrLiw En IMI-V. andxM Uiunl iu lncnl;r moatlily iLIUIdk puti. Ibo flrn part 
makliiK Ha appntninixi ■'Mtiurr 1. IM:!. Thswurk viu oiniplniri) anilpublblioilln 
one lolumc In IM). Iihu UliutiUitlwlltitmnljctaliisgion aleel b7'*l>liU'' 
{Babtut K. flniirD«), and iru iIihIIruii;) ei> Mf» lliiRliill CiialU. 

"My main objrol inibia •tory.''iaji theaulhor Inhli jattttec. "wm Iscxblbil 
In iiaili'titof a'proti Ibo tKiininonftt of alt IIi<t]o«; to ghoir haw srlUahncH 
proiUKiUoi lUelf. and la what a grim Rlanl It may ttraw from nuiall brphiuluci." 
Anotbvr objm vat lo <ialt BttvoIIOD to" ttic wantof tanltary Imprornm^ula [n 111* 
DcglsclTd dwclliugi ill the t"""'." and la Ibo >j>«ieia of ■hlp-hi»|iiliji and iha 
DbarDtTl^Fof workboatr ourKs, 

FTuili tVomhii mi-oil Iu Ibo T Blind Stalw. andiFlUiaTlvldnKoIlnnlllin of tb* 
peopio lio bad mot and tbe plant hobad iMn. ■Ddcipedall)' of vliat wai m«( 
rldloilmifi and inoiita'nAiirablt*ln Amrrlnanllf^ aiidinann^rn, Mr- libikvuH jrlnlil- 
ad to Uio lamplatlop of maklug; bii liord foUov bli fuotiiopt, nud paii tbiaugb a 
Tar1eC]'or*xpcrloDo*«> — 'oino Trying, and ni^rni'liKifbabl'*, bolalloftliKniuiitmst*' 
■arr todia dcrolopiuout of lliotnaln pint, and couiUIuiLiik a mere epbode In ilia 
1I017. cbougb. II miHt b» i)onr<>>'[-d. an rinrpillngly liimormin and Intrrottlnji 
oaa. Of Udi [lorllan of the book Ur. Olckcna nt^t In bis prcfan. Ibat If ' U In 
Do olbcr rFApT'ct B carlfaltirf tban M It Ik an eihlhlTloii, for th<i ma%t |iarl, of tli* 
hjdlcrooB lido of Ibt Amcrloon obaracltr. — of tbnt iblc wblcb Ir^ from Tt-<Trr« 
nalurv, thf ntoit oblnmlris and tba iuo*t likely la bo *rau by aacU lFa*c[lpr* at 
joaat Hnriln and Uark Taplcy. A- I bate ncnr, In vriling llciioa. bad aor 
dlipotldan (0 miflici what l> ridlauluui or wrDng Bt boaic, I bope (and bellaM 
that tho j;aod-biimorcd pooplc of lbs United Slatn Br« not RirofrBUy dl'poird la 
quarrrl wUb cn«< ftir ntrryhig th<^ iiiiiio tmago ahtand-" Our aurliot^a Anjorlcan 
mdiui 1II1I. hcmnvcr. cjuwrol wllli blui lorj generally anil very erilouily. h lUej 
bad prrciouilyd'iniifnrbbittrLotur** on tbtir nodal uujfp» mid |K>lir leal Inn lUotloU 
■ bla " AiDorii«n XoMa." But. aa Emenon tjt [fa hli cmbj on " Babarlor," I< 


JUictln KiujiltmiU 

■Tb* Caaln«i4rTi(h'>}."cba Immdwu not q>li* lott- It bfU tad nuncN 
■p, •■> UuU Ibe fhurli aMild icc tbe defonDltjr." Oa liii »M>ii<l riiU lo iba IToiiDd 
Btntai, Ut. Illckani rranklr u<l gnrfttiUj, anit " m m xt of plain Ju»(ln And 
honor," bar* (tMlnonj (In hJi fanirt!! ipKcli al >'cw Voik. April IS. IMd] to tlis 
wlonUhinjE prufrMi vrblrti lib] mkfrti plitfo hi tltioounlry daring thr quHrlfvofi 
«*nlar7thalhiul>lii|»r>lBlnr*hl>itint Tl>1i. II It ■■■dulr-" heHld, "wllhnl.litt 
I bMMtftrtll OliV(« iDfirir not only lim, bui on etaij ndtabl* o<wu[on itlialiA 
tmaod «li*rM0«T4r. loixprru mf liigli ud gnlalbl lanM of my MWind n«»i»- 
tloB In AiDriiw. imrt lo bmr mj bonpil Inllmonr to ibe naiionol gcnfrotii;' una 
mi^tnanlniltr : alio to declare boif aitouDded I han bngn b^ Uia anulnr 
Oh*n{ca Uial I bavo r*rn arcmnd nm on ftvrj tldp^ — ohaagva moral. ehtagM 
phr>lal- ohani^ lnlha»n«iDi(if land tubdufd and pooiilod. eliaDt«a Id tbe rlta 
Of Tul new altlM.clAn^t In the growl h uf ciMcrKllln ulmont onl of rKognltliin. 
tiMBfia In Uin gracu and anifnUIri of Urcehansn In the preu, wllhout irhota 
•drHMMnenl no adTanHiiicni can be iuiuIf •»)'wtii>ro. Nur aia I. bcllntr me. lO 
■rragwita* to lopiMiw. thai. In Hreaod Ittratj inn.Ihprr haiv bmn nochangra 
In me, and thai I bad nothing to leatn. and no cx:r«me inpnaalon* l« eomM 
when t waa bar* Unt." 


Bailey, Junior. Tho " boou " at J&n. Todgen't " CommeroUl 
Bonrding-hcniac ; " a small boy wilb a liu*i> rt,d head, nn<l no note 
to wpeuk of. Ho nfWmnla bononiu " Ttgcr " to Hgg MonU^c, 
anit finitll)' cn;'ii»'>« with Mr. RnttetHopIpc in ibn hnrbcr-basiiieaa. 
(Cb. Tiii, X, xi, xxvi-xxix. zxxviii, xli, xlii, xIJx. lij.) 

BdTan, Mr. A uviilbloi vnrm-hoartoil Mnmnctiuiinttii mnn, whom 
Mirtiii Cliuzil-'wii mocU M Uia Iwftrdin^-liouio in Now York, nm) 
whfi «ftnnrani« nrlT.mcca him moaey to enable him U> relurn to 
KngUnd. (Ch. xvi. xvli. .vxi. xx.xiii, xxiiv, xliii.) 

(3ib, Julius Wnsbington Merryweathor. An American 
oi-iitlmii;iii in lli^ liinibtT line ; oiii-ofii coiiiniitlcu ihatwoic* upon 
lb* notiornWi- Rlijuh P»^:ram. (Ch. xxxiT.) 

Briok, Jefferson. Th* wnr lorpeiponduat of " Tha Nuir-Vork 
Itoirdy Jrtiirnnl." (Ch. xvL) Ku U inlroOuced by Culonvl Diver, 
tho «ditor orthu ncwupnpi'r, to Martin Chuiilewit, who hiul at Gnt 
mppotcil luiii it Im! the colonel'* md. 

*■ Mj war corraipnndanl. air. Hr. Jell^rioa BrtdC I " 

UartlD eoald not bet|i >IarUn| at ilila nnni^wilrd unuuaoamaU asd tlia 
•MudDoaaaaaof tbalrratrloiibiemliiake he bad searl; made. 


€it Bttktns BIctfiinaTf. 

Kt, Briek Manal pkiUMl nllli tba agsuHan h( predoMd ppaa Iha itrvnfn', 
and •hook hnuitt wlib blm aiUi ■■■ air of pMrai»(« dMlxuMl to r«-aMur* lilm. 
■nil (o Ici Iiini kuow lluu tlioje vm at oocmIod In be (tif[hl«>(4; far lie (tirlok] 
wuuld D'l Imcl lilm. 

"Ymi hi»p h'srd oT Jr(r)>r*an Brisk. I •(•> ilr.~ quoth th* mloari irtlli ■ 
■fnJl*. " BngliLiid biu homrA ot Jcirtnon Brick- Europe Iiaa bevd of JalTervoj' 
Brld:. IM uieiM. Wltrii >llcl yoa lutte F.ukUuiI. >lr?'' 

" KItp wiHiiLi ii|{ri," "ilJ Mmritii, 

" I^ii^r vok* as-i.^' rnppttteil tlio eotonpl 1hr)ut;liCfblly>aih?took till ftn(u|>eil 
Via t»bl«, iiQtl iwmijt hli Ifji, '-Xow. IrttiiDKlc you. »lr, whkliof Mr. Brtrk't 
■nlol'ia bad bKixnr ul thui ilm* Uie mml obnoxluui to tbs UrlUab |»tllani*Dt 
4ai] tliv court of SI. Jaiuv^i.'* 

"OiwiiiDy wtfiil." mil! Jliulin. "I" — 

"I hmtci niiuon tu kuuw, air.*' Iat#miptpil ihv«]oDel,^*tbat the •rintoBTltffV 
dtllB) oftvur ooanlrr quftll before Ihr netne of JcOMion Hilak. I ihouli] Ilk* 
to be Ibfamuil. ilr. fl^>ai )DBtli(M. Mlikbof bl> •eatiiDmU hM MniiTk Ibn dead- 
Ueet bluw "- 

" M Uie hundred brad* of Die Il>'drii of Corroptlon non RrOTcLUnf- In the 
duilbcncalb the tunec ofBcnton. kndigwuting u[>.ro itae unlvcnol arch kbove 
n* 11* HADgtilnfiry ifnrA," mM Mr. Hrlck, putting un e IKUe Uue eleth np with a 
glunl front, end qaollnit hli lul arllele. 

■' The lllmlluii of Brick." hinted (lie culonel. 

*' hlUHt anmvikiiiiM IH- qiiaflf'd In bhicKl. intlnuA." orled ftrlek. And whvB b« 
■lid '- blond." liB ^vi- the ((rail pair of telndri a ilmrp map, u If lAry intd 

Mlkltd I4]l>. dikd VrrIT qnLll* laf hl» 4iji1l]ic»ll. 

Thli dni.r. the)' bolh limkrd at Madlii. |iau>lnE for a reply. 

" Upon IDT life." »ald MartfriH who bad by ihlf time quile reoavered bU uvual 
eoolnrii. "I cau't giro jiuu au; MMilkelary Inform hIUiu abuul tl: IVir the truth 
1). ihnll* — 

■' l?iopl'' ericd the oolone), |tlBii«lait itmXf K htt war asrn^ipondent. and 
filing !ili hi^ad otie ilnke »fl« every lenleom. "Thai lou never heard of J»f- 
l^r*nn llrlr-k. Air; that you never rexd .IvITiTrAon firlck. hlr; tbui you nevvr Mw 
^Tlie Uowdy JourunJ.' tir; that you novar kmrv. slTi of Ite migbtj Indueooa 
ujioK ihc cabliiotj of Eu— rope. Veil" 

" 'I hm '• whai t KciLi ntioul to obierve. earlalnty," lald Uartlo. 

" Keep cool. JelTcrgon." cald th* oolonrl gravrlj. " Don't boK I O J«a Kuro- 
peatul Arur ibai let 'i bare aglau of wine!" 

Brick, Mrs. Jefferson. Il» wilb, awl iLe molli«r of " two j'uung 
lirkka." Slit' is lHk«u by M.irlin ChuKzli-w it fur a " liille girl ; " btit 
he b pDl right hy Co1ud«I Divor, who infbnns bim that eho li a 
" matron." (Cli. it!, xvu.) 

BllSUra, Mr. Oscar. A member of a committer thnt wait* tipon 
llie HonotaliUi ICIiinh Pogram (iir the porjioae of Tctjuestin^ tlia 
boBororbii t^oiupanj- "nt n little le-Veo" in tlie Imlii-s' orJiuaij- at 
the National Holol. (Ch. x»xiv.) 

BuUaJDF- A porlt^r in llie tiervit'e of di« Anglo-BengaI«e Dl«Inleti 
■.'BUiil Luan &uil Life Jnmirance Company. (Cb. xxvU, 11.) 

When he tat npoa a Hal er«Itd for him tn a corner of IheoIlM, irttb Ml 
f lutril )iat hiuiglnt on a fiog ovar hli head, II wai liii)KiKlble lu doubt lb* t* 


iKictfn etuffUblt- 


' ipMHtOly ttHit cDiMrn t( Willi an JouUlsf lUilf «Kh »noy nquv* losb 
^linnlmllHMt. until, ttkci ilip [irvblciu of Un nail) In th* ban*'' ')io«<. Ill* 
(MslbMBDie^Tlornioui, r^opEr Iin4 born kDoim loappTy lorfrtclnn iniurbnoc 
Ollbrlr ll'oi Fui* iliuuituilpuiinill.tBa.lauklait U liln. l»br|i.borurnilic(urm 
tf |n>po*>i1 ttitt nilril np, ibAt IE mifht br diuIk itro. Ajiil jfri hp ttnv do( « 
(tmt. UIi <ost ■» mlirr >inaUtiUUIOItitrirlai>. 'Ibv whole «li*nnKU In bit 
tralKcoat. Kopcdtubltlii'. tompetaDOc. iiropcriy In Brngol. ot anj^hcn eltr: 
l«ipum>nilUly 10 imy ftmouul on Ihfr pari of llw couipuijr Ihll einplilj'frd hlm,^ 
mr« nil •iprr«<-4 lo tUst un? gBrmunl. 

Cboke, General Cynia. An American militia i;«oenl, ifhoM 
iu-i|uiiinI.iiii-R Miirttn ChiiKziowU mnkes in a. rallirnjr car. Mo i* it 
ncmliQr of liw Kdca Land Corpmntion, belong to the Wnti-rMiut 
A»BOiiiiilicm of Uniwd SympathuRfs, ami, ukcn all Id all, U "one 
of thu tiiuat rviiiarkablt- men in tliu uounlry." (Cli. xxi.) 

Chollop, Major Satmlbal. A man who oalti upon Mania 
Cliii//i»wit ftl Elko. (Ch. XAiii, sxiv.) 

Ilr • n luuBllj- Jocribi'd by liU ftlfuili lu tbf Souili Bud Wtit »i ■■ • nilno. 
dill Kumplii »f t>ur iiik-iNu rvir m«rcr1nl. air.'* iind wiM niiicJi 'itiicnipEl for lil« 
4lrFolkj[| 10 mtlonikl llbvrty.for the better propHfvtlon whereof he ujumllyenr' 
ricd u brace ot (ctotrlnit |>!ilul> In lib oou-pockct. wlUi •cvnu twrrrU iplcos. 
lie Kino oirrkvl unnnK't other tilalula a iwonl-iilvk, wbloh he called hii 
*' Tildikr." •nil s tircai knife, which [fof be «ni a man of a ploatani tani of 
huiuor^ hv called " Itlppt-r," in uJlDiluii tn lo oniTfUlnvji' ]t> a TiicHn* nf rtintLlat- 
lag IhoatomACh of any advenarj In aoloteconleal, llebaduBi^ tbeae wpaponi 
Willi dill I uKUliheil eiTect ia leuera] luitancu (all duly cliioulclrj In ilii' anna. 
papBr«).aiid waigrirail)' bolmnl IhB gallant mantiar tu wliicb Im liuil "Jul>b<'d 
Onl " Ibii eya ot ant gKnikman at ba ma In ths aal of knooklni at hli owd 

. . . f^ftirlug. with a riaw to lU* graliacallon of bli tlGkllog anil ripplui 
fbaetvn, to dwell uimn (b«> oijtiikErE> of ■nrli'lT, «nd tn tJao more trtooie t'>wnB 
and altleit be wafin thchablt ofemlj^atlnjcrroniplaceloplaiVHaDtleftablliblng 
hiMehiOBuibu>luu>i. — utuAll!' a newijuiiitr. — whlcli b<i pre»'u<lr taliS-. for 
tta matt part nloalng ilm bargain by eballcidf^ng. Ftjibblng, pliiolling, or goU' 
flnf the new edlLor» before be bad qiilEe rakeu poiieiklon of [he proporiy- 

lle liadouuiDIo lUlau on a >|>vciil]iiloii iifiMtklnil.but Eiadabauduiii'dEf.BDd 
wa« abxilt 10 Iravn, Ho alway" Initmliiiwd Eilmvlf luntangi-maiaworihlppet 
Cf freedom- vai the coaaltlent adroeaie of L*cehlaw and ilarery; and In va- 
lidly temnimDiiacd. both In iiilul mid ■■■focli. Ihu "tairlug and feailidrlnx " of 
■nv HEipcjpiilar ihtjioii trim diilrfwl fVikm bImpiMtf- ilncalJiid Ihla " planting tlia 
Haadjird of elvlliialUm lu the wilder cardcni of itf oouatrr,'' 

Hiij Honorable Elijali Tojiriiia llius uutojnius liiin to Murtiii : — 

Oar fWJIowcoiinirTuiai] E«a modnl cjf a man. qulta^eih IVt^ra N■lltr^l montdr 
. . . He I1 n true 'born ehl Id of thl* ttvv liriril'pberr I Verdant ai the tooantalju 
of our eomiliy, bilxhl and iIov.lnj( ai our mlne/al lltki. nniplled by wiiheiing 
onntantlrmatltlnji a* air c»iir limiicl mi'l iHmiidluBt fWrraienf IWugb lit may bv- 
M air OBI tiarra. H'Ud lie may be: H> alroui buRklert, Hut he li a «hl1d of 
Ratui'aud a ehlld of Frcrdomi anl lilt b<>aiinil animrts Ihc dtipol and 
|ba tjrrant li, iliuE liU bright bonta U tn tb* letlln' 4ud- 


Ett BIcktns S[ct(*n)t{. 

Chuffs;, Mr. Clerk to Antbony Chnulririi; a liiib, blinu<4(-«d, 
veiieo-riii'iil old raun, looking »a if be biul bvcn put awny and 
torgfMeo liail a I'L'ntur}- bcfun-, nnil li:«l jiut bci-n founil in ii lum- 
ber CiobV'C. IIb lianJly undtTstandi anr one cxcppi bU martiT, bal 
al«at'« undertit&nds liliii. and vakvt up quits wuaderlully irtu-n &lr. 
ChiuKlcwU ipoaka to him. (Ct si, xTili, xlx, xav, xxri, xiri. 
slviii. xUx, ii, liv.) 

Chuulowit. Anthonr. Patber of Jonu, nnd brotber of Martin 
Cbuzzkwii, die elder; anoldmiiD iriLharacvirondtTfullyiharpnued 
by the wariaeu and vuuaing vf bis lil^. (Cb. it, Tiii, xii, xvUJ, 

Chuiizlewit^ Ooorg«. A gay tNLclketor, who clainu to be yonnx. 
but Ilul Wi-n younj^uT. lie i> inclined to corpuloncyi orer-l<KiJi 
iiimwlf, and has each on obtioiu dinpoulicn to plmjilci, that Uie 
bi%bt Gpolj on bii cravat, and tbv rlth pattern on hu wttlRt- 
cottt, and ercu hiB glittoriiig trlukvli, m;piu to haro broken out 
upon Uim, aod uot to bai« come into exiit«ncH mtuilurtablv. (Cb. 

Iv. liT.) 

ChuzElewit, Jonas. Sou of Anthuay, and nephew of old Martin 
CLiuildwit; a »ly, cnnning:, Ignornnl younj; miin, ifbu in in pecu- 
niary maitcra a miter, and in inntinct and dt'pogllioD a brut«. Ui» 
rule for bargains ia," Do otbcr men; fortbry wouiddotou." *'Tkat'* 
the true buancu-prccupt," be saya. " Al! otLcrs an coiinl«rftIt.'' 
Tired of tbe prolonged lifuof bia failii-r, and ca^i-r to i^omp intopiM- 
Kwion of hia ])roperty, he atti.-iupt£ tu jiuiBOD bun, and bvlicTci 
behwauccccdi<il.ii« tbooldmaa diei ibortly aA«rwiird«, Tbc truth 
is, however, that liiR ntti-nipt has boon dlwororad by lih Lntfiidod Tto- 
ton and an old clerk named CliuSi.'y. nbo priv.itcly remove t lie poi«ou. 
But ttic thought of Ilia *on'i in;^liiudo and iionalurnl winkrdnntii 
bcuakiold Anthony'* hiMirl; ood in a luw davs bi? UiL-a, having firrt 
madu CbtitC^y promLia not lo mvcal tbo dnwind m^i-tvu Joiim 
now ui;irriL'» MflTcy. the youngest dnu^btc-r of Mr. PeekfnllT, nnd 
treats bcr very eriielly. Uviii^ving that he biu munlcrod bit 
fntbcr, and thai the tuLTet bos in aume way becuuiu known to Moih 
tague Ti^D^ a Dwindling dinvlor of tbu An^tu-BeugalL-o Ditia- 
terustud Loan and Life IiixuraDce Company, Jodm !■ tbreeil, a* 
a coudilioii of bl" wi-recy, not only to tome into the eompaoy hiiii' 
•elf, but to pay largo lurn* to T>^Z a* buih-money. .\t last, gaadcd 
to de»|wration, be follow* Tlgi; into tho country, where ba wajinyt 
aod mnrdcn bim. ^e deed, though very uuanini;1r duviioil aoi! 

JKtctIn ebuf}tttoit 


•xeouUi). b aoon tr&aed to him, nml he i« orrcatcil, but poimu liitn* 
•olT on Lis wajr to prison. (Ch. ir, iriii, xi, xriU- XX, xxiv, xxvi- 
xx^iii, xixviii, xl-xUI, xliv, xlvi-xlriii. li.) 
Uhuzzlewit, Martia, senior. A very ricb and eccenirle old 
gcntlcinnn ; brother of AnChrtny, and graiiiifatlier of young Mu.rlla. 
He is ncurly driven maul hy the fnwning rcrillily md boltow pro- 
fMsiouB oT III* covuwmi rcl[ilirti% nnii fven quanvln wiih nnd di*- 
iolierild Lis graudiun, the only imc omon^ tbcin nil for wiiom La 
hia CTiT cttr(u|- Rvi't-iviu^t » visit froai tiii cousin Mr. PediKnill^ 
under vbueo Msu[u pi kill orLuDHtt isdvpuntlenco hu iaatanlly dvl«ct* 
tlie seiiifihnets, di^iMt, and low iIcsI^d of bit truo cfaaracUtr, he Uk«l 
OCdkiion to say, — 

"Jadlta *b>t pniDI jou anlUuitafalo from any npctltion of ttili Ttitl, kDd 
leste mo. I lint* to cornijili'it aoil clnmHril llm Dctora of all tlioaii wlia biTS 
*<rrr ■iinii<li>(l on mr. b^ br*wll'iE ovuilrloiK rioti V") Irnpn irlihrn lliooi; I 
hme cD£i>ai]rrod mcli domHtlo itrlfc aJkd diicofd hy xatrylng; pvca wlrh mciQ' 
bort uf my unii fmuH^; I Itutfi Ufnitt Ait^^^i a lJt;lirf^ lurch In |k^iidquJ)Id fiiiiuna, 
klodUnjE lip all tliK Inn«min»biii tuvii Hid rtpan In tbrit marvil ■iiaoiphcr*. 
vhlcb, but roriur* m^^Lt Iiatfcprov&lbKmlCHLo Iho tnd. — thnf T bavr, [ mtf 
Uf. Roil rniia iJl will) kiii'v iii«, aiiil. taking ri^K* In tnontt iilwin h>T* lit Mt, 
Of Sole, the life of one wbo [i liunieil. Tba young girl wliom j^ou Jan dow tair 
. . ^ It ui urptmu-fiMlil* whom, with UDfi hliiHil/ |mr|M)i»o. 1 hn¥D brHl ftml Mlu- 
eatod, or, If Tou pfftr [ho word, ndaplvd. For a rvmr or morv iba bai bniinif 
tt>[uUkDt coi]i|>aiilQ[i. iLi%>i *]io 1* my only one- I htve lakcD» u ibv knovi, a 
MilamDOaihurvcnulrnxi lii>r nlxjwmv whmi I dk-buLwhiioI Hit. I inukebcr 
■aannuBldlowanr-p, nnl FXInvncant Init* nmmini, uidyi'i nni iilniiid. Tlirrn 
1j a compact boc^tca tit that no term of an'tcTionaic ui)olory fijiill cvrr b< 
Bd<Ir*i>iMl by iilihnt In tbn utIiiT. but Ihat ahn uliill chII me nln-n)'! b> my Cbrli- 
Ilan name. 1 her by bm. Sbp li bound to mc In llfV by tiM oftnlfmi, and 
bHinjf by my doaib, anil havlnjf iiDcxpccrLailondliappolDlcdt wlJl mourn k.pv 
bapti ilioii|[h tut ihai I imic lliDn. Thin ii Ibi^ only kitiil arrtlnndlbBveDrillll 
ban. Juil(el>oni tuch prrnlio nhat a produblo boar yoa ban apiinElneoia- 
iDf bcrc, andlcaivc me. lo return uo more." 

Notwillulaadini; tbia pkia «p<^iii)t> ^^ old man, for purpoae* 
of his own. goes to residu willi Mr. Pwkunifr, and pretends to bo 
uitircly govifruei] by bis wiebtfs. Whi'o yuun;' Mania ivturns frorn 
Aucrivu, rundc-rad buuible und puriltout by hia hitrd experience, ha 
•eui Pitksniff driro liiiii from llic door, and yet doca not interpose s 
want. But tho time toon comos wbcn baving tborou^lily lesl^d 
both, and prond hi* (crandaon true, mid Poclcsniff Ciiie, bu uiiikeii 
4inple amcndii to the former, and nirardi! the Latl«r bis ju«t de«ort«. 
(Ch. iii. in X. xxir. xak, xxxi. \liii, t-liv.) 
Chozzlewit, Martin, the younger. The hero of tho rtoryi 
a ralhi-r wild and aclfiih jciun^ man. Hi-> haa been broiij;ht an hf 
a rich (randfaibcr, who hits intijiidcd inaking him hi* hvir. But 


Sti Bltkma Brcttanati. 

the vOTtijc raiM prouDiM U> fall in lovo with a young lady (Muy 
Gruliani) of whom ibc old man docR not npprovti, nad he Is tliorHbrt^ 
■JigiiUivriivd, and throva upon bii oira rpmurccR. He goes to *lud} 
with Mr. Pucksniff, with a rag^uc intontMn of becorniog a d*il ragio- 
eer. His graudfat)ii!r, npon aicerlaininz Ihii fact, intiinAl<u to Mr. 
Pecksniff (who is his cousin), that ha would find it to be forhiaown 
ailvMnM;;!?, if lie ahuuld turn young MurUn out a( tliu liouiw. Thia 
Mr. rvi'ttufilfr Iiuiiicilialely pruoceds to <lo; nnd MurlJn a^ain fincl* 
Umsclf wlthixit money, or ihc mc>ans of obtalainf; i^ H<> detvnuinca 
to go CO America, and accordingly make* hi* way to Loadun, whure 
he meet« Unrk 'RipIcy, who ha* aarod a little frnin hi* wag«a at the 
Bine Dragon, and whn winbcii to nccoiDfinny him. Tlify tako [uuwiase 
on th<! pndcet-ibip " Screw," going orer as tU-'cragK-psastm^tn, hut 
with winiJtrino expi^olations of amassing aidden wealth in the New 
World. Soon alli^r tlii'ir arriviil al Now York, Martin is led into 
InietliD'^ the litllu muiiijy rt-muiuini; to hiioBclf and Mark in a lot 
of lfl\y acres iu the tliriving city ol' E<]cn, In a distant ;iart of tho 
country; and tliey set out for it immediately. They Had tlie city — 
which un paper bad looked io fhir, with iia parki and fiiuntaiitf, ita 
ba[lk^fltc(orle(v<3l>u^'''<■'''1 <>'"'?"'>'''' building of all kind* — adrearjr 
and iimlai'ioua ttiarsli, with a doicn lo;>-<'Rbini cnmprialn;^ llu whole 
aelllomenC. Worse dinn all, Martin i> si-ixed with ihvfr and an;ue, and 
barely eacnpca with hia life ; and, before he ii fairly convaJewcnt, 
Mark h also striekcn clown. ^Vheo they are at last ntilt) to [novo 
about n tittle, tluiy turn their faeei tow^inl Englatid, and al\cr soma 
timo arrive at bomc Miininneoksiui interview with huiKrandfalhur, 
but GudH that Mr. Ptckttiitf 'a Inlliienoo over Mm la paramount, and 
that not even a frank and manly avowal of error, coupled wiili a ro- 
qaest for forglvcneno, avalU to revive the old love, or to kavc him from 
thalndignityof being ordered out of the bouw. MiuUmham, how> 
ever, hna remained failliful to bira; andwithtliisonccoufartbeiiKaiQ 
turns his face toward> London, to make hiit way in the throat world 
ac best ho can. In the (equi-l hu finds, mui'li to biii Biiq)ris«, thot hi« 
grundfath<!r, diitroctvd by euspii?ion!<, donblB, und ti^ars, lias only 
buen probing P<.-cksutll'. nnd neuuiiiulatinK proolit of his duplicity, 
and lliiLl, nil througli their bt! para t ion. he himeeli' has rvinainud ttie 
old man's favoriu-. (CU, v-vli, xU-svil, xsi, xsii, xxxiil-uuv, sliU 
xlviii-1, lii-liv,) 

Cloero. A no^ truckman ia New Tork, fc-rmerly a slava. (dh 

Codger, Miss. A Wcttoro literary celebrity. (Ch. uxiv.) 



fixtUa CtuffUklt 

Crimpld. David A pi«wDbirok«r. *ft«rward9 U^Msr at lh«i Lom- 
ban]*' Amu, anil thpn inxTP.Uuyof Ibo Anglo-DcDgftloo [HnntnroMpil 
I,.naniind Lifi! IniurAncRCnmpnny. Ills nnraewMoriginntly Crimp; 
but nn thh wan nuscrptibtc of nn avknnril conEUut^tion, ttnil mifcbt 
be ntiKprewatcd, lia tUtured it tn Orimpli;. (Cb. xiii, xxi>i),xxTiii, 
slix, li.) 

Diver, ColoneL EJitorol" TTie New- York Kowdj- Joumal ; ■" a tal- 
liiw will) sunliCD chei^ks, black ll:^r, smalt twinkling vyvs, and 
•D r''Xpi'c.<i»i<io eoiupoiiuded of vul^rcuaulDg aud vouceiu (Ck. st.) 

Donkle, Doctor QineiT. One of a commlllee of dtiicns that 
■aitM upon thif Jlimorahlt: Klijah Po^ram to ivqiiwit the honor of his 
cuuipaDj' at a little k--Vi:c at the National llotvl. Attbou^L bo b:u 
ibe a^jieunuicu of « tuwru l>oy wiib n very sbiUI votto, ho pnuea for 
"a gvnt1<iiiian of grvaX jiovtical vlciuents." (Cli. xxxir.} 

Pipe, Mr. A lawyur, who, aa ibe a^«n[ of an unknown perton (old 
Maitin ChniilcwU), employs Tom Pinch at a kind of librarlaa and 
necmuiry. (Ch. xixli, xl, lili.) 

Tladdock, Oeneral. A corpulent Amc'-rican militini officer, 
(tiircheil and punrtilioiia, to irhom Martin Chiiiil>;wit is intro< 
at tlic Norriii's in N«w York, aa having (\imc over from l-ln^land in 
tbo guihc ti'i^^I wltti himiclf Tho tfcnLTJtl dmis not rccoanize liim ; 
and Martin b ob!i;i<:d to explain, ibat, for the soko of economy, he 
had been obliged to taku pamaKC in the steerage, — a coalotwon 
wbltb at ont-n ataiupa him ai a fellow of no rwpoolabilil)'. who bag 
[^invd an <?[ilraiivH itil^j i^uud locivty uiuier lidse prvlvuooi', and 
w)iOKi> no()iiftinI:ini.-<> maitt furlhwilh be dltavow«d. (Ch. xv, zvli.) 

Qamp, Sairey. A profe^oloual niirgo. 

six WM n Istl old woman, ihli Mn.naiop, with ■ buili:r voles snil»Duii>t 

ej«. wlilrJi >lirt haul m rt^nmrkjihlii |>owiir nf luralng nji, Hiid only ^liuwln^ Ihd 
wbltr of It. Uvting Ttrr IIIIIb niNjk. II ooil bcr ioido tmutilp lo l<K>k tmr Iwr- 
•■If. If one nn]f •o)' >o, M lhu«i! tn wham tlir uiUml- ^lin wum ii T«r)r nittjr 
b1i»k gown, nihrr ttic w one for inulT, and A nhiwl mnA bonn^I fi if,*tmponi. 
Ill Ilmic illlniililali-il iLrtlrJn of (Intn alio Iiiiil, i>u |irliicl|)lT. iirnl)«it lifraflf. Unw 
oi^l of mtuil, on (uvli ocooiloni M t>i« pmPDt; tOc Uil> nt one* uprnwd a 
drc«ni iLniounI vf vvncraiJoii for fbr ttDcco^td. nnd Ini I1«1 tlia avxt of hla U 
lirncui iirr wiTb II frraMLTHulicLrird-'Llii.— fiqjii>|)rnl*ufVpf|iieiitlymAcn>Ail.thBI 
lb* Trrj (Kigh ud gtioit ofSlFi. UUDp. bonnK uid all. mlRlii If "wn hanging 
np, tuf hour In the Uay. In &I [cut b doun of (ho «««ond'biuiil'Olathu ihop* 
a!»ot llnll}c»ra. lln* fiicv <if Ur>- iiujiip — llio no'u In ]iHrhcii1iu — wu »oid» 
bhsi red andiiroIIPD; undll vxdlffioiItlO'cOnThprioiilr'lj'wIlhoiit brmmtiig 
dorKfil^mi of jhiiacU of tplrlu. Like oioftpcrtoni who havo atiaiiiM to ffvmi 
tmlnphcr In thrlr pmlVttlDn. tUv look 14 lii-r' yrty kindl*; Iniuii^nrh. tint. ■*t> 
llai; njldfi licr natiinl pndllrotloDi at a HTDmaD.vho wvDt to a Ijlng'lnofa 
t»;l<if4ut wllh tijual ml aud niUh. 


Cb* BCtktn* Slctfonnrg. 

Mn. Gflinp b rcjirowntcd nr voattautly quoting or i^fcniag to • 
certain Mrs. Ilnnia — n purely imnzinnr/ pcrwn — .u bo Buthorily 
for liiT own fancief nnd Cibricatjcniii, TJius. wht-n Mr. Pcckiniff 
M/> (o bur, that he supposes iJiu hu bM-'omu InUiiTereat to llic <U*- 
trw* of surriviug tKeuds arouud thu bod oT tho dy iug aud of the 
dead, and " use ia wcood naCare," — 

■' Y:ia autr wril i«)tieeuuiliutTai. ■lr."rDEurninliluUliitx. "OnuVAntiririti 
to Rnii ilrJi ihlritc ■ irliili/illivflTUnKi.anilio lionc'a !« T I iiK nullum. IfltirM 
ti*tfOT thQ nvrvG a tlEtlt ilponiguor give* mc (1 uovcr wat ab\e To do more IhAn 
lAitft It), I ucriT Of III J ir^ Itirringli writfi hhnt I oiimrrjintui }iil< hi di>- ^Ur*. 
Hvrli,' I MF' >t ilif TiTT In<t «wip m svrr I ulcd In. wlilcti U wa» but n jnunc 
pmon. — ■ lira, llikirlii.' iMyi. 'lc«»o tliel)olllooutUeclifiuley-pi««, mdilont 
juk me to takD noue. but If^t lua put niy tip* lo tt vhirn I urn ui <ll*pE>£i'd, jiud 
thi-D I will do wSul 1 "in imgaipwltoil'i, ittnnllnitlolhi! bwlof my »bllltj'.'— 
'Mn, CiUDp,* ilKtAft In kiuwpr. ' If ever tlit re vai mober cntlar to be flol t,\ 
tlghtccri-penoe a daj (or wiirklii(['ii*<>p1>, unci Ilirco miiil tli fur ^ullclblki 
(' Dlglit-wHtchlogi"' Mill Mrr. Cdnp ntilh rmpliuls, "'bplniarxlra cbarfa'h 
'ymi&nlbBlUliraTI&blepcfioD.' — ' Un. Iltrrij.* I inyi (abcr. ModU lume tba 
charft: fur. If I oiiild olTunl t» In/ all ni/ fcltrr^rfEtun out fai uoiliiuk. I would 
jlullyilo It; ilnh 1> I hi- love I bran 'am. UutnbBC I nlnafn ■■;• to thrm w 
bu (bo mani^inent of mat (era. Ur«. UorrU*" (hrro atic kept her e^ on 
Air, I'l^j-uIlT), "-be thvy f^cfilB dr Ihi tlii^ Iiw1l(4. U, douT vk Bic wlirthcr 1 
^oD*t lake DODO, or wboibor ] nllUbut leave ibc bottle OH the Cblmlcj-plMti 
ftud lut rue put HI) Ilpi lo 11 wliDu I hid ma dltpoguil.' " 
(Ch.xia, XXV. xs*i, xxi», xl. »lvi, xlU. li, U1-) Sue Pmo, BXTSSr. 
Oander, Mr. A iwsnlpr ut Mm. Todi^n't. (Cli. ix.) 
Orobant, Mair. Coinpnnlcni of old Mnrtln Clnixxlewit, and b»* 
troths) to yniins; AInrttn, nhnin tho lin.illy mnrrica. 

Ebe wu TF(7 young (appircnllr not more tbin trvmtRn), llmlrl kod gbrlnt- 
:ng la her manoct. ani] yet with a fmitiT iliuie of islf'tHiitcKilon and control 
over her emotion H tliHii umiKllr b<'lnti£A to »fArinorQlutvHac«dp*rlodcirf<iiial« 
Uf^, , . . Sbe wa4 ahjrt hi itAinfr. find bcr Dfurc wu Bllf:hl> um bMamv li«r 
yam; but nil Uie<banu> of youth aiiil mitliliDhaDd set It olf, and chut<T«d «a 
ber gentle brov. 

(Ch. iii. T, vi, x\h, XXX, xzxi, xxxiil, xliii, lit, liiL) 

Qroper, Colonel. One of a coinmitti^i: <*ho wut upon the Hod- 
orable Elijiih Pi^ram to ni]ucsl hia :itleDd»uce at a liyVec at ttie 
Nattonul Hoti'I, given to liim by thu eiliKona. (Ch. xutSv.) 

Hominy, Mrs. A literary celebrity inlrodiiecd to Martin Chu» 
iliiwlt. Slin i* "one of our cliiccsh spirits, nncl belong toe ona 
of our most ftriEiocrntic femilit^s." (Ch. xxii. xsiji. xxxjv.) 

[zznrd, Mr. One of iliu iIcpuLiiioti of ciiin-ns who btj tho nltond- 
anei- of till! HunorablL' Elijnb Pograiu at a littli! livVi'Q at vt^ht 
oVIodc in tbe evening at tliu National Hal«l. (Ch. xxxir.) 

iF&olC. Drivur of a stage-coach plying bctooco London and 8all» 
biii-y. (Cb. xxxvi.) 


faacKn Cliu};ltti(L 


Jane. Sir. IVckxnilT'x r<?mitl«> «?rTaiit. (Ch. xxxl.) 

JinkiuB, Mr. The olilcst bonnier nt Mr*. Todgi^r*'* ; a gentlciuan 
of a liuhinnublu turn, who fhMjuent* the pnrk* nn Sundays, und 
kiicitH a ;,'r*iil many cnrriBgw by d^ht. (Ch. is-xt, lir.) 

Jobling. Doctor John. Mt'iitai officer of Uio Angl*-BL-ignlee 
Di^iiiEcr^^h'd I.uaa and Lil'u Ituumat^a Coinpsny. (Cli. luvii, 
xsviii, xixviii, xIL) 

Jadd, Mr. A member oT (ho commtctce of cliizcox that wnlu 
upou tlie Honorable ElijiLh Fogrnm to Klicit tbc favor of ht* coiu- 
piiny at (t lo-Vce at the National Ilotcl. (CIl. xxxiv.) See 

Eed^ck, Captain. Laudlurd of ibu Matioaul llotel, ut whiih 
Sl.iriiii Clmiilewlt slajis on big way to E'lon, and also od bid re- 
liimic Kcw York. (Ch. xiii, xsxiv.) 

Kettle, Lo&yette. Ad inquisitive, hombiu^c American, whom 
M:iriin Cliu/ilf^wil meets whila truvplllna; jccrctary of the Wutci^ 
liKi'i Atei.K'Litiuii 1)1' Unitud SymjiutltlzorK- (Cli. xii. xilL) 

Lewsome, Mr. A yuuu^ uiaa brvit a sur,;dou, auil irtopioyod bj 
■ (^■ncrut prui^tjlioutr in Ixnidon aa an assLilaul. Buiii'^ iiid<?bt4Nl 
lo Jonas Chuu.lewii, he evWa kiin the drugi wiib wbk'b old Aa- 
thony Cfaimlcivll I* poiwnn], ibough lie hu» r^.tson lo ranpect llio 
two ivhii'h will lie miul^ of ihciu. Allcr tho tlcnib of the old nian, 
lie rankui D voluntary r.nnlcMion of hin it^ncy in the maltnr ; being 
inapclkd to do to by the torture of hit mind and llio drvnd of 
tlisith causL'd by a stvtre «iakae»*. (Ch. xxv, xxix, xlviii, li.) 

Ltipin, Mrs. Lan<Jlady of tht! Itlue Druj^on Inn at Soliibniy; 
aitwwitile itiu will.- of Mark Tuploy. 

Tba nlntMU of th* Blu* Drafon ww In oulnard ■ppnruie* Jaat what a 
loDdlidy •tiqnltl br, — brood, buxom. <somfbruiblc,aDilKiHi4-looklni,i>ltli ttu» 
«f tirnT ltd nn.) »lilir. wlileli by in Joiial aipsM at onoc bow tcilimoDy lo hcf 
bDVIy imrUcliHiMtm In Ihv guii! iliLjjjpi ot Iha lirilar und rrlljir. aud lo tht-lr 
tbrlHiiRBiiil hi'uJihnil hiilucncvi. 8ben« a vrldovt. but far* ist) liiul psHMt 
throujfh licrntafv of K(cd>, Olid burttlDLO dower affnlo; ikDdlQfuU bloom ili'^vu 
Duw. Willi luii'i on bir ainiilD nklrln. and rojuti ou Iiit IkjiIIcc. ioiu iii lior np. 
rfwHlD h«rcb(H'kK,^ay. and nun. wnrib tJi" gniluirljiff Iimi. on lipr t^pt, Ibr 
tbai mallvr. Shv bml >I[1] a brlj{h[ binckcjty ami Jol bltclc tru^r; vrai comi;!/. 
flliiijilrd. [ilqmii. und ild-lil Bi u giM.irbiTr)' ; ami. Iboiigli ilic wm noi niicil)' 
wba£ llic viirlrl c«ll< jounjf. joil fimy tnAh4< n>\ amdnvlF. on rriii.l, brforr any 
ma^or or mufflfTraKIa Cbrlalendcni. tlini Iborr nr^ a ifr^ot many you iijr Intli'-* 
la Uia world (blctilnf* on tluun. oui' mid all I ] whom ;ou would d'c tike balf ai 
mtl. or adinln balT u muaU. a> llip bMUDlDg liunlui uT Um Blu* IlragOB. 

(Ch. iii, IT, vij, xxxi, uxvl, xxxvii, aliL; xllv, Iii.) 


Kbt Blcbtni SKctlonirt. 

Uoddle, Mr. Augustus. Tliu " youogvst gentlenui ' at Hit, 
Todger^'s Cuuiuifix-iiLt EtuiLnliiiLi-ULiUiie. Hu I'alla deApurnluljr in 
loTQ will) MiM MvTvy Pfi-biiiilli nud, In-ci^iuiiii; very low.«pLriled 
■iter bcr ni.irrUi;i:. to Jona* Cbuszlawil, is CDtrappei] b[i> an on- 
g:iguiiifnt with licr ^i^lrr Chftritjr, hat lose* tii« courn-^, »di1 brcftki 
lu3 won] Bl tho Inst niumeDt, fending ihc injurnil fui ono b Idler 
to iiirorm b<^r llmt tie U on liis way to V.-in Ubmcn't Land, and 
^al it will bu usutvan for Llt to Kod in ptinuit, lU liu la dclcrtainul 
iH^vur lo bo t^ikcu uiive. (Ch. is-xJ, xxxii, xxxvii, alvi, ItT.) 

Montague, Tiffg. Sc« Tioo, Moxtaocb. 

Mould, Mr. An nndartnkcr ; n llttlo bald cidcrljr moA, with ft 
liu.'o in irhicli n i]uccr ntlt-nipt at mclnnpholf wo* nS odds wllii a 
smirk of Balisfnction. (Ch. xix, xxv, xxix, xxxriil.) 

Mould, Mrs. His wife. (Ch. xxv, xxix.) 

Mould. The two Misses. Their diiu'^hten; fwr, nraml, and 
chubby dauiscls, with tlieir |)i;;ifliy cbeuks difltonded aa ibough Uity 
out;kt ofrij^bt lo lie pi-rforuiing ou culvBtial Iruuipvtv. (Cli. xxv.) 

MulUt, Professor. A very tJiort •;oiitIeniaii, with a md hom), 
wboiu Martin Cliuzzluwit iueel» at Mrs. Fnwlclne't boanliag-bouM 
Su New York. IIv i» a. iitulcesor " of eilucntion," a man of " fine cloincnls," anil auihor of wmc powrrful pampblcia, written 
under the aign.ilure of Suturb, or Brutu:i rcvni^cil. (Ch. xtI.) 

Nadgett, Mr. Tom Pincb'a landlord, umploycd by Uontagiie 
Tigg as B dctciilivti. 

Be wu B (hart, drled-up, witbrrtdold ioid. wbo 4iwniKd ta bare icwtud 
hl> rttj blood: farDobad]' wouI<l liavcslccu lilm cmllt (br tlio potitiilan of 
«lx OUDW of It Iti UI* wlioU' iuHly, llotr 1il> tlvod wm ■ ti'fti'l ; uh<<r<i ho IItinI 
wu ■ trvrrt: mid crrn nrlmt lip WM nu • iircri<t. la liln muaty old pockM. 
book ho «iu'[i«l contiiuILclory cordt. iD uiniE of nblohticoitcd lilraiclT » eotl- 
civrelmal, In otlivn ■ wluu-mDrtihknl, lo oUinn a RUDiulvulEfii'iigciit* In uUiflr* a 
oall«lar> Id olbcn an nocnuniantj «>tf ha cuklljr did n't knonllia fHrrl him- 
(I'lr. He HU alnaji lueplog appolDimouu In tUe cU/, and the olbtr maa 
BKver HH'Died lo conie. 

(Cli. xxvii, xxvili, xixvlii, xl, xli, xlvii, U.) 

Konis, Mr. A New- York gcnil«maa, wealthy, ariBtocratic, mhI 
fashionnblB ; a gtniimcntal aboliiionist, and " n very Kood f"ilow in 
hia way," but inclined " to set up on falsa jinitciiccji," and ridic* 
lously afraid of being diagracuil by luoneyloM acquaintaiicva. (Ch 
XV ii.) 

Norris, Mrs. His wife; much older and more l^cd than ilM 
ought lo Lave looked. (Ch- svli.) 



Ha rftCK«KiFr aki> hh duicktkui. 

Itairtm^, Kn. Bit wA; kMfw «( • lwM4np4N»M«. .<V 
MekaoiftSatii. AnaUMtafSkBAwTi MMdMjMiMv^itvci 

Xr.rMkKlf raaaonlwn. . . . I^ttu^MtMnamMwHaMMViMNl 
mm th— »■ r » d n««ff, » i>»d m T I* >u wt««imHmi m>J a«r m pa«AMi(» H 
m« «ac> «M «f hiB V> ^MMtr aMkws tbM >>• k>4 ft roMMitaM MM •! 
ydiM l— w tomlBrfJg, !■ tkto pwtkataf b«««* WW tlM IM l» IM 
IWrr-Ul^ •xotpt Ihal, irilR7 ""* not •mil dUnntrii whh* )MI fVuw kit Hr*. 
tbtywtt* the T«f} bttfhiril pvH^ tad ikna» prnM(tMttl^i H* m* ■ Mntt 
M—|ilii7 ■«■, — ItaltcT of tIiTmiu r>*Rf4 Uma • wfir-hnnV. (■•)•••<> f^lt 
llkca«4 hiM to a 4»«tlaa'pMl. «hltk k (twajn Irillot ilw *•> ■•> * i-li-r*. itwl 
■•rcrgDa Ibcn; briltwn mrivtih Minii1», tlw ilis^itn ,tii h< Mt lu'iM- 
•Mil ihM WM all. Illi larf tbnwl um nn'iil Y>'ii 'nw * «""■■ <l**l "^ ■*> 
Ton laoktJ orn • Tsrr taw ft'DMatitUllo arrival («lirTin>rii» iiiiiii liait not In* 
k(>lit ilix tir, tur he ftuiriii'c) 1| IwhIiKl), hihI ilirri* II Ihv, t itllii)> briimn lail 
Jaltlnil liclibu of oollar, •iti'DV niirl ntiLakriLi'it ■■>'I\M« vmi 11 Ki-cuol In it1> 
OD Ihe part of Mr. I'wkmlC " Thore 1> <■>■ il«"|.il.m. Imllin aKil (>>ni Ii-himi i all 
iHpracTi « lioty ralin |«trjh1i'« inc." Ihi ilJ'l bL* hulfh J»>l ffrlfali'it wlllt ■» IKMI- 
ipay, Tlikli n«i nil bruiliri) oT 1il< forrlivivl, miil ■Inral Ml ij|jiI«IiI, "t •llfliHr 
droopfd inkindica m-lluu "lili lili liMrf*)'!!'!". fu Olil lil> (h-hfhi •tili'li •••• 
«lcFk.tliimgti fri'i* ffiiiii {Kiritiili;iic)r, fodlfl 1iU iititiMiKi', vrhkliniK r-ifl Hfi'l itll^, 
In ■nonl.vTi'ii liJi pliilu black milt, nii'l ■•aln -il it li Inner i m") iIoiiiIImk <l<i>il>t' 
tic-£ljui- — all tended tollioiamvpiiririitr, mid ptioii alujd, " llehnlpl tttfi Hi'ir^ 
■■Kkialiri " 

Hr. rwkinllTS pmhiilonal (DciKOiuMdt mm almnt. If iiul tiilMr.tM' 
lloed lo tiifl nerjiUon of piipJli; fOr Itin collvL-IJriu of rviilt. wHU «<ltl«'li Ituttult 
h» oeanitirtUt mrintaad iillotad III' grMtr tidli.ntH liaidli l»»ld l-i IM a 
mrUtlJ anIilMctofa) nnploroMiil. IJIi Rrulu* t»f In Ik«iii'|ii| Iiho-iiIi au4 
fttrfiitti, Mid po«k«tliig prcabtnt. A jount RtnllHaaa^ |,'Tiiiliim Miih 
paMiMdikajraakf fraihaiBiieaD* lu Hr l^xkinln*- '-■—■ »• ■'•rionid 
htDt w iUtafat a al h tmilimltinlniinsninantf ■■ <>ll>M«lt« 

tlMUt}; (MrtWiil biM fron tti« Mnwnl tii fnn'\-'- < '•<■• ut til* 

ttBOrjannpllaaaMdkln lilfldy <M M* fomiu ur ituai4u-v* . ■< >l» intriKlflil 
b*; afcltftdhlwk— Inam^m nMm on <li> <«»imI« ftwMt •■»«•. h» 
W— MBfMT <f etrMa 4mrtif4Nr4i. pwatbl nilwi, («rf ff If l'«>-1 mw 
fHMB,adm,«rafMhapa, lfe>«cMliM;inBgf*MlnHn.. m ImpT'irM ld«t- 
■rir twAnaarAra j««»,a*Brite«M MfwtMlM, k> iM«»i« *l*>«Wnai i4 
0«> i<i rt ft<w*tafT| » i iH i »rt*« af «>»<. — J I* t»««lWMl>H Hi 
maa^ % mtimat i mmmi U ,m4tllmf0m»tt» 


Eii Bfcktnt UCctCgnsty. 

Mr. Pockntuff U n consn of old Uuiia Chunilcwit'*, who being 
very ill, ft ^itnicrnl council and confunTncii of his reiativea is held at 
Mr. IVcktniiT'* h(iu9e ia onlcr to lievin; mo.ina of intlucing him lo 
liitPD to ibc iirumptings rf Duturu in lUo Jiipojal of his lai^ prop* 
KTty. Tlie uii'i-liiig is far fruiti bcin^ Lunnouiuus ; uuii Mr. Pi.-ck*iuir 
U ('Oiu]M.'1li^ Id tlnltia to tome very pluin truiha. Mr. Aulliouy Cliuixl^ 
wit telling hini blnntl^ doI to b« » 1ifpocrit«. 

'■A wlAt. DJj et"^ lit ? " dcmaodnt Hi. FeckraliT. 

- A l.jpoerile," 

"Cbnrlly.inj'drBr," tald Mi. ■'nkiiilfl'. "wbm I Ukamreliaiiilxr nadle-dlek 
M-i.lgiil. i«inliij iiic lo be mncc lima uiurtlly (HirlicuUc Id iirit}ii>( (or Hi. AuiSiaaf 
ClioAlctvlI, wlii> hiu dtmn nan •!■ liJoitlaJn" 

Meeting Mr. Cbuxiilcwit in a RUsc-cnach, miho time an«nrarda, 

Mr. PtirkiniiT taken ocpuinn to rcmnvk, incidentally, but CiiClingly 
" I may be n liy[iocritu ; but I am not n bmic." 

"rooli.poolil" imi'l the old loan. " What 'litnlllM (hat word, IVokmllT!' tlM)- 
oofl'.el H'liy. ne ais all liypocrlitj. Wc wtrt nil bn"Miil« I' oilicf day. 1 am 
tun I fiOr IfmC tu l>v a^rvrd ii|}gii uuioiig u>, ur I ihould u'l 1mT9 callrd jrOB odo, 
Wdlioulcl not bavp tmn llirrv ■! ill If wn hud not twra hypoorllu. Tbe only 
diS^nucr Ih-Iwi'l'ti jfim buiI [Iid mi wai— bltall I lelljou lb* >UITkna»brtwMd 
tou und Ihii mt nitw. IWkinllT ?" 

*'ir yoLL ])lpai<<. my j;ooJ dtlf ; if you pirate." 

*^ Why. rliEiaiiiLiijlujr 4itmlUy lu ]y(/u i'." iiuiJ rhu ulil loan.^'lli&t you iiiiy«r hsra 
• conf<Mlr-nili> lit piyfiui'i In ff^-mr Jtiggllugr Voii *taoM drwkc rvrrj body^ ctcd 
Uioio who [■rnriUc tlip fumc arl; andlinvva vny wlrli }'gu,aj rr you — liu. Ik. Uc 
»M If you T«uUy tK'lirvtd younclf. I M lay k lirEiuliuii^v wji^dt tioh',*' pHld tUa 
old man. -If t luld wui[iT> (icIilrJi I don'I. and i>ri<'tdld),llist youkwpupapp«tr- 
tncoa by • tacll uDdeiiiandlnii, (vsa bctoir your own dRuj{lil*n here." 

Durb^ the journsy, PwksisilT iiubibos copious rKfrcshmcnt from a 
bmnily-bottlu. aud is thi.-ri.'uft«r moved U> give ult«rau(.'e lo vurioiu 
moral [trvcopis and wci<;hly senlimeDU. 

" Wliat an we," (aid Hr. FooknUT, " but eaaebot f SotM of na ar* llew 

widiiw" — 

'■ OoadnH*. pa t " erlod Charity. 

'- Sdou of ut. I lay." rtiunivd liar piiatil with IrumAti'd anipliadi. ■* ara alow 
ao(clii>< : tanii> uf ua aig flul suaclivi. Our I'utloDs arr (lie lioriM. and rampaul 
tilDiul" tool" — 

" Ilea ly. pat" cried boihUicdauKliteta at oucv. -'Huir icry unplraMBtt" 

*' Aud rut(ai»nEii animal*, tooi" rrpaati'<l M'. IVckntilir tvUli eo muob di^lPrlDl- 
attljn, lliachr cioy bp mid to iiavc exldbltcd. at tUe mouicnc. a *4r1 of morml 
tampan ;y lilnucir; "and VlrluvU (lie drug. Woitatt ftoni Xba HDlli*rV Amu, 
Ud wc run lo Tlio Duil tiliomi." 

Wbro liB liail inld lliln. Mr, I*»luiitll. bcliix ciliauiled. look •ome fLirlhar r* 
(rmhmpnl. Wlicii tic had dour that. Iiscoikcil lliv tmiilu iI(Ij1, nllli Ibr air of* 
man ulio bud rfTi'dually «orki<d tli* nutjMt alio, and nut (o ileep for Ibraa 



iHaiirn CEiufjItbid. 


Ur. PockeolfT reccl«oi< yoang Martin Chuul«wU into liU family 
M B )tail<!nt, nnJ innnifi'tla n Tcry trmng inicrtut In liiiii ) liiiC, uii n 
hint from dio cider Mr. Chiutzlcirlt, bu cooliimi'Jiou.'I/ turnii lii(n 
onlof hu koUH', Slid rvnouiiooi bim forevur- Tliix itc docs bccBQM 
Martin'* tjtutilEMhur bif ex|>rKs."ad lii« ilvsira Ibr iv better iiadirr- 
Blandin;; bt-twiwu liiinsi'ir and Sir. PecksiiilF tli:in bus liilhcrto ex- 
Ultxl, and lias doclitred hia Intuntioa to atlfti-h Uiin U> biuiwlf by tiv< 
of btcrul and «xpoctaiiou. Sysieiuaiic wlT-M-rvvr ibut lie \», Id 
Older to RCcuni iheolil ninii'« grwit wtallh, Mr. Pwkgiiifl" »o<iukniiil)' 
■tudiu his likings and diHlikiii'^', f^iil* in >vitli nil bin pn-jiidlcvA 
lid*, fitvms, and wonai bimu^lf (m !ii! iliinkt) into bii fnvor, throash 
COaccMions and cnxjkcd dccdn innumerable, thmtiali rnc'iinncsiii.'* 
and vilu voduruiici.-, and tbrou^li uU uiinncr of dirty irijrs ; but in 
Uie end he finds, tbut, aAcr all, bis lubor haa bwn for nou^lit, liiat 
bis duplicity has bci'u fiLthomud U> the boitow, and bin servilo char- 
acter iJiorouglily iiDmodkod. Yet ha runaloR ibo nHrno cantioi; 
hypocrite even in sbiuiuj and discovery, and in Uia drunkenness and 
be;r^r)' in nhivli I10 cndn bia days. 

According 10 " Block irood'n Ma;;Bxin<!," " I'ock'nllT owed uiu^ 
et liii ccli>bricy, vc believe, to hb remarkable likcncaa to thn lata 
Sir BoUt^rt Peel." But tba American Publitbcr^ Circulnr for 
tfUQO ST, 18S7, in unnouncini; tbu fact of Mr. Snmucl Carter llall't 
intantlon to vLait ibu CuiUrd Siatct lor tbu purpose i>f di;livcring a 
■sriu of lectures duuicil ihu rvaemblanoc, a8n.'rliii>{, tbac — 

"ilr, Udl it HpiKXfd l<>bo Ills utuBl.Taniibla ruckinlff of ■ Minln ChoulEHll.' 
Fivit URHN imd bx ■ ft V. n «rtA HippoMd tbmiha l«ia rtit IUib«t i'laoi no ihn ori^itiAl 
oC tiiil cbAnioltfr ; but tlie lai|irt«*lon laded off. «Di] Mr. 1lJunti«L C«n^ ri«|] \t unkver* 
■■dtr eonfMiitl to rw IIui nun. TUa mllat'l'lui'liiit cvcii lut off. ii\ hit I'cckkiLlir. a 
fllroiu pcnojidl i*«piublaiico 1^ Ur. ildlJ.-.AnanialtUlitble rp«oiuMancp. titJupJ, 8j 
Okil l>li:kriu ^m blm iint. >hf>wiai( lalm in hin fttmlly, mrrimidi^J ■>/ (lutErsJi* %ni\ 
bulturiuinMir. AlXcfUl. UiwiliMiuewiiiEprrunuoiii, uiJiiiali>i{at|iu>iiif<ii( u 
■ fraatiniir()|itilla>ipiicr. Mr. Hall h^ iiunir>r«u> mod gminii. . . . ItoiamjiniinlU I4 
MpMlnl unr In Iba bll. bclni: rucinci) b/sa' Inimuniiu' In Niw Vuit. IT Ui» MUl 
Twbcadtd'TlinOilGlmi i'njiiuiiit,' iiirlMt^ wtlliul ibi- hnuu on ibn Onl nigbl." — 
VuLtI[.}(a.uyl.». 4<a 

(Cb. ii-ii, «lU-sii, xTJU-iu, xxiv, x-Lx, xxxi, x^xr. xUii, xllv, 
ivii, !ii. liv.) 
I'wcksQiff, Charitr, caa«/Cai:nnT. Mr. Pockauiff'ai-IdiTdftnjb' 
tcr. bcirotlieJ to Mr, Aukujius Muddle, but d«»erl«il by hiui on lh« 
Tiny day ajipoinled for tint wcildiiu. (Ch. ii, iv-vl, Tiil-xi, xviii, 
XX, xxir, XIX, xxxii, xxxvi), xU' x-vl, liv.) Sk MunnLit, Mn 


S30 Kt>t Btcktiii B(ct(on«i|. 

Pecksniff, Mercy, cidUd BIkiiky. Hi* voun^Rr diu^liUr; « 

giJdv, »-.iln, nnU bojinlc-ss girl, nnd u livpocrilc; like ht-r futbur. 

H« ilmpllcIlT ani] innovtincir . ■ . wore irp*t. — ivrr grot. . . . jSUoitm 
■U glrlL^tiucii uii'l [ilaifutuui nad vlldnfi oiiil kUifulih buojanef. 61ic woi 
th^mipkt amli, n^id al Ihc tiLian limn thii mnit urrlirtt nrcuEttra. vriu t^ff >'(>iin|^ 
Ml Hint IVokinlir. tlinl you mn puolbtj' Ima^lnci. II itk hvr Kmu chaiin. 
Mhp wu tun fre-ih Hriil giiilFlv-t tu 4nar combh itv Iicr liuLr, fir lo turn U up, or 
tofrliflo I(. orlo braid II. ^hc wore It Ed a crop, — n loo^cry-llowlnjccrop, vhlctt 
faadta uitixf luwi aFourli In !i. Uiat Uietoprow was only one curl, 

Mr. Jonas Chuzxkwit. a ihoruuglily sordid and duspbultlo vil- 
lain, iiilvr tii:tl(iii'^ lovu It) bur uatur, »liruplly pr(i|Kisv8 Ui ]ivrae\f. 
She accepts and luiirrioa hiui. — |iiirtlr tuHjiitii ber aistor, iiud |)nrtljr 
becAUH he li»8 ■iiuiii.-y. Hhv «vK>n Ami* out iliat hu i* n briiM M 
wrU m el ruBcal, and ^« aufiVni much frum hi* cruuity ; yet — won- 
derful to rnUtt; I — *' throning luidc at oarti lint iiiEriunvd sulfiithncK 
and munoncM of niMrly thirty years," ahti "Uecouit'* in less ilina 
tvru iiioiilhs n modul of uaouiupluiiiiu^ eiiJiuiLucu and suIf-dcnyUig 
alToclion." (CL. ii. iv-vi, viii, x. xi. xx, xxil, xxlv, Hvi, xXvUi, 
XXX vi, xi, xhi. ilvii. li, iiv.) 
Pinoh, Ruth. GuvurauM in a vreidthy brtue And coppor ri>iinder't 
family at Camborweli ; sister w Tom Plncli; afcrward* i\u> wifa 
of John Wofltlock. (Ch. Lx, xxx> i, xxivU, xxxix, xl, xlvi, xIviH, 

I, lii-iiv.) 

Pinoh, Tom. An ungainly, nwkwitrd-loaldng nun, cxtrumuly 
abon-jiahtud, and prc^maturoly bald. IIu is un Hsaiatunt to Mr. 
PvL'kistiit)^ for whom hv h^i au uiiliounilt^d r(sspi<ct, and In wboM 
preiensluna hu haa a woadiirl'iil fallb; bU luiliiro boliig tucli, that 
he u timid nnd distruaLfut of biuinutf, and trustful of all other 
inea, — even the luast desurvlDg. 

Ha wu Air IVom TiandianiD. certainly : and wai drcj»4 In ■ raulT'MlarHl 
■ull^of angncviuth tnalti^ nt thii bPA(. whlcb, iKrinn ibruiikua wlrli ]oii|f wroj-, wai 
Ivlitcd BUd lorluird Inru nil kludiof oddthflpw. Hut milu'l'^'inmlliig hit 
atiln riDd Mi eluniiy lljcirc. wlikli a great itooptn hliabuuldrrr. nod n ludl< 
crouH bjiljit l>i< tidft {tf tliru»tliij|1itii hmd fbrwiLnl, bj- no mvuuji rcdevcuud^rua 
vould not bavc bfcndlqioicd (unlvti Ur. PwltKOlIT •aid lo) to cnixldpr lilni ■ 
bad fDllitv b^ iLay nwnah- Iti u-at^ pcirbuiii, abiKit Ihlrlyj but he ui^<bl liar* 
b«n aliDOBt ani age bctwrrn BUIl^rn nnd ilily. tx'lni unvof IUii>«ii|raiigt 
cieuturvi nlia uvii^r dcellue into an anclcut apprarincr. but look itielr oldHt 
vh^n tiivy mtv Trry joang. au[l gut uwr It at otiw- 

Toni'i faith in bis maitcr roraaina mishiJcito for H lone tiinei l»ia 
hi» nyi!* nrc opi'iiud at last, and he >i'i-s hint 10 hv a cuuftuuiniaH 
liypncrilo and villain. PuekHnitT, koouing hita^i'lf to havt boei 
found out, diachiirgea Tom, who goea to I/)iidon to try hli fortune 





iSattrn Cbur.ilttii.t. 


Pip, Mr. 

u Irii^i]i.l •>{ Mi>[itU'^uu Tigg's, 

■till iH 1)e&4end«d hy ol<l M»^n Cluuskwii. Mxtnlly nl fint, bu*. 
afWnrnrda Optnljr. (Ch. li, r-vii, \x, iii, x.W, xx, xxiv, xxx, xxxi, 
xxxvi-xl, xW, xlvi, xlviii, 1, lli~liv.) 

" r«rll>|i» Mrr rtohpn4^rlA)rDtuHhuni<>iir1A— AiqpinTinrnribJiihrrhita'irlino'lt'f Ai^ 
Ibcnirbt biit «.ninl;til«l M <l» Oullit aiKll delimits mill trHCi^ful trvulluui u I LVlt 
TttvmtW Itoaririln GanrVef — ml mgrciiun uil> li^nnfiuiil U'^i.ior pli^lum »->□ 
B[hui 4D^ vltrn JndlrliluAj cmtUun wlilfUhviiaJijrKl^inHlm'^xl' Tuiii'j wi'uknk-flM* tui 
fjlM** — *« !»• IfAl^nnruiC of <aip v»f JlJtrji? Tet blit wi^ fvgiLnl liiin n vrtilE -Uii Ir-B* 
bfluui" wo 1111110 at thandjviuLfff^iilUuriiiiT Mf, JJIiilLsuA Utu uoJi* akcui^'* vf mon 
pnMri)><on; bmhf liat n^^^rtl'-ai 4n/ tbloif *o o^iDjplftc. h> fOLiilt t^i <hr u ^i^iitBlfl 
tavirotiiCoiiEii hUivrt.vtliDitnrmiCiif ramriiicb,^ — AfdftmxHl'j iAj^wnv, tvl.Uxvll. 

A ibuntrical diivactur, and a"cupiu>l miui to know;' 
(Cli. xxxviii.) 

Piper, I^ofeasor. Oue uf a ilepuuiion chosen to wait upon Uie 
Honurnblo Elijah Pogriuii, to iV4]iiC8t the Lonor of his company ftt a 
little ie-Vee. ftt eiijhl o'clock in tic evening, in the ladio*' onlinftry 
oT the National Hotel- (Oi. xxxiv.) 

Pogram, The Honorable Elijah. A memhi-r of Consri^m, nnci 
"onoal'tb<- master luiuAi of iiur couulrj*," n hone ae([UiuDl unto Mar- 
tin Chuxxicwit mnkps on hb rulum from JiJcn to New York- Ue 
i»<apceially noted Ks the author of iJw *■ Po^^m Definoce," " which 
TOM «) inueh eou-ttsl auJ jiruju-dicu in Euro|>o." Mr. Pogrnni U 
walled on at the Nutioiuii Ilutul bv a euuitnitlMi of the eilizens, 
»Q(t teD<Iercil a pabtie r«ieqi[iun, or " levee," tliv luiue eveuiug. 

lUob DUD laok one iHdc forwnril M lio MU muncil. bultnl il i|il> H'lurjralita 
Klljali Pojcrnn wkli hi* Iirafl. ulioiik hand'* And tLld book *|[*iQ' Xbe IntrixJu^- 
Uou bclDH completed, Ilii >|>(ikFUiuui rHumed. 

"«r. Poinun!"«rlwJlhinbrillbo)r. 

" r«rhap<." Mldllie •pokoiman wlib ■hopclni rook.'*ri>i) will ba hi food. 
DoelorfliaRr}' Duuklv, u to eluirifc joiintlt wUti lli« nxemiluti ufuur IliUa 
cOn. fir > " 

A< Ihvra vtu nutliloK tlin ilvlll bU)' dinlnid mun'. lie Imtni^alilr itvpprd 

" Ur. pDicrani r Rlr I A handAil Of your MIow-«[|I>piu. <ir. hculng Of youi 
■xrlral at the I<ailociAl KtXvt, and f^vLInK ibr [AlrlrtdflAliariicKir nf ^ur{iubUo 
we*le», irlih. ilr, to bavc tho {rsllllciiilan Of brboMlDit jou, iiml mliluji irlilt 
fMi. tlr.anilunliiiiilliii; ulib }0U. ilr. lu llioic lUoioiMili wUdi" — 

*' Air/* 'irg^i'Al I'll EtiiiTiiEii. 

" Whlnh alt to pwullni'ly the lot. ilr, Of our gf^t and happr eauntrf," 

"Bttul" etinl (^laaol Giopec in a loud voIm. "(ioodl Hear Ulml 

"And tbcrrlbrr, lir." par<u«t Ihf doctor, " I hfr mgufit. ai .1 mark Of ibtir 
Ntptct. lb" liouor er^uui coiupauy at alhUi io-V«e, ■£;, lalbelaill(*'otllaatt< 
•I alf hm-oiock." 

Hi. I'osiaiD bownl, and wid,— 


Ctt SIcbena Dttironaig. 

" F»Itnw-cciuoJr)ni(inf " 

"Coatll" crlnllbvciiI'iDi)!. "Urarhlnil Uoodl" 

Ur. pognni boned lo tlic wlaDfl liulltiiluuM) . anil lliin r*auai«il. — 

" Yoat upprubaliciu uf Uy UtKir* Ln tlio Ofiniuoii rauk* giMtt Ut My li^krt. Al 
t\\ lliav<aiiillii all fluH, lii Ittv Iidlva' urdiaary, Uy IVISDili, add In Ui«t)atU* 
fklJ '•- 

-TiUml. •DrrKO'i'l! Iliwliim! Hear lilni I " uld Umccilonitl, 

-I'lii' lUiiDi' of I'nKRvrn will bo prnuil :o Jlnr ynu. And mtj II, It)' McBdi, 
be nrlttcD on M>' loinl), - Ur wm a mcoilKf of ilie Cou-gicu of uur (umaioa 
eouiiliy. uud wu it»Tl>t in hi* Uuil.'" 

" Till Ciim-mliiir, ill," lU'l tliv ulirlll bof , ■' will wall upon you al Etc nls- 
moi afort cl^tit^ t ukc Uj Icqv«, «ir-" 

Ur- Pi^grum ktuH>k lmiu1kwUt]lilm.aodtnn7l>ofty vlw, nmvmor*; anfTiWhtn 
■hry (xiiiii bnrk ngulii at Dv'ii mlniim brfiin rlgbl, Ibcy uld, au« by one. In a 
mplancboly ToioCt -' Uow d*} you do, ilr ?^' and iboot butdi with Ut- Pu^un 
allu>ci lUialn. m IT lie bad bceaabrcMdturaln'ClttiuuoIliltitlirniiiaDitaiii, aad 
tbi'y Jnrt i^^ur ulufUnvnl- 

Itut ty Lbl9 time Kr. IVgram bad ftr^bcned blmtrZf uji, and hivi eompixett 
hli bait and fcaiuni otter Ibo ToKram itatiie^ la thai aiiyuus vlib bairnuryn 
nilglit pry out. '^Itjorvbc Ut a^ bv de]Wvr<i<l tbo Ih^HaneMl " Tbi? cuiuIfLlllFe 
in^rermbr^Ubrd aiKo; and, ATbi<n ibrjMilered I be ladici' ordloAry lu ■ body» 
lbei« iriu niiiali diipiiing of bnudi fiuiu tadlea and geaiicuii.'». ai^uoijiaulud bjr 
arfcraar^'FoffraiDt I'c'itrumt" aud »oin« viahdhkif iijion ob»lri lr> pee blnir 

Tbe oblMt of Ibe popular c?aro4A loukM round ibe room u be nolked op It, 
and tiniltHlkat tliekamL'Uiuuub>enIiijf loibti Hhriil lh>y,ihat be kimw tunH^Iblnji 
of Ibo beauty of tbc dmiKtili'ta nf Ibi'lr iwimni'in muntry. but lia>l oeier tern it 
In lucU iuiUo and peifccilon a* at Utnt muiiicni. Wblob Uie ilirill buy jiul Su 
Uitt ]}a|>er nvat day. to Kl^ab Pogntm*)i f ri'at ■urptlHt'. 

" Wo wtll nviinul jaa, nlr, If you pli>ii>>e," nukl Uuffiim. laying handi on Ur. 
Popaui u if be were inklnji n meaiiiro far Uli eoat. " to lUjid u[i wllb yiHjr 
bnrJc a^ti (be wall rlf III lu ibe furtbtat eorniTT (but tberr tnay be more room Ibr 
our fellow •clt'lienf. If you could tetyour baukrlgbl (bipajEliilbal torlalu-pCK. 
tttf koi'|iiug your left teg cvcrloitiLigly biiblad ibi* vt^vei^ wn abuuld b« Ajmd 
quite aUok.* 

Ur. Pogram did a< be nai (old, and iFF<I|[cd btmnlf Into lueh a Ultk oarnar, 
that Uw Pugram *latuv woutd ii*t hutu ktiitwii blni. 

Tba ent*italiim*iit> ofthv oveoloK tben bei^n. Genllenien btau|thl ladlca 
Bp. and bt«iighl ibcmielvei up, and brought eueb ulbur up. uud aiked Klljati 
IVgrtifti #but bnlhriugliiof (liS |julitical cineitdou, uud Aliat b^tbougbt oflhatt 
and looked at blm, and looked at one anolber, andseemed very uabappy Indent. 
Ilie ladlei on (Iicebulri It>oki>d o< Elljab IVigiaoi Ihrougb ibi[r||tiu»'>.aodM[d 
audibly. '^T ni»li Ilo *d 'pi'uki Wby duu't bo ir|kcuky Ob.dou^k riliuto ipi^?'* 
And Ulljab rograni luokvd nuiuaUuii't al tbo iailbv. aiid lomeilmei eltcirbtrv, 
dellierlug tcnMorlal Oplttiom W bewu aikcdfor llieia. But Die great end and 
uiyiivi or ibe nicftlng mcuMit iobanot (u bit Klljub Pugnm out uf tba ceruar 
Ob any account; on tli*r* tbey kvpt blm lianl anil t»tl. 

(Ch. xxxiv.) 

I'rig, Betsey. A dny-nursn ; a bofom-friRod of iSn. finmp'iL 

Mr*. Filg vaior (be (lamp build, but not lo Dtt; and uw rum wui1i>«|«r 
aad amn like a inan'*. Sbe ba<l alss a board. 

'XltMo tno bdics often " nuH tcigiAlhcr, turn and turn nbout, oa* 




iliatUn ebufflttolt. 


off, one on." TTn-'y w* boih «D);na«<) by John Wi'ttlock la t.ika 
;ruv of an ncquiilntancN; of liU who lli^i (Iaa);erou8ljr ill ut a puUio- 
hoiiN' in. Lon'luD ; and, wlii^n Mm. Gamp ivlieves lira. Prig, the 
following cuiivi-raaliiH) ucvDrv : — 

" Any ililn' ta itll ttae* joo (toei. lay dear ? " uknl Mn. Gump, fiiltliijt h«r 
bUTIdlcdourn ftulili ihi^cliror, anil 1<^okliig nfTtT-tlmiili'ly ul htir partiivr. 

"Tli« plcklfd iii!inoD."Mrs. I'rif- rcpllrii, " !• lUlEf df tloloug. I cao pwlkk'li'r 
NcoiDiacnil it. Doii'i Imtenolbiuk la uy lo ilie oaU idmu: (Oril Ui*l«« if lb* 
■Mblo. l-|i^<IHnk«l. Hl(-i)i>d" 

Krt Cunp «xpn-<Acd Itcrtplf much ffrattflcd. 

" Hii-lihriiaanil llirm Ihliigi l« au Ihr iliawrra ktiil RiBukluliPlf." ■•td Uri. 
I^ ainatUy- •■ Hi" i™ik til» Ivi ullra" <Ir»ught «l epvpn, ThB »ii*r-olinlr ant 
Kifl enoiiah. Vou '11 waul Zila pillrr/* 

Mra-Gaiuptliiink'-d IxTfor IIii'*' iiiuU. auil. ir<iinf[ Iter ■ filFsiIly KOi>d>Dl|bl| 
btld Ibp door open uniU gb* liiul dlaipprirvl at Ilto oihrr rod of Uio galluy. 

The patient at last ncorecs sufllcicntly to admit of bit bvin^ re- 
moted tothevouulry ; and Mm. Gompaud Mr«, Prij; HupvriuivQd tba 
unagements for Um journey. 

Ha iru 10 WMltd. Ibai il MCmcil M If hli bODu vould ratllo whan tlier norad 
blm. III««b<-r|[* Kcrfniinki'D, null III* «)rM ODDMurallr larBV. lie la^ back la 
(be *ai> .tlmlr tike one more iltad Ihan Urln^ anil Mllcd bb laaKuIdryd lovatd* 
Ilii' diHir wlii-u Un. Giuup iiptiui«(t, ai palnttally •■ If ihair mlthl alono w«re 
tmrdrnaoiar lo ihhtp. 

"AuiI liow ue va bf iliii Urns?" Mn. Camp obHrved. "We lookt ohann- 

" We look! ■ deal cbkrnlnKvr ihan ws ar«. tbro," ranmcd tSrt. Prijt. a lltila 
cbaAd la b«r lenpDT. " Wa iroiouluf bod biuk'unli. I think; fDrrn're aaetnju 
tt two illcki. 1 Dvnr w* •luh • mnn I II* woulil a'l ha>n b«ii wubcd if be 'd 
badliliowa way." 

" T^hoput ibftadipin my mourb.*^ tald Uiu uulbrluTiulo |iailDnI fn^bly. 

"Cdiildli'l you kr«p U ibiil. thcu?"ro(orT4'd &trg. I'iIk. 'MVboUo you Iblok't 
l»wjHlM)nt^lVa|i-r. rtiidmEiiRiiii4>1hflr, nud wi'Hrune''ayv* out wUball naniuTruf 
tne BO(k of Ibai di-^i:rliitlon, for h[Uf a stowa a daf C If jroD *anl> lo Iw UtU- 
tated. you mmi i>uj awiirJin'." 

-Ob.dMf rn<;l"crl'"ltlii'piiHiint. " Ota. dear, d«ar< ■* 

'•■nier*l"inlJMr». Itig.-lbat 'ilbeiray bo"! tKni B-eoDduOliV ^ tilOU'lf, 
fcalrahitocnliii-u tifil blTiiont of beil. If you '11 boHe»e «.'■ 

■' 1 0"t««l uf ln-l"it E™" !■'»'-■■ 'If. UaiDp ob(»rv*d,'*(lirallourlIttla*ayi. Ob, 
da Ibr ■hame. fir I (loforibamu;" 

lUn Mri. I'lljt ••'lird tbv pailnDt by ibu cliln. and bcjfan Is n>[i bin unhappy 
acad with a bair-bruvb. 

' I HuppOH yiHi dou'l Ilka that, oelllicr," iha obwmd, aMpplnn W loot at 

Itwaijuil poMlblv tbuhedid nt:fl>rtlj>bru>b«ai a *piwlmra of Uir bardMI 
tiud of Inilfniniin! iioidiiilblB b» modetu at", and bli «ry lyalldi mrr red wllb 
4ic (rislion. Urn, IVIg ira< iiailUi"! lo uboKrta (be eurraotuu of her luppo 
*lon.aid naJd liiumphnully. ibf " kcow'd aimuoh." 

>Vben bla balrwa* ■moullied duiru cumroil ably Into hit ayaa, Mj*. PllK and 


ett StctttRt SIcttsnaTi 

■n.OMnppulOBliInKckPrclittf. MJa'Usi h1> ■lilrl-coltar with «n tt utMt) *o 

thBL thv ilnTcfird polnU ^iKmlrl «tv4} Iiivwl(< (horo or^nnH, uihI uminl llitin wllb an 
UlUIHil opUihalmla. Ills walitouiii antt rait wvrp next arrBniiiy]; and ai nrrjr 
Ihjiloii TAf wKDclifd Into * wToojE bultoD'Uolc. anil tho (if>l» of IvLi booU W 
:warji«l, liii i»rr»nu^('i1. <m I^n wljulo. ralhiT u rnrlaiicKcilir D|>|jn)tr*uM- 

'■ 1 iliin't Ibink Ii '• ilRht." Mill thu i-nur wi-ak Invallil. - I tmJ u If I in* li 
iainrboflv KUt*f rluthi't- t ^Di aHoti one ildc; ftiid you *vt idaUc out of m^ Ic^ 
•hoflrrthmi Ilia olhi-r- TIaiira *a Abiittli^lti my pfKikcl tua, Wlial do yoa malrf 
Dt >il upoQ dbotrlc for?'' 

•'IH'uiE like Ibc ininforlciliilr* (limp. <Iriiwiii« It tonh. "If ho»ln'l bc»a 
and goUny iiijcUt%iIII'* tii^rvt 1 mtdd li Jltl^(> (^iiplia«rd of lilneoal whvu II huuf 
bcmnd tho dcor* uidqu[tpforjp>l lE> tlo(4cy. Vou ^11 dnJ an Ini^nn of (wo. and a 
llttlglnnaiidtugiLt.lii bl> l\>lli>( pocket, m; dear. If /ou 11 ]uit b« good cDounb 
lotokn 'iTU out." 

Uciicy iirodu«d tli» prvpm; Id qneMlon, tocrthfr ollh ■onw o<h*r ■rtl«1«> of 
(riitirgl itliHuillvi; : miit Un. Clamp inuiifenfd ilirm lo hot oxii t>ookvi. wbldi 
wv a ipisjlC'i of hHiikC'ii pimoLrr, RnfH^iihmfliit (hon arrlrid In lit*' farm of 
ctopl andfttrDnjT oiofor tbc lad^oj» ao'labuln of bovf-toaforiliDpntlpDt^ IvhM) 
nnieduB wai lianljr at an cad nbCD Joliu Woitlook appcatcd. 

The ftmmjjeinvtiU arc Goally coinplelcd ; odJ. iu Mm. Gamp it to 
Acoompan; tlia invalid, sbe bt<li IlirvweU f> Urn. Pri);. 

~ Whbin' you loti of "Idcnw". my diirtrnjiertMur." Jlr», 0»inp ob"»rT«), "mad 
good plooti. It wonlbflloDjE' I boiic, al^rwc worlu tojtctber. off andoD. iffalat 
DiUi'v ; HI) J muy our iii'xl TDMtln' bo m ft lar^ fomll^V. trlii're Ihvy all Uk« It 
nj^llf . onf> fnim anr»tlii-r, lurucuad liirn iLb*"!', and Imn tl lmi!np<4'Uk«t " 

" I doD'I Wrv bov •son II la," lald Mn. Trtg: "Dor how many whIu II l«*U." 

Till.' twi> friiinil* liave a fall!n^--out nt libtt, liuircver. Mrs, Pri;; kat 
b«on iuTltoil (o take (ca wliti Mrs. Gamp, mi wliSi'L (H.'(.■lL^iuIl I^i> lat- 
ter infurma bcr of soother pronpocllvo job of nuraiog In partnership 

■' Kow, Raitah." told Mn. I^lg. "Jolulog bmlnoii w!lh plduurc. vat Ii (hi 
n«ri In whlcfi you wiinia tni!?" 

Krt. Uamp britnylng In hrr fiue •onis lauallon of r*lnrDlD|| an ctmIti mi 
■wrr. Bciuy Bdd«t.— 

•■/•ltMr«. narriJi?" 

-No. BclH-r l*tlgr It ■■nt," wat Hn. Oainp'i rtply. 

"Wcll.">iildMr(. rrlKwIihaibortlauiEh, "I 'm glad of that, al any ratat" 

■■ Wby nbould yuu b« ((lad uf that. Itnlavy^" lira, linnip trlntird warndy 
"Shr in uDbrknunn to yon. *Ke>pl by hrariny: nhyabouldyou be glad? IfyM 
h»To aay ililnli lo tay conimlry lo Hie cbaraciPi of Mri. HoriU. which well I 
known bchlmniiT tiBfk-afuni hor far^ or auyi«'hfrrpn- Ia o»( tn hi* Lmpiiftgtd. mil 
with It. I^I'py. I liTivit kiioKi") thai (irivlrii and brat of vompn," uld Mra. 
Camp, iliaking bpr hcnd.iuid ihiyldlug lean. ■' cstt linoc DTafs hrrUnl. fihlct 
Ur. Vlarrlt. wbuwai dn^aiirnl tlmtd. wvnl and iifuppi<d hln nanr tn a fmptydog 
kcDDFl. nnd M!irr look liltbnndi anny or como uul onor till In wan ibowrd (b* 
M)y. wrot bcin* Took with fill, tbvdncior collurd blm. and laid hint on hli baci 
■nou Iliei airy >iiiDri. and ihe WM told to *a>c Iiit iiilml. til> »>vt> wa< •ircaiii 
ft nil I b»vi' kniiwM liir, 1lci>«)' l*rlg, wan babiM hnri hn fT^lin'arl by lajlo' ol 
jIt nlnib. (bai It wu one loo manytlf nol Ino; vhllo UiM dtar iDDoceni wu 
■MID' In Ml An, vrtilch ihrltaitdlLl, tbuiigbbuidy : ttiC I have otter kaun'd m 


fUtitln etu;fUblt. 


roa luut wjoaf^n tobrKlul. Be'wr.on Mwunt of tin. nBrrlinot raquirlnf Tou- 

ttAjuirv >]i" iji^vrr wUI, ilrpfdj u^ia Ll ; for tifr diuitHut wurd itt tiDkncH ]», vid 

Uiir[ji|i ihli louflilaa •4dr««i. Hr*. rrljt< ■droUlf CelenlDg "> be Uic itsim of 
Elutt lUvouDD erf mind wldch hiu II* origin jii <ii(u'rfclv{i bllrndun lo oti« lopKCi 
b*l|>Kl hcntlf ftfRn lb« tvapoi wlthmit sppi^iirlnE 14 obxrrrc It, Jtrt. tiamp ot> 
Mrnd li. liovCTCi. aad came ta » {miuaiure cloio lu couic<|uei«». 

"WeU. lio'iritiFi. It »rpiiii,"«iililMri lYlBOuldly. ■• Wlioli It, thmJ" 
"You han-licrrd muneniion. Bci»/." UM.fiam|irr|ilk(!.a(UT(lBiiring luas 
^ 9lrpT<uiHlT4» atid iiiArktcliita^mpr at irin1iia|H'(, "aiir'nod lui I took rarv od at iM 
I JtVLBi^ jou aud t wa* |>afitnrr«> olT audOD, In that tborofcfcr lit tbe BulJ?" 

-■Old^u^ffey." Mil. rHjftilHcrnHl- 

Sarnh G>m[il<H>kn|«i i>i<r Willi in "pi of nn; flir nhr >air in ihli rnlilake of 
Hi' IVIg anotticr wliruL and niaHirnant ilab m that lamc vcaknota or Ai>Iiiin uf 
I ^r*, an ungvu'roitkal]u*l4>a Ut whlclknnElau |>art of ItPljivy, hiicl hnt riiKliirbPd 
ttlplrhurinou/l^at rTcnJne, And nhp iiw It alJIl IDorc olrarly. nbciL. pojltvly 
liut lirruly ourrrrtiiin iliat lulr by (lie dlillnct enunciation of tbc word '■ Chuff*")'," 
Mr", rrifl rpci'lvvd th*rfim<o<lnu vrltli a illabrallcal laiigli. , - . Ili-r poanlvDBnM 
btCAUte about 1hi> tlmodorlilveariddcAanl ^aodflietfat irltb hcrarmt fold^-OJiil 
«s« tt^ii ichijt M]t, Ut K HEtnitiwhiu <jOVu>Ivv, bf f^uute obifuiivcly lutcllLgt'iit tnittLucr, 

Mrs. Qamp, ob«(>rTliig Ihli, fi-ll II tli" moru ini<*i>»iir)> Hint Mm. I'rlgtbould 
fciiEjw liiT plKO.', nuQbo fitado icmlbCoof hvr eiaot ttatlon In forlel^.ai n'cll ju uf 
bcr obllEiUloiii to Iirnvir. Sliv ItiPtvroru afinined an air ursmtrt patioiiMEi! 
ud Imporlaniw ui ibc wont on (o aniwer Un. Vift a llille more In dclall. 

-' Mr. diulTiT. R»l»'>'," luid llti. Gutnp, -'U wc«klu fall lulud. Riapi na if 
I mikri noiark. Ibac ho maf Dcltlicr bo to weak u ppoplo I hlnki, nor people may 
not think lie li to weokM they pmtndi; and what t knoiri I knowLand what 
yuv dOD^t yoii dun't : no do not aok mi^. Bripvy. Hut Mr- CbulToy'ii fyUindji haJ 
BUda prapCt]*'' ^' bit bvlnMook carTton,and biu Knld To mv, 'Urt. Gamp, vUl you 
(■Ddniaka it ? Wiicouldn't ihluk.' they layi. 'of ituitlbft blm to nobody but you; 
for, SalrwT. juu %t* ffi>ld ai hui jiVKil the fUrnugo. nlll you undfriaku ll at your 
own price, day and nlgbl, and byyuuronn •rlf?'— ' No,' 1 iiiiy>.' I vlll not. Do 
Sot rfcVouoa it- There l».^ I «a^i. ' bnt oneereeturlntbe world at I would under* 
takooii ti^oh lermi; and hor name la llarri'- Itnt,' I *ay>, -I am aei|naliilfd with 
■ friend- ictaote nomo Ig llel<e]: I'rlg. Ibat I van rrciinimpnd. and trill «fl>C tus, 
B*l'r)',* I up. 'Ualwayi lobe tntilcd. under me. and will bo guided u t ooahl 

Her* Un. Prl^. wllhoul any abatement of hor olTrnilrr mannpr, tgtla eoun- 
(nfMlKil abntraeilon of luiuil. nud •trclcbed out ber litnd m Uic teapot. It wiu 
noie itiin Ura. Uamp eoul J brar. Blin (toppHl tlio hand of Xn. Prig "I'll bat 
van, aud >aid »Uh great feeling, — 

" So. llet'n'Tt Ilrink fair, M'01er»ryou do!" 

Bin. Prig. Ihu> bnmed, threw bertelf bar.k In hf r chair, and claalng Ui« aam* 
i^ laorc tfmjihnTleally, and foldlnj{ lier arma llgbler, nulTortd her bead (o roll 
■lowl/ ftom (Irie to aide, while ahc inrieycd her IWend with a conwmptuoui 

llr». nanp retnmed. — 

"Mra.llarrl-, ll.l.^j"— 

" Bother Un.Uairla I" laid Beliey I'lig. 

Urn. tianip looked at hvr with amairnii'ii'., iDoredullty. and lodlfrnBOon: when 
llr>. I'rlg. tbuiilrg her eye iilll doner, and 'Uldlog ber arm* (till tlgblur, ntttrad 
I uBlnac able nud tiemcndou) Hord*: — 



til Bfcktn* 9IttlaaaT{. 

"Iiloii'i IwIlereUim 'iiiodGhKiMnaDl'* 

Aflrr Tliu ullrrkoot of wlilcli ■Xfiruiiuui. ib* liaunl tbrnard. ftnd iniippiM 
htrt lln^iTF ntitv, l<rlo*T iKrtw, ■■n''h ilrn«i oiMif'T to 1hi< nuv iif Hjn- ii%tnp; ftnd 
thvD roae 10 put on lior bonnpt^ lu one ivho CtlL L^iht Uicid ha* uot a gulf be- 

TJir nfiiM^k nf E'Un Mow wuH Hn tIi>1iiiii H'l^i ji[i<iiiiiii, that >fr]i. tivnp HHt nuHni 
■I Dotiklnf «~»tb u(iUftpJ?}'c*» BDil Urr moulb opvQ ni If »bc wfrv gmi-ing for 
brruli- UEttiJ Ilcl>P)' Prlir liitil )miI uti tivr buimrtl and hrr fLUnvrl, diid vua jEAtlir^ 
IdB thvlallpf (biiul tii'r iIimM. Tliun Un.Gntap rt»v,— monlt]' inii phyilo>ll]> 
tOfPh — Aad drnounoeij lirr. 

^ Wliut r " •■Jd Jin, Gaiup.-'l'au toga crrcCnr! Ilav* I knnw'i] Mr>. ITuili 
llTauid thirty jvur. In bKtuliI nt lut Iliat <lipr*alD'i no ipcli ■ pcrton Uvln'r 
Ban I nood ber fticnil 111 ntl )i«it»ub)iM.EKfttaud inull.rur ituicoueat Iwt 
Co vfch a *iiJ u thU„ vrlikti hvr own <wvrl plctrr tiuigtnf up albr* fOn all 1h> 
tlra« I? ihsmti jDor bntftui imnli)' Uut\r*II jrou mar n't bollcra thtrc *• no 
«Vcli a DTtcIur ; for the would n't ilpmeiia licn^lf to look ■! >'Oil- And oflcn bOB 
tht Mid. wlK'U I buto umdD mcntlua or j-iiur tiniiin. wlildi to inf ilnfiil aomiw 
I huTfl don», — ■ Wlwt, 8iilr»j G»™p I d'twg" jTmnelf toAwJ* OoklDBRMilk 
you I" 

"I "m H-golii'. ma'aiu: nin't I?" isid Mn. Fr!(, >iuppIii(U ibeuUdU. 

'■ Tqu hBd bcltrr, ina*ai)>." mlil Mti. ijamp. 

'■ Do jou knov who you >c ulkinir 10, mft'am?" Inqufrvd hcF vtilror. 

" A|mriunll)'."iilldMri.O'uup.<ur")-lu(hiT«llli icoiufrini!ididtorool."to 
UvMt^jr I'^Jt^ ^^ *P''''^''"*'X *^- /knutrlirr, Nn vtii- b*<IIpr. UunUmgirlth joql " 

" Audv<>» wuiB-Ruluit to inlio iixc under }uut " cri'.'d Ur>. TrJc. lurteyln^ 
Hr*. Gnmp tritm ht^itd Tu foot, [n liotiam^ — ^'yu wb*: vii> >nii] Oil, bow 
Undl Wrby. dcuir Inkp j'Our ImpTirnvct" ■•.MMii. I'Tlg, with a npldcbangr 
from bniiKr to frrMlIj. '-whni do you mt«n?" 

*^Ooi>]iiiig w-Ltli you! '* imid Mn- Camp, " I btuah torfoa.* 

•' VoD hsd biTtlrrblntli 11 llilli>rorj<>iit><i|f wbllpyou or* (liMC 11 1 " HldUra, 
Prig. "Ton BJid your ChulTcyit Wbat. the poor old oreMac U n't mad cuoagh ; 
lau'ibg? Abal" 

" U* 'd VV17 (uoii b« mftd nongli If you had any thing 10 4a irltb bloi.^ 
■•Id Mri. Clamp. 

"And thai '• wliiit I wa> wasted fiii: li It?" RriKl Mn. Trig iTiumpliaally. 
" Yh. Uut you 'II And ymirKi'lf d'-frivrd. I wdoI gn ni'ar him. Wo ihall fM 
boir )'Ou get on wUhom inc. 1 wou't have uotliliik la do with bim." 

"You iiiivvr K^KilGii a Lruur word than (ball" ^aid Ura. Gamp, "Qg aJoaf 
vllh you I " 

(Ch. XXV, xxh, xlLc) 
Boadder, Zepbaniall. Agent of the Eden Lund Corporallon. 
n<^ >]it|>c.< Al.irtin Chuxzlcwit into buvln^, for tbe. riiliuiiloiul}' tWAll 
mill of.t liunJtvii iinil fifiy dolliLn^ » Ihtlc lot of dliy aciv* in tlie 
city from whii^b ilu! companr Lakfj it.i nuiar, anJ ivliieli looka won- 
ileriiilly tUriving on paptr. but iirovta to conriet ol' U few Itjg-houw!! 
fat ibe inidnt of a liidMua and puottluniUI iuunuia> 

IIp wikJi A gnunl man In a hn^ tlruw liat and n eoat of grfvn ttolT. Tht 
wnUin bcIOR bot, hi? had no cmvui, and wo*^ lili ililn^ollat widv oprn, lo thM 
wcir time Iir ipoka ■omelUiug nu mai lo twlWli and Jctk uplnbbtbrou.Uk> 


iHatltn ebnfrttklL 


IhM llrilv hAiBiDVrf In ■ birpaldiord wlivn Ihn ddU* ar* utmck- IVrhipA It vni 
lb« trutli fi>obty cnilcarorlniE to t^ip to hit lipa. If to^ tt dftcf n«chcd IhoiD' 

T«u itiii)> otai lurknl dFC)) wlililu llila imcol'i )iciu] , but oiic cf iliom liU'l no 
•l|bl In ll. Mil ilniiil iliH'k Ktlll. Willi lliAI rjilc of lili (tai Iik m'niKcI In llalBO 
10 vliKt tbr^ibrr aMr iriit <Jolnf , Tbut racli prom? bad ftdlnllDi^r rxprt^ftlon; 
vu], wbca Ibc DID V able tide wu moil la oclloii. the ri|;ldoDC «ui In lu cvlJc*e 
■Ijilt (If warcbfulai'u. It wkm llkn (urul^iir Hit- riinn lii^iii^ ont. to [>hbi 1» lliat 
I ttpii of bl> f<alum In hli llv* IIhI mood, iikI tr* bow Cklnilitlni und iDttuC 
tbry Ktrr. 

Eiuih lung black hair upon h<i head honf down u *lnl(bl a* anj' pliuniriM- 
Udv; but niini>lFd (n't* vim on tn<;iir«hVfl of bl9<7F>. an tribpti-ow irbiim fixit 
Hu dcrpiv primed Iq ibe norntn bad pecked and lorn them In a *ata(e nvoi- 
nlUnii of bj> klndnul oalurc a« a bird of pn;. 

(Ch. xxl) 

Bimmons, Willinm. Drivi^r of a vnn, wlio ouric!! MRrtin Chux* 
xlifiril iTuiu nuur !>aUabmy lo Uounilow, alivr hia (liaiiiiiia.1 by Mr. 
Pw)l£»niff. (Ch. xiii.) 

BlTme, Chevy. A very poor and »I)iftlt.>BB n-'Utiro of olil MarUo 
Cbiizzlcwit, Hikil anxious to come InU) a iiliiiro of Ills prupcrly. Uo 
b A friend iif Montague Tigg"*, who thu« dc«crib«ii Uia chnjnct«r to 
Jlr. l't«:kn(iiff^ — 

" Ervry man of true jccniut bu b[» pmiJiu'lly. Sir. tbe peculiarity of mf 
ftlcDd Alyrae it, ibit be 1> alwari wuUIuk ruuiiil llm eururi. Iln U gicrprtualljr 
ronnil ilir curiirr. Mi. I|n U round Uii ournrr at Ihli Imtant. Now." mid lb* 
^nUcmaDn «bak]oK bli forvfln^ er bcforv hJi uoip, aad plantlQjE bit legt wtdcr 
apart u he looked alicniliely lu Mr, PcckiniJT'i f\ux. "ibat i> a remurkaUir 
euritiUH and Ihturfritlnf trait in Hr. tflvtnnV oliaruolvr; and. u?liitni-vi<r alyntf'f 
UPb Wtnei to be written* tbal trait louil be tboroujjhly worked out by bit blo|^ 
npher. or lodety will not be laUifled. Obatitc diu. loclcly will not bo lall*- 

Wllb tbit annaunociDeDl be btirrlod away lo Ibo ouler door of the Blii* 
DnifUn. and almont luiinvdlatel^ rttnmffd witb Heompanlun aburtpr than bln^ 
Hir. whowwwrapptd lunn old blu« cianilet cloak witli ■ IkilntC'd fjdvd ■e&rlet. 
Hit ibnrp ftatB(«a tMnit much pincbod and mpiicd by loDx wvUIoe In ibc oolit. 
and bit tlrafgllD| nd wblikert and fiux-iy Imlr iMlng mar* than uiualljr 
dUhnillad Ihicitfaauini' i-niinn. III! riTinlnlr loaktd ratlirr aawlmknniiifi atxl 
■BOOnArlablp tbaa Sbakii>eailaD oi Mil Ionic. 

"Sow.' laid Sir. Tins, ctaiipliij; one <>a"d on the ibauldvrof bli preiiuiiau- 
InffHund. aadoilllnf Mr. I'lVk^nllTa atti'nllnn to lilm wlihflii><irbei'. " lOO two 
art related: and relotloov never did a|ErTe,and never will, wblcb U a w1i« 
difpmiation and an Ineiliable thtnjc. or tberc would bo none but family patllea, 
^bA tvvryliody Id Ibn world n-oiild bore eyerylwdr vita lo diutb. If you wort 
on good trnof. I tliauld conilder you atnoul fnnroiinrtnlly iitiontural pair; butt 
itandlDji towvdi faoh olber Ht you do, I look upon you nt a couple of deviUig 
deF;)'tIiuugbMd ftllcwi, who niajr b<i rcataned wllb to any f iteul. 

(Cli. iv. rii, IL) 
Bmif, Putnam. A ]>oiiti{[ uid itnlent cIltIc in ii drr-gixMls *tortt 

238 Cbt ■tcktnt SlctConais. 

who " uj^atea ~ Gar fiune, uad applies to Uartla Chuulewit for 
MAiiilAnce. (Ch. xxii.) 

Sophia. A jiupil of Ruth PInch'f, cftlled by Airs. TotI;;era " a 
■jTTiip" (nx^aniog It scrnph or a tytph); a prcmatare Uttb wunum 
of UiirtoL-n jmn old, whci hiul olnuidf nrriTcd at 8uc:b a pitch of 
wluilcbonc: and i:duttnlioD, that the hod nothing girlish about hvT. 
(CL. ii, .xsxvi.) 

Bpottletoe, Mr. A rvUlJT« of old Murliu Cbuzzluwit, irlUi teKt»- 
mrntnry do!<igns upon his property. H<? is m hiklil, and h.u siich 
big whinkcw, that he weiDS " U> bnvc «top|iod Lis hair, by iho »ud« 
den npplic.ition tif inini: poirrrfu! rcnwdy, in Uic very net of IJillin^ 
off bii hr-ud, and Ui have; fairlojicd it irrevocably on hi* (»kk" (Cb. 
iv. liv.) 

Spottletoe, nib's. Uiswifb; a woman "muL'h too sUm for her 
yaars. luid of n poftictil tonstilution." (Ch. W, llv.) 

Bweedlepipe, P&ul, «iB»rf Poll. A bird-ftw(.-l«r, who i% wi 
Kiiby tluxwr nnd a fuhlonablo hah^TCuer nl»o ; Mm. t!njnp'« land- 

HenM B IlIUo ddBrl^ man. with a elunm)' <»Iit rljthl tiand, Dvin which cfcd 
TBbblU KDd birdi oould not rcmoii Ihn iDiflt of ihsilDC-iOBp, I'oll hwl xoin*- 
Iblngof (lie bird In lila iiaturo: uui or llii- liu<rkciFvii([1<, bulorthc iiArrow. 
thai hiilldi In chlQinpv-atado<, and IncUnvn (o huiima cncnpiiny. H^^ wu not 
qnjirrctiOmc. thouj^h. like Mie iparmw^ but pf^necfiilH Llkr Itip dovr la hU 
it]^k liu ilrudcil; ■iiiliN thl< ivaiiriTt lie bonafalnt Rienibl]in«iatliriii|tnn, 
a» wrll M 1h rt frraln prniln?>44 ut <pwoht which nil|rh<. ^'^ It* monolony. Ih 
UlEtincdioiliccoolniiorthit bliJ. llnrumrlncfUlililTc: andwiicniitdood 
■t lili iliuiMluor III iliDirvi'iiiiig-liilc, nalRlilii;; ihu iirl^libori. with 1il> licndou 
one tide, and bit nyprovkva knoiclnelj'. tlictr nut nduli iirihi' ib>*ii In him. 
Yet Uicre wan no more irickedaeis la Toll Itian In a lobln. Happily, lt», wbm 
uiy (tf hh itmlthoiO^oal prCipvTtlpi wprv on III* Ycrgu cf ^lujc (u<» filF. lb«y 
trerp quenched, dlnialTpd. me Hod down, and neulralurd In ihe barbn; )ii>t w 
bb bald lirud — olbcnrbr ai tbclivad oTatbaredmaitpk— loai itiplf In nwla 
ifniirly blulc rlngtsti. pKii^ iiii iinrrid*, and cut airaya1iDoi.t ID tlie crown. M 
Indicate Iminpnar oapiclty ct InitllHt, 

(Cb. xix, xxvl, xxix, xllx, Hi.) 

TaolEdr. Foreman, anil chief inouriKx of Mr. Mould iho tindinh 
tiiker. (Ch. xix, xxr.) 

An obHoppnon. with hii wilitooa^ [n cloicr connection irllb hU Ivjca Ihai 
ii iguiic nooDcil&blc wim lUc cilabllilU'd Iduu. vf K'nai. wlUi lUat ca«l of ((•■ 
lnrw «lilcb 1> ilgurniliri'li( rullnl n iMiUlr-nun", and wllli»f*i;<i roiTnid all ov»f 
Willi tlmpli-''' It? had bfen a E'^uder pliuit oucv uponatLmc.bat, tromcoaklaal 
tiluulu); la Ibc lat olr ot funcntli. had luu lu Hcd. 

Famaroo. An old woaian in thu si^rrici; of Mrs. Tudgiin ; toy 
'HMM lo Sailty (Ch. uuii, Ur.) 


jaaitln CbarMtblt. 




It tppmni, [p iJie fuliMVi of tlnwi (bM the Jorulm bosrdcn Uid siiprepr)- 
fttt^ the wonl [Tkmftroci] trora An EagEiih baTIni), In which EC !> >uppoic4 t4 
■ilirvBB ihL> biiNI Htiii E^iTy nmturr of ti I'lTfuiEa EiiH'ldLr^H^^cliiiiim: aritJ lEmlEt 
ir»4 br^lowT^J ttftoa Ufr lEiEEryV flii«***or by rra-uH of Ijit bavlikf DOIEiluf ftrrf 
«bout Ejrr, cxnpt flu coi'il^JuejoI nEEftok oft lint Qrp biilcti t< caJlcil St. Authony't 
ThEfl mipFrtit frnknlu - . , wim i^EiEtflj' rciitArknblD fur h (oEhI ftbHrntv of aU aim 
prthrnilqn upnn iin; fubjrttl Hhnirrt-r. ESIio nu ■ piTfrnt lomb tot mrKucc* 
KDd urmlL puorU; nad. n'litit dcipalchiHt u>LbppD4t'Ol11iN>wSrblcticri. liEhlEyvm 
1Wf|uriiI!y tcmt nii(1i«vurEuji Lu luriiniiaic lEiPin Itit4> ea^uiU rJiEiikJi \n jirlvfef^ 
doon. QDdrr Ibc tIrliiiloD Hint ftriT door niib a hoEp In El would antiirr lb* 
piErpmt. Slif wu nvfry IIEtlooM woniD,D.Bnil ilwnyi won a vciy ooaric *pr«a 
IriUi ■ bib (K'f^riMinil iil4M»(»TK]mml.u?|{i^rE;<T\tllh EmriEljijii-* c^ii EimvrkiiE, trEitch 
BliprarT'l lu ttn Dinisltd with nii vVTCIvtEnfKpniEn. ^h<< »iu on iill occuioDi 
nbtrj ofoprDlnx lb* nttet-^oot. mS urSeat lOtbut It ii(idn: and tbe waited U 
Uble lu abunuDL 

Taploy, Mark, llollcr at lli« BIeic Dra>n>n Inn, kept by Mr*. 
Lupin; a joatiz fcIIoE* of tnmc &tc cir six anil tHCEity. wilh tt 
wbimsical facu and vrry mvirj- pnir of blue 1.7C1, and useiuII)' 
UtouehI in » minurkably fs^o anil flj-awajr Ikgkiuu. Ho l»lif»i'« 
thai tbi^r« neV(T"wus h man as <<ould eouEe OEit *o Ktron^ uuilvr 
i-inrniuEitaiicva ibnt would miiku oihiT nitn mi.'M.'raU« " u hinitelC 
if 1e« could "only ^t-t a ihuni'i-." Bin fliat lie lEiidn it difficult to 
do. He Uke» the (iluntion nt llie Uraoao iDri>itA«)iii!nceorkaTiiig 
madv tEp liiB Enind that it i« iha dullest little oul-of'lL(M»ay corner 
in Kii|'lauil, and iLat liivm woEild be auiue erudlt iie beln^ j""}^ ti 
Rucli a place, fiutlio lea*«!t it bei-auvv ilii'ra Ig no dEilrii'm tbun 
whaWvcr; llkitlll>^ crickiM, ijiioil", iihiopiti", eoniw (oiitp', ^■lEom»e^ 
CompnEEy roEind din phimnoy-corntir every wjnli'r tvt'ninj;- nukinji 
tho tiitli! inn na miTry qei mciry cnn bo. Going to London. Iio 
tnrcta Martin Chu££li-wit, arjd finding liiin nEom^ykes. and E^Milvud 
tii go to America, he begs perEui^tiun lo at^uinpany hiin ns liin niaii- 
RLTViiui. Altvr Muio opponiilou, KlaE^n C0Ei«eal8; nnd they tak« 
pafiiiiige i[i iLt" sti'LTdgu of ilie jiiicJiet-ship ■' Sts^w." 

It !• dui' III UitEi TnjilPy lu ilale. iliai lie lulTrrttl ut Irui u innDh Tma it%- 

aloliiirw4a^ anv man. troman, vrrhllil r>n iKiafd; hihI tbal Eti' lijiil ■ pfTuFlur iju> 
tilly of kaockiJEiT lUiurlf about od tbc imaElpil pmvofralEon. anri h^ing ElEb li-ft 
Bt na(T tiiruli of lEir uliip. Ui'l triulvi'il. In li!i uiuiil phrvo. lo " coW oal 
■iTonjf ^'uodtr (lEiadvanEaj[T<oEJKflrciimiE.iT;n'>. I\*f wju tliu tlfv and toul of tb/B 
ml*vmi^, and TiDiilfi im muro of ilopplnjr Ed EEio mtdiTlp nf n fti«<t1utr> miit«rv<i' 
lloo 10 B" avr»i Dud b» nmotvily ill by lilimtlf. and afEo mnrcli cnini' bark In 
Uw very bT<( and Kij<*t of I^mpm' to nviimi^ Et. Ituui if lucb a Cdurat of pro- 
MBdEuK liwl ^Hl■ ilio oonuDoncit En tbe world. 

It niiniit b« Hid. t)>al, H hii Itluuii won off. hli gbMtttaliim and gnoi 
natn'r Ljicrtii*r.l, brn^u^f EIiitt wonEH bA'-JEy ailniit tff augment ai Eon: but hi* 
awfulucu amoDK Uic makiT mcmbrra Vt Ibn pan; *** niunh rnlargKil; and 
11 all tliuw and :DaHU liicn lis wa>. cxcrllsg U. If aclcam td i udiMuc iboD* 


Ebt OCcktns DIcttoHKs. 

aat nf thrduk <kr,4i)wn UarklumblAl Iota the okbla; •nd pn*vnlIrop b«< 
■j^In Hlfh a womKD tuhlj mrmr.or liAlf ft dojtD eliUdt^n. of * inAD» or a, bt^, at 
k ijtuf<^|]]tru (tr It Utikct, or luciiulhiiLf, jtiiEEuiilr- or iimiilmfifr, ititU tin ETarmjchI 
KmM bf III" bHXrt f(ir ihu Nlr, It ui hutir ur lira of tine aTklbrt In Ibv dil'ldw 
oTIljc dflj icinpiHt tbow who icldam or nertmnio on 4f«]( bl olber iiiu« Idomvrl 
Id 10 Hie Iniig-buM. ur lla down Ufioii Uia iputi mfi»n, and iry to cu. ihtre. la iha 
w nini <>f ihi< xraup. wu Hi. Taplor, ban'Koe sbniit Mlt bi^ and biMUlt. or dl>- 
p^'Dtlnt; luroi of sroif - or ojlllnjr up ibe cJiUdrcn^v pro< Ulont wiUi hli pockr t-knlf«, 
tot IliEli Kno"! •'fe uid ecnufurt. or ttuHug kloud tna ■ irunnLlc iu'wiiitjicr. 
or "ingtag juimt ntftrlng uiti *i>og to • viploct puty^ ur wrhLng Ih" bf Hlnnioga tif 
IKt<^i Id thitr (ncudi (i home (or ptople who «>Hild ut vrltp, or oraoklnK Inki-* 
With ihr eitw. or Dcvly ifttiuK blown oror Uio tide, or rmorglnR lutlf-drowucd 
fkvmaRlinwur ('f *prar,cir Isodliif ahvid loiowbtrvorothnr; Iml KlwaTfl duinf 
■amrthlng for lb" grn'^rttt (nMnnlnnifnl. Al niglii. nhrn llvt eoaKlaK-lro WM 
Kf Ulod on the deck, nnd Lbo driving ipnrltt Ibnt Ocw amonif the rlgjt^njE nad the 
doud of •alia teunnl to mniaM (ho ihlp with oorlulB aimlliilulluii br flrr. lu caa* 
thn flinariiti of air mat water ftUled to oompiH her ilMlrLimlim, llicte ihTi'd "u 
Hr. Tnjiler- ^IthlJi 00*1 olT. and hli »h]r(->leevet turned up to UU dboif i.dolnj^ 
all kliiili o( ciUiuitr^ uiniu'i; CLimpcniuJinp; ilu^ fiEt*Uf;i'jH( dl»]iiu; rrcxpgiLitrd hy 
*tvrr oup iu (in ciiAblL'hr'El aoEriorllji nml lLrlpl»E all putlH to nulilt^vi* poin»> 
tiling, wbiob J e(l lo tliomtclt^ci.ttiey neicr could Zjarc done> and never would bnvo 
drniinrd uf. In iliorl.Kieru ntierwiu uimiruru'l'iilir diarnilerlliiui Murll Taiile)- 
hiviiiiir on hi)nrf1 tlivt nnblnandfkat^tltlngllnti'or-piiiiki't flilp"1'hn SE:reLv;*'arid 
be fftlaiued lit InAt (o fuoh ■ pitflb Of uulvenal admiration, (hat he began to liaro 
gravfl duiitii<( wlLlilu hlnuelf, wbftlhar ■ man inlghl rvatuuobt/ Btnlm on/ crodit 
fbrbrtnit Jotlr uiidrr tueli (xdUos olraiDUtannM. 

Arrlvcil at Ncv York, Ai'trUn Invcdts nli his own tiingns, kdiI 
Murk'*, in tbc fiiirGh(i°c of n rifty-ncr* lot In lliu "city "of 
Kdon, which is rcpreiuDtvil to them m a RouriiJiing town with 
tuuiki, chuKlios, markcis, whurfi, and tbu like. It i> Mnrlin'a in- 

f.'[ition la caUbliBh hiu.-ii^ir Imre as an atvhitoct ; nn<l hu tukvs Mark 
utto puttntTHliip, in ouusiitijriitiini ui' his hnviug fiirnishiKl iiiueh iho 
lar;;tT ebare of ihclr joint stotk. On rBtk.hiU'; tliu jiiftce, howetw, 
after .1 long ninl fiilignin^ joiirney of niBiiy liayi, they find It to be 
n bidi'ouK Kwamp, exhaling dtinilty minrnui, ami oontninine only a few 
wfttttrri'd lof!-ciibiii». Martin is terribly liisbcartwied on tlisccivtainj; 
thd outragtiutiH iwiniUo that bus b^eu jirui'tisuJ ujx>ti kiui. und auon 
lunka under nn attack of tbe fuT«r that pn-vails tbrou^boai tha 


'•Vow. Ur. Tap] t^." laid Mark. glTlog IiiniiDlf a (mnicndoDt blow InUicdtMl 

bj- wny of r«lrpr. ■■Jnit Ton atirnd tu what I "r* gut to my. Thingi 1* iMklDg 
%boul at but u tbey oia look, j'oung nmn. Yon 'II not bare auflh another of^tor- 

tuulty hiribuwliigyour jully <ll>[>aiiiluu, luy nuv n^Uun, ulongoi you l!ii«. And 
th^ret^ire. I'apl^. now '* ycinr ttniv to ounm cmil hlrong. <ir nf vffrl " 

Martin no Hioincr tveocers thnn Murk i» prtwtrnted. Fiir man; 
wuory dny» and nighu be Iji-s burning up with fvvur ; but, an lullg M 


iHatKn etuffldnlt- 



be etu tpeak. bo aa*ura> Martin that he ia iiill "Jul-;." and wlico, at 
Imi, lit! i» Uk) lUr i^oe toapMk.tie fcubljr wrilv«*'Jally " on a vlal?. 
AAfrr B loQg and llngvrtng lUoMf, ho slowljr recoTtr* ; and, wiirn ntil« 
to got Rhoiit onm mortv ih^jr bolh on! tlinir fnrcji tnwarcU Old 
Enjl&nd, whcrp they arrive in iluc time. Mnrlin turns hi« ntcpti to- 
warilJ Uio Blue DniKc)n. and find* lii.i old frii-nd Hn. Lupin sloni: in 
the bar. Wrapped up as bu is in a gniil-ouiil, ibu <We nut kuow him 
at first, but «oon uitcn a glad C17 of ncogoliion, nnd he rntcb«* 
bor In bis arms. 

" Tr«, t villT'^crlM Hark. -' anotbrr — one man — Cwrnly iDorp r Yi>u iltd c't 
know me In thu hu biiiJ tuit > I ltiouA)iI joa would hare known mi nnjirlii'nM. 
rta more I ■* 

"^1 ulitrntfl hmTfl known you IT T ciuM lijive attm yiru; btil I couM u'l, And 
yon (poke lo RrulT) I did n't think you oould ipnk pull to tae. Ilitrk. at Btit 
•omlug liAck." 

■■ |ri(ti<*D mnni I " uM Mr. Tap1ii)>. " R<iw lisiidncuno and bo* r'mKR T"" ^'X'^ ■ 
5ll oiorvl The ]>il lioJrdoicD warn'l a fair onp, and muet tiv llonc over ajiiiln, 
Ixinl blpn ;r<iu, ohat a irvul f> <■ to mf yim I One mute I Well. ) never wai w 
Jolly 1 J lilt afi-w more on »wnint nf tli"rn nnt ta-lnj unj emili In It," 

WtLcn UF' Tallies itopped Id Ibe^o ealouIalJont In Blmiilv addldon. he did Iti 
Dot Uviiu»f< hi' wjuai »I) LlrtKl cif \iif rxvni"". bm Ix^cauHii ho wm# out nf bn'athr 
The |tuu^i! rcmlnclod Mm of either dolk^q , 

"Ur- UarliuOiuiilUHlt '• uutiide." lie lald. "tlsftlilio undecllio cart'ihrd 
WhUa loams on 10 w« if tli«rv wat Hnybo^y hurt. W« want to k*i<p quiet lo- 
ntgbli tUl n know tlie nen from you, and what It ^ belt for iii to Aa.** 

" TlirK '• uul a auullu liiP hoiue. eiiX'iit Die klwhcu ooiupauy." rtturni^d Ih< 
liOFtnt. " If Ihirf mt* to kno* you h»il {iiin>^ buck. Mark, ihvy 'il have a bonGie 
In ttia atnct. late ai It I>." 

*-IUitUi*y Riu>t n'l kmiwll tu-iii((it. lay iireeloui naul," lald Mark: -'no liar* 
Itiehouio <hni, and lht> kllrln'n-nti- mivle np; and, ntx'n It '* all irndf.put a tl||hi 
In Ihv vp-iudrr, anil vto*ll eoiue In. One moref 1 lonjr (o bear about old trlcudn- 
YoH 'It I'll til* nil abiml Vca; won't 7011. — )lr, llncb. and llic butdi^r** rfnjfdonn 
(be tlreet. and Iheleirler onr the way, anit the •rh'TlKtlglii'i, and every one of 
Viu, Wlieu I Dnl euut[ht light of the chuHli 1o-ul|ibl,I Itiougltttbe iiteplvwuuld 
liatectiokfd ioa, I did, Oiiflmural Von'lyou? Kol a very Illtlc ona to lliilib 

-You have bad plenty, I am lure." lald the lio«e«», "Oo atonKwlth yoar 
tST^igxi niHEiihTr* '- '* 

"Tbat Bint forelen, blu" yoil? "cried Mark. '■Nallv* Hi OT"ters,thBt lit l>na 
■wr. Uecauie it ■■ nallve; ai a maik of rejpwt for thf land wo liio int Tlila 
dun't count ai bf'tfl'iH'n you find mti, yuu und^rittanfi," anld Mr- Tapley. *- 1 aliit 
k-kUaing yon DOW, you 'U obaene, Ihave b«u among the palrloltl 1 'na-kl*^ 
Etf ny oounUy I " 

Thi* love-pitisiigv endi in lln- morriiigi! of Mark to the fair widow, 
Kiiil lite (.■oarutsiun of ihu llluc Dragon iutu thu Jully Tniiley, •' A 
Mgu at my tntD iavuntioii,*' Mtd Mjirk; " witry new, cooniriKl, and 

I'Cli. v, vii, xlii-XT, srii, xxi-xidii, ucxiii-xxxv, xliii, xl'^iiii li-lui.) 


Wit D(ck(iis DIctlinat|. 

Tigg, Moatasue. atiat Tioa Hoxtaodi. A nMdj duqict, muA 
a fiienil of Chuvy Slymo'c 

Th(> rntitl'miiin wiu of Iliai onlBt nf appiuriinm wtilvli I' (urrnillT i«rMMl 
thabbf^jirDroct. (hou^b^ [n rcip'^crl of hi* df«tf . lie can hanlly b« «&lr1 to 1utir« 
bno to liny rxInlDtllvt, u fil4 1lnjp-r< Hvmi loojr ^^> oiil of hli jclovBiBud tlie 
•OicA of hU IVret wcFVBt «D liuMiovcnLf^ni 'U^taiicc from ilio iipjicr-lvnihrT uf IiU 
booU. IIU n<?Ihi»r ^■triodU WFD bf 4 btul»h'|[til;r>^ vt»lrut In ItJdutnr' eiiio*» 
bst lObcTTd non by *ct kihI dtiiiilniiu. — nod werv »o tlrrlcliFj and ilralncd Ig 
■ lou^li coDiIIci briHHD lili bran< aod bli Mrapi. ib»t ilicy at>pcareil cvfry 
UKiitii'iil in duhjr^r of flying mmnlur u( f be kiicui. Ilia com, In ci>]i>r bhir, and 
ofa milllarr cue \rax bntloiFiT ind trourA op to bl( ohln. UIii emTii hh. tn 
hue and pnitern^llkvonoof ibose nuntlr* wliLcli lial'-drvHcn aw acaiitaiac4 
|4» wni|i nlhiul tlivit dlcnl* Jiiriug Ibo prufrmt* nf tUa proftulonal myiit'riu. 
Ill' till btul arrlvd] at hdcJi a pu<. Ihu It wimld harp barn hard to dvtvnnlu* 
V bother U ir»a orijttnally vhltfi or black. Itut he vore amuiiaoUc, — aihajQif 
touitadiv. too ; notbluKlallianmli and mrnlfnl way. but ijulte la Ibv ll>n» and 
tnnmful <lyli% — ili*i ri-jftUu' AaianlnKiirtiif tbliig; nnd bf wur«, b«n1dH, a taat'i 
quantity of unbrushed half, lit witt very dlrly and very Jaiinlyt nry bold 
and wery nican, rrry 'waggDrlng ami i^ry vlliikiiiit. very much Uka a man who 
■nl(b( hara bwn Humnibliig beili^r. aiiduiiniHialiibly Ukn a laao vho detanad 
(0 be HiDiclhlnK worio. 

At a Uivr pvriol. liavlnj; come into the ponw^mon of a few 
poiinil.t, he unilcj with David Criiaplu, a lapakT wLo tuu «n»ed a 
(vw |>uiiiiila {trt Crihplr. David), aiii] ruTi^rsini; hia nuiui-, nnil 
luiiliiD^ it Tlgg Monl.igiics Ii»<c)atn), or^anSzM a «wiiiiJliu|; coiiterc 
calk><l tlic An;; !■>- Bengalee Diaiatcrwilei] l^oin nn<l Lllb Inaiiraoco 
Compan)', and, puculatins on a grondnr ac.ilc ihitn fnrniorly, bo 
cnnici n grander man allOKclbur. 

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a*t fa<bJon and ihp c»(Jli<i't kicnl, Flowi'ra nfguld and blur, and jtmrn. and 
blu'lilnjt rtd. were oa bli walitooat; prMloiia cbaln» and Jewell iparklrd on 
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liaE and boiitf as In a poltibed eIub : htid yel> tboujih ehniiffi'd hit naine> and 
clianj^'il lil> eiulwHid imDioe. It wai TlgK. Tliouiib luiui'd uud Iwlitcd up'ldo 
down unit InKUlcoiiI. a* gfi^at (neu har# b<i«n »iiinf<1lni4-i kiiiiwn to bti; thousb 
no luojier Homage TIgg, but TIgg Uontavue: mil It ua» Tlg^.^thefwue ta* 
laidR. Kallniii. mllllary Tlcg The biuti wu buinl>liul. btcquercd, oenlr 
(Uunped, ;<-i It wai ihr ^ninTIgs uirlal ismwIIUilnnilliig. 

Obtaining private inforinnlloii of ■lunni- Clinxilcwil*« attempt to 
|)^»<)u Lit lather, Tlg» makes uBe of Lis kni>wK-(I;,>o ol' ibe fail, to 
compel him not Oil!}- Id iiiToH largely in the stock of thn Angl» 
Bengalee o'lL nf h'm uwn wcnlih, but to iwr.tiiiulc his Tatht^r-iD-law, 
Hr. Fedunil!*, to dn to liiiewise. Jnnu finding hi> eecrct known 
anil himEeif bniScd, huutrd. and lwB(:t,wati'hMhi8opportunity, aat' 


]«aiirn et)u}flctBti. 


munlers Tlgg ; but hit orimii ia duconrud, taA ]w t* umMcd, and 
put inld > vowh to bu uimi-il to pritoo, but puiiiOiQBliiraiolraii 
dte way. (Ch. iv, vii, xiU xlii, xxU, xxtriit, xiiviii. xl-xlii, xlir, 
I'odgers, Mrs. M. Kocp^r of n comincrcial boanling-luiuM ia 
IxiD<Ioii ; a bciny anil hanl-fditturRil laily, witli a row of curls to 
jronl of hvr bv.-u), iliapcd liko litllc bnnvl* of boor. 

" rr«4LdJiitr ovpr ad oitkblEvhrnoat Irke ITiii mitkH ttd btvofl irlth the fb^ 
lur*i. mjr drjtr Ul>« PniktulET^." mill Krt- FiHlgi^n, '^Tlis ffnr7 alaa* \M 
OKAifh lo tdit mnnty ymri to in"'! (C. I do man jou." 

" Lor!"<u1cil tbe lira Mlii I'cckinlfft. 

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Blpd eoDllDtMUjr opoD (h* draUb. nore I* no tath puiion In bunun nilut* 
M ItM puiloo for KTiTj aiooBR oommenilal KtailBDun. It 'i doiIiIhk io u; ■ 
Julnt wDu'l ^lald^Bwhc^tiiDiDul woulil n'l fLuld — Lhii aianqut of gitrjtbtf 
evp»i tnoh daj tti dliinpr ; Bad nrhitl I tiavp uodcri^oiip, lu oouttqurncc.'* cried 
Kn, TDdKon. railing her eye*. hdcI iIibMck *•<" Ut»d. "uo ono ouuld I>c11»d,* 

lliough not > bandsoiiie wuiuaii. Mri^ Todxcin i» u very Iclnil- 
bcarWi) oav ; dqiI wIii:ii Mm. Jmius Cliiizzk-wit (Mtrey I'et-'kmiS*), 
hcarl'btvikcii an<l Ji-alituiv, upplica lu bcr fur aympiiiby and amit- 
ancc, »hc cxutnda bcjtii mudy bund and boiut. 

Commmlft] (trnilrm'-n Anil gnty livl trli-d Ut*. Todgvri'i (cmpci : Uic nukin 
■bmca — it wiu lucli * very tDuUlouc. inbcicair. Lhat ilie taJghl hniabrcn tk- 
CuHil for iQOkJiif *UAr[iiJtLT II, lt»C U ahuuld vtitln^ly Tooli^h frum hrr «l^bt — 
htA laJtffo • arm bi>ld on Un T<Hlf prt^ BtieiKlofl. But In lome odd uouk Eu 
Hti.'I'ixlKCrt^breiut. u|i n ){rrot man!' iIP|i>. aud lu ■ curaur «iuyl« Im uvpr- 
looked, llieKW*" » tpcmt diHir, wUb ■■ H'"Cn»n" wHlwnoii tlie 'iiriiiR, wlili*. 
at a loaeb frora UcFoy's bmud^ biid Uowa wld« open, bud udJulritd Ijor for 

Wbcn bottrdlUB-hoii'ii nrjvmnli nm liiiliinfwd "lib nU othpr Ipdir"'. iiid Ibe 
booki of (lie BcoonUuiE Angel uv mnde up forciPF. pf rbipt ihtn niay bo tHa 
da VDlrr lu thy inwlll. Ichd Mrt. Tudgsn. wliluti ibill miikn Ifaoa bnatlAil. 

(Ch. yiii-xi, xxxii, xxxvii, xlvi, liv.) 

Toppit, Mias> A liturury tiidy wbom Mr>. Ilominy introiluoc* Ic 

tho llonfir.iblu ICIijali Pcigrnm. (Ch. xxxiv.) 

Wostlock. Joho. A ycmiiR mun who boi been a pupil cif Pevk> 
natC't, but bu a dilTvn-ntL' vriih him, iiti<l U-nvi^i blm. lie ia a 
warm friend of Turn Plui'h'm uthoiiu nistor Jtulb bu finally mnrrlea. 
(Cb. ii, xli, XXV. zzix, xxxri, xxxvii, xxxix, xl, xtv, xlviii, xllx. 

Wolf, Mr. A frteod And confederate of MuuUL};ua Tigg*«; tncro- 
ilui'i-d IO Juii-jLi Chta/.li>wii HI n lUcmry cbanutur uonnuated witi* 
a remarkably clever weekly paper. (CIt. xxviU.} 


Stt Slc&infl SKcUonaif. 


■Hfm tiivrli^if hiB hoiiw. It un(«<mnnnlniKlT omrturfieil d«wa ihe vitr* bjr tlit VhOtf 
tl«niaLntE lb« door lnhltl^«: LlidauiEblOn dlwE> ver liloi. itOEl tiauhlcD Ititn tbr bniiii*| 

tMA,4nJ nLtiuuncn Td ht> Ountlkri^rt Uie rnEUBmfntOf ftTitW pnpLl; Turn l-lrich trim Iff 

tntai Ji>bn hliuKlf. vl]i> lontr* in iIikuiMi: Jubii :n« Id upon Totti't #yn tu Ui* tru* 
chirnf li^r of iV^lonLCT, liui witbnul rffrc.1 ] Jalm W«tlo(ik'> d^^iiutiin ftiFLomJitfL — 1[L 
Hhrtlu Cbiif iJw'IU itiikuf- find MifyOniliftEiJ. trrlvn tl Ut« filua JMiutDfi; liinlii I4 ^trf 
IIIh 4iiki1 rhn UnilJfiiiT M>n'lA for Vr, l^n-imiir, ^rn, Lt];>ln nuniikM tbo nJAlInju I'^littnji 
bctfi^rn ^U- Chimlrwil mid Mirj ; Mr. Climxl<wti dti(ruy» 4 |iitp«h« Tiad ««li cmBt 
difflrultr ^rlf t«n InbMi MrJ'wUnKfBrriTMBitiia plur Pnrrmi inil !■ praTlj icaMtil' 
li*d br ilMt iBndTndr'* "err of her lodb-on I bU •nrpiUfl ■! Oqftlnaln fivlDVilldbliMaaa 
Ur,CTiiii4lrwnL UArUn ■"|ikiiri»i> Tilr Prfikiplff wllb «1lo ActHoT htewa«ltb.«Dll hl> ALH 
Inhi or fell wbo cDun UU iktot^ — IV- itr- rccjtmitt cuui— IntiolHrt flonumiflA If lb 
MnniiMru* TLm «t Uia duuruf Uf. Cbuai)«wtt'i oluatbtrt Mf. TiM mLusIvo* tat* MHid, 
Hf. Cbar; Hljinr*, iind JnrnrmtUr I'ocLntltT nf Itii vrlvjiL ^ tff- CbutJfTll'i rolAllCTTi*i 
• ntOllni (if Ufh trlill vu |j boM M Mr. P«cl»i]ir ^ limiu; the ui«Unc pntrfl «itj' tAlOft 
tioiainBciolc>iv,4wibii«rwiu?uidEitf fTprrotharof dgfli^ii' tinibepmptctf DfMr*ClHU> 
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ho r III dT'l "imq cmlJl tar h^Ut^t Jolly i taa'tlnir of Turn I'lnfli ind Ibf (MVpvpll. uA 
Uiclr Arvl laiitK-vloittvf C40b nibr'n Turn rrliMv lo roaotf Utrtln the ctreiimBbinc»<iriilff 
playlnti tbn orEmn In ibn cbunib. Khd nf Iha Anqntfil «fipwwin# tbur* af ■ 1>«W]tJfli] raUDS 
IwJj j Mr. rroktnfff and hb iliutTiUrt ftlTrvl «UTvrl>« M ibo tATly Arrival uf AlurtlDj Jlc 
rf4^biniJT »bowa hit baiu* la Martin, tfid. iftvr tvpiMirtfiti ft vmIp tbti vurprlHa IVim 
l-mcb). aliuwi Mm 14 btt badroonk. and ukdu op|K>riaixk(r to aim bim • iiint vf Tpoa't 
jHMtilim,— VI. Mr. rrfk>nl(T anJif>imrH hJa lutaatMi of HMng 14 LoqiJod, ukd lAhlni; txli 
dvmhUfvhltbliEiii. ttiift kIvu .Muriin vjeti« >UiCH*lliiH> M ta tali vmpluycDdDt daring hU 
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Obihcri ho niiu kciTui tbmbif WoiiiiAiL Tiiiiorlii tbt oburub^'v Mury. — Vit Tom and 
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nqd l-IiDvy Slyrao an dttkUtvd nL Ibo l>f aitoJi In dtfbvU Af C4yinoQt ^if ib^^lr blUa, BdA'! 
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Tin ImpromiB mfuvon^rauVLiUTiuniiy, ond tCK* Ib4 loan of ft hiilf<Kfr«nii;n Tmi If^M 
riorh^ Mftrk 1M''J UkM iHurn oT Ihi^ llliio Drvffop. ~ fill, M(, rrckmJff Ull bla 
4i»iifit]tP(ii, JimniPy^fiu To Lundun ly lb* tU^iwontb, ntc juliii^d by Aiitbuuy ClJUiiLPWlt 
jnd hkt ViH Jonat, anil Mf- Jono* h«oEiin« ultanltn ta iho j'^'unt lodk*^ MFr I'tektaUT 
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mjiixil thi* homn; llallvr Eltnti^tulrj ilurk hliiU In rv^irl t«i Xl\t biLI i>f l^ra fortb* b^ 
prum-Lii.yPwii: ihv MCQlXomcn bVAfdcn ar* [ii«acni«d 14 ibrynaihv t^ir*; ii>f ■q'-4««»fu, 
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HrnmM « ElLtlfl jpamrulur In bli fciloikiLonp t* Utt TivlHcriL; Mr PwtjmlfT ti pDl lu but 
ijuaerdiiTk-uliiAiL — X^ QJd UHf Un Cboitlairll calja oa Mr. I'KlUQm, ftpolOrlfH fiik Itt 
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iW»ln-l Hr. JinUni; >Ir, |-«h«i[lfl Fofifuvrt Mn To<lt:on fir dLu/mjliiUnn. — 11- Mr. 
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|fiir b<t*fL-i<uli»mB«r nulMarj- — XIV- Muunatid Mur/iDHElnUwrut; b« tiiftino* 
btruf bt>^uU!aUua to^ wAiiiarlc4.diJdoiuuLitiiibvr tu the caf* ofTom rificb: Maf\ 
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brhiriu^Dr. — XV^ Ur.Mar1iT»{ile7.anb<'nrd ib*i4iL;t"Scnw.'*baciibd0iTAini-rU4 1#.M 
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mm qftha country; " Mr^ Iliirin HS««l4 Marim^ud oxpldlm toam vf Ibo o1iiirvlrr|ftU» 
of thDcOUinol. — XVlt- Mr Ldvui aurifrltd MtiUn br hJ* crltlcltDi uf AAuticn; tbty 
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^I)c €l)imes. 


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THMttkciMOdil or theChriitmubookf, VH bnmitbt ddI In ISH bf Uradtnrjr 
•ndEruu. It iriu IllminiiRl HlIliit(Viiii(i>|>l«wiiuil UUd du atMl 1))' Daniel U»- 
(llw. and with ««>odwt> dam ilnwliv> tf Joba LaMh, Klaliu4 Dofit, uid 
dttktoD 8tua«ld. 


Bowtey, Lady. Wif« to SirJoseph Bowlej; « very sl&leljrladj. 

(9d quarter.) 
Bowleiy, Master. Her *oa, * little gentleman aged tvslve. 

(ad (juarU'.r.) 

Bowley, Sir Joseph. An old and very >tal«l]r gentlenun, who 
U a mcinlii-r of parlUmunt. and Kba prid<d himself upun being (he 
"poor iqiiu'b Iriund and lather." Tlia poor miin in his iliitrirt 
be cuiiitid«r9 his butiiDesM. " I eudeiivor." he sujtb, " to udiicute hU 
miad by iDL-uIcnEitig on all occ:uioiia the one great moral lesson 
wbich that I'loss rc<{U*ires; that is, cnlii'c dcprndcnte on myselil 
(2d. 3d i|uart<^f.) 

OhiokeQstalker, Mrs. Anne. A (tout old lady, Icoeper of * 
(hop " in Uio line," who, Toby Vttk dreams, is inumed to 
Tugby. Sir Jo-eph Bowlcy's porlur. (20, 4th ijiurter.) 

Cute, Aldermao. A pkin mun uud a pnictleal tuaii ; mi eiuy, af* 
fable, joking, knowin'j IVllow, up 'o every thing, nnit oot Ui be Im- 
pOMd on 1 one nho unilent.ind* the common people, and has not 
tbe Icut dilBcully in dealing nilii the n. Being a 'iwtJeo, he think* 


Eit Dfcktn* IBI(t[oB«Tj. 

b(.-r*D "pot down "amy thing amonu " tlii* sort of people." and u 
^i9 :ilwiii, pulling ilovrii Uic nonst'iiae tliat U l»1ki«l abuut want, 
mid Uiif u^intiu TuguQ iiliuut ^ta^raljo□; and ilMlArcslii» icitciilloK 
of [lutting dowu diiftrugs«d wivca, btjf» wllliout iiliocs and iUKkr 
blg^ wa[iileriiL>; mutlicrg, and lTid««jJ all young iiiollii^iv of nil sorM 
anil kinil*, all gick perwofl and young ohiUrcn ; an<i. if iht^m bona 
tiling nn which he onn hn said to linvu mndu up his iiiind more lliaa 
on nnolhrr, It la to pit Euicidc doivn. Under thii nnmu Mr. l)iclc 
ona K'lu'ilii^d Sir P^icr Laurie, ft wualihy Scotch saddler rciidinit 
it liondoii. who vits knigbtud in 1823 on buinit appodnU-d shisrifTot 
LonduQ iiud Midilk-wz. and who wiui cliuseii aldt-rtuan from A]derv- 
l^ate in 18!6, and wm olvetod lord-mayor tn ISSt. Sir Pel4^ «M 
a giirrulijiia and ofHcioiii niagiatrnt«, ttcvera Id bis Iri^alntunt of tho 
poor, and iu this habit of thtvateulo;; lo put dowu want, vagaboud- 
agL-, »uic!dts and the like, auioiig (hem. (lut, Sd quarter.) 

Fern, Lilian. An orphan; nieoe tf. Will Fnrn. (3d -4 th quarter.) 

Pern, Will. A poor but honest niiin, who only wants " to live Uku 
imn of tho Almighty'n cniolur*," but ha* a bad name, and can *t. 
(id— 1th quarter.) 

filer, Mr. A ion-spirited gcntlcmnn of middle age, of % mcn^ 
h.-ibit and a diseonsoUle fn««, full of facta and figitrm, and rr.i'ly to 
pruvv any thing by talili's; a frii'iid of Alderman C'ul«'a. (IgI, 3d 

Vi^h, Mr. Confidential werotary to Sir Jum-pb Bowley. (3d, 3>J 

Lilian. See Ferx. Liliak. 

Richard. A handsome, well-madu, powerful young nulth, enfjoged 
lo jMeg Veck. (Ul, SH, 4tli qiiitrtcr.) 

Tugby. I*orlcr lo Sir Jowiph Bowley ; aflerwanls married, aa 
Toby Vock druam*, to Mm. C'hickenat^lklT. (Sd, 4th qaarl«r.) 

Veck, Margaret or Meg. 'I'oby Vcck'a daughter, (lit— ttb 


Veok, Toby, calUd Trotty from hia paeu, " whiob meant (pcod, 
T it did u'l make it." A tivkel-porter. 

A wtftk. ■mall, si-are old ifun. Iiv "tw a tfrf [|(>roulH>L, thlt Tobf , Id bic 
grton Intfnilone, lie loved looarn Titi moatf. lift if«li|^i(od iab«]Ecv« — .Tob* 
wai ver; iwor. nud could b'l iriiU nflunl lo pari irlUi n dvll|[hl — tUr* hi iru 
wiirtli till im)!. With a >liltlliii[ or «D r1|[liiivn-prnnj mMtssn or tmftil giuvn 
In hand, lilt oiuiaxe. alwayi lilKh. raic higher. At lie irollcd on, hn would ttll 
out ID fail imktuivq ulinLd nf hJrnlo gat uvi of thn tny, drToulJy bi*Urrln2 
that. laltwK-ualooBrMi'taiiifs, he mnit IneTlHIilr oi-rukr and nn ibea 

Cbt Cblmtt. 


down i and tic liiid jicribct (UIli — i)<il OfUo toiled — In hli being able to ewTT 
tny Uilug llial dibu couM lin. 

Tobv hnx a tT>^»I liking for the beUs in ibc church ncni hU ilalton. 

Dtfinir bnl ■ iLai5jlciniinp he tiir«t«vl Ihom wUIi m ilniijEV and lolL^mii ohitrio- 
Ht. Tlivy were la nijitcrliim t<,ni-a ticird. iiuil uoir leuu). i<i high up. m te 
off. Id full Of lUBb ■ deep, ilrong mrlodT. tbu he rrgnrdpd iliem wUh ■ •]>■ :lN 
df >we; uid lomeliun. wlien he luaked up M llie dark ludinl wladowi In lb* 
lOHCr, 1i« IjMir rx(H^:tvit If) be lH-ck»(u'd iij hy Juimt^thleg whlcU wu nut A btU| 
■iiri ]->i nil nhBl lie licard bu iidca kouuiIIdk lii ilie ehlmn, Forall Ihli. Ti>t>7 
fooutf*! Willi luilijfimiion a certain flying ninior ihiLL (be vbLmei ven huinteij. 
u loplyliig Ib« iHiiilbllllyudtivlr bcLiig cuudcbU'iI nlih mnj-nll thiug. In abort. 
(bef »rr« iiry iin«n la \i\-tttn, tnd iiryoneii Id hit Ihoughli, but •IvtKyii la bit 
good opinloa ; ftod be >'cry titica ggt euoh * orlckla bis neokby lUrlng. vUU 1U> 
mouUi uldc H)!''"- ■■ 'b' ■lci>i>l>: »her« Itaa^ buug, Ihtl be wu blu to Uk* la •>■ 
trs Irat or two uDTrwinli lo suit it. 

On Ev«, Tnb^ fitlls ftslovp by the 6r«i,ide, while ltsiI- 
ing n ncmpnpL-r, and drcnmx tlint hi! ii collod by tho chimes, nud 
•o t;o«8 up Into iho uliiitvh-to<r«r, whleh hi> find* peoplod by dirnrf 
pbnnl<ini*, •[liritH, cllin crr.itunm of the boU^ of all ■>p«eu^ th«p«<^ 
dlkraclon, niul iKcupstUona. As h« ^'ns«^ the (pectKa dl«Apj>etir, 
and h« *ee« in «Tpr}' bell » bca^]ud Tigiirvs, rnvgiirri'iiiH »Dd nwfil, of 
the bulk and Maturo of th« bi'-il, — n,t once a D^'iirn nnd the bell Itself. 
The Grcnt Bell, or die (loblin of the (!rcnt licll, bftcr nmiguiog 
Iiim for mudrv inslaneoi of wroiia-dcnnit puW bltn in chnrgo of tbe 
Spirit of Oui Cbiuioa, u titlld (Jiild. vho »hows him vnrioua scirron- 
fu] Kuui's of tliu future, tbu acton In which ho kIlUw^ aud boriu 
of whom mo very ami dear in him. But nil these K-cueF pcJut 
tbn aamc mornl, — "that wc must trmt itnd hnpp, nnd iieiibfr ilniibt 
eunwlvcs, nor the good In one nnothtr." And when Toby brcKks tbo 
«pctl tbitC binds him, nnd wak<i9 uji suiidunly with a lenp thnl bringa 
him upon his fuet, he b bcsido hiai.TClf with joy to lind that tho 
[bimi's are merrily ringing in the Nuw Year, and tint all tho rin 
BnO Ebiimo and suflurin^ a,ail (tcsperation whicli he hsa vrltuMtod 
u but the biuale^f Hubric of » vision. Tha lesson is not rorgotten, 
howewjT, tMii the Nc« Te*.' Ji mode All the bapjuer by hii troiiblml 

^I)c iSrickct on tl)c IJcartl). 


PCBUHRRD In IW, Inurfbfd to Lord Jettrtj, and llluitraMd wllb a (ToDtl* 
fieet will Utle|>iij{c by Mnfllir. knd vMhIodU rrom dnwinga bj Doj'lf, 1>«ll| 
CluliiuD. Klaiiauld, Bud [.siidici'r. 

Tbe (loi? Iikra III nimn ftom Ibe igiiklnl dpHTlptlon vrltli whinh It npf dh, iif 
a mMoli or trial or (kill. In die oatr bume of an EdkUiIi carrier, brlwocn lli< 
Ita-kttllv and a i^rldiat. In which thn latU'r j^afiia tUt rtotory. ■- To have a orldm 
<iD Ilio hcarlU." Dot, the carrier'* hUV, tcUi her huibind, ■' U the ludilstl tlilni 


Boxor. John Pctrybingle'a Aaz- (Chirp l»t~3i].) 

Dot. See PKEiiYniKCLE, Slits. Mary. 

Fielding, May. A friend of Mr;. Ptterybinglc**. She is oror- 
porBuiuk'd into eotuenlitig lo iifstow her hnnd upon T«J(Ieti>n, a 
surJy. fordiil, grloiliri^uld uiiui ; but, on tliu uiurnmg oftlio A»,y ap- 
puiutoil i<M the viiiildirif,', sLo iiistrriee EdwjinJ Pluuitii<-r, s f^irmpr 
lovBf, who siiii[ienly rciiimi nftur a loDg aiiscnce, niiil whom she 
has bc'lii^Tnl to Iw deai]. (Chirp Sd, Stl.) 

Welding, Mrs. Ucr motlicr; n Ititlo. ijiipmlauB chip of *n aid 
ludy triiJi :i p«tivi«li lute, atiil ii musl triiDW!t'ii<liL'nt fi^it^ (in right 
of haviii;; pii-'jiTvi'd a wiilsl like » boJiJO-t). Siii' is titjt o;vat««( 
iLD<l i»urorii?,in^, in i.-i>iiw<]ui.'oeool'h.ivin'.:oiicp hwn belWrcdT, orof 
laboring tinder nn imprpuiion thiitiJw' mi^hth.ivo bnon. if*onnilliin™ 
lind happened (in the indigo-lmdc) whioh ncTor did happen, dud 
suuniL-dto have nercr l»cen pardculnrljr Itkniy to hsppi^n. (Chirp 
■Jd, »d.) 

Peerybmgle, John. A large, Mwdy man, much older than hi* 
yrilv, but " Uio bvit, tlic miMt mnKideraU), the ibmi alTvctiooatc, of 
liatlMiidj " to htr. (Chirp Int-Sd.) 

B* wM oRan nmr lo Mini*ihln| or «(h(* tary derer. t? bti ewa anniiBti 
tliU tiimtHTlne. iMw, linnv^I Jolm: iliii Jobn lo lirnr)'. Inil ■» lljlit uf (plrlt; 
to 1-011(1] upon (lie luttaec, but ao gcuUa at tbo curr; m iltil! irliboiit. to quick 
wHbln; •oHallJ.bMl iog(ii»l! O moilm XiiurpI jilvc iby oLiIldri'ii ihn irn* 
piMtrr uT hnut thiu hlil lurlf In thlt poor arrlcr'i bri'iui. — Ii* ■» but • 
mrrln, bjihr w>;.~iin(l w« can bear lu Imtd llirm tidklu|[prui>*, and iouUag 
llie4of proK. and t»»r loblu" llir« fjr llwlreompnij'. 

Peerrbiiigle, Mrs. Mary. calUd Dot fW>ni her tiuull oito. Uin 
wifis n t'luuuiiug young woman, witii a rtay iloll of n hftbv. (Chirp 

Flummer, Caleb. A poor ta/mak«r la the «iiip|q]r of Tackldton ; 

a spare, clg'ectcd, ihoiightftil, gray-halroJ old maB> wholly duvotml 

to liii iilind daiijbler. (Chirp lsl-3d.) 
Plummer, Bertha. Ilia cl.iughwr. a blind girl. With her Father, 

«hc ltv«i iu " » Ullle cnivkod uulnhell of a wuoden hou*e, , . . 

ptDok to litt prcmbM or GrtilT und Tack]«(OD lik« • b*rniic!n to a 

Oup'a k«el." 

I lurr«u[d lliat Calfb and lili poor Mind (laughter I lied h*m. Iibouldbare 

aaJd tbat Cal«ibtlT*4lhiin-, iitil hlfl piiorbNnJ dauf hlitr tninrwlivri? rf», — Id an 
cnohanlcd bomc of Calob's fiirnltlilnjc, v tivrv scarvlty in'l ihabblupBi w*n nol, 
and InJUblc ncvf r enlrrcd. Caleb wai uo totfervr, but In (he oaiy mailn an 
ibal <IEII rrinii]i)i(4tri,-^Thvtnaj|loordnraMd, dc4ibl<iHlurp- Nature bod been 
the mlalrvti of bb ttudr; ami from hc/tMObinjf all Ibe wonder uoic. 

Tbe blind Kirl ucrer knew tbalccllJugi Hcrodlioulorcd; walli Muidird, and 
bftrnofplulctr hvm uiulMtiirr; bi£licT#rlcviiuni1i»pp<uUand ^TEibtijkn|;irTi^ry daj; 
bc«m> mouldprioit, and IrndlnK donnicard. Thp blind (III nvirr kacw ilial 
Iran wai ruillii^. wood [oiiluR. paiMr |>cclluf ulT: Ihe tlic aud ibupc. aiKl imi> 
prnpi>rtlan Uf (be dt*(^TUnjr. vrttberlnf awax^ I'be Mind girl neri'r iLncw- that 
ufly ^]iap« of deir aod rurfbrnwafr varo on iho board; (ba( florrotr and faint- 
bi'uritdneuwerclB ttic houic; thatOdcb'* MUtf hair* were (nrnlnji itr»><ir 
and miire gray b°fora her alKlilIra* (kce. ThaUlMltlH snarknew (he/ hod 
a DiBilfr culd, PKactlUK. niid untnleii»lvd ; Hiw tsnr Uitt Tadklvlon wai 
TiKkle(oa. In Phori. bm llfud in iZie bvUi?r of an cocentrlo humori'i, who loved 
lu liarp lil> Jiul Willi Ilii-m. mid who, itldle lie ua> (lie guardian angel of Ihaii 
UvM, diidnlnf^d to hear nni^ wtrdt't (hankfnltm^- 

And nil rt^ Caleb'* dolnit; all the clolnxof bcr aLinpte fhtbar I 

'Ilia ci)ns(.ijui^tiet)of thi!! wi'll-uiL-Mut [ml il)-judj^vd (leoeplioB il, 
that Bertha cotsitM wcn-tly to lovo Tavklcton wllh unopeakabte nf 
fection aad gratitude, and h atarly hcart-bnikon on linding that Ita 
meuns to marry M,iy Fialdbg. ThUccunpclii hnr father to tl^ll hrr 
■uL- Irutb ; to coof^ that he jm altered object*, chnnjC'd ihf chnr 
\Slian of pooplfs Invented Rmnjr thing* that never harr oi>eii, W 



et* Sl(c&tn> BUttaniTji. 

make Ler fauppler. Hie iiliodt (o ber M>n»itJTe naturfl I* great ; tw* 
InslMkd of losing Iter <'oiiiidenco in him, tiic cling* to bim nil tht 
more clowl/. and chRrish(v< bim all ibc more dcToUu)!/, for hi« iono 
cent docolt, ipringing from motivM ao pure and utmelfiib. (Chirp 
9d. 8d.) 

Lovely a* tbo cbornctcr of BcnhA i), it ctuinot t>« Kud to ba 
tmtt U> nuCitro; unJ iIum^- ii iiiu(^hjiuitj(.>0 Ln th« (aiitiw'aig critioitni 
from Tlii; LunJuu "TiintMi;" — 

"SOiMr. Rickimi.kniKiiUidBllndinulw]. ICii]itfilMU«ttio>pini]fraHi>.nwnlfBllx 
Nrvoftboned ^PpjvldtticeiomikDaniDiidt^MheDiieinmQndoiuiteiirtvtiicinH Tb« 
JfiCWrr of UlA I>I]D(1n4il tbo Jllhlni tbr rannf UipEiUmt — Iha aRlirVlJi4lN)TdDl»— ■•* 
lb* frt«ni1I<r viilcor ^r>nj( tiPA>ra 7011 of I, uvuii iitiUB(tiE*i'uuLJ>UiL|foiiuvAtUiDilir«tauld. 
WOOld r^D bBivfi* rif[[rTc* tlijitlanclli fHllHf i iHurlnir. r'*iTLnlnMt fcf ImmTyrrar* tor- 
pid tod 4<^ [II iha kcn»liEvecrpanmwluanrOiili*vmiKilkLl i>7 7iiur jivrvi-r^iF^B? w* 
MlJ'OQ-iuMlDoLirlEhDUlfftKhJ wMTftnt for t h t w faont Um tut ta^ti JEflni:, JnmtiinTtnmt 
or tiualtf.liv po^etio lUp uii tb« avflCiafla ihron^ wbjpb kiii>Klcdv<< ni^hM luib* 
ma] at a paar lcii]L}cahi dtpnvnt uf »l£bi. Buitu, br your □*-□ account, bi^ miic^ lb 
the vofld: btid t4Jkt<l wlHlf. ud OTen pnilbundlj. on *batnue nuuon; kbv war1u4 
wEtb brr J^ibfr ; tbo knaw oTVfr tnj* In lb* mm. uul whnn Id Hvt 11, cqeI bvw la 
niAiBtl: «bD ub In daily IntcrooarH with Uiwc wbo 1iQ««lh4 ob«nclcror TuUfr 
Ion. 4iid vbDci)nknnflMm(r]lb frpnltmi. And rtt yon jut ubIu bcllfrta tlut IbU rDtma 
JtiB, lU fHJiuji fltjd ptr<^i;;ji}i>ri. never knew tbit w^ili w«rD bti>tch«d. and baF« of pul- 
ler iii-i* «Dd iberoL ib4l l^>n n*rniirnp, vnoii tattiDtfti4[>pr pppUnvfllTi ibftiHmw 
■uul nUnl-btihrlAdufB khfu In Ibn Ihxuc; tUnl tUPr Uihl A iiiwljor cold, c]^ 

Plttmmer, Edward. Son lo Calob, ftod brolLer to Benbti Flum- 
mt^r. AfUr a long ali^'nce in tbc- " Gol(l(^n South Americas," he 
rcturni to oioim Iho linnd of May Finldin^, to whom he liad been 
engagei) before Icnving boRtc. Uuiring. nrbun twenty miles Kw*j, 
iLut she bus proved filau to him. and is about lo many olJ Tacklo- 
ton, he disgulse-i bimeelf as an old lunu, for thu uakv of obwrving 
Awl jud<;iDg fur himwlf, in orilor to ^-ot ftC tbo rea. and exaut Irutli. 
lie mnkea himself knovn to Mrs. Peerybingic (" Dot"), "ho ad- 
vises him to keep bin decrct closu, and not eVKa to let Mr. I'ccry. 
binglo know it, ho being much loo opvu iu bb suture, nod too clumny 
in all artifice, to keep it fur him. Sbe aln offcn to sound bis vweet 
heart, and lo go between tbeoii and bring them togotlier, which dia 
does, and has the ploatim of Moln^ them married, and of oxpnw*- 
ing a hope that Tnckleton niny die a bacholof. iler mndintjoa, 
however, becomen knovn, in pitrt, to ber huabtud. v,-bo luisconntraet 
bur actiaus, and suspecti her of being untrue lo himself. But in tliQ 
end every thing is satisfactorily explained, anil ovurybudy is made 
happy; while even the kettle huou for Joy, and (he cricket joins tb« 
nuslo witli iW " Chirp, chirp, chirp." (Chirp Isl-Sd.) 



Stt Ccfcktl an tbt JQodt- 

Uowbo;, TiUp. Mm. Pocrybiu^lu'* nurtny-mali] ; a giv^t, 
cluinay girl, who !« very apt to hold tlio baby top»y-liirvy. Mid who 

hn» n habit nf imi'hnoiRally roprodaring. for H* cnU-rlaiomeut, 
•irnps of current i;onv(!r»iilion, with n!l the nt-tito irtnickoiit of theiu, 
auii all ihH noiiiu chnti[;e<l into tbu plurnl auniber. ai nbuii she 
Mks " W'a* il GriiffB and Tiickk'tous tin.- loy-iuiikor", then ? " and 
'• WoiiUl it crtll lit pMtry-tookt for wijiidiHi-^iikes? " ati<l " IMd it* 
IBOthera know the boxM whvn \U fatbora brought tbcm bomo.'' 
nn<! so on. (Chirp lst~3d.] 
Tsokleton, cailaj Ghxtff and Tacki.icton. A l^y-raurcbant, 
(tern, iU-naluivd, and aarcnsUc, with one vyc nlwoyit widu opi-n, «nd 
OOe <Tyii nearly shut. 

Cniui|H3d anit channel In Ihv pMMHblu fiannlt of tnr>maklii|i. bo wu ft do- 
nifillti (itr*. who bail br«ii llrlnjt on cli1ldn>n all hti ltn>, bikI wu tliplr ImplB 
cablOfncmy. tf r dofplted ■]! ta>« ; would u'l Imvo boiijrht ono for (hnwnrtit; 
dcligtlleil. Ill iili uuilicc. lo laiiuuua (['^■■> xiiikuIuio IdIu >I>o tlina of brown 
pap«r flirjQ4-n m-fio iLrovr pipi lo mark^-l, bcllmirn who intTr-nlafL Iti^t Idwjcri^ 
ConidcDC*** movBbbia old fodle* who ftum^l itocLluc* ornrvrd plr^. aiiclotlitT 
like lamphM Ofhla (look In trudu. In ii|>|iAlllii|r maiki. Iiltlcoui. bull)'. rcd-vrni 
Julji In bOKU, itmaipira kitB», dcuiunliiail tumbtrri wliu kovIiI ii'l He ilowii. 
■nd wotQ perpetually flytnfc forward to lUvv U\fxtii& ouc of «>unlciubn>r hlB 
■oat perfecE-ljr rvvvLlud. Tlioyttisra Ulnoblx rrLJL^f ^ndHlfttjr-VAlre. 

AAcr the nuim«2o of bis betrothed, May Fielding:, lo Edward 

Plnmiocr (svc ubovc), he turna his dianppointment to good aucmml 

by refoivtDg Ihi^Dcelurth to be, itnd by nctually bccoraing, a pl«MUiti 

hearty, kind, and h^py nuuk (Chirp l(t-Sd.) 

aEI)£ Battle of £ift. 


runii^iIKi) Id ism, nllti ■ fronlliplm and Mllppagi cncrmTsd on wood, Ittm 
Iriwiugi by llAclliP. aiiil nrllU wouikuU liiiirlid ia Iht IcxI, Iratn tmlpti tij 


Britain, Benjamin, eulUd Littlb ItRiTAtN. A amall man with 
nn iincomiiiiinly until' n-nA tliscnntcnleil fice; servant to Doctor J**!- 
dliir, afUirwanlH liuflbiind of Ck'iiiCHi'y Ni'wcoiuc, and lanillord of 
Ihd Kiitmcc Grater Inn. Hn ^ivcii ihiii summary of hlii "icDAml 
condition: " I don't know any thine; I don't care for nny tliin:;; 
I don't make out any thing ; I don't bvliuia any tiling; nod I 
don't want iiny thing," (Part 1-3.) 

Cragffa, Mr. Thomas. La«-piirtn«r of Jonatluui Sutcbej'. Ba 
Weill* t") bo r\'pn.'HtiriwO by Siiilohey, and to be toom-iou* of llttl» 
or r\'i sfpnrale txiil'.'ni.'e ur personal individuality. (Part 1, 3.) 

Craggs. Mrs. Uia wife. (P.irl 2.) 

Hoathflsld, Alfred. A young mcilica! atiidoot; n ward of Doe- 
tor Jc'ddk-r's, imii ungngod to his younger danshttr Marion, On 
coming of age, lie starts on a ihnH.'-yoars* tour amon;; the forvlga 
K'hooU of lUodlL-lne, In (bo very hoiir of hia return, Uarluii flees 
from home, eloping, as It xt siippmed, with a yoiiii^ hftiikriipt nncnod 
Mlchs'-l Wafdnn. Afti^r a time, her cldiT sitWr Gnieo IweoiDCa 
AllVod's wife ; and it finiilly transpires that M.irlon, though decpljr 
lovinj him, discovers thnt Grace also loves Iiiin, and. citeinina hcwvtf 
to bo lesa worthy of «u<Ji a husband, saeriliees her own b»pplne.-« to 
insure her liitcr'i. But, instuad tif elopinj; "itii younn Wiirden, ibe 
retires to an aunl'9, who liTtts nt a ditit.-iiice. where sh« remains W> 
eluded until after Iter Water's marriage has taken pliieo. (Pari 1-S.) 

Jeddler, Dootor Anthony. A great philosopher, the heart and 



eUt UatlU nt Ifft. 


Bj-iltfry of wliow philoaupliy U to louk upon tbu wortil ut a g{- 
gnniie pnciical jok•^ or as MniolbiTi;; (uo itbtiinl lo b« citn«l(]«r«c] 
leirionsly by any praciical man. But the low of his ftivorit<i <lnni;h- 
tCT, ■■ ibc BliM-acn of onn litllc unit in Uie gmat nh«iiril wcoiint," 
rtiikc!! btin to Hip ptrnnd, and tbnwi him how fcrioiiii Uic world U, 
"in which mmn love, dvcp-anchorcd, i* Iha portion of all Uumaa 
iTtalupp*." (Part 1-3.) 

jAddler. Oraoe. Hia uldisr daughter; nurritsd k> AlbvA Heath- 
floM. (I'jirt 1-3.) ^'K HEATiirtELD, Alfred. 

Jeddler, Marioa. Hi* yonn^r daughter. (Piut l-S.) St* 
IlKATirriKLt) (AwKEP), Wardbs {Michakl). 

Mortliai Atmt. Si^icr to Di)rt.(r Jcddlcr. [rnrt I.) 

KsWOOme, Clemeacy. Servant w Doctor Jcddlor; oAcrword* 
DMirivd Ui Bonjamin Britain. (Port t-3.) 

fllHi wMibmii lliliti-ffan aid, anil hmT a imlBarBiiHT pInBy «ad th—rftil liitt, 
bat ibeciirurillniU'r lioniDlJiint of licr khU xid maanar would ha»*D|>crtcd*4 
any (ace In the worlit. Ti> nay Ihac aIio liwl two liJk lip, and ■■c>imibiKly ■)■■«'< 
•naiiaadtbalalirauTlliabt iccmvt to ba out of Joint, and lo alart rrom pot- 
fhstlj wroDgpUoeA wbrtnClivr vitniflotJmaollon.^lataoSbrUkPinllJirtl oulUa* 
of tba Ttallif. To rnj ttue ihe wv prriMtlircotHnit and niiafltvl *iih ihi<»i> 
anaiiceuiEUi:. nnd rogarjcd tlinia ai bebig aa builnoii of bun: and ilmi iha 
trtfJk hairartiia unci lug* a^ Uiar cwnc. Md itllowrd Ihnm tit<IJvpfiii<»of Ihnm^i-Ivei 
|uit « U liaiJiH*[iftd) — [4TO render t^rutJfiillHIo IticE/ etjuamlmltr. Ilf-r 4rv^9 
wat « (I'lUliKioi" iiairuf mjlf-irllli'il tliiMH thai wm »»iitii4 lu go tiLnTc bT 
A«twt]iit. bliii? Klix-kliign, aprlni'd p>wii ipfma^ivfVilnM andthrrqi^I IiltlKmi 
pnKernprtt^uriblvfbrnionojH nndawlilEcaproTi. filinalwayf norp4lioTtiIv*Trp, 
■lid alnari bad. b)> ioiaii ucuMciii. graud clbuwi. in wbicli liis took lo liTcIyu) 
InUnvt* llutt "li« HUM Dnnltimatly Iryloj to rum thain ruund aud gc't LriipoiiSlfTa 
Ttevaof Ibcm, Id fiirral, allitl? npp?rohi>d eomcvhrri' on hPrh'^l^itwvth 
It vrai rarflf to be mrt wUb In thv jAae^ uanallf occupied In other ifibjeot* by 
that artlda of divaa ; bi^r trom Iwjui rn (tn>t fUo ura^ kcrupitlotnly elcnn, and 
malniatnM a klQ<1 of dltlnoutcd UdlDnno. Indrxxl, her lauiUliln nnxliit.y in ba 
tSdy and OHiii^acr. In 1ii-r uifuconiclenco. u well tu In tbe public cyr. ffnTOrlra 
tooopor ■■■tr miivt ■ntrlllng i^TMlnilndi. wbicli vtn* la gra>ft licrtnlf toiaoElmvii 
liy ■ fort of wnodrn hanillu (pari nt linr «lnlhln|[, and AtmllUrty cilli"la bmkl 
aodirtmlo.u It wm, wltli bcr gomiiau. uuU tlipyRIl lala a ariimiiitrlMl aI^ 

Snltche?, JoDRthan. Law-pnrtnorof Tliuiiia! CrBj-gs. (Partl-t.) 

Snitchey, Mrs. Hi" wiff. (Piiri S.) 

Wurdea, Miohael. A client of M*«tr«. Snik'lji'y luid Crn-tsB i a 
man of thirty yrho bus suim a good many wJIcl oat*, an<l find* bis 
air^dnt to tte Ld a bad way In conseqiinnpp. IIr rnppntu, liowevor, 
Uiil refomui and finally marnca Marion Joddlcr, wbom ha luu long 
lovod. (Pnri a, y) 


IDombtQ aub &axL 

Ob Ibr nnt cl Oatobcr, ISW. Uaiin. Bradbur/ &nil Son iuiud tbe flnt noia- 
ict of a now ifrlal uotvl, uoilDrlllii tlUo uf "IWalluga irlUi lUo Finn of Donibty 
ud Son, yrboJntlf, lEitaU. BUd ftir BlporUUlin." ICMb pirt wu lllunm(4 
*llh tirocDi^viDgi oa ttct\ bf HMnt K. Brawns C'Plili")' Tlie publicwjan 
of tliP work °xlrnilnl orvr Ivrpnty maDtliii and on It* CDni[ilotloii. In l(K8. Itwu 
brouKlit oal Id > ([uilo ocuvd talumiv and WM " Dodlwted witb ||r»l HUem to 


Anne. A houtomnid nt Mr. Dombey's, bdoved hj TowlinMti, tlM 
fiioUiian. (Cii. xviji. xxiX, xxsv, !ix,) 

Bagstock, Mnjor Joseph. A roliiril army oIEcct, noad«ii< 
Tfulim"! itixl Uui.'-lWeil, wiili liia vyuv tturtiug out of liin ImaiL. 
lie ia a nci;^Lbor vf Miss Tox, betwecD whom anil Limseif Ml 
occaaional inUrchnnge of ncwppapi'rs anA pamphlets, nod the Uln 
Platonic dailinnce. b ciTuctcd tliroagb the medium of k dark aa^ 
vnnt of thi! mnjor's, whom Misa Tox ia content to deiignuti: u « 
" nnlivc," irilhout councctin;; biui with auy gi-o^-raptiical ithuitiu^ 

AlUioDnh Mnjor lli||>li>ck had arrirvdat what li calkd in pullt* lltantHi* 
QO erand niDriitliin nf linv.nnil wu pmcivdinjc on hig Jqariiir •litm lilU with 
'.ardlr any iliiaal, and a verj' rluld paitof Jmbonci. and laD|{'dap;Md clpphaa> 

.tut <^rH. niid 1i3ji nya^ auil n>iu]>Trx!<iti hi llm vTulu uf a'lifliridtttxf^lf^uivulal- 
Icaily mcnlloDdl. tip wu tiilglull^ punid ofatraki'iiIiiK an lnlTiT>t In Ml<i Tnx, 
and litlilcd li[i vanfiy wlfhtlio flcifon Uiat ihc >»ihj a iplcndfd woman, vboha 
b^r*vi*An Khn, TIiEa Iiu hvl ■f^rrrul Iiin(<> fiinh<d al Ilia rjijb. likciiituvcrlaa | 
wlib lltili? JwnlarltiM, of wlildi old JO" Uat-lool:, olcr Jnt-j Jtnjtiiiirk, nld J 
Da^ lock- bid Joih. Botfilock. or to forih. wa> [he per pf mil (licmc; Ii belAfi 
a< U vrm. ihn mi^air'i ilTDnflinld and danjuu.k*(>p of llgUl liuuwr lo b* «■ IM 
■Ml familEai ivrrDn wlib tJi own uma. 


Bodtbrj anB SS»tL 

"jMft.tllr.'lhtnajaTwaiMar- with ■flourlili of Iiln intlkiag-Mlat. " It 
tmtll a doien of youT If you lind a tm norr uf Ilir ling-Tnrk )iri-ri] imimK 
foa, lir, foa 'A be none ilit ttouc for 11. Old Joe. di, utfd n't I'wt (in (Vir a 
vlft, vt*n nw,{f hv wai on Ihv tncikmit: bui hv*4 Uunl-lih'Urlrd. lir, Lf Jd« 
beHtan^-h, ilr. — longh, anil do-TlUih ilf I " After lurb ai1i<rl>riii>on, wlinv 
Iu( •ouiiili 11'iulil be liFaiili nuil ihc umjor't bluo would tl«[H!a Inla puipl*, 
■hill' Lilrirjim alrninisl nnilf ciuli'dcnitvuUli-flj. . . . 

Aliit III MIti Toi.u II appcDirtI, hjgolliln>,~- gmliMlj liitgcii him. lilh* 
bcj(aa to firfi^ci lilm loou dn^r hct dLtoavcry of tha Toodlc funilj; the eon- 
tioaH] Uifur^l bim irji lo (ho llin« uf (lioetirf>[rnliig; '(10 HPnl »ii roriii^nlBg 
blm witb oonipnond Iiilrmt nliri Ibat. SoinnUilDg or ■omrbud;' bu) >uti*r^ 
M4A<thtmu A lourco of luicrcii. 

"(ioud-iuaiiiiiif.nii'ainl" inld Iliu niiiior. aiufUuR Ulii Tux la PriooMi^ 
11k*. •atnii nrrkii tflvr llir cbanj|F< clirooMrd In Itac laal <ti*ptai. 

" Good'Tjioriiinf . ■[r," aald Ul>i Tox iciy coldly. 

"JoDltagiiiK^k. (iia'iiu." ubHTiul Iboimijor wtUi lili uiu]d K»t1>i>try, " liM 
BOt bad Ihv bspplni'iK of boirins In jtu al ;aur trlmluw f"r » <u>ii>MFrabta 
period. Joe ba> bccD batdly u>«l. ma'am. Uli lun Iim been bcldnd a 

MIm Tin Inclined birr bnad, but itnj ooldlf lodml, 

"Joe'i Juoilaai)' ha* boon out ot lorn, ma'aai, porb^>a," Uululrcd Iba 

" t out of roira T Ob, no I I bar* notbtmoulof towD.'*nldHI»Tax- "1 

bv* bran mucli (irgafct'il )al«'l;r. Vy tlino It naarly all dorotfld tu touio tery 
InllmiilF frinuln. I am afraid 1 biTB Done laiparMircn now. Uood-mDrnlnB. 

Al Ulan Toe. wlib lir^r tntitl tku:lnikilag «Lpp and fttttingp, dlMptwa'cd 
firom rrtnms^ii t'laoc, Ibo mi^or stood looklnjf nftcr licr ivhh a blufr fnrir 
tbanCTtr, tnultPrlui aiid eronlluH aomn uoi al ull ciiuiiillmcniaryrrniBrls. 

** Wb^, dMRimp. ■Irr'nuidTliH ni;tJor. tolJinic hU l»t»ti>«u round aod round 
IMd«»'i L'lncp. and apoatropbiilDfr lu ffajcnuit alr»"6l]t i^onlha ai^i. tiii* 
woiuHii liiird Ibu grouiid Jub Bagmiock walked OD. Wbat '■ lbs mpanlDg 

Tbo major dpddrd, an?r ionic cWTiiidrralton, IhDi li mrcni man.lia|» ; Ihal 
It mnant ploiEinj Andinarini; ; ibat Ulti Tox wu dlsjcln^ pUfaH*. " Uul jim 
won't ml'Xh.Ti>€i,nia^u]]i."iuld ihn j»i^»r. " Jfu'i lifu^b. luVnin : loncb l« J- U ■ 
— lougb loddi^TUlib tlfi " OTvrwIUob rcdgoliun b* obudtlvd ftiriba ml of 

Ilio ntninr bixHiin«i n fiicn^ nail companion of Mr. Dombuj', in* 
troducru liliii to Edith Grun;;crr nnJ Mn~ Sltewton. inil plav« the 
i^rcc.iblo lo [lio iiiuilior, nbilu Mr. D(Jinl)i.'y niukvH love lo iLo 
d^ui'^litor. (CU. vLi, X, XX, xxi, xxvi, xivii, sxxi, xxsvl, xl, li, 
lix. Ix.) 

Bftps, Mr. D^udiig-niutter itt Duclor Bllintwr'a; a vorv grKT* 
gfiitkuiun Willi a ilow ami incftsnrcii ninnncr of njioniing. 
(Cli. xi».) 

Bapa, Mrs, His wife. (Ch. xiv.) 

Bsrinthia, ecdUd Ukwit. Nieco and drndgc to Mn. Pipchin, 


Ebt Bfcktns BlctUaste- 

whom alio regards tu one of (lie mnirt mcrilarioos peiioDi In Ui« 
world. Slic is n gool-iiaturvd spinster of middlo n^^ but pa«srt» 
log .1 gaunt and iron-buuwl usjxMt, tuid tnucb offiic^Ud with boili, 
on her nose. (Ch. riii, xi.) 
Biler. See Toodle, Robix, 
Bitherston, Master. A vhilil boarding at Mrs. Pipchin'a; a boj 

of ai}'Bt(.-ri»us uikI l«rribi« <>X|H.'ricni.-«>. (Ch- *Ui, x, sli, Ix.) 
BlimboT, Doctor. Proprietor of ftn vxpunnlvo privalo boarditiy 
(H-liool fir Ixiyn, at Brighton, ti> which I'.iiil Uombt^y in tent W hi 

Tho doctor wai ■ portljr g«Dtlvauii, In ■ nit cf biMk. with Mrlsf* U hli 
kn»*. ftiid tiocklnf^ below theia. He liikd n bA)4 heA4 hE^bly poZl'littt, « deep 
voEco. and a chin ho rery ciTiobtA that U ni/ut « woi4<lvr ticiw lia evrr luuiiigi'd ro 
(linvolDio Ihu frrt^n. Ur IibiI llki-wi'iMi patfdf Iltilp »)wi ilinlirrn! nln^t 
half ibuf np^ and a mouth tliat wat alwA^t half cjipandod FoLo «£rlntU Ifbn 
(aitd ttiHl nioruflut |>oicd « boy, jtui] wcro wulEiiitf lu i^nuviur liii» ffum tiJa owb 
llpi. . . . Tbff doplnr'nmlkKlui "tatrl)', ■nil »il«iUIrd lulinprpin tlipjutrnii* 
mind iTltli ■olfrmn rttUnjE*. It wim ■ turt of KKkirh ; tint, 9lwu tbo doctor put 
uul Ma right fiii>i. tie gmwl; lurut-d ii|k>ii LiIi axli. villi a >ciul<:lrfular iwccp 
lowtrila flic \rfX : tnA. wlieii lip jiuE out hli Irft UmiI. Up turiiM Jo tbn i-Amv mjLU. 
ncr Ifiwunit Itjp rEj^liE: no lliitl lio «ocei]<hL al every itf Ide he look, to loolt al>out 
htm, )U itiniiffh III' u-i-riTHiiriutf. '^Ci^uuiiybiHly Imve ihe guodoofei tu luiltcaitf 
any >ut))Ml, Id any dirrotlon. on wliicti 1 am iinliiCortniHl r 1 nllin tlilnk 

Wbtarvtr a joun^ KeMleinan wai Ukeii la Itaiid by Doctor Rllmbrr. bg 
mlihl tomldfr himni-lf "iitB of a jimiiy light •iiiHwin, Tbo rtootnr only nndcr- 
look tbo cliiUKe often youDimenileini^D: but lie liad ilirayi Kaily ■ loppty of 
Irarnlnjrfnr.ihunii'nl. on the lowiul Aallmutn; mid It wait M one* tb* bvilovaa 
and dbltjcbt of til? litv to irorj^i ibe uubaiipy (en vltb II. 

In fail. Doctor itUmbi'r'i eiEubliibflient wat a itn^nl liut-liouie. lu tttiicb 
thpni wa tvnlnit appnraiim limHanliT at irorli- All itir bi^yi htint bffor« 
Ihrtrtlme. Uenul (r-pen-pru no* prodncrd at riitlittina*. and iniellcciual 
ai|iaiil||iii all (lie year round. UaibcmaUcal cooieberrlea (lery luur unri loo] 
wvni common Ht III itl II lejy •eaxm*. andfKim mere iprOEiUof buibc.uiujpr Do^ 
lor Ullmber'tcuJtlriilluii. livery dmcrlpl Ion of GrmliaDd l>alln Trj^lBble wai 
KOtotr the ilryeJt (wigi of boyi. under ttae frotllctl clrounutaneet. XaiurewM 
of no oon»nE]ij<'iir-ci ar alL Xo iimtt«r wlint a youn^ jieiitli^inaii wia Inta-iiiM 
to bear. Doctor UlLmber innde hlin brar to p«tlrrn, tumeliuvt or olbcr. 

(Cb. xi, xii, xix, ssir, xli. Is.) 

Bllmber, Mrs. ni» wifo. 

Un-BUmber. . . , was not learned bcrielf; but sbe pretended to bo: and 
that did iiiillu a* wtt. Mie lalil ■( ttinliijt partlei, ibat. If kIik cunlii bar) 
known Cl»rn. she tliausbt nliv cuiild tiavc illuil cuiiiimliol. It wh the steadf 
Juy of tier life to see Uie doctor's yoiinjc jrentleiaen ro out walklni;, unllkti aJ. 
etbot yuuiij; ijcu'leiuen. Id IIi« lartgoit iwiniblc •Ulrl.callars and Iha itlihal |ioa 
tlUii craviii. It WB1 so Dlauli:al. slm aald. 

(Cb. xi,il>, xix, xxlv, x11,li.} 



Blinber, Miss Cornelia. Tho daughter; a allm and gcactdtii 
muid. (C1i. xi. xii, slv, xli, tx.) 

Thcr« wiM na !l|^Ut ooiucntv abonl Utn Blfmlwr, &he kept litr half tbvtt 
und raf^p^ hueI wifw aficVnEicftv. Hhv wim ilrir and •uiidy wUli vrorkt^i la 
Ibv icri'** o'' drcviiipil JHiTiuagcm Xono i>f yovr ll'< UtvuiRD for MM 
Blluitirt- Tbcf muil be dead. — <loa« if»i; ■ud ttiio Ulii tlllmDer du^ tliim 
up l<ti> > irtaniiL 

Blockitt, Mrs. Mm. IJombc}-'* DurM; n limpcring picca of fjidi:d 
^■i-niiiiiy. (Cb. i.) 

Bolcum, Mrs. A friend of Mrs. MacSUngers. snil livr briilewtiaid 
VII iliu licL'osioii of hi^r luarrLv^ to Jw-'lc BuaBbir. (Cli> Ix-) 

Brings- A pupil uf Duclgr Bliiutiur'it, iuid, tho room-mxlo uf Paul 
l><Miitjcy. (Ch. xli, xiv, xli, Ix.) 

Srogley, Mr. A sworn broker nnd npprniicr, itnd nccond-liruid fat- 
niliiroiloHliT ; n frJcml of Sol. Gilla. (Ch. iX-) 

BroWD, Alioe, aliat Alick Mauwood. A lumdMunc wgmim af 
flboiit thirty vcnrs uf nsa ; a furmur miptruM of JuuuMt CBrker. 
After suffi-rini; truiBpurtalioii for L'riitio, slio couws back to Eiii;1aad 
Sllcd Willi Bcuru, liatu. duJiaiiCi?, and recklessDMa. (Ch. xxxIUi 
xxxiv, xl, ilvi, Ui. Uii. IriiL) 

BrowD, Mrs., calUJ (fii/ herstlfy Good SIbs. Bjiows'. H-fr luoUior', 
s iKTf u^ly (lid H'uuiau, with rud riui« roiiiiil hor 6ye», aQil a luuulh 
ibst [uuiublod nud L'hnttcrud of tt»ulf whoa sho na« not *p«&kiiig> 
(Ch. I'l, xxvSi, sxsiT, xl, ilvi. Mi, triU.) 

BuDSbjr, Captain Jack. Miiitvrof » vcmgI called "ThoCauiIoiu 
Clara," .ind ik w-irra IHi'ttd of Ca[Jt;ua Cuttlt', who looks up to hiiu n» 
nn oracio, Ft.irinj; that the yubk-I oi] whii-b Ijer frit'O'I \Vailer fiajr 
bn* t^kca )iU3>ii'^u is lo^t, Flarvnri) Doiubvy, Hi'L'utupnuivii bjr hur 
nuid, Siuuu Nlpp«r, goes to Captain Cutilu fur advice. Wulter** 
iii)(,-ti!i Sol GUKit al»o vriymiirhiiistrr^Ki) about hiit ncpliow ;aiid 
ti» captain, being a Mend of nil pnrtics, tries to [i--iiuuro llicaL 
Not bcin^ qiiitn equal to the Oceanian, howuver, be fortunately 
bolhinks liimiclf of Jitric U-msby. 

■' With n-ginll-jolit 5'jl ljlll»," Itinnptdl: bcrjiniu ciktnB, "Who t 'U 
•lAiiil bj. «ul1 uoi Ott^tl until tlcmCj dou uiparl, od nbcD ttie Bioriny wind* 
4a b1i»'. ilu bliiw. iI;ibJoiir.—uvi:rliiiu1 ihe atKoliiiiu." mid Hid enpliilu. pirni' 
IfioticAllr. '-uul tbrrc toil ^!l Hod them ?xjinMi^oDr.-.-1f U wotjld coutok flfll 
GlIU rn bat* Lbv <i]tJrUoii uf ■ m4NuUi|{ IU14U u> bvgul 4 :iiiuJ vjual li^ntijr 
Budrtuklaf itaBi br puit II ii)onf[>iil<i n{. mrl m n-ni nil but ■■nivbxd la liU 
^uvtitlorilili), mud uf whIfU ilic iiiiuv i> Iluiittii. iliai 'fiv mnn iUmII flv< 
bim fudi ftn op^nLctii la ^li" uivii (4rUir ** 11 'lau bliu. Ah f '* AHld ('Hplmlf 
VutOa tiunllligly, " U inuob m if uc 'd (ons uid knoolCHl till b»d cialn • 



Zi* Sickens Blttlgniip. 

Tbcy acnonllngly go to «t« Cnptnln Biin^b)', nitd, undur the pilot- 
■^ of Ca{iUin Cuulc, Ixuinl '' Tlin Cauuoiiii CInr*." 

tamntlKlrtF thin uppNirM, eamlDit tlOKty up abort ihibnlkhw! oTlhe ckbliL 

kDoilicr tfiilkliniil. — hmnMi lUiil lery UrjiD. — nlih oua Mnilnniirf rtn In tin 
in*lio(pin]r fliBH, anil no" rwnlvlnn oiw, im iliv ptinrlflr of ■oms llahtBrnitei 
TtilB hva'l waidMonlodKllh nhiicKr luLf^ lik^ oakum, whkU ba'l no |t"i<trnlii| 
Indiuitiuu (uw«r<3> Ih* ODrlli. ciui, neil. ur •oulli.bul liidliuiil ui aUfljnrijatflDrt 
of flip oompoii. and tt> ctvry point upon |1. The tiond irai TollaivM by n iivrlVst 
Aetcrt oT cliUi, and hy a ■Tiirl-a^llar aud rii^Kcrdikf, and lir a dn>ac)-rioii0]][ jAi'Jb- 
ton, and bi' a pal> nf drnid nniif M ptlnMri>ii>nr4. ithMKoftlic wntilbaad HU 
fu ^'try brfbuil and blg^i, thai It btiunic a iu4T«dancaiD for a wal«la>i1. Mgjl 
Arnaniniilk^] iirj^r rfic wi'tt'iT'i bri-i^Iliofiu wliti tonir nranivo w<»udi-D bu^'on* Ilk* 
liKlitn><i">'»u '""'''< Ailh" liinrr poriloni of llirin puutilooiu bvmmp rFnalcd. 
ttuntbf ttood confpittd; hl> liand^ In their pocket* {which wrr* of vaal idm}, 
•nillilii gnir dlrarii-d iiul 1<> rnplaln Cutilo or Ib( tadlvi. bin i bo mati-hnul. 

. . . IVIilipnlOi! 10 Fti^rrncr rhat nim>b)' had onrr tn hli lini cxpmacd tor- 
prln?> and u~ai coiinMcrtd not to know what k meant, the captalD irttCihcd Uni aa 
Uc eyed IdJi iiEHi1dii'ad,a(]daf^i^rurur[1a>u<'|i(fbehiir]»ijii; Bod, wbvn til* rvtolrlni 
■)*tepnivd to bo mmlnit round In hli dlrflclioD, lald,— 

" Bnuibj. my lad. bow fares Ii?" 

A due]), gmir. Iniikr ulti*nii.uii. whlnh icemad lo bars no muneatlan vilh 
llun^by. and eirtslnly bad not the tcaii elbci upon hl> ttec, replied. -'Ar.hj, 
•blpmei, bon goen it?" At itie tame time. Buniby'i right liaud Bud acm.fiur- 
|lof fhim a|iockvl, iiliiMtk rbn ou]tijtln'#, nrid vtitnt bai^k ajEaln. 

" Buntby." lald tbe captain » tlrlklnj; bome at once, **here you at«.^a maD ot 
mind, and n man a> can give id opluh>ii. Here 'i ii y^ninn ludf ai wantt (» laka 
that opinion In mgard of mj fyit^hd Wal'r; liki<wl>« my i\j[rH<r frlrnd, SO] <il]t<t 
wblah l> • rharaxirr fbr you lo Minp witbin hall dF, bplng ik aiMO of •deuce, 
wbleh Ii Ibe moiberof luH-eniloD, and knani DoUw. fiuDib}'. itlU fuuwam, M 
ollltga mr. and muif alung vrllb ui } " 

'riiPRniit comniander. nlio imnMlbylhOFXpmalaiiof bItTliagiiobc alwayt 
on the lookoui for tome tblnji In ihe eitrenieii dUiuice. >ad 10 haia no ocular 
fcnovrlrdgti of any (hln|^ within [eu uilU'i. made uu reply wbalVTer. 

IIr finnlly conicnli lo go wiih ^cm, liowcvcr, anil at liut dolivwi 

the Ibllowins " opininn : " — 

" My nanw'" .laek llnofbyl" 

"He waichrlitened Jobn."orledlhede1lKbledCsptalBOatae. " Bear him I* 

■'And wlial I layi." punuvd Ibe lok-e. afliT xima dullbuatlon. '■ I lUtiuli lu,'> 

Tbe <aplalll. nllll FlOtrdCe on liln am. nodded at the auditory, and leemed tt 
■ay.'-Xow he'xaiiiltiitauti Ttil< It wbat t meant wlteu I bruiiglii hiio " 

" WhRab)',''proci>M)tdlhii volm, -why uutF If to, nhaioddir Can lay nai 
■•y olhei^lta ' So, A<ra<t iiieui'' 

When It had punucd In iialn of arKumeni to ihla point, Ibe tolvo (tuppat 
and n»jili'd- It thun [jrocireded *ery fcluwiy. llmt;^ 

" IKi I bellrir Ibl* IieiT Son and llrlr 't tow down, my 1ad> 1 Mafhap. I>0 I 
layaop Wliich? If a tklppcr Maudt out by Men'Geoige'i Cliannel. mailing for 
lie llfifrn*. uliat V rljthi Hliuud uf liim ? Tlic (.o^hlwiut. II" 1a o'l tVirta^d ttt rua 
■fpon tlietioodnlni; butbemayn 'llie bcnrlnfii of Ihli ob4i.*rxa[lon lajt In ttkf 
H>l>lleatlaa on It. That a'n't no part of my duly. AMUt thou, keep a brl(lt 
IxikoDt nji'anl , and |wid luck to you I " 


Btmbr; inli Ash 


TtM n>tm her* nut out of th? bBOk-pBTlor and Inio tlio llrMt. trnklng tbn 
•ummindnt of " Tlir Titutiiiuii nilr>"wUh il. ontl BocompiDylDghlm on bonrd 
ftgmjn vlihiiJi ooiivpn[''Ot fvpodiilfin, whcro ha itumtidit^tily (urocil la. uid rfr 
Drdivd hit mluil » ILU ft nap. 

NotwIiiisUinilin)- his sii^'acilj mid ind«[H!ii[te]toe, Captain Baiisby 
il Gnillv caplurvil and tunmed, |>errorce, b; hU landlady, Mn. Mao 
Stiiiip^f, (Cli. xxvlii, xsxbc, U.) 

Oarker. Harriet. Sister of John and Jnmea Carkcr ; oftcrwardi 
the nifo of Mr Morfin. (Ch. xxii, xxxiii, xxxiv, llli, Ixii.) 

Carlcer, James. Mr. Dombcj-'ii hi^ad rkTk or loanagLT. 

Mr. Ouk«r wot BfECikLluinHii lUErlT'flirht or (inlyyt-nrv oM.of 4 florid oODi' 
picxion. and ntlh iwn unbmknn rowtnf Rllx<Fnlnf> IffIM, wliiiio rrfuUriir mid 
1rfaJI*PC>s vcr« quite dttlFOiilni;. Ic w fli Lni|KidjLble lo eKupo llio obAemlloa 
of tliflm ; for bo iI^owikI (liitcii whi'UPVi't lie npijkf. 4Tidb;)rB'(> wldtfit tniJlvupiia 
bla eouDIvniiDto (a omilr. Iionrnrr. r«rv mrtl; Initn'd, ■itrniil»K brinod Ml 
motilh). thftl Uiere vu foiuerhlDit la U Uke Ihe marl of a at. He aiTcored k 
•1[Jf wLltvcnvBl^ ftftrr dm I'tainplu 'tf lil> priiic[|fiU, iitid wju lUwiiyft cIOMVIy 
butlnDnd apudtttbilydrfjud. III! munni-i inwardn Ur. Iiiiinbrr i>iu< di'pplf 
oi)D(ali*<l. ontl perrcoll)* cxiireued. tie h»i fatulllar « lili liliu ictlie ler^ (x- 
tnmltjrof lil'««ti>cof thL' dlAixuco liMworo Ihvtn. "Mr- Ihimbry.loik in an In 
jrmit potUIOD. from a man In mlDP. chore 1> no ibow of gubHrilmoe eampMlbie 
Willi til* imiiactlun of bi»[ue» bclweeu ui Uisl I iliould Ihluk lutllDlDni. I 
franklf tell j^iia, nlr, I gt^v It up ilincrtlirt. 1 frvl Ibal I oould not fUlfiy xaj 
Own iQlod: and Ifpaveo knowj. Hi. Domboy. laucaDafTord to difpcnte vILh the 
cnilravtifr** If Uv IjiMlfurriPdlhtAPttonli itlMXJl wtth him prlottd im apl^ciiril, 
will hoi] (oniunil; oBineil It to Jlr. UorobeT't pcniiw] on lb« braail of hli «OBt. 
bA oould not bare been moraeKplLcU thanhe wu» 

Eiijuyiiig l]i<5 L'Dufid^iite of bis empluycr, Mr. Carkur ipucutatoi 
DD ills own account, and amaMct a fortune- WLeii Mr. Dombvj 
■Mrrif-* A scconil tlinu, Carkcr ob servo that there is no lovu or sym- 
patbyin th<i ciuR, mid llial boOi parlica nrnofa proud aoil uuyiL'iU' 
ing dixpontion ; and be •ocrotl/ tokt;* ndvnntogo of the confidence 
reposed in him by Mr. Doinb«y to incrvaiic the eanntuitly widening 
Ireavh between huBband aud vtifu. Goaded to deiporiitioa by tliu 
conduct of Mr. Doinliey in laakiug hia elurk the invdium of com- 
■BUnlotbg liix diriH'Moas to lier, but eqiialty deniiieiiLg bolli nun 
■nd miuter, Mr*. Dombcy [wcngc!> lit^rseir on bcr fcii«haiid hy 
elopiiii; vith lit!i clerk, and on the clork by l.iiinling him nilh Ll« 
BUppowd rictorj-, nnd leaving him. in llio vt-ry hour of his antici- 
pated Iriuuipb, lo tite vetigviuicc oi' bi-r liuibuiid. wlio Ii.i-f puri-icd 
ttwm. lu trying ui avtnd Mr. Dombey, whom be accidentally en- 
counter* nt a rnil»ay-«iailon, he Hajj^icni, flips on to the track, and 
^ killed by a puling Irajii. (Cli. xiiJ, xvii, xxti, XJtiv, zsvi, xsvi^ 
xsxi, siaiii, xxxvi, xxxvil, xl, xlit, xlv, xlvi, xlvUi Ui-lv.) 

Cbt BUhtnt SKctlsnaTf. 

Corker, Mr. John. BroUier of Jomc* onil llomct Cark«T, tad 
under-cloric nt Doiubry nnU Son's. When n young man, ho b«d 
bciin ltd sMray by i-tU coAiiiuoioiu, aud liud robbed tui t-'mplofcn, 
wlio luul rvpoU'd ^raat uouliilenvo In hiin. Uih guilt wm voan dU> 
covered ; but Uio liounc wax iii«n:lliil, aod, iuHU'ad uf diFitiiiBBin)- liim, 
reUitieil biiu In a titibonliiiato cnpacity, in wliidi lie tuiide imiiW 
iJoa for bi« crimu by ton^ yu»rs of pnlirnt, f.iitlifiil »vri'u.'e. AAv( 
Uw clopMMiit of hj» braibcr James with VAUii Doinbcy, li« it <li»- 
cIuLTged; but, by tho nudclun dcnlb of lii* brollicr, bn oonea lalo 
poMonion of a fortune, the iati^rust of Rhitb, nhun Mr. Dombcj 
become! a bankrupt, bo aecretly niukL's over to him your by yvu «i 
If It were die rupnyuu>nt of an old lust debt. (Cb. r't, xix, xjcii. 
sxxiii, xzjdv, liii, Ivlii, IzU.) 

Chick, Mr. John. BtDtbcr-in-kw to Mr. Uombey ; a niout, bald 
gentleman wxtb a vury lanps foce, and hU bands cootinnaJly Jn bit 
pockets, and wiUi a Kiud<.>iicy tu wIiIblIc and bum ttmca on crery 
sort of OMiaiiiuu. (Cb, ii, v, xiii, xxxvi.) 

Chick, Mrs. Louisa, tlis mk ; eietvr lu Mr. Dcimbey ; » weak, 
guwI-iiMtured, wlf-eaUsli«d woman, i«ry proud of b(^ fnmiiy and 
of liaviiig nlwayi triwl, acsbepntslt, to ■■ make an i^Oart.'' (Cb. I, 
ii, v-iiii, X, xviii, xxix, xxxvi, li. !lx.) 

Cbickea, The Qame. See (Iamk Ciuokkx, Ths. 

Chowley, iiee MacStinueb. CiiAiiLee. 

Clark. Mr. A derk of Mr. Dombcj'.. (Cb. ri.) 

Cloopntra. .Sm SKt;WTO?(. Uiis. 

Cuttle, Captain Edward. I'mtcctnr nf riinvuro Dmnbry, fKend 
of WaJlt-r Gay, ncd Iritnd and afterward* piirlncr of Walter"* 
uncle, Sol Gills. His first advciit in tlto slory U at lb« bouio of 
the latter at diuiier-tiuii>. 

Au ■ilitltliiu 10 ilie Uiile parly uowmaila ili apprniaui^e la Uieiliapaof ■ 
frtiEivtiiHii iDH wk<J|] HUlt of Mull. wiUt u ha*tL iunte^itif a It^ncL miluliHl Lulii* 
rlgbt nrlit, vn-y buahy block ryvbruwi, and ■ tbKK Kick In tila led liaod. 
eovtrf d all ov cr [like lili xioie) wllh kuobi. Ho voir a lomc black tllk tiaud. 
kHBhitf niuhil liLn tipck.ancl knob aiPry larci) oiane ftlilrt-oullar. (bal lltfiiikad 
like a (mall aall. Up ttm vvldrnlly tti* prnuo riirwlinm ibn ipnra wlnrBlasa 
KOt Inlcudcd. andddciiily knew li: for bavlnji lakrii oiT mi ioukIi outrToeol, 
and huug up uii HjaunJcuLjir ^ii'jr buE^hrd rUcj .Itior tti4?li ii lianl M^a^siil bat aa a 
•TiDpatbrllo prrtoD'i bind mlAtit ae\iv at lli< •Ig'it at. anil HhlTh \irl\. a r*i! lia 
niUDd bii owa forehead, a* IT lia had bcvn ncarloit ■ IlK'it bniin, bs bnni(bt ■ 
glislr lu wli«« tbo cltan iilau wai.aad >Bt bUutclf duwu bclilud SI. lie *■• 
UJDallj Hddr»»4>il a* caplaiD. tMi il'iior; and bud biH-n a jilJoIh <tr a HkEjipcr 
MB ii)1tiK«r*Diao,or jiltbn«,|>utiapi; aodwHaicry lall'looklus buu !> 

■•mbcj an« aon. 


Elb 1^0p. muA/ktbtn Ibr M brwD nolldttT- bri^Iiltaid ma tm 'hook huuli with 
lOftlp Slid npptiFv; bvl b«HCineclCob«orBlBa>nladl«pofllii>iiraiidiDCTBtf IBIJ,— 

" Huw Kuu [I?" 

" All>nU,"i^dMr.Gtn>. p<nhln||Ih*b<itllnlowsrilii Urn. 

11* took It up. uid, liHJnf tuTTCfid and until II. taid vtLh eslrkotiUaHT 


■' rVs" rvlumrd (he tnitrumiDl'iuikvr. 

rpim thai h* wblillFd w h(> Ulivd hta 21u^ and aMakad l» thtak lb«7 wir" 
miklDK holldar ladccd. 

■-iriil'rl" humid. UTBiiginit hl> hall {whiebwu Ibin) wlU) lib book, and Ibca 
pointing li at tlii> liinltumrnt-iaakrr, " Look at hlml Luxl lIODorl Aod Ob«y) 
OTTrhanl four caiiclilnn HU ;ou Had Ibal pauagc, and when Diuud toro lb* iMtT 
donii- AucccM, ui/ hoy I " 

llvwuao pvilVctl}' (alliBHl both wllh bli igaoCatlun and hit nfcrenoe to It, 
thU bv Oonld not btip npraiiuit the vronli a^alu In a low val«,and •aj'Iagbe tiad 
forgoilCB 'em (hem fnrlyyrA!. 

-Hut I ni-rpr "iin'rdtwoor Ihrwwordi In n>]r llfir Ihn I did lit know n-lii-iw In 
Uymj hand upon 'eu. llUIi,"ho obuivcd. "It wm«or not waning languaga 
■■ Mine du." 

The n^disitloit, pvrbapa. TfinlDdfd bini that h* had bf lt«r. Uk* jroaog Koml^ 
£alhrr, "Inereuflhtt iCore." Ai be>caDie client. 

Wultcr having been xclected by liis cmplorcr to fill b junior titun- 
tioQ ia tiiu i-ounting-housu At Burbfulw^, a mcuUng of it [c'wMenil* 
(akta plat'L' ul Lis uncle's, ni which Cupt^ti Cultlu is prustiit. 

" Wal'r,* aild Ihn nplajn, nhdi thertooklhrlritauattablK. '-If ToiiruiHili< '• 
Ihenunlihinkhlm. bDll bring out IMIatt bottle of tAfUadcIra on Ibe pnxnl 

"No. no. !(i>dl" rtitiimnl tb« old raaa. " Kol Tbal ihall ba Dpc4ied wbrn 
Walter oomot home aj^in.'^ 

"Well Midi" crlvdUiocapUlo. "llearblnil" 

■• Thn™ li ilu.," lald »»t (iiltn, - i1"Kii In tiie Utile wtlaf, «Tiii*d » lih dirt and 
aabweb*. Tbeieoiay bo dlfialul cob web* over jon and me, perhapi. Nedibeft>ra 
It MM tba lltbU- 

•• Rear bin 1 * cried lb* eaptaln. " Good maialllr I Wal'r. mgr hut. Train np 
a AC'trre lu the war ^t ihotild go^ and when you are old ill under the shade on It. 
Omhaul the— n'cll."iald (lis nplsln. uuiccond iUougIiU '-Ifla'l<|ulleMrla[a 
■rhsra liiat'i to bi fbaod; but, whrai fbund, makr a note of. Sol tiUli. bwiie 
ahead Sj^In I " 

Ol'i Sifl milt tlie captJiin act^atnpiDjr tbu lad on buttnl tlio slup M 
•M tiiiQ viT, tho furiuer witli tuvlai tyet, the lalUr with it vwy gntv« 

The Mptiln . , . drew Waller iolo a earner, and. wllh a |Tcat elTort that made 
Ua tttbB very r*d. piiTlp^l up the Klt«-pr i^atiih^ ivhlcEi wa* 'o big, and no tlftht la Ilia 
fotkri, that ll curnequi IlkF n bung 

" tral'r," laid ilii' mptalD. it over, and ihakliig him benrUly bf lb* 
baod. "a parting gll>. my md- I'nt It bar-k a half an liourevrrx tnomlng. and 
•boot s qoatter lowadti the arUrDoon, and It '• a waieh that 'U do jaa credit.* 



Cbt Sltktni Otct(«n>Ei 

(CIl Iv, ix, jc, XT, xrii, xix, xxiii, xzr, xxxii, xxxix, xtriii-1, M, 
Mi, Ix, Ixii.) See MacStixobb. Mae. See p. S4I. 

Daws, Mary. A j-ouug Ititt lion- maid in Mr. DombeyV «ervic«. 
(Cb. lix.) 

Diogeoes. A dog ••Ima by Mr. TuoM to Flor«Doe DoiJiboj, " M k 
sort of kp^'p*akc,"lle having hnea a fiivoriwwitli licr brolhijr, littU 
Panl. (Ch. xiv, xriii. xxii, xxiit, xxviil, xxx, xxxi, xxsr, xli, xUv, 

xiviii, xiix, 1, ivi, Ixii.) 

Thouffh Dloffpnrt viu ■» rldfculoui ■ dojr bi one vmild meet wtib on * *Dm> 
iae['>d;ir.— ublumlriiiiK, ill.riiruni<1.clmui<t. IiullDt-hiMUlTddiijt.tViaUiiiiiiIIf MV 
tnjtoti H wroniE IttcH IhnI tUvtr vrhv ntl ''tirinT tn (h4 ni^ltflibarhoiid vrlmia 11 wu 
mcrftorlouf to bark ae,^ Aud tboiigh bo wu far from jo^wS'lfiiDpi^rrd, and m^ 
Maly wua uui i-Iv>iir. and liixl liuir ull uYUr lili cyui, oud a cwmlg doh. aad an 
lnouci>l>t--iit tali, unit ■ EiifIT voice, bn w*i dra»r to ftorrani . . . tlioa Ibi 
mott bcAuliru] of Ills kli>d. 

Dombe;, Mrs. Edith. Mr. Dombuy'a second wif« ; daii|;)it«r of 
Mrs. Skcwtuii, mill wiOow of Culoa<.'l Grantor. Slie 1* a woman 
iioili.T lliiri.y, vorv baiiOtoiiic, vary baiighty, and wry wilftil ; puro at 
heart, but defiant of criiieism. Tlioiigh tlio focl» neithmr 1ot« nor 
ettooD) for Mr. Doiiibcy, and docs not tempt biiu to «cok her hand, 
yet eha siiflun him to marry her, cnntnnt to be m.ide rirli •■> long n* 
the tmnsactioDisunclcrsbKxl to be amen: mnllcrof tntlHc. in which 
bcnuty, gniPt'. and vnrieil aj^eompl ishmcnl* nrr pxchnngcd for iT«7ilth 
and social poBitioH. As nii^ht by (Jt[H-i-t<.-d. the- nlrmnoe provos to ba 
a verj- uufortuuutG oue. No friondibip, no liuwsi Ibri-achoUii-r, no 
mutuiil forbvaritni-t, spriniis up butwui^n iliv uubappy pair : but in- 
ililTuruiice giveM place U> avonioii and [:unl«iu|>t ; arrogauau is rupald 
Id kind ; opposiiioQ aroimciB opjMsitJuu. At last, Kdilk olopw irltb 
Mr. Carkor,aconfi<lcntia1 clrrk of Mr. Dijiub«y'«; ami thin flie iloet 
with the double motive of rcTi'iigin^ berwlf on hr-r hii«bnnd, uid 
nf bofooUiig and piiiii!-1iiii^ ihn clerk, who ha* purtot^d her froa 
lii'T weddiag-dny wiiU bumilinting coliciuillnni nnd tho racuMM 
rtratngeuis. But sbc k-avus biiti in ibt.- very hour of tlii-tr mHVtiii|[, 
and fau h killud by a pastdug (rjiin tu tryiii'; to uscape ponriik 
(Cb. xjti, xxvi-xx«iii, XXX, xxxi, xxxc-xxxvii, xl-xliii, xlv, xlvl^ 
liv, Ixi.) Sm Sxewton, Mils. 

Dombey, Mrs. Fajuy. Mr. Domhcy's fii«t wife ; mother of 
Florvncu and of Uttlo Paul. (Ch. i.) Sft DoMBxr, Littlx 


Oombes*, Florenca. Duugbtpr of Mr. Dombty, nod listcr o' 
little I'iiul. Shu is a loving and lovable child, but, not laving baa 

Bamlits ""» San- 


iLc good fortuni: U> b<-. bom a boy, ii of no mxaunt In bcr fntlior't 
tyo. At Brst the U mcitly an objtct o! tndiSurcncc (o bim, but 
bf dnpen he oomcs to ooncvive n puutivu duiliko fi;ir li?r, neU at, 
lutdriTO* borfrom hSi houM. Shu (iiiully iua,rri«« WnlturGiy. a 
Jiiniur clerk in Mr. Dciuibv/'s bank. (Cli. i, Lii, v, v!, viU-xii, siv, 
ivl, xviti, xU. zxii-xxiv, xxriii, xix, xxxv-xxxvlj, xl, xli, xlUi-xIv, 
xlvil-l, Ivi, Ivii, lix, Ixi, Ixii.) Sirt Ddmiiev (Mil), nn'] DoMDEI 

(I.ITJUV. pAtll,). 

DombsT', Little Paul. Mr. Dumb«y'« aoa ttiitl licir. Hi* HdvcDt 
into Uii! worlil is ihus ileBcrEbBd : — 

Itldi Mr. DombD^ >»I In liir airiirr of llltirir**ldatki'nDi1t>(< 
■rfsi uriii-nhBlr bf Ihi> bnlililf: gnd rlrli Ut. thintwr't loa Ujlnclnd upwinn 
In & lurtr bukct carcrully pimccd on ■ low dciipv In f^nt of Ibe drc. tud cloo* 
tu (t. u ir lili coil" I ilu Hull ivDrD fti-uJagimi (o Uml or a mudla. kud It wsi (msu- 
Ikal (0 l»ift htm briittn vrlifk Im vrikA tf^ry hi.'W- 

lEIchUr. Domboy n'B^about rtjilit in*] fLtrty yrnra nr BK^; rich Mr DombT^'i 
•on. uboui cJjtUl iJ^il forty niEiLuic*. Hr. l>ouibcy vaa raibcr bjOd. rKtlicr red. 
anri rnlhur JiILTit xiid {mixnt'ni^ '. Mr- Ihimlfny'i mm viu tcrj' baJd.Aiiil T«ry r*d, 
4nf] ratbfroni"]irr(l and ^puL^y In hU frni^tnt rrr«(k M Jel. 

Wt. Doiubfy. oxiililiiji ill the lonulooltod-for ennt, — Iha binh Ofa (oa. — 
Jinjcird bl' li<-»-y sold '111-11.1111 id n tt liv »t In hli blu* ooat and brlglit bulloni 
by iZit tldo of Lbc bedn and inld. ^ 

■'Ourliduicur buiiiuiu vtLU onconKBiabc nat only la nnnie. but In flicl. Dam- 
bvfand Son; Ifumbfiy aiid >on]| lln aUI b^ ctirLium-il riul. of oour^^, — biH 
liiLbn'* namo. ITrvr Doiijb«?y. knd bli f^raudTatbpr'f. I widh bli paadlhcber 
*tir* ■!!•« tliii day ' " Aiid ftGuUi Iir »id. - Dom-bfy and iiua I " 

Th<H0 Ihnw minli oDiitifyml lli<i "im Idii.i iif M', Ihimbcy't IIOi. The (arth 
WHt made for Dombry abd ^ou to irodc [n, nod Ibo tou and oioon wen madt eo 
|[l(oth«m llRbt. ComnioD abbii-vluiIuDi looli ucw luvaiiinici In hi* ayai. and 
had Acilnnrprriifo lo thrm. A.D.Iiiu1iio«onccru yiiitv Anno IJtibi^nl, but lUiod 
for Anno Damtnl — and .Son. 

Ha bod been lanrrlcd icn yvari, and. DDtLl tZiit prcimt day ob wblch bo *al 
Jiogliai hit gold «ateli.«bala Id Uia gtru arm^balr by ih* >lde of Ui* bod. had 
had DO lana. 

^Toapa^Oft Tbefahod bvvb a jeI^I lomc itx year* before; and »hc. wbo 
had tloloD iDto ibadiambcr anob*an*d. wnit now tTfrnc-liIrig In u corner wbenoa 
ahaoobld iiHi lipr moUirrV fHin*- Itiit what wia a girl to I)oiiibi<T anil xniT 

S(r. Dombrj'i cup of •ollirortlon vui »o fbll, howBier. Ibat he iaM. " FJor* 
Men. you uiay go and look al your praily broUier, IT you llku. J>oa*: luuBb 

Litclr rniirR mother dW iii giving him birth, nn*! l.i;. hlintclf Ii 

init n wnnklin;:. 

IE ht« *l*TplF-oh«e Kiirardf manliood, h* rnunit ll Trrj fonRh riding. I^rery 
tontL WM a break-ueck rcn», and every piniple Id Iho meailea a itoiie vail, to 
Wm. ll# ua> d»^n In mury f\i <*t Eb* whoi>(>lnx-i^onj(b. 8umD binl of prvy j^l 
aMhli Ibroal. Iiiitead of (be Ilmiili ; mid I lie rrry elilFli'nn, tiimlnf fi<tni)1ou>, 
•It they Iia^e uiiy thiui;toda with Ibat Infant maljdyta whlw ibey lendtbdi 
■■mt. — WBnlAl blw tiki Upt-cau. 



Ctit DtEBcni Sfcitonatp. 

I Ik grntr loba nMtly Av* )iNir« aii. — tpTtUf Illllsfclluir. but nrllh ■'imcitiliii 
wiD nnil n-lilful In lili imull ruT.IbiU ehv* ncrn-lnn ra many ilgnLUnni iliiKn 
of hli Jit7rio'> hvuJ. t^liD laLd tit niti (or> oiA't^\iihiO'-it. 

, llr wn dilldl-h siiil •ikiiiIib I'uoujfli ut ilinFi; but lie hud a •imn^fo. nflrd, 
ihouclitI\il WD}', St otiirr Tfnifi, of >tiit<>it brii<i<lliij{ l]| liln inlnUlun •rm-fllialr, 
wlH'n }io lookrd (nnd rntt^il i like on? of thotc Irrrlbifi HEtJe bf^nj^i In the fhUf, 
ml.-, v J", -I :i h-iiiir. I ■ 1 1' I Tift)- DT 1W9 liuiidrfil jtuM or ago, fiuil«iti«!ly [tpr* 

•VnE till i-'.iMn II i.T u li'.'M rliiy IlJlt#bl^(l AtlbxtltULI^, 

Mr. Dnmbe}' bwomua uooniy about tlii« od'i boy. aqJ teailn him to 
BriKlitun to bourJ wiili uii old luly uituiuJ Plpi'liiii, nho liud acquired 
Ml tuiineuBU ivpiJtiilioii a) a manager uf clii1(treii. But little Pud 
gn>n's more olJ-fnitluoai^il tbitii ever, wiihoiit groirin;^ itoy itrongnr; 
Will hi> IHlhcr, br.nt on liU Ic.nrnmg ctcry thin;;, ntid being brought 
fcirwurd rjpidly, tvsolvia to miiku u cUanjjp, and ncfordiiigly cnrol« 
him iia a aludunt in Dr. Bliiiiln;r'» eJucaliotial c5tabliBliiin,'iiI, which 
is cunduvtod on tlie hot-bouse, or forcing, (iriuciple. Hie hualili ton- 
linuei to fiul, bowcver, and M liwc bo it taken )iom« to die. 

LtlUe Dombcy bad ncrrr tlirn l^nm bl< llltl* bv<1. 11* iBftbrr*, llnltnlucta 
Ui« QiiIiBi la Die itnst. quits tiniutuIUr: pol oulng raiuU bew ibe line wcs* 
but WHtcblux It, lui'l HHtiOrliiguTity tIiNi|[, 

WbcD tlic lUDbciuni tiruaK Into bl> nxnn IbroDRh iba rualllni bltnilt, and qui*- 
erodoii tbEn^paiite wriU. likOKoMcu water, he kucwiliBlsi'eiiingwaicuuiliigDn. 
Kndlhal tljaxkj* ^'ua t<iI aud bcaullfut, A> 11^ r«flKcti»n clNi<l aurdy. ami ■ f[l»niu 
KcDI etHplnR up tliK Willi, li<< ixaiFb"[l It diieiHin, ducpirn. dorpcn. Inionlfht. Tlirii 
be tbouicht bow ibc toDjr untecn «tfccii ncrc (lotted Mlib Ibio|i>. and bow tha 
IHiactful itarn wera AbiEUug uverbPad- 111* faiu^ biu) a ulraugi^ Tuikcli'niry tj> wan- 
ileriu Uip rlTirr. wblcli bu knuir wai (Imrlnf tlitougb ibr sri'iit Dliy; and now ba 
Ibuujfbt how block It woj, and how deep It wouEd look retlHt Ion UtebHUof tlan. 
tuid, luorD thau nil. buw ileadiiy It rolled iLviay Ui Eucfit the *eji, 

Ai li sreiT Imi'tlEi the nt£ht, and ruaixIriHln thrnirreibrranM to ritrt, that ha 
could bear tbem comln; , eount them at thcj paited. and lo*o Ibem In Ihe hi>llow 
dliluiice, he would 11a and nalcb tliu B>Bii)>loTVd ilug about Ifaecuidln.andwalt 
pnOrnlly for dny. III> only tioiiUle was din ■«■»! ■ml rapid rlro. lis Ml (broad. 
tometliiie*. to tr^ to atop It, — to item II wiEb bla ehildlib band*, of flhote l£a way 
with niiTid: and wben ho taw it couiluji ou, tuliilcii. ba orled out. Bui a ounl 
fitxn T'lort-iir*!. wlii> wai alMaytat bldhlde, rvhtoretl hlin 1o birnaatr; mud. Imulnn 
bU poor bend upon her brrntl. be told Floy of hi* drvam, and nolled, 

Wlieu iluy began ludanua)|''iii, ho untehMl for iheauui >ud. nheu lli tliecrfal 
iJj[tic bejfan to pparWle Iei tbe roEfm. Up pleuirrd tci ldmke]r-..pkt-(iLridf bit 'a«^ 
Ihe hlnh ehurutMower« rIflnjEup Into (be morning iky. the town nvlvlug.waklnir, 
■lunhii; lutD life ouec laure. the ilier glliienlait M It toUrd {hut (ulhnit fu-l w 
rv<T], HEicI (litf nouEiEry hrl£lit with ib^w. FimlUor louud* UEid crlrj curiiir by d^ 
[r«H Into tb? ilrHl below: Ilie tirrkDMIu Ihe hoarewtremunrdBiidbuiy; 1am 
iMked iaal the door; aud volcei aiLcd hU altendaiiu toIUy how he Hut. I'siu 
^waya antwrr^d fur blmai^ir. - 1 am botlrr.^I am a great deal butter. Ihaukfou. 
tell papa >o.*' 

ByUtlluuidUttle.begatttrcdor th« bnitlo af tbc day. the italM of orrb^M 
Hid <UU and people palling and repaialiig, and woald Ulaileap, or ba troubM 

SnmOts i"^ A»«- 


■rtib • KdlcH aod ancaiy mdi* ii^la. " Whr. will It na*«r Mop, Tlojt" h» 

moalS lamvtiiUM uk Ixti, " li li braririK mc ■ni)'. t ililnk." 

Vul AtiL< oiiilH Atinva fOoth* niiil n"iufura Ivitn: mini i( wba U^i dallji dvll^t to 

^akr htT imj Ikt hcftd doim on hl> pUlow . mnd itXr tnmv Trtt^ 
'■ Yuu am nlii«.i-> mlchiun mt. Floy; Icl me wiich ^i™ now I " 
Hivjr would prijp lilin up with omTiLnQt In a oitruL'r uf liiri hiriU luiil th^cv b* 

WMid ndldo lli« nrhllo di* iRf bMld" hlm.brn'llnii rniiciii[|«fl<-nlinir< lokli* liir. 

Ud nhUpciinii (o llioie vtia irerc nciir, UiU ilie wu iltcd. nod boiT ibc had tat 

•p tn nttir Ulftlti bnldn IlilD. 

Tliuithp Onili of 111? ri*7. In lU btM and IlKbl, would p^doalli'dNlliiai and 
^Qlu ibc Ai>ldcn iratf^r wauld be danclDi; on the wall. 

Tlir pcuplii iijuud him pliaEigvd iiimtvuunrabljr; aud what had bua Ui* doctor 
wmiU tv bli felhT, iltilnf Willi iilx hrw] Ivanlnit nn h1» hand. Thlt A^n>, wltli 
lU bf«d Itaalae OQ ![■ tiaDdL rc't4irn«l logflen. and rtmained ao loag. and aat to 
■ini and lulrmii. uciar ii|K'BkIU|i. miTar bolnit ipokeo la, and lanl; llRia( up it* 
<her, thai l*(ul bi-gnn in wnndnr lansBtdly If it war* ntJ. 


"WlHTe. dfiiroil!" 

"'Thm, atilii-ljottninof Ihebtd." 

"Ttwre'' nolbinn ihrre ciivpl papa." 

Ttoflgarc lifted lip In hrul and roi*. and, oi>tain|UiU»b*d>ld*. laid. — 

" M)r own boy r (IjitiT ymi knrtw miT>" 

^Ml lottkvd IE In Ibf* fni^c llcfort bcojnld n4f?b ou[ boFb bli handi to lake It 
betwrantlicm.and ilian It tnitanli lilm, Hi* Ggiin lurntd anajr (julckljr IHiin ili* 
llllln b«l, and wrni ooi m ih" door, 

Tliv ncil tlmoba obarncd ibe nj[im iltting at (be bottom of tliebcd. becatlod 

" Pnn'l bmsmnrfbr n», dfarpapa. IndM<]> I am ijDltvhitipf I* 

II Li fklbPr tfomlnf and bvndlnjpdavn ti>h1m> he bcid lilm round ITio nMk»aDd 
feprulcd Ilime wonli lu hiia >orcral llmei. and viTycnrHfUlj: and hn nrvfr mw 
hU AilhPr In hlfl ruom aj^ln at any tlmn, whelhur k wt-r* dav or alg hi* bill hn 
catlpdoul," UOD^t bfiio norrj r^rnivT Indrrd, I amqu^ehappjt" This wai Ibe 
bt|t!nnli>|i of bb nliraya (ayluc In ibe morning tbai bo waiagHaideolbeilot.and 
Uial lli<i)r noma Irtl hia (uUi«r ID, 

lliiw niinjr ttiDiM thti gijJilvn wairr danon) upon tha wall, how maBr nifhti tba 
darlt rive* rolled towmnia iho lea In FpLtoof blm, ]*au[ Dover aou^bt to Kooir^ If 
Uwlr hlnduau. or hi* aanie of It. eould have Inireaaed. the; were more kind, and 
bODlorvjt'atrfbl.tverydar: TmcAhiittuT tlivra wuro many dajra or faw appeared 
af lltlto momoDt now to Lhe ifTntJo twj. 

Ooo nlfht hn )iad been Uilnkiag of hit moiber. and her picture In the drawlnjc- 
room dnwD ilaira. The train of llioofhl auggi'ilDd li> lilm to luitulm U Uc had 
•*er lecD lila moiber; fur be nuld not nmembi'i wbi'ilirr tliay bad luliI Um yoa 
It no; Ibo rlrcrrunnlnK (cry fait, and ooofualnK bli ntind. 

"Floy, did I (Tcrai'e masiwar" 

"Xo, darlJna: whyl" 

" Did I ncier *eo anr klod fkoe, Ucc • aiamma'i, looklof W me •hen I ni 
■ b«iby.»1uy-^" 

'Oh. }M, dear!" 


" Tour old nuraeV Oflwt " 

■* Aadwlivro i> my old nuno? Show me that old none, Floy, !f yon ptvai*. 

■Bhelinolbere.darUnc. Bb* (ball conie to-momw." 



Vbt Stcfcfns Dfctfonaig. 

"tlwBk jwo. Hot'" 

LItltc Datnbcy doiFil hl> *ff with llioie voidi. mid frLl tulecp. Wliea ha 
ftwuhD. Iliv >uTi xviu high, and iho broiid da;' n*M cloiir ftod wurin- Tlivn h* 
BwnkT. — nuk<' nilii'l uni bud;. — and tut uptight. In hi> hrd. Ilr •■* Ihrm ncT 
■boui him, Tlim wu do f;tay sdM bcfhre tficm, u there had bf to «DiDetttt*i 
111 tb> iiiflhl. iln kiMvr IhCfn ciirjr unu, nod oiled UlEUi hr iheli iiwnt'i- 

-AiidnholHthlaT Utmnmjold aum?" wknl llw thUd, rrgwdlnt wVk 

■ rndtanr imlle a ajfuie oomlnjE Id, 

Yft, )C±. Xa (iihcr •lrsu([cr wbuld hare ihcd tboio lean •( il^bl of him, 
and mllpd liltn hfrdniirbiiy, licrprciiij' hov, hiT own puM lillghipd olilld. 71a 
Cpthrr qoaiAD would have eloopfd down by hi* bed. and taken ujf hli viaMi^ 
band, nnd put ii lo her !I|» and bicaii lu one who liid eome Hifht to roodle It. 
No (itUitr wcittiun wiiuld hbvn no ror^nlu^u ervryhod/ thvro but bink and Viof, 
and been ao full of lendcmc^B and pitj, 

" Fiof . (hli li a kind. Eood fact I I urn glad ta i» It igalD. D«o'l go awa^, 
oldttiinD. flII/IiutDT liOud-hyl" 

"ijuod-hy.oiy ohlld)"' iiiii>dIIn,l*IpohIa.buiTftii(toMsb«l'ihead. -VM 
jfood'by ?** 

" Ah.jeil (!ood,hrl — Whi'rnliipa|>B»" 

inn nHhiT*!! brrnih n*>i un hl> elirck bvfora tbawordi had pirtvd (h>m hla 
llpd. The feoblo band wuvod In ibo nlr. ai If II flricd, *' Good'by I " ajEafU* 

" Xnw Uy luu duwu ; uud, I'luy, cunie cliiio lu mi>, aud Ici mc lea ^ou," 

?itnirr anti bruihir woimil Mn-lr iLrm^ 4LMiind riuh other, and tUv 20ld<?n Ught 
came f1rpaniln|rln, 4DdfV.'ll upon Ihrm locked toitether, 

'^ Elow 1^1 Ihi^ t\vct runt btitwt^vn Us ^i-ct'ii huikji and tlifl fuilif , Floj 
Bn[ It ■■ inry nner the im now, t h'rir Ihp wavi* I They •tnnyt tald «o I " 

PreicnUy be told her that [h<- motion of the boat upon the itf^uni wa« lul^ 
Inf lilra In rot, Xow iJiv iHiut whi out at laa; and now tliar* waa a alicm 
bolbre him. WliDdand on iliv bank? 

If e put hli band* Eoiecther oi be hnd been nied fo do ti bi> pra^en. Ha 
did nut rrmuvD hla uroti tu do 11 ; but tbt'y inw him fuld liivm *o bvhiud 111* ata- 
ler't nerk . 

" 3]amma li like you. Floy. 1 know bcr by the face I Uut (ell Ibem Ibal Ibn 
pletura on lhi> ilalri atichoul li uat dlvluv •.-iioitgb. The IJgbt about Ibu head 
If iihtnlnjt tin mi n» I ko." 

The JJOldeit flpple on Ihe wall eame boek njcaln, and nolblnjr elao ttlrrrd In 
the room. The old, old. faihloiil — the fuhiuu that came In with ourflnt gar. 
nanu. and will lait unchnoged until our roor ho* run ltd couno. and the wida 
flrumocnt ji niUed up UkD a icnil] i the old. old failiiun,— I>catbl 

Oh. thank tioP. all who iti-e It. Itar that older Ijuhlon yet of TtnmoruntTf 
And look upon U4. angel* of young children, with regarda not qvlM citraaced^ 

■ lien Iho twlfl rlierbean ui lo iho o»an1 

(Ch, i-iii, v-viii, x-xii, xiv, xvi.) 

Oombey- Mr. FauL A Loudon mcrcLaal, rtry wealthy, vciy 
ttarvlivrf :iu<t pouipouv, ititotiBi:']}' obstinaUi, aod poMOiKd by It 
convicUoQ ilial ilie oM banking -house of Donibiiy and Son i* th« 
central fiwt of tlic mii»(!r«. lie hn» u daughtflr Florrnec, who ii 
of no ixtniicqucnRO in hli <;}-et; and a son Paul, oti whom nil hii 
bupes and uSuutioM ccotre, but wlio tliua in cliildliuoil. Ilu mar 


BambCf anil Stan. 


riea for tuB Mcond wLTu a womm whoso priilu is equal to hi* own. 
Mtd who Dot only Iim no loTe bi give him, but rofuMi to rvwivr 
him thn didVirracv nod mibmisrioii wliirh ho p-xact^ m hi* iltie. 
GoadiMl to dcipcntion, nt l-ixt, by liii arrof^nnci!, nnrl b}r the iljghta 
soil aflVonU he puts upon ht-r, sbu c^luptj, upon the nnnivewiiry of 
her umrriii^t.-. with a ruufidi-utjiil tlerk whom hu hiul cboiea nt An 
iniitrUTiicnt or her bumUtalion. coitteul to wear Qiu upgit.iiniiK.'e of 
kn niliilUreM (iboiigh not such in rtality), if »he can only nvong* 
herMir upon hnr huitbnnii. But Mr. Dombity, thoiii.'h knRoly *cD>t* 
tire to the diisp^nt ibo hu inflicted upon him. And haunted hy the 
dn<a(] ol' public ridjculu, abalu no jot of hi» pride or ohttinnny. 
lln ilrlvuH his iluu^bter iVom his tiousu, Iwlioving hcfr to be mq at^ 
compllco of hit wiiV, Ibrbida tb« name of either tu bu mtmtioiied in 
his presence, an'l prwiervc* Ibo tarao Cidm, co'd, impcni'tralila 
exterior na ever. His trouble preys opon hk mind, however ; hi« 
prudcncju in mutters of busini'ss dusurti him ; and the great liouso 
of whit'b hu is tbo head soon goes down in utti-r buukrripicy. But 
this ciuwiiing r«lribution proves a blesing aftor dtl -, for it uudi^r- 
mint's Us jiridi*. melts lu» obstlnaev, and wta his injuBlJce plaiaiy 
befuru }iim. His linu^lili^r seeks him out, nud lu hur huuie lie 
pMsea the eveuiug of bt» daj-;, a wisor and n belter man. (CU. i- 
iii, r, vi, vlli, ;i, si, xlii, xvi, xi'iii, xz, xxi, xxrl-v^iTiii, xxx, xxxi, 
XXXV. xxxvi, xl-xltv, xlvii, li, Hi, Iv, Ivili, llx, Ixi, Lxii.) Sm 

I>I)M!1KY, I.ITTI.K I'Atlt.. Sfr alto p. 541. 

Feeder, Reverend Alfred, M. A. A brother of Mr. Feudcr, 

B. A. (Ch. h.) 
Feeder, Mr., B. A. Au DBBiiiant in tlio esiftblishiueat of BUia< 

bur; aAvrwards his son-in-law and successor. (Ch. x\, xil, xiv, xll, 

Peeoix, Cousis. A supcmnnunled nobleman, nephew to the Hon* 
onibic Aim. iSkcwIon, and cousin to Edith Dombey. (Ch. xxxi, 
xxxvi, xli, ii, Ixi.) 

Cousin r»nlx WW • msn nbnut tnwn forty j-oum «go; but IikIi mill m Ju™ 
Dtle ia flj;un and miunor, And to welt got up, tEinl fllmnGin biy smacpit nhf^a 
lh»f dl«(a)iiir lulriil wrluklca lu lila lordilii|i'« faco. lUiJ cfoirvrcpi In lili f jv«. 
SJiil Ufit (^briiinT htm tii>t cinolly 3t-rlul», wln^u hu wiUkt Hcrott h ru-riit.uf 
folof ijuiiB iirjUK^t to wbtrc bp wiLQtn to go, Itiit Cifu^in FnrniK f^ti^njt up 
M h^Ppwl >i*T*ii D'ctdok. or ID, li <|ullc arioilicr iIiTiik rroni Couiln FkuIi jtoi 
«p; andiuydlmliidtMllia iDokn vtiiln b*lng>lii(>eiJ ai I.uuj[*i liutvl, iu Uuud 

nowwtfl. liln. Skewton'e maid. (Ch zzvU, zxx, XMXv-xaM 


Cte SCcktRs Dfcttonaif. 

Qame Chlchen, The. A prufvsuonal buxur amd priM-GftliteF 
wltb Tcrj Hhori Lair, a broliea note, Aud a wnabjurablc tract i>f 
bun And Mnrilo cminlr^ bi^Uind each var. IIo U a frlcocl of Mr 
Toot*, nliom he knock* aba>it tliR bitail ihivin tlmctt \ voolc lor 
thu imnli comiiliTauon of ten and tuc per I'ltit. (Ch. xtu, xxriii, 
xxxii. x!i, xliv, tvi.) 

Oay, Walter, A yiaug utaa id the «iaplov of Mr. Dombe^r; 
BH|>hcw U) Sol GillH. Ho iiiiikea thu aoquuiutauce or Flor«ac9 
l)omI>c)', and tnUn in ]aT« wtlh her, but Is toon al^cnranl lent to 
IWbailori to fill a junior ttlualion in ibo count! ni;-bou>e tbct^ 
Tbc >ilii|> ia wUicih bu saila ii Imt nC loi, and it in long thnugfat 
that he went down with bcr; bat hu finall/ returaa, and mturiea 
Florence. (Ch. iv, ri, ts, s, siii, xv-xvLi, xlx. xliz, 1, Iri, Ivti, Ixi, 
Ixii.) Sfn CuTTLK. Captais Edward. 

Sills, Solomon. A nnulical'inakcr; uncle to Wa2t«r 
Gny. Wbi-n he hears of the lorn of tbt: ibip in nbich his n«pbcir 
has uiU-d, ha goes abroad in qut^t oi' bim, leaving bis shop in 

. till! h:uvli of CupUiQ Cutilc. (Ch. ir, rj, U, s, XT, xvii, xLx, xxii, 
Xxiii, xxy. Iri. Ivii, Uii.) Ste \\ 51*. 

To ttj nnlblni of lili ffrlih *lii wlilah wm M plain and ulubbnto ■ Vr«l*h 
VIgM pvrr irit worn, and Id which he JookeJ like anf ;hrnjf but ■ ros'n. hr 
WH a ilDir, <|ul<:i->|i»k>.'ii. iliiiu^UiIUl utti fi'Ilon. m lih i^i'i ■■ iva ai ir lUcy liad 
bMa miaaU iiufii tuitklng a1 you tliruiigli h Tcjjf ; uiul a utwt^-airiik^tiivl rniLiiiiiir, 
■srli lu hn mleht hnvr acjulrpd by hulni iinrrd for Ihm or four dsj-a iumh. 
•fidy tlirouuli every opiicol initnitDOUl lo liU ilioii. aud •uiUeel; winabaOkta 
tho world m^u Ui 11 ud it grvnu. 

Olabb, Old. An old man employed to draw little I^iul Dom- 
bcy'a coiicb. (Ch. xii.) 

Oraoffer, Mrs. Edith. Ser Ttoitnr.r, Mr.s. Kdith. 

Howler, The Reverend Melohisedeoh. A mialiWr "of tlio 
ruiiijn^ pvrmiiLsion." who predicts tha npocdy dcstructiun of the 
World. He' was formerly cmploi'cd iu tbo Went India Ducks, but 
was "discbar^-ed oil euvjiicbn of !"-r(rwin'^ giinlott toto piinclteaos, 
and »]>p1yiiig bit Up« to the orllico." (Ch. xt, Ix.) 

Jemima. Mn. Toodln's nnmarrind iliior, wbi> Uvr* with her, and 
helps biT tike cani of the cblldrvn. (Ch. il, vi.) 

Jo9. A bdHvnr. (Cb. rj.) 

John. A poor mail with no re^^Iar ump1uyiDi>nt ; father oTMartlUi 
n delimni^d ajid sickly girl. (Cb, xxiv.) See Martda. 

Jolinsoa. A pupil of Doctor Bliiiibi'r'^. (Ch. xil, xIt.) 

(^t& Au orpUiiu-chlld, visiiiug Sir Buroet aud I^d/ Skctdu, u 




Bombts ant San. 

Fidbam, witli ber snot, ilurinj Florcnco Dombc}''* ttajr tlicn. 
(Cb. xxrO 

UaoStincOT, Alezacder. Soa of Mrs. MacSlin^r, affsA two 
jrcarn aixl tiiKi mnmliK. IIU molhcr never en(«r» Vfxm anj'aclloB 
of UnporUniw, willioiit prcnoiialy iDVcrling him to lulng lilm williia 
rangn of n brii-k liatti^ry of ilnpf, nnd then trtlin^ him down no 
the itrrct piiviMoi>nt : ■ l-ouI pxviD^4toac beinz niunlly found to act 
■■ a jmwcTliil rpflonitivo. (Ch. Jtiiii. sxv, xxix, Ix.) 

UacStinger, Charles, eallfl Csowlby hy ha pluymnlca. An- 
oiLtr wjii -jf Sir*. MacSlingor. {Cli. xxxix, U.) 

MacStioeer, Juliana. Mr*. MacSUni^r's ilaugliUrj tlie v«ry 
plctun! «!' he inotiici'. " Another year or two, [he cnptAin " [Cap- 
tjiin Ciittlc] " thoii;;lit, and to lodga whc^rc that child wm wontd bo 
licilni'-tiou." (Cii. XXV, xiii, Ix.) 

UacStinger, Mra. explain Cuttlu'ii landlady ; a vixenish widow- 
woman, lirin;; at No. 9 Bri-r riacir, iioht the India IKn'ks. Sli« 
exlubitt a dispo^ti'in lo rcuiln her loi1gc.r« by phjiiical furc?. It 
nnceatary. The ca]>tiin stands in mortal fear of li«r ; though, U 
he »ay^ bo " npver owed her a p«Tiny," and haii *'dono her a 
world of gonj turns too." Ciruumilani^ei, liowevijr, occur, lliat 
make it nbwiUikJy ncc^es^ary fur him to remove lo fln»ilu-r part of 
tiiecity; and, as bie d^iru nol ac^juaint hor wiUi the fof t, ba n^aorta 
to itnvla^m to efltt^l liis jiurposc. 

la tlm Bllruc* of b^lil.Illfl fui'falu |W:k(^ iqi lila hvarlar priipi-ttj In 4 
diruT, whioli lJ« Lcir-keil. IcirctuUiig tt Irnvn IE iljiiTf, hi all prot^JibllUr tor «Tcr. 
but oil the forlorn cJiniKV ofoni^ilnr lIuOlDf ■mnri lurtlciciilJ^ LulJaJiik licyjtet' 
■t« tooomv andatkfor H- Of lii* li^hivr iii>uvi««riu llir mtptmlii icmlp a bun. 
<11«, wiilfliiiiHtjivil liti |ilia(n AtKiut biB |H<r*t'U. n^Bjy fur lliiflit. Al Ihu liQur of 
mldnighi. wbcD Uric riuM «u burlid lu 4lumbrr. anil Un. UacKlinser waa 
lullml lu ini'ctobllilau. witb ber iatknu mrouud licr. ilia guilty nplaln. ■■•■]- 
lot Ai-wu on tiplcw. In tha dart. (i|h<d<uI tli* iluur^ eloipd ii lonirantr hUu, 
aoil took ta bli hcrl", 

Punu«l br iliD imayc of Mm. Jilaeillugcr iprlDKlni out "f ltd. auil. r*(iud- 
^m* at o<^"tiiinn. fhiloAliiff anfl nrlufflnf blcn Iwr-k- f^iirnni.jl hIpio by ■ cvniAcl'iUfl. 
^VHorbiicDorrDoui crlmo, Cnptalii Cultio n«;<lon al n jtrrat prnv^audiill^KHl 
i»ma> Uiitioit uiulor hi' («ii bnlueau llrl; I'lnuc uuit ilicliiiirumciii-uiiika.'* 
4aoT- IX opT'cii-d when bfi ltniwk<<d (f»r lUili wim tm ilii. irarrhj; and, tibtu It 
WH boUfd and li^cLfd bcfalnrl blm^ Cnplnla Omili* Ir'lt com l>a rati Vf4j saA. 

"Wlii'ml" ciU'il iJiu atiiiHlii. looking ru""J ''Im. ''11 'n ■ bicaUierl" 

'■KollilBB lh< roaurr ; I" llinri'. mpialii ■" .-xlcil iJiii gajotig Ibib. 

">'o. Dol" I liil C.'A[jlalnCmilv. Alitor ctianffuijE cilor, nii.l ILftciiJnir (o apasa- 
lug roolilrp In iliD tlicrv " Hut niliiiJ yv. mr la<l. If no) Jiulr . vxctpi cii bo 
^ Ibvm in-o u rou icafolh"' day. 111*1 luinitti luiil wki l»r Cat'^u 
■uv to report no period <if that name koiovn, cor ncvvr tirard of livrp. (Jbiana 
ItiaH BTirti; vltl jrou , " 


Sbc Sdhtna Dlcllonati. 

"Ill lakneiuv, isplaln." Mnmcil llnb. 

'■ Yiiu mlftil (11)', If >'(io IlkM," hr-llntiul Ibt mplktn, " llial joa 'd mil In III* 
pjapHTt tlinIKCapVn ur IliBl dudo waf f;unc to AuiffAllilp cnilj(irftli(i|r »luijgwitl 
■ whole iIiJp'i GOiu|ilcmcul of peoiile lu liul all tutur* oKirr lu cDcim btKk at 


Thn lirafo old a.'vit tablet gr«at procniitJon* K^niost dlKOTer^ aoil 
recnpturv; but Mrs. MncSlJngcr find* him out at lout, and dcicenil* 
upon liioi wliilu bv 19 riiga^d in n consultation with hit friend Jsuik 
Ituiiibj-. I'hu tapiitin trie* to eSwt his cscupe, but id vain ; fir bo it 
■topped bjr Uie litUu UacSiiDg«TB, who cling (o bis legs with loni 
Kreana or recognition. 

"O CapVii Cattle. CH|i'en Cultlet" iild Hn. MaO^tlnnar, maklaf har clila 
riglil, and ibaklag 11 In uuiton Hlib what, bal far Ibv wcakiwM of hpr m, ml|bt 
bcductlbcilaiUcrflil,— "OCitii'eaCulUe.Ca(i^uCutll*l do jioil dm to iMk 
mr hi t\in AicH. auil iMit ba ■truck i1"wn lu rh« hvrtij?" 

TliP captain, who looked any IlilDjt buldarlnjt, fccbl]' muttered, "Stand bft" 

" Oil I I wan a weak unci truiliux tool when I IiHk yon under ng toot. Cap'ui 
Cultli*,— I waafcrlpdMn, Mur.^lliigiT, "'i'ci tliLnk »f ihp bpnriUA I 'v(. 'luiwcn-d 
OQ that majikBDdtbo way la wUlcEi I broojilit my cJtlMreu up lo tovn ni>d liooor 
hini a> If Iw waiafalbcr to 'I'ui: wlini Uiereaii't a 'ou.rkeeix-f. no nor a l>iJ|[er, 
In our itrv^vf, {Jcin'l. kiuiw tlml I tiuil money by Itmt jnuii. iinil by bin f ui/lin^i luiil 
Itii lutuiUniT*'' {Mri- Sfac^ilnjter njed tbe Jatt nord for thojolut takv urulEilrra. 
llouiindaittfi^kvatlon.raLb<.rlliaufurili*ci(jifV]Mluiiuraiiy fdva); "uiid v/hi^a Ihey 
cilvd ool one und all, abumo upon bllD forpnlllDl upniisn liiiliiilrluiii xiiniuii. up 
•arly und lain for the (^ood of ber youuji family, and kveplnfi her poor ptaev lO 
clvaiLtliBtaiudlilduul might bavn al« bla dinner, yci. auillili tea loo. If be w«a 
BOdlripoKfd. ulf uny uniTor tliv< flociri orBla^rn. ita irptrc< of all bJji fuxjbngn omd 
bia lUUUlinjTt. lucb wu (bceaje and pu]a» bctlowed upon liImT" 

Un. HacHUliger Kiipped lu frldl brr breoJIi. and ixr fneo lliiilird wIUi 111- 
Ddipb In till* unroad bnppy Introtbiriloii of ti'flpmlEi dittk^i inuf illnjifL. 

*' Atldhenina awo'a' I" eried Mr^, UiM-Srlngrr. with B ]enj;1bnLlD|^out of 
lbs lanttyllulile ihut made Uie uiifotluuulc captain rejiaid blmicir u the niraneit 
Of InrD, "and k'^rpi airuy a twiilTvinonrli! from a uoniaiil .Hltnh In IiLk ara^ 
•cleiivcl He bai n't tbo ooura^fe lo meet ber hi^M-JKli " (long a>t]AbIc again). 

"Iiul tirala awayllkuufi'lloi A pretty lurl ofa man l> Cnp'eu rutlle."ud4 

Ur*. Uaaf>ltiiE>*r, wllb unliarp Ktn^mioii llii^ Hrat >yiEabbi of llui raplakii'ii uamo, 
'^lu take on for, and to lo»e tlerpfor, and to l^lcit along of, and 1othlTiki1<<iuli for- 
tojlb, aud logu up uuil iluwu tbo bluix'd lowu Uko a mud wanian. aiklng qu»- 
iloDi aftf^rl Oh, apr«(ty tort of a niunl lln, ha. ha. hn! Ha *ii worlh all thai 
trOible aud dlitreu of mtad, und mucli more. Thai 't nothing. blvxH you 1 lift, 
ha. ha. hu t f^p'iiu <:iitlle." •aid Hn. Hacdtlnger. wlib icvcre re-aHlao Id bw 
valcr and (nnnner. '. I wlHijivktniur If ycm*r« froomliif bomc." 

I'bc rrlghiined eapiuin looked luta hti bal, at If be ntr nothlDg tbr II but t* 
iml It tin. und i;lve hloikelf up, 

'^(.'ap'en CuUlv," r.'pralrd Mn. Ma>\Sllnc>r In th« tainia difieiinlwd nianbar, 
* t wlib lu kiiow If jou "m-fomlng home, ilr,^ 

Tha fihptalij *«m<iiio4| i^ului ri^dy to gn. but fuioUy tugfVBtcd ■vtuathlDg 10 tha 
tffecl of " not making bo mueb noltv about II,'' 

Tlic gulhiiit cHpUiii i» rvliuvod, liowuri-r, by Bumijy, who dimU 


tlic widoir'K ntt«nUon fnm hi« friend, and «o(HhM aod MAens htt 
hy « lillle dflipntL- flnttcry. and by ofTering to " conwoy " bor bonie, 
which h» doGi. returning, nftcr •omc boun, iritb the cnptnin'* ritc-n, 
wbjcli i« belli IM iinplj* > relinquishmcDl of any furlhtT cluiro* npoft 
ibe (ynnvi \yy bis lulu laudlfuly. Mrs. MAc^Stiagi-r aubneijiicntly 
mnrrii^ii Citplidn Bunsby. (Ch. ix. xvii, xxiii. xxv, zxxiz. Ivi. tx.) 

Mnrtha. The dangbtcr of n poor lalKiriiig-oian, who find* It very 
dililcfult to gel work lo lio. She i« ux'y- miirfinpcn, pMivii-h, Hl-oon- 
ditional. rnggcil. and dirty, but dt-nrly loved by her fMhcr, who 
R>ba himsHlf, und inukua his own life mLKRible, to add to biT com- 
fort. (Cb. xxiv.) See Joax. 

Marwood, Alioe. S« Ditowx. Aucb. 

"Melia. A icn-anl-zir! at Doclcr niiinbor**. (Cb. xli, «1», xll.} 

Miff, Mrs, A wlicciv litlb ppw-opencr ; a mighty dry nld Iftdy, 
witli » vini-gary faj'v. nn uir of myiu-ry, luid a Lhiraty wul for lix- 
jn-nci.'*! nud BbiUio'^. (Cb, xxxi. IvU.) 

Morfln. Mr. Head cturk at Dumbvy and Son'a ; t, cbeerful-lookingi 
h.'LzclH^/tid, elderly bachelor, who bcfticadi Joha Carkiir, aad 
mnrrlpo hia linter Harriot. (Cb. sIH, xxiiii, lUI, Iviii, Ixli.) 

Native, The. A dark sprvnnt of Major Bagatock's, to rallod b^ 
Mim Tax, ti'ougb without connrcling him with any s;vK)grHpbicnL 
idea whatfrTvr. IIi> ban no particular niunr, but aniwcrii to any 
vitupemiivo epithut, (Ch. vil, x, xx, xxi, xxvi, xxvii, xxix, Iviii, 

Nipper, Suaan. Florence Dombcy't maid ; a short, brown, 
womanly girl, with a little snub noi><% nnd blnck cyca like jet bends. 
Notwitbflnnding a. peculiarly Bborp and bitinjt manner that she has, 
•he i*, in the main, 3, good-natuivd iittlu body, and is wlioUy devoted 
to her iDistrvia. Shu baa tbc audacity Ui tvll Mr. Dombty what 
aha thinkn of his trvatnicnt of his daughter, and U immvdiataly 
dbchar^ed from that gentldoaa's sunricc. Sba iilUrwards mnrriM 
Mr. TootJ, wlio considers her " a most u«triiordinary woman.* 
(Cli> iii, V, vi, xiii, xv, xvi. xviii, xix, xxii. xsiii, xxvili, xxxii, xlm, 
x\\<r, Ivi, Uli, Is-Uii.) Sr« TooTs, Mr. V. 

Pauko?, Miaa. A l>oardvr at Mrs. I'ipcbia's " select Infantioa 
hoaniinjj-houn'," worth " a gwid eighty jmuiids a year " to her. 
(Ch.viii, xi.) 

Paul, Little. Srt DoiiuET, Little Paoi.. 

P^s, Doctor Parker. Cnu of die court pbyaiciaD«, and » tnaa 
of immenvu reputation furasKistinj-ar the Increase of great familletb 


Cbt Dltbtni D(ct(aiia*p. 

on nhlcli «ccouQt hi» Borrlcvs are mqutvU hj Mr. Donibvf wbcn 

little P-iul i» \vtra. (Cb. I. xvl.) 
Perch, Mr. lldiciigr.r in Mr. Dambcf'* office, Uv^Dg (ohuB at 

homv) at BalU I'aafl. (C'b. xui, xvu, xzii, xxir, xnd, xlvl, II, lUV 

Iviii, lis.) Sre p. A4'l. 
P^^h, Mrs. Hii ytifv, nlwayi in on intcTGiitiDg condition. (Ch. 

xiii, Kxii, xjuci. xxxv, li, liil, Ivtii, lii.) 
Pilkina. Mr. Mr. Douibej"* faiuily jihireician. (Cb. !, tIU.) 
Pip^hin, Mrs. An old ladj' living ut BrigLtoa, vttb whom litde 

I'liul Dumbev, accompanied by liis sister Florence niiil a nune, ia 

■nnt ta bonnL Sbo afb^monU bccomea Mr. Ounibcy'g boii*olH«par. 

Mn- llpoliln . . ■ hid uniiilrFi) iin limni'n-n rvpniailon b< "a irrpat maoncTr" 
oTcMldfCTi; And (hcti^TCiuf [Urr] maiiaifoiacDE wiki to five rhcm every iliinjr 
Utltllti'i' dill u'l Ukr. iLuit iKiIliliiR (li»l (lii'yUIJ, llr>. I'ljiithlri IiikI hI>i> n>un>U-d 
gmt fftiDo pn bi'liif I wUlow'lrtily wl>u-r I^undnn'l hiuJ bn)ki?Ti hlj* U''uri hi 
pump[ajf wulcrout of »onip I^ontvlnu nilaof. This wn* n jfruAt rccoiDmnod*- 
tion 10 Mr- LKicntK'y ; fur U lajtd a rich tauud- •' Itfifkc hla liciut ot IhD rcravlia 
aiLnC4," muiwd Ur. LKHdW?- " Vitt\ 1^— a tArj- nvpmuiEilo vray of ilit^nnit," 

Thii Mlcbraled Un. Tipoli^n wu b mnrrplloat [II'TavorL^, fll.coDilllloneit 
Oil) lad)', of Diluiipiiigilguru. wltli a moulril lUiwlllin biul marble, aUoolL noto, 
and D bnrd pay ryr, Ibiit loukori lu If It inlRlii but* bvrn h&mrOTn^d al on an 
Mftvil- Forly >'ou-t. al leant, had clnp^rd *Iii«t flit' Tcntvlau iiiIdci !iimI b«Q 11i« 
duiliuf Mr, ripdtliii Lui >>!■ rrlici iiul wore Uack bumliiuini'. Anil alio n» 
•iivb ■ bitter old liuly» thatomf wiu tmiipijrd lu iHOIcvd i^ivrii lijv) br"ii FOmi' ml^ 
tuke In tlirspplinllon or Ibf IVriiHun mnnlilni'rv.Bnd UiDI nil li rmun of 
Ktaducii. ituil milk of liunuui klndau*. bod bam {tumped out ixf IiuMad of 
tb« milieu. 

Tlio ofigiiinl of ibis ch.TrncIM w.-u a person with whom Dirkrml 
lodged wbnn cmplnyod, at tbu ai^o of Urn yean, in a blocking. 
wanihoiiiuv IIo spraki of her (Forrtcr'* Lifu ol" Dic'kens, vol i. p. 
IG) a»''a reJuci-J old liulf, long known to our liimilv. in Littio 
College Struvt, Ctnuilvn-lowo, who look I'bildivn lu lo bo:U'd. nuit 
had oUL-a <liin« »i> at Uri^btoi;; and who, with a. fuw Alteration) 
and uinbelltsbmcuta, iinvoonvlouxlj- began lo Ht tor Mr». I'iptdiia in 
DoUBET when *hc took in iii«." (Cb. riii, si, xii, xiv, x*\ 
xlii-.\llv, xlvii, li, lix.) 

Richards. See Toodlb, Foixt. 

Bob the Grinder. See Toodlb. Bobix. 

BketUos, Lddy. The: wifu uf Sir llornot Skettlea. (Cb. xW 
xxiu, xliv. xxviii. ]x,) 

Blcettles, Sir Bfimet. A member of tbo hoato of comntoot 
liring ill a |)reliy villa M Fulbiun, on ibc imnkn of thu Tliamct 
It WiLS antici|iat<?<1, ihal, wbi-n ho did catch tbu gpcuJctr'a cyct 



Sambtg ann dan. 



(wliirb he had been «xpect«il lo do for three or four yow»), h» 
would niihcr touch up ihu railit^als. Uia olijm^t in life is i^ansUuitly 
to exlcad llie rnoge of hia acijiuiinUiiuu, (Ch. x'li, xx'ui, »xiv 
xxviii. 1*.) 

B kettles, Barnet, Junior, lliseon; u pupil ufDuttorBIimbet^ 
(Ch. xlv. xxiv. i.wiii.) 

Bkewton, The Hon. Mrs.. catUd Ci.KorATiiA, fVom the name 
appuoilwl to :i sktfuli of lii-r piibliihi^d in Iktj-ouiU. Aunt W Lent 
F<*uix, Had uioiiicr lo f^ith Oiimbiiv. An old Iwly, who wn* one* 
ft bellv, !uid wLu still retain!!, at Uiu a^u of iiuvi-nly, liiu juvenililj' 
of dress, llie cocjitelligbnem of [nuiinvr, and ihn alI'wt;ilioii of 
EfKcch. vhivli dJKtJn^tiiBliod liur fiAy yt^^n bulbrv. Sliu parallel 
her fair dau;:!hlcr thronglt nil tliu faaliiouablv rtsortt In Eo^laud In 
order to sell her ta the lii^he^t bidder. Sho siiceoi^ds In inaklu^ a 
terjr " adrnniitgetiii* >n.\tch " for hnr, but »lic« »onn after, a hidooua 
paralj^liv. dfinaiidiog msuK^olorud (^urtniu for ht-r bed. to iinprovo 
b*r fuiupk'iiou, (Ch. xxi, xivj-xxviii,, xixv-jtxivii, xU xli.) 

Bownds. A |Kjrteui<)U!i bL-adle. orlhodox and torpiilent. who ajienda 
the gr«Ht«r part ol" bis tima ailtiii); in liiu sun. on tUe rhuruh-«t«piv 
or, in coM wealbi-r. tilling hy ihu Qru. (Ch. v. sxsi, Ivil.) 

Toodle, Mr. Ilnxband lo Polly Toodli!, and fattier to" Rob the 
tirindnr." IIi^ If al drat k dkikcr, but afterwanlg boramee an 
cnipnotlriTi-r. (Ch. ii, xi, xx, lix.) 

Toodle, Mrs. Polly. ealM Riciiaiids by Mr. Ifembrj .and hia 
&raily, liiiwilir; ftnii.-r-motber of little Paul Uambey; a plump, 
roay-clicuked. vbulcsotiie, applc-fai^ed young wuiiiaii nriih live 
children of ber o*i), one of iheui bviiii^ a ouraing infant. (Ch. ii. 
Hi, v-ril. XV, xvi, xxli, xxxviii, Ivi, lix.) 

Toodle, Bobin, call«I by iht family Bilrb (in ruiueuibr.inci} of the 
»t«.Min<n^inc), olArneat uyUd lion THK GitlKPrit. Tlidr sen, 
naminnlcil by Mr. Doiiibey to ii vncMnry in ihi^ ani'ii^nt CAtalilicli- 
mcnt of ■■ The CliariiabU: (JrinUen ; " but tin- I'hlld meets with K 
much badgering from the boy* in Ihc cliveC, and io niiicb nbuM 
from tbo mactur of the lebool. tliat be run.i away, lie iifturwnrdi 
becoiU«> 'ha ipy and iuFiruuieut of Mr. Ciirker. and fxiially enters 
ihe wrviuu of MibhTux with a view to his "reMoratlun la rc^njieetik- 
bl]it}'." (Ch. Ii. V, vi. XX, xxil, xziil, xzv, xxxi, ixxii, xxxviii, 
sxxix, xlll, xlvi. Ill, Ux.) 

Toots, Mr. p. The eldeat of Doctor BlinibeKi pnplti.; u wealthy 
jouog gentleman, with ivrolleo now and excMsivoly L-u^a bsail, 


Cbt Bltttni Slctlanat;. 

of whom people did tay ibitt the doctor hwl nllu^^ oV(!i>](ine It mMk 
young Toota, nnd thnt, nrliea he bitgitn tu Imve ntiinkurs, ho li-ll off 
having brtiiiiB. Iluvin^ Ikcnui! lo pursue hi> own coumc of vtucljr, be 
occujika Lis lime cliivllj* in wrliiii;* !uu'^ lulicrs lu biiiuvlf Iruiu pi>r!>oiii 
ol' diKlinvtioii, addrenvd " P> Xuuto. Eat},, Brigbtun, Suoft'W,'* wliicll 
lie preMrvos in bi« dcf>k vritli ^-rvat cnr>;. HU pcraoiuil Hppoanuioa 
takes n groM dvftl of bin utoaUon, nud Ik? prlili's liiinu'lf <»pc<;ijdl^ 
upon bia tnilom, Uur^iua and Co., ni Iwin^ ■■ fit^h'nnblu, hut very 
Junr." Hia coovcrinlJODal ability u not tvoiarkivblc.- ; but bis dnep 
voicu, bis sbci-piaii tnauntfr, and bis *Wck phriisi-s, — of which "It 'f 
of no <.'Oll»H]ui;iiL*L' " is thu nioiit uauiil — aiV pirliculnrty iititi' worthy* 
or his intvliot-lual aiid «0fi4il duri['ipii(.'ii.-8 bu k by no muitut l^-ouraul, 
however. " I am nut what la coiiviilcred a <]uick surt of a priitoij," 
he Mysx "I sm pcrltcily awnro of that. I don't tbitik Moybodj" 
could be better ncqunintcd willi his own, — if U wax not (do Mrong 
■n expression, I should my with the thickncra of his onn hi^ad than 
niywlf." Mr. Toots contcivcn to Blrong k passion for Mist Florence 
Dombif}'. that he is — ti> tise bis own wunls — " pi-rfwtly soru with 
loving bur." His attentions, boweiur, are not encouraged, nnd he bo- 
Wiiuts very dowu-hvarWd. "1 KNOW I'm waiitla^ away," be says u> 
CapCaiu Cuttlit. " DuTg:c** and Co. have alt«reil my inviuurv-. I 'in in 
(bat ftt.ite of lbinr>R*s. If yon could fcc my les^ when 1 Ijike my boot« 
ofT, you'd form some idea what unrc(|uiUMl nffuclion h." lie recoverr 
his health nnd spirits, however, otlcr no loni; time, nnd coosotcs liim* 
•elf for the lo«s of Misa Dumbey by inarryiii'^ Jii-r maid, Mis* Sufon 
Nip])er. The result of ihls union is a lar^u family of cliitdrt^n. AAcc 
the binli of Ihe ihtrd. Hi: Toot» bvt.ikc!) liiiiiRlf to iLu " AVuodun 
Midshipman " U> give iuformatlon of liu: happy event (o liu> frlead 
Captain Cultle, whom ho always misnames Cnptnin Gilln. 

" I knew IbM fOa 'd be rM Io hear, and to I eamr down ajtttt. nr* •n psa- 
Itlrtly jEvnliiRT on, you kiiuw. Thtm '< yturvucD sud rvu*au, and now Uirn U 
uiiilbrr lliilf iiraatiEr." 

"A (nnnLkKlrBngrirV IntplrPi llircapmln- 

*' Y*i, Captain (jlU>." mji Ur. Tuoli; "miil t'ui friuil i>t\l: tho oFlaurrwaeao 
npou iliat moil riinordinsiy irnman. mj oplulim Ir, ili" hi'ttvi." 

"Sland tijl " ■■!• Ill" CBfiUlii. luminf lo itio old suioboiUe wlili oo Uiroal; 
(Or 11 [< pTcnIoif, «nd ihp Zllld-ihlpmAfiV uiuilL miHlrraro |jruv|j>luii c^f pkpf> ftad 
|ia*>ci U on ilio board, " llert '• to hrr; ni^l m*y hlixhavt vrvr to many more f ' 

'- Tliatik '»>, Csv<a'<i Ollla I " »>• tbe dctJiElitoil Ur. ToQti. " I vdii< Uic (cntJ 

(Ch. x\, xU, ilr, xvlU, xxii, xxriii, xxxt, icxaii, xixix, xlj, zIt 

]d*li),I,HltU,lx, Ixil.) 

BamttiP *nh Aan 


Toota, Alra. Sm Xiptkb, Susas. 

Towlinson, Thomas. Mr. Diimbe}''* footmari. (CIlt, x*iii, ni 
xjcviii. %xx\, XXXV, xliv, li, lis.) 

Tox, Mu8 Lucretio. A frivrnl of Mn. Chick'a, greattjr admtml 
by Uiijor Itagatoi'k. 

Thv l^y . . - wuo ■ loDgtlHn OKim> wvarlng *udi a fkded iUr,;hmt »li« 
•Miui'il Doi to have bcrn made In mhkl llatd-drBpfn call " (lit colon " oriel- 
MUy.aiid 10 Imvc. bf IliilouutUllle. wwbcitaul. Bui foe I1tl>. ibciDJKlit liai* 
bMa dwcHbvil u III* rnrjr pttik of gKitfir«l [jnipLtJjtllcin feiitl polltrnm. Kkiio 
■ longhkliiKir lltlrnlDK ulmlrlnxty f o tvcrylliinn Ihal wu aald In bcr pmrnre, 
AUd lookliiH fli till? <ifFAkcr> u If lilt wur^ luriiijtllr nii^ajjird in uklufuiT Iiu- 
prauioQKcil i^ctr Ijioigi'* opEio lii-r ■out. iLi-rvr u> (tart with (Iia 'Hiiifl bot iirliu 
lift, brr hcaJl tini] qulln Brtilcd on oDu rldr, Itvr liandi bait ronlraclrd a 
vpaaoLotbo lu£il[ ot ritltluje (bcmKlfva of thvir own oj-'OOtU «» in fuvuluoiAt-j 
■dmlralliin. Ilur •yi'K wi^m llablir li> a iiEmUar afTt^r.Eloii. Sb* bac] ilm miftt^At 
mlM tlial wr vai beard: and bor no4p> Bloi>ciii1oiirtty aqoIUndiarl a lllilv 
ICiroblB Uieicry centre orkpyilouc of tbc bridge, wbi'uuU icuai'd <]uh uKOnb 
Mwanbi bar Ikiia. •> In ta torlndbl* dnWrmlaUlaa mnr to Urn np U aay 

AA«r die d«alli of tlic fiml Mr«. Doiiib(-<r, MiM Tux hu a modeit 
vubiUun 10 (ucceoJ Ler, but, fuUioK uf Uuiu;: m, li«r regwd Ibr 
Mr. DoiiilK-y become! Mverely platouk-. (Cli. i, it, T-viii, x, xviii, 
XX, xnix, xiii, xzxvi, xxxviii, li, ILi, Ixii.) 

TOBSr. A room-mate of t'niil Dombey's al Dr. Bllmber's; a tolemn 
fuuiig gcnllcmnn vhose sliirl-collar ciirit up tbo loljt.t of lib ear*. 
(Cb. xii. xiv, xii. Ix.) 

Wickam, Mrs. A wniler'e wile (wbidi would iwcm rquivalcnt to 
Uiiiig any oilier niuii'a willow), and little tttul Uoinbuy'* niUM. 
(Cli. vUi, xi, xii, xviii, Iviil.) 

Mn, WldtamwM ■ moak woroan. of a blreomplnion.irltbhBrayiibn}** 

■IwarsTlcvaM, nnd borhi-ai) alwajfi ilrnoplnci irbonna alwnyt rrad>' lo piiy 
litTtFlf, or to be pkicd, or lo pity anybody cl«« ; and wlio hfld d mr[>rliiliig 
naluriU gift at vlatrlng all iiubjBcU In an uEIrrly furlcirn hiieI |iltUbIff tLflitr and 
bringing dmuUbl pr«ordrnt< to br«r upou ttaom, and dtrlvlug ilio (rvaicic ooo- 
■olailon ftom tbc rxcrclte of thai tilcat. 

WitherB. Pugu to Mrs. Skiiwtui: 
xxii, xxvii, XXX, xixvii, xi.) 

tail, won, and tbiu. (Ch. IX^ 


C(t ■ithtnt niciioitiTjr. 


CWArtlm r Mr I>oiikt«rtx|ir«M«bihfmincHton*ttLe binh of* »ik. inJ no*if«« 
tti^oonvTAiTJlfeUont of hi* iiatnr. UrLChloki hln vLtirr'» ttXnnA. UIh Tat, prwvnfa ti«i 
on^rinc Mr*. Duniftcy. uul bttlna *MiHO miUo Iho cflVhrl lir^rj toy Mrt ChlC*, tfrtdaiHj 
|HJl<.«n(3<lLnictln^i]iKU bCf iUmblcr>'II- MrvCIikL eurM 1i?rKir La (ifDvlila 4 wet 
vhjvi fur 1lt|]<<l*Buii »la*T« ■!» Iniarnti hnnvirm th* muior. 4rh1 IntnxlUMi Ua 
TcmhUi' fiiinll^i Mr* Tofflla, M BiChBTili, Ji PiiMUlioL — Itt FluftTn:e lie«n from BIcbiiMb 
Uw tfutT nf hpr mntFirr't dnttl] [ Hn^tn Xipprir mttr* hprflni jippAtniinas nir.Tiirli. ti^ 
BlltIlcinuu£eincTil,(iTlfik'*(>iDf!liiL(ln'ncuQftliifiUy lo^lD^r-— IV. SaUriruin ti|lii.«i UM 
Dcobkon or hit ni>ht>o"XWairprc;ii7, oiii«rLn< iJioocapMrof 1>nralw7 ■»]>4ii»i 
ft boUlK irf cliitlcp Mtdclnii CA^iUluCtitUn Jul»UiA|iart3r.(iiii3lliffr4:lallliiI>«BbB7H4 
Bon. uiU DfliiBlitvi'' -V^ Xn Chkt An4 M]h Tn «Uor * tnul «««niJW In fhA nunnr* 
ta Un (Tlivii"t of VEuXJpjii^rL iKtIg I'lbiil I* CtarlvUnvit UIk Tox twLnii dud ofthA >|>u<» 
•VfB£ chUUnirtlTKlarihflchiitli^tliiBoollatloDL IdrDolDb*^ thnirililirv;iirdrTlttcliin}i 
br ap|tniiiUnAllJlpra"Cb*ntiil>liKir[n4ler/' — VI- ItlctuiPla nn J -■<uun Iak» tbp vhu»trvn 

troublP. ■nd e^dh la til« rivcutj ftn rnfHmi (iT *' UbI Hull " In f^ivd, nn^i (ho pAnr vt* 
tApuntvd; nutraco U pif'lifil aii tty Good 3f fl Brvm. vIm> t«tii tier uf li«r duUiliui. uu: 
•mdi hvr bmnr in nc»[ >h(» li fnuml in xu* ttrvot t/ V«lt«r Obj, wbF> niiH h^^f 1« his 
buoT*'*, aM jort to Kr iMmliny'mtth tba tivnoehM-mfn'cr. T^hio^ h?rUlbfrr««Jv<t« 
quiUlndllTCTiuDllj; Rlol^ftrji (■ illitliiiru<iil' — VD- UjiJOirJoD Unt-tluct Ondi blaHdfw- 
P«nfi]cdl>iibcnoIlc«af ULvTi>i[ br « bubj. — TIIL UUic I'lul, ktovd to ih» wc of 
ar«/ciiri.Aiir|ir1jml]|piriiiUrrb^ 1i]«4Uv>LtunB v^iuat mDiKy; X*n\i\ nnt tmLnit ttmric aihI 
wflM. Iha doGlor ifwomm^Tiilt ■o'wiir. 4iid ho ud FluTipnoe in »ont lo Mrm. Plpeblu'i^At 
Bilvhtonj r^Dl I* tDipoUln t^ Mm^ripihlai MrL n%<.kiVD «Kpm*M« v^iH •aportUlloiu 
icon In TVjE*r4 b> hLn; 1'nul uti Flurt'niw wliur (ha wmvat an iitwiri H^lnit — IX, 
Wdtltr noUCfadDtudtfAlnirnvl^flolH nnt) tr^f* to "bf t hSm ap; muDlfiff iVom tbe <i0k* 
flDcdty* ba b utoulAUtit la flnO Lhal Mr- Ifrvulur.A brakv.bH l>k«ii pOMBaMoB ofibo 
tlffOl for dcbi ^ Whtiur iHWti* up Cfliitain C'liUip- wbom he bu tome inablfi La comJnK lU 
cQAMOual uf tiiu iKrf cncikFH uf hLi iAndl«dy, Mil MucAUniorj ttM oipuila latM Eb« 
mftlMr Intu i^uitiiaefaitun, aud aeIvims D^riilyioj la Mr- l>Ejm[»rlbrji lovL >Dd J»« vkd 
WtltVtniJTT lallrltEhtnnrnf Lhaipurpcw-— X- Uajor Damlook CnoefllbtUaBO of AUu 
TQi'iracri-a to brrauvuUuu t« OiS Dvidbajl, ud fOtfi to lliliihtnn. wtirra h* ibmm 
hlmMirinKlT, Dciiiir>rr^**n>7>«ttlil'>tk«*btt>«qMlDmi»: Whlur-tur>purirObr Capubi 
€qttlOt Eiui:k«* Ji1» ni^iillEAlirHi la Mr- Diwibpr; llio anptiilii pnv^nu hli vmtuftblm b« bhu- 
ritfi Mr, I^omlx'y, ibrviiiflh raiil. IcnJi tlio tri^uLrhl amou'it la Mr GUIl — JCl- Mf-Doi^ 
bey dtoldpa tu nrniuTn TBiil from Mn. I'lpr^hlfrB W I>EWlaT lillmbor'f i l>«(ar BIHobor'a 
HUUIibmeni. ud tti [DaUu>d* oftoubJiLfi Mr Dflmbc/, iu««apiuUi>d bfyiurrBm 
Un. I'Lpcbtn, UkBHl^allDl>oclar IIJlmbDr'«.iv]kfi|«b«l»1almlnJe«dlO iMfUnU^gf Cbu 
lumcO ifcijUrnjAEi. qad where he la XcTi iu bo tuu;Dcie4 lo tbe IbTclTiji Dr<><4Bi fin wbicb 
llul <4iLdtIt1lt,hEnoi]1 1b ciIf'hrvIrd^^XlTn MCis MlmheT lBk«B Taul id IiaqJ; Mr^ TWC* 
■bu*iblB uuid-wtll; MliB BUinEKrr ilarti Vati\ J» k]ii Caufvp oTntUElx > FInHHM obulne 
|hi> "^QKfXt vhjdt cunTnin r»xijrk ipwont uid BHlitt bliD In ih^Lr prepuvtlOD : Mr.TOM* 
dQiitlnuH to ttiiErruBf liLmai'tr Mi J'jiul-— Xlll- TbA ddfliTaiica p^lil lo Mr- IknmbBT^ by <3mi* 
Id and uunnit lila uffik-'Vi Kir, Ctrterihe miukiufer InTiirau Mr. Di^miicf uf « vaeaovr 1> 
thidr M^n^y ■! I^Hrbmlitnii^ jud hn d^ckdit to vnJ UTbIUf <-4r I" AH \X\ VoJctr beafv 
■ WDVtruiltnii EwfwiMo Iho biuElivFB Jdinuji and John Cdrkar, In whiiih ;ho [KKjUoa 
•r nta Utter i< Hvnu'd -. Mr John Carkcr toll* ^ilTvr Lb^t H.<ry uf Li* boupiiiiun ant 
ftdL — XIV- Mlu KlImlH^r prriMiruB an ani:] 4a of k'am'B <bAza«trr; V\m.\ atn^rt nttfV 
■nlmurvold-fiiBtikumjili bo rat^ulAca Mb Iniitailun lu I>uu1iit uulI Mr* &](iutHr'B-<nr]j 
partx;" hr< han a fitlijrUn|-dt In Mr. Ki>nli>r't romn, an^ hy Ibn dor^pr'i iu]Tle« \% i-ell0irV 
flttmlOBtluaiuii^ Tditl CuUccn H^l brBHTuill LiLAieHluEia ri/rUkluthiniD: nl IhcDUnibta^ 
^*ft;r. roul rTPCliv< Tb^klmltX tl(«nili-iiatri>mB.[t (irp-cnt, nnJ |'i<'jri'n,.'ii 1<w:ikrflt>t 4 unh 
¥iirvl nivorttii; thry Btl irm^r thuEr rini^iimB fur fiiul ml hlB di^partufo, And br DoaUy 
*fliwli» hooiF' — XV. WA^Ur mfliw* i>^ bti mind to liiform bJt undo of Iba likrhadoia 
pfid»t, ukdK«4toCfepulDCi»Uola«t^bh1a] (a braak tlu uwt to Kol tilUa; tba oaptal^ 

Bombip ano SiK. 


m uiMMtHiUA «r Eh« ttiutf, "WWB ui Mil* * Mi." wid SMlU 4nMm w n* He 
IVimhir. FiiKl ulk II nror witii tdmi Wdltf. mlktoi aboat M fl<« Um wouln (tow M 
bmk lUu uFOi hi 4a! iJilli, li onrlataii if ^ama Wbiw la it eOHh. In Hunb of Atatv** 
nwilnn>ini1 Mn. T-Kullo: )i« ihIiu hrr to SM Rlrlutilt. inA (viomi irtin ilifii vt 9It. 
Dinntrty'qFhfiiH. wlicrr bvlvcaUatliL — Xin^ Llllla l'4til, irrown iDoraHnil man twbla. 
b«f4lowo M« oil] n4na inil VTilotr, UA dlv^wlUi liLi «niu mnibd riorrnoi^'t nwh, -^ 
XVIt- 7Ca(*#ctni; Mr, Dumlivf it bimu. Cjplnln Gattlff jm«* 1" Itit ofHi^a of Ifjitilr^r *»1 
Bm. vDd <r*i N on >lr. Cfrtvr th* nunM« 1 clMMpi«lnQxr>l*luhli ujidtt«riiiLiHkii «f tbo 
tMm to Cuft«r,feD4 hla luplnllqm li^ aMin«fllLfln wllh Wilumn'l riiiruni^a. wUcb Mr. 
OaAV l>1l«* palu bf »c»ii^b«i. ftiHl the oi(tl^n It fjll^ HLLtDnl IJitl bu "hu <ton« ■ 
llttia boUiiH* fill in* r'xiniMin." -- XVIII. runtnl oTIIttl* I'anl.and lit. DnuUr-t 
Mlthmie* to FiomiH; Mn. Cnict ■ml Mlia Tax •IHSM U eonwl* nunniM; Hit 
buwrliuid CAdy Mt0ttla« In vit« I'lnnnii^ la TUU TliHi, bai Aa 1»r*Atn to fUAAbi Hi hnm<i 1 
Kr. Doint>fTfruwiraiirautiliBoraeDhIto<nrdib» duouhur: Hr. Tuou etll> uutju rior- 
■H*.Boilbr<ni«l)JnfQiiH^Ehfldac<if whioh ■'uni wn^wa fi>n^ 4t Doctor ■limb^r^AL kdaui 
MAnuFlunae* thai bar nHiRlifii Inn buns SB Uw mumnr. in euiuiiur oiih Ma|uc 
laiataifc i norHH* ma la nor tiilivr'i mnta, indtitoauaiaitn hii*n<HiinD anil uniM- 
l^r, tM Unite hliD Hill ealil una mamd. — XIX. Wallar pHpanu la in aoir, and ii 
(l«tii«bi>unii> a »ni<a Ito florrncs •rhnn >h* and auun miot Uia ibopi rion-noa 
andiVftitcriaLt laavaof aaeb uihar. aril Piimni-'o iirv*«nLi mm viib a ittviivako; Jutan 
Cai1KrnKiu«uinkal*t<ra«rn'ai»r; Waitiriimaiwanl-'TIiaMoD ai>« ll*jr."aBJ tli* 
■tarta rnvBharTsraca— XS. Mi. I><iinl«r iinaHDiaH wltli Malar Bacatool: lbs HaJoC 
(paoalUMantbamamnMalalaraMiiannrMiuTnii Hr. Toadla aipiwa ai hlaapopallir 
■1 tta daaOi at lltlta raal. Inl Mr. ITuaibor ili'ii mil rrapund : nfliKiluna dT Mr. I>im>Iii>/ 
ODUkanaili Iha nujer nlllM bin on hli ihmiiihirn'noni ih>T arrlm a[ b^mlniriMi. — 
XVL Ur. I>ambflyRii4 Valcir Dajainf k pnrnimL^r Un. ftltawtori, aiid hoEdauitbiar Urap 
Onnfari Mn. Jftainon pxp ft aaia hgnVmlnaaa ftfr''y«ara"anJ"Hwtt " IfaJ"^!^ 
•lael Inlbriu Mr. DuiiilKr-*bn Uim uawrFiandi arni Mr. IMmtHvaad Uw majiircall 
D^n Thn Ijidjni, and Mn. <lr4tiper ibnira hr-r arc omphtbuiDaia. — XXir Mr. CarkrrilM 
BunixTI ibum bli affcvUun Hir Mr. Cjrlisr lh« Jomnr. anil fnr IhiplralaUir; Mr. Tenli 
lnr<inii< Mr. Cactivlhai ll»b llin lirfniliT !• KFt.lnii tiD|iluyTnc-nli Mr. Carter liaa Mm 
bniitbilB; Saiaillinmiaiuiu/ niriiuiiOinimidni'nn hlxliM.andinimiuirt r.irooin 
of " Tba Mrm aait llittr." amrab bu nut bopn iipart T>k>iu >iEi<:t itinuilvil; Crrkar pruootra 
to pill ICob Into hiacruplo^: CartLtr cKt bora" iriih llnb.and t^iiirrnnEnitoiata cliania 
orUuirnnan hoD^nii, whom ba ptaaM «■ a tpy iffiu <l<ii uiiii; CjrXsr la wliaeta id iba 
dlHoiDlllDra of Mr- '1'ue>u. coniequanl upon tJial rnons BBnUaman'a adTaoana ta llrjau 
Slppav. — XXIlt. TliQlonAir lifoof TlonaGt In tbadvarladbaaat; Flanaaa. auiiou* n 
aa aliaanDa of nfrirji (hnb Waiiurt im*a wLib MaaaaiTfaoaiM OIU<^ bad, nat aoiiinjf hiia ai 
■Knat. Ibcy no WOtiililn Cjlllt'i: inaallnK uf Auaa Xiiipar anil Mra. Nw!lt1iiiBti Cap> 
^jtfn Cutilr. ai a ina irTiai In Hir ahnnc Wali'Ta aiiipt contulu tbe aramitar llan«tir» wba 
ttnaauuplnliHi. Ilu"bfannta"ur wbldii'-lvalii Ibsapiillculnnaoli." — XXIV. nor. 
(fiearUlia Itm faiMly irT NIr namat KkMHM at I'Blbiio: TaHoaa Ineliloaii rriDlnd b^rof 
herfBirari^niiiriirr^rQTiarAiiIicr: ibry ffnooanCar CTarkar r>ii tha atr«>i»i, <rhi» Inr^nia I'lo^ 
vwa ihrrrii nn nipwi ortbi' >hin -XXV, Kmldtii dHaDr><»n>ara i>r H^l a Hit: Cipuln 
. at iir, Ondius na iTik mof hiiu, ruD^ air.iT fnnn Mn. Mari!9tln^r.and lakoa imaiaaAldn af 
itta aim;. — XXVI . Caittratni-nai Loiualiiiibin : iba major and Mra. aumlon uncuoran 
AauMnUDna of Mr. Dumba^ b> rdlihi Hra. skannoti aMrpu Ibr bartinf and Fjwiii M>. 
StnAfT^ latluuoB to braaUhtr. and u a lUo in Varwick CaaUa. — XXVII. Carkn Ritru 
Tdlib In itia mre, and crii<vriui bn mim iba anno.vuiMi of Osod Mn. Biowsi Paita* 
'atcIirjEdllbcluaflrdurlirtrlJiabmkrajit and Ilia irip to Warwick 1 l>oiiibaj'nBlE«a aa 
aapoininKdi with )rri.<(Tniii:?r "fjra purpoap," and tbo rHaptiatavet lu hor moitiartba 
VaaatrtiarQEiUr/Tiatnukit inbrlmMiuiniin laadaGJara(icn.''XXVl]l. Kiorrnc-.a prapaaM 
.>raiuni honm iinii- «' Tofw praaeia*! boallnii rowmlna bomf. Florin'* and Soaa 
amiboh'iuK ijip I "lEiJ^cuUfmluRi: Flormcr naala tMlUi and Mra.»l(rtrwm 

ftrtbtaruiim- ' . . 'i«>ii.|in«ci.,i>smimaraDfbcrniib<>r. — XXIX Mrt Cbleli 

aallaapon Uiu ivj . :. iiri.^r Ui. Iinmbir'i runlBaplaiid muritpii Min T»i it 
ovtrcom* b} 111* ik^iTi. ind ^n. H'blaliliat hr^r f<>HapG*ivl loiba auilil1JL>aj bu|K« oT bn 
Klaad.wb-Bialwcnir^iuiiiIj'eaataaK— XXX. lUlib ■ton • wana (Mandalilp tbr nap 


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MHi iliftiuwn ber tervBVa hi home tlooe AOor bor ■XhAr'a ounUtfci Kn. 9te«taa 
iffvi lk«F InrpiHt tn Flotiaovi Edith iWU«04 ta «ilnir norvncir- b» ranuia wiib Mii. 
akniiDti durEof 1ii*r uwn ilb«nc4— XT-XI nif< vrejilmtf uf Mr UumtNir Kna IMlth 
Drwiiaairi tfi« w«4Jina^ijTih4ki^i. wherfi C^t^jvin KhhIk mik^* * 4dhvU^>i'hI Ur. Cv^^f 
•in1tnqpDntbciuMB;ivt9'- — XXXIL CtpUtnOuUkikiwiJliitf (^1uiH4)44rIcn9llliffirE»4ed 
MldAUp_DUi.ltulLedupwil>y 3If,Ti>oU*iiJ th404ai«Clilck"ni Ur, TooUttwxiloiu U 
biHCtptaliiCiinloaiiltlvftlthlt aoqiulntdnva: tin rwdB fmrn 4 nnnpjtii*! «i ■ee«iiBl 
of ibo lotouT "Tlio&imiiidH4ir"t«GtpiAiD CaiUe: C*pt«tii CattU Mlli m^I* 4>a llr> 
i:^k«A«rT»t«c«tvoihliaw1[nJ«H[Ki]|i«dii»iliui banim. — XXXItl- llr.JanMCiirlt«t 
bumv nuu iroT»«oil. ^Ilhlb« pLotora rAMmbUuM KAtih oit iiiavHlI; Ur^Jabn Cvtu^t 
bQOH on Ui»otjhDr<U» ^ Lauloi]] iaba Car^i^rparuwiui h^i alfEvrlbrUM A^i ttj* U 
TUIUd [ix»t(pmniMenflUoinan. who UtbonMfflilyatqurtJiilMw^llithDlfhltUifjr, mill irdo 
HCurHlifrpntiiilwIiviIIoi hlio If »bpy nrrnw'! n^l^unfiM llnrrlcl r-4'k«r Jk^mrnilB 
AJlcD|tn»ni.iLt«IiirAHc"i]i'K'i.— XXXIV. CickhI Mr* Umffii wtluumiAliMmDliArdAUcli- 
itti >ln IlnfirnLnrbimaAUc'' vbnoti^knowa orotikpr-, limine Vim llwuhl* tittrt 
wbcrxdomldahar^nEiiinilurnkrit lior UuuAOp umlniii^lKiukliDf i;irtvLibcuiK«,--XXXT' 
kirftiul KlrL DoinlHi7^ATavoLoginc4bi|piin*ftrtrlJii-ij J»rii|al ^va^: Mr, I>i'UiTii?«lrD(llDfl 
toBLfldrit w4icb«Flor*ticBiin4 K4l(1i.*iLiJ M^ liciurt litrdnmi lowinlfl hL* jtaiuilitnr tA ftnil 
|h«l»h4 huwDD bit win's larvi Flonooc nlAUi (o Eitilli lti4 tur/^jf Wa^Kr; EiIlOi' 
Warn* riorvncp not is vxpocl to ftilii Ibrmijib b^r bar r*(bar^i JilTAetlan-'-XXXVr Ur. 
AOtl Mn, Duialf^/glv« ul nklarUlQinnit wbi■^J] U not tootkl; Ccaiiln Fecnli nJ*lc« « 
ttarji Mr- t^mkit (■ tha aulr QU at #«m, tn4 Mn Cbick AmU BinrvoiraUithtAl; Ur- 
Domljr.v In Ihc pf«aiWfl of OillMr 1D*kV4 otijcettofii (i> bl» wlfu't cotulu*:! — XXXVtl- 
Cnrkitrc*MiUj>an tff^ I>ainb«7.anil|a<L>lA ii;hiei on inlJ^rrlvir; I'^iiflinr aviJiaM Itin «i* 
Msnoo Df d«ra|c4 ttuobmant bcii*«« Un Dumttry nal ucr tiEiti>«Tii1, ami ■rid*a*DEi U 
«tCH»:^ an iDdUPOH On>r b«( tlirouBh horfnaraf lrkjjjrla« rJtTan^O] Un- I^kvwioD ll 
atmebwllb pantnl^ — XXXVIlI, Vln Tux, ntiamlonoO Iij Mm, rblclc, *«ka Klfiliardi 
rbr tnlbrtUtlon oriho [>i>iiilx^yi. arnl !■ vtrurKyl Ijutuo by IbtU iht- Orliirkr. —XXXEX- 
QaptaUiOutUotiaiUimDEi Vt TimlJiiriP pinAiunt itf hln ■v-aLULlntank^'-H nn naa^tftLon that 
Fl«rcaoo inutt nawrbd iiueei4>] oTirk-fT^ lo; Uab flia UMaOur t<Mvca l^4pulii Gu(U«^* 
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iDtba pn^mtit oT ibuLwunhr; Mr«. MiwflUiiifrr aiul borrimiLy i jdJvnij- Ktiptinr nn tba 
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point I't maklnE k doclAnCTOd of llla lovo. wMob KJ^irvn^B C'bDcktL ilMih aChln, BIc«w1iMl 
— XUI JCuE>EriQarlad«ftppMr« III tboBiTvlUBurMr-CttrkDr; Mr. Ilumlx^r uml Xj, Cwft- 
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hnn.aad CaAiar otnlca ibd otm of tbv ac^ikltui to L*htZi -XLILi. Huihui SJ;ti>cr »- 
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jc watchrki hy iiaitH Urt- Itrowri and hrr ttAiiKtiEnr. whi* aflonfjiM> quMElon XEiib Ibt 
nnudcf la rovuit lobb inanier; Mr JaEUi.>«CarkH>ratratfi LiuiiU bii bruEbor wnb hia dl» 
fiiw?,>tadBi)''«niai bit ciurciaJoD* o( cootl-wju towiuiU Mr Domb^r-'-XIfVlln KdltL 
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tiua^HiiihK LilLib in tbc pFwouaa uf Carktr and Florouoci EJlibaofwen blm-ioil Ml9 


lambcii inh Son. 


ta ■■pantSoBn lilt own lanu: Vr DomiHr r«)MCJi ttut pmponltloB : t?aAfr sft^mpu 
lD«anetllBU- TAtib ihrtfikj rr<iia Fl^ nn^^t va lUa tMtU-%i fllflbt oriMUh *ati Cirkar^ 
IVnun (• fcrmcli il4}wn l»r an unvi? bluw frim bar niHicr- — XE.VUI- riUa rllc-i to Uiq 
boiu* of Sut OllJt. wbnin C^a I* tvtnWnl Ir/C^iilAlJi Cuirk. TTfrn vrh^fin »h« ImniB or tb« 
01iBl nf*nino« nf Walter^ uiicEo ; iU" r^ptntii |>nivlc1ia n^r the cmnrnrl nf flH^retice; Mr- 
Twt* csila. Oiul LnAirrnt Cai>flii CulLlb Elitl a pcr«uii ^tiual bo laol dl (Iio Auur ihttX iDum 
ingiftwUiliif roMAblaBCUr, llroalor'Ji tti«iui|ii4lii gi^n* to llroElnj^*, iriA rvliima in a 
ttMtt irf fn«a«XCll«WDL— XUX^ C»[H»io OulUo inkta tofide,r ciiro «r riufTn'^c, unl 

UHCf lUlii^ Uiir EiiiiJluin rcliEai-j riDfr-ncd Min ■tar?' □# Efjfl ahlp lort mt ■«>« fnui ^faldli 
fiOjlttJ tnuHT^tli Iljo tliA^u V of q idmi tn[>C4n upiin m*.- iraJLand ahe w^■]4q1B«« WnJUi 
home. ^t-lUlM (Cupula CutlU " m^koa (jTit ^ IJttlu pmncirly Jlntlr." — L. I^lnrtt»ita n^ljiiib 
Vie iftvaiii>r Tipf fliii>il TrtiFji Ikumr: U'lilErr rPBM>na lliftE hU uiiuId Is lUJj atlvr. jind will 

||«TF<1 tn Hull tho li AJiff^, (ii^nirh In hit rl*itl'> oiwveh «a4 pmnltpt lo d«n>le bloueir ftDd 
thr r^bk'hi^ii lu tlte iccuvi'ry o' i^^oftu; PlnnrHO, ptlE4il at Vultof'* AtoMlnd ber. iBtih* 
■i^^Kr>'*nni[|»iu tb4>ir»niorvj^<wrr*i4ltt tnftinu(iihlproft«|DDor]op«.coi]La iniCtlcllfltki 
of Ctt^iUiit CuTUiL— 1^1. Mr- l>mnT*r.jr wamiUlu il*r(irtalf«iiltDnt un tba Knbjnut of FJor 
■D<c: Major hafalofl cl4lijii LIjq uuiiic uf Dunilwy'B frltml whta Ibo Cituc cuiqu IQI 
totflUus CarlKTE hnw tho rjunll?- i1luv<L4iralT«H Ur, |>jE(|b«T'*Clfit1tL — MI- Mr Dnmbr^ 
VMBliVtli^Hbvdauf OcH-t \tn. Brown lo haitr Win of CH)»f; from a pluco ufcfinertl- 
DWilltff hf4n 3dn. Ilmwii anil h«r iliLOEhtrr ilnir frMDitob thv OrlniTpr. nr <inH||nii« ind 
UltMt^, Utfl »er»la uf bi* nmlar auq Mn. iVmibv^'i flight, and Ibeir jildoe oT dcwUmtUoa 
■ -till- John C4rt4r If dltml wd t TUrrli'l roUlj^ to hrf bratUrr fio «f>p?*niT»4 <itf tbftJf 
mknoini fhHd. ^ba pruv«« to bi Mr. UurAn irf Dumlipy tnd Sun'i hoii*e: be rrlnLn 
b«rlt«d*ai* br a kTvvrJMta of tbpir 4fAlr«, hii^I pmjnlH« bi iwlu (h<>iEi] Mr, Mofllii 
llribma Uvrlf I C«ri.ur(/ UiacondCuuDOf bcrUmrhEr'* ;»t(.'uiilarj- uuitutttluii wHb l>uii>- 
btjnndHDnL Atinr Ilrown ri>1«nu«t btribirn Intho Wtnjflt i^f CirhiiF. aiiiI. Hn^nvHlBtEiu 
baHvrlfft iha«Jiu>e>bc biu t-» cuna blm^ Ih-fa bar re wuffi hJm Umt iJonilwy ti rni bl* 
trvb- — LtV, rttiiiL kj>fPH^ iiniiD m tbc nptniDcut In Dijoni Cvlur jotni hfr: Edltta 
tpunia Cu^n'B hlviqccs Iliri-^iJ'n* bhn Willi vlnli'Ui^v If bo 4ppnMClH« b«r->ii<t tbirw* 
blmUiDl berlTl^E wlib bLm wia En □rJn.^r tij ■w»;:d tlio iiiftitliB ahd lull raetlrodfrini binii 
tftolnRinDablmof hcrba*Aftrti1'>Tirp'«^n.^A tn tbo lavrD.anil e«M|kf4 fram (ha ftjianm'Mit 
|vlHlffr. iKpfniifX vTlTf4«(ib«4l'>of ^ C'4rlLrr«*c\apf«ibr4DffbanDto*oiu«|idiHvv, ^LV. 
Carter bulnu tkiLk lalCEafUnd, Enrndn1Epj'ili"nEi'Unctb4t Ur, Dambuj'bpuifiiliiKblinL 
lH*loj4ti>rc«l4t 4fi'mifl4<oi'mitrjraUUonHLn'^, ut ho (laS-int (a |>n)C«e<t.b« rnooniitrn 
ktv. Dunbvjr. 1o jivijClI whnmhci iirtu 4[^nn (b^ lr*^k. tnd [■ cut t4) piren b^ I^c chdn*.-^ 
hVt. Ht- TajUratumt to Ibo Mt4ltTLt|>ai4ik wUb8a>nFi ^ip^l^r. ftftd biTDonica ivfioQctlol Co 
lb«l<«anf riofBunv; Un, ICIcIuuiIb EH<cnmPt bnu»kp«p<iriit tlifi UJithhl^nnnnE MrTooll^ 
onhaTipUifk* M bo*r1i]f tbalaaniu fMd In cituroli: F«|iirn of Hu| <f]Ua: 10* L^mv Mbsgri^ 
•nd b^« >i^ xipf nro pi^iialiHdi lh« Gamo Cbir<k<n Mi^rc^iM lilt lUBdiiti. "'^ hv •od Hj. 
'duU part euihiKur^^'-LVII- WjUMr^iulflnrcficd vlult iUd |4JEnhc»r E^Illo I'huU mjirrUri 
vC Vfllltr AnJ r JorvDH, Jiiid tboir >lt|>iuliirc od ■ Toyfltf* loCblTin.— LVlll, fuLlarf of tb* 
htt*9 <ir HuRiEwf Ukl EiaPi lUrrl't <*4rkvr b^fi Ur. Xirrflii tn fittn Ur^ DomTiny chi 
lni«r«»[iir tbQ^urkof ihefominfi tf'fl by hi.>r brwibcr Jaoih ^ Udftlfi iliitf Alfi'V BruwiL, 
vrbum •liD bv fnCiirU fVfiu hrr Mnful UAr.aiid wTu nirtrllfm vnrr<l^fc.nm"it bjMi^ 
VlckAdi: Nrik. Broifii LiEb>nn< Jijfflvl of ma r«]4rLoQili(fi Iwlwiwii bcr i-hllA BiiU Hi^ 
tttob^t 4attth ur AIIC4- — If I X- 3klr. nnmbnr't ivn-inLt Jim<lE4in1wnil. uid i\tf fumlturt 
■AM «t »a£Ui>q. HbUc tff. Duinl>ey tci-fi ktiEi«i«]r ur]*«?u In ]il*a«vn D]iiLrIiiimiikL ^rfn- 
|\^btn rrvltfn* bpr «1uirV4 of ihat>niiH«anmAa[iri]f>i^]rilhy|Uc<hflrkUL Mi«ToK oontlnun 
•kbaif bffrtynipailiy; Mr- Uuiubcy wnndD'^JJiruujiTi tbo ImuiB bj* nltbt. mid Itiuni ta 
tatti ftaf FloRiiepj flip rviarn*. iiid Ki^k« h^r fjiib<r. vid t4kp4 hint bomo nirb h^n 
ti^m tw\ lAhra Itnb iba I'.rt^id^r tnl-i bnr itrvl-"*!, -* t X- Mf- Friodrr, h-A-, niJimn Cof 
UllA |SlEmb*r. Mr, liml* buiI b1« »1fr, 't^fiin!rLj M|i4 SoMFi Sitti)€r,(*cliJ!f pfetunl *t lb* 
Ctrvmonyt Hr^ M vA(in«rr Iml]4 nunihy lo tho nTti'L SiiMn rrTirrn* m l^lnrciipr, "LXI 
TDiuln rimiili ufcpi nor«ic» to jii. bum.- lo inrot E'diUi: thtrMtrmtllvuf Uioo|dMjMl«n 
4«drrvb WWfriicruid blawlte-LXU' rmMOtipoillLDn a/ klJ Lbt^bAnoMfk 

Qn)c ^auntcb iltan. 



PtBi.unin (ii lMH.aniiniD>tnitMlvltbBft^niJfpi<>o» and i)(tP-pit« to||rai(4 

»n wiMid frum iIhiicIdjii by Jobn TcuDlvl.uiilvUb wikhUuIi In the texl mm 
dNMliea br eU-oBcia, I.Mdi. vid Ntunn. 

Tie (torj la rounded upon a lcj;tod *[tacli«l 10 in OM portrait; "LonLlctp 
ray mcinury j^rvvu f " hiith InilrHiJ nf ukLn^ tfii- Kiitd " mtmury " In Itt lQt?lii1«d 
MPd otrioui icnffl of ooiitLjiucd I'lhlciicD la rba rcmembroaDO uf atli«r«, Mr, 
DldLCUf very curlDUHl/ mlalnt«r|fritla L[ lo mran (lut p^itrrr or Oftptcttyof tbt 
Daln<lirblobnuiblMUtDlrwUDr«upn»nitureuiclIi« knoirlcil(« It Mqulrat. 


DflOliaoii SdmtiDcl. A etiidvui. wboro u^u nnino i* LoxoroKOL 
He coious uiiilf^r ttiL- evil IiiIlui'iiL'O of Kir. ItodUw, und lotca nil 
winBi: of the kiuilnvFS lliiit h&» liven eliowu Liiii ilurliig a dangi-ruia 
illiiOH, But, wlivD a tlinn^v fulls iigion Rcilt.iu', liia Warl ftwla iLe 
i-fli-vt iil^o, unJ glows widi alTvctiuu and (^titudu U> bis ti«tV(:rao> 
Iri'js, (Cli. ii, iii.) 

tjongford, Edmund. SmDsxham, Edmcko. 

Eledlaw, Mr. A learniK] clipiniat, tuid n IwRirt^r m ah andeDl 
iiisliwlion in a {-reat eity. He is n mclan.'holy hut klDd-1i«Hrt«(] 
miuii wbnte Itfo h.x* been iLiikRiK^ci b/ ninny aorroiri. A* he rill 
Imwdiiig oav ni^ht over tlio things ihnl migbt liavo been, buc avvit 
irvro, Mr. Willinm Swjilircr. thu kw^ptT of tbe IjocIkc, nitli bi« wili 
MilW*. an'i lii.i liilher I'liillp. tnliT ilii.' niom lo fvr\e Lis If it, ftnii tc 
<iMur,it« till- Bpiulmcut witli hoUy iu iKiuur uf Chrutiuua. 

Cbr n<unttB fKaa. 

* luolbrr CbrliEfOAi com*! ; aDOtli^r ^lu fonr r " munniirfs] tb* ch>vii«l vrnb 
■ ■looiD]' •1(11. " Miir* Cmim tn <bo IrajntirnlnR sum of rFcolItcilaD lliii wo 

kort *ad wof k Lt. tit our loFiutbl, HE] Dfalli idly jmnblci uCI loj^lhcr, bpiI nibi 

IBU HsntlVnit ipnrt, vilb lUa ilIdralDE burdpD Id lili unit, from wlilcb ih* quiet 
Un. Wllllun tooK am^ bnuicbn. vJiicli the iiolielviilr Irlmiavrj wlili bcr leit- 
•on. and dcoeniA] lb* roam irlib, wbll* bsr icvd ht.brr-ln-lsw lookttl on moob 
blaiMiad la Iha Mtviiintiy. 

■• Mr ilu'T lo TOO. tli." iFluruPd Ilie old nuui. " BboulJ Imic npokeu btfOnv 
*lr. bul ILUOK yout kB)i, Mr. Ki'JIun. — pniuil 10 •sy. '•■ml <FMlt lilt igiDtD to. 
Hxrrv CTtirlrlaiiui. plrl AMrl L&[jp)r S*m^Yvut\ and inMiiy of VntF UftVr had > 
prpll; IDU7 of 'cm mjiclf, — b>,h>l —and mn; lake tlie libwlj oT wbbiii( 'cia. 
1 "KclKblyinenl" 

-ILat* ■f'" l>ad Himauy tbil wm Bierry and happji"' aikrd tbe«tbat, 

*' JkT- lU; pr«r 10 maay.'' rcturotd (be old man. 

" It bii meuorr liuinij^d wilb ajcr ? II [• la b* czpnWd noir." laid ilc. Rad' 
lav, turnlag M (ha aun. and aj^-Altutg lawvt- 

"Xoi a moncl of It, ill," levilled Mr. IVILIJam. "Tlial'i oxaellr wlial I laj 
tajl*]t, *!r, Tbti* Dctcc *iu lucli u lu>'mur]> ai m]' lalliri'i. llv'i Ilia miMt 
vondrrful man In tlii' notM. Ik <liint know <rliat forgntLlDji meant, txH (bO 
vfrjobaBTailgii t'matwar* maklnstaMn. WlUluD. iItiIT yoa'U bcliere m«l" 

The oti] lu&ii reiniiiiJs Mr. Bnlluiv of a picture of onu of the 
fo(iad«r« of ibu iiislUution, whicli kaii^ lu wliut waa oql-u tlii> gKMt 
diolog-hall, — 11 teJulo ^i^utlFdiuu, wiili a iK'rull bt'loir liiiu. biMrinjc 
thl« inwrlptlon, " Lorl, kevp mv luviuur^ );n.-vii 1 " Autl then the 
foiingrr Mr, Swl'l^cr n^irokt of Ills wlfi-'s vislu to tbo «i<.'lc uod huSct- 
iag, ftnil lc!l« ht"r ahe lu< jusl rptiimmi from nurfiRf! a aluiieiiC irlio 
altcoda Mr. RcJInn'g lectures, ami who l>ccn fieiicl viitt a f«Ter. 

"Xot K-DI»Dt trllh llili, (Ir, Hra. William |tix< and flodi. Uib my nlfbl, 
WbFD iht rai oomlDd bone (wby ICi DuiAb<>v>.'aiMU|>lri>(liuaraa(a!,a eraatan, 
aii>r« Ilk* a j<>un( wiliI brail Dian a Toang rlilldi iliircrlnc npua a door-ilep. 
Wbal duel Urt. William do bu( brln|[i It borne 10 dry I1. anil feed it, and kceii K 
UN our tild bun Illy I'f it«Mi and flauurl i* (fiviin away on (^tirl-liriHB uoriilEigr If It 
■rtr ftit allrr Mon. It'g » much a< l( ever did; fur U'oIUIhe In ilir uld Ludf* 
ttalnmey. iiarlug ai out* «i If id raveaoui eyci would uEter ibui anala. II '* 
•Itiluf lliiu«.at kul.'aald Ui. William, oarrKUiiji lilnuolf ou rcllBcllan. "ualaia 

" ileiiea keep bei bappyl"ia!d ilieeliemlit aloud, "and you (oo, Pbltlpl and 
Itu, WllllamT I initni cunpldi-r 7b4( to {I41 In (IiIji- E may dailru to mm llili 
tiudral: I 'It nol deiain you lonnpr noir, Uoud-nizbil " 

"I ItuukH. lir. I tiiaiiki'i'l " laid Ilic old niaa. "for Moiue. and (bi 017 MB 
IFUnun, and tat loriiir. Wlitrn 'i my ma William? TrUllain. ji7n Ink* I ha 
AOMn. and ^o on flnt tA.rotij[h them long dark pa«aKr4, a? y<ju did last Jvtt 
.«rf tb> yt*c afurv. Ha. ba I / n'uieiuber. Dioujtli I 'm el^bly-ieveo I ' Lord, 
kMp ny ncmory jtrrenl' II '9 a vrry gixid piuvot. Mr. Uwlla*,— ilial uf iha 
■Mrtiad SMUlonaa in the piMifced beard. w1(b a ruD lound bli neck: banci up, 
lascniilon Ihr riglil abot* llip pKunlElnf In if bat uwd 10 !», afcrv oaf leu pitor 
fomlMMD oomniuicd. ournreiti dlnutr ball. ' l^nl, kerp my nenary frvtnl' 
Il'i t«tr C>a' and piou(,*lr- A uMi . amto I * ' 


Vt* Dl.kcni BIctloitaTj. 

AAcr Uu) departure of tbefo humble fricacb. Redlaw taUa back 
luia lus traio or sorrowful musings; aoJ, as Le t\t.> Uifoni tbe fin^ 
so iivliil iipeclral liketievs or hiuiwlf fi{ipeara ta hiuu It vvliMia hit 
mouf nftil rhoujlits, brin^ eaci wrong and eon^'W that tie ba» tutPurad 
t'iviUlv buforv him, nnd finally oScra to cancel tho rcmcmbrancn of 
[buin, dL'stroviug no knuwlcd^i.-, nn rcuult of «(uUy, nollijng but thi 
Inivrtwiatud duun of ic!i>liii-;E nod associatioos. cncb in iu tiun <lt>> 
pondenc on and uourielied by tlie banUhuil rtwol lections. 

•■ DMiic." ii »ld. •■ bofore the oppwmiiiijr ti loit I" 

"A maini-DI r I I'ull llninvu id wiliicu," inld llic ailut*!! mui. "IhM I ban 
Drvat tma a listrrof mr klml, — tiFri'r innro>r, rndtin^nrnt. or liard to anittbtiii 
tround ms. If. IIcIdji ban tloue. I liavc luailo loo oudi of i^! tlial <ru and 
mlglit Itava been, nuil loo llllln uf irliat ii. ilio*yl]. 1 Ixillm. Iiufullgn on.m*. 
mill mil im uilirn. IIiK. if lUi'rn vi* pnlinn la hit bm))', thnulil I ool. pownsfd 
Df antidoies. aDil kaDw]«lj;n bow 1o use tboni.ujc ibcm? tf ibere be poiianlA 
ar miU'l- "Oil tliruuKti IhJa fciuflil aliadovr I (iiiaouCIC<rat,*lian I aoEculltoatf 

"Say." laldttir upptlw, ■■!• It done' " 

"A moment lonactl" be aniweirj hurrfedly. ■■ / leoulil /h-|k( U (/ S eouUl 
HavQ /UiQugbt lhiilalotit.'?or hB> it bouu the tliuiigbt uf tbimtaiiilB aptia lliim 
idikIx, (rni.'ralloaarri-rjti'nrratton)' AtJ Immau lurinnr; Is fraiiKliI nllH gorrow 
and trouble. Uy memory li mm tlie incniory of olbet men; but olUer men bavfl 
not tbli cliolCK. Yiu; I oIomi lb> bargsln. Yim: I wii,i, [orfi mr aorrow. 
'vming. and trouble r** 

"(iii),"»«idiUc>peol»."1i It done?" 

"11 Ul" 

" It is. And lak* tlila with joa. man whom I ben rrnouiiM. Tbe (in tbtx 1 
haTc ubill ij^re aRaln. (o nbeie you vlIL Wltboul recovtrlng lourtelt 
llic IIUHI..I lUul you Imve yielded up. you Kbull Ucuceforlli iluitrDy lli ]l>i« In all 
wliiim yoo appmiifh. Your wl^lixn baa dliciri'rrd limt lb» fnipmarrof tuirow, 
wrODjEp and troubks la Ibe lot of all mankln^H and Ibol mankind would be ttie 
uapjiler In IU oUifr mcmorlei uliUout IE. (>a I llu f<> buueliiwir! Ftved Tn>a\ 
njuli riimrmbrau'V f>oni tbU hour, carry luYutunturlly thit blAuIng or mcb Mv 
dom wltb you- lis diffusloD l> (lUeparabJe and lDall«?nabiv Aoinyou." 

The jituuitoni ll■avt^« kirn bewildered, and with no memory of 
put vron^ or triMiUcs. He dooa nol tnow In what way bo pos- 
MOM tlie power to rommnnivnle this forgelfulncsi to olhora; but, 
with a Tague l<^i'ling of bavin;!; "" antidote for the worst of huraaa 
■.1s, be i^ocs Ibnb to admlnUlcr it- Thaie whom ho siM-its, and 
those whom he cuually encounters, alike expL-rifnee the infection 
of bin jiresooce. Cliargi'd with jhiIboc forlii* own mind, l»u poisoni 
ibv miuda of otbera. Whero ba felt interest, (■oin|)iiSMOQ. *yiups>- 
thy, his Leiirt tumi to stooc. Selfishness and ingi'alil.ude every 
whetv fijiring np in hie bUghling fool^tep^. Tlii^rc is but one pccNn 
who U proof ngnlnst iiis b.-ineful intluencL', and Ihnl is tlie ragged 
tliild whom Mra. Swidgcr pirkod up in tho Bireoii. II&rvJBbip and 

Cbt Viuntct i«an. 


cranltj hava m blmiUxl tb« leiiecg of this wrvtcbed owilurc. Halt II 
pimra |i«iliicr worse nor beller Iroin cunUot «iih iho bnnntcil mut. 
It b. ladccfl, ulrejuJy a counterpart u(' liim. with no memory of iha 
Daat to M>(U-o or iliaiuliilo It. l.iy thu evil hu bn» wrought, 
Rixllnw nwkkcB U> a conwiounnciH or tliQ winery y( bis Lvnclitiaii. 
lUving long tiViight that in the mntcHnl world nolhing can be b|>iit<-iI, 
■lilt DO »ti'p or atom in the wondroui itmctutv could b« }(M wiibout 
■ blunk being maiiti in thH xrunt univerni, bo a now brou;-ht to 
«w ihat it >• the fame with |;oud and evil, bnppincss nnd eorrow 
HI llM nMmoriM of men. Ho invokes the spiril of bis darker honn 
lo oome biuik and tak<: it« gifl away, or, at leant, tu deprive him 
Ol tlie dreadl'ul power of ginog It to others. Hia prayer is heard, 
lltn pbaniom ro-nppc«r^ nccompxniod by tbo Kbadow of Miily, iho 
irilc of William Swiii^er, from whuia Rodliiw bus resolutely kept 
himself aloof, fe-arin^ to influence iho ttcmli' quality of goodness tJiat 
hu know* 10 be in hi^r, (earing ilml he. m.iy he "iho uiurdererof 
wbal i» tenJcrcjt and best within liei' bo«(.iiii." lie loarus that slic, 
uucuDN'iouily. bni thu power of tettiiiK right whnt bo ha» done ; an<l 
be 8uek» her out. WhcrcTer the goes, peace and Lajipineas attend 
bcT. The pci-visb. the morofc, the disoanlcnlcd, ibo ungmteful, and 
Um aelfiih uro suddenly changed, and bceomc their former and 
batter Klves. Even Ri^dtair is rcsroreil lo what he wiu; an<l a 
clearer light nhinen into his mind, ivhi^n Milly IcIU hiin, that, In her, 
U iccni* a good thing for us to re lacioluT wrong, (ia( ae mny for- 
fim it, 

Jkini* pnplE liai* uiil liow, lliat bn nnl^thonfhl wlint ^VI bufn lii-ipld icl 
down; oi.liorv, tbat hif rt-wd It Ln tLo litr. oa« wiuicr-uij^ht. atfout ilio ivlU^^t- 
llinr; olIiDn. Iliai Ibc Khoit win but the ri'{irii>aiilaiii>a of )il> gluuiii; lbm(lit*, 
%iA UUlT Ki« rnibu'llRiPDt at Mt Iwtlrr wiiilom. I nay aaihlnj[. 

— £xnp( ilili. Thaliu ihcy wcic uiFintilnl In rhe old hall.b)' do otbw llglil 
UMnilmtuI HSriiiil Um (havki||<lini<il>ail_r),lli>- ibiuJuiTa oiio- inoco (lult out ol 
lixlr hldliijt'plHn>f, ind -lanced about ilio room, ihowtng the oliU^lroii nurvf^lJoui 
•h»r*4 iaii4)fiic«a ou Ihv nul]>tiiiid gnblualj^alijinjitijf what woj mitl and fiualllar 
thin- lo what WM wild aiKl oiaxdml -, but IbaC thrrc wai one llilDji In Ibe b*U. to 
which tbECjn of Rcillnw. lui J uC MlUy oud lirr liu-bciud. lud uf Iliii ultl nwu. suj 
oruie iludrnt and hl» bridi< that nai io brini-rv of^cn lurnM; whLch the 'tiadow* 
did nul utDi^im or cliaagt. Deepened in lln |[railij- hy ilic lln'llglit. and guilu) 
(Tula llinddknvnof 111* panttlcd i*al1 Ilk" lir<-, th« m-daio fkce in iho portraii 
Willi tbebeofd and rcJiT. looked down at ibem from nuder Lu terdaut wreath of 
MMih.Mxihuy Uiiiic"'l upat iL; and clear and pTalia IhiIow, jm If aToIci* hod uu«r«4 
Ath, were the vroidi.— 

" l«tt, lutp m; SUaoQXf HEntii t " 


Eit srcktn* Slctfonaiy. 

8widj;er. QteoTge. Eld«st sua of old FLiiip Sntiilger: a iiyiua 
mnii, rufx^iiuiit of all dio wning lie hM iloue and ilii' f/arraw lie iiaa 
caUEo-d duriiis a carorr of fiirty or filly yp^rt, but (uddeoly diADgodi 
by ELting tU-dlnn m bis buliidu, into a bold and callout rnfSan, 
nbo dii-i with nn oatli oa hi) lip*. (Ch. iL) 

6widger, MiUy, Wife of WlUam Swidj^r; on ■.■mbodimmt of 
goiiiliii'-", '^••iilk con4l']«ratiun, luvo> And iluiniMticity. (Cb. I-itl.) 
See Rt:i>ijvw. Hit. 

Bwidger, Philip. A lupcrannuaUN) custoillan of tho iiiniui^on 
in which Mr. tU-ilUv is a Iccturur. Ho is .1 hftpjiy uid vraicrabla 
old uian t>i i-i^rhiy-Mvon yuan of n^c. xiha has a tuoit reourkabla 
memory. Wliuui bowuvcr, al the- budeiJuuf hisdyin*; wiu, he iiuniU 
Bedlaw (who has Jiist I'loeed thu li:iri;»iu with th<.> ghu«t, In eouio- 
qncnve of wlik'h bo caiwos I'or^oUii loo's inoihor* "licrcT^r bngoun), 
be al! al ono! growa troAk-nii ailed aud pc.Iiilant', hut, when hfonca 
aoro c<imc-i widiin Iho influi-iice of bis goud dnuxbler Milly, Lo 
lecovurs all his reculWtitins of thu pwL, atid is ([uil« liimsi'll'a;;aia. 

(Ch, i-ili.) See itcDLAW. 

fiwidger, William. Uis youugt^st wn; aerviutt to Be<llaw, and 
huFtbiiiid lu Milty; a iWeh-i^oIurL'd. buiy, good-hewrbid mitD, wliu. 
like bis tltlhiT and otiii're, is louipunrily tnuuformed !ou> a very 
diflV-fcnt 2ort of person by coming In confM't with bin innxU<r after 
"thu iiliost'a li.-ii^iun " is ronfililittwl. (Ch- i-iii.) Sr.c illEDLAW. 

Tetterby, Mr. Adolphus. A ni.'<ri>inan, witli almoti any numlwr 
of smiillchililtvii. — uaiioJly an umtlfi.-.h. '_'OQd.aotun--d. yii-Miug litUo 
raw, but thunged fur n tiini.', j.i wvll ^is Liinsolf, iiiiu lliu csuct uppu- 
jitu hy Mr. Ri"ilaw- (Cb. li, iii.) 

Fetterby, Mrs. Sophia. III9 nife, oallcd by himself his " llul* 
wouinii." " Oinndo-i'eil as an individual. >hu was mthor rdiDarkabla 
for Iwing robuai and porll; ; but, coiisidtrivJ vrilh rvfcrcnco to ker 
btishand, bcr i]inii.'n»iiii>» licciunu uiaguilicvnt," (Ch. ii. ilL) 

Tetterby, 'Dolphus. Thi^ir ctdi-ei mu. auud i«ii : he is a now^ 
papiT buy at n milway statioti. (Ch. ii, iii.) 

lilt Jutenlllir might Imvc twtiu M iiiuie luii f»c s harmlui outlcl la ihU 
tvly appIlcailoD to ii^lllVo, but fbr a fonuodti^ flitn^vt^tj ho iniulT> uf » □i<4qi of 
•ai'TMlDliiH liliuivIC auJ >•( >lli IilltiK Hit loon ilay luio itaKF' of l»ici«i. wIUi> 
«ui iicjclcctlii£ bu^liii'i^. 'thi* lng<'»UiiiK InvciilUin.n'mmkttbk-tlki'uiiiiijr cnU 
dlnruivrlu, fuL iia AlEiiptlcii.v. couiiiunl lu viirviniE tht' lint vuwl in the word 
■'popfr."i>i»l •iilixuiiillpi/j 1" U» iirail, ul ilint-Ti'iil i«tIoi1« of llie ilju.all tiM 
«tlicf voKoIi In KraiuDialkitl doli'i. T1ii». Iirfori' •U>l!j|lil In Ilii> wluli-r-tlm* 
hA wcut toiiiid fni, labia llltlu v^jVIu iuji *ii^ o«pr uid tiN bljr coinrurtcr. pier 
4uit Uw iHVTjttlrwUb bU ay ^ "Jlorn-iuii i>u.(jnt" wJilvli, abuut mn 



etc jttaunltli iHait. 


"MwtB'lrn plji-i^tl" whidi.lci ftooupic of hourt. ch»"geU lo '* MoTuiBif f>o[>- 
|HFrT " ami Ki] iJiiirlltind wtth ih« nun tiim " l^ti>'ijlQf pup'pvf J" tmUvgnxftt nLknf 
and o>mron of Elild >ijiing jETDtlvniAD^tf iplrlU- 

Fettorby, Johnny. ThvLr eecood son; 4 patlont, mocb-eDduring 
cbiiO, whow Mpcctal du^ It if to Uhke care of iho bnby. (CL. ilp 

Totterby, SaUy, A Iai^ heavy inikat, oJwaya cutt'mg t«eUL 

(a., il, ili.) 

Il WM n i<ry Hu[«i«ri of Ababy. OD irliot«liu»t[iie»alUr tbi wbol* ez>t*aca 
of llilo pn/lictiJar foung brothiir (Johnny) *» olltorrd up ft dsllj' <«alfloi<- lt« 
ppmttiiallTr iniy bi? ^ald ;o liaw (oniJiIrd In lU ucrcr bclo^ quiet Id Any oatt 

pl»Mfor n*eco!«e<iaiHo mlnuro, anJ nrrrrftoUiff lonlwpwlieu renuifciL . . . 
Jt tvwl fntni il(icir-tiri-[» [ci ()iHir-*ri-p In ihn ^irtn-nf Ulllr Juliiiiiy 'iVili'rL})r, «ad 
la^gril hi^nrlE.v utrbr rfar of Iroopt of Juvoiilica wtio rclloivud tho tumbrrr^ or 
tbpmou.k?T, audcAiuc up, aE7 un oat hEJl?, ulurlv [ou luio fur uvcty ililu|r Ehfti 
VM BtlnoIIvD. trom Mutiiljty iDunilnii unlU Suf utilqj- iilgFil, Wbcrurtr chilJ^ 
bood oougirgBtrd to plaj^, tbvrv vru* liEtl** Uotucb iituking Ji'lmoj' fug arid (i>l|. 
VTbtrrrvr Jobnn^tWLml (o tUyJEcrlc Uqlwb bi^woc flTicMoua, and would not 
fcnuln. Whenever Joltuay miDicd ioko out, Uolot^h ^i^ ailvcp, nml muK bo 
ViKcUcd- W1i4Mi<:vAr Ji>hiiii? nuitifil Cu aiajr At >»miit, Moludi wu uwafcr> uiij 
vnut bfllakrn out, Yfi Juliuny nms rcrtly pcnuadod tliui It wns ■ ^iiklui* 
bibTr Wllbout [upHT ill ibofcaliQuf Ku^^'inud; auJ wju c|uLiti coctEtaE 14> Micb 
DMOk gUiDi»L'> of ih[]igH In gi'iiiTniJ fhiiii b<'htiiij lu "klftJ<- nr dvit Ith llnip rtap- 
pLni; b4>i :;or, and Ioje'> «U£ffvrIujr Aboal wiEb U llfc* ■ roiy EliEl^ pofltr w^Lb « 
*vry tu-fp: pnrwl, vUkli wm not dif aalad to ftDHtody, •nil«0ublft*fAr btiMfr- 

Qri)c Personal i^istoru of IDaoib 
Coppcrficlb tl)e IJoungcr. 

Tnu rwk. wbleb U I9 manj Miuldrrad to be DlDkVDt't mut«[pla«». KM 

•riclDalW branichl out undar Ihtt fultunlux I'll' : "The Ptnooki tllitarf. Adrmk 
turn. IvTurrliincci. siiil Obieritlloui or Oavid Caiipcrneld Uie TouofC". or Bliii> 
A-ritow Kooltrrr Clilob bo ni-»<-f mmiit la b* pulill"hiHl Dainjr neniani)." II 
wu luupd 111 tirmljf mnnlhl) [Huu. w(tb two IlluitittloDi by " rbii " (ti*t''ot K- 
Brownr' In encb pari. The llrtt aurubnr upgwiinl Hn' I, Wto; nai tba prefU* 
«M teUdOdobar. 18M. ta K tbe lulbar (bua f poke at bla vork : — 

OrilliiiTbiHlu,IUk*lblitB«BMt. nwillbt(u11]Fb*]tTindiIiulua*(bn4p»riinl 
IDaw^cblMof iBT ruber. aodUiai nu una Dim *nr ioye Uikl rwllx V doarljr u 1 lava 
Ibtm; but. like mujr bAd pannu^ [ bart [a m^tawrt of Le«rU a favorlu obUd. ami 
kiinjiini iiDaiie ComaifiKui- 

llr. Dlcknu^ allMJsa (Or hli «bild hm (Billy ucounim for. II «u at oum 
MVDthBt U.C-wu onljrO. D. iwanpd.and lliat llin tiory mu'l b< tn aanrnl 

ImpottkBl Ri|>«U autoblogniiihle : for lbs bcro.tlketlu auibor. «u«iuplo;«d la 
a laAyl'^^l olbi:*. tlifti liirnrti parlEanK^ntary rr[riir1vr. and llnalljr biMAlfle a *a^ 
eeaifuL noveUnl. Bm that tbe painful etnic^ln and fxperlenH-j of Copperbald*! 
hoyhtutd wvn a mar* tratuiortpt uf Ibe Krllvr'J own lufl^rlnga and ft*4kiif n vaa 
not futlj' known unlU the publioallon of VonXvr't ■• hite of Ulikcni." Tot nota 
mt (IiD ewo. 

Pot lb* pom UlUt lad - vllb («d abiUi/ and a dmU HMlIlT* nuan, liinM at Ibi a«* 

if Ian Talo a " lahorlne bind " Iq Ibp frrlpe at ** >lurd<toiip and Grtal>r."aad nuclou 
llmdT vt wlul riii4D IL h«Di \nif tu^nto t^ iiim llul bv crm;! ao null;' bar* bH« 
Jtf<>wnavaj At fiKbdin ayt — mBatFidrrdbUutflt lUi wai tba horI p|EUi^«j'Mql at 
iDdliuEblmvlf "c4jm|]4nlo]i loUIck Walkntand M^^lyrvtatoni'' andbii tb« cvnlbid 
■iniilvdwmi UiD nau'iiu •rliiiblicaiitl Uior nnxd auil nibixt dui bmila. Ii had aU 
avin *ntn«n a4 t^ci. beTom be tbougbt vf uij other OAcfur It: uidliwu uul jnEU Hvwral 
Bvntluluei -«h«n Ibcitao/ ot '■ DaMd Coppnflald," Itwtf (ngpalod tirnrbalbo kM 



• ablb CapytillclB. 


■0wriUn(irutMilrn«ab1«^tai|ialatakaib>p*lDliliDlBiI— Ibal 1» ihui4«Bf4 Ml 
■nllnuntluiio' nrlUni hU ana lift. TlnH wutliDiuo tii|ierl«u(* It'll llHn h (pUf 
iDlo (be mlxjo:! lie liul cbuKn. thil ba could nol r*il>l Uh uiDplBllnti of Immtdljiulr 
V^nv ttvn i vt<i ibv mjiriiiicrlvi rxi^rJinx Umm, wb^cb wh dtit ilit Ani jiunioA of wtut 
b* bad disliiiiKt u wrlM, «H nnlullBl in Uit lubauiua t>f Uia ctiaUi »d hiUu ab>^ 


Adams. Head t>oy at Doctor Strong** ; KSiiblc and goodJiuinoFed, 

nnil nilh a turn fur muthf^matio. (Cli. svi, sriii.) 
Bable7, Richard, f a//rrf Mr. Dies. A mll'l iuiiatio, sod a prola/t 

ol' Aliif B<j<s<^/ Tioturuml'g, wliu io^isM tliat lio h not mad. 

"Ilr liad ■ faiarila •liter." •■Id m^ «uiit. — "a good ercaiurc. •nil vnrj'liliil 
toblm: but «I]V did wIiALthfr I'll d»..>'trM>k itbuilmnd; Atiil ^h* (tid whut 1b<*r ftti 
iXo, — lukdt lior wrvicbcil, II l^ad luch ao vlTwC upon iho mind of Ur. I>]ak. 
(U(i( 'j not »adur»e. I tiiipo I) lUal. comblucd nltli lili rear of bli bruDier aud 
]iU«eD»c ttthl* unkludnvH^ ll llircv lilm Inlo ■ foTpr. Thai wot Iwforf be 
(am* Ioni*i but tli» rcculloeilua of It li oppreuiie to him tven uow. Old be 
••T an]? IMng In ynu about King Cliarlct iLu Pint, child?" 

" Tea. aunt," 

"AliI"»iiJilioyaun(. rubbing htr note ai Ifibewerea Utile ve«»d. "Thai'* 
bif aljrgorlcal way of miirtDalog it. lie ciinticct* bli Elljirwji wkh gmu d]jt> 
lurbanM and ipiaiinnTnaiuiallc ^ and thsl 'a IbrHtiHTiOrlbniliDlle, orwhai- 
«er It '> called. vhlDb bo obooto to uh. And wtif •hould nt be, If ba ibloka 
proprrf " 

Itald.-Orrlalnlr. aunt ■• 

"It '• not a buslDot'llluvay of rpoaking,** laid mj auni. *' nor a worldly 
waf. tan awaie of lliali and dial 'i ihoreiuaa wliy tliujil upouit Uiattbara 
■hadn't be a wonl iiliuul It In lil> m^diiirinl." 

"It it a memorial about b> own hlelory (bat belt vrltlag. lunt?" 

'■Y*i. cliild." laid my luui. tubbing lior iioio again. "Ha [• Niumotlhlla- 
Inf the Lord Chaunrlliir. ortho Idinl i:4'ini<>bi>dyii(iiihFr, — ooeof Iboie p«pla. 
at aUefenli^ who are paid to CidlnejaorlaUicdt— about b]» aJtalr*. t tiippo»9 U 
will go iu OUR Of ilioit dayi. Hu liu u'l bceu ablu to draw it up yet. wltlioal 
latrodudng Ibat modp of exprcilng lilnMelfi but It don't nl^lf^ ; It kerpi UlM 
employed." _ — v 

In tbct, I fuond cml anerwanli that Mr. Dlok bad been fur upwardt of tn \ 
T<«n VDdMTorlnK tu kerp King t'barlea ihn h'lnloui of the memorlat; bM-bf"^ 
b^ be^'Q Oonilautly getting Into II, and wad Iberenow. 

(Cb. xiii-sr, xTii, xix, xjuiv, uxvi, xxxviii, xlii, Kliii, xlr,xlix, 
III. Kr, Ix, Ii'J, Mr.) 
Bailep, Captain. An iidmirer or the eldest Bills Larkiii& (Ck. 


Sbt Blilttns Bid onarf. 

Barkis, Mr. A curier wbo taket David CoppcrSdi? from Ulim 
di^rsUinu to T:irnioatk. on liis firvt Iii-in'/ srot awki to Brhool. 
As limy jo^ 'tlou'n'i Oi>p[KrG<.-liI Hska Mr. lisrkiii if tlii^j' lire ^ung 
DO lartlier tl;aii Viirmoiith U>j;otber. 

"Tliit'i about ir."ial<l the curler. "And tbcn t (ball take you lotba 
ttaf;r-*:Mi4'.li; tmti iUe pniiiyc'Ciiit^h, rlitl *U laku y^m to— wlimvcr It U,* 

Ai il^l' mt> ■ gf-U 'Irvl fnr Iha Mrnnr In mj. — Im brlnx of ■ ph1#gtDktl« 
teiDpcniincDI, and nolntbtl ooatfrr««tfoaBl> — lolT^rf'dbiiu anikek* a niofkof 
•llEiiiiuu, wlilcli ho uUi >t uuo j|iil|>. Ciuullj' like an clvplwii ; luia nlileh 
ttiidtf no mun Impreulua gu hl« bLg fue iliaa It wcmlit lievt dim* oo no «!•• 


'' Did itt innko 'cin.iiow?"i*i<l Ur. Ilivkli. alwuvi leinlnn forirard. la t (■ 
VlducFiliiff yny. oil th<i ruEiElHTJirit ttt Ihd nrt. wllb auitrniiiu ««cli kne*' 

" PegjEorfj\do you loeiio.jir?'* 

"Alil" »«idSIt.BttrUi. — "her." 

"Tea. ^Iie iimkcinll inir [uulr^.iiaddonallour eaoklBs." 

"Doibeiilioiigh?" mtd Hi. Diiikli. 

Be miule up hi! moaili u l/(o HbIitle:biiIbedI4nt whirie. BeMllaoklDf 
ftt tJ» bone^i ejLtii ai Lf be «im tumeUiiuf nw tbun^ andtaEM for ■ oouidBr- 
able tima. By and b.T, Le laid, — 

"Soaweetbemu. Ibllere?" 

"SmalmHls. did jouuy. Ur.Borkli?" Fori IlioujtlK lie named tona- 
Ihni dM U eol. uid liad pglntedly uJluded to llial dtiMirtptlan of nftmb 

■■ HaarU," i>ald Ur. UarkU, — " ««mlbwkrU> 1 IW tMnoa walki «4Ui bar r ■ 

"With I'eiwoilr?" 

"Ahl"lie,»id, — -'her." 

" Oil. tin I i>hf ikpirrr liwl a qwrethaart." 

" Did D't ahe. IbouKli?" tald Mr. Uarklf. 

Aiiaiu be tuadi^ up liii mauiu lu wliiitlu. and acalii lie did n'tuhlella. bgl tal 
loiiklnf at thA hDmr'ji eorn. 

"Bo tlie makei." taid Ur. BarkI). alter ■ ionjiinlenal of nUedioB, " all Iha 
tppit~]ianii!ei, aud doei all ilir euuklagi do tliD?" 

I ntplixd IliHl (UcU «■* tlie fiHt. 

- WeU, I <U teU fvu nhal." lald Ur. BafU*. " F-rapi irOB mljlbt be nllln' to 


-' t tball oorlalnl/ wrilo In lior," I n'Jolned. 

'■ Abr'ba Hid, ilonly luraliig bl> i.itt lowardi me. " Well I If jva waa 
Wrllin'io her. p'rapi fau 'd teooUect in tof Hint Baikli nai irUIia*; WanM 
fou? " 

"Tbal UarkLt wa> irllUog," 1 repeated Innooealljr. "la tbat all Iba BM- 

- Tf— a>." ha aald, eoailderini. ■' Tf— *• : OarkK I* vlUln'." 

" Hut you will be at UlundortioDe BcaJii tu.murrow, Ur. UaHdt.' I (aid 
bllerlBK a mill.' at the Idi'a uf luj' beliij liuavay fiuiu 11 llien. "aadO^Jldcl** 
your offEi nii-.*Mii^ mt miir.l] bvlti-r." 

A« be rrpud^rticd tlilt lugj^itlou^ however, irllh a Jerk of 111" lir^a/l. mndnaoa 
Bare eonarined hia jiievldiia riM|ti«-i by 'a.un^ vrlili prvfomid jraxliy. "Barklf 
la ttlUIti*; ibai "k tbe nieimngv,*' 1 rradlly oiiderlook li" tfaRimlHiiloii. Wlitla 
I VB* nlilag far eoaeli iii the liuiel al Tanaomti. that very afleriKKiB, I 
poauitd a iheel of pqici and an lakeland, and wrote a uole in Peuotly, «lilaa 

Bsbit eDp>iti(cia. 


lorn to tuamin*. loan *ir<.'<HlDiuitcl;. P. 8. — Ha My* he iiarUnilirl]' wanu 
jov to kaaw — liariMt U aiUing-** 

After ihn ilcirh nf her iiiistrcu, Pi'23;olly boromen " wiUin' " alio, 

Nnil itiArri<-i Air. Horkli, vlio mnkea her a very good buibnncl, luva 

that hi; is " rivihyr atar," an iJi« cxptnaes it, and ji^nlously fiard* 

H box under tiis bed. uliiub cootaitis his monoy and ruluubles ; 

slUiough lilt persists in tullins vreryhoily thai U is " gid clolhes." 

At Ian ho t« lAk«n vary ill ; and David go«s down fi«m Lordon to 

virit him. 

"Barkli. PIT <lo»r." laril tVniiatlj, ■ , . lwnd[D( Oiot Mra, . . .■'B«c'« 
HI]' dotr bO)', — mir dcsr liu}>. JliuUr DUTf, who liruiigtil m IO|[*lh>r. l>ir> 
kill tbal jrmi ml awifu bf, fou kirawl Want jroii *p<nk M UmMt 

Ilu vrm M iDu(0 Hrid ■rDMilen a* tbr bvx, rroin vlilcli hJn furm di^rlvcd lli« 
•anlj- »xptr"l"ii II hud. 

-llo 'i »-golaf out with the tldr." BoJd Ur. Frfutotiy lo mc, behind hli 

U/<-;»i were dim, and k «*re Ur. l*t|qta(tj'< i bot I r*pntl*d loBwhltpR. 

" Prcplv can'l dlo along llie costt,*' tald Hr. rrggolt)>. " *xcpt wben tba 
tide "■ prolly Dish out, TbercaD'I be born imleH II 'i prrtti ntih In. — Dot 
propcrtj' Ihiiu. lilllloul. tic '■ •■goliig oul Hilh III* tide. It '• cbl> at half^iter 
Ibm. iliirk wstirhelf an bour. ]T he ItTretlll Ktoriu. bo 'II buld bin owa illl 
pWI the (loadn and jfo oul wltZi the next tide/* 

W* reiaiil»(.'d DiiTu, nslcliliif lilm. a lup| lime. — liuur*. Wbal njiletloui 
liilla*nc" my pmimim linil spun Iilui In ilini ■■•if orhJawsaiM, 1 (ball not frp- 
■end to ia;i but. wiieu lie at lait begaa to wudcr ftebl;, It Uotnain be vaa 
nuIierinjiabEiuldrlvltif iiae lu tdit>oL 

"He ■• romiogtohdiw-lf," tulil fnottr- 

Ur, iVi[g>jiir luuctii'J oie. and wbhipcrad witb mnah aw* uu) tvnnon. 

"Tliej •« bull. «-goluj{ ouirait," 
"tlarU>, tn]idii4irl " •iiilil Iv^giiiif. 

"C' P. Oarklf ," he CT Led taJutJy. "So better womaa aDywhere! 
"Lmkl Uete '* llailcr tiatjl' *uld fVKguLI]'. Fui !>■ uow opton! Iil/ 

I WM on Ibe polal of wking bim IT lie know me, wbcn bo ul«d to atratob tM 
U> ami. aud aiLUl lu niii dliUucllj', witb a plnwnt mil*,— 
Aud, It baiug luw naler, lie went ixil wltb tbe tld*. 

(Ch. ii-v, vii, viii, X, xxin, nxsi.) 

Barkis, Mrs. Set Pkogoitt, Clara. 

Qiarley. A drunken, ugly old deal«r in Bccond-hand snilor'a clotlm 
and m.'irinc Etrires, ti" wliom David Coppi'riicid sells liis j^ickul li* 
foiirin'nco when traTvUinj on f<x)t to hln nuiiC'e, (C'!i. »!iL) 

ChoetlQ, Mr. A bop^TOwrr; a ]>lain, elderly gentleman, wLi 
marries the eXial Mhs Larkinn. (Cb. sviil.) 


Sbt DUktni DfctfonaT^ 

Cbillip, Mr. Tlic doctar wbo offici&ic* at Ha birth or IkivEd 
CoppvrGuIJ. (CIi. i, ii> ix. X. xxii. xu. lii-) 

Hr WiU Eltn lumkuil uf lili •(■. ihi> lullilail uf liillr niia. Rd ildM Id mad 
out of a room to take up Ilia In* (pan. III! wdimi u arrftly u lli» tihoil la 
*' Hinilf L" •111! more ilowly . Ho oairtcd hli hrM on out ildc. — partly la madm 
dfp(«ciali<m »f hlEii>i]ir, pitrtty In tni^ElMt prupUljcIlon at irvirrylAiljr iiIhl It i% 
CMUdi to nj ttial lii.' hml u1 > word lo ttaion ■! ■ ilni. Ilo Mnld a'[ lM>* 
ttro«™ • worl It B lonil Joj;. 

Qickatt. An "orlliui- " ^itl from Si. Luke's Wurkbouw j temtit 
(o the Micawberg. Sbc is a (lark-coinplexioaeii j'oting wotDAa will) 
a hnbic of »ni>nlng. (Ch. xi, xii.) 

Copperfleld, Mrs. Clara. The mollwr of Dii»id ; an artlc««, 
aill.'i'l.<i>a;i(i? little woninn, whom Misa Bulsi-y Trotwood ineiK» upon 
calling a mera bitby. She mnmci Mr. Munlatonc, n stera man, 
who, In conjuncdoR with hi^ >iitcr. uttempts to tenth her"&nnaci>*," 
but breaks licr heart in tbu ■.'xpvriiui^Dt. (Cli. i-iv, tiii, ix.) St» 
Coi'i'tKFiELD, David, 

Copperfleld, David. The cliarader fmni whooi the ttutry lak«t tta 
nuiue, nnd by whom it iBtruppo«cil lo be Ial<j. lie h a poatbuiuous 
ctiild, havin;{ beea burn six monihs aAer his falher's ile&th. tlis 
mother, youu;;, bonutiAil, Incxperit-ocod, loving, and lor;tb1e, not 
long afterward* ninrririi n bAndsomo and plandbic, but hard and 
al«rn man, — Mr. MiinlsiniKi hy name, — who won crii»lic« her 
gcntla npirit by bin exacting IjTnnny nnc! by hi; cruel tivAlmcnt of 
ber boy. AAt:r bcin? for mnm timi^ initruclud nt home by hi* 
mother, nnci rvduci^d to a state ol' dulliits!) und lullcn doijicrntion 
by hi« •tcpJlitiii-T. Duvid U wnt tVoui hurnu. llu ii w-nt lo a vil- 
Ininou* cchool, near Lonilou, liept by one Crvakli^, whure hv recHivct 
more jstripet than loinons. Ilore ho h kept uiiiil the dcatli of hie 
luolLer, when hi* ttep-lhlher ^nd* him (he, b<'in; now tc-n yean 
old) to lyonilon, to lie ciiiployi^d in Miirdslunu and Giinby'i warc- 
booM! in wubtng out empty wine-bottles, puj^tiiij labels on tiion 
when filled, and the like, at a suUry of :is ibilliu;;! a week. But 
kkIi is the secret agony of bis soul at tiukin;; into coiupaniouship 
with Mick Wnlkvr, *- Mi^aly Po(.Muc«," aii'l other boy* with whom 
he If (arced to af80('i;tlc, bo at leoglh r«fol*C9 to run aw.iy, 
ainil tlirow hliD^elt' upon the kindnoM of n grant-auDt (hl'm Hi im? 
Trotwoml), whom he has never »cen. but of who*e cceemrit habilt 
anil iiin:;:u!ar manner be bus D^eo heard. Ijha receives him niuel' 
bclber than be bns expected, iind goon aduplB hiui. «.t <i sends liiui U 
■rhMl in the oeighboriuB town of Caoturbwry. Ua loes well hatt 


■ bto egp(tt((tlt. 

Uti finiill/ [;radual«4 wlih lilgb honors. Having nade up bU mind ta 
become a i^roctor, lie auten the office or Mr. Speolow, in I.nnilon. 
Soon after ihii, hi* auDt 1<'*i;x tlio«r pnrt of bc.r property ; and 
David, being compelled to look nbout him for th« lacaDi of sutnisl- 
•ace. Icnrnf ibo art o( stcoognipby, niitl lupportii himseir cutultvt- 
•bijr by Kpvrting Uie dobatM Ui piirliauieut. In the luenn t!uie ba 
bua fallen d«sp«ralvly in luvu with Dora, ihe daugliU^r cf Mr. Spen* 
low, but haa been di»coiirn^cil in hin sull hy the yoim^r Iad}'s fathw. 
Ur. Spenlow iljing, Uowtvcr, he bocomcs her accnpttd »iiil.or. Tiim* 
lag hu ftllcniioa loon aAur to nulhonhlp, be oc'quina u nputution, 
and obtaiaa conMaat cmplojownt oa m^gixinet and periodicalB. Ha 
now nun-ies Don, a preitj. captifatiog, aficcUouaie t;irl, but utterly 
Ignorant of evvry thing practical. It is cot long before David dis- 
covert that It will be altogether uiwleas to expect that bis wifu will 
develop any et-ilulity of character, and he resolves lo estimate her by 
Ht^^ood qualities ihc baj, and not by thote which ihe has not. Oao 
night, she snyi to him in a very thoughtful munncr thut she wisboi 
hita to call her his " child-»ifi\" 

■■ U *> ■ (tuplil DiDu," ibv laid, phiklnc her eurli for > momcDI. — "Blilld-wlft'.* 

t touckiutly uktd my cliild-wlfc Hlial lier tunc/ wm la dulpiai u> be ao ««1kd. 
8Iir AhHwrr* J nlrliDDt Ricvliijt. olhiTrwLiMt tlaan mn tlw arid I twiiwd abcmt lier luiij 
luvc broujEtiL her bliio cj^od Dparcr (o nip. — 

" I iluu't mou. )uu ilUr r>'lliiw, ihui you uliould i>m tlic namo loiteul of Dora: 
I ouly mtutt Uml jmi ■■h<Mj]il iliink tif tnn %iM wBy- Whcu you arif f^^^S 'o he 
utfpj wl>b niv, ■•; to rnuncir. ' li '< odI>- ■ni vtiUit-nlft.' When t am rtry dl>> 
■ppolaliDji. uy. ' t knf w. * laug ilinii afo. tliiu ilia would make but a «lilld-irirc.' 
Wlicti yuu mlu wlml I Jihuuld llkntu Im. antl I Ililuk can ui»i,'itHi. uy, -Slill ■>./ 
foolIiTi iWlld-irlft loiiw me." for Imli^l I rin," 

1 hod Dot been terloui wltb her, bai lo£ no Idea, unit] aow. Itiat klie wm aerl 
Mn liunrlf- Bui hpr slTucrluiiale uaiurc wai ><■ liiLpiif lu wluil I now lald In hri 
■ nil my whiilii lirail, lliat Um (h"- l»-™ini' n lougMng one before hpr glUletlaj 
cytd Kcredry. f^b? na4 toon my cliild'Wtfo [ndoeil, illUujido^iloa tUe ltoor<iut< 
tlilo IlinCblUDiE lluuiu. rliiKUimll Ibo tlilk- bcJli one afler aauUier. to puniib Jlp 
toi bltmvnt burl twhaiJor; nliUs Jlp lay bllolLlbg Id lbs doonray with ht> hMt 
Ml. erea Me laiy (o be leucd. 

Tbln afpoal of Dora'i inade a •Irong liDpr«i9luii on me- I took back oa th« 
tSmv I *rlt« nT^ 1 Invoke the iDnoerni ilguie thai I ilcsrly loved, lo oomo oat ttum 
the ml>li aad ihadowB of Ibc padl. and turn Jti ^.-iille bead lowanll Utt 0019 
tgaia; and t eau itlU decJan Ibal this uue UlLlc Biieticb wai eOiwUiitl)' In mf 
Birmar} . 

At Uogtb Dor^i fall* into b decline, and grow* weaker Mid weaker, 
day by day. 

It ii Dlf[ht. and lam with her a tilt, A|rne> hai arrtTcd: h^beeo amoDf pa for 
ewbojD^y onij uu rvcuiuf- 8bc. day aunt, and 1 hava «at nllb Dura Biuoa tht 
Bornlac. a)t loirnlbrt. We haia not talk«l maoh; bat Don ba> Imtb pnfbcUf 
taatmMd and cheerful. Kt an vow okaa. 



ett SUktna Ofctlonaif. 

Da I kmnr naw Ihkt mj cliitd-irlft) wIU aoon iMre me? 'nicy bars told ■* •• 
Ihtf have laid IBB iiuMiliig m'w «i my tliau|[1iU: but I uuftirfrautumlial ItuiT* 
Ulirn ilui ttDili tnlirsii. I imnnt)' Dinilfrlt. . . . t nnniii iliut eui ainJii Nu(*r 
Ing iboilov of bctiol (liul vlia wU^ Iw Bparcd. 

"I am filing t'> AtifiLli In y»a, l>04cl)r- I am tf^iliig tt ■17 ■mnathlns 1 liar* 
tHia tlioujibi oT w I111 lalfly. Vou won't iDlad?"wUIi ■ grnllv look. 

" Hind, lajr darlluK ? " 

*'B««i»c I don't know wliat you wtll Ihlnt, ornhal yoii ma* har^ (litniitil 
(omrllDK*. I'rrtaapi you baiBofteii 'houKht iha umri, Ooutj.dMr, 1 ua aftald 
I WKI lou jouiiit." 

I laf niT nor upon tb« ptIJow bj brr, anil «bp Inoki loin my ««*, and (iinika 
lerftonlf, (IriuluiUlfi M ilie K«i an, I (Cc[ wlili a itclckco boan Ibat tbr I* 
ffieablnji of liuni'lf at pmii. 

■' t am afraid, i) pur, I wai toajouDK- t don'l nusn la t«irf only, but In rxp^ri- 
wmaaud i]v>u]itiu andcrirrylliltiit. 1 wai ludi a ■HI)' IliliecrcUurcl I am afraid 
It ^rqh;l() bavn bH<n iHittcr If a-«> liad only lorrrj rarh oLtii*r fu a boy and girl, and 
Ibrg otitn It. 1 bavt br^un to Ihlnk I wai doi lit 10 be a wlf^T 

I try to >(ay tay Inan.aad to mplf, "O Data. Iota t —at Dl ■* I M bo ■ ba«- 

" I don't kaaw." wlib the old ihakc aThci curli. " P«bapi, Hut. irihadbMB 
IDOnr At 111 br tnnrrlotl, ( mlgbt liarn njaclit ycni murv lu iih>- Beildu, yoil AH veF7 
«ltim,B1id I nrvpr wnt." 

" We have bei:n very liafi|ir. luy iweet Dum." 

•■I ini* trry liuppy. rrry. KM *« yran ttcnt on my d»ar buy would bar* 
ivearled of bij cbUd'Wlft. tibc would hw btvQ leai and k» a rompanlon IW 
IllcD. H* would haia bi-en mure and louni tcoilbla of wlial «a> w*ulla)| in Um 
hotBfl. Sbvmmld n't bavK ImpniTn]. II li brllvra* It I*." 

"O Dora, dcarHl. deareil, do not ipeak 10 me >ol Enry word Htm* ■ iw 

" No, not A lyllablf^r " aIii* an^wrn, k1*"1cig me. - - , "O Doa-tyl aflar not^ 
yun, yon never oould baro lovrd your cblld-wlfe belter tban yvu 4lo: and aAvr 
mora yean the would to Iiam tried and JI>api>u[uted yon. tlia! you ml):)il not baia 
b*cn ablp to tor« hfr batf <0 wrlL [ kn<}w I wu too youug and fiHilUh, It la 
tnucb belter a> It li." 

AjVt tliv (limth uf liU wife, Dariil govi ubroaJ. piMoiag tlirougb 
auny wiinry pliusea of uietitul ilbilrei*. During hU obAenL-^, A^nel 
tVickfield, a Jour friunJ of Dora's nod of biiiixclf, wnio tt> him. 

'Sbef^vp meJlon'Yt-lcfi; jihxiirgi-d no duty on me; nhH only told ma In hcroWB 
fervenE niuuier uhat ber Irust lu me «n». t^lie knew (the tuld) bow lUOh a na- 
»;.:iiiu mlnn woulil luni amieliun to good, tilicknuuliow trial and emotion woo Id 
axalt Qtid ilrimgihpn ir., jihv itum ttrrr, i^at. In my rrr-t'ry pur; j>e. I tbuuld jcain a 
flrmer and a liljjtier tendency through Ibo grief I bud uEidrrgone. Ifbe who 10 
glorhMl in my fani«- anil no lookud forward 1o lu ntigmbiilarloit, vfU knrw thai I 
would labor on. 2ibe fcurw Ibiit In mc "orrow could not be wcaknru, bill mutt 
^ alri-nKili. A> tljo enduraoce of my clillitiib 'Say hid done lu pari <o make mt 
wbnl I iTAPi. MO gn>ater mlareble* wmld taerve inn »ii to Ix.- yei IjtirrrlJmu 1 wa^ 
ind ao, at tlicy had taught me, would I teach ollim. ><hf conimr^ndi'd rne lo Oo^ 
who Itad luken my luooccui dailiog to hl« reii : and In her il«rr1y afrdlon chef 
Ubfl me ^wiya, and n-ai alwayn at my ildr. go wbera 1 would, proud of vbM -' 
k»d doaa, but inllDllaly pr«iider yet of wbat I waa r*tenad to *>, 


9atl& 4C«iiptTlftlB 


Wlicn tlirve J6»rt bnve paaml, I>»vld ret./ns to Gn|;l&n(], wbvro 
falK few work* h.tvR alivwlj mane hita t'aiuoLS. But uvm iliiin ull 
eliHi lie value* die priita iLod vacouragement lie reveires Iruia 
AgavK ttliciui ho hill ciimc la think the bcltnr Angul of his lifu, auJ 
wboia he wuuM glitUly make bis wifo, did lio noi believe that bttr 
fc«Jinj( Itiwonb bioi wan mf^rvljr one of >iitcrly KlTcclicin, and that 
•be luu Ibrmed a diwpor attatboietit for UDotbcr. Ho dincovcra M 
iMt. )iowt<ver, tbat abe Iotm biin only, and that »lio bu )ored him 
&I1 hi^rlife-, llioiij;h tJi« aowlfltbl^ euMued llit- fi^Uuh'aof biirbcnrt 
•o far M to rejoice diicerety ui hla marriii-^ tu Dura. Tbi-y arn 
•ooD united, and tho iben telU him thu Dora, on iho hi»t night o{ 
hr.f lifr, rxprctactl Uie earnest wish ibftt iihe, and rbo alone, should 
mccccd to her p!ac«. 

Atid aav, M I «lote my laik, •nbduinc m; dgiln to lln|Br yei. Ibu* ftoH 
bd* avs)'. Bill so* Ikte. *li!alD( on me like k linvrui]> lifhl. Iiy wbloli I tvt 
■U olhPr ohjvou, Is atwro tlii'in unil bD;ii"iil tlivm nil. Aii'l lliiit ri'inalm. 

I lura my liond. and tire ^1 In It4 bcnjtlfljl »cf«ally l»«Jc1ciu«p ilj L)un[]bitrai 
tui>. siiil 1 hnir wiliTcfl far Into the nlfhl; but Iho dear prexncr, wlUioiil 
wbloti 1 van nollitUK. besn mn coinpan]'. 

O Agnoi. oil. uiy luul. to may (by faoc Iw bf m* irlica t eloie iny llfti liidi^ ' 
ao may [, «h«<n rvalltta* arv ruulU^iff from uiv tlko ibv itubtoivt wbi<iJi I ooK 
dlimli*, •nil knd llivr iirar Ri', imlnitng upwnnll 

Ooppeiflald, Mra. Dora. ■See Spkmlow (Doba), tad Coitsb- 
piFj^ (Davii>). 

Craakle, Mr. Ktii»t«r of Snlcm IIou*c the tchool to wliit'b Darid 
Cii|>)»'riiold it i^.nt by Mr. Murditonc; an j;inorant and foroviou* 
brut!-, who prides hiinwlf on Iwiiig n '• Tariur." (Ch. »-vii, \k, Jii.) 

Mr. Cnakic'* nuM- wai Driy; and Mtryv urerr iniiill, aad flerp in hit brad; 
hii hail Ihiek trim lu lil> fonliind. a IlitLc iioh. aud a laiKC dilu. He wan bald 
On tbe top of bl^ hfjut; ami }i4d •iimu tbhi. wcl-lookJiig hair, that ifa« Jiiaiiur]]' 
ioiG'*)'' >>"»''<^'l >crot) raoh Iroiplr, >n iliai ilir two iMfi liuprlaocd an bufui«- 
brad. Bui tliD ulrcuiiuiance about tiim nliioli impiuied lun muit wu. tliai b* 
bad ho T:>lnp bur •pnkn In a wbl>iHT- 'I'liir cxuriiuu ihla ojri him, or ibo oin- 
Mtoaaiui'ur talklnje lu tbttt ti^^ttirvuf^nm^i' hit tngrytitcc po mutli mvr* 
■Pliy. and hta iliick tiiui io iiiueli thicker, whi/n he iiiuhc. tlmt I am noi HU^ 
prliiil. Oh looking back, at Ibli peciilladty itrlliliiji iiw w bU oblvr on?. 

I ihoiild llilnk iliiiii' oDrEr chq Imve Ijfcd a iimn v ho cii]ut«I iiia proOfdoa 
won Ibao Ur. Cn-akle dhl. Il^ hail ■ eldlght lu aiUlug al iho bnyt. whicti aai 
Hkotha tallifnn'liiu of a cruvlnt apiwitlr. 1 am ounlldcnt Iblt liii couM n't 
IMliI aehuhby bo.T. Hpwiallr; Iha! there wai a rmdoalloii lii luch a nut^tot, 
Wlitdimwle hlio reiilcMin bl> mind ui.iU iivhail •aiivil nnd mnrKrd him for 
tbrday. .. . HI>Lr*bloIlIIIepropl1lalnr>'>rirriiiorKeleH lilul — batraltiectm 
W<te to him < tVbsi a laiiiicb In life I think i! now. on looking back, t« bo M 
MMU and MTtUo to a mm of luchpatU aad rntaniiloiui 


C:t Bdktnii S[(tfonai|. 

nrni I ill at ibvdsikafslD.wkUliln^hljifir* — linreb)rwBt(lilii(ll>(]rc— at 
he rulc< ■ oiphi-riOK'book foraiioilirrTlolIm *ha>c hsodi (laie Jiut b«D lUv 
Mucd b)' (iiir lilDiiiIcai ruler, uil vtao li trying (o wtpc the tllug oul with « 
poclLvi-UariflktrcliUif- I hitvp [jluiily ta iHii, 1 Ouu*l wAlch hli r;r* iti ictlfnjMfi, 
but bvoauiv t mn loiirblilly ■umetnl Co It In ■ di^iul <lc>Ir»Io know irbal 
far will du urxtt aijil u ijct^cr ll vUlbomy (urn loauffcr. or iomrrbtti!^ ffi>D*i, A 
lann <7f "Tnall boji bt^^uiulmr, with the Miiir inlrmi in lii> tjt-.wuelt U too, 
I Uilnkhc kooifi it; tboiiRli h" prvifnilii h« don't. llT makvi dmulAil ironlbi 
Uli«rul** UiBcljihtrlng-book; and dov be tbnmUI>ey«ildc«ivi dowa oat 
)mwb, fthd wv nil droopovcr Dur bijukt. sad IrtmtiL*. A toDOirDt jifI«Tward*w« 
■re ftxkiD eying him. An uDbappy oalprll. founil irnlKy of ImprrTecl nrrMte. 
approulim at hl> cumuiuDd. Tnc eulprlt flilicTi exniMi. and proreiia ■ dcict- 
i&taBttim la ili> }#(trr lu^murrntr- Mr- CrviLkM ciitii ajaka hi'furii he btmta him, 
•ml we Uujth ■! It, — mltrrnblc Itllli'dni*, *• l^agii, with ogr Ttucn aiwblK 
a* Bihei. and our hi'irti daUng luio our boaU. 

Creakle, Mrs. UU wil'c; a liiin und quiut vonian, Ul-triMiUid bj 
!iLT liusbaini. (Cb. ri, is.) 

Creakla, Mi"", Tlieir (laughter; nipposed co b« in Ion with 
Suerlbrtb. (Cli. vi, »tl, ix.) 

Crewler, Mrs. Wir« or die Rovercod Horace Crawler; k reiy 
finficrior uininn, nhr> lost tbe iife of htr limb*. Shn bcconiot 
ihH (ncill)(^r-in-law of Tnuidlpji. Whnliivcr oocura lo hitra** hpr (m 
ibc pognaemcnt nnd prospoclivi' loss of bcr il.iughtcr*) uaunllfBGtllttg 
in bcr legs, but saiauiimes mounla lu bcr cbust and beoit, nnd per- 
TadcB bcr wliole tystecn tu » inn$t aliinaing mttanor. (Cb. xxxir, 
xli, Is.) 

Crewlar, Miss CaroUna. Eldwt dAughtvr of MrH. Crvwliur; a 
viTv bariiltoino girl, wbo marrto* a diMhiog vng^tbond, but t/ooa wp- 
Hr.ili" fn>m liiiii. (Ch. xll. 1x. Ixiv.) 

Crewler, Miss Loois^ Mm. Crewler** third daughter. (Ch. 
xU, bt, Ixiv.) 

Crewler, Miss Lucy. Odu of Mr». Crcirlvr'a two jrouBgart 
duu^bu--n, eitucati<J by bir sislvr Supliy. (Ch. xli. Is, Ixir.) 

Orewler. Miaa Margaret. Oa« of Mn. Crewler's two jronug- 
«»t diiu^btvrit. eiliiuiitcJ by her slst«r Soph/. (Cli. xli, Ix, Ixvt.) 

Crewler, Misa Sarah. Mrs. Crewlor'a Kcond dsugbtor. (Ch. 
xxxiv. xli. \\, Isiv.) 

Crewler, Misa Sophy. Foianh dn-. glitcr of Mn. Crewler ; nlirn^i 
for^cIiUl o! tu-Tiulf, oln-ays cbocrfiil and amiable, und m much a 
■nithcr to her mother (who h a couliniied invitliil} aa the ia to 
her risien, Sbu bocomt's thv wife of Tommy TraddW, wbo r«> 
guiit her bc^b bvlurv and after marriage ns " the dear««t girl It 
U>« world." (Ch. xxvii, zstUI, uxiv, xlt, xlili, Uz, Ui. 1^1, Uii.) 



Dabfli 4riip|i(i:((tin. 


Crawler, The Reverend Horace. A poor DcTonaluK cUrgf 

mnri, wjili a lar^i." I'iimil]^ luui n sk)l wife. (Cli. xxsir.xli, Ix, Ixiv.) 
Crupp, Mrs. A ttout wuiuan living in Buckiugham Striwt. la tha 
AiiEl]ihi, wlui lets a set of fiiniisheii clisiuber* to Dnriil Co|)[M-r- 
firli] wltcQ bu IxconiQs On arli'.'lv'l dark in ilie ofGce al* SpoalTV 
nnd Jorkin-1. Sliu is a ni.-inyr to n curioua iii»or(li;.r rttllnd "Iba 
»J^ilIJ!um^" irliidi Li gcncrnlly nccompanivd with Iniinniination ijl ilis 
uueo, unil requires to be L-uneuinCly tn^«U.■(I wicb p«ppvnaiaL (Cla. 

Xxlti-XSvi, SIvlU, Xlliv, XXXT, xxstIL) 

Dartle, Boso. A \ady rom^ iLirlv venrs old, living with Mn. 
Sii'iTloilh M ft uompRfiion, nncl puf^ionalcly In lovo iiitL Lvr suoi 
mho d<xa not rplurn hor nfffirtion. She it of a fljghi, »h(«t fi'^ure, 
and n daik coiii|>lL'xic)ii ; hm black bair. nnd Inr^o binck ey««, 
ttnd a nriiiHrkablu sear on li«r ti|), cBuned hy a wouad from ■ hani- 
uiu [brown fit hvT by Slt:ierlui'lb, w)u.-a a boy, in a momont of 
exMpcrntlon. She b wry clover, bringiDi; every Uiing to a giiud- 
fit«nc, and even wcnrlng horself away by vonaloot ebarpvain», till 
fhn u all t'dgv. (Ch. xx, xxi, xxiv, xziz, ssiii, usvi, xlvi, I, Wi, 

Demple, Qeorge. A tcboolmate of David Copperllcld'* at Sa- 
ii-m IIoUM.'. (Cb. r, vii.) 

Dolloby, Mr. A dealer in tccond-bnml clothes, ragt, bonn*, and 
kilcWti-stuff. tu nbuin David Coppt-rfii^ld sells bin waiilcoat for 
niQi«|>pt:ca wlieu bo runs away from " Murdslonn and Grinby'* " to 
tcvk bis aiiiiit. (Cb. xlii.) 

Dora. AVe Spksix>w, Dora. 

Bm'ly, Little. Nicco and adoptci) daugblcrof Mr. Feggally,and 
tbtt object <if David Coppcrfield'* flnl love. She la BArnvan)* 
belrotlied to licr cotuin Uitm, bnt l* »cdii<;cd by Stfirrfortb. (Cli. 
iii, vli, X, xvii, xxi-xxiii, XXX.) Set STKKitvoitTii, (Jamks). 

SiDdeU, Martha. An unfortunate yoitti^' n-omaii, without tnunuy or 
ropuLition. will) finally diicovcrj " Ldttia Em'ly." unil ivslores liiir 
lo her uncle. She U re<^Inim«d. and tmijinilf-i to Australia, wbero 
the mnrrios h>ip|>ily. (Ch. xxii. xl. xlvi, xttil, I, li, Ivii, Uiil.) 

PibbetsOQ, Mrs. An old woinao, inmate of &q atmBbouac. (Ch- 

deorge. Gunrd of the Vnnooutb maU. (Cb. t.) 

DrrinKW. A friend of Stuurfgrth^ and a very gay and lively hV 
low. (C!i. xxiv.) 

QraTper, Mr. A nctjjhbor of Hn. Copp«ifleId. (Ch. Ix, szU.J 


8pt ■ttktlt* 9tct(i)n<i(. 

Qrajrper, Mrs. Hig yrMis. (Ch, U, xxil.) 

Qulpidiie. Mr. A guoDt of ihc Wawrbrookt, who bu (on.cthlns 

U> do at K^cund-luuid with the law buaincs* of the Bant:. (Cb. 

QuIpldCte, Mra. His wtTu. (Cb. xxt.)- 
Qum midge. Mrs, Tb« wlilow of Mr, Pegjjoity's psrtaer. tin 

IrjaliHiul ilvlii;; ]>oor, Kir. Pog^lljr oSan litr a boine, ia<l Mipporls 

hcT fill yriani; and ihin kindaew *ho acknowlod^iM by ilUiug iu Uia 
I mait cumfoitablc corner, by ihc lirctidc, anil i'ompl;uiiing ttut xhe b 

" M lone, Igrn cruulur, aocl (.■r^ryibiiik gocj contniiry with her." 

(Ch. iii, vii, X, ui, xxli. xxxi, xuti, xl, U. Ivii, Ixiii.) 
Hamlet's Aunt. See Spiker, Mbs. Henbv. 
Beep, Mrs. A very 'urnble wiilmv iromaD, moUiHr of Uriiih Hocp^ 

and Lib "<ir>id image, Dnlv ^lort." (Cii. xvii, xxxix. xUi, Iii, Ixi.) 
Heep, Uriah. A ek-rk in liic kw^olEco of Mr. Wickiivlit, »hoM 

partnar be itftLTvards bvranmt. DariJ Copperficld's fint meeting 

with him a thu» dtACriUod: — 

Vhvd tlie pOBr^htt'ft ■tupp'd at th* door, vnd ray eyta mrt lnl«D( upon 
tb*lMiue> I aaw ■ udavorom Iddv apgjcaf ut h iiuatl wluilow oa thepouad- 
lloOT Ctn a llulc rouiiil Iiiwit Elmt (armtfi niiir hLihi cif ili«i tiuuifi). •nd quloUj 
dllapp>iir. Tliu 1iiR-ar«lii»li]oor tbvn opriittil, and Ibc (MS ouae ont. II WM 
qottau tn<1«Tcrou9uUli«41aalK4ltnIhi Wlndoir: Ibaugh. lu IbfKraluoru, 
Ukm vai tliii tlutft af red wlilib li •ainctluiBt (o b* oIuvrtDd In Iho akloi oT 
tadJialrvd |mE>]»]a- It iH^longAl tuarvil-linlrvf] [wracn, — aj^outh of lLft«eD.Ml 
ttfctlcnow, but ]o<>kliijE mnab olctcr, — nho^o bair viu cfoppodu cloio m tbi 
clomt aCubbtF; wUoliOil lianJIy aiiy uyrbrowi. muiI uu rjelHibOJi. uid *yf4 <if 
• nd'tin^irii, nil un-Iiillrn-it iii'l unilinileil, lUtit I ii'inviDbrr wooderlos bov 
hs went fa ilccp. lie wu hljfti'iboiiI'Jor^d auil bany ; ilf ttfcd In iIeocqi blaclr 
ytlUi A whl'B wi>|]uralioi>k.crurU; bulwui^J up tif llir llirimi; nurl Ujtd u 1onj| 
luik, >l[p|p[on b*n<1, wblnb p«tIlruLiirl)f a'iricird in]' dIIvdIIod ii br (load at 
Uw poajrV bowl. rabblDg bli diln wltb It, aad loaking up at ui Iu Ibo obalM. 

Tbo foUowiny convennUon Ukua pluco a little trlulp 
WOT Jm : — 



uld, allir tonldni •■ aln fee ' 
t In a nrj 'umMe pw> 

■■ 1 ■uppote 100 Kn ([Hit* » jnial lawjiir." 
•omv llnii-. 

■'UciUaateTOappcracld?" laid Uriah. "Oh.nol 

II ttu Da (tiner of mlnir iibout h\t luuids. I abMrr«il; Tor hf rrrquebtly 
fnkEiarl the imliii* a^uluii eoGb otbcr u ir to iqueeco tbcin dry and wann, bo- 
aldaj 11^4111 urlj>i»g t^H<i», In a atTHttb^ waj'.on liin jiockrt.hiinilliiTrbLtr- 

" 1 aia wril nn-ire tbat 1 am tha*Dmblnt penoD jtclng." tdd Uriah tiMp 
■DodMlly, "iut ilio uihcr br vibnn be may. Hf malbtr 1> ll1[cvl-e a taj 
Nimblii pi'raon- WollTnln aniirnbln bIkkIi-, MiLiitT C^pp^rfli'lil. but hatii lauflh 
tab* llianknil nit. U; Iktlivr'i former calllnf ira* 'uinblr. Ut mt a KKtu* ■ 

•• What 1( be DOir ? » 1 aakld. 




SDafefb Capptctfrlt; 




*■*•■*■ punakcf orglorr at pnuni, HMier CopptrOcId," lald UrW B<*v 
"Ubi m bMa mucli to be lluakful Pit. Ha« uucb bare I 10 be llmltflil Itx 
•4 Krliil vlih Ur. Wickddd I " 

At timo niM on, Uhtii) find* thnt Urinb in obuinini; na ub- 
boauiI<id iitlluiTOcc over BIr. Wkkfiuld, «hain be (lolud«« m e^irj 
poiMbli; waj*. and wliosu buiinvia he dtrsiaotJIy perplexes unil tt-w- 
plicatvi ib urdiT lu gel it •tbully into liis uwn IdiikIh ; ami, funlii!!^ 
OKire>lk>cbe Iixik» with -jrci'ily «;-l's upua Mr. Wickficld's ilttughUf 
Agneti, to H'bcini I>Aiid hinisi-ir ia warmly alliKUt^l. He even gooi 
•a far u to boMt of thi*, nnd to docian; bb inlcntion of making 
her bis mfa. 

lukrdlilni.wttlialKUirapppamicvofoaiiipaiurclliBn I«ni1dba>«tbongbl 
powIMo a mlauU bcfure. wUcthcr lie Iiuil ruule lili fcctlugi known to Akqh. 

^Oh-DOtUaiI*rOjjipflril^]dF" hiir('luriiiK].«-~^«ar» not tiuHounyout 
bul !«u. Tdu h* I am oiil; ]u>t pmcrilnf; tioia my lowlf mallon. 1 iw( a 
fooddaajof hojm an hor obicrvluji how ujcliij I am (o lior fallirr [fbr t tniit 
to b« Turr uxeful Ir> iiliii lciiU-<.'<), MA>(<ir ClopianrltLiMJ, mud Jiuw I (uiuufb Iha 
wiyfcir bliD, anil krrp tilm ■Irsliibt. ^I»- V (o murb ([iMhrd la brrlMti'r, 
UailfT Cu|>|icracl>1. (oh. wliai a luvcly Iblng 11 [] la a dauKbtor I) tbat I tblok 
ahv maj ciiritii, <m bit aiuiuuJ, to Ira kiud to lUC-" 

t ratbomftl thf dcpLb at tbe rMOal'i wbolo lObimwi and undoritood why ha 
laid It bur*. 

- ir foo 11 ha»» til" (owinMt lo kvrp mr "ncmi. Mailer ropp»rllrl(l," Iia 
pBflncd. ''aodDot. InfftneraT, to gomfptlwt mp^ t ibalJ take ll an a partiouJa/ 
taxut. Yeu would u'l »1>U l<i make mi|ilca>aniucii. I kuuw nlxat a filroiU]! 
brart Toa "10 itol; bul. having iiaty known m* on m^ 'uniL»li« f-j^Mng (on Jiiy 
*Binbk4lk 1 fibould tay^ fbr 1 am very ^mbl? stU])>you mljiht, uubtkoowu, so 
^■laitiia. ratbet.iriUi my Ainu. I cull bcr Dilus. juu ics, UaMir <.'0|i|>ct^ 
fltidf TImtk Ni a fong IhaC wji, ■ I 'd «rotri]< ivalga lo cail b<r' mine ! ' [ bupa 

IM do Ik one of Ibsto dayt." 
Vnah -j^t in wi-nvin^ bis uii-Hhcs Arouod Agnc» !ui<l bar fittbor 
uulit be baa [hvin coin[ilutely iu his powur. Bill, bis ra«callly U at 
Isst UQrai'«i]e(l aod Mpoaett by Mr. MIcawber ; aiiii Mr. Wickfirld 
not only recover* all ihu properly of which lie Ii.ia bwn ii^fmnd- 
ed, but in .abtolvtid from nil siispk-ion of any criminal out or intcnl. 
Unub pureucii bia i^nlling in onotlicr part of the country, but ia 
linnlly om.'»t";d for Iriiud, forgi-ry, and conspiracy, and U wutcocpd 
to aoUtary inipri30(mii.-ut (Ch. xv-xvii, xix, t (v, xxxr, xxxti, 
ixxix, xlii, xMx, lii, lir, bu.) 
Hopkins, Captain.. A pibocer IW ilebt, in too Kia^'v Benelj 
iVisoii. :il lliL' liiUL- ibut Mr. Micuvbor ir aitv confiueil Lliurc. Ud- 
■k-r ibis txamv is dtKTiU"] a certain Captain Furti.!-, who wni a 
fellow- priMDi^r witb Mr. Jobn Dickens in ibe Manbdjca l'ri>oo 
Vbtml tlie ycnr 1S33 (Ch. xi.) 

€\tt Sftkcn* srciionstf. 

Jaoat. MIbs BuUc7 Trotwood'H linndiuaii]. (Ch- aiU-kr, sxill 

xxxix, xllil, Lx-} 
Jip (u eonlmc'Mn of Gttst). Dora'a pot dog. (C^ xxti, 

XKXlil, xxxvl'-ixxviu, x!i-iliv, slviii, lii, liii.) 
JOTBJU, Mr. The partner and oan-in-law of Mr. Oner Uie uatlai^ 

takrr. (Cb. U. xxi, xxiii, xxx, U, tvl) 
Joram, Mrs. See Omer, Mjbs MrNXiE. 
7arlciiiB, ^ilr. A proviur, p.triiii.-i of Mr. Spenlow. (Cit. xxW, 

xxix, xxxr, ucxviii, xxxix.) 

B>>rum tollil man of a lic*t} icmiieriiiDeal. whuae plxw in lb* builnua 
wutokwphliDielf 111 Fh« hockgmund. ildiIIhi Goa4titDt]7'xhIbt(*d,byiuuiM, 
M tb« moM oMumli' DDd ruthlm of uhu. If nolsrk iruitodlili ••lujreiicd, 
Ur- Jcrkiiu wautil n't Uilcu to lueb * proiMilllon; IT • cllontwcra (low U 
tHIln lit) bill of cu'U, Mr. Jorklni «u rvtulrsiJ to ba'fl It iialcl ; and, hoirtTtt 
painful thcft tblngi mTghl bir [dUd ftlWBjs wrrn) to (bv ffvllogi of Sir. GpcD. 
low. Mr. Jarklm Muiilil Un'c liLi bonil. Tbc licart ikDil liutitl of (ho cam] mnK«l 
I'pcalow would biire bveu nlvrityi c[>cu. but fur llic rrnlt^Uiiag tlumon Jorkliu. 
JLi I Uavt groAm oUvr» I think I harp ^i«d TxpnrlcDn of »oiuq other boifc* 
duliv tiu>in>^>' uo Um prlnclpte of Spcnlow and JorkUu. 

LoxkiuH, Miss. A tall, dvk. blaok-«y«(l, fine ligure of a tronuui, 
of aliout thirly, with whom David Cupporficld fiJU dcipnratcly In 
luru wticu about seven tvuti- Hix putaion for kvr b bvyond nil 
boundtii but ebecrusbe* hislioptisLijr murryingalicqi-gTOwur. (Ch. 

Lackios, Mr. U«r father; n pjulT old gcatlooiaii with s double 
rliin, And one of his eves imiunvablo in hi» bead. (Cb. xrili.) 

lattimer. Confidciilial servant of Si<icrforib. (Cb. xxi-xxili. 
xxviii, xxix, xxxi, xxxii, xlvi, Ixi.) .SW SrctiXFOHTIt, James. 

t botlcvp then novfr vxlHtrd Id hli itBlluD ■ more rvipcvrablc.IooUnjr (u*a. 
U« wti tulturn. HiR-fooicd. vsr; cgulct lu bli niauutr. dnfi-nntlal. obianaiit. 
■Iwajn M hand «hKn wnninl, anil iimr orar wbmi nntniLaloit; but hl> unat 
OtaJm to conildcralion wu hU r?<p«l ability'. Etc had not apliaaifan; tic had 
rwlicr a lUflf ucck. talbt^r a tlgbi (mouili bead Hilb ition bair c1in)[iug to II M 
tba vldav. a loft trny of ^prnkiiiifi vihU ■ irtriillAr bahk nf whlipt^rfu^ rb# letter 
B *04llallliCIJyi tbnt bv dcrnii^d to u»r It ofu^iitr thun any oihi^r mnat bit tvctj 
paculiarif jr tbat bo Iiul bo niixlE ropvolatilc . . . ili; lurruuncli'il liiniHi'lf *ttb 
an alDiuplirro of mpiwlabllll;, and nikrd nvtmn In II. II would lini" b(«a 
next to Impoiilblc lo luipcct blm of nay iianjt wroiiH. ho wai la tborMigblf 
jvipacublii. Nobody cimldbav* tliougbtuf piitllnjfbim LuM IkvrO'. Ii« w** u 
btghly *np^otab]o. To barp tlDpcii«d any drro(;n1ory nork opon blm vould 
hai'r in..«u 141 lutllci a >%aulup tuiult uu tUu fut^Uiij^t'of 4 uiuaI rop^iclablo man. 

Muldon, Jock. Coutin to Mn. I>ix;tor Strong ; an idlo, noedj 
lib« tine with a bandsainc hcc, n mpdd uttcraar*', and » con&donh 
bold air. (Cb. xvi, xlx, xxxri, zU, xlr, Ixtv.) 


JDnlilli eoppectftlS. 


tf arkham. A gny amJ lively fellow of not mon (haa twcntj; • 

irii-ail of Stccrforlh'*. ((Du sslv, xxt.) 
MEurkletuun, Mrs. Uothrr of Mn. DocIof Strong. (Ch. xrt, lix, 

xucvi. xlii, xtv, txiv.) 

Our bi);r> u^c^il tooill tiprtlfOlil^lJlaf.<aPBCC'0ijnt of hiTgfn» f >>"b1p And 
thp lUU vllhnhloh til? miLr'liatloil Br^<'^n3H4J' relulloa«Hj^n»t l^piliKtar. 
^lic wu 14 mile. iliarp-«>t<J rtbciaii, whODarif to wvmt. w!icu i]i« vtm Umufd, 
Dufr ijEiclmnjifiibCir cBp. oniAirii'Ujf^l wlrh nc}]]!)! mrllllr.LnJ Jluwtrt. uiJ twuulh 
Ui'liil buITrrfttiu (uppogod lobo borrtlag Bboui (lie flovcri . 

Maaly Potatoes. (So enlleil on occoimt of hi» pal«y complexion-) 
A biw rmploycil iil. Murtl'lonc and GrinUy'f wino-ftncv, with David 
l^oppcrfirkl unci other), lo examine bottle*, wub thvm o-Jt, label 
and tork ihi^in, atici liie like. (Ch. xi.) 

Mali, Mr. Charlee. An under moatvr at Salem IIousc, &lr. 
Creaklu's ichool. Q<e !a a gauat, txllow young man, witli hollow 
cbcckf, and dry aoil ru»ly hnlr. Mr. Creaklo iliscLarges liim 
beCMUO it ii osrcrtaincd bis mother Uvea oi) charity io U 
nlms-boiue. He emigrate* to Auitroliii. and linatly become* 
Doctor Mi-tl of ColouioJ SaWtn-IIuiise Grammar. School. (Cli. 
v-vii, Liiii.) 

Metl, Mrs. Hia loottior. (Ch. t, vii.) 

Uicawber, Master WUldns. Son of Ur. Wilkmv Uicawber. 
llo has 3. rotu»rlfablo haul voii'ts mid bucumes a ohurislvr'Uiy id 
the rathcdrnl at Canlerbiiry. At a Inter date, he uvt^iiires a lugh 
Rputation as on amateur singer. (Cb. zl, xli, zvil, xxvii, zzxtI, 
xlU. Klin, lii, liv, Ivii, Ixii.) 

Uicawber, Miss Emma. Daughter of Mr. ^Vilkim Micavbcr ; 
allerwurd^ Wrs. KidgiT BegB of Port Middlebay, Auittalin. (Ch. 
il. vli, xvii, zxvii, sxsvi.xlii, xlis, lii, liv, Ivu.tuT.) 

IUioawber. Mr. WlUcins. Aguittleman — rcinirkablu for liii 
ivckleas improvidence, big pecuniary irn'oli-omcnts, his :Jt«rDal8 
cIcTatioQ and dcprcision of spiriii, his love of It'ltei'-uritiDi' and 
ipeecb - making, hla grandiloqncnt rhvloric, lil8 tbnbby devicct 

fcr ckin^ out a gcntei^i living, and bi» eonirtanlly " w.'Uiing 
for sometiiing to turn up" — wilb wbnm David Coppcrficid 
lodge!! while drudging in thu warehouse of MunJhiuni- and Grinby. 
In ibii character Mr. Dickuun has rL']in^auuled eouia of lh« 
experiences and foiblesorhisown father, nbo was fur several year* 
in *cry embnrni<>ed circiimstancex, and for n lime a prisoner lor 
dubt In the Mursbalfcn. But tno focti should be bomo in Dilfid: 
ftnt, that Sir. Dickens thus ikecrilicd hi* fatbcr lo a friend (•«* 



Cbt Sftbcitfl micttosaif. 

Fontet'* Ub or Dickeun, ««1. i, pp. 97. tS), — " I kiiov my rather 
to be as klnd-kearieil aad g>uioroii« a man tie evvr lived in Uie 
ngrid. ErciJ Uiiog ihnt I can r<imcmlier of hU oomliicl W \i\» wif« 
or cliildrvn or (Hcadii, in f ickneis or afnirlion, ii Viryond oil prnlw. 
... III! acTcr undcrtooli any buiiopM. charge, or Iruil, thsit bo did 
Ml xvalriuily, count! ii'ntioualy. puni-tuullj'. Lononibly disfliurjte. Hit 
biiliMiy Uitt always been uniiritig." Secondly, il muat nut bo fir- 
gouen, lliat, "tbtKi^b Mr. Mic^awbor Is ropKiii;ut«d m caivleM la 
monfy-maiierv, npl to get into dt-bt. and addicted to gotttoj out of 
it by means of hillx nnd nolo of band, he ncTcr tnjs or doc* any 
tlkiag u variance with morality or probitjr. . . . Ha ia never mean, 
false, or dinbonest." 

Mr. Mit'awbtr i» ihiu introdyfod upon the swne : — 

The»uutLn£-houBndi>ck>v4i At (uhir-jivl Iktclvv, *ad (bur* «&* grocni |trtf[v 
•ralloa (br Eutni lo 'linnrr. wtifii Ur- (Julnlun lappisl nl IIik i»iui>ilnE-li'ni«' iriii- 
d<»w. nnd bccJioDcd mt to g*y Jd. I vrot Id. ■nd ri^und 1licr« » tiouUsb, juSiMic- 
^fffi lU'tMiD. lu a bruwQ aunout juid hinck li^hu Auil (liuei . wLtli uo mora hair 
spun hli lirAil(i>hlcIi «iM n largo one, ■ml rrry >lilnii;|[) i)iauih>>r<> U upoD an 
C£G» and itIlIi a very txtcD6ivcfDU,Khlcli Lo luracd full upon me. till cEotbu 
Wucilwlib)'; but lie had *a linpoilng ihiil^niUar on. ll* carilcd a Jaunt/ lort 
at a (link Willi a larg<i |>Dtr ot runly tOMCti to ti; and a quIulng-glaH liunjt 
Oul-ilde hli eoiL — for onuijnrDt, t af^crwardf round, aa boVFry atidoin louk«d 
UuoDjfti il. and cuuld n't (c« au; llilug ulieu he did. 

"Thll."«BldUr.Qulul(m. Inalluiluuloinyaiilf. -Iiba-" 

" mi," tadd t% •irangiT, wtlti accnaln rondemndlng rotltn hli rolea. and ■ 
MTtaln lOdDlOrlbabto air of doing lomething HEnlMl. wbleh Impruited nnrnr^ 
mucli. " U Uaater Copprrddd. 1 Iiu]id I ma j-iiu will, ilrr " 

I n1<l I irat teiv ivvU, uid lii>p<id tii- wiu. I *-»■ ■nllldrulf 111 al taiF. 
B^arca krioWd : but it win Dot In my naiurv lo complikiD mnub al Ibat timo at laj 
lift: to l>aid I wui vrrr irdl. aud liD|>ca hcivu. 

"I urn." iild 111" "Itauijit. "ttiank lIcBVPiit null* well, t IHTB rMrIr«d a 
l*tler ffom Mr. Murdsloar. in *blcli ho TncDtlorm Tbal lie would de4lre hid to 
rrci'lve ln(aaiiU[Wiiaent in (he rear oTiayliamc. which it at prcacul uiiuenipled. 
and Is. in flburt, tobn ivt aia^laahurl/'vuic] Uiu mruignr. mlf b u null?, and lu a 
bunt orconlidcnns— " a« a bf d-room, IhoyotiDHtri-ctDner wbom J have noiv tba 
plcaiurr lo " —and the iiiuijier nnved hli hand, and ivilled hl> chla In lit> ablrl- 

"TUifiHt MicawbiT,' nald lit. Qntalon lo ng. 

" AbBinl"»»id Iheiiranaer! "ihalli my name," 

**Hr. UlcavrlH.r." Kuid Mr, Qulbhin. *'1i> Ln<iwn lo Mr. Mnrdiiono- lie (alt<i 
bTdcmlbriiHQnooninilBfllon. when he <iaa fot auy. lie haj been writicn to hj 
Ur. UunbtoD* on Uie autdect of j'our lodglagi, and ho will nctdi* }Un a> a 

When young CoppirficM take* p(itw»<ion of hi» (jii.irlorfi nt Mr 

Uiciiwbcr'a, Windsor Tcrracf. City itoiul, lio finili ibo domiutic »i> 

nation of that gGatlumaa bosct wiUi diflicuUie* nlui-li to any otbei 

Man would bo 'iiDrongUIy disoourugiag. 

SafafO Copptcttcltt. 


^kC Oblf rtflton ]«r«r t*w or hrard or wrr^ crrdUon. TVylivcd lo fnme At 
■Uliann: lod Mmaof Ihcm mrc >itillc fi-nn^luui. Oitf dLii^rBHil miifi. t iliiak 
be iHr*A • boalinitkt<r, uti-cl (n M^n Tilmii^ll Uii^ tttp jiji*>4^ «■ varly u i>fM-«i 
a'dwk In Itiv moralDK, and eM Dp the aluLn la Str, UlM«t)rr. "Comsl Yoa 
»ln1 uul ynt. you Lnaw. Par u'- v'" )°u ' Don't lililc ;ou know : thai *■ ntan. 
I vnuldD'l beiDCJin, Lf 1 ftfti^im- l^kv m, wE^t j'Uu ? Youiuat pmy ui: d*)* hrnrt 
CvarV lliierlTlntiKtancTrrtaXbmi»anu,hi vroaiA mtninl In bl* nraili to 
Ibv irordi "iwIdiIIcii" und '^ loirbtni" uid, tbnc bcliii; [Dotffrcrun] L"o. iroald 
woiotiintBfOta Die rxIn'uUirofcrouioglba itrci'l. ikTia ruuriiif uji ■[ Itie wlu- 
doVH of th* Hflound Utior. wlivro hn knaw Mr- MtcawEnr va.»- At rlii'*r 1imr<, Mr. 
)llo4wbf^r v^olA hv Irau^iiOrtcd villi grlvf and 1norIld«iEloil» vvpa 10 f h? IrQ^b 
iu I wu oueo uiiulf RKorc by a icmm rrum ti!i wire) of luaVInn mailoiu al 
tilmx'lf ttllEj a raior; but. wltlilu balf ui liour nfUirwArdu, Ln would iHilixb up bla 
fihoo) nlth FilraordluiuypalD), udR^ out, bumtnlDjta luni' with aErMl*r air of 
gmtllUj tliiui tTci. 

Ilii difEcultiL-a coniL- to n crisis At Isat. huwuver ; and he U mrcated 
one morning, and carried to Uiq King"* Bvndi Prison, snj'ing ihut tlw 
god ot day bas gooe doTii upon Lita : but bcfutu uooa Lo is teea 
playing a llveljr game of *k!ulea- At last, he applies fbr releaw 
nodin- the Insolvent Debtor*' Act ; and in duo time i« nftl lit libcnjr. 
Nr*. Uicawbcr'i friitnils being of the opinion tliat hii> ni)ctt coOTM 
vlll be to (|\di Lontioii, ho dMermioM (^ go down to Piyniontb, whcro 
hi! think* aoincllilng may " mm up ' fOF him in tho ciiRtom houita. 
Before parting from David, he gircs him a little friendly coudmJ. 

** My dear jotatg fHriid.'* sold Hr, Mlcawbpr. " I ain older than you ; a man 
oframocxprrtsDM InltDr, nud — ind — oriomi^flXpi^rlriDiK', In short. In dlDltultleg, 
■BMrally ■|>cakii]i[. Ai prctFui, and unill tooii'tlilnn (utni up(>vlildi I uiu, I may 
jtty.hODrly rx^Hicrlrig). I Imvr iiutlilu^ fii bt-uruw but advloa. SI1I1 my ndvloe it 
•o fttr worlli Uklnj, ihni — 'ii ■liotl. thai I harr hbvit takrn It niyii'lf, and bid 
tlir" — here Ur.UI<^nwb(r. who had bovD bt'Dmlnit DDd anillhiir all over hli head 
and Ikcr. ui> tu Ihn iirvicnt tuumcut. cheeked bliuicir, aud frowned, — '- Iha mlf 
•nbk wreloli ynu brboM," 

" If y dear UteawberT" urged bli iclfb. 

" i ray."r«lurai.'U Ur. MIeawbcr. quite (bntclllnj; hinuelf. an<t*niilIaga|atB.— 
'thauiwrablK wretnli you Infliold- kfy adrlcfl U. acverdo Cn'murrow what yoQ 
undo Co-diy. I'UMrniilnBtloii ii Dii'lhlrf ofttnip. Colbir blml " 

'• My poorpopa^i nuulm,'* Mrt. Uleawber ob»erved. 

"Hy dear." laid Ur- Ulcawber. "your ]m|m waa very well In hla way. aud 
tlrirrn fbrblH llinl I •1i<iuM (llHpiira|{<< hlmt Tiikv him nirall tn Bll.ire ne'er 
ihall — in tliorh make llie ne^iuiilnlaDcc, protuibly. of Anybody eUe pottcvalax. at 
biB time of Ulb. the *amo la^ for galiert. aud able to rt'ud tbo mama dtwcriptlon 
of intnt tttthoiit tpi>cUolN. Uut be a|i[>)li'd thsi mmbnionor ninrtliifn'^iDydrBr, 
anil IliU wai to fur premaiuirly tuteRd Inio, In «i>iiKt|ucnor, tluil I nertr 
;Mot«nd Uw esiAuir." 

tSr. Mlnwber Innkcit aild« at Mr'. MJnwber. and addp<l. ■' Ko( tbal t an 
■crry forll: QoUctbe contrary, my love." After which tie wai grave fOr a ml aula 

"Hjr Mhn plw* ef adTim, Coppwaeld.'' aid Mr, Hteawbar, *'r«i taww. 


€U SftktBi Bdtfanivi 

iDDoal IneaiM tinntj poondi; umoal txiwndllar* nlDMMn. nliwtMli, ill— 
mutt tupplneii. A.nnual Ineoiuo twcnij poundii annvsl rxp*mllturv Iwtalf 
pouDdl uouglit ■III] kin. —mull mlaui)-. Tiio bluitaia 1> bll|!)iuit, llir ln*i ■• 
vttbvmdt ib« (wl or drtf Eon tlnmi upon tlia dTALry htximi. imU — luid. lu iborv 
•foauvtatwortoorfli. Ailaial" 

Tn nuko bll fxmnipla llin muni liDiirualre, Hr. UlMvbfr drunk ■ jclui of 
paiHih wlUiRa alrof grrat nmormrut atut uilirastlon, udwbiitlsd lb* Ciillasa 

Some tlmii aftor thii, Duriil — tben a pupil of Dr. Strong**, a| 
Ctnlerburj' — iinoxiatteilly mceU Mr. Micanbcr, who ho* Idl Vlyvt- 
OQlh (tnleoc not Mng iTant«<l in ibe ciuuun lioiuc), and b in*il«d to 
dine nt bii inn villi him. 

n'abiul B braiiilful lllllrdlnner,— qiiltaaavltguitdlib of Dab. Ib« kMa*r-«Ml 
of ■ loin of vooJ ro&ttcil. frkd iftiitage^incM^ a parlrldjE^. aod a puddJoji. TTif-n 
mu vln«. sihI IhDn truiIrODg mis; aad afUr diuntr Un. Uldwliur ii>wli.< ui ■ 
bovl of bol puuob wllta hrr own Uoiidi. 

Ur. MIOHvitxir wan uuoummUDl)' wnvlviil. t D«roi law him ndi good wm- 
panr- . . . 

A9 IhD piLDcb d^suppvarrdt Hr. Mionnbor b^<untv il[]l moro frl^ndlj and oOQ. 
ilvlal. Un. MlvuwlHT'i •plrlli bomiuliix Tli'iaiiH) lua. »d uuk -- AuIiI LaiiK 
Bfaif." Wbnn wi> mtnii in ■■ Urm 't • hunrt, 1117 Iniiit)' tniv," wv all Julnrd 
bandi rauod ILq (able; and whca wo dooland we irould "iak« a righl It^da 
Vrillld Waught." ud hod nt (bp Intt Ida* wbkt It ini«nt, wo ■■n' rvallr 

In • watd. t ncvst ■■« ■nybady •<> ttioiungiit)' Jutjal mi Hr. Hleawbiir hw 
dowu tu Ibi* ttry lujt luumt'Dt »f tli4^ pvnlug, whnii I took it hrnfiy faroncll of 
falnutif and hi» amlablv w^To- Coiiai7<z<ipiiII>' 1 wtu Dot pnpArcd at ■«rcj> o^cZock 
next moriilaf la rra:ivc tbo folluwiuf couiiDuulcAliim, diu*d baif'pafi olaa la tba 
■r«nlDjt, — ■liuiirlcrof u liour«n>r I bad Ivftblm — 

■■Kt ukah youko FamtD.— 

"Tliu dig IoukC all Isorar. HldlDK thn nri(» sf ear« wttb a tkUfiaukaf 
mlrtb. I bavff nut lafonnrd you. tbl« rirnlDe. lliiit ibcro li no liopc of tlio muii- 
tancr. Uadcf ibociroiautanoci.aUkc biimlUilliiK lu eiidiire, bumltlaiing to oou- 
t«DLp!nt«r. lud bumiUatlujf lo rul>tli<. I Uavn dL-rbnrgftd Xhv pvcrunUry UabUItJ 
OOQttvcTrd at ibiB oftabHabnipnt, bv jIvItije a note of baud, luadc (la^nblp t^rtcaq 
daf* alli't dat« u m; rMldonoc. I'cuiouvUUi. Loudon. Wben It breuniprfluv. Il 
will not b* tiiltcn op. Tlia ratnll li d<nlru«lloB. Tb« bolt ll impending, and Iba 
tmr muat flkll, 

"hBl tlio wrolohed man who now addmnoi yoii. injr dose OopiwrUfld, ^f a 
bOKOu Ui iron tbrougli tifu. Ilu wrlt('4 wllli Itmt inft'tillon mid In tlml bc|ie. if 
br could Ibiok hlmxfilf of J<o uiufb U4ir, out jcloam of 6ay nili^bf. b/ |>0*alblllCJ''t 
puiciiaK lull) ibc chrertcti duni[«>n of bli muuluiiig vxlilfncr; ihoogh U« 
VBgviiy in.M prmt-iit |[o nay tliii livl of 11), i^xtirHK-ly {pFobliMuatlcal. 

" Thin la tba Ivt oomnmnloatlon^ jay drar Coppordcid. you will *r*r fVcalva 
- t'toia 

" Bcypmd OuUMt, 

- WiLXiNs UiuAwam.* 

I VM to thookrd b^ tbc aootsat* af tbli btan-randlnn Iftut. Ui«i I lu at 
■fMlly lovardi tba Ulllo botal with tba iatentioo at taking It oa oif waf to Dr 


BatEB Cgyptctlcl*. 



tiTODjfa, ndtfrlmto KxKlwltr. Utnvbxrirlth a iiwd af •MBftnt, Bat bale 
i»>i)"^riil>n<'t Ibel^ndoa MMbwIili lli. and Un. MtaWbW np brblud. Ur. 
Hioin brt. thii nry {ilolare sf tnnqiiU cnjuymuui. ■nllta| al Kn. UJcuvtbrr*! 
roDTTT'fttlon. «vliiK n-tlnuli out ofn i>«|Hr Iwe, vllh a boitln iiliiKlnR out of hl( 
bFT^t-IMClccL Am ihcy did eloi »» mc^ ] tbouj^i It bwl. all ttilaj;i coiuLdcred, 
■wit loarethrm. Ho. oIUiasTtat hcImIii ukim oir my mJniI. I lucnvd IdIu a br- 
•tR*( lliDl nai III* nvnmi way to lelinnl, ani) fell, upnn lliv wbolr, ntlvrtd that 
ihoj mtrt jEoac ; tboaj^h t 4tni ZJkcd Ibcm wrr mnob. DevcnhcltM^ 

Air. MicHwbur ut?xl etign(;t;s in ihu tiilo of carti tipun FommUiion; 
b« uoc Gmliiig il "an aToo&tloD of a ramitnorativo dcMT'pUuii," anil 
filing again into" turapornryombuTttMaicnuor apceuuinry ualunH" 
luaccopU an oficrfrom Ui^uh IIccp to bocomc liia cnnlltlontjal clak 
Bat, bcGiirc leaving I>nndon for CtmU^rbary (whttro Hoop in WUiy 
lishod), bi! iiiriti:K Duriij to spvntl an evuning at )iit hauao with that 
ooinmon rri«nd Tnuldlcu- Whi-u the time liai neurl]'' oomo Ibr tliem 
to tiLkc iliinr Wnvi-, Mr. MicawUir rieua tu ftckuowleJvu a luaat pr»- 
powd bj CopporfleUI. lln ibankn hi) (HddiJd for ibeir good wiahwi 
and tptaku u if lie wan going " Hve biiodred ihouwmd uilet ' awnf . 
Uc: hojwi to Iiccama an ornamrnt to tho profe*»ioR of which ho b 
"about to bocomc nn unworthy niDinbcr," and linall}' concludvA a* fol- 
lom: — 

'■(Ini]Ftltiti<mit>nisrrpmaiir«of p<Kiinla>7 l1ati11IIla>,«»iitrB«W<lii)IbaTiewta 
(hell inuncilliitc tliiulOatloD. but ronulairijiuulIouldatCillbnMstiaeoiitbiuaUuuof 
eirctitual4uci'a, I Imtti bcru uEidtr Thv ubOaulix^f BMumlng a c>rli from trhldh 
m;r nnl'iiil ln-iinci> nniil. — [ nlliicln i>i tpfolaiilM,— and potMnlne mytFlf of a 
OaEDomiJn lo nhjah I cad rtiablHIi do I»j|(t1mal« ppeEciuiODi^ AU I bave iu iaf 
on llittCaiyiT« 1>. UiallljDcloiiilliM paii«n1 'Viirn Eliu drcurx atwnt. and llic ^ihI of 
day ■■ titiort EDo™ blgli (rjKju tbr iii<»UHtaln-1ci|u>. Oti Aluii'lAy tivkI.oq IIi« airlrKl 
Of Ibr foar o'olook aniTDOnn ooatiti al CaDIcrburr, mjr Drat wit] b« On nr natlTa 
bnlli — loy name. Uluwbi-rl" 

We- Mtcdvrbvr riuiiiiinEl liln avM on Uio <]toitP of tbk'ii rfmarbi, and dratilE two 
flaa«< of punclt Id ittwc sncorrt nitin. tit thru ni4 wllti niuflb »olomulty. — 

"Oneibinitniofct liucc lo do beforo Ibli tCTjAtailDn U oooiplBi* : anil ilul l> lo 
garlbrm MD net of jii-tlo*- My ftlv.iiL] Ifr. TlmriLjiB Traddlvt baa« on ii«ti nbrnrai 
)Ma«lor^< ' put bid Damv,* If t may un? a common cxprrvvloti. lo bUlt or tichaairo 
.>r my afonmiuwlatlon. Oa tlia ant oocaalbn. Ilr, Tlmiaai Traddlni wu loR — 
lei mo n»y. In >liiirl. lu <bfi lurcb- Ttii^ l^tltbucnl of tlif* 'ncond Uwt not jr*i arrlffd. 
niraiuounl of ILo Itnt obllfiBIton,'' Iktp Mr. 3dl«nbrr Hrenilly nOrrrrd lo t>a 
ptri. ■■ «»i. I bclkfo. l«oniy-ibHe. fbar. uino and a Imlf; of the leoaiKl. j«<inl- 
Ib^ to mj amry taf tbul IrotiractlOD, uJ^itowi, tlk. twii. TUiue audi*, united, 
cjakva toiaJ.lf dij mlculaTEoii [4 corrMt, aiDOUQIInif loforly-onc, (vn. 4 lertQ and 
aluitf. My friuod Mr. Cujificrilvld will pcrhapi du tuc Ibc fator lu cUwk iliM 

I did lo^ and fbuad It oorrr^t. 

"Td lt«Tn thl> luvirupulii.' lalJ Kr. Mlcowber ''nod niy n-liiul Mr. Tbotnaa 
tiaddlH, wlihoui asqullllnc luytrir of tb* piicuoliry port of tlili ublltatlun, waiild 
vvlgh Hix>u my luUid 10 an laaupporiablc cxitat. t bavc iboivrofc prepared for 
B/ fririid Ur> 'fhotoaa TradillvH, an 1 1 anvr Itold lu my band, a doouaiaul wblob 


Cbt BItkcna IQ[cttonai{. 

MSompUthH th* di»InH] uhjnot. I b*s lo himl to my Mmi Mr. Ttaomu Tnd 
diM mj I. O, (J. lor llinr-qni>. Itn, cJctfd. and ■ half; and I un bmppy lo rtforn 
oiy moral diKDit)'. audio luiow llml I cauooMmura walk CKCl bcron luji fvllui*^ 

With llili ImroduiMlon (ichlch grraltf allMcd him). Ur. SlMirbrr plaoed hU 
I. O. II. [n ilic tinntl* of Tmddki. and lald bewUhed him wfII In etfry rtlailoa 
of tlfii' I ani pcranaflvil, nnt ottiy dial Ihit urai qiilE* lhi< iianiit in >lr, MlowhN 
•ipajlDjITjtiDDucy, hui Ibiit Tt«ddl« bllOMtf tiudl; kseir ibc dUhi«DM uolC 
bp had bad llmg to Uilnk ab"al II. 

Mr. TkUcawbcr doos not find Us pOfllUon Id Beep's offleeuplesMnl 
M lila mnguinc tcnipeMuiciit bas led Um 10 anllclpaie. He twoD du> 
corcn hit cmploypr to be n cnnnnnmAtc hypocrilR nad villain, who it 
b'Dt upon ruiniDg liis partner, Mr. WLdcfield, and that he hinuclf ir 
b(iia}; luade use of :u a tool to ud in furtlivrifis the Kbcmc Qt 
ihurcfure ^u liiiiuelf 10 ilie ta^k uf uarHV»lliii); ibc whulo tiasuti of 
TMCnllty Ko oioninglv woven liyflcvp; anil, whea iliis ts done, he 
ddnnunco* niicl rx|K>KCiii him tn n long nn<l ch.iriu:<>Ti»ciu l«^tt<^^, wlilch 
hc! rcadii to Coppwfipli], Trnddlc«, and til'm Bclwy TiMtwood, who 
DiLft liy iip(ioiiitinfnl at Mr. Wii^kfidd'n funnc'r offipc. 

Miss Trulwood, bavins ix-'ca made acquainted with Mr. Micawbcyi 
rtraittnvd cireutnalanfo*, nu^-geuls thai h ni^ht bo wi-ll Itw him to try 
his furtuDc'ii in Aualndia, und oflen to pay his debU, and lUe paHM^ 
or hiuisulr nod r^Huily 10 Ihat country. Mr. Mlcawbcr h dHlIghlnd M 
Ihe idc.% and maVeH IiiimRtliatc prrparations lor cmlgraiing. In a fnw 
dnyi, Li: infonn* hiii kind patron that bis ^ bout i» on the (bore,** and 
■■hia Lark ia on thu sui." 

" Id tvtMrow li oat daainllo prrparallonr, madam," wlil Mr. lllcawbiir wlih 
40nie prlile, " far mecilng iho donlny 10 wlileh we are now uudcnlood lo bo nelf- 
d«ToUd. I bet t" ri'iieitl tliHia. Mr iddiml duuj(tili-i al(«ail> at Hie arvrj' inurnlug 
In a DclGlibortnE r^tabHihinriil, to aMiutrv tlH> pr<Hvu~lf prnoHt It ma; btitallrd 
— or iuUkluK coivi. My j-oiiuger ehlldrcn are limruoled 14 ob»rrre, a* Ilowly ti 
rfmiiniiiHiicu nlll jitnnli. ilifl liabiti of Iho jilsi and (loitlliy mainutacd la Iha 
poorer pnrti of lliis <11T, — a pumiiK from ihnj ham. on i»o ucm-inin. 
bceu br<»ughE home vlihEn an IncU of bclni; run over- I have tnjtrit din<3ic4 
riiRiP ailmillim. diiriitg Uio pa*! wrrli. la the arl of baklofi: and niy ton Wllkloa 
ba< luupil forth ^tllll a trulklrifE-qiicK. a^ai) ilrJvoii rALtlo, whrq iKTmUl*d. hy Iha 
rujued hlrelinjfi vho hod llifim (a cbarji?, lo render anj votuni-ary wrriiio In that 
dlircilDii. wliicli I (Piireno lay. for ihc credit of out nalurr. ica* not oflFn; ha 
knlnii gt^eially warned, vlth iDiprrcallnni. 10 dtulii." 

&tany years afterw.inl?, Dnvid receive* from Mr. Peggotly (who 
went out iu tlie «anio ve^cl wllh Mr. Uir.nnrbiT) a copy of an Au»- 
tmlian pnpcr conl.iining an ni-i'Otint of a ])ublii.- dinner giTi'n lo "i.>i» 
liuiiigiilthcd 1<:iirn>mnn, Wilkini Micawber, Csiiuiri.'," and, in nnothe. 
.'oluniii. a iutier addrcMi'd — 

SabCD eepptcdtia. 


_ "riiK Kxi^aKinr Atnruuii. 

■Vt i>eab Bib, 

•'y«an Imve flupicil iIdh I hod an opportunltf of oeuUrlf ptnitfaig tba 
BvcnipiKt, Di>iT fuaUlu L4 Urn lEiujEfnuiJanJ of a floaalilnTsbl* portion of tb* 
tfiUlKd world. 

" Bui ni7 il«r lir, thongli Mtntnj^ (by tlie fare* of cltciiniiloooei oicr •hlch 
tLsHha't iiaiKinln)l)fV'Unitti* porKinal niKlvlf nf Iha frloiKl biiiI ciinpMilna Of 
Bir joulh, I ban not briu onmtoiinil of hta iriiriDi DLnbl; hot hftrv I b*t» 

Thoatli Mu t>eii««i u Uaid h*' intitd,' 

(Bcnuiil from piu [Iclp&tinit In Ihc imellcotuaJ foaiu lie fau apnuul b»nir< a(. 

*■! rsnnui, iiu'r«ftirt].iil[uvr of tlifii1vpiLni]>i< tWim Ihl* ptEio* of *ii IncttvldnAl 
wboni wi' mniuallj- mppn untl r<ilwm, vliboul. mr dear tit, Uklnn Uiii publla 
oppoflUDlty of IhanklDR ;du on my o«d bchilf. nud. I maj uniterulw (a idd. on 
tbklof Ilic wimlDor iliu ioliittillauU uf Tutl UkddlstH)', fur ilio KnUinouIan of 
vblcb joa Br*i tttr mhititiirEn^ ngrntr 

*^UooDt my dear ilrl Tou ure nol unlnionn bcrc; yoa ftre nof iinappr«clBKd. 
ThouKli 'remot*." wo era ui^iilicr ' iiafrliinai'd.' • lurlancimly.' imr (I miiT mlil) 
■gluor.' (lu un, my di<*r tlr, In four (mkIo eounvl 'rtiv Inliabllsati of I'on 
U[i1<lJcbBy may U lp«t Biplre to VkMb it wtU dellsbl, with (DterUInmeal, witli 
Intlnjclloa 1 

" Amoni llii< *yT« (InrUfd Iow«rd> yon from tbli ponb>a *r tbo |tab> will 
r b« fouDd. wIiIIb II bu llgbt and UTv, 

" Appf rutuing to 

•■Wu,Ki:(» UK'lwBm, 

I foDad, on glaaclnit U lbs mnulslnf conttoli ofUif Doir>[>i|irr, Itiiit Jfr. 
Uluwber *«* ■ dHlgrnt and niTint-l ooiTH(iofiili'iit of that Jmirnal. Thrr* 
wai aDo[btr letter from hLm In Ibv tamo pop^r, loueblnit a bridge; thorv waa 
an lull rnliciaciii uf