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Full text of "The Dictes and sayings of the philosophers. A facsimile reproduction of the first book printed in England by William Caxton in 1477"

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%\^t a>i(te0 anU t)aping0 of tl)e j[^l)ilofopl)er0. 





Cije Bittes anti ^apings of 
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IN 1477. 


W '<^l" 

ELLIOT STOCK, 62, Paternoster Row. 

1877. j 

a- 4-1 



OUR hundred years ago, in the year 1477, a great 
marvel appeared in England, and many of her 
proudeft nobles and wealthieft citizens wended their 
way to the Almonry at Weftminfter, to fee the 
fmall wooden printing prefs which William Caxton 
had brought from Bruges and there fet up in a tenement called the 
" Red Pale," and to gaze in wonder at its almoft fupernatural pro- 

The " Diftes and Wife Sayings of the Philofophers " was iffued 
as a firft-fruit of Caxton's prefs, and the caufes which led to its 
feledlion form a ftory not without much hiftorical intereft. 

In the year 1 470 upon the reftoration of King Henry VI. to the 
throne of England, Edward IV. and his partifans fought refuge at the 
Court of his brother-in-law, Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy. 
William Caxton was then " Governor of the Englifh Nation abroad," 
or Merchant Adventurers, whofe head-quarters were at Bruges, 
and he was therefore the moft influential among the many foreigners 
who refided in that city. There can be no doubt that during the 
few months which elapfed before Edward IV. regained the Englifh 
Crown Caxton had it in his power to render many important fervices 
to his expatriated countrymen, and thus laid the foundations of that 



vi Preface. 

friendfhip and patronage which in after years proved of fo much 
advantage to him, and which was in all probability a flrong induce- 
ment to his adoption of a new vocation and fettlement at Weft- 

However this may have been, it is certain that Earl Rivers, the 
brother of Edward's Queen, Elizabeth, was among the earlieft to wel- 
come and encourage Caxton. Good-will towards one who had always 
been a ftaunch adherent of the White Rofe, and perhaps alfo a little 
pardonable vanity in wishing to fee in print his own tranflation, may 
have led the Earl to patronife the infant prefs. So it came to 
pafs that on the eighteenth day of November, 1 477, was completed 
the " Diftes and Sayings of the Philofophers," the book which is in- 
difputably the firft ifTued in this country bearing a diftindt indication 
of its date of printing, and the only fure ftarting-point in the hiftory 
of Englifli Typography. 

What grave incredulity would have feized the fagacious Earl and 
his fober printer had they been told that after the lapfe of four cen- 
turies their countrymen would be honouring their memories in con- 
nexion with that very work, and that a copy of it, however torn and 
time-worn, would be thought the brighteft gem of which an Englifh 
library could boaft ! How would the printer have laughed to fcorn 
the idea that an art which would employ funbeams inftead of types — 
one almoft as ufeful and precious as his own — would one day be ufed 
to reproduce with minuteft accuracy this early work of the Englifh 
prefs, and that this volume would be deemed a fitting tribute to his 

The " Diftes and Sayings " were a kind of fober Joe Miller to 
our forefathers, who lived in times when the changes and chances of 
life made men much more grave and thoughtful than at the prefent 
day. Thefe worthies gleaned from its pages pleafant ftories and fmart 
repartees, wherewith to feafon their converfation, as well as words of 
wifdom upon the more ferious afpedts and events of life. 




True, the philofbphers all talk wonderfully alike, and the pithy 
fayings put into the mouth of the firft, a very apocryphal perfonage 
named Sedechias, would have been equally well placed in that of 
Socrates ; while Solon himfelf appears but little, if any, wifer than the 
unknown philofopher, Tac. Many fpecimens of the philofophic 
replies of thefe wife men might be given — we will quote but two. 
Hermes, when afked why he married not, replied, ** he that cannot 
fwim in the fea alone, how fhould he bear another on his back ? " 
And Diogenes, when queftioned as to why he talked fo little, returned 
for anfwer, " there was great virtue in a man's ears." 

Much alfo might be written on the philology and orthography of 
the work, abounding as it does with French derivations and termina- 
tions, but we mufl pais on to a fhort account of the outward aipedt of 
the volume. 

The firft thing which ftrikes the eye is the abfence of any lort of 
title-page, the book beginning at once with the Prologue of Earl 
Rivers. We muft remember here that the manufcripts of the middle 
ages had no title-pages, and that it was not until after Caxton's death 
that Wynken de Worde, his chief affiftant and fuccefTor, recognized 
the advantage of displaying the title of a work alone on the firft page. 

The next point which attradls attention is the peculiar ftiape of 
the charadlers. They are very pifturefque, and as clofe an imitation 
of the handwriting of the time as could be made in letters feparately 
caft ; fo that people accuftomed to read manufcripts might not be re- 
pelled by any great difparity. Roman type was not introduced into 
England until feveral years after the death of Caxton, and even then 
many long years elapfed before it was received into general favour. 

Another peculiarity is the uneven length of the lines, which gives 
a very ragged appearance to the page. This is a fure fign of early 
work, and in the cafe of Caxton's prefe is pofitive evidence that any 
book in which it occurs was printed before the year 1480. 

The fpace left blank at the commencement of each chapter for 






viii Preface, 

the infertion by hand of an ornamental initial letter, coloured blue or 
red, is another fign of early work. 

Caxton printed three editions of the " Diftes." The firft, which 
is the one now reproduced, bears date the " xviij day of the moneth 
of Nouembre and the feuententh yere of the regne of kyng Edward 
the fourth." The type ufed for it, and there is but one throughout 
the book, is that known as No. 2, the firft employed by Caxton on 
Englifh foil, type No. i having been ufed only in conjund:ion with 
Colard Manfion at Bruges. Thirteen copies of this edition are known 
to exift, two of which are in the Britifh Mufeum and two at Cam- 
bridge : thefe are all of which our public libraries can boaft. Earl 
Spencer alfo has two copies in his magnificent library at Althorp, one 
of which polTefi'es an unique diftindlion of much intereft in the addition 
of the following paragraph printed on the laft page, at the end of 
Caxton's Epilogue : — 

" Thus endeth this book of the dyftes and notable wyfe fayenges of the phylofophers 
late tranflated and drawen out of frenfhe into our englifshe tonge by my forfaide lord 
Therle of Ryuers and lord Skales" and by hys comandement fette in forme and em- 
prynted in this manere as ye maye here in this booke fee Whiche was fynifshed the. xviij. 
day of the moneth of Nouembre. and the feuententh yere of the regne of kyng Edward 
the. fourth." 

But the fineft copy which has furvived the ravages of time is 
that in the choice colledtion of Samuel Chriftie-Miller, Efq., of 

The fecond edition, printed about three years later, is an exadt 
copy of the firft, only diftinguiftiable by experts, who find that the 
face of the letter is thinner, fhowing plain marks of a graver. All 
the copies known of this edition have the Colophon, which occurs 
only in the Althorp copy of the firft edition. The orthography 
varies throughout the volume from that of the previous edition. 

The third edition, which was not required until about 1490, 

Preface. ix 

was alfo an exadt reprint, even to the original date of 1477, the type 
ufed being that known as No. 6. 

The value attached to thefe editions by the lovers of our old 
literature may be eftimated by the fad that upwards of fifty years 
ago as much as 250 guineas was given for a copy of the firft edition, 
and that a very fine copy would now fetch ^1000. 

The authorfhip of thefe celebrated Didles of ancient wife men^ 
is veiled in obfcurity. They were originally compiled in Latin \ 
about the year 1350, and foon after attradted the notice of the cele- 
brated Provoft of Paris, Guillaume de Tignonville, who in the year 
1 410 tranflated them into French; from which verfion Earl Rivers 
made his Englifh tranflation. The caufes which led him to under- 
take this tafk are narrated in the Earl's prologue, and are remarkably 
charafteriftic of the habits and cuftoms of the fifteenth century. 

In the extreme north-weft of Spain, girt around by rugged and 
barren mountains, ftands the Holy City of Santiago, renowned 
throughout the middle ages by the pilgrimages to its fhrine of Saint 
James of Compoftella. As Cordova was a Spanifh Mecca to the 
followers of Mahommed, fo did Santiago become the Pilgrim-city 
of the Chriftians who were forbidden by the Pope to engage in the 
Crufades for the recovery of Jerufalem, fo long as the Infidel 
remained unexpelled from Spain. There, from the twelfth century 
to the prefent day, has ftood one of the grandeft cathedrals in all 
Chriftendom, in the foundations of which is faid to lie the body of 
Spain's patron Saint. 

The pilgrims to this now forfaken fhrine were once very 
numerous, for almoft as many pardons and privileges were accorded 
to wearers of the Cockle-fhell, the emblem of a pilgrimage to 
Compoftella, as were granted to thofe who accompliftied the much 
longer and more dangerous journey to the Holy Land. Pilgrims 
from many countries frequented the Shrine of St. James, and during 
the fummer months there was diredl communication between England 


X Preface. 

and Spain for their convenience, fhips of the largefl burthen failing 
from Southampton to Corunna. 

In the year 1473 Earl Rivers, moved thereto by a grateful 
remembrance of many perils fafely paffed during the late civil w^ars, 
determined to undertake a voyage to the Jubilee of St. James of 
Compoftella. On board the fhip in w^hich he failed was an old 
acquaintance, Louis de Bretaylles, a Gafcon knight well known at 
the Englifh Court for his bravery and prowefs. De Bretaylles, 
whofe charad:er had a literary no lefs than a fighting fide, took with 
him, to beguile the tedium of the voyage, Guillaume de Tignonville's 
verfion of " Les Did:s moraulx des philofophes," which had recently 
been printed at Colard Manfion's prefs at Bruges. This book fo 
pleafed the Earl that he borrowed it for home perufal, and upon his 
return to England, being appointed Governor to the young Prince of 
Wales, he refolved to tranflate it into Englifh, " thinking alfo full 
neceflary to my faid lord the underftanding thereof." The flyle of 
the tranflation muft not be criticifed too clofely, for in the then 
tranfition ftate of the Englifh tongue there was no acknowledged 
ftandard. The Earl is certainly very literal, and as though diffident 
of his own judgment in the choice of words, and well aware of 
Caxton's fuccefs in tranflating " The Hiflories of Troye " and " Jafon," 
brought his manufcript to the printer and requefled him to "overfee" 
it before it went to prefs. This revifion refulted in the addition of 
a whole chapter containing the " Didtes " of Socrates " towching 
women," which, having been omitted by the Earl, was tranflated 
and printed by Caxton, who excufes himfelf for fo doing with a quiet 
humour which reveals to us more of the real charadler of the man 
than any other of his literary works, and affords, at the fame time, 
evidence of the intimate relations which exifled between Earl Rivers 
and himfelf. " But I fuppofe " fays Caxton, " that fome fair lady 
hath defired him to leave it out of his book, or elfe he was amorous 
on fome noble lady, for whofe love he would not fet it in his book, 

Preface. xi 

or elfe for the very afFedtion, love, and good-will that he hath unto 
all ladies and gentlewomen, he thought that Socrates fpared the footh, 
and wrote of women more than truth, which I cannot think that fo 
true a man and fo noble a philofopher as Socrates was fhould write 
otherwife than truth. For if he had made fault in writing of women, 
he ought not, nor (hould not, be believed in his other didtes and 
fayings. But I perceive that my faid lord knoweth verily that fuch 
defaults be not had nor found in the women born and dwelling in 
thefe parts nor regions of the world. Socrates was a Greek, born 
in a far country from hence, which country is all of other conditions 
than this is, and men and women of other nature than they be here 
in this country. For I wot well, of whatfoever condition women be 
in Greece, the women of this country be right good, wife, pleafant, 
humble, difcreet, fober, chafte, obedient to their hufbands, true, 
fecret, fteadfaft, ever bufy, and never idle, temperate in fpeaking, 
and virtuous in all their works, or at leaft fhould be fo." The Earl 
certainly {howed his tafte in the omiffion of the fatire, which has 
little wit but much coarfeneis. The three following " Didtes " will 
ferve as a fample : — " Socrates faid that women be the apparails to 
catch men, but they take none but them that will be poor, or elfe 
them that know them not : " — " And he faw a woman that bare fire, 
of whom he faid that the hotter bare the colder : " — " And they faid 
to him and demanded wherefore he blamed fo women, and that he 
himfelf had not come into this world nor none other men alfo 
without them. He anfwered, woman is like unto a tree called 
ChafToygnet (Cheftnut ?) on which tree there be many things fharp 
and pricking, which hurt and prick them that approach unto it, and 
yet, neverthelefs, that fame tree bringeth forth good dates and fweet." 
• There* is in the Library of Lambeth Palace, a manufcript copy 
of Caxton's third edition, which is well known from the frequency 
with which its fingle illumination has been copied and referred to. 
This illuftration has been fuppofed to reprefent Earl Rivers prefenting 

xii Preface. 

Caxton to King Edward IV. The Earl is kneeling and offering 
a copy of the " Did:es," but it is not Caxton who is by his fide, for 
the tonfure upon his head fliows the perfon to have been a prieft and 
probably the fcribe who wrote the volume. 

William Blades. 

II, Abchurch Lane, 
il/ay, 1877. 

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r^w of 6))$. «nmm^e$ ?xu^^ noo ^^(j?^d w (^^t tSet 

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fitp ^ ^notBfe ^ S«f ^2^32 *"^ eon^tcioue anb} ^otBe 
Ps gottuetne^^ ^n^ f^T^ W^ 9^"(^ <*«^ amougt^ ^ 
fcfl[!atBe« 4 «nb2 tf pe 15no«panOj §|^ of goo^ eont^iaot) 
mb^ gountrnatmct ^au^nj padrna nf ^)^ ^uecp6t w6eg 
ne antJ? t»8^ ^^ ^fot) ?ar?«C^ ^ QTnt>? cffi« 6> &tl^a« 
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^Cquc /fo* cut ^fj) ^a^* ^ ^op^ h; i^ii^ a^o^ame of 
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Qitnb? ;J^ t^ fo tfy^ iif ftitC^ ^me ae fy fy^Q accompf^ff^i^ 

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man^ gtcfe^nofoC&^rtn^ %fc fa^gte of (^ p^trcfcp^ce^ 
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oftc afow ti'^/'^u^ «;t<ti^nf^ J ^a^fctJ^nOn^njmgGff^ 
tiC tfyii i^mt/ (^nb^ fo af ft*Ka*t)2 J ^>>) ^^ ♦♦^^ ^^ 

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doj; (^tx>f nj 6) out «ta6ff? im^t/^fytn^fyfyt^ ^ftxvu^ 

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no^ amen^ xi/^ui if J f^^'^cc fo ptcfume jf mig^^ apawc 
i^/^o* a tSac ti5^^ tB^f ^ eonn^gtif^ ma^e ^ e«wnfK5i^ 
w6> t*5?( gioob? anb? ^^t <ttg&P/(Ho^i£itf)tifo«x>|m3 ^ 
tBiffeb? me'fe oue*fcc i^ (j f^f^b? me x»jue*« e§mg«« tS^i 
c§e ae ^tH^ fcmeb? m^g§^ 6b &f ^ ou^ a© X>?uw« &(tw» nnf 
puce fcnf f ton; QlKfaift^* <o ^ti9 anb; an'po^le g c<§e 6> 
o(5c;t^tB5i(§€ ^ttwc^ 5^m R^^5 «|pet<i«m^ %^ 6> t>idcgj 

matmoemctt^ J ^ue pu( me >i)[ "^ogt ^ cmxfkc (^» ^ 
(agb? fooS mb} 6:6of»t) a« n^9ea«^ J cott» fy'^t ;)^ accw 

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fo*b? ^^? Sf( ou^ (tteft^t) anb} ^^m%(A concfttfione ^^^ 

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^i)) fm tci^y fyKt^ »ptcb? ^)y) id dim k Out of ^U foo^e 
O* eff^ ^ 1S;a^ amcwue ot) ^ntme noSCe iiit)^ ^ fbt 55^ 
foue fy tKof^p no( f^tfe ^t n) ^^6 6bo6 ^ oir eflP^« fbt ^^ % 
tg afftotvfi^^^ut anty^ goofe^ 5B^c ^§^^ ^ ^t^ ^«6> affe 
Rit)^^^ mb^ (B^t^ttotntf)^^ tfyu^^ tfyi ^oa;«te« 
(patxt>efcfo(^ ^^nb^ tSto^e of hornet) moce^^i) itx^uify^^ 
%c5e ;) <tt)) noe tf)Mt t^i fo 6:c^ amat) g fo ncSCj a 
0?9g^fcp^ ac ^oaae^c tSa^^f^ftj^ tBr^tt o^^ %(e 

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tiJcn^tt) ^ 15^ owgl}^ no^ ne fl^fb? noife Cb^ugb? w) ^g« ^ 

faj^bp ro;tj>p Qno^c^l RrgCj* mt fuc^e '^efAuft^^ 0?») no^ 

fc pr^^«i ne IFe^jon^ of ify tBoaCt^p * ^ootafte tBa^ a 
<0w6e 65cct) »V a fctte Con^tc f wm) ^n^ ^ IIJD^^c^e (on ^ 
(w ic affe of o^^w con'^^aone tfyf) t^)^^ t© ^ (^nb? wei; 

(an^/5ttm0&/^«fcw(e/fb0a/c5»p/ofe^t«n^ 6) e^ir r/uf8oit> 
W/axtBe/(c«eee/'pe^fAp/cu«t ftfp/j ntue* )^^>&/3tttcmp4 

fepe fft>f» Cb f^O/^w tB^tc^e mufce jo <u^n( »wp f^v^ fo*^ 
«« J fu^pofc t^wg^ee U tBac tto^ of nmfftec fe f<(t^H^Oi«j 
Cbo^ ^^ fat0to;i«i of ^t9 Qlutt^ foccatte ^uc^a; tSomet) 
(^u^ f^x c(0 mo<^ ae ^ ^tiQ eoma^me^ of m^ (oj^p fott)^ 
^ 60tr«c^e anb2 amen^ tB^ce a» 3 fP^ f ^^ ^^^ ''^^t^ 
0^* fgn» 3 none (awf (^^ ^ M0 W^ ou^ ^fc We« j 
fagnge^^ of (p{ tBomet) of 0K6<}t/'t^%f<>ve iv) flccompfiffOtg 
1^6 (oman^mcn^ fot a0 moc^ ac$ ^ an; no^ n; oti^^t^t) tB$ 
^x it ^e» n) m^ Cb^^t^^ eop|^ o: no^ ^c;: eOPte f^tctuenfttte 
^e ^ tB^n» ^^? 60)SBt ouet (^ fcef /«( ^^ ^^me of dSf 
RiCtot) of ^« 6>o6e/ 3 f utp^fe ^ IBt^fe e^ fame (a^ge« 
of i^i idtf&t ^ocwee* /"SB^c^e tBwte of ^^p tBomcij of 
gtctt anb? no(^n^ of ^^n) of ^§i» ^ojame /SB^w)) J flip 
»fc ^ Mt\x<x KneiSe/ J^o* if ^i ^^ J tiw p^n^ (age ^^ 

QitfiSap no( pjefrttttgng ^ pu^ g fcfte i^v) m) mj foi«J>? &« 
«<» Cbofe/Su^ m^n» ap«t6e m) ^5^ wb(ag« of fj^ fter6t« 
§kim0ep aqttttgn^ aC ^r) i^i f^ w» ^§t« f?>^f «?et 
fkgf ^^ )^f ^5^)? ii^m (^mi f^ufee eawfte i( 6) ^ocweto 
anti? no^ 6> me tB?tc§e tB«gee(^ a« ^w af eet fb6)CBe^9 
C[^«atc« (ap» "t^^ii^ ISomei) Ri) (^^am^e« <b 
mcc^e mei)/0tt^ (^g eaCe none 8u( i^^ ^^ffiif 
6tpi«pe/o:efe^r))^(6notBe?n9no( (Jtnl)? 
^ fag^ (§0^ ^;t tenone |o gwtc emptf^^mme %^ am«>^ 

f<m a Jong mag» e?ci( ^tn^ k JBitgee/ of tB^ ^ fa^; 
^*#i( me muP^tpCfeb? atgC %i) <ujj« cQTnb? 5^ fci^b? 
^^^ % Jgnotsutuna of a maJ> i«> Bno^et) it> e^tt (^mj^^? 

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t« goucmebp $)^ ^ conct^f of SBome*; m^ ^^( ^e ^no^ei^ 
(^i % ^rtoSe no( ^nt>? ^ (a^b^ 1m(o ^^« >fcj^p&» 
'^^t ge ^5t*^ ;) ^tf^^snt afit:f^ ijt^t go« /^t& ^ ffef mo ' 

i^mtfy fcigo? 6) ^H) / Jor tS^ai^ ^m<w«,(5m^ ^( t^ 
^Mipt ^Ott a«bp fe tBeC %aax ^i ^t cfepe no( 6> tSomct^ 

out goot^ .mo»;t« g of out (5ipe*«/j^ (a^^ ^ 0^«)/^ttfp 
fc ^ou/\Bt(5 ^^i 3 ^uc (a^ 6> ^ou^ Jf ot atte 8t9 fcm8& 
6feM)ma(5« i:|^ttb? &? (a^»/ ^^ (imoiet tBjf acquctc 
ant>? geet fc^cnct/Kx6t 52»>) nmt pui ^h^ nj (^ gouetnaO 
(t of a tBomat) ^nb? ?e («$e a tBomai) (^( ma» fyx 

f ;>«/ Jo* ^ mow tSo» ic; (^^ 6> (^ f*>« e^ mow t^ofe 
t^ 6wmte^5^nb? t^^tttx t« e^ ^ree iJQ^n^ oi) a ^e 
one ajppt^ t)^ , %^i %^^ fcmet)? of tBomei)*||5e anfuej^ 
C5t»( (^ Komep «(cm0fe $w6> a -tw <ttffcb? <0;)ef^ 

(§«( %e^ i^ 1^6 fitf of StttgM^ £( ^«6? (Jjp |a^ ^ 
^ «itb? 5?man»b^ tB^etfbw ^ S^mcbp fo tKomej^/ anb; 
(^( ^ ^»)) fcff fcb? no( (omei) m6> e^-^ts tSwf 6? ne non« 
o^^ft mti} affo %4wee Jet)) ♦^ anpietb? ♦ t:?i Comcit^ 

utti^ikffk ifyki famt iti 0wng;e(5 fbr(5 500b;> ^«« anbp 
fKcee * Qlttttj? ^g -^man»b2 ?8«)^^^7? ^ ^^^ f »»>) ^ 
M»ome)^ ^ Q^nb? |i awfuetb^^^ot afmoc§e aft J (ct (^or) 

« BBomai) ^g^ ^ ^|>»; ♦^jf ( i^u ^ue on^ oepct tBomctj) 

^ff^ % r«^f ^ P2»>> *^^^ ^mavt^^^ nw »pw(^ (^ not 

^1 — ^ tjefc ^ ^ -^irf^ft g fSig<tta;i9 of i^ p5??^#p5 

<ier<»gnC^ 5^ tEwfe no Kojfc (^9 afb«t« w^etfc^ 
Qtnb^ for dfrnod^ aft it ift acot^St^t^t ^tft '9^(t^ft an^ 
^j^a;tft flpofb; & Pftb; aft tBcC aft otl^^rft t^&Jf fere J ^ftuc fct 
tt tt Ji; t^» of t^tft CboSe /QTnb? af (0 fomme ^fontt^ iptx 
amniuKC ify( gxwe Kt^ (§10 fooC^c»t) foenff^J tSofb^ ^t«* 
atefte a gteftc ^fftuftt n} me ^^t J ?^^ ^^^ ^ >>^? ^"^^ 
>); Ipiph'ng g o«e*fce^n5 of m^ (b*5f« 6bo0 acw^ntg to §tft 
?ept/Q|rnbj> ^mme ot^^t affo ^^cf^ mtg^t ^ue fwipofctj^ 
t^bt ^oowfeft ^b? XBretot) moc^ ntoa ^>6Cc of tBomct; t^tj 
5j« afbue ift fredpe^/C^rfbic mj (atiff^m^ of a^yaxHt^ 
g affo for <^f< of tfy fai» foaa^ft J ^uc fetec ^5^ f« faioe 

f 8i^ ^f m^ (agtj? ^*ti? « ong o^ ^font %^ fomcuct ^j 
ca! f^j & t^i flae w» a ?ta i^ ^ (?*( Jf ^^ fe no^ M 

f g» itntt ^ hf ou( of (Jt woft^/lgttmGf^ ^W^^^Z <*w^ 
Cbfcc^gno; mg (a^ 05ti? ^ (518^ no ^tff)Kx jpt otj mc (0 pte 

^^ i^p&fe §jw)j ^ ea^e % ExSwt of (^nptgne^no; n^gic 

ue wffig«|^ of 9t« (a^t)2 G)jtt>fl5ip /Tto^ J &fct?c ^If ; 
trt^l^if g 30^ tcttcwa anb ^ cow^jwue n^ ^j«i ^tuom ^if 


iWi ^bVi« I . I I_U £ I p{fQ«j 

Z The Dictes and sayings of 

24.1 thfe philosophers