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Prefatory correspondence v 

Introduction 1 

Bibliography 3 

Fionunciation 4 

Accentuation 6 

OondBe grammatical outline of the Ghamorro language 7 

Abbreviations 29 

Dictionary of the Ghamorro language: 

Part I. English-Ghamorro dictionary 33 

Part II. Ghamorro-Engliah dictionary 129 



United States Naval Station, Guam, 
Office of the Supply Officer and Pay Officer of the Station, 

November 14, 1916. 
From: Chief Pay Clerk E. R. von Preissig, United States Navy. 
To: The Secretary of the Navy (Bureau of Naval Intelligence), via The Department 

of Education and The Governor of Guam. 
Subject: Forwards MS. of Chamorro Dictionary. * 

(1) Having completed the preparation of a Dictionary of the Chamorro Language, 
I forward herewith the manuscript, and request that this work be approved and printed 
as a Navy Department publication, for the use of the department of education and 
other branches of the Government of Guam, and for sale to the general public. 

Edward R. von Preissig. 

[First indorsement.] 

Naval Government of Guam, Department of Education, 

November 16, 1916. 
From: Head of department. 
To: Gk)vemor of Guam. 

(1) Forwarded, recommending approval. 

(2) It is believed that this dictionary would be of great value to the department of 
education of the island. 

M. G. Cook. 

[Second indorsement.] 

Naval Government of Guam, Government House, 

Gtumij November 18, 1916. 
From: Governor of Guam. 

To: The Secretary of the Navy, via OflSce of Naval Intelligence. 
Subject: Forwarding MS. of Chamorro Dictionary and recommending printing. 

(1) Forwarded, approved. 

(2) This is a highly creditable piece of work, which has been accomplished at the 
cost of much labor. Nothing exists on the same scale. It is bound to be of great value 
to all the inhabitants of Guam. 

(3) Mr. von Preissig expects no rewards or compensation of any sort. He has pur- 
sued this labor as a matter of personal interest and offers his work freely to the Govern- 

(4) I recommend that the dictionary be accepted and a letter of thanks be sent to 
Mr. von Preissig; and that the work be printed and issued, as requested. 

(5) I also recommend that this correspondence, together with the department's final 
action, be printed with the work, to serve as a preface. 

Roy C. Smith. 


. t>,l».UMUtc uL ^11 miuup III (jinm :iuniu{li didrrpninmiiiiiL 
.' i,w. t^uLvuu urn HI tiuc uu« aiudiiAvailabieEbcitBputilb' 

;.'.^ U, u.1. mtuoi ^d lut. ^tuecnui .u' S^»al BnceHlggaifH, who 

. ^.u)«o){ »m iimauineii m be jiasBOuu: pa;iiiBBEa:r 

• • • 


By Edward R. von Preissio, Ph. D., 

Author of Etymological Comparison of the Finn-Ugrian and Magyar Idioms; Short 
History of Austria- Hungary; Political Institutions of the Old World; etc. 

That the present work is the first lexicographic record in the English language of 
the Chainorro idiom of the Marianas Islands, and especially of the island of Guam, is 
submitted as its principal "raison d'etre/' as well as the author's justification for 
undertaking a task rendered exceptionally difficult through the paucity of materials 
on which to base outlines, which difficulties were further amplified by the character 
of the sources at his disposal. As stated in the bibliography following, only three 
dictionaries are available at the present time, of which the Japanese-Chamorro Dic- 
tionary contains about 60 very small pages, with a vocabulary comprising 30 pages, 
presenting the Chamorro equivalents in phonetic spelling; the German-Chamorro 
Dictionary, with a vocabulary of 86 pages, also adheres to the phonetic spelling and 
only the Spanish-Chamorro Dictionary, published in Manila in 1865, maintains the 
spelling of the Chamorro words in accordance with the representation used by the Cha- 
morros of the present day, a usage which has been transmitted to them through their 
mothers from generation to generation. The fact that there has been great need for 
a printed record of the Chamorro language is brought into bold view by the evident 
losses sustained by the spoken language since the comparatively recent date of the 
publication of the last mentioned dictionary. These losses have forced themselves 
upon the author's knowledge during his preliminary investigations among the natives, 
when it was his ever-recurring experience to be compelled to abandon word after 
word contained in the work of the Spanish author, for the reason that they were no 
longer remembered by any of the living Chamorros, and although all these words 
represented, upon the most casual etymological investigation, the true genius of the 
old language, they have been lost to it forever, having apparently died with the last 

Immediately upon having finished his outline plan for this work, the present 
lexicographer was required to decide a question of the utmost importance, that of the 
spelling of the Chamorro equivalents to be adopted by him. Mr. W. E. Safford, 
author of the scholarly Grammar of the Chamorro Language of Guam, having given his 
permission for the use of his work, the careful study of the same offered a great number 
of convincing arguments in favor of the phonetic spelling, and the Work was com- 
menced in accordance with this decision. However, upon submitting the partial 
fruits of his labors to the scrutiny of a number of Chamorro gentlemen, the author 
was suddenly confronted by the absolute necessity for the reversal of his con- 
clusions. Whatever may have been the detailed exx>eriences, the consensus of 
opinion was adverse to the acceptance of any innovation, pride of race and language 
and reverence of ancestors and old-time traditions playing no small part in the final 
decision, reluctantly but unalterably tendered, offering no compromise on the ancient, 
illogical, impracticable, but nevertheless beloved, and therefore not to be changed, old- 
time Chamorro method of spelling. And thus the author resigned himself to the task 
of rewriting all the work done, and presents it now in the finished form appearing 


• •• *•; .-. ••• • ,. • .•• • • 

herein, acceptable, and, he hopes, useful to those £or "Whose eepecial benefit it was 
planned and executed. 

Before concluding, the author wishes to ezprasB the hope that his principal aim, 
that of the facilitation of the work of the public sdiools of Guam, throqg|i the placing 
into the pupils' hands of the means £or the aoqnisiticm of a thoroogh undentandii^ 
of the meaning of the Kngli*^ words learned by them in the courae of their school 
term, may be accomi^idied. 

It is the author 's duty, as w^ as a ^easuie, to acknowledge here the services rendered 
by the following-named gentlemen, who aarasted in ve r ifyiu g the Ghamooo eqnhr- 
alents in tibis work. Thanki lor tibis valuable help are doe to Mesen. Vicente Galvo, 
Job6 Cms, Yicente Herrero, Pedro IfartineB, Atanado Feres, Jos6 Roberto, Joan 
Taitano, and Francisco Taltuio, all of Agafia» island of Gnam. The author also 
acknowledges his ind^tedness to Mr. J. Schnsbel, superintendent of the sdiools of 
Guam, lor many suggestions in connection with this work, to Mis. W. G. Johnston, 
teacher in the Guam schocds, to his wile, Mrs. Hester von PreisBig, member ol the 
Guam Normal Sdiool faculty, and to Mesera. Atanado Peres and Frandsoo Taituio for 
asBiBtance in the final revision, llie author also desires to extend his thanks to Mr. 
W.£. Safford, for permission to nse his sdiolariyjAuklogical study of the (kammar of 
the Ghamorro Language, which has been of the greatest service in the preparation of 
this work. 

AoAi^A, Jbujkd ow Guam, Novewiber, 1916» 



a ' • « • 


Diceionario BspafLol-Ghamozro, que dedica i las escuelas de Marianas el P. Fr. 
Aniceto IbafLez del Carmen, cura pinroco de Agafla; published in Manila, Imp. de 
Ramirez y Giraudier, in 1865. 

Ghamoiro-Wdrterbuoh, enthaltend: I. Deutch-Ghamorro; II. Ghamorro-Deutsch. 
Nebst einer Chamoiro-Grammatik und einigen SprachtLbungen; von P. Callistus, 
O. Gapuc, Miss. Apost. in Giiam (Marianen); published in Hongkong, Typis Socie- 
tatds Missionum ad Exterios, in 1910. 

Find Japones yan Ohamoxro; Nin&juyu^ y Tenderon, Nanyon-Boyeki-Eaisha; 
D. Kikuchi; printed in Japan in 1915; booklet, size 4 by 6 inches, 64 pages. 

Grazn&tica CQiamoxro, que traducida literalmente de la que escribi6 D . Luis Matay 
Araujo, dedica & las escuelas de Marianas con el fin de que los nifios aprendan el 
Gastellano; el P. Fr. Aniceto Ibaflez del Garmen, cura pteoco de Agafla, afLo 1864; 
published in Manila, Imp. de Ramirez y Giraudier, in 1865. (This is a grammar of 
the Spanish language, written in Ghamorro.) 

The Useful Plants of the Island of Guam, with an introductory account of the 
physical features and natural history of the island, of the character and history of its 
people, and of their agriculture, by William Edwin Safford. Washington, Govern- 
ment Printing OflSce, 1905. 

The Ghamorro Language of Guam, a grammar of the idiom spoken by the 
inhabitants of the Marianas, or Ladrones, Islands, by William Edwin SafiSord. Re- 
printed from the American Antfaroi>olog]st, 1903-1905; pubUdied in Washington, D . G., 
by W. H. Lowdermilk & Go. 


11 (.'hamono, 
the diph- 

■• --^ ■■■•.' luni "u"; thewmod 
■*• .■«Kan> "5ue," or the eoimd of 
'.w. -ho u ' in both caaes bomg 
(( Ut-iMtttiAtioii); at the end lA 
<. ' 

of mnds; 

I -tiiiwiiw. ■■»" aod "i" are ahnostintns 
H\-H :n ^•pttlUng is moctioned by accepted 

K '•onnitly aapirated. 

Kii in tha EngUeh alphabet, as in tatU, ia 
Ad viiwbIb "a," "o," and "a," and by the 
" and "i"; the advisaliility of the phonetic 
■ttou of thie sound was carefnlly considered 
i^nnection with vanoos other letters of the 
and "11," and the adherence to the ancient 
a only after moat aeaiching inquiry which 
hie course; one-half, or mor«, of the present 
became convinced that any change in that 
utile by proving this lexicogr^hic woric 
H it waa planned. 

i with a strong nasal twang and a trace of a 
>; the letter "y" is now generally used in 

I the Spanish "fi" in Atfio. 

is lomewfaat difficult of description; inCh»- 

d by a second "g," neva convey the sound 

learinf the characteristic accent eiiendiBe 

iimgly raggests a revosal of the tnr* teitaa, 

(UtUmI "g," began in the throU. bsH not 


finished, and followed by a soft "fi" (much the same as the "fi" in the Spanish 
Nifla)f thus producing, first, an unfinished "g" and an *^fi,*' or the sound value 
resembling "gfi." 

o as in no. 

p the same as in English. 

qu used to represent the sound of **k" before the vowels "e" and "i." 

r as in Engli^. 

8 represents both the sound of the English "s" and of the "z," the latter not being 
used in the Chamorro alphabet; no rule can be given for the distinctive soimd, 
which can be only ascertained from usage. 

t the same as in English. 

u has the sound of '^oo" in root; in final syllables there exists the same interchange- 
ability between the letters "u" and "o" as has been described imder the lette 
''i''; thus tdotao is often spelled tdvtaUf it being impossible to make a prof)er 
division on accoimt of the sound of the last syllable, which carries a value half 
way between '*o" and "u." 

y is pronounced nearly as the " j " in joke, but with a softer articulation. 

The letters x, k, v, w, and z are not used in Chamorro. 


Accents have been used in the present work only where they are of essential value, 
or where their omission would cause a change in the meaning of the words involved. 
Accordingly, the following paragraphs comprise these essentials only. 

In words of two syllables the aqcent is usually on the first syllable, and this is the 
case even though the word be adopted from the Spanish, the latter language requiring 
the accent in such words to be placed on the last syllable. Thus the Ghamorro 
cdjetj derived from the Spanish cajilj or bdaton, identical with the Spanish bast&n^ 
have the accent in the Ghamorro equivalent on the first syllable, while the Spanish 
words carry the accent on the second syllable, as noted. 

In words of more than two syllables the accent is usually on the penult, as in the 
Spanish, and in the case of variation from this rule, an acute accent is placed on the 
syllable to be accented. Agaga (red) carries no accent, as the emphasis in this word 
is on the next to the last syllable; on the other hand, dpood (white), also written 
dpacdf has the acute accent indicated over the first vowel, to indicate that the stress 
faUs upon the first syllable, in exception to the rule above given. Through the 
addition of particles to root words the accent is often shifted, and in all such cases 
must be written in. For example, tdta (father) has the accent on the first syllable; 
tcUdjo (my father) bears emphasis on the second, and tatamndme (our father) has the 
stress on the t^d syllable, indicated in each case by an acute accent placed over 
the vowel contained in the respective syllable. The acute accent is also used when 
the syllable containing &, §, i, 6, or ii is to be accented, or when the stress falls on a 
syllable with & or ti, thus: mad^fiaoj yindfcd. 

After certain words and particles there occurs a change in the vowels following. 
Thus in the case of the definite article, '^y,'' besides the complete change in the two 
vowels following, as described on the first page of the ^^Grammatical outline," from 
"o" to "e," and from "u" to "i," the prefixing of this definite article effects a change 
from the open sound of the vowel '^a" to that of ^' a'' in cat or at, and somewhat 
resembling the so-called "Umlaut" in the German language represented by "&." 
This change is indicated by the same accent in Ghamorro, two dots being placed over 
the "a" when this vowel is preceded by the definite article, thus, "a." 

A peculiar pronunciation of the vowels "a," "e,'* "i," "o," and "u," in certain 
words, especially in such as may be formed by reduplication of syllables, is indicated 
in the Ghamorro language by the accent ^ . 

Whenever this accent occurs, the respective vowel, which generally in such words 
terminates the syllable, is pronounced without change in the equivalent indicated 
in the table of pronunciation; for instance, the "d" is pronounced as the "o" in no^ 
but while the articulation of the vowel is begun as usual, the accent effects an abrupt 
and sharp termination, such as might be indicated by the sudden elision of a consonant 
intended to follow the vowel. 

When two vowels follow each other, such as "ii," or "ee," the separate pronuncia- 
tion of each is indicated by an acute accent or by the accent ^ . In the case of "ue" 
or "ui,'* when it becomes necessary to show the separate pronunciation of the **u,** 
which, when following "g," is always silent before "e" and "i," unless accented, this 

accomplished by placing over it two dots, as follows: "giie," and "gtd." 



the article. 

(a) indbfinitb article. 

No indefinite article was used in the old Chamorro idiom. In the modem vernacu- 
lar the Spanish un, in invariable form, with both masculine and feminine nouns, 
takes its place. 
Examples: « 

unlaje (a man), 
un pal&uan (a woman), 
un patgon (a child). 
un rfiina (a queen). 

(b) definite article. 

y (from the Spanish; pronounced: e) is the definite article, and is invariable; it has 
the effect of changing certain letters in the nouns following. 

o is changed to e, chotda; y chetda (the banana), 
u is changed to i, pdg^; y pfguft (the betel-nut). 
Note. — See fourth paragraph under ^ 'Accentuation '^ with reference to change in 
vowel "a.'* 


( ■ ., ' 

Before titles and names of persons and animals: si; also si tata (the fathef) and 
si nana (the mother). 

At the end of a sentence or subordinate clause, or when the proper noun is used in 
apposition: as. 
For example: 

y lajimo as Isaac (thy son Isaac). 

y xndjnaluni as Jose (the wise Joseph; or, Joseph, the wise). 
Before places, rivers, natural objects, denoted by names of no known sign^cationf 
iya; y ya. 
For example: 

iya catan; y ya catan (the north). 

d&ng^culo iya Jagat&a; d&^^ulo y ya Jagat&a (AgaiLa is large). 


The grammatical gender is not known in the Chamorro language. The natural gen- 
der is designated by the prefixes laje (man) or pal&uan (woman), and the sex of 
mammals is sometimes indicated by toro (bull) or baca (cow). 

laje na manog^ (cock). 
pal&uan na xnanog (hen), 
toro na chiba (he-goat). 
baca na chiba (she-goat). 



Nouns may be of singular, dual, or plural number. 

(a) Mutual or reciprocal relationship is represented by the dual numbet, formed by 
inserting the particle una before the first vowel of the primitive word. 


chdlo; chdla (brother, or sister). 
chumdlo (two brothers). 
chuxndla (two sisters). 
perientes (kinsman), 
y pumazientes (the [two] kinsmen). 

(b) The plural form is indicated by aija, generally as a suflix, but may also pre- 
cede it. 


giiina (house). 

sija na guina (houses). 
Certain nouns form the plural by taking the prefix man, which in some cases changes 
the initial letter of the primitive word. 

ch to fi, chdlo; maftdlo (brother; brothers). 

f to m, falajan; maxnalajan (buyer; buyers). 

c and qu to ng, QuilisTano; MangiiilisTano (Christians). 

p to m, paid; maxnald (pater; patres). 

8 to fi, saque; maflaque (thief; thieves). 

t to n, t&ilaye; manfiilaye (villain; villains). 

laje (man) ; lalaje (men) . 

}aga (daughter); Jajaga (daughters). 

patgon (child); famag^on (children). 

pal&uan (woman); famal&uan (women). 

laje (man); lajijo (my son); lajimo (thy son); lajifta (his, or her, son). 

lajinznaxne or lajite (our son); lajinzniyo (your son); lajinfiija (their son). 
A kind of plural is expressed by prefixing to proper nouns the particle Ja. 

si ]a Pedro (Pedro and his friends). 


No special form is used to indicate case, and the connection of the words in 
a sentence must decide the same. 

aga£j^ si Pedro (call Pedro). 

nfte fli Pedro nu este na leblo (give this book to Pedro). Leblo (book) 
also written lebblo. 
If the name of the object possessed ends in a vowel, the genitive or possessive 
may be indicated by adding an n. 

y leblon Jose (the book of Jose). 

ai Marian quiquO (Mary, the wife of Francis). 


There are but few words in Chamorro which may be considered true adjectives, 
as most of them are really other parts of speech formed into adjectives, participial 
adjectives, etc., by the addition of prefixes, suffixes, and infixes. In the present 
work the classification given by W. E. Safford in his Grammar of the Chamcnrro Lan- 
guage has been adopted. 


(1) Qualifying adjectives. — (a) Simple adjectives; (6) adjectival prefixes; (e) adjec- 
tival suffixes; {d) conjunctive particle; {e) predicate adjectives; (J) adjectives with 
definite article; {g) comparison of adjectives; ijk) reduplication of syllables; (t) for- 
mation of the plural. 

(2) Demonstrative adjectives. —{a) This; (6) that; (c) yon, yonder; (d) formation of 
adverbs from demonstratives. 

(3) Interrogative adjectives. 

(4) Indefinite adjectives. — (a) Limiting adjective, gfuaja; (h) indefinite adjectives 
from interrogatives; (e) negative adjectives; (d) adjectives of quantity or number; 
(<) adjectives of comparison; (/) indefinite adjectives adopted from the Spanish. 


(a) Simple adjectives. 
The following may be considered true adjectives: 

d&l^ulo (large). 
diquiqut (little). 
loc& (high), 
yomog^ (fat). 
gasgas (clean). 
fedft (wide). 

p&upau (fragrant); also written 

agagft (red). 
ft'^pacft (white). 
&tulo£g (black), 
jomjoin (dark). 
chagd (distant) 
tunas (straight). 
JomlO (healthy). 

(6) Adjectival prefixes. 

The syllable ma. Many adjectives expressing the quality, nature, or condition 
of an object begin with the syllable ma. 

majetog (hard; solid). 
mMaiift (soft). 
xnajaflas (softened), 
majlos (smooth). 
xnapot (difficult), 
xnacat (heavy). 
xnasogsog (lean). 
maTiana (light, not dark) M. 
niantfgud (savory). 



The syllable ma prefixed to verbs 


m&ipe (hot). 
maiietfg:Jetf[|^ (hot cold), 
m&uleg (good). 
magof (glad). 
maasd (kind). 
mamftjlao (ashamed). 
maJgo£g (quiet). 
Tnalatfg^o (sick). 
mames (sweet). 
maagsom (sour). 
malaet (bitter), 
forms a participial adjective, indicating con- 


titeg (to tear). 
goflil (to love) 

(also goflid and magoflid). 
sftulag (to whip), 
pfilae (to anoint), 
tunc (to bum). 
Jalot (to bury). 


matiteg (torn). 
magoflil (loved). 

mas&uleg (whipped), 
mapfilae (anmnted). 
matuno (burnt). 
majalot (buried). 


The prefix c&. This prefix has the effect of modifjring the succeeding vowels, 
as in the case of the definite article; it signifies covered with or spotted with. 

f achd (mud) ; c&(ach6 (covered with mud). 

]a^ (blood); c&Jag& (stained with blood). 
The prefix g§L used before infinitives and nouns, expresses taste, habit, or inclina- 

mames (sweet); g&Doanies (fond of sweets). 

tuba (toddy); gfttiba (fond of toddy). 

aalapd (money); gftsalapd (fond of money). 

xnach6<di0 (labor); gftmachOchO. (industrious). 
The prefix gusd is used to form adjectives denoting propensity or tendency. 

bubo (to be angry); gusdbubo (easily angered). 

baanag (to fall); gusdbasnag* (prone to fall). 
The prefix ]& is similar in effect and use to gusd. 

lalalO (to be become angry); j&lalalO (easily angered; irritable). 

sulon (to slide; to slip); j&sulon (prone to slide or to slip). 
The prefix in, in some cases followed by the suflix an, denotes infested with^ 
attacked by, or overrun with. 

otdot (ant); inetdot or inetdotan (infested or attacked by ants). 

sasata (wasp); ainasata (infested by wasps). 
The prefix mi denotes abounding in. 

tinai (sand); nxfunai (sandy). 

achO (stone); nxfachO (full of stones; stony). 

aisifla (power); mfaisifla (powerful). 

gliinaja (property) nxfgUinaJa (wealthy). 
The prefix 6 denotes the reverse of ml, i. e., to be lacking in, or to be possessed of 

d^jinaso si Juan (John has little brain). 
The prefix n& deAotes the effect of an act or thing. 

gasgaa (clean); n&^gaagas (cleaning) (also, as verb, to make clean). 

maft'^fiao (afraid); n&'^ma&Hao (terrifying) (as verb, to make afraid). 
The prefix m&ma signifies capable of being. 

canA (<;o eat); ni^^nacanO (capable of being, eaten; eatable). 

t&itai (to read); m&znataitai (capable of being read; legible). 
The prefixes g6f and ch&t, denoting contrast. 

g6ftan0 (fertile), also gu6ftand; ch&ttanO (sterile, land). 
The prefix t&g indicates habit or disposition, also location. 

juld (above; up); t&gJilO (high; lofty; pretty high). 

catan (east); t&goatan (in the east; oriental). 
The prefixes sfo and sesfo signify real, true^ genuine^ very. 



t&ilaye (bad); sfotailaye (very bad). 

&bal6 (wicked); s^nabald (very wicked). 

baba (worthless); s^nbaba (quite worthless; very bad). 
The prefixes g6t and gu6f previously stated to express contrast; they also express 
the superlative, usually in a good sense. 

gasgas (clean); g6fgasgas (very clean). 

m&uleg (good); gu^fxnauleg (very good; excellent). 

&pac& (white); g6f&pac& (very white; pure white). 
The prefix pinat. 

nxames (sweet); pinatmames (too sweet; oversweet). 

nxaasen (salty); pinatmaaseh (oversalty). 

nxantica (hard); pinatmantica (too greasy). 
The prefix la may be translated rather, somewhat, Or by the English **ish." 

&pacll (white); la&pac& (somewhat white; whitish). 

bijo (old); labijo (rather old; oldish). 

chatpago (ugly); lachatpago (rather ugly). 
The prefixes ch& or aoh^ indicate equality. • 

ch&niala£g^o Jao yan y chdluxno (you are as sick as your brother). 

ach&catpintero si Pedro yan tatafla (both Peter and his father are car- 
The prefix ch&t denoteia a lesser quality. 

m&ipe (hot); ch&tmaipe (not very hot; warm). 

&pao& (white); ch&t&pacft (imperfectly white). 
The prefix ti denies or reverses the quality expressed by the primitive word. 

gasgas (clean); tigasgas (unclean). 

m^jnalom (prudent); tixn^jnalom (imprudent). 

magajet (true); tixnagajet (untrue; false). 

xutoiatai (mortal); tixnamatai (immortal), 
ti may be considered as equivalent to the English **not,'' as in sifla (possible);' 
tisiiia (not possible; impossible). 
The prefix t&i signifies there is not, or tJiere is no. 

chi (limit); t&ichi (infinite; without end). 

fsao (sin); tlU-fsao (sinless; innocent). 

sin&jguan (containing); tfiisin&jguazi (empty). 

(c) Adjectival suffixes. 

The suffixes on and yon. By adding oii to certain verbs eioding in a conaonant, 
or yon, if the verb ends in a vowel, adjectives are formed expressing possibility. 

fatinas (to do); fatinason (feasible). 

ta£g^ (to desire); ta^gayon (desirable). 

goflid (to love); gofliiyon (amiable). 

ftgo (to change); &gayon (changeable). 

pund (to quench; puntlon (extinguishable). 

4562—18 2 


(d) Conjunctive particle. 

The particle sa. Attributive adjectives are connected with the nouns they modify 
by means of the particle na, which is not translatable into English. 

m&uleg na t&otao (good man). 
laje na patgon (male child; boy). 
patgon na chiba (young goat). 
gu6hnauleg na pal&uan (good woman). 
7 t&ilaye na chalan (the bad road, or street). 
The particle na is omitted where the adjective expresses an inherent attribute, 
as in y &tulo£g^ aga (the black crow). 

(«) Predicate adjectives. 

The particle na is not used in connection with predicate adjectives. There being 
no copulative verb in the Ohamorro language, the predicate adjective may be con- 
sidered to have a verbal nature. M&uleg (good) may be translated as to be good. 
Nouns, when used as adjectives, may also be considered as verbs. The predicate 
adjective usually precedes the subject. 

m&uleg y laje (good is the man; the man is good). 

gu^hnauleg y pal&uan (the woman is very good). 

nxagajet y aina^gan (the story is true). 

chagd 7 dialan (the road is long). 

c&dadft 7 inepe (the reply is short). 

c&jag& 7 ti]o£g (the hat is blood-stained). 

(/) Adjectives with definite article. 

An adjective with the definite article when used in a restrictive clause follows the 
subject and is connected with it by nl; in a descriptive phrase the relative na (distinct 
from the adjectival particle na), is used. 

7 patgon nl 7 malatlgo (the child who is sick; expressing: the sick child). 
7 chdlumo nl 7 dlqulqul (the brother of yours who is little; expressing: your 
little brother). 
Descriptive phrases: 

guaja niyog gul galni& na sdndatfgoulo (in the house is a very large cocoa- 
Join untu]o£g na c&fachd (I saw a mud-covered hat). 

(jg) Comparison of ad jeetvoes. 

Comparison is expressed by the possessive suffix na, followed by que. 

etogofia que guajo (smaller in stature than I). 

ftpacftfLa que jago (whiter than thou). 
Equality is expressed by the prefix ch&. 

ohfimisaoan (as old as). 

misacan (old). 
Equality, but in a lower degree, is expressed by 16 and ohat. 

l&&pacft (somewhat white). 

ohat&pac& (poorly white; not white white). 


(h) Reduplication of syllables. 

Expresses intensification. 

d&ng^culo (big); dajSg^uculo (enormous; overgrown). 

gasgas (clean); g&sgagas (scrupulously clean). 

diquiqu! (little); diquiquiqu! (tiny; very small). 

(i) Formation of the plyral. 

Accomplished by the prefix man. 

xuauleg na chdlo (good brother); xnamn&uleg na znaftelo (good brothers). 

t&ilaye na laje (bad man); man^ilaye na lalaje (bad men). 

tunas na chalan (straight road, or street); manunas na chalan (straight 


(a) This. Expressed by ayen before the predicate (yini or ini after the predicate) 
of a sentence. 

ayen na patgon tiunatajSguis gui pue£gae (this child cried last night). 

faisen yini (or ini) na tentagd (ask this servant). 
(6) That. Rendered by 6nao. 

6nao sija na galagO (those dogs). 

6nao na paid (that priest there). 

(c) Yon; yonder. Rendered by ayo and yuje. 

ayo na gumd. (yonder house). 

diquiqu! yuje na patgon (yon small child). 

yajo yuje na leblo (I like yonder book). 
{d) Adverbs derived from demonstratives. Accomplished by prefixing and absorb- 
ing gui (signifying in or at). 

gui yini (literally, in this); gttine (here). 

gui y6nao (literally, in that); gttdnao (there). 


(a) Jayi, jaye, jai, or jae denote who? 

Jayi sija na t&otaoP (what people f literally, who peoplef), 
Jai na raiP (what king? literally, who kingf), 

(b) Jala, jai. Although correctly translated what (or which), this word lias a 
much broader use, and in accordance with inflection is utilized to convey a number of 
meanings, such as greeting, casual inquiry as to purpose, intention, reason, or destina- 
tion, as well as the state of health, etc. 

Examples (of corract use): 

jai na catoP (what cat?). 

jafa na gum&P (which house?). 
The choice between the two forms, jala or jai, is merely one of euphony. 

(c) Mano signifies either where or which. 

mano na lebloP (which book? literally, where bookf). 

jaltaimano na leblo P (what bind of bookf literally, what-like bookf). 

(d) Fia, lafia, fiiyaiP These forms, signifying how many, are used according to 
the nature of the nouns they modify. (Very rarely used; replaced by cuanto; 
euantos; jai taimano minegaefia.) 


Fia, used in reckoning time; fafia, used for questions pertaining to the number of 
persons or living things in general; fliyai, used in connection with inanimate objects. 

jla pue£gueP replaced by cuantos diasP (how many days? literally, how 

many nights?), 
fafla na taotaoP cuanto na t&otasP (how many people?), 
fliyai na g^umftP jaltaixn^o minegfiefia na gtim&P (how many houses?). 
Another derived interrogative is tagfUiP, used in questions involving measure- 
ments, as, for example, t&gflan yini na sagnxanP (how many [fathoms long] is tiiis 
boat?); also f&jafaP (how many times?). 


(a) The limiting adjective g^uaja signifies there is or there are. Like all other words 
in Chamorro, guaja may be used as several parts of speech. 

guaja na tuba (some toddy). 
guaJa na lalaje (some men). 
guaja sija nianog (some fowls). 
guaja sija na guni& (some houses). 
(6) Indefinite adjectives from interrogatives formed by the suflix ja. 

jaej& na taotao (whatsoever person). 
Jayijft na laje (whatsoever man). 
Jaf jft na gumft (whatsoever house). 
nxanojft na sdsd (whatsoever knife), 
(c) Negative adjective tay& denotes the reverse of guaja, signifying there is not, 
the equivalent of the French il n^y a pas. 

tay& na pal&uan (no woman), 
tat janiun (no water). 
{d) Adjectives of quantity or number; m^gae or lajyan signify much or many; 
l&guaja, several; dididt, a little; y palo, the remaining. 

m^gae na pution (many stars). 
lajyan na taotao (many persons). 
l&guaja na famagdon (several children), 
dididd na tuba (a little toddy), 
ti m^gae na t&otao (not many people), 
y palo na t&otao (the remaining people), 
(e) Adjectives of comparison. Adverbs of manner, such as taimano, Jaftainaano 
(how, like what, what like, where Uke); taigiiine (thus, like this, like here); tai- 
giienao (thus, like that, like there), or taigiiije (thus, like that, like yonder), which 
are derived from the demonstratives ini, 6nao, and yuje, or more directly from the 
corresponding adverbs of place, gUine, gtt^nao, and giUjey may be used as adjec- 
tives before nouns and are connected with the latter by the particle na. 

taigiiine na flnfttinaB (such an act as this; literally, such-like act). 
taigU^nao na leblo (such a book as that [near you]), 
taigiiije na t&otao (such a person as that [yonder]). 
jal taimano na leblo malagdmoP (what kind of a book do you wish?), 
taigiiine na leblo (this kind of a book). 
(/) Indefinite adjectives adopted from the Spanish. These have become part of 
the Chamorro language, and are generally used. 


Examples: * 

catquiera; catquieraja; catquiet (any, any whatsoever). 

otro; otro na (the other). 

cada; cada uno (everyone). 

todo (every, all). 

niuno (not one). 

mas sea Jala (whatsoever). 


No mention is made herein of 
tem, and only a few of the old 
The modem numerals have heen 

(a) Cardinal numbers: 

un, uno (1). 
dos (2). 
tres (3). 
cuatro (4). 
sinco (5). 
sais (6). 
siete (7). 
echo (8). 
nuebe (9). 
dies (10). 
onse (11). 
dose (12). 
trese (13). 
catotse (14). 
quinse (15). 
dies y sais (16). 
dies y siete (17). 
dies y ocho (18). 
dies y nuebe (19). 
bente (20). 
bente y uno (21). 
bente y dos (22). 
bente j tres (23). 

the interesting, but now obsolete, old numeral sys- 
Ghamorro numerals are retained in derived words, 
adopted from the Spanish. 

bente y cuatro (24). 
bente y since (25). 
trdinta (30). 
cuarenta (40). 
sinquenta (50). 
sesenta (60). 
setenta (70). 
ochenta (80). 

nuebenta or nobenta (90). 
sito or siento (100). 
dosientos (200). 
tresientos (300) 
cuatrosientos (400). 
quinientos (500). 
saisientos (600). 
setecientos (700). 
oehosientos (800). 
nuebeoientos (900). 
mil (1,000). 
dos mil (2,000). 
tres mil (3,000). 
dies mil (10,000). 
un miyon (1,000,000). 

(5) Ordinals: 

7 findnana (the first). 
7 minft dos (the second). 

(Or, y sesTundo, from the Spanish; y primero, y tetsero, etc., areak 

in use.) 
7 minft tres (the third). 
7 minft cuatro (the fourth). 
7 minft since (the fifth). 
7 minft sais (the sixth). 
7 minft sais (the sixth). 

7 minft siete (the seventh). » 

7 minft ocho (the eighth). 
7 minft nuebe (the ninth). 
7 minft di6s (the^tenth). 
7 minft onse (the eleventh). 

(Ordinals from the Spanish are not used beyond the tenth, ddsimo.^ 
4ttimo (the last). 


Note. — ^Both cardinal and ordinal numbers are connected with the noun by the 
particle na, as, bente na gUiJan (twenty fishes). The noun following the numerals 
remains in the singular; exception is made, however, in the case of nouns forming 
irregular plural. 
For example: 

tree na t&otao (three persons). 

tree na famag^lon (three children), 
(c) Distributives. Distributives are formed by prefixing the particles fan- and a-, 
before the cardinal number. The numeral is thus put into verbal form. The prefix 
f an-a- is changed in the indicative, past and present tense into man-a-. 

man-acuacuatro Juld (they were coming up four-by-four), 
ufan-adi^dies magui (they will come here ten-by-ten). 


In the Chamorro language the pronoun has only two forms, namely, the singular and 
plural, and in this differs from the Tagalog and the Polynesian languages. With verbs 
the dual is expressed, in certain conjugations, by the singular form of the verb accom- 
panied by the plural form of the pronoun. 

There are two forms for the first person, plural, best designated as being either inclu- 
sive or exclusive. 

jita (we) signifies you and I, therefore inclusive. 

jame (we) signifies he or she or they and I, classed as exclusive, as it excludes 
the person addressed. 


There are two forms of the personal pronoun, styled the long and the short. The 
first is used when the pronoun precedes the verb, and when the pronoun is used with- 
out a verb, as in abbreviated sentences and after prepositions. 

guajo fumfttinas 6nao (I did that). 
guiya Jita (with us; at our house; the French, chez nous). 
The short form of the personal pronoun is used where the same is preceded by the 

chulie yd iin manja (bring me a coconut). 



(he; she), 
(we, inclusive), 
(we, exclusive), 


The possessive pronoun is expressed differently in the case of (a) persons, (6) ani- 
mals, and (c) things inanimate, 
(a) Indicated by a suffix, as follows: 

jo or CO (my). 

mo (thy). 

fla (his; her; its). 


















ta (our, inclusive), 
zname (our, exclusive), 
miyo (your). 
fiija (their). 

(b) In the case of animals: 
g&jo (my). 

g&mo (thy). 

gdiLa (his; her; its). 

g&ta (our, inclusive). 

g&mame (our, exclusive). 

gkxxdyo (your). 

g&£Lija (their). 
It will be seen, therefore, that the reference to animals is indicated by the infix g&. 

y g&jo na g&lago (my dog). 

y gdjno na xnanog (thy fowl). 

y g^a na b&bui (his pig). 

y g&ta na carabao (our buffalo, inclusive). 

y g&mame na carabao (our buffalo, exclusive). 

y gdjniyo na chiba (your goat). 

y g&fiija na ng^a^g^ (their duck). 

(c) In the case of inanimate objects: 
iyoco -(my). 

iyomo (thy). 

iyofta (his; her; its). 

iyota (our, inclusive). 

iyonmame (our, exclusive). 

iyonmiyo (your). 

iyonfLija (their). 


Almost any word in the Chamorro language may be used as a verb, but there are 
certain words expressing motion, condition, or action, which may be considered true 
verbs in their primitive form. 

jtoao (to go; to walk). 

nx&il& (to come). 

saga (to stay). 

falago (to run). 

agang (to call out). 

f&poB (to pass). • 

tunog (to descend). 

basnag (to fall). 

Jagd (to reach). 

tag& (to cut). 

tugud (to write). 

t&itai (to recite; to read). 

ason (to lie down). 

nsj^o (to swim). 

fato (to arrive). 

tsj^uis (to weep). 

guinem, or guimen (to drink). 

ohuld (to carry). 

yut6 (to throw away). 

pacha (to toudi). 

In the Chamorro language all verbs are classed as either transitive or intransitive. 

Verbs having a certain direct object are classed as taransitive. 


t&itai 6nau (or ^nao) na leblo (read that book). 

As intransitive are classed (a) verbs denoting motion or position, having no direct 
object; (6) transitive verbs, when they have no object at all, or when their use indicates 
an uncertain, indefinite object. Thus, to read, and to read books, are both classed as 
intransitive, the first, when standing alone, having no object at all, and the second 
denoting an object insufficiently definite. The conjugation of the verbs applying to 
(b) is that of the transitive form, with the addition of the prefix fan, the latter being 


modified in the past tense and in the infinitive into man. (The addition of the pre 
fixes fan or man has the effect of changing the letters following, as in the case of the 
particle denoting the plural, for instance, chuld becomes fannldi etc.). 

In the case of some transitive verbs the insertion of the infix tun accomplishes the 
accentuation of the fact that the action described has received previous mention or is 
already known. For example, when speaking of a book that has already been men- 
tioned, the form Jaye tumfiitai este na leblo P (who has read this book?) would be 
used, while Jut&itai este na leblo (I have read this book) would indicate reference 
to a book not known to the person or persons addressed. 

Avoiding undue elaboration, the following examples of conjugations have been 
selected: (a) The transitive verb with a direct object; (6) The transitive verb without 
a direct object (with the prefix fan-); (c) The transitive verb with the infix mn; 
(d) The intransitive verb. 

(a) the transitive verb with a direct obhsct. 


g&g:aa (to beg). 

Second person singular, g^g:au. 

Third person, u-g&g:au. 

First person plural, ta-g&gau. 

Second person, gf^gaxL, 

Third person, uja-g&g:au. 
Present and past tenses: 

First, singular (I beg; I begged), ju-g&gau. 

Second, singular, on-g&g:au. 

Third, singular, Ja-g&g:au. 

First, plural, inclusive, ta-g&g:au; exclusive, in-g&gau. 

Second, plural, en-g&g:au. 

Third, plural, Ja-g&g:au. 
NoTB. — ^For purpose of emphasis the personal pronoun is sometimes added to the 

gruajo Ju-gfig:au (I beg, I begged). 

First, singular (I shall beg), }a-g&gau. 

Second, singular, onngd^au* 

Third, singular, u-g&gau. 

First, plural, inclusive, uta-g&g*au; exclusive, in-g&gao. 

Second, plural, «nrg&9aa. • 

Thixd, plttzal, ujargigau. 
Note.— The orthography in many instances is quite uncertain, therefore attention 
is invited again to the frequent substitution of i f or e and o f or u, and vice versa. 
The uncertain pronunciation of these vowels itself forms probably the fundamental 
reason for the fact cited, so that it may not be incorrect to designate the substitution 
'Of these letters as being permisaible through accepted usage. Thus, in the above 
examples, •n may be written for in, un for on, in for en, on for un. The other 
prefixes remain invariable, and should be remembered, as foUows: 
Present and past tense: 

Third person singular, ]a. 

Fint person plural, ta. 

Third j>er8on plural, ja. 



Third person singular, a. 
First "pemon plural, uta. 
Third person plural, uja. 
The plupeifect may be formed as indicated in the following example: xnonJ6n 
Ja-£:&gaa; or znonjayaii Ju-g^&gau; or yesta Ja-g^&gau; (» magpd Ja-g^&gau 
(to convey: I had begged, or ashed; although the literal translation would be I was 
finished tuith asking). 

(b) transitive verb without a direct object. 


To b^; to ask, xnan-g^gau. 

Second x>erson singular, f aa-£^gaa. 

Third -penon, u-f aa-g&gau. 

First x>erson plural, ta-fanm an-g&gau. 

Second person, fanm an-g&gau. 

Third person, uja-fanm an-g&gag. 
Present and past tense: 

First, singular (I beg; I begged), mazi-g&gau. 

Second, singular, zuan-g^gau-Jau. 

Third, singular, mazx-g^gau-gul. 

First, plural, inclusive, manm aji-g&gau-jit; exclusive, nxamnaa-g&^a- 

Second, plural, znanman-g^gau-Jainyo. 

Third, plural, m anni an-g^gau-aija. 

First, RJngnlar (I shall beg), Ju-faa-g&gau. 

Second, singular, ozi'^aa-g&gaa. 

Third, singular, u-faa-g&gau. 

First, plural, inclusive, uta-fanTn an-g&gau; exclusive, in-fanm an-g&gau. 

Second, plural, enrfamnaxipg&gau. 

Third, plural,. aja-fanxnan-g&gaa. 

(c) transitive verb with the infix "um". 

Note. — ^This exists in the past tense only. 

First, RJngnlar (I begged), guajo giiiii6gaa. 

Second, singu||ur, Jago giiiii6gau. 

Third, singular, gilisra giiiii6gaa. 

First, plural, inclusive, Jita gom&gau; exclusive, jazne gum&gaa. 

Second, plural, Jamyo giiiii6gaa. 

Third plural, eija gum^gau. 

(d) the intransitive verb. 

To step down, tomunog. 

Second person singular, tunog (step down!). 

Third person singular, u-tunog. 

First x>enon plural, ta-faaonog. 

Second person plural, f aaunog. 

Third person plural, uja-f aaunog. 


Preaent and past tense: 

First, singular (I stepped down), tamunog yd. 

Second, singular, tamunog Jan. 

Third, singular, tuxnunog g^ 

First, plural, inclusive, manunog Jit; exclusive, xnanunog Jam. 

Second, plural, manunog Jamyo. 

Third, plural, manunog sija. 

First, singular (I shall step down), Ju-tunog. 

Second, singular, on-tunog. 

Third, singular, u-tunog. 

First, plural, inclusive, uta-fanunog; exclusive, in-fanunog. 

Second, plural, en-fanonog. 

Third, plural, uja-fanonog. 
Note. — The formation of the infinitive by the infix um is not followed in the case 
of a number of exceptions. For example: 
Present tense: 

basnag yd (I am falling). 

manbasnag (to fall). 


There are two constructions to express the passive form of a verb, in which the 
object of the active verb becomes the subject: (a) By inserting the infix in before the 
first vowel, and changing o into e and u into 1; or (b) by the prefix ma-. 

gode (to bind). 

guinede or ma-gode (to be bound). 


(1) If the subject is in the first or second person, the active construction prevails. 

Ju-patmada Jau (I am beating thee). 
on-n&e-yd (you are giving me). 

(2) If the subject is in the third person and the object in the second, the passive 
form is used, with in inserted. 


bin&b& Jau as tata (the father is beating thee) . ' 

mannin&e Jamyo nl leblo (he gives you the book). 

(3) If both subject and object are in the third person, either the active or the passive 
form may be used. ^ 

Examples of the passive form: 

To be bound, guinede. 
Past tense: 

First, singular (I was being bound), guinede yd. 

Second, singular, guinede Jau. 

Third, singular, guinede gUi. 

First, plural, inclusive, man-magode Jit; exclusive, man-magode Jam. 

Second, plural, man-magode Jamyo. 

Third, plural, man-magode siJa. 



First, smgular (I shall be bound), Ju-magode. 

Second, singular, on-xnagode. 

Third, singular, u-magode. 

First, plural, inclusive, utafan-xnagode; exclusive, in-fan-xnagode. 

Second, plural, en-fan-zuagode. 

Third, plural, uja-fan-xnagode. 


The conjugation or inflection of reflexive verbs is the same as that of active verbs 
with a definite object, except that it is followed by the personal pronoun. 

jubale yo (I am waiting on myself). 
In some instances zuaisa is also added, as follows: 

ja-fa&il& m&isa gul (he accused himself). 


As shown under the paragraphs on adjectives, the addition of the causative prefix 
na, denoting cause, permission, initiating action, effects the transformation of such 
adjectives into transitive verbs, and of intransitive verbs into transitive verbs. 

gasgas, adj. (clean). 

n&-gasgas, v. tr. (to clean; to make clean). 

ason, V. i. (to be lying down). 

nlL-ason, v. tr. (to lay down; to put down). 
In the example following, the addition of the particle fan in the plural, following 
the prefix na, is to be noted. 

jan&-gasgas y guizn& (he is cleaning the house). 

jan&fan-gasgas y gui2n& sija (he is cleaning the houses). 
In other respects the conjugation follows that of the transitive verb with a definite 

If the object is in the singular — 

Second person singular, n&-gaagaa. 

Third person singular, u-n^-gasgas. 

First person plural, ta-n&-gaagas. 

Second person plural, nJt-gasgas. 

Third person plural, uja-n&-ga8gas. 
Past tense; 

First, singular, ju-n&-gasgas. 

Second, singular, on-nit-gasgaB. 

Third, singular, ja-n&-gasgas. 

First, plural, inclusive, ta-n^-gaagaa; exclusive, in-nft-gasgas 

Second, plural, en-n&-gasgas. 

Third, plural, ja-nJt-gasgas. 

First, singular, ju-n&-gasgaa. 

Second, singular, on-nJt-gasgaa. 

Third, singular, u-n&-gasga8. 

First, plural, inclusive, uta-xi&-gasgas; exclusive, in-n^-gasgaa. 

Second, plural, en-nft-gasgas. 

Third, plural, uja-n&-gasga8. 


If the object is in the plural — 

Second person singular, ndian-^asgas. 

Third person singular, u-ndian-^asgas. 

First person plural, ta-ndian-^as^as. 

Second person plural, ndian-gaagas. 

Third person plural, uja-ndian-gasgas. 
Past tense: 

First, singular, Ju-nAfan-gasgas. 

Second, singular, on-nftlan-gasgaB. 

Third, singular, Ja-ndian-gasgas. 

First, plund, inclusive, ta-ndian-gasgas; exclusive, in-ndian-gasgas. 

Second, plural, en-nAfan-gaBgas. 

Third, plural, Ja-nAfaa-gasgas. 

First, singular, Ju-ndian-gasgas. 

Second, singular, on-nftlan-gasgas. 

Third, singular, u-nAfan-gasgas. 

First, plural, inclusive, uta-nAfan-gasgas; exclusive, In-nAfan-gasgas. 

Second, plural, en-nAfan-gasgas. 

Third, plural, uJa-nAfan-gasgas. 


Reciprocal verbs are formed by adding the prefix a-. 

gode (to take hold of; also, to bind). 

&-gode (to take hold of each other). 


(a) To have. This is translated by guaja or gai, and the negation is expressed by 
tayA or tai. 


guaja lebloco (I have a book; literally, there is a book mine; the French, 

il y a; or German, es giebt), 
guaja lebloxno (you [thou] have a book). . 
guine guaja lebloco; also jagas guaja lebloco or nxonjaii guaja lebloco 

(I had a book; literally, in the past there was a book mine), 
u-guaja lebloco (I shall have a book). 

Note. — Guaguaja jA salapAjo stands for I still have some money. 

tayA (the negation) — 
tayA lebloco (I have no book). 
gainsalapA yd (I have money). 
xnan-gai-salapA jam (exclusive) (we have money). 
u-gaiHsalapA (he will have money). 
uta-f an-gai-salapA (we shall have money), 
gai-iyo-jau tvLJot^ (you have a hat). 
gai-gA yd gAlago (I have a dog). 

tai (negation) — 
tai-xnagago yd (I have no garment), 
xnanae relds jit (we have no clock). 
tAiiyo jau sAsA (you have no knife). 
tAigA yd chiba (I have no goat). 

(b) To be. There is no copulative verb in the Chamorro language, and "to be" 
is rendered by adjectives, nouns, and adverbs used in verbal form. 



To be sick, mala^o. 

Second person singular (be sick!), xnalafigo. 

Second person plural, fan-xnalaiS^o. 
Past tense (and present tense) : 

First, singular (I am sick; I was sick), znala^o yd. 

Second, singular, zuala^o jau. 

Third, singular, znalango giM, 

First, plural, inclusive, xnan-xnalafig^o jit; exclusive, xnan-malango jam. 

Second, plural, xnan-xnala^o jamyo. 

Third, plural, man-malai^o sija. 

First, singular (I shall be sick), ju-xnala^o. 

Second, singular, on-mala^o. 

Third, singular, u-zuala^o. 

First, plural, inclusive, uta-fan-malafigo; exclusive, in-faa-malaif^o. 

Second, plural, en-fan-zuala^o. 

Third, plural, uja-fan-mala£go. 
Note. — ^In the past tense many attributive verbs take the infix um, as, for instance: 

tum&ilaye si Jose (Joseph became malicious). 
Reduplication of a syllable in these verbs indicates equality in a lower degree. 

maldla^o yd (I am somewhat sickly). 
When used in the sense of the Spanish **estar" or the German "sich befinden,** 
the verb ''to be'' is rendered by g&igtie and the negation expressed by tfiig^e. 

g&igue yd gui guimft (I am at home). 

znan-g&ig^e jit gui ya jamyo (we are at your house). 

u-g&igtie gui ya jamyo (he will be at your house). 

uja-fan-g&lgue gui guim& y chdlujo (they wUl be at the house of my 
The past tense is either expressed by an adverb of time, or by "estaba," taken 
from the Spanish. 

estaba jau gui ya sijaP (were you at his house?). 

manestaba jit gui ya sija (we were at their house). 
The use of the negation, t&igtte, is illustrated in the following examples: 

t&igiie yd (I am not present). jit (we are not there). 

aja-fan&igUe (they will not be present). 
A few verbs commencing with fe- are conjugated in accordance with the following 

To run, falago. 

Second, singular, falago. 

Third, singular, u-falago. 

First, plural, ta-faii-m.alago. 

Second, plural, fan-malago. 

Third, plural, uja.-faii-maIago. 


Past and present tense: 

First, singular (I am running; I ran), miilago yd, etc. 

First, plural, man-malago jit, etc. 

First, singular, ju-falago, etc. 

First, plural, ata^fan^malago, etc. 
Note the following: 

chftmo faJlUago (imperative, do not run!). 

sifia jofalagoP (can I run?). 

xnu^l^ yd malago (I do not want to run). 

THs prohibitite: do not! 

Hiis is tiandated by ch&mo, the equivalent of the Latin "noli" or German "woUe 
nicht! "; in the plural, chftmiyo I Its use is somewhat subject to arbitrary dianges, 
and only a few illustrations are given below: 

chftmo famdmocatl (do not go!), 
chftmo faJlUago I (do not run !). 
ehftndyo faaj&jaiiaii I (do not go ! (plural]), 
ehftmiyo fanmat&tAehon^I (do not sit down !). 
jatag6 yd na chAJo jom&jaiiaa (he commanded me not to go). 
janftjfinaa 7 gnaot para (diAJo taxn^tuziog (he took away the ladd« in order 
that I may not descend). 
The negative d "to want to" is expressed by xnn^ga, ^diidi denotes negaticm in 
a milder degree than the positive eh&mo. 
Imperative, in all forms: 

Past and i^esent tense: 

xniuSga yd (I do not want to). 

zniuSga Jit, or mndj^a jam (we do not want to). 

jmnnnga (I ehall not want to). 

atafanmnti^, etc. (we shall not want to). 
Some verbs always use the possessive pronoun as a suflix. 

yajo (I wish; it pleases me to). 

gftliaco, or gaoeo (I prefer). 
Examples of defective expressions: 

j6cii& (I do not know). 

nft-jo, or, as plural, nft-ta (give me, or give us, something to eat). 

ajo I (take pt] !). 

lamen (to be good for something; to be useful). 

Jaf nlamen este na atbotP (what is this tree good for?). 

jaf onlamen gilliieP (what are you here for?). 

The common adverbs d place and motion are in reality abbreviations of phrases 
composed of the demonstrative pronouns preceded by the preposition g^ui, indicating 
at or to. 

Direction away from the speaker is denoted by g^oato; direction toward the speaker, 
magui; place or time of an occurrence is rendered by naL 



giiine; este nai (here). 

este znag^ui; este mag^ui nai; giiine znag^ui (here ! — example: come 
here !). 

gil6nau; dnau xxai; gii6nau nai (there). 

gil6nau guato; 6nau gtiato nai (there ! — example: go there !). 

g^je; ayo nai (there — at a distance from the speaker). 

ayo gtiato; g^Je gtiato (there ! — example: go there ! indicatiiig farther dis- 
Adverbs denoting place or location: 

san pap& (beneath). 

san Jil6, or san Juld (above). 

san mdna, or san mdna (in front; before). 

san tate (behind). 

sanjalum (inside). 

san JiyiuSg, or san JuytuSg (outside). 

san catan (in the east). 

san lichan (in the west). 

san jaya (in the south). 

san lago (in the north). 

gvd magtiin (on this side of). 

gvd otro banda (on that side of). 

xnano; ma^^; mano nai (where). 

gtiine mano (whence; wherefrom). 

para mano (whither; where to). 

masea mano (anywhere). 

ni mano (nowhere). 

gvd todo na lugat; todoJ& nai (everywhere). 
The old Chamorro expressions — 

gui agap& (to the right); 

gvd ao&giie (to the left) 
are now seldom used; instead — 

san lago (to the north); 

san jaya (to the south) 
have been adopted to express the equivalents of right and left. 
Adverbs denoting time: 

p&g^; p&go nai (now). 

p&g^j& (immediately). 

p&go; p&go na Jaane (to-day). 

nigap (yesterday). 

y nigapna (day before yesterday). 

agtip& (to-morrow). 

y nagpftna (day after to-morrow). 

Jagas (earlier; sooner). 

na3ra (in earlier times). 

taftaf; gui taftaf (early in the morning). 

gui 6g&an (morning's). 

gui chatanmag (very early — ^in the dawn). 

gui taldane (at noon). 

gui pa pu6£^e (in the afternoon). 

gui puefi^e (at night). 

gui p&i£gue (last night). 

gui t&tal6pu6£^e (at midnight). 

gui j&ane (in the daytime). 


Adverbs denoting time — Continued. 

desde y abmam (since olden times). 

seso; m6gai na biaje; taplul^ (often). 

Jalag; eoalag; ti xn6gai na biaje (seldom). 

gtiaja nai ( a few times). 

tay& nai; tat nai; nunea nai (never). 

siempre (always). 

eada rato (every minute). 

cada dia; todos dias (daily). 

yesta; esta (already). 

trabia (yet; not yet). 

t&lo (once more; again). 

atrasao (too late). 

l&mdna (to-night). 

Jasta l&mdna (until later). 

^&icuiP; fig&ian naiP (when?). 

despues; entonses (then; afterwards). 

antes (before). 
Adverbs denoting comparison, similarity, etc.: 

Jaf taimano (how?). 

per6Joj&; parejo; taig^jej& (equal). 

taigtline; taig1i6nau; taig^Je (as). 

cala^ (as; like as; such as). 

nxas (more). 

menoB (less). 

Ju^gan; jiio (yes). 

magajet (certain). 

sen aj6 (absolutely not). 

ti Bifia; sunx^n-tisifLa (impossible). 

mandagge (false; wrong). 

buente (possibly; perhajM). 

nx6gai (much). 

dldidt (little). 

mampos; demasiao (too much). 

adaP (possible?). 


Only the following prepositions are used: 

(a) gui (upon; in; at; with). If the preposition gui is followed by the article, 
the latter is absorbed. 


gui y tasi becomes gui tasi (upon the sea). 
gui iya jita becomes guiya Jita (at our house). 
gui si Juan becomes as Juan (at John's house). 

(b) guine (out of; of; from). 

guine mano (where from). 

(c) nu. This is difficult to translate, as it has a n\imber of different meanings and 
uses. A few illustrations follow: 

ilegfia nu sija (he said to them). 

si paid Jatagpa£g^e y patgon nu y Janum (the priest baptized the child 

with water). 
n&e jam p&go nu y agonmame (give us our daily bread). 
Bija man6eul^gog man atento nu y findfla (they listened carefully to his 



(d) yan (with; in company of). Instead of this preposition, circumlocution is 
sometimes used, as in the following example: 

d&lalag gtil (go with him — follow him). 

(e) tai-taya (without). 

tay& tujo£g^ £La; tai tujo£g; tai tijo^g: (without a hat). 
(/) Adverbs denoting place or location are used as ptepositions, with san or gui. 

gui xn6nan y gxiizn&; san zu6nan y guixn& (in front of the house). 
Prepositions formed with san or gui can be combined with the possessive pronoun. 

gui xndnamo (before thee). 

gui lagofia (to his right). 

gui jaluznmiyo (in you). 


These have been absorbed into the Chamorro language, and are now in general use. 

para (for). 

pot (through). 

con (with). 

jasta (until). 

sin (without). 

contra (against). 

fuera de (outside of; except). 

entre; 6ntal6; gui 6ntald (between). 


ya (and — ^when used to connect sentences), 
yan (and— when used to connect words). 
Idcud (also). 
pat (or). 

na (that — with a verb in the past tense), 
nu (that — ^with a verb in the future tense), 
guin; yaguin (when — conditional). 
&nai; an nai (when — ^time). 
&naij&; gufnaij^; guigonj^; aiij& (as soon as), 
gui nai (when), 
lau (but). 
ItL (nevertheless). 
aft (then; because). 
cau (if). 

e8te-miii& (for this reason). 
6nau miii& or ayo minft (for that reason). 
Conjunctions adapted from the Spanish: 
antes que (before), 
mientras que (while). 
despues que (after), 
entonses (then). 
con todo que (nevertheless). 
para que (in order that), 
para xnu^a; para chftjo (the same; negated), 
mas sea; masea; mas que sea (although). 

4562—18 ^3 



dil; diftj&l; liil; liij&l (look there!; lookl). 
laul; &dalaal (but!). 
vljClI (impossible!). 
ail (oh!). 

m&uleg I; m&ulegjft I; niji I (good ! ; all right !). 

gnat I; 8&J7auI; falagol; maealaniTat (let us go!; off!; quick!; hurry!), 
l&ttanaul (away there!). 
adajel (attention!) 
p&oacfti (keep still!; quiet!). 
Interjections from the Spanish: 
cuidadol (take care!). 
6JalaI (God grant!). 
flUdnsioI (silence!). 
ai de mi I (poor me !). 
bibol (quick!). 
dorot (get at it!; work hard!). 


n noun or substantive. 

adj adjective. 

pron.,^ pronoun. 

V, tr transitive verb. 

V, \ intransitive verb.,fV.% transitive or intransitive verb. 

adv adverb. 

adj., adv adjective or adverb. 

prep preposition. 

eonj conjunction. 

interj interjection. 

indef. indefinite. 

p, adj participial adjective. 

pi plural. 

p. p past participle. 







Note. — ^The author realizes that the greatest usefulness of his work will not be in 
the direction of aiding Americans in the acquisition of a knowledge of the Chamorro 
tongue, but rather in the actual help toward a more thorough appreciation of the 
English language by the Chamorro children. He has not seen fit, therefore, to extend 
the use of accents in this dictionary to anything resembling scholarly thoroughness 
and precise consistency. Accents are used in the daily life of the Chamorros but 
most sparingly, and the practice is that of leaving out, indiscriminately, all but those 
accents which by their application practically decide the meaning and interpretation 
of the word concerned. A.s in other eastern languages, an absolutely correct interpre- 
tation and articulation can be acquired only by the help of native teachers, and the 
extension of the annotation of accents in this work, to constitute a real factor, would 
offer a return very much out of proportion to the extraneous effort necessary for such 
an accomplishment. 

However, the author anticipates, and hopes, that there will be ambitious Americans 
and others, even though their number be small, who would wish to be given at least 
a partial guide toward a correct enunciation (in so far as it can be ascertained from 
present usage) of the Chamorro idiom, and in the interest of these he has applied 
special care in the application of accents in the English-Chamorro part of the dictionary 
under the captions of the letters of the alphabet " a, " " b, " and " c. ' * It will be noted 
by observant students that the shadings of the letters are indicated painstakingly, 
especially in the case of the vowel "a," the least variation in the enunciation leaning 
toward the so-called " Umlaut'* (in German) "a" being indicated by the corresponding 
accentuation. It is hoped that those for whose especial use this practice was adopted 
will be encouraged by it toward further investigation, and that the purpose of this ex1a*a 
annotation will be realized. 


abandon, v, tr.; to leave; to quit; to 

leave behind; to forsake; to desert: — 

abandona; di^o; desamp&ra. 
abandoned, adj.; left; forsaken; forlorn; 

left alone: — ab&nddn&o. 
abandonment, n.; forlorn condition; 

dereliction : — ab tod6no. 
abate, v, fr.;— n&-la'-dididi; n&-M- 

abdomen, n./ groin: — aflago; tuyan; 

abnor, v, tr.; to hate; to detest: — chatUi. 
abide, v. i.; to continue; to endure; to 

last: — saga; dura, 
ability, n.; — nlnaBifia: jinllat. 
abject, adj., adv.; vile; mean-spirited; 

base : — despresiao. 
abjure, v. tr.; to recant upon oath: — 

nlL-nftlo y fixiijd nl y manJfUa; 

ifgen renimsia y chat-|ine£|;gue. 
able, adj.: — gti6f-ilo; glU-ninasifia. 
able-bodied, adj.: — ^m6tgot; robusto. 

abolish, v. tr.; to dismiss; to revoke; to 
countermand; to witlidraw: — ^yfilUng; 

abominable, adj.; cursed :-ifig:inon; 

above all, adv.; at first; for the present: — 
mdna; ya-julold. 

abridge, v. tr.; to cut short; to accele- 
rate:— nlL-cH^'dftdft; n&-l§.^gu86; n&-la- 

abrupt, adj., adv.; sudden: — derepente; 

absence, n.; — ^tin&'^igUe. 

absent-minded, adj., adv.; distracted: — 
distraido; ja^'mUlefa. 

absent, adj.: — tafgUe. 

abscess, n.; wound; defect; sore: — 

abstinence, n.; diet; continence; tem- 
perance: — chinemft; chom&. 

abstinence, n.; temperance; conti- 
nence : — contin6nsia. 





abundance, n.; profusion; plenty; super- 
fluity; overflow: — abund&nsia; ina- 
bund^nsia; minegae. 

abuse, n./ invective: — ^Unetgxie-finijd 
mattrato;.insuttd; despreaio. 

abuse, v. ir.; to despise: — despresia 
mattrata; matt^teio; nd,-mattet8io. 

abyss, n.; gulf^ hell; precipice: — caoxtlt 
sasaldguan; tina^ifondo. 

accelerate, v. tr.; to hurry; to speed 
on: — ^aptira; nfi,-mag&. 

accident, n.; untoward event; unlooked- 
for happening: — acsidente; deserasia. 

aoddental, aaj., adv.; casual; fortui- 
tous: — acsiddntemente; ti-majasflgon. 

aoconunodate, v. tr.: — ajusta; nft-a- 
sentado; nft-aya. 

accompany, v. tr.; to escort: — g&chof[g- 
fifiijon; o^^jon. 

accompaniment, n.; escort; convoy: — 
accompafiamiento; inesgaijon. 

accomplish, v. tr.; to reach; to obtain; 
to attain: — consigue; cumple. 

accomplishment, n.; realization: — 
quinensig^e; quinimple. 

accordeon, n.: — atin6nico; acotdi6n; 

accounting, n.; bill:— cuenta; dibe. 

accounting (to hold an accounting), 
V. tr.; to call to account: — gagau cuenta. 

accumulate, v. tr.; amass; to store up^ 
to heap up: — ^f&-mont6n. 

accursed, adj.; cursed: — ^matdisido; 

accurate, adj., adv.; precise; exact; 
strict: — estricto; ti-la''lache. 

accurate, adj., adv.; exact: — cab&les; 
magdjet; um&y3,. 

accuse, v. tr.; to charge some one with: — 
faall4; jogse; sogne. 

accustom, v. tr.: — llcustumbra; n&- 
payon (from payon, to become ac- 
customed to). 

Acid, n: — ^minaa'^gsom; dsido. 

acid, adj., adv.; bitter; sour: — ^faileg. 

acquaintance, n.: — li^tu£^o, 

acquiesce, v. %.; to give one's self up. — 
confotman maisa. 

ac(juiescence, n.; license; permission: — 

acquiescence, n.; agreement; approv- 
al :— consentimlento. 

acquire, v. tr.; to procure by effort; to 
win by conquest: — conquista; logra. 

acquisinon, n.: — ^euinana. 

acquit, v. tr.; to absolve; to declare free; 
to release; to pronounce not guilty: — 
na-libre; sotta. 

acre, n.: — acre. 

across, ;>r6p.;— desde un banda asta y 
otro banda. 

act, n.; action; deed; creature; work: — 

act the spy, v. %.; to spy: — ^faioinug; 
para espian secrete. 

active, adi., adv.: — ^listo; masajegat. 

actual, adj., adv.: — ^fio; papgoagojfi,. 

acumen, n.; — euindfiloj inacadidog. 

acute, adj., adv.; ingemous; sensible: — 
didog jinasofia; lucho. 

adapt, V. tr.: — ajusta; aregla; .fSmauleg. 

add, V, tr.; to append; to add to something 
already said: — afi&de; nMle; n&ye. 

add up, V. tr.; to sum up: — suma. 

adder, n.; viper; asp: — ^blbora; culebla. 

addition, n.: — sumar; aumento. 

adequate, adj.: — ajustao; sufisiente; 

adliere, v. tr.; to stick fast: — ^umetnon; 

adliere yV.i.;to stick fast : — ^uma^cheton. 

adjacent, adj.; close to: — jijot. 

administer, v. tr.; to manage: — go- 
bietna; mllnea; setbe jafa na empleo. 

admiral, n.: — Sdmlrante. 

admire, v. tr.; to regard with strong ap- 
proval: — estima; nfi,-manman. 

a<unire, v. i.; to regard one's seH high- 
ly: — estima; ma^nman. 

admirable, aai., adv.; delicate; liverly; 
vivacious; elegant: — airoso; elegante; 

admit, v. tr.; to allow; to let come to 
pass: — S^dmite. 

ai^Qionish, v. tr.; to advise; to caution; to 
stimulate; to preach: — adbiette; cuca; 

admonition, n.; exhortation: — Ubiso; 

adopt (as one's own child), v. tr.; to 
select: — adopta; ga^nye. 

adore, v. tr.; to worship; to love passion- 
ately: — ^adora. 

adorn, v. tr.; to decorate; to embel- 
lish: — ftdotna; dumudus. 

adornment, n.; ornament; embellish- 
ment:— inadotna^: adotno. 

adrift, adj., adv.; floating at random: — 
miim&ya; m&nillya. 

adult, n.; one grown up to full size: — 
dsta t&otao, {or dsta pal&uan) tda. 

advance I interj.; onward! — ^adelantat 
sigue m6na! 

advance, v. i.; to improve; to make 
progress; to prosper; to thrive: — Sde- 
lanta; adelantao. 

advance, v. %.; to precede: — ^na-fdna. 

advantage, n.; gain; revenue; yield: — 

advantageous, adj., adv.: — ^nA-Sde- 
lantao; n§.-gai-proDecho. 

advent, n.: — adbiento; jijijot; finiito. 
adventure, n.: — inariesga; sinesede. 
adversary, n.; opponent: — contr&rio; 

adverse, adj., adv.; offensive; loathe 
some: — atcontrSxio; chuchug. 

adversity J n.; untoward event; unex- 
pected circumstance:— contrario; eni- 
migo; de£^sia. 

advertise, y. tr.: — atan; atituye 

adbiette; faisen. 
advice, n.; admonition: — ^inUdbiette. 



advise, v. tr.: — lU^onseja. 

advisor, n.; councillor: — c onsejero; 

advocate, n.; lawyer; one who speaks 

for another; intercessor; favorer: — 

aeronaut, n.: — aeronauta; piloton aire, 
aeroplane, n.; — ^batcon clire. 
affair, n.; concern; matter: — causa, 
affected, adj.j adv.; elegant; foppish: — 

affection, n.; preference: — gUinaiya. 
affectionate, adj.^ adv.; well disposed 

toward some one: — arimao; chijit. 
affirm, v. tr.: — afftma. 
afflict, V. tr.; press; clasp; oppress: — 

aflame, adj.^ adv.; in flames; ablaze: — 

afloat, adj.f adv.; floating; adrift: — 

m&ya; m^llya. 
afraid, adf/., adv.; timid; faint-hearted; 

fearful: — cobatde; maft^fiao. 
afresh. ac?v ./again; anew : — t^lo; renueba. 
ait, act j.f adv.; toward the stem of the 

ship: — santate gui batco. 
after, adj.; next; subsequent: — despu6s. 
afternoon, n.: — ^pupueiieue. 
again, adv.; once more; back again: — 

against, prep.:— contra; yan. 
age, n.: — edad. 
age, V. i.; to become old, or childish: — 

agency, n.: — ^maiSg^uent&taye. 
agent, n.: — ^ma^uent&taye; bentero. 
aggravate, v. tr.; to intensify: — 

aumenta; case; catgaye; nd-bubo; 

agile, adj.f adv.; qiuck; prompt: — 

agitated, v. i.; to be agitated by a 

violent passion:— cuca; n&-pinalala. 
ago, adj.; gone; past: — apmam; abmam; 

agony, n.; pangs of death: — Hgonias; 

agree, v. %.: — um-&-tu£§:o; um&con- 

agree to, v. tr.; to assent; to concede: — 

consede; confotme. 
agreeable, adj., adv.; obliging; pleas- 
ing: — agradable; n&^-magof. 
agreement,n.; consent: — quinenf otme; 

(n& — magof) quinensiente. 
aground, adj.y adv.; stranded (a ship): — 

dochon gui tand; ogan. 
ah. I interj.: — ^jal ih! 
aid, V. tr.; to protect; to patronize; to 

favor: — ayuda; faborese. 
air, V. tr.; to ventilate: — ^nA-guinaife; 

air, n.; ventilation: — aire, 
airship, n.; steerable baloon: — batcon 

alarm, n.; tumult; disturbance; bustle; 

wrangling; strife:— abiso. 

albeit, conj.; although; though; notwith- 
standing that: — ^Hchog; a-'choffjA. 

alembic, n.; vessel for distillation: — 
catderon manestila; fanestilayan. 

alert, adj.^, adv.; brisk; quick: — mac^ 

alien, n.; foreign-bom; resident: — es- 
tranjero; tdotao juyon^. 

alike, adj.; resembling; united: — ^parejo. 

alimentary canal, n.: — gUetgUero. 

alive, adj., adv.; vivacious; full of life: — 


all, indef. pron., pron. adj.; entire: — 

allege, v. tr.; to aflSrm; to assert: — 
afltma; defiende jafa na ras6n. 

allegiance, n.; fidelity to a coimtry, a 
cause, or person:— cum^lido gui mft- 
gasfla; ti-fin&biibll; ti-trmSidute. 

alleviate, v. tr.; to qiuet; to relieve: — ^n&- 
alibi&o; n^-la.^'-ma^o^. 

alleviation, n.; mitigation; easing; re- 
lief: — ^alibio; descanso. 

alliance, n.; bond: — aliansa; inetnon. 

allow,!; .^.; to permit; to consent:— con- 
siente; petmite. 

all right, adv.: — ^m&uleg. 

ally, n.; confederate: — ^inetnon. 

all together I interj.: — ^todos gufgui- 
goja ! 

allure, v. tr., v. %.; to entice: — ^tienta; 

aim, n.: — limosna. 

Almighty, n.; the omnipotent God:— ^ 

almost, adv.; nearly; but little was lack- 
ing: — can4; ca'nSjd. 

almost, adv.; nearly:— casi. 

almost lieht, n.; dawn:— c&n4 manana. 

alone, adj., adv.; single; by itself:-^ 
asolas; mdisa. 

alone, adv.; only: j& (suflix). 

along, adv.; along with: — yan- (prefix). 

alphabet, n.: — atfabeto. 

also, adj., adv.; too; besides: — contodo; 

altar, n.; — attat. 

altar of incense, n.: — attat y paupau 
(also written: paopao) sija. 

alteration, n.; mutation; variation; 
shift: — yinil&ng; tinilaica. 

altitude, n.; height: — altura; linecft. 
always, (wft;.;— siempre. 
amass, v. tr.; to heap up; to join: — 
amontona; na-etnon. 

amassed, p. adj.; piled up; hoarded; 
cumulated: — ^numft^'-etnon; num&'- 

amaze, v. tr.; to confound or stun with 
fear; to astonish: — ^jongang. 

amaze, v. %.; to be amazed; to be stunned 
with fear: — ^majngan|:. 

ambassador, n.: — embajad6t. 
ambidexterous, adj., adv.: — faf&yifia; 

todoja ja julat umatiende; todojd y doe 

cdnai fif^yina. 




ambulance, n.; — caret6n p&rH in&- 
lan^o pat p&rSr ayudon malafgo 
tai^Uije yan gruaja guerS,. 

ambush, n.: — jiniguef ; emboscada. 

amenable, adj.; easy to l^ad; submis- 
sive:— 08c:on. 

American, n.;-americano. 

amiable, adj.y adv.; lovely: — amable; 

amiableness, n.: — ^minamis. 

amicable, adj.; friendly; peaceable: — 
t&^'iadisgxLsto; timlmumo. 

amid, prep.; among; between: — 6ntald; 

amiss, adj.; wrong; faulty: — ^isao; 13x;he. 

among, prep.^ adv.; amongst; amidst: — 
entre; ^ntald. 

amour, n.; love affair (^also lover, or 
gallant): — S^^giiaiya: gilinaiya. 

ample, adj.; full; abimdant: — abund- 
ansia; suffisiente. 

amuse, v. tr., v. %.; to entertain; to talk; 
to say; to utter; to speak: — adin^an; 
Sdingkne; entretiene. 

amusing, adj., adv,; ludicrous: — ^nft- 

anatomy, n.: — estudion t&taotao. 

ancestors, pn. L: — mUflftina. 

anchor, n.: — a£g^cla. 

anchor, v. tr.; to throw out the achor: — 
sotta y a^da. 

anchor, v. %.; to lay at anchor: — ^ma- 

anchor, v. %.; to come to anchor: — 
a^da; m&-afigcla. 

anon o ring grounds, n.; — aiQ^da; 

ancient, aaj., adv.; old: — antigo. 

and, conj.: — ^yan. 

anecdote, n.; brief narrative of enter- 
taining chaiacter: — est6ria. 

angel, n.; — aoSq^jet {plural, ^figjeles). 

aneer, n.; bitterness: — ^binibo; escdn- 
oalo; linalald. 

angry, adj.; provoked: — ^bubo; l&lald. 

animal, n.; — g&e&. 

animal, adj.^ aav.; bestial; brutish: — 
g^g6k; iyon. 

annihilate, v. tr.; to destroy: — destrosa; 

anniversary, n.: — anibets&rio; cumple 

announce, i;. tr.; to herald; to publish: — 

announcement, n.; public notice; proc- 
lamation : — ^bando . 

announce, v. tr.; to publish; to pro- 
claim : — bandonfi&i jon. 

annoy, v. tr.; to molest: — joroba; 
mol^stia; n&-cWts3g&. 

annoyance, n.; molestation: — ^jineroba; 

annoying, adj.^ adv.; troublesome: — 
jijoroba; mlmolestia. 

annual, adj.; yearly:— c&da s&can. 

annul, v. tr.; to make void; to abolish: — 

another, adj.;— otro. 
anomalous, adj.; irregular: — echof[g. 
answer, v. tr.; to reply:— contesta. 
ant, n.;— otdot. 
ant fly, n.: — ^betmiyon. 
anteroom, n.; waiting room: — ante- 

c&mara; clasencudrto (a kind of room). 
antiquity, n.; great age: — ^b i n i 1 o; 

in&Dman;inantigo; tdotao mdna. (This 

is also the name of the much-feared 

spirit of Guam, * *the man of antiquity.") 
anvil, n.: — ^yung^que. 
anxious, adj.^ adv.; scrupulous: — 

cha^'chatjin^o; escrupuloso; liiluj&n; 


Miy> «<^i./ any soever: — algdn. 

anyone, pron.; whosoever:— cuatqulet; 

cuatqulera or cuatquieraj^. 
apart, adv.; aside: — apatte. 
apart from that, adv.; besides; more- 
over : — adem&s. 
ape, n.; monkey: — ^maching^. 
aperture, n.; opening; hole; cavity: — 

Srbettura; atbettura. 
apiary, n.; beehouse: — ^s&g^ obeja. 
apologize, v. tr.; to express regrets: — 

gagao asf-i. 
apology, n.; — guin&gao Hsf-i. 
apostle, n.; — ap6stoles. 
apparent, adj., adv.; seeming:— cS*dd. 
appear, v. %.; to make appearance: — 

xato; jdif^ue. 
appearance, n.; vision: — llnft; ma-lli. 
appease, v. tr.; to calm; to compose; to 

pacify: — ^n&-flUnatquilo; n&m^of. 
appeased, adj.; assuaged: — aplacao; 

mllnd-m&gof; or nin^-mUgof. 
append, v. tr.; to attach: — ^n&ye; nftye 
appendix, n.: — ^insilLade. 
appetite, n.; desire ; inclination: — ganas. 
apple, n.: — mansana. 
applicant, n.: — ^y m&naplflica. 
application, n.; utilization; diligence: — 

apply, V. tr.; to apply a warm poultice: — 

applying chcusitisement, v. tr., v. i.; 

to wield the rod: — ^n&-b61embau y 

l&tigo; latigaso. 
appoint, V. tr.; to determine; to fix; to 

mtend; to design; to direct; to order: — 

appointment, n.: — tin&gO. 
appreciate, v. tr.; to value: — ^Hgr&dese; 

guefiamen; tasa. 
apprehension, n.; anger; vexation: — 

minajalang; pesadumbre; binibo. 
apprehensive, adj., adv.; cowardly; 

timorous :— dafigufi . 
apprentice, n.: — aprendfs. 
approach, v. tr.; to draw nearer: — 

diijit; subida. 




approach, n.: — subida. 

approbation., n; sanction : — aprobasi6n. 

appropriate, v. tr.; to appropriate 

something not one's own; to take for 

one's own something belonging to 

another or others:— -chefl|:le; chi- 

approval, n.; acquiescence; agreement: — 

consentimiento . 
approve, v. tr.; to assent to; to allow:— 

April, n.: — abrll; lumujA. 
apron, n.: — ^baeai; tapis. 
arable, adj.; fit for the plow: — ^aladuyon; 

sifia ma alado. 
arbor, n.; — enramada. 
arch (of a building, or of the bow), n.: — 

arched, adj.: — ^mam^-a'^tcos. 
arch of victory, n.; — a^'tcos guinUn^. 
archangel, n.: — ^atc&£gjeles. 
archbishop, n.: — atsobispo. 
architect, n.: — ^y mam&titincusi planon 

archive, n.: — atchibo. 

ardent, adj.^ adv.; eager; zealous: — 

empefLao; empefioso. 
arg^e, v. %.; to debate: — atgiiir. 
argument, n.; controversy: — ^inagxig- 

euat; ras6n. 
aiid, adj.; dry* barren: — angld. 
arise, v. i.; to nbe; to get up: — ^na-cajuld. 
ark (of the covenant; Noah's), n.: — 

arm, n.; hand: — canai. 
armchair, n.: — siyan gfU-^anai. 
armament, n.; equipment (military): — 

atmadura; trastes guera. 
armor, n.; cuirass: — ^magagon lulog 

para macubre y tatS^otHo yan guaja 

armpit, n.: — af&fft. 
arms, n.: — atmas; canae. 
army, n.; host: — millsia; ej^tsito. 
arouse, v. tr,; to wake up; to awake: — 

arrange, v. tr.^ v. %.; to order; to prepare; 

to make ready; to dispose: — ^&regl&; 

arrange, v. tr.; to arrange proportion- 
ately : — ^na-chilo£g^. 
arrange, v, tr.; to set in order; to try on; 

to settle (a loan): — ajusta. 
arrange, v. tr.; to inaugurate; to estab- 
lish; to introduce: — est&blese; planta. 
arrangement, n.; management; order; 

disposition: — areg^lo; inencatga. 
arrest, v. tr,; to seize: — aresta. 
arrival, n.; — ^finato. 
arrive, v, %.; to appear: — ^fato. 
arrow, n.;— flecha. 
artful, adj.; cunning: — J&-tuf[g:o 

article of faith, n.: — attfculon jin-. 

artificial, a dj., a d v.: — ^inin&juyof[g 


cusicension of Christ, n.: — asensi6n. 

ascension (assumption) of Mary, the 
Virgin, n.;— asunsi6n. 

ashamed, adj.y adv.; shamefaced: — 
mamajlau (mamajlao). 

ashamed, v. %.; to be ashamed: — ^mama- 

ashes, n.; cinders; embers: — apo; senisa. 

ask, V. tr.j v. i.: — ^f arisen; gagau. 

ask alms, v. %.; to beg: — gagau. 

ask, V. tr.f v. %.; to interrogate; to ques- 
tion: — ^f&^isen. 

aslant, adj., adv.; awry; sloping; ob- 
lique: — eguiiSg; egue^. 

cusi, adv.; like as; such as: — cal&n. 

aspersion, n.; slander; defamation: — 
enredos; imldft. 

assail, v. tr.; to attack; to fall upon 
(applies especially to an attack of 
many upon one): — agogiiiye. 

assail, v. tr., v. %.; to seize; to attack; to 
revolt; to rebel; to mutiny: — embeste. 

assembled, adj.; chinfchili; umdchult. 

assembly, n.; group; society: — ^Inetnon; 

assent, v. tr.; to agree to; to concede: — 

assert, v. tr.; to maintain: — ^nft-dafLft; 

assimilate, v. tr.; to absorb: — ^nft-ft^ya; 

assist^ V. %.; to help; to succor; to be of 
service: — IUsist6. 

assist, V. %.; to give advice; to counsel: — 

as soon cusi, conj.; so soon as: — asi que; 
enseguidas que. 

as soon as possible, adv.: — cuanto 

assort, V. tr.; to classify: — ^n&-&^disa- 
p&tta y dase; n& diferentes clase. 

assuage, v. tr.; to appease; to soothe; 
to calm; to make gentle: — ^Upasigua. 

assuaged, adj.; appeased: — ^Upl^ao. 

assume, v. tr.; to take for granted: — 
chuld pot man&e pat (or) pot mata- 
gd; chuld pot banid^. 

assumption, n.: — ^binanidoso. 

assure, v. tr.; to make sure or certain: — 
n&-fttme; n&-meton; nd,-seguro. 

asthma, n.;— jpujS; ja''-guja. 

asthmatic, a/^.: — ^jS^'^-guj^. 

astounded, adj., a^,; wondering: — 

asunder, adv.: — ^majlog; um&^desapatta. 

as well ... as also . . . : — tanto . . . 
oomo . . . 

as well as, conj.; as also; so as: — asi oo- 

at (at 11 o'clock): — a (a las onse). 

at first, adv.; for the first; aoove all; 
for the present: — ^mdna. 

athwart, adj.; crosswise; oblique: — 
6pagat; cms; umencrtis. 

at last; finally: — ^pot fin. 

at least, adv.; at any rate: — siquiera. 

at leisure, adj., adv.:— oaioao. 




at my expense: — ^^^ui gastoco. 
atone, v. ir.; to expiate; to make repara- 
tion; to give satisfaction; to pay; to 

reconcile: — apase; empas. 
atonement, n.; penance: — ^penit^nsia. 
at once, adft;.;— enseguidas. 
at one time ... at another time . . .: 

g^aja nai . . . guaja nai . . . 
attach, V. tr.; to fasten; to connect with: — 

asegura; nH-cheton; nd,-filtme; nama- 

gajet; nameton. 
attack, V. tr.: — qu6-julat. 
attack (especially an attack of sickness; 

a shock; a fit), n.: — achagque; ataque. 
attack suddenly, v. tr.; to surprise (the 

enemy); to penetrate: — jatme. 
attack, V. tr., v. i.; to assail; to seize; to 

revolt; to rebel; to mutiny: — embeste. 
attack, V. tr.; to take hold of; to press in 

(example, to press a cork into the 

bottle); to cleave a way through: — 

jofid; tugoug. 
attack of cramps, n.: — calamle. 
attain, v. tr.y v. %.; to reach; to seize 

(with the hand); to grasp: — ga^di&; 

attempt, v. tr.; to try: — chague; ensayo; 

attend, v. tr.; accompany: — acompafia; 

attendance, n.; presence: — guinaigue; 

pres^nsia; sanmena. 
attention, n.: — atensi6n; inatiende; 

attorney, n. — abogao. 
attribute, v, tr.; to rate; to put down to 

some one's account; to lay the responsi- 
bility of ... on some one: — achaca. 
auction, n.: — S,tmoneda. 

audacious, adj.j adv.; insolent; bold: — 

descarao; saguat. 
audible, adj.; capable of being heard: — 

ecun&ucon; jungucon. 
August, n.: — agosto; tenjoe. 
aunt, n.: — tia. 
auspicious, adj., adv.; well disposed; 

favorable: — ^faborable. 
automobile, n.;— calesan sin ^^^; 

avarice, n.; cupidity: — oodisia; linatgS.. 
avaricious, (k^., od'^,' envious; grudg- 
ing: — ch&ttau; latga. 
avenge, v. tr.; to exact retribution for; to 

revenge : — emog. 
average, n.: — ^inacompara; pot todo; 

aviary, n.; inclosure for keeping birds: — 

S£lg^ p&jaro. 
aviator, n.: — ^piloton aire, 
avoid, V. tr. — sujaye. 
avoid (to avoid sin), v. tr.; to turn out of 

the way; to evade: — ebita. 
awake (to awake the reason): — des- 

awaken, v. tr.; to wake up: — fagmata. 
award, v. tr.; to adjudge; to bestow: — 


away I interj.; out of the way with it! — 

awful, adj., adv.; solemn; dreadful: — 

awe, n.; reverential fear: — ^minaJtflao. 
awl, n.: — alesna. 

awiy, adj.y adv.; sloping; oblique; 
aslant: — eguefg; egui^. 

axe, n.: — acha; gachai. 
axis (of a'wragon), n.: — eje. 


babble, v. %.; to prattle: — cumuentos. 

babbler, n.: — g&-cumuentos. 

baby, n.: — ^nene. 

bachelor, n.: — sottero. 

back, n.: — tatald. 

backbone, n.; spine: — espinaso. 

backwards, adv.: — ^jan&otate; de 

bad, adv., adj.; evil; wicked; mischiev- 
ous: — camten; ta^'ilaye. 

bad example, n.: — ^mal ejemplo. 

bad spirit, n.: — chat-ante. 

bag, n.; pocket: — ^botsa. 

bail, V. tr.; to insure; to improve; to 
make good an assertion; to give credit: — 
ab6na; apdse; nd,-magajet; n^l^mauleg. 

bail,n.;security ; warranty : — fiansa; finia. 

bait, n.: — catnada; pugue. 

bait, V. tr.; to allure: — catnadaye; 
mojmo; pugue. 

bake, v. tr.; to bake in a pan; to fry, 
without fat: — aflito; n^-tosta. 

bake, v. tr.; to bake or fry too well; to 
bum in frying: — quemado; nH-gu^f- 

baker, n.: — ^panadero. 

baking oven, n.; oven; hearth: — jotno. 

balance, n.; perfect equalitj^ of two 

weights; equipoise; equiubrium: — 

balance, v. tr.; to make equal: — acha''- 

balcony, n.; porch: — ^batc6n. 
bald, adj.; bare: — d&gng^as; gdsgas. 
baldhead, n.: — catbo; dagi^|as. 
bald spot (on the head), n.;— dinagngas. 
ball (nfle ball), n.: — ^bala. 
ballast, n.: — ^lastre. 
balloon, n.: — ^lobo. 
balm, n.: — ^bi.tsamo; dinichoso; mina- 

gong; quinensuela. 
balm, V. tr.; to embalm: — ^nfiryeblrtsamo. 
balmy, adj.: — n&-jomlo; na-magof; 

paupau (also written: paopao). 
balsam, n.: — amatgoso. 
balsam, n.; embalming fluid: — ^b^tsamo. 
bamboo, n.; reed; cane: — cubo; pfau 

{also J piao). 
bamboo pipe, n.; reed pipe: — chigandd 


bamboo rod 


bamboo rod, n.; rod: — ^piau; plao. 
bamboo receptacle (used in carrying 

the juice of the cocoa palm, the tuba), 

n.: — ^bong^-bong fagot; also called ba- 

banana (the ripe banana), n.: — ag& 

(different kinds of bananas; ag& dama; 

agk dedo; galayan; jalum tdno; jaya; 

manila; tanduque). 
banana plant (also the banana fr\jit, 

while green), n.: — chotda. 
banana plantation, n.: — ^faflot-dayan; 

monchon chotda. 
band, n.: — guede; sinta. 
band, n.; orchestra of musicians: — 

capiya; banda. 
bandage (for any wound), n.: — ^b§e. 
bandage, v. tr.; to take up: — h^e, 
bandit, n.: — ^bandolero; tulisdn. 
banish, v. tr.; to exile; to drive out; to 

expel; to expel from the country: — 

bajik, n.: — ^banco. 
banker, n.; money changer; exchanger: — 

bankrupt, adj.: — ^insotbente; quiebra. 
bankruptcy, n.: — ^finalingo; minkfag. 
banner, n.; flag: — ^bandera. 
baptism, n.: — ^bautismo; tinagpa^ue. 
baptize, v. tr.; to christen: — tagpa^ue. 
bar, n.; long piece of wood or metal: — 

bareta; barote. 
bar, V. tr.; to bolt; to bolt the door: — 

tranca; trafigca; ch6mll. 
barbed wire, n.: — alamlen tituc&. 
barbarian, n.: — ^b&tbaro (Spanish); y 

bruto: bastos; tdilaye yiin malamafia 

na taotao. • 

barbarous, adj., adv.; cruel; terrible; 

dreadful; fierce: — ^n&-maafiao; tdilaye. 
barber, n.: — ^batbero. 
bare, adj.; bald: — catbo; dagfigas. 
bark n.; barque; three-masted sailing 

vessel: — ^batco; modo^. 
barking (of a dog), n.: — jHu j&u (also: 

j4o j4o). 
bark, v. i.; to bellow; to howl: — J&ujau. 
barley, n.: — sebada. 
barometer, n.: — ^bar6metro. 
barracks, n.; quarters: — cuattel. 
barrel, n.; cask: — ^barlles. 
barren, adj.; unfruitful: — cli*a''t-tano; ti 

barren, adj., adv.; dry; arid; destitute of 

moisture : — anglo . 
barter, v. i.; to trade: — ^n&-S>tulaicll; 

base, n.; foundation: — ^basa; fondo; 

ba«e, aaj.y adv.; abject; vile; mean- 
spirited:— -despresiao; ta^gpapfi,; tdi- 

base man, n.; a vile man: — ^jenng^an; 

tdilaye; traid6t. 
basin, n.; circular vessel for holding 

water; wash basin: — ^palanggana. 

basket, n.; — canastro or canastra. 
basket (of large size; made of fiber), n.; — 

bcusiket (local name for a small basket 

carried on the back), n.;— cheop. 
basket (made from cocoa-palm leaves; 

not very durable), n.: — ^ala (the same, 

but doubled, n., alan togtog). 
basket (for victuals), n.: — costat-tefig- 

basketwork, n.; braided work: — ^finilag; 

bass, n.; bass voic^: — ^bajo. 
bass viol, n.; double bass: — ^beoldn. 
basting thread, n.: — jilon chotda. 
bat (in the vernacular called the flying 

dog), 71.; — ^faniji. 
bath, 71.; — ^bafio. 
bathe, v. tr., v. i.; to take a bath: — dmag; 

bathroom, n.: — ^bafLo. 
bathtub, 71.; — ^baflo; fandmagan; tina 

para umdmag. 
battalion (a body of infantry), n.: — 

battery, n.: — ^bateria. 
battle, 71.; — ^bataya. 
battle, V. %.: to quarrel: — ^mumo. 
bay, 71.; — ^bajla; bocana {8 p.)', finfigudg- 

sal6; tase; tasi. 
beach, n.; seashore: — ^inai; oriyan tasi. 
beak, n.: — ^plco. 

be alike, v. tr.; to happen simultaneous- 
ly: — ^ptirejo; umaya. 
beans, n.: — abichuelas. 
bear, v. tr.; to give birth to; to bring 

forth: — ^fafiago; n^-juyu^. 
bear, n.: — oso. 
bear in mind, v. tr., v. %.; to remember: — 

jasayaijon; jaso; jinasonfiaijon. 
bearded, adj.: — g&i-batb£usi. 
beardless, adj.: — depots! t&ibatb£usi; 

beat, v. tr.: — dong^do^g:; julat; tutu. 
beat, V. tr.; to chastise: — s&ulag. 
beat, V. tr.; to beat on the head: — 

beat, V. tr.; to pound: — dong^-doflg;; 

beat, V. %.; to make mellow; to make 

tender: — ^chS,. 
beat, V. tr.; to wound: — Xiamen; nft- 

beat soundly, v. tr.; to cudgel: — galute. 
beating, n.: — garotaso. 
beautiful, adj., adv.; handsome; pretty; 

neat; nice (speaking of girls): — ^bonita; 

gatbo; samai. 
beautify, v. tr.: — ^h3,-bonito; n§,-gatbo. 
beautiful weather, n.: — g6f-ja£ie. 
because, prep.; on account of: — ^pot 

{Sp.)', s^; sitopre-s&. 
be careful! interj.; care! beware! — 

adajel cuidao! 
become angry, v. %.; to get angry: — 

bubo; cal6j§.; lalalo. 




become filled with mud (epeaking of 

the harbor), v. i.; to gink (into the mud 

bottom of the lagoon): — ^ma-atcisca. 
become old or childish, v. i.: — cuma- 

become strong, v. i.; to take root: — 

fumitme; man-jal6. 
becoming, adj.; seemly; proper: — 

chumilong; propio; nmHyk. 
bed, n.; — c£na. 
bed, V. %.; to lay stretched out in 

bed: — &son. 
bed, V. %.; to lay dwn on the bed: — 


bed, V, %,; to go to bed: — ^&son. 
bedbug, n.:— -ch6nche. 

bed frajne, n.;— citre. 
bed sheets, n.; coverlet; sheet: — 

bee, n.; — abeja. 

beefy n.: — catnen-guacft; guHca. 
beer, n.: — setbesa. 
beeswax, n.;— da^^es-abeja; sera. 
beetle, n.: — gfiig^ tfieiiiji y pUpagpag. 
befall, V. i.; to happen: — ^jotgue; 

before, adv.^ prep,; in front: — antes de; 

antes que; mdna; mSna. 
beg, V. tr.; to entreat: — suplica (Sp.); 

beg, V. %.; to ask alms: — umdgagau 

{also: umdgagao). 
beggar, n.: — gS^gagau; yum^agau 

begin, v. tr.; to start; to commence: — 

ma-tutujon^ ttitujon; tutujune. 
begone I interj.; go away! — ^unjanaol 
behave, v. tr., v. %.; to conduct one's 

self; to demean: — &d&je; manea. 
behave I interj.: — quieto I 
behead, v. tr.: — degiieya. 
behind, adv.; in rear of: — ^tUte; t&ten. 
being, n.; substance; matter: — giiiniya; 

jinam; sustansia. 
be in debt, v. %.; to owe: — dibe; man- 

belated, adj., adv.: — atrcusiao; ma-difj^o. 
belch, V. i.; to eructate: — ^fonton. 
belief, n.; faith: — ^fe; Jinef[ggue. 
believe, v. tr.: — ^jof[ggue. 
believing, adj., adv.; devout, true: — 

bell, n.: — campana. 
bellow, V. i.; to howl; to bark: — j&ujau. 
bellows, n.: — ^fueyes. 
bell tower, n.;— campanayo. 
belly, n.; abdomen; stomach: — tHyan; 

belong to, v. %.; to pertain to: — ^iyon. 
beloved, adj.; dear: — ^ma-eo£Lie; nefift. 
below, adv.; under; beneath: — gui papft; 

Sapd,; san pap^. 
t (for the waist) , n.: — coreas; seneddt ; 
belt (leather strap holding the sandals), 

n.: — coreas doga; cotd6n. 
bemoan, v. %.; to grieve; to lament: — 
majalangue; pinitiye; tdngse. 

bend, v. tr.; to curve; to make crooked: — 

d6bla; tecon. 
bend, v. i.; to bend down the body: — 

gsd; m&]^;ag. 
bend, v. tr.; to ciurve; also to touch with 

emotion; to move the feehngs of: — 

benevolent, adj., adv.; well-meaning: — 

guef-tao; mangoflfe. 
bend over, v. tr.; to fold over; to bend 

the knees: — d6bla. 
bend the knees, v. %.; to kneel: — dime, 
benign, adj., adv.; gracious; good; kind- 
hearted: — ^mauleg; yoasd. 
bent, adj., adv.; cxurved; crooked; also 

inclined to do wrong; forbidden: — 

echof[g; eclau; Ifhcd. 
berry, n..*— 4fc[uiqui m^fgo na fruta 

na gae pepitasj tinegcha. 
berth, n.; sleepmg place on board 

ship: — oamarote gui batco. 
beside, adv.; in the proximity of; near 

to: — canton; fion; gui fion; oriyan. 
besides,, adv.; moreover; apart from 

that: — adeni&s; fuera de. 
be silent, v. i.: — ^famatquilo; pacacH. 
bespatter with mud, v. tr.;— n&-ca- 

best, adj.; most desirable: — ^mas- 

bestial, adj., adv.; brutish; animal: — 

iyon g&gi. 
bet, n.; wager: — aposta. 
bet, V. tr., V. %.; to wager: — aposta. 
betel leaf, n.: — populo. 
betray, v. tr.; to be imtrue to:— fftbaba; 

faflajye; traidute. 
betrayal, n.; treason: — traisi6n {Sp.); 

betray, v. tr.; to be treacherous to: — 

better, adj.: — ^maulegiLa. 
between, ^fij).; amid; among: — 6ntald. 
beware I interj.; be carefull— ad&jel 
beware^ v. %.; to have a care; to be 

attentive: — ^^daje. 
bewitch, v. tr.; to cast a spell over: — 

cajnaye; n&-in&nmSn; ndr^&fi^H. 
beyond, prep.; on the farther side of: — 

gu6jiyof[g; sanjiyofi^; y otro banda. 
beyond measure, adj., adv.; supearflu- 

ous: — demasiao. 
bible, n.: — ^bfblia; hist6ria sagrada. 
bicycle, n.: — ^bisicleta. 
bid, V. tr.; to make an offer of: — oombida; 

jujo; ofrese; soyd. 
bier, n.; bed: — ^andas; afiggariya. 
big hearted, ac(;., adv.: — gueftau, {also: 

bifious, adj.; choleric: — ^bilioso {Sp.) 
bill, n.; accounting:— cuent a; cuentas; 

billiards, n.: — ^biydt. 
bind, V. tr.; to fasten; to tie on: — ^funut; 

bind lightly, v. tr.; to put a slender 

hoop around a barrel: — ^fujut. 
bird, n.: — ^guegpo; pdjaro. 




birth, n.: — ^ma-fafiago; maflago; patto. 
biscuit, n.; — biscocho; gayetas. 
bishop, n.; — obispo. 
bit, n.; morsel; mouthful: — bocao. 
bite, V. tr.; to crush or pierce with the 

teeth; to gnaw: — ^acft. 
biting, adj.y adv.; sharp; mordacious: — 

calactos; d&dau; pa'^pkgd. 
bitter, adj., adv.; sour; acid: — mJXUi^et'f 

black, adj.y adv.;— &tilo£g:. 
blacken, v. er.:— nft-g.tilo£g:. 
blacksmith, n.: — ^jerdro. 
blacksmith shop, n.; — ^fr&gua. 
bladder, n.; — ^bejiga; nayan-m6m6. 
blamable, adj,; culpable; guilty: — cul- 
pable (op,). 
blame, v. tr.; to find fault with; to' cen- 
sure; to reprimand:— corije; sogne; 

blank, adj.; free from writing; empty: — 

bianco; ga^as; giieco. 
blanket, n.; covering: — eno; saban as- 

blasphemy, n.: — ^blasfdmia; dispara- 

blaze, n.; a body of flame: — ^mafiilft. 
bleach, v. tr.; to remove color: — ^blang- 

quea; n§r&paca. 
bleed, v. i.: — majag&; ni-majag&. 
blend, n.; mixture: — dinafift. 
blend, v. tr.; to mix; to mingle: — dallft; 

bless, v. tr.; to praise; to commend; to 

extol: — ^bendise; tuna, 
blessed, adj., adv.; fortunate; lucky: — 

blessedness, n.: — dinichoso. 
blessing, n.: — ^bendisi6n; tinina. 
blight, n.; blast in the crop: — quinatot 

V tixianum. 
blmd, adj.y adv.;— bachet. 
blink, V. X.; to twinkle; to wink:-^ 

ftchetgue; chWml&m. \ 

bliss, n.; happiness:— felisid&d (Sp,); 

blister, n.; — ^mama-bejiga; pagpag. 
block (of wood, stone, etc.), n.; — ^pedaso. 
blond, adj.; red-haired: — bermejo; bet- 

blond, n.; — ^Jagft. 
blood-letting, v. tr.; to let blood; to tap 

blood : — desajSggra. 
blood-poisoning, n.; gangrene:— ca]%- 

bloody, adj.f adv.: — bula-Jag&; mejgft. 
bloom, V. %.; to blossom: — ^man-flores. 
blot, n.; spot; stain: — ^mancha. 
blot; V. tr.; to spot; to stain: — n&- 

blotter, n.; — secante. 
blouse, n.; — blusa; calo na magago. 
blow, V. %.; to breathe: — ^jUja. 
blow, V. i.; to sway: — gOja; sopla. 
blow with the fist, n.; cim: — dinemd. 
blow (speaking of the wind), v. %.: — 


blow, n.; stroke; knock: — dinei^dolig; 

blue, adj., ado.; cerulean; azure: — astlt, 
bluish, adj., adv.: — asusHt. 
blue, V. tr.; to color or dye blue: — ^nA- 

bluff, adj.; rising steeply or boldly 

(speaking of mountains, rocks, etc.):— 

boca; loc& na achd pat ogsd. 
bluff, V, tr.; to deceive:— dague; esitane: 

blunt, adj.; not sharp:— fiallo; ma- 

boar, n.; — balaoo. 
board, n.; table:— tabla. 
bocusit, V. t.;— bumanidoso; tunan-maisa. 
boaster, n.; braggart:— banidoso; fxD^ 

boat, n.; — ^bote. 
boat hook, n.; hook: — gancho. 
boatswain, n.: — contramadstro. 
bodice, n.; waist: — cotsd; chinina. 
bodkin, n.;— pons6n: pufiat-alesna. 
body, n.; the human ooay: — t&taotao. 
body of stagnant water, n.; puddle; 

mudpuddle: — ^atasca; fanatascayan. 
bog, n.; tract of wet, spongy ground:— 

fsrchd; sesonyan. 
boil, V. %.; to cook: — ^lodog. 
boil, V. %.; to cook with fat:— cado. 
boil, V. tr.; to boil in water:— ehanco<dia; 

bolBterous, adj.; vehement; impetuous; 

violent; passionate; stormy: — duro; 

fijom; rebottoso; arebal^. 
bold, adj., adv.; courageous; audacious; 

forward:— a totgante; descarao; 

s%iat; matatfi^. 
bolt, V. tr.; to bolt the door: — ^tratigca; 

bolt, V. I.; to start forward like a bolt:— 

bolt, n.; door lock: — sorojo. 
bolt, n.; a long step:-— inaga&. 
bomb, n./ pump:— bomba. 
bombard, v. tr.; to attack with bombs: — 

bombatdea; yotte bombas. 
bombard, v. tr.; to shoot at; to fire 

upon: — bianco; bombatdea; flecha. 
bond, n.; obligation: — obligaaidn. 
bone, n.: — ^piema: tdlaf^. 
bonnet, n.; — bonete (8p.); gora; tujofig. 
book, n.; — ^leblo. 
bookkeeper, n.; — tenedot de librp 

boom, n.; spar: — botal6n. 
boots, n.;— botas. 
border, v, tr.; to encompass; to inclose: — 

engatsa; oriyate; oriyaye. 
border, n.; end:— canto; chfn; oriya. 
border, n.; edging; galoon lace; stripes 

(on officers' uniforms): — gal6n. 
bore, V. tr.; to tire; confound; to em- 
boss: — ^n&-dogae; n&-6son. 
bore, V. tr.; to bore through; to pierce 

through:— duloe; taladro. 
bom, V. %.; to be bom: — ^ma-falLago. 




boroueh, n.; a corporate town: — Bo£g^- 

so^; biya. 
borrow, v. tr,; to obtain on loan: — 

ayao; nd,-ayao. 
bosom, n.; the breast: — ^pecho; jaof; 

sanjaiom pecho. 
boss, 71.; master; foreman: — acomosiiiao; 

maestro (Sp.). 
bother, v. tr.; to molest: — atborota; 

bottle, n.; flask: — ^boteya; frasco. 
bottom of the sea, n.; sea bottom: — 

bough, 71.; twig; branch:— diflgft; ramas. 
boulder, n.; large stone: — da^culo na 

bound, V. tr.; to bound* to fence a 

field: — colat; lelicui; onyaye. 
boundary, n.: — checho. 
bouquet, n.; nosegay; bunch of flow- 
ers : — ^ramiye te . 
bow, V. i.: — cottesia; tecon. 
bow, 71.; — atcos. 
bowels, n.; intestines:— rtilipas. 
bower, n.: — enramada; sagayan. 
bowl, 71.;— c&scara; tasa; tasdn. 
bow4egeed, adj.^ pron.; person with 

crookea legs:— ihan^co. 
bowUng ^game), n.: — ^jue^o de bolas. 
box, 71.; chest: — caja; caujau; cajon. 
box, 71.; tin box: — ^lata. 
box on the ear, v. tr.: — ^bofetada; 

boy, 71.; — ^laje; muchacho (Sp.): patgon. 
brace, n.; bandage: — ^b6e; bendas. 
bracket, ti.; — ^puntat. 
bracelet, n.; arm ring: — brasaletas; 

brag, V. tr.; to become vain or proud: — 

braggart, n.; boaster; swaggerer:— bani- 

doso; balenten pacnot; lantasioso. 
braid of hair, n.; tress; plait; queue; 

pigtail: — aquevd; filag. 
braid, v. tr.; to braid the hair; to braid 
. a rope (not to weave): — ^filae* 
brain, n.; reason; marrow: — tftanos. 
b^rake, n.; wagon brake: — agramadera; 

para nu m& saea pat (or) nu m& para, 
branch, ti.; bougn; twig: — dingd*; ramas. 
branch (of a cocoa palm; appUes to a 

branch fallen from, me tree and dried), 

71.;— jagasas; bft^ag. 
bjrandish,, v. %.; to swing; to wave: — 

n&-gupo; yalfbao. 
brass, n.: — bronse; lat6n. 
brave, adj., adv.; courageous; capable: — 

brave, aai., adv.; mighty; powerful; 

strong: — ^balente; famoso; matatiiga. 
bravery, n.; strength: — ^minatatng^a. 
brazier (for burning coals), n.: — ^brasero 
breach, n.; violation; rent: — ^fatta; 

nilache; matiteg. 
bread, n.: — ^pan. 

breadfruit tree, n.: — tro£g^con dog- 
dog; tro^con lemae. 

break, v. tr.; to tear up (a wall); to 
divide: — ^ip6; putft. 

break, v, tr.; to break a stick; to break 
bones: — ^julog. 

break, v. tr.; to crush: — ^gomgom; 

break, v. tr., v. %.; to break the strings 
of a musical instrument; to take the 
life: — gutus. 

break down, v. %.; to go to pieces: — 

break, v. tr.; to annihilate: — ^yulang. 

break into pieces; v. tr.; to shatter: — 

break off, v. tr.; to break off the limbs 
of a tree; to weaken the fire, by bank- 
ing or covering with leaves: — ^masquS; 

breakfast, n.: — amotsa. 

breakfast, v. i.; to take or to have 
breakfast: — amotsa. 

breast, n.: — jaof; pecho. 

breasts, n.; udder: — susu. 

breath, n.: — alentos; alientos; jinagong. 

breathe, v. %.: — jagong. 

breathless, adj.; out of breath: — guja; 

breeze, n.; gentle gale; fresh, soft ^^ind: — 
notdeste na ma^lo; suabe na 

brew, V. tr.; to make Uquors: — bate; 
mamU manesca. 

bribe, v. tr.; to corrupt: — ^n&-lEche; 
ndrlkmas; n4-potlilo; nfirtdilaye. 

brick, 71.; tile: — ^ladriyo; teja. 

bride, 7i.;— n6bia. 

bridegroom, n.: — ^n6bio. 

bridge, n.: — t61ai. 

bridle, n.; curb, rein: — ^freno. 

brief, adj., adv.; ^hort; concise:— c^dad^; 
^s^; jijot. 

bng, 71.; two-masted square-rigged ves- 
sel: — ^betgantin. 

brigade, n.: — ^brigada. 

bright, adj.; luminous: — ^mftlag. 

brightness, n.; luster; radiance: — 
mindrgas; min^llag. 

brilliant, adj.; sparkling; lustrous; glit- 
tering: — laTnlam; m^lag. 

brim, n.; the edge of anything: — canto; 

brine, n.; pickle: — chiguan; janom 

bring, v, tr.. v. %.; to carry; to take: — 
chuld; chuli. 

bring, v, tr.; to catch: — cond. 

bring forth, v. tr.; to produce; to cre- 
ate: — fafiago. 

bring forth, v. tr.; to bring up children: — 

bring forth, v. tr.; to create; to bear:— 

bring forth, v. tr.; to produce; to cre- 
ate : — ^n&-f amtft. 

bring in, v. tr.; to put in; to layjin: — 




bring into contempt, v. tr.: — ^n^-des- 

^resiao; n^-machatli^. 
bring nearer, v. tr.; to approach; to lay 

down : — ^ndr-arima. 
bring suit, v. tr.; to compain of before the 

court; to accuse: — ^fHall^; guejaye. 
brisk, adj.f adv.; alert; quick: — alisto; 

calamya; macalamya. 
bristle, n.; short stiff hair: — tiso na 

brittle, adj.^ adv.; thin; fragile: — gue- 

ton; pasca. 
broad, adj., adv.; wide; roomy: — ancho; 

broil, V. tr.; to fry; to prepare food; to 

season; to roast: — guisa. 
broken, adj.: — ^mUpd. 
bronze, n.: — ^bronse {also means made of 

bronze or brass). 
brood, n.; offspring; hatch: — ^rasa. 
brood hen, n.: — culeca; ponedera. 
brood, V. i.;U) incubate: — cumuleca. 
brood, V. %.; to worry; to indulge in 

melancholy meditation: — ^jasuye de- 

brook, 71.; a small stream: — sadog. 
broom, n.: — escoba. 
broth, n.; mush; com boiled in the milk 

of the coconut: — atmayas; atule. 
brother, n.; sister: — ch^lo. 
brother-in-law, n.: — cuflado (y quiil- 

brow, n.; forehead: — ^j&e. 
brown, adj.:— co\6t chocolate; patdo; 

brush, n.; thicket; shrubbery: — dfquiqui 

na &tbot. 
brush, v. tr.; to scrape or scratch off; to 

rub: — jotyat; safe. 
brutal, adj.; cruel: — ^iyofi gd^; talasi. 
brute, n.: — ^bruto; g^S.. 
brutish, adj., adv.; animal; bestial: — 

iyon ^^^ 
bubble, v. %.; to boil up; to sputter 

(speaking of aspring, etc.) : — bologbog. 
buck, 71.; ram {also sheep in general): — 

bucket, n.: — ^batde. 
buckle, 71.; clasp: — jebiycusi. 
buckwheat, n.: — un clasen trigo, {liter- 
ally: a kind of grain), 
bud, 71.; flower: — flores; batunes flores. 
bufioon, 71.: — ^bufon; titires. 
bug^, 71.; carriage: — calesa; careta; 

bugle, 71.; horn:— cotneta; trompeta. 
build, V. tr.; to mold; to do:— ifttinas. 
build a nest, v. i.;— famft-chenchon; 

building materials, ti.;— maderas; 

bulb, 71.; onion-shaped root: — sensen 

tinanon pat ch&guan gui jalom od&. 

4562—18 4 

bull, 71.; — toro. 

bulldog, 71.; — ^un clcusien gft lago (a 

certam kind of dog), 
bullet, 71,; — ^bala; bola (ball game). 
bullock, 71.; steer: — ^nobiyo pat toro; 

na ti fafaye. 
bunch, 71.; cluster: — rasimo. 
bundle, n.: — fininut; manojo. 
bundle, n.; sheaf: — ^manojo. 
bungler, n.; dabbler: — chapusero; 

buoy, 71.; — ^boya. 
bur, n.; burdock: — dad&Sgse. 
burden, n.; large pack; skirt {Sp,, falda); 

lap; nap; train of a skixt: — ^fatd6n; 

burden, n.; charge; load; baggage: — 

burdock, n.; bur: — d^da^gse. 
burpflcu:, n.: — saque; y jajatme gum&. 
bunal, 71.; funeral: — entiero. 
bum, V. tr.: — ^janon; sofiggue; sunog. 
bum up, V. tr.: — ^janon; songgue. 
bum, V. tr.; to parch the groimd; to 

squander : — satpa. 
burning, adj.: — j&janon; m^lag. 
burnt, adj., adv.; dry; barren:— dogngos; 

burro, n.: — ^buro. 
burst, V. tr.; to rent or break open with 

violence : — ^maptft. 
burst, V. i.;— put&. 
burst, V. i.;'ijo explode: — ^putH; ip§. 
bury, V. tr.; to entomb; to inter: — jaiot; 

bush, 71.; forest: — ^jalum-tand. 
bush knife, n.; machete: — machete, 
business, n.; speculation: — ^negdsio. 
but, co7ij.; notwithstanding; neverthe- 
less: — ^lau. 
but I inter j.: — ^a'^dalaul 
butcher, n.: — ^matadero. 
butcher akop, n.; — matansa 
butler, 71.; cup bearer: — copero. 
butt end of a gun, n.: — colata. 
butter, 71.; — ^mantiquiya. 
butterfly, ti.;— ababang. 
buttocks, n.: — quiya. 
button, V. tr.; to knot: — ^batunes; 

button, 71.; — ^batunes. 
button, V. tr.; to button up: — ^batunes. 
button, 71.; knot: — ^fludo. 
buttonhole, n.: — ojales. 
buy, V. tr.; to purchase; to get for a 

price: — ^fajan. 
buyer, n.: — f&fajan. 
by, prep.: — ^pot; oriya. 
by chance, adj., adv., conj.; haply; 

perhaps; may be: — acaso; ju£gguan; 

by degrees, adj., adv.; gradual; step by 

step : — ^adomididt. 





cabbage, n.: — ^repoyo. 

cabin, n.; hut: — c&mara. 

cabinet, n,: — c6nioda. 

cable, n.: — cable. 

cackle (of a hen calling her young), 

V. %.: — togtog. 
Cad, 71./ vulgar, ill-bred fellow: — ch&t- 

maf&n&gUe na t&otao. 
cage, n.: — tancat. 
cake, n.; — queg. 

calamity, n.; disaster; mishap; mis- 
fortune : — calamid&. 
calculate J v. tr.; to estimate; to con- 
sider: — jasuye. 
calculate, v. tr.; to compute; to think 

out: — catcula. 
calf, n.: — tatnero. 
calf (of the leg), n.: — ^m&manja. 
calico, n.; white or unprinted cotton 

cloth: — d^pacdr. 
calk, V. tr.; to calk; to repair a ship: — 

caU, n.; a visit: — ^bisita. 
call, V. %.; to come; to visit: — ^fatofgtte. 
call, n.; a call to chase away a dog: — 

call, V. tr.; to denominate; to name: — 

call to account, v. %.; to hold an ac- 
counting: — ^gagab cuenta. 
call by signs, v. i.; to summon by 

signs: — ^aiof. 
call, V. tr.; to name; to knock at the 

door : — dandan. 
call, V. %.; to call out; to cry: — aeang. 
callosity, n.; weal; skin swelled and 

hardened by labor: — cayos. 
callous, adj.^ adv.: — cayos. 
calm, n.; lack of wind or breeze: — 

calm, V. tr.; to soothe; to appease; to 

soften; to assuage; to make gentle: — 

apasigua; n§,-famatquilo. 
calm, adj.^ adv.; tranquil; quiet: — 

calumniate, v. tr.; to scoff; to deride: — 

calumniations, n. p2.;— calumnia; en- 

calumniator, n.; reviler; slanderer: — 

dideshonra; enredaddt. 
camel, n.: — cameyo. 
camp, n.: — campo; campamento. 
can, V. %.; to be able: — sifia. 
can, v.; tin can; metal vessel: — ^lata. 
canary, n.; — can&rio. 
cancel, v. tr.; to annul: — ^ma-anula; 

ma-cansela; ma-rease. 
candid, adj.y adv.; honest; outspoken: — 

candle, n.: — candela; da^ues. 
candle holder, n.; candelabra:— can- 

candy, n.: — candi. 
cane, n.; — ^b&ston. 

canine, adj.; pertaining to dogs: — ^rasan 

canoe, n.: — galHidd. 

cannon, n.: — ca£L6n. 

canvas, n.: — ^brin; lona. 

cap, n.: — gora. 

cap (with a visor), n.: — quepls. 

capable, adj.^ adv.; brave; courageous: — 
matatng^a; capds. 

cape, n.: — capa. 

capital, n.; capital city: — capit&t. 

capital sin, n.: — ^m&gas na fsao. 

capital, n.; the sum invested in a 
business: — capit&t; prinsipdt. 

caprice, n.; unrestricted choice: — ca- 
pricho; pinto. 

capricious, adj.y adv.; humorsome: — 

capsize, V. tr.; to turn over: — ^puja; 

captain, n.: — capitan. 

captious, adj., aav.; critical: — ch&tsaga. 

captives, n. pZ./ prisoners: — ^preso. 

captivity, n.; imprisonment; confine- 
ment :— cautibidad. 

captured, adj.: — preso; ma-con6. 

capuchin monk, n.;— capuchino. 

carabao, n .; the water buffalo: — 

card, 71.; visiting card; business card: — 
tar j eta. 

cardboard, n.: — catt6n. 

care, n.; concern; solicitude; anxiety: — 

careen, v. %.; to lean over (speaking of a 
boat): — ^utsa. 

care for, v. tr.; to provide for; to set at 
work; to prove by one's action; to de- 
velop; to unfold; to put in use:— ^ffn&- 

care, n.; regard; foresight; precaution: — 

careful, adj.; heedful :-^y6daje. 

care, v. i.; to torment; to labor: — s&p6t. 

careless, adj.; inadvertent; inatten- 
tive: — descuidao. 

carelessness, n.; heedlessness; reckless- 
ness : — descuida. 

caress, n.: — ^iniga; ninifia. 
carnivorous, adj.: — t^gcho. 
carpenter, n.: — catpintero. 
carpet, n.: — alfombra. 
carried away, p. p. torn away (by the 

wind) : — guinipo. 
carriage, n.: — coche. 
carry, v. tr.; to carry a child: — j6gtie. 
carry, v. tr.; to carry suspended from the 

hand : — dfliling. 

carry, v. tr.; to carry suspended from the 
shoulder without a stick: — chang:c&. 

carry, v. tr.; to carry under the arm: — 

carry, v. tr.; to carry imder the armpit: — 




carry, v, tr., v. %.; to bring; to take: — 

cart, 71.; light two- wheeled vehicle: — 

cartridge, n.: — cattucho; capsula, car- 

cartridge pouch, n.: — cattuchera. 
case, n.; a covering or receptacle: — 

carve, v. tr.; to form a design by cutting 

in wood, stone, etc.: — ^l&bla. 
carved work, n.; carving: — ^linabla. 
cash, n./ money: — salapd. 
cask, n.: — ^banles. 
cassock, n.: — casuya; hdbito-sotana. 
cast, V. tr.; to fling; to throw (stones); to 

stone: — aguet; ddgao. 
ccusit away, v. tr.; to repudiate; to spurn; 

to throw away: — desecha; yut^. 
cast off, V. tr.; to shake off; to repel: — 

cast off to one side: — chanda. 
castel, n.; citadel: — castijro: seradura. 
casual, adj . ; accidental: — 

casually, adj.^ adv.; accidentally: — 

casualty, n.; an accident; resulting in 

bodily injury or death: — desgr&sia. 
cat, n.: — cato. 
catarrh, n.; cold: — ^xnafiuzn. 
catch, V. tr.; to bring: — con§. 
catch, V. tr.; to cheat; to befool: — 

catch cold, v. i.; to take fresh air: — uznd- 

catch, V. tr., v. %.; to grasp; to gripe: — 

gancho {also to grasp: jacot; to hook: 

eancho; hook, n.: gancho). 
catch, V. tr.y %.; to ^ize; to grip; to 

grasjp : — chajlao. 
catechlszn, n.: — catesiszno. 
caterpillar, n.: — ulft; uM ababafig. 
cathedral, n.: — catedrHt. 
catholic, adj.: — cat61ico. 
cattle, n.: — ganado. 
cause, n.; matter; thing: — catisa^ motibo. 
cause pain, v. tr.: — ^nA-plnite. 
cause sorrow, v. i.; to cause grief: — 

caution, v. tr.; to advise; to admonish: — 

cavalryman, n.: — sendalon quinab&- 

cave, n.; cavern: — ^liya£g. 
cavity, n.; aperture; opening; hole: — 

cease, v. i.; to finish; to stop: — ^fagpd; 

para; basta. 
cede, V. tr.; to give: — ^n&e. 
ceiling (of a room), n.: — quisame. 
celebrate, v. %.; to make a holiday: — 

gbpte; gupot. 
celebrated, adj.: — afamao. 
cell, n.; prison: — calaboso. 

cellar, n.: — ^bodega. 

cement, v. tr.; to fill up with putty: — 

cement, n.: — semento. 

cemetery, n.: — sementeyo. 

censure, v. tr.; to disapprove; to con- 
demn; to reprove; to denounce: — 
desaprueba; corije. 

center, n.: — tSld {see t&lo: again). 

centiped, n.: — saligao. 

central, adj.: — tinald. 

century, n.: — siglo. 

ceremony, n.; solemnity: — serem6nia. 

certain, adj., adv.; secure; sure: — fijo. 

certainly, adv.; in all seriousness: — 

chagrin, n.; indignation; quarrel; ob- 
stacle; difliculty; vexation: — disgusto 
{also quarrel: pleito). 

chain, n::— cadena. 

chain, v. tr.; to fetter: — griniyete. 

chain, made up of red shells, n.: — 
cadenan colales (red shells: colales^. 

chain of love (local name for the Mexi- 
can creeper): — cadena de amot. 

chair, n.: — siya. 

chalice, n.; cup: — calis. 

chalk, n.: — ^yeso. 

challenge, v. tr.; to fight; to summon 
to a contest: — case; soyd para mumo 
(to tease: case). , 

chamberlain, n.; lord of the king's bed- 
chamber: — camtirero (cabin boy : cam- 

chamorro language: — find jaya (mean- 
ing the language of the south; as 
against find fi^go, the language of the 
north, or, the Spanish language). 

champion, n.; defender: — g&nadot; 

change, n.; alteration; mutation:-;-inago. 

change > v, tr.; exchange; to brin^ from 
one place to another (speaking of 
cattle): — igo; tulalca. 

changeable, adj., adv.; fickle; incon- 
stant; mutable; variable; fluctuating: — 

channel, n.; canal:— canat. 

channel, v. tr.; to dig a channel or 
gutter : — ^f iLcanate . 

character, n.; frame of mind; dispo- 
sition:— car&cter; costumbre. 

charcoal, n.; glow of burning coals: — 
pinigan; catbon jayo. ^ 

charge, v. tr.; to attack: — tugong. 

charge, v. tr.; to send for a purpose; to 
commission: — comisiona^ encatga. 

charge, v. tr.; to furnish with an errand; 
to authorize: — autorisa. 

charitable, adj., adv.; compassionable: — 

charitableness, n.; liberality: — gui- 

charity, n.: — ^yineas^. 

charm, n.: loveliness: — giiaiyayon. 


channing, adj., adv.; lovely; agreeable; 

Bwoet; worthy of being loved: — nAr 

chaate, adj.^ adv.; decent; clean; neat: — 

desente; ga^gas; honesto. 
chatter, v. %.; to gabble: — gagag. 
chauffeur, n.: — cocheron automobit. 
cheap, adj.; purchasable for a low price: — 

barato; ti^uaguan. 
cheat, n.; — nii&bllb&; din^gue. 
cheat, V. tr.; to damage: — dague; fllbaba. 
cheat at cards, n.: — do^eria. 
cheat, v.; to cheat each other: — uni&- 

cheat; to deceive; to impose on; to de- 
fraud; to dupe {also to impair, v. tr.; to 

prejudice; to do damage to): — Scft- 

cheating, n.; knavery; swindling: — 

checkers, n.; the game of checkers: — 

cheek, n.: — ^faso. 
cheerful, adj.^ adv.; delightful; joyous; 

merry; gay; satisfied: — ^n&-niagoi; di- 

cheese, n.;— queso. 
chest of drawers, n.; commode: — 

chew, V. tr.: — ^figalS^as. 
chew, V. tr.; to diew audibly: — ^n&- 

chew, V. tr.; to chew tobacco: — amasca. 
chewing tobacco, n.: — amasca. 
chicken, n.; young bird : — ^manog (young 

chicken: poyo). 
chief, n.: — jeie. 
child, n.: — nlfio: patgon. 
child to be baptized, n.; protege; 

neophite: — Jado (godson: Jado). 
childbirth, n.: — ^patto. 
chill (in lever attack), n.: — ^fugo {see 

fugd; squeeze), 
chimney, n.; touchhole or firing hole of a 

gun : — chimenea. 
chin, n.: — Hchai. 
chin, n.; point of the chin: — ^puntan 

Chinese, adj.: — chine, 
chip, n.; small piece: — estiyas. 
chisel, n.; — escoplo. 
chocolate, n.;— ^ocolate. 
choice, n.; option: — ^inftyeg. 
choir, n.;— core, 
choke, V, tr., v. %.; to suffocate: — gaot- 

gan; flucot. 
cholera, n.; — c61era. 
choose, i;. tr.; to select: — &yeg. 
chop on, V. tr.; to break on:-H)hebaiSg^. 
chorus, n.; a number singing in con- 
cert:— lajyan matfg^ftc&ntk. 
ohristen, v. tr.; to baptize: — ^ma-n&- 

christening, n.;— bautismo. 
ohristian doctrine, n.; — catesismon; 


chuckle, V. %.; to titter; to crackle (the 
bones of a joint): — chac& {see chaca: 

church, n.; — guma-Yiius. 

cigar, n.; tobacco: — chupa. 

cigarette, n.: — cigariyo. 

cinnamon, n.;— canefa. 

circle, n.; a round body: — sitculo. 

circular, adj., adv.; round; rotund (ball, 
roll of writing, scroll): — adameloif^. 

cistern, n.: — tanque. 

citron, n./ lime: — ^lemon. 

city, n.: — Biud&. 

civil, adj., adv.; polite: — ^respetao. 

claim, V. tr.; to demand; to assert: — 

claimant, n.; one who demands some- 
thing as a right: — ^y guma^ganye. 

dam. n./ an edible bivalve; moUusk: — 

clammy, adj.; soft; sticky: — dfi£gfSOlCg. 

clamor, n.; shouting; yelhng: — ^inaga^. 

clamp, n.:-T-jeramienta para man- 

clapper of a bell^ n.; — ^p&nag-camp&na. 

dash, V. %.; to strike violently together: — 

clasp, n.; buckle: — ^Jebiyas. 

clasp, V. tr.; pre^s, to oppress; to af- 
flict: — aprieta. 

class (in school), n.; — olase. 

classify, v. tr.; to systematize: — ^Hyeg. 

clatter, v. i.; to murmur; to rustle; to 
whisper; to rattle: — c&bicIUi {qUo to 
whisper: nangon). 

clause, n.; separate part of a written 
composition : — ^paraf o. 

daws, n. pi.: — c&cftguas: pdpaques. 

clay, n.; loam; mud: — ^fach4. 

dean, adj., adv.; neat: — easgas. 

dean, v. tr.; to dry: — saosao. 

dean. v. tr.; to renne (sugar): — ^n&-flno. 

deaning rag, n.; polishing cloth: — 

cleanliness, n.; decency: — guinftsgtts. 

cleanse, v. tr.; to wash: — ^fftease. 

dear, adj.; bright; pure: — daro; lam- 
lam; puro. 

clear, adj., adv.; positive; expressly pro- 
vided for: — daro. 

dear, v. tr.; to clear a field of trees or 
stumps; to cut down a wood; to root 
out tne forest: — desmonta. 

deaver, n.; a butcher's heavy hatchet: — 

demency, n.; compassion; remission: — 

dever, adj., adv.; inventive; witty; in- 
genious: — ^fftye; malat4. 

dient, n.; one who -employs a lawyer: — 
y ma-deft^ftende. 

diff. n.; rock; stone: — ladera (stone: 

climate, n.; — temperaturan-tand. 
dimb, v. %.: — ^fedos; jotde. 



olimb er, n,: — y xnaxudmedos ; y man- 

dimbing palxns, n.; — troncon-bejuco 
{aho trongcon-bejuco). 

dimb up, V. i.; — cocold; cajuld. 

clinch, V. tr.; to rivet: — ^rexnacha. 

ding, V. i.; to hold fast: — togtog diiro. 

clip, V, tr.; to cut with shears or scis- 
sors : — din^ai-maquiniya. 

clock, n.: — rel68. 

dose, adj.; kept secret; silent: — ^f&fat- 

close by, adj,; near: — ^jijot. 

dose, aaj., adv.; dense; difficult; en- 
tangled : — gadon. 

dose, V. 'tr.;» to shut: — Juchom (or: 

dose a contract, v. tr., v. %.; to enter 
into an agreement: — ^nft-fagpd. 

close, V. tr.; to stop up: — ^juchiim; 

doselv connected with each other: — 

dose, V. tr.; to close the eyes: — achigd. 

doset, n./ retreat; water-closet: — oomon. 

dothj n.: — ^xnagago. 

clothier, n.; one who makes or sells 
clothing: — ^venteron-ma^ago. 

dothine, 71.; piece of clothing; article of 

dress : — ^bestid!o. 

doud, n.: — ^jomjom uchan; mapagajes. 

cloudy, adj.: — ^nublado; jomjom uchan. 

dub, n.: — damang. 

coach, n.; carriage: — coche; caruaje. 

coachman, n.; driver: — oochero. 

coal, n.: — oatbon. 

coal dust, n.: — ^potbos catbon. 

coarse, adj.y mv.; rough; inattentive; 
irreverent ; disrespectful ; rude: — 
desatento; bastos. 

coarse, adj., adv.; refractory; stubborn; 
willful : — ^xnachaleg. 

coast (also cost), n.;— contra-costa. 

coat, n.: — ^saco. 

cobwebs, n. — tirarafLas (spider: 

cock, n.; the male of birds; rooster: — 

cockfight, n.: — gayera. 

cockroach, n.: — cucuradia. 

cocoa, n.: — c&cao. 

cocoa crab, n.; — ayuyu. 

coconut (after the milk has been ex- 
tracted), n.: — bagaso. 

coconut (tender, good to eat), n. : — can- 

coconut (a tender one; already contain- 
ing liquor), n.: — ^manjaj aplog. 

coconut (wnen entirely ripened), n.: — 

coconut (when small, and not larger 
than a betel nut), n.: — dadeg. 

coconut milk, n.;— chigd niyog. 

coconut rasp, n.: — camyo. 

coconut, V. tr.; to rasp the coconut: — 

coconut, n.; rasped: — quinamyo. 

coconut shell, n.: — jaiguas. 
coco palm, n.: — tro£g^con ni^og. 
codflAh, n.; yellow wren; Spanish fly: — 

coffee, n.;— caf6. 
coffin, n.: — ata^d. 
cogitate, v. tr., v. i.; to reflect upon; to 

be of the opinion; to imagine; to con- 
jecture; to tnink: — jaso. 
cohere, v. %.; to stick together: — 

coil, n.; a rope gethered into a ring: — 

coil up, V. tr., V. %.; to curl up; to roll 

together : — f alulon. 
coin, n.; piece of money: — ^moneda; 

cold, adj.; frigid: — ^mane^Jeng. 
cold, n.; catarrh; cold in the head: — 

colic, n.; gripes: — ^puten chachag. 
collapse, V. i.; to fall in; to break down: — 

collar, n.: — oueyo. 

collect, V. tr.; to gather; to bring to- 
gether; to accumulate: — f&monton; 

nfirctnon; recoje. 
collect, V. tr.; to assemble: — etnon. 
collect, V. tr.; to call in outstanding 

moneys: — oobla. 
collect, V. tr.; to collect rain water in 

receptacles or reservoirs: — ^fagte. 
collector of customs, n.: — aduanero. 
college, n.; higher school: — quelejo. 
collide, V. %.; to knock together: — 

collision, n.: — totpe. 
colonel, n.; commander of a regiment: — 

color, n.: — col6t. 
color, V. tr.; to paint: — pentft. 
colored pumpkin, n.;— calam&sa. 
colorless, adj.; pale (of complexion): — 


colossal, adj.; gigantic: — dafg^culo. 
colt, n.; young male horse: — ^patgon- 
eabayo na-laje. 

column, n.;— columna. 
comb, n.: — ^paine. 
comb (of the rooster), n.: — cresta. 
combat, v. tr., v. %.; to fight: — ^mumo. 
combine, v. %.; to unite; to join:— 
etnon; fan-etnon. 

comet interj.: — mailHI 
come, V. %.: — ^mail&. 
comedy, n.: — comeya. 
come from, v. tr.: — guine. 
come in sight, v. i.; to shine forth; to 
make one's appearance: — anog. 

come in touch with, v. i.: — cheton. 
come to the aid of, v. tr.: — a^yuda. 
come, V. %.; to visit; to call: — ^fatofgUe. 
comfort, V. tr.; to console:— consu^la. 
comfort, V. tr,; to console; to encourage; 

to ccupy one's self with; to practice: — 




comfortable, adj., adv.; fortunate; con- 
tent: — gVL^f-B&gk. 

comforter, n.; consoler:— coii8olad6t. 

command, v. tr.; to order; to rule: — 

commem.orate, v. tr.; to celebrate with 
honor: — g6pte. 

commence, v. tr., v. %.; to b^:in; to 
start: — tutiijon. 

commend, v. tr.; to laud; to praise: — 

comment, n.; remark; explanation: — 

commerce, n.; trade: — comdtsio. 

commissi6n, n.; disposition: — encatgo; 

commit murder, v. tr., v. %.; to murder: — 

commit suicide:— pund nialsa. 

common, adj., adv.; public; general: — 

commonalty, n.; community: — comu- 

common people, n.; plebeians:— otdi- 
n&rio na-taotao. 

communicate, v. tr.; to impart; to cause 
to be shared: — ^n&e-p&tte. 

communion, n.; partaking of the eu- 
charist : — comuni6n. 

community, n.; commonalty:— comu- 

companion, n.; conu*ade; associate; part- 
ner : — g&chol5|:. 

company, n.;— compaflia. 

compare, v. tr.; to liken: — acomp&ra. 

comparison, n.; parable: — compara- 

compass, n.: — comp&s. 

compassion, n.; goodness; mercy; mina- 

compassionate, adj., adv.; charitable: — 

compel, v. tr.; to force; to constrain; to 
coerce; to subdue: — afu^tsas. 

compeUed labor, n.; socage: — chochd- 

compensate, v. tr.; to renumerate; to re- 
pay: — gratifica. 

compete, v. i.; to enter into competi- 
tion : — u-ma^chague . 

competent, adj.; capable: — cap&s; com- 

compile, v. tr.; to put together: — dafLft. 

complaint, n.; accusation; impeach- 
ment; suit at law: — quSja. 

complete, adj., adv.; entire; total; full; 
read y ; prepared : perfect : — cab&les; 
enteramente; entero. 

complete, v. tr.; to finish: — ^magpd; 

complete, adj., adv.; ready; finished: — 

complicated, v. tr.; to involve; to en- 
tangle: — c6cas; gUdon. 

complication, n.: — g^ina''don. 

compliment, n.; expression of cour- 
tesy : — cumplimi6nto. 

complinient, v. tr.; to flatter; to praise; 

to congratulate: — ttina. 
compose, v. tr.; to pacify; to appease; to 

caun : — ^n&-f amatqullo . 
compositor, n.; typesetter: — impresdt. 

comprehend, v 

compress, v. tr 

compromise, n. 

to understand: — 
to condense: — J6g8e; 
agreement : — compr o- 

compromise, v. %.; to lay bare; to ex- 
pose : — comprom6te . 

compulsory, adj., adv.; involuntary: — 
fuets&o; obligdo. 

comrade, n.; friend; felldw; partner (in 
both good and bad sense): — ^ftcho^. 

conceal, v. tr.; to hide; to disguise: — 
Upa; a^'tog. 

concede, v. tr.; to assent; to agree to: — 
nUe petmlso. 

concern, n.; affair; business: — astinto. 

conclude, v. tr.; to determine; to direct; 
to order: — detetmfna. 

conclusion, n.; finidi; end: — ^fin&gpd. 

concur, v, %,; to agree: — ^u-m&confotma. 

condemn, v. tr.; to sentence: — ^y6 gua. 

condemn, v. tr.; to disapprove; to re- 
prove; to denounce; to censure: — 

condition, n.; measure; rule; disposition; 
direction: — condisidn; disposisi6n. 

condition, n.; state: — est4o. 

condition, n.; stipulation: — condisi6n. 
condole, v. tr.; to express sympathy: — 

s&onao puminfte. 
condone, v. tr.; to pardon: — asfe. 
conduct, n.: — conaucta. 
confectionery, n.; sweetmeat; cakes: — 


confederate, 71.; accomplice: — complise 
confess J v. %.: — cumonfesat. 
confession, n.; — confesidn. 
confession, n.; the last confession: — 

y mapos na confesi6n. 
confessional, n.: — confesionltrio. 

confide, v. tr., v. %.; to hope; to expect; 

to look for; to intrust: — a£g;oco; conffa. 
confidence, n.: — ^inangoco. 
confident, adj., adv.: — afg^ocuyon. 
confirm, v. tr.; to strengthen: — con- 

confirmation, n.:— confitmasi6n. 
confiscate, v. tr.; to sell at auction: — 


conflagration, n.; fire: — quemasdn. 
conform, v. tr.; to make alike: — con- 

conform, v. i.; to comply with:— 

confound, v. tr.; to tire; to bore; to 
embo33 : — ^nA-6son. 

confront (by witnesses), v. tr.: — ^flnan&. 

confuse, v. tr.; to jumble up; to render 

indistinct : — ^nA-a^gadon; nft-a^lache . 




confused, adj,; disorderly; irregular: — 

congenial, adj.; kindred: — ^par6jo gen- 

congratulate, v'. tr.; to wi^ happiness 
to:— feliait&r (Sp.). 

connect, v. tr.; to join; to unite: — ^nft- 
dtnon; nll-ch6ton. 

connected, adj., adv.: — ch6ton. 

conscience, n.: — considnsia. 

consecrate, v. ir.; to transmute: — 

consecration, n.; transformation :^K5on- 

consent, n.; agreement:— quinensitote. 

consider, v. tr.; to calculate; to esti- 
mate: — considdra; catctila. 

consider, v. tr.; to contemplate; to 
survey : — consider a. 

consist, V. %.; to be composed of; to be 
made up of: — consiste. 

consolation, n.; occupation: — tinan§. 

consolation, n.: — quinensuela or con- 

console, v. tr.; to comfort: — consuela. 

constant, adj., adv.; persistent; stead- 
fast; persevering; industrious; diligent; 
assiduous; sedulous: — constante; fijo. 

construct, v. tr.; to build; to put to- 
gether: — jatsa (to lift: jatsa). 

consult, v. tr.: — consutta. 

consume, v. tr.: — la^chai. 

consume, v. tr.; to gulp down: — tuchd. 

consume, v. tr.; to use up entirely, 
leaving nothing: — la'^chai. 

consumption, n.; expenses; costs: — 

consumptive, adj.: — sogso^. 

contain, v. tr.; to hold within: — omlat. 

container (for serving chocolate), n,: — 

contemplate, v. tr.; to consider; to 
survey: — contempla. • 

contempt, n.; disdain; scorn: — des- 

contemptible, adj.; meriting scorn: — 

contend, v. i.; to emulate: — qufi-igue. 

content, adj., adv.; fortunate; coimort- 
able: — ^mUgof; gu^f-saga. 

contented, adj., adv.; joyous; glad: — 

contention, n.; quarrel: — ^pliito. 

continence; n.; abstinence; temper- 
ance: — Syuno. 

oontinual, adj., adv.; incessant; con- 
stant: — constante. 

continuation, n.; duration; endur- 
ance: — sinigae (also duration: in- 

continue, v. %.; to endure; to last; to 
abide: — dinira. 

continue, v, %.; to follow: — aigue. 

continuous, adj., adv.; perpetual: — 

contract, n.; agreement:— contrato. 

contracted, adj.; cramped; tightly 

strung : — apret&o. 
contractor, n.; exploiter: — contratista. 
contradict, v. tr.; to quarrel; to dispute; 

to disagree; to struggle; to be at vari- 
ance : — contradise. 
contradiction, n.; quarrel: — contra- 

dicsi6n; contradisidn. 
contrary, adj.; to the contrary: — at 

contrgiio or pot el contrdrio. 
contribute, v. tr.; to furnish as a share: — 

contrition, n.; penitence; repentance: — 

contrision; sin^tsot. 
control, V. tr.; to search; to view; to 

visit; to inspect:— dgdrg&. 
convenience, n.; fi t n e s s: — 

convenient, adj.; siutable; handy: — 

conversation, n.; entertainment: — 

conbetsasion; cuentos. 
converse, v. i.;'to talk familiarly: — 

convert, v. tr.: — conbiette. 
convince, v. tr.; to win over by persuasion 

or evidence: — ^bense. 
convoy, n.; escort; accompaniment: — 

cook, n.: — cosinero. 
cook, V. tr.; to boil; to set upon the fire; 

to melt: — ^nH-l&go. 
cooking kettle, n.: — ^lauya. 
cool, adj., adv.; fresh; refreshing: — 

cool, v. tr.; to refresh: — ^n&-m&pao. 
cool off, V. tr.: — ^n&-mdpao. 
copious, adj., adv.; complete; detailed: — 

copper, n.: — coble, 
copy, n.: — copia. 
copy, V. tr.: — copia. 
coral, n.; — achd-fi&fLac. 
cord, n.; a twisted string: — ^jft^'Jlon. 
cork, n.; bottle stopper: — cotdio. 
com, n.; maize: — ^ma^ies. 
com, n.; sore; ulcer: — cayos. 
comer, n.; edge: — ^rinc6n. 
comer (of a building), n.:— esquina. 
corpse^ n.; dead body; de»d: — cadabet; 

correct, v. tr.; to blame; to censure: — 

correspondence, n.; letters: — co- 

corridor, n.; veranda; passageway: — 

corrugated iron, n.: — ^planchan-sfn. 
cost, V. tr.; to be worth; important (or 

to De valid): — hide (what does it costP 

costs, n.; consumption; expenses: — 

cotton, n.; cotton wadding: — dtguedon. 
cough, n.;— 1616. 
councillor, n.; advisor: — consejero. 

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• •.- 




cup, n.; small glass: — copa. 

cupbearer, n.; butler: ^nsopero. 

curable, adj., adv.: — anitiyon. 

curate, n.;^K5ura. 

curate of a parish, n.: — ^par6co. 

curb, n.; the rein; bridle: — ^freno. 

curdle, v. %.; to coagulate; to congeal 
(speaking of milk): — cumotado y 

curdled milk, n.; — cottado y leche. 

curious, adj . , adv.; inquisitive: — 

curl, n.; ringlet of hair: — ^mulato. 

curlew, n.; — calala^. 

curl up, V. tr., v. %.; to roll together; to 
coil up: — ^falulon. 

current, n.; stream: — coriente; milag. 

curse, V. tr.: — ^matdise. 

curse, n.; oath: — desparate; matdisidn. 

curtain, n.;^K5ottina. 

curved, adj., adv.; crooked; bent (also in- 
clined to do wrong); forbidden: — 

cushion, n.; pillow: — alunan. 

custom, n.: — costumbre; p^figuS,. 

custodian, n.; caretaker: — encat^o. 

custom, n.; established usage: — pen£gft 
customary, adj., adv.; usual; ordinary; 

regular : — ^regful&tmente . 
custom house, n.: — aduana. 
customs duties, n.; fees; taxes: — 

derechon aduana. 
cut, n.: — tinllg&. 
cut, n.; joint: — ^moscas. 
cut, V. tr.j V. %.; to fell; to cut off: — 

cut into slices, v. tr.: — debana. 
cut off, v. tr.; to break off (the limb of 

a tree): — chef chef, 
cut open, v. tr.; to cut open an animal: — 

cut out, V. tr.; to cut out the inside of 

a coconut, with an instrument: — 

cut, V. tr.; to saw; to cut with a saw: — 

cut, V. tr.; to split: — ^p&pfg^as. 
cut, V. tr.; to cut with one stroke: — g^be. 
cut, V. tr.; to wound: — s§Bd. 
cutting, adj. J adv.; sharp; severe; 

pointed; keen: — Ecadidog. 
cylinder, n.; — silfndro. 


dabble, v. tr.; to bungle; to do something 
in a superficial manner: — palaspto. 

dabbler, n.; bungler:— chapusero. 

daUy, adj. J adv.; occurring each succeed- 
ing day: — dilirio. 

daily wage, n.: — ^&pas di&rio. 

daily work, n.; task: — chdchd didrio. 

dainty, adj.; choice; delicious; fastidi- 
ous : — ^f astidioso . 

dairy, n.; place where milk is kept and 
converted into butter, etc.: — lichera. 

dam, V, tr.; to hold up (the flow of 
waters) : — ^presa. 

dam, n.; river dam: — ^presa. 

damage, n.; harm; hurt; injury: — da&o. 

damaee, v, tr.; to wouna; to hurt: — 

damp, adj., adv.; moist; humid (pre- 
venting an object from burning): — 
&pagon; fotgon; timido. 

damsel, n.; a maiden: — setter a. 

dance, v. tr., v. %.: — ^b&ila. 

dance, n.: — ^blUle. 

dandruff, n.; scurf on the scalp: — caspa. 

dandy, n.; a fop; coxcomb: — andi. 

dandy, v. %.; to play the dandy: — 

danger, n.; risk: — ^riesgo; ^eligro. 

dangerous, adj., adv.; perilous: — ^peli- 

dare, v. tr., v. i.; to have courage; to 
attempt; to defy; to challenge: — gid- 

darin'g, adj., adv.; rash; wild; bold; 
venturesome:— animoso; bdtbaro. 

dark, adj., adv.; dusky; destitute of 
light : — ^jom jom. 

darken, v, tr.; to cast a shade upon; to 

overshadow : — ^jome . 
darkening, n.; twilight; gloaming: — 

lemlem t&otao; j6jomjom. 
darkness, n.: — jinemjom. 
darky, n.; n^ro: — ^neglo. 
darling, n.: — quirida. 
dash, V. tr.; to throw violently or hsist' 

date, n.; the time of a letter or trans-. 

action : — ^f echa. 
date, n.; the fruit of the date-palm: — 

daughter, n.; — ^ija; jaga. 
daughter-in-law, n.: — cuflada. 
dawn, n.; — ^machagchHg c&t&n. 
dawn, V. %.; to b^in to grow Ught:— 

dawn, n.; the first appearance of light in 

the morning: — ^pago manan&. 
day, n.; the period of li^ht between sun- 
rise and sunset; daylight; sunlight: — 

ja&ne; dla. 
daybook, n.; rough draft: — ^borad6t. 
daybreak, n.; morning twilight: — ^pago 

man an a. 
day laborer, n.; helper; also piece (in the 

game of checkers): — ^pe6n; jotnalero. 
day of fasting, n.: — ayuno; dia de 

dazed, adj.: — ^mali^go y jinaso. 
deacon, n.: — di^cono. 
dead,; destitute of life: — ^m&tai. 
dead, n.; dead body; corpse: — ^m&tai; 

deadly, adj., adv.; causing death: — 





deaf, adj.; deprived of hearing: — taj%&. 

dealer, n.; trader; merchant: — coxnetsi- 

dear, arfj., adv.; beloved: — ^xna-goflle; 

dear, adj.^ adv.; expensive; costly: — 

death, n.; hour of death: — flinatai. 

death-dealing, adj.; death-bringing: — 

death penalty, n.; — ^pena de nxuette. 

death watch, n.; a vigil beside a dead 
person: — ^^ mitai; y bumela gui 

debar, v. tr.; to shut out; to exclude: — 

debate, v. tr.; to deliberate together: — 
agumento; atgumento. 

debauch, v. tr.; to corrupt; to vitiate: — 

debauched, arf/., adv.; stupid: — totpe. 

debtf n.; that which is due from one 
person to another: — dibe. 

debtor, n.; sinner: — ^man-isao; iisao; 

decade, n.; ten consecutive years: — dies 
a£Los siguido. 

decay, v. %.; to rot; to decline or fall: — 

decease, v. i.; to die: — ^matai. 

deceit, n.; fraud; cheating; imposition; 
humbug; trick; cunning: — dinague; 

deceitful, adj.; cunning: — ^fa-fgilajye. 

deceive, v. tr,; to lie; to speak falsely; to 
dieat (at cards); to impose on; to dupe; 
also to impair; to do damage to: — 
embostero; dague; fandague; tesgiie. 

December, n . : — disi^mbre; 

decent, adj.y adv.; clean, neat; honor- 
able: — desente; gasgas; honesto; 

deception, n.; fraud: — ^fin&baba; linipa. 

decide, v. tr.; to bring to an issue; to re- 
solve: — deside. 

decimal, n.; pertaining to, or based upon, 
the number 10; decimal fraction: — 

decimate, v. tr.; to destroy a large pro- 
portion of: — desminuye; desminuye 
uno cada dies. 

decision, n.; intention; determination: — 
dinetetmina; detetmina6i6n. 

deck, n.: — cubietta. 

declaration, n.; assertion; publication: — 
dineclara^ declarasion. 

declare, v. i.;— declara; ma-claruye. 

declare free, v. tr.; to release; to pro- 
nounce not guilty; to acquit; to ab- 
solve : — absue the . 

decline, v. tr.,v. %.; to refuse: — ^reusa. 

decompose, v. i.; to become decomposed; 
to putrefy: — llamas. 

decomposed coral, n.; used for road- 
making; is soft when put down, but 
hardens through action of the air and 
of water:— -caoca jo. 

decorate, v. tr.; to adorn; to embellish: — 

decorate, v. tr.; to put in order: — alifla. 
decorous, adj.^ adv.; of proper bearing; 

decent; agreeable; pleasing: — asent- 

ado; desente. 
decorum, n.: — dinesente. 
decoy, n.; lure; stratagem: — ^figuran 

^^% para 6codo. 
deco;^, v. tr.; to allure into danger by 

artifice; to lure: — ^pugui. 
decrease, v. i.; to become smaller in 

quantity: — caguan mengua. 
decrease in tension, v. tr.; relax; 

slacken; to unbend; to unharness: — 

decree, n.; sentence; judgment: — de- 

creto; jinaso; jufsio; min^jnalom (or: 

decree, v. tr.; to prescribe; to ordain; to 

dispose : — decreta. 
deduct, V. tr.; to take away: — ^nH-suja. 
deed, n.; creature; work; act; action: — 

deed of charity, n.: — ^beneflsio. 
deep, adj., adu.; large; below the sur- 
face: — ^modung; tadufig. 
deep-eyed, adj.y adv.: — ^motgan. 
deepen, v. tr.: — ^l&-gu&dog. 
deep water, n.: — s&jago; tadufig na 

deer, n.; — ^binado. 
deface, v. tr.; to mar the surface of; to 

disfigure : — disflgura. 
defemiation, n.; slander; bad words; as- 
persion: — chisme; inad&. 
defame, v. tr.; to bring di^race upon: — 

deshonra; fatso, 
defame, v. tr.; to injure the good name 

of; to dishonor: — deshonra; fatso. 
defeat, v. tr,; to overcome or vanquish: — 

gana; dtilala^. 
defect, n. /deficiency; want:^-chinattao. 
defect, n.; sore; wound; abscess: — 

chetnot; defecto. 
defend, v. tr.; to guard or protect: — 

defender, n.; protector; guardian: — 

defensdt; dfdenende; gufgogfie. 
defer, v .tr.; to postpone: — ^na-dbmam. 
defense, n.; the act of defending; pro- 
tection; vindication: — defi.6nde; dini- 

defense, n.; shelter: — defifode; sinague 

fan lijifigan. 
deficiency, n.; defect; want; lack: — 

chin&ttao; defecto; escas6s; fdtta. 
defll6, n.; low giound; low country: — 

fin&gu&jgfsalii; gudgsald; gudg^M; 

also natata na pasaje malot. 
defile: n.; narrow pass: — ^fH^salug; 

fin^^'salug; mafot 
define, v. tr.; to describe: — espUca; 

definition, n.; brief description: — 

definisidn; pinfl4. 
deform, v. tr.; to disfigure; to distort; 

to deface: — disfigura; n^-ch^tp^go. 




defraud, v. tr.; to cheat; to deprive of 

something : — Wa^/h'i.. 
detjy V. tr.; to challenge; to resist openly: 

— g&i &iiizno. 
degenerate, v. %.; to deteriorate: — 

degrade, v. tr.: to lower physically or 

morally; to tone down: — gatduna; 

yutt pap&. 
deject, V. tr.: to depress the spirits of; 

to dishearten: — disanima. 
dejected, adj.: depressed; gloomy: — 

dejectedness, n.: depression of spirits: — 

delay, v. tr.; to postpone; to stay; to 

stop : — in-^bmam. 
delayed, adj.: come too late; risen too 

late (out of bed):— ba^Sn. 
delegate, n.; representative: — acds- 

tente; representatibo. 
deliberate, v. tr.: to ponder; to weigh 

in the mind: — considera. 
delicacy, n./ grace; sensitiveness; refine- 
. ment: — grasioso. 
delicate, adj., adv.: admirable; lively; 

vivacious; elegant: — airoso. 
delicious, adj., wiv.: exquisite; highly 

pleasing to the senses, taste, or mind: — 

delisioso; mannSfui. 
delight, V. tr.: to please; to give pleasure 

to; to appease: — ^nH-m&gof; nll-man- 

man; nH-t&tnon. 
delight, n.: enjoyment:— nteiagof; 

delighted, adj., adv.: joyous; merry; 

gay; satisfied; cheerful:— dibettldo. 
delightful, adj., adv.: — ^nH-xnanman; 

delirium (in fever), n.; aberration of 

the mind: — ^jinason atmari&o. 
deliver, v. tr.: to set free; to save: — 

n&-j&nau; n&-libre. 
deliver, v. tr.: to deliver a woman of 

child : — ^f afl&go ; ma- ildgo . 
delivery, n.; the act of delivering: — 

jin^^nau; inentr6ga; min&jtiyong. 
delivery, n.; draft; duty; tax:^K5atga; 

impuesto; todo; tribute. 
deluge, n.; inundation: — diltibio. 
delusion, n.; imposition: — ^fatso; 

demand, v. tr.: to ask in a peremptory 

manner : — dem&nda. 
demented, adj.: insane: — atmari&o; 

democracy, n.: government by the 

people; political or social equality: — 

gobi^tnon t&otao. ^ 
demolish, v. tr.: to ruin; to destroy: — 

demolition, n.; destruction: — ^mina- 

demon, n.; evil spwit; devil: — demonic; 

demonstrate, v. tr.: to evince; to prove; 

to show: — ^f&ntie. 

demonstration, n.; act of demonstrat- 
ing: — ^prueba. 
demoralize, v. tr.: to corrupt; to throw 

into confusion: — ^ndr-atborot&o; yti- 

demur, v. ir./ retort; to oppose; to object; 

to put in by way of reply: — &gua- 

demure, adj., adv.: grave; sober; decor- 
ous; proper in behavior: — gM-ma- 

mg,jlao; fotmat. 
denial, n. ,Tefusal; contradiction: — rin- 

etisa; contradicsi6n. 
denominate, v. tr.: to name; to call: — 

fS,naan; n^-f§,naan. 
denounce, v. tr.: to censure; to condemn; 

to disapprove; to reprove :^^esa- 

dense, adj., adv.: difficult; entangled: — 

deny, v. tr.: to declare to be untrue: — 

depart, v. %.: to move; to walk; to leave: — 

famocat; umadisapatta; sumi3ja. 
departure, n.; — jina'^nau; pattida. 
departure, n.; sailing: — ^jina'^nau; 

depend, v. %.: to rely for support; to 

trust: — a^oco. 
deplorable, adj., adv.: sad; calamitous; 

grievous :— trlst e . 
depopulate, v. tr.: to deprive of in- 
habitants; to devastate; to lay waste: — 

&mot; n^-tai-tdotao. 
depose, v. tr.: to deprive of office: — 

toiot; n&-ma-tdjgiie. 
deposit, V. tr.: to put into the bank: — 

depot, n.: a warehouse: — depdsito. 
depravaldon, n.; deterioration: — nk- 

deprecate, v. tr.; to censure; to dis- 
dain : — despr^sia. 
depressed, adj.; dejected; oppressed: — 

inadite; mofiiio; ma-jon6; ma-n^- 

depression, n.; low spirits: — tin&gp&p&; 

deprivation, n.; the act of taking away; 

loss: — ^flnalMgo; inamot. 
depth, n.: — tinadong. 
deride, v. tr., v. %.; to insult; to mock: — 

16tgue; casi; insutta. 
derision, n.; scorn: — ^mofa; minefea. 
descend, v. i.; to pass from a higher to 

a lower position: — tumunog. 
describe, v. tr.; to narrate; to set forth: — 

desecrate, v. tr.; to profane: — ^nft-lache; 

desert, n.: — desi^tto. 
desert, v. tr.; to abandon; to leave; to 

quit; to leave behind; to forsake: — 

diiigo; desampdra. 
deserve, v. tr.; to earn by service; to 

be justly entitled to; to merit: — 

merese; bale (gui setblsio). 




deserving, adj.; worthy: — ^znaninerese. 

design, v. tr.; to direct; to order; to 
appoint; to determine ; to fix : — destina. 

designate, v. tr.; to direct; to deter- 
mine: — ^f&ntii. 

designed, adj.^ adv.; intentional; pre- 
meditated: — adrede. 

desire, n.; inclination; appetite: — ganas 

desire, n.; greediness; lust: — a^lalft. 

desire, v, tr.; to want: — desea; malagd. 

desirous, arff , adv.: — deseoso. 

desolate, aaj.; deprived of inhabitants; 

• abandoned ; laid waste : — ^xna-disocupa; 
ma-ladiai taot^fia. 

desolation, n.; destruction; ruin; af- 
fliction; misery: — disocup&o; yinflang; 

despair, v. %.; to abandon all hope:— 
ti nian-a£g^oco. 

desperate, adj.^ adv.; hopeless: — des- 

despicable, adj., adv.; pitiful; miser- 
able: — ch&tsaga; n^-mlls^. 

despise, v. tr.; to slander:— ch&t- 
gualya; f^chanag; ma-fa-jlyu^ 

despiser, n.; contemner: — ^f&-faichUnag; 
na-cha^iiiaiya; chd-chatlll. 

dessert, n.; fruits or sweets: — golosina; 

destiny, n.; fate: — destine. 

destitute, adj.; poor; penniless: — nSir- 
m&sd; tayd.. 

destitute of brilliancy or of lustre, 
adj.; not showy; unpretending: — eft- 

destitute of reason, adj.: — taitining^o. 

destroy, v. tr.; to break:— yula^pf. 

destroy, v. tr.; to consume; to devour; 
to wipe out: — ^na-mfiinas. 

destroy, v. tr.; to demolish; to ruin: — 

destroy, v. tr.; to squander:— nft- 

detach, v, tr.; to disconnect: — iik- 

detailed, adj., adv.; copious; complete: — 

detain, v. tr.; to hold up; to keep back:— 
detifoe; n^-atras&o. 

detect, V. tr.; to discover; to bring to 
light; to expose: — sod&. 

determine, v. tr.; to designate; to 
direct:— destina; detetmina. 

determination, n.; decision; inten- 
tion: — dinetetmina; detetmina8i6n. 

detest, V. tr.: — chatlfi. 
detestable, adj.^ adv.; execrable; abom- 
inable: — gof chatliiyon; ingufnon. 

detrimental, adj., adv.; injurious; hurt- 
ful: — dafioso. 

devastate, v. tr.; to ruin; to desolate; 
to lay waste; also to consume; to • 
devour: — ma-destr6sa; ardaa. 

devastation (caused by a storm), n.: — 

develop, v. tr.; to unfold; to put in 

use: — ^baba. 
devil, n.: — di&blo; mdgfiganfti. 
devise, v. tr.; to find out; to invent: — 

nft-jtiyo£g:; inbenta; 8od&. 
devote,' ^. tr.; to apply (one's self) to 

some object: — aplica. 
devoted, adj.; understanding: — aplicfto; 

devotion, n.; piety:— debosi6n; dine- 

devour, v. tr.; to eat ravenously: — 

devout, adj., adv.; true; believing: — 

deboto; jofiggue. 
dexterity, n.; manual skill: — ^finHyi. 
dialect, n.; idiom; the peculiar manner 

in which a language is spoken in a 

district: — dial^to. 
diameter, n.: — di&metro; indnchon y 

diamond, n.: — diamante, 
diarrhea (not dysentery), n.: — quini- 

dice, n.: — d&dos. 
dictate, v. %.; to prescribe: — dicta; 

dictate, v. tr.; to express orally words to 

be taken down in writing: — dicta, 
dictionary, n.; vocabulary:— dicsion- 

die, V. i.: — ^m&tai. 
die, V. i.; to die of hunger; to die of 

starvation : — m&tai-fidlafig^. 
diet, n.; abstinence; continence j tem- 
perance: — diet; abstinensia; chmemft; 

differ, v. i.; to be dissimilar; to dis- 
agree : — tipar6 jo . 
difference, n.;--diferdnsia. 
different, adj.; diverse; various: — difer- 

entes; distinto; t4iachalgua; ti umaya. 
different, adj., adv.; rare; distinguished; 

excellent : — sa j£g^e . 
difficult, adj., adv.; entangled; close: — 

difficult, adj.; hard to accomplish: — 

difficult, adj., adv.; heavy: — ^macat. 
difficult, adj., adv.; perilous; dangerous: — 

difficiilty, n.: — ^minHpot; dificuttdd. 
difficulty, n.; vexation; chagrin; indig- 
nation; quarrel; obstacle: — disgusto. 
diffidence, n.; lack of self-reliance: — t&i 

ina£gocon m&isa; desconfidnsa. 
diffuse, V. tr.; to scatter; to disseminate : — 

diffused, adj.; disseminated; spread; 

scattered : — ma-chalapun. 
dig, V. %.; to scratch (hens): — guadog. 
dig in, V. tr.; to intrench: — graba. 
digest, V. tr.; to dissolve in the stomach 

by the action of th^igestive juices: — 

ar^gla; dij6re; dij^ri. 
digestion, n.; assimilation: — ^inaregla; 

dinij^re; dinij^ri. 




dignity, n.; oflfice: — ^p^ca; cdtgo; dinafig- 

diligence, n.; application; utilization: — 
aplicasidn; esmero. 

diligent, adj.^ adv.; laborious; indus- 
trious : — ^bu6n-niuch.4cho . 

diminish, v. tr.; to make smaller; to re- 
duce: — ^nfil^-diquiqui. 

din, 91.; deafening noise; crash; confusion; 
tumult; turmoil:— yinau^au. 

dine, v. %.; to eat the midday meal: — 

dinner, n.; the chief meal of the day: — 

diplomat, n.; — diplom&tico. 

direct, adj.; straight (not circuitous); 
open; plain: — der^cto; tdnas. 

direct, v. tr.; to order; to designate; to 
conclude; to determine: — destina; de- 
tetmina; dirlje; n4-j4nao. 

direct, v. tr.; to manage; to regulate; to 
lead ; to guide : — diri je . 

direction, n; guidance; relative posi- 
tion: — direcsidn; y dinerfje; rdmbo. 

direction, n.; condition; measure; rule; 
disposition : — disposisidn. 

directly, adv.: — ensegufdas. 

dirt, n.; mud; dung: — oda; Mch^; taau6. 

dirt (on the head), n.; filth; smut;mua: — 

dirty, adj., adv.; filthy: — ^plachH. 

dirty, v. tr.; to 8oil:~n&-aprdch&. 

dirt^, adj.^ adv.; soiled; impure; foul: — 
gai-fachd; n§,-d8gon. 

disability, n.; incapacity: — tinfii sdtbi. 

disable, v. tr.; to disqualify; to incapaci- 
tate : — ^nd,-tlusetbi. 

disagree, v. tr,; to contradict; to quarrel; 
to dispute; to struggle: — ^&guaguat; tir 

disagreeable, adj.^ adv.; hateful; repug- 
nant :— chS^tjp&go . 

disappear, v. %.; to pass away; to van- 
ish: — ^mall^l^o. 

disappoint, v. tr.; to thwart or frustrate 
the nopes of: — ti m&gof; disgtista. 

disappointment, n.; defeat or failure of 
expectations: — tin&i minagof; dis- 

disarm, v. tr.; to deprive of arms; to sub- 
due: — disatma; n^-tii-dtmas. 

disapprove, v. tr.; to reprove; to de- 
nounce; to censure; to condemn: — 

disaster, n.; mishap; misfortune; ca- 
lamity : — desgrasia. 

disastrous, adj.; unfortunate; un- 
happy: — desdich&o; desgrasiddo. 

disband, v. tr.; to dismiss; to discharge: — 

discard, v. tr.: — ^y6gua. 

discharge, v. tr.; to disband; to dis- 
miss: — despacha; despide. 

discharge, v. tr.; to di^char^e a debt; to 
pay for; to clear; to satisfy; to pay 
out: — abona. 

discharge, v. tr.; to unload: — descatga. 

discipline, n.; education; military regu- 
lation :— ndedsiplina. 

disclaim, v. tr.; disavow. — ^pune. 

disclose, v. tr.; to reveal; to make plain or 
evident; to discover:— discubre. 

disclosure, w.; discovery; uncovering: — 

discontented, adj., adv.; envious: — 
ti contento. 

discourage, v. tr.; to dishearten: — 
ti animoso. 

discourse, n.; speech or language; con- 
versation: — conbetsasi6n; s^tmon. 

discover, v. tr.; to put forward; to dis- 
close; to reveal; to make plain or evi- 
dent: — discubre; p6ntan. 

discriminate, v. tr.; to distinguish: — 

disdain, v. tr.; to censure; to deprecate: — 
despresia; i^uen; i£|^in. 

disdain, v. tr.; to despise: — ^f^ch&nag. 

disdain, n.; scorn; c o n t e m p t: — 

disembark, v. tr.: — desembatca. 

disfigure, v. tr.; to deform; to distort; 
to deface :^-desfigura; na-chatp&go. 

disfigured, adj.: — desfigurado. 

disgrace, n.r shame; dishonor: — di- 

disgraceful, adj.^ adv.; dissolute: — 
despresiable; tbtpe. 

disfi^stj V. tr.; to onend the moral sense 
of: — disgust&o; ti magof. 

disgust, n.; strong aversion; repug- 
nance : — disg^to. 

disgusting, adj.y adv.; nauseous; loath- 
some : — ^asqueroso. 

dish, n.; platter: — ^n&yan; plato. 

dishonor, v. tr.; to di^prace: — di- 

disinherit^ v. tr.: — deshereda; umot 
y her^nsia. 

disinterested, adj.^ adv.; unselfish:— 

dislocated, adj.; lame; twisted: — &ca- 
lenl;; apulij^. 

dismiss, v. tr.; to revoke; to withdraw: — 
deroga; despacha. 

disorder, n.; uprising: — desareel&o. 

disorderly, adj.; irregular; confused: — 
calao; g&don. 

dispensation, n.; exculpation; also 
storage room or pantry: — dispensa. 

dispense with, v. tr., v. i.; to spare; 
to do without: — tumay&. 

disperse, v. tr.; to strew asunder; to 
scatter apart; to dispel: — chalapun. 

displace, v. tr.; to put out of place: — 
n&-8tija gui sUgsiia. 

displacement, n.; substitution: — ^n&- 
Buja gui s&ga. 

display, v. tr.; to boast; to expose to 
view; to exhibit: — ^fatH. 

displeasing, adj.j adv.; offensive; shock- 
ing: — chocante. 

displeasure, n.; — alansa. 




oubt, 71.; uncertainty of mind: — duda; 
jinecura; jecuS,. 

oubt, V. I.; to question; to hesitate: — 
'oubtful, adj., adv.; dubious; question- 
able; undecided; undetermined: — 
dudoso; jumecuS,; jum^iecufi.. 

doug^h (flour), n.: — ^yinaca (pan). 

love, n.; pigeon: — ^paluma. 

dove, n.; ringdove: — cunau; paluman 
cunau (also: cunao). 

dower, n.: — dote. 

down, n.; soft feathers; hair: — ^ni&£La£L& 
na ptilo. 

downward, adv.; toward the ground: — 
para papd.. 

draft, n.; sketch; outline; drawing: — 

drag, V. tr.; to haul; to tug: — jala. 

dragnet, n.: — chinchulo. 

drain, n.; drainage: — canat. 

drake, n.; kite: — ^papalote. 

draw, V. tr.; to sketcn; to draft: — ^penta. 

draw a parallel between, v. tr.; to com- 
pare: — acompara. 

draw down, v. ir.; to pull down; to take 
down; to snatch down: — chapag. 

draw nearer, v. %.; to approach : — chijit; 

draw nigh, v. i.; to approach; to bring 
one's self near: — arima. 

draw o£P, v. tr.; to withdraw: — descu- 

draw out, v. tr.; to pull out: — ^lagnos; 


draw through, v. tr.: — ensatta. 
drawers, n.: — catsonsiyos. 
drawing, n.; sketch; plan: — dibujo. 
dread, n.; terror; reverential awe: — 

dread, v. tr.; to fear greatly; to ven- 

. erate : — ^n&-nia&£Lao. 
dreadful, adj., adv.; impressive; horri- 
ble : — gof-n&-nia§ikao. 
dream, n.: — gtiinife. 
dream, v. tr., v. %.; to fancy: — gttife. 
dreamer, n.; — giiigUif e; y man-giiiguife. 
dredge, n.: — dreya. 
dredge, v. tr.; to clean out and deepen 

with a dredge: — dreya. 
dress, n.; cloth; material: — ^bestido; 

dress, v. tr.; to get dressed; so dress one 

self: — ^beste; minagago. 
dressed up, adj.; dolled up (referring to 

women):— -chicherico; mamuda. 
drill, n.; borer: — ^barena. 
drill (upright, run by power, to drill 

metals), n.; — ^broca. 
drill (of soldiers), v. tr.: — ejetsfsio. 
drink, v. tr., v. i.: — guimen; guinem. 
drink, v. tr.; to drink out of a bottle or 

glass: — ^boyug. 
drinkable, acQ.; potable: — ^ftm-guiml- 

nan; fan-guinlman; guimfnon. 
drinker, n.: — guegmen. 
drip, V. i.: — t6je; ttijd. 

drive, v. tr.; to impel forward by force; 

to propel: — ^n&-l&gU8i; sugun. 
drive, v. tr.; to drive in a wedge: — 

drive away, v. tr.; to disperse: — dtUa- 

drive back, v. tr.; to beat off; to repel: — 

drive haxik, v. tr.; to repulse; to shake 

off; to cast off:— chanda. 
drive forward (speaking of the sea, 

driven forward under action of the 

wind), v. tr.; to blow (the wind); to 

blow away: — ^inasa. 
drive on, v. tr.; to push along: — epog. 
drive out, v. tr.; to expel; to exile; to 

banish:— destilado; diilulag. 
drop, n. fall; throw: — ^podong; yutl. 
drop, V. %.; to fall in drops: — gota. 
drown, v. i.: — ^matmos; n6gn6g. 
drowned, adj.; sunken: — ^matmos. 
drudge, v. %.; to labor hard: — ^machdchd 

drug, n.; medicine: — amot. 
drum, n.: — tambot. 
drunk, adj., arfv.; intoxicated: — ^bol&cho. 
drunkard, n.; tippler: — ^bolach^ro; 

drunk, adj.; seasick; in a stupor from 

smoking opium: — ^bol&cho. 
dry, adj., adv.; arid; barren; destitute 

of moisture: — a^ld; dogi^os. 
dry, adj., adv.; wilted (leaves); trou- 
bled: — ^malayo. 
dry season, n.: — ^fafLomnagan; somnag. 
drying space, n.: — ^fan a^liian. 
dry up, V. %.; to become wrinkled: — 

jeddo; ma-j4ddo. 
dubiouLS, adj., adv.; questionable; un- 

dicided; undetermined; doubtful: — 

duck, V. %.; to humble one's self: — 

due, adj.; owed or owing; payable: — 

dull, adj., adv.; stupid; foolish; silly; 

simple: — ala^&; b&ba; lang4; langd,t; 

dull, adj., adv.; without a cutting edge or 

point: — ^fLafid; maj^foiig. 
dumb, adj., adv.; mute; silent; speech- 
less: — ^tido. 
dungheap, n.; — taqu6-gllgll. 
dung pit, n.: — ^fanyutiyan; yutl. 
dupe, n.; one easily tricked; credulous 

person : — ^laiSg^ft. 
durable, adj., adv.: — ^m&og; masiso. 
duration, n.; endurance; continua- 
tion: — dinira; minaog. 
during, prep.; while; when (time): — 

anai; durante, 
dusky, adj., adv.; dark: — jomjom. 
dust, n.; soot; haze: — asgon; potbos. 
dust, n.: — ^potbos. 
dust comer, n.: — ^faflud^an; chud^. 
dutiable, adj.; subject to duty: — adu- 





ombank, v, tr.; to protect by a bank: — 

embark, v. ^.;— embatca; matidae gui 

embarrass, v. tr.; to perplex; to dis- 
tress : — ^nft-ch&t jinaso. 

embellish, v, tr.; to make beautiful: — 

embitter, v. tr.; to incite; to stir up; to 
insult: — ^ndr-layd; nft-t^njos. 

emboss, v. tr.; to confound; to tire; to 
bore: — ^n&-d6gae; nfir6son; nA-t^njos. 

em.bra<;e, v. tr.; to take into one's arms: — 

embroider, v. tr.; to stitch: — ^b6tda. 

em.broidery, n.; laces: — enc&jes. 

emergency, n.; sudden necessity; strait; 
crisis: — dangculo na nesesid&. 

emigrant, n.; one who quits his own 
country to settle in another:— es- 
tranjero; tdotao ni ju mando gui 
tandna para u saga gui otro tand. 

emigrate, v. i.: — ^jumanao para otro 

emolument, ri.; profit; remuneration: — 
ganansia; remunerasidn. 

emotion, n.: — siniente. 

emperor, n.; — emperaddt. 

empire, n.; realm; state: — imp6rio. 

employ, v. tr.: — emplea; nft-^-chdchd. 

employ reason, v. tr.: — g^ fin&so. 

empty, adj., adv.; vacant within; hollow; 
void: — ^basio; gtteco; tdi-sindjguan. 

emulate, v. %.; to contend: — qu6 igue. 

enable, v. tr.; to make able: — para u 

enamel, n.; lacquerj paint: — ^pintura. 

enamored, adj.; m love: — amor&o; 

enclose, v. tr.; to incase; to frame: — 
encaja; engatsa; jtichom. 

encompass, v. tr.; to border; to en- 
close: — engatsa; oriydye. 

encounter, v. tr.; to come upon sudden- 

, ly: — ^um&tugo]^. 

encourage, v. tr.; to inspire: — anima; 
abiba; n&-bal^nte. 

encourag^ement, n.: — ^binalente; 
inabiba; minatat^a. 

end, n.: — ^finagpd; dttimo. 

end, n.; border: — chin. 

end^ n.; conclusion; finish: — ^fin; finagp6; 

endeavor, v. tr.; to try; to take pains: — 
n&-qu6sifia; empefia. 

endless, adj.y adv.: — t&i-finagpd; tdi- 

endless, adj.j adv.; infinite; limitless: — 
t^tnai-magtus; uguiyon. 

endurance, n.; continuation; dura- 
tion: — dlnira; minesfigon. 

endure, v. %.; to last; to abide; to con- 
tinue: — dura; sufij^on. 

endure, v. tr.; to sustain; to tolerate; 
to bear; to support: — aguanta; 
aguante; sufigon. 

4562—18 5 

enemy, n.; opponent: — enemigo; 

gchatlidmo; achatatanmo. 
energetic, adj., adv.; strong: — em- 

energy, n.: — empefio. 
enervate, v. tr,, v. %,; to slacken; to 

relax; to become enervated: — cum&- 

©ngag©> V. tr.; to bind by contract: — 

engine, n.: — ^m&quina. 
engineer, n.: — enjini^ro. 
engrave, v. tr.; to cut or carve in sunken 

patterns: — ^binetdan maguadoc. 
eneraving, n.: — renaya. 
enhance, v. tr.; to advance; to raise in 

esteem; to heighten in price or value: — 

enjoy, v, tr.; to have the pleasure or 

benefit of; to use as food or as drink: — 

aprobecha; g6sa. 
enlarge, v. tr.; to make deeper: — n&-l&- 

enlarge, v. tr.; to extend; to expand: — 

n&-dwg;culo; estiende. 
enlighten, v. tr.; to illuminate: — 

enliven, v. tr.; to animate: — ^n&-lala. 
enmity, n.: — ^ina^'chatlft; chinatlft; 

enormous, adj.; excessive; immense; 

very great: — sfo-dH^culo; guefddfig- 

enough, adj., adv.; sufficient: — najoi^. 
enough of that noise I — mampos na 

enough, adv.; sufficiently: — basta; yesta 

enrapture, v. tr.; to overjoy; to fill 

witn ecstasy: — encanta. 
enroll, v. tr.; to enlist: — ^ma-n&jalom 

gui lista. 
entangle, v. tr.; to ensnare; to perplex; 

to bewilder: — ^ndr-g&don. 
entangled, adj.; confused; intricate: — 

gddon; ma-yalacH. 
entanglement, n.: — guinadon; enredo. 
enter, v. tr.; to go into; to come into; 

to penetrate: — ^jatme. 
enter into an agreement, v. tr., v. %.; 

to close a contract: — contrata; 

entertain, v. tr.; to receive and treat 

hospitably : — tan§ . 
entertainment, n.; conversation: — 

um&tand; conbetsasidn. 
enthusiasm, n.; ardor of mind: — 

entice, v. tr., v.%.; to allure: — catiye; nH- 

dli; im-malagd. 
entire, adj., adv.; total: — entero. 
entomb, v. tr.; to place in a tomb: — 

entrance, n.; the act of entering: — 

entrada; jinalom. 
entrance, n.; foreroom:— entrada. 




entreaty, n.; request: — ^uin&gau. 
entrust, v. tr., v. %.; to confide; to look 

for; to expect; to hope: — aiSg^co; 

confia; tdguan. 
entry, n.; loreroom: — entrada. 
envelope, n.: — sobren catta. 
enviable, adj.; exciting envy: — linfttga. 
envious, v. %.; to be envious: — ^layd. 
envious, adj., adv,; discontented: — layd. 
envious, adj., adv.; jealous; grudging: — 

enxbidi6sa; latga; Igd. 
environment, n.: — oondisidn: oriya. 
envy, n.; jealousy: — ^infeo; emoldia. 
epidemic, n.; — epiddmia; sdgo. 
epilepsy, n.: — epilepsia; repot, 
episode, n.; an mcident: — ejemplo. 
epoch, n.;---dpoca. 
equal: — vindicated by prefixing cha- or 

equal, v, %.; to equal some one: — alap&t. 
equal in weight, n.;— ch&-u]Sg:ag. 
equator, n . ; — tal6 . 
equipoise, n.; equilibrium; equality in 

weight; balance: — y chinH'' u^ag. 
equip, v. tr.; to fit out; to prepare: — ^pre- 

equitable, adj.; impartial; just: — ^tunas. 
equivalent^ adj.; equal: — ^pumarejo. 
era, n.; penod: — V/jo na tiempo. 
eradicate, v. tr.; to erase: — ^funas. 
erase, v. tr.; to obliterate: — ^funas. 
erect, adj.; upright: — ^tunas juld an 

erect, v. tr.; to erect on a foundation: — 

jatsa; n&-cajuM. 
erect, v. tr.; to raise; to lift up; to pick 

up (from the floor): — ^jatsa. 
err. v. %.; to commit an error: — ^fatta; 

error, n.; — ^fatta, in&bag. 

error, v. %.; to be in error; to be mis- 
taken: — chdtan. 

error^ n./ misunderstanding: — ^linlUshe; 

erupt (speaking of a volcano), v. %.: — 

escape, v, %.; to run away; to flee: — 

escort, V, tr.: accompany: — ^gftchoi^ 
fialjon; esgdijon. 

escort, n.; accompaniment; convoy: — 
acoompafiamiento; in-es^yon; ines- 

especially, adv.; particularly: — ^mayot- 

essential, adj.; necessary: — neses&rio; 

establish, v. tr.; to introduce; to arrange; 
to inaugurate: — establdse: manjdle. 

establishment, n.; place ot business: — 
establem^nto; establesimi^nto. 

estate; n.; property: — ^fangualtian. 

esteem, v. tr.; to respect: — ^jal-e. 

esteemed, aidj.; respected; highly re- 
garded: — estima; inestima. 

estimate, v. tr.; to consider; to calcu- 
late: — failftmtUii; fft-l&mon; tdsa. 

etch, v. tr.; to engrave: — ^r&ya; m&tca. 
eternal, adj., adv.: — taf Jinecog; ti 

eternity, n.: — tinalchii. 
etiquette, n.; good breeding; the con- 
ventional rules of deportment: — ^tom- 
tom; tin^mtom. 
eucharist, n.; the holy communion: — 

eulogize, v. tr.; to praise highly: — ttina. 
European, n.: — taotao l&go (meaning 

the man from the north). 
evade, v. tr.,- to avoid (sin); to turn out of 

the way: — ebita; letque. 
evade, v. tr.; to flee: — ^letque. 
evaporate, v. tr.; — m&gap; malingo 

(como y janom gui aire). 
evaporation, n.; — ^minagapfiaf jon. 
evasion n.; expedient; excuse: — 

falagiiiyonj escusa. 
even, adv.: — aohugja; mas^a. 
even, odff, adv.; level; plain; smooth: — 

yano; liso; majlos. 
evening, n.: — ^pupudiigue. 
evening before a festivity, n.: — 

afunan gupot; bfsperan gupot. 
evenly, aS.; uniformly: — ^patco; parejo. 
event, n.; an occurrence: — suseso; 

eventually, adj., adv.; ultimately:— 

ever, adv.; at any time: — jam&s. 
every, adj.; each: — c&d& or cada uno. 

every time when , conj.: — ^&''nSi-j&. 

evidence,^.; proof; testimony: — ^prueba. 
evilj adj., aav.; morally bad; wicked; 

mischievous: — t&ilajre; bllb&. 
evil-minded, adj.; ill-disposed:— mal 

evince, v. tr.; to prove; to show; to 

demonstrate : — ^f ftnue. 
eviscerate, v. tr.; to gut: — destilipas. 
evolution, n.; development; growth: — 

adelanto; lin&l&. 
exa<;t, adj., adv.; strict; accurate; pre* 

cise: — estricto; din^nche. 
exacting, adj., adv.; oppressive: — ma- 

gagajet; par^rejo. 
exa<;tly, cuiv.; fitting snugly: — ajust&o; 

exaggerate, v. tr., v. %.: — ^nft d&5g;culo 

mas que y mina-g&Jet. 
exalted, adj.: — ^mftgas. 
examination, n.; test; trial: — ehinague; 

example, n.; sample; parable: — 

ejemplo; mu^tra. 
excavate, v. tr.; to dig out: — guaje; 

exceed, v. tr.; to surpass; to excel: — 

excel, V. tr.; overtop; to surpass:— diles; 

excellent, adj., adv.: — ^patticul&t. 
except, prep.; outside of: — ^fudra de; 

excepted, adj.; free: — ecseptu&o. 




exceptional, adj., adv.: — ^sobresaliente. 
excess, n.; superfluity: — ^min&mpos. 
exchange, v. tr.; to trade: — tulafca. 
excite, v. tr.; to animate; to arouse: — 

exclaim, v. i.; to cry out suddenly: — 

exclude someone, v. tr.: — nft-fuera; 

exclusion, n./ omission: — ^nin&s&J^^e. 
excrement, n.; matter discharged n-om 

animal body after digestion: — ^taqud 

exculpate, v. tr.; excuse: — discutpa. 
excuse, n.; evasion; expedient: — ^fala- 

giifyon; esctisa. 
excuse, v. tr.; to exculpate: — dispensa; 

execute, v. tr.: — jotca; f&tinas. 
executive, n.; administrative branch 

of the government: — elecutibo. 
exemplify, v. tr.; to illustrate by ex- 
ample :---chachalane. 
exercise, v. tr.: — ejetse;' ejetsita. 
exert, v. %.; to exert one's self: — ^usune. 
exhaust, v. tr.; to drain; to weaken: — 

nft-yafai; la'^chai. 
exhausted, adj.; all used up: — ^mft- 

l&chai; liM^cnae; ma-n&-ydfai. 
exhausted; at the end:— sdn-juto; 

exhibit, v. tr.; to display; to boast; to 

expose to view: — ^fUtH. 
exhibition, n.;— finatft. 
exhilarate, v. tr.; to make glad; to 

enliven : — n&-maeof . 
eidiortation, n.; admonition: — abiso. 
exile, V. tr.; to banish; to drive out; to 

expel: — destilado; ddlalac. 
exist, V. X.; to be: — ^lumftl&. 
exonerate, v. tr.; to acquit: — asfi. 
expand, v, tr,; to enlarge; to extend; 

to wiaen:-T-e8ti6nde; n&rmapgu&. 
expectorate, v. %.; to spit: — ^tumdla. 
expedient, n./ excuse; evasion: — ^fala- 

expedite, v. tr.; to hurry; to accellerate; 

to dispatch: — apura. 
expedinon, n.: — ecspedisidn; espedi- 

expel, V, tr.; to exile: — destilado; 

expend, v. tr.; to spend (money): — 

expenditure, n.; disbursement: — gas- 
ton salapd. 
expenses, n.; costs; consumption: — 

expensive, adj.; valuable; precious: — 

experience, n.; dexterity; skill: — linft- 

mon; pimlyon. 
experienced, adj.; versed; skilled: — 

expert, n.; — p^rito; practice. 

expiate, v. tr.; to make reparation; to 

give satisfaction; to pay; to reconcile: — 

expiation, n.; reparation: — espiasidn; 

explain, v. tr.; to make clear; to ex- 
pound : — esplica. 
explanation, n.; interpretation: — ^in- 

tetpretasidn; pinfld,. 
explode, v. %.; to burst: — ^mftpta; 

explore, v. tr.: — desoubre. 
explosive, n.; — minanflft (c o m o y 

expose, V. tr.; to lay open: — ^tal&. 
eroose, v. tr.; to expose to the sun: — 

expose to view, v. tr.; to exhibit; to 

olsplay; to boast: — t&tk, 
exposition, n.: — esposisi6n. 
express, v. tr.; to exhibit by language: — 

expression, n.; mode of speech: — 

expulsion, n.; forcible ejection: — madti- 

exquisite, adj.; delicate; nice; dainty; 

refined: — ^fino. 
extend courtesy, v. i.; to show one's 

self courteous: — cottesiaye. 
extend, v. tr.; to expand; to enlaige: — 

extended, adj., adv.; long: — an&cd. 
extension, n.; act or state of extend- 
ing: — ^inalatge; estensi6n. 
extensive, a^., adv.: — estensibo. 
exterior, adj., adv.; external: — suman- 

exterminate, v. tr.; to destroy utterly: — 

nft-l&chai; ma-fdnas. 
external, adj.; outside; exterior: — 

extinguish, v. tr.; to put an end to; to 

blot out; to wipe out: — ^bora; pund. 
extinguish, v. tr.; to extinguish the 

light: — pund. 

extirpable, adj.; eradicable (capable of 
being pulled out by the roots): — 

extraordinary, adj., adv.; remarkable; 
rare; eminent; special: — ti seso. 

extravagance, n.; prodigality; waste- 
fulness : — g&stadot . 

extreme, adj., adv.; of the highest 
degree; last; utmost: — t&iparejo. 

eye, n.: — &tadoc. 
eye bandage, n.;^— bendas. 
eyebrows, n.: — sejas. 
eyelash, n.: — ^b&'l)Sle. 
eyelid, n.; — ^b&Oi>ale; l^isas itadoc. 
eyesiffht, n.; range of vision: — Hnft y 

eyesore, n.; anything that offends the 
sight: — ^jin4men in&ti&n;*puten mita. 





fable y n.; a short fictitious narrative; ', 
also an idle story; a folsehood: — [ 

face, n.; countenance; looks; appear- 
ance: — ^mata; cara; rostro. 

facial, adj.; pertaining to the face: — 
iyon niata. 

fadlitate, v. tr.; to relieve; to make 
easier or liehter: — aUbia. 

fact, n.; anything that is done; reality; 
event; truth: — ^minag&jet. 

factory, n.: — ^f&brica; factorfa. 

fad, n.; a pet idea; a x>a8Bing fashion: — 
bfsio; ti-abmam na m6da or ti-dbmam 
na m6da. 

fade, V. i.; to lose color; to wither; to 
languish: — funas; n&-mdfnas; n&- 

fail, V. i.; to fall short; to be deficient; 
to turn out badly: — cajtild; dimalas. 

fail, V. tr.; to be wanting; to forsake: — 

fail to meet some one, v. tr.; to fail, 
to fall in with: — filaisen. 

failing, n.; a fault; weakness; imperfec- 
tion: — lioftche; dinebit. 

faint, n.; swoon: — lUlH^ofi&ijon; 


faint, V. %.; to fall in a swoon: — Y6/Yi;S^o] 

faint, arfj., adv.; weak; infirm: — ddbit. 
fainting, adj.; in a swoon: — WVSji^o, 
fair, mj., adv.; handsome; genteel; 

fine: — gadbo. 
fairness, n.; the quality of bein^ fair; 
equity; candor:— in&ientado; ti fin&- 
faith, n.; belief :—fe; jine^;gue. 
faithful, adj.y adv.; true; loyal: — ti 

Ja-traedute; fiel. 
faithless, adj.; unfaithful; treacherous: — 

fftba,^&b&; traid6t. 
ake, V . i. ; to cheat; to dodge ; to swindle : — 

fake, n.; dodge; cheat; swindler; trick- 
ster: — din&gue; fin&bUbH; atte. 
fall asleep, v. %.: — ^matujog; mSigo. 
fall, V. i.; to descend; to decline: — 

fall, V. %.; to tumble:— podulSg; also: 

fall headlong, v. %.: — ftduL^icae. 
fallen, adj.; degraded; ruined: — ma- 

falling, adj.; moving downward; sink- 
ing: — ^p6podo£g:'. 
false, adj.y adv.; unreal; not genuine: — 

false, adj.f adv.; lying: — dacon. 
falsify, V. tr.; to forge:- f&babE; fatsifica. 
falsify, v. tr.; to lead astray: to harm; to 

injure:— n&-ta^ilaye; f&b&b&. 
fame, n.; reputation: — ^fama 
familiar, ay.; well acquainted or inti- 
mate; affable: — guef-umatulSg^d 

family, n.:— famflla, 

family lineage, n.: — tro£gcon familia. 

famine, n.; extreme dearu; scarcity: — 

jasan; miitai-fialaii^. 
famous, adj.f adv.; distinguiahed: — dis- 

ti^l^gtiido; afam^. 
fan (fly swatter), n.;— abanico; panag- 

fan (used in building a fire), n.; — g6ja. 
'ancied, adj.; imaginary :—jinlklom. 

ancy, v. tr.; to imajg^ine; to take a lilHng 

to: — goMi^; imijina n&-j&lom. 
ancy, n.; idea; notion; liking: — ^idea; 

jinliso; gCdn&iya. 
ang, n.; tusk; saddleroll; saddle pad: — 

antastic, adj.; ^tesque; odd: — tima- 

gajet; tijo^guivon. 
ar, adj.; distant; far off: — chag6. 
arce, n.; ridciulous or empty parade: — 

tSigrasia; mat&pa^. 
are, n.; provisions of a table; also sum 

paid for conveyance by railroad, etc. : — 

ndncand; pat (or) apas pasaje. 
arewell, irUerj.; may you isxe well; may 

you prosper: — adio8,feli8 biaje. 
arm, n.; wordly possessions: — ha43i- 

enda; sementera; fancho. 
armer, n.; peasant: — ^lanchero; semen- 

arther, adj.; more distant or remote; 

additional: — chagdna; mas. 
ascinate, v. tr.; to bewitch; to capiti- 

vate: — eajnaye; encanta. 
asdnation, n.; attraction; charm: — 

ashion, n.; conventional custom in 

dress: — ^moda; estilo. 
ashionable, aaj.; according to the pre- 
vailing mode: — ^moda; modista. 
ast, adj.f adv.; strong; hard; firm:— 

ast, n.; time of fasting; lent:— ayunat; 

cuaresma; tienpon ayunat. 
ast, i?. I.; to go without food: — ^Hyunat. 
ast, adj.; quick; speedy; expeditious: — 

chMeg; usto. 
asten, v. tr.; to tie on; to bind: — gode. 
asten, V. tr.; to strengthen: — ^nft-meton. 
asten with nails, v. tr.; to hammer: — 


astening (for clothing), n.; large but- 
ton: — casaca; batunes ddjfig^culo. 
at, adj.; corpulent; fleshy: — chebot; 

at (of me cow), n.; suet: — sebo; mantica. 
at (from pigs), n.; grease: — ^mantica. 
at^ adj,; greosy: — ^manempdya; man- 
at, n.; salve: — ^lunto. 
at man, n.: — mebot. 
atal, adj.; mortal; causing death or de- 
struction: — tetminao para ayo fina- 

fate, n.; destiny: — destine. 




fateful, adj., adv.; possessing fatal powers; | 

fatal : — destinao . 
father, n.: — tata. 
father confessor, n.: — conifes6t. 
father-in-law, n.: — suegro. 
father, n.; priest: — ^pald. 
father, n.; lord; master: — a'^aaina. 
fatifi^e, n.; weariness; mental or bodily 

eAaustion : — af atigao . 
fatten, v. tr.; to make fat; to feed for the 

table: — ^nft-yomogj pogsai. 
fatten up, v. tr.^ v. i.: — ^ndr-yonxog. 
faucet, n.; short pipe with a valve used 

for drawing liquios from kegs: — grifo. 
fault. 71.; slight offense; blemish: — de- 

fault-finding, adj., adv.; hair-splitting; 

carping : — atito. 
faulty, adj., adv.; incorrect: — gfiri de- 

favor, n.; kindness; grace: — grasia; 

favor, n.; protection; patronage: — flna- 

borese; fab6t. 
favor, V. tr.; to aid; to protect; to patron- 
ize: — ^faborese. 
favorable, adj., adv.; auspicious; well- 
disposed : — ^f aborable . 
favorite, n.: minion: — y ma-fabo- 

favorite, n.; bosom child: — ^y et-mas 

ma-guaiya^ y ma-faborerese; buf^a. 
fawn on, v. %.; to wheedle; to flatter: — 

fear, v. tr.; to be afraid of: — ^ma&''liau, or: 

fear, n.; apprehension of evil or danger: — 

mlna&''fiau, or: min&H^fiao. 
fearful, adj., adv.; timorous; timid; 

apprehensive; cowardly: — da^ue. 
fearless, adj., adv.: — t&i-&fiau; t4i- 

feasible, adj., adv.; practicable: — ^n&- 

feast, n.; sumptuous repast; festival: — 

fiesta; gupot. 
feast, n.; ceremony; solemnity: — gupot. 
feather, n.; plume: — ^plumaje. 
feathers, n.; chicken feathers: — pulon 

manug, or: manog. 
feature, n.; outline; characteristic: — 

figuran mata. 
Pebrusjy, n.: — ^febrero; maimd. 
fecundity, n.; fertility: — ^fottalesa. 
fee, n.; a compensation for service ren- 
dered; gratuity: — apas. 
feed, V. tr.; noiuish; to support: — chugd; 

alim^nta; n4-chocho. 
feed, V. tr.; to furnish fodder to: — ^pugue. 
feed, V. tr.; to feed the fire; to feea the 

light: — totlS^ue; totne. 
feel, V. tr., v. %.: — tantea. 
feel, V. tr.; to touch: — siente. 
feel, V. %.; to suffer: — chuot; padese. 
feelers (of a crawfish), n.: — ^batbas 


feeling, n.; perception; sense of touch: — 

fees, n.; duties, custom duties; taxes: — 
derechos; apas; aduana. 

feign, V. tr.; to hide; to conceal; to keep 
secret; to dissemble: — disimula. 

fellow, n.; comrade; friend: — gdxshong. 

fellowship, n.; association; society: — 
g&chong; companero. 

felon, n.; one guilty of felony: — g&i 
isao ni da'^£g:culo. 

felony, n.; a crime punishable by im- 
prisonment or death :-isao ni dft^ng- 

felt, n.; a fabric composed of wool and 
hair pressed together: — tinifog gapu- 
nulo yan lana. 

felt hat, n.: — tijo£g: castod. 

female, adj.: — ^hembra; palduan. 

female, n.; — ^pal&uan. 

fence, n.; hedge: — colat. 

fender, n.; cushion of rope, intended 
to protect the bow ana sides of a 
ship: — ^fin& Slunan tale parS. y 
oriyan y batco para ch&na; mayu- 
yula^ yan maoto. 

fender, n.; automobile fender: — tanpen 

ferment, v. i.: — muma&gsom; lu- 

fermentation, n.: — ^mina-agsom; bini- 

ferocious, adj., adv.; savage; fierce: — 
malamafia; n&^ma4iiao. 

ferocity, n.; cruelty; savageness: — 
minftlam afla. 

fertile, adj., adv.; rich; productive; 
yielding: — g&i fottalesa; ganansioso. 

fertile, adj., adv.; fruitful; prolific (re- 
ferring to the propa^tion of man or 
animsd): — ^Jlifnkg; ma-mamta. 

fertility, n.; fecundity: — finamta; fot- 

fervor, n.; intensity of feeling; zeal; 
warmth: — todo y ninftsifiafta; todo y 

fester, v. i.; to suppurate: — fafiugo. 

festive garb, n.: — gala. 

fetch, v. tr.; to go after and bring: — 
chuld. ■ 

fetch a meal, v. tr.: — cd'lau. 

fetter, v. tr.; to chain: — ^padriguiyos; 

feud, n.; quarrel between families: — 
plaitdn familia. 

fever, v. %.; to catch fever; to become 
ill with fever: — calentura. 

fever, n.; — calentura. 
few, adj.; not many: — unos cuantos; 

fiasco, n.; complete failure: — ^linache. 
fiber, n.; sinew; tendon; vein; nerve: — 

fibrous, adj., adv.; composed of fibers: — 
guinigatan; m^ugat. 




floUe, adj.y adv.; changeable; inconstant; 

mutable; yariable; fluctuating: — 

flddeness, n.; — ^tfii-mineton. 
fidelity, n.; integrity; loyalty; reliabil- 
ity: — fe; amista; gdin&^iya. 
fie I interj,; for shame! — bah I Jul 
field, n.; plantation; ploughed ground: — 

eucdo; fangualuan. 
field rich with game, n.; — fanbenadu- 

yan; famaquiyan. 
fiend, n.; demon; one who is intensely 

malicious or wicked: — t&il&ye; baba 

fierce, adj.y adv.; wild; savage: — ^xnala- 

mafia; machaleg. 
fiery, adj.; passionate; easily roused: — 

gusd^'cajuld; gus^alald. 
fifteen, o^*.;— -c^uinse. 
fifth, adv.: — c^uinto. 
fifty, adi.: — sincuenta. 
fig, n.; fruit of the fig tree: — ^higoB. 
fig tree (a variety of), n.: — agaliya. 
fight, n.; combat: — combato; pla'ito 
figure, n.; picture; model: — fi^^nra. 
figuratively spoken, v, %.: — g&i- 

file, V. tr.: — lima, 
file, n.;— lima. 

flhal, adj.; pertaining to a son or daugh- 
ter: — B6n-lajifia or s^n-jagafia. 
fill, V. tr.; to replenish: — sajguUne. 
fill up, v. tr.: — ^n&-bula. 
fill up, i;. tr.; to fill up one's stomach: — 

filled, aaj.f adv.: — ^bula. 
fill, V. tr.; to flood: — ^n&-86n-bula. 
filler of a cigar, n.; a bundle of ten 

small tobacco leaves: — anduyd. 
filter, n.; apparatus for purifying water 

(or other liquids): — c61adot. 
filth, n.; mud; smut: — ^col^; a^plachft. 
filthy, adj., adv.; dirty; soiled: — apl^chft. 
final result or outcome, n.: — ^jimyufg:. 
finally, adv.; at last: — ^pot fin. 
find, V. tr.; to discover: — ^f^gchai; sodft. 
find, V. tr.; to invent; to recover: — 

find, V. tr.; to hit upon; to meet: — 

find out, V. tr.; to invent; to devise: — 

Bodft; n&-juyong; inbenta. 
finder, n.; one who finds: — sisodft. 
fine, cuij.j adv.; handsome; fair; genteel: — 

finger, n.; toe: — c&lulot (middle finger: 

ccdulot talo; index finger or forefinger: 

ccdulot aniyo). 
finish, V. %.; to stop; to cease:— fagpo; 

finish, n.; end; conclusion: — fin; 

finish, V. tr.; to complete: — ^fonjayan. 
finished, adj.y adv.; complete; ready: — 

fins of a fish, n.;— batbas gUijan. 
fire, n.: — guafe. 

fire, V. tr.; to fire a gun: — dispara; p&que. 
firearms, n.; rifles, etc.:— pftque sija. 
firebrand, n.; — tesna. 
fire engine, n.; — ^bombaji quemasdn. 
fire upon, v. tr.; to bombard; to shoot 

at: — ^flec^; psique. 
fireside, n.; the hearth; domestic life 
firewood (for the kitchen), n.; — ^jayon 

firewood, n.; kindling wood: — jayo. 

and comfort: — fion guafe. 
firm, adj., adv.; fast; strong; hard: — 

firmament, n.; the sky :— laiQ^t; fitma- 

first, a(fv.;— find^nana. 
first birth, n.; primogeniture: — ^mafa- 

fiaffon find^nana; pnmerisa. 
first-born, adj.: — ^y find^'nanlt na 

flnt ume; to use for the first time: — 

prim6t biaje; ach§.ng. 
finit quarter (of the moon; rising or 

increasing foiu*th): — cuatto cresiente. 
fish, n.: — gttilan. 
fish, v. %.; to fish at night, with a net: — 

fish, V. %.; to fish with a dragnet: — 

fisherman, n.: — talayero; pe8cad6t. 
fish. V. tr.f V. %.; to go fishing:— ^etlijan, 
fishiine, n.; line: — cotdet gttijan or 

fishing line, n.: — tupac. 
fishing net, n.; inclosures built in shal- 
low water to catch fish: — gufgau, or: 

fish roe, n.: — ^figan. 
fish poison, n.: — gumuasft. 
fishing stone, n.; a stone used by the 

natives when fishing: — achd pucd; 

achd chdchd. 
fist, n.: — ^in&quijom; tronp6n. 
fistula, n.; small chronic abscess: — 

chetnot dlquiqui. 
fit, adj.y adv.; suitable; appropriate; 

adapted: — ^umay^; aprop6sito. 
fit, aaj.y adv.; capable: — capas. 
fit, n.; shock; attack: — achaque. 
fit (he is overcome by a fit): — ^nin&ye 

un achaque. 
fitting snugly, p. p.; exactly: — ajustao. 
fit up alike, v. tr.; to make equal: — 


fitness, n.: — ^inaya; inajustao. 
five, adj.: — sinco. 
five hundred, adj.: — quinientos. 
fix, V. tr.; to intend; to design: — ^f&mau- 
leg; destina. 

flabby, adj., adv.; soft; loose; repaxed: — 
flojo; calo. 

flag, n.; banner: — ^bandera; estandatte. 
flag mast, n.: — jasta. 
flame, n.; fire: — ^ma£til&; guafe. 
flame, n.; clarity; clearness: — mafiilft; 




flank, n./ the fleshy part of an animal 

between the ribs and the hip: — 

flannel, n.; shirt: — ^flanela; laniya. 
flap, n./ anything broad and flexible, 

hsjiging loosely, and fastened on one 

side:— pumSmOapa. 
flare, n,; large, unsteady, glaring light: — 

flash, n.; sudden, quick, transitory 

blaze of light: — ^nia&il& enaiguidas; 

chadeg na mafLil&. 
flask, n.; bottle: — ^frasco; boteya. 
flat, adj., adv.; level; dull: — ^mllpan&s. 
flatten, v, ir.; to lay flat; to make level 

or even: — nk-mapanas. 
flatter, v. i.; to fawn on; to wheedle: — 

fll-andi; tuna. 
flatter, v. i.; to gain over by compli- 
mentary speech: — ^isa. 
flatter, v. tr.; to receive amiably: — ^uga. 
flatter, v. tr.; to soap; to lather: — ^jabune 
flatterer, n.: — Tnlnejmo; fiinifia; iuga; 

flatulence, n.; distension of the stomach 

caused by gases: — ^linEtme ma^lo. 
flaunt, V. %.; to benave impudently: — 

bumastos; dumescarada; bumaranca. 
flaunt, n.; a boast; brag: — ^banidd. 
flavor, n.; a particular smell or taste: — 

sabot; sensia. 
flavor, V. tr.; to impart a flavor to: — 

flax, n.: — clasen tinanom ni nian&- 

s^setbe y jilufla para mam&tinas,go pat lienso. 
flea, n.; — ^potgas. 

fleck, n.; streak; spot: — ^mancha; rastro. 
flee, V. %.; to escape; to run away: — 

fleetj adj., adv.; auick; swift: — gusi. 
fleeting, adj., adv.; transitory; perish- 
able: — ^mam&pos, gusf-j6cog. 
flight, n,; the act, process, manner, or 

power of flying: — gulnfpo. 
flig-hty, adj., adv.; changeable capri- 
cious : — caprichoso. 
fling, V. tr.; to throw or hurl: — 

flint stone, n.; — g&got. 
float, n.; raft: — ^batsa. 
flock, n.; swarm; heap; pile: — catdumen; 

flock or crowd together, v. tr.; to run 

together : — aeuluTume. 
flog, V. tr.; to ^?mip; to chastise: — castiga. 
flood, n.; inundation; deluge: — ^bula y 

tasi; bula y sadog; milag. 
floor, n.: — ^piso, satgue. 
flour 2 n.: — arina. 
flowishing, ady prosperous; thriving:- 

adilantao; gai-producto. 
flow, V. %.: — xnifalag; milalag. 
flower, n.; bud: — ^flores. 
flowerpot, n.; — ^maseta. 
flowing, adj., adv.; moving, or pouring 

forth; fluent: — ^mlmilcdag. 

fluctuate, v. %.; to undulate; to rise and 

fall: — ^nft-chaochao; n&-napo. 
fluent, adj., adv.; voluble; eloquent:— 

curientej curiente cumuentos. 
flunk, V. %.; to fail completely: — s^n- 

podo^; s^n-mapede. 
flush, V. tr.; to clean out with a rush 

of water:--chc^aochao ni janom. 
flute, n.; — flaota; flauta. 
flute player, n.: — ^flautista. 
flutter. V. %.; to move or flap the wings 

rapidly:— pSlapll. 
fly, n.'.-AsXh, 
flyj V. %.: — gupo. 

flying, a(W..— guegpo: gupo; guigupo. 
flying fish, n.: — ^fanijen tasi. 
fly swatter (fan), n.: — abanico; pund 

bam, n.; froth: — espuma. 
bam, n.; mold; scurf; scab; crust: — 


banij n.; water blister: — ^buo; boan. 
baming, adj.; driveling: — ^binean. 
odder, n.; food for horses and cattle: — 

n6ngcand cabayo; n^ngcand guaca. 
be, n.; personal enemy: — enimigo. 
og, n.; condensed watery vapor near 

tne surface of the sea or land: — calan 

jomjom uchan gui lH^uit. 
oggy, adj.; cloudy:-— iom^m; ttitbio. 

u, V. tr.; to baffle; to frustrate: — 

old, n.; pen; dung: — colat ^^* 
old, V. tr.; to wrap up: — ^fcdulon. 
bliage, n.: — dramas; jagon. 
blk, n.; people in general: — t&otao sija; 

bllow, V. i.; to continue: — sigue. 
bllow, V. tr.; to imitate: — da^alag. 
bUow, V. L; to follow on the track of; to 

track; to search out; to get a scent: — 

bllow, V. tr.; to reach: — ^j&gd; tate; 


bllowing each other: — umS^'-tatiye. 
oily, n.; want of understanding: — 

frionera; binaba. 
bod, n.; victuals: — ^blberes. 
bod, n.; nourishment; eatables: — ^ali- 

mento; n^flgcand. 
bol, n.; a person devoid of reason or 

intelligence; idiot: — caduco; frion; tdi- 

sentido; tdi-tinifigd. 
bolish, adj., adv.; stupid; silly: — ^baba. 
bolishness, n./ silliness: — ^binaba; fri- 

bot, n.: — ^patas. 
botstool, n.: — fan-aptian; ^pd; bancon 

bppish, adj., adv.; el^ant; affected: — 

or, prep.; in place of; on account of: — 

brbear, v. tr.; to abstain from; to spare: — 

brbearance, n.; patience; indulgence: — 

sini^on; mines^on. 




forbid, V. tr.; to prohibit: — choni&; 

forbidden, adj.. adv.; interdicted: — 

pruibido; projioido. 
force, n.; power; vigor; strength: — 

finette; minetgot. 
force, V. tr.; to constrain; to coerce; to 

subaue; to compel: — afuetsas. 
forcible, adj.^ am.; violent: — afuetsas; 

pot y ruetsa; fotsao. 
ford, n.; shallow part of a stream; suit- 
able for crossing: — ^na^tata na lug6t. 
forecunn, n.; arm between wrist and 

elbow: — ayo na patte gxii cll^nai y 

desde y temo asta y mofleca. 
forecast, v. tr.; to predict: — jaso desde 

antes; aregla desde antes, 
forefinger, n.; index finger: — 

forehead, n.; brow: — jae. 
foreign, adj.; strange: — ^forastero; es- 

foreigner, n.; stranger: — estra£gjero; 

foreman, n.: — &tguasit; ta^'t^o. 
forest, n.; bush: — jcdum-tand. 
forever, adv.: — ^y siempre dura; tdiji- 

forfeit, n.; a fine or penalty: — ^pena; 

forge, V. tr.: — ^nft-HyH. 
forget, V. tr.: — ^malefa. 
forgetful, adj.^ adv.; oblivious; liable to 

be forgotten: — ^jSmSlef&yon; j&^malefa. 
forgive, v. tr.; to pardon; to remit blame 

or penalty: — asu. 
forgiveness, n.; pardon: — ^inSsfi; mi- 

na^6; peta6n. 
fork, n.: — tfinedot. 
form, V. tr.; to shape: — ^fotma. 
formed, adj.^ adv.; precise; according to 

rule: — ^fotm&t. 
formation, n.; that which is formed; also 

the act 01 formation: — ^fotmasi6n. 
former, adj.; preceding in time or place; 

first mentioned: — ^flnVnana. 
formidable, adj.^ adv.; fearful; power- 
ful: — ^n&^ma&fiao; metgot. 
forsake, v. tr.; to desert; to abandon; to 

quit; to leave behind:— desfiunpara. 
forsaken, adj.;tox\om] left alone: — aban- 

donao; madififeo. 
for some time; for quite some time: — 

fortify, V. tr.; to make stronger: — nk- 

fortunate, adj.^ adv.; wealthy; opulent; 

lucky; happy; prosperous: — aflfot- 

fortunate, adj.^ adv.; lucky; blessed; 

content; comfortable: — gu6fsaga; 

fortune, n.; luck; good fortune: — ^fot- 

fortune, v. tr.; to tell one's fortune; to 

prophesy : — adibina. 
fortune teller, n.: — sabid6t; dibino. 

for this reason: — este min&. 

forthwith, adv.; immediately: — ti-ab- 
mam; enseguidas. 

forty, adv.: — cuarenta. 

forward! interi.; advance! — ^lat-fdnal 

foul, adj.; spoiled; offensive: — podlilo. 

found, V. tr.; to lay the basis of; to fix 
firmly: — ^planta. 

foundation, n.: — simiento. 

founder, v. i.; to sink; to go down: — 
mafondo; ma-puja y batco. 

founder, n.; builder: — ^pla'lantll. 

fount, n.; fountain or spring: — tro£gcon 
janum; bdbd. 

four, adj.: — cuatro. 

four-cornered, adj.; square; quad- 
rangular : — cuadrao. 

four hundred, adj.: — cuatro-sientos. 

fourteen, adj.: — catotse. 

fourth, adc.; one-fourth: — cuatto. 

fracture, n.: — ^majlog. 

fracture, v. tr.; to shatter; to break into 
pieces: — ^y&m&e; yayfi. 

fragile, adj., am.; brittle; easily bro- 
ken: — ^pasca; quebrantayon; ja^mafag. 

frame, n.; square: — cua(u:o. 

frame, v. tr.; to inclose; to incase: — 

frame of mind, n; character; disposi- 
tion: — ^jenio. 

frank, adj.^ adv.: — ^magajet; maplH. 

frank, v. tr.; to send postpaid: — 

frantic, adj.; violently mad or dis- 
tracted; outrageous: — ^man&bubo; em- 

fraud, n.; deceit; cheating: — antula; 
linipa; fin&b&ba. 

free, adj.; excepted: — ecsept&o. 
•ee, aaj ' 


adv.; out of danger; safe: — 

free, odj.. adv.; untrammelled; un- 
hampered : — ^malulog. 

freedom, n.; softness: — ^minalulog. 

freeze, v. %.; to shiver; to have a chill 
(in fever): — ^fugo; manefigjeng. 

freight, n.; — ^flete; catgamento. 

frequent, adj.; recurring often: — seso. 

frequently, adv.; often: — seso. 

fresh, adj., adv.; refreshing; cool: — 

fret, v. %.; to be irritated or vexed: — 

fretful, adj.; peevish; irritated: — 

friction, n.; the act of rubbing; attri- 
tion: — umH^guesgues. 

Friday, n.: — ^bietnes. 

friend, n.: — amigo; ma-goflie; g^choi^; 

friendly, adj., adv.; amicable: — amisto- 

friendship, n.: — ^inS^^goflie. 

frieht, n.; a sudden and violent fear; 
£uarm : — espanto. 

frighten, v. tr.; to startle; to terrify: — 
asusta; jalafi^; jonga^. 




frighten, v. tr.; to drive away: — sugon; 

frightened, adj.; startled; terrified 

frightened, i'. i.; to be frightened 

jong&iD^; asiista. 
frighten off, v, tr.; to scare away 

frivolity, n.; levity: — tSibale; tindi- 

frivolous, adj.f adv.; trfling; silly; in- 
clined to levity: — t^bc^e. 
frock, n.; garment: — traje. 
frog, n.: — ^rana. 
from (from a given time until now), 

prep.; since:— -desde. 
from hex^ to :^^esde este 

jasta . 4 

from, adv.; out of: — guine; guinen. 

front, n.; — j san mdna. 

front, n.; facade: — ^fachada. 

froth, n.; scum; foam: — espume; boaa. 

frown, V. i.; to scowl: — ^na-matan la- 

frozen, adj.: — ^majetog ni man^l^- 

frugal, adj., adv.; nig]a;ardly; saving; 

thrifty ; scanty ; parsimonious : — ma- 

fruit, n.;— tinegchA; frutos. 
fruitful, adj., adv.; prolific: — Jafnag; 

tegch&; gueftand; mep^; ma^mamt^. 
fruit house, n.; granary; — ^anero. 
fruitful, adj.; yielding fruit; prolific: — 

mep&; productoso. 
fruitlessly, adv.; without result; in vain; 

to no purpose: — t&isetbe; bano; en 

fruits or sweets, n.; dessert: — golosina. 
fry, v. tr.; to bake in a pan: — aflito. 
fry, V. tr.; to prepare food; to season; to 

roast; to brou: — guisa. 
fuel, n.; combustible material for supply- 
ing a fire: — ^jayon matutol^. 
fugitive, 71.; runaway: — malagon t&o- 


full, adj., adv.; complete: — ^binila; bula; 
enteramente; entero. 

fulfill, V. tr.; to fulfill a duty: — cumple. 

full moon^ n.: — gualafon. 

full of, adj.; filled with: — ^jafnd. 

fume, n.; vapor; exhalation: — ^bap6t. 

fumi^te, V. tr.; to smoke: — fisgiie; 

fun, n.; mirth; drollery; sport: — mina- 

function, n.; discharge of a duty: — 
gupot m&gas; ofisio. 

fund, n.; money set apart for some 
object: — nin&ju^o^ salapd. 

fundamental, adj., am}.; basic; essential; 
primary : — f undamento. 

funercd, n.; burial:— entiero. 

funnel, n.: — embudo. 

funny, adj.; comical; droll: — n&^'chaleg. 

fuTj n.: — ^pulon gllg&. 

funpus, adj., am.; raging; mad: — 
Icdald; lalald tenjos; fejman. 

furnish, v. tr.; to supply; to fit out; to 
equip : — ^n&juyu£g:. 

furniture, n.: — trastes jcdom gumft. 

furrow, n.: — ^joya; joyo; sutco; canat. 

further, adj.; more distant: — chagona; 
mas-chagd; la^'tjando. 

further, adv.; moreover; also: — ^mas; 

further, v. tr.; to help forward; to pro- 
mote: — suon; sube; n&-latfdna. 

furthest, adj.; most distant: — ^y mas- 
chagd; y mas-yamdnana. 

fury, n.; rage; madness: — Arabia. 

fuse, V. %.; to dissolve; to melt: — dirite. 

fuss, n.; unnecessary or irritating activ- 
ity, especiall]^ in small matters: — 
atboroto; pMto. 

fussy, adj.; making a fuss: — ^n&^'dson; 
g& pMito; mlmisterio. 

futile, adj.; vain; useless: — sin pro- 
becho; sin adelanto. 

future, n.: — ma^mamailA na tiempo 
future, adj.: — mS^Tnamftllft. 


gab, n.; idle chatter; loquacity: — 

gabble, v. %.; to chatter: — gagag. 
gain, n.; profit; advantage: — bentaja. 
gain, n.; victory: — ganansia; guinana. 
gain, V. tr.; to earn: to win; to defeat: — 

gsSe, n.; a strong wind: — jinigua. 
gall, n.; the bile: — ^l&laet; laet. 
gallant, n.; lover; also love affair; 

amour : — gulUy^yon. 
gallon, n.; a hquid measure: — gc^6n. 
gallop, V. %.: — galop e. 
gallows, n.: — ^jotca. 
gamble, v. i.; to play for money: — 

Jueeon salapd. 
gambler, n.; one who gambles as a 

business: — j6gadot or jogad6t. 

game, n.; a sport or diversion; fun; 

frohc: — juego; jugando. 
game, adj., adv.; plucky: — mes£g^on 

gamecock, n.: — ^buscaplcdto; m&tatfiga 

na gayo. 
gap, n.; an opening; cleft: — c&c&; gui 

gape, V. %.; to open the mouth wide: — 

&&; dlafigH. 
garage, n.: — garaye. 
garb, n.; a dress: — &bito. 
garbage, n.: — ^basula. 
garden, n.: — jatdfn; juetto. 
gardener, n.: — jatdinero. 
gargle, v. tr.: — g&tgaras. 
garuc, n.; — ajos. 
g£u:ment, n.; habit: — ^&bito; tiinico. 




gamiah, v. (r.; to adorn:— nft-beste. 

garriBon, n.;— oastiyo. 

garrulous, adj.; verbose: — ga cu- 

garter, n.;— ligas. 

gas, n.; illuminatiiig gas:- 

gasoline, n.; — gasolkia. 

gasp, V. %.; to cough; to pant: — guja. 

gate, n.; gateway; entrance: — traaca. 

gather, v. tr.; to pluck; to pick off: — 
reooje; tifd. 

gather, v. tr.; to gather the crops; to 
pluck; to collect in heaps: — ^Jooa; 
recoje; nft-etnon. 

gathering^ n.; an assemblage: — ^inet- 
non; renicoje. 

gaudy, adj.; showy; vulgarly gay: — 
andt; gatoo. 

gauze, n.; very thin, light, and trans- 
parent silk or cotton ftibric: — gasa. 

gauzy, adj.; thin and semitransparent; 
Uke gauze: — calan-gasa. 

gavel, n./ a small mallet: — ^znasetaa 

gay, acR., adv.; satisfied; cheerful; de- 
lighted; joyous; merry: — dibe; dibet- 
tido; mligof. 

gay-colored, adj.y adv.; many-colored: — 
g&icolot; mfcolot. 

gem, n.; a precious stone: — aoho-ni mi 
bale; yema. 

gender, n.; grammatical distinction of 
sex: — ^j6nero (sina^^n para u dinis- 
tifig;ui cao laje pat pal&uan, pat ni 

general, arf;., adv.; public; common: — 

general (officer), n.: — Jener&t. 

generate, v. tr.; to beget: — ^lilis. 

genicd, adj.^ adv.; kindly; sympathetic in 
disposition: — gu^ftao; ^ mannae. 

genius, n.; remarkable aptitude for some 
special pursuit; a person possessed of 
extraordinarily high mental powers: — 

genteel, adj., adv^.; fine; handsome; 
fair: — gatbo; bonito. 

gentle, adj.; refined in manner and dis- 
position: — ^manso; fine; suabe. 

gentleness, n.; mildness; meekness: — 
minanso; sini abe. 

gentlemen, n.; a well bred and honor- 
able man: — sefiot; cabayero. 

gentlewoman, n.; a woman of good birth 
and breeding; a lady: — seflora. 

genuine, adj., adv.; real; unadulter- 
ated: — ^gasgas; puro; tdimancha. 

geography, n.: — ^jeo^afia. 

germ, n./ the rudimentary form of 
organism; origin: — ^y tinitujon; semiya. 

gesticulate (while speaking), v. %.: — 
compas; cumunpapas. 

get, v. tr.; to obtain; to procure; to win; to 
gain; to acquire:— chuld. 

get, V. tr.; to get something by diving:— 
busea; liufe. 

get angry, v. t.;- lalaldj bubu. 

get out ox tune (musicial instrument), 

V. tr.y V. t.;~<ie8templa. 
gewgaws, n. pi.: — chioheria; joguete. 
ghastly, adj.; deathlike; pale: — bdcsion; 

calan-mdtai; descolorao. 
ghost, n.; spook: — dujendes; fdf&fiagde; 

giant, n.; a man of extraordinary stat- 
ure: — ^jigante. 
gibber, v. %.; to speak incoherently: — 

oh&tcuentos; ti comprendiyon. 
gibe, n.; to scoff; to taunt; sneering or 

sarcastic expression: — mofa, butla. 
giddy, adj.f adv.; frivolous; fickle: — 

atmariao; calan bolacho. 
gift, n.; donation: — ^nintte. * 
gift of wisdom: — flnftye na nin&e; 

gigantic, adj.; huge; colossal: — d&fig- 

gilded, adj.; gold-plated; gilt:~<ior&o. 
giU, n.; — guasajSg^; atgaya. 
gilt, adj.; gilded:— dor&o. 
ginger, n.:— jasfig^ot. 
gingerly, adv.; cautiously; daintily: — 

umd^c&c&t; cumii^c&j&t. 
gird around, v. tr.; to buckle on: — 

girdle, n.; a belt for the waist: — ^faja. 
girl, n.; a female child: — ^patgon na 

pal&uan; muchacha. 
girth, n.; circumference: — ^inatrededot; 

y niredondo. 
gist, n.; the substance of a matter; main 

point; object: — sustansia. 
give. V. tr.; to donate; to turn over; to 

cede: — u&e, 
give advice, v. %.; to give counsel: — 

conseja; chachalane. 
give birth to, v. tr.; to bring forth; to 

bear: — ^fafLago. 
give information, v. tr.; to report: — 

n&e notisia. 
give pleasure to, v. tr.; to gladden: — 

give satisfaction, v. tr.; to expiate: — 

give security or bail, v. %.; to be re- 
sponsible; to warrant: — ^n4e prenda; 

ime securidad. 
give the spurs to the horse, v. tr.: — 

n&e espuelas. 
given to axi^er, adj.; passionate^ im- 
petuous: — j^inalaia; jdbubo; impe- 

glad, adj., adv.; contented; joyous: — 

gladden, v. tr.; to delight: — ^n&-m&gof. 
gladness, n.; pleasure: — ^minagof. 
gladsome, adj.. adv.; joyous; gay; 

pleased; cheerml: — ^n&'-magof. 
glamour, n.; fascination: — ty/t&rC^i 

fin&bab& gui nilig. 
glance, v. tr., v. i.; to perceive; to see; 

to look:— 116; lit; dtan. 



glaady n.; — ^moyeja. 

glare, n.; bright and dazzling light:-^ 

Tnlnftlag; fina£dl&. 
glaring, aaj.; gaudy; emittiiig a daz- 
zling light: — Tn&mftlag; Idmlam; mafil- 

glass, n.: — cristat. 
glass, n.; vessel^ receptacle: — baso. 
glass baU, n.; glass: — birfn. 
gleam, n.; a stream of light: — ixuna. 
glee, n.; gayety; mirth: — ^min&gof. 
gleeful, adj. J adv,; merry; joyous: — 

glen, n.; a narrow valley: — canat. 
glimmer, n.; a faint intermittent light: — 

ininft; ina. 
glinxpse^ n.; a transient view: — ch&tlid; 

enseguidas na inHt&n. 
glisten, V. i.; to shine: — ^mafiilft; lamlam. 
glistening, adj.; casting radiance; shin- 
ing: — mafiffiilft. 
glitter, V. i.; to sparkle with light: — 

m&lag; lamlam. 
gloaming, n.; twilight: — ^lemlemt&otao 
globe, n.; the earth: — globo; y tand. 
gloom, n.; melancholy; partial darkness; 

obscurity : — lemlemt&otao; tigu^f- 

jomjom; triniste. 
gloomy, adj.y adv.; cheerless; morose: — 

triste; tim^of. 
glorification, n.; — gl6ria; glorifica- 

glorious, adj., adv.: — glorioso; bicto- 

glory, n.; splendor; magnificence; re- 
nown; honor: — ^premio; honra. 
glove, n.: — guantes. 
glow, V. %.; to radiate heat and light; 

to shine with intense heat: — ^figan. 
glue, V. tr.: — colave; cola, 
glutinous, adj.y aav.; sticky: — daiSg^son. 
gnash the teeth, v. <r.;--chegche^. 
gnat, v.; insect, allied to the mosquito, 

but smaller: — s&gamai. 
gnaw. V. tr.; to bite or pierce with the 

teeth: — &c&. 
gnaw, V. %.; nibble; to destroy by gnaw- 
ing; to corrode: — catne. 
go, V. tr.; to go to: — ^falUg; janao. 
go afoot, V. %.; to walk: — ^mamocat. 
go alieadi interj.; forward I — ^f6fdnal 

san mdna! sigue! 
go astray, v. tr.; to be lost; to go to the 

bad; to disappear; to lose: — flb&g; 

go away, v. i.; to depart; to run away: — 

f&pos; dii^o. 
go away, v. %.; to leave; to go: — janau, 

or: jan^o. 
go in, t;. 1.;— jfJum. 
go on ahead, v. %.: — ^fdna. 
go on, v. %.; to tread; to step: — ^famegud; 

go out, V. i.; to go out from: — ^juyuxlg:. 
go, V. %.; to move; to walk; to oepart: — 

famocat; sigue. 
go through, V. tr.; to traverse; to run 
through : — 6dotgan. 

go through, V. %.: — Jan&gtte; f&p6sg(ie. 

go to school: — ^fan-escuSa. 

goat, n.: — chiba. 

god, n.; the Lord: — ^Ytius. 

godfather, n.: — ^patlino. 

godmother, n.; — matlina. 

goiter, n.; tumor on the neck: — ^buchi. 

gold, n.; — oro. 

golf, n.; — ^un dasen juegonbola: golf. 

gone, adj.; ruined; lost: — malitfg^o; 

good I {verriacuUxr for all right), adv.: — 

good, aaj., adv.; decent; virtuous: — 

good fortune, n.; — afottunao; suette. 
good hunting ground, n.: — fajSg^&jH- 

tan; maulee na fa^^ajat^n. 
good, adj., aav.; kincmearted; benign: — 

goodness, n.; mercy; compassion: — 

goodness, n.: — min&uleg. 
good will, n.: — ^boluntad. 
good Friday, n.: — ^betnisanto. 
goose, n.: — ^eanso. 
gorgeous, adj., adv.; splendid; showy: — 

Gospel, n.: — ^Ebanj61io. 
gossip, n.; narration:— chinchuld; chin- 

chuli; cuentos. • 

gossip, V. %.; to have entertainment: — 

gossip, n.; tattler: — ^mefnd. 
goulash, n.; stew: — quinado. . 
gouty, adj., adv.; having the gout: — 

govern, v. tr.; to manage: — ^gobietna. 
govern, v. tr., v. %.; to rule; to domi- 
nate :~<iomina; mf 

government, n.; state: — gobietno. 
governor, n.; magistrate: — mag&laje. 
gown, n.; a woman's outer garment: — 

grace, n.; favor; kindness: — gr&sia. 
graceful, adj., adv.; charming; pretty: — 

gu6fp&go; bonita; guaiyayon. 
gracious, adj., adv.; affable: — ^y6asd; 

mapl&; cariiLosa; cariiLoso. 
grade, n.; step; degree: — grtwio. 
grade, n.; rise or descent of a roadway 

or railroad: — grade, 
graduc^, adj., adv.; by degrees; step by 

step :— -adoxnldidi. 
grain, n.: — grano. 

grains of com, n. pi.: — granon m&ies. 
grammar, n.; principles of the correct 

use of a language: — ^gram&tica. 
granary, n.; fruit house: — granero. 
grand, adj.; illustrious; high in dignity 

or power: — tagajld. 

grandchild, n.: — ^nieto. 
grandfather, n.; grandmother: — guelo; 

granite, n.: — ^alutof[|:. 

grant, v. tr.; to give or confer :-^n&e. 

grapes, n. pi.: — ^ubas. 



he, or she, 'pron.: — guiya. 
head, n.; — ^ulo. 
head, n.; foreman: — cabesa. 
head of the diatrict, n.; district over- 
seer: — cabesa de barangai; cabesiyo. 
headrest, n.; pillow (ancient, consisting 

of a short piece of wood): — barote. 
headstrong, adj.; mulish; stubborn: — 

heal, V. tr,: — amte: nft-jomlo. 
health, n.; condition of health: — 

jineinlo; saldd. 
healthy, adj.: — lil&; brabo. 
heap, n.; — ^montdn. 
heap up, V, tr,: — ^n&-etnon; nft-bodl. 
hear, v. tr.^ v, %,; to listen: — ^juiSgog. 
hearing (the sense of hearing), n.: — 

heart, n.; — corasdn. 
heart, n.; the inner man; the soul: — 

hearth, n.; baking oven; oven: — ^fogon; 

hearty; adj., adv.; cordial; sincere: — 

heat, n.; warmth: — ^m&ipe. 
heat, V. tr.: to warm: — nftmiiipe. 
heathen, n.; pagan: — ^pagano. 
heaven, n.: — ^la^uit. 
heavy, adj.^ am>.; difficult: — ^macftt; 

hedge, n.; fence of bushes or shrubs: — 

colat ch&^guan. 
heed, v. tr.; to regard with care; to pay 

careful attention: — 6cu3^cog. 
heedlessness, n.; carelessness; reckless- 
ness :—de8cuida. 
heel, n.: — d^dego; tacon. 
height, n.; altitude; elevation: — ^linec&. 
heir, n.;— heredero. 
hell, 71.; alnrss; gulf: — ^tinlUfondo; sasald- 

guan; innetno. 
helm, n.; rudder: — ^tini6n. 
helmet, n.: — yelmo. 
help, n.; aid; support; assbtance: — 

help{ V. %.; to aid; to be of service; to 

assist: — ayuda. 
help, V. tr.; to assist; to succor; to 

remedy : — asiste. 
helpless, adj., adv.; unwieldy; awkward; 

clumsy : — ^flama. 
hem, n.; the edge of a garment: — 

hemp, n.; — cfifiamo. 
hen, n.; female of the domestic fowl: — 

hence, adv.; in consequence of this: — 

henceforth, adv.; for the future: — ^mdna; 

herd, n.; flock; mass: — ^manadan. 
herder, n.: — ^past6t. 
here, adv.; in this place: — este; giilne. 
here, adv.; to this place: — gUine. 
here I inter j.; see!— ^staetu I 
herein, ado.; in this: — gai-giline. 

>resy, n.: — ^herejia. 

heretic, n.: — hereje. 

heretofore, (wfo.; previously; hitherto: — 

j&gasja; jasta pago. 
hermit, n.: — etmitano. 
heron, n.: — chuchucd. 
hero, n.; a man of distinguished cour- 
age: — ^m&t&ti%a; gdnadot. 
he^tate, v. %.; to doubt; to question: — 

hesitate, v. %.; to loiter; to linger; to 

tarrv; to be slow; to be tardy; to hang 

back: — um-abmam; nating; mam&ta- 

hide, n.; leather: — cuero; lasas. 
hide, V. i.; to hide or conc^sal one's self: — 

hide, V. tr.; to hide something: — ^nftnft. 
hide, V. tr.; to conceal; to keep secret; to 

di^mble; to feign: — disimula; n&- 

atog; n^-Hjing. 
hide, V. tr.; to disguise: — ^hpa. 
hiding place, n.: — ^fanatugan; atog. 
high, adj.y adv.; prominent:— loc&; 

high embankment, n.; stormy sea: — 

highroad, n.: — carera. 
hill, n.; mountain; mountain top; eleva- 
tion: — ogsd; bodl. 
hilly, adj.: — ^nii-ogsd. 
hind quarter, n.; loins (of animals): — 

piema; ancas. 
hinder, v. tr.; to obstruct; to impede; to 

prevent: — dioma; estotba; impide. 
hindrance, n.; impediment; obstruction; 

obstacle : — estotoo. 
hinge, n.; joint: — ^bisagra; C03runtura. 
hip, n.; haunch; loins: — caderas; lomo; 

hip bone, n.: — ^tdlaj% caderas. 
hiss, V. %.; hissing of frying &t: — ^besbes; 

history, n.; l^end : — ^istdria; hist6ria. : — 
hit, V. tr.; to hit in the neck or on the back 

of the head: — cocote. 
hit upon, V. tr.; to meet; to find: — 

hither, adv.; to this place: — gttfne 

magui; este magui. 
hither, adv.; this way: — magui; chuli 

magui; g^ne magui. 
hoard, v. tr.; to collect and lay up: — 

manad&Je; num&^safigue; man recoje. 
hoarded, p.p.; piled up; amassed; cumu- 
lated : — abuttao. 
hoarse, adj., adv.: — lif&^gao; ^salau; 

losus; l^ot^ot. 
hoe, n.; curved hoe: — asuela. 
hoe, n.; mattock; pickax; hatchet: — 

hog, n.; swine: — ^b&bui; b&bue. 
hogpen, n.: chic^uero; chiqueron-b&bue. 
hoist, V. tr. ;to life or raise with tackle; 

to heave: — ^jatsa; jala jul6. 
hold, V. tr.; to grasp and keep in the 

hand : — mantiene. 
hold back, v. tr.; to divide off: — chofe; 



Hold back, v, tr,; to keep: — detiene. 
hold fast,.!;, tr.; to take; to seize; to 

fasten; to pack: — g^ot. 
hold within, v. tr.; ulat; siniye. 
hole, n.; aperture; opening; cavity: 

abettura; madog; n||uld. 
holiday, n.; a day of £eedom from labor 

in celebration of some event: — ^j&aaen 

h^ow, adj.; empty (a fruit without 

sap): — ^b&ubau. 
hoUow, adj.;— Idyog; finMio. 
hollow, adj., adv.; vacant within; empty: 

hollow out, V. tr.; to enlarge (the house); 

to add a room: — na-g^eco; naye un 

hollow chisel, n.: — gtibia. 
holy,a4;.; sacred: — ^bienabenturado. 
holy water, n.: — ag^a bendita. 
Holy Land, n.; Palestine: — Tiera San- 
ta; Palestina. 
Holy Spirit, n.; God; the third person 

of the Trinity: — Santo Espfrlto; 

Ydus; y mina tres na petsona gui 

homage, n.; deference; reverence: — 

homage, v. tr.; to do homage to; to 

honor: — fatpai; honra; onra. 
home, n.; land; piece of ground: — 

hone, n.; whetstone: — guasaon find, 
honesty, n.; probity: — tininas. 
honey, n.; sirup: — atnibat; mi6t. 
honeycomb, n.; cake: — pafL&t; chon- 

honor, v. tr.: — honra. 
honorable, adj., adv.; decent; modest: — 

honesto; modesto; respetavon. 
hood, n.; woman's cap; cowl; cape: — 

bolante; capiya. 
hoof, n.;— p&paques ^^> 
hook, n.; ciu-ved piece of metal, bone, 

etc., to hold or catch sometning: — 

hook, n.; boat hook: — gancho; ganchon- 

hoop, n.; a metal or wooden band to 

hold tc^ther the staves of a cask: — 

hope, n.; anticipation; confidence: — 

desea; ^jinang^. 
hope. V, tr., v. %.; to expect; to await; 

to look for: — n&nafig^ga. 
hopeless, adj., adv.; aesx)erate: — des- 

esperao; tai nin^i^^ga. 
horizon, n.; the line where the dcy and 

earth, or sea, appear to meet; the 

limit of one's mental vision: — cantMi 

horn (of an animal), n.:— «a£g;gaelon; 

horn, n.; trumpet: — cotneta. 
horrible, adj., adv.; dreadful; impres- 
sive :— n&^ma&flau. 
horrid, adj., adv.; dreadful; terrible; 

hideous: — ti atftnon; gof chdtpftgo. 

T3 hanger 

horror, n.; extreme dread:— lujan 

horse, n.; — cabayo. 

horseman, n.; gentleman: — oabayero. 

hose, n.; rubber hose; canvas hose (for 
conveying water): — telipas goma 
(para janum). 

hospital, n.: — ^jospitat; ospitat. 

host, n.; army:— milisia; ej^tsito. 

host, n.; one who entertains anotaer: — 
y gfiiguipot; y mafigonbibida. 

hostelry, n.; inn; lodging house: — 

hostess, n.— eaigupot na pal&uan; 
pal&uan ni galipot. 

hostile, adj.; inimical; adverse; repug- 
nant: — contr&rio. 

hot, adj., adv.; fiery; passionate: — 

hour, n.; — ora. 

house, n.; — gum&. 

household effects, n.: — gttinajan 

house fi 

n.: — trastes. 

hovel, n.; hut; cabin: — gum& dlquiqul. 
how, adv.; in what manner? to miat 

degree or extent? for what reason? — 

Jafa taimanoP s& jafa? 
however, adv.; meanwhile: — entre- 

howP what sort of?— Jaf taimanoP 

how manyP how much? — cuantoP 
howl^ n.; the howl of a dog: — ^j&u-jau; 

catin g&lago. 
howl, V. i.; to bark; to bellow: — ^)&ujau; 

hug, n.; close embrace: — togtog. 
huge, adj., adv.; very large: — ^gof d&S^ 

hull, n.; the body or frame of a ship: — 

hum, n.; the noise of bees and other 

insects in flight:— binbin; befigbe^. 
hum, V. tr ; to hum a song: — ^acd; lalae. 
human, adj., n.; characteristic of man 

or mankind: — jediuran t&otao. 
humane, adj., adv.; benevolent; kind: — 

ydasd; y6as6. 
humanity, n.; mankind: — ^jechuran 

t&otao; umanid&d. 
himible, adj,, adv.; low; lowly: — ebaba. 
humble, adj., adv.; submissive; meek: — 

humitde; manso. 
humble, v. tr., v. t.; to humble one'sself : — 

dole; umiya. 
humbug, n.; fraud; sham; impostor: — 

pfcaro; f&fftb^b&. 
humid^ adj.; damp; moist: — ^tbnido; 

humido. , 

humiliate, v, tr.: — humiya; umiya. 
humility, n.; — ^umitd&t; inimitde. 
humorous, adj.; comical: — ^n&^chaleg. 
humorsome, adj., adv.; capricious:-- 

caprichoso; chfchul^. 
himap, n.; humpback: — ^bado. 
himored, n.; — 8i6n. 
hunger, n.:— nififtla/ifc. 



hunt, V, tr.; to pursue game:— ^ajat; 

hurrah I tn^.:— -bibal 

hurry, v. i.;— pinalala. 

hurry, v. %.; to hurry in a certain direc- 
tion: — gru&^uato. 

hurt, V. tr,; to damage; to wound: — 
nft-fafletnot; chetnot; fafietnot. 

hurt, V, tr.; to grieve: — laet. 

hurt, n.; harm; injury; damage: — dalLo. 

hurtful, a^.f aav,; injurious; detri- 
mental : — obHobo. 

husband, n.: — esposa. 

huak, n.; crust; skin; rind:— lasas. 
husk (cotton), v. tr.: — esoatmina. 
hustle, V. i., to exhibit energy and alac- 
rity: — n&-dhadeg; alula, 
hut, n.: — lancho; rancho. 
hut, n.; a very small hut: — ftnagofig^; 

hymn, n.; song of praise: — goso. 
hypocadsy, n.;— jipocresia. 
hypocrite, n.; dissembler: — cadd ni&* 

mftmftuleg; jipdcrito. 
hysteria, n.; nervous paroxysm of 

laughter or weeping: — ^jist^ria. 


I, pron.;— yd (me); guajo. 

ice, n.: — ais; lelo. 

ioe plant, n.; ice manu&ctory:— fab- 

rican ais. 
idea, n.; a mental imape or picture; 

belief; plan: — ^idea; jinaso; pensa- 

ideal, adj.; visionary; perfect:— petfecto; 

idenScal, adj., adv.; the same; differing 

in no essential point: — pare jo; pi- 

narejo; lo mismo. 
identuEy, v. tr.; to mal^e, prove to be, 

or consider as^ the same: — identifica; 

jasuye cau gttiya. 
idiom, n.; the distinctive characteristic 

of a language: — ^idioma. 
idiot, n.; one of weak intellect; a fooli^ 

person: — sonso; caduco; tonto; n^sio. 
idle, adj.; unoccujpied: — desocupao; pe- 

resoso; gftgd; tdi bida; osioso. 
idleness, n.;— gruinagd; tdi ch6chd; 

idler, n.; sluggard; good-for-nothing fel- 
low; loafer: — embelequero; gagd; g^- 

idol, n.: — ^idolo. 
idolatry, n.;— idolatria; y man adodora 

if, conj.; on the condition; supposing that; 

whether; although:— &nguin; yan- 

guin. , _ 

ignite, v. tr.; to set on fire:— totngue; 

nfirfafLil&; sofiggue. 
ignorance^ n.;— ign6ransia 

nidgd; t&i jinaso. 
ignorant, adj. : — t&i jinaso 

ill, aJ;., adv.; bad or evil; sick, 

not friendly: — ^baba; manetnot; ti 

ill-bred, adj.; rude; uncivil; imperti- 
nent:— impettinente; n&^dson; mal- 

ill-disposed, adj.; evil-minded: — ^mal in- 

illegitimate, ad;.;— Uegftimo; contrfi- 

rion lay titunas. 
ill humored, v. %.; to be ill humored; to be 

disgruntlea: — ^muyd; mal-hum6t; nft- 


ti ma- 

illuminate, v. tr.; enlighten; to light 
uo: — adara; ina; n&fanufgd. 
illumination, n.; — ^lemunayas; inina. 
ill will, n./ vexation; anger: — escto- 

image, n.; picture: — imajen. 
imagination, n.; a conception or idea; 

fancy: — ^pot nina sinan guinen y 

jinaso imajinasi6n. 
imagine, v. tr., v. %.; to conjecture; to 

think; to reflect upon: — jaso; jasuye; 

supone; imajina. 
imbecile, adj.; feeble-minded; idiotic: — 

&^duco; n^o; &^tamos. 
imbibe, v. tr., v. i.; to drink: — guimen; 

imitate, v. tr.; to follow; to stick to some 

one: — da^lSl&g; dalalaque; eyag; tat- 

imitation, n.; education:— 4n-eyag; 

immaterial, adj.; unessential: — ti prin- 

sip&t; ti nese^brio; ti gua^ilaye. 
immature, adj., adv.; not ripe; not fully 

grown or developed; crude: — ^mat&; 

chdtmasa; ti sdsacan. 
immeasurable, adj., adv.; immense; 

vast; limitless: — taichi. 
immediately, adv.: — enseguidas; 


immediately I interj.: — gdsistjill 

immediately thereafter, adv.: — 

immense, adj., adv.; heavy; large: — sen 
d&D|:culo; tamalLo. 

immoderate, adj., adv.; extravagant; in- 
temperate: — tfimoderasidn; desareg- 

immoderation; n.; intemperance: — 
gula; sin medida. 

inmiortc^, adj.; imperishable; not sub- 
ject to death: — tidnnatai; immottdt. 

immovable, adj., adv.; fixed; unchang- 
ing: — tlucc^amten; fijo; fitme. 

impair, v. tr.; to prejudice; to do 

damage: — ^acacha; petjudica; inacacha; 

impart, v. tr.j v. %.; to bestow a share or 

portion; to give: — ^pattiye; f^cae; patte; 





impartial, adj.,, adv.: &ee from partiality; 
unprejuoiced; fair; lust: — ^iusto; gas- 
gas; taipinetjudica; taifnteres. 

impassable, adj., adv.: not admitting 
passage: — ti fanfftpusan; ti fanfalo- 
fanan; tin^ falofan. 

impatience, n.: — tinfllsinififeon; tenjos; 

impatient, adj.: — ^tenjos; tdipas^nsia: 
tSsin^on. ^ J ' i' 

impecunious, adj.: without money; 

poor: — tfiisalapd; poble; nesesitao. 
impede, v. tr.: to hinder; to obstruct: — 

<uiom&; estotba; impide. 
impediment, n./ obstruction; obstacle; 

nindrance:— estotbo; impedimento. 
impenetrable, a(f;.;--chomchom; ti 

jatmiyon; ti tacaon; ti tunguon. 
impenitence, n.: — i^ minaiflotsot; tdi- 

sinetsot; ti lafafLotsot. 
impenitent, adj.: — ti maAptsot; tdi- 

imperative, adj.y adv.: peremptory; obli- 
gatory: — obliga; ti abitayon; tag6; 


imperceptible, adj., adv.: not easily 
apprehended by the mind: — tiliion. 

imperfect, adj., adv.: incomplete: — ^ti 
cabcdes; ti petfecto. 

imperil, v. tr.: to put in peril; to put in 
danger; to endanger; to jeopardize: — 
ariesea; pdlo gui peligro. 

imperiuiable, adj.: indestructible; not 
subject to decay; permanent; perma- 
nently enduring: — t&ifin&tai; t^put- 
lilo; tiinilamas. 

impertinence, n.; forwardness; rude- 
ness: — impettinensia; tdisetbe; para 
nu m& dson. 

impertinent, adj.: rude: — impetti- 
nente; n&^dson. 

imperturbable, adj., adv.: not easily 
disturbed or agitated; cool; calm: — 
meton; ti estotbayon. 

impervious, adj.: Impenetrable: — 
<uiomchom; ^;adon. 

impetuous, adj., adv.: irritable; effer- 
vescent; violent; vehement; boisterous; 
passionate; given to anger: — ^im- 
petuoso; fejman; fijom; jdbubo; jdpi- 
nalala; arebatao. 

impious, adj., adv.: irreligious; wicked: — 

Srofana; contra y lay Ydus; t&i re- 
implement, n,: tool; utensil: — ^jera- 

mienta; trastes. 
imply, V. tr.: to mean; to insinuate: — 

mamgd na u sa£&an; para ma 

impolite, adj., adv.: wanting in good 

manners; boorish; coarse: — desatento; 

tdiatension; bronco^ impolftico. 
import, V. tr.: to bnng into a country 

m)m abroad: — guinen otro tand; 

important; it is important; it is 

necessary; it is fitting: — conbiene; 

nesesdrio; mi ma atan. 

4562—18 6 

important, adj., adv.: principal: — 

importune, v. tr.: to molest: — ^nft- 
cn&tsaga; potfia. 

impose, v. tr.: to place upon (example: 
to impose punishment): — impone; 
catgaye; obliga na u catga. 

imposition, n.; trick; naud; decep- 
tion: — ^find,b8b&; inacacha; traisi6n; 

impossible, adj.: — ^ti siila; ch^tsaga; 
cnaot; chachaot. 

impoverish, v, tr.: to make poor; to re- 
duce to poverty: — ^nft-mengua; n&- 

impracticable, adj.: impossible; prohib- 
ited: — chaot; cMchaot. 

impressive, adj., adv.: horrible; dread- 
mi: — ^n&^mauiau. 

imprint, v. %.: to impress (into one's 
heart): — ^nft-cheton; matca pat sefiala. 

imprison, v. tr.: to incarcerate^ to lock 
in: — ^po^l^le; preso; p61o gui catset. 

improbable, adj., adv.: unhkely; not to 
be expected: — ti nangayun; ti pro- 
bable; calafig ti magajet. 

improper, adj., adv.: not suitable for the 
purpose; erroneous: — ti propio; ti guef 
guiya; ti dinanche. 

improve^ v. %.: to advance; to better 
one's circumstances; to make progress; 
to prosper; to thrive: — adelanta; ade- 
lantao; na lat f^na; lumdmauleg; ma 

improve, v. tr.: to make good an asser- 
tion; to give one credit; to bail; to 
insure: — apase; abona; n&magajet; n&- 

improvement, n.: — nlndmauleg; finH- 
mduleg; inadelanta; sinibe. 

imprudence, n./ carelessness of conse- 
quences: — ti y6daje; imprud^nsia. 

imprudent, adj.: unwise: — d'^tini^o; 
ti tomtom. 

impudent, adj., adv.: offensively for- 
ward; intentionally disrespectful: — 
atrebido; t4i respeto; aescarao. 

impunity, n.; freedom from punish- 
ment, injury, or loss: — ^inasii; nires- 
cata; nina hbre. 

impure, adj., ado.: unclean; dirty: — 
&^plach&; cuchinada; Hbalg. 

impurity, n.; — ^in-&bald; indplach&; 

in, prep., adv.: within; inside: — jcdom; 
san jalom; dentro. 

inadvertent, adj., adv.: heedless; care- 
less; unconscious: — descuidao; tdiina- 
daje; ti y6daje. 

inanimate, aaj.: lifeless; dead; spirit- 
less: — ^m&tai; ti ldl&l&; tafja^ne; tdi- 

inattentive, adj., adv.: careless; inad' 
vertent: — oafLa; tdiatensidn; tdilna- 
daje; ti y6daje. 

inattentive, adj., adv.: irreverent; dis- 
respectful; rude; coarse; rough: — 
desatento; bronco; bruto; tdirespeto. 



inaugurate, v. tr,; to establish; to in- 
troduce; to arrange:— astablese; 
aregla; fotma; dedica. 

incapacitate, v, tr.; to render unfit or 
incaiMible; to disable: — ^ti enmHla; 
tumaifuetsa; ch^tsaga; ti capas. 

in case; should it happen tnat: — ^yan- 

incentive, n.; reason; motive: — ^motibo; 

inch, n./ one-twelfth of a foot: — 

incident, n./ occurrence; event; happen- 
ing: — sinese'de; caso. 

incite, v. tr.; to admonish; to stimu- 
late: — cucli. 

incite, v. tr.; to incite rebellion: — ^n&- 

inclination, n.; appetite; decdre; Uldng; 
will: — ganae; logiog; minal&gd. 

incline, v. tr.; to bend down; to take 
down; to tilt: — ^baja; dilog; tecon. 

inclined, adj.; oblique: — Had. 

incline, v. %.; to bow: — Had. 

inclined to do wrong, adj., adv.; for- 
bidden; crooked; bent:— echofig:; ine- 

include, v, tr.; to inclose; to comprise: — 
inoluso; dumaM. 

income, n.; the gain from labor; busi- 
ness, property, or capital: — y juni&- 

incomparable, adj.; matchless; peer- 
less: — ti acomparayon. 

incomplete, adj., adv.; not fully finished 
or developed; imperfect: — ti gu^f 
muniayan; ticabales. 

in conjunction with, adv.; with: — con. 

inconaequent, adj.; unimportant: — ^ti 
impottaate; ti presiso. 

inconstant, adj.; unstable; changeable; 
variable: — ti fijo Jinasofia; bariable. 

inconvenience, n.; unfitness; trouble- 
someness; disadvantage:— chinftteaga; 

incorrect^ adj., adv.; faulty: — gai de- 
fecto; ti din&nche. 

incorrigible, adj., adv.: — ti chum&on; 
ti corejiyon. 

increase, v. tr.; to enlarge; to enhance: — 
aumenta; ma subi; lumdmegai. 

incredible, a<i;..— ti JoiSgguiyon. 

incubate, v. %.; to brood: — cumuleca. 

incurable, adj., adv.; irremediable; in- 
corrigible: — ^iremediable; tdiremedio; 
ti n& magufi{;ong; ti amtiyon. 

indeed^ adv,; in fact; in truth: — sietto; 

indefatigable, adj.i—M y&yayaa. 
indemnify; to make good damage done 
to: — apaee y daflo; indemnifica. 

independent, adj., adv.; not dependent 
on, supported by, or governed by 
another:— independiente: t&ifnafigoco 
ti-man-aligofi|;oco; trichina tsaga. 

indestmeiflile, adj., adv.; not capable 

of being des^oyed: — ^ti yam aeon; ti 

yula^on; ti rematayon. 
indeterminate, adj., adv.; not precise; 

not fixed; indefinite: — ti ma tetndna; 

ti ma nA fijo. 
indicate, v. tr.; to point out; to suggest; 

to hint: — ^fftnue; indica; n&-jaso; tan- 

indifferent, adj., adv.; unconcerned; 

regardless: — ti parejo; ti gOiya y ma 

saBgan; indiferente. 
indigenous, a^.; native: — natibo; ma- 

fafiagon y mismo tand. 
indigent, adj.; destitute; needy: — ^nese- 

sito; tai sSga. 
indigestible, odfj., adv,: — thij^tf^ason; 

ti dijeriyon. 
indienation, n.; quarrel, obstacle; difii- 

culty; vexation; chagrin:— disgusto; 

uSl bubo; pliito. 
indigo, n.; — Inguiles. 
indirect, adj., adv.; not straight: — ^ti 

tunas; indirecto. 
individual, n.: — solo; cuatqui^raj& na 

indivisible, adj.: — ^ti ipton; tifaduyon; 

tiapattayon; tidibidiyon. 
indolence, n.; laziness; idleness: — 

indolent, adj., adv.; lazy:— desi^Hcao; 

induce, v. tr,; to persuade: — ^induse; 

Buog; jctfggue. 
industrious, adj., adv.; hard-working: — 

fafachdchd; buen muchacho. 
industry, n.; steady application to busi- 
ness or labor; a particular branch of 

work or trade:— diJi16naia. 
ineffective, adj., adv.; not producing 

the desired result:- ti gUfya; ti 

ineligible, adj.; unworthy of choice: — 

ti ayfcon; ti cuentayon. 
inestixnable, adj., adv,; incalculable; 

beyond measure or price: — t&ipr6sio; 

t6i ma estima; ti catculayon; ti tasayon. 
inexcusable, adj.; unpardonable: — ti 

inexpensive, adj., adv.; cheap: — t&i- 

gasto; barato; ti migasto. 
inexperienced, adj., adv.; unskilled; 

unpracticed: — t&ipinHyon; tdiesper^n- 

sia; tdipi^ctico. 
inexplicable, adj., adv.: — ti espUcayon; 

ti n&claruyon. 
inextinguishable, adj.:—U punuon; 

infamous, adj.; wicked; profligate: — 

ch&tpayon; petbetso; escandaloso. 
infancy, n.; early childhood: — ^pinatgon; 

p&go finafiago. 
infant, n.; a young child:— nene; pinat- 

gon; pftgo finafiago. 



in favor of: — a fab6t de. 

infection, n.; taint; infectious disease: — 

tannxe; cMchalapon chetnot. 
inferior, adj.; lower; subordinate: — 

t&^gpap&; ti m4gas; y sumdsaga gui 

pap& otro; matagd. 
iniernc^, adj., adv.; hellish; fiendish: — 

inanite; sinasaUguan; iyon sasaldguan; 

infidel, adj.; unbelieving; ungodly; 

wicked: — ti fi6t; fdf&baba; ti man- 

jon^gue; ti jenggue. 
infinite, cdj.; endless; unlimited: — ti 

ig^on; taitittimoj ti pafiayon. 
infirm, adj., adv.; faint, weak:— d6bit. 
inflame, v, tr.; to excite: to fire with 

passion: — a^6dai; ma agodai; n^ lalald. 
inflamed, adj.; incensed: — agddai; so^- 

gue; n& fafiil^. 
inflammable, adj., adv.; easily set on 

fire; combustible: — g^ust janon; son- 

guiyon; gust mafLil&. 
inflammation, n.: characterized by pain, 

redness, heat, and swelling: — ^taujan. 
inflate, v. tr., v. %.; swell; to cause swell- 
ing: — ^binila; n^-espoogja; bdobao. 
inflating, adj,; swelling: — ^pumogpog; 

umespofgja; bent6so. 
inflexible, adj., adv.; rigid; stiff; un- 
bending: — ^potfl&o; tiso; fitme. 
influence, n.; power arising from char- 
acter or station: — ^influSnsia. 
infold. V, tr.; to wrap up; to swathe; to 

swaadle: — afuyut; falulon; balutan. 
inform, v. tr., v. i.; to apprise; to give 

information: — n&-tungd; safigane; 

{formation, n.: — ^infotmasi6n; nin& 

tu]^6; notincasi6n. 
informer, n.; apgrover: — y niim&nft^ 

ttuSg:d; y mangangane. 
infuriate, v. tr.; to provoke; to incite: — 

dsuni; n&-lalald; n&-bubo; n&-iritao. 
igenious, adj., adv.; clever; inventive; 

witty:— -grasioso; luchd; injenioso; 

di^stro cumalamten; listo man jaso; 

gusi man inbenta. 
ineuincd rupture, n.: — chinUdll. 
inhabit, v. tr., v. %.; to dwell in; to reside; 

to remain: — taut&giie; sagaye. 
inherit, v. ir.,v. %.: — ^hereda. 
inheritance, n.: — ^her6naia. 
Inhnman, aaj.; cruel; unfeeling: — ^mala- 

mafia; ti chichd tdotao. 
inimical, adj.; apposite; hostile: — con- 

initiate, v. tr.; if) use for the first time: — 

inestrena; tutujon; fin§^nana na biaje. 
injure, v. tr.; to injure the good name; to 

dishonor :—-de8honra. 
injure, v. tr.; to hurt: — n&-lamen; nft- 

injure, v. tr.; to insult; to affront: — 

iB&^e; insutta; n&-mamdjlao. 
injurious, adj., adv.; hurtful; detri- 
mental: — dafioso; nfisagui; n^^puti; 


injury, n.; harm; damage; hurt: — dafio; 

sinagud; pini^iite. 
injustice, n.; wrong: — inecho£g; in- 

ink, n.: — tinta. 
ink blot, n.: — ^bor6n. 
inkstand, n.; — tintero. 
inlaid work, n.; raised work: — ^ma- 

inlet, n.; passage; sieve; filter: — ^fan- 

jaluman; ensenada. 
inn, n.; road house: — tab etna, gum& 

in need, ad^.: — nesesit&o; nesesita. 
inner, adj.; internal; interior: — san 

jalom; san jalum. 
i2iner man, n.; the soul; heart: — jin^- 

lum, or: jin^om. 
innocent, adj., adv.; not guilty: — 

t^ifsao; inosente. 
in order that, conj.: — pHrH, 
inquire, v, tr.; to investigate: — aberl- 

gua; Misen; que tui^d. 
inquisitive, adj., adv.; curious: — cu- 

rioso; g^ mamaisen. 
in place of, adv.; instead of: — cuentan; 

en lugat. 
insane, adj. ,adv.; deranged; crazed; mad} 

giddy; seasick: — atmari&o. 
insanity, n.; lunacy; madness: — inat- 

mariao; quinaduco. 
insatiable, adj.; not capable of being 

satisfied or appeased: — t&i sinatis- 

insecure, adj.; uncertain; unsafe: — ti 

fljo; ti magajet; tdiseguro. 
insert, v. tr.; to interpose; to interpo- 
late : — ^n&-6ntc^d. 
inside, adv.; therewithin; within: — 

sanjUum; jalum; gui jalum. 
insinuate, v. tr.; to suggest or hint in- 
directly: — ^natu£gdflaijon; sa^anen 

insolent, adj., adv.; shameless; bold; 

daring: — a1a:ebido; descarao; sdguat. 
inspect, v. tr.; to overlook; to control; 

to search; to view; to visit: — 6gllgft; 

reconose; rebista. 
inspire, v. tr.; to encourage; to strength- 
en: — anima; nd,-matatfiga. 
in spite of, prep.; nevertheless; notwith- 
standing: — con todo que. ' 
install, V. tr.; to establish; to institute: — 

n&e posesi6n; planta; establese. 
instead of, adv.; in place of: — cuenta; 

en lugat de; en bes de. 
instead, adv.; on the other hand: — 

instigate, v. tr.; incite; to stir up: — 

instruct, v. tr.; to teach; to guide; to 

lead; to give instruction to: — chacha- 

lane; f&n&^gtte. 
instructed, adj.: — ^man&-eyag; ma 

instrument, n.; tool: — ^instrumento; 

jeramienta; estotmento. 




insufficient, adj.; inadequate; short: — 

ti tin&cft; ti man&c&; ti n§,jong. 
insult, V. ir.; to bring disgrace upon: — 

Ul^' n&-&I^; deshonra; n&-inftll; nft- 

insult, V. tr.; to embitter: — ^nft-layd. 
insult, V. tr.; to mock; to deride:— nc&si; 

insutta; lotgue. 
insult, n.; misfortune; destruction: — 

inSld; nin&-al6; inafla. 
insult, n.; outrage: — linftyd. 
insulting, adj.^ adv.; abusive: — ^totpe. 
insure, v. tr.; to improve; to make good 

an assertion; to oail: — ^nft-magajet; 

apase; abona; n&-ldmauleg. 
insure, v. tr.; to make fast; to strength- 
en: — ^n4-fitnie; asegura; n&-mafnot. 
insure, v. tr.; to secure; to warrant; to 

guarantee : — asegura. 
insurrection, n.; uprising; rebellion; 

tumult: — ^Jatsamiento; inatborota; 

intelligible, adj.; comprehensible: — 

tu^g^uon; comprendiyon. 
intemperance, n.; immoderation: — 

gula; degula; sin moderasi6n. 
intend, v. tr.; to resolve: — ^jasuye; 

intending, adj.: — ^i ntensionao; 

intensive, adj.y adv.; with all might: — 

t&calum; mano y sifia. 
intention, n.; determination; deci- 
sion:— detetminasi6n; dinetetmina. 
intention, n./ opinion; reason; memory; 

thought: — ^jinaso; intensidn. 
inten^oncd, adj.y adv.; designed; 

premeditated: — ^ma intenaiona; ma 

jasuye; depots! ma jasuye: jasfigon. 
inter, v. tr.; to bury: — jekiot. 
intercede, v. %.; to speak in favor of some 

one : — adii^ailiye. 
interest, n.: — ^inter^s; minalagd; gili- 

intexiere, v. %.; to oppose; to meddle: — 

entc^ue; um^ntalo; atropeya mete, 
interior, n.; inland: — san jc^om na 

patte; chago jalom na patte gui tand; 

jalom tand {aUo written jalum). 
intermission, n.; pause; interruption: — 

intemationc^, adj.: — entre y nasi6n 

international law, n.;~<ierechon y 

t&otao sija. 
interpose, v. %.; to mediate: — entaltie; 

interpret, v. tr.; to explain; to trans- 
late: — esplicaye; traduse; na claruye; 

interpreter, n.; — ^uit^tprete; int6tpete. 
interrrogate, v. tr.y v. %.; to question; 

to ask: — ^fldsen; aberfgua. 
interrupt, v. tr.: — ^nft-para; polonfiM- 

jon; bumasta. 

intestines, n.: — ^tUipas. 

in the davtime: — ^^ui-]a&ne; an ja&ne. 

intolerable, adj.; unbearable: — ti 

sirfig^unon; ti aguantayon. 
intrench, v. tr.; to dig in: — graba; 

f& trinchera. 
intricate, adj.; entangled; complicat- 
ed: — ^gadon; complicao. 
introduce, v. tr.; to arrange; to estab- 
lish: — ^introduse; establese; aregla; 

presenta un tdotao gui otro. 
invalid, adj.; null and void: — tfiibale; 

nulo; tdisetbe. 
in vain, adv.; to no purpose; fruitlessly; 

unnecessarily: — enbano: t&igu&il&ye. 
invaluable, adj.; priceless: — t&ibale; 

invariable, adj.^ adv.; constant: — 

siempre fijo; fiio; t&icumaUmten. 
invasion, n.; nostile incursion: — 

invent, v. tr.; to devise; to find out: — 

n&-juyol^; inbenta; sod&. 
inventive, adj., adv.; witty; ingenious; 

cleaver: — grasioso; inbentibo; rfs- 

od&; dfdescubre*. 
invest, v. %.; to make an investment of 

money : — ^inbierte; emplea . 
investigate, v. tr.; to inquire: — aberl- 

gua; reconose; inbestigua. 
invincible, adj.; unconquerable: — ^ti afia- 

yon; ti julaton. 
invisible, adj., adv.: — ti lifon. 
invite, V. tr.: — conbida; jujo; agailgue; 

invited person, n.; guest: — conbidao. 
invoice, n.; bill: — cuenta; factura. 
irksome, adj., adv.; vexatious: — guai- 

jetdan; fastidioso; na oson. 
iron, n.: — luloe; prensa. 
iron, n.; nail:— lulog; prensa; lulog 

man atane. 
irregular, adj.; anomalous: — echo^; 

ti areglao; ti pot otden. 
irreverent, cdj.y adv.; disrespectful; 

rude; coarse; rough; inattentive: — 

desatento; tairespeto; bruto; bronco; 

irritable, adj., adv.; effervescent; im- 

getuous: — ^n&bubo; empetuoso; n&^- 
island, n.: — ^pedasiton tand ni nire- 

dondea ni tasi; isla; tand. 
isolated, adj., adv.; solitary; secluded; 

off-lying; remote; lonesome: — ^mlLisa; 

solo; retirao gui pumalo; aislado. 
isolation, n.; solitude: — ^m&maisaj&; y 

lugat nai g^igMyaj^. 
issue, n.; progeny; posterity: — desend- 

itch, n.; scab; scurf: — latd; satna. 
item, n.; a separate article: — una cosa; 

un attfculo ni saj^ue. 
ivory, n.: — ^matfit. 
ivy, n.: — yedra. 





aekal, n.;— n&an g&gft g^iii ya Asia, 
aokass, n,: — bulico. 
aeket, n.; — chaqueta; chaleco. 
aU, n.; prison: — calaboso. 
anuary, n.: — enero; tumaiguine* 
ar, n.; earthenware pot or vessel: — 
jara; tebot: taro. 

Saw, n.; — qnuulas. 
awDone, n,; cheekbone: — q u i a d a s ; 

jawbone, n./ lower, nether, jaw: — 

jealous, adj.^ adv.; envious; grudging: — 

dgd; enbidioso. 
jealousy, n.; envy: — ixiigd; ugd; 11^. 
jeer at, v. tr.; to defame; to backbite; 

to review: — adft. 

Seat, n,; joke: — chansa; 4setan. 
ester, n.; joke8inith;#joker: — ^lesitan; 
g&-um^tan; chansero; numdchaleg. 

iewel, n.; — alajas. 
ewelry, n.; ornament: — alajas; gat- 

iob, n.; piece of work: — chdchd. 
oin, V. tr.; to unite; to connect: — 

joiner, n.; woodworker: — y m&uleg na 

joint or link of a machine, n.: — 

ioint, n.; cut: — ^moscas. 
oint estate, n.; communion: — 

Joints, n.: — ouyunturas. 
oke, n.; jest:— nchansa. 

joke, V. i,; to amuse one's self :— dsitan; 

joker, n.; jokesmith; jester: — ^lesitan; 

jokingly, adv.; jestingly; jocosely: — 

joy, n.; taste: — ^magof. 
joyous, adj.f adv.; merry; ga^r; satisfied; 

cheerful; delighted :— dibettido; magof . 
; udge, n.; — ^ju6s. 

; udgment, n.; decree; sentence: — ^juisio. 
i^^j w-/ pitcher; crock; water jug: — 

juice, n.; sap (of trees, fruits, etc.): — 


iuicy, adj.: — ^mefgd. 
uly, n.;— -jtUio. 
jump, n.: — tin&yog; t&yog. 
jump, V. %.; leap; to jump over some 
object, as to jump over a log: — &gu&; 
jump, V. %.; to run away: — ^p6chau, or: 

une, n.: — ^jtinio. 

unk, n.; old metals; rope, etc.: — ^basula. 
uiisdiction, n ; — sisifLa; minanda. 
ury, n.; — ^testigo; dinanil para julsio. 
ust, adj.f adv : — ^justo; tunas, 
ustice, n.; foimess: — ^inaya; justlsia; 

Justification, n.: — tininas; nin&tunas. 
ustify, V. tr.; to vindicate; to clear of 
blame; to establish as right or just: — 
juvenile, adj.; youthful: — ^joben. 


keel, n.; the lowest timber of a ves- 
sel: — quiyan batco. 
keep, V. tr.; to hold back: — detiene. 
keep safely, v. tr.: — ^adaje. 
keep secret, v. tr.; to be silent about; 

to suppress: — ^fatquLLuye; famatquilo. 
keep watch, v. %.: — ^pulan. 
keg, n.;— barilito. 
kept secret, adj.; silent; close: — ^f6- 

kercmef, n.; handkerchief: — ^paflo. 
kernel, n.; seed; stone (of fruits, etc.): — 

kerosene, n.: — petr61io; pret61io. 
ketchup, n.; catsup: — satsa. 
kettle, n.; vessel for holding liquids: — 

key, n.; — ^n&yan; na&yan; yabe. 
kioc, n.:— -pinate^; pateg. 
kick^ V. tr.; to kick with the feet; to 

injure; to hurt:— patig. 
ki<L n.; young goat: — cabrito; patgon- 

kill, V. tr.; to slay; to slaughter:— pund. 

kin, n.; relatives: — ^parientes. 

kind^ n.; characteristic; shape; ex- 
terior : — ^jechura. 

kindhearted, adj., adv.; benign; gr^ 
cious; good: — ^ma&sd; ydasd. 

kindness, n.; grace; fovor: — gr&sia; 

king, n.; — ^rai. 

kingdom, n.; state: — ^r&ino. 

kiss, v. tr.: — chico. 

kitchen, n.: — cosina. 

kite, n.; dragon:— papalote; dragon. 

knave I n.; rogue:— pfcaro. 

knaveryi n.; cheating; swindling: — 
chasco; mam&bababa. 

knead, v. tr.; to crumple up:— yacA;; 
yalac&; bate. 

knead, v, tr.; to knead the dough: — 

knee, n.; — tomo. 

knee joint, n.: — ^bayogon tomo. 

kneel, v. %.; to bend the knees: — dime. 

knife, n.:— sdsd. 

knob, n.; door handle: — togpol^. 




knock, n.; blow; stroke: — dacod. 

knock in, v. tr.; to drive in: — ^nft-dochon. 

knot, n.; — tdcho£g^. 

knot, V, tr,; to button: — fltido. 

knot, V. tr,; to make a knot: — tdchofig^. 

know, V. tr,, v. i.; to understand; to 

compiehena : — tufi^. 
knowledge, n. — ^tini^o. 
knowingly, adv,: — ^)atntu^dj&. 
knuckle, n.;— bayogon adelS^. 


label, n.; mark: — ^matca. 

labor, n.; toil or exertion; physical or 

mental effort: — chdchd. 
labor, V. tr., v. %.; to toil; to work: — 

f acndclid . 
laboriousf adj., adv.; diligent: — guef 

machdcnd; buen muchacho. 
laces, n.; embroidery: — encajes; bordao; 

lack, n.; want; deficiency:— iailas. 
lack, V. %.; to be in need; to be deficient; 

to want: — ^fatta. 
lad, n.; a boy or youth:— patgon. 
ladder, n.; stairway; staircase: — guaot. 
ladle, n.; cuchalan d&ngculo. 
lag, V. i.; to move slowly; to loiter; to stay 

behind : — flatii^. 
lagoon, n.; pool; body of stagnant water; 

swamp: — ^fagoi; aguanon. 
Ickke, n.; a large body of water surrounded 

by land: — ^laguna. 
lamb, n.; the young of sheep :^[uinilo. 
lame^ adj.; twisted; dislocatea: — &ca- 

leng; cojo. 
lament, n.; moan; wail: — ^lamento. 
lament, n,; song of woe: — ^lamentasidn; 

lamp, n.: — l&mpara; candit. 
lamp shade, n; pantaya; tubon 

lance, n.; lansa. 
lancet, n.; — ^lanseta. 
land, n.; world; piece of ground: — tand. 
landing bridge, n.; wharf; pier: — ^pan- 

landlord, n.; one who has tenants holding 

Tinder him; the keeper of a hotel or 

inn: — arend6t; propietdrio. 
lanp^iiage^ n.; the speech of one race as 

distinguished from that of another: — 

find; idioma. 
languid, adj.; wanting energy; weak: — 

debit: masogsog. 
lank, adj.; lean; slender. — ^masogsog. 
lantern, n.: — ^falot. 
lantern bearer, n.; — ^f&falot; y mafLd- 

nul^ falot. 
lap, n.; cola; y um&^tampe. 
lap, V. tr.: — ^joflag; joba. 
lapse, n.; slight fault or mistake: — 

lard, n.; fat of swine melted down: — 

large, adj., adv.; great in size; bulky: — 

laree, adj., adv.; deep: — ^modu£^; 

largess, n.; a gift; a bounty:— ^ninae; 

regalo; ^g. 

larynx, n.; Adam's apple: — guetmon; 

lash, V. tr.; to apply the whip; to flog: — 

lass, n.; a young woman; girl: — ^patgon 
na paUluan. 

lasso, n.; loop; snare; trap: — ^laso. 

last, adj., adv.; lowest; utmost: — ^tittimo. 

last, V. %.; to abide; to endure: — dura. 

last, V. i.; to stay: — ^maog. 

last night: — y pfii^ue. 

last quarter (<^f the moon): — cuatto 

last week: — ^m&pos na semana. 

lasting, adj.; durable; permanent: — 
durable; petmanente. 

lastly, adv.; in the last place: — ^tittimo. 

latch, n.; a door catch: — tra^can 

late, adj., adv.; slow; behindhand: — 
a^asao; tatde: madifigo. 

lately, adv.; not long ago: — ti-abmam. 

latent, adj.; concealed; invisible. — ^ma* 
n&n&; tLanog. 

lath, n.; a strip of wood: — &nlasgUe; 

lathe, n.: — totno. 

lather, v. tr.; to soap; to flatter: — jabune. 

lattice work (in the roof of native 
houses), n.: — ^baraquilan. 

laud, v. tr.; to prabe highly; to extol: — 
cdaba; tuna. 

laudable, adj.; commendable: — ^famao; 

laugh, v. %.: — chaleg. 

laughter, n.;— oh&leg. 

launch, n.; pleasure boat: — ^bapot sito. 

laundress, n.: — labandera. 

lavatory, n.; retiring room: — ^pcdaj%- 
gana; labad6t; labatSSrio. 

lavish, adj., adv.; prodigal; squander- 
ing : — despetdisiao. 

lavishness, n.; prodigahty; squander- 
ing : — despetdf sio. 

law, n.; jurisprudence; judicial proc- 
ess: — ^lay. 

lawsuit, n.; process of law; court pro- 
ceeding: — ^Jiusio: pl4ito; causa. 

lawyer, n.; one wno speaks for another; 
advocate; intercessor: — abogao. 

lawful, adj., adv.; just legal: — confotme 
y lay; tunas; legdt. 

lawn, n.; a plot of grass kept closely 
mown: — cha^'guan. 

lax, adj., adv.; loose; vague; weak: — calo. 

lay; v. tr.; to put; to place: — ^pdlo; planta. 

lay down, v. tr.; to approach; to bring 
nearer : — ^n&-arima. 

lay eggs, v. tr.: — ^fafiad&. 




lay in, v, tr.; to bring in; to put in: — 

lay on, v. tr.; to apply; to impose: — 

unpone; obliga. 
lay on the side, v, i.:—6guiSJ^. 
lay out, V. tr.; to expose; to interpret: — 

lay snares, v. tr.: — admaye laso; 

admaye laso sija. 
layer, n.; stratum; row: — capa. 
laziness, n.; indolence; idleness: — 

lazy, (wy., adv.; indolent: — ^gag6; de- 

lazy body, n.; loafer; idler: — ^bago; 

lead, n.; — ^plomo. 
lead, V. tr.; to guide; to precede: — guia; 

fUnue; pipet. 
lead astray, v. ^.;— nft-lache. 
lead, V. tr.; to guide; to instruct; to 

teach :^-cliaclialane; dirije; f&n&gtie. 
leaden, adj.; made of lead: — ^plomiso; 

pure plomo. 
leader, n.; one who leads: — guia. 
leaf, n.: — ojas; jagon. 
leak, n.; a hole which lets in water: — 

leak throuffh, v, tr.: — sumd. 
lean, adj.; min: — ^masogsog. 
lean, v. tr.y v. %.; to cause to lean; to 

incline: — asd; ap6. 
leap, V. tr.y v. %.; to pass over by jumping; 

to jump; to vault: — gope. 
leam, v. tr.; to study; to imitate: — eyag. 
learned, adj., adv.: — ^malatd; tomtom, 
learning, n.; skill* in literature, lan- 
guages, or science: — ^malatd. 
lease, v. tr., v. %.; a written contract for 

the letting of real estate for a certain 

period; to take a lease of; to let by 

contract: — empeiia; ari^nda. 
leasehold, n.; property held by leaae: — 

inquilinato; ariendo. 
least, adj.; smallest in d^ree, size, 

value, or importance: — mfniTTio; mas 

leather, n.; hide: — cuero. 
leather strap (holding the sandals), n.; 

bplt: — cotdon; coreas (doga). 
leave, v. %.; to depart; to go; to move; 

to walk: — ^focat; famocat; janau, or: 

leave behind, v. tr.; to forsake; to 

desert; to abandon; to leave; to quit: — 

desampara; duSgo. 
lecture, n.; formal discourse on any 

sub j ect :— lectur a. 
ledge, n.; margin; hem; border: — oriya; 

ledger, n.; the principal account book 

of a mercantile nouse: — ^leblon cuenta. 
leeward, n.; in the direction toward 

which the wind blows: — ^pachot 

left (direction to the left): — ac&giie. 

left, adj.; s^andoned; poor: — di^o; 

left-lianded, (uf/.;— aoigUe fafayifta. 
leg, n.; one of the limbs oy which men 

and animals walk: — ^adi£|^ (foot, n.: — 

legacy, n.; a gift by will of money or 

property; bequest: — ^herdnsia. 
legal, adj., adv.; pertaining to law; 

permitted or authorized by law; 

legitimate : — leg&t. 
legally, adv.; lawfully: — legatmente. 
legend, n.; a romantic story: — Jemplo. 
legible, adj., adv.; capable of being 

read; clear; distinct; apparent:— daro; 

legitimate, adj., adv.; conjugal; law- 
ful: — legultimo; lejftimo. 
leisure, n.; ease; freedom horn occupa- 
tion: — dinesoansa; osioso. 
leisurely, adi., adv.; done at leisure: — 

pausado; aesp^sio. 
lemon, n.: — lemon, 
lemonade, n.: — lemonada. 
lend, V. tr.; to grant to another for tempo- 
rary use: — presta; dyao. 
length, n.; the measure &om end to 

end: — ^inanacd. 
lengthen, v. tr.; to add to: — ^n&-16ana- 

co; taiuye. 
lengthy, adj.; long and tiresome: — 

lens, 71.; a glass for changing the direc- 
tion of rays of light: — lente. 
Lent, n.; time of fasting; fast: — ayunat; 

leprosy, n.; leper: — ategto^; lasarino. 
leprosy, n.: — cnetnot lasarino. 
less, adv.; in a smaller decree: — menos. 
lest, conj.; that not; for fear that: — 

s&; no sea. 
let, V. tr., V. %.; to permit: — ^pdlo. 
let come to pass, v. %.: — ^n&-falofan. 
letter, n.; note; card:— catta. 
letter of the alphabet, n.: — letran 

level, adj., adv.; plain: — ^yano. 
level, v. tr.; to even: — ^n&-yano.' 
lever, n.; crowbar: — espeque. 
liability, n.; the state of being liable: — 

dibe; responsabilidd. 
liable, adj.; exposed to damage: — 

liar, n.; one addicted to lying: — dacun. 
liberal, adj., adv.; big-hearted: — 

gu^ftau, or: gu^ftao. 
liberality, n.; charitableness: — guin- 

liberate, v. tr.; to* free: — saca; rescata. 
liberty, n.; freedom:— lib ettad. 
license, n.; permisedon; acquiescence: — 

lick, V. tr.: — Joflag. 
lid, n.; a movable cover: — ^tampe. 
lie. n.; deceit; denial: — mandague; 

aague; padagdag; dinague. 




liej V. %.; to rest in a recumbent posi- 
tion: — asun; &pd. 
lie, V. t.; to speak falsely; to deceive: — 

da^e; fandague. 
lie in ambuah, v. t.; to lurk: — ^ftejodg:. 
lien, n./ a leg^l claim upon property; 

security for payment: — ^infotmaaion 

life, n.; animate existence: — ^QnAlft; 

ja^ne; bida. 
lift, V. tr,; to raise; to eleyate: — n&- 

cajuld; jatsa. 
lift up; V. tr.; to heaye up; to take up; 

to raise: — ^Jataa Juld; cajat. 
lift up, V, tr.; to pick up (from the 

floor): — Jatsa; cajat. 
light, n.; the agent Dy which objects are 

rendered visible by its action on the 

retina: — ixiina. 
light, n; dawn: — ^manana; 6gdan. 
light, V. tr.: — ^tot^ue. 
light up, V. tr.; to illuminate: — ina. 
lieht, V. tr.; to light the fire: — ado; 

la-edo; tot^ue. 
light (in weight), arf;.;— fiajlala^. 
lighter, n.; a large open barge for load- 
ing and unloading vessels:— oaaoo; 

clmmpan (from: sampan); laida (yrom; 

liehtning, n.: — tala^an julo; lamlam. 
like, adj.; similar; resembling: — ^parejo. 
liked, adj., adv.; beloved; favorite: — 

znaguef-atan; magiUiiva. 
likely, adj., adv.; verisimilar; probable: — 

flifLaJa; jonfguiyon. 
liken, v. tr.; to compare: — compara. 
likewise not, conj.: — taxupoco. 
lily, n.;— IMo. 
liznb, n.; part of the body; branch of a 

tree: — ^pedason t&taotao; patte gui 

titaotao; ramas. 
lime, n.;-— afog. 
lime kiln, n.: — jotnon aiog. 
limit, n.; utmost extent; a border or 

boundary: — oriya; limite. 
limb, n.; leg: — adMg. 
limp, V. i.;--^u6''yau. 
limping, adj., adv.: — cum6qu6yau. 
line, n.; length without breadth: — ^Ifnea; 

line, n.; item of a bill: — ^re£g:16n. 
line, n.; rope: — cotd6n; cuetdas. 
lineal, adj.; composed of lines; in direct 

line from an ancestor: — ^line&t. 
linen, n.; a cloth made of flax: — ^lino. 
lingerinjg, adj., adv.; slow: — d'^cajat; 

liniment, n.; a medicated liquid for rub- 
bing into the skin: — amot p&lai; lini- 

lining of a garment, n.: — afulo. 
link, n.; a single ring or division of a 

chain: — aniyo; anillo. 
lion, n.: — ^leon. 
lips, n.: — ^l&bios. 
liquid, adj.; not solid; readily flowing: — 

xnamft-Jaxium, or: mamft-janom. 

liquor, n.: — lic6t. 

lisle, n.; a fine thread or lace: — leston 

list, n.;^lista. 
listen, V. %.: — 6cu^og. 
listen to, v. %.; to obey: — osgue. 
listener, n.; hearer: — j umd'^cu^gog. 
listless, adj.; indifferent; languid:— in- 

diferente; parejoja yan taya. 
litany, n.; a solemn responsive form of 

supplication : — letania. 
liters^ adj., adv.; following the exact 

words; exact: — literat; exacto. 
literary, adj.; pertaining to literature: — 

litieate, v. tr.,v. %.; to contest in a court 

oflaw: — pl&ito. 
litigation, n.; judicial contest: — ^plfiito. 
litter, n.; straw, etc., used for bedding for 

horses, etc.: — ^fanasun cabayo. 
little, adj., adv.; minute; small: — 

little, aav.; not much: — dididl. 
little bell, n.: — campaniya. 
little finger, n.: — cala^qud. 
liturgy, n.; the prescribed ritual for 

pubUc worship: — seremdnias gumft 

live, V. i.; to exist; to have life: — 1&1&. 
livelihood, n.; sustenance; subsistence: — 

abio; mantensi6n. 
lively, adj^.; active; brisk; animated: — 

l&lft; animao. 
liver, n.: — ^iffi^o. 
livid, adj.; black and blue; ashy pale: — 

living, adj.; alive; merry: — ^l&lal&; brabo. 
lizard Qarge variety), n.: — ^jilftai. 
lizard (small house lizard), n.; — gualfig. 
loaded, p.p.: — catgado. 
loaf, n.; a large cake of bread: — pan. 
loaf around, v. %.; to tramp around: — 

gumagd; bumuetta. 
loafer, n.; idler: — ^bagamundo; gS,- 

lum&uyau; gag6. 
loam, n.; rich vegetable mold, with clay 

and sand: — ^puja. 
loan, V. tr.; to loan a sum of money for a 

period: — &yau; presta. 
loath, V. tr.; to regard with abhorrence or 

di^st; to detest: — chatlfi. 
loathing, n.; disgust; nausea: — chin- 

lobster, n.: — majo^g^a^. 
lobster trap, n.: — ^nasa. 
local, adj., adv.; pertaining to a place: — 

locate, V. tr.; to place; to establish: — 

fftm&uleg; colocar; f&sagaye. 
lock, n.; door lock: — candalo. 
locomotive, n.; steam engine for drawing 

railroad cars: — ^m4quinan v tren. 
lofty, adj.; very high; proud: — tagajld; 

t^quild; loc&. 
log, n.; an undressed piece of timber: — 

troson jayo. 
loins, n.; nips; haunches: — &tayd; lomo. 


loiter, V. i.; to linger; to tarry; to be 

slow; to be tardy; to hang back; to 

hesitate : — ^um-abmam. 
loitering, adj., adv.; remiss; negligent; 

slack* slovenly; tarrying: — descuidao; 

lone, adj.; solitary; retired: — gtUgili- 

lonely, adj.; deserted; solitary: — aban- 

donao; sagayan na mayuti. 
lonesome, adj.; lonely; solitary; se- 
cluded; oS-lying; remote: — ^aiaiado; 

tdig&chofig; gtiigiuytlaja. 
long, adj.; extended in time or length; 

not short: — anacd. 
look, V. tr.y V. %.; to glance; to perceive; 

to see: — &tan. 
look, V. ir.; to look surreptitiously: — 

look I see there!— di I di&! di&j&! 6nagui! 

looking-glass, n.; mirror: — espejos. 
look, V. tr.; to look hard at some one or 

something : — atalag. 
looks, n.; appearance: — ^mata; apar^n- 

sia; jechura. 
loop, n.; snare; trap; lasso: — ^laso. 
loosen, V. tr.; to free from tightness, 

restraint, or tension: — n&-l&calo; sotta. 
loot, V, tr.; to pillage or plunder: — 

lord, n.; master; owner: — ^&saina; dueno; 

lose, V. %.; to be harmed:— ^etjufsia. 
lose, V. tr.; to go astray; to be lost; to go 

to the bad; to disappear: — ^falifg^o. 
lose, V. %.; to lose one s way: — abag. 
lot, n.; fate; fortime:— oatga; suette. 
lottery, n.; distribution of prizes by 

chance: — ^rifa; loteria. 

loud, adj., adv.; noisy: — ^ftga£g; buni- 
• quento. 

lounge, V. %.; to saunter about in a lazy 
manner: — gago; umosioso. 

ouse, n.;— juto; gaga gapotulo. 
ovabie, adj.; worthy of love: — guaiy&- 

love, n.; — amot; caridad; gtiin^ya. 
love, V. tr., V. %.; to be loved: — goflfe; 

love, n.; loveliness; amiableness: — 
gUin&iya; guaiy^yon; amiable. 

loveliness, n.; kuxdness; amiability; 
benevolence:— caxilio; quinarifioso. 

lovely, adj., adv.; amiable: — ^goflifyon. 

lover^ n.; ^lant; spendthrlftr-H&guaiya; 
n6bio; anobio. 

low, adj., adv.; humble: — t&gpapft»* 

lower, V. tr.; to let down: — 6oalayd; 

lower lip, n.: — dnxamafig. 

lower we price, v. tr.; to allow a re- 
bate: — ^rebaja. 

low ground, n.; low country; defile: — 
Joya; findgudgsald. 

loyal, adj., adv.; faithful in allegiance: — 
tiffifftbaba; fi6t. 

lucid, adj., adv.; clear; readily under- 
stood: — daro. 

luck, n.; casual event or accident: — 
dicha; suette. 

lucky; adj., adv.; blessed; successful; 
fortunate: — dichoso; felis* fottuna. 

lucrative, adj., adv.; profitable: — probe- 

ludicrous, adj., adv.; amusing: — ^n&- 

luggage, n.; effects of a traveler; bag- 
gage: — ^maleta; trastes biaje. 

li^, V. tr.; to soothe to sleep: — ^n&-qud- 

lumber, n.; timber: — tabla; jayo. 

lunacy, n.; mental unsoundness: — ^loco; 

lunatic, n.; one who is insane: — 

lundi, n.; light meal between break- 
fast and the evening dinner: — ^n&- 

lung, n.: — gofis. 

lure, V. tr.; to allure; to bait: — epog; 

luster, n.; radiance; brightness: — linam- 

lusty, adj.; robust; vigorous; healthy: — 
robusto; 1&1&. 

luxurious adj.; pertaining to luxury: — 
lujurioso; n^nfi^^. 

lye, n.; alkaline solution: — lejia. 

lying, adj., adv.; false: — dacon; fatso. 


macaroni, n.: — ^macar6n. 

machine (aho lock of a gun), n.: — 

machinery, n.: — ^maquinaria. 

machinist, n.; — maquinista. 

mad, adj., adv.; enraged; mentally dis- 
ordered: — lalald; bubo. 

madden, v. tr.; to make mad or furious: — 

magistrate, n.; governor: — ^magftlaje; 
mdgas; tdtagd; julon. 

maenet, n.; a magnetized steel bar: — 

nl'laolao; im^n. 
maffniflcent, adj.; splendid; pompous: — 

da^culo; mduleg; gu^ftao; f^ta. 
maid, n.; maiden:— donseya; sottera. 
mail, n.: — coresponddnsia. 
mail steamer, n.; — coreo. 
maim, v. tr.; to cripple: — estropea; 

ulot; n&-ma:fij^co; nlUcn^tan. 
main, adj.; chief; principal; leading: — 

ulo; magas; impottante. 



maase, n.; com:- 

make^ v. tr.; to create; to foahion; to 
fabncate:-— tertinas; ii&-jayod|^ chdgQe. 

make, v. tr,; to work; to plant:— chd^gtle; 

make dear, v. tr.; to expound; to ex- 
plain: — esplica; pul&; nflrmanana; nft- 

make dull, v. tr.;— nft-foda; n&-iiafid. 
make last, v. tr.; to stren^en; to in- 
sure: — nftrtfitme; n&-meton. 
make good one's aaaertion, v. tr.; 

to give one credit; to bail; to insure; 

to improve: — nft-magajet y ai- 

natf^an; nA-magajet; prueba y finijd. 
make good, v. tr.; to discover; to ob- 
serve: — ii&-m&tileg; n&-anoc; n&- 

make a holiday, v. i.; to celebrate: — 

make into parts, v. tr,; to share; to 

participate; to oivide: — l&cai. 
make mellow, v. tr.; to beat; to make 

tender: — acha; nft-mdfiafia. 
make more beautiful, v. tr.; to put 

on rouge; to adorn: — n&-l&gatbo. 
make an offering (to Grod), v. tr.; to 

sacrifice: — entrega; man ofrese as 

make peace (with God), v. tr.: — aplaca; 

nft-pas; pumds. 
make peaceful, v. tr.; to give pleasure 

to: — ^n&-magof; apas^ua; n&-majgofg; 

make ready, v. tr.; to make ready food 

in the best possible way; to prepare; 

to put into vinegar (in the evening): — 

adobao; nft-masa; n&-listo; estu^. 
make reparation, v. tr.; to give satisfac- 
tion; to expiate: — ^fft-m&uleg. 
make room, v. tr.: — fft-chalan; chigua. 
make room, v. tr.; to move in order to 

make room: — ^n&-capap. 
make smaller, v. tr.; to make into 

smaller change (a sum of money); to 

shorten; to damage; to cheat: — ^fo£gnft. 
make smaller, v. tr.; to reduce; to 

diminish : — ^n&-l&diquiqui. 
make sour, v. tr.: — ^n&-ma&gsom. 
make tender, v. tr.; to make mellow; 

to beat: — acha. 
make up one's mind to, v. i.: — jasuvi. 
malaria, n.; exhalations from mar^y 

land, producing fevers; fever: — ca- 

lentura guinen y fiojmon na tand. 
malefactor, n.; criminal: — n&^'nft- 

t&ilaye; crimindt. 
malice, n.; deliberate mischief: — 

malisia; tindimauleg; jinasf^ne; mdi- 

mallet, n.; a wooden hammer: — ^maseta. 
maltreat, v. tr.; to oppress: — ^n&-lamen; 

gugo^; jotld; mattrata. 
maltreatment, n.; oppression: — 

minattrata; ninatdelaye; mnatdilaye; 

guinigotig; jinefid. 

man, n.; male: — ^t4otao; laje. 

manage, v. tr.; to govern: — gobietna; 

manage, v. tr.; to regulate; to lead; to 
direct; to guide:— chaehalane; f&- 
n&'^gQe; gdje. 

management, n.; disposition; ar- 
rangement: — guindtd; g u i n d j 6; 

mane, n.: — pulon tefij^on eabayo. 

mangrove, n.; — ^mai^le. 

manfia hemp, n.; — &Daca. 

manipulate, v. tr.; to operate or work 
by means of the hands: — chdgiie ni^ y 

manly, adj.y adv.; courageous; resolute: — 
mamftlaje; matatnga; timamft^fiao. 

manner, n.; method; mode of action; 
habit: — ^jaftaim4no; costumbre. 

man-of-war, n.; warship: — batoon 

mantilla, n.: — mantilla; mantiya; sa- 

banas diquiqui; pafiales. 
manufacture^ v. tr.; to fabricate from 

raw materials: — ^fabric&r; f&tinas. 

manufacture, t;. tr.; to fabricate from 

raw materials: — ^manufactura; ch^hd 

c&nae; Mtinas van mata na materi&t. 
manure, n.; fertilizing substance: — 

abono; taqi^. 
many, adj.; numerous: — lajyan; m^gai. 
many thanks I — si Ytius nia&stl 
map, n.; — mapa. 
march, n.; regular, measured walk, 

especially of soldiers: — ^matcha. 
march, v. i.: — ^mumatcha. 
March, n.: — ^matso; marso. 
mare, n.: — ^y6gua. 
mariner, n.; sailor: — tum&tase; mari- 

mark, n.; — ^matca. 
mark, n.; trade-mark: — ^matca; sen&t; 

mark down, v. tr.; to note down; to 

record; to aim: — apunta. 
marriage, n.; wedlock; wedding: — 

in&camd: umdcamd; casamiento. 
mai^age feast, n.: — ^fanda^go. 
married, p. p.: — casao; umdsagua; 

marry,^v. %.; to wed; to take to wife 

or husband: — 4sagua; umdsagua. 
marsh, n.; a swampy tract of land: — 

martyr, n.: — ^m&ttir. 
marvelous, adj., adv.; exciting wonder; 

incredible : — n&^manmaTi. 
masculine, adj.; pertaining to a man: — 

masculino; laje. 
mask, n.; clown: — ^buf6n; mdscara. 
mason, n.: — &tbanit. 
mass, n.; a large quantity: — ^m&gguag; 

massage, v. tr.; to apply massage; to 

press; to rub; to knead: — ^lasa. 




mast (of a ship), n.: — ^palon batco. 
master, n.; lord; fother: — ^mftgas; sdlna; 

lata; amo. 
master, n.; teacher: — ^m.aestro. 
mat, n.; — guafa^. 

match, n.; a lucifer: — ^maches; f6tforo8. 
matchless, adj.; peerless; incompara- 
ble: — ti acomparayon; tw chilofig. 
matchmaker, n.: — atcagttete. 
m.aterial, n.; dress: — magago. 
matter, n.; thing; cause: — ^mAt^ria; 

jafa; cosa; cuesti6n. 
matter, n.; being; substance: — gttiniya. 
matter, n.; pus:— -chug6. 
mattress, n.: — cotchon. 
mature, adj.^ adv.; ripe; full-grown: — 

maturity, n.; ripeness: — ^minasa. 
Hay, n.: — mayo; magmdmao. 
m.ayor, n.: — un t&taed. 
meadow, n.; pasture land; land yielding 

hay: — ^famastuyan; paste; fin&joya. 
meal, n.; eating: — comida. 
meal beetle, n.: — ^gotgojo. 
m.ean, adj.; vulgar: — t£laye. 
mean spirited, adj.y adv.; base; abject; 

vile :— -despresiao. 
means and ways, n.; mode: — ^modo; 

meanwhile, adv.: — entretanto. 
measure, n.; — ^medida. 
measure, n.; rule; disposition; direction; 

condition: — disposisidn; regla. 
measure, v. tr.: — ^mide. 
meat, n.; — catne^ sensen. 
medal, n.; medallion: — ^milaya. 
mediate, v. i.; to act as mediator: — 

um6ntald; entalue. 
mediator, n.; advocate: — gulgogtte; 

medicine, n.; drug: — amot. 
mediocre, adj.: — ^mediano. 
meek, adj., adv.; gentle; submissive; 

humble; yielding: — ^humitde; osgon. 
meet, v. tr.; to find; to hit upon: — 

danche; dsodd,. 
meet, v. tr.; to find; to recover: — ^Jentan; 

gach^; soda. 
meet some one, v. i.; to fall in with: — 

mellow, adj.; fully ripe; not hard: — 

maiia£L&; masa. 
melody, n.; — ^mel6dia^ 
melon, n.; pumpkin; squash: — ^melon; 

melt, V. %.: — fa-janum. 
melt, v. tr.; to fuse; to dissolve: — dirite; 

member, n.; limb: — ^miembro; pedaeon 

member of the brotherhood, n.: — 

memory, n.; reason; thought: — ^jinaso. 
menace, v. tr.y v. i.; to threaten: — 

mend, v. tr.; to repsdr: — ^lemenda. 
mental, adj.; pertaining to the mind; 

intellectual : — ^jinalom. 

mention, n.; hint:— nin&Jaso. 
merchandise, n.; goods; wares, bought 

and sold: — merccuisia; metcansia (co- 

sas ni man m&nfajan yan man mdn- 

merchant, n.; — ^negosiante; comet- 

merciful, adj.; charitable: — ^migrasia; 

mer^, n.; compassion; charity: — mi- 

naas6; yin^asd. 
mere, adj., adv.; only: — sensiyo; pure; 

merely, adj.^ adv.; simply; only: — ^Jft. 
merge, v. tr.; to absorb or swallow up: — 

chmepchop; ninaiiot; fiogfiog; lumos. 
merit, n.; excellence; worth: — ^m^rito; 

merit, v. tr.; to deserve: — ^merese. 
meritorious, adj.; deserving: — mlme- 

merriment, ji.; mirth; fun; frolic; 

gaiety: — ^xninagof; tinatnon. 
merry, adi.^ adv.; gay; satisfied; cheer- 
ful; delignted; joyous: — dibettido; n^''- 

magof; entretenido. 
merry fellow, n.; jester; wag: — ^numft- 

chaiig; chansero. 
message, n.: — ^mensaje; inencatga. 
messenger, n.: — child papet; men- 

sajero; tentagd. 
metal, n.: — ^metat. 
meteor, n.: — guinipon pution; todo y 

malllit gui aire, 
method, n.; system; order: — ^jechura; 

middle, n.: — tal6; sibo. 
middle finger, n.: — calulot tald. 
midnight, n.: — t&talo pue£gue. 
midwife, n.: — ^pattera. 
might, n.; power; force; authority: — 

minetgot; mindmaichfichd; finejman; 

autoriddd; fuetsa; sfsiiia; nin^sina. 
mighty, adj., adv.: — ^n&sifia. 
mighty, adj., adv.; brave; powerful: — 

famoso; matatnga. 
mild, adj.y adv.; gentle in temper and 

disposition ; meek ; suave : — suabe; 

mdflan&; manso. 
mildness, n.; charity: — minafiafift. 
mile, n.: — ^miya; milla. 
military, n.; soldiery: — ^milit&t. 
military equipment, n.; — atmadura; 

milk, n.; — chugd susu; leche. 
milk, V. tr.; to milk a cow: — ^fogse. 
milk, n.; curdled: — ^lechen-ma-cuaja. 
milk of the coconut, n.; — chug6 

Hilky way, n.: — carera de Santiago, 
mill, n.; gristmill: — ^molino. 
millet, n.; barley: — sebada. 
millstone, n.; — ach6 molino. 
mind, n.; intellect; understanding: — 
; jinaso; sentido. 
mine, n.;^mina. 
mingle, v, tr.; to mix; to blend: — 

n&-dafi&; dafL&. 

86 . 

mingledy p. p.; mixed: — ^manft-daAft. 
million, n.; &ivorite: — gliinfiiTa; fabo- 

minute, adj.j adv.; small; little: — di- 

minute hand, n.; — minutero. 
miracle, n.; wonder: — milagro; nA''- 

manmap nftcdnedese. 
mire, n.; mud; slime; yeast: — ^fachd. 
mirror, n.; — espejos. 
miscellaneous, adj.; promiscuous:-^ 

mischievous, adj.: — dalioso; n&^t&ilaye; 

miserable, adj., adv.; pitiful; despicable; 

impossible: — ch6tsaga; n&-m&s^. 
miserv, n.; wretchedness: — ^misdria; 

misfortune, n.; accidental event: — di- 

nemalas; casualiddd; desgrdsia; inald. 
misrepresent, v. tr.: — abag. 
mission, n.: — ^mision; tinagd. 
missionaxy, n.: — ^mislonero. 
mist, n.; darkness; fog; haze: — ^jomjom; 

mistake, n.; error: — linache; fatta. 
mistaken, adj., adv.; hazy; nebulous. — 

bula asgon. 
mistake, v. %.; to be mistaken; to be 

in error:— chd tan; lache. 
mistrust, n.; suspicion: — desconfiansa; 

misunderstanding, n.: — chindtan; ina- 

bag; linache. 
mitigate, v. tr.; to alleviate: — ^n&ca- 

vada; disminuye. 
mix, V, tr.; to entangle: — ^n&-gadon. 
mix, V. tr.; to mix the cards: — ^balaja. 
mix, V, tr.; to thin out: — ^liti. 
mixed, p. p.; mingled: — ^inan&-da&&. 
mixture, n.; blend :— din afi ft. 
mixture, n.; mortar: — liniti. 
mob, n.; rude, disorderly crowd:— 

jenlSg^an; tiunutto; inetnon para ti 

mduleg na chdchd. 
mock, V. tr.; to deride; to insult; to 

make fim of: — ^butlea; casi; insutta; 

mocker, n.; scoSer; supercilious person; 

arrogant man: — ^butlon; casi. 
model, n.; figure: — ^ftgura; modelon. 

moderate, v. tr.; to keep within bounds; 
to lessen: — ^templao; moderao. 

moderation, n.: — ^tinempla. 

modem, adj.; recent: — ^ti&bmamjft. 

modest, adj., adv.; honorable; decent: — 

moist, adj., adv.; humid; damp (prevent- 
ing an object from burning):— ^pagon; 
fo^on; maguem; dmido. 

moisten, v. tr.; to wet: — ^nft-fotgon. 

molar tooth, n.; — acacam. 

moldy, adj.; mouldy; covered with 
mold: — ^iziapulftijan; linimutan. 

mole, n.; birthmark:— lonnat. 

molest, V. tr.; to annoy: — ^Joroba; 

ndrchitsaga; mol^etia. 
molest, V. tr.; to importune: — ^nft- 

molestation, n.; annoyance: — ^Jineroba; 

mollify, v. tr., v. t.: — n&-maiiallft. 
moment, n.; instant; twinkling: — ^mo- 

mento; rate. 
Monday, n.:— lunes. 
money, n.: — salapi; salapd. 
money, n.; piece of money; coin: — 

moneda; saklapd. 
moneybag, n.;--4>otsiyo. 
monk, n.: — ^monje. 
monkey, n.: — machilife. 
monopJjEme, n.; aeroplane having one 

plane, contrasted with the biplane, 

which has two: — ^monoplano; biplane, 
month, n.; one of the twelve divisions 

of the year: — mes. 
monthly, adj., adv.; happening once a 

month : — clda-mes. 
monument, n.; — monumento. 
mood, n.; temper of mind: — ^humot; 

moon, n.; month: — pulan; mes. 
mop, n.; implement for washing floors: — 

lampaso nl gfti tegpo^g^. 
moralitv, n.; ethic8:-y-qmnette8ano; 

minduleg; timas na tinifgd. 
more, adj., adv.; greater in number; 

greater in quality or extent: — ^mas; 

moreover, adv.; besides; apart from 

that: — ademas. 
more than, adv.: — ^mas de; mas que. 
morning, n.;— 6gftan. 
mortal, oJ^'.;— mftmatai; mottdt; 

mortal sin, n.: — ^pecado mott&t. 
mortar, n.; — lusotig^. 
mortar, n.; mixture: — liniten-mesda; 

mortgage, n.: — ^ipotdca; sineguro; pro- 
mortify, v. tr.; to humble; to depress: — 

mosquito, n.: — fLamo. 
mosquito net, n.: — eftbeyon. 
moss, n.; lichen: — lumot. 

moth (flying around a light), n.: — 

mother, n.: — ^nana; madre. 

mother-in-law, n.: — suegra. 

motion, n.; the act or process of mov- 
ing: — quinalamten; yineflgyofg. 

motive, n.; incentive; reason: — ^motibo; 

motorcycle, n.: — bisidetan pogpoe. 
mould; mold, v. tr.; to do; to build: — 
ffttinas; jotma. 

mountain, n.: — sabana; ogsd; monte. 
mountain side, n.: — canton ogsd. 
mourn, v, %.; to grieve; to lament: — 




xnouniing, n.; sorrow; grief: — luto; 

znoumine, v. tr.; to put on mourn- 
ing: — ^na-luto; lumuto. 
mouse, n.: — oh&can diquiqui (rat: 

chftca; mouse, small rat). 
mouth, n.; — pachot. 
mouth harmonica, n.; — ^bibig; b6- 

move, V. t.: — oalamten. 
move, V. tr.; to remove: — nft-calamten. 
move, V. ir.; to stir up; to set in motion: — 

chal6jguft; bate. • 

move, V. %.; to walk; to leave; to depart; 

to go: — ^famocat; pocat. 
movement, n.; motion: — ^yinedgyotig; 

much, adv.; great in quantity or amount: 

— l&jyayan; lajyan; m^gai. 
mucilage, n.; — goma; engrudo; cola, 
mulct, n.; penalty: — ^mutta. 
mule, n.: — mula. 
multiply, V. tr.; to increase: — aumenta; 

muttipuca; n&-m6gae. 
multitude, n.; crowd; the populace: — 

monchon t&otao; inetnon tdotao. 
municipal, adj.; pertaining to a city, 

state, or to a local self-government: — 

munition, n.; cartridges: — ^munisl6n. 
murder, v. tr.^ v. %,; to commit a mur- 
der: — ^failajye pumund; mamund. 

murderer, n.: — ^y mamuno pot trai- 

murmur, v. %.; to rustle; to whisper; to 

rattle; to clatter:— oascas; go^^ofi]^; 

cumuentoe ^cacat. 
muscle, n.; shell: — concha; carac6t; 

muscular, adj.; active; vigorous; ro- 
bust: — ^masalegat; metgot. 
mush, n.; broth; pottage:— cado; potaje. 
mushroom, n.; sponge: — ^inapulaijan; 

payon dujendes; tala^g;an jayo. 
muaic, n.;— dandan; musica. 
musical instrument, n.: — ^instru- 

mento mtisica; eetotmento. 
musical rehearsal, n.; — ensaya y 

musician, n.: — ^mtisico. 
mustache, n.: — bigote. 
mustard, n.; — ^mostasa. 
muster, n.: — ^rebista. 
mutation, n.; variation: — ^yinalacft. 
mute, adj., adv.; silent; dumb: — ^udo. 
mutinous, adj., adv.; rebellious: — g&- 

mutton, n.; the flesh of sheep: — catnen 

mutual, adj., adv.; reciprocal: — ^um&- 

challao; iundnogch&. 
myrrh, n.; — ^mira. 
mystery^ n.: — ^misterio; titufiguon na 



nabob, n.; a very wealthy man: — ^rico na 

nag, V. tr.; to scold; to find fault with con- 
tinually: — ^lalatde; chatlit. 
nail, n.: — ^labo; lulog. 
nail. V. tr.; to fasten by nailing: — ^laba; 

nail to a cross, v. tr.: — atane gui 

nail puller, n.: — ^bogbog lulog. 
ncdls (on nngers and feet), n.: — p&pa- 

na,ked, (u/j./nude: — t&idajog; quesnudo; 

sin magago. 
name, n.: — ^n&an. 
name. v. tr.; to call; to denominate: — 

fftnaan; maf&ndan. 
nameless, adj.; without a name: — sin 


nap, n.; a short slumber: — siesta, 
nape, n.; the back of the neck: — 

napkin, n.: — setbiyeta. 
narrate, v. tr.; to tell; to give an account 
of: — sal^ane. 

narration, n.; gossip: — cuentos. 
narrow,ajy.,a(tv.;close;strict;straight: — 
angosto; tunas. 

narrow, oJi.; pressed together: — ^mafnot. 
narrow, adj., adv.; thin: — canifes. 
nation, n.: — ^nasito. 

native, n.: — ^t&otand; t^otao tand; 

native cattle, n.: — guacan tand. 
natural, adj., adv.; accidental; by 

nature: — naturat; timan&nafigga. 
natural, adj.; genuine: — ^natux^; pure, 
naturally, adv. — depotsijft. 
nature, n.; the universe; natural order of 

things: — ^atottan Ytius. 
naught, n.; nothing: — tayft; sero. 
naughty, adj., adv.; bad; perverse or 

mischievous: — t&ilaye; baba; picaro. 
nausea, n.; disgust; aversion: — ^indson; 

disgustao; Hnayd. 
nauseous, adj., adv.; Ipathsome: — ^nft- 

masft; asqueroso. 
navigable, adj.: — ^nabegable; mam&ya; 

siila m&ya. 
navigate, v. tr.; to steer or manage a boat; 

to sail: — ^n&-mftya; dirije pat maneja y 

navigator, n.: — ^nabegad6t. 
navy, n.: — ^marina; nabio. 
near, adj.; close by: — ^jijot. 
nearly (it seems as if almost ), adv.: — 

nearly, adv.; possibly: — sifiaj&. 
neat, adj., adv.; decent; clean: — gasgas; 

neat, adj., adv.; nice (speaking of girls); 

beautiful; handsome:— dudus; bonita; 




necessary, adj.: — nesesdrio. 
necessary, adj.; it is necessary; it is im- 

pjortant; it is fitting: — conbiene; pre- 

necessary, adj.j adv.; certain: — ^presiso; 

necessity, n.; need: — nesesid&d. 
neck, n.: — to£|:jo; cueyo; agag§l. 
necklace, n.: — cadena; lisayo. 
need, v. tr.; to want: — ^nesesita; malagd. 
needful, adj., adv.; necessary: — ^nese- 

oLtao; nesesmo. 
needle, n.:— jaguja. 
negative, adj.; denying; refusing: — ^ne- 

negative, n.; photo plate, developed, 

showing lights and snade the opposite 

of those in nature: — contra, 
neglect, v. tr.; to slight: — aglid; des- 

cuida; desatiende. 
negligent, adj., adv.; slack; slovenly; 

tarrying; loitering; remiss: — descuidao; 

negotiate, v. tr.: — tratos (tratos pot 


neighbor, n.: — ^besino. 

neighboring, adj.; situated nearby: — 

neighbor, v. tr., v. %.; to be a neighbor: — 

neighborhood, n.; region; tract of 
country: — comatca; besino; pais. 

neither, pron.: — ^niuno (nor, conj.: ni). 

neither, conj.: — ^ni. 

neither nor : — ti ni ti . 

nephew, n.: — sobrino. 

nerve, n.; fiber; sinew; tendon: — nfit- 
bio; gugat; fottalesa. 

nervous, odj., adv.; sinewy: — ^mi-gugat; 

nest, n.;— chonchon. 

net, n.: — l&gu&. 

neuter, adj.; of neither sex: — ti laje ni 
ti pal&uan (neither man nor woman). 

neutral, adj.; unbiased; indifferent: — 
neutrat; ti mtimumo; indiferente. 

never, adv.; at no time: — ^nunca; ni un 

never, adv.; nowhere: — ^tayft nae; ni- 
mano; nunca. 

nevertheless^ adv.; in spite of; not- 
withstanding: — ^sin enbatgo; con todo 

nevertheless, adv.; but; notwithstand- 
ing: — sin enbatgo; lau. 

new, adj.; recent in origin: — ^nuebo. 

new moon, n.: — ^nuebo na pulan. 

newspaper, n.: — gaseta. 

next, aaj.;— flun; oriya; otro; pr6csimo; 
mas jijot. 

nice, adj.f adv.; fastidious; precise: — ^bu- 
nito; fastidioso; puntudt. 

nicety, n.; precision; fastidious deli- 
cacy: — delicadesa; presi8i6n; fastidi- 

neice, n.; daughter of a brother or 
sister : — sobrina. 

nigh, adj.; near: — ^jijot. 


night, n.: — ^pue£gue. 

night, n.; Mtemoon; evening: — 

pue^ue; pupuefigue. 
nine, (mj.: — nuebe. 

nine hundred, adj.: — ^huebe-sientos. 
nineteen, adj.: — desenuebe; dies y 

ninety, adj.: — ^nobenta. 
ninny, n.; simpleton; — senaiyo; simpli. 
ninth, adv.: — ^min& nuebe. 
no (opposite of yes), adv.: — aj6; mufiga. 
nobby, adj.; stylish: — andd. 
Nofkh's ark, n.: — arcan Noa; atcan 

noble, adj.y adv.: — ^noble; manjulon. 
nobody, n.; no one: — ^ni uno. 
nod, n.; a quick inclination of the 

head : — ^df^g^gileiS^. 
nod (indicating demal or negative), 

V. i.: — gU6£|:gUe£g:. 
noise, n.; bang; clap (of a falling body 

striking the ground): — ^buruca; tagtag; 

noise(of breaking wood), n.: — che^cheg. 
noise, n.; rustling: — ^buruca; ruido. 
noise, n.; such as the rattling of keys: — 

noncommissioned oflOicer, n.: — cabo. 
noon, n.: — taldane. 
north, n.: — lago; gui lago; san lago. 
nose, n.; organ of smell: — gUie^g:. 
no sooner than, conj.; as soon as: — 

guigonj&; guigon. 
notch (in a knife edge), n.: — ^maft§. 
note (in music), n.: — ^nota. 
not guilty, adj.y adv.; innocent: — 

inosente; tdilsao. 
nothing, adv.; none: — tayft. 
notice, n.; notification; report: — fa&ilft; 

notificasi6n; notisia. 
notify, V. tr.; to give notice; to make 

known: — ^n&-matu£gd: notifica. 
notion, n.; opinion ^ oelief; inclina- 
tion: — sentido; opini6n; jinefiggue; 

notoriety, n.; the state of being noto- 
rious : — pubUcao . 
not ready, adj.; unprepared: — despre- 

benido; ti lllisto. 
notwithstanding, prep.; in spite of; 

nevertheless: — sin enbatgo; con todo 

notwithstanding that, conj.; though; 

although; albeit:— achog; achogj^; sin 

enbatgo na. 
noun, n.; a substantive: — n&an. 
November, n.: — nobiembre. 
novel, adj.; of recent origin: — ^modetno. 
novelty, n.;— nobedad; ninuebo; guaja 

novice, n.; beginner: — ^prensipiante; 

now, adv.; at the present time; quite 

recently; to-day: — ^p&go. 

now and then, adv.; once in a while; 
sometimes:— ;pago yan ayu; cada un 
rato; palo tiempo. 




nudge, V. tr.; to touch gently (as with 
the elbow): — totpej chanda. 

nuisance, n.; anything offensive , in- 
jurious, vexatious, or annoying: — 
dafio: estotbo; mol^stia; petjuiBio. 

null, aAj.; void; of no legal force: — ^nulo; 
ti bale. 

numb, adj.; torpid; deprived of sensa- 
tion: — ^maetdot; timani^niente. 

number, n.; unit: — ^numero. 

numeral, n.; symbol or word expressing 
a number: — ^numero. 

nuptial, n.; pertaining to marriage: — 

nupnalB, n.; a marriage; marriage cere- 
mony: — boda; caeamiento. 

nursery, n.; apartment for young chil- 
dren: — eriansa; sagan fama^tiun. 

nursery, n.; a garden for reanng young 
plants: — plant§l; atmdsiea. 

nurture, v. tr.; to nouriwi; to feed: — 
nutrimento; n^-chocho. 

nutriment, n.; nourishment: — ali- 
ment o. 


oh I interj.; alas! woe! — adaje! ojala! 

oak, n.: — treble (roble, jayo na majetog; 

ma u usa para maf§,tinas batco, etc.). 
oar, n.; paadle: — ^p6g8ai-bote. 
oath, n.: — jula; iuramento. 
obduracy, n.; hardness of heart: — 

inHguaguat; minajetog-corason. 
obdurate, adj.; hardenea in feelings: — 

tetco; majetog; ^ua^uat. 
obedience, n.; submission to authority; 

dutifulness: — obedi6nsia; i n e s g u e; 

cumplido; manosgue nl tinagd. 
obedient, adj.^ aofv.; dutiful: — osgon; 

obediente (confotme ni y otden y otro). 
obese, adj.; corpulent; fat: — lodd; 

yomog; d^i^culo tataotaoiia. 
obey^ V. tr.; to comply with the orders 

or instructions of: — osgue. 
object, V. tr.; to oppose; to retort; to 

demur; to put in by way of reply: — 

munga; opone. 
object, n.; thing: — ^jinafa; jafa; butto. 
objection, n.; adverse reason: — timi- 

nalagd; oposisi6n. 
oblieatLon, n.; charge; office: — catgo; 

obugasi6n. , 
oblige, V. tr.; to render a favor to; to 

gratify : — finaborese . 
obliged, adj.; under obligation: — 

obliging, adj. J adv.; pleasing; agree- 
able: — fafatpai; fdfaborese; yaila man 

nae fabor {or fabot). 
oblique, adj.^ adv.; aslant; awry; slop- 
ing: — 6gue]Sg; s^sgao. 
obliterate, v. tr.; to efface: — ^ma funas. 
oblivion, n.; the state of being blotted out 

from memory: — ^minalefa. 
oblivious, adj., adv.; liable to be forgot- 
ten; forgetful: — j&malefa; mdmale- 

obscure, adj.; dark; illegible; secluded; 

humble : — jomjom. 
obscure, v. tr.; to darken; to dirty; to 

take away the luster: — ti-anog; n4- 

observe, v. tr.; to contemplate; to look 

at; to view; to watch: — &tan; espia; con- 

templa; jaso. 
obsolete, adj.; gone out of date; dis- 
used: — ^bijo; antfguo. 

obstacle, n.; difficulty; vexation; cha; 
grin; obstruction :-i£iiiapot; di^usto* 

obstacle (in the way while driving), 
n.: — estotbo gui chalan; gadon. 

obstinate, adj.; stubborn; dogged; stiff- 
necked : — &guaguat. 

obstruct, v. tr.; to impede; to prevent; to 
hinder: — estotba; chomS,; impide. 

obstruction, n.; obstacle; hindrance; 
impediment: — ^impedimento; estotbo. 

obtain, v. tr.; to attain; to accomplish; to 
reach: — consigue; chul6; mato; jajulat 
chumul.4 . 

obtuse, adj., adv.; dull: — obtuso; tdi- 
punta; fodaj flafid. 

obvious, adj.y adv.; evident: — ^mani- 
festo; mababa; claro; magajet. 

occasion, n.; opportunity: — ocasldn; 
ppottunidad; guinailugat. 

occasional, adj.y adv.; incidental; casu- 
al: — acsldente. 

Occident, n.; the west; the countries west 
of Asia and the Turkish dominions: — 
occidente; ocsidente; sanlichan. 

occupant, n.; one who has possession: — 
ocupante; sumagdgaye. 

occupation, n.: — tlnan§| ocupasi6n. 

occupy, V. tr.; to spend time: — empleo; 
gai ofisio. 

ocean, n.: — tasi. 

October, n.: — octubre. 

odd, adj.; unusual; peculiar; eccentric: — 
tad g^chon. 

odious, adj.; unpopular; offensive: — ma 
chatlli; ti ma guaiyaj nd-^maasl 

odium, n.; hatred; dislike: — chfnatlli. 

odor, n.; scent; fragrance: — p&upau; 

odorous, adj.; fragrant: — ^p&upau; mau- 
leg pdufia. 

offend, V. tr.; to insult; to outrage; to 
affront: — ofende; nUal^; isdgtie; aria; 

offend, V. tr.; or to insult bodily; to do 
harm to: — alia. 

offense, n.; injury; assault: — ^injtirla; 
ataque; fatta; inefende; ja contra y lai. 

offensive, adj., adv.; repugnant; taste- 
less :— desabrldo; chocante . 

offer, V. tr.: — ofrese; promete. 

offering, n.: — Inefrese. 




offlee, n.:— ^ecft; olfsio; empleo. 

office, n.; charge; obligation: — eatgo. 

office, n.; commiflsion: — encatgo. 

officer, n.; person commiflsioned to per- 
form a certain public duty: — oflsi&t. 

offidiouB, adj.; meddling: — oflsioso; en- 

oflFspxing, n.; successor: — desendiente; 

oft, adv.; often; frequently: — seso; m^gai 
na biaje. 

oil, n.; — ^lafLa; as&ite. 

oilcloth, n.: — hule. 

oil cruet, n.; — asaitero. 

oil lamp (of small size), n.: — candit 

oil press, n.; wine press: — prensa. para 
znamft laAa o asaite. 

ointment, n.; an unctuous substance 
applied to a wound or injured part: — 
ex^g:ttente; amot para chetnot; p&lai. 

old, adj.; aged; ancient: — de edad; amcd; 
bijo; antjguo. 

older, adj.y adv.: — amcdiia. 

old man, n.: — ^bijo na t&otao. 

olive oil, n.: — asaiten oliba. 

ominous, adj.; foreboding evil; inaus- 
picious : — desf aborable . 

on, prep.; upon; at; near: — san jil6; 
jil6£La; ayo; jijot. 

once in a while, adv.; a few times: — cada 
16-abmam; cada rato. 

one, adj.; single in number: — ^uno. 

one-armed, adj.: — ^ma£gpco. 

onerous, adj.; burdensome; weighty; 
oppressive: — tirano; macat. 

onion, n.: — seboyas. 

only, adv.; singly; merely: — solamente; 

only one, adv.: — ^tinojft. 

onward I interj.; advance! — adelantal 

open, adj., adv.; ajar; unfastened: — 
mababa; abietto. 

open, V. tr.; to spread out: — ^baba. 

opening, n.; hole: — binaba; abettura. 

operate, v. tr., v. %.; to work* — ^nft- 
calamten; fachdchd. 

operation, n.; surgical performance 
with instruments: — operatt6n. 

opinion, n.; intention j thought; memory; 
reason: — ^jinaso; opini6n. 

opium, n.: — 6pio; amot na ndn&maigd. 

opponent, n,; adversary: — contr&rio. 

opportune, adj.; well-timed; season- 
able: — opottuno; contiempo. 

opportunity, n.; convenient time or 
occasion: — opottunid&d. 

oppose, V. tr.; object; to retort; to demur; 
to put in by way of reply: — aguaguate; 
opone; ti mah^; resiste. 

opposite, adj.; inimical; hostile; ad- 
verse: — contrario; atlibes. 

opposition, n.; hostile resistance; ob- 
stacle: — timinalagd; oposisi6n; con- 

oppress, V. tr.; to press; to afflict: — 
aprieta; pujot. 

oppressed, adj.; distressed; depressed: — 

inadite; gatgstdo. 
oppression, n.; injustice: — impuesto; 

option, n.; power or right of choice; 

wish; selection: — deseo; minalagd. 
opulence, n.; wealth: — abund&nsia; 

rico; micosas. 
or, conj.; otherwise; else: — pat; o; 06in6. 
oral, adj., adv.; verbal: — verbat; vetbat; 

orange, n.;— calet. 
oration, n.; a formal public speech: — 

orchard, n.; an inclosure of fruit trees: — 

Jatdin de frutas; juetto. 
orchestra, n.; a body of musicians: — 

orquesta; mtisicos. 
ordain, v. tr.; to dispose; to decree; to 

prescribe:— decretaj otdena. 
order, n.; command; injunction; rule: — 

tinagd; otden; disposisi6n; areglo; 

order, v. tr.; to appoint; to determine; 

to fix; to intend; to design: — destina. 
order, v. tr.; to command: — tagd. 
order, v. tr.; to manage; to bespeak; to 

give order for: — encatga. 
order, v. tr.^ v. i.; to prepare; to make 

ready ; to dispose ; to arrange :— dispone, 
ordered, p. p.; appointed; arranged: — 

orderly, adj.; regulated: — areglao. 
ordinaiy, adj.; usual; customary: — 

otdinario; costiunbre. 
ordnance, n.; artillery: — artilleria; 

organ, n.; harmonium: — armdnio; 6r- 

gano; atm6nio; 6tgano. 
organize, v, tr.; to regulate; to bring 

under rule: — aregla. 
Orient, n.: — orlente; sancatan. 
origin, n.; beginning; source; cause; 

derivation: — tmitujon. 
ornament, n.; adornment; embellish- 
ment : — a4otno. 
ornament, v. tr.; to adorn; to clean: — 

omamento; adotno. 
ornament, n.; jewelry: — alaja. 
ornamental, adj., adv.; elegant; pretty; 

neat; nice: — ^bonito. 
orahan, n.; child bereft of parents: — 

nudtfano; hu^tfana. 
orthop;raphy, n.; art of speUing and 

writing words correctly: — ortografia; 

oscillate, v. tr., v. %.; to swing backward 

and forward; to vibrate: — osila; Uolao 

ostensible, adj., adv.; apparent; held 

forth to view; plausible: — daro; ayo 

y sina anog; ebidente. 
other, adj.; different; contrary: — otro; 

diferente; contrdrio. 
otherwise, adv.; in another manner; 

in other respects: — de otro modo; 

por otro motibo. 




otherwise, cory.; else: — o; otra raanera. 
our, pron.; pertaining to us; belonging: 

to us: — ^iyota. 
oust, V. tr.; to eject: — ^nct-j&nao; n^- 

out, adv.; without: — ^sanjiyo^g:; tdigtie; 

fuera de. 
outbreak, n.; a breaking out; an erup- 
tion: — ^xnabt§,; minabt^. 
outcast, n.; one who is driven or cast 

out: an exile: — ^y madestilado; ma- 

outcry, 71.; clamor; tumult: — ^umaga^- 

outdo, V. tr.; to overstep: — f&pos; upos; 

outlaw, n.; one who is deprived of legal 

benefits and protection: — ^bandido; 

outlive, V. tr.; to survive: — ^muxnaog; 

l^lae; tdtatte matai. 
out of, adv.: — guine. 
outrage, v. tr.; to insult: — ^insutta; 

mattrata; insulta; maltrata. 
outside of, mep.; except: — fuera de. 
outside! aav., interj.; out! get out! — 

outward, adv.; toward the outside: — 

y sail jiyoflg:. 
oval, adj.; shaped like an egg; ellip- 
tical: — ob&t (obdl); mam^ anacd na 


oven, n.; hearth; baking oven: — ^jotno. 
over, prep.; above; upon: — sanjild; 

overcoat, n.: — ^manto; sobretodo. 
overcome, v. tr.; to subdue; to reduce to 

subjection; to conquer: — ^^''flau; julat; 

overcome, v. i.; to be subdued; to be 

reduced to subjection; to be con- 
quered : — ^ma&''£Lau. 
overlook, v. tr.; to control; to search; 

to view; to visit; to inspect: — eg^gH. 
overripe (fruit), adj.; rotten: — ^yuyog; 

overseer, n.: — cabesiyo; capatas. 
•overshadow, v. tr.; to cast a shade upon; 

to darken: — ^jome. 
overshirt, n.; shirt: — chinina. 
overtop, V. tr.; to surpass; to excel: — 

diles; Igue. 
overstep, v. tr.; to exceed: — ^up6s|^e. 
overtake, v. tr.; to catch by pursuit: — 


overturn, v. tr.; to throw over; to 
thrust: — ^puja. 

owe, V. tr.; to be indebted; to be in 
debt: — dibe; 4^<^^^6- 

own, adj.y adv.; proper; suitable; perti- 
nent; fitting: — ^propio; iyo. 

owner, h.; lord; lawful proprietor: — 


pace, n.; step; manner of walking: — 

pacific, adj.; peace-making; mild; con- 
ciliating : — trajaSmiilo . 

pack, V. tr.; to hold fast; to take; to 
seize; to fasten: — ^gafus; gapot; guot. 

package, n.; statue: — ^butto. 

pacified, adj.^ adv.; quieted; appeased; 
assuaged: — ^majgom; maguem; quieto. 

pacify, V. tr.; to appease; to calm; to com- 
pose : — ^nll-f amatquilo . 

padlock,*n.: — asiradura; seradura. 

pagan, n.; heathen; idolater: — y uma- 
dodora y fatso na Ytius; pagano. 

page (in a book), n.: — ^pajina. 

pail (tor carryiii^ water), n.: — gutgu- 
reta; jara; batde. 

pain, n.; intense pain, especially re- 
ferring to thrust wounds, cuts, etc.; — 
eyug; puti; chetnot. * 

p€unful, adj.f adv.: — ^majalajSg;; mi puti. 

paint, V. tr.; to color: — ^penta. 

painter, n.: — pinto t; y pipenta. 

painting, n.: — ^pinenta; pepenta. 

pair, n.: — pares; pat. 

palace, n.; residence of a sovereign (in 
Guam, the residence of the gover- 
nor): — palas^o. 

palatable, adj.; savory; agreeable to the 
taste: — g&i sabot. 

palate, n.; the roof of the mouth: — 

4562—18 7 

pale, adj.f adv.; colorless (complexion); 

pallid; sallow; wan: — ^bdgsion; chupon; 

pale, n.; stake; post; pole: — estaco. 
palm, n.; the inner part of the hand: — 

palm, n.; palm tree: — trolSgcon patma; 

palm wine, 71.; coco juice; sour toddy: — 

Palm Sunday, n.: — d a m e £g^ g o n 

palpable, adj.^ adv.; obvious | easily 

perceived: — claro; comprendiyon. 
palpitation, n.; quiver; tnrob: — ^linau- 

palpitation of the heart, n.: — ho£Jl;- 

bo£g^ y coras6n. 
palsy, n.; paralysis: — paralltico. 
paltry, adj.; worthless; contemptible: — 

pan, 71.; frying pan: — ^palajSg;gana; sat- 

t^n; calaje. 
pan, n.; large size pan, about three feet in 

diameter: — cal&je; palafiggana. 
pancakes, n.; corn cakes: — titiyas. 
panic, 71.; sudden fright: — ^linijan. 
pant, v. %.; to gasp; to cough: — guja. 
pant, V. i.; to breathe hard: — ^^ago£|: 

na f e jman. 
pantry, n.; provision closet: — aparadot 


.— -■—---■ -. > J-'t: -f iid; 0> 

■ - ■i^oivse. 


-a;, ;"'-^- simrie: T-neranen; 

,..-■ ■■:^..— ^ai?ar-;f 

- '-- '■" r :narKeu 'ready to 

piictermi . ,- *iU3=ir'-5ea(. n.; fiiduon 

■:- ■^.■>^— dj^niin. 

ani»»pJ?>M: -p.-,arni.-i.-.- 

pauper. •(.. ^ -«„,r aerson;— tt4ina« n. 

- . -^Mjun^-:— fafatte: .u- 

tactao: T.r.n.' "" 

pauae. ^..-pauaa; duda. 


pause, . ■..— piunara; cumieta. 

; ■mar.-.n-.naiiiaa'-- 

?«w. ,1.: rhi. root of an animal with 

1..- .iivii-ion:— mafacai: 

'law. -pata. gAgft. ^ ^^ 

in, n.: division:— dibiaida. 

pay. . , .'r,- !o di^'harge a debt; to pay 

in parr:-palo. 

pay for, r /r..- to diPchatRe a debt- to 

bUBJn*"* antnr,:a.te:—eomi- 


paymaater, n .— pagadfit. 




pectce, n.: — nunaguexn; pas. 
peace, n.; quiet; well-being; relief: — 
• zninajgon^; aliblo. 
peaceful, aaj.^ adv.: — maguem; maj- 

gong; paeifico. 
peaceful, adj.^ adv.; taciturn: — f^fat- 

peak (of a hill), n.; top (of a mountain): — 

y jild ogsd; puntan ogsd. 
peanut, n.: — cacaguates. 
pear, n.: — operas, 
pearl, n.; — ^petlas. 
peasant, n.; farmer: — guiguasan; lan- 

pebble, n.; roundish stone: — ^redondo 

na a^6; aluto^. 
peck, V. tr., v. i.; to stab; to pierce; to 

stick: — dengcot. 
peculiar, adj., adv.; appropriate; individ- 
ual; strange: — espesiat. 
pecuniary, adj.; pertaining to, or con- 
sisting of, money: — giiinaja. 
pedagogy, n.; the science of teaching: — 

tiningd-mamgndgUe . 
peddle, n.; to travel about selling 

wares: — ^bende gui chalan. 
pedestrian, n.; one going on foot, or 

walking: — andad6t; peon (tdotao nt 

peel, V. tr'.; to shave; to scrape: — guagse. 
peel, V. tr.; to skin: — ^lasas. 
pell-mell, adv.; confusedly; one crowd- 
ing the other: — conftisamente; man- 

pen, n.; feather: — ^pluma. 
pen, n.; a small inclosure; coop: — 

penalty, n.; fine; legal punishment: — 

penance, n.: — penit^nsia. 
pencil, n.: — ^lapis. 
penetrate (needle, splinter, etc.), v. i.: — 

penetrate, v. tr.; to attack suddenly; 

to surprise (the enemy): — jatme. 
penetration, n.; sudden attack: — ^ji- 

penitence, n.; repentance; contrition: — 

penitent, n.: — cumomfesat; y ma- 

penitentiary, n.; state prison: — 

sagan-castigo; Presidio (of Guam, at 

penman, n.; one who writes: — escri- 

penm.ansliip, n.; the art or style of 

writing: — ^boniton tinigul. 
penniless, adj.; without money; desti- 
tute: — t&i salapd. 
penny, n.; farthing: — cuadrante (rarely 

pension, n.: — ^pensidn. 
penury, n.; poverty; want: — ^jailas. 
people, n.; inhabitants; race: — t&otao 


pepper, n.; — ^pimienta; don^. 
perceive, ?'. tr., v. i.; to 8ee; to look; to 

glance: — ^lii; li6. 
peremptory, adj., adv.; positive; final; 

decisive: — g&i tittimo. 
perfect, adj., adv.; complete; absolute: — 

n&petfecto; cabales. 
perfect, v. tr.; to complete: — ^nft- 

perfection, n.; completeness: — quina- 

perforate, v. tr.; to go through: — ^iseg. 
perform, v. tr.; to do or carry out: — 

perfume, n.: — ^p&upau. 
perfunctory, ojij., adv.; done carelessly 
, or negligently with the purpose of 

getting nd of the duty: — descuid&o; 

perhaps, adv., conj.; may be; by chance; 

haply:— acaso; can^; jungguan; sinajd; 

peril, n.; danger; jeopardy: — ^peligro; 


perilous, adj., adv.; dangerous; diffi- 
cult: — delicto; peligroso. 

period (grammatical), n.: — ^punto, 

period, n.; inters^al of time: — ^periodo; 

perish, v. %.; to lose one's life: — ^jalu-; malingo jadnina; malingo; mdtai. 

perish with thirst, v. %.: — ^m&tai- 

perjure, v. i.; to swear falsely: — chat 

perjury, n.: — chin§,tmanjula. 

permanent, adj.; lasting; durable: — 

permission, n.; condescension; allow- 
ance: — ^petmiso; lis^nsia. 

permit, v. tr.; to consent; to allow; to 
give permission for: — consiente; pet- 

perpendicular, adj.: — tacho; tunas 

perpetual, adj.; never ceasing: — tai- 
tittimo; siempre dura. 

persecute, v. tr.; to drive away; to 
put to flight; to pursue:— ^tUalag; 

persecution, n.; pursuit: — ^pinetsigue; 

perseverance, n.: — ^minesngon; sini- 

persevering, cdj., acfi;.;— mesn&on. 

persist, v. %.; to persevere; to continue 
steadily in any course: — slsiguij^.;, 

persistent, adj., adv.; steadfast; per- 
severing; constant; industrious; dili- 
gent; assiduous; sedulous: — aplicdo; 
me ton. 

persistence, n.; constancy: — ^inisune* 

person, n.: — ^petsona. 

perspiring, aaj., adv.; sweating: — ^masa- 

«- __^ t*" 

'k I 

-l. ' .W»W-*^ 








,• rf '_'P-> ^ ,^ 

1 % 1. ,j^ *:a*. ^ff- 


^V^ «.^^H 




plentiful, adj. J adv.; copious: — abun- 

pliable, adj., adv.; easily bent; flexible: — 

flaba; ndujan. 
pliers, n.; small pinchers for holding 

small articles: — tmasa. 
plot, n.; scheme: — sltio. 
plow, 71,, v.: — alado. 
pluck, V. tr.; to pick off: — fanfd; iting; 

plum tree, n.: — ensina; siluero. 
plumage, n.: — ^plumaje. 
plumber, n.: — ^latere; plomero. 
plump, adj.f adv.; heavy, coarse: — 

plunder, v. tr.; to rob; to despoil: — 

plunge down, v. i.; to be precipitated: — 

ach&icag; yutd papS, gui janom. 
plural, n.; more than one: — plurat; 

poach, v. %.; to trespass; to shoot or steal 

game: — ^saqui. 
poached e^^, n.: — estreyas. 
pocket, n.: — ^botsa. 
pocketknife, n.;— nab&ja. 
poetry, n.; poesy: — poesla. 
point, n.; — ^punta. 
point,. i;. tr.; to sharpen (a pencil): — 

pointed, p. p.; sharp; adj., ac?^.; keen: — 

poison, n.: — ^bineno; juna. 
poison, r. ir.: — ^biiieniiye: tat^?. 
poisonous,' adj.: — jijuna; bineno; t^- 

pole, n.; stake: — estaca; palo. 
pole (of a wagon), n.: — ^latgero. 
polish, V. tr.: — ^nll-lamlam; n§,-fino; 

polished, adj.; furbished : — lamlam; mdj- 

los; pulido. 
polite, adj., adv.: — cottesano. 
politeness, n.: — cottesla. 
political, adj. adv.; pertaining to poli- 
tics: — ^politico, 
pond, n.; a pool of stagnant water: — 

pony, ?i.; — cabavito. 
pool, n.; body of stagnant water; swamp; 

lagoon: — jagoi: sisdnyan; banadero. 
poop, n.; stern of ship: — ^popa. 
poor, adj.; needy; abandoned:— poble; 

dejao; maguem; miche; n&^maase. 
poor man, n.: — ^nesesitdo. 
poor souls, n.: — inimas. 
pope, n.; the Holy Father: — ^papa; y 

santo papa, 
popular, adj., adv.; pleasing to the people; 

plebeian : — ^maguef tu£^. 
populace, n.; population; people: — ^pob- 

lasion; todo y taotao gui sengsong; sofig- 

Bof^ pat siudd. 
popularity, n.; general esteem: — 

magueftu£g^d; y magudiyan yan ma- 

dfigocon un tdotao, etc. 
poren, n.; portico; vestibule: — galeria. 

pores of the skin, n.: — ^madog 

t4 taotao. 
pork, n.: — tosino; catnen bdbui. 
porous, adj.: — tafigcala. 
port, n.; haven:— puetto. 
portable, adj.: — cnulion. 
portion, n.; piece; part: — ^pedasitos; 

portly, adj.: — yomog. 
pose, n.; attitude or position: — ^posa; 

position, n.: — ^posisi6n. 
positive, adj., adv.; actual; direct: — 

magajet; positibo. 
possess, V. ir.; to have: — guaja. 
possession, n.: — gilinaja. 
possible, adj., adv.; practicable: — ti 

fajateg; fatinason; posible; sumina. 
possibly, adv.; nearly: — ^mojon; calan 

post, n.; pole: — estaco. 
post, n.; guard; watchman: — gudtdia. 
posterity, n.; issue; progeny :^-desen- 

postpone, V. tr.; to retard: — retatda; 

pot, n.; cooking kettle: — cantaro; 

pot (used for boiling water), n.: — 

potato field, n.: — ^fangamutiyan. 
potatoes, n.: — ^batatas, 
pound (weight), n.: — ^libra. 
pound, V. tr.; to crush; to ram: — ^p^son. 
pour, V. tr.; to pour in: — ch6me; n^ye. 
pour, V. tr.; to poiur into a cup: — ate. 
pour, V. tr.; to pour out: — chudU; basia. 
poverty, n.; want; penury: — jailas; 

powder, n.; — ^pdtbola. 
power, n.; vigor; strength: — flnette; 

powerful, adj., adv.; brave; mighty: — 

famoso; manjulat; metgot. 
powerless, adj., adv.; weak (referring 

to human beings only):^-dafd; 6^ch§- 

practicable, adj., adv.; possible: — f&- 

practice, v. tr.; to occupy pne*s self 

with: — tan§. 
praise, n.; — tinina. 
praise, v. tr.; to laud; to commend: — 

alaba; alabado. 

praise, v. tr.; to honor; to approve: — 

praised, adj.; blessed: — ^bendito. 
praiseworthy, adj.: — tunayon. 
pray, v. %.: — t&yuyut. 
prayer, n.: — tin&ltai; tindyuyut. 
prayer, n.; silent prayer: — tin&itai 

precede, v. tr.; to advance; to go be- 
fore: — ^n&-fdna; fdndigue. 

precious, adj.; dear; expensive: — 
gu&iyayon; presioso; gudguan. 




precious, adj.; valuable: — g^&guan; 

precipice, n.; abyss; chasm; gulf: — 

precipitous, adj.j adv.; steep: — didog^. 
precise, adj., adv.; exact; strict; accu- 
rate: — estricto. 
prefer, v. tr.; to give the preference 

to: — g^Hoco; gaoco; ua-Ioua. 
prefer, v. tr.; to love: — gu&iya; guef- 

preference, n.; affection: — g^UixUUya. 
preferred, adj.; selected: — guinanye; 

preiudice, v. tr.; to deceive: — acachaye; 

na-liimen; dague. 
premeditated, adj., adv.; designed: — 

adr6de; calan majasngon. 
preparation, n.; preparedness: — ^pri- 

nepara; preparasion. 
prepare, v. ir.: — aparejo; prepara. 
prepare, v. ir.; to prepare food; to sea- 
son; to roast; to broil: — guisa. 
prepare, v. tr., v. %.; to make ready; to 

dii'pose; to arrange; to order: — dispone; 

prepare, v. tr.; to put in order; to rem- 
edy:— ftoi^uleg: famdulique. 
prepared, adj., adv.; ready (for a jour- 
ney): — atn&o,* listo. 
prepared, adj.; ready: — ^listo; prepardo. 
prescribe, v. tr.; to ordain; to dispose: — 

prescription, n.; recipe; receipt: — 

present, n.: regalo. 
present, adj.: — g&igue. 
present, v. tr.: — nle; presenta. 
preserve, v. tr.; to pickle: — escabeche; 

press, V. tr.; clasp; oppress; afflict: — 

press, V. tr.; to apply massage: — ^lasa. 
press down, v. ir.; to crush with the 

hand: — ^jofid. 
press in, v. %.; to crowd in: — afuettsas; 

press out^ v. tr.; to oppress: — jugtun; 

8tili|; clnguet. 
press out, v. tr.; to squeeze out: — 

danas; fugd. 
presumptuous, adj., adv.; haughty: — 

pretend, v. tr.: — cadd. 
pretense, n.; excuse: — escusa. 
pretty, adj., adv.; neat; nice: — dudus; 

pretty, adj., adv.; fair; handsome: — 

gadbo; gatbo. 
pretty, adj., adv.; graceful; charming: — 

prevent, v. tr.; to impede; to hinder: — 

price, n.: — pr^sio. 
prick, V. ir.; to urge on: — tuc^. 
prickly heat, n.:— -dtdon. 
principally, adv.; mainly: — ^prinsipat- 

print, V. tr.: — ^impresa. 
printery, n.: — ^imprenta. 
prison, n.;— calaboso; prisi6n. 
prisoner, n.: — ^prisionero; tiiotao cala- 
privilege, n.;— pribil^Jio; fabot; bene- 

probable, adj., adv.; likely: — jollg^gui- 

yon; jengguan. 
probe, V. tr.; to investigate: — aberfgua. 
problenx, n . : — ^problema. 
proceed, v. i.; to advance: — jum&nau. 
proceed I go on! — sigue mona! sigue! 
proceedings, n.; relations: — tratos. 
procession, n.: — lucau. 
procure, v. tr.; to provide: — procura. 
procure by effort, v. tr.; to ^-in by 

conquest : — conquista. 
prodigal, adj., adv.; squandering; lav- 
ish: — despetdisi&o. 
prodigality, n.; squandering; lavish- 

ness : — despetdlsio. 
produce, v. tr.; to bring forth; to create: — 

fcmata; n&-guaja; na-juyofig. 
productive, adj., adv.; proliSc; fruitful; 

fertile : — m&mamd,. 
productive, adj., adv.; yielding; fertile; 

rich : — ganansioso. 
production, n.; generation: — 1 i n i 1 i s ; 

profane, v. tr.; to desecrate: — prof ana. 
profess, V. tr.; to profess religious belief: — 

c6mfesat; sangan claro. 
profession, n.; trade; craft: — conbe- 

proficient, adj.; qualified; skilled: — 

nd.^8i£La; adelantdo. 
profit, n.; gain; benefit: — ^probecho. 
profitable, adj., adv.: — gal gan&nsia. 
progeny, n.; posterity; issue: — desen- 

densia; tatate. 
prohibit, r. tr.; to forbid: — chom&; 

projibe; pruibe. 
prohibited; adj.; impossible; imprac- 
ticable: — chaot; chdchaot. 
prohibition, n.; interdiction: — inatot- 

project (example: tl;e tiles of the roof 

project), V. i.: — malofan-mdna; s6- 

prolific; adj., adv.; fruitful; fertile: — 

tegchU; jafna^. 
prominent, adj.; very high: — tag&jl6; 

promise, n.; vow: — promesa; prinomete. 
promise, v. tr.; to give hopes of: — 

promote, v. tr.; to advance; to raise to 

higher rank: — nit-cajuld; jatsa (gui 

prompt, ndj. , adv.; agile ; quick : — cha- 

dig; listo. 
pronounce, r. tr.; to articulate: — pro- 

proof, n.: — finltntie; prueba. 
propagate, v. tr.; to transplant: — n&- 

propagation, n.: — pinSgsai; minamt^. 




proper, adj.; correct: — ^pr6pio. 

property, n.: — gUinaja. 

prophesy, v. tr.; to tell one's fortune: — 

adibina; safigan antes, 
prophet, n.: — ^profeta. 
proportion, n.; — ^inaya; chinilong; pro- 

proportional adj.; eqQial: — chiloifg:. 
propose, V. tr.: — san|^€ui; propone. 
proposition, n.: — sina^an. 
proprietor, n.; owner: — duefLo. 
propriety, n.; fitness: — conben6nsia. 
prosecute, v. tr.; to persecute: — dtilalag. 
prosper, v. i.; to thrive: — ^lumAla- 

prosper, v. i.; to make progress: — 

protect, V. tr.; to shelter: — ampara; 

gogiie; proteje; saguane. 
protect, V. tr.; to favor: — ^faborese; 

protection, n.; guard: — guinegue. 
protection, n.; patronage; favor: — ^fab6t; 

finaborese; protec8i6n. 
protector, n.; defender: — guigo^Ue. 
protege, n.; child to be baptized: — 

Jado; jada. 
protest, V. %.; to remonstrate: — ^pro testa, 
proud, adj.f adv.; haughty: — sob^tbio. 
prove, V. tr.; to show; to demonstrate; 

to evince: — tiurCLe. 
provide, v. tr.; to sustain: — abia. 
provide for, v. tr.; to care for: — de- 

sempefLa; n&-guajaye. 
province, n.: — ^problnsia. 
provision, v. tr.; to supply with food: — 

n&-gae-n&; nH-gae ten^uang. 
provoke, v. tr.: — ^n4-cal6j&; n4-ma- 

mdjlao; atborota. 
provoked, adj.; angry: — mam&jlao; 

provoking, adj.; challenging: — ^probo- 

calabo; atborotao. 
prudent, adj.. adv.; wise: — ^faye. 
public, adj. J adv.; celebrated: — ^majngog. 
public, adj.f adv.; common; general: — 

comtin; publico. 
publish, V. tr.: — aeangfULijon. 
puddle, n.; mud puddle: — ^fanatas- 

cay an; atasca; fanfachian; fach^. 
pull, V. tr.: — c&icai; jala. 
pull, V. tr.; to pull nails: — desclaba. 
pull, V. tr.; to pull out the hair: — gapot. 
pull, V. tr.; to pull out by the roots: — jal6. 
pull down, V. tr.; to throw over: — tfigu&. 
pull down, V. tr.; to draw down: — 


pull out, V. tr.; to sprain (a joint): — 

pull out, V. tr.; to draw out: — gosne. 
pull through, V. tr.: — ensatta. 
pulley, n.; tackle: — ^lichei^. 
pulpit, n.: — atrit; pdtpito. 
pulse, n.: — ^potso. 
pump, n.: — bonxba. 
pumpkin, n.: — calamasa. 
punctual, adj. ^ adv.; zealous: — cumplido. 
puncture, n.: — sum!; madog. 
punish, v. tr.; to chastise: — castiga. 
punishment, n.; torment :^-ca8tigo. 
puny, adj.; weak:— d^bit. 
pupil, n.: — disipulo. 
purchase, n.: — ^finajan. 
purchase, n.: — ^flnajan. 
purchase, v. tr.; to get for a price; to 

buy: — ^fajan. 
purchasable, adj.; for sale: — ^fajanon. 
pure, adj.y adv.; unadulterated: — puro. 
purgative, n.; cathartic medicine: — 

purify, V. tr.; to cleanse: — ^n^-gasgas. 
purity, n.; cleanness: — guinasgas. 
purloin, v. tr.; to steal: — ^fan-entayag; 

purport, n.; meaning; design: — jina- 

suye; dinetetmina. 

purse, n.; receptacle for money: — 
botsa; pottamoneda. 

pursue, v. tr.; to persecute: — dtilalag. 
pursuit, n.; chase: — petsigui. 
pus, n.; matter :^^shug6. 
push, V. tr.; to crowd: — siing^. 
push, V. tr.y V. %.; to thrust; to push 
away : — choneg. 

push along, v. tr.; to drive on; to impel; 
to make the lamp bum brighter: — 

pushcart, n.; handcart: — caretiya. 
put forward, v. tr.; to discover: — 

put in, v. tr.; to lay in; to bring in: — 

put in order, v. tr.; to remedy: — alifLa; 
f^mduleg; f^Unaulique. 

put off, V. tr.; to postpone: — n4-abmam. 
put on, V. tr.; to wear (a garment): — 

put on, V. i.; to put on shoes: — catsa. 
put to sleep, V. tr.: — ^nd.-m4igd. 
putty, n.: — galagala. 
puzzle, n.: — guinadon. 
pygmy, n.; dwarf: — ^nano. 


quack, n.; charlatan; fakir: — ^mamil- 

quadrangular, adj.; four-cornered; 

square :— cuadxao . 
quadruped, n.: — cuatro-patas. 
quail, n.: — codotnis; beiTgbeiig. 
quake, v. %.; to tremble; to shake: — 

nx& Y&S!Jsjo'Si\ l&ulau. 

quake, n.; earthquake: — ^yei^yon^; 

qucklification, n.; quality or endowment 

(as to fitness for a position or office): — 

qualify, v. %.; to render fit for an office or 

position: — ^ma n^-m&uleg; n^-fanu- 

]^6; n&-tomtom. 



98 nptare 

quality, n.; kind: — clase. 

qoalzn of coxiBcience, n.: — chin&chat- 

quantity, n.: — caiitid^; min^gae. 

quarantiiie, n.: — cuarentena. 

quarrel, v. %.; dispute; to contradict; to be 
at variance; to disagree: — &g:ua^uat; 
dpullii; mumu. 

quarrel, n.; contention: — uzn&guaguat. 

quarrel, n.; obstacle; difficulty; vexa- 
tion; chagrin; indignation: — di8g:usto. 

quarrelaome, adj.^ adv.: — ^tagmomyon; 
tag-momye; glUmimo. 

quarry, n.; stone quarry; cascajo quar- 
ry: — ^fanachiiaii; cascajo; ch^ndachd. 

quart, n.; quarter of a gallon; a meas- 
ure: — cuatto. 

quarter (of the moon), n.; — cuatto. 

quarter-deck (of a ship), n.: — sau 

queen, n.: — ^r&ina. 

query, n.; question: — ^fin&isen; questi6n. 
question, v. tr., v. %.; to ask; to interro- 
gate: — f&isen. 

question, v. %.; to hesitate; to doubt: — 

duda; bu^buente. 
question, n.; matter of dispute: — ques- 


questionable, adj., adv.; undecided; 
undetermined; doubtful; dubious: — 

quick, adj., adv.; agile; prompt: — chadig; 

quick, adj., adv.; brisk; alert: — ^maca- 
lamya; calamya. 

quick, adj., adv.; speedy: — s&jyau. 

quick, adj., adv.; swift; fleet: — g:u8L 

quickly, adv.; soon; swiftly: — ti-abmanou 

quickness, n.; si>eed; activity: — ^ni listo; 

quicksilver, n.; — as6gue. 

quicksilver, v. tr.; to cover with quick- 
silver : — asoguiye. 

quiet, V. i.; to quiet down; to become 
cool: — mamatquilo; m^pau. 

quiet, adj., adv.; calm; at rest; tran- 
quil: — ^mamatqufquilo; tranquilo; cat- 

quiet, V. tr.; to heal: — ^n&-nxajgO]^. 

quiet, adj., adv.; peaceful; tranquil; 
healthy: — majgo^; saludable. 

quiet, V. tr.; to relieve; to alleviate: — 
n&-laniajgong; alfbia. 

quQl, n.; — ^pulon-pajaro. 

quilt, n.; coverlet; counterpane — sobre 

quilting seam, n.: — iinetbana; itbana. 

quit, V. tr.; to leave behind; to forsake; 
to desert; to abandon; to leave: — 
desampara; di^^o; pdlo. 

quiver, n.; throb; palpitation: — ^l&ulau. 

quiz, V. tr.; to question: — ^frijon; ade- 

quote, V. tr.; to adduce a passage from 
some author or speaker: — sita; sai^n. 

quote, V. tr.; to give the ciurent price of; 
to make an offer: — ofrese. 


rabble, n.; noisy crowd or mob: — 

atborot&o; man boroauento. 
race, n.; contest of speed :-;-carera. 
race, n.; sex; breed; variety: — ^rasa. 
racket, n.; tennis racket: — ^panag tenis. 
radiance, n.; brightness; luster: — min&- 

eas; linamlam; min&lag.. 
radiant, adj., adv.; emitting rays of 

li&;ht or heat: — ^mlUag; mdmalag; figan. 
radio telegraphy, n.: — telegrafia de 

radish, n.; — ^r&banos. 
raffle, n.; lottery: — ^rifa; loteria. 
rafter, n.; inclined beam (or bamboo 

rods) supporting the roof of a house: — 

rag, n.; a fragment of cloth: — talapos. 
rage, v. i.: — ^r&bia; bubo; lalal6. 
ragged, adj.; rent or worn into rags; 

destitute: — gof matiteg; masapalang; 

rfldls. n.; wooden or iron bar fence: — 

railing, n.; balustrade made of pillars; 

edge of billiard table: — ^balandi3ras. 
railroad, n.; — ^fero oarit. 
railroad train, n.: — ^fero oarit. 
rain, n.; — ^uchan. 
rain, v. %.; to fall in drops from the 

clouds : — ^ti-uehan. 

rainy, adj.: — chat&an. 

rainy season, n.: — ^fan uchcuian; fa 

raise, v. tr.; to lift up; to pick up (from 

the floor); to erect: — jatsa; cajat. 
rake, n.: — ^p&inen basula. 
rally, v. tr.; to collect and arrange: — 

ma-f&m&uleg; ma-aregla. 
ram, n.: — ^p^son. 

ram, v. tr.; to stick; to stab: — ^toech&. 
ramble, v. i.; to wander or rove about: — 

buetta; 6tadnon. 

rammer, n.; beetle; pestle: — ^falo. 
ramrod, n.; gunstick: — ^baqueta; baque- 
tan paque. 

ranch, n.; farm: — lancho. 
rancid, adj., adv.; fetid: — ^r&nsio; bijo; 

ranee, n.; kitchen range; stove: — fogon. 
rank, n.; position; grade: — ^ramo; grade, 
rap, V. tr. v. i.; to strike a quick, sharp 

blow; knock: — atan; adag; dacut. 
rapacious, adj.; greedy; avaricious: — 

hambriento: mdtai fiala^. 
rapid, adj., adv.; very quick; swift: — 

s&jyayau; gdsisf; chddideg; sajyau; 

gust; chadeg. 

rapture, n.; extreme pleasure or de- 
light:— tittimon minagof . 




rare, adfj., adv.; unusual: — escaso; jasan; 

raro; ralo. 
rash, adj., adv.; hasty, incautious: — 

pinalala; jdpinalala. 
raish, n.; an eruption of the skin: — ^lodog 

jagg,; ronchas. 
rat (the Norway, or brown, rat), n.: — 

ch&ca (mouse: cMcan dlquiqui: small 

rate, n.; ratio; proportion: — poco mas 6 

menos; d rason de. 
rather, adj.; much more; to the con- 
trary: — ^mas bien; maulegna. 
rather, adv.; sooner; more willingly: — 

mas bien; gusdiia; chadegna. 
ration, n.; — ^pattida; rasi6n. 
rational, adj., adv.; agreeable to reason; 

wise; judicious: — ^minagoffla; confot- 

rattle, n.: — ^matraca. 
rattle in the throat, v. i.: — ^161osos. 
rat trap, n.: — 6codon didrca. 
ravage, v. tr.; to lay waste; to pillage: — 

man yuyutd; man despetdisia. 
rave, v. i.; to rajge as a madman: — ^bubon 

raven, n.: — aga. 
ravenous, adj., adv.; greedy; voracious: — 

goloso; hambriento. 
raw, adj.; uncooked; crude; sore: — ^matft; 

ti masa. 
ray, n.; a line or pencil of light: — ^rayo; 

linian inina. 
raze, v. ir.; to level to the ground; to blot 

out: — ^rasa; funas. 
razor, n.; pocketknife: — ^nab&ja. 
reach, v. tr.; to accomplish; to obtain; to 

attain; to follow: — consigue; tac&; jag6. 
reach, v. ir., v. i.; to grasp: — gachg.; 

read, v. %.; to pray: — tlutai. 
ready, adj., adv.; finished; complete: — 

moiijayan; esta listo. 
ready, adj., adv.; prepared at the mo- 
ment: — ^monjan; monjayan; magp6. 
ready I interj. :—-^sta,\ y^sta! 
real, adj.; actually existing* genuine: — 

magajet; minagajet; prdpio. 
real estate, n.; land and all pertaining 

thereto: — ^propieddd tand. 
realization, n.; accomplishment: — 

jinaso; ma jaso. 
realize, v. tr.; to make real or actual: — 

really, adv.; with actual existence; in 

truth: — ^magajejetj realmente {Sp.). 
realm, n.; state; empire: — ^imp6no. 
reap, v. tr.;U> cut with a scythe: — yabau. 
rear, n.; the part behind me rest; last in 

order:— tate; san tate. 
reason, n.; common sense: — ras6n. 
reasonable, adj., adv.; equitable; fair; 

low-priced; suitable; cheap: — ^barato; 

reasonable, adj., adv.; sensible: — raso- 
nable; gai rason. 

rebel, v. tr., v. i.; to mutiny; to revolt; to 

assail; to seize; to attack: — embeste; 

jumateamiento; jatsamiento. 
rebellion, n.; tumult; insurrection: — 

rebellious, adj., adv.; mutinous: — gai 

jumatsamiento; lembeste. 
rebound, v. %.; to recoil: — ^rebotbida. 
rebuke, n.; reprimand: — lalg,tde. 
rebuke,. V. tr.; to reprimand; to chide: — 

recall, v. tr.; to call back; to revoke: — 

n^-m^jflao; t41o tate; mdjnao. 
recant, v. tr.; to deny: — ^pune. 
recede (water), v. tr., v. i.; to become 

dry: — apan. 
receipt, n.; acceptance: — ^rinesibe; re- 

sibo; acsepta; chul§. 
receipt, n.; reception: — ^resibo; chule. 
receive, v. tr.; to accept: — ^resibe; 

receive, v. tr.; to catch; to seize: — 

ch^jlau; jacot. 
recent, adj.; of late origin; new: — ^ti 

abmam; ti abmam j^. 
receptacle, n.; vessel: — ^nityan; sdjguan. 
reception, n.; entertainment: — dibet- 

sidn; minagof. 
recital, n.; narrative: — sinan&an. 
recite, v. tr.; to repeat aloud from 

memory : — dlnimemoria. 
reckless, adj., adv.; heedless of conse- 
quences; careless: — ti y6daje; are- 

recklessness, n.; heedlessness; careless- 
ness: — descuid&o; tai inadaje. 
reckon, v. tr.; to count or compute: — 

tufofigp; mangfong. 
recline, v. i.; to rest; to repose: — apii; 

ap6; descansa. 
recognizance, n.; avowal; acknowledg- 
ment : — ^nir econose . 
recognize, v. tr.; to acknowledge: — 

recollect, v. tr.; to call to memory: — 

jaso; man jaso. 
recommend, v. tr.; commend: — ^reco- 

recommendation, n.: — r e c o m e n - 

reconcile, v. tr.; to atone; to expiate; 

to make reparation; to give satisfac- 
tion; to pay: — empas; n&-d-fSmduleg. 
reconnoiter, v. tr.: — espia; man espia. 
record, n.; register; public document: — 

record, v. tr.; to mark down; to note 

down: — apunta. 
recover, v. %.; to amuse one's self: — 

tatnon; tumatnon. 
recover, v. %.; to recover from sickness: — 

jomld; num^lo. 
recovery, n.; restoration to health: — 

jinemld; numMo. 
recreation, n.; amusement; refreshment 

after toil: — descanson y chdchdi. 




recruit, n.: — ^reduta. 

rectify, v. tr.; to correct; to set right: — 

corije; nH-dinanche; rectefica. 
rector, n.; clergyman: — cura. 
rectory, n.; parsonage; vicarage: — 

recuperate, v. %.; to become less se- 
vere: — ^znagong; Umagong. 
recur, v. i.; to return to the mind: — 

t&lon jumaso. 
red, adj.: — ^agag4. 
red, adj.; sun-burned:— d&eua. 
reddish, adj., adv.; ruddy: — ^m eye 

agag&; medio agagll; atagll. 
redemption, n.; release; ransom: — 

redress, n.; relief; reparation of wrong: — 

md. f&m&uleg y nuache. 
reduce, v. tr.; to diminish; to make 

smaller: — ^ndrla-diquiqui; rebaja; re- 

reduction, n.; diminution: — ^nirebaja; 

reed, n.; bamboo; cane: — ^piao; plan, 
reed pipe, n.; bamboo pipe: — cmgandd 

plau; tubon piau. 
reef the sails, v. tr.: — ^riso y laya^. 
reel, n.; angler's implement; bobbin: — 

para mamalulon. 
refer, v. %.; to allude: — ^refiere. 
refine, v. tr.; to separate from impurities; 

to educate or improve: — ^refina; nd- 

refit, V. tr.; to prepare afresh: — ^nft- 

reflect upon, v. tr., v. %.; to be of the 

opinion; to imagine; to conjecture; to 

think; to cogitate: — jaso; pinarejon 

reflect, v. %.; to reflect lightly; to rever- 
berate (sound): — rebotbida. 
reflect, v. tr., v. %.; to throw back rays 

of light: — ^reflejo. 
reform, v. %.: — ^mafiotsot; n4-fafiotsot. 
reform, v. i.; to make better; to cor- 
rect: — enmienda; n^-ldasentado; re- 

refract, v. tr.; to break the natural 

course of (light, vision, etc.): — jome. 
refractory, adj., orfv.; stubborn; coarse: — 

refrain, v. tr.; to abstain from action: — 

sustiene. . 

refresh, v. tr.; to reinvigorate; to re- 
store : — ^n4-l&f r esco ; refresco . 
refreshing, adj., adv.; cool; fresh: — 

refreresco; fresco; daUbia. 
refreshment, n.: — ^nirefresco. 
refrigerate, v. tr.; to cool: — ^n&-fresco; 

n4-maneng j eng . 
refrigerator, n.; ice box: — garapiflera. 
refuge, n.; protection from danger or 

distress: — ^fanlijingan; refdjio; fana- 

t6gguan; fanatugan. 
refuge, v. %.; to take refuge: — ^refujiar; 

atci; lijeng. 
refuge, n.; place of refuge; retreat; 

asylum: — ^lijeng; fan Ujingan. 

refusal, n.; rejection: — pinine; riniusa. 
refuse, v. tr.; to decline; to reject: — 

reusa; puni. 
refuse, n.; excrement: — tt\k\ in^placha. 
regain, v. tr.; to recover possession of; 

to get back: — chuld tftlo. 
regard, v. tr.; to heed; to esteem: — 

regardless of that, ccmj.; notwith- 
standing: — sin eso; sin enao; descui- 

regime, n.; mode or system of govern- 
ment: — guinibietna; manera de pre- 

regiment, n.: — ^rejimiento; batayon 

region, n.; tract of country: — ^rejion; 

pedason tand. 
registrar, n.; official who keeps a rec- 
ord : — ^registrad6t. 
regret, n.; mental sorrow: — siente; 

regret, v. tr.; to rue; to be sorry for; 

to repent: — ^mumafiotsot; fanotsot; 

regular, adj., adv.; uniform; methodi- 
cal: — ^regulat. 
regulate, v. tr.; to bring imder rule; to 

order; to organize: — aregla; regula. 
rehearsal, n.; — ensayo. 
rehearse, v. tr.: — ensayo. 
reign, n.: — ^rainado; guinibietna. 
reign over, i). tr.; to rule; to dominate: — 

^obietna sobre; m^gasd. 
rein, n,; bridle; curb: — ^rienda; freno. 
reinforce, v, tr.; to strengthen: — ^n4- 

reiterate, v. tr.; to repeat: — ^repite; 

reject, v. tr.; to refuse: — ^reusa. 
rejoice, v. %.; to be glad: — ^mumagof. 
relate, v. tr., v. i.; to tell; to describe: — 

sa£gan; esplica. 
related, adj.; kin: — ^pum arientes. 
relatives, n.; kin: — ^parientes; paren- 

tela sija. 
relax, v. tr., v. i.; to slacken; to enervate; 

to become enervated: — cum&calo; aflo- 

ja; fiumab^. 
relaxed, adj., adv.; flabby; soft; loose: — 

flojo; fiabai. 
release, v. tr.; to recover; to save; to 

redeem; to ransom: — ^rescata; masotta. 
relent, v. %.; to yield: — sede. 
reUcs, n.: — ^reliquiae. 
reUef, n.; mitigation; alleviation; eaa^ 

ing: — descanso; alfbio. 
relieve, v. tr.; to free from pain, suffer- 
ing, or grief: — ^n^magof; aubia; conau- 

religion, n.: — ^relijion (jinenguen para as 

religious, adj., adv.; devout; pious: — 

deboto; relijioso. 
relish, v. tr.; to enjoy: — gusto; mangue; 

reluctant, adj.; unwilling; disinclined: — 

ti magof; maldispuesto. 

remaiii •- 101 

* • '«•■««-, ' ' ■* ' 

remain, v. i./fo Ue left cArer:^-tesiJan; 

remark, n.; observation; comment: — 

obsetbasidn; ndrepara; nota. 
remarkable, adj., adv.; extraordinary; 

uncommon: — atituylyiin; notable, 
remedy, n.; an efficacious medicine: — 

remedla; amte. 
remiedy, v. ir.; to prepare; to put in 

order: — ^fdjn&uleg; rem^dia; na-sano. 
remind, v. tr.; to put in remembrance; 

to call to mind of: — ^recuetda; jina- 

sonnaijon; jaso; jasuye. 
^ remind, v. tr.; to remind some one: — 

n&-jaso; jasuye. 
remiss, adj., adv.; negligent; slack; 

slovenly; tarrying; loitering:— -descui- 

dao; flojo. 
remit, v. ir.; to transmit money: — 

remite; n&-manae. 
remittance, n.; a sum of money .trans- 
mitted : — ^niremite. 
remnant, n.: — tenjan; y sebbla. 
remnant of the betel nut (which is 

thrown away after chewing), n.: — 

i,mama; ame. 
remonstrate, v. tr.; to expostulate; to 

argue with: — pro testa; embeste 

remote, adj., adv.; isolated; lonesome; se- 

cludea: — mdisa; solo; estrano; chinagd. 
removal, n.; transfer: — traslada; ma n& 

calamtenila; ma na janauna. 
remove, v. %.; to change location: — 

remuebe; &go. 
remove, v. tr.; to peel off (the meat from 

the bone): — despega; faisensine. 
remove, v. tr.; to take away; to send 

away: — n&-janau; apatta; remuebe. 
remunerate, v. tr.; to recompense: — 

recompensa; remonera. 
renew, v. tr.; to restore; to renovate: — 

renewal, n.; renovation; revival: — ma 

n4 nuebufla; nirenueba. 
renounce, v. tr.; to abdicate; to swear 

off: — rentinsia; rechasa. 
renovate, v. tr.; to restore: — renueba; 

rent, n.; tear; fissure: — ^rasguflo. 
rent, v. tr.; to let by lease; to farm out: — 

arienda; adquila. 
rental, n.; amount of rent: — adquilet; 

renunciation, n.; disavowal; rejection: — 

rei)aration, n.; expiation: — apas; expia- 

si6n; inempas. 
repeat, v. i.; to reiterate: — sesuye; 

repite; sangan t&lo. 
repel, v. tr.; to drive back: — chanda; 

seja; janau tate. 
repent, v. tr.; to regret; to rue; to be 8orr>' 

for: — ^fafiotsot; repenta. 
repentance, n.; pain: — ^pinite; sinetsot. 
replenish, v. tr.; to hll up again: — 
sajguane t&lo; n4-bula; reyena. 


J » » 

^r^plete^ a>rfj.;<^<3EftpJetcJ^ fiUM up; full: — 

bula; Ueno; yeno. 
reply, r. tr.; to answer: — contesta; ojpe. 
report, n.; account; relation; connec- 
tion: — inanogcha; cuenta; manifiesta; 

repose, v. %.; to rest: — descansa. 
reprehensible, adj.; deserving censure; 

culpable: — ^lala^diyon; isau; culpable; 

represent, v. tr.; to set forth; to display; 

to exhibit: — ^representa. 
representation, n.; exhibit; view; ap- 
pearance: — ^representasidn; nirepre- 

representative, n. : — ^representante . 
repress, v. tr.; to quell; to suppress: — 

sujeta; sostiene. 
reprimand,* V. tr.; to reprove: — lalatde. 
reproach, v. tr.; to upbraid: — reprende; 

ma nota. 
reprobate, n.; a profligate person: — 

desapruebao; bisioso. 
reprove, v. tr.; to denounce; to chide; to 

scold; to treat roughly: — &guaguate; 

laldtde; desaprueba. 
reptile, n.: — tdgpap&; guiging; culebla. 
republic, n.: — ^republica. 
repudiate, v. tr.; to spurn; to throw away; 

to cast away:--desecha; renunsia. 
repugnant, ' adj.; highly distasteful; 

offensive: — chatpd.go; desabrido. 
repulse, v. tr.; to push back; to thrust 

back: — ^rechasa; chanda; n^-fapos. 
reputation, n.; fame: — ^fama; honra; 

maulegna n^n. 
rei^uest. n.; entreaty: — gin&gau; soli- 

sita; gagau. 
requiem, n.; mass for a deceased per- 
son: — misan animas. 
require, v. tr.; to lay claim to: — g&gau; 

pretende; nesesita; cobla. 
rescue, v. tr.; to liberate; to set free from 

danger: — n&-libre; satba; rescata. 
rescue, n.; salvation: — satbasidn; ni- 

research, n.; careful inquiry: — ^rebista; 

guinefaligau; gu^faberigua. 
resemble, v. tr.; to have similarity to: — 

pumarejo; pumarerejo; um^chulfi. 
resembling, adj., adv.; similar: — ja- 

chaigua; umachule; pumarerejo. 
resent, v. tr.; to consider as an injury or 

affront: — n&-lamen; n&-famadese. 
reserve, v. tr.; to keep in store; to hold 

back: — ^resetba; nft-sajngue; deposita. 
reservoir, n.; water reservoir: — dep6- 

siton jUnum; finU tangque. 
residence, n.; domicile: — ^sagayan; resi- 

resign, v. tr.; to surrender formally; to 

withdraw from: — ^basta; para; resigna. 
resin, n.; rosin; rubber: — danguis; brea. 
resinous, adj.: — ^mi-danguis; cadangues; 

daiTgsong; ca brea. 
resist, v. tr.: to oppose: — resiste; opone; 

rechasa; chabsl. 


• • ••• 

• • • • 

• » • - 

• • • 

• ••• 


ing: — op6pone; chdchaba; rechdchdsa. 

resolution, n.; resolve: — desisi6n; reeo- 
luEd6n; dinetetmina; minatatfiga. 

resolve, v. tr.; to intend: — jasuye. 

resource, n.; source #f help or supply; 
expedient: — ^habio; gtiinaja; inayuda. 

respect, n.; regard; esteem; deference: — 
respeto; inestima. 

respect, v. tr.; to honor; to esteems — 
respeta; estima. 

respected, adj.; highly regarded; es- 
teemed: — ^respetao; ma-estima; mfma- 

respite, n.; term; fixed period: — plaso; 

respond, v. tr.; to answer; to reply: — 
responde; ope; contesta. 

responsible, adj.; involving responsi- 
bility : — responsable . 

rest, v. %.; to rest on a foundation: — 
fat&choni:; descansa. 

rest, V. i.; to repose: — descansa; maigd. 

rest, n.; quiet; peace: — descanso; 
quieto; tranquilo. 

restless, adj.; turbulent; unquiet: — 
l^bog; tM-quinieto; tAi-minajgofig. 

restitution, n.; compensation; 
amends: — apas; nin^n^lo; debuetta. 

restore, v. tr.; to bring back to its 
former strength; to renew: — nSr-tai- 
guljejfi.; renueba; n^ saga tMo. 

restrain, v. tr.; to check; to repress: — 
impide; apreta. 

restrict, v. tr.; to confine; to limit: — 
nft-gdilimite; pon|le; n'3,-gdichi. 

restriction, n.; limitation; confine- 
ment: — ^minidiye; pinengle. 

result, V. %.; to follow as a consequence: — 
resutta; jumuyoiigfia; jiniyongiia. 

result, n.; consequence: — jumuyongfia; 
jiniyoflgiia; jumuyung pot jaia. 

resurrection, n.'.—l i n 3, 1 §. t&taotao 
taio; lin^ia taio; numalo ja^ne; ninSlo 

resuscitate, v. tr.: — n^Atlk t&lo. 

retail, v. tr.; to sell in small quantities: — 

retail price, n.: — pr6sion aminudo. 

retain, v. tr.; to hold or keep in posses- 
sion: — ^resetba; guarda. 

retaliate, v. tr.; to return by gi\ing like 
for like: — ^binengga; desquita. 

reticent, adj.; silent; reserved: — quieto; 

retire, v. i.; to withdraw; to retreat; 
to recede: — n4-}&nao; jdnao; retira. 

retired, adj.; solitary; economical; fru- 
gal: — retir^o; sumajngue; recojido. 

retort, v. tr.; to return, as an argument; 
incivility; censure; accusation; to de- 
mur; to oppose; to object; to put in 
by way of reply: — aguaguite; man- 
open lalal6; opone; lalatde tUlo. 

retract, v. tr.; to rescind: to recant: — 
n&ndlo y finijd; retractar. 


resistance^ «.,» ioppofiitioil:^-^rfeMstto- retreat, n.; privy: — escusao; beque; y 

sia; inopone; chindbd; nirechdsa. 
resisting, adj.^ adv.; refractory; oppos- 

quemon; comon. 

retribution, n.; reward or punishment 
suitable to the action: — sin&pet mltu- 
leg; apas; apas pat castigo segiln y 

retrograde, adj.; going or mo\'ing back- 
ward: — sum^seja; jumandnaotate. 

return, v. tr.; to restore; to make resti- 
tution: — ^n§lo; n^ndlo. 

return, v. i.; to come back again: — 
tumalo-tate; mdjiiau. 

return thanks, v. tr.; to express grati- 
tude about; to acknowledge indebted- 
ness for: — agradese. 

reunion, n.; a festive gathering of famil- 
iar friends or associates: — ^reuni6n; 
inetnon; nilajyan. 

reveal, v. tr.; to make plain or evident; 
to discover; to disclose: — descubre; 
na-tung6; na-anog. 

revenge, n.; retribution; vengeance: — 
inemog; emo^; bengansa. 

revenue, n.; the general income of a 
government; taxes; customs: — redito 
(y jumdjalom gui gobietno pot apas 
aduana, lisensia, etc.). 

revenue officer, n.; — aduanero. 

revere, v. tr.; to regard with fear mingled 
with respect and affection; to rever- 
ence: — ^honra; respeta; reber^nsia. 

reverence, n.; veneration; honor; re- 
spect: — respeto; rebercSnsia; hoiira. 

reverse, v. tr.; to turn upside down; to 
change entirely: — ^nft-S-tlibes; nl-di- 
lug; na-defiga; anula. 

revert, v. tr.; to turn back; to change: — 

review, v. tr.; to reexamine; to look 
back: — ^rebista; repasa; ecsamina t^lo. 

revile, v. tr.; to reproach; to abuse: — 
caluninia; injuria; despresia. 

reviler, n.; slanderer; calumniator: — 
dldeahonra; calumniaddt. 

revise, v. tr.; to correct: — ^n&-dinanche; 
rebista; repasa. 

revival, n.; renewal of life: — ^lumSIet; 
jomld t&lo; jinemld. 

revoke, v. tr.; to countermand; to with- 
draw; to abolish; to dismiss:— 4eroga; 
Tikntlo y finijd; rebuelbe: rebuetbe. 

revolt, V. tr.j v. %.; to rebel; to mutiny; 
to assail: — embestej yduyau. 

revolution, n.; uprismg: — ^mumon li- 
najyan; rebolusi6n. 

revolve, v. %.; to turn around (as on an 
axis); to roll in a circle: — q^flolog; 
buetta; lllic6. 

revolver, n.; pistol: — ^rebuelbe; re- 

revulsion, n.; sudden change of feel- 
ing: — minanxaichdchd; relcsion; re- 

reward, n.; recompense; thanks; grati- 
tude; acknowledgmen t: — ^ninae; 
pr^mio; agradesimiento; inagradeae; 




rhetoric, n.; the art of speaking with 

eloquence aijd force: — ^ret6rica. 
rheumatism, n.: — ^reuzna; mamuten 

rih, 71.; curved bone supporting the 

lateml wall of the thorax: — costiyas. 
lice, n.: — ^pugas; fae; jinegs^. 
rice (not hulled), n.: — ^fae. 
rice field, n.: — ^fama&yan. 
rice soup, n.: — aldguan. 
rich, adj.; wealthy; opulent: — ^xnlgiii- 

naja; rico; mfiyo. 
rich, adj.y adv.; productive; yielding; 

fertile: — ganansioso; probechoso. 
riddle, n.; enigma; i)uzzle: — ^inadibina. 
ride, v. tr.^ v. %.; to ride on horseback or 

in a vehicle: — udai; maudai. 
rider, n.: — y matiudai; mdmaudai. 
ridicule, v. tr.; to ridicule some one; to 

talk about the faults of others: — 

chatgue; f§,-macheng (gS, cumuentos 

pot otro tdotao: gossip; one who talks 

about others). 
ridiculous, adj., adv.: — chatgiyon; 

chatgon; butlon. 
riding whip, n.; rod; switch: — ^balas; 

baston (latticework in the roof of the 

native houses, to which are fastened 

the braided cocoa-palm leaves: balas 

rifle, n.; gun: — opaque; rifle, 
rifle raziee, n.; — ^bianco: famaquiyan. 
right, cKy.; just; truthful; correct; fit; 

true: — tunas; mduleg; dinanche; justo; 

right-hand, adv.; on the right hand; to 

the right: — agapg,; gui aga^a. 
rigid, adj.; stiff; inflexible: — tiso; fitme. 
rim^ n.; border; margin: — canto; banda; 

onya; rencon. 
rind, n.: — ^lasas jayo pat fruta. 
ring, n.: — aniyo. 

ring, n.; ear; handle; hook: — d filling, 
ring J V. tr.; to ring a bell; to strike a 

string; to play a musical instrument: — 

dandan; dihfigdi^. 
rip, V. tr.; to tear: — ^titeg; sise. 
ripsaw, n.: — chachag mafiise. 
ripe, adj.; mature; ready for harvest: — 

sacan; tda; masa. 
ripe, adj., adv.; done; cooked sufficient- 
ly: — ^masa. 
ripen (fruit), v. %.: — ^mumasa. 
ripeness, n.; maturity: — ^minasa. 
rise, V. %.; to ascend; to begin to stir: — 

cajuld; jatsa; cajat. 
rise (the sun), v. tr., v. %.; to get up:— 

rising, adj.; increasing: — aumenta; ade- 

lanta; lumalattild. • 
rising, adj., adv.; growing; increasing 

(moon) : — cresiente; quinaj tij ulo . 
rising water, n.: — jinafnd y tasi. 
risk, n.; hazard; venture; dare: — ^riesgo; 

ri&, V. tr.; to hazard; to venture; to 

dare: — atrebe; ariesga; riesgo. 

rival, n.; one who strives to equal or 

excel another; competitor: — tribal; con- 

river, n.; stream: — sadog. 
rivet, V. tr.; to clinch: — remacha. 
road, n.; path; street: — chalan. 
roam, v. i.; to ramble; to wander about 

aimlessly: — ^bagamundo; g§, jumdnao. 
roar, n.; cry of a large animal; loud 

noise: — palangpang; eaten numedog. 
roast, V. tr.: — tunu; n^-tosta; dsadot; 

roast, v. tr.; to broil; to fry; to season: — 

roasting spit, n.: — &sadot. 
rob, V. tr.; to plunder; to deprive by force; 

to despoil: — amot; chuleguan; fan-en- 

robber, n.; thief: — ^saqui; atayag; ladrdn. 
robe, n.; loose outer garment: — sotana. 
robust, adj., adv.; strong; vigorous: — 

fotte; fuette; masaj^gat; metgot; ro- 

busto; fuetsudo. 
robust, adj., adv.; stubby, short and 

thick : — ^f o tnido . 
rock, n.; cliff; stone: — achd. 
rock, V. tr.; to rock a child in the cradle: — 

rocker, n . ; rocking chair: — siyan 

rocket, n.: — coj6tes. 
rogue, n.; cheat; villain; thief: — picaro; 

roll, V. %.; to turn with circular motion: — 

roU, n.: — ^flnalulon; royo. 
roll, V. tr.; to roll a barrel: — ^ndr-g^Wleg. 
roll together, v. tr., v. i.; to coil up; to 

curl up: — ^falulon. 
roll, V. tr.; to roll together hurriedly: — 

roller, n.; — ^royo. 

roof, n.; top covering of a house: — atof. 
roof (made of coco-palm leaves), n.: — 

room, n.; chamber; apartment: — apo- 

sento; cuatto. 
roomy, adj., adv.; wide; broad: — ^nxft''- 

guag; majuto. 
roost (the pole or perch upon which a 

number of fowls rest at night), n.; — fan 

maigflan mcuiog. 
rooster, n.: — gayo. 
root, n.: — jal§. 
root out, V. tr.; to p*ub up; to clear; to 

break down the withered branches of a 

palm tree: — ^yabau; toto; ja^l6. 
rope, n.; cord ; string; Line: — ^tale; cuetdas. 
rosctry, n.; necklace: — ^lisayo. 
rose, n.: — ^rosa. 

rosin, n.; resin; rubber: — daoSg^uis. 
rot, V. %.; to spoil: — lamas; putlilo; 

rot (fruit), v. %.: — ^bocha; lamas. . 
rouffh, adj., adv.; uneven; rugged: — 

cclaton: bronco, 
rough, adj., o^i;.;— maculatun; bastes. 




rough, adj.^ adv.: inattentive; irrever- 
ent; disrespectful; rude; coarse:— desa- 

rough draft, n.; day book: — boraddt. 

round, adi.j adv.; circular; rotund 
(ball, roll of writing, scroll, etc.): — 

roundabout way, n.; a way back; 
return: — ^buelta; buetta. 

route, n.; course; journey; march :-^ 
rumbo; chalan; cutso. 

rover, n.; fickle person: — ^bagamundo; 

row, n./ line; file: — fila. 

row preferring to a fence), n.: — ensatto. 

row (of houses), n.: — jilera; en|lera. 

rub, V. tr.; to brush; to scrape or scratch 
off: — jotyat. 

rub, V. tr.; to knead; to apply massage; to 

Sress: — ^lasa. 
, V. tr.; to rub smooth; to smooth 
out: — ^rasa. 

rub out, V. tr.; to scrape out; to clear (of 
sin); to put an end to: — ^funas. 

rubbish, n.; debris (in building opera- 
tions) : — &ntupa. 

rudder, n.: — tim6n. 

ruddy, adj.; reddish: — ^m^dio (or meyo) 
ag&g&; atagd. 

rude, adj.y adv.; coarse; feeble-minded: — 

rude, adj.f adv.; rough; inattentive; 
irreverent; disrespectful: — desatento. 

rude, adj., adv.; uncivil; ill-bred; imper- 
tinent: — ^n&08on; impettinente. 

rue, V. tr.; to be sorry for; to regret; to 
repent : — ^f afLotsot. 

rug, n.; floor covering: — atfombra. 

ruin, V. tr.; to destroy; to demolish: — 
desjase; desase. 

ruin, V. tr.; lay waste; desolate; devastate ; 

to consume; to devour: — arasa: des- 

nue, V. tr.; to dominate; to reign over: — 

edje; domina. 
rule, n.; order: — ^fin&m&uleg. 
ruler, n.; one who rules: — y man ar6- 

regla; m&gas. 
ruler, n.; instnment for ruling Unes: — 

rummage, v. tr.; to search carefully 

for: — guef reconose. 
rumor, n.; popular report; current 

story: — ^rumot; cuentos. 
run, V. i.; to move quickly; to flee for 

escape: — ^falago; malago. 
runner, n.; one who runs; racer: — 

run aground, v. %.; to go ashore; to get 

stalled; to strand: — g^ane. 
run around idly, v. %.: — tumatatnon. 
run away, v. i.; to escape (a danger): — 

run away, v. i.\to escape: — ^fal&go. 
run away, v. i.; to jimip: — plchau; 


run through, v. tr.; traverse; to go 
through : — &do tgan. 

rupture, n.; — tumunog tilipas. 

rupture, n.; inguinal:— chin&dd>. 

ruah, V. %.; to move or press forward 
with impetuosity; to enter with undue 
eagerness: — ach&icag; tugufig; tugon^. 

nist, n.: — taqud lulog. 
rustle, V, i.; to murmur; to whisper: — 

rusty, adj.; covered with rust: — tinaqud 

rut, n.; the track of a wheel; groove 

hollow: — carit; chalan ruedan careta 


saber, n.: — sable. 

sack, n.; bag; pouch: — cdstat; b6t8a. 

sacrament, n.; the Eucharist: — comu- 

sacred, adj.; consecrated; inviolable: — 

santos; ma nH santos; sagrado. 
sacrifice, v. tr.: — entrega; sacrifica. 
sacrilegious, adj.; violating sacred 

things: — sacrilego (tinae respeto ni 

mafidntos sija na giiinaia). 
sad, adj., adv.: in had humor; full of 

grief: — triste; tdi-minagof; penite. 
sadden, v. tr.; to make sad: — ^n&- triste; 

nft-tdiminagof; na-penite. 
saddle, n.: — siya (para y tatald g&ga); 

saddle pad, n.; saddle roll; also fang; 

tusk : — cotniyos. 
safe, adj., adv.; free from danger; se- 
cure: — tlipeligro; segtiro. 
safety, n.; freedom from danger: — 

tin&epeligro; sineguro. 
saffron, n.; — ^mangd; asafrdn. 

sag, V. i.; to sink down; to >deld: — 
ni&ngag; umas6; ninU asd; iningag. 

sagacious, adj.; ingenious j quick- 
witted: — tomtom; faye; hsto. 

sage, adj., adv.; wise; discerning; well- 
judged; discriminating: — ^s^bio; tom- 
tom; m^jnalom (mduleg man jaso yan 

sail, 71.; — ^l4yag. 

sail, V. i.; to be moved by a sail: — ^layag; 

sail, V. tr.; to navigate: — n&-layag; 
nabegar (y ma na jdnau y batco gui 
jilo janom). 

saalor, n.; mariner; seaman: — marine; 

sails, n. pL: — ^bela (Chinese sails: belan 
China; cross sail: belan crus; Latin 
sail: belan Latin). 

saint, adj., adv.; holy; sainted; blessed: — 

salable, adj., adv.; vendible; venal: — 




sala4, n.: — ensalada. 
salaxy, n.; recompense for service ren- 
dered; stipend: — suetdo; apas. 
sale, n.: — ^benta. 

saliva, n.; slaver: — 161&; babas (slaver- 
ing bib: fandl&cui; babaddt). 
sallow, adj.; of a pale, sickly color: — 

salmon, n.: — salzudn; 8atm6n. 
salt, n.: — asiga. 
salt broth, n.: — cbigClan. 
saltcellar, n.: — salero. 
salted, adj.: — ^inasne; ma-asen. 
salted beef, n.; salt meat: — ^inasnen 

catne; satmu^ra. 
salted fish, n.: — asnentucon. 
salt-making plant, n.: — salinas. 
salty (sea water), adj.: — Iket* 
salubrious adj.; healthy: — ^ndl&l&; nft 

joml6; saludable. 
salvage, n.; compensation for saving a 

vessel or cargo at sea: — apas pat f&cae 

pot y ma satban y batco pat y 

catgafLa gui tase. 
salve, n.; fat ointment: — ^i^guente; 

salver, n.; plate: — Splato; plato; ban- 

sample, v. tr.; to taste food: — tamtam; 

sample, n.; parable; example: — ejem- 

sample, n.; pattern: — ^muestra. 
sanctimoniousness, n.: — cadd dine- 

boto; calan sinantos. 
sanction, n.; approval; approbation: — 

aprobasidn; inaprueba. 
sand, n.: — tinai. 
sandals, n.; shoes of coarse leather: — 

doga; sanddlias. 
sandpaper, n.: — ^papet asero. 
sandwich, n.: — ^inafuyot mantiqufya 

yan cal^e gui pan. 
sandy, adj.: — ^nl-unai; Idfid. 
sandy beach, n.; strand: — canton tinai; 

sane, adj.; mentally sound or healthy: — 

m&uleg ilufia; sano. 
sanguinary, adj.; murderous; cruel; at- 
tended with much bloodshed: — ^p6gnd; 

tdilaye; tdias§. 
sanitary, adj.; hygienic: — gasgas; ti n4 

sap, n.; juice (of trees,' fruits, etc.): — 

sapience, n.; wisdom; knowledge: — 

min6jnalom; tiningd. 

sapling, n.; a young tree: — ^patgon na 

sarcasm, n.; bitter, sarcastic expres- 
bion : — quinase. 

sash, n.; window sash; frame for hold- 
ing panes of glass: — cuadron bentana 
(para uguiniot y espejos). 

satan, n.; the devil: — ^mag^ganite; 

sate, V. tr.; to satiate; to fill to repletion; 

to satisfy: — ^nft-jaspogj nft-buia. 
sated, adj.^ p. p.; satiated: — jaspog; 

satiate, v. tr.: — tujus; bula; jaspog. 
satire, n.; sarcasm; ridicule: — satira 

(un sina^;an ])at cuentos anae ma na 

gogof anog y tindilaye pat in^chofig). 
satisfaction, n.; contentment; gratifica- 
tion: — ^minagof; ninajoi^; quinen- 

tento; sinatisfecho. 
satisfied, adj., adv.; cheerful; delighted; 

joyous; merry; gay: — dibettido; magof ; 

najofig; satisfecho. 
satisfy, v. tr.; to gratify; to pay in full:— 

n^-magof; nft-empas; na-satisfecho. 
saturate, v. tr.; to soak; to imbue: — 

jinatme; chinepchop. 
Saturday, n.: — sabalo. 
' sauce, n.; condiment: — satsa; salsa; 

find-denfi; qu^lagiiin. 
saunter, v. %.; to wander about idly: — 

lum&uya; tumatnon. 
sausage, n.;— chorisos. 
savage, adj., adv.; fierce; wild: — ^macha- 

leg; ti mafdjidgtie; talas§. 
savage, n.: — t&otao jalum tand. 
save, V. tr.; to rescue:— n&-libre; satba. 
saving, adj.^ adv.; niggardly; t'rifty; 

frugal ; scanty : — gu6fmanaqui jom; 

saving, n.: — ^inid; inadaje; ninasdj- 

savior, n.: — ^n&ndlibre; s6satba; satba- 

savor, n.; flavor; taste; scent: — p^u; 

saw, n.; cutting steel instrument with a 

toothed edge:— chachag. 
saw, V. tr.; to cut with a saw; to cut: — 

sawdust, n.: — aserfn. 
sawmill, n.: — ^m&quinan chachag. 
saw set (for setting teeth of saws), n.: — 

traban chachag. 
say, V. tr.; to relate; to speak; to utter; 

to declare: — san^an. 
say nothing, v. %.; to keep silent: — 

scab, n.; scurf; itch: — ^lat6; bosbos. 
scaffolding, n.; staging: — and^jnio; 

scald, V. tr.; to burn with hot Hquid or 

steam: — ^nit-paco; n&-matuno (gui ja- 

nom m6ipe pat mantica). 
scale, n.: — ^pesaddt; balansa. 
scales, n.; scurf (on the skin): — gd^ntrf; 

scalp, n.: — y lasas gui sanjild na 

banda gui ilo. 
scamp, 71.; rascal: — ^uS^^uinon na t&o- 

tao; picaru na tdotao; ti mduleg na 

tdotao; tdilaye na tiotao. 
scamper, v. i.; to hasten away: — ^p6chao; 

malago; umescapa. • 

scandal, n.; opprooriumj defamation; dis- 
grace: — escandalo; t^ilaye na ejemplo. 




scant, adj., adv.; scarcely sufficient: — 

dldid§; canA ti najong. 
scapegoat, n.; one who bears the blame 

for others: — a3ni y cmn&catga y isao y 

scapnlary, n.; monastic habit: — esca- 

scar, n.; weal; mark: — ^pilfau; paladan; 

scar, n.; wound; mark: — dnmasilan; 

scarce, adj., adv.; not plentiful; seldom 

met With: — i§calag; jalag; escaso; 

scare, v. tr.; to frighten; to strike with 

sudden terror: — ^f&LagUe; aminasa; n&- 

ma^'^iiao; jongatiff. 
scare, n.; a sudden fright or panic: — 

aminaso; minadnao. 
scare away, v. tr,; to frighten off: — 

scared, adj.: — lujan; espantao. 
scarf, n.; a light handkerchief or tie for 

the neck: — goden a^gd,; dtmadot. 
scarlet, adj.; of a bright red color: — 

ag§i,g&; didog agag^na. 
scarlet fever, n.: — escatlatina; un 

clasen calentura. 
scatter, v. tr.; to strew out (seed): — 

calangcangue; satpe. 
scatter apart, v. tr.; to strew asunder; to 

dispel; to disperse :-HBlialapuii. 
scattered, adj.; spread; diffused; dis- 
seminated (sickness, teachings, etc.): — 

scavenger, n.; any animal that devours 

refuse: — ^basurero; masea jafa na g^^ 

ni ja cdcan6 y dnyut§. 
scene, n.; the time, place, or circum- 
stance in which anything occurs: — 

esena; y tiempo yan y lugat dnae ma 

susede masea jafa. 
scent, n.; odor; sense of smell; chase 

followed by means of the scent: — ^pau; 

pao; rastro. 
scent, V. tr.; to get a scent: — dng^iiSg^ue. 
scepter, n.; the sovereign's staff: — setro; 

y baston nl jachdchul^ y rae pat 

scholar, n.; student: — ^manungd; disf- 

pulo; estudiante. 
school, n.: — escuela. 
schooner, n.; two-masted vessel: — 

science, n.; wisdom; systematic know- 
ledge : — tini^d . 
scientific, adj., adv.; skillful; skilled 

in science: — m^jnalom; tomtom gui 

scissors, n.; rafters: — tijeras. 
scoff, v. tr.; deride; calumniate: — adft. 
scold, V. tr.; reprove; to chide; to treat 

roughly : — ^lal&tde . 
scoop, (mason's), n.; trowel: — cuchalan 
&tbafiit. ^ 

scope n.; room or opportunity for free 

outlook or action; aim or intention: — 

lugat or guindelugat; libettdd (para 

inatituye pat quinalamten). 
score, n.; bill; account: — cuenta. 
scorn, n.; contempt; disdain; derision: — 

despr6sio; mofa; minefea; butla. 
scorpion, n.: — alacr&n. 
scoundrel, n.; man without honor or 

virtue; low, worthless fellow: — ^picaru; 

scour, V. tr.; to rub; to brush; to shave; to 

scrape; to scratch: — gti^sgfties. 
scourge, n.: — epid^mia; castigo; cala- 

scow, n.; lighter; large flat-bottomed 

boat with square ends: — champan; 

sampan . 
scramble, v. %.; to clamber with the 

hands and feet: — ^fedos; chaicague. 
scrap, n.; a small or detached piece: — 

scrape, v. tr.; to rasp: — gu&sguas. 
scrape, v. tr.; to scratch; to scour: — 

scrape off, v. tr.; to scratch off; to brush; 

to rub: — jotyat; raspa. 
scratch, v. tr.: — etses; casas; clfguas. 
scratch (hens), v. tr.; to dig: — guadog. 
screw, n.: — totniyo. 
screw driver, n.: — destoniyaddt. 
scrimmage, n.; general row or tussle: — 

Scriptures, n.; Biblical text; the Bible; 

Old and New Testaments: — y santos 

na tinigu§ sija; y bfblia. 
scrub, V. tr.; to cjean or scour: — ^b&le; 

scrupulous, arfj., adv.: — dafi|:6;escrupu- 

scull, n.: — calabera. 
sculptor, n.: — escultor. 
scum, n.; foam; froth: — espuma; boan. 
scum, n.; impurities on surface of boil- 
ing liquids: — ^natas. 
scurf, n.; scales (on the skin): — escama. 
sea, n.; lagoon: — ^laguna; jagoy. 
sea, n.; — tasi; tase. 
seal, n.: — seyo; signo. 
sealing wax, n.: — fiacre, 
seam, n.; line formed by the sewing of 

two pieces of material together: — 

corejilo; costura. 
seam, n.; edge; selvage: — ^matgen; 

seaman, n.; mariner: — ^maiinero. 
seamstress, n.; needlewoman: — cos- 

search, v. tr.; to view; to visit; to in- 
spect; to overlook; to control: — ^^^, 
seasons (of the year), n.: — estasiones; 

y tiempo sija gui sacan. 
seat, n.; chair; post or authority: — 

t&choiSg:. ^ 

seat, V. %.; to seat one's self: — ^fat&chong. 




secluded, adj.^ adv.; lonesome; lonely; 

solitary; off-lyin^; remote: — sumaj- 

ngue; m^maisa; aislado. 
4|eclii8ion, n.: — sinaj^^e. 
second, n.: — segundo. 
second; immediately following, adv. : — j 

tinate; y tdtate. 
secondarily; in the second place, adv. : — 

gui tinate; sumegugundc. 
secret, n.: — ti tu^iion na minagajet; 

security, n.; warranty; bail: — finfa; 

fiansa; inasegura. 
security, n.; earnest money; pledge; 

pawn: — aras; sineguro; promesa. 
sedate, adi.^ adv.; sooer; earnest; serious; 

grave : — ^fotmdt. 
sediment, n.; yeast: — asiento. 
see, V. tr.f v. %,; to look; to glance: — 

lil; li§. 
see, V. tr.,v. i.; to learn through signs: — 

atutuye; atiende. 
seed, n.; stone; kernel (of fruits, etc.): — 

fensd; siembra; pepitas; semiya. 
seedy, adj.; shabby: — ^miserable; od&. 
seek, V. tr.^ v. %.; search for; to try to 

find; to be in quest of: — aligau; 6g&g&. 
seek informa^on, v. %.: — ^infotma; 

6faesen; que tufigd. 
seem, v. %.; to appear; to pretend: — 

seeming, adj.y adv.; apparent: — calan 

pumarSrejo; umdchaigua; apar^nte. 
seemly, adj., adv.; decent; decorous: — 

segregate, i;. tr.; to separate from 

others: — ^n&-su]a; n^-sajn^e. 
seize, v. tr.^ v. %.; to attack,- to assail: — 

seize, v. tr.; to fasten; to pack; to hold 

fast: — guot. 
seize, v. tr.; to catch; to receive: — 

ch&jlau; mantiene. 
seizure, n.; sudden attack, as of a dis- 
ease: — ataque; achaque. 
select, V. tr.; to make choice of; to pick 

out: — ayi^. 
seldom, arf;., adv.; a few times; scarce 

rare: — ^jalag; 6calag. 
select, V. pr.; to adopt (as one's own 

child): — g&nye. 
selected, adj.; preferred: — guinanye; 

self, n.; one's own person: — ^m&isa. 
selfish, adj.; egotistical: — demasiao ja- 

goflien m&isa ^iii; ch&tao. 
selfishness, n.; mggardliness; avarice: — 

codfsia; chindtao. 
self-control n.; self-denial: — chinemft 

mlisa; jinilat mdisa; punen mdisa. 
self-seeking, adj., adv.; selfish; greedy: — 

jen^g^an; interesao. 
sell, V. tr.; to dispose of for pay; to 

vend: — ^bende. 
sell at auction, v. tr.; to confiscate: — 

embatga; ma atmoneda. 

4562—18 8 

semblance, n.; likeness: — ^pinarejo; 

send, V. tr.; to cause to go; to dispatch: — 

send away, v. tr.; to take away: — 

send on in advance, v. tr.: — ^n&-f6fdna. 
sensation, n.; perception by the 

senses: — ^sini^nte. 
sense, n.; faculty by which objects are 

perceived physically or mentally; dis- 
cernment: — siniente. 
senseless, adj., adv.: — ^l^a£go; tdisi- 

sensible, adj., adv.; acute; ingenious: — 

g^ijinaso; manufigd. 
sensible, adj., adv.; reasonable: — g&i- 

sensitive, adj., adv.; touchy; irritable: — 

j&mafdente; j^bubu. 
sentence, v. tr.; to condemn: — condena. 
sentence, n.; judgment] opinion or deci- 
sion: — julsio; sent^nsia. 
sententious, adj.; terse: — sentensioso; 

bula mafgddaad yan man n& lala na 

sentimental, adj., adv.; romantic: — 

t&tac&; sentimental; sentimentat. 
sentimental, adj., adv.; romantic: — 

sentimental; tatac&. 
separate, v. i.; to part; to go asunder: — 

adi£g:o; n^-suja; separa. 
separate, v. tr.; to sunder; to divide: — 

desapatta; dibide. 
separated, adj.; isolated; divided: — 

^ apattao; siunajf^e. 
separation, n.; disconnection: — y in&- 

desapatta; y iniyutd; y inadi^^. 
September, n.: — sepi^embre; lumam- 

sepulcher, n.; grave: — sepulcro; naf- 

sequester, v. tr.; to separate ^m the 

owner for a time: — ^na-sujanflaijon; 

nft-ddisapatta; nll-ddi^^. 
serenade, n.; evening music in the 

air : — serenata. 
series, n.; line row: — ^flla; indtattiye. 
serious, adj., adv.; sedate; sober; earn- 
est; grave: — fotm&t. 
sermon, n.; discourse on a text from 

the Scriptures: — setm6n. 
serpent, n.; snake: — culebla; setpiente. 
servant, n.: — criado; ministro; 

servant, n.; house boy: — tdntagd; 

serve, v. tr.; to work or perform duties 

for; to wait on: — setbe; chdgtiiye. 
service, n.: — setbisio. 
session^ n.; the actual sitting of a court, 

council, or legislative body: — junta; 

sesidn (y ora dnai maslsigue jafa na 

set, V. tr.; to place or put in any posi- 
tion; to fix; to plant:— ^planta; pega. 




set, V. ir'.; to support (by pillars): — 

aregla; n&-fat^noi^; na-tojgue; nk- 

set in motion, v. tr.; to stir up; to 

move: — chaI6jg^&; nft-calamten. 
set the table (for a meal), v. tr.: — 

planta y lamasa. 
settle (a loan), v. tr.; to arrange: to set 

in oraer; to try on: — ajusta; ra-mdu- 

leg; n^L-gasgas; n&-tunas. 
settle down, v. %.; to colonize: — radi- 

c4u; sagaye; taotdgiie. 
seven, adj.: — siete. 
seven hundred, adj.: — siete-sientos. 
seventh, ad).: — s^ptimo; y minfisiete. 
seventy, adj.: — setenta. 
sever, v. tr.; to sunder; to divide; to 

separate : — dibide. 
several, adj.; more than two; various; 

different: — ^m6gae; m^gai: timanpare- 

severe, adj., adv.; strict; austere; rigid: — 
adet; cumplido; mampos; mala mana. 

severe, adj., adv.; insolent: — s&gtiat; 
n&-bubu; banidoso yun otguyoso. 

sew, V. tr., V. i.; to stitch: — ^lagse. 

sewer, n.: — ^y l&lagse. 

sewerage, n.; sewer system :~de8a- 
guadero (canat pat tubo anae sins, man 
ma lolofan sija an f&gas pat jafa mas 
na indplachfi.). 

sexton, n.; bell ringer: — campanero; 
dMandan; saclestan. 

shabby, adj.; threadbare; mean in ap- 
pearance: — ^miserHble; dplach&; od^ 
yan matiteg. / 

shack, n.; hut; cabin: — sadl-gane; 

shade, n.; shady place; shadow: — 
&nine£|^; nujofig; sombra. 

shady, ad^.: — ^lejiS|:on. 

shaft (of a vehicle), n.: — ^largu 

shcUce, V. tr.; to stir: — chUuchau; chdo- 

shake, v. tr.; to vibrate; to move back 
and forth: — chal&uchau; yefigyof^. 

shcUce, V. tr.; to chastise (with a bircb 
rod): — sacude. 

shake oflP, v. tr.; to cast off: — chcuida. 

shake the head. v. tr.: — gu^nggueiSg. 

shaky, adi.; feeble; full of cracks: — ^bula 
C&C&; c^o' l&laulau. 

shallow, adj., adv.; low; weak; super- 
ficial: — ^najie; ndtata. 

shallow lake, n.: — aguanon; ndtata na 

shame, n.; modesty; bashfulness: — ^ni- 

shame, n.; dishonor; disgrace: — dines- 
honra; des^rdsia. 

shameful, adj.. adv.: — ^nft^'mamajlau. 

shameless, adj., adv.; audacious; ini 
lent: — t&i-mamajlau; descarao. 

shape, V. tr.; to form: — ^fotma. 

shape, n.; exterior; kind; character- 
istic: — jechura. 



share, n.; a portion or part; a part al- 
io ted to one: — ^f&cai; patte. 
share, v. tr.; to participate; to divide; ta 

make into partis: — ^f^ai. 
shark, n.: — faltio. 
sharp, adj.y adv.; biting; mordacious: — 

didog; calactus; calagtus; acadidog. 
sharpen, v. tr.; to whet: — giias^; n&- 

sharp shot, n.: — ^balaso. 
sharp-witted, adj., adv.; sagacious: — 

Id^an; gu^fmanjaso; listo. 
shatter, v. tr., v. %.; to damage; to break 

into pieces :—-quebranta; yaya; yamag. 
shave, v. tr.: — ^batbas (I am shaving my- 
self: ju b&batbas yd; to be shaved: 

ma batbas). 
shave, v. tr.; to shear; to cut off: — d&sai. 
shave, v. tr.; to scrape; to scratch; to 

scour; to rub; to brush: — 6gues; 

guagse; gu^sgues. 
shawl, n.; wrap; shoulder-wrap: — 

dtmadot; panuel6n. 
she (or he), pers. pron.: — gUiya. 
sheaf, n.; bundle: — ^manojo. 
shear, v. tr.; to shave; to cut off: — d&sai^ 

trasquila; litot. 
sheath, n.: scabbard; cover: — ^b4ina. 
shed, n.; boat shed; warehouse; etc.: — 

sheep, n.: — obejas. 
sheet, n.; sheet of paper: — ^pliego. 
sheet, n.; bed sheet: — s&banas; sobre 


shell, n.: — ddgas; ddgas; carac6t; lasas. 
shell, n.; mussel: — concha, 
shell, V. tr.; to peel; to unhusk: — gu- 

shellfish, n.: — alilifig. 

shelter, v. tr.; to protect; to guard; ta 

defend: — ^nlt-lijeng; proteje; ampara; 

shelter, n.; security; asylum: — fan 

shelve, v. tr.; to place on a shelf: — 


shepherd, n.: — ^past6t. 

shield, n.: — ^besera; escudo; patang 

smft, n.; alteration: — in&go; yinalacS. 

shiftless, adj., adv.; lazy; improvi- 
dent : — g^g^'i tdiquinalamten; ti 

shin, n.; shank; forepart of the leg be- 
tween the ankle and knee: — canilla; 
espinilla (or, caniva; espiniya) (y san 
mena gui satnoiot). 

shine, v. i.; to light; to lighten: — ^ina; 
man ina; m^^lag (lightning: la'^mlam^ 
shining: l&mlam). 

shining, adj.; glistening; casting radi- 
ance: — mafifftilft; lamlam. 

ship, n.; vessel: — ^batca; batco; sajyan. 

ship of war, n.; man-of-war: — ^bap6t 
guera; batcon-mumu. 

shirt, n.; flannel: — ^franela; camiseta. 




shirt (the short shirt of children), n.: — 

chambra; chininau patgon. 
shirty n.; overshirt: — chinina. 
shiver, v. i.; to have a chill (in fever 
attack); to freeze: — ^fugo; gugululu- 
fugo; escalefrio. 
shocking, adj. J adv.; offensive; dis- 
pleasing: — chocante; n&^ubu. 
shoe, n.: — sapatos. 
shoe (of coarse leather), n.: — doga. 
shoot, n.; sprout; top of young shoot: — 

shoot, V. tr., V. i.: — ^paque; tira. 
shoot at, V. tr.; to fire upon; to bom- 
bard: — ^flecha; dguet; paque; bom- 
shoot forth, v. %.; to sprout: — docd; 

shooting or falling star, n.; meteor:—: 

guinipon pution. 
shop, n.; workshop: — c&malen. 
shopkeeper, n.; grocer; trader: — ^bl- 

shore, n.; the coast or land adjacent to 

the sea: — origan tasi. 
short, adj.; brief: — c4dad&. 
shorten, v. tr.: — ^n&-c&dad&. 
shorten, v. tr.; to damage; to cheat: — 

f6ng;na; tesgue. 
shortsighted, adj.: — chitmata. 
shortly, adv.; soon; quickly: — ti- ab- 

mam; gust. 
shot, n.: — tiro, 
shotgun, n.: — escopeta; pa^ucn pet- 

shoiUder, n.: — apaga (to load upon 

the shoulders, v. tr.: apagaye). 
shout, V. %.; to utter a loud and sudden 

cry: — umagan^; um^salao. 
shouting, 71.; yelling; clamor: — 6salao; 

shove in, v. tr.; to thrust in: — -nk- 

4ntald; ni-jalum. 
shovel, n.: — ^pala. 
show, V. tr.: — ^n^-anug. 
show; V. tr.; to demonstrate; to evince; 

to prove: — f&n^e. 
show, V. tr.; \o point out (with the 

finger) : — tanchd. 
show, V. tr.; to prove: — ^n&-lii. 
shower bath, n.: — dmag ri^gadera. 
shower of rain, n.; sudden squall: — 

matmom uchan; jinigua. 
shred, n.; piece; fragment; a long nar- 
row piece torn or cut off: — ^retasos; 

pedaslto (anacd yan ddlalae na pedaso 

matiteg pat ma dtot). 
shrewd, adj., adv.; wise; prudent: — 

shriek, v. i.; to utter a sharp, shrill 

outcry : — cunxati. 
shrine, n.; a sacred place or hallowed 

object: — capita (butto gui un lugat, 

pat y lugat m ma n^ santos). 
shrink, v. i.; to recoil; to withdraw; to 

contract spontaneously: — majedo; su- 


shrivel, v. %.; to dry up; to become 

wrinkled : — maj'edo; jedo . 
shroud, n.; winding? sheet: — mottaja. 
shrub, n.; grass; plant: — ch§,^guan; 

dfquiqul na clapen trofigco. 
shrubbery, n.; brush; thicket: — monte- 
siyo (y lugat dae man gMgue pat man 
ma tanme y mandfquiqul na trongco 
shrug, V. tr.; to draw up the shoulders 
to express doubt or contempt: — y 
quinalamten y-apaga (y n\ lA 
cajul6 y apaga taigiifje ya yauguin ti 
sey'uro) . 
shudder, v. %.; to tremble with fear or 

horror; — ^l&ulau ma&^fiao. 
shudder, n.; cold shiver: — escalefrio. 
shuffle, v. tr.; to shuffle the cards: — 

shut, r. tr.; to close; to exclude: — 

jtichom; tdmpe. 
shutters, n.: — tampe; jlchom. 
shy, adj.^ adv.; timid; shunnin:: a]> 

proa ch : — machale g; y 6m aj lao . 
sick, adj.^ adc; ill in health: — malango. 
sick, adj., adv.; very sick; dying: — 

chafleg; chatgiiiya. 
sickly, adj.: — jteilafl|fo; jdraalsn^o. 
sickness, n.; illness: — ch^tnot; mina- 

side, n.: — ISo; bind^i: ori;'-p. 
side, 71.; part: — c^laguag; ochoi^a. 
siding, n.; turnout on the road : — dinafLai ; 

oriya; luga. 
eie^e, n.: — ^ma-colat (y ma oriyayen un 
siudd nl nilajyan sendaio paia uma 
que chul6). 
sieve, n.; filter; inlet; passage: — cdladot; 

sieve, v. tr.; to put through the sieve; 

to sift: — cula. 
sift, V. tr.; to put through the sieve: — 

sigh, V. i.; to lament; to complain: — 

suspires; ugiu^; u^ungue. 
sigh, n.; — suspires; inigofig. 
sight, n.; act of seeing; power of virion: — 

sign, n.; mark; token; symbol; sign- 
board: — matca; sefiat; pienda. 
sign, V. tr.: — fltzna. 
signal, n.: — sefias. 

signal, V. tr.; to make signals to: — pefias. 
signature, n.: — ^fltma. 
significant, adj., adv.; expressive; im- 
portant: — impottante; gdisustansia. 
silence, n.; aosence of sound: — flnat- 

silent, adj.; close; kept secret: — fdfat- 

quilo; auieto. 
silent, aaj., adv.; taciturn; peaceable; 

cautious: — cayao; maguim. 
silent, V. i.; to become silent; to grow 

dumb: — umudo. 
silk, n.: — seda. 

silly, adj.; stupid; thickheaded: — tonto; 


■■ I IJ ■ ^^ 



»- - T." 




.1 ' ^ 

-j«- -- j>-' 


-'- *-<-r:.>eAJi:. 


*^ ^- V. .- 


-0^ e-T 

-l>^-«- •» . ,-^ 

tm •- i*_i^ ■" L-»* 

rf -y-*-- - ,' ^-J**" 


— :: •S-ir 

^* " - - - '><^:^f*'' 


^^ ,'^ ^ / 

— -• * 4 

- ' '-'i^f r«*V, 

^^ --v-*- /■ »- , ' 


- ■ ' 




— =ncia- 

n: :. jfc- 

— -zLimzj'^ 



•■^T. .A^ 

' ,\i^. 

^ ' 




^- J*^~- 


5" T'"T^ 

'l^^n; iie'i^-r.* 




slime, n.; mud; mire; {also yeast): — 

fachd; dafgsoi^. 
sling, ?i.; — atupat; tupat; tupag. 
sling stone, n.: — achd-atu^at. 
slink, V. i.; to creep away: — ^Ufit; lumifit; 

slip, n.; the act of slipping; an oversight 

or omission; indiscretion: — ^finalagu&i- 

slip, V. i.: — palag&; sulon. 
slip away, v. tr.; to steal away; to 

escape : — ^f alagu&[ jon. 
slippers, n.: — dbiancl^tas. 
slippery, adj.j adv.: — ^fanlattian; jd- 

sulon; palagsS; lat6. 
slit, n.; a long cut; a narrow opening: — 

slit (in wood), n.: — quin&c&; c^cfl. 
slit (in a garment), n.: — ^beregueta. 
sloop, n.; one-masted vessel: — ^balandra. 
slope, ?i.; surface inclining downward: — 

sloping, adj.y adv.; oblique; aslant; 

awry: — umeguefig:; egue^. 
sloth, n.; idleness; habitual indolence: — 

gagd; pdusa. 
slovenly, adj., adv.; tarrying; loitering; 

remiss; negligent; slack:— -descuidao; 

slow, adj. J adv.; lingering: — desp^io; 

^^cajat. ^ 

slow, adj., adv.; lazy: — ^fiating. 
sluggard, n.; good-for-nothing fellow; 

idler: — g&^; osidso. 
slumber, v. %.; to sleep lightly ; to doze: — 

ii^jlala^na mindigd; maigd iidijon. 
sly, adj., adv.; crafty; cunning: — ^picaru; 

smack, v.i.; to smack with the tongue: — 

catcat; tagtag; pagpag. 
small, at?;.; little; minute: — dlquiqui. 
small (in growth), adj.: — 6togo; pacha- 

small glass, n.; cup: — copa. 
small glass of wine: — un cop an 

smallpox, n.; pox: — ^betgilelas. 
smart, adj., adv.; poignant; sharp; clever; 

accomplished: — ^sagu^; gus^; malat^; 
' fresco, 
smash, v. tr.; to crush; to break in pieces 

by violence: — ^y&mag; y^ya. 
smear, v. tr.; to grease: — dangle; pdlae. 
smear, v. tr.: to smear over: — n3,-fachet; 

smell, n.; odor: — pau. 
smile, V. %.: — chumalig jalum. 
smite, V. tr.; to strike; to kill: — panag; 

paiiite; patmada; pun6. 
smith, n.; worker m metals: — f&fach6- 

ch6 nl met&t sija. 
smithery, n.; blacksmith shop: — ^frdgua. 
smithy, n.; a smitJi's workshop: — 

smoke, n.; mist; fog; vapor: — aso. 
smoke, v. i.: — aso. 
smoke, v. i.; to smoke a cigar: — chu- 

mupa; chupa un chigalo. 

smoke, v. i.; to smoke a pipe: — chi- 
gandd; chinigand6. 

smooth, adj., aav.; polished: — ^majlos. 

smooth, adj., adv.; even: — ^yano. 

smooth, adj., adv.; slippery: — ^palagsd. 

smool^en, v. tr.; to polish: — n&-majlos. 

smooth out, V. tr.: — ^julos. 

smuggle, V. tr.; to import without paying 
customhouse duties: — nft-Mfet; mtinaa 
contrabando; n^-tayog sin aduana. 

snail, n.: — acalej&. 

snake, n.; serpent: — culebla. • 

snap, V. tr., v. i.; to break short or 
instantaneously; to crack: — ^n&-chac&; 
chacfi,; julog; majlog. 

snapshot, n.; instantaneous photo- 
graph: — enseguidas na nlretrato. 

snare, n.; trap; lasso; loop: — l2^o\ 

snarl, v. i.; to growl (like an angry dog) : — 
lalal6 (taigiifje y laldlald na g^lago). 

snatch, v. tr.; to take or seize abruptly: — 

sneak, v. %.; to creep or steal away pri- 
vately or meanly: — umatog; malago; 
malagon umdatog. 

sneak, n.; a mean, servile fellow; petty 
thief: — timduleg na tdotao; saque; 

sneer, v. %.; to scoff; to insinuate; to show 
contempt by some facial expression: — 
butlea; muyM; sal^; quib^e; mofea. 

sneeze, v. i.: — achom. 

snicker, v. %.; to laugh slyly; to giggle: — 
chumaleg j&jalom; chumalcg d^- 

sniff, V. i.; to snuffle; to snuff: — g£g^^6. 

snipe, n.: — dulili. 

snob, ^ n.; a vulgar person who apes 

gentility: — ^bronco; iri6n; bastos. 
snore, n.; a noisy breathing in sleep: — 

snore, v. i.: — ^lanan. 
snort (the steer), v. i.: — fofo. 
snow, n.: — niebe. 

snub, V. tr.; to treat with designed con- 
tempt: — chab&; na-para; disatiende. 
snub, n.; an intended slight: — chinabft; 

snub-nosed, adj. : — ^mapanas-giiie]^g;fLa. 
snufle, V. i.; to speak through the 

nose : — ^^ogisgog. 
snug, adj., adv.; concealed; compact; 

warm: — guSfsaga; m^pe; mafnot; 

soak, V. tr.; to wet; to bathe (for a long 

time) : — stimai. 
soap, n.: — j&bon. 

sob, n.; a convulsive sigh: — suspires, 
sob, V. %.; to sigh in a convulsive manner 

with tears: — sumuspiros. 
sober, adj., adv.; earnest; serious; grave; 

sedate: — ^fotmdt; sin chumocho. 
socage, n.; compelled labor: — chechd 

sociable, adj., adv.; companionable; 

affable: — J?fi. mw^idAflA.; d^SaM* cr^fi^ 


— '1. .-.AJ 




— *■ -*- 


- ^ 

^-^> -^ 

' , " 

-.1.*-' - 

* »■ 

#'^ - ^'^W^ ^ 




spider, n.; spider's web: — arafias; ti- 

spill; V. tr.; to let a liquid run out of a 

vessel :— chud&. 
spin, V. tr.: — jil&; nft-quililog. 
spine, n.; backbone:— espinaso. 
spinster, n.; unmarried woman: — sot- 

spirit, n.; the soul: — espiritu. 
spirit, 71./ courage: — curaje; minatdti%a. 
spirited, arf)*., adv.; courageous; daring: — 

spiritual, adj.: — i^on espiritu; espiri- 

spit out, V. tr.: — ^bojbo; bojbuye. 
spit out; V. %.; to spew forth; to vomit: — 


spite, n.; ill will or hatred toward 

another: — 6dio; chinatli§. 
splash, V. %.; to dabble in the water; to 

swim : — n6nip ate . 
splash, n.;— palaspas. 
splendid, adj., aav.; brilliant; famous; 

magnificent: — gatbo; bonito; famoso. 
splendor, n.; pomp; magnificence: — 

guin&tbo; miim^lag; dindfig;culo. 
splice, V. tr.; to unite two ropes: — totche. 
splinter, n.; splint: — jft^fe; estiyas. 
split, V. i.; to spring apart: — m&pd; 

split, V. tr., V. i.; to cleave; to slit; to 

divide: — ^ip6; putd. 
spoil, V. i.; to become malodorous: — 

spoil, V. tr.; to ruin; to destroy: — ^yula^; 

sponge, n.: — espong^ja. 
sponge, n.; mushroom: — ^inapul&ijan; 

payon dujendes. 
sponger, n.; parasite: — dldinae. 
spook, n.; ghost: — ^f&f&£LagUe; fantdsma; 

spoon, n.;— cuchala. 
sport, n.; diversion; play; athletics: — 

spot, n.; stain; blemish: — mancha. 
spout, n.; projecting mouth of a vessel: — 

pico; bibig. 
sprain, v. tr.; to sprain a joint; to pull 

out; also to wean a child: — gunus; 

spread, adj.; scattered; diffused; dis- 
seminated (sickness; teachings, etc.): — 

spread, v. tr.; to weed out; to use up: — 

spread, v. tr.; to propagate: — ^n4-fam.t&. 
spread abroad (rumors, etc.), p. p.; di- 
vulged; diffused: — chalapun. 
spread out, v. tr.; to stretch out: — 

estira; n^-ma-chalapun. 
spring, V. %.; to leap or bound: — gope; 

spring (spiral), n.: — mueye. 
spring (a season of the year), n.;— prima- 

sprinkle, v. tr.; to scatter in small 

drops : — cala£^a^e . 

sprout, V. tr.; to bring forth fruit: — 

sprout, V. i.; to shoot forth; to grow: — 

docd; l^chog. 
sprout, V. %.; to grow back again: — 

sprout (especially referring to the 

banana plant), n.; — guilug y chetda. 
spur (of the fighting cock), n.;— ^spolon. 
spurn, V. tr.; to throw away; to cast 

away; to repudiate: — desecha. 
spurs (of the rider), n.; — espuelas. 
spy, V. tr.; to reconnoiter: — espia. 
spy, n.: — espia. 
spyglass, n.; small telescope: — ^latga- 

bista. . 
squadron, n.: — escuadr6n. 
squalid, adj.; foul; extremely dirty: — 

squall, n.; sudden shower of rain: — 

squander, v. tr.; to waste; to scatter; to 

destroy: — ch&pun; chalapun; despet- 

dfsia; n&-falifi|o. 
squandering, n.; lavishness; prodigal- 
ity : — despetdfsio. 
squandering, adj., adv.; lavish; prodi- 
gal : — despetdisido. 
square, adj.; four-corned; quadrangu- 
lar: — cuadrao. 
square, n.; frame: — cuadro. 
squash, n.; — calamasa; m^lon. 
squat, V. i.: to sit down on the haras or 

heels:— deja; dumeja. 
squeeze, v. tr.; to pinch; to tweak: — 

ddon; jond. 
squeeze out, v. tr.; to press out: — 

squinting, adj.: — quitan; atan unbanda. 
squirt, n.; syrinjge: — ^jele£|:ga. 
stab, V. tr., v. i.; to pierce; to stick; to 

peck: — s6s6; dulug; de^cot. 
stab, n.; thrust: — tinegch&; sin6s6. 
stable, adj.; fixed; firm; constant: — dura,- 

ble; fijo; fitme. 
stable, n.; building for lodging horses; 

cattle, etc.: — cabayerisa; sagan g§g§.. 
staff, n.; stick: — ^b&culo; baeton. 
stag, n.; the male of the deer: — toron- 

stage, n.; platform: — s&tglie; edas. 
stagger, v. %.; to totter; to reel: — 

niS^ag; ma tu Idijon. 
stagger, v. tr.; to cause to quake or 

tremble: — ^nft-l&ulau. 
staging, 71.; scaffolding: — and&mio; 

stagnant; adj.; not flowing; torpid; 

dull: — quieto; tdiquinalamten. 
stain, V. tr.; to desecrate: — ^nft-mazLcha. 
stair, 71.; step; flight of steps: — guaut. 
stake, 71.; post; pole; pale: — estaca; 

stale, adj.; not fresh; vapid; ta8tei<*«»' — 

descalmtao; majafi^e. 
stalk (grasslike), n.; straw: — caila; paja. 
stammer, v. %.; to falter in speaking: — 

tumattamudo; l&lache an cumuentos. 




stammerer, n.; stutterer:— y chumal&- 

lamcham; tattamudo ; chdcnaladiham . 
stamp, V. tr.; to cnirfi; to impreee: — 

Agues; gacM; matca. 
stamp, n.; postage stamp: — seyo. 
stand, V. %.; to bo erect: — tojgue. 
stand, V. %.; to get up: — cajuld; tacho; 

standard, n.; flag: — ^bandera; estan- 

stand security for, v. tr.; to bail; to 

warrant: — ^fumiaddt; cuentaye. 
staple, n.; the chief production of a 

country: — sust&nsia; y mas impot- 

tante na producton un tand. 
star, n.: — ^putidn. 

star, n.; also poached eeg: — estreyas. 
stare, v. i.; to look sharply : — atan fijo; 

dochon na inatan. 
starfish, n.; sea star: — estreyas tasi. 
start, n.; beginning: — ^prinsipio. 
starve, v. %.; to suffer extreme hunger: — 

jocog-£Lalai££^^ candr mdtai fialafg. 
State, n.; territory: — estado; mando. 
State, n.; empire; realm: — imp6rio. 
State, n.; government: — gobietno. 
state, n.; condition: — estado; estao. 
stately, adj.; magnificent; portly; splen- 
did (as to stature) : — ^buenaplanta. 
statue, n.; — ^butto. 
statement, n.; narrative; recital: — 

sina^an; rason. 
stay, V. %.; to remain; to abide: — su- 

maga; saga. 
steady, aaj., adv.; fixed; regular: — 

quieto; fijo. 
steady I inter j.: — duro I adaje I 
steak, n.; slice of beef for broiling: — 

pedason sensen (catne) para ma n& 

steeS, V. tr.; to purloin: — mailaque; 

saque; t^sgtie; man^sgtie. 
steal away, v, %.; to escape; to slip 

away: — ^falagu&ijon; imiescapa. 
steam, n.; also steamer: — ^bapot. 
steam boiler, n.: — catdero; fan loc- 

steam engine, n.; — maquinan bap6t. 
steel, n.: — asero. 

steep, adj., adv.; precipitous: — didog. 
steep declivity, n.; almost perpednicuiar 

slope: — didog. 
steer^ n.; young male ox: — torete; 

nobly ito. 
steer, v, tr.; to direct a vessel with the 

helm: — ulMg; ulen; gobietna. 
steersman, n.; boatswain: — ^patr6n ga- 

l&idd; piloto; timonero. 
stem, V. tr.; to prop firmly against; to 

support: — to jne ; f oi fie . 
stem, w.;— c&cal6; cacayo. 
stem, V. tr.; to resist; to check; to dam: — 

esta£g^a; n&-para; presa. 
stench, n.; strong offensive odor: — 

minitiuSg; nilamug. 
step, n.; footstep: — ^paso. 
step (a long step), n.; bolt: — ^in&gua. 

step, V. %.; to go on; to tread: — ^fegud; 

mam^gud; mamocat; pocat. 
step, n.; grade: — grado. 
step by step, adj.; by degrees; gradual: — 

stepdaughter, n.: — entenada. 
step down, v. i.: — tunog.. 
stepfather, n.: — ^pairasto. 
stepmother, n.: — ^mairasta. 
step, n.; passage: — ^paso; fanmalofanan; 

stepson, n.; — entenado. 
sterile, adj.; barren; producing little or 

no crop: — consado; est^rit; ajSgld; tdi- 

minaule^ naod&. 
stezii, adj.^ adv.; severe; harsh: — cum- 

plido; fotmat: cru^l. 
stew, V. tr.; to boil slowly: — sotne. 
stew, n.; gouladi: — guinisa; estufao. 
stick, n.; staff; cane baton: — ^b&ston; 

B^ck, n.; pointer: — ^puntero. 
stick, V. i.; to adhere: — ^n&-cheton; pega. 
stick fast, V. i.:— cheton. 
stick,^v. %.; to sting; to peck; to stab; 

to pierce: — de£|^cot; dosug; dulug; 

sticky, adj.; glutinous: — daJ^o£^. 
stiff, ocfj., adv.; rigid; inflexible: — ^fiso. 
stiff (from fright), adj.; unbending: — 

stifle, V. i.: — n&-chlltjago£|^; n^-mafnot 

still, adj.; at rest; without motion; quiet; 

calm; silent: — quieto. 
still waters, n.; overflowing the bank: — 

still waters, n.; — quieto na janum. 
stimulate, v. tr.; to admonish; to in- 
cite: — cuca. 
sting (of a bee), n.: — titogch&. 
stingy, adj.; avaricious:— ch&ttau; 

latga; mesquino. 
stink, V. %.; to emit a strong, offensive 

odor: — mutong; lamog. 
stipulation, n.; condition: — condisi6n. 
stir, V. tr.; to move to emotion: — ^yefig- 

yo£|:; atborota. 
stir, V. tr.; to shake: — ch&uchau; lite, 
stir up, V. tr.; to move; to set in motion: — 

16jgu&; chal^jgud,; chalduchau. 
stirrup, n.: — estribo. 
stitch, V. Ir., V. i.; to sew: — lagse. 
stock, n.; store: — ^pindlo; finSnduleg; 

stocking, n.; — meyas. 
stole (priestly), n.: — estola. 
stoker, n.; fireman: — fogonero. 
stomach, n.; — estdmago; tuyan. 
stone, n.; rock; cliff: — achd. 
stone, n.; kernel; seed (of fruits, etc.): — 

stone, V. tr.; to throw stones: — ^fagas; 

ddgao; ma4ch6. 
stone tiirow, n.: — dindgau. 
stool, n.; seat without a back: — t&cho£g 

ni t&i ap6. 




stoop, V. L; to bend the body downward 
and forward: — g6je; mafigdgmdna. 

stop, V. i.; to cease; to finish; to be dis- 
continued; to come to an end: — 
bumasta; fagp6; magtus. 

stop, V. %.; to stand etili: — ^para. 

stop, V. i.; to delay; to stay: — tatnon; 
apmam; abmam. 

storage room, n.: — atznas^n. 

store, n.; saloon; tent: — tenda; tienda. 

storekeeper, n.: — tender o. 

storeroom, n.; — bodega; famdluyan. 

stores, n.; supply of provisions: — 

store up, V. tr.; to stock up; to lay in 
stock: — am.ontona; fUmduleg; n§.- 

storm, n.: — ^pagyo; chdtadn. 
stormy, adj.: — ^pg,pagyo. 
stormy sea, n.: — ^napo y tasi. 
story, n.; tale; speech; word: — sin- 

ai^an; cuentos; jemplo. 
stove, n.: — ^fogon. 
stout, adj.: — ^yomiog; yomsan. 
straggle, v. %.; to lag behind: — mam&- 

tate; sumuja; sumajngue. 
str€iight, aJaj.; just; right; lawful; 

honest : — tunas . 
strain, n.; effort: — quinalsunten; ine- 

stira; fuetsa. 
strain, v. tr.; to filter: — cula; nfi-gasgas. 
strain, v. tr.; to stretch; to injure: — 

strand, v. %.; to run aground; to go 

ashore; to get stalled : — gane; ogan. 
strange, adj.y adv.; belonging to another 

country; unusual: — estraiio; ti eeso ma 

li^ pat majui^og. 
strange, adj.; foreign: — estrafio; guinin 

y chagd. 
stranger, n.: — estranjero; taotao ju- 

stranele, v. tr.; to choke; to throttle; to 

catch by the throat: — fiucot. 
strap, n.; long piece of leather: — coreas. 
straw, n.: — ^paja. 

stream, n.; current: — coriente; minilag. 
street, n.; road; path: — chalan; caye. 
strengfth, n.; force; power; vigor: — 

finejman; finette; jinilat; fuetsa; mi- 
ne tgot. 

strengthen, v. tr.; to confirm: — con- 
fltma; ayuda; n^-gdiminetgot. 

strengl^en, v. tr.; to emiven: — ^n&- 

strengthen, v. tr.; to fasten: — nft- 

meton; n§.-fitme. 
strengthen, v. tr.; to insin-e; to make 

fast: — n&-fltme; nd-seguro. 
strengthen, v. tr.; to reinforce: — ayuda. 
stretch, v. tr.; to draw out to greater 

length or width: — estira. 
stretch out, v. tr.; to spread out: — 

nama-chalapun; baba. 
strew asunder, v. tr.; to disperse; to 

scatter about; to dispel:— chalapun. 

strict, adj.^ adv.; straight; narrow; close: — 

strict, adj., adv.; accurate; precise; ex- 
act: — estricto; cumplido. 
stride, n.; a long step in walking: — 

strife, n.; discord; conflict: — in&gua- 

guat; pldito. 
strike, v. tr.; to hit with a blow: — ^pafiite. 
strike, v. tr.; to thrust: — to^toUg^; 

siifg; panag. 
string, n.; cord; line: — codd6t; pita, 
strive, v. %.; to labor hard or earnestly: — 

aguaguate; fachdchiie. 
stroke, n.; knock; blow: — dineHg^doUg^; 

stroke of the bell, n.: — toque, 
stroll, V. i.; to stroll around; to go around 

idly: — WyeM., 
strong, adj., adv.; energetic: — galbit- 

tud; masiso. 
strong, adj., adv.; durable: — ^maog. 
strong, adj., adv.; hard; fast; firm: — 

strong, adj., adv.; vigorous; robust: — 

fotte; fuette; metgot. 
strop (for sharpening the razor), n.: — 

sl^cture, n.; edifice; building: — con- 

strucsi6n; plinantan gum^. 
stub, n.; stump of a tree: — troi^o; 

dnut6t tron|;co. 
stubborn, adj., adv.; coarse: — chaleg; 

machaleg; bastos. 
stubborn, adj.; obstinate; dogged; etiff- 

necked: — dtagtag; iembeste; rebetde; 

ti tratusan; rebetde. 
stubborn, adj., adv.; perverse; hard: — 

stuck up, adj.; self-opinionated: — 

otguyoso; mamto^^gas. 
student, n.; scholar: — coleale; estudi- 

study, y. tr.; to imitate; to learn: — eyag; 

stuff, V. tr.; to press; to pack: — ^siniye; 

stmnble, v. %.; stagger:— mat omp 6. 
stumps of a tree, n.; piece: — trongco; 

dnutot trongco. 
stun, V. tr.; to astonish; to surprise 

completely : — j ong^a£g^. 
stunned, adj.", stupefied: — ^maj^ane. 
stupid, adj., adv.; foolish; silly; dull; 

simple: — baba; dlangS.; lai^^; totpe. 
stupid, adj.; unsteady; disunited: — 

stupidity, n.; foolishness; silliness: — 

sturdy, adj.; stubby; robust: — metgot; 

fotnido; mafnot. 
stutter, V. %.: — tumattamudo. 
stutterer, n.; stammerer: — chdchalam- 

dxam; tattamudo. 
sty, n.; a pen or inclosure for swine; 

pigsty : — chequer o . 
style, n.; fashion; manner: — moda. 




suave, adj.; sweet: — Buabe. 

subdue ; y. tr.; to compel; to force; to 

constrain; to coerce: — aluetsas. 
subdue, y. tr.; to conquer; to vanquish; 
to forbid; to prevent; to prohioit: — 
julat; chom4. 
subject, n.; one under the power or 

control of another: — tentaed. 
subject, n.; theme; material: — sujeto. 
subjected, adj.: — xnasujeta. 
sublime, adj.; awe-inspiring: — gatbo; 

submarine, n.: — submarino; iyon y 

pap4 tasi. 
submerge, v. tr., v. %.; to submerge in 
water; to immerse: — £Log£Log; supug; 
submissive, adj., adv.; meek; humble: — 

submit,^v. %.; to yield; to surrender; 

to resign: — entrega. 
subordinate, adj.; inferior in rank» 
power, or position: — tagpap&^fla; gu6 
papll; dependiente. 
subsec[uently, adv.; later: — tumatate; 

subsistence, n.; maintenance; liveli- 
hood: — ndncand; nil&14; sustento. 
substance, n.; matter; being: — gtiimiya; 


suburb, n.; borough: — ^b&rio; y oriya. 

succeed, v. %.; to accomplish something 

attempted; to prosper: — gana; ade- 


success, n.; event: — suseso; guinana; 

successful, V. %.; to be successful; to be 

lucky: — fagch&i; suette. 
successful, adj.y adv.; fortunate; lucky; 

happy: — ^felis; afottunao; magof. 
successive, adj.; consecutive: — um&- 

successor, n.; offspring: — desendiente. 
succinct, adj.y adv.; tersely expressed: — 

succor, V. tr.; to help; to assist: — socore; 

asiste; ayuda. 
succulent, adj.; juicy: — mesgd; mefgd. 
such, adj.; the same that, or, as referred 

to: — taigiiije; taigti^nao. 
suck in, V. tr.; to suck in drop by drop: — 

chopchop; masmas. 
sudden, adj., adv.; abrupt: — derepente. 
sudden attack, n.; penetration: — ji- 

natme; achaque. 
sue, V. tr.; to prosecute at law: — de- 

sufTer, v.i.; to feel with a sense of pain: — 

chuot; padese; puti. 
suffer, V, %.; to permit: — su^g^on; pdlo. 
suffer persecution, v. %.; to be pur- 
sued: — m&-emog; ma-petsigue. 
suffer want, v. %.: — jailas; tayft. 
sufBLce, V. i.; to be adequate: — ^n&-na- 

siiffllcient, adj., adv.; enough: — ^najo£^. 
suffocate, v. %.: — ^nil^chatjago£|^; na- 

sugar, n.; — asucat. 

sugar box, n.; container for sugar: — 

sugar apple, n.: — atis. 

sugar cane, n.: — tupo; cana dulse. 

sugar cane plantation, n.: — faiia> 
puyan (tupo). 

sugar mill, n.: — trai>iclie. 

suggest, v. tr.; to hint; to insinuate: — 

suicide, n.; person who commits sui- 
cide: — ^pinind m&isa. 

suit, n.; process at law: — queja; dine- 

suit, V. tr.; to accommodate; to please: — 

n&-aya; nft-magof ; complase. 
suitable, adj., adv.; fit; appropriate; 

adapted : — apr op 6sito . ^ 

suitable, adj., adv.; capable; stout; 

strong; proper; vigorous; robust: — 


suit case, n.: — ^balisa (probably from the 
English valise) ; maleta. 

sulphur, n.: — asg&. 

sulphurate, v. tr.; to smoke with brim- 
stone; to bleach with sulphur; to im- 
pregnate with sulphiu-: — asgHe. 

stmi, n.; everything: — todo. 

simi, n.; the whole or total: — simia; 

summaiv (of contents), n.: — ^finei^^n^; 

manadidid^ y min^gae. 
summer, n.; a season of the year: — 

tiempon m&ipe; berano; faiiomnagan. 
summon, r. tr.; to call; to invite; to 

announce a marriage from the pulpit; to 

call together: — agang; agang^ue. 
sun, n.: — &tdau. 
sunburned, adj.; red: — atagH; ddgua; 

tininon-somnap . 
Sunday, n.: — dame^go. 
sunder, v. tr.; to separate; to divide; to 

remove: — desapatta; dibide. 
sunlight, n.: — ininaTi atdau; somnap. 
sunshade (umbrella), n.: — ^payo. 
sundries, n. pi.; numerous small or mis- 
cellaneous articles or matters: — ^m6gae 

na gUinaja pat jinafa; unos cuantos. 
sunk, p. p.: — ^mafondo. 
sunken, adj.; lying on the bottom of the 

sea: — gligue gui fondo. 
sunny, adj.; bright; warm: — guef-jllan; 

magof; bula somnap. 
sunshine, n.: — semnap; ininan dtdao. 
sup, V. tr.; to eat supper: — fangtUlpe; 

guape; sena. 
superb, adj.; grand; stately: — tagajl6; 

m&^gas; gatbo. 
superftcial, adj.; not thorough: — ^ma- 

m&ya; ti cabales. 
superfluous, adj., adv.: — demasillo; 


superior, adj.; different; diverse; vari- 
ous : — t&iachaigua. 

supemumerarv, adj.; exceeding the 
niunber statea or required: — ^mampos; 
mas que y ma ueaesita. 




8uperse4©j v. ir.; to come into, or take, 

the place of: — t&jgiie. 
superstition, n.: — ch&tjine£|^gue; su- 

supervision, n.; the act of supervising: — 

mS-gase; gu6 jiliii. 
supper, n.; — sena. 
supply, i\ It.; to furnish; to pro\ride: — 

n^-najong; na-guaja. 
support, V. tr.; to stem; to prop firmly 

againpt : — to jne . 
support (by pillars), v. tr.; to set; to 

sustai n : — na-f atllcho^; sostiene . 
support, V. tr.; to hold, or offer, the 

hand; to hold back: — mantiene; n&- 

ap6; ayuda. 
support, V. tr.; to tolerate; to bear; to 

endure; to sustain: — aguante; sungon; 

support, n.; platform: — ^postiso; satgue. 
suppose, V. tr.; to imagine; to assume 

as true: — ^supone. 
supposedly, adv.: — calan jonguiyon. 
suppress, v. tr.; to keep secret; to be 

silent about: — ^fatquilo; fatquiluye. 
suppress, v. tr.; to subdue; to crush: — 

oprime; j6n6; gach^. 
suppurate, v. %.; to fester: — faflugo; 

sure, aaj.^ adv.; certain; secure: — ^fijo. 
sure, adj., adv.; true; sincere; frank: — 

surety, n.; guaranty against loss or 

damage; guarantee: — asegurldll; sine- 

surf, n.; breakers; waves: — ^napo. 
surg^e (the waves), v. i.; to roll or rise 

high : — ^nfoapo. 
surgeon, n.; doctor; physician: — ^&aznte; 

surly, adj.y adv.; rough; uncivil; churlish; 

morose; ill-natured: — ^bastos; mala 

mafia; presomido. 
surmount, v. tr.; to overcome; to con- 
quer: — gu§ jil^; julat; gana. 
surname, family name: — apeyldo. 
surpass, v. tr.; to excel; to overtop: — 

diles; igue. 
surprise, v. tr.; to take unawares; to lay 

hold of: — jiguef; jongang. 
surrender, v. tr.; to cede; to resign: — 

rinde; entrega; rentinsia. 
surround, v. tr.; to inclose on all sides:— 

leliciii; uriyaye. 
surrounded, p. p.; inclosed: — ^mare- 

dondea; ma uriyaye. 
survey, r. tr.; to contemplate; to con- 
sider : — considera. 
survive, v. tr.; to outlive: — ^l&lftl&jd,; 

tdtatte mdtae. 
suspect, V. tr.; to have a 'suspicion of; 

to mistrust: — suspecha; sogne. 
suspend,/!;, tr.; to delay: — can&; na 

suspenders, n.: — tirante. 
suspicion, n.; mistrust: — desconfiansa. 
suspicion, v. i.; to believe: — sospecha. 

suspicious, adj., adv.; distrustful: — 

j6s^an; sospechoso. 
sustain, V. tr.; to support; to maintain; to 

nourish: — nS,--llil§,; nS,-chocho; asiste. 
sustenance, n.; livelihood; subsbt- 

ence: — abio; nengcano. 
swaddle, v. tr.; swathe; to wrap up; to 

infold: — afuyut. 
sw€dlow, 71.; — ^yaydguag. 
swallow, y. tr.; to p:ulp down, without 

masticating or chewing: — ales; paiiot 

swallow, 71.; gulp; draught: — ^pinaflot. 
swamp, 71.; body of stagnant water; 

lagoon; pool: — 3ag6i; sesonyan. 
swampy, adj.; soft; wet: — fiojmon. 
swarm, r. i.; to flock; 1;o pile; to heap: — 

swarm, n.; flock; pile; heap: — catdiune. 
swarm of bees: — catdumen abejas. 
sway, n.; dominion; authority: — nina- 

sifia; guinibietna. 
swear, v. i.; to utter an oath: — sa^an 

swear, v. tr., v. %.; to take oath to; to 

pledge by oath: — jula. 
swear allegiance to, v. tr.; to pay hom- 
age to; to regard: — atiende; gu^iya; 

manjula para u. 
swear falsely, v. %.; to commit perjury: — 

ch&tjula; chatmanjula. 
sweat, V. i.; to perspire: — mcusa-jalum ; 

sweat, 71.; perspiration: — ^masa-jalum. 
sweep, V. tr.; to clean with a broom: — 

sweepings, n.; refuse; what is thrown 

out: — ^basula. 
sweet, adj., adv.: — mamis. 
sweetheart, n.; lover; loved one: — 

n6bia; gudiyayon; y man guaiya. 
sweet potato, n.: — camute; camote. 
swell, r. fr.; to cause swelling; to in- 
flate: — ^binila; bula; pogpog. 
swell, V. i.; to expand; to enlarge: — 

dimiangculo; maestira. 
swelter, v. tr.; to provoke: — ^n&-ma- 

mg,jlao; nH-bubu; n^*-6^son. 
swift, adj.f adv.; fleet; quick: — gusi; 

swim, v. I.:— nang^o. 
swindler, n.; rogue: — ^palach^; tram- 

poso; chegl§; fdfababa. 
swindling, n.; cheating; knavery: — 

trinamposo; finllbaba; tin^sgiie. 
swine, n.; pig; pigskin: — cochino; 

bdbue; babui. 
swing,,v. i.; to wave; to brandish: — 

nH-gupo; yalfbao. 
swing, V. I.; to rock; to seesaw: — ^bal- 

anse; balansea. 
swing, %.; to rock; to undulate: — 

b61embau; chucan. 
swing the rod, v. tr.: — ch&ul6. 
swivel, n.; twisting link in a chain: — j 

aniyon lulug nl lumililic6 gui pun- 
tan cadena pat masea mano. 




swollen, V. %.; to be swollen: — ^xnaxnog- 
pog; manbula. 

Bword, n.; saber: — espada; sdble. 

syllable, n.: — sflaba. 

symbol, n.; sign or emblem: — signo; 

symmetrical, adj.; proportionate: — si- 
metricllt; man ^ancne; man aya. 

sympathetic, adj.^ adv.; compassion- 
ate: — ^yo&sd. 

sympathizing, adj.y. adv.; thankful; 
grateful: — ^ jinalum; peniti- 
yiye; agradesido. 

symptom, n.; token or sign: — sef&at. 

synonym, n.; word having the same sig- 
nification as another: — Bin6nimo; un 
palabra nt parejo significasLoniia yan 

syringe, n.; squirt: — jeleHg^ga. 

syrup, n.; — atmibat; mames na chugd. 

system, n.; orderly arrangement; method 
of transacting business: — sistema; 
mduleg na areglo. 

systematical, adj,y adv.; according to 
system: — sistem&tico; jaf taimano y 
il61egfia y areglo. 


table, n.: — ^lamasa. 
tablecloth, n.; altar cloth: — ^manteles. 
taciturn, adj., adv.; peaceful: — ^f&fat- 

tack, V. i.: — ^botdo. 

tackle, n.; pulley: — ^liche£|:. 

tact, n.; discernment and skill in speech 

and deportment: — tacto; siniente; fin- 
aye; pinacha; inete; tim'figd. 
tail, n.: — cola; dddalag. 
tailless, adj.: — l&bon. 
tailor, n,: — sastre. 
take, V. tr.; to seize hold of; to obtain; 

to catch: — chul6; jacot; con^. 
take along, v. tr.: — chul^^janau. 
take apart (machinery), v. tr.: — nS.- 

take away, v. tr.; to remove; to send 

away : — ^n&- jimau. 
ti^e, V. tr.; bring: — at6; chul6. 
take care off— adaje. 
take down, v. tr.; to snatch down: — 

chapag; jala pap4. 
take courage, v. %.: — abiba; na-animoso. 
take pains, v. i.; to endeavor; to try: — 


take possession, v. tr.: — ^mantiene; 

ocupa; sajguane; 8agaye;n^-gdichdchd; 

n^-chdtsaga; tdn6. 
take prisoner^ v. tr.: — cautiba; preso. 
take root, v. t.;— fanjald; manjal^. 
take root, v. %.; to become strong: — 

take, V. tr.; to seize; to pack; to hold 

fast: — guot. 
take unawares, v. tr.; to surprise: — 


talent,n.; mental capacity : — tinemtom. 
talk, V. %.; to converse; to speak: — 

cuentos; \unddin|;an. 
talk (to talk about the faults of others), 

V. tr.; to ridicule (some one) : — chatgue. 
talk silly, v. tr.; to talk twaddle: — 

talkative, adj.y adv.; gossipy: — ^mefnd; 


tallow, n.: — sebo. 
tallow-candle, n.: — da^gues sebo. 
t£«ne, V. tr.; to soothe; to calm: — 

tan, V. tr.; to tan leather; to dye: — 

tank, n.; cistern or reservoir: — tanque. 

tape, n.: — ^pedason magago nl d&lalai; 

tar, n.: — atquitr&n. 

tardy, adj.y adv.; late; dilatory; reluc- 
tant : — atras&o. 

tariff, n.: — tarifa. 

tarry, v. %.; to loiter; to linger; to hesi- 
tate; to be tardy: — um-abmam; pum- 

tarrying, adj., adv.; loiterin^:; negli- 
gent; slovenly; slack: — descuid&o. 

task, n.; — tar6a. 

tassel, n,; tuft; ornamental knot; tress: — 

taste, n.; joy: — gusto; tinamtam. 

taste, V. tr.; to try; to attempt:— chagui. 

tasteless, adj.; unpalatable: — t&isabot. 

tasteless, adj.; onensive; repugnant: — 

tasteless, adj., adv.; vexatious: — ^matd- 

tastelessness, n.; insipidity: — dine- 

tax, n.; excise; duty; impost: — con- 

tea, n.;— cha. 

teapot (of earthenware), n.: — charera. 

teach, V. tr.; to instruct: — ^f&nH^gile; 
chachalane; n&-eyag. 

tear, n.: — ^lagd. 

tear, v. tr.: — s6cai. 

tear (to tear into pieces), v. tr.: — 
y&bala^; titeg. 

tear, v. %.; to burst; to break loose: — 

tear, v. tr.; to tear out: — ^b6og. 

tease, v. tr.; to banter; to mock: — casi; 

telegram, n.: — tel6grama. 

telegraph, n.: — tel^grafo. 

telephone, n.: — tel6fono. 

tell, v. tr.; to speak; to say: — alog. 

temper, n.; mood; natural inclination: — 
j6nio; g^nio. 

temperance, n.; abstinence: — chinem^; 
chom4; templansa. 

tempest, n.; huniance; tumult: — ^ira; 
pagyo; atboroto. 




temple, n.; templo. 

temple (of the head), n.; — sentido. 

temporary, adj., adv.; existing for a 

limited time: — mien^aa. 
temptation, n.: — tinienta; tentasion. 
tempter, n.: — tftionta. 
ten, adj.: — dies, 
tenable, adj., adv.: — ^masiso; sus- 

tenacious, adj., adv.; toujrh: — ^figd. 
tender, adj., adv.; pachaisg; delecao. 
tendon, n.; vein; nerve: — gugrat. 
tendons, n.; sinews (of meat): — cos- 

tenth, adj.: — d^simo. 
tenure, n.; term of holding: — encatgao. 
term, n.; span of time: period: — tet- 

mino; periodo. 
terminate, r. tr., v. i.; to limit or bound; 

to be limited or bound: — tetmina; 

terrace, n.; large open balcony or 

gallery: — d^i^culo na batc6n pat 

terrible, adj., adv.; dreadful; awful; fear- 
ful: — ziH^m&fLao; n^^ma&iiao. 
terror, n.; comfortlessness; inconsolable 

state of mind: — ^mina-afLao. 
test, n.; examination; trial: — chinagui. 
test, V. tr.; to make trial of; to examine: — 

testament, n.; will; compact: — testa- 

testify, V. %.: — testiguye. 
testimony, n.: — testim6nio. 
text, n.; — ^inayeg na tin&itai. 
thank, v. i.; to express thanks or grati- 
tude: — agradese; nae gdbias. 
thankful, adj., adv.; grateful: — agrade- 

thankful, adj., adv.; grateful; sympathiz- 
ing: — ^mc^&om jin&Lum. 
thankless, adj., adv.; ungrateful: — ^mal- 

thankless, adj.; untrue: — enguing; ing- 

thanks, n.: — gr&sias. 
that (or that one), adj., pr.; those; 

which: — ^y; ayo; ^nau; 4nao. 
that, conj.; so that: — ^nu. 
that way, adv.; thither: — gU^nau 

theft, n.: — saque; maiiaque. 
then, adv.; thereupon; thereafter; after- 
wards: — despues; entonses. 
there, adv.; in that place: — gilSnau 

guato; ayu. 
there (away from the person addressed >. 

adv . : — gUi j e ; ayo guato . 
there (indicating direction), adv.: — 

giiije guato. 
there (in the proximity of the person 

addressed), adv.: — gil^nau. 
there is nothing left: — tay^ sebla. 
there, adv.; then; therefore; for that 

reason: — ayo nai. 
there within, adv.; within; inside: — 

jalimi; guijalum; sanjalum. 

thermometer, n.: — tetm6metro. 

thick, adj.: — t4og. 

thick, adj.; broad; wide: — ^potpot. 

thicken, v. tr.: — ^nH-l&tSog. 

thicket, n.; shrubbery; brush: — monte- 
siyo; dlquiqut na atbot. 

thief, n.: — ^ladrdn; saque. 

thieve, v. tr.; to rob: — ^faflaque; sacdi- 

thigh, n.; shank: — ch&chag&. 

thimble, n.: — dodag. 

thin (opposite of lodo, thick in circum- 
ference), adj.: — dllalai. 

thin, adj., adv.; fragile; brittle: — gueton. 

thin, V. tr.; to mix: — templa. 

thin, adj.; slender; lean {opposite of 
potpot) : — canif es. 

thin, adj., adv.; slender; slim: — ^inos. 

thin slice, n.: — debanada. 

thing, n.; matter; cause: — cosa. 

thing, n.; property: — gUinaja. 

think, V. tr., v. i.; to cogitate; to reflect 
upon; to imagine: — jasb. 

third (the next following): — y tinatefia; 

thirst, n.: — ^min&jo. 

thirsty, adj., adv.: — ^m&''jo. 

thirteen, adj.: — trese. 

thirty, adj.: — trSinta. 

this, adj., pron.: — este. 

this, pron.; this one: — ^ine; yine. 

thistle, n.; thorn: — ^lactus; tltuc^. 

thither, adv.; that way: — ayo guato; 
gu^nau guato. 

thorn, n.; a prickle or spine: — tltucS,. 

thorny, adj.: — ^mftitucd.. 

thoroughbred, adj.; of pure and un- 
mixed breed: — gu^frasa. 

thou, pers. pron.: — jago. 

thou, pers. pron.: — ^jau (following a 

tliought, n.; memory; reason: — jinaso. 

thoughtful, adj., adv.; contemplative; 
attentive ; careful : — gu6fmanjas o. 

thousand, adv.: — mil. 

thrash {see thresh). 

thread, n.; — jilo. 

thread (turned), n.: — motas. 

thread (to thread a needle), v. tr.: — 
jotne; jotne nl y jilo y jaguja. 

tlieat, n.: — jinanjan; espanto; aminaso. 

threaten (to threaten with raised fore- 
finger), V. i.: — janjan; aminasa; ame- 

threaten, v. tr., v. i.; to menace: — 
f&£l&gUe {from a^nau); amenasa. 

three, adj.: — tres. 

three hundred, adj.: — tres sientos; 

thresh, v. tr.: — g&cho. 

threshing floor, n.; place for the clean- 
ing of corn: — fanbandarayan; fangu- 


thrift, n.;— ini}6; niiaia; adelanto. 

thrifty, adj.: — ^inijd; adelanto. 

thrive, v. i.; to progress; to prosper: — 

thrive, v. i.; to prosper: — ^lum&la-guaja. 





throat, n.: — gatganta; guetguero. 

throb, n.; plapitation; quiver: — ^lin&u- 

tbroes, n.; to be in the last throes of 
death : — um-agonias. 

throne, n.: — trono. 

through, prep.; with; of: — nu; entre; pot 

through, adv.: — asta y tittimo; n^- 

throw, r. tr.: — dagau; yute. 

throw away, v. tr.; to cast away; to repu- 
diate; to spurn :^<le8echa. 

throw, V. tr.: to cast; to fling: — dgiiet. 

throw, V. i.; to throw one's self to the 
ground : — f oyofig. 

tbiow, I', tr.; to throw stones; to stone: — 

thrust, r. tr., v. i; to push; to strike; to 
push away: — choneg. 

thumb, Ti.;— dam&gas. 

thunder, v. i.: — julo. 

thunderbolt, n.; a shaft of lightning: — 
troson lamlam; talarlgan-julo. 

Thursday, n.: — juebes. 

tick (insect), n.: — garapatas. 

ticket, n.: — ^biyete. 

ticket, n.; certificate; note: — ^papeleta; 

tickle, V. tr.: — cadtidag. 

tide (high tide of the sea), n.: — jafnd; y 
quinalamten y tasi. 

tide (low), n.: — m&te. 

tidy, adj.; trim; neat: — alifLao. 

tie, r. tr.; to bind: — funut. 

tie fast, V. tr.: — cuetna. 

tie on, V. tr.; to bind; to fasten: — gode. 

tight, adj.; not loose; compactly built; 
taut: — mafnot. 

tile, n.; brick: — teja. 

tilt, V. tr.; to turn over; to throw head- 
long: — achdicag; n§,-^gueng. 

timbers (running under the rafters of a 
house, crosswise), n.: — asuguag; troson 

time, n.; period: — tiempo. 

times, n.: — ^biaje (examples: three times: 
tres biaje; twice: dos biaje; often: 
megai na biaje. 

timid, adj. J adv.; apprehensive; cow- 
ardly : — dangud. 

tin, n.: — estaSo; estanuye. 

tin box: — ^lata. 

tiptoe, V. i.; to raise one's self on the tips 
of the toes: — dego. 

tire, V. tr.; to bore; to emboss; to con- 
found: — ^nd,-d6gae; n^l-dson. 

tire (of the wheel), n.: — ^yanta. 

tire out, v. tr.; to make tired: — n&- 
m&jguef; n^-yayas. 

tired, adj., adv.: — majguef; yayas. 

titter, V. i.; to chuckle; to crackle (the 
bone of a joint): — chac&. 

toast, n.; bread scorched over the fire: — 

tobacco, n.; cigar:— chupa. 

tobacco field, n.: — fafiupayan. 

toe, n.: — calulot-patas (to run on the 

toes, V. %.: cajat; caidtgtie; to stand on 

the toes, v. i.: dego). 
together, adv.; in unison; at the same 

time: — guigo. 
together; opposite each other: — iiin-& 

(they, two persons, stood opposite each 

other: luna fan& y dos). 
together with: — guni&cho£|^ yan. 
toU, V. tr., V. i.; to work; to labor: — 

token, n.; sign; mark; bearing; pos- 
ture: — sefLas; seiiat; prenda. 
tolerate, v. tr.; to bear; to endure: — 

aguante; su^on; consiente. 
tomatoes, n.: — tomates. 
tombstone, n.: — ^l&pida. 
to-morrow, n.: — agup&. 
tone, n.: — sonido; tono. 
tongue, n.: — jul&. 
tongs, n.; pincers; nippers: — tenasa. 
tonsils, n.: — atgayas; guasang; tomates 

tonsilitis, n.; inflammation of the ton- 
sils: — chdtnot gui tomates agllgdr. 
tool (of any kind), n.: — jeramienta. 
tool used is cleaning com, n.: — ^b&n- 

dara; jeramienta para num^'^gasgas 

tooth, n.: — ^nifen. 

tooth, n.; prong: — diente (rarely used), 
toothpick, n.;— guegue. 
top, n.; the highest part; upper side: — 

top (toy), n.: — tolompo. 
top of mast, n.: — ^puntan jasta. 
top of a mountain, n.: — ^puntan ogsd. 
torch (used when fishing:), n.: — jach6n. 
torment, n.; anguish ; pain: — totmento. 
torpedo, n.: — totpedo. 
torpid, adj.; inactive; numb: — ^mudoro; 

tdi-simente yan tdi-quinalamten. 
torrent, n.; tumbling stream: — ^milag. 
torrid, adj.; dried with heat; burning; 

parching: — a^ld; mdipe. 
tortoise, n.: — ^jagan. 
tortoise shell, n.: — car&i. 
torture, n.; agony of mind or body: — 

total, adj.y adv.; full: — entero; entera- 

touch, V. tr.; to perceive by feeling: — 

ete; pacha; yuma. 
touch (sense of touch), n.: — ^pinacha. 
tough, adj., adv.; tenacious: — ^flgd. 
tow, V. tr.; to take into tow; to give a 

line : — ^remotque . 
toward, prep.; in the direction of: — 

towel, ?i.; — toaya. 
tower, n.: — tore, 
towline (of a schooner), n.: — bosa; 

talen manbdtsala. 
town, n.; a collection of houses larger 

than a village: — dlquiqul na 8iud&. 
toy, n.: — joguete. 
trace, n.: — ^rastro. 




track, n.: — carit; f^gui. 

trade, v. i.; to carry on commerce; to 

bargain : — f axi-neg6aio. 
trade n.; profession; fitness; propriety: — 

trader, n.: — comersiante; cometsiante. 
trade wind, n.; — ^majSgld g^uinen entre 

san lago yan san catan. 
traffic, n.; commerce; trade: — coxn^rtsio; 


traffic, V. i.; to hold intercourse: — 

tragedy, n.: — estorian desgr&sia; des- 

trail, 71.; — cay on. 

train, n.; railroad train: — ^fero-carit. 

traitor, n.: — traid6t. 

tram, n.; tramway: — care tan dlquiqul. 

tramp, n.: — l^oi^; bago. 

tramp around, v. %.; to loaf around:— 

gum&go; lumaoug. 
trample, v. tr.: — tuto. 
tranquil, adj.j adv.; quiet; calm; peace- 
ful: — majgong; matquilo; tranquilo. 
transact, v. tr.; to manage a business 

deal; to negotiate: — manea; neg^sio. 
transfer, v. tr.; to remove: — traslada. 
transformation, n . : — consagrasidn; 

tinildica; in%o. 
transgress, v. i.; to violate a law or rule; 

to sin: — uznlsao. 
transient, adj.; passing: — pasadero; 

transit, n.; passage through or over: — 

fin&pos; pasaje; v finalofan. 
transitory, adj.; fleeting: — gUsf-jocog; 

ti maog. 

translate, v. tr.; to render from one 
language into another: — traslada. 

transmit (to transmit a sickness), v. tr. : — 
tanme; tanum. 

transmit, v. tr.; to propagate; to trans- 
plant : — ^n&-f amta. 

transmute, v. tr.; to consecrate: — 

transparent, adj.^ adv.; capable of being 
seen through; pellucid; clear: — ^n&uau; 

transport, v. tr.; to carry from one place 

to another: — traspotta. 
trap, n.: — ^laflaf; 6codo; trampas. 
trap, n.; lasso; loop; snare: — ^liaso. 
trash, n.; refuse; worthless or useless 

matter; rubbish: — ^basula. 
travel, v. %.; to journey: — ^biaje. 
traveler, n.: — ^biajero; pasajero. 
traveling expense, n.; — gaston y 


traveling necessities, n.: — trastes 

traverse, v. tr.; to run through; to go 
through: — ^f&pdsgtte; 4dotgan jan^Ue 
desde un banda asta y otro. 

treacherous, adj.; perfidious; faithless: — 

treachery, n.; faithlessness: — traisi6n. 

tread, v. %,; to step; to go on: — ^fam^gud; 

treason, n.; trick: — ^finailajye; trinai- 

dute; traisi6n. 
treasure, n.: — tesoro; guinaja. 
treasurer, n.: — tesorero. 
treat, v. tr.; to handle or manage in a 

particular manner; to behave toward; to 

entertain with food or drink without 

cost to the guests: — trata; n&-juyungue. 
treaty, n.; negotiation: — contrata. 
tree, n.: — tro^^o; atbot; jayo. 
tree trunk, n.: — trongcon jayo. 
tremble, v. i.; to shudder; to totter: — 

trench, n.; ditch; excavation: — trin- 

chera; joyo. 
trend, n.; general tendency: — car era. 
tress, n.; plait; braid: — coleta; filag. 
trial, n.; attempt: — ensaya; chinague. 
trial, n.; exanunation: — diinague. 
triangle, n.: — tri^ngolo. 
tribe, n.; — catdume {also flock; swarm), 
tribute, n.; contribution: — contribu- 

trick, n.; cunning; craft; lie: — ^maila; 

fin^baba; dtte. 
tricks, n.; wiles: — ^Hnailas. 
trickish, adj.; full of intrigue: — 4-atte. 
trifle, n.; anything of little value or 

importance : — ^potqueria. 
trigger (of a gun), n.: — desparaddt. 
trim, aaj.; neat; compact: — areglao; 

trim, V. tr.; to decorate; to adjust: — 

adotna; nll-aiustao. 
trip, n.; stumble: — tomp6. 
triumph, v. i.; victory; conquest: — 

fangana; gana. 
trolley car, n.: — carft electrisid&. 
trombone, n.; also, the whistle of a 

steamer : — ^busina. 
troop, n.; army: — tropa. 
tropics, n.: — tan6 maipe. 
trot, n.; — trote; pocat taigiifje y pocat 

trouble, n.; distress; worry: — atboroto; 

troublesome, adj.; annoying: — ^jf joroba; 

tdi-majgong; atborotadot. 
trough (for mixing bread), n.; — canda. 
trough (for mixing mortar), n.; — 

galaidd; can6a. 
trousers, n.; pants: — catsunes. 
trowel (mason's), n.: — ^paleta; para 

numamajlos padet. 
trowel (scoop, mason's), n.: — cuchalan 

truant, n.; absentee from school without 

permission : — ^f attista. 
truce, n.; brief cessation of hostilities 

by agreement: — ^pas na clldadad mien- 

tras man &aregla yan j enimigo» 
truck, n.; wagon for carrying goods: — 

true, adj., adv.: — ^znagajet. 
true, adj.; devout; believing: — ^jo£|^- 





true, adj.f adv.; faithful: — ^a^ocuyon. 

true, adj.f adv.; loyal: — ^fi^l; fiet. 

trumpet, n.; horn: — ootneta; tromp^ta. 

trunk, n.; stem: — ^ba-tU; tro^co. 

truss, n.: — ^blaffuero. 

trust, n.; confidence; faith:— conflansa. 

truth, n.: — ^minagajet. 

truthful, adj. J adv.: — t&i-dinaoon; ti 

truthfulness, n.: — tin&i-dinacon; gui- 

try, V, tr.; to attempt: — ensaya; chague. 
try, V. tr.; to taste food; to attempt: — 

chag^e; ensaya; tienta; tafia, 
try, V. %.; to endeavor; to take pains: — 

tub, n.; pot: — tinaja; tina. 
tube, n.; cylinder: — tubo. 
tuberculosis, n.: — sogsog. 
tuck up, i;. tr.; to tuck up the skirt: — 

Tuesday, n.: — ^mattes, 
tuft, n.; bunch; bundle; bunch of 

grapes : — rasimo. 
tug, V. tr.; to pull with great effort: — 

bdtsala; remotque. 
tug, n.; steam towing vessel: — ^para man 

tumble, V. i.; to fall suddenly and 

violently : — ^matomba. 
tumbler, n.; glass: — ^bftso. 
tumbling stream, n.; torrent: — ^milag. 
tumult, n.:— yin&uyau. 
tumult, n.; insurrection; rebellion: — 

jatsamiento; pldito. 
tune, n.; short musical composition: — 

tono; tonada. • 

tuneful, adj., adv.; musical; harmoni- 
ous: — ^bonito na tonada. 
turkey, n.: — ^pabo. 
turmoil, n.: — ^yin&uyau. 
turn, V. tr.; to turn about; to turn 

around: — ^bira. 
turn, V. tr.; to turn over a new leaf: — 

bira y hojas. 
turn, n.; curve of a road or river: — ^ma 

turned easily, adj.: — ^birayon. 

turned around, adj., ado.; turned up- 
side down; overturned: — ^&tlebes. 

turn out of the way, v. tr.; to evade; 
to avoid (sin) : — ebita. 

turn over, v. tr.; to cede: — ^n&e. 

turn, n.; revolution; change of direc- 
tion:— birada. 

turn, V. tr.; to twist: — ohaflilig; cha- 

turn, V. %.; to turn during a dance: — 

turn, V. tr.; to turn on a lathe: — totno. 

turtle, n.: — ^Jagan. 

turtledove, n.: — totot. 

tusk, n.; fang; also saddle roll or saddle 
pad: — coriyos; cotniyos. 

tussle, V. %.; to scuffle; to struggle: — 

tutor, n.; teacher; guardian: — tut6t. 

tweak, V. tr.; to squeeze; to pinch: — 

tweezers, n.: — chiguet. 

twelfth, adj.: — min& dose. 

twelve, adi.: — dose. 

twenty, aaj.: — ^bente. 

twig, n.; branch; bough: — dramas. 

twilight, n.: — ^xninachom &tdao yan 
qukiajulo &tdao. 

twin, 71.; double: — di^M. 

twine, n.; strong thread: — ^jajlon. 

twinkle, V. %.; to blink; to wink: — 
achetgue; chalamlam. 

twins, n.: — j dXSJ^t, 

twist, V. tr.; to twist a rope; to make a 
rope:^<shaMeg; tajleg. 

twist, V. tr.; to turn: — tarabira; cha- 

two, adj.: — dos. 

two hundred, adj.: — dosientos; dos 

type, n.; emblem; sign or figure; a metal 
letter used in printing: — sifLat; figura; 
tipa. ^ 

typewriter, n.: — ^m&quinan manggui. 

typhoon, n.:— pagyo. 

t^ical, adj.; figurative:— figuran; wmk^^ 

tyranny, n.; severity: — ^minalamaila. 


udder (of the cow), n.: — ch&flaqud. 
ugly, aidj.; repellent: — chatp&go. 
ulcer, n.; sore; corn: — grano. 
ultimate, adj.; utmost; furtherest; ex- 
treme; final:— fittimo. 

umbrella, n.: — ^payo. 
umpire, n.: — sentensiaddt. 
unaccountable for: — ti jasuyon; ti 


unafraid, adj., adv.: — ^mesgud. 
unbecoming, adj.; indecorous: — des- 
honesto; ti umaya. 

unbelieving, adj.; ungodly; wicked; in- 
fidel:— ti man-jonggue; ti jeiiggue. 

unbend, v. tr.; to unharness; to relax; to 
slacken; to decrease in tension: — 
afloja; n^-tunas. 

unbind, v. tr.; to unfasten; to solve 
(difficulties or problems) : — ^pulll. 

unbloody, adj., adv.: — ti mancha jag&; 
ti pegnd. 

unbound, adj.; free: — suetto. 

unbroken, adj., adv.; continuous; unin- 
terrupted: — t&ipumara; sin paiit; tdi- 

unchangeable, adj.; unalterable; im- 
mutable: — ti tulaicayon. 

uncivil, adj.; ill-bred; rude; imperti- 
nent: — ^n&^6son; impettinente. 




uncle, n,: — tio. 

uncooked, adj.; green; unripe: — gad&; 

undecided, adj.^ adv.; undetermined; 

doubtful; dubious; questionable: — du- 


under, ^ep.; beneath: — sanpaplt. 

underscore, v. tr.; to draw a line: — 

understand, v. %.; to comprehend: — 
comprende; nH-sdonao; tufi|6. 

understanding, v. tr.; to come to an 
understanding: — umd-tratos; umd- 

understanding, adj.; devoted: — con- 
fotme: tiningo. 

undertake, v. tr.; to intend: — mutd; 

undetermined, adj., adv.; doubtful; 
dubious; questionable; undecided: — 

undulate, v. i.; to move with wavelike 
motion; to heave: — ch&uld. 

unequal, adj.; insufficient: — t&iparejo. 

unfit, adj.; unserviceable: — t&iguailaye; 

unfold, V. tr.; to unfold a measuring 
rule: — estira. 

unfold, V. tr.; to develop; to put in 
use:— -desempefia; n§--setbe. 

unfortunate, adj.; unhappy; disas- 
trous: — desdichao; demalas. 

unfruitful, adj., adv.; barren: — ti f&fa- 
fiago; ti f^anogch^. 

ungodly, adj.; unbelieving; wicked; in- 
fidel: — ti je£|:gue; ti man-jo^gue. 

ungrateful, adj.; unthankful: — en- 
gulf; ti confotme; tdilnagradese. 

unhappy, adj., adv.; disastrous; unfortu- 
nate: — teiminagof; infelis; desgrasi- 
ado; desdichao; depresiao. 

unharness, v. tr.; to unsaddle: — des- 

iinhamess, v. tr.; to unbend; to relax; to 
slacken; to decrease in tension: — 

iinhusk, V. tr.: to shell; to peel: — gugan. 

uniform, n.: — ^unifotme. 

uniform, adj.; of like measure; propor- 
tional; equal: — chilo£|^. 

uninjured, adj.; not wounded: — tli- 

imite, V. %.; to join; to combine: — ^n&- 
etnon; fan-etnon; etnon. 

imiversal, adj.; all-pervading; general: — 
para todo. 

unknowing, adj.; ignorant : — tima- 
nu£g:6; ignorante. 

unless, adv.: — solamente que. 

unlimited, adj.; infinite; endless: — 

unload, v. tr.; to discharge: — descatga. 

unnecessarily, adv.; in vain; to no pur- 
pose; fruitlessly: — enbano; tdisetbe. 

unnecessary, adj., adv.; too much: — 
mampos; timanesesita. 

unoccupied, adj.; idle:— desocupao. 
4562—18 9 

unprepared, adj.; not ready: — despre- 

benido; ti-preparao. 
unpretendine, adj.; destitute of bril- 

hancy or luster; not showy: — t&i- 

fnina; basio. 
unquiet, adj.; restless; turbulent: — 

inquieto; l^bog; tiquieto. 
unravel, v. tr.: — desjiladias. 
unreal, adj., adv.; not genuine; false: — 

fatso; timagajet. 
unripe, adj.; uncooked; green: — gad&; 

mat§. (opposite of masa). 
unroof, V. tr.; to unroof a house: — 

unruly, adj.; turbulent; ungovernable: — 

ti gobietnayon. 
unsaiddle, v. tr.; to imhamess: — desa- 

unsafe, adj., adv.; insecure: — ti maga- 

jet; ti matun|6; ti seguro. 
unsavo^, adj., adv.; tasteless: — ti 

unsavoriness, n.; tastelessness; in- 
sipidity : — dinesabrido ; disabrido . 
unselfish, adj., adv.; disinterested: — 

desinteresao; ti chdtao. 
unserviceable, adj.; unfit: — ^intitit; t4i- 


unstained, adj., adv.; without a blem- 
ish: — t&i-mancha; timancha. 

unsteady, adj.; unstable; unreliable: — 
ti fijo; ti meton jinasonfLa. 

imthankful, adj.; ungrateful:— 
d^nguuS^; ti confotme; tdilnagradese. 

until, conj.: — asta; asta que. 

until when? — asta ng&ian? also: jasta 

untimely, adj.: — ^fuera de tiempo; 

untoward event, n.; untoward circum- 
stance; adversity: — contratiempo. 

untrue, v. tr.; to be untrue; to deceive! 
to defraud; to dupe: — f&-baba. 

untrue, adj., adv.; unfaithful; disloyal; 
I)erfidious: — ti fi61; ti fi6t. 

unusual, adj., adv.; scarce: — escaso. 

unworthy, adj.; undeserving: — ti man- 

unyoke, v. tr.; to unharness: — ^n&-la''- 
calo; desengdncha; desonse. 

upon, prep.; resting on the top: — sanjild. 

upright, adj.; vertical: — tumachu. 

upright, adj.; just; honest: — honesto. 

uprising, n.; aisorder: — desareglo; jat- 

upside down, adv.: — dilog; dumilog. 
upward, adv.: — juman&ujultl. 
urge on, v. tr.; to drive forward: — 

urgent, adj., adv.; pressing: — apurao. 
urine, n.: — ^m6m6. 

urn, n.; a round vessel: — ^florero; urna. 
usage, n.; long continued custom: — 

practica; costumbre. 
use, V. tr.; to employ; to make use of:— 


nse up 



use up, V. tr.; to spread; to weed out: — 
juto; jutft. 

use, V. tr.; to use up entirely, leaving 
nothing; to consume: — ^l&chai. 

used up, V. %.: — ^ma-tisa; usdo. 

useful, adj.: — g&eguailaye; mi-setbe; 

useful, adj., adv.; profitable; service- 
able: — ^probechoso; g4i probecho. 

useless, adj., adv.: — t&iguailaye; tdi- 

usury, n.; gain; profit beyond the legi- 
timate: — usura; probecho; ^ninsia. 

utensil, n.; the utensil used in celebra- 
tion of mass: — binajeras. 

utility, n.; usefulness: — ^mi-setbe; ben- 

utilization, n.; application; diligence: — 

utier, V. tr.; to speak; to pronounce; — 
cuznuentos; sa^^an. 

vacancy, n.; state of being vacant or 

empty : — bacante . 
vacation, n.: — ^baoasi6n. 
vague, adj.; indefinite; unsettled: — 

vain, adj., adv.: — chicherico; banidosO. 
vain, adv.; in vain; to no purpose; fruit- 
lessly; without result: — en bano; bano; 

valid, adj.; having legal force: — ^balido. 
valley, n.: — ^baye, canada; joya. 
valor, n.; bravery; intrepidity: — min- 

valuable, adj.; precious; expensive: — 

valuables, n.; jewelry: — gatbesas. 
value, V. tr.; to like: — ^geflamen. 
vanity, n.: — ^banidlld. 
vanquish, v. tr.; to conquer: — ohoin&. 
vapor, n.; steam; mist: — ^bapot. 
variable, adj., adv.; fluctuating; fickle; 

changeable; inconstant; mutable: — 

ftguyon; tulaicayon. 
variation, n.; shift: — ^yinalaca; di- 

various, adj.; diverse; different: — t&i 

achaigua; diferentes. 
varnish, n.: — ^batnls. 
varnish, v. tr.: — ^batnlsa. 
vault, n.; arch; cellar: — ^bodega, 
vegetable, n.: — golai. 
vehement, adj., adv.; violent; furious; 

impetuous : — ^f e jman. 
vehicle, n.; means of conveyance: — 

vein (in the body, in stone, etc.), n,; 

nerve; fiber, sinew; tendon: — gugat. 
velvet, n.: — tetsiopelo. 
venerate, v. tr.; to esteem as sacred: — 

veneration, n.; reverence: — ^respeto. 
vengeance, n.; revenge; retribution: — 

inemog; bengga; bengansa. 
vengeful, adj., adv.; seeking revenge: — 

feznog; g^-man-emog; bengatibo. 
venial, n.; pardonable (sin): — ^pecado 

beni&t; asiiyon na isao. 
ventilate, v. tr.; to air: — ^n&-gUin''aire; 

ventilation, n.: — ^fan jalum y &ire. 
venture, v. tr.; to risk; to hazard; to 

dare: — aries^a; atotga. 
veracious, adj.; truthful; true^: — ^mina- 


veranda, n.; covered addition: — cajida; 
galeria; balanda. 

veranda, n.; corridor; passageway: — 

verbal, adj., adv.; oral; literal; expressed 
in words: — sina^an; ma6a^;an. 

verdant, v. i.; to grow green; to be 
verdant; to thrive: — ^betde; bumetde. 

verdigris, n.: — catdeniyo. 

verify, v, tr.; to prove to be true: — ^prue- 
ba; n4-ma^ajet; cumple. 

vermin, n.; insects; pests: — gS>g&. 

verisimilar, adj., adv.; probable; like- 
ly: — calal££^ magajet; jongguiyon. 

verse, n.; — ^betso. 

versed, adj.; skilled; experienced: — es- 
perimentao; pay on. 

vertebra, n.: — t61a^ espinaso. 

very, adj.: — g6f. 

very sorrowful, adj.; grieving: — tri- 
reste; g6f triste; g6f pinite. 

very thin (liquid), adj., adv.: — g6f 

vespers, n.: — bispera; tinaitai 

vessel, n.; utensil for liquids: — ^n&yan. 

vest, n.; waistcoat: — chaleco. 

vestibule, n.: — ^p&tio. 

vestige, n.; track; a mark left in pass- 
ing: — ^rastro; fegu6. 

veteran, n.: — antigo gui setblsio. 

veterinary, n.; healer of disease of 
domestic animals: — amot g&gd.; n&'- 
magoi^ (ch^tnot) g§g^. 

vexation, n.; anger; ill-humor: — chat- 
jinSIum; minatHpan^; atboroto. 

vexatious, adj., adv.; irksome: — gad jet- 
dan; atbororao; datborota. 

vibrate, v. tr.; to move back and forth; to 
shake: — chal&uchau; n^ldulau. 

vicarage, n.; parsonage; rectory: — cu- 

vicarious, adj.: — sustituto; interino; 

vice, n.; fault; defect; blemish: — ^bisio. 

vicious, adj., adv.; criminal: — ^bisioso. 

vicinity, n.; neighborhood: — bisino. 

victim, n.; dupe: — ^bfctima; iridao; y 
teca mdtai. 

victor, n.: — j 4&£Lau. 

victory, n.; gain: — guinana. 

view, V. tr.; to visit; to inspect; to con- 
trol; to search: — 6gtgk, 

vigil, n.; — ^bijflia; bela. 



viffor, n.; strength; force; power: — 

vigorous, adj,, adv.; robust; strong: — 

ruette; fotte; masaj^gat. 
vile, adj., adv.; mean-spirited; base; 

ab j ect :— -despresi&o . 
vile mazL, n.; a base man: — ^jexuSgan; 

village, n.: — boS^gS^, 
# villain, n.; scoundrel: — ^pfcaro. 

villain^, n.; roguery; knavery: — ^picat- 

dfa; indplach&. 
vindicate, v. tr.; to justify; to exoner- 
ate: — sustiene; defiende. 
vindication, n.; defense; support by 

proof: — dinefiende; sinestiene. 
vine, n.; climbing plant: — j cumdcu- 

nanaf na tinanom. 
vinegar, n.: — ^binagle. 
vineyard, n.; hill panted with vines: — 

tinanum ubas; oina. 
violate, v. tr.; to injure: — desbetga; 

yulan|; n4-lamen. 
violent, adj., adv.; forcible: — ^pot y 

fuetsa; a fuetsas; duro; fejman. 
violent, adj., adv.; furious; vehement; 

impetuous; forcible: — duro; fejman; 

violent, adj.; boisterous; passionate; 

stormy : — arebat&o. 
violin, n.: — ^l&bit. 
violin player, n.; — l&labit. 
virgin, n.; maiden: — bitgen; tat nai 

virtue, n.; strength: — ^bittdd. 
virtuous, adj., adv.: — ^bittuoso; tdi- 


125 warn 

virtuous, adj.; devout: — ^nianjo£g^gue; 

gasgas; tdimancha. 
vise, n.; two-jawed tool for holding 

work: — ^para mafiiguet; totniyo. 
visible, adj., adv.: — anog; lil^n; danog. 
vision, n.; appearance: — linii. 
visit, V. tr.; to inspect: — ^^^\ fatdigtle; 

vital, adj.; mortal; essential: — ^fan 

vivacious, adj., adv.; lively; el^;ant; 

delicate; admirable: — airoso; lUlH. 
vocabulary, n.; dictionary:— dicsion- 

vocation, n.; calling; occupation: — 

voice, n.: — ^bos. 
void, adj.; not valid; not admissible: — 

nulo; no bale; ti bale, 
volcano, n.: — ^botc&n. 
voluble, adj.; fluent in speech: — ^nilagsd. 
volume, n.: — tomo. 
voluminous, adj.; copious; extensive: — 

megai na tomo. 
voluntary, adj.; spontaneous: — bolun- 

t&rio; malago. 
volunteer, n.: — bolunt&rio. 
vomit, V. %.: — ^mut&. 
voracious, adj., adt;.; ravenous; greedy: — 

goloso; ambiiento. 
vote, n.: — ^boto. 
vote, V. %.: — ^bota. 
vow, V. tr.; to make a vow; to make a 

solemn promise: — ^boto; promote, 
voyage, n.: — ^biaje. 
vulgar, adj.; unrefined; coarse: — 

tSilaye; bastos; tdi ineyag. 


wadding, n.; soft stuff of loose texture 

used for stuffing garments: — ^riyeno; 

wag, n.; jester; merry fellow: — ^niun&- 

nl^alig; chansero. 
wage, n.; payment for service; pay; 

salary : — suetdo. 
wager, n.; something staked on an 

issue : — ^aposta. 
wager, v. tr.; to hazard; to bet; to 

stake: — aposta. 
wagon, n.: — car eta; careton. 
wagon, n.; carriage: — calesa. 
wagon box (part of a wagon body), n.: — 

wail, n.; lament; moan: — yanto; ti- 

waist, n.: — sentura. 
waistcoat^ n.: — chaleco. 
wait, V. %.; to stay in expectation: — 

waiting room, n.; anteroom: — cuatton 

waive, v. tr.; to give up a claim; to 

forego:— despensa; sotta; asti; nft-para. 
wake, V. %.; to watch: — ^bela. 

wake up, v. i.; to waken; to awake: — 

y4jo; fagmata; pangon. 
walk, n.: — ^lindr'^yau; pinecat; paseo. 
walk, V. L; to leave; to depart; to go; to 

move: — ^fam6cat; pocat. 
wall, n.: — ^luga; padit; padet. 
wallow, V. %.; to roll one's body in the 

mire: — ^bafiadero; chucan; bumana- 

dero; galelique. 
wander, v. %.; to stroll; to ramble about: — 

lum&u^a; lum^l^yau. 
want, V. i.: — ^malagd. 
want, n.; deficiency; defect: — ^nesesita; 

malagd; escdso; finatta. 
want, n.; penury^ poverty: — ^jailas. 
want, V. tr.; to will: — ^ja^ai. 
war, n.: — guera; guenya. 
wardrobe, n.; closet for clothes: — 

warehouse, n.: — dep6sito. 
wares, n.: — efectos; metcaderia. 
wajrm, V. tr.: — ^j&me. 
warm, v. tr.; to heat: — ^n&-m&ipe; ii&- 

warn, v. tr.; to give notice of danger: — 

n&-tu£g:o ni peligro; faisen; abisar. 




warranty, n.; bail; seciirity: — ^fiaasa; 

warrior, n.; — ^lalajen guera; guerero. 
warship, n.;— batcon guera. 
wart, n.; bud: — dtlaa. 
warty, arf/.;— xnl-dtlaix. 
wash, V. tr.; to cleanse: — e£g:oola; 

washbasin, n..* — ^pila; famftgaedyan. 
wash trav, n.; wooden tray, small, and 

almost flat: — ^batda. 
wasp, n.: — sasata. 
waste, V. tr.; to squander; to destroy 

wantonly: — gasta; despetdisia. 
waste, n.; the act of wasting; useless 

expenditure : — despetdisio. 
wasteful, adj.^ adv.; extravagant: — 

watch, n.; close observation: — rel68. 
watch, n.; guard: — ^y mamthnulan; 

watch, V. %.; to guard: — ^pulan. 
watch, V. tr.; to observe the Sabbath: — 

watchman, n.; post; guard: — gulltdia. 
water, n.: — janum. 
water bottle, n.: — gotgoretan janum. 
water gauge, n.; hydrostatic balance: — 

water pumping station, n.: — estasidn 

bomban fanum. 
water reservoir, n.: — sagan janum; 

tinajan janum. 
water supply, n.: — aguada. 
watery, adj.: — ^bula janum; jinanum. 
wave, n.; — ^nai)o. 
wave, V. tr.y v. i.; to brandish; to swing: — 

n&-gupo^ yallbau; chucan. 
waver, v. %.; to stagger: — ^fLllujan. 
wax, n.: — fiacre; cola; dafig^uis. 
wax candle, n.;— dan|:uis sera, 
we, pers. pron.: — jita; jame (us, pers. 

pron.: jit; jam), 
way, n.; road; route; street: — chalan. 
wayward, acy., adv.: — caprichoso. 
weak, adj.; depressed; languid; feeble: — 

yllfai; d6bit. 
weak, adj.; thin (rope): — ^gueton. 
weaken, v. tr.; to enfeeble: — ^nft-y&fai. 
weal, n.; callosity: — gfttot; cayos. 
wealthy, adj.; fortunate; opulent; lucky; 

happy; prosperous: — aflottunao. 
wean, v. tr.; to wean a child: — gunus. 
wear, n.; use: — ^usa. 
weary, v. %.; to be weary; to be fatigued; 

to be tired: — ^yajras. 
weary, adj., adv.; tired; surfeited: — dson. 
weather, n.: — ^tiempo. 
weave, v. tr.: — tufog. 
weave, v. tr.; to pleat: — ^mamfog. 
weaver, n.: — tltufog. 
webbing, n.; a narrow woven fabric of 

cotton or flax: — ^tinifog. 
wed, V. tr.y v. %.; to marry: — &camd. 
wedding, n.; wedlock; marriage: — ^in- 

llcamo; umdcamd; matrim6nio. 
wedding feast, n.: — ^fandaiSg^go. 

wedding gift (of the bridegroom to the 

bride), n.: — aog. 
wedge, n.; — cufLa. 
Wednesday, n.; — ^midtcoles. 
weed, n.; useless plant: — ^lumut; chft''- 

weed out, v. tr.; to use up; to spread: — 

week, n.; period of seven days: — 

weigh,^v. %.: — ^pesa. 
weigh anchor, v. tr.: — ^leba y a^da. 
weigh by hand, v. tr.: — ^tajlail^. 
weighmaster, n.;— pesadot. 
weigh, n.;— pesa; minacat. 
welcome, adj.; received with gladness or 

hospitality: — felfs biaje; bienbenida. 
weU, n.;— poso; aedento; tup6. 
weU, n.: pit: — ^joyo. 
weU-being, n.; good fortune: — guindf- 

weU-meaning, adj.; benevolent; well 

disposed toward some one: — ehdchijet; 

west, n.: — ^luchan; gui lichan; san lichan. 
wet, adj.; damp; moist: — ^fLojmon; fot- 

gon; masmas. 
wet, V. tr.; to moisten: — ^nft-fotgon. 
whale, n.: — saltifig^ai; bayena. 
whaler, n.: — ^bavenero. 
whatP pron.; which? something: — ^jafa. 
whatever, adv.: — ^jaf ja; masea jafa. 
wheat, n.; grain: — trigo. 
wheedle, v. i.; to flatter; to fawn on: — 

wheel, n.: — ^rueda. 
when, conj.; whenever: — anguin; an- 

guinj&; yaguin; yanguin; an; nai; dnai; 

when? adv.: — ^fig:&ianP 
where? adv.: — ^mang^guiP manoP 
whet, V. tr.; to sharpen: — guasft. 
whether, conj.; if: — cau. 
whetstone, n.; grindstone: — guasft'^on. 
which, rel. pron.: — ^nl. 
whichP pron. interrog.; who? — ^jayeP 

while, conj.; during the time that: — 

esp&sio; pot espdsio de; mientras. 
whim, n.: — ^minalagd; antojo. 
whip, n.: — mtigo; cuatta. 
whiplash, n.: — cuattaso. 
whirlwind, n.; tornado; whirlpool: — 

whisper, v. tr.^v. %.; to speak secretly: — 

whistle (signal whistle), n.; mouth 

harmonica : — ^bibeg. 
whistle, V. tr.f v. i.; to whistle as a mark 

of disapproval; to hiss; to buzz; to 

crack the whip: — ^be£g:beffi. 
whistle, V. tr., v. i.; to whistle with the 

lips: — chefla. 
white, adj.: — ft'^pacft. 
white, n.; the white of an egg: — ft^'pacft 

whitish, adj.: — ^inapac&an; &pac&ildijon. 





whitewash, v, (r.;— blatfgquea; nft- 

whiz of a bullet, n.;— bine£g:be£g:. 
whoP pron.f interrog.; which? — ^JayeP 
whoever, pron.: — J&yejft; masea jaye. 
whole, adj.; complete: — todo; entero. 
wholesale, adj.: — ^a pot xnayot. 
wholesome, adj.; Bound: — saludable. 
whoUy, adv.; entirely; exclueively: — 

enterero; tododo. 
whosoever, j^ron.: — ^Eoas sea Jaye; 

maa que sea jaye. 
wick, n.; tinder: — meoha. 
wicked, adj.; ung^ly^* unbelieving; in- 
fidel: — t^dlaye; ti ]e£i;gue; ti man- 

wide, adj.f adv.; broad; roomy; spac- 
ious: — matalft; m&^'guag; fed&; ancho. 
widen, v. tr.; to expand: — ^nft-ma^guag; 

widower, n.; widow: — ^biudo; biuda. 
width, n.; — ^finedft; inancho. 
wife, n.:-;-as&eua. 
wild, adj.^ adv.; fierce; savage: — 

wild animal, n.; — ^mcudialeg na g&g&; 

dMau na gdg&. 
will, n.; free will: — ^pintd. 
will, V. tr.; to want to: — ^]a£gai; malagd. 
willingly, adv.; of a free will: — ^pot 

minagof; mdgogof. 
win by conquest; v. tr.; to acquire; to 

procure by effort: — conquista. 
win, v. tr.; to defeat; to gain; to earn: — 

wince, v. %.; to shrink: — ^pateg; toyd; 

Bumeja pot pinite. 
wind, n.; air: — ^ma£gld; dire, 
window, n.: — ^fai^ojaa; fanelaguan; 

wind, V. tr.; to wind up a thread: — 

fft-bola y jilo; falulun. 
windy, aaj.: — ^ma mai^ld; nabinila; 

bula ma^ld. 
wine, n.; — ^bino. 
wine press, n.: — ^prensa para mam- 

ugd ubas. 
wing, n.: — ^papa. 
wink, V. %.; to blink; to twinkle: — 

"^Bt^ii^z^dng, n.; gain: — gan&nsia. 
winter, n.: — tiempon mane£g:Jet!g^. 
wipe out, V. tr.; to destroy; to consume; 

to devour: — nft-mafnas; funas. 
wire, n.: — alamle. 
wireless telegraphy, n.; — telegrafia 

de r&dio. 
wisdom, n.; prudence; sagacity; shrewd- 
ness: — ^mindjnalum. 
wise, adj., adv.; prudent; sagacious; 

sly; crafty; learned; sensible: — ^faye; 

mi-titanos; sdbio; tomtom, 
wish, n.; craving; desire; longing: — 

wish, V. tr.; to desire; to crave; to long: — 

tadga; desea. 
wish happiness to, v. tr.; to congratu- 
late: — xelisltar; malagCli minagof. 

wistful, adj.y adv.; pensive: — ga man 

desea; g&malagd: atento. 
wit, n.; humor: — ^jinaso. 
witch, n.; sorceress: — ^bruja. 
with, prep.; in conjunction with:— con; 

yan; nl. 
withdraw, v. tr.; to abolish; to dismiss; 

to revoke; to countermand: — deroga. 
withdraw, v. tr.; to draw off: — des- 

withdraw, v. tr.; to take away: — ^retira; 

within, pr^rp.. '—dentro de. 
within, aav.; inside; there within: — 

guijsLlum; jalum; sanjalum. 
without, prep.: — sin. 
without appetite: — t&iganas. 
without delay: — enseguidas. 
with special care: — con mucho cuidao. 
withstand, v. i.; to turn against; to 

look some one sharply in the face: — 

fana; &fan&. 
witness, n.: — testigo. 
witty, adj. J adv.; ingenious; clever; 

inventive : — grasioso . 
wolf, n.: — ^lobo. 
woman, n.: — ^paiauan. 
womanly, adj., adv.: — calan paiauan; 

wonder, n.; miracle: — milagro. 
wonderful, adj., adv.; miraculous; mar- 
velous: — ^milagroso; nS,''manman. 
wood, n.: — jayo. 
wool, n.: — ^lana. 
word, n.; expression; term: — t^tmino; 

sinangan; palabra. 
word, n.; language: — find; finij6; idioma. 
work, V. tr., v. i.; to labor; to toil: — 

work, V. tr.; to make; to plant: — chd^giie; 

work, n.; act; action; deed: — finatinas. 
work, n.; building: — chdchd; chind^giie; 

fin&tinas; nin§,juyong. ^ 

work, n.; creation: — ninajuyung; man- 

work of charity, n.: — chdchd yindasd. 
work of love, n.: — obra de caridad. 
worker, n.; laborer; workman: — tra- 


work, n.; task : — chdchd. 
world, n.: — todo y tand. 
worldly, adj.: — gatand. 
worm, n.: — ultl; y cumticucunaf na g&g&. 
worry, v. tr.; to vex; to annoy: — at- 

worry, v. i.; to- brood; to indulge in 
melancholy meditation: — jasuye de- 

worse, adj.; to get worse: — ^luma- 

worship, V. tr.; to adore; to love passion- 
ately: — adora. 

worst, adj.; worse than all others: — ^mas 
baba; mas tdilaye. 

worth, n.; value; price: — ^bale. 

worth, V. tr.; to be worth: — gaibale. 

worth the price 



worth the piice,: — ^bale; bale yan y 

wound, n.; defect; sore; abscess: — 
ohdtnot; erida. 

wound, V. tr.; to hurt; to damage: — 
fafLetnot; nft-fafLetnot; ch^tnot; ii&- 

wound, V. tr.; to lacerate; to injure: — 

wounded, adj.: — chetnudan: eriddo. 

wrangle, v. %.; to quarrel: — ^miuno; 

wrap in, v. tr.; to line: — afuluye. 

wrap up, V. tr.; to swathe; to swaddle; to 
imola: — afuvut. 

wrath, n.; cooler; ire; indignant pas- 
sion: — ^ira; binibo. 

wreck, n.: — ^mafag. 

wreckage, n.; remains of a wrecked ves- 
sel: — soblan y mafag na batco. 


wrench, v. tr.; to wring or null with a 
twist: — tara bira; nH-apling; amot. 

wrestle, v. i.: — &fidd; umifuld. 

wretch, n.; despicable or worthless 
person: — t&ibale na t&otao. 

wretched, adj., adv.; miserable; un- 
happy : — ^miserable ; gobble . 

wretchedness, n.; misery: — niis6ria; 

wrinkle, n.: — ^macalejlo: majedo; jedo. 

wrinkled, adj.: — macaleilo. 

write, V. tr.fV. %.: — ^matigeui; tusut. 

writer, n.; clerk: — tftugui; escrebiente. 

wrong, n.; fault; injury; injustice: — 
fatta; nin&t&ilaye; inechofi|^; lache. 

wrongful, adj., adv.; injurious — mflaohi; 

wry. adj.; distorted; twisted: — ^mabira; 


yacht, n.: — ^lanchita. 

yam, n.;— dago; nica; gadd. 

yank, v. tr.; to jerk; to twist: — gotpea. 

yard, n.; courtyard: — p6,iAo; suio. 

yawn, v. %.; to gape; to evaporate: — 

year, n.: — sacan; a£Lo. 
year, n.; new year: — a£Lo nuebo. 
yearn, v. %.; to feel an earnest desire: — 

yeast, n.; sour dough: — ^lebadura. 
yeast, n.; sediment: — ^lebog; asiento. 
yell, V. %.; to yell very loudly; to yell 

one's self hoarse: — ^um^salao; ^salau; 

yelling, n.; clamor; shouting: — 6salau; 

yellow, adj., adv.: — amariyo. 
yellow sugar, n.; candy:— car amelo. 
yes, adv.: — ju^an; juo. 
yesterday, adv.: — ^nlgap. 

yet, adv.; not yet: — trabfa. 

yet, adv.; still, in addition: — trabfa. 

yield^,v. i.; to produce: — gan&nsia; 

n&-iuyo^; n&-guaja. 
yiela, v. tr., v. %.; to submit; to concede: — 

osgue; jofiggue; pdlo. 
yielding, adj.; fertile; rich; productive: — 

yc3ce, n.: — ^yugo. 
yolk (of an egg), n.: — agag& chad&; 

yon, pron., adj.; yonder; that: — 6nau; 

you, pers. pron.: — Jago (sing.); jamyo 

young, adj.: — patgon, joben. 
your, jpron.: — lyomo (sing.); iyonmiyo 

youth, n.; — lubenttid; pinatgon. 
youthful, adj.; fresh; vigorous: — Joben; 



zeal, n.; eagerness; diligence: — empeAo; 

quinimplido; esmero. 
zealous, adj., adv.; emulous; ardent; 

ea^er: — empefl&o; empefioso; cum- 


zero, n.; naught: — sero. 

zinc, n.; a bluish-white metal :- 

zone, n.; one of the five zones of tempera- 
ture : — sona; una gui sinco na dibi8i6n y 
tand pot temperatura. 



T^OTE.— Names of fishes, trees, etc., and their descriptions are based upon W. E. Saflord's Useful 
Plants of the Island of Guam. 

a, prep.: — at (ea;., at eleven o'clock: a 
las onse); uin-&: — together; opposite 
each other; uznl-faiia y doe: — they 
(two persons) stood opposite each 

a& (xnanman), v. %.; also al^laft: — to 
gape; to yawn; to open the mouth wide. 

Mconsela, n.; aUo consejero: — ^advisor; 

4unte, n./ aho medico: — surgeon; doc- 
tor; physician. 

y (y IS the definite article): — ll&fLau; 
also bictorioBO) n.: — ^victor. 

ftapoBta, n.; — one who wagers; one who 
stakes something on an issue. 

&-atte, adj.: — ^trickish; full of intrigue. 

ababajSg^y n.: — ^butterfly. 

iiAheaiy n.; also &abafig^: — ^local name for 
a l^ee of the species of Eugenia, the 
hard, close-grained wood of \diich is 
much used in construction work. 

abag) V. tr.y v. i.: — ^to misrepresent; to 
lose one's way; to go astray; to be lost; 
to go to the bad; to disappear. 

ababalS^i n.: — name applied to several 
short, flat fishes witn conspicuous 
markings, the prettiest of which, 
abundant in tide pools of the coral 
reefs, are ornamented with black and 
yellow stripes. 

ababafig^ gup&laU) n.; — name given by 
the natives to a beautiful harlequin, 
or bannerfish, with an elongated dorsal 
fin, and black, yellow, and white 
vertical stripes. 

ababal^ pintado, n.: — ^local name of 
a beautmil and striking little fish, 
common in the tide pools of the reef; 
silvery and yellow, with black spots 
and bands. 

&baca, n.: — manila hemp. 

&bald, adj.y adv.; also lu>lachft: — dirty; 
impure; unclean; in-abald, n.; — im- 

abandona, v. tr.; also dii^o; desazn- 
para: — abandon; to leave; to quit; to 
leave behind; to forsake; to desert. 

abandonao, adj.: — ^abandoned; left; for- 
saken; left alone. 

abandono, n.: — ^abandonment; forlorn 
condition; dereliction. 

abanico, n.; also pund laid; panag- 
lal6: — ^fan; fly-swatter. 

abas, n.: — local name for the guayaba 

abeja, n.; — ^bee. 
aberfgua, v. tr., v. %.; also f&lsen: — to 

interrogate; to question; to ask. 
aberfgua, v. tr.; also reconose; in- 

bestiga: — to investigate; to inquire; 

to search into; to examine closely; to 

scan; to sift; to probe. 
aberigfuad6t, adj.y adv.; also curioso; 

g& niazn&iiien: — ^inqjuisitive; curious. 
abettura, n.; also binaba: — aperture; 

opening; hole; cavity, 
abia, v. tr.: — ^to provide; to provision; 

to sustain, 
abiba, v. %.: also anizna: — to take courage. 
abiba, v. tr.; also anima; nft-balente: — 

to encourage; to inspire; to incite. 
abichuelas, n.: — ^beans. 
abietto, adj., adv.; also baba: — open; 

ajar; unfastened. 
abio, n.; also mantensidn: — livelihood; 

sustenance; subsistence, 
abiso, n.; also inadbiette: — admonition; 

abit, adj.: — skillful (especially in small 


&bito, n.; also ttinico: — garment; habit. 

abzuazn, adi.: — a^o; gone* past. 

abmazn, adv.: — since olden times; 1&- 
abzuazn: — for some time; for quite some 
time; ti-abzuazu: — immediately there- 
after; nH-abzuazu: — to put off; to post- 
pone; to defer; uzn-abmam: — to loiter; 
to linger; to tariy; in-abmazn: — to 
delay; to stay; to stop. 

abog, n.; also zna-goflid; gftcho£g:: — 

abogao, n.: — ^advocate; one who speaks 
for another; lawyer; attorney. 

abona, v. tr.: — to pay; to discharge a 

abono, n.; also taqud: — manure; fertiliz- 
ing substance. 

abru, n.: — ^April. 

absuetbe, v. tr.: — to declare free; to re- 
lease; to pronounce not guilty; to ac- 
quit; to absolve. 

abund&nsia, n.; also nxindgae; inabun- 
d&nsia; rico; znioosas: — abundance; 
profusion; plenty; opulence; wealth; 
superfluity; overflow. 





abund&nsiay adj,: — ample; full; abun- 

abuttao, adj.: — piled up; amasBed; 
hoarded; cumulated. 

ac&) V, tr.: — to bite; to gnaw; to crush or 
pierce with the teeth. 

&oacazn, n.; — molar tooth. 

acacha, adj.: — troublesome. 

acacbaye, v. tr.: — to cheat; to deceive; to 
defraud; to do damage to; to dupe. 

acadidogy adj.y adv.: — sharp; keen; cut- 

ac&giie: — left (direction to the left). 

ac&giie fafayiha, adj.: — left-handed. 

&calayd, v. tr.; also nft-tunog: — to lower; 
to let down. 

acalej&y n.: — snail. 

&cale£g:, adj.; also apli£g:; cojo: — dislo- 
cated; lame; twistea. 

&caind, V. tr.yV. i.: — ^to wed; to marry. 

acang;cal^, n.: — local name for the sword 
bean, a twining creeper, bearing long 
esculent pods which, though coarse in 
appearance, when sliced and boiled, 
are tender and scarcely inferior to 
French beans; in Guam its purple 
flowers are conspicuous by the roadside. 

aoaso, adv., conj.; also canft; jtld^guan; 
jo£g:guiyon; sifiajd.: — perhaps; by 
chance; may be; haply. 

aclara, v. tr.; also ina: n&-fanu£g:d: — 
to illuminate; to enlignten; to light up. 

acoxupafLa, v. tr.; also atiende; ines- 
gllijon: — to accompany; to escort; to 
convoy; to attend; to play an accom- 
paniment to. 

acostuznbra, v. tr.; also nft-payon 
(from payon: to become accustomed 
to): — to accustom; to inure; to hab- 

acompanamlento, n.: — convoy; escort; 

acompara, v. tr.: — to compare; to liken; 
to draw a parallel between. 

acomosinao, n.; also maestro: — ^boss; 
master; foreman. 

aco^, n.; also kploAibk: — ^filth; smut; 
mud; dirt (on the head). 

aconseja, v. %.; also pagat: — to counsel; 
to advise; to assist; to preach. 

aconsela, v. tr.; also atpajon: — to guess 
(by all sorts of signs); to divine; to find 
by conjecture; to prophesy; to tell 
one's fortune. 

acotdi6n, n.;aUo atmonico: — accordion, 

acre, n.; — acre. 

acrded6t, n.: — creditor. 

ac8eptasi6n, n.; also ohinild; resibo; 
rinesibe; inaosepta: — receipt; accept- 

acsepta, v. tr.; also resibe; chuld: — to 
receive; to accept. 

ascidente, adj., adv.:— occasional; in- 
cidental; casual. 

acsidente, n.; also desgr&sia: — ^acci- 
dent; untoward event; unlooked-for 

acsion, n.; also flnfttinaa: — action; deed ; 
creature; work; act. 

actibo, adj.; also znaa julat; najo£^: — 
effective; efficient. 

acusad6t^ n.; also dexnandad6t:— 
plaintiff; one who commences a suit in 
a court of law. 

acha, n.; also g&chai: — ax. 

acha, v. tr.; also n&-zn&£Lafi&: — ^to make 
mellow; to beat; to make tender. 

adh6-u£^g, v. tr.: — ^to balance; to make 
of equal weights. 

achaca, v. tr.: — attribute; to rate; to 
put down to some one's account. 

&cjiaa, n.; — chin. 

ach&ica^, v. %.: — to plunge down; to be 
precipitated; to tumble; to tilt; to 
rush; to move or press forward with 
impetuosity; to enter with undue 

ach&icag, v. tr.: — to turn over; to throw 

aoh&igua, adj.; also parejo; aya: — 
similar; resembling; equal. 

ach&igua, n.; also pinarejo: — sem- 
blance; likeness. 

achagdfLa, adj.: — farther; more distant 
or remote. 

achaque, n.; also ataque: — fit; shock; 

achetgue, v. i.; also chalamlam: — to 
blink; to wink; to twinkle. 

achamchazn, n.: — ^jawbone; the lower, 
or nether, jaw. 

achaque, n.; also jinatme: — sudden 
attack; penetration. 

achatatanmo, n.;also enemigo; a^chat- 
liemo:— enemy; opponent. 

achetgue, v. i.; also ohalamlam: — to 
blink; to wink; to twinkle. 

achigd, v. i.: — to close the eyes. 

achiote, n.; achote; achuete: — ^local 
name for a small tree bearing prickly 
capsules containing seeds surrounded 
by a red pulp, which jdelds the well- 
known annotto or arnotto of com- 
merce; the chief uses to which it is 
applied are for dyeing silk and cotton 
orange-yellow, and for coloring cheese 
and butter; the color imparted to fab- 
rics, however, is not lastmg. 

a^hd, n.: — stone; rock; cliff. 

achd-atupat, n.: — sling-stone. 

&chog, conj.; also achogj&; sin enbatgo 
na: — notwithstanding that; though; 
although; albeit. 

a<^oni, v. i.: — to sneeze. 

adid molino, n.: — millstone. 

achd-£Laiiao, n.: — coral. 

achd ni mi bale, n.; also yema: — gem; a 
precious stone. 

ac5i6 puc6, n.: — fishing stone (stone used 
by the natives when fishing). 

ad&, V. tr.: — to jeer at; to backbite; to 
scoff; to deride. 

adag, V. tr.j V. i.; also atan; daout: — to 
rap; to strike a quick, s^arp blow; to 




adajel inter j.; also cuidaol — ^be careful! 
take care ! beware ! 

adaje, v. tr.y v. %.; also manea: — to be- 
have; to conduct; to demean; to be- 
ware; to have a care; to be attentive. 

adalaul inter j.: — ^but! (exclamatory). 

adaxnelofig:, arfj., adv.: — circular; round; 
rotund (ball, roll of writing or scroll). 

&dause, v. i.: — to intertwine. 

adbientOy n.; also jijijot:— advent. 

adbiette, v, tr.; also cuca; pagat: — to 
admonish; to advise; to caution; to 
stimulate; to preach. 

adbiette, v. tr.; also atituye; atan; 
faisen: — to advertise. 

adelanta, v. i.; also luzn&mauleg; nlt- 
lat f 6na; xud.-xuejora: — to improve; to 
advance; to better one^s circumstances; 
to make progress; to prosper; to thrive; 
to succeed. 

adelantal inter j.; also sigue xudna! — 
advance! onward! 

adelantaoy adj.; also auznenta; luma- 
ladtilo; eai producto:— rising; in- 
creasing; nourishing; thriving. 

adelanto, n.; also lindld,: — evolution; 
development; growth. 

adeznaA, adv.; also fuerade(5'p.): — be- 
sides; moreover; apart from that. 

adeng, n.: — foot. 

adet, adj.^ adv.; also cuznplido; znampos; 
znalamaiia: — severe; strict; austere; 

adibina, v. tr.: — prophesy; to tell one's 

adibina, n.: — riddle; enigma; puzzle. 

adin^, n.: — ^leg; one of the limbs by 
which men and animals walk; patas, 
n.: foot. 

ddingan, v. tr.^ v. i.; also adif&dne; 
alog; cuentos: — to speak; to talk; to 
say; to utter. 

adlnganiye, v. i.: — to intercede, or to 
speak in favor of some one. 

ddingo, v. i.; also n&-BUJa; separa: — 
to sej)arate; to part; to go asunder. 

adios, inter j.; also fells biaje: — farewell; 
may you fare well; may you prosper. 

admaye laso sija, v. tr.: — to lay snares. 

admirante, n.: — admiral. 

admite, v. tr.: — to admit; to allow; to 
let come to pass. 

adomldidi, aaj.: — gradual; step by step; 
by degrees. 

adopta, V. tr.; also ganye: — to adopt 
(as one's own child); to select. 

adora, v, tr.: — to acfcre; to worship; to 
idolize; to love passionately. 

ddotgan, v. tr.: — to traverse; to run 
through; to go through. 

adotna, v. tr.: — to decorate; to adorn; 
to trim. 

adotno, n.: — ornament; adornment; em- 

adrede, adj.y adv.; also jasngon; de- 
pots! zna-jasuye: — designed; inten- 
tional; premeditated. 

aduana, n.: — customhouse. 

aduana, n.; also apas; dereohos: — 

customs duties; duties; fees, 
aduanayon, adj.: — dutiable; subject ta 

aduaaero, n.: — ^revenue officer. 
&^duco, adj.; also ft^tamos; ndsio: — 

imbecile; feebleminded; idiotic. 
adquil6t, n.; also adquil6n: — rental ,'^ 

amount of rent. 
adquila, v. tr.; also arienda: — ^to rent;; 

to let by lease; to farm out. 
aeronauta, n.; also piloton aire: — 

a fabot de: — in favor of. 
afd.f&, n.: — armpit. 

oiM^/ij V. tr.: — to carry under the arm- 
pit. ^ 
afaznao, adj.j adv.; also distingguido: — 

famous; distinguished. 
afatigao, n.: — fatigue; weariness; mental 

or bodily exhaustion, 
afitzna, v. tr.; also defiende jafa na 

rason: — to allege; to affirm; to assert. 
aflago, n.; also tuyan; pat61: — lower 

part of the abdomen; groin, 
anito, V. tr.: — to fry; to bake in a pan. 
afloja, V. tr.: — to decrease in tension;. 

to slacken; to unbend, 
afloja, V. tr.y v. i.; also cuzn&calo; 

fLuznabd.: — to relax; to enervate or to 

become enervated. 
afog, n.: — lime, 
afottunao, adj.^ adv.; also felfs: — 

fortunate; wealthy; opulent; lucky; 

prosperous; happy; auspicious. 
afottunao, n.; also suette: — good for- 
afte, V. tr.: — to cover; to cover the roof 

(with leaves of the cocoa palm), 
afuetsas, adj., adv.; also pot y fuetsa; 

fuetsao: — forcible; violent. 
afuetsafi, v. tr.: — to subdue; to compel^ 

to force; to coerce; to constrain, 
afulo, n.; also riyeno: — wadding; soft 

stuff of loose texture used for stuffing 

garments; lining of a garment. 
afuluye, v. tr.: — to wrap in; to line, 
afunan gupot, n.: also bfsperan gu- 

pot: — evening before a festivity, 
afuyut, i). tr.: — to swaddle; to swathe; to 

wrap up; to infold, 
aga, n.: — raven. 
agH, n.: — ^banana, when ripe, 
ag&gft, n.; also cueyo: — neck. 
agag&, adj.; also didog agagiiia: — 

scarlet; of a bright red color, 
agaliya, n.: — a variety of fig-tree. 
&ean^, adj.f adv.; also buruquento: — 

loud; noisy. 
agang,^v. i.; also cate: — to cry; to 

cry out; to howl (ea:., the wind); to 

roar (ex., the bull); to peep {ex,, the 

agang, v. tr.; also aga£|^ue: — to sum- 
mon; to call; to announce a marriage 

from the pulpit; to call together. 
agangue, v. tr.; also conbita; coznbida; 

jujo; soy 6: — to invite. 




aga^:fi&i1on, v. tr.: — to publish. 

agapa, aav.; also gui agap&: — on the 
right hand; to the right hand. 

agara, %.; also ^achft; tac&: — to 
grasp; to catch up with; to attain; to 
reach; to seize with the hand. 

^gOf V. tr.; also tul&ica: — ^to change; to 
exchange; to bring cattle from one place 
to another. 

:ag6dai, v. tr.; also xua-ag6dai; nft- 
lalald: — to inflame; to excite; to fire 
with passion. 

^|^6dai, adj.; also nft fafiiUl; 80i^:gue: — 
inflamed; incensed. 

ragoeUiye,i;.tr.; — to assail; to attack; to 
fall upon (applies especially to an 
attack of many upon one). 

agonias, n.; also pinadese: — agony; 
pangs of death. 

-agosto, n.; — August. 

agradable, adj.j adv.; also nft^znagof: — 
agreeable; obliging; pleasing. 

Agradese, v. tr.; also eudflamen; 
tasa: — to appreciate; to vwue. 

agradese, v. tr.; also nfte gr&sias: — to 
give thanks; to return thanks; to express 
gratitude about; to acknowledge inaebt- 
edness for. 

agradesido, adj., adv.; also znagaozn 
jinaluzn; penitiyiye : — thankful ; grate- 
ful; sympathizing. 

a,gradesiiniento, n.; also gratifica; in- 
agradese; nin&e; premio: — ^reward; 
recompense; thanks; gratitude; ac- 

ugramadera, n.: — ^brake; wagon brake. 

ilguft) V. tr.; also gope: — to jimip; to 
skip; to leap lightly over; to omit. 

agua bendita, n.:— noly water. 

aguada, n.: — ^water supply. 

■&guaguat, adj.: — obstinate. 

aguagudte, v. i.; also apul&i; fachd- 
chtle; xuuznu: — ^to struggle; to strive 
hard; to labor earnestly. 

aguagu&te, v. tr.; also opone; resiste; 
ti xualague: — to disagree; to contra- 
dict; to quarrel; to dispute; to struggle. 

.&guaiya, n.: — amour; love affair; also 
giiin&iya; n6bio; &nobio: — lover; gal- 
lant; spendthrift. 

aguanon, n.; also jagoi: — shallow lake; 

aguante, v. tr.; also su£gon; sos- 
tiene: — to tolerate; to bear; to sup- 
port; to endure; to sustain. 

&gUet, V, tr.: — to throw; to cast; im 

&guila, n.: — eagle. 

agululuzne, v. tr.: — to flock or crowd 
together; to run together. 

aguznentOy n.: — debate; deliberation; 

agup&, n.; — to-morrow. 

Aguyon, adj., adv.; also tulaicayon: — 
variable; fluctuating; fickle; change- 
able; inconstant; mutable. 

iUai, V. %.: — to grieve; to lament; to 

&ire, n.; also zuajSg^ld: — air; ventilation; 

airoso, adj., adv.; also eleeante; t&i- 

pare jo:-— delicate; admirable; lively; 

vivacious; elegant. 
&i8y n.; also ielo: — ^ice. 
aifllado; adj., adv.; also xn&isa; solo; 

retirao gui pumalo; suznaj^^e: — 

isolated; solitary; secluded; on-lying; 

remote; lonesome. 
&Ja, V. tr.: — to expose to the sun. 

aj6, adv.; also muQ^a: — no (opposite of 

ajos, n.: — garlic, cultivated more ex- 
tensively m Guam than the seboyas, 

onions; a favorite ingredient in many 

dishes of the Chamorro. 
ajusta, V. tr.; also fazu&uleg; nft-gas- 

gas; nH-tunas: — to settle a loan; to 

arrange; to set in order, 
djust&o, adj.; also umaya; suflsiente: — 

ajustao, adv.: — exactly; fitting snugly. 
ala, n.: — ^basket made from cocoa-palm 

leaves; not very durable; when doubled 

is called alan togtog. 
alaba, v. tr.; also alabado: — ^to praise; 

to laud; to commend. 
alacr&n, n.: — scorpion. 
alado, n.: — plow. 
alado, v.: — to plow. 
aladuyon, adj.; also sifia zna alado: — 

arable; fit for the plow, 
al&guaa, n.: — rice soup. 
filaisen, v. tr.: — ^to fail to meet some one; 

to fail to fall in with some one. 

alaja, n.;—- ornament; jewelry. 

alajas, n.; also gatbesas: — jewel; 
jewelry; ornament. 

&lal&j n.; also dinesea: — greediness; 

alalae, n.: — vernacular name of the 
Unoen-leaved morning-glory; a com- 
mon plant in Guam. 

alamle, n.: — ^wire. 

alamlen tftuc&, n.: — ^barbed wire. 

61ajStd,, V. i.: — to gape ; to open the mouth 

&la£gft, adj., adv.; also baba; lafig^ft; 

totpe: — stupid; foolish; silly; dull; 

ala^^a^, n.: — ^name of a tree bearing 
a profusion of greenish-yellow fragrant 
flowers, with long, fringe-like petals, 
from which the ]j|rfume ylang-ylang is 

alcmsa, n.: — displeasure. 

aid, V. tr.; also n&-al6; deshonra; nft- 
inald; nft-t&i-fama: — to insult; to 
bring disgrace.upon; to injure the good 
name; to dishonor; to defame. 

ales, V. tr.; also pafLot ales: — to swallow; 
to gulp down (without masticating or 

alesna, n.: — awl. 

alicmsa, n.; also inetnon: — alliance; 




aUbia, v. tr.: — ^to facilitate j to ease; to re- 
lieve; to make easier or lifter. 
alibi&o; also coxmuela; lumaxna^f : — 

relieved; freed from pain, suffering, or 

alfbio, n.; aUo quinesuela; descanso: — 

solace; consolation; relief; mitigation; 

easing; alleviation; comfort, 
alentosy n.; aUo alientos; jinagofig^: — 

alfgau, %.; also dg&g&: — ^to seek; 

to search for; to try to find; to be in 

quest of. 
-aliliiSg:, n.;— shellfish. 
alixnasag, n.: — crustacean; crayfish; 

alixnenta, v. tr.; also chugd; nft-cho- 

cho: — to feed; to nourish; to support, 
alimentoy n.; also ndffitsaad: — ^nutri- 
ment; nourishment; eatables. 
alifia, V. tr.; also fftm&ule^; fftmauli- 

que: — to decorate; to put in order; to 

remedy; to prepare, 
aliflao, adj.; also gasgas — tidy; trim; 

IUi£g:quin, v. tr.; also puja: — to capsize; 

to turn over. 
alistoy adj.f adv.: — ^brisk; alert; quick, 
alitos, n.: — earrings; ear pendants. 
alxnojada, n.; also alunaa: — ^pillow, 
alof) V. i.: — ^to call by signs; to summon 

by signs, 
alog, V. tr.,v, i.; alsot6iSJ^Bxi\ adi£g:ane; 

cuentos: — to speak; to talk; to say; 

to utter, 
alostittimo, adj., adv.: — eventual; ulti- 
alula, V. tr.; also alulaye; n&-chadeg: — 

to hasten; to move quicker; to hustle; 

to exhibit energy and alacrity. 
alunan, n.; also almojada: — ^pillow; 

alunan-jayo, n.; also barote: — ^head- 
rest; ancient pillow, made of a short 

piece of wood, 
alutofig^, n.i — granite. 
axnaca, n.: — ^hammock, 
amama, n.; also ame: — ^remnant of the 

betel nut, which is thrown away after 

Umamatig^, n.: — slower lip. 
amariyo, adj., adv.: — yellow, 
axnasa, v. tr.: — to knead the dough. 
axnasca, v. tr.: — ^to chew tobacco. 
axnasca, n.;-Hchewing tobacco. 
axnatgo>iBo, n.: — ^balsam. 
amcdfLa, adj., adv.: — older, 
amcd, adj.; also de ed&d; bijo; anttl- 

guo: — old; aged; ancient, 
amenctfa, v. tf.; also f&fL&gtte: — to 

threaten; to menace, 
americaxio, n.: — American. 
aminawa, v. tr.; also f&fi&gtte; jofig^a£g^ 

n&-inall^fLao; inina&''flao: — to scare; 

to frighten; to strike with sudden 

axninaso, n.; also xninaft'^iiao: — scare; 

a sudden fright or panic. 

aminudo, v. tr,: — ^retail; to sell in small 

axziista, n.; also fe; giiin&iya: — fidelity; 
integrity; loyalty. 

ainisl^sainente , adj., adv . : — ^friendly ; 

aznontona, v. tr.; also n&-etnon; 
fftm&uleg: — to amass; to heap up; to 

amorao, adj.; also enamorao: — enam- 
ored; smitten; in love. 

amot, V. tr.; also chuld^guan; faa- 
entayag: — ^to rob; to plunder; to de- 
prive by force; to despoil; to depose; 
to depopulate; to devastate. 

&inot, n.: — drug; medicine. 

ain6t, n.; also carid&d; giiin&iya: — 
love. • 

&inot na mu na nft-xn&igd, n.; also 
6pio: — opium. 

&niot p&lai, n.; also linizniento: — lini- 
ment; a medicated liquid for rubbing 
into the skin. 

amot para cbdtnot, n.; also engttente; 
p&lai: — ointment; an unctuous sub- 
stance applied to a wound or injured 

amotsa) v. i.: — ^to take, or to have, 

amotsa, n.: — ^breakfast. 

ampara, v. tr.; also g6gtte; s&gttd; 
saguan; nft-lijefig:; proteje; de- 
fiende: — to gxiard; to shelter; to de- 
fend; to protect. 

amores secos: — vernacular name for 
the awned beardgrass; common in 
Guam and furnishing good pasture, 
but disagreeable on account of its 
adherent awns; used in the Philippines 
for making hats and mats. 

amte, v. tr.; also nft-lomld: — to heal. 

amte, n.; also reznedia: — remedy; an 
efficacious medicine. 

amtiyon, adj., adv.: — curable. 

an (prefix): — something left over (ex. 
an-sepiyo: — ^wood shavings V 

afLa, V. tr.; also is&gtte; na-aI6; nft- 
chatsaga; ofende: — to offend; to in- 
sult; to outrage; to affront. 

anacdy adj.: — ^lengthy; long and tiresome. 
anacd yan d&lalainapedaso znatiteg 
pat xua utot; retasos, n.; also peda- 
sito:— shred; piece; fragment; a long 
narrow piece torn or cut off. 

&iiago£g:, n.: — a very small hut. 

afLade, v. tr.: — to add; to append; to 
add to something already saia. 

anacd, adj.: — long; extended in time or 
length; not short. 

&nai, conj.; also an n&i; guin; guinj&; 
yaguin; flg&ian: — ^when; whenever. 

&nai j&, conj.: — every time when . 

&fLau, V. tr.; also julat; petde: — to over- 
come; to subdue; to reduce to subjec- 
tion; to conquer. 

ancho, adj., adv.; also feda; mi lu^t; 
d&^culo na lugat: — ^spacious; wide; 




andame, n.; also andamio: — scaffold- 
ing; Btaging. 

andas, n.; also anjg^gaxiya: — ^bier; bed. 

andi, adj.; also written andd; gatbo: — 
nobby; stylish; gaudy; showy; vulgarly 


andi, n.; also written andd: — dandy; 
fop; coxcomb. 

anduyd, n.; — ^filler of a cigar; a bundle 
of ten small tobacco leaves. 

a£g^la, n.; — anchor; anchoring ground. 

a£gile8, n.; — indigo. 

a^Het, n.; pi., angjeles: — angel. 

ai^Id, adj.y adv.; also dogSJ^OBi — ^barren; 
(fry; and; deiatitute of moisture. 

a^ld, adj.; also consado; esterit; t&i 
min&uleg; n& odft: — sterile; barren; 
producing little or no ^op. 

a^oco, V. tr.j v. i.; also tagiiaa; con- 
fla: — ^to intrust; to confide; to look for; 
to expect; to hope. 

a^ocuyan, adj., adv.: — true; faithful; 

aneosto, adj.y adv.; also tunas: — ^narrow; 
close; strict; straight. 

ang^uin, conj.; yanguin: — ^if; on condi- 
tion; supposing that; whether; al- 

anitbets&rio, n.; also cumple aflos: — 

anima, v. tr.; also choneg; n^xua- 
tatnga; suon: — ^to elate; to raise the 
spirits of; to inspire; to encourage; to 

anima, v. i.; also abiba: — to take courage. 

&nimas, n. pL: — poor souls. 

animao, adj.; also 1&1&: — lively; active; 
brisk; animated. 

&mmo, n.; also atrebimiento: — courage; 

animoBO, adj., adv.: — daring; rash; wild; 
bold; venturesome; also blltbaro: — 
spirited; courageous; matatnga: — 
capable; brave. 

&nine£g:, n.; also nuiong; sombra: — 
shade; shady place; shadow. 

aniyo, n.; y aniyon lulug ni lumililicd 
gui puntan cadena pat masea 
mano: — ^link; a single ring or division 
of a chain; ring. 

&nlasgtte, n.; also leston: — lath; a strip 
of wood. 

&nmastlan, n.; also pillau; paladcua: — 
scar; weal; mark. 

aAo, n.: — ^year. 

afLo nuebo, n.: — the New Year. 

anog. V. i.: — to come in sight; to shine 
fortn; to make one's appearance. 

anona8,n.; — ^local name for the bullocks 
heart or custard apple, a tree of Ameri- 
can origin; its fruit is long in ripening, 
and the natives do not esteem it very 
highly, but it is a favorite food for the 
faniji, the fruit-eating bat of Guam. 

ante, n.; also jinalum: — soul; the inner 
man; heart. 

antec&mara, n.; also cuatton bisita: — 

waiting room; anteroom. 
antehojos, n..* — spectacles, 
antes bien, adj.; also mas bien: — sooner; 

much more; rather; to the contrary, 
antes de, adv., prep.; also antes que; 

mona; san mena: — before; in front, 
antiguo gui setblsio: — ^veteran, 
antiguo, adj.; also de edad; amcd; bijo; 

bija: — old; aged; ancient. 
antojo, n.; also minalagO: — ^whim. 
antula, n.; also linipa: — fraud; deceit; 

cheating; imposition; humbug. 
&ntupa, n.: — rubbish; debris (in build* 

ing operations), 
anula, v. tr.; also nft-dilug; nit-denga: — 

to reverse; to turn upside down; to 

change entfrely. 
antinsia, v. tr.: — to announce; to herald; 

to publish. 
aog, n.: — ^wedding gift, of the bride- 
groom to the bride. 
&^pac&, adj.: — ^white. 
&^pacft chadft, n.; also claranchadH: — 

white of an egg. 
ftpac&£L&ijon, adj.; also bla££:quisoo; 

inapacftan: — ^whitish . 
apach&, n.: — grasshopper. 
apaga, n.: — shoulder. 
apagave, v. tr.: — to load upon the 


&pagon, adj., adv.; also fotgon: maga- 
em; timido: — moist; humid; damp 
(preventing an object from burning). 

apan, v. tr.,v. i.: — to recede (ex., water); 
to become dry. 

&panag, v. i.: — clash; to strike violently 

aparad6t, n.: — ^wardrobe; closet for 

aparad6t nengcand, n.: — pantry; pro- 
vision closet. 

aparejo, v. tr.; also prepara: — ^to pre- 

aparejo, n.; also siya (para y t&tald 
g$kg§k): — saddle. 

apar^nsia, n.; also mata: — looks; ap- 
pearance; eye. 

aparente, adj., adv.; also calan puma- 
r^rejo; umach&igua: — seeming; ap- 

apa«, n.; also suetdo: — salary: recom- 
pense for service rendered; fee; gra- 
tuity; derechos; aduana: — customs 
duties; taxes. 

apase, v. tr.; also empas: — to atone; 
to expiate; to make reparation; to give 
satisfaction; to pay; to reconcile. 

apas di&rio, n. .--daily wage. 

apase y dafio.; also indemnifica: — to 
indemnify; to make good damage done. 

apasigua, v. tr.; chuga; n&-majgong: — 
to assuage; to appease; to soothe; to 
calm; to make gentle; to make peace- 
ful; to give pleasure to. 




apas pat f&cae pot y ma satbaa v 
batco pat 7 oatgafia gui taai: — sal- 
vage; compensation for saving a vessel 
or cargo at sea. 

apasotes, n.; — name used in Guam for 
Mexican tea, which is grown in many 
of the native gardens. 

apas pasaje, n.: — ^fare; sum paid for 
conveyance by railroad, etc. 

apatta, v. tr.; also nH-j&nau; re- 
muebe: — to remove; to take away; 
to send away. 

apattaoy adj.; also suznaji^^e: — sepa- 
rated; isolated; divided. 

apatte, adv.: — apart; aside. 

apatte, v. i.: — to partake; to take part; 
to share in common with others. 

apayujag, n.: — ^name of a large spider. 

apeche^, v. tr.: — ^to carry under the 

apddeloe, v. tr.: — ^to roll; to roll together 

apenasy adj.y adv.; also 6calag; escaso; 
Jalag:— flcarce; not plentiful; seldom 
met with. 

apeyido, n.: — surname; family name. 

aplaca, v. tr.: — ^to make peace with 

aplacao, adj.: — appeased; assuaged. 

&plaoli&, adj.; also gai-faoh6: — soiled; 

&plaonft, adj.; also &bal6: — ^impiwe; un- 
clean; dirty; saualid; foul. 

aplasta, v. tr.; also taldi; goxugom: — to 
raze; to level to the ground; to blot out; 
to crush; to break. 

aplefig:^ V. tr.; alio gtmiis: — ^to sprain a 
joint; to pull out; to wean a child. 

aplica, V. tr.: — ^to devote; to apply one's 
self to some object. 

aplica, adj.; also confotxne: — devoted; 

aplicao, adj.y adv.; also meton: — ^per- 
sistent; steadfast; perserverin^; con- 
stant; industrious; aiUgent; assiduous; 

aplica49i6n, n.: — ^utilization; application; 

apliJ^, adj.: — disunited; at variance. 

apling, adj.; also 4cale£g::— dislocated; 
lame; twisted. 

aplog, n.; also inanja: — ^name applied to 
a tender coconut, already containing 

apd, V. %.; also asun: — to lie; to rest in a 
recumbent position. 

apo, n.; also senisa: — ashes; cinders; 

apdi, V. %.; descansa: — ^to recline; to rest; 
to repose. 

aposento, n.; also fansagayan: — habi- 

aposta, n.: — ^bet; wager. 

aposta. V. tr.: — ^to bet; to wager. 

apdstoles, n.: — apostles. 

aprendis, n.: — apprentice. 

apreta, v. tr.; atso impide: — to restrain; 
to check; to repress. 

apretao, adj.: — contracted; cramped; 
tightly strung. 

apneta, v. tr.: — ^to press; to claap; to 
oppress; to affict. 

aprobeclia, v. tr.; also eosa: — ^to enjoy; 
to have the jjleasure or benefit of; to use 
as food or drink. 

aprobasi6n, n.; also inaprueba: — appro- 
bation; sanction; approval. 

aprop6sito, adj.y adv.; also uznaya: — ^fit; 
suitable; appropriate; adapted. 

aprueba, v. tr.: — to approve; to assent 
to; to allow. 

apulfti, V. %.; also aguaguate; fachd- 
chtle; znunxu: — ^to struggle; to labor 
hard; to strive earnestly. 

apunta, v. tr.: — ^to mark down; to note 
down; to record; to aim. 

apura, v. tr.; also n&-xnag&: — ^to ex- 
pedite; to hurry; to accelerate; to dis- 

apurao, adj.y adv.: — urgent; pressing. 

aqueyd, n.; also fila^: — ^braid of hair; 
tress; plait; queue; pigtail. 

aquijom, v. «r.;— to grip with the fist; to 
make a fist. 

arac, n.: — spirits distilled from the sap 
of the coconut, as in Mexico; also called 
aguayente in Guam. 

araiias, n.; also tirarailas: — spider; 
spider's web. 

&ras, n.; also sineguro; promesa: — 
security; earnest money; pledge. 

axasa, v. tr.; also despetdfsia: — ^to ruin; 
to lay waste; to desolate; to devastate; 
to destroy. 

axebatao, adj.y adv.; also ti y6daje: — 
reckless; heedless of consequences; 

arebatao, adj.y adv.; also fejznan; fijoxu; 
impetuoso; j&bubo; f&pinalala: — 
impetuous; irritable; effervescent; vio- 
lent; vehement; boisterous; passionate; 
given to anger. 

areola, v. tr.; also dijere: — ^to digest; to 
dissolve in the stomach by the action of 
digestive juices. 

aregla, v. tr.y v. %.; also dispone: — ^to 
arrange; to order; to prepare; to make 
ready; to dispose. 

aregla, v. tr.; also n&-fat&cho]S|:; nft- 
tojgue; nft-taoho: — ^to set; to support 
(by pillars). 

aregla, v. tr.; also regula: — ^to regulated 
to oring under rule; to order; to organize. 

aregla, v. tr.; also introduse; presenta 
un t&otao gui otro; establese: — to 
introduce; to arrange; to inaugurate; to 
establish; to start. 

areglao, adj.; also gasgas:— orderly; 
regulated; trim; neat; compact. 

areglo, n.; also disposision; are^la- 
xnento: — ^rule; disposition; direction; 
condition; measure. 

arenddt, n.; also propiet&rio: — ^land- 
lord; one who has tenants holding under 
him; the keeper of a hotel or inn. 

aresta, v. tr,: — ^to arrest; to seize. 




axienda, v. tr.; also adquila: — ^to rent; to 
let by lease; to farm out. 

ariesga) v. tr.; also atrebe; riesgo: — ^to 
venture; to risk; to hazard; to dare. 

arixna, v. tr., v. %.: — ^to draw nigh; to ap- 
proach; to bring one's self nearer. 

anmao, adj.; aUo chijit: — affectionate; 
well disposed toward some one. 

arina, n.: — ^flour. 

anu6nio, n.; also 6tgano; atxndnio: — 
organ; harmonium. 

aroma, n.; — ^local name for the sweet 
acacia; a shrub or small tree bearing 
fragrant flowers; yields a ^m which is 
sometimes used by the natives of Guam 
in the same way as gum arabic. 

asada, n.: — ^hoe; mattock; pickax; 

&iadot, V. tr.; also asao; n&-to8ta: — to 
roast; to put upon a roasting spit; to 
lift up with a spit. 

&8adot, n.: — roasting spit. 

asafr&n, n.; also xna.£^d: — safran; saf- 

&iagua, V. tr., v. %.; also uzn&sagua: — 
to marrv; to wed; to take to wife or 

as&^ua, n.; — ^wife; husband. 

&iaina, n.; also duefLo; tata: — lord; 
master; owner; father. 

as&ite, n.; also laiia: — oil. 

asaitero, n.;-^il cruet. 

asana, n.; also atte; fiiid.baba; mafia: — 
trick; cunning; craft; deceit; lie; 

asegura, v. tr.; also nft-m-agajet; nft- 
fitme; nH-meton; nd.-cheton: — to 
attach; to fasten; to guarantee; to in- 
sure; to secure; to warrant; to stand 
security for. 

aseg^uridH, n.; also sineguro: — surety; 
guaranty against loss or damage; 

as^iten oliba, n.: — olive oil. 

asensidn, n.: — ascension of Christ. 

asentado, adj., adv.; also desente: — 
pleasing; decorous; proper; suitable. 

asdntadon quinasidga, n.; also sajpet 
mg,uleg; apas pat castigo segun y 
finS^tinas: — retribution; reward or pun- 
ishment suitable to the action. 

aseradura, n.;— padlock. 

aserfn, n.: — sawdust. 

asero, n.: — steel. 

asl como, conj.: — as well as; so as; as 

asle, V. tr.; also asfi: — to condone; to 

asiento, n., also peso; tupd: — well. 

asiento, n.: — sedmient; yeast. 

aati, V. tr.; also despensa; sotta; nd.- 
para; £isii: — to waive; to give up a 
claim; to forego. 

asii, V. tr.; also ma&36: — to forgive* to 
pardon; inasii, n.; petdon: — forgive- 
ness; pardon. 

asiiyon, adj., adv.: — ^pardonable; excus- 

asiga, n.: — salt. 

asi que, conj.; also enseguidas que: — 

as soon as; so soon as. 
asiste, v. tr.; also socore; ayuda: — Uy 

assbt; to help; to succor; to be of 

asistente, n.;'also representatibo: — 

del^ate; representative, 
asga, n.: — sulphur. 
asg&e, V. tr.: — to sulphurate; to smoke 

with brimstone; to bleach with sul- 
phur; to impregnate with sulphur, 
asgon, n.; also tesna; potbos: — ^fog; 

soot; dust; haze. 
&8gile, V. tr.; also fumiga: — ^to fumi- 

gate; to smoke, 
asne, v. tr.: — to pickle; to salt, 
asnentucon, n.: — salted fish. 
asd, adj.: — inclined; oblique. 
asd, V. %.: — ^to incline; to bow. 
&80, n.: — smoke, mist; fog; vapor. 
&80, V. i.: — ^to smoke. 
asd, V. %.; also nuuSg^ag: — ^to bend; ta 

bend down the body. 
&Bod&, V. tr.; also danche: — ^to meet; to 

find; to hit upon; to fall in with, 
asogue, n.: — quicksilver, 
asoguiye, v. tr.: — ^to cover with quick- 

asolas, adj., adv.; also m&isa; g^giii- 

yajH: — alone; single; by itself. 
asoxi, n.: — ^bed. 
ason, V. %.: — to lay stretched out in bed; 

to go to bed; to lay down in bed. 
asqueroso, adj., adv.; also nH-masa: — 

nauseous; loathsome, 
asta ng^an; also written jasta £|^&iaii: — 

imtil when? 
asta g^ue, conj.; also written jasta que: — 

asucaxera, n.: — sugar box; sugar con- 

asucat, n.: — sugar. 

asuela, n.: — ^hoe; curved hoe. 

&suguag, n.; also troson jayo: — timbers 

running under the rafters of a house, 

asunsi6n, n.: — ascension of Mary the 


asunsidn, n.: — ^local name for the Cura- 
sao milkweed, a handsome plant with 
orange-scarlet flowers; of American 
origin and very common in Guam; its 
roots possess emetic properties and the 
juice of its leaves is used as a remedy for 
intestinal worms. 

asunto, n.: — concern; affair; business. 

asusta, V. tr.; also jalang; jongaj^: — ^to 
frighten; to startle; to terrify. 

asusta, V. i.: — ^to be frightened; to be 

asustao, adj.: — ^frightened; startled; ter- 

astisut, adj., adv.; also astistiut: — 
bluish; nd.-astit: — to color or dye blue. 
astit, adj., adv.: — ^blue; cerulean; azure. 
&tadog, n.: — eye. 




atag&, adj.; also dagua; tininon- 

soxnnap: — sun burned; red. 
atagtag, adj.f adv.; also ch&t-ilo: — 

stubborn; perverse; hard headed, 
atalag, v. tr.: — ^to look; to look hard at 

some one or something, 
a^tamos, adj.; also a^duco^ ndsio: — 

imbecile; feeble-minded; idiotic. 
&^t&n, V. tr.y V. i.: — to look; to glance; to 

perceive; to see. 
fttan, V. tr.; also 6dag; dacut: — ^to strike 

a quick, sharp blow; to knock. 
&t&n, V. tr.; also Jaso; espia; oon- 

templa: — to observe; to contemplate; 

to look at; to view; to watch. 
fttSii fijo, V. %.; also doohon na in&- 

tan: — ^to stare; to look sharply, 
ataae, v. tr.: — ^to fasten witn nails; to 

atane gui quilfius, v. tr.: — ^to nail to a 

&^tan-jai interj.; also dnagtti; di; dift; 

diaja: — look! see there! 
ataa-sdgUety v. tr.: — ^to look surrepti- 
atan un banda, adj.; also quitan: — 

ataque, n.; also achaque: — attack; 

shock; fit. 
atfitque, n.; also injtiria; fatta: — 

onense; injury: assault, 
atarantao, adj.j adv.: — stupid; unsteady; 

atasca, n.; also fanatasoayan; fachd; 

fanfachian: — ^puddle; mud puddle; 

body of stagnant water, 
atatid, n.: — coflSn. 
&tayd, n.; also lomo: — ^loins, hips; 

haunches. * 

dtbanity n.: — mason, 
atbettura, n.: — aperture; opening; hole; 

dtbidon, n.: — starch for ironing. 
atborotaOy n.; also man boroquento 

(or buruquento): — rabble; noisy crowd 

or mob. 
atborota, v. tr.; also xnol^stia; na-fan- 

yauyau: — ^to bother; to molest; to vex; 

to annoy; to instigate; to incite; to 

stir up. 
atborotad6t, adj.^ adv.; also Jfjoroba; 

tai-inaJgo£|^: — ^troublesome; annoy- 
atboroto, n.; also chinatsaga: — ^trouble; 

distress; worry, 
atboroto, n.; pliito: — ^fuss; imneces- 

sary or irritating activity, especially 

in small matters. 
atca,n.; — ^Ark of the Covenant; Noah's 

atcagiiete, n.: — ^matchmaker. 
atcaSg^jeles, n.: — archangels, 
atcaa Noa, n.: — Noah's ark. 
atcaparas, n.; — name of a shrub grow- 
ing near the sea, with large, white, 

fragrant flowers: the natives make very 

good pickles ot the uniipe seed cap- 

at contraiio; also pot el oontrario 

(Sp.): — contrary (to the ). 

atcos, n.: — ^bow. 

atcoB, n.: — arch of a building; arch of 

the bow. 
atcos guinaaa, n.: — arch of victory. 
atchibOy n.: — archive, 
atdau, n.: — sun. 
ate, V. tr.: — ^to pour into a cup; to pour 

ategtog, n.; also lasarino: — ^leprosy; 

atensi6n, n.; also inatiende; inati- 

tuye: — attention. 
atfabeto, n.; — alphabet, 
atfllet, n.: — ^pin. 

atfo2nbra,n.;— rug; floor covering; carpet, 
atgayas, n.: — gills. 
atgavas, n.: — also guasai^; toznatev 

&gaga: — ^tonsils. 
ateodon de xnanila: — local name for 

me kapok tree; the silky floss is used 

for stuffing cushions and pillows, 
atgoya, n.: — ^the ring in the nose of the 

atguasit, n.; also tatagd: — ^foreman, 
atguedon^ n.; — cotton; cotton wadding. 

atg(in, adj.: — any; any soever. 

atguna cosa {Sp.}; also mas sea jafa: — 

something; whatsoever. 
atg(in manera; also atg(in modo: — 

somehow; by some means; in one way 

or another, 
atiende, v. tr.; also aooxupafLa: — to 

attend; to accompany, 
atilig, V. tr.: — to pull the ear. 
atilofig:, adj.^ adv.: — black, 
atis, n.; — ^local name for the sugar apple: 

the favorite of the natives of Guam, and 

is found planted by nearly every house ;^ 

the fruit becomes very soft when ripe^ 

often bursting open on the tree, when it 

is greedily eaten by the ants, 
atisa, V. tr.: — to push along; to drive; to 

impel; to make the lamp bum brighter. 
atito, adj.: — fault-finding; hair-splitting; 


atituye, v. tr.; also faisen; adbiette: — 

atituyiyun, adj.^ adv.: — remarkable; ex- 

traorainary; uncommon, 
atlebes. mj. p. p.: — turned around; 

tumea upside-down; overturned, 
atmadot, n.; also ^dexi aeftg&; pa- 

fluel6n: — scarf; a light handkerchief or 

tie for the neck; shawl ; wrap ; shoulder 


atmadura, n.; also trastes guera: — 

military equipment; armament, 
atmajayan, n.: — local name for the rhea 

shrub, bearing minute green flowers; 

its bark is used as a remedy in certain 


atmang^ao, n.: — name of a small craw- 

atmao, adj.: — prepared; ready for a 




atxnaxiao, adj., adv.: — giddy; frivolous; 

atmariao, n.: — ^lunatic; one who is 

atznariao, adj.; also caduco: — demented; 


atm&iio, n.; — cupboard, 
atmas, n.; also oanae: — arms. 
atmasdn, n.; also esqueldto: — skeleton, 
atmayas, n.: — gruel; oatmeal. 
atzuoneda, n.: — auction, 
atnibat, n.; also ini6t: — ^honey; sirup. 
Atin6iiico, n.; also acotdidn: — ^accor- 

atmonio, n.; — ^harmonium; organ. 
atnibat, n.; also maxnes na chugii: — 

atd, V. tr.: — to take, 
atof, n.: — roof. 

atof-jigae, n.; — roof made of cocoa palm 

atof-sin, n.: — ^iron roof. 

-atof-teja, n.: — tile roof. 

atoe, V. i.; also reftigia: — to hide; to take 

atog, n.: — ^refuge; protection from danger 
or distress. 

atotgante, adj.^ adv.; also t6i-ma&£lau; 
t&i-&£Lau; descarao; sllguat; ma- 
tatng^a: — ^bold; courageous; audacious; 

atotgaye, v. L; also jasuye; atotgaye 
comdtsio: — to speculate. 

atottan Ttius, n.; also naturalesa: — 
nature; the universe; the natural order 
of things. 

atottaye, v. tr.; also choznd.: — ^to forbid; 
to prohibit. 

-atpa, n.: — ^harp. 

atpajon, v. tr.;also aconseja; adibina: — 
to guess; to divine; to find by con- 
jecture; to prophesy; to tell one's 

at pot n^ayot, adj.: — ^wholesale. 

atquitr&n, n.: — ^tar. 

atrasao, adj.j adv.; also madingo; 
tatde: — ^tardy; late; dilatory; reluctant. 

atrebido, adj., adv.' also t&i respeto; 
descarao: — ^impudent; offensively for- 
ward; intentionally disrespectful. 

atrebixniento, n.; also &miuo: — cour- 
age; mettle. 

atrit, n.; also ptitpito: — ^pulpit. 

atropeya, v. %.; also entalue; um6n- 
tal6; mete: — ^to interfere; to oppose; 
to meddle. 

atsobispo, n.: — ^archbishop. 

attat, n.: — altar. 

attat ypllopao sija, n.: — altar of incense. 

atte, n.; also dina^e; fin&baba: — ^fake; 
cheat; dodge; swindler; trickster. 

atticulon jineng^gue, n.: — ^article of 

attilleria, n.; also cafLones: — ordnance; 

attura, n.; a2so linec&: — altitude; height. 

atule, n.; also atm.aya8: — ^broth; mush; 

corn boiled in the milk of the coconut. 
fituflgd, n.: — acquaintance, 
atupat, n.: — also tupat; tupa^: — sling. 
aumenta, v. tr.; also ma subi; lumA* 

m.egai; muttiplioa; dobbla: — ^to in- 
crease; to enlarge; to enhance; to 

augment; to multiply, 
aumenta, v. tr.; also oatgaye; n&- 

Itoiacat; case; nd.-bubo: — ^to aggra- 
vate; to intensify, 
aumento, n.; also suma: — addition. 
autom6bit, n.; also calesan sin ^^', 

m6bit : — automobile . 
autorid&d, n.; also fuetsa; sfsiila; 

mixietgot: — ^might; power; force; au- 
autorisa, v. tr.: — ^to authorize; to furnish 

with an errand. 
aya, adj.; also dchaigua; parejo: — 

similar; resembling; equal. 
&yao, V. tr.; also n4-&yao: — ^to borrow; 

to obtain on loan, 
dyao, V. tr.; also presta: — to lend; to 

grant to another for temporary use. 
aye, v. tr., v. %.; also nH-asd: — ^to cause 

to lean; to lean; to incline. 
ayeg, v. tr.: — ^to classify; to systematize; 

to choose; to select; to make choice of; 

to pick out. 
aye|^, v. tr.; also f&n&an; safigan; 

elije; nombra: — ^to elect; to name; to 

ayo, adj., pron.: — ^that; that one; those 

which; the one spoken to. 
ayo, prep.; also san jil6; jildfla; jijot: — 

on; upon; at; near, 
ayo guato, adv.; also giiije: — ^there 

(£?way from the person addressed) 

thither; that way (g?ll6nau guato). 
ayo nai: — ^there; then; therefore; for that 

ayo na patte gui c&nai desde y temo 

asta y mofleca: — ^forearm; literally: 

the arm between the wrist and the 

ayo na tidmpo: — era; period of time. 
ayo y sifla anog: — ostensible; apparent; 

ayuda, v. tr.; also confitma; nH g&e 

minetgot: — to strengthen; to confirm, 
ayuda, v. tr.; also mantiene; n&-apd: — 

to support; to hold or offer the hand; to 

hold pack, 
ayuda, v. tr.; also faborese: — to aid; to 

protect; to patronize; to favor, 
ayuda, v. tr.: — to come to the aid of; to 

contribute; to furnish as a share; to be 

of service; to assist, 
ayunat, n.; also cuaresma: — lent; time 

of fasting; fast. 
ayunat, v. i.: — to fast; to go without food, 
ayuno, n.;— ^ay of fasting, 
ayu y cum&catga y isao y pumalo: — 

scapegoat; literally: one who bears the 

blame for another, 
ayuyu, n.: — cocoa crab. 





Jy^Lajiy adj.: — delayed; come too late; risen 

out of bed too late. 
l)aba, V. tr.: — ^to open; to spread out; to 

l)aba, adj.f adv.; also abietto: — open; 

ajar; unfastened. ^ 

baba, adj.^ adv.; also alajSgd,; laxig&; 

totpe: — stupid; foolish; silly; dull; 

baba, adj.^ adv.; also tidlaye; plcaro: — 

naughty; bad; perverse; mischievous. 
baba, v. tr.: — to develop; to unfold; to put 

in use. 
b&baba, adj.; also tonto: — silly; stupid; 

b^baba, n.; also caduco; tditinifil^d: — 

simpleton; ninny, 
b&bale, n.: — moth (flying around a light). 
b&bale, n.: — eyelash, 
b^bul, n.; also cocbino: — swine; pig; pig- 
skin; hog. 
b&buin jaluzn-tand, n.: — ^pig; wild boar. 
baca, n.: — cow. 
bacalao, n.: — codfish, yellow wren; 

Spanish fly. 
bacante, n.: — vacancy; state of being 

vacant or empty. 
bacasi6n, n . : — vacation . 
bachet, adj.y adv.: — ^blind. 
bd,chig:o, adj., adv.: — ^mogul-eyed; having 

the eyes with too close eyelids. 
baculo, n.: — crutch. 
b&culo, n.; also b&ston: — staff; stick. 
badOy n.: — ^hump; humpback, 
bado, adj., adv.: — humpbacked. 
b&gai) n.; also tapis: — ^apron. 
bagam'undo, n.; also baeo; g&-luin&- 

yau; gagd: — lazy body; loafer; idler, 
bagamundo, v. %.; also gft-jumanao; 

bumagaxnundo: — ^to roam; to ramble; 

to wander about aimlessly. 
bagaso, n.; — coconut, after the milk has 

been extracted. 
bago, n.; also 14ot!g^: — tramp, 
bima, V. tr., V. i.: — ^to dance, 
baile, n.: — dance. 

b&ina, n.; — sheath; scabbard; cover. 
baj&, V. tr,; also dilog; tecon: — ^to in- 

cUne; to bend down; to take down; 

to tilt, 
bajia, n.; also bocana; tasi; finftgullg- 

said: — ^bay. 
baio, n.: — ^bass (voice). 
bala, n.: — trifle ball, 
balaco, n.; — ^boar. 

balaja, v. tr.: — ^to mix; to mix the cards, 
balaja, n.: — splaying cards, 
balanda, n.; also ^aleria; cajida: 

veranda; covered addition, 
balandra, n.: — sloop; one-masted vessel. 
balandiyaSyTi..' — railing; balustrade made 

of pillars; edge of a bilUard table, 
balansa, n.; also pesadot: — scale, 
balanse, v. i.; also balansea: — swing; 

rock; seesaw. 

balas, n.; also baston: — ^riding whip; 
rod; switch. 

baJas guin&, n.: — ^lath or lattice work 
in the roof of the native houses, to 
which are fastened the braided co9oa- 
palm leaves. 

balasd, n.: — ^marrow of the breadfruit. 

bale, V. tr.; also gudsguas: — ^to scrub; 
to clean; to scour. 

bdle, V. i.: — ^to cost; to be worth; to be 
important; to be valid (ex., what does 
it cost? — cuaato balinaP). 

bale (gui setbisio), v. tr.; also 
merese: — to deserve; to earn by serv- 
ice; to be justly, entitled to; to merit. 

balente) adi., adv.; also famoso; ma- 
t: — ^br 

tat£g^a: — ^brave; mighty; powerful; 

bSlido, n.: — ^valid; having legal force. 

balisa, n.; also maleta: — siut case; va- 
lise; buoy. 

baliyon, n.: — ^place that can be swept. 

balloon, adj.; also bale: — worth the 

bcdutan, v. tr.; also afuyut; falulon: — 
to infold; to wrap up; to swathe; to 

balutan, n.; also paquete: — ^parcel; a 
small bundle. 

balenten pachot, n.; also fantajsioso; 
banidoso: — ^bra^art; boaster; swag- 

bafiadero, n.: — ^pond; a pool of standing 

banco, n.: — ^bank. 

bancon ade£g, n.; also fanapuan; 

apo: — ^footstool, 
banda, n.; also canto; oriya: — ^rim; 

border; margin, 
banda, n.; also lao; oriya: — side, 
banda, n.; also capiya: — ^band; orchestra 

of musicians, 
b&ndara, n.; also ramienta para numft- 

gasgas m&ies: — ^tool usea in cleaning 


bandeja, n.; also plato; eplato: — salver; 

bandera, n.; also estandatte: — flag; 

bando, n.: — edict; public proclamation, 
bandolero, n.; also tulisan: — bandit; 

outlaw; one who is deprived of legal 

benefits and protection. 
bandonfL&ijon, v. tr.: — to announce; to 

publish; to proclaim, 
banidd, n.: — flaunt; a boast; brag, 
banid&d, n.: — vanity, 
banidoso, adj., adv.; also niani&-niam&- 

gas: — ^hau^ty^ proud and disdainful, 
banjala (or pangjela), n.: — rope under 

the neck of the carabao in harness. 
bano, adv.; also en bano: — fruitlessly; in 

vain; to no purpose; without result. 
bafLo, n.: — ^bath; oathroom; bathtub. 







bap6t, n.: — steam; steamer mist; fume; 

banquero, n.; — ^banker; money changer; 

bap6t guera, n.: — ship of war. 
bap6t i5to, n.: — launcn ; pleasure boat, 
baqueta, n.; also baquetan paque: — 

ramrod ; gunstick . 
bara, n.: — ^half brass; half of a fathom; 

measure from middle of the chest to the 

finger tips, 
barangai, n.: — district of a village, 
baxaquilan. n.; — lattice work in the roof 

of native nouses. 
baratOy adj.y adv.; also t&igasto; ti 

xnigasto^ ti-gudguan; rasonable: — 

inexpensive; cheap; reasonable; fair; 

low-priced; purchasable at a low price. 
barena, n.; — small drill; borer. 
barena, v, tr.: — to drill; to bore. 
bareta, n.: — ^bar; long piece of wood or 

metal; also barote: — crowbar. 
bariable, adj.; also ti fijo jinasonfLa: — 

inconstant; unstable; changeable; vari- 
baricada, v. tr.: — to protect by a bank; to 

bari^da, n.: — ^flank; the fleshy part of an 

ammal between the ribs and the hip. 
bariles, n.: — cask; barrel, 
baxilito, n.: — k^. 
b&rio, n.; also barrio: — county; district; 

suburb; borough. 
bardmetoro, n.: — ^barometer, 
barote, n.; also alunan-javo: — ^ancient 

headrest or pillow made of a short piece 

of wood. 
basa, n.; also fondo; yapHpapft: — ^base; 

baaio, n.; also dinafldi: — siding; turnout 

on the road, 
bajsio, adj.y adv.; also gtteco; t&isixxaj- 

guan: — empty; vacant within; hollow; 

basnag, v. i.: — ^to fall; to descend; to 

baso, n.: — tumbler; glass; vessel; re- 
basta, V, tr.; also para; resigna: — ^to 

resign; to surrender formally; to with- 
draw from, 
basta, adv.; also yesta najong: — 

enough; sufficiently. 
basta bunxurucal also xnampos na 

burucal — enough of that noise! 
b&ston, n.; also b&culo: — cane; staff; 

bastes, n.; also bronco; fri6n: — snob; 

a vulgar person who apes gentility, 
bastos, odfj., adv.; a2so desatento; mal- 

amaiia; presomido; chaleg; macb- 

aleg: — coarse; rough; inattentive; ir- 
reverent; disrespectful; rude; uncivil; 

churlish; morose; ill-natured: stubborn. 
basula, n.: — garbage; offal; reiuse; trash; 

worthless or useless matter; rubbish; 

sweepings; what is thrown out; junk; 

old metal, rope, etc. 

basurero, n.: — scavenger; any animal 
that devours refuse (masea Jala na 
gae& ni Ja cacano ^an yute). 

batafidn, n.; also written bataydn:— 
battahon (a body of in&ntry). 

bata^ea, n.; also cal^ga: — ^name of 
a sl^ilike conveyance used to trans- 
port logs from the forest. 

batatas, n.; — ^potatoes. 

bataya, n.; — ^battle. 

bataydn, n.; also rejizniento: — ^battal- 
ion; regiment. 

batbas, v. tr.: — ^to shave (ma batbas: — 
to be shaved; 1u babatbas yd: — ^I am 
shaving myself). 

batbas; also ohu^ui: — gray bearded. 

batbas gttijan: — ^fins of a fish. 

batbas tinegch&: — ^point of an ear of 

batbas uja£^: — ^feelers of a crawfish. 

b&tbaxo, adj., adv.; also animoso: — 
daring; rash; wild; bold; venturesome. 

b&tbaro, n.; also y brute; bastos; 
t&ilaye yan mala xnafLa na t&otao: — 

batbero, n.: — ^barber. 

batca, n.; batoo; also sajyan: — ship; 

batco, n.; also modo£g: — ^bark; bark; 
three-masted sailing vessel. 

batc6n, n.: — ^balcony; porch. 

b&tcon &ire, n.: — airship; steerable 

b&tcon lire, n.: — aeroplane. 

b&tcon cafion, n.; also cafionero: — 

b&tcon guera, n.; — ^warship; man-of- 

batdao, adj., adv.: — gouty; having the 

batde, n.: — ^bucket. 

batde, adv.; also debatde: — gratis; in 
vain; gratuitously; for nothing. 

bate, V. tr.; also mam& manesca: — to 
brew; to make liquors. 

bate, V. tr.: — to knead; to crumple up; 
also yac&; yalaca; chaldj^a: — to 
move; to stir up; to set in motion. 

batea, n.: — ^wash tray; made of wood, of 
small size and almost flat. 

bateria, n.: — ^battery. 

b&tidot, n,: — container for serving choco- 

batnfs, n.: — ^varnish. 

batnis, v. tr.: — to varnish. 

batsa, n.: — float; raft. 

b&tsala, V. i.; also ctinanaf; remot- 

que: — to creep; to move slowly along 

the ground; to crawl; to tug; to puU 

with great effort. 
b&tsajno, n.; also qulnensuela; mina- 

go£|:; dinichoso: — embalming fiuid; 


batunes, v. tr.; also fludo: — to button; 
to knot. 

b&ubau:— hollow; empty (fruit without 




ba-tU, n.; also troiS^o: — trunk; stem. 

bautiiBino, n.; also tinagpa^^e: — ^bap- 
tism; chrbtenlng. 

b&vagy n.; aUo badyag: — ^trumpet fish 
(the Spanish trompetero). 

baye, n.; also ca&ada: — ^valley. 

bayena, n.; also salti£g:ai: — ^whale. 

bayenero, n.: — ^whaler. 

bayogon tomo, n.; — ^knee joint. 

bayogon ade^g:, ^•' — ^knuckle; joint; 

beato, adj.y adv,; also santos: — saint; 

holy; sainted; blessed. 
bde; bendas, n.: — ^brace; bandage. 
b6e, V. tr.: — to bandage; to tie up. 
bejiga, n.;also nftyaii-iudiud:--bladder. 
bejucoy n.; — ^name of a species of climb- 
ing palms; also bejuco jaluxn-tano; an 

attempt was made to make use of it as 

chair rattan, without success, 
bela. n.: — sails; belan China: — Chinese 

sails; belan crus: — cross sails; belan 

Latin: — ^Latin sail, 
bela, V. %.: — to wake; to watch, 
b^lembau-pachoty n.; also bibig: — 

mouth harmonica, 
b^lembau-tuyan, n.; — ^musical instru- 
ment resembling the guitar. 
b^lembaUy v. tr.^ v. i.; also chucan: — to 

swing; to rock; to undulate. 
bel6rio. n.; — ^wake; death watch (at the 

deathoed of a child), 
benefisio, n.; — deed of charity. 
bendas, n.; — eye bandage, 
bendas, v, tr.: — to put on a bandage, 
bende, v. tr.: — ^to sell; to dispose of for 

pay; to vend. 
bende gui chalan, v. %.: — to peddle; to 

travel about selling wares, 
bendise, v. tr.; also tuna: — to bless; to 

praise; to commend; to extol, 
bendisidn, n.; also tinina: — blessing, 
bendito, adj.: — praised; blessed, 
bendiyon, adj.^ adv.: — odable; vendible; 

be^ggansa, n.; also beng^ga; emoc^; 

inemog: — vengeance; revenge; retn- 

be^belSg:, n.: — quail. 
bengbeiSS:, v. tr., v. i.: — to whistle as a 

mark of disapproval; to hiss; to buzz; 

to crack the whip, 
bense, v. tr.: — to convince; to win over 

by persuasion or evidence; to persuade, 
benta, n.; — sale. 

bentaja, n.; — gain; profit; advantage, 
bentana, n.; also fa^^djan; fand- 

l&an: — ^window, 
bente, adj.: — twenty, 
bentero, n.; also maj^uent^ttaye: — 

benteron-magago, n.: — clothier; one 

who makes or sells clothing, 
bentosa, v. tr.: — ^to apply a warm poul- 
bentoBO, adj.; also pumoepog; umes- 

po£g:ja: — inflating; swelling. 

beolfo, n.; — ^bass viol; double bass. 
betb&ty adj., adv.: — oral; verbal. 
beranoy n.; also tiempon m&ipe; 

fa&oninagan: — summer; a season of 

the year, 
beregueta, n.: — slit in a garment, 
bere^gjenas, n.: — eggplant. 
bee: — ^times (ex., tres bases: — three 

times; ^ot segunda bes: — for the 

second time; en bes de: — instead of). 
besbesy v. %.; also desdes: — ^to hiss 

(frying fat). 
besera, n.; also escudo; pataaSg;; p&pa- 

tadg: — diield. 
besinoy n.; — neighbor. 
besino, adj.: — ^neighboring; situated near 


beste, V. tr., refl.; also minagago: — ^to 
dress; to get dressed; to dress one's 

bestido, n.; also magago: — gown; a 
woman's outer garment; dress; cloth; 
material; clothing; piece of clothing; 
article of dress. 

betbena, n.: — name of a weed ; the leaves 
are sometimes used as a local applica- 
tion to boils, sores, and the stmgs of 
insects and reptiles. 

betde, v. %.: — to be verdant; to grow 
green; to thrive. 

betde, adj.: — green (of color). 

betdugo. n.; — ^hangman; executioner. 

betgantin, n.: — ^bng; two-masted square- 
rigged vessel. 

betgiielas, n.; — smallpox; pox. 

betmejo, adj.: — ^blond; red naired. 

betmiyon, n.: — ant fly. 

bietnesanto, n.; also bietn^s santo: — 
Good Friday. 

betso, n.: — ^verse. 

biaje, n.: — ^voyage. 

biaje, v. %.: — ^to travel; to journey. 

biaje: — ^times {ex., dos biaje: — ^twice; 
m^gai na biaje: — often). 

biajero, adj., adv.; also ^si-jocog; ti 
maog: — ^transitory; fleeting. 

biajero, n.; also pasajero: — ^traveler; 

bibal interj.: — ^hurrah! 

biba, V. tr.: — to burst forth with excla- 
mations of approval. 

bibegy n.: — ^wnistle; signal whistle; 
moudi harmonica. 

bibende, n.: — shopkeeper; grocer; trader. 

bibet, n.; also biberes: — ^food; victuals. 

bfblia, n.; also hi8t6ria sagrada {Sp.): — 

bibotda, n.: — ^woman who embroiders; 

binetda; mabotdayn.; — embroidery; a 

piece of embroidery; botda, v. tr.: — ^to 

embroider; to stitch, 
bictima, n.; also iridao: — ^victim; dupe. 
bictoriosOy n.; also j &ftflau: — ^victor, 
bictoiioso, adj.: — glorious; victorious, 
bida^ n.; also I1X1&I&: — ^life; animate 




bogbog lnlog 

bienbenida, adj.; also buenas; felis 
biaje: — ^welcome; received with glad- 
ness or with hospitality. 

bienabenturado, adj., adv.: — holy; sa- 
cred; blessed. 

bietnes, n.: — ^Friday. 

big^ya, n.; also bitiya: — ^vigil. 

biio, oo;*.; bija, aaj.: — old; aged; ancient. 

bijo, adj., adv.; aUo maja£gu6; rto- 
aio : — rancid ; fetid . 

.bijo na t&otao: — an old man. 

bilioBo, adj.: — ^bilious; choleric. 

billa; biya, n.; also so£gBo£g: — ^bor- 
ough; a corporate town. 

bina, n.; also tinanuTn ubas: — vineyard; 
hill planted with vines. 

binaba, n.; also atbettura; xnadog; 
ngul6: — ^hole; aperture; opening; 

binaba, n.; also frionera: cdn&ulag: — 
stupidity; foolishness; stillness; want of 
unaerstanding; folly; sound thrashing. 

binado, n.; — deer. 

bina^le, n.; — vinegar. 

binajeras, n.: — small utensil used in 
celebration of mass. 

binalente, n.; also inabiba; mina- 
tatnga: — encouragement. 

binanidoBO, n.: — ^assumption. 

binbin, n.; also bengbei^:— hum; the 
noise of bees and other insects in 

bindan, adj.: — ^foaming; driveling. 

binen^ga, v. tr.; also desquita: — to 
retahate; to return by giving like for 

binef[g;beng, n.: — ^whiz of a bullet. 

bineno, adj.; also juna; t^tatse: — 

bineno, n.; also juna: — poison. 

binenuye, v. ir.; also tatse: — to poison. 

binetdan magxiadog, v. tr.: — ^to engrave; 
to cut or grave in sunken patterns; to 

binibo, n.; aUo mmajalang; pesadum- 
bre: — apprehension; anger; vexation. 

binibo, n.; also binlbubo: — ^wrath; choler; 
anger; ire; indignant passion; bubo, 
V. %.: — ^to be angry; to become angry. 

binalald; esc&ndalOy n.: — anger; bit- 

binijo, n.; also inantiguo; t&otao 
mdna; in-abmam: — antiquity; great 

binila, adj., adv.; also bula; entera- 
mente; entero: — ^full; complete. 

binila, v. tr., v. %.; also b&obao; n&- 
esponja: — to inflate; to swell; to cause 

bimlacho, n.; also mina&gsoxn: — ^fer- 

bine, n.: — ^wine. 

biplane, n.: — ^biplane; aeroplane having 
two planes, contrasted with mono- 
piano, the aeroplane having one plane 

bfporas, n.; also sfsuma: — adder; viper; 

bira, v. tr.: — ^to turn; to turn about; to 

turn around, 
bira, adj.: — ^wry; distorted; twisted. 
birada, n.: — ^tum; revolution; change 

of direction, 
bira y hojas: — ^to turn over a new leaf, 
birayon, p. adj.: — easily turned, 
birfn, n.: — glass ball; glass. 
bisagra, n.; also coyuntura: — hinge; 


biscocho, n.; also gayetas: — ^biscuit. 

biaicleta, n.: — ^bicycle. 

bisita^ v. tr.; also 6gkgk; fat6igtte: — 

to visit; to inspect; to overlook; to con- 
trol; to search; to view, 
biflino, n.: — ^vicinity; neighborhood. 
bfsio, n.: — ^habit; custom; also costum- 

bre; penjS|^& ti-abmam na moda: — 

fad; a pet idea; a passing fashion, 
bfsio, n.: — ^vice; fault; defect; blemish. 
bisioBO, adj., adv.: — ^vicious; criminal, 
bisita, n.: — call; a visit, 
bis-nieto, n.: — great-grandchild. 
bfspera, n.: — vespers. 
bfsperan etipot; also afunan gupot: — 

evening oefore a festivity. 
bitten, n.; also tatnai-mayuma: — 

virgin; maiden, 
bitttid, n.: — ^virtue; strength, 
bittuoso, adj., adv.; also t&ibisio: — 

biuda, n.; biudo: — ^widow; widower, 
biy&t, n.: — billiards, 
biyete, n.: — ticket, 
blaguero, n.: — ^truss. 
bianco, adj.; also glieco; c^asgas: — 

blank; free from writing; empty, 
bianco, n.; also famskquiyaii: — rifle 

range; target. 
blan^uea, v. tr.; also n&-&^pac&: — ^to 

blan^uisco, adj.; also inapac&an: — 


blaaf^mia, n.; also disparateria: — 

blusa, n.; also calo na magago: — blouse. 

bdan, n.; also espuma: — scum; foam; 
froth; bu6, n.: — ^foam; water blister. 

boca dulse, n.: — local name for a fish 
having sharklike mouth and large eyes: 
steel-blue on back; whitish on rest of 
body; is edible, and in Spanish is called 

boc&, n.; also oesd: — ^hill; mountain; 
mountain top; elevation; bluff; moun- 
tain or rock rising steeply. 

bocao, n.: — ^bit; morsel; mouthful. 

bocha, V. %.: — ^to rot (ex., fruit). 

bocha, adj.: — swellea. 

boda, n.: — nuptials; a marriage; marriage 

bodega, n.; also famdluyan:— vault; 

arch; cellar; storeroom, 
bogbog, V. %.: — ^to tear; to burst; to break 

loose; to run away, 
bogbog, V. tr.: — ^to tear out: to pull out. 
bogbog lulog, n.: — ^nail puller. 




b6esion, adj.: — ghastly; deathlike; pale; 
also calan-zn&tai; descolor&o; chu- 
pon; jipato: — colorless (complexion); 
pallid; sallow; wan. 

b(nau, V, tr.: — ^to strike (with a fan, at 

bojbo, V. tr,; also bojbuye: — ^to spit out. 

bola, n.; — bullet. 

bola, n.; — ^ball game. 

bolacheroy n.; — drunkard; tippler; b6e- 
lachOy adj.y adv.: — drunk; intoxicateid. 

bolante, n.; aUo capiya: — hood; woman's 
hood; cowl (hooalike covering]); cape. 

bologbog, V. %.: — ^to bubble; to boil up; to 
sputter {ex.y a spring, bubbling out of 
the ground). 

boluzit&d, n.; — good will. 

boluzit&riOy adj.; also xnutd: — voluntary; 

bolunt&rio, n.: — ^volunteer. 

boxnba, n.: — ^pump; bomb. 

boznban quemasdn, n.: — fire engine; 
fire apparatus; fire-extinguishing ap- 

bombatdea, v. tr.: — to bombard; to at- 
tack with bombs; yotte boxnbas; 
also flecha: — ^to throw bombs. 

bofLeloa. n.: — ^pastry, in the shape of 
small balls. 

bonete, n.; also tujo£g; gora: — ^bonnet. 

bong-bong fagot; also b&jadot: — ^bam- 
boo rod used in carrying the juice of 
the cocoa palm (tuba). 

hoi^'honjg jinalum: — ^palpitation of the 

bonita, adj.. adv.; also dudus; pachu- 
Chang; samai; gatbo; guefpligo; 
guaiy&yon: — ^neat; nice (speaking of 
girls); beautiful; handsome. 

bonito, adj.y adv.; jp^atbo; faznoso: — 
splendid; brilliant; mmoud; magnificent 

bonito na tonada, adj.: — tuneful; musi- 
cal; harmonious. 

boniton tinigul: — ^penmanship; the art 
or style of writing. 

b6og, V. tr.: — to tear out. 

borad6t, n.: — day book; rough draft. 

bor6n, n.; — ^ink blot. 

bos, n.: — ^voice. 

bosa, n.; also talen manb&tsala: — 
towline of a schooner. 

bosbos, n.; also lat6: — scab; scurf; 

bota, V. tr.: — to vote. 

botal6n, n.; — boom; spar. 

botas, n.: — ^boots. 

botasi6n, n.: — election. 

botc&n, n.: — ^volcano. 

botda, n.; binetda; also botda; ma- 
botda: — embroidery; piece of em- 

botda, V. tr.f v, %.: — ^to embroider. 

botdao, n.; also encajea: — laces; em- 

botdo, V, i.: — to tack. 

bote, n.; also batco; batca: — ^boat. 

boteya, n.; also frasco: — bottle; flask. 

botfn, n/: — half shoe; low shoe, 
botlas, n.: — tassel; tuft; ornamental 

knot; tress. 
boto, V. tr.: — to vow; to make a solemn 

botsa, n.; also pottamoneda; bot- 

siyo: — ^pocket; pocketbook. 
botsa, V. tr.; also costate: — to pocket 

boya, n.: — ^buoy. 
boyuff, V. tr.: — to drink out of a bottle 

or glass. 
brabo, adj.y adv.: — suitable; capable; 

stout; strong; proper; vigorous; robust; 

also l&lft; lalftl^:— healthy; living; 

alive; quick, 
brasaletes, n.; a^o putseras: — ^bracelet; 

arm ring, 
brasero, n.; — brazier; for burning char- 
coal or coal, 
brea, n.; also da^uis: — ^resin; rosin; 

brea blanca, n.: — ^local name for the Java 

almond, a large tree yielding an aro- 
matic resin luiown in commerce as 

Manila elemi. 
biigada, n.: — ^brigade. 
brin, n.; also lona: — canvas. 
broca, n.: — drill, upright run by power, 

for drilling metals. 
bronco, n.; also bastos; fri6n: — snob; a 

vulgar person who apes gentility. 
bronco, adj.^ adv.; also malamaiia; 

mufiero: — harsh; grumbling; stubborn ; 

bronco, adj.y adv.; also desatento; t&i- 

atension; impolitico; t&irespeto; 

bruto: — impolite; wanting in good 

manners; boorish; coarse, 
bronco, adj.y adv.; also calaton: — trough; 

uneven; n^ged. 
bronse, n.: — ^bronze. 
bronse, adj., adv.: — ^made of bronze or of 

bruja, n.: — ^witch; sorceress, 
bruto, n.; also picaro: — scoundrel; man 

without honor or virtue; low worthless 

bubo, adj.y adv.; also lalald: — mad; en- 
raged; mentally disordered, 
bubo, v. i.; also calojft: — ^to be angry; to 

become angry. 
bubon inatmariao, v. i.: — to rave; to 

rage as a madman, 
buchi, n.; — goiter; tumor on the neck. 
buebente, v. %.; also duda: — to question; 

to hesitate; to doubt, 
buenaplanta, adj.: — stately; magnifi- 
cent; portly; splendid (as to stature). 
buenmuchacho, adj.j adv.; also f&fa- 

ch6ch6: — ^industrious; hard working. 
buenmuchacho, adj., adv.; also gu6f- 

machdchd: — laborious; diligent, 
buen saltid, adj.; also t&nalaiSgo; 

1&1&: — ^hale; sound bodily; healthy. 
buente, adj.^ adv.: — perhaps; maybe; by 

chance; haply. 


V. w also taimit 
t» bia^ to become < 

V. w olto b 

fltont; I 

iBlernipt; to ho 

V. v.* alio ttkgpd; m 
rtop: to ceMe; to be disci 
to tat end. 
: — to be a nei^bor. 
-fl M c aam ; bitter, 
; oito qniiUMe; d< 

b«li^ — yo n , /'' nz" — {iii£*nik'a. 


diKiain; demioii. 

■4te (buxkm), otf;., odr.; d 

WOte, m.>— jester; mocker. 
n.: — burro. 

m.; al90 sonido; rmdo.- 



- *< 


t>ul* ni«iS^4dMi4 j«a 

t«*ntiou0: t«*n«e. 

jAiui: r«uua\ ; Iri-rfit: w^irm: cheer- 

hinuAbnbm f ^r .^-t ^ talk silly; to talk 
to tl»'t:oiu'mlo; to deteriorate. 

tarnoiieiito, adj., adv.; abo Ij 

kma; noisy, 
bqacapliito, n.; aUo mttal 
na gayp: — gainecock. 
S T. t.j' — ^to dive. 
», n..« — diver, 
n.;— trombone; the wnis 


bntete, n.;— iocal name dt^ 
pine fish; sometimes resvi 
poisonous, but is eaten lit? 
been prepared with cema 

bntlea, v. tr., v. %.; alto tm:^ 
lotgoe; xnofea; mnyib; wM, 
b4e:— to mock; to deride: p i 
to make fun at. ^___ 

butto. n.;— package; statae 

bayadan t&otao, n^—cio 
jam; throng. 


fi»»bnl«>«*. '«<^/, «</*.• 0^ magajet; 

tiMinyAi mruruto; exact. 
^Ahnl«>'H, m/;., oJr.; a/*o entero; nA 

*,«»f7f>4>t<>; antaramenta:— complete; 

f.,,Mr*», full; rwMly; preoared; perfect. 
^nr#rt •/*»"». '» . '<'^'' aaflot:— gentleman; 

A </f J) \»rtu\ htui honorable man; horse- 

Antr.ty^rl«*, n.: utablo; building for 
l,,.i'./M«^ hftrMtym; aa|pan gf^§^f n.: — 
*».>*,.'. tof \fH\ifthu cuttlo, etc. 

Anfr'T/t^^', n j»<»»»y; a iiiiall horse. 

A-* ♦,..-M»*t , /> K'^*'! . f/rf*iman; top; cabeaa 
,^^ ^rtrrtf.^fi^l fliMtrirt ov«jrseer; head 
,,f M" Jt^fr*/ f,, ft^b^aiyo; capataa: — 

'-,»•<'♦ '' ' ♦»»!'» 

#.- , ^ ^ youf ornffit-t'notif'd officer. 

oAoft, V. i.; oZfo wSkfka 

oftca, n.: 
oftc&, gtii paderfin, a 

7 cJcanta, n./ caiit6t 
caoag, V, tr,: — to hawk: 

Uie throat audibly 
c&cagoi!g, It 

c&c&miaa. n 
cacag^oate, a^* 

name for the 

cultivated in 


authontieB is 

tensive scale: it 


the soil if ptaoiedix 

> ••- 

cicalas, sidi 




.o, n.: — cocoa. 

»i&, V. tr.: — ^to cut out the inaide of an 
3trument, a coconut, with an instru- 

laxxe, adj.: — destitute of brilliancy or 
luBter; not showy; unpretending. 
'.3xetj V. tr.y V. i.: — ^to put on; to wear (a 
5- jrment). 

■& .a, adj.; cada imo: — every; each. 
•.- .«abet, n.; also m&tai: — corpse; dead 
-».it>dy; dead. 

,ad4, adj.f adv.; also gusi; jijot: — 
.grief; short; concise; succinct; tersely 
jjKpressed; n&-c&dadliy v. tr.: — ^to 
^lorten. na tieznpo; also t^tmino: — 
^.)an; brief portion or extent of time. 
jA-zn^B, adj. J adv.: — ^monthly; happen- 
ig once a month. 
T^".a sacan, adj.: — annual, yearly. 
Ja un rate, adv.; also p&eo yan ayu; 
"^ alo tiempo: — ^now and then; once in 
, while; sometimes. 
"^lena, n.; also lisayo: — ^necklace; 

oeary; chain. 
' lena de ani6t: — chain of love; local 
^•■F'^^ame for the Mexican creeper; cuM- 
L • L-f? rated in the gardens of Guam, but not 
A t -s^ ommon. 

ifci-etfieras, n.; also lozno; fLanggo: — hip; 
■ff launch; loins. 
i:-#5i.6, V. i.: — ^to boil; to cook with fat. 
ii ^o, adj.f adv.: — apparent; seeming. 
'••dd, n.: — gravy; the fatty juice from 
iv; vif^- 'oasting flesh; soup; meat broth, 
iraa dd, v. tr.: — ^to pretend. 
,^^;r. .dd dineboto, n.; also calan ai 
'^0^ B^^iantos: — sanctimoniousness. 
2l« wS dd znara§jn&uleg, n.; jipociita: — dis- 
* ^ini aembler; hypocrite. 
JL^ij^pidxLCO, n.; also b&baba; t&itimng^d: — 
^^^ti0 simpleton; ninny. 
---"^^ duco, adj.; also atmariao: — demented ; 
u, ar» insane. 

.duco, n.; also loco: — lunacy; mental 


bducoy n.; also fri6n; t&isentido; 
-.iJ^irtlUtining^d: — ^fool; a person devoid of 
^^J reason or intelligence; idiot. 

^^■^ ^^^idudag, V. tr.: — ^to tickle. 
^^ .^^vt6f n.;-^offee; one of the commonest 
^dfp^r' plants in Guam, nearly every family 
■'■*^- .^ having its cultivated coffee patch; 
:k«ft**'V-;; enough coffee is not produced, how- 
cAgt f ^'Z^' ever, for exportation; indeed, there is 
he'J^^^ scarcely enough for the use of the 
;a^o4f *-"' natives, all of whom are coffee drinkers; 
Pfi^x. ^ the pjroduct is of excellent quality, 
igoB^^j aiwi ill preparing it the beans are 
— *^ t roasted, as with us, and ground on a 

stone metate with a cylindrical mano 

(like a tapering rolling-pin of stone). 

' ^-r.3!^afd, n.: — ^pandanus tree; the fragrant- 
'l^^i*'' fruited screw pine; the fruit is not 

eg * 

eaten by the natives of Guam, but is 
sought out by the facoiji and by rats. 
kgnOy adj.y adv.; also goloso: — greedy; 
ravenous; voracious. 

c&guan, V. %.; m^^gua: — to decrease; 

to become smaller m quantity. 
c&''guas, V. tr.; also etses; casas: — to 

scratch; to slash; to scar. 
clUlcaiy V. tr.: — to move slightly. 
c&icai, V. tr.; also jala: — to pull, 
caim^, 71.: — crocodile. 
caja, n.; also cajdn; c&ujau: — ^box; 

chest. N 

cajat, V. %.; also cajul6; jatsa: — ^to rise; 

to ascend; to begin to stir. 
cHjat, V. %.: — ^to hunt, 
c&j&ty V. tr.; also jatsa jul6: — to lift up; 

to heave up; to take up; to raise, 
c&jet, n.: — orange. 
cajida, n.; also galeria; balanda: — 

veranda; covered addition, 
cajna; c&cajna,n.; — sorcerer; sorceress. 
cajnaye, v. tr.; also nft-manman; 

nll-]%&n^& encanta: — to bewitch; 

to cast a spell over; to practice sorcery; 

to fascinate; to captivate, 
cajuld, V. tr.f V. i.: — to rise (ex., the sun); 

to get up. 
cajuldy V. i.; also tacho; tojgue: — to 

stand; to get up. 
calabera, n.: — scull. 
calabosoy n.; also prisidn: — jail; prison; 

calagtos, adj. J adv.; also dddau; didog; 

pg>pag6: — sharp; keen; cutting; severe; 

clUaguagy 71.; also echc^gfla: — side; 

calalai^, n.: — curlew, 
calamasa, n.; also melon: — melon; 

pumpkin; squash, 
calajuid&y n.;— calamity; disaster; mis- 
hap; misfortune. 
calanile, n.: — ^attack of cramps; cramps, 
calamya, adj., adv.; also macalamya; 

alisto: — ^brisk; alert; quick, 
calan. v. i,: — to seem; to appear; to 

calan-gasa: — gauzy; thin and semitrans- 

parent, Uke gauze, 
calan joneuiyon: — supposedlv. 
calang:, adv.: — as; like as; such as. 
calang^y v. tr.: — to hang, 
calamten, v. %.: — ^to move; n&-calazn- 

ten, V. tr.: — ^to move; to remove. 
cal€ungcaj^^e, v. tr.: — ^to sprinkle; to 

scatter in small drops; also satpe: — ^to 

strew out (seed). 
calan m&tai, adj.; alsb b6gsion; des- 

colorao: — ghastly; deathhke; pale. 
cal€un pumar^rejo, adj.; also aparente; 

umachaigua: — seeming; apparent. 
c&lanqud, n.; — ^the little finger. 
calan ti ma^ajet, adj., adv.; also ti 

Erobable; ti mang^e^ayun: — improba- 
le; unUkely; not to be expectea. 
cal&o, adf^'.;— Husorderly; irregular; con- 
calascasy n.: — ^noise, such as the rattUng 

of keys. 
calaton, adj., adv.; also bronco: — ^rough; 
uneven; rugged. 





calenturay v. i.: — ^to catch fever; to be- 
come feverish; to become ill with fever. 

calentura, n.; — ^fever. 

calentura g^uinen y £Lo jznon na tand: — 
malaria; exhalations from marshy land, 
producing fevers. 

calesa, n.; also careta; quills: — ^buggy; 

calis, n.: — chalice; cup. 

calo, adj.; also bula cftc&; l&laulau: — 
shaky; feeble; full of cracks. 

calo, adj.; also filojo: — ^loose; relaxed; 
flabby; soft; weak. 

cfilulot, n.: — ^finger; toe; cfilulot tald: — 
middle finger; cfilulot aniyo: — ^ring 
finger; cfiliUot t6tanchd; also t^tan- 
ch6; — ^index finger; fore finger. 

calumnia, n.;— -calumniation. 

calunmiay v. tr.; also injuria: — ^to revile; 
to reproach; to abuse. 

caluxnmad6t, n.; also dideshonra; des- 
honrad6t: — reviler; slanderer; calum- 

cama, n.: — ^bed. 

caznacbiley n.; also g^uamachile: — ^name 
of a tree having a bark containing 25 per 
cent of tannin; introduced into Guam 
^om Mexico; pulp from tiie pods fol- 
lowing its flowers is eaten by the poorer 
classes; the pods serve as fodder for 

c&malen, n.: — shop; workshop; boat 

caznalendd, n.; also caznalindd: — ^name 
of a tree with spreading branches and 
beautiful foliage, bearing pods contain- 
ing seeds and acid pulp, used in making 
cooling drinks (Tamarindus indica). 

caman-careta, n.: — wagon box (part of a 
wagon body). 

c&mara, n.: — cabin; hut. 

camarero, n.: — cabin boy; chamberlain. 

camarote gui batco: — ^berth; sleeping 
place on board ship. 

cdmbio, adv.: — ^instead; on the other 

caznten, adj., adv.: — ^bad; evil; wicked; 

camten, v. i.: — ^to be mischievous. 

cameyo, n.: — camel. 

cajuino refil, n.; also carera: — high- 

cazniseta, n.: — shirt; flannel. 

camotey n.; also camute; batate: — 
sweet potato; grows very well in Guam; 
it is among the crops which will thrive 
on the highlands or mesa in places 
where the soil is too much exhausted 
for other things; there are several 
varieties on the island; one was brought 
from Hawaii and is called camotes de 
guaju (oahu). 

campo, n.; csanpamento: — camp. 

campana, n.: — ^bell. 

campanayo, n.: — ^bell tower. 

campanero, n.; also saclestan; d&- 
dandan: — sexton; bell ringer. 

campaniya, n.: — ^little bell. 

camtexn, adj.; also dafioso; n&'^tai- 

laye : — mischievous, 
camute, n. (see camote): — ^potato; sweet 

caxnyOy n.; — coconut rasp, 
caxnyo, v. tr.: — to rasp the coconut; 

quinamyo, n.: — ^rasped coconut, 
canity adv.y conj.; also aoaso; jotiggui- 

yon: juj%euan; sifiajik: — ^periuips; 

maybe; by chance; haply. 
can&y v. tr.; also fLac&: — to hang up; to 

ca&a, 71.; also paja: — stalk; grasslike 

stalk; straw. 
canft, V, tr.; also n&-paran£Laijon: — ^ta 

suspend; to delay, 
ca&ada, n.; also baye: — valley; canyon; 

deep valley; ravine. 
ca&a dulse, n.; also tupo: — sugar cane. 
c&nae, n.; also atmas; armas; c&nai: — 

arms; hand. 
ctaSkjt, adv.: — nearly (ex., it seems as 

if almost ). 

cana mananana: — almost daylight; 

cana m&tai fialang, v. %.; also jocog- 

fLalang:: — to starve; to suffer extreme 


cafLamo, n.; — ^hemp. 
canario, n.: — canary, 
canastro, n.; also canastra: — ^basket, 
canat, n.: — drain; drainage; canal; chan- 
nel; facanate, v. tr.: — to dig a channel 

or gutter. 
cana ti najon^; also dfdidd: — scant; 

scarcely sufficient. 
cand, V. tr.; also chocho: — to eat. 
candalo, n.: — lock; door lock, 
candalo, v. tr., v. %.: — to lock with a 

key; also juchum, v. tr.: — to close; 

to stop up. 
candela, n.: — candle; also dcuugues: — 

candelero, n.: — candleholder. 
candi, n.: — candy. 
candit, n.; also lampara: — ^lamp. 
candit lafLa, n.: — little oil lamp, 
canela, n.: — cinnamon, 
cangga, n.; also batangga: — sledhke 

conveyance used to transport logs from 

the forest. 

canggrena, n.: — ^blood poisoning; gan- 

cangjelon, n.: — ^horn of an animal. 

canifes, adj., odi;.;— narrow; thin. 

canilla, n.; caniya: — shin; forepart of the 
leg between the ankle and the knee. 

can6a, n.; also galaidS: — trough for mix- 
ing mortar; also trough for mixing 

cafi6n, n.: — cannon. 

cafLonero, n.; — gunboat; artilleryman; 

batcon cafi6n:—- gunboat. 
cafLones, n.: — ^artillery; ordnance. 
canonica, n.: — ^parochial register. 




cansela, v. tr.; also deroga; rebuetbe; 
n&n&lo y fiiiijd: — to revoke; to coun- 
termand; to withdraw; to abolish; to 
dismiss; to cancel. 

cansidii, n.: — a variety of coconut palm 
of which the young nut has a sweet 
edible rind. 

canta, v. %.: — ^to sing. 

cantan alabansa; dUo goso: — song of 
praise; hymn. 

cwtaro, n.; also la-uya: — ^pot; cooking 

c&ntico, n.; canta: — song. 

cantidd, n.; also min^eae: — quantity. 

cantft, n.; also tinaifondo; sasald- 
guan: — precipice; abyss; chasm; gulf; 

canto, n.; also oriya; banda: — edge; 
table edge; rim; border; brim; the edge 
of anytlung; ledge; margin. 

canton, adv.; also fton; gui fton; 
oriyan: — ^beside; in the proximity of; 
near to. 

canton llnai {or y Inai), n.: — sandy 
beach; strand. 

canton laiSgit, n.: — ^horizon; the line 
where the sky and earth, or sea, appear 
to meet; the limit of one's mental 

caniion, adj.; also m&macand: — edible; 
fit to be eaten as food. 

caniion, n.; — coconut, when tender and 
ready to be eaten. 

cafiuto, n.: — ^pipe. 

cao, n.; estaco: — ^pole. 

capa, n.: — layer; stratum; row. 

capa, n.: — cape. 

cap&s, adf;., adv.: — capable; brave; cour- 
ageous; also matati^a; compe- 
tente: — competent; fit. 

capatas, n.; also cabesiyo: — overseer. 

capitan, n.; nid.gas eni batco: — skip- 
per; master; captain Jof a ship). 

capitat, n.: — capital city. 

capit&t, n.; also prinsip&t: — capital; the 
sum invested in a business. 

capiya, n.: — shrine; a sacred place or 
hallowed object (butto gui un lugat, 
pat y lugat ni ma n& santos). 

capiya, n.; banda: — ^band; orchestra of 

capricho, n.; also pintd: — caprice; un- 
restricted choice. 

caprichoso, adj.y adv.; also chlchul^: — 
humorsome; capricious; wayward. 

capsula, n.: — capsule. 

capuchino, n.: — Capuchin monk. 

cara, n.; mata; rostro: — face; counte- 
nance; looks; appearance. 

carabao, n.; — carabao; the water buffalo; 
the beast of burden, and the principal 
means of conveyance in Guam. 

carax:6t, n.; also ddgas; d6ogas; lasas: — 

caracter, n.; j^nio; costumbre: — 
character; frame of mind; dispostiion. 

carai, n.: — tortoiee shell. 

caramelo, n.; — ^yellow sugar; caramel; 

carantina, n.; also cuarentena: — 

carera, n.: — ^race; contest of speed;, 
general tendency; trend. 

carera de Santiago: — the milky way. 

careta, n.; also caret6n: — ^wagon. 

caretan diquiqui, n.: — tram; tramway. 

caretiya, n.: — cart; light, two-wheeled 
vehicle; pushcart; handcart. 

caret6n, n.; — truck; wagon for carrying 

carid&d, n.; also ain6t; gttinfiiya: — 

cariiio, n.; also quinariiloso: — loveli- 
ness; kindness; amiability; benevo- 

cariiioBO, adj.; also con cariflo; cari- 
fLosamente: — 1 o v e 1 y ; charming; 
worthy of being loved. 

carft, n.; also fegui: — ^track. 

carft, n.; chalan ruedan careta: — 
rut; the track of a wheel; groove; 

carft electrisid&, n.; — trolley car. 

cartucho, n.; also cattucho: — cartridge. 

caruaje, n.; also coche: — coach; carriage. 

casaca, n.; also batunea d&£^ulo: — 
large button; fastening for clothing. 

casadules, n.: — Shunter; huntsman. 

casajniento, n.; also indcamd; uni&- 
camd: — marriage; wedlock; wedding. 

casao, V. i.: — to cry. 

casao, p. p.; also iun§sagua; g&ia- 
sagua: — married . 

cascaio, n.: — decomposed coral; used for 
road making; is soft when put down, 
but hardens through the action of air 
and water. 

edscara, n.; also tasa; tasdn: — ^bowl. 

cascas, v. %.: — to clatter; to murmur; to 
rustle; to whisper; to rattle. 

case, V. tr.; also catgaye; nft-Ulmacat; 
aumenta; n^-bubo: — ^to aggravate; to 

case, V. tr.; also soy6 para mumo: — ^to 
challenge to a fight; to summon to a 

case, V. tr.: — ^to tease. 

C£U3i, adv.; — almost; nearly. 

casi, V. tr.j v. i.; also butlea; insutta; 
lotgue; naofea: — ^to mock; to deride; to 
insult; to make fun of. 

case, n.; also sinesede: — ^incident; oc- 
currence; event; happening. 

casoe, n.; casue: — ^name of a tree intro- 
duced into Guam more than a century 
ago; bears a peculiar fruit consisting of 
the fleshy, enlarged peduncle (flower 
stalk) bearing a kidney-shaped nut; its 
shell is very acrid and the nut itself oily 
and edible when roasted; the peduncle, 
when thoroughly ripe, is pleasantly acid 
and edible; they are not a food staple of 

caspa, n.: — dandruff; semi on the scalp. 




castiga, v. tr.: — ^to punish; to chastise. 

•casti^o, n.: — ^penitentiary; state prison; 
punishment; torment. 

castigo, n.; calamid&d; aUo epid6- 
mia: — scourge. 

^astiyOy n.: — garrison. 

«a8ualid&d^ n.; also inald; desgr&sia: — 
misfortune; accidental event. 

^asuya, n.; also j&bito; so tana: — 

catalang;, n.: — snipe. 

•catan^ n.:— east. 

«atbo, adj.; also danggas: — bare; bald. 

catbo, n.; also dag^as: — ^baldhead. 

catbon, n.: — coal; potbos catbon: — coal 
dust; catbon jayo: — charcoal; glow of 
burning coals. 

^atcaty V. %.; also tagtag; pagpag: — to 
smack wit& the tongue. 

•catcula, V. tr.: — ^to calculate; to compute; 
to think out. 

catcula, V. tr.; also conaidera: — ^to con- 
sider; to estimate. 

catdeniyo, n.: — ^verdigris. 

catdero, n.:— pot used for boiling water; 
steam boiler. 

catdume, n.: — ^tribe. 

catdumen, n.: — swarm; flock; pile; heap. 

catdumen abejas: — a swarm of bees. 

cate, V. tr., v. %.; also aga^: — to cry 
out; to howl {ex., the wind); to roar 
(ex. , the bull) ; to peep (ex. , the chicks) . 

catedr&l, n.: — cathedral. 

eaten fLumedog, n.; also palangpang: — 
roar; cry of a large animal; loud noise. 

catesismo, n.; — catechism. 

catin glQago, n.; also j&ujau: — ^howl; 
the howl of a dog. 

catga, n.; — ^burden; charge; load; bag- 
gage; tributo; impuesto: — duty; tax; 
impost; tribute. 

catgado; p. p.: — loaded. 

catgamento, n.; also flete: — ^freight. 

catgaye, v. tr.; also chiguit; oprime: — 
to subdue; to oppress; to repress; to 
keep down; to stme; to suppress. 

catgaye, v. tr.; also imp one: — to im- 
pose; to place upon; to impose punish- 

catgo, n.: — office; charge; obligation. 

catiye,,v. %.; also n^ali: — ^to entice; 
to allure. 

catma, n.: — calm; lack of wind or 

catna, adj.: — alluring, enticing. 

catnada, v. tr.; also pue^e; mojmo; 
catnadaye: — to lure; to bait; to allure. 

c&tnajd., adv.; also c&n&j&: — almost; 
nearly; but little was lacking. 

catne, v. %.: — to gnaw; to nibble; to 
destroy by gnawing; to corrode. 

catne, ?*.; also sensen: — meat. 

catnen b&bui, n.; also tosino: — ^pork. 

catnen guaca, n.: — beef. 

catnen quinilo, n.: — mutton; the flesh 
of sheep. 

cato, n.: — cat. 

cat61ico, adj.: — Catholic. 

catotse, adj.: — ^fourteen, 
catpintero, n.: — carpenter, 
catta, n.: — ^letter; note; card. 
catt6n, n.: — cardboard. 
cattucno, n.: — cartrid^. 
cattuchera, n.: — cartridge pouch, 
catre, n.: — ^bed frame. 
catsa, V. %.: — to put on shoes. 
catsoniyoB, n.;— -drawers, 
catsunes, n.: — trousers; pants, 
catdrai, n.: — name of a small introduced 
tree, bearing large edible flowers and 

gods; frequently planted near the 
ouses of the natives and along the 

roadsides; both the flowers and pods 

are said to have laxative properties, 
cau, conj.: — ^whether; if. 
causa, n.: — affair; concern; matter; also 

moidbo: — motive; reason, 
cautiba, v. tr.; also preso: — to take 

cayao, adj., adv.; also maguim: — silent; 

taciturn; peaceable; pacific; circum- 
spect; cautious. 
cayada, n.: — slackening; letting up (of 

wind or rain). 
caye, n.; also chalan: — street; road; path, 
cayon, n.; also fin& chalan: — footway; 

cayos, n.: — callosity; weal; skin swelled 

and hardened by labor; corn; sore; 

cayosy adj., adv.: — callous. 
cigarillo, n.; cigariyo: — cigarette. 
claranchad4, n.; also &pac& chadH: — ^the 

white of an egg. 
clarid&, n.: — aflame; clarity; clearness. 
claro, adj., adv.: — ^legible; capable of 

being read; clear; distinct; apparent. 
daro, adj.; also lamlam; pure: — clear; 

bright; pure, 
clase, n.: — quality; kind; class in school, 
clema, n.: — cream, 
club, n.: — club. 
cobatde, adj., adv.; also niad.^£Lao: — 

afraid; timid; faint-hearted; fearful. 
cobla (or cobbla), v. tr.: — to collect; to 

call in outstanding moneys, 
coble (or cobble), n.: — copper; money; 

change; pieces of money. 
c6c^ao, adj., adv.; also cobatde: — 

cowardly; timid; afraid. 
cocas, V. tr.; also gadon: — to complicate; 

to involve; to entangle. 
coche, n.: — carriage, 
cochero, n.: — coachman; driver, 
cocheron autoni6bit, n.;^hauffeur. 
cochino, n.; also b&bui: — swine; pig; pig- 
cdc6, V. tr.: — ^to harvest; to reap; to gather 

in the harvest. 
cocog, V. %.: — ^to grunt. 
c6co&, V. %.: — ^to climb up. 
cocote, V. tr.: — to hit; to hit in the neck 

or on the back of the head, 
codisia, n.; also linatga; cbin&tao: — 

avarice; cupidity; niggardliness; sel- 








• if 

€odo, n.; also tomon c&nai: — elbow; 
yard (measure). 

codotnls, n.; also dulili: — quail. 

€oftadia, n.; — ^member of the brother- 

€ohetes (or cuetes), n.: — crocket. 

CO jo, adj.; also &cale£g: — ^lame; twisted; 

cola, n.; also fatdon: — ^burden; large 
pack; skirt; lap; flap; train (of a skirt). 

cola, n.; also d6dalag: — ^tail. 

c61adot, n.; also fanjalunuui: — ^filter; 
apparatus for purifying water or other 
hquids; sieve; inlet; passage. 

colaJLes, n.; — ^local name for the coral- 
bean tree; the heartwood of the larger 
trees is hard and durable. 

colales, n.; also cadenan colales: — 
chain made up of red shells; colales, 
n.: — ^red shells. 

colales jalum-taiid: — local name for the 
coral-bread vine; very common in 
thickets throughout the island; its 
seeds contain two proteid poisons 
which, when introduced beneath the 
skin, cause death; used in India by the 
natives to dip the points of their daggers 
in, wounds from which are fatal. 

colat, n.: — ^fence; hedge. 

colat, V. tr.; also oriy4ye: lelicill: — ^to 
fence a field; to boimd; to inclose 
with a hedge; to lay siege. 

colat ch&''g^an, n.: — hedge; fence of 
bushes or shrubbery. 

colat gd.g&, n.: — ^fold; pen; dung. 

colata, n.; — ^butt end of a gun. 

cd'lau, V. tr.: — ^to fetch a meal. 

colaye, v. tr.; also cola: — ^to glue. 

coleale, n.; also estudiante: — student; 

c61era, n.: — cholera. 

coleta, n.; also filag: — ^tress; plait; braid. 

coloca, V. tr.: — ^to locate; to place; to 

col6t, n.: — color. 

col6t chocolate, adj.; also patdo; 
moreno : — brown. 

columnay n.: — column. 

coznbate, n.; also pl&ito: — ^fight; combat. 

combida, t;. tr.; also jujo; soyd; ofoese: — 
to bid; to make an offer of. 

coznetsiaxites, n.; also neg^siante: — 
merchant; trader; dealer. 

cozn6tsio, n.: — ^traffic; commerce; trade. 

comeya, n.: — comedy. 

c6infesat, v. tr.: — to profess (religious 

coinfes6t, n.: — ^father confessor. 

comida, n.: — ^meal; eating. 

coxxiisiona, v. tr.; also encatga: — ^to 
charge; to send for a purpose; to com- 

c6xnoda, n.; — cabinet; chest of drawers; 

c6nion, n.: — closet; retreat; water-closet. 

coxnpailero, n.; also g&cho£g: — ^fellow- 
ship; association; society. 

compania, n.; — company. 

coxnpara, v. tr.: — ^to liken; to compare 
coxnparasidn, n.: — comparison; parable, 
coznp&s, n.;— <:ompass. 
coznp&s, V. i.; also cuzuuzipapas: — ^to 

gesticulate while speaking. 
coxnplase, v. tr.; also n&-aya; nft- 

xnag^f: — to suit; to accommodate; to 


complicao, adj.; also gadon: — ^intricate; 
entangled; complicated. 

coxnplido, adj., adv.; also eznpeflao; 
exnpefloso: — zealous; ardent; eager. 

coznplise, n.: — confederate; accomplice. 

coznprende, v. %.; also tiuSg^o: — ^to 
comprehend; to understand. 

comprendiyon, adj., adv.: — ^palpable; 
obvious; easily perceived. 

comproznete, v. %.: — to compromise; to 
lay bare; to expose. 

compromiso, n.: — compromise; agree- 

comdn, adj., adv.; also ptiblico: — ^public; 
common; general. 

comumd&d, n.: — commonalty; commu- 

conium6n, n.: — joint estate; communion. 

coniuiii6n, n.: — ^the Holy Communion; 
the Eucharist. 

con, adv., prep.: — ^with; in conjunction 

conben6nsia, n.: — ^propriety; fitness; 
profession; trade; craft. 

conbeniente, adj.: — convenient; suit- 

conbense, v. tr.; also soyd; nd,-osgon: — 
to persuade; to influence by argument, 
advice, or entreaty. 

conbetsasidn, n.; also setxnon; uin&- 
tand: — conversation; discourse; speech 
or language. 

conbida, i;. tr.; also jujo; agangue: 
soyd: — ^to invite. 

conbidao, n.;— ^est; invited person. 

conbiene: — ^it is important; it is neces- 
sary; it is fitting. 

conbiette, v. tr.: — to convert. 

concha, n.: — ^mussel; shell. 

condena, v. tr.: — ^to sentence; to con- 

condisidn, n.; also disposisidn; orijra: — 

condition; measure; rule; disposition; 

direction; environment. 
conducta, n.: — conduct. 
cond, V. tr.: — ^to catch; to bring. 
confesi6n, n.;— confession. 
confesion&rio, n.; — confessional. 
confia, V. tr., v. i.; also aiSgoco: ta- 

gdan: — to intrust; to confide; to nope; 

to look for; to expect, 
confiansa, n.: — trust; confidence; faith. 
confitma, v. tr.; also ayuda; n&-g&iini- 

netgot: — ^to strengthen; to confirm, 
confitmasidn, n.; — confirmation, 
confotman m&isa, v. %.: — ^to acquiesce; 

to give one's self up. 
confotme, v. tr.: — ^to conform; to make 





confotme, adj.; also aplica: — devoted; 

confotme id y otden y otro, adj.: — 
obedient; dutiful. 

confotme y lay, adfj., adv.: — ^lawful; just; 

confotmefLa, adj., adv.; also mina- 
goffia: — ^rational; agreeable to reason; 
wise; judicious. 

con mucho cuid&o: — ^with special care. 

conquista, v. tr.; also lobrai— to acquire; 
to procure by effort; to win by conquest. 

consado, adj.; also esterit; a^ld; 
t&iminauleg na od&; cansado: — 
sterile; barren; producing no crop. 

oonsag^, V. tr.: — ^to consecrate; to trans- 

consagrasidn, n.: — transformation. 

consede, v. tr.: — to assent to; to agree to; 
to concede. 

conseja, v. i.; also chachalane: — to give 
advice; to give counsel. 

consejero, n.; also ^aconseja: — ^advisor; 
counselor; councilor. 

consentimiento, n.: — approval; acqui- 
escence; agreement; consent. 

considera, v. tr.: — ^to deliberate; to 
I)onder; to weigh in the mind; to con- 
sider; to survey. 

consi6nsia, n.;— conscience. 

consiente, v. tr.; also petmite: — to 
permit; to consent; to allow; to give 
permission for. 

consigue, v. tr.; also cumple; tacd.; 
jagd: — to accomplish; to reach; to ob- 
tain; to attain. 

consiste, v. i.: — ^to consist; to be com- 
posed of; to be made up of. 

oonsoladdt, n.: — comforter; consoler. 

constante, adj., adv.; also fljo: — con- 
stant; persistent; steadfast; persever- 
ing; industrious; diligent; assiduous; 

construcsidn, n.; also plinantan 
gumd.: — structure; edifice; building. 

consuela, v. tr.; also nd,-alibiao; jyjk- 
lijnamagof: — to console; to comfort; 
to encourage; to relieve; to free from 
pain, suffering, or grief. 

consutta, v. tr.: — to consult. 

contempla, v. tr.; also iaso; atan: — 
to observe; to contemplate; to view; 
to watch. 

contesta, v. tr.; also responde; ope:— 
to respond; to answer; to reply. 

contiempo, adj.; also opottuno:^-op- 
portune; well-timed; seasonable. 

contin^nsia, n.: — ^abstinence; temper- 
ance; continence. 

contodo, adj., conj.; also 16cud: — ^also; 
too; besides. 

con todo que, prep.; also sin enbatgo: — 
in spite of; nevertheless; notwithstand- 

contra, n.: — ^photographic negative. 

contra, prep.; also yan: — against. 

contra costa, n.: — coast; cost. 

contradise, v. tr.: — ^to contradict; to 
quarrel; to dispute; to disagree; to be 
at variance. 

contradisidn, n.; also reusa: — denial; 
refusal; contradiction; pane: — to deny. 

contramaestro, n.: — boatswain. 

contr6iio, n.; also enemigo: — adver- 
sary; opponent. 

contr&rio, adj.; also otro; diferente: — 
hostile; inimical; adverse; repugnant; 
contrary; different; other. 

contzuta, v. tr.^ v. %.; also um&joye: — 
to enter into an agreement; to close a 

contrata, n.: — ^treaty; negotiation. 

contratiempo, n.: — ^untoward event or 
circumstance; adversity. 

contratista, n.: — contractor; exploiter. 

contrato, n.: — contract; agreement. 

contribu8i6n, n.; also impueste: — con- 
tribution; tribute; tax; duty; excise 
tax; impost. 

contxisidn, n.; also sinetsot: — contri- 
tion; penitence; repentance. 

copa, n.: — cup; small glass; un copan 
bino: — a small glass of wine. 

copero, n.; — ^butler; cupbearer. 

c6pia, V. tr.: — ^to copy. 

c6pia, n.; also mues"tea:--pattem; copy; 
a model; sample; specimen; anything 
cut out or marked, ready to be copied. 

coraje, n.: — courage; spirit. 

corasdn, n.: — ^heart. 

coreas, n.; also sened6t; sintordn: — 
belt (for the waist); strap; long piece of 

c6redot, n.: — ^verandaj corridor; passage- 

coreo, n.: — ^mail steamer. 

corespond^nsia, n . : — correspondence . 

corije, v. tr,; also nd,-dinanclie; recti- 
flca: — ^to rectify; to set right; to blame; 
to censure. 

corije, v. tr.; also desaprueba: — to con- 
demn; to disapprove; to reprove; to 

coro, n.: — choir. 

corona, n.: — crown. 

coriente, n.; also milag: — stream; 

coronet, n.; coronal:— colonel; com- 
mander of a regiment. 

cosa, n.; also materia; jafa: — ^matter; 
thing; cause. 

cosas ni man msoifaian van manma- 
bende: — anything bought and sold; 
also metcdnsia, n.: — ^merchandise; 
goods; wares. 

cosecha, n.: — crop; also semiya: — seed. 

cosecha, n.; jineca; y quindco: — 

cosina, n.: — ^kitchen. 

cosinero, n.;— cook. 

costat-te]%gua£g, n.: — ^basket 
for victuals. 

costiyas, n.: — ^rib; curved bone support 
ing the lateral wall of the thorax. 




costrafas, n.: — sinews; tendons (on 

costuxnbre, n.; also peniSg^; bfsio: — 
habit; custom. 

costuzubre, adj.; also otdin&xio: — ordi- 
nary; usual; customary. 

costura, n,: — hem; the edge of a garment. 

costura, n.; corejilo; also costura: — 
seam; line formed by the sewing of two 
pieces of ms^erial together. 

oosturera, n.;-T-8eamstress; needle- 
woman, r 

cola, n,;also dai^^es; da^g^uis; lacne: — 

<$otchetes, n.; — crotchets; clamps. 

<;otcha, n.: — cork; bottle stopper. 

ootchon, n.: — ^mattress. 

<;otd6t, n.: — string; cord; line. 

cotd^t; codd^ty n.; also pita: — string; 
cord; line. 

cotd6t giiijan, n.;— fishline. 

cotd6n, n.: — ^line; rope; belt; cuet- 
dao: — leather strap holding the sandals. 

cotneta, n.; also trompeta: — ^hom; 
trumpet; bugle; comet. 

cotniyos, n.: — ^fang; tusk; saddle pad; 
saddle roll. 

cots6, n.; also chinina: — ^bodice; waist. 

cottado y leche: — curdled milk. 

cotte, n.: — court (of a ruler). 

cottesanOy adj.^ adv.: — ^poUte. 

cottesia, n.: — ^politeness. 

€ottesiaye, v. tr.: — ^to extend courtesy; 
to show one's self courteous. 

cottina, n.: — curtain. 

€oyuiitiiraSy n.: — ^joints. 

creatura, n.; also patgon: — offspring; 
successor; creature. 

cresiente, adj.y adv.: — arising; growing; 
increasing (moon). 

areata, n.: — comb of the rooster. 

criadOy n./ also zninistro; setbiente: — 

ciiansa, n.; also sa^an famas^on: — 
nursery; apartment for young children. 

crimin&ty n.; aZto n&-n&tailaye: — male- 
factor; criminal. 

cristdt, 71.; — glass. 

cru61, adj.f adv.: — cruel. 

crueld&d, n.: — cruelty. 

€ru8, adj.; also 6pagat; umencrds: — 
crosswise; athwart. 

crusa; n.; also quiltius: — cross. 

crusero, n.: — cruiser; a fast warship. 

crusifica, v. tr.: — to crucify. 

crusifijo, n.: — crucifix. 

cuadrante, n.; — ^penny; farthing (old 
expression, rarely used). 

cuadrao, adj.: — quadrangular; four-cor- 
nered; square. 

cuadro, n.: — ^frame; square. 

cuadron bentana, n.: — sash; window 
sash; frame for holding panes of glass 
(cuardron bentana para ug-uiniot y 

cuantoP — ^how much; how many? 

cuanto antes, adv.: — as soon as possible. 

cuarenta, adj.: — ^forty. 

cuaresma, n.; also tiempon, ayunat: — 
fasting time; Lent; Shrovetide. 

cuati^iLi6raj& na t&otao, n.: — in- 

cuatqUi6t, pron.; also cuatqUiera; 
cuatqiii4raj^: — ^anyone; whosoever. 

cuatro, adj.: — four. 

cuatro-patas, n.. --quadruped. 

cuatrosientos,a(^'./ aZao tmtten cuatro* 
sientes: — four hundred. 

cuatta, n.; also l&tigo: — ^whip. 

cuattaso, n. .-^whiplash. 

cuatt61, n.; — ^barracks; quarters. 

cuatto, n.: — quart; quarter of a gallon; 
a measure. 

cuatto, adj.: — one-fourth; the fourth. 

cuatto, n.: — quarter of tiie moon. 

cuatto cresiente: — ^first quarter of the 
moon (rising, increasing fourth). 

cuatto, n.; also aposento: — ^r o o m ; 
chamber; apartment. 

cuatto menguante: — last quarter of the 

cuatton bisita, n.: — ^waiting room; ante- 

cubietta, n.: — deck. 

cubo, 71.; also plau; pfao: — bamboo; reed; 

cubre, v. tr.; also tampe: — to cover. 

cuca, v. i.; also n^t-pinalala: — ^to be 
agitated by a violent passion. 

cuca, V. tr.; also adbiette; pagat: — to 
incite; to admonish; to stimulate; to 
advise; to caution; to counsel. 

cuco, adj.f adv.: — crafty; sly; cunning; 

cuchala, n.: — spoon. 

cuchalan &tbaflit, n.: — trowel; mason's 

cuchalan dUngculo, n.: — ladle (large 

cucuracha, n.: — cockroach. 

cuenta, n.; also maniflesta; notisia; 
nkt\xS^6; factura; dibe; inluiog- 
ch&: — report; account; relation; con- 
nection; bill; invoice; score. 

cuenta; en bes de; en lug&t de: — 
instead of; in the place of. ^ 

cuenta; lisayo, n.; also tinifong: — 

cuentaye, v. tr.; also funiiad6t: — to 
stand security for; to bail; to warrant; to 
substitute, or to act as some one's 

cuentos, n.; also discutso; orasi6n; 

chinchuld; chinchulli: — speech; talk; 

discourse; oration; gossip; narration, 
cuentos, v. %.; also &dingan; ading&ne; 

alog: — to talk; to converse; to gossip; 

to speak; to utter. 
cuentos, n.; also sinad^an: — story; tale. 
cuero^ n.: — leather; hide. 
cuesti6n, n.: — question; a matter of 


cuetdas, n.; also tale: — ^rope; cord; 
string; line. 

cuetdasi, adj.: — ^windy. 




cuetna, v. tr.: — to tie fast. 

cueyo, n. also agagft: — collar; neck. 

cuidaol inter j,; also adajel — ^be careful I 
take care ! beware ! 

cula, v. tr.: — ^to sift; to put through the 

culebla, n.; also setpiente; t&epapft; 
SuigroilSg:: — reptile; serpent; snSe. 

culeca, n.; also ponedera:-— brood hen. 

culpable, adj.: aUo lalat-diyon; isau: — 
blamable; culpable; guilty; reprehensi- 
ble; deserving censure. 

oultiba, V. tr.: — to cultivate. 

culii, n.; aUo airena: — siren; foghorn. 

cumacajat, adv.; aUo umd^cacat: — 
gingerly; cautiously; daintily. 

cuxnacalo, v. tr., v. i.; also na-calo; 
sottaye: — to slacken; to relax; to 
enervate or to become enervated; to 

cumaduco, v. %.: — to age; to become old; 
to become childish. 

cumati, v. i.: — to shriek; to utter a 
sharp, shrill outcry. 

cumeja, v. tr.; also puminiti: — to de- 
plore; to lament over; to commiserate; 
to pity. 

cumequdyau, adj., adv.: — ^limping. 

cumieta, v. i.: — to pause. 

y cumdmfesat, n.: — ^penitent. 

cuin6nfesat, v. i.: — to confess. 

cumot&do y leche: — curdled milk. 

cumple, V. tr.; also consigue: — to fulfill 
a duty; to accomplish; to reach; to 
obtain; to attain; to comply; to conform. 

cuxnple a&oB, n.; also anibets&rio: — 

cuxnplido, adj., adv.; also fotm&t: — 
punctual; zealous; strict; accurate; 
precise; exact; stern; severe; harsh. 

cuxuplido gui m&easfLa, n.; also tifi- 
n&baba; titrinaidute: — allegiance; fi- 
delity to a country, a cause, or to a 

cuxuplixniento, n.: — compliment; ex- 
pression of courtesy. 

cuxnticuzmanaf na g&g&, n.; also ul^:^ 
worm (from cunaf, to crawl). 

y cumticimanaf na tinanum: — ^vine; 
clinging plant. ^ 

cumuentos, v. %.: — to babble; to prattle; 
to utter; to speak; to pronounce; to 
converse; to talk familiarly. 

oumuentoB &ga£^; also gagae; cu* 
muentos chadeg pat taesus- 
tansia: — to gabble; to chatter. 

cumuentoB d^'cacat; also go£ggong^: — 
to murmur; to whisper; to rattle. 

cumuleoa, v. i.: — to brood; to incubate. 

cumunpapas, v. %.; also comp&s: — to 
gesticulate while speaking. 

cuna, n.; — ciib; cnild's bed; rack 

cufia, n.; — ^wedge. 

cufia, V. tr.: — to drive in a wedge. 

cufLado, n.; also y quifiaati-jo: — 

ctinanaf, v. i.; also b&tsala: — to creep; 
to move slowly along the ground. 

ctinau (paluman cunau), n.: — dove; 

cura, n.: — ^rector; curate; clergyman. 

curate, n.: — ^rectory; parsonage; vicarage. 

curiente, adj., adv.; also curiente 
cumuentoB : — fluent ; voluble ; elo- 

curioBO, adj.y adv.; also aberiguad6t; 
g&inam&iBen; — in<)uisitive; curious. 

cuyuntura, n.; — ^joint or link of a 


cha, n.: — tea. 

cha- {or acha-; chS-ui^ag): — ^prefix, in- 
dicating equality; equal in weight. 

chabli, V. tr.: — to snub; to treat with de- 
signed contempt; to interrupt; to con- 
tradict some one. 

chab&i, V. tr.; also opone; rechasa; 

resiste: — to resist; to oppose. 
chaca, n.: — ^rat (the brown, or Norway, 

chaca,^v. i.; also na-chaca; julog; 

majlog: — to snap; to break short or 

instantaneously; to crack. 

chac&, V. %.: — to titter; to chuckle; to 
crackle (the bones of a joint). 

ch&can dfquiqui, n.: — mouse (small rat). 

chacha, adj., adv.: — affected; elegant; 

ch&chab&i, adj., adv.; also op6pone; 
rechachasa: — ^resisting; opposing; re- 

chachag, n.; — saw; cutting steel instru- 
ment with a toothed edge. 

chachag, v. tr.: — to saw; to cut with a 

saw; to cut. 
chachag mafLise, v. tr., n.: — rip saw. 
ch&chaga, n.: — ^upper part of the thigh; 

shank; thigh, 
chachalane, v. tr.; also dirije; fana^- 

giie: — to give advice; to give counsel; 

to lead; to guide; to instruct; to teach; 

to exemplify; to illustrate by example. 
chachalapon chatnot, n.; also tan- 

me: — ^infection; taint; infectious dis- 
ch&chalon, n.: — greaves of bacon, 
chachaot, adj.; also chaot; ti sina; 

chatsa^a: — prohibited ; impossible ; 

chachatjinaso, adj., adv.; also pinal&- 

lala; lulujan; escrupuloBo: — ^anxious; 

chachatlamen, n.; also contr&rio; eni- 

migo: — opponent; adversary. 
chada, n.; — egg. 
chadeg, adj., adv.; also gusi: — speedy; 





chckde^, n.; also pinal&lala: — haste; 

celerity; speed. 
chadegfLa, adv.; also gusefLa: mas 

blen: — ^rather; sooner; more willingly. 
chadeg na znafUla, n.; also maiLil& 

ensi^^das: — flash; sudden, quick, 

transitory blaze of light, 
chadigy adj.f adv. (see chadeg): — prompt; 

agile; quick, 
ch&flaqud, n.; — udder of the cow. 
chaflileg, v. tr.; also tajleg: — to twist a 

rope on the rope walk; to make a rope; 

to swing. 
chafleg, adj.^ adv.; also chatg^ya: — 

very sick; dying. 
chafleg, V. t.; chaflig: — to be dying; to 

be deathly sick, 
chaflilig, V. tr.; also chaftilalag: — to 

turn; to twist, 
chagchag, v. %.: — to dawn; to begin to 

grow light. 
chagd, adj.y adv.; also dist&nsia: — 

distant; far; far off. 
ohagd jaloxn, n.; also san jalum na 

patte ^ui tand; jalum tand: — 

interior; inland, 
chagdfiay adj.: — further; more distant. 
ch&gua, v. tr.: — to weaken the fire by 

banking or by covering with leaves. 

ch&gua, v. tr.; also f^-chalan: — to make 

ch&^guan, n.: — lawn; a plot of grass kept 
closely mown; grass; plant; shrub 
(dfquiqui na clasen tro^co). 

ch&gua, v. tr.; also sujaye: — to avoid, 
chague, v. tr.; also tamtam; also written 

chagui (see ensayo; tienta; ta£L&): — 

to sample; to taste food. 

chaicague, v. %.; also fedos: — to scram- 
ble; to clamber with the hands and 

chgrjlao, V. tr., v. i.; also mantiene; 
also written ch4jlau: — to catch; to 
seize; to grip; to grasp. 

ch&jlau, V. tr.; also jacot: — to receive; to 
catch; to seize. 

ch&chalamcham, n.: — E^utterer; stam- 

ch&lamlam v. i.; also ach^tgue: — ^to 
twinkle; to blink; to wink. 

chalan, n.; also rumbo; cutso; caye 
(from calle, Sp.:) — street; way; road; 
route; journey; march. 

chaldochao nl janum: — to flush; to 
clean out with a rush of water. 

chalapun, v. tr.: — to diffuse; to scatter; 
to disseminate; to strew asunder; to 
spread abroad (rumors, etc.). 

chalapun, p. p.: — divulged; diffused. 

chalgrUchau, v. tr.; also yef^ong; 
l&ulau: — to vibrate; to move back 
and forth; to shake. 

chaleco, n.: — vest; waistcoat, 
chalegy V. %.: — to laugh. 
ohalegy adj., adv.; also machaleg; 
bastos: — stubborn; coarse. 

chaleg, n.; also written chalig: — laugh- 
• ter. 
chal^jguli, V. tr.; also chal&uchau: — 

to stir up; to move; to set in motion, 
chatlii, v. tr.; also lalatde: — to nag: to 

scold; to find fault witii continually, 
chambra, n.; also chininan patgon: — 

the short shirt worn in Guam by 

champan, n.: — scow; large, flat-bot« 

tomed boat with square ends. 

ch&mo:— do not (the Latin noli). 

chancletas, n.: — slippers, 
chancocha, v. tr.: — to boil in water. 
chang:c&, v. tr.: — to carry suspended 

from the shoulder, without a carrying 

cha^co, adj.^ n.: — ^bowlegged; person 

with crooked legs, 
chanda, v. tr.; also sacude: — ^to cast off;. 

to shake off; to repel; to cast off to one 

chanda, v. tr.; also totpe: — to nudge; 

to touch gently (as with the elbow). 
chansa, n.; also 6setan: — ^joke; jest, 
chansero, n.; also num&chaleg; nu- 

m&n§k.<^aleg: — ^jester; joker; wag; 

merry fellow, 
chapag, v. tr.; also jala pap&: — to take 

down; to snatch down; to draw down*,^ 

to pull down, 
chapun, v. tr.; also chalapun; despet- 

disia; n^f alingo: — to waste; to scatter;. 

to destroy; to squander. 
chapusero, n.; also tracachero: — ^bun- 
gler; dabbler. 
chaqueta, n.; also chaleco: — ^jacket, 
charera, n.: — earthenware teapot, 
chascoy n.; also mam&bababa: — 

knavery; cheating; swindling. 
ch§,taSn, adj.: — rainy; rainy season (fan 

ch&taSn, n.; also pagyo: — storm, 
ch&tan, adj., (k^v.:— particular; distinct 

from others; individ!ual. 
chat-ante, n.: — ^bad spirit, 
ch&tao, cuij.: — selfish; egotistical (de- 

masiao jagoflien m&isa giii). 
ch&tcuentos, v. i.; also ti compren- 

diyon: — to gibber; to speak incoher- 
ch&t-gu&iya, v. tr.; also maf&jiyu^g;. 

faichanag:— >to despise; to slander, 
chatgue, v. tr.; also butlea: — to talk 

about the faults of others; to ridicule 

some one (g^ cumuentos pot otro 

chatgttiya, adj., adv.: — dying; very sick, 
chatg^ya, adj., adv.; also chaneg: — 

very sick; dying, 
ch&t-ilo, adj., adv.; also atagtag: — ^hard* 

headed; stubborn; perverse, 
ch&tjinalum, n.; also minat&pa^: — 

vexation; anger; ill-humor. 
ch&t-jine£ggue, n.; also supertisidni — 

chgrtjula, V. %.; also ch&t fanjula: — to* 

swear falsely; to commit perjury. 




ch&tlit, n.; also ensegpiidas na ina- 
tan:— glimpse; a traneient view. • 

^hatlii, V. tr.: — to abhor; to hate; to 

'Chatli-iyon, n.; also chinatlit: — hatred; 
aversion; hostility. 

<sli&t]aiafand*^gUe na t&otao, n.: — cad; 
vulgar; ill-bred fellow. 

<ih§kt manjula, v. %.: — to perjure; to swear 

°ch§,tniasa, adj., adv.; also niat&; ti 
s&sacan: — ^immature; not ripe; not 
fully developed or grown; crude. 

chlitniata, ac^.: — shortsighted. 

<sh4tpd,go, adj.y adv.; also desabrido; ti 
guaiyayon:— disagreeable; hateful; re- 
pugnant; offensive; highly distasteful; 
ugly; repellent. 

chi,tpayon, adj., adv.; also petbetso; 
escandaloso: — infamous; wicked ; prof- 

<iliktsa,ga,y adj.; also ti sifLa; chaot; 
ch§«haot; n^mdae; ndjnaasd; tang;^ 
sly on : — im j}ossib le ; imprac ticab le ; 
captious; critical; despicable; pitiful; 

ch&tsaga, v. tr.; also ti capas; tum&i- 
f uetsa; ti siunifla: — to incapacitate; to 
render unfit or incapable; to disable. 

-ch&ttand, adj.; also ti fafaflago: — 
barren; unfruitful. 

'Chattau, adj., adv.; also latga; mes- 
quino: — stiij^y; avaricious. 

chauchau, v. tr.: — to stir; to shake. 

chauchau, n.: — stormy sea; high em- 

<5h&iild, V. i.: — ^to undulate; to move 
with wavelike motion; to heave; to 
swing the rod. 

chebang, v. tr.: — to chop off; to break off. 

chebot, n.: — fat man. 

<;hebot, adj.; also yomog: — ^fat; ciftrpu- 
lent; fleshy. 

«hechet, v. tr.: — to call attention to. 

chech^tan, n.; also pecad6t; y umlisao; 
chichStan: — sinner. 

•ch^chijet, adj.; also mangoflid: — ^well- 
meaning; benevolent; well disposed 
toward some one. 

checho, n.: — boundary. 

ch6chdo6nai; f&tinas yan matli na 
mateii&t, v. tr.; also manufactura: — 
to manufacture; to fabricate from raw 

'Chdchd comiinid&dy n.: — socage; com- 
pelled labor. 

<5hefche£, v. tr.: — to cut off; to break off 
(the. limb of a tree). 

•chefla, t;. tr., v. i.: — to whistle with the 

^egcheg, v. tr.: — to gnash the teeth. 

chegcheg, n.: — noise (of breaking wood). 

«he^l6, n.; also saqui; ladr6n: — ^robber; 

chegld, n.; also f&f&baba; tramposo; 
palach&: — swindler; rogue. 

«hdlo, n.; chdla: — ^brother; sister. 

chenche, n.; — ^bedbug. 

cheng^le, v. tr.; chi£gle: — to appropri- 
ate something not one's own; to take 
for one's own something belonging to 
another or others. 

cheop, n.: — local name for a small 
basket usually made for carrying on 
the back. 

chepchoptinaly n.: — quicksand. 

chequero, n.: — sty; a pen or inclosure 
for swine; pigsty; hogi)en. 

chdtan, V. %.: — to be in error; to be 

chdtnoty V. tr.; also fafLetnot; nH- 
fafietnot: — to wound; to hurt; to 

chdtnot, n.; also minalang^o; defecto; 
jerida: — sickness; illness; defect; sore; 
wound; abscess. 

chdtnot, n.; also eyng; puti; — ^pain; 
intense pain, especially referring to 
thrust wounds, cuts, etc. 

chdtnot dfquiqui, n.: — ^fistula; small 
chronic abscess. 

chdtnot est6niago, n.: — dyspepsia; in- 

chdtnot gui tomates ag&g^, n.: — 
tonsilitis; inflammation of the tonsils. 

chdtnot lasarino, n.: — leprosy. 

chetnudan, adj.: — ^wounded. 

chiton, adj., adv.: — connected. 

chiton, V. i.: — to stick fast; to come in 
toudi with. 

chiba, n.: — goat. 

cliichd, V. i.; maptft: — to explode; to 

chicheria, n.; also joguete: — gewgaws. 

chicherico, adj., adv.: — vain. 

chichirica, n.: — vernacular name for the 
fan-tailed "flycatcher, a pretty little 
bird which follows one along tne road 
and spreads its tail as though wishing 
to attract attention. 

chi'^chitun, n.: — vernacular name for the 
prickly chaff-flower, a shrubby weed, 
quite troublesome in Guam, on account 
of the property of the fruit to stick to 
the clothing, its name signifying tick. 

chichericoy adj.; also mamuda: — dressed 
up; dolled up (referring to women). 

chlchul^, adj., adv.; also caprichoso: — 
humorsome; capricious. 

chlco, V. tr.: — to kiss. 

chigandd, v. i.; also chinigandd: — ^to 
smoke a pipe. 

chigandd, n.: — smoker's pipe. 

chlgandd pfau, n.; also tubon pfau: — 
reed pipe; bamboo pipe. 

chigd niyog, n.: — coconut milk. 

chigiiany n.; also janum ma&sen: — salt 
broth; brine; pickle. 

chiguet, n.: — tweezers. 

chiguet, V. tr.: — ^to crowd together; to 
compress; to stifle; to crush; also 
oprime; catgaye: — to subdue; to re- 
press; to keep down; to suppress. 

cm, n.; — end; border. 

chijit, V. %.; also jumijot; subida: — to 
approach; to draw nearer. 




chigty adj.; also arixuao; chdchilet: — 
anectionate; well disposed toward some 

child papet, n.; also mensajero:— 

chilin-oanipa]ia,n.; panag-campana: — 
clapper oi a bell. 

ohilol^, adj.: — ^proportional; equal; uni- 
form; of like measure. 

chiminea, n.: — chimney; also firing hole 
of a gun. 

chin, n.; also oriya; canto: — ^border; end. 

china, adj.: — Chinese. 

chin&-u£gae, n.;— balance; perfect 
equality of two weights; equipoise; 

chinab&, n.; also inopone; nirechasa; 
reaist^naia: — ^resistance; opposition. 

chinab&, n.; also dinisatienoe: — snub; 
an intended slisht. 

chinachag, n.; also aise; siniae: — slash; 
a long cut. 

chin^dhat-jinaso, n.; — qualm of con- 

chinadft, n.: — ^inguinal rupture. 

chinadeg, n.: — speed; velocity; swift- 
ness; quickness. 

chhiagd, adj.f adv.; also mfiiaa; estrailo; 
solo: — remote; isolated; solitary; lone- 
some; secluded. 

chinague, n.; also ecsamen: — exami- 
nation: test; trial. 

chinatlii, n.: — ^loathing; disgust; nausea. 

chinat manjula, n.; — perjury. 

chinatao. n.; also codisia: — selfishness; 
niggardliness; avarice. 

chinatlid. n.f also 6dio; in&chatlid: — 
spite; m will or hatred toward another; 

chinatlid, n.: — hatred; dislike; odium, 
hinatsaga, n.; also atboroto; ti 
sumifia; inconbenidnsia: — trouble; 
distress; worry; inconvenience; unfit- 
ness; troublesomeness; disadvantage. 

chin&ttao, n.; also escasds; defecto: — 
deficiency; defect; want; lack. 

chinchuld, n.; also chinchulii; cuen- 
tos: — Bpeedi; talk; discourse; gossip; 
narration; oration. 

chinchulo, n.; — dragnet. 

chind^gtte, n.; also obra; chindgiie; 
fin&tinas; ninlljuyoi^; ch6ch6: — 

chinem&, n.; also chomft; templansa: — 
temperance; continence; abstinence; 

y chinem& m&isa; also jinilat nx&isa; 

Sunen mfiisa: — self-control; s e 1 f - 

chinenchon, v. %.; also famft-chen- 
chon: — to build a nest. 

chinepchop, v. tr.; also pinaftot; none; 
lumos: — to merge; to absorb; to swal- 
low up. 

chinepwiop, v. tr.; also jinatme: — ^to 
saturate; to soak; to imbue. 

chindtan, n.; also inabag; linache: — 
misunderstanding . 

chinlchili; also umachuli: — ^to resemble. 

4562—18 11 

chinild, n.; also rinesibe; resibo; 

acsepta: — ^receipt; acceptance. 
chinilo£^, n.; also inaya; propotsi6n: — 

chinina, n.; also cotsd: — ^bodice; waist; 

overshirt; shirt, 
chiquero, n.: — ^pen; a small inclosure; 

coop. ^ 

chi^ueron b&bui, n. (see chequero): — 

pigsty; pen for pigs, 
chiraie, n.; also lnad&: — defamation; 

slander; bad words; aspersion, 
chispas, n.; — spark. 
ch6ehd, n.; also obra; chind^giie; flnft- 

tinas; nin&juyo£g: — ^work; task; labor; 

toil; exertion; effort, 
chocho, V. tr.f v. %.; also cand: — to eat. 
ch6chd di&rio, n.: — daily work; daily 

chdchd-fuetsao, n.; also chdchd co- 

munid&d: — compelled labor; socage. 
chdchd yindasd: — ^work of charity. 
chofe, V. tr.; also ptlo-^alo: — to hold 

back; to divide on. 
chd^giie, V. tr.; also f&tinas; nft 

luyofig: — to make; to create; to 

lashion; to fabricate; to work; to per- 
form; to do. 
chd^gtte van y c&nai (or c&na«): — to 

manipulate; to operate or work by 

means of the hanos. 
chd'^gttfye, i). tr.; also setbe: — to serve; 

to work or perform duties for; to wait 

chom&y V. tr.; also julat estotba; 

impide; pruibe; pro jibe: — to subdue; 

to conquer; to vanquish; to forbid; to 

prevent; to prohibit; to impede; to 

chozn&, n.; chinemft: — abstinence; diet; 

continence; temperance. 
chomchom, v. tr.; also n&-boc&; amon- 

tona: — ^to heap up; to place com in 

chomchom, adj.; also ti taclion; ti 

tuffidon; ti jatmiyon: — ^impene- 
chdme, V. tr.; also nkje: — to pour; to 

pour in. 
chonchon, n.: — ^nest. 
choneg, v. tr.; also anima; sdon: — to 

elate; to raise the spirits of. 
choneg, v. tr.^ v. %.: — to push; to thrust; 

to pu^ away, 
chopichop, V. tr.; also masmas; gui- 

men: — ^to suck in, drop by drop; to 

sip; to imbibe in small quantities, 
chorisos, n.: — sausage, 
chotda, n.; — ^banana plant; also banana 

fruit, while yet green. 
chucaxLi V. %.: — ^to wallow; to roll one's 

body in the mire, 
chucan, v. tr.; also bdlembau: — to rock 

a child in the cradle; to swing; to undu- 
chuchuc6, n.: — ^vernacular name for a 

shore bird, the reef heron of the Pacific; 

not rare, but wary, and hard to 




approach; the white heron is called 

cnuchucd a^'paoa, the black heron is 

named chuchucd &tilo^. 
chucubite, n.: — ^name of a large-sized 

chuda (old expression), n.; also faflu- 

d&an: — dust corner, 
chuda, v.$tr.: — to pour out; to spill a 

liquid out of a vessel, 
chuga, V. tr.; apasfgua; na-znajgo£gf; 

na-d'^cajat; na-quieto: — ^to make 

peaceful; to give pleasure to; to soften; 

to hush up. 
chugja, adv.: — even. 
chugd, V. tr.; also alimenta; na-cho- 

cho: — to feed; to nourish; to support, 
chugd, n.: — sap; juice of trees; juice of 

fruits, etc.; pus; matter. 
chugd niyog, n.: — milk of the coconut, 
chugd SU8U, n.; leche: — milk, 
chulamcham, n.; also tattaznudo; cha- 

chalamcham: — stammerer; stutterer, 
chtild, V. tr.: — to get; to obtain; to pro- 
cure; to win; to gain; to acquire; to 

bring; to fetch; to go after and bring, 
chul^'^uan, v. tr.; aUo fan-entayag: — 

to pillage; to rob; to plunder; to deprive 

by force; to despoil, 
chuld^janau, v. tr.: — to take along, 
chuld^'inagui, adv.: — ^bring hither; bring 

this way (hither; this way: — ^magui; 

giiine magui). 

chtlld pot banida, v. tr.; also chul6 pot 

znanae pat pot znatagd: — to assume; 

to take for granted, 
chule talo, v. tr.: — to regain; to recover 

possession of; to get back, 
ch niton, adj., adv.: — portable, 
chuinachansa, adv.: — ^jokingly; jest- 
ingly; jocosely, 
chumaleg, v. i.: — to grin; to smile 

chumaleg jajaluzn, v. i.; also chumaleg 

d6desdes: — to snicker; to laugh slyly; 

to giggle, 
chumilo^, adj.: — becoming ; seemly ; 

chuxuinchulo, v. tr.: — to fish; to fish with 

a dragnet. 
chuniocho-zn6gae, v. tr.; also dafld- 

gtte: — to eat immoderately; to consume 

large quantities of food, 
chumupa, v. %.; also chupa un chi- 

galo: — to smoke a cigar, 
chu^at, V. tr.: — to cut open an animal, 
chuot, V. i.; also padese; puti: — to 

suffer; to feel witii a sense of pain, 
chiingud, n.: — vernacular name of the 

beautiful snow-white tern, a sea b'ird. 
chuffiu^ adj.; chu£^ui: — gray (hair). 
chungui batbas, adj . : — gray-bearded . 
chupa, n.: — tobacco; cigar, 
chupon, adj.y adv.; also b6gsion: — ^pale; 

pallid; sallow; wan (of complexion). 


dacun, n.: — liar; one addicted to lying. 

dacon, adj., adv.; also fatso; mandague; 
dadague: — false; lying. 

dacot, n.; also written dacod; also atan; 
adag: — knock; below; stroke. 

dacot, n.; also written dacod; also atan; 
adag: — to beat on the head (truthful, 
not lying: — ti dadague). 

dadalag, n.; also cola: — tail. 

dadafia, adj.f adv.; also gk mandafia; 
gagachong;: — sociable; companion- 
able; affable. 

dadangse, n.: — ^bur; burdock. 

dadau, adj., adv.; also calagtos; didog; 
papagd: — sharp; keen; cutting; 

dadeg, n.: coconut, when small and not 
larger than a betel nut. 

dado, n.: dice. 

dafa, n.: — local name for the parrot fish; 
has large scales and parrotlike beak; its 
color is deep green-blue. 

dafd, adj., adv.: — weak; powerless (re- 
ferring to human beings only). 

dafao, n.: — ^local name for the trouble- 
some and widely spread glueweed; the 
root is used medicinally, and is recom- 
mended as a remedy for dropsy and 

dagao, V. tr.; also agUet; fagas; maa- 
ch6 yutd: — ^to cast; to fling; to throw 
(ptones.: to stone. 

dag^e, V. %.; also fandague; dague 
fandague; t^sgUe; embostero: — 
to lie ; to speak falsely; to deceive. 

dagneas, adj.; also gasgas; catbo: — 
bald; bare. 

dago, n.: — ^local name for yam; there are 
several varieties in Guam; they form 
one of the principal staples of food, and 
were among the provisions supplied to 
the early navigators visiting the group, 
many of whom designate them as 
batatas, which hsis led some writers 
to the supposition that sweet potatoes 
were growing on the island before the 
discovery; sweet potatoes, however, 
have no vernacular name in Guam, be- 
ing called camotes, the name under 
which they are known in Mexico and 
South America; also called gadd and 

dagua, adj.; also ataga; tininon-sonx- 
nap: — sunburned; red. 

dague, V. tr.; also fababa; esitane: — 
to bluff; to deceive; to cheat; to 

daialae, adj., adv.; also inos or ynos: — 
sUm; thin; slender (the opposite of 
lodd, thick in circumference). 

daialag, V. tr.; also dalalaque; eyag; 
tadtiye: — ^to imitate; to follow; to 
stick to some one. 
I dama, n.: — the game of checkers. 




d&magito, n.: — ^thumb; 

dame^gfgOy n.: — Sunday. 

damenggon ramos, n.: — Palm Sunday. 

damen^gon pasidn, n.: — Passion Sun- 
day; the fifth Sunday in Lent. 

da£L&, adj.f adv.; also t&iatension; 
t^nadaje; ti y6daje: — ^inattentive; 
careless; inadvertent. 

daiLll, y. tr.; also n&-da£L4: — ^to mingle; 
to mix; to blend; to compile; to put 

daiLao, v. tr.: — to damage; to hurt; to 

danas, v. tr.: — to press out; to squeeze out. 

danche, v. tr.; also &sod&: — ^to find; to 
hit upon; to meet. 

dandan, v. tr.; — to call; to name; to 
knock at the door. 

dandan, v. i.; also dilixSgdi^g: — to play 
(music); to ring a bell. 

d&ngculo, adj.; zuauleg; guMtao; f4- 
fata:— ^gantic; huge; colossal; large; 
splendid; magnificent; pompous. 

d^^culo na achd: — ^bowlder; a large 

d^uSgculo na batcdn pat galeria: — 
terrace; large open balcony or gallery. 

d&ngculo na lugat; also f edd.; ancho; 
mSugat; mft^'guag: — spacious; wide; 

d^ngculo na nesesid^, n.: — emergency; 
sudden necessity; strait; crisis. 

d§.ngculo tataotg,o£La, adj.; also lodd; 
yomog: — obese; corpulent; fat. 

d&igue, adj.y adv.: — timid; apprehen- 
sive; cowardly; scrupulous. 

danl^ues, n.; also candela: — candle. 

dangues-abe j a, n.; also sera; 
danguis: — ^beeswax . 

dan^uis, n.; also brea: — ^rosin; resin; 

danguis sera, n.: — ^wax candle. 

da^glon, n.;— Guam name for a trmnk 
fi^; its body is without ribs, inclosed 
by a hard shell composed of hexagonal 
plates; has two horns in front and two 
in rear; its color on upper surface is blue, 
spotted with white. 

dangse, v. tr.; also p&lae: — ^to grease; to 

dai^^on, adj.; also torUten dajSg;so£gf: — 
sticky; glutinous; resinous. 

da^l^son^, n.; also fachd: — slime; mud; 
mire; a£o yeast. 

dafLOy n.:— damage; harm; hurt; injury. 

da£Lo, n.; also petjulsio; estotbo; 
mol^stia: — ^nuisance | anything offen- 
sive, injurious, vexatious, or annoying. 

daflosoy adj.; camtem; n&^tdilaye: — 
mischievous; detrimental; hurtful. 

daog, n.; also written daoc: — ^local name 
for the Palo Maria (Sp.) a tree valued 
for its wood, for an aromatic gum which 
exudes from incisions made in its trunk, 
and for a medicinal oil obtained from its 
nuts; its wood is hard, strong, cboss- 
grained, and very hard to split; used in 

Guam for the solid wheels of the carts 
drawn by bullocks and carabaos. 

d&sai, V. tr.; also trasqiiila; utot: — ^to 
shear; to shave; to cut off. 

d&tilis, 71.; also d^tiles: — date; the fruit 
of the date palm. 

debana, v. tr.: — ^to cut into slices. 

debanada, n.: — thin slice. 

debatde. adv.; also batde: — gratis; gra- 
tuitously; for nothing. 

debit, adj.; also maso^og; y&fai: — 
haggard; worn and anxious in appear- 
ance; lean and hollow-eyed; infirm; 
faint; weak; puny; feeble; languid; 
wanting energy; depressed. 

deb6t8ia, v. tr; also tun^yuti, dibtitsia; 
debtitsia: — to divorce; to dissolve mar- 
riage contract by legal authority. 

debosi6n, n.; also dineboto: — ^piety; de- 

deboto, adj.y adv.; also religiose; 
minijen^ue para yuus; jonggue: — 
pious; reUgious; devout. 

debuena boluntlld: — ^willingly; of a free 

debuetta, n.; also ninSIo; apas: — ^resti- 
tution; compensation; amends. 

declara, v. i.; also n&-claruye: — to de- 

decreta, v. tr.; also otdena: — to decree; 
to prescribe; to ordain; to dispose. 

decreto, n.; also jinaso; julsio; minSj- 
nalom: — decree; sentence; judgment. 

d^dego, n.; also tacon: — ^heel. 

dedsiplina, n.: — discipline; education; 
mihtary regulation. 

defecto, n.: — ^fault; slight offense; blem- 

defens6t, n.; defender; protector; guard- 

defiende, n.: — vindication; defense; sup- 
port by proof. 

defiende, v. tr.; also sin&gU6: — ^to de- 
fend; to guard; to protect; shelter. 

defiende jafa na rason, v. tr.: — to allege 
to aflftrm; to assert. 

definisi6n, n.; also pinil&: — definition; 
brief description. 

dego, V. i.; — to tiptoe; to raise one's self 
on the tips of the toes. 

degileya, v. tr.: — ^to behead. 

degula, n.; also gula; sin modera- 
si6n: — ^intemperance; immoderation. 

deja, V. i.; also diuneja: — ^to crouch; to 
sit on the haunches. 

dejao, adj.; also maguenx; michd: — 
poor; needy; abandoned. 

delicao, adj., , ady.; also pachajS^: — 

deletrea, v. tr.: — spell; to name the let- 
ters in a word consecutively. 

delicadesa, n.; also presisi6n; fastidi- 
oso: — nicety; precision; fastidiousness; 

delisioso, adj.y adv.; also man^^ui: — 
delicious; exquisite; highly pleasing to 
the senses, take, or mind. 




deznanda, v. tr.: — ^to demand; to ask in a 
peremptory manner. 

demandaddt, n.; also acusad6t: — 
plaintiff; one who commences a suit in 
a court of law. 

demasi&o, adj.^ adv.; also sosobla; 
s6sobla: — superfluous; beyond meas- 

dezn6mo, n.; also znagiS^aziite: — de- 
mon; evil spirit; devil. 

de£g:cot, V. tr.y v. %.; also sdsd; dosug; 
dulug: — ^to peck; to stab; to pierce; to 

dentroy adv.^ prep.; also jalum; san 
jalum: — ^in; within; inside. 

d6on, V. tr.; also jofld: — ^to squeeze; to 
pinch; to tweak. 

dependiente, adj.; also ^6 papa: — sub- 
ordinate; inferior in rank, power, or po- 

deposita, v. tr.: — ^to deposit; to put into 
tne bank. 

dep68ito, n.: — depot; warehouse. 

dep68iton januzn, n.: — ^reservoir; water 

depots! ma-jasuye, adj.^ adv.; also 
jasneon; adrede: — designed; inten- 
tional; premeditated. 

depots! t&ibatbas, adj.; aZso lampiflo: — 

depotsij&, adv.; also naturatmente; 

naturaknente {Sp.): — naturally, 
derechos, n.; also apas; aduana: — ^fees; 

duties; customs duties; taxes. 
derechon aduanas, n.: — customs duties; 

derepent^, adj., adv.; also ensiguidas: — 

abrupt; sudden. 

derog^a, v. tr.; also rebuelbe; cansela; 
nd.n^o y finijd; yulang: — ^to abolish; 
to diminish; to revoke; to withdraw; to 
countermand; to dismiss. 

desabrido, adj., adv.; also ch&tp&go: — 
tasteless; offensive; repugnant. 

desafte, v. tr.: — to unroof (a house). 

desag^adero, n.: — sewer system; sewer- 
age (canat pat tube &nae sifia man 
ma 161of an si ja anf agas pat jaf a mas 
na in^plachdr). 

desampara, v. tr.; also di£go: — ^to leave 
behind; to quit; to forsake; to desert; to 
abandon; to leave. 

desanegra, v. tr.: — ^to let blood; to tap 

desaparejo, v. tr.: — ^to unsaddle; to un- 

desapatta, v. tr.; alsq dibide; pab^as; 
patte: — ^to separate; to sunder; to 
divide; to cut into parts. 

desaplicao, adj., adv.; also gagd: — ^in- 
dolent; lazy. 

desaprueba, v. tr.: — to disapprove; to 
denounce; to censure; to condemn; to 

desapruebao, n.: — ^reprobate; a profli- 
gate person. 

desareglao, n.: — disorder. 

desareglao, adj., adv.; also sa^g^gano; 
t&imoderasion: — dissolute; licentious; 
irregular; disorderly; confused; im- 
moaerate; extravagant; intemperate. 

desase, v. tr.; deshase; also yula£^: — to 
destroy; to demolish; to rum. 

desatento, adj., adv.;; t&ires- 
peto; bastes: — ^rude; rough; inatten- 
tive; irreverent; disr^ectM. 

desatiende, v. tr.; also descuida: — ^to 
slight; to neglect 

desbetga, v. tr.: — ^to violate; to injure. 

desca, v. tr.; also bofetada: — ^to box on 
the ear. 

descaJintao, adj.; also maja^gud: — 
stale; not fresh; vapid; tasteless. 

descansa, v. %.; also m&igd: — ^to rest; to 

descansoy n.; also alfbio; majgo^: — 
relief; mitigation; alleviation. 

descanson y chdchd, n.: — ^recreation; 
amusement; refreshment after toil. 

descarao, adj., adv.; also t&imamajlau;, 
s&g^at; matatf[ga; atotgante: — 
shameless; audacious; insolent; bold. 

descatga, v. tr.: — ^to unload; to dis- 

desclaba, v. tr.: — ^to pull nails. 

deseo, n.; also minalagd:— choice; de- 
sire; power or right of choice; selection; 

descolorao, adj.; also b6gsion: — ghastly; 
deathlike; pale. 

desconfiajisa, n.; also suspecho: — sus- 
picion; mistrust. 

descubre, v. tr.; also n&-tu£gd: — ^to dis- 
cover; to disclose; to reveal; to make 
plain or evident; to explore. 

descuenta, v. tr.: — ^to withdraw; to 
draw off. 

descuida, n.: — heedlessness; carelessness; 

descuida, v. tr.; also desatiende; 
chatlid: — to n^lect; to slight. 

descuidao, adj.^ adv.; also ti y6daje; 
tdif nadaje : — ^madvertent ; heedless ; 
careless; unconscious; dejao; flojo; 
znamdlo: — slovenly; tarrying; per- 
functory; done carelessly. 

descuidao, n.; also descuida: — reck- 
lessness; heedlessness; carelessness. 

descuidao, conj.; descuidau; also sin 
esc; sin enau: — ^r^ardless of that; 
notwithstanding . 

desde, prep.: — ^from (a given time until 
now}; since; hence; from this place, 
source, or time; in consequence of this. 

desde antes; also abmami; jagas: — 
since olden times. 

desde este , jasta : — ^from 

here to . 

desde ng&ianP — since when? 

desdichao, adj., adv.: — ^unfortimate; un- 

desea, adj., adv.; also jtoialagd; j&- 
mandesea: — ^wistful; pensive. 

desea, v. tr.; also malagd; tannga: — ^to 
desire; to want; to crave; to wish. 




desecha, v. tr.; also yut§ or yutl: — ^to 
spurn; to throw away; to cast away; 
to repudiate. 

desenxbatga, v. tr.; also deseznbatca: — 
to disembark. 

deseznpefla, v. tr.: — ^to provide for; to 
care for; to unfold; to develop; to put 
in use. 

desend^naia, n.; also t&tate: — tissue; 
progeny; posterity (y fLnapos pat 

desendiente, n.; — successor; offspring; 
patgon: — child. 

desente, adj.y adv.; also gasgas; ho- 
nesto asentado:— decent: clean; neat; 
decorous; of proper bearing; agreeable; 

desenteresao, adi.t adv.; also ti 
chatab: — unselfish; disinterested. 

desenuebe, adv.; dies y nuebe: — ^nine- 

deBeosOy adj.y adv.: — desirous. 

desesperao, adj.^ adv.; also t&ininaQ- 
ga:--desperate; hopeless. 

desfaborable, adj.: — ominous; fore- 
boding evil; inauspicious. 

desfiexiray v. tr.; also xi&-ch&tp&go: — 
to disfigure; to deform; to distort; to 

desfigurado, arfj.;— disfigured. 

desflla. V. i.: — ^to pass by (speaking of a 
parade or procession passing by). 

desgr&siay n.; also dineshoura; casua- 
lid&d; inal6; acsidente: — ^misfor- 
tune; calamity; disaster; mishap; 
shame; dishonor; disgrace; accidental 
event* accident; casualty, or accident 
resulting in bodily injury or death. 

AeBgrasia.0, adj., adv^ aUofohU: ma^ 
guezn: — ^poor; needy; miserable. 

deshase, v. tr.; also yula£g: — ^to de- 
stroy; to ruin; to demolX^ 

deshereda, v. tr^; also amot nt y 
her^nsia: — ^to disinherit. 

deshonesto, adj.: — ^unbecoming; im- 
pure; indecorous; indecent. 

deshoxira, v. tr.; also fatso; aid; nft- 
al6; xHt-inald; na-t&ifaina: — ^to de- 
fame; to bring di^race upon; to insult; 
to injure the good name; to dishonor. 

desiettoy n.:— desert. 

deside, v. tr.: — ^to decide; to bring to an 
issue; to resolve. 

desizn&t, n.; — decimal; pertaining to or 
based upon the number 10; decimal 

ddsimo, adv.: — ^tenth. 

desinteresao, adj.^ oiv.;— disinterested; 

desi8i6n, n.; also resolusi6n: — ^resolu- 
tion; resolve. 

desjilachas, v. tr.: — ^to unravel. 

desminuve, v. tr.: — ^to decimate; te de- 
stroy a large proportion of. 

desxnonta, v. tr.: — ^to clear (a field of 
trees or stumps); to cut down (a wood); 
to root out the torest. 

desocupao, adj.: — ^unoccupied; idle. 

despabila, v. tr.: — ^to awake to the reasoji. 

despacha, v. tr.; also despide: — ^to dis- 
charge; to disband; to msmiss; to re- 
voke; to countermand. 

desparad6t, n.; — trigger of a gun. 

desparate, n.; also matdisidn: — curse; 

despfisio, adj., adv.; also d^cajat: — Lin- 
gering; slow. 

despega, v. tr.; also faisensine: — ^to re- 
move; to peel (meat from the bone). 

despensa, v. tr.; also asti; nft-paxa; 
sotta: — ^to waive; to give up a claim; 
to forego. 

despetdDua, v. tr.; also chapun; chala- 
pun; na-fali£go: — ^to squander; to 
waste; to scatter; to destroy. 

despetdisiao. adj., adv.: — squandering; 
lavish; })roaigal. 

despetdfsioi n.: — ^lavishness; prodigal- 
ity; squandering. 

defiprebenido, adj.; also ti-preparao; ti 
Ifusto: — ^unprepared; not ready. 

desprdsia, v. tr.; also iSj^uhi: i^^en: — 
to disdain; to censure; to aeprecate. 

despresiable, adj., adv.; also totpe: — 
disgraceful; dissolute. 

deroresiao, adj., adv.; also t&gpap&; 
taisetbe: — ^base; abject; vile; mean- 

despresiao, adj., adv.: — mean-spirited; 
base; abject; vile. 

despr^sio, n.; also linetg^e; finij6 
znattrato; insutto; buUa; zninefea; 
mofa: — contempt; disdain; scorn; 
abuse; invective. 

despues, adj.: — subsequent; after; next. 

despues, adv.; also entonses: — ^there- 
upon; thereafter; afterwards; then. 

desquitay v. tr.; also bine^a: — ^to re- 
taUate; to return by giving l&e for like. 

destenxpla, v. tr., -v. i.: — ^to get out of 
tune (referring to a musical instrument) . 

destilado, v. tr.: — ^to banish; to expel 
from the country. 

destilado, n.: — outcast; one who is 
driven or cast out; an exile. 

destilipas, v. tr.: — to gut; to eviscerate. 

destina, v. tr.; also detetmina; nft- 
i&DAo; j&nao; f&xn&uleg: — ^to direct; 
to designate; to conclude; to determine; 
to destine; to order. 

destinaoy adj., adv.: — fateful; possessing 
fatal powers; fatal. 

destine, n.: — ^fate; destiny. 

destotmyad6t, n.: — screw driver. 

destrosa, v. tr.; also n&-fali£go: — to 
annihilate; to destroy. 

detetmizxa, v. tr.: — to determine; to 
direct; to destine. 

detiene, v. tr.; also retatda; nft- 
atrasao: — ^to hold back; to keep; to 
postpone; to retard. 

diaMo; mag^aniti, n.: — devil. 

di&conoy n.;— deacon. 

dialecto/ n.: — dialect; idiom; the pe- 
culiar manner in which a language is 
spoken in a district. 




diamante, n.: — diamoncf. 

diftmetro. n.; also inanohon y aft- 
culo:— diameter. 

diloio, adj.f adv.:^-d2t3ly; occurring each 
successive day. 

dibe, n.: — debt; tKat which is due from 
one person to another; also cuenta; 
faotora: — ^invoice; bill; score; account. 

dibe, V. i.; also man-dibe: — ^to be in debt. 

dibe, adj.: — due; owed or owing; payable. 

dibetsi6n, n.: — diversion; enter- 

dibettidOy adj., adv.; also n&^zuagof; 
znagof; najo^: — cheerful; delighted; 
joyous; merry; gay. 

dibide, v. tr.; also desapatta: — to sever; 
to sunder; to divide; to separate. 

dibidiyon, adj.y adv.;— -divisible; partible. 

dibinoy n.; also 8abid6t:— diviner; for- 
tune teller. 

dibi8i6n, n.; also fin&cai; maf&cai: — 
division; partition. 

dibujo, n.; also piano: — ^plan; drawing; 

dicha, n.; also suette: — ^luck; casual 
event or accident. 

dichoso, adj. J adv.; also fells; fottunao; 
gu^fsaga: — lucky; blessed; fortunate; 

dicsion&dLo, n.: — dictionary; vocabu- 

dicta, V. tr.: — ^to dictate; to prescribe. 

dicta, V. i.: — to express orally words to be 
taken down in writing. 

didefiende, n.; also gufgogUe: — me- 
diator; advocate. 

dfdescubre, adj.y adv.; also graaioso: — 
inventive; witty; ingenious; clever. 

y dldeshonra, n.; desnonraddt; calum- 
niad6t; enredad6t: — slanderer; ca- 
lumniator; reviler. 

dfdibe, v. tr.; also dibe: — ^to owe; to be 
indebted; to be in debt. 

dldidd, adj. J adv.; also can& ti najofig^: — 
scant; scarcely sufficient; UtUe; not 

dldinag, n.: — parasite; sponger. 

y dldirije^ n.: — guidance; direction. 

didog, adj.y adv.: — precipitate; steep. 

didog, n.: — steep aeclivity; almost per- 
pendicular slope. 

didog agag&£La, adj.; also agag&: — 
scarlet; of a bright red color. 

didog jinasoiLa, adj., adv.; also luchd: — 
acute; ingenious; sensible. 

diente, n.: — tooth; prong. 

dies, adv.: — ten. 

dies afLos siguido, n.: — decade; ten 
consecutive years. 

diestro cumalamten, adj.y adv.; also 
graaioso; luchd; ingenioso; Usto 
man jaso; gusi man inbenta: — in- 
genious; inventive; clever. 

dieta, n.: — diet. 

difer^nsia, n.: — difference. 

diferente, adj.: — other; different; con- 

diferentes, adj.; also t&iachai^a; ti 
umaya; disunto: — ^various; different; 

dificutt&d, n.; also minapot^ — difficulty. 

diles, V. tr.; also igue: — ^to surpass; to 
excel; to overtop. 

dflitb%, n.: — ^handle; hook; ring; ear. 

dllili£§, V. tr.: — to carry suspended from 
the hand. 

dilog, adv.; also dximilog: — ^upside down. 

dilog, V. tr.; also baja; tecon: — ^to in- 
cline; to bend down; to take down; to 

diltibio, n.: — deluge; inundation. 

dime, V. i.: — to bend the knees; to kneel. 

dinague, n.; also mandague; dague; 
dinague; i>adagdag; fin&baba: — ^lie; 
deceit; denial. 

dinaglS^as, n.; — bald spot on the head. 

dinfilala^, n.: — limitation; also ineyag: — 

dinamo electri8id&, n.: — electric dy- 

dinafid., n.: — mixture; blend. 

dinafi&i, n.; also basic: — siding; turnout 
on the road. 

dina^culo, n.; also guinatbo; min&- 
lag: — splendor; pomp; magnificence. 

dinanche, adj.; also m&iileg; justo; 
magaiet: — ^right; just; truthful; cor- 
rect; fit; true. 

din&sai-maquiniya, v. tr.: — ^to clip; to 
cut with the shears or scissors. 

dinebit, n.; aZso ' linache: — failing; a 
fault; weakness; imperfection. 

dlneclara, n.; also declarasi6n: — decla- 
ration; assertion; publication. 

dinecd, n.: — growth; increase; progress. 

dinemanda, n.; also queja: — suit; proc- 
ess at law. 

dinemd, n.: — a blow with the fist; a cuff. 

dinengdo£|:, n.; also gotpe: — ^blow; 
stroke; knock. 

dineposita, v. tr.; also resetba; nin&- 
sa]£&ue: — ^to reserve; to keep in store; 
to hold back. 

dinesanima, adj.: — dejected; depressed; 

dinescansa, n.; also t&ich6chd; osioso: 
ease; leisure; freedom from occupation. 

dinescuida, n.; also dinesatiende: — 
slight; neglect; oversight. 

dinesente, n.;— -decorum. 

dineshonra, n.; also desgr&sia: — shame; 
dishonor; disgrace. 

dineshonra, v. tr.: — to dishonor; to 
bring shame upon the character of; to 
disgrace; to shame. 

dlnesmlnuye, n.; also nlrebaja: — ^re- 
duction; diminution. 

dl^&, n.: — ^twins; double. 

dl£g&, n.; also ramas: — ^branch; bough; 

y dl£^& dos chalan, n:: — crossroads. 

di£go, V. tr.; also abandona; deaam- 
para: — ^to abandon; to leave; to quit; 
to leave behind; to forsake; to desert. 




di£^Oy V. %.; also fapos: — to go away; to 

depart; to run away, 
di^g^o, adj.; also dejao; abandonao; 

madiJ^o:— left; abandoned; poor, 
dinetetmina, n.; also detetminaaidn: — 

determination; decision; intention, 
dinibtitsia, n.; also yinitt:— divorce; 

dissolution of marriage by legal au- 
dimchoBo, n.; aUo b&tsaxuo; quinen- 

sue^a; minagofigf: — ^balm. 
dimchoso, n.; — blessedness, 
dinigzido, adj,: — ^livid; black and blue; 

ashy pale. 
diniinein6zia, v. tr.: — to recite; to repeat 

aloud from memory, 
dinira, n.; also zninaog; zuineB^gon: — 

duration; endurance; continuation, 
dinira, v. i.: — to continue; to endure; to 

last; to abide, 
diplom&ticoy n.; — diplomat, 
dlquiqul, adj., arfv.:— little; minute; 

small; jpetty; trifling. 
diqui<|iLt znefgd na fruta na-g&e- 

pepitas, n.; tinegch&: — ^berry. 
diqmqut na atbol, n.;--bru8h; thicket; 

diquiqu! na siud&, n.:— town; a collec- 
tion of houses larger than a village, 
d i r e c t o , adj,; also tunas:— direct; 

straight; open; plain, 
dirije, v. tr.; also chachalane; f&n&^- 

gtte: — ^to lead; to guide; to instruct; to 

dirile pat maneja y batco, v. tr.; also 

na-m&ya: — ^to navi^te; to steer or 

manage a boat; to sail, 
dirite, v. i.; also n&-lag6: — ^to melt; to 

fuse; to dissolve. 
diritiyon, adj., adv.; alao pulfton:— 

soluble; dissolvable. 
disabrido, n.; also dinesabrido: — ^unsa- 

voriness; ta^telessness; insipidity, 
disanima, v. tr.: — ^to depress the spirits 

of; to dishearten; to deject, 
disatiende, v. tr.; also chab&; nA- 

para: — to snub; to treat with designed 

disatma, v. tr.: — to disarm; to deprive of 

arms; to subdue, 
discubre, v. tr. {see descubre); cdso 

fontan: — ^to discover; to disclose; to 

discutpa. V. tr.: — ^to exculpate; to excuse; 

to justify; to clear of blame; to establidi 

as right or just. 
discutso, 71.; also orasi6n; chinchuld; 

chinchuli; cuentos: — oration; a formal 

public speech, 
disfigura, v. tr. {see desfig^ura): — to dis- 
discus ta, V. tr.; also n&-tiniagof: — to 

disgust; to offend the moral sense of. 
disgustao, n.; also indson; linayd: — 

nausea; disgust; aversion. 
disgusto, n.; also minapot: — chagrin; 

indignation; quaprel; obstacle; diffi- 
culty; vexation. 

disienxbre, n.i — December. 

diaiTniila, v. tr.; also n&-atog; nA- 
lijing:: — to feign; to hide; to conceal; to 
keep secret; to dissemble. 

disipulo, 71./ also estudiante; ma- 
niuSg^d: — scholar; student; pupil. 

disminuye, v. tr.; also n&-c4yad&: — ^to 
mitigate; to alleviate. 

disocupao, ti.;— desolation; destruction; 
ruin; affliction. 

dispabilao, n.: — tact; discernment and 
skill in speech and deportment. 

dispara, v. tr.; also paque: — ^to fire a gun. 

disparateria, n.; also blasf^mia:-^ 

dispensa, v. tr.: — ^to excuse; to exculpate. 

dispensa, n.: — dispensation; exculpa- 

dispensa, n.: — storage room; pantry. 

dispone, v. tr., v.^ %.: — ^to prepare; to 
make ready; to dispose; to arrange; to 

disposisidn, n.; also tinagd; fin&- 
nx^ule^; regla; otden: — order; com- 
mand; injunction; rule. 

dist^nsia, n.; also inlu^hagd: — distance 
between two places. 

distijSg^ue, adj., adv.; also written dis- 
tingue: — distinct; separate; differ- 

disti£g;guido, adj., adv.; also afamao: — 
famous; distinguished. 

distinto, adj.: — distinctive; individual. 

distraido, adi., adv.; also j&malefa: — 
absent-minded; distracted. 

distritoy n.: — district; territorial divi- 
sion, region, or tract of country. 

dobla, V. tr.: — ^to bend; to curve; to 
make crooked; tecon: — ^to fold over; 
to bend the knee. 

dobladan-maeago, n.: — crease; mark 
made by folding. 

doble, adj., ac?v.;— double; twofold; two 
of a sort. 

doc6, V. i.; also mafluso; lAchog: — ^to 
grow; to increase in stature; to thrive; 
to flourish; to shoot forth; to sprout. 

doohon, V. %.: — to penetrate (needle, 
splinter, etc.). 

dochon gui teoid, adj.; also ogan: — 
aground; stranded (ship). 

dochon nainatan, v. i.; also atan fijo: — 
to stare; to look sharply. 

dodag, n.: — ^thimble. 

doga, n.: — shoe, made of coarse leather; 
mso sandWas: — sandals. 

ddgas, n.; ddogas; also carac6t; 
lasas: — shell. 

dogdog, n.; also written dugdug: — 
vernacular in Guam for the celebrated 
breadfruit tree, bearing an oval fruit 
about the size of a small melon; the fruit 
at first is green, becoming brownish when 
imperfectly ripe, and yellow when fully 
so; it is eaten before it becomes ripe, 
and is either boiled or baked in ovens, 
or it is cut in slices and fried like pota- 
toes; a kind of biscuit is also made by 




drying the fried slices in the sun or in 
ovens; this lasts from one bread- 
fruit season to another: the tree also 
yields tapa, a native cloth, and a glue 
and calking are obtained from the viscid 
milky juice exuding copiously from in- 
cisions made in the stem; the tapa, or 
cloth, manufactured from the inner 
bark, is no longer made in Guam; the 
tree grows everywhere on the island, 
in the woods, on rocky cliffs, and in 
low, sandy soil; it is the chief source of 
timber and gum; there are two varie- 
ties, the dogdo^ {or duedug) and the 
16niae; the fruit of me former is 
seldom eaten, it being inferior to that 
of the Idxnae; the seeds, however, 
called na£^&, are rich in oil and are 
relived by the natives; horses and 
cattle are very fond of the leaves and 
the bark, and young trees have to be 
protected from them; when pasture is 
scarce breadfruit leaves are gathered 
and fed to the stock; the fruit is so 
abundant that it is fed to cattle, horses, 
and pigs. (Safford.) 

doe£gos, adj.y adv.; also testa: — ^bumt; 
dry; barren. 

dole, V. %.; also umiya: — ^to humble one's 

domina, v. tr.^ v. %.; also zn&ease; 

gdje: — ^to govern; to rule; to domi- 

don6, n.; also pimienta: — pepper; 

do^'do£gfV. tr.; aZso julat; tutu: — ^to 

beat; to piound. 

donseya, n.: — maid; maiden, 
dorao, oo;.;— gilded; gold-plated; gilt, 
dos, adv.: — ^two. 
dose, adv.: — twelve. 

dosientos (dos sientos), adv.: — ^two 

dosug, V. tr.; also de£g:cot; jumalum: — 

to pierce; to stab; to stick; to sting, 
dote, n.; — dower, 
dreya, n.: — dredge. 

dreya, v. tr.: — ^to dredge; to clean out and 
deepen with a dredge. 

dtlan, n.;— wart; bud. 

duda, n.; also jinecura; jdcuft: — doubt; 
uncertainty of mind. 

duda, V. %.; also buebuente: — ^to ques- 
tion; to doubt; to hesitate. 

dudog, V. tr.: — ^to gird around; to buckle 

dudoso, adj.f adv.; also juin6oii&; juzn6- 
Jecuft: — doubtful; dubious; question- 
able; undecided; undetermined. 

dudoso, n.; also suspechoso: — distrust; 
want of confidence, Mth, or reUance. 

dudus, adj,f adv.; also bonita; pacha- 
cha^; gatbo: — ^neat; nice (speaking 
of girls); beautiful; handsome. 

duefio, n.; also tata; ftsaina: — ^lord; 
master; owner. 

dujendes, n.; also f&f&n&gtte; plan- 
tasxna: — ghost; spook. 

dulalag, V. tr.; also destilado: — to drive 
out; to expel; to exile; to banish; 
ffaaa: — ^to overcome; to vanquish; to 
defeat; petsigue: — ^to disperse; to per- 
secute; to drive away. 

dulili, n.: — ^name generally applied to all 
the shore birds of Guam by tne natives; 

dulog, V. tr.; also taladra; dulug; sdsd; 
de£|:cot: — ^to bore; to bore through; to 
pierce through. 

dumafla, v. tr.: — ^to include; to inclose; 
to comprise. 

diiTnafgfcculo, v. %.: — ^to swell; to expand; 
to enlarge. 

duznescarada, v. %.; also bumastos; 
buxnaranca: — ^to flaunt; to behave im- 

dumimalas, v. tr.: — ^to fail; to be want- 
ing; to forsake. 

dura, v. i.; also saga; sujSgon; 
sudgun: — ^to abide; to continue; to 
endure; to last. 

durable, adj.; also petmanente; fijo; 
fitme: — ^lasting; durable; permanent. 

durante, prep.; also &nai: &nae; mien- 
traa:— -during; while; wnen (time). 

E. . 

6bab&, adj., adv.: — ^low; nxanso; 

umitde: — ^humble; lowly. 
ebang61io, n.; also ebanj^lio: — gospel, 
ebita^ v. tr.; also letque: — ^to evade; to 

avoid (sin); to turn out of the way. 
dcajat, adj., adv.; also despasio: — 

lingering; slow. 
ecajat, v. tr.; also cajat: — ^to hunt; to 

pursue game. 
^alag, adj., adv.; also |alag; escaso; 

apenas: — seldom; scarce; not plentiful; 

seldom met with; a few times; rare, 
echo^, adj., adv.; also 6clau: — hesit; 

curved; crooked; inclined to do wrong; 

forbidden; Iflicd; inecho^: — anoma- 
lous; irregular. 

echoHg^fla, n.; also c&laguag: — side; 

eoio^ui, adv.; also euaja naij cada 

rato: — once in a whue; a few times, 
dchung, V. tr.; also n4-6chiuSg^; nft- 

gadum: — ^to distract; to perplex; to 

confuse; to bewilder. 
ecsacto^ adj., adv.; also liter&t: — ^literal; 

following the exact words; exact, 
ecsamina, — ^to test; to make a trial 

of; to examine. 
ecsamina tftlo, v. tr.; also rebista; 

repasa; rebisa: — ^to reexamine; to looK 

back; to review, 
ecseptuao, adj.; also ecseptao:^ 

cepted; free. 




4c}i^cog, V. tr.: — ^to heed; to regard with 
care; to pay careful attention; to listen. 

^cufigfucon, adj.; also ju^ucon; 
ecu^ucon: — audible; capable of be- 
ing heard. 

<ed&, n.; — soil; the top stratum of the 
earth's surface: land; dirt. 

«d&d, n.: — age (irom Latin setas). 

edasy n.; also satgue: — stage; platform. 

«do (f&^edo), V. tr.: — ^to light the fire. 

«duca. V. tr.; also f&n&^ette; nft-eyag: — 
to educate; to impart knowledge. 

«ducasidn, n.; also ineyag; fin&n- 
&^gtte:— ^education. 

«fecto8, n.; — ^wares. 

4g§kgd,y V. tr.; also reconose; rebista; 
fat6igtte: — ^to inspect | to overlook; to 
control; to search; to view; to visit. 

4g^g^9 V, tr.yV. %.; also aUgau: — ^to seek; 
to try to find; to be in quest of. 

<egue^, adj.f adv.; also egui^; mne- 

gue^:-^-a8lant; awry; sloping; ob- 

^f^e^f n.; also inegue^g: — slant; an 
inclined plane. 

4giieB, V. tr.; also gUdsgttes; guagse: — 
to scrape; to scratch; to scour; to rub; 
to bruen; to shave. 

egw^f V. I.: — ^to lay on the side. 

^gttijan, i.: — to fish ; to go fishing. 

eje, n.; — axis of the wagon. 

^jecutibo, n.: — executive; administra- 
tive branch of the government. 

«jeinplo, n.: — sample; example; parable. 

•ejemplo, n.;— episode; an incident. 

«jet8i8io, V. tr.: — to drill (soldiers). 

•ejetsita, v. tr.; also ejetse: — ^to exercise. 

«j6tsito, n.; also milisia: — ^army; host. 

•ejo^&uiy adj.; also ti areglao; ti pot 
otden: — ^irregular. 

«lije, V. tr.; also nombra; f&naan; 
sa£gun; ayeg: — to elect; to name; to 

«nibajad6t, n.; — ambassador. 

eznbatca, v. tr.; also ma^dae gui saj- 
yan ma atmoneda: — to embark. 

«znbatga, v. tr.: — to confiscate; to sell at 

«znbelec^uero, n.; also gagd; gdrlumft- 
yau: — Midler; sluggard; good-for-nothing 
fellow; loafer. 

•eznbeste, v. tr.: — ^to remonstrate; to ex- 

<eznbeste, v. tr.^ v. %.; also y&uyau; ju- 
znatsamiento; jatsamiento: — ^to re- 
bel; to munity; to revolt; to assail; to 
seize; to attack. 

«znbidi6sa, adj.jOdv.; also latg*a; dgd: — 
envious; jealous; grudging. 

^znboscada, n.; also liniguef : — ambush. 

^mbudo, n.; — ^funnel. 

•eznbutiye, v. tr.: — ^to do inlaid work; to 
do raised or embossed work. 

«znbutive, v. tr.: — ^to do inlaid work; to 
do embossed work. 

<eznogy n.; also inemog; be^gfgansa; 
be^ga: — ^vengeance; revenge; retri- 

emo^, V. tr. — ^to avenge; to exact retri- 
bution for; to revenge. 

empas, v. tr.; also n&-&f&in&tile^; 
apase: — ^to reconcile; to atone j to expi- 
ate; to make reparation; to give satis- 
faction; to pay. 

eznpdy adv.; also medio; lamita: — half. 

empd, n.; also pedaso: — ^part; piece; 
something less than the whole. 

empefla, v. i.: — to take pains; to en- 
deavor; to try. 

empefia, v. tr.j v. %.: — to lease; to let by 

empeflao, adj.y adv.; also empefioso: — 
anient; eager; zealous. 

empefio, n.: — eneigy; eagerness; zeal. 

empefioso, adj.^ aav.: — eager; zealous; 
emulous; ardent; energetic; strong. 

emperad6t, n.: — emperor. 

empetuoBO, adj., adv.; also nft'l)ubo; 
nA'lalald: — ^irritable; effervescent; im- 

empeya, adj., adv,; also mantica; — 
greasy; fat. 

emplea, v. tr.; also inbierte; inbiette: — 
to spend time; to occupy; to invest; to 
make an investment of money (ex., I 
invested my money in business: — ^ju 
inbiette (emplea) y salapdjo gui 
neg68io (cometsio). 

empleo, n.; also offsio; pec&: — office, 
empleo publico, adj., aav.; also publico; 

onsi^ t : — official . 
6iia,giil\interj.; also dil did. I diaj&I atan- 

jft! — ^look! see there! 
enamoraoy p. p.: — enamored, smitten; 

in love. 

6nau, adj.f pron.: — ^yon; yonder; that, 
enbano, adv.; also taiguailave: — ^in 

vain; to no purpose; fruitlesdy; im- 


en bes de, prep.; also en lug&t de; 

cuentan: — ^instead of; in place of. 
encaja, v. tr.; also engatsa; juchom: — 

to inclose; to incase; to frame, 
encajes, n.; also botdao: — embroidery; 

encanta, v. tr.: — ^to enrapture; to overjoy; 

to fill with ecstasy. 
encatga, v. tr.; also comisiona: — ^to 

order; to manage; to bespeak; to give 

order for. 
encatgao, n.: — tenure; term of holding; 

custodian; caretaker, 
encatgao, p. p.: — ordered; appointed; 

encatgo, n.;— <:ommi8sion; disposition; 

enemigo, n.; also achatlidmo; achata- 

tanmo; contr&iie: — enemy ; oppo- 
nent; adversary. 

enero, n.: — January. 

engafio, n.; also fln&baba: inacaoha- 
trai8i6n: — ^imposition; trick; fraud; de- 

engatsa, v. tr.; alsooTiyaje: — ^to border; 
to encompass; to inclose. 




ei^ola, V. tr.; also f&gase: — to wash; to 

e£ggrudo, n.; also goma; cola: — ^paste; 

^£&vd£j^ adj.; also vritten e^ueffi; 

also ing^grato; ti cozxfotme: — ^thanl- 

less; untrue; ungrateful. 
6£giii£|^u6y V. i.: — ^to sniff; to snuffle; to 

enixnigOy n.; also written enemigo: — ^foe; 

personal enemy, 
enjiniero, n.: — engineer, 
en lugat de, prep.; also cuenta; en bes 

de; cuentan: — ^instead of; in place of. 
enmienda, v, %.; also refotma; n&-l&- 

asentado: — to reform; to make better; 

to correct, 
end, n.: — ^blanket; covering. 
enramada, n.; also sagayan: — ^arbor; 

enredad6t, n.: — calumniator; reviler; 

enredos, n.; also inadd.: — aspersion; 

slander; defamation. 
ensalada, n.: — ^salad. 
ensatta, v. tr.; also jotne y jaguja: — ^to 

pass a thread through the eye of a 

needle; to draw through. 
ensatto, n.: — ^row (referring to a fence). 
ensaya, n.: — ^trial'; attempt, 
ensaya, v. tr.: — ^to try. 
ensaya y canta, n.: — musical rehearsal, 
ensayo, v. tr.: — ^to attempt; to try; to re- 
hearse; also tienta; chague; taSit: — ^to 

taste food, 
enseguidas, adj.y adv.; also dere- 

pente: — abrupt; sudden, 
enseguidas, aav.; also ti — abmam: — 

forthwith; immediately; without delay; 

at once; soon; quickly; directly, 
enseguidas na niretrato, n.: — snap- 
shot; instantaneous photograph. 
ensegiiidas na inatan, n.; also ch&t- 

li^: — glimpse; a transient view, 
enseguidas que, conj.; also asi que: — as 

soon as; so soon as. 
ensenada, n.; — cove; bay; inlet, 
ensina, n.: — ^plum tree. 
fotald, prep.; also entre: — amid; 

among; between. 
entaliie, v. %.; also umentald; atro- 

peya; mete: — ^to interfere; to oppose; 

to meddle; to act as mediator, 
entayag, n.: — thief, 
entenada, n.: — stepdaughter. 
entenado, n.; — stepson. 
enteramente, adj.^ adv.; also cabales; 

entero: — complete; entire; total; full; 

ready; prepared, 
entero, adj.y adv.; also t&igtteco: — 

solid; not hollow, 
entiero, n.: — ^burial; funeral, 
entonses, adv.; also despues: — then; 

thereupon; thereafter; afterwards, 
entrada, n.: — entry; foreroom; also 

jinalom: — ^the act of entering, 
entre, prep.; also nu: — ^through; with; 


entrega, v, tr.; also rentinsia; rinde: — 
to surrender; to cede; to resign; tO' 
submit; to yield. 

entrega, n.; also sacrifica: — sacrifice. 

entrega, v, tr.; also man ofrese aa 
Ytius: — ^to make an offering to God; to* 

entrepulao, adj.: — ^miscellaneous; pro- 

entretanto, adv.; also mientras tan- 
to: — ^in the meantime; however; mean- 

entre y nasi6n sija: — ^international (be- 
tween many nations). 

6pap&, (ufj., adv.; also t&gpap&; 6ba- 
ba: — ^low. 

epid^mia, n.; also peste: — scourge; 
epidemic; pest; plague. 

epilepsia, n.; also repot: — epilepsy. 

eplato, n.; also plate; bandeja: — 
salver; plate. 

dpoca, n.: — epoch. 

epog, V. tr.: — ^to persuade; to entice. 

epog, V. tr.: — to persuade; to move the 

equibocasi6n, n.; also linache: — error; 
misunderstanding . 

6salao, n.; also inagang; also written 
6salau:--shouting; yelling; clamor. 

6BQla.o,adj.yadv.; oZisolosus: fig^otngot; 
af ^gas: — hoarse . 

6salau, v. %.: — ^to yell very loudly; to yell 
one's self hoarse. 

escabeche, v. tr.: — to pickle; to pre- 

escalefrio, v. %.; also fugo; gdgululu- 
fugo: — to ehiver; to, have a chill; to- 

escalefrio, n.: — shudder; cold shiver. 

escama, n.; also gdnaf: — scurf; scales 
(on the skin). 

escandalo, n.; also linalald; tin&ibo- 
luntad; tin§imlnagof: — scandal; op- 
probrium; defamation; disgrace; an- 
ger; bitterness; illwUl; vexation. 

eBcandaloso, adj.y adv.; also ch^tpayon; 
petbetso: — infamous; wicked; prof- 

escapa, v. i.: — ^to run away; to escape (a 

escapul&rio, n.: — scapulary; monastic 

escaso, n.; also nesesita; malagd; 
finatta: — ^want; deficiency; defeat. 

escaso, adj.j adv.; also jasan; rare: — 
rare; unusual. 

escaso, adj.y adv.: — ^unusual; scarce. 

escatlatina, n.: — scarlet fever. 

escatmina, v. tr.: — to husk cotton. 

escena, n.: — scene; the time, place, or 
circumstance, in which anything occurs . 

esclabittid, n.: — slavery. 

esclabo, n.: — slave; human being held in 

escoba, n.: — ^broom. 

escopeta, n.; also paquen petdegdn: — 

escoplo, n.: — chisel. 




escribiente, n.; also tftugui: — ^writer, 

clerk; penman; one who writes, 
escrupuloso, adj.f adv.: — scrupuloiis. 
escrupuloso, aaj.y adv.; also pinal&lala; 

Itilujan ohJ^chatjinaso: — anxious; 

e8cuaar6n, n.; — squadron, 
escuela, n.: — school. 
escult6r, n.; also written escuttdt: — 

escusa, n.; also fcdagiiiyun: — excuse; 

evasion; expedient; pretense. 
escusa, v. tr.; also dispensa: — to excuse; 

to exculpate. 
esfero. n.; also inadamelong:: — sphere; 

a glooe or globular body, 
dsita , V. %.; also esitane: — ^to joke; to 

amuse one's self. 
esitane, v. tr.; also f&baba; dague: — to 

bluff; to deceive, 
esmero, n.; also enapeflo; quiziizupli- 

do: — zeal; eagerness; diligence, 
espada, n.; also sable: — sword; saber, 
espanta, v. tr.; also sugon: — to scare 

away; to frighten off. 
espantao, adj.; also lujan: — scared, 
espanto, n.; also iinanlan: — fright; 

a sudden violent fear; alarm; threat. 
esp&sio conj.; pot esp&sio de : — 

while; during the time that. 
espedisidn, n.: — expedition. 
espejos, n.: — ^mirror; looking-glass, 
espeque, n.: — ^lever; crowbar, 
esperimentao. adj.; also practico; 

payon: — skilled; experienced; versed. 
esp6sia^ n.; also pin&upau; minan- 

£g:u6: — spice; relish, 
espesi&t; aa;., adv.; also otro: — ^peculiar; 

appropriate; individual; special, 
espesiaiznente, adv,;also sumHsaj^g^ue; 

also written sum&sajngui: — specially; 

particularly; in particular, 
espia, V. tr.: — ^to reconnoiter; to spy; to 

watch; to contemplate. 
espia, n.: — spy.. 

espiasidn, n.; also inempas: — repara- 
tion; expiation. 
espinaso, n.: — ^backbone; spine; nape; 

the back of the neck; tongjo: — ^the 

espiniya, n.: — shank, 
espfritu, n.; — spirit; the soul, 
espiritu&t, adj.; also iyon espirltu: — 

esplica, v. tr.; also pul&; n&-nianana; 

nft-gasgas: — to explain; to make clear; 

to expound, 
esplica, v. tr.; also sa^g^an: — ^to relate; to 

tell; to describe, 
esplicaye, v. tr.; also traduse; safiga- 

niye: — to interpret; to translate, 
^spolon, n.: — the spur of the fighting 

espo^ja, n.: — sponge, 
esposisidn, n.: — exposition, 
esposo, n.: — ^husband; a married man. 
espresa, v. tr.: — to express; to exhibit by 


espuelas, v. tr.: — ^to give the spurs (to the 

. norse). 

espuelas, n.: — spiurs (of the rider). 

espmna, n.; also boan: — scum; foam; 

esquina, n.; — comer (of a building). 

estal inter j.; also vestal — ^readyl 

establese, v. tr.; omo izitroduse; aregla; 
planta: — ^to introduce; to inaugurate; 
to establish. 

es tablesizniento , n . : — establishment^ 
place of business. 

estaca, n.; also jotcon; palo: — stake;: 
post; pole; pale. 

estado, n.; also estao: — state; condition; 

dstagUil interj.: — ^herel seel (the Latin 

esta listo, adj.j adv.; also monjayaii: — 
ready; finished; complete. 

estampa, n.; also l&mina; plancha; 
litrato: — picture. 

estandatte, n.; also bandera: — stand- 
ard; flag. 

esta£|;ca, v. tr.; also nft-para; presa: — 
to stem; to resist; to check; to dam. 

estafio, n.; also estafiuye, v.: — tin. 

estao, n.: — condition; state (of being). 

estasi6nboznbazi januzn, n.: — ^pumping 

estasiones, n.: — seasons of the year (y 
tieznpo sija gui sacan). 

este, aaj.f pron.: — ^this. 

este; gtiine, adv.: — here; in this place. 

este znagui, adv.: — hither; to this place. 

este magui n&i: — ^in this direction (in 
the direction of the speaker). 

este zninft, conj.: — ^for this reason. 

estensibo, arfj., adv.: — extensive. 

estensidn, n.; — extension; act or state of 

esterit, adj.; also a£|:ld na odd.: — sterile; 
barren; producing little or no crops. 

estiende, v. tr.; also n&-nid.guag; n&- 
d&Sgculo: — ^to extend; to expand; to 

estila, n.; also fanestilayan: — ^vessel for 
distillation; alembic. 

estila, V. tr.; — to distill. 

estilo, n.; also moda: — ^fashion; conven- 
tional custom of dress. 

estixna, v. tr.; also n&-tagajld: — to ad- 
mire; to re^Burd with strong approval; 
respeta; jai-e: — to respect; to honor; 
to esteem. 

estima, n.; also respeto; inestima: — 
respect; regard; esteem; aeference. 

estima, adj.; also marespeta; maesti- 
ma:— esteemed; respected; highly re- 

estimao, adj.; also znfniarespeta: — ^re- 
spected; highly regarded; esteemed. 

esldra, v. tr.: — ^to spread out; to stretch 
out; to unfold a measuring rule. 

estiyas, n.; also j&le: — splinter; splint;, 
chip; small piece. 

estola, n.: — ^priestly stole. 

est6niago, n.; also tuyan: — stomach. 




•estdria, n.; — anecdote. 

estorian desgrft^siay n.: — ^tragedy. 

•estotba, v. tr.: — ^to prevent; to impede; 
to hinder; to obstruct. 

•estotbOy n.; also ixnpedimento: — ^im- 
pediment; obstruction; obstacle; hin- 

«8totbo g}3i cfaalan; also gadon: — ob- 
stacle in the way while driving. 

^stotbo, n.; also daflo; petjulsio; mo- 
16stia: — ^nuisance; anything offensive, 
injiuious, or annoying. 

jestranjero, n.; also t&otao juyo£g^: — 
stranger; emigrant; foreigner; alien. 

•estrafLo, adj.^ adv.: — strange; belonging 
to another country; unusual. 

^estrena, v. tr.; also tutujonj fln^nana 
na biaje; tutujon: to initiate; to use 
for the first time. 

estreyas, n.; — star; also poached egg. 

•estreyas tasi, n.: — starfish; sea star. 

estribo, n.: — stirrup. 

^stricto, adj., adv.; also ti-l&lache: — 
accurate; precise; exact; strict. 

estropea, v. tr.; also utot; nA-xnaiSgoo; 
n^-chdian: — ^to cripple; to maim. 

estddia, v. tr.; also eyag: — ^to study; to 
imitate; to learn. 

estudiante, n.; also coleale; disfpulo; 
niaiiu£gd: — student; scholar; pupil. 

esttidion t&taotaoy n.: — anatomy. 

estufao, n.; also guinisa: — stew; gou- 

ete, V. tr.; also pacha; yuma: — ^to touch; 
to perceive by feeling. 

d^'tizd^o, adj.; also ti tomtom: — ^im- 
prudent; unwise. 

y el mas magu&iya, n.; also y mafabo- 
rdrese: — ^favorite; bosom child. 

etmitano, n.: — thermit. 

etnon, v. tr.; also fan-etnon: nft- 
etnon: — to collect; to assemble; to 
combine^ to unite; to join. 

dtogOy adj.; also paichacate: — small (in 

eyag, v. tr.; also esttidia: — ^to learn; to 
study; to imitate. 

eyug, n.: — ^pain (from thrust wound). 


rfa&ilft, V. tr,; also BOgpie; quejaye: — ^to 

bring suit; to complain before the court; 

to accuse. 
Jft-andi, V. %.; also tuna: — ^to flatter; to 

fawn on; to wheedle. 
faJlfiau, adj.. adv.; also t&ima&£Lau; 

t&i&fiao : — ^fearless, 
f&baba, v. tr.; also dague; eaitaiie: — ^to 

defraud; to cheat; to deceive; to dupe, 
f&babayon^ a<W.:-^gullible; capable of 

being easily deceived, 
f&^bola y jilo, v. %.; also falulun: — ^to 

wind up a thread (to make a ball from 

faborable, adj., adv.: — ^favorable; aus- 

gicious; well-disposed. 
orese, v. tr.; also proteje; ayuda: — 

to favor; to patronize; to aid; to protect. 
faborito, n.: — ^minion; favorite. 
fab6t, 71.; also flnaborese; er&sia: — 

favor; protection; patronage; kindness; 

f&Drica, n.; also factorfa: — factory, 
f&brican &i8, n.: — ice plant; ice manu- 
f&brican canded eXectiiedd&y n.: — 

electric-light plant. 
f&bula, n.: — ^fable; a short fictitious 

f&cae, n.; also patte: — share; a portion or 

part; a part sdlotted to one. 
f4cae. V. tr.; also pattida; patte; n&e: — 

to snare; to participate; to divide; to 

make into parts, 
f&oanate, v. tr.: — ^to dig a channel or 

fachada, n.; — ^front; facade. 
f&^chalak, v. tr.; also oh&gua: — ^to make 

fachdy n.. — mire; mud; slime; also yeast. 

fachd, n.; also sesonyan: — bog; tract of 

wet, spongy groimd. 
fachd, n.: — clay; loam, 
fachdchd, v.^tr., v. %.; also nft-calam- 

ten: — ^to toil; to work; to labor; to 


fachdohtle, v. %.; also apul&i; mumu 
aguaguate: — to struggle; to strive 
hard; to labor earnestly. 

fadajS^, n.; — name of a low, palmlike 
tree, abundant in Guam (the Spanish 
Federico); both the fruit and the 
starchy pith of the trunk are utilized 
for food. 

ffte, n.; also pugas: — ^rice (not hulled); 
jineg8&: — nee (cooked). 

faet, adj.: — salty (sea water). 

f&f&baba, n.; also chegl6; palachft; 
tramposo: — swindler; rogue; numbug; 
fraud; sham; impostor; trickster. 

f&f&baba, adj.; also ti msjirjo^evLe; 
U j&Sj^g^e; infi6t; ti fidt: — ^infidel; 
unbelieving; ungodly; wicked. 

f&fdrbaba. aaj.; aUo traid6t: — ^faithless; 
unfaithful; treacherous. 

f&faborese, adj., adv.; also yaHa man 
n&e f^bot: fafatpai: — obliging; pleas- 
ing; agreeaole. 

f&fachdchd, adj., adv.; also buen- 

muchacho : — ^industrious ; laborious ; 

hard working. 
f&fachdch6 ni met&t sija, n.: — smith; 

worker in metals, 
f&faichanag, n.; also nft chatgttiya: — 

f&falan, n.: — ^buyer. 
f&falago, n.; — runner; one who runs; 

f&faloty n.; — lantern bearer. 




t61Mk€Lg\ie, n.; also fantasma; plan- 
tajszua; dujendes: — spook; ghoist. 

f&fUpus. adj.f adv.; aZso jf jocog: — ^transi- 
tory; fleeting; perishable. 

f&fata, adj.: — magnificent; splendid; 

f&fatpai, adj.f adv.: — ^pleasing; agreeable; 

f&fatquilo, adj.; also c[uieto: — silent; 
close; kept secret; taciturn; peaceful. 

fafayifia, adj.y adv.; also juguayon: — 
ambidextrous (todoj& ja julat uxua- 
tiende; todoja y dos canal fafayifla). 

fagaSy V. tr.: — to throw; to stone. 

f ftgase, V. tr.; also engcola: — to cleanse; 
to wash. 

fagchft, V. i.; also suette: — to be lucky; 
to be successful. 

fagch&i, V. tr.; also 8od&; jentan: — ^to 
find; to discover. 

fagmata, v. tr.; also y4Jo: — ^to wake up; 
to awake. 

faeo, n.; also languite: — ^name of a 
forest tree of medium size; the fine- 
grained yellow wood is sometimes used 
for makuig furniture; it does not soon 
decay and resists the attacks of insects, 
but IS not strong. 

fagpd, V. i.; a2«o ii4-para: — ^to finish; to 
stop; to cease. 

fagte, V. tr,: — ^to collect (rainwater in 
receptacles or reservoirs). 

f aichanag, v. tr.:— to despise; to slander. 

faichanag, v. tr.; also fajiyu^; ch&t- 
euai^a: — ^to despise; to slander; to 

faichdchfiey v. tr.; also gana; 8od&: — 
to earn; to acquire; to procure by 

f 4il&y 71.; also notisiaj notificasidn; 
finaaild.: — ^notice; notification; report. 

faildrinuni, v, tr.; also tk-l&m.on: — ^to 
estimate; to consider; to calculate. 

failajye pumund, v. tr.^ v. i.: — murder; 
to commit a murder. 

failaiye, v. tr.; also fdrbaba; traidute: — 
to betray; to be untrue to. 

failajye, adj.: — deceitful; cunning. 

faile|,arfi arfi;^c&caleg; ma&gsom: 
acid; bitter; »our. 

f aininug, v. i. : — to act the spy ; to spy. 

f&isen, V. tr., v. %.; also abengua; 
g4gau: — to ask; to interrogate; to 
question; to warn; to give notice of 

faisensine,; also despega: — to re- 
move; to peel off (meat from the bone). 

faja, n.: — to girdle; belt for the waist; 

fajan, v. tr.: — to purchase; to get for a 
price; to buy. 

f ajanon, adj. : — ^purchasable ; for sale. 

fd.-januin, v. i.: to melt. 

fajategy adj.: — ^prohibited. 

f alag, V. tr.; also janao : — ^to go to . 

falago, V. i.; also malago: — to escape; 
to run away; to flee. 

falago I interj.: — dhurry! hurry up! 

alagu&LJon, v. tr.; also uznesoapa: — ^to 

slip away; to steal away; to escape. 
alagUiyun, n.; also escuaa; falagUi- 

yon: — excuse; evasion; expedient; 

alif^o, V. tr.f v. i.: — ^to lose; to go 

astray; to be lost; to go to the bad; Uy 

ale, n.; also lemog: — ^pestle; rammer; 

alot, n.: — ^lantern, 
alulon, V. tr.; also afuyut; balutan: — 

to infold; to wrap up; to swathe; to 

curl up; to roll together; to coQ up. 
ama, n.; also m&uleg na n&an: — ^fame; 

reputation; m&uleg nxa8a:i%6n-£la: — 

good reputation, 
ama^ v. tr.; also tuna: — to laud; to 

praise highly; to extol, 
ama&yan, n.; — ^rice field. 
am&-dhenchon, v. tr,; also chinen- 

chon: — to build a nest. 
amaichdchd, v. %.: — to take pains; to 

exert one's self; to try; to endeavor, 
amac^uiyan, n.: — field rich with game, 
amafefa. adj., adv.; also j4xnalefa: — 

forgetful; oblivious; liable to be for- 

amao, adj.: — ^laudable; commendable, 
amaquiyan, n.; also bianco: — trifle 

range; target. 
amastuyan, n.; also paste; flnd.^- 

joya: — ^meadow; pasture land; land 

yielding hay. 
amatquilo, v. %.; also p&cac&:— to keep 

silent; to say nothing. 
&-in4uleg, v. tr.: — ^to make reparation; 

to give satisfaction; to expiate; also 

n&-tunas; n^-gasgas: — ^to settle a 

loan; to arrange; to set in order; to try 

&ni&uleg, V. tr.; also allfla; f&mauli- 

que: — to put in order; to remedy; to 

amegud, v. %.; also f egu6; f amocat: — 

to tread; to step; to go on. 
amflia, n.; also tdotao sija: — ^family; 

folk; people in general, 
amocaty v. %.; also um&disapatta; 

j^nau; sigue: — to depart; to move; to 

walk; to leave. 
amosoi^ adj., adv.; also balente; nxa- 

tat^a: — ^brave; mighty; powerful; 

strong; gatbo: bonito; manjulat: — 

splendid; brilliant; famous; magnifi- 
ftmontdn, v. tr.*also nd.-etnon; amon- 

tona: — to accumulate; to amass; to 

store up. 

'anit&, V. tr.; also n&-juyuj%: — to pro- 
duce; to bring forth; to create; to propa- 
andr, V. %.; also &fan&: — to withstand; to 

turn against; to look some one sharply 

in the face, 
fftn&an, v. tr.; also n&-g&in&an; n&- 

gaen&an: — to denominate; to name; 

to call. 




f anachtlaii, n.; — stone quarry. 

fa£lad&, v. tr.: — to lay eggs. 

fa£lag*o, V. tr.; also n&-juyiu%: — ^to give 
birtn to; to bring fortn; to bear. 

f&n&^l^e^ V, tr,: — to teach; to instruct; 
to give instruction to. 

itLnS/gVLey v. tr,j v. %.: — ^to menace; to 

fana^^e nl zuauleg; aUo na-eyag: — 
to eaif v; aminasa; f anagile: — to scare; 
to frighten; to strike with sudden ter- 
ror; n&^maanao; jong:a£g: chacha- 
lane; dirije: — to lead; to guide. 

fftnagliiyon, adj.: — docile; easy to teach; 
tractable; easily mana^d. 

f anaiaan, n.; also fan ang^liian: — drying 

faua^dayan, n.; also a:i%cla: — an- 
choring grounds. 

lanapfiany n.; also bancon adelSg:; 
apo: — ^footstool. 

ta-£Laque, v. tr.: — ^to thieve; to rob. 

fanasun cabayo, n.: — flitter; straw, etc., 
used for bedding of horses, etc. 

faflata-anan, n.; also fanuchanan: — 
rainy season. 

f anatugan, n.; also atog: — ^hiding place. 

fan balaja, v. tr.: — to play; to play cards. 

f anbenaduyan, n.: — field rich with deer. 

f andajS|:go, n.: — marriage feast; wedding 

fandang:guero, n.; also pr6dieo; ^sta- 
dot: — spendthrift; lover; pliant. 

fan descansayan, n.: — resting place. 

fan-entayag, v. tr.; also chul6''guan; 
amot: — to rob; to plunder; to deprive 
by force. 

fan-escuela, v. %.: — to go to school. 

fanestilayan, n.; — distilling plant. 

fan-etnon, v. %.; also etnon: — to com- 
bine; to unite; to join. 

fafletnot, v. tr.; atso na-faHetnot; na- 
chetnudan: — to wound; to hurt; to 

fanfaduan, n.; also atasca; fanatas- 
cayan; fache: — spuddle; mudpuddle; 
body of stagnant water. 

fanf^, V. tr.; also iti£g:; Joca: — to pluck; 
to pick off; to gather. 

fangadiaan, n.; also f6feeu6: gacha; 
gagacha; suelas: — the sole oi the foot. 

fa^ajatan, n.; also mauleg na fa£g:a- 
jatan: — good hunting grouijd. 

fan^ana, n.; also guinana: — triumph; 
victory; conquest. 

fa^g^amutiyan, n.: — ^potato field. 

fangualiian, n.; also guald: — afield; plan- 
tation; plowed ground; estate; prop- 

fangpiiininan, n.; also fanguiniman: — 
drinking place. 

fanguape, v. tr.; also guape; sunaena; 
sena: — to sup; to eat supper. 

fan-igue, v. i.: — ^to distingiiish one's self. 

fanilen tasi, n.: — flying fish. 

fanijen tasi, n.: — ^vernacular for the 
sea bat; name applied to an eagle ray, 
with fins developed like two broad 

wings, and a long flexible tail armed 
with a separate spme; color of this fish 
on top is Dlue, spotted with white. 

anf ji, n.: — ^bat; flying dog. 

aniaia, v. i.: — ^to take root. 

anjaluman, n.: — passage; sieve; filter; 
inlet; also pasaje: — ^passage. 

an liji£g:an, n.; also lije£g: — ^refuge; 
place of retreat; asylum. 

an loclugan, n.; also catdero: — steam 

an nxaigilan manog, n.: — roost; the 
pole or perch upon which a number of 
fowl rest at night. 

anmalofanan, n.; also paso; fanfa- 
pusan: — step; passage. 

an nxatayan, adj.: — ^vital; mortal; essen- 

'an-neg68io, v. %.: — ^to trade; to carry 
on commerce; to bargain. 

andiaan, n.; also babad6t: — slavering 

andiaan, n.; also fangudjan; ben- 
tana: — ^window. 

andmagan, n.; also baHo; tina para 
umdmag: — ^bathtub . 

afLomnagan, n.: — summer; a season of 
the year; also tiempon maipe: — 
warm time; berano somnag:— dry 

aflot-dayan, n.; also monchon chot- 
da: — ^banana plantation. 

afiotsoty V. tr.; also repenta; pumi- 
nite; mumafLotsot: — to rue; to be 
sorry for; to regret; to repent. 

anpromesa, v. tr., v. %.: — to promise. 

ansaga^an, n.; also aposento: — 

antasioso, n.; also balenten pachot; 
banidoso: — ^braggart; boaster; swag- 

ansagayan seguro, n.; also puetton 
seguro: — ^haven; place of shelter and 

an uchanan, adj.: — ^rainy season. 

aiLudaan, n.: — dust corner. 

aniie, v. tr.; also written fantli: — ^to 
demonstrate; to evince; to prove; to 
show; also indica; zia-jaso; tan- 
chiie: — to indicate; to point out; to 
suggest; to hint. 

aflugd, V. i.: — to fester; to suppurate. 

anupuyan, n.; also tupo: — sugar-cane 

anyutian, n.; also yutl: — dung pit. 

apos, V. i.: — ^to go away; to depart; to 
run away; also di£go: — to outdo; to 

asalug, n.; also finasalug; maiot: — 
defile; narrow pass. 

aso, n.: — cheek. 

astidiosoy adj.: — dainty; choice; de- 
licious; fastidious. 

astidioso, n.; also delicadesa; presi- 
si6n: — nicety; precision; fastidious 

ata, V. tr.: — ^to expose to view; to ex- 
hibit; to display; to boast. 



flna chalan 

iat&cho£g, V. %.: — ^to seat one's self. 
iatdxdio^I imp.; also t&cho£g^I — sit 

iatd6n, n.; also cola: — ^burden; large 

pack; lap; flap; train (of a skirt), 
iatinas, V. tr.; also na-juyo£g:; ch^- 

gtte: — ^to make; to create: to fasnion; to 

fabricate; to do; to build; to mold; to 

id.tinas dallo, v. tr.: n&-puti: — ^to hurt; to 

do harm to. 
i&tinason^ adj.^ adv.; also ti fajateg; 

posible: — ^practicable; possible, 
iatmasia, n.: — ^pharmacy; drug store. 
iato, V. %.; also j&ui|:ue: — ^to appear; to 

make appearance; to arrive. 
iat6ijg:Ue, v. tr.; also ^^^] bisita: — ^to 

visit; to inspect; to overlook; to control; 

to search; to view; to call, 
i^tpai, V. tr.: — ^to do homage to; to honor, 
iatquiluye, v. tr.; also faznatquilo; 

fatquilo: — ^to keep secret; to be silent 

about; to suppress, 
la trinchera, v. tr.; also graba: — ^to 

intrench; to dig in. 
iatsifica, v. tr.; also f&baba: — ^to falsify; 

to forge, 
iatso, adj.y adv.: — ^false; unreal; not 

fatso, n.: — delusion; imposition, 
iatso, V. tr.; also deshonra: — to defame; 

to bring di^race upon; to insult; to 

injure the good name; to dishonor, 
f atta, n.; also injtiria; ataque: — offense; 

injury; assault; error; breach; violation, 
iatta, V. tr.; also abag: — to err j to commit 

an error; to lack; to be destitute of; to 

be in want of. ^ 

iatta, V. %.: — to lack; to be in need; to. 

fattista, n.: — ^truant; absentee from 

school without permission, 
iaye, adj., adv.; also mititazios; s&bio; 

tomtona; listo; malati: — ^prudent; 

sa^cious; sly; crafty; learned; wise; 

skillful; educated. 
ie, n.; also amist^; gliindiya; jine^g:- 

^e: — ^fidelity; integrity; loyalty; re- 
f ebrero, n.: — ^February, 
iecha, n.: — date; the time of a letter or 

fedos, V. %.; also chaicag^e; jotde: — ^to 

scramble; to clamber with hands and 

feet; to cUmb. 
fegrud, V. %.; also maxueg^d; maznpcat; 

pocat: — ^to step; to go on; to tread, 
iegud, n.; also rastro: — vestige; track; a 

mark left in passing, 
iegrud, n.: — ^track. 
iejman, adj., adv.; also fuetsao; lalald; 

tenjos; fijom; arebatao; im- 

petuoso:— vehement; violent; furious; 

irritable; effervescent; passionate; im- 
iells, adj., adv.; also afottunao: — fortu- 
nate; wealthy; opulent; lucky; happy; 


fells biaje I interj.; also adi6s !-^farewell I 

may vou fare well I may you prospjer I 
felisidad, n.; also minagof : — ^happiness; 

felisita, v. tr.: — to wish happiness to; to 

fensd, n.; also siembra; pepitas; 

semiya: — seed; stone; kernel (of fruits, 

f ero-carft, n.; also fiero carft: — ^railroad; 

railroad train. 
fiad6t, n.: — guarantor; surety, 
fiansa, n.; also fLnia: — warranty; bail; 

fiesta, n.; aho gupot: — ^feast; sumptuous 

repast; festival. 
faithful, adj.: — true; loyal, 
fiet, adj,, dav,; also ti tr& traidute; ti- 

f if &baba: — ^faithful ; true ; loyal ; hearty ; 

cordial; sincere, 
fi^an, v. i.: — to glow: to radiate heat and 

light; to shine witn intense heat {ex., 

glowing coals), 
figan, n.: — ^fish roe. 
figd, adj.f adv.: — tough; tenacious. 
Agues, v. tr.; also gachd.; matca: — to 

stamp; to crush; to impress. 
figura, n.; also sifiat; modelon: — type; 

emblem; sign or figure; model, 
figuran, adj.: — typical; figurative. 
fieuran g^gSk para 6codo, n.:— decay; 

lure; stratagem, 
figurahmata, n.: — ^feature; outline; char- 
acteristic. * 
figurln, n.: — patterns (for seamstresses); 

fashion pictures, 
fijo, adj., adv.; also tdiquinalamten; ti 

na calamtiyon; fitme: — ^immovable; 

fixed; unchanging. 
fijo, adj., adv.; tuso siempre fljo: — sure; 

certain; secure; invariable; constant; 

flla, v. i : — to file. , 

flla, n ; also in&tattiye: — senes; line; 

filag, n ; also coleta; aqueyd: — tress; 

plait; braid, 
filag, V. tr.: — ^to braid the hair (or a rope^. 
file, n.: — edge; cutting edge (of a knife). 
fin, n.; also nnagpd; minagpd; minag- 

tus: — end; conclusion; finish. 
fln&baba, n.; also inacacha; traisi6n; 

engafio: — imposition; trick; fraud; de- 
flndrbaba, n.; also trinamposo: tin6s- 

cile; linipa: — swindling; cheating; 

knavery; deception. 
flndrbaba, v. i.: — to catch; to cheat; to 

flndrbaba gui nilid, n.; also t&tand: — 

glamour; fascination, 
finaborese, n.; also fab6t: — ^protection; 

patronage; favor, 
finaborese, v. tr.: — to oblige; to render a 

favor to; to gratify, 
fin&cai, n'.; also maf&cai; dibisi6n: — 

division; partition, 
flndr chalan, n.; also cayon: — ^road. 




fln&^en§, n.; afoo satsa; qtt61agUin:- 
sauce; condiment. 

fai&gpd, n.; — conclusion; finish; end. 

fin&gu&gsald, n.; also bajia; bocana: — 
bay; taai: — sea. 

flnftgu&esalog, n.; also gu&gsalog: — 
pass; defile; low ground. 

finailajye, n.; aho trinaidute: — treason; 

fln&iaeiii n.; also cueatidn: — question; 

flnalan n.; — ^purchase. 

flnalaguiijon^ n.: — slip; the act of slip- 
ping; an oversight or omission; indis- 

finalingoy n.; also minafag: — ^bank- 

flnaluloiiy n.; also rollo; royo: — roll. 

flnftmames, n.: — confectionery; sweet- 
meats; cakes. 

fin&m&uleg, n.; also otden; tinagd; 
reela; disposiisidn: — order; command; 
injunction; rule. 

flnftmftuleg, v, tr.: — to care for; to pro- 
vide for; to set at work; to prove by 
one's action; to develop; to unfold; to 
put in use. 

fjnftmiiuleg, n.; also ninftm&uleg; ina- 
delanta; sinibe: — ^improvement; pi- 
ndlo; giUnaja: — stock; store. 

finamtd., n.; also fottaJesa: — ^fertility; 

finandr, v. i,: — ^to confront by witnesses. 

fln&n&gue. n.; also ineyag; educa- 
8i6n: — eaucation. 

finafLil&y n.; also mindJag: — glare; bright, 
dazzling light. 

flnanue, n.; also fina,nuo; prueba: — 

finata, n.: — exhibition. 

fin^tai, n.;— death; hour of death. 

findrtinas, n.; also ao8i6n: — ^work; act; 
action; deed. 

finato, n.? — arrival. 

finatquilOy n. ; — silence ; absence of 

finaye, n.: — gift of wisdom. 

finayl, n.: — dexterity; manual skill. 

finedd., n.; also ina,nclio: — width. 

fineng^^, n.; — summary (of contents) 
(man&afdidd y min^gae). 

flnejman, n.; also finette; jinilat; 
fuetsa; minetgot: — strength; force; 
power; vigor. 

find^nana, adv.: — ^first. 

find^'nana, adi.j adv.: — ^former; preceding 
in time or place; first mentioned. 

find^'nana mafafiago, n.; also prime- 
risa: — first birth; primogeniture. 

y find^na,na na patgon: — ^first-bom. 

finette, n.; also fuetsa; nindrsifLa; 
minetgot: — ^power; strength; vigor; 

finia, n.; also inasegura: — ^bail; security; 

finilag, n.; also tinifog: — ^basketwork; 
braided wor!:. 

flninut, n.; also manojo: — ^bundle. 

fino, adj.; also znanso; suabe: — gentle; 
refined in manner and disposition; 
exquisite; delicate; nice; dainty. 

find, n.; also idioma; flnijd: — slanguage; 
the speech of one race as distinguished 
from that of another. 

find antes: — old time (ancient) manner 
of speech or expression. 

find IsLysL, n.: — ^the Chamorro language 
(literally, the language of the south, a» 
against find lago, the language of th& 
north, meaning the Spani£ langua&;e). 

fio, adj.y adv.; also p&^gogoja: — actual. 

fton, adv.; also frui fion; canton; ori- 
yan: — ^beside; m the proximity of; near 

fton guafe, n.: — fireside; the hearth; do- 
mestic life and comfort. 

fitma, V. tr.: — ^to sign. 

fi.tma, n.: — signature. 

fitme, adj. J am.; a2«o majetog; potfiao;. 
tiso: — ^hard; firm; fast; strong; inflexi- 
ble; rigid; stiff; unbending. 

ftun, adj.; also oriya; otro; prdcsimo: — 

flanela, n.; also laniya: — ^flannel; shirt. 

fl&uta, n.: — ^flute. 

fLautista, n.: — ^flute player. 

flecha, n.: — arrow. 

flecha, V. tr.; also paque: — to fire upon; 
to shoot at. , 

fl.ete, 71.; also catgam.ento: — ^freight. 

flojo, adj., adv.; also fLab&; calo; descui- 
dao: — ^relaxed; flabby; soft; loose; 
slack; slovenly; tarrying; loitering; re- 
miss; negligent. 

florero, n.: — urn; a round vessel. 

flores, n.; — ^flower; bud. 

pocat^v. L; also famocat: — ^to move; to 
walk; to leave; to depart; to go. 

foda, adj,, adv.; also obtuso; t&ipuzita; 
flafld: — obtuse; dull. 

fofo, v. i.: — ^to snort {ex., the steer). 

f6f6nal inter j.; also siguel — go ahead t 
forward I 

fogon, n.: — stove. 

fogon, n.; also jotno: — ^hearth; baking 
oven; kitchen range; stove. 

fogonero, n.; — stoker; fireman. 

fogse, V. tr.: — to milk (a cow). 

fomjd, n.: — ^local name of a coral fish; 
small and flat, resembling a sunfish; 
several varieties are found, with differ- 
ent markings. 

fdna, V. i.: — to go on ahead. 

fondo, n.; also basa; yap&pap&: — ^base; 

fondon-tase, n.; — the bottom (of the 
sea); sea bottom. 

fofLgnJl, V. tr.; also t^sgUe: — ^to make 
smaller; to make into smaller change (a 
sum of money); to shorten; to damage; 
to cheat. 

fonjayan, v. tr.: — ^to finish; to complete. 

fon6grafo, n.; — phono^ph. 

fontan, v. tr.; also discubre: — ^to dis- 
cover; to disclose; to reveal. 

fonton, v. i.: — ^to belch; to eructate. 




fora4stero, adj., also estrafio: — ^foreign; 

f6tforo8, n.; also maches: — ^match; a 


fotgon, adj.: — ^wet; damp; moist. 

fotgon, aaj.; also &pa^on; xnaguexn; 
timido: — ^moist; hujnid; damp (pre- 
ventiiig an object from burning). 

fotma, V. tr.: — ^to form; to shape. 

fotnia8i6]i, n.; — ^formation; that which 
is formed, or the act of formation. 

fotxn&t, aaj.y adv.: — grave; serious; se- 
date; sober; earnest; formal; precise; 
according to rule. 

fotnido, adj., adv.; also mafnot: xuet- 
got; fuetsudo: — sturdy; stuboy; ro- 

f^tografia, n.: — photo^phy. 

fottcdesa, n.: — ^fecundity; fertility; also 
gugat; n6tbio: — ^nerve; fiber; sinew; 
tendon; vein. 

fotte, adj., adv.; also fuette; xuasa- 
jegat; xuetgot; robuato; fuetsu- 
do: — ^robust; strong; vigorous. 

fottuna, n.: — ^fortune; luck; good for- 

fottunao, adj., adv.; also felis; dicho- 
so: — Plucky; blessed; fortunate; suc- 

toyojSJ^y v. %.; also written foyo£g^: — ^to 
throw one's self to the ground. 

ir&gua, n.; — smithery; blacksmith's 

irauco, adj.: — candid; honest; out- 

irakquera, v. tr.: — ^to frank; to send 

irasco, n.; also boteya: — ^flask; bottle, 
frase, n.: — ^phrase; a part of a sentence. 
Ireno, n.: — curb; rein* bridle. 
fresco, adj., adv.; also sagud; c^usi; 

xualatd: — smart^ poignant; sharp; 

clever; accomplished; refreshing, cool; 


frij6n, v. tr.: — ^to question; to quiz. 

fri6n, n.; also caduco; tfiisentido; 
t&itixii£g^: — ^fool; a person devoid' of 
reason or intelligence; idiot; snob; a 
vulgar person who apes gentility. 

frionera, n.; also binaba: — ^folly; want 
of understanding. 

frumeona, v. tr.: — to talk silly; to talk 

frutos, n.; also tinegch&: — ^fruit. 

fuera de, adv.; S^o sau jiyong; 
t&igUe: — out; without; except; out- 
side of. 

fuera de tiempo, adj.: — ^untimely. 

fuetsa, n.; also quinalamten,' ines- 
tira: — strain; effort. 

fuetsa, n.; also sisiiia; autorid&d; 
minetgot: — might; power; authority; 

fuetsao, adj., adv.; also obligao: — com- 
pulsory; involuntary. 

fuette, adj., adv.; also fotte; xuasa- 
jegat: — ^vigorous; robust; strong. 

fueyes, n.: — ^bellows. 

fugo, V. %.; also gdgululufugo; esca- 
lefrio: — to shiver; to have a chill (in 
a fever attack); to freeze. 

fugd, V. tr.: — ^to press out; to squeeze out. 

fugo, n.: — chill m fever attack; squeeze. 

fujut, V. tr.: — to bind lightly; to put a 
slender hoop around a barrel. 

fuld, V. %.; also um^uld: — to wrestle. 

fuxniad6t, v. tr.; also cuentaye: — ^to 
stand security for; to bail; to warrant. 

fuxnlga, V. tr.; also &sgiie: — ^to fumigate; 
to smoke. 

fumitme, v. i.; also xuaujald: — to be- 
come strong; to take root. 

funas, V. tr.: — ^to eradicate; to erase; to 
rub out; to scrape out; to clear (of 
sin); to put an end to. 

funas, V. i.: — ^to fade; to lose color; to 
languish; to wither. 

funda, n.: — cover^ pillowcase. 

fundamento, adj., adv.: — ^fundamental; 
basic; essential; primary. 

funut, V. tr.; also gode: — to bind; to 
fasten; to tie on. *■ 


gabe, V. tr.: — to cut (with one stroke). 
g&-cariso, n.; also g&-pfao: — the only 

song bird of Guam, a reed warbler; has a 

song of exquisite sweetness. 
gacha, V. tr.: — to injure; to hurt; to kick 

(with the feet); also oprime; jofLd: — to 

suppress; to subdue; to crush; Agues; 

xnatca: — to stamp; to crush. 
gach&, V, tr., v. i.; also tac&; i^ara: — to 

attain; to reach; to seize (with the 

hand); to grasp. 
gach&, n.; also fajigach&aji; g&gach&; 

f6fe^d; suelas: — sole (of the foot). 
g&chai, n.; also acha: — ax. 
g4ch^, v. tr., V. i.: — to reach; to grasp. 

4662—18 12 

g&cho£g:, n.; also xua-goflie; abog: — 
companion ; comrade ; associate ; partner; 

g&cho£g:, n.; also coxnpafLero: — ^fellow- 
ship; association; societv. 

g4cho£g^fl&LJon, v. tr.; also esgfiijon: — 
to escort; to accompany. 

g&cuxuuentoB, n.: — ^babbler. 

g&euxuuentos, adj.: — garrulous; verbose. 

gada, adj.; also mata (opposite of 
masa): — unnpe; uncooked; green. 

g&dao, n.; also eadas: — ^name of a fish; a 
grouper, with leopard-like spots. 

gadbo, adj., adv.; also written gatbo, 
which see: — ^fine; handsome; fair; genteel. 





gade, V. %.: — to fish (at night with a net). 

gadd, V. i.: — to get caught (ex., dress 
caught on a nail) . 

gaddy n.: — ^local name for the spiny or 
wila yam: forms an important lood 
staple in November, after the bread- 
fruit has gone and before the sweet 
potatoes are ready for digging. 

gadon, V. tr.; also cocas: — to complicate; 
to involve; to entangle. 

gadon, adj.; also m&-7al&cft; coxn- 
plicao : — entangled ; confused ; intri- 
cate; complicated; dense. 

gafau, n.; also written gafao: — ^local 
name for the Melastoma, a low hairy 
brush growing on the coast; it is 
injurious to chickens, and they can not 
be raised where it grows. 

gaf 6,71.; — coconut, when entirely ripened. 

gaf us, V. tr.; also gapot; g[Uot: — to pack. 

g^^g&y n.: — animal ; vermin ;iiisects; pests. 

gagag, V. i.: — to chatter; to gabble. 

g^g^ gaponulo, n.; also juto: — blouse. 

g&gk na&tai, n.; y buxu6bela ^ui 
mdtai: — death watch; a vigil beside 
the dead person. 

gtg& taigitiji y p&pagpag, n.:— beetle. 

g&gao, V. tr., V. i.; also solisita: — to 
solicit; to canvas; to entreat. 

g&gao cuentas; also ivritten g&gau 
cuentas: — to call to account; to hold 
an accounting. 

g&gau, V. tr.; also nesesita: — to require; 
to lay claim to. 

g&g4u, V. %.; also ffiisen: — to ask alms; 
to beg; to ask. 

g&gau asi-i, v. %.: — to apologize; to ex- 
press regret. 

gaj^na, mj., adv.: patriotic. 

gago,n.; — local name for the Polynesian 
iron wood; a leafless tree resembling a 
pine; its wood, heavy, hard, and strong, 
18 excellent for fuel, but is scarcely at 
all utilized in Guam. 

gagd, n.; also embelequero; g&lu- 
m^yau: — ^idler; sluggard; good-for- 
nothing fellow; loafer. 

gagd, n.: — sloth; idleness; habitual indo- 

gagd, adj., adv.; also tdiquinalamten: — 
indolent; lazy; shiftless; improvident. 

gagd, V. %.; also guzuagd: — ^to lounge; to 
saunter about in a lazy manner. 

g^got, n.: — flint stone. 

g€ti, V. tr.; also guaja: — to have. 

g&iammo, v, tr.: — to defy; to challenge; 
to resist openly; to dare; to have cour- 
age; to attempt. 

g&ianimo I inter j.: — ^have courage! 

g^iasagua, p. p.; also casao; uxuasa- 
gua: — married. 

g£asii, V. i.; also pinite: — to pity; to 
have compassion; to commiserate; to 

g&ibale, v. tr.: — to be worth. 

g^batbas, adj.: — ^bearded. 

g&ibittud, adj., adv.; also xnasiso: — 
strong; energetic. 

g&icolot, adj., adv.; also mfcolot: — gay- 
colored; many-colored. 

g6idetecto,adj., adv.; also ti dinanche: — 
incorrect; faulty. 

g&ifachd. adj., adv.; also nd,asgon; &pla- 
ch&: — airty; soiled; impure; foul. 

g&ifigura, adj.: — figuratively spoken; 
shapely; well built. 

g&iganansia, adj., adv.: — ^profitable. 

g&ieue, adj.: — ^present; here (opposite of 
t&Lgue, absent). 

g&igue em, fondo, adj.: — sunken; lying 
on the bottom of the sea. 

g&i gUine, adv.: — therein; in this. 

g&ilsao, n.; also man-fsao; fisao: — 
debtor; sinner. 

g&ifsao ni d&^culo, n.: — ^felon; one 
guUty of felony. 

gaijetdan, adj., adv.: — ^vegatious; irk- 

gfiijinaao, adj., adv.; aUo manufiggo:- 
sensible; reasonable. 

g&ijinaso, v. tr.: — ^to employ reason. 

g&i Jumatsamiento, adj., adv.: — rebel- 
lious; mutinous. 

g&ilugat, n.; also ocasi6n; opottuni- 
d&d: — occasion; opportunity. 

g&ininftsifia, adj.; also eu6f-ilo: — able. 

g&iprobecho, adj., adv.; also probe- 
cnoso: — ^useful; profitable; serviceable. 

gfiiproducto, adj.; also adelantao: — 
flourishing; prosperous; thriving. 

g&irason, adj., adv.; also rasonable: — 
reasonable; sensible. 

g&isabot, adj.: — ^palatable; savory; agree- 
able to the taste. 

g&isensia, n.; also s6nsia coxntin: — 
gumption; common sense. 

gaisustansia, adj., adv.; also impot- 
tante: — significant; expressive. 

g&iuttinio , mj. , adv . : — ^peremptory ; posi- 
tive; final; decisive. 

gala, n.: — ^festive garb. 

galafate, v. tr.: — to calk; to repair a 

galas'ala, v. tr.: — to cement; to fill up 
with putty. 

galagala, n.: — ^putty. 

gdl&go, n.: — dog (literally animal from 
the north). 

gal&idd, n.: — canoe. 

galeria, n.; also cajida; balanda: — 
porch; portico; vestibule; veranda. 

galileg, V. i.: — ^to roll; to turn with cir- 
cular motion. 

g&lon, n.; also sinta: — ^border; edging; 
stripes (on uniforms). 

gal6n, n.;-ygallon; a liquid measure. 

gcdope, V. i.: — to gallop. 

galute, V. tr.: — to beat soundly; to 

g&ma, adj., adv.; also fLab&; manso; 
m&flafta: — soft; easily yielding to pres- 
sure; flexible. 

g&-m&igd, n.; also y mamaigo: — 

g^-mamlusen, adj., adv.; also curioso; 
aberiguadot: — ^inquisitive; curious. 




g&-xnaji-uga, n.; also minejmo; fiinifla; 
igua: — flatterer. 

g^-mimo, adj.f adv.; also t&gmomyon; 
t&g-xuoxuye : — quarrelsome. 

gana, y. tr.; also jiUat gu6 jiliU: — ^to gain; 
to win; to defeat; to earn; to surmount; 
to overcome. 

g&fLaco, V. tr.; also g&oco: — to prefer. 

g&£iaco, V. tr.; also g&oco; ndridna: — to 
prefer; to give the preference to. 

ganado, n.: — cattle. 

gluiadot, n.; also xuatatiSg^a: — cham- 
pion; defender; hero; a man of dis- 
tingiiished courage. 

gaTi&TiBia, n.; atso reinunera8i6n: — 
emolument; profit; remuneration; win- 
ning; gain. 

ganansioso, adj,; also g&ifottcdesa; 
probechoso: — yielding; fertile; rich; 

ganas, n.; also loglog; xninalagd: — 
desire; inclination; appetite. 

gancho, n.: — ^boat hook; hook. 

gancho, v. tr,, v. %.: — to catch; to grasp; 
to gripej jacot: — ^to grasp. 

gane, v. %.; also ogan: — ^to strand; to run 
aground; to go ashore; to get stalled. 

ganso, n.: — goose. 

ganye, v. tr.; also adopta: — to select; to 
adopt (as one's own child); to claim; to 
assert; to demand. 

gaoniy V. tr.: — ^to bend; to curve; to touch 
with emotion; to move the feelings of. 

gaotean, v. tr., v. i.: — to choke; to 

g&-pl&ito, adj.; also nd,^08on; mfxnes- 
terio: — ^fussy; making a fuss. 

gapot, V. tr.: — ^to pull out the hair; to 
pack; to touse. 

gapoty V. tr.; also gafus; guot: — ^to hold 
fast; to take; to fasten. 

gaput (or gapot) ulo, n.: — ^the hair on 

garapatasy n.: — tick (insect). 

garapifiera, n.: — ^refrigerator; ice box. 

garotasoy n.: — beating. 

gas, n.: — gas; illuminating gas. 

gasa, n.: — gauze; very thin, light, and 
transparent silk or cotton fabric. 

gaseta, n.: — newspaper. 

gasgas, adj., adv.; also pure; tluxnan- 
cha; juato; t&iinteres; tiipinetju- 
dica: — ^genuine; real; unadidterated; 
impartial; free from partiality; unpreju- 
diced; fair; just; desente; honesto: — 
decent, clean; neat; ti xi&^inala^o; 
alifLau: — sanitary; hygienic. 

gasolina, n.: — gasoline. 

gdsdsd, n.: — ^local name for the Colu^ 
brina asiatica; a widely spread Poly- 
nesian shrub, the leaves of which are 
lused for bleaching native mats in Sa- 
moa, as they form a lather in water like 
soap; used m Guam for medicine only. 

gasta, V. tr.: to spend money; to expena. 

gdstadot, n.: — extravagance; prooigal- 
ity; wastefulness. 

gasto, n.; — expenses; costs; consumption. 

gaston 8€dapd, n.: — expenditure; dis- 

gaston y biale, n.: — traveling expense. 

gastos, n. pi. (Sp.): — consumption; ex- 
penses; costs. 

g&tand, adj.: — worldly. 

gatbesas, n.: — valuables; jewelry. 

gatbo, adj.f adv.; also nftmanman; 
m^gas; ta^jld: — gorgeous; splendid; 
showy; sublime; awe-inspiring; superb; 
grand; stately. 

gatbo, adj., adv.; also bonita; dudus; 
pachucha^: — ^neat; nice (speaking of 
girls); beautiful; handsome. 

gatga, n.; also suette: — ^lot; fate; for- 

g&tgaras, v. tr.: — ^to garble. 

g&tot, n.: — ^wheal; callosity. 

gft-uxn^sitan, n.; also y esitan; fesi- 
tan: — ^joker; jokesmith; jester. 

gayera, n.: — cockfight. 

gayetas, n.; also biscocho: — ^biscuit. 

gayo, n.: — cock; the male of birds; 

globe, n.; a^o y tand: — globe; the earth. 

gl6ria, n.: — glorification. 

glorioso, adj.: — glorious. 

gobetnad6t, n.; also xuag&laje: — gov- 

gobietna, v. tr.; also gdje: — to manage; 
to govern. 

gobietno, n.: — government; state. 

gobie tnon t&otao, n . : — democracy ; 
government by the people. 

gode, V. tr.; also funut: — ^to tie on; to 
bind; to fasten. 

goden a^g&, n.; also &txnadot: — 
scarf; a light handkerchief or tie for the 

gof, adj, — ^very. 

g6f ch&tp&^, adj., adv.; also ti ata- 
non: — ^horrid; very terrible; hideous; 

g6f d&ngculo, adj., adv.. — ^huge; very 

g6f fachd, adj., adv.: — ^very thin (liquid). 

gofis, n.;— lung. 

g6f ja&ne: — ^beautiful weather. 

goflid, %.; also gu&lya: — to love; 
to be loved. 

gofliiyon, adj., adv.; also amable: — ami- 
able; lovely. 

g6f triste; also trireste: — ^very sorrow- 
ful; grieving. 

g6gUe, V, tr.; also ampara; s&gUd; 
saeuane: — ^to protect; to shelter; to 

gdja, n.: — ^fan (used in building a fire). 

g6]a, V. i.; also sopla: — to blow; to 

g61e, y. tr.; also doxnina: — ^to rule; to 
aominate; to reign over. 

gdje, V. %.; also mlUSg^&gindna: — to 
stoop; to bend the body downward and 

g61ai, n.: — ^vegetable. 





goleta, n.; — schooner; two-masted ves- 

golf, n.: — golf (un clasen bola). 

golo£ggo£g^, n.: — munnuring; buzzing 

golosina, n.; also postre: — ^fruits or 
sweerSy ciesserc. 

goloso, adj.f adv.; also haxnbiento: — 
voracious; ravenous; greedy. 

goma, n.; also efiggrudo: — ^paste; mu- 

goxnan arabia, n.: — gum arabic. 

gomgom, V. tr.; also yamag; i^las- 
ta: — to break; to cnisn. 

g6naf, n.; also escazna: — scales; scurf 
(on the skin). 

go^go^, V. %.: — to growl; to grumble. 

gope, V, tr., V. %.; also &gad.: — ^to leap; to 
pass over by jumping; to jump; to 
vault; to leap lightly over; to omit. 

gope, V. %.; also tayogue: — to spring; to 
leap or bound. 

gopte, V. %.: — ^to make a holiday; to cele- 

gora, n.; also tujo^; bonete: — bon- 
net; cap. 

gosa, V. tr.: — to enjoy; to have the 
pleasure of; to use as food or drink. 

gosne, V. tr.; also lagnos: — ^to pidl out; 
to draw out. 

goso, n.; also cantaii alabansa: — 
hymn; song of praise. 

gota, V. i.: — to drop; to fall in drops. 

gdte, V. tr.; also jacot: — ^to gnp; to 
catch; to seize. 

gotgojo, n.: — ^meal beetle. 

gotgoreta, n.: — ^pitcher; earthen vessel 
for holding water. 

gotgoretan janum, n.: — ^water bottle. 

gotgot, n.; also y nmn&n&tun^; y 
xuaftang&Sg^ane: — \ n f o r m e r ; ap- 

gotpe, n.; also dine£gdo^: — ^blow; 
stroke; knock. 

gotpe, V. tr.; also written goipe; — ^to 
dash ; to throw violently or hastily . 

gotpea, V. tr.: — to yant; to jerk; to 

graba, v. tr.: — to dig in; to intrench. 

grade, n.; also ramo: — ^rank; position; 

gradOy n.: — step; grade; rise or descent of 
a roadway; degree. 

gram&tica, n.: — grammar; principles of 
the correct use of a langimge. 

granero, n.: — granary; fruit house. 

graniso, n.: — ^hail. 

granlso, adj.; also ugis: — gray. 

grano, n.: — grain. 

grano, n.; also pogpog: — sore; ulcer; 
corn; abscess. 

granon m^ies: — grains of corn. 

gr&sia, n.; also min^uleg: — grace; favor; 
kindness; thanks. 

grasioso, adj., adv.; also inbentibo; 
Bf8od&; dfdescubre: — ^witty; ingenious; 
clever; gracious; inventive. 

grasioBo, n.: — delicacy; grace; sensitive- 
ness; refinement. 

gratifica, n.; also agradesimiento; 
inagradese; pr6xuio; nin&e: — ^re- 
ward; recompJense; thanks; gratitude; 

gratifica, v. tr.: — to compensate; to re- 
munerate; to repay. 

grifo, n.: — ^faucet; short pipe with a valve 
used for drawing liquids from k^s. 

griniyete, v. tr.: — ^to chain; to fetter. 

griyete, n.; — handcufis. 

griyos, n.; — cricket. 

guacan tand: — native cattle. 

guadog, V. %.: — to dig; to scratch (hens). 

guafag, n.: — mat. 

guafe, n.: — ^fire. 

go&gsalug, n.; also fin&guaglug; guHg- 
sald: — defile; low ground; low country. 

g^agse, V. tr.; also dgiies; gU^sgUes: — 
to peel; to shave; to scrape; to scour; 
tomb; to brush. 

gu&guaji, adj.; also presioso: — expen- 
sive; valuable; precious. 

gu&guasan, n.; also lauchero: — ^peas- 
ant; farmer; rancher. 

go&guato, V. i.: — ^to hurry (in a certain 

guaf cho£S:j&. adj.; also pat: — either (one 
or the omer). 

gu&ife, V. %.: — to blow (ex., wind). 

gu&ilaye, adj.; also setbe: — ^useful. 

gu&iya, V. tr.; also manjula para; gu6f- 
guaiya: — ^to swear allegiance to; to pay 
homage to; to regard; to prefer; to love; 
also jalum; imajfna; jmnalum: — ^to 
fancy; to imagine; to take a liking to. 

guaiyayon, adj.: — ^lovable; worthy of 
love; precious; dear. 

guaiyayon, n.; also n6bfa; y man 
gu&iya: — sweetheart; lover; loved one. 

guaiyayon, n.: — charm; loveliness. 

guaia, V, tr.: — to possess; to have {liter- 
ally: there ii). 

euaja na biaje, adv.: — sometimes; now 

*^ and then. ^ 

guaia nai, adv.; also cada rato; cada 
l&'abmam: — once in a while; a few 

guaja nai; guaja nai; also un biaje; 7 
otro biaje: — at one time; at another 

guaje, V. tr.; also jal6; guadog: — ^to 
grub; to root out oi the ground; to dig 
up; to excavate; tb dig out. 

guajo, pron ; also yo: — I; y6: — me. 

gualafon, n.: — ^full moon. 

guallig, n.; — ^lizard of the small house 

guantes, n.: — glove. 

guaot, n.: — bladder; stairway; staircase. 

guas&, V. tr.; also n4-calactu8: — to whet; 
to sharpen. 

guaaang, n ; also atgayas; tomates 
ag&g&: — tonsils; gill. 

gu^ifton, n.; also metate; moyon: — 
whetstone; grindstone. 

giiasllon flno 



guasfton flno, n.; also lamse: — hone; 
fine whetstone. 

gu&sguas, V. tr.'y also bale: — to scrape; 
to rasp; to scrub; to clean; to scour. 

guatda, V. tr.; also resetba: — to watch; 
to observe the Sabbath; to retain; to 
hold or keep in possession. 

go&tdia, n.; also sentinela; 7 xuamti- 
xniikaii: — ^post; guard; watchman. 

guatnision; also engancha: — to harness 
a horse. 

gua^y vrep.: — vindicating direction away 
from tne speaker; toward; in the direc- 
tion of; chuld guato y relos: — ^bring 
the watch there. 

guaut, n.; — stair; step; flight of steps, 
guayaba, n.; also abas: — local name for a 

shrub or small tree bearing the fruit 

from which the well-known guava jelly 

is made. 
gubia, n,: — ^hollow chisel. 
gueco. adj,, also bianco; gasgas: — 

blank; free from writing; empty, 
gueco, adj.f adv.; also basio; t&isinaj- 

guan: — ^vacant within; hollow; void, 
guede, n.; also siiita: — band. 
guSfdck^culo, adj.y also s^nda^culo: 

— enormous; excessive; immense; very 

gu^fguaiya, v. tr.: — to prefer; to love. 
fifu^fUo, adj.; also gftininftHlfJa: — ^able. 

nap: — sunny; bright; warm; cheerful. 

gudf-lamen, v. tr.; also tasa; agra- 
dese: — ^to appreciate; to value. 

gu^f-ma^ha^e, adj.: — elaborate; com- 
plicated; highly finished. 

guSf-machdmd, adj.: — ^laborious; dili- 

gu^f-ma-esplica, adj.: — copious; com- 
plete; detailed. 

gu^f-man-aquijom, adj.; also y6daj6; 
also written guef-man-aquijuni: — sav- 
ing; niggardly; thrifty; frugal; scanty; 

gu^f-man-jaso, adj., adv.,; also 16an; 
listo: — ^thoughtful; contemplative; at- 
tentive; careml; sharpwitted; sagacious. 

gu6f-pago, adj.y adv.; also bonito; guai- 
yayon:— graceful; charming; pretty. 

gudf-rasa, adj.: — thoroughbred; of pure 
and unmixed blood. 

gu^f-reconose. v. tr.: — to rummage; to 
search carefully for. 

gu6f-8aga, adj.y adv.: — comfortable; for- 
tunate; magof: — content. 

gu^f-saga, adp.y adv.; also m&ipe; 
mafnot; umaatog: — snug; concealed; 
compact; warm. 

gudf-tand, adj.y adv.; also togch&; 
jaffLag; ni6p&; m&manta: — fruitful; 
prolific; fertile. 

gu4f-tao, adj.y adv.; also man-goflid; 
gft-man-nai : — ^big-hearted ; benevo- 
lent; well-meaning; genial; kindly; 
sympathetic in disposition. 

gu6f-tao, adj.; also d&ngculo; m^uleg; 
f&fata: — ^magnificent; splendid; pom- 

gu6f-uniaton^d, adj.; also umapa- 
^une: — ^famuiar; well acquainted; in- 
timate; affable. 

guegmen, n.;^-drinker. 

guegmon, n.: — ^larynx; Adam's apple. 

guegpo, adj.; also gupo; gufgupo:*— 

guegpo, n.; also p4jaro: — ^bird. 

giidgUS, n.;— tooth-pick. 

gu§ jiliU, n.; also m&g^ase: — super- 
vision; the act of supervising. 

giielo; giiela, n.; — grandfather; grand- 

gii6nau, adv.: — there (in the proximity 
of the person addressed). 

gii^nau guato, adv.; also ayo euato: — 
there; in that place: thither; mat way. 

gil6nau nai, adv.: — tnfere. 

gii^n^gUe^, n.: — ^nod; a quick incli- 
nation of the head; shake of the head. 

gu6 pap4, adj.; also tag pap^fLa: — sub- 
ordinate; inferior in rank, power, or po- 

guera, n.; also guerlya: — ^war. 

guera, v. i.: — ^to wage war. 

guerero, n.; also lalajen guera: — 

gii^sgiies, v. tr.; also ^gUes: — to scrape; 
to scratch; to scour; to rub; to brush; to 

gUetgiiero, n.; also gatganta: — ^throat. 
giietgUero^ n.: — ^alimentary canal, 
gueton, adj.y adv.: — thin; fragile; brittle, 
gugan, V. tr.: — to shell; to peel; to 

gugat, n.: — fiber; sinew; tendon; vein; 

gugo£g, V. tr.; also nft-lamen; jofLd: — to 

maltreat; to oppress, 
gdgululufu^o, V. I.; also fugo; escale- 

frio: — to shiver: to have a chill in a 

fever attack; to freeze. 

guia, n.: — Pleader; one who leads, 
guia, V. tr.: — to lead ; to guide; to precede; 
to oring. 

guia, n.; also mamftntinui; — ^pioneer. 

gui castoco: — at my expense. 

gttie^g:, n.: — ^nose; organ of smell. 

gUife, V. tr.y v. i.: — to dream; to fancy. 

gui flon, adv.; also Hon; canton; 
oriyun: — ^beside; in the proximity of; 
near to. 

guigau, n.: — fishing net; inclosures built 
in shallow water to catch fish. 

guigo, adv.; also guni4g4cho£g^: — 
together; in unison; at the same time. 

guigo, adj.y adv.; also sumfsija; guni&- 
eacnoi^: — simultaneous; happening, 
done, or existing at the same time. 

guigogiie, n.; also protect6t: — pro- 
tector; defender; guardian* 

guigon, conj: — ^no sooner than; as soon as. 

gufgonggong, n.: — growler; grumbler. 




eonj.; also 
Booner thsLD.; as soon as. 

g:iilgiiife, n.; aUo j man g-QigOife: — 

guiguMg^, n,; a2ao t4gpap&; cnlebla: — 

gOigfiiyaja, (u^*.; oto aislado; t&igft- 
cho]%; miiBa: — lone; solitanr; re- 
tired; lonesome; secluded; oft-lying; 

gni-jalme; also an ja&ne: — in the day- 

gni jalimxy adv.; also san. jalnm; }a- 
Irnn: — ^inside; therewithin; within; 

gfiijan, n.: — fidi. 

goi jaya, n.; also jaya; san. jaya: — 

gUije, adv.; also ayo enato: — ^there 
(away from the perBon addressed). 

gUije goato, adv.; — vindicating direction; 

gtxijen, n.; — ^petticoat. 

gui lichaiiy n.; also Inch an; san li- 
chan: — ^west. 

goimen, v. tr., v. i.; also guinem: — ^to 

guiminon, adj.: — drinkable; portable. 

goinaca, n.; yinac&: — dou^ (flour). 

gninachft, y. tr.: — ^to overtake; to catch 
by pursuit. 

g'Oiiiadog, n.; canat: — ditch; trench; 

gfiinadon, n.: — ^puzzle; complication. 

gninae jetdan, adj. , adv .; also n&^'osoii: — 
irksome; vexatious. 

goinHgao asi-i, n.: — apology. 

guinHgao, n.; — ^request; entreaty. 

goinagd, n.: — ^indolence; laziness; idle- 

gtdnlugae, n.; aZ«o pres^naia: — attend- 
ance; presence. 

gUinldya, n.: — enthusiasm; ardor of 

gUin^iya, n.: — ^preference; affection. 

gUin^ya,n.; also fe; amistH: — fidelity; 
integrity; loyalty; reliability; idea; 
jinaso: — ^fancy; idea; notion; liking; 
&giiawa: — ^love affair; lover; gallant; 
carldad: — ^love. 

gliinaja, n.; also habio; inayuda: — 
resource; source of helper supply; 
expedient; tesoro: — treasure; tning; 
property; possession. 

gUinaja, o^^'.; — pecuniary; pertaining to, 
or consisting of, money. 

giiinajau guin&, n.: — ^household effects. 

guinana, n.; also suseso; salida: — 
acquisition; victory; gain; success; 
event; gan^nsia: — gain. 

giiinaTichiyo, v. i.: — crochet; ganchuyo 
n.: — crochet. 

guinanye, adj.; also ma&yeg: — selected; 

guinasgas, n.: — cleanliness; decency. 

guinasta, n.: — waste; extravagance; ex- 

goinatbOy n.; also ndnilag; din^ng- 
culo: — rolendor; pomp; magnificence. 

gfiine, adv.: — here; to this place; from; 
out of. 

gOiiie, r. tr.: — to come from. 

gni n^faligau, n.; also rebista; gii6f- 
abezigna: — research; careful inquiry. 

gniji^fatittiiye, n.; also espiaaidn; ni- 
repara; inatittaye: — reparation; ex- 

gninftfilo, n.; also inacadidog: — acu- 

gntn^ftiaga, n.: — ^well-being; good for- 

goindftao, n^ — charitableness; liberality. 

gnin^g^y n.; also sinHgiii: — protec- 
tion; guiod. 

gmn6je^ n.; also goinete: — manage- 
ment; arrangement; disposition. 

gOiiie magui, adv.; also magui; chuli 
magni: — hither; this way. 

goinen otro tand, t;. tr.; also impotta: — 
to import; to bring into a country from 

goinibietna, n.; also ninftaifia: — sway; 
dominion; authority. 

gnimbietna, r. tr.: — ^to reign over; to 
rule; to dominate. 

gniiiibietna, n.; also manera de pre- 
sedSr (Sp.): — regime; mode or system 
of government. 

giiinife, n.: — dream. 

gninigatan, adj., adv.; also mfgugat: — 
fibrous; composed of fibers. 

gnijiigong, n.; also nin&t&elaye; ji- 
nefid; nin&t&ilaye: — ^maltreatment; 

gauiilo, n.; also qoiiiilo: — ^lamb; the 
young of sheep. 

guinin y chagd, adj.; also estraiio; f o- 
raatero: — strange; foreign. 

goiniot, n.; also minanSene: — grip; a 
grasp with the hand. 

goinipo, n.: — fli^t; the act, •process, 
maimer, or power of flying. 

goinipo: — carried away; torn away (by 
the wind). 

goinipon pution: — shooting or falling 
star; meteor. 

guinisa, n.; also estufao: — stew; gou- 

gniniya, n.; also sustansia (Sp.); ji- 
nafa: — matter; being; substance. 

gui papl^ adv.; also pap4; san pap&: — 
below; under; beneath. 

guisa, V. tr.: — ^to boil; to fry; to prepare 
food; to season; to roast. 

guitala, n.: — guitar. 

gui tinate, adv.; also Bumegdgundo: — 
secondly; in the second place. 

giiiya, pron.: — ^he; she. 

guja, adj.; also t&ialentos: — ^breathless; 
out of breath. 

guja, n.; also j^guja: — asthma. 

guja, V, %.: — to pant; to gasp; to cough. 

gula, n.; also sin medida; sin modera- 
si6n: — ^immoderation; intemperance. 




gule|*, V. tr,; also xnolino; tutu: — to 

grind (grain). 
gU2n&, n.: — house. 
guzn& automobit, n.: — garage, 
guzn&chong yan: — togemer with, 
gum&chofil, n.; gScho^:-partner; 

business associate, 
guxnft diquiqui, n.; — Shovel; hut; cabin; 

small house. 
gii m ftf aftochuyan, n.; — hostelry; inn; 

lodging house, 
y TOniaeanye, n.: — claimant; one who 

demanas something as a right. 
guzn& pasajeroy n.; also tabetna: — ^inn; 

guznagd, V. %.; also lum&o]^: — to tramp 

around; to loaf around. 
guzn& Y&U8, n.; — church, 
y guzuu^ya y tandfLa, n.; — ^patriot, 
guzuuasft, n.; — ^fish poison. 
gunuB, V. tr.; also aple£g^: — to sprain a 

joint; to pull out; to wean a child, 
guot, V. tr.; also gafus; gapot: — to seize; 

to fasten; to pack; to hold fast; to 

gupo, V. i.: — to fly. 
gupoty n.; also fiesta: — feast; sumptuous 

repast; ceremony; solenmlty. 

gupot xnftgas, n.; — ^function; discharge 

of duty. 
gurupa, n.: — crujjper; the buttocks of a 

horse; leather tail band, 
gusdlalaldj adj.; also gusdcajuld: — 

fiery; passionate; easily roused. 
gus6fLa, adj., adv.; also xu6na; ni6nafLa; 

taftama: — earlier; sooner; prior. 
gusdna, adv.; also chadegfla; mas bi6zi 

(Sp.): — ^rather; sooner; more willingly. 
giist, adj. J adv.; also jijot; c&dad&: — 

fleet; quick; swift; brief; short; cohcise. 
gust, adv.; also ti-abmam: — shortly; 

soon; quickly, 
gust janon, adj., adv.; also songuiyon; 

gust mafulft: — ^inflammable; easily set 

on fire; combustible, 
gust jocog, adj.y adv.; also ti xuaog; 

biajero: — transitory; fleeting. 
gtisistj&I interj.; also enseguidasi — 

gusto, n.: — relish; gosa; manng^ud, 

adj. : — ^palatable . 
gusto, n.; also tanamtam: — ^taste; joy. 
gutgureta, n.; also jara: — pail for 

carrying water. 
gutus, V. tr.y V. I.: — to break (the strings 

of an instrument); to take the life. 


hacha, v. tr.; also acha; n&-m&flalia: — 

to make tender; to make mellow; to beat. 
haznbriento, adj.; also zu6tai fLalang^: — 

rapacious; greedy; avaricious, 
hasienda, n.; also sementera; lancho: — 

farm; worldly possessions. 
hembra, n.; also pal&uan: — ^female. 
hereda, v. tr.; v. i.: — to inherit, 
hereda, n.; — ^a gift by will of money or 

property; bequest. 
heredero, n.: — ^heir. 
hereje, n.: — ^heretic, 
her^nsia, n.: — ^inheritance, 
heresia, n.: — ^heresy. 
herida, n.: — wound, 
hetbana, v. tr.: — to patch together, 
higuera, n.: — ^fig tree. 
higoB, n.: — fig; miit ot the fig tree. 

honesto, adj.y adv.; also xuodesto; res- 
petayon; gasgas; desente: — ^honor* 
able; decent; modest. 

honra, v. tr.; — to honor; to respect; to 

honra, n.: — ^honor. 

honra, v. tr.; also respeta; reber^n- 
sia: — to revere; to regard with fear 
mingled with respect and affection; to 
reverence; to respect. 

honra, n.; also fama; m&uleg na 
n&an: — ^reputation; fame; m&uleg xna- 
saiig^&nfia: — good reputation. 

hu6rfana, n.: — orphan; female child be- 
reft of parents. 

hu6rfajio, n.: — orphan; male child be- 
reft of parents. 

hule, n.; — oilcloth. 


ib&, V. i.: — to show pain or emotion by a 
twitching of the lips; potpot labids- 
fia, adj.: — thick-lipped. 

idea, n.; also jinaso; gtlin&iya: — ^fancy; 
idea; notion* liking; a mental image or 
picture; belief. 

identifica, v. tr: — to identify; to make, 
prove to be, or consider as, the same. 

idioma, n.: — ^idiom; the distinctive char- 
acteristic of a language. 

fdolo, n.: — ^idol. 

fesitan, n.; also g&-uzn6sitan:— joker; 
jokesmith; jester. 

ifll, n.: — ^name of a tree furnishing the 
most important wood in Guam; it is 
very hard and heavy, but not elastic; 
cross-grained and hara to work; it turns 
from a yellowish color with time to a 
dark color resembling black walnut. 

ignor&nsia, n.; also UnMtizdjS^d; t&i- 
jinaso : — ^ignorance . 

ignorante, adj.: also t^ jinaso: — ^igno- 
rant; y n xnanung^d: — i^orant per- 
son; one who has no knowledge. 

igue, v. tr.; also diles: — to excel; to sur- 

y igui 



y igui, n.; also Mgti: imgti: — ^jealousy; 

iij6, adj.; also tipadog; fL&jlalang; 
y6da je : — ^thrifty . 

ija, n.; also jaga:— daughter. 

ilegitixno, adj.: — ^ill^timate. 

imajen, n.; also written ixuagen; ima- 
giien:-4mage; picture. 

imajinasion, n.: — imagination; a con- 
ception or idea; fancy. 

imaiLna, v. tr.y v. i.; also jaso; jasuye; 
supone: — ^to imagine; to conjecture; to 
think; to cogitate; to reflect upon. 

ixnpedimento, n.; also estotbo: — ^im- 
pediment; obstruction; obstacle; hin- 

imperio, n.; — ^realm; state; empire. 

impettin^nsia, n.; also tlusetbe; nd,^d- 
son: — ^impertinence; forwardness; rude- 

iznpetuoso, adj.; also j&bubo; j&pina- 
lala; fejman; fijom; arebatao: — 
^ven to anger; passionate; impetuous; 
irritable; enervescent; vehement. 

impide, 0). tr.; also apreta: — ^to restrain; to 
check; to repress. 

impolltico, adj.y adv.; also desatento; 
t4iatensi6n: bronco: — ^impolite; 
wanting in good manners; boorish; 

impone, v. tr.; also obliga: — to lay on; to 
apply; to impose. 

impotta, V. tr^ also guinen otro tand: — 
to import; to bring into a country from 

impottante, adj.^ adv.; also gdisustan- 
sia; m^gas: — significant; expressive; 

tmprenta, n.: — printery. 

impresa, v. tr.: — to print. 

impresdt, n.: — compositor; typesetter; 

imprudSnsia, n.; also ti y6daje: — care- 
lessness of consequences; imprudence. 

impuesto, n.; also catga; tributo 
todo:— -delivery; draft; duty; tax. 

impuesto, n.; also oontribusi6n: — 
excise; duty; tribute; impost. 

in-: — prefix; first person, plural. ^ 

ina, V. tr.; also aclara; na-fauungd: — ^to 
light up; to illuminate. 

inabag, n.; also chindtan; linaohe; 
fatta: — misunderstanding; erf or. 

in-dbald, n.; also indplacha: — ^impnrlty. 

inabiba, n.; also binalente-mina- 
tatiSga: — encouragement. 

in-abmam, v. %.: — to stop; to delay; to 

inabundlmsia, n.; also abundfinsia; 
iuin6gae; min^gai: — abundance; pro- 
fusion; plenty; superfluity; overflow. 

ina^acha, n.; also finSrbaba; traisi6n; 
engafio: — ^imposition; trick; fraud; de- 

inacacha, v, tr.; also petjudica; n&^ 
dafio: — to impair; to prejudice; to do 

in&camd, n.; um&camd: niatrini6nio; 
casamiento: — wedaing; wedlock; 

in&-chagd, n.; also dist&nsia {Sp.): — 
distance between two places. 

inadd., n.; also enredos: — aspersion; 
slander; defamation. 

inadaje, n.; also ixiij6:-^-care; concern; 
solicitude; anxiety; saving. 

inadamelog&, nv olso esfero: — sphere; 
a globe or globular body. 

inadbiette, n.: — admonition; exhorta- 

inadelanta, n.; also ninlQ&mauleg. 
finamauleg; sinibe: — ^improvement, 

in&de^&an, n.: — elocution; art, manner; 
or style of speaking; delivery. 

in&diiSgfo, n.; also y in&desapatta| y 
in&yutd: — separation; disconnection. 

inadite, adj.; also gatgado; majofLd: — 
oppressed; distressed; depressed. 

inagajSp^, n.; also ^salao: — clamor; 
shoutii^; yelling. 

in&go, n.; also ;pn€dac&: — change; al- 
teration; mutation; variation. 

indgofldd, n.: — ^friendship. 

inagradese, n.; also agradesimiento; 
nin&e: — ^reward; recompense; thanks; 
gratitude; acknowledgment. 

in&gu&, n.: — ^bolt; a long step. 

in&guaguat, n . : — scrimmage ; general 
row or tussle. 

in&g^uaguat, n.; also plfiito: — argu- 
ment; controversy. 

inai, n.; also oriyan tasi: — ^beach; sea- 

inald, 71.; also nin&-ald; inafia: — ^mis- 
fortune; destruction; insult. 

inaltUula, adj., adv.: — hasty; precipi- 
tate; rash. 

inamte, n.: — ^parson; the incumbent of 
a parish; clergyman. 

inanacd, n.: — ^length; the measure from 
end to end. 

inafiade, n.: — appendix. 

inancho, n.; also finedfti — ^width. 

inanchon y sftculo, tIh? also di&me- 
tro: — diameter. 

•oco, n.: — confidence; diffidence; 
lack of self reliance. 

vafixdtejadj.yOdv.; oho sinasal&guan: — 
infernal; hellidi; outrageous; fiend- 

inflnogchU, n.; also cuenta; notfsia: — 
report; account; relation; connec- 
tion; n&-tiuS|:d, V. tr.: — to report. 

inantigo, n.; also binijo; t&otao 
mdna: — antiquity; great age. 

iiillplach&, n.; also tdla: — ^refuse; ex- 

inapuKlijan, n.; also espongja, sponge: — 
payon dujendes; talangan jayo: — 

inaquijom, n.; also tronp6n: — ^fist. 

inaregla, n.; also jechura; otden: — 
digestion; assimilation; method; sys- 
tem; order. 




inariesga, n.; also sinesede: — adven- 

inasa, v. tr.: — ^to drive forward; to blow 
away; to blow on (the wind). 

inasegura, n.; also finia; jGLansa: — 
security; warranty; bail. 

inasti, n.; also inasie; petd6n {Sp.): — 
pardon; forgivennees; absolution. 

inasii, n.; aZ«o nirescata; ninftlibre: — 
impunity; freedom from punishment; 
freedom from injury or lose. 

inasne, acfj.; a2so xua-aaen: — salted. 

inasnezi catne, n.: — salted beef; salt 

inatan, n.: — glance; quick passing look 
of the eye. 

in&tattiye, n.; also flla: — ^line; row; 

inatborota, n.; also jatsamiento: — 
insurrection; uprising; confusion; re- 
bellion; tumult. 

inatituye, n.; also inatiende; aten- 
8i6n: — attention. 

in-atmareao, n.; — dizziness; vertigo; 

in-atmarfao, n.; also quinaduco: — 
insanity; lunacy; madness. 

inatottaye, n.; — prohibition; interdic- 

inatrededot, n.; also y niredondo; 
atrededotfla: — girth; curcumference. 

inaya, n.; also chinilong; propotsi6n; 
inajuatao: — ^proportion; justice; fair- 
ness; fitness. 

inayeg, n.: — choice; option. 

inayeg na tin&itai, n.: — ^text. 

inbenta, v. tr.; also soddr; n&^juyong: — 
to suggest; to hint; to inainuate; to 
invent; to find out; to devise. 

inbentibo, adj.y adv.; also sfsodd.; dides- 
cubre: — ^inventive; witty; ingenious; 

inbiette, v. i.; also emplea: — to invest; 
to make an investment of money. 

inclinasidn, n.; also sentido; opim6n; 
jine^g^^e: — ^notion; opinion; belief; 

inconben^nsia, n.; also chin&tsaga; 
ti Bumlfia: — ^inconvenience; unfitness; 
troublesomeness; disadvantage. 

independiente, adj.y adv.; aUo t^lna- 
n|^oco; ti-man-a^&ongoco; t&ichi- 
natsaga: — ^independent; not depend- 
ent on, not supported by, or governed 
by, another. 

indica, v, tr.; also fdniie; n&^jaso; 
tanchtle: — to indicate; to point out; to 
euggest; to hint. 

indiferente, adj.; also par6]o]4 yan 
tay&: — ^listless; indifferent; languid. 

indireoto, adj.f adv.; also ti tunas: — 
indirect; not straight. 

indulg^nsia, n.: — ^indulgence. 

induse, v. tr.; also suog; jon^gue: — ^to 
induce; to persuade; to prevail upon; to 

ine, dem. pron.: — this; this one. 

inecho^g^, n.; also lache; ninlltfiilaye: — 
wrong; fault; injury; injustice. 

inecho^, adj.f adv.; also 6clau; Iflicd; 
echo^: — ^bent; curved; crooked; in- 
clined to do wrong; forbidden. 

inecho£g, n.; also injustfsia: — ^injustice; 

inefrese, n.: — offering. 

ineoaoanta^ n.;— 'fascination; attraction; 

inen«atga, n.; also areglo: — arrange- 
ment; management; order; disposition. 

inentaltLe, n.: — ^intermission; pause; in- 

ined, n.;— gulp; draft; swallow. 

i n e 8 g & i j o n , n.; also acompafla- 
mento: — accompaniment; escort; con- 

in^on, n.; also disgustao; linayd: — 
nausea; discust; aversion. 

inestima, aai.; also estima: — esteemed; 
respected; highly regarded. 

ines^a, n.; also quizialaniten: — strain; 

inetnon, n.; also reuni6n; nilajyan:— ^ 
reunion; a festive gathering of familiar 
friends or associates. 

inetnon, n,; also junta: — society; as- 
sembly; group; alliance; bond; ally; 

inetnon tHotao, n.; also monchon 
tlU>tao: — multitude; crowd; the popu- 

in-eyag, n.; also jQln&n&^gUe; educa- 
sion: — education. 

infelfs, adj. J adv.; also desgrasiado; 
desdichado; despresiao: — unhappy; 
disastrous; unfortunate. 

infi^t, adj.; also ti man-jonggoie; ti 
jefig:^e; ti fl6t; f&f&baba:— infidel; 
unbelieving; ungodly. 

infietno, n.; also sasal&guan; tin&i^n- 
do: — ^hell; abyss; gulf. 

influ^nsia, n.: — ^influence; power arising 
from character or station. 

infotma, v. %.; also qu6 tung^d; 6fai- 
sen: — ^to seek information. 

infotmasidn, n.; also nin&tu^o; noti- 
ficasi6n: — information. 

i^g^grato, adj.; also diguing: — thank- 
less; untrue; ungratefuL 

y in|:gUente, n.: — salve; ointment; fat. 

i£giiin; inlfuen, v. tr.; also despr6sia: — 
to disdain; to censure; to deprecate. 

inguinon, adj.^ adv.; also g6fchatlil- 
von: — detestai)le; execrable; abomina- 
ble; cursed. 

iiSp^uinonna t&otao, n.: — scamp; rascal. 

iniga, n.; also fidnifia: — caress. 

inigd, n.; also embfdia: — envy; jealousy. 

inigo^g:, n.; also lamentasidn (Sp.)] 
(uso written inigung: — sigh; cries; lam- 

inijd, n.: — thrift. 

inina, n.; also lemunayas; ina: — ^light; 
the agent by which objects are rendered 
visible by its action on the retina; 




illumination; gleam; a stream of light; 
glimmer; a faint intermittent light. 

Infiifi-juyong t&otao, adj.: — artificial. 

^■ninftTi &tdau, n.; also somnap: — sim- 

ini^^ag, v. %.; also xu&£^g; umasd; 
ziin& asd: — to sag; to sink down; to 

in-isune, n.: — ^persistence; constancy. 

injtiria, v. tr,/ also caliixunia: — to revile; 
to reproach; to abuse. 

injustisia, n.; also impuesto: — ^injus- 
tice; oppression. 

inmott&t, adj.; also t&ifinatai: — ^im- 
mortal; imperishable; not subject to 

inopone, n.; also chinab&; resist^n- 
sia; nirechasa: — ^resistance; opposi- 

inos, adj., adv.; also d&lalai or d&lalae: 
slim; thin; slender. 

inosente, adj., adv.; also t&iisao: — not 
guilty; innocent. 

inpenit^nsia, n.; also ti xuaflotsot; 
tlUsinetsot; ti f&faflotsot: — impeni- 

inquieto, adj.; also Idbog; t&iminaj- 
go^i — ^restless; turbulent; unquiet. 

inquilinato, n.: — ^leasehold; property 
held by lea^e. 

insolbente, adj.; also insotbente; 
quiebra: — bankrupt. 

instituye, v. tr.; also planta: — to in- 
stitute; to install; to establish. 

instrumento, n.; also jeramlenta: — 
instrument; tool. 

instrumento musica, n.; also estot- 
xuento: — musical instrument. 

insutta, v. tr.; also is&g^ue; nft-mam^j- 

lao: — to injure; to insult; to affront, 
insutta, v. tr., v. i.; also butlea; oasi; 

lotgue; xuofea: — to mock; to deride; 

to insult; to make fun of; to outrage; 

to insult. 

intensidn, n.; also jinaso; opini6n: — 
opinion; intention; thought; memory; 

intension&o, adj.; also jastiBuye: — ^in- 

intensionaye, v. tr.; also jasuye: — to 
intend; to resolve. 

interns, n.; also minalagd; guinlli- 
ya: — ^interest. 

interesao^ adj., adv.; also jenn|fan: — 
self-seeking; selfish; avaricious; greedy; 

interino, adj.; also suplente: — ^vica- 

interi6r, adj.; also san jaluxn; san 
jaluxn na banda: — ^int^or; inner; 
remote from the coast. 

intetpreta, v. tr.: — to lay out; to ex- 
pose; to interpret. 

intetpretasi6n, n.; also xuapul&: — ex- 
planation; interpretation. 

inutit, adj.; also t&i^culaye: — ^unfit; 

ip&i£g:ue: — ^last night. 

ip6, V. tr.; also put&: — to break; to tear 
up; to divide; to split; to cleave; to 
slit; to burst. 

ip6teca, n.; also rvrUten hipoteca; y 
xuaenpefLa: — mortgage. 

Ira, n.: — ^tempest; hurricane; tumult. 

irexnediable, adj., adv.; t&i rexuedio; 
ti m&m&giinj^; ti amtiyozi^ ti xn&- 
mA^oiSt: — ^incurable; irremediable; in- 

iridao, 71.; a2«o bfctima: — ^victim; dupe. 

isa, n.; — ^rainbow. 

isa, V. i.: — ^to flatter; to gain over by 
complimentary speech. 

isa, V. tr.: — to raise; to haul up. 

is&giie, V. tr.; also ofende; xi&-ald; 
afLa; nd,-c]i&tsaga: — to offend; to in- 
sult; to outrage; to affront. 

isao, adj.; also ladie: — amiss; wrong; 

fsao, n.; also written fsau: — guilt; crime; 

fsao, adj.; also written fsau; also culpa- 
ble; lalat-diyon: — ^reprehensible; de- 
serving censure; culpable. 

fsao ni d&n^ulo: — felony; crime pun- 
ishable by imprisonment or death. 

iseg, V. tr.: — ^to perforate; to go througji. 

isla, n.; also taud; pedasiton tand nl 
niredondea ni tasi: — ^island. 

ist6ria, n.: — ^history; legend. 

itbana, n.; also jinetbana: — quilting 

itiSj^, V. tr.; also fanfd; joca: — ^to pluck; 
to pick off; to gather. 

iyo, adj., adv.: — own; proper; suitable; 
pertinent; fitting. 

iyomo, jyron.: — ^your. 

iyon, V. i.: — ^to belong to; to pertain to. 

iyon g&g&, adj., adv.; also tiiasi; 
t^asi: — ^bestial; brutish; animal. 

iyon mata, adj.: — ^facial; pertaining to 
the face. 

iyota, j^on.: — our; pertaining to us; 
belonging to us. 

ia I inter j.: — ah I 
a, prefix: — same as. gusi {ex., ja-sulon, 

cMfj.;-~elippery, from sulon, to slip). 
Ja, pers. pron.: — third person, imperf. 

(see * * Grammatical notes' ' ) . 
J&, «wj^;— denotes only; alone (ex., jago 
jk na maisa: — ^thou alone). 

ja, prefix: — vindicates repetition. 

ja&ne, n.; also dia {Sp.) i-^^iay; the period 

of li^ht between sunrise and sunset; 

daylight; sunlight. ^ 

ja&nen giipot, n.; also guinepte: — 

holiday; a day of freedom from labor in. 

celebration oi some event. 




j&bao, V. tr.: — to snatch; to take or seize 

j&bon, n.: — soap; also jabune, v. tr.: — to 

soap; to flatter; to lather, 
j&bubo, adj.; also j&pinalala; impetu- 

oBo:— given to anger; passionate; im- 
jabune, v. tr.: — to soap; to lather; to 

jacot, V. tr.; also ch&jlau or ch&jlao; 

gdte: — to grab; to seize suddenly; to 

jach&igoia, adj.y adv.; also piixnardrejo; 

uxnUchuld; ach&igua: — ^resembling; 

jachita, n.; qlso Bacdpico; asada: — 

hatchet; pickax; mattock; hoe. 
1ach6n, n.: — ^torch (uped when fishing). 
jado, n.: — godson; child to be baptized; 

prot^^; neophyte; also jada: — ^female 


j&e, n.: — ^brow; forehead. 

jafa, n.; also materia; cosa (Sp.): — 

matter; thing; cause. 
jafaP pron.: — ^what? which? something; 

also jayeP — who? 
Jafa tdiznano, adv.; also sk jafa: — ^how; 

in what manner; to wl^at degree or 

extent; for what reason, 
j&fe, n.; also estiyas: — splinter; splint. 
jaffLa^, adj., adv.; also 2xi!6iuanit&: — 

fertue; fruitful; prolific, 
jafno, n.: — ^high tide. 
jaf j&, adv.; also xuasea jafa: — ^whatever, 
jafot, V. tr.; also tatne: — ^to inter; to 

bury; to entomb. 
jafnd, n.: — tide (of the sea). 
jafnd, adj.: — full of; filled with. 
jaftHimano, n.: — manner; method; mode 

of action; habit. 
jag&, n.: — blood, 
jaga^ n.; also ija: — daughter. 
jae^y n.; also xuasinig jag&; jinagd.: — 


jagan, n.: — tortoise; turtle. 

^agau betde, n.: — green turtle. 

ja^as; also abmaxu; desde antes: — 

since olden times, 
y jagas na bidaj also y m^pos na 

bida: — ^the past life, 
jagasas, n.; also b&yag: — ^branch of a 

coco palm (usually applied to one 

fallen from the tree and dried). 
j&easj4y adv.; also asta page: — hereto- 

Tore; previously; hitherto. 
Jagat^a, n.: — the capital of Guam, 


jago, pers. pron.: — ^you; plural, jamyo. 

jagd, V. tr.; also consigue; tac&; ta- 
tiye: — to reach; to accomplish; to ob- 
tain; to attain; to follow. 

; agon, n.; also ojas: — leaf. 

; agon, n.; also ramas: — ^foliage. 

; agonf&, n.: — local name for a small file- 
fish; has a mouth like a turned-up beak; 
the skin is blue with orange spots. 

jagong, V. i.: — to breathe. 

jagula, adj.; also written ja-guja: — 

ja^ja, n.; — needle, 
jfii-e, V. tr.; also respeta; estima: — to* 

esteem; to respect. 

iafguas, n.: — coconut shell. 
alias, V. i.; also tay&: — to suffer want, 
jailas, n.; also pineble: — poverty; want; 

penury; deficiency, 
jaja, V. i.;— to breatne; to blow, 
j&janon, adj.; also m&lag: — ^burning. 
y jUjatzne grumft, n.; also saque: — ^bur- 
jailon, n.: — twine; strong thread. 
Jala, V. tr.; also caicai: — to pull; to dragp 

to haul; to tug. 
jalacha: — sometime past, 
jalag, adj., adv.; also apenas; 6calag;. 

escaso: — scarce; not plentiful; seldom 

met with; seldom; a few times; rarely. 
jala£^, V. tr.; also asusta; jo^a^: — 

to frighten; to startle; to terrify, 
jalayon yan jeduyon: — elastic; re- 
jal6; V. tr.; also guaje: — ^to pull out by 

the roots; to grub; to root out of the 

ground; to dig up. 
jald, n.: — root, 
jalfil (or jail I): — ^the equivalent of "get 

up;'' idiomatic expression used by 

drivers of carabaos. 
jaligue, n.; also estaca; jotcon: — post; 

stake; pole; pale, 
jalion, adj.; also jalivon: — extirpable; 

eradicable (capable of being pulled out 

by therootsj. 
jalum, adv.; also sanjcdum: ^uijaliun. — 

inside; there within; witnm. 
jalum, V. i.: — to go in. 
jaluman, v. i.; also -msMS^o ja&ni£La; 

maIi£go; m&tai: — to perish; to lose 

jalum-tand, n.; also sen jalum na 

patte; chagd jalum na patte |^ 

tend: — ^forest; bush; woods; interior; 


ialiio, n.: — shark, 
am; jame, per«. pron.: — ^we; jam: — us. 

j&mafag, adj., adv.; also ^asca; que- 
brantayon: — ^fragile; brittle; easily 

j&malefa, adj., adv.; also f&malefa; 
distraido: — forgetful; oblivious; liable 
to be forgotton. 

j&ma£kiente, adj., adv.; j&bubu: — sen- 
sitive; touchy; irritable. 

jamas, adv.: — ever; at any time. 

j&me, V. tr.: — to warm. 

jUmlajSgo, adj.; also j&-mala£go: — 

jamoctan, n.: — local name of a spotted 
lancet fish ; body elevated , compressed, 
short; brownish speckled with round 
white dots; two bluish-white cross- 
bands on the body and one on the 
shoulders; tail armed with spines; 
mouth like the snout of a sheep. 

j&mon, n.: — ^ham. 




jamyo, pers. pron. plural: — ^you; jago, 

singular: — ^you. 
jan&gUe, v. %.; also f&p68gUe: — ^to go 

j&nao, V. tr.y v. i.; also f&lag; j&ziau: — 

to go to ; to go away; to leave. 

j&nao. V. tr.; also detetnuna; destina; 

ndrjanao: — to direct; to order; to 

conclude; to determine; to designate; 

tagd: — ^to direct, 
janftotate, adv.; also debuetta (Sp.): — 

jancut, 71.: — ^local name of a fish having 

upper jaw short, lower jaw prolongea 

into a beak, 
janda^ n.: — a call (to chase away a dog). 
j4£^, V. tr.; also xnalagd; ta£g^: — ^to 

want to; to will, 
janjau, v. L: — to threaten with raised 

jajioTL,; also BoiS^gvi^; sunog: — to 

bum up. 

ianum, n.: — ^water. 
anum enestila, n.: — distilled water, 
janum xuaasen, n.; also chiguan: — 

brine; pijckle. 
j ao, ^on.; also turUten jsu: — you; sing.y 

used objectively. 
j&of, n.; also pecho: — ^breast, 
jara, n.; also gutgureta: — pail for 

carrying water; jar; esuthenware pot 

or vessel; jug; pitcher; crock; water 


jeksau, adj.f adv.; also escaso; rare: — 
rare; unusual; few; not many. 

j£k8an, n.; also nUltaifLalazig: — ^famine; 
extreme dearth; scarcity. 

J£k8ay^jon, v. i.; also jaso; jinason- 
fUlijon: — to bear in mind; to remem- 

jeksngon, adj.^ adv.; also adrede; de- 
potsf ma-jasuye: — ^premeditated; de- 
signed; intentional. 

^BsSj^ot, n.: — ginger. 

jaso, V. tr.j V. i.: — to think; to co^tate; 
to reflect upon; to be of the opimon. 

J£k8o, V. tr.; also man jaso; atau; con- 
templa: — to recollect; to call to mem- 
ory; to observe; to contemplate; to 
view; iaeo desde antes: — to forecast; 

. to predict. 

jaspog, V. tr.; also bula; tujus: — ^to 

jaspog, p. p.: — sated; satiated. 

tasta, n.: — flag mast. 

jasta, conj.; jasta que (Sp.); asta; asta 
que: — until. 

jasta ng^an; also written asta 
fl6;&ianP— until when? 

jasta p&go, adv.; also jUgasja: — thereto- 
fore; previously; hitherto. 

jasule, n.: — name of an ell living in fresh- 
water streams. 

j^sulon, adj.^ adv.; also fanlattlaji; latd 
palUgsd : — slippery . 

jastisuye, adj.; also intension4o: — 

jasuye, v. tr.; also nft-jaso; recuetda 
jixuLsonfUdjon; atotgaye com^t- 
sio: — ^to calculate; to estimate; to con- 
sider; to resolve; to intend; to remind; 
to put in remembrance; to call to mind 
of; to speciilate. 

jasuye dexuaaiao, v. i.: — ^to brood; to 
worry; to indulge in melancholy 

j&tcdapos, adj.; also xua8apala£g^' 
ragged; rent or worn into rags; destitute. 

jatdfii, n.; also juetto; juexto: — garden. 

jatdin de frutas:-^rchard; an inclosuie 
of fruit trees. 

jatdinero, n.: — gardener. 

Jatme, v. tr.: — to enter; to go into; to 
come into; to penetrate; to attack sud- 
denly; to supnse (the enemy). 

Jatp6n, n.: — ^harpoon. 

Satsa, V. tr.: — to lift, 
atsa, V. i.; also oajat; cajuld; n&- 

oajuld: — to rise; to ascend; to b^in to 

jatsa, V. tr.; also nft-cajuld: — ^to erect (on 

a foundation); to promote; to advance; 

to raise to higher rank; also jala juld; 

isa: — to hoist; to lift or raise with 

jatsamiento, n.; also plUito: — ^rebellion; 

tumult; insurrrection, 
jatsamient'o, v. tr.^ v. i.; also embeste; 

jumatscuuiento; yduyau: — to rebel; 

to mutiny; to revolt; to assail; to seize; 

to attack. 

jattitungdj^y adv.: — ^knowingly. 

jatimgd umatte, adj.: — artful; cunning. 

jau {or Jao), pers. pron.: — thou (used 
following a verb). 

jau jau, n.: — ^barking of a dog. 

jaujau, V. i.: — ^to bark; to howl; to 

jayeP — ^who? which? 

jayejA; xuasea jaye: — ^whoever. 

jayo, n.; also tabla: — ^wood; lumber; 
timber; firewood. 

jayon matutong, n.: — ^fuel; combusti- 
ble material for supplying a fire; fire- 
wood for the kitchen. 

jebiyas, n.: — ^buckle; clasp. 

jechura, n.; also inaregla: — ^kind; chctr- 
acteristic; shape; exterior; method; 
system; order. 

jechuran t&otao, n.: — ^humanity; man- 
kind; also umamd&d; jechurafLa 
gui sagafLa: — situation; position. 

j6cu4, n.; duda; jinecura: — doubt; un- 
certainty of mind. 

jedo, V. i.; also majedo; macalejlo: — ^to 
shrivel; to dry up; to become wrinkled; 
to become disheartened; to crumple («c, 

jedo, V. <r.;— to tuck up (the skirt). 
jefe, n.: — chief, 
jelei^ga, n.: — syringe; squirt. 
jexuplo, n.: — ^l^end; a romantic story, 
jenerasidn, n. — generation. 




]6nero, n.: — gender; grammatical dis- 
tinction of sex (sinangan para u di- 
nistinsul cao laje pat paUluaii pat 

jtoggiuua, adj. J adv.j adv. conj.; also 
jongguiyon; jtin|:guan: — perhaps. 

jgnp^guan, adj.y adv.; also jon|:gui^on; 
jti^guan: — ^probable; likely; verisim- 

j^nio, n.; aUo umot: — mood; temper of 
mind; frame of mind; character. 

jexm|:an, n.: — ^mob; rude, disorderly 

jenngan, n.: — greed; avarice; greediness; 
also t^aye: — ^vile man; a base man. 

jenngan, adj.y adv.: — self-seeking; self- 
ish; avaricious; greedy; niggardly. 

jentan, v. tr.; also gachS; sod&: — to 
meet; to find; to recover. 

jeografia, n.: — geography. 

jeometriay n.: — geometry. 

jeramienta, n.: — tool; instrimient. 

jeraznlenta para man-aprieta: — clamp. 

jereria, n.; — smithy; a smith's workshop. 

jerero, n.: — ^blacksmith. 

jerida, n.; also defecto; chetnot:— de- 
fect; sore; wound; abscess. 

jetbcina, v. tr.; also patche: — to patch 

jfcamas, n.: — ^local name for yam bean or 
turnip bean; usually eaten raw, but is 
also prepared with oil and vinegar in 
the form of a salad. 

jichom, n.: — shutters; also tan]|>e: — 

jfgado, n. — ^liver. 

jigante, n.: — giant; a man of extraordi- 
nary stature. 

jiguef, V. tr.; also jonga£g: — to surprise; 
to take unawares; to lay hold of. 

jigiim, n.: — ^local name of a small-mouthed 
fish of the same family as the tatctluin 
and tatamunl: (which see). 

jijijot, n.; also adbiento: — ^advent. 

jijocog, adj.f adv.; also f&fapua: — transi- 
tory; fleeting; perishable. 

jfjoroba, adj.j adv.^ also mimolestia; 
tSi-majg^ng:— annoying; troublesome. 

ifjosguan, n.;— distrustful person. 

jijot, adj.: — ^adjacent; close to. 

jijot, cdj.y adv.; also gusi; cUdadd.: — 
brief; diort; concise. 

jila, V. tr.; also n&^quilolog: — to spin. 

jilera, n.: — ^row (of houses). 

jilitai, n.: — ^local name for a bird-eating 

jilo, n.: — thread. 

jilon, 71.; also pedason magajgo ni 
ddlalai: — tape; narrow band of linen or 
cotton cloth. 

jild£La, prep.; also sanjild; ayo; jijot: — 
over; above; upon; on; at; near. 

jUon chotda, n.: — ^basting thread. 

y jil6 ogsd n.: — on the peak of a hill; 
on the top of a mountain; puntau 
o^d — ^peak of a hill; top of a moun- 

jinafa, n.; also jafa; gttiniya; sua- 
t&nsia: — object; thing; being; sub- 
stance; matter. 

jinafnd y tasi: — arising water; incoming 

jinagong, n.; also alentos; alientos: — 

jinagong na fejman, v. i.: — to psmt; tO' 
breathe hard. 

jinalmn, n.; also written jinalom: — 
heart; the inner man; soul. 

jiBalum, n.; also entrada; jinalom: — 
entrance; the act of entering. 

jinalmn, adj.; also jinalom; jalum; 
jalom: — mental; pertaining to the 
mind; intellectual; fancied; inu^pmary. 

jin&naoy n.;— departure; also pattida;. 
salida: — sailing; also jinHnau: — de- 
livery; the act of 4elivermg. 

jinasngune, n.; also tin&^maule&:;s 
tin&maule^; malisia: — ^malice; delib- 
el^te; mischief. 

jinaso, n.; also sentido; um6t; ra- 
86n: — ^memory; reason; thought; mind; 
intellect; understanding; wit; humor; 

jinaso, n.; also jufcdo; min^jnalom; 
decreto: — decree: sentence; judg- 
ment; ma jaso: — ^realization; accom- 
plishment; idea; giiinfilya:-fency; 
idea; notion; liking. 

jinason atmariao, n.: — delirium (in 
fever); aberration of the mind. 

jinasonfiL^jon; also jasay^jon; jaso:— 
to bear in mind; to rememoer. 

jinatme, n.; also atochocho para una 
tlullaye: — ^invasion; hostile incursion. 

jinatme, v. tr.; also chinepchop: — ^to 
saturate; to soak; to imbue. 

jinatme mangld, n.: — flatulence; dis- 
tension of the stomach, caused by gases. 

jineca, n.; cosecha; y quindcd: — 

jineoura, n.; also duda; j4cu&; jin6- 
CU&: — doubt; uncertainty of mind. 

jineg8&, n.; also pugas; the: — ^rice. 

jinemeninatan, n.; also puten-mata: — 
eyesore; anything that offends the 

jinemjom, n.: — darkness. 

jinemld, n.; also num&lo: — ^recovery; 
restoration to health. 

jinemld, n.; also saltid: — ^health; condi- 
tion of health. 

jinenggue, n.; also fe; sentido; indi- 
nasi6n: — belief; faitn; notion; incli- 

jinefLd, n.; also nin&t4ilaye; guinefig^- 
gong; minattrata; mattrato: — ^mal- 
treatment; oppression. 

jineroba, n.; also minelSstia: — ^annoy- 
ance; molestation. 

jinetbana, n.; also jetbana: — quilting 

jinigua, n.: — sudden squall; gale: a 
strong wind. 

jiniguef, n.: also emboscada: — ambush.. 




jinilat, n.; aUo finejxnan; fuetsa; 
xuinetG^ot; najoi^; nin&sifla: — 
strength; force; power; vigor; efficiency; 
effectual agency; ability. 

iinilat m&iBa: — self-control; self-denial. 
iziiyo£g^, n.; aho written iioiyxaSf;: — 
effect; consequence; final result; out- 
JipatOy adj.; also b6g8ion: — ^pale; light 

Jipocresia, n.; — ^hypocrisy. 
ip6critOy n.; also written ipocresia; ipo- 
crito; also cadd mamftm&uleg: — 
hypocrite; dissembler. 

Jist^ria, n.; — ^hysteria; nervous paroxysm 
of laughter or weeping. 

jitajjjer*. pron.: — ^we; jit: — ^us. 

Jitiilg, n.; — ^name of a large fish resem- 
bling the Besyan (which see). 

jiyug. n.; — ^local name applied to a beau- 
tiful surgeon fish; has wnite spine, yel- 
low, black, and blue stripes, and a ring 
about the mouth. 

joben, adj., also patgon: — ^youthful; 
fresh; vigorous; young; juvenile. 

Joca, V. tr.; also xanfd; Itii^; recoje; 
ndr-etnon: — to pluck; to pick off; to 

Jocog, adj.; also malei^o or Tnalif^o; — 
gone; ruined; lost. 

Jocoe-fiala^, v. %.; also caii& xn&tai 
15laLb£^i — to starve; to suffer extreme 

1ofLae» V. tr.: — ^to lick. 

j6gadot, n.: — gambler; one who gambles 
as a business. 

J6gile, V. tr.: — to carry (a child). 

joguete, n.; also chicheria:— gewgaws; 

Jdjomjoni, n.; lemlexn t&otao: — dark- 
ening; twilight; gloaming. 
!6jo8guaji, adj.: — envious, 
ome, V. tr.: — to darken; to cast a shadow 
upon; to overshadow; to refract; to 
break the natural course of light, vision, 

jomjoin, adi.: — obscure; dark; illegible > 
secluded; humble; dusky; destitute o^ 

Jomjoin, adj., adv.; also n^maftftao: — 
gruesome; horrible of aspect; inspiring 
gloom or horror. 

jonjoni na cuatto: — a dark apartment. 

jomjom uchan, n.; also mapagajes: — 

Jomld, V. tr.j V. %.; also nuxnftlo: — ^to re- 
vive; to recover life; to recover from 

Jomld tftlo, n.; also lumftlft; jinemld: — 

revival; renewal of life, 
jo^ai^, V. tr.: — to amaze; to confound; 

to stun with fear; to astonieAi. 
JongajSg:, V. tr.; also f&£Ulgile: aminasa; 

zi£-xna4£Lao: — to scare; to irighten; to 

strike with sudden fear. 
Jo£g;a£g:, V. i.; also xuajo£ga£g:; znaj- 

fi§a: — to be frightened. 

jo£g|^e, V. tr.; also osgue; pdlo: — ^to 
believe; to yield; to submit; to concede; 
to induce; to persuade; to cause. 

jonggue, adj.y adv.; also deboto; man- 
1o:^gue; je£|:gue: — devout; true; 

Jo^gguiyon, adv., conj.; also aoaao; 
can&; 8f£Laj&; Jti^guan or jong- 
guan: — perhaps; may be; by chance. 

jo£&^^yon, aaj.: — credible; worthy of 

jo^guiyon, adj., adv.; also Bifiaj&: — 
likely; verisimilar; probable. 

jofLd. V. tr.; also tugo£g; oprime; ga- 
cha; n&-lainen; gugof^: — ^to press 
down; to crush (wim the hand); to at- 
tack; to take hold of; to suppress; to 
subdue; to crush; to maltreat. 

joroba, v. tr.; also n&-ch&tBaga; mo- 
l^stia: — to annoy; to molest. 

j6B|:uan, adj., adv., also soBpechoBo: — 
distrustful; suspicious. 

jotca, n.: — gallows. 

iotca, V. tr.; also f&tinaa: — to execute, 
otcon, n.;— pillar; a column to support 

a building, 
jotgue, V. %.; also Busede: — to befall; to 

iotma, V. tr.: — to mold; to do; to build, 
otnalero, n.; also pe6n: — day laborer; 

helper; piece in the game of checkers, 
jotne, V. tr.: — ^to pierce; to pull through 

(a cord); to mount (a norse or bull); to 

thread a needle (jotne ni y jilo y 

jotno, n.; also fogon: — baking oven; 

oven; hearth, 
jotnon afog, n.: — ^limekiln, 
jotyat, V. tr.; also raspa; safe: — to 

scrape off; to scratch off; to brush, 
joyo, n.; a280 trinchera: — ^trench; ditch; 

excavation; furrow; well; pit. 
jubenttid, n.: — ^youth. 
juchom, V. tr.; also encaja; engatsa; 

also written juchum: — to inclose; to 

incase; to frame; to debar; to shut 

out; to exclude, 
juchom dure, v. tr.; also juchom duro; 

n&p8i£g^a^: — ^to slam; to shut vio- 
lently and with a loud noise. 
iiiebes, n.: — ^Thursday. 
iiego, n.; also jugando:-;-game; a 

sport or diversion; fun; frolic. 

iiiego de bolas: — bowling game. 
iiegon Bcdapd, v. i.: — to gamble; to 

play for money. 
jil^B, n.: — ^judge. 

jugando; jumugando. v. i.: — to play, 
juguajnom, v. i.: — to' dissolve; to melt; 
to become thin. 

iugum, V. tr.: — ^to press out; to oppress, 
ugdpau, n.; also written jugdpao: — a 

black surgeon fish. 
jufsio, n.; also sent^nsia; plfiito: — 
sentence; judgment; decision; law- 
suit; process of law; court proceeding, 
jujo, V. tr.; also soyd; ofreBe; com- 
bida: — to bid; to make an offer of. 




jujo, V. tr.; also aga^ue; soyd: — ^to 

jula, V. tr.f V. i.: — ^to swear; to take oath 
to; to pledge by oath. 

juia, n.; — tongue. 

julat, V, tr.; also a^fLau; petde; cho- 
mft: — to overcome; to reduce to sub- 
jection; to conquer; to forbid; to van- 

julat, V. tr.; also tutu; do£g:-do]^: — ^to 
beat; to pound. 

iule, n.; atsoule: — oilcloth. 

\ filio, n.;— Jidy. 

; ulo, n.: — ^thunder. 

julog, V. tr., V. i.; also chacft; nStr 
chaca; majlog: — snap; to break 
short or instantaneously; to crack. 

julon, n.; also magas; xnag^aje; 
gobietiiad6t: — ^magistrate; governor. 

julosy V. tr.: — ^to smooth out. 

7 juxn&jalom, n.; also ganfinsia: — ^in- 
come; the gain from labor, business, 
property, or capital. 

Jumfklum, V. %.: — ^to suppose, 
um&nao, v. i.; also written jum&nau: — 
to proceed; to advance. 

um&nao para otro tand: — to emigrate. 

uxnan&ujuKi, adv.: — ^upward. 

uxn6cua, adj. J adv.; also dudoso; 
jum^jecua:— doubtful; dubious; ques- 
tionable; undecided; undetermined. 

jumijot, V. %.; also subida; chijit: — to 

approach; to draw nearer. 
juxnuyo£|;£La, v. %.; also resutta; 

jiniyo^fLa: — ^to result; to follow as a 

Juxuuvo£g£la, n.; also jiniyo^gfla: — 

result; consequence. 
juna, adj.; dUo bineno; t&tatse; jl- 

juna: — ^poisonous. 
juna, n.; also bineno; jf juna: — ^poison, 
j^ngfi^an, adv., conj.; also sifLaia; 

pu^deja: — ^haply; perhaps; may be; by 


iu^og, V. tr., V. i.: — ^to hear; to listen, 
ungucon, adj.; also ecu^g^ucon: — 
audible; capable of being heard. 

itinio, n.: — June, 
unta, n.; also inetnon: — assembly; 

group; society, 
junto, n.: — faX; salve, 
jungan; also jdo: — ^yes. 
jusga, V. tr.: — to award; to adjudge; to 

justo, adj., adv.; gasgas; t&ipinetju- 

dica: — impartial; free from partiality; 

imprejudiced; fair; just, 
justo, adj., adv.; also tunas: — just. 
juto, V. tr.; also written Jutu: — ^to use up; 

to spread; to weed out. 
jiito, n.; also gaga gaponulo: — blouse, 
juyungl adv., interj.: — outside! out! 

get out! 


la-, prefix: — denotes ascendant degree 

(see **C/oncise grammar,*' p. 11). 
16-abniani: — ^for some time; for quite 

some time. 
laba, V. tr.; also luluque; claba: — to nail; 

to fasten. 
labandera, n.: — ^laundress. 
Iabad6t, n.; also palan^ana or palan|^- 

gana: — ^lavatory; retiring room, 
labios, n.: — ^lips. 
labit, n.: — ^violin, 
labia. v. «r.; also written labbla: — ^to carve; 

to form a design by cutting in wood, 

stone, etc. 
labon, adj.: — ^tailless. 
lacha, V. %.; also laiacha: — ^to wallow in 

the mud; to lay down in the mud 

(referring to the habit of the carabao). 
l&chai, V. tr.; also na-yafai: — to consume; 

to use up entirely (leaving nothing); to 

exhaust; to drain. 
lache, adj.; also fsao: — amiss; wrong; 

lache, n.; also n^nftt&ilaye, inecho£g: 

wroiig; fault; injury; injustice. 
lachog, V. %.; also deed; mafiuso: — ^to 

shoot forth; to sprout. 
lacre, n.; also cola: — sealing wax. 
lactus, n.; also tltuca: — thistle; thorn, 
ladera, n.: — cUff; rock, 
ladriyo, n.; also teja: — ^brick: tile. 
Iadr6n, n.; also saque: — thief. 

laet, V. tr.: — to hurt; to grieve. 

laet, n.; also laiaet: — gall; the bile. 

lagnos, V. tr.; also gosne; also written 
lagnus: — to draw out; to pull out; to 
sprain a joint. 

lagd, p. p.: — melted; na-lagO, v, i.: — to 
melt; l&lagd: — melting. 

lagd, n.: — tear. 

lago, n.; also gui lago; san lago: — 

lagse, V. tr., v. i.: — to sew; to stitch. 

lagsisi, V. tr.: — to ejaculate; to utter sud- 

lag^a, n.: — net. 

la-guadog, V. tr.: to deepen. 

laguana, n.: — vernacular for the soursop, 
a small tree bearing large dark-green 
fruit having a sj)iny skin and filled with 
a soft white juicy acid pulp; the na- 
tives make a jelly of it and preserve the 

laguna, n.; also jagoy: — sea; lagoon; 
lake; a large body of water surrounded 
by land. 

lai, n.: — ^law; jurisprudence; judicial proc- 

laiguan, n.: — local name for a fish of the 
mullet variety; called lisa by the Span- 
ish; has a flat head, large scales, a sil- 
very body with slight wash of yellow; 
is a favorite food fish. 

laje, n.; also taotao: — man; male. 




laje, adj.: — masculine; pertaining to a 

laje na patgon, n.: — son; a male child. 

lajyan, adj.; also va^gai: — ^many numer- 

lajyan, adv.; also m^gai: — much; great in 
quantity or amount. 

lajyan ina£|^&caiita, n.; — chorus; a 
nimiber singing in concert. 

1&1&, adj., adv.; also robusto: — alive; vi- 
vacious; fuUof life; lusty; robust; vigor- 
ous; healthy. 

ldl&, V. i.: — ^to live; to exist; to have life. 
1&1&, adj.; also ti mala^o; brabo: — 

hale; sound bodily, 
l&labit, n.: — ^violin player. 
l&lache an cmuuentos, v. i.; also tu- 

xnattaxnudo: — to stammer; to falter in 


y l&lagse, n.: — sewer. 

lalajen guera, n.; also guerero sija: — 

l&ll^.d>, adj.y adv.; also brabo: — ^living; 

alive; quick. 
I&lalaj4, v. tr.; also tlltatte mJktsAi — to 

survive; to outlive, 
lalald, V. i.: — to snarl; to growl (like an 

angry dog) (taigtliji y lal&lald na 


lalangja, n.: — ^local name for the shad- 
dock, a variety of orange; not eaten by 
the natiAres; sometimes eaten by the 
European foreigners, but its flavor is 
not especially good. 

lfila£g;o, adj., adv.; also t&isiniente: — 

senseless; fainting; in a swoon. 
l&ls^g^o, V. %.; also mamaitllguan: — to 

faint; to fall in a swoon, 
lala^l^ofilajon, n.: — faint; swoon. 
lalatde, v. tr.; also la-latde: — ^to scold; 

to reprove; to chide; to treat roughly, 
lalatde talc, v. tr.; also tumdlo la 

laid: — ^to retort; to oppose; to object, 
lalatde tUlo, v. tr.; also tumdlo lalald; 

ope; conl^a: — ^to retort; to oppose; to 


lalat-diyon, adj.; also fsao; culpable: — 
reprehensible; deserving censure; cul- 

laid, n.: — fly. 

la-magofll:, v. %.; also mago^: — to re- 
cuperate; to become less severe. 

lamas, v. %.; also putUlo: — ^to rot; to 
spoil; to decay; to decline or fall; to 
become decomposed; to putrefy. 

lamas, adj.; also yuyog: — overripe; rot- 
ten (ex., fruit). 

lamasa, n . ; — table ; planta y lamasa: — 
to set the table. 

lamen, v. tr.; also n&-lamen: — to beat; 
to wound. 

Iamentasi6n, n.; aZso inig^u£|:; lamen- 
to; yanto: — ^lament; song of woe; 
moan; wail. 

lajnitt, adv .; aZso empd; meyo; medio 
(-S'p.):— half. 

1 ami am, adj.; aZ«o claro; pure; m&la^;. 

mafiffiilft; — clear; bright; pure; bril- 
liant; sparkling; lustrous; shining; 

glistening; casting radiance. 
1 ami am; majlos, adj.: also pulido: — 

polished; furbished. 
lamoe, v. %.; also muto£g: — ^to stink; to 

emit a strong offensive 6dor. 
lampaso, n.: — cleaning rag; polishing 

lampaso ni g&itegpo£g:: — ^mop; im- 
plement for washing floors, 
lana, n.: — ^wool. 
laiia, n.; also as&ite: — oil. 
lanan, v. i.: — to snore, 
lanchero, n.; also sementerero; gull- 

guasan: — ^farmer; peasant, 
lanchita, n.:— yacht. 
lancho, n.; also sadi-gane; hasienda 

(Sp.): — shack; hut; cabin; ranch; 

la£g;d,, n.: — dupe; one easily tricked; 

credulous person. 
leung^, adj., adv.; also &la£|^; baba; 

totpe: — stupid; foolish; silly; dull," 

l&^ngayao, n.: vernacular for the marsh 

fern, a large robust fern growing in 

marshy places; common in the marshes 

near Agana. 
lang^it, 71.; also fl.tmamento (8 p.); 

paraiso: — sky; heaven; firmament; 

paradise. • 

laniya, n.; also flanela: — ^flannel; shirt, 
lansa, n.: — Glance, 
lanseta, n.: — ^lancet. 
l€U>, 71.; also banda; oriya: — side. 
laong:, 71.; also bago: — ^tramp. 
l&olao, n.; also written l&ulau: — quiver; 

throb; palpitation, 
l&pida, n.: — ^tombstone, 
lapis, 71.; — ^pencil, 
larguero, n.; latguero: — shaft (of a 

lasa, V. tr.: — to rub; to knead; to apply 

massage; to press. 
lasarino, n.; also ategtog: — ^leprosy; 

lasas, 71.; also ddgas; carac6t: lasaa 

jayo: — shell; skin; crust; rind; nusk. 
lasas, V. tr.; also sufan: — to skin; to peel, 
lasas lltadog, n.; also bllbale: — eyelid, 
y lasas gui sanjild na banda gul ilo: — 

laso, 71.; also 6codo: — ^lasso; loop; snare; 

lastre, n.: — ^ballast, 
lat-, prefix: — denoting more, 
lata, 71.: — ^tin box; tm can; metal vessel, 
latd, 71.; also satna; bosbos: — ^itch; scab; 

latigaso, v. tr., v. i.; also n&-b61embao y 

l&tigo: — ^to apply chastisement; to 

wield the rod. 
l&t-fdnal inter j.: — forward! advance! 
latga, adj., adv.; also embidiosa; e^6; 

j6josguan:— envious; jealous; grudg- 




latga, adj.y adv,; aho ch&ttao; mes- 
quinoj also written ch&ttau: — stingy; 

latga-bista, n.: — spyglass; small tele- 

latg^ero, n.: pole; shaft (of a wagon). 

l&tigo, 71.; — ^wnip. 

latd, arfi, adv.; also j^-sulon; palagsd; 
xaxilatuan: — slippery. 

Iat6n, n.; also bronse: — ^brass. 

lau, conj.; lao; also sin enbateo, adv.: — 
but; notwithstanding; nevermeless. 

l&ulau, V. i.; also ma yefi^yofig: — to 
quake; to tremble; to shake. 

lUmau ina&fLao, v. i.: — ^to shudder; to 
tremble with fear or horror. 

lauya, n.; also cdntaro: — cooking kettle. 

layag, n.: — sail. 

l&yau, V. i.: — to stroll around; to go 
around idly. 

layd, V. i.: — to be envious. 

layd, adj., adv.; also t4glayo: — envious; 

leba y i^gda, v. tr.: — ^to weigh anchor. 

lebadura, n.: — ^yeast; sour dough. 

leblo, n.; also written lebblo:— -book. 

leblon cuenta, n.: — ^ledger; the principal 
account book of a mercantile house. 

lectura, n.; — ^lecture; formal discourse on 
any subject. 

legdt, adj.f adv.; also tiina8| confotme 
y lai (^or lay) : — ^legal ; pertaining to law ; 
permitted or authorized by law; legiti- 

legitimo, adj., adv. — ^legitimate; conju- 
gal; lawful. 

l^gua, n.; — ^league; mile; mi^a: — mile. 

lena, n.: — ^lye; alkaline solution. 

lejngon, adj.: — shady. 

lelic&i, v. tr.; also oriyaye: — ^to surround; 
to inclose on all sides. 

lemenda, v. tr.: — to mend; to repair. 

lemlemtllotao, n.; also ti^6f jomjom; 
triniste: — gloaming; twilight; gloom; 
melancholy; partisd darkness; obscu- 

lemoe, n.: — ^pestle; rammer; also falo: — 

lemon, n.: — ^lemon; citron; lime. 

lemonada, n.: — ^lemonade. 

lemunayas, n.; also inJiia: — illumina- 

lente, n.: — ^lens; a glass for changing the 
direction of rays of light. 

Ie6n, n.: — ^lion. 

leston, n.; also 6nlasgtte: — edge; ledge 
of wood; lath; strip of wood. 

leston ddlalai, n.;— ^isle; a fine thread or 

letania, n.: — ^litany; a solemn responsive 
form of supplication. 

letque, v. tr.; also ebita; — to evade; to 
flee; to avoid sin; to turn out of the way. 

letran atf abeto, n.: — ^letter of the alpha- 

16yog, adj.; also falcyog: — ^hollow. 

libett&d, n.: — ^liberty j fieedom. 

libra, n.: — ^pound (weight). 

4562—18 13 

libre, adj., adv.: — ^free; out of danger; safe. 

licheng:, n.: — ^tackle; pulley. 

lichera, n.: — dairy; place where milk is 

kept and convertea into butter, etc. 
Iic6t, n.: — ^liquor. 
Hi; lid, v. tr.f v. i.: — to see; to look; to 

glance; to perceive. 
li£t, V. i.; also lumifit; mcdago: — ^to 

slink; to creep away. 
Ii&:a8, n.: — garter. 

lifon, adj., adv.; also &ano^: — ^visible. 
Iflicd, adj., adv.; also e<£.ong:; 6(dau; 

inechong:: — ^bent; curved; crooked; in- 
clined to do wrong, 
lima, V. tr.: — ^to file, 
lima, n.: — ^file. 
limite, n.; also oriya: — ^limit; utmost; 

extent; border; boundary, 
limite, V. tr.; also restricto: — to restrict; 

to confine; to limit, 
limon, 71.; lemon: — ^local name for the 

acid lime; small; spherical; with a thin, 

smooth skin, 
limosna, n.; — aim. 
linabla, n.: — carved work; carving, 
linache, n.; also chindtan; inabag: — 

fiasco; complete or ludicrous failure; 

error; misunderstanding; lapse; slight 

fault or mistake. 

lin&iles, n.; also atte: — ^tricks; wiles. 

linalvan, n.; aho pattidon: — ^party. 

lin&Ia, n.; also "bida; adelanto: — ^life; 
animate existence; evolution; growth; 

lin&l& y Tlltaotao t&lo; also linftl& tftlo; 
numMo ja&ne; ninftlo linftlft: — ^resur- 

linamlam, n.; also minftgas; minft- 
lag: — ^luster; radiance; bri^tness. 

linftmon, n.; also pinayon: — experience; 
dexterity; skill. 

Ifnao, n.; also written Ifnau: — earth- 

linatga, adj.: — enviable; exciting envy. 

linat|^, n.; also codisia: — avarice; cu- 

Ifnau, n.; also written Ifnao; also yinen&- 
yofl|^; yeflgyoflg;:— nquake; earth- 

lin§,ulau, n.; — ^throb; palpitation; quiver. 

lin&yau, n.; also pinecat: — ^walk. 

linayd, n.; also indson; disgusto; dia- 
gustao: — ^insult; outrage; nausea; dis- 
gust; aversion. 

Ifnea, n.; also raya: — ^line; length with- 
out breadth. 

lineg,t, adj.: — ^lineal; composed of lines; in 
direct line from an ancestor. 

linec&, n.: — ^height; altitude; elevation. 

linii, n.; also malii: — vision; appearance. 

linil y §.tadog: — eyesight; range of vision. 

linijan, n.: — ^panic; sudden fnght. 

linimiento, n.; also am.ot palai:— lini- 
ment; a medicated liquid for rubbing 
into the skin. 

linimutan, adj.; also inapul&iyaa: — 
moldy; covered with mold. 



lumot catdeniTO 

linipa, n.; also antula: — ^fraud; deceit; 
cneating; imposition; humbug. 

liniti, n.; also xnesda: — ^mortar; mixture. 

lino, n.: — ^linen; a cloth made from flax. 

Uof, V. i.: — ^to dive. 

lipa, V. tr.: — to conceal; to hide; to 

Ifrio, n.: — ^lily. 

Ifrio de palo, n.; — ^local name for the 
Mexican maguey; an agave bearing 
bulbs which sprout before falling to the 
ground; from the leaves the natives get 
a fiber with which they wrap their 

lisayo, n.; also cadena:^-ro8ary; neck- 

lis^nsia, n.: — permission; condescension; 

liso, adj.; also majlos; m&fiailft: — 
sleek; smooth j Rlossy. 

lista, n.; — ^list; index. 

listo, adj., adv.; also masajegat: — 

listo, adj. J adv.; also tomtom; faye: — 
sagacious; ingenious; quick-witted. 

listo, n.;--quickne88; speed; activity. 

listo, adj.; also preparao: — ^prepared; 

Iiter4t, adj., adv.: — ^literal; following 
the exact words. 

literato, n.; also l&minaj estampa; 
plancha: — ^photograpH; picture. 

liti, v. tr.: — ^to mix; to thin out. 

liyang:, n.: — cave; cavern. 

lobo, n.: — ^balloon. 

lobos, n.: — ^wolf. 

loc4, adj., adv.; also m&gas; tagquild; 
taeajld: high; prominent; lofty; very 
hi^; proud. 

locat, aaj., adv.: — ^local; pertaining to a 

loclog, V. i.: — to boil; to cook. 

loco, n.; also caduco: — lunacy; mental 

16cud, adv.y conj.: — also; too; besides. 

lodd, adj.; also yomog; d&^^culo 
tataotaofla: — obese; mt; corpulent. 

logra, v. tr.; also conquista: — ^to ac- 
quire; to procure by enort; to win by 

logue, conj.; also o; pat: — or; other- 
wise; else. 

1616, n.: — cough. 

I6I0SOS, v. i.: — ^rattle in the throat. 

lomo, 71.; also caderas; flanggo; &ta- 
y6: — ^haunch; loins; hip. 

lona, n.; — canvas. 

lonnat, n.; also lonat: — mole; birth- 

loro, n.: — a name applied in Guam to a 
species of parrot fishes; some have 
most beautifully colored bodies with 
striking markings. 

losa, n.; also mapanas na ach6: — slab; 
flat piece of stone. 

losus, adj.y adv.; also af&gao n|^ot- 
]ig:ot: — ^hoarse. 

loteria, n.; also rifa: — i&Ae; lottery. 

lotgue, v. tr.: — to fill; to pour in. 
lotgue, V. tr., v. i.; also casi; butlea; 

insutta; mofea: — to mock; to deride; 

to insult; to make fun of. 

lotg^un, V. i.: — to fall into a hole or pit. 

Idcau, 71.; — procession. 

lucha, n.: — row: column. 

luchan, n.; also gui lichan; san li- 

chan: — ^west. 
Iuch6, adj., adv.: — acute; ingenious; 

luga, n.; also padet; padit: — ^wall. 
lug&t, 71.; also sagan^ sagayan: — 

place; location; extension; room, 
y lugat &nai ^;tlf giiiyajd.; also m&mai- 

sajd.: — isolation; solitude. 
lujan, V. tr.: — to excite; to animate; to 

arouse. • 

lujan, adj.; also espantao: — scared, 
luiurioso, adj.: — luxurious; pertaining to 

ItUai, V. i.: — to go fishing on a moonlight 

lulog, n.; also prensa: — ^iron; nail. 
Itilujan, adj., adv.; also escrupuloso; 

pinalalala; chachajinasa: — anxious; 

luluque, V. tr.; also claba: — ^to nail; to 

lumagas, v. i.; also sulon; lagas:— ^to 

slide; to glide; to slip, 
lum&llt, V. i.: — to exist; to be (in re- 
spect to health), 
lumaia, 71.; also joml6 taio:— revival; 

renewal of life, 
lum&la-guaja, v. i.: — to prosper; to 

Iunialal6, v. %.; also mumag,g8om: — 

to ferment, 
lumdrmagof, v. tr; also alibiao; consu- 

ela: — to relieve; to free from pain,^ 

suffering, or grief, 
lum&mauleg, v. i; also n& lat f6na; ma 

mejora: — to improve; to advance; to 

better one's condition; to make progress; 

to prosper; to thrive, 
lum&megai, v. tr.; also aumenta; ma 

subi: — to increase; to enlarge; to en~ 

lumaonl:, v. i.; also gumagd: — to tramp 

around; to loaf around. 
lum&-tailaye: — to get worse, 
lum&^uya, v. i.; also tumatnon: — ^to 

saunter; to wander about idly, 
lumayag. v. %.; also layag: — to sail; to be 

moved by a sail, 
lumbal, n.; — vernacular name for the 

candle-nut tree; the nuts yield an oil 

which is a mild cathartic, preferable to 

castor oil, causing no nausea, and hav- 
ing a nutty flavor. 

lumos, V. tr.; also chinepchop: pinafiot; 
fiogfiog: — to merge; to absorb; to swal- 
low up. 

lumot, n.: — moss; lichen, 
lumot catdeniyo: — green vegetation 
covering still waters. 




ma enb&tsama 

luznus, V. tr.j v. %.; also fiogfLog; supug: — 
to submerge (in water); to immerse. 

lumut, n.:— ;a seaweed; when bleached 
in the sun it is used by the natives for 
making jellies. 

lunes, n.: — ^Monday. 

lufLo, adj.; also xni-unai: — sandy, 
lupis, n.: — ^woman's skirt, 
lus electri8id4, n.: — electric light, 
lusong:, n.;— mortar, 
luto, n.; also triniste: — mourning; sor- 
row; grief. 


ma-: — prefix of adjectives; also prefix of 
part, perf . pass. 

xna ag6dai, v. tr.; also ma ag6dai; 
nd.-lalald: — to inflame; to excite; to fire 
with passion. 

ma^esom, adj., adv.; also ca.caleg; 
faileg: — sour; acid; tart; bitter. 

znaftfiau, v. tr., v. i.; also julat; petde; 
also written maftfiao: — ^to fear; to be 
afraid of; to overcome; to subdue; to 
conauer; to be overcome; to be sub- 

zna&fiau, adj., adv.; also written ma&fiao; 
also cobatde; j^ujan: — afraid; timid; 
faint-hearted; fearful., v. %.: — to come to anchor. 

ma-anula, v. tr.; also ma-cansela; ma- 
rease: — ^to cancel; to annul. 

zna-&sd, adj., adv.; also y6a84: — ^kind- 
hearted; benign; ffracious; good; com- 
passionate; charitable. 

madrsd, v. i.; also pinite: — to have 

maase, n.; also petd6n; minadsd; 
inasSi: — forgiveness; pardon. 

ma-dsen, adj.; also inasne: — salted. 

zna-atasca, v. i.: — ^to become filled with 
mud (ex., the harbor); to sink (into the 
mud bottom of the lagoon). 

m^ayeg, adj.; also guinanye: — selected; 

ma bira, n.: — turn; curve (of the road or 
a river). 

mabotda, n.; also binetda: — embroid- 
ery; a piece of embroidery; bfbotda: — 
woman who embroiders; botda, v. tr.: — 
to embroider; to stitch. 

macalamya, adj., adv.: — Shandy; dexter- 
ous; a^fe; nimble; alert; brisk; quick. 

macalejlo, n.; also majedo; jedo: — 

macalejlo, adj.: — wrinkled. 

znacan&, v. i.: — ^to hang. 

ma-cansela, v. tr.; also ma-anula; ma- 
rease: — to cancel; to annul. 

macardn, n.: — macaroni. 

macat, adj., adv.; also mapot: — heavy; 

ma chachalane, adj.: — instructed. 

machagchag catan, n.: — dawn. 

machafapun, adj. : — scattered ; spread ; 
diffused; disseminated {ex., sickness, 
teachings, etc.). 

machaleg, adj!, adv.; also t&iasd; ti 
mafte£^giie: — coarse; stubborn; re- 
fractory; wild; fierce; savage; y6maj- 
lac, adj., adv.: — shy; timid; shunning 

machalejffuft, p. p.; aZ«o namatujfig^d: — 
divulged; diffused; spread abroad («c., 
rumors spread abroad). 

machat-atan, adj., adv.; also machatlid;; ti ma gu&iya; nd>^- 
masd.; also written ma chatlii: — Abated; 
hateful; abhorred; detestable; odious. 

maches, n.; also f 61 fores: — match; a 

machete, n.: — ^bush knife; machete. 

m.acheten-matad6t, n.: — cleaver; a 
butcher's heavy hatchet. 

mashing, n.: — ape; monkey. 

machinf , n.: — local name of a fish, the 
mangrove hopper; hiis a small, brown, 
flabby body with livid flesh-color 
markings; it leaves the water and hops 
about stones and on \he mangrove roots 
and muddy bottom of the salt-water 
mud flats. 

ma^hdchd dure, v. i.: — to drudge; to 
labor hard. 

machom, p. p.: — closed; covered. 

ma-colat, n.; also ineriyaye sendalo 
sija: — siege. 

macond, adj.; also preso: — captured. 

ma-consagra, n.: — transformation; con- 

mactan, n.: — gutter; channel for carrying 
away water. 

ma-cuaja, n.: — milk, curdled. 

maculatum, adj., adv.: — rough (opposite 
of majlos: smooth). 

y madefi6flende, n.: — client; one who 
employs a lawyer. 

madeja, n.: — skein of thread. 

maderas, n.; also trastes: — ^building 

madesocupa, adj.; also t&it4otao: — 
desolate; deprived of inhabitants; 
abandoned; laid waste. 

madestrosa, v. tr.; also arasa: — to dev- 
astate; to ruin; to desolate; to lay 
waste; to consume; to devour. 

madestrosa, adj.: — fallen; degraded; ru- 

ma-dirije, n.; also rumbo; direcsi6n: — 
direction; guidance; relative position. 

madog, 71.; also atbettura; f^ld; bi- 
naba: — cavity; aperture; opemng; hole. 

mado^ atgoya, n.: — hole in which the 
ring in the nose of the carabao **in har- 
ness" is inserted. 

madog t&taotao, n.: — pores (of the 

mad^alag, n./^-expulsion; forcible 

ma enb&tsama, v, tr.: — ^to embalm. 




maestro, n.; also acomosinao: — master; 
teacher; boss; foreman. 

maetdot, adj.; also tiznafL|6fiiente: — 
numb; torpid; deprived of sensation. 

y maiaborerese, n.; also y etmas ma- 
gu^ya: — favorite; minion; bosom child . 

maf&cal, n. ; aZso findcai: — partition, di- 

mafag, n.: — wreck. 

znafag~atagtag£La, adj,^ adv.: — pacified; 
quieted; appeased; assuaged. 

maf&jiyung, v. tr.; ^also chat-gui&iya; 
faidianag; xnasangan ti xnSuleg: — 
to despise; to slander. 

.ma f&m&uleg, also ma aregla: — 
to rally; to collect and arrange. 

ma f&m&ule^ y nilache: — redress; re- 
lief; reparation of wrong. 

mafafiago, n.; also mafiago; patto: — 

mafa&ago, v. %.: — to be bom. 

mafaiiagon, n.; also find^nana; prime- 
risa: — ^first birth; primogeniture. 

mafafiagon y mismo tand, adj.; also 
natibo: — ^indigenous; native. 

mafnot, adj., adv.; also fotnido; met- 
got: — sturdy; stubby; robust; gu^f 
saga; m.&ipe; um§,ato^: — snug; con- 
cealed; compact; warm; tight; not loose; 
compactly Duilt; narrow; pressed to- 

mafondo, j). p.: — sunk. 

mafondo, v. %.: — ^to sink; to go down; to 
founder (ms^puja y batoo). 

maftd, 71.; — ^notch (in a knife edge). 

ma funas, v. tr.; also m.a l&chai: — ^to 
exterminate; to destroy utterly; to 
obliterate; to efface. 

mafuti, n.: — ^local name for a fish of the 
snapper variety; of pale greenish color, 
with pinkish fins and taS; sometimes 
has a black spot on the sides; is 
caught with hook and line, and is a 
favorite food fish. 

maggr, adj.; also taftaf: — early; unripe. 

mag&gajet, adj., adv.; also parerejo: — 

inagago, n.; also bestido: — ^material; 
dress; cloth. 

magajan, n.: — local name applied to a 
deep green-blue parrot fish, with large 
scales and a parrotlike beak; resembles 
the dafa, but is smaller. 

magdjejet, adv.; also reahnente 
(Sp.): — ^really; with actual existence; 
in truth. 

magajet, adj.j adv.; also cabales; 
umaya; minagajet; pr6pio: — sure; 
true; confident; sincere; frank; accu- 
rate; exact; real; actually existing; 

magajet, adj.y adv.; also fijo: — certain; 
secure; sure. 

mag&laje, n.;— governor; magistrate. 

magllom. jinalum, v. i.: — ^to plead earn- 
estly; penitiyiye; agradesido:— 
thankful; grateful; sympathizing. 

magap, v. i.: — ^to yawn; to gape; to 

m&gas, 71.; also ma^^aje; t&tagd; 
julon; B&ina: — magistrate; governor; 
master; lord; tata: — ^father. 

m^gas, adj.; also taeajld; gatbo: — 
superb; grand; stately; exalted. 

md^gas y batco, n.; also capitiem (Sp.); 
maestro (Sp.): — skipper; master; sea 

m&gas na Isao, n.: — capital sin. 

m^gase, v. tr., v. i.; also domina: — to 
govern; to rule; to dominate. 

magase, n.; also gu6 jiliU: — supervi- 
sion; the act of supervising. 

mdgguag, 71.; — mass: a large quantity. 

m&gguag, adj.f adv.; also mAJuto: — 
' roomy; oroad; wide. 

magmAta, v. %.: — ^to waken; to wake up. 

Qiagn|:anite, n.; also satan&s (Sp.): — 
Satan; the de\al. 

miagof, 71.; — joy; taste. 

ixiAgot,adj.; aJiso gu^f-j&an; dibettido; 
najo^: — sunny; bright; cheerful; 
merry; delighted; joyous; gay; satis- 
fied; glad; contented. 

m.a-gomd, adj.: — ^beloved; dear. 

m.a-gofiid, 71.; also g&cho£g; abog: — 

mafi^pd, V. tr.; also monjayan: — ^to com- 
plete; to finish. 

m.agpd, adj., adv.; also monjan: mon- 
jayan; listo: — ^ready; prepared at the 

magu6f-atan, adj., adv.; also ma- 
gu&iya: — ^liked; beloved; favorite. 

magu6ftung:d, n.: — ^popularity; general 

magu^ftuiSg^d, adj,, adv.: — ^popular; 
pleasing to the people. 

maguem, adj., adv.; also 4pagon; 
fotgon; timido (lid.): — ^moist; hu- 
mid; damp (preventing anobject from 

maguem, adj., adv.; also cayao: — 
silent; taciturn; peaceable; pacific; 
circumspect; cautious. 

maguem, adj., adv.; also poble; des- 
grasiao: — ^poor; needy; miserable. 

magul, adv.; also chuli magui; giiine 
m.agui (also written chuld magui): — 
hither; this way. 

males, n.: — ^maize; corn. 

mdigd, v. i.; also descansa; min&igd: 
to rest; to repose; to sleep. 

maip^d fiaijon, v. %.; also fl&lalan^ na 
nun&igd: — to slumber; to sleep light- 
ly; to doze. 

m&^Oj adj., adv.; also md.-jo: — thirsty. 

m&il&, V. i.: — to come. 

m&ipe, n.; also minaipe:— heat; warmth. 

m&ipe, adj., adv.: — ^hot; fiery; passionate. 

m§ipe na tiempo, n.: — summer. 

mairasta, n.: — stepmother. 

mlusa, 71.; — self; one's own person. 

m&isa, adv.; also solamente:— only; 
singly; merely. 




xn&isa, adj.^ adv.; also g^giiiyaja; 
asolas; aislado; solo; retirao gui 
p u m a 1 o ; sumajn&ue; chinagd: — 
alone; single; by itself; isolated; soli- 
tary'; secluded; off-lying; remote; lone- 

xna1ag&, v, L; also n&-inajag&: — to 

znajalang:, v. %:: — to yearn; to feel an 
earnest desire. 

xnajala^g:, adj.y adv.; also mi puti: — 

majala^g, n.; also pinite; xninaja- 
lang^: — sorrow; mentsd pain. 

xnajalangue, v. L; also pinitiye; 
tang^se: — to bemoan; to grieve; to 

xnajafias, adj.: — soft; tender (of heart). 

2ua]£in|;ud, adj.^ adv.; also ransio; bijo; 
descalintao: — ^rancid; fetid; stale; not 
fresh; vapid; tasteless. 

xnajedo, v. i.; also jedo; sujaye; maca- 
lejlo: — to shrink; to recoil; to with- 
draw; to contract spontaneously; to 
shrivel; to dry up; to become wrinkled; 
to become disheartened. 

xnajedo, n.; also jedo; zuacalejlo: — 

xaajetog, adj.; also fitme: — obdurate; 
hardened in feelings; hard; firm; fast; 

majetog ni xnan6n|^jen§:, adj.: — frozen. 

xnajgong, adj., adv.; also znatquilo; 
tranquilo: — quiet; peaceful; tranquil; 
healthy. ^ 

majguef, adj., adv.; also yayas: — ^tired. 

niajlog, n.: — fracture of a bone. 

xuajlog, adv.; also um&despatta: — 

majlog, V. tr.f v. %.; also nd>-chacd,; 
julog: — to snap; to break short or 
instantaneously; to crack. 

majlos, adj.^ adv.; also yano: — smooth 
(the opposite of xnaculatum: rough); 
even; level; plain. 

xnajfLau, v. %.; also tum&lo; n&-n&lo: — 
to return; to come back again to the 
same place or state; to refrain from an 

m&jfiao, V. tr.; also ii&-mirj£lao; t41o 
tate: — to recall; to call back; to re- 

xnajn|:aiig, adj.: — stunned; stupefied. 

majnfog, adj., adv.: — public; celebrated. 

znajoSg^ang:, n.: — ^lobster. 

xuajuto, cSj.y adv.; also magguag: — 
roomy; broad; wide. 

znajuto; also s^n-juto: — exhausted; at 
the end. 

znald^shai, adj.; also lin&chai; mand,- 
yafai: — ^all used up; exhausted. 

ma l&chai, v. tr.; also ma funas: — to 
exterminate; to destroy utterly. 

mala^t, adj.y adv.; also nafaileg: — bit- 
ter; sour; acid. 

m a 1 a g : — idiomatic expression for 
"went to.'* 

m&lagy adj., adv',; also lamlam; m&lalag; 
jajanon: — ^brilliant; sparkling; lus- 
trous; glittering; radiant; emitting rays 
of light or heat; bright; luminous; 

xnala-gana, adj., adv.; also triste; t&i- 
minagof; penite: — sad; in bad humor; 
full of grief. 

malagd, v. tr.; also desea; j&ngai: — to 
desire; to want; to will; to want to. 

malaeO; v. i.; also p6ohao; iimatog; 
malagon umatog; lifLt; lumlfit: — to 
scamper; to hasten away; to sneak; to 
creep or steal away privately or meanly. 

malaed. adj., adv.; also ,g4malagd: — 
wisaui; pensive. 

malagd, n.; also nesesita; escaso: — 
want; deficiency; defect. 

xnalago, v. i.; also falago: — ^to run; to 
move quickly; to flee for escape. 

malagon t&otao, n.: — ^fugitive; run- 

malagd na u sa^g^an, v. ir.; also para 
ma significa: — to imply; to mean; to 

malagradesido, adj., adv.: — thankless; 

malamaiia, adj., adv.; also machaleg; 
bastes; presomido; ti chdcho t&otao; 
matan lalald: — ^fierce; wild; savage; 
ferocious; surly; rough; uncivil; churl- 
ish; morose; ill-natured; inhuman; 
cruel; harsh; brusque. 

malango, adj., adv.: — sick; ill in health. 

malasas, n.: — ^bruise. 

malat§, adj., adv.; also faye; sagfiie;. 
gusi; fresco: — learned; skillful; edu- 
cated; smart; clever; sharp; accom- 

malatd, n.: — learning; skill in literature, 
languages, or science; knowledge ac- 
quired . 

malayo, adj., adv.: — dr>'; wilted (leaves) 

malefa, v. tr.: — to forget. 

'mal ejemplo, n.: — bad example. 

maleta, n.: — suitcase; also bcdisa (prob- 
ably from English ** valise"); boya, 
n.: — ^buoy. 

maleta, n.; also trastes biaje: — ^lug- 
gage; effects of a traveler; baggage. 

malii, n.; aZ^o linii: — appearance; vision. 

mallnao, adj.: — calm, quiet. 

maling^o, v. i.: — to disappear; to pass 
away; to vanish. 

malingo, n.: — deprivation; the act of 
taking away; loss. 

malingo, v. tr.; also magap: — to evapo- 

malin|:o, adj.; also jocog: — ^gone; ruined; 

malingo y jinaso, adj.; also aborido: — 

mal intensionaoy adj.: — ill-disposed; 

malfsia, n.; also tin&imauleg; jina- 
£gune: — malice; deliberate mischief. 




malofan, v. tr.: — to cross; to go past; to 

pass by. 
malulogyOcf;., adv.: — free; untrammeled ; 

xnalumorado, adj.: — in bad humor; ill- 
inaluxn6t, n.: — sickening odor; conta- 
mal-umot, v. i.; also muyd: — ^to be in a 

bad humor; to be ill-humored; to be 

mama, prefix: — ea;., m&maguimen: — 

mam&, prefix: — ex.y mamiam&tai: — to 

pretend to be dead. 
mLam4, v.i.,v. tr.: — to chew (beetle nut). 
mam&ij&baba, n.; also chasco: — knav- 
ery; cheating; swindling. 
mam&bababa, n.; — quack; charlatan; 

mam.ltbejiga, n.; also pagpag: — ^blister. 
mUmacano, adj.; also canuon: — edible; 

fit to be eaten as food, 
mamacha, n.; also pinacha: — touch 

(sense of). 
mamUgasiyan, n.; also fam&gasiyan; 

pila: — ^washbasin. 
mam&guim.d,; also nke ni m&uleg na 

ejemiplo; ian&^giie ni mauleg: — to 

mamaichdchd, v. i.: — ^to tussle; to 

scuflSe; to struggle, 
mamaichdchd, n.: — effort; attempt, 
y m&maigd, n.;also ga-maigo: — sleeper. 
mamd^janum, adj.; also liquido {Sp.) : — 

liquid; not solid; readily flowing, 
y m& mamail^, adj.: — ^future. 
m&maiBa, adj.y adv.; also sumajnl^e; 

mam&isa j&: — single; sole; solitary; 

isolated; singular; unique. 
mtoiaisajd,, n.; also expressed y lugat 

toai g:Ulgiiiyaj&: — ^isolation; solitude. 
mamaitllguan, v. %.; also l&laiSgo: — to 

faint; to fall in a swoon. 
mam^jlao, adj.: — provoked; angry. 
mam^jlau, v. %.; also written mam&j- 

lao: — to be ashamed, 
mam&jlau, adj., adv.: — ^ashamed; shame- 

mamma je, adj., adv.; also matatng^a; 

tim&ma&fiao: — ^manly; courageous; 

mam&m&gas, adj., adv.; also otgu- 

yoso: — stuck-up; self-opinionated. 
m&mamaiUl na tiempo, n.: — ^future; 

also para mdna: — in the futiure. 
znamH-manesca, v. tr.; also bate: — to 

brew; to make liquors, 
mdmamta, adj., adv.: — prolific; fruit- 
ful; fertile, 
m&mamtd., adj., adv.; also jaffLag; 

tegchft; gu^ftand; mepd>; mamam- 

t&: — ^prolific (referring to propagation of 

man or animals). 
mamftntlTiiU, n.; also .guia: — ^pioneer, 
mamatagd, adj.; also ti magas; y suma- 

saga gui papa otro: — imerior; lower; 


mamatagd, adj.: — inferior, 
mamataf, adj,: — mortal, 
mamatlltate, v. i.; also fiatinj^; urn- 

abmam: — to hesitate; to loiter; to 

linger; to tarry; to be slow; to be tardy; 

to hang back, 
mamatate, v. i.; also sumula; su- 

majn^ue: — to straggle; to lag behind, 
y mamatitinas planon guma: — archi- 
ma niatquilo, adj.; also quieto: — 

reticent; silent; reserved; calm; tranquil, 
ma matqui^uilo, adj., adv.; also tran- 

quilo: — quiet; calm; at rest; tranquil, 
mamaudai, n.; also sendalo ni qiiina- 

babayo: — rider, 
m&maya, adj.; also sifla maya: — 

mamaya, adj.; also ti cabales: — super- 
ficial; not tnorough. 
mamegud, v. %.; also fegud; mamocat; 

pocat: — to step; to go on; to tread; to 

ma mejora, v. i.; also adelanta; na lat 

fdna; luxnamauleg: — to improve; to 

advance; to better one's circumstances; 

to make progress; to prosper; to thrive, 
y mam^meoLoS; n.; also y manj6- 

jotde: — climber. 
mame, suffix: — indicates belonging to 

us; ours {ex., leblon mame: — our 

book; chdchdmame: — our work.) 
mames, adj., adv.;. also bunita or 

bonita {Sp.)\ amable iSp.)\ — lovelv; 

charming; agreeable; sweet. 
mamfog, v. tr.: — to weave; to plait, 
mamogpog^ v. %.; also manbuia: — to be 

mamdlo, adj., adv.; also descuidao; 

chatmamdio: — ^perfunctory; done 

carelessly or negligentlv with the 

purpose of getting ria of tte duty, 
mampos, adj., adv.: — gross; coarse; rude; 

also timanesesita (mas que y ma 

nesesita): — unnecessary; too much; 

supernumerary; exceeding the number 

stated or recjuired. 
mamuda, adj.; also chicherico: — dressed 

up; dolled up (referring to women"), 
y mamtimulan, n.; also sentinela; 

guatdia: — sent *mel; guard; watch, 
y mamund, n.: — murderer, 
mamund, n.; also pining : — slaughter; 

carnage; killing of cattle, etc., for 

human food (y man mapund y guaca 

sija, etc., para na taotao). 
mamund, v. tr., v. %.: — ^to commit 

murder; to murder, 
mamuten tataotao, n.; also reuma: — 

mafia, n.; also asana; atte; finababa: — 

trick; cunning; craft; deceit, 
mana-daiia, CM^'.; — mixed; mingled, 
manada, n.; also manadan: — herd; 

flock; mass. 
manadaje, v. tr.; also nnmasang^e; 

man recoje: — to hoard; to collect and 

lay up. 

ma n& calamtenfia 



ma na calamtenfia, n.; also ma ii& 
janHnfia: — removal; transfer. 

man adanche, adj.; man aya; simet- 
rio§.t: — Bymmetrical; proportionate. 

manadididd y min^gae; also fineng- 
nft: — summary of contents. 

y man ad6dora idolo, n.; also idola- 
tria (5^.):— idolatry. 

manH-eyag, adj.; also ma chacha- 
lane : — ^instructed . 

mafiague, v. tr.; also saque: chuld- 
guan: — ^to loot; to pillage or plunder. 

mafiaina, n.: — ancestors. 

mafilljag, n.: — ^local name for a fish ap- 
pearing in Guam waters at intervals m 
great numbers; is dried and preserved 
by the natives; probably the young of 
sesyan (which see). 

maiL&jalom gui lista, v. tr.: — ^to enroll; 
to enlist. 

man&juyu£g:, n.; also nin&juyun|: or 
nin&juyo]^: — ^work; creation. 

manamtam, n.; also gusto: — taste; 
joy; tinamtam: — taste. 

n\afiafift, adj.: — sleek; smooth; glossy; 
also majlos; liso; gania; fiab&; 
manso: — soft; tender; easily yielding 
to pressure: flexible; masa, adj.: — 
mellow; fully ripe; not hard. 

mafLaM na pule, n.: — down; soft 
feathers ; hair. 

y maflang&^ane, n.; also gotgot; y 
num^nStungd: — ^informer; approver. 

ma n& nuebufia, n.; also nirenueba: — 
renewal; renovation; revival. 

ixi&n&,j^a,yonj adj. f adv.; aZao ma-utisa: — 
habitual; usual; customary. 

man-aquijom, adj., adv.: — frugal; nig- 
gardly; saving; thrifty; scanty; par- 

majid,2|[uili8yano, v. tr.: — to christen; to 

man ar^regla, n.: — ^ruler; one who rules. 

ma n& santos, adj.; also sagrado (Sp.); 
santos: — sacred; consecrated; in- 

man-atma, adj.: — headstrong; mulish; 

man boroquento, n.; — also atborotao; 
also written man buruquento: — rab- 
ble; noisy crowd or mob. 

manbula, v. %.; also mamogpog: — to be 

mancha, n.: — spot; stain; blemish. 

mancha, v. tr.; also n&-mancha; ras- 
tro: — to blot; to stain; to blemish. 

manda, adj. , aav . : — ^imperative ; peremp- 
tory; obligatory. 

mandague, n.; aZ«odague; padagdag; 
dinague: — ^lie; deceit; denial. 

man despetdisia, v. tr.; also man 
ytiyut^: — to ravage; to lay waste; to 

man dibe, v. i.; also dibe or debe: — to 
be in debt. 

manea, v, tr.; also negdsio: — to trans- 
act; to manage a business deal; to 

manea, v, tr.f v. i.; also adaje: — ^to be- 
have; to conduct; to demean. 

y man-d''cun|:og, n.: — ^listeners; hear- 
ers; y nmd^cu^og, n.: — ^listener; 

maneja, v. tr.: — to handle; to use. 

maner^eya, adj.: — ^fat; greasy. 

manengjen&, v. %.; also fugo: — to 
freeze; towiiver; to have a chill. 

manengje£g:, adj.: — cold; frigid. 

manSsgUe, v. tr.; also saque; mafia- 
que; tSsgiie: — to steal; to purloin. 

man espia, v. tr.; also espia: — to recon- 

mailetnot, adj., adv.; also baba; ti 
m&uleg: — ^ill; bad or e\il; sick; dis- 

manflores, v. %.: — to bloom; to blossom. 

m&^g^ag, v. %.; m§,niamangag: — to 
stagger; to totter; to reel. 

m&^l^ag, v. %.; also umasd; nindr asd; 
ixiM&ag: — to sag; to sink down; to 

mang^ag, v. i; also asd: — ^to bend down 
the body. 

m^g&gmdna, v. %.; also gdje: — ^to 
stoop; to bend the body downward and 

ma£g:co, adj.: — one-armed. 

ma£^ong, v. tr.; also tufo^: — to 
reckon; to count or compute. 

mangga, n.: — vernacular name for the 
mango tree; not many mango trees are 
on the island, but they produce fruit of 
the finest quality. 

ma£g:gas, n.: — sleeve. 

mafil^gui, adv.; also mano: — ^where. 

mangle, n.: — mangrove. 

manfle macho, n.: — ^local name for the 
many-petaled mangrove tree; is com- 
mon in Guam, growing in the swamps 
at the mouths of nearly all streams. 

maiSg^ld guinen entre sanlago yan san 
catan: — trade wind. 

n\angld sut-este, n.: — southeast wind. 

ma£gld sut-ueste, n.: — southwest wind 

ma^6, n.; also safrdn {Sp.)'. — safran; 

mangoflid, adj.; also gu^ftao; ch^chi- 
jet: — ^well-meaning; benevolent; well- 
disposed toward some one. 

majSgd jalum-tand: — ^local name for the 
canna, an ornamental plant growing 
without cultivation. 

y manguHiya, n.; also n6bia; guaiya- 
yon: — sweetheart; lover; loved one. 

mangud, v. tr.; also gusto; gosa; 
tujos: — to relish; to enjoy. 

maj^uentg^taye, n.: — agent; also ben- 
tero: — seller. 

mangui, v. tr., v. %.; also tugui; mang:- 
gul: — ^to write. 

y man gUigiiife, n.; also gUigUife: — 

ma niche, v. tr.: — to entomb ; to place in a 

mafiiia, n .; also guaf e : — flame ; fire ; blaze ; 
a body of flame. 

mallila ensiqnidas 



mafiila ensiquidas, n.; also chadeg na 
mafiilft: — ^nash; sudden, quick, transi- 
tory blaze of light. 

Tnaffffiilft, adj.; also lamlaxn: — glisten- 
ing; casting radiance; shining. 

manja, n.; also aplog: — coconut; a ten- 
der one; already containing liquid. 

man jal6, v. i.: — to take root. 

man jaso, v. tr.; also jaso: — to recollect 
to call to memory. 

manjo£|:gue, adj.; manjo£^^e an 
mafletbe as Ttius: — virtuous; devout; 
believing; true; religi6n (Sp.)^ n.; also 
jine£g:guen para as Ttius: — ^religion. 

manlufa, v. i.: — to stretch out both arms. 

manjula para u, v. tr.; also ^&iya: — ^to 
swear aftegiance to; to pay homage to; 
to regard. 

manjulat, adj.. adv.; also famoso (Sp.); 
actibo; najofl&:— -powerful; brave; 
mighty; effective; efficient; active. 

manjulon, adj.^ adv.: — noble. 

znanju^l^og, n.; — ^hearing (the sense of 

y manlilie, n.; also j um^egft: — specta- 
tor; beholder. 

manman, adj.y adv.: — astounded; won- 

manmerese, adj.: — deserving; worthy. 

manjSgud, adj.: — palatable; luxurious. 

man£^ui, adj.j adv.; also delisioso: — 
delicious; exquisite; hijrhly pleasing to 
the senses, taste, or to the mind. 

mano, n.: — the smaller of the two pieces 
of stone used for grinding com. 

mano, adv.: — where. 

manog, n.; — chicken; a young bird. 

manogchU, v. tr.: — to sprout; to bring 
forth fruit. 

manojo, n.; also flninut; — bundle; sheaf. 

znafLom, n.: — cold; catarrh; cold in the 

mano y sifla, adj.y adv.: also tllcalum: — 
with all might; intensive. 

ma nota, v. tr.; also reprende:— to 
reproach; to upbraid. 

mafiotsot, V. %.; also n&f aflotsot: — to 

mansana, n.: — ^apple. 

m&nsa£gan: — ^it is rumored; rum6t: — 
rumor; popular report; current story. 

mansaniya, n.: — local name for the 
Indian chrysanthemum, or false camo- 
mile; also called yetba santa maria; 
its flowers, in the form of an infusion, 
are used as a remedy for intermittent 

manso, adj.; also fine; suabe: — gentle; 
refined in manner and disposition; 
simple; t&iadotno: — simple; not com- 
plex; unadorned; natural. 

manteles, n.: — tablecloth; altar cloth. 

mantensi6n, n.; also able: — ^livelihood; 
sustenance; subsistence. 

mcbntica, n.; — lard; fat of swine melted 

mantica, adj.y adv.: — greasy; fat. 

mantican-leche, n.: — cream; the rich^ 
oily part of milk. 

mantiene, n.: — ^help; aid; support; as- 

mantiene, v, tr.; also na-apd^ ch&jlau: — 
to hold; to grasp and keep m the hand; 
to hold or offer the hand; to feed; to 
seize; to catch; to receive. 

mcbntiquiya, n.:— butter. 

mantiya, n.; also s^banas dfquiquf; 
pafiales: — mantilla. 

mannfactura, v. tr.; also chdch6c&nae; 
f&tinas yan matft na materi&t: — to 
manufacture; to fabricate from raw 

mafiugd, V. i.; also fafiugd: — to suppu- 
rate; to fester. 
manugong:, v. tr.; also tra]SS:ca; soro- 

jo: — to bolt (the door). 
manugong:, v- i*-* — to start forth like a 

mafiiiTTi, n.: — cold; catarrh. 
maniuS&d, adj.y adv.; also g&ijinaso: — 

sensible; acute; ingenious, 
manungd, n.; also estudiante {Sp.); 

disipulo (Sp.): — scholar; student. 
mafiuso, V. i.; also deed; lUchog: — ^to 

sprout; to grow back again; to shoot 

man yliyutd, v. tr.; also man despet- 

dfsia: — to ravage; to lay waste; to 

maog, adj.y adv.: — strong; durable, 
maog, V. L: — to last; to stay. 
map a, n.: — map. 
mapao^ajes, n.; also jomjom uchan: — 


mapanas, adj.y adv.: — flat; level; didl. 
mapanas, n.: — slab; flat niece of stone, 
mapanas na achd, n.; also losa: — 
mapanas-giiiengfia, adj.: — snub-nosed, 
m&pau, v. I.; also mamatquilo: — to 

quiet down; to become cool, 
mdrp^, p. p.; also c&c&: — split; broken; 

cracked; ip§, v. %.: — to split; to spring 


m&pd, adj.: — ^broken. 

mapede, v. tr.: — to foil; to baffle; to 

frustrate; to defeat, 
ma petsigue, v. %.; also ma-emog: — to 

surfer persecution; to be persecuted, 
mapl^, adj.y adv.; also v6asd; oarifLoso 

imasc.) or carifiosa {Jem.): — gracious; 


mdrpos, adj.y also abmam: — ^sigo; gone; 

y m&pos na bida; also y jagas na 
bida: — the past life. 

y mdpoB na confesi6n: — the last con- 

m&pos na semana: — ^last week. 

mapot, adj.; also macat: — difficult; 
hard to accomplish; heavy. 

maptft, n.; — slit; a long cut; a narrow 
opening; outbreak; an eruption; a 
breaking out. 




maptS., V. tr., v. i.,y also putft, v. i.: — ^to 
burst; to rend or break open with 

xnapulft, n.; also interpretasi6n (Sp.): 
explanation; interpretation. 

maquemsta, n.: — machiniBt. 

xn&quina, n.: — engine; machine. 

m^quinan bap6t, n.: — steam en^ne. 

2u§,quinan chachag:, n.: — sawmill. 

inlU][uiiian eldctrica, n.: — electric dyna- 
mo or machine. 

zn^quinan mangui, n.; — typewriter. 

maquinan y taren, n.; — locomotive; 
steam engine for drawing railroad cars. 

maquinaria, n.: — ^machinery. 

mar ease, v. tr.; also xna^sansela; ma- 
anula: — to cancel; to annul. 

inarinero, n.; also tunUltasi; marl- 
no: — seaman; mariner. 

mas, adv. (Jr. Sp.): — ^further; moreover 
(see Grammar, p. 26). 

mas, adj.; also chagdfia; meg4ifia: — 
further; more distant; more; greater 
in number, quality, or extent. 

masa, adj., adv.; also manaaa; sacan; 
tda: — ripe; done; cooked sufficiently; 
mellow; fully ripe; not hard; ready 
for harvest; mature; full-grown. 

masa-jalum, n.: — sweat; perspiration. 

masa-jalum, adj., adv.; — ^perspiring; 

masajegat, adj., adv.; also fotte; 
fuette; metgot; fuetsudo: — muscu- 
lar; active; vigorous; strong; robust. 

masangan ti xnauleg, v. tr.; also maf&- 
jijrun&i — ^to slander; to defame. 

mas^psaa^g, adj.; also j&talapos: — 
ragged; rent or worn into rags; desti- 

mas baba, adj.; also mas t&ilaye: — 
worst; worse than all others. 

mas bi6n, adv.; also gusdna; cha- 
degfia: — rather; sooner; more will- 

mascara, n.; also buf6n: — ^mask; clown. 

mas chagd, adj.; — farthest; most dis- 

masculino, adj.; also laje: — ^masculine; 
pertaining to a man. 

mas de; also mas que (both Jr. Sp.): — 
more than. 

maseta, n.: — mallet; a wooden hammer; 

masetan dfquiqui, n.: — gavel; a small 

masinig jagit, n.; also Jinag&: — dysen- 

znasiso, adj., adv.; also sustieniyon; 
gfiibittud: — tenable; strong; ener- 

mas jijot, n.; also projimo (Sp,): — 
next; nearest. 

masmas,; also chopchop: — to suck 
in (drop by drop). 

masmas, adj.; also fotgon; tasyon: — 
wet; damp; moist. 

mas-m&uleg, adj.; — ^best; most desir- 
able; maiu^gfia: — ^better. 

masogsog, adj.; — ^lean; thin. 

masotca, n.; — ear of com. 

masotda, v, tr.; also rescata: — to re- 
lease; to recover; to save; to redeem; 
to ransom. 

masqud, v. tr.; — to break off the limb of a 

mas que sea; also mas sea jaye; maque 
sea jaye: — whosoever. sea jafa; also atguna cosa {Sp.): — 
something; whatsoever. 

ma subi, v. tr.; also aumenta; lum&me- 
gai: — to increase; to enlarge; to en- 

masujeta, adj.; — subjected. 

matd., adj.; also ti masa: — crude; raw; 
uncultured; uncooked; sore. 

matft, adj.; also gadd.: — unripe; green 
(opposite of masa). 

mat4, adj.y adv.; also oh&tmasa; tis&sa- 
can: — immature; not fully grown or 
developed; crude. 

mata, n.; also apar^nsia: — looks; ap- 
pearance; eye. 

mat4cho£g, v. i.; — to sit; to occupy a 

mataderoj n.; — butcher. 

m&tai, v. I.; — to die; to decease. 

m^tai, adj.; — dead; destitute of life. 

mdtai-m&jo, v. i.: — to perish with thirst. 

m&tai£Lalanj|:, n.; also jasan: — famine; 
extreme dearth; scarcity. 

m^tai-fialafig;, v. i.: — to die of hunger; 
to die of starvation. 

matajleg, adj.^ adv.; — crooked; winding. 

matau janum, n.; also tro^con Ja- 
num: — ^fount; fountain or spring; origi- 
nal source. 

matan lalald, adj.^ adv.; also mala- 
inaAa: — ^harsh; rough; brusque. 

matansa, n.; — ^butcher shop. 

matd,pa^, adj.^ adv.: — tasteless; vexa- 

mat&pang, n.; also t&igrasia: — farce; 
ridiculous or empty parade. 

matS,tg,chong, adj.; — sitting; resting on 
the haunches. 

matatnga, adj.^ adv.; also fajnoso; 

balente; animoso: — ^brave; mighty; 

powerful; strong; courageous; capable. 
m.atat£ga, n.; also gwadot: — ^hero; a 

man of distinguished courage, 
matatnga na gayo, n.; also buscapla- 

ito: — game cock, 
matbas, n.; — ^local name for the Indian 

mallow; a low shrub with oramge- 

colored flowers; yields a fairly good 

fiber, which might be used for cordage; 

quite common in Guam. 

matca, n.; also sefl&t; prenda: naan: — 

sign; mark; token; symbol; signboard. 
matca, v. i.; also nl^-cheton: — to imprint 

to impress into one's heart, 
matca, v. tr.; also figues; ^ach&: — to 

stamp ; to crush ; to engrave with a chisel ; 

to mark, 
matcadot, n.: — engraver. 




matcha, n.; — ^march; rej?ular, measured 

walk (especially of soldiers), 
matco, 71.: — mark, 
xnatdise, v. tr.: — to curse, 
matdisidn, n.; also desparate: — curse; 

xnatdispuestO; adj.; also ti znagof : — ^re- 
luctant; unwilling; disinclined, 
znatdito, adj.; also matdisido: — ac- 
cursed; cursed. 
zn4te (v tasi), n.; — ebb; reflux of the 

tide; low tide, 
materia, n.; also jafa; cosa (Sp.): — 

matter; thing; cause. 
m.atflt, n.: ivory; ebony. 
m.atgeii, n.; also oriya: — seam; edge; 

matiteg, n.; also nilache; fatta: — 

breach; violation; rent, 
matlina, n.: — godmother, 
matmon uchan, n.: — shower of rain. 
m.atmo8, v. L; also fiogfLog; ndi- 

matmos; Iiunos: — to drown, 
matmos, adj.: — drowned; sunken. 
matm.ot, n.: — ^marble, 
matomba, v. %.: — ^to tumble; to fall 

suddenly and violently. 
m.atoiupd, V. i.: — to stumble; to stagger. 
matquilo, adj.j adv.; mamatquilo: — 

tranquil; quiot; calm, 
matraca, n.; — ^rattle. 
matrim6nio, n,; also in§.cajnd; um&- 

cam.d: — wedding; wedlock; marriage, 
matso, n.: — ^March. 
m.atte8, n.; — Tuesday. 
m.attetsio, n.: — abuse; curse. 
mAttit, n.; — ^martyr. 
mAttiyo, n.: — hammer, 
mattrata, v. tr.; also n^-xnattesio; 

mattrata; despr^sia: — to abi^se; to 

matujog, V. i.: — to be sleepy; m.aig6: — 

to fall asleep, 
xnatujog, n.; also minatujog: — sleepi- 
xnatujog, adj.; also m.atujogfl§,ijon: — 

matuldijon, v. %.; also m&mamAflgag: — 

to stagger; to totter; to reel. 
ma-tutu jon, v. tr.; also tutujon; tutu- 

june: — to begin; to start; to commence, 
m&udae, v. tr., v. i.; also written m.&udai; 

tidae or tidai: — to ride (on horseback or 

in a vehicle). 
m.&udae gui sajyan, v. tr.; also em.- 

batca: — to embark, 
m&uleg! — vernacular for **all right!" 
mHuleg, adj. J adv.; also j6as^:-r^ood; 

decent; virtuous; benign; gracious; 

kind hearted, 
m&uleg llufia, adj.; also n&no {8 p.): — 

sane; mentally sound or healthy. 
mHuleg masa£g:an-fia, n.; also fama; 

honra: — reputation; fame; good repu- 
maulegfia, adj.; also mas bi^n (Sp.): — 

rather; mucn more; to the contrary; 


m&ulegna fa^&ajatan, n.; also fa£g^- 
jatan: — good hunting ground. 

y m&uleg na catpintero: — ^joiner; wood- 
worker (literally: a good carpenter). 

m&uleg pg,ulla, adj.; also p&upau: — 
odorous; fragrant. 

ma uriyaye, p. p,; also maredondea: — 
surrounaed; inclosed. 

ma-usa, p. p.; also usao: — ^used up. 

mA^bug, V. tr.; also nd. oda: — to soil; to 

ma-yalac&, adj.; also gadon: — en- 
tangled; confused; intricate. 

mayamag, v. i.: — to break down; to go to 

xnaye^gyong:, r. i.; also lllulau: — to 
quake; to tremble; to shake. 

mayo, n.: — May. 

m.ayotmente, adv.: — especially; par- 

mecha, n.: — wick; tinder. 

mediano, adj.: — ^mediocre. 

medico, n.; also 6am.te: — surgeon; 
doctor; physician. 

medida, n.: — ^measure. 

m^dio, n.: — ^half; mean; middle. 

m.6dio agag&, adj.: — ruddy; reddish. 

mefgd, adj.: — ^juicy. 

mefnd, adj.^ adv.: — talkative; gossipy. 

mefnd, n.: — gab; idle chatter; loquacity; 
gossip; tattler. 

m^gae, n.; nyvL sija; m.6gae na giiinaja 
pat jinafa: — sundries; numerous small 
or miscellaneous articles or matters. 

m6j?ae, n.; also plvLr&t; mas de iino 
(Sp.): — plural; more than one. 

m6gae, adj.: — several; more than two; 
various; different. 

mi^gae, adv.; also written m6gai; also 
lajyan; lajyayan: — much; great in 
quantity or amount. 

m.e^ae na tom.o, adj.: — voluminous; co- 
pious; extensive. 

meg&i£La, adj.^ adv.: — more; greater in 
number, quantity, or extent. 

m.6gai na biaje, adv.; also seso: — oft; 
often; frequently. 

mejgd., adj.; also bulajag&: — bloody. 

mdjnalum, adj., adv.; also 8&bio; tom- 
tom; also written m^jnalom: — sage; 
wise;. discerning; well-judged; discrimi- 
nating; scientmc; skillful; skillful in 

meI6dia, n.: — melody. 

melon, n.; also calamasa: — ^melon; 
pumpkin; squash. 

m^md, n.: — urine. 

mencUoca, n.; also yuca: — ^vernacular 
name for the cassava plant; the roots 
yield meal, starch, and cavassa, or 

menos, adv.: — less; in a smaller degree. 

mensaje, n.: — message. 

mensajero, n.;'also child papet: — mes- 

mep&, adj.: also productoso (Sp.): — 
fruitful; yielding fruit. 

meplo, adj., also peludo: — hairy; woolly. 




xaerese, v. tr.; also bale (gui set- 
bisio):— to deserve; to earn by service; 
to be justly entitled to; to merit. 

m^rito, 71.; also miner ese: — ^merit; ex- 
cellence; wortb. 

mes, 71.: — month; one of the twelve di- 
visions of the year. 

jnesguS, adj. J adv.: — ^unafraid. 

znescla, n.; also liniten-mescla: — mor- 
tar; mixture. 

mesgd, adj.: — succulent; juicy. 

mesnl^on, adj.y adv.: — grim; stern; un- 

mesngon matat^l^a, adj.^ adv.: — game; 

mesnl^on, adj., adv.: — patient; persever- 


mesquino, adj.^ adv.; also chUttau; 

latga: — stingy; avaricious, 
met^t, 71.: — metal, 
metate, n.; also guas&on; mojon; 

xnoyo£|: : — grindstone ; whetstone . 
mete, v. i.: — to interfere; to oppose; to 

met^ot, adj.y adv.; also mafnot; fot- 

nido: — sturdy; stubby; hard; energetic; 

strong; able-bodied. 
m.eton, adj., adv.; also ti estotbayon: — 

persistent; steadfast; imperturbable; 

not easily disturbed or agitated; cool, 

calm, and collected, 
meyas, n.: — stocking; socks, 
meyo (/r. Sp. medio), adv,; also lamita; 

empe; m6dio: — half. 
m.eyo agag&, adj.; also written mayo 

a-gs^g^; m.6dio agagH: — reddish; 

mich§, adj.y adv. — poor; needy, 
mfcolot, adj.y ado.: — gay-colored; many- 
micosas, n.; aho abundansia; rico: — 

opulence; wealth, 
mide, v. tr.: — to measure, 
mi-danguis, adj.; also c^dang^ues; 

dangson; o&brea; also written ml- 

danl^ues: — resinous, 
ml-d^an, adj.: — warty, 
miembro, n.: — member; limb, 
mientras, adj., adv.: — temporary; exist- 
ing for a limited time, 
mientras tanto, adv.; also entretan- 

to: — in the meantime, 
mi^t, n.; also atnibat: — Phoney; sirup. 
miStcoles, n.: — ^Wednesday, 
migas pan: — crumb of bread, 
ml-grasia, adj.; also ydasd: — merciful; 

charitable; pitiful, 
mf-gugat, adj.y adv.; also netbioso 

{Sp.)\ gulnigatan: — ^nervous; sinewy; 

fibrous; composed of fibers, 
mi-gliinaja, adj.; also rico mi-iyo: — 

rich; wealthy; opulent, 
mijinilat, adj.; also mfnin&aifLa; mi- 

ninasffia: — efficient; powerful, 
mil, adv.:- -thousand, 
mflache, adj.y adv.: — ^wrongful; inju- 

milag, 71.; a^coriente (5^p.)' — stream; 
current; torrent; tumblmg stream. 

milag, V. i.: — to flow. 

milagro, n.: — miracle; wonder. 

milagroso (Sp.)y adj.y adv.: — ^wonderful; 

milaya, n.: — medal; medallion. 

miliaia, n.; also ej6tsito: — army; host. 

milit&t, n.: — ^military; soldierjr. 

mlmadtan; also conbiene: — it is im- 
portant; it is necessary; it is fitting. 

mimarespeta; also inestima; enes- 
tima; estima: — respected; highly re- 
garded; esteemed. 

numerese, adj.: — meritorious; deserv- 

mimesterio, adj.; also n&^dson; g& 
pUato: — ^fussy; making a fuss. 

mlmilalag, adj.y adv.: — ^flowing; moving 
or pouring forth; fluent. 

mimolestia, adj.; also jfjoroba: — ^an- 
noying; troublesome. 

mina, n.: — a mine. 

minaacsom, n.; also binilacho; mi- 
na^gsom: — fermentation. 

mina&gsom, n.: — acid. 

mina-^^'fiao, n.; also aminaso; also 
written mina^^fiau: — terror; comfort- . 
lessnes."?; inconsolable state; scare; a 
sudden fright or panic; awe; appre- 
hension of evil or danger. 

minaasd, n.; also yin^asd; also written 
mina-asd: — pity; sympathy; com- 
passion; mercy; charity; clemency. 

minacat, n.: — gravity; weight; impor- 
tance; seriousness. 

minachom dtdao yan quinajuld dt- 
dao: — twilight. 

minafag, n.; also finalin^o: — ^bank- 

minagaffo, v. L; also beste: — to dress; 
to get dressed. 

minagajet, n.: — truth. 

minagajet, adj.; also magajet; pr6- 
'pio: — ^\'eracious; truthful; true; real; 
actually existing; genuine. 

minagajet, n.: — fact; anything that is 
done; reality; event; truth. 

minagapfi^ijon, n.: — evaporation. 

min^gas, n.; also linamlam; min&- 
lag: — radiance; brightness; luster. 

minagof, n.; also felisid4d (Sp.); nina- 
jong; quinentento; sinatisfecho: — 
happiness; bliss; gladness; pleasure; 
satisfaction; contentment; gratifica- 
tion; fun; mirth; drollery; sport; 
^lee; gaiety. 

min^offia, adj.^ adv.; aho confot- 
mefia: — rational; agreeable to reason; 
wise; judicious. 

minagonl^, n.; also b&tsamo; dinicho- 
so; quinensuela: — balm. 

minagpd, 71.; also fin; fin&gpd: — ^finish; 
end; conclusion. 

minaguem, n.; also peM (Sp.): — peace. 

min&igd, n.: — sleep; also maigd, v, i.: — 
to sleep. 




ininajalaj%, n.; also binibo; pesa- 

dmnbre: — apprehension; anger; vexa- 
ininajgo£g;, n.; also nin&inalgo]^: — 

peace; quiet; well-being; relief, 
nun&jo, 71.; — thirst. 

tag, n.; also£dl&; min^gas; 

gtiinatboj dinafifeciilo; — glare; bright 

dazzling light; brightness; luster; r^- 

ance; splendor; pomp; magnificence, 
zninalagd, n.; also xninatat£j^a; 

de8eo:--grit; pluck; courage; whim; 

option; wish; selection, 
minalamafia, n.; — ferocity; cruelty; sav- 

ageness; tyranny; severity. 
xninalefa. n.: — oblivion; the state of 

being blotted out from memory, 
minalulog, n.: — freedom; softness, 
minaznaichecho, n.: — exertion. 
miTiamis, n.: — ^amiableness. 
xninainpoB, n.: — excess; superfluity. 
min&fLaiLa, n.; — mildness; charity, 
minanda, n.; also sisifla: — jurisdiction. 
ininafiil&, n.: — flare; large, unsteady, 

glaring light; maxnafiila; p&pagpag; 

m&mapbS, n.; — explosive. 
minanngud, n.; also esp^sia; pin4u- 

pau: — spice; relish. 
xninanso, n.; also siniabe: — gentleness; 

mildness; meekness. 
mlnantiene, n.; guiniot: — grip; a grasp 

with the hand, 
yminanuebe, adv.; aZsomun&nuebe: — 

y minfi, ooho, adv.: — eighth. 
minaog, n.; also dinira: — duration; 

endurance; continuation, 
xninapot, n.; also dificuttUd (Sp.): — 

minasa, n.: — maturity; ripeness. 
minasa, n.: — ^ripeness; maturity. 
y xmn& sais, adv.; also seBto: — sixth. 
y Tnin& siete, adv.; also B^ptizuo: — 

seventh (see "Grammatical notes"). 
xninatd,pang, n.; also cb^tjinaluin:^— 

vexation; anger; ill-humor. 
xninatatnga, n.; also inabiba; bina- 

lente: — encouragement; valor; 

bravery; intrepidity, 
minatatfigja, n.: — valor; bravery; in- 
xninattrata, n.; also nind.tllelaye; 

guinigofij^ jinefid; ninat^ilaye: — 

maltreatment ; oppression . 
minatujog; n.: — sleepiness, 
znin&uleg, 71.; a/50 quinettesano; tunas 

na tining;d: — ^morality; ethics; virtue. 
minaule^, v. i.; also n& g^imiTiauleg; — 

to qualify; to render fit; to prove fit for 

an office or position. 
xninayula^, ti.;— demolition; destruc- 
y xninedu^j^, n.: — greatnere; size. 
mlnefea, n.; also mofa; despr^sio; 

butla: — derision, scorn, contempt; 


min^gae, n.; also abund&nsia; ina- 
bundansia: — abundance; profusion; 
plenty; superfluity; overflow; quantity. 

zmn^Jnaloiny n.; also written xninlilna- 
lum; also tiiii£|:6; jinaso; juisio; 
decreto; sapience; wisdom; knowl- 
edge; decree; sentence; judgment. 

xninel^stia, n.; also jineroba: — annoy- 
ance; molestation. 

mlTieflero, n.: — hardness; severity. 

minerese, n.; m6rito:-merit; excel- 
lence; worth. 

mines^l^on, n.; also siningon; dinira: — 
forbearance; patience; indulgence; en- 
durance; continuation; duration; perse- 

minetgot, n.; also flnette; flnejman; 
Jinilat; fuetsa; sisifLa: — strength; 
force; power; vigor; might; authority. 

minidiye, n.; also sujeto; liniitasi6n; 
restrisidn (Sp.): — ^restriction; limita- 
tion; confinement. 

minilag, n.; also milag: — gush; a sudden 
and ^dolent flow of liquid from an in- 
closed space. 

mlnimo, adj.; also mas diquiqui: — ^least; 
smallest in degree, size, value, impor- 
tance, etc. 

ministro, n.; also setbiente; criado: — 

minitd, n.; also dinetetmina; inten- 
si6n: — (Sp.): — ^intention; purpose; de- 

minitung:, n.; also nilamug; also written 
nilamog: — stench; strong, offensive 

minutero, n.: — ^minute hand. 

nii-ogs6, adj.: — ^hilly. 

mlputi, adj.^ adv.; also majalazig^: — 

imra, n.; — myrrh. 

misan dnimas, n.: — requiem; mass for 
deceased person. 

miserable, adj.; also odft yanmatiteg: — 
shabby; threadbare; mean in appear- 
ance; wretched; miserable; unhappy; 

mis^ria, n.: — ^misery; wretchedness, 
mlsetbe, n.; — ^utility; usefulness. 
misi6n, n.; also tinagd: — ^mission, 
misionero {8p.\ n.: — ^missionary, 
mist^rio, n.: — mystery, 
mititanos, adj., adv.; also faye; sabio; 

tomtom: — wise; prudent; sagacious; 

sly; crafty; learned; sensible. 
mitituc4, adj.: — thorny. 
mi-unai, adj.; also luiid: — sandy. 
moda, n.; also estilo {Sp.): — style, 

fashion; manner; conventional custom 

in dress. 

moda, adj.; also modista: — fashionable; 
according to the prevailing mode. 

modelo, n.; also ngura: — model; figure. 

moderao, v. tr.; also templao: — to mod- 
erate; to keep within bounds; to lessen. 




modesto, adj.^ adv.; also gasgas; ho- 
nesto; desente: — decent; clean; mod- 
est; neat; honorable. 

modetno, adj.: — ^novel, modem; of re- 
cent origin or introduction. 

xnodo, n.; — ^means and ways; mode. 

modoilg, n.; also batco: — bark; barque; 
three-masted sailing vessel. 

modoro, adj.^ adv.: — rude; coarse; feeble- 

modu^, adj.y adv.; also tadun|;: — large; 

mofea, v. tr., v. i.; also casi; butlea; 
insutta; lotgue: — to mock; to deride; 
to insult; to make fun of. 

mojnio, V. tr.: — to chew for (ex., mother 
for her child). 

mojdn, n.: — ^landmark. 

in6jon, adi.y conj.: — possibly; perhaps; 
may be; by chance. 

molestia, n.; also daflo; petjuisio; es- 
totbo: — nuisance; anything offensive, 
injurious, vexatious, or annoying. 

molestia, v. tr.; also n4-ch&tsaga; jo- 
roba; atborota: — to annoy; to molest. 

xuolino, n: — gristmill. 

molino; v. tr.; also guleg; tutu: — to 
grind; to pulverize or reduce to powder 
by friction. 

moxnento (SpX n.; also rate: — ^moment; 
instant; twinMing. 

momd. n.: — short-eared owl; the natives 
say that it catches lizards. 

mdna, adv.; also para iu6na; yajtilold: — 
henceforlii; for the future;. at first; for 
the first; above all; for the present. 

xudna pat tate: — ^forward or backward. 

mdna yan tate: — to and fro. 

monchon chotda, n.; also fafiot- 
dayan: — ^banana plantation. 

monchon t&otao, n.; also inetnon 
t&otao: — multitude; crowd; populace. 

moneda, n.; also salapd: — ^money; piece 
of money; coin. 

monjayan, adj.y adv.; also monjan; 
magpd: — ready; finished; complete. 

monjayan, v. tr.; also magpd: — to 
complete; to finish. 

monje, n.: — monk. 

monoplane, n.: — monoplane; aeroplane 
having one plane only„ contrasted with 
the biplane, biplane, which has two 

monte {Sp.)y n.; also sabana; ogsd: — 

montesiyo, n.; — shrubbery; brush; 

mont6n, n.: — heap. 

monton ch&guan, n.; also rasimo: — 
tuft; bunch; bundle; bimch of grapes. 

monumento (Sp.), n.: — ^monument. 

moscas, n.: — joint; cut. 

mostasa, n.: — mustard. 

motas, n.: — thread (turned). 

motgan, adj.: — deep eyed. 

motu)o, n.; also rasdn: — motive; incen- 
tive; reason. 

motmot, V. tr.: — to devour; to eat 

motor electrisidd, n.: — electric motor. 
mottaja, n.: — shroud; winding sheet. 
mottUt, adj.; also mAmatai: — ^mortal, 
moyeja, n.: — ^gland. 
muchacha, n.: — girl; a female child, 
muchacho, n.; also patgon; tentagd: — 

boy; servant; house boy. 

mudoro, adj.: — torpid; inactive; numb, 
muestra, n.; also c6pia: — specimen; 

sample; pattern; model; {\nytning cut 

out or marked, ready to be copied! 
mueye, n.; also pantalto: — pier; wharf; 

mole or jetty; a landing place projecting 

into the sea. 
mueye, n.: — spiral spring, 
mula, n.: — ^mule. 
mulato, n.: — curl; ringlet of hair. 
muma4gsom, v. %.; also lumalald: — to 

mumagof, v. i.: — ^to rejoice; to be glad, 
mumaiiotsot, v. tr.; also fa&otsot; 

pumlnite: — to regret; to rue; to be sorry 

for; to repent. 

mumasa, v. i.: — to ripen {ex., fruit). 
mumasa-jalum, r. i.; also maaa- 

jalum: — to sweat; to perspire, 
mumatcha, v. i.: — to marcn. 
mumltva, adj.; also pumayd,ya: — adrift: 

floating at 4ndom 
mil mo, V. tr., v. %.; also momye: — to 

combat; to fight; to battle; to quarrel; 

to wrangle. 

mumon-linajvan, n.; also rebolusidn 

{Sp.): — revolution; uprising. 
mumon um§>guot, v. %.: — to grapple; to 

contend in close fight, 
mumu, V. i.: also aguaguate; fachd- 

chiie; apulld: — to strive; to struggle; to 

labor hard or earnestly, 
mumufiera, v. %.: — to fret; to be irritated 

or vexed. 
mun& dose, adv.; also min& dose: — 

mufleca, n.: — doll. 

mufLera, adj.: — fretful; peevish; irri- 
muHevOy adj. ^ adv.; a^so bronco; mala- 

mafla: — ^harsh; grumbling; stubborn; 


mufiga, V. tr.; also opone: — to object; 
to oppose; to retort. 

munga, adv.; also ajd: — ^no; opposite of 

munisi6n, n.: — munition; cartridges. 

munisipdt, a^y.; — municipal; pertaining 
to a city, state, or local self-government. 

mtisico, n.: — musician. 

mtisicos, n.; also otquestra: — orches- 
tra; body of musicians. 

muta, V. L: — to vomit; to erupt (ea;., a 

mutd, V. tr.: — to undertake; to intend. 

mut6, adj.; also bolunt&do {Sp.): — 
voluntary; spontaneous. 




mutofig, i;. 1.; alsolBjaog: — to stink; to 

emit a strong offensive odor, 
mutta, n.; — to mulct; to fine, 
mutta, n.; also pena: — penalty; fine; 

legal punishment. 

mujrd, V, i.: — to be ill-humored; to be 

muytli, V. tr.y v. %.: — to sneer; to scoff; to 

insinuate; to show contempt by some 

facial expression. 


na, conj.: — that; which; also expresses 

xx&-abxnaxn, v. tr.: — to put off; to post- 
pone; to defer. 

na-&cano, v. tr.: — to do inlaid work in 

xx&-&di£|:o, V. tr.; also n&Hsujanfi&ijon; 
n&-&d&£matta: — to sequester; to 
separate from the owner for a time. 

n&-&di8patta, v. tr.: — to take apart (ma- 

nll-&dispatta y clase, v. tr.; also nd, 
diferentes clase: — to assort; to 

xx&-lldotgan, v. i.: — to pierce through; to 
stick through ; to make an opening into . 

xx&-&fdinauleg, v. tr.; also eznpas; 
apase: — to reconcile; to atone; to 
expiate; to make reparation; to give 

nft-dgadon, v. tr.; also nft-lache: — to 
coiSuse; to jumble up; to render in- 

xx&-&gaoli, V. tr.; also nd,-&paldpd: — 
to cross the legs. 

xx&-llguitiliie, v. tr.: — to heap up; to lay 
on top of each other. 

n&-aju8tao, v. tr.: — to adjust. 

n^-ald, V. tr.; also aid; deshonra; n^ 
t&ifama: — to insult; to bring disgrace 
upon; to injure the good name; to dis- 
honor; to defame; to entice; to allure. 

nd,-alibiao, v. tr.; a^o n&-lteiajgong: — 
to alleviate; to quiet; to relieve. 

nUan, n.; also matca; sefl&t: — a sub- 
stantive; name; mark; trade-mark. 

n§.-ancho, v. tr.; also n&-xng,guag: — to 
widen; to expand. 

n&-aniznoso, v. tr.: — to fortify; to make 

ii&-anog, V. tr.; also n^-m&uleg: — to 
make good; to discover; to observe. 

n4-anug, v. tr.; also written nH-anog: — 
to show. 

n&-d>^pacd,, V. tr.; also blanquea: — to 

iia-apli£&, V. tr.: — to wrench; to wring or 
pull wim a twist. 

nft-apd, V. tr.; also mantiene; ayuda: — 
to support; to hold or offer the hand; to 
hold back. 

n&-ariina, v. tr.: — to lay down; to ap- 
proach; to bring nearer. 

nd,-asegura, v. tr.; also n&-seguro: — 
to assert; to maintain. 

n&-a«entado, v. tr.;also n^-aya: — to ac- 

nft-asgon, v, tr.; also n&-g&i-fachd; n&- 
&plachd>: — to dirty; to soil; to make 
impure; to foul. 

n&-atarantaoy v. tr.; also trastotna; 
yacd>; yalacft: — to disunite; to set at 
variance; to render mutually hostile. 

nft^atborotaOy adj.: — vexing; trouble- 

n&-atborot&o, v. tr.: — to demoralize; to 
corrupt; to throw into confusion. 

ii&-&tilo£g:, V. tr.: — to blacken. 

nd,-atog, V. tr.; also disixuula (Sp.); 
ii&-liji£g^: — to hide; to conceal; to keep 
secret; to dissemble; to feign. 

n&-§,tulaica. v. %.; also tul&ca: — to bar- 
ter; to trade. 

nd>-aya, v. tr.: — to forge. 

na-aya, v. tr.: — to fit up alike; to make 

xx&-ayao, v. tr.; also &yao: — to borrow; to 
obtain on leave. 

nabaja, n.: — ^pocketknife; razor. 

na banda, adj.; also san jalum na 
banda:— interior; inner; remote from 
the coast. 

nabegad6t,' n.; — na\dgator. 

n^-belembau, v. tr.: — to cause to quiver; 
to vibrate. 

n4-beste, v. tr.: — to garnish; to adorn. 

nabio, n.: — navy. 

n&-boca, v. tr.: — to feed. 

n&-boca, V. tr.; also n&-etnon: — to heap 
up; to amass; to join. 

n&-brabo, v. tr.: — to strengthen; to en- 

n&l}rabo, adj.: — strengthening; enliven- 

n^-biibo, v. tr.; also nd,-lalald; njk- 
iritao: — to infuriate; to provoke; to in- 

n&bubo, adj.; also inand.bubo; lalald; 
eznpetuoso: — frantic; violentljr mad 
or distracted; outrageous; irritable, 
effervescent; impetuous. 

nS.^bubo, n.; also pl&ito; disgusto: — 
indignation; quarrel; obstacle; diffi- 
culty; vexation; chagrin. 

nfir'-bubu, adj.f adv.; also s&gaut; bani- 
doao yan otguyoso: — severe; insolent. 

nft-bula, V. tr.; also sajguane tfi-loj re- 
yena: — to replenish; to till up again. 

nd,-cabaleB, v. tr.: — to perfect; to com- 

n4-cachan&y v. tr.; also ti-anog: — to ob- 
scure; to darken; to dirty; to take away 
the luster. 




nH-c&dadft, v. tr.: — to abridge; n&-l&di- 

quiqui: — to accelerate; nft-l&gnsd: — 

to cut short. 
n§trC§dsLch^j V. tr.: — to bespatter with 

nft-cajuld, V. tr.; also jatsa: — to raise; to 

haul up. 
n&-cala«tus, v. tr.; also guasd.: — to 

sharpen; to whet, 
na-calamten, v. tr.; also chal^jgu^: — 

to set in motion; to stir up; to move. 
n&-calaxuten, v. tr., v. i.; also fachd- 

ch6: — to operate; to work. 
n§,-calo, v. tr., v. i.; also cum&calo; 

sottaye: — to slacken; to relax; to 

enervate or to become enervated; to 

n&-caloj&, V. tr.; also nft-mam^jlao: — to 

nH-capap, v. tr.: — to make room; to move 

(in order to make room). 
ii&-cayada, v. tr.; also disminuye: — to 

mitigate; to alleviate. 
nJ^-ckiaxik, v. tr., v. %.; also chac&; julog; 

znajlog: — to snap; to break short or 

instontaneously; to crack, 
n^-chade^, v. i.; also alula: — to hustle; 

to exhibit energy and alacrity, 
n&^chaleg, adj., adv.; also written n&''- 

chaJig:— ludicrous; amusing; humor- 
ous; comical; droll. 
nd,-ch^ochao, v. i.; also ii&-napo; 

n&-ch.4ocliao: — to fluctuate; to undu- 
late; to rise and fall. 
nS^^chatgUiya, n.; also f&faichanag: — 
, despiser; contemner. 
n&-c]i&tjagoi^, V. i.; also na-mafnot 

jumagong ; zi& - t&i jinagong : — to 

stifle; to suffocate, 
nik-ch&tjinaso, v. tr.: — to embarrass; to 

perplex; to distress. 
na-cli4tp&go, v. tr.; also n4-as6: — to dis- 
tort; to deface; to deform; to disfigure, 
na-chatsaga, v. tr.; also ofende (Sp.); 

na-ald; is4giie; afLa: — to offend; to 

insult; to outrage; to affront. 
n4-ch&tsaga, v. tr.; also joroba; — to 

annoy; to molest; to importune. 
ii&-ch4ul^ y d&dalag: — to wag the tail. 
n4-chStan, v. tr.: — to strain; to stretch; to 

n4-chetnudan, v. tr.: — to wound; to 

lacerate; to injure. 
n&-cheton, v. i.: — to stick; to adhere; 

also pega, v. tr.; n&-ina]S|:co; utot; 

estropea: — to maim; to cripple, 
na-cheton, v. tr.: — to connect; to join; to 

n&-chilofig, V. tr.: — to arrange propor- 
n&-claruye, v. %.; also declara {Sp.)'. — 

to declare. 
ii&-claruye, v. tr.; also esplicaye; 

traduse; sanganiye: — to interpret; to 

explain; to translate. 
ii&-da£L&y V. tr.; also dafi&: — to mingle; to 

mix; to blend. 

nft d&Sgculo mas que y minagajet, %.: — to exaggerate. 
n&-de£g;a, v. tr.: — to reverse; to turn 

upside down, 
n^-despresiao, v. tr.; also nft-machat- 

116: — to bring into contempt. 
nH-dilug, V. tr.; also nlL-de£|:a; anula: — 

to reverse; to tiun upside down; to 

change entirely. 
n&-di2uiache, v. tr.; also corije (Sp.); 

rectlfica (Sp.); rebista; repasa: — to 

rectify; to set nght; to revise; to review 

and amend. 
n&-doclion, v. tr.: — to knock in; to 

drive in. 
n&-d6gae, v. tr.; also n&-d8on; n&- 

t en joe: — to emboss; to confound; to 

tire; to bore, 
nfte, V. tr.; also f&cae: — to cede; to give; 

to impart; to bestow a share or portion; 

to donate, 
n&e gr&sias, v. %.; also agradese: — to 

thank; to express thanks; to express 

nft-empas, v. tr.: — to give satisfaction; to 

nde notfsia, v. tr.: — to give notice. 
n&-6ntald, v. tr.; also n&-jaluin: — to 

shove inj to thrust in; to insert; to inter- 
pose; to interpolate. 
nke paste, v. tr.: — to graze, 
n&e patte, v. tr.: — to communicate; to 

impart; to cause to be shared, 
nae petmiso, v. tr.: — to concede; to 

assent; to agree to. 
n&e prenda, v. i.; also n&e segurid&d: — 

to give security or bail; to be responsi- 
ble; to warrant, 
nfi-esponja, v. tr., v. %.; also binila; 

b&obao: — to inflate; to swell; to cause 

n^-etnon, v. tr.; also joca; recoje; n&- 

cheton; nll-boc&: — to gather (the 

crops); to pluck; to collect in heaps; 

to connect; to join; to unite; toamaes; 

to heap up; to join, 
n&etnon, adj.; also f&-inonton; ma- 

amontona; man^-etnon: — amassed; 

piled up; hoarded; cumulated. 
nl^eyag, v. tr.; also fandrgue; educa 

{Sp.)'. — to educate; to impart knowl- 
n&-facli6, V, tr.; also pin&lae; p&lae: — 

to smear over, 
n^-fagpd, V. tr., v. %.; also contrata 

{Sp.): — to close an agreement or con- 
tract; to enter into an agreement. 
nH^faileg, adj., adv.; also znalaet: — 

bitter; sour; acid. 
xA'to^xSkOf V. tr.; also destrosa {Sp.)'. — 

toannmilate; to destroy. 
n&-falofan, v. tr.: — to let come to pass, 
n^-famta, v. tr.: — to bring forth; to 

produce; to create; to propagate; 

transplant; to transmit. 
n&-faznatqullo, v. tr.: — to compose; 

pacify; to appease. 






2x&-f£Lxnatquilo, v. tr.; also apasig^ua; 

nH-magof: — to calm; to soothe; to 

assuage; to make gentle. 
nH-f&naan, v. tr.; also fftn&an: — ^to de- 

nominate; to name; to call. 
n&-fan-&g:uitiliii, v. tr.: — to pile; to 

heap up; to collect. 
nft-fa£Letnot, v. tr.; also fafletnot; 

chetnot: — ^to wound; to hurt; to dam- 


n4-fa£Lil&) adj.; also ag6dai; songue; 

8o£g^gue: — inflamed; incensed. 
nft-fa£[LL&, v. tr.; also totngae; son- 
gue: — to ignite j to set on fire. 
zi&-fa£lotsot, V. I.; also maflotsot: — ^to 

zi&-fanu£^d, V. tr.; also ina; aclara: — 

to illuminate; to enlighten; to light 

n&-fan-7&U7au, v. tr.; also atborota: — 

to stir up; to incite; to instigate, 
nft-fat^chong, v. tr.; also ndrtojgue; 

n&-tacho; aregla: — to set; to sup- 
port; to sustain. 
zi&-fat4chong, v. tr.; also sostiene 

{Sp.): — ^to support (by pillars); to set; 

to sustain. 
n^-flna, v. tr.; also zi&-filno nft-lamlcmi; 

nft-majlos: — to polish; to clean; to 

refine {ex., sugar), 
n^-fltme, v. tr.; also nft-meton: — to 

make fast; to strengthen; to insure. 
nll-f6fdna, v. tr.: — to send on in advance. 
n&-fdna, v. %.: — ^to precede; to advance. 
n§L-fdna, v. tr.; also gdAaco; g&oco: — 

to prefer; to give the preference to. 
n^-fotgon, V. tr.: — to moisten; to wet. 
nft-fresco, v. tr.; also n&-iuanei%- 

jeng:: — to refrigerate; to cool, 
naftan^ n.; also sepulcro {Sp.): — 

sepulcher; grave. 
nft-gadon, v. tr.: — to mix; to entangle; 

to perplex; to bewilder. 
n&-g&eiuinetgot (g&e, also written 

gai), V. tr.; also confttma; ayuda: — 

to strengthen; to confirm. 
nft-g&ichdchd, v. tr.; also emplea: — to 

nft-gaichdcho, v. tr.; also ocupa; saj- 

gaane; n&-chatsaga; tand: — to take 

possession; to use. 
na-galileg, v. tr.: — to roll (a barrel). 
nH^g&iprobecho, adj., adv.; also n&^'ade- 

lantao : — ^advantageous, 
n^^gao, n.; also nft^'gau: — a coconut in 

which the water has become entirely 

nft-g&isabot, v. tr.: — ^to flavor; to im- 
part a flavor to. 
n4-gasgasy v, tr.; also a^usta; famHu- 

leg; n^-txinas: — to purify; to free from 

impurities; to cleanse; to set in order; to 

arrange; renueba: — ^to renovate; to 

restore; reflna: — to refine; to educate or 

nft-gatboy V, tr,: — ^to embellish; to make 


nft-giieoo, V. tr.; also nftye un giieco: — 
to hollow out; to enlarge (a house). 

nft-gu6faflitoy v. tr.; also quemado:— to 
bake or fry too well; to bum in frying. 

nH-guegmon, v. tr.: — to chew; to chew 

n&-gilin&ife, v. tr.; also nft-omang^ld: — 
to ventilate; to air. 

n4-gupoy V. tr., V. i.; also valfbao: — to 
swing; to wave; to brandish. 

nH-J&janau, P. P.; also written n^- 
jajaaiao: — parting; dividing; separat- 

nft-jalum, v. tr.; also guftiya; imajina: — 
to fancy; to imagine; to take a liKing to. 

nft-jaXum, v. tr.: — to put in; to lay in; to 
bring in. 

nft-j&nauy v, tr.; also zi&-j&nao: — ^to de- 
tach; to disconnect; to direct; to deter- 
mine; to conclude; detetmina; des- 
tina: — to determine. 

n&-j&nau; apatta, v. tr.: — to deliver; to 
set free; to save. 

nft-jaixau; remuebe (Sp.) v. tr.: — ^to send 
away; to take away; to remove. 

nft-laso, V. tr.; also fftnile; indica 
(Sp.): — ^to indicate; to point out; to 
suggest; to hint. 

n&-jaspoe) v. tr.; also n&-bula: — ^to fill 
up (one s stomach) ; to sate; to satiate ; to 
fill up to repletion; to satisfy. 

nft-jataamiento, v. tr.: — to incite re- 

fl&jlala^) adj.; also inij6; tipadog; 
adelantao: — ^thrifty. 

nft-iomld, V. tr.; also ainte: — to heal. 

n&^joznld, adj.; also n&lala; saludable 
(Sp . ) : — salubrious ; healthy. 

najoi^, adj., adv.; also dibettido; 
magof; satisfecho: — satisfied; cheer- 
ful; delighted; joyous; merry; ^y. 

najong^y n.; also iiziilat; ninasifia; 
ninajo£g: — efficiency ; effectual 

najoi^, adj., adv.: — sufficient; enough. 

n&-juyoflg^, V. tr.; also inbenta; 8od&: — 
to invent; to dervise; to find out. 

n&-juyo£g^, V. tr.; also written nft- 
juyung; also f&tinas; chdgiie: — ^to 
make; to create; to fashion; to fabricate; 
to bring forth; to bear. 

nft-juyu£guey v. tr.: — to furnish; to 

supply; to fit out; to eauip. 
n&-l&anacd, i'. tr.; also t&luye: — to 

lengthen; to add to. 
nft-l&asentado, v. i.; also refotma (Sp.) ; 

enmienda: — to reform; to make better; 

to correct. 

n&-l&barato, v. tr.: — to lower the price. 

n§l-l&calO) V. tr.: — to slacken; to loosen; 
ti manmerese, adj.: — unworthy; un- 

nH-l&oalo, V. tr.: — to unyoke; to un- 

n4-l&calo, V. tr.: — ^to loosen; to free from 




nft-lache, v. tr.; also nft-tWaye; xi&- 

lama43; n&-potlilo: — ^to lead astray; to 
• bribe; to corrupt; to desecrate; to 

n^-lddididi, v. tr.: — to abate. 
n&-l&diquiquiy v. tr.; also rebaja; 
b reduse (Sp.): — to make smaller; to 
PFreduce; to mminish . 
n&-l&fitine, v. tr.; also nft-llmetgot: — 

to reinforce; to strengthen. 
nH-l&fresco, v. tr.; also refresco (Sp.): — 

to refresh; to reinvigorate; to restore. 
n&-l&gatbo, V. tr.: — to make more 

beautiful; to put on rouge; to adorn. 
n&-lago, V. tr.; also dirite: — to cook; to 

boil; to set upon the fire; to melt; to 

fuse; to dissolve. 
nH-l^gusi, V. tr; also sugun: — to drive; 

to impel forward by force; to propel; to 

urge on. 
n^-ldld,) V. tr.: — to enliven; to animate. 
n&-imd> t&lo, V. tr.: — to resuscitate. 
nft-lalald, v. tr.; also ag6dai; ma a|g^6- 

dai: — to madden; to make mad or 

furious; to inflame; to excite; to fire 

with passion. 
nft-Uunacat, v. tr.; also cat^ye; ccuie; 

amnenta; n&-bubo: — ^to aggravate; to 

nH-Uuuajgo^^, v. tr,: — to quiet; to re- 
lieve; to alleviate. 
nH-ldznauleg, v. tr.; also n&-niagajet; 

apase: — ^to insure; to improve; to make 

good an assertion; to give one credit; to 

n&-lainen, v. tr.; also giieoiig:; jofid: — to 

maltreat; to oppress; to beat; to wound; 

n^-famadese: — to resent; to consider 

as an injury or affront. 
n&'lamezi) adj.; also nH^'puti: — ^harmful; 

n&-lamodujS|:, v. tr.: — to enlarge; to 

make deeper, 
nft-laolao, n.: — ^magnet; a magnetized 

ii&-14teog, V. tr.: — to thicken. 
nSAktf^nsky v. %.; also lum&xnauleg; 

adelanta: — to improve; to prosper; to 

iill-14ulau, V. tr.: — to stagger; to cause to 

quake or to tremble. 
2i&-layag, v. tr.; also nabeg&t {Sp.): — to 

sail; to navigate, 
nft-layd, v. tr.; also n&-tenjo8: — to in- 
sult; to embitter; to incite; to stir up. 
2i&-libre, v. tr., v.i.: — to spare; to use in a 

frugal manner; to forgive; also satba; 

rescata: — to rescue; to liberate; to set 

free from danger. 
n&-]ifet, V. tr.: — to smuggle; to import 

without paying customs outies (f&tmas 

contrabando; n&-t&yog sin aduana). 
n&-lli, V. tr.; also written n£-lid: — to show; 

to prove. 
2i&-luto, V. tr.; also lumuto: — to put on 

2i&-zna6g80in, v. tr.: — to make sour. 

4662—18 14 

nft''xxia&£Lao, adj.^ adv.; also joxujom: — 
fearful; gruesome; horrible of aspect; 
inspiring gloom or horror. 

n&-inad,''£Lao, v. tr.; also fdil&g^Ue; ami- 
nasa: jof[|^ang^: — to dread; to fear 
greatly; to scare; to frighten; to stroke 
with sudden terror. 

ndr^'ma^ao, adj.^ adv.: also t&ilaye: — 
barbarous; cruel; terrible; fierce; awful; 

n&^xuadsd, adj.y adv.: — m iserable; 
wretched; lamentable; pitiful. 

nama-atcoS; adj.: — arched. 

namil-atcos, adj.: — arched. 

nd,-ina-clialapun, v. tr.: — ^to stretch out; 
to spread out. 

n&-ina(diatlid; v. tr.; also n^-despre- 
siao: — to bring into contempt. 

n&^maohatlie, adj.: — Pliable of causing 
some one to be hated or disliked; 

n&-inafna8, v. tr.; also funas: — to de- 
stroy; to consume; to devour; to wipe 

xiJk-msugk, V. tr.; also apura: — ^to acceler- 
ate; to nurry on; to speed on. 

nft-magajet, v. tr.; also nft-xnagajet y 
sinang^an: — to make good an asser- 

nft-ma^ajet, v. tr.: — to realize; to make 
real or actual. 

ntoiagof, adj.y adv.; also agradable; 
n&^joxnld; p&upau: — ^pleasant; deli.2:ht- 
ful; agreeable; gladsome; joyous, gay; 
pleased; 'cheerml; delighted; merry; 
obliging; balmy. 

n^-magof, v. tr.; also complase n&- 
satisiecho; nft-empas: — to gladden; to 
delight; to give pleasure to; to gratify; 
to please; %o accommodate; to exhila- 
rate; to enliven; to satisfy; to gratify; 
to pay in full. 

nSr^magof, n.; also zninagof: — delight; 

enjoyment; joy. 
n&^magong, n.: — veterinary; healer of 

diseases of domestic animals. 
n&xna^o£|;, v. tr.: — to heal; to quiet, 
n^-maguag, v. tr.; also n4-ancho: — to 

widen; to expand. 
n&-in&igd, V. tr.: — to put to sleep. 
ii&-in&ipe, V. tr.: — to neat; to warm. 
n&-niaiag^, v. L: — to bleed, 
nft-ma; goii^, v. tr.: — to quiet; to heal, 
nft-majguef; v. tr.; also n&-yayas: — to 

tire out; to make tired. 
n&-inajlo8, v. tr.: — to smoothen; to 

n&-xn&jiiao, v. tr,; also m&jfLao: tMo 

tate: — to recall; to call back; to 

n&malagd) adj., adv.: — charming; love- 
ly; agreeable; sweet. 
n&-inain&jlao, v. tr.; also n&-bubu; 

n&-d8on: — to swelter; to provoke. 
n&-xnain&jlao, v. tr.; also isdgtte; in- 

sutta; n&-inazn&jlao: — to injure; to 

insult; to affront. 




nft'^mamajlau, adj., adv.; also tvritten 

n&''inaina jlao : — Bhameful . 
n&-Tn&fiafia, v. tr,: — to soften; to move 

the heart; to mollify. 
nA-manana, v. tr.; also n&gasgas; 

esplica (Sv.); pul&: — to make clear; 

to expouna; to explam. 
n&-xiia-n&e, v. tr.; also remite (Sp.): — to 

remit; to transmit money. 
nft^'xn&fiao, adj., adv.; also n4''nia&£Lao: 

terrible; dreadful; awful; fearfiil. 
nH^xn&fiao, n.; aZfo mina&fiao:— dread; 

fear; reverential awe. 
nft-mancha, v. tr.: — to stain; to dese- 
nft-manman, v. tr.; also n^-ng&ngrft; 

cajnaye: — to bewitch; to cast a spell 

n&^maimxan. adj., also gatbo; nft^'mazi- 

man: — sublime; awe-inspiring; de- 
lightful; marvelous; exciting wonder; 

n&-xnaiiBO, v. tr.: — to tame; to soothe; to 

nft-mapanas, v, tr.; also mapanas: — to 

flatten; to lay flat; to make level or 

n&-ni&pao, v. tr.: — ^to cool off; to refresh, 
n^-masa, v. tr.: — to make ready; to pre- 
pare food in the best possible way; to 

place into vinegar, 
n&^mas&y adj., adv.; also asqueroso 

(Sp.); mfi, chatlii; ti ma ^4iya: — 

nauseous; loathsome; odious; un- 
popular; offensive, 
naxu&se na t&otao, 7i.; — ^pauper; a poor 

na-matan lalald, v. i.: — to frown; to 

nft-matatnga, v. tr.; also anima: — to 

inspire; to encourage; to strengthen. 
n&-xaatti$t8io, v. tr.; also mattrata; 

desprdsia; n^-matt^tsio: — to abuse; 

to despise. 
nll-inatun|;d, v. tr.: — to spread abroad; 

to diffuse; inatiuS|^d; machal^jgud,; 

xnachalapun^ p. p.: — divulged; dif- 
fused; spread abroad. 
n&-inatuno gvd janum m&ipe pat 

znantica, v. tr.: — to scald; to bum 

with hot liquid or steam. 
nft-mdngfua, v. tr.; also n&-poble: — to 

impoverish; to make poor; to reduce 

to poverty. 
n^-meton, v. tr.; also n^-fitme: — to 

fasten; to strengthen, 
n&xneton) adj.: — stren^ening. 
nftmoda, n.; also bfsio; ti-abmam: — 

fad; a pet idea; a passing fashion, 
n&monton, p. p.; also n&-etnon; ma 

nH-etnon; ma^montona: — amassed; 

hoarded; piled up; cumulated, 
nana, n.; also maore (Sp.): — ^mother. 
n&n&, adj.; also ti-&ano^; ma n&n&: — 

latent; concealed; invisible. 
n&n&, V. tr.: — to hide something. 
n&-naJong:, ^- tr.; also n&-euaja: — to 

supply; to fumi^; to provide. 

V, i.: — to suffice; to be 


n^n&juyung^, n.: — creator. 

n&n&Iibre, n.; also sasatba; 8atbad6t 
(fr. Sp.): — Savior. 

n£a&lo, 71.; also debiietta; nin&l&lo: — 
restitution; compensation; amends. 

n&n&lo, V. i.; also m&j£Lau; tum&lo 
tate: — to return; to come back again 
to the same place or state. 

n&n&lo, V. tr.: — to return; to restore; to 
make restitution. 

n&n&lo y finijd ni y manjula; also 
rentinsia y ch&tjinenggue: — to ab- 
jure; to recant upon solemn oath. 

nan&lo y finij6, v. tr.; also deroga; 
rebuetbe; cansela: — to revoke; to 
countermand; to withdraw; to abolish; 
to dismiss. 

n&-£La&d. v. tr.; also nft-foda: — to make 

n&napo, v. %.: — to siu^e (ex., the waves); 
to roll or rise high. 

nancuio, n.: — local name for the fan 

n&n&t&ilaye, n.; also crimin&t (Sp.): — 
malefactor; criminal. 

nand, adj., adv.; also n&tata: — shallow; 
low; weak; superficial. 

nanga, v. tr., v. %.; also naiS|:ga; 
ang^oco: — to hope; to expect; to await; 
to look for. 

nan|:ga, v. %.: — to wait; to stay in 

nango, v. i.: — to swim. 

nano, n.: — dwarf; human being much 
below the average height; pigmy. 

n&-nuebo, v. tr.: — to refit; to prepare 

naoao or n^uau, adj.: — clear; trans- 

na od&, adj.; also cansado; a£gl6 na 
odH; esterit; angld; t&immauleg: — 
sterile; barren; producing little or no 

n&-oa&, V. tr.; also mayabug: — ^to soil; to 

nUdson, adj.; also mfmesterio; g&- 
pimto: — fussy; making a fuss. 

nana, n.; also nipa: — ^local name for nypa 
miticans; an interesting palm; grows 
at the mouth of every stream where 
the water has become brackish; the 
stripped leaflets are used for thatching 
the oetter native houses of the island. 

n4-para, v. i.; also fagpd: — to finish; to 
stop; to cease. 

n&-para, v. tr.; also estai^ca; presa; 
pdlonfi&ljon; bumasta; <^ab&; disa- 
tiende: — to stem; to dam; to check; to 
resist; to interrupt; to hold up; to delay; 
to snub; to treat with designed con- 
tempt; despensa; sotta; asii: — to 
waive; to give up a claim; to forego. 

n& paremfiaijon, v. tr.; also can&: — to 
suspend; to delay. 

n&-parejo, v. tr.; also n&-aya: — to 
assimilate; to absorb. 






tr.; also acostumbra 

(Sp.): — to accustom. 
n&-penite, v. tr.; also n^-triste; nS,- 

taiminagof: — to sadden; to make sad. 
n&-petfecto, v. tr.: — to perfect; to 

n&-i>inalala, v. %.; also cuca: — to be 

agitated (by a violent passion). 
nSr-pinite, v. tr.: — to cause pain. 
nSi^piniti, adj., adv.; also pinite; nS,^- 

pinite: — pitiable; deserving pity. 
napO) n.: — ^wave; surf; breakers. 
n^-poble, V. tr.; also n&-ni6ngua: — to 

make poor; to impoverish; to reduce to 

'n&-puti, V. tr.; also f&tinas dafio: — to 

hurt; to do harm to. 
nS,-qu§niaig6, v. tr.: — to lull; to soothe 

to sleep. 
n&-qu6sifla; also empeila: — to endeavor; 

to try; to take pains. 
n^-quuilogy v. tr.; also jila: — to spin. 
nasa, n.: — lobster trap. 
n4-sajngue, v. tr.; also n&-fuera; n&- 

suja: — ^to exclude someone; to separate 

from others; to segregate. 
n&-Bano, v. tr.; also ftoi&iileg; rem^dia 

(Sp.): — to remedy; to prepare; to put in 

nit-saonao, v. L; also tiuS|^6; compren- 

de {Sp.y. — to understand; to compre- 
n&HBeguro, v. tr.; also nH-fttme: — to 

strengthen; to insure; to make fast. 
n&-s6nbula, r. tr.: — to fill; to flood. 
n&^sifia, adj.^ adv.: — mighty, 
n&sifiaypn, ac/j., adv.: — feasible; practi- 
nasi6n, n.: — nation. 
ndsuja, V. tr.; also n&-jdnao: — to oust; to 

eject; to deduct; to take away. 
n&-suja, V. i.; also 4din|;o; separa: — to 

separate; to part; to go asunder. 
iL4-suja gui saga, n.;— displacement; 

n&-8uja gui sagafia, v. tr.: — to displace; 

to put out of place; to depose from 

n&-taibale, v. tr.: — to annul; to make 

void; to abolish, 
na-taigiiijej^, v. tr.; also renueba; n4 

saga tlio: — to restore; to bring back 

into its former strength; to renew; to 

n§,-t&ilaye, v. tr.; also fd.baba; yu- 

Ian|:: — to falsify; to lead astray; to 

harm; to injure; to spoil; to ruin; to de- 
stroy; to despoil; to make base; to cor- 
rupt; to vitiate. 
nSr^ tallage, adj.; also camtem; dafio- 

so : — mischievous . 
nH-taldane, v. i.: — to dine; to eat the 

midday meal (cand y nH-taldane). 
n& taldane, n.: — dinner; the chief meal 

of the day. 
natas, n.: — scum; impurities on surface 

of boiling liquids; foam; mold; scurf; 

scab; crust. 

n&tata na lugat, n.: — ford; shallow part 

of a stream suitable for crossing. 
n&-tate, v. i.: — to hang back; to hesitate. 
n&-tatnon, v. tr.; also nd.-niagof; nS,- 

manman: — to delight; to please; to 

give pleasiu-e to; to appease. 
natibo, adj.; mafafiagon y mismo 

tand: — ^ind^enous; native, 
na ti fHfaye, n.; nobiyo pat tore; 

guaca na ti fHfaye: — ^bullock; steer. 
n&-tosta, V. tr.; also 4sadot; asao: — to 

n&-tri8te, v. tr.: — to cause sorrow; to 

cause grief. 
n&-tunas, v. tr.; also afloja: — to unbend, 

to unharness; to relax. 
n&-tiingd, %.; a2«o sangane; noti 

flea (52).): — to inform; to apprise; to 

give information, 
n^^tungd, n.; also indnogch&; cuenta; 

notisia {Sp.)-. — ^report; account; rela- 
tion; connection. 
n&-tung6, V. tr.; also descubre; in- 

benta: — to reveal; to make plain or 

eyident; to discover; to put forward; to 

n&-tungd£i^ijon, v, tr.; also sanganen 

patgon: — to insinuate; to suggest or 

hint indirectly. 
n&-tunog, V. tr.; also alcalayd: — to lower; 

to let down, 
natur^t, adj.; also pure: — natural; gen- 
n4uau, adj., adv.; also n&oao: — ^transpar- 
ent; capable of being seen through; 

pellucid; clear (water). 
n&-y4fai, v. tr.; also l&chai: — to exhaust; 

to drain; to weaken; to enfeeble, 
n&yan, n.; also naiyan; yabe (Sp. 

Uave); — key. 
n&yan, n.: — vessel; utensil for holding 

nd.yan fachd, n.: — earthenware. 
n&yan-ni6ni4, n.; also bejiga: — bladder. 
nS,-yano, v. tr.: — to level; to even, 
naye, v. tr.: — to pour; to pom* in. 
n&ye, v. tr.; also n&ye guato: — to 

append; to attach, 
n&ye batsamo, v. tr.: — to embalm. 
nft-yomog. v. tr.; also p6gsai: — to fatten; 

to make fat; to feed, 
neglo, n.: — darky; negro. 
negosiante, n.; also cometsiante: — 

merchant; trader; dealer. 
neg68io, n.: — ^business; speculation, 
nempate, v, i.: — to splash; to dabble in 

the water, 
nena, adj.; also ma-goflid: — beloved; 

nencand, n.; also nilala; sustento; 

neng^cand: — fare; provisions of a table; 

subsistence; maintenance; livelihood. 
nencand cabayo pat c^uaca: — fod- 
der; food for horses or cattle. . 
nene, n.; also pinatgon; paeo flnana- 

go: — infant; a young child; oaby. 
neses&rio (Sp.), adj., adv.; also nese- 

sitao: — needful; necessary; essential. 




nesesid&d (Sp.), n.: — ^necessity; need, 
nesesita, v. tr.; also pretende; ^gau 

or g^gao: — to require; to lav claim to. 
nesesit^, n.; nesesid^: — ^need ; n e c e s - 

sity: urgent want. 
nesesitao, adj.: — needy; impecunious; 

without money; poor. • 
nesesitao, n.: — poor man. 
zi§8io, adj.; also 3,^duco; d.^'tamos: — 

imbecile; feeble-minded; idiotic, 
ni, rel. pron.: — which. 
nib6t, n.: — ^water gauge; hydrostatic 

niebe^ n.: — snow. 

ni^niega, adj.: — negative; denjdng; re- 
nieto, n.: — grandchild, 
nifen, n.: — tooth, 
nigap, adv.: — ^yesterday. 
nigas, n.: — ^local name for the Pemphis 

addula; a small tree growing on the 

shore; its wood is used for fuel, fence 

stakes, and walking sticks. 
nilache^ n.: — breach; violation, 
nilaxnug, n.; also written nilajnog; also 

minitung: — stench; strong offensive 

nilanan, n.: — snore; a noisy breathing in 

nilayan, n.; also inetnon; reuni6n: — 

reunion; a festive gathering of familiar 

friends or associates, 
nilibre, n.; also satbasldn (Jr. Sp.): — 

rescue; salvation. 
nilid, n.: — sight; act of seeing; power of 

nimano, adv.; also tayS, nAe: — never; 

nin& asd, v. i.; also zn^^ag; uxnasd; 

iningag: — to sag; to sink down; to 

nind,e, n.;— gift; finaye; tiningd, n.: — 

gift of wisdom, 
ninfte, n.; also ajp^radesimiento; ina- 

gradese; gratinca (Sp.): — gift; dona- 
tion; reward; recompense; gratitude; 

acknowledgment; thanks. 
nind.jaso, n.; also tucH: — ^mention; hint; 

brief notice, 
ninajo^y n,; also minagof; quinen- 

tento; sinatisfecho: — satisfaction; 

contentment; gratification. 
nin&juyiu^, n.: — creation; work, 
nin&juyune salap6, n.: — ^fund; money 

set apaxt for some object, 
nindlibre, n.; also inasii; nirescata: — 

impunity; freedom from punishment, 

injury, or loss, 
nin^o UnSIH, n., also numSIo ja&ne; 

lin&ld, tdio; lindla y tataotao t&lo: — 

ninH^mamajlaU; n.: — shame. 
nin&iu&uleg, n.; also inadelanta; si- 

nibe; flnam&ulepr-improvement. 
xunanga, n.; also ninangga: — ^hope; an- 
ticipation; confidence. 

nind.sllj£gue. n.; also inijd; inadaje: — 

saving; exclusion; omission. 
ninS4a&3n|:ue, v. tr.; also dineposita; 

resetba (Sp.): — to reserve; to hold 

back; to keep in store, 
ninasifla, n.; also flnette; jinilat: — 

power; vigor; strength; force; ability; 

sway; dominion; authority. 
Tiinftsifia, adj.: — proficient; thoroughly 

qualified or skilled. 
nin& t&ilaye, n.;— depravation; deterio- 
ninHtldlaye. n.; also lache; inechong: — 

wrong; mult; injury; injustice, 
nin&tungo, n.; also notificasidn; infot- 

ina8i6n (Sp.): — information, 
nin&ye un achaque: — ^he is overcome by 

a fit. 
nifio (Sp.), 71.; — child (male); niiia 

child (female); also patgon (patgon 

laje pat patgon palauan). 
ninuebo (Sp.), n.; also guaja nobed&; 

nobedad: — novelty. 
nirebaja, n.; also dinesminuye: — re- 
duction; diminution, 
nirechasa, n.; also chinabd.; inopone; 

resist^nsia (Sp.): — resistance; oppo- 
nireconose, n.: — recognizance; avowal; 

y niredondo, n.; also inatreded6t: — 

girth; circumference. 
nirefresco, n.: — refreshment, 
niremite, n.: — remittance; a sum of 

money transmitted, 
nirenueba, n.; also ma n& nuebufia: — 

renewal; renovation; revival. 
niren(msia,n. .—renunciation ; disavowal; 

nirepara, n.: also espiasion (Sp.) gvd- 

n6f atituy e ; inatituy e : — repara t ion ; 

expiation; nirepara, n.: — remark, 
nirepresenta, n.; also representasi6n 

(Sp.): — representation; exhibit; ap- 
ni uno, n.: — nobody; no one. 
ni uno, pron.: — neither (ni, conj.: — nor, 

as in neither nor ). 

ni un tiempo (fr. Sp.), adv.; also nun- 

ca: — never; at no time, 
nobale, adj.; also nulo: — void; not valid; 

not admissible. 
nobed&d, n.; also ninuebo; guaja no- 

bed4: — novelty. 
nobenta, adv.: — ninety. 
n6bia, n.; also guaivayon; y man gu&- 

iya: — sweetheart; lover; loved one. 
n6bia, n.: — bride, 
nobiembre, n.: — November. 
n6bio, n.: — Clover; gallant; spendthrift; 

nobiyito, n.; also terete: — steer; young 

male ox. 
nombra, v. tr.; also f&n&an; sadgan; 

elije^ ayeg: — to elect; to name; to 





nombrayon, adj.: — eligible; legally qual- 

nonagj n.: — local name lor a tree, the 
jack-in-the-box; its wood is very light 
and soft. 

nones, n.: — pair; odd (3, 5, 7, 9, etc.). 

nota, 71.; also ni repara; obsetbasidn 
(Sp.): — remark; observation; comment. 

nota, n.; — note (in music). 

notifica(5'/).), v. tr.; also n&-niatu£g:d: — 
to notity ; to give notice ; to make known. 

noti&da, n.; odso fina&ila; notiflca8i6n 
(Sp.); nuebo: — notice; notification; 
report; news. 

nu, conj.: — that; so that. 

nu, prep.; also entre: — through; with; of. 

nublado, adj.; also jomjom uchan: — 

nuebe, adj.: — nine. 

nuebesientoB, adj.: — nine hundred. 

nuebo, adj.: — new; recent in origin. 

nuebo na pulan, n.: — new moon. 

nuM, n.;— local name for a hideous toad- 
fish with poisonous dorsal spines; is of 
brownish color, with mottlings of dajrk 
brown; covered with warts, and its 
mouth is directed upward; is much 
dreaded by the natives. 

nujong, n.; also dnine^g; sombra 
{Sp.): — shade; shady place; shadow. 

niilo, adj.; also titibale; t&isetbe: — 
invalid; null and void. 

num&lo, V. %.; also jomld: — to recover 

(from sickness); to revive; to recover 

numftlo, V. tr.: — to restore to life; to 

numdlo, n.;^ also jinemld: — ^recovery; 

restoration to health, 
numalon lalald, v. tr.; also lalatde t&lo; 

tum&lo lalald; ope; opone: — to retort; 

to demur; to object, 
y niunlln&tungd, n.; also gotgot; y 

nianan|;a£g:ane: — informer; approver, 
numaog, v. tr.; mumaog: — to outlive; to 

nuni&9aj£g^e, v. tr.; also manadaje: 

man recoje: — to hoard; to collect and 

lay up. 
niunerea, v. tr.; also tufong^; — to count; 

to enumerate, 
ntimero, n.: — number; unit; numeral; 

symbol or word expressing a nxunber. 
nunca, adv.; also ni un tiempo: — never; 

at no time, 
nupi, n.: — ^a climbing plant, the stems of 

which are used for lathing together the 

framework of native houses and sheds, 
nutr&t, adi.; also indiferente: — neutral; 

unbiased; indifferent. 
nutrimento, v. tr.; also nft-chocho: — to 

nurture; to nourish; to feed. 


-fia, suffix: — indicates possession: his, 
hers, etc. 

-fia, suj^ — (-fia que): — denotes compar- 

fiab&, adj.^ adv.; also fi&ujan; gama; 
manso; m&fiafia: — pliable; easily 
bent; flexible; soft; easily yielding to 

fiaba, adj.; also flojo: — relaxed; flabby; 

soft; loose. 
fiacH, V. tr.; also cana: — to hang up; 

to suspend. 
fiajlalang, adj.: — light in weight. 
fiajlalaiS^ na min^gd, v. i.; also mltigd 

fiaijon: — to slumber; to sleep lightly; 

to doze. 

fialang;, adj.: — ^hungry. 

fiama, adj.^ adv.: — helpless; unwieldy; 

awkward; clumsy. 
fiamo, n.: — mosquito. 

fiafi^ang, adj.: — talkative; entertain- 

fian^ang, n.: — mocker; scoffer; super- 
cihous person; arrogant man. 

fiango, n.; also caderas; lomo: — ^hip; 
haunch; loins. 

fiangon, v. tr.^ v. %.: — to whisper; to 
speak secretly. 

fiafid, adj., adv.; also obtuso; t&ipunto; 
foda: — obtuse; dull. 

fiano, adj.; also majefon^: — dull (with- 
out a cutting edge or point). 

fiating^, adj. J adv.: — slow; lazy. 

fiating, V. I.; fiuniati£g^: — to lag; to 
move slowly; to loiter; to stay behind. 

fi&ujan, V. i.: — to waver; to sta^^er. 

fiejonl^, V. i.: — to duck; to humble one's 

fiejo^, V. i.: — to lie in ambush; to lurk; 
to duck; to humble one's self. 

fiinalajSg, n.: — ^hunger. 

fiifiifia, n.; also iniga; nifiifia: — caress. 

fiifdfia, n.; also minejmo; ga-|paan- 

Jiga: — flatterer. 

fiogfiog, V. tr.y V. %.; also lumus; su- 
pug: — to submerge (in water); to im- 
merse; xnatmos, v. %.: — to drown. 

fiojmon, adj. J — wet; muddy; soft. 

fidfid, V. tr.; also chinepchop; pinafiot; 
lumos: — to merge; to absorb or swallow 

fiucot, V. tr :^-to strangle; to choke; to 
throttle; to catch by tne throat. 

fiudo, V. tr.: — to button; to knot; also 
batunes: — ^button. 

fiufia, V. tr. — to pet; to fondle; to flatter; 
to caress. 





£|:&Lan? adv.: — when? (desde ng^luanP — 

since when?) 
ng:4ian, conj.; also guin; guinj&; ya- 

guin; an nae; &nae; an nai; &nai; 

masea ng&ian: — when; whenever. 
n|:ajlt, V. %.: — to raise tiie eyes. 
nl^&iSglt, adj.: — unattentive. 
^kSJ^&o, n.: — fence surrounding a field; 
^nfi-ye £|:&S|:ao: — make a fence, 
nga^gas, v. tr.: — to chew. 

ngofngof, V. i.: — to blow the nose. 
ngogi^og, V, i.: — to snuffle; to speak 

through l^e nose. 
ng^otngot. adj.y adv.; also af&gao; 

loBus: — ^hoarse. 
^;ueld, V. i.: — to peep through a hole or a 

£g:uld, 71.; also atbettura (Sp.); madog; 

binaba: — ^hole; aperture; opening; 

crack; n|:uld ch^ca: — rat hole. 


obejas, n.: — sheep. 

Obispo, n.: — ^bishop. 

obliga, V. tr.; also inxpone (Sp.): — to lay 

on; to apply; to impose, 
obligao (op.), adj. J adv.; also fuetsao: — 

compulsory J involuntary; obliged; 

under obligation, 
obligasldn, n.: — bond; obligation. 
obra de carid&d (fr. Sp.)j n.: — work of 

obtuse, adj.y adv.; also t&ipiinta; foda; 

£La£L6: — obtuse; dull. 
ocasi6n (Sp.)^ n.; also opottunid&d; 

g^ilugat: — occasion; opportunity, 
enta, adj.: — eighty, 
ocho, adj.: — eight. 
6codo, n.; also laflaf; trampas: — ^trap; 

sling; ruse. 
ocodon ch&ca, n.; — rat trap, 
ocsidente {Sp.)y n.: — ^the Occident; the 

West; the countries west of Asia and the 

Turkish dominions, 
octubre, n.: — October, 
ocupa, V. tr.; also saiguane; sagaye; 

na-gllichdchdj nft-cMtsaga; tand: — 

to take possession, 
ocupante (Sp.), n.; also sumagS- 

g^aye: — occupant; one who has posses- 
ocupasi6n (Sp.), n.; also Uneji^: voca- 
tion; calling; occupation. 
odSr, n.; also ed&; tand: — ground; land; 

od$i,Mdj.; also iyon y edft: — earthly; 

od& taxih&f n.; also taqud: — dirt; mu€; 

odd. yan matiteg, adj.; also miserable 

(Sp.): — shabby; threadbare; mean in 

appearance; miserable. 
6dio, n.; also chinatlii: — spite; ill will 

or hatred toward another. 
6faiseny v. %.; also quetujSgd: — to seek 

ofende (Sp.)y v. tr.; also nft-al6; is&gUe; 

afia; ndrch&tsaga: — to offend; to in- 
sult; to outrage; to affront. 
ofisi&t, adj.f adv.; also publico; em- 

pleao publico (fr. Sp.): — official. 
onsio^n.; alsoj^eck; empleo: — office. 
ofrese, v. tr.; also combida; soyd; 

jujo: — ^to bid; to make an offer of. 

6g&an, n.; also naanana: — ^morning; 

light; dawn. 
ogan, adj.f adv.; also dochon gui 

tand: — aground; stranded (ship). 
ogan, v. %.; also gane: — to strand; to 

run aground; to go ashore; to get stalled, 
ogsd, n.; a/^o sabana; monte (^p.): — 

ojalatero, n.: — ^plumber.* 
ojales, n.: — buttonhole. 
oja8,n.; a7sojagon: — ^leaf. 
dmae, v. tr., v. ».; also masupog: — ^to 

dmag riegadera, n.: — shower bath, 
omlat, V. tr.: — ^to contain; to hold 

6ng:iiingu6, v. tr.: — to scent; to get a 

onse, adv.: — eleven. 
6pagat, adj.: — crosswise; athwart, 
opan, n.: — echo; repetition of sound 

caused by reflection. 
ope, v. tr.; also responde (Sp,): — to re- 

spnond; to answer; to reply, 
operasidn (Sp.) : — operation . 
6pio, n.: — opium, 
opone, V. tr., v. i.; also aguaguate; ti 

malagtte: — to disagree; to contradict; 

to dispute. 
op6pone, adj., adv.; also ch6chab&; 

rech&chasa: — ^resisting; refractory; op- 
oposisi6n (Sp,), n.; also timinalagd: — 

objection; opposition; adverse reason, 
opottunid&d (Sp.), n.: — opportunity 

convenient time or occasion, 
opottuno (Sp.), adj.; also contiempo: — 

opportune; well-timed; seasonable, 
oprime, v. tr.; also catgaye; chiguet;; jofLd: — ^to oppress; to repress; to 

keep down; to stifle; to subdue. 
ora (Sp.), n.: — ^hour. 
orasi6n (Sp.); also chinchuld; cuentos; 

discutso: — oration; a formal public 

speech; discourse, 
oriente, n.: — Orient. 
oriya, n.; also canto; chin; llmite: — 

border; end; limit; utmost extent; a 

border or boundary, 
oriyan, adv.; also non; gui fton; can- 
ton: — ^beside; in the proximity of; 

near to. 

oriyan tasi 



oriyan tasi, n.; also inae or inai: — 

shore; the coast or land adjacent to the 

sea; beach; seashore. 
oriyaye, v. tr.; also engatsa; lelicile: — 

to border; to encompass; to inclose; to 

bound (a field); to surround; to inclose 

on all sides. 
ore (Sp.)j n.: — gold. 
osgozi, adj.; also obediente (Sp.); con- 

fotme ni y otden y otro: — amenable; 

easy to lead; submissive; obedient; 

os^e, V. %.; also joi^gue; pdlo: — to 

listen to; to obey; to yield; to submit. 
osila, V. tr., v. %.: — ^to oscillate; to swing 

backward and forward; to vibrate. 
osiosid^d, n.; also guinagd; tinaibida; 

tinaich4ch6 : — ^idleness . 
osioso, n.; also dinescansa: — leisure; 

ease; freedom from occupation. 
osiosoy adj.: — at leisure. 
oso, n.: — ^bear. 

6son, adj., adv.: — weary; tired; surfeited, 
ospit&t, n.: — ^hospital. 
6tadnony v. %.: — to ramble; to wander or 

rove about. 

otden, n.: — order; command. 

otdena, v. tr.; also decreta {Sp.): — to 

ordain; to decree; to direct, 
otdinario, adj.; also costumbre {Sp,): — 

ordinary; usual; customary, 
otdin&rio, adj.; also costumbre (Jr. 

Sp.): — ordinary; usual; customary, 
otdinario na t4otao, n.: — common 

people; plebeians, 
otdinario na-t&otao, n.: — common peo- 
ple; plebeians. • 
otdon, n.: — ^prickly heat. 
otdot, n.: — ant. 
otguyoso, adj.y adv.: — ^proud. 
otquesta, n.: — orchestra; a body of 

otra manera, conj.; also sin6; de otro 

modo (Jr. Sp.): — otherwise; else. 
otro (Sp.)y adj.; also projimo; oriya; 

fion: — next; another; diferente; con- 

tr&rio: — other; different; contrary, 
y otro banda, adv.; also saniiyo^: — 

beyond; on the farther side of. 
ottografia, n.: — orthography; art of 

spelling and writing words correctly. 


pabo, n.: — turkey. 

p&cacS, I mter/.; — ^hush! be still! silence! 

p&cac&, V. %.; also famatquilo: — to be 

pacha, i;. tr.; aZaoete; yuma: — to touch; 

to perceive by feeling. 
pacha, n.: — touch. 
pachacate, adj.; also dtogo: — small in 

pachani:, adj. , adv .; also delicao (Sp . ) : — 

pachot, n.: — ^mouth. 
pachuchang^, adj., adv.; also dudus; 

bonita; gatbo: — ^neat; nice (speaking 

ofg'u-ls); beautiful; handsome, 
padit, V. tr.; also patmada: — to slap or 

box someone ^s ears, 
padagdag, n.; aZ^o mandague; dague; 

dinague: — ^lie; deceit; denial, 
padit (or padet), n.; also luga: — ^wall. 
padriguiyos, v. tr.; also cadena: — ^to 

fetter; to chain. 
pagad6t, n.: — paymaster. 
pagano, n.; — ^heathen; pagan. 
pagat, v. %.: also aconseja: — to counsel; 

to advise; to assist; to give advice; to 

pagng^as, v. tr.: — to cut; to split, 
pagngas, v. tr.; also dibide (Sp.); 

patte; desapatta: — to divide; to sepa- 
rate; to cut into parts. 
pUgo, adv.: — ^now; at the present time; 

quite recently; to-day. 
pUgo finalLago, n.; also pinatgon: — 

infancy; early childhood. 
p&go finafLago, n.; also nene; pinat- 
gon: — ^infant; a young child. 
p&^gogojft, adj., adv.; also flo: — actual. 

pUgo manana, n.: — daybreak; morning 
twilight; dawn; the first appearance of 
light in the morning. 

p&go yan AyOy.adv.; also cada un rate 
palo tiempo (Sp.): — now and then; 
once in awhile; sometimes. 

pagpag, n.; also mam&bejiga:— blis- 

pagpag, V. %.; also tagtag or catcat: — ^to 
smack with the tongue. 

pagyo, n.; also chat&an; pagyo; chUt- 
ja&ne: — storm. 

pagyo, n.: — typhoon. 

p4ine, n.: — comb. 

painen basula, n.: — rake. 

paarasto, n.: — stepfather. 

pais, n.; also comatca; besino: — 
neighborhood; region; tract of country, 

paja, n.; also cafia: — stalk; straw. 

pajaron u oriyan tasi:--gull; sea-gull. 

pajon, n.; also pajof[|:: — ^local name for 
the knob-fruited screw-pine; the leaves, 
after having been made flexible by 
neat, are woven into coarse mats; the 
latter are inferior to those made of 
aggag; they are also used for binding 
tc^ether the uprights of the fish traps 
(gigau; nasa). 

pala, n.: — shovel; spade. 

palabra ni honrao, n.: — parole; word of 
honor (especially, given oy prisoners of 

palacli&, n.; also tramposo; chegl^; 
fHfUbaba: — sWindler; rogue. 

p&ladad, n.: — ^palate; the roof of the 
mouth; gums. 

paladan, n.; also In-masilan; piliau: — 
scar; wound mark; wheal. 




p&lae, n.; also engUente; amot para 

chetnot: — ointment; an unctuous sub- 
stance applied to a wound or injured 

palagft, V. %.; also sulon: — to slip, 
palagsd, adj. J adv.; also j[a^8ulon; lato; 

fanlatuan: — smooth; slippery, 
palangana, n.: — pan; frying pan. 
palangana, n.; calaje: — ^basin; circular 

vessel for holding water; washbasin; 

ctl90 labad6t: — ^lavatory; retiring room. 
pala£gpajSg. n.; also eaten numedo^: — 

roar; cry oi a la^e animal; loud noise, 
palapa, v. i.: — ^to nutter; to move or flap 

the wings rapidly, 
palaspas, n.; — splash. 
pala43pas, v. tr.: — to dabble; to bungle; to 

do something in a superficial manner, 
palasyoj n.: — palace; residence of a 

sovereign (in Guam, the residence of 

the Governor, now renamed Govern- 
ment House), 
pal&uan, n.; also jembra: — ^female; 

paid, n.: — ^father; priest. 
Palestina, n.; also tierra santa (Sp.): — 

the Holy Land; Palestine, 
paleta, n.: — mason's trowel; painter's 

paLo, adj.: — some; more or lees, 
pale, aav.: — partly; in part, 
palo, n.; also esta^a: — pole; stake; post; 

paLon batco, n.: — mast of a ship, 
paluma, n.: — pigeon; dove. 
pan, n.: — bread; loaf; a large cake of 

panadero (Sp.), n.: — ^baker. 
panag, v. tr.; also tongto£^; sfing: — to 

strike; to thrust, 
panag, v. tr.; also paHite; patmada; 

pund: — to smite; to strike: to kill. 
panag-lald, n.; also abanico; pund-' 

laid: — ^fly swatter, 
panag tenia, n.: — ^tennis racket. 
pafLales, n.; also mantiya; s&banas 

dlquiqui: — mantilla, 
p&nglao, n.: — crab. 
pingon, V. tr.; also ySrjo: — to arouse; to 

awake; to wake up. 
pafiite, V. tr.: — to strike; to hit with a 

pafLo, n.: — ^handkerchief; kerchief. 
pafLot ales, v. tr.: — to swallow; to gulp 

down without masticating or chewing, 
pantalan, n.; also mueye: — ^pier; wharf; 

mole or jetty; a landing place projecting 

into the sea; dock; quay; landing 

pantaya, n.; also jomen candet or 

jomen candit: — lamp shade. 
pafLuel6n, n.; also &tniadot: — shawl; 

wrap; shoulder wrap. ' 
papa (y santo papa), n.: — Pope; the 

Holy Father, 
papa, oc?/.;— -papal ; pertaining to the Pope 

or to the Church of Rome (ex.j papal 

blessing: — gr&sian papa). 

papa, n.: — wing. 

pap&, adv.; also san papft; gtii pap&: — 
below; under; beneath. 

p&paoha, adj., adv.: — apathetic; touching. 

papagyo, aaj.: — stormy. 

papalote, n.; also drae6n: — kite; dragon. 

p&paques, n.: — nails (on fingers or toesj. 

p&paques gSig^, n.: — ^hoof (of animals). 

p&patang, n.; also besera; eseudo; 
patang: — shield. 

papatte, adj.: — parting; separating. 

p&pau, n.: — a plant growing along the 
border of streams; not now considered 
edible; in the early times, however, 
was eaten by the natives during the 
periods of famine which followed hurri- 

papaya, n.: — ^local name for the papaw; 
palmlike tree, all parts of which contain 
a milky juice having pepsinlike di- 
gestive properties; has a melon-shaped 
fruit, varjang in size and shape, which 
may be eaten with salt or sugar; its 
flavor resembles that of the muskmelon. 

papeleta, n.; also sddula: — ticket; cer- 
tificate; note. 

p&pet, n.: — paper. 

p&pet asero, n.: — sandpaper. 

paque, n.; — ^rifle; gun. 

paque, v. tr., v. i.; also tira (Sp.): — ^to 

paquen petdeg6n, n.; also esco- 
peta: — shotgun. 

paquete, n.; also balutan: — parcel; a 
small bundle. 

para, prep.; — for; in place of; on account 

para, v. i.: — to stop; to stand still. 

para, conj.: — in order that. 

parada, n.: — parade; military display. 

paraiso, n.: — local name for the china- 
berry; a small tree; the inner bark is 
used as a remedy for intestinal worms; 
its berries are poisonous. 

parafo, n.: — clause; separate part of a 
written composition. 

paralftico, n.: — palsy; paralysis. 

para ma nk lago (pedason sensen 
[catne] para ma n4 lagd); — ^for broil- 
ing; slice of beef for broiling. 

para man remotque: — tug; steam tow- 
ing vessel. 

para mon&; y m&mamaiia na tiem- 
po: — ^henceforth; for the future; in 
the future. 

paranfiiijon, n.: also posa: — pose; 
attitude; position. 

para pap4, adj.^ adv.: — downward; to- 
ward the ground. 

para todo, adj.; also jener&t (fr. Sp.): — 
universal; all-pervading; general. 

para u sifia, v. tr.: — to enable; to make 

parejo, adj.; also pinarejo: — alike; re- 
sembling; united; identical; the same; 
differing in no essential point. 

parejo, v. fr.; also umaya: — to be alike; 
to happen simultaneously. 



pedason taii6 

parejo, adj.; parejo j6nion-fiijay adj.: — 

congenial; kindred, 
parejo, adv.: — evenly; uniformly, 
par^ntesis, n.: — parenthesis, 
par^rejo, adj.^ adv.; also magHgajet: — 

exacting; oppressive, 
pares, n.: — ^pair. 
parientes, n.: — ^relatives; kin; parent; 

father or mother. 

parientes, adj.: — related; kin. 

paroco, n.: — ciurate of a parish. 

par6quia, n.: — parish. 

pas, n.: — ^peace. 

pasadero, adj.: — transient; passing. 

pasaddt, n.: — strop for sharpening the 

pasaje, n.: — transit; a passage through or 

pasajero, n.; also biajero: — ^passenger; 


pasca, adj., adv.; also quebrantayon; 
jamafag: — fragile; orittle; easily 

pasgua, n.: — Easter (festival of the 

Christian church pertaining to the 

resurrection of Jesus Christ, 
pasifico, adj., adv.: — ^peaceful. 
pasi6n, n.: — ^passion; strong, deep feeling 

or excitement. 
pasi6n, n.: — passion; the suffering of 

Christ in his last agonies. 
paso, n.: — pace; step; manner of walking, 
pastet, 71.; — pie. 

pasto, n.; also pastaje: — ^pasture, 
pasto, V. i.: — to graze. 
pasto, n.; also famastuyan; finltjoya: — 

meadow; pasture lana; land yielding 

past6t, n.: — ^herder; shepherd, 
pat, conj.; also o; logue: — or; otherwise; 


pat, adj.; also guaichongja: — either; one 

or the other. 
patang, n.; also besera; escudo (Sp.); 

papatang: — shield . 
patas, n.: — ^foot; also ading: — ^limb; leg. 
patas, n.: — sole; wooden sawhorse; paw. 
patas g&g&, n.: — paw; the foot of an 

animS with claws. 
pate|^, V. i.; also toyd: — to wince; to 

patgon, n,: — lad; a boy or youth. 
patgon-cabayo, n.; patgon-cabayo 

na-laje: — colt; young male horse. 
patgon-chiba, n.; also cabrito: — ^kid; 

yoimg goat, 
patgon na pal4uan, n.: — lass; a young 

woman; girl. 
patgon na trongco, n.: — sapling; a 

young tree, 
patig, V. tr.; also pateg: — to kick with 

the feet; to injure; to hurt, 
patio, n.; also sitio: — ^yard; courtyard; 

patlino, n.: — godfather. 
patma, n.: — ^palm; the inner part of the 


patma, n.; tro£g^on patma: — palm; 
palm tree. 

patmada, v. tr.: — ^to slap; to strike with 
the open hand. 

pat61, n.; also aflago; tuyan: — abdo- 
men; groin. 

pat pat, conj.: — either or • 

patque, n.: — park. 

patriatca, n.: — patriarch. 

patii6tico (Sp.), n.: — ^patriotism; love 
of one's country. 

patr6n, n.; — patron; protector. 

patron galludd, n.; also piloto; timo- 
nero: — steersman; boatswain. 

patruya, n.: — ^patrol; policeman going 
around to maintain order, etc. 

patte, n.; also f&cae: — share; a portion 
or part; a part allotted to one; fraction; 
a part broken off; act of breaking. 

patte, adj., adv.: — partial; inclined to 
favor one side; biased. 

patte g^ tdtaotao, n.; also ramas: — 
limb; part of the body; branch of a 

patticuldt, adj., adv.: — excellent; par- 

pattida, n.; also rasidn: — oration. 

pattida, n.: — departure. 

pattidon, n.; aZso linajyan: — party. 

patto, n.; also mafafiago; maliago: — 
childbirth; pattera: — midwife; pat- 
to:— delivery of a woman. 

p&u, n.; also written pao: also rastro; 
tinamtam: — scent; oaor; sense of 
smell; chase followed by means of the 
scent; savor; flavor; taste; relish; per- 
fume; fragrance. 

pg,upau, adj.; also mHuleg pHufLa: — 
odorous; frairant. 

pg,usa, n.: — cUise; iatermission. 

pausado ( / .), adj., adv.: — ^leisurely; 
done at leisure. 

paj^&yfi,, n.: — local name for the frigate 

payo, n.; also sombriya: — parasol; a 
lady's sunshade; umbrella. 

payon, adj.; also esperimentao (Sp.): — 
versed; skilled; experienced. 

payon, v. tr.: — to become accustomed to. 

pecH, n.: — dignity; office. 

pecado beniat, n.: — venial (pardonable) 

pecado mott&t, n.: — mortal sin. 

pecad6t, n.; also ch^chdtan; y umfi- 
sao: — sinner. 

p6chau, V. i.: — to run away; to jump. 

pecho, n.; also jaof; pecho jaof; san- 
jalum pecho: — ^breast. 

pedasito, n.; also pedaso; retasos: — 
slice: a thin piece of anything; scrap; a 
small or detached piece; fragment; 
shred; particle; atom. 

pedaso, n.: — ^block of wood, stone, etc. 

pedason magago ni d&lalae, n.; also 
jilon: — tape; narrow band of linen or 
cotton cloth. 

pedason tand, n.; also reji6n: — region; 
tract of country. 




pega, V. ir.; also planta: — ^to set; to place 
or put in any position; to fix; to plant. 

pega, V. %.; also nft-cheton: — to stick; to 

pegnd, adj.; also t&ilaye; t&iasd: — san- 
guinary; murderous; cruel; attended 
with much bloodshed; deadly; causing 

peligro, n.; also riesgo: — peril; danger; 
jeopardy; risk. 

pelig^oso, arfj., adv.: — dangerous; peril- 
ous; risW. 

peludo, Qjaj.; also meplo: — hairy; woolly. 

pena de muette (Jr. 8p.)y n.: — death 

penite, adj.j adv.; also triste (Sp.); t&i- 
minagof: — sad; full of grief. 

penit^iusia (Sp.)y n.: — ^penance; atone- 

penitiyiye, adj., adv.; also ma^oxu 
jinalum; agradesido: — sympathizing; 
thankful; grateful. 

pen£g^&, n.; also costumbre (Sp.); 
bfsio: — custom; established usage; 

pensi6n (Sp.), n.: — ^pension. 

penta, t. tr.; also pentaye: — ^to paint; 
to color; to draw; to sketch; to draft. 

pe6n (Sp.), n.; also jotnalero: — day 
laborer; helper; piece in the game of 

pepino, n.; — cucumber. 

pepitas, n.; also fensd; siembra; 
aemiya: — seed; stone; kernel of fruits, 

peras, n.: — pear. 

periodo (Sp.), n.; also t^tmino: — ^term; 
span of time; period. 

pdrito, n.: — expert. 

pes, n.: — ^pitch. 

pesa, V. tr., v. i.: — to weigh. 

pesa, n.; also zninacat: — ^weight. 

pesad6t, n.: — ^wei^hmaster; also scale; 

pesadumbre, n.; also binibo; zuina- 
jalang^: — ^apprehension; anger; vex- 

pescad6t (Sp.), n.; also talayero: — 

peson, V. tr.: — ^to pound; to crush; to 

peson, n.: — ^ram. 

pespes, V. %.: — to rustle; to murmur; to 

peste, n.; also epiddmia (Sp.): — pesti- 
lence; plague; epidemic. 

petbetso, adj., adv.; also escandaloso 
(Sp.)', ch&tpayon: — ^infamous; wicked; 
profligate; perverse. 

petde, V. tr.; also &£Lau; juliat: — ^to 
overcome; to subdue; to reduce to sub- 
jection; to conquer. 

petd6n, n.; also mina&sd; inasii: — 
forgiveness; pardon. 

petfecto, adj.; also sen guiya: — ideal; 
visionary; perfect. 

petjudioa, v. tr.; also inacacha; n&- 
dafio: — ^to impair; to prejudice; to do 
damage to. 

petjtUsio, n.: — ^harm; disadvantage; loss. 

petjUisio, V. %.: — ^to lose; to be harmed. 

petlas, n.: — ^pearl. 

petmanente, adj.; also durable (Sp.): — 
lasting; durable; permanent; contin- 

petmite, v. tr.; also consiente (Sp.) — 
to permit; to consent; to allow; to 
give permission for. 

petr61io, n.; — ^petroleum; kerosene. 

petsan, v. %.: — to rebound; to recoil. 

petsigue, v. tr.: — ^to persecute; to pursue. 

petsigue, n.: — pursuit; persecution; 

petsona, n.: — person. 

pettenese, v. tr.; also toca: — to pertain 
to; to concern. 

piano, n.: — ^piano. 

pfao, n.; also written piau: — reed; bam- 
boo; cane. 

pfao laje, n.; also pfao tituc&: — ^the 
thorny bamboo, armed with sharp re- 
curved sjpines; forms impenetrable 
thickets m moist places, and often 
attains the hei^t of^ fifty feet; is used 
by the natives in building houses, 
ranches, and inclosures. 

piao pal&uan, n.: — vernacular for the 
smooth bamboo, without spines; this is 
inferior to the thorny bamooo in hard- 
ness and durability. 

pica, V. tr.: — ^to cut into small pieces. 

pica, adj.: — pungent; sharp. 

pfcaro, n.; also picaru; brute; fHfa- 
baba: — villain; scoundrel; knave; 
rogue; cheat; thief; man without honor 
or virtue; worthless fellow. 

pfcaro, ac(;.;aZ«obaba; tlulaye; listo: — 
naughty; bad; i)erverse; mischievous; 
sly; crafty; cunning. 

picatdia, n.: — ^villainy; roguery; knavery. 

picnic, n.: — ^picnic. 

pico, n.: — spout; projecting mouth of a 
vessel; beak. 

piesa, n.: — a piece of cloth. 

pietna, n.; also tdla^: — ^bone; hind 
quarter; loins (of animals). 

pigd., n.: — ^vernacular name for the ^nt 
taro or acrid taro; this great arum b so 
acrid that its juice will blister the skin; 
it is a huge plant growing in marshy 
places, the flowers oi which have a dis- 
agreeable odor; two allied varieties are 
called in Guam papao and baba; the 
natives eat piga only in times of 
scarcity of food, and the fleshy trunks 
must be thoroughly roasted to destroy 
their acridity. 

piloto, n.: — ^pilot. 

piloton dire, n.: — aviator; aeronaut. 

pilotuye, v. tr.: — ^to pilot; to guide. 

pimienta, n.; also don6: — ^pepper; Span- 
ish pepper. 



pocat taigiiije y pocat cabayo 

piiia, n.: — vernacular name for the pine- 
apple; an excellent quality of pine- 
apple is produced in Guam, and when 
once established, the plants continue to 
reproduce for years, though frequent 
replanting and change of soil is neces- 
sary; the leaf yields a fine silky fiber 
(the same as that used in the Philip- 
pines for weaving into beautiful gauzy 
fabrics — ^the pifia cloth) which in Guam 
is twisted by hand, and made into the 
finer grade of cast nets for fishing; it is 
also used in lieu of thread for sewing or 
for wrapping cigars. 

pinadese, n.; also agonias (Sp.): — 
grievance; a sense of wrong or oppres- 
sion; agony; pangs of death. 

pinagat, n./ also consejo (Sp.): — 
counsel; advice. 

pinalagsdy adj.: — voluble; fluent in 

pinalala, v. i.: — to hurry. 

pinalala, n.: — ^hnrry; haste; celerity; 

pinalaia, adj., adv.; aho j&pinalala:- 
rash; hasty; incautious. 

pinal&lala, adj., adv.; also escrupuloso 
{Sp.); l^lujan; ch&chatjinaso: — 
anxious; scrupulous. 

pinafLot, n.: — swallow; gulp; draft; dram. 

pinarejo, adj.; aho pare jo: — ^identical; 
the same; differing in no essential point. 

pinarejo, n.; aho ach&igua: — sem- 
blance; likeness. 

pinarejon y dos raya punta a piinta: — 

pindupau, n . ; also espdsia; 
minanngud: — spice; relish. 

pinayon, n.; aho lindjnon: — experience; 
dexteritv; skill. 

pineble, n.; aho jailas: — poverty; want; 

pinecaty n.; aho lin&^yau: — ^walk. 

pin^gsai, n.: — propagation. 

pindlO; n.; also fintei^uleg; guinaja: — 
stock; store. 

pinengle, n.: — ^restriction. 

pinenta, n.: — draft; sketch; outline; 

pinenta, n.; aho p^penta: — painting. 

pinetsigfue, n.: — persecution; pursuit. 

pinigan, n.; aho catbon jayo: — char- 
coal; glow of burning coals. 

pinine, n.; aho rineusa: — refusal; rejec- 

pinind m&isa, n.: — suicide; person who 
commits suicide. 

pinite, n.; aho majalang; minaja- 
lan|^: — grief; mental pain; anguish; 

pinite, v. tr.; aho maluBd: — to pity; to 
deplore; to have compassion. 

piniti^ey v. %.; aho ta^l^se: — to bemoan; 
to grieve; to lament. 

pino, n.: — pine tree; fir tree. 

pinto, n.; aho capricho: — caprice; unre- 
stricted choice; will; free will. 

pintuxa, n.: — paint; enamel; lacquer. 

pipa, n.: — large barrel. 

y pipenta, n.: — painter. 

pipupu, n.: — ^local name for a fish belong- 
ing to the sea poachers; marked with 
vertical, snakehke bands of brown. 

pirata, n.: — pirate. 

pisara, n.: — slate (for writing on). 

piso, n.; also satgue: — floor. 

pistola, 71.; — ^pistol. 

pitdora, n.: — pill; medicine. 

pl4ito, n.; a^o coxnbate; jatsamiento; 
atboroto; inaguaguat: — fight; com- 
bat; tumult; insurrection; rebellion; 
lawsuit; process of law; court proceed- 
ing; fuss; unnecessary or irritating ac- 
tivity, especially in small matters; 
strife; discord; conflict. 

pl4ito,,v. %.: — to litigate; to contest 
in a court of law. 

pl&iton familia, n.: — feud; quarrel be- 
tween families. 

pl&lanta, n.: — ^founder; builder. 

planas, n.; — plains. 

plancha, n.; aho l&mina; estampa; 
lltrato :— picture . 

planchan-sm, n.: — corrugated iron. 

plane ta, n.: — planet; a heavenly body 
revolving round the sun. 

piano, n.: — ^plan. 

planta y lamasa: — to set the table for a 

planta, v. tr.; aho instituye: — to insti- 
tute; to install; to establish; to found; 
to lay the basis of; to fix firmly. 

planta, v. tr., v. %.: — to till the fields. 

plantasma, n.; aho dujendes; f&fH- 
fiagiie: — ghost; spook. 

plantet, n.: — nursery; a garden for rear- 
ing young plants. 

plasa, n.: — plaza; market place. 

plaso, n.: — ^respite; term; fixed term. 

plata, n.; aho salap^: — silver. 

platea (Sp.), v. tr.; aho salapie: — to 
silver plate; to silver. 

platero, n . ; — silversmith . 

plato, n.; aho nayan:— dish; platter. 

plate, n.; aho eplato; bandeja: — 
salver; platter. 

platen fon6grafo, n.: — phonographic 

pile go, n.: — sheet of paper; sabanas; 
sobre cama: — ^bed sheet. 

plomiso, adj.: — leaden; made of lead. 

plomo, n.: — ^lead. 

pluma, n.: — ^pen; feather. 

plumaje, n.; — ^feather; plume; plumage. 

poblasidn (Sp.), n.: — populace; popula- 
tion; people. 

poble, adj.; aho t4isalapd; nesesitao; 

maguem; desgrasiao: — ^impecunious; 

without money; poor; needy; miserable. 
pocat, V. %.; aho fegud; mamocat; 

mamegud: — to step; to go on; to tread. 
pocat taigiiije y pocat cabayo; also 

trote: — trot. 




podlilo, adj.; also written potHlo: — foul; 
spoiled; offensive. 

podo^, V. i.; also written podung^: — to 
fall; to tumble. 

pod6f[|:jal\iin, v. i.: — to collapse; to fall 
in; to break down. 

podsia (8p.)f n.: — poetry; song. 

pogpog, n.; also g^ano: — sore; ulcer; 
com; abscess. 

pogpog, V. tr.; aho bula: — to swell; to 
cause swelling; to inflate. 

p6gsaiy V. %.; also n^-yomoe: — to make 
fat; to fatten; to feed; to oring forth; 
to bring up (children); to propagate. 

poesen, V. I,: — to spoil; to become malo- 

politico {Sp.), adj.: — polite; well-man- 
nered; political; pertaining to politics. 

pdlo, V. I.; also 8u£gon: — ^to suffer; to 

pdlonfLHijon, v. tr.; also n&-para; 
bumasta: — to interrupt; to hold up; to 

polonon, n.: — ^a black filefish with 
yellowish fins; has an elevated and 
compressed body, and teeth like those 
of a sheep; four spines on each side of 
the tail and one on the back; the 
youngest indi\iduals are without the 
spines on the tail. 

ponedera, n.; also culeca: — brood hen. 

po]^le, V. tr.; also preso; polo gui 
catset: — to imprison; to incarcerate; to 
lock in. 

pons6n, n.; also puflat; alesna: — 

pontan, n.: — a coconut which has fallen 
to the ground. 

popa, n.: — poop; stem (of a ship). 

p6podon^, adj.: — ^falling; moving down- 
ward; sinking. 

populo, or pupulu, n.: — ^betel leaf. 

posible, adj.y adv.; also fd,tinason; ti 
fajateg: — possible; practicable. 

poBisi6n, n.: — position; situation. 

positibo {Sp.)y adj. J adv.: — positive; 
actual; direct. 

poso, n.; also asiento; tup6: — ^well. 

postlso, n.; also satgue: — support; 

postre, n.; also golosina: — dessert; 
fruits, etc. 

pot, prep.; also sk; siempre-sd,: — be- 
cause; on account of. 

potaje, 71.; — mush; broth; pottage. 

p6tbola, n.: — powder. 

p6tbolanpaque, n.: — gunpowder. 

potboB, n.; also asgon; tesna: — ^fog; 
soot; dust; haze. 

potbos catbon, n.: — coal dust. 

pot Snau, adv.f conj.: — so then; thus; 

pot esp^sio de, conj.; also esp^sio: — 
while; during the time that. 

potfla, V. tr.; also n§,-chfi,tsaga; mo- 
16stia: — to importune; to molest. 

potHao, adj. J adv.; also tiso; fitme: — 
inflexible; rigid; stiff; unbending. 

pot fin, adv.: — ^finally; at last. 

pot y fuetaa, adj.; also a fuetsas;. 

fuetaao: — forcible; violent, 
potga, n.; — purgative; cathartic medi^ 

potgas, n.: — flea, 
poto, n.: — ^rice cake, 
potpot, adj.: — thick; broad; wide, 
po^ot labios&a, adj.: — thick lipped, 
potqueria, n.: — trifle; anything of little 

value or importance, 
pot sea acaso; also yanguin: — ^in case; 

should it happen that. 
potso, adj.: — shrewd. 
potso, n.; — marksman, 
potta, n.: — door, 
pottamoneda {Sp.)f n.; also botsa: — 

purse; small bag or receptacle for 

carrying money, 
poyo, n.: — young cock; cockerel, 
poyon dujendes, n.; also inapulaijoni 

sponge; mushroom, 
practico, adj.; also espenmentaa 

(Sp.): — skilled; experienced; versed. 
practico, n.: — usage; long continued 

prenda, n.; also matca; senat: — sign; 

mark; token; symbol; signboard, 
prensa, n.: — ^iron; sadiron; lulog: — ^iron. 
prensa para fugd laiLa o aaaite:-;- 

press for pressing out oil or wine; oil 

press; wine press, 
prensipiante, n.: — novice; beginner. 
prepara, v. tr.; also aparejo: — to pre- 
preparaye, v. tr.: — to equip; to fit out; to 

presa, n.: — ^river dam. 
presa, v. tr.; also estangca; na-para: — 

to stem; to resist; to check; to dam; to 

hold up the flow of waters, 
presdnsia (Sp.), n.; also guinaigue: — 

attendance; presence. 
pr6sio (Sp.), n.: — price. 
pr6sio, V. tr.; also estima; ng,-g4ipre- 

sio: — to prize; to value highly; to 

pr^sion anunudo, n.: — retail price. 
preBisi6n, n.; also delicadesa; fasti- 

dioso: — nicety; precision; fastidious 

presiso (Sp.), adj., adv.: — certain; pre- 
cise; necessary, 
preso, adj.; also macon^:— captured, 
preso, V. tr.: — to take prisoner; to 

preso, n.: — captive; prisoner. 
presomido (Sp.)j adj.; also bastos; 

inalaniafiainor6so: — surly; rough; un- 
civil; churlish; ill-natured, 
presta, v. tr.; also 4yas: — to lend; to 

grant to another for temporary use. 
prestada, n.; also inllyao; prinesta: — 

loan; sum of money lent for a period. 
pribil6guio (Sp.) or pribil6jio, n.; — 

primabera (Sp.)f n.: — spring; a season of 

the year. 




primerisa, n.; also znafafia^n fin6^- 

nana: — ^first birth; primogeniture, 
prizn^t biaje, v. tr.: — ^to use for the first 

prime, n.: — cousin, 
prinexnete, n.; — ^promise; vow. 
prinepara, n.; also preparatibo; prepa- 

rasi6n {Sp.): — preparation; prepared- 
prin8i|)dt, n.; a/»o capit&t: — capital; the 

sum invested in a business, 
prinsip&t, adj.: — ^important; principal. 
prinsip atmente , adv. : — ^principally ; 

pzinsfpio, n.: — start; beginning. 
prisidn, n.; also catset: — prison, 
prisionero, n.; also t4otao calaboso: — 

probecho, n.: — advantage; gain; reve- 
nue; yield, 
probechosoy adj.j adv.; also g&ipro- 

becho: — useful; profitable; ser\Tlce- 

probechoso, adj.y adv.: — ^lucrative; 

probfnsia, v. tr.: — to provision; to sup- 
ply with food. 
probiiisia(6'p.), n.: — province. 
probisi6n-nen|^caiio, n.; also preben- 

si6n-ne£gcand: — ^provisions; food, 
problema, n.: — problem, 
probocatibo (Sp.), adj.: — provoking; 

procura {Sp.)^ v. tr.: — to procure; to 

prddigo iSp.)y n.; also fandangguero; 

gastadot: — spendthrift; lover; gal- 
productoso (Sp.)y adj.; also xnepH: — 

fruitful; yielding fruit; prolific, 
prof ana (Sp.)^ v. tr.: — to profane; to 

profeta, n.: — prophet. 
projibe, v. tr.; also choin&; pruibe: — 

to prohibit; to forbid, 
promesa, n.; also aras; sineguro; 

prenda: — security; earnest money; 

pledge; pawn, 
proxnete, v. tr.: — to promise; to give 

hopes of, 
prontinsia (Sp.), v. tr.: — to pronounce; 

to articulate. 
propiedHt tand, n.; — real estate; land 

and all pertaining thereto, 
propiet&no {8p.), n.; also arend6t: — 

landlord; one who has tenants holding 

under him ; the keeper of a hotel or inn. 
pr6pio, adj.; also umaya; chumilon^: — 

becoming; seemly; proper; correct; 

propone (5'p.), v. tr.; also sa^an: — to 

propo8i8i6n (Sp.)^ n.: — proposition. 
propotsi6n, n.; also inaya; chini- 

lo£|:: — proportion. 
protect6t (op.), n.; also gufgogiie: — 

protector; defender; guardian. 

proteje (Sp.), v. tr.; also faborese: — 
to protect; to patronize; to favor; to 

protesta, v. i.: — to protest; to renun- 
ciate; to remonstrate. 

prueba (Sp.), v. tr.: — to verify; to prove 
to be true. 

prueba, n.: — evidence; proof; testi- 

pruibido, adj.: — ^forbidden; interdicted. 

publica, V. tr.: — ^to divulge; to disclose; to 

publicao, adj.: — notorious; publicly 

publicao, n.: — notoriety; the state of 
being notorious. 

ptiblico, adj.; also comtin: — ^public; 
common; general. 

puei^ue, n.: — night; pupueng^ue: — 
afternoon; evening. 

puetca, n.: — sow; a female pig. 

puetto, n.: — port; haven. 

puetton segiiro, n.: — ^haven; place of 
shelter and safety. 

pugas, n.; also f&e; jinegs&: — rice. 

pfiguft, n.: — ^betel nut; a palm introduced 
into Guam in prehistoric times, but not 
indigenous to the island, and planted by 
the natives for the sake of its aromatic 
seeds, which are generally called betel 
nuts; grows in damp woods and alone 
the margins of streams; the nut is held 
in high esteem by the natives, who 
chew it together with the leaf of the 
betel pepper (the cava plant of Poly- 
nesia)! the nut is divided and a piece 
of it is wrapped in the pepper leaf, 
together with a pinch of quicklime; it 
imparts a red color to the saliva, injures 
the teeth, and sometimes almost de- 
stroys them; the nut is called either 
ptigua, or by its Tagalog name bonga; 
the leaf is called pupulu, or by the 
Visayan name bujro, and the packet 
made for chewing is called mamaon; 
at all wedding assemblies (fandang- 
gos) and funerals the chewing of betel 
IS a matter of etiquette in Guam. 

pugue, v. tr.: — to feed; to furnish fodder 

pugui, V. tr.: — to decoy; to allure into 
danger by artifice; to lure. 

puja, V. tr.: — to overturn; to throw over; 
to thrust. 

puja, n.: — ^loam; rich vegetable mold 
with clay and sand. 

pujot, V. tr.; also aprieta: — to oppress; to 
press; to aflflict. 

puL&, V. tr.; also esplica: — to solve; to 

pulan, n.: — moon; month. 

pulan, V. tr.: — to keep watch. 

pulan, n.: — a dark silvery fish, bluish 
above, which ia found in the fresh- 
water streams of Guam. 

pulHon, mdj.; also diritiyon: — soluble; 




pulatat, n.; — water hen; excellent for 

pulido, adj.; also laxolam; majlos: — 

polished; furbished, 
pulo, n.;— -hair. 
pulon ^i^^ n.: — fur. 
pulon Tnaniig or manog, /^.; — feathers; 

chicken feathers, 
pulon tengjo, n.: — mane. 
pumal&Lapa, n.: — flap; anything broad 

and flexible, hanging loosely, and 

fastened on one side. 
pumara, v. L: — to pause. 
puixiaran£L4i}on, v. i.; also um-ab- 

maxu: — to tarry; to loiter; to linger; to 

be slow; to hang back; to hesitate, 
pumarejo, adj.: — equivalent: equal to. 
pumay&y^, adj.: also znum&ya: — adrift; 

floating at random. 
puminite, r. (r.; also mumafiotBot; 

fafiotsot: — to regret; to rue; to be sorry 

for; to repent. 
pumogpog, adj.; also bentoso; umes- 

pongja: — inflating; swelling, 
pane, v. tr.: — to recant; to deny. 
punen iii4i8ay a.; also jinilat m^isa; 

chinem^ maisa: — self-control; self- 
pund, V. tr.; also bora: — to extinguish the 

li^ht; to put an end to: to blot out; to 

wipe out; to extirpate; to slay; to kill; to 

pund maisa, i . i.: — to commit suicide. 
punta, n.; also punto: — point; small 

point or speck; period {gram.). 

> pontan adiai, n.: — point of the chin. 

i puntan jasta, n.: — ^top of maet. 

' puntan ogsd, n.: — top of a mountain. 

pont^t, n.; — ^bracket. 

puntero (5p.), n.; — stick; pointer. 

pnntu&t, adj. J adv.; also ti ^atrasao: — 
punctual; precise. 

pupuengne, n.: — afternoon; evening. 

pure, adj.; also natur&t: — ^natiu^l; 

pure, adv.; also sensiyo; t&ig&chong: — 
merely; simply; only. 

put&, V. i.: — to burst; to rend or break 
open with violence. 

puten chachag, n.; — colic; gripes. 

putgada; pulgada (5p.), n.: — ^inch; one- 
twelfth of a foot. 

puti, n.; also eyug or eyog: — intense 
pain (especially of thrust wounds). 

puti, adj.: — sore; tender or jminful to the 

puting, n.: — name of a tree very abun- 
dant in Guam; in places on the east 
shore between Pago and Taldfdfd one 
can scarcely walk without stepping on 
the fallen fruit or crushing the young 
plants; the natives use the fruit when 
dr>- as floats for their nets and the fresh 
for stupefying fish. 

pution, 71.; — star. 

putlilo, V. i.: — to rot; to spoil. 

ptitpito {Sp.)y n.: — pulpit. 

putseras, n.; also braseletas; brasa- 
letas: — bracelet; arm ring. 

putso, n.; also written potso: — pulse. 


quebranta, x. fr.^ v. i.; also yaya; 
yama^: — to shatter; to damage; to 
break into pieces. 

quebrantayon, adj.; also pasca; jama- 
fag: — fragile; easily broken: brittle. 

queg, n.: — cake; also totta (Sp.) 

quSigue, v. i.: — to emidate; to contend. 

queja, n.; also dinemanda: — suit; proc- 
ess at law; complaint;' accusation; 

qu§julat, V. tr.: — to attack. 

qu^laguin, n.; also flnH-dend; satsa 
(5p.): — sauce; condiment. 

quelejo, n.: — college; higher school. 

quemado, v. tr.; also n&-guefaflito:— to 
bake or fry too well; to burn in frying. 

quemas6n, n.: — fire; conflagration. 

quenand quills, n.; also quilis pulan: — 
eclipse oi the moon. 

quepis, n.: — cap (with a visor). 

queiida, n.; also written: quirida: — 

quesnudo, adj.; also tdidajog; sin 
mag&gago: — naked; nude. 

queso, n.; — cheese. 

queyau, v. i.: — to limp. 

quiadas, n.;^aw. 

quiades, n.; also tdlang-quiades: — jaw- 
bones; cheekbone. 

quicdcd, n.: — ^harvester; harvest gatherer. 

quiebra, adj.; also insotbente: — bank- 

quleto, n.; also descanso; tranquilo: — 
rest; quiet; peace. 

quieto, adj., adv.; also f&fatquilo; t4i- 
quinalamten:— -silent; close; quiet; 
kept secret; still; at rest; calm; without 
motion; stagnant; not flowing; torpid; 
dull. _ 

quieto na janum; also ma-estangca: — 
still waters, overflowing the banks. 

qufliSy n.; also careta; cedesa: — ^buwy; 


quilisyano, n.; also catesismo: — 

Christian doctrine. 
quHolog; also buetta; lUicd: — to turn 

(during a dance); to revolve; to roll in a 


quiluus, n.: — cross. 

quinabales, n.: — perfection; complete- 

quinilc&, n.; also c&c&: — slit (in wood). 
quinado, n.: — goulash; stew. 

quinajujuld, adj., adv.; also ere- 
siente: — ^rising; growii^; increasing. 

quinalamten, n.: — motion; the act^ 
process, or state of, moving. 

y qninalamten y apaga 



y quinalamten y apaga: — to shruR; to 
draw up the shoulders to express doubt 
or contempt. 

quinamyo, n.: — ^rasped coconut. 

quinaxifioso, n.; also caxiflo: — ^loveli- 
ness; kindness; amiability; benevo- 

quinase, n.; also butla: — sarcasm; bit- 
ter, sarcastic expression. 

quinatne: — eaten away; gnawed at. 

quinatot y tinannin: — blight; blast in 
the crop. 

quinensiente) n.; also quinenfotxne: — 
consent; agreement. 

quinensigue, n.; also ^uimxnple: — 
accomplishment; realization. 

quinensuela, n.; also batsamo; znina- 
gong:; dinichoso: — balm; consola- 

quinententoy n.; also xninagof ; ulna- 
jo^; sinatisfecho: — satisfaction; 
contentment; gratification. 

quinentr&rio, n.; also in&cliatlii; chi- 

natUi; also written in&chatlid; chinat- 

116: — enmity, 
quinettesaxio, n.: — morality; ethics; 

qiiinientos, adv.: — ^five hundred, 
quinilag, n.: — diarrhea (not dysentery), 
quinilfs &tdau, n.; also quilis &tdao: — 

eclipse of the sun. 
quinilo, n.: — buck; ram (also sheep in 

quimxnpUdo, n.; also empefLo; esme- 

ro: — seal; eagerness; diligence, 
quinse, ad.J: — ^fifteen, 
quinto, adj . ; — ^fif th . 
qulsame, n.: — ceiling (of a room), 
quitan, adj.: — squinting, 
quiya, n.: — buttocks, 
qui^a, n.: — hull; the body or frame of a 

quiyan batcp, n.: — keel; the lowest 

timber of a vessel. 


r&banos, n.: — radish. 

r&bia, n.: — fury; rage; madness. 

radicau, v. i.; also sagaye: — to settle 

down; to colonize. 
rai, n.; also written rey or ray: — ^king. 
r&ina, n.: — queen, 
rainado, n.: — reign, 
r^ino, n.: — kingoom; state, 
ramas, n.; also jagon: — twig; branch; 

bough; foliage, 
ramivete, n.: — bouquet; nosegay; bunch 

of nowers. 
ramo, n.; also grade (Sp.): — ^rank; 

position; grade. 
rana, n.: — &og. 
rasa, n.: — ^race; sex; breed; variety; 

brood; offspring; hatch. 
rasa, v. tr.: — to rub; to rub smooth; to 

smooth out. 

rasgimo, n.; — rent; tear; fissiure. 

rasizno, n.: — ^bunch; cluster. 

ras6n, n.; also sinaj%an: — statement; 
narrative; recital; reason; common 
sense; incentive; motive. 

rasonable, adj.; also g&irason: — reason- 
able; sensible. 

raspa, v. tr.; also jotyat: — to scrape off; 
to scratch off; to brush; to rub. 

rastrea, v. i.: — to follow on the track of; 
to track; to tltice; to search out; to get 
a scent. 

rastro, n.; aZ«o pau; feeud: — scent; odor; 
sense of smell; chase rollowed by means 
of the scent; residue; remnant; re- 

rate, w./a/^omoinento (Sp.): — moment; 

instant; twinkling, 
raya, n.; also Unea (Sp.): — line; length 

without breadth. 

ra^a, v. tr.: — to underscore; to draw a 

reatmente, adv.; also realmente (Sj>.); 
xnagapejet: — ^really; with actual exist- 
ence; in truth. 

rebaja, v. tr.; also n^-l^diq^uiqui; 
reduse (Sp.): — to lower the pnce; to 
allow a rebate; to reduce; to diminish; 
to make smaller. 

reber^nsia (Sp.), v. tr.; also reepeta 
(Sp . ) ; honra: — to revere ; to regard with 
fear mingled with respect and affection; 
to reverence. 

reber^nsia, n.: — homage; deference; 

rebetde, adj.; also 4guaguat; em- 
beste: — stubborn; refractory; impeni- 

rebista, v. tr.; also rebisa; repasa; 
examlna tSlo: — to review; to re- 
examine; to look back. 

rebista, v. tr.; also n&-dinaiiche; re- 
pasa: — to revise; to correct; to review 
and amend. 

rebista, n.; also guin^faligau; guefa- 
berigua : — ^research ; careful inquiry . 

rebolusi6n (Sp.), n.; also mumon lina- 
jyan: — ^revolution; uprising. 

rebotbida, v. i.: — to reflect lightly; to 
reverberate (ex., sound). 

rebot8i6n, n.; also minamalclidchd: — 
revulsion; sudden change of feeling. 

rebuetbe (Sp.), v. tr.; also deroea; 
nanMo y miijd; cansela: — to revoke; 
to countermand; to withdraw; to 
abolish; to dismiss. 

rebuetbe, n.: — ^revolver; pistol. 

rech&chasa, adj.; also op6pone; ch&- 
cliab&: — resisting; refractory; oppos- 

rechasa, v. tr.; also resiste (Sp.); 
opone; chabai or chabae: — to resist; 
to oppose; rentinsia: — to renounce; 
to abdicate; to swear off. 




recluta, n.: — ^recruit; newly enlisted 

r^coje, V. tr.; also joca; n&-^tnon: — 
to gather; to pluck; to collect (ex., to 
gather the crops; to collect in heaps). 

recoje, v. tr.; also fllinonton or fk- 
monton; zid.-etxion: — ^to gather; to 
pluck; to pick off; to bring together; to 

recojido, adj.: — ^retired; solitary; eco- 
nomical; frugal. 

recomendasi6n (Sp.)f n.: — ^recommen- 

recomienda, v. tr.: — to recommend; to 

recompensa (Sp.), v. tr.; also remo- 
nera: — to remunerate; to recompense. 

reconose, v. tr.: — ^to investigate; to in- 
quire into: to examine closely; to 
scan; to sift; to probe. 

reconose (fr. Sp.)j v. tr.: — to recognize; 
to acknowledge. 

rectifiica (5p.), v. tr.; also nil-dinaxiclie; 
corije: — to rectify; to set right. 

recuetda, v. tr.; also jasuye; jinason- 
fL4ijon; jaso: — to'remindj to put in 
remembrance; to call to mind of. 

redima {8p.)j n.: — ^redemption; release; 

r^dito, 71.; — ^revenue; the general in- 
come of a government; taxes; customs, 
etc. (y jum&jalum gui gobietno pot 
apas aduana, lis6nsia, etc.). 

reflere {Sp.)^ v. i.: — ^to refer; to allude. 

refiere, v. tr.: — ^to refer; to submit to 
another person for decision, etc. 

reflejo, v. tr.^ v. %.: — ^to reflect; to throw 
back rays of light. 

refotma {.Sp), v. tr.; also enmienda: — 
to reform; to make better; to correct. 

refrSresco, adj., adv.; also fresco: — ^re- 
freshing; cool; fresh. 

refresco, v. tr.; also nH-l&fresco: — to 
refresh; to reinvigorate; to restore. 

regale, n.; also nin^: — largess; a gift; 

regla, n.; also tinagd;; 
otden; disposisidn: — order; command; 
injunction; rule. 

re^la, n.: — ^ruler; instrument for ruling 

regula, v. tr.; also aregla: — ^to regulate; 
to bring under rule; to order; to organ- 

regul^t, adj. J adv.: — ^regular; uniform; 

regulatmente, adf/., adv.: — customary; 
usual; ordinary; regular. 

rejas, n.: — ^rail; wooden or iron bar; fence; 
grating; lattice; trellis; latticework. 

rejimiento, n.: — ^regiment; batay6n, 
n.: — ^battalion. 

reji8trad6t, n.: — ^registrar; official who 
Keeps a record. 

rejistro, n.: — ^record; register; public 

relfquias, n.: — ^relics. 

rel6s, 71/: — watch; close observation. 
rel6B, n.: — clock. 

rezuacha, v. tr.: — to rivet; to cUnch. 
rem^dia (Sp), v. tr.; also n4-sano; 

f&zu&uleg: — ^to remedy; to prepare; to 

put in order. 
rezu6dia, n.; also amte: — ^remedy; an 

efficacious medicine, 
remite, v. tr.; also n&-iuan&e: — to 

remit; to transmit money, 
remolino, n.: — ^whirlwind; tornado 

remotque, v. tr.: — ^to tow; to take into 

tow; to give a Une. 
remotque, v. tr.; also batsala: — ^to tug; 

to pull with great effort. 
rexnpuja, v. tr.: — to drive back; to beat 

off; to repel, 
remuebe, v. %.: — to remove; to change 

rezuuebe, v. tr.; also nH-j&iiau; 

apatta: — ^to remove; to take away; to 

send away. 
rexnunerasi6n, n.; also gan&nsia: — 

emolument; profit; remuneration, 
renaya, n.: — engraving. 
rena^jra, v. tr.: — ^to etch; to engrave by 

biting out a design with acid. 
rengl6n, n.: — ^line; item of a bill. 
renueba, v. tr.; also n&-taigiiijej&; 

n& saga tSlo: — ^to restore; to bring 

back to its former strength; to renew; 

to reclaim; to renovate. 
renHnsia, v. tr.; also rinde; entrega: — 

to surrender; to cede; to resign. 
rentmsia y ch&tjine^gue, v. tr.: — to 

abjure; to recant uj)on oath (n&n&lo y 

finijd ni y xnanjula). 
repara, n.; also nota; obsetbasi6n: — 

remark; observation; comment, 
repara, v. tr.: — to regard; to heed; to 


repatte, v. tr.: — ^to distribute; to allot; to 
deal out or divide; to apportion. 

repenta, v. tr.; also fafLotsot: — to re- 
pent; to regret; to rue; to be sorry for. 

repite, v. tr.; also sesuye; tafd; tap- 
lufig; sa^gan tfilo: — to reiterate; to 

r6pot, n.; also epilepsia (Sp.): — epi- 

repoyo, n.: — cabbage. 

reprende, v. tr.; also ma nota: — ^to re- 
proach; to upbraid. 

representa (op.): — ^to represent; to set 
forth; to display; to exhibit. 

representante, n.: — ^representative. 

representasi6n, n.; also mxepre- 
senta: — ^representation; exhibit; \'iew. 

republica (Sp.), n.: — ^republic. 

rescata, v. tr.; also saca; n&-libre; 
masotta: — to liberate; to set free; to 
ransom; to release; to recover; to save; 
to redeem. 

resend^nsia, n.; — domicile; residence; 




reseta, n.: — prescription; recipe; re- 

resetba, v. tr.; also ninSs&j^g^e; 
dineposita: — to retain; to hold or keep 
in possession. 

resibe (Sp.)^ v. tr.; also acsepta: — to 
receive; to accept. 

resid^nsia, n.; also sagayan: — ^resi- 
dence; domicile. 

resiste, v. tr.; also opone; ti malag^Ae: — 
to disagree; to contradict; to quarrel; to 
dispute; to struggle. 

resist6naia, n.; aho inopone; cMnabft; 
nirechcuia: — resistance; opposition. 

resolusidn (Sp.), n.; also deEOsidn 
(Sp.): — ^resolution; resolve. 

respeta, v. tr.; also estima; jai-e: — to 
respect; to honor; to esteem. 

respetao, adj.: — civil; polite. 

respeto, n.: — veneration; respect; rever- 

responde, v. tr., v. %.; also ope: — ^to 
respond; to answer; to reply. 

xefiqsonsable {Sp.), adj.: — ^responsible; 
involving responsibility. 

re»utta {8p.)', also jumuyongfia; 
jiniyongfia: — to result; to follow as a 

retasos, n.; also pedetsito: — shred; 
piece; fragment. 

retira, v. i.: — to retire; to withdraw; to 
retreat; to recede. 

retirao gui pumalo, adj.; also aislado; 
mdiaa; sumaj^gue; m^maisa: — iso- 
lated; solitary; secluded; offlying; re- 
mote; lonesome. 

re tiro, n.; also sinajngue: — seclusion. 

retdrica, n.: — rhetoric; the art of speak- 
ing with elegance and force. 

retracta, v. tr.: — ^to retract; to rescind; 
to recant. 

reuma, n.; also maznuten t&taotao: — 

re\ini6n (Sp.), n.; also inetnon; nilaj- 

yan: — reunion; a festive gathering of 

familiar friends or associates. 
reusa, v. tr., v. i.: — to decline; to refuse, 
reusa, n.; also contradisi6n {Sp.)i — 

denial; refusal; contradiction. 
rejrana, v. tr.; also sajgtiaaie tdlo; nS-^ 

bula: — to replenish; to fill up again. 
ribana, v. tr.; also sufan: — to pare; to 

cut away, little by little; to peel {ex., 

to pare an apple). 
rib&t, w.; achaiguefia: — ^rival; one who 

strives to equal ot excel another; com- 
xico na t&otao, n.: — nabob; a very rich; 

rienda, n.: — rein; bridle; curb, 
liesgo, V. tr.; also atrebe; ariesga: — 

to risk; to venture; to hazard. 
rifa, n.; also loteria {Sp.): — raffle; 

rincdn, n.: — corner; edge, 
rinesibe, n.; also reubo; acsepta; 

chuid; ehinild: — receipt; acceptance, 
rineusa, n.: — dejectedness; depression 

of spirits. 
rise y layag: — to reef the sails, 
riyeno, n.; also afulo: — ^wadding; soft 

stuff of loose texture used for stuffing 

roble, n.: — oak. 
robusto, a^j., ac/y.; aZs 9 fotte; fuette; 

znasajegat; znetgot; fuetsudo: — 

robust; strong; vigorous, 
rosa, n.: — rose. 

royo, n.: — roll; also finalulon: — ^roller, 
royon-tale, n.: — coil; a rope gathered 

into a ring, 
rueda, n.: — wheel, 
rumbo, n.; also chalan; cutso {Sp.): — 

route; course; journey. 
ruin6t, n.; y ma saja|;anfL4fLaijon: — 

rumor; popular report; current story. 


sH, conj.: — lest; that not; for fear that. 

s&balo, n.: — Saturday. 

sabana, n.; also monte {Sp.); og36: — 

s^banas, n.: — bed sheets, 
s&banas diquiqui, n.; also znantiya; 

pafiales: — mantilla, 
sabio, adj., adv.; also faye; mltitanos; 

tomtom: — wise; crafty; sagacious; sly; 

learned; sensible, 
sable, n.; also espada: — sword; saber. 
8ab6t, n.; also s6nsia: — flavor; a particu- 
lar smell or taste. 
saca, V. tr.; also rescata: — to liberate; to 

s^can, adj.; also t6a; masa: — ripe; 

mature; ready for harvest, 
sacapico, n.; also Jachita; twada:— pick; 

a snarp-pointed tool; hatchet; pickax; 

mattock; ax. 

4562—18 15 

saco, n.: — coat. 

sacrifica, v. tr.: — to sacrifice. 

saciilego (//. Sp.), adj.: — sacril^ious; 

violating sacred things (tinae respeto 

ni mafiantos sija na guinaja). 
sacude, v. tr.: — to shake; to chastise (with 

a birch rod); to flog; to shake off; to 

repel; to cast off. 
sadi-^ane, n.; also lancho: — shack; hut; 

sadog, n.; sadog diquiqui: — river ^ 

stream; brook; creek; small stream, 
safe, V. tr.; also jotyat: — to brush; ta 

scrape or scratch off; to rub. 
saga, V. i.; also sumaga; sungon; 

sungun: — to stay; to remain; to abide; 

to dwell; to resiie; to continue; to en- 
dure; to last, 
sgrgamai, n.: — ^gnat; insect allied to the 

mosquito, but smaller. 



San pap& 

sagamelo^y n.: — a sauiirel fish of a | 
beautiful deep rose color; gill openings . 
black; with large eyes. 

sagan, n.; also lugat; sa^yan: — place; 

sagan benta, n.; also tenda: — grocery. 

sagan famagdon, n.; also criansa: — 
nursery; apartment for young children. 

sagan giga, n.; also cabayeiisa: — 
stable; building for lodging horses, 
cattle; etc. 

sagan janum, n.; also tinajan ja- 
num: — ^water reservoir. 

sagan obeja, n.; — apiary; beehouse. 

sagan p&jaro, n.; — aviar>-; inclosing 
for keeping of birds. 

sagayan, n.; also saean: — place; bower. 

sagayan na mayun, adj.: — lonely; de- 
serted; solitary. 

sagaye, v. i.: — to settle down; to colonize. 

sagaye, v. tr.; also ocupa {Sp.)\ aaj- 
guane; ii&-e&ich^hd; n&Msh&tsaga; 
tand: — ^to take possession. 

sagaye, v. tr., v. %.; also taot&g^e: — 
to inhabit; to dwell; to reside; to re- 

sagrado (8p.)y adj.; also santos; ma 
n& santos: — sacred; consecrated; in- 

sagsae, n.: — ^local name for a fish of the 

edible variety; red in color, with 

large eyes. 
saguane, v. tr.: — to protect; to guard. 
s&guat, adj., adv.; also descarao; 

atrebido: — ^insolent; shameless; bold; 

sagud, adj., adv.; also gusi; malatd; 

fresco: — smart; poignant; sharp; 


s4gUd, V. tr.: — to pull; to haul, 
sagttd, V. tr.; also ampara; g6giie; 

saeuane: — ^to protect; to shelter; to 

defend; to guard, 
s&ina, n.; also m&gas; tata: — master; 

lord; father. 
s&is sientos (/r. seis, Sp.), adj.: — six 

sais, adj.: — six. 
sk jafa, adv.: — why; jafa taimano: — 

how; in what manner; to what degree or 

extent; for what reason. 
saiago, n.; also tadu£g: na janum: — 

aeep water. 
8&jane, v. tr.: — to shelve; to place on a 

s&jguan, n.: — case; a covering or recep- 
s4j guana, v. tr.: — to fill; to replenish. 
sajgu&ne t&lo, v. tr.; also n&-bula; 

reyena: — to replenish; to fill up again. 
sajng:ue, adj.; also sumajnp^ue: — 

special; dbtinct; particular; duferent; 


sajyan, n.; also batco or barco: — ship; 

8&jyau, adj.f adv.: — quick; speedy. 

8al4, V. tr.: — to disapprove; to speak 

sala, n.; aUoBal6n (5p.):-^all. 
salamafyg^ca, n.;— play; trick, 
salamangca, r. i.;— to play; to play 

salapd, n. ; oZ«o nioneda (Sp.): — cash; 

money; coin; piece of money, 
sedero, n.: — salt cellar, 
salida (Sp.), n.; also jin&nao: — depart 

ure; sailing. ^ 

saligao, n.; — centipede. 
Salinas, n.: — salt-making plant. 
saUn6n, n.; also written satni6n: — 

sal6n, n.: — parlor; reception room; draw- 
ing room, 
saltid {Sp.), n.; also jinemld:— health; 

condition of health, 
saluda, v. tr.: — to greet; to salute, 
saludable (Sp.), adj.: — wholesome; 

salungai, n.; also bayena: — ^whale. 
sandlUias, n.; also doga: — sandals; shoe 

of coarse leather, 
sanean, v. tr.; also nombra; fan&an; 

eUje; ayeg: — ^to elect; to name; to 

saj^an, v . tr. : — ^to say ; to relate ; to speak ; 

to utter; to declare; to describe; to 

narrate; to set forth, 
sangan desparate, v. tr.: — ^to swear; to 

utter an oath, 
sanganen patgon, v. tr.; also n^ 

ti^^dfi&iion: — ^to insinuate; to suggest 

or hint indirectly. 
sanganiye, v. tr.; also esplicaye; 

traduse; nS.-claruye: — ^to interpret; to 

explain; to translate. 
s&ngano, adj., adv.; also desareelao: — 

dissolute; licentious; roving wildly, 
sanjedum, adv.; also jeiluni; guijedum:^ 

inside; there within; within. 
san jalum, n.; also jedum tand: — 

interior; inland, 
san jild, prep.; also jildfLa; ayo; jijot: — 

on; upon; at; near; resting on the top; 

over; above; upon. 
san jiyonj^, adv.; also t&ieUe; fuera de 

(Sp.): — outward; toward the outside; 

out; without, 
san lago, n.; also gui lago; lago: — 

sen lichan, n.; also gui lichan; lu- 

chan: — west. 
san mdna, adv., prep.; also nxdna; antes 

que; antes de {fr. Sp.): — before; in 

y san mdna, n.: — ^front. 
sanmtoa, n.; also guin&igue; pre- 

s6nsia (Sp.): — attendance; presence, 
san mdna I inter j.; also sigue I f 6f dna ! — 

go ahead I forward ! 
sano (Sp.), adj.; also m&uleg ilulia: — 

sane; mentally sound or healthy, 
san pap&, adv.; also papH; gui pap&: — 
below; under; beneath. 

san tate 



san tate, n.; also tate: — ^rear; the part 
behind the rest; last in order; quarter- 
deck (of a ship); san tate eui batco: — 
aft; toward the stem of a £ip. 

santo esplritu {Sp.)y n.; also Yuus: — 
holy spirit; God; the third person of the 
Trinity (v xnina tree na petsona gui 

sanydyd, n.; — spider. 

8a6nao pumixiite, v. tr.: — to condole to 
express sympathy. 

sadsao, v. tr.: — ^to clean; to dry. 

sapatos (Sp.)j n.: — shoes. 

sapet, V. i.: — ^to care; to torment. 

sapet zuauleg, v. tr.: — to whip or punish 
soundly; asentadon; quinastiga; 
apas patcastigo segthi y finatizias; 
retribusidn: — ^retribution; reward or 
punishment suitable to the action. 

sapil inter j.: — go away! (ex.^ chasing a 

Bapisapi, n.; — a small fish of a beautiful 
glossy rose-purple; has large eyes, a 
blunt snout, straight back, and curved 

aapisapi, n.; — a kite made by Chamorro 
boys (two other kinds are named 
sarangola and xnar^ or zuard). 

sapit, V. tr.: — ^to mortify; to humble; to 

saque, v, tr.; also msifiaque: t^sgUe; 
man^sgtte: — to steal; to purloin. 

saque, n.; — theft; thief; Durglar; also 
ladr6n: — ^thief. 

saque (or saqui), v. i.: — to poach; to 
trespass; to shoot or steal game. 

sasajng^ue, adj.; also madesocupa: — 
desolate; deprived of inhabitants. 

sasaiaguan, n.; also tin&ifoiido; in- 
fietno: — hell; abyss; gulf. 

sasanganiia, n.: — expression; mode of 

sasata, n.: — ^wasp. 

sasatba, n.; also nanaiibre; satbaddt 
(Jr. Salvador, Sp. — Savior. 

sasengpat, n.: — ^vernacular name for the 
most remarkable bird of the Marianas 
Islands, a mq^pode. 

Bastre, n.: — tailor. 

satanas (Sp.)^ n.; also magi^anite (or 
xnagi%aniti): — satan; the devil. 

satgue, 71.; also edas; piso: — stage; plat- 
form; support; floor. 

satira (Sp.), n.: — satire; sarcasm; ridi- 

satisfecho, adj.y adv.; also magof; 
najoni:: — satisfied; cheerful; delighted; 
joyous; merry; gay. 

Batni6n, n.;— isalmon. 

satmonet^, n.: — local name for a flsh be- 
longing to the siu:f mullets; has large 
scaks; of pinkish yellow, with bri^t 
yellow fins and other yellow markings. 

satna, n.; also latd: — ^itch; scab; sciurf. 

satpa, V. tr.: — ^to bum; to parch the 
ground; to squander. 

saiCBa, n.; also fina-dend; qudlagttin: — 
ketchup; catsup; sauce. 

8&ulag, V. tr.; also latigaso: — ^to beat; to 

Bebada, n.; — ^millet; barley, 
sebo, n.; also mantica: — ^tallo^ ; fsA. (of 

the cow). 
seboyaB, n.: — onions; they are frequently 

planted in Guam, but do not thrive 

very well; the bulbs produced are very 

small, but are much relished by the 

secante) n.: — ^blotter, 
secrete, n.: — secret, 
seda, n.: — silk. 

sede, V. %.: — ^to relent; to yield, 
s^dula, n.; also papeleta: — ^ticket; cer- 
tificate; note, 
seguidiyas, n.: — ^local name for the foiu:- 

winged bean; bears edible pods having 

foiu: longitudinal wings; thejgreen pods 

of this plant are eaten in Guam as a 

v^etable; they are tender, free from 

stnnginess, and are of excellent flavor; 

the tuberous root is edible, but is not 

utilized in Guam, 
segundo, n.; — second. 
seguro (Sp.), adj., adv.; also t&ipeli- 

^o: — siale; oree nom danger; seciure. 
sejas, n.: — eyebrows, 
senxana (Sp.), n.: — ^week; period of 

seven days, 
seznanan pasidzi, n.; — ^Passion Week; 

the week following Passion Simday. 
sementerero, n.; also lanchero: — 

farmer; peasant, 
sementeyo, n.: — cemetery, 
semento, n.; also simiento: — cement, 
semiya, n.; also fensd; Bieznbra; 

pepitas: — seed; stone; kernel (of fruits, 

seznnap, n.; also ininan atdao; also 

wfitten &tdau: — sunshine, 
sena, n.: — supper. 

sefias, n.: — signal; token; sign; mark. 
sefLas, v . tr.: — ^to signal ; to make signals to. 
sefi&t (saine as sefLas), n.; — symptom; 

sign; token; mark, 
sendalo, n.: — soldier. 
sendalon quinab^bayo, n.: — cavalry- 
man; rider, 
s^nda^gculo, adj.; also gu^fdaiSg^culo; 

^6da^culo: — enormous; excessive; 

immense; very great. 
s6nda£g^culo, adj., adv.; also tazualLo; 

adit: — immense; heavy; large. 
8ened6t, n.; also 8intor6n; coreas: — 

belt (for the waist). 
senisa, n.; also apo: — cashes; cinders; 

s^njuto; also majuto: — exhausted; at 

the end. 
B^nmagajet, adv.: — certainly; in all 

sefLora, (fr. Sp.), n.: — gentlewoman; a 

woman of good birth and breeding; a 

sefLot (fr. Sp. sefLor), n.; also caba- 

vero: — sir; gentleman; a well-bred and 

nonorable man. 




m^npodol^, V. i.; also s^mnapede: — to 
flunk; to fail completely. 

sensen, n.; also catne: — meat. 

mensi^o, n.; — ^ninny; simpleton. 

sentenaia (Sp.), n.; also juliio: — sen- 
tence; judgment; opinion; decision. 

■enteniiadot. n.: — umpire. 

sentido, n.; also jinaso: — temple {of the 
head); mind; intellect; und^'standing. 

sentixnent^ty adj.^ adv.; also t&tacA: — 
sentimental; romantic. 

sentimiento, n.; also aiente: — ^regret; 
mental sorrow. 

sentinela, n.; also giifttdia; y xnam^ 
mulan: — sentinel; guard; watch. 

sentura, n.: — ^waist. 

separa, v. %.; also nft^suja: — to separate; 
to part; to go asunder. 

Bepara8i6n (Sp.)y n.: — division; sepa- 
ration; difference. 

septiexnbre, n.;— September. 

sera, n.; also da^ues-abeja: — ^bees- 

seradura, n./ afeo castiyo (Sp.): — castle; 

aeremdnias-gaxn&ynusy n.; — litui]^; 
the prescribed ritual for public worriup. 

serenata, n.: — serenade; evening music 
in the air. 

aero, n.; also tayH: — zero; naught; 

serpiente (Sp.)f n.; also culebla: — ser- 
pent; snake. 

sds^, n.: — knife; den|^eot; doBUg; du- 
lug: — to stab; to pierce; to stick; to 
sting (with a knife). 

Btod. V. tr.; also chacha^ tag&: — to 
stao; to cut; to wound. 

sesenta, adj.: — sixty. 

adsiog, n..' — local name for a squirrel fish 
of a beautiful crimson color, with a 
number of lines of a daricer red. 

sesidn (Sp.), n.: — session; the actual sit- 
ting of a court, coimcil, or legislative 

seso, adv.; also m^gai na biaje: — oft; 
often; frequently. 

seso, adj.: — frequent; recurring often. 

sdsd, n.: — an implement for detaching 
the meat of the coconut from the shell. 

sesonyan, n.; also fachd: — marsh; a 
swampy tract of land; bog. 

sesuye, v.i.; also tafd; repite; taplulSg:; 
sa^an tftlo: — to repeat; to reiterate. 

sesyon, n.: — ^local name for a blackish- 
purple, mackerel-shaped fish; head and 
oack: covered with wavy lines; of the 
lancet-fish variety, and is edible; the 
young are called xnafiajag. 

setbe, adj.; also g&e gu&ilaye; znl- 
setbe: — ^useful. 

setbe jafa na empleo, v. tr.; also 
gobietna; xnanea: — ^to administer; to 

setbesa, n.; — ^beer. 

setbiente, n.; also criado; ministro: — 

setbfsio, n.: — service. 

setbiyetas, n.: — napkin, 
setenta, adj.: — seventy. 
setesientoB, adj.: — seven hundred, 
setmoxi, n.; — sermon; discourse on a text 

of Scripture, 
setro {8p.), n.: — scepter; the sovereign's 

seyo, n.; also sfgilo (Sp.): — seal; stamp; 

postage stamp, 
■ibo, n.; also tal6: — middle, 
siempre (^p.), adv.: — always, 
siempre biba, n.: — local name lor the life 

plant; also called witch leaf; when the 

leaf is cut off or drops to the ground, t^e 

buds form from it and in a ^lort time new 

plants appear all around the margin; 

common oy the roadside, especially 

along the road leading up tne hill from 

San Antonio, east of Agafia. 
siempre fiijo, adj., adv.; also tlUcuxna* 

lamten: — ^invariable ; constant . 
8i6n, adj.; also siento:— 4iundred. 
siente, v. tr.: — ^to feel; to touch, 
siesta (Sp.), n.: — nap; a short slumber, 
siete, adj.: — seven. 
sietto Qr. Sp. cierto), adv.; also maga- 

jet: — indeed; in fact; in truth, 
siglo, n.; — century. 
aigue mdna! interj.; also adelantal — 

advance! onward. 
sigue, V. %.: — ^to follow; to continue, 
sigue I interj.: — proceed! go on! 
sigue, V. %.; also fanxocat: — to go; to 

move; to walk; to depart; umetnon: — 

to adhere; to stick fast. 
siing, V. tr.; also toiigrto^; panag: — ^ta 

p\^; to crowd; to strike; to thrust, 
si jig, n.;— local name for a bird, the 

terrestrial kingfisher; feeds upon insects 

and lizards, and is said to eat young 

birds and to pick out the eyes of young 

silaba, n.: — syllable. 
silindro, n.: — cylinder, 
simetric&t, aaj.; also man adanche;^ 

man aya: — symmetrical; proportion- 
simiento, n.: — foundation, 
simple, adj., adv.; also manso; t&iadot- 

no: — simple; not complex; natural, 
sin, n.: — zinc; a bluish- white metal, 
sin, prep.: — ^without. 
sifia, V. i.: — to be able. 
sinlgUd, n.: — protection; guard; also^ 

pull; act of pulling. 
sifia j&, adv., conj.; also acaso; can&; 

juisgguan; jo^gcdyon; jungoan: — 

perhaps; maybe; by chance; haply, 
sinajngue, n.; also retire:— ^elusion, 
sifia ma alado, adj.; also aladuyon: — 

arable; fit for the plow. 
sifia maya, adj.; also m&m&ya: — 

sina£|:an, n.; also cuentos: — statement; 

narrative; recital; story; tale; comment; 

remark; explanation. 
sina^an, v. tr.: — to quote; to adduce a 

passage from some author or speaker. 




«bi&pet, n.: — ^torture; agony of mind or 

sinasal&g^uan, adj., adv.; also ixxajiite: — 
infernal; hellish; outrageous; fiendish. 

sifL&t, n.; also figura (Sp.): — type; sign; 

gijiati8feQb.o, n.; also xninagof; nina- 
jong^; quinentento: — satisfaction; 
contentment; gratification. 

sinful a g, n.; also bina-ba: — sound 

sin chmnocho, adj., adv.; also fotm&t: — 
sober; earnest; serious; grave; sedate. 

since, adj.: — five. 

sincuenta, adj.: — ^fifty. 

slneguro, n.; also a8egurid& (Sp.); 
prometa; aras: — surety; guaranty 
against loss or damage; guarantee; free- 
dom from danger; security; earnest 
money; pledge; pawn. 

sin 6nao, canj.; atso sin eso; descuidau 
or descuidao: — ^regardless of that; not- 

sinesd, n.; also tinegch4; dinilug: — 
stab; thrust. 

sinesede, n.; also case; inariesga: — 
incident; occurrence; event; happen- 
ing; adventure. 

sindsd, n.: — copra. 

sinetsot, n.; also contri8i6n (Sp.): — 
contrition; penitence; repentance. 

siniabe, n.; also minanso: — gentleness; 
mildness; meekness. 

sinitife, n.; also nin&m&uleg; fin&ni4u- 
leg; inadelanta; nil&mauleg: — im- 

siniente, n.: — ^feeling; perception; sense 
of touch. 

siniso, n.: — shoot or sprout; top of young 

sinison chotda, n.: — young banana 

siniye, v. tr.; also ulat: — to* hold within; 
to fill. 

siniye, v. tr.; also so^gsongp: — to stuff; to 

press or pack. 
sin medida, n.; also sin moderasidn; 

gula: — ^immoderation; intemperance, 
sin naan, adj.: — nameless; without a 

sin6niino, n.: — synonym; a word having 

the same si|:nification as another, 
sinpar&t, adj., adv.; also t&iminagtos: — 

unbroken; continuous; uninterrupted, 
sin probecho, adj.; also sin adelanto: — 

futile; vain; useless, 
sinta, n.; also galon:— edging; border, 
siquiera, adv.: — at least; at any rate, 
sirena, n.; also culii: — siren; foghorn. 
sise, V. tr.; also titee: — ^to rip; to tear, 
sise, n.; also chinauiag; sinise: — slash; 

a long cut. 
8isiguij&, V. %.; also usune: — to persist; to 

continue steadily in any course com- 
sisifLa, n.; also minanda: — jurisdiction. 
sfsodft, n.; — ^finder; one who finds. 

sisonyan, n.; also jagoi: — pool; puddle; 
body of stagnant water; swamp; lagoon. 

siatema, n.: — system; orderly arrange- 
ment; method of transacting business. 

sistematico, adj., adv.: — systematical; 
according to system. 

sfsunuk, n.; also biporas: — adder; viper; 

sitoulo^ n.;— circle; a round body. 

sitio, n.; also p&tio: — yard; courtyard. 

siud&, n.: — city. 

siya, n.; also spare Jo: — chair; saddle 
(siya para y tatald gftg^')- 

siyan gaioanae, n.: — ^armchair. 

siyan machucan, n.: — rocker; rocking 

sob4tbio, adj., adv.: — proud. 

sobla, n.; also tenjan: — remnant; rest; 

sobla, V. i.: — to remain; to be left over. 

sobre cama, n.: — quilt; coverlet; coun- 

aobren catta, n.: — envelope. 

sobresaliente, adj., (ufv.;— exceptional. 

sobretodo, n.; cdso manto: — overcoat. 

sobrina, n.: — niece; dau^ter of a brother 
or sister. 

sobrino, n.: — nephew. 

s6cai, V. tr.: — ^to tear. 

socore, v. tr.; also asiste; ayuda: — to 
help; to assist; to succor. 

sod&, V. tr.: — to earn; to acquire; to pro- 
cure by effort; also gana; faichd- 
chile: — to meet; to find; to recover; 
jentan; gachU: — to detect; to dis- 
cover; to bring to light; inbenta; 
n4-juyong^: — to expose; to invent. 

sogne, V. tr.; also jogse; fa&ilft: — to 
accuse; to charge some one with. 

sogsog, adj.: — consumptive. 

sogsog, n.: — consumption; tuberculosis. 

solamente, adv.; also m&isa: — only; 
singly; merely. 

solamente que (Sp.), adv.: — unless. 

solenine, adj., adv.; also yiniusan: — 
solemn; serious; devout. 

solo, adj., adv.; also aislado; su- 
nxain^ue: — ^isolated; solitary; se- 
cluded; off-lyin^ remote; lonesome. 

sombra, n.; also finineng^; nujo£g: — 
shade; shady place; shadow. 

soninap, n.; atso ininan &tdau: — sun- 

so^gue, adj.: — ^inflamed; incensed. 

son^guiyon, adj., adv.; also gusi janon; 
gust niafiil&: — ^inflammable; easily set 
on fire; combustible. 

8o£gso^, n.; also biya: — ^borough; a 
corporate town. . 

songue, V. tr.; also written so^gue; also 
janon; tot^gue; n^-fafiiUl; totne: — 
to bum up; to ignite; to set on fire. 

sonido, n.: — tone; sound; noise; buru- 
ca: — noise. 

sopas, n.: — soup. 

sopla, V. i.: also g6ja: — to blow; to sway. 

sorojo, n.: — ^bolt; door lock. 

sorojo, V. tr.: — ^to bolt the door. 




86sd, V, tr.: — to detach. 

sospecha, v. %.: — ^to suspicion; to believe. 

sospechoso, adj.f adv.; also j6sgVLan: — 
distrustful; suspicious. 

sostiene (Sp,), v. tr,; also 8Ui!^on; 
agruante; n&-fat&cho£|:: — ^to sustain; 
to endure; to tolerate; to bear; to sup- 
port; to support by pillars. 

Botana, n.: — ^robe; loose outer garment. 

Botda, V. tr.: — ^to solder. 

sotne, V. tr.: — to stew; to boil slowly. 

sotse, V. tr.: — to dam; to mend ( a rent). 

sotta, V. tr.; also despensa (Sp.); asti; 
n&-para: — to give up a claim; to waive; 
to for^o. 

Bottaye, v. tr., v. %.; also cum&calo; 
ndr-calo: — to slacken; to relax; to ener- 
vate or to become enervated; to effemi- 

Bottera, n.; — damsel; a maiden; spinster; 
unmarried woman. 

Bottero, n.: — ^bachelor. 

Bottero, adj.; also written soltero 
(5/>.):— single; unmarried. 

8oy6, V. tr.; also coznbida; jujo; otrese; 
conbense; nft^osgon: — to bid; to 
make an offer of; to persuade; to influ- 
ence by argument, advice, or entreaty. 

Buabe, adj.y adv.; also znanana: — mila; 
gentle; gentle in temper and dis- 
position; meek; soft: suave; sweet. 

Buabe na ma^ld: — ^breeze; gentle gale; 
fresh soft wind. 

Bube, V. tr.: — to further; to help forward; 
to promote. 

Bubida, n.; — approach. 

Bubida, V. i.; also chijit; juxnijot: — to 
approach; to draw nearer. 

Bubznarino, n.: — submarine. 

Bubsigulente, adv.; also tum&tate: — 

/ subsequently; later. 

Buegra, n.: — mother-in-law. 

Buegro, n.: — father-in-law. 

Buelas, n.; also fangach&an; f6feg:ud; 
gacha; g&gachU: — sole (of the foot). 

BuetdO; n.; also apaB: — wage; payment 
for service; pay; salary. 

Buette, V. i.; also fagch&: — ^to be lucky; 
to be successful. 

Buette, n.; afeo catga: — lot; fate; fortune. 

suetto, adj.: — unbound; free. 

Bufan, V. tr.; also ribana: — ^to pare; to 
cut away little by little (ea;., to pare an 

BUgon, V. tr.; also espanta: — ^to frighten; 
to drive away. 

BUgun, V. tr.; also nd.-l&gUBi: — to drive; 
to impel forward by fqrce. 

Buja! inter j.: — a^ay! out of the way 
with it! 

Bujaye, v. tr.: — to avoid. 

Bujeta, v. tr.: — ^to repress; to quell; to 

Bujeto, n.; — subject; theme; material. 

Bujeto, n.; also minidiye; liinitaBi6n; 
reBtriBi6n: — ^restriction; limitation; 

Bulon, V. i.; also lap^; Imnagas: — ^to 

slide; to glide; to slip. 
Bulon, n.; slip. 
Buma. n.; also tot&t: — sum; the whole or 


Buma, V. tr.: — to add up; to sum up. 
Bumag&gaye, n.; also ocupante (Sp.): — 

occupant; one who has possession. 
Btbnai, v. tr.: — ^to soak; to wet; to bathe 

(for a long time). 
Bumiajng^ue, r. i.; also Bumula; inaxn& 

tate: — to stn^ggle; to lag benind. 
Bumajdg^ue, adj., adv.; also tinlco (Sp.); 

lu&maisa j&: — singular; unique; soli- 
tary; single; lonely. 
Bmnanjiyo^, adj.^ adv.; also Buman- 

jiyo^: — exterior. 
Bum&Baj^ue, adv.: — particularly; in 

particular; specially, 
suind (or sum!), n.: — ^leak; a hole which. 

lets in water, 
sumd (or Buml), v. tr.: — to leak through, 
suzuegtigundo, adv.; also gui tinate: — 

secondly; in the second place. 
sumlBija, adj.j adv.; also gtimag&cholS^ 

^uigo: — simultaneous; at the same 


sumuspiroB, v. i.: — to sob; to sigh in a 

convulsive manner with tears, 
suncho, n.: — ^hoop; a metal or wooden 

band to hold together the staves of a 

simgoii, v. i.; also pdlo: — to suffer; to 

sungon, V. tr.: — to forbear; to abstain 

from; to spare. 
sungon, adj.^ adv.; mesngon: — patient; 


suni, n.: — local name for the taro, a 

succulent plant with edible, starchy, 

tuberous rootstock; several varieties are 

cultivated in Guam. 
Buog, V. tr.; also jon^gue: — to induce; to 

persuade; to prevail upon; to cause, 
suon, V. tr.; also choneg; anima: — ^to 

elate; to raise the spirits of. 
suplente, adj.; also interino: — vicarious, 
suplica (Sp.)j V. tr.; also t&yuyut: — to 

beg; to entreat, 
supone (Sp.)y v. tr.: — to suppose; to 

imagine; to assume as true. 
Bupug, V. tr., V. i.; also fiogfiog; 

lumus: — to submerge (in water); to 


suBede, v. i.: — to happen; to befall. 

suseso, n.: — success; event. 

suspiroB, V. i.; also uguiSg^; uguiSg^e: — 

to sigh; to lament; to complain, 
suspires, n.; also inigo£|^: — sigh, 
sust&nsia (Sp.), n.; also gUiniya; 

jinafa: — ^being; substance; matter, 
sustento, n.; also n6]%caii6; nilftl&: — 

subsistence; maintenance; livelihood. 
BUBU, n.: — breasts; udder. 
Butco, n.; also canat; joya; joyo: — 




tdiin teres 


tabetna, n.; also gmnS, pasajero: — ^inn; 

tabla, n.: — board; table. 

tabl6n, n.: — plank; thick board. 

tacH, V. tr.; also consigue; jag6; 
gach&: — ^to reach; to accomplish; to 
obtain; to attain; to follow. 

timaluxn., adj., adv.; also mano y sifia; 
todo y sifia: — ^intensive; with all 

tacho, V. i.; also cajul6; tacho; toj- 
gue: — to stand; to get up. 

tacho, a(fi.;— perpendicular. 

tachong ! f atHchong I — sit down ! 

tachone: gui jalom gumH Ytius: — pew; 
church seats. 

t&chong n£ t&iapd, n.: — seat; chair; post; 
stool; seat without a back. 

tacon, n.; also d6dego: — ^heel. 

tacuH, n.: — kettle; vessel for holding 

tadu^, adj., adv.; also modung: — large, 

tadung na janum, n.; also sajago: — 
deep water. 

taftaf, adj.; also magd,: — early; unripe. 

tagajld, adj.; also xn§,gas; gatbo; tag- 
jil6: — superb; grand; stately; illus- 
trious; high in dignity or power; 

tdg/noxnye, adj., adv.; also tagmomy- 
on; gd.-inino: — quarrelsome. 

tagd, V. tr.: — to command; to order; to 
rule; to send; to cause to go; to dispatch. 

tagpangue, v. tr.: — to baptize; to 

tagpapd., adj., adv.; also 6baba; des- 
presiao; tiisetbe: — ^low; humble; 
base; abject; vile; mean-spirited. 

t^gpapH, n.; also guiguig: — reptile; 
culebla: — snake. 

tagrpap&aa, adj.; also gui papfti-sub- 
ordinate; inferior in rank, power, or 

tag^an, v. tr., v. i.; also confia; 
angoco: — to entrust; to confide; to 
look for; to expect; to hope. 

tdiachaigua, adj.; also ti umaya; 
diferentes; distinto: — superior; dif- 
ferent; diverse; various. 

tluadotno, adj.: — simple; unadorned; 

taialentos, adj.: — breathless; out of 

t&iasS, adj., adv.; also machaleg; ti 
mafin&^giie: — savage; fierce; wild. 

t&ia«S {or t§A&at), adj.: — brutal; cruel. 

t&iatension, adj., adv.; also desatentoj 
bronco; inxpolltico; t&iinadaje; ti 
yodaje; dana: — ^impolite; wanting in 
good manners; boorish; coarse; inatten- 
tive; careless; inadvertent. 

t&ibale, adj.: — paltry; worthless; con- 
temptible; frivolous; trifling; silly; in- 
clined to levity; nulo; tfiisetbe: — in- 
valid; null and void. 

t&ibale, n.: — frivolity; levity. 

t&ibale na t&otao, n.: — wretch; des- 
picable or worthless person. 

t&ibisio, adC., adv.; also bittuoso: — 

t&ichdchd, n.; also t&ibida; dines- 
cansa: — idleness; ease; leisure; free- 
dom from occupation. 

t&ichetnot, adj.: — ^uninjured; not 

t&ichi, adj., adv.: — ^immeasurable; im- 
mense; vast; limitless. 

t&ichilong:, adj.; also ti aconxparayon: — 
matchless; peerless; incomparable. 

t&icunxalamten, adj., adv.; also siem- 
pre fLjo; flljo: — ^invariable; constant. 

tludinacon, adj., adv.; also ti d&dague: — 

t&iesperensia, adj., adv.; also t&i- 
pinayon; t^ipractico: — ^inex- 
perienced; unskilled; unpractised. 

tfiiflnagpd, adj., adv.; also t&ijinecog: — 

t&ifinatai, adj.; also t&iputlilo; t&i- 
nilamas; immott&t : — imperishable ; 
indestructible; not subject to decay; 
permanently enduring; immortal. 

t&igd,chong, adj., adv.; also aislado; 
gtUg^yajH: — ^lonesome; lonely; soli- 

t&ig&cho£|;, adj.: — odd; unusual; pecu- 
liar; eccentric. 

t&ig4chong, adv.; also sensiyo: — mere; 
simply; amy; merely. 

tdiganas: — without appetite. 

t^gasto, adj.; also barato (Sp.); ti ml 
gasto: — ^inexpensive; cheap. 

tdigrasia, n.; also mat&pang: — farce. 

t&igaailaye, adj., adv.; also tdisetbe: — 

tiiguailaye; also inutit: — unfit; un- 

t&igu€ulaye, adv.; also enbano: — in 
vain; to no purpose; fruitlessly; un- 

t&igtte, adv.: — absent. 

taigiiije, adj.; also taigil^nao: — such; 
the same that; or, the same as referred 

tiiguinalamten, adj., adv.; also ti n^ 
calamtiyon; fijo; ntme: — immovable; 
fixed; unchanging. 

t&iinadaje, n.; also descuidao: — reck- 
lessness; heedlessness; carelessness. 

tWnaj%oco, adj., adv.; also ti man 
a^6ngoco; t&ichinatsaga; inde- 
pendiente: — independent; not de- 
pendent on, supported by, or governed 
by another. 

t&imina, adj.; also ti mlUag: — ^unpre- 
tending; destitute of brilliancy or 
luster, not showy. 

t&ilnteres, adj., adv.; also justo; gas- 
gas; t^pinetjudica: — ^impartial; free 
from partiality; unprejudiced; fair; just. 




t&iisao, adj.^ adv.; also inosente: — not 

guilty; innocent; guiltless. 
tiija-^ne, adj.; also t&ijinago]^; ti 

141^1&: — ^inanimate; lueless; dead; 

t&ijiiiasOf adj.: — ignorant, 
taiiave, adj.^ adv.; also camten: — ^bad; 

evil; wickeid; mischievous; mean; \ti1- 

gar; unrefined, 
tlulinache, adj.; also t&idinag^ue; ti aifia 

mandague: — ^infallible; unerring. 

t^imaHfiau, adj., adv.; also t&iftiLau; 
deecarao; stoiat; matatfi&a:-bold; 
courageous; audacious; forward. 

^t&ixuaestima, adj., adv.; also t&ipreslo; 
ti cateulayon: — inestimable; incalcu- 
lable; beyond measure or price. 

t&imajgo^, adj., adv.; also lebog; in- 
quieto: — troublesome; annoying; rest- 
less; unquiet; turbulent. 

t^iTnamajlao, adj., adv.; also descarao; 
tdimanxajlaii: — shameless; auda- 
cious; insolent; bold. 

t&ixnaxicha, adj., adv.: — unstained; with- 
out a blemish. 

t&iminagof, adj., adv.; also mala-gaoa; 
triste (Sp.); penite: — sad; in bad 
humor; tull of grief. 

t&iminaeof, n.: — dl«»appointnkent; de- 
feat or lailure of expectation. 

tfi,iTn1nafig;ul, ad[;. .'--distasteful; unpleas- 
ant to the taste. 

t&izninauleg, adj.; also cansado; 
esterit; a^ld; nH od&: — sterile; 
barren; producing little or no crop. 

t&imineton, n.: — fickleness. 

t&iniTiatT^ga, adj., adv.; also deses- 
perao: — ^hopeless; desperate. 

t&idson, adj.; jnes^on: — patient; for- 

tdiparejOy adj., adv.: — extreme; of the 
highest degree; last; utmost; unequal; 

t&ip£U3ensiay adj.; also tenjos: — im- 

t&ipeligro, adj.; also seguro (Sp.): — 
safe; n*ee from danger; secure. 

tdipresio, adj., also t&ibale: — invalu- 
able; priceless. 

t&ipunta, adj., adv.; also obtuao (Sp.); 
foda; fiafid: — obtuse; dull. 

tdiremedio, adj.; also ti n& niagung^on; 
ti amtiyon: — incurable; irremediable; 

i;&irespetO) adj.; also descarao; atre- 
bido: — ^impudent; offensively forward; 
intentionally disrespectful; desatento; 
bruto: — inattentive; irreverent; rude; 

t&isabot, adj.: — tasteless; unpalatable. 

t&isaga, adj.; also neseeitao: — indigent; 
destitute; needy. 

t&isalapd, adj.; also poble; nesesitao: — 
impecunious; without money; poor. 

tfi^iseguro, adj.; also ti fljo; ti tnaga- 
jet: — ^insecure; uncertain; unsafe. 

t&isentido, n.; — fool; a person devoid of 
reason; idiot. 

t&isetbe, n.; also izapettin^nsia; para 
num&^dson: — impertinence; forward- 
ness; rudeness. 

t&isinajguan, adj.; also gileco; baaio: — 
empty; vacant within; hollow; void. 

t^isinatisfecho, adj.: — insatiable; not 
capable of being satisfied or appeased. 

t&iainetsot, adj.; also ti xnafiotsot: — 

t&isinetsot, n.; also ti minafiotsot; ti 
f&fafiotsot; inpenit^nsia: — impeni- 

t&isiniente, adj., adv.; also l&lan^: — 

t&itai, v. i.: — to read; to pray. 

t&itining:6, adj.: — destitute of reason. 

t&itining6, n.; also bababa; caduco: — 
simpleton; ninny. 

t&iuttimo, adj.; also ti igiiiyon; ti 
pasayon: — unlimited; inmiite; end- 

t&jgUe, r. tr.: — to supersede; to come 
into, or take, the place of. 

tajla^, v. tr.: — ^to weigh by hand. 

tajlegy n.: — twist. 

tal&y r. tr.: — to expose; to lay open. 

talagtag, n.; also baquetaso; buruca; 
tagtag; pangpa^: — noise; bang: clap 
(of a body striking the ground in fall- 

tal4i, V. tr.; also aplasta: — to raze; to 

level to the grouna; to blot out. 
talanga, n.: — ear. 
talangan jayo, n.; also inapul&ijan; 

payon dujendes: — mushroom; sponge, 
talangan julo, n.; also julo: — thunder- 
bolt; lanilam, n.: — ^lightning, 
talapos, n.: — rag; a fragment of cloth, 
talayero, n.; also pe8cad6t (Sp.): — 

tale, 71.; also euetdas: — rope; cord; 

string; line, 
talen atgoya, n.: — guide line of the 

simple carabao harness. 
tald, n.: — Equator. 
tald, n.: — center. 
tdio, adv.: — afresh; again; anew. 
tald, adv.: — again; once more; back again, 
taldane, n.: — noon, 
taio tate, /. tr.; also n&-nillj£Lao; 

majfiao: — to recall; to call back; to 

tdlon jumasOy v. %.: — ^to recur; to return 

to the mind, 
t&luye, V. tr.; also n&-laanac6: — to 

lengthen; to add to. 
tamaflo,; also aSndangctdo; adit: — 

immense; heavy; large. 
tambot, n.: — drum; drummer, 
tampat, ti.; — local name for a fit^h of the 

flounder variety; a good food fish. 
taxnpe, r. tr.; also cubre: — to cover; to 

cover up; to wrap around, 
tampe, n.: — cover; lid; a movable cover, 
tampoco (Sp.), conj.: — likewise not. 




tamtam, v. tr.; also chagne: — to sample; 
to taste food. 

tancat, n.: — cage. 

taiushd, V. tr.: — to show; to point out 
(with the finger). 

tanchiie, v. tr.; also fftniie; indica; nd.- 
jaso: — to indicate; to point out; to 
suggest; to hint. 

tane, v. tr.: — to entertain; to receive and 
treat hospitably; ocupa; aajguane: — 
to take possession. 

tand, V. tr.: — to try; to taste food. 

tand, V. tr.: — to practice; to occupy one's 
self with. 

tanga, adj.: — deaf; deprived of hearing. 

t&^cala, ad^.: — porous. 

tangsB) V. I.; atao majala£^e; pini- 
tiye: — to mourn; to grieve; to lament. 

tan|;Biyon, adj.: — pitiful; lamentable. 

tangtiia, v. %.: — to cry; to howl {ex., 

tHxune, n.; also ch&chali^on chet- 
not: — ^infection; taint; infectious dis- 

tand, n.; also od&: — ^home; land; piece of 
ground; estate; world. 

y tand, n.: — ^the world. 

tand ni&ipe, n.: — Tropics. 

tanque, n.; also tai^que: — cistern; 

tantea^, v. tr., v. i.: — to feel. 

tanto come , prep.: — as well 

as also . 

tanto, adv.: — so much; so large. 

tanum, v. tr.: — to sow; to plant. 

t^otao, n.: — man; male; laje: — man. 

t&otao yxyoiGJ^, n.; also estranjero 
{Sp.): — alien; foreign-born resident. 

t&otao lago, n.: — European. 

t&otao ni mctn mam6inocat: — ^pedes- 
trian; one going on foot or walking. 

t&otao sija: — people; inhabitants; folk; 
people in general. 

tapis, n.; also b&gai: — ^apron. 

taplung, V. i.; also sesuye; tafd; repite 
(Sp.); saiSgan tUlo: — to repeat; to 

tax[ud, n.: also odd.; fachd; abono: — dirt; 
mud; dung; manure; fertilizing sub- 

taqud g^g^ w-.' — excrement; matter dis- 
ciiarged from animal body after diges- 
tion; dungheap. 

taqud lulog, n.: — ^rust. 

taraquito, n.: — ^a fish of the pompano 
family; is of silvery color, with wash 
of yellow; a favorite food fish, caught 
usually by hook, using the small tiao 
for bait. 

tarea, n.: — task. 

tarifa (Sp.), n.: — tariff. 

tarjeta, n.: — card; visiting or business 

tasa, n.; — cup; platito: — saucer. 

tasa, V. tr.; also guefiamen; agra- 
dese: — to appreciate; to value. 

ta«e (or tasi), n.; — bay; sea; ocean; 
bajia; bocaaa: — bay. 

tasme, v. tr.: — ^to point; to sharpen (a 

ttisyon, adj.; also fotj^on; masmas: — 

wet; damp; moist; briny, 
tat; taya; nunca, ac?i'.;— never, 
tata, n.; also fisaina; duello: — ^father; 

lord; master; owner. 
t&tacll, adj.; also sentiment&t: — senti- 
mental; romantic. 
tg,tacd^ V. i.: — to grope; to feel one's way 

in the dark; to seek blindly. 
t&tagH, n.: — ^a black fish with a spur on 

its forehead and two sharp bony plates 

on the tail; in younger specimens the 

spur is shorter^ and in the youngest 

both spur and tail-plates are absent. 
t4tagd, n.; also m&gas; julon; miag4- 

laje: — magistrate; governor, 
t&tald, n.; — back, 
tdtald pue^ue, 7i.: — midnight, 
t&talun, n.; also sasatdun: — ^local name 

for a brown fish, reddish on belly; 

bright blue spots and a number of line 

markings on the head. 
t&tammi^, n.; also t&tanum.: — ^local 

name for a blackish fish having pectorals 

margined with yellow; has a prominent 

hump on nape of neck and projecting 

teeth curved forward, 
t&tanchd, n.; — ^forefinger; index filler, 
t&tand, n.: — glamour; fascination. 
t&taotao, n.: — ^human body, 
tatate, n.; also y man&tatate: — 

tdtate m&tai, v. tr.; also l&l&l&jd.: — to 

survive; to outlive, 
t&tatse, adj.; also jijuna; bineno: — 

tate, n.; also san tate: — ^rear; the part 

behind the rest; last in order, 
tate, V. tr.; also jagd; tatiye: — to 

follow; to reach, 
taten, adv.: — behind; in rear of. 
taten ogso, n.: — mountain side, 
tdt nai-mayum.a, n.; also bitgen; taya 

nai-mayuxna: — virgin; maiden, 
tatne, v. tr.; also jafot: — to bury; to 

entomb; to inter. 
tatnero, n.: — calf, 
tatnon, v. i.; also tumatnon: — to 

recover; to amuse one's self, 
tatse, n.; also t&tatse; jijuna; bi- 
neno: — poison, 
tattamudo, n.; also ch&chalamcham: — 

stutterer; stammerer. 
taujan,n.; — inflammation; characterized 

by pain, redness, heat, and swelling, 
taya, n.; also sero: — naught; zero, 
taya, V. i.; also jailas: — to suffer want. 
taya, adv.: — nothing; none. 
taya nae, adv.; also nimano: — never; 

taya sebla: — there is nothing left, 
tayog, n.; also tinayog: — ^jump. 
taT6gtte, r. i.; also gope: — to spring; to 

leap or bound. 
tavuyut, r. tr.; also suplica {8 p.): — to 

beg; to entreat; to pray. 




ti fijo jinasoila 

techo, n.; — ^roof ; top of the house. 

tecon, V. tr.; also baja; dilog: — to in- 
cline; to bend down; to take down. 

tecon, V. i.: — to bow. 

tegchft, adj.y adv.; also jafiiag; ^6f- 
tand; mteiaxntll; inep&: — fruitful; 
prolific; fertile. 

tegdidy adj.: — carnivorous. 

tegponi:, n.: — floor. 

tela, n.; also ladriyo: — tile; brick. 

tel6fono, n.: — telephone. 

telegrafia de radio, n.; — radioteleg- 
raphy; wireless telep^raphy. 

tel6gralo, n.: — telegrapn. " 

tel6graxna, n.: — telegram. 

telipas goma para januxn: — rubber 
hose for conveying water. 

temperaturan-tand : — climate. 

templa, v. tr.: — to thin; to mix; to 

templao, adj.: — mixed; temperate. 

templansa, n. : — temperance . 

templo, n.: — temple. 

tenasa, n.: — tonge; pincers; nippers. 

tenda(/r. Sp. tienda), n.: — store; saloon; 

tendero, n.: — storekeeper. 

tened6t y leblo, n.; also tened6t de 
libro: — bookkeeper (leblo also xvrltlen 

tened6t, n.: — fork. 

tened6t baeula, n.: — pitchfork. 

tentagd, n.: — subject; one under the 
power or control of another; muchacho 
(Sp.): — servant; house boy. 

tentasi6n, n.: — temptation. 

teog, adj.: — thick. 

t6sgUe, V. tr.: — to steal; to purloin. 

tdsgiie, V. tr.; also fongn&: — to shorten; 
to damage; to cheat. 

tesna, n.; also asgon; potbos: — fog; 
soot; dust; haze; firebrand. 

tesorero, n.: — treasurer. 

testamento, n.: — testament; will; com- 

testigo, n.: — witness; jury. 

testiguye, v. i.: — to testily. 

testimdnio, n.: — testimony. 

tetxnina, v. tr., v. i.: — to terminate; to 
limit or bound; to be limited or ended. 

tetminao para ayo flnatdifia, also 
mott&t; pipind; jriyulcu^, adj.: — 
fatal; mortal; causing death or destruc- 

tetmino, n.: — word; expression; term; 
c^dadlt na tiempo; periodo: — brief 
portion of time; period. 

tetmdmetro, n.: — thermometer. 

tetsiopelo {Sp.)j n.: — velvet. 

tia, n.: — aunt. 

ti abag, adj.: — not mistaken; also nk- 
caclia^:~to obscure; to darken. 

ti-abmam, adv.; also enseguidas 
gusi: — forthwith; immediately there- 
after; without delay; at once; shortly; 
soon; quickly. 

ti-abmain, adj.: — recent; of late origin; 

ti-acomparayon, adj. : — incomparable ; 
matchless; peerless. 

ti animoso, adj.: — discouraged; dis- 
heartened; n^-taianizno: — to discour- 
age; to dishearten. 

ti anog, adj.; also manftnft: — latent; 
concealed; invisible. 

tiao, n.: — ^local name applied to a small, 
silvery fish, resemblii^ a small satxuo- 
nete; is a favorite lood fish with a 
flavor like a smelt; used as bait in fish- 
ing for the tara^uito (which see). 

ti apattayon, adj.; also ti fac&iyon; ti 
nxamafacai: — ^indivisible; xn&niafa- 
cai: — ^indivisible. 

ti areglao, adj.; also ejong^ui; ti pot 
otden: — irreguilar; anomalous. 

ti asfiyon, adj.: — ^inexcusable; unpardon- 

ti atanon, adj., adv.: — ^horrid; dreadful; 
terrible; hideous. 

ti bfbubo, adj., adv.: — ^patient; fore- 

ti cabaies, adj., adv.: — imperfect; in- 
complete; superficial; not thorough. 

ti caiiild, v. i.: — to fail; to fall short; to be 
deficient; to decline; to turn out badly. 

ti ch&tao, adj., adv.; also desiiiteresao 
{Sp.) : — unselfish ; disinterested. 

ti ckii2nd,on, adj.; also ti corejiyon; 
ch&tcuentos ti comprendiyon:— in- 

ti comprendiyon, v. %.: — to gibber; to 
speak incoherently. 

ti contento, adj.; also lay 6: — discon- 
tented; envious. 

ti d&dagfue, adj., adv.: — truthful. 

ti dinanche, adj., adv.; also g4ide- 
fee to: — ^incorrect; faulty. 

ti ebitayon, adj., adv.; also manda; 
obliga: — imperative; peremptory 

tiempo, n.: — weather; time; period. 

y tiempo nl md,pos: — ^past; the time 
gone by. 

tiempon ayunat, n.; also cuaresma: — 
fasting time; Lent; Shrovetide. 

tiempon m&ipe, n.; also berano; fa- 
fLomnagan: — tropics; summer. 

tiempon maneng^je^, n.: — winter. 

tienda y campafLa, n.: — tent. 

tienta, v. tr.; also chague; ensayo: — to 
try; to attempt. 

ti esplicayon, adj.; also ti n& claru- 
yon: — inexplicable. 

ti estotbayon, adj., also me ton: — 
imperturbable; cool; calm. 

ti f^&baba, adj., adv.; also fi6t: — loyal; 
faithful in allegiance. 

ti f&fa£iago, adj.: also chUttand; ti 
f&fanogdi4: — barren; unfruitful. 

ti fajateg, adj., adv.; also fd.tinason; 
posible {Sp.): — possible; practicable. 

ti fl6t, ad^., adv.: — ^untrue; unfaithful; 
disloyal; perfidious. 

tifijo, adp.: — ^vague; indefinite; unsettled. 

ti filjo jinasofia, adj.: — ^inconstant; un- 
stable; changeable; variable. 


ti fin&baba 



ti finftbaba, n.: also ti trinaidute: — 

allegiance; fidelity to a country, cause, 

or person, 
ti gobietnayon, adj.: — unruly; turbu- 
lent; ungovernable, 
tigudguan, adj.; also barato: — cbeap; 

purchasable for a low price, 
ti gu&ilaye, adj.; also ti neses&rio; ti 

ixnpottante: — ^immaterial; unessential. 
ti guaiyayon, adj., adv.; also chat- 

pago: — ^hateful; disagreeable; repug- 
ti gu6f jomjom, n.; also lemlemt&otao; 

triniste: — gloom; melancholy; partial 

ti gu6fniunjayan, adj.; also ti caba- 

les: — incomplete; not fully finished or 

developed; imperfect, 
ti iguiyon, ae^., adv.; also tatnai- 

znagtus : tin&iniinagtos : — endless ; 

infinite; limitless, 
ti jBAuyon, adj.: — unaccountable for. 
ti jatraidute, adj.; also ti traid6t; 

fi6t: — ^faithful; true; loyal. 
ti ]e£g:gue, adj.; also ti man joi^ue: — 

ungooly; unbelieving; wicked; infidel, 
ti jeras, n.: — scissors; rafters, 
ti Jeras gumd., n.: — ^rafters; inclined 

beam or bamboo rod, supporting the 

roof of the house. 
ti jijocog) adj.; also t&ijinecog: — 

ti jo£|^guiyon, adj.: — ^incredible. 
ti julaton, adj.; also ti alLacon: — 

invincible; unconquerable. 
ti laje ni ti pal&uan: — neuter; of neither 

ti l&lache, adj., adv.; also estricto: — 

accurate* precise; exact; strict, 
ti liion, aaj., adv.; also ti ^^ftunguon; 

ti jasuyon; ti reconosiyon; canft ti 

comprendiyon: — imperceptible; not 

easily apprehended by the mind; 

ti IflistOy adj.; also desprebenido: — not 

ready; unprepared, 
tilipas, n.: — intestines; bowels, 
ti mawg^oco, adj.: — distrusted; doubted; 

ti znagajety adj.^ adv.; also fatso: — ^un- 
real; not genuine; false; fantastic; 

grotesque; odd. 
ti magas, adj.; also matagd; y 8uni&- 

saga gui pap& otro; t&gpap&: — 

inferior; lower; subordinate, 
ti magof, arfj. .'—disappointed; thwarted 

frustrated; disgusted, 
ti magof, adj.y adv.: — gloomy; cheerless 

ti magof t&taotao, adj., adv.: — dizzy 

ti ma gui&iya. adj.; also ma ch&tlii 

n&^ma8&:--oaious; unpopular; offen- 
ti maj&jag&, adj., adv.: — unbloody, 
ti majattS^on, adj., adv.: — casually; 


ti mialagAe, v. tr.; also 4^aguat; 
opone; resiste {Sp.): — to disagree; to 
contradict; to quarrel; to dispute; to 

timalafi^Q, adi.; also 1&1&: — ^hale; sound 
bodily; healthy. 

ti mftmalliao, adj., adv.; also matatfig^a; 
mamdiaje: — manly; courageous; reso- 

ti man&nanga, adj., adv.; also naturat; 
ti ma njjnatfg^ga; — natural; acci- 
dental; by nature. 

ti manangga, adj.: — casual; accidental. 

ti man-a£goco, v. %.: — to despair; to 
abandon all hope. 

ti mafii^fiiente, adj.: — ^numb; torpid; 
deprived of sensation. 

ti man-jo^^e, adj.: — :wicked; un- 
godly; unbelieving; inJidel. 

ti manmerese, ad;).: — unworthy; unde- 

ti mamSgud, adj., adv.: — unsavory; 

ti inamSg^, n.; also tin&iminann|:ue: — 
distaste; aversion of the palate; dislike; 

ti manparejOy adj.; also xn^gae: — 
several; more than two; various; 

ti znaog, adj.; also gusl-jocog: — transi- 
tory; fleeting. 

ti mapot, adj.: — easy; not difficult. 

ti masa, aaj.; also matft: — ^raw; un- 
cooked; crude; sore. 

ti ma tetmina, adj.; also ti ma na fijo; 
ti ma n§, fijo: — ^indeterminate; not pre- 
cise; not fixed; indefinite. 

ti m&uleg, adj., adv.; also baba; mafiet- 
not: — ^iil; bad or evil; sick; diseased; 
not good; not well. 

ti mes^&on, adj.; also macat matafLa: — 
grumbling; peevish. 

ti me ton jinasofLa, adj.: — unsteady; 
unstable; unreliable. 

timinalagd, n.: — objection; adverse 

tim6n, n.: — ^helm; rudder. 

timonero, n.; also patr6n gal&idd; 
piloto: — steersman; boatswain. 

timunog tilipas, n.: — ^rupture. 

tinado£g: (also written ti nadu^), n.: — 

tin&emauleg, n.; also malfsia; 
jinafltf^une: — malice; deliberate mis- 

tinaga, n.: — cut. 

tinagd, n.; also miaidn (Sp.); otden; 
finam&ule^; regla: — mission; order; 
command; injunction; rule. 

tinagpangue, n.: — baptism. 

tin6iboluntad, n.; also tin&iminagof : — 
ill will; vexation; anger. 

tin&ichi, n.; also tin&ijinecog: — eter- 

tinftichli, v. tr.; also subi; jatsa maa: — 
to enhance; to advance; to raise in 
esteem; to heighten in price or value. 





►^Jii^-aar i' 



. >- 

':- C Ji 

"■ ^^^ ,ig^:-,«u;*r. 

-' /"* 

I ',i?>^Si' 

'. / ■'W* 


«M Jlfl 

' - w 

: in- 

ti t«fi|^oii na minagajet 



ti tuiSgflon na minagajet: — secret. 

ti yamacon, adj.^ adv.; also ti yulai^on; 
ti rematayon: — ^indestructible; not 
capable of being destroyed. 

ti yayaya«, adj.: — ^indefatigable. 

ti yddaje, n.; also imprud^nsia {Sp.); 
arebatao: — ^imprudence; carelessness 
of consequences. 

ti ydda^, adj.^ adv.; also arebatao; 
descuidao: — reckless; heedless of con- 
sequences; careless; imprudent; loit^- 
ing; remiss; negligent; slack; slovenly; 

t6a, adj.; also sacan; masa: — ripe; 
mature; ready for harvest. 

toaya, n.: — towel. 

tdchon^, V. %.: — to knot; to make a knot. 

tdcholI§, n.: — ^knot. 

todo {SpX n.: — sum; everjrthin^. 

todo lSp.)y pron.f adj.: — all; entire. 

Todojand^ifLa, n.; — Almighty; the om- 
nipotent God. 

todoB man guiguigoj& I inter j.: — all to- 

togch&, V. tr.: — to ram; to stick; to stab. 

togpong, n.: — ^handle. 

togtog, n.: — ^hu^; close embrace. 

togtog duro, V. I.: — to clingj to hold fast. 

t6je, V. I.; also tuj6: — to drip. 

tojgue, V. i.: — to stand; to be erect . 

tojne, V. tr.: — to support; to stem; to prop 
firmly against. 

tdla, n.; also indplachd,: — ^refuse; excre- 

tdla, V. %.: — to spit out; to spew forth; to 

tdlang, n.; also pietna: — bone. 

tdlang caderas, n.: — ^hip bone. 

tdlang-espinaso, n.: — vertebra. 

tdlang- quia das, n.: — ^jawbone; cheek 

tolompo, n.: — ^top; toy. 
tolompo, V. i.: — to play; to play with a 

tomates, n.: — ^tomatoes. 

tomates agUgft, n.; also atgayas; 
guasang: — tonsils . 

tomoy n.: — volume. 

tome, n.; — ^knee. 

tomon c&nai, n.; also code: — elbow; 
yard (measure). 

tompd, n.: — trip; stumble. 

tomtom, adj., adv.; also faye; mlti- 
tanos; s&bio: — wise; prudent; saga- 
cious; sly; crafty; learned; sensible. 

tomtom gui tini£g6, adj., adv.; also 
m^jnalom: — scientific; skillful; skilled 
in science. 

tonada, n.; also tone: — tune; short 

musical composition; tone, 
tongjo, n.: — neck; nape. 
tongton|^, V. tr.; also sfil^; panag: — 

to strike; to thrust. 
tonto, adj.; also b&baba: — silly; stupid; 

thick headed, 
toque n.: — stroke of the bell, 
tore, n.: — tower. 

torete, n.; also nobiyito: — steer; young 
male ox. 

toriyo (torillo), n.: — a curious small fish 
wiHi hard plates covering the body; has 
two frontal spines resembling the horns 
of aikox, tlierefope the common name: 
has two posterior spines. 

toro, n.:— bull. 

toron-benado, n.: — stag; the male of the 

tosino, n.; also catnen b&btd: — ^pork. 

tosta, n.: — ^toast; bread scorched over the 

tosta, adj.; also do^gSj^: — ^burned; dry; 

totche, V. tr.: — ^to splice; to unite two 

totmento, n.: — torment; anguish; pain. 

totdgue, V. tr.: — ^to light; to light the 
fire; to feed the fire; to feed the passions. 

totniyo, n.: — screw. 

totno, n.: — ^lathe. 

totno, V. tr.: — ^to turn on a lathe. 

tdtd, V. tr.: — ^to pick ihe leaves off by 

to to, V. tr.; also y&bao; y&bao: — to root 
out; to grub up; to clear; to break down 
the withered branches of a plam tree. 

to tot, n.: — turtledove. 

to-tot, n.: — local name for the rose- 
crowned fruit dove. 

totpe, adj.f adv.; also despresiable: — 
insulting; abusive; disgraceful; dis- 
solute; debauched; stupid. 

totpe, n.: — collision. 

totpe, V. tr.; also chanda: — to nudge; to 
touch gently. 

tot^edo, n.: — torpedo. 

toyo, V. %.; also pateg: — ^to wince; to 
shrink; to kick. 

traban chachag, n.: — saw set (for set- 
ting teeth of saws). 

trabia, adv.: — not yet; yet; still; in 

traduse, v. tr.; also esplicaye; n&- 
claruyej sa£g:aniye: — ^to interpret; 
to explain; to translate. 

traid6t, adj.; also f4fd.baba: — faith- 
less; unfaithful; treacherous. 

traid6t, n.: — traitor. 

traidute, v. tr.; also fdbaba; failaj- 
ye: — to betray; to be untrue to. 

traisi6n, n.; also findbaba; inacacha; 
engafLo: — ^imposition; trick; fraud; 

traje, n.: — ^frock; garment. 

trampas, n.: — ^trick; lie; swindle. 

tramp oso, n.; also palach4; chegl^; 
f4f&baba: — swindler; rogue. 

tranca, v. tr.; also agpifi,; trafi^ca: — to 
bar; to bolt the door; aguS,, v. tr., 
V. i.: — to take a long step; to step over. 

tranca, n.: — gate; gateway; entrance. 

trancan potta, n.: — ^latch; door catch. 

tranquilo, adj.: — tranquil; quiet; peace- 

trapiche, n.: — sugar mill. 

traslada, n.: — ^removal; transfer. 




traslada, v, tr.: — Co tranfllate; to render 
from one language into another; to 
transfer; to remove. 

trasplaata, v. tr.: — ^to transplant; to 
transmit; to propagate. 

traspotta, v. tr,: — to transport; yy carry 
from one place to another. 

trasquila, v, tr,; also d6aai; utot: — to 
shear; to shave; to cut off. 

trastea biaje, n.: — ^traveling necessities. 

trastea guera, n.; also atmadnra 
(Sp.): — armament; military equip- 

trastea Jalxim gumft, n.; — ^furniture. 

trata, v. tr,; also nft-Juyu^^e: — ^to 
treat; to handle or manage in a particu- 
lar manner; to entertain with food and 
drink without cost to the guests. 

tratea, n.; — implement; tool; utensil. 

tratea gumft, n.;— house furnishing. 

tratoa, v. i.: — to traffic; to hold inter- 

tratoa, n.: — proceedings; relations. 

tratoa pot comdtaio, v. tr.: — to nego- 

treinta. orf;.;— thirty. 

tres, adj.: — three. 

treae, adj.: — ^thirteen. 

treaientoa (or trea-aientoa), adj.: — 
three hundred. 

triangolo, n.: — triangle. 

tribun&t, n.: — court; tribunal (/r. Sp.). 

tribute todo, n.; also ixnpueato; 
catga: — duty; tax; delivery. 

trigo, n.: — wheat; grain. 

trinaidot, n.: — treason; trick; treachery; 

trinaidute, n.; — treason. 

trinamposo, n.; — swindling; cheating; 

trinchera, n.; — trench; ditch; excava- 

Trinid&d, n.: — Holy Trinity. 

trlreate, adj.: — very sorrowful; grieving. 

triste, adj.: — sorrowful; downcast; sad; 

grievous; deplorable; calamitous, 
trompeta (Sp.), n.; also cotneta: — 

trumpet; tromDone; cornet; bugle. 
tro£^co, n.; also ba-tU: — trunk; stem; 

tree; stump of a tree; piece; trofljcon- 

bejuoo: — climbing palm. 
tro^con famflia, n.: — family lineage. 
tro£§con lanxim, n.; also matan 

janum: — ^fount; fountain or spring. 
troi^oon Jayo, n.: — tree trunk, 
trotlgcon-niyog, n.; — coco palm, 
trono, n.: — throne. 
tronpdn, n.; also inaquijom: — ^fist. 
tropa, n.: — troop; army, 
troson Jayo, n.: — log; an undressed piece 

of timber, 
troson lamlam, n.: — thunderbolt; a 

shaft of lightning, 
tuba, n.; — palm wine; coco juice; sour 

tuban oandet, n.; also pantaya:— lamp 


tubatuba, n.: — vernacular name for the 
physic nut; an evergreen dirub very 
much used for hedges and fences: the 
juice of the plant is applied to wounds, 
as it prevents bleeding by forming a 
film like that of collodion. 

tube, n.; — ^tube; cylinder. 

tubon plao, n.; also chigandd piao 
(also writtea pfau): — reea pipe; bam- 
boo pipe. 

tucft, V. tr.: — ^to tease; to banter; to vex; 
to prick; to penetrate (ex., thorn); to 
urge on. 

tucft, n.; also nin&Jaso: — ^mention: hint; 
brief mention. 

tuchd, V. tr.: — to gulp down; to consume. 

"feufog, V. tr.: — ^to weave. 

tufo£|:, V. tr.; also cuenta (8 p.): — to 
count; to figiure. 

tugoiSfi:, V. tr.; also Jofid: — to charge; to 
attacK; to take hold of ; to press (a cork 
into a bottle); to cleave a way through. 

ttiguft, V. tr.: — ^to pull down; to throw 

tttgud; tugul; maxigud; mangul, 
V. tr.y V. %.: — ^to write. 

ta]o£g, n.; also castot (Sp.)\ bonete; 
eora: — ^hat; bonnet. 

tuJuB, V. tr.; also bula; Jaspog: — to 

tul&ica, V. tr.; also tul&ica: — ^to ex- 
change; to trade; to change; to bring 
from one place to another. 

tulis&n, n.; also bandolero: — ^bandit. 

tunmchu, adj.: — upright; vertical. 

tumada, n.: — dose; quantity of medi- 
cine to be taken at one time. 

tumftlo, r. i.; also m&jfiau; n&n&lo: — 
to return; to come back again to the 
same place or state; to refrain from an 

tum&tate , adv . ; — subsequently ; later . 

tumattamudo, v. i.: — to stutter; to 

tumayft, v. tr., v. %.: — to dispense with; 
to spare; to do without. 

tumo, V. tr.: — ^to tan leather; to dye. 

tumdla, V. i.: — to expectorate; to spit. 

tumu, V. tr.: — to dye; to stain; to color. 

tumtmog, V. i.: — ^to descend; to pass 
from a higher to a lower position. 

tumimogtilipas, adj.; timfimumo; also 
nutr&t; indiferente (5p.):— neutral; 
unbiased; indifferent. 

tuna, V. tr.; also fft-andl: — ^to praise; to 
honor; to approve; to complmient; to 
congratulate; to flatter; to fawn on; to 

tunan-m&iaa, v. i.: — to boast; to praise 
one's self. 

tunas, adj., adv.; also justo: — ^just; 
straight; nght; lawful; honest; equi- 
table; impartial. 

tunas jul6 an pap&: — erect; upright. 

tunas na tinil^d, n.; also quinette- 
sano; minaufeg: — morality; ethics; 

tunayon, adj.: — praiseworthy. 




tungo, 1'. %.; also coznprende (Sp.): — to 

understand; to comprehend; n^-sdo- 

nao, V. tr.: — to bring along, 
tungiion, adj.; also comprendiyon: — 

intelligible; comprehensible, 
ttinico, n.; also &bito: — garment; habit. 
tunog, V. i.: — to step down, 
tupac, n.: — ^fishing line, 
tupat or tupag, n.: — sling, 
tupo, n.; also peso; asiento: — ^well. 
tupo, n.; also cafLa dulse: — sugar cane, 
ttitbio, n.: — ^haze; slight fog or mist. 
ttitbio, adj.; also jomjozn: — foggy; misty; 


tuto, r. tr.: — to trample, 
tutu, V. tr.; also julat: — to beat; to 

tutu, V. tr.; also znolino; guleg: — to 
grind; to pulverize or reduce to powder 
by friction. 

tutujon, n.: — origin; beginning; source; 
cause; derivation. 

tutujon, v. tr.y v. i.: — to commence; to 
begin; to start; to initiate; to use for the 
first time. 

tuyan, n.; also estdmago (8p.): — 
stomach; belly; abdomen. 


ubas, n.; — grapes. 

uchaga laje, n.; pigH palaye: — local 

name for the spike rudi, a glabrous, 

leafless sedge. 
uchan, n.: — rain; nd.-uchan, v. i.: — to 

rain; to fall in drops from the clouds. 
uc6, V. tr.: — ^to hiun (ex.^ to hum a song). 
udo, adj.f adv.: — dumb; mute; silent; 

uf&, n.: — ^looking-glass tree; its wood is 

durable, hard, and tough; is used for 

spokes of wheels, knees of boats, and 

especially for plows, 
uga, V. tr.: — to flatter; to receive amiably, 
uguis, adj.; also graniso: — gray, 
ugtipda amariyo, n.: — a short, flat fish 

with a blunt head; of yellow color, with 

blue ring around the eye; has yellow 

fins, with a marginal line of bluish 

ulen, V. tr.; also uli£g: — to steer; to direct 

a vessel with the helm, 
ulo, n.: — ^head. 

ulii, n.; also vlLOl ab4bang: — caterpillar. 
um-4; uzn&y adv.: — ^together; opposite 

each other, 
uxn&atog, adj.f adv.; also gu^fsaga; 

m&ipe; xnafnot: — snug; concealed; 

compact; warm, 
uza&camd, n.; also in&camd; casami- 

ento: — marriage; wedlock; wedding, 
umdchaigua, adj.^ adv.; also csdan 

puznar6rejo; aparente {8p.):^eem' 

mg; apparent, 
um&chaigua, v. i.: — ^to compete; to enter 

into competition. 
uxn4cheton, v. tr.: — to join; to unite; to 

umdcheton, adj.: — closely connected 

with each other. 
uxnachuli, adj., adv.; also uxnanogchft: — 

mutual; reciprocal, 
uxn&chuli, adj.; also chinichili: — resem- 
bling; looking alike. 
uin4contrata, v. tr.: — to engage; to bind 

by contract. 
um&despatta, adv.; also znajlog: — 

um&disepatta, v. i.; also famocat: — to 

depart; to move; to leave. 

um&f&baba, v.: — to cheat each other, 
umagang, v. i.: — to exclaim; to cry out; 

to eiiout suddenly. 
um&gang zndmatai, n.: — outcry; 

clamor; tumult. 
um-agonias, v. i: — .to be in the last 

throes of death, 
luu&guaguat, n.: — quarrel; contention, 
um&gtiesgties, n.: — friction; the act of 

rubbing; attrition. 
um&jdye,,v. %.; also contrata: — ^to 

enter into an agreement; to close a 


umandi, v. i.: — ^to play the dandy. 
umanldad, n.: — ^humanitv; humane, 
umapaytine, adj.; also guSfuma- 

tongd: — familiar; well acquainted or 

intimate; affable. 
um&sagua, r. tr., v. i.; also &sagua: — 

to marry; to wed; to take to wife or 

um&saguan xnalago, r. i.: — to elope; to 

run away. 
umaad, v'^ i.; also znd.ngag; nizi& as6; 

ini^ag: — to sag; to sink down; to 


uin&tan§, n.; also conbetsasi6n {Sp.): — 
entertainment; conversation. 

umdtattiye, adj.: — successive; con- 
secutive; following each other. 

umatog, V. i.; also malagon umaa- 
tog: — to sneak; to creep or steal away 
privately or meanly. 

um&totpe, V. tr.: — to collide; to knock 

um^-tratos, v. i.: — to come to an under- 

um&tugong;, r. tr.: — to encounter; to 
come upon suddenly. 

um&tiuSgd, V. i.: — ^to agree. 

umaya, adj.; also pr6pio; chumi- 
lo^: — ^becoming; seemly. 

umaya, v. tr.: — to be alike; to happen 

uznaya, adj., adv.; also xnagajet; ca- 
bales: — accurate; exact. 

uni&yutl, V. tr.; also debtitsia: — to di- 
vorce; to dissolve marriage contract by 
legal authority. 

3 tlOS DSa tm ;, 




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