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Ai™Be— !l«*Oo=Ca-=T?. iQ o an io book, lu^k, W09I. [ooilwn.] 

XKuuibSr.ralher. [llalif 

AflUia^l. [Bro«lB,Bw,orBU.] 

^ f u is wv. wUch. [SlHHt Bund of av.] 

E { u in |iiWi VS'"- [" loiKl 

tf niinmar^'ae. {e bug. Frencb i.] 

[u ibart] 

U a u in TdII, poll. [Short Buad of 00.] 
(la>iiaD«,D^i>wn. [yu.] 
e e as iu «ap, eode, rap- [Ke, w K.] 
Ch ih ai in chaiae, imehinB, [ah.] 

in bird, [u abort.} iS > u in moae, faia. [ei M a-] [1 

linmtjie- f French on, EngUih oo.] iTb fh a* in Tboae, tbine. [meal] to aapi 

UNI\ ^, !TY 

HA n - B Mn n mB r.ifc r.i 1, ^ ni.mi lae itrany-a^coBii oar o » ai V i ;ni ma nin-- 
rdTearoi'thelodepflndencsofUie (7tul«l'Sialu D/'^AmcrKi; NOuI WEBSTER, of ihe 

'■'■ lrict,batL depoiitad in ihii office lh« title of a B 

in the worda fbllowing, lo wil ; — 

id I^ialrict, bath depoaitsd in Ihii office tha title of a Book, the right whsmif ba eliuma *■ 

" A Dutianary of ike EngUik Ijmguagt : i^migtiJTtm On AtKaiem DiOtima^, for Hia 
" KM nfPriaaTy Scheeli, and Uu Cmntmg Heutt. By NoA Wdvm-, L L. D." 

In eonfoTTiiity (0 tl|e aa of Cbograai of the United SIMM, wlilled, " An act liir the encoup- 
agaoMt of learning, by aecniing the copie* of Mapi, Chart*, aod Booka, to the aolbon and 
preHietota of (Dch vofua, daring the timet therein mentioned." — And abo '~ '*' ' ~~' 

" An oM aapplonenta^ to an act, enihled 'An act for the mcourageoiaM WT learubig, 
BCmin; the copiea of Map*, Chute, and Booka, to Ibe aothon and proprielora of aoon 

vopitt during the tma) therdn menuooed,' and ananding the beneflla thereof M the aiti of 

derigning, engnviug, and etching bialDticBlBniluber pnnti." 

A tnme^fyBfHaegcd.-TBBPped-anda o iJadbyme, 

CHAS. A. INGEESOIX, Cler* o/Oa Dutrid 0/' CmmaciiCEf. 
U^'iSS, 18(9. 


Tba IblkwiDg tra i put of tlta mmMDiu ncBmnwniUlimi neeiredtiT lb. ^ n 

Tb« odBBlion in which Dr. Wchon'aDktiDDwfii held bj^uttenwa irf«nidi^i,>ppawa 
from tlw I^DawiDg tevliinDDHj«> 

The ncriB of Dr. Webiler'a Amariowi DiodoBaiT of ihcEngUih . Luagaagej »n yen exMs- 
■**ly scknowledgedbf thitpanaflbeiMminaiilji'far wb»w iM o d i n m on it nii dMipiod. 
W* ns>rditM>Emt im|iro>eMMaloDaU tbatmduwhiahliaM Brecsdedil. .The ennok»- 
tieald«parti)ieiitt£rD«iiHTud Mrikiai HghlDU the hidnnp oT tengoMe ; tke (Orabolaiya 
•nlufsd Iqr iheaMtionof niuf thoonnd wordi,aHi|iriHgl>elceluicJ^wariUarR>«aooaBd 
the vu, word* not found in other dictionuiea, ud nunr of them the wwdi fat the precita 
meaning of which Uie general reader ia raoit frequently at > loea; the oitbographr of •ereral 
elaiiei of words, inateM of foUowiDg conhnm aod otnwlete model of ipelUng, ■■ eoDroimed to 
the preieal naags of the bett wriiert; and the definitkiDi have s character of difcriminalwn, 
copioumeii, penpicoitf , and acconuy, not lixipd, webeU«Te,in aay other dicdooaiyoC the Eng- 

Jodge of the Svinae C»W is Ihe DiM^T^ ^oBba. 

The foUomngleaiimonuil u ■obKribelbjtlie memben oTCongrcM whoM nunei art annexed : 
The nlncribfln highly Bppreciate Dr. Wtbnet>t pvrpon and attempt to imnroia tbt EnglUh 
piage, by rendering in oncography moie limple, regular, Bad uniform, and by removing difS 

cuiliei ■riling from iti anani>li«. It u very deeirable that one Mnndard dicdonary aliauld l>a 
used by the numaroaa nuUioM of people who are [o inhnbit the von extent of lerriioiy belone- 
JDg Id (he Uniied Smim} u Ibe uh of sitcb a itandard msy preveal Ihe fonnBtion of dialects la 
itBtea reinole from each o(her| and impresi upon tlie iHiiEuage mtifanaiji and Mlabililji. It ia 
deairable dw thatthekcquirinanof tlie lanKunge ehonld be rendered eaiy, not onlv to our avrtt 
citkens, bnt to (areigeen who with la gain accenia the rich elortBoracience wbicli itconlBiDB. 
*" tjoice that the AtnerieoH Dietimiart bidi fair to become uch a nandard, and we lincerel^ 

We rekiice 
faope thai th 

iQthor'a tlem) 

tlementaiy booki 
10 Ihe general nie of our fellow c 
WlSHMQToit, Feb. 1831. 

,1 iHimsiy tcboola and acaden 

J. Holmes, He. 
F. Spnuue, do. 
8. Bell, N. Hanmliir 
L. Woodbory, Aj. 
D. Webater, Haia. 
N. SiUiee, do. 

A. SleveHon, Ta. 
A. Spencer, N, Y. 
E. Bnwn, Ud. 
C. E. Haynet, Geo. 
J. Hawkina, N. Y. 
8. P.Petli^flicfa. 
J. H.HBdey,N.Y. 
W. a.AnEel,N.Y. 
G. E. Hiichdl, Md. 
P. Ibrie, Pa. 
J. B. Sutherland, P> 
E.D. White. Lou. 
H. Everett, Vt, 


S. A. Pool, do. 
D. Chaae, Vu 
H. SejrmODr, do. 
C, E. Dudley, N. Y. 
U. DickerMii, N. J. 
T. Frelingbiiygen, do. 
II. D. Barnard, Fa. 

W. Harkei, Pa. 
E. F. CbBnAeta, Hd 
8. Smijh, do. 
W. Smith, S, C. 
J.S. JohpaoD, Lou. 

r. M. White, Flo. 
3. C. Clay, Ala. 
W. Amutrong, Va. 
!t.£.B. Bi^or, Ala. 
I. Thompeon, Ohio. 
:X Holland, He. 
i. G. Eager, N. Y. 
£. Deberry, N. C. 
L C. BateL Mbbl 
IV. W. Irwin, Ohio. 
I. G. Kendall, Haas, 
r. H Sill, Pb. 
IL Spencer, Hd. 
r. Child% N. Y.- 


ine, Ala. 

Troup, Geo. 

W. Hendricki, Tnd. 

■JR. Mc laiire, Me. 
G. Evan.. He. 
]. Reed, Han. 

P. kTraoy,N. Y. 
3. Swan, N. J. 
B. K. Wilson, Ud. 
J.IIuDl, Vu 
E. Young, Con. 
P. Stepliene, Fa. 
J. L. Hodeee, Man. 
W.B. Sbepard.N.C 
T. H. Crawford, Pa 
D. J. Pearce, R. I. 



This volume is desigDetl to iiimish couoting hotuea and prinary mIiooIb, 
with a vocabulBry of the words which constitute the body of the Engtisk 
larauage, with a very brief definitioD of each. The oithography and pro. 
BuAiation are, according to those in my Quarto Dictionary, with some cor ' 
rections. The better to present to the student the tme pronunciation, the 
words are divided into syllables, and the syllable od which the stress is laid 
is marked with an accent, or with a point over the vowel. This division of 
■yllables, with the key at the top of each page, will guide the inquirer to the 
true pronunciation. 

Ab it is not possible to comprise all the derivative, as well as primitive 
^vords, with all technical terms, in a book so small as to accommodate the 
common people of this country, the more difiieuu and uncommon technical 
words are omitted, as are some of the participles of verbs, which are regu- 
lar in their formation. Those which are irregtdar, or not of easy forniatimi, 
are inserted. 

The anomalous sounds of the vowels are designated by points, or Dtarks, as 
are certain distinctions in the use of the consonants. The unaccented 
vowels are left without any directions for the pronunciation ; as it is not easy,- 
or even possible, to express on paper the. nice distinctions which th« ear 
recognizes in a rapid enunciation of slight sounds. The true pronunciatioa 
of such vowels is best caught by the ear ; and it is deemed worse than use- 
less to encumber words wiih a multiplicity of marks or figures. The un. 
accented vowels are mostly short, and if they have their long sound, it is 
slighijy pronounced. 

Differences in orthography and pronunciation, which amount lo thoU' 
saads in the English books, present td the lexicographer, difficulties and 
perplexities, which no other person can duly estimate. Many of the discre- 
pancies are evidently owing to mere negligence in the authors, who huve 


Followed local usage or particular authorities, without observing the settled 
analogiea of the language. Such errors as appear clearly to have pro- 
ceeded from such negligence,' t have corrected. In other cases, there is 
no analogy by which doubta can be removed ; and the English books difier 
so much that they furnish no rule of decision. Hence it follows necessa. 
nly that my own decisions must clash with some of them ; but I have at- 
tempted, in tUi caaes^ to bring words, as much as possible, under the con- 
trol of well eslablishAd principles. 

While 1 wAe engaged in writing the Quarto Dictionary and in the supervision' 
of the press, I-waa so much occupied wiUi the more difficult depaitmlbtB 
of llie wori[,.the etymologies and definitions, that some errors iii orthogra- 
fhj escaped observation, which an exclusive attention to that subject 
would have prevented. These I have corrected ; and a further Coneidera- 
tion of some p<ulits, has induced me to make a few alterations. Hence 
some discrepancies will he found between that work and this. Other dis- 
crepancies wilt appear between this work and the octavo edition, some of 
which I should have prevented, if I had been able to superintend tlie prepa-i 
iMon of the copy for the press. Bnt the number of these I am not able to 
ascertain; as it is not probable dtal I shall ever again read the whole of 
that or of the quarto edition. My intense and long continued labors ren. 
der repose essential to my health and comfort, during the short period of life 
which remains. ' ■ 

But the reader is informed that wherever discrepancies appear between this 
work iad the larger ohes,lhie duodecimo volume, my last work, all written 
and corrected by myself, is to bo considered as containit^ the pointing, or- 
Ifeography, and prOmmciation which I most approve. 

The general rule which I have observed in settling the orthography of 

eeitain classes of words, is Uniformily ia words of like formation ; that is, a 

ralo without an eicception; for exceptions give to learners more trouUe thu 

rules. ' 


1. Favor, ettntlor, ardor, labor, color, clamor, parlor, error, tenor, honor, 
■lilendor, rigof, annor, rigor, vajwr, vi^r, inferior, superior, &c., and the 


derivatives in the »aine manner without u, LUat the pupil need not be 
(foubLed with the u in labour, and the omiseioD o£ it in laborious; u in. in* 
feriour, and not in inrerioHty, >&c. 

2. Muaic, public, eubic, and all similar words from the Greek and liatin, 
and some formed ia analogy witli them, without &. Most of these admit the 
tsrminatioas, al, and a% ; as musical, musically ; and it is inconvenient to 
add k to the primitive word, musick, and be obliged to omit it in oMuical. 
Besides, tbe mark used in my books on c, wh^ it has the use of i, super- 
sedes tke secesaity of k. 

ficcfptuma.— Words which msy be used as verb*, retain i, on account 
of the past lenae and participles; as traffick, trafficked ; frolick, frolicking. 

WoHs of Teutonic and Gothic origin, having never lost k, and not ad- 
mitting an additional syllable, retain it ; as hemlock, fetlock, wedlock. 
Honosyllables are ako wc«pted ; as sick, lick, lock ; most of which may 
be used aa veiba. 

3. Defense, exl^e&se, (^eose, pretense, racompeuBe, lHth«; oot solely 
because the Latin. origiDitlB have i, but because the derivatives, defensive, 
expensive, i^nKre, pretension, recompensii^, must be written with s. 

4. Blamable, abaiable, debatable, movable, ratable, salable, recoacila. ' 
ble, and all similftr words without e, except after g and g ; as noticeable 


lefall, miscaU, insUUI, recall, forestall enthrall, retain the 11 ; few if one 
I is omitted in tbe primitive word, it must be restored in the participles, be. 
falling, dec. ; and it ia a general rule in the language, that a before U, has 
its broad sound ; (mall and shall excepted.) Hence, if written befai, mis- 
eal, tlte pronunciation may be easity mistaken. For this reason U should 
be retained in the nouna installment, inthrallment. 

6. Foretell, distilli instill, fulfill, retain U in the primitive, for it must b« 
retained in the participles and other derivatives ; as foretelling, distiller, 
Ac In Ibis casethe pupil ha^ only to learn that the spelhngof the original 
words, tell, still, till, is retained in all the derivatives. 

7. Connection, deAMtioiO, ioflection, reflection, follow the spelling of the 
verbs, connect, deflect, inflect, reflect. Complex and reflex are considered 
as the primitives of a different analogy, and the common spelling is retted 

iy . PREFACE. 

8. All verbs, formed from the Latin aad Greek tzo,-and others formed 
m analogy with them, are written with the termination he, as generalise, 
legalize, moralize. See th^ ElemeiUaty SpeUiitg Book, Sect. iSJ, i3S. Thia 
(emiination and ism, never change the accent of the original word. 

Words directly from the French presfir, and others from the French, gene- 
rally retain the letter a ; aa surprise, enterprise, comprise, dense, revise 

9. When verbs of two or more syllables, end in a single unaccented 
consonant, preceded by a single vowel, the final consonant is not doubled 
in the derivatives. Thus we should write appareled, canceled, caviling, 
CBviler, duelist, libeled, libelous, equaled, rivaled, traveler, traveling, quar 
reUng, &c. See a list of these verbs in the ElemenUa^ Sp^Ung Book 
Sect. 149. 

This rule, always admitted to be just, has been violated, probably from 
mere heedlessness ; there being no more propriety in doubling the conso- 
nant in caviling, libeling, than in limiting, pardoning, delivering. 

Dull, skill, will, full, &c. retain U in all their derivatives, to prevent the 
inconvenience of exceptions to a rule, I see no reason for omitting one / 
in dullness, fullness, skillful, willful, -which would not require the omission 
of one s in blissful, distressful. 

The orthography of dispatch, instructor, visitor, which Johnson altered 
without any good reason, not only in opposition to the practice of all that 
cluster of distinguished authors who adorned the beginning of the last cen- 
tury, but in contradiction of his own practice, in some of his writings, has 
been restored. 
* The orthography of a few words, (he etymology of which has been mis- 
taken, as furlow, chimist, melasses, mold, cigar, redout, redoutable, con- 
troller, and a few others, has been corrected. The usual orthography is 
palpably erroneous. 

In many words which belong to no class, and which are differently writ- 
ten in our book^, I have adopted the orthography which is most simple, or 
most agreeable co the etymology or to the pronunciotion. 

NeKHmen,Dec. 1620. 

. ;l , Cookie 


'Ilium>A(')Blm)^ IndiuMa the accented (^hble. Ttliaiith iibcAdlniiiwdiitdTiSM * 
iDwel, ibai TDwel bu ill fint or long lound ; Ihni, hatrai, meler, tUfer, holy, bh'inttn, daof'. 
litis soniul ■■ abo deiigaaled by a lu^nailal nwifc oTar the vawtl, tfaiw : flet, mile, tce, cOU, 
tuda. cay. 

TTben ihe maik of accent Ibtlows a coiuonanC, the pHsridbg yo^al, if aiDJje, «id DOtjicdiited, 
H ihort ; ai in ab'aent, del«id', predict', alleda;'e, conTnla^. 

When the accent is placed afiar, or in a if liable that contain) a pointed vowd, at & diplitlKHig, 
that vowel or dipbihong haa its proper loimd ; as in debtb', ieOiBv'B, adjoiii', lanoT', avow', 
abouod', Ftyoic'e. 

The vowele, atEbeandofawoidifbimBnosyllablelnanrwoirdaflBMtlahoriginj butvih«a 
it lollows a canaonaM preceded by a auisle vowel, it indicate* Uut rowel to bi long, u in lau 
tone, gyve. When it followa (wo or moie coiuonanla, the vowel of that tyllable, it 
is luiudly shor" '" ■ " ' - ' ' - 

rinled, is luually short, aa in abridge, lodge. 
double acraot beTore ei and tij indicates that these leltere 41 

.--wTiaki* . tlina ■ri^m-^uT) fftotl'tiOEi*, tui^tial, afc pmnoun^ed ' . . , ., 

nlluUea Iban one liaa a pointed vawel, and no mark of accent, ttie 
the acoented ajllable. Some words, moatlv compounds, have two ' 
liEdbdiSennce of accent. 
dToat liaa the aoood indicated by Ibe pi 

IbesTllable i ibiu. ri'douit, faoli'^oa*, iui"ttal, are pmnoiuiced viahlJUa, fae^h'oDS, I 

Wben a woni ta more nllublea than one baa a pointed vawel, and no mark of __ 
pmnted vowel derignatea the acoented ajllable. Some words, moatlv compounds, have 
U>ie*i*ith pointed vowds ; in which case LhereialiEdodjAercnceofa 

■ndthe other ia mole ; ai cflnrae, bSaiae, fruit, allly, 
raphs M, ra, n, te, wiien neiiher 
oTa long, and oa, that of long- 
in the itauc character are ailent. 

The duraphs te,ra,ei,it, when neither vowel is pdntedi have Um aonad or«iaaB--«l and Ay, 
sound oTa long, and m, that of long. 

which aie aetad in their placs. 

H after r^ alwaya aiUlt, ■■ in it 

6 aod E bebce n are alwari silent, aa in jpiat, know. 
I after I baa iwaaflj a liqaid aoimd, like jr u alian, pnmoimeed a%>ai 
W befbn r ii unite, as in ■««•(, jnononnced rari. 
E Una] In the teiminatioiis ik, da, <S^jte.«la, Ue;pla, tU,iie,ia aOcait. 
He eonbinalianBc^ct,eibefim avowal are nanaUvpronotmcedaa stf win oelaoaoiat pa- 
Ana, ingnliaie, AiDiwiineed cetaahn, gnsbus, innaabate. It is said in aooM En^h books, 
that, in many anch wnda, cart alone bu the aouiid of ih, and Ihaiefaia iagCBtiata ia to be {KO- 
id i:«raabeate. Ilia ia a great miatake , il ia the combination of cart wiibibefbllowiar 
ihU fbnna the aoimd of aA ; end the meaanre of Engliah vane, in all the beat Ed^«£ 
" — ID la be thni pronoi ' 


a nngle syllBblit, proi 

Vbe cnmbJDatidri tien formi jn Uks manner, n tingle s^tlabte, proi 
non Bui aticr a vowel, it ia usually pro nauocetl ztun, a* in fuiinn, go 
K tlieae rules are uoted in tlietr place; OBistliepraouDcintionof ibe ci 

Ph Imve (ha sound of/ as in philuEOphy, prooaunced filunfy. 

PbeforD tigoiule, as in psdm, pesJler. 

C, ilier I, and before e, t, and y is usually BQeBt, a> in scene, scie 
■Bne,uencei Sylhian. Before A, c igcODBideredsa»lent, asineick, Iol-. 

Ou and on, when aii not pointed, are diphlboags, and pronounced uniformly, u in ■ 

lie dipfatbougiej and oykaiellieirproper sound, as in join. joy. 

Au and an are digraphs, and have IJie sound of broad a in fall. 

Tvn> Bceenli benreen n and g, or after g, indicale thai ng are piODOUiieed irith a closa articu 
lion, a* in 6i<"ger, lan'ger. 

The pronuDcialioii of the TOirel in a deriTaiiie word is unnlly the some u in Ibe primid< 
Tbue, firm being pronouuced femi, llie deriiativei are to be pronouncdd in the same manuer; 

As sMetisk or itar, afler the past tense or participle of a verb indicates that (he 

may be and usually is blendal iu pronur-'-- ■■'■ •'■ -■■ "-■•'- ■'- " 

dropped, as claimd for daixed. Afier k. 

and usually is blended iu pronunciation viit£ the preceding ■yllablerthe ia»el e bejnir 
> -.-i.;_..f._ .._^._j .=__,. _ q,^sh,x,diapronounceda5(,- asdBcktforiieckeii, 

&c. Hut in derivatives, (he lelteraaj usually form a digtiuRt syllable. Thus, thouj^h bli 
pronounced blest, yet Uewedness must be prunounced in three svllablei; confessed maybe 
syllables; but conleesedly must be pronounced in four syllables This rule appUes also to adji 

Words with this mark t are considered as unsettled in pronunciaiion. 

U IS prODOuneed yu in nature, capture, and some ivords of sunilar [onnatnn ; but, as : 
writers or qieakers agree in the words to vrhicb this pronunciadou euends, >a rne on fai 
OB the BUbjeG(. 


a. stands Tm adjective, or altribiite. 

ml. or will, for adverb, or modilier. 

con. , fnf connective, or conjunction. 

ex. Ibr eiclamation, or inteiiection. 

n. fbi nouD, or name. 

prep. for prepositinn. 

p. far preterit, past tense, or pasnve pulidple ; or bolb vtbea allka 

pp. for participle, perfect, or active. 

1^. for participle of the present t«ue. *v. 

pnm. for pronoun, or subatitute. 




Ao. cMitnction of m, one, ami msd bafim 
. a eonaonant, na a bird. 
AJwcfc', ad. back, iMckwud, behind. 
Ab'-A-cuL n. BO Bjithmedcal bble. 
A-bSlL, ad. towanta Ihe ilom oTb tlup. 
A-han'-don, o. (. to forgake wholly, desert. 
A-ban'-don-ed "y. forsaken, daaerted, veiy wick- 
A-ban'-don-ingifyr. Ibnaking. renouncing, [ed. 
A-ban'-don-raent, a. entire dcsenioti. 
A-b&se, e. 1. lo bring low, humble, cut down. 
A-bfi'-Md,* f. broDght low, hUDiblai,diigrBced. 
A^die-ment, n. the act of humbling, low nals. 
A'b&.aing, j^. humbling, depremng, bringing 

A'baah', v. t. to put to the bluah, to oonlbund. 
A-hn«h'.«ij,* J), put out of countenance. 
A-baah'-ing, }^, pultine to Ehame or confiuion. 
A-baah'-monl, n, BBtoniatimenl, confiuion. 
A^ba-Ia-ble, a, that may be abated, defeated, m- 

A.tAtc, V. to dflcreaiie. lenen, pull down, fail aa 

A-ba'-ted, p. loaaerwid, lowered, taker off. 

A-Ul»[iient, n. a aum abated, ati allowancs, de- 
cwaan. a remitting aa of a lai, fiiihire aa of a 
writ, the removing of a nuiaance. [^ing. 

A-ba'-ting, ppr. pmUng down, defsalingi remil- 

Ab'4t-tia, H. branehea of treea aiiarpcnad. 
Ab'-ba, n. father, a ■criptural word for btbar 

Ab-bM'-i-eal, a. pertaining to an abbey. 
Ab'-beaii n. the goyerneaa of a nunnefy. 
Ab'-bey. n. Ihe midence of an abbot or monks. 
Ab'-bol,R. the head of a soriety of nianka. 
Ab-bTe'-vi4ie, v. I. to ahotten, abridge, cot off. 
Ab-bre'-Ti-a-ted,}>. ihortened, reduced Inknglh. 
Ab-bre'-vi.a-ting, ppr. ihorteiiing, abridging. 
Ab-bre-v-i.a'-iion. ». the art or an of aborteninc. 
Ab-bre'-vi-a-tor, n. one who aborlaii or abrid- 
Ab-bre'-vi-a-tuie, n. ahrtdgmont. [gn^ 

Ab'.di-cant, a. abdicating, renouncing. 
AbMi-cale, v. I. to abandon an ofiice, or pomr, 

withool a ibmul reeignation. 
Ab', p. renounced, abaDdoned. 
AbMi.ea-ting, ;jpr. reiinquiahing without a fb> 



1. Ihe deserting of a pablie truit. 
I. cauaing or unifying abdiradon. 
n. the lower part of llw 

&lr, fftH, whil, piBy, m 

A-b»«e-da'-ri-aa, «. one who Uachei or ii Iwn- 

ing the alphalMt 
A-bed', adv. in bed, on the bed. 
Ab'4r-d>-viu, n. ihe sigkln, ■ aoof bjjii. 
Ab-ei'-nuce, n. > wandering, denotioii. 
Ab-er'-rant, or ■b-ei'-ring, a. going mOaj. 
Ab-er-ts'-tion, n. act of wandeiing, dflTiation- 
A-bet', n. (. to enoonrago, help, suppon. 
A-bel'-ment, n. sncouragBmBnt, luppurt. 
A-bel'-Ud, p. Bided, enroonged to ■ crime. 
A-het'-tingiPpr. aiding or ancouraging to a crime. 
A-bet'-Ior, n. one wbo aida or eacouragea. 
A-btj-ance, n. a waitiiw or eipeclalion in Ian. 
Ab-hor", p. (. to deteit, bale, dialike much. 
Ab-hor'-redi'p^deleeted, haled veiy much. 
Ab-hor'-reDce, n. detestation, great hatred. 
Ab-hoi'-rent, a. incotuiitcot wiLh, deleating. 
Ab-ho^-rent-Iy, qdt. with abhorrence. 
Ab-hor'-cer, n. one who abhon, a halM'. 
Ab-bor'-ring, jair. having gnat avereian. 
A'-bib, R, toe ant maiiU of tlw Jawiah year. 
A-bide, 9. gr, ^iioiii, to Uay or dnell in a plaae ; 

ID bear or wippon. . 
A-bl'-der, i», one who dwelja or continuBe. 
A-bf-ding, nir. oontiniiing} n. euntmuance. 
AJir->diDg4y, adv. ia a manner to contioue. 
A-bil'-i-9, n. ponar, eluU, means. 
Ab'-jvet, a. mean, tvonhleas, aunk very low. 
Ab'-^eel, n. a peiKin in the lowest condiijon. 
Ab-jae'-tion, Ah-jeet-oeu, n. a mean or low 

Ab'^el-ly, adc. meaol]', ivi*l<^^7> baaelj. 
Ab-ju-ia'-tion, n. the act of ahjuting, lotB- 

Ath^n^-^trtory, a, oontaining atuunuion. 
Ab-jure, B. I. to reject tuion oath, to quit^ 
Ab-jo'-ieili'jii.tenaunced npon oath. 
Abga'-iwr, n. one who alyutee. 
Ab-jn'-ring;, ppr. renanncuw on oath. 
Ab-tae^uls, c l. to wean Giim the IneaaL 
Att-la'-lioii, n. Ibe act of taking away, lemoval. 
'Ah'.la-tive, a. denotang whM l^ea 

itation, itay, c 
A-bOde-ment, n. anticipation of aomething Aitatv 
A-bo'-ding, n. preaeutimant, pKcnoaticattoa. 
A-bol'-iih, «. t. to dealroy, nipeu, make void. 
A-bol'-iah-a-ble, a. that may be denroyed. 
A-bal'-iah-Bd,* p. annulled, repealed, deatiojed 
A-bol'-iih-er, r. one who aboliahea. 
A-bol'-iab^, fpr. making void, annulling. 
A4wl'-iah4aent, n. the act of annulling. 
Ab-a-li"-tion, n. th$ act of aboliihing. 
A-bom'-in-a-ble, a. deteatable, hatefm. 

A-bomMn-ote, e. t. to hate, lotbe, abhor 
A-bom'-in-e-led, p. hated, ulteiiy detealed. 
A-bom'-in-a-tkg, ppt. abboning. 
A-bom'-in-a'-tion, n. an object M hatred. 
Ab-o-rig'-in-al, a. fint, or primitive. 
Ab-o-rig'-in-als, n. ft. primitive inhabitanla. 
Ab-or'^tum, n. a mucarriage in women. 
Ab-oH'tive, a. untimely, unBucceeafiil. 
Ab.or'-tiTO'ly, adv. in an untimely manner. 
Ab-or'-Uve-neflfl, n. the state of being abortiva 
A-bound', «. i. lo have, or be in nlentv. 
A-bound'-iog, ^ipr. a. plentiful, a... 
A-boul', pr. near to, concerning. 
A-bout', adv. around, every way. 
A-bi)ve, (abuv^) pr. higher, more. 
A-bfive, adv. overhead, in a higher [dace. 
Ab-r&de, V. I. to icrape oS, to grate, ^rnped. 
Ab-tB'.ded, p. rubbed, or worn off, worn, 
Ab-rB'.dina, ;jir. rubbing off, weoriog. 
A-bra-ham'-ie, a. pertaining to Abraham the ps- 

>;,l,ZDdbyG00gle . 

A-btOach, dd*. bcang tapped. 

A-bnnd, adv. <M, out of dmn, in and 

coimtrj, widrij apnad. 
Ab'-ra^gBte, V. (■ K> lepeal, ■nnuL aboBdi. 
Ab'-iD-ga-led, p. rapealeil, aniiullsd. 
Ab'-io-gB-ting, ppr. repealing by unliciiil;. 
Ab-nt-ga'-tkui, H. tb« act of npealing 
Ab-nipt', a. Budden, broken, unconnecMd. 
Ab-nip'-tion, B. a violent Bt!| 
Ab-rupt'-lj, adv. luddenly, c 
Ab-rnpf-nen, n. giral hule, 
Ab'-acen, n, a awelling con(ainin| nalUr 
Ab'-Kind, V. 1. 10 cut off. pare oB: 
Ab^cn'-non, R. the act of cattoig off. 
Ab^eond', V, i, (o hide one'i wdf, dinppeai'. 
Ab4coiid'-ef T n. one who abfKonda. 
Ab-Hcond^ing, jgir. withdrawing Ihna vielr. 
Ab'-AAncfl, n. a being abaent, inanintictfi. 
Ab'HMmtt a. not preaeni, ]«t in thought. 
At^«enf , V. 1. 10 keep aws;, withdnw. 
Ab.aen-cee', or Ab-aenMer, n. one wtra <ba«n 

a itate of bcii« abaMit. 
Ab'-wvlDte, a. not timited, aiWtnrr, enoiplMe. 
Ab''<o-liiia-|ir, adv. pootivvl]', sibftrarilr. 

Ab^ao-ln'-lioD, n. focigi vo nw, a pardoning. 
AW-^o-h^ta-rf, a. abaolTiiw, Aw abaotvaa.' 
Ab-aolv'a, v. t. to pardon, toQive. 
Ab-aolv'-ad,* p. panloiMid, forgina, aeqnilWd. 
A^aolv'-er, n. ona who abaonaa. 
Se4olV-ing, f)ir. acquitting, remiltiBg. 
^-ao-nam, a. caaairfU) reaaim. 
Ab'-acMuuf, a. nnmuleal, or nmnnaMe. 
Ab.aorti', a. (. to mA up, awaUow nf, wait*. 
Ab«>>l>'-a4>il'4-ty, n. eapad^ of being abaotbaaL 
Abaofb'-aJiU, a. that may be iari>ttMd. 
Abanfa'-ad,* or Abaorio', p ii^dbed, anaUowed. 
Ab-aofb'-ant, s. auddng Hp, imbibing, [abaorbh 

Ab4ar|i'-itan,n. _. . . 

Ab«on>'-tJT<^ a. having power to imbiDe. 
flh alliiii *. t. lo brfaear, to nAain Inisi. 


Ab-nei^'on, il the act of clnnHOg or wiping 

AW-flti-nence, n. a refiaining from, lei- 

AV-ati-nent, a. ' ' ' 


Ab4tratf, v. ' 

Ab'-alract, n. _ ■ 

Ab'-atncl, a. dMrlnclM, aaparaled, pure 

Ab-Mnef-ed, j>. igparBtH], abatruae, abami. 

AI>atn>««'.ed-ir, AbWraclly, adt. by iiaelf. 

Ab4traet'.ed-neaa, n. the ilsle m being a 

r, n. one wbo makea an ahatract. 

mg mm, a aaparatuig ol 

„, ^ flom iha wodd. 

Ab-nra<t'-iTe,a. having the nnnrofabatncitini 

AJhO-Oh, o. diHieait to be undnMood. 
Ab-taOwa-ty, adr. obacnnly, not plainly, daiUr 
Ab-«trflio noaa, a. obicui^ of meaning. 
Absurd', a. conlnry to taaaon, InamnnaBt. 
Atnai^-i-tf, n. inconaiitenGT. 
Abaurd'-ly, adt. nnieaaonab^, ii 
Ab4<ud'-Deia, n. abaordily, iiKK~ 
A4>mid'4noe, n. neot ptoi^, e 
A4>»id'4nt, a. plenliml, aboimL..^ 
A-ban^-anl-ly, ode. ploitifolly, amply. 
A-biiae, v. t. lo treat Ul, impoae on. 
A-bnw, H. the ill uHi of any tbing, iiuar; 
A-bu'-aed,* p. naed ill, treated ronghly. 
A-ba'^er, n. ooa who eaca anotbar ill. 

A-bul'.^ n. a bound 

A-byan', or a'J>yaa', n. a dac^ pit, t gul£ 
A*4-de'-nii«l, a, pertaining; 10 an academy. 
Ae-a-de^mi-in, AB«.iieiD'-ie, At-a-dOKiii'^ 
A.«ad'44iilai, n. a atadaitt, w mandar ol 

Bar, ^11, what, pr^jt moi'Yne, pin, bird, mb've. 

B-a-dem'-ie-al, a. peitaming to aa 
a Platonic philosapher. 

A-ean'-ihin6, a. pertaining lo the planl, aoanthiu 

&-eal'-B-lep-*r, n, inuomprehensibility. 
A-eou'-line, ia. having no iMm, bat flowen 
A-oiu'-loiu, S realing on the ground. 
Ae-tSde, p. i. to roma aeai, to join, agree. 
Ae-«o'-dod, p. of Accede. 
Ac-ce'-ding, ppr. agraeing, assenting. 
Ae-cd'-e-nile, u. I. to hasten motion. 
Ag.4cJ' e-ra-tod, p. increased in motion. 
Ae-cel'!ing, ppr, hastening, incresaing ye 

loeity or progreaaion. 
Ae-cel-e-ra'-tion, n. a haalfining or qnickeoing. 
Ac-oal'-«-r«-live, a. adding to — ' — '- 

Ac'-cent^Ac-cent'f v. t. to note the accent. 
Ae'-cent-«], Ac-cant'-ed, p. utterod with Bccant. 
Ae'-cent-ing, ppr. pTOoouncing or marking with 
Ae-cent'-u-at. a, lelating to accent. [accent. 

Ae-CDnt-u-a'-tion, n. .the placing of accent oa a 

Ac-cept', u. 1. to take, receive favorably. 
Ae-cept'-a-ble, a. agreeable, pleasing. 
Ae-cepl'-a-ble-nesi. r. die quality of being ae- 

Ae-cepf-a-blf , ndv. pleasingly, agreeably. 
Ae-oept'-aace. n. apprebalton, the receiving of a 

bill of eictuuige so as to bind the acceptor. 
Ae-cepl-a'-tion, n. accsolance, the meaning of a 

Ac-cept'-cd, p. kindly received, agreed to, re- 
Ac-cept'-er, n. one who accepts. [garded. 

AcH^pt'-ing, ppr, receiviog favorably, agree- 

, admisaion, approach, addition. 

AiSMBory. f ' " 

e quality o 

Ae-ceaa'-i-hle, □. that may be approached. 
Ae-cea'-aion, n. the arriving at, an addition. 
AC'Cefl'^, a. additional- 

Ae'-ci-denoe, n, a book of mdimenta. 
Ae'-ci.dent, n. a property of a thing, that which 

comes to paaa without beii« foreHeen. 
Ae«i.dent'-al, a. casual, happening by chancs. 
Ao-CL-dent'-al-ly, adv. by chance, unexpectedly 

Ae-div'-i-ty, n. the ascent c^ aliill, &c. 
Ae-di'-vous, a. rising with a alope, aa a hilL 
Ae-eom'-mo^a-ble, a. that may be filled. - 
Ae-com'.mo^late, v. t- to suit, reconcile. 
A^^om'^no -da-ted, p. suited, euppjied- 
Ae-com'-mo-da-ting, ppr. adapting, reconoiling.- 

__. ,"e 

Ac-com^-mo-da-ior, n. one thi 
Ac-eOm-pa-tii-ed, p. attended by. 
Ae-edm-pa-ni-ment, n. an addition by way of 

omaroent, the act of accompanying. 
Ac-ofim-pB-nist, n. the pertonner in music ivho 

lakes the accompanying part. 
Ae-eOm-pa-ny, n. 1. to join with, go along with. 
Ae-cAm-pa-ny-ing, ppr, attending, going with. 

Ac^wn'-plish, V. Lto finish, effect, fulfill. 
Ae-eom'-pliah-ed,* p. eompleled, elegant. 
Ac-eom'.phah-er, n, one who completee, 
Ae-eom'-pUih-ing, ppr. Sniihing, completing 
Ae-eom-plish-ment, n. a completion, an acquits 

Ac-eord',ti.i.toftuit with, unite, agree, grant. 
Ae-coni'-ance, a. agreement, harmony, union. 
Ae-eord'-ant, a. willing, agreeable, conaendn^ 
Ae-cord'-ed, p. made to agree, adjusted. 
Ac.cord'-er, n. ona that aids, or lavon. 
Ae-eord'-ing, ppr, agreeable, tn oomplianoa. 

book, dCve, lull, «M, «u 
Ae-ecod'-ing-ly, adv. conHqnsiUf. 
ke-Tom', B. (. addren, speui lint to, nlgte. 
Ac-f:i>Ht'-&-hle, a. eesf of occeu, &w. 
Ae-co«l' vd, ^' addTHsed, fint ipokan to. 
Ac-tnaf -ing, ppr. eddreHing b; Srti ipeakiug to 
Ac-eoiml'. r. (. to reckon, oompuie, ealeem. 
Av-cDunt', n. r^ard, rank, vaJuQ, eiplanatua. 

Ae-eount'-B-ble, n 



a being lubjeel lo an- 

A«-eouni'-aDl, R. one nho keeps, or ia (killed in 
Af-eonnt'-ed, p, reckoned, valued, eatecmed, 
Ac-«Huit'-ing, ppr. deeming, e*le«auiig> nek- 

Ac-cDuni'-ing, n. Ibe act of adjotling aocouDl*. 
p'-l,] lo couple, link toga- 
tip, ■} fumiali. (tlwr. 
wtri In ■nos, equipped. 

wiih miliiav ha- 

Ac-e6ut-er-mciila, n. p(. equii, „ , . . _ 
Ae-aml'-it, V.I.I0 give credit, aulboiity, 01 n- 

Ae-ocd'-it-ed, p. authorized, allowed. 
A*-epeiJ'-it-ing, j^r. giving authoritj or repola- 
Ae-OEs'-cent, a. increuing. [twn. 

Ae-ere'-iioa^ n. a growing to, an increaaa. 
Ac-cre'-tjver<i- increufiing by growth. 
jlc-(Tue,e.t. [sc-e™',l 19 arise, come, bo added. 
Ai-eru'-m^, ]i>r. grawin^ 10, being added. 
Ae-ca-ba-tioa, n. a recliniii^ an on a conch. 
Ae-cum'-ben-cy, n. ^tate of being acomnbent or 
Ae-eum'-beat, a. lying, recliiung. [redirung. 
ie-eu'-^u-lalo, v. {. to heap together, pita up. 
Ae-en'-mo-lale, a. collected uilo a hum, or 

qnaiititf . 
Ae-eu'-mn-la-tsd, yp collected into a heap, or 

great quanniy. 
Ae-«n'-mu-l«-ting, ypr. heaping tip. 
Ae-en-nin-la'-tion, n. the act of accumulating. 
A«-ea'-nin-lH-tive, a. that accumulalei. 
A«-en'.4nn-ls-toT,n. one that accnmalaiea. [caie. 
Ae'-ei^ra-cy, n. Ac-cn-rate-new, 
Ac'-cn-rate, a. exact, tuca,jDnei*i 
Ac-m-rate-ly, adv. eiacily, nicely. 
ID doom to nunry, t 

Ae-eura'-ad,* p. a. curaed, eimmmonicaled. 

Ac-cu^a'-licm, a. a oomplaiDt, chargeora ccioM 

At^-fu'-aa-to-fy, a, cunuining a charge, biaoung 
Ai.-eiiae, V. '. to cenBure, chujge, imppach. 

Ac-eu'-aing, ppr. charging with a rrnno. 
Ac-cua'-tonk, «■. 1. to make fafluliar by uae. 
Ae-nw'-tDin-ed,* p. uiual, uand, IrHjueDlnl. 
Ae-cua'-loia-iDg, ppr. making tanuLar by piao- 

Ace, n. a unit on cardi or dice, a trifle. 
A-ceph'-a-loua, a. without a head, beadlcM. 
A-cerb*, a. aoui, bitter, hanh to tlie twie. 
A-cerb'-i-ty> a. roughneu, Knimaa. 
A-cei'-oen-cy, n. a tendency to loutncBa 
A'cea'-cent, a. tending to Humef a, iluirp, 
Ac'-«-ta-ry, n. a pulpy lubecance in fnjiu. 
Ac'-e-lale, n..a neutral nit loimed by the aoeUe 

acid with a baae. 
Ac-e-ta-led, a. combined with acetic acid. 
A-ce'-tic, a. noting the acid of radical vinegar. 
A-ce-ti-li-ea'-tion, a. the act oT making wur, ot 

the operation of making vinegar. 
A-ctf-ti-fy, a. (. to conven into acid or vin*gar. 
Ac'-e-tlte, n. a neutral lalt formed by the ace- 

Iha ilrenfith of vinegar. 
A-<»'4ons, a. pantally acidified, lour 
Ache. v. t. [BliB,] 10 be in pnin. 
Ache, n, a continued pain. 
A-chiflv-a-ble, a. that may be perfoTTned. 
A-chiave, v. I. to do, partonn, act, oblain. 
A-chiBv*d," p. done, perfbrnied, compdeied. 
A-chiev^-meni. n. the performance acrjon. 
' ■■- one whoaccompbihcn fl purpoaa 

A-ching, ppr. being in pain, auirering a 
A-«hing, n. pain, continued pain or di 
A-chro-mal'-ic, a. denicute of color. 
A-cis'-n-lar, a. in the Ibim of needle*. 
Ac'-id, a. lour, sharp, like vinegar 

Bur, fan, whit, ptfii narlfte, pin, bi 

Ac'-id, n. a nibaUnce dji which salu are fonned. 
Ait-i[|-if'44i>UB, a. cunMining acids, or an acid. 
&-cid'-i-f^,(L Cto maksoi becoma acid. 
A-oiJ-i-fl'ea'-tiun, n. the net of acklifyini^. 
A-cid''i-fi*d, p. made acid, converted into an 
A-cid''i-f i-er, n. that whidi fatiBH an acid, [aoid. 
A-cid'-i-f I-a-bls, a. that may bfl acidified. 
A-cid'-i-fy-ing, ppr. maliiiig aoid. 
A-cid'-i'iy, Ac'-id-neBB, n, iharpnass, »ume«. 
A-nid'-u-lMa, G, t. to linga with acids. 
A'Cid'-u-la-led, p. tinged with an acid. 
A-cid'^i-lB-ting, ppr. tinging with an acid. 
A-cid'-u-lous, 0. Biighlly aoar. 
A-cin-af^'i-funn. a. formed hke& cimcter. 
A-cia'-i-form, a. having the form of grapM. 
Ae-knowl-edge, (ak-nol'-ed^,] to cfflifiisB, own. 
A e-knowl'-«dg-ed,' p. owned, baJievBd. 
Ae-linonl'-edg-ing, ppr. coilfessing, mlefuL 
Ae-knpwl'-^g-ment, n. confeegiiHi, ihanka. 
Ac'-me, n. tha bight or lop of a IhiDg,crini. 
Ac'-o-Jin, n. ■ bird of the parttidga kind. 
Ae'-u-n[Ie, n. ilie herb wolf'i bane. 
A'-wm, n. the ceed or ihiil of an oak. [tebat. 
A-co-tytc'tlon,!!. aplanlwhoae aeedi havt no aide- 
A-eu-lyl-e-don-oiia, a. having no aide lobaa. 

A-eom'-uca, n. the icienco of iu>und». 
Ae-quSint, v. t. (o inform, malw known, dedaie. 
Ae-quSint-anfe, n. fhtniliai knowledge, uie wdl 

Ae-qutlinl-ed, p. informed, raiuiliar, vened. 
Ac-quOiDl-ing, ppr. maJdng known to. 
A««lue8t', n. acquisition, ^ thing gained. 
AoKiiii-eBc'e, V. I. M aubmit to what is not moat 

agreeable, to jriald aaent lo. 
Ac-qui-ee'ced,*^ of AcpiisKv. 
AcHjui-ea'-eencB, n. consent, complianca. 
Ae-qai4B'-(Hit,a. anhmittrng^ disposed to (ubmJt. 
Ac-qili-«a'-<iing, ppr. quietly aiii»iultiM. 
A»<|iu'-n4>le, o. that may be acijoirad. 
A»quin. IM. lo gain aonielfainii uemmnant 
Ao-qul'-nd,* p. gained, 
A«-qnb«Hnent, n. anaii . ., - - 

Ae^ul-^er, n. one who Hcquires or gains. 

Ae^ul-'rin^pr. gainiiigby labororollwii 

Ae-qQi-ai'',ttan, n. iheaccofgainitig, anaoqiure- 

, n. a delJTcnuice, dMcharg«. 
Ae-qnit'-tuice, n. a receipt ui fidl Ibr debt. 
Ac-qoil'-led, p. set free, released ftmn a debt 

duty, obBg^ion, or suspicion of guilt 
A«-qirit'-4jng, ppr. eetting free from acousfttiort. 
A'-ere, or a'ker, n. a piece of land conlsining 

160 aquan riidB or perchea, or 4840 aquafa 

Ae'-tld, o. of a biting taste, sharp, pongent. 

Ae'-rid-neas, n. a bitlei qnaUly, pungency.. 
Ae-ri-mo'-ni-ouB, a. sharp, conosive, amiere. 
Ae-ri-Bio'-ni-oUB-ty, o^ with sharpneis or bit- 

Ac'.ri-mo-ny, h. sbai^meM, tartness, il! natore. 
Ac'-ri-lude, n. an acnd taste, die. austerily. 
A-cran-i-eal, a- liatng, or setting at sunset- 
Ae'-roa-plTB, n. a shoot, or sprout of a seed. 
A-rnat', aio. or prep, crosawise, athwan, ovo*. 
A-eroe'-tie, n. a dind of poem whose initial lei- 

len fonn the name of some person. [tin. 

A-eroa'-lie4il'ly, adv. in the marmer of an aftroai- 
Ao, B. t. to do, peifonn, imitate, move, play. 
Ao, B. i. to conduct or bjhave. 
Ace, IL a dead, exploit, decree, division or a play. 
A«t'-od,p. done, pertormed, representsd. 
Aei'-ing, pp-. doing, pei£.nning, beliaving 
Aet'-ing. n. action, act of performing. 
Ae''4ion, n. a thing done, deed, battle, suit M 

law, gtstoro, eieroise, nperatioii. 
Ac'-tion-a-ble, a. for whieh a suit wiH lie. 
Ae'-tiona, n. piu. behavior, deeds. 
Art'-ive, a. that acts, qoich, nimble, lirely- 

A«'-iv6-ne«», Ast-iv'-i-ty, n. nimbletHsB. 

te, a. pri^y, havkw a stisg, or poiM. 
I, H. sbaipnos*, gniotn— giliMallint, 

book, dfivB. fall, u*a, cm, flMute, gam, ",»''■■' (bou 

A^v'-min-ata, a. aharp pointed. 
A-en'-niin-e-led, p. aharpened lo i 
A-en-niin-a'-uaiii n. a Bbarpening, 

a abarp point. 
A«-Q-piirie'-U»ei n. the pricking of a put for the 

A^fiW, a. iharp, keen, iDbtil. 
A-eaie-I;,adE. sbarplf, koenlf, ihreirdly. 
A-eiile-neai, n. ahaipnees, HUbtilileiu, (juickneai. 

o. made of, or lika adamaiu. 
AO'-Bm-ic, a. pertaining h> Adam. 
AA^', o. i. to mil, make fit, adjuat, applf. 
Ad-apL'-a-ble, □. thai may be adapted. 
Ad^pt-a'-tion, n. the act of fitting or aniling. 
Aiitpf^p. BUiled, made ■uitable, fined. 
Ad-api'-ing, vf": eoiling, making fit. 
Add, V. (. lo join or put to, incieaie. 
Ad^W'i-msie, r. t. to take or en^eitain tilbea. 
Add'-ed, p. joined, united, putt(^elhec. 
Ad'.der, n. a venomoua ae^ient, a viper. 
Ad.di4)il'-i-tf, n. the posiibililir of being added. 
Ad'-di-ble, a. that maif be added or joined. 
Ad-diel^ v. ^ lo devote, dedicate, apply. 
Ad-diet'-ed,^. given up, devoted, fond of. 
Ad-di«l'-ed-nea«, Ad^lic'-lion, a. derotednHt. 
AJ^dia'-ing, ppr. devodng time and altantiun. 
' Add'-ing, ppr. joiniog, putting logetber, incnai- 

Ad^i"-tion, n. an adding to, act of adding, in- 
Ad.di*-tioti-aI, a. that ia or may bo added. 
Ad.di"-tioii-sl-ly, ode. by way of addition. 
Add'-i-liva, a. Uiat may be added. 
Add'-j-to-ry, a. that adds, or may add. 
Ad'-dla, a. bad, barren, empty, a. dry lee*. 
Ad'-dled, a. morbid, cormpt, pntiid, or bainnL 
Ad'-dle-pa-tsd, u. having empty braina. 
Ad^dreaV, ■. i. to apeak or vmlo lo, pray, dinci 
to, make love, conaign by letter. ftion. 

Ad-dms', n. a ipeech, prayer, deitaiity, direc- 
Ad.^lreaa'-fld,* p. vpoken or applied to, directed. 
Ad-droae'-oa, a. pla. atlentiaDa of a lover, [ing. 
Ad-drcM^-ing, ppr. apeaking to, dincliDi;, coDil- 
Ad-dOoe, draw to, bring in, allai^a. 

Ad-du'-CMt,* p. hmogfat biwanl, aUadged io u- 
Ad-du'-cent, a. bringing Girward, or togathar 

Ad'-e-qnaie-ly, oifei. in ptopenion,, _, 

Ad'«H]uale-n«a, n. fitnaa, proponioo. 

Ad^-qua'-uon, n. adequatei,eaa. 

Ad-hCre, v. i. to itirk cloae, to lake pan with. 

Ai-b^-nd,'p. otAMert. 

Ad-he'-renoe, a. tiie quajily or atata of adhering 

Ad-he'-ren-cy, n. adheimce, 

Ad-be'-rait, a. united wiih, or to, aticking. 

Ad-be'-tent, or ad-be'-ru', n, a roUowir. 

Ad-he'-nnt-ly, adv. in an adherent nuuuwr. 

Ad-he'-aion,-n, the act of atickiogor rleafing 

Ad-be'-aive, a. iiicking to, tanacioua, clammy. 

Ad-Wfive-neaa, n. the qnality of aticking. 
Ad^bol^ta'^tion, a. advioe. [ing, 

Ad'hort-a-tfr^, a. containing cwmari or wariH 
A-di4ph'-o-roDBT a. indifTerent, nencral. 
A-dieu, ado. [adu',I CueneJl. 

Ad-^a'-pm-c)', n. atala of bordering upon. 
Adoa'-ccnl, a. lying ekae lo, bordering upon. 
Ad^eet-ive, a. that ii added, a word ailded to a 
noon lo dtacribe it, or deoote wme property 

0, bear or lie near, add la 

Ad-jouk'-ing,^!^. joining to, adjarvnt, contignooa 
Ad-Jonm, tj. t. [adjunr,] to put off, pwtponn, 
deter. [a limited time 

Ad-joura'-«d,* 7. put off, delayed, or deferred for 
Ad-joiim'-ing,ppr. defening, oloeiT^ a aeaeiort 
Ad-joum'^nent, n. the act of adjouming. 

Ad-judg'o, «. (. 10 judge, yam ae" 

Ad^adg'^Hl.'p. ' — 


BHt, tifi, whft, piey, maiKoe, pin, bird, mljve. 

Ad^u'-di-eMed, p. idjud^, tried, and 
Ad-ju'-di-ea^ingjUfir. dying and denilr 
Ad^-di-ca'-Uon, iLJudieiar trial or sanl 
Adjunct, n. ■omslbiiig joined lu ai ' 
Ad-jiincf , a. uHei lo, ur oniled wi 
Ad-j(ne^-4ioa> n. ibe ict of joining. 
Add nno'-tjvs, a. having ^^ quality 
Ad-june'-tiva, n. thai —'■■-'■ -- ---- 

AdqUDC'-tiTB-lT, odlL 

Ad-jonM-ly, lik). ii 



Judicial api- 

Ad-ju'-nd,' p. charged on oath. 
Ad-jo'-nTi that aftjurca, one 
Ad-ju'-riog, iipr. chareing on oalh 
Ad-^DM^, «; I. U> fit, adapt, letUe, • 
Ad-just'-ad, p. made aiact '' 

Ad-juit'-cr, ■. ■ penon vib 
id-joMS-u^mr. ndncing 
Ad-juat'-ing, Ad-jurt'-inenl 

4 n. a mQiMrr offiow vrho aida in lh> 
•KecDiion of ordem, placM guaida, &^ 

Ad-ju'-tur, n. a heliwr, usiBtiuit, pramom. 
Ad-ju'-vant, a. helping, asaislinE, [-■-"■■"-f 
Ad-awu'-u-re, v. L [ad>mea'-Drij lo take tba dt- 
Ad-meaa'-ikr'od,* p. nutaaund, appoEtiopad, 
Ad-maai'-tm-meii:, a. a takitu; of dimenaiana. 
Ad-meai'-ar-«r, a. one that admeaauna, 
Ail-meei'-ni-in^, ppr. niEHBarii% appoitioning. 

Ad-min'-ii-lor, ». lo give, condnce, aqipl)', ea»- 
cuts, diapen^, Hiue an intaalale calale. 

Ad-iaiit'-ii-tsr4d,* ji. eiecuted, aflbnkd, ^vea. 

Ad-oiiMMe'-ii-al, a. peiUiniBg lo admuiiatiB- 

Ad-min'-itla^ing, ppr. eiecDtinE, giving, [tion. 

jU^nia-U-tn'-tirai. n. the wt M adniiniiteiiiig, 
tw or ibaj who adiuniiteT ■ govemment. 
- Ad-miit'ia^ra'-tor, n. ■ man tbtt mauagea an 
inlalate eatal*. [matrabir. 

Ad4wn-iiMni'-«of4hj}>,R.tlf StaaCauadm- 


Ad'-mi-ial, n. the principal officer of a fleet. 
Ad'-mi-ial-ahip, n. the office of an admiral. 
Ad'-mi-ial-Ij, n. the aapienw naval office, ot 

Ad-mire, a. 1. to ragaid, wondw at, ealeam. 
Ad-mi'-red,* p. regarded, eaieented, valued. 
Ad-tDl'Cer, n, one Uut admuea, a lover. 
Ad-mf-ring, ppr. regarding- with n 


Ad-mii'-ai-ble, a. that may be admiUad. ^aitdB. 
Ad-mia'^ion, ■>. leave to enlsr, aeceaa. 
Ad-mif , D. to allovr, luSibr, grioil, let in. 
Ad-mii'.la-bk^ a. Out ma; be adrainad. 
Ad-mit'-taDce, R. the act or powa ofemering. 
Ad«iil'-ted,i>. alloned, granted, let m. ' 
Ad-mil'-Iiag, ppr. alloninfc permitting to entw. 
Ad-mii', «■(■ to min^ with awuMhing aba 
A^dut'-tion, «. B ""r");!"^ oTbodiea. 
Ad-mti'-tun, n. ■ miuBg, what ia mued. 
Ad-mon'-iah, v.l. id warn, lepravs; advtte. 
Ad-maD'-iah4d,*p. warned, refnored, adviaed. 
Ad^Bon'-iih^i^ n. a iqmvcc, an advieer. 
Ad-mon'-iih-iiv, i^r. repfoving, warning, oooa 

who Uinoniihea. 

, a. growing, advancing fiom ct 

A-do'-nii, n. a chariner.a amallgold colored fiah. 
A-dopt', c. 1. to lake oa ooe'a own what ia aa 

odier'a, to copy, aelect, embrsce. 
A-dopt'-ad. f>. taken ai one'i c 
A-dopi'-ed-ly, aib. in the ebu 

not AD^ 

book, dftve, fall, utB, an, ai»i»8, geni, nt, tiun, thou. 

A-dopf -mg, ppr. taking ■ strsngEn : 
Anlop'-tion, n. die act of adaptmg. 
A-dopI'-ive, a. adopted, sdopcmg uiathsT. 
A-do'-ra-ble, a. wonhjr of *doralion. 

A-da'-ra-blB-oeaa, n. a quality eidtiDg adm 

A-do'-ia-bly, wto. widi aJonlion or nnahip. 
Ad-o-n'-tioD, n. diTmB wotihipi honuge. 
A-dOre. ■. (. to wonhip, reveniiee, Iovb.^ 
A-diy-red,* p. wanhipcd, hiMj oatsenwd 
A-do'-Ter, ii. a wonhiper, a lavsr. 
A-do'-riiigiPpr.liononng or addnBalngaa divine, 
A-dorn', o. (, to deck, dreu, eiBbelli»li, 
A-dom'-ed,* p. decked, deconled, emballiihad. 
A-dom'-ing, ^ir. onmiasiiting, decontiiig. 
A-doni'-ing, itdom'-meat, n. ^nbeUiahnteiit, 
A-down', ada. dewD, toward the gromid. 
A-dri-af -ie, a. belonging to Iba guIT of Venice. 
A-dri-Bl^-ie, a. ibe Veiwiiaii gnlt 

A-dn^ ._ 

A-diT', a. Ihimj, in 
Ad-act-ti".tiaiu, a. a 
Ad-atrie'-dan, n. ■ binding fm. 
Ad-n-ls'-tioii, a. eicauive Btaerj, pmise. 
Ad''n-la-tor, a. ■ fawning penon, a flBtteiCT. 
Ad'-(t1a-lo-T7, a. flattering, mmplbDenta,' 
Ad'-u-la-trcaa, n. ■ female that flatters n 


A-dult', It. a penon gmwn hi antilrftr. 
A^doll', a. gtown up, pan the age of infi 
A-dal'^ar^ut, n. tbe penon or Iliiilg Ihi 

Ad-un'-ci-ty, n. a 
Ad-une'-oiu, a. lu 


A-duat', A.duit'4d, a, burnt or scorched. 
A<dDsl''ion, n, the act of buining up, 
Ad-vfince, a. progmaion, pnunotion, profit, firat 

offer or hint, psjmeni belorehand. 
Ad-vtince, v. lo proceed, improve, raiie or rise, 

promots, oSei, tupply on credit, [ward, old. 
Ad-vttn.csd,*p, prefernid, impnived, moved for- 

A.diil'-ter4te, D. (. todsbeae, comptbrmiitnra. 
A-dol'-ter'^te, a. debwed, polluted. 
A.dal'-teMhtsd, p. debased, comqited, miisd, 
eonnteiAiited, ube. 

being debased or countMfeiL 
.A-dDl''lei>a-Iing, fipr. debasi^;, eomipiiiig. 
A-dnl.lei-a'-tioii, n. the set oT adulleratiiig, 
A-dol'-m^r, ti. ■ raan who la gnill; of adnlterr. 
A-dnl'-^ar-eaa, n. a woman that commito adultery. 
A,dnl'-ler-iDe a. procfleding from adultery. 
ArdnF-l^fy, n, a violation of the maniage bed. 
* '-~ ^ 0. gmlty of adulterr, idetaBou*. 

— _ before Christroai. 

. .|ioiia,a, accidental, not nauual 

Ad-Tea-ti''-tioi»-l;, luJe. aeddentally. 
Ad-veM'-ive, a. the thing or person that con 

fi>om without. 
Ad-ven'-tore, n, acddeut, chance, enlenirise, 
Ad-ven'-lute, v. Mo try the chance, to dare. 
Ad-Tea''tur.ed,*p, put lo hazard, liiked. 
Ad-Ten'-tnr-4r, n. one that hDEarda or triCH. 
Ad-ven -tur-ing, ppr. putting to 

daring, enterprising. 
Ad-Tcn'-turouB-ly, aae. boldly, daiingly. 

Ad'.vetb, n. a wold which modiGa the actitin 
of a verii, orlha quality of other wsidi. 

d'-verse-ty. adt. ^bnnnaulj, oppoabet* 

Bilr, f^ll, whu, pr$y, n 

,n. affliclion, caianuly, i , . 

to turn, Btlend, n^Brd, observe. 
p. actendnl lo, reganled, {nithlo.) 

ver-li'-sed.'p, publuhed in 

■riingt ppr. givina notice, infonning, 

vT'-Ba^lflt a. pnidaul, lit lo b« done, proper. 
■' B«, n. fiinWB, meetnoM, propnely. 
fivo »dvioB, give notice. 
coonKled, infurnied, pmdeU. 
■aed-ly, adv. prudently, wisely, ptuinsely. 



sely, piui 

-tar, n. one who give* advice. 

'-■itig, ppr. giving couniel. 

'■w-ry, a. contiiiDing advice. 

)-€a-cy, n. inlercesiion, plea. 

i-cale, n. one who plewb fiir anotha. 

tttOe, V. C to defend, ptsad in Ikvor of. 

>-f«-ted, p. delendeil by argumenl, vindi- 

>-f4-ieH, n. a female auTtwale. [aOed, 

)-<a-ting, ppr, aupporting by leaKina, 6b- 

vo-ea'-Cian, n. the ofKce of pleading, a plea, 
vow-ee', n. he thai hai the right ofprewntting 
a prieat lo a benedce. 
Ad-vow'-ion, It the right of prwra>ting a prial 

Adi, n. a cutting tool with an arching edge. 
A-o'-ri'ttl, n. belongiiwla the air, or atniMpherB. 
A'-e-rie, n. liw neat of a fowl, as of an eagle or 

hawk. [with. 

A-ei'i-tL-ea-tioii, n. the act of cambining air 
A'-arJ-f I-ad, pp. having air inftnail orcombiiwd 

A'-er-i-lonn, a. having tho form of (ur, M gafl. 
A'-«r-i-fy, ». t lo infuse air inlo. 
A'-er-D-fitc^ n. a alooe tailing from tiw air. 
A-et4l'-o-giit, n. one who ia veraed in aerology. 
A^ardl'-Oify, n i^ daaciiptian of Ibe air. 

A-cr-um'-e-try, n. the it 

mean bulk of gaeee. 
A'-er-o-nnut, n. an aerial navigator. 
A-er-o-naut'-ir., «. saiUng or-Hnadng in the air. 
A-er-o-naut'-ie8,ii.thetlactrine,iciBnDe, or ait uT 

sailing in the sir, by meojiH of a baUoaa. 
A'-er-o-nauL-ism, n- the practice of asewuiijig 

and floating in the atmosphere, in ballooiui. 
A'4r-Dt-iat, n. a machine sustaining weight* in 

A«TKis-ts''lLon,n.aenal navigation. 
A'EHi, atte. at a grfiat distance, remote. 
A-f^ard, a. afraid, affected with few. 
Af.&-bii'-i-ty, n. civihty, leadinesB lo converse 
AT-fa-blH, a, civil, easy of conversation, [verae. 
AT'-fD-ble-neaa, n. civility, a readiness to ooji- 
Atfa-bly, adc. in an affable manner, civilly. 
Af-Oir, n. a bnsiness.maaer, concern. 
Af-ieiX',c. to move ilie passions, aim, tary. 
Af-facl-a'4ian, n. conceil, tbrnialiiy, pretense. 
Af-feei'-ed, p. impmsed, moved or touched. 
Af-fecf-ed-ty, adv. hypocritically, conceiledif . 
Af-leel'-ad-nGn, n. aaeclali|)p, conceit, vaniiy , 
Af-feet'-ing, ttpr. moving, aiming at, iaitatins. 
Af-teet^'ing-ly, ode. in an aflectmg msnner. 
Af-ia<^tk>n, a. love, foitdnitas, leal, quality. 
Af-fee'-tioiMm, a. land, lender, kind, good. 
Af-iee'-lion-ale-ly, adv. lovingly, tenderly, [liuti. 

Af feef-ive, a. that affects 
AT-feet'-ive-ly, adi. in an aHective manner. 
Af-fect'-or, > h, one that affects, one that pt« 
Affecf-er.f cea affectation. 
Af-fner, D.I. to reduce a penalty loacertain ai: 
Af-f^r-ed,* p. modeiaiad in sum, assessed. 
AT-G'-ance, n. confidence, trust, a conltacU 
Af-fi'-ance, v.tto tnut in, betroth, contract. 
Af-li'4n-ced,'p. pledged in marriage, belnitbed. 
Af-fi'-an*er, - -- -■- 

le who n 

pledging ui marriage. 

Af fi-da'-vit, n. a decleralion upon oatii. 
Af.fil'.i^-lsd, pp. associated as in a family 
Atfil4i4-tun, n. the adoption of a sen. 
Affiit'^^T, It. lelalian by maniage, liltemaa. 

booh, ditve, full, uae, an 

Af-iina, >■ (. [affenn',] to decUiie, conliRB. 
Af-finn'-«-ble, o. that may be affinned, certain. 
Af-finD'-Bnce, n. conGnaation, aa eaLabliihing. 
Ar-fimi'-ant, n. one nbo affirma. 
Af-finB4'-tian, n. a aofemn declaration. 
Af-fiim''B-live. a. that aflinnB or dedans. 
Af'fiim'-B-tivs-ly, oilii. poritively, absolutely, 
Ai^tiira'-ed,* p. pontJTely declai^, ooQlirtaed. 
Al^firm'-er, n. one who affirms, or declat^q. 
Af'fina'-mg, j^. asfierting, declaiing poajtively. 
Af-fit', v.^ to aubjoin, a4d, lasten to too end. 
AP-lii, n. a particle joined to award. 
Af-Gx'-«d,' p. joined to, added, set aiier. 
Af-Ri'-iagt ppr. uniting at the end, subjoining. 
Af-fii'-ture, n. tbat which is affiled. 
Af-Aa'-tioTi, n. the act of breathing upon. 
Af-fla'-tus, n. a breath, or blast of wmd. 
Af-Rlei', ti. I. to give pain, trouble, vei, sffecl. 
ACfliet'-ed, p. troubled, diMremed, grieved. 
Af-flict'-ad-nesa, n. the state ofbeing afflicted, 
Af-Aief-er, n. one nho afflicts. •' [ing. 

Af-Siel'-inc, ppr. cBiisiiiR condnued pain, loiev- 

Af-llief.iveJy, ads. ii 
Ai^'du-ence, n. plenty, wealth, richei. 
AP-tlu-ent,a. wealthy, plentiiiil, abundant, 
AP-flu^nl-ly, odo. ~ -•--' '----' — '- 

Af-fOrd, «. lo act a price, to yield or giant, to ba 

able to aell or eichahge, nr eipand. 
Af-ftinl^. p. yidded as fmit, produce or reauU. 
Af-lbid-ing, ppr. yielding, producing, selling 

Af-for'-eat, 1. 1, to turn into fonat or wood 
Af fran'-chiae, r. (. lo mabe free. 
A«f«y, n. a qoarrel «iih violence and blowa. 
Af,frsighf , D. I. [afiHie,] to hire a thip tor the 

transportation of gnncTs or freight. 
AF-rr^^ght'-ed, p. hired lor transporting gooda. 
Af.fiiight-ed, n. the person who hires or char^ 

ten a vessel to convey goods. 
Af-fiight, r.(. [aOHle,] lo fright, tenify, alaim. 
Af-fright, n. sudden or grest tear, terror. [lified. 
Af-frigbt-ed, p^ suddenly alanned with fear,ter' 
Atfrtaht-ing. p^. impTHsiDg audden fear, teiii- 
Att&it', n an maoll. wrong jfyiog. 

Af-frOnt, D. (. to provoke, insult, oAend. 
Af.£rttnt'-ed, p. offended, insulted, nsed ill. 
At^.4><5nt'-er, n. one that afirnnts. 
Af-fiijQi-ing, nn-. opposing faee to ft«, abusin 
Af'frCint-ive, a- giving oQense, abusive. 

Af-W-iion, n. a 

A-Roat^vdp. uniixedfBwirruning, moving. 

A-foot, adv. on foot, borne by die feet. 

n. a jwuring upo 
unnxed, swimm 

A-fOre, adv. and prep, befoie, in front, in 
A-filre-ao-ing, a. gomg before. [past 

A-fdre-hand, adv. beTorehand, before. 
A-ior»,men-iian-ed, a. meruioned before. 
A-mre-na-med,' A-for>s«aid, a. named before. 
A-fuiB-tinw, adn. in time paii, formerly, of old 
A.frfiid, o, fearful, in fear, apprehensive, 
A-freeh', adv. anew, again, over again., n, a nr 
Ait,a(ii>. ora, Ihi 

Ati-er,prep. later , , ^ ., 

Xft-er, a. later, latlar, belonging lo the stBn 

Xit-e.-blrth, B, ihe membrane iiidoaing the young. 

Sfi-er^elap, n. an uneipeeled demand afierwanis 

II towuds the atem. 


Aft«r-most, a. nearest tiie 

M-er-noon', n. the time from noon lo evei 

Aft,«Spiece, n. a piece performed after a p 

Xft-er-thought, n. [aflerthaut,] ledecUuni 

Afl-er-wara, orfo. in tirnosubsequent, |a 

Jifl«r-wit, 71. subsequent wit, wisdom that < 

A'-^ n. a Tmkiih commander or chief ol 
A-gUn, adv. a second tin 
A-g(inst,prep, in oppositi 

A-gBpe, adu. with slant 
A-gtol, or A-ghNat, a. anmuiu, uuhu-.' 
Ag'-ate, n. a c:lies uf gems, of many vai 
Ag'-B-tine, a. peitsining to agate, 
Ag'-a-ti-zed,* a. having the colored li 

figitree of agate. 
Age, n. the kfo of an anrmal oi other 

part of life, the latter patt of life, It 


when & pflnoQ nmy u 
Ijoo, ■ connuj. 
A'-i«l, a. ad vuiced in ij 

Bin, IftU, wbn, prsy. n 

II peiiiinnal bj on igent. 

Ruticm, operation, insUuinenlaJiiir. 
A'-geot, n, s «ub*litiue or depulj', any active 

Ag-iev-a-iiun, n ■ heaping, ■ee'imulalion. 
Ag-Elnm'-e-nUe, e. (. to nither into a ball. 
Ag-glum'-e-ra-ied, p. couer.uA into a ball. 
Ag-gtom'-e-n-ting, ppr. yiindiog into a ball. 
Ag^glom-e-m'-tion, n. act of winding into abalL 
Ag-glu'-ti-iunt, a. uniting 


}r cBuw to vlherB. 

the act of anrandizuig. 
who aggiBiuliiea. 
nailing great, exalting. 

Ag-^u'-li-na^ed, p. glueii together. 
Ag-gl u'-liMia.ling,Kpr, uniting by oaiuuig auuo- 
Ag-glu-ti-na'-tkin, n. the act of uniting by glue. 
Ag^lu'-u-na-liva, a. that tends to unite. 
Ag'-giand.lze, v. 1. to raake great, eiaJt, digni^. 
Ag'-giand-l-ZM* p. loade grea:, preftned, ei- 

Ag-Krand'-lzeHnsnt, n 
Ag'^ilanJ-I-ier, n. on 
Ag'-gnmd-l-iing, ppr. 

Ag'-gra-Ta.lad, p. made wurae, increaaed. 
Ag-gra-va'-tioQ, n. a making worae. 
Ag'-giB-gale, E. t. to collect or heap tagelbc. 
Ag'.fffrgate, a. in asasmbtami, t— 
Ag'-gio-gaie, R. the whole of sei 
Ag', p. collected into a anm. 
Ar-gre-gate-ly, adv. in a maa«. 
Ag'-giB«B-lLig,p}>r. ooUectJng into a anm or ra 
Ag.grfr^'.tion, n. the act of gaihorine inl 

mua, whole maaa, union of Eke budiei. 
Ag', a. lakim together, collective. 
Ag', n. be that coUecta into a mat 
Ag-grea)', d. t. to begin violeitce^ set UKm,i 
Ag-giea'-ing, ppr. conimonRiiu> hoatOitj I 



Ag>grleT4d,* p. pained, afflidsd. 
AiipifT^ng, ppr. iffliding, - — 

Ag-group', v.t-to hiing into one figure. 
Ag-griiup'-ed,* p. coUccied into a graup or > 

A-gABet, adn. attnek vHth amuenwDt. 

active, nimUe, light, quidi, briafc. 

A-gABet, c 
Aif-ile, a. 

n. Bclivitj, n 

,«pmd. [CO 

M-ta-bleia. thstni 

be igitoled, or diacnaied 

__„ . . ., , ahalK, debate. 

Ag'-i-ta-tad,p. ahakelk, diiturbed, debate. 
Ag'-i-U-liiig,fpr. dialuDg, moving ynth violenco 
Ag-i-ta'-tioo, n.. a motion, diaturbaiic«. 
having power to agiUU. 


l;^'"-} . 


point curved, a pendan 

a tag, 

Ag'-lci, ( " 

Ag-nial, H. a diaeaae of the nail. 

Ag'-naie, a. islaled, or akin ttj the latha'i aide. 

Ag-^ia'-tion, n. relation b; the iather'a aide. 

Ag-nr"-fcn, n. a- -■- - 

Ag-nom-inV-tian, n. 
A-go', adv. past, gone. 
A-gog', aAl, in a atale of deaire. 
A-goMng, ppr. in action, going, ready to go. 
A.gone, adv. (agawn',) ago, peat, ainoe. 
Ag'-o-niim, n. conioitioD lor a priie. 
Ag'«-niit,n. one who contend* iiir the prize m 
pubUa gamea. 

Ag-iHiial'.ie-al-ly, adv. in an agoniatjc manner. 
Ag'«-iuiie, s. e. to wiitha with eitreme pain, to 

aufler violent an^Lih- 
Ag'-o^ii-nng, ppr. Buffering aevne pain. 
Ag'-o-ni'zing-ly, adv. with eitreme anguiah. 
Ag'-o-ny, B. psin IbU cauaeg atrugplea, anzuiah 
A-gn>', a. relating to e<tual division of Unda 
A.gree', r. i. to be of one mind, to be conaiatenL, 

A^ree^-a.bfe, o. anitable, pleuing, according to 
A-gree'^'ble-neaa, n. pleaaantneaa, conformity 

A.gree'-a-bly, ado. comiatently, pleaain^y. 
A-gre«d,p. Mttied by caiaeot, fixed, 
A-gpee^-ing, ppr. livinim 

bnok, ditve, r)ill, Me, eui, ebine, gem, hi, thin, thou 

Ag'-ri-eu.-lor, n. a husbanilman, tanner. 
Ag-ri-cul'-Iu-nl, a. Klatine to agncullure. 
if^-h-cul-nue, n. husbandry. iiIlBge of lite euth. 
Ag-ri-cid'-ui-riat, n. a husbandman, iarnwr. 
Ag'-ri-mo-ny, n. ihe plaui hvarwoit. 
A^TDund', adv. on the ground, aUended, Mopt. 
A.'-gue, n. D chilly fil, an inlermiUing lover. 
A'^^'iah, a. Uke an ague, fihivering, cold- 
A'-go-Hh-nam, n.aehiveringa* with cold, [Slc. 
Ah, ei. eiprwsive of eurptiBe, pity, diaUkc, joy, 
A-h^ rx. deooliog pleasure, Inuoipli, suiprue 
A'h«ad', adrJ- (ahed^ raahiy, before, furUier on. 
Aid, B. (. to help, aeaiai, succor, ■uppon, relieve. 
Aid, Aid-aiice, n. help, lupport, subaidy. 
iid-de-euno, n. an uHiceT aUendanl on a gene- 

Aid-ed,p. BHsijfLcd, Hupponed. 

Aid'-er, R. one who hcj|)fl, an afisi^lLant, ally. 

Aid-ing, jpr. lielping, nsaiiilUig. 

Aid-lesi, u. uelplesg, unsupponsd, friendlent. 

At''gu-lel, n. (see aiglet,] a lag as at the end of 

At!, n. disorder, indispofliiion, pain. [fringe*. 

Ail, o. (. 10 tixjuble, to aiTect wiih uneaaimsi. 

Ail-ing, ppr. eickly, unheallhv, disordereii. 

Ail-ment, n- illness, disease, disorder. 

Aim, n. endeavor, direction, deeiijn. 

Aim-ed,* p. paiiit«l, dlrecled. designed. 
AiiD-ing, fpr. pointing a weat-on at an ot^L 
Aim-kfli, a. withoat aim. , 

Air, n. the fluid which we hrealhe, a tune, a 
« geatoie, appearance, affecred manner. 
Auri, R. ;mu. loAy or disdainful carriage. 
Air, V. I. lo give or take air, warm a httle, dry. 
Ali-blad-iler, n. a vesicle or cuticle filled with air. 
Air-baill, a. erected in tlie air, fanciful. 
Airbed,* p. eipoeed (o air, clauised by air, venti- 
Air-gun, n. a gun to 1>e dischaiged by air. . [lated. 
Xir-haie,n. an opening in adnutor diacharge air. 
Aii-i-ly, adv. gayly, merrily, sprightly. 
''-■-- a. (^yety, eiposure lo die air. 


aehine for exhausting dw 

a. light a) 

.. lllel 

ir, open in the air, «y. 
I walk in a church, win 

allied by blood, like. [whit*, 
il white niarblei a. \erj 
presBve of aoirow. 

- cheerfnllKaa, liveliness, rmdinew. 

A-hi-iaade, adv. in the fuBhlon: n. a thin black 
., ^->ofdangor,acl9<-k. |«ilt. 

-. IHrm-ed,' p. notilied of sudden danger. 
A-klrtn-ing, ppr. giving notice of approaching 
A-lnjm-4ng'ly, adv. so as to alana. (danger 

A'las', ex. eipreasive of Borrow, grief, or pity. 
A-la'-ted,d. winged, having dilalatigrkslikewingi. 
Alb, n. s BUrpUce or veatment of while linen. 
Al'-bB'troB, H. a fowl of the size of a goooe. 
Al-be'-it, ajv. although, be it so, notwithstanding. 


Al'-bum, n. a white tableor r(^ter,a blank boiA. 
Al'-bum, ) n. the white and softer pan of 
Al-bum'-um, ) wood neit to the bark. 
Ai-ehim'-ic^ ) a. relating to nlchimj, n pro- 
Al-ehim'-ic^I, { doced by it. 
Al-chim'-ie-al-ly, adv. in the manner of alchimy. 
Al'-cbun-ist, n. one who praclicea alchimy. 

Al'-ch]-my, n. sublime chimist^, the art of 

changing base meiala into gold. 
Al'-es-hol, n. pore or highly renilied sinrlt. 
Al'-co-ran, n. see koran and iJkoran. 
AJ'-eove. or al-cAve, n. an apartrnent for books, 

a mcess for repose. 
Al-der, n. a tree of several varietiaa. 
Ai-der-man, n. a city ttisgislrate. 
Al-der-man-ly, o. becoming an aldennan. 
Ale, n. a liquor tnade by infiising mslt and hope 

in boiling water, and then fermenitng ibera. 
Ale-hoof, n, a kind of root, ground-ivy. 
Ale-houM,R. a place where ale is sold, [a flsb. 
Al» vlfe, Ik ■ woman wlu> kwpa Mtalabousa^ 



T, {f\i, what, prey, n 

A-lert', a. quick, nimble, briik, lively. 
A-lett'-ly, ado. quickly, nimbly, briskly. 

Al-ei-an'-dnne, n. a veiw of [wejve syllnbles. 
A/ei-i-plisr'-roie, A-lai-i-tec'-ie, n. wW eipeti 

Al'-ge-bra, n. Ihe icience of qnantity in gnwrnl, 
or iinivtnsiil ariihineUc. Igebr- 
Ai-ge-bra'-ie, Al-gs-bra-ie4l, " '"' 

_ skilled in algebra, 

fur Algisn. 
another pUee. 

A'-li-aa, odu. otherw^ ^ - 

A'-lirn, 0. foreign, n 
A-lien-a^bil' ' "~ " 

A'-liea4tS. •.. •. lu miiuiKC, npii, iioivoDi 

A'-lieQ-a^Md, p. esErangeS, Iraiuferred. 

A'-lien'O^or, n- one that Lnuuleis property, 
A-liflne, o.l. lo eoliBnge, sell, tranafer property. 
A-lien-W, n, one lo wliom ■ thiiu ii lold. 

A-lig'«-roui, a. having wings. 
A'li^ht, V. t. to fall upon, descend, get oiT. 
A-lJke, adv. in the same manner or foim. 
AI'4-ment, n. fuOd, nnurislimcnl, support, [food. 
Al-i-ment'-ol, ^Vl-i-ment'-u- ry, a, pertaining in 
Ai-i-men-ta'-tion, n. the act or power of affoni- 

AIM -rao-ny, n. a aaparate mainlemnce. 

Al'-i-ped, a. wing-fooled. 

Ai'-t-quani, a. that does not divide oiaclly 

Al'-t-quot, a. that meaaum eiactly. 

A^ish, a. like ale, tasting like'alo. 

A-live, o. not dead, active, ausceptihle, in force. 

Al-ka-lea'-cen-cy, n. a tend(«Gy lo become alka- 

A1-ka-k»'-cent, a. tending to an alkali. {line. 

Al'-ka-ll, n. a labaUnce of a carutic tasie, 
of three kinds, voeetahle Gied alkali, as pot- 
uh; miMral filed alkali, 01 icda; and vols- 
tilB aUuli, as anmuntia. 

A]''4w-li-fy, e.1. u become an alkali. 

Al'-ka-llne, a. having Ihe qoalitiea of 

Al-ka-lin'-i-ty, n. the quality which 

ATJui-liu, *.( b> mak* albUiiM. 

9, pin, bird, mfive, 

-sv 1 iu-K<Fui>-ivu, ,1. pertaining to al- 

Al-^bm'-ioal-ly, ado. by means of algebra. 

aj-go-Dra'-i»t, «. one wno is 
Al-ce-rlne, a. belonging lo A 
Al'-i-bi, n. [eI<a»hore.f anot] 
A'Ji-as, adv. otherwise; n. a 

Al'-ka-ne^ n. a plant, Ibe plant bu^oai. 
Al'-ko-ran, n. the Turkish Bible. 8ee Konm. 

AII-B-ban'-don-ed,* a. abandoned by all. 
All-ab-hnr'-red," a. detealed by all. 
iVIl-ae-eom'-pliih-ed,* a. lidly accomplished 
All4d-in[-'-nng, a. wholly admiring. 
All-oJ-Tl'-»e<i," n. advisod by all. 
All-ap-priiv-ed,' 0, oppr!>veJ by all. 

All-bear-ing, o. producing every thing. 
.\ll-bAJu'.te-aua, a. perfectly iKaiitifnr. 
All-be-hOld-ing, a. beholding all tiiinga. 
All-bUst-ii^, a. blaadng all. 
AlMioun'-le-oiis, t a. perfectly bountifill ; cd i^ 
All-bonn-U-ful, ( finite bounty. 
All-chSi^-ing, 0. pprpeiually changing. 
Ail-cbaer-ing, a. that cheeti all. 
All-eom-mHnd'-ing, a. having command over alL 
All-com-pty'-ing, o. complying m eveiy respecL 
All-mm-po'-*ing, a. that niakea atl tranquil. 
tVll-com.pre-hen'-eivD, a. compiebending all 

All-Cun-cEsl-ing, a. hiding or concealing all. 
4ll-eon'-quer-ing, a. that aabduea all. 
All-con'-ecioos, a. conacioiu of all. 

tll-eon«trSin-ine, o. constraining all. 
ll-ain-sDm-inE, o. thai consume! all. 
All.dSr-ing, a. daring lo attempt ev«y thing. 
AlWe-stroy'-ing, a. dealroyiog every thing. 

tll-dev'-as-ta-ting, a. wasting every thing. 
ll-dO'Vont'-ing, a. eating or cananming all. * 
.4U~jim'-min|;, a. □bscin-ing every thing, 
A]l-dis-cav'.er-ing, a. discovering every Ihing. 
All-dii-grft'-eed,' n. completely diagraccd. 
AlMis-pens'-ing, a. diapenaing all thinga 
All.(Ii-vine, a. supremely eicrilent. 
AU-di-vln-ing, a. foretellioi all thing*. 
Al)-dread-ed, a. [all-died'ed,l dmaded bf alL 
AII-er-fi"-ciont, a. of unlimited efficacy. 
All-ol'-o-quent, a. eloqaanl ^n the higfaeat dogree. 
All^m-brB'-cing, a. embracing all uinga. 
All-end'-ing, a. patting an end to all Ihinga. 
A|].enrl^t>«rt-iiw, a. enhghlening all th&^ 
All-en-rs-^, a. highly enraged, or eiaaperalad 
AH-flt'-mmg, a. flaming in all directions. 
^Jl-fotd^day, a. Ibe fiiat of April. 

All-ibr'giv'-ing, a. forgivinf oil 
4U-fciirs, n. B game a( i;ara>. 

book, dOve, full, dwi, can, choiae, gem, us, Ihin, thou. 


ig or cDOdiuning all. 
•w,arAlt-liBl'-lons,n. dl nuius' < 
t of November. 

tAU-hBi)'-py, a. compleMl)' happy. 
Jul-heal, a. the popular aaiae of nrer 
heal-ing, c. Eieoluig nil IhingN. 
help'-ing, a, iiffli»Iing all. 
hid-iTiB, a. concealing all things. 
Aon'-or*!,* o- honored by all. 
All-hurt'-ing, ". huniog all ihingg. 
Jil|-Wol-i-zing,a. woratuping every thj 
AU-im'-i-la-iing, a-iiniialing every ihiL. 
iiUn-fbim'-ingpO. actuating all bj- vilaJpoweni. 
4n-tn'-ler«al-ing, a. inlercating in Ihe bigbeat 

^•in-tef'-prel-ing, a. eiplaining all tlungi. 
AU-judg'-ing, a. judging all. 
iJI-jort', a. perfectly jusl, 
#ll-klnij, a. p«lectly kind. 
All'kni3n-injE,a. having all knowledc 

?'-ceo-e3, a. lice- - ' ' 

All.l5v'-ing. a. of inC 
All-in&k-in^, □■ mailing or creatiB^ all 
AU-ma-lur-ing, a. maturing all thiDgi. 
JtU-mer'-ci-ful, a. of pertecl mercy. 
AU-mur'-der-ing, a. deslroying every thing. 
Jill-fl-be-Ji-eol, n. entirely otedienl. 
Ail-o-bey'-ing, a. receiving obediencs fnim all. 
ln^)b-liT'-i-ouii, c. causing taial oblivion. 
AU-ob-acOr-ing, a. otHCuring every thing. 
All-i^Iient, a. enduring ell without mormurt. 
All-pen'-e-tia-ting, a. penetrating every Ihiiig. 
AU-per'-leet, a, Imving all perfection, 
^-per'-lact-neaa, n. entire j»rfection. 
^Jl-pier'-cing, a. [Hll-perc'-ing,t] piercing every 

ry thing 

AU-oow'-er-ful, a. almighty, omitipotent. 
iui-p«flii-ed,* a. praiied by all. 
Ul.r&l-ing, a. governing all thii 

-p«flii-ed,* a. praiied by all. 
" " g, 0. governing all thingn. 
'4Jaua, a. having all iagscity. 
■'•day, n. the liral day M November. 

aanctityiiig the wbolo 
■ercb'-ing,J pervading an/ 

.^ll-aearch'-ing, a. [i 

searchiog every t ^ 
All-eee-ing, a. seeing every Ibing. 
AU-ti-et, n. one ^at aeee eveir tiling. 
All-shak'-ing, a. ahahing all Ibmgg. 
AU-«han'-n^,* a. ahuimed by all. 
^l-Bouls'-day, n. the second day of tfavembo 
AJI*'^cien-cy, n. infinite aluliiy. 
All-aiif-fi''-cien[. a. euflicient to every thing. 
All-eur-TDUnd'-ing, a. encomptuaing the whole. 
j\ll-«ut-i^'-ing, n. iurveying eVBiT thing. 

' " ■— ■ . upholding all liiingg. 

'ulging every thing. 

JiU-wiae, a. 

;h'-ed,' a 

ing, a. iiiumphaul every nhert, ol 
VBlched tliTOUghont. 

poaaeased of infinite 

)it wit'-ieu, a. having all liinda of vdt 
ill-wOr'-ahip-eu,*'!. adored by all. 
.Q-wiSr'-thy, o. of infinite ivotih. 

_^I-I5y, I. (. to abate, pacify, mako qolet. 

Al-lay. Seaanoy. 

; of quit 

ucing to tranquilliV 
■ "ng- 

, , Joclara. 

Al-lodg'e.a.ble, a. that may be altodged. 
AMedg'-od,* p, affirmed, aaaerted. 
Al-ledg'-er, n. one who affirms or decluei. 
Al-ledg'-tng./ipr. asserting, declaring. 
Al-le-ga'-tion, n. affirmation, plea 
At-l»^A-ne-an, a, pertaining to the luountaiaa 

cidled Allegliany. 
Al-lMhB-ny, n. the chiefiidge of the mountains 

in the middle and aoulhem atatee of America. 
Al-le-gi-ance, n. the duty of a aufaject lo his 

Al'le-gi-ant, a. loyal, dutiful, obedient. 
Al-le.gDt'-ic, a. ) in the manner of allsgoiy, 
Al-le-gor'-ic-aJ, a. J figuralive. 
AI-lfr^or'JC-n]4y, adv. m an all^iical mauDet - 
Al'le.gor'-ic-al-nesa, n. the q'jahty of being alla- 
Ai'-le^[o-rtie, ■. (. to fonn an alk^iy. [goticJ ' 

Al'-lo^-n-ied • p. turned inlu allegory. 
Al-W-go-ri-iini!, up. luming into allBgory. 
AJ'-le^o-rj', n o fijurative mwuHT olspeech o 

dcocriphan Vbrisl 

Al'le'-gro, n. a sprightly movemrau iri mvnic, t 
Al-Wtil'jab, n- give pnuae to Jehot^ah- 
Al-le-mand', r. a hIuw air in common time, 

liEiire in dttocing. 
Al-U-vi-ate, v. c. (o eaie, leimn, allay. 

S-tion, n. the act or making more light. 
B-Iive, n. that whith miligucs 
1. a narrow pasBage, a narrow naik. 
ex. all heallK be [o you, be well, &c 
sous, a. pertaining to alium or garlic 


Al-li-s- -„- 

AI-li-ed,*p. connected by marriagB, related, con- 

Al'-U-gaie, B.f. to tie together, to uiiila. 
Al-li-ga-lion, n. a rule of arithmetic. 
Al-li-^-cor, n, Che American crocodile. 
Al-llne-menl, n, a. reducing (o a line or to. >. 

Al-Ui'-ion, n, a itrildng egoinat. 
Al-Ul«-TA-tinn, n. the Winning of two w irioie 

. ,0. uertamii 

AI-lo-«-tinn, n. . ^ 
Al-lo-ea-tian,n.lhe actor manner of ap 
Al-IS'-di-al, a. not held ofa auperioi 
AMo'-di-nm, n. land held by free tenii 
Al-lfo^e, n. a pan or Ibnut made at 1 
AUol^ D. (. to ihsre out, iliBtributa, aa 

ing, penniiting, indulging 

At-loy', o.^'lorB3^ 

aboW by miiture. 
Al-loy', n, a baaer metal miied with a liuer, or 

the millure of dilTerent metals, 
Al-loy'-aie, n. the art ofradncing a melal. 
Al-loy'-eil," p. miiBd, n.'dnced in purity. 
Al-loy'-ing. jm, miiini; a baser metal with > 

.jVll'-^p[c«i n. the berry uf \i,a pimeniu. 

Al-lnde, ti. i. to telet milirecily, hint at. 

Al-lad-ing.ppr. having iBfereiieo, hinting at, 

Al-lu-min-or, n one who eolun or painta upon 
paper or parchment, giving light and orim- 
ment to letten and nguits, now Limner. 

AUilre, D.(. to tempt by ilic otfor of good. 

Al-lu''red,*ji. temptetl, drawn, or eniii't'd. 

Al-ln'-rer, n. one who b!1ui«c, enlicei.ur teinpta. 
Al-ln'-ring, TOJ-. engaging, pleasing, enticing. 
Al-lu'-rin^-fy, adv. in an nlliiring manner. 
A l-lu'-rii;K-n<>'<< n. thequality oialluiing or tempt- 
ing by the pruiipeci of eome good. 



hinCiiigal,rei^ngIo Indireclly. 

ahed to land, added by water. 
the washing of water againil 
*M^'^™ } l"nd,bywhiththel«inltiBBnlarB- 
Al-lu-vt-um, ^ .ed,thBi^crea«ofIand tlinsmadl 
Al-ly', s.t. to Dnile by compact, marriage, i^f . 
AMy', R. a rriend, conTederale, relation. 
Al-ly'.iiig,(ipr, uniting by marriage or treaty. 
AI-ma-TiM, B.acaleiwarofmoniha, weeka.daya. 
AI-mlghl-i-iMH. n. a power to do all things. 
Al-mlghl-y, a. all powerfnl, of n>dlmit«d power. 
4l-mlghl-y, n, God, the IMvine Being. 
Al'-moml, n. Uie fruit ofUie almond tree.*! 
AI'-monds,o/'/A« throat,!!. p/:c, two ronnd glands 
Al'-mon-er, n. a distributer of alma, an ofEcer 
Al'-mnn-ry, ti. a place fur discribunng alms 
Al-ntust, adi: nearly, well nigh, near. 
Alms, n. ^ma,} a gzu to tho poor charity. 
JUms-bOsB-ot, iUms-hoi, Xlma-cheat,av^Ml 

propriated to receive alms. 
JUnu-deedi n. oa act of chaii^, B ^ 


■ve, full, ni 

in givei to the poor. 
»[«wincnt of charirjr. 
le lot tbe poor who >i. 

Alms-giver, n. one i 
XlnB-Eiving, n. IhH 
Alms-housei n, a ho 

Alms-man, n. one v 
Al-o-oi'-ie, > a. penainingioaloeorttlosB, por- 
Al-o-el'-ic-al, t Wking ofUia'jUBliiieaul'iliMa. 
A-loH'todv. on higli. In (he tar above. 
A')«ie, a. Bingle. loiilary, wilboul conjuny. 
A-long', adv. onvncd, liHWwd, lenglbtviss. 
^Joor, adv. al a diatance, uiiconnecledr 
A-loud', adt. loixlty. witli great noiae. 
Al'-pha, n. (he first letter of the Greek alphabet. 
Al'-pha-bet, n, ihelellerBofa hneuoge arranged 

in the cugbHnBry urder. 
Al'-pba-bet, V. 1. loanangsin the order of i 

AVpha-betMe, ) a. in the orclH* of an alpha- 
Al-pha-bet'-ie-al, j be>. 
Akjdia-bet'-ie-al-ly, adv. aoeBnUng 

il'-pine, a. penaining to the Alps, very higli. 

AJ-rend'-y, adv. [slretf-T,] b-'-- --'- ■' 

AI'-HO, adv. hkewiae. ir '"""" 

,) before this liiriH, now. 

Al'-la>clalh, r. a doth to lay upon an allar i 
Al'-lar-piece, n. a painting placed over the alia 
Al'-iar-wiie, adt. placed in the manner of an a 
Ai'-ter, V. I. u> make some change in. [ta 

Al'-ter, V. i. lo become diilerent, to vary. 
Al-ler-a-bil'-i-ly, B. susceptiuility of chaJ^ge. 
Al'-ler-a-ble, a. thai may be changoil. 
Al'-ler-a-bly, adv. in an alierabla manner, 
A1'4er-ant, a. producing or cauaini a change. 
Ar-ler-ft.tian, n. a change, act of chajigiDg. 

Al'-ter-eato, c. i. lo contend in words, to wrangle. 
Al-Ur-el'lion, n. a dispute with anger. 
Al'-iec-ed,* p. changed, vftcietl, maJa different 
Al'-ter-er, n. one who alters, one who thanges. 
Al'-lem, a. adbig by turns, one suceoediiig ano- 
Al-Wm'^le. a. by tumr = '— '"-- 

Al^-tem-ale, c. (. u> change or perform hj tuma 

Al'lem'-atG-ly, adv. mutually, by tuma. 
AI-tsm'-at«-nes8, b. Ihequaliiy ofbeijvg altemnui 
Al'-teni-a-inig.pjjT. perfunning by turns. 

itsj-S,"! ■--"•»' ■*■>»•- 

Al-iem'-a-live, n, offering a ehiiice of two things 
Al-iem'-a-tive-ly, ddi'. in the manner of alifnui. 

lives. (being akemative. 

Al-tetn'-a-live-ness, n. the tjuahcy or state of 
A|.th6-a, R. a species of Syrian mallow. 
Al-lliOugh, [alllio'il tH./. teit, or used mdy in lie 

imp. grant, allow, adntii, bo it so. Iguags, 

" '"' n. loiVy speech, pomi 

ludee by geoniet 

•I taking aid' 
ig altttudea 

/ll-Ui«elh'-er, adv. wholly, eniiiely, complcielj 
Ai'-u.4el, n. a chimicat pot withoutn bottom 
Al'-um, n. an astringent salt. 
AI-u-min-ou>, a. containing, oi like alum 
Al'-um-ish, a. having the nature of alum 
Al'-ve-n-ry, R. the hollow of the eat. 
At'-ve-o-lar, ) a. containing sockets, hollow 

AI'-vo-o-lDte, a. pitl^, \ike B honey-comb. 
Al'-vine, a. belorkging to the belly of iniefltines. 
Al'-way, Al'-ways, adv. (at ever, ever, continu- 
Am, the drat person of the verb to he. [ally. 
Am^i-bil'-i-ty, n. loveliness, a power of pleasmg. 
A-main, odv, with all power, violently, 
A-mal'-gBtn, n. a mixture of quichsflvn willi 

A-mal'-ganvalB, v, t. to mix metals with qluck- 

A4iiid'-gBm4-led,p. miied witli quicksilver. 
A-mal -gam-B-ting, ppr. miiii^ quicksilver with 

another metal, compounding. 
A-mal-ga-ma-iion, n. the act or opention of 

miTLng marcut? with aTiolhftr molal 


A'lnan-u-en'-si), n. b writer of wbal snathe 

Ain'-B-nimh, n. a plani, flower-geQllB. 
Am-a-mnth'-iiw, a. belonging to smaiaalhs. 
A-mar'-i-lade, n. bioemnv, eeverity. 
Am-Q-ry!'-Iia, n. in tjoiany, bly-daSodU. [lau 

A-mask-ed,* y. cotlecwd in a b«ap, aociunuUt«d 
A-milBEf'ingf Jipr. collecting in a neap. 
A-mllas-moiiC, n. a heap, collection. 
Ani-a«iar, n. a lover of (he fine arta. 
Am-a-iri-ri-Nlif a. relaling lo, or induced b 
Am'-a-lo-ry, J love. 
A-mSiB, 11. (. lo confound mitt aurpriae. 
A-ma'-i!sil,' p. aurpriied, confused, petploied. 

A-ma--zins, npr. asloniihing, a. i 
A-rna'-xing-iy, adv, in a manner 
Am'-u-ion, n. a virago, a niascul 
d. pertaining 

Am-baa'<a-dor, n. 

Am'-her, n. a hard, aemi-peUunid lubalancs, 

vrhileor yellow, found in th« eanh, orlhrown 

on Bhore by the aea. 
Am'-her-gris, a a hard, opake, reainous aob- 

slonce, diachargfld by the spermaceti whala, 
Am-bi-dei'-ler, n. one who uses both bands 

wiih equal faFilily, a double dealer. 
Ani-bi.dei'-troiu, a. double dealing, using both 

handa with equal ease. 

' -I. ihe power of — ' — 



Am-bil'-o-gy, I 

laJk, or language of doubtful 

Am-bil'-o-quoua, a. usi ng ambigi 
Ain-bi"-iion, n. desire of ponwt, or feme. 
Ain-Ui"-tiuus-ly, aic. in an ambitioui ma 

ness. n. Ihe qualllr of being ai 

peculiar pace of a hone, 
■----e which '■ 

Aia'-bling-ly, adv. 

bitious, a 


Ain'-bUng, pp. or a. lifting (he two lega on the 
J. — ■=—-3ing off, and then changing. 

partaking of the 
uiimui, ucuiauus, fragraol. 
Ara'-brj, n. an almonry. 
Am'-bu-leni, n. walking, moving from pli 
Am-bu-lk'-lion, n. the act of walking. [ 



Am'-boa-eade, c. 

iurprise, the troop* 
wait, lo attack bj 
jun-ous-ca-ded, p. having an ambush laid 
. Bgainsi, or anackl4 from a private alation. 
Am'-bus-ca-ding, ppf. Iyinj( in wait for. 
Ajn'-buah, n. a private station for troopa to lie 
in wail in, the act of iorprising. 

i-ble, 1. responsible, answerable. 
4t-ble, a. that may be amend«l. 

iiaining an amendment, 
coirecied, rectified, reformed. 


lend'-ing, ppr. correcting, refor _ 
lenii'-niMit, ti. a change ^r the better. 
lenda'T n. phi. a recompense, aatisfac^on, 

._ len'-i-ty, n. pleaBantn«B of situation. 

Am'-ent, n. a long chafiy receptacle of ft pll 

Ani.en-ia'-eeous, a. growing in en amenl, am 
bling a Ihong. 

A-merc'e, «. t. xo punish with, or lay a Rdb. 

A-met'-ced,* ;<, fined at the discretioairf'aoai 

Wk, dOve, full, lU 

tic Blld nciSc Oceani. 
A-mer'-i-tan, a. peitaining to America. 

A-mer'-i-caB-iim, n. an AmericBn idiom. 

Am'.«-lfayn, n. a preciom stone of a violet bloe, 

wbile, giaji or green. 
Am^-lhfe'-tine, a. tilie an ameth; ■!. 
A'-mi-a-bIa, a. lovely, nonhy of love, plmlng 
A'-mi-a-hle-nem, b. lovelinoM, agroesblcneM. 
A'-mi-s-bly, adv. in an amiable msniier. 

;!£jrai., i ■■-"""<• ■""•J" ««• 

Am'-i-a-ble, a. friendty, ohltgiug, peaceable. 
Arf.i-ca-ble-neas, n. friendlineu, kindneaa, 
Ani't-ca-bly, adv. in a friendly way, obliginnly. 
Am'-iee, n. B (quare tiaeD cloth worn by a Ca- 

ibolic priest. 
A rnidal' 1 F"' ""^^ middle, amongat. 
A-miaa', a. or ode, wrong, improperly, 
Am-'i-ty, n. friendship, Bgreement, harmony. 
Am'-mile, or Hom'-mlte.-Ti. a kind of free atone. 
Am'-nio-dyle, n. iha land eel, a genua of fi*b. 

for anack or dflfenw. 
Am'-n«'ty, n, a general pardon, act of oblivion. 
A-mtinEf, prep, in a miugled alate, amidat. 
Am^W^i"- 8»"'"'. Io«f. "dmirer. 
Ain'4-roDB, a, fond, loving, inrllnfd to love. 
Am'-o-rona-ly, adv. lovingly, fondly, very kindly. 

A-mount'-ing, ppr, rising lu by acciunidation, 

Anniiur, n. a lovo intrigue, gatlanln. [menu. 
Ain-plii1)'<i«uB, a. living in luo JilferGnt ele- 
Ain-phib'-i.out-nea>, n. me faculty of living on 

Am-phi-bol'njgyi n. a phmao oi rfiscounw ana- 

ceptible of two inlerprpiaiioiis. 
Am-phib'-o-lous, o. losaed from one lo anolhcr. 
Am-phib'-o-ly, n. amhiguiry of moaning. 
Am'- phi .brack, n. a fool ol three eyllatleji. 
Am-pliic-ty-on'-iF, a. pertaininK to the sugual 

council of the Amphiclyons in Greece. 
Am-phi-Ihfl'-a-ler, [or Irej n. \b edifire of a 

roand or oval form, for public amuscmmla. 
AnXjfihi-lhe'^, c. teaembling an amphithea. 

Ani-phi-the-at'-ric-al, ii. pertaining lo an atnpbi 

Am'-plc, a. large, eitended, ropioua. 
Am'-ple-ne««, n. largpness, eiirnt, libaralily. 
Am-plci'-i.CBul, a. surtDunding the stem. 
Am-pli-B'<Iion, { n. a ditfuee description or'-tion, > discouixo. 
Am-p1i-fl-ed,'j>. enlarced, treated copiousiy. 

Am'.pli.ft, 0. 10 enlarge, to cia^erale. [siveh' 
Am'.pli-iy-big, ppr. enlarging, speaking diHii- 
Am'-pli.tude, n, silent, an arch of the horizon. 
Ami-ply, adn, largely, liberally, fully. 
Am'-pu-law, V. 1. lo cut off a limb, to prune. 
Am'-pu-lB-(«d, p. seportleJ fivm the body. 
Am'-pu-ta-ling, ppr. cQlting olf, pruning. 
Am-pu-ta'-tion, n. the act of cutting offa hinb 
Am'-a-lei, n. someiliing vram to prevent eiil. 

liiMi V, I, lo cnlertain agieeahly, to divert. 

m'-ied,'}>. entertained agrrcebly. 

LU'-sing.fpr. entertaining agreeably, 
lu'-aive, a. enlenaining, diverting, jleaeing. 
..lyg'-da-lale, n. an f muTsion made of Bl^lo^|J^ 
■myJ-da-linB, a. pertaining to almonda. 
m-y-la'-ceoUH, a. pertaining to starch. 
I An, a. one, denoting an individual. 
I Au-a.bap'-tinn, a. the doctrine oflhiuiabtiitiais. 

An'-a-glyph, n. an onumeDI ia atulpiura. 
An-H-glrp'-lii:, a. perlsiuing to engnviug. 
An'-a-giBDi, n. transposilion of l£u louen of s 

Aa-B'gram-niHl'-ic, a. maldng an uugrnm. 
An-c-Er&Ri'-ma-ciBC, n. n maker of ulBgraou. 
An-B-rn(|;'-ic-al, a. according to ajwlogy. 
An-a-l(^-ic-al-ly, ado. by way of analogy. 
A-nal'-o-joot, a. having analogy, propunloofll. 
A-nal'-o-gy, n. UkenesB, Teledon, proportioa. 
A-nal'-y-iis, n. 'aaparalioD of a body, or of a 

gubjiicc, into iu parts. 
An'-a-lyal, n. one who analyzes any thing. * 
An-a-lyl-ie, ) a. psnaining lo uialysia, nnalv- 
An-a-lyl-ie-al, ( ing into parU or first principlea. 
An-a-ln'-ie-d-ly, aav. by way of analyBU- 
An'-a.Iyze, v. t. to acpamte into parts, lo [egolve 

An'-a-Iy-ier, k. one that analyiM. [porta. 

in'-a-Jj-iing, jipr, resolving into constituent 
\n'-a-f»isi, n. in poetiy, a foot of thrw aylla- 

blra, lbs fint two abort, and Iha lait ^ng. 
An-a-pBst'-ie, a. consistins of anapesa 
An'-areh, n. an autbor orcunfusion. 

f a. being wilhout government 
. one who pronioteit diaorder. 


cominunicBled with 

An-a.iom', a. belonging to anatomy. ... 

An-a-tora'-K-d Jy, ado. by means of ilisMction. 

, (, lu dissecl ar animal, lay opvn. 

nMing,mir. dii 


t. pedigres, birth, descent, lineage, 
an iron ilmtruinent for hobliTig 
It, any firm support. [nuA oit. 

'ut an anchor, stop at, 

Alieb'-ur.age, n. ground for a 
Aneh'-or-od,*p, having come 
Aneh'.or.e8i, n. a female hermit. 
Aneh'4r4t, n. a hennil, a redua 

:g, vpr. coming to anchor, caaong a: 
-_.. . mth, n a man who makes anchara. 

An-cho'-vy, n. a small sea fish used Ear saucQ, 
Annjiant, j „ „,j_ belonging to formei times 

in (dd tiniK (onnaHy. 

great a^*atdnNi,uUdquiiy. 

tioae who lived in oU limea. 
latim lo a iemale servant, 
•ubtlol, double fbimed. 

An-dent-lr, adv. in tdd Unm ibnnetly. 
T_ ----- -|(^n.grBatago,"ot<' 

An-cioit-ry, n. a 

An.cip'-i-du, a. 

And'-i-ron, r. an iron Dtensil 

An'-droidi n. a j 
An'-ee^ore, n. a short atory- 
An-eodof-ie-al, a. pertaining to 

iiaving both aeies, hi 


le in the hiufan fbni 

»-phy, n. a 

n. the doctrine of winds. 

h. the wind flower, a genus of 
plants , of many species. 
, n, an instrument that ahotu 
velocity of the wind, 
dilatation or rupturo of an aiUoj. 

book, dSve, full, ue, tan, 

1 n ■ divino meMenger, beautiful per- 

An-gel, [ too. oU gold cuin worth about lOi. 

An-£i!l'-te, { a. heh^/pag to, or leeoabling 
An-gel'-ic-al, ( angeU. 
An-gel'-i-a, n. a plant bearing large umbdi. 
An'-ge-Iut, n. an imtrament 3 mmic. 
, An"-ger, i, it passion eicitcd b^^ injury. 
An"-ger, n.(. to provoke, vei, diajikase, fret. 
An^-ger-ed,' p. made angryt provoked- 

An-gi-al'-a-gy, n. doctrine of the veueb of the 

Aii'-p-o-tptna, n, a plant whose seedi an uv 

rloied in a pericarp or pod. 
Aa-gi-o-eperra'-Dus, a. having leeds inclond, 
An-gi-ot'-O'my, n. the opening of a blood vesaeL 
Ao^-gte, n. a point viiem two lines meet, a coi^ 

An"-g)e, ) n. a rod, line and hook for fish- 
An"-gla-tod, S ing- 

An''-gle, ti. t. to fish with a rod and hook. 
An"-.gler, R. one who liihes with a hoidi. 
Au''.^, a. English, peiuining to England. 
An°-^i-cum, n. an Enghili idinnofeipresaian. 
Aa".gli^S«e, D. t lo rBnaer Engltth. 
An°-gling, ppr. fishing wjib ■ rod and line. 
An"-gling, n. b fishing wjih rod and Ime. 
An'-gor, n. inunse bodily pain. 
An"-gti-ly, adv. in an angty mRnnor. 
An''-gry, a. movrd with anger, inflamed, veit. 
An-guii'-li-form, a. reaerabling an eel. 
An"-Kiiish, n. eicessive pain, very great grief. 

lively pained, 
ing oomera. 
B ainle uf being angular. 
1 an angular f — 
and with angl 

i"-gui«h-ed," ;i. e; 

An"-gu-lous, 1 "" 

An".gu-br-Jy, adv. 
An"-gti>la-lad, a. fo 
An-h^a'-don, n. ihortnesa of breath. 

la, adv. at or in the night. [made. 

. 1. the shrub from whose leaves bidigo is 
A.nil'-i-ly, n. the old age of a woman. 
An-i-mad-ver'-sion.n wns-ire, rcfiroor, critidsm. 
An-i-mad-vert', n. i. to censure, criticise, attend. 
An-i.tnad.vert'-er, n. a ci.i«iirer, critic, judge. 
An->-mad-Ten'-ing, ppr. conndeiing, crlticiaing 


An'-n, n. 

An'.i.mal, a. perlaJQiiu; to ai 
An-i-mal -eule, n. a oiuutel) 

life, or c 

1. Ibe » 

lertinginto anim^ matter. 

An'-i-nial-I-zed,* p. endowed with animal lile. 
Aji'-i.inal-i-iing, nr. giving tmiinal life to. 
'- - — " - — B. uieatsle of animal eiisteuM 
give liie,' incite, enlivt 


An'-i-mat^, „ 

An'-i-niale, a. alive. 

cuing animal hfc 
■ten, p. or a. enlivened, (pit ■ 
■ting, jipr. or a. enlivening, 

(piiited, lively. 
'igi giving lile. 
itiDg, lile,apiliC. 

An'-i'ma.tor, n. one who gives life. 

An-i-mos'-i-ty, n. eitrcms hatred, aversnin, laga. 

An'-ise, n. a. plnnt bearing arumallc aeeda 

Ank'^er, n. a measure for liquids. 

An'-Ue, n. the joint between tlte foot and lbs legr. 

An'-nal-isl, n. a writer of annals. 

An'-nal>, n. pi. histories digested mider yen*. 

An'.ntal, v. I. to temper glasa, season, baut, bake. 
An-nEaI.ed,* p. tempered by Iieat. 
An.n«al-ing, ppr. tempering by heal. 
An-riet', e. C. toioib or add, at the end. 
■■■ B. addidi 

An.nei'-ing, rar. joining, or adding 
An-ni'-hi-ta-ble, o. capable of being 
An-ni'-hi-late, v. t. lo reduce to nothing, lo de- 
stroy the specific fijnn of a thing, ^alrojed 
Aa-ni'-hi-la.ted, p. reduced to nothing, d»- 
'--'"■■'*'■■ lodudng ir — ■'■ — ~" 

event is celebrated. 

Bur, fBll, what, prgy, m 

a hud dry paste, 
lo ■ umple yelloi 
. (. lo imblish.orEi 

used to give e 

An-nounc'-ed,* p. aeclored, made kaavrn. 
An-no unc'-ing, ppr. firat publiiiunj, piDclaimiiig. 
" An-nounc'o-ment, m. ■ first publishing, or pro- 

Aji-noy', ti. (. to incommode, to injure or molest 

by continued or repeated acts. 
... — . . injiUT, molestation. 

incommoded, molosled. 
to who annoys, one who injures. 
-. incommodine, moksling. 
irlj, lasting oiuy a year, 
■lent whose root diee yearly. 
. yeariy, year by year, 
a person who has an annuity, 
yeariy allowance or pajineu- 
make void, abolish, repeal. 
\. in iitia ai, or like a ring, 

having ringi or belts, 
ittle ring, a mark tn tieialdry. 
made void, abnwaleil. 
'. maklDg void, abrogal 

■ annuUinl. 
I lo a number. 

An-nun-ci-a'-tion, n. the act of announcing. 

An-nun-ci-a'-tion-day, n. ihe day on which an 
angel appeared to the Virgin Mary, lo declare 
nor Saviout'a birth, the iweniy-lifth day of 

An'-o-dyne, n 
An^H^dyne, a, 

it'-ed, pp. rubbed wiih oil, cunaecraleil 
it'-ed, n. the Metaiah, the Saviour, 
it'-ing, ppr smearing with oil. 
it'-ing, B. an unction, a consecraljon. 

i.lVs'.tit. 0. irregular. * 

a.lous, a. irregular, out of rule. 
a-lous-ly, adv. irregularly, unequally. 
B-ly, n. ineguluiiy, that which devialea 

A-non-y-mouB-ly, adu. • 
A-n6lh-ei, a 

i.Bwer-a-l)le, a. suitable, accountable, like, 
i^swer-a-ble-ness, n. the quality of being an- 

jln-swer-ing, ppr. replying, agreeing. 

Ant, n. a small induetrious insect, a pisn^. 

Snl^'r \ "^ *" "™^ ""* '**'■ "P*" ""■ 
Xut-eegs, n. young ants in little balls. 

■lag-o-njHl'.Lc, a. opposing, acting m o 
compound words, signiiiea be/on 

le who goes before, a leader 
a room leading to another. 

a'nG distance from the eqtw 

o dote D thing before the iri 

An-Ie-di-lu'-vi-aJ, t a- being before Ihe Hood in 
An-le-iti-lu'-vi-oii, { nooh's Jays. [flood. 

An-le-(Ii-lu'-vi-an, n. one wba lived before the 
An'-ie-Iope, n. the gsze!, a E^Qua of animal*, 
between the goal and Ihe 


..- ■o light in the mom- 

in, a. bcuig before noon. 
!, a. being belbre the creaiion, 
ftn-ie-iiup -uai, o. being before inarriaee. 
An.te-paB-cha!, a. being before Easier. 
An'-le-past, n. ■ foreuaie. 
An-te-pe-nult', n. the last syllable but two. 
.Aii-te-pe^nBll'-i-msle, a, of the Ian lyllable but 

An-ie'-ri'or, a. going before, prcvioos, prior. 
An-te-ri-or'-i-ly, n. priority in lime, &c. 
An'-ie-rooDi, n. a room la front of enolher. 
An-thd-inin''lic, □. good o^abiat ivorms. 

rtn'-lhor,ii. in boiany.iho summit of the atanien. 
An-lheP-iP-er-oua, a. producing anthers. 
&n.thol'-o-g;, n. a collection of flowers, or of 

poems ; a discourse on llowen. 
An'-tito-ny^B^Gro, n. the erysii^elas. 
An'-tbia-ctle, n. glnncc^coal, a sort of herd coal. 
An'-thrai, n. a tarbunelc or malignant ulcer. 
An-thrO-pol'-o-Sy, i. a djsoourae on ninn. or the 

doctrine of tUe human body. [flesh. 

An-Ih.o-poph'-a-gy, n. Ihe feeding on human 
An.ti, in compoimd words, signilies a^ainil, 
An.ti-ac'.id, a. opposing acidity, alkaline. 
An.tJ'a-iner''j.can, a. opposed to America. 
An'-iic, a. odd, iancifut 
An'-tie, n. a buflbon, or merry andrew. 
An'-ti-thnsi, n. one who opposes Christ; the 

An-ti-ehria'-tian, a. opposing Christianity. 

An-tic'-i-pale, «. 1. to take before, to prerent. 
An^ric'-i-pa-tod, p. taken before, prevented. 
An-lje'4-po-ling, ppr. taking belbre. 
Ao-tic-i-pa'-tion, n. a taking Before, foretaste. 
Aii-tie''i-pa-tor, n. one who inlicipatss. 

Jl'-u-cor, n.aninSammatiun iu a horse's t£l 
,n-ti-cos-mel'-ie, a. injurious to beauty. 
.n-tt'O^urt-ier, n. one who opposes the cud 
n'-li-do-(al, u. eipelling, elTicaciaus agaim 
nMi-dole, n, a rrauedy lor poison or evil. - 
n-ti-e-pisc'-o-pal, a. adverse to episcopacy 
n-ti'fe'-btile, a- opposing fever, [of^an 
n-til'.o-gy, n. cuntiadietion between the «'-ni-ae, a, eounleraeting madneas. 
n'-ti-mUsk> u- a lesser mash. 
ti-ti-niin-is-i«'-ri-Bl, a. opposed to the mini 
n-ti-mo-narch'-i-cnl, a- opposed to mcnort 
n-tt-R-o'-ni-al, a- pertaining to antrmenv. 
n-ti-mo'.ni-al, n. a preparation of antiu 
n'-ti-tno-ny, n. a metallic ore, a blackia 
' B metal of a gray.' ' 



papacy, or popery 

who ii offiosed to 
Iteracting infection. 

if puritans, 



AiMiqU^ n- [BdleSk,] b rsmnuit of nnliquily, 
AiWiqae-nMH, n. [aniBSkneBB,] aaUqniiy, an old 
An^q'ni-ty, a. old limeB, greal a^B. [eiaie. 

An-ti-rev-oJu'-lion-a-ry, a. opposing PBvoluticpn. 
An-ti-rev-o-lu'-lton-ist, n. an opposer of a revo- 

An-ti-iaw-bn'-tje, a. coonlerttcling acurvj. 
An-ti-«erip'-tiii-i8i,n. OBO thai denies revdation. 
An-ti-sep-tio, o, opposing putiefaccion. 
An-ti-BO -da), a. advene lo society. 
Aji-li^pss-msd'-ic, a. opposing sj^sm. 

1 n. mnliiol coaveraion ; part of 
An.tiiilro.phe, i asong or dance performed 
An-tB'-lro.phy, f by wming contrary to the 

J ccrophe. 
An-tith'-^Bu, n. opposition of Words or Dcnll- 

An-d-lhet'-tCt a. pertaining lo anlithesi^ 

An-ti-trin-i-ta'-ri-an, a. opposing the dopErine of 
the ttinky. 

An-ti-trin-i-tfl', n. opposition to the 
doenine of the lnnitj[, , 

An'-ti'type, n. that which answers to a typa. 
The pascliBl Iamb was a type ; Christ the an- 

4.nt''ler, n. a branch of an animal's bom. 

An'-vll, n. an iron block for smith's work. 

Ani-i'^-ty, n. [angiFcty,] aaticitude, concern. 

Ani'-i-oa, a. [ank'ahua.] greatly solicitous. 

Aia''i4us'ly,.ii(lD. with solicitude.* 

Ani'-iKjua-ne™, n, Bolicitucie. [rilfacr. 

A-ny, a. [en'ny,] every, whoever, whatever, 
- A'-o-iist, n. a lensB in Gieak, eipreaeing indelor- 

A-I*ce, adv. quicUy, hastily, speedily, fast 
, _, . i„ In. abrfllPtion ; a kind of aigu- 

A-jart, adv. sepwately, distinctly, aside. 
A-[«rt-m«it, n. a part of a house, a joom. 
Ape-t>iet'-ie,a. void of feeling, insensible. 
Ap' a-tby, n. a want of paaioa or feeling. 
Ape .n. a kind of monkey, mimic, aimpl«0B. 
Apo,e.t. to imitate a" """ ' — ?_...-.- _■_.!. 

BUr, fftU, what, ptgy, mariine, pin, bird, niHvfl, 

.p'.^r-ture, n. an open place, openii 
,-pel'-a-1oii9, a. having no peTals. 
I'-pei, n. plu. apcies, the lop or sun 

A'-phis, n. the 


naxim or precept in Jew wor^ 
iBving the form of an apaorism 
y, oifii. in ihe tbrm of apho.. 

Aph'.thong, n. a letter, or coinbinalion of IM- 
teiB, having no sound. [ic. 

Aph'-yl-!oas, a. destitute of leaves, ai the rush,' 

A'-piji-ry, n. a place where boea are kept. 

A-piece, fldo. to each one's shore, for each. 

A'-pisii, It. simple, silly, foppish, ofTecied. 

A'-pish-ly, adn. in an apish manner, foolishly 

A'-pish-nesB, n. bufToonery, Ibolecy, foppery. 

A-poe'-a-typse, n. ihe bookofBevetalion. 

A-poc-a-lyp-tie, a. containing revelation. 

A-poe'-o-pate, u. (. to cutoff or omit the last 
letter or syllabEeof a won). 

A-poe' ? n. the omission of Ihe last lotlei 

A-pae'4'py, i or eyllahle of a word. 

A-poe'-iy-phfl, n. books of doubtful authority. 

A-ujc-ry-phal, a- not canonical, uncertain. 

Ap'.u-dal, a. having no feet. 

Ap'.ude, n. an animal that has no feet. 

Ap'-o-gee, n. the point in a planet's orbit most 
distant fVom the earth. 

A-pol-o-get'-ic, a. defending, eiciising, lessening. 

A'pol'-o-^ist, It. one who makes an apology. 

A'poV^o-gize, V. i. to plead for, defenJ, ercuee. 

A-poP^>-|i-iod,* p- of apulogize. [truth. 

Ap'^j-logue, n. [ap'olog,] a fable leaching moral 

A-poF-o-gy, Tt, a defense, eiciu«, jusdficatKtn. 

Ap«-pIeo'-lJc, 1. belonging to an apopleiy. 

Ap'-o-plei-y, n.o disorder that aSeoU the hrain. 

foraubes his 

A-pqs'-tate, n. one that foraubes hisreliepon 
A^p^'-tate, a. falling from his faith, fafse. 


booh, dgve, full, oi 

A-p<M'-ta-tI'E[ng,/>pr, falling from one's faith. 
A-pon'-ie-maU, r. i. to form uiio en ■bacens, snd 
■ fitlwiih,.™. |pu», 

A-poj-ie-ma'-Iion, «. the jinjcesa of nprning lo 
A-poi-lem'-a-toiiB, o, pertaining to an Bbeuew. 
Ap'-OB-teme, n. an abscess, a acre filled with 

A-poa'-tlf, n, [aposlj n. a meBeenger to preaclt 
. Ihe gospel. 
A-poi-i1S4hip, n. [apoilahipj the oSice of an 

A-pua'-Ui-Inie, n. the ollias of an ipoalle. 
A-poB-lol'-ic, a. deliTpred by the apomltn. 
A'pos-lol'-ie-al-ly, adv. in (he mnnner of ibe 

A-po«'-Ero-phic, a. pertaining to an apo«tm;>hy. 
A-pos'-tro-phi™, adilr^ hy an ■puelninhy . 
A-po8'-Cro-phl-ieil,*p. BdilreeaeJbyapoitrophy. 
A-poth'-e-ai-ry, n. a compounder of medicines. 
A p'-o-thegm, j "- ' " raying, uun. 

Aim-iheg-mal'.ic, a. being in tbo manner of an 

ApVlhtf-o-rii, n. a doifiroiion, the plaeinj of a 

liereon among the henlhen deities. 
, , ) n. in miiaie, Ihe (liff^nee be- 

1 E. I ? f Iween a greater and leswrsemi- 

A-pot-o-iny,j ,j^ 

Ap'-o-iem, n. a decoction made by boiling planla. 
Ap-pgll', v.t. to fright eo na to dispirit. 
Ap-i«ll'«d,* ^.struck with fear, terrified. 
A p.p|ill'-ing, ;ipr. striking with Unroi, 
Ap'-pa-nagBin. landfl fb^lhe raaintenancB of a 

Ap-pa-m'-tu!, n. loolfl, tiiniiture, equipage. 
Ap-par'-^ B. clothing, clothe*, raiiueni, dnns. 
Ap-par'-«I, o. f. to dre«, deck, siJnm, set off. 
Ap-par'*i-ed,* p. clothe"], furnished with dreM. 
Ap-pai'-el-ing, ppr. .Ireming, clolhing, 
Ap-pa'.rent, a. Tiaible, eviurait, plain, open. 
Ap-pa'-renl-ly, ads. viiibly, in appearance only. 
Ap-po-rl'-tion,". anappOTrance -■— ■ --:-^- - 
Ap-par'-i-tor, n. an odicer in tii 

I, cfaaiae, £em, at, th 

ova] of a cause from a tower W 

.p-p^, p. f. OF i. to remove fivm a lower to % 

higher court, coll to witneai, accuse, [eiued. 
Ap-j>f ol.a-ble, a. that may be appealed, or •c- 
Ap-pCal.ed,* p. rMiioved to a higher court. 
Ap-p«al-ing, ppr. retnoving to a hisher coun. 
Ap-p«ir,B.i. to be in light, seem, look. 
Ap-pear-»nee, n. a comuig in sight, thinff nen, 

■emblanee, likelihood, show, enlraace. 
Ap-p*ar-cd,* p. seemed, having be«n sevn. 
Ap-p6ar-ing, ppr. coming in si^t, seeming. 
Ap-piar-mg, n. a coming in sight. [eted. 

Ap-p«8X-a-ble, u. that may be appeased or qui- 
Ap-p£a>4-ble-ne8s, n. the quality of being ap- 

Ap.p«B«e, «. (. to quiet, pacify, calm, 
Ap-pSa«-ed," p. qmeted, pacified. 
Ap-pea«er, n. one who jMcifies. 
Ap-p6i»-ing,ppr. quietmg, paciiJDif. 
Ap-per-(ant, n. a persoi vilm appeals. 
Ap-pel'-laie, □. belonging to appcsta. 
Ap-peMa'-tion, n. a name, title, tcnn, address. 
Ap-pel'-la-ti™, a. common to many, jeneral. 
A p-pel'-la-tive, n, the name of a wholo specie*. 
Ap-pe!-lee', n. the defetidani in appeal. 
Ai>-pol-lDr', n. the plointif in appeal. 
Ap-pend', d. I. to hengor;oin lo, hang on. 
Ap-pend'-s^e.n. an addition. 
Ap-pend'-ant, a. hangir^ to, otmeicd. 
Ap-pend'-ii, rt. an addition, a supplemenL 
Ap-per-tdin, v. i. to belong, relate. 
Ap-per-iain-ing, ppr. belonging, relating. 
1 ' na-ianu ) "■ "ensusl oesire, a teiidency id 
« r?r«II^ ! orgsnijMtl matter to unite mtb, 
Ap'-pe-ie^cy.j ^«|ect partkke of m«Wr. 
Ap-pe-ti-bil'-i-ly, n. a desiiable state or qnahly. 
Ap'-pe-ti.ble, a, desirable, pleasing, enraging. 
Ap'-pe-tltr, R. aBlDm>ch,deBinorfbod,orother 

sensual graliGcation. 
Ap-plaud', V. t. to praise, commend, extoL 
Ap-pl»ud'.ed, p. commended, praised. * 

Ap-plaud'-^r, n. one who prajses or commcfida, 
Ap-plaud'-ing, ;ipr ptaiiing, commending. 
Ap-plaus'e, n, praise, commendation, ctedtt. 
Ap'-pte, n. frail, the pupil of the eye. 
Ap'.fcle-ple. n. a pie made of eppks in paata 

Ap-p1i-ca-bil'-i-ly,»>-ihBquoIityofb*ing ^. 
Ap'-pli'co-ble, a. that may be applind, suiubje. 
Ap'-pli-ea-bb-nau, n. the qunliiy of being auiUi- 

Ap'-pU-cant, n. one who nppliea, a petiiioner. 
Ap-pli-ea'-tion, n. set of ap|i);ing, close atady. 
Ap'-pii-ca-tive, a. thai applies, 
Ap-pU -BiL* p. put to ot on, employed. 
Ap-pll'-er, n. one who nppliea. 

Ap-ply'-ing, ppr. laying^on, oiapk^ing. 
Ap-poinl', c, (. ki Ci upon, determine, settle, 

Ap-point'-a-ble, a. that may bo appoiatad. 
Ap-poim'-ed, p. Giod on, choaen, ei]ujpped. 
Ap-point-oo', n. a person appointed. ling. 

Ap-point'-ing, jjpr. deaignating (o odice, onlain- 
Ap-poiut'-meot, n. an order, ulary, poat, deaig- 

Ap-pOr-tioD^d,*^. liivided in ahaice, as 

Ap-pOr-lion-iiig, J5>r. aiaipiing in r' 

Ap>pOr-tion-ment, n. a dividing ir 


Ap-po-ii^-tion, n. a putting to, an addition. 

Ap-prniio, soeApprUe. 

Ap'prs'-cia'ble, a. that may be eitimp.led. 

Ap-pre'-ciaic, v. t. to value, to set a value on. 

Ap-pie'-cia-led, p. valued, advanced in value. 
Ap-pre'-cin-ting, ppr. valuing, rieing in value. 
Ap-pre.<^i-a'-IiDn, h. the act of valuing, a riaing 

f, maiiiie, pin, bird, mova, 

tice, V. t. to bin 


_n value. 
Ap-pre-hend', c. t. to tteize, undent 
Ap-pre-hend'4d,^p. caught, ronceii 

t. that may be apprehended. 

Ap-pK'hen'-Bive, a. fearTu], nenaible. 
Ap-pte-hen'-sive-ness, n. the quality of twing 

A p-jroi'-tica, n. one bound to lenm n trade. 

Ap-priie, v. I. lo iolurni, lo give nolice A> 
Ap-pri-ied,* p, infbnned, nolilied. 
Ap-pil'Eingj j^. infomung, giving notice to. 
Ap-prize, v. L to aet a value on by authority 
Ap-pri-zed,* p. valued by auihonzod peraona 
Ap-prize-ment, n. a valuation br auihoiitv. 
Ap'pri-zer, n. one appointed M 
Ap-prl-zitif — --■ — '- 

Ap-prOncl., n. the acl of drawing near. 
Ap-pruach-a-ble, a. that may be appronchod. 
Ap'-pro-bale, v. (, to mpresa appnjliatioii. 
Ap'.pro-ba-tod, p. appmved by Oct or aipreaai<] 
....___u_.: -ibaliun 

IT. Betting a value by aulhoriiy. 

>a-ting, ppr. • 



Ap-pro'-pri-a-ble, a. that may bi 
Ap-pro'-pri-ate, o " ' 

purpose, <a for 
Ap-pro'-pri-ate, a. peculiar, m 
Ap-pro'-pri-a-tcd, p. assigned uj a ifiinji/nuif * 
Ap-pro'-pri4tt)-neEB, n. aililableness, Jilni^a. 
Ap-pro'-pri-a-tingt j^. aetting apart ftir a ] 

a-ble, a. that may be appropriated. 
(te,o./. to set o|aitU a certain 
ir for oiie's aelf. 

1 applicB 

ticuUr c 

Ap-pru'-pri-a-lar, n. one who has an appr 

aled b^elice. 
Ap-priiv-a-ble, a. wunby of approbation. 
Ap-prov-al, n. '•"""■i*"i"'^n 

worthy, jUBlily, prove, ahow. 
A|>-priiv4d,* p. liked, proved, tried, eiainined. 
Ap-priiv-ing. ppr. liking, allowi..E,cunuBen'l)r>g. 

Ap-pmi'.i-niaie, o. i. to conie near, approach. 
Ap-proi'-i-ma-ling, jipr. approaching. 
Ap-prDi-i-ma'-lion, n. a near approach. 
Ap-puls'^ n. the act of atrikin^ against, [body 
Ap-pul'-aion, b. a atriking ngamJ hy a moTiDg 
An-pur'-te-narice, n. that whicli belongi ur I»- 

latea to somelhr '■-- 


!thing elfii 

A its 

A'-prt-eot, n. » fine kind oX «Wne Cruil. 
A'-pril, n. ihe Ibunh monUi of iJie year. 
A'-juon, n. a part of •Iiveb worn before, cover. 
A'-proD-edt* a, wearing, or having an aprun- 
A-pn>-poa, adv. [ap'ropo,] by Ihe wny, seaBoB 

Apt, a. fit, lesdy, qualified, inclined, (ending. 
Ap'-I»ral, a. deaiitule of wings. 
Apt^'i-tude, n. Ijlueu, tendency, disposition. 
Apt'4y, adit, properly, litly, rauUly, wittily. 

Ap'-lute, n. a noiui having nu diatincljun of caset 
A-py -roua, a. rosistfiig nre, incumbuatible. 
A-qua-tifr'-tia, n. nitric acid. [zodiac 

A-qua'-ri-tiB, n. the waierJicftrer, a sign in Ihi 
A-qual'-ic, a. living in w^r, watery. 
Aq'-DBMluet, n. a conveyance lor water, pipe. 

eatery, c 

Aq'tu-llne, a. like 


B watecy qi 

, chaiae, gem, <», thin , thou. 

Ar-bo-rlze, v. I. to form the appeaiaoM of • 

plant in a minerah 
Xi-bo-ri.ztd,* p. of Arbnrizc. 
Ai-bus-cle, n. a dwarf tree. [cm 

Xr-bus'-eu-lar, a. reaembling a shrub or uiUu) 
Ar-bus'-liie, a. covered with shnibg. 
Ar-bus'-tum, n. a copse of ahnibs or stnaL lre» 
J4r-hute, n. the airawberry-tree. 
Sre, n. [lart of s circle or bridgo 
ArivEde, n.acontinuoiionof arches, along arch. 

Arch, o. chief, notorious, waggish, ahrerrd. 
Arch, n. a curve line, or part of a circle, any 

work, in that larm, or covered by an arch 
Arch, V. to farm an arch. 
Arch-Sn-^l, n. a chief aiigel, a plant. 
Arch-an-gel''i c, a. belonging to airhangels 
Xrch^i-poa'-tatB, n. the rtiieT apostate. 
Xrch-biBh'^)p, n. a chief bishop. 
Arch-bish'-op-ric, n. dioceee of an archbishop. 
ArchMl£a-con,n. a chief deacon, bishop's deputy. 
Atch-dea-eon-ry, ) n. the ollice of an arch. 
Archil ga- con-ship, J dejicon. 

Ar-bi-ter, n. an umpire, one who controls. 
Ar-bii'-ra-ment, n. will, determination, awnrd. 
Ar^bi-tra-ri-iy, adv. by will only, absolutely. 

Xi-bi-tra-ry, a. absolute, despotic, guverueJ, or 

diclBied by will-oiJy. 
Ar-bi-tmle, v. t. or f. to hear and judge as an ai- 

Ar-bi'Ua'-tioo, n. refei 

reign right to judge ar 

I, a hcoriDg be- 
1 by a party to 

a female ar 

Xt-bur, n. a bower, a seal shaded ' . . . 
Ar-bo'-re-ous, Ar'-bo-ruus, a, belonging (o treei 

fc4»-ret, n. a Binall tree, a shrub, 
-bo-nst, n. a nalurallat in, or judge of trees. 
Xr-bo-ri-za'-tioD, n. the appearance of a plan 

Archer, n. one who shools with a bow. 
Arch-e-jy, n. the art of shooting with a bov 
Areh4-iy.pal, a. belonging to the original, 
■'--'- -i^y)ie, 71. the original, a pattern, a mo 

Xfch-i-e-piac'-o-pa], a 



t'-ire, 0. belonging lo arcbtte 

.__,,_ _ ^f orrelaiing lo 

female aichiteci. 

J build 

, „ . intf. 

.Ihe science or act of biiilditig. 
_ -, principal beam, Ihe pail ol* a 
Cdltiran nen about Ihe capital. 
Arcb.i-vaull, n. the inner contour of a vault. 
Areh'Ives, n. records, a place ttaed for rei'orda 
Arch-i-viit, n. iho keeper of archives. 
Arch-nesfa, n, shrewdness, cunning. 
Arcb-on, n. » cbteT magistrate in Greaoe. 

Bar, fftll, whtil, prgy, maflne, pin, bi 

Xrrli-i)n-Hliip, n. tlie uflice of an archoo. 
Xtch-pnia'-by-lCT, n a cliief preabjler. 
Xrch-prieBt, n. a chief priesc. 
Are-lic, a. nonhern, lying far norili. 
Arf'tu'-ria, n. a filed slai- of tlie linl magnilude. 
Xre-u-ate, a. bent lite a bow. 
Sre-u-a'-lion, n. a bending, eonveiity. 
Ar-den-cy, n. eogemeii, z«d, beat. 
Ai-danI, a. hal, fierce, xbbIuub, atTecCionala. 
Xr-den(-ly. adv. zealuutly, aflecUonalcly. 
Xr-dar, n. wannlh, fervency, aifeclion. 
Xr-du-out, a. diflicull, ban) lo attain, laborioiu. 
Xr-du-oQB-nesB, n. difficully ami taboriousneaa. 
A'-ra-n, n. the auperficial conlenla uf a Ibing. 
Ar-A-fac'-tian, n- tbe act of drying, dryneai. 
A-re'-na, n. an open space of ground. 
Ar-e-na'-erous, a. aandy, consisting of sand. 
Ar-eom'-^-ter, n. an inilrunient lo meaaure the 
■pecilic gravity of iluidi. 

gtavily of fluids. 
Ar.e^ip'-a-gile, n. a member of the Areopagus. 
Ar.«.np'-a-gui, n. lUpreine court of ancient 
Xr-gal, n. unrefined or crude larlar. [Alliens. 
Xr-geol, a. silvery, while, brighL 


Xr-gent-ir<!r.DU8, a. producing ailver. 
Xr-gonl-ine, a. like silver. 
^ Ar-gil, n. purs clay. 

Ar-gil-la'-ceous, a. poitabing of tbe prapertiea 

Xr-gil-lif'-eTMiua, a. producing clay. 

Xr.gil''loUB, a. partaking of clay. 

Xr-gue, V. i. or (. lo reason, to draw inlerencea 

Xr-gu-ej,* p. debated, discuned. 
Ar-gu-er, n. a dispuler, reasoner., ppr. toaaoniiiE, debating. 
Ar-gii.ment, n. reason aHedged to induce belief, 

Xr-gu-menl'-a], a. belougii^ lo argument.'-tion, n. the act or art of reasoning. 
Xr-gu-ment 'S'tive, a. containing argument. 
Xr-gTLs,n. a fabulous being w^itbahundred eyes. 
A'-n-on, ■. one who holds Christ lo be a crealed 
A'ri'iui, a. pertaining lo Arianism. [being. 

A'-ri-aa-iin>, a. a dei Jai 
Ay-id, a. dry, parched , 
A-rid'-i-ly, Ar'-id-neas, . 

■Tthedivinity of ChriM 
p H"ih heat, 

.-rtght, oi 

), r«hllj, 
gel up. 


mount up, appear, reiive from death. 
A-rl-iing, ;>pr. ascending, gelling up, 

Ar'-is-io-erat, n. one who fav 
Ar-is-lo-eral'-ic, a. parlsking oi armoerary. 

A-rilh-met'-ie-aJ, a. according to ariuunelic- 
A-rith-met'-ie-al-ly, mnaiis of arithmetic 
A-rithjne-ti"-oion, n. ine skilled in artlhmelic. 
Ark, n. a lumber vessel, a ship, chest. 
Xrm, n. a limb of tbe body, branch, inlet. 

Ann-a-ment, a. a land or naval force. 
Aim-a-ture, n. aniior, defense, skill in arms. 
Arm-eii,*p. furnished with arms, defendoi. 
Xrm-iiil, n. as much as the arms can hold. 
Arm-bole, n. a hole in a garment for the arm. 
Ar-mig'*r-ou8, a. bearing arms. 
Aj-mil-la-ry, u. of or resembling a bracelet 

and holds lo free w 

Srm->r.*r, n. a person that make* or sells an 
Xrm-o'-ri-al, a. beloriging to family arms, or 
Xrm-o-ry, n. a mposiliHy of aims, armor, [n 
XnO'pit, n. Iho hollow under tbe shoulder 

okf di!ive» full, nHfit fan* chaiGe, ge 

a, II.OU, 

'e of tatid, a bale 

Sims, 71. pin. weapons, war, enslgiu oi 
jLr-niy, n. a boily of onned men, great 
4r-o-raBl'-ie, a. spicy, fiiigrani. 
Ai-<HDal'-iea, n. pi. apices or perfumes, 
Ar'-OHDO'iiEe, v- ^ U> impr^nule wilh sweet 
A-fo'-ma-ioufi, a, rmgranc, spicy- [odor° 

antf.prtj). and adv. ir 

a'-eA,'p. awakened, e 
A.[oui'-ing, ppr. aljrring up, e: 
AT-penl, n. a Trench mei 

less ihau the English acre. 
^'qu&-bus«, n. a mind gun formerly used. 
Ar-iack'i n. the spirit oithe cocon-tiuL 
Ar-raign, v. I. [arranc,] to call, or sol lu ansivi 

Ar-rsign, n. amignmenl. 

At-rSign-ing, ppr. calling lo answer, accusing. 
Ar-rftign-ment, n. Ihe act of an 
Ai-rooge, v. [. lo set in order, pi 
AT-tiing*d,*p. set in order, adji 
Ar-iSnge-piflnl, n. a puuing m order, orderly 

Ar-rftn^-er, n. one who puts in order. 
Ar-rfing-ing, ppr. putting in duo order. 
Ar'-raiU, a. very bad, vile, notorious, wicked. 
Ar'-ras, n. tapestry, hnngir^ of tapestry. 
Ar-ruy.n, order of men lur battle, drew, the 

Lnpsnnsling of a jury, or the jury. 
Ar-ray, f. Mo put in order, dress, impannel. 
Ar-rSy-ed,* p. dressed, clothed, impanneled, 
Ar-rBy-ing, ppr, putting in order, ilreesing. 
Ar-rioT, Ai-reun, n. that which is behind. 
Ai-rEsr age, n. the pan of a debt unpaid, 
AT' red', a. erecl, attentive as a hearer. 
Ar-resl', v. I. ui seize by warrant, slop, hinder. 
Ar-icM', R . a seizure by warrant, slop, hindenmce, 

slay of Judgment alter verdict. 

A^reBt'.Blg, ppr. seizing, slopping, hindering. 

vaii n. Ihe at 

of coming to s place, 
npany amring, arrivoL 
' to, or reach a place. 

Ar.ri-ved,'p. ofAmiK 
Ar-ri-ving, jipr. ouii^ng lo, rmciung. 
Ar'-ru-gance, R. hsughtit^ess, presumption. 
Ar'-TO-gnnt, a. hauglity, self-coneeilcd. 
Ar'-ro-gant-ly, adv. haughlily, very proudly. 
Ar'-ro-gaie, v. t. to claim unjuntlj, assume, take 
Ar'-ro-ga.ted, p. osmAned, or claimed mgustly. 
Ar'-ro-ga-ting, fpr. assuming, claiming uiuuiuj'. 
Ar-tu-gs'-tion, n. the act of assuming unjustly. 

Ar'-ruw-tuoT, n. a genus of plunls, one uf which 

yields a starch very nutritive. 
Ai'tow.j, a. conaisf ing oi; or having arroim. 
Ar>, n. a repository for amu, a magsjdne. 
Ar4en-ie, n. a metal, or an oiyd of a metal, a 

virulent poiso" 
Jlr-«n'-lMT<.. . 
Ar-8on, n. Ihemslicii ._ ^ _ __ 

other building, by which human life m 

Xrt, the aecoad person of the substoDlive verb. 
Art, n. cuiming. device, skill, science., trade, 
Xr-le-mis'-ia, ». mugwotl, wormwood, a genus 

Art-ftl-nesa, n. art, cimning, dejlerity. 
Ar-ltint'-ie, a. pertaining lotbejiufits or the gout. 
Xr-ti-choke, n. a garden ve^lable. 
Ai-ti-^e, n- a lemC condition^ part of a dis' 

coorae, a clause or item, a distinct but unil»' 

fined thing. 

Xi-iic'-u-lar, a. of or belonging lo joints. 
Xr-tie'-u-tate, a, having joints, 
Xi-ue-u-late, v.t. to pronounce distinctly. 
Xr-tic'-n-late-ly, adv. distinctly, clearly, plainly 
Xr-li E'.u-Ia-Ied, p. jointed, dbtinctl; uttered. 
Ar'tic'' ppr. pronouncing distinctly. 
Ar-tic-D-la'-tian, il cooiwction by joints, distioM 


36 ASC 

Bar, f^ll, what, prgy, m 

An-i-fi"-r;iiil, a. made by art, foctilinva 
Xn-i-fi"-cial-ly, edv. by art, not naturally. 

mortars, ami their appendages, iho niBn — ■■ 
manage Ibeni. 

Xrt-iBt, n. the profeaai: 
Xn-les»,fl. withnumr 
irt-lBM-iy, adi 

if en an, a skillful n 
nix or design, simpio, hoi 
hout nn, nutuTBlly. 
Xit-leffl-neaa, n. Biraplicity of hean, ■incorit, 
A-run-din-A'-ceoiu, a. pertaining to the reed or 

..._ entraiU of beai'.. 
Ai, flu. like, eTeo, in like manr 
Ai, n. a RuDianwoighlaftwelvi 
Aa-a-feL'-i-da, n. a fetid gum-refll 
As-bes'-tine, a, pertaining to aabi 
As-bes'-tu*, ? " ' ' 

Aa-bo»'.UH, ( combuslibla." 
Ai-cend'i v. i. oit.lo go up, rise, recur bank i 

whitiih or grestiigh, a 


ind'-od, p. having riicn, or mounted op. 
ind'-en-cj, n.enperior or controlling influ- 
inA'-ing, p/K-. riaing, mounting up. [enoe. 
- act of Bsnending or raing. 
the duy oa wliiclt our Sit 

lenc*, riaa, rising of a hilL 


Aa-cer-tflin^'bletO. U 

As-cer-tfiin-edt* p. mz 

Aa-oM'-ie, n. ■ Ktired and dawiil pemn. 
Aa-cet'ne, a. employed in dgvotion, aiulera. 
Aa-ci-li".twai, a. Biipplemetilat, additional. 
&«cri'-b«4la, a. that may bp aUribaled. 

A-9crIb-ing,;jpf. attributing, iniputinj. 
As-crip'-tion, M, the act of ascribing. 
Ash, n. (he name of a well known tree. 
A-BhSm.ed,* a. covered nilh ehamt, abnshed. 
Ash'-cr)l-oi-ed, a. of a color between brown and 

of whs 

dead body. 

Ash'-lnr, n. free-eloneg 03 they i^me from the 
A.flhSn', luiu.atoroniihore, on theland, 
Ash-WednefrKJay, n.'the first day of Lent 
Ash'-y, a.aslMMjloreii, like ashes.''-ic,a, pertaining ta Asia. 

A-alde. adv. on one aide, onl of the right way. 

' 5 adv. obliquely, sideways. 

Aak-ing, per. petitiomng, inquinnB. 
A-alKnt, ade. on one aide, obliijiiely. 
A-aleep, ddv. at rest, in sleep, ma sin 
A^alOpe, adj>. awry, in a slar.Iing man 



Aa'-per-ate, c. I. to make ro 

Aa-pera'e, o.f. to sprinkle, attack with alander 
Aa-pns'4d,*p. alandered, vilified. 
Aa-pers'-er, a. one who BBperses or Ttlifies. 
As-pers'-ing, ppr. slandering, defaming. 
As-pei'^ion, n, a aprink ling, slander. 
As-phslt', t n.ahlackbttuminouaBDbatanos. 
As'phall^-iini, { foundor.thelakeAaphaltiBi&a. 
Aa-phali'-ie, a. pertaining to aaphall, binmi 

book, dOve, full, u-ne, c« 
Aa'-pho-del. rt. a ptuit, king's spear, dey-lily. 
A^phji'-r, n. a Bwooning, or (ainiine. 
Asp'-lB, B Ihe asp, a plant, a species of lavender. 
As-pi'-ranl, n. one who aspires, or nceka L>agerlj. 
A>'-pi-rBl& V, (. lo pionounce wilh a ftili eiuis- 
siou of breath. 

of hrealb in pronunciatioa. 
A«'-pi-ra-ied, p. pronounced very full or ilrong. 
Aa'-pi-ra-ting, jjw. uttering with a full breaih, 
As-pi-rB'^lion, n. an ardent wish, a full pronun- 

Aa-pire, «. i. to deaire eagerly, pant aller, aim at 

wfaal is lan>or difRcull. 
As-pi'-rer, n. one who aspires, or seeks earnestly. 
Aa-pi'-ring, ppr. 

Aa-piirt^'-tioR, n. a carrying away, removal. 
As-quinl', adii. askani, with una eye shut 
Xn, n. an animal uf burden, a stupid person. 
As-g£il, c. 1. to assault, allark, set upon. 

As4fiil-ant, n. one who attacks. 

As-a&il-eil,* p. attacked, assaulted. 

As-sail-ing, ppr, attankuig, assaulting. 

As-aQs'-ein. n. one who kills, or attempts to k: 
by trcachoiy, or secret assault. 

ts-ias'-ain-ate, n.(. to murder by secret aasaul 

As-sas'-sin-u-ted, p. killwl fay secret assault, 
as'-ain-a-ting, ppr. killing by ee 
" ~~k-i'-tion, n. the act of as""" 
, R. violent attach, s 

As-sault,'i>. f. 10 attack, set or fall upon,Blomi 
Aa-B^ult'-ed,p. atlackal with violence. 
As-s^lt'-er, n. one who assaulls or atonna. 
As-Bauli'-ing,;i}>r. attacking violently. 
As-siiy, V.I. lo try, prove, eiamine, attempt. 
As-aliy, n. a trial, eiamination, iint efTort. 
Aa-Biy-ed,' p. tried, eiamined. 

n, fhaise, gem, at, thin, ihou. 

Aa-senl-a'-tion, n. comphonce, a yielding to. 
Aa-eenl-a'-tot, n. a flnlterer. 
As-senl'-er, n. one who assents. 
As-sent'>ingi ppr. agreeing to, admilting. 

As-aert'-ed, p. affirmed positively, vindicated. 

Aa-sesa', v. t. Co tai, to value lor the purpose ct 

As-seaa%d," y. rated, valued, litied. 
Aa-sess'-ing, ppr, valuing, loiing. 

Aa-sets', n. eifecls of a deceased or insolvent 
As-sev'-et, b. t. to allirm or declate positively. 
As-si-dn'-i-ty, n. diligence, applies 


ing, ppr. ttymg, einmining. 
-bl^ n. a collection or joining. 

er, to collect. 

i'-bled,*fi. collected, congregated 

I'-blingi O"'- coniiiie lugethcr, collecling. 

la-ly, oil), diligently, c 


„._, .... [assTne,] to appoint,' fi J, transfer. 

A^-s!gn-B-fale, a. that may be tiansfetred. 
As-aig-na'-tion, n. an appointment. 
As-aign-ed," p. given, appointed, transfcmjd. 
Assignee', n. one to whom aomething ia ■«• 

As-slgn-er, } n. one who makes a Iransler lu 
As-aign-ot', i another. 
As-sign-meijt, n. appointment, a making over 
As-sim-i-late, v.t. or f. to make or grow liko 
Aa-aim'-i-Ia-^, p. made like or almitar. 
Aa-e'm'-i-la-ting,ppr. bringing to a likcnts*. 
Aa-aim-i-hi'-tion, n. the act ofmnking similar, ol 

of convening into a hke substance. 
As-sisl', V. t, to help, anccor, relieve, aid. 
Aa-aist'-ance, n. help, o'd, succor, relief, support 
Aa-aijt'-ant, n. one who assists ; a. helping. 
As-aial'-ed, p. aided, hel]ieil, succored. 
As-sist'-ing, ppr. aiding, affoniing lialp. 

As-Blm, B. an unler filing the weight and ^riee 

of breuci, &c. won of jU3lic«,jiiry. 
An-Hlze, V. (. lo III meaaureg or nua, scule. 
As-tl-ied,* }i. regulated in weight or in«iaui«. 
As-sl-zer, n. one who llieg weighu and mea. 

As-Bi-ling, ppr. filing the weight or measure. 
As-so'-cia-ble, a. that may he Jaioed, thai may 

be affected by sympathy. 
As-go'-ciale, v. t. ur i. to join in company. 

As^so'-ciate, n. a companion, partner, partaker. 
Aa-Bo'-cui-ied^ p. tuiiled in company or interest^ 
As«i'-cia.-iinB, ppr. uniting in company or inte- 
rest, [nrdergymen. 
Aa-Khci-a'-tion, n. union, oonfederacy, * society'-Iinn-al,'!. DcnainingioinasHociBIion. 

A»<on'.«d, p. separated into aorta. 
Aa-son'-iug, ppr. iiairihuiing into eorts. 
As.8orl'-inoiil, n. diatribuikm into sorn, varii 
. Aa-8uage, iJ.(, to soften, eaae, nhHte.leBirin 
Aa-auag-ed,'ji. soRened, checkeil, abated. 
AH-auag-ing, ppr, eosUig, abating, allaying. 
AB-suBge-mant, r. abalemeni, mili^tinn. 
As-Auftg-er, n. he^oT that which mitigatee- 
As-aua'.aive, a. mitigatinff, softening, easing/ 
As'-sue-tude, n. custonit habitual use. 

certain knowledge, cetcointy, 
loss, ^ilivo dccianiLion. 

Togaiing, a. haughty, 

> f granted, 
undertating, ttking for 

_..iB secure or confident, 
reiinded, cettain, insureil. 
certainly, without doubt 

kj'-tar ink, n. the mark (*) in pi 

A«'-(fir-i*rn, a. a «)BstelUiion of fined staia. 
A-etem', adv. in the hinder pan of a ship. 
As'-ler^iid, n, a name of certain pbneu nowly 

AstA-ioa, n. [osl'na,] a difiloidly of breadan;. 
AatA-mat'-ie, u. troubled with .an asthn;a. 

As-ton'-ish-ed,* ji. amazed, dumb with surprin 
Aa-ton'-iah-ing, ppr. ei.iiting BBUnishment, o 

very uoad^ut, ads[]ted lo ostotish. 
As-lon'-ish-ing-ly, odu. in on ar 

le dumb 1 

A-atrod'^Ue, adv. with legs ai 

As'-tra-gal, n. a little round molding on a cd- 

As'-tial, a. belonging to the stars, starry. 
Astray, adu. out of, or from the right way, wronc. 
A'atriet't V-t. to contract byappl[C8lion,lobinu. 
Aa-tric'-tion, n. the act of contracting parts. 


IMS, With legs open la un a horsi 

B-lring'c, II. (. t 

draw together, bind, brace. 


n. the power of contracting. 

Is-tring'-eni, o. 

linding, contracting, bracing 

Is.tring'.Bnt. n. 

a medicine which, used inte 



n. a description of the stars. 

aspects of the 


iB-troE'^i-gy, n. 

the practice or acienee of pn 

dieting event! 

by the aspects or situation 

pertaining lo astrology. 

■■trD-noni' a, belonjiim: to aatronomv. 

-ly,od».in ttemannerofa. 

As-iron'-o-my, n. the science of the heaveijj 

As-tute, Q, efirewd, discerning, sa^e-eyed. 

A-sun'-der, udv. apart, BeparaIely,into two puti 

A^y'-lum, n. a refuge, sancluBjy. 

A-ayia'-me-tiy, n. want of propcrtion, 

At, prep, in, by, near by.'towBrda. 

Ai'.a.bal, n, a kettle drum, a labor. 

Ata, p. of EaL 

Atli^-na'-suui, a. the AthiuiM>*n creed ■ OO 


ATT 39 


, dteve, foil, O.0, ™ 

fhaiae, gem, ai,(hu 

, Ihou. 

L of Chrutisn Ikkh by Athaiiasi . 
Biflbop of AleiondTia. 
A^-tliiB-iKm, n. a diabelief of ihe being of a God, 
A'-tbe-ist, n. one wlio deniss s Godi on infidel. 
A'-dw-Mt, a. diibeliiiving the being of a God. 

-A^^S^'4el«l, \ "■ ^™r"« » **>*■ irapknu, 
A-tbe-iat'-i(>Hl-lr, adiD. in ui athcinica] maimer. 
A-tba'-ni-an, o. penaining U> Atheni in Gieeca. 
A-lliiiit, a. ihinlj, having a keen dnJre. 
' '' ' '' ~ ' dunging 10 wrcMling, fllfr>ng. 


Ai;-lZ n. a c 

ia. paruining Ut Allaa, oi 
oUeclion of mapi, joinl^ noh 
,n. theiarroundingBiranil VI 


iTiaibla psriicle of 
btoras [matter. 

faction, of -be squivslent. 
A-tD<.ned,* p. of Atone. [liation. 

A-tAne-Btent, n. latiiiaction, expiation, reconci- 
A-ty-ning, ppr. eipiatinj!, making reliafartion. 
A-[pp', aav. Bl or on Ibe lop, ahovo, 
A^tB-bil-H'-^i-olu, a. aSecIed with melaiKholf . 
Ai^ra-mem'-o], a. black like ink, ink;. 
A-uo'-cioua, a. eitreroely hainooa, very wicked. 
A-tro'-cioiiR'ly, ode. outrBgeoOBly, enonoouaty. 
A-tro'-ciaiit-neai, } n. oitreme hainouxDeas, 
A-troc'-i-ty, ( enormily, as of guilt. 

Af-iu-phy. II. a wgcting of ihe deab wilhonl 

At-taeh'j take tho body by legal procew 

in a civil soiL [menu 

Al-lach'4-ble, a, thai may be taken by attar^- 

At-lBch'-ed,* p. taken by writ, or \e^ pntcept. 

At-lock', <e.t. to aannli, tall upon, invade. 
Ai-tack', n. an aaiiauJt, onaet, charge, bnint 
AI-lack'-«l,*ii.Daiiau]ted, set upon, ehugfd 

At-tack'-ing, ppr, anailing, aasaulting. 
Anain, tJ. I. lo come to, or reach by eflbru. 
At-t*in-a-ble, n. that may be attained. 
At-i&in-a-ble-ne«, n. the being attainable. 
At-tain-der, n. the act of atlainting in law. 
At-tiio-ed,* p. reached, accomptidhed. 
AMiin-ing, ppr, reaching, coming to. 

At-laint,i!.(, to corrupt the blood of a traitor 

Anflint, n. aatain, tpoi, reproach, hurt. 
At-lSinted, p. stained, corropled. 
At-liinl-ing, ppr. corrupting the heritable blood. 
At-tem'-per, v. t, lo rednce or qualify by mil- 
tun', Viflen, lit, regulate. 
Al-tem'-per-ed,* p. qualified by miitnre, suited, 
Al-lem'-per-ing, ppr. mudifying ^ miilore. 
Ai-lempt', n. a Irisl, endeavor, offort, attack.^ 
Ai-lempt', o. i. to try, endeavor, eraay, attack. 
At-iempi'-a-ble, n. that may be attempted 
At-tempt'-Bd,p. tried, cssgyed, attacked. 
At-terapt'-ing, ppr. endeavoring, trying. 
Al-tend', c. f. or i. lo w^it, iiaien, accompany. 
At-tend'-ance, n. the act of waiting, duty, a train 
At-tend'-ant, a, accompanying. 
At-lend'-ant, n. one thai alienda, or vniils on. 
At-lend'4d, p, wailed on, accompauied. 
Aviend'-ing, jjpr. accompanying, wailing on. 
Allien '.lion, q. act of attending, act of civility. 

Al-teni'-ive, a. heedful, regardful, intent, 
Al-tent'-ive-ly, ndv. carefwlv, diligenlly, closely 
At-tent'-ive-ntas, n, attention, careiiilness. 

At-ten'-u-ant, rt. that which makealcss viKOid. 
At-len'-u-aie, v. t. to thin, make IfM viscid. 
Al-ten'-u-a-led,p. rendered less viscid. 
Al-ten'-u-a-ting, /tpr. making thin,orle9f viacid 
Al-len-U'a'-tion, n. amakingthinor slender. 
At'-t«-ra[e, c, I, lo wear sway. 
At-Ie-ta'-lion, n. a wearing away. 

At-tesl-a'-tion, n. testimony, ailicial testtmony. 
Ai-teBt'-ed,p. witnessed, oroved, supported. 
Al-teat'-ing, ppr. witnessing, affirming. 
At-test'-or, n. one who atlMla. 
At'-tlc, n perlaining lo Attica in Graeca. , 


Bar, fall, what, prey, ma^iue 

le upper story. 

peculiar stylo or idiom of ihe 
Greek looguage, elegant Greek. 
Af-liM:iie, v. I. to conlnrm to tlie Greek idiom. 
Al-Ure, dreaa, habit, array, deck, set uC 
Al-lire, n. clolhes, apparel, horns of ' buck. 
At-U-red,' p. dresBed, arrayed, adorned. 
4l-lI-riiiB,pp''. dressing, arraying, ndoming. 
At'-ti-tuile, n. a - "— ' —" 

e, geaiuie, u 

&l-ldr-uey, n. pla. aUorneu; he who ncls lor 
At-tSr-ney-ship, n. tlie office of analtoifiey 
At-iraet', B. (. to allure, inviie, Jrsw, engagi 
At-traet'-tt-ble, a. thai may be atlracied. 
Al-lraet'-ed,^. drawn to, allured, invited. 
At-Iiaet'-ing, m>r. drawing, alluring, a. engag 
adapted to allure. 

Ai.lnict'-ive.n. what draws, enga 
Ac^iaet-ive-ness, n. the quaUty w 

.iri-bula, n. e prnperly, inherent quality, 
trib'-u-led, p. ascribed, imputed. 
Irib'-ii-ting, ppr. ascribing, imputing. 

Al-trito, a. worn by rubbing, or friction. 

At-lri''-lion, n. the act of mbbtng.socrowfor 

Al4une, D. t. lo put in tune, to moke musict 

AI4fi'-ned,* ji. put iu tune, made musicHl. 

AMfl'-ning, pp-. making muHicalorharmoni 
_ Au'-bum, a. btown, of a tan or dark color. 
~ Ane'-lion, n. a public sale to tho highest bid 

Anr>lion-eer, n. the manBgeraf an auction. 

Ali-da'-ciouB, a. daring, coi 

Au-da'-ciouB-ly, ade, boldl 

II, impudence 

Aud'-it, n. on eiaminatio 

Aud'-i^".T.'to eiamine an 
persona autiioriud. 

r, n. an assembly of hearera ; a. abla 
I, n, a woman that hears. [lo bear, 
a carpenter's tool to bore holes with. 

■mg, ppr. mcreasing m sue. 
a diviner by the flight of bird*, 
i. or t. to judge by augury, 
i-gur-a'-liun, n. the act or practice of augnnr 
au'-gur-ed,* p. foteleUing by birds. 
Au-gu'-ti-al, a. of or relating to augury. 
Au'-gur-ous, a. forebuding, portending by eigna 
Au'-gur-y, n. an omen, a divinoiion by birda. 
Au'-guBt, n. the eifihtb month of the year. 
Au-gusi', a. grand, impressing vi 


s, n. digmty, miU(4ty, grandeu 

Xunt, n. 

a of 

line particles Hewing from a body. 
Au-ril-ia, n. the nymph or chrysalis of an iruect, 

in form of a maggot. 
Au'-ri-cte, B. theeilemaleat.a part of the heart. 
Au-rie'-n-la, n, a beautiful kind ol rose. 
Au-rie'^i-tar, a. of or spoken in Ihe ear. private 
Au-rie'-u-tale.d. shaped like an ear. 
Au-rif '-er-ous, 1. bearing or producing gold. 
Au'-risI, n. one skilled in disorders of the ear. 
Au-ro'-ra, n. the dawning light, the morning. 
Au-ro'-ra-bo-ro^Mis, n. the northern light*. 
Aos-cul-ta'-tion, n. the act of lisniing. 
Aus' torender auipiciouB. 
Aua|-pice, J „ ^^ 

bool;, da™, fiiU, «.e, «n. 


loiis, 0. pro 

peroua, lucky, favorable. ■ 


0U8-ly, ad 

. a alala of favorable pro- 


a. Mvere, rigid, hareh, rough, alem. 



Aus^re-nera. ) n. 

everily, alriotnesa, rough- 


ty, i n 



ding Co tho south, southern. 


'■lis, n. 00 

untnes lying souUi of Asia. 




1. with marks of credibility. 





to establish by proof. 



established by proof. 


ic-a-Eing, ppi-. making cenaih by proof. 

Ao'-ihor-esB, n. a lemale author, or writer. 
Au-ihor'-i-ia^iTe, a. having authority, poaitive. 
Au-Aor'-i-td'tive-ly, adv. with HUthonty, poal- 

Au-Aor'-i-ly , n. 1<^ power, warrant, icstimnny, 

rule, prec^ent, influence derived from oflicfl 

or character, credit, credibility ; in Coo. the 

magiBtrttcy or Body of juaticeit. 
Au-thor-i-za'-tion, n. establiehment by airthorjty. 

I authori 


AU'thor-l-ud,*p. wamnted by authority. 
Au'-thor-l-iing, ppr. giving legal power lo. 
Au'-thor-ship, n. the stale of being an auihoi 
An-to-bi-og'-ra-phy, n. ihe writing of one's o 

Au'-to-crat, n. s 

le independent power. 


An'-to-graph, n. 


Au-to-msl'-ie, o. belon^g lo an automaton, 

depending on the will. 
Aa-tom'-H-lon. n. a self-moving machine, or 

moved by invisibla springs. 

1. having power of self-mot 


ion of the ] 

jhaisB, gem, as, thin, thou. 

Aui-il'-i-a-ry, n. a helping verb. [natioa. 

Aui-il'-i-B-nes, n. pi. troops aasialing anolhei 
A-vflil, B. (. or i. lo profit, aaaiat, promote. 
A-v5il, n.advantBge, profit, use, effect. [jecL 
A-v4il-a-ble, o. profitable, able to effect the oh- 
A-vHil-a-ble-neffl, n. the power of promoting. 
A-vGil-a-bly, adv. with suc«iss or effect 
A-vsUe, n. proceeds of propertyaold. 
Av'-a-riee, n, eicedaive love of^money. 
Av-a-ri"-cious, a. cuvetoua, greedy after wealth 
Av-a-ri"*iou»-ly, ode. covetously, greedily. 
Av-a-ri"-ciou«-nesB, b. undue love of money. 
A-vSit, ex. cease, bold, slop. 
A-vaunt'. ex. get away, begone. ' 

Ave-Mo'-ry, n. e prayor to the Virgin Mary. 
A-veng'e, «. (. to take just aatis&ction, vindi- 

cate, defend, punish. 
A-veng'-ed," jf. vindicated, having received aa- 


A-veng'-ing, jJjw. taking just aati«facti_.., 

Av'-e-nue, n. an entrance to any place, way. 
A-ver', V.L to declare positively, affirm, assert 
Av'*r-age, n. a mean proportion, a mciiium. 
AV-er-age, a. relating to a mean or medium. 
Av'-or-^e, o. L or i. to reduce to n mean. 
Av-er.^-ed,*p. redueed to a meanormediom. 
Av-er-sg-ing, /^f. red'icing to a mean. 
A-ver'-ment, n. positive airitraation, oHet lo 

A-ver'-red,* p. asserted positively, srouched. 
A-ver'-rin^, ppr. affirnuDg, atsenii^g, ofiering Ui 
Av-et-aa'.tion, n. hatred, abhorrence, jjnsttfy. 
A-vers'e, a. contrary, hatina, disinclined 
A-vera'e-ly, adv. unwilhngly, backwardlT- 
A-ven'e-ueu, n. unwitlin^eea, backwaidnfM. 
A-vei'-sion, n. hatred, dislike, disapprobation. 
A-verf, D. t. to turn aside or away, to keep off 
A-vert'-ed, p. turned away. 

A-vert'-ing,Hw. tumingaHay. 

r, fflll. Ml 

'■ PVT' " 

A^vaid'-a-ble, a. ibai may be avaidod. 
A-Toid'-nnie, n. the «cl of svoiding. 
A-Toi'l'-ed, p. ahUDDod, escaped, left. 
Avoid'-er, n. one who avoids, oiie who Bhmu. 
A-T9id'-ini, ppr. Bhunning, eicaping. 
A-vuir-dn-poii', n. a weight of emeen onncea lo 

the pound. 
Av'-p-set, n. s water Ibwl of. the Erallic orier. 
A-vouch', V, t. to vouch, affirm, aasen, jiutify. 
A-vouch'-ed,* }). affinned, msiniained. 
A-vouch'-ei, n. one who avouches, or affirms. 
A-vauch'-ing,pp-. Rffirmine,ca)lingin lo defend. 
A-vow*, c. (. lo justily, own, acknowledge. 
A-vow'-a-ble, a. that is capable of being juatiSed. 
A'VOw^-al, a. a jufltrfylng, frank declaraljon- 
A-vow'-ed," p, owned, acknowledged. 
A-¥ow'-ed-ly,aJii.inan avowed manner, openly. 
A-vow'-ing, Dpr. owning, acknowledging. 
A-vulV-ed,' a. plncked off. 
A'vol'-sion, n. a pulling one fiaia another. 
A-wldt,v. <. to watcfor, be in^eure for. 
A-wfiit-ing, 7^. waiting Ibr, being in slore for. 
A-w&ke, a. not steepmg, tively, heedful. 
A-wIike, V. t. or i. prel. aw^ced or awoke, to 

cease to sleep, to rise frojn the dead. 
A-wsk-«n, K. (. lo awake, to put in action. 
A-wak-en.Bd.* ppr, roused from sleep. 
A-wflk-en-ing, ppr. rausing from sleep. 
A-w&k-en-iiig, n. a rousing ihim sleep, or from 

A-wgrd-ed, p. ac^udied, assigned bysonlencB. 
A-WRrd-er. n. one wno assi'tts, oi judges. 
A-WRid-iag, ppr. aaaigning bf judgment. 
A-v%re, a. laree«eing, apprised belote, 
A-wiiy, adv. at a distance, begone, let -is go. 
Awe, n. fear mingled with reverence, dread. 

lo strike with ai 

or fear. 

Aw'-ful-ly, , 
Aw'-l'ul-DeBii,n. the ciualily of sinking wiUi awe 
A-while, adv. for some space of time. 
Awk'-woid, fl. nlumBV, unhandy, ungraceful. 
A«rk'-wartl-ly, odo. cliimsily, ungtacefully. 
Awk'-wud-oou, n. dumsinees, ungtacefulnesi 

Awn, n. the beaid of com or grais. 
Awn'-ing, n, a covering from Uie sua. 
Awn'-less, a. withoul awn. [aaiilo. 

Aw-ry', a. or adv. asnuinl, uneveoly, iioeveak 
Ai'-i^lenn. c having llie shape of an ai.- 
Ai'-il-la-ry, a. belonging [o ibe olmpit, or mil. 
Al'-i-om, 1. a self^videnl proposition or truth. 
Ai'-is, B. the line on which any Ibii^ revolvea. 
Ai'-le, ] n.aehailonwhichcairiage wheela 
Ai'-le-tree, \ mm. 
Ay, or Aye, adv. yes, used to aflirm or usBat. 

le ligM-blue color, Ibe sky. 

BAA, V. I. [M.] to CI 
Ba'al, n. Ihe name 

of a Conaanitish idul 

1. 1, to talk idly, li 
b'-ble'meni, [ a. idle Calk, w 

Ba'-blah, a. childish, foolish, pettish. 
Ba'-biBb-ly, oilii. like a bsbe, childishly. 
Bah-oon', n. a large spwiies of monkey 
Ba'-by, n. a child, infant, girl's doll, little image 
Ba'-by-hood, n, the state of beii« a baby. 

Bab-y-!on'-ic, a 



pertaining to BabyloQ, mtx- 
ed, confused. 

jde at Babylon, disorderly, 
n. the degree oif bachelor of 

book, dSvi, full, QH, can, chaue. gnn, u, ihin, Ihnii 

Bae-ciV-o-roiu, a. lubflutiiig on bemes- 

Bof h'-e-lor, n. a man who hu not been c 
one »ho takes bis first degree in an; pcolo- 
sion, a tow knigbl' 

ttucb'-frlor-sbip, n. tbe slaw of a bai^helor. 

Back, n. the hmdor part, rear, tbick part^ 

Bai-b, ad-o. backward, behind, on things past. 

Back, r. 1. to mount, ierond, juppon, pui back. 

Bai-k'-bite, i^ r. p. backbit ; jJp. backbit, backbit- 
ten ; j), to alander an absent penton, 

Back'-bi-ter, n. one who slaoders Becretly. 

Back'-bi-tiiig, jipr. slandering uiie wlien abaenl. 

Back'-bi-ting, H. reproBcb cast 

Back'-boDe, n. the ix 

LD the 1 

Back'-dGor, n. a door placed behind a bouse. 
Back'-«d,* p. moonlad, eupponed, moved back, 
Back-gam'-mon, n. game with dice and tables. 
■ Back'-giound, n. ground in tl« rear, obacurity. 
Badi'-hand-ed, a. with the hand ttuncd back. 
Back'-bouae, n. arbuilding bahind 
B*ck'-ing, ;>pr. mountingonihe bB< 
Bai^'-nxiir. n. a num behind another. 
Bsck-sld^ n. the hinder part of any thing. 
Backslide v. i. p. backslid ; pp. backslidden ; 

Id &1I on, depan froin, spostabze. 
B*ck-st|.der, n. one who falls off or goea back. 
BKh.sli-ding.ppr. blUng from Eiith profeBsed. 
Back-aU-ding, n . n Uling back, oS, or away. 

Back'-ew6nl, 71. a eword with one edge. 

anwilliiig, dull, duw, sluggish. 

Back'-naid.iieBa, n. s want of Aill, duggiahneaa. 
Ba'-con, n. [bsknl hog's flesh cored with salt 

Bed, a. ill, nek. wicked, hunlol, inqierfect 
Badge, n. a muk of dietinciion. 
Badg'-«r, n. a quadruped of the size of a hoc. 
Buf-nesi, n.abad state, wantof good qualilies. 
. Btf '-tag, n. India cloth or pluin mushn 
Btf '-fle, V. t. Is elude, confound, defeat. 
Baf '-fled,* p. eluded, fmrnraied, confounded. 
Baf'-llet, n. one who eonfoundu, or defeats, 
Btf'-ding, ppr. eluding, deEeatiDg; a. ebifUng 

Bag, n. 

Bag-a-talle, n. [bag-a- 

• bag, awell, polT n|t. 

Bag'-gage, n. a tvonhka wnniin, uleniQa afar 

aniiy, clothing, Slc. cenieil on a journey or 

Bag'-ged,* p. Bw^eJ, put in ■ bag. |iojiga 

Bag'-gingippr, caOsing to awell, putting in a bag 

on pving u 
lail,D. I. lo giie ball 
bail, releaae upon bail, 

Bail-a-ble, a. that may 
Bail-bond,n. sbond gi' 

Boil-er, { n. one wbo delivers gooda 
B&il«r,i - ■' - 



bailed, admitting ball 

» deUve: 

... . icer, one appointed la 

eiecule process, &c. 

Buil-i-wick, n. the jurisdii-lion of a batlif. 

BBil-ment, n. a dcliTery of goods in irtut. 

Bflil-piece, r. a slip of paper or parchment con- 
taining a recogtuzance of bail. 

Bairn or iwrn, n. a child. 

Bsii,E. (. or i. 10 put onabaitigive or take Pa- 
freshment, act dogs upon, flutter. 

Bait, n. a terojitatkin, refreshment. 

place for bt 

^ke-house, n. a place for baking. 

Ba'-ker, B. a person thai bakes-for a livelihood. 

Ba'-ker-y, n. trade of a baker, place for baking 

Ba-king, ppr. hardening in h^at. 

Ba'-king, n, the quantity baked atones, 

Bal'-ance, n. a pair of scales, part of a watch. 

Bar, Tnll, what, pi^y. mnc'inc, pin, bird, n 

JMUsl, made evar.. 
Bsl'-anc-er, n. one who uses a hsiance, member 

uf an insect used in holanoing, 
Bul'-Dnc-ing, }ipr. making of e<|U[il weight, < 

Bal^co-ny.n.agBllerTonlhenuUideora he 
B{|1il. a. without hair on the lop and hack port 
-■" ■'le heml, bare, plain, --' 

.. . . _ ...loVhL 

Bnld-[iate, n. s [lale without hair. 

Bnld-rick, n. a girdle, the zodiac. 

Bnle, n. a pock of goudi, misery, r^ 

Bale,". ' ■ 



Ba-l»'ller, ._ 

Ba-lYze, n. a sea mark, a pule raised uii aliulk. 

B^ilk, «. [bank] a rafber, beeia, ridge, disap- 

Bnlk, v. ( [bauki lo disappoint, mis« of, 

B^lk-ed.'p fruGirated, plowed in ridges. 

Ilj^k'ing, ppr. disappointing, plo'^ving in 


■ing, ppr. disappouitmE 
n. any round thiiiff, a i 

a ball. 

Bai'-lad, n. a song, a trifling eong. 
Bal'^-er, n. a person who sings balladi. 
Bal'.last, n. weieht used in steady a ship. 
Bul'.laat, e, (. toluad with hallasi, 10 keep steady 
Bal'-laat-edip. furnished with ballast, [sailing. 
Bal'-last-in^, ppr. furnishing with baHast. 
Bal'-leE, u. a comic dance, a kind of drsmatie 

Bs Mis'- tie, a. pertaining to the bolisla, an en- 

Stne lor throwing stonei. 
-loon', n. a spherical hollow body,B boll, a 
hollow vessel to be filled with gas. 
Bal'-lol, n. a Uule baU, little liohet. 
Bal'-Iol, ti. i. w choose or vote by ballot. 
Bal'-lol-boi. n. a boi for receiving boUoU. 
ig by ballot. 


U, Ibot which beela. 

uaun-y, a. j oai 

Bal'.ne-B-ry, n. a bailiing-room, bath, bagnio. 
Bal-ne-a'-tjon, n. a boihing, the act of bathing, 
Bal-aam, n. an oily, iirDraatic aubeianofi flowing 

from trees, that which gives ease. 
Bol-sam'-ie, a. healing, mitigating, unctaous, aaH. 
Bal-sam'.ie, II. healing Bot\enmg*lneilicine. 
Bal'-tie, n. a sea between Sweden and Jutlani], 
llal'-us-ter, n. a rail, a small pillar or column. 
Dal'-us-Ecade, n. a row or set of little pillam. 
Bam-boo^ n. a plant of the reed kind in India. 

Band, B. bandage, I , 

Band, t>. Mo tie or join together, conspire. 
Baod'-age, n. aomeUiine bound over, a fillet. 
BanH]jn'.a, n. a kind oif sith handkerchief. 
Band'-bui, n. ■ slicht or thin kind of boi. 
Band'-ed, p. bound or united in a bsnd, 
Band'-ing, ppr. imiting in a band. 
Ban'-dU, n. pi. bandits, banditti, oullawi, rob- 

Ban-do.|e«r», w, a lelhem belt thrown over th« 

right shoulder. 
Ban'-dore, «. a kind of lute. 
Band'-rul, n. a little Rag or atwamer, 
Ban'-dy, n, a club for striking a ball. 
Ban'-dy, o. (. or i. lo beat or toss about, dehalo 
Ban'-dy-leg-ged,* a. having crooked iega. 
Bane, n- mischief, ruin^^ison. 
Bane-Ful, a, hiirtful, deslructivs, poisonous 
Bane-fiil-ly, ado. perniciously. 
Bane-fVil-ness, n.adestruciivenamreorqiMlity. 
Bang, V. t. to beat, thump, treat roughly. 
Baog, n. a blow, thump, knock, stroke, rap. 

Ban'-ish-flF, n. one who banishes or drives awv^ 
Ban'.ish-in^. ppr. compelling lu quit one's coun- 

Ban'-ish.ment, n. an cipnUon fian one't owa 



8, full, me, a 

eonnoy by suthorily, eiile, ■ volonluy aban. 

donnieDl of one'i country. 
Bank, n. ■ ridge of ear^ nde of a Bucnin, 

bench of rowem, a joint fimd for dbcounting 

not«* ftud iwining btlls, s banking corapan/, 

or tbeir ediUcq. 
Bank, V. (, to raise ■ mound, inclon iTith a bank. 
Bank'-a-ble, a. that ma]' be diicouated or re- 

Bi gem, SI, thin, fhou. 

banlting tompany, payabli 

Bank'-ing, ppr. 
Eank'-ing, r ■' 

ig or fortifying willi a 
M of a hanker. 

wtim due, atopB buiineoi, or doei any 

art to ilefraud credL_.i. 
Bank'-nipt, a. bn^e for debt, unable 
Rank'-mpl, v. t. lo render unable (o [ 
, Bank'-nipt-cy, n. a ftilure in tiade. 
Bonk'-rupe-ed, p. rendetBd insolTsnl. 
Bank'-rupt-ing, ppr 
Donk'-aiocb, n.iluir 

a banking capital. 

iian--ner-ea,- a. forninhed with a tanner, [tie. 

Ban'-tier-et, n. a knight made in the field of bsl- 

Itan'-nock, n. a cake of oat-meal or peaa-meal. 

Ban'-quet, n. a feant, grand ealertainment. 

Ban'-quet.ti. t. to give a feeal, lo fare well. [fare. 

Ban'..qDet-ing, ppr, feaatin^, perlaking of rich 

)lan'-l]ue^ing, n. a feaat, nch enteitainment. 

Ban'-Ier, v. t- to run upon, rally, ridicule. 

Ban'-ler, n. rallery, alight satire, joke. 

Ban'-ter-ed,* p. laughed at in good humor. 

Dan'-ler-or, n, one who ridicaleg or ralliea. 

Baii'-ler-ing, ppr. jcddng, Itfu^ing at in plea- 

Bant '-ling, b. a venr 

Bap--' - 

■"""■ 1 oMuunce Dy w.uvii o imini 

•iiicu luto Christ's viaible church. 

Bap-lia'-mal, a. pettaining to bapt' 

Bap'-tiat, fl. one who holdi to bapt 

" ■ ' 'irba^Bfai 

ap'-dim, n. the application of water lo 
body, an ordinance by which a peraon in 
tialfld into Christ's vuihin rhiirr-!h. 

Bip'-tMt«4y, fl. a [Jace for bif 


baptism to, I 
Bap-ti-Eed,* p. 
Bap-li-zer, n. c 
Bap-tl-sing, ppr. chriBtening. 
BKr, n. a bolt, atop, croei beam for aecDtily, in- 

clMure in an inn or court room, diviiion in 

music, tiank of sand in a river, body of ^w 

yeruj an exception in pleading. 
B&r,v. l. to faflten, secure, hinder, shut ouL 
BHrb, n. a Barbaiy horae, arrow, point, beard 
fiHrb-a-can, n. an outward fortihcaliou. 

Bar-ba'-ri-an, a. savage, cruel, w^d,unciviliied, 
^r-bar'-ic, a. foreign, outlandish, rude- 
Bir-ba-ri«m, n. savageneas, ignorance, impro- 
priety of apeecb, an onciviliied state. 
Biir-bBt'-i-ty, n. a savage state, cruelty. 
Bar-ba-iize, c. t. lo make or render barbaroua 
BHr-ba-roua, a. cmel, rude, Uncivilized, 
BKr-ha-roua-ly, adu. cruelly, inhumonly, 
Bdr-ba-rons-ness, n. cruelty, barbariam. 
Biir-bale, a. bearded, gaping, ringent. 
B^-be-«ue, n, a bog, kc. roaslM whole. 
B^r'-be-cue, v, t. to dms and roast a hog whole. 
B^rb^,* a. jagged v^th hooks, bearded. 
Biirb-el, n. Ihename of a targe coarse fish 
Barb-er, n. one that shaves beards. 
Bfir-bef-ry, n. a prickly shrub and its berry. 

"'"-' n.epoet,a ■-—^-■--^ 

a. naked, p 

Ituo, sirnple. 

,^, Bl 

BSr-eil,* p. made bare, stripped of coveiing. 
B&re-ia-ceil,* a. with the face uncovered, sniunB, 
Bsre-la-ced-Iy, odv. shemefolly, openly. 0eaa. 

Bue-foU^o. without shoes or stockings. 
Bsre-h'eSd-ed, o. with the head uncovered. 
Bliro-leg-god,* a. having the legs uncovered. 

""- '- ' '- -ily, nakedly, openly. 

_ , 1, leatuieis, pover^. 

Biir-gain, n. a contract, agreement. 
Bar-gain, o. 1. to nuike a contract, agree. 
Bar-gaio-od,'" p. covenanted, agreed, stipulated 

■ thing to 

Bar, IgU, wh|I, prey, maitoe, pin, blKJ, mSwe, 

^^'Eaia-CT, n. one who aella or agrees to Bell. 
Biirge, n. a row-boat fur landing or pleasure. < 
Barge-msn, n. one who manages a barge. 
Biirg'e'miia-ter, n. the owiwr of a barge. 
Ba-rii'-la, n. a plant which fiirniahai an alkal 

BSrk, B. the rind of a tree, a' small ship. 
Biirit, D. r. Id inahe a twise. clamor, stri[i trees. 
Biirli, } n. a ship with three masts wilbuut e 
B^irqoe. i miizen lopmasl. 
Biirk-bound, a. having the bi 

Bar-ley, „ 

B^-leyrom, n. a grain of barley, the third pen 

of an inch. 
B^rm, n. ye^It, scum of malt-liquor. 
Biirm-y, a. conlaioing or like barm, frothy 
Bam, n. a slorehguse for com, hay, slabling. 
Bam-a-ele, n.B shell often found on the bottom 

of ships, a species of goose. 
"■ m horses' noses, spectacles. 

■bow the 

Ba-rom'-e-ler, « 

wtHght of the atmosphere. 
Bar-a-mel'-rie-a], a. relating to a barometer. 

Bar'-on-eas, n. a baron's lady, or wife. 
Bai'-on-ai, n. hniehtof the first JegreS. 
Bar-o'-ni-al, a, belonging to a barony. 
Bai'-o-ny, n. lordship of o baron. 
Bar'-mck, n. a buiidmg to lodge soldiers in. 
Bai'-ra-lor, n, one who excites hiw suiii, the mas- 
ter of a ship who commits iraud. 
Bai'-ra-lry, b. foul practice in law, any Mud of 

&lr-re^ p. fai 

Bar'-ral, n. a ci 

Ions more or leas, a tube, a cylmder. 
Ber'-rel, o. t. to pui in a barrel, to pack as meat. 
Bar^-rel-ed,* p. put or pacbed in a barrel. 
Bir'-rel-ing, ppr. putting in abarrel. 
Bai'-Kin, a. umhiitful, icaoty, dull, luuneaiiiDg. 

Bu'-ren-ly, adv. unfruiifully, unprolilably, dullj 
Bar'-ran-nesf, n,unfruilfulnes«,aivantofraatter. 
Bar.ri-eade, n. an obslmction, bar, impedimsnt, 

Bar-ri-ciiile, v. i. to fasten, fortify, secure.'.ded, p. lonified by a barricade. 
Bar-ri-ea'-ding, ppr- defending by a barricade. 
Bor'-ri-er, n. a boundary, limit, defense. 
Bftr-ring, ppr. fastening with bam, hiiidcrin^. 

n.a hand <^arriaRe,.a 



Biir-ier, ( 

n. one who trades by 

g,Rpr. iradrngbyeich 
«, a. denoting a grave 


Bar'-y-lone, n. a male vi>ice or deep sound j a 
tiieek verb on which the grave accent ia uiv- 
deislffod. [in a columnar form 

Ba-salt, n. a dark or grayish black mineral often 

Ba-salt-ie, a. pertaining to basalt, 

Baw, n. ihe bollom, tuundaiiuii, pedestal, aiip. 
port, the giBvesI pact in music. 

Base, a. mean, vile, worthless, cowsixjiy, luw. 

Base, V. I. to found, to set or lay, to embase. 

Base-born, a. bom out of wedlock, bastard 

.. witbou 

irably, vi 


a Turkish viceroy. ' 

h'-rul,a. wanting confidence, modesL 
h'-ful-ly, adv. timoroiuily, modestly. 
■ ■ ■■ ■ .« ™~)=,iy^ iiiffi,! 

tanned skin of a sheep. 
Bas'-il-ed,* p. ground to an edge wiih an mn^^ 

book, dOve, fiill, lue, eon, cbaiK. gem, at, thin, Iboo. 

Baak, V. i- to lie eiposed lu the heat, to uana, 
Biisk-edj'p. exposed to wannlh- 
Biisk-ing. ppr. eiposing oae'n aek to genial hea 
B^, n. ■ ish, a specif of Uee, 
Rae'-aet, n. a game at carda. 

Baa-lard, n. a spuriuuii child or ihii 

Bua-tard-iie,ii.E. to delermine one a bastard. 

Kg-lard-i-zed,* p. proved to tie a baniBnl. 

BaB-Iard-7, n. n spurioiu or unlawful birth. 

Baste, v. t. lu beat, new st^hlly, drip balWr. 

Daat-pd.ji. beat, moistenod ivith fat, sewed. 

Boa'-Iile, n. an old castle in Pass, used as a pr 
son, now demolished. 

Ba£'tin-Ede, v. I. to beat the Teet, cudgel. 

Bas-tin-ade, n. a beating, n cudgeling. 

Buai-ing, }7>r, beating, moistening nith drip- 
ping, eewine with long stitches. 

USst-ing, n. a bearing, a moistening with fat. 

Bas'-tjan, n. (baschQii.lamaBBofearth slandinj' 
uul from • rampart. 

Bat, n, a alick used at cricket, an anhnal. 

Bale, V. t. or irta take tees, abate, sink, cat ol 

Bo-leau, n, [batlo'J a tang tight boat, broad 

Bath, n. a place H> bathe in, a mi<agure. 

Balhe, V. I. to wash in water, soak, sullen. 

Bll(h4a,*;<. washed, bedewed. 

Ralh-er, n. one that immerses himself in wab 

Bilh-ing, pm. washing bj iramersion, fomei 

P*(h-ing-lub, ?i. a veasel for bathing. [in 

Bfti-ing, ppr. abating, deducting. 

Bal'-let, 71, ui inBlrumeul to beat liiton with. 

fia-loon^ n. a club, a marshal's staff, a badge of 

Bat-tal'-ia, n. the order of battle, battle array. 
Boi'-ien, D. (. or i. [bafn,] to malie or become fal. 
Bat'-len, n, a narrow piece of board. 

Ru'-ler-ed,* p. beaten, iiapaired by beatmg. 
Bat'-Ier-ing, ppr. beatmg, bruising. [walls, 

Dtf-ln-ing-ram, n, an eiigme far beotini down 

of bBlleruig, tine of cannon, 

[niujKh u \dk lO t>eat indigu in, 
Bat'-ile, n. a combat, enuneement. tnain bodv. 
Bat'.de. u. i. 10 contend m fight, dispute. 
Bui'-ae-ax, n. weapon used m battle, abill. 
Bol'-tle^loor, B. on instrument to itrike atiullla- 

Bai'.tle-ment, n. a wall indented on the tops of 

Baw'-ble, r. a gewgaw, trille, tritting thing. 

Bawil'-i-neas, n. ribaldry, o 

Bawd'-ry, n, the employment oi a ixm-a. 

Batvd'-y, a. unchaste, filthy, foul, obscene. 

Bowl, «, i, "or(. to speak very loud, call, cnr 

Bawr*d,"p. proclaimed by outcry. [aloud. 

Bawl'-ing, ppr. crying or calling oJolld. 

Bawl'-ing, n. a great noise, loud crying. 

Buy, v. lubark as a dog, hem m, surround. 

Bay, a. incliiung lea chestnut brown. 

Bay, B, a recess or ann of the sea, an jnrlosure 
in a bam, a stale of being hemmed in; land 
covered with the bay tree, |Carol.) 

Bay.ed," p. barked at, followed with baHdng, 

Bay-ing, rpr. following wilh barking. 

Biy-brf-ry, n. a shrub with oily berries. 

Bay-aalt, n, a:Llt formed by evaporation, [gun. 

Bay-o-net, n. a broad dagger Git at the end of a 

RayHi-net, v. 1. to stab with a bayonet. 

Baj'-o.Det-ed, p. stabbed with a bayonet. 

Bay-o-net-inB.ppr. slabbing with a bayonet. 

Bays, 1. an honorary crown or garland, a prize 

Ba-iKr, n. la Turkey, a market. 

Bdel'i-um, n, [dcl'yum,] a gummy resinous 
juice iram,the East, 

Be, V. i. and auxiliary, past, was ; pp. been, 1-> 

B^cli, n. a sandy shoie, slitind. 

" Ibekn,] any object to giys notice of 

ier, messenger, petty officer of a 

Bttr, fail, what, pi^y. marTna, pin, bird, mavci 

of the I 

a, lie. yoke ate. chuiotg hom of i 

(, prtt. bora ; p. bom 


unvoj, ai 

, to bring forth, u 
: la cany, endure, 

Beilr, n, en eiunud, 

Be5T-btu('ing, n. Iho naiujiE oi iiesn wun uu^if. 

Beai-gar-den, n. a place wbem bean are kepi 

for ■port, 
Beiird,t n. hair on ihe chin, &c. a jag, point. 
Benrd. o. I. lo pull by the heard, oppose. 
Beard-ffl, a. having a beard, jogged. 
Bsnnl-leae, a. withoiii a beard, youthful. 
Betr-er, it. a carrier of amr thing, supporter. 
Boir-ing, ppr. bringing forth, guppo.*ing, cai^ 

Betiding, n. {Msition with respect tn :i.,ather, 
Benet, n. an irraitonal anim^, brutish man. 

B§a9t-]y, a. hrutiah, naatyi filthy, obscene. 

B$at,v.I.ori.p. heBI;,beateii; toairili? 
with repeated blows, to Ihrab, lo outdo, con- 
quer, thrasht Iread, hammer. 

Beat, n. the sound of a dnun, B stroke, [doite. 

Beat, B8al-en,p. [beatn,] struck, hair 

B#at«r, n. one who beats or strikes. 

Be-a-lJl^-ie, o. making happy, hUssfui. 

Bfr4t-i-fi-ea'-tion, n. adinissiaii to heavenly ho- 
Be^t'-i-f/, V. t. to htess, to make happy, [nurs. 
Btat-ing, ppr. striking repeatedly, Uirobbing. 
* Biat-ing, n. coneilion by blows, ■ drubbing. 
BMit'-i-tUde, D. happiness, bleaaedneas, gioiy 
Beau, n. [ba,l ■ man of dress, coicomb, top. 
Beau-i^, n. [bo'jsh,] gay, foppish, gallant. 

Beau-te-oua-ly, adu. [bu'io-ut-ly,] in a beaulwiu 

Beau-le-oue-neas, n. [bu'le-UB'nessJ hBadsoma- 

neaa, beauty. 
B«u'-ti'fied,' p. embeUiahed. 
Boiu'-li-fiil, a. elegant in fonn, fair. 
Beau-'ti-ful-ly,aJu. in a heautiful mnnner, linel/. 
BMH'^p-fill-nasB, n. elegance of form, brauij 
BFou'-ti'ty, «. I. to adorn, p*ce, deck. 
Bmu-tJ'fy-ing. ppr. adorning, emtielliHhing. 
B«7u'-ty, n. whatever pleased the eye, aa synn 

metry, grace, hsnilagmeneas of pereon, ele 

gance of buildings, assemblage ofomatnents; 

a very handsome person. [a hat 

B«a-ver,n. an amphibious animal, and his fur; 
Bee-a-fi-eo, n. a bird called Rg-pecker. 
Be-e^m, u. i. [be-ciiinj lo quiet, appease, make 

easy, elill. [no wind. 

Be-eiilin-ed.'p.ora. [be-cSm«il,] quiet, having 
Bo-eSlm-ing, ppr. [,] making calm. 
B^-etMi'e, am. that is, by cause, fur this reason 
Beck, n. n aign with the hand or bead.- 
Beck, V. i. lo nod or make a sign with the head. 
Beck'-ed,*}i. notified by a nod. [anather. 

Beck'-on-eil,* p- [bek'ndj notified by a sign. 
Bock'-3n-ir.(!, ppr. piek'ning,! making a aign. 
Be-eloud', b. t. to cloud, to obscuie, to darken. 
Be.eloud'-ed, p. obscured, darkened. 
Be-eloud'-ing, ppr. obscuring, ciouding. 
Be-cOrao, V. i, p. became ; pp. become ; lo fit,' oi 

befit, to sit graceTiUly, to be made. 
Be.cOm-ing, ppr. or a. suilaile to, gmeeful. 
Be-eiim-ing.!y. a becoming manner, fitly. R. suitableness, prapriely. 
Bed, n. n place to sleep on, lodgini;, channel of 

arivor, plat in a garden, bank of eqrth. fsovr 
Bed, V. E. or i. to put to, or into bed, lie, sleepi 
Bed'.ded,p. laid in a bed, inclosed inanrround- 


1, rhaiav, gtm, M, thin, Ihou. 

my thing tlimj. 
BB-daBb'-«d,* p. besmeared, mede dirty. 
Be-daub'-iDg, ppr. dauhing over, btsmeflrinf . 
Be-diz'-ile, v. I. to duule, 10 funTounil tbeaigl.l. 
Bed'-cham-ber, n. a rwjm to skep in. 
BedVliilbes, n. iheelt, blsrikela, coverlet, &c. 
Bed'-ding, n. a bed and its fumiluic. [forb«d> 
Be'dcck , ir. f ■ to dock, trim, adorn, dma up. 
Be*lecf*d,*p. decked, adorned. 
Bfrdeofc'-ing, ypr. eduming, omameniing. 

fWeV-^.' p. maisteiM^, as with dew. 
Be.den'-ing, pjtr. moisiening as niUi dew. 
Bed'-f^How, n. one lying in the aame b«l. 
DeKiiin', v. I. to make dim, to obBcure, 
BiMiim'-med,* p. made obscure, darkened. 
BeHJiRi'.nung, opr, makmg dark orvlira. 

"- '■- '---— -^ ---'—., rfowj 

H^liK'n,] to adorn, rfo» 
1 hoiue, B noisy pfece, 


Jtedmg'-gle, ». (. to »oU by d™«-ing in mod. 
Be-drsg'.gleil,* p. soiled In mud. [mud. 

Be-drsg'-f^ling, ppr. making dirty by dmwuig in 
Be-drench', u. t. to drsncli, (o soak with vi'alac. 
Be-dicnch'-ed,* p. drenched, (usked. 
Bed'-rid, Bed'-rid.dcTi, a. confined lo the bed. 

lkd'.«te»d, , 
BBcf-sted, ' 


,* p. sprinkled as with drop*. 
n. a fiBiiM lor lopponiag a bad. 

. the boor of going t 

_._, .. .__ „ ti which 

■re very numerous, the honey-bee. [food. 

Be«'-bread, b. the pollen of Sowers collected for 

Bee'-eat-er, n. a bird ;hai leeds on bees. 

B»'-h1ve, B. a box or vessel for the habitation 
of honey-beei. 

Beech, n. the name of a tree, 

Be«(di-en, a. [bejchn,] belonging to the beach. 

Beech-miisI, n. die fruit of Iho beech. 

BeeC B. the flemb of sji oi, cow, or bull. 

Ileef.«aieT, b. > yeuinaii of the guardii, (Eng.) a 
gross penan. 

Bro, pari. perf. of be, pronounced bin. 

Bear, b a liquor made of malt and bops, Ike. 

Keet. n. the tistne ul' a garden root. 
l!ee-ile, n. a lai^ heavy mallei, rammer, inaMt 
B«e.lle, D. i. to jut out, hang over, ['rojoi t. 
Bee-lle-broW4d,* a. pnimiiient in the forehnd. 
Beti'tle.bead.ed, a. stupid, heavy, blorkish. 
Beevei, n. pi. ul' irff, eallle, oien. cows. 
Be-I^ill, I. f . prel. bcfei I , j^i. beful Leli ; happciun| Uk 
Be-lall-ing, ;yr. hapiening lo, (ccumiig lo. 
BcHi', D. (. 10 become, sun. be iiuiablp, adorn 
Be-lit-ting, ppr. or a. suiting, hecunune. 
Be-fuol', V. t. to make a foul of, to do<^ve. . 
Be-fbdi'-ed,* p. deeeiveil, led into error. 
Be-loul''ing. ppr. IboUng, deceiving. 
|Bo-fore, prrp, in front, sooner, in prcaenoa of 
BfrfQre^ adv. sooner, m Irme pn^vious. 
Be-fOre-hand, ffiJv. before in thing, limeor placa 

B«-riiie-tIme,'ai{v. lormerly, of old, of old Uma 
Be-foul', V. (. lo make foul, daub, dirty, soil. 
Jto-foid'-ed,* p. made foul, dBuhe<l, soiled. 
Be-friend'. v.t.W favor, use kindly, serve. 
Be-friend'.«d, p. liivoiwl, countenaiKed. 
Be-ftiend'-ing, ppr. favoring, aiding. 
Be-fring'e, o. (. lo a'lnm with fringe. 
Be.lHng'.ed.'p. adomod wilh fnnge. 
Beg.o-^y, B. a Turkish governor. 
Beg, V. (. lo ask eameelly, lake for gfanlal. 
Be%el',p«l. begat; p. begot, begotten ; locsuM 

lu be produced. 
Be-gel'-l«r, n. one who causes to be produeol. 
Beg'-gBT, n. opB who lives by begging. 
Beg'-gar, v. t. lo blins lo warn, to ruin. 
B^-gar-ed,*p.lo reduce to beggary, lo eihaust, 
"--'.gor-ing, rp'. reducing to 

_-„„-., . „ — want, indigence, poverty. 
Beg'.ged,* p. eanieslly fluticited, supplicated. 
Beg'-ging, ppr. asking alms, supplicoling. 
Be-gin',o.f. pre/, began ; z'. begmii lo take rise, 

enter upon, do the first act. 
Be-gin'-ner, it. one wlio begins, a first atiempler. 
Be-gin'.nii^,ppr. first onlering upon, uUiing rise 
Be-gin'.ning, n. the first part >J time, original, 

Bfr^glrd, V. % pret. begirded, p. bq^i aurround, 




Bn-glrd ed, Bo-gVrt,p. girded, eurrouniied. 
Be-grudg'e, D, (. to gradge, to envy ths pobbih- 
Bion of, [aian of. 

B«-gradg'-«d,* p. grudged, ADvibl the posaes- 
Bb gnidg'-iBg, jypr. envying the posseaaion of. 
Be-gude, b. (, lo dajcive, aniuae, chest. ■ 
Be-gull-«(l,* D. deceived, cheated. 
Ba^it-ing, mir, deceiving, cheating. 
Berlin', p. of ieffin. [counL 

Be-half, a. [behuf,] faVT, cauis, aupporl, ae- 
Be-hSve, o.i.or (. to cany, derae»n, conduct, act. 
Be-ha'-ved,* p. of behave. 
Be-ha'-viDg, jgir. carrying one'a self. 
Be-h6v-ior, n. conduct, a co-jrae of life. 
Bo-hend, o. (. [bahed',1 to ci,t off the head, do- 

Be-ha<id-ed, p. [behed'ed,] decapitated. 
Be-heod-ing, ppr. Ibehed'ding,] cuUing oS lh( 
Bo-held'.p..orbehold. [head. 

Be-he'-moth, n. a la^e beast menlioned in the 

scriptnie, perhaps Ihe river hora 

Be-1iest', n. a command, order, meaa 
Be-hind, pr. or adv. at the oack, in I 

of sight, remaining, inferior lo. 
Behind-hand, u? being in orrear, backward. 

heir^ in povertt. 
Bi-h.i1d,».(.p.Bndpp.bcheld; to aoa. lo view. 
Be-Iiuld-cn, a. Lbehnldn,) obliged, indebted. 
Huhiildec, who beholds, a spectator. 
Be-h jld-jrig, ppr, filing the eye upon, observing. 
Be-hoor', n, vvhot beliooves profit, advantage, 
Be-hoov'e, v. t. to befit, lo bs neceaaary, lo be- 
Ee-hoov'-ad,* p. of behoove. [come. 

Ee.hoov'.fiil, a. (it, useful, profilaWe. 
Be'-ing, fj>r. of *c, ciislmg. 
Be'-inE,n, exiatcnce, a person or thing Ihatensts, 
Rs-ln'-bor, v. I. lo thuihp, beat soimdly. 
fela'-bor^,* p.- beaten soundiy. 
3e-lB'-bor-ing, ppr. heaint aoundly. 
Sa-li-ted, a, late in time. Benighted, too late. 
B«-tay, II, (, 10 waylsy, to lie in wait, fatten. 
Be.lfiy-ed,* p. ambiislied, made Giai. 
BeAiy-ing, ppr. i/ingin tvail for, making fast. 
Belch, E, (. on, lo throw wind from ihe'alomach. 
Bolfh, n. the act of belchina, mall liquor. 
Belc'i'-od," p. ejected frorn tlie atomacfa. 

artne, pin, bird, move, 

Belch'-ing, ppr. throwing Horn the slomach. 
Bel'-dam, n, a hag, old or scolding woman. 
Be-lea-guer, v. I. [belec'ger,Jto besiege, block op 
Sei'-frjf, n. a place where bells ate rung. 
Bel'-gic, a. pertaining to Belgica, or Flandera 
Be'-li-al, n.Saian; the devii, wicuedneaa, vice. 
Be-lie, V. I. lo elondor, speaii falaely of, feign. 
Be-tl-ed,*p. falsely represented, no unierfeiled 
Be-liflf, n. credit given to evidence, slrong at 
full perauasion of .aind, opinion, creed. 

Be.bev.uw,ppr, giving credit to ea true. 
Bell, n. follow aumidiiig v«sel of me 
Bell, o. i. to grow lilie a bell in shape, to 
Bel!'-flow-er, n. a genus of plants whoai 

Bdr-found-er, n, o 
Bell'-found-er-y, n 
Bell'^man, n. a crii 
BeU'-mrffll, n. a 
zink nnd antimo 

place for casing betla 
mpoailJon of copper, tin. 

BetI'-shBp«d,* a. having tlieshapeora belt. 
Bell'-wafher, r. & wether or sheep that lesda Ih* 

Belle, n, [bel] a handsome, gay young lady 
Be]leB-let-ten, [bel-letter,) polite Utetotunt. 

Bel-lig'-e-rent, n. a party engaged in war. 

Bel'-low, «, i. to roar like a biS. 

Bel'-lOw, R. a roaring, Idie thai of a boIL 

BelMOw-ed,'p. of bellow. 

Bel'-luw-ing, ppr, roaring, lUleiing a lond sound, 

Bel'.liiw-ing, n. a loud cry or roaring. 

Bel'-iy, n, the part of the body contaioing Ihtt 

entrails, that which resembles it, 
BBr-ly,ui to bulge or hang oijl, project, swell, 
Bel'-ly-band, n. a band that encompa sa aa t?M 

Be-long', v, i, to be the property o^ lo p«Itaw '•» 
" ' ■ • - - iSBehm^. 

Bi rui, cfaue, CeiDi ■■, thiiii Chou. 

Bi-li>v-«d,* a. giesily loved, dMr to the h«in. 
B*-luw, pr. iind adv. under, interior, onlrecoia- 

ing, on earth, or in hell, oppoied lo hnyen, 
Beti, n.* leathern girdle, luth, zone, ■mil. 
Be-]a'-g>, 1. a cetacaow Gab valued fur iu oil 

mlm, D. 

«■* ?■ o 

It, bewail. 
Be-Riuan.ed,* p. lamented, bewailed. 
Be-miisn-ing, ppr. lameming, benailing. 
Ben, or Ben'-nul, n. a purealive Tniit. 
Beorh, n. a sent, a judge'a aeat, jiiatieea. 
Bend, ts. f . end i. p. Biul pp. bended ,lxiiit,lo crook, 

ban, gnbniil. applf, aubdue. 
Bond, n. a mm, curve, knot, band. 
Bend'-ed, p. beni, crooked, iulidued. 
Bend'-ing, ppr. forming a cune, Btoopinii;. 
Be-nealh, pn7>. und aai>. under, umvorlhy of. 
Ben.e-d!c'.tion, r. ble«inc, acknowledament. 
Bea«-fBe'-lion, n. charitable eift, benefit, fevor. 
Ben-frfiic'-Ior, n. he that Binfers a benefit. 

. ibe who conftrs b benefit. 

m'-e-fice, it. a church-living, b 
4d,* a. poaseseed of a 



Be-ne<>-i«ent, o. kind, delighiing in good wotka. 
Ben-e-fi"'rial, a. adTanlagecua,pn>li[;^le, 
Ben-e-fi"-cial-l)', adif. advanlageoualy, uaerully. 
Ben-e-G"-GiBl-nen, n. profilablenen, oeefiilnes*. 
Ben-e-fi"-cia-ry,n. one who holda a benefice. 
Ben'-e-fil. n. kindneea, advantage, profit. 
Bm'-e-fit, v. t. lo do good, profit, favor. 
Ben'-e-fit^, p. profited. 
Ben'-«-fil-ing, ppr. profit 
Be-nev'-o-letiRe. n. gooi 

will, kTn- 

Be-ncT , _ 

Be-TWT'-a-lent-lr, ads, with good 

Be-nl^hl, o. i. to involve in night, lo darken. 

Bo-ni^t-ed, p. or a. overtaken by the night, 

involved in dorhneH, or ignoiance. 
Ete-ni^n, a. [benlne] kind, gmeroue, liberal, 

Be.nig'>iii-ly, n. kindneea, groojousneea. 
tMilga-lj lift) kindly, gracioualy, bvombly. 

Bent, n. a curve, tendency. inclinadoB, iiaa 
" it,Benl-graaa,n. sgraHafievenlapecte* 

num', V. I. to deprive of feeling. 

nuni'-ined,*}>. deprived of leeiinK. 

num'-lning,;^. rendering inaenaibla. 

qu^ath, 1. 1. to leave or give by wiU. 

iju^alh-ed,* p. deviaed by will. 
Be-qu«ath-ing, rpr. giving bv leitaincnl. 
Be-qunt*, n. * r«ary, a giA by will. 
^' ~" v.UU> chide vehenHntJy, to acold- 

r. f. to fill with nnling aound«, to 

Be-rMve, e. I. p, taSjm. bertared, benA,b) d»- 
prive, to itrip. lo make dealitiile. . 
B-rfav-ed,* p. deprived, made deatilule. 
Be-reave-ment, a. loaa, deprii-ation. 
Be-rCBv-ing, Ppr. depriving, itripping. 



r, tapealry. 

jf peifum.., , _,,..,„,. 

duck thai bteeda under ctiSa. 
bailif or chief offic«. 

Be-rbym-ed,* p. mentioned in rhyme. 
Ar'-lin, H. a kind of coarh contrived at Beriitu 
Ber'-ri-ed,* p. ftimiihed with bernei. [»eeda. 
Bei'-ry, n. a aucculent, or pulpy fruit, with naked 
BeTth,n. aalaljon in which a ahip ridea^a rooni 

in a ahip, and a boi lo aleep in. ' (color 
Ber'.yl, b. a gem or mioeial of a pale greoniah 
Ber'-yl-line, a. Uke beryl, of a pale green color. 
Be-aSech, «. t. p. and j7<. besought, to entreat, 

pray, beg, ask with eamealiieea. 
Beseem, v, I. to become, lo be fit, or worthy of 
Be-set', V, t, p, and pp. beeet, to aonoand, in- 

cloee on all lidea, waylay, heraH. 
Be-aet'-ting, ppr. iurrounding, beaiaging. 

Be-(i;g.ed,* p. laid siege lo, to beset. 
B*«i#g-er, n. the party bmieging. If 

Bo.«iPg-iQg, ppr. lurrounduig with an si 
BecmAir, v. (. to daub, roil, loul, aullj. 
Ba-smBai-ed,f p. bedanbed, loiled. 

^r, full, what, prsy, n 

BMot', 'r. t. to Btuw&.lo make gCupid or fooliib. 
Be-aot'-tsd, p. made eolliah orfooLah. 
Be-iot'-Iing. ppr, loHking alupid, in&luBling. 
Be-Hiught,pref. and pp. of beseech, [besaul'l to 

(uh eanrntly, to supplicate. 
Be->pui"-gle, 11. (. to Bdom wilh spaiiEles. 
B»4nan''-.f fed,* p. adorned with spBiiglev. 

Bn-Bpan".-' t,-ii:.v: .:.C 



B^apSak-er, n. one 
Bfupeak-ins, ppr. ■peaking for brforehand. 
Bo4pOke, eee bespeaJt. 
Bs-apntfid, V. t. p. beepceadi la spread over, 

Be-«prin'-kla, v sprinkle or BCBtter over. 

B»«prin'-klej,'p. ipnnkled over. 

BeQll a. w^ttjative, rooat good, of the ^t ei' 

r^y from' human natm«. 
Eo-«tir, V. t. to move c]mck, to haelBn, ^ 

Be-ettr-ring, ppr. quickening motion. 
Be-6tnw, V. t. to giTe, lay out or up, confer. 
Bo-sU>w-eil.' p. given, conferred, laid up. 
Be-etow-ing, ppr, givirkff, conferring, reposiiing. 

Be^Htrlde, o. t.p. bestrij, pp. bestrid.lwatritoni 

vrith Btuda, to adom nith 

illcRt, coixider. (coroe 

Be-tlde, c. i. p. betid, betidod ; w be&iU, happen 
Be-time, Be^tunet, adv. lii good lima, seaaonabJy . 
Bc-lo'-ken, v. t. IbsbikDJ to aignify, fitreshow 
Bs-[Ok-ened,*p.iiEnilied, toreahown. [denote 
Be-[jUE.cning,ppr.u>reahowing, denoting. 
Bet'4-nv, n a genua of JHUer planta. 
Be-lookj aee helake. 
Be-l^y, V. t. to violate a trust, deliver up trea- 

cheroualy, dui'loae in vioUtion of duty or 

iniBt, eipoie nhat u iDBBnl lo be concealed. 
Be4rsy-ed,* p. d^vared up or eipoaed treache- 

roualy-, n. one who betraya ot lella, a Iraitor 
Be-trfty-ing, j^, violating coniidenfv, expoaitk^ 
Ba-troth'j V. t- to give or receive a marriage pr^ 

miae, contract, name toa benefice. 
Be-troth -ed,* p. contracted for futurti marriage 
Be-uoth'-ing, ppr, contracting fljr future roar 

Be-trolh'-mont, n. contract of marriage. 
Be'truat', n. t. to jntroal, put into power. 
Be-truat'^d, p . intnuted, confided, 
Be-lrusf-ing, ppr. intnistit^, confiding. 
Be-trust'-ment, n. act of intnnting, thing en 
Bet'-ter, a. camparaliee, more good. [tnisleti 
Bel'-ter, v. t. lo improve, mend, advance. 
Bet',* p. made betlr^r, improved, mmded. 
Bet'-ur-ing, ra/r. improving, meliorating. 
Bet'-teni,n. pi. superiors in age orqualiliea. 
Bet'-tor, n. one that lays beta or wagers. 
Bet'-ty, n. an inatrument to break open doors. 
Be-lweon, { prep, m the middle, cunmou to t\\a 
Be-twiil', ( or more. 
Bev'-sl, n. a kind of square tide. 
Bev', V. t. (o Ibnn to an angle. 
Bev'.el^d,*}'. cut lo a bevel angle. 
Bev'-el'irtg, ppr. forming to a bevel ai^le. 
Bev'-er-age, a. liquor, a treat in drink. 
Bev'-y, n. flock of birds, brood, company. 
Be-wSil, 11. '. lo lament, grieve for, bemovi. 
Be-wOil^d,* p. lamented, bemoaned. 
B^t^Ul-ing, ppr. lamenting, eipreaaing giief Gir 

He-wil'-der, n. t. to puzzle, pcrplei, niiali 
Be-wii'-def-ed,* p. led iniu jierpleiily, coi 
Be-viiV-der-mgtppr.invol\iJig in perpleii 

Bs-Krtf-inK, jipr. belnying, ducloaing in bleach 
Bej, a. a "tSirfcuih governor. [of fkilh. 

B^jood', pr^p- on ihe further uderont afreachr 
Bra'-d, n. the pan of a ring in wUieb ihe uniw 

Bi-AB, V, L U> incline partialiy, prepotucsB- 
Bi4a.ed,*p. tncUned [o one lide, pr^udiced. 
Bi-aa-ing, ppr- inclining Ioon« lide, warpjng. 
Bib.R, ■ cloth under the china of infaflU. 
ni-ba'-cioua, a. addicted to dnnking. 
Bib'-ber, n. a driukor.lippler, drunkard. 
Bi-ble, B. the Tolome that conloini the Scrip- 
ture, of the Old and New TesUment. 
Bib'-li-cal, o. of or relating to Ihe bible. 
Bib-li-o-grnph'-ie, f fl. pertaininc (o a desciiir 
Bib-li-o-grsph', ( tioi. of 
Bib-li-og'-rB-phy. n.a history or a< 

Bib'-ii-ioui. a. that ia apt u imbibe, tpungy. 
Bice, BiM, n, a blue palnl or pi^^menc. 
Bick'-er, v. i. lo dispule about Inflea, Duiver. 
Birk'-er^er, n. one who wronglea or akirmithf 
Bick'-ef-uig.ppr. qaarrehng, coniendii^, 

Bid, V, t. p. bid, bade ; p^, bid, bid<]eii;lo o&e 



ffid'-der, n. one i . . . 

Bid'-ding. ppr. oReriae, conunaikding, invitJDg. 

)bd'-diiif, r — ""■— — ■'■" — '" — ''"" 

ID o^t inviutioD, direclion. 

Bl-denl'-al, a. havir 

Bif>r, n. a carnage to bearthedead loUwfnv*. 
BiFs-linga, a. iha fini milk of a cow. 
Ei-fa'-ii-oui, a. [wo-Told, pointing iwo waja. 
Bif'4-ruiu, a. bearing fniit twice a yav. 
BiT^d, BiT-i^date, a. two cIcO, divided. 
Bif'.lo-rom, o. bearing two Bowera, 
Bi'-fold, 1. Iwo-fnlcl, double, if two kinda. 
Bklbnn, a. baving two Ibrmi or bodiei. 



> a. ibrked, having ti 

welled, pregnant 

■ fbrkwl 

nail veEsel, a hind of hoy. 

K-gera'-in-Bte, a. iwiii'fbrfced, baring a 

petiole, as a leaf 
tfig'-gin, n. a kind of cap uwd for a cbDd. 
Bi^Al, n. a imall bay, the coil or bend of a rop*. 
Bif-nesa, n. aize, bulk, gteatneai of quantity. 
Big'-ot, n, one unduly devoted to a party. 
Big'-ot-ed, a. unduly devoted, pri^udiced. 
Btg'-ot-ry, n. blind ieal,sapciBtition. . 
Bl-ju'iiouB, a. having tvao paiti of leaflet*. 
Bl'la'-bi-ate, a. having two iipa ai a eorol. 
Bi-lam'4l-late, a. having the form of a flatted 

aphere, longitudinally nilid. 

Bl-tand*r,a. " ' "^ 

Bl-lat'-e-ral, a . „ .... 

Bil'-ber-ry, a. a abrub and ita berry. 
Bil'-bo, 71. a rapier aword, fine or choir* anonl. 
Bil'-boos, n.pi. a aort of atoeks on board a ahjp. 
Bile, B.a yellow bitter Lquor aecreted in the liver. 
BilJB, n. the protuberant part of ■ caik, tbt 

breadth of a ahip'a botlom. 
Bilge, n. i. to suHrr a frarttire in the boUoOu 
Bilg"'ed|*p.lract[ired in tbebilge. / 
Bilge-wft-ter, n. water lyuig in tho bilge. 
Bil'^ia-ry, a. belongioe lo the bile. 
Bll'-Unge-galo, n. a fiah market, foul languagB. 
Bil'-ioua, a. pertaming lo bile. 
Bi-lie-»-ral, a. conalanng of twoletlaia, 
BQk, V. (. 10 (rnatrate, cheat, defraud. 

" -".gr ^— - '-^-'-- 


But, ijiU, n hat, prey, insrtoe, pi 

Bill, n. Iha beak 

for cuttiog, an accoiml or Htolement of par- 
ticulan, as good*, &c. a notp, dmft of a law 
not enailed, eihibilion of chgrgeg, &c. 

Bill, V. i. or i. lo kiss, caress, fondlo, nubliah. . 

Bill'-ot, n. B eraall leiiar, iog of wood. 

BiU'-«l, V. t. to quaner ealdk™, seule. 

Biil'-tf't-ed, p, quartered by rit^keta. 

Bill'-Hi-ing, ppr. quartering by tirketa. 

Bill'-iMda, n. pi. a game vi-iih balia and iticks. 

la of miilioT 

r BWeU of (he se 
to iAUovia. 

BiU'-ic . 
Bil'-law, n, a lai^i 

Bi'-iew-ing, ppr. iwelling into large wavea, 
Bil'-luW'y, a. awellingor roaring Uke a wet 

Wi'?!'-*"'"""" ""'"'"■ 

BMoc'-u-lar, a. conlftining two cells as a pc 
Bin, n. a fepo«iloi7 for com, &c. chest, hoi 
Bin'-a-de, n. a hui on board a vease! to c 

the compasses and lights. 
Bl-na-ry, o. double, eomponed of two. 
Bl-nate, a. being double, or in couples. 
Bind, v.t. ori. p- and^fp. bound ilo lie, confinet 
cover, gird, reftrain, oblige, conlirmf fbnn a 
border round, mako or beconte cloae or coativo. 
Bind, Ti' a etdlk of hops, a quantity of eels. 
Blod-er, 71. ooe who binds books, tliat which 

Bind-er-y, n. a place for binding booki. 
Bind-izig, jar. confining covering, making ca>- 

tive, a. tbat obliges, obligatory. 
BInd-ing, n. a bandage, the covor of a book. 
Br-noe'-ular, a. having two eyee or apertures. 
Bl-no'-mi bI, a. consistingoflwoiumeaorinein- 

Bl-og'-ra-pher, n. a writer of a penon'i life. 
Bl-o-greph-ie, { a. pertaining to the hiatnrf 
Bl-o-graph'-ie-al, $ of a peraon's life. 
Bl-og'-ra-phj, n. a history of oue's life and cha- 

Kp'-a-rous, a- producing two at a bblh. 
Bl-pMn'-s-ble, / o. that may be divided into two 
Bip'-ar-tite, ( parts. 

Bip'-ar-ttte, i.. hayui' *wa corresponding parts. 
Btpad, H. an anunal naving only two feel, a Im- 

Bi-pen'-naic, o. having two wings, or pinnate 

leaves on each side of the petiole. 
B[-pel'-B louB, a. consisting of two (lovrar-loavea. 
Bi-(juad'-rale, n the Iciurth power in matbema- 

Bi-qnad-ru'-ic, a. relating to the foiuth powS 

Bl-ra'^i " - '- 

Birch,™ .._ 

Birch, Blrch^en. a. consisting 01 Direr 

Bird, R. a fowl, a flying animal, prnpsny a 
«ir.aU fowl. 

Bird-cage, n. a cage to keep birds in. 

BIrd«^ > B. seen as if by a flying bird 

Birds-eye, ( abov-e. 

Bird-llnie, R. a glutinous substance. 

Birth, n. (berthT) ibe act of coining into life, re- 
generation, lineage, origin, convenient room, 

' ™ " ™'"' birth. 

ilane, n. fberth^lacej the to 

, oiiual pans. 

Bs-seci'-ed, p. divided into two equal parts. 
Bi-aeet'-ing, ppr. dividing into two equal parts. 


a. a" dirision ijito iv, 

o equal parts. 

Bish'->p, n. 

spiritual overseer 

a prelate, iLe 

head of a 


a. a diocese, (he j 

risdiction of a 

Bi>-muth, n 

ish or nddiik 


. and lameUar leit 


Bis'-ter, n. a 

11. leap-rear, every fourtli vear. 
paint of a deep brown color. 

Bis'-tort, n. 1 

' a 




Bit. n, the in 



noulh. to check. 




tMtli, to RTuah nr break with the l«elh, lo re- 

Bile, n. act of biting, tbing binen off, ■ Irick. 
, Bl-ter, B. une that bi[ea, a ehsrpef. 
Bl-ting, ;>!"-. seizing, or cruahing tviih die temh, 
' Hharp, severe, Barcunic. [maulh. 

Bit'-mouth, n. the part of a bridle put in the 
Bit'-O^n, p. [bil'n,] seized or woiindetj nilh the 
Rif-ler, a. Hharp, cmel, severe, sfllictive. [teeth. 

Bit'-tBT-iih-nesB, n. ■ ■mnlJ degree of billemewi, 
Bit'-ier-ly, adv. sharply, craelly, aeverely. 
Bit'-iem, n. the name df a water-fowl. 
Bii'-ien, n, pL bilier v^etablen, or an infuiion. 
Bit'-HMnen, { n. an inflammable labslanea of a 
Bi-iu' -men, ( itrong emell. 

Bt-valve, n. an animal or nbdl of two valvea. 
Ul-valve, {a. having two valviB which 
Itl-valv'-u-bir, { npen and abut, as tlie oyater. 
Blab, t>. I. or I. lo celt a eecret, tatUe. 
BlaV-bed,* p. lotd, published. 
Bhb'-ber, n. a leUlsle, babblar. 
Blab'-bing, ppr. telling taleg, prattling, 
Blark, a. da^ cloudy, taournJul, dinBal. 
Black, n. an A&ican, darkest color. 
Black, V. l. U) make black, blacken. 
Black'-l^Il, n. a composition fcH- blacking shoes. 
Black'-biill, r, t. lo r^ect by bbck balkiu. 
Black'-ball.ed,* y. rqw^led, blacked. 
Blach'-ber-ry, n. ihe fruit of the bramble. 
Black'-bird, n. in England a singing bird, in 
America, the gnickle. [bulls. 

Black'-cai-tle, n, in England, oten, cows and 
Black'-«d,* p. made bla^, blackened. 
Black'-en, d. t. or i. [blak'n,] to make or gmw 

black, to de&me. • 

"' ■' »l,*p. made black, defamed. 
- - 'indoTlish found on lh( 


le of tbe Dominican order of 

Blach'-^uard, n. a person of inul language. 
Black'.ing, ppr. making black, blackeninf , 

n. a person ol 

„.,, ir. making blai 

Black'-ine, n. a tubsiance l. 
Blsck'-iit^ a. Bomewbal black, dirt; 
Btack'-jack, n. blend, an on of linl 

chaise, jem, aa. thin, thou. 

Black'-leod, n. an bnproper mime of phunbago, 

BB it conuuoa no lead. 
BUck'-moor, n. a black or colored man. fniM. 
Black'-neas, n. black color, darkness, atincious- 
Black'-smith, n. n person who worki in iron. 
Blsck'-lhom, n. the eloe, a shmb for hedges. 
Blad'.der, n. a veaael contaimng some hquid m 

Blade, n. 

e, &c. 

g, or like bladders. 

of long narrow jilares. 
BlSin, n. a buil, blisier, blotch, nicer. 
Bla'-me-ble, n. dfteervitig of blame, fiiulty. 
Bla'-ma-ble-new,n. faultiness, culpablenem. 
Bla'-mB-bly. adt. in a numner deserving btema 
Blaine,v t to censure, find fault wi^. 
Blame, n. fault, eipression of uisapprobatian. 
Btam-ed.'p. censured. 
BUuneful, n. faulty, censnrabSe. 
Blajne-leo", a. innocent, guiltlea. 
BiBme-less-ness, s. innocence, hannIes«M*a. 
Bh'-mer, n. one that censnrea. 
Bla'-ming, ppr. censoring, disapprnving. 
Blflme-wOr-Riy, n. deserving of blaine. 
BlSnch, V. f. to whiten, shin almond), evwte. 
BlMnoh4l,* p. whitened, having color taken oat 

BIHnch-ing, ppr. whitening, taking out color 
Bland, a. courteous^ safe, mud, gentle. 
Bland'-ish, g. (. lo smooth, wheedle, flatter. 
Bland'-ish-er, n. one who flatteis and soothes. 
Bland '.jih-ing, ppr. flatlcting nith soil words. 
Blsnd'-ish-ment, n, kind words, flattery. 
RInnk. a. white, pale, miwritten, dejected. 

laid space, unwritten paper, disap- 

Blanh'-et. n. a wooten covering (or a 
Blauk'^t, c. t. to tOM in a bladet 
Blanh'-et-ed, p. tossed in a blanket. 
Blank'-ly, adv. in a blank manner, palely 
Blank'-ness, n. paleness, wanness, confuBoa 
Blare, ». i. lo roar, to bellow, 
filas-pbeme, o. (. to speak wickedly, euiae. 
Blas-phe'-med,* p. reviled in pnbne laupugB 
Blaa-plie'-mw, n. a poson who reviles Qoi. 

Bfir, fftll, whM, prsYi mBfVnei pin, bJTd. taSle, 

Blai-phe'-ming, ppf. reviling, reproachiog. 
BlH'-phe-moiu, t. full of blaspheinj, 
Blu'-pbo-raaiu-ly, adv. in a bloBphomoua way. 

' - warda uuereil impiously againn God. 
Blaatf n. a gust uf wind, souad, blighl, eiploaion 
of powder, one snieldng of ore. [wiihpowd8f . 
Bliial, E. t, to cau» to wiihor, dieappninl, split 
"'ul-ed. p. taaaed la wither, disappDuUed. 


BlasC-irig, n. a blast. 

*hioh bl 

ing lo vnthor, diaapiroinling. 
, destnieiion, ciplnaion. 
Same, bum, publish abroad. 
BlaiB, n. a flame, the light Of a flame. 
Bla'-iad,* p. publialied far and wide. 
Bia'-ier, n. a spreader or publisher of reports. 
Bla'-sing, ppr. flaming, publishing far and wide. 
Bla'-zing-sUir, n. tbe popular name of a comet. 
Bla'-ion, V. t. niiazn,] to eiplain, adom, display, 
[blain,] the act or art of heraldry. 
." p. Iblflmd.' —■-'--'--■ ->- -' 

- m-nr:n.U .^ .. 

... , lowhilen,lomakeorgrDnwhite. 

BUach-ed,* p. whitened, deprived ol iis color. 

BlSach-er, n. one whose business is to whiten 

_ dolh. 

~' aclwngi Rpr. whitening, n. act of whitening. 

Bleak, a, open, eipoesd ti. 



. wBLHTj, uEiEi, iveajk, sorv, oiooay. 

t. to nuke the eye^ watery or sore. 

-nns, n. dunness through water. 
BI4ar-ey-ed,'o. having watery or red eyes. 
Bleal, V, r, to cry like a sheep. 
Heat, B16al-ing, n. the cry of s sheep or goal. 
BlSai-ing, ppr, crying as a aheep. 
Blob, n. a litde tumor, veeicle or blister. 
Bleed, D. t. p. end ^71. bled; lo loss or lei blood, 
ng, ppr. losing, o' '""■ — •■' — ' 

1, _.., 

V, disgrace, fault. 
1. disgraced, soiled. 
-Rung, iHTJshins- 

Blench, v. 1. or i. lo shrink, 10 start badlt. 
Blend, n. an ore of zink, mock lead, blackjack 
Blend, V, I, to mix, conlbund in a mass. 
Blend'-fh), p. miied, confused. 
Blend'-ing, ppr. miiing, confounding by miitoie. 
Blen'-ay, n. a tribe of Ijsb of many vorietiea. 
Bless, V. t. p. blessed ; pp. bljssed, blest ; lo giTa 

success to, make happy, praise, glorify 
Bless'-ed," p. made or pronounced hsppy. 
Bless'-ed-neas, n. happmeiiB, content, Joy. 
Bless'-ing, ppr. makmg happy, proaperiag. 
Biesa'-ing, n. a good wish, divine favot. 
Blew, p. of BlmB. 
Blight, n. a disease incident to plants, and lo tlw 

human body- 
Blight, r. t. to affecl with blight, lo blast, 
'"ighl-ed, p. blasted, frusu-ated 

■ ' " ■ "r. blftsling, disap 

iuite of sight, do: ., . 

, . .. -_ darken, slop [he sight. 

Blind, n. any thing that intercepts Ibe sight. 
Blind'-ed, p. deprived of sight, made o^cuib 
Blind-fold, a. having the eyes covered. 
Blind-fald, B. L to cover the eyes, lo deprive of 
Bllnd-ly, ad. lamely, wiihuui judgment, [sight, 
Blind.ness, n. a want of sight, ignorance. 
Blink, 0.1,10 wink, shut, close, see darkly. 
Blink, n. glimpse, a daailing wblleneas. 
BliTtk'-ard, n. a person that bos weak eyea. 
Blink'-ing, )ipr. winking, twirdtline. 
BUss, n. t^pinesa, hleesedneea, gladneea. 
Bliss'-ful, a. very happy, bleesed, full of Jof 

Blis'-ter-ed,';i. oflected with blislen. 
Blis'-ter-ing, ppt. miaing blisters. 
Blithe, a. gay, merry, sprightly. 

illKsli.,!-- «■'•»""■•■««'■ 

Blifbo^Ome-ness, n. gayety, joyousnse*. 

m, puff up, grow puOy 
" ■ ■ - rgid. 

BlJat,o... _ ..,,„.. 

Bliiat-ed, p. puffed, swelled, made turgid. 
Blaot-ed-ness, n. bloated or awelled stats. 
BleiBl-ing, ppr. swelling, mskuig turgid. 
Blob'-ber, n. a bubble. 
Block, n. a heavy piece of wood, puUT- 

-iah,<i. dull, deficiei 

iding, denying act 
dulT person, 
lull in inUllect. 

t in undentBucUnf 

n. chalae, gem, ai, thin, Ibau, 
Blote, V. t. to dry and iiinoke. 
Blu'-led, p. dci^ and smoked. 
Btol'^Lcd,^. fltoined, aporied, erased. 
Blot'-ter, n. one that bluU, a wante book. 
Blot'.^ng, jipr, Moiiiing, oblilerating. 
Blow, n. ■ stroke, gale of nind, egg of a fl; 

^ ... h circulate in animalB, a 

funilfj race, lib, dealh, rake, guilt, puniab- 
niral tor aheddbig blood, carnal pan oppuied 
to iptritiul. 

B)dod, V. I. to Blain with or let bbod. 

BlOod'-ed, p. bled; Blained with blood. 

BtOod-eHilt-i-nees, n. Ibe guilt or crime ut ihed- 
dine blood unlawfullj. 

BlOod'-hound, a. a Inrra hunting dog. 

Biaod'-i-lj, adv. cruelly, maiiciuusl;. 

QliSod'-i-neu, n, a bloody stale, cruelty. 

BlSod'-ing, j^rr. bleeding, letlii« blood. 

EllSod'-less, a. dealinue of blood, innocent. 

Bl>tod'-lel.ter,n,one whobleedi wiih the lancet. 

BIAod'-nHM, B. a plant »o named frum iiB color. 

6t(tad'4hed, n. the ahedding oT blood, Blnughler. 

SI9od'4hDl,a.ted and inflamed by turgid blood- 

Blaod'4Uin.ed,'ii.atained with blood, [leech. 
BlAod-ifl]ck.«r, n. an animal thai aucks blood, a 
B19od'-lhlRl-y, a. desirous of ahedding blood. 

Blfiod'.y-mlnded, a. cruel, barbarous, homd. 
Bloom, p. the blossom or flower of a nee. iic. 

Bloom, V. i. or (. lo yield bloaaoms, Ri 
Bbom'-ing, jr/ir. opening its blossom ; a. uuiv- 

ing with youth and health. 
Bloom'-y, a. full of bloom, flowery, flouriahing. 
BW-aoin, n. the flower of trees or pluin. 
Blos'-som, V. I. to put forth blomoms. 
Blo9'*om-ing, ppr.opening its flowers, blowing. 
BUis'-Buni-ine, n. the flowering of plants. 
Blot, 1. 1, lo blur, slain, eSace, disgrace. 
Blot, n. a blur, ipol, slain, disgrace. 
Blotcli, n. ■ spot or pDslnleontheskin. 

', pp. b 

puff, to sound, te 
\ impelling, bios- 

Blowth, n. bloom, blodums in general. 
Blowie, n. s ruddy fB^faced woman." 
Blowz'-y, a. niddv, fat and ruddy-fnced. (bio. 
Blub'4>er, n. the U of whales, sea-netOe, a bub- 

!lu'-ish, 0. 

K of the seven colors. It ia of ra- 

Biuelbird', n. a'smaU bird Willi bias festhen. 
Blue^yed,* a. having blue eyea. 
BlQe-ly, nd. with a blue cofOT. 
Bliie-neaa, n. the quality of being blue. 
BlulT, a. big, swelled, surly, bluxtering. 
Bluff, n. a sleep bank or high bold shore 
Bluff'-ness, n. swelled suite, a bluslering. 

t of Riving a blue color. 

lA to blue, raiher blue. 

, „ raialake grossly, stumble. 

Blunder, n. a mistake, gross oversight. 
. .Bhm'-der.buBB, n. a short gun with a large bottt. 
BlunVder«, ) ; , 

Blun'^ier-faeod, \ "' ' ""'"'* """ 
Blim', ppr. stumbluig, miaraking gUNaly 
Blunt, a. dull, rough, impbto, plain. 
Blunt, o. e. lo dull the edge or pomt, 
Blunt'-ed, p. made dull, impaired. 
Blunting, fpr. making dull, repressing. 
Blunf-nees, n. a want of edge, rudanwa. 
Blur, n. a blot, spot, stain; imperTectun. 
Blur, D. (. to blot, stain, efface, hurt. 
Bho'.red,* p. darkened stained, apotted. 

Ulac'-rine, ppr. darkening, sHdning. 

Btiuh, V. i. U> redden in (he &ce. 

Bliuli, n. a reddish color on ttiecheek. 

Blnsh'-wl,*p. of *'•«*■ 

Biitah'-iiig. ppr. reddening in (he face or cheek ; 

0. red, reddiih, modest, 
Itlii9'-(sr, V. i. to roBT, baltf, swagger. 
Blus'-ler, n, a rear, (umult, IMbbI. 
Blus'-ler^d,* p. of UuiMr. 
Blua'-[er-ing, ppr. roBiing, awaggeringi a.Doiij, 

Bliu'-troui, a. noisy, tumultuoOB, rotigh. 

liiaril, n. a piece of timber mwed tlun Uid 

broad, a iaj>1e, tbod, diet. 
Bdard, v. t. or J. to lay or fence wkh boarda, en- 

l^r a ahi|> by Ibrre, give or receive diet, 
Br^ard^ed, p covcped with boarda, famiihed 

with daily food, en(ored by force as a ahip, 
B^iard-er, n. one who has hi« diet, one who Bi»- 

ter* a ahip by force, 
Board-inE. ppr. fumiahing or receiving diet, en- 

Boai-iah, a. nide, hoggish, bmla], rough. 
Brlaet, 0. i. or Mo brag, glory in, exalt, 
llilaat, n. a proud apeech, caine of boaatiag, 
BAaiit.flr, n. one who boaala, a Iwaggarl. 
Biiant-ful, a, vain,tion^iT. 
Bnast-iiig, ppz. vaunting, bra^i^. 
E'laat-ing, n. the act of bouiine. a boaat 
Bnaating-ly, ad. in a boasting mamtw- 
B->at, n, a amall vsa»l moved by oan, 
FMa^». (. to convey in a boat. 
Bilat-a-ble, u. navigable with bcala. 
BOat-bill, R. a genus of fowla with a long bill 

like a boat 
B•la^hook, n, a pole armed with a hook and 

point to push oi pull a boat. 

Bi^t-ingi ppr. conveying in a boat. 

BoBI-man, n. a manager of s boat. 

1. IbOanT 

man pie 

I of wood on which 

thread is woond for mailing lacs. 
Bode, V, t. to pneagS, fbrethow, portend. 

Bod'-i-less, a. void of body, Spiritual. 
Bod'-i-ly, a, of or relating to (he body. 
Bod'-liin, n. a long inairument, needle. 
Bod'-y,n. [lie whole trunk of an animal or tree, 

peiBon, matter opposed to apiiit, main part; 

maaa, spirit in liquora, a system, a number of 

troopa, a corporation. 
Bod'-y.giMrd, n. a guard of the peraon. 
Bog, R. a fen or morale, a clump ofgraaa or tad 

in a morass. (swamps 

Bog'-lier-ry, n, the cranberry t^hich ^rowa in 
B<lg^g1e, V. i. end (, lo doabt,llMitate,Btop, peo'- 
Bog'-gled,* p. of ioff^fc. [plei 

Bog'-gler, n. one that doubts or hesitates. 
Bj^-^Iing, ppr. doubling, hesitating, stopping. 


'-gy, a. marshy, awampy, fenny, 
'-house, n, a house of office. 

liitind in swamps and 

Rog'-hDUse,n, a house of office. ~ [mamhea 

""-'nffl. n. imn nnt fminil in swampfl and 

larehea, a bird. 

Bog'-msh, R. a rush gmnina in marehea, a bird. 
Bog'-apav-in, n. an encyated tumor on a horae'a 

hough. [ground. 

Bog'-whoit, n. the bilberry growing in kfw 
Bo^iea, R. a ipeciea of black tea. *' 

Boil, n. an angry sore-tnntoT. 
Boil, v, i, or 1. lo bubble through heat 
Boil'.ed,* p. dmaed in boiling water. 
Bod'^r, R. a veaael for bciliiig of liquor, &o, 
Boil'-er-y, n. a place ibr boiling. 
Boil'-ing, ^ipr. draaing or cooking in hot water 
Boil'-ing, n. the act of boiling, eballilion. 
Bois'-^e-roua, a. violent, forious, atormy. 
Bois'-te-rDa»Jy. ad. viotently , furioualy . 
Boia'-le.rDns-nB8B, n.turbolence, trnnuituooaiiesb . 
Bold, 1. brave, aluut, daring, impudent, 
Bold.face, n. an impudent saiiny person. 
Boid-ta-cai,* a. impudent, impeninent. 
Bald-ly. udti. in a bold manner, impudendy 
Bald-nees, n. courage, hberly. asauranoe. 
Bole, n, a meaaum of sii bushels, etem of a tnti, 

an e^ viscid, soft, and friable. 
Ball, R, a pod. a aeed veesel. 
Boil, p. 1. 10 aeed or form into a seed-venel. 
Ball-ed,* p. having its seed-vessel Ibrroed. 
Bal-aier,n. a large pillow, long cushion. 
Bel-ater, v. I. to pad, aupporl. prop, hold Uf 
BSI-Bler-ed,* p. held up, aupportad. 
Bal>iiet-ing,;9B-. suppcoting, matotamuifl 

book, dSva, Ijill, me, em, ehawB, jam, M, tt 

D, [hou 

^ .,. T, dart, lighlning. a pLecfl 

of canvas of 28 ells or 38 yanli. 
Bull, V. {. or t. lo ihut. futen, >iA, ruth out. 
Btll-ed, Ji. made fast nilh a holt, sified. 
Bok^r, n- a Bteve to separate flour from braiL 
Bab-ing, ppr. Sastening with s boll, sLftiug. 
Biy-liiB, n, a laige pill, kind of earth. 
Biknb, n. a sbell lo be filled mith powder and 

Bain-t«rd',n. ■ piece' of short thick cannon. 
BOm-bSird', v. t. to stiack with bombs. 
BOoi-bllrd'-Bd, p. allocked with bombs. 
B5iD-l^rd.ier, n. an ofRcer, a bomb-engineer. 
BSm-bBnl'-ing, ppr. Biiarking wiih binnhs. 
BSio-baid'-menl, n. an attack with bombs, 
ftka-ba-slD, n. a slight stufTmiied with silk. 
BikD.bast, n. fnatiBii, high sounding words. 
Bkn'.bast, j a. rontisiing of swelling words. 

Bimb-ketch, ) n.a ship thatcanieBhoRibsiobe 
Bftmb-vesse!, 1 diacharged into a fort. 
Bo-na-fUle, a. in good faith, without fraud. 
Bo-na-ins, n. aquadrapedof the cow kind, with 

■ long maiB and short horns. 
Bond, n. any thing that binds, obligation. 
Bond, t>. I. to give bond for, to secure by bond. 
Bond, a. a servile stale, eriHlaved, bound. 
Bond'-ago, n. slavere, captivity.' 
Bond'-ed, p. scCDred by bond given. 

Bone-lace, n. a coarse kind of lacs. 
Bone-set, n. a plant, thoroughwort. 
Bon»«eMer, n. a man that sets bones, fb 
Bonfr4eI-iiiig, n. the pniciire or an of n 
BBnB-Bpav-in,n.abony cicreKcnce on a hi 
Bon'.^rB.ii.srejoicingfirBrortriuniph, [hough, 
Son'-iHt, n. a covering for the head of veiy va- 
^ riaUe Jbtin, e small sail. 
Mn'4ii-Ir, ad. pretnly, finely gayly. 

beautiful, meny. 
non-ien, n. ■ narrow Kuvtun atufT. 
Bo'-niM, n. a pmniiun on a loan, drc, 
Bo'-ny, a. full of bonce. simnK. Mout. 
Bon'-ie. n. a priest in C'hma, &c. 
Boo'-by, n. a dull fellow, * large hinl. 
Book, H. a Tolums in which w« read or wn 
Bo^, c. I. to enter in s book. 
B^4e-(»uni', n. an accuunl in a book. 
BD9k'-bInd-er, n. one Hhu binds books. 
Brvk'-ed,* ;>. entered in a hook. a> an arcoi 
Bnfk-ish, a. much giten to rCDding, 
Bqok-ish-ness, n. fondness for readini 
Bouk-keep-er, n. ... 

Book-koep-ing, II. the keeping of acroiinis. 
Bpok-leam-ed, a. learned in books, well read 
Book-leam-ing, a. acquainianrc with books 
Book-seil-er, n, a seller ur dealer in books. 

iding, study. 

1 spar to eilend a sail, a 

. swell, to 

Boon, a. gay. merry, pleasant, cheerfiiL 
Boon, n. agili, prreenl, bvor, pnyei. 
Boor, n, a ^wn, lout, cou'itrymen. 
Boor'-ish, a. clownish, rustii:, rough. 
Boor'^sh-ness, n. rlownishness, rusticity 
Booae, u. ■'. to drink to eiceas ; n. a'stoll. 
Boos'-y, fl. tipsy, drank, (vulgar.) 
Boost, u. I. to push up, to lilE, (vulgar.) 
Boot, V. I. to profit, lu put on bools. 
Bool, n. profit, gain, advaniage, booty, a c< 

'-ig for the legs, part of a ■- 

^-ed.* V. in boots, eoui 

a Stan in 

Boot'-lecs, a. unavailing, nnprofilablo. 
BooV-tre«, a. a wood to shape a boot. 
Bool'-y, n. pillage, plunder, spoil, prey. 
BSr-age, n. the name of a plant, buglo», 
Bo'-rax, n. a salt usod ae a styptic and In 

u> penetrate or 

BtirBf n. a iuAe made by boring. 
Uo'-re-olf u. my;Lhcrn, tDWanlH the north. 
B-i'-re-M, w, a uuld i^iid, the north wind. 
Bo'-red,* p. perforated wilh an imlrument by 
Bii'-rer, n une vuhu bores, n ainiblsl. [(timing, 
Hu'-riiig, ppr. perforating with a gimblet, &c. 
Bum.ji. produced as an aidmaL. 
B^>nie, p. carried, brought, supponed. 
H.imf^f Ti. D limit, a boundary. . [pony. 

iWr-oiigh,n. [bur'-n>]a ciifportuion-lovm, acom- 

Bor'-ruw-ed," p. taken by consent to use, a^fluro- 
Lioj^-rdw-er, n. one wiio borrows or o&flumes. 
Bor'-rOw-ing, ppr. taking by consent, easuming. 
Bu4am, n. the breasi, laider aSectiuns. 
Bii-som, D. (. u> put in the bosom. 
Bd-tom.ed,* p. kept in (be bosom, concealed. 

1. a penon ekitlHT in plants. 

. D. 1. to seek for plsnu, to eia 

the vegeitble kingdom. 
Bol'«-ny, n. that branch of natnriil hidory ihat 

Bolcb, n. a swelling, patchivork. 
Botch, V. I. to mend clumsily, palrh. 
Botcb'*d,* p. clumsily mended, patched. 
Bolch'.er, n. a bungling sewer. 
Bolch'.ing, ppt. mending clumaily. 
DSth, o. two conaidered by themselvaa, applied 
to persons, Itiings, words, and members of 

Bot'-tled,* p. put or inclosed in a bottle. 

Bot'-rting, ppr. putting in a bottle or bottles. 
Bot'-tom, n. the lowest part, a foundation, a val. 
Idf, Mdl, slup, dr^s. 

;li, H. |l)ou] 

with a bottom, foiutdoil. 
.ahortDwingormDney,Bnd pledg- 

Bounc'.ed,' p.oftoun 
Buunc'-ing, ppr. leapir 

,d pp. of (.«!,. IbQut] pur( 

leap, spring, boost. 

p, Kick, sudden noise. 

, of frin^ tied, contiried. 


ined, restrained. 

, . ring, fly bar 

Boimd'-ed, p 

Round'-a-ry, ., 

Bound '.Iras, a, uncunfinod, unlimited, 
Bound'-Ius-neas, n. beini; wiihuut liruiu 
Buund'-slone, n, a land.mark. 
BoUll'.Io^lU«, a. liberal, maenifieent. 
Boun'-te-oua-ly, adv. libemliy, generously. 
Boun'.te-ous-ness, n. liberality, generosity, kinj. 

ness, goodness. 
Bonn'-ti-ful, a. free to give, liberal, generous. 
Boun''Ii-ftil-l)-, adv. liberally, generously. 
BoUji'-ti-fu].ijess, n. reneFosity in giving. 
Boun'-ty, a. hberahty in giving, genefoaiiy, a 

Bou.<luoE, n. [bookBy,] a bunch of Ibwera, 

Bour-geoia, n. jbuijobi',1 akiiidof prirtiinglypoa. 

Boiir.geon, v. i. [bur'Jun,! to bud, Ui sprout. 

Bourne, see borne. 

Bout, II. a turn, trial, essay, attempt. 

Bo'-vine, a. pertaining (o rattle of the oi kind. 

part of a ••^..p^a side fonvard. 

vilily, the roiuuling 

— arrows, a liildls. 
»ked l^s. 

Bow.ed,* p. bent, crushed, subdued. 
Bov/-el», n. pans within the body. 
Bow'-er, n. an arbor, an anclicr. 
Bow'-sr-y, a. fall of bowem, tbtSj. 

BMd, n. the hollow of a cup or 
Buwl-er, n. one who playi a~ '" 
Buwl-in^-greeii,n. a *■ 

e, fiill, Dae, ean, cbaise, gem, si, thin, [bou. 


'-ing, ppr. buDdiag;. 



in the ear. 

ailelree, tjuantily in a boi. 


j>, inckHwdin 

o. [boi-n] made 

of box, tike box. 

Ibii'-w, n. one who fights with the fist 
Bui'-ing, H. ibe act oTGehting with the fiiL 
Buy, a. a male child, lad, roulh. 
Boy'-tK>9d, a. nale oreofiiiitiiKi oT a bay. 
Ouy'-iah, II. like a bi^, childiih, trifling. 
Hoy'.iBh-ly,arf.iJiihii«hIy, foolUhlj, idly. 


Pnee, n. that which holdi, a altap or bandase, 

J. (. u. binr- ■ - ■■-■•— ^rt:^- 

__!,•;.- futni 

Bn'.cer, B.lhal wli „_ 

Brach'i^l, a. beloneing lo the ai 
Brach'-e^ a. a aniBli qumnfl of i 
Biack'-iih, a. ndtiih, i^ like lea water. 
Biack'-iah-nest, n. a mliiBh laau, or quality. 
Brad, *. a tbtn nail without a head. 
Brag, e. (. to boan, iwagger, puff. 
Brag, n. a boast, a game at cards. 
Biag.gB-dc'-ciD, a. a brsgger, valit hoailei. 

R, a weaving, knot, la<^ etUing. 
n. igfl Bubalanee within the akuU, the 
of aeiiMIion and intellect. 
em, a. deatilula of thought, silly. 
lan. n, the ikull conttuniiut^e braiiu. 

Bralui, old p. of hreaJi. 
Brake, a. a thicket of shmbi, ii 
dmaring flax, handle of a pump 
Bta'-kf, a prickly, lough, thoiuy. 

I for 

Bram'-in-iim, n. the religion of the Brai 
Bran, n, the outer coata of wheat, rye, 

panted frujii il^ flour by grinding. 
Bnnch, n.,a limb, a bough, the ahoot of a tree 

or plant Irum the maiii-alein, or from anotlier 

branch ; a sucam enlering a larger one, a di- 

Tbion of a lubjecl, Slc. 
BrHuch, V. i. or [, to divide into ahooli, or din- 

linct peril ; to ramifj, to fork. 
BrSnch.^.* p. divided into brauchca or aubor- 

diiute parts. [ing. 

BrSnch-ing, j^. apreadina into branchea, Ibrfe' 
Bt«nch-len, u. having do brancheii, naked. 
Btencb-let, n. the division of a branch. 
Branch-y, a. fall of or havinjl branches. 
Brand, s. f. to mark wilh a brand. 

sword, an iron to bum the figure of leltiva, 

the mark burnt, a aiignia. 
Brand'-ed,;i. burnt with an iron, disgraced, [ing 
Braod'-iiu, ppr. burning with an iron, atigmalil- 
Brand'-iih, d. I. to wave, shake, flouiiah. 
Brand'-isb'^d,* p. raiaed and wav»d in the air 
Bra]ld', n. one who brandishes or floiJJTsh' 
Brand'-iah iDg,;ipr. flourishing, waving. [bu 
Bran'-dy, n. a apirit distiJted Com wine, cider oc 
Bran"-gle, n. a wrangle, biaw], squabble, [fruit 
Bran"-gle, «. i. to wnrngle, to dispute. 
Brank, n. buck-wheat, a bridle fut scolds. 
Brent, a. a wild fowl of the poao kind, [roali. 

BrBss,^. an alloy of oopper and link, of a yel- 
low color ; impudence, a brazen face. 
BrKss-i-neas, n. the quality of brass. [braai. 
BrKss-y, a. made of brass, herd ai brasa, like 
Brat, n. a child, progeny. 

Krave, a. courageous, gallanl, nohlc. 
Brave, a. a heclur. bully, awa^erer 

Brftve-Jy, ad. gallantly, generously. 
Brave-ry, n. coiifage,Woiam,gallai]trr ( Imw 
aeiue of ahow, oi.j 

Btft'-viiig, ppr. 

Bar, fnll,, ppjy, maiTno, jnii, bird, mfiTB, 


Brawl, n 

. .- A great noiae, scold. 

n qOEiTet, iquabble, great noiae, 
T, n. a ivruiEler, n noL£y penKm. 
Brawl'-ing, ppr. making a greai nuiso. 
Brawn, a. a boar's fleah, a rauaeular part. 
Bniwn'-i-neM, n. great airengih, finnnest. 
Brawn'-f , a. floilij', bulky, strong, firm. 
Bray, v.t.\o pound, to beat in a mottor. 
Bniy, 0. 1, to make a loud hanb noise or cry. 
Bray, n. the loud hanh cry uf the aaa. 
Brdy-ed,* p. pouudad, beaten m a monar. [ass. 
Brfly-ing, -ppr. beating in b morlar, rrpng as an 
Brnu, D. I. to cover or soder with btass. 
Brll-ed,'p. hardened, sodered. [bold. 

I'-zen, V. 1. [bntzn] tc 
a'-ieh-face, n. a bold 
a'-zen-&ced,* a. impu 

, bully. 

jss, bold. 

jnality, boldness. 
Irom Brazil lued : 

Breach, n. anopeniitf, d1fl%rence,<]ii>ml, viola- 
■■— ■ '■—\, afflict'"" '■■' - ' — 

Bread^tn, it. [bred'-coml wheat, lye, or other 

grain used Tor bread. 
Bread-room, n. [bred'-roam] a room where bread 

Breed-tree, n. [brad'-tree!I a tree growing in tropi- 
cal climates, whose fruit is- eiuellenl for food. 

Breadlh,R,[brndth]ei:enirmn side to side, width. 

Breih, V- r. and j. p. Broke, [and brakct ol 
Broke, Broken ; to part by force, dash U 
lame, become a bankrupt, ruin, fall a 

Break-fast, o. i. [brek'fBst] to eat the first meal 

in the da/. 
Break-lut-iilg, ppr, ^J makiTig the first meal in 

the day. [bankrupL 

BniJt.iiig, ppr. paniug by yiolence, becoming 

Bream, n. an insipid fish inhabiting deffi wvta*. 
Bream, v. t- to cleanse a ithip's botcon by fire. 
Breast, n. [bre«t| part uf the body, the Heart, 
Breast, v. t. jbrest) to meet in front and oppose. 
Breast-ed, p. [brest'ed] met in front, opposed. 
Bieast-ing, ppr. [biesl ing] meeting rn front, op- 
Breast- knot, n. [brest'not] a knot of ribios won^- 

on the breast 

Bnast'Olate, n. [breefplate] armor <ar ihe breast^ 

a folded piece of cloth worn by the Jewish 

high priest. ffaiBe. 

Breast-wSrh, n. rbmt'M-ork] a parapet lor de- 

Brealh, n. [brethf life, air respired, a breeze, res. 

Biiaihe, t. i. to respire, hTe,take breath orrM. 
move as air, eihale, give vent, utter aitenlly, 

Bn>a{h-ed,* p. respired, eihaled, uttered. 
BrfFafh-ing, ppr. rapiring, eihaling, venting. 
Breathing, n. respiration, aspitaiion, vent. 
B[eath-Ie«, o. (breihlessl out of breath, spent 

ar bring u) 

, iflspring. 

BrAed-er, n. one thai breeds or brings up. [tin^ 
Br€ed-ing, ppr. .generating, multiplying, ediica- 
Br$ed-ing, n. a bringing up,edtu-ation. mannera 
Breeze, n. a gentle wind, a stinging fly. 
Breeie-lcn, a, hai-ing no breeze, calm. 
BrSec-y, a. faiuied or fanning tvith galea. 


Bre-vet', n. a *cora 
pay, ot without 

if trotter. 

BieV-i-iy, ■. ihortness, 

- Romish priest's oflics booh 
imall kind of printing leoer 
■■ — '■ — ihortlegs. 

h9Qh, dBTC. full, m 

bral and mil, (a ma^ beet. 
ted, iteeped and fenneMted, 

Bnw'-sd,* p, 

BieW-er, n. oi- . ,._ 

BRw''Q^y, n. a hoDae for brewing. 
Bnw'-ing, ppr. preparing matt liquor. 
Bnw'-inKi "- Ibe act of malung mall liqnon, 

Bribe, n. a gifl to pervert Ihe jadgmcnt. 
Btihe, v.L to gain or cnnupt by gilli. 
BiMwd, pp.* cnmipted by |ifu. 
tkl-bef, a. one thai giTcs bnbn. 
BiQiM?, R. the act or criine of bribing. 
Brf-bing, ppr, mrraptinc by gifts. 
Brick, n. clay with Rand and water, Bluped 

mold, a loaf like a brick. 
Giick, D. (. to lay wiili bricki. 
Briek, a. made or built of brick. 
Briek'-bat, n. a bmken part ofa brick. 
Briek'-kiln, i^ a kilo fot burning brick. 
" ■ ,awo*erinbrickji 

lO makes bricka. 


Bri.dal, a. belonging to moiriaee. [ding. 

bUt, 1. a wDmen newly roamed or at ha wed- 
Bfide^take, n. cake giveiMl a wedding. 
Brtde.giH>in, n. a man newly married or about 

ID beiDBTTied. 
Btlde-groom, n. a bridegoom. [false spelling.] 
Brtde-maid, n. a woman who attends a bride at 

Br>de-well, n. a house of correction. 

Bridge, n. a building to pan over water on, pas- 

«ige, pari of the rioee or of a violin. 
Bridge, v. t. to form a bridge over. 
Bridg'.ed,* p, uorered or junuahed with a bridge. 
Bridg'-ing, ppr. covering or furnishing with a 

br|'-dle,t'. (, to put on a bridle, restrain. 
Brf.dlei,*p. having a bridle on, checked. 
Bri'^Uing, ppr. paUing B bridle on, restraining. 


Fln«r^ieas,n. a 


ig-Sda. V. 

al ^^i,>[^.* 

Brig'^ndt n. i 
Bright, a. abii 
Brfghi-<n, ». i 

Rrlght'ly, od. in a bright 

, iKinin^, sparkling ; n. a diamorul 

Brim, n, the edge, lip, lop, side, bank. 
Brim'.liill, a. full to the liiim or top. 
Brim''ming, a- full (o the ^ ery brim. 
Brim'-alone, n. a yellow mineral, aulphar. 
Brind'^ ja.^lreaked.iputlod. 

ipregnaied with sail. 

, _!■__,. tor evaporatioB 

r, reducing, ran 

. ^ ..._ . _.' brine, like brina 

Brl'.ny, a. consisting of brine, like brine. 

Brink, n. the edge, side, verge, borda. 

Brisk, a. qnick, lively, jovisl bright. 

BriflkVt, n. pan of the hreost neil ihe ribe. 

Brisk'-ly, oil. in an active manner. 

Brisk'-nesB, n. activeness, quicknem. 

Bris'.ite, n. [bris'l] a part of swine's hair. 

B^iB■^le, o. i. [brisl] to raise up ihe bristles. 

Brisl-ly,nd. Ibrisly] setlhiik with hrisllea, rough. 

Bri-tan'-ni»,o. Detaining lo Brilain, butprefiied 
only or chierty to the k ord MajenTv. 

Bmcii, R. Ihe club end of a gun or pistol, 

Breflch'-isE, fi^ strong rope laslf^ed to the case- 
able of a cannon. M prevcnl its recoiling. 

Bril'-ish, a. pertainiiii; to Britain or Great Hi itain. 

Bril'-lle,^. a|H to break, ahoU, weak, frail. 

Brit'-tle-ne»3, n. an aptoess to break. 

Broach, n. a spit, bodkin, start of a young (tag. 

B-^ach, V. t. to tap, spil, give ODt, utter 

BU, fitll, what, pPCT. n 

Biflach-ed,< p. Bpilled, u.iped, utured. 
Btfiach-er, n, a spit, one il at broachfli, 
Br^i&ch-ing, jipr. fipiuing, t~j>ping, utiering. 
Bnnd, a, wide, eilended, open- 
Brond-CBBt, n. a si-ntteting of »eed widely. 
Brojd-eloih, n. a kind of woolen cloUi, ao cal- 
led fruitx its breadth. 
Brosd-en, v. t. [brawd'n,] to grow or make broad. 
Broad-nesH, n. width ; in languaeet groaaneaB. 
Bnad-BidB, n. a diiphBTgeoTall thaguaioDOna 

Bro'-enEO, n. trade of a 

Brogue, n. a ahoe, a oormpt apeech. 
Broi(t'4r, D- L to adom with nefldJewoHt. 
Bn)id'.«r-ed,' p. adorned with needlework. 
Broid'* ry, n. erabroideiy, needlework. 
Bp3id'.«r-izig, wr. embelUBliiiig with bToiderj- 
Broil, n. B tumult, a nuia; quarrel. 

Broil'-ed,* p. drewed by heat over coala. 
Broil'-er, n. he or that which hmila. 
Bniil-ing, ppr; cooking over coala. 
' Broke, d. i. to Iranaacl buainess for another. 
Broke, Broken, p. of broths 
BrO-km-hran-ed, n. cniahed with grief, [tion. 
BrO-kq>-ne«, n, 9 slate of being broken, ' 


«. iheco 

.n of a I 

Bronm, n. ttcompound of copper and liit, 

times with other mslab. 
BrOoL-b, n. a boaom buclde, a jewel- 
Brood, n. an olfapring, hatch, breed. 

Brood'-od, p. covered with the winga,L 

Brood'-ing, npr. covering wilh the wingv, oher- 

vulel, a 

. [iab 

Biook'-ing, ppr. enduring, aubmilting to 
BiDom, n. a kind OiC shrub, a beiom. 

irlne, [nn, bird, miive, 

Broom'-fi>ni, n. a plant uaed for the bruahea of 

Broum'-sticki n. the handle of n broom, [broom*. 

Broom'-y, a. full of broom, like broom. 

Broth, n. liquor in which flesh ia boiled. 

Brof h'-el, n. a houie of iU &nte. 

BrOth'-er, n. a male bom of the aame poranlit 

BrBCh'-er-bood, b. onion, a aodety. 
BrOih'-er-ly, a. like brothers, loving. 
Broiu^l, p. and pp- otbring, [hraut.] 
Brow, n. the foreheeii, the eilge or aide. 
Brow'-baat, «. (. lo bear down, depress. 
Brow'-beat-en, p. overborne by inipndertni. 
Bro w'-beal-ing, ppr. overbeariog with eSroulHy. 
Brown, a. a dark or reddish colar. 

o theihoetatf 

Brow»-ing, ppr. fcedine on the twigs of shniba. 
Bruiie, o. t. to hurt with blowi, locrogh. 
Bruiie, n, a bun on the flesh, a contusioii. 
Brui«-ed,* p. hurt wilh a blunt ioatrumeiit, bro- 
ken, crushed. 
Bruix-ing, ppr, injuring The Oesh or bait 
Brilia-ing, n. a boiing, or beating, a cmahing. 
Bm'-mal^ rz. of or belonging to winter. 
Bru-net', { n. ■ woman of a biown conqdei- 

Bmnt, n. a shock, stroke, attack, onael. 
Brush, n. a hairy inafmment, brisk attack, tail, 
ahrubs, topped brancbea of treea. talightlr. 
Brush, c. I. or i. to rub wilh a brush,, alrika 
Brush'-ed,* p. rubbed or cleaned with a bruah. 
Bruah'-ing, p^, rubbing wilh ■ bruah. 
Bruah'-ing, n. a rubbing with a brush. 
Brush'-w^ood, n. low wood, underwood. 

Brua'-Ua, o. i. |bras1,l tocraoHe, hector, bully. 
Brus'-Iling, ppr. [brus'-Lng,] crackling, tnJignng 
Bru'-Ial, a. aav^e, cruel, '">"""«■', Vila. 
Bru-Ul'-i-ty, K. (•.vaaenn^ boilliiw 

bp9fc dflvB. fiillt ""■ fW chaJM, gt 

I, >s,Ihin, [hun. 

Bnilef a, aeiuielesBf irrBtiona), beetiaL 

Bra'-li-ri-6d,''p. made brulish. 

Bni'-ti-fy, o. (. to make bnitiah, 

Bm'-iiini, n. the dispoBitian or manner ofabiule. 

Bru'-iUh, d, j-egemblizig ■ beaat, ignorant. 

Bni'-tish'ly, ad. in a bmtiflh manner, rudely. 

Bni'-tiah-nes*, n. brutality, beasllineas. ' 

Bry'-o-ny, n. white Jalap, a genua of plant*. 

Bob, n. Btrone heor, a inall Uriuor. 

" ■ ■ ■ ■ a bladder, or I'eaide ^Ited B-ith air, 

run wiih a gutgling noias. 
Bub'-bled,' pp. of biMle. 
Fub'-bler, n. ■ cheat, knave. 
Bub'-bling, ppr. ruing in bubbloa, oheelina. 
Bub'-by, n. iha tacan. 
Bu'-bo, n. a itnnor with inflaMmatioii. 
Bu&a-neer, n. a pirate, a Irea-booter. [deer, i 
Buck, n. water to wash clothe*, male of rabbita, 
BDck,E. t. to wash or iteap dolhes in lye. 
Buck'-b^k.«t, n, ■ basket to carry duttiea to 

Buck'-ed/ p. waatitd or steeped in vrater. 

Buck'-ing, ppr. Kjahing in lye, washing. 
Bue'.kle, n. an instrument for fastening atnpa. 
BDc'-kle,t. t. ori. to fasten wiib a buclle, bend, 

bowt condescend, apply, engage. 
Bnc'-kled,' p. (aHtened w[lh a buckle. 
Bnck'-ter.R. aihield. 
Bae'-kling,;ipr. raslening withi 

Bock'-wheat, n. a plant and ita seed, cultivate 

for Toad, Med also bnmk. 
Ba-eol'-ic, a. relatinglo ahepherd4| pastoral. 
Bo-eol'-ie, n. a pastoral poen; or Aong. 
Bnd, n. the first shoot of a tree, &c. a rue. 
Bud, V. i. and (. (o put forth buds, inoculate. 

— ,^. sprouted, inocnlaled. 

Bud'-dingpjjpr. shooting sprouta, inoculating. 

Bud'-ding, n. the act ofsproutiog, first shooting 

Budge, o. i. to stir, go, move, move off. 

Budg'-edj'p. oibuagtt 

Hudg'-et, n. a bag, pouch, stock, store. 

Budg'-ing, ppr. stirriag, moving. 

Bud'-lel, n, a Utile bud or shoot. 

Buff, n. a son of leather dressed with oil. 

BuT-fa-lo, n. an animal, a kind uf wild di ' 

Buf'-frt, V. t. to hoi, beat, strike. 

" " ' ■ n. s blow with the fist, boi OD thecal, 

, kind of cupboard. 
Bll^-fe^ed,p. stnick, beaten. 
Buf '-fet-ing, ppr. striking, beating. 
BuT-fel-ing,!!. a beating, contention. 
Buf-lbon, n. anarch fclloM?, merry -andrew. 
Buf-foon'-*-ry, n, very Iftw jests, drollery. 
Bug, n. the name of a multitude of iiuacla. 
Bug'.bear, n. a frightful object, &lBe dread. 
Bug'-gy, a, full of or having bugs. 
Bu'-g^ Bu'-^Ie-hom, n. a hunting bom, ■ mil] 

Bu'-gie, n. a plant, s shinitig bead of glass 
Bu'-glos9, fl. the name of several plants. 
BuUd / "■'-and'j'.andpp. biulded,bilt,torai»B 

' ) to rest or depend on hi support. 
Boild'-er, ) n. one who builds, as a houiB, 
Bild'-er, ) bridge, ship, &c. 
Build'-ing, ) ppr. constructing, electing; n. • 
Bild'-ing, t hoose, bam, &c. 
Bulb, R. a round root, as oT tulips, onioiu. *'-*-(ous, a. producing bulbs. 
Bulb'-oiis, a. having rottnd roola or heads. 
Bulge, D.I. to snellin the middle, to bilge 
Bu'^-my, n, a most ravenous appetite. 
Bulk, n, aiie, quantity, a chief part. 
Bulk'-head, n. a partition in a ship. 
Bulk'-i-nees, it. largenesii of aiie, heaviaeiK 
Bulk'-y, n. lusty, hig, loige, groaa, heavy. 
Ball, n. an animal, the pope's edict, a blnndar 
Bijll-ace, n. a kind of wild flutn. 

Bull-dog, ■>. a large dog. 


Bull-«t, n. ■ ball Tor a gaa. 
Bull-frtin, n. a recori, official notice. 
Bull-fincb, n. the name of a singing bird. 
Bull-nglit, n. B combat wilh a bull. 
Biill-frog, n. a ver; large epeciea of Irog. 
Bull-head, n. a «rupid jwraon, a fiah. 
BuU-ion, n. un-nin«l nilvpr nr nM. 
BuU-ock, n. g 

Bul-ly, n 


Bn|4y-ing, ppr. overbearing, houtoring, 
"■■'—'■ . a rush growing m vvaier or wet [and. 

Bun. Buon, n. a small cake or aweet bread. 

Buncli, B. i. or (. lo grow in knoba, cluiler. 

Bnncb'-y, a. grovring in, or full of bunclies. 

Bun'-ilie, n. a parcel bound up logether. 

Bun'-dle, v. (. to lie, or pul in a bundle. 

Bun'-jled,* p. and ™. of Bundle. 

Bung, n. a stopper for the mouth of a barreL 

Bang, v. (. to atop cloi 


Biin"-gler, n. a bad or . ... 

Bun"-gluig, iipr. p-ribiming awkwardly. 

Bun"-|ling-ly, ml. in a clumHy manner. 

Buni'-ingi-n. thin linen cloth, a lark. 

Buoy, n, a Hoatii^ caak or light piece o( wood 

fastened oier an anchor or ahoel natar for a 
■ direction, or to bears cable. 
Buoy, D, (. or I. to ke«p afloat, support, uphold. 
Bnoy'-art-cy, n. the tinaliiy of flooiing- 
Buoy'-ont, a. that will not aiiJt light. 
Bur, n. the prickly head of a plant. 
Bui'-bot, B. a voraeiooa fiah like an eel. 
Bnd'^n B. that which i« carried, a load, a griev- 

) > In d, conienta of a ahtp. 
Bii ^ «n. v. 1. lo load, incumber, opprem. 
BnJ'-tii.ed,* p. Imded, oppreesad, over-loaded. 
Bnnl'-en^ii*, a. grjevoui, cumbeisome, op^nea- 
BunF-oi^Sine, a. griemui, troubltmrne. [ajve-' 


&ird'-en-stiin&.ne«,fl. beBvirKn.op[a«aaivemM. 
Bur'-doch, n. a genus of plants bwing bun. 
Bu'-rcau, n, [bu'-ni,| a small cheat of dmwon. 
Burg, n. a borough. 
BuiY'-a-mot, n. a kind of pear. 
Bur^geaa, n. a citizen, freeman of a city- 
Burgh'-er, n. an inhabitant of a borough, (ing 
Burg'-lar, n. one guilty ufnoctunml house break' 
Burg-la'-ri-ous, a. consisting in burglary. 
Bnrg-la'-ri-ous-ly, ado. in a buiglanous moiuter. 
Burg'-Io-ry^ n. the crime of houae^breakiitg IfT 

mgbi, with intent to commil felony. 
BuTg'-o-mas-ler, n, a magistrate in Holland. 
Bur'-gun-dy, n. wine made in Buipindy. ' 
Bur-i-al, n. [ber'ialj the act of depositing in tba 
Bu'-rin, n, a tool uaed in engraving. [gravn. 

bSJ"?!^ \ "■ ""^e "> wcile laughter. 
Bur'-lewiw, ) "" ' »l>eciaiof writing which lend. 
Ri,f' ImS \ •" *»<="* lautfuer by lodicroua 

"^ """^ ) images. 

issri'-'-— •'■■-«™- 

Bum, V. L or 1-p-and OT3- burned, burnt; to con- 
sume by Hre, U> be hot or in a pesion, to 
•corch, be inflamed, or on fire. 
Bum, n. a hnrt or wound caused by fire- 
Bam ''Bd,*p,u)iuamed by flre, baked. 

Bom'-ing, vpr. consuming by flre. hardening ; 4L 

powenuJ, vehement, much heated. 
Burn'-ing, n. combustion, inflammation, heat- 
Bum'-ing-gliiss, n, a glass tliat cullecta tlte suii'e 
Bum'-ish, v. t. to polish, bri^teo. [raya. 

Bum-tBh-ed,*ji. brigbtnied, polished. 
Bnm'-iAluer, n. a person that DumiahH. 
Bur'-nisb-ing, ppr. poliiiiing, making bright. 
Burnt, see bum. 

Buml-or-ier-it>g,n. a sacrifice by huminga vio- 
" ' ' kind of pear, inaect. (tini. 

Bur'-rOw, n. a lodge m th 
Bur'-rOw, r. i. to lodge in 
Bur-rOw-ed," p. of fiurrou 

av z 


book, dOve, full. HBfl, eau, 

Bunt, n. a ■od'ten rent, an enipden, 
Buret'-er, n. one ihal reodg wtlh violence. 
Baiat'-iog, ppr. breiiknig open br violence. 
Buit, ». a flsl fish of [be tmtiot kind. 
Bur-tbrai, «ee burden, 

BD-ri-«d,* p. [berYidJ depoaited in Ihe grave. 
Bn-ry, o. i. pjerty J to inler in a grave, lo hide 
in atuTDundijig loauer. [nave. 

Bu-ry-ing, ppr. [ber'-ry-iog,] depoBiUng m llie 
Biufa, «. B shrub, a boueh, circle ot'meUl. 
Bush, t,. t. 10 liimiah with a buah. 
Bnah'^d,* p. funiislied wilh a buah. , 

Biuh'-el, D. a drjr nHaiure of eighl galloni, or 

Bosh'-i-nBH, n. a buahy acale. 
Rushy, a. full of buihei, thick, lane. 
Bu-ii-ed,* p. rtuz'-ii-ed,] liiUv employed, [tioa. 
Bu-ti'ly, ol [biz'-ii-ly,] with conalant oceupa- 
Bu-ii-new, n. |;biz'-neaa,]^inploynieiil, occupa- 
tinn, aEbirt concern- [dreu. 

Biuk, n. a piece of aleel or nbakbone uied in 
Bnak, o. t. lo be busy or actively employed. 
Btuk'.in, n. a half boot worn on the ilage. 

, .Bahing boat. 

nnaa, » i. to kin, (vulgar.] 

Bust, n. tbe figuie of a pemra in relief! showing 
tbe bead and ilioulden. 

Biuif.Brd, n, a large fowl of the graUic order. 

Bna'-tte,r.t.[bOB'Q lobe buiy, hurry, stir. [stir. 

Biu'-tle, n. [busi,] a lumult, hurry, cooTuaian, 

Bus'-iler, n. [busier,! a itirriDg penon, a busy 

Bus'-iliiig, ppr. [biulingj stirring, moving, ac- 

Busy, a. [bii'-zyj eniptoyed wilh conatsot at- 
umtion, active, officujUB, meddling, [lention. 

Busy, D. (. [biz'z;f ,] to employ with conatejii a^ 

Busy-bod-y, n. [Inz'iy-bodxJ a meildling person. 

But, p. cba, eiccpi, beaides, unless, oi^y. 

"— -^- —ore, further, noting addition or aup- 


Bolcb-M', n. (. lo kill, in ilav inhumanly. 
BotclMMd,* p. slau^uered for me^et. 

iJutcb-ar-Urd, n. the shrike, a bird oT prey. 
Biitch'.«r-ly, a, cruel, barbarous, bloody. 
Sutch'-er-y, n, the eUughter of cattle for niar> 

ket, cruel murder, 
Bul'-end, ?t. Ihe (bicker end of a piere of limber. 
But'.ter, n. one who has the care of Itquors. 
But'-Ier-age, n. n duly on wine paid to o butler. 
But'-ler-ship, n. die office of a huller. 
Bul'-ment, n-abuiircaa, rhe support of an arch. 
Butt, n, a mark to abool at, end of s plank, s hinge. 

Bni'-ter, n, an oily aubstonce oluained from 
But'-ler, o. (. to emear with bullet. [cream 

Bul'-tar-ed,»p. of butler. [fiowfis. 

But'-ler- cups, n. a plant, CTonibot, with yellow 
But'-ler-By,!!. a genua of inaects with foor nings, 

a spiral tongue, and bairy body. 
But'-Ier-ia, n. a eubatance made Irom cream. 
Bul'-ler-mllk, n. tbe milk which remaina aDer 
'parated from it. 


1. the ft 

M of wood for stamp 

But'-ter-prbt, } 

But'-ier-atam|),i ._^ 

But'-ler-tootb, n. a broad fore toolh- 
Bul'-ler-y, n- a place for pmviiion*. 
But'-tock, B. the upper part of the thigh • 
But'-lon, n. a ball or knob ibr ftstening. 
But'-tm, o. I. to fallen with or by bnttona. 
But'-tm-ed,»j.of butlon 
But-tAn-hole, n. a hole for holdinr a button. 
But'-Iiin-wn9d,n. the American plane tree. 
But'-tresB, n. s prop, shore, eupport. 
But'-lrcsa, ii. I. to support by a bultreea. 
Btui'-ora,«. lively, wanton, Fobedieni, ot*.! 
Rui'-om-ly, uA briaMy, with wanton sira. 
Bux'-om-nem, n. brieknesa, smoronsnesa 
Buy,D. (. and pp. bought, [haul,] to purchase, ts 

obtain for a price, bribe, redeem. 
Buy-er, n. otie who purchase* 
Buy-ing, ppr. purchasing, gaining for a price. 
Buzi, n. a humming low sound, whiter. 

Buiz'-ard, n. a apeciea of hswk, a blockhead 
Buiz'-er, n, a whiai>erer, * telltale. 
Buzz'-ing, ppr- making * low hissing aonnd 
Bii»'-ing, n. a humnung low noise or talk 

rj r^U, what, \v^, marYne, pin, bird, mtive, 

By, pnffl. nair, through, denoting agency or 
By and 6y, ad, ptMenQy, loon, (honly. [meaiu. 
By'-ead, n. priviMo Bdvnnlage, inlereac. 
Bj '-law. n. B law or a luwn, cily or aocie^. 

X^AB, n. HQ uriental meoinn of Qeariy tb 

X^ pirn.. 

€a-bar, n. • private junto of men. 
Ca-baJ', V. L lo Lntngue privately, to plot, 
Caiy-B-liBl, n. one afiUed in Jenieh tradition 
e»b-B-hat'-ic, a. parmioiiig to the royslerioi qf 

Jewith tindiliuna. 
Ca-bal'-ler, n. an intriguer, one who plots. 
Ck-bal'-ling, ppr, iotriguing, plotting in a paity- 
€ab'-baie,''.Bgeniucf ilants or»veral epsries. 
Cab'-bage, ii. t. to puriinu or nabeuls pieces td 

Cab'-lMle-me, n. ■ tropical liee, bearing fruit 

like a cabbage besjl 
Cah'-in, n. part uf a shi 

Cab'-in,p.i. -~ ' 


' ilrawHi, a place fill 

a cottage, a 


Ceb'-in-et4d, p. inclosed in a private 

Cab'-in-ei-niBJiBr, n, one whose buaineu la n 

make cabinet!, tablea, lideboarda, &c. 
€a'-ble, R. a atrong rope or cbaia to hold a vei 

CB-bous'e, n. the cook room or kitchen ofa ahip 
Cacb'-a-lot, n. the physBter or apermaceti whale 
Ca^iee'-iic, a. having an ill habit of body, 
ea-ehei'-y, n. an ill habit of body. 
Cbe'-kJe, B. t. to make the noise of a ban. 
Cae'-kle, n. the noise of « ben or goose. 
CafkMLng, ppr^ making the noise of a hen o 

Cla^eaph'-o-ny, n. a duagreeable sound of words 
C^^Uv'-a-out, d. Itfce a dead body, pale. 

Cad'-dia, n. a kind uf tape, a woim. 

Cnd'-dy, n. a small box tot tea. 

Cade, a. tame,aenile,Birfi, delicate. CinK. 

Ca'-dence, r. a bll of voiiw in nadios or speoE 

Co det', n. a volunteer, a younger hrotber. 

Ca'^li, n. a Turiush judge. 

€a-da^«nu, a. laQiu early, a* leaves, or Bcatyx 

Cag, n. a tittle bstreTor caxk. 

Cage, a. a boi to cQD^ne birds or fowla. 

Csis-Boon', n. a ehcxl of bombs or powder. 

eai-tii; n. a base fellow, a villain. 

Ca-jule, V. (. to flaOer, entice, beguile. 

Ca-jo'-led,* flaneied, beguilad by Batleir. 

Ca-Jo'-ler, n. one who wheedle*, or flatters. 

Ca-jo'-hng, ppr. flattering, deceiving by flatterr. 

C(i)ia,ti.asmBllloafornias*of bnsad, «,c. 

eake,G.i. loformiatoahardmaasorooacreijoii 

Ca'-ked.'p. ofcote. 

Cal'4-bash, n. a Dee, a vessel like Bgourd-sIi«|L 

fU-a-man'-fO, n. a kindSf woolen Btufll 

Cal'-a-mint, n. a species 

1, a. untbrtunale, distressing'. 


I of limi 

akindof reed ot flag. [head, 

n open carriage, a cover fit th« 
a. having the oatute and p«>p«r> 

, I. shod, (unushed with ahoeii. 
€al-cin-a'-lion, n. the operation of cakdning. 

al'.«ine,t v, t- to i^nce to n powder or to a 

friable state, by heaL 

al'-cin^id," p. reduced to a powder, to. 
Cai'-cin-ing, ppr. (educing lo a powder. 
€al'..«u-lule, u. (. or i. lo compute, lo mkon. 
E^''ea-la'Ied, p. icckoned, compuUd. 
E^'-eu-la'ting, ppr. computing, rechooing. 
E^t-ea-lB'.tion, a. compntation, a reduirur^, 
Cal'-eu-la-tor, n. one who compuiee, ot tea£|ou^ 
Cal'-eu-lolw, a. stony, gravelly, ^riay. 
C^Bl-dron, n. a targe kettle or boiler. 

Cal*-fa'-ci«n', 0. warming, 

' oftb^ 

book, dOrs, fait, M«, on, cbniae, gen, ■■, Ihin, {hoa. 


cklh imoodi a 

<U-endB, n.pi. the liist day ol 
Cil'-en-ture, n. an anient fevei 

<W; a. [cat] pi. calvH, [ciiva] Ihe jdi 

cow, lite thick pan of the leg. 
^Jtl 'i-bu*, n, the bora of fire afnu. 
(^-i-eo, ». pijiited csnon cloth; inEae. nhite 

CHl'-td, a. hot or walm, scorching. 
Co-lid'-i-ty, n. heal, buming heat, 
ea'-lii; €«'-lipb, n. ■ chief prieit una 

fa calif. 

(fl'-litaie, n. the office 
C*-lig'-rB-ph)', n. besuiL 
QiU, V. t. [cBukj lo gta[ 

vritb aha/p pointa. 
Qitk, ■, [cBnkj a sharp point < 
C^'4d,*p. [CHUked] naving 

ppd, shod wnh calka. 
Calk^er, r. [cank'erl one who ttopa Kanu., ppr. [cHuk'Ing] stopping the Beaton of 

a ihip, ptjiting on Bhoea with QOks. [out- 

CaU, D. t. or I. to name, inviw, demand, bawl 
Call, n. a demand, sddma. mmmonB. 
tjdl*d,» p. n 


C^-ing, ppr. 
(alMng, n. e 
Caiq™, i 
€BlMaa*, 1. 1 

fsl'-IoiH-nt™, ,. 

Cal'.ldw, a. destitute of teathen, unAedeed, 
Cdm a. Icaml Hlil[,qui'" ""' •'■'•■•■•^ 
Calm; n. IclUn] slillnsi 

Darning, inviting. 

I, quiet, Iranquilbty. 

, _. ,, ^_-,„. ., T— et, appease, pacify. 

Colm-neaa, n. [camneHH] stiUnesa, quiet, mt. 
C«l'.o-mel, n, B ptBporation of mercnrj'. 
Qt-lor'-ie, n the supposed element of beat. 
Ca-lor-if '-ie, o. prurtucing heat. 
Cal'-trop, n. an inairunient with iour poinla Uk 
to iaWMe the paaaing of cavalrj. 

crime or offenaa knowingljr ai._ , 

made or reported. 
U'-va-rj, ■. a place of ikoUa. 
^alve, V. I. [civ] to bring Ibrth a calf. [fomMf 
^I'-vm-iim, H. the doclnnea of Calvin, the m 

Cn'-lfi, II. the 



) of timbn' cot archwii*. 
oa while linen or CO 

Cam'-ber-ing, a. 

C^m-hrie, n, a apeciea ol 

Came, pret- of coatr. 

Cam'-el. n. a large quadniped, a macluDa lb( 

. an attack by aurfsise at ni^t. 

Cam'-lel^ n. a aluff of woalandailkor hau. 

Chs[n-o-inIle,na genu* o^lanla. Iienli. 

€amp, n. a piece where troop* lodge, order of 

eam-pSign, n. the time an timj keepa (he Geld. 

&m'-phor, n. a aolid concrete Juice of the Indian 
laurel-tiee. , 

am'-phor-e-tad, a. impregnated with ounpboi. 
-■m-pbor'-ic, a. pertiiniDg to camphor. 

Cam'-pi^n, n. the popular name of the Ifchni*. 

Can, c. i. p. could; to be able. 

Can, n. a cup or veaael lur liquors. 

Can-ail, n.tlie coaner part of meal, dtegi of 111* 

Ca-nal', n. a water cour>e, a pipe. 

■ — kind of wine, a long-bird. 

.0 blol out, make void. 

€an'-cel-a-1ed, a. croaaed by llnea. 

Can^xl-a'-tion, n. a defsciniib]' croaa lifiea. 

€an'-cel.ed,*p. cioaaed, obEteraled, anuuDed 

€an'.cel-ing, jpr. crosiing, annulling. 



1 cnb, a aign in the ic 

Can'-cer-a-tion, n. Ihe tbrmation ol 

tem, o. glowii 

fair, frank, ingeBOoi 

Csn'-ili-<lue, n. one who met or ia iMvpoMd for 

On'-did-lT, ad.tur\y, fraiAly, honettlr. 
ClBD'-did-nem, n. rairona, in^enuoaaacu. 
€ui''di-ed,* p. coMovrl with aagat. 
earV^le, n. B lighl main i>rtBllaw or wu. 
ean'-dla-maa, n. the Injt of ibe piiriilcation of 

lll8 Virgin Mary, Fob. 'i. 
Can'-dLa-BUck, n. Ihu lyhich IwMi ■ eondlB. 
Can'-dor, n- oporu>«« afheart, &JmeH, fmikmB. 
€aii'-Jy, ii. i. or i, to eonierre wild wigBr, lo 

form iiuo ctTBtali, 
Cnn'-dy-ing, wir. comening widi ragiT. 
€■110, ■. ■ teed, ■ walking iliek. 
Cane, 1. 1 lo beil with ■ cane or iliek. 
Cane-brake, n. ■ thicket of CBnee. 
e^.nit^.n-h.r. a. belonging lo the dog-atar. 
' ' Lg to the dog'kind. 

tg with a cam « Btick- 
Can'-iB-ler, u. a Bmall boi for tea. 
Cank'-er, n. a diMase in plants, an ea^ng aore. 
Caiik'-tH-, V, t. or i. to berpme corrupt, to corrode. 
Canh'.flr^d," p. oornipted, corrodod. 
<!ank'-«t-ou«, a. corroding '"' 





^r, ^11, wb|t, prty. niarVn«, pin, bird, mUve, 

I. a human being that sati humaff 

m-Kda,n. tbefiringofi 

n-ftde, V. (. U 
m-btfl, «■ > 

Ina^i with h( 

hoi, n. a cannon bail, range of shot, 
in and not, [not prnarrly anrnrcttd.l 
a boat made of bark or of a tree. 
, a rule, a dignitary of a church. 


benejice in a cathedral church, &c. 
Can'-oD-iHt, n. a profenor of the canon u 
Can'-oo-[zs, v. t. to declare lo be ■ ninL 
Can4n-i.u'-dDti, n. an enrolling among 

pi. the drese of tlw clergy. 
' ' ean'-on-ahip, ». : 

iiti-wd,' r naked anioiig lb 

Con'-on-i-zing, ppt. raiikinf amoiig iha m 

Cant, e. (. 

eanl,n. a 

t. is coTer or adorn with a canof? 

a. mujitckl, harmonious. 

r I. to turn or (hnuE inddcnly, lo 

line in speaking. 

m, a throw or puih, a wbiniog. 

to Ibr iiqinn, &c. 

Can', n. a song. CajUicUt, the Songa of 
Cant'-ing, ypr. toi«ing with a jerk, whining. 
Cant'-o, n, port of a poem, diiuion, a aong. 
€an'-toD, a. diviiion of a country. 

Gan'-ton^d,*^. divided into diatiicto, quartered. 
ean'-ton-iiig,;ipr. dividing intadialricu or quar- 
Chn'-ion-Iie, v. I, (o divide inUi diatricti [len 
Can'-ton-meot, n. diauibution of Imopa inlo 

Can'-vas, n. a coana doCfa, mil or laili. 
Cen'-VBH, c. t. or i. to diacim, eiamine, make 

ing, ppr i 

Ming, I 



€^'-Io-nBt, I 

€«?; x'.t »L,c. .,» „™u „. Lu^. 
Cap-B-pi?, ad. from head to foot, at] over 
Ca-pa-hil'-i-ty, ■"- " 


!, BUfticianl. 
power of knowing 

Ga-pa'^^ioui, a. wide, large, i 

Ca-pac-i-la'-tion, n. the act of 
ea-]>ac'-i-ty, n. Iha power of i 

tainln^, powen of the mind, runienm. 
Ca-par'-i-son, n. dieai, or irappinga,aa of a hoin> 

making capable. 
to driaa pmnpouily, adton 

book, dOvt, fuB, nae, t 

fkpe, n. > head land, nech-piere of a fobI. 
Ca'-per, n. the bud of (he caper buah, a leap 
€B.''per, V. i\ to §ktp, leap, fnsk alrout. 

Cop'-it-la-ry, a. resembling a hair, minute, ij 

Cap'-i-lal, n. principal luni, glock, l»^ tetter, 

chief citj, upper pan of a column, 
Cap'-i-tal, n. princiiil, denervitig deslh. 
C>p'-i-ial-i»i,n. one ivhohaaa capilalor stock. 
C.p'-i-tal-ly, ad. in a capital manner, bravely. 
€ap-t-tB'-tlan,n. numeration of headii.noll-iai. 
Cap'-i-lal, n. a castle and temple in 



™ of a clinp- 
on apecified 

e>p'-ping, Tpr. covering on the lop, 
Cap'-re-o-tBle, n. having fifircirm spiral claipen 
fi-prfcB, n. whim, biicj, frttik, humor. 

fa-pri''-ciaui-ly, ad. whimsieallj, fieakjihiy. 
Ca-pri"-cJoua-n«a, n. whimBicalneaa, [roukieh 

Cap'-ri-eom, b. [ha goal, a sipi in the nidiac. 
tap-ri-fi-eB'-tion, n. a methii3 of ripening fig 

hy an iiiscin that pricks tlie huda. 
Cap'.^i.rona, 0. havuig the form of a goat. 
Oin-aize, B. I. to overturn, to upset. 
f-BJuIz-ed,* p. overtomed. 
fap'-stan, n. an engine to raiae or dmw weights 
Cap'-an-lar, a. hollow like a cheat or vessel,* 
Cap'-sule, n. the aeed vessel of a plant, or hoi 

low pericarp with cells Cir seeds, [ship 

r^ii'-iaiii, n. the commander of a company oj 

i]*p'-tain-«y, H, the commission of a captnin. 

'■ ■ - ' '• ,. ihe rank or post of a laptain 


fap'-Iivo, n, one taken in war, ■ priaonet. 
Cop'-tivej a. made piisoner, enslaved, 
Cap-tir'-i-ty, n, the state of being a prinHwr, 

Dorula^, aubjertion. 
Cap'-tor, n, one nho take) a prize. 
('ap'-iure, n, a taking, teizure of o prjie. 
Cap'-ture, r, (, to lake ai a prize in war. 
Cap'-iur-ed," p. taken aa a priie. 
Cap',4ur-ing, jipr. taking ai a priie. 

Car'-Bl, n. a wrighl of four siaim, the 24th pa* 

ofgoldorailver. ItradVta 

€ar'-a-van, n. a body of traveling pilgrima o 

('■r'-a-vel, Car-vel, n, a small veaid in the hor- 

Ciir-bine, > n, a short gun borne by light honK 
Car'-a-bf ne. 1 men. 


C^r-bon, n, pure chanrual, 
(^r-bon-a'-ceoui, a, pertainin; 
'on-ue, n, a compoond 

liftil gen 

a, pcflaining to raibon, 
n. an innammalory tun 

ir, a. like a carbimcle. 
dead body, an old irame or hull, 
bollow iron case used in war, 
£^_rd, ji, a written note or mf«aage, a large comb 

inled paper, cnmpasa. chart. 
Ciird, B. (. to comb, open and make soft with a 
Ciitd-ed, p, combed with a card. [canl 

€iird-er, n, one who usea a card,, a. principal, chief, eminenL 
f^, n. a dignitary of the Jtomiah Church, 

a fowl, a 

I cloke. 

r , a taking, a preamble. 

fap'-tioDs, 1. apt to find fault, peevish. 
Op'-iiooa-ly, od. in a peevish manner. 
€ap'-(ianB-nees, n. disposition to Hnd fault. 
Cap'-tiv-Ble, v. t. to lake prisoner, u> charm, 
Cap'-tiv-a-teil, p. taken captive, charmed. 
Kap'-lir-a-tirgijipr. taking priaoner, chwrning. 
Cqi-airV-tiuo, n. die act of taking captive. 

Card-ir^, ppr. combing, opening with cards. 
€iird-in^-ma-rh'me, n, a mschino (or combit^, 



Bar, (all, what, prgy, nuirTiie, pin, biri, mBve, 

Olre-ful, a. full arsoticiluile, caurious, saving. 
Caw-flil-lj, ad. wilh care or CBiilion. 

€Sre-lM,ii. h«idTM8^un™ncemed, MgliBenl.' 
CAre -leu-ly, ad. wiihoui care, heedkasTy, 
Care-lesi-nfaa, n. heeillesiiiess, inallenliun. 

Gn-mss', n, embrace, ac^t of endearmenl. 
fa-rpna'-vdy^ p. Ireated wilh much laoilneflB. 
Ca-'re88''ing, ]ipr. embracing and ireaung with 

Cur-ffo, n. a stiip'a lading, freight, load. 
Clir'-i-ca.[u», II. a figure or dascripUon eiHgge- 

ruled lo deTormUy. ■ 
CaK-i-ea-lure. 1. 1, to exhibit wurae than tbe life. 
Ca'-ri-uua, a. decayed, deferlJve. 

eaMiof, !. .___. 

OiT'Onl'-i-ty, n „ 

<Sr-nal-l^, ml. according lu thefleah, Hnanally. 
eii>«.na''tian, n. flesh mtur, a beautiful flawer. 
CSr-tiB-val, R. feast uf n^icing beliice Lent. 

ear-na-aiB,a. fleshy, having (he qualiiiea urilesh. 
- CSr-ni-fy, s. i. lo fiimi flea[i,to become fleah. 

ig of joy, d 

I. tOBing, 1 

Car'-ol-ed,* p. aung, WBrl>led, celebmlwl ill song. 
eor'«l-in^; ;^. lingin^. warbling. 
Car.o-lin'-i-Bn, a. pertaining lu Carolina. 
€a-rous'-a1, n. a l^lival, hard drinking., 
ea-rous'r, ti. i, to drink freely and nuiHily. 
ea-rou.'.ed,' p. of (Taroure. •■ 
(Si-rou«'-ing, npr. drinking to eiC8s», reveling, 
eurp, n. a fi.ti, eicelleni for ponds. 
esrp, 0. i. to cavil, to coniure peevishly. - 
CSrp^n.ler, n, a worker in wood, joinsf, buildei. 
Ciirp-er, b. one who carpi or cavils. 
Car.pM, n. a covering for a floor, 
fair-pat, V. 1. 10 ruver with a carpet. 
Oir-pai ed, p. covered with a carpet 

CiiT-pel-ing, ]^. covering with a ctuprt. 
€iirp-ing, pjir. finding feult peevisWy. 
Cap-riage, n. what Is carried, a vehicle, convv 

€ar'-ri.ed,* p, borne, conveyed. 

Car'-ti-er, n. one who carries, a noner. 

t;ar'-ti4n. n. worthleai or putrid fleah. 

Car.rOD.ftde, n. a short piece of ordimnGe 

Car'.rot. n. a ptonl and il* root. [ag 

Car'-ry.o 1. andi. tobear,convey,hehBVe,inBi 

Car'.ry-ing, jjpr. bearing, conveying. 

C^rt, n. a carriage of burden on two whedi 

Clin, o.(. lo convey in a cait 

Can-ape, n. act of carting, price of caning, 

Ciir-te], n. on agreement between enemiea 

iv\ng the «]ualiliea of gtis- 
Cdr-tooo', n. a painting on large paper. [tie. 
Car-touch, n. acase Ibr bolls. 
Cir-tridge, n. a paper case for a charge Of pow. 
Ciir-lridge.boi, n, a hoi &r cartridge*. Jdw 
ean-rul, n. a cut mBde in Ihseanhbya wheel 
ean-nay, n. a way lor a cart. 
€ilrt->raighl,n. a maker of caits. 
Car-un-^ n. a fleshy eicrescence. 
Carve, u- 1, to cut wood, alone, or meat. 
Cftrv.ed,' p. cut, shaped by ciitiitig. 
tSrv-er, n. one who carves, a large knile, 
€drv-ing, ppr. cuitinR, Bhaping by cutting. 
Casc'-a-lMd a. the knob or pomraelion of acan- 

CAseiuate, n. an ai 

Case, n. a covering, ahoaih, 

of a word. 
Case, V. r. to cover with or put in a case 
Ciise.hiird.«n, v. t- lo make kard the outs 
Caie-knlle, n. a kitchen or ubie knife. 
in the flanJi of a 1 

CAse.mciil, R. a part of a window. 
Ca'se-ous, a. having the qualitiu of cheese. 
Cas'-em, n. a lodge for soldiers near t^nparts. 
Cfisfr^hot, Tt. balls inclosed in a case. 
CUe-wGrm, n. a wonu that mahe< ilaelf a case 
Cash, n. raoney, coin, ready money. [for. 

Cash, V. 1. 10 convert into money, to pay nuneT 
Cash'-book, n. a book in ivhich account* M 
money are ksDt. 

book, d3ve, fiiU, dm, oin, chuie, K«n, u,Uiin, Ihou. 

Ca-ghiet. n. ■ cash-keeptr, an officer ol a bank 
Ca-shiSr, v, t. to diBRiiu rrom an office. 
Ca-ahier-ctJ,* 7^, djacherged from a plafvoftrual. 
Ca-iliier-ingippr. discharging from office. ~ 
ea'.mii^.jipr. coiering wilh a case. 

Ciakl n.'a wuoden </eLel for liquS "9 heSnot. 
Ciak-el.Ti. a moali bui, a cheat for jewela. 
Caa'-aa-dB, n, B genua gf pianta, affoldlag food. 

Caa'.Bi-do-ny, n. a plant, French Inveo^. 
eBa'-Bock,n, a robe, a cIobb undef.garmenL 
Caa'-sock-ed,- a. clothed with s ctaiock. 
Cai''4o-WB-ry, n. a fowl niih amall winga. 
CllMt,v.t.p. and pp. coat; to thnw, abed, ding, 
eSat, n. a throw, molion, turn. (Iblin. 

Cana'-lj-an, a. noting a fount Bl Parnassua. 

gf amall concave sheila of ivory, gr wood. 
CSm-a-na;. n. one abandoned lo deamiclion. 
Caa'-tcl-Ian, n. Ihe governor uf a coalle. 
Cai'-tel-la-ny, n. the lordahip of a caatte. 
Caa'-tel-Ia-teJ, a. iiicloaod, adonted with torreta- 
<JB-iel-la'-lion, n. act of fortifying a houae. 
Caat-er, n. > thrower, a computer, a amall wboel. 
Caa'-ti-gat«, n. E. to chafliae, pcniah, correct. 
Caa^tj-ge'-tion, n, punishment, correctron. 
Caai-tng, jjir. throwing, compalint, founding, 
^aal-big, n. act of caaung, A veaael ahaped in a 

CSiw-iag-net, n. a net (o be thrown bj hand. 
€^i-ing-vote, n. vote that deeklea when the 

otbera are equally divided. 
Cai'-ilE, n. [caal] a fbrtilied booae, a fortKah 
Cai'-lle, V. t. in dieaa, to cover the king with a 

, ,_-— . tyof thoconaielli ,_ 

Cia-ior-oil, n. the gil of thePalmceCUriaii niiia. 
€a«-ira-mc-ia'-Iion, n. the actor art of encamp- 
ing, 'tial part. 
Caa'-mite, n. (. to retrench ; lo rwnovo an eawn- 
6«»«a'-tion, n. the act of retrenchir^. 
Cta-n-al, □. happening withoDl design, 01 
foraawin, accidental, for^''"" 

. a domealir 

^._ e for iiui^ 
C^t'-a-togvt, n. 

^cidrniaUy, bycl 
hcciJont, chanc* . 

r of cans of camicima. 


a. lelaiing lo rasea ul,al>ah,l 
wild caU 

€a-ial'-pa, a. a leise tree baring beaiiiifiil bloa- 
Cat'-a-pla^m, a. aliind of aol) puullica. [Mini. 

, n. a large waterfall, diaorder ii 
1. [caUiiO ■ deSGDon fromjlw n 


Ca-iar'-rh , „ 

CaHlir'-rhoua, ( cresaed aecretion of mncna. 

Ca-tH'-tro-phe, > ■. final event, concluaion, ea- 
Ca-taa'-lro-phy, ( lantiiy, ditaaier. 
Cat-eidl, a, an inatramcnl at playi. 

Calehi t>, I. and p. catehed, coughi; to Mop, 

Catch, n. act of^aeiiing, a snatch, a fugoe. 
Catch'-ed*, p. aeiied, ensnanJ. 
C«tch'.er, n. one who cslchns ot adiea. 
Caich'-in^, ppr. aebing, oninaring ; a. infectious, 
conlagioua. ' 

Cet'-e-ehiain, n. a form of instruction bv que 

Cat'-e-chitt, n. arte who cntechiaH. 
eat-e-ehu'-nien, n. one in the mdimorta 1 

Cat-fr^or'-ie-al, a. abaohite, poaitive, eipteaB. 
Cat-«-gor'-i»«l-lr, ad. abaolutely, eipRaaljr 

BU', l))ll, whfl, pit}. mul&M, pin, bird, m 

Cit'-lu'b, n. k I 

« claui lank, order of idtfia. 

IB who providM food. 

I woman wbo proTides Ibod, 

N. the latva or worm itua of i 

Ca-ihu'-lie, a. purging, cleaiuin^ the bowela. 
€:B-ihar'-tie,n. ■ purguive medicine. 
Ib-ihe'-drBl, n. the principal church in ■ dkicdw. 
Cath'-O'lie, a. univsrsel, liberal. 
Caih'-a-li-ciiiB, n. uiii venality, litwralilr- 
Calh'-o-li-ciie, v. i. U> become a calholic. 
t^llKd'-i-eaB,R.s univenal medicine 
Cai^-niint, a. a plant, catoip, ralunint. 
Cat'-kin, n. a caljri, having chaOy icale* en a 
■talk. |tlie bovine kind. 

Cat'-tle, «. [catll bowta of paatiue, - ' "■ 
Ceuc'-iu, B. a met*' — '"— -' — '■— 

Caii'-del, a. pertaining to the tiul,or to the thread 

which lenmriaia* uie laed of ■ plant. 
Cau'-dei, n. in batany, the alem of a tree. 
Cau'-dle, n. a miiture of wine and otbar ingrfr. 
dieou for the sick. 

ind pp. of Catch, [eaut.] 

nembrane covering the lowef put 

Caul'-i-flow-er, n. a apeciea of cabbage. 
Caui'-al, a. isloting to, or^implying caoiea. 
Cau*-al'-i-ly, n. power of cawing, agency of a 

eaiu'-a-tioD, R. the act ofcaiuing or producing. 
tjua -a-tivei a. that eiprauea a cauHi. 

tauie, n. that whirii produoeii. a suit in law, 

Caaie, v. I. to prndoM, eSect, nuke to edit. 
eaiu'-n),*}!. produced, made to eiiet. 
OtuA'c-ina, n. having no Just cauae, or no pro- 
ducing ■ganl. 
Caiis'e-lcMly, ad». without cau» or leaaon. 
tau'a-leH-neae, n. the itata of being cananlaw. 

E^BuT, n. a 

eaiu'-ey, n. a raised way over wet ground 
€aui'-ing, ppr. producing, eScctiug- 
f^aus'-tie, a. burning, conudine ^cah. 
C^aut'-tie, n. a burning or corroding applicaUon. 
Caua-cic'-i-ly, n. the quality of burning oi cof 

Cau-te-laua, a. cautions, cunning, crafty. 
Cau-t«-i-ia'-iiun,n.ilis actof cBi.Ieriiing. [Sio. 
eau'-ior-iic, e. t, to bum or sear wrih ■ hot uoo, 
Cflu'-ler-i-»Ki,'p. bunil or seared with a hot iruD. 
Cau'-ier-I-iiug, nT. burning as with a boi iron. 
Cau'-te-ry, n. a buro'ng or searing, lu morbid 

flesli, with a hot iron or caustic medicines. 
£!au'-tiaii,n. providcTUcaif, iiyunctioiifWaminft. 
.Cau -(ion, V. 1. 10 warn, ad vise againat, admoaiah 

Cau'-tioihed,* p. warned, admonished. 
eau'-tlDQ'-ing, jqir. giving previous waminglo. 
Sau'-lious, a. watchful agiiinat danger, wary. 
eau''tioue-]y, ad. prudei^y, warily. idanca. 

Cau' ... 




Cev-a-l- ■ 




ly, mi. haughtily, arn^nily. 

the earth. 

>p pTDceedinn. 

CaV-em-ad,* o. full of ca 
Cev'-ech-oua, a. hollow, lull of ca 
Chv-Ier,n. [cav«er,] the roes of cenain oen, ■• 
the Biarlat, atoneoit, wd beluga, prepaied Bnd 

CaV-ii, B. i tn find fault without ^ood reuoo. 
Cav'-il, a. Iklae or Irivotoua objactioTia. 
Cav'-il^r, n. one who raises captious objectioii^ 


ay-enn'e, n. a qieoies of Terr pungan 
fty-Doen, n. a name of the alLpuor. 

book, dMre. fiiU. IM 

hU put ma end la, 
C ^M e leBi, a. uaver c«titjng» anitlBii 

CMK-leaa-ly, oil wilhoui ilopping, 

Cim-me, ypr. Moppii^ &ilin£, Kirbouing. 
Cs'-dar, n. a genui or«itergtM«i tree*. 
Cciie, v. <: u^yield, give ap, ■uireadet. 
Cs'^Ing, ppr. yieUing, (UiTMklwiBa- 
Col, D. I. lo cover oc luw, XHrf^ ovenay . 
Ceitcd,* f . orariaid, covend above. 
Ciil-iDg, ppr. ovarlaj'ing, CDiering dwrc. 
C«U-ii^, a. the coveriog of the inner moi, ice. 
pet'SD^lue, n- prickJy poppy, or Awallow-wort, 

Knving. [iBmni 

Cd'4-bimie, v. t. lo paiee, Bitol, honor »ii]i 
Cej«-bra'-iion, a. an booanng with pnie 

C»l«'-bfiKiiu, a. famoiM, 
Ce-feb'-ri-ty.n. fuse, renown. 
Ce.ler'-i-ty, n. iwiftnen, iiieed, velociw. 
Cer«.ry, n. mJAaol wad m a ulad. 
CfrLea'-tul, a. heaTmly, penaining Uj heaven. 
Ce-litt'-a-ejr, n. aingle Me, uDmaRwd Mala. 
Cell, a. a unal] niucn, apanoeoi, bag in animal*. 
Cd'-lar, n. a roora uHur a houee or building. 
Cd'-lnr-age, a. cetlan in genatal. 
Cd'-lu-lsF, a. coiuiitiDg of cells. i 
Cd'4ie, a. penaining lo Ibe prinutiTS ioliabl- 

tonu of Eunjpa. 
CeT-ae, n. Lbe langUH«e of the Ceita. 
Cao'-mK, a. that which }ai» bodiaa. 
Ce-(Dfflii', ■- (. lo uniie, lojoin doeely. 
Ctm-enl-a'-tien. n. the act ol' uniting by cement. 
Ce4nenl'.ed, p. united by tnaeai, consolidated. 
!>-ment'-in)^, /ipr. uniting, conaoliMlinf . 
Ce-nieni-i''-tiDDa, a. unidng, ccm^luliiiaung. 
Ciiin'-e-t».ry, a. a plan & bunol of tha dead. 

t>a«o'.fi-a], a. bel 

ipli tbrlhe 

of people. 

Cent, n. a copper coin of the United Stalea, va- 
lue the liundmllh pen of a doUai ; abbrei-ia- 

en'-taor, a. a poetical being, half man, half 

en'-(au-ry, a. a plant of levenl ipeciea, ae 

knapweed, bludwtllt, die. 
Cent'-a-na-ry, a. peitainiog to a bundled. 

«r,n.tliaiiuddl(ipaiiitafalhing,a* of a eir- 
, &c. [to meet. 

Cen'-ter, c. f. or i. lo place on lbe middle point, 
Cea'-ler4d,* f. txdlectedA ■ point. 
Cen'-ler-ing, ran-, placing on the caoler or point 
Cen-tee'-i-mal, a. the hundredth. 
" ■ ea-i-ma'-tion, a. aelection of evwy luti>> 

— bh pereoa br puniabmenl- 
Cei^4i-t(/-liau*, «. having a hundred leavea. 
Cen'-ti^rade, a. cotieiiling ofa hundred degsjei. 
'^-~' *i-KrsBi,ii. the hundredth ofafrain,jFl.J 

f, a. the hundredth of a nKlar,[F^.; 
d having a hundred iee&. 
--vi huiu|iad, in aaaaymg 

Cm'-to, a. a conpoeiliup fiumed by aelecteJ pa*- 

Cen'-tral, a. belonging to the middle point, mid- 

Cen'-tfal-ly, oil. in the center. [dia. 

Cen'-tne, a, placed in the cenUr. 
Cen'-tiie-al-ly, od, in a cenlnil poeition. 
Cen-tjiT-u-gal, a. lending from the center. 
Cen-trip'-e-tal, a. tending lo th^ center. 
"— -um-i-ir, a. otMof sTumdied and five judBM 

CeD-tan'.Ti-tal, a- periainiDg lo centumvinu^ 

Bar, fall. whEl. pny. nurtoe, pin, bird, n 


I. pertaining to a centui;. 

■■- ' officer over 100 nil 

eiciud, healed, fieOed. 

Cen'-lu'-ri-on, n. ■ miliUrj o( 
Cen'-tu-ry, n- (he pehodol ahuiidied , 
Ce-phsl'-ie, o. belonging to the heid. 
Ce'-rate, n. an gioimenl of wai and oil. [bill. 
Csre. n. Ihe naked akin on the baK of a hawk'a 
Com, F. (. to cjover or inie«r with wax. 
Ce'-red,* p. cxiterod with wai. 
CeTe.c(Dih, n. a cloth dipped in wax. 
Cer-e-mo'.ni-id. a. relating to exiemal liua. 
Cer-o-mo'-ni-al, n. outward Ibim or rite. 
Cef-e-mo'-ni-oDB, a. fonnal, exact, preciie. 
Cer^e-mo'-ni-oiu-ly, ad. with formaiity. 
Cer-e-TOo'-ni-oiu-aeaa.' R. rormality, aflectatton 

of politeneaa. 
Cer'^-nio-rj. n. ontwHrd rile, fonn of civility. 
Ce'-rea, n. a pagui goddeu, the inventor of 

Ce-iif '-er^oiu, i.tirodocing wax. 
Ce-roon, n, a bale or package nudeorihina. 
Cer'-tain. a. sure, undoubled. regular, fixed.' 
Cer'-Uin-lj. ad. luielT, without Tail. 
Cei'-iain-ty, n. full aiRrBiice, truth, Mttled slate. 
Car-tir-i-fato, n. a writing to atleat aoi^e feet. 
Cer-tiT-i-eale, «. l.oii. lo lodge a certificate vriih 

Ihe proper oiEcer, [local.I 
CeK-ti-f i-fld,* ;i. awuied, informed, pn wrifing. 
Cer'-ti-ft, B (. to giTe certain noitce. to leati^ 
CiR'-ti-fy-ing, ]^. leatifyiiig in wriiiog, giving 

Cei'-tj-tude, n. certainly, auuraiKe. 
Re-ni'-le-an. Ce-ni'-le-oui, o. skj^colored. 
Cei'-use. n. while lead. 
Car'-vi-cal, a. belonging to the neck. 

Chg-fed.'p. e 

Chfi-fer, n. a I, 

Cbafo-ry, n. a forge lor huoroering ir 
Chaff, n. the hiuk> or dry ctiyxa ^ a 

glass™. [g!e, to bargain. 

Chaf.fer, d. i,.to treat about a purchase, lo has- 
ChaT-fer^rf,* p. of C*n/er,, n. one nho treats about buying. 
Chaf-fer-y, n. act ofbuying und eSling. 
ChaT'finch, i>. a small bird. 
Chiiir'y, a. abounding wilh chaS; like chaff. 
'^I'-fing, nrr. nibbing, fretting, heating. 
_..s'.fing-dish, 71. a dish for hoi coals. 
^ia.^rin', n. ill-humor, veiarion. ^ 

Cha.grin. r. (. to vex, lo mortify. 
Chfl.grin'-nod. p. vexed. meniHed. 
Chain, n. a line of links, contrnued aorioa. 
Chain, v. r. to Ikuen wilh a chain, in make last 
Chain-ed.* p. bound or faslenod wilh a chain. 
Chiin-ing. ppr. binding with a chain. 
Chair, n. a movable seat, a sedan, a pulprL 
Chiiriman, n. a presiding officer in a meeting. 
Chfiise^. a two-wheeled cairiage, a gig. 
Chal.da'-ic, a. pertiuning to Clmldeo, near Iha 

liver Euphrates, the Shmnr of [he sctiptuiea. 
Chal'-dee, n. the language of Chaldea. 
Chal'-dmn, n. a measure of 36 boshels of coals. 
''lul'-ice, n. a cup standing on a foot, a com- ^ 

Chfilk, n. [chsukj a vihile calcarioTU earth. 
Chalk, B. i. rchauk,] to mar^-^-" ■--'■- 
ChHlk-y,o.[cIi ■■ — 
Chol'-len^ t. 

Cbail'-lenge, n. 

I giving up, B-yielding, surrender, 
le girdle of^Veaui. 

l-ed,* p. summoned, claimed. 
' " - - ■ rhaUeiiM. 

ling, defying. 

Ce'^oi_. _, 
Crf-an-ral, o. pertaining lo a verse. 
Ce4a'-c»«ni, o. perHining to whales. 
Ce-lol'-o^, a. Ihe oaturu history of the Whale. 
Chafe, a. I. and f. to fret, eicile, gall, heat. 
Cha&b ••- heat sidled, iirilUion, fiiiM 

I -leng-ed,* p. sui 
Ch.l'-len|.«r, n, one 

Chal'-leng-ing, ;ipr. s _ , 

Chs-tyb'-e-ate. a. impreiniBted 

Cha-mSde. R, beat of a drum invidng to a parley 
CbAmber.n. an upper room, a private ap""" '" 

CbAm-bei-maiil, n. a remttle servant whi^ hu 

llie core of bed-chambers, 
eb<i-cae'-le-Dn,n.Bipeciea of lizanl, whoso color 

chajiges wiib bia poeiiJon to the light. 
Cham'-isr, o. (. to cut grooves, lo alope. 
Cham'-fer-od,* p. cut into groovea, or ilopin 
Cham'-fer-ing, ppr. cutting in furrowe, mak 

Chnin-ola, n. an animal o( the antelope kind. 
Clinmp, r. (. or t. lo chew, bite, eal. 
ChBni-|>Sgne, In. t species o( brisk (parfcling 
Cham-pa no, J mine. 

Champ'«d,' p. cbened, bit. 

Chflnin'-ing,ppr. biting, chewituj. 
Cham -pi-on^ n. a combatant, a hero- 
Cliance, n. accident, hazard, limune. 
Chance, o. i. to happen, to come uneipectedly. 
Chauc.'-ed,*p. orCiOBK. 
Cbanc'-inff, pjw. coming by accident. 
Chiince-meJ-lej, n. the killing of a person bji 
chftnce. Laltar and railing. 

Chan-ccl, r». the port of a church between the 
Chttn-cel-Ior, n. sn officer of state, judge of a 

coDTt of equity. 
Chiin-c«l-lor-«l>ip, n. the office of a chancellor. 
ChBD-ce-17, n. a court of equity. [dies. 

ChxB-de-her, n. a fiame with branchea for can- 
' Chdn-dler, n. one who deals in candles. 
Cbiin-dler-y, n. commixlilies sold by a chandler. 
ChSngB, u. i. ot i. to ali*r, mend, eichange. 
Change, n. alteration, smail money. [alier. 

Change-a-ble, •:. fickle, inconstant, ^lat may 
Changs-a-ble-neas, n. quality of being chango- 

O^ng-ed,* p. .alleird, made diBbient [money. 
Chfing-er, a. one who allsrs, or mho eichonges 
ChAng-ing, ;^. altering, making di^rent. 
"'■ — '-- ' a fickle person, an idiot, a chBd 

Chan'-nel-uig, ppr. cutting ciumnois in. 
Chant, V. (. or t. to sin^ in a particular manne 
Chiint, n. a song or singing, church service. 



€ha-ot'-ic, 0. being in . 

Chap, n. Bcrachinfieah,aclefl,a iiw,a beak 
Chip, o. ft or i. lo open, gape, crack. 
Chap, n. a boy, a youth; a buyer. 
Chap'-book, n. a amall book hawked for sate. 
Chaps, ni a thin plate at the point of a scabbard, 

Chap'-el, n. a place of worship, a ctiirch. 
Chap'-et-ry, n. the district of a chapel. 
€hap'-i-tet, n. the capital of a cotumn. 
Chap'-lain, n- a minialer who has a chapeT, also 
.1 — ._j_..__ jjj iijg jimy or navy. 

the office of a chaplalo. 
Chap'-let, n. a garland, a string of beads. 
Chap'-man, n. one who deals m goods. 
Chap'.ped.'p. cracked. 
Chap'.ter,n. tlie division of a book, bodyofcler- 

Char! n. see Chore. 



Char-ac-ter-is'-tie, n. thai which fbmis the cha- 

pecutiar to the character. 

Char'-ae-ter-lie, o. !. to give character, or to de- 
scribe by peculiar qualities. 

Char'-ae-ter-I-jad,' J), described or distinguished 
by pBcoliai qusilitiee. 

f^iar'-ai-ter.i-iiiig, ppr. deactibing ordistingmih- 

■ iog by peculiar qualitiea. 

Cha-ride, n. acompoaitiDnuiwUchaTnirdanl . 

lo coal by burning, 
lark, letter ; reputarion. 

Bar, fp, what, prgy, n 

B, pio, bird, n 

Chiir-niBl, n. coal of wood, fron 

ChUr^, n. care, cominaiKl, eipetjae, load, 
Chlirge-a-blo, a. eipeiuive, uicurring eipeiue, 

Chir^-a-filf , ad. with eipeiue or coat. 
Ohai^-ed * p. loaded, eifjuiiMd, imputed. 
Chi^-er, n. ■ large dish, a horae for attack- 
Char'-i4t, n. a haircooch with four wheels. 
Cluu'-i-ot, v.t. to convey in D cnariot. 
Char'-i4t«d, p. bome in a chariot. 
Char.i-Dt-der, n. the driver of a chariot. 
Cbar'.i-ta-ble, a. liberal in giAa, bountiiul. hind. 
Chai'.j-la-blj, ad. kindly, fountifully. 
Char'-i-ty, n. love, ahns, candor. 
Ch^-la-t8n,n. a quack, a mountebank. 
Chart'a-tan-ry, n. quackery 
Char-lock, n. a plant growing among grain. 
Charm, n. magic power, apell, enchantment 
Charm, o. (. to dB[igh^ bewitch, enchant. 
Charm-od,* p. faacinaied, delighted., b. one who enchant* or delighla. 

Chiinii'iag>neaa, n. the power of delighting. 

CUr-nel-houie, n. a ptace lor bonea. 

ChSt-red,* p. ledticed to coaL 

Ci^-nng, DDT. reducing to coal. 

Char-iy, a. Uke charcoal. 

Chait, n. a deUneatu>n of coMla, idea, Ac. 

Charter, n. n patent, deed, grant, privilege, 

ChKn-er, v. I. to let ur hire, bb a ihtp. [hired. 

ChKn-er-por-ty, n. a wiitiog by which a ihip ii 

CUlr-ter.ed,* p. faired or let ai a ship, granted 

. by chatter. 

ChiU'terHntf, ppr. hlriDg or letting by cLarterf 

<aiaae,n. pannit, a b. „ .^ ^ . 

length of a gnu, a vessel pnraoed, a printor^ 

Chla-ed,* p. punond, driven, adorned. 
Qia'-aar, n. a punuer, a hunter, 
O ^-aing, ppr, punuing, hunting, driving, 
unam. r. a deft, gap, opaning. 


Luideliled, p 

to marriage vow* 

snted, pure, tn 
ChStte-ly, ad. in a chaste or . 
ChSsi-en, v. L to chastise, correct, punial 
Chi8t-(n.ed,*f>.cbaBliBed, correcied. 
Chiat.<n-iii£, pp^. correcting, punishing. 
ChaB'tiH, V. t. to correct by punishing. 
Chas-tia-ed,* p. puniahad, corrected. 
Chos'.tlie-ment, n. pain inflicted bypu. 

Chaa-ti.aer, n. one who punishea or CO 

Chas'-ii-ty, ChaslA-neaa, n, parity of body, or of 

Chat, tJ. 1. to talk &miliarly, to prattle. 
Chat, n. ^miliar talk, free convemaiion. 
Chat'-iet, n. [challj an article of movable gooda 

of birds. 

a ptaie, jabber, moke she n 

Chat'-tor-ing, n. rapid 

Chf al-ed, p, dc n. one who practice* fraud. 
Cheat-ing, n. a defrauding by deceitful ana 
Chock, D, (. to curb, restrain, reprove. 
Check, n, realtaint, slop, order on a bank 
Check'-ed,* p. awppcd, restrained, reproved 
Check'-^r, «. t. to diverBify, vary, mii. 
Cheok'-<r-od,* p. diversified, variegated, 
Check'-^ri, n. a gome on a checkered board. 
Chech'-ing, ppr, slopping, reaiiaimiig. 

Cheek, n. the aide of the face. 'the gattM. 

Cheek-bone, •>, Ihe high bone in the cheek. 
Cheer, n. Ruith, a ilato of gladness, about of joy 
Cheer, o. (. to selula with joy, mcoioage, en- 

ChSer-ed,' p. aahited wHh joy, encom«gad 
Chier-er, n. a person or ihmg thai chewa. 
ChSer-ful, a. hvely, g»j, aprighOy. 
Cheer-fiil-ly, ad. with life, wit>i readiMW 
CUw-fijl-aaaa, n. UveUneas, gayety, readidau 

book, dOve, fall, im, em, aaaa. ^an. o. thin. Ihou. 

Cheer-ingii^r. enlivening, animsline. 
Cbeer-I«B, a- cumfortUsa,' Jrcary, ghyomy. 
- -^-JiM,tively. 

Cheer-ly, Cheer-y, 

, Cheer-y, a. gar, id 
IL tbe curd of mi 

Cbfetiae-mAii^ier, n. one wb 

Chr^s-y, a. like cheese, lagling like cheese. 
Cbeg'-ee, n. an ioceot Lbat enten the bUd, 
Clwia'-i>-U7, He chimidry, 
Cheq'-uer, «ee cAeckrr. 

CheP-iah, n. t. to (nal wilh IcndemaB, la none, 
Cher'-ish-ed,* p. Ireoled with undertieu. 
Cher'-iah-er. n. one who cherishea or enraumges. 
Cher'-ali-ing, ^n-. ircaling with tendemem, nur- 
Cher'-ry, b. a fruil of many varieiiea. [Mug. 

a fisure, * celeatiil ipirit. 

Clier'-a-bim. n. Hebren plural oi chenib. 
Cheea,ii. an ingenzuiu gam^ a ptanl- 
Cheas'-boaid, n. the board OEcd in the gt 
Cbem'-man, a. a piece or puppet ibr chea 
CJieal, n. a larve troi, the breaat. 
CiiBSI'-nut, n. the fmil or nut of ■ tree. 
Chcat'-niit-tne, n. the tree pTodiii 
Ciiev-a-lier, n. a knight, a horeen 
Chev'-er-il, n. leather of kiil >kin. 
Chew, 1. 1. to grind with the teeth, Ruuti«!«te- 
CbeW-ed.'p. crashed Hith the teeth, muticaled. 

otas,, i -■'«• "« •'-^ "i*^- 

Chick, Chick'-ea, r. tbe yoting oflbwli. 
^Chick'-en-helul-ed, a. timid, cowardly. 
Chick'^m-poi, n. a mild erapiiTe diaesni. 
CKick'-weed, a, a plant of many apeciea. 
Chicle, t. t.p. chid ; pp. chid, chidden; to ■mid, 

repivre, blaine, rebuha. 
Chi'-der, n. one who reprovea or clamo™, 
Chi'-ding, ppr. acoldini;, reproiing. 
Chif^ a. higheal in office, pnncijnl. 

Chici-ly, ad. prineipd^, eapecially. 
CbiSFUiii, n. ■ captain or teadet 

ipiaincy, hi<i1Jii|i 
CHif.fv, a. haate, aihon lime. 
"■ " 'liain, a. aaore lauaed by ecdd. 

d-beST-ing, a. 

Child, n 

Chi:d-b. ^, .. , . .„ 

Child.bad, H. the atale of being in tnvai 
Child-bmh, a. tftvail. labor. 
Chlld-hnod, n. state of a child or of TcmA. 
ChiM-iih; a. like a child, limpk, tridins. 
Child-iah-I]r, od. in a poafile toanmr. 
Child-iib.neaa, a. aimpleneaa, pnailHy. 
Child Jeaa, a. having lu child. FtiTC., a. like or becoming ■ cbSd,nibmja- 
Chil-dren, a. pi. of child, dnroidania. 
Chill, a. cold, inducins ■ ihivenrig. 
Chill, a. moderate cold, ■ ahivetinc. 
Chill, T. t. to make cold or cauae lo ahinr. 
Chilf.i-naB, CbiU'-new, n. eoldneaa. 
Chill'-y, a. aomewhat rold, ahiiennt. 
ChiiDa,n. ■ mmonance of •euitd* or of bgBa, 
Chbne, t>. i. lo miuihI in roroonance. 
ChlHue'-ra, n. a vain idle fancy. 
Chl-mer'-je-al, n. bnaginary, fincila). 
Chl-mer'-ie-al-ir, ad, wildly, <uwi6dly, 
Chl-ming, ppr. sounding in conBTOince. 
ehim'-iat, a. one veiwd in rfiimialrT. 

the compoiition of bodrn, aiid tin alHnttiea 
and propertiea of their comtittient pant. 
Chim'-ney, n. a body of brick or itinie, wtth a 
naaflB^ for amoke. 

the lower eilreraily of the Skn. 

a viokait oooghot 



Chrne, a. the bapk-bone, Ihe edge of a oaak. 
Chink, a. a uoall opening or cleft. 
Chink, t>. i lo crack, lo open, to aoond. 
Chink, V. I. lo caiiie to aonnd. to jingla. 
Chink'-a-pin, a, Ihe dwarf cbeatnot, a me. 
Chinu, n, cotlon cloth printed widi mom ll 

Chip, a. a pie« cnl ofT, a fVa^ntent 
Chip, t>. (, to CM into email niccea. 
Chiji'-ped,* p. cut into small pieMi 
Cbiiii, «. lively, comfortable. 
ehJ-iDg'-ra-pbar, a. "~ 


e. pm. "I 

Chirp'-H, n. one Ibst cbirpg. Ibirda. 

, Chiip'-ing, fpr. msking tlia noiie of amall binli. 

Chii-el, n. ■ tool to para with. 

Chii-el, c. I. to cut with t, cbusl. 

Chii'-el'fld,* ^. out or hewed with ncruael' 

Chii'-el-ing, ppr. cutting with n chisel. 

Chit, R. a ihoot, joaag iproul, a babu 

Chit, D. t, to Bprouc 

Cliii'-chsC, n. pniile, familiar talk. 

Ohiv'-al-nufl, a. pertainicg to chivalrj 

Chjv'-al-ry, tL knighthood, knight-erraiitTyr 

Chive, n. a imatl onion. 

Chivei, R. 1^ (londer thresda in blossonu. 

Chock, n. a kind of wedge. 

Choe'-o-lato, it. paite oi caks nude of Ihe kernel 

of the cocoa-nut. 
Choice, n. act of choosing, thing chosen. 
Ciioice, a. select, of great value. 
Choice'-lj, ad, with care in choosing. 
Cbcrice'-aeiB, n. particular value or worth. 
Choir, n. [qiuiajport of a church, body of singert. 
Choke, v. I. to slop the windpipe, to suBocate. 
Chck-ed,*;L itopped, suSbealed. 
Chol'-er, «. bile, gall, anger, 
Oiol'-er-ie, a. full of choler, posiioiiale. 
Cboole, v.t. p. cluue ; fp. choaen, choae ; to 

pick out, telecl, prater. omO. 
Chaoa'-«r, r. one who sdecif or chooaea. 
Cbooa'-ing, fpr- aebcting, decting. 
Chooa'-iog, n. choice, electioD. 
Chop, V. t. and i. to out, mince, change. 
Chop, fl. a small piece of meaL. 
Cbop-'-housa, n. a hooto whara pravisians are 

sold readr dmaed. 
Cbop'-ped,* p. cut, minced. [plump. 

Chop'-ping, epr. cutting, mincing; a.large,lugly, 
Cho'-iii, a, belonging to a chuir. 
Chord, iL string of a musical iostrument, con- 

ChorB,'n. [Eug. cWlasmalljobofwoik. 
Chor'-ii-tor, n, a linger, a leader of a choir. 
Cho-ro^'-ra-pber, n. one who describei a region. 
Cb»-rog'-tB-phy, n. the descriplioa of a panicii' 

part 0^ music in which ail join. 
Cboie, p.a( Choose. 

Cha*-«n, p. of Choose ; selected. [crow. 

Chough, n. [chuf,| a fowl nearly as large as th* 
Chouse, V. (. to cheat, uick, delraud. 
Chous'-ed,* p. cheated, defrauded. 
Chow''<ler, n. a dish of fish boiled with biecuil. 
t Chrism, n. unguent, unction, consecrated oil. 
Chrit-ma'-tioo, n. act of applying holy oil. 
Chnst, H. the Anointed, the Messiah. 
ChriBl-fn,n, ', to baptize, or baptize and name. 
Christ-oi.ed,*' p, baptized. 
<3irist-en-ing, jjpr. baptiiinj. 
Christ-m-dom, a. territoi; of Christians, body 

of Christians. 
Chris'-tian,R. a believer in thereupon of Chrin, 

a pioOB pereon. [ty. 

Chris'-lion, a. pertaining to Christ or Chrialiani- 
ehtis-tian'-i-ty, n. the religion taught by Christ, 
ehris'-tiau-ize, v, I. to proselyte to Christianity 
Chris'.Uan-T-ied,* p. made ChrisliBn. 
ChriB'-lian-ly, ad, m a ChriBtian manner. 

^ron'-ie, } a. of long cont 
Chron-icol, ( ease. , 
Chnn'-i-cle, n a regtsler of ei 
.ehron'-i-ele, D. t to record in 
Oiro-nul'-o-gor, ) n. one who 

Chn>-nal'4^, n. the sc 

Chrys'^-llte, R- a minenl of a greenish color. 
Oirys'-o-praae, n. a mineral usually of an appla 

green color. 
Chub, n. the name of a fish, a dunce. 
SSjS' i » >«I»«W, Wdl, .1.1*1. 
Chucfc. D. I. or I. to make a noise as a hen. 
Chuck, n. the noise of a hen, a stroke. 
Chuc'.kle, «. I. or t. to laugh, to call as a hen. 
Chulf, n. a clownish person ; a. surly. . 
Chuff'-i-ly, ad.\aa Burly manner, raorosriy 

b99li, dOre, fuU, dm, can, chtiae, |em,a*, ihin, Outa. 

Cm4'-n4ua, a. of dw color of wnod 

Cin'-na-bair, a. m on olqulrkiilver, \ 
Cin -iia-nHia. s. (be iaaa bark of ■ 

Chuff'-Ji 0. blunt, clawnith, turlj. 
Cbum, n. a chamber-teltaH. 
Cbump, n. a short th^uk piece of woi 
Chorea, R- a place of wonhip, a be 

fewed ChiiMiaiu. 
Cburch, V.L 10 pcrtbrm tha giving of 

church for delivBranne from prril. 
Chorch'-nun, a. »a eccleiiaatic, an flf 
Chnrch-nieDi'-bcr, n. ■ pralMor id < 

with a church. 
Church-»f rd-en, n. an officer of the chnrch. 
Church'-yard, n. a graveyard n^sTB rhiurJi. 
Churl, >La ruttic, a rluwn 
. Churl'-ish, a. aiirly, nide, I 


Chum'-ed,* p. agitated, made into bntter. 
Ch3m''Lngi pjtr. agilatiu to make butt«. 
Chyle, n. b milky fluid formed in the aioniach. 
Oirl-i-be'-lian, n. Lj« proeeia of farming chyle. 
Cbyroe, n. food digeated in the ■tomacfa. 
—■'■-' n M aniall onion. 

Cib'-al, a. 

a woiuul when healed. 

Cie'-i-tfize, c. t. or (. M heal or ikin ovw, aa i 
Cie'-a-irl-ud,' p. )kinDed.over. 
Cic'-e-lf, a. t plani of an agreeable flavor. 
Cic-«-rv'-iiian, a. like Cicero, ekgant, Ibrcibla. 
Ci-eu'-ta, n. water hemlw^ wIuim root i> poi 

C^gaf. a 

CiM-a-ry, a. belonBing lo ihe eyo-lide. 
Cil'-i-a-Ied, a. aiinounded with hriatkn. 
Ci-Ii"-ciou>, a. made of hair, hairy. 
Cun'-e-ier, n. a ihort sword with o convex ed| 
Cim-nw'-ri-an, a. pertainirj; lo tha Crimea. 
Cim'-o-llte, n. a specie* of cley that lakea i 

ipoti fiinn cloth. 
Cine'-lure, a. a belt, a girdle, incloeure. 
Cio'-der, Cin'-den, n. •mall coala igoiled. 

]U»-ibil, >>. (cink-foU,J liie-ka 
liher, n. the figure (0) in numb 

:t of pertonuin; auma la 

Cir-ce'-ui, a. pertaining to Circe, bewitching. 

Cir-ele, a, a round figure, circuit, coaipaH. 

CTr-cle, t>. f. ur t. to move round, to iiicloee 

CIr-ded,*;i. inclosed, ■uRounded. 

Clr'^elel, a. a little circle. 

Clr'-ding, ppr. lurrounding, Incloaing, 

Cli''-ciiit,n. [mu^t,] a circular space, a diatnit. 

Cir-eu'-i-iy, n. a going round. 
CJi'-cn-lHT, a. round, lOie a circle. 
Clr-en-lBr'-i-Iy, n. a circular folTU. 
CIr-eu-lar-ly, adv. in a circular manner. 
CTr.rn.laln. r. L la nu> about, mOVe mnod 
ing round, paning. 

Cir-cu-!a-lo-ry, a. circulating, moi-ing ruund 
Cr^-e^m-aln'-bi-e^^ a. .unounding. 
Ctr-mra-am'-bu-Ute, u. i. to walk round. 
Ctr'-cum-cIiEj B. (. to deprive of the (breskln. 

viiig round on a 
wing round. 
a. going from 

;u-la-tHig, jjff. n 

Cir-cum-fy-ra'-tion, n. a whirling 
Clr-eum-js'-cent, a. lying ' ' 

Ctr-cam-IoH: ' "" 

compaai of woida 


t, pio, bTrd, 

nav'-i-ga^iU, a. lo be oiled rannd. 
-jiav-i^'^IEonj n. a eailiog rounds 

.po'-lar, a. sbDUl one of the poUa at the 


Cli-«um-«erlbe,e. (. to indom, Umit, confine. 
CTr'euiQ'Berlb-ed,*' p. inckned, linHleil. 
Clr-eiun.Berip'-iii-e, a. inclosing, confining. 
CIr-eiun-acrip'-tian, n. KmiiatiDn. 
C(['-eum-»peM, o. wtrj, caution», pmdent, 
CIr-cuni-Bpo£''tioii, n. ovation, watchfiJneae. 
Cir'-eum-Bpeel-iy, ad. watchfully, cmudoralj. 

Cfr'-eum-tcan-ced,* a. placed, situated. 
Ctr'-eiiia-stsn-cei, n. mate as to praporty. 
C'r-enm-»tan'-tial, a. particular, minuw. 
Or-eum-etim', ad. minutely, aiactly. 
Cir-cum-stan'-ti^ n. pi. thing! incident, but no 

Ch-eun^volv'a, v. (. or i. to rail or csom toi 

Clr-eum.vo-lu'-lian, n. a tnrnin|r nmnd. 
Clrc'-uB, n. an edjfico or incJoHd jAbcb i 

gamea or for feats of horsfimanship. 
Cir-rif'-sr-ous, a. produdng tendrils. 
Cir'-raus, a. teraunaling in a curl orlendiQ. 
Cis-al'-plne, a. on the loulh of the Alpa. 
Cia'-pa-dane, a. on tbe south ot Ihe river Po. 

inbabilant of a taty, one veMol 

ith the Tigbli 

%^iL -i-zm^ship, ■. tne luie oi nemg & cttuon. 

Cit'-rina, o. uke a citron, of ■ lemon oaW. 

Cll'-ron, B. a large speciea of inmoo. 

Cii'-y, n. a walled or an incotponied [own 

Civei, n. a tpeciet of le^ or alhum. 

Civ'-et, H. aperfume from IheciveMaL 

Civ'-ie, a. ttUiinf lo civil life. 

v'-il, a. pertaiouiR to aocicly, kind, polite 
-vil'-ian, n, a prelaior of use civil law. 

T-il-i-ia'-tion, n. act of civilizing, tvGnenMM 
Civ'-il-lie, ti. 1 10 reclaim fiom Mvage life. 
Civ'-il-I-zed,* p. reclaimed from aavege life. 
Civ'-il-l4at, n. cue who civiliiei. 
Oiv'-il-l)', ad. politdy, witli kind aBsntiiHia. 
Civ'-iirn, n. patriotiBn, love o» care of tba pid>- 
(^ck, V. i. to make aiKlden sharp noiara. [lie 
dacki n. repetitioa of ntdden ahaip aaaiik, 

dial which striket and clacka. 
dack'-er, il he that ckdti 
Oack'-Eng, mf. making audden aharp Boiaea. 
Clad, p. ^ aedie; clotbed, covered. (ri^t 

daim, c. t. to demand, challenge, aasert m a 
Claim, n. demand of right, challenge, lilk. 
eUim-a-ble, a, that taay be demanded. 
CSaim4nt, n. one who demanda.,*^. drananded as due, aaaenetf. 
eliim-ing, ppr. ciutknging ai due, ■■ 
Clam, n. a genua of bivalvnliii fiah. 
dam'-mmg, n. Ae taking of clanu. 

, ropy, glotiooua. 
lam'-or, r. great noiH of voices, outuy. 
lam'HH-, V. L w oomplaiB, (o be notay with the 

ton™. ■ ring. 

CiamQir^ng,^^, nOningioiid norda, complaio- 
dam'-or-oufi, a. Boiay wnh the timgoa, iiapo^ 

u-ly, ad. with loud words or ooiBah 
iiB-ne*s, n. noiay complaint*. 

eiainp'.ed,* D. Aliened with 
OamUball, a. the ahen of a 

book, (lOve, full, oae, «an, chaiie, ^m, u, thin, fhau. 

Gun'-inh, a dtaposea ui iiniw m ■ gibb, 

eian-des'-tine, o. Becrol, concealed from view 
Oan-des'-iinB-ly, ud. wcreJly. privalelj. 
Ctang, V. f. U> make a Bha;p shrill sound. 
CUng, n. a sharp shnll seuiid. 
Qaa"g-ot, n. a sharp harsh sound. 
Oio"g-oiu, a. makiDfi a elisrp banh soond 
Cknk, n. a sharp shrill aoun.i. 
Clank, I. (. lu niabe a sharp shrill sonnd 
Oup, 11. 1. to suike loeeihti, hit, applaud 
CUp, n. s striking of liaails for applsjjding, 
Clap' arrow board Ibtcoverina honsi 
Qap'-peJ,* p. ihruat or put on, applauded wi 

eUp'-pet, 7,. he that <:lap. 

.tongue of a bell. 

aap'-ping,ppr. putting 1 

eW.i.chon], n. a mus 

Gar-i-fi-ta'-iian. n. the ' 

t of makinK cleu o 


Clsr'-i-iiet, n. a wmd instrument 

€lar'-i'on, n. a martial wind instrument 

eiaihi V. t. or i. to strike agaiiut, to act in Offo- 

lilion, to interfere, 
dash, n. a meeting of bodies with vialencs. 
Oaih'-ed,* p. dashed sgainat 
Clanh'-ing, ppr. striking against each olber; fi. 

comrarj, mterferins. 
Qiiap, B. B hook, a c&ae embrace. 
Ciiap, V. I, to embrace, hug, hok) bH. 
Oatp^d,*^. embraced, hooked. 
tHip-er, B. he that embraces, a leodriL 
diup-ing, ppr. snianciof, balding bat 
data, n. a rank, order oTpenona or thing*. 
G)iai, I. (. to arrange in a claw ai onlei. 
tJiBHd,* p. arranged in an order, classified. 
Claai'-ie, n. an author of the fint rank. 
Ous'-ie, {a.penaixiingtoauthonofthefliit 
O^-^t-aJ,! rank. 

-i-li-ed," p. formed in 

Clas/ie-aJ-ly, ad. ir> the order of ctawea, ele 
Claas-if'-ie, a. FonsCituliiig a claaa. jganlly 

ela«B-i-fi-ea'-tioti,Ti.aclorarranging, oritale at 
being arranged in ' 

eiais' . . _ 

eiasa'-i-fy, v. 1. w form into a clou or claaae* 
elaaa'-i-fy-ing, ppr. fonning into a claei. 
elat'-ler, n. contuaed rattling noises, 
Clal'-ler, o. i. to make confused noiiies. 
dai'-ier-ing, n. laud rsllling noises. fcie. 

Clame, «. a aenlanoe or pan of a sentence, arti- 
Claw, n. a hooked noil of a heait or fowl, 
€law, V. I, to tear with tlio claws, to scnitch. 
elaw'-ed,*p. scratched with claws; a. fniniah 

ed with claws. 
eiay,n. a species of compact heavy earth, frailly 
Clay-od,'a-coveredwiihcdBy, purified with cb^ 
€laj-ey, a. conaislinB of clay, like c:Iay. 
elay-iah, a. partaking the qualitiea af clay 
€lay-pit, n. a place wheiB clay is dug. 
Clean, a, free from dirt pure, InnoceDt. 
dean, v. (. to free frorct dirt, to purify. 
Clean, ad. qiuie, fully, entirely. 

Clean*', er, n. he or that which punfies. 
Oeutii' ing,;ipr, freeing from fiiih; a. ailapted U> 
deotu'-ing, n. the act of purifying. [cloanae. 
Clear, a. live from miitute, ] 

elear^ance, n. act uf clearing, pemiil (osail. 
Cleared,* fi, made clear, freed, acquitted. 
Clfar^r, n. be ar thai which clean or porifie 
CISar-Jng,nn-. making clear, acquitting. 
dear-ly, ad. plainly, evidenUy, biighlly. 
" ' * "■ , brightneaa. 

eiear-nesa, ... ^ , 

elear«ight«d, o. quick 

stiffen with starch, [aiareli 

BBr, Tf.1], what, prgy, m 

cLell, cloven, cleaved J It> stick, join, hold, gp^ 
€l>!av-er, n. ■ biilcher'a inslmment. [divide. 
Clef; n. D characLei lo >haw the ke; in muiic. 
deR, p. «p:it, dividod. 
eieri, n. a crack, a piece of wood «plit ofT. 
Cleri'-griill, 1. 1. lo irall by cienving the nock, 
tlem'^en-cy, n. mililneBB of lemper, lenily, kind- 
€leiD'-enl, a. roilil, kind, mercilul. (new. 

eier'.gy, b. the whule body of miniate™ of the 

gospel. [eiemptjan from punishment. 

Cler'-gy-a-ble, a. ndmiuiiig benefit of clergy, or 
eler-gy-msn, n. a person in holy orders, a minis- 
eler'-if-al, o. penniniiig lo the clergy. Jier. 

Clark, n. a clorgyman, a writer for another. 
Clerk'-fhip, R. the business ufa cletk. ■ 
eiav'^r, a. fit, Jeitrous, rasdy, agreeable. 
fJev'4r-ly, ad. ikdl fully, rea<Uly. 
deT'4r-neBB,n. skill, deJUerity, good disposition. 
«ev'-y, n. a bent iron for the. end of a cart- 

toogue. / 

dew, n. a ball of thread, lower comer of a sail. 
Clew, D. (.to truss up tn the yard, as a sail. 
Click, r. i. to make small sharp noises, 
elick'-mg, ppr. making small sharp sounds. 
Gl'-6at, n. die employer of an attorney. 
Cli'.«n^Bbip, n. ihe condition of a client, 
diff, n. a Bleep rock, a prwupicB, a clef. 
Cliwnae -ler, n. a critical year in hornonlife. 
di-mae'4ar-ie, a. denoting a critical period of 

life. Ihiunan life. 

elT-mae'4er-ic, n. a critical period or year of 
CD'-male. n. a region uf the eanh, bounded by 

two circles parallel to. the equator, a Lraol of 
ell-mai, n. gradation, ascent, [earth, a country. 
Oftoft, B.i.orl. to mount bythe hands and feet, 
Cllmb-er, n. one that climbs. [ascend. 

1 climate, [a poetical word.l 
■ ^-.holdfast, make fast. 

Clinch'-ing, ppr. griping, holding fast. 
Cling, v.t.p. clung;lo adhere cloesly, 
Clmg^.y, a. disposed to adhere, adhoei 
din'.ie, { a. pertaining to a bod, or 
eUn'-iC4l,t keeping bed. 

etink, V. I 
^ip,l..(.r-- - 

. lo make a sharp sound, u> jtngia 
laking a sharp goiuid. 

elip'-ped,* p. cut off, curts 
Clip'-per, n, one who cUps, or diminighea coin. 
€Up'.ping,p^. cutting olf, diminishing. 
Clip'-jung, n. a piece cut off. 
dipt, see dipped. [slocking, 

dock.n. a nine-piece, a beetle, ornament of a 
Clock-ma-ker, n. one who makes clocks. 
dock'-wSrk, n. machinery or movement of a 
Clod, n. a lump of eanh, a dimes. [clork. 

Clod, v.i. lo harden into a lump, 
elod'-dy, a. full of clods, rougli, hard. 
Clod'-iMte, Clod'-pole, b. a stupid fellow. 
eiod'-pa-ta), a. siupiJ, dull, 
eiag, V. t. to load, encumber, hinder in motion. 
Clog, n. obstruriion, a kind of shoe, 
dog'-ged,* p. obstructed, loaded. 
Clog-ging,!!;™-. loading, hindering. 
€log-gy, a. apt lo clog, heavy. 
Hois'-ler, n. a place of religious tetiremeni, a 
nunnery or monaalery. 

Clois'-ler-ed,* p. confined in a cloister, seclu Jed 

Clois'-ter-lng,;>7>r. aliuiting up in a cloister. 

doke, n. an outei' garment, a cava, a blind. 

dohe, t>. C. to cover, hide, disguise. 

elok-ed,* p. covered, diaguisiiil. 

elok-ing, ppr. covering, hiding. 

doie, D. [. or t. to shut, join, iinish, coDclodBi. 

Close, n. a small inclosed field. 

Close, a. shut &st, private, cunllrted, compar*., 

dose-ly, ad. in a close slate or manner. 
dSae-ness, n. compactness, lighineas, privacy. 
Cloi-et, 1. a private apanmeni. 

'-el, D. I- U> lake in or shut up in privacy 

'■ei-ed, p. shut in n cloael, secluded. 

'-et'ing, j^r. shutting in a retired room. 

(ing, ppr. shutting, ending. 

dot, V. t. or i. lo rwncrete. lo £bmi into a lump 
€3af-letl, pp. curdled, made hard. 
C3D(-ting,j^r.curdling, making hard 

and fp, clad, clolbed; lo fornisl 
»veiH] wilh gsmwntB, dra— ed. 

auh, 11. a stuff of wool, colioD, Ac. foimed by 


nisbea cloibea. 
Os'-Uung, ^ 

doiid, n. ■ Ihick catlecbonof vapon 
Oond, r. (. to dariien nilh cloodi, *- 
doa'i'-CBpC, a. Io|^wd with clouds 
aand'-i-l;, od. daridy, 



TViy by cloudi. 
(^tkd'-Jen, a. free trum clouds, clenr. 
Oood'-y, a. full of clouds, obsrure, apolted. 
Cl0(«ll, n. [eluf] a cUff in a hill. 
Cloul, R. a patch, cloih, nail, plats of itun. 
OoDl, v.(. to patch, nail, coTsr with a clout. 
doDI'^dt^-palched, nailed, coveivd with aclout. 

dovs-gil'-li-flower, n. c&mation, pinb, a flower. 

a, chaiifl, RCm, as, thin, Ibou. 

dum'-ay, a. awkward, unhandy, heavy. 
€lung, J^ of Ciatg, 

CLua'-ler, n. a buocta, a oo'laction of inditiduala. 
Clui'-ler,«.(. ori. togrowoiunilu iu a bunch U 

Cluf'-lcr-ed,* p. mauA in a bunch or cmwd. 
Clua'-Ier-iug, ^pri ggthehnf into a bunch or 
Clutch, R. a giips, Kraap, claw, hand. [crowd. 
dutch, D.l. lo hold feat, gripe, clinch. 
dutch'-ed,* p. griped, aeued, clinched. 
dutch'-ing, ppr. griping, graiping. 
dui'-ier, R. an auonblage in confuaioD. 


-»m^D.oifCI«ye;cleft, split, divided. 
-Tcn-niqt^d, a. laving the houf in aepaiate 

Cki'-cer, n. a genua of phnla, called treioil, Ihree- 
C1o'-Ter-ed,> a. covered with clovH. {leafed: 
Clown, Tt. a nutic, a rude un^lished person. 
Clown'-iah, o. rade, niitic, pliimsy, ill-tod. 
down'.ish-fy, oA. rudely, awk.waic]ly. 
Oown'-iah-ness, n. rudeness of tnanneta, ill- 
Clay, a. f. to All to satiety, lo glut. [breeding. 
Clc^-ed,*p. filled lo saUety, glutted. 
Qoy'-mg, ppr. filling lo aaiiety. [of eipenae. 
dub, n. a heavy stick, aocinty, amount or share 
dnb, r. L or (. to join in common eipenae. 
dnb'-bed,* p. uniiad, collecieil into a sum. 
Qob'-Wng, ppr. luiiling, joining in eipense. 
aDV-law, R. eovenunent by cliibe or force. 
dnb'-nMim, r. a room in which a club meets. 
Cliib'4ht-pBd,* a. like a club, thicker at the end. 
.Chck, c. t. lo make B noise, as a hen. 
duek*-ed,'p. of c/uc*. 
duck'-ing, ppr. niaking ttie noise of a hen. 
'"-imp, n. a thick piece of wood, a cli ' 

logNher in . 
€lul'-lel-ed,* p. crowded in diaorder. 
dul'-iet-ing, ppr, crowd uig in diaordar. 
dya'-ler,ii, an injection for cleansing the bowvk. 
Co, an abbreviBtinn of mii, when ptefiied M 

CSach, n. a four wheeled caniaga fbi travel 
COoch, B. (. to cmivey in a coaf^ 
t»»ch-ed,* p. cartiod in a coach. 
COacli-boi. n. the coachman's seat. 
eeadi-hin, n. money paid for the use irf* a cowA 

COacb-ma-ker, n, one who make* coaches. 

CDacb-man, n. one who drivea a coach. 

Co-ae-tion. a, rompulBion, forre, teatiaii 



Co-ad -ju'-tor, ti. an asBislant, a helpw. 
Co-ag'-ii-la-ble, a. capable of being concreted. 
Co-ag'-u-late, o. I. or i. to curdle, lo concrele. 
€o-ag'-u-la-ted,p. eoncret*^, congealed. 
Co-ag'-u-la-ling, j)pr. curdling, concirring. 
Co-ag.u-Za'-tion, a. the process of curdling. 
Co-ag'-u-Ia-livc, a. having power lo cosgulale. ' 
Oj-ag'-u-la-ior, n. that which causes to curdle. 
Co-ag'-u-luni, n. ruimet, that which causes coag 

Ceal, n. ivood charred, a comhuatible Ibaall. 
C6»l, o. (. to bum to charcoal. 
COal-e-ry, n. a place where coal is 

Unit Iffi, vhft, fii^, marine, pin, btrd, move, 

eo-a-\a'-ted,' p.olCoaitlct. 
Co-a-lta'-cing, ftpr. uniluig, groiviiig log«tW. 
ei>-a<li"-dan, n union of perHnB, csnledenKf . 
Cmt-j, a. fnll of coal, like cotL 

COaiH, a. grou, rude, rough, luge. 
COams-lf, ad. roughlf , ludelr. 

"' — " u,nHtene«,i 

- -, — -^- - -- -M of knd nem uw hb, 
CdaM, V. I. or i. lo nil tlong tb* >bon. [ihore. 
Cuut-ed, p. Milad ilang. [caul. 

Ciiui-er, n. ■ panon or vow) that «tili ■lone a 
COut-jng, ;ipr. niling neat the land. 
Onst-ing, n. ■ tailing near lud, or from port la 

CM, M. a man'! uppw gBmwiu, a coverin;. 
Gtai, v. (. la covar wiLli a coal or layar. 
Giat-«d, p. or a. eorsrad with a coat or lajsr. 
Cuair-iag, ppr. covering wilh a coat. 
Cuat-ing, n. a oovariog, cloth Oa cosM. 

C«i-ed,* p. wImbiIImI, Bal4ered, enticed. 
£o»irti, n. (HiB who euicei by flaUorf , ■ 

C^mL-ing, ppr. flanering, enticing. 
Oob, n. top, ipikfl oS mais, a Ha-fowl. 
Co'-balt, n. a miiwral of a iwddish gray coior, 
uied to give a blue color to glaH, enamela, por- 
Cd'bak-ifl, a. pertaining to cobalt, [celain, Sm- 

Sb^bl^Wne. \ "■ » """*"■'' '*"^ ■ '"'•'^ 
€oly-ble, D. (. to mend coaisoly or clunuily. 
Cob'-blBf, a. a. mender ofiboea, a bungler. 

" b' auulal worn in ifie Eaat, 

va with a head or knoli. 

Coh'-i-ron, a. 

€och'-i-n«J, I 

Coch'.le^le, ) " 

Cock. B.(.IO»t upright. 

Cut^k, q. the male of bird 

Cockled,* p. But npright. 

Coek-idet a. a ribt-i, or knotof riblD to bt A'rnn 

eock'-a-trJne,n.3 kind ofieTpeDt. [onthebU. 

£uck'-beaL n. a imall boat. 

Cock'^chatEsr, n the dorbeeda. 

It UMd in dyeing acarlet. 

id fowla 

Cock'-CMW-ing, n. time of the cKinlag of c«cka 

in the mominE. 
Cock'-er, v. I. to fondle, canaa, pamp^. 
Cock'-er-ed,* p. fondled, mated wilh lanclMliea 
G>ck'«t4l, n. a young cock. 
Cock'4t, iL a ticket from the cue jim houas. 
Coek'-fighl, Cock'-flghi-ing, b. h conteitof cocka 
Coclt'-hortB, a.onhoBobact, triumphing: [rtxe. 
€oc'-kk, «. a genu» ufthelU, or ihell-fitb, com- 
Coc'-kje, o. I. to contmct into wnnkleg, ahrmk. 
Coc'-kle-itnirs, n.pL winding or ipiial slain. 

Cuek'-noj, B. a native of London. 

€ock-pit, n. a place where cucka figtt, a ruom 

in a ihip unifer the lower gun-dedi. 
€och-roach, b. a troubleaome insect 
€ock'i'.eilnift, b. (be comb of a cock, ■ plant 
Cuck'-awaui, n. an officer who baa tba caieoT 

Co'-coa, fl.[ea'-eaj a tre« producing a large nm 

Co'-coa-nut, B. the nnl of lb* cocoa. 

Co-coon', B. a ball in which the Alt worm it m- 

Coe-tile, a, maJa bf baking, aa a biick. [volvad 

Coe'-iion, n. a boiling, dignllan. 

Cod, n. a Bea.fiih, a bag, en vfllop or caaeariBeda 

Code, n. a book of the civil law, ayaiem. 

C6d'-i-cil, n. a lupplemenl to a vrifl. 

Cod'-le, Cod'-dte, v. (. to parboil, lo aoften it 

Cod'-ltne, a. a line for taking eod-fiah. 
€>id'-ling, B. a younj cod. 
eo-eP-fi-ca-iy, b. jomt-efEcacy, or powor 
€i).er-fi"-cien-cj, b. jmot operation. 
€o-«f-fi"-cient, a. operating together. 
Co-emp'-iion, n. a nim' the nbota 
Co-o'-qual, a. equal with another. 
€o-o^)ual'-i-ty, n. equality with anothar. 
€o-e'.qual-ly, ad. with joint eqoalily. frtimpd. 
Co-erce, v. t. {ao-erm'\ to Teatrain by Firce, la 
Go.erc'.ed,* p. reatrained by (bite, compelTed. 
Co-erc'-i-ble, a. Iha; may be rcetrained or forced. 
Co^r'-cion, n. restraint by Torre, compulaiOT). 
Cu-er'-cive, a. serqng t3 rcatrain. 
Co-er'.^ivf^TLeai, it. power to restrain. 
eo.e*.ton'-Ual, a. partakmg of the aanw Mactioa 
e»«t-IBle, n. a atale of eqtial rank, or in c«i 

book, ilttve, full, use, tan, 

f;it«-ta'-ii»-oiu, a. or the eame ngt: with anuthet. 
Co-e-iera'^ a. equally elomsl wilh unoiher. 

- Co-e'-val, a. of the some or equal age. 
Co-ei-iftt', u- i. lo eiutt together. 

11 the i 


Co-ex-lerul'-lng, ppr. extending eqiull;. 

eo-ei-ien'-BivB-neaa, n. equal eiienaion. 
eof'-fee, n. ihe ber/y or * tree med fin making 

■ drink, the liquor. 
Cor'-lec-houM, n. * public hoiue. 
Cof'-rne-niill,ii. a mtll lu grind coffee, [ormsde. 
eoT'-ree-pot, n. a pot in which coB^ ■■ boiled 
Cof-rer, n. a cheat, a treasure. 
.Cof'-fer-ed,* a. lepoaiwd in a rofler. 
Cof'-lin, R. a boi o- cheat Toe a dead hnman 
Cop.£a,t.l. to conliw in a coffin. [bod;. 

Cog, tj. (. or t. lo flatter, to deceive ; to fix coga. 
Cog, n. the tootb of a wheel,a boat. 
Co'-^en.cjr, n. tint, power, urgency. 
Cu'-gent, a. farcibk.alrong, adapted to comince. 
Ca'-|entilr, ad. with Ibrce, or uigencf. 
Cog'-Eed.* D. Battered, deceived. 




^haiae, gem, na, tbui, ihoQ. 
€D-h$/r-esa, n. icoSirenJ a fimale who- !■ joint 

€:o-liCr^ B. i, to itick together, agree, tuit. 
Co-he'-rence, ■■ a atick^ng together, unjoo of 

Co-he -rent, a. alickiLg together, coiuiatent. 
Cu-he'-ring, pp-. cleaving togelhet, holding &at 
Co'he'.aion, tt. atate of union, conneclion. 
Cu.he^-aive, a. atiddi^, adiieaive. 
€o-he'-sive-neaa, n. quality of aiicking logetber 
eo'-bo-tioie, E. (. to diatill repeaiedly. 
Co-bo-ba'-tion, n. repeated dietillation 

rope, or a serpent 

J r—, a kind of die. 

I. to Btamp mctnl, lo make, or form 
;e, n. act of coining, money coined. 

Co-in'-ci-dent, o. agreeing. 
Giin'-ed,*p. iiampod, — 
Coin'-er, n. a maker of 
Coin'-ing, ppr. making 


Cog-iu"-tion, 11. knowledge, certain knowi^go 
Cog-ni-za-ble, a. [con'izalile,] falling, or tha 

may come under judicial notice. 
Cog-ni-zance, n. [eonizance,] judlcisl notice. 

Cb^ab'il.c.i. to Uve aa man and wile, or to- 
Co-lub-it-a'-lioiu n. a hving together. 
Ca^f^ B. [collfrj HJoint heir with ano&ar. 

ito com, nunUng 
_, or coining logelker. 
€o-join', E. t, to unite in the aame thing. 
Coke, B. (basil coal charred. 
^~" ' \ vceael for straining iqnoev- 

arm or h(,t, ingid, reserved. 
Cdld, n. aenaadon produced by a loas df heal 

d [Border. 
Odd-ly, ad. reaerredly, indtffemntly. 
eflld-ness, n. ivant of heat, reaervo. uidi 
Cold-abort, a. brittle when cold, aa melab. 
Cole-wOrt, n. a aort of rabbaga. 
Col'-ie,n. a complaint of the boitela. 
" " bird of the partridge kind. 

^__, J.I. to fell together, to eloM. 

Col-lapa'e. n. a filing to^elher, or cknhig. . 
eol-lapa'-ed,*]L dowdai tbeaidwof ■ pipe.OT 


^r, fftU, whM , prgf, n 

CdI'-Ut, n. mRiething worn niiuid (he neck. 
Col-lar, V. t, or (. lo piu on a collar, Hsizs by 

ihe collar. 
€oV-lai-ed,*p. fumiahed wiih b cullar, teizei,^. 
Cal-lfiie. V. t. lo compare, eianiine, b«aUinr. 
Cul-lal'-a-ral, a. being by (he eiile, convenient, 
eol-lal'^iwl-ly, ad. in a coIlalorBl mwuier. 
eal-ln'4ing, ppr, comparing, presenUDg and in- 

C^l-la'-lion, n. a repuE, gift, compariBon. 
eol'-lB-itre,a. that raaybecanierrcdbyabubop. 
Col-la'-ior, n. one who compares and eiaminea. 
Cnl'-league, n. a partner in ufiicc. [kr. 

Col-leU', V. (. or i. lo gather, bring logeiher, in- 
Col'-Iect, n. a short comprehenaiva prayer. 
Gol-lBct'-<id, p. gathered, congregated, mlerred ; 

a. cool, not disturbed, recoverai &om surprise. 
€ol-teet'-ed-I;esi, n. aelr-pussassioii, [tamad. 

CbMecf-i-ble, a. that mav be colle6ted, or ob- 
eot-lec'-iion, n. act of collecting, aocmblags, 
Col-tec'-tivB, a. formed by gathering, inferring. 
Col-la e'-tive-)y, ado. in a body, together. 
Cal-leet'-or, n. one thai collecu or compile*, Doe 

who collecU duties or laiea. 
Cot-lefi'-or.ahip, n. [he office of coUoclor of 

customs or taxes. [for inslmciion. 

Col'-lege, n. an assembly or society, iniduicioD 
€ol-lB'-gi-al, a. pertainitig to a college. 
Cnl-lo'.gi-an, n. a member of a college. 
Col-la'-gj-ute, u, belonging to a college. 
Col'-Iet, n. part of a ring where a alone is set. 
Col-hde, V. I. to strike or dash together. 
€ol'-Iier-y, o. a place where coals are dug. 
Ckil'-li-gate, D. 1. to bind together. 
€^.|i-ga'-t)on, a. act of binding logelher. 
Cot-li-ma'-Iion, ». Ihe act of aiming at a mark. 
€cd'-li-quata, B. i. or f. lo melt, liquefy, dissolve. 
€ol'li.qua '-41011, n. the act of melting. 
Col-liq -UBtive, a. tend iiw to dissolve, dissolving. 

Col-liq- "-■■■ - '■--'- »--■-- 


B striking together, a clash. 

. dialogue, 
Col-luc-'ta'-tion, n. a contest, a struggle. 
Col-lude, u. T. to conspire in a fiaudT 
Col-lu'-sion, n. asecrat agreement to defjavd 
€ol-lu'.4ive, a. deceitful, fraudulent. 
€ol-lu'-8iv©-ly, ad, with (ecrel fraud. 
Col-lu'«>-ry,a. carrying on fraud by agreemenl 
Cclom'.bo, n. an aromatic pungent root. 
Co'.lon, n. the point (:) denoting a pause. 
eol-on-oade,n.arow or aeries of columns. 
Co-lo-nel, n. [cur'-nell the commander of a rc^ 

Co-lo-nel-cy, J _ J cor'rielcy, ) rank of «. 
Ci>-la-ael4hip, 1 ( cur'nelship, y colonel. 
Co-lo'-ni-Bl, o. beloiiing to a colony. 
€ol-o-ni-za'-tion, n. the settling of a colony. 
Col'-o-nize, v. 1. to settle with inhabitants. 
Col'-o-nii-ed,* p. planted witli a colony. 
Col'-o-ny, 1. a company uf persons who remova 

te; the country colonized, 
if light, appearance to the 
-' disguise. (oya 

ject to the parei 
COI-jr, B. a iroM 

COI*r, 0. (.10 dyt 

eiU-ar.a-b)e, a. plausible, 

Ctfl-or^dt'p. dyed, pauiMd, stained.. 
CCl-jr-iT-ie, a. able to produce rolorr 
OSI-or-ing, ppT. dyeing, tinging, staining. 
Col-or-ing, n. act of dyeing, specious api 


a. deslitule of color. 

Hag, ensign. 

0>l-lDs'-aa], &).los.Be'-6ji| a.Tiu^ gi; 
Co-los'-Biks, n. a statue uf eigantic aiio. 
Colt, n. the young of the Horse kind. 
€rJ-ler, ei)ul-ter, n. the fore-irou of a plan. 
Cnlt-ish, a. like b colt, frisky. 
Col'-um-ba.ry, n. a dove-cot, pigooo-hoiaa. 
Col'-um-bine, a. a genus of plants. 
Col'-u.mel, n. in botany, the ceDlral nolumu in 

eol'-iuon, n. a long niund body, naembling the 
■tern of a Itse, used to support or adorn aa 
edilice, row of linea m a book, a body at 

Co.|iini'-iiar, a. having the fbim of a colnnm. 

■ book, dflve. full, nw, a 

Ci>-lure, ». a greu circle inlecsecling the nikd- 


irelematoral pr 

3o'-ro«, 1. a doling, prt 
■leep ; hairineBs of a 

eo'-ma-toiu, { a. drowzy, doling wilboiit nacu- 

eo-mB-tOse, I nl aloep. 

COmb, n. an uuIniiDaDt tor sepaTBtiiig and clean- 
ins hair, woai, Sic a caruncle. [comb. 

-ConiA, B. 1. 10 dreaa, separate and cleame with a 

eum^lesg, a. faaTing no conib or Gamucla. 

eDm'-bBl,n, a battle, fi«hl,due). 

eom'-bai-am, n. 


Com-bine, c. (. i 
Com-bl-ned,* p. 

Com-bl -■ 




B who fights, a champion, 
itriving In rexiat, oppoiing. 
hal ma]' be combined. 

, to unite intima[«Jj, join, 
led intunaleiy. (agree, 

licing intimately. 

in. capacity ofbnrningor 
being btunt. 
■ ig.hurry, ' ' - 


advance nearer, happen, iprant. 
€o-ine'.di-aQ, n. an actor of comediw. 
Com'-fMly, n. a humoroua dramalic piece. 
e^ne-li-ncau. nace, beadly, deL-eiicy. 
Ome-ly, a. Sandsonie, gtac^iil, dpanl. 

eoni'-el,n. a heavenly body that omits a train of 
light, and moves round the auDia blazing alar. 

CSm-fit, V. (. lo preaerve fi^iit and dry it. 
Oko-fort, V. t. to invigorate, enliven, cheer. 
Ckn-tbit. a relief from pain, coiiaolation, eaia. 
G6m-fort-a-b!e, a. enjoying ean, giving ilrength. 
CiJm-fort-a-blj, ad, with comfort, or ease, 
Cnm-rort-ed, p. eased, consoled, cheeiAd. 
eOm-tbn-er, n , one who comforK, the Koly Spiiil. 
CiSm-fort-ing. ppr. cheering, giving eau. 
Ci!Wn-fort-]eaa, a. having no comfort. 
eOm-fry, h. a genun ^f plant*. 
Com'-ie, n. relating to comedy, 
Com'-ic-al, a. diverting, droll, OM. 
Com'-ie-al-ly, od. in a comical manna. 
Cilni-ing,ppr. drawing near or arriving, ftalni*. 
a drawing nauer, arrival. 

, chaise, gem, Ihin, fbou. 

'-ual, a. pertaining to Roman agaambhea 
-ty, n. couneaf, mildnosa, civility. 
na,n. the point (,) uoling a abort paute in 

_ _.. . . beginning, day of taking 

degrees in a college. 
€om-inenc'-ing,jipr. b^inning, entering upon. 
Com-mend', v. I. la praiae, to apeaii in favor of. 
Com-mend'-a-blo, a. worthy of praiae. 
€om-mend'4-bly, oil. ao as to deserve praise. 
Com-mond-a'-liDn, n. praise, recotomenduion. 

Com-mend'-ing, ppr- speaking in favor of. 
eom-men-au-ra-birJ-ty, n. capacity of having a 

Is, a. having a 

. a. of equal mi 

Com-inen4U-ni''ti(HV>>. reduc 

eom'-menl-a-ry, n 

« for eipUnatii 

Cam'-merce,n interchange of coroniDditiea,liide 
Coni'-merce, r. L lo trade,~baner, iraflick. 
Com-mer'-cial, a. relar^ng lo trade, uading 
Com-mi-na'-lioD, n. a threat of punisl 
ei«n-inin"-gle, e. (. lo rail logether. 
GiniHi]in''-^ing, ppr. ml 

ii, iffl, whsi, pptj, mai^e, pin, b 
ft to fine porticlei- 
aducing lo fine psT' 

ttBQ-mis'-e-raie, o. I, lojjii 
Ojin-nuB^-ra'-tion^ n. plly, compaBiiun. 

Com-miB-Aa^n-Bl^a-pertaiiun^ lo acomianuy. 
eom-mk'-sion, n. a tnut, warrant of office. 
CDin-miB'-iian, v. I. lo empower, authwue, ap- 

Com^mifl'-inon-ed,* p. nnpowerod, authortEed. 
€oni-inu'-«ion-er, n. ODO empowe«d to aci. 
eom-mui'-aion-ing, pjir. auihoriiing i 

Com-mit'-niem, n. the k 

Cam-mit'-tee, n. a aalect number of penooB ap- 
poinced lo do any biuineir. 

Coni-mit'-ting, ppr. giving in truit, delivering. 

Coni'mii', V. J. lo min?le logether, lo blend. 

Com-mii'-od,* p. mingled, blended. 

€om-niii'-tian, n. a blending of diflerenl Ibingi, 

eDm-mix'-Iuro, n. aoi uf miiiog, miogled man. 

Corn-mode, b. a woniBn'i bead-dreiia. 

Com-mo'-di-ona,a. oonvenieni, anitsble. 

Com-nio'-di-oua-ly, ad. conveiiiently, filly. 

Com-niD'-di-oua-neH, n. convenionrs, fibua. 

Com-mod'-^-ly, n. Uut which afibrdi conve- 
nience, laij nticle at mffiok, gpodi. 

eom'-nia^iMe, n. a DomDHiuler ■9' ■ iqindran. 

Com'Hiuia, 0. paoUc, ohuiI; beloiigiiig co ■ nnm- 

COni'-mon, n. > net of 
Com'-atoo, v. i. to iiee togetber, 
eom'-mon-a-ble, a. held in comi 

Com'-mon-al'ty, n. the body of common i 
Com-map4r, n. one not rroble- 
Com'-mon-ly, ad. luuelly, froquanily. 
Coni'-nion.naa,n,ireiiuency, uaualnem, 
eam'-mi(n-placo, n, a common lopio, 

dum- [Nxdi. 

eom'-mi o-plaoe, v. 1. lo enlar in a corenvm place 
€, <i. pi. common people, house of re- 

praaenlatjva, conunoD land, Jbvd at a com- 

moB table. 
CuB^ood-wBal, ■>. paUic gooi ar wel&n 

lih, ■. (conunonwellfa'] a 
a dwflUuig, iwidenoe- 

Com-mdne, a. a Mrilorial diatrict in FWicn. 

Com-niu'-ni-<a-ble,a. thatmay becommaoicaled 
Com-mn'-nj-faal, n. one wbo oomiDunea at lb* 

Lord'i lupper. 
eom-rau'-ni-eate, v, t. or i, to impait, nniial, 

have meoiB of paaiiog. 
Com-mu-ni-ea'-tioa, h. act irf* impaitme, passage 
Com-iao'-ni-ca-livei a. &H lo impait, unneerved 
OHn-mn'-ni^ca'tive-iMai, n. raadineaa to impait 
Com-mlin-ion, s. union in bilh, fijlowahip, a 

taking of the Lord^s supper. 
Com-mu'-ni-i^, n, commott poaaetaioa, nocieCr. 
eom-mu-u-bil'-i-qr, n. capadtf of being inter- 
changed, [another. 
Com-mu'^a-ble, a. that may be changed one Ibr 
Com-ma-la'-tion, n. eichange one fbranolher. 
Com-mu'-ta-iiva, ft. inierchangoabla. 
Com-mure, v. t. lo excbarige one thing for ano- 
Com-mu'-tu-ol, a. mutual, reniproeal. [tber 
Com'-paet, a. cloedy unitiad, firm, denae. 
€um'-paet, a. a conlracl, league. 
Com-paM', tk C. lo piHi If^suier, lo make denai 
Com-paet'-ed, p. made dense and firm. 
Com-pao'.ing, mr. pnaaing firmly together. 
Cbm.pact''ly, al. in a close or dense manner, 

Com-paff-vesa, n. olossneaa of parts, densiiy 
Com-pan'-ion, n. an tHsociate, tellow. partn«. 
Cbm-^Mn'^OMJilet a. fit Cx good Mlowihip. 
Gem-pan'-ioiMhlp, n. leUowanip, aaaocialion. 
€9m-pa4iy, n. Masnblj of pecaons, firm, pan- 

nenbip, ■ band, a ereir. 
rOm-pa-ny. v. i. to aeeunpany. 
Com'.pa-ra^ila, a. that may ' 

€om-par'.a-tiTB, a. 

€om-par'-B-ti»e-ly, ad by way of oomparinn. 
Cbm-pSre, ti. L or i. to liken, euunine logelbgr. 
eoa-pi'-ied,* f. eiaminad, likened. [lerBaM 
Gam-pa'-^ing, jipr. ■"—■"■"j likaBSit aad dif- 

. n. Bet of compBringi ainule, 
Cam-[An, ■■ l. to divide, to aimn^. [i 

OHii-|Ar-ii''-tk>n, r. trx of dividing ioM (pul- 

CiHD-piiit-niaDt, H. ■ divwDii, aepanite part 

"" (. to mrround, ubiiin, accomiriiih. 

ft circls, afux, needle uid card, 
" ~, lufrouiMJed, BcoomnJuihiMl. 
ui iwlnnMnl to maka ciidg*. 
Cikn-pes-ing, j^. eavironiog. eBectuig. 

piQ', meroifiiL 

1 puj.Dien 




eom-pai'4-ble, a. ci_ ^ 

Com-pat'-i-bl)', ad. euuiiteutly, agnaabljr. 
Com-pat'-ii^iit, n. ■ fellaw patrHM. 
Cam-piar. ■. an eqnal, patti coUaune. 

^ u „ . ._ c. ^^ oBligB. 


eom-pel-led,* f. breed, coaaBainui, obliged. 
CoiQ-pel'-lar, a. be that canatnina. 
CMn-pal'-liTi^, p^. ibrciog, canatraiaiiig. 

eZ'SS.-™, ! - " ■"<*—. — "■ 

OHD-pend'-i-ow, a. ihort, brief, annunuy. 
Cam-paDil'-i-oiM-lT, ad. briefly, coDciaely. 

Com'-pen-aala, V. t or i, to oioJu amenda. 
Corp'-peH'SB-tadiP' rapoEnpensed, re^uiled- 
Coai'-pen-aa-iiiig,777, requiiiiig,iiiBkmgameada, 
eom-pen-aa'-lion, n. recompeiue, amenda. 
(^m-pen'-aa-tive. ii. mokitig. reconpeaae. 
eam-pan'-n-to-ry, a. makiiig amanda. 
Coia-pdle. v.L 10 atrive to rival, claim K> be equal. 
eon'-p*4eoce, ) n. Buffieiency, legal rapacity, 
Cvm'-pe-tea-cf, { or [igbt, filooaa. adequacy. 
Com'-pe-teiu, a. fit, adeqiiala, lufficient. 
Coin'-pe4aiit-ly, ad. adequaiely, HufiLciciuly. 
Com pe-ti°-tiiHi, n. eontait. rivalry, auite. 
eom-pel'-i-lar, a. a rival, an opponent- 
Cam 'ju-la'-tiun, n. a aelectiun f^m sulbon. 
Com-plla, V. (. to aelect fiom authon, to coU«cl. 
fJteD-pI'-led,* p. colleeted itnd arranged. 

Ci»i-pt-ler, n 

M, gem, aa, thfc, thou. 
m-pl-ling, ppr. colleciing from authon. 
iD-pla'-cance, j n. pleasure, guiaQictiOD of 
m-pla'-cermy, ( mind, apprgbatlpn. , 
m pltt'^ant, a. cheerful, civu, affuble. 
m-pla'-cenl-ly, ad. with mtiifaction. 
[u-plilin, tj. i. lo murmur, to accuae, [cnlor. 
lu-pliin-iuU, n. one who complaina, a pRtte> 

Cmn'-plai^anee, n. civiliiy, abUgine >n-eiraenL 
Com'-plai-ianl, a. civil, polite, (-.jurirous. 
Com'-plBi-ianl-ly, ad: civilly, cu'inecusly. 
Cam'-ple-ment, n. the lull aiimbpr.<Dt'.al,a. GUin^upihe number. 
Com-pteie, a. fiiuihed. perfect, entire. 
Com-plete-ly, ml. periectly, wholly, fully, 
dtm-pleto-nees, n. entutni^.-^. peiJ«-t flUiie. 
Com-ple'-tioa, n. aclof finishini;, petleci gtale 
Com'-pliii, a. aunpuunded, complicated. 
€om-plci'.ed-neai, n. cumphcalion, intricacy. 

Cont-idei'-ion, llie color of Ibe &it, lempwa 

Com-plei'-ioDi^L a, belonging to Ihe habit. 
Com'-plei'ly, ad. iutricalely, obeuurely. 
CcKa-pII'-ance, n. a yielding to what u deaiwd 
Com-pli'-ant, a. dlaposed lo yield, submitting 
Com' ph.cate,B.J. lo infold, make intricHIe- 
Ona'-pli-eate, a. infolded, iutricale, dilficult, 
eom'-plirfa-iod, p. iniiicaie, perpleied. 
eom'-pli-ealo-naaa, n. intricacy, complemeit. 
~ oni-pli-(ia'4ion, n. an iaterwesving, entangls. 


, lugeiher, to coniptre 

Cora-plot'-iing,ppr. plpttuiglogclher, coiifpliing ' 

Com-ply, B. t. to yield lo, lo suo y-ingiB""- yielding lo, fu 
Com'-pOdMat, 0. coniliPUanl, c< 




aJt, fell, what, pw 
eom-port, o. i. or t. lo agree, lo suit, lo acmn 
Com-pdrt-a-ble, a. coiuistent, auilable- 

Com-po'-Efld,* p. lorianl, aetued, cmmed. 
O>m-po'-teil-]y, Hfftr. calmly, HetlateEy. 
Gim-po-ieil-neas, n. ealraneM, aedateneai. 
Com-po'-ier. n. une who ctiliiu, an aulhor. 
€oni-po'-smg, /^ir, fonoing, nllaviiiK. 
euni-po-«i"-iion, n . a miilure, i 
eom-poa'.i-lor, one who aela types, 
eom'.poat, n. a miilure for maniire. 
Coni''poai, p. ^ 10 lay on compost for m 

.. caiior 

fc, order, fom 

- r adriokinstogethi 

€oni'-poiin((, a. compoead of two or more ingre- 

eom'-pound, n, a raiitute of ingredientt. 

Com-paunU', v. t, lo mii in ons ma»,lo ae»e. 

€om-pound'4d, p. miied, compoaed. 

€uni-paund'-er, n. one who uHdpounSa. 

eum-pound'-iiig, ppr. miiing in > maM. 

C^m-pre'liead I v. L lo coniain, anpi]', nnder- 
atand. [ing. 

Com-pre-heiid'-iiiff, ^tr. containing, underatand^ 

€om-pto-lien'-«i-HB, a. that can be undoratood. 

eora-pre-hen'-aion, n. actof oomptBhending, un- 

eora-pre-hen^ive, a. capacioiw, oiienaive. 

Com.pre-hen'-iive-ly, oil. in an eiunaive manner. 

eom-pre-hen'>Bive.nes3, n. quality of coiapre- 

€^in-[HBa'-aion, n. actof preming tageiher. 
Com-press'-U're, n. preasure, a forcing together, 
Com.priw, t>. t. lu contain, to include. 
Com^^rl'-ted,* p, contained, comprohended. 
Ci>m-pri'-sing, j^. including) containing. 
eom'-pio-mliB, n. amicable agreement, 
Com'-pro-mlao, v. I. to agree amicably, lo ai^mt. 
eom'-pro-ml-»ed,' p. amicably a^jnstecl. 
Com'-pro-mI-»ing, ppr. amicably aettling. 
Com'-pro-mil, commit, to pledge, or engage. 
Gom'-pro-mit-ed, p. pledged, committed. 
Com'-pro-mit-ing, ppr. pledging. 
€oatfal'-ta-to-ij, a. comp^ng, obliging. 

Com-pul'^ion, n. force applied, act of 
Coni-pul'4ive, a. forcing, conxtraining. 
€om-pul'-eive-ly, ad. by -force. 
Com-puP-ao-ry, a. forcing, compelling. 

'Com-pnnc'-tioue, a. giving pain for oBenaea. 
€am-pu'-ta-ble, u, thai may be computed. 
Com-pu-la'-tion, n. act of reckoning, estiniale. 
eom-pOle, B. (. lo number, rechon, cast logelhe 
Com-pa'4ed, p. reckoned, catiiaatfid- 
Com-pu'-ter, n. one ndio rechoru or oetiiiiBiea 
Com-pu'-ting, ppr. reckoning, ealimaCing. 
Com'-rsde, n. a companion, a parliier, 
I- 1-.^ denoting viiA or against. 



Con'-neJ,* p. aludied, Hied in the miiid. 
Con-cam'4-iale, r. I. lo arch, or vault, 
eon-eal'.e-nate, v. I. to link, to connect tiflii^ 
Con-eat-B-na'-tion, n. connection by linka, asriea 
£>>n'-eaYO, a. hollow in the inside, arched. 
Con-eav'-i.^, n, hollowneaB of a body. 
€on-ea'-voilH, a. hollow, concave. 

Cou-ceal^'ble, a. that may be hid or kept IflcnC 
" " il*d,' p. hid, kept cloee. 

fancy, concei . 

Ojn-cSil, V. t. to nnagine, to fancy. 
Con-cCit-edt^p. imagined, conceited; a- v&in 
Con-c§it4d'ly, ad. with vain opinion. 

eoo-cEiT4-ble,a. thaimaybeconceived. [able. 
CorMteiv-^-ble-iKaa, R. qiudity of being conceir- 
Con-cSiv-a-bly, ad. in an inldligible manner. 
Cbn-ceive, v. t. or i. to form in the mind, to be 

with child. 

v-ed,*p. formed in the mind, bred. 

i-^iaiv-ing, p^. thinking, imsginins, breeding 

Con-cenf, b. concert of voices, concord, eo 

bring to eoa 


oc poiic. 10 bring 

Con-^n'-ira-ted, p, brought 

book, dCve, liill, ine, am, cbane, gem, a 

IB to a 

Con-cep'-la-eia, n. that which cant 
CnH'Cep'-tiotv "■ 

) uiy 

iving, idea, pnrpoie. 
ixiu-L-nni , D. (. (o ufiect, move, belong to. 
Con-cem', n. an affair, anxiety, aoliojtude- 
Con-cem'-ed," p. eng^ed, aflected. 
Con-cem'-ing, ppr. relating to, regarding. 
Con-fiem'-ment, n. i concern, busuwBB. 
Con-cert', r. C to contrivqitogelher, to plan. 
Con'-cert, n. agreement, haimony.muiic in puts. 
Con^ccH'-Bion, n. act of yielding, thing yialded, 
€en-cefl'-4ive, a. yielded by conueuion. [gnnt- 
Cun.cea''«ive-ly, ad. by way of conceMion. 
Conch, R. a marine ihell. 
Cun.cil'-i.ate, v. t. to gain by fevor, reconcile. 
Con'Cil'-i-B.Iing, jgtr. winning, enEunitiE. recon- 
ciling ; a. having the quality oi 

Con-cil'-i-a-tor, n. < 

Con-cit'-i-a-lo-ry, a. tending lo reconcili 
Con-cin'-ni-ly, n. fitness, euiublenees. 
Con-cin'-nous, a. neat, lit, becoming. 

oi enuiing: 


unajy, D 

Con-cMa'-tiun, n. a atirring up, or disturbing, 
Con-ela-nia'-lion,n. a crying out together, a sbonl. 
Con'-elave, n. an anembty of cardinals. 
Con-elode, v. t. to finish, determine, inter. 
C^n<.elu-sion, n. end, close, consequence, infe- 

Can-eom'-i-tant, ^ 

, harmony, 
^on-com'-ance, n. an tndei to the 
Con.eord'-ani, a. agteeing, suitable 
Cou-eord'-at, n. a compac^ a cover 
CoD-eord'-ist, n. the compiler of a 
Con-cor'-po-rate, n. (. or i. to unite 
Con'-cfiutse, n. an assembly, a meet 
&)n-ere.fiie, v. t. to create togethoi 
Gon'-ere-ment, n. a maaa formed bj 
Con-eree'-cenco, n. a growing togel'-bin-age, n. the keeiHng of s mistrcJ 

€on-eu'-pi*cence, n. irregular desire, lust. 
Con-eu'-pi.Bceiu,a. lustful, lewd, sensual. 


€on-eur'-rent, a. acting logelher, b 
€on-eur'-rent-ly, ad. unitedly, in ct 
€on-eur'-ring,p^. meeting in a point, assenting. 
Con-eus'-sion, n. a shaking, a shock. 
eoi]-cuB'.eive, a, able or tending to stiahe. 
Con-dem'n, v. (. to pronounce to be wnrng, ta 

Con-dem'-na-ble, a. that ma 
Condem'-na-ble-ness, n. bla'-tioii,n.actofco 
Con-dem'.na-io-ry, o. passir __ 
Can.dem'-ned,*a. sentenced, dooi 
e»n-dem'-ner, n. one tliat condei 
Con-dem'-ning, pp 
Con-dens'-a-ble, a. 

igetber, being lu 



at may be condensed. 
I'-ate, V. (. to nuke oI Id ^w densft 
{'-ate, a. made dense or tbich. 


M field. 

eon-de-9cend'-ing, ppr. dteceoding liufa rank; 

yiolding lo inferiora, obligiije. 
eou-ds-scen'-BkiQ, ». net of condacaldiiig, 
Cuii-Jign, a, doserved, suitable. [courtew. 

Cun-di^-ly, aJ, Hlly, giiiublj. 

Llablenesi, jiutnsn. 

Con-ili''-LioTE,fL term of agreement, aUiUsarUcJe. 
C"n-ili"-tioii, V. I. or (. to iDske terau. 
eoinii"-uoii-ttl, a. implying Mmu or amdittoni. 
eornii"-tion-ai-ljr, ad. with timilatiom. 
eon-(li"-tion.ed,*a. having tenu oiBlipulatknw. 
Cun^dole, d. t. lo Ument, (6 grieie willi othen. 
Con-Ju'-leil,'^. oTCondofe. 
e6n-Jul»nian[, n, grief, muCoBljlisEiea. 
eon-do'-Ience. n. gneT for anotiier'i luu. 
Cori-do'-ling, jntr. mauming witli,anotbor. 
€V>n'-dar, n. a largo fowl, a ipeoiea of vultur. 
Con^dQcOkD. i- to lead or lend U>i tu promote. 
eon-du'-ced,"p. of Conduce. 
0)ri.du'-ci-ble,a.teiuiiiigu) some end, promoli»B. 
-eon-Ju'-ciye, H, promoting, contributing. 
Con^dji'-civo-ncga, b. tendency topnunole. 
eon'-duet, n. behaviar, depoiUaeal. 
0>a.duet', V. t. or i. to lead, guide, menage, be- 
eon^dncl'-or.n. a leader, director, cbieC [have. 
Con-duct'-ing.ppr. leading, rrmnagiog, behaving. 
Con'-duii, B. a walor.pipo or canal, a duct. 
€on-Uu'-pli-este, a. di>iu>led togelher. 
Coni(]u-pli-«a'-tiun,n. a doubling or folding over. 
Cone, n. a bod^ like a atiirar loaf 
Con^fab-u-la'-Uan, a. famiUai lalk, diicoiirBe. 
eoii'-fect, J aaweetmem 
Q>n-Jee -tioD, S "Wenn 
eon-fec'-iion-et-y, n. ■ place for BweMnuala 
eon'fee'-tion-er,n.onewbotBnB aweetineBla.&c. 
Con-li«l'«, ii. a league, union of penont. 
eun-fed''S.rate, a. laulei] in a league. 
€aii-fed'4-iate, v. i. lo onite in aUienee. 
Con-fed«-ra'4ioi], n.aUKince byleegueoi Blipa- 
lalion. [pact. 

Con-led'«.r».tive, a. cannituting a ledecal com- 
Gon-fer', t>. l.or i. ttxUacourae, 10 gtaat or bealonr 
Coa'-fer.«tice, n. diioonne, meetine for convene. 
Coo-Iei'-red,* p. ^Biileil, bntawM 

laiYne, pin. bird, mSvfl, 

dm-fei'-niig, jifr. granting, iKMowmg, oobviiib. 
Con.fesa',u, ttoown,ackii«wbdn, arow. [ing 
Con-iese'.ed,' p. owned, avowed. [meat. 

€on fen'-ed-ly, ad, avowedly, by acknowlai^- 
OHvfea'4k>ni it- avowal, acknowiedgment. 
Oin.fea'.aifHtalT n. a confesaor^B aeat. 
etm-fcHii'^ii, n. one wbo confoBee or bean ooo- 
Con-f ide, 11. 1. 10 tnoi fully, lurely on. (iwsiuna. 
Con'-fi^lenoe, 71- trusi, r^ance, boldnen, firm 
eon'-fi.denI, a. bold, daring, aaaared. , [neaa 
£:on'-l<-dent, n. one entrwtsd with a aecrat 
€on-fi-den'.tial,a. admitted to confidOTica. 
eon-li-den'-lial-ly, ad. in conlidence. 
Con'-fi-deat-ly, ml. wilhfuU perBumian. 
Con-fig-D-ra'-tion, n. eitaniel fami, aspect al 

Con-fig'-ore, B. I. lo diipoae inlo form. 
Con-fl'-na-bb, a. thai may be confinsil 

Con'-fIne.n. alimit, border, bound. 
Con'-ftne, v. i. lo boidfl' on, be adiacmt. 

Con-f>'-ruK!,* p. remained, ahni op. 
eon-nnc-mBM, n. testraint, impritonincnt. 

Con-firm', e. (. [confom',] lo nuke oeftaiii, »• 

€on-lirm'-a-bla, a, that may be proved or nnda rm^'-iton, n. act of esIabU^ing, ptvaC, 

the lilv of coiiiinDiDg baplited pernoiia. 
Con-firm'^d,*^. ratified, eatabtiBaed. 
€on>fimi'.a.t£k'ry, a. adapted 10 confirm. 

eon'-fiH.e»tB,tii. (. toseiie for the puhlin. 
Con.fis-^Mion, n.lbe act of xeiiine as Bxteit^. 

and adjudging to the public trvasurr 
O>n', a. rme who coniiicala. 
Con-fii', o. (, lo fii, to Gntan down. 
Ccm-fii'-ed,* p. fiied or fasltoed down.'-tion, n. a giHU fire or burniag 

Con-diet', v. (, lo light, contend, atniggifl. 

Con'-flict, n. aconlcBt, conibat, alrug^ 

Con.<iei'-ing, ;yr. Btrikingtogeihar, 00 ■' 

D. contrarjf, being in """ 


book, dSvf, ftjll, oae, can, chai«e, gem, 




Con' . J . — 

orm', V. r. or J. to adapt lo afonD,locomp1 
orm'-B-hle, a. agmtlile, auitoble, like. 
brro'-a-bly, ad. agrecahiy, Buiiablj. 

tJHi'lbna-a'^liont n- duposition of paiu. ^ 

Cin-lbrm'-ed,* p. maile like, adapuid. 

Om-foiro'-ing,;^. oumplying Willi,! adapting. 

Con-form'-inL n. one who complio* with eeU 
liBfaedritoi. ^ 

Con-lbmi'-i-ly, n. compUance with, likaitu. 

eon'found', v. U Co mil, Mrplei with eroazaniei 

Con-tbund'-ed, j>. miieil, blende'1, perpleied. 

Con-found'-ed-ly, ad. hatefully, gliBiDerully. 

Con-Ckund'-ing, pjrr. a —i---- l» — j:__ 

eon-fra-ter'-ni-ty, n. c 


Con-Ben'-ll-a], i 

irpleiwltb u 

miiing, blending, 
og together, IHctit 

Cun.frfinl-a'-lion, n, a bringi 
eon-frOnl-ed, p. brought fart ,u .=..n. 
eotl-ftOnt-jng, ppr. aeltin^ face lo lace, [abash. 
Coa-fiue, V. '. to conl^und, blame, perpioi, 
ejon-fu'-ned,* p. blenilftd, perplexed, ahaahed. 
Con-fu'-iied-ly.oi in ronfuaion, indistinctly. 

disorder, tumidt, Intlutinctneaa.' 
a. thA may ho duproved. 
,n. aci of diaprovini. 
Id diaprove, refute. bulHe. 
one who diaprovea. 

. of the same binb, cognate. 

Con-gesl', V. I. to moans, to collect inUi a'hfap. 
Con^est'-i-ble, a. ilmt may he congesleii. 
(ba-ges'.tion, n. colleclion of Diatier, or humont. 

Con-gb'.oaie, a. lormea uito a oa 
Can-glo'-l>ate,Coni<lube,v.f. toga 
Gm-glo.ha'-lion, a. a fathering ii 

. Ull-£l^>U|.U-IU-UUII, n. H |£t 

maaa, a cuUeclion. 
Con-glu|-ii.iisnl, a. gluing, 




I Con'.go, a. a apeciea of lea uom China. 
€on-grat'-U'lanl, a. rejoicing with. 
€bn-grat'.U'Iate, v. t. to proieaa joy to. 
eon-grat-u-ia'-iion, n. a wishing of joy. 
*-nT..r.i™.i ».i-..„.™ .. —preseingjoyorpleaiiurB 
i^oUhM, assemble, meet 
~ I, collection ul 

(, the legialahira of the 


Oin-gre-ga', a. relaliogioa congregation 
Con-gre-ga'-t!on-al-i»ni, n. chufch govenunenl 

by the membera of a church and congregation.' n. an adherent to the (.on- 

gregaiiona] mode of govemi 

tinned Slala. 
Gon-grea'^tonjil, a pertaining to congn 
Con-greaa'.ive, a. meeting, encountering. 
Con'-gTii.ence, n. agieament, fltneea. 
€on^'gIu.cnt, a, agreeing, correspondent. 
Con-gru'-i-ly, n. fiutess, consisteri.7, 
Con'-gniKnu, a. lit, auilabla, meet. 
Con'-gni^, ad. auitably, coiuistently. 
€on'-ic, Con'-ie-al, a. baving the fonnof a conq. 
C:un'-ie-al.|y, fki. in the form of a cone. 
Co-Dif-er^aa, o. bearing cone*, aa the inne tree 
roQ-jee'-lur-B-hle, a. that may be coi^ectuteiL 

ie'-iur-al-ly,ad. by coi^eclure. 

e'-ture, n. 1. to guess, lo suppose on slight 
e'-lur-Br.n.onewhoeonjetiuTBB. [ovidance 

in'-ed,* p. oonnected, luiiled, linked. 

i-gal, a. penaiiiiiig to msrriagB. 
i-gale, tF. (. to join, toinflei^i os verb*, 
-ga'-lioii, n. the Tann oi" inflectine verbs 
nEi',11, Joint, united, connected, 
nc'-^on, n- a meeting, imionT league, boibd 

'B-IJ, 6on-junct'-lr, ad. jointly. 

Con-jtire, o. (. lo enjoin solcninly, b 
Con-Jn'-rad,* p. enjoined with soler 
eOn-ju-rer, n. »n enchanter, a fortui 
€on-jure-nient, n. a Holemn injuncti 
Con'-nnte, a. bam nt the same time, 
€on-nat'-u-nil, a. suitable to nature 
Cun-iiect', C.I. lo linli together, unit 
Oon nect'-ed, p, linked together, un 

Con-neei'-ive, 1. a word thaioonnCL- 
eun-^ct'-ivo-(y, ad. by or in conne 
Omnee^ ■ ' "■ ' ' '' ' 


Con-nl-ving, ppr. closing the eyes against fault*. 
eon-nnia.»flur, n. a niiejudge of the fine aria. 
Con-nu'-bi-al, a. pertaitung to tmurlage, nuptial. 
€on'.quer,o. [. [eon'kpr,] lo oiercume, u> aubdite. 
€un'-quer-a-ble, a. that mny be subdued. 
ron'.K)iier.«d,* p. overcome, subdued, gained. 
Gon'-quer-ing, ppr. ovetoomine by force. 
f>)n'-quer-or, n. one who subdues or defeats. 
Con'-quest, n. victory, reduction to one's power. 
eon-sBn^uin'-e-ous,n. related by binh or blood. 
eon-™n-Enin'-i-ty, n. relation by blood or bitlh. 
Con'-scieiice, n oaturat knowledge, self-kiiow- 
ledge. [conscience. 

Ciin4Ci4D'-ttans, a. scnioulGUs. governed by 


Con'-scton-B-ble, a, reasonable, just, 
Con'.scion4'ble.ness, n. reaaonablenna. 
Om'-scion-H-bly, ad- reasonably, justly 
Con'-Bcious, a, inwardly petauaded, knowing. 
€on'-scioU3-ly, ail. With inward persuasion. 
€on'.4Cioug.ness, n. Uie knowledge of what 

eon'-seripl,u. written; B.anerireUedmiljiiamnn. 
eon-serip'-iion, n. act of enrolling, a registBring. 
€on'-ae^ erate, c. ballo w, to dedicAle solem n] y 
eoii'-se- era-led, p. hallowed, dedicated. 
Gon^se^xra-ling, pfw. devotiitg, making aocrtd. 
eon-se-era'-tion, n. the act ofniaking sacred, or 
devoting to sacred ui 

Con-sent', D. t. to agree, to accord in mind or will 
Con-senl-a'-ne-ous, u. agreeable, consistent. 
Con-aent4'-iM-otts-ness, n. ogteeitteixt, accord.. 

Con-sent-a'-ne.oUB-ly, a^ with agreement. 
Con-sant'-er, n. one who gives his consent. 
€bn-sen'-tient, a. agreeing, tin iting in opinion, 
eon'-ee-quence, n. thai which loUowj, effect, 
€oa'-sa-quenl,a. following nutiudly. [inierence. 
Con'-eeH]iient, n. that which naturally follow*. 
€on^e-quen'-iiBl, a, conclueive, trnportant 
€onfle-qiien' tial-ty,od.byeonsoijuence. 
Con'-se-quent-ly, ad. by consequence or eflect. 
Con-flerv-a'-tion, a. act of preserving, prcaervm. 

Con-eerv'-a-to-ry, a. tendirig to piraervo. 
Con-aerv'-a-to-ry, n. n placeior preserving thjnga- 
^n'-sen'o, a. a sweetmeat, preserved fruiL 
Con-serv'e, v. i. to preserve or cnndy fruits 
Con-gerv'-ed,*p. preservoi;, as fraita. 
Con-serv'-ing, ppr. preserving as ftuits. [regard 

-Ton-aid' er-a-blo-ness, n. 

(^n-siil'-er-a-bJ Vf od. in a ron^diirAblc degree. 
toii-Bid'-BT-ate, o, ihougtiful, ptudeni. 
t;on#id '■Bf-aie-ly, ad. w i Ui Inoiight and prudence. 
Con-aid'-^r-aui-neiiSin.lhoughifiilneBs, pnidencs. 
Con-aid-er-a'-Lion, ti. Beriuiu thought, prudcocOi 

Con-iiitl'-er-ed.* p. eiamineil Bttenlively. 
eon-aid'-er-ing. ppr. mediutin); on, pondering. 
Con-aij!^ v.Ha send or inUiuL 
CoQ-aig-iiA'-tioa, n- act of conaigning. 
Cbii-s1«Ti-ed,*p. delivered in Inial. 
eon-B^-ee'.ti. one to w horn a thing in inlraated. 
Con-s^-ar, t n. one wLid comialls to unolher 
<:kanigD-oi, i in iruHt or lor iDHnagenient. 
eon-el^ n-ment, n. «cl of consigning, gooda con- 

Con-aiat', v. L to he made up of, to atand, or ho. 
eoD-Bial'.ence, n. acanding logelhec. fixed eUle, 
Con-aiat'-ent, a. agreeing, confurnied to, con- 

Can-BiHt'-ent-)y, ad. with agreement or auitable- 
CoiwiiBtfl'-ri-ai, o. relating to a consiBloty. 
ean4ist'.o-ry, n. a epiriiual court, an asaeniblf . 
Con-flo'^;Laie, n. an accomplice, a partner, 
em-ao'-ciate, i.I. nri, to unilein a body. 
Cun-n>-cj-a'4!on, n- alliance, a meeting of the 

cleigy and delates. [lion. 

aCon-eo-ci.a', a. pertaining to a conaoeia- 
Con'-wl, n. consobi era funds conaolidaled of 

different anniuU™, [Eng.! 
f^m-ao'-la-ble, a. capable of being conaoleil. 
Om-eo-la'-lion, n. ailevialion of misery. 
Con-Bol'^-to-ry, o. lending tu yidd consolation. 
Con-aOle, o. (. lo comfort, cheer, revive. 
eoii-aO'-led,*}L comtiined, cheenxNn dialresa. 
Can'-eot<s n. en omament on the key of an arch. 
€bzi-aol'-i-daie, v. <. or i to make or become 

Con-»o!-i-la'--Lion,n.Bctofmaking or becoming 

hard or liiTn, union of thinga. 
Cou-ao'-ling, nir, comlbrting, cheering ; a. adop- 

nt of sounds, accord. 

€on'-«e-nant, a. agreeable, nt 



^a^. — 

I. the name of several epecicA of 

la, o. open to flie view, obvioua. 
jS'iy, ad. plainly, openly. [neiu. 
la-neas, «. openncsa to ™™-, clear. 
, n. a plyi.combinniion foreiii. 
in, n. a plotting, union for e^'il. 

dm-Bpi-red,* p. of Conspire. 
€on-8pi'-ririg, ppr. plotting, uniting. 
C^n-alD-blein- en oHicer of the peace. 
eOn-ela-blB^ahip, n. the oiEce of a constable. 
Con'-stan-cy, n. fixedness, tumiiess of miD 

Cun'^slanl, a. firm, fiied, faithful in affection. 
Cun'-atant-ly, ml. invariably, firmly. 
Con-atel-la'-cion, «. a cluster of (tied alara. 

u'-Uon, 71. iiame of body, 
u'-lion-al, a. according 

le, appoint^ depute. 

'-■ ippointina. 

' lind, or go- 

eDn'-ati-tu-tive,a.that constitutes or fslablishes, 
Con-strsin. tj. (. (u compel, force, confine. 
Con-atriliii-ii-blo, a. tliat may ho constrained ' 
Con-strlin-ed,'' p. fi>rcpd, ccmi|>e11ed. 
Con-Blrtiiil, n. compulsion, force spplied. 
€on-etrJe'-tian, n. contraciiun, compreesion. 
€on-string'e, c. (. to contract, to cutnpreas. 
Gon-string'-eni ' ' " - ■■ 

III of building. 

Oui-ilrutt'-ive, o. proceeding froi 
€on-iirncl'ive-ly, ad. hy conslni 
Con'-atrue, v. t. lo iranaTaie or ini 

Bdr, foil, what, prty, muliiie, pin. bird, mSvc, 

Cun-aub-ntaii-lia'-Iion, n. union of ths body of 

Chriai with Ibe aacrBinental einnenu, 
Cun'-sul, n. a chief olficer in ancient Rome, a 

Con-iu-lar, a. jMirUiiiin^ to a connul. 
tton'-nul-atj, €in'-«ul-ahip, b, office of ■ coiuul. 
Ojn-Bult', u. i- or <. Ip ask advice uf, lu debMe. 
€oii-9ull-a'-tiiiD, n. act of cunaulling. 
€on'SUir-er, n. one who nska advice. 
€on-8«'.ma-ble, a. thai may b« cunaumed 
eon-adnie, t>, ', to waaie, siieni' * 
eoii-au'-med.'p. wasted, devo 

Con.tD'-^..„ ,. 
trody, tlial n1 


)inp]pring. perfecting, 
ctive, inclined Lo ottn- 

«m-i-nii'4ion, 71. defilement, pollulion 
am'n, V.I. 10 deapiae, linte, noeloet. 
em'-ned.'p. deapised, ilighled. 

>derated degree. 

^.^„..=,„-y=,-^-^^,., „. U.V act of lempering. 

eon'-lara-ptBle,t v. t, or i, to miue, medilala, 

Gon-tem-plft'-tion, n. me<lilalion, iindy. [wndy. 

m'-per-ed,' p. 1 
i-ptBie,t V. t. 
n'-pla-iive, a. Btadioua, thougblEuT 

Con-lem'-pta-iive-ly. pd. Ihoughtflilly. [plsla 
Gon-tein'-pla-itve-ikeH, n, disposition to cofitem- 
Con'-lem-jila-tor, n. one employed in meditation 
€an-tem'-pi>-Ta-cy, ) a. living at the aaras 
CoD'iani-po-ra'-ne-oug, y lime, co-elaneoua. 
Con-ienipl', n. act of deapbing, hatnid of what 

Cun-tempt'-i-ble, a. dererving contempt, mean. 
Con-lempt'-i-ble-neaa, n. suie ofbetng dea|^eabl«. 
Con-UHnpl'-i-bly^ meanly, piltfully. 
€an-tampt'-u-oiia, 1. Bcornfii[,haughI}. 
Con-tempt'-u-oua-Ly, ad. witii aconi, 
Con-tempt'-n-ouB-neaa, n, scomfubusi, 
Con-teod', o. (.or 1. to airive, O'lIBst, diapule. 
Con-tend'-ed, p. conlealed, diapu - ' 

bo-tent', V. t. to sadsry, lo gratify, or p]es*& 
bn'-tent, eon'-ien[s,t u, Itaat which is coo- 
laineil or included. 

■ed, p. or a. aatiafied, pleaaed, quiet. 

*d-n«a, n. atate of rtsOng in mind. 

^on, n. airife, quamil, dewile. 

lk>ui, a. di9]waed lo contend, perTFrae. 

iioua-neaa, n. dispoBitioH (o strife. 

-ment, n. sati^aclion, gratiiication- 

'-i-noua, a. bordenng, touching. 
R. a dispute, debate, quarrel. 
V. 1. or t. to dispute, etrivB, vie with. 
a-ble. a, thai may be disputed. 
k'-t)hn, n. act of conleaCing, dispate. 

Con-ten'-ure, n. an 

nence, n. forbeeranci 

:i, dose junction. 
I df aenaiiBl Indul- 

ileamra, Mods 

n pleamn 



', «an, aiahe, jem, ■», thin, [bou- 

CDn^tJ-nml^-al, a, pmainintg (a a contimn 
eon'-li'iienl-ly, id. chaaUjy, lempomlely. 

eon-tin'-genij a. accidpntal, csmal, uncer 
Con-tin'-iem, n. chance, proportion, quota, 
C^on-tin'-genl-lr, ad, by chance, Bccidenttf. 
€on,*in'-u-«l, a. incMsant, uninierrapted, 
ean-tm'-n«l-ly, ad. wttboul intemninion. 
Con-lin'-u-ance. n. duration, abode. ' 

Ccm-tin'-DC, V. i. or (. lo reniain,»iar, penevere, 
0)n-iin'-n*d,* p. eitended, protrseied ; a. un 
eoaaing, unintermilted, ' 


u-uig, p. 
-.i-ty. n, u 

. abiding 

Cun-tin'-n-oui a ckwely united 

>)n-tort', e, (. to twi>t, writhe, turn. 

Coa-tot'-IMa, I., a tnistinf, ■ writhing, 
Ccm-lom', n. the oullino oTa figure. 

Con'-tn, a Latin preposiiinn iimiifying o 



>.n-lrB*f, V. t. or ., to .hrinh, lo bargaii 

ti(ti-trart'-ed, p. »timnk, shortenod, «. 


Con-lraef-i-hle, a, thiu laaj ibrinh. 

eon-tniet'-itc, (1. capable of contracting. 
eon-trac-()l'-i-ly, n, the quality of contracting, 
Cnn-trac''(ion, n. a Bhrinkiog, a ihonening, ab- 

eon'-trrwiancc, n. a dance with partnen oppo- 
Con-tra-dict', t). (, lo deny, ^insay, oppose, 
Con-tn'die'-tion, n. a denying, denial, or gain- 1 

f^^On^n-dic'-lioua, a. inclined to cgnlradicl. 
Con-tra-die'-to-ri-ly, ad, by way of denying. 
Con-tn^ie'-lo-r}-, n. contmry, inconsistent, 
C^-trB-dia-iin'-gnisli, s. t. lo distinguish by op- 

Con-tra-ri'-e-ly, n. opposition, incunitislency. 
Con'-tra-ri'ly, ad. in an opposite manner , 

€un-tis'-ri-oui> o, ronlraiy, repugnant 
Can'-tra-ri-wue, ad. on the coniraiy 

€on'-tn-ry, a. oppoeing, dingreeing. 
Con'-trasi, n, opposition in thingi of a like H^ 

eon-trib'-u-io-ry, a. advancing, promoting, fsin, 
Con'-tnic, a. truiv penitent, brohen-heBneer fin 
Cofl'-lnte-ly, id, in a penitent msnner, 
Con'-trile-nOB, n. peniienre tor sin, conbridon. 
€on-tri".tion, n, sincete khtow for lin. 
Con-trl'-va-ble, a. tliat may be contrived, 
eon-lrt'-rance, n, tchenie, plan, plot, 
"in.lrive. B. (. lo invenl. pn^jeci,ftevi«e., 

Con-lral, n, governing power, authority, check. 

10 restrain, govern, check. 


relating In ccniroversy, 
. . . -ist, n. one fond of dtapulea 

eon'-tro-ver-ey, n. dispute, oonlenlion. 
Con'-tro-vert| 1. 1. lo dispute, oppose, deny, 
Con'-lro-ven-iat, n, a disputant, an opposei 

atinacy, stubbornness. 

eon-ta-mel.iouB, a, reproachful, abusive. 
Con-tU'inil-ious-ly, ail. reproachfully, abaaivd]r 
€, n. reproachfulnesa. 

Bbt, fall, whjt, prey, mnriiw, pin, bird, n 
turn of health, 
iverkig hestlh. 

■ant, o. fit, BuiUble, proper, huidy. 
-_ ._-enl-lv aJ-Buiiably, commodioiuly- 
'vo'-ning, ^. calUng together, sHemblinc. 
'vent,ii. a leligloiu house, n niuuieiy. 

.Bn'-tJOIl-Bl, a. agreed on by conlnicl. 
'enl'-u-al, a. belonging to a convent, 
/ent'-u-al, n. a m^nk, a nun. 
.-erg'e, o. t. to incline lowafcia one point. 
ic^-ence, n, a lending to one poini. 
verg'-ent, a. landing lo a point. 
-|^-ing,Spr. rumunglowania a point 

ra'-a-ble-nosa, n. fieecloni in converaation. 

rs-a'-liuo, n. femiUar diacourtejiehavior. 
rg'e, u.i. to discourse, talk, cohibit. 
jrse, n. convetsadon, familiar discourse. 
. itae, a. contrary, dirccUy opposite. 
■, ad. by change of order- 
vflr'-sion, n. a turrung, change of heart. 

one ^lio has changed hi~ ------- - 

I change frora one thing or 

Con-veri-i-bil'-i-ly, n. Ihe being coaveroble. 

(^on-vert'-i-ble, a, dml may be changed, one for 
the other. 

'-i-bly, ad. leciproraU^, by eicbange. 
'-ing, ppr. changing Irom ono thing or 
I anautei ; a. adapted or efleciual to 
t. [ouukle. 

, a. rising to a roundish tbrm on the 
-ly, oi. in a convei fann on the outside. 
iiHB. t "' 'P-'™™^ ''""' "" '^ outside. 

€on-ysy-an-cing, n. the act or bjtinc of tiMi>. 

(erring property. 
Coii-vsy-ed,*}!. carried, Lransfened. 
Con-vey-er, n, one who conveys or camea. 
Con'-viel, u. a person iound guilty of a criiuft. 
Con.vict', V. t. to prove to be guilty. 
Con-vict'-ed, p. proved lo be guilty. 
Con-vie'-tion, n. a proving guilty, sense -.^rguilt, 

€on-vicl'-ive, a. adapted to convict 
Con-vinc'e, o. f. lo peisuade of the truth or far<. 
Con-vinc'-ed,* p. persuaded, satisliod. [|kn>o£ 
Cou-vinc'e-Dient, n. conviction, satisfaclioa by'Hii-ble, a. that may be convuicnd. 
CoD-vitbc'-ilkg, ppr. perauatliDg the mio J \ a. ca- 
pable of per«u»ding. 
i^-vinc'-tog-ly, ad. in a manner to persuade. 
iiMi-viv'-i-al, a. festive, social, jovial, gay. 
i^n-viv-i-al'-i-iy, n. tnirth ^iciied by leaating. 
Zon'-vO'Cale, e. (. to call logeihcr, to auramon. 
Gm-vo-ra'-tioa, n. en ecclMiaaiical assembly. 
€on-vDl.e, o.l. [o call or Bumnion, to meci 
eaa-va'-ked,'p.. aunnnonetl to meet, 
in-vo-lii'-tlon, n. a rolhng loEether. 
in-volv'e, I. (. lo roll or vtind together 
>n-valv'-ed,* p. rolled, folded together. 
^.on-volv'-u-luB, n. bindweed, a plant- 

&™?; j >.'■» ".-"p-y «» •!•'."- 

Con'-voy, n. atlendsace of tvrce for protcciiun 
Con-vu[s'e,t.(. todraivor contract with shaking 
Gon-vuls'^d,* p. violently shaken, coi.tracled. 
eou-vnls'-ing, ppr. shoking with vtolence. 
Gon-vul'-sion, n. viokni spasm, cominoiion. 
€<tn-vuls'-ive. a. atteiidine spasms, spnsmodic 
Co'-ny. n. n rabbit, a smell quadruped. 
Coo, V. I. til make a nnise as a dove. 
Coo'-ed,* p, of Coo. 

Cuo'-irig, ppr. uitering a sofl voice as the dove. ^ 
t^k, n. one who dresses vicluab for the labia. 
euuk,«.f. to dregs victuals for Ihe table, 
eiok-ed,*}). dressed, prepared. 

lo draws deeds, &«. 

took-ed.'j). dressed, prepared. 
Cook-e-ry, a. the act or an of dressinR vi 
Cool, a. moderately cold, indifferent. 
Coul. D. r. OF i. to make or grow modetatel 


bo^, dCha, fjJI, mo, tan,il>»i»e, gwn, m, tiLii, Ihiiu. 

CJool'-iugilv. making orgrowing cool ; 

Ccial'-ly, luJ. vtithnil b«l or puiion. 
Cvol'-DesB, n. loodema cold, iiidiScnnee. 
Coom, D. grsBM af wbsaUi •oat- 
Coomb, n. H cam mMnun of roar bwlMb. 
Coop, 1. a c^ge fur fowli wtd bink. 
Coop, v. (. to cage, ibul Dp, coufina. 
Coop^,* p^ cojJiiwd ill a atOD- 
€a_:p'-er, n.a maker uf b*rmlii 
&KiD'-«r-4iEe. n- orvx for coop* 

to work or openu ' 



n. oiH wbo jaiaUr labon wilh 

Co^i'^i-BBXe, a. bohJing ibe lune na 
Ca^r'-dt-nale'Iy, ad. wiih sqiul nnk. 
Co-or-di-Dn'-Uoa, n. a balding of ibe m 
€ual, n. a liiwl Ibu frequenU lakn. 
Oi'-pal, R. Ihe i.-ani:rete juics of a tie«, ^winc 

in iUnco, nul wnctly a gum noFBnwii,iuM 

in ^'anikhing. 
Co-par -ce-aer-yi n. parmcmbip in iohBrilaoca, 
Co-|<ar-re-ny, i juiot rigbl of lucceuioa. 
Co-pan'-ner, n. a joint putner in buiiaeaB. 
Co-ptiil-Dar-sbip, n. joinL concern in busiiwH. 
CopB, n. a pri«t'B cloke, a bond, ■ cover, 
f ope, s. I. or i. (o conlead, tbive, oppOBti, cover. 
Cop'-i^d,'' p. transcribed, imilaud. 
Cop'-i-er, a. one who iranscribea. 
€o'-ping, n. Ibe upper pari of a woJl. 
Co'-pi-oua, a. plentiful, abunilant, lai^. 
Cn'-pi-oiu-ly, ad. plenlifuUy, abundantly. 
Co'^pi-oiu-neH, n- plenty, full supply. 
Cop'-ped,* a. iving to a top or head. 
Oip -pel, 91- a metal of a reddish color, a hoSer. 
'■--' - - -)mbinationof»uiphuricacid 

ered Willi aheeti of co 

top-pcr-as, n. 

Cop'.per-cd,' p. 

Cop'.per-plate, n, u pjnuj lm uoppvr uj^^nitDu, 

Cqi'-per-imifli, n. one wbo wock> in copper. 
Cop'-per-y, a- tailing of, or like copper. 
Cop'-pice, Copae, n. a wood of «mall growth. 
C^-n-Iale, D. i. lo unite in einbrur« or pairs. 
^kp^i-b'-titHi, R. act ofembradng in pain. 

[land br acpy of 
trho hiiBMiiyhald cMala 

Cop'-y-bfok, n. ■ book ofeopiea, or 
Cop'-j-bfild, n. a Mum in Eiiflai ' 

Cop^-y-hiild-ar, h. 

€ap'-y-i«t, n. oma . . _ 

^p'-y-ilgbt, n. Uh •ale nght la priu and pob 

luh a book. 
^^-y-tigbi-ad, a. feruiod by oo^iyrif bt or law. 
tb-quel', j n. a jilting girl, " "-■" '-^^- — ' 
Cn-qiHits, i inuu- 
Coi'-al, n- a genu of 

growing iaitba aaa, 

Cor'-al-lina, a. conaitiing of corai, like coral 
Cor'-al-tne, it. a genua of Ruwering iLil' 
Corb, n. a baiket uaed in coalanca. 
Corb'-an, n- ■ gift, an almi-baaket- 

Gork, n. 
Cork, 1.. , 
Cork'-ei!," ^. atoppfld with 

;rew lo draw corkt fimn bat- 

■ ng of cork. [kind. 

ivrai, of tlis palicaii 

BSi, %11, what, piff , DtBifne, pin, btrd, mSve, 

H. gnin, 

> iprinkle with ulc, lo granulMe. 
tlgm'-bladen, n. lesvea of mBii. 
€om'-chiind-ler, n, a dealer in oani. 
Com'-llsld, n, s field where corn growa. 
fkim'-rois, n. a apecka of poppy- 
Com'-el, n- b tree, the cornelian cheny- 
€orn'-8-auB, a. homy, like bom, hard. 
€or'-ner, n. on anjle, e leflret place, 
eor'-nel, n. a musH-fll initnimenl, an offiCBT. 
eot'-neny, n. the offic^a of a coraec. 
Cof-nire, n. tba upper mombet of a column, a 

Cotn'-land, r. land for rom or for mau. 

eom'-mill, n. B mill lor grinding enun,griat mill. 

eom'-Bialk, n. a atalk or stem oimaiz. 

Cor-na-eo'-in'a, n. the hum of plenty. 

€or-nGte, a. having homa. 

€um'-y, a. hard, iSo hom. 

Cor'-ul, n. the inner coTering of a flower, con- 

■isttng nf pelala, 
ear-al-&'H:eou>, a. conaiRing of a coral. 
Cor' i)l-lB-ry, n. an inference from a preceding 

Cor'.ol-lel, n. the floret in an aggregate floner. 
Cor'-o-nal, n. a crown, chaplel, garland. 
Cor'.o-nal, a. pertaining to the tup of tb« head. 
Cbi'-o-nB-ry. a. of, or placed oa a crown. 
Cor-o-na'-tioQ, n. act of crowning as a king. 
€or'-o-ner, n. an officer who inquires into the 

caiue of an untimely death. 
Cw'-o-net, n. aliulecrown worn by noblemen. 
Cor'-po-r^ n. an inferior military officer. 
Cor'-po-ra], ) a. peitainingto inebody, having 
€ar-po'-iie-aI, { a body. 
eat>po-ral'-i-ty, n. Mate of ining embodied. 
Cor'-po-ral-Iy, ad. bodily, in a body. 
e ar'-po-rela, a. united in a conununity. 
e >r-pi>-ra'-tion, n. a body corporate ar politic 
Oir-po-ta'-Ior, n, the member of a corporation. 
G c-po-ra'-i-ty, n. bodily subitanco. mawriality. 
G rp., n. [eorol a body of troopi. [Ft.] 
Corpae, n. the dead body of a inzman being, 
eoi'-pu-lence, n. fleshineaa, eiceaaive laUUM. 
("iii'-pn-lent, a. very fleshy, groat, ftl. 
i'a 4iii>H^ n. [corpualj an atom, a fine par- 
^ 1 piu'-eu-hU', a. cooiiatilig of atoqu (tide. 

> chastise, amead, ponlah- 
^^OT'T^ei, a. eiact, accurate, right. 
Cor-recl'-ed, /J. punished, amended. 

le'-tion-al, a. intended for c< 
ict'-iTe, a. lending lo correct or auwna 
iCt'-ivB, n. that which r/irrecla. 
ict'-ly, lul. eiaetly, accurately, juatly 

-rel'4-tive, n. one oppoaed in a certain n 


Cor-re-flporkd'-ing. wv. writing to, suiting. 
Cor'-ri-dOr, n. a gallery round a house. 
Cor'-fi-gi-ble, a. that may bo amended. 
Cor-rob'-o-rant, a. Htrengthening, confinning. 
Coi-rob'^-TBte, v. t, lo strengthen, confirm. 




Cnr-rOde, v. t- to eat away by degrecfl. 
G>r'ro'.di.blo, a. that may h9 corroded. 
Cor-ni'-ding,ppr. eating, gnawing, wearily. 
Ctor-ro'-sion, n. act of eating away. 

-ro'-iive-newi, n. quality of corroding. 

ra-ga'.tion, n. a contraction into vnic " 
■row:'. V. t. or i. lo apoil, decay, bribe, 
a, decayed, debauched, wicked 

Gor-rupt'-ing, vpr. putrefying, depraving j i 

tending or adapted lo deprave. 
Gor-rup'-tion, n. decay, depravity of morals. 
(iir-rupi'-ive, a. tending to corript or taint. 
Cor-rupt'-ly, ad, with depravity, wickedl]'. 
eor-ro)it'-nes9, n. depravity of principles. 
Cor'-Hair, n. a pirate, a robber oji the ocean 
Cone, n. the dead body of a human bong. 
Cora'».let, n. armor lor the breast. 
Coi'^et, n. a boddice or jump. 

. barky, belongir 


n, cbaiw, gem, u, thin, fhou. 


-nii'-rsnl, D. flSHhing, el ^. 

r-us'-ea'-lioB, n. Iho flashing of light, 
r'-vet. n. Bsioop of war, sa advice boa 
a-inet'-ic, 0. promoling beauty. 

ling aodsetdng with tbe 
[the world. 

Co8',aiby i 

€os-liiog'-o-ny, n. icience of the fofn 
Cos-nF^-ra-pher, n. a ilMcriber of the world. 
CnB-mo-grnph'-ie, a. retatJTkg la the deacjiplion 

eoa-mos'-ra-pliy, n. deiciipiion of tha world. 
eoa-mar-D-gLit, n. one who describa the world. 
eoi-mol'4-ey, n. the BCieace of the world. 
eo«-niop'-oTiIe,n. a citizen of the world. 
Coa'.«at, s. plain India niuBlin«. 
Cot'-aei, n. a Iamb brought up by hand. 
Coat, n. price paid, charge, eipenae, loaa. 
Coat, V. 1. 10 require 10 be eiven ir ei|>endsd. 
C(Ml'-a1, a. perlaimng to the ribs, 
CoQt'-ard, n. a head, a kind of apple. 
Coa'-live, a. bound in bo^. 
€os'-live~neB9, n. a coativo stale, conaiipatioTL 

C«t'-ly, a. eipeoiive, of great priA, dear. 
Cuat'-ma-ry, r. a planf, alecost. 
Caa-lunie, n.eal^1ished mode of dreaa. 
Cnt, n. a hut, a cover Ibr the finger. 
Cote, ?i. a pen, a did. 

Co-lem-po-ra'-ne-oua, a. being at the Bamalime. 
Co-lem'-po-ra-ry, a. living ai the aamo linie. 
Co-teni'.{)o-rB-ry, n. one who Uvea at the aame 

le party, Isona. 

Cott, n, a imall bed, a bed-frame suspended. 
Cot'-tage, n, a iini, s mean habitation. 
Cot -ta-ger, n. one living in a coiuiEe. 
ON-ion, R. [cot'n] a plani and its downy aub- 
Cof-ton. a. made of cotton. [ilance. 

Coach, tj. £. to lie or squat down. 
Couch, V. (. to lay close, hide, eipreai, remove a 
cataivcl in the eye: . 

roDch, H. a seat lor ease, a bed, a layer. 

_-, - -, „. lying down. 

eouch'-ed," p. laid down, eiprBSsed. 

Cough, n. Tcauf,] effort of the lunga lo throw 

off offending matter. 
Cough, », i. [CBuf,] lu tivto threw offphlegm, 
Cough'ing. ppr. [eauTine,] m^ing eSbrU M 

throw off matter from iha lun^. 
Could, [cppd,]D, of con; had power. 
Coul'ier, see Coiter. 

Coun'-cil, n. an assembly for coiuultation 
Coun'-sel, n. advice, prudence, an advocate. 
Caiin' 3el, v. I, u advue, exhort, warn. 
Caun'-Bel-ed,*F. advised, eihoded, admoniahed. 
euun'-Hel-ing.ppr. giving advice. 
Coun'-telor, n, one who givea advice, membet 

of a council 
Count, V.I. to reckon, tell, namber, esteem. 
Count, n. a tale, part of a decla^tion, a title 
Counl'^d, p. reckoned, auppoeed, enumerated, 
Cocn -te-nance, n. the face, air, look, appearanc* 
Coun'-te-nance, d. (. to support, favor, encouraga 
Coun'-le-nanc-ed,* p. favored, patronized. 
CounMe-nanc-ing, ppr. favoring, supporting. 

reckoning, a 

g, ppr- li 

shop-tahle, [Eng. a piiaon.f 
Count'.er, ad. contrary, in oppoaitii 
eoun-ter,flct', r, (, to act in oppoaitk 
Coun-ler-se'-tion, n. opposite action. 
Coun-lor-ae'-tive, a. tendini lo oon 
eaun-ter>bal'-ance, r. c 
Coun-ter.bal'«nc«, d. (. 

the opposite scale. 

1 balance by weight m 

ler-foil-ly, ad. ' 
ler-mKnd, n, a 
er-n^nd', v. t. ' 
let-march, n, a 

a subierraueoua passage U 

Coun-ler-mlne, v. 

Rlr.'fell. wh?l. pi^, B 

change to a forrnor 

a. portaming to > 
one qngeg^ in « 

an the camp. 

WBtch-wonl. [aie. 

e, to compensue. 

oppoiition to. 
' bouse sppropri- 

Gonnt'-ingJioiue, | "'^ ^ 
eouM'-nw-room, ( ^^„^ 

Counf-leu , a. numbeiltog, inGi 
eSua-try, n. land atuund a cit 

Cniin'-ly, n, a ahiie. a division oraalBle. 
Ciiu-pee, n. a nep in danEing. 
Cou-p!e, B. [eupl,] a pair, n brace, two ofa lOM 
Cou-ple, D. i. or i. [cupl,] lo join logelher, ti 

eoup-ied'p. ;cnp1d,l roiitod ina pair.joinod. 
€oup-lrng, ppr. [eapliiig,] uniting in a pair. 
Coup-let, n. [cuplelj two ver»e«, a pair. 
t>>ui'-ag8, rt. bravely, valor, boldnesB, 
CfniT-Bis-oui, a. brave, bold, darii^, 
Cmr-i^e-ouK-ly, ad. bravely, boldly, herait 


. bravery, boldneea, ii 

B race, place of n 

Court, n. the reaidence of B prince, SQBt of jufltieo. 
CauTt. V. t. le make love, solicit zu marriaM. 
&, n. a day for adminntering jmtjce. 
Court.eH>ua,t a. civil, complnaanL 
€oun'-«-oii»-ly, ad. civilly, politdy. 
Caan'.»<iU9-neM, n. civility, complainiDce. 
Coort'-e-ian, n. a lewd woman, 
Ooiut^^y, n. civility, polilenesa, Idod treat- 

ment, lettmle act of reepecl. [iemala 

Court«4y, V. i. to do the acl of reverence at a 
Court-favor, n. &voi bealowed by princea. 
C^ort-hand, n. a hand used in ivcords, 
ellu^^ier, n. [fOrtyor,] an attendant on ■ coon, 
eoiirt-like, a. pulile, well-hred. civil. 
€aort-ii-nora, a. civility, complaisance. 
Cautt-ly, a. pcdile, ekpinl, flstteriTig. 
COun-mlir'-lial, b. a court to try crimes in mib- 

lary afHiii^ 
Cdurt-ship, a. lolicitalion in marriage. 
€ou-iin, n [eui'n,] the child of an ancle oranni. 
€ove, B. a amsU - --"^ -— - "— 

COv-e-nanU s. i. 
COv-e-nant-oe', t 

neat, compact, stipula- 
set, bargain, stipuliale. 

fHW-e-nant-er, «. one who makes » .. 

CSv-er, v.Lio aprnul over, hide, clodie. 
Cttv-er, n. that which ovenpreada, ^ellM, pre- 



COv-et-aDi-no98, n, eager desire of Biiving pra- 
ebv-ey, n. h brnid of birdi, a hatch, 
Co'-iin, R. decailful Bgre«meni, collnilon. 
Cc/'VingT n. an arch, or ac^hcd projectiaiL 
Co'-Wn-ous, •. colloaive, fiaiululent. 
Cow, 71. B female of the bovine kind. 

Cow'-ed,' p. dispirited, depressed. 
Cow'-ard, n. one deflcienl in eounige,B duum]. 
Cow'-anl-lce, n. want oTeouregs, iimidit]'. 
eDw'-an1-li-iUHB,n, cowardice, wantof bravery. 
Cow' -an]-ly, 1. meanly timid, TearfU. 
CowWd-ly. ade, with mean Cimidiiy. 
Cow'-er^ V- i. b> Rink by bending the knees. 
Cow'-hage, Cow'-itch, n. a leguminoDa plant. 
Cow'-herd, n. one who takes eare of cows. 
€ow'-lioii9e, n. a house to shelter rattle. 
Cowl, It. a monk's hood, a vessel for wB(#r. 
Cowl'-elKff, n. a smff for two to carrr water. 
Cow'-pen, n. en inelosnie for cuwa or cattle. 

Cow-elip, n.a piBnt bearing yellow flowerj. 
eoi'-eomb, n. the raronde of a cock, a fop. 
eai-eum-ie-al, a. conceited, foppish, pert. 
Cd7, a. reserved, modest, retiring. 
Coy'-ish, a. somewhat shy, reserved. 
Coy'-ly, ad. with reserve, shyly, modestly. 
Coy'-ness, n. shyness of fiimil^ii|y, reserve. 
f::5l-en, V. t, [cuzXI to cheat, to deGsud. 
€6x-et\-»ie, n. cheating, fraud in baigsining 
Cdz-en-ed,* p. cheated, defrauded. 
Oii-en-er, n. one who rheau, a knave. 
Crab, B. acraataceous fish, [he cray-fieh, a t 

Crsch, n. a andden noise, a flsBure, a hosner. 
Cnek, e. t- or (. to break into chinks, (o split. 
(;nck'-bHlin.ed.* 1. having the imdencandinE 
Cracli'-ed,*y. rent, split. [impah^. 

Crsck'-er, n. a fireworii, a boHster, a IiiD^ biscuit, 
Oa«-Me,t). !. la mid<e sharp sudden noiset. 

Ctnck'-ling, n. crepitation, sharp sou 
Oack'-nel, n. a hard biscuit. 
Cra'-dle, n. a machine for rocking cl 
— for cutlmg grain on farms. 

Cra'-d . 

(in a 

I,* p. rockac! in a . 
€ra'.Jling, ppr. rocbine in a cradle, cutting, *c 
Oaa, n. an, trade, cunning, Bmall veaela. 
€rart-i-ly, ad. nith cunning, anfiilly, slyly. 
Crfift-i-nesa, n. cunning, slnrtsgem. 
CHifa'-man, n. an arlilicer, ■ mechanic. 
Crtiit.y, o. cnnning, subtil, atlful, sly. 
Crag, n. a rough rock, nape of the neck, 
€rsg'-ged, > a. full of crags, rough, rugged with 
Crag'.gy, { broken rocks, 
CtBig'.^ed-neHB, j n, rou^nesg with broken rocks. 

€rBka,n, the 

;eiB a migrating fowl, 

,. .. ._ ...., fDico<lDwn,eB[ greedily. 

enim'-med,*p. stuffed, crowded. 
Cram'-ming, ppr. stuffing, filling lo satiety. 
Cramp, ti, spasm, confinement, a piece of iron. 
Cramp, V- 1- to confine, fiinder, stop, 
Cramp'-ed,* p. aflected with apaam, confined 
Cramp'-fiah, n, the torpedo, o" -' ' 


ing weights, a siphon, or crooked pipe. 
CHnes-bill, n. a plant, a pair of pinchers. 
(Mne.fl7, n. an uiaect with long legs. 
Cnnk, n. ihe end of an axis bent. 
Crank, a, bold, stout, easily overset. 
Cran'-ni^d,* a, Ihll of chinks or Sssuies. 
Cran'-ny, n. > chink, Ussure, crevice, crack. 
Crape, n. a thin stuff used in mourning, &t 
Crap'-u-fence, n. a aurfeit, crop sicknsu. 
Crash, c, i. to make loud mult lisrious sounds. 
Crash, n. a k>tid mixed sound of things falling. 
etBsh'*d,' p. of CtosA. 
Gntsh'-ing, ppr. n ' ' 

But, 1^11, whsl, p>^, msrliiw, pin, bird, mlive, 

GrBuocii, Crtnch, b. (. m chew, criub 

Crliunch-Bd, Ciiinch-ed,* p. cnuhed with the 
Oa-vat', B. ■ neekclolh for men. 
Crave, D. i. ur I. to ask cBmnilf , beg. beseech. 
Cra'-vedp* p. aaked wiih eamaatnecs, begged. 
Cra'-ving, ppr. isking earnetlly, begging; d 

having a keen degire of gniificaliDn. 
Craw, n. Ihe rrop or finl Blomach of fowls. 
C>aw'-liafa, CcSj-luh, n. a crab. 

of inflerta creeping on Uia body. 
Crawl'-ed,* p. of CraicL 
Crnwl'^r, n. a creeper, a alugguh penon. 
Crawl'-ing, ppr. creeping alowlf, clinging. 

pencil, a dra< 

lO mineral tued in drawing, i 


Griy^in-ed,' p. akeiched with a crayon. 
€raie, V. t. w break, (o crack the brain. 
Cra'.ied,*;?. ioipaired in undenftanding. 
Cra-iad-neaa, b. a cmiy aiate. [ieei,fcbleii 
€ra'-ii-nB8B, b. atole of being deranged in in 
Cra'-iy, a. broken, weak, deranged, mod. 

Id make a grating 

Crsak-ing, ppr. making a grating at 

eroain, n. Uie oily part of milk, bea 

CrSam, V. i. or I. to yield or lake oft cream. 

Creani-fa-ced,* a. pale-faced, cowardly. 

Cieam-y, a. RiUuf cream, ricb. 

C.-ease, n. a mart; made by Ibliling. 

CreiW, (i.(. lo brine mlo eiiatunce, foira.rnake. 

ere«'-ted,p. brougfitinlolwic;, caused, formed. 

Crea'-iing,ppr. Ibmiingj producing from nothing. 

Cre-B'-tion, N.tbe act n producing irom nothing, 

Gre«'-(ive, a. having power lo create, thai cre- 
Oe-a'-lur, b. ono wbo givea eiiaience, God, 
Crea-nire, n. a tbiiu created, man, animal. 
Oe'-dence, b. belief, credit, itputaiion. 
CiVKlen'-ltala, b. teslimoniala, warrant of belief. 
Cwi i I.'!' • ™ ) "■ claim to belief, that which 
r^' i hi- ™ f """lara it teaaooable lo be- 

€red'-it, n. belief, repulation, tiuai. 
Cied'-il, v.t. lo believe, give faith lo, truit 
Cted'-il-a-ble, a. reputable. 
€red'4t-a-ble^Ba, n. credit, repntatton. 
ered'-il-a-bly, ad. with leputation, tepntablj. 
Cred'-it-ed, p. believed, inulSl. 
Crad'-i(-or, n. one who truati, or lo whom oiw 
ii indebted, 

■ leaa of beliot rosdi, 
10 believe on sligbl 

Crad'-a-loua.n.opi to believe on etighl evidence 
Cived, n, beLef, confeeaion of faith. 
Creek, n, [crik,l a amall bay or inlet, a atream. 
efoek-y,n, [crik'y,] containing creela, winding. 
Oeepi tj. 1. p. crept, creeped ; lo move with the 

belly on the ground, move alowly, fawn 
Greop-ed,* p. of Creep- 


Grefip-ing, ppr. c; 
Greep-ing-ly, ad. 


Cre-ma'-lion, b, the act of burning. 

Cre'-nate, a. notched, indented, 

Cre'-ole, n. a native of (he West Indies and 

Spaniah America, diucended from European 

Grep'-i-tate, v-i, to crackle th burning. 
Grep-i-la'-tion, b. crackling joundi. 
Crept ; aee Cre^. 

&e-pu«'*lB, B. [crepual,! twilight.' 
Cre-pua'-cu-lar, 1 a.periainmg to twilight, glim- 
Cre-pua'-cu-lous, ( mering, dim. 
Gres'-^ent, Ciea'-cive.a.iQcreasing, growing, 
'^res'-cent, fl, (be increasiag moon, Turkish 

Creaa, n. the name oTaeveral Bpecietarplanla. 
Great, n. a plume offealben, a tufl, comb 
Great'^ed, a. wearin^g a craet or plume. 
Greet'-f^ll-en, a. deeded, spiritieas, cowed. 
Gre«t'-lea«, a. not having a crest, ur coat anoor 
Gre-ta'-ceoua, a. chalky, partaking uf chalk. 
Crev'-ioe, n. a small ctacki tiasure or opeiuiig. 
Crew, B, a ship'a tompany, a mean compaiiy. 
Crew, p. of Croa., 
ClBw'-el, n. a ball of yam, 
■"^'- - — anger, rack, aiall, frame for children 
steal, cage, confine 


book, dfire, f]{U, lue, can, chaise; gem, ai, Ihia, ti 

b'-bagB, n. a gaiae at cords. 
. . b'-beu,' p. cunfineii in b crib. 
Ciib'-ble, n. a aitKi, a riddle. 
Crib'-ble, r. (, to eiSi, or riddle. 
OnV'bba^'p. sifted, riddled. 
Oick, ». a spasmodic afiecljon, as of tbe back. 
Crict'-ot, n. a eiAalL inaf 
Gri-ed,*;.. of Crj/. 


,• p. of Crj/. 

CVime, B. a violaiiori of law, public offense, si 
Crim'-i-oal, a guiliy of a crime, not innocent. 
Crim'-i-nal, r. one who has committed a crim 
Criia'-i-nal-Jy, ad. with crime, witli guitt. 
Crim-i-iul'-i-tj', R. the quality of being ciimini 

OiiD'-i-nale, v. 
Crim ' 


'oady cnunbled, briti 

Crimp, n. an agent for . . . ., ^— „, --. 

hired to procure seamen, [Eng.] 
t>imp, D. (. to catcb, pinch, euH. 
Crimp'-age, n, promium paid for hiring jte^men, 
Crimp'-od,' p. seizsd, curled, IrizJed. fEtig.] 
Crim'-ple, u. t. to lay iiT plaitB, to conlract 
Crim'-plsd,* p. contracted, curled. 
Grim', pling, ppr. 


a dee_p red color. 

Cringe, n, a low 
Cringe, v. i. lo bow, fawn, flatter mean] jr. 
Cring-ed.'p. of CriVic-e. 
fSing'-'ngiWr. shrijDdng, bowing senTlcly. 
■Griii''-Ele, n. a wiilte, hoTe in a boll-rope. 
Grii^'-kle, D.i. to bind, turn, wrinkle. 
Grin'-tle, n. a wrinkle, lum. Ibid. 
Crip'-ple, n. a lame per 
Crip'-pio, c. t. to EOBke 

Oip'-pled,* p. made la , .__. 

Grip'-rdiijg, ppr. making lame, disabling, 
di'-sis, n. pi. cruel, a critical lime, a turr 
Griap, V. t. to curl, make brittle. ' 
Grtap, Qiap'-y, a, curled, brittla, short. 
Criap4'-tion, n. act of cm-ling. 
€W«p'-ed,"p. uurled, frillled, 
erisp'.ing-pin,)). a curling iron 

€risl'-ale, a. created, tufted. 
CrMfl^'ri-on, n. a standard of judging. 
Crit'-ie, R. one akilled in jadging of a woric 
Crit'-ic-ul, a. nice, exact, indicating a erisu. 
Crit'-i-eaMy, ad. eiactly, nicely. 
Crit'-i-cal-nesB, n. exactness, nicely, accuracy. 
Grit'-i-ciie, t>, t. lo judge and remark with eiact 

CriE'-;-ci«n, r. the act or art of judging nice); 

Croak, CrOak-ing, n. a rough aound, as of ftoga 
Crvak, utter a rough sound. 
Civak^ed,* p. of Croak. 

Crock, II. on earihem pot, black matter. 
Crock, c (. lo blacken with burnt matter. 
GTock'4d,*p. blackened with foul matter, 
Crock'-e-ry, n. all kindffof earthem wore, of a 

rse kind. 

-o-dile, arnphibious animal of Ihelii- 
kind, like the nAigMoi. 

lua, n, BaSrun, yehuw powder. 
Croft, R. a field near a house, a liule close 
Gtoi^ade; seeCrvnnli!. , 

Cto'-ny, n. an old intimate companion. 
Ciook, n. a bend, curve, shenherd'a itaff. 
Crook, !>.<. or t.loberid, turn from a straight line 
€*aok'-ed, p. and a. benl, curbing, perverse, 
er^ok'-ed-ly, ad. with hendiiig, perversely. 
€raflk'.ed-nei8, r. a bending torm, deformity. 
Gtoop, €r6up, H. a disease of the ihrosJ, mttlei 
Ciop, II. produce, the stomach of a fowl 
Crop, c. t. to cut or pinch off, to reap. 
Crop'-ful, a. quite iiill, crammed, glutted 
Crop'-psd,* p. cut short, plucked. 
Crop'.ping, ppr, cutting or ptucking off 
Crop-sick, o, eick by eiceas off"' — 
Cropt ; see Cropped. 
Cro'-aier, [cro'ifinr,! a bishop 
ctoei on ic, a pastoral staff 

■lafl* wilb 

. — EtiogB ofChrisi, 
lifficult,Ba verse, 
.oppose, cancel. 

mltary no™ 
'or road [ha 

Crou'-^in-ed, a. ill-natured, cn»e, perve 
Cnwa'-ing, ppr. passing over, canceling, 
Crosa'-ly, od. peevishly, perversely. [sing. 

Cron'-nen, n. peevishness, iU-natum, fiowurd- 
Oim'-ritad, ) n. 

Gran^-wajii l 

Cross'-wiw, ad.inl3ie fiinn of a etom, acnisB 
Crolch, a. the furking of aires. 
CrotPh'-eC, n. a now of half a minim, b hook. 
Crouch, D. I. lo clo^ low, bend, cringe. 
€pouch'-e(l,' p. of Crmidi. 
Ciouch'-ing, Ppr. bending servilely, cringing. 
Ciow, n. a bfack fowljabar of iron wilh a cioi 
lbs .wfs voice. 

tribe cry of 

p. crowed, crenj It 

rrOw-ed,*p. of Croto. 
€rowd, n. a throng, a multilode, a violin, 
erowd, 0. 1, ori. to preaa logaiber, urge, sque< 
€ro*d'-ing, ppr. pressing closely, urging. 

ci-fy, ,. 

lo ^lon and pui lu denth oi 

Cra'-ci-fy-ing, ppr. putling lo death on a croB. 
Crude, a. raw, onripo, indigested. 
Crude-ly, ad. with rawnesi, n^lhout npeneat. 
CrQde-neas, n. tHwns8i,uniip«iicBB, 
^Cru'-di-ty, a. rawness, undigeated matter. 
Cru'-el, a. inhnmon, barbarous, nnfeoling. 
Cru'-el-Jy, od. m a barbaruus manner. 
Cru'-ol-ne«s, Cru'-el-iy , n.iobumanity.batbarilj 
Cru'-et, n, a vial for vinegar or ail. 
Criiisc, v. i. [o sail back and Ibrth, to rove oa 

Cruise, 71. a voyage made bj roving 
Cruis-ed, p. of Cniisc. 
Crius-er, n. a person or vessel that cruisss. 
Cruii-ing, ppr. saiUng back and forth. 
Cnun, 71. a fragmtnt, as of bread or coke. 
Crum, V. 1. 10 break or cut into pieces. 
Crum'-ble, «. 1. or i. to break or fall u> pieces. 
Crum'-bled,* p. broken into small piece*. 
Cntm'-bling, mr. breaking or falling to pteces 

-bling, mir, breal 


ooked in the back, b 

£>um'-pled,' p. drawn into wrinkles or folds. 
€mm'-pling, ppr. drawing into wrinkles. 
Crup-ptr, n. a leather 10 hold a saddle back, 
Cnip-per, v. 1. 10 put a crupper on. 
€rup-per.ed," p. having a crupper on. 
Cru'-rat, a. pertaining lo the leg. 
Cru.sade,n. a mililary oipodiUon to recover lb« 

holy laiid from inRdels, a coin. 
Cm-sS-diT, n. one who en^gea Id a crusade 
Cruse, n. a amall cup or vm], 
Cru'-eal, n. a goldsinith's melting pot. 
Crush, B. t. lo Dniiae, dispirit, subdue, niin. 
Cnish, n. a violent collision and bmiaing, ruin. 
Cnuti'-ed,*p. bruised, subdued, mined. 
Cmsl, R. a hard covering over bread at otboi 

enut'-i-ly, ad. peevbhiy, vrith sutliiwra 

booli, dOve, fuU. n»e,.mo, ^aae, gem, a», thin, Ihou 

CttMt'-j, a. like cniii, hard and dry, inappuh. 
Crutch, n. a eteffuBcd by lune penoiu. 
Crulch, suppoit un crutches. 
C^(ch'-ed,* p. supported an cratchn. 
Cry, 1. 1, oi I. to call, WMp, pn>claini. 
Cry, n. a cBlIine or bawlin;;, outcry, jifi. 
Cry-ing, ppr. tailing, weepine, proclaiiaing. 
Crjs'-t^, n. a regular ■olid of an]; mineral, &.e. 
Crya'-ul, Crya'-tal-tne, a. pertaining to crystal, 
clear. [crylala. 

CrvB-ial'i-ia'-tion, n. the procen o( tanning 
Crya -lal-Izs. v. I. or i. to form or be fanned iolo 

Cryi'-lai-i-Eed,* p formed into a cryMal. ' 

€i7«'-lal-I-zing, ppr. fonnlng into cryital*. 
€:ub,n.the young of the dog kind, fox, bear, Ac. 
€^be, n. a regular solid liody with aii equal 
sides, the third poner of a mot. 

licy berry of the peppeJT 

Cu'-bie,CD'-bie'al,a. having the form of 8 cube. 
Cu'-bit, n. the lore arm, nteasuie of a nun's aim 

fmm the elbow. 
Cir4Ht«l, a. belonging to the cdUl 
Cuck'-old, n. the husband of an adultreas. 
Cack'-oo, n. a bird of the genus onculufl. 
Ca'- col-Isle, a. hooded, cowled, of the duipe of 

a hood. 


plant and its thiit. 
nimical vessel like a gourd. 
leeembling r * 

if food OI " 

Cu'-cni^bit, n. 

iling a goi 
. . . fKmacco 

Cod'-dlo, V. i. to lie low o ' 

Cod'-dy, n. a cabin, a kin 

Cnd'-^l, n. a thick heavy stick. 
Cnd'-^l, T. t. to beat with a heavy slick. 
Cixd'-gel.ed,* p- beat with a cudgel. 
C^d'-geI^l^, b. one who boo -.a with a cudgel, 
end'-gel-proof, a. not to be horl with a cudgel. 

a', n. [ewerass'J a breast plate for defeiu 

'iaj armor for the thighs, 
a. belonging lo the kitchen, 
lelect from others, pick Due 
jiioked out,Hclecied. [ftc. 

10 who culls, an inspector of hoops, 


fool, .-npoft 

Cull'-it ...... 

Cul'-ly,fn. a 

Cnl'-ly, V. I. 

Culm, n. the hiuh or mem oi gmtuca, oic. c 

Cul-roif-er-oUB, a. piodupliig s stalk or slen 

Cul-min-a'-tion, n, a coming lo the nvshdiai 
Cul'-pa-bJe, a. bully, blamable. guilty. 

eul'.---' ' 



eul'-pa-hly, ad, with blame or g 
Cul'-prit, n. one arraigned for a •.-muB 
Cul'-ii-va-ble, a. that may be tilled. 

ite, V. I. lo till, dress, improTe, 

t4ar, n. Diia who tills. 

, n. act or praciice oFcul^vating. 

in, B. a long sknder jneco of ordnance. 
Cul'-vert, D. an arched drain or passage imder a 

n. in carpailry, dovetail. 

'„ lo ctoE, burden, embarrass. 
Cum'-ber^d,* p. loaded, clogged, troubled. 
€um'-ber.e8roe, o. burdensoroe, troublesome. 
Cum'-btanpe, n. Burden, thjg, 
" 'hrous, o. heavy, burdensome, oppressive. 
in, n. an annual plant beating seeds of an 

Cu'-mu-lale, s. t. to heap together, lo amass. 
u-Ia'-iion, B. a heaping, accumulation 
lu-la-tive, a. augmeoting by addition. 
B-al, Cu'-ne-ale, a. shaped like a wedge 
ning, a. artful, sly, crafty, skillful, 

Cun'-ning, { n, knowledge, art, skill, arti- 

Cun'-rung-ness, V ilce, craJt. 

€i»i'-ning-iy, ad. craliily, artfully, skillfully. 

Cup, n, a drinking vessel, j>an^ora Rovter. 

Cup, K, (. to hledf liy scarilication. 


T, IktJ, what, pi^, mariiw, pin, bl 


€u'-pel,it. . 

shelf or eloBOI far cup*, &c. 
.11 cup nsed in reliaing metalt. 
. , I. tha refining of a luettl by a 
cupel. ' ^ (power 

^u-pid'-i-ty, n. inordinale desire oT waalih oi 
Cu'-po-la, B. a dome, an arclit-il roof. 
Cup'-ped,* p. bled by acorilicatinn, 
Oip'-piag, Fpr. bleeding by n ahScation. 
Cu'-pro-ou«, o. of or like rnnner. 
■Cur, It. B dog, a inappish fellow. 
Cu'-ia-ble, a. Ibal may be cured or hnled. 
Cu'-ra<y, n. tbe olRca of a curaie, a benafica. 
Cu'-role, «. an officiatirg mtnialer. 
Cu'-rs-live, a. relstinc or lending to healing. 
eu-ia'-lor, n. mM who maoageg, a guanltan, 

Curb, r. (. b> check, restrain, bridle. (well. 

Curb, n. part ofa bridle, mtniint, box Toirnd a 
Curd, n. coDgulated part of milk tor cheese. 
Cnr'-dle, v. I. or t, tv coagulate, change into 
curd. [curaie. 

Cure, R. remedy, s healing, employment of a 
Cure, v. t. lo heal, resiore lo health, aalt or dry. 
Ctitei.'p. healed, sailed, preaerred, dried. 
€ure.|eu, a. inciuflble, nol to " 

Bl drying, preaMnng. 
€u.ri-oa'-i.ty, n. a airong deaire lo see or 1 
what i) riew or unknown, tnquiiitivenai 

€u'-ri.oua, a. inquiiitive, nice, inoBnioaa. 
€u''n«UB-ly, ad. inquisiitvely, wiih eiacln 

Curl'-ing, ppr. hending, Ibrrning into ring 
Curi'-y, a. having ourls, full of^ripplea. 

Cur'.rsrU, n. a Ahrub and iUi miit. [i 

C^.ren-cy, n. circuladon, paper paaa 
Gur'-rent, a. circulating, common, p««ini 
Cui'-rent, n. a alream, course, crowd paa 
Cur'-rent-ly, ad. with general 

n by two bureea. 

Cur'-ri-ed,* ji. dnaaed, cleanad. 

Cur'-ri^r, n. a dnsaer of leather when tanoed. 

Cut'-riah, n. like a crosa dt«, SMppbh. 

Cur'-ry-Woii, n. a comb lo clean horaes. 

.Cur'-ty.iag,;^. nibbing with a c«mb, dressiag. 

Curae, f. (. lu utter a wbh of evil against, toveb 
injure, eiecralo. 

Curae, n. wiah of evil, maleiliclkia, execration. 
, ^ra'-ed,* p. eiecniled, devoted lu ruin ; a. de- 
serving evil, fliecrable, detestable. 

Cura'.ed^y, ad. badly, vilely. 

Eun'-ed-rtaat, n. stal« of being cursed. 

Cun'-iDg, n. tuta at ciecrBtioo, deteatableneo. 

Cur'-aive, a. running, flowing, 

Cur'-so-ri-lf , ad. hBBiily, rapidly. 

CaT'.«o-ri-nMa, n. hastiness, slight attention 

Cur'-BO.ry, a. hasty, aL'ght, carelesB. 

(Jor-iail, V. 1. 10 cut ahon, to abridge, 

enr-l£il-fid,* p. shonened, abridged. 

Cnr'-Iain,n, a cloihuseil for hidiog something froiB 

€urT-a'-iion, n. act of bending, abend. 
Curv'-a-ture, n. a curve or beading. 
eiUTS, K. bending, crooked, inflected. 
Curve, R. a bending or inflection wHhotit oodea. 
Curve, v. e. to inflect, to bend . ^utL 

Oirv'-et, n. particular leap ofa hone vnthbolk 
CuF-vi-lin'-e-al, { 0. having a cnrve line, bound' 
Cur-vi-Iin'-e4r. { ed b^ a curve line. 
Corv'-uig, j^. bending m a r^ular form. 
Cnrv'-i-iy, n. crookedriesa, a bent atals. 

a pillov 


CuaCard, » 



in « point. 

nof milk 






bo^, d6ve, iiill, IMS, can, cl 


Cus'-tam-flT, n, one who bays go«ii, or oiu nbo 

frequenU a pJw» (or oblaining what ho wonts. 

Cii('-ioiD>,n.pI. diUleaDneaodiuDpnrMdor ei- 

Cul, p. (. or i. y. and pp. cul; id carve, hew, lop, 
' ■- [picnire. 


I, crop, divide 

. BcleftorgB. 

-iie-oiu,1i. pertaining lo the skin. 

n, 8carf-«kin. 
Cu-iie'-u-Jar, a. no deeper than the akin, 
Cut'-lse, n. abroad curving ■woid.a hanger. 
€ut'4er, n. amakerof knivea. 
Cut'-tet, n, a Bnul) piece of meal for cooUng. 
4^t''pnrBe, il a pickpocket, a thief, 
Qjl'-U- -^«-:. 

whom , 
B murderer, ai 

ig with an edged Wot ; i 

Cut'-iia, j n. a &h that ihniwi ovit a black 
Cul'-lle-liBb, S tiquor ui coneeal iu^. 
Ciat'-m,'let, n. the lore pan of a ahip'a dtdi 


C^hE, n. a bug or tunic, inclaaingmorbid matte' 
Cji'-tic, a. pertaining to a cyet. 
Czu.', n. [tzar,] the title of the emperor of Eiuna 
Cziir-I-na, n. title of the empreu of Ruuia. 
CiBT-ish, n. pertaining lo llie cur of Kuaaia 

DAB, V. I. lo hit gently, lo moisten. 
Dab, ». a Kenile blow, a Bat Gi<fa. 
Dab'-ble, v. i. to play in water, to meddle. 
I>al/-bler, n. one who debbJea or tneddlea. 
Dab'^ihiek, n. a entail water foWl. 
Dab'-bling, ppr. dipping slight]]^, meddliiig. 
Dab'-«er, n. one who is eipen in any ihiDi 
Dace, 1. a amall river G>h lika a roarh. 
Dac'-tyl, n, a poetical Ibol of one long and two 

■hort svllabUa. 
Dad, Dod'^y, n. a term for &lWI. 
Def '-Ib-dil, R. a itarciiaiu, a genua of planla. 
Dag, n. a looee end of a lock of wool, dag-lock 
D^-ger, n. a short sword. 
Dag'-ger, B. (. to lUb with a dagger. 
Dsg'-ger-ed,* p. atabbed with a d^ger. 
Dag'.gle, c. i. to trail, or be in Ihe diit. 
Dag'-gled,* ;»- trailed in 


I citeie, nmnd of time. 

. 9, f ti-abodyorciicleorsciencea, 
Cy-do-pe'-di-a, 1 and the hooka containing them. 
Cyg'-itet, n. a young awan. [diameter. 

Oyr-in-der, n. a long circiUar body of onifiimj 
Cyl-in'-drie-al, a. in the tbtm of a cyUnder. 
cyiB'-M a. an inilmment of music. 
Cym'-bi-innn, a. having the ahape of a boat. 
Cyme, Cj'-ma, n. an aggfegnte flower. 
Cym'-ling, n. a iquaih, [local.] 
Cyn'-it, Cyn'-ie-al, s. auHy, marling, captioua. 
Cvn'-M, n. a snrly, snarling man. 

ty- p i w a, n. a tree, an evergreen, white cedar, 


.^, ^ or happening 

-ly, ad, every day, day by . 
'' ^ ' nicely, dehcioui 

every day. 

Ifiin-iy, a. nice, pleasing 10 the taste, faatidious. 

>jij-ry, n. the place where ipiik is Kt or mana. 
god, tlie making of butler and cheaae. 
Dsj-ry-maid.n. a woman who attends to a dairy 
Q^irai-edg'o. full of daisies, adorned with daiaiea. 
Dai-»y, 71. a plant and flower of several »arie- 
Dale, n. a vale, a apace between hflk. [tici 
Dal'-li^nce, n. act of fondoeaa, a loving. 
Dal'-ii-er, n. one who dalllea, a fondler. 
Dat'-ly, D. i. to delay, atop, londte, trifle. 
Dfini,a.Ehemolhercrf'bruies, altanhto stopwfc 
Dam, o. C. to atop, confine, obetruct. [IM 

" — I'-am^ «. iiutiry, hurt, lo«a. 

['••ie, V. I. lo i^Die, hun, impair. 






woven with Oowrai. 



of Blegant rose. 

il vlith gold 

lite, for ornarai 

a woman 

[lo road 

Dam'-na-lo-ry. 0. uiiding lo condemn, [meni. 

Dam'-ned,* p.^looiaed lo eisnial ]>uiu>htaHii, 

condsmned; a. cur»tl,eipl»ded. deusuble. 

Damp. n. muLslun), humidity. 
Damp, V. t. lowet. cant down, dispirit. 
Damp'-©d,'p. made moist, checked, dejeelad. 
I>amp'Br, n. a valve lo atop air in a funiace. 
Damp'-ish, a. rather damp, moiai, humid. 
Dsmp'-iah-negg, n. moiatmv, humidity. 
I>amp'-nesB, n. moisiure, humidity. 
Itampa, n.pL noiioua exhaletions. 
" ' a yaungmaiden,or woman, agirL 

nam'-» ,, 

Boied steps, regulated by music. 
Dance, n. a leapuig and stepping I 

Dan'-de-li-on, n. a plant wilt 
Dan'-di-pnt. n. a little fellon 
DanMlle, V. t. to ahake on tht 

with rae«r 

Dan'-dled.* p. iolted on the knee, fondled. 
Dan'-iller, n. one that dandlae, a Ibndler. 
Uan'-dling, 7^. shaking on the knee, fondUag 
Don'-dnifj ti. a icaly scurf on tlie head. 
Dan'-dy, n. a mole penun wht, dreeses like a doll 
Dan'-dy-iun, n. the muineni of a dandy. 
Ditne-wiJrt, n. a plant, a species of elder. 
D&n-^r, n. eiposure to evil, risk, haiard. 
DUn-ger-oua, a. full uf hazard; bazanluua, pa- 

Dia-ger-otn-ly, ad. with hazard, unsalbly. 
Dfin.ger>oua-oeaa, n. danger, risk, hazard. 
J>an"-gle, v. t. to hang loose and waving, to fal 
Dan"-gled,* p. of itenfiie. (low 

Dan"-g]er, n. one whu hangi about women 
Dan''-gling, ^. han|^ng loose. ' 

Dank, a 
Dank, R 

ti, damp. 

1. lilUe, a< 

Dare,fT.i. p. durst;u 

be bold enough, to venture. 
Dare, c. t. to cballoige. provoke, detj. 
Da'-red.* p. challenged, defied. 
Da'.ring. ppr. having couragesuiticienl. defying; 

a. bold, uilrepid, teailcss. brave, stouL 
Da'-ringJy, od. boldly, audaciously. 
Da'-iing-neea, n. couregeouBnan, audiuaousnaii 
Dirii, a. void of light, obscure, gloomy, blind. 

Daik-en, V. t. or i. (o make or grow dark. 

Dtirk-en.ed,' p. made dark or obscure. 

Darit-en-ing, ppr. rendering obscure. - 

Dark-ish, a. rather darii, duaky, obscure 

Dark-ting, 0. being in the dark. 

DSrk-ly, ad. obacnrely. blindly, imperftctlf . 

Diirk-neas, n. want of light, abacunly. 

Diirk'-sOme, a. wanting light, glooiny. 

Diir-ling, a. dearly beloved. 

Diii-hng, n, one dearly beloved, a fovoriM. 

Dam. o. (. lo mend holes or rents in clo^Mi 

Darned,* p. mended as a r«it. 

DUr'-ne), n. a kind of graea of the gmiius Mhnm 

Dlint-ing, fpr. mending as a rau. 

■IHiit, n. a poinlad miaailB waapoo. 

book, dSve, fuU, ok, cbd, iluuK. gnn, u, ihin. 

i-ing, ppr. throv,ing luddenjy, ahopiing. 
>• ' ' lo strike agairul, blot out, mix. 
, .. _ itroke, iltgbi infiuion, this mark (— }. 
f Itah'-ai • p. ihrown, «tnick euddenl]'. 
Ihab'-ing, ppr, nriking againsi, inTuaing, nnh- 
ing; a. rUahing, driving, bluBlering, precipi- 

£W-tard, n. a roward, h poltroon. 
IW^«n]-iie, 0. (, to make roManHj. 
l^M'^ard-li-nHs, n, cowonllinesa. 
IW^ard-ly, a. towordly, meenly timid. 
IW-ttrd-y, H. bane eowardLnees. 
l^'-ta, B. Df. ibinga ^ven for finding reenlt*. 
••■le,*. the day or time ol'an event or Irajmac- 
^liMi,the fruit of Ihc dale or palm Ipee. 

Lited wilh the true time. 

P^'-ied. p. mi 
^lai«,o. L. „ 
w'-ling,;70-. notine the 
w-live, a. the third of 

J|>ob'-ed,* p. imeaK 
^b''«r, n. one that mut^mn, u luu 
■hnk'-ing, ppr. aineecing wiui plael 
DuV'ing, n. coane painting, grOBS flattery, 
'^inb'.er-y, n. coarae painting, a '-..^ — 


u [dau'tef,] a lemale child, a 

l^iani, V. (. to dishearten, dlscoiunge,' inlim 
IHnui-ed, p. intimidated, dispirited. 
Duiil-kHi, a. fearleiB, bold, mUvpid. 
toniu-leBs-neM, n. fearleasness, intrepidiw, 
Dm'-phin, n. theeldesl son of the king of Franca 
Uitn, begin to grow light, to btgin t( 

:^ien and eipand ei the undemanding, 
him, n. break uf day, Gist appeanuica. 
Dnm'-sd, 'p, ofDawn. 
Bnrn'-ing,' jipr. ^p»aring as light, opening. 
EftwD'-ing, n. first opening or appearance, 
Day, "■ M^ time from lun rite to inn let. Ha 

Dtty-tA-bor, n. labor perTormed by the day. 
Diy-li-bar-er, n one who i> hired lo work by 
Day-Rght, n. the hght of the aun. [the day. 

Dayi-man, n. an umpiiF, a mediator. 
Day'ipring, n. the beginning of day 
Dfiy-atfir, n, (be naming ilsr, Venui, Lucifer. 
Diy-time, n. ihe use when iIm mn givea li^ 
Diy'(-n-Ork, n. the workof ooe day. 
Dai«, c. (. to daule. 
Daz-.jtle, V. I. to overpower wiib light. 
Dai'-iled,* p. overpoH-ered nith light. 
Dai'-iling, ppr. overpowering wilh lighL 
Do, a preni, denoles fnm or tparatvm; beai~« 
il is often uipd lo give a negative aeiiM to 

D?a-cAn, n. a rhnrch offlcer, an oveiteer. 

Dea-cDn-aJiin ( "- ''xi oiSco of a deacon. 

Dend, a, deililule of life, matianlsa, taitaleaa. 

Deod, n. atillneeii, Bilcnre, gloom. 

Dead-m, v. I. to weaken, make taiWleai. 

I>eod-fn.ed,* p. weakened, blunted. 

Dmd-lift, n. a hopeless erigenry. 

Dead-llgbl, n. a wooden port for a cabin window 

Deod'-Iy, a. mortally, irjeeoncilably. 

Deod'-neM, b. want gf life or spirit, vapidnen. 

Deaf, a. wanting the aenae of hearing. 

Daafen, v. I. lo moko deaf, confound wilhboiae. 

Vm-ntd- p. made deof, confounded. 

Deafness, n, Ihe want of the sense of hearing. 
n. a part, qnantjly, boards, &c. {IreAt 
v.t. p. deah: to diitribilte, divide, trade,, n, one who deals, a trader. 

DSol-ing, ppr. dividing, diBtrihiHing, trading. 

Dsaf-ingi "- practice, trestment, a trading. 

Dean, n. the aecond dignitary of a diocne. 

"■ i.ery,n. theoflitie or mansion of a dean. 
I a. coally, of high price, beloved, 
, n. a person belovod, [prico 

-bought, a. [dr'srbaut,! purchased at a high 
-ly, Hd, at a high price, with fbniineM. 

-ncas, n. high prico, nearness of aflectian 

iJeaRh, n. great scarcity, n-ant, barrenness. 

Denlh, n. the eiiinction of life, mortality. 

Death'-bed, n Ihe bed of a dying p«aon. 

Dealb'-less, a, never dying, immortal. 

Dealh'-like, a. rasembling death or a dead boib 

10- ,oogrc 

BKr, Iflll, what, pi^y, mari'nc, pin, bird, m 

De-\ia'-aing,Bpr. lesssning In wonb, degnuting 

u. adaptafor lending lo lower oi degrade. 
I)e-bs'-ia-ble, a. diapuuble, that may b* coO' 

De-biSie, ». 1, to dispute, agree, discusa. 
De-baie, n, public diaeuBsion, djapute. 
De-bn'-led, p. dispuled, diBouastd, i:ontroTened. 
De'ba''ring,;'pr. diaputing, discuafiine;. 
Pe baucli', n. exceu in eaCiilg aad drinking, 

De-baucli', ». (, lo Mdnee, comipi, incinle. 
De-bauoh'-ed,* p. seduced, oorrupied, 
De-bauch'-er, n. a panoa who debaucba. 
De-baurb-ee', n. a drunkard, a rake. 
De bBuch'-e-r<r, n. inlempersnce, leHilncea. 
De-beuch'-ment, n. seduction, nci ol comipling. 
De-ben'-ture, n. a wriiing wliirh is evidence of 

a [lebl, cerlilkste of draw-back. 
Da-bil'-i-MIo, v. (. lo weaken, tu leniter feehlo. 
De-bil'i-ta'-Ci(Mi, n. a wealcining, reebleness. 
De-bil'-i-ty, n, waakness of body, fi^bleneaa. 
Deb'-it,n. Ihe debtor aide of account booka. 
Deb'-it, II. (. to charge with debl. 
Deb'-ii-ed, p. charged in debt. 
Ueb'On-nlUr, a. elegaul, well-bred, gay- 
De-hiiuch, e. J. 10 issue out of a narrow place ai 

1)^ n. wbu IB due Tram one perion to Bnolher. 
De'it-ee', n. one lo whom a debt ia due. 
Deit'-or, n. one who owea anolher. 
Dee'-ade, n. the sum or number often. 
De-ea'-dence, n. atale of decay, decline. 
Dee'-s-gon, n. a figure of len equal aicle*. 
Dsc'-a-logue, n, ibe ten commandmenu. 
De-camp^ depart from a camp. 
De-camp'-ed," p. oTZIeeaTnp. 
De-famp'-raent,". act of deeamping. 
Dee-an''-gu-]ar, o. bavins len angles. 
De-eant', v. I. lo pour offer out. 
Da-tant-a'-tian.n. the act ordecaQtinf!. 

De-cay-ed,' p. of D j. 

De-tay-ing, ppr. failing, declining, withering; 

a. aubject lo failure, liable lo perub. 
De-cease, n. departure from life, death, 
lie-cease, tJ-r. to depafl from life, to die. 
De-c^Bs-ed,* p. or op. of Dtcea^i^ 
I>e-cea8-ing, ppr, dying. 
De-ceit, n. cbual, artificCi treachery. 
UeK|eii-fliI, o. full of deceit, given to decepDou 
Ueceit-ful-ly, oiina deceitful maoner. 
Ue-ceit-fiil-neea, n. deceit, diipoaitJon lo deceive. 
De-ceiv-8-hle, o. that may be deceived. 
De-ceiv^i-blc-ness, h. liableneas to decelTO orbt 

De-ceive, v. l lo mislead the mind, tu delude 
Do-ceiv-ed,' p. mialcd, imposed on. 
De.ceiv-er, n. one that deceives or mialead*. 
I)e-cei v-ing, ppr. mialeading.deluding, begu iling. 

in-cy, n. fitnerfl, propriety, what ia becora- 
. .. jn-na-iT, n. a term of ten years. [ing 

De^wn'-ni-at a. of or during len years. 
De'-cent, a. fiL becoming, proper, modest. 
De'-conl-ly, ad, fitly, properly, modestly, 
De-cep-ii-bil'-i-ty, n. Uableness to tie deceived. 
De-cep'-ti-ble, a. liable lo be deceived. [tion 
De-cep'-lion, n. act of deceiving, dectt, imposi- 
De-cep'-llvB, [ a. liable or lending to deceive, 
De-eep'-to-iy, ( deceilful, felae. 
DeHXp'-tioua, a. deceitful, falae, Usacheraus. 

De-chlinn. u. t. to diaenchnnt, remove a spell 
De-cf-da-ble, a. that may be decided. 
De-cide, V- 1- to determine, finihb, conclude 
De-ci'^ied, p. determined, concluded. 
De-ci'-ded-lj,od. with deiemiiftation, abaolntelT 
De-ci'-ding, ppr. determining, finishiog. 
De-cid''U4us, a. failing in autumn. 
Dec'.i-raal, a. lenlli ; n. a tenth. 
Dec'-i-mal-ly, ad. by meana of dechnals. 
" "mate, r.f. to take the lamb, lotitlia. 

Bvaiy tenth. 
I>e-cE'-pb«, V, I, Ht sii>lsia cipben, w aafoid. 
Do-cI'-ph«r-«i]|* p^ umbldoi, ei|>laLiwd^ 
D*-o1''phflr-«, 11. one wha lUmiveli of eipZains, 
D»fi»'-ion.n. dBtenBumion, pfomprnwn or finn- 

DBH in delermtning. [qustian. 

De-cl'-cive, a. ibat ^ds or settle* a naatt, oi 
De-cl'-aivo-lj, ad. coucluaivelT, poaitivelf. 
D»cr-aiva-oe*i, n. iba quslltr of deciding. 
Wcl'-^o-rr, a. tending to decide^ final. 
Deck, s. (. lo drast, tdom, Ht oS. 
Daek, n. Uie flottf of ■ ship, > pile of mtdi. 
Deck'-ed,* II. adanad, embcUiiihed. 
Deck -«, n. a pHHm who Bdonu. 
De-elUn, V- i. la apeak an onlioa, to hinneoa. 
De-eUiiiHd,* fi. of i>«ian. 
De-cl&iin-«> n. ane who declainu. 
Dae-l>'-n»-lio[t. n. a miBy epeech, a banngue. 
De-ctam'-a-to-r7, a. paitaking of decUmatiini. 
De-da'-n-tiie, a. Ihat may be declued- 
Uec-la-n'-tion, n. alHRoMiaa, BMatttoik. 
De-elat'4-liTB, a. that declam at pmclainu. 
De-dar-a-ia-n-ly, ad. hy way ordecUuaiioa. 
De^lar'-a-io-rj, a. aflinniilive, proclainung. 
Ds-cl&n, v. '- or i. to Bffina, ny, lell, uHit. 
Do-cla'4«d,* p. afiiimed. proclaimed. 
De-den'^ion, n. act of dertining, decay, cor- 

mBian of moral*, varialian DfDaana. 
DMli'-Da-bte, a. that may be declined or varied. 
Dee'-li-nale. a. beitding lunaids the eonh. 
Dve-li-oa'-timi, n. a btmtling, declenaion, decay. 
Dee-lin«'-tor, n. an iiu<lnuiienl in dialing. 
De-eline, v. i. or [. to lean, deviate, tail, decay, 

ahoi), reloBe. 
Do-eline, b. decay, tendnncy to a wane lUce. 
I>e.Glr-ns-l(H7, a. tending to ahiin. avaiding. 
De-div'-i^y, n. inclination downwards, sli^ 
De-di-voDi, a. deacendins downwaida, ilopiDB. 
Dsaet', v. (. to boil, NSlbe, digeiU [InR. 

]>e-Kic^tion, n. a bailing, a preparation by bou- 
Ue'-col-laM. B. (. to hebead. 
Da-eoI-Ia'-tian, n. Ihe act of I 

, . . IS-^ 

,n naoluUtULintaaaiulvLHeiit 

□, thaiio, gem, ae, thi n, fhoii, 

De^m-pnund'.e.l. lacumpoandasaconil time 
L>e-eam-pound', a. compounded again. 
T^^ ._ _j ,boUia^b« 

,. JihellighnH ' 
decent, becoming, Buitaole. 
Dee'-o-roiu-ly^ ad. deceotly, with prontiaty , 
lDe-cor'-Ii.«8te, V. t. lo hai-k, to atrip of bark. 
De-cor'[i<«a'.lion, n. act of Btrippiing of barfc. 
De-co'-rum, n. decency, proprieiy, good order. 
De-coy', s. C to allure into ameie ocnel, mjalead. 
De-cay, n. a lure u> catch Ibwla, the place be 

Dfr^oy'-ed,* p. lUureil into a anare or net. 
De-cree«e, s. t. or I. tc make or become leei. 
De-crease, n. a becoming ]«, diminution, decay 
De-crea>-ed,*p. leKwoed, dimininhed. 
De-ereos-ing, jipr. leuening, reducing in lize. 
Da-eree', v. I. lo determine, order, appoint. 
De-cree', n. an edict, order, ben[ence, law. 
De-cribed,*p.delennined, judicially resolved. 
De-cree'-ing, ppr. determining, ordering. 
Dec'-re-ment, n. decieate, diminution. 
De-erep'-il, a. wasted and worn by age,iiilimi. 
De-erep'-i-late, c. t. lo roaai in ■ atroiig: heat 

with crackling. 
De-crep-i-laf-iion, n. the act of roailing tritb a 

coiMnual crackling. 
De-erep'-it-n«a, ) n. broken or decayed atau 
De-erep'-i-tude, { of the body by aga. 
De-erea'-ceni, a. decmging, beromiDg leei. 
De-cre'Ttal, a. containing a decree. 
De-ere'-iD],n, a letter uf the ixipe,boa!<ofdecniM 
Dee'-re-io-ry, 0. eslabtiGbed by decree, final. 
De-crl'-ed,'7>. cried down, r^ieured. 
De-ery', V. t. lo cry don's, censure, clamor ageinsL 
De-o^-ing, ppr. ctamoiing againai 

De-CTi-W-iicm, n, the act of lying _ - 

De-eum'-b«Dce, n, the act or posture of lying 

De>eum'.bent, a, lying down, bending down. 
Dee'-u-ple, n. lenibld, repeated ten liraea. 

[lending downwarda. 
De-eur'.aion, n. act of nmning down, 
Do-ew'-aive. a. nmning down. 
D»-ei«4a'4ion, a. act of al 


De-cus'-na-twl, □. 

intenect at ociiie angln. 
oaaed, inlenecied. 

croBsing *1 unequal uiglea. 

Ded-i-eo'-linu, n. conserrBI ion , add icai inecribed . 
Ded'-i-ea-Ur, n. una who dedicamorinacribea. 
Ited'-i-ta-lo-fy, a. compoiing a dedicalion. 
lVdi''-tioii, R. act ef yielding, surrender. 
De-dQce, o. I, to draw, aa an inrerence. 
Da-du'-cod,* p. drawn, inferred. 
Da-dScfr-ment, n. inlerence, what ia collecied 

Inrni premisca. 
De-du'-ci-bla, a. that inay be irtferKd. 
De-duet', v. t. to sabtraet, •ti lalce IVam. 

De-durt'-ive, a. that is or maj' be dedueod. 

Ds^Jucl'-ivt^-ly, ad. by inferencs. 

Deed, n, an aciion or aet, eipioit, &ct, writing 

to convey property. 
Deed, T>. t. to translsr bv deed. 
Deem, v, (, to think, judge, conclude. 
De€iQ-ed,* p. judged, aupposod. 
Deep, a. far ^i the brittum. profound. 
Deep, n. the aea, an abysa, Hfill part. 
DeBp-en, e. 1. lo inalie more deep., oif. to a low dnsree, fealty, profoundlf. 
De<!p-maufh.(id, a. making a lioaree sound.. 
De^p-mu'iing, □. lost in thunght, pensive, sad. 
Deip-neaa, n. deep itaM, deplh, 

De£p-tOn-ed.* a. makino 
Deer" ' ' ' 

. a quadruped o 

ic a grave aou 

De-face, v. t. to diafi^ure, erarc, ma 
De-fll-ced,* p. marreit, diafigUKd. 
l>e-Rlc».nient, n. iiyury \a the aurli 

l>e-rRc».nient, n. iiyury 



De-fam'-a-lcry, a. slsnderoui, acandaliiins. 
De-fame, n. r. lo slander, to iiyure by ialadtoad. 


De-fea-ti-ble, a. thai may be annulled. 
l>e-f«at, c.t, to rem, oveithrow, fruatnta. 
De-f^el-ed, p. ovwthniwn, frustrated, [m&ttcr. 
DeP-e-cate, c J. to purify, as liquors, from foiii 
Uef4-ea'-tioa, n. act of purifying, aa iiquiHB. 
Ue-tect', n. want, fault, blemish. 
De-lee'-tioa, n. a railing away, revolt. 
De-foel'-ive, a. feulty, deHcient, imperfect. 
l>e-feet'-ive-)y, ad. imperfectly, 
De-fect'-tve-neaa, n. imperfection, faultineM. 
De-lend', v. t. or i. to guard from injury, prolvct 
De-fend '-ant, n. one who defends in law. 
De-fend'-er, h. one who guards or vindiratoa. 
De-fens'e, n. pruleetion from iitjuty, viudicatioiL. 
De-tens'e-Less, □. unguarded, miarmed. 
De-*ens'-i-ble, n. that may bo deieniled. 
De-fana'-iee, a. adapted lo protect, that defmda. 
De-ter', v. I. to put off. delay, yield to anothsr. 
Def-e-renee,n. respect or concession to anotbor. 
Def«-ren'-tial, a. eipreaaing doference. 
De-fer'.red,* p. delayed, poatponed. 
De-fer'-ring, ppr, putting olT, ddaying. 
De-f i'-ance, r. ■ daring, a challeo^ 
De-fi".cion^^y, n. defect, imparfeetion. 
De-fi"-cient, a. wanting, defective, imperfect 
De-fi«d,*p, dared to hght, challenged. 
De-fi^er, n, one who dares another to corabait. 
De-file, n. a narrow passage. 
De-file, r. I W pollute, corrupt, file off. 
I>e-f['-led,* ji. polluted, cDtrupied. 
De-file-ment, s. pollution, coimption. 
De-f i-let, n, uie who pallutce. 
Da-fi-tiB'ble, a. that may be limited or deGned. 
De-ftne, v. t. to limit, eiplain, maifc oot. 
De-f 1-ned,* p. limited, described, ascertained. 

Def'-i-nile-ly, od, with certain limilatiiHi. 

thai define ,^ 
ily, finally, coiurtu. 

book, d&To, fiiB, o—,ain, rhilwi. trni. ■■. Ihin. fhnn 

DbAt-gra-bil'-i^r, n. combiutiliililj. 
De-Ss'-en-bla, a. nimbailibls. 
ItaT-hinle, D. I. to bum, lo cnanmiL 
De(<.>-gn'-d«i, n. ■ coDiuming b; fin, 
De^et', V. L or t. lo tuni inde, ta dcTiata. 
De-Oee'-tion, n. ■ turning fiom a light line. 
Def-b-n'-tioD, n. act ^ depiiviiii of prime 

I* of hDoian. 

Lte^Oroe, V.I.I0 diaseize and hold by wronK- 
I>»fj|cc-«d,*fi. mtmgfuDjheld ouiotpoBenion. 
Dt-ronn-meni,!). [he balding of landi b^ wrong. 
T>e-fanB,' v. 1. 10 msr, dnfigure, mak( ugly. 
D»4ium'-ed,*;i. ugly in form, diaHfared. 
Dfrfinn'-i-ty.n.unnBMBHl ahapa, diitonion. 
Dfrfraud', V. I, lo cbe«, to wrong in contract!. 
Dt-fnod'-er, n. one who de&»Hdi ot cheati. 
Ito4<y, e. (. to beu or ^J, u eipeniea. 
Dfr£«f-ed,*p. pud, dicchntged, u eipeoni. 
Dt^f -er, n. one who dtscharga enMnwa. 
D»r<inet', a. deceased ; ■. a penon dead. 
De-f j, o. t to dare, lo outbraTe, lo challenga. 
[to^ini^h, ». (. 10 deprive of funuIurB or 

Dfrgim-iih-ed,* p. depriving of furniture. 
]h4)im-iih-ineiu, n. a depnvBtion of fiimilnrB. 
D»«io'-e'ra-cT, n. decline in good qualiliei. 
Deh^-e-nte, a. having declined in nalural 01 

mpnl worth. 
D^^'4-rate, n. (■ to decline in good qnalitiei. 
De^m'-^-nte^ten, n. ■ deeeneraie itote. 
Dfr«n-»-n'-tiiHi, n. a grovring wone. 
De-cen'-e-rooi, a. having (alleu to a wone itale. 
I>»gta-ti''-ti3u, n. the act or power of iwallow- 

Dtg-nnla'-^on, ». a depriving of rank, oBice, or 
Di^itde, c. (. to reduce in n&, offiee, or honor. 
DHn'-dinSiKpr.reductng in rank or btmori a, 

diahoDoniig, adapted to diagiaoe. 
Ouiee', n. a atep, clau, extent, proportion, Iha 

KOib part of a circle, fiulei. 

DeWnvnoe, n. a gapuig, the opening oiT csp- 
ItoJiii'-eent, a. opening a» the capanle of a 

De-i-fi-ta'-tkra, » .. , 

Ds'-i-n-ad,* p. nnked amotig deitiea. 
De'-i-l^, ■- 1. to eialt 10 the rank of dmbea. 
I^-i-iy-ing, ppr. auolUng among deitita. 
DmMt B. ■- [dane,] to ooodeacccd, to voochnlW 
Dclgo^* p. of Dofn. 
D{i|D-big, fpr. condoKHidini. 
De'-iain, ■. a denial of revelatioiL 
IV-la, a. one who deniea a ravakllDn bom God. 
De-iat'-ic, { a. pmainuig to or ooniaininc d». 
De-iaf-ie-ay £n. ' 

Da'-i-ty, B. GodhHHl, God, a lUwlow god. 
De-jea', v. (. to caai down, diapiiit, diacom^e. 
De-jecf.«ddy, od. with diacouiuenMnt. 
De-iect'-ed-neaa.B. lowneaaof ■piriK,depraaakia 

De-lapa'e, b 

De-lapa'-Bd,* p. of Dtlapie. 
De-liy, c. I. U put oST, detor, detain. 
De-lfiy, iL hindflrance, atop, detention, - 
IMiy-td," p. deferred, jjotlponed, retardad., n. one who lundeia or deUina. 
De-!ay-ing, ppr, bindnriniri delaiing, detainisc 
IV-le, e.I. td blot out, efface. 
De-leet'4ble, a. deli|dilfid, very pkuinc. 
De-lect'^bly, od. with great dalW 
Dor-e-gate, v- J. to aend away, to depute. 
Del'4-gBte, n. one deputed to act Gv another.'-don, n. a aending away, deputation 
Del-e-tfi'-ri-oua, o. deadlv, destructive. 
Delf. n. eanhem ware giaied, a mine. 
De-lib'-e-rala, v.t. or 1. 10 wdgh in tbe miadi 

De-lib'-e-rate, a. circumapeet, alow, adviaed 
De-lib'-e-rate-ly, ad. alonly, cautionaly. 
IV-lih«-ra'-tiDn, n. act of weighing to (bemiw). 
De'lib'-e.rale-neaB, a. circuroapeetiaa 

De-lity-e-ra-Cive, a. thai deliberalea. 

Dei'-i*«>le, a. nice, aal^ dainty, tender. 
" "-i-eate-ly, od. with nicety, daintily. 

jta-lV-aooM, a. aweet to the taala, vary lue 
De-li" cioua-ly, ad. anwtly, deli^lfally. 
Qfr.Ii"-cioDa-ncaa, n, gnat iweMHaa. 
D»lIflb^ n. great joy or plvam^ 

> give great pkos 
very pTefliing, ch 

r, (rfi, whfl, pif y, iDutne, pin, bl 

Ue-lighl-ruL a. very pieflsing, coBrmmg. 
Oa-lighdiii-ly, od. wilh greU pleoaute, duim- 
De-ligil^iul-nea«, n. etosi pleeaure. [ingly. 

Do-llgbl-leu, a. oObnling nu .leltgbt. 
l>B-l[glll-«9niB, o, plBusanl, very pleasing. 
De-lin'-B-ale, u. (. lo draw the auUina, dnctiba, 
De-lin-*a'-tJon, n. act uf Jrawiog tbe oulUno, oi 
lbs nulbnw of a thing. [«ion. 

D»-Iin'-queitcyi ». Eiilure of duty, lault, ooua- 
De-Iin'-quent, a. tiling in duty, fculty. 
De-lin'-queDt, n. one wbo iaila lo do oii dutjr. 
Del'-i-quate, n. i. or i. to melt, lo diaBolve. 
l>Bl-iHjue»'™,u.i. (deliquasaJtomeltofbeconM 
Del-i-quw'-ced,* p. of Deliqaace. [li<niid in air. 
Del-i-quBi'-cence, n. a becoming soil or liquid in 

Del-i-oues'-cent, a. becoming aoftor Uqiudmair. 
Du-liq -Lii-aM, V. i. lo deliquesce. 
De-lin'-tti-um, n. a metLiiig, b Bwooning 
De-UK-i-oyii, a. wandering in mind, deranged. 
De.lir', n. a wanderuig of mind, derange- 

De-liv'-er, r. t. to give over, to free, release, utter. 
De-Iiv'-er-o-ble, o. that may be delivered. 
De-liv'-er-ance, n. act of freeina, releaae. 
De-liv'-ar-ed,* p. freed, released, given. 
De-liv'^r-er, n. one who delivers, or roscues. 
De-liv'-er-y, n, giving, release, utterance. 
Dell, o. a pit, hollow, narrow opening. 
Del'-phi-an, ) a, pertaiiung to Delphi m Greece, 
Del'-pbie, { and tbe uracle. 
I>el'-phine,a. pertaining to the Dauphin of France 

' De-lu'-ds-ble, a. that may be deceived. (poinL 
De-lade, d. I. tu deceive, mislead by arts, diaHp. 
De-lu'-der, n. one who deceives or misleads. 
Del'-uga, 11. an overflowing, the great flood 

Noah's days, 
Der-uge, ti- 1. ro overflow, drown, overrun. 
D(d'-u|-ed,* p. overwhelmed with water. 
Del'-ug-ing, ppr. inundating, lirowning. 
De lu'-sion, n. act of deluding, deception, cbe 
De-lu'-aive, Do-lu'-so-ry,fl. lending to deceive 
Delve, V. t. to dig, to open the ground with 
I>elv'-ing, ppr. digging, penetrating. [spai 
Dem'-a-gogu, n. a lettdsr of (he populace. 

De-milin, n. e, manor-house, and land a^jaceuL 
Ds^raiind, v-t- to claim, or £eek lo obtain by 
lighL . [ihoiitj. 

De-mand, n. a claim by right, an asking by ao- 
De-mllnd-B-ble, a. Uiai may be demandnl. 
De-msnd-aut, n. the plaintifin a real actioa n. one who demands. 

let of seiiling the limit, buunl 


liaed and fined. 


carriage, deponmeni 
D. I. to loake mad, inbtuale 
11 desert, crime, gudl. 
a. stBik in a liquor, drowned 
n- « plunging in a liquid. 
n, signify uig half. 
c, n- a half brigade, 
ce, fi. an imperfect cadence, 
a fahuUjus hero. [cover. 

. aglass bottle, iocloaed in a wicker 

Dem-i-sem'-i-quB'Ver, n. half a saruqunvcr. 
Uem'-i-tone, n. half a tune oraaemitone. 
De-ml'-*a-ble,a. that may be leased or bequnlh- 
De-m!se, ti. death, a lease, a bequeathing. \vt 
"-"•■ ' ■- laaae, lo bequeath hy will 


led,' p. k 

eathed. ' 

. . „ hj the people. 

Dem'-o-emt, n, an adherent to ■ democrvcy. 
Dem-o-crat'.ic, a. belonging to dent* vtacy, 
De-raol'-ish, v. t. to destroy, overlhnnv, ruin. 
D6-niol'-ish.6el,* p. puUeil down, deal loyed. 
De-niol'-iah-er, n ' 


D»mo'-ni-ac, t a. peitaining to demons, in 
De-mo-ni'-s-cal, { fluenced by tiemans. 
De-mo'-ni-ac, n.eike posaessed by ■ demon. 
De-mon'-Blra-ble, a. thai may be demonitraled. 
De-moo-stra-bly, ad. certainly, with full proof 
DBni'-jn*lr«te,t o. 1. lo prove M a oeitainty, lo 

Dem'-on-ma-ted, p. proved to a certainty, shown 
Demron-stra'-don, n. proof to a certainty, sihihi 
De4iiui'-Mni.tivei a. conclnaive, cartaln. [liM 



B, gem, ■», thin. It 

ill prouf. 


Ds'inor'-al-ize, v. t. la destroy mowls, lo eomi 
De-mor'-al-l-zed,* p. comipled in morsli. 
Ds-mor'-Bl-I-ZLTu;, ppr. depraving raonle ; a. la 

Do-miii'-cent, a. suilenins, easine, aMUeging, 
De-miir', t.i. lu hesilate, doQbt, ilelay. 
De-mur', n. hesiuibii, douhl Siom luicenaint; 
J3e'[Dure, a- very gmvc, affectedly laodeaE. 
De-mure-ly, ad. with much resen'e. 
De-mQrp-ne««, n. gravity, affected modeBly. 
De-mur'-railo, n. cipense for delay of a iifiip, 
Do-inur'-rea,"p, of Dannr [inc. 

De-iuur''rer. n, one who demura, a elop in plead- 
De-my, n. a imall kind of paper. 
Den, n. a cave, cavern, lodge of a 
J>en'-s-ry,a, i»inlainmK le 


(.lodivesl of nauonal rights 



may be denied. ^ 


-al. n, refuB-J 



*r, n. one wh 

o denies'oi refuara. 


if. n. ■ Frenc 

money, the nveiftb of Rial. 


i-grale, o. (. to 

make black. 


-u'-lion, n. ih 

e en of making ■ ciiiwn. 




a native, but made aciliien. 



■"a n°^,''.'at&™ ""^ *^ 
conferring a name. 


m'-i-na-lor, n 


er number in 

vuigSr IVactiom. 


>Ia'-lion, n. th 

e aci of marking. 

Demote, c. C. to msi 

k, ihow, indiat«. 


De-nounc'e, c. 1. to 
D^-nounc'-ed,* p. t 



declaration of a Ihieat, 


c«nr'-er, n. oni 



nnering a threat. 


e, a. close, compact, thick. 




-i-lT. t"-'" 

D« • 




u like teeiii, notched. 

R. a poirl like a small tooth. 
L>eM-u<r-u-iate, a. having small leeih. 
Dcn-tie-u-!a'-tion, r. a being set with teeth. 
Den'-li-fomi, o. shaped likealoolh, 
Den'-ii-frice, n. aoroething to cleanse Iwlh. 
Dent'-iat, n. one whose occupation is to i lean 

and repair leelh. 
Den-ii"-tuin,n. the act of breeding leelh. 
De-niide, Den' u.dBie, v. (. lo strip, make naked 
Den-u-da'-iien, n. a stripping lo nakedness. 
De-nurk'-ciate, v. t. In denounce. 
De-nun^:i-a'-lion, n, declaration of a Ihreat. 
De-nuiKbi'lori r. one who threaiena. 
Ite-ny', V. t, lo di*owTi, refuse, controdict 
De-ny'-ing, jtpr. contradicling> disox\'ning 
De.ob'-atru-eni, a. removing obstruciioni. 
De-plinl,«.<. to paint. 
De-piirt, V, i. lo go away, forsake, deviaie 
Ue-part-ing, ppr. leaiing.foraakinc, deceaaing. 
l>e-pan-meiit, R, a soparaleroem, place, or office 
De-pHTture, n. s going away, decease. 
DfrpuB-tuTB, B. (. to feed, to graie. 
l)e-p<iu'-per.ate, o. (. to reduce lo poverty, 
De-pend', s. i. lo hang from, to lety en. 
De-pond'^nce, ?i. reliance, Irust, connection, . 
De-pend'.^nl, a. hanging irom, relying on. 
De-pand-sni, n. one at the diaposal of another, 

or iusiained by him. 
De-piet', v, I. to paint, to portray, 
De.pict'-are,e.f. to putnl. 
Dep-i-Iu'-tion, R, the acl of polling off the hair. 
Do-pil'-a-lo-ry, a. adapted lo lake off the hair. 
De.ple'-tian, n. act of^emptying, bloodlcltlnr 

be deplored, li 


De-plo'-ra-ble-neas. n. atate of being deplonhla 
De-plo'-ra-bly, aii. lamentably, miserably. 
De-plilre, o, (, to lament, belioil, be grieved at. 
De-plo'-red,* p. laraenled, bewailed. 
De-plo'-rer, n. one who greally lamenU. 
De-pl(iy'. D. I. to display, as a column of troops. 
Ue-plu-ma'-iion, n. the ilrippii.g off plumes. 
De-plume, b. t. lo deprive of plumes or plumsga 
De-plum'.ed,' p. stripped ofpluinea, 
De-po'-netit, a. laying down. 

DC'pop'-u-lata, V. t. to diapeople, Jay ttaale. 
De-pop-u-la'-lion, n. the set of dispeopling. 
De-j>op'-ii.laaor, n. ona who killi or eipeli i 

Ds-pOri, V. t. lo behave, tarry sway. 
De-pjEi, n, behaTior, carriage^ conducl. 

Do-purt-meni, ii- behavinr, manner of ai:tinj. 
De-pu'-iB-ble,a. Ihsl may be deposed from afni 
Ue-po'-sHi, 71. act of deposing, 
Dc<po'se, V. J. or i. lo fay down, dethrone, bear 

De-po'>-eil,*p. thrown down, degraded, (eetified. 
Do-pat'-it, u. I, [o throw down, lay up, trust willi, 
De-pos'.it, B. that which is teid.atruBi, a pledge, 

place of depositing, [left in irusr 

De-poi'-it-a-fy, n, one wilh whom soniBthing i 
De ptn'-it-o-ry, n. a place for depositing goods. 
DBfw)-ii".tion, n. a thmwing down, act of de- 

Inronin?, or degrading, on aflidnvit, [rocy, 
Dap-ra-va'-tiDD, n. act ofmalihig worea, degene- 
Da-priive, v. t. to corrupt, viciuts, make wots ~ 
Da-pra'-ved,* p. made worae, viciated. . 
Da-prive.meiit, n. 4 corrupting, viciated atati 
Da-prav'-i-ly, n. corruption of morala, h state 

Dcp'-re-cate, u, 1. to pray eamesll y againgC, regret. 
-' Dep^«-ca'-tioD, n. act of deprecating, 
Dep'-ro-ea-lo-ry, a. aerving lo deprecate. 
Ds-pra'-ciate, v. i. or t. to lessen or decline in va- 
lue, undervalue. 
De-preM'i<B'-lion, n. act of depreciating. , 

Dop'-re dale, v. I. to rob, plunder, spoil, waste. 
Dsp-re-da'-tion, n. a robbing, a laying wests. 
De-press', «. f.lo sink, humble, dqect, cast down. 
Da-presi'^d,* p. lowered, east drawn, 
De-pres'.sioo, n. d^e('Uon,low stale. 
De'pre^B'.ivo, □, tending to cast down- 
De-pTl'.va-ble, a. thai may be deprived. 
Dep-ri'Va'-tiaii,n. act of depriving, loss, (orders. 

uorlne, pin, bird, intive, 

Dep'-u-rate, 0. (. to purify, free from fecidonce 
Dep-u.ra'-tion, n, act of treeing from feculenre. 
Dep-U'la'-tion, n. act of deputing, persons setlt. 
De-p^te, P. t. to send by appointment. 
Dep'-u-Iy, n. one appointed to act for anolher. 
De-rae'-i-nate, e, 1. to plocit up by ;he roots. 
De-rKn^e, v, t. to put om of order, confuse. 
Do-rHng'-ed,';). put out of order, delirious. 
De-rinee-ment, n, state of disorder, delirium. 
Der'^-rict, a. abandoned ; n. thing abandooed 
Der-.e.lie'-tioQ, n, an uller Ibtsaking, 
De-ride, V. I, lo laugh si in scorn, to mock. 

De-rU'-ion, n. a laughing at in coniempt. 
De-n'-sive, De-rf-so-ry, a. mocking, ridicijling. 
De-rF-va-ble, a. that ma;; be derived, 
Dar^-vu'-tion, n. a drawing or descending iiani 

De-iiv'4««ve,a. derived, deduced. 
De-riv'-B-iive, n. a won! derived from anotliar. 
De-rive, v. t. to deduce, lo descend fiom. 
De-rt'-ved,'p.deduc6d, dtawn, 
Der'-nier, a, the last, the only one left. 
Der'4-gale, v. (. or i. to detract, take from. 
Der-o-ga'-tion, n. a detracting, disparagement. 
De-rog'-a-to.iy, a, detracting, degi^ding. 
Det'-vis, 71, a Turkish priest or monk who pr*. 
lends to great aoslenty, 

Des-cant', v. i. lo sing, discourse, conuneat. 
Deseant'-ing, ppr. singing, discoursing. 
De-9cend', v. 1. or i. to come down, to sink. 
De-BCend'-ent, n. nne who descends, offspring. 

Do-Bcend'-enya. fr-"- '—'-■ — 


De-scend'-i-ble, a, _, ^-. 

De-scen'-Bion, n- act of descending. 

Descent', n. a falling or coming down, dedivitj, 

De-BCrr-ba-ble, a. that may l>e described. 
De-Bct11>e, B. (. to represent by words or £g>tn* 
Dfrscri'-bed,* p. represented, dalineetad 
Ue-scri'-ber, n. one who d«acribes. 
De-scri'-ed,* p, discovered, seen. 
De-serl'-er, n. one who descries. 
D»4erip''lion, H, ael ofdescril 

D»4eiip''live, a. contuning 

hunk, ddve, full, ase, etn, chsiae, gem, iw, Ihin, thou. 

De-spfiir, n, hapelesBnest, destitution of hope. 
De-spiir, D. L tu sbandun hops, to be niiliaul 
De-apair-^d,' p. of Detpair. lliup* 

De^cry'-in^, ]ipr. seeing lirAt, diacovermg, 
Das'4-ecBte, n. 1. to divert fram e sacied punKMe. 
l>eB4'CiB'-tiun, n. a diverting from a aacred par- 
Ue-ian'i n. merit, worth, reward. [pote. 

Db.istI', b. 1. to fonske or abandon. 
Des'^ert, a. wild, solilary, unsettled. 
DeiWl, n. B wildemeH, an uncutlivBled region. 
I>e-sert'-«T, n. one whe fonakee bis cwlon, Ulc- 
I»e-tert'-log, ppr. IbrsBkiiig, abandoning. 

Da'-ie-oaw,1' D. I to dry up, make dry. 
DM-ic-Qi'-Iion, B.ncl or proceaa of diying. 
Do->ie'-ca tive, a. lending to dry. 
D>|.iid.e-rs'-tuin, n. somelhing deaired and want. 
D»ci,^ v. t. lo purpose, plan, pnyect. [ed. 

Do-«IStl, n. a purpoBe, inlenlion, plan. 
00-Blxn-a.ble, a. capable of being designed, 
bet'-ig-nala, s. i. to point out, la appoint. 
Dei-ig-na'-tion. n. act of pointing out. 
Tyt-tlgn-ed,^ P' in[«ndod, platuied., ad, with design, or parposB. 
De-aign-eT, n. a coptriver, a drawer. 
De^i^ing, ppr. intending, pluming ; a. artful, 

dispoaed to contrive, iniidious. 
De.wp'.i-ent, <■■ trifiing. foolLsh. 
De-ilr-a-Ue, a. that is lu be deeired. [ble. 

De ilr-a-ble-nws, n. the ^alily of being deeiia- 
De^Ire, ^ a pauion excited by love, a wiah to 

De-sire, v. t. to wiili tor, to B>k, or entieat. 
De-*i'-red,*p, Rovted, requeoled. 

H who di 


Desk, n.^n Inclined table, a pulpit. 
Ues'-'i-late, V. 1 10 ley waste, ravuge,fiun 
Des'-o-late, a. laid K-aste, dealilnlc <^ people. 
Dea'^t-late-ne^8, n.a slate of being w " 


SB of hop* 
a degpeniio man, a niadman 
1. having no hope, rash, furioii 
.. „j ,.:t... rfespetHle f« " 

lir, furr. 

Dee', ad. with great meanneHs. [ibie. 
Do.BpJ-Ea.blei a. that may be deuplBed, contempt 
De-Bplie, v.t to contemn, ecom, diadeio. 
Do4pi'.«ed,* p. contemned, disdained. 
Dfrvpl'-ser, n. oiieihatelightior despi«9.. 
IVspi'-sing.jipr, BComing, contemning. 
I>»4plte, n. malice, delisnce. 
De-spite-ful, a. ma]iciousaB<^niful. 
DB-ipHe-ful-ly, ad, mollciouily, icomfully. 
De-apTte-ful-ness, n. malice, malignity. 
De-apoil, I'. I. to apoil, rob, pluihler, strip. 
De-«poil'-ed,*p. stripped, robbed, bereft. 
De-spoil'-er.. b, one who atripa, or plunder*. 
De-spoil'-ing, ppr, stripping, spoiling. 
De-spond', 1. 1. lo lose uiuiage or hope. 
De-spond'-en^cy, n. loss of hope or courage. 
De-apond'-ont. a, despairtnE, losing hope. 
De-»pood'.ing, ppr. losing hope, despairing 
De^pond'-ing-Iy, ad. vrith loss of hope. 
Des'.pot, n. en absolute prince, a tyrant. 
De-apot'-te, a. absolute in authority, tyrarmicoi 
De-apat''ie'aM]r, ad. with unlimited power. 
Dea'-po-tiam, n. absolute power, lyraimy, 
Dci'-rin-niats, d.i. to froth, or foam. 
Dea-pa-ma'-lion, n. a foaming, frolhineas. 
DB«'-tion. n. the act of BPaling off. 
De»-«en', n. service of fniila and sweeimeBH. 
Dea-tl-na'-tion, n. purpose, place to be readied. 

Defl'.tin.ed,* p. doomed, ordained, appointed. 
Dea'-tiniig, Jvif. filing, ordaining, devoting. 
Dea'-U-ny, n, slate predetermined, ultimate fate 
:i-iole, a. wanting, not possessing. 

Bar, r^H, whft, prtr, mscVne, pin, bird, move. 

Do-slrac'-iive, a. llial dMUoys, minoui. 
De^mie'-iivB-ly, ad. ruinously, pomiciously. 
De-etrue'-iive-ncsii, n. qiiulity Ihol destroys. 

Des'-<.THude, n. JupiiniinimnrB of a cuswni. 
Dw'-ul'Io-ji-ly, ad. iii a deaidcory mannar 
Dea'-ul-lo-ri-ness, n. uneormecledneeg. 
Dtifl'-ut-Lo-ry, a. too^a, uni^nnecU>d. 
Ds-iach', 0, (. to sBpanile, Ui BentI off a party 
Ds-larh'-ed,* p. aepaniMd, eenl away, 
Do-lai^h'-ment, u. a party aeal off from the 

■rniy, Ac. 
De-tftil, R. a miniile narration, a aelecting. 
De-I9ii, V. C. tu oarrais in particulars, aelecl. 
De4ail-ed,' p. related%i partioulara. wieeted. 
I>e-i&in, V. (. lo delay, witlibolJ, keep in ciuiady. 
IVlOin-ed," p. withheld, delayod. 
De-tiin^Bi. n. oDe that detains. 
De-iect', v. I. lo rliscover, to bring to light. 

l)e-lee'-lion, n. ditcovery, act of laying open. 
Ds-lwit', N. a stop in a cloclt. 
Db-Ien'.iion, n. the act of dotaining. 
De.ior', B.(, to prevent from proceeding, hinder. 
De-ler|'e, t>. I. to cleanse, clean, wipe off. 
De-Urg'^d,* p. Rleaiu^ed, purged. 
De-rci^-^nt, a. cleansing, cleaning. 
Db.terg'.en(, n. a medicinp that cleansea, 
l)e-ie''ri4i.ialo,ti. i.orf, lomakPorbeRome worse. 
I>e-te-ri4-n'.iian, n. a becoming vArae. 
De-ter'-ment, n. that which deters. 
De-leim'-in-a-ble, a. that may be determined. 
De.lann'-iii.aie, a. timiied. definite, settled. 
Do-ienn'-in.aie.|y, ai. decisively, resoliUely. 

De-tami'-in-a-lor, n. one thai delciminM. 
De-teno'-ine, r. t to decide, raaolve, settle. 
De-lenn'-in-ed,* p. decided, settled. 
De-Ier'-red,* p. prevenieil from undeitlliing 
De-ier'-rinB, ppr. discoutagiBg, hiadering 
De-ier'niioa, a the act of cleansing. 

Det'^.nlie, v. 
De-tort', o. 1. 1 
De-lor'.tion, ii 

De-lrac'-live, a. tending lo 

De-traet'-or, n. one who detiBots or slandan 

Pe-Lract'K>-ry, a. defamatory, slanderous. 

L>e-iai-a'-tiun, n. violent hatred, a 

De-throne, v- (. to divest of royalty, r^ depoiie. 
De-ihron-ed," p. driven from a throne, deposed 

- goods dolainei?. 

m the meaning, turn. 

female that detracts. 

™u»., ^^'j""^ 

De-truda, i>. t. to thrust 
De-tru'-ding,p^. thrusting down. 
De-trunc'-ale, v. 1. to shorten by 1c 
Us-trune-a'-tion, n. act of cuttuig i 
De-trn'-aioD. n. the art of tlirusunj 
Deuce, n. a card of two spots. 
pea-ler.og|.a-my, n. 

De-tract'-rtsB, n. 

-al, a. causing loss, uyunoui. 


' of die law of niw>ee. 
De-vap-oi-a'-lion, n. change ofvapor into water 
Dev'-as-Ial«j v. I. lo lay waste, ravage, deNliM 
l)ev-a«.ta'-iion, n. a laying waste, ravage. 
I>e.vel'-op, «. t, to unfold, lay open to new. 
Ds-vel.Dp4d,* p. uncovered, uniblded. 
De-vel'-op-ment,Ti. on unfolding, discloiura 
De-veal', o. l. or i. to strip, to ia£e from. 
De-vei'-i-ty, n. a bending down. 
De'-vi-ale, v. i. to wander, to depart from ruta. 
De-vi-a'-iion, n. a departure from rule, emw 
De-vice, n^ contrivance, icheme, emblem. 
DeV-it, n. the evil one. 
Dev'-tl-ish, a. hbe the dovil, very wiebed 
Dev'-il'lsh-lr, ivt. in a diabolical manner. 
De'-n-ODi, n. going aati)tj,ertin(liaiii thepMh 

book, d Ove. fiill, use, can, 

De-vlxe, V. I. to ointrive, plan, bequeath, 
De-vi-sed,* jj. contrived^ projected, bequeathed. 
Dev-i-Ko', n. one to wliom a tiling ia given by 

De-vi-io[, n. one who beqoeatlia. 

Do-void', fl. void, ompiy, destitute. 

De-voit', n. service, duty, am of civility. 

Dev-<t-lu'-tian, n. act of devolving. 

De-vulv'e, v. Lor i. to mil down, to TaD bj sue- 

De-volv'-ed," p. fallen or passed dovra. 
De-volv'-ing, jyn-. falling » a successor. 
De-vOte, v.Llo dedicate, vow, addict, cone. 
De-vo'-led, p- dedicated* appropriated. 
De-vo'-Ied-tLesB, n. addictedness, devotion. 
Dev-o-leo', n. one devoted, a bigoi. 
De-vOte'nienl, n. devolednexs, dedication. 
Ds-To'-tion, n. solemn worship, prayer, devoted- 

. De-vo'-tiDn-at, a. pertaining to devotion. 

De-vour', s. t. to consume, to eat ravenously. 

, De-voiu'-ed,* p. eaten voraciously, consumed. 

De-vour'-ing, ppr. eating greedily, destroying. 

De-vout'-ly, ad. pious^, n-iih solemn devotion- 
Dew, n. moisture deposited at night. 
Ociv, c, t. to mol;ilen with dew. 
Dew'-ber.ry, n. the fruii of a species ' 
Dew'-dropi n. a drop of dew. 
Dew'-Up, n. the flesh under an oi'b throat. 
Dcw'-wOrm.n. the earth worm. 
Itew'.y, a. wel at moist with dew. 

dS'-IS, i "- "^•' " "PP™^ *° ^'■■ 

Dei-ter^-i-ly, n. etpertness, skill. 

I, readiness of limbs, 


Dcy, "■ (he title ofthe governor of Algiers. 
Dl-a-bo'-les, n. involuntnty discharge fflf urine. 
Dl-a-bnl'-ie, I>[-a-hol' ic-al, a. ileviUsh, nioied. 
Di-a-hol'-ical-ly, ad, in a very wicked manner. 
Di-a-eril'-ie-al, a. serving to discriminate. 
(»-a.dem| n. a crown, a mark of royalty. 
Dj-a-dem-ed,* a, adorned with a diadem. 

Di-ag-nos'.Iic, a. disiinpiishmg, characteristic. 
Di-og'-o-nal, n. a line from angle to angle. 

Di-ag'-o-nal-ly, ad. 
DI-B.gram, n, a mathematical scheme, a plan. 
Dial, n. a plate to show the hour by the sun. 
Di.a-lect, n. speech; pamcular form of speech. 
Dl-a-leci'-ie-al, n, pertaiuing to dialect, logical. 
Di-s-leet',, ud. ii>the manner of dialeci. 
Di4l-iilg, n. thn-Bcience of making dials. 
Dj.aJ-ist, n. one skilled in making dials. 
DI-al'-o-£iBt,n.ihespeakerur writer ofa diaiogua 
Dl-al-o-gist'-ic, a. having the fumi oradislugue, - 
Di-a-logue, n. discourse between two or more, 
Di-am'-e-ler, n, a right line passing through tho 
center of a circle dividing it into two equal 

le of (he most valuable ki 
Di-a-pa'-soD, n. an octave in music. 
Dl-a-pen'-te, n. a fifth id music. 
Dl-a-per, n. figttred linen, cloth for towels, Sl^. 
Di-a-per, p. t. to variegate with figured works. 
Di-a-per-ed,* p, varieealed with figures. 
Di.aph'-a-nous, a. pellucid, transparent, clear. 
Di-B-pho-ret'-ie, a. increasing perspiration, 
Dl-s-phragm, n- the midriff. 
DI-B-hst, n, one who keeps a diary, 
Di-ar-rhe'.B, n, unusual evacuation by stool. 
Dl-ar-rhol'.ie, a. promoting evacuations. 
Dl-a-ry, n. an accoimt of daily transactions, 
Di-a-ton'.ic, a. asceitding oi deseending as in ' 
Dih'-ble, R. a tool lor planting BC«di, [soimd 
Dib'-ble, 11. (, to plant with a dibble, 
Dtb'-blfld,' p. planted or set with a dibble 
IHce.n.pi, of Die. 

DTce-boi, a. a boi to throw dice from. 
Utck'-er, 71. the number often hides, [Eng.] 
Dic'-tole, p. (. to tell with authority, order, sug- 
Die'-late, n. sugg«lion, hint, maiim. [gest 

Dic-ia'.tar,».one uivested with unlimited power 
Dic-ta-lo'-ri-al, a. unlimiled in poweridogme' -ai 
Dic-ta'-lor-ship, n. the office of a diclalor. 
Die'-lion. n-atyle, manner of eipr««sion. 

Bar, fall, whtt, ptg, m 

Did,p. of Do. 

Dl-dnc'-tie, a. giving uuDnclioo, preceptiTe. 

Dl-dae-lie-al-ly, ad.iai manner Ut leach 

Dl-dae'-ljl-oua, a. having two loei. 

Die, V. i. lo low life, expire^ ceaas, Tuniah. 

Die, n, a iiiiHli cube foi plB]r, a awmp 

Di-«i,'p. oeOie 

Di-et, n. food, an oMambly of prin 

1. to auppiy wi 
Di-et«d, p. aupplied with I 



. -thfuodiloeatbyrula. 
Ih food, led by rule. 
licBted liqooi. 
^ a. perlaiiiiiie lo diet. 
Dif '-fer, v.i, lobe unliEe, disagreoi qiuurel. 
Dif-tor-ed,* p. of DO'er. 
Dif'-fiir-ence, n. unlflteoe--, _ 
Dif '■for.ent, a. unlike, diilincl. 
DifMer-ent-ly, ad. with diaagieement. 
Dir-fi-cult,a. hud b> be done.bud lo be piflued. 
DiT-fl-eult-f , n. bardnsn to be done, p«-pleiil;. 
DiT-ll-dence, n. diitruat, want of confidence. 
Dif'-liK!en[,a. dislnutful, bashful. 
DiT-fl-denl-ly, ad. with itialruit, tuodeatly, 
Dif '-form, a. not unifonn. unlike- 
DiT-ibna'-i-ty, n. unlikeneai, dissimilitude. 
Dif-&an'^;hi^e, tj. (. to depri ve of freedom of a city. 
Dif-fran'-chiio-nient, n. deprivation of Ireedom. 
Dif-fiiie, V.I. to DOur out, apnad, disperse. 
Dif- Rise, o. copious, unpie, widely spread. 
Dif-fii-sed,' p. widely spread. 
Dif-filao-lr, id. widely, copwuisly. 
DiT'litii-bil'-i-ty, n. quality of being difTuiible. 
Dif-fu'4i-ble, a. that may be diffused. 
U^fn'-vioa, n. a apraad ing, dispendnn, exlflnnoD. 
Diffu'.«Te, a. that spreads widely. 
Dil-Ai -uve-ly, ad. widely, sitengively. 
Dif-Ai'.«VB-iien, n. state of being difiiuive. 
Dig, p. and }ip. digged, dugjio turn up with a 

Di-gesl'-er, n. ■ ressel to confine elastic vapora. 
Di-iest-i-bil'-i-tT, n, capacitv of being digested. 
Di-geet'.i-ble, a. capable of ming digeeted. 
Di-iea'-UoD, n. the proceac of distolving food in 
Di-[«M'-iTe, a. enLuns digenkm. [the stomach. 


iHne. pin, bird, mfite, ^^__^_^ 

Dig'-ged,* p. and pp. of Dig. 

Dig'-ger, n. one that digs the gniund. 

Dig'-it, n. three fourths ol an inch, Ihe ISlh put 

of the diameter of the sun or moon, a figtm 
Di^-it-el, a. relating lo a digit or figure 
Dig'-it-aie, a. branching into loafleta. 
Dig-ni-fi-ea'-tion, n. ciallalion, promatiDn. 
Dig-ni-fl;ed,' p. oialiod, honored; a. mariuxl 

my, ui 

Dig'-ni-fy, V. 

Dig'-ni-ta.ry, r. a dignified clergyman. 

Dig'-ni-iy, n, noblenea or elevation of nund; 

nigh rank. 
IK'-graph, n, a combinaiion of iwo vowels, with 

tho Boimd of one ottly. 
Di-grees', i. i. to turn from lite main subject. 
Ui-grea'-aioti, a. a deviatiomfrom the aubjeet. 
Di-greaa'-i ve, a. departing from the main sul^ecl. 
Dike, n. B ditch, a mound of earth. 
Di-lac'-e-raie, «. (. to tear, lo rend. 
Di-lap' j-date, v. I. or i. to piill down, to go to nun 
Di-^>-i-da'-iIan, n. a destroying, decay, waale. 
Di-la-ta4)il'-i-ty, n. the qualtty of admitting to/ 
Di-la'-ta-ble, a. thai may be dilated, [panaion'-don, b. act of dilating, eipansion. 
Di-Ute, D. 1. or L to eipand, eitend, swell. 
Di'la'-loT, n. that which eipands or enlargee. 
Dil'*lo-ti-ly, ad. alowly, tardily, with dStJ. 

Lh-lem'-iDB, n. a peipleung state or allemativa 
Dil'-i-gence, n. aieady application to buainesa, 
aaaiduity. [aaaiduous. 

Dil', a. steady in application to businois, 
Dil'.i-geni-Iy, ad. with steady appUcation. 
"■" plant. 

. to make moro thin, to weaken 
veakened with water, rendered thin 

Dill, n. ai 

lu'-vi^ }a.™latiiigtoaflood,especiallylo 
Di-lu'-vi-an, t the deluge in Noah's daya. 
Dim, n. not clear, obuure, imperii in viiad 


bonk, dflve, fall, me, gui, thai«e, ^nn, m, dun, thou. 


t>i-n»n''iion, n. bulk, siie, eilen', capaeity. 
Dj-mcn'-uoD-len, a. wilhoul dimeiuiona. 
Di'iniil'-i-ate, «. t. to divide into two equal puu. 
Di-min'.iih, p. t. or t'. to lessen. - -■--—-- 
Di-nun'-ish-«d,* p. mede aniBlIc 
IhiTiin'-isli-ing, ppr. laaeaiag, nuUting smaller. 
Dim-injU'-tiaii, n. s making smaller, a teasening. 

Dini'-i-ty, n. a kind of while cot 
Dim'-ly, ad. obcctuely, with imperfect sight. 
Dim'-rned,* p. obicared, ifndared dark. 
Dim'-Qoa, n. delect of sight, deTect of apprehen- 

Dim'-plT, a 

IHtK, V. i, or (. to eol or give a dioiiM. 
DI'-ned,*p. ofCtiK, 
Din'-gi-nam, n. s dait, duikj hna. 
I>in"-g!e, R. a hollow between hills. 
Din'-gT, a. dark, duak^, soiled, lullkid. 
Dl-ning, ppr. eating dinneiyeiving a diimsr. 
DT-ning room, n. a room to dine in, 
INn'-ner, n. the ddefniesl in the day. 
Dint, n. a blow, mark of a blow, force. 
Uint, V. t. h> make a hollow, to indent. 
JM'-aK»aaii, a. penainiag tn a dioeeie. 
Df -o-OHan, ii.abisliop,one<ahohold8a diocea 
XH-o-ceap, R. Ihe Juhadiciion of a bishop, 

. -• d, dipt ; to plunge; 

Diph'-lhong, n. a coaliciun of tn . . 

"-'-' "hon",^al, o. consietingof a diphlhoUi 

Dipb'-y-lous, a. having tn 

Dip-k>-inal'-ie, a. penainbig lo diplomas or pub- 
IKp''ped,' p. plunged, iitunersed. [lie miniateti 
Dip'-pei, n. one that dipa, a vesiel lor dipping. 
Dip'-ping, mr. pliinging, n. an immenion. 
Dire, DiiB^l, a. dRedful, diimal, horribie. 
Di-teot', a. straight, right, e>:pi€«. 
Di-reet', v. I. to aider, n^ulale, aun, addieai. 
Di-cee'-tioii, n. order, aun, auperscriptiun of k 

Di-rect'-o-ry, a. a rule, a book of directions. 
Di-rBtt'^>-i7, a. tending to direct, enjoinlLg. 
Di-reci'-rtjaa, n. a female who directs, ■ 
Dira-ful, a. dreadful, diamal, hctrible, 
Dire-fiil-ly, od. dreadfully, horribly, 
Diie-nHS, n. itrCTdfulneH, dinoalneai 
Dirge, n. rrtineml sang. 
Dirt, n. a dagger or poniard. 
Dtrt, R. earth, filth, Ibul matter. 
Dtrt, V, (. lo make dirty or lout. 
Dln-i-ly, ad. filthily, foully. 
Dirt-i-ness, n. foulness, filihitieas. 
DIrt-y, a, foul with dirt oc lilth, baae.. 
Btn-y, 1. 1. lo make foul, lo aoil. 
Db-a-hil'-i-ty, n. want of power or right. 
Di*-a'-ble, d. C to depriva ot strength or compa- 
Dii-a'-bb^* p. rendered unable, [tentjiawar. 
Di>.a'-bling, j^ir. depriving of ahiliQ'. 
Dia«-b uie,o. (■ lo tree fiom mialake, to un jecei*s. 
Dis-a-bu'-aed*^lreed from mistake, undectlved. 
Dis-ae-eom'-mu-dale,!). C, to put lo incoovenieDoa. 
"',i'.I.Uidisuseby n^Iectid'oiu- 

Dii^ae-ktiDwl'-^d^e, v. t. to detiy, to disavow. 
Dis-ad-Tlin-tage, n. onfavorabla stale, ii^jury. 
Dis-ad-van-ttje-ona, a. unlavorable to sucoas. 
Dia-ad-van-tSgo-oua-ly, ad. with disadvanlaga. 
Dia-ad-vBn-ttg»<HU-nes«, n. inconvenienee. 
Dis-al^fect', V. (. to make less fnendly. 
Dis-af-(set'-ed, t>. having the affections olisiiatad. 
Dia-af-feet'-ed-Iy, ad. wiih diiaffeclion. 
Di»«f-tW-tian, n. want of aflaciion, dialika. 

1. [dirafierm',] (o daoy, lo a 


Uiv^-iimi'-ec],* p. denied, contradicled, anaull- 
DiB-af-finn'-Rnce, n. denial, uuiulmenL 
Uiq-S'gree', o. i. to differ in opinion, lo quaireL 
Dis-a-greed, p. otDitagree. 
Uia-B-gree'^le, a. unplaaaaiil, oflenaive. 
Dii-a-gree'-a-ble-neea, n. implessanlneu. 
Dw-a-gree'-a-bly, ad. unpleBnuit!;, 
D^a-B-ETee'-nient,n.di9brence,divenily. [mit 
Dia-aHijw',!?. r.todi«approve,U)Teject,notiope> 
Dis-tl-low. '-ed,* p. nol pcnniiied, diiappfoved. 
Dia-arlow'-a-bte, a. not allowtibts, uol to Iw pw- 

pia-ul-1bi^-*nce, n. diBipprobation, r^eclion. 

lo disrobfi, undree 


Dii-ap-pt^ai , , 

Dis-ap-pSer-ance, . . _ ^ „.. . 

Di»-ap-pear-ii:g, ppr. vanisliing fmm aighl. 
Dii-sp-poini', V. 1. to defeat oreipecUtion. 
Dis-sp-poinl'ment, n. a defeal orhopcs. 
Dia-Bp-pro-ba'-tion, n. a diaappioving, dialike. 
Dia-ap-pro'-pii-Ble, e. t, lo divert from sppropria- 

Di«-Bp.prov-ed,* ji. 

Dd-ap-iHtJv-iag, mr. censiuing, dialikir^. 
Dii-ann, n. (. lo deprive oramu or of atni 
JHfiraied,' p. stripped of armt. 
Dii^rrSn^ o. I. to put out of order; 
Di•-a^rfi|]^-ed,* p. put out or order. 
Oii-ai r§dge-ment, n. diaorder. 
Dia-ihlSnl-iag, ppr, puuing out of order. 
Dit-sr-rt;, V.I. to imdntw. lo put out of order. 
I>i>-ar44y, n. went of order, confusioQ. 
Jia-at^f-td,* p. undnned, diiordered. 
Dis ar-rAy-ing, mr- jmdremng, disordering. 
Dn-lu-te , n. ealainily, unfortunate event. 
Dia^Uatroua, m. nnluchy, calamitoni. 
Dia^i-miui-ly, ad. with calanuir, with km. 

Dia-a-vow'-Bl. n. a disowning, deniU. 
Di:-a-vow-cd,*p. diiowited, denied. 
PiK-vow'-ing, flpr. denying, diMnninp 
Dis-band', e. I. or i. lo duuiae, ur rel 

military aerTJce. 
Bia-be-liPi; n. refuaal of belief. 
Dta-be-li€ve,r. f.Dui to believe, W 
Dis-be-1iev4d,*i>. discredited, n 

not belien. an 

D;8-be-ii£v-ing, ppr. diacrediting. denying. 
Dia-bur'-den, v. I. to unload, diatbargo. 
Dift.bur'-dfn-ed,* p. unloaded, relieved. 
Di»-hur»'e, «. (. to expend or by out. 

.'-ing, ppr. laying out, eipejiding. 
.- 'Ce-ale. v.t. to jjUipuf ahoes. 
Dia-eiird, u.e. to cast off, diamisa, reject. 
Dia-ciird^d, p. diemisBed, eafitoff. 
Dii-cem', v. i, to lee, pensive, diatinguvh 
Dii-cem'-«d,' p. aeen, pereiiived. 
Di»-cora'-er, n. one vtho diaeernB 
Dis-ceni'-i-ble, a, that may be seen. 
Di»-cem'-i-bly, ad. i-iaihiy, apjiarently. 
Bb-cem 'inc;,ppr, aeeinf, diatmguiatung : 
ID see or distingitifhiknowi 

uit; of di>- 
acquit, Gm 

Dia^^chiirge, n. an imloading, difimisaioni 
Dia.chB^.ed,'p. unloaded, diamiaaed., n. one liiat diachargca, 
Dia-cha^-ii^, mr. unloading, releaBini. 
Dia-cr-ple, n. a leamsr, a tcholar, or fullowt 
DisK:I'-p!8, o. I. to convert, to proielyla. 
Di«-ci'-pted,*^. converted, proaelyted. 
Du-ci'-ple.ahip, n. stale of a disciple. 

DiiKsi-plin-a'-ri-sn, n. one who keepa g 
Dis'-ci-plin-a-ry, a. intended for diacipHuH. 

Uia'-ei-pline, v. '. lo inilnict and govern, to ed«. 

book, dj^, full, ru 

DU-claim-ed," p. ilisoivncd, disavowjil. 
Dis-clura-er, a. oiie who diacloima, denial 
Dis-eliwe, r. t. to discuvsr, lell, leveal. 
Dia-clo'-ied,* p. uncovered, reveoled, told. 
Di«-fJ.>-»ing,j^. revesling, discovering. 
Dis-elo'-»iire, n, a reyeaLnff. diaRnverim. 
DU'Cul-or, v. 1. 10 sllei ihi 

Din-ctHI-or-ed,^ p. altered m culor, tinEod- 
Dia-fiim-fil, v. I. lo roui, deftal, overUnow. 
Dis-e(!ni-fll-uni, n. dereai, overthniw. 
Dis-t6ni'fort, n. uneoaineflB, duquiet. 
Du-o^iu-ron, u^ to diatiub peace or happiaeas. 
DiB-fwm-inend', «■ I. lu diBpmiBe, lu liUme. 
DiB-eum-iDcnd'-a-ble, a. bUmable. 

1, cImus, gem, u, thin, thou. 

Dia'-eord, n, disagreement, dissonance. 
Uis-nnd'-Biice, n. want oi hannon; . 
Dia-eoid'-ant, o. diaapeein^, unharmonions. 
I)is-eord'-ani ly, ad. inconaisienlly, diMoiumlly 
Dis'-eouDi, R. dedoction of a Mim of money. 
Dis'-eotjnt, *. i. lo draw or pl^ back, dedocl, 

lend and deduct the interest at the bme. 
Dia-couDt'.a-ble, a. thai may be diBCoiinled. 
Dia'.count-day.n.dayotiwhichabtmk diacounli . 
pii-«oun'-lo-nancc, v. U to diacourage. 

'ia&var, diaapprol 

a. blan 

HI incommode, moleal. 
Dis-«tm-mo'-di-ou9, a. inconvenient. 

n-mod'-i-ly, n inconvenience, [rouble. 
m-pTae, r. t. to raffle, disturb, dinotilBJ, 
m-po'-H»l,* diaturhod, disordered. 
■ ling, ppr. disturbing, agitating. 



IKs-eon'*>late, d. deJB<iied, comfonlesa. 
Dis-«in'-Ba-lat«'Iy, ad. with discomfort. 


Dia-con-tejkt'-^, a. uneasy, disaatia^ed. 
Dis-con-tenl'-ed-ly, ad. with uneasineaa. 
DtB-Gon-leiU'.ed-ness, n. aneealneaa of mind. 
Dii-eon-tenl'.ment, a. dissatisfaction, 

Dis-eon-tin'-ue, v, t, or i. lo drop, leave on, caas 
Difcoo-lin'-a-ed,* p. stopped, broken off. 
Dii-con-Ii-ua'-i-ty, a. a aepaiation of parta. 
Dia-ecn-tin'-n-^iia, a. separate, brotan off. 

lur'-ag-ed," J), dishestlened. 
Sis-cdur'.age-rDent, n. that which deatroys oi 

aliates counige. 
Dia^cour'-Bg-ing, ppr. diaheaitening ; a. tmding 

to depreaa courage. 
Dis-eoupe, n. converaatJon, aeiTnon, treatiie. 
l)iB-Banne, ti. (. lo Uilk, speak, coayerae. 
Di9-caura-ed,*p. of Ducuurie. 
Dia-euors-ing, ppr. converaing, preaching 
Ris-eour'-te-ous, a. uncivil, rude. 
Dis-cour'-te-ous-l^, ad. with incivility. 
DiB.BOur'-te^y, n/incivility. 
Difl.cOv-er, v. t. to (iml out, diacloae, revflal. 
Dis-eav.«r-a-bie, fl. that may be discovered 
Dia-cOy-er-ed,' p. found out, diacloaed. 

Dis-cred'-it, ii. want of credit, disgrace. 
Dis-ered'-it, v. t. to disbelieve, to disgrace 
Dis-ered'-it-a-ble, a. injuiioiia lo 

ie-ereet, a. prudent; cautioua, Jodici 
ia-erSet-ly, ad. pradently, wisely. 
is-crSel-nesB. n. discretion, prudeni: 

DiB-«re"-lion, n. prudence. judiciouaneM. 

n: .~u ,„,. I 1 a- left to diacrelion, to ba 

Dia-cre'-tive, a, serving lo disD'nguiah. 
Uis-crim'-i-nate, v.t.Ui distingnish, to separate 
Dia-erim'-i-na-Img, ppr. diatinguiabing: a. ibM 
discrimiualea, peciiUar 

DB-eu ■ 

1 of diatinguiHhing. 

Bon'ing lo dutiheuish. 

iicuee, free from bkme. 

ci of ]eBJiin|; M meat. 
__ .... jer, i^ lu unburden, duieneage. 
Dii-cur'-siDn, n"ct of running lo and fro. 
Dii-eur'-dve, a. roving, irregutar. 
Dia-eur'-iiTe-ly, 0,1 in a roving manner. 

Dia-euu', v. (, 10 eiamjrw by deb*i«, to diipHi 
Di*-cuu'-ed,' p. diviipaled, debsMd. 
Di»-cu«'-«ion, n. - -■■ '- '-■--— 

BKi, fnll, whu, piVTi mailna, jAb, bllrd, miive, 




. IHi-eu'-lieut, a. diacuuing, diBpening. 
Dia-dftin, n. Bcom, haughlj conleidpt. 
Dia-dKin, r. I. lo icom, despise, ■lighl. 
Dii-dUn-ed * p. tcomtid, despised. 
Dia^dllin-fuMy, ad. witb contempt or dth^i, 
Dii-d&in-ful-nesa, n, baughty acorn, conlempt. 
Dii-eue, n. dialemper, malady, aickneu. 
Dii-eaw, V. I. lo aSect with sichnen. 
Dii Soi-ed,* p. ifTected wicti'diseaae. 
Dia^m-barii, «. (. or i. to put or go on ehoiB. 
Dia^m-bajk-ed,* p. put on abot^, landed. 
Dia-em-biiiii-ing, ppr. puuinE or going on ahore. 
IKa-em-bttrk-a'-lion, R. a landing from a ship. 
Dia-em-bKrit-ment, n. a landing or going ttahoro. 
Dia*m-bar'-rBaa-«d,* p. freed fiom perploiily. 
IKa-im-bit'-ter, r. I. la free from billemeaa. 
T>ia-im-bLt'-ter.ed,* p, freed from bitterrxesa. 
Dia-em-bod''Led,p. aiveated of body. 
Dia-em-bod'-y, e. t. to divest of a malerid body. 
Dia^m-bBgue, e. t. to discharge at the month. 
Dia-«il-bCig>i£-uient, n. discbuge at the month. 
Dia-em-bow'-fl], v. t. to take out the boweta. 
Di4;f!ni-bow'4l-ed,* p, taken out, as the ^wnela. 
tta-eni-broil', r. (. Ip free from perpleiily. 
Dis-eio-broil'-ed,* p. freed from perpleiily, 
I>iB«n4'-bIe, e. (. lu deprive uf ability. 
Dia-en-a'-bled,* p, deprived of power. 

Dia-en-eum'-ber, v. I. to free fr 
Di»-en-cum'-bet-«d,* p. freed iioin 
Di>4n-eum'-branee, n. delivatuice 
Dia^cn-EAge, v.Uto fre« from m tie 

Dia-an-g&ge-inBnt, n. release bom engagement. 
Dis-en-Uui"-gle, c, (. to looae, to free fiom per- 

])ia4n-ian".^led, p. &eed ftmn jii>rp\eutj, 
Dis-en-1hr6ne, c. (. to detbioDe, depOM. 
Dia*n-lhr&n*d,* p. deposed fiimi a throne. 
Dia-en-traiu», c. I. lo awaken frooi a traiMM 
Du.«n-tr)iiic-ed,* p. awakened Jtdid a innr* 


Dia-ea , 

Dis-ea-teeiQ, n 
Dia4B-teem4d,' ; 

Dia-fii'-v . 

]>i*-fa'-vor«d,' p. diacountanauL _ _. 
Dia-fig'Ur-a'-tion, n. act of diaiiguring. 
Dis-Hg'-urti, V. t. to deibnn, to maim, to nar. 
Dis-lig'dir-sd,* p. de&ced, deformed. 
Dis-fig'-ttre-inenI, n. ddacemeni, delbrmity. 
Dia-fran'-ehiae, v. t. lo deprive of the privilegae 

Dts-fran'-chlt^d,* p. deprived of privil^aa. 
Dia-jriin'-(*i»e-menl, a. deprivation of privilege. 
Du'Rir'-nish, e. 1. to deprive of furniture. 
Dii-fur'-niah-ed,* p. stripped of furniture. 
Dia-gam .iah, v. f. to atrip of fumi lure or a garriaon 

Dia-gorg-e, B. (. " ' -- 

Dia-gorT-ad * 

Dia-grace, H. _.. , 

Dia-grOce, v. I. to diihonor, pnl out of (evor. 
Dia.gra'-ced,* p. diahono'od, degraded. 
Dis-grBce-ful, a. shameful, dishuooiaiile, baas. 
Dia-grSce-tul-iy, ad, ahamefully, baaely, 

Uls.gra'-cioua, a. unplesaing, uncivil. 
Dia-gulse, n. a dress to coticeal, false appearance 
Dia-gujae, v. (. to conceal, hide, disfigure. 
Dla-gula-ed,* p. concealed, disfigmwl. 
Dia-gu!*-ing, ppr. concealing, conlerbitinff 

DLs', n. one who diBKoiaee. 
Dia-gusl', n. dlstaate, diaretuh, avermon. 
Dis-goat', D. I. to nve a dislike, lo offend. 
Dis-giul'.ful, a. oSbnaive, dialaatefai, odioui 
I>, |R>r. oOendins the loaie ; a. Kia* 
ing dulika. odiona, hateful 

booh, dflvii, fnll, uw, cm, <-h»i»e, jani, »«, thin, Qmhl 

t>iB'giiil''iiig'lj,acJ. ina uiBOner lo give diatutc- 

Diah, n. % v^bb^ Io fwrve memt in. 

DiBb, v. t. Ut put in diaha. 

Di«h'-ed,* p. put in «7li>h. 

fiitli'-elatli, } n. a clulh for naahicg uid wiping 

Diili'-elout, j diabu. 

rhA-hairUtin, v. ', to diftcfmrage, df^ect, 

Dia-bwrt-FD-edj* p- diBcourag^df d^jwted- 

Difl'beart-fn-ingi ppr. deprtssing the ipLriti ; a. 

adapted or tending la diflcouraze- 
Dia-ber'-i-vni, n, act of diainberiting. 
Di«liev'-cl, V. I. to spread the hair hwoel]', 
IHaher'-f^l-edj'p. putindiaorder; hanging loose, 
Dkh'-ing, n"". pulling in diahea : a. concave, 

boUow. [iah, Iraudulent. 

Dil4an'-esl,a. vaidofbonestyorprobitr, knav- 
lHa-dbon'-eet-ly> ivL knavlshly, with fraud'. 
I)i»-*on'-eal-y, n. knavery, want of ini^riiy. 
IK»4oa'-or, n. leptoach, diagram. 
Dia-dlon'-or, v. L to disgisce, to atain tJiaTftr:t«r. 
Di»-*on'-or-a-ble, a, repmachful, disgrarefilj. 
Dii-Jkon'-or'a-bly,rBl. abamefully, baaely,ineaiilj. 
Du-Aoa'-t^t'S'Tj, a. tending to disgrace. 
Di»-Jion'-or-ed,*p. diagraced. 
Db-hu'-mor, n, ill-huiiiDr, pe«viahne«s. 
Dia-in-eli-na'.tion, n. want uf inclination, dislike. 

D^in-eli'-ned,' p. not inclined, averae. 
Dia-in-eor'-po-rate, v. I. to deprive of corpoisM 

Dja^in-fect', r. t. lo cleanse froia infecuon, 
Dia-in-fee'-tion, n. a cleansing from infection. 
TNa-m-^en'-u-oua, a. illiberal, unfair. 
Dis-iitgen'-u-oaB-ty, id. tmfairly, meanly. 
Dia-in-een'-n^ua-Dess, n. watn of foimees. 
Dii-in-her'-i-son, n. acl of disinheriting. 
Dis-tD-her'-il, v. t. to cut off Irom inheriting. 
Dis-in'-te-gr^, v. t. to separate mtegral parts. 
IHa-in-l»-gr«'-(ion, n. a aeparation of int^ial 
Dia-in-ter', v. t. to late out uf a grave. [perta. 
I)ia-in'-tor-eet.ed, a. btiTing no oilerestiim partial. 
Ka-in'-ter-eat-ed-iy, fd. impartially. [or biaa. 
Bis-m'-ter-aat-ed-neaa, n. freedom from inloraal 
Ka-in-ter'-menl, n. a liking out uf a grave. 
Dia-iiv-ier'-red,* p. (ahon oat of the grave. 
Dia-in-thr^ll, v. t to Ubeiale from bondage. 
Pis'in-tbriill-ed,* p. freed from slavery 

Dis-iTk-ihrnll-nwnt, a. 

'^' ■"', B. I, to sepaiaie, niaunite. 

'-ed,* p. diaunited, aepataiad 
_ .. — 1', V.I. to aeiMinte Joints. 
Dis-]oint-ed,* p. aeianled, not conaiat) 
Dia-^unet', •). separata, diaiinct. 
Dia-jiin«'-tion, n. a parting, » 

Hit- une'-tive-ly, oil. by b< 

sparaLion, sepa rate ly 


Uii-like, c, 1. to hate, to diaappiova. 
Di(-][-ked,* p. disapproved, diarelitbed. 
Dis-like-nns, n. mihkenan, difference. 
Dis'-lu-eate, r. (. to diaplace, put out oCjoint. 
Dis-lo-ea'-tion, n. a diaplacing, as of a joint. 
Pia-lod^e, t>. I. or i. to drive from a sUtion. 
Dii-lodg'-ed, p. driven Iram a lodge or staikin. 
DiM-loy-d, a. not Inn to allegiance. 
Dia-loy'-»l-ly, oA in a dialoyal maimer. 
Dia-loy'-al-^, n. want of fidelity to a king or eon- 
Dii'-mal, a. dark, gtuomy, calamitous. ^sort 
Dii'-mal-ly, ad. gloomily, dsrkly. 
Dis'-mal-nw. o. gloominen, darkneaa, 
Dis-man'-tle. c. I. lo atrip ordma ot Aimiture. 
Dia-man'-tled, p. stripped of dress, unrigged. 
Dia-mBak, e. t. to ttnp of a maak. 
Dis-raiiBk-ed,* p. deprived of a mask. 
Dis-mHat, o. t. to deprive of ■ mast or nasla *" 
Dis-miy, t>. t to diarourage, dishearten 
Dia-mSy-ed,* p. inlimidBted, -disheartened 
Dis-mSy-ing, ppr. depriving of courage. 
Dia-rown'-bBT, v.Lla cut off a member from. 
DiB'inem'-ber^,* p. divided limb Irvm limb. 
Dia-mem'-ber>ment, n. the separation of • lima, 

a partition. 
Dis-miss', b, (. to send away, diwharge. 
Dis-miaa'-al, n. a dismiasion, discharge. 
Di»-mis»'-od,* p. aent away, discharged. 
Dis-mis'^ioQ, n. a sending away, lemoval, dia- 

Dta-it-be'-di-ent. a. 

BUr, IgL, whfl, prsy, mniYiie, p 


Dia-o-bLl^e, b^ /. to oSend by unkindneflA. 
Dis-0-bllg-eil,* p. aligblly onended or injured. 
'liia'O'bVi^-vng, ppr. off ending, aol gratifying \ i 

~ W dbposed 10 graiify r -' 

~ ■-'■* '""-ly, ad. in a r 

Di»-orb'4d,' o. thrown out of 

Dip-oi'-der, n. confUBion, [lunult, disease. 
Ois-or'-der, if. (. lu derange, disturb, malce tick 
Dia-or'-der-fid,* p. put out of order, mado aick. 
Dis-or'-der-ly, a. conTused, irregular, not reatraii 

ed, IbwImb. 
Dia-ot'-der'ly, oil. confusedly, imgularly. 
Uia-or-gan-i-za'-tiDD, n. aci of dieorganizing. 
DLs-or'-gan-Iao, v, I. b> derange an organize 

Dis-or'.gan-T-jed,* p. reduced lo disorder. 
Dia-or'-gaii-I-zer, n. ono who disorganizes, 
Dis-Own, B. t. to deny, lo renounce. 
I>ii-flwn-ed,' j>. denied, disallowed. 

Di"-P' „ , „ , . 

Di3-par'-i-ty, n. inequality, difference. 
Dis-piirt, B. t. or 1. to part, divide, sepaiato. 
Dia-paa'-aton, n. freedom from paaaion. 
Dis^paa'-aion-ale, *i. cool, calm, composed. 
Dis-paa'-sion-ale-ly, ad- with coolneaa of lemper. 
Dis-palch', e. (. lo send sway, eiecul« speodily. 
Dia-palcb', n. speed, baste, speedy peHbtmaiice. 
Dis-palcb'-ed,* p. sent away, finisbed. 
Dis-palch'-ful, a. indicating haale. 
Dis-pau'-peri tj. (. to lake from the rank of a pan- 

Dis-pel', ( 

lieperse. [per. 

Dis-pei'-led,* p. dnren away, dispersed. 

Dis-pens'-ed,'p.dBBll out, administered. 
Dia-pene'-er, n. one who diapenae*. 
DIa-peo-ple, V, (, lo depopulale, deprive of bifaa 
Dis-peO'pled," p. depopuWed. [bitaiUL 

Dis-pSo.pler, n. oike who Oepopulalee- 
Dis-peo.pling, /tp*. depriving of inhabitants. 
Uis-perm'-oua, a. containing two aoeda only. 
Dis-pera'e, v- L lo acatter, to spread about. 
DiS'perB'^d,* p. scattered, dissipuled. 
Dia-pera'-ed-ly, ad. in a scaitered manrier. 
Dis-pBTs'-er, b. one who diapetsee. 
Dia-per'-aion, n. act of acatiering. 
DiiB-pers'.-ive, a. lending to diapepe. 
Dia'pir^'it, v. I. lo discourage, dcjeci, damp 
Dia-pir'-it-ed, p. diaoouiaged, dejected. 
Dis-place, v, (. to put out of piece, to remove. 
Dia-plB'-ced,*p. lemoved from ita place or from 
Dia-pl&ce-ment, n, the act of displacing, [office. 
I>ia-pla'.^»n-cy,n. that which displeases, ilispiea- 

Dia-plant', v. t, to remove from a fixed place 
Uis-plant^'-tion, r. [ema|al from a fiied place 
Dia-play, B. (. to spread, open, eihlbil. 
Dia-pl&y, n. a aettmg to view, eihibilioa. 
Dis-pl&y-ed,* p. unfl>ldod, eihibiled. 
Dis-plSy-ing, ppr. spreading, showing. 
Dia-pl6DH. V. t. to give ufTenae lo. to disgust. 
Dta-ploafi>ed,*p.ot!endod, diB^uat^. 
Uis-pleaa-ing, ppr. ^ving oflenae; a. offenaivs, 
Dis-pleos'-ure, n. aliglil anger. [diaegreeable. 
Dia plode, o. L or i. to^urst with violence. 
Dts-plo'-HOn, n. a buiatine with noise, 
Dis-plame, E. I. to atrip ofplumee. 
Difl-plu^'med,* p. stripped of plumes. 
Dis-port, n. play, Bpon, paatime. 
Dis-pOrt, ti. 1. or r. to aporl, play, wanton. 
Dis-po'-ia-ble, a. that may lis diapoaed of. 
Dis-po''xal, n. management, reguTatton. 
Dis-pOie, ti. (. to place, prepare, incline, sell 
Dis-po'-»ed," p. arranged, inclined. 
Dia-po'-aor. n. one who arrangca, or diapoeea. 
Dis-po-ii"-tion, n. order, arrangemeol, melhoil 

Dia-poa-aess', o. 1. to depove orpoaseBsion. • 
Dia-poB-seaa'.ed,* p. deprived of^poaaession. 
Dis-poa^sea'-Bion, n, aci of dispoaaeastng 
Dis-prSiie, n. ceasura, blame 

boofc. dSTe, fuU, 

e, can, chiue, jem, u, Ihin, llioi 

Ois-piiue, fl. '. Ic blame, censure, condBno. 
DB-pttis4d,* p. blsioed, ceiuureij. 
Du^w&is-ingi ppr. blaming, cflmuring- 
Dia-pniof ', n. refuUDon, a fHDving lu be IUm. 
Du-pro-pOf-twn, n. waniofpropiHtionorifmfDa- 
Dn-pfo-por-tion, t>. I. lo niaks uiwuiuibls. {trj. 
Dis-pni-pOr-tioa-Bl, { a. unei|unl, tuuuiuibto, 
Dtt-pro-p^-tion-Bte, { wnnling lymmetFJ. 
Dia-pru-pCMion-etl,* p. made uiuuiiable. 
Du-piO-pn-iU.*. 1. (D nithdraw (tarn appropti- 
Db-pntv-a-ble, a. that may be rvfuied. [aijon. 
[^B-pruve, V. t. to confute, to prove U ' ' ^ ' " 
D»-pfuv-eil,* p. proved lo be errooBO 
PU-priiT-ing, ppr. refilling, proving to 
..■ , :_L _ Li_ _ ■^;e fiim penal 


Die'-pu-lanL,H. o 
Dii-pute, R. 

B-ble, a. that in 

cunlruvertg, ut dsMlea, 
Db-pu-tint jijT. controveiting, debating. 
Knjusl-i-H-ca'-iion, n. that which diiqualifieB. 
Dia-qual'i-ft-ed,* p. rendered unlit. 
Dit-qual-i'fy, v.L to moke un^l^ ilirable. 

Di».qui'-et, «. uneaauuu, restleuneBi. 
Dia.qui'-et'ing, ;^. diBlurblni;, making nneat; ; 

a. lending to diMurb the mind. 
Dia-quT-et-ude, n. uneaaincaH, inquietude. 
l>n-qai->i''-liou, n. eiaminaitun, inquiry., n. alight, neglect, omiwiun of notice. 
Di«.r»-gard, v, I. lo alight, iiKlecl, deapiie. 
Dia-rfr^ard-fulf a. n^ligent, heedleaa. 
Dts-rel'-iah, n. diaiaitc, diBlibe. 
Ki-iel'-iab, v, I. v> dtBlike ibe taate ol^ diitite. 
Oia-rel'-iah-ed,* p. disliked, not relished. 
Dia-rep'-ii-ta-ble, a. diagracefuli UDbecomina. 
Dia-rep-u-la'-tion, n. want of rBpulation, dtsre- 
Dii-re-pute, n. diseeloem, liigcredil. (puts. 

Di>.tB-ipeet, n. want of respect, sligbL 
Dia-re-epect'-fnl, a. uncivil, rude. 
Dk-re-apeci'-fiil-ly, nd. with incivilily. 
IKa-iObe, v. i. to uitdteu, tmcover, atrip. 
Dit-ieb-ed,* p. diveiled ofa robe or clothing. 
Uia^Dot, v. e. lo enirpaie, rooi up, 

Uia-nt-i>-fac'-io-[y, a. not ghing cuDlent. 
Dia-aai'-is-fi-ed,* p. ur a. dupleued. 
Dia-MU'-is-fy. d. t. to diipleue, nuke unenay 
Dialect', vA- lo cut in pie^^ea, [ofbvide a body 
Dis-aee'lwn, n. ibe act of diwcciiug a body. 

H Hronijfully. 
_ .fiMWMvioiibyt 
oiil^nlly di 

Via-tiii-vi,'' p. deprived of [«>mviioii liy wrung 
Dia-seii-ee', ■. oik wrGii|!fidly diB|>aM>«acd. 
l>iB4fiz-iii, n. an unlawiul diavoa«ee*Jng. 
Dis^eii-or, n. one who ^ccta (ntia (BW-saioii. 
Uia-aem'-blo, e, 1. or L lo coneeal real viem. 
Dis-wm'-bleil,* p. concealed under a lalie ap- 

DiB-sem'-bler, n. a hypocrita, an inipoator- 
Uia-sera'-bEing, jqT. Jikguikiiig under false ap 

ion, H. act of apreadigig. 
or, n. one who propogaUB. 
n. contention, diaagieenienl. 

■- n,quarrelaumo 

diOer in 

I. disagreement from an o; 

Dis-sen'-sioua, a. 
Dis-seiit' ' 

.sen'-liell^ a. ditsenting, not ogreeirig. 
' lient, n. one declaring hia dissent, 
'iug, Fpr. diSetiiig, diaagreemg. 



I^ls^e^v'-ice-a-blB, a. 

Die-aev'-^r-ed,' p. parted, d 

Dia-eii'-i-snt, a. bursting w . -^ , _ , — 

IHs-ahn'-i-lar, a. unlike, different. 
DiB4im-i-hii''i-ly, { n.unlikenesa,wantofreBera- 
Diij«im-il'-i-tude, I. blance, 
DiU'sim-U'la'-tion, n a diatembling, hypaciiay 

Dia'-ai -pa-bio, a. (hot maj be dinipawd. 

a. bird, miive, 


)readf iquander. 
lispenad; a. laoN 


, devoted u 

I, n.wa£[« of property or oabfitaacfli 

jr licenlioaa course of life. 

Di<-ao'-cia-ble, a. not well asuocialed or Bnoncd. 
DiB-m'-cralfiLCMilnicled, hcIIibIi. 
Dia-io'-cllte, v. i. ui eepiiraie, duunico. 
Dia-«o-ci-a'-tion, n. aa ordisunttin^, diionioa 
Dit -Bu-lU'bil'-i-ty, R, cspacily of being dieiolvad. 
Dia'-ao-lu-bte, a. that Rls.y be diuolvBd, 
Dis'-ei>-luie, a. loose in morals, debauched. 
Dig'-n-luu-ly, ad. in a louse immoral manner. 
Dia'-so-lulB-nBM, n. looseness of behavior. 
Dis-ao-ln'-tion, n. a diaBOlving, ruin, end, death. 
Dit-tolv'-a-bie, a. that may be diasolved. 
I}ii4olv'e, c. C. to molt, separate, break up. 
Di»-»olv'-ed,*J>. melted, gsparaled. 
Dia-aolv'4fit, a. that luu the quality of dissolr- 
Dis-iolv'-ent, n. that which di»solv«. [ing. 

Dii-aolv'-er, n. he or that which disiolves. 
Dia'40-nance, n. discord, disagreement. 
Dia'-iio-nuit, a. discordant, harsh, jarring 
Dia-snade, o, t to advise against a measure. 
Dis-suad^r, n. one that JiBsaades. 
Dis-sua'-sion, n. act of dissuading. 
J>iB«ua'-sive, a. lending to diasuade. 
Db-sna'-sivB, n. reason employed lo deter. 
INs-syi-lab'-ie,a. consisting of two syllables only. 
Dis-sy]'-is-b1e, n. e word of (wo syllahtes. 
Dis-talf, n, a staff used in spinning on wheels. 
Dis-Uin, E.f. 10 stain, blot, lamish, discolor. 
Uis-ttin-ed,* p. stained, discolored. 
Dis'-lanccj n. space between liodies, reserve. 
Dis'-tauce, v. t. to leave behind in a mce. 
Dit'-tan-ced,* p. left behind in a race. 
Dia'-tant,n. remote in time or place, shy. 
DiB-tant'-ly, ad. at a distance. 

Di9-t«m'-per, n. disi 

disorder, afiiicl vi 

Dii-tein'-per-ed,* p. aSected by dtseate. 
Dis.tend',1.1. to eilend, la swell, 
Dia-lens-i-bilM-ty, h. capacity of dtatencion. 
Dis-tens'-i-bte, a. that may be distended. 
Dis-leo'-tion, n, a stretching, eileniion, 
Dis'-tich, n. a couplet of verses. 
Dia-li]l',(>. to drop gently, to eitniet spirit Irom 
Dis-iil-la'-iion, n. act of distilling. 
Dis-tUI-a-lo-ry, a. used for distilung. 
Dis-till'-ed,* p. eitracled by distillation 
Dis-Eiir-er, n. one who distills. 
Dis-till'-ei^y, n. a building fdr distillation, 
Dis'till'-ing, upr. dropping, eittacting by a still 
DiB-tinet', a. separate, different, clear. 
Dis-tine'-tiaD, n, diffeinnce, eminence ofcharsc- 
Dis-tinet'-ive, a. marking distinction, (ter. 

Dis-tineC-ive-ly, ad. with distinction, clearly 
Di«-«inetyy, m, separately, dearly. 

Dia-tin'-guish, v. t. or i. to note difference, eiah. 

Dis-tin'-guish-a-ble, a capable of beiiig distin- 

I>iB-tin'-guish-ed,'p, separated, seen sepaiaiely . 
a, eminent, noted for distinction. 

Hs-tiart'-ed, p. drawn apart, d 
ordered in intellect, deranged, tnad. 
lis-tract'-ed-Iy, ad. wildly, conliiaedly. 

Db-trKIn, ti.t. to SMze goods for debt, 

Dia-lAin-a-ble, n. that may be distraineo. 

Dis-IrGin-ed,* p. seized for debt, as goods. 

Dis-liaint, n. a seizure for debt. 

Dis-trSam, r, i. to sirean or flow 

Dis-trcss', n. act of diitraining, thing distntned, 

extreme pain or anguish, calamity, 
Dia-troas, d. (. to pain, afflict, perplei. 
Dis4reas'4d,* p. severely pouted, afHicted. 


^ book, dilvei full, iwe, on, ch 

l^irib'-ule, v. t. to divide anuing ■ number. 
Dil-tri-bu'-tion, n. act of diaiributing. 
Dia-trib'-u-tive, a. (hat lerTei to dinribale. 
Dia-uib'-ii-tive-Iy, ad. wiih diairibucion. 
Di^tdb'-Q-tor, n. ooa who dinribtilei. 
Dis'-triet, n. a circuit, region, diviakm. 
Dia'-Diet, V.I. to divide into ■- - 
Da-tnai', v.t,ta auipect, no 

Ui>-tnut', n. nupicion, warn 

DiB-tmit'-^i], a. inapicHHu, doubcio^. 
"■ - lal'-l^l-l 

«, gem, aa.lhin, [hou. 



uapicion, want of confi' 

le who disCuiba. 
Dia-nu-ion, n. want of union, aepamtion- 
Dia-i^nita, v. t. lo aeparate, divide, di^oir 
Diii-D-nl'ted, p. aeparalod, diAJoined. 

Dis-iL'-aage, n. cesEatiaii r 

Uia-nae, n. neglecl of uae 
Di8-i>B.ed,*p. ^ 


Ditch, n. a tnmcb in ibe eami, a moat 
Ditch, B-t. ori, to make a ditch in, lo timch. 
Ditoh'-ed,* p. having ditches, trenched. 
Ditcb'-er, n. one who dig! trenchei. 
Di"'tion, n. rule, govenuoent, contmL 
Dr-tune, B. in muiic an inlerval of two tonei. 
Dit-lan'-der, a. pepperwort, ■ plant. 
Dit'-ta-nr, n. a plant of different ipeejei. 
Dit'-ti-ed* c. or a. aunc, fitted tomuaio. 
Dit'-lo, n.tbe same thing repeated. 
Dil'-ly, n. a sonnet, a short muaical poeu. 
Dit'-ty, B. 1. lo sing, lo warhle. 
.Dl-u-ret' ie, a. provoking iirina. 
Dl-ni'-nal, a. daily, perloTtned in a day. 
Dl-oi'-nBl-^, ad. daily, evety day. 
Dl-n-tom'-i-ly, li. length of lime. 
Di-van', n. in Turkey, a hall, courl, coDncit. 
Di-var'-i'Cale, V- i- to open, tbik, branch. 

g-var-i-ea'-tion, n. a parting, iepsration. 
ve, t>. i. to plunge under water, lo go deep 
m-nf-leiit, a. drawing aiunder. 

IH'ver, B. one who dives, a water-lbwl. 
Dj-verg'e, v. i. to depart from a point 
Dl-vo^-ed,*pp.or IMorrge. 
Dl-verf -ence, n. dopariure from* point 
Dl-ver^-ent, a. going fiuther aaunder. , 
Dl-verg'-inK. ppr. receding from each other 
Dl-verg'-ing-ly, ad. in a diverging manner. 
Di'-veta, n. aeveral, sundry, many. 
Df-verse, a. difierenl, unlike. 
Di-rer4J-li-ca'-tion, n. the act of making vanoti* 
Di-ver'-ai-fl-ed,* p. variegated, nmde difierent 
Di-ver'4i-fy, v. I. to make varioiu or diOerenl 
Dt-ver'-sion, n. b turning aside, aport 
Di-ver'-ai-ty, n. diSerence, unlikeneu. 
DF-ven-ly, ad. diSbiently, variously. 
Di-vert', v. t. to t|im aside, to amuse. 
~)i-vert'-er, n. be or that which diverts. , 
)i-vart'-ing, ppr. turning aside, pleasing ; a. 

ividcd, a share 

Di-vJde, V. t. to parfpseparaEe, distribnie. 
Di-vl'-ded, p. separated, disjoined. 

Div'-i-dend, n. Bumber to 

Di-vT-der, a. he or that w 
Di-vl'-den, n. melhanatic 
Di-vi'-ding, jmr. parting, separating ; a. ii 

ting or marking diviaion. 
Div-i-na'-tion, n. prediction, a fotclelling. 
Di-vlne, o. pialaining to God, godlike, heavenly 
IX-vine, n. a minister of the gospel. 
Di-vine, d. 1. or i. to foretell, foreknow. 
Di-vine-ly, ad. in a godlike manner. 
Di-vt-ner, n. one who prediiM, a soothsayer. 
Di-vin'-i-ly, n. divine nature, Detly, Iheolucy 
Di-vi(-i-bil'-i-ly, n. t|uaUty of being divisible. 
"^ ' h'-i-hle, a. that may be divided. 

number th 
Di-vOrce, K-vorce-meiit, n 

nunjage canuan 
_ i-vArce, ».(. to separai 
Di-vOcc-ed,* y. legally si 

^r, I^, wtat, pr^y. marYne, p 

Di-vi>rc'-ing, ppr. disnolving the rouriitge ti 
Di-vul-EB-Xion, n. art of publishing. 
Ui-vul^e, D.(. to publiah, diaclaac, reveal. 
Di-vulg'-«d,'p. made public, revealed. 
Di-Tolg'^r, n. be that reveala. 
Di-va\i^-ing,ppr. revealing, piibliibing. 
Di-vul -gion, n. ihe aci uf plucking oS. 


n. giddiiH 

eiecuie, deal wilh, lucceed, answer Ihe . 
Da'.ci-ble, a. leacbable, easily [aught. [pOM. 
Du'H;i-ble-ne8s, n. leachobleneM , 
Do'^ile, a. icachable, ready to learn. 
Do-cil'-i-ly, n. leochablenesg, ap[neH U) leam,'-tic, a. a«iaying, proving by BBaayB. 
Dock, n a place fur ghipt, a planL 
Duck, V. t. to cut abon, lo place in a dock. 
Duck'-Hgs, n. pay lur usin^ a duck. 
Duck'-ed,*;'. cut Bhorl, laid up in a dock. 
Dook'-et, n. a diiection lied lo goods, a list of 

Dock'41, v. 1. lo murk, tu aei in a liil 
Dock'-^i^dtP entered in a docket. 
, Dock'-yfint, n. a yard lor naval ilorei. 
Doc'.ior, n. a title in ditiDiry, law, &c.ateacher, 

a phydciaa. 
Doe'-tor-al, a. pertaining lo a doctor's deeroe. 
Doc^'Ior-ole, n. the degree of a doctor. 
Boc'-ior-abip, n. the highest academical d^rea. 
Doc'-traa, n. a lemale phyaician. 
Doc'-lrin-al, a. coTuisIing in doctrine. 
Duc'-trin-Bl-ly, ed. hy way of doctrine. 
■' ■ t. that which i« taught, precept. 



flinunh with written pruof 
i.perwining -- -• 

Dod'-der, n, a creeping, paiaoilical plane 
DoJ'-der-ed,* a. ovi/rgrown with do<lder. 
Do-dee'-a-gon, n. a ligure having tvrelve equal 


Do'-do, n. a fowl of the gnllinac 
Dt>e, n. the female of the fallow 
D6-er, rt. one who periunnB. 
Doff, c. t. to pat off aa di 
Doff'*d,'p. pal off, thro 

iffor Jow 

Doge. n. the chief raagiairate of Venim. 

Dog'-figh, n. B variety of the ahaliL 

Dug'-fly, n. a troubleKime dy. 

Dog'-ged,' p. pimiued cloaoly, urged ; 0. mUea, 

Boui, moroae, aurly. 
Dug'-ged-Iy, ad. peeviiblj, aullenlr. 
Dog'-ged-neafl, n. moroaeneea, slJlennea. 
Dog'^ger. n. a amall Dutch fiahing veaael with 

Dug'-get'^l, n, a kinil of looae irr^ular mefiaura 

kennel for do^ 
abliahed opini 

Diig-mat'.ie-al, i live, magiaterial, arrorant. 
Dog.mat'-ic-al-Iy, ad. positively, arp~ganUjr. 

Dog'.ma-tT.zer, J )a a confident Bsserter. 
Dog'-ma-li«, V. i. l^ assert masislcrially. 
Dog'-row, n. the fl(.*Br of the hip. 
Dog'-atar, n. Siriua, a alar of ihe Bret "nagnituda. 
Dojt'^oolh, a. a tool II like a dog's. 
Dog'-lrot.F.. agendo trol. 
Dog'.wea-r]L a. quite n'eary, fctieued 
Dug'.wood, R. a ti«e, a species of the cotbid. 
D6-ing, ppr. acling, performing. 
Do-ing», n. pi. actjonii, performancsB, hebavior 
Doit,n. a small piece of money, a trifle. 
Dole, n. a share, part, gift, a mouniing. 
DJis-fuJ, a. aurrolvful, pileoua, wofiiL 
Dule-lul-Iy, wi. in a aurrouful manner. 
Dole-lul-neaa, n, diamul iiuulity or atate 
Dole^Jme, a. wuTuI, eorrowiui, dtsoul 

book, dfive, full, D 

DoU, n 

. VHluea. 

l>olMar n"^ Blhl^rai 
in Europe of djETere 
Do'-lor, n. grief, sorrow, lameinaiion, pain. 
Dol-or-if'-ic, a. cauaing iotrow or pain. 
Dol'-or-ous, a. aorrowful, iminfi;!. 
Dol'4-roiiB-ly, ad. with pnin, iDoumfulIy. 
Dol'-phla, n. a genua of cetaceoui fiah. 
Dolt, R. a Btupid fellow, a blockhead. 
Uull-iah, a. stupid, blockish, dull. 
Diilt-iah-ntwi, n. dullneaa of intellect. 
Do-mKin, n. poaacsaion, eataCe, dominioa. 
Dome. n. an arched roof, ■ cupola, a houae. 
Do-mea'-tie, a. belonging to a manaion, or home. 
Do-roeo'-tie, n, aaervani employed in the houae. 
Do-mea'-tie-ate, t>. t. to make lame. 
Do-mea-tie-a'-tion, n. ant of taming. 
Dom'-i-cil, n. a mansion, a pernianent dwelling. 
Domd-cil'-i-a-ry.a. pertaining to private houses. 
Dom'-i-cil, ' I v. I. to eitabliah a Gied reai- 
Dom-i-cil'-i-ale, J dence. 
Dom'-i-nant, a. ruling, prevailing. 
Dom'-i-nate, D i. or (. to rule over, prevail 
Dom-i-na'-tion, n. rule, tyranny. 
Dom-i-neSr, i. i. lo rule with inaolence. 
Dolnin'-i-eal, a. denoting the Ijird'e day. 

Du-min'-ian, n. aupreme authurily, territory gov- 
Dom'-i-no, n. a kind of hood, a cireas. [emed. 
Don, n. Spanish title of a genllenian. 
Do-na'-tion, n. a gift, present, grant. 
Don'-a-tive, n. a ph. a largess. 
Done, p. of Do. [dun,] performed, finished. 
Do-nee', n. one to whom land is given. 


1. ohe w 

-car p- senionceu, adjudged, destined. 
Douon't'-day, n. the day of judgrnent. 
Dl^r, n. an opening for passage into or out of a 
bouse orolherbuilding,urihe frame thai cloaea 

DOor-keep-er, n. one who ailends at Ihe door. 
Dor, D. Ibe black-beetle or bedge-chalar. 
Dor'-ic, iCwting an order of ■rebttecnira 

ndow in tha roof oi 

haiafl^ gem as, thin, fhou. 
Dor'-mant, a. sleeping, priv 

Dor-mar-wind'-Ow, 1 a hr 
Dor'-ini-to-ry, n. a place to aleep in. 
Uor'-mouse, n. an animal which aleepi moat of 
Dors'-al, a. pertaining to the back, [tte wintet 
Doee, n. u much medicine aa ia taken at once. 
Dose. v. [. to form into donee, to give in dosea. 
Dos'-eer,n. a pannier or basket home on Ihe back 
Dos'-ail, n. a pledget of Imt nipd in surgery. 
Dot, n. a point nsed in writing and printing. 
Dit, t.l. to mark with duta. 
Do'-taie, n. feebleneaa of mind in old age. 
Do'-ial, a . pertaining to do wer or marriage portion. 
Do'-tard, n. one vthoee mind is impaired by age. 
Dn-ta'-lion, n. endowment, act of endowing. 
Dote, p. i. lo be or become silly, to love greatly. 
Do'-ler, n. one who is (boliahly fond. 
IV-ling, ppr. regarding wiih childiah rondneiB. 
Do'-iing-ly, ad, with sillv fondaeas. 
Dot'-l^^, n- a tree k^t lovr by cutting. 
Dot'-(ed, p. marked with dol^, diversified. 
DOt'-ter-e), n. a fowl of several kinds. 
Doub-le, a. [dubl,] Iwo-fold, twice aa much, 
Doub-le, V. t. [dubl J to make two-fold, to pats 
romri. [ber. 

Dan-hie, n. Idnhl,] twice the quantity or nuii- 
Doub'-lc-dfal-er, n. a decejilHl [rickish penon 
Doub'-fe-dfal-ing, n. dealing with dnnliciiy. 
Doub'-le-ftc-ed,' 0. deceitful, hypocritical. 
Di'Ub-le-for'-ii-n-ed,* a. doubly sirengihaned. 
D'^ub-legild', V. t. to gild with donble coturing. 
Daub-le-band'-ed,a. having two hands, deceillul 
Doub-ie-hend''ed, n. havinji two beads. 
Doub-le-man'-Twd,* a. having twice the comple- 

D«ib-te-mlnd-ed, a, having different mtnda al 

different times, deeeitfiH. 
Doub-le-tongu-edi'a.apealiing differently al di(- 

Doub'-ler, a. he or that which doubles. 
Doub'-let, ti. a pair, vest, waistcoat. 
Dsub'-leu, n. a game on dice. 
Diub'-ling, ]ipr. folding, making twice u much. 
Donb'-Iing, n. a fold, pltjt, aniiice 

Bar, fyfl, why, pity, 

Doub-looa', n. a Spaniah coin of two piiuilei. 

DAub-ly, ad. with twice Lho qouitilf , Iwica. 
Daiilit, tj. t. or i. to hesitate, atupect, diatnut. 
Duu&l, n. heaiiation, Aospeiue, distnHt. 
DouZrt'-ed, p. quetiliaaed, diitrusled. 
Di>uit'-er, n. one who doubU. 
Dauit'-ful, a. uncortain, not deterrained. 
Douh^-fiil-ly, ad. with doubt, smbiguouily. 

DouW-fiil-n. . 
DauU'-ing, ppr. v 
Doii'il'-ing, 1 '-— 

snug, que.1 

to plunge 

Doubt'-lon, ad. niUiout doubt, tinquettionahlj, 
D<in.cail, n. a pnawil, giA, bribe. 
Daufli, n. UDMiked i>utei u of bread. 

DHugli-f, a. 

Dflve, a.'«'d . 
DOve-eot, DOve-houM, n. a shed forpigeo 
Duve-like, a. gentle, IwrralesB, jjmocent. 
Dave-tai1,n. a joint in lunn of a dove'i lailq 
Dave-tail, V. i. lo uixiie ^ith a dovetail Joi 
lUve-liiil^d,*^. united with a dovetail le 
Duw'-a-ble, a. that ma; bs endowed. 
Dow'-a^er, w, a widow with ajointum. 
Dow'-dy, n. an awkward ill-dnoed womi 
I>aw'-sr, K, the poitioQ of a manied won 

Dow'-er-ed,' a. portioned with a dower. 


■ei-leai, a 

being without a 



-lH.,n. a 


ong a descent. 

Down, "ad: oa 

Ihe ground, beiow 



n, «. an o 

pen plain, bank o 




bent or cast ("own, dtJBcted 


n'-fall. 71. 

a fell, l^in, overthrow. 


n'-hlll, n. 

a. fallen, cast do 


declivity, slope o 

a hill. 



deseendini. slopi 


Down'-look-ing, ( gloomy. 

qjecied, anile 


■n -right, a 


n'-risht, fl 

d. plainly, frankly. 



repose, [placf 
ing ro a luw« 


■n'-ward. a. dweending, ten 



Down -ward, oif. fioma higher to a lower place. 
Dowi)'-y, a. covered with or like down, ao&~ 
Dow'-ry, n.; see Ztouer, the mom pcuiier word. 
Doi-o-k^-ie-al, a. pertaining to doiulogy. 
Doi-ol'-o-gy, n.abj'3tn,or Ibmi of giving praia* 

to God. 
Doi'-y, n. a low woman, companion. 
Doie, c. 1. 10 ilumber, dmwae, be stupid. 
Doze, n. imperfect sleep, shunber. 
Did'-en, n. twelve things of the same kind. 
Do'-zi-nees, s. drowsincas, disposition to aleep 
Du'-zing, ppr, sleeping slightly, slumbenng. 
Do'-xy, a. drowsy, sleepy, heavy, dull. 
Drab, n. a low sluttish woman, a harlot. 
Drab, a. of a dun color. 
Drab'-ble, v, (. or i. to draggle, to diaw in mud 

and water, to lish for barbela. 
Drab-bled," p. made dirty by drawing in mod 
'^ 'I'-bting, ppr. drawing in mud and watCT- 
:h'-ma,.n. itw eighth of an ounce, a dimia, > 

Diitr, n. drega, loea, lefuse, vnA Ibi iwina. 
Dr&ff-y, a. dreggy, waste, worthleas. 
Draft, n. a bill drawn r'irntoney,adrink,«ka(eh 
Drtifl, V. I. to draw, select, detach. 
Draft-hone, it. a hone used for dnwing. • 
Drait«d, p. drawn, delinattod, detached. 
Drttfls, a. a game played mi checkers. 
Drag, o. t. to pull or draw with force, to hanL 
Di ■ k, a net, o harrow, a hand-cart 

Di hauled, drawn, harrowed. 

D. to draw on [he ground. 

Di h^^n-like, a. furious, fiery, 

Di id, n. a resinous subMiuice of a red 

Dra-goon. n. a hone soldier. [color 

Ura-goon', e.t. lo persecute orcnslave by soldiara 
Dra-goon'«d,*p. abandoned to soldiery, haras* 
Drain, k. a channel for cerTjing off water [eJ 

Difiin-age. n. a drawing or flowing off. 

book, dive, fall, at, em, thtiie, JMn, ma, Ihin, (bon. 


■f , n. clolh norii, the dreu ol 


Diii-ma, n. Ihe action ofa plsy^a play. 
Drth-mat'-ic, a. repres«nied 07 ai '' 
Dra-msf-ie-aMy, ad. hy repre«a 
Dmii''a-liBl, n. an aiuhur of a di 
Drank, p. of Drink. 
Dra'-p«r,n.aDewbodeali in clotha. tor 
"-- ■ -'--■- -'oik, thedreai of ai 

_ drank B( once, delineation, 
IMughi-haree, n. a hoise used lor drawing. 
DTvugbl-lioiue,n. a home for filtb. 
Drijugtit'a-inaa, n. one who drswa wrilinm. 
Draw, D. 1. or i. p. drew ; pp. drawn; lopuD, lake 

out, lutaheatbe, allure, sttracl, sketch. 
Draw'-bai:k,R,da(y reTiuided on eiported goodi. 
Draw'-bridge, n. a bridge lo be drawn up. 
Drawee", a. one on whom ■ bill ia drawn. 
Draw'-ar, n. one who draws a bill, a iliding boi. 
Disw'-en, n. a garment worn under trowaers,&c. 
Draw'-ing, ppr. pulling, dragging, delineating. 
Drflw'-ing, n. adeliueation, sRetrb. 
)>raA'-ing-maS'ter, n.oiie who leachea drawing, 
IJraw'-iug-ioom, n. a room for coni,wmy. 

Drawn, pp. o 

Drty, a. a low cart or carriapi on wheala. 
Drty-horae, n. a borM used la a dray. 
DNy-man, n, a man that drive* a dn?. 
Disa'-el, R. a low dirty womaa. 
Dr«d, n. great iear, terror awe. 
Dread, e. (. to be in great feu. 
Dread, a. awfiil, inapirii^ dread, tsrt.'ble. 
Drmd'-ful, o. terriblo, (rightful, alarming. 
Dreod'-liil-ljr, ad. terribly, frigbtfuU;?. 
Drand'-ful-neac, n. tetiiUnieH, bofribleneai. 
Drcnd'-leu, a. feaileai, bold, tntrspid. 
[hvaio, n. thoughta in alcep, vain fancy. 

Dreem-ar, n. one who dreaini, a Tinonary pel 
Dream-leaa, a. having do dioanu. [aoa 

Dreamt ; p. of DrEon. 
Drear, Driaiy, a. diamal, ^oomy, aad. 

roughly, aoakini. 
d, dmt; to clotEe 

Dred^ n. an oyiier nee, oata and barley. 
Dredge, v.l.U> aprinkle floor, ai on meat 
Dredg'^d,* p. aprinkled with Bonr. 
Dredg'-ing-boi, n. a boi for iprinkling flour. 
Dreg'-gi-nen, n. foulneM with dnwi, leculeoea 
Dr^'.gy, a. containing dregs, fbuL 
Dregs, n. sediment of uquon, leeg, refuae. 
Drench, v. t. lo wet thoroughly, to aoak. 
Drench, n. a done for a beaat, gnill 
Drench'*!,* p. soaked, thon " 
Drsnch'-ing, ppr. wetting thi. . _ _ 
Dreaa, V. t, p, and pp. dresned, d 

Dreea'-ed,* p. antyed, adorned, prepared. 
Dreg»'-cr, n. one who dreaaea, a kitchen table. 
Dre«'-ing, ppr. adjiucing to a line. prejMring. 
Dreaa'-ing, n. act of clothing, a tiiiiimiiig, a eov- 

ering with manure. 
DresB'-uig-room, n, an apartment to dmn in. 
Drcea'-y, a, diHain* mnch, abowy in dnaa. 
l»reul, V. i. to let aaliva flow from the moulb. 
Drib'-ble, v. i. lo drop alowly, alavar diivel. 
Drib'-hlet, n. a amall part or 

Drift, o. 

Drill'-ed,*p. perforated, aowed in drilla, eiam- 
Drill'-plow, n, aplowforaowingindrilla. [ined 
Drink, v.l, art. p. drank, pp. drank, drunk; ta 

■wallow liquor, absorb 
Drink'-a-bls, a. that 1* fit to be drank. 
Drink'-er, a, one who drinks, a drunkard 
Driiik'-ing, jipr. imbihinf, *walk>wiiig ; a. tA 

dictod lo mtenipflnaca. 
Dtink'-ing, a. act of (wallowing Ilquon. 


Utr, iflU, wh«t, pf^y, martiw. pin, bl 

Drip, V. i. lo Tall iD dnipi, lo let Dili in dmpi. 
Drip'-peii,' p. otDrip. 

IWp'-ping, ppr. ftlling Of letting fill in dropi. 
Urip'-ping-pan, n. ■ paii liir (he fal orraaal meat. 
DtSve, V. t. or i.p. drDTe.n:. driven; toncge oi 

farce, compel, guide, nub on. 
Driv'-H, B. i. to sliver, drop, be silly. 
Uriv'.cl, n. ilaver, spittle, s. Tgal. 
DriT'-el-ed,' p. of DriaL 
Driv'-el-sr,n. a aimpleWn, a fool. 
Driv'-ni,fp. of Drive, [driv'n.l 
DrF-vor, n. one vvbo drives, one vuho directs t 

Drii'.zle, n, i. or t. to fall in small drop*. 
JDriz'.zled,* p. let fall in sniBli drops. 
DriE'-iling, ppr. falling tn fine drops. 
Driz'-il;, a. roining in small drops, mjstr. 
Droll, a, comical, humorous, odd. 
Dralt^e-rj, n. buSuonery,D[cliness,low sport 
DrOm'-v-d*^, n. a conikl wilb one bunch. 
Drone, R. the male bee, a sluggard, hum. 
Drone, «. i. la live in idleness, 
Drune-H y, n. an insect with a thicft body. 
DrOn-iali, o. sluggish, heavy, dull. 
Droop, D.i. lu ptne. laiiguisli, faint 
Droop'-ed,* p. of liroop. 
Droop'-iog, pfn-, pirung, lang'iishiag. 
Drop, n. a small portion ofa ttuid faUing M once 
an ear ring, put of a gBllovn that is letlsU, 
Drop, c. (. or i. to liill in smalt particles, to lull 

Dtop'-pod,* p. lei fiJl, uttered, stopped, lei go, 
Drop'-ping, ppr. Taliinj; in drops, or globules. 
Drop'-piog, R. a distilling, a falling. 
Drop'-si.eal, a. afSicled with dropsy. 

Drown, e. (. lo overwhetin with water, to ei 

guinh life in water. 
Drown'-ed,*p. iniindaled, killed by watw. 
Drown'-ing, i^, inundating, suffocating in ' 


er ; a, perishing 

* heavy - 

Drows'-i-ly, ad. sleepily, heavily. 
Drows'-i-nees, n. sleepineos, unsound sleep 
Drows'-y, a. sleepy, heavy, didl. 
Drab, n. a thump, e blow. 
Drab, tj. r. to thrash, beat with a stick. 
Dmb'-bed,* p. beat, cudgeled. 
Drab'-bing, ppr. beating, flogging. 
Drab'-hing, n. a heating, chajitiHemeni. 
Dradge, c. i. to bbor in mean oflices, to loi.. 
Dradge, n, a slave to work, a iaborious seri-ant 
Drudg'e-ry, n. hard labor, toil. 
Dradg'-ingJy, ad. laboriously, Inilsomelj:. 
Drug, R. a sabMsnce used in medicin^ a thtng 
of slow sale. [dru^. 

Drng'-get, n. a si'ght woolen cloth. 
Drag^-giet, n. one who deals in drags. 
Dni~id, n, a priest and pool of ancient BritODI. 
Dra'-id-ess, n. a female druid. 
Dru-id''ift-al,a. pertaining tothedmids. [dnilds 
Dm'-id-[»m, n. the religion end philosophy of the 
Drum, n. a nJlilary instrument, part of the ear 


Drum'-medi'p. of Drum. 

Drum'-mer, n. one who is skilled in drumnUng. 

Drum'^tick, n. a Miek fur beating druma. 

Drunk, a, inloiicaled wilhliquor, 

Dnink'-ard, n. one given lo excessive drinking. 

Drupe, n, in botany, a pulpy pericarp, aa m (ha 
Dry, a. having no moisture, Ihinty, sarriaslic. 

Dry-ing, ppr, 
uie quality 

leverely, sarcastically. 
f m.;isture, thirst, dnnith. 
■a who does not suckle. 

book, dBve, fan, ma, cto, aiaiae, gem, u thin, tl.oi 

Dry-ahoil, a. having [he feal dry. 
Du'-al, a. eipiBssing the number S, 
Da-sl'-i-tf , n, Ihs alale of being two. 

Dub''bed,*p. alruck, made b knight. 
Du'-bi-oiu, a. doubtrul, rnicenain. 
Du'-bi-ous-ly, ad. douhtfully, with mirert»inly. 
Du'-bi-oDs-iHw, n. doubcTulnesB, uncertainty. 
Du'-ca], a. pertaining to a duho. 
Dne'-at, a. i (breign coin, of various valuea. 
Dnc-B-toOD', n. a silver coin, about 104 cents. 
Dnch'-sH, n, the wife of a duke, a leioale ownoi 

oif a duohj. 
Duch'-y, n. the territory of a duke. 
Duck, n. a water fawlOt apecies of canvan. 
Duck',!'. (. to plunge the head under vcaler. 
INick^i'p. plunged, dipped. 
Ducfc'-er, ti. a plunger, a diver. 
Duck'-ing, mw. plunging the head nnder water. 
Duck'.ing, n. immerBign of the head in water. 
Duck'-ing-Btool, n. a a tool for ducking ecold*. 

Duet, n 

Due''tile, a. eaaily led o 

Tw. J rii _ ) »■ the qualir 

Dne'-nle-nesa, ( . J, „, ■ 

DneJil'.i.lT. f O"™" ■" ' 

lality of being easily 
DiMiP-i-tyr' \ ""™" ■" eaanded, pliable- 

Dud^-eon, n. a small dagger, ill will, offense. 

Dnda, n. old clotlies. 

Due, a. owed, owing, proper, fit, ■easonable. 

Due, n. a debt, right, claim. 

Da'-el, n. s fight between two persona. 

Du'-el, D. I. or i. to figlit a siugle combat. 

I>o'*l-er, Du'-el-ist, n. one wfio figliis a duel. 

Du'-el-lDg, ppr fighting m single combat. 

Du-en'-na, n. an ola woman or governess. 

Dii-«t', Du-et-lo, n. a song .n Iwo porta. 

Dur.AI, II. a coarse woolen cloth wi!h a nap. 

Dug, n. the Mp of a beaat. 

]>ug, p. of Dig. 

Diue, n a Dobleinan of the highest rank, a chief. 

Duko-doni, n. Iheostaie of a duke. 

DnI'-cet, a. sweet, harmonious, rich. 

Dul-ci-fi-ea'-tion, n. act orgwcclenil^. 

Dal'^^i-fl-ed,* p. sweetened, purified. (galls. 

Dnl'-ci.fy, V t, u> sweeten, to free from acida or 


Dul'co , . 

Dul-eo-ta'-iion, n. act of sweetening. ' 
Dull, a. stupid, slow, blunt, gloomy. 
Dull, v.t. to blunt, mehe stupid or sat 
Dull'*!,- p. blunted, stupified. 
Diili'-brain-ed,' a, stupid in inlcllect 
Dult'-head, n. a dolt, a blockhead. 
Dull'-ard, n. a dult, a itupid person. 
n-i" "- ppr. making df" ~ ' '— 

Du'-ty, od. filly, property, justly. 
Dnmi, n. unable to utter words, silenL 
Dumi'-ly, ad. without using words. 

Dump'-ish, a. didt, sturud, moping. 
Dump'-ish-ness, n. dullness, a state of mopine. 
Dump'-ling, n. a paste covering anTipple boikd. 
Dumps, n, pi. a dull moping stale, melancholy 
heaviness of heart. 


debE; [0 cute fish, 
uunce, Ti. a dolt, blockhead, Itupid fellow. 
Dun'-GBh,n. cod fish ctued in a particBlarmannar. 
Dtttig, R. animal matter ejecled. 
Dung, o. (. to manure with dung, to ^t dung. 
Don'^geim, n. a deep dark place, close prison. 
Dung'-iorit, n. a fort used to throw dung. 
Dung'.hill, n. a heap of dung, a mean abode 
Dung'-ltill, a. mean, low, vile. 
Dun'-der, n, lees, dregs. [West India.] 
Dung'.y, a. full of dung, iiny, foul. [gooda 

Dun -nage. n. biggols laid in ships to support 
Dun'-ned,* p. urged for payment, impoituned. 
Dun'-ning, ppr. pressing fiir payment. [sheet. 
Duo-dcc'-i-mo, It. a book having IS leavea to a 

Du;-pli-cal«, 0. ( 
Du'-pli-eale, n. i 

to fold, to double. 


Du-ra-bil'-i-t;, n. capacit; of luting wilbout p«r- 
Du'-ia-ble, a. lailins, coniinuing long, [iihuig. 

Bu'-n-ble-nea, n. cTurel'iJilr. 
u'-TS-bly, ad. wilh long coiidniiance, 
Du'-ranc8, n. impriionment, ciulodj. 
Du-nnl', n. a glazed woolen aLnff. 
Du-ra'-lion, n. cnn^uatiRe, length of lims. 
Da-mn', n. coustrsint by confinement. 
Ilu'-ring, ppr. conlinuiDg, lagling. 
DunI, p. at Dare. 
Diue, n. a demon, an evil ipiiit. 
Diuk, a. lending lo daibera, abaruie. 
Diuk. n. tendency to dirkneiK, lUghlly dark. 
Diuk'.My, Uiuk'-isb-ly, ml. daiUy, cloudily. 

il datkneiB. 


....,-) bruih dual from. 
>t bruihing funutun. 
leniii ID i;Jesi away diut. 

donded or covered with dual. 
, a. fulfilling duty, obedient. 
Dn'-li.a-blo, o. anbjecl lo dulisa or impoata. 
Dn'-li-fiil, a. obedient to parenta and iDperion. 
Dn'-tMiil-ly, ad. with parfoiraance of duty. 
Du'-ti-fiil-nMa, R. obedience, submisB ion. 
Dn'lfi n. thai which ia due, obedienw, Xmx or 


thlat'-i-neii, n 

m groTriagte 




JtwfLlf-i»a.inwM. n. nnaii 

habit, reeide,<tsy, continue. 
Dwell «r, n. one who dwella, a: 

ir planl bslon the ordinary 

larVne, pin, bird, nSve, 
Dwell' ing, ppr. peaiding, liviiig. 
Dwell'-ing, n. a manaiun, habitation, abode. 

Dwell-ing-houie, n. a mamion-bouBe. 
Dwdl'-uig-plaCB, B, place of habitation. 
Dwin'-dia, V. L or I. to diminiah, become leat, &II 

T>v/in'.iilea^^ p. of VtBtndU. [awaf, 

Dwin'.dlitig, ppr. diminiahiiig in aize. 

Dye, v. t. to cvlor, to Blain. 

Dye, n. coloring liquor, tinge, color. 

Dy'.*d,' p. colored, suioed. ' 

Dy'.«r, n. one wboee trade ia la color. 

Dye-iiig, j^. coloring, staioiDg. 

Dyo-ing, R. the pntcuce or an of coloring. 

Dy'-ing, ppr. expiring, periahing; a. girenorman- 
iTegied by death it near the tune ^ death, last ; 
09 dying love, dyin^ worda. Supporting a dy- 
ing penon, aa a dyuic bed. 

Dy'-naa.ty, n.aniceof Einga oftheaanie&nuly. 

I^-en.ler'.ie, a. pertaining to dyeetilory. 

I^a'-^n.iB-ry, n. a flui Irom diseaaed bowels. 

I^-pep'^^, H. bad disMlion, indigealion. 

I^a-p^'-ne, a. afflicted with indigeation, oi per- 
taining lo it. 

Illy deairo 
vith ardor, 

£J ralely. 
Ca-gn, a. ardently di 

Sa-gle, n. a rapacious fowl of the genua feJeo., 
fia-gle«y6d,»a.ciuicknigliietl, of acute alght. 
Ga-gle4leht«d, 1. having s very acute eight 
fia.glet, n. a young eagle. 
Ear, n. tlie organ of heating, a apike of com 
Ear, o. i. lo ahoot into eara, [lo plow, obt.] 
£ai-f4,'p. havmg ears, [plowed.] 
fiar^ng, ppr. shooting into eara, tpliwing.) 
ear-mart, a. a mark on the ear. 
fiar-ring, n. a pmdant, a jewel for the ear 
fiar-wai, a. a tliick viacona maOar aecretod m 
fiai-wig, n. an inaect, a cenliped. [the ear 

Entl, n. a Britiah tide of nobility. 
Eorl'-dom, n. the aeignory of an earl 
BaiJeas, a. having no ean. 

Eor'-ly, ad. aoon, in good time. ~ ' [so 
Eatn, n. t. lo meril by aarvii™, IB gain. 
Eom'-ed,' p. merited bj Krvicn, gained. 
Eani'-«si, d. eager, diligeal, serioOB. 
Eam'-est, ra- money advanced, a piedge- 
Eam'-cst-lj, ad. eagerly, wamify, ardeollj. 
Emn'-eal-nuM, h. eagemesB, zeal. 
Gam'-ingt, n. the rananb ofaenicea. 
Eonh, n. lanld or line poiliclsi of ihe globe, the 

globe, landf country. 
Earth, o. (.10 coTer wiih mold, hide in theeartb. 
Eaith'- board, the mold board of a plow. 
Eimh'-barn, a. bora of the eanh. 
Eanh'-Fn, a. made of eanh or clay. 
Earth'-Hai, n, amiaolik, an elastic mineral. 
Borth'-L-aeu R. ibequalily of being eanbly. 
Enrth'-ly, a. pertaining to the eanh, carnal. 
Eorth'-nut, n. the ground nat. 
Eanb'-quake, n. a ihahing of 
Earth'-warm, n. the dew wann,a mean wntch. 
E<mh-y, a conaisting of eaith, like sanh. 
Eue, n. freedom from pain, nst, bcility. 
Ease, D. 1. 10 relieve from pain, awaage, dleviale. 
Es».ed,'p. ireed from pain, relieved. 

Eftse-ment, n. eaae, relief, refkeahment- 
fia->i-ly, ad. nitb eaae, gently, without iroable. 
Ea-si-nHiB, n. eaie, quiet, rtut, fecilily. 
East, n. lbs quarter where the son liaea. 
East, a. towards the point where the tan riaea. 
Eaa-ier, n. the feast of Chri«f« pesurraction. 
fias-te[-ly, a. pertaining lo the east. 
£ai-lem, a. being in the eaat ai from ttaa east, 
ficsl-naid, ad. toward the east. 
Ba-sy, a fnt from pain, quiet, not difficnlt. 
Gat,ti.l. j).ate,,eaieniIotake£Md, U>de- 

n, aiaiae, gan, as, thin, thon. 
Ebb, V. i. to flow back, d 
Ebb, n. s flowuig back, rei 

Ebb'-ing, ppr. retiring as me uue, aecuning. 
Ebb'-Ude, n. the reflui afa tide. 
Eb'^m, a. made of or like ebony. 
Eb'-o-iiy, n. a species of hard, heavy, durabla 
E-brt'<e-ty, n. dninkenncBB, intoxication, [wood. 
E-bul'-L-enc, a. boiling, boiling over. 
E.bul-U"-tion,n,aol of boiLtig, a buhblinjj. [lar. 
Ee-cen-tric, a. deviating from the center, uregu- 
Ec-cen-tric'-i-ly, r. deviation from Ihe centec. 
Ee-ele-vi-Ha'-tie'-al i a. perlaii\uig 10 the chnrch. 
Bc-elo-si-Bs'-tic, n. a person in orders, a minisL'V 

&at-<n, a, swallowed, deround, corroded. 

Bai-in^;^. chewing arid swallowing, corroding. 
Eaves, n. pL the edges ofa roof, 
fiavio-dnip, T. 1. to listen under Ihe eaves 
fioTCS^Top-per, n. a lislswr under a window. 
&1 w diop-ping, 1. lislening ania a trindow. 

of the) 

Edi'-o*d,*p, reflected, relumed as 
Eeh'-o-ing, ^jt. reflecting, as sound. 
E^ijr-cise. c. (. to clear up or eiplgin. 
&elsir-cis.ed,' p. eiplaiiied, ma'<e clear. 
E-elBir-cia-ment, n. a full elpianalion. 
E-clat,t,. [e^^la,] splendor, renown, applause. 
Ee-lec'-tic, a. selecting, chooBtng. 
E-clip*'e, n. the obscuraliun of a lumlnaiy 
E-ebpi'e, v. t. 10 darken, lo obscure. 
E-c]ip«'-ed,* p. obscured, darkened. 
P -!:__.; ■ ipung Lght, ob«otinnft 

E-elip'-lie, B. 
Ee-logue, n. a 

- oatoml pt 



_ , . paatoml j 

E-co-nom'-ic-al, a. saving, thiga] in 

E-eo-nom'-ie-al-ly, od. fiwallj, with savmg. 

E-con'-o-mi81,n.onefiiigal inoipenacs. [tures. 

E-con'-o-miie, d. <. or i. to be frugal in eipendi- 
■-my, n. frugal and judicious use of mo- 
fied,* a. enraptured, transported, [ney 
ly, n. raptine, transport. 

Ee-ataf-ie, a. iransponing, very delightful 

E-«u-men'-it«l, a. general, universal. 

E-da'-^ious, a. given lo eatiog, greedy, voracious. 

&dac'-i-ty, n. votaeit]', nvenoiuiuaa, giaedi- 

Ed'-^er, n. viood to bind stakaa inafenoa 

Ed'-dy, n. a circular motion of water. 

" ' swelliiig "■'''■> Knmi bmior 

Bar, fi|H, wh^t. prey, n 

Edge, n. ahBrpgiileal'aniiulrL 

Ed^, r. (. to iharpen, provoka, m 
Kd^-ed,' p. atmrpea'-' ' — '""-'' 
SAiff-ing, ppr. iham 


rl, hunlered, 

ling, inciiJnf, barderirig. 

Edg'e-lBM, o. void^jfed^e, bluQi ' 
£i)g'»4ool, 1. a culling itistrummt. 
Edi'e-wtoe, ad. in direction of tin edge. 


n fiJlh. 

E(I'-i-lVed,< p. buili up, inairucled, 
Eil'-M1-er, n. ons who edilieg or inatrueu. 
Ed'-i-IV, e. 1. to build up, ur imtnicl. [stnicL 
Ed'-i-Cy-inJ, w-r. in-tmeiing; a. ndnpled to in- 
E'-dile, n. s Kunian miigiatrato, a lurveyor. 
E'-dUe-ship. n. ihs i>Si<» of ui edile. 
Ed'-it, D. (. to publiBb.iOHUperintEnit publicotioo. 



s who publiahei or pnpuei for 

Ed'-u-ea-lor, n. ona who edncalea. [ciplii 
Ed-n-ca'-lion, n. ihe initrncuun of children. 

EJilcM, B. (. to draw out, to eitnict. 
E-du'-eod,* p. drawT 


. ..... ct orprDcetia urdniFEIigoQl. 

tor, II. tiuit which bringg oui. 

Eo-ra'-tion, n. ilw act or pn>c«a of awNit- 

a gsnui or creeping liah. [enlng. 

EEt-pnt, n. ■ kind of baikel tor catching ada. 
Efl-poui, n. a Gib like an wt,bul ihurter. 
Er-tSce, V. t. to deface, blol out, dedrar- 
Ef.ra'.cBd,' p. wawid, rubbed out. 
Ef-fa'-cing, ppr, nibbing or biotting out. , 
EF-reet', n. that which i( dona or produced, jj 
Ef-feEt', c. I. to briilg to paaa, cauie, perfon 
ET-fert'-i-ble, a. that may bs efTected. 
fif-rect'-lTS, a. ablp to prodoce, able Tor am 
ET-red'-ivB. R. a aoldwr tit for aurvice. 
Er-reet'-ive4y, ad. nith effect, powerfnily, 
. eFfect'-ive-iM«g,n.sneffecn've()na]ityorpo 
EtbM'-lm, a. having no effect, pomriea 

Ef-fefta', n. good?, movnbiw. 
Ef-lBei'-u-al,a. that producei, aJ. with effei 
ET-tect'-u^l*, c. f. to bring to 
Er-Iem'-i-na«y, ». eicessive i 
Ef-feni'-i-nate, a. womanish, 

I an efTem 

ET-Iwu'-i-nata, c. I. to i 

ET-fem'-i-nale-ly, ad. ii. _ 

ET-ler-Fea'ce, V. 1. [efferves'] to bu'i genily and 
throw oDt an elaaiir gaa or fluid. [boiling. 
E^-lbr-vea'-cence, n. natural ehulliiion, or nolle 
Ef.ler.Tea'-rent, o. gently boiling or bubbling. 
EMer-vea'Mii-bla, a. capable of eServeac«ice 
Ef-fele, a. barren, not capable of producing. 
Er-fi-Ga'-cLnua,«. producing the effect. 
ET-fl-ea'-ciuna-ty, ad. with lite deaired effect. 
ET'-fi-ea-ey.n. power to produce efrecta,B<^engIh. 
"""" if producing ef 

-"■ - [Set-. 


■ fi-gy, B 

a. that produ 

ea the eOeci. 

EMo-rea'-cenre, n. tiina of flowarii^ 

nf cryatali on the aurfaca, rednen 
Ef-Qo-taa'-cent, a. ahooling into wh 

on the antface, &c. 
Ef '-flu-en™. B. ■ fli.wing out, that wl 
ig from, iaiiung 

Ef'-flui, n. 

. flowin 

; out, effUaion. 

iing out, efBuTJl 

if itrer^th, ende 


Ef '-fort. n. eier 

Ef-toa'-aioD, n. i 

E;f-frSn(.s.ry,n. eieewTeaHur 
Ef-ful'-^Dca, n. a Baud ofligfat, 

Ef-ful'g-ent, a. abtning with n flood of light. 
Ef-fuj^-ing, n. wnding out a flood of l%ht 
Ef-fuaai B. 1. to pour out, to apill, la ahnj. 
Ff-fu'-aocJ,* p. ponmd out, aheil. [ol_. 

Ef-(n'-aioii,n. apouringout, Ihat which b paiuad 

Ef-fu'-aive, a. por^ '■— 


Egg, n. Ihe body which . 


» Iha embiya of 

hook, dOra, fun, MB, an, auiw, gtm. ii, thin, thou. 

Ec'-lui-iriw, *■ ■ specin of tu 
E^titm, n. lelf iwmiDendujuu. 
E'-go-iut, n. one who apeski mutfa of him>el£ 
E'-go-iize, D. i. lo lalk of one'« Klf. 
&gni'-gious, a. icnuirkabte, jtrea^ oDOnaoua. 
tgre'-giouii-ly, ad. greatly, anormouily. 
E'-gnm, n. the act of going out, power of ile|«(t- 
&^af'-«iDn, n. the act of eoing oiU- |ing. 

£'-gie>, n. the lener while Kemn, the hatay cniwn 
t'-gri-nt, n. * luiid sf lour eher^. [of aeedi. 

Ef-der, n. a apecieg of aorJi. 


Kight-eenth, a. [ateentli,! the luit after ihe te- 

Eigfai^oU, a. [SlefSldJ laketi eight lima. 
Eighth, a. |eilt^,) noting Ihe number eight 
Eighth-ly, ad. [akdily,j in Ihe etnhih plac«. 
E^u-ieare, n. or a. [ait-iainj twenty uken 

HghlUniea; 160. 
Eight-i-ofa, a. [Eiieth J noting lbeiinmtHir«Bhly. 
(jght-y, a. [&ly,] dght Umea ten united, fbor- 

Ei-iher, a. or pro*, one or another of any niun- 

C-jK-D-ioie, V. I, lo Uiiow QUI, dan, uner. 
B-jie-D-la'-Iion, ii.Biuddea throw, a tbrn pnf er. 
E'jar'-n-lB' lo-rf, a. audden, uttered in ibon aeo- 

E-^ea', V. t. lo cHl Dul, lo lum out, or diuniH. 
E^en'-ml, y. cant out, rtgoeied. 
.E-jee'-Ik>n, n. a coaling out, eipulai 

E^e«'-i»*nt, n. a wril lo gain p 

Efut'-or, B. one who dispoo 


Eke, V.I. lo incmaee, lengthen, prolong. 

Flio, ad. also, beaidee, moreover. 

B'-feed,* ;i. increased in lensth, lengthened. 

E'-Ung, ppr, increasing, adding lo, lenglhening. 

E4*b'-o-rala,t.l. lo prodiire wilh lahor. 

E-lab'-u-nle, «. finiilieil witli eiacDiaai, 

B-lib'-o-me-ty, ad. with labor anil care, 

E-lab-o-ri'-tion, n. impiovement by USor. 

E'-land, H. > ipeDHa of oluiBay ooielopa. 

diBpoMomei another a 

E-lapa'e, t>. i, lo imh away, lo rua oul 
E-lapa'-ed,*f7i. of i'Jetm. ^ I"*" 

E-Eai'-tie, a. apringingtiock, recovering its iumiKr 
E'laa-tic'-i-ty, n. tho pcopenr by which bodica 
recover a Ibrmer aiale uier twiny beu, a 

F.-late,<i. fluahed with lurceai, haughty. 
E-ltte, V. I. to puff up, niake proud. 
E-la'-tioD, n. haughtiness, arrogance, pride. 
£l''bdw, II. ibe heiid of the arm, a comer. 
El'-buw, v. Loti.Ui push with the elbow. 
El'-bOH -chair, n. a cUr with anui. 
Er-buw-nwm, s. room to aioTe ihe elbt,w(. 
Rld'-er, n. a tiw uf Kvetal ipectn. 
Eld'-er, a. haviug lived longer, having more 
Eld'-er, -. otw who i> older. fyeaia 

Eld'-er-ly, a. aoniewhat old, advanced in yean 
Eld'-on, n. anceaiore, rulen. 
EhT'-est, a. oldest, moat advanced in jeare 
Eld'-ar-«hip, ■. seniority, order ofalden, 
El-e-csm-iiiine, n. a genus of planu, alarwoit. 
E-lect', B. (. lo choose, or select. 
E-lecl', a. chosei}, selected. 
E-leci'-ed, p. chosen, taken by choice. 
E-lee'.tion, n. choice, prefeRuice. 
E-lee-lion-Eer, e. I. to make inlerest Sa office 
Gw iHie's self or another. 
l-lec-tioD.*er-ing, ppr, making efforts to nin 
an office by elei;tion. {office. 

^lee-iion-«er-ing, n. use of efforts to gain an 
E-lect'-ive, a. depending on choice, aekciing. 
E-leel'-ive-ly, ad. by choice or preference, 
E-leel'-or, n. one who elecls oi lias the right of 

17 of an eleelor in 

E^W-ln e, n. a aubstaitce that exhibita dectricity 

by tricijon, a non-conduclor. 
E-lee'-lrie, { a. isnaiuing lo electricity, or ca- 
G-lec'-trie-aJ, { paLle ofeihibiling it. 

the oprratiooB of a very snb- 


laion belneoi liudiea, 01 puticli 
.-f i-a-ble, a. capable of receiving 


E-tflc'-iri'Ty-tng, ppr. cluireing with elflctricily. 

E-lee'-trixe, v.t. lo decirif/. 

E-Jec'-lu-n-ry, n. a iaHlii;iue rompuied of paw. 

E-ls^-ninii'-y-na-rj, a. given in charity, per- 

E-le-e-iniH''y-ru-ry, n. une living on ohariiy. 
H'*™nce, -I. niie polisli in mannen, h^ 

sfdicrion, Bymineii?, [«il,b«a^iiriil. 

El'-e-gonl, a. ppliabed, poliLe, refinfld,itymmetn> 
El'-c-^ani-ly, ad. wilh elegance or h«uiy. 
B-ls'-ci^ic, a. lu^ in elegy, mairniTul. 
El'^e-gy, n. o funeral poem. 
El'4-ment, R. the flnt ar minuisB runitbuenl 

pan of a ihiiig. 

CM. ( _i _ Tenaining lo elenwnU. 

. Diimarv. rudimenial. 

n. not or railing^ eiallalion, hlghth. 

El-fl-ment'-a-ry, a. prinu ^ , 
KI'-S'phanE, n. [he Inreeet nf auulru) 
El*phanl'-ine, o. pena^-^ '-' 

n. ihe ordini 


1 imaeina' 




Eir-loek, --, 

E-lic'.ii, D. (. to draw Ciith, bring lulighu 
E14;^.bil'-i-ty, J n.capacityarbeingelectedto 
m'.j.|j.ble-n«M, ( officr, Bitiublenen. 
El'-i^-ble, a. uspahle of being elecled, deaimble. 
El'-i-gi-bly, ad. suiubly, » oi lo be wonhy uf- 

E-lii'-ion, n. iho cutting off of a vnwel 


. _ field, 

, of boiling, eiiracUun of t) 

Elk, n. B nDBdniped of the 

rlmateJ horns ; Ihe " 
a. (lie Er«li " 

largeit of the deer hind. 

« livhigy. 

ery of word*. 

El^o-cu'-tion, n. ullersnt 
El'-o-gy, E-lo'-ii-am ; ei 

E-lon"-gaui, B. 1. b> draw uu[ in length, to reoeila. 
E-lon"-ga-tioii, n. a lengthening, diatance, de- 

E-lope, t^. I. to depart from Btetion or duty pH- 
E-lup*d,* p. of Eiope. [valely. 

E-li>pe-ment, n. a secret departure. 
E''lop>,».a fiib, the sca-Berpenl. [cy. 

El'-o^quence, n, elegant B|>ealunE, ontoiy, Huet^ 
El'4-qDent, a. speaking with el<igBiic«. 
El'-o-quent-lv, ad. with eloquenpo, 
KUe, ;iran. other, one or something beeide. 
El^, ad. olherwite, in the o^er case. 

E-lo^ci^lBle, v. (. to eiplain, make clear. 
E-lu-ci-da'-tion, n. eiplanaiion. illiuiratian 
E-la'-ei-da-tor, n. one who eiploina. 
E-lude, v, E. lo escape or avoid by artifice. 
E-la-di-bl^ a. Ihat inay he escaped. 

B-lo'^ive, a. praciicmg elusion, evasive. 

E-lu'-lri^uUs V, I. to purifv by vruhing. 
E-lu-lri-a'-tion, n. a purifying by wailung. 
E-lyi'-ian, a. very delightful, blissful. [light 
E-lya'-ium, n. the heeveti of pagans, place ofde- 

E-ma'-cin^ied, p, re<luceJin flesh, lean. 

Lra'-a-nate, o. i. to flow or proceed fiuin. 
Eni.B-Da'.tiDD, n. act of flowing fro^^ that Khieh 
Eni'.*-na-tive, a. lending lo flew ftom. (flnwa, 
tl-man'H^i-pate, v. f. to set tree from bondage. 
E-man-ci pa'-lion, n. act uf emannipalin*. 
E-man'-:i-pa-tor, h. one who ireaa ftom slavery. 
E-mKr'-gin-ate, a. notched at the end, 

Lslrate, deprive of manly 



nahe into a bale. 

ni-b)iJm.ed,* p. prasarred tnta decaf. 

P, full, a 

jfveBHola frtim Boiling. 

tmined ifgni sailiiig. 
BBtrsining iVum Bailing. 

EiB-biir-go, u. prolii 
Em-biir-go-eil,' p. J 
Em-bdr-go-ingifipi — ,^^..„.g .,.,„ 
Em-bork} V. r tu enter mx biiftrd of «> dh^,/- 
Em-hirk-a'-iion, n. B going or pulling on board. 
EiD-burk-ed* p. pul on bdanl, engaged. 
lun-bark'-ing, ppr. guing ur pulling an boercl. 
Em-bai'-raBa, V. t, lo perplei, involve, abash. 
Era.hftr'.niea^d,* p. pecpleied, confuHsd, in- 

Euv-bat', ppr- perpleiin/;, eon&uncting ; 

a. lending to perpli 


Em-baf , V. I. lo ineloee in a ba]' or inlet. 
Em-bii^d,* p. inclosed in a bajjand-lorhe 
Em.heP-tif ht v. i. Ui adonif to make beautiful 
Zm.bel'-tiih-ed,* p. adorned, omameQicd. 
Eai-herHnb-meiU, ». ornameni, decoration. 
Em'-bwi. II. hot cindecB, ashea with fi™ 
IJD-bei'-zle, V. I. to appropriate to B 

Rm-bei'.zled,* p. taken wrongfully 
Em.bei'.^le-ment, it — i-— '--i — 


Em J)ei'-zling, ppt. 

ing unlanrfully. 

li Agurea ofbeml. 
: .^,^. [ly. 

led, displayed pompou»- 

ory, to oecK in gianng coioia. [ly. 

Eir-bLa'-ion-ed,*p, adorned, displayed pompou»- 
Em-hla'-nm-er, B. one who hiaiona or adorns, 
EBvhlH'-zan.ry, n. disnlaj; of figiirea on shields. 


sof cm'ble'ilt; 

^seni uy emoienis. 
or enrich Willi bloo 

I with a body. 

II a bodj or collei'tit 

Em-bod', ppr, forming inio u body. 
Em-huld-iTi, c. t. to give buldiieai to. 
Km.buld.rn.Dd I* encouraged, 
tjn'-ha-lisni, n. inierealaliun, insertion of daya, 

Em.bon'-ment, ■>. relief, raised Kork. 
Em.b<it'4le, e. (. lo inelude in boUt«. 
Em.bou'-cl, V.I. to take oui the bowels. 
Era.bow'.tiL<ed,* p. deprived <<r entrails. 
Em-hoiv', pjir. ilepriving of the bowola. 
Eni'boH-' et, V. I. to lodge in a bower. 
EiD-brae'^d,* p. inclosed in the arms, received 

Bm-brflce, n. clasp with the sinis. 

&n-bnc'-ing, ppr, clasping with Ihe amis. 
Em-bra'-surc, n. ah opening in a wall ihrout . 
-'-'-'■ --ion ore fired. 


. u-Ilh • 

cloth or spui^e dip}ied in war 
EtD-bro-ce ' lion, n. a moialening arid rubbing 

with cluJi 01 J^unge, Ac. 
Eni-broid'*r, « 1. lo bottler wiih omamenial 

needlo-work. [die work, 

Ein-bruid'.er^,*ji, adorned with figures of nee- 
Km-btoid'-e ' ' ' 


sr-y, B. 

Em'.liry-on, { plant, nol distinctly Ibnned. 
E-mend'-a.ble., a. capable of being amended. 

lere'e, v. i. to issue, rise out of a fluid 

lerg'*n^^yT n- a rising out oft exigence. 
lerg'^nt, a. rising out of, coming in aig 


Biir, f^U, what, preyi nurlnc, pin, bin), ■; 

'■•ion,* Morrill 

riaing out oE 
lufi^ in poliahtng. 

E-mpi'-ivt u. that provokea vomiling. 
E-met'-ie, n. a nuidicine that eiritea vomiting. 
c_. ■ _ — ovin^ from one counwy o: 



lo mid« in nnolhsr. 
Rn'-i-gnue, «. i. to remove from one cofinlry or 

stole lu another Ibr reaTilence. 
Em-i-gni'-lion, n, cemovBl of inliabilanls from 

-mncB, n. a rising ground, ■]istim*ti 
-nent, a. high, eialled, dialingnialiei 
-nen^t-ly, ad. conspicuoobly, highly, 
r, n. a Turkiah prince or baahsw. 



E-ra B'-flion, B, a sending out, what i» aent oat. 

E-m t', B. t. to send out, put into circulation. 

E-m il'-li-ale, v. I. to aof^n, render efl^inat«. 
E-in i''-li'enl, a, aotteniiig, relaiing aolidi. 
E-m il-li'^lion, n. a soflening or lelaiing. 
E-m il'-a-menl, n. proltl, gain. 
E-m4 J-u-ment'-a], n. prodaiung profir 

Em-pa'-led,*;), inclosed, put on a stake. 
Em.nalB-meni, n, n fortifying wilh states, the 

catvi of a (lower. 
Em-[«rk, D. (. to irtplox* in a park. 
Em'-pe-ror, n. the sovereign of an empire. 
Em'-pha-sis, n. particalar aireaa of inwrance. 
Em'-pha-vTze, v. t. to utter wilh a particular atreaa 

of voice, oa a won). 
Em-phat'-ie, ) o. forcible, strong, uttered with 
Em-phal'-ical, ) nnphasis. . 
Eni'phat'-ic-al-ly, a-', vvith emphitsia or force. 
Ert.'-pTre, n. dominions of an emperor, govem- 

Em-iiir'-i -.^il-ly, n 

Em.ploy', n, bmiinesa, occupation, office. 
Em-ploy'-ed,' p. occupied, engaged, [nervtee 
Em-p!oy'-er, n. one who emnioyi or keeps ig 
Em-ploy'-iiig, ppr. oecupying.kwpinf in aerviee 
Em-pluy'-ment, a. business, oi'.cupatioii, oflie<. 
Em-poii'-on, e.t. to poison, dtsiroy by poison. 
Em-po'.n-um, n. » place of merchandise, a i 
Em.pov'-ar-' ' 

Em-pow'.er.ea,' p. auioonzi 
Em-pow'*r-ing, j^. author 

Einp'-ti.ed,* p. freed from iti 
Emp'-ti-er, n. one who nrapt 

Emp'-(y, a. void, unfumishe 

Emp'-lying, ppr. pouring ot'-ly-mg», n. less of beer, cider. Sec, 
Km-pur'-pie, c. r. to make or dye purple. 
Em-pur'- pled,* p. ringed with a purple cc 
Ein«pyr'4.a1, a. refined beyuTK) aerial ma'-an, a. empyreal, heavenly. 
Em-py-re'-an, a. the higbeai heaven. 
■" — - - large fowl wilh amall wings. 

Dihing, vfti 
"h ^'"'''' 

Em'-u-lale. v. 

Em-n<la'-Iion, n. rivalry, eflbrt to equal or vu^ 
Em'.u-la-tive, a. inclined to emulate. 
Em'-u-la-tor, h. one who strives lo equal at eicd 
E-muli'-Fnl, a. milking or draining out 
Em'-u-lous, a. rivaling, deairoos lo eice). 
Em'-u-loiia-ly, ad. with desire to eicel. 
R-mGl'-sion, n. a liquid softening medfbtIM 
E-mul'-sive. o. -aoftening, mollifying. 
E-mimc'-io-ry, n. a secretory gland, a duct 
En. a preR I, signifies Dsuatlyinornn, andbelon 
a labial lener, is clianged to an, as iit eMtxt 

En-B'-bIe,o.ttofnmisb whh power, loatithnina. 
Bn-B'-bte1,' p furnished with power, or mean*. 
En-a'-bling, ^ipr. furnishing with power or meaaa. 
En-Bci, D. t. to make or pass as a law. 
En-ael'-ing, ppr. passing into a law j n. givbf 

legislative lorma and sanciiona. 
En-sct'-ment, n. the pasaing of a bill inlo > law 

En-Bci'-ur. n. one. wl 

like elau, subsian 
En-Bio'H "■ '■ to rover with erumel. 
l^ti-sm -el-ai, a. like enamel, hard and tmoulh. 

p. captivaied wilji love. 

«, can, chaise, jem, u, ihin, fhou. 

En-nnin'-lsr, e. (. or i. lu ounge in aKi:bU; la 
En-eoun'-lar-ed,' p. combUea, met. (nwM. 

En-cquii'-ur-ing, ppr. meeung, oppoMDi in bat 
En-ajur'-afe, t. (. in give couragfl lo. [tl* 

En-cour'-B-gfld,' p. onboldeuHl . 
FJi.cBuC-agB-mcnt, n. iiH:iteniml, auppoit. 

ur'-a-iing, ppr. emboldening, mcilinf , r 

-'linjground -' '- - 

En-camp', r, I. or i. lo idtcli (enu tor lodging. 
En-orop'-ed,* p. aeitleJ in u^nla or huta. 
En-eanip'-menL,n. act of (niching tenu, or place 

where troopB ludee. 
En-elee, c. 1, to inclose in a cue. 
En-cat- ed,* p. covered wilh a cnse. 
En-eauH'-[ic» a. pertaining lo the oat of enamel- 
and painting in biiml wai- 

ife, frei 

L chain, lo bind. 


Eo-cba'-^d,* p- Trelled, 
Eo-chllin, V. t. lo ''— 
En-f hain-ed,* p. 

Jin-chant-ed, p. fascinaieU, tbarmed. 
En-chSnl-iiig, ppr. delijihling highly, 

En-chjni-ing-ly, ad. in a way lo faacinaie. 
En-ehanl-ment, n. faacinaiion, magic chamu. 
£itrb&ie,v.Lto Hx in siiolher body, adum with 

En-clr-ded," p. aorrounded- 
Ea-co''-mi-Bai, n. uiie who Ix 

En-eo'-mi-um, n. pan^yiic. 

■e, [onghaiB,] a 

a Burrounding. 

word u9«d lo call lor a n- 


En-cy-clo- pe'-dia, 
En-cyal'«d,a. inch 
End, n 

End, T. f. or i. to finish, terniinila, clUM. 
En-deni'4ge, v-Llo hurt, harm, ii^jure. 
En-dam'-a-ged,* p. damaged, injured. 
En-d&n-ger, c. t. to eipuae lo injury or loas. 
En-dan-ger-ed,* p. put in hazard, exposed. 
En-dear, o. 1. to render dear, or beloved. 
En-dPar-cd," p. mode dear or ^leloved. 
En-dear-ing,iij>r- rendering dear; o- adapted U> 

En-dcBr-ment,n. t^t whrchetriles lender afleo 

En-deav'-or, t. i. lo l^. ilrive, malie offort 
En-d6av'-or-ed,'p. of Endfavor. 
En-deav'-oi-ing,ppr.iBDiving, making effarls. 

i:£s:'*! •■'«""■"•■'»■""'■■'■" 

End'-lng, ppr. finiahing, terminaiin^r, cunclulinj. 

En'-dive, b. auccory, a plant used fla a aalad- 
End'-leaa.o. having no enci, unlimited, continnaL 
End'-lom-ly, ud. wilhour end, infeaaanily- 
Eiid'-leaa-neaa, n. eilenaion wiihoui, par»- 
luiiy. ifiind, (o ennch with gifla. 

En-^ow', D. (. to fumiit. nilh dower, or wu^ • 


BItf, I gll, what, prff, auftoB, pin, Mfd. miifc. 

l^-dow'-ed,* p. fuiniihsd, ptlui, poitioned. 
En-dow'-mg, i^f. fumiihhix, purtitining. 
En-dow'.inenl, n, act of wming doner, ■ ftand, 
En-ilu'-n.ble, a. thai naj bt undund. [■ gift. 
En-du'-rance, n. ■ufferance, condnuance. 
£n-dare, u.i. or i. ui cantiniu, undergo, beat. 
En-du'-red,*y.aufrered, undsrgonB. 
QhI'-wIw, ad. on end, wii)) the end finu 
Eti'-e-my, n. a privBie foe, ■ public idvemrr- 
En-er-get'-ie, a. rDn:ihle, ilrong, vigarous. 
Bn-er-get'-ie-al-!;, ad. viith force, powerfullr- 
Kn'-er-^iie, r. (. to give vigor, act with fores. 
Ea'-er-gy, n. force, power, internal itrengih. 
B-neii'Bte, o. 1. to deprive of neive or vigor. 
E-nerv'-a-iiog, jjpr. we« toning, enfeebling. 
En-ar-va'-tion, n. act of weakening. 
En-fee'-ble, r. (. to iveolen, malie feeble. 
En-foe'-bleil,* p. wenho led, debiliiaied. 
En-foe'-bte-raent, n. a i leaketiing, weakitUe. 
Eln-fee'-bling, ppr. wes kening, debilitating ; t 
adapted to weaken. 

En-feoff' -ed,'ii. invBswit with a fee. 
En-feoff'-ment, n. the ici of enfeoffing. 
En-fi-Itde, n. a ilroig) t pauage or line. 
Gn'fi-llide, 1. 1, to rake in a line. [tioi 

En-fOrce,v.t. to strengthen, compel, put ineiecu 

Impelled, put in e> 
ipelllnB, puttine 

En-f Orc-ed." p. i 
En-furcfr-ment, n. a< 
En-fiirc-er, n. one » 
En-fOrc-ing, j^. co 

En-fron'-chis-ed," p. nn 
En-fran'-fhiie-msnl, n. 

n«-' '■""■■"" 

En-ga'-ged,* p. bound by contract, won, attached. 
Ea-ga'-ged-oen, n. great zeal, 
En.gll^e.nient, n. ulxitlle, ahligatio: 
&i-gi'-ging, ppr. pawning, mnSing 

miiing, binding, encountering ; . 

attractive, ada).ied to plcaae. 
En'^n'-der, c. [. or i. to procreate, produce. 
En.gen'-der-ed,* p. generated, produced, 
^'^^nc, n. a machine, an infltniment of action. 
En-gin^ffr, it. one akillAd in mechonica and the 

in combet, win. 

I. winning, 

En-ginc-rf, n. management of ■niller];. 
En-gird, o. t.p. tndpp. enginled, engirt; to at> 

En'g-lnh, a. pertaining to England. 
En'g-liah, H. the people or inhahitantt aC Eng- 
En"g-ti9h, V. [. to tranilate into English, [land. 

En-gor'-ged,*p. swallowed greedily. 
En^il, V. t. to variegate, as with hail. 
En-griil-ed,* p. vnrieguled, spoiled. 
En-grtin, r. t, to dye in grain. 
En-grSin-ed.'p. dyed in the grain. [graap. 

En-grap'-ple, v. i. to grapple, lay fast hold tJC 
En-grasp, v. J, tograifp,tuholdin thehand, gripe. 
En-grive, v. t. p. engrsveil, engraven; to cot 
with a chisel or graver, as atone. 

En-gni-ver, n. one who engraves. 
En-gra'-vin^, ppr, cutting with a chisel. 
En-gra'-ving, n, (he act or art of cutLinji stones 
Ao. that which is engraved. [band. 

En-grOss-od,* p. 

duy Se wl 

lie, vnita itta fkir 

n. one who monopolixeaf one wh 

vmicQ a laircopy. 
En-gr6«a-ing, ppr. roonoj-oliiing, Ac. 
En-grSaa-menl, n. actorengnMaing. 
Eln-gulf', V. (. to throw or absorb in a gutt a 

whirlpool. ^ 

En-gair«d,* p. absorbed in a gulf or abjaa. 

:. increaae, aggravB 

En-hSnce-ment, n. 

En-hKnc-ing, npr, a^ .„, .. 

E-nig'-ma, n. a Hddlc, ohacure ei 

En-liii^e, V. I. at i. to swell, increeaa, eipaiince. 
Ea-lftrg-edp* p. made greoler, dilMad, iwelled. 
En-lurge-ment, n. incrcoBe of biiUi, areileni, le- 

lesae from conTiiiMnent, difTiisiveiiaa. 
En'Iflr^'Uig, ppt^ o'WEnenuilg iliineiuiiunfl. 
En-lighl-ei], V. I. [enLlr,] 10 make lighl, illumi- 

roU. ' ' ' 
En-liat'-menc, ii. act of enliBling, icguLer. 

En-li-v«i-e(],* p. cheered, animaled. 
En-li-vm-er, n. one who animateB., jpr. giving life, cheering. 
En-mSr-bla, c . lo mike hard aa nuubls. 
En-menh', e i. to calch in a nel. 
En-meeb'-ed,'' p. ensnaiHl, caiighl. 
En'-mi-ly, n. iU-will, hatred, oppoiiiion, 
En-no'-ble, u. i. to make rKjble, lo dignify, 
Eo-na'-bled,* p. made noble, dignified. 
En-na'-ble-ment, n. eieJlalion. 
En-no'-bling, ppr. making noble, eialtingj a. 

adapisd lo eialt and dignifr. 
En-nui, n. (onwee',] wearineai.laiBitLde, [Fr.] 
E-norm'-i-ty, n. aUncioiunesa, great ccuna. 
E-norra'MJUi, a. very groat, atrocioiu. 
E-nonn'-oiu-tj, ad. aliociouily. [now. 

E-nongb, a. (enuT,] luflicient, Ihal iatiafie*. 
EUnough, n. [enuT.I aufficiency. 
E-nougb, ad. |enuf',] auflicieiUly. 
En-ra|e, c. 1. 10 |irovoke to lury, make furioua. 
En-rii4cl,* p. piovoked to fury. 
En-raB-ing,pi>r. eiriling to rage. 
En-tap'-tore, 1. 1, to Iranipoit with pleaiim. 
£n-rap'-[uc4d,* p. tiighlj delighled, 
En-rap'-mr-ing, ppr. pleaaing to ecalaiy. 
En-ra»'-i«h, n, (. to thmw into ecalaay. 
En-rev'-iih-ed,' p. Iraneponed with delight. 
En- raV-iih-mflii, n. eciKfy of delight. 
En-rich', D. (. lo make lich, lo fenihze. 
En-iidi'-«d,' p. made lioti, embelliahed. 

e, gem, aa, thin, [hou. 

rich'-ment, n. incnue of wealth, brUUiir m 

En-aeonc'^d,* p. §he]iered, protected. 
En-HEel, I?. ^ to 111 a aeel on, impreav. 
En-aial-ed,* p. impresned with a aetl. 
EJi-seal-ing, ppr. impneaiag with a aeal. 
Ea-seal-ing, n. the act of toning a aesL 
En-ihie1d, n. t. to shietd, cover, prolecE. 
En-ahrhie, c. t. to iocloaa in a ihritie or cheit. 
En^hiin-ed,* p. depoeilod for lafe keeping. 
En'-ai-fonn, a. reaambling a ■word. 
BIn'-aign, n. [en'ulne,] an officer that cairiee a 

■landard.a dag. 
En'-Blgn*y, n. Iho cammiHiaD of an enaign. 
En-aifive, v. t. to deprive of liberty, to lubjecl 
En-alftv-ed,* p. rednced to bondage. 
En-sl&ve-ment, n. act of reducing to bondaga. 

with a 

iwi^. [1 

En4Bil,n. an« 

En-tsil, V. I. to settle an ei 


En-Uil-menl, n. act of aettling an eatale. on a 

raan and pailiculai hein. 
En-tan"-gle, v. I, to involve, moke inCriealc^ an- 

wure, perplei. 
En-tAn''-gled,* p. invjived, petpleied, 
En-tan"-glwnent, n. perpleiity, intficaey. 
En4an"-^er, n. a perion whs pcrpleua. 

"•h^ f^t n»«fTn«. pin, i> 

of gwxli U tha riuiom I 

En'-iot-ed,* p. put in, wliniued, mtrodiiced. 

Ea'-UT'iiw, ppt. coming or going in, per- ilraling, 
*eiiing Sown in willing; a. baitinnii g, niBk- 
ing way {ot »iiiMhing, ui an enUrmg wadgs. 

£a'-(fr->ng, h. an cninnce, a poauge. 

Ell' lor-priu, n. an undanaking, ailempt. 

En'-ur-priae, a. I. to tefcs In hand, [o atlanipt. 

En'-ter-pi1-i«d,* ;>. lakon in hand, BUampt«d. 

Eii'-ioi^pn-wr, n. an adrenturor. 

En'-tar-prl-iing, ppr. underMUng, atmnpling; 
a. bold, adventUTDUa, reiolule %a undenake. 

En-t«r-tsln, v. I. to fumiifa wilb table and lodg- 
lie willi canvanaliMi, Iraep. 
). todgM. [naced, amuMd. 


g,™f. lodging. _ . 
u. adapLad to plsaaa, diverting, 

Kn-ihr in-Hil,* p. plocod on a ihn>n«, 

£ii-thu'-Bi-ail,n. onewlioie imagiiiu 
Kn-l!ia-ii-an'-ie, a. full aS ardor and 
lin-tha^i^it'-ie-al-lT. od. with great 

En-li-eed,* p. tempted, iniiigaiad- 
E,i-[ic»meal, n. inatigati 

¥.aW-etg, n. one who in. _ 

En-lf'cing, pp. inciting lo evil ; a. k 

En'ti'-dng-lf, ad. with initignliDn to n 
Sn-iire, a. wliola, complete, undivided' 
^n-t1re-ly, ad. wholly, cmnpletely. 
£n-lii»neBa, En-Ure-ty, n. w1ioImi_, -. 
En-li'<lle, V, I. lo give a title or right to, I 
ftMMled,* p. having a title or juM olai 
En-ll-iluig,ppr. giving title, name, or rign 
fin' ti-iy, n. raal rmng or eiiatence. 

En-tOmlhad,* 71. bid in a lamb.inlerTed. 

Eo-tm]i'-pcd,*p.cBiight in a tnjp, injuiarvd. 

En-lrfat-ing, p/,r, bnoeching, praying eameal ly 
En-lreat-y. n. an oameal roquetl or prayer. 
En'-ti^, n. entrance, panage, aiv»anl of a cargo 
given 10 the ciulom-houao officer. 

» (roni iinou or lu 


_.. /aaMlsge, enalave. 

En-vaii'-aal-ed,* p. reduced to Hlavery. 
En-vel'-op, b. 1. to wrap, rover, inelow. 
En-vel'-op, n, a wimpper, outward case. 
En-voi'K)p^«d,* p, wrapped, incJuaed, 
En«vel'-op-ment, «. a wrapping or ioclusing.- 
En-von'^^m, a. t. to poiaon, taint with bitternen 
Eo-ven'-om-ed,* y. tainted with bittomeaa, poi- 

En'-vi-B-ble. a. that may eicile envy or atvaksn 

En'-vi-od,* p. aotijected to envy. 
En'-vi-iir, n. one who envies. 
En'-vi-oua, a. feeling or harboring anj. 
En'-vi-oo>-]y, ad. vnth envy. 
En-vl-nin, 0. (. to hem in, to aDrmand. 
En-v1'-rori«d,* p. lurmnfided on all aidei. 
En-vf-ron-ing, par, cncompaaaing, encirdi 
En-vT-CDna, m. ptnces near or o^iaeenl. 
En'-voy, n. ■ minialer to a fonign conn. 

En'-vy-ing, n. iH-ivill or diaoontent Ft 
E'-pact, n. the eicaa of the aoUr monl 

the Ittnar. 
Ep'-arch, n. the govomiH of a proviiu 

Inree peckn, 
E-phem'^e-ni, n, an iniect that lives one iloy anly, 
E-pheiD'-e-raii a. diamsl, laHLing one do-y oiily. 
E-pbem'-a-ria, n. a daily account of the pmitioiu 

of the planets. 
Eph'-od, n. a linen girdle of Jsuish priests. 
E|i'-ic, a containing narrative, liemic. 
Ep'-i-i;eiK, a, common lt> both sexes. 
Bp'-i-eure, «. one 

B, chniwi gem, M, thin, thon. 

Ep-i-tbd'-ie, a. conaiating or BbomHling in epi' 

a little more ttian E-pit'-n-me, f n. an ahndfrnenl, ahfltnct, Hum- 

le who abridgci a writinff. 

addiclol to loiuiT. 
a fullowei of Epicun 

Ei^-i-.'""™™*"' ' __ . 

Ep-i-dran'-ic, ) a. common to many people, 

Ep-i-dem'-ic-al, ( generollj' prevailing. 
Ep-i-dem'-le, n. a popular diieaae. 
Ep'-i-gram, n. a Bhon poem ivilh point. 
Ep-i-gram-caat'-ic, a, like aa epigram, pointed, 

Ep-i-giam'-iDS tiat. 

Ep-i-lep^ite, n. aubject lu tbe epilopay, 
Ep'-i-logtK, n. a cauchuUug speecb. 
B-piph'-B-ny, n. a Christian Itstival, celebrated 

Oie 12ih day afler ChrisihiaB. 
E-pifl'-Eo- pa-cj ,Ti .0 hutch government by btahopa. 
E-pia'-co'pel, a. pertaining to bbhops. 
" -a'-li-an, a. pertaining to gb 

copal church. 

E-pi»'-™-pats, n. ihodignity of abinl 
Ep'-l-aode, Ti. a Beparate story or incideuL 
Ep-i-Bod|-ie, I a. pertaining to an epiaode of 
Ep.i.eod-ie-al, > contained in it. 
G-piB-paa'-tie, n. ■ bliatflring application. 
E-pia'-rlc, n. a letter, particularly or an apoalto. 
K-pia'.io-la-ry, a. conlained in lellera. 
E:-piB'.to.lize,t>.i. to write epistlca. [ling tettera. 
E-pia-io-lug'-ia.phy. n, the art nr practice of wii- 
El/'i-laph, n. an inacriplion on a tomb-stone- 
Ep'-i-thet, ft an adjective, eipreuilDg a quality. 


E-pit'-o-ml-wd,* p. abridged, shortened. 

E-pit'-o-ml-zer, n. oi» who abridges. 

Ep'-och, n. a fiied point frem which yean or 

time i» computed. 
Ep'-ode, n. the third or last part of an ode. 
Kp'-u-la-ry,a. pertaining to a feaat. 
E-(iua-bir-i-ty, n, euualny, unifomiily. 
E'-qua-ble, a. equal and uniform at all timea. . 
E'-^ue-bly, ad. with conaiant unifonuity. 
E'-qual, a. like in amount or degree, even, juaL 
E'-quul, n. one of tlie same rank or age. 
E'-qual, 1. 1 or i. to make eqnal, to he equal. 
E-qual'-i-ly, n. hkeness, eveniwM, uniformity. 
E-qual-i-nt'-tion, n. act of equalizing. 
E'.qual-iie, r. t. to make equal or even. 
E'-qual-i-zed,* p. mode ec|ual or like. 
E'-qual-i-zing, ppr. reducmg to equality. 
E'-qual-ly, od. ui the same degree, impatlially. 
E'-quat-ness, n. equality, evenneas. 
EI-qua-Dim''i-ty , n. evennesa of mind, compoau ro. 
E.quan'-i'mous, a. even in temper, cool, com- 

E^]un'-tion, n. a bringing lo equality. 
E^iua'-ior, n. a great circle equally distant from- 
the pulea, divEiling the earth into northern and 

E'-que-ry, b. 

a. pertaining to the equator, 
le who has the care of hotBea. 
i. penaining to honee or honw- 

E-qiii-an"g-u-l»r, o. haling equal anglea. 
E-qui-diB'-iant, a. being at the aame.diblance. 
E-qui-dia'-tont-ly, ad. at a like distance. 
E-qui-lat'-e-ral, a. havini the aides equal. 
E-qui-li'-brale. v. t. lo balaii.* equally. 
E-qui-l[-hra'-tion, n. eqmpoiHe, oven balance. 
E-qui-Uh'-ri-ous, a. equally poised, balanced. 
EHjui-Mb'-ri-ty, n. equal balance. 
E-ioi-hb'-ri-um.n. equipoise, eqiistiey of wei^ 
B'-qulnc, n. peiiniiiing lo horacs, or the kiod. 

Ejjui-Doe'-Iiil, n. the great circle of the ipfaen 

(uidar wbicb Iha equator moveei and whJ;:h 

the lun deuribea when the days and nighl* 

ue »|ual 

E'-qui-noi, n. the time ivhen the 

of the oquinoclitil poinU, or time when the 

daya and niglila ara of equal loiwth. 

R^uip', E. t. to diw, nnn, fit out, funuah. [Slc 

Eq'-ui-page, n. aUendaare, u hunei, carriagea, 

El4|uip'-nienl, n. act of fumiihing, app~ ' 

E'-ijui-paim, it, an equalitf of weight. 

E-qui-pol'-lenoe, n. equality of power < 

E-qui-pol'-lent, a. having equal jbrce. 

E-qui-pon'-dD-fsnce, n. equahbj of wei 

E-qiti-pon'-de-rantiU, beinx oftho aanii 

E-qui-pon'-de-ralc, e. i. Eo Be of equal i 

E-quip'-peii,' p. fumithed with hahiliir 

" -faxp^-piae, ppr. (applying with- 

er, f|ill, what, prsT, maiVne, pin, bird, mSve, 

tale, a.Juat, nght, impartial. 
vT _ aTieinsjUBl, equity. 


Eq'-ui-ta-bly, oi ... 

Eq'-ui-t}', n. Justice, right, impsrtislily. 
E.quiT'-a-lencB, n. equality uf worth or p 
E-qiii v'-a-lent, a- equsl in worth, power or eSeci. 
E-atuv'-a-lem,B. thai which ig equal in worth, 
Ac. [Bmbiguoui. 

E-quiT'-o-eat, a. being of doubtTul aignifiuition, 
E-qaiv'-o-eal-ly, ad. Joubtfully, uncertaioly. 
&q ui s'-o-cal-neea, n.ambiguiij, double meaning. 
,E;-qniv'-o-e8le,o. 1. to uaa word* of doubtful aig- 

E-quiv-i'-ea'-tion, n. the use of words of double 
E-quiv'-o-ca-tot, n. one who equivocalM, 
E'.qui-vuke, n. an ambiguous letm. 
C-quiT-o-roui, a. feeding on horse fleah, 
Er, a termination of words, denotea an agent or 

pe™.)n, tike or, aa h> .ftrTmr. 
E'-ni, n. a tiied point of lime, uaed by aome na- 
tion or body of men, from which to compute 

E-ra'-di-ala, i. i. to shoot roya, to beam, [light. 
E-ra-di-a'-tion, n. emission of reya, or beaina of 
E-rad'-l-eete, i. (. lo ruot oulj eilirpale. 
E-rad-l-ia'-lion, n. the act of moling out 
E-ra'-B-ble, a. tliai may be eraeed. 
E'Aae,v.f.,io blot out, eOacn, deatroj 
"■ ■ " raiched — ■ -'r-~>J 

Hae-ment, n, act of eraaing, d 
s'-aing, ppr, rubbing out, blot 

Era, ad. before 

er Ihan. 

I of the d( 

E-PBct', 0. upright, perpendieular, ai 
E-met', e. I. or i. lo raise and set uprigbt, build. 
E-reet'-a-ble, a. that may he erected. 
E-ree'-tion, n. a aetting Dpright.*ct of building. 
E.«eet'-ly, ad, in an erect poaiure. 
E-rect'-neaa, n. erect alalc, aprighl potlure. 
fire-Jorig, ad. before a long time shall elapse. 
Er'-gol, n. a pmlubomnce on a horao'a leg, ar 

e<il-ly, ail. without rule or method. 

pi. errata; an error in printing 

Err'-ed,'p, of Er 



Er-u-hea'-cence, n. reilneas.o blushing. 
Er-u-beg'-cent, a. red, reddish, Uushii^. 
E-rue-la'-tion, n. a belching, a bunting fortD. 
Er'-n-dile,a. inalrucled, teamed. 
E--... .ijw.iioii, H. learning, knowledge. 

^n-oua, a. coppery, rusty. [the skin. 

E-rup'^iion, r. a brsAkmg forth, a rail spot oa 
E-rup'-tive, a. bursting out, tending to bunt. 
K-ryn"g-o, n. a plant, the eea-hully. 
Ej'-y-sip'-e-laa, n. a diaease, St. Anthony'a lir* 

Er-y-ai-pel'-a-loiB, a. eruplr .. 
E»-ca-lade, n. a settling .]f walk. 
Eg-ra-luile, v. t. ui acnle, lo mauni b; ladden. 
Es-«il-up, n. a family orbivalvular«hellfi«h. 

Ku'enpe, n. »ci of ttvoiJinR, flight, a geuing free. 
E«-<*p-«l,*p, and pp. of £«rape. 
^>.rhB-lo^ n. a shalote, a ■mall oiuon. 
Es-cli^r, n. a war, crust on a wounded part. 
Ba-thar-ol'-ie, o.i3in«ir, destroying fleth. 
Ks-cheat, n. ■ fall irut nf lands lathe lord,' or to 
the elate fbi nsiit of an owner. 

' ufallui^wlordoflheinanoror 

e, ruli, ate, ran, cbsise, gem, u, thin, (bau. 



e, a. liable lo ncheal. 

' p. shunned, aToidfld. 
m-ron; n. a body of 
or provisionB on tbe way. 
■-eon', «. t. to atieml and e 

tnd guefd on tbe my. 
'ereu lo a third peison, 
la be deUvered lo the grantee on ceruin con- 

Re'-en-lent, a. eatable, sood for food. 
Es-eulcb'-eon, n. a ihi^d or coat of atma. 
Es.culch'-eon-od,' a. having a cost of arms. 

Es.-pal''ier, n. a row of treos trained up to a lat- 
tice for Moteoling plants in a garden. 

ts-pe".ciB],'i. princiiud, chief, particnlnr. 

Es-pe".cial-ly. ad. i^hiefly, principally. 

Ea-pled," p. seen, discovored. [iif espying. 

Rs'-pi-on-sge, n. omcticB of employing spiee, or 

Els-plB-nade, n. the glacis of a countencaip, or 
slope of a parapet. 

Cs-poiui'-al, a. relating la espousals.«, n. B beuolhtng, a marries. [ry. 

Es-pou»e, n. 1. 10 hetrolh, engage lo marry, to mar- 

fj-pou»-ed,' p. belroihed, married. 

EB-py', B. (, or i, lo see at a distance, to spy. 

Ra.i|ulre, ti. a lille of mugielrales and publio 

Ri-»iy, 11. t. to Bllerapl, try, endeavor. 
Es'H&y, n. a trial, attempt, short ireatiae. 
FIi.Bllv.ed,* p. tried, attempted. 
Eg-»ty-ing,ppr. trying, making efforts. 
Ea-tf y-iBt,n. ■ writer of eMtfa. [perfiims. 

Bs'-aence, n. the D«tur° of a thing, eiislaica. 

Es.xen'-tial-ly, ad. neveuarily. absolutely. 
Ei-tab'-lisb, e. i. 10 tii, aellle, found, confim 
E8-lob'-li8h.ed,' p. fiicd, settled, tonfirmpd. 


„ Ib! wiiJi respect, 
worthy of ei>teera,valual 

Ea-ti-me'-tion, n. a mluing, csleoni 

Es'-li-val, D. perteininc to lumaier. 
Es-li-i^'-tion, n. a passing of the lU. 

sition of pMols in a floial bud, 
Es-top,' p. I. to bar, impede by one' 
Es-iop'-ped,* p. barred, hindered. 
Es-top-pel, It. a plea in bar. 

or level pi 
Bted in aff 

E«-tiSn^-ed,* p. alier 

Es-tmngo-ment, n. aiieuBiiun, reaefvn. jowner. 
Es-tr&y, n. a b«at thai has wHtidered from its 
Es'-tu.a-ry, n. sn arm of the sro, a frith. 
Es'-tu-ate, ti. (. la boil, to be agitated. 
Es-tu-a'-tign, n. a boiling, a swelling of water. 
E^-au'-ri-ent, a. inclined to eal, hungry 

Eieh, B. [. to make prints on copper-plate by 

Elrh'-ed,* p. marked in lines by nitric acid. 
Etch'-ing, n. impression from etched copper 
pla|e. (lest. rfaHeltw. 

E-ter'-nal, a. having no beginning nor ead,.erd- 
E-ler'-nal, n. an appellaiion of Goil. 
E.let'-nal-lj, ad. peipeiuallv. endlauly. 
E-ler'-ni-ty, n. dnraiion vuithoui end. 
E-ler'^iize, v. t. to immonnliie, make Endln*. 
E'ler'-ni-ied,* p. tendered elemaL twinda. 

E-te'-iian, a. fale'ibaij ttatsd, periodical, aa 

iUi, ^1, nlifl, pcfT, marine, pin, bl 

B'-ther, n. the Huhiil fluid auppoMil la lillfpace; 

a light, voluilc fluiii. 
E-llie'-nval, E-ihe'-re^iu, a. comutuu oTetlui. 
Eth'-ie, Blh'-ie-al, a. relsting to nuinli. 
Eth'-ic-ai-ly.oil Bcnxdin)! to fltliia. 
Eih'-iea, ti. dontriim ot munliiy, acienoa of mo- 

mf philoKiphy- 
Eih'-oie, Eth'-nie-al. a. pogwi, beathan. 
Elb'-ni-citin. n. heUheniMn, iiloluo'. 
E thuC-o-Ej, R. KiwiM of monili. 
E'li-o-hte, v. (. DC I. to whiten, lo blanch by ai- 

cludiiig Uiaiun'i rays. 
E-ii-a-la'-uon, n, iba pmceu of bvcoming wbilo 

by eicludiiialherayaoftheauii. _ — ^ , , 

Et-t-aw>t', n. lamu of civitiiy, cefsmodf. E-ven'-id, a. funt, wsak, 

Et-w«'-cme, K. a c«o foe small inainiDiBntB. E-van'-isb, o. i. to vanii ' 
Et-y-mo-log'He^ o. niating lo etyD»IaKy< E-vap'-or-a-blo, a. that 

Evy-mor-o-6»l,n. one venod inalymoliigy. E-vap'-ot-at 


■Q-gy, a. IhB I 

ist-ie,a. ponainin 
the purity o! 

trif iho lin 


Ett'-lo^ist, a. on 
Eu'-lo-^M, e, /. I . 
Eu'-k»^i-wd," p. com 
Eu'-lo-gy, n, pntiae, c 
Eo'-niifh. 0. a de&cti 

\,a. pertaining to the eudjame- 
who nommmda. 

imendalion, panegrric- 


. Eu-pho 


Eu'-phi>-inr, B 

n Bgroenhta lo the ear. 
Ea-rcic'-ly don, n. a tempsBtL. 
Eii'-n>pe,u. Ihequanaroflhei 

Ailantin and 

pleaiing •onod. 

d Aali 

E-Tan-^r-ic-al,a. accanjuig lo ihTgDipeL 
E-van-gel'-ie-al-ly, ad. in confaroii^ wiih iha 

'■gal-imx, B. pramulgalion of the goapel. 
'■gel-ut, a. ona who preachen the gospel, 
^-gel-ize, a. (. lo iiuinici in the goapel ol 

p. inatructsd Id the goapal. 

luing or containing eva 

E-vap-or«'.ut>n, n. 
E-v^-sion, n. ewxpa 
E^sa'-sive, a. eliuive 

E-va'.«ive-Iy, od. by 

E-Ta'-Biva-neaa, n. quality ctf evading, evaiiui 
Eve, n. Ebe clou of tfie day, even, evening. 
"' ^en, a. Iwel, ainooth, flat. 

lea, v. 1. ID make level or iinoatb. 

ren^d.'p. made lerel, Bimiutlwd. 
rcn-hand-eil, a. just, impartial, 
'en-iiig, n, the latter part or cloaeof the di 
Ffn-ing^Biar, rt- Veniui. the planet, imen 
voi-ly, od. equally, unilbrTnly. [evenii 

'V^-i^eaa, n. HivelneH, calmncaa. 
ven-tlde, n. liiae of ev^ing. 

E-vent', n. that which comea, end, iuue. 

B-vent'-ful, a. fntl oTincidenta or changei. 

E-vent'-a'-aL a. conaeaueniiaL uiti" ~~~ 


_ . «, oi at any time, elwa, _, 

Ev'-er-green, ii, a plant, Iree, or ihrnb thU ra 

taina ita verdure tltrough the year. 
E-ver-tdat-ing, a. conLinuing without nud. 
Bv-er-lasl-ing-ly, od. elemally, willunit end. 
Ev-er-iiv'-iog, a. living si wayi.iiaiaoitaL 
Ev-ecHOOre, ad. alwaya, etenially. 
E'Va'-moD, n. the act of ov«atlin>wiii(. 

E-viet,' V. I. to diapoiiess, to Islie away. 
Ev'-i-dence, n, ihoi whi^fh pwve> or show> facu, 

Ev'-i-deni, a. clear lo the undetstanding, Jilain. 
E.v'-i-dent-l7, nJ. cleajlj', plainly, cenafiily. 
E'-va,n. r«vl,j ill, wirkeJ^"' 

E-vil-dl>-or, n. one who dnes evil. 
G-vO-b'-var-ed, p.trr-iouiiteiuuiced, ugly. 



iWiLesB, Ti- bailnon 



» made evident. 

. . . tlie boweli. 
KV-i-ta-OJe, a. th«[ may bn avoided. 
ET4-ca'-iion, n. n nailing foriti. 
E-volie, V. I. to call forth, lo appeal. 
E-vo'-ked,* p. culled forth. 
Ev-o-lu'-tion, n. a flying off. 
Evrf>-lu'-lioii, It. an unfold ing, change orpoiitto 
E-*olT'e, «. (. lo imfuld, Hisenuingle, emit. 
&valv>4d,* p. nnfaided, opened, emitted. 
E-volv'-ing, ppr. opening, throwing out. 
E-vul'-«ion, n. art of plucking out or away. 

EWB, n. [yu,] a 
Ew'-sr, n. [yu't 

a large pitcher for w\ 

',] a large pitch 

_ ifiasDuIo/or. 

Ei-a-ow'-bate,'D. C. to irriute, inflaiae, eiupnBte. 

Ei-a«er-b«'-tion, n. incresaed vnlencs of a ciia- 

Ei-a-csr-bei'^ence, n. increoM of lirilation or 
Ei-aei', a. {egzaa',] acctmle, nice. tnethoiHoBl. 
Ei-aef, V. I. to demand, rnqaiie, eHort. 
Ei-ae'-iion, n. act of eitorting, heavy tax. 
Ei-«Ft'-ly, ad. accurately, nicely, jiutly. 
Ei-acf-nea*, n. arcumry, nicety. 
' ^-•el'-er, n one nha eiacu. 

enlarge in deacripliuu b* 

nplilicalion beyond UTtth 
unlaining eiaggeraiion. 
I lili high, eiiul, magniTy 
ing, elevation (eu|>erior 
, niBgnLlied ; n.vety hieli, 

•earch or inquiry. 

!i-am'-ine, v. I. [egiam'in,) to 

search into, inquire, try. 
Ci-am'-in-ed,* p. iiiie»tion«J, 

rntipect with cart 
ean-hed, tried. 

n'-ple, n. [egiam'i>l,l a paueni, mode 
I'-i-mate, a. dmd, lifeleei, dt^ecled. 
I'-lhe-ma, n. eruplione, a Inraking ou 

Ei-lia-pe-FBte, e.l. lo make very tiriery,pTDvuke. 
Ei-as-pe-ra'-Iion, b. irriution, a making atiary. 
Ei-ran-dea'-cnice, n. a glowing or wbiia ttail, 

violent anger. 
E»,«Br-nBv., V. i. lo deprive of fleeb. 
Ki'^a-vaie, 0. 1. 10 hollow, make hollow.'-tion.n, aciof making hollow.ahoDoW, 
Ei-eo«d, y. 1. or i. to •urp«a, lu excel. 
Ki-eeiA-mg,ppr. or a. >urpa«ing, excelling. 
Enaed-ing-fy, od. to a grenl degree, iceed 
Ei-eel', o.<. ori, to BOrpeu m good quatitiea, ei- 
Ei-cel'-led," p.- lurparaed, eiceeded. 
Ei'-cel-lence, n. >uperiorgmnlneBii or 
Ei'-cel-len^iy, n. great value - ■-■'- 
Ei'-eel-lent. a. ver^ good, b( 
Ei'-cel-lNiHy, ad, in an eimiejii uegice. 

Ei-cept',i.(, to t^e out, exempt^ la ob^l. 
Ei^capt-uiB, ppr. taking out, eicluding. 
Ei-cep'-tiwi, n. «cln)iDn,an objeriion. 
E^.cep'-don4-hle, a. liable to vbjectioni. 
Ei-cep'.4ion-leBS, a. not imble 10 ob^ecLiona. 
Ex-ccpL -ive, a. inelnding on eicc|>liou. 
E<-o^-or, n. ona who olynu. 
Ei-cem', D. I. to emit through lite puMi,eiiireti 
f^-t»nf-ed,* p. ■Bpanled,eiicrBlod. 
'Ei-aMa'. R. mat ia above meuanvautplua. 

or jpeatne* 



Gi-ceu'-ive, 0, eiceoding Jusl Umiu. ■ 
Ei-ceaa'-he-iy, ad. eiceedinffly, emioeniljr. 
Ei-cess'-ive-ness, n. eicea, ihal which eiceeda. 
Ki-chSnie, o, i. ui give one thine for anolher. 
Ek-chfingCTn^ttctckl bartering, puc« where mer^ 

chiinu meet. 
Ei-chnnie-a-ble, a. that may be eichaogml. 
I^i-cliSnES-B-bil'-i-ly, n. it being excliuigMtble. 
Ei-clianf-ad.'p.givra tor Bomelhing elae. 
LlX'i^hBnff-4^ri IT, u person who eichangeB. 
Ki-chSng-inB. ppr. burtaring. 
lin-cheti'-uer, n. a court in England that hu 

charge of the king'« revenue, piece of revenue, 
Bi-ci'-m-ble, a. subject to eicise. [coiuumer, 
Ei-clM, n. a duty on goudi paid by (lie seller oi 

En;i'-»ed,'p.lftied by eicim. 
Ei*ise-inan, n. one who iua poets eicieed goods. 
Ei^cii'-ion, r. eitirpatiun, utter dectruction. 
Ei-ci-tB-hil' i-ty, n, capBCity of being eicited. 
Ei-cr'ta-hls, a. that Ran be roused into action. 
Ei-cl-ta'-tion, n. Bci of exciting or rousing. 

El-clte.c. (. to ■lir,rouae,s1iinulale, call into ar- 
Ei-cite-ment, n. act of nwaing, sU» of ijio«as- 

Ez-elSim-ed," p«f. of Exdaim. 
Ei-«l5iia-ing, ppr. crying out, voeiforating. 
' Ei-cla-ma'-lion, n. a load outcry. [lion. 

Ei-elam'-a-lo-ry, a. using or coniaining eiclanui- 
Ei-elade, e. (. to shut out, debar, eicenl, 
Ei-du'-fion, n. rejection, eicepiion, a debarring 
Ei-flii'-live, a. that eicludes, deburing. 
. Ei-du'.8ive-ly, ad. by eiclusion. 
Ei-cln'jo-ry, a. able to eiclude. 
Ei-eog'-i-Ute, B, i. to strike out in thought, in- 
Ei-eog-i-ta'-tion, n. iSoughl, invention, [veni. 
Ei-eom-rau'-ni.eale.v. t. to exclude from church'-iu-eate.fl. refected from conununioo. 
El.««'-tion, n. the act of eicluding 

fiom the oidiiumcea of the church. 
Ei-eo'-ri-ale, u. *. to flay, to strip ofl' skin or bark. 

IHr, Iffi, what, prjy, mariDe, pin, bird, miive, 

^i-cor-ti-ca'-tion, n. act of stripping offbarli. 

it-ere-inent-i"-tious,a. consisting in eicremenl ■ 
ii-erea'-cence, n. preiemaiural growth or pro* 
^i-em'-ceiit, a. growing out unnatofDlIy. 
Di'Cr^te, V. t. to discharge through the parea. 
ili-cie'-iion, n. diachai^se through the pores, tbM 

a fluid 

giHW. torrnanting. very K 

la-bly, ad. 

fimble, digression, joui 

w.quallty of being eicusuble 
in a wsv lu lie eicused. 


Lie, V. t. to pardon, justify, flee frai 

El-eiiae, n. apology, plea in jualification, 
El-eu'-»ed,* p. freed from blame, justified. 
" .cn'-ling.ppr, freeing from blomp, foifriving 

Ei'-e-cra-bly, ad. curaedfy, obnminablv. [b.e. 
^I'-e-crato, », 1. to curse, lo detest oUerly. 

!!i-e-cra'-tion, n. a cursing, utter detealolion. 

!!i'-e-euie, v. t. to do, perform, put to death in 

^T-a-eu'-tion-er, n. one who puis lo death by 
!i-ec'-u-livo, a. carrying into effect. [law, 

!i-ae'-u-tive, n. [i as gz,] the power that eie> 

r^hip, n. the ofKce of executor. 
X, n. a famale app 

appointed by win to 

fix-eni'-plar, n. [i u gz,] cupy, patlern, model. 
Ei'-om'pla-ri-ly, ad. by ivsy of BiHm[,j!. 
Eli'-em-plB-ry, a. serving for a paueiD, W(>nhj 

Ei-em'^pli-fi-ed,' p. illiLsimied by example. 
Ei-en^-pli'fi-ei'. n. one who eiemplilitiB, 
El-em'-pli-fy, s. I. lo illuilTBte by oiinipls. 
Ei-enpt', a. |i as gij tree, not lulyect to. 
Ei-eiupt'i V, U lo free, to privile^. 
Ei-empC', n. one who is noi subject or liable. 
Ei-emp'-lkm, n. freedom, privilege, immuniiy. 
Ei-en'-le-raln, e. t. [i at gzj lo embowel. 
Ei-e^^iua'-tur, n. ■ written racognitiou of a pei- 

Ei'4-quiefl, n. pL fiinenl io]emniti», 
Ei-ei'-ceni, a. |i u gi,] eierciiing. 
Ei'-er-ei-»«-ble, a. tbot may be ei^rciseJ or ii»ed. 
Er'-er^else. n. use, practice, enenion. 
Ei'-er-clie, •. me, prainice, employ, train. 
Ei'-*r-ci-iied.' p. used, practiced, trsined. 

Ei-e»'gne, n. a little ipace round a fig™ on a 
Ei-ert',!). (. [I ■■ gz,1 louK«tmnpb,to atruii. 
Ei-«T'-ticBi, n. effort, ai-1 ofeieiting 
" ffinscat 

k, davs, full, uae, «an, ihaiia, ^em, ai, thiii, fbou. 

Ei-fa'-U-nle, e. 
El-hn'-la-ble, a. 

r be eihaled. 
that nfaich i 
w or Bend ai 


-i-ble, a. 

en,] 10 dra 

U may be eihauiled. 

of eihausling, SMU of being 


Ei'hausl'-leas, a. that cannot be eihaiBled. . 
Ei-hib'-il, e. '- [i "» gi.) to show, lo display. 
Ei-bib'-it, n. a paper produced. 
Ei-hib'-il-ed, p. shovtn, displayed, praduced. 
Er-ht-bi"-lioii, n. a selling fiirth, display. 
Ei-hif-s-rale, B. (. to make cherTiil, or meny. 
Ei-liil-s-ra'-tioii, n. the act of making glad. 
Ei.hoit', o. (. [i SH gz,l lo advise, or penuade. 
Ei.holt'-a.tion, fi. act of eihorting, advice, cni in- 
Ei-hoK'-a-lo-ry, a. lending to «imifL I,wl, 


ihineni, a penon b) 

Ei'-ile, a. imalj, elender, Hne. 
Ei-il'-i-ly, n-slendemsss, Ihinnees, finenm 
Ei-JBt', V. i. (I as gz,] to be, live, alay 
Ei-iat'-ence, n. being, elate of having hie, 
Ei-iil'-ent.a.'- -^- - -- 

Ei'-il, n. 


ine lately a lefiaUlor. 

Ei'-o-diia, n. deparlure of the Israeillei fnin 

Egypt, tlie lecond b(-)k in the Bible. 
En)n'.e-rBie,u. t. [i aa gz,] umnload, ardiabui. 
Ei-oii-e-ra'-lion, n. a disburdening. (den. 

Ei'-o-ra'ble, a. that may be nuivrd by entreaty. 
Ei-Drb'-it4nce, n. ennvagance, eiceHivenen. 
Ei.orb'-it-anl, a. eicesaive, tutreaeonable 

ci-sed,* p, expelled by cotyuralion. 


to open, spieaif, dilate. 

e eiiont of space. 

I. capaciiy of being eipa 


... . janbe expa 

, ,_. .jpabie of eipanai... 

Ex-pan'-sion, n.act of eipanding, dilniation. 

Ei-pana'-ive, a. having power tu expand, or b« 

—parget], wide. 

,ia'-iiale, n. [■ to rove, waniler, enlarge. 

Ei-pal'-ri-ale, v. I. to quit cne'a counliy, and re- 

E.-'^eC, «.Tw"l"Vo"r waTt for." '^«'-a-ble,a. that may be cipecled 
Ei-pe«t^an-cy, n. a stale of waitin(. 


BBj, 6(11, why, prey, m 

Ei-peii'-ani, a 

E.-pBM'-«lt, I 



loukiigi; or wuiing br. 
ni-nee -lo-nni, n. a medicine Ihsl promoM di*- 

rhargea rrom the lungH. 
Ei-ped-io-rate. D. f.tadiBchergD from Ihs lontn. 
Ei-pec-U)-ra'-IiaD| n. act of diichargiDg Irani iba 

Ei-pee'-tO'ra-tive, a, promating eipectoniiion. 
F.i-pe'-di-en^ n. lilneai, utility, pnpriety. 
Ei-pe'-ili-eiit, a. fit, pinper, iiutuila, — ''' 

El-pe'-di-enl-lj, ad. fidy, with adi _ 
Ei-pe<I'-i-lius, V. I. to cut out the balln of a dog*! 


Ei'-pe-dile, v. I. to huten, diignlch, bcililata. 
Ei'-|)e4]tl«-ly, ad. niih <)uickiie« oc diipaich. 
Ei-pe-di"-li(m, n. hteta. diapeich, Bnterpriae. 
Ei-pe-di"-tiaii8, a. quick, dona with dis!,ati:h. 
El-|>»^"-tioiu-1y, ad. sperdily, with diapUch. 
Ex-pel', V. I. lo drive oat, force away, baiiiih. 
Ei-pcl'-la-blfl, a. that may be dtivea out. 
Ei-pel'-tod * p. dnven out or anay. 
Ei-pend', V. t. to ipend, lsiroiit,eonaume. [ed 
Er-pend'-i'lure, rt. act of ependinE, anm sipout 

El-pens'e-leaa, a. free from eioenae. 
Ex-pona'-ivB, a. coatly, dsar 

Ei-i«'-ri>anre, n, trial or letie* of triala i 


Ei-pe'-n-Dn-ct<d,* p. tried, iiaedi 

taught by eipericnc^ akillfij. 
El-per'-i-ment, n. trial, eauiy, an 

Ei-pei'-i-muit, D. i, [D make trial. 
Ei-per-i-meni'-al, a. founded oi 
Ei-per i-menl'-al-ly, ad. by etp 
Et-pen',iT. taught hypractjce,akLL]iiji 
E<-pBrt'-lT, ad. deitruoaly, akillfuily. 
E>'-pi-s-ble, a. that may be eipiaied. 

a'-iion, a. aiunement, aaiialsction. 

Ei'pi-ra'-ljoik,n.actof hreallungout,cild,dt 
Ei-pire, ». t. or i. to breothe oui, cihal^ die. 
Ei-pl-red,* p- breatherl out, eihated. 
Ei-ptfiin, v.t. 10 ihow, iiucrpm, illuatrata. 
Ei-jitain-a-bxe, 1. that rnay be uuule pUio. 
Ei'plain^d,* p. expouitded, illnaimled. 
Ei'pla-na'-tion, n. act ol^ making plain, inbr 
Ei-plaa'-a-Kj-rj, a. serving to rajj ain. [uil 
l^T'.nln-tive. n. a word or ayllabto inserted to 

It con heaxpUined 
unfold, show, eiplain. 

n- ait UDfoJdlDg. eiplaD'tinn 

a. tending lo eiplai^. 


1. ciaariy, atpreaajy, 

n. pleianeu oT language. 

Ei-pUc'-it-ty, a,- 

Ek^uda, 1. 1, or i, to bunt wiih loo 
decry, coEideinii, r^ect. 

Ei-plo-ra'-tion, n. act of eiploriag, examinalioii- 

Ei'plo''inl,* p. aearched, eianuned- 
Ei-plo'-aion, ■. a burating with noiae. diacharge. 
Ei.plo'-aive, a. driving or burating with toroa. 
Ex-po'-neitt, s. a li^ire in elgehn that ahaw* ~ 

how olien a root la repealed. 
Ex-pOrt,v, t-toIrajHport oraendgooda Eroin on* 

countryoratate 10 another, (tryincommor^ 
Ei*. pOrt. n. that which ia carried out of a c(nw 
Ei-pdrt4-ble, a. that con be exported. 
Ei-pflrt-a'-tioii, n. the carrying of goods out of 
Ei-piM-er, n. one who eipotta. [the connliy. 
" ' lo ley open or hate, lo exhibit. 

El-pouiid', v. (. to eiphiin, 


1, fuU, lue, can, cbaiu, gem, at, Ihia, QiDU. 

n. eip licit, clear. 
Ihnlmuy boullemdia: 

Ci'press'-lj, od. in diiect Ifinmi, pJainlj. 
Ei'-pro-brato, v. I. to upbraid, ajndema.^ 
Ex-pro-bra'- lion, n. ad of upbraiding or cerum- 
ring a» repr-iBL-hfu!. [lion. 

Gi-pro'-pri-aie, d. 1. to duBtigade from appnpiia- 
Ei-pugn, u. 1. 10 lake bv auaull. 

Bi-puP-tfion, n. »i^ of expel Lii^g. 
Ex-pulii'-ive, a. tonding to drivo out. 

Ei'pang-Bd,' p. eflaced, nbliunted. 
Ei'-pur-giile, V. t. to clmnae, lo purify. 
Ei-pur-ra-iiun, ■. act of purifying. 
Ei-purg'-a-W-i7, u. pHriTying, 
El -quis-iie, a, very fine, eicelleni or cnrioiB. 
Ifll'-qiiii-iU-ly, ad. niixly. completely. 
Ei'.<(uia-iLe-De»a, n. nicety, perfeclion. 
Bi-aet'-re-la-ry, n. one who naa lately ■aoratary. 
Ei-Mc'-iLon, a. a separation by cutting off. 

Ei-itf^'-taiil, a. dryyig, lendi 

lo dry, to free froiD m 


Ei-aue'-lion, , „ 

Ei-mi-da'-rion, n. diarliargea by Kwestmg. [oi 
E<-aade,ii.t.ori.i<>d iwhatge by b wen lin^, to flu 

nt, a. now in being, slandir^ in view. 

n-po-n'-neKiiu,DrUnpreniodilaled. [study. 

ii'-po-ra-ry, a. uuored wilhoul previous 

I'-pivic, ad. without prsvioui nudy. 
__ ...ii'-po-riM, v.i. tu uuer without aiudy. 
Ei-lein'-po-ri-z«l,*j?.of Exfrmporize. 
Ei-iend', p. f. to ulreich, enlarge, apread. 
Ei-lend'-i-ble,<i. that ran beeitenderi. 

bil'-i-iy, n. ijuality of beiris eiteniible. 

.'Me, a. thai may tw eiieniled. 

Ei-len'-akm, n. aa of ensnding, a apreading. 
Kmmi>'4*«, a. hiie, wtda, of fieu anent. 

Ei-[ena'-iie-ly, ad. i 

idely, largdy. 
Ipaaa, bulk, Itugth. 

al-ly, ad. oulwutdly, ii 
'-Da-oui,a.C4>riei^,ronunglhmi abroad. 

. R. ant of (ailing in ■ 

Ei^int', 1. 1 

Ei-lin'-guiafa-er, n. a utencil to y 
Ei.lin'-guiBh-ed,'p. f|iM«iched,d 
Ei-iin'-suitii-ment, r. a putting 

or qnflnch 

/ whoHy. 


El'-iir-pa-ior, n. orw whirpitirpales. 
Ei-iol', II. t. lo piaiae, magnify, exalt 
El-lol'-lod,* p. praised, magnmed. 
Ei-tora'-ive, o. eiacting by compulaioi 
Ei-lort', t. *. to «uct oppressively, to 
Ei-lor'-tion, n. unlawful exaction, 
Ei-ter'-tiun-er, n. one who raBclires e 
pj-ua, signifHB inlhoul or hei/orut. 

passage taken from a writing. 
Fi-traet'. s. 1. to draw out, lake, telecl 

irac'.tion, n. a drawing out, lineage 
trBCl'-ive,o.lhBl may be eitraclefl. (ofaleaf. 

Bur, fell, wim.pfty.D 

El-l.nv'-a-gent-ly, ad. wb« efully, lavi«hly. 
Ei-lrav'-a-n-lad, a. being out of the pruper veg- 

Ei-mv-a-ia'-Iion, n. « lening out or the proper 
Ei-lrSme, a. oulemunl, uDnoal, fartlieet, moat 
Ei-lrtme, n. uimoit liiuii, anremiiy. [violent 
Ei-ErtiDB-lT.'iKL in ihe ulmotl degree. 
Ex-lrem'-i-lT, n. end, limh, nlmaat degree. 
Et'-cri-co-ble, a. that may b« eitricalsd. 
Et'-lri-cBte, «. (. to nl &», diaentuigle. 
Ei'lri-ea'-tKHi, n. act or disenlangting. 
Ei-lrin'-«B, a. outward, eiTemal, loraign. 
Ei-tiiii'-«i<«l-ly, ad. oatwanlly. 
Ei-trfldo, tt (. Id Ihmrt ooL 
fit-in/sion, n. act of thrastjng out. 
Ei-tu'-be-nnce, n. pnilnberansA, ajinob. 
Ex-lu'-be-raiU, a. anelled, •landiiig out. 

Ei-u'-be-rant-Iv, ad, abundantly, plenleauily. 
Ei'-u-Hnle, Ei^ode; see Eawjote, 

Hirming of an ulcer; a rreltuig. 
Ex-uli . B. I. [i at gx,] lo ngoire greatly. 
Ei-ull'-a-liun, n. eiprewioD of great juy. 
Eye, n. Ihe organ of eight, view, a bud. 

Eye-ball, n. the ball of ibe eye. 
Eye-liTighi, n. a plant, the euphraeia. 
Eye-brow, n. hnir growing over the eyee. 
Eye-pliisa, n. a glue lo help the eight. 
Eye-lnah, n. hair on the edge of the eyelid. 
Eye-loei. a. having no eye«, blind. 
Eye-let-hole, n, a small hole for kce or conl. 
Efe-Uil, n. the cover of the eye. 
Eye-serv-ant, n. a v^rvant that requirea watct 
Etv-ihot, n. glance of the e^ eight. [inj 

Brine, pin, btto, taSve, 

Eyo-eerv-ice, n. eervice done only under iLe em- 
[':ye-atght, n. the eight of the eye. Iplayer'a eyo 
V.y^vaK, n. tameching ofieiuire to the aighi. 
Eye-iUine, n. a (mall atone that ii uaed to cteoT 

Eyo-loolh, n, the tooth » 

It the gnndera. 



FA'-BI-AN, 0. like Fabiue, the Roman gene- 
ral, who conquered by delaying to fight 
Fa'-ble, n- an inatniciive fiction, a etory. 
Fe'-ble, D. I. to tei)^ or invent aioriea, to deviaa 
Fa'-bled,* p. feigned, invented, doviiad. 
"-'-'-' building, a 

ucia, or fiamsB. 

^ a. feigned, invented, forged, Ikl 
i-\y,ad. with fiction, Ibignodty. 
e ibrepan of ihaiiead, surface, via 


Fa'-cod,* p. opponed, i 
PU«-pBinl-er, n, D pni 
F§co-p&int-in^, n. por 


ly, ad. with humor, merrily. 

pleasifiury, gponive humor 
rflu-iu:, u. wty w ue done, Hoxibla, pliant. 
Fa-cil'-i-tale, d. 1. lo make easy. 
Fa-cil-i-ia'-tion, n, the act of making eaey. 

Fa-cil'-i-tiea, b. pi. meana lo render ^Bsy. 
Fa'-cing, ppr. fronting, turning the face, CDvei<. 

ingmefore part. 
Fa'-cing, B. a covering in fronL [wtitinir. 

Fac-iim'-i-le, b. eiaci liheneaa, at of haoo- 
Pact, n. en act, deed, reality, truth. 
Fae'-tiun, n. a polilisil party, diasenaion. 

Fae'-iioui, o. given to par- ■"■- 

Fae'-tioua-ly, oil. in a &ci 

book, dttve, full, me, an, eh<u«e, gem, «», thin, thou. 

Fie'-tknu-neaa, n. inclinsuou Id hna fecuon. 
pBe-ti"-tioU3, a. made by an, aniScial. 
Fh&-Uir, It. an agenc in imde, a aubiililule. 
Fec'-tor-age, n. csompeiualion lo a facUir. 
Fee'-tor-y, n. haiue of ■ &cior, iDBniUBcuiry. 
Fac'-ul-ln "■ power of the mind, abilily, «fciil, 

ufficenofa colte^. 
Fi^cund'-i-^, n. eluqueace, readisew of gpeech. 
Fid'-dLe, V. i. lo Irifle, lay, play [he Gwl. 
FiJe. b. i. to wither, decay, liwe color. 
Fa'.dLng, ppf. Losing color, withering ; a. lubject 

lo decay, liable to perbh. 
Fi'^ling, N. loei of color, decay. 
Fi'-diDg-nen, n. decay, liabteneu to penih. 

Fi'^y, a. lending to fiuJe or decay. 
Fag, B. i. lo become weary, to fail in strength. 
Pae^flid', n. uQiwiBted end of a rape, tut end. 
Fag'it, n. a bundle cf blanches of ireea. 
Fig'-oi, V. t. lo lie oi bind in a bundle. 
Fu'.ot^, p. bound in a bundle. 
Fall. I, L lo cease lo be nullicienl, to decay, de- 
clloe, perish, miss, luiscairy , become inaol vent. 
Fail, p. 1. io desert, diaappoinl, cease lo aid. 

ftil^!d.'p.of foii. 

FiiL-hig, pjir. becoming deficient, decoying, 

FiiUing, a. deliciency, lapse, tault. fomiiiing. 

I^il-are. i. a ceaxing to supply, delete act of 
becoming insolvent. 

Fain, a. glad, pleased, rejoiced ; ad. gladly. 

Paint, a, weak, languid, ior lined to swoon. 

Faint, I. i. to swoon, lo sink with faiLgue or (ear. 

Fiini-htfrt-ed, a. timorous, cowardly. 

f^l-ing,}ipr. falling into a swoon. Ailing. 

FiinMng. n. a swoon, lempoiary loss of lespira- 

F&ini.iih, a. slightly laini. [lion. 

Fiin^■u, n. slight dta^ree of fiuntneaa. 

Pilm-lj, ad. feebly, weakly, Lmperiefiily. 

Filnl-nssa, n. loss of colorsnd respiration, wanl 
of nigcH, fteHenciia. 

Fsinii, n.pLin dislilling, gross fetid uL remain- 
ing tiler the spirit is drawn off. * [bin. 

Fsir. 0. clear, wrute, pure, frank, honest, oquita- 

Fajr,ad. openly, CTudily, civilly, oquiiabiy. 

Fait, a. a handMjnw woman, a atalsH market. 
Ttt fair, th* fbniele aei. 

Fsir-ing, n. a pnweni given at ■ fiui. 
Fair-ly, ad. openly, jiuUy, honeally. 
F&ir'neaa, n. open, jusl conducl, cle 

FSir-y, a. belonging to fairies. 

Faith, n. belief, fidelity, failhfidDOSs, honor 

Faiih-ful, a. film lo the tnuh, lo Irust, or lo oo> 

venants, loyal. 
Faiih-riil-ly,ad. honestly, with fidelity. lortriuL 
Fa iih-l'ul-nesB,ii.fidelily,finn adherence to Irulh 
Fiiih-brfach, n. breacb of failh, UtBchery. 
FBiih-lsu, a. mibelievinf;, disloyal, IteacLeniui- 
Faith-lena-ness, n. unbelief, Ireaclicry, 
F^ke, n. a coil or lum of a cable when coHad. 
Fa-ker, Fii-quir, u. a monk in India. 
Frdc'-Bie, a. hooked, like a syllie. 
fal'-chion, n. a short crooked swofd. 
FBl'-ci-form, a. resembling aaicL^e. [sport. 

FslVcon. n. ■ hawk, especially one tiain&l to 
', bteixls hawks ba cab^h- 

wild few 

H- practice of uking wdd 


fowls by means of ha 

drop, deciirw, sink, d . . 

Fr,ll, n. n descent, a dropping down, degradation. 
Fal-'a'-cious, a. deceiiiive, producing mislaka. 
Fal-la'^cious-lyfoJ. deccitlutly, wtih deception 
('al-ta'^cious-nesB, n. lendeiiry to mislrad. 
Pal', n. deceilfulnses, false appearance. 
Fal-li-bi!'-i-ly, n. liabtenosa lo err, or lo ha da- 

Fal'-li-bte, a. liable to err, or be deceived. 
F^H'-ing,^. descending, declining, decreuing. 
Ftill-ing'Stck-ness, n. the epilepsy. 
FBl'-l6w,a.pale red, or yellow; imtilleil. 
Fal'-kiw, li. land left uniilled, or plowed and not 

Fal-low, B. (. to plow, harrow, am: break with.. 

Fal'-liiw-edi*}), plowed and harrowed without 
" ■"" he plowing and baJ ■ ' 

a fallow state, barre 

Bar, JBll. whu. prsy. i 

Fklse, a, nol true, not well rimnded. coimterteit, 

nut honMt, not faiihful, hypocritical. 
Falso-he^Ft-ed.a. tteceitJui, ueacheriiiu. 
False ly. ad. emuvwiisly, iresrherouiil j. 
Fiise-nss*. n. wsnl Dftnilh or inMgrity. 
liUo-hood, F»l«-i-ly.n-« lie, want oTuulh. 
F»lii-i-fi-ia'-lioii, n. acl offalnfyiiig. 
Fila'-i-f l-w, n. one who faliiflea. 
F^i-r^ , ti. (. to counierfrii, ioi^B, diipro™. 

Ttl-tn-nd,' p. of Faltrr. 
Fal'ler-ing, ppr. hnilaiing in speech. 
F«I<8Mng-ty, ad. with Htammering. 
Fnme, n, reputation, renown, report. 

niDA-lea, a. hafinj 

Fa-mil''Bi', B. an iutimue 
- ■■■ -l-ly, "■■■ 

lafjne no fuiK>. not known abmad. 
[bmil'yu,] aflable, froe, imimte. 
iutimaie acqoainlanea. 
aHablencH, euy inlereotim. 

Fk-ral)'-iac>lEs, ^ ..^ , 

i^-mi1'-iaM-i«l,*p, madi: familiar, habiiuiiled. 
Fa-mil'-iac-Iy, oil milmaielj', without roraiality. 
FWm'-i-ly, b. hoiuehold, lineage, tribe, 
Fani'-ine, h. want of rullicienl food, dearth. 
Fam'-iah, «. 1 ■ or i. to starve, to die of hiinmr. 
FBni'-ish'eil,*p. eihanstedfur want of foDd. 
Fa])i'-iih-nMnl,n. eilreme wantof tbud. 

u 10 bbw the Gice, undo) 

to winnow gmin. 
Fan, D. (. to b&w, or winnow with a (an. 
Fa-nal^-ic, ) n. wild and eutbiuiaatic in of 
Facial'. i-cal,{ niuns. 
Fa-nal'-ic, a. an enihusisit, a bigot. 
Flmat'-ieJ-ly, ni with wild er' 
Fft.^al'-i-ciain, n. wild and ei ' 
TaiiU.i-«A,* p. conceived, lilii 
FanC-ci-fnl, a. whinuical, strange, odd. 
Fan'-ci-lill-lv.'ut. in s fanciful manner. [ml. 
Faii<^i-fi|I-nesB, b. the quality or being whiiiui- 
I'an'-CTi 1. ibeiacully of Ibrming images in the 

mind, oiriniun, notion, taste, wbim 
Pnoe, n. >. (, or i. to imagine or tnppoae, to long 
Fan'-cy, a temple, a church. l&ir. 

Fang. n. a tusk a claw or lalon a nail. 

I, o. having no fangs. 
n. [fkn'yonj a smaU flag. 
, n. an idle concdi, a whim. 
IJj i a. fanciful, whimsicaf. 
ly, ad whimsically, odd. 

,rHr, fi. oiBcani, remote. 
Far, nrf. lo or at a great dislancs. 
Fiir'-fa-med," a. widely renoniwd. 
Far'-&lch«d,* a. brought from a distanca 
Farce, n. a drannaiic compoailion. 
Farce, «. (. to stuff. 

Fur-ci-eel, a. belonging to fsrce, droll. 
Filr-ci-cal-ty, ad. in a larrical manner. 
"' ' e of hones, a mange- 

pack, a pack saddle. 

FSn^well, ■ 
Far'-in, Fa-r 


Fn™. ti.i. ti, boinagiJod arhadstBte,iotiappan 
of paasagB, food, hire of a cartiaga 
wish of wellfaie at panjiw. 
'-na,n. the pollen or dust ofnowen 

far-in-B'-ceous, n. consirting of meal or flour 

Farm, n. land occipied by a (hmiBr. 

Film, V. I. lo leafo or rent for a price 

Fann-ed,'p leased, tented. 

Faim-er, n. one who cultivaM land. 

FHim-ing, n. the practice of tilling land- 

Far'-mOsl, a. most remote or distant. 

Far-ni'-go, B. a confused medley. 
Fac'-ri-er, b. one who shoes or cure* horses. 
Par'-ri-er-y, n. the shoeing or curing of faoraes. 


lo bring fiHih 

Far'-raw, a. nol producing a calf in the year. 

I^'lh^, a. being at a greater distance. 
Piir-fher, od, at a greater distance) more lemot 
I^r-Chest, a. most mnote. [1; 

FMr-lhit^N. the Giurtli of a penny. 
Fir-lhing'-gale, n. s hoop petticoat, tec. 
Fan'-ci-efo, K. a bundle, a species of ir" - - 
Fes.cie'-u-lar, o. united in a bundle. 
Fas'-cin^te, t>. (. to charm, enchant, bewitch. 
Fa«-cin-a'-lion, n. a charming or bewitehing. 

Puh'-ion, n. &na. c 


Ptm, 71. abMi 

bouk, dOve, full, iMe, eu 

U, nut 10 a ■hape. 
cording hi the ffwhioT 

Ijnv lo Ihe fuhioEi. 
Loldal, ibftpcd. 
lahiuna or adapM. 
makinEi, Ibrming. 

das fbt lan- 

..... , , rapid, swift, 

rui, luj. with ipced acMlerin. [can. 

rut-en, t<.«.[ften,j lo make firm or dght, to k- 
fut«n-«d,* p. filed, Kcund, lied. 
FM-eii'tne, ppr. making ftat or firm. 
Put-en-mg, h. that vrhieh confioa or fiief. 



■quntniihneai, ditdaio. 

1, a strong furt. 

-_- . ... ., ,-.- jf animal bodiea; STat. 

Fu, o. pitunp, groM, e<^^asy, dull. 

I^v. t. u> nuke or grow &I, Tatien. 

Pa'-tal, a. deadly, morlal, datruciive, neecanr;. 

fV-tal-bm, n. the doctrine of fate or neccuity. 

Fa-al'-i-ly, n. decree of fate, iniinciMe neoeuiiy. 
Fi'-ial-ly, ad. mortallv. necrwariiy. 
Fate, n. deaiiny, dfRtfi, dtatniction, event. 
Fa'-ud, a. desuned, deemed by fate. [lor. 

Pa-Iher, n. a raale parent, an ancealor, a proiec- 
Pi-(her, v. t. to adopt aa a child, to adopt a* one'a 

F!i-fber-in-Iaw, n. Ihe father of one'i hniband or 
FltEher.«d/p-adopted,aacribed to. [wife. 

FK-Cber-iiood, «. the itiue of bedtig a lather. 
Fi-lheT'ieu, a, bavini; no falher. 
Fa-fher-li-nen. n. tendemeea of a falher, 
FtUther-[y, g. lihe or becombig a fadier. 
Falh'^fn, n nil feet, compass, penetration. 
Falh'-om, V. t. lo compass, lo peneuate to the 
" "' ■ ■- ' — [bottom. 

a. boitamlen. 

ic-al, 1. pro^Aetic, foretelling. 

ra-tigii-«d,*p. B__, 0. indu 
Fal'-Cng, n. a bi Bi 

corpulence, fleabinees,, IbnilitT. 
Fat'-l^, V. I. [bl'n.l lo make or grow 
Fat''leo-ed,* p. [I'at'nd,] made fat. 
Faf-ly.u. runiiitini uf tat, grMuiy. 
" "" ■" liBrmem, weokncai 

Fa-lu'-i-ty, n. Iboli 

"- i-ous, 0, fooliio, »eoR, i 
eel, n. a pipe for dram 
. n. a defer), failing, nai 

of inlelleei 
iilly. [cwMk 

ing liijuon from a 




Fiull'-ing, rjir. blaming, charging wiiii a faiilt. 

Faiilf-lesa, o. free from fault, rrime, oi defect. 

Fauh'-y, a. guilt)' of a ftiilt, deleciiFB. 

Faun, n. a kind of sylvan doily. 

Fa'-vor, n. kind regiird, auppon, lenity, a gill. 

Fa'-vor-a-ble, o. kind, propiltoos to iBccea. 

tind, propilk 

licular frietjd. 

a favor ■ 

Fa'-ior-il-i»m, n. disposilior 
Fawn, n. a young deer, a cringing, [pnrtialilj,' 
Fawn, 0. i. to cringe or Halter servilely. 
Kawn'-ing. fipr. rnnging, flatlerinp nteaoly. 
F'atvn'-ing-ly, od. wilh srrvile adutatioo. 
Fay, t>. i. lo fit, to join closely. 
Pe'-al-ty, n. homa^, fidelity, loyallr. 
Fear, n. mprvhenaion of evil, reverence. [of. 
Fear, Tj. '. or f to apprehend evil, to irand n awe 
Ff Br-ed,*p. apprehended wldi pain, reverenced. 
F«Br-ful. a. limormis. ofhiid, awfnl. 
Feai^fiil-ly, ad. with feu, limoroosi)'. 
F«ar-ful-neBS, ti. feer, timurouBmu. * 
F«ar-laa, a. free fmm fenr, undaunted. 
Finp.lm.lj, ad. without li«r, boldly. 

f__j„ f — fear, boldneM 

F£a-ai-ble, a.'praeiir 


in ba pwfo nmu 

But, I^ wfaft, pier, mu^'ne, pin, bitd, iDiive, 

FftMl-er, n. one who t 
F«Ei8l-ful, a. restive, gi 
F(!, fpr. raling 


, n. fe»«ibility, piacTioabililjf. 
li> eat or entertain aumptnousl;. 

F«afh-e/, ( n. a plume, if 
FeUi'-er, \ vering of ft 
Fealh-er, Vefh' 


iriotisly, gratifying. 
_, .iploit. 
ihet which forau the o 

__ , U) euver with pliunsge. 

Fenlh-er-y, Fe(h'-er-y. a. covered witli fdmnage. 
FenEh-er-edg-rd,*} a. aloped to an edge on one 
Felh'-er-edg-ed,*) aide. 

Feb'-ri-fufie, n. a msHieiiie to curs tever. 
FtH-brile, n. ponakin; ui' fever. 
Ftb -ni-a-ry, d. the wtcood maQlh of Uw year. 
Fe'-ral, a. cantsining dregi. 

Fe-cund-i'-tion, n. act of nuking fruitful!^ 
Fe-eund'-i-ly, n. fhiilfulneai, prodyctiveuen. 
Fed'-B-iai, a. potUining to a league. 
Fed'-e-rau^ a. leagued, united, co-ilednats. 
Fed-B-ra'-iion, n. aci of uniting in a league. 
Fed'-e-rs-tive, a. uai(in|[ in coniklerecy 
Fee, x. a reward, peniuiaite, perpetual right- 
Fee. ' '. In retain by a f»e, engage, bribe. 
Fee'-nie, a. very w«k, inlitm, alow. 
Pee'-ble-nimd.ed, a. weak in mind, not raolule 
Fee'-ble-ncBa, n. weaknesa, infirmity. 
Fee'-bly, aJ. weakly, fainrly. 
Feed, v. t. or i. p. and p^. fed ; to aupply with food, 
Feed, n. food, meat, paauiro. (to eat. 

Fe*d-er, n. une that levda, one that fatten'* cat- 
lie, a Bourre Ihat luroliea a canal with water. 
PeM-ing, ^pt. glvhig toad to, eating, grazing. 
Fael^.l. or i. p. and yf. felt;topefceiWby the 

Feiil, a. noM or act of perception, touch. 
F«Sl-er, n. one Ihat feeli, limb of an insect. 
FeAUing, vpT. perceiving by tuuch, handling \ c 
. aniruiaiTa irfeeiiaibility, eaaily agectad. 

Fe«l-ing-ly, od. v . ,, ._.. 

Feign, V. t. [fane,] to pretend, devise, in 
Feign-ed,' p. (laned,] prelpnfled, di 
Feign-ed-ly, nd. with disaimulBiion 
F;ign-er, n. one wno disaembles. 
F^ign-ing, n>r, diHembUng. nimulating. 
F^ni, n. ^iunt,] ■ fidjw show, pretense. 
Fe-lic'-i.tate, v. 1. to make happy, congratulaw 
Fe-lic-i-ta'-IJon, n. congtanilaiion, hind wiiL 
Fe-lic'-i'lo'u, a. pelding happtitecH, happy. 
Ffrlic'.i'ly, n. bliu, happiness, bleesedoeaa 
Fe'-lEne, a. penaining to cau and their kind. 
FelUo. fierce, cruel, tat'Bge; n. a hide. 
Fell, t>. I. to strike or cut down, lu cause to &11. 
Fell'-ed,* p. knocked or cut Lown. 


Fel'-ln .... 

Fel'-bm, V. I. Id malch. pair, auil, fit. 
Fel-lOw-faCl-ing, n. sympathy. 
Fel'-lOw-hoir, n, a ciMieu', joinl bei 
Fel'-lSw-ship, n. society, ' 

Fe-lo'-niMius, a. malignant, containing felony. 
Fe-lo''ni-aua-ly, off. in a felonious manner. 
Fel'-o-ny, n. a capital crime. 
Felt,p. offeef. 

"' ri.clothor BluirDrwool,a wool hat 
l>. (. lo make compact by fulling. 

(itn, n. a species of gentian, a planl- 
Fe'-male, n. ihe set Ihat beats young. 
" -male, a. itoling the so that beara young. 

.ZSo-J^ \ "■ » ""^^ «'™""- 

Fam'-in-iue, a. pertaining to females of Iha hu 

man race, aotl, lender, effeminate. 
Fera'-o-nJ, a. beloiging to the ihigh. 

9nce, R. a wall, hedge or otbnr ttrucuira lofUard 

Iai)4 from ca1l}a. 
Fence, V. f. nri. to incloce with a fence, to guard 
Fenc'-od,* p. tncbeed with a fence, guai£d. 
Fenc'e-l«s, a. deaiiluta of a fimce. 
Fenc'^r, a. one who leacim or practicM ftneint 



Fotc'-i-hle, n. a aolilier far ddenae o( the coud- 
F^nc'-ing, ppr. incliMin|; with a tence. (Dy. 

F«n. '•ill);, n. mueriab lur Tencs, use or Ihe foil. 
Fenc'-ing-*cliiwl,n.B school lor leaching the art 

of fencmg. 
Feud, V. L or i. lo imvl, keep off, ward off. 
Foid'-er, n. ihat which defenda, as againsl coola 
^en'-rwl,ii. afngnmiplant. [of fire. 

Fon'-ny, a manhy, boggy, growing in Sieoi. 
>«off. D. L to invtst with the fee oriend. 
Fsoff'-ed,* p. iiiveeted wjth the (ee. 
Feeff-ee', n. one vestad with the lee of land. 
Faoff'-«r, n. oiw who grants a fee of luida. 
f'eofir''ment,n. actofenleolliD^argniiLtngafee. 
Fe-ra'-ciou*, a. fhiiiliil, producing abuiMtantly. 
Ke'-rJ-ttl, a. peitaining lo holiday". " 
Fe'-rine, a. wild, sovage, cmel. [nen 

Fe'-rine-neea, Fer'-i-iy, n. ravage fierceiuas, will 
Fei'-ment, n. a genlle boiling, lieat, lumull. 

Fer-Rient'-a-ble, a. aiucepiible of lennentatioii. 
Fn-iaeiU-a'-tion, n. a warhlng, aa ofliiiiuMi. 
Fer-mnnl'-a-live, a. rauiing fenuealation. 
Fern, n. agenuaafplama. 
Fem'-y, a. overgrown with letn. 
Fe-ny-cjoiu, a. sav^e, tierce, cruel. 

Fe-roc'-i-ty, n. aavageiwaa, craelLy. 


10 rankle, i 

I grow viralenl. 

Fur'.rel, a. 

Fer'-rel. v. t. u acne irom a lougi 
Fei'-ri-age, n. fare or toll lor paaa. 
Fe^-ru'-pn^)u«, o. panaking sf or 
Fer'-rule, ■. a ring ai theend«f a 
Fer'-ried,' p. cunvoyed in aioal. 
Fer'-rj-, n. e place lot pnuing a 

Fei'-rr-nian, n. one who attends or keeps a ierry, 
Fef-llle, a. Diiilfiil, plMucins much. Iful. 

Fer'-til-lze, d. (. lo enrich, ai land, to make Soil- 

Fer'-uk, b.« 
Fer'-ren-cy, i 

■ichnflSB of soil, fniitfulneaa- 
ooden clapper for the hand. 
anlenl wanmb, as in piaj«r. 

■tci^ng, ppr. rankling, growing virulent. 

■- ■ -' - pertaining to a feast, joyous. 
icB-u-mi, n. a teaat, a solemiTday. 
Fos-tiv'-i-ty, n. social jo* or mirth. 
Fes-loon', n. a wreath, border of flowen. 
Fetch, B. (. lo go and bring, draw, reach. 
Feli^, n. a stratagem, artifice. 


. R. pt, felasesj an animal when fii 
'd held of a superior on cone 

rendering serv 

Feud -al, a. hold ofa lord or Bupnrior on condition 
Feud-al-isni, n. the sysian of feudal tenures, 
FeQd-a-tu-ry, n. odd who holds of a superior 

Fe'-ver. n. a disease marked by increase of heal 
id an accelerated pulse, 
'er-few, n. a plsnl supposed lo cure feven 
rer-lih. a. aOecIed with slight fever, hot. 
rer-ish-nesfl, n. a slight febhii! aHection- 


Few'-ness, n. imallnas of number. 

n'-at, n. let it be done, a decree. 

^'' 'My. Jie. falsehood 

tell dial which is falie, 

one thai fibs or tells latse stones 

..a slender thread of an aniouil, • 

R'-bro,i plant. 

Fl-hril, n. a small fiber. 

Fl-brous, a. consisting of fiben. 

Fle'-kle. o, chaBgeable in mind, ^ 

Fie'-Ue-neas, ■> 



Fic'-lile, a. oiokleJ iiiUi fana by an. 

Fie'-iUin, n. an iiivmitsd alary, a ule. 
I<lc-u"-ui>iu, a. fnigned, iina^maiy, cuvmUrfall. 
rie-ti''-tii>aa-]y. a<l. coonurlellly, laliely. 
rie-ti".liom-ii«i«, «. feigned mprawiilalton. 
Fiil'^ito,n. ■Miinged irall-iiniBnl ofmiuic, violin. 

Fid'-dler, n. one vibo [Juyi un a viiilin. 
Fid'-dle-nring, n. ibe etritig ufa viulia. 
Fid'-dl»«iHik, H. Um bow and Hring Cor plariog 

Fi-deV-i-ly, n. IwlhfulnaHk baoMty, loyiUt;. 
Fidi'^t, V. i. lo iDuvfl by liu and *un*. 
Fid^-M, n. cmuiani nuHion of ihe biidr- 
^idg'-et-y, d. reaileM, uneaay. 
Fi J^Q'-cial, JMu'^jia-- — ■ 
Fie, a. 


Field,!. _ ... 

Fif [d.bed, n. a b«d for tba lield. [ul 

Field-ducli. n. a special of buaurd. 
■ ■ " a bird of ihe ihmi ■ ■ ' ■ 

ia-t7,u, conlident, 
I wbo holdH in inia 

a fee, feud u'r a<ute held ufa ■ 


Fiend, n. an iiaplacable enemy, an inftmal. 
Pierce, a. (fen or feen,] viulenl, forcible, veh 

flncB-nsHi n. violence, fury, rage. 
Fl'^r-i-neu, n. great hint, namilh t^Mmpar. 
Fi'-e-ry, a. eongiirlng offin, hut, psniunale. 
Frfe, n. a dmoll pipaojwindinAtnimeiuarmuii 
Fife, «. i. 10 play on a file. 
n-rur, n. one who playi the fib. 
t1f'toin,a. live a^ ten added. 
Fif-ieeiuh, a. notuig tha number fi&aen. 
Fif^h, a. neit above Ibo fourth. 
Fi(ih-ly, ad. in tha fifth place. 
Fif-li-edi, a. noting Ihe number fifty. 
nr'-tj,.a. Ihe aum of live tena added. 
Ilg,*. a tree and ita fruit, term ofconlnnpt. 
Fi^j'-lear, n. the leaf of tta fig-lree, thin coverin 
Fi^-iree, n. the tree thai bean 6^. 
Fi-ht, B. i. or (. p. fiHmht, [fcui.i lo conlend 

baitle, war, make WHJatunre. 
Fight,^ a baule, combBl, angsKemenl. 

Fight-uig, n. o 
Fig'-ur-Ulei .1 

capable uf figiini or lAspa 

detenainauon to a cetlain Ain 
iconla artd diaconla. 
pacjly uf fiHi 

Fig'-ur.a.tive, a. typii^l, metaphorical. 
Fig'-ur-a-tiVB-ly, ad. by s figure, iv/ aUaauo. 
Fi^- ura, n. a c.baracler liir a nuiaber, lyps. aliapk 

Fig'^ire, ■. (. Id make Gguraa, to repreaenl. 
Fig'-ur-ed,* p. or a. formed, repn>antad,*iIiirHd 

Fig'-ur-ing, f^. hrming inlo dciarminala ibapn 

adorning with figuiea. 
Fil'-a-ment, n. a alonder thread. 
Fil-B-nKru'^oa, a. cuniialinH of fine fibmran. 
Fii'-aii^en, n. a diaesae of hawka. 
Fil'-B.lo-ry, n. a machine lor spinniiu Ihiwli. 
Fir-ben,n. BnegK4hapednubofliiBbai<slkiW 
Filch, 1. 1, lo it^ purloin, pilier. 
Filch'^d,* p. pill««d, ttilBn. 
Filch'-er, n. ime who filches, a ptUanc. 
F>1ch'-ing, i^ir. pilfering, siHiling. 
Pilcb'-ine-ly, ad. by rillering or petty IhaA- 
File, n. a Uol lur omobthing iroo, bundle of [•■ 

FiWu! (. U ciit or abrade with a fila, lo muik 

in file, Ul ^ajA in order. 
F1'-led,*p. rubbed (•amooibed with a file. 
Fil'-ial, o. periBiiiingtuor heeoming a chiW- 
Fil-i.a'-lion, m.ihe relaiion ofa win, adoj^iaa. 
ni'-i-form, n. in ibrm ofa thread. 
Kil-i-graoe, J n. an enricbmenr ongo)dwill«< 
Fil'-i-gree, \ like little iMiada or Braii*^^ 
Pl-linga. n. ji. paruVtea rubbed utf wiUi a fii* 

Fil'-K n. a head bi 
Fil'-let, V. t. lo bind H-ilh a lilU or brnrl 
ril'-lel4d,p. bourul wiili a fillel. 
Fill'.ingi^r. making fitU, anpplyiiig 

i».k. <l5»e. r«II, we, «m. 

chaiM, ijeni, m. ihiii.,. 

Fil'-lip, tj, (. lo siriho wiih ihe ifngw. 

Fiii'-i«-al.n«s, n. affwim or eii-«>ive finerjf 

Fi'.ning-pol. n. a teanl fur isfimng rnelali. 

Pil'-lip, n. a nuoke wiih ibe finger. 

Fl'-nii. n. the end, ronchuion. 

Fil'-ly, n. a young mare call, * wild gjil 

Fin'-ish. o. 1. lo c<«iplete. perfeit, nid. 
Fin'-iah-ed.' p. emled, roniplrie.1, cf.inf : a. pa 

Film, •>. B thin akin or pellicle oil the eye. 
FiK.^. to cover wii/Ta pellicle. 

liahed or perfeciai to tlie hiKhni degroe. 

Fllio'-y, 0. compoaeil of film. 

ril'-iet IP. (. lo purity, or defecate, aa liquor, bj 

rnaidng it through a poroiiB SDbslsnca. 
Fii'.ier^d * p. Etmined, punl1«d. 
Filth, n. fmil or Jiriy matier. 
niih'-i-ly, cd. dirtily, with ToulneM. 
FUlh'-i-neaa, x. dirtineai, fuulnefl). 
Filih'-y, a. dirty, faul,jM]luUH), ubacene. 
Fil'-inoe, v. t. or t. to filler, airain, percolate. 
riI-in'.iion, n. the art of filming. 
Rm'-bri-ete, a. fringed, as wiih hair or brinlea. 
Fin, n. a fiah'a menibrsnc Bupported by rays., a. (hat may be fined. 
FP-nal, a. last, endinp;, com-)u9ive. 
R'-iud-lj, "d- lastly, heyond all recomy. 
Fi-nSle, H. hul note in « piece of munic. [«c. 
Fi-ranr'e, n. revenue, income fnMn tsjes or rent, 
Fi.nan'-ciul, a. pertaining lo tinanre. 

(.p. and pp. foutrflo! discover, lo (ear 
, n. one thslfinds what is lost or unluiow 
ahuwy, gay. Itandsume. 
a penally, furleiiure, end. 

ad. gayly, beaiitifufly, dennjusty. 

one who purifies metek, Ac. . 
. finv dttwi, a splendid a) , 
. an, artifice, suatagem. 

Fi neis/-ing, ppr. practicii 

n. an eitrcmily of ihe hund. 

D.MO handle, touch, pilfer, 
ed,* p. handled, tonched. 
, a. aprace, gay lo eiccss, foppish. 
-ty, mi. gayly> with aflecled finenca 

Fin'-ish-ing, ppr. ending, cumpleling 

Fin'-i»b-inK, n, ihe hisi stnilte, uun ' 

Fi'-niic, o/bounded, limiied. 

Fi'-uiie-iy, ad. wiihiii liniiis. 

Fl'-nlte-ness, a. UmileiinMS, c 

Fin'-leas,a. deHliliiteoffini. 

Kn'.ned,' p. having broad edges on eilhei ddk 

Fin'-ny, a. fiimiahed with fins, aa fish. 

Fin- Uieil, a. rafmiped, having loa vannected. 

FIr.n. alneorilx WOO.I. 

Fire, n. heal and light, a burning, condagtatian, 

Fire,t. (, ori. intake or set on fine, diiehnrge.M 
Fire-annf, r. guns, piBinls, iic. (aitaa. 

nrB-bftll, n. a meteor, a grenade. 
Fire-brand, n. wi«)d on fire, an incendiary. 
Fire-brush, n. a brush fur the heanh. [Area 
Fira-huck-et, n. a buckel used in eilinguishing 
Plrerflny, ii, clay thai sustains intense heat. 
Fr-red.'fJ. Betonfire,l!indled, di " 


m engine tn throw 

Fire-fly, . ^.... ^ 

Flm-hook, n. a hook for pulling dunn huildinga 
Ffre-loch, n. a mushet or gun wiih n lock. 
nre-man, n. a man lo eiiinguish firen. 
Fire'new,(i.newrniinthe maker, qniie new. 
Fire-of-fioe, a. an ofllce for insuring against hre 
Fire-pan, n. a pan lo hold fire. 
Fire-place, n. the place for tire in a house. 
Fire-plug, n. a plug for drawing water to eitin 
guiah files. 

a-e-«iJe, n. a hcnrth, ehitnney, domestic life. 
■e-wnrd, ) n. an offivtr who dirscta men u 
Flre-wjird-en, > fires. 

Frre-wood, n. wood for tiiel. fding in the air. 
Fll»-wiA, n. prepanitions of puwdn (br arphi- 

Fl'-ring, ppr. m 

B!ir, fall, what, prey, d 

ins 'i'e to 

FIrk'-in, n. ■ vcu^ uf eight or nine calloti 
Hr'-kx, H. > Sfottiah dry metuure ufil pit 
Firm, u. (rorai,! Miong, comnar- -■-->- 
Finn, V. I. lo fit, Beitl«, eaiablia 


Finn'-ii4iienl, i 

Firm'-ly, nd. m 


1 otihe t 

ongly, mti 


Frral, o- fiiramust tn lime, |>lnce, ot ronh, chirf. 
Ffnl,ad. in [he llrBl place, lielnre all uthera. 
nnt-bum, a. 6nt bruughi inlu the worid. 
FTni-hurn, a. the eldeai child. |elf«ct. 

Pint-rniitB, n. firat prudare or plafita, eulieil 
FiiM-lini;, n. yuiingur<.-atlle Brat prudiiced. 
Finl-rate, a. pre-cmineni, being uf Ihe Isr^l 
Fue'4l, a. pertaining it a ireaaiuy' [aize' 

FibK, b. an animal living i^ »««■. 

Fwh, n. (. 10 cawb or try to caich, draw up, 

alrengthen, aa a maat. 
^ah'-e<f,*^. AeBrehed,raiigh(, atrengtheneJ. 
FinW-er, n. one who cainlies fish. (fiah. 

Fiih'-CT-mon, n. une who ii empluyed in taldng 
Fiah'-er-y, n. ihe place w butiiieaa of Hahing. 
Fiali'-gig, Fin'-gig, a. an inatramenl for »t«bF>i 
Fiah'-h^pk, k. a hook for cai 
Fiali'-ing, ppr. Bairhing or t 
Fiih'-ing,!). the practice of' 

ng fiih. [fiiil 
IE to patch luh. 

e fiili ore caughi 



Fia'-iile, a. Ihal ran be I'fe 
Ma'^ure, n. a cl ' 

. a mackM Tar selling Rsh. 

ponil in which fish am k«pt. 

apear [i>r aUbbinu fiah. 

■- ■-^' ellituiikealial 

U or hold faal with the fiat 

fV-lu^loun, a. hai-ing the (nun of a i 

Fit, 1. BOiloble, convenient, quuliAed. 
Fit, u. I. to suit, (ulnpl, CQuip, qualify. 
Filch, n. a chick-pea ; b(v Vrti:h. 
Fitch'-el, n. the pole rut. a fuumarL 
Fii'-ful, a. having lita, laried by fits. 
Fit'-ly^od. luilably, tonveniently. 

Kil'-led, p, iDAde iit, adapted. 

Five-fold, □. taken or ropented live tinMa. 
nv-e-liaf^d,'!!. having five leavea. 
f1ve-lob4j,* a having five lobs. 
Five-jiiin-ed, a. divided Into live pana. 
Fii,-e»,n. akinJofplay. 
Five-i-alv-ed, u. having five valita. 
Fit, D. 1. or i. 10 act firmly, foaien, actlle. 
Fii'-a-l>le, a. that may be. filed. 
Fii-a'-liom n. act of filing, atabilily, film rtela 
Fii'-ed,' p. BM, aeUled, faalsned, finn. |ir 

Fii'4d-nem, n. atate of being laat or <inD,al>bili 
Fii'-M7, n. liiedneaa, lim coliereiuxol'pvu- 
Fii'-ium, n. fiiediicsa, Smneaa, fiied fiiniilun 

I -gig. 1 

Flah'-bi-neaa, n. a 
Flah'-by.n. «ift,yiel 
nae'.ri<l. a. lax, wh 
Flac-i'id'-i4y, n. Ian 
Flag, t>. i. or (. to be< 
lay wiih fla^ or 1 

,bhy Bl. 

weak, droop, dadifl* 

at xlone for pavement, 
lie flute. 

with flat i 

Flog'-aiono, n. i 

FlaJ-e-loi, n. a „.'-tiun, n. a whipping, beating, or 14' 

FliMS'-ged,' '^ 

Fiag'-gi-ne.- ,, 

Flag-^ng, ppr. drooping, laying with flalilW" 
FlHg'-gr, n. weak, fleiihle. limber. 
F1a-gl»-l(ou«, u. very wickad, villainoui. 
Fla-ii'>-lioiia-nea<. ». moat atnK^lou. m-^»<» 
Fla)f-of-fi-c^ n. the commander ofa tquaii™"- 
Fldg'-on, B. a veasel with a narpiw mouiH- 
Fla'-gran-ry, n. burning heal, enonniij. 
Ma'-giBni,n. burning, arJent, cnunnima. , 

h IV.giBDt-ly, ad. ardently, nauirioiiily- 
Fla('4hip, n. the heaJ ahip ofa ■qntdmo- 

FliE'-Wutr. n. a (lafTto supnon a Jlng. 
FIbi), i>. an iminimenl Tur ihriMhiiig. 
Fluke, n. a iH^ale. Bwk of inuw or Ijr, » 


. ... flakea. 

Fla'-kj, a. mnsuliiig of flukta, lying in Uyen. 
Flum, H. a pmeiiHe, an idle slocv- 
Flara, r. I. lo derfive, (o gull, 
nam'-bean. n. [Aombu,] a liglileil lurrh. 
TiBioe, n. a Maie, buming vapur, heal, imlor, 
Flame, 1. 1. la bum wiih a blaze. [roge- 

Flimo-^-or-ed,* u. haiin^a brichl color. 


Ha^_-._ -, ,,-- ..- - 

Fla'-ming, ppr. buniiiig wlih Llnze; a. bright, 
na'-niing-ly,aA very brightly, nhli vrlwnienrc. 
Fla-min'^en, n. a fuwl uf the gmllic order, aliapad 

like lh.i heron, but muatty red. 
Flora-ma bil'-i-tv, n. aptnem lu take fire. 
FiBm'-e-oriB, a. conaisOnE ul*nnine. 
Flin'mir-er-oiu, a. procluring (lane. 
FlaiD-miv'-o-roiu, a. vomiling Home. 
Ela'-my, a. blazing, burning aa flame. 
Flank, B. ihe eiile o( llie hudy or an amr- 

fiink'-«d,* p. Tgrtified or alisi ked un Ihe aide. 

Fki'-nel, n. a hiA woolen ckilh. 

flip, n. a blow, a piece ordulh that flaps. 

Flip, r. f. or i. to Hmke with any Ihing Bal or 

nap'^«r*d,* o. having broad ean. [thin. 

Flap'-ped,* p. Mnirk nub flomelliiiig flat. 

Flip'-pinK, ppr. iirdJng, healing. 

Fare, f. >■ lo waver, llutler, biim nrureoilily, 

FV.^ed,' p. of Flarr. [make a »how. 

Flo'^iI^^, t^w. hnming with a wavering light, 

making s display, apreaiting, opening. 
Huh, n. a ■udden btini of light. 
Fluh, t). I. lo biitst luddenly, ai tight. 
FlMh'.«l,-?. offiuril. 
Floth'-i-ly, ad. with empty ahow or glare. 
Tfaih'-ing, ppr. bunling as a flouil of light. 
Floth'-y, a. gav, ehnwy, gaudy, iruipid. 
Ruk, n. a kinil of bottle, a vcsxtl fur fowder. 
Flntk-ei, n. a »iiuif large ha»k< 
Flat, a. even, Icilt. i ' ' " 
Flu. n. a let-el pic 

boat, mark of di 
llM'-lN>t-lsiii-ed,' ( 


Flat'-ier, d. I. lu praine, lu ■uotbe by praiae. 
Flal'-ler^il,' D. aouthrd Willi pmiK, wfitcdW 
Flai'.l«r*r, n. one thai « h.-tJlc-.. 
Pial'-ler-iiig, TTn-.gralifving u iih pimiae; a. plea* 

iiig to pnile,ravonible, gratifying. 
Flai'-ter-iiig-ly, ad. in a tnnniH'r lu gratify. 
Flaf-ier-y, n. praiae, or fabe pr' 

newliol flni, dull, or vapid. 
windiiieM in the atomach, » 
.u-lml, n. nhHly, pufly, cmi 


Fla'A-or-loiE, I 

g Ihe quolity that a 

■reek, delbi't, laiiiti a audden giuL 
riniv, v. I. u> brciU;, Ui llljltre. 
Hnw'-«l," p. having a piM* broken off. 
FlHw'-!fw,.a. frMffiimflBWa. 
Flnw'-y,a. having flnwa, deferiive. 
Flai, n. the plant uf u hiili linrn ia mnde. 
Hai'-rireea-cr, n. one kIio breaka and aninclea 
flni'-aerd, n. ibe aeed rtrflM. rnai. 

FJaT'-m, o. n-.»ie of or i.kc> fl»>, fnip. 
nny. e. (. lu atrip of ll» akin, lo akin. 
Flfly-ei!," p. atripjieil nf the ■liii. 
Flily-ing, p^. ak inning, a[ri|i|.ing (ifl"ihe akiii 

Flerli.'Pb-i'k'-er. im! io a|x". alreok, varipfnle. 

Pler'-tirHi, n. art ofbendiiig,a ataie ol being bent 


FImI^, v. '. to furnish with pbimpa or viinci 

Fleilg'-e-!,* p. hovitig pbiniea or tviiigv for flight 


Bur, Tall, what, pr^, nurt'ne. pin, bird, m 

Ficecr, n. Uia coat of w'ool ahom frum t ibeep 

Flecm, c. I. tc Rrip bv Mvere siacliont. 
¥ire'-eei,' p. airippeif, fumiiihed with a fleere. 
FloB'-niiig, ppr, iiripjiing nf KUhalancc by nao- 
Ple«'-cy,,i.cavured with wcKil.likc woot. [Ikmi. 
Deer, r. i. lo mock, jver, pin uiih ucaff. 
View, n. mockt-rj, n icamtul grin. 
Flcer-od,* p. of Fl. 


Mill, Dim 


Fleet, n. a number uf shi|i« ir 

Fleei, V. i. tu lly or paau BWifiiy, lo nii. 

Fle«i'ing, ppr. ptuatne mpidly, flying away ; 

F1?et-ly, ad. Bwiflly, rapUlly. 
Fl««i-ne«, n. (wiHiieM, ipflfd, pplerily. 



Inled, orcuntumed, ^lutt«d. 
brush ui eiPite artion of lh« 
)rthe(leBh, [skio. 




FVah'-ar, R. a large fly Ihm [e 

Plan'-hooli, n. a hook lo lake flesn iram 


i and appeliLca. 

Fluih'-ineat, n. the moat uf Iwasta and hirda. 
Feah'.por, H. a veasel uaeii to r-oofc fleah in. 
Fle»h'-y, a. rurpulenl, fat, plump. 
Flow, p. uf Hj. 

FUw-i-li il'4-ly, n. i)liancy, capatily of being bout. 
Plei'-i-bia, a. capable of being bent, pliaul. 
Flei'-i.bla-nnaa, n. flrndbilily, pliinry. 
Plei'-ik, a. pliant, plinhle, easily benl. 
Ftei'-ion, n. aot tif heniling, a mm or bend. 
Flei'-n.oaa, a. bending, winding. 
Floi'-u-re, n. a bending or winding, pan bant, 
l^irk'jtr, V. i. to flnlier, to flap the Hingi. 

ing, j^. fluIiH'ing, flapfung the winga. 

tBh^n. I8lte,|a 

Flim'-iy, a. ihiii, alighl, lii 
Flinch, V. i. lo drartliwk, 
"■ 'I'-ed,*?. offYin.' 

Flin'Hler, n.'a'aniHll pitK^a splinter. 
Fling, V. t. p, and pp. flung: lo caal, (hrarr 
Fling, n. a throw, a gitw, a aneer. [flounco. 

Fling'^ri n. one nhu Ihrows orjeera. 
Flinr, n. a hard alone, a aperiea ofquarti. 
Flini'-y,a. made uf flint, very hard. 
Flip, n. a drink made uf beer, anirit, am) lugBr. 
Flip', n. fluency tir vnlDlillity uf apnrnh 
Fllp'-pant, a. rapid in apeoch. lalkstiva. 
Fltp'-pani-lT. od, in a flippant manner. 
Flip'.panl-neaa, n. rapidity ofapeerh, p-mnesB. * 
Flirt, B. (. or i. to throw with a jerfc, to tou, to 

Fflrt, n. aauddenjcrk, n perl volatile girl 
Fllr«-ing, ppr. ihrowing, jf rking, rambling 
Kill. o. I. to flaiur, fly awHt, dart along. 
Flilch,!!. aaideof pork — '"-' — " -■ 



Ffil'-Iing, ppr. flying rapidly', Hull 

Float, n. aomethlng awimmiiig, ■ ran. 

Fl0at,v. ^ori. [nawimon the enrlace, lo delu^. 

Fl6at-a^, n. any thing thai floals. 

Flflnt-ing, ppr. miivingon the Burface of a liqnot 

eonveyln^ or lying on water, circtilaling. 
iFlAat-ing-bnil^ n, a bridge lying an the walgi 

and BiiHtiineil by il. 
Fl(tat-y, a. buoyant, swimming on the surbco. 
Floe'-eu-lmce, n. adheaion in small lock*. 
Ftoe'.eil.lent, a. adhering in imatl florka. 
Fluck, n. a collection nf imalt animala, tw sbe^ 

and fowls, a crowd, a of wool. 

Flock'-be<>, n. a bed fliled with locks ofwout. 
Flock'-ing, ppr. assembling in a crowd- 
Flog, r.i. tu whip, Ia>n, chaitise. 
Flc«'-ged,' p. whii>ped, twauKbasiisfid. 
Flog'.ging, R. a whipping, chRtiHcmont. 
FOiui, R. Row of lido, inimdntion. 
Flnod, V. t. to overflow, lo inundate, 
nOod-gaie, n. a gate to aiop or let out wHtt. 
"' '-atgippr. ovarflowing, iuundatiiig 

boofc. dflve. fuU, nw, r w 

nond-ing, n. nmtaual digcharge orbluod. 
Floor, n. the bomnn of ■ mom or buiUing t 
whicb wfl walk, pbufomi. 


-- r--. ;i- clapped, flB|ipEd, 
Flu'-ral, a. peruining lo floH«n. 
fW-en-tine, n. a kind of silk clolh. 
Flo-ma'-cenee, n. the Huun onto weriM in pb 
Flo'-rei, n. a iinatl or partial flower of an ag 
Flof'-kl, o. red.fliuhed witbred.fluH'ery. ^ta. 
Flor-kl'-t-cy, Hot'-id-neu, n. redncaa, mik rolor. 

, choiae, (am, aa, thin, Hgni. 

Flaw'-er-ing, n. teawD of bloaanmnf act •! 

Flow'-er-i-tMO, n. an abounding with floncr). 
Flo V-erattllk, n . (he pedundeoralcm of a flowtr. 

Flow'-er-)', 0. full of llbH-i 

F1ovi''mg, j^. moving at w 

Iw'or F, 
_ .jnipuund of fluoric arid r 
Flue'-ni-BlB, E.i. lo moTeai a mre, wavai, rta> 

and fall. 
a- Qniteady, changeable. 


lin of difTeretil valuea. 

E. compound, compoaed of flom 
a panni floret of an aggrcga 

Flo'-iB, n. a fleet of Spaniih shipa. 
Flo-tH'-la, n. a liltle fleet or flan of imalt VDuebi. 
FUiunce, v. i. to piimpe, lo dork with flouncei. 
Floowe, n. a looae mmmini on apparel. 
Floum-'-ed,* p. Irimmed will lloimcei. 
~Flonn'-der, e. i. lo flounre,lo itniagle. 
Flnur, 1. the line part of grain lified or boiled. 
Flour, ti.f. to aprinkle villi flnur, grind aodbotl. 
Flonr'-ed,* p. ground and bulled. 
Flrac'-iab, v.i. or Mo thrive, hf pnwpeioiia, make 

liold 'fltmkea, embelliSih, brandinh. 
'.Mic'-iah, n. parade ofwonlii, a bmndiihing. 
Moor'-bih-Br, ». one whii (lourishea. [a ahaw. 
t1aur'-iEh'ing,^ip'. IbriviDg, pnnpennu, making 
Flout, p. I. or T. to mnfk, treat with contempt. 
Flout, n. mockery, conlemptooaa fling. 
FUn, V. i. to move an a liquid or a BUhalanca 

nhw* particlea are loose ; to proceed, or isBUe. 

Fluw«d.* p. 
PloV^fr, •.. 
noB'-er. »-i 

iif Flino 

Flu'-ent, a. flowiiig, uttering wonli nHih eaae. 
Flu'<nl-ly, ad. with nxy flow of oiterajice. 
Flu'-id, a. having rarta which eaailj move, aa 

wat^i flowing, liquid. 
Flu'-id, ti. a li..jiin[ or Huwing aobajance. 
Flu->d'-i-iy,Flu'-id-ncai,n. the quality of flowing. 
Fluke, n. the part of an ancl.ot which fulcnl 
Flume, n. a channel fur water, [in the ground 
FLum'-me-rf, n. apoun meal of milk and flour. 
Flung, p. and pp. of Hing. 
Flur'-ry, n. auilden blait or goat of wind, buMle. 
Flur'-iy, V. t. lu pnt in confuaion, to dislurb. 
Flwh, n. fresh, ftiU of vigor, afllnent, level. 
Fluih, n. a iiulden flow of blood lo the foca, 

glow, btoom, run of corda. 
Ftiuh, D. i. or I. to ledden auddenlj, lo ela'e 
FluBh'-fld,'p. tinged with reil.otaied. 
Flush'-ing, ;)pr. overiprcading niih red. 
Flui'-ter, r. t. to ecnfuH!, heat, make toty. 
Flui'-ter-ed,* p. heetetl. agitatid, confmed. 
Flute, n.' a muaical pipp, nirmw in a column 
Flute. V.I. or i. lo play on a flute, rut hollont 
Flu-ting, n. fluicd work on a colnmn. 
Flot'-ler, V. i. to move the wing« rapidly, lo tiore 
FJui'-ier, a. rapid moliTjii, hiitry, agitation. 
Flui'-ier-ing, ppr. flapping the wingi, 
Flut'-ter-ing,«.B flapping of ihewings.agliaiiM) 
Flu-Ti-at'.ie,''. belonging to orgiowing in a riiar 



Kr, fall, what, pr^, nmrine, pi 

Flui, n. a moving in B'tc^rtsaiun, n Hawing, 
Hui-i-bil'-i^f, H. cBiscity of being fused. 
Flui-O-hlB, a. cipabk of being mcTwd. 
Flux-U'-i-V, ». copar.ity ofbeing InseJ, [li«. 
Flu'-ioii, n. a Bowing, anolfsis of biiibII •jnanli- 
Flf, «.,!. p. flew, pp. Sown; to move with the 

wingi, move rspialy, >hun, buret open. 
Fly, n. a winged inaect, pan of a Jack or olher 

.Fly'5li>w, v.t-to deposit sggi, which produce 

nuCTUu in any Ihinii. 
Tly'-^w, n. the egg of a fly. 
Fly'-blown, p. lainled wilb eg^sofaies. 
Fly'-b6at,ii. a large nal~bollonied Duicb leiseL 
Hy'-eMclMr, n. one thai caichea fliea, a bird. 

Flr'-Hiii, v. t. to aiifle fur fish wiLh Hiee for bait 

F'y'-'ngi fpr. moving wiih wingi, pauiog ra- 
pidly; a. floating, waving, moving, light. 

j]y'-ing-brid;e, n. a bridge of pontooni. 

Fly'-ing-Esh, n. a lisli thai Sies w;tb its pectom] 

Fly'-lrap, n. a special of Mnsiiive plant, [fim. 

Foal, n. the young of the equine genoi, a colt, 

Foal, o. t. or <. to Bring forth a colt. [a filly. 

Foaled,* p. of Foal. 

Foam, ». I. to froth, to be in a lage. 

Foam, n, froth, spume, rage. 

FUam-sd,* p. of Foam. 

F>«ni-ing, ppr. fruthing, faming. 

Fcam-y, a. covered with frutli. frothy. 

Fuh, n. a imotl puchet br a watch. 

Fob, V. (. 10 cheat, trick, defraiHl- 

Fob'-beil,* p. cheated, imposei /i. 

Fob'-hing, mr. cheating, tricking. 

Fo'-eal, a. belDn^ng to a tbcun or point 

Fo'-eni, i>. pi. rornse*, foci. The point in which 
rayi of lishl meet, when reflected or refiactod. 

Fbd'-der.n. toad for catUe. 

FV>d'-der, V. I. to feed, as cattle. 

Fod'-der-od," p. fed, a» cattle. 

Fie, n. an enemy, on adversary. 

Fog, n. a thick vapor rising from the earth, or 
from water; afler-gioss, 

Fog^^i-ness, n. state of being foggy. 

ro?-h^e'."'.tw«kl^"afBiliS^Xdt. """^ , 

Fflld^,'n. mi 
Fold-ing, ppr. 

uburwor j 

jxirote, render nugatory. 
Rw.'ord,B thin leaf uToiKal 
I, Jefoaled. 

or plait, a pen for sheep. 

lUbling, plaiting. 

ru-ii.a.ceous, a. cunsisiing of leaves oric^lei. 

Fo'-li.aje, n. [eaveg of trees, a cluster of leavta. 

Fo'-li-ate, v. t. to beat into a thin plate, to com 

with a leaf. 
Fo-li-a'-tion, n. the bealiiw into platea. 
Fo'.Uh), n. a book nl two leaves lo a sbest 
Folk, n. pi. toOis; people in general. 
Fol'-li-clcn.Bseod voasel with one v»Jv«,aba[ 
Fol'-iOw, ti. (. or t. to go ofter, piiraue, imilatB. 
Fol'.law-ed,' p. pursued, imitated. {clplsi 

For.lDw*r,n. one who follows, an BdbeFeni,dii. 
For-lOw-ing, ppr giiing odor, imitating; a. lur- 

ceeding, neii alter. [sinGil teiian. 

Fo-meal4'-tian, n. a bathing with wans kWuW 

Fo.inenl'.ing, j^. applying warm 
tina. ]rel 

Fonrfo. foolish, sSiv. foolishly tf. . , 
Fon'-^lle, v. (, or i. L A^ax on, treat with aaia^ 
Fond'-led,* p. treated tenderly, caro»«d. Ims"- 
Fund'-ler, n. on» -vbi trnnls with tendemcia- 
Fond'-ling, n. one foiidlecl or raressed. 
Fond '-ly, orf, with iflbotion, lovii^ily. 
Pcmd'-neas, n. nflToction. love. leiiilemes* 
Pont, n. a baplianial biuin iMnnmuni nftypit 

Food, 71. ih'at nhict ■ '-elc:!. or h Wb supjiJiM 

one who acta alkiurdly, a bufToon. 
Fool. V. i. or t. lo d.dappokul, lo impoOe or 
Fool'-ed,* jj. disapp^^intei:, imposed on. 
Fool'-e-ry, n. folly, Blieoiion to triflea. 

ling biglily- 

book, dam, fill). Me, can, ct 
Pml'hanl-i-neH, n. foolnh ruhneu. 

Fool-hlrd-y, a. niiidly advaminnu, rsjh. 
FooV'Uh, a. weak in undtntsnding, lilly. 
Foul'-iili'lT, ad. westilT, Bbaurdly. 
Foot'-bh-nesB, n. warn of undemanding, folly. 
FaoW-ao, H. a paper ofa e — " '— 
F9PI, >>. thsl oil whicli a ll 

I Ihiflg stani] 
inre ^ 12 in 

■ure in poetry, infantiy. 
F«ot, n. I. or e. 10 chum, walk. Dead, ■para. 
riof-ball, n. a bladJer in a caae or cover. 
Fool-lioy, n. a boy in livery, &«ervanl. 
Faii-ed, p. or a. shaped in Ihe foot, romighed 

tviLli a foot, ai B slocking. 
FuH-iiig, fi fiinndalion, wippoil for Ihe feet. 



a atool fur 1b« feel. 

nsCanding and 

Fop'-pe-ry, n. Ihe maiioen or dren of a fop. 
Fop'-piah, a. vain, gaudy, foolish. 
Fop'-piah-ly, ad. in » foppieh mennei. 
Pi^-piih-nea*, n foppish mannen or dren. 
For, /irep, orcoB. because of; in hope of. in plan 

oTiinfovor oT, on ihii ecroimt. 
For'-i^e, n. food for horsea or oiule. 
Fur'-age, v. i. to S3 in eeareh of provision foi 
For'-SB-ed,*y.or iWpe. Ihoraes, 

Fot'-S^-ins, ppr. eeeking provisions abfosd. 

" Lp. forbore, fp. foreborne; 


'irif^, ppr. ceasing, pausiOj 

ing siifTcT' 

long suflerinR. 
Fur-bid', V I p.forbid; pp forbidden; topmhibit. 
FurJiarl', For-blil^den, p. jimhibiied, hindered. 
Fnr.hid'-ding, p/w. prohibrting, hindering: a, re- 
pelling appRwrh, ropuUive, disegreMhle. 

■*■- - inh, aniive power, violence, mo- 

tRicacT, validity, ciHiiputsioD. 
compel, drive, urge, pieH, alonn. 

Fdrc-ed,' ». 

mprla, embolua of ■ pump 
Filr>ci-Me, a. violenl, slrong, poaarful. 

e, powerful^. 

Fo^ _. 


Fard, n. s^tece w 

FOrd, V. r. lo pass oy waoing. 

Ford-a-bk, o. jnssable on foot. 

Forp,a. advanced, lieing in frimt, going first. 

Foie,ad. belbre,in the fore pHt,H/ori and a/t 

Fore^Um, t>. I. to ami beforehand. 

Fom-arm-od,' p. armpd beforehand. 

Fora-bOde,o.<.to fureldl, prodin, nngnoHticnta 

Fare-etisi, v.l. ta i. to plBKbeforalitnc!,foreiiee. 

Filro'eHst, a. foresight, pnrvioiw coimivance. 

Fere-eBs-<ls, n. the ibon deok in the fors pari 

rore-cl-led, a. quoted or mentioned before. 
Fore-GlSse, v. (. lo shut, Wop, preclode. 
Fore-do'-sed,* p. precluded, itspped, preventad, 
Foi«-t]o'-inre,n. Bctarprecluding,apreventio(, 
Fore-de-sTj!!!. v.t. lo'srhene befeiehaiKt. 
Fore-doom', v. t. to doom befcceband. 
Fare-dOor, n. the door in front of the houee. 
Fore-end, n. the fore part, end ibat i* forward. 

FotE-(in''g-er, n. the fiiwer nen to the ihuinb. 
Fore-ibot,B.oneof tho forward feet of a qluulra- 

Fore-fnini', a. Ihe front, van, forsiicad. [pad. 
Fore-eo', ». I. lo forbear to poss«s, 
Fcro-go'-inSi ppr. fbriMariiigto have ; a. preced- 

ForHRinnd, n. the part befoce a Gguie., a. dona bofore, 
Fiire-hand-ed, 0. early, liinBly,eaay in praparly. 
For'e-heod, n, the onper pen of the fcii. 
Foi'-eign, a. rfor^n,] belonging to another raiin> 
try, remote, unconnecteir. [bIiM. 

For'-eign-ar, n. a niliw) of onottiar canniry, aft 
For'-eign-neee, n. mnolenem, wantoTcalalia.. 
Fore-juilg'e, tJ, I. loiudge heSiMiiual. 

raje-Kiluvk.v. i. |iuirDU,i u> know b^H«. 
F'ore-knowl'-edge,-H. [foteniJ^aeeJ koDwiaJp 
of future events. 

Btfr. (fill, whit. pttT. m 

Far>-ll7, D. (. lu Uy mil far. 
Fiire-loek, a. ■ loi;k ofhsir on ihe forehad. 
FiireHnan, r. Ihachitf rnsn ora jnrr. or in > ihop. 
Fjibhium, n. ihi nuut neareal the bMd of aahip. 
Fu-v-inen'-lion-<Hl|* a. mentioned belbre. 
Fon-nfim-ed,* p. nnnwd in the pan before. 
Fciro-moet, o. (iiil in |)lufle .it order, * 
Fore-niwn', n. the fint halfof tlie daf. 
Fu-ftn'-«ie, fl. TolBling lo ™un.. 
Fiire-or-diUn, b. E. lo iTetorminB beforehand. 
FOra-pan, n. the pan befun in linM or place. 
Fore-rank, n, the ranli thil lead*. 
Fore-run', o- i. lo go before, lo prxado. 
Forft-nin'-nsr, n. oneienl before, a pr ^... 
Foresee', d. •. lo aee beforehand, to divine- 

_ - . . ., ..t. to indicate tHforBGand, 
Fure-ihi)vi-ii,jip.ihown beforehend- 
Foro-iighi, n. a seeing beforohend. 
Fom-iii'-iu-fj, p. 1. 10 aignifjr belbro. lo lypify- 

Fore-3ijf II, B. (. to arvticipaie, ui buy good« beibra 

ihcy rtBch the market. 
Fore-ainll-ed,*;}- antiiiipatsd, purchased before. 
Fore-iiflll-or.B-onewhuhujatbingB before Ihey 

For'-JWI-er, n. an ofHcerof thsfortL [Zxtg.] 
Fore-tiBie, b. (. lo iS'ta belure, aniicipnla. 
FikFa-iiste, n- a taite beforehand, anuripalion. 
Fore-tell', b, I. p. and pp. forelold; to ptedici. 
FoiB-iell'-er, n. one wlio prodiiu- 
Fon-thiak', b. (. to think he Ibrehnnd. 
Fore-lhonuhl,™. previous thought, Of proTidence. 
Foro-ti'-km, n. I. lo fiwaahow ; n. previom iign. • 
Fiire-tol), n. bair above Ihe forehead. 
Fdm-wnm', B. t- to aJniDniBbJwfurehand. 
Fore-wftni'-fld,* p. previouily odmoniihed. 
Fiire-wi(m'-ing, n. previoua caution. 
For'-ftil, 0./. to !o»B by an oflenBe. 
For'-fdt, a. £jrf«iied, li^le to maian. 
Fnr'.fcil, Q. that which In taet by an ofTeiue. 
Fur'-frii-a-ble, a. that may be forfeited. 
For'-frit'Ure, n, act of forfeiting, thing forfnted. 
Forgave, p. of For^Be.* 
Fnr^s, n- a place where iron la baalan uuo 


Frjr^-ed,* p. Ibnned by ham 

forgea or counterfeitt. 

Fdrg-ing, ppr. hanunerinfl into ahepee, counier- 

For-get, B. 1- j>- forgot ; [lotgai,] pp. forgol, for. 

gotten; to lose the mnembniDce o£; iliglil, 

For-gei'-ful, a. apt lo forget, i^ 
For-get'-fiil-nen, n. iptnew Ui I 

noglecil negligance, 
For-gat'-ter, r- one who forgeta. [lecling 

For-gM'-ting. ppr. loning rainenibrancs oS, aeg 
For-giT'«,e- (.p. fornavB ; pp. forgiven; toparduo. 
For-giv'-«n,pp.pardonec'. excused- (meni. 

For-giv'o-neu, n. panlon, remiaainn of piuub. 
For-giv'-ing, ppr. pardoning, remitting ; a. dii- 

poaed 10 pardon, mercifuT. 
Furlt,ti-i. or (.to shoot into bnuichee, to pitch wib 
Fork, n. an initruracni with prenca. t> foit. 
Pork'-ed,'p. of Fork; a. divided into branclM 

Fork -ed-neas, n. an opening into branchei. 
Fork'-y, a. furcated, divided inlo shoots or poina- 
For-lorn', a. (braaken, lost, wroichtd. 
Por-lom'-nw>. n. ■ tiiraakenor wretched stale. 
Form, n, sliape, manner, model, order, eilemu 

•how, ceremony, a long bench. 
Form, V. (. to model, make, plan, conatiluts. 
Form'-al.o, according tufunn.stiff.cerenHHueim 
Form'-B-list, r- an ubterver offurma, a taypociila. 
Forra-al'-i-ty, n. ohaorinnce of forraa, cereinooj. 
Form'-al-!y, ad. according lo forms and cerem* 
Form-a'-tion,n- act of forming, creation. [aJ* 
Form'-a-Iivo, a. that forms, lending to tbnn 

oldcf, c 

r uim'-er, a. tint ot two, preceding. 
Form'-er-ly, id. in lime long past, of old. 
Porm-i'«a' tion, n. sensation of creeping am 

the body. 
Fonn'.l-da-ble, a adapted lo eicile (ear. 
Fonn'-i-' ■' .■ - ■-- -1. 

t ,_._„ 

'U-la, B. proacnbad Ipnif or mad^L 


book, dflve, full, me, can, chiuw, g an, ai, thin, Qiou. 

Fi>B'-ail, n, a •ubauiu'e dug Ironi Ibo eanh, or 

peneumed wilh sarthy or raeullic panicles. 
Fus'-Bil'iniif.onevonieii in the tcienis of Tuaaila 
Foa'^til-izB, r. Mo convert into albuil. 
FN'-Bil'j'»d,* p. cunvened inUi a fossiJ. 
Fiw'-ref, K, I. lo nurae, teed, cbOTiih. 

Fctt'-ier-ed * p. nureeil, l«l, cheriahed. 
FMr'>iei<age, n. ihe rharge of mining a rhild. 
taiaty, verily. Fa>i'-ter-biilih-«r,ii.abnjllierDureed al Lhesania 

■" — ~ "" braael. Jrpnii. 

FiH'-lor-chIld| n. a child not nuned by ita pa- 
Fo«'-ler-ing, ppr. iiurein^, chehahing, encuur^- 

Fom'-i-FB-lor, n. a sini^le penon guilty of lewd' 

FDr-aflke, V.I. p. lumwk, jti. binaken ; tadeaeit, 

quit entirely, abandon. 
For4fik-«n,pp.draertedf abanclDned- 

., . >r deny upiiii oaih, toiweor ialaely. 
Fori, n.ilnrtr«a,raaile,ihai ill Hhich one eiceb. 
FiJnh, 'ui. forwanl, abroad. . (poanince. 

F6nh-eam'-mg, a. ready b> appear, makini; ap- 
pJinh-iB'-eii'irig, a, coming out, bxuing front. 
Fanh-witli', oJ. immediaWly, direclly. 
Por'-ti-eth, a. Iba tenth taken four timea. 
Fur-li-G-ea'-Iion, n. a work for defense. 
For'-li-fi^r, it. one who Ibniliea or cunfiima. 
For'-li-f ^, E. (. to elect worka lo delend, to coD- 

For'-ti-fy-ing, ppr, alrengthening. confirming. 
For''ii-tude, n. alrenglh or lirniiMsi of mindT 
Fon'-nighi, n. the auace of inu weeks. 
For'-irew, n. a tortilied place, a Etrong hold. 
For-tu'-it-out, a. aceidenlal, cuual. 
Far-iu'-lt-oiu-ly, Ocl. aectdentally, h^ chance. 
For-iu'-it-nua-tteea, n. caiualty, accidentaioBB*. 
Fur'-tii-nale, a. lucky, aucceaaful. 

nal«-1y, ad. luckily, surceagfull);. 

_ — -f luck, prosperity. 

ice,T^, 'p. 
For'-liine, v. i. to happen, to b 


□ lella Ihe futnra 

For'-ly, a 

>ur timea ten added together. 
.... a market place in Rome, court of 

jualice, tribunal. 
Poi'.word, a. being befiire, ready, prompt. 
For'-H-ard, r. f. to advance, lu promote. 
Fof'-wanl, ad. in front, piagreaaively, 
^o^'-wa^^-l)', ad. eagerly, promptly. 
For'-ward-nea*, n. eageniHis, promptneaa. 
Foaa, n. a ditch, moat, cavity. 
finf-^ a. dog from the earth. 

ling, rheriahing, 

smale nuned b; the unie 

Fes' ler-aon, n. one fed and educated like a aon. 
Folh'-er, n. a weight of lead, coniaining eigia 

pigs ; but it ig of dillbrenl weighia. 
Folh'«r, ». I, lo atop a leak in a ship, by a laiJi 

oakum, i/c. 
Foueht, p. and pp. of Fight, [faut.l 
FoDl, a. coniaining eiiraneoua Duller, torind, 

impu™, unfair, enlangH. 
Foul, o. (. lo make foul, itefile, poUule. 
Foul'^ld,• p. dofiieif, filthy, sullied. 
Fonl'-fS-ced." a. havinH an ugiy fece. 
Foul'-ly, ad. dJrtily, fillhily. ^ [guage. 

Fuul'-nuiuth-ed.D. uaing obscene or pioftnelao- 
Foul'-nena, n. filihin»', pollution, defarmity. 
Found, p. and ]^. of Find. 
Found, D. I. lo Kl,eslBhlish, casi veeiieli of metal 
Found-n'-lion, n. bottom, lucpurt, ogiabliiihmrni. 
Foimd'-^r.ii. one who loitndi,a easier of warn. 
Fauml'-nr, «. i. or I. to fill, or fill and sink, to 

-y,n,B plaee for casting vesaeb of me- 
Found'-liiig, n. an eipmcd thild. 
Fotukd''rees,B.aleniale who friundaorettebliBheo. 
Fount, ( n. a aprinr, source, jet, head of • 
Founl'-ain, t river, ori^nal. 
Foiuit'-ful, a. having many hpringa. 
Fiiur, o.'two and two oJJed. 
"- -fold, a. four timea as much, or mani-. 

.foi>|.ed, a. quadruped, having (biu Mt. 
. ..^.amre, a. eightjr, four timea twenty. 
Fcur«|iia», a. huving lour equal atdaa. 


FlMHa«''H..., . . . _. 

Ft«D-p-bil'-i-ij, ■. (Ute of being fnnublc. 
Fnn'-gi-blii, a. ImUb io break, t»*iij oratun. 
Fnnk, a. fiee, opta, ondkl, ingenuoua. 
Fnnk, n. a bm Inner, ■ liJnr raia of Fnoe^ 

eigbueii aod ilmfrJaiinli* «nu. 
Fndk, P.t-ta make free, cumpt fiwn priMiga 
Frank'-«J,* p. eianpteil from pottage. 
Fnnk-in'-i«iae, ■. a diT ranootu Mtnlaoca. 
Frank'-lT, ad. Ineij, opeoly, caudidlf , wiiliiiiii 

F^ijik'-neK, n. plainnnH, ficnhiiii, in^anuons 
Fnn'-iie, a. uuul, irancponeJ niib paimn. 
Fran'-Iie-lf , ad. furioiuly, ourageaiBl/. 
Knu'-iie-nna, a. madoeo, fury of paiiaon. 

Fra.u^-m^j, n. a tHXKh«hood, locietf , 
Fra-tem'-iEe, e.i. la umie an brotfaen. [iber. 
Fru'-ri-ckle, n. mnida', or tha nuudercr of a bio- 
Fiaad, n. ilecsption, breach of nutf, iajury by 
FiaBil''fiil, a. (leoBiifbl, trickiih. [cbsatini; 

Fiaiul'-ful-ly, ad. dec«ifallf , Imcheraiulf . 
Fraud -n-loua, n. (lec«riiilaBB..&nid, 
Frawl'-n-lent, a. dwettful in mnlrada, IriiAJih 
Pnuil' hy fraiul.VickBhLy. 
Fraught, i.tfrant,! loaded, full, re|,l((<^ 
Fray. n. a quarrel, a frighl ; tj. L lo ihghiai. 
Freak, n. ' ■ " ' " 

Tiat-^ttn, a. Ibur and Ini added logtdMr. 
FOnr-k-*aib, a. the tboith afier iba ROtk. 
FUuithiii.thaatdinBl of t<nr,nMuig ihs nm 
FAufth-l J, irf. in Uw fourth plaoe. [t 

"'"'"■ ■-•--■ — --|g (out Kheali. 


yinsad animal, . . 

Fowf-CT, x. ana wbo praMicea 
Fowl'-ing,a. the act ofcalching i 

ichin^ ))inli. 

__ .„___ ^ __ jhootingionla. 

Fiiwi'.ing-|ne«, a. a Enn Hit abooting (bwli. 
Foi, a. ati aoimal of Uw canine genoa. 

FoK'-taii, n. e (packa of graja. 
Foi'-irap, n. a Imp for laking foiea. 
Fra'-ou, n. a noi»y quarret, uproar. 
Frae'-Iion, n. act of brenking, a bnAen part, di- 

Tiiiun of a whole nnmber. 
Fra('-Iioiv«l, a. conaiating in fraetioiit. 
Fne'-lraaa, a. apt lo quarrel, peeviih, cmaa. 
Fnc'-tioua-lj, ad. wilh peeruhDCH. 
Frae'-tioiu-MM, n. eroaaneu, peeruhiKai. 
Fatf-tim, H. a hiaaeh of a wild, dianiptnra. 
Frac'-tare, «. (. to bmk or crack, u a bona. 
Frac'-MNoi),* p. biokea, cracked. 
F^-iK a. Mailr Inaken, brittle, (nil 
Fn^f-i-lr, n. britlkneaa, fiailly. 
Fiaf -inent,n. a piece broken off. a piere, a crnm. 
Fra'-gor, a. a loud haiah burst of lound. 
Fra'-grancB, n. iweeuieu of ■mell. 

if an edifice, fabric, order. 

Frlim-eil,* p. fitted wid Joined, mntle, deviaed. 
Fra'-mer, n. one who framn, or makeii. 
Fn'-minii,ppr.Sitiing and joinitig, faOricaliiig, 

Fnr'-rhlw, n. a privilege, immunity. 
Fran'-chiae, e. I. lo make free. 
Fiau'-chia-ad,* f. nude free, enfiaochiaad. 

^uuicalneaa , oddity . 

}l undec faatiaint, pa 

Fr#ak-i>h. a. whimsies I 
Freak-ish.nest. n. whin 
Free'-kte, n. a cpoi on the akin. 
Frec'-klpd,* a. having BpoU on the (kin. 
Freck'-lv, a. mart---' -'■■ — - 
Free, a. being at II . 

milted, open, candid, liberal. 
Free, v. t. to deliver from bondage or reetmn 
Freed,* p. released from confinement or bonda| 
Free'-boot-er, a. a robber, a piuiiderer 
Free'-bom, n, bom Itee, inheriting fnadom 
Free'-eoet, n. Ireedom from eipcnae. 
FrSed-tnan, n. a man Deed fruni ilavcry. 
Friee'-dam,n. eiemMion Irom tlio pun'CT or a 

irul of another, tranchiee, frantmsB, tirenai 
Free'-heaited, a. liberal, eeneniw, kiM. 
Frae'-hulJ, n. land held by free tenure. 
Free'-hold-er, n. the owner of a tatAM 
FiM'-ly, ad. at libeity, )ibera%. 



Free-man, n. one ftee of ii curpomtio 
Pioe'-nesB, n. apennen, unmen'edner 
Pree-^ehool, n. ■ school open to all. 
Frae'-spiik-m, a. speaking ivithoul m 


booh, dSte, Hill, iMO, can, chaiw, ^em, u,tUn, than. 

Free'-will, n. (he pt 

Ming at plow 

Freeze, c, t, or i, p. tmie ; pp. fi aien ; Locongeal, 

or Iw congealed by coldjto chill. 
Flight, n. [irate,] ladinff of a itiip. Iransporta- 

Ijon, price oftraiiBpurune- 
^ight, v. I. [frsie,] m loniT, at » vessel. 

FniglH-mg, mr, loadinga ihip. [a ihip. 

French, a. behnging loTmnee. 
French, n. the language of fVanee, [French. 
French'-i-fy, d. I. to make conrorniable to Iha 
Prench'-horn, n. a wind inalnunent of miuic. 
Fren''Zi'e<.,* a, affected with madnecii. 
FMi'-zy, n. dialnclion of mind, madnen. 
Pre'-quen-ey, n. a common occurrence. 
Fra'-qusnt, a. often done or occurrirg, common. 
Fre'-quent, v. r. to viait olWn, Id resort to, haunt. 
Fre-quenl-a'-tkin, n, act of frequencing. 
FtPKtijent''a'Iive, a. repeating freqiientlj 
Fre'-quenl-ed| p. often Tisited. 
Fre', n. one who i-iiiti oflen. 
Fre'-quent-ing, ppr. often rewjUing to. ' 
Fre'-quent-];, ad. often, repeatedly. [peated. 
Fi«'-qaeiit-nesB. n. Ihe quality uf being often re- 


oolly, briskly. firH 
, one of the yountercli 
I, iKn-nen, raddincM. 

in of liquor or of mind, protube- 

Fret'.ted, p. corroded, worn by rubbing, veictl 
Fret'-iing, ppr. eating, galling, making reugh. 
Fri-a-bil'-i-iy, ) n. He qualily of bmig easily 
FrI'-s-ble-nesa, t broken and ciumbledlopieeu. 
Fri'-a-ble, a. eaailr crumbled. 
Fri'^r, R. a monk of some order. 
Frib'.ble, a. liivoloaa, trtfliiig, ailly. 
Frib'-hle, ■. a trifling ftlkiw ; ci. lo uifle. 
Frib'-bler, n.a triflff. 

Prie-Bs-Bee', n. a dish of fried chickens, 4ie. cut 
Frie'-'iun, n. a rubbing, altiiticm. [in piecea. 
Frl'-day, n. the siith day of the week. 
Friend, n. B peraon attached to another 1^ afTec- 

Friend'.leu, a. destitute of fiiendi. 
Frtenil'-Ii.nees, n. kindnees, friemUiip- 
Priend'-ly, a. kind, fiivorable. 
Friend'-«hip, n. BfTeciion, strong Bttachnwnl. 
Frie'4le, n. a ship of war of a size belwetD ■ 

•loop of war nr»l a riiip of the Uh. 
Fright, n. sudden lernii, panic- 
Fright, v.(. lo impress sudden UrroroD. 
Fright-en, v. I. tii terrify, lo Irighl. 
Frighi-ftiljn. adapced to eiciie Umir, iBtriblo. 
Frigbi-fiil-ly, ad. drtadfully, borribiy. 
Friehi-fiil-naa, n. the quality of frighleiulig. 
Frir-Jd,a. cold, dull, iiaensihle. 
Frig-id'-i-ty, n. ndilnexa, dullneaa. 
"ig;-id-ly, od. coldly, unfeulingly. 

ig-flr-if'-ie, a. caoBing or producing cold 

ill, n. an edging or ruffle. 
_ 111,0 i.toshakeor shiver wilh/sild. 
Friri^B. aktndoflrimmiiis; e, in irira 
Frine'4il,*p. adorned with Irii^e. 

Frinf'-y, o. adorned with or like fringe. 


place where old clolhei are nld. 

Kriv'-o-loiu, u. iiglil, irifluig, II ■-- - - 
Friv'-u-loua-ly, id. in ■ frivdhj 

Fiii'-ileJ,* p. curled, crisped, 
Frii'-xler, n. une who frizzln. 
Fru, ad. (rum, buck, in a retuining auiB. 
Fmck, n. s limae ouier garmenl tf men, uid ■ 
gowa lur fomuln that la pinned behind. 
^Frug 1. an Iinphiliiuus animal Ihu leapa. 
FrnK -lah, n. an arumnl laid lo change fntin > 

Ka , tu a Trug, and then to a liih. 
Frril'-irk, a. ^y, meiry, playful, dancing- 

Frul'-iclc, E. i, to be niurry, 10 play pranlu. 
Frul'-iclt-iiig./y. maldng merry, playing pranki, 
Friil'-ictWliue, a. full of gayeiy and mirth. 
Frul'-ick-aOmo-neM, b. gayety, ivild praiUu. 
From, prep, tuuitig, ilejianin;, at a diuunce. 
Frond, n. Iheiearin^ uriulmi and fenu. 
Fnind.e>'-r«nrv, n. the time of the year when 

a plant uiifuldi in leavei. 
Frniii. n. the face ur fan pan, Tan, impudence. 
FrOni, D. t. or i. Hi put « aland beTura itae iaca 

nni'.u, n. belonging lo the fronl. 

Fmni'.u, n. belonging lo tl 

ivinduw, ■ frontlet. 
FrOnt-eil.p. oro. mad-' 
Front'ier, n. a border 

^ name in I^nguedoc. 
Frur.i'-ii-niece, n. a picture facing the flrat pace 

ofn book, face ofa hiuliling. 
FrOnt'-Iiig, ppr. opposing lace lo lacej a. aland- 

ing front to fiunt ur oppoaita. 
FrOnt-leaa, a. thameleaa, impndent. 
Fnmt'-lel, n. a bandage worn on the Skmbmi. 
FnM, a. eoiigelatjoa, act of congealing. 

Froni'-bit-ten, u. nippwl by froaL [froat 

Froii'-eil, u, or □. covered with aomelhing lika 
Fm3i'-i.|y,aii. eoldly, without vtarmth of aCfec- 
Froat'-i-neaa, n. aiale of being froaiy. [tiun. 

Frosl'-y, a. ctHiianting froet, like froat, fi«ezing. 
Froth, u. foam, empty ihow of wit ; b. u> foam. 
Froth'-i-nea^ n. atate of being trolhy, tain, or 
Froth'-y, a. lull of fnith, vam, emMy, [enipiy 

Fn>un<'e, n. a wrinkle, or curl. [Iha iaco 

Frounc'-ad,* p. curled, friziled. 

Froux'-y, a. miuly, fetid, tank. 

Fni'-werd, a. pervene, ungovernable, peeviah 

Frv-ward-ly, ad. peeviahly, pencndy 

Fru'-ward-nesa, n. peuvishtieia, perveiaenaaa. 

Frown, n. n wrinkled and aour look. 

Frown, c. i. to eipteai diapleaaura by cuncraet. 

ing the browa. 
Frown'^d,* p. of Frown. 
Frown'-ing, ;jpr. conlractiag the browa. 
Frown'-ing-ly, ad. with fnjwn, gtandy. 

FrOie, p. of f iwM. 

FrOz-en, jyi. congealed, icr ; a. a 



(very cold, 
ject, lo froat, 
:uil of a plant 

Frue'-lu- . , 

Fr.i'.gBl,o.a. , 

Fru.gar-i.ty, n. prodei 

bearing fruil, fruilTul. 

;'-o-roua, a. fpeding on com or fruita. 

£roduce uf the earth, the produce of 
-uIh, &c. produce of animals, pioSt 
'ge, n, fruit in a general aeiue. 

FrQil-ful, a. producing much fruit. 
Frflit-fuMy, ad. wiili ibundanca offniit. 
EVOit-^ll^ieu, s. ptodnctiTaneat, abDiiduie 

buuk, a&ee, fuU, D 

fVnil-len-ly, ad. unprofiiabiy, in vain. 
Frui^ l««-De«, n. ilsTeci uriruit gr profit. 
FrOil-lull, n. a loft (ur preserving fruit. 
Fniit-lrBS, n. a tne thai bean fruil. 

I, can, chaiMi gem, a*, thin, fhou. 
Full, a. rumpleta measun 
Full, od. fully, q ' 

FuU'-ed,' p. mill 
Fiill'-dresc-flil,* a. ili 

Frtf-inenl-r, n. tbod m 

Fnuh, n. ■ tender hom in the tola uT a horae. 
Pnui'-lra4>le, a. Ihal mBr be<def«aled. 
Fniibini'-ii»t>ui,a. vBiii,frultl«i, unnrolitable. 
Fnia* -mie, n f . to diuppoinl, balk, Jefeal. 
f ru»-tra'-lion, ». diMppHinnr.ent, defeat. 
Fra-lea'-cent, o. from hertiBt«)us becoming 
F^i'-ti-eoiu,a. (hnibby, likes Blirub. [ahnibby. 
Frf-ed,' p. dnual in a pai. 
Fry, c. (. or i. to coak or dren in a frying-pan, 

to be agitated. 
PV^,a. thai which is fried, a crowd of small fUh. 
Fry-ing, ppr. dreaiing in a pan. 
Fry-ing-pan, b. a pan to fry in. 
Fu'-ci-ied, a. painted, disguised with paint. 
Fud'-dte, v. I. or i. u^raake or get drunk. 
Pud-died,* p. dnuih, inioiicatod. 
Fu'-el, n. any anbttanre that feeds a fin, eom- 

Pu-ga'-cioua, a. flying or fleeing away, volatile, 
Fu-gac'-i-ly, n. the quality of being apt to fly 

;, wandering, nnatable. 

jway, volatililr. 
Fu'-|i-ti™, a. flyin 

Fu'-gi-tive-naa, n. volatility, inMability. 
Fn-gue,n. [fug,] achaseorsucceMlun inmnuc. 
Ful'-craie, a fumishBd with props. 
Ful'-crum, i>, thai wliich suppona a lever, Slc, 
FuUfll]', o. t. to perform, complete, accomplish. 
Ful'fill'-ed,* p. completed, acooraplisbed. 
Fiil-GII'->ng,ppr. completing, accomplishing. 
Fpl-Cll'-ment, n. peiiormance, pompledan. 
Ful'-^n-cy, n. hnghtness, splendor. 
Ful'-gent, a. shining, resiilendent, bright. 
Ful'-gor, R. a danhng brightneaa, piJendor. 
Fa-lic'-wKHu, a. like soot, smoky. 
PsD, a. having all it can contain, iMiiSad. 

form for con;. ., 
Fiilt'-ejBd,*y. having prominent o)'es. 
Full'-ted, a. fallcned. plump with bt. 
Fiili'-irig, ppr. milling, seouring and cleansuig. 
Fiill'-ing-mill, n. a mill for scouring clolli. 
Fiill'-neis, R.Bioie of being full, repletion, pleni*. 

Full'-y, ad. lo the full, completely, eniirely 
Fiill'-si^me, u. gruaa, dieguiUng, oifensive 

" " " ' of the petrel kind. 


to thunder, M utter ifeDun- 

Ful'-voUB, 0. yellow, sallhin-colored. [plusivD. 

Fu'-ma-io-ry, n, a plant of several speciea. 

Fum-Me, c. i. to do or handle awkwardly. 

Fum'-bler, n. an awkward ur clumsy person 

Fume, n. smoke, vapor, ruge. 

Fume, V. i. to smoke, to yield vapor, 


Fu'-mi-gole, v. t. lo smoke, lo perfume. 

Fu-mi-ga'-lian,n.act of apply ins smoke in heal- 
ing arj) iij cleansing from Ibulness. 

Fil-my, B. producing fumo, full of vnpoi. 

Fun, n. low vnlgar spurt. 

Fii-nam'.bu-li«t, n. a ropo walker or dancer. 

Func'-Uon, B. office, empluymenl, charjio. 

Fimc'-lion-a-ry. b. one who holds sn otKca 

Fund, n. a stock, bank uf money, copilal. 

Fund, IP. (. lo provide money for r^pilar payment ^ 
of the interest of. 

Funds, n, pi, funded debu, money lor siipjilies. 

Flind'.n-ment, n. the seat, or lower pan. 

neceaaory lor support. 
Fund-a-meni'-al-ly, wt, primarily, iwce 
Fund'-ed, p. rumiahed with fmidB Ibr i 
Fu'-Qfr-rai. n. a burial, procenion at a burial. 

Bgr. fell. "hNi [ffeyi mrftae, pja, bird, n 

Fii-ne'-re-al, a. lulling a funeral, muurnful. 
Fun"g-aiu. o. like ■ mmbroain, eicmcent. 

<piin^ «icnHCence, pfouU dQ>h. 
Fu'-ni-fle, n. ■ ainsU cord. [nuind. 

Fun'-neJ, n, piuiBEs Tar a fluid or Ibr ■moka, ■ 
run'-nel-romi, ii. having Ihs shape oTa tujioel. 
Frm'-iiy, a. ilmll, cDinicai, uponive. 
Fur, n. fine, «afl hair, ikina, coat of morbid ntu- 
Fur, e.l. to line or ouvor wiih fiir. [Isr. 

to poliah, clean, nuke bright. 
r iir-Di>D4ii,' p. pulighed, bumiihsd. 
Fur'-bjjih-er, n. one who fucbiihea. 
Fiir-ca'-LJon, n. a branching like a finfc. 
For-fu-ra'-ceoiB, a. scaly, Uhe acurf of bimn. 
Fu'.ri-ous, a. runhing viotsiuly, raging, violent. 
Fu'-n4UB-ly, 4ut wiih greet vehemence, madly. 
Fu'-n-Dus-nen. n. fury, great viol«]?e, Rttdnen. 
Furl. B. 1. ui dr«w up, fold and faBieri to s yard, 
Furl'-ed,* p. inwn up, fiuiensd to a yard. [&c. 
Fur'-loiig, R, iho eighlh pan uf a mile. 
Fnr'-liw, n, leave of nbiieiiee from nuliiaryier- 
Fur'-lfni', o.(. to furnish with a fiirlow. [vice. 
Fur'-NiW'fidi'/'.fiiniiahed with leave of abieoce. 
Fut'-nacc^ n. a place for melliog metalii, or fur 

heuti;^ water, &c. 
Fiir'-niih, c. t, lo supply, provide, equip. 
Pur'-niiih^d,* p. lUpiilied, equippad. 
Fiir'-niih-ar, n. one who inppliei another. 
Fur'-niah-ing, ppr. supplying, equipping. 
Fur'-ni-lure, u. goods, vaaaeli, utaosila, equipage. 
Fiir'-red.* p. lined with fur, ihickanai]. 
Fur'-ri^r, n. a dealer in fiin, nxifTs, &c. 
Fur'-mig, D. a lining of fur or of bjanh. 
Fnr'-mw, B. a long trench, a wrinkle. 
Fnr'-Mw, V, t. lo ticnch, lo wrinkle. 
F<ir'-raw«d,* p. cut Intu furrows, wrinkledi 
Fiir'-rv, a. eovaiad with or made of fur. 
Pur'-lher, a. mom diatanl, addiiionaL 
Fur'-lher, mJ. at a greater distance. nMMVOvat. 
Pur'-lber, D. 1. toaasiat, pmmole, lorwanl. 
Fur'.ihBT^nca, h. idvancemenl, pnimouin. 
Fai'-nier.«it,*.f). advanced, prnmoied. 

FOf'-lb-' _ _ L~l_» »».*....» ..J.r. 


Kur'-lher-DuWt, a. Ihs iliast diNant, ei 

Fu-Md,* p. meiied, liquefied. 

Fu-see',ii. a lireluck, ptpe of combustibles, cone 

al a watch or clock. 
Fu-il-l)il'-i-ty, n. the quality of being foible. 
Fu'4i-ble,a. ihut may be melted, or made liijoid 
Fu'-tL-fumi, a, shaped hke a spindle, [by Oeal. 
Fu'-iil, a. capahle of being nielled. 
'Fu'-*il, n. a light miuket or iireluck. 
Fu^ail^ir, n. a aoldiar armed with ■ fusil, ur 

■A by w 

, 1. the 01 
liquid by heal 

veiling B solid 

nult, a bualls. 

Fus'-tian, n. a cotton stuff, sweUing acyla. 
Fus'-cion, a. made of fusiuui, high avkoUing. 
Fua'-iic, B. a West India wjiod ua«d in dyeing. 
Fua'-ti-nesit, n. a fuaty Btaie,moldinea. 
Fiu'-ly, a. moldy, rank, ill-smBlliiig. 
Fu'-lila, a. IriSing, worthless, uaeka. ^nass. 
Fu-tir^-ty, a. want of weighi or effect, trifling- 
Fu'-tniB. a. thai is to come ot be hereailer. 

Fu-tu'-ri-ly, B. time lo come, future state. 
Fuzz, t). 1. la fly off in sraati panicles. 
Fuzz, n. finet volatile panicles. 
Fuzz'-ball, B. s puff, a kind of miuhroom. 
Fjr, a. nipnming dislike oi ahhononca. 


AB, n, the loou^. [Vulgar.l 

!<. i. to piala, to talk &« or Etel. 
. . GabHe. fubl;. 

(lab'-bler, b. a prater, one who gabblaa. 
Ga'-bi^n, n, a wicker basket in Ibnification. 
Ga'-bla, R. the ihaDgular or sloping eral of ■ 

house, &c. 
Gad, n. a wadj^ ■ gnvai, a puneb. 

Gad, 0.1. 


I runble. to walk about Ihe si 

pr, nunbliiig, walking dwui. 
Uad'^IJy, n. a fly that aungti caiiJe. 
Gaff, n. a hook, a haipoon, n gmall boom. 
Gaf-rw, n. mailer, fatlMV, old sir. 
Gaf'-rte, n. an artificial apur for cocka. 
Gag, V. 1. 10 slop Ute mouth. 
Gag, n. soraelbuig lo atop Ihe mouth- 
Gage, n. a pledge, or pawn, rule oC 

Gaga, B.(. to pledge, Ui 

Gj-g«d,*p.pledg^, lueaAurvj. 

Ga'-giHg, ppr. pledging, meiuHriiig. , 
Gag'-glo, V. I. lomakn a noise ai a gooae. 
Gag'-gling, ppr. inakmg the noiao of a gooae. 
Gihly ; lee Gayiy. 

Gain, n. |inifit, hniptit, o beveling ihoulder. 
Gain, v. I. lo get, uDiain, win, reach. 
Gfiin-ed,*;). rravhnl, obtained, won., a. one who obtains advantage. 
Gim-ful, a. pnlita'ile, luoiative. 
Gfiin-fiil-Jy, od. profitably, viith gain. 
GAm-lna, a. unprofiiable, wiihuui gain. 

Gain^iy, a. (. p. ani] jip. gaiiuayed; lodeny, li 

Gain-«Sy'-ed,*p.conlr»dicli>d, denied. 
GBin-aily.or, ». one who denteii or rontnidicls. 
Gainnwy-ing.ppr. eouUadiinina, oppoaing 
Gtin^iBy-ing, n. contradiction, denial. 
Giir-ieh, a. gaudy, ahowy, very fine, 
'^'ir-iab-neee, n. gaudineaa, cilravagant joy 

Gail, n. m 

r of nalki 

<ilh for Iha leg, 
ilky wayj anSHiibly. 

Gal'4i-y, n. ihei 
Gar-ban,G8r-bo-num, n. a gnr 
■ubniaiice, aoft and biUctwii. 

Gflll, n. bile, ra 

'haiae, ^fem, aa, thin, fhou. 

Gal-lanl', n. a wooer, a lover, an auendanl. 

GiU'-lanl, a. brave, hi^h-epi riled, hold. 

Gal-lont', B. ci>il, poUie, allciiiiie lo Indiea. 

Gsi'-lanl-ly, III. bravely, gennruuly. 

Gal'-lani-^, n. bravery, generosity, civility 

Gtill^ed,* p. hnn, Iroued, vexed. 

Gal'.leon, n. a lai^ sliip. 

Gal'-le-rv, n. a covered walk, an apartmenl in 
chundi uid In a skip. 

Gal'-ley, n. a low flal-built vessel. 

Gul'-lej'-alave, n. one conilenuied to ihe galley 

Gal'-lif, a. penaining to Gaul, now Frani«, bi 
longing to galls or nak-apptcn, 
al'-lic-an, o. pennining to France. 
alMi-ciini,n. an idiom of the French Inngung 
iil-li'nB'.ccouB, a. designating Towls or the bar, ppr. fretting, excorialing, veiing; i 

i-poi, n. a pol painted and glazed 

t. B awin movemeni, as of a hone, 
n.pi. gaIloW8e»,ngibbeI. 
a printer's case 10 reccJi'O typea from 

>mi, n. an insect of Ihe cenliped kiml 
c, a. penaining lo galvanism. 

I'-ble, B. t. logame or play lor money. 
I'-bled, p. of ftumW*. 

Gani'-bl. , 

as a pigment. 

X or gum-re 

, n. a skipping and leapjng. 
Gam'.boi, o. i. lo leap and skip n frolic 
Gam''''. leaning, skjpnirg. 
Gani'-brel, ii. ine hin>l 'eg of a horse, 
play, apon, animals hunlni. 

Game, a. .'.to play, n 
Game-toi-k, B. a <«'■! 

<o gaming. 

ng, n. tha (cl, an, or praciice af playing 

Gam'-nuin, r. Iho buitocfca or ihigli of ■ hog 

uickled and imuked. 
Oam'-uji, v. t. In pirkln and ■make, SMea a 

Rani'-niiil, n. ■ scoie of noies in miuic. 
Gnii'-iier, n. the male olfoivia utihe juosflkind. 
Gmig, r. 1. 10 gu, lo w'Sik. |ing ore. 

(•Hill!, ". a rompany, a crevr, BUtniance tunlain- 

Gui'-greiM, n. nioriifir:uiioii of Resh. 
Gan'-Eten-oiu, a. nuinilied. 
Ganr-way, n. a paiBBge, a platfiirm in (hips. 
Can'-net, n. Ilie Solan guiwa of l\» siie of itxi 

Gant'-let, n. a luge iron glovo for cavitian. 

Gani'-lope, n. a miliwry punishmtTiI. 

Gaul, n. a jail, place uf eolifinement. 

Gap, 1. a breocli, opening, diaam, 

Giip*, B. i. lo open the inoutb wide, to ;awn. 

Ga-ped,* p. of Oape. 

Gi-par, n. one nbo yawiu. 

Gii-iung, jqtr. o|]«ung the moDih, yawning ; a. 


Gsrb, n. cluihen, dma. o,, 

Gvbra^ n. ofloli uf animals, eclrsili. 
Gui'-ble.s.t. lo Moarale, >Ltl..pich out. 
Gar-hlsd,* p. aifleil, hulled, separatei!, 
Gdr-hlar, a. one who leparBiea or lilli., ^ip-. gepanling, bolting. 
(^.den, n. a place for ihs culiivalion of flatiU 

for Ihe kilnben, fniili, flowoni, &c. 
RXr-den, «.< i. to cultiraie a ganlen. 
Gur-den-cr, n. one who inaK» ur lilla a gar^on. 
UiiMen-ing. n. horticulliire, tl le lillinc irfa garden . 
OiiT-gB-riain,n. a gargle for [he muuih and Uiniat. 
Giir-gar-lu,D. f . to waeh ihe moulh with a gaigla. 
Gnr<ar-i-)»d,* p. waihtd with a gaigle. 
tiiiig'-«t, n. a awelling in the throat ol naltle. 
Gir-^ie, tt.L lu wa^•h tlie oiouih and Itiruat with 

n liunid prspantion. 
G)ir-cle, n. a liquid prepDTBtion for the mouth. 
Glir-luid, n. a wreath of floH'en. a cha^ilet. 
GCi-lit, H, a plant havuig a bulbuua not. 

ar'ftie, pin, Mrd, m o'i-ai 

(iiir-nieni, n. an article of i-lolhing, dnaa. 
Riim-«t, II. a granary, place for depoaiting gram. 
Gar-nel. n. a raineial and gtm uiually red. 
Gnm-ith, v. t. la adorn, decorate. Ml oS. 
Gdni-iih^d,* p. edamed.embelliBhed. 
Giim-iih-ee', n. one in whose hands prap«t7 uf 
an abccoivliliB debtor is allaehed. 

Gor'-rBt, II. the opper r 
GBr-rel.e6r, n. one w*- 

Gar'-n-Kin-«l,' p. fu 
Gar'-ni-lou.l o. loquac 

a band lo Itntcn a nocking. 
ir«er, v. I. to ftsten wkh a gait«r. 
ir-ter-ed,*p.bnund oriiirested nicfa aganer. 
u, n. an aeriform elanie fluid. 
w'.<on-ado, n. a boasting, braggine, hMvafc. 
is-eon-&d«, p. t. to boast, vaunt, huntar. 

■ ■' ' m rfgaa,aerHiimi. 

nth, a 

a deep and long ci 


Caiih'-ful, u. ftill of gaihu, MdeoiH. 
Oaa-i-H-W' tion,ii.ll'eai'tafcanTeHingintogaii 
Giui'-i-fi*d,* 71, lum<^ inlo ga». 
Gas'-i-r^, «. I. to ronvert intii an Mriform Anid 
Gask'-el, n. a plaited cord to Ibaten a awl. 
Gas'-kin^ n. pt. widc,open hube. 
Gaa'.lighi, n. light prudnced by bnniing gai. 
RUiip, I. i. or 1, 10 'ipen Ihe mourn ivide in imeli- 

GBHp, n. an opening of the mmth la raKh breath.^.apcningtlwmouth lo catch breath. 
Gas'-lric, a, belonging lu ihe Blomach. Tbelly. 
Gas-lril'-nM]nlst, n. one nho apeaka bi from hn 
Gats, n. a hii^ door, an of a city, caatle, or hooaa. 
Gile-w-Bj, n, a way to aome incloeed plane. 
Galh'^r. r. (. or 1. lu bring uigeiber, coUeel, 

pif4, Gjmi inlo pus. 
Galh'-«r-ed,' p. toll«ted, puckered. 
Gath'-er-er, n. one who gethen.. a «■"— — 
Galh'^r-ing.fpr.aam^Luig, coikcti 

book, d^ve, full, DM, on, ^mv 

Oalb'-er-ing, n. a i-nl'wllf.n, ■ tumor. 
Galli'-cni, II. til. plaiu.. fiiliki, purkem. 
Caiiif'-i-ly, ad. «ilh much ahaw, g»yly. 

■ caak; [•eeGagP.l 
Stuge, n. a gage, ■ poi 
Guag-Cfli* p- mensuml 
GuM^-ing, ppr. meuuriiig the 

' 1 a. aaplf, lean, thm, alender. 

Goiu'-y, a. tikp gauze, thin. " 
Geve,p. ofGiw, 

Gav'-el. n. a omatl UTFel of grain laid in reaping. 
Gav'-o(,>i.a hriak dnnre.iniihlwaliTeljramini. 
Gawk, n, ■ Cdchoo, a limiilrlon. 
Gawk -J, a. Iboliili, awkwan), dmray. 
Gay, a. merrj', joTial, fine, ahowy. 
GSy-e-ty, n. finery, ihow, merriment, aiifoeu.. 
'Giy-Iy, ad. finely ^meiTil}, iplendidlr. 

GflSe, B. 1. 10 luok wiih fired atfentivn. 

Gaze, n. a fimd or eager look. 

Glze-fiil, a. looking with » cue. 

Giiz''el, n. nn animal pnruking nf tbe future of 

ihe gnat ami tho deer. 
Ga'-ier, n. one who luoka with filed attention. 
Ga-zalts, n. [g«iet',I a neuiapaper. 
Gaz-el-teAr, n. a writer ur newii, a newapiiper, 

a hook of iO|fOgraphicaT dcflTijilJana. 
Ga'-zing-sliick. n. one ganed at in acorn. 
<>eiir, n appaimnw, hamen, tflckta. 
Gear, n. (. Ki harneiH. iteai, U> ap)^ tackle. 
(i4>sr.e(l,* p. dreneil, hartHiiiseil. 
G>!me,». pi.. oCOam. ' 

'Ael'-a-lin, n. romTere animal anbatance. 
Ge-lai'-tin^le. v. I. or i. to C.mi or bwome jcUy. 
Ge-lni'-in.<>t», a. of the naiure ofpeialin, 
G*-lil, 0. '. t<> deprive uf im eiwenlial ixirt 
Geld'.eil, p. deprived uf an mieniial part. 
(^Iil'-ing, ». « h ■rw ••• " ' 

<ien«-i«r-i-ty, . „„ 

'!en'-e-ral.I»t, d. r. to render general. 
:en'-e-ral-i-zM,* t>. made nnenl or ei. 
'In generaJ, commenl] 


II roM, 


adorn with jeuela, to bud. 
iin, n. a duubling, duuliralion. 

). adorned with genu. 

Ibnii of bnditing in plant*. 

pnMliicnig bud*. 

. E 

beget, proriFBlo,pro<luci 
al, 0, poitaining lo genei 

^n-e-al'^-gy, h. hiaiory oT deaCHilc, lineage, 
■' - . cofnmain, puMic, 

M oflieeora general. 
lo produre, to procreaW 


Gen'-e-ra-Kir. n. one who begsli or producei, 
iriiirijHil aonnil in miBic, a Teasel in whitb 

jieam i> pmdueed. 
I^e-ner'-ie, a. romiirehending a gmu*. 
Ge-Tter'-ie4l-ly,Di]. with rtiganj logeniia. 
"^ a''i-ty. 1. llhenililj of iwul, bounir. 

iu%.a. lihecel, openhearred, fi^e. 

jiia^y. ad. with liheralHy, fncM 

Gpn'^-rima-mu. n. liberality tn hainwflig. 

Ge-no'-' . 

Ge'iii-al, a. coJilrhiiling lo prwiliPl 
Ge'-ni-el Jv, ed. »iih life, gariy. rheerfully. 
"^ ' ' ha vingliii»a,orkno» Jointed. 

- ittiTMae, Ihu iMviniF of 

■I. apinia, 
n. an «ari|. apple. 

air, Iflll, whit. prByimarlLae, pin, bird, mtive. 

Veu'-i-tor, n. onr who pnwreaUi, i 

G«'-IU-I1», «- natiiro, diapmiliaa, pow 
tien-lMl, a. well-bred, poliihsd in i 
gen-l(«l-ly, ad wiiii pallie m 

o. Unu, me«k, mild, pHUwalils. 
\,Bn -iit"f >lk», B. psnple of gooil breeduig. 
lien'-tle-min.n.i QuiiufgWHl breoJIngi fL ■ 

temi ot*an aildTPB lo an SMemtilj. 
Oen' ile-man-lika, { a, bacwning a nuitleman, 

CBn'-tlB-mon-ly, ' — '■•- ' ■ 


n'-tle-wfi-man, n. a woman of Eood Jamily or 
xiIiM mBDne**. 

tidily, ad. wiilly, wilh rare, landerlr. 
n-luo', »■ a native of Inilia or HindDoMan. 
n'lrjr, n. people of eitiusauiHi ami good braed- 

•iiu-flpe'-liaa, n. an apt of relif^iom kneeling, 
ii'.u.iiiei. n, free from mliiluiaiiciii, renl, piuo. 
ine-l]', ad. really. Inily. nnlnratly. 
n. a genuine H'wlity. 

., . jiHinfblagenf«pecHH,clan,kind, 

. . 3n'4rie, a. having lite aame cealor an thd 

6e-U|rtpa>av. r. acHtnce of Ihn alnidure of Lhe 

na-iig«™-ph«r, n. onankitled ill geography. 
Ge-friF»pU'-ie, a. ralaling [0 geography. 
Ge-oy-ra-phy, b. ileiciipiiun of lhe eonli ■ lur- 

dii-a- log'-i»*l,a.pertaininir«i geology, 
(■".o-id'-j-iinr, n. oi* venwJ in gnilugy. 
Ce-ul'-ihgy, n. ihn tntini'e of die einiclure and 

maieriali of Die earth. 
09uni'-«-ter, n. one (killail in geometry. 
0<>«.inel'-rie-nl, a. ponailitng to geomeUy. 
UiH>-iuet'-rie-al-Iy od, acuorauig U> geomMiy. 


. one vened in geumeuy. 
j> perfonn geonietrically. 
1 science of quantity aitd 

tiei'-man, a. related by bhod. 
Oer.maii'-iler, n. a plant ol lovenl aoru 
(^r.nuui'-ic, a.i^ieriaining to Gennany. 
0(iini'-in4l,n. peruininglolhegetmarafledhad 
Oerm'-in^te, i>. t. lo bud, aprauL, ahoot forth. 
Aemi-in.a'-tHifi, n. the act of iprouiing. 
Ger'.und, n. a kind of veru&l noun in Latin. 
Cea.ta''Iion, b. tlieocl of larrying young. 

(j«'tie-u.La''Uon, n. act ormakina gaitum. 
G<a'-ture, n. action, mu'Jun uf the arroa, as in 
apeaking. [min, win, learn, reach 

Get,i!., ^at,]pp.go".go:;en;togaiQ,ob 
Gel'-ting, ppr. go'ning, winning, learning. 
Cet'-ting, n. act of obtaining, gain, profit. 
Gsw'.gaw, n. a ihowy infle, a liauf.le, a tov 
flAHii-ful, a. dianuil, frightl j. 
G*am-fiil-ly, ad. frighifully, horribly. 
OAiLBi-ll-neBB, n. a deathlike look 
OAtuit-Iy, a. horrid, dpathlike, very pale. 
GAer'-kin, n. a kind of cuiiimber. 
GAuai, n. ihp Boul uf a rleceased panon, appari- 
GAc*i-ly, o. like a ghusl, pelo, apiritual. [tion 

Ol'-ant,o. tike a giant, umnually large or atrong 
Gi-anl-eu, nr a female giant. 
f.i^ni-iiko, { a. like a giani, of eilraordinary 
Ol^inl-ly, 1 ai™, giganiic, huge. 

.anl^hip, B. state or chnmrter of a giant. 

h'-ber-iab, n, ra|Hd, inanicutaie apoech, otsa 

b'-bct, B. a gsllowi to npoBB crimimls. 

h'-bet, D. I. tn hang and eipme on a gibbsl. 
„.b'-bet-ed, p, hung and jiputed en a gibbet. 
Cib'.bet-iug, ppr, eipHing on a gibbet 

hook, dOve, fnll, use, am, cl 
prufu^>erancei i 


Cib'-bntn, a. eu^lling, pnitubennl 

tiiW, n. n inwr, laiml, scoff, reptoach. 
Cib-ed,*p. ofOi'6<. 

GI-h«r, n. one (hal snmn or nil*, a Mafler. 
ii'-bing, ppr. sneentig, railing or irCifKng at. 
Gi'-bing-ly, orf- scDmrnllr, launlinuly. 
Cib-leU, n. pf. ihe entraib oTb fowl. • 
GHt'-di-nvu, n. a ■wimmiiig of Ihe bead, ioeon- 
» ana-- , [ly. 

G'l'-di-ly.oil. with (hchendawinuningiheedlea- 
Gi^'-dy, a. reeling, wliirling, uiutabte, vulstile. 
Gift, n. any tiling granleil gmmiKiuiily, bcohy. 
Gift'*ed. fl. endowed with a faculty. 
Gift'-ed-nent, n. iha uualiiy of being gtHed. 
Gig, n. a thing thot whirli round, a cbaiHe. 
Gi-l^n-ie'-aii, a. like a giant, mighty, 
Gi-gaii'-lie, a. likea ^iant, huge, 
Gig'-gle, - - '— -' ■■ -■■ 

I Gi"?gie""'ee\«n7fc'. 

Cin'-seng, n. a plant and tm mol, elighlly httif 
Cip'-sj, 1. a \agabonil strolling and Mcslini 

andpretendiiiff to tell Ibrtuitefl. 
fti-mff', n. the canielopard, a quadruped. 
Gl'-ran-dole, n. a large branched chnnJelier. 
Gir4-aol, n. lliniKole, a |>lant. and a mineral. 
Gird, n. a twilch, pang, severe stroke. 
Gird, V. I. p. ana pp. girdeil, girt; to bind, li 

rt calcbea of bisath. 

Gig'-gle, tJ. i. lu laiwh in a ailty way, 
Gtg'-.xln, <i- a BilSy laughter, a iittcre 
Gie'-let, n. a wan'on, lascivioua girl. 
GiTu, D. (. p. and pp. gilded, gilti to overlay wilh 
Gild'-er,ii.onewliogildi. (gold, ailom, hnghtoi. 
Gild'-ing. n. an overlaying with gold, fcjld laid. 
6ill, n. ihe liiiirtta of a pini,a plant, groiind-iry. 

r-braoJ, n. a cake mads ff flour, bulter. 

Glrd'-er, n. ibe rhief limber in a floo 
Glr* Jle, n. a band round the vralsl. 
Glr'-dle, r. (. in hind, lo cut a ring m 
Girl, n. Igerl,) a young woman. 
Girl'-ish, a. like a girl, lighl, giddy, 
Girr'i!ih-iie», n. girlish manners, gidi 
Gin, Ginh, n. a hand or strap ior i 

eirrdar bandate. 
tiiii, R. in law, ihe main point in an 

Gii'-xard, n. Ihe miuruloui stomach ofa Ibwl. 
Gbi'-brous, a. smooth, having an even surface. 
Gla'-cinI, u. pertaining lo or like ice, icy. 
Gla'-<:iaie. D. i. to change into ice. 

Glad, a. pleamd, cWrfiil. ioyoua, 
(»ad, v. C 10 make glad, eihilirale. 
Glad'-den, v. 1. to make ur heconte glad. 
Glade, n. an opening through u wood, or in ie* 
Gla'-di-BlH. a. ■word-shaped, leaembling n (wuij 
Gla-di-s'-ior, ». a aword-piayer, a piiie-fignl«r 
Gla-di-a-to'-ri- al, a. pertnining to gtadiaiora. 
Glnd'-i-ole, n. the wood-lilv. 
Glad'-iy, ad. wilh juy or plpaanre, cheerTully. 
GlBd'-n«8, n. joy, pleaaure, delight. 
Glad'-B&ie, n. cheering, eaiiaing juy. 
Glad'-sOn H-ne«B, R. moderate jor, plessnra. 
Glad'-win, n. a plant having a suong vuic. 
Glair, n Ihe white of ai vgi, a halbert. 

Bar, fftll, what, prey, mirVue, pin, bird, n 


with ilie 

(iliir-jr, o. psnaking of the (,iislilies of glair. 
Glance, n. a ludileii ahuot ur darling uf JigHl, a 

(■«M uf the aiglu. 
Glance, v. i. or (. lu dart, Ay off obtiqaelf, bint. 
Gldii-cfli),* p. of Ghince. 
(iliin'-cuig, ppr. shouting, flying o(t. 
ClUn -ving-ly, ad. Kith u glanoe, tranaiently. 
Gland, n. a wciBting lubaiance iti animsli and 








<l]ar *'-ale, n. a iiraall gland, 
dlaad-n-lif '-«r-oui, a. producing glandi. 
CTlanrl'-u-loui,a.likeagltuiil, conniMidg i^glandt. 

ahliiig (he iriiiteofan «(rg. 

'^a' "-^ ,ppr.«rmuiagtaear daziliag light; a. 

*pen, noiotiou*, boM, bareracod. 
r,1aWing-ly, nil. openlf^nolocioiBty. 
Gidaa, n. ■ trangpanint lubslanre nude of Band 
GHn, a. made oT glaia, vitmiua. [and alkali. 
Glaaa, t), I, looovec with glaai, [uauallyrloK.] 
GlBia''bli}w-er, R. one who blaiva DniT ahnpea 

glaaa. (leriak of glaae. 

G1u>'-fur-nac«, n. a fiimaoe fin melting tlie nu- 
GU*a'-grInd-ar, n. one wboie bniiaeaa ia to grind 

Glaaa'-hoiW, n. a honw nh«re glaaa ia made. 
Glaaa'-man, n. one whn deals in glaaa. 
Gl^a'-pot, n. a Tsael for melting glaaa. 
Glitae'-TEilrkB, n. place where glaaa ia made. 
GNas'-wOrt, n. aalaula, a plant uaed in the man- 

□batiue of glaaa. 
Gt[iss'-y, a. made of glaaa, vitreona, like glaaa. 
GIntib'-Brs'Htall,!!. ai'Ubtnjc aalt. 

Gh/r. ': 

t« rumlafi with glaaa, cover ._ 

ir viireniH xibaiance, make gloMy. 
B. fumiahed with glosa, made gloaay. 
(g1a'»hnr,l ona whn aeta wit»dow 

ing, ppr. furniahiilg with glaaa, uiorualing. 
Gla'-ung,<4. llie viireout aubitaiiDe on potter* 
Gleam, n. a aiidden shoot of lidit. In-ara 

Gleam, s. i. to ahine with flaahea of light. 
Gl^am-ed,* p- uf Uleam. 
Gleam-ing, ;i^. shunting aa raya of light. 

GIMn-inB, n. arlofgailienng, what i> gdlban 

Gleb*. n. turf, aoil, land. 

tiiede, R. B rapocioufi fo^l. 

(vlee, 71. joy, merriment, gayely. 

(Jtee'-fuJ, o. marry, laughing, gay. 

nieei, n. a Qni of thin humor irom a aoni 

Glen, n. a l-allay, apace beuveen hilla. 

Glib, a. amoolh, alippary, AUible. 

Glib'-ly, ad, amouthlvi volubly. 

Glib'-neai, n. amoollii eaa, volubility of tongui 

Glide, v.i. to flon gently and ailenily. 

{ilTde, n. (he act of paaamg eaauoilily. 

Gli'-iliiig, ppr. Honing ur paaaing inioothly. 

a, gStt, mtiacovT glaaa. 
r. abOHtiiig feehin raya. 

Glim'-mer-mg, ppr. abOHtiiig feehin raya. 
Glim'-mer-ing, n. a faint li^t, slight lisar. 
Glimpse, n. a alight vinv, a &int light. 
Glia'-leo, o. i. [g lia'n.l lo aparklo nilh light 
Glis'-len^d.*^ ofGIisfm. 


Glia'-ler-ing. ppr. spaitliiig with light. 
Glit'-tar, v.i, lo ahine brightly, aparkla with VigU. 
Glri'-ier-i^ig, j^. ahining hnehtly, eparkling 
Glo'.bale. a. round, apherical. 
Gtabo, n. E mund body, a aphero, the aaitli 
Glo-hOae, o. round, globular. 
GloJ)o«'-i-ty, n, rmmdncaa, aphericity. 
Glo'-houa, u. like a globe or ball, round. 
Glob 'U'lar, 0. like a glohs, aphcriral. 
Glol>'-ule, n. a amall globe or round ma»i 
Gloh'-u-loua, a.^iuid. globular. 
Glome, n. a roimdiah hendof flowen. 
Glam'4.raie, v. t. lo gnllier into a ball. 

QoiD-e-ra'-tioii, n. 

Gloim'-i-l)', (M. darkly, ohscuralj. 
Gluom'-i-iKu, n. nam of ligbl, ■uIhvuimi. 
Gloom'-y, a. dark, rfondy. ounial.tiiUen, 

tiky-ri-BiJ,* p. uf Glory. 
Gh>-n-6-em'-tion, h. act or making glorioua. 
Glu'-ri-f y, t.LIn make glariuuL u> prai«e, lo eilol. 
Clu'-ri-otH, a. iUiutrioua, iplendid, reniiwned. 
Gki'-ri-om-Iy, ad. iliuatriuiuly, with fPTHiwa. 
GV-ry, n. br^htnera, Bplendor, reaonn. 
Glc'-ry, V, i. lo eiult, boait. diaplny pride. 
"■ ■ —t of Mulling. [prBlalion. 


Gli«i, n. brightneaa, §| 

id (UuiDg, si- 


Glnu'-ing, jrpr. making 

Cluaa-og'-ra-plier, n. a n 

Uau wfaal mny be ub 

Rciumi appseranre 

irlicmnry or vocabulary for 
« wordL 
ilbed.madesliining, eiplainail. 



ibining, hrighi. 
Qol'^u, a. the narrow opening of ttie windpipa. 
Glove, n. a cover for tbe bond. 
GUv^er, n. one whj makei and aella glovei. 
Ghitr, v. i. lo ghine wiih iniHue heal, be boL 
GiOw, a. inienee heatt ardenl paiiooit. 

GkiH-ing, pjir. ahining wiih a whit* ur brighl 
Gl6w-H-6nn, n. a iperiee of fiie-fly. ihnii. 

dnze. r. I. lo flaller ; n. flaUery. 
GlAe, n. ■ imaL-eoua Kihaiance tor ccflient 
GIne, •, I. lo join or cement wtih glue. 
Glil-ed,* p. Dnited by a tenapioua '' ' 
Glfi-iiig, ppr. uniling, cementing. 
Ghm, a. autlen, glouniy, grave. 
Ghme, 1. ihe calyi or corol of certain plant*, 

husk, chaff". 
Gh'-moiu. a. tiaving * glume at [he baae. 
GIgi, V, I. lo nlay, diaguni, overload. ['°f^ 

dot, n. gnu ptanly, a wooden wedge lo •plit 

Glu'-Cin-oui-oeu, a. qualily of being viicoui. 

Glut'-bjQ-y, a. eioees in eating. 

Glyph, n. a channel or canity in building. 

Ciyp'-lie, s. acl ofengrsving Ggiuw on luin* 

o"5,i ''■»«»»'• 

6■na^l^sl,• a. knotty, full of knou. 

Gnaih, r. i. or (. lu strike or grind ihe teetb. 

6"naah'-ed,' p. of Ovath. 

Gnaih'-ing, jjpr, slrikinelhe leelh together 

Gnat, n. a Btnall ineeclihai ailnge. 

&naw, V. (. to bile or tear wiih ihe leelh. 

Gnaw'-*!,' p. billm. rorrodpd. 

Unsw'-ing,^r. biting, frflring, corrodiog 

Gnuw'-ing, n. a biting « frelting. 

Cno'-mon, n. theaiyie ur pin of a dial. 

Gno mon'.ia, n. the art of dialing. 

Gnim'-tica, b. pt, hereun » ho comipied Chcia- 

tianiiy by human phikwophy. 
Gnua'.ii.cism, u. Ihe diiclrinet of ilw -giouic^ 

who held all beings ananationa fnini Ihe Deify 
Go, B. 1. ;). went, P7>. gone; to move, walk, depart 
Giiad, n. a pointeil inolrument lo drive uion. 
Cuiul, E. (. lo prick with a goad, incite, urg< 
Goal, n. a Blarting post, final puruoae, 
GuBt,n. an a^mal fif Ihe genua Capra. 
Ooat-berd, n. a keeper ofeoaii. 
(i'JDI-iat', 1. rank, lustful, like goals, 
Goh, Gob'-bet, n. a lump, a muuiliful, [luii/ 
Gob'-ble.tF. t. ori. lo swallow, make ilie noise of* 
Gob'-lel, n. a drinking vessel without abandla. 
Geb'-tin, n. an evil aptrit, a phantfrm. 
Go'-can, n. a machine to help children lowalk. 
God. n. the Suprpme Being, Jehnvah, bd itk>l. 
God'-child, a. one for whom a person is ipunsor. 
Cod'^less, n. a female ikiily. [m baplism. 

God'.fa-[her, n. one who is sponsor fur a chiU 
God'-hend, n. the divine nature, deity. 
God'-lea, a. impiou, ungodly 

Bar, lt(]l, what, PUT, marine, p 


■ino. KjwniWing G'ld. 

Gu'l'lyi 1. pioua, ie%it>u9> righlrouii. 
Gt>d'-in6[S-er, b. a femnle upomor. 
fltd'-thip, n. goilhmcl, iIcLiy. (tor. 

Gfld'-iHJn, n. a mule cliil'l for whom one it epon- 
God'-witt iLftfawL that freqii^nu lena uiiil riven . 
Go'-er, n. one who go™. ■ WBlkor. 
Guj'-jlo.B. i. loroironnove theoTB-balli. 
Goi'-glen, iiutrumetito to cure Mjiiiniins, 

(iag|-irlo«yed,*p.havitig Itrge rolling erei. 
Go°ing,ppr. moving, pasting, walking. 
Go'-ing, B. ■ welking, departure, way of life. 
Goit'-er, ». 'TTunchooelo, of swcUoil neck. 
Coit'-niiu, a. partaking of, or aOecled by the 
GdM, a. the nunt preciuiu meut. [gater. 

Giikl-m.a. nuule of ga!il. liheguld, 
Gi->lil'r;nrh,n. a beaulirul bird. 
GtMd-liih, n. a Aah having a gold color. 
Gold.lear. n. a ii>in plaie of gold Tor gilding. 
G>>td4milh, n. one whj wor^t in gold. 
G<lM -thread, n. a thread of gold, a plant. 
Gflld-y-loijH, n. the name of certain planM. 
Gon'-dD-ta, n. a flat boat lued at Venire. 
Gon-do-iiSr, n. a man who rowt n gondola- 
Gone, p. of Go, [gawn,l dapaned-'-«-ter, »■ an inalnumiU to meatnte 
anglet. [ahle. 

GaxT, a. valid, tonnd. palatable, jileaiant, tuii- 
Guoil, a. that whirh alTbrdt happinet^. 
Gnoil-li-nees, n. bmulv, gmce, elegance. 
Good-ly, a. beautiful, gracefnl, crmely. 
Gool-mgn, n. a familiar >ip|«]|ation. [rellenee. 


I, ihe diver. 

il, a iimpletun. 
GDOu'e-bor-rv, n. a prickly ihrub end iti fruit. 
Go■l•'e-quill^B. the large quill of a goote. 
Gnr'-eock, n. the mooMiodi, red greuee. 
Gor'^li-an, a. verf intrieale. 
GoT'-di-an-knal. n. on Ineitricable diffirullr. 
Core, a. riolieil blowl, a trian|alar piei^ 
Gore, e. (, 10 Mab or wound with the harat. 
Go'-red,* p. wDiuidrd with homt. 
Owta, a ih* iliroit.narrMV.'eA pattof a capital. 

Gorge, V. t. to ewallow with greediueaa 
Co^-ed,- p. awallovrad, glutted. 
Gorg'-ing, ppr. awallowing, ginning. 
Gpr^ie-oui, a. very fine or abowy, glittsring- 
Gor'-ge-oui-ly, ad. finoly, aplendidly, richlj. 
Gorg'^i, n. armor u> deiend Ihe threat. 
Go/'gon, It. a faliled monilef, a horrid boii«. 
Gor-go'-ni-orUD- like or pertaining tj a goigun 
Gor'-mand. Gur'-mnnd-er, n. a glutton. 
Gor'-mand-Tie, e. i. to eat ravenouiiy. 

Gur'-manJ-i-Jiing, j^. eating greedily. 
Gone, n. a prickly shrub, Hirz, whin. 
Go'-ry, a. stained with, or like gore. 
Got-tiawk, a. a voIBCiona fowl of the hnwk kind. 
<;oi-lin«, n. a yoong gooae, a calkin. 
Gdt'-pol, n. the hiMory of Jnua Chiiati RODtuD' 

ing hit doctrinea anil precepii. 
Gne'-p«, B. t. to inaiiucl in the hiatory of the 

life and the docirinee of Chriit. 
Goa'-pel-iza, c. t. to convert lo, or instruct in the 

Ctartilian nligion. 
Got'-pet-I.xed,*p. evnngeltEed 
Ga«'-pel-ad,* p. inetraclad in Chrutianity. 
GoK'-pel-ing, ppr. inatrueling in Christianity. 
Gue'-^a-mer, n. Slniy tubelance like cobweba, 

floating in the air. tponaor.. 

Goa'-tip, n. one that goea about and tattlea, [a 
Got'xip, V. i. [o irun about and tattle. 
Goa'-eip-ing, ppr. running ahlmt am] tattling 

Gol-tfn, pp. of Get. 

Goth, n. a barbarian. 

Goth'-ie, a. peRsining Ip Ihe Gotha, rude. 

Goth'-i-ciim, n. nideneaa, barliaritr. 

Gonge, n 

a rotind hollow chiiel. 

:5.«if-y, . 


Mdwitb thegoutoraubject 

rule, control, regulate, 
a. aubjeci lo rule, that may 



'.om^nce, n. managemeni, contra) 


bonk, deve, fitll, nw, « 

m-fld,* p. ruled, rontnlled, n^ktod. 
m-eu,n. atenialewhagovemi, ant-ulm 

Gov-em-inc, ppr, nuiDg, coDtrolling ; a. pr 

ing, predarainBiil. 
Guv-em-ment, n. conliol, lysMm of polil; Ibr 

GaSv-em-jnert-al, a. pertaining b> govemmi 
GAv-em-or, r. a chit^ muiiLnle, one who r 
Gav-ern-or->hip, n. Ihe office of ■ govemor 
Gown, n. K Ipiig gaimein, a Iooh babit or i 
Gown'-ed,* p. weiirmg > gown. 
Gown''nian, n. a •ludenl, a man oflanert. 
Gnb. c. I. U seize, lo bold fast. [Vulgw.1 
Gnib'-blpt V, L to grope, to aprawl. 
Grab'-bJed, p. of G^Ufe. 

. religjoiu KBectiont, 
Grace, 0. (. to adorn, dignity, honoff. 
Gni'-ced,* p. adomed, embelliihad. 
GrSce-ful, a, comely, dfenifled. 
Grilce-liil-lrifid. with dignity afmanneii. 
Grfice-i^l-nctt, n . cvtaeiirKsa, dlgni^ of maiuton. 
GrAnt-IeH, a. deatiiuie of gmcs, 

Gro'-cioUB, a. hind, civil, condocetidiiig. 
Gn'-ciDiu-ly, ad. kindly, with tiee good wiS. 

Gra-da'-lioD, a. ngular progicn, order, atft 
Grad'-a-to-rr, a. pracaeiUng itep by M«p. 

Grad'-a-al,a. atm by ilep, advancing by degTBSi. 

d'-u-al-ly^ ad. by at«pi or dc 
Grad'-a-aie, v. I. or i. to honor ' 


ml dngres, to mark with d^reaa. 
Giad'-u-au, n. one who hai received a deg — 
(ind-u-a'-tion, n. progrearion by degree*, act <^ 

ronfining degnng, act oftnarMng dagreaa. 
GrSft, n. a ciOH iruerted in a atock. 
Gnill, c. 1. to inaar) aa a cioD in anothei Iraa. 
Griill^, a. one wnu inaerta a cion. 
Gr£ll-ing,;ipr. inaeRing a cion in a (breigQitBiik. 
GibII, r. iniall psfticNH of any kind. 
Grain, n. mm. ■ amall aaed, or weight, Mnpar 

Grain, ti. I. to fonn inio giaina, lo 

Grain-ed.'p. graniilateir; a. roug_. 

Grains, a. pL remaiiia of malt after brewui|-. 
Gral'-lie, a. efihed, having long legs. 
Gra-miii'-o-al, j a, graasy, like or pejttining lo 
Gm-min'-e-oUB, { giaaa. 
Gram-in-lv'-o-roua, a. feeding on greei. 
Grsia'-mar, n. the an of writing and iiABking a 

language correctly, a ayatem ^rulei tor apeak- 

Ing and writing a languue. 
Gram-nia'-ri-an, n. one ikilled in gramnwr. 
Grani'-fliar-achDol, r. a achooL in which the leani' 

ed languages are langht. [graramar 

Gnun-mat-ic-al, a. ai!rordiiig to the niles of 
GraiD-mat'-ic-ol-iy, ad. according lo gramnier. 

ie-aa-[et,n. aauperficialgraanmatian. 
, n. a fish of the dolphin feind. 

Grand, a. very great, magnificent, iplendiik 
Grand'-am, n. grandraolher, an old woman. 
Grand'-cfaild, n. the child ofaaoiror daughter. 
Gnuid'-daxgA-tar, a, the daughter of ■ aoo m 

Grand^i a. a man of rank, a iwbUman. 
Grand'-eiir, n. gmtneaa, nugnificence. 
Grand'-f U-fhei, n. a lather'a or mother'! Iklhir. 
Grand-jn'-ror, n. one of a grand jurjr. 
Grand-ju'-iy, n. ajun to decide on indtetmeiita 
Giand'-m5ih-er, n. a Mlier'a or mother'i mother 
Grand'-elie, n. a grandfa^r, an ancealor. 
^^rand'-aOn, r. the aoa of ■ aon or daoghier. 
t^nie, n. a raim with the buildmga,atablea,Ae 
Gran^ ^ n. an aggregate ihme, compoaed of 
Gran'-ile, { qmrlz, feldapar and mica. 
Gra-nil'-ic, it. consiating of or Uke panit. 
Gn-niv'-o-roua, a. lubnsting an grain or com. 
Gr«nt, r. f. to beatow, yield, concede, adink. 
Grant, n. a thing granted, act of granting. 
Grant-a-ble, a. that may be grantod. 
^ ^' ' ' L. one to wlbMn a grajit i^ made- 

Grao'-u-iaT, a. conaiacing of graina. 
Gran'-U'late, a. f- or i to form into jgraina. 
GiBn-u-la'-tion, ■. act or pmoeaa oftuinuBg inio 
Grsn'-ola, ■■ a liule grain or particle. (gniDi. 
Grari'-u-loua, a. full of graina. 
Grap^ ■- tbe ftoit of the vine. 

r, fsll, what, prgy. niarfne, pin, binl, movei 

lall anchor, with bar nr five 

Ur&pi>«hat, n 
Gruih'-ic, 0. 
Graph'-ile, n. 
black lead. 
Grep'-nel, J i 
Grap'-ling, J 

Grsp'-plo, I. a geiziiig, a bcwK. 
Grep'-plej,* p. naiMi, graaped. 
Grap'-plius, ppr. taUiiui, gniping. 
GriUp, B. 1. lo »ize and hiild, to a 
Griup, n. gripe uf Ihe hands or arr 
" iiip-ed,' p. sdied, naught, ernbn 

iisr or email nhnt. 
liana or seed of the grape, 
iig lo wriiuvi well deltim- 
JiUi good deOneatifflL [led. 
ibalaoca impropcH? called 


Graia-hop-i . 

Grda..?,"'' "--'' 

>r armii, embrace. 
ing in Ihe hand. 

; fun 

(b BurTari 
ahed v ' 


Grste-ful,a. hH\ing a sense of Tavon, agiceable 
Gi«le-inl-ly, ad. wilb gratitude, pleaeinglj. 
Gni^-ful-aeaa, n. gialilude. 
Gra'-terJ n. an initnimeiu ibr raaping. 
Grat-i-fl-eo'-tian, n. plaaaure enjoyed, a iBB-ard. 
Gral'-i-f i-ed,* p. indnleed, pleased. 
Grat'-i-f^, v. I. \o iiidutge, please, delight. 
Grat'-i-ry-ingppr,indulgiag,plBa*ii;g-, a. aSbnl- 

ibbing, wearuig oS; a. fretting, 

(is'-iing, ppr. I 

, ... EhankliihieBE, kind tedlngi ,!(. 

viarde a benobcior. 
Gra-la'-i-lom,a.&os,volimi«i7, without reward. 
Gra-ea'-i-lous-ly, ad. without reward, freely. 
Gia-m'-i-ly, ». a gin, something freely given. 
^_j ._ . . i itbw'a piH- 



a n^oieing with another. 

Grave, n. a pit for lli 

Grfive-yard, n. a yan! for burying the dead. 

Gra'-ved,* p. enrnv-ed, mven. 

Grsv'-el, n. pebblea, Bmall atones, coDcrctioiu in 

the kidneys. 
Grav'^l, V. 1. lo cover with gravel, to puzzle. 
GrBv'.«l-ed,"p. covered »iih gravel, cmbarniaeed. 
Grav'-el-tngi/ipr. covering wuh gravel, pi izziJDg 
GrSve-leis, [(.having no gftve^iuiburied. 
Grav'-el-ly, ad. abounding with gravel, 
GrflvB-ly, ad. seriuuBiy,«ijlemn(y, deeply 
GrSvo-ne«3, n. aeriousneei, subnety. 



wei^t, seriousneas, force which 

Gra'-vy,n.ihej"icB from meat whai roasting, &«. 
Gray, a. hoary, white with black. 
Gray-hair.ed, n, having gray hair, old. 
Grfiy-hecid-ed, a, having gray liair. 
GrGy-hound. n. a tall fleet dog. 
GrSy-ith, a. somewhat gray. 
Gray-ling, n. a fish of an elegant form. 
GrSy-ncaa, n, the quBliiy of beir^gisy 
Gruze, 1. 1. lo est grass, to rub uliehlly. 
Gm'-zed,* p. eaten, fed, touched slightly. 
Gm'.zer, a. one that grazes or feeds on horhag* 
Gra'.iier, ji. [gra'zhiir,] one who feeds caula oi 

Gra'-zing, ppr. brushing, feeding on grass 
Grease, n. animal fat in a soft slal^. 
Greaic, smear or anoint with greana. 
Gr0aa.i.]y, ad. with grease, or fal. 
Gr#a»-i-nejs, n. stale ol' being greasy, lat»e«.,ppr. smearing or defiling wilh greoaa, 
GrSe*-y, a. lat, oily, uncluous, smwml with fat 
Great, a. large, imjxirtanl, ch^t ptegn«m, 
Greit, n. the wholo, Ihe gross, ihe mesa 
GreSt-ly,W, in a graal decree, Rugnanimot^y 
Gfiii-oeai, n. largeneia, di(nily, gnndeur. 

boak,di1ve,rul], R>e,o 

Gree'-ilj, a. ravenout, very hungry, covi 

Greek, h. a nsiive uf (imee. 

Grten, a. of tka color of growing plan 

GrfcQ-linch, n. a bird of the peniu IHngiLa. 
Grten-gagc, a. e Bwifies of (luim. 
Green-noiiHe, n. a buuee M keep planla green. 
Grien^ish, a. tunieHhal green. 
Grtowsb.neai, n. a gret^iush state or qualily . 
GrSen-sward, n. Lun wjlh green graau. 
Gieei, o. 1. Ui aelute, odilreaa, fgnimtutoie. 
GnSel-ing, j^. laluling with kirul wisheg. 
Grtd-ing, n. a salulaliun, con^ratnlolion.'-ri-oua, a. herding, keeping in 11<>cka- 
Gr&gB'-ri-oii»-1y, ad in ■ flock or lieftl. 
Gre nude, H. a hollow Dall ur shell used in war. 
Gren-a-dier, n. a foot soldier, wearinii; a cao. 
Grev, a. aee tlraii. 
Grid'-dle, n. a pan lu bake cnkrt in. 
Gride, v. L to grate, or rut with a grating. 
Grf-tlirUf j^. grating, cutting hanhly. 

&i«i;n.a|>ainrul sense of lose, sorrow, affliction. 
GtiiT-ance, b. (hat which c^usee grief or ud- 

Grt»ve, e. i. or (. lo mourn, lament, eBliet. 
Gn*s-ed,*p. oi Grieve. 

Gri§T-ing,7ipi'. giving pain, Btnieting,eoTro wing. 
Gtiev-uu, u. giving pain, afUirtive. 
Griiv-ona-ly, ad. painfully, with grief. 

Grif-fun, n. a fabled animal reaembling in part 

an eagk, and in part a lion. 
Rfim, a. fierce, teroijoui, ugly, saily. 
Gri-mfice, n. aftectatiun, a wry mouth. 
Gri-nu'-ced,* a. dialorted, having a nirlf look. 
Gri-inal'-kin, n. an old cat. 

GrjiiK, n. foul mailer, deep blacknaM. 

Grirne, v. (. li. foul, sully deejily. 

Grim'-ly, o^ in a aurly nuiniier. 

Grim'-nei*, n. n fierce look, Hiiriinesi. 

Grin, c. (*. lo thuw the teoih in laughter or (com 

Grin, n. a showing of the toeth, Arc. 

Grind, d. f . p. grutuid ; tu nib, •hupen, reduce In . 

powder, opprHst. 
Grind-er, n. one »hu grinds, a molar lootb. 

Grind'.stone, n. a stone to gniij iiulnunenls on 

Griu'-i>ed,*;.. ofOriH. 

Grin'-ncr, n. one wiio shows his teeth. 

Grin'-ning.p]^. ahoHing the teeth. 

Griii'-ning-ty, ad. in a grinning way. 

Grip, n. a»emtig,Bgm»ping. 

Giipe, «. f. lo seize, hold fi..i, •iiuoe'e. 

Grtpe, n. a grasp, a sifueeze, oppressiotL 

Gri'-ped,* jn. seined, pinched, tortured. 

Gri'-per, n. one who gripes, an oppressor. 

Grl'-ping, ppr, selling, liolding. Hjueesing. 

GK'-piiig, N. a seizing, grasp, dlstreasing pain. 

Grii-ly, "- honihle, irighlfiil. 

Grist, n. com ^und, or for grinding at once. 

Gris.|le, n. [gnsl,] cartilage, a firm Bubslance. 

Griil'-mill, n. a mill (or gnnding grain. 

Grist'-ly,o. [grisly,] like gristle, tough. 

Grit, n. the eoane part uf meHl, graici; sandstone 

Gril'-li negg, n. the qnnliiy of Ming grilty, saiwli 

Griz'-zly,a.gray, somewhat gray. 

GrAan, v. i. to mourn with a deep noise, to sigh. 

Giuan, n. a deep niaiimful sound. 

GnTan«l,* p. of Grwm. 

Groan-ing, n. act of uttering groans. 

GroffC, n. fourpence sterling, a smsli sum. 

Gnj'-eer, n. a dealer in sugar, ten, liqiior*,*picna, 

Gro'Hier-y, n. the goods sold by btoc^is. *c 

Grog, H. spirit trnd water miied bi'". not swset* 


Biir, Igll, wlut, prty, nuirlne, pin, bl 

Groovo, n. ■ furrow, channel or lonx hollow. 

UrkHJv'-«tLT* p- farmed with channels, 
(iiaiv'-ing, vpr. cuUing lung channela in. 
Grope. D.T lo fed, w aocch b; feeling in ihe 

Gro'-pfld,'p. ofGrope. [ittk. 

Vro'-\iu)^t ppr- r.f ^ng along wilh Ihe handa. 
Grf)8«, a. chick, buihr, corpulent, Mupid. 
Srioa, ». iha whole bulk,;H'elve dozen. 
GrOet-beak, n. a Ibwl ivilh a thick convei h3I. 

GniH-nesK. n. IhickneM, Guneaa. indelicate plain- 
Grua'4u-lar, a. pertaining lo the goiweberry. 

<in>.teiique. ) a. wildly (iinned. whinuical. tudi- 
Gto-leali', i vmuH. odd. 
Ground, n. the upper pn rt of land, anil, foiuidation. 
Ground, v. (. or l to lay on the ground, fo lay, 

fuund, mil aground. 
Gruund'-fliior, n. the lower iitury afa building, 
fitound'-ivy, n. aleliooi; gill, a [ilanl. 
Ground'-lesB, a. void of foundation, false. 
Ground''lBsa-iy, ad. wtthom jiut rauae. 

Ground'-nut, n. a plant, the Arachta. 
Ground'.plot, r. Ihe aile of a building. 
Ground'-teni. n. rent for bnilding {;niund. 
GrDDnd'-wfiri^ n. ground, foundnbun. 
Group, n. a ciualer, crowd, ihtung. aseinfc 

Gruap4d,> p. formed into a cWier, oronwinbla, 
Groiiae, n. a tiesth cock, cock of Uie wooda. 
Grout, n. coane meal, pollard. 
Groce. n. a amall wood or ciuater of traeii. 

Grov'-rf-ed.* p. of Grotxi 

an abject wretch, 
pp. grown, fo vegetate. 

incnaae, imptove. [to raiao. Eng.) 
Gri)w-4r, n. one who growi, ur produce 
Grflw-ing, wr. increoaina in aiie, advai 
Gnwl, v. i. or 1. to grunible, laarl, mun 
6n>wl'-ed,* p. of GrollJ. 
G>>t>wl'.«r. n. one that aiiatta or munDOr 
Uronriig, ppr. murmuiinf, inaiting. 

Gmb''bed,* p. dug up. 
'Jmb'^hing, ppr. digging up. 

iva by diggiat. 


Grudg'-ing, ppr. ejivyiog, giving unwilfiiigly. 
Gnutg'ing, n. envy, reluctance. 
Gnidg'-iog-ly, mL with grudging, reluclanlly. 
Gru'-cl, n. food nude ormeal, boiled in wiua 
OraB". a, stem, surly, rough, grum. 
Gruff'-ly, ad. with aurlinni, mugbly. 
Gniff'-neea, n. surliness, monjiieiieiia, 
<.inim, a. luaroHe, sullen, deep in Ihe Ihroau 

Gnim'-hlcti," p. of GranJjr. 
Grum'-bler, n. one w!h> muUen or complains. 
Gtum'-hling, ppr. murmuring wiih discanlenl. 
Grutn'-hling, n. muimuTs, comi)lainL 
Grume, n. ctotloJ blood, iliick matter. 

Gru'-nioua, a. clotted, consieling of grume. 
Grunt, o.L to ulIerBdeep,»und,likeabog. 
Grunt, n. the gullurd sound of a hug. 
Gry, n. a measure, lenth of un inch, [oh*.] 
Guar'-an.tied, p. wsrrHnled. 

Guar'-an-ty, «. I. to wBrnmi, to iindertaha for ih* 

performance of an agrerment. 
Giiat^Bn-iy, n. one who wartanta, an nndeitak 

ing lor tfte performance by another person. 
GbUrd, n, a watch, deiense, security, 
Gitard, v. f. lo watefa. defend, pecure fnim harn., n. one who has the can of nnothei 

a defender 
GiiKrd-i-Bn-Bllip, n, the office of a guardjao. 
Gbard.i^n, a. gnarding, protecting. 
GuBrd-niom, n. a room in which guarda lodge. 
Gtiiir.Uhip, ii. a ahip to defend Bliarbor. 

Giid'-goon, ■. feudjin,] a fish, or peraon giillid, 
a ptn or "■<■.*'■ - "-t-"* .,,-.^- 

Ciiwa'-ed,* p. coryectiirsd, (uppoaed. 

k, dilve, fiill, n»e, tan, cl(»ige, jem, 


n, guvermneni, vue. 

G<,™|-inB. ppr. *rj«-l 
Citm&M'-ing-ly^ ad. by 1" 


Guide, V. I. la lead, diicFi, i 

Gkidn, n. one who shows the wsjr, a direelor. 

Guid-ed, p. led, directed, rjinducied. 

Gutdole**, a. having nn guide. 

tiujd-ar, n. ono who leadi or direct!. 

Guld-ing, ppr. leading, ronducling. 

Guild, n. ■ rralemily, loi^iely. 

Guild-er, <iild'-er, n. a butch coin, valua DO Mi- 

vora, abuul 38 renta. 
Quite, n. cunning, craft, deceit. 
Guilo-ful, a. decoulhl, cnfljr. 
GuTle-luUly.iid. with craA or ilrafigeia. 
Guile-l^B, a void or guile, anleaB, tincere. 
Gxil-liMii'il, 11. an atiusiii- ttvil. 
Guil-Io-iin, n. a machine fur beheadine penoni. 
Guills, B. the com marigold. [menl. 

nuilt, n. criminniitj and liabtenen lo punish- 
Guill'-i-ly, ad. with guili, criminally. 
Guiit''i4ten, m. criminalil)', goill. 

Guilt'-len-neai, n. freedum ■rom guill. 

Guin'-fB, n. Ginnerly an English gold cain,Tettie 

Guin'^B-hen, n!*a fowl, naiivn of ArHoa. 
Guin'-ea-pJE, n. a quadruped of Braiil about 

aeven inchea hjng, uf the Cavy kind. 
" ' , cwtom, garti. 


. builJini 


Gnle*, n. in heraldry, mi. [pool. 

Gulf. n. a deep ia»H in the lea, abnt, whirl- 

Giiir-y, a. full of sulfit, dcp. 

Gidl, a. * marina fowl of several apsciei 

Tiull, D. 1. 10 cheat, Irich, dcfraod. 

Cuir-*d," p. cheated, tricked. 

Gull'-ealch-er, n, a cheat, impostor. 

Gul'-let, n. the passaEe for fixKl inio the atonach, 

Gul'-fl-ed,* p. worn fioHow by water. 

Gol'.ty, a. a channel worn by water. 

ow eagerly, Lo disgoige. 
.u.p, ». .. .n.„un',a difgorgiiig. 
;ulp'-ed,* p. .fwallowod eagerly, 
iura, n. the Heahy lubstance that inelonaa lb* 
teeth^ mucilage of vegetables, hardunert. 

Gum'-.nuKl,' p. smeared or united with gum. 
Gum'-mi-neu, n. quality of being gummy. 
Gum mous, Giim'-my, a. like gum. viscom 
Gun, n. afiro4rm, rannon, musket, itr. 
Gun'-ner, n. arte who manages guru, a canrwinKT 
Gun'-ner-y, n, the an or sciciwe uf firing guna, 
Giin'-ning, a. atiol* hunting or Bhooting. 
GiiD'-pow-dar. n. a -nimfKieition of aallpeiar 

■ulphur andcharcoalmiied, dried, and graoQ, 

Gun'-shDt.n. the reach or range of a ghot or halt. 
Gun'4hoI, a. mnile by the shni of a gun. 

Gun'-iiockjB. thesU"-kor wood ui which lh« 

barrel at a gun is fixed. 
Guii'.wale, n, the npper part of a ahip's side. 
Gurge, n. a whirlpool, abyij, deep place 
~ ir'-gle, o. i. lo run a> water with a purLng noiae. 

, India muslin, plain and coarse. 

rushing out as of a fluid. ' 

p. of Guy/,. 
a pkice of cloth liir strenglJiening a 

ii'-ful, I 

n. thai 


Gust'-lces, a. iBBteles! 

GiiHi'^u, n. relish, leB'e, 


Gut, V. [. lo take out the entiaits or conienla. 

Oul'-ter, c. I. lo form iiiu> hollows ni channela 
Gul'-tu-rai, a. belot^ng to the ihroal, deep in 

Gut'-tu-ral, n/ a laner (■toouneod in the throat 


i;ui'-tii-n]-ly, ad. in or with Lhe thrust. 
Guy, n. a rupe to keep a bttdy ilffldy. 
(iuii'-zle.s. i. ur J. tu an-allaw miivh or Irequently. 



o alhlolic 

liT hMlth, &c. 
ftym-nm'-lita, n. the ait of pHfarmini; slbleliG 
Gyin'-nie,a. gyimiasLii:. [eiefciga. 

Gyin'-nii-ip«iia, n. a plant bssring nakeit needa. 
Gyp'-ie-oiu, a. pinalunf of the n^iliuof gyp- 

siim. J""™- *"• 

C^j'-ml, a. nhiriing, nmviiig it>und. 
Gy-ra'-ti'in, n. a wliirlin^ circtitai motion. 
Gyre, n. ■ circular motion. 
Oyr -fal.con, n. ■ kind uf hawk. 
Qyv«, D. gyv« are fetien Ibr Ihs le^. 


. sunfrur 

Hnb'-^ n. a ilealsr in hata, Ac. 
IlnS'^r-daah-er-y, n. goods of a haberdashei. 
Hn-ber'-^e.on, n. armor to cicfonil liie iwck. 
Ho-hil'-i-ment, n. Jrem, ilothiiig. 
Iloh'-it, ii. apiiludfi gnineil by practice, dres. 
Ha' '-it, B, I. lo clothe, to equip. 
Hab'-ii-n-blH. □. iKat can be inhahildd. 
Dab'-ii^i-hlc-neH, h. Mate of being habiuble. 
Hab'-ii-nnt, n. a tiwelier, an inhnbitanl. 
Hab-j:-a'-iion, n. a plore of abode, a renidimce. 
Hnb'.il.ed, p. rtoiheil, ilreucd. 
Hah'-aAuf, ppr. Hremiing, rliilhing. 
Ila-hii'-u^, a. aniuirad by hahit, cuitomarr. 
[Ia-bit'-u4l-ly, ad. with Trequenl prsi^tii'i 

Hah'-ii-iide, h. habit, en 

llab'-iiah, ad. at random, ny arriueni. 

Hack, ii.(. IoctitawkHardly,orintoiirna 

Huvk'4d,* p. chop|!«d, mangleil 


HBck'-iiey*d,*p. uiwd im 
Hack'-ney-ing,™-. using 
Hack .ney-ciiach, n. a cua 
Had, p. and pp. of Have. 
Had'.dock.n. afiihorihe 

' ' wumsn, a fury, a wilcb. 
r lhin§ Willi ur ugly, a hawk 

in an ugly manner, 
mangle in cutting, to tear 
hopped, mangled. 
le nho nuuiglca. 
. culling roughly, mansUng' 
er, n. a writer nf lactea buohi. 
y, n. aocred writinga. ("if 

laiMH or ice whinli fall IroiB iSu 
II, lalule, fall aa icy idbbm. 

3. hateriiT, great, enr)nnoug. 

Hfiirpin,!!. a pinuned in dreanng the hair. 
Hiiir-pow-der, n. powder Tor the hair, 
Hiiir-T, a. full of hair, made of hair, 
Hiir-wOrm, n. an animal in water like a hair. 

Hal'^;y-on, a. [halafion,! calm, peacrful, hajipy 
Kale.a. aoniid, atrong, robusL [of a thing, 

HBir,n, fhaf,] pi, halve., oneoTtw^ equal pain 

Iljilf-pay, n. ha^f the nmoujit nl' wsgei. 
Half-pcn-nf, n. Ibaptwiuiy,] half ■ penny. 
I1<Ur-p[ke, n. ■ ■mall pike catried by ollici 
FGilf-wiiy, a. eiiiially Qiniani from the eiln 
H-li wii. 11. a ioalitli penan, a simpIeioD. 

Hnir->;i.l«l n t,^^\ui. .WW ii-«.L- 


.Ii>^ pcRon, a i 
a. luuJiBh, BiJly, H-eH 
a large flai fish ihni 

Hal-I«-Ju''ialu n. piaiae yt tlie Lord. 
Hal'-U'Srcl, lul'-yart], n. a rape to rai 
H^'-loa>,D.i. orl. Mcry oiil, eiclaun 
Hd-Joo', ex. '" —-'■'- ------- 


HsK-lftwled ,• p. , 

ale. keep aacred. 

Htli, I. 

10 limp, lo atop, or canae lo atop. 

D, chaine, gem. ai, thin, (huu. 

Hand'-euC n. a mamtcle Id confine llie handa. 
HantI'-ciiff,D.1. 10 iwnfineihe band* wiihirun* 
Hnnd'-ed, j>. pven, delivered. 
Hand'-liil, n. aa munb aa Ihe huid can hold. 
Hflnd'-gal-ldp, n. a genile eaay gaUop-. 
Hand'- eian, n.nuuiual occiipil^n.awoAnuiD 
Hand'-i-ly, ud. skiliraily, deitmualy. 
Hand'-i.nesa, n. ease or deitertly Iti perfbrmuir* 
Hand'- viA, n. work done by tbe hand. 
Hand'.ker-FhieT, b. b pieto of cloth uied for tb* 

fnce or Deck. 
Hon'-dle, v. C lb [oDcb, manaeo, treat of 
Han'-itle, n. the pen by nbitn a thing la helil 
Ilan'-died, p. [reeled, maiiaeed. 
?tand'-]in^, ypr. touching, reeling, nuanagUig 
Hand'-maid, n. a waiting moid. 
Hond'-miil, n. n mill moved by Uiehand. 
Hand'-«aw, n. a how uied by one hand, 
Hand'-sel, n. the first act oruaing t,nj thin^. 
Iland'-sOme, a. deitrous, moderately beHuuftd 
Hand'-sOnw-iy, od. deitroaalj', gracefully. 
IIand'-B3ine-ncaa,n. derteiity, gracefuioea*. 
" "' imall wowien iaver. 

Btotpiuf, a limping. 
I, v. I. lbav,Tiodivida into two equal part*. 
»,»f Half; fbavs.] (abeaal. 

R. Ibe bind part of the knee, tbe thigh of 

>1ani'-nier,ii, {. lo bealordnve with 9 hami 

Hun'.uiac. n. a hanging bed uaed in abipa. 
Hnm'-per, n. a coveted banket for carriage, 
Ham'-per, e. t. to perplei, enianglc, hincfer. 
■nni'-per^d,* f. ihackled, embarrBiaed. 
Ham'^ier, n. a speciee pf rat, the (SerniBn n 
H»i(i'«ring, n, Ihe teiidona of the ham. 
Ham'^llring, o.l. us eul tbe tendoni "f (ho I 
Iliincii, Haunch, n. Ihe hip of an animal. 


Hand'-im-Iing, n, ibe willing of one's hand. 
Haod'.y, a. ready, deitroua, convenient. 
Hang, «.(, or i,p, hanged, hung; to tuapend, tu 

put to death on a gBllovFs, 
Hang'-ed,* p, auapended, eiecuted, 
Hu^-er, n. a abort brood thai hanga. 
Har^'-er-OD, n, a dependant, one that beaotaan 

Hai^-ing, n. dnperr hnng lo walls. 
Haiig''niBn, n, a public eieculioner, 
f lang'-iKoI, n. a neat ■uspendod from bnusho* 

Hank, n. a akain of thread, a wooden nn|f. 
Hank'-er, v. i. lo lun^for, iiave eager deam. 
Hank'.er-ed.*p. of HonliT. 
Hank'-or-ing. n, an eager craving of appelit*. 
Hap, n, chance, accident, miatbrtune. 
Hap, B, i. to happen, to come uneipededly 
Hap-hal'-Brd, n, a chance, awldenl. 
Han'-leaa, a. unhappy, unfonunale. 
Hap'-ly, ail. perhajw, n may be. 

Bar, qtll. whji, prtr, m 

to (all mil, lo come u pau. 

of fo^ajment, unatDdiad 

Hqi'-pf, 1). luchf, being in Ihe oqjojmeiU of 

good. ■ 

Har-ang'i4«, n a luuy speech, declamation, 
HaT-ang'iK, v. i. or (. to make a naiiy apoech in 

public, lo addrem.' 
Har-ang'n-ed,* p. addiesaed in a Douj ipeach. 
Har-sng'u-ef, n. "hib who haianguea. 
Kar'-ass, v. t. to tire, weaiy, perplex. 
Har'-aM-ed,* p. weoriod, perpoad. 
Ru'-aaa-ing, pjir. tiring, lea' " ' — " 

Hor'-bm-gor, n. a ibrernnneT, precunor, 
HSi'-bar, n. a lodging place, baven fordupa. 
Hiir'-bar, v, t. to lodge, abetter, protect. 
Hiii'-bot-rd,' p. entertained, ahelterEd. [Lne. 
Ht(r'-bor-ing, ppr. lodging, abeltering, coticeu- 
Hjjr'-bor-miis-tor.n, an officer wbo regulaleatbe 

muoring of ships in a harbor, &c. 
HErd, a. nrm, compact, K>lii!,iUf];cutt,coTeuui. 
IKrd, ad. close, nearly, last, with assiduity. 
Hard-cn, i>. (. or t. to coake or now harder. 
Hard-En-Bd,*p. madebard, indumled. 
Hard-m-er, n. be or that which hardens. 
IKrd-en-ing, n. the act of making harder. 
IDlr.l-fe'-vor-eJ,* a having coarse teaturea. 
EUid-hand-ed, a. having tough hands. 
HSrd-heiirt'-ed, a. mhunian, iinfoeling. 
Hard-heart'^d-ness, r, wantof lendemau. 
HSrd-i-hood.n. boldness with firmness, biavarj. 
Hird-i-ly, ad. with great boldness, sloull;. 
Hird-i-neas, n. boldness, firm intrepidity. 
HKrd-ly, ad. wilb difficulty. scareeV, •evarsly. 
IBlrd roaufh-ed, a. not easily reined. 
Hard-ness, n. firm texture, cotnpactness, diffi< 

Rirdt, n. the coarse PHI of fiai, low. 

ffird-ship, n. severe loil, oppression, 

""■""' " -^-M made of iron, steel, 4c 



a. Mrd, move. 

HHre-betin-Bd, a. liniid, timorous, fearfnL 
HEre-lip, n. a divided lip Uke a hare's. 
Har'-em, n, a place where Kasiran princsa con- 

Httrb, V. i. bjBur. listen. 

HM, Heri, n. tbe fitamenli of flai, or hemp. 
HBr'-lo-qiun, n. a buffoon, a merry andrew. 
Hiit'-le-quin, c. i. In play ipontve tricks. 
Har'-lot, n. a lewd woman, a urostiruta. 
Hir'-tolrry, n. the pnctice of lewdness. 
HMno, n. ii^ury, hurt ; v.t. ut iruura. 
Harm-ed,* p. injured, damaged. 
Hfirm'-ful, a. lulttful, injurious. 
I&nD'-fijl-ly, ad. injariuiialy, hurtfiilly. 
Hkf m-lcas, a. ionoceiu, doing no harm. 
HSno-lffls-ly, ad. without hurt, innocently. 
Hatm-less.neas, n. Ireedom from hurt or guilL 
"" ' concordartl, consonant, mit- 

Har-mon'-iwa,! siod. 
HSi-m ■ ■ 

s, a. accordant, miisicaL 
ni^us'ly, ad. with Roncord, musicaUy 
ni-oas-noBS, n. accordance, a 

H)ir-nHm-T-zed,* p. made lo be accordant. 
Hlu-iaa-ny, n. adjusted pmputticHis, acoordaoc^ 

Iter-ness-ed,* p. equipped with bamens or armor 
Iliirp, n. a stnngod instrument of music. 
HKnJ, c. i. 10 play on a harp, to dwell on. 
HSffffld,- p. of Harp. 
Hdrp-er, n. one who pbi;s Qn a harp. 
Hiir-poon', n. a barbed spear for whaling. 
Uar-poon', V, l. uj strike with a harpoon. 
Har-poon'-ed,* p. stabbed with a harpoon. 
Har-poon'4r, n. one who uses a harpooo. 
HHrp-si-ehord, n. a large stringed inslrunnnt Ol winged oiiimaltenortkiDnr 
Har'-ri-dan, n. a decayed lewd woman. 
Har'-ri-er, n. a hunting dog wilh teen scent. 


Hsnh-ly, ml. in H hanh m 

imuDthed with A har- 

m-ing, ppr. breakijig wilh p liHmiw. 
- rou^h, niggFd, ngoroiis, graiing. 

-J ._ _ L — u aaverely. 

nann-riHa, n. rougnness, tigor, eoverity. 
Ildn-Jet, n. Ihe heart, liver «nil lighU of H hug, 
I Ian, n. nauig or male deer. 
Hill la-bom, n. hnm orhsng, nnpiril of tho homa. 
lliirl-ivAn, n. Iha planl wilil apipwl. 
[lar-voat, n. the aeaBail for gathuing ripe graiD, 

Ehe crop gathered. 
HSr-\en,v.l. to gather • ripe crop. 
Hur-veei-honie, n. lime of hweii, ■ wng. 
" ' " ' '« minro, dreai in wnall bite. 



HaB'-aock, n. a mat lo kneel o 

tlaai, !d peiaun of hme in the lingular. 

kae'-tate, a. apear-ihaped. 

[iBale, n. ipesd, ■niTineaa, diipalcfa. 

Ilftaie, B. i. to huny, move laM, aoc"'"- 

IIS>l-ni, B. (. or i. to make apeed. 

Ilixl-j-oeu, n. ha>M, apeed, — ■— 

l^i■^J'. a. quick, (pesdr, pt 

nSac-T-piur-ding, «. a f" '-" 

.... _ _ -yerforihe 

apeadf, paoionate, rat 
n. a pudding made ir 

llat'-band, n. a band ronnd a hat. 
Ilal'-boi, IIst'-atMtn.acaaeGir Wb. 
Hatch, «.(. to produce TOUDg Innn oggi. 
lietrh, n.s bro(K',daoron aehip'a deM. 
Ilaleh'.cl, n, an initnunenl lo clean flax. 
HBich'.el,D.f. to draw through a halchel, lo vai. 
Ilalch'«!-ed * p. cleansni with a halchel. 
HaK-h'-et, ■. a aroall ni. 
HairD'-et-lace, n. a prominent ftoe. 
Halcb'-way. n. fhe opening in a ihip'i deck. 
Hale, D, i. tn dialihe giealijr, lo abhor. 
HaM, lla'-tiHl, n. gNBI diilike, ill-will. 
Bft(e-rnl,a. adioiB,eicilicgg>«at dlalike. 
KBlD-tul-tr, ad. with great Alike, odiwalr. 
H&'-tei), p. dialiked greall]', abhorted. 
n»'-ter, ■. D« who helea. 
IIar'tar,i>.anvak«raf haUfbrmco. 
Hae If H-n-ly, ad. wtlh pride and coulempl. 

, £ha'ee, gem, ai, thin. Ihou. 

Hau'jr^-ti-aen, n. pride mth conlmpi, aiTiK 
Kau^A^y. a. proud and dindoinful. Igant^ 

Huuli^s. (. lo drew with fiirce, to drag. , 
Haul, R. a pulling with Ibrce, n dragging, 
IIaiil'-e<L*^. dragged with labor and fores. 

Haum ' { "■ "" "™* "^ **«■ " P«°*- 

H c'h, Hanch, n. ihe hip. 

Hiiunl, H^t, v. i. or i, lo Irequent, inlnide an, 

Haul-boy, ■. (boi»y,) a wind tautnuDen: of 

Havr, D. (, p, and pp. Iiod, lo poneai, to hold. 
Hb'-voi, n. (htvn,l a harbor, a refuge, laln plam 
lUv'-ock, R. ravage, ciau^hler, diMrurtion. 
Hav'-ock, V. I. to lay waile, deatny, ravage. 
Haw, n. Ihe berry and eeod of the bewihoni. 

geruB of IbwIarnioiiJr raparjooa. 
or 1. lo calch by raeana of hawkt, 
tu force idilegm frnm the throai.'w cry goodi. 
Hawk'.od,* p. cried an good*. 

Uawh'.ey-ed,*a. having acule eight 
Kawk'-weed, n. a name of eeveral plana. 
Haw«'-er, n. a amall cable, or large rope. 

the ihum iJut beani bowa, uaad 

„ . . Jied for fodder. 
Hay, D. I. to dry and cure aa nut. 
HSy^hiitrv r. an uutnunont fi>r eutdng hay. 
Hly-loft,!!. a DcalTold lor hay., HSy-auck 




:i'->y,a. Iiir^y t 


ir auck of hay. 

danger, cnanee, guae 
ipoae 10 danger, mana 

dangerof loa .« b^iur 

f, iDBi^ne, pin, bird, mlive, 

r pan of tlio bodr, topic, ■ chirf. 
I Wd, lap, top, have fonm. 

Head ^ .-r 

KXTi -■-"""- 

[leuu'-i-neBB, n. nibneu, pncipiti 

BMd'-ing, 1- tinib«r for lbs heada o 
Hanl'-luKliH' ■ promotilory, land m 
Hsad'-leis, a. having no head, 
Haod'-long, a. isah, ptecipiMe ; ad. 
Haad'-moit, a. most adra-ipA^. 
Heod'-pie(«, » ' 

-qaatt'-*r«, n. lodp ng ot'a chief commai 
I'-iiAiJ, »■ pail of a bridle for ibe head 

HecJd'-fliroDg, a, imgovernaDifl, ooa'unw- 
Heod'-war, n. molioa of an advancing ship. 
Heiid'-y, a, raih, hasir, alubbom. 
Ibal, 1), I. or i. lo cure, baoome well, to reoonnte. 
H«a]-«d,' p. Rured, nnorad lo souii(bu«a. 

UJal-^Dft, jarr. curing, re 

having (be quality of 

Health, iL ■onnd Blale c 

ingTi health! 

Health, IL lonnd Blale of a living beintf. 
Heahb'-fnl, a. being in a sound itate, tree ftom 

diaeu^' galubriouB. 
HeoUh'-fui-lr, oi. in a wholesome maniur 
Uealth'-fnl.D«e, it. atale of being beallhf. 
Heollh'-i-iiess, n. stale of be^— ■- '•-'•'■ 
Healtb'-i-lj', ad. without dl» 
Heallh'-y, a. well, iree from 
Heap, n. a pile, a mass of nuiin. 

H$ap-ed,* p. thrown into a man or pile. 

Hfiap-y, a. lying in heaps. 

Hear. v. t. or i. f" —"-i™ K. <!,. _. 

UBanl. Hear^d. 

UMr-er, n. one 

{. perc^ved by the ear 
o heert. an audilor. 

Hsar-ing, n. tin senie of perceiving aoui 
IIe)ifk.«n, «. i. to listen, lend the ear. 
Haark-KiiTOd,* p. of Wm-.'tni. 
HBSik7«tl-ing, ppr. listening. 
Haai-aay, n. report, rnraor. 
Hsiin, a. the organ of the blood's motioli 
nwL asM if leva, affiletiun. 

R. deep sonow, grief^ afiUclioD. 

, of Ibe atoEoach. 

__ ..-^t,a. ■a*eiingUiebeart,aiiiGera,.deep. 
H«irt'4eiirchHDg, a. Marching ibaaecrel tfaaughtt 

and purpoBflfl. 
Hclinh. n. place on which a Era Is inada 
tIeiirt'-i-Jy. ad. from the heart, Bincerdf 
HeKn'-i-ness, n. lincerity, eameatnesa. 
HeiitMesa, a. ^piriitesa. void of coutaga. 
Hettrf^ich, a. pained in mind. 

Hrart'-siring, n. lendon of the heart. 
HMn'-atruck, a. driven tu the heait, dianuTea 
Hettrl'-wbole, a, sound, nut bnd(«i-beaitad. 
HeSrt'-y, a. hoalthy, stniig, sincere. 
Heal, n. great warmth, glow, passloa. 
Heat, v.tot i. lo make or graw hoi, inflanie. 
Heat«d, p. made ho^ iolluned. 
Heater, n, a thing that heals, a ulanail. 
""""'" ■"""■" '-if.afrtai 

. ,, iBiignomnee 

Hiath-y, a. abounduig with heath. 
HeaI'LEig, ppr. toakiHg or becoming hot ; a. 

adapted to wanu, heat, or inflame. 
Heave, v. t. p. Uid j^ faesved, hove ; lo lift. 

Heave, n. a rising, swell, distenlien of the bnasi 
Heav'.m, n. [hev'n,; the rrapon of Ihe ait, oi- 

pause above, place of the bteaaed. 
Heov'-en-born, a, bom from heavon, celeatidL 
Heov'-m-l)', a. pataining u, heaven. 
Heflv'-en-wnrd, ad. towwd heavai. 
Henve«f. feeing, n. flrst fruits to a primt. 
Heavei, i>. a disease of horscH, mBiked by diffl. 

cull breathing. 
Heov'-i-ly, ad. wiih great viTO^hl, grievoosly 
Heov'.i-nois, n. vreighi, affliclioa, dulbieai. 
tiesv-ing, p^. liiling, awdlii^ making efibrt to 
Heav'-y, a. weighty, grievous, dulL (vomit. 
Hel)-doni'-a-dal, a. n arkly, oecuninf enrr weak 

book, dttve, full, u-ie. tan, eh«i«fl. gum, a«, thin, thou- 

Heb'-e-tate, V f. to blunt, make dull, e., . 
Heb'-e-tude, n. blunlneiB, ilullnesi, Btupidily. 
IIfr-bra''ie, a, perEdining to the HebrewB' 
He'-bn-tim, n, a Hebrew idiom oi apeech, 
■-■■-■ Mkilledi " ■ 

Hee-B-tiiirA, b, 

Hee'-tie, a. habitaaj 

Hee'-Kir, n. a, bully, one mat leaxea. 

Hec'-tor-ing, o. buUyini, blustering, veiing 

Hedge, v.t, to make a hedie, ineloac, (etice. 

Uedg'-od," p. incioned wiiK a hedge. 

Hedg'e-bill, n. ■ cuuing hook lu dtoaa b»dgei. 

Hedg'e-rOH', n, a series of shniba for a fence. 

Ifed^e-b^h "' a qtuidniped with prickly apiiKa. 

Hfidg'-uig, ppr. incloaing with ■ taedg«. 

Heed, a. i. t» loiiid, nganj, observe. 

Heed, n. cars, utaulioa, caution. 

Heed-fiil, a. atlaotiTe, walcbful, catUioia. 

Heed-luMy, ad. with caution, earefnlly. 

HSed-liil-neu, n. care to guard Bgainil danger. 

Heed-leu, a. caielna, negligent. 

Hied-leu-ly, ad. cireleaaiy, negligenlly- 

Heed-len-neii, n. carcleaHUae, negligence. 

Heel, n. the hind psnofllie ruot,or ofaitoching. 

Heel, V. t. to lean, incUne, dance, add a piece Iq 

Heel -piece, n. armor for the heel. [the heel. 

Heft, n. weight, (effort, obi.] 

He-gl-ra, n. ^le epoch from urhich the Moham- 
medani reckon years, being the flight of Ma- 
bammed from Mecca, July, 16, 622. 

HeiP-er, ti. a young cow. 

Height : see HighL 

iW-ou. ; see Ramow,. 

Ileir,'ii. [ire,] he who inherita by law. 

Heir, 1. 1. [sre,] to inherit, take by auccenton. 

Heiress, a. [inaa,! a woman who inheiila by 

Heir-len, a. [ii^eaa,] destitute of an heir. . 
Heir-ihip, n. [Greship,] state of an beir, right of 
Held, p. and pp. of Hold. [inhorllance. 

Hell,n. the place of the damned, the gn:va. 
" ■" ' if Hveral piaiiti, the 

o uaed the Gradi bn- 

m-tun, n. a Greek phrai 

nei -len-ist, n. a J 

Hel-len-i»t'-ie, a. peiUining h 
Hdl'-iih, a. infernal, very wicaeo. 
Hell'-iih-Iy, od tn a heliiah manner. ;na*. 

}le.]'-iHh.nesB, n. infernal disposition or ivicked- 
Helm, a- a helmet^ inAtniment of steering a Bhi|»i 
llelm'-ed/ a. funushed with a head-piece. 
Ilelm'-et, n. aimor fur the head, a head pleea. 
llebn'.et-ed, a. covered with a hehnet. 
1 le'-lot, ». a slave in ancient Sparla. 
Ile'.loiriam, n. the slavery of the Hekiu. 
nelp,r ■--"--'• 
Heir - 


Holp'-er, n. one who yields assistance. 
Help'-ful, a. affording aid, assisting. 
llelp'-fi{l-nesa, n. Bsiistance, usefulnat. 
Help'-lees, a. deetitnleofhelpoi meanaofielief. 
Help'-leas-neas, r. destitution of ilranglh 
handle of an ai or hatchet. 

ilp, r. 1 10 aid, aasial, heal, supply, proi 
tlfs B. aid, aasistance, aupporl, relief, 
tipped,* p. yded, assist, hindered. 

ah with a 

1 the Swlaa. 



, in compound words signiliei 
Hem'-i-ple-^, n. palsy of one side of the body. 
Hem'-i-sphere, n. the half ofa sf"-" 
Hem-i-spher'-ic, ) i 
Hsm-i-epher'-ie-al, { 
■■ - "-tone, n. a ■--■' 

containing b) 

Hem'-lock, a 


He-mop'-lue, n. a spiuing of blood. 

" '-or-rhage, { n. a flowing of blood from a 
-or-rba-gy, | ruptured vessel, &c. 

. -or-rhoidl, n- the pdcs, emeroda. 

Hetn-or-riioid'-al, a. consisting in a flui afblood 
I, n. a plant whose skin i« uied for cloth 
I'-m, B. made of hemp. land rajKa 

n. the female of a tuivl, eapecully of the 

Hen'-bane, n. a poisonous plant. 

Hen'-coop, n. a coop or cage for fowl*. 

Hen'-heatt«d, a. timid, cowardly. 

Hen'-roual, n. a place where fowls rDoal. 

Hen'-peck-ad,* a. govomed bj the wib 



J. fa". ^ 

Hnica, ad. fmra this place ■. , 

Hiinc'A-riirtli, oil. iVom IhH time Ibrth. 
Ilstice-ror'-waid, ad. Imm tliis lime romrant, 
He-pai'.ie, a. penainiiiE to the Lvor. 
Ilapii, n. (lie hBrries uf the hep-itoe or wild-dog 
Hep-m-«a" m-far, a-having leven eeilii. [n»o. 
Hep [■■churd, n. B sjBlern of seven ■ounda. 
Hap'-U-gon, n, a fieure of aeven aides and anglea. 
Hep'lag'-on al, a. Iiaving seven sides anrlanglea, 
Hup'-tar-<hr. 1' govemmenl or seven kings. 
llnr, a. [har,] belonging lo a female. 
Her'-ald, n. an oMcer who regulaiea nwtt of 

HeK-ald-ie, a. penoining lo heraldry. 
Hsr'-aLd-rj, n. ^e sn or prac^ce af recording 

Hetb, a, a pimii iviLh a succulent itslk. 
Herb-aVfloui. a. like an herb, soil, periihing 

Herb-o-ri-xa'-llon, n. saarch for p 

pliinls in minerals. 
Herb'-o-rize, r. i. (o teek fo 
Herb'-oiu, a. abounding w 

Hsr-eu'-le«n, H 

Herd, n. ■ eallwlion of I 

vulgar c 

assiwmte in compom. . 
Herd ing, Mr, smembling or ntiiling ina herd, 
Herd'-man, Herds'-msn, n. Ihe kesper of n bard. 
Here, ad. in ihig [dec* or slale. 
Ilere-s boiiu', ad. aboal or near [his place. 
Ilere-^f-ler, od. in lime afur (he pr««nl. 
Heie-HI', oil, Bl this, on (his aecuunt. 
Hero by', ad. by this. [inheri(sd, 

II«r«-di('-a-fiient, r, any propcrt* Ihat ran ha 
He-nd'-i-lB-ri-iy, ad, by way of inheritance. 
Ile-tsd -i-ta-ry, a. dosrendii^by inheritance. 
Hcre-in , ad, in this. 
Hereof , ait. of this, from this, 
Hare^in', Jlere-iip-on', ad. on or open thia, 
Hat'-fl-si.Brah, n, a chief or leader in heresy. 
Ilar'-e.ay, k. omjr in fiinriamenuil diwlrinea. 

Here-to-fiire, fid. in lime ari1f<«dent, Ihmieriy. 
Here-wifh', ad. wilh this, at the same time. 
Hei'-is-aon, n. a beam armed with iron tpikca 

used in fonifying a passage. 
Iler'-it-a-bk, a. that may he inhenlad. 
Iler-il-age, n. inherilanix, the people of God. 
Ker-matSi'-ro-diam, » tinion ol' both seies ia 

llarHnaph'-riMllla, n. one who i« of both seiea." 
Her-inaph-nHdil'-lc, a. panaking afbuih sei» 
Iler^noKiea-lif, a. iriterpreling, eiplaining. . 
Her'mef 4e, a. perleclly close. 
Her-mei'-ic-al-ly, ad. closely, aceuraleQ' 




^ing a heru, bold, iUos 

d. bravely, intpspidly. 

ng, n, a 


belonging lu her. 
Her-schcl, n, [har'shel,] a planet disi 
Herse,n, a carriage lo b«ar corpses tu' ha grave 
ller-self ', pron. [hnr'selT,! the ferBale in person. 
Hes'-i-tate, v. i. lu pause in .doubt, delay, siarn 
Hea'-i-ta-ting, ppr. pausing, doubting. [nier 
He«-i-ta'-Iion, n. a pausing or delay, doubt, ^ 

ttupping in speech. 
Hes-pe'-n-an, □. n-eslem, being in the west 
Het'-e-ro-flTie, n. an irregular wurd. 
Het-».Iio-e1it''ic, a, irregular, anonaluus. 
Het'4'rci-doi, a. contrary lo ihe scriptures, 
He(^4-ro.doT-y, n. heresy, ducirine ^ntiVT to 

the true Jaiih. 
Hei-e-fo-ge'-ne-ous, a. of a difierew naluro. 
flet-e-ro-ge'-ne-uas-neas, n. diflerenca of natnm 
Hew, B. (, p. hewed ; pp. hewed, hewn ; lo eii> 

off chips and piecea for nuking a snooik 

Hpw'^iil,* p. cut. chopped, mode even. 

IS wKo hew* wood or (l 

», tip, jhait, gtm, ««. thin, Qioii. 

I l*i'-D-gon, H. B lieum with aii aidm and anglei. 
R«-iu'-oii-id, a. Raving lii aidn and anf^ca. 
Hei-a^he'-dron, n. a bodr of ail equal aidai, a 

Hei'-a-pod, a. having aii Seel. 
Hei-H-pel'-a-loiu, a. iiavtng aii pelala. 
Hei-aph'-yl-loiui, a. having aii leave*. 
Uei'-a-plar, a. aeiluplB, tuvina; aji eolu 
Uei'4-etyle, n. ■ building wim lii colu 

llie'-aiagh, { n. > apannodie dfiection of tbe Mo- 

riie'.np, t mach. 

Ilic'-cougb, I v.t. to have a apaamodic afiflctuHi 

in«'-up, V of the ttamach. 

Hirk'-o-iy, a 


and luuailr so called. 
Hide, c. f. or I.; j^ hid, hidden; loeon' 

cvel, withdraw frum aight, keep ekiae. 
Hide, n. the akin oT a beul, portion of land. 
Hide-bound, a. havinx Ibe akin too ttriu. 
l[id'.iM>iu, a. liKlitfnl,' horrible, lenible. 
Hid'.^ona-iy, ad. bciniblr. frichtfuHr. 
Ilid'-«4Da-ns8a, n. slate or qnaUty of being frighl- 
Il['-ding, ppr. eoocesting, ncreting. [fid. 

Hi'^di-ig, H. vtiihdnwnienliConceolment. 
Ili'-diiig-plBce, R. a place of coneralment. 
Ilie, t. .. to haalsn, to move with upeed. 
Rr-e-rareh, n. [ho chief ot a aacred order. 
Ri*mreh'-al, a. penatning to n aacred order, 
l^'^-rar-ehy, n, order of celeelial beings, eon- 

Hl"..™-.!,,,.!, ) "■ ■ ocrsd character or rayi- 
Rr*rr,-alvnh. t .■ . .^^^ ^ ^,^i^ 



:haraoWi«, pictnrea, or fignna. 


Ili'-e-ro-phant, n. a chief minialer or prieat. 
Hig'-gIa, D. t. to rrr Ironi duor to i~n, in rliafler 
Itig' who ciiea proTiiioii",a chaflrrer 
Hi^A, a. elevated, lofty, eiallad. dear. 
Hi^A, ad, aloft, eniinenlly, irreilly. 
Ht^A'blnwn, a. greatly awvUed with wind. 
Hif A'bom, a. being of noble extraction. 
H);'i-{al-or-«d,* a. having a aUong color. 
H^^A-fed, a. fuU-frv/, pampered. 
Hr^A-fli-er, n. one of eilravagant opinionB. 
HT^A-flOwn. a, elevated, lofty, prond, turgid 
HlyA-tlying, a. eilravagiint in opinion. 
HllA-laikl, T>. a mounuSnoua counlry. 
HifA-land^T, n. a mountain Snitchmen. 
HIcA.rael-tled, a. ardent, full oT apirtt. 
llij^A-mlnd-fd, a, proud, arrogant ; ateo having 

honorable pride, nol meen. 
Hljfi^neBa. h. highth, altilude, dignity of ranh. 
HTgA-place, n. an eminence, or mooni. 
HifA-priflattn.thfl chief pneal, aa among the Je»~fr. 
HjgA-aia-»on-od,*o.rirliwithapic»«or aeaaoni n g. 
H[gA4pir'-iI-ed, a. bold, darinj;, full iif apirit. 
Hi^A-aonnd-ing, a. pompoua, aoiay, oalonrotioua , 
Hl^A-ly, od. in agreet degree, with much csLeem. 
Illnitii \ "' "^'''^^ altitude, highueu. 
IligA-wn-ter, n. the full tide. 
1 li^A-wty, n. a public road. 
Hls*-wiy*man, n. a robber on the road 
HUA-WTDUglit, a. [hPnui,] very neatly finixliod 
Hi3at'-i-ty, «. minh, geyety. meniment. 
Tlill, n. an elevation of land, heap about mail. 

1 elevali 

<of Ae. 

Hind, 0. pertaining to the part wliich lollowa ; 

tomp, hinde*, further oil. 
Hind, B. female of the re<l doer, a malic, 
irhi'-det, B. t to impede, delay, obatract, prerani, 
Hin'-der-ance, n. act of delaying, irapcdimonL 
Kin'^ler-ed,' p.lloppeii, delayed. 
Hh^'.SlSlIoat.i " 'h"i'l="<"l*'i™l«llotla»«. 

Blir, fell, wh^t, prey, n 

Hmgo,n.ihB joint on 
Hil^. c. [. or I. lu hai 
Hing'-ed,* p, denenda 
Hing'-ing, ppr. depflnt 
Him, B. (, or 1. to sngg 
Hint, n. ■ ■oggestian. : 
Hip, n. Joiol oT the tb 
IGp, V. (. to sprain tli~ 

iS^f iu 


itettiag hanei 
horMilbanil i 

M procure for tonpoiar; lue at ■ phot, 

ciigigpr in tervice, bribe. 

Hln, n. mgm, piiec. eomf. 

Hlr-eit,*^ praeaml ibr me at a price. 

Hire-ling, B. one that ii biied, 

Hira-ling, a. Hrvitw for nagei 

Hir-er, n. ddc who him- 

Hir-«uu, a. bniry, ehnggy. 

His, pron^ a. denoting posseBBion of Atn. 

Hii'-pid, a. besel with brtitlw. 

Hiu, «. 1. or I. to make a tibilent lound, lu coiv 

dmrn b; hiues. 
Hlh, n. a sibilent noise, like that of s serpent. 
Hifls'-ing, n. a aibilont sound, eipreaaion of con- 


iriier or compiler of history. 
His-tor'-ie, Hia-tor'-ie-al, a. pertaining to hintory, 

containinc hislarjr. 
IBs-tor'-i-cal-ly, ad. by way of hiMory. 
Hij-w-ri-og'-ra-phBr, n. s wrirer of liiaKiry. 
Hii-to-ri-og'-ra-phy, n. the nrrtting of histoi^. 



Hitch, E. i. or (. to i-Ucb 
Hitcb, R. a knot, a noou 
IDteh'-ea* p. of HilA. 

e, a. pertaining to itage-playen 

triko or touch, iallo: 
ie, more by jerha. 

Hilh'-er-to, ad. to thi* time or place. 

Hitb'-ei-w-anl, ad. towardi Ibis place. 

Hive, D. a boi, or veasel Tor the hobilatiDa of 

Hivo, o. (. or i. to collect into a hive. [bee*. 

Hlv-ed,* p. coUectod into ■ ium. 

Hive*, n. the diaeaae called croup or raula. 

H<Mu-, HOar-f , a. CTay, white or whitiab. 

Hoard, d. i. to colieci and lay up, to amaia. 

HOord, w. aBlon tw large qua — ''- '"""■ ""~ 

Hoard-ing, jipr. collecting, a- 

Ibr winter. 

Hsar-Oogt, ». white particles of ice, frozen vapon . 
HOar-hoiuid, n. a bitter plant. 
HDar.j-nflsi, n. whitencH, a gray colof. 
HOane, a. having a rough voice, hanh. 
HOajie-aound-ing, a. giving a harsh eourbd. 
HOarse-ly, ad. with a hoorBe, bersh vaice.- 
HOarse-iiesi, n. rotighnesii of voice. 
n<1ar-y : see ifonr. 

HOai, n. deeeptioo for sport, mockeiT, cheM. 
Hob, Hub, n. the nave of a wbeeL 
Hob'-ble, B, i. to walk lamdy, to limp. 
Hoh'-ble, n. a halting walk. 
Hob'-ble)-, n. one who hmpa or halO. 

Hob'-bling-ly, ad. laniciy. wiib haltirig. 
Hob'-hy, B, a horse, a hawk, a iavorito objecl. 
Ho b '-by-hone, n. a wooden home, a favorite ob- 
ject, a stupid felton. ., 
Hoh'-gob-lin. n, a fai^. a frighttnl apporitioD. 
Hob'-naii, n. a thick headed nail for shoev. 

m the knee and tetlock. 

Hock, «. tl 

Hock, Hoc _ ._ 

Htwk, n. a kind of Rheni 
Ho'-cus-po-cuB, n. a juggier or juggler's trick." 
Hod, n. a bricklayer's trsy ibr carrying mortar 
Hodg's-podge, Hotch'-potch. n. a miied mass. 
Hi)d-i«m'-Bl, a, belonging to the present day. 

Hoc, n. a farmer's tool for cutting up weds- 

bonk, iMv«, fan. 01, «m.ih«i«»;iem,»», (hill, thou. 

HDe,v.t. to cut or dig widi ■ boe. 
HO-ed,* p. clnred of weedi or disued widi ( 
HCe-ii^ ppr. dreumg with a hoe. [boe. 

— .. . _=_ _ J jjjjy fellow. 

'---'- - s hog'a back, to Mnpe 

„-„-,— ,n-«HliKd or 11 

Hog'^Bd,* ^, 

fiog'-gei-el, n. a Bhoep of Ihe racond year. 
Hog'-get.ii. a«heeportwoT«™old,>cotl, 
Hce'^h, a. filthy, greedy, bniiiih. 
Hi^-^iih-lr, ad, bniliBhly, greedily- 
Bog'-giah-neu, n. filihinem, bnuiabiwn. 
Hog -herd, n. a keeper of iwine. 
Hi^-pea, n. a pen For hogi, a itjr. 
Hogi'-head, a. a meaauie of euty three ga^oiu, 

Bwe'-^ty. 1- « hog pen. 

Eoi'.deii, R. a nide, bold girl, a romp. 

Hoiat, o. (. lo raiae, to lift. 

Hoiit, n. a lift, highth of a flog or e[uign. 

"Bai'-ty-tea'-V/, ex. denoting lurpriae. 

Held, D. f. or i. p. held ; pp. held, holden ; to itop, 

Kid, n. catch, aupport, custody, interior of a 

Haider, n. one that holda. or poBsesMf, wme- 
thirw by which a tbing may be held. 

HiKd-fW, n. an iron hook, caieh, cramp. 

Hald-ing, ppr. slopping, ronfining, keeping. 

Hold-ing, n. [enure, a farm held, chorua of a long. 

Hols, n. a hollow place, r«i[, means of eecapo. 

Hole, E. i. to dig or make holet in. 

Ho'-h-ljr, ad. piooaly, relimoualy, aacredly. 

Ho'-h-new, n. putilv. perfect rectitude, aanclily, 
piety, morel gooiUeag, title of the Pope. 

Ho'-ling-ai, n. a narrvw ai for cutdng hole* in 

Hol-lo', Hol-io'a, a. answer lo a call. [poaia. 

Ho1'-tar,d, n. Unen made in Holland. 

Ho!'-10w, a. empty, deep, falae, deceitful. 

Hol'-lOw, n. a low place, a hole, 

Hol'-18w-.ed,*p. made hollow, eicavaled. 
Hol'-l<iw-liMrt.ed, a, insincere, deceilM. 
Hol'-low-ing, ppr. e; 

Hol'-ly-hock, n. rgae nudlow, a pku with *»■ 

HaIiii, n. the evergreen oak, an lalet 
Hol'4-eauM, fl. a whole burnt aaprifioa. 
Hol«ter, n. a lelbem c»b for piaiola. 
Ho'-ly, 1. p«(«cly pure, and complete in moral 
— —•^-•- -■'■- godly, aarred. 

— -venaryleaBt, a 

characlBT, a* Gi~ . , „, 

Hol'-ynlay, n. a fettival or i 
day of ai 

Hmn'-age, ». L to pay homage to, lo honor. 
Honi'-ag«r, n, one who j^y* homage. 
Home, n. one's dwelling houae, one a country. 
Home, a. close, severe, poignant. 
HBme-bom, HOme-bred, a, tiaiive, doneatic. 
Hiime-fcll, a. felt inwardly, or dfeply. 
HOmp-li-maa, ■■ plainneai, coancnfaa. 
HOme-lot, n. the inclwrareon which the manisnn 
Hiime-ly, a. plain, coarse, inelF^ni. tuanda. 
HOme-made, a. made in one's own co<intrj. 
Ho'-toer, n. a Hebrew measure of abom nt pints. 
HOmt>«pun, a. made in the fiunily, plain. 
Hfime-eled, n. the place of the mansion hovaa ' 
HOme-ward, ad. toward home. 
Hom'-i^I-dal, a. murderooa, bloody. 
Honi'-i<lde, n. the killing of one hHaan bemg 

by another. 
Hom-I-let'-ic, ( a, pertainnig lo familiec, imd 

nail dell 

lo-oy, n 


being of the samt 
of fike elements.'-ne-oii«-no«ii n. aamenesa of hind. 
non'-y.mouB, a. equivocal, ambiguous. 
not'-o.ooiiB, a. equable, of uniform tenor. 
" sharpening rawin. 

r sharpened o^ 


Ho'-aidt'p. rubbed 

Ho'-ning, fpr. aharpening on a hoi 

i/on'-^at, 0. uprif^I in draling, Juat, 

-Hbn'-cat-lr, aa. npiift"''" imtW. fti 

flba'.eet-y, n.iratlce 

HBn^y, n. aweet ve. 

beea from flovror*. 

Ililii-cjr-liBg, n. Uie IL 

Han-ey-dew, n. i 
ff5r.-ey-«(l,* p. a 
[liWi-sy^inBn, ■.. 

/f"n'iSr!a"'bli. a. 

B»r. fall. wh»l, jH^, maftna, pin, 

t su1huuic« on planu. 


4-bly, a 

Hao'-ai-*-rf, a. conJeriinif bonor. 
Hoa'Htr-eili" p- eialled, re^~endt reaiRKteu. 

Hofd, n. a covering Ibr ihs head. 
Hood'-airO. covered wiih a hood. 
ll^od'-wink, v.(. lo blind, cover, deceive. 
Hood'-wink-ed,* d. blinded, deceived. 
Hiur, n. the homy cover of a bauL'a font, 
Hoor-bound, a. having dry ouarton and ilrait- 
HonP-ed,* a. fumiiihed with boob. [ened. 

Hook, n. a bent piece of iron, lomelhine bent. 
H^ ». I. to 61 on a hook, to Caleb. 
Hook' uJ,* p. caught or bnng on a booh. 
Il^k'-ed, a. hODL into tbn fDim of a hook. 
IIook'4d-nsrv, n, ataie of being bent like a hook. 
Hoop. n. a band of wood ot metal for a caik. 
Hoop, D. (, to fallen with booja. 
Hoop, «. I. to cry out, Id ahoul, to whoop. 
Hopped,* p. bound with hoopa. 
Hoop.jng, ppr. binding with hoopg. 
Hoop'ing, ppr. ■homing, whooping. [boopa, 
Hoop'iDg-oiigh, n. a cougli in which the pelieot 
Hoop'-oe. Hopp'^o, n. a bird witb » creai. 
Hoo-rtt, Hoolraw", et. a ibout of eiullation. 
Hoot, n. a ifaout of contempt. 


le 1^, to jon 

in contempt. 

Hop, H. a leap on one leg, a danro, a planL 
Hop'-blnd, Hop'-vina, n. the iMlh of the bop. 
Hop^-pole, n. a pok to lupporf hop*. 

pj-pol^ n. > pok to lupporf h 
p^'-jard. rt. an mclo^ure lor w 

■ire wilh eipectatioi 

Hor-i-ion'-lal, o. parallel to iba horiion. 
IIor-E-ion'-Ul-ly, ad. in a horizonlal direr 
Horn, n. the hard prujecting AUbatance OQ 

Hom'-beain, n. n genus of trees very ban 
Hom'-bocik, a. the ljr»i book for children. 
Hom'-ed,- a. fuiniibed with hon-d. 
Hom'-w, n. one who worka in homa. 

" ' '&^hf R. Lhe garJiNh or een needle. 

utwork in fortification, 
or like hoin, calloui. 
It of eonatrurting dtala. 
of conitruGting macfainat 

Ilor'-ri-hly, ad. ilremlfully, JHgbtful!;. 
Ilor'-rid, a. dreadful, hideout, abocking. 
Hor', ad. dreadfnUy, ahockinilv. 
Kor'-rid.neia, n. dreadfulivaa, horribleDeaa. 
Har-rif'-ie,a. caiuiog horror or dread. 
Hor'.ror, N. a (biverine, exceaaiva fear, tami 
Horae, n. a quadraped ibr dmughi, a raachitte 

Ibr ■uppnrt, cs valry. 
Hora'e-bach, a. tba alate of being nwuitted oa a 
Hvn'e-beui, a, a bean for Ixniaa. [IKICM.. 

book, dflve, full, tut, e»a, awwe, (gm, m. ihjn, Uwn. 

Hon'e-black, n. a block or sUge for mounting 
Bnn'e-boBt, n, b boil muved by harm. Ihone. 
Uon'e-elutb, n. b cloth la throw over a hor" 
HoTi'e-deel-eT, n. une whu Lnid« in honea 
Han'e-fly, n. a large fly t)i>t itingg hortn. 
'" ' •-giittnJs, n. csvajry for guanta. 

Uon'e-euUrds, n. c 

hair of hoTvcB- 

Ibui'e-lit-ler, n 

ml polo bame 

riding horHi. 
act or ut of ruling and 

lumed by a botae. 

HonVman, n. aneikilled 
Hora'e'inan-iihip, n. act o 

nininEhoi — 
Hora'e-i^ n 
llara's-path. n . 
Hun's-pond, n. a pond for watering horwa. 
Hura'e-nu*, n. a race byhoite*. 
Hon'e-rad-iab, n. a gpecie* of acnrv]' graai, 

barine a Dunredl n»(. 
Ron'e-aluio, n. a ahoefor the hoof oTa hone. 

gs^sri "■•"-""■'»"■ ""^ 

Hori'e-way, Hora'e-road, n. a oairow way or 

HMi'e-whip, a. a whip for driving boraaa. 
lloiii'e'Whip, t>. [. Id laih with a horsenhip. 

Hon'e-whip-jiad,*]- "- '-'- - "■ "■'- 

Hnn-a'-tion, n. ail 

m with a horsenhip 

Hob'-- . „ . 
Hort'-a-to-rj, a. giving advice, encouraging. 
Ilort'-i-oil-tor, who cultivate* f garden. 
Hort'-i-eul-ture, n, the culture of a garden. 
Hnrt-i-eul'-tur-iit, n. one skilled in gardening. 
Hort'-u-lan, a. beluieing to a garden. 
Hor-tiu.Bic'-cuA, n. dry gardtin, a collection of 

planta dried for preeervBtiuQ. 
Ho-aar>'-rtB, n. en exdamaiiun of praiiie to God. 
Huae, n. 1^. haaen, ohi.] Btuckin^n, coveringa 

for Ihe Icga, a pipe for a lire engine. 
Ho'-aier, n. one who deals in ahickinga. 
"-•----.y,n,»lockinn,»uckf *- 
- '-'], a, kind to aim 

^ EJoa'-pi'Ia-bla, a. kind to Blrangera. 

* Hoa'-pi-ta-bly, ad. in a iiuapiulile i 
Haa'-pi-tBliB.abuildiugfnrlheai ' 
Hoa-pi-Ial'-i^, a. graluiloua col 




Hoc, a, haTtng heal, ardent, eager, hirioot. 
Hol'-bed, n. abedrovered with gtaM, for raninf 

early planta, iio.. 
Hot'-brajn<ed,* a. ardent in lemper, viotant- 
Hat'-cock-lea, n, pi. a boyiih ptay. 
Kd-IcI', n. a palace, an inn for travelen. 
HoC-head-ed, a. ardent, raah, violent, 
llot'-houie, n. a houae to abellet planu trtaa 
'-Iy,ad. viofenlly, kcmly, eegerty. 

. .-tieaa, n. heai,BVa(e of being not. 
Hol'-»pur,n, a raah, ardent perBon,a pna. 
Hot'-len-tot, n. a native of South Africa,a unge. 
Hougb, n. [bok,] the lower pan of lbs thigh. 

Hough, e. 1. [hok J to hock, to haraatring. 
Hound, n. a dog for hunting. 
Hour, n. the twenly-fuunh part ofa day. 
" -- '-riaaa, n. a glaaa Hi ahow Ume byaand. 
'-hand, n, Ihe hand of a clock oi watch 

-ly, a. clone ot hanpening every hnur. 

B, n. a place of abwle for men, a aheller, 

imily or race, branch of the tcgialalure, a 

e, V t. [hnuz.] to put under ahelter. 
'•ed,* p. ahelterod, covered, 
'e-hreflh-er, n.onewhobreakainloa honae. 
'e-breftk-ing.n.lheactof felanioualir break- 

?ring into a hcnue By day light. 

lamily hvi eg together. 


.hOld-er,Ti. Ihe moBleruf* fa 

hSld-atuflT, n. furniture, mov 
Hous'e-kecp-er. n. om who ocouf 

hia family, 
-keop-ing, n. the 

-leek, n. a plant 

Houa'aJeaa, a. deitiiuK 


Ulir, Qill, whft, pr^y, iii«rtnp, pLn, bird, n 

Huiu'ihinaitl, n. a woman « 
llDiu's-room, n. place in * i 
IIiiua's-wjtnD-iiu, n. a ieoii 
HuUH'fl^wEfe, n. me minmu 
Huui'c-wlT*^, a. femalf ec 
Huiu'e-Hirlghi, n. ui w 




'-er-iii|:, pm-. fl*p|Nng lbs wingi, buigioj 

v-b«'-ii. jJ. iieTenliolcM, nolwirhtuiiiliiig. 
if-ev'-er, ad. uevenlieleM, jrel, U leait, al al 

a kind of m 

How'-iu-CT, \ iDounien on a JieJii cwriage. 

Howl, r. i. lo «T aa a dug or wolf. 

Howl, n. Ifae cr; nCi <lag or wolf. 

Ruwl'-ed,* p. of H<ml. 

Howi'-^i, n. a fowl nf the owl kind. 

Howl'-iiiK, ppr. uIMring ihe cry of a dog. 

Ho wr-ing,(i. filled with howla or howlingb«ul*. 

Howl'-ing, K. ihaory of a dog or wolf. 

Hoy,ii. aunall coaalingveuet, rigged aa a aloop. 

Hub ; me Ho6. 

Hnb'-bub, n. uproar, tamult. 

Hu4^'-kle4)ach'sd,* a. having round ihouldera. 

Hne'-kle.banB, n. the hip bone. 

Hiicli'-eiN', n. a ratailcr oftnidl aniclea. [der. 

Hud'-dia 1 I'.ori: to crowd Uigelher wilhoiUor- 

Hud'-dle, n. a crowd wilhoul order. 

Hnd-dled,* p. enwdeihogather. 

Hiid'-vlling, pTir. crowding logeriier in diiorder. 

Hile, n. uilur, dre, great noiie, a clamor. 

HufT, n. a iwall of anger or pride. 

Huff. V. f. or i. to awdl, blunter, treat with arro- 

Huff'-od,* p. awollod, chid. [ganco. 

Hoff'-igh, a. inMilenl, arrogi.nt, herlorinii. 

HiifT'-iah-nfH, n. itvelling pricb, 

lingt^y,ad. immeniely, ei 

Hue'-ger-mug'-ger, b. privacy, lecrsc/. 
Hu'^gUE-not, n. » name lurmerly given to ■ prv 

Hulk, n. the body of an old ahip. 

Hull, n. Ihe outer covering ot a nut, Ac frame 

Hull, c. (. to huik oi peel, to penetrate the hull 
Hum, v. i. or 1. to ling low, buzz, mock. 
Hum, B. a low buiziiig aound, deception. 
Hu'-iaan, a. belonging to mankind. 
Hu-ratne, a. kind, comHsjinnale, lender. 
Hu-mline-];, od wiih kindnera, Icndm-ly. 

Hu'.man-I.zed,* ;i. lolened, rendered bunxane 
Hu'-mon-klnd, n. the human rsLd, mankioij, 
Hu'-man-ly, ad. oAer the manner of men. 
Hum'-ble, a. low, lowly, modeal, meek. 
Hum'-bl«, B,(. to bring low, ahoH, tnortify. 
Hiim'-bled,* p. cruibed, aubdued, made lowly, 
ff^m'.blp-bee, n. a i>pe of a large nixe. 
Hum'.bJing, D^. §ubdiiing the pride of, abatinf ; 

0. adapLed to humble or ahaH. 
Hum'-hly, ad. without pnde, Bi.bmiBiiv«lj. 

Hum'-dnim, n. » aiupid fellow, ■ drone. 
Hu'-me-ral, a. pertaining In the ahoolder. 
Hiun'-hum, n. a ptoin coarse Iitdia conon, 
Ilu'-Diid, a. moiat, dump, wotPry. [neaa. 

Ku-mid''i-tir, Hu'-ni d.nen, n. moiature, damp. 
ilU'mil'-i.ate, v. 1. to humble, abaae, bring low. 

Hu'-mor, o. (. to gmtify, indulge, comply with. 
Hu'-mor.a), a. pniainiiiz to die bumon 
Ha'-mor4d,* p. inilulged, gratified. 
Hn'-moi-iat. n. one who gtatifie* hja humor, a wag- 

b^. <l6ve. fuU. Me, < 

IlD'-nior4U«, a, jociUai, p^rsrani, ilroU. 
Htt'-Riar-oiii-lT, ad. wiih plcSBtntry, jocmelr. 
Bo'-moT'OUB-neaa, ti. uddoen of cunceii, Gckle- 

Hu'-^Dor-aSme, a. iuAuMieed bf huimr, pseriih. 
Hump, K. a nvellL-ig, u of S«h. 
Hump'-back, n. a cuing or cnuked back. 
H JiK^b, >■' a praiubenocfl, a thick piefv, a pnih' 
HoQcb, B. I. to pnth-Dul, 10 piuh wiih the elbow. 

Jund'-red, a. nuiing Hit ptalact oTieD 

ed by len, or len timsi len. 
Hund'-red, iL the iniD of ten timea ten, a divi- 

Hiui''g4r-ing. ppr, dairing Tood, craving. 
Bon'g-ri-ly, ad- witb a keen appetite. 
Hun"g-r7, a. craving food, lean, banen. 
Hun^g-red, a. pinched wiili hunger. 
Huiilu, n, a urdid niggardl; man. 
Hunt, V. I. to chaie, aa game, to seek for. 
Hani, n. chaie of game, puniiit, pack of bo 

HDnU'.iiian, n. a man wlin hunu. 
Ilur'-^lle, n. a leitureof tuiua, a era 
lliicl. V. t. (o threw viih vioienne. 


n in 'Jie I 

llnrt'-J', iij tumall, hiiBtlc, confiuion. 
llur-ra, Hur-rew^i we Hoom. 
Ilur'-ci.rane, n. a violent ismput, furiom wind. 
llui'-ri.ed,* p. urged ur impelled to anion. 
Ilur'-ry, v. I. oi 1. 10 hasten, to move hastily. 
Hur'-ry, B. great haute, preripilHtion. 

Hiut, R. ■ hmiie, lium, iiuuij. [haile. 

Run, t>. (. r^. and /ip-hun; to. .■mi,iquce, wound. 
HuiV-fitl, n. injunuiu, pemiriliUB, * 
Hun'-fuM]', ad. wiih liaim, iiyuciouily. 
Hort'-iip-Deaa, n. ibe quality of doing ham. 

Hui'-band. n. a man married or betlothed to ■ 

Homan, a iihjpa owner who boa charge of it. 

ITui'-band, o. I. lo ttunage with Ihigalily, lo till, 

Hu>'-band.ed,;i, tued or managed with economy. 
Hui'-band-man, n a farmer, a cullivalor ofilie 

Hni'-hand.fT, b. the bwuiefc of cuIliToting tha 
nu>b,a. Mill, ailent, cafan, quiet. leanh. 

Huah, v.l. lu wlenrei quiet, calm. 
HuBh'-rota-ey,n. ■ liribe lo aerrFcy. 
Huab'-ad,* p. ailenced, quieted, cnlnted. 
Huak, n. tha rovering of certain fruitt. 
Huak, D. I. CO atrip the hnska fmm. 
kuak^d,* p. alripped of huik^ coverad with ■ 
Huak'-ing, ppt. iLrippina off huaka. (huak 

Huak'.ing, n. the act oratripping off huska. 
Hush'-i-neu, n, drynen, roiighneaa, harahncaa. 
Husk'-y, a. abounding with huaka, dry, hsnh. 

pan of the 




in German fs 




Hut, n. a poor cottage or ahed, mean abode. 
Hut, V. I. or ■'. 10 furnish with huts, lo take lodg- 
Hul'-led, p. lodged in hati. ring* in but* 

Hulch, n, a cheat or bui, a rei4mp. 
Huz-zii, n. a ahmi: of joy. [Not Englieh.] 
Hui'ia, V. i. to ihnut Ri Joy. 
Hy'^.einih, n. a genua of planla, a gem 
Hy-a-cinth'-ine, a. pertaining w hyacinth 

Hyb'.rid, n. o mongrel, ur mul«. 
Hyb'-rid, ) a. mongrel, prudurn) hy the mil . 
Ilyb'.rid-oua, 1 lure of two «peii«. 
Ily'-dra, n, a motul«r with many liea-la. 
Hy.dnin''ge^ n. a pluni boanng a heeuliful 

Hy'.drBnl, b. b pipe or machine Ui diacharge 

watar from an aqueduct. 
Hy.drau'-lie, 0. leloiing to Ihe convayance of 

n Iter through pipe*. 
Hj'-dn>-cela, n rupture proceedizig fRim water. 

Bar, ftll, whfl, prg, n 

Hy'-dro-gtn, n. « ga* o 

fit) balJoo 
Hj'-dro-je-nale, Hj'-dro-gen-lM, e. i, to coni- 

bine with hydrojon. 
fly-dro|E'-r»-pher, «. one who nioken tea cham. 
Hy-dro-Kiaph'-ie, Jo. relRtitigloadacriplion 
Ily-dro-gnpli'-iG-Bl, j of Iha m. 
Hy-d mip-n-phy , n. dncriplion otnaM, laktm,tc. 
Hy-droF-o-iy, n. Mienp* of wuer, and iu pro- 

Hy'-droHnel, n. a liquai of honey and walei. 

rmviiv. rloruliyj Ac. of water. 

y, 1. the art of meuuriDg the gra- 
il , transpaieni in water. 


vity, deiuity,ii 
Hy'-dro-phane, n. 
Hjr'-dro'pho-by, : 

fIy-ilro-pW-b>«,a.peilainingIai.. .. 
Hy-drop'.ie, Hj-diop'-ie-el, a. drupHcnl. 

>p''ie, Hf-diop -le-el, a. drupi 
kilot'-ie, a. lelating la the h 

a. pertaining to witi[«r. 
on, n. Xhe apendiiu of w 
. a qT^ftdniped ot^ho ff 

Hy-grom'-e-tiy, it.theactormeuuring tbemoii- 

(iire of the air. (nag*. 

Hy'-men, n. the deity that presides over mar- 

Hy-mon-e'-al, t ". peilain^ to marriage ; n. a 

Kymn, ti f. to praiie in aongt of adoretioa. 
Ilyp, n. depnuiion of apiriu. 

Hy- per'-bo-ly, j 

Hy-per-bol'-if-al, a. eiaggeiating, diminiihing. 
Hy-per»bo'-re-an, a: northern, very oold. 
Hy-per-erit'-ie, n. a critic, einci beyond reuoa. 
Hy-per-erit'-ic-al, o. critital beyond lue. 
H^-phen, R. the mark ( - ) between worda fann- 
ing compoundi, &c. 
Hyp-o-ehon', n. one affected witli debility 


-_,, , -d wBh fan» 

Hy|M>-ehon'dri'-a-en!, { chundria, melandiol* 
Hyp-o-chon Jrl-a-ciim, n. a diaasee from debiB- 

ty and dyipepsy. 
Hy-poC-ri-ey, n disaimulaiion, deceit. 
Ilyp'-o-crita, n. a diBoerahler, a deceitfiil petwm. 
Hyp-o-erii'-i-eal, a. dissembling, inaincen. 
Hyp«-eril'.i-eal-ly, ad. without aincerity. 

a. diaiinctly perMna], conMl 
the longsit aide of a rJKlH 

gpecien of green lea. 
■ij ->up, I Ti. a gtat^ of planta, atomiiuD anu 
Hya-aop, ( pungent. 

Hyi4a['-ie, { a. affected trith fila of a ootus 
Hyi^er'-ie^l, { kind. 

Ilya-ter'-ita, n. a diaeaae of famatea, attaodeil 

[ pron. of the liriit penon, Daed bj ai ipeakw 
L, who ealla bimaeCl- ^^ 
ani'-bie, a. pertaining to ati iambna. 
im'-buB, n. a poetic loot of two ayllabkB, tha 
first, Bhqn; the laat, long, 
hex, n. the wild guat, found on die AJpa. 
bii, n. a fowl of Egypt, of the grallic order 
«i'-ri-an,o.ioarinBliigh,adveniuronam Qighl. 
«, n. water congealed to hard: " ' 

e, o. (. to oover with ko, or i 
ce-berg, n. a hill or mountain of ir«. [tugu 
ce-house, n. a place lor preserving in. 
ce-land'-ie, a. pertaining to Iceland. 

e-plant, n. a plant With ditls'ing icy pimple* 

ih-neu'-mon, n. an animal of ilie weaiel kntd. 

rhor, n. ■ thin wawry homor. 

chor-ow, rf. like I'-hor, thin, watery, setooi. 

'■t-thyoT'-o-^, n. the icieikce of fiahef . 
eh-thy-oph'-a-^, n. the practice of euing fiali 



book, dflvB, full, n 
uof ic 

-d-de, n. a kn^ p«ndei 

-ci'iKflB, o- the utMte of bein^ u:y or v«r> cuiu. 
-fni'-o-cluLl, n. ■ breaker of imagea. 
-si>*«-be'-droii,ii,a mlidof Iviemy equal lidea. 
e-ier'-ic, a. affecleii wiihjamidit*. 
c-ie-n"-[ioUB, a. yslluw, having the ting* (rf" 

l-cr, a. a!fDiin)ing H-ilh irs, like ice, colli. 
f ^de'-H, a. fwni oTany thing in Ibe mind, noli 
I-ile'-bl, a. ciisting in idea, imaginary- 
I-dp'-al-ism, n. Utenry that every ihuig eiiati 

I-do'-al-ly, ad. in idea, or imBiination. 
l-den'-tie-al, 3. the aaioe, noi diOeiBiit. 
f-den'-li*-(J-iieai, n. uuneneu. 
I-den'-li-fi-od,' p. made the >Bnle. (lai 

I-den'-li-fy, v-t-vrLtn jirove or to make 1 
I-den'-it-f y-ing, ;i]T. mailing or proving to be 1 

d-i-oc'-ra-ay, n. peculiarity of ronitilufion 

d'-i-o-cy, n. defect of undemanding. 

il'-i^jm, n. peculi«rity of pbrweoloCT- 

d-i-wa-at'-ic, a. pecidiar to a language. 

d-Mu^-a-tby, n. a diieaae peculiar 10 aonia pa 
li'-'ml, n. a natnnl fool, an oaf. 
■'■ -. like an iJiot, foolish. 

. , joccupisd.siotluiU, trifling, 

I'-'De, e. i. lo jpend orloae lime in inacdon. 
l-dlfl-neBB, n. indolence, neglect of buuaeaa. 
l'_H1i^. n. one who n^lecti hia biuineaa. 
. ali^giBhly, vainly, foaliahlr. 


■'.dlr, ad, aJL^ 

{.dol'-a-ter, n. a wonbiper of idolj. 

I.dut'-a-I[lze, V. L or f. to nonhip idol). 
Uktl'-a-trouii, a. giv«i to idolsti^. 
l^iol'-a-traua-ly, ad. by aervuip tdola. 
UM'-a-try, n. iba' worihip uf idols or bnai 
F-dol-lzc, D. t. (o love to sxceaa or adotalio 
l'-doM-ZBd,*p. loved to exceaa, 
t-dyl, B. a anon pastoral poem. 
la^nd, a. nland.l land •urrounded by w 

If, v. i. [conlncled fiun gif, give,] grant, allon; 

auppoae, admit, inJroducing a condiu^n. 
jg'-nemua, a. coiisbiiing uf fire or reatmbUng it. 
|g-nea'.ceni,<]. yielding (parka of fire. 
jg'-nt-lurin, a. like Gre. 
jg-nip'.o.|enl, a. prcaiding fva fin. 
Ig'-nis.fal'-u-ua, n. a meteor that appaan in tha 

'nighiaJBck Hilh a laniorn. 
Ig-nilc, D, (. or i. to kindle, or rander lumjoom, 

.ni"-iiiiTi. n. ihe art ofaetting oti fiw oT taking 

neful, diagtareiul. 
'-i uus-Iy, ad, meenly, diagiarel'tiUy. 
i-y, n. diigraie, reproach, infamr. 
nua, n. a fooliah peraon, in ' 

ant of kno^vledgfl. 
nlina knowlfilf 



I'-i-ae, fl. pertaini..^ 

), n, a heroic poem, by Homer, 
bad, sick, disonlerFi], indiepoaed. 
U, n, evil, haim, wickedneaa, 
U, ml. not rightly, amiaa, not bvorahly, 
'-iape'e, n. a ahding in, "r falling on, enti 

■laq'-ue-ite, V. t. lo enannte, entangle., 

.1b' tion, n. an inf^vnce, concluaion- 
P-ta-tive, n, that may be iniferred. 
Mand'.a.ble, a. unworthy of praiae, 
l-laud'-a-biy, ad. unworthily, basely. 
ll'.bred,>i, not u'ell.bred, impoliia. 
ll-br&Kj-ing, n. wautofgoud breeding, 
ll-eon.di''-[ion-ed, a, being in a bad itale 
'le'-gal, o. coQCrary to law, un]awlii],»r> 

,Ie-^-i-ly, n. unlawTulnegs. 

' ' ' ly, ad. unlaB-Tully, uiyoally. 


biy, ad. ao that it cannot be read. |cy 
'-i.mB-cy,Ti.boitardy,BWBnt oflegililn■- 
l-le.gil'-i-ms[e,a. unUwCulibonioulofweiUork 
l-lev'-i-a-hle, 0, that cannot bo levied. 
11-la'-vor.ed,' a. Ol-looking, ugly, detbmted 
n-fa'-TOi^d-neaii, n. uglincsa, dolbrmily. 

J. fsU, B 

I, prcjt mHrVnet pin, htrft, n 

.-lib'*ial. a. noi candid, unthariiable. 
l-lib-e--Bl -i- ly , n , narrownna ot'rni nd, rneanncs 
i-Ub'-D-ral-ly. ad, meanly, iltsingenuoUBl]'. 
l-lio'-it, a. nol permitted, unUviful. 
' "-■ -t-neM, n.uidawfulrKM, UlngnLlj. 

■it-a-ble, d. thai conna: he buunded. 
I-Iim'-U^d, a. unboundei], having no limit. 
■'"■"' '' " Jfiut on minerals. 

, _, J _... jf learning, ignorance.' 

■■lit'-e-nU, a. unlearned, untaught. 
'"' rant of learning. 

ii-iia'-tui4d-l^, ad, crnaiEy, peeviihl^. 
'l'-n«a, n. iiidiiiposiiian, aichneM, evil. 
•log'-ic-al, a. not accordi^nB^to logic. 

enliglilen, iSuatiBlo. 
. enlightening, 
ct ofnuhing luminoiu, act 
nmg me mind, 
iTS, a. lending lo enlighten. 
deceptive appeenince, fslte ahow. 
deceiving by false ahow. 
i-lu'-m-ij, 0. Jectiving, imposing on. 
i-log'.trate, V. I. to eipltrin, make cloai. 
I'laa-tre'-lioti, n. eiiiUnatiim, eipoxiiion, 
Hm' tra-live, a. tending to eiplain. 
Mus'.in-oua. a eminent, conspicitonB. famoni. 
'.jdi'-lri-oiu-lf, ad. conspicuooBl)', famoiialy. 

i-«ge,B. a likeoesa in woifd, stone, 4c, ilatuo, 
..i'.alo, B. (. to form a likeness in idea. [idoL 
m'-ai-eil>* p. re; reaentod in mind. 
Ri'-aSe-ry, n. senaihla repr 

Lvelv doMripliun. 
Im-og'-iii-a ble, a. poMtbta lo 
Im-ig'-in-a-re, a. ftncied, idei'-Cion, a. power of modifvii^ eoncep- 
lions icm^ptijnjconcdt. ^ [lio. 

)m-B5'.in-B-tive, a. forming oinncptio™. fanlas- 

m-bod'-y-ing,ppr. u 
botd-en, v. t. to en 
■b6ld-«n-ed,'p. en 

p. the mind, connived 
i-banii', tJ. (. lo form into a band or bands, 
[.bank', i. r. la inclose ur defend with a bank 
i.baiiH'-ed,' p. fortified with a bank. 
L.bsnk'-meni, n, aci of inclosing witb ■ baidu 
bank foiined. 
L'.bs.eile, a, weak, languid, impotent. 

i-bed'det),p. laid or in(-ln«ed in a bed. 
i-bibe, I, (. to drink, ab&arb, receive. 
i-bi-bed,'p. drank in, absorbed. 



a body 
I. . 

i-bo4om^,* p. held or inclosed in ibe bocAta 

a. haviig ihe form of tile* on a 

L'4d,*}J. wel, moisTened, drenched. 

ite, V. t. or i. Co sink lo bruBJitj. 

J, B. (. to tincture deep, to linge. 

m-tio'*d,' p. titled droply, dyed. 
m-bu-ine,;7<r. iinginj, dyeing. 
rn-i-la-bil'-i-ty, n. qualiir of beiiig imitable. 
m'-i-M-blc, a. that may be imitiilod or copied 
m'-i-iale, a. I. to follow, copy, try u> luaeiTible 
m-t-la'-tion, a. act of copying, ur lulEoKmg. 
m'-i-la-dve, a thit imitatei, aiming ^ likmeaa 

e'-u-late, a. spetkos, pure, tuidefiled. 
n'a.ele. i. I. to feller shacklei, bind. 

book, dOve, fiill, dm, eaa, cl 

an'-i-Ly. n. bBrlnrity, cruelly. 

_ ..jtiak, D. [. to caver, disguise aa with i 
n-maak-ed,* p. uivered ai with a mask. 
a-ma-ie'-H-oI, a. not coniiating of nuUI 


im, n. the doctrine of [he eiia- 

_ it, n. one who prolhww imma- 

tm-ma-le'fl-al'-i'ly, n. qtmlitf of beinf; in 

liD-me'-di-ale'lf, ad. wilbont tba 

■mo'-ii-al-ly, ad. beyond memory. 

m-mene'e-ly, ad. miihnut limiu, rastlj 
■meiM'-E-C', n. unlimiled eilennion, 

■mer^, v. !. hi plunge into a fluid, 
-merg'-ed,' p. plunied under water. 
'raen'e.D.f, to out into a l1uid,lo eink, 
-nten'-«l,* p. plungpd into a fluid. tuTolved. 
m-men'-ing, ppr. putting into ■ fluict. 
m-mef'-Bfr n,t^ the a<^i of plimging till covered, 

enLiance into light or shade. 
Im-raHh'. o. (. lo entanglB iu n>e*hei 

tm-me-thod'-ie-al, a. having no melhoa. 
tm-m^-lhud'-ic-al-l]', ad. without r^nlaritj . 
ImMnl-gnm, n. oat who immigratea. 


B, B. a haiiiing ovi 
a impendW, Ihra 


an imuendinf 

"■— -ivif 

[Di-nenl,a impendW, threatening. [evi 
ii)n''g-li «. (. to mingle, to mil vnth., 
ni»H3-bil'-i-lj;, n. incapncity of being mi— 
nia'ci-bte, a. inrapahle of being miieiL 
nia'-sion, n. act uf sendiiig in. 
nil', v. (. to iienil in, to inject. 

-mod'-e-rate, a. eitea 
-mod'-e-rate-ly, nd. e 
.mod'-e-rale-neeii, n. en-eui, 0>trnvBgani-e. 


._ . want of mcidrratmi. 

._'inod'-»t, a. unchaate, indoceni, (rhaMclr. 
m-mod', ad. without due reaeivc, un- 
■• ■ ■ if mot!f-ry, unrhBUhy. 


the divine lau 

Im-inoi'-al-ly, ai 

. any act tiiat ia contrary li 


stedraainea* that canml ba 

Im-miiT-B-Me, a. that cannot b« moved. 
' "v-a-bly, ad. with mtihaken Rimneio. 

'-ni-ty, n, eiemption frtSi duty, charge 

peculiar privil^e. 

■mu'"^/ p, cinfiSS'Jiilhin wall., 
mu', a. not muaical, inhamiwiiooi. 

-la-bil'-i-ty, n. imchangeahlenoai. 

'.U-bla, a. that cannot be changed. 

-tB-b]e-nc«a, n. unchangeablenena. 

'-ta-bly, ad. u ' 

Bur, 1^1, what, prey, mufLoe, pin, bird, miive. 

im-pfilr, B. (. U) leuien, irv<ire, enrecbta. 
lm'p«ir-«il,* p. made wufae, injured, weakened. 
Ini-pale, n.r lo lii on b alake, inclose with ^Ukea. 
■ tm p&l-al,' p Giod on a euke, incloBed wilfa 

Im-palp-t-bil'-i-ty, ". ouBLty of lu 
— ■■bte hy Ihe touch. ^ 

,.... Hb.*. KiforaioronmUajiiry. 
■imn'-nel-ed,* p. fornwil oa ■ jury. 

pan'-nel-ing, pfyr, enrulling as jurors. 

par'-a-dine, o. (. Ic mate VBry happy, 
.por'-a-di-aed,* p. made very happy. 
.par'-a-il«iiui:, ppr, making very happy. 

— ' 'IVt "- inei|iialiLr, >lui[>ro portion, 

V. f. to inclose fgi makinf a uuk, 
'(rark-id,* p. inolu.iecl lur e park, 
-piirl-fl^ce, n. delay of trial tor mi , . 

-piiit, v.LVi grant, cominunirste, b«[iiw an. 
-piiMial, o. free f-uni bias, equal onuitable. 
.pijr-tial'-i-ly, n. Treedum frain Mas. 
-piir-tial-ly, ad. aquiuihly, jusily. 
-piirt-i-bla, a. not panible, ihal may b« con- 

pSrt-ing, ppr. communicating, bestowing. 
pSrt-ment, a. aet of communiealiiig. 
^iiss-a-ble, a. ilial carmiit be passed. 

-bil'-i-ty, J n. eiemptiim from suffer- 

i-bie, a. incapable of pwaion, or pain, 
bn, V, I, to anect with passion. 
ion-alB, V. I. lo aflecl powerfully. 

ted, eiptsnlve nf feeling. 
ni-paa'-aivB, a not susceptible of suflering. 
-pas'-iive-ly, ml. without senwbility to paiiL 


-pa'-tieut-ly, off. with uneaiiiiieai or rest 

paivn, to pledge as aecuiii 
accuse by a public bod; 

-a bis, a. liable to impeachnienf ■ 

-pfach-ing, )l(rf. aiMMising by aiithonly. 
' ich-ment,Ti , ace usatiun by autiiiirity, blame, 
frl*, V. t. lu adorn with pearls, 
irl'-ed," p. adorned wilh pearb. 
:-ca-bil'-i-ly, n. Ibe quality of not beios 
liable to sin. 

, . . .a-bte, 1. not auhjecl to un, pertbrt. 
pSdc, t>. 1. lo hinder, obstruct, delay, slop> 
.ped'-i-mcnt, ti. hindorance, obstructioit. 




, ineiiBce, be near. 

pel'-leJ,' p. urged irrej 
pel'-lenl, n. a power iti 
pel'-liiig,ppr. driving, 
pend', V. I. to hang ov< 

-tra-ble, o. that cannot be piereed 

, .. -tra-bly.iui. soas not to be penetcaled. 

-pen'-i-[«nc«, n. ivani of pcnitenca, obduncjr 

I'-i-lenl-ly, ad. wiihout repentance, 
'-a-tiva, . commanding, aulhoritativs, 
'.a-tiva-ly, ad. wilh command, 
.per-cepl'-i-ble, a. nut to be perceived. 
- "-cept'-i-ble-nesa, n. quality of not beu^ 
. .epuble. 

.per-cept'-i-bty, wi. so as ttot to bepercetved. 
-per'-lect, a. not finished, not complete, delbe- 
-per.fec^-tion, n. defect, want, failure- [live, 
.per'-lect' ly, ad. n^ fully or completely, 
per'-fit-ra-ble, a. that cannot bo perfonited. 
per'-lb-iate, a. not parfirated or pierced. 
.pe'.ri-al, a. belonging lo an em^ror. 
pe'-ri-al-ist, n. the aubjeci of an emponn-. 
.pe'-ri-ous, a. comiaiindinc. authoritalivat 
haughty, atrogant. 

^-[110'-™ -hie, a. nut In be ippwuwl. 
-pln'-eii-blf Dif.w'ilh «m«pj>p«inalitB enmity. 
I — ■ — I _ . .. : — -t,infii, ingraft. [mini. 
St of NUinf wfiiios in ilu 




bnok, dflvB, (bll. on, am, chtiM, gem, u, thin, Ihoa. 

Im-pe'-ri-om-ly.urf, inwlmily, wilh coianionil. ' 
lni'|>e ri-oiu-neH, n. rummanding authority, 

Im-pef-ifh-B-hle, a. not liable ta periih. 
Im-pof'-bb-B-ble-nem, n. iniie>iniclibirily. 

Ini'per-me-a-bil'-i-lf.n. tiw quality of not beiiig 

tm-pnr'-nie-a-ble, a. ibat cwlnul be piMnl 

in rough tlie pom. 

Im'per', a. having no peraon, w a vrrh. 
m.par'4un4i-iy,aiI.w1lhDiilapBt>uiial nuniiiu- 
Im-pcr'.iionHiie, ». (. tu pereoiiify. [ti™. 

Ini'iier^pi-cu'-i-ly, n. Haul uf cleameaa to Lhe 

lni-ppT4pic'-u«Di. 0. not penpieuoui or pkin. tniettij 

lm-per'4ii*'4i-hlB, o. imh to bo peniiailed. 
lin-per'-ii-nenre,R ruilenesn, ivainorponinenoa. 

Im-per'.ti-nant, a. nut pertaining or penineni, rbyinftr 

meddiing, iiUiuiive. [tact 

i-per'-tl-iiFni-lv, ad, niilely. olfiriDiuly. 

»-per.Iurb'-*.blB, a. that rannot be di»turbe(l. id. 

m-pcMur-ba'-tiun, n. {reedum fnirn agitalioa 'wndom 

'per'.vi.ouj, a. net to be penetrated. loneM. 

per'.vi-oui-nen, n. mate of nut being petKtra- 

-pe-trato, «./. to obtain by r«|uwt. [ble. era. 

^po^ra'-'iun, a. act uf ohiaining by reqiieit. olbe end. 

.pM'ii4c'-i-iy, n. a rusliing Ki& violent^. tiriously. 

n^t°"°"' "* ""''''* ""^ "■"'"''""*' ''^'* leweigh, 

[m-pet'-n-on>.1j, ad. with rehcmenre, furjotuily. lartnEsa.'-n^oiu-neaa, n. vxileiics of motion, or of 9<~I. 

lomper. Dunuy off 

Im'.pe-iui, n. farce of motion, impnlte. [poit 

Im-pi'-^^ly, B. ungmllineea, irreverenre. I. 

tm-pin fe, «. I. to mil, or dath wilh fiiree. 


Im-iu'-u-hla, a. Ihal uu; oe luri on. 

|ia-l>-i*r, 0. t. lo pill or lay uii, eiuoia. 
■n-po'-Hilt* ^. lud on, Biyoined. 
lin-pu'.Mr, n. one who iiupo«a ornyoiw. 
Im-pn'-iing, jm-. laying on, «u.)iniii ; a. t 

nuiiding, arlH^iUd to impnuw turrib!/. 
Im-pu'-iini-Mone, a. tht >lui>e on whiuli prii 

BHi, fffl, wbft, prtr, DurVna, pin, bird, aSve, 


-li-ble, a. IhBi 

Ira-pua -ii-Me, a. IIiBI rannut be, ur be done. 
l]l'-P'>ft^ I. dmj on ^oodk paid b; (he importer. 
Iin-poii'-liD.niaia, a. i. to gMhtr inio bd abaceni, 
or aomtemF. 

or apmtemF. 
ni-p>iiii-hu-nia'-tion,n. tba (brminguf ontbaceu. 
Bi-puit'-hunis, n, an abacBu, an aponleme. 
pua'-tur, n. one who lianwM on othen, a da- 

-pjg'-iure, IL deceplion, impwtltinn. [ceiver. 

'-po-longe, n. weaknoai, inabilily^ prucrpaLe. 

'-po-iciit, o. weak, wiiHiiig ciimpeieiit powei. 

'-po-tenl-ly, ad. weakly, in « foeWe manner, 
—-puund', V. t. lo confine in a pound, 
m-pov'-ec-iab, a. I. to reduce la povenr,makB 

lni.pov'«r-i>h-ed,* p. ma>]e puor, eihatuted. 
Im-pov'^f'iih-er, n, be or ibat which impovsr- 

tm-pov'-er-iih-ing, ppr, 

landing, or adapwd t 

Im-puv'-er-uh-nient, n. a redodng lo indigence, 

(nhaiulion of ftrtiliiy. 
Im-prae'-ii-ea-ble, a. ihM nnnol tie peiforraed, 

or not with ihe meam piopueoid. 
Ini-prae'4i-ea-ble-nen, I n. the elate orqua'ily of 
Im-prae-ii-ta-bil'-i-ly, ) being nolpracrirahUi. 
Im-prae'-ti-a-bty, oil. in an iinpiai.ticable inan- 

Im'-pn-cate, c. t. to invoke, at an eril, on one. 

_i laining a prayer for evil. 



.. ,., ._-io-rr, a. ronraintng a (iraj 

im-pre-tns'-inn, n. want of preriaion. 

te-pceg'-na-bla, a. Ibat eaiuiut be taken, 
•preg'-na-hlr, lut. ao a* to prerent being 

Im-pBog'-n«t», tr. (. to make pr^nant, ml 
u»fn|-iia^-tKiD, H. an (rf'imptaiBaiuif. 

iig imlepeudcm oi < 

hai by praaFrlpliun. 

-prean', a. I. ui ilamp, prim. Ill deep. 

rtjualiif uf ti»> 
be impaireJ ic 

.pree'-aion, n. atamp, mart inipre**Rl, ediiion. 
-)re««'-ive, a. pn>diiriug a pon-erful rOert. 
am'-ive-ly.aif Ln a matuier to make a deef 

ircM'-uro, n. niart made bj pmaaiire. 

|iri-niia, ad. in Ihe firai plare. 
irini', I. [. U print, impreaa, fii deep. 
irinl'.in^, ppr. impmuiing, Aiing deep, 
iria'-on, e. 1. 10 put in a pruun, cunline. 
iria'-nn-ed, p. mm or miifined in a ptimn. 
:rii'-un-nienl, M. conRnemenl in priaon. 
irob-B-bil'-l-ly, n. unlikrlihood. 
irob'-a-hle, a. odi likely lo be true, or M 

-prjb'-a-bly, ad. in n manner not likely. 

.. ■ppob'-i-ly, B. itiahonenly, want of rccttlodi). 

m.pnirap'-tu, oil. wiihoul prevjou* atudy. 
prop'^er, o. nut proper or ■niteble. luibenim 
prop'^r-ly, ad. unlllly, unauilahly. 

lienufice to a 

i-pm'-pri-arc, a. derolTeil 

a-pro-pri*'-iiiin, n. the pulling 

ilie haiKli of a layman. 

-pra'-pri-fl-ior, n. ■ li, 

. pn^-p^^)-ty, B. unlllneaa, u 

time, plaw, or chaiadar. {nipnt 

■prov-a-liil'-i-ty, ■. aiiereritibiUly of intproT*. 

.pr<<T.a-)>le, n. capable of being maile barter. 

.pi4iv«.ble-neM, n. tuweplibilily of impmi^ 

bu-pruv-«il,* p. a 

hggli, Myt, full, ma, a 
iil« bnter, inrd to prolJl. 
gDud L>urpu«e. 


_._.__ T:. 

liu-priiT-et, R. uiie uhii mkks bfuer. 
liD-pniv-ing, |vt. making or gruwing helUt, 
employing ; u^ t«ihling lu tdvuioe ind maks 

Im-pfDv'-i-ilenre, II. fiuiE of Ibroiighi. [heuer. 
inprov'-i-ili'iu,o. neglecting tonmke pruyiniun 

for Ihe future. 
ru-pnii'-i-ilrai-lr, ad, vtiihoutdueinreaigliL 
u-pni'-tlftivv, ■■ wuH (^ pniiianH', imlincraliun. 
m-pni'-deiu, a. nm jiniileiit, iiidiM-tML 
m-pru'-deni'ly, ad, mdurieMly, rarakeuijt. 
n'-pu-ilenDe, n. nbBmeleH effrunucy. 
la'-pn-ileni, a. Bhanielmly hbU. 
■'•pii-denl-ly,aii. wiih ihuneleai eflnml^. 
ra-pu^ic'-i-t]', a. imiuo'lstj. 
n-pi'Viii '■ '- lo uppiiM, lu ponnctici. 
luiiaxn^i* P' opfiuKd, altwhei). 
aiagiMng,iipr. ogipuiiiig, coiMndklinf. 
■a'-pnW, *■- kircfl communicated, 
n-pnl'-vun, ■. an ul' inipellirg, inBnenca. 

n-pa'-iu-ly, ■- emnpiiun fium puninhmenc. 
o-piiic, a. Dot free frorti lecukncc, ur.chsil«, 

a'pure-ly, ad. wiih hnpHrily, or deGleewm. 
B-in'-ri-tj, If. fiiiliHaa,tnrbidiieHa,uiielfiBnnBBa. 
n-par'-pte, v. I. to tinge xn^h po^le. 
i-pur'-pled.* p. iuig«l with par]'lB' 
I'pa'-M-tilM, a. thai may be unpuled. 
i-pn'-ia-hk-noa, i. Ihe bdn^ impulabla. 
o.pB-ia'-iiuR n. artarimpnling.cliaise orilL 
ii-pu'4a4ive, a. (hit ma* he imputed. 
ii-|H»e, D. f. ut Hi to the aa-ounl nf, attribuM. 
•-pa'-tins, ppr. charging to, aiiribuiing. 
•-pu-tnr-ri-Ue, a. iisi (abject to puipefafiiiin. 

ln-ar-r«H'-i-ble, a. that cannul be marhed a 

[n-ac'-cu-ra-cy, a. nml t>l~ ta aney, error. 

Jn-ac'-eu-iala-lr, ok. inisinwtly, ciruneuiuly. 
lii-ae'-Uuii, B. (tale af real, idlencH. 
jn-ae'-tivr, a. uiieBipli>rod, iitle, indolent. 
In-ee'-Uve-ly, ad. iiHlulnury, ■Itigguhly 
Jn-Bihiiv'.i4]r, a. waul vf anivily, idlenn*. 
jn-ad'«H|na-cy, a. huMlirieiiry, inequality. 


1, iiHODiiilMe. 

■libeling. [admiuihla 

1. ihr ijuality uf i>ui briii| 
il proper to be eiliiiilUHl 
" . !, ovrrn^ti 

. . „ripinl, hpedlen. 

n «t-ven'-nil4y, nd. wiih iNfligenre. 

ral'-le-hle, u.'nui aHahle, reaenred. 
.i-tl-i<in-B-Ue,a.ihil raniwi he^uuljatieiwled. 
n-il-ien-a-blf, ad. ui u M Ibrhid alienaiiun. 
n-al-i-DmU'-Rl, a. sHurding ni> nounnlunmi. 
rv4l.ier4'hit''i'ly, n. the quality of not heir i 
ti-el'-ler-a-ble, a. Ul ' ■' ..... 


n-ap'-pe-tenre, n. want of apjielence or i!«iri 
-■ap-pii-M-hil'-i-ty, lu. quality of rol bein 
_4p'-pIi-rB-ble-nesi, ) applifablr. 
D4p'.]iti-''B'ble,a. Ihel may nut be applied. 

Ap-pre-hrna'-i-ble, c nol lo be >i 

■■— ' -10,0. not apprtbei 

lie, a. not to be epi 
. uiuuiiable, unlit. 

ii-ip-prOBoh-B-ble, a. 

ihod of gmfling bji b|> 
ia«Bd wilh artieulation 

or a hiiiiliiig irt" llio _.„ 

In-aMtc'-ii-lBie-lf , ml. nul wilh ilintinrt ityllabln. 
tii-*r-U('>u-^le-ni!M, n. indintinrtiteH vC nUtr- 

n-nr-llr-n-taMiiin, n. mdintimnMU uf iittanDce. 
' I'-enl, 1. not il'-iw by art, anlen, 
i"-cial-l}, ad. wiihiHil an, snimlj. 
'-tHin, a. nitrleri ul'Bil«niiun,diiragard. 
n-attMil'Hve, a, resBrilleo, not lisuning. 
ii-ll-lnit'-ive-lir, ud. canlnaly, heedlemly. 
DHUtd'-Mile. o, ihu canniil ha heard. 
i«id'-Mily, ad. in a manner noi to b< hwrd. 
•flu|'-B-ral,a. rolaring ■■• inatallalkxi, 
n^iif^ii-rala, e. t. to iiiveti Hiih wlemnity. 
i .; of inductiug iiiUt office 

Willi kalamniii' or « 



. n. unfavsi 

hy naitirt, inhariled. 
•piled, infnued. 
• oreu, B. Dnu ay naiure, luillinl, ionalB. 
-elje, o. (. lo cniiliiw in ■ cago. 
-ett-tni\,* p. conrined to ■ cage. 
-cfir-injt, ppr. cunRning in a cage 
-cat -eu-^-ble, a. that can.KU be n 
-ea-lea'-cenoe, n. a growini; warm. 

lii.«snI'-a-ta-ry,o. daalitig by enrhanimoil. 
■ In<n.ij«-bii'-i4y, ) s.iiica|iaoiiy,KBiilorpowm, 
In-ea'-pa-bls-nsBi, ( or or quolilieaiicmi, 
ln-Ea'-pa-b1<i,a. wBnling iwwer, nalunl ormoial, 
wanting legal qiuUiflraiiona. 

t.^-pa'-riom, a. not eapacioiB, not ■paciona. 
.ra-wr'-i-iaia, v. t. lo liepriva uf poHsr, M dia- 

l]>ca.pae4.taMioa, n. 

f, n. warn »r capacity, <w of ijuaj'. 
', c. 1. (0 imr™>n. [fieuiiuai. 

tion, H. hnpriHunnMDI. 
. clothed in Heth. 

■t of cbihing nllh Ooih oc 

tii-vfla.«i,* p. iiirluaeil . .. 
In^at-e-na'-iion, h. arl of Ikikiiij; logFihei 
tn-caii'-lioiw, a. unwary, Kecdleae, ratvLen. 
tn-rau'-tiouii-ly, ad. withullt diw nulian. rn 

le hnlloH 

tew ot rtcitea dlw\Tcl. 
'-di-a-n', 1. partBining 
bunungof buildingi. 
.'-cenH, n. |ierf;ime eihaJed by Are. 

-cena'o, o. (. lo provoke, emiieiale, 

n-ami'-tA^p pmvokp-J, irriiaied. 

i-cena'e-meni, n. irriiaiion, empmtkia 

i^wni'.ing, ppr. provuking, making angt; 

hfeii'-ilan, n. ih« aci of kindling. 

tmeiB'.ii-e, 0. Itsiding^ to proruke. 

i4«i'-tin, ■. an itJng, encnitrairiiui. 

i-^m'-^ve, ■. inriiemmit, thai u 1 
n.<^'.tiun, n. a beginning, finit attempt. 

n-ceai'-u4iu-ly, ad. wilfa Ihe rr 
" iHma-DHH.a.qiMlilycfbeingin 

n, ji. iht twelfth part of a '— * 

ihaa'Ji-iy, n. lewdnMs in 
.. cbi>4ta, a. beaun, conmtr 
a'.<li>-al^y, ai£ in an iH-ijI 



bgot. dtt ve, faU, M B. ai 

m-rlKf-a'-lkni, n. dot iiri>rgiiiniiiK, iiiirpiiun. 
lo^liu'-a -live, n. iiii'et^iie, liFgiTiiiiiig. 

i-i'ip'-i-F^l, a. h^irit 
n^r-iiiit.'o. c'liiiiig. 

I n'Cu- iie'-ient-ly ,ndl iinrui inK-ledty , li muAy, 
lii-fo-jn'-riwIeiKW, r. want of nint^mpriT, 






viliif , niil«n«a. 

n^jv'-iim.n. w 


»m or miriotiun. 

ii'.<bi,H.Bkii> 'jfMpenuuJeorti 

n-cleml^n-c;, n. ieveriiy 


m( mild, r 

R-dl'-na-hlc, a 










. w !«n, 







r-cl .*, B (. U 


.hm in. fence. 



e who niir 

nnindi a 


n^W^ng, pf. 

In-d •-■(■.■v. B. nlwR imloMil, thing inrloMd. 
fn-cli>n(l» e-(. U' clarkprit (o iihwnre. 
tii-cl<~idc, v.t lo i*unipreli*-iiJ, bold, cumprise. 

Iii-d.l'-diug, ppr. nunpiplipiiillnB.rumprising. 
n-du'-nion, ■ M uf inrln.lingor ™ni[>risiiig. 
t'flu'^iv*, a, camprelmKlinK, taUne in. 
'«la'-«v»ly, o^ lugMlur, br hlcludinc ImkIi. 

. uT (he |iuwi 


lii'Pug'-lii-I*4iIp, a, lilieiNi^Mili!',) Ilil 

l>e mijiiuiFil, or ilii-iiiirily (iiionn.'-Mln'f, ■. wnni iiri-omm-ilun. 

|io Ihirik. 
bani^ |Ht«er 


-u-nt-hil'-i-tf, n. Ihe qnaltty orhii'. 

in'-u-ra-ble, a. having no common 

, a. nnl of equal ciwnt, not 

diiD-imiiie. e. '. In diaiurl), mnltst, tninble. 

..wn-nnj'-Ji-ou»,™nvfi.inil, rmiiMrtume. 

.Riin-nw-.<ll.<HUi-ly, «d. nill. inrunvmicnca. 
...-ruin-mo'^ll.iii^ndia, H. iimini^niciini. 
tn-dim-mu'-Di-cRile, s. ihai cuinui be rommti- 

In-oim-mu' ni-ra-hle-nrw, n. (be qqalitjr of nnl 

being laj able^r t-ommtuiinKinn. 
I- rom-m ti'-iii-ea -h!y, (W. so ns n<)l to he impaned 
i-™m-iuu'-iii-ru-iing,u.haviiiBno roinmunion. 

Lim'-] a-ni'bly, ad. bevcind poni]mi 
jW-pos'-iiloB-ate, a. Void of jiif, i 

lntvn-|iu'-wun-UM-lr, a 
[n-ciHD-par^'hir-i-cjp, » 

1 iL imuRli-nncy. inabillij, 

') or iir legnl puuvr, 
.uxa'-f»-t»a^a.niA nimpsienLt>r ulcqiule, 
-cud'-pH-inii-lv, loi. inaddqiurelji. [luuiile, 
-om-plfUS a. mil linuhal, impsriisct. 
■tiHa-Mua-\itad, tniiHrrei'iIir. 
.wni-pi^ie-nSi., ■•. uTfini.hiiJ taXa. 
■cum-plBi', a. not conxplei, ■imple. 

■cuin-plr-anl, a, tiut yielding to iBqimt. 
■tMii'-po->ii«, a. unroiapuunilscl. 

uln-prwi'-i-hts, a. IfaaL 

to ■ anuiller rurapau. 

iHi-t-ABl-a-hlSia. niil tKpk,— »■ ' <n->^-»-c-<i 
l-cun-rf iv-a-hlr, a. rhiK ruunt be ronceived. 
I mn-ctiv-a-lilr, ai. heyunci nimpreheiuino. 
i-eun-dn'-ni-iy, ». wiini of pflponinn. 
(■•na^-liMng, a. inbrring no mmeqnenee. 
i-cun-elu'-wve, a. nut delenninin^ ■ i|a»IiDii. 
l-cnn-elu'-HVP-l;, ad. not <«nrluBi*ely. 
i-«un-(lii'-iiive-neiu, n. Wnnl df eviJene« To 
full pniuf. 
i.tvn-'wn'-nl, a. not fultf diiRiiml. [rum 

im-dmi'-a-ble, a. I 

H. iiinlily of nnl b«n| 

hu ranntil be r-ondan»d, 



itd'-«-ra-hl»-n«Bt> n. ■mall nM*,-iriTnliHii 
n-ean-«id'-«-nle-l)r, oif. nill.oiit due roniiibfi- 
i-tun4iil'-«-tale,a. hMdlen, ihmtghllM. [tioo 
i-nin-ai J'-e-rale-Jy, ml. haodlenly, mfil j. 

. puelmi leiia, raaliMM 

vani oTronuMnrino. 



■ly, ad, H'lthoul « , 

n-eon-w'-li-hlt', a. not (tdmiltiiig eomliirt. 

-hly, oil. *n an not lo wlniil cooFn 

int«, B. durordanm of anuitdi. 
in!, a. not agr«dng, dbmrdwU 


■eon-tu'-nwJiUi, o. nt .. . . _. . 

<eDn-Jnm'-m>l*,a. not conplM^ anfl 

(on-auiD'-iQnlA-iMBs, n. inromplMMK 

..d>n-i«M'4-hl(, n. that cannoi i«di 

n-«nn4Mt'-a-hly, ad. Iwjrond a!' 

" '-^i-nence, n. unrhaitily, inletoperan™- 
'■ti-neni, o. uiiPhaiip, lewd. 
'■ti-nent-ly, ad. unrhaately. 
■trOII-a-hle, a. that cannot Im FonmlM- 
■tru-van'-i-Mn, a. thai mnnut he i'mfoti 
-un-VMl'-i-hly, ad. I»>yund dwpnta. (btK 

.-w'-ni^nee, ». nnfitnoan. that whirh 'nj* 

[vcnnTva'-ni-mit, a. incommndiniu, unaaiulw- 
' ii-«ii-ly,ailuiuuilBbly, 
'-■■hie, a. imwcial, •wt aflhMa. 

„.„.,- _^i-tHl^i-ly, n. the qalHy oTnoI *'*t 

rhangnble iniu ■omelhiii'; sIk. [itiiW 

In-e'in-ivrl'-tMa, a. not cunnttihk knn anMMt 

n.<nn-vinc'-i-hle, a. thai nnnot ha ponvinral 
In-eur'-pn-ral, ( <>' "o* rawuiiiini of milNr tl 
lo-HM-po'-n-al, I body, not mUMial 

In-a>i^pii-ral''i-ly, n. imnial«ria[ily. 
In-cui'-po-nile, e. (. or i. lo rurin inio a body. 
tn-eorpv-m'-tion, n. ace of incorponiLing, unio 

or ingiedienlB. 
In-(w^pn'-r»>l'ly, oil. immalerialty, 
In-ror-reei', a. not eomcl, inHmirate. 
inKvi-rerf'tf , adl'maix ina';(;iiraie maimer. 
1n-eor-reft''nB^, n. inarcnracyTermr. 
jn-coi'-ii-li-bte, a. ihsl omnui be ciirrected, 

-air'-ri-^-ble-ntB, n. bapeleat depravity. 

-oa'-ri-ti-blj-ad. beyond hope of amenJmeni 

'cor-niot', a. tree from comipiion, sountl. 

i-cm-rupiy-hle, o. Ibat »nnul he corrupted, or 
•oduceil rnrni int^rity. |osy. 

hcar-nip'-ilait, n. ■ state of eiemption from da- 

i-rm-a'-ijan, n. ant of making thic'k, 
i-erei'.aa-tive, a. having ^le iiuslily orioaking 

|n-«r§a«e, «. t. or (, to ^w oi be mada greater. 
In-er#tw«, n. addilinn, aiigmentaiiun, 

u-ed,* p. RugmentHl, maile tnrgar, 
In-treai-i'ii, j^r. grovj-ing or making larger. 
Hcrvd'L-bjL'j-tyi n. Ina qualay of lurpaaaing 

leered '•i-ble, a. that rarniol b<> believed. 
i.frad'-i-hl]P, od. » aa not to -Itaerve belief. 

i-cred'-u-loui, a. not h«1iei^ng. 
Kcml'-n-luiu-neHi, n. a wiihhulding of briief. 



n-eul'-eate, ». (. to eiifiiire.ur nrije tip 
n-nil.m'-tion, n. art of inrulouing. 
n-oil'-pa-ble, a. imblanuble. 

gem, ai, ihin, thou, 
.ti-va'.tion, B. wantof ciiltiiation. 
n'-hen*y,n. the imiiseaiion oTaji oflica. 
n'-bent, orone hIiu has a benefice, 
n'-bent, a. impuwd ai a duty, miing on. 
n'-ber, v, I. tu hunlen with a load. ibg. 
n'-ber.ed,* p. loaded, burdened, rlu§^ed. 

[u become liable I 

:e of b< 

Ti-bljr, mi. ao aa to be incutabEe. 

-etir'.tion, n. innad, ini 

:urv-B'-lioD, a. act of trending, 

IMl4d, a. being 

manner or lanrunge. 

debt, obliged, 
atate of being indeb 



I n-deH;id'-ii-(,ua, o. not lalUng, 1 

.. _. .'^l-^^Ull-nB^s,ll,vialBti'lnofgo^H^InaIlnlln 
n^io.Ti'-rutn,ii. impniprietyof ixindnct. 
n-d?rd, ad. in facl, in milb, in Rstiiy.'' hie, a. unwcanad, Hniimd. 

i-de-lat'-iini-blj', ad, without weariueai. 
iKle-fi-a-ai-bil'-i'ly, n. the qnaliiy of behiK III 

BH[, ^1, u'hft, ptty. mu^ pii^ li 

In-dv-iacl-i-bil'-i-ly, n. the being auluact u 

In-df-feet'-i-bls, a. not liabU to failura. 
a-do-raru-i-bil'-i-iy. n. quality of nol. being ca- 
pable ofdetawa. [vimlimled. 
nido-fjiu'-i-ble. a. that onnnl he delended or 
le-C-cieiil. u. ml Jeficienr, mH Taiting. 
le-ri'-ne-hks «' Ihat ce ' ' - >■ 


.. , itlimile'l, indfllerniiruib 
nita-l)', ad. without limitatiuD. 
h B. igualiiy oT being iudi 

.... -nlCi a. unorMDeili 

n-de-lib-e-ra'-t>[>n,«. Mate (rf'nul ilelil 
n-dsl-i-bil'-i-ty, n. quality uC being ini 
ii-JeL'-i-bte, a. thai caiinut b« hloUeil < 
n-det'-i-bly, uit ee as to bx in-<dib1e. 
n-dej'-i-n«]r, n. warn oT delirary ar i . 
' " ■ - " purity and guod 

ni-(i«I • , 


iin'-ni-fy, ivt. In save birmlMi, reimburae. 
unUii-fy-ing, ppr. mailing gimJ. 
™'-ni-[y, n. securiiy ^iven to«ai« hannleH. 
i-niDn'-ilrH-ble, a. nol in be demniutniteJ. 
.n'-i-»m, ». L to raaka free of a city, 
int', D. 1. to notch, to bind to tervice. 
ml', n. a cut or n-Mch in the margiii. 



'-il-hti^ii. that fsnnot be dentmrml. 
'hle,n.lhBirann<ilbe dctenniiied 
ie, a. indefinite, uniirailad, 

'•io-alA-lf , ml without crftainljr 

In'-dei, n. iniuething Ihal poinu or ■lion'a, tabi* 

InileiL-i-ral,'!. having ihe rorni ol an index. 
In-dei-ler'-i-tJ'. n. unliaii>Jineii>, Kant of renJi- 

'-di^n, 0. pertaining to the Iniliei, Eaai orWeai 

n'-di-rant, u. nhoiving, puiiiling out. 

n-di-ca'-tion, n. a iliowiiig, sign, tiikon. 
■■ -*livB.a.p^>uingout,iiho*-illg. 
.a-Live-iy, ad, hy Hhowing. 
'a.lor, n. hear thai whirbahowa. 

tt, n. a formal nrcuaatfon by a enind 
, n. dedaraliun, a cycle of -lllUon 

VI . unooncemediHvii, impartiality, 

1^ nd, iiileTably, poorly. fgoucl- 

nwd« poi'eny 

1 idliye uitKe aoii ur country 


u. thai caniwii he di^eated. 
1. ainie of htniig iindignf ed. 
aiTerf'cl with angtr aiid disJaut. 
n. aniinrniingt«"vilhcomoaipl 


■ hot iliUliiiy or (hnv. 

1. ainihfuhmi^, inadivilj. 

twl iliWtM^iluUinit. 

it atni';ht,aliliqiir, niibir 

> jbhqup iiiunie. 

I. oblic|ua1y, tinfairly. 

n obliquity, ujiflnnie». 

D, a. not dKOnible, or tsibU 



haqk. dSve, full, nn, can, cl 
It. qualiiy of being iadii- 

In-dii-carp'-ii-bla, a. mcapahloofheing Mpaiated. 
In-din'-u-^n-a-ble^. nut lu be discipUned. 

Jn-du-erwl, a, imprudeni, injudicious. 
ln-di«-erfM-ly, ad. iniprudoiilly, unwisflly, 

liiwli>-enm'-i-naU, a. undiitinguishing or undii- 

linguinhedi confused. 
'- ''>cnin', ad. ivithuDi distindi 

n-dia-pBnn'-B-hle,i . ._ ,. 

rwlis-peni'-a-bly, ad. necemnnJy, ibeolulflly. 

n-dia-pdis, c I. lodiaincl[ne,diKi>der. 

n-di«-pii'-»d,*s. disinclined ; a. ilijbtly disor- 

Jered, unweD. 
1n-(]LB.po''>«d-ntfB, fl. dinncllnmtien. 
[n-diH-po'-tiitf , ppr. disinclining, dieordoring. 
in-diB-po-u"-lion, n. diiinvlination, ill Mate. 
In->lis'-pu-i«-ble,a. tbil cuinoL be conirovertod. 
In-du'-pu^a-bb-oeB, n. »ata of being iw^puU- 
ln-dii'.pu.l»-blT, oi without qoesIiaD. [ble. 

in-dii-pu'-led, a. nut contravened, 
n-die-io-la-bil'-i-ly, n. qtali? of not bviug ca- 
pable of becoming liquid, 
lu-ilii'-ia-tu-ble, a. not capable of tMing nulled, 

or o( being leparaled. 
QHJir'.eD-lu-Dte-nm, n. indinolubility. 
D-dii'-»-lu-bly, ad. to aM la itaat dinoli 
tt-dii-eolv'-a-ble, a. liui cennol be diuolved. 

',0. confuted, ob«curo. 
n-die-iina'-ly, oil. nol clearly, obacurely. 
3 ULR-UnL rion, I n. neat uT diBlinclion, ' 
3-dig-tiiic:'-i'e«, { ofeleMni 


n'-gui»b-»W, a. ihu a 

n-dita, l^ I. to dictate, to conipaee in whting. 

D-dllajnent. a. ad of inditing. 

n^di-Tid'-u-M, a. niunericelly one. 

iKli-vid'-Q-al, n. a rior' """ — 

n-di-vid-u-B]'4-ty, n. ■ 

individual. , 

I»di-nd'-n-a]-1r, ad. ■ingi]', with aepanla < 

i-i-hil'-hty , n. q uilitT of being iDdiviubl* 
I'-i.ble, 0. thai caniiot be divided, 
-bte, a. nntnchable, us tractable. 
Is, a. that cantnt be eaiily laugbL 
'-i-ly, n. unleechableneai, intraotable- 

In'-du-lence, R. h^itual iillencei, li 
tn'-do-lmi, a. habitually idle, laiy. 
In'-do-lent'ly, ad. lazily, -*- — ■-^*- 
' i-dor.'-a-bfe, - 

In Jor«'e, o. (. 

te'.da-lent'ly, ad. lazily, itunLBhly. 
-don'-B-ble, a. that may Iw au^nad bj in- 

the back of a 

-^ — the back of a 
ing of no doubt. 
inly, unqueatiunably. 
idlOce, «.(. to lead or infloenca by penuauoB. 
' '.ced,*;'' Eitdled, prevailed on. 
ce-ntent, r. that which induces, molivs. 
ci', 1. 1, (o bring in, lo ptit in poucnion. 
n-ducf-ile, a. not capable of biNnE dnivn. 
n-duc-iil'-i-ty, n. incapacity of being eiloided 

by draH-ing. 
a-nue'-iion, a. introductioji, irAreni^ 
n-due'-tjve, a. leading to inietence. 
n-dui/.tivfr-ly, ad. by induction or interenco. 
n-duct'-vr, n, one who inducts into office. 
n4lile,D. [. 10 invest, clothe, endow. 
li-da'-ed,* p. Riolbed, vested, eiuiowed. 
n-dilA-neni, n. a putting on. endowmaoL 
D4iQ'-ing, ffT. invatiog, fumiabing. 
D-loI^e, c t. Ir> anfler to be, to gnliiy, &Mt, 
inimor, pormit to ei^oy. 
In-dul^-ad,* p. pennitted, gntifled. 

tn.doll'-ent, n. yiel 
gianfyiiis, mild. 

■Iding to wiahea, hinnorinfl^ 

Bar, ^, wtift, ftfj, nWrTue, pin, bl 

o( produdnr I 


n-ilnlu 'hiir, ppr. hmuDring, „ , _ 
ft'-dn-nie, s. i. or (. to Iianl«t, make compact, 
n-do-n'-lkni, n. act ur procen arh&rdcning. 
Q'Jui'.tti.oiia, a. htbihull; di1ig«n, MMduotB. 
a^d^-tii-vat^, ad. diligently, 
n'-dna-trr, n. halHRiBl or corBUnt dllicencc. 
n-dwsli'-ing. a. raiding within. 
D-dmir-ing, n. n«d«iee within. 

l-e'-lJri^uU, a. intoiiciling. 

i-e'-bri-ate, V. (■ mslu orbBUinio dtonk. 

iV-bH^K, H. an habitual dnmlnrd. 

i-e'-bri-a-nng, ppr. iniDiicatinE; a. aihptod U 

n-^ri-a'-tian, n. dniokfliiDsH, tintoiicalB. 

n-e-bn'-o-tj, n. iDU.xicaiion. 

n.«iI'-U-rd, a. unpubiinheil. 

a«f '-li-bia, a. uiupBakabla, onuttamhla. 

n^r.b-bK-TUM, n. luunealuiblerwM. 

n-tf-fc-blr. ad. nmpeakabljf, ' 

IHtffe'TSi'-cent, n. not nBceplible orelTervai- 

Tn-eT-lbr-vaa'-ei-tfe, a. not capabls of efervca- 
ia^-S-ttf-aaOM, a. not producing the cOect. 
.ui-ef-fl-ea'-oioni-Ir, ad. withoDl Micacy. 
trv^-S-o'-ciaiM-nea, r. want of effect. 
uni'-fi-tartj, n, wBDl oT poner to prctduo* (he 
■fTsct, Mlura oTflSecl. [llie eflecL 

D-flr'fi'', il want of pnwor tu proi* — 

iMCfi''-*iBiit, a. not effleiant, inefGcadoiti. 

Ii4f-ll*-denl-ly, ad. ineflBCtiially. 

D«-Ub'-o-rate, a. Dot wroDgbt with cm. 

n^Jaa'-tie, a. wanting elutidty. 

iM-taa-Jc'-i-^, n. waotof elaaiic power. 

■Ml'-B'gaiKe, n. want of eleganufv ptainnei 

n-«l'-«-(aat, a. trantiof elennnca u - pulnh. 

n-aC-Haot-l;, ad. wiihoat aleganca 

D-el>iji.bil''i-tr, n. Incapacity of baui^ eteeted 

lo-el'-i-tl-ble, a. not capabk of \>6ng aUctad, 

not wonlty of sholce. 
Il»«l'-o-qDaat, a. not alaqtHU, not : 

n-apl'-lyi oJ. nnfilly, nnniitably. 

vajif -Mai, n. unlitneaa, unaniftai w 

tV-qnal. a. anequni, vatioaa- 

t-a^quf I"-!-*;, a. want at aqualily, diflkoioa 

neq'-ut-la-bte, a. not cquiteUs, Di\iiiat 
_«. ™_h 1' ■ ™ ) "■ 'ismption from amtt at 

i-ci'-ra-bla, a. that cannot miitake, inlkllibh 

n-er-nf-ie, a, not orrajir, not wandering. 

ii-ei'-ring-^, ad. wiihoii' ' — '— — 

a. dull, ill 

n<».«a'-lion, n, an of buting. 

n-aa'-ti-ittB-bte, a. that b above all prlc*. 

n-e('-li-nn.bty, cnf, lo u not lo ba eaiir- 

n-ev'-i-ta-blo, a. that cannot be avoidei 
■i-ta-Ma-neea, n. unaroidibleneei 
i^a-bly, od. nnaroidably. 


i-ei-cr-ta-ble, a. not capable ofeicilemanl 
i-oi-cu'-ra-Ue, a. ibai cannot be eicuaed. 
i.«i-cQ'-*a4ili>4Ka, n. iioalhy of iMt beiaj ■•■ 


i^i-cu'-ia-bly, fnj. BO at not 10 be Ricuiabla. 
i-ei-ei'-Iion, », [i an n,] want of %»rtkni 
i-ei-a-eu'-iion, n. n^ecc of perfimnance. 
i-ei-hl-la-fale, a. that cannot be efaporated 
L.ei-hauBt'-ed,i2. not drained oranniTef). 
i-ei-hau9l'-i-hie, a. thai '^aanol be drained. 
I4i-haiial'-i-ble-ness, n. qiamty of being inei 


i^i-iat'-flnt, a. not oiiating. not in beir^. 
n.M.o-ra-bil'-i-ly, B. quality of being Ineioiabh 
n-ei'MJ-ra-ble, a. imt to be moved by eniiealy. 
n-ei'-o-rn-ti]; , od, n> as not to be moved by M 
~i-ei-pe'4ii-enc«, i|. wam of Htlusi. ['■™<I7 

:-ei-pe'-di4at, o, not amiable fbrlha ptirpoaeL 

boot. Jgve, IJlH, MB, fn, cbmJMt, gw n, n, Ihin, Iboa. 

ii-pen', a. UMk^lTuti unhindy, iwhward. 

rt-ex''4>li-fia'J»ia, a. ibai caanoi be eipIuDod' 
D-ex'-pli-ea-My, ai «o ■« noi lo be aijilainod. 

'plo'-ta-hla, a. thu caDnoi b« eiplored. 

-pran'-i-ble, a. uuNtMrabl*. 

-piHii'-i^X, o^ u 

i-ei-pnaH'-iTC, a. not eipMMing. 
i-ex-pug'-na-ble, n. that eaiuuH t 
n-«x-l«Kl'-«di a. not having 

-ienii'-u>->-ble,a. lh«l nuinut tw rooted ouu 

'-gu ialHB-blB.a. tiulotnaM be eiLincuiah- 
'bls, a. not la be dbentwicliid. [ed. 

liHn'-tn-«s-bl^, id. m tM Dot In b* wtdnibU. 
|n-e ja, v. I. lo iim-iilala, ii ■ Im oi tiai. 
lu-U-li-bil'-i-tr- j a- tot quiUtT of beiof ioca- 
)n-(al'-li-ble-iie«>, ( uble ettnor. 
Iii-&l'-li-bla, a. incapable of niilaka. 
In-ial'-ti-biT, od. withvol miMalw, oenainlf. 

In'.b-iaaus-«a*,n.irikn;, .... , 

In'-Gt-mf, It. DUer d Hgnca, total Ion ufreputattDH. 

ia'-ttn-cj, n. thafinl fart of liia or brang. 
n'-rant, n. a new-bom ohild. 
InV&nt, a. peniining to inftnta, tmt Toting. 
tn-bnt'-a, n. a piinccai in S|iaiii and PUrtiin]. 
In-&ni''i-cido, R. the mutder ur munlent of an 

n'-fiuit-ile, { a. penainiafc to inlaiiM sr io joung 
Mant-inB, > rhildrn). 
bnt-ry, a. foot uldRiaartba militarj. 
brc'-tian, n. act of ■tliSng, CO 
fat'-u-ata, E. 1. ID afioct with fi> 

a. tba quaiiiy of boiiig in- 

.. _ . , preciMatUe. 

n-iea-B-ble, a. ibM cannot he perlerinad- 

t*w. coinipt. 

ir fnan a diaaaaad 

, with or br inlactint. 

In-fte'-Uoiu-maa, n. quaJit]r of comipUiif. 
n-feo'-tive, a. n>nununicaiiiig diaaaae- 
In-fe'-euiiil, a. unlhulful, barren, 
ln-l»cuncl''i-l)r, n. bamnime, iterilily. 
In'reJic'-i'iir, n. unhappinn*. fdoda 

lii-ier', a. CM deduce, •• a rMiaeqiWDcet lo oin - 
In-fef'-a-ble, a. ilut mar be inlaned. 

fe'-^er-<lIlce, a. ■ dedoctioa trutn pnniiei. 
-rp'-ri-or, a. lower in afa or place, (ubordmatab 
jn-lb'-ri-or.B.ane wl)n b foongor or >ubordinala. 
In-le-ri-or'-i-ty, n. a lower itaia In dignity, tt. 
In-fer'-nal,a. peitaininc to helLor in inhaliitsiitt 
In-fer'-nal, R. an inhabitant of hrll. 
tn-fei'-tile, o. banwi, poor, unppitfurJivei 
In-fer-til'-i-ty, r. banenneaa, unfruitfubieai- 
in-toat', a. C. to diaturbi haraaa, annoy. 
tn-leat-a'-tion, a. act of in&ating, annoyaikca. 
fn-fce-tiv'-i-ty, a. want of mirth or fMTitf. 
U-liNid«'-lion, n. act ofinveatiiig with ■ ha, 
Jn'-fi-del, a. not believing in the icrirtliree. 
tn''fi-de], R. one who diabelievea tba implratloll 

of the (cripnun. 
tn-ft'dal'-i-tT, a.diabdiefofthe iupinlioB of lli* 

„ , .... to enter by tbepom. 

D-fil-tra'-Iinn, ii, act ofmtering the porea. 
A-niie, a. unbounded, endloH, iromeme. 
'Il-nite-ly, ad. without limit or end. 
n,'-fi-nil*-Ha, n. boundleaa extent, 
i-lin'-i-tiva, o. undefined, or not deflalii(. aq 
the infinitive mode in gramincr. 
In-fin'-i-iude, if. infinity, onmeniiir. 

In-fin'-hty, RJ nnlimiled eitent or numbaf. 
n-firm', a. [infennj weak, not Mund, tidllr 
tn-finn'-a-ry, n. a place lo lodge ami mn* 

n.flrm'-i-tj, n. weaknna, hiKng, diaiaae. 
n.finn'-neu, n. weahiwafl, want of aoundf^ 
n-fii', a. (. to fli deep, futen, implairt. 
n-IW+id,* p. throat in, deeply bnplaRled. 
" !, I. (. toaet on fire, provoke, eia»—" 
led,* p. Ht on fire, Kindled, anger — 
n-fla'-mer, n. one who aeu on fire. 
" ■ kmdling, provokina. 

— ' >ptibiUl7ofMka« 

II, whu, prc3r, nurTne, fin, bbd, mSve, 

fn-iluD'-Bia-blB, a. (OKcptible at taking Sre. 
lo-IUm-iiu'-liaD, h. ■ MUing on in, viotant eX' 

dumant, lebnlt beat. 
In-flsm'-KU-tiMj, a. Uttdiug to, la' (bmnng in- 

Tn-BlM,*.!. to ■waHpufl'tip. 
In-Sk'-tMn, 1L ■ iwaUus with wind or tuu^. 
Iii4arf, ■. t. lo bend, decUpe, modnhlc. 
to-dec'-iion, n. >cl oT baidiiig or taming ■ nri- 

■Lion arendioA in nordi, modulatian. 
fn-fleet'-ive, o. able to bend ur vsiy. 

unyieidiog »li(rne», Bnn- 


. a. immovablj itiiTor firm, 
jn-flei'-i-blj, ad. with unyielding finnnesi. 
In-fli«', V. I. la lay or brinp on, oa evil. 
tn-flia'-er, n. ona who ioflicu. 

tn-flie'-iiLTi, h, the act oi"inflifiing, 
n^flict'-ive, a. lending io inBict. 
In-flo-rei'-cence. n. i^e grfiowering in plaint. 
In'-flu-ence^ n. '*owgr whose operaljoa ia hhmmmi, 

moral power, »pi-'-aal power. 
In'-Ao-eaca, o. t. lo moTs b} inviaible power, m 
by moral power, pciiiude. 

n'-Bo- " 


n-flu-an'-dal'lr, lul. ao a* lo 
n-flr-en'-n, a. apideniic ealarrb. 
o'-flui, n. arl or flowing in, intnidiieiian. 
n^rd, e. (. lo iniolve. mwiap, inftloee. 
ifOldnng, ppr. rhiptng, tnwraiipingr 
n Fiiia', t>. (. to tell, acquaint, accuaa. 
n'fann'-al, a. iiragulai, Hantlng Tomi. 
ik-lurm-al'.J'(j-( n. waot of the uiuat rorm*. 
n-fbnn'-al-ly, ad. without the iwual ruma. 

D-fonn-a'-lioD, n. notice ci\en, inieJlisBice. 
n-lbnn'-ed,* p. laid, made scquaiiited! 
n-lbrm'-er, n one who I«]la, oDo who c^Mnma 
~ knowledge of uSenaes. 

noved, peraoaded. 

a, ppr. moviBg, penuading. 
. a. eisning inSueDca, cuDln 


In.furm'.uuB, a. ihaf^leaa, irre^ulfl 
Ia-<>aiB'4t, n. ooa who violuaa 

-frinie'-ed,' p. broken, violated. 
.fiin^meol, ■. vitiation, tiv^i^nga. 

a-fHn^-ing,fpr. Tiolaling, tranwnaaJH 

D4ij'-n-Bte, V. f. to enrage, Ui ladie mad. 
.fD'-ri-ata, a. like a Tory, raging. 
.rua'-ole, a. I. lo daifceo, nuku bla^ 
.rua-ea'-iioii, n. act oT making daik. 

..-f uaa, e. I. to poor in, ileep, iiKpiia. 

n-ru'-iol,* p. poumd in, iiwlilkd. 

n-tii-ti-bil'-i-ly, n. capacily uf being poured iI^ 

bir, a, that may be infuaed ; Ihal rait- 
made liquid. [aed. 

' pouriu in, anbatanca info- 

* oTtsllecliBs tbe fruita of 

the earth, ba 
D-^l'-a-ble, a. 


be congealed. 


-i-ge'-ni.oui-ty, ad. with ingmimiaiii^ 

hge'-ni-ona-ttaH, n. pfompmeaa at invHttkM 

turioiuneea ordeaign or eienitiim. 

i-^RM'-i-ty,a. reedy invention, oiiiioumeaa. 
n-een'-a-oiu, a. open, frank, oamlid, fail. 
n-^en'-OKiD^ly, ad. candidly. (ianklT, ftiriy. 

^'-u*us-n(Bia, n. openoeaa of beUI, randoi 

- „_'-iiun, B. act of (blowing in. 
rtglo'-ri'^UB, a. bjiiigf '^ — 

i-gla'-riniiB-ly, ad. at 

■•fgoi.ii. abeTOTwe 

n-graft-ing, ppr, inaening for powtb. ' 
n-gr^ifUment, n. acl of ingrafting, 
n'.grahi, V, (. lo dye befnm mBnu&ctim 
-'.g™in-od,*p. dyed in the jrain. 

'-grate, a. nngmteful. unthankfuL 

'-grate, a. an ungmeful penon. 
n-griie-fitl, a. nngralduL'-tiate,e I. locomnandoot'eealflabTar ' 
n-fra'-lia4tng, ppr. gnliag into tnai 

book, dSve, ruil, OM, cui, chUM, geu, u, thin, (hou. 

n-gm'-viorit n. act o' 
'^uin-nl, a. belong 
-■guir, V. I. CO iwbL 

ver of^u 

n-gurg'-i-lalB, I (. M (wslluw jrreedil)'. 
a-cnrE-i-u'-lion, n, act uf •wallowing greedil]'. 
n-bah'-ils, a. not apt, not fit, utMkilled. 

' "t, c. t. or (. to dwell, live in, occup)'. 

.t-a-ble, a. that may be inhabited. 

n-bab'-it-Bn-CT, a. l^al reeidenre lo acquire the 

right to loppon Iron) the publie. 
In-hab'-il-am, ». a dweller, one who bai a kgil 

In-hab-it-e'-tivn, ■■ aet of reaidenee. 

I'-it-er, n. a dweller, lui inliubilaut. 
I'-ii-ing, jipr, dwelling, PMiding io. 
I'-it-roH, It. a fsmsle inhabitant. 
e,E. I. lo draw into the lung*, ai air. 
■led,* p. drawn inUi the lungi. 
■ker, n. a machine for drawinif itaani into 
the liinga. 

■bar^Do'-ni-atK, a. tuiniuiical, ducordant. 
-har-mo'-ni-oRa-ly, ad. diicotdanll]'. 
-hfre, V. I. to eiiil or be filed in uinething. 
-he'-renca, n. eiiitena in HHiielhiiii elia. 
.he'-rent, a. exittiru i 

-hai'-ii, v. (. to take brdnicentlnim anceitor 
•her'-il-B-ble, a. thai maj be inheriled. 
i-her'-Jt-Bnce, «. a hereditarr eatete. 

n-har'-it-or, n. a man who inherita. 

n^her'-it-reea, { n. an hetreaa, a female who n 

a.hen'-ed,* p. inclneed in a runeral mcnumsil 
- •^'^•-it, v. t. to forbid, hinder, Ketrain. 
iC'-lion, n. aclof piohibiling. 
.. '-pj-la-ble, a. not difpoeod to ent«rtaii 
•Irangen gramiunuly. 
jD-lHM'-|w-la-bly, nil unkindhr to atranger*. 
. iD-hoi-pi-tal'-i-ty, a. want ol^hoapitalitj. 
jn-lui'-man, a. barbeniw, cnial, unfcchog.. 
lit-hD-inaii'-i-tj, a. barbarity, craally. 
n»Jiti'-man4j, ad. borbamiMlj, with cnub7. 

-iq'-ui-loui, o. ui^uil, it'ickfld. 

-ir'-ri-ia-ble, a. nottiucepi 
-i'-iial, a. placed al the be 
-i"-tial, n.r ' ' 

lo throw it) or upon. 

I. act or throwing in, a clyiler. 

B,a.iM]twiiia,or according lo Bound 

n-jirdi''-ciaDB-ly,ad. without judenient. 
n-jii-di"-ciou>-iie««, n. want of judgment. 
" -june'-tioQ, n. conunani!, order, precept 
..'-jure, c. I. to hurt, damage, Mmng, 
n'-jnr-ed,* p. hurt, damaged, hnpaired. 

liurtful, doing injuatico. 

<uL hnrlfutly, wrDngfulty. 

..,_ . ... quality orbeiijg hurtful. 

n'-jo-ry, n. hurt, miichief, detrioient. 
o^tw'-tire, ■- iiunry to righu, wrung done, 
idL ■■ a liquor uaed for writiru;, oiually black 
nk, e.l, - '-'--'■ '■ ■■■^-■^-■- •----■ 

lo black or mark with ink. 

a kind of nan 

V Rllel. 

k'-«tand. n. a veaiet to hold ink. 

k'-y, a. contitting of ink or rsunihUng Ik 

'I£ce,i>, I. to eruMllliih with vanegati'ini. 

'ISid,p. inUycd; tee Inlay. ffureign 

-'-land, n. inlerior, remote frnm the trm, niA 
a-l6y,v.t. (o veneer, lo divenify nith piarH of 
n'.llr, n. pieoei of wood inlaid. [wood 

n-lljr-ed.* p. veneered, divanifiad. 
n-llj-ai, n. on* who inlaya. 

a iho lernu i>r kilialing. 
1;, ad. ioMnialljr, witlun, 
mate. n. one who Uvea in tbe same ho 
a'-tnO«t, a. dmpHt or ranbest whhia. 

t. w put up at an inn, to lodga 
e, a. in bum, natural, 
'-i-ga-bia, a. Empanabls hj ihipi 
, a. idienor, ranbetl inward, 
-mtet, a. GuthMl inward. 
v'e, D. t to invigorate, to n 
r'-M,* p. Mcenetbeiwd, 'm\ 
g, n. trie infulierins of (i 
ifil-rr, { a. ana wbo Iwepi ■ hooa* of Mt- 
wp«, ( tenainnrenl tor ■irangen. 
cenre,n. beedoni&am guilt, humlemuBt. 
cent, a. free bom guili, boimlea. 
cant-lT. ad. barmleuljr, wilhool piSt. 
'-U-0U1, a. hannleea, iiuuweni. 
'-a^oM'lj, ad. bonniessly. 
'-u4Tii4ua^ R. iiarmlevneu. 
vale, a. t. or i. to inlnidUEe noTellin. 

.«u>, a. hanrlnaii, innuceiu. 

■oui-lj, ad. innocently. 

-oua-oeaa, n. l»mite«twaa, iaaooUK^. 

'-do, 0. a diitant bint. 
B-Da-ni»-raJ]iI'-i-ty, } n. itale of heinf innO' 
a'^ne-ra-ble-neaa. ( merable. 
u'-ma-ra-ble, a. tbal cannot be numbered. 
ii'.nie.ra-b]j, ad. beyond number. 
u'^na-ntuM, a. innumerable. 
u-tri"-lion, n. feilure of nourithment. 
[i-tri°-Iioiu, a. not aBbrding nouriahmeni. 
n-ob-aerr'-^hle, a. Uisi cannot be observed, 
n^ib-ierv'-juit, a. not taking notice. 

b.serv.a'-tiun. n. negli>ct of observation, 
e'-u-late, v. I. to bud, to iasen a cion in a 


ne. pin, b 

l^of.lWis'-ive, a. giving no of 
ln«f-rens'-ive-ly, od. harmleuly. 
tnKir.rens'-ive.tteaa, n. harmlesami 
liHor-G''.cial, a. not official, not dona iu tb* 

usual (arms, or by auihnrily. 
i_ _!■=■ -|j|,|y^ ad. not with anihotily. 

ious, a. contrary in natural duty. 

D-op-pori*iine-l]', oA uj — >-■- 

I. irregulari 


(Mip'-n.Ient, d. . 

n-or'Jt-na-cy, n 

.gan'-ie, a. dntitule of organ. [oeaa. 

n-or'-gui-I-ied,*a,iiot Dr^aniied. 
-i-ot'-cu-late, V. l. n oniie, as two yraials, ■ 
vein and an artoT, at their eilremiHei. 

i-^a-cu-la'-lton, n. nuion ef two vcHelt of ■■> 

animal body at ttaetr eitmniciea. 

I'^juest, n. judicial iniguiiy or eianinBIion. 

].qui'-«4ude, R. uneasineas, raatleBBnaaa. 

].qulre, V. t. to ask, seek, aeaich. 
n-qul'-red,* p. of Inquire. 

>qul'-ring, fpr. asking, searching ; a. diapMsd 
to investigate. 
i.qul'-ry, n. act of ingairing, intetiogalicm, 

search, eianilnation. 

_. ._.._, .. judicial inquiry, a court to. 
iiio pnnbhment of hereif . 
tn-qul'SJ'', a. pertaining to inqaLSii|,wL 

tn-quis''i.(, ad. with curiosity to inquire 
In-quis'-i.tive-nesa, r. dispositioti to aect br 

knowledge, curiowty. 
Irt-quis'.i.tor, r. a member of the inqmsttirn]. 
tD4u]s.i'ix>'.ri4], a. penaining to Irtqaiiyorlft 

[n-nil, t>. t. to in^ose with ndls. 
jo-nilmd,* p. inclosed witb rails. 
In'-rfled, s. an incursion, andden invaawB 
In-aa-hi'-brj-ous, a. unhsalthy, m 
In-ea-lu'-bri-ty, n ■'-' 

bo^ dOie, lall,us,an,ch*tei.t*iD,u,thin,Ehou. 

n-iaiie-neBg, ) n, uiuoundnew of mil 
i-on'-i-ty, t meni of inidlect. 
i-M'-tJB-ble, a. ihKt ctmnix b« utii 
i4B'-tu-l)le-nai,ii. gieeaiiKU Dot 
tm'-tia-blr, od. via gi«edine« n 


n-aeribe. v. (■ wT write od, lo dediciH. 
[i-iai-bed,'p wriu«n on, dadicsled. [I 

a4crip''tHm, n. that which n written mi i 

* Ihe qniltty or being in- 

bMnu'-U-bla, a. onHUchabte, Uddi 
bt-imi'-U-bly, a. lo u not lo be foin 
In-aenlp', v. (. (o engrave, to orve. 
la-teulo'-nuB, n. nculpture, ui engn* 
lo-MT'^-Me.a. that caiUMC 1m divided 
In'-eert, n. b (mkli aninial, u K Ay, ■ 
liHieef -tie, a. havini Ilw unin 
•ee'-tion, n. Kt of onning in, 
... ■... _._ a. J-j^jng — 

. .^. ... wuit<tfiafi)tT, dangw. 

tiMeat'-IM*, «. AmoIm*, «tapid. 

In ■en«-l-bil'-4-lj, { n. want of lenelbililT 

ji>«eni'-i-ble, a, deimtiin of iMiiig. 
btten^-i-blf, ad. iiDperoaptibl]'. 
jn-Ma'-ticM, «. riM having ftmapdm. 
Iiv«^-a-ra-ble, a. that cannol be divined. 
lD4«p'-«-i»U>'iiBai, n. qualiif of being iHBf 

liMep'-«-ni-bly, a{ vidi indiaaolnbl* nioii. 
[tMetf, V. 1. ID Ml in, ihrutt in. 
a^an'-ikin, H. let of inatning. 
In'-rtda, n. Iha iwwani put or plane. 
&«d'-i-o», «. deMMl ■!]>, anananq 


IE in, hint, ingraMiM) 
ipiril, vapid. 

jd, a. void of la(le,Di _, ._,._. 

n-*t-i<id'-i-ly, In. want of laauv went of lift 

n-iip'-id-iMi*, ( and apiril. 

~ '~'-i([-)y, ad. wiiboOi laate oi apiriu 

.',(.1. to (land, peniM In, uif^. 

iHiin'-enl, ■>. ilandn^ or raling on. 

'" "imi, a. innHion of a dun, enEiaflmeni. 
re, B. i. to eolangle, ealeh by itrat^Bni. 
n-oi&'-Ted,* p. anlnpped , catiglil. 
n-anS'-mr, a, AM who enuapi. 
in-anft'-ring, fpr. catdung, invei^iiig; a. adap- 
ted ta emiap. 

n'-ao-late, D.I. Iseipoae to ibaaun'a nyi. 

n'-flo-]a-led, p. driedorriptDed in tbp-aaa'a rayt 

I, a. haaahlinBu with contempt. 

.. __ -_ , a. haoffhty, ov^tearing. 

n'-ao-lent-ly. art. haughtily, proodly. 
n-ao-lid'-i-ij;, n. want of solidity, weakiMM. 
D^ol-Q-bil -i-ly, n, the ijualily of not bdng Kh . 

In-aper'-uan, i 

. Ihe act of (prinkling oo. 

i-«pi'-rtug,}i}»'.inriiaing, drawing in, a. 
...pir'.il, - - 

imnung, iiiTiuing apirit. 
ifiiB-auKi, u. t. ui iJiiclien SI Uquidii. 
ipia-u'-iion, n.iheftclofltuckening.aBliquidi. 
lU-bll'-i-ty, n. incDwlancy, fickleneaa. 
lU'-ble, a. izicDiutant, uruuody, chsiigeable. 
ila'-bl«-iM«, n. ululetdinei*, iiuiabil^. 
iif(ll, e. (■ to put bi powotiion afin ones. 
itf|ll-«d,' p. placed m SQ aflice. [fice. 

lUll-a'-lion, a. lbs givuig ponesrion af an oC, 
ilfiU-ing, ppr. iovesEuij wiLb an nlGce. 



[, a. present, imioediale, ur^aL 

ia-etanl-a'-n»ou<-lf , luj. in an irawu, or mo- 
, men;. [diats. 

ln4lant-ft'-[M.04U-nen, n. itau of bsiog unme- 

In'-ilaal-Iy, ad. imiDsdiately, at Ihe Duunent. 
n-niie, V. I, Ic place ■□ a c«nam conditiaii. 
n-^Ua-ra'-tion, n. rsnewal, rasIaiBlioa to ■ 

Ibnnsr ttcie. 
tMlend, compound of in and itead. In the piece, 
n^sriep, 3. 1. lo sleep, tuak, drink. 
~ l£^>^,* p. sleeped, soaked. 
ilep, n. the upper pair cf Ihe BmU 

ivMill', V.HO uAue br drops, 10 infuse. 
D^tillV-iioD, ■■ *ct of infusing by drops, &c. 
inDll-fA,'p. ioTiued by drops orby alow dagraes. 

afliie, pui, bird, miiTe, 

lD'4li^<^l, n. disposition openuing wilhout Ui 
sill of iiiairuciion or eiperienca. ,neuii 

In-atincl'-ive, a. prompted by instinct, sponLi 
In^aiinct-ive-iy, ad. by Svrce of inaiincl. 

In'-sii-lule, n. established law, letLleil order. 
In-^i^u'-lion; n. set of eslablwhing, system ei 

le'-tion, n. ai:t of teachit^ precepts, di 
ict'-^ive, a. affonluig inalruction. 
ici'-ivB-ly, oil so as to convey knowledge 
et'-ive-Ewsa, ■■ quality of funiiiihing in- 

In-^tnief-or, n. one who teaches.a teacher. 
In^tniet'-ress, n. a female who tesches. 
tn''4tra.ment, n. a tool, a writing or deed, means 
In-^lni-ment'-al, a. conducive, aiding. 
ln4tru-nH!nl4l'-li-ty, d. subordinate meaiM, 

i-ment'-al-Iy, ad.- by way of uisCruroeM. 

ib-jee'-tiD . 
n.aub-mis'^ion, ». want of aubinlssian. 
tV4ub-or.di-na'-tion, a. disobed ie.ii» toauthority 

L-sub.«tan'-tia], a. unaubataniial, nut re ~ ' 

L'SuT-lei'a.ble, a. not 10 be bcrne, dete. . 

L-snf '■far4.bls-ness, n. intolerableDess. 

i4tif '-fer-a^ly, t iepto beyond mhIu- 

i-Buf-fi", n. want of sufficieocr or of 

ln.fluf'li''-ciBnt'ly, < 

ln.auf-aa'-tion,n. a 
tn'-«u-Ur, a. belong 

L insdaquslely. 

, of brmthing or blowing in 

ig to an iale, KuroundaJ bjr 

t detached like ma isle. 


n. that 

iuleiTupta oonununi- 
uauuii of electricity. jsoleoce 

lo'-sult, n. groai abuse bywords or actions, io- 

lD.aull', E. 1. to treat with abuss or insolsioe. 

UMult'-er, a. one who insults another. 

In-nilt'-ing, ]^. tnating with i^oss abusa ' m 
containing uuull, B"it^r abusive. 

e, ran, f baiar, gem, * 

■ull'-iiig-lv, ud. wiih gruM obiMe. 
lu-pef-n-bir-i-ij, j n. ihe qu liiy or 
Hi'-per-a-liLe-iieai,t being uiaiirm 
■n'-per-ohlc, a. that I'annin be sum 

lup-piirl-a-ble, a. Ihsl rannot be em 
iiip-port. " ■ - .. 


tn-fitn,!!. r. toRiiikeBureB^iiHlloaDidimaca. 
ln«u'<red,* p. Kcunid ogsingt lua. 
In-aa'-rer, n. ane who iniiim, nn unilerwriler. 
In-inr'-^ni, a. ciniling Midition iir revih. 
Ii>4ur'-^ni, *h'hi> rim ngnlnit lawful au- 

In-aur-mnunl'-n-hle, a. onl to be arpccome.' 
iHur-RiDunt'-D-bly.atf. au ai no[ lo be •urmonnt 

In-iui^rec'-lion, n. open oppoaillon of numBen 

lo lawful auihoTTty. 
liMii^iee'-tiun-al, a, eomnling in iiMnrrecllon. 
liHuii-Fep-ti-bil'-i'tj. n. u-anl orcanarilf (o Teet, 
li>4ii»-cep'-ti-ble,a. natfapablcurieeling, otoT 

li.<tHei'-a-ble, n. not perceptible to the touch. 
In Mg-Lo, n. lin-tBl'-vo,] an engraving, insirin- 
liun on a preriiiua tUne. [touch, 

an'-gi.hle, a. that ig nni pnTCpiible tn [he 
Bn'-gi-hIe-iiBin,n. qunlity urhpinginlantribla. 
dJil-a^le, f, ihnl ranm^l be latted. 



ins 10 the iindeTFliitid- 
'lect'-u-4l-tT, ad. b; meam of ibe unJar- 

jD-iei'-ii-puu-Y, ». UHUcnianuini, uoiu-e 
ln-iel'-li-f«it, a. knOHiiiti, •killluJ, inRjnned. 
iD'tel'li-gen'-iiol, •>■ iiiielJeclual, conaiaiiiig of . 

lii-lel-lh^t-bil'-i-tT, ) n. Ihe qiialir* of bring in- 
ln.lelMi-ii-bl«-»e«, { lelJiiible. 
In4el'-li-gi-ble, a. ihal may lie oimprEhmdeil. 
In-tem'-par-a-meni, ti. hail ataw of the coiuLitv- 

In-lein'-peT^nce, n. envsa of ai 

coigive, ail Jiclal In eiceaa, 

i-ienr-peT4nce, n. eircsa 
genre, eireu in drinhiiif;. 


1-tend', D, '■ to stretch, Jeaign, purpoHC, mean' 

i-ten'^e-mte, v. t. \i> make tendef, ru iiufU'n, 
i-isni'e, a. gtmlnol, clciae, vebeniem. 
i-iemVljr, od. lu a hi^ d^tee. 
i-leni'e-iKai, ii. Intemily, eilrenie eloaenen. 
i-UHi'-alun, n. a iireiching, inrrcased power. 
.i-teiia'-i-ty, ji. alale of being itrained, eiirema 

n-ieiu'-ive, a. elniinbd, inlent, giving Ibrce. 
ii-ieni' inn manner in inr-rF«i« force 
n^ient', a. using cluae applirnriun, diligrnl, 

)[', a. deaien, pnrpuee, aim, meaning. 

V-tlun, n. deaign, purpnae, clunrnna. 

I'-lion-at, u. ikaigned, dune with piirpoae. 
n-ien'-iiun-aI-!T, ad. with ilesign, purpuwly. 
n-lent'-ive, a. ditigenlly applied, rUwe. 
n-tenl'-lve-Iy, ad. rlindy, BnaliiuDiial^. 

n-lenl'-lv.oit. wiih cloae nni'ltrauiHi. 

i-la^, 0. iMert»l 

il'-ler-n-1a-ry, 0. iMert»l. adiled. 
loMai^ca-laie. ■ 1. u inaan a day w d« 

(ii'Ur-«-1a'-tiDn, R, thsiiuenkiaorBcIiyardtyi 

in ■ csletiiinr. 
In-tf r-rf de, v. i. to lnler[|°*'N "■■'" 
- In-lar-cc'-deni, a. ■nacliating, inmpiaitng. 
lO'Ur-i.'M-ing, ppr. lOdliBUn^. plwd>ii|. 
'- ~~- Papl', B. 1. tu ■eixs on iti panoge, n 
Mp'-iiou, R. Kl uf Mixing vaiitfm 

Bur, thii, whft, pi$)r, mirtiw, pin, bird, miivp. 

.^Mililin, D. (. lo oruin nifeilMt 

n-wr-rWin^ed,' p. -■■-' - ' ■"■ 

i4t<r-i-hllnfe, B. I. 

■iW UKetho', 

shsnge Ci; givinf aitd IB- 

In'-Mn-Unie, a. mutoat eii^huig*. 
kn-Mr-rhln|e4-ble, a. Ihu may be given tni 

Hken mutuallr- 
In4iir-ch*iui>-a-bly, oiL wilh molaal siclunga. 
In-t«r-chtni.«l,* p. miitasily eii'hanled. 
In-Mr-rhSng-ing. fpr. mrJpnKall; giiing umI 

. hm 

e baiwi 



i-Lni^cum-mir-iii-ty, n. mulual eoinmiinity. 
i-ier-nM'-ol, a. being between llie rihe. 
I'-ier-cihine, n. miuual cummonicalioM, or 

■■[er-eui'-ranre, ■■ a poaing between. 
I'ler-cur'-mit, a. runniii; bptwiwn. 
i4er-<i)-lB'-ne-uiu,a. tmng uiihii. Iheakin. 
n lerKiitt', e. I. lu ibrbid, la exciuito frum Eom- 

tr-dicl, n. a piuhibluun. [muniun. 

T-die'-tion, r. utI of |>n>hibiiinc. 

n eat, 1. 1'. bi ronram, iHm-Ii move. 
RTHMt, R. runi-eni, ahnre, benefit, inliuonra. 

I. inlernal, being witliin. 

■uf-ii-oi, R. the inwwd pan, inland nmOij. 
4ar-|a'-cen-cy, n. ataleuf lying between. 
-tsr-^'M^ent, a. lying between. 
n-ut^trt', *. 1. to thiow batweoi, inaeit. 
n-tarjee'.tian, a. act of Ihiiiwing betwcMt, m 
kI of eiclamailnn. 
•Kc'-tioii-a:. ... ttirown in betwetn norda 

n-terJB'-Red,*}hinlennind, inseited. 
- '-~<lapi^ R. linM between twu evanla. 

.liinl, n. I. (o inien, or inlermii. 

■leat; R. ■ kar inmted between leave*. 

'iMve, V. I. lo inaert leavea between. 

n4er'lniv.ed,* p. inaeited between leave*. 

■-lar4in«4'4Hin, n. a writing b^ween line*, 
i-icr'link', e. I. to cnnnect by liniij united. 
Hter-1inli''fld,' ;i. united ai links. 
|.ter-lu-m'-Iuin, r. a ronferenct^ a dialagna. 
I'tflT-loe'-u.tor, n. one who apcnlu In dialwru*. 
|.ter-Lof'-4j'to-ry> n. iniennedlBLe, nut B'tf" , 
eonai^ing of uialugue. 

In-ter-li'ine, v. L lu intafcept, lo pnveol ii({hl. 
n-ter-lu'-ped,* p. of luffrtope. 
In-ter-lo'-per, n. one who iolaifen wfonfiulijr 

in trncle, an intruder. 
ln-lei^lu.ea'.4ion, n. act of thinning wojiI W Im 

in lichl. 
In.ter-lii'.renl, o. shi-iini between or •ntany . 


[n'-ler-liide, r. 

b^oti dftvc, fall, »<«, tm, rhuMB, je», M. ihtn, tliou. 

Iii-ter'mar'>n'aie, u. mutuDl momnge in bmiljnr 
En-ler-inBr'-n-«il,* p. muloBliy coiiTkerlcd bj 

'jHet-nuu'-Tj, B. i. lo mairj u» and give anu- 
ln-ter-ni»f'-ry-Lng, ppr. mutiBtlly giving ml ro- 
niviiig in nurritga. 

'mod'-illf!, V. I. Id ineildle m Ihe kfliiii* of 
■iDad'-dl«I,' p. uf luleniBUte. [uben. 
— id'-iller, II. on officHMin psfinn. 

iM'-di-aiC'ly, ffif. by wmy of LnlefvuDtirm. 
-l«r-nw-ili-a'-tion, n. itiiervention. 
r'-nwnt, n. ^buiyiuf< wpullun. 
rm'-in-a-ble, a. tioMting uf nu end. 
nn'-in-M«i a. laving no niHindi or end. 
r4nin']g-le, v-l-lo mingle lugeiber. 
r^nin'f-M, p. railed Uimlher. 

er4iun"g-M, |^ railed Uimlher. 

ut roDtinnal. 

w Ihat intennil*. 

ik-ter-Riu-ia'-iiun, n. inlfrrhnnge. 

n-lem'-al-ly. <id. ii>Aanliy, inic1lcciiiat!y. 
n4er-n«'-tiun-Bl, a. eiiatinji betxeen ra\iar 
ii'^er-noile, n. ipece helwwn juinla in ■ |i 

being between bonn, 

bill in chancny. 

u giva and lake a pledge 

i-ler-|ill>Hd, V.I. 
Kter^, t 

i-uw-pledi-e, 0. 

[n'-letiiu-late, n. I. lu imerl or Ibial in, ai won 

Mer-puJa'-IMHi, n. the art of inaenint; •piuiD 

awdi ia k wniiiid thai whidLa iMuid in 


r a. 

ri.ler-pO«, t 


lOll. 1. 

* .«..i.4( or pbdag b» 

0. rainble of inw^maliun wlM>e>piHinl(,an«i|K»llar. 
i-ler-ng'^Kim, h. the lime a ihniim ii va-anl 
iwiweenlhedeailiaf a kjng and hit lucc**- 

In-m'-PBil,* p. burieil. 
in-ier-nng, j^. depwiling in Ihe graTe. 
m'-ttir-m, n. a regent, a nun win guveme du- 
ring an inlemfiium, 
n^er-iD.gate, e. I. Ui eiamine l>y i)tmiion. 
.ler^iHEB'-tiun, a. * iiimiun, Ihe nota [H. 
-ler-rDg'.a.ti^'e, a. dcnutii^ a 4iiniiiun- 
■ler-n^m-lii', ad, by Hay of ifiKMiun. 
ter'-ro-ga-Iur, n. one who aaki qi<ealiiuH. 
4erru^-Io-ry, n. a qnemiun, iminii]': 
n-ler.rupT', r. t. lu ilop by imerleriiic. 
ri-iW'ni^'«d, p. stoppwi, liindered, nn^en. 
ipt'-sl-Iy, aii. with bnaki or inicmp- 

ip'4kHi, a. lion, hirideranre, Incach. 
<n% s. (. U divide. Id rmaa. 

•■ills, poinl when 

r-iiper«'-ed,*7>.»caiieroJ among Mher ihingi 
r-cper'-aion, n. act iif wanering among. 
n-ter-xtfl'-lar, a. being among Ibe ilan. 
-ler4iif«, II, a nanow upare brlnepn lhing> 

Biir, ftll, wtiyt, pfsy. m 

n-ier-vo'-iied,* p. oTfnIerimr. 
n-iKT'tfl'-iii-enl, a. ruming between, jnterpowHT- 
ii'tnr-ven'-tiaii, a. inleniiMiiiun. 
n'-lac-viuw, a. a miKtiim, uanrorcnce. 
n-lni>nilv'«, D. r. lo inri>lve one H'iihin inather. 
n-Ur-vnlv'-wF* }>. invniveil wiihin, 
n-tBT-wfaTfl, D. t. In weave niw into unutlUr. 
" ■'—■wfat»iS< PP^- weavine logMher. 
'Wi«rilh-«il,' a. woven fiilo ■ wroalh. 
B. not qiioltlied [a make a 



dying niihoin a wili,n"tdevneil. 
■ une who (liei wilhiml leaving a 
a. pertaining lo tile Imwels. [nilL 
, iflEenratt iiiwanJi ilomntic. 

n-raa'-liiiea, n. ihe huwel*, eniniti. 

D^hrull, B. (. tu rnslave, rwliii 

t'thfjill-ed,' p. eiulaveil, reili 

i-iliri|l|.|iMnt, It. eiavery, hondt 


i,e.l.tii hint, miagBM, jWint o 
!, a. ItiRumi, neiir, ramiriu'. 

_.j, B. aiiiiniliorlKiaiil. 

n' d-inale-lv, ad. rIimtI;, ftmiliarly, 
'ti'ma'-liun, n. a liint, a luggealkin. ■ 
■lim'-i-illie. v. I. lu rralke <mlfn\, lo fr 
■iim.i-Jn'-tii>n, n. Bit uf i 
-til, prrp, miliiig entmni'O. 
. liir-e-ra->i1e,ii. inauffemiilo. nnttoba borne. 
n-ti>l'-e-Ta-hle-nesj<, i>. imrilTpmlileneHi. 
■m-h\j,iid. hevuiiii etlilnrai^n. 

It wiihout peiaeriutun. 


', D. I. lo tn-iM, n-rnoih, wring. 

'-mt, p. iwiHlsd, made winrlin;. 

-i-eite, ■■ (■ tu inehriale, make detirkm 
havin-; i|iMlil>i 

^ deUriom. 

'ling, ppr. imhriatinc, mailing drunk 
"~'gt ihn intonraie, 
,,.. ,... lnrf>riBSun, dninhennen. 

..-Imel'-e-htfl, 'I. iinnmnugeRhle, indorile, 
n-liael'-a-Sle-nou, } a. a alBta oT Mng onman 

, a. gruH'ing on the irmda ol 


ln>lran9-inie'-rii-Me,a. thai 
In-trenx-mii'-Ta-ble, u. thai tsnnot be c 

n'-uajiL u. entering, jionetrating. 

4i<enrh'4d,* ^. fitnined wiih a trenrh- 

■uench'-roent, a. a ditch, liwtificBilim. 
'trep'-iil, a. ieartesa, buM, brave, laadn 
ire-pid'-l-tT, t n, onitBunled LmldneB 
n-trep'-id-nm, S bravery, f<«rlaa«nCBa. 
n-trep'-i€i-ly, ad. fe»r\nt]j, fwolnleJy. 
-'■--■ta-cy, J n, enlnnglemeni, . 
'tale-Jleee, ^ Hate, eniii[Jkatkifi. 
eaie. B. enlan^lod, invdved. 

n-Wgur, n. plot, camplicain! arhene. 

--tr%«,B.t.toearrjr ■ — ■'--' — 

-t^gii-«r, n. one who 

10 itiirigun. 
jiin|eecre' ' ' 

in-«in»-n!, I a. intsmal, tme, mm., fceibim, 
n-lriiu'-ic-al. ( inherent, eawmtial. 
n4rin('-je-at-ly, ad. iiiid.idl1y, leatly, truly. 
iii-lro-ilri(w,e. f. toleiiiliirhrintiin.nuike known 
tn-tni-Jn'-ced,'ii. <!Uiiducledin,niiidDt>ci| iiaintetl. 

i-[ruiil',c. LID ilelivor in cnnfiiienre uffidelily. 
i-iu i '-lion, H. iiamMliaie perre}>liun. 
wu'.i live, a. perceivwl ininieiliBie!]r. 
i-la'-i-lik-e-ty, o^ by iinnuHliiue perrontion. 
i-iu-mai'ce, u. i. [udumou'J lo nwsll cm wi 

i-lu-nw*'-<wnce, n. a aHellinli u with huL 
I' lui^^'-i'encc, II, act oT* welliiigi ■ w«l1eil kU 
i-lwloe, D.Mo iwiMor wrraili luguUmr. 
.•twI'-iiiHl,*p.livi(t(iil to^Iier. 
I ^wivl', B. t. hi tnitL Of intcrwcsve 
I'Uin'-hnMc^ V. I. lu nlmitc, ulscufe. 
i-imc'-liuii, N. Bi^l uf arioinriiM;. 
i-iiiir-tiMia'-i-iy, n. ilmliiiiiiuii nrojlinco. 
i-un'-(1niil, a. uverfl'iH'ing, ahiuiiluit 
n-tin'-ilBie, r. (. lo uiecfliiiv. lu ileliin. 

n, cbBiin, iem, ax, ih>n, thou. 


litcnecK, nMenen. 
|ii-ilre, t>. I. or i. lu orpiiHIom, to lishitiiala 
|ii-u'-re(l,*;>.an-uiiluined,hini«ned by um 
jii-iire-iqeni, x. a hantening by iiie, huliii. 
Ina'-ring, /Tw. ace - -■ - -- -- - - 

iho b«nefii ot. 
n-iim', 1. 1. lo put i 
n-ijni''^l,* p- cH|ioi 

n-n^i-lB'-lHiii, n. nwioti of itw, diiUM. 
n-ui'-iiim,n. abramline,a marliiiic hyhi: 

n ut'-ierU-bi^|a 
In-vAile.D. (.io< 


(n-va'-dcr, ■- one who invailM. 
n-var-id, o. weak, having nn (brre, .nuD, void. 
1 1 -va-lW, B. one diwbletlby wuiinda nr Bid;new, 
|a-VB]''id-aie, v. I. to datny die Circe or, lo 

-u-a-bbt, a. veiy valiisble, inealimable. 

ri-a-hio, 1. unchangnble, nnerring. 

ri-a-blr-oeaa, n. uiirhungnibleiim. 

ri-a-bly, "d. withuin change, rannantiy. 

«ioTi, n. hoatile enirince, niloi-k. 

)ive,a.enlrrinf; wiih hnnlile niirpnM. 

'-tivD, R. B niung ipeecb ; a* abilnvc. 

b-TM'-Uvf-l)', Oil abiuiroy, with nulini 

i-v«igh-jig, pyr. niiinit or liei'iaiminf Bgainit 
i-T^i-glp, B, (. U) Bcdiire by flntlKrj, lu eiiiito. 
i-v?ig.leil,*^. »edufeil,e»'i<-«d fnim duly 
i-vei-gler, h. one nhii Mducoa, a deisiver. 
i-vCi-gling, ifr. enlkting, wbeaillMig. 
i'Vii-(^e'«ient, n. •rdiiMiun, enlimnent. 
i-vcnl', v. t. lu uic»iti!,lo GihI uiimhat bi nnV 
ii-veii'-iliin, N. Id or flndiiii dui, ur tviiinvinf 
tumethiiig neiv, that » likn la invrnled. 
i-vom'-ivB, a. rcttily at invi*iioii, iiigrliNiiB. 

Himelhiii|r new. 

I'-ven-tii-n-eif,* p. uueneil in an inTenlnir. 

i'-i*ti-lo-ty, H, a lul of nnirle* or giiids. 

I'-ten-Ui-ry, v.l. to mtifcca liM uforUvlea. 

i-i-enl'-rc»-,n.a fMnnle whu inventa. 

•Ters%, Q. imiined, m-mFurBl, iimttnj. 
.^Ters'p-ty, od. in a rvntmir unler. 
n-Ttr'-iuiii, n . change vt unirr or plara. 
n.Tcn', E. I. lu turn ttpaide down, lu chang* 

In-verl'-ed-ly, ad. in an invened oilfer. 
' i-v«l', V. (. lo plollie, hnipf^, vest tn (om*- 
ihinglcwflccLini;, ainiiinpy. ■* 

.i-vei'i'-i.«nt, a chilhing, mvf ring. 

n-veal'-i'gu-ble, a. Ihul msy he invenil^ted. 

n-veal'-i.gole, D. '. lo nearcfi ur imiuiia i:itu.'-iion, n. a senrthing fur Iniih. 
i-veal'-i'gH'lor, n. one who neon-iiea fur tnith. 
i-ieat'-i-inre, n. Ihe act of giving (Kxiaeatlon. 
i-veai'nnenl, n, ciMhea. iniWHiirr, the run- 
verting inio property leaa Arelini. than monry. 
i-vel'-B-ni-i^, n. deejUnolei) fiminns ftnin w», 
kvei'<e-raUi, n. old, dnp'Mui«d, firTDiy Ainir 
i.veI'.e-rate-lT, ad. wiih obniinaw fiiedtiFM, 

i-Ticl'-i-nnB, a. envioun, likely lo im-nr anyt 
i-vid'.i-oU8'lv, ad. enviously, ao u In incta 

n-viil'.j-oiu-netn, n. qnali'y of f)ruvoLiiw antr 
n-vig'-i-lonce(ii. neglccl oTvitnlani*. 

vig'-or-Btc, D. 1. 10 Birpiij^hf n, to a-iimwa. 

'>ig-or#'.Iion, R, act of inTigoraling. 

.viu'-ciHiii, a. that camwl b* GODOuend. 



Bilr, ffill, whtt, pcfy, mailine, pin, t 

jn'-wnnl, ad. toward ih« iasMe, irithin 

leatincfl, flnlFuJIat inner ,_. . 
Uu iniwt paii, in htajn, m 

k'-mg, n. inretiiBl operatior 

[ii-vin' uiiu ., 

tn-vr-u-l>4rie, a. llui cunnot, or uugbt not W b« 
■-- ■'■Bn or iiroianvil. 

vi'-v-late, a. not hnilcen, uniruiiml, Kiliie. 

'-vi-uui,a. aniifiilile.i, impunble. 

'VHc'-aii, B. (. lu beemju with jiua. 

.vii-i-bil'-i-liT, { a. tiM MateaTbeing inviii- 

.vit'-i-Me-naa, t ble. 

'vis'-i-ble, a. llial cannot ba Mien. 
...vii'-i-blf, ad. Kt aM ml 111 he wen. 
n-vi-li'4titn, a. ant uf Inviting, reqitnt to attend. 

a-io-rr, B. It iteci ire in ilio oilhuJir rhiirch. 

n-vf-ling, ppr. uKing lu atlen'i ; u. adapisil to 

alSui'd enure, or IcmpU 
lii-vi'-tins-ly. O'J. ina mannorwinviieorBllui 

in-vii'-n-fi-a-hle, u. tJol rannot be Titrified. 
n'-i^cati^ r. (. to invoke, iai]ih>re, 
n-vu-ra Hian, n. act uf invoking, GHnKiTcatling. 
ln'-vs:r«, a. a Uu or bill uffftuSt, wiih theprica* 

in'-viii:», c. t. to make a liat uf, with the priee 
n'-nii-'-ml,' p. iiueneil in a lin of partirutum. 
In'-vuia-ing, }pr. milking an aucounl ufpartici 

[n-rrlha, e, I. to adilreu in prsfer, lo call. 
!n-v<i'-liail.* p. railed, ailJreaieJ in prayer. 
In-vn4ii'.enun,a.acalyi remMernHnlhefluwe 

■anlanluf llie wi 
It -111 tnie^ «. rulleii iinnll/ inwnrcU. 

II .vu-lu'-'HHi, H. anion oT invulviiif;, ( 
(■vnlv'e. B. t to envelop, infblJ, cumt 
f i-wlt'-ei,' p. envelopeJ, enianglej, I 
D-vulv'4as, ppr. enwrapinn;, compliniiini 

. 'ylJ'ho- 
ing iMjkau(i«ptible of 

|n-*Dl'-nB4a4»l^ d. not iiurepliblD of wound 
|fl-wslL«.t.ia-<ncluae wiiha wall.* 
■n'-wir<l,a. baini witbin, internal, iotecwr 

n-vF£a1h, a. r. tu * 
icreBlh^d,* p. 11 

d with a wreath. 
J worked Ln. 

y, > H. the quality uf being eaail;r 
laa, y provoked lo angor, 
:. imrabLe, eiuily provoked. 

re^fiii, aTatipy, wruth, rurioiw with an|^. 
->iiea'.cenre,i<,n>bni like thuHuf the rainbow. 
L-do'-ceni, a. having cujura Ukr the rainliow. 

he cirrle niunJ the pupil oi the eye. 
ii-ed,* a. having Rulon like the lalnhow. 
inh, a. pertaiiiing lo Irelamlj n the nativa 
nni^age uf the Irixh. 

inh-ium, n. a peculiarity of speaking an»ui( 
Jie Irinh. 

rnn, a. made of iron, hant, firm. 

ran, «. (. [i'unij In imuuUi vtiih a hot inin. 

iwo-ed,* p. li'urned,! imuuthed with a hut iroa 

niD-hearl4il, a. imfeeliiw, rruel. 

fm-mOld, a. a ipul un rluth made hy i.-on. 

mnmiOn''g-er, a. a dealer in irun or haidwara 

ron-warka, a. place whera tiun i* wraught. ' 

on'-i-eal, a. apidwn in iroiw. 

on', od. by vway of irony. 

ro-ny. n. Bpeeuh intended lo conv-ey a conliaiy 

m'.di.anre, n. heuna of light, iplei^ar. 

n.<li.B'-tiuii, n. emiHiun uf rayn, ifluouahtioa 
ra' Iiun4l, a. void of niaien, abiURt. 
ra-IHin-al'-i-ly, ». abturdily. 
ra'^ton-al-tv, ad. wiihoul teaaoo, abannllv. 



'btj, <i4. (0 •■ not lo Iw nrUtnied. 




Ii-nC4a-fil»aHiiiii m. wuil of rcroocilialion. 
Ir-ie-rav'-«r-a-ble. a. ihu caimut be ncuvend. 
Ir-n-eOv'-er-a-hlTi oA bejonii recovery. 
Irrr^leBni-B-blts a. ihatnuioot be redec 
iMr^ii'-ci-ble, a. thai cannut be feiluiwd. 
lMC>fra'-ga-bl«.a. ihal taiuiui be rel'uUd. 
lwB-f™'-g»-bIy, ad. above runruuiicm. 
Ir-n-fu'-u-ble, a. thu cannul be nfuted. 
jr-rc-fu'-u-blj, ad. to at lo iletj reruiaiion. 


■njif-iuni ■- wuil of idifioii. 
-n-Uc'-ioui, a. luigodlir, wicke-U proEma. 
.iv-iif'-uui-ly, ad. wiibuui leliciun. 
MV-me'-Hi-a-hle, a. ibaL cannul bs reDHdiod. 
i-ie-aw'-ili-B-bly, ad. bcyoiiit remedy. 

'' equality of being un- 

'hlT,arf- aa an nol lo admit of pttnfon. 
■bil'-i-ty, n. the not being removablo. 

9l relehraleil. 

r>i>9«.fm-bil'-i-t]r, r. a not Iwing reparshle. 
r^rep'-a-ni-ble, a. ilial caiiiut be repaiieil. 
r-np'-a-'a-MT. B' » aa not to adiait or repair. 
rfs-pMl^-bil'-i-ty, n. the quality of beiii| ir- 
b-ra-pFala-ble, a. iLat cannot be rapealed. 

b-iep-n-heDa'-i-blfl, a. not lo be blamed. Ible. 
tr-ngp^^Jwai'-i-ble-neu,)). tlie nut baiog bluna. 

jr-rap-n-kem'-i-bly, ad. m a* not M iaenr ManMi 
Ir-rs-preaa'-i-ble, a. that nuukit be lapiMitJ. 
lr-re-piOach-«-ble, u. Ibat canmH be njirunrhed. 
ir-rfr-prAarh-a-ble-nea, K. qualhy uf nut hninf 
raiiroachable. [pniai^h. 

Ir-re-pHlach-a-bly, ed. *o ai not to deaerve i»- 
Ir-re-pliiv-a.ble, a. that ii not to he leprrived. 
Ir-r*.pr(iv-a-bly,aij.ioaariol lo daien-o reproof 

lr-rB«ia(-i-hil'-t.ty, } a. tlw <|«ality nf being ir 

tre-siM'-l-bte-nen, > renialible. 
nvaiit'. i-ble, a. that cannot be naialed with 

-m-atat' j-biy, ad. ao ai i\nt to be reahiiLbLe. 
-tea'-o-tu^lo, a. infapabte of being diwilved. 
-ree'-o-lule, a. not Tinn in puryuae, wavering 
-na'-o-lute-ly, ad. uilbunt reaulnlioii. 


withoiu ra 

■-r«a'-pi-(»-b1e,a.nat fit lur rB_, 

'-re-«|<oni'-i-bil-i-ly, a. want of napoi 
Mieepona'-i-ble, a. not anawerable. 

r-te-triCv44>le, a. ir7erovetat>l& imparabla. 
r-re-ttiiv-«-bly, oif. ii '^•- 

vetatilb im 

-rev'-e-i«n^ly, cd. with wi 
-re-vrra -i-ble, a. that cannot be ravenrd, or 
rei-alled. (""Yrailile. 

Ir-re-vera'-i-ble neai, a. die quality or b«n|r not 
tr^e-vere'-t-Uy, orf. m a* lu prarlnde nvenal. 
lr-ie-Tivea4ul'-i-ty, n. quality of not beiiui n- 

-lev'-a-ei-ble, a. that cannot be recalled. 

.rev'-o-cB-hiy, oiJ. la at not to ddmii oriecilt, 

■re-To'-lca-blf , a. that paniiol be nuUed 

■ri-gste, ». I. u> water, or n-et. 

'ri-ga'-lion, n. act of nalering. 
r-rig'-u-oiia, a. watery, wet, dewy. 
- ^-'kin, n. a lidghing at another, 
i-bil'-i-ty, n. capacity of being 
a-bin, a. eaaiiy provoked, — 

li'-^ri-ianti.n. that wUeb noHia 


Biir; ftll- '^^'f'^ T^. nanw. plir, tiW;-mPTe, 


r-ro-n'-lion, n. art iJinoiaieiiinj wiih Jew. 
r ru|/-[uin, m. HiiUlcn invaaiun, inroait. 
r-rup-iive, o. ronbing in nr upim. 
*, 3ii. penuii aingiilnr ur Ihs verh siituIoDlfvi 
t'-a'hel,a.urB bniwiiiali yellow, jvitb > thulv 

'-i»ij-(lau, n. B auhilanre prepared from Ihe 

j'-lmn-iiiii', H. MiihaninKKlaiiiem. 

I laiiil, H. [rUiul,! laiiiJ in wstcr, an iije. 

I. of equa! lime, UiiiTorm i 

■-rfi-e1-i''tiih, ' 

u. having wj^ual lein|ii 
liaviiig ajiial lunai. 

-B-bie, ihot nay b« imiibJ. 

p. s. I. oc I.Ui L-ame or aencl out, pronei. 
j^ n lenl out, prmiHfieii. 

> i>fl«pring, rhildlen. 

iiu i>fl«pring, rhildlen. 
tin-, nrriiijilng, wmluig. 
a naeh i>f iaiid CODIUiCt 

irii'-«-ra-ry, a. a hixji of inveb ; a. invelhw. 
-«ir', j™.. of i( BTiJ »B|r. ■ 
■va-ry, n. [he tiuli oT an 

-vy, H. B paiuiiii' ur i^liinhir^ p^art 
-vy-ed,* 11. Dvofruwn with ivy. 


Ja'-ceiil, n. tj 

JaVjnl^n. i 

Jack, B. Juhii 

Jae'-B-leni, n 

Jai^'Bl. N- w 

Jark'-B-napea, h. d monkey, an ape, a coicomb 

Jick'-hiiou, n. very lame btwu. 

iack'-daiv, n. a Kim I nr the rrow kind 

Jai-Ji'-pi)d-ilinr, n, a hiiflbun, a zony. 

*t-Hl, a. wearing a jai-keL [oiganiiwr. 
i-bin,n. amemhtirof n poliiira] dnK, adia- 
-bin'-ir, j n. portiiiiiing to aecrel clubt 

Jae'-v-bi[H>m, n. unreiuniisble oppiMiliDn U 

ig of Ihe body, natleaa. 

Jagg, V. t. to nutrh, indeiil ; n. a ooteb. 
4ag'-gvd.* p- notched, mdfuiied. 
Jar-fed-naa, n, atat* orbeins nolclwd or 

book, dSve, ta 

Jt£, n. Jchuvah. 
Jail, n. a priNn (or debtMi and criminak. 
Jiil4>ird, n. a prixNur. 
Jail-er, u. uiw who keeiw b jail. 
Jekn, h. a huiut of oSire. 
Jal'-aiKH. iheruuiufB ulcmlUKd an acalhaitio. 
Jam, ». ■ cuQHrv« of fniia, ■ child'i Ihick. 
Jaut, V. £. lo «»n&Hi, lo wedge in, 
Jami, N. ihc lide uiece or a cbiouMir or dooi. 
Jane, ». ■ kind of fintian. 
Jan"g-k, r. 1. or >■ to wrangle, lo ditpute Doiiiljr. 
Jan";-!!!!!,* p. oCJimfU. 
Jan"g-ler. n, a wran^er. a noiiy dspuur. 
Jaii"g-ting, ppr. wrangling, diapuiing- 
Jan'-t-lor, n. a door keeper, or purter. 
Jan'-i-iaH^, n. a Tnrknh mldier of llm goarda. 
Jliiii, a. i. lu ramble liere and then. 
June, n. a nmble, a ebon eicunicin. 
Janl'i-ly, aJ. airily, briskly, gafly. 
^nt-i-DOO, B. airuwn, bcubneaa, gajWf . 
Ijin^y, a. aiiy, ■howy, fiaiL-al, gay, 
■an'-o-a-ry, n. ilte linl munih of the year. 
Ja-fion', a. a vamiab or ^'ami■lwd work. 
Ja-pan', v. t. to vamiiib in a particular maona. 
Ja-pan'-nod,* p- VBmi&hed. 
Ja-pan'-ner, a. one wbu jnpa™. 
Ja-pan'-ning, a. the an or act of Tatnuhing. 
Ja-phei'-ir, K, pertaining lo Japhech, ihe MdaH 
«m of Sf--- 

■hake, claih, nrike haiah^. 

^_., — — i riaiih, a vBwd. 

IdMetL, a. caDoiu tiunun on the legi of a bode. 
JKr-gon, II. confused talk, gibbariin. 

I, N. a diaking, rl 

liir-red, . 

Jtfr-ring, Ppr, Peking, diirordant. 

Jae'-niin, Jai'-niinit, n. a plant of aereial ipeciai 

bearing beautiful flowera. 
ISihpeT, a. a mineral of varioui colon. 
jBun.dice, a. a diaeaia in whiuh &e body b»- 

coniei yef low. 
j!inn-di-i!«d/ a. aflaclad with jaondica. 
JaDiu; teeJanl. 

JavVJin, N. a kind of apear lo be Ibiomi. 
Jaw, n. (ba hoofl in which tha taalt^ |n ^«d, a 

lEW an 

'fhaiie, gem, ax, thin, fbou. 
Jaw, B, i. 10 (iwld, to rail vulearlr. [apirila. 
Jaw'-ljtll, n. deufwiion of the jaw, or of iba 
Jaw', a. imeel«d in ipiriu. 
Jay, n. a binl, a finical lellow. 
Jeiil'4ui,a. inapiriotu^apprehenaiveDriJTaMup. 
j6fll'^jiuJy,oii>iih jmliJUsy^or siMpirion. 
Jenl'-oiu-neei, n. atate i^' being jeoliiua. 
Jeol'-oue-f, n. luepiriun, fear uT loaing aoma 

good, which another nay obtain. 
Jeer, r. i. lo •coO', to deride : n. (cuffl mockarr 

Jeer-ing, Hv. enilling at, railir^;, (anoling. 
Uer-iag-lr, ad. iromfully, conUmpibaiMlr. 
Je-lHy-vah, n. the Hebrew name at God. 
Jo-jilne, o. hnnpy, dry, batten, cmpijr. [ter. 
Je-jiine-n«*,N. povenjr, wani t^inteiealing nuu< 
Jel'-ly,«.irupiiisaiedjiiioeuf£nut,iixy aubatance 
Jen'-nei, n. a Hnnll Spaniih horaa ; aee Oati, 
Jen'-nol-ing, n. an nirly apple. 
Jen'-ny, n, a machine lor apinning. 
Jenp'-Dnl, D. (. lo put in danger, to hazard. 
Jeop'-anl-jtc, o, i. lu joopard, (a oarieaa word.] 
jAip'-ard-oui, a. eipuaed to danger, hantdooa. 
Jesfi'4rd-y, n. danger, peril, baiaid, riak. 
Jeis, % t^r i. to iliniti, throw, or pull with 

trii, n. a gudden thmal or twitch 
Jerk'-ed,'i..of Jrr*. 
Jerk'-in, n. a jarhet or ihoA coat. 
Ji-r'-aey, n. the fineei " ' 

jB»t,P.- -■-*■- -■ 

Jeaf-«f, B. one who jeeti, a baflbon. 
Je*t'-ing, n. talk lo excite laughlar, mirth. 

n. one of a aociety noted for emuih 
Je^^^it'-iMl, ( "■ **'P^. eamung, daoek 
Je* -D-il-iani, b. dereit, (itUegciD, artilicv. 
Jet, R. a vetT Mack fbaHil aubnance. a ipDuli 
Jet, E. i. [0 ituwi (orwaid, prqfef C^ iinil. 
Jei'-iy, a, made of jet, like jel, bletJi. 

JM'-ty, n.a pn^oci'- ' ' — ' 

JWi "■ » Hebrew 
Jew -el, R. a ptecio 

^•W'Hd-ar, a. a per 


Bit, fall, wh»i. pisy, n 

'-el-iy. N. Jewell and iHnkHls in geiuiraL 
'-UH, n. a female i>{ ihe Hebrew rare, 

lew' uh, a. pertaining lo die Jew). 

iTl, n. n wunus who Iridn wiih her lover. 
"![, D. (. lu Iriile wilh and ileceivc. 

""g-le, p. 1- or (. lo BOunil wiih n aharp nonw, 

n's-le, ». a ahnrp clinking inurnl. [dink. 

a"g-[ai,'p. auiiniJeil widi a rlinking. 

lb, n. a iiiere of woifc, a luRrativH Iwainen. 

it, f.Lm i. lo atrike ot lUb, do *mall bunine**, 

deal in atacka. 
lob'-ber, n. ons wbojoba, a dealer iniloeki. 
^ae'-licy, r. one wba ridea or deali in bona*. 
' e'-key, p. (. '_ cheat, iriok, ilecoivo 
s'^key.ed,* p. cheated, trirked- 
c'-l;ay-iihip, n. practi<» of riding bonea. 
c^HB, a, given lojifkeii and jeaLing, ^arry. 

_ alse-ly, ad. in jwt, with pleaaanlry. 
[o-cOie-iieaa, n. practice of Jeating, waggery. 
Foc'-ii-lar, o. juc™, mirry, waggiah. 
[oe', ml joooaely, mHmly. 

I'.imd, a. marry, ray, lively. ^ 

:'-unil-1y, aJ. wiih merrimenl, gayly. 
!'-und-nem, n. minM, gayety. 
>, 1. 1, or i. to piuh or ibake «ith (be elbow, 
o walk ilawly. 

J. n. a sudden potb with the elbow. 
[c^-ged,*p. puahed iuddenly. 
Fog'-ger, n. one who joga or walka aluwly. 
log'-gln, c. (. to ihake alighlly. 
log'-glnl,* p. gbaken, moved ulightly. 

' -'-" ' "dngali;'-" 

,ugiie«(, , „._ 

idd, aaaiHiiate. (dollar*, 

loin'-ed,* p. united, aet or laalened togMher. 

,.:_, J Joining, 

aTtif an wb^ ooei rhe inner wood 
wuik of hnildingi, a carpenter. 
Join'4r-y, n, Ihe art of un.Iing wood-work, 
fcin'-hand, n. wriiing in which lenera arejoinod. 
Arin'-ing, 1^. nniting. puuing lu^ther. 
Joint, n. union of bonea, onicalatioa, knot of a 
Joint, B.(.lol(nm into jointa, la divids. [plant. 

Joinl'-iifir, n 
Jjjnl'-ly, ad. 

i.onewhoholdshy joinl-tenaney 

Juin'-ture, c. t. to *ettle a jninlnre on. 
Mn'-lur-ad,* p. endowed wilh a Joinliira. 
Jmw, n. a imall pieie uf timber. 
Jiifce, n. a jeal, aportive millecy. 
JiAe, 0. [. or i. to jeaL be KNiryl rally. 
Ju'-her, a. one who Jokn, a jester. 
Jo'-hing, WIT. jeatiiig, making mertrwilh. 
Jole, r. tlie fhoek, RiBd ofa fob. 

Jol'-lj-ncaa, Jol'-lj'tV. «. iMiMmt wniwth. 


iil'-ly, a. merry, gay, lively, pieity. 

I'll, 0. (, or I. Vi (hake wkh ■iiihlen jerfct 

.1. '—^-ihonandtlenHhake. 

■■ -khead. 



J"»'- . .. .- 
Jut'-tled,* p. ran againal, | 

Joa'^ing.p)- ■ 

jaur'-nal-iit, n. oob wno Koepa ajiiiu 
Joui'-nal-iie, v. I. lo enter in ■ jonms 
Jaur'.nal-i-ud.*p enuneil in ajourni 
Jaor'-Dey, n. pi, Jonr'Hieyi ; iravd It 

lance by land, 
Joum'-nay, d, t, lo Iravel Gnm place 
Jout'.ney-Bd • p. of Junmey. 
Jea^-ney-cakf i.acakaaf mi 

a journey. 
Joiu'-itey-ing, ppr. traveling I 
Jeur'.ney'mBn, n, a hired wur 
Joui'-nej'-wilrh, n. work by a 

meal, baked uo 
. dlitance 

Jo'<vi-al, 0. EOMTy, jolly, | 


■ly-vi-il-lf , ad, wilh me rri 

Joy'-eJ,* p. 

renial by joy, glail, emiling. 

with juy, glaJiy. 
loy'-ful'iMBi, n.eresl jiiy ur jladne 
Joy'-lM», o. ■ luiiTuf jc.y, piving nt ' 
Joy'-len-nn, n. clntiiunon of jir 
Joy'-oiiBfa. t IbiI, nwrty, clieerlul. 
[hji.jft.1 ■ ■ 

.8. Uttering 

Ju'-hj-iee, 1' (I public pemxlii-ai jvhivuj. 

Ju-<-iJiiil'-i-ty, B. plHUBnineea, agreeahleness. 

]u-ila'-ie,Ja-da'-ie-iil, n. peruiiiing ta the Jpwa. 

Ju'-da-nm, n. the leiieti atid nlesurihe Jews. 

Jll'-da-Tze, T. i. lo ccrnfcirrn tolhe rilei of Ihe J«wi. 

Jn'-(la-i-2ed,"p. ntjiubii 

Ju'-da'I-iing, par, roah 
ami ritefl nfthe Jews. ^ 

Jnj'-Jgfk, n. a aniall inijie. 

Judge, a. DOS aiithurized tu hnar and dnlennine 
raiwea in ruiirt. une ikillal in deciding. 

Jndi'-eJp'pdeciJed, sentenrad. 

Judg-p^hip,!!. Ihe oflice ufa judge. 

Jiidg'-ing, jjw. hearing and delenniniiig. 
■ Juilg'-ment, n. net of judginj;, aen^ance. opininn. 

Ji.'-3i-™-u>-ry,n. a poun orjiuiice, atnbiinol. 

Ju'-<lt-ca-ture, n. puwerafdiitrihinin^ juilice. 

Jn-diVitil, a, pnnaining In rourla of jiistiiv. 

Ju-diViaMy, otL in Ihe fomu oriegaJ justice. 

'ii-di"-cia-ry, n. pertBinii» to coQita ofjuatice. 

Jil-di'-cia-ry, n. ciinrts ofjinlii^. 

Ju-di'-i-iouH, a. prudent, skitlful, rational. 

J<l-Hi"-riou8-ly. ad. pnidenlty. wisely. 

-Ju-ili"-cioua-aeai, n. the quality of lieing accord- 
ing tu eound jiidmneni. 

Jog, a. a vessel withajuvmiberantbel'y. 

Jug'-gki, a. i. (o play tncki by slight of band. 

Jng'-gled,' p. ofjugglt- 

Jng'.gler, a- one whir juggles, a deceiver. 

Jup-^ing, n. art afptaying tricks, buflboneiT. 

Ju^gu-W, a. belonging to tne Ihnat 

Jiiice, H. (jme,] the eap of vwpiahles. 
JOioe-tesi, u. [juaelesB,] void of sap urmok lure. 
Jui-ci-nesa, n. [ju'sineas^ abundance of jaiix, 

Jfliiy, a. [ju'sy,1 fult o^sa|^ surrnlent 
Ju'-jub, Ju'-jube.Ti. n phini and its pnlpy riuil. 
Ju'-lep, H. a liquor or sintp. 
Ju-ly*, n. tlip seventh month of the jreor. 
Ju'-raart, n. IheofKpringol'a bull and a man. 
Juin'-ble, 0- L to mil in a confused manner. 

Jnm'-hleJ,' p. miiwl in conitiBlon. 
Jiim'-bler^ n. one who ttiiiea ihinpi confnsedly. 
Jump, V. 1. lo leap, to spring with i«-o fePl, 
Jump. u. a leap with two led, as a man, a te«[\ 

June'-Bfti, n. a rheese-eake, a aperies of food, 
-tion, B. act of joining, uniun, nnmbiuation. 
.. . -lure,n. ojnining, point of time. 
June, n. ihe lixtlt month of Iho year. 
Jun°g.le, R. in Aaia, a ihick civalei of imsJl 

jun'<ixs a. a ranai, a jatiion, a pany. 
Ju'-pi-Iar. n. a hoaihrn ileity, Jove, a planet. 
Jti-nd'-if'a], a. used tn rouiis of juBiice. 
Ju-rid'-ie-sl-ly, ad. with legal authiirity or fom 
Ju-ris-die'-tion, n. legal authority, or the eiu 

Ju-ris-die'-tion-al, a. pertaining In jnriadictioa 
'" ~^lic'-live, o. having juriHdielion. 
.- ..-pru'-dence, n. the scienceof law 
Ju-ria-pru-den'-liaUa. belonging tojurtapmdmi 
Ju'-risI, n. a prufeiuDroflheeivil k«, a lawy 
Jii'-ror, Ju'-ry-miin, n. one who serves on a jui 
Ju'-ry, n. persons sworn to deliver truth on e 
dence tn coun. 

'ust, D. iiprigbl, hunasi, equitable, eiact. 

Iiisi, B. a mock entuunlrr on hcirwibiu-k. 
lusl, ad. eiactlj, nicety, closelj, barelj^. 

Ju>t'-iee,n the giving it — ""'" '"- 

civil oS'.er or '^~ 

Jiut''ic»<hip, n. diaoflire uf a juatice. 
JiiM-ti"-eM-ij, n. one who Hdminiiien jiui 

Jiul-t-li-n'-ltun, N- vinditDtiun, deleiiao. 
' ■■ " ' igtojiutify. 


Ju«t'-i-li-™-ui.fy, a. tendiniuij 
JiIM'-i-fl-«i,' p- provoii to Be ju , 
lim'-i-(i,B.l. lo pruveof ahowwbejmt, U ^ 

itolva imni g^uil and merilFd pununnunt. 
lan'-i-fj'-ing, ppr. ihuwing lo 1« jmi ; a. h»vjr 

llw()i»lit7 orabnulvioj; frum ^lilt. 
Jiu'-tia { Mil Jfdi. 

luBt'-ly, ad.equiub^, hon«i]y, uprighlly. 
JuAt'-iksu, H. conformity lo truEhi equity. 
Jul, V. I. lo ahool uut ur pmiect. 
Jul''ling, ppr. pnijecling fnim a line. 
Ju'-vs-nile, a. young, yuuihrul. 
1 "-i-ty, n. youlhfu[ner- 


-po-ti -Uon, n. 


tALE, n. ■« rale, ac eMoIent plant. 
Ka'-[i, n, a plar^ wboM uhe* an uaed in nil- 

Kan''g-B.roa', n. an animal wild ahnrt Toiv-li^ 
Ka'-o^in, a. a apw - — ' -'— — ' ■ '■ — 

a apMiee of olay, uaed in nukinf 

Kaw, n. the cry of the c 

^raw, raven, or rook. 
n Etulem countiie*. 

Kai . 

Kayleli ,. 

K-iek, D. 1. 10 heave, as the elomacb 
Eadie, n. a small onchur. 
Ked°[ack, n. a weed, chi^tneh. 
Keel. a. Uie lower limber ofaahip. 
Kl<el-ed,* a. carinsted, ai a leaf. 
Keel-haul, v. (. to haul under the lud. 
KAel-haiil-nd,* p. drawn under a keel. 
Kmt-Mii, H. (kel'ion,! a piece of timber laid on 

the flour tjistiert cS a ahip. 
Keen, a. eagur. iharp, severe, pierdng. 
Kien-ty, od. ihorply, eagerly, biuerly. 

Keep, V, 1. p. and jjp. kepi ; lo preaeive, aay*, 

K£e|i-er, n, one whu pregeneg, or |uaida. 
Kflep-ing, ppr. uvbig, holding, niaintamuig. 

Keep-ina,!!. - - ' r....- 

KMpjalie, f 
Keg i aee C'l 
Kerp,n dial 

«] aahei of aea-nved, ror^aa* 

Ken, D. (. Ui tee ai a dieianfe, tu linaw. 
Ken, n. reach of the xight, view. 
Ken'-nel, n. a place fur dup, a pack flt hi 

Kepi, p. eailpp. <i( Kap. 
Ker-cliieC n. a cloih lu cover the bead. 
Kor4hief.ed,* a. having ihe bead ceverad 
Kerf, n. the cul uf an ax or *aw. 
Kem, D. i. 10 harden in ripenine, to granulaM. 
Kem'-el, n, the seed uf a pulpy fniit, or on* 
covered with a aheil^ a grain. 

Kor'-aey, n. a coarae wuulen clalh. 

Ked'-irel, n. a ibwl ul' the hawk kind, callad 

alio Biannel anil windjiuver. 
Ketch, n. a vessel with iivo maiU. 
Kei'-iie, n. a veaaol of m^tal lor bailing. 
Kel'-Tle^mm, n. a large drum of cupper or tMma* 
Kel'', n. a nine-pin, a ekiule. 

Key-age, n. money |inid for lying at a whart. 
Key-eo,' a, fumiaheij with keyii. 
lUy-hole. n. k hi^ fur a key in a io~k. 
Keystone, n, ihe atone thct binda an amh. 
Kh^rk, n. a prince or gi.vemor in the Eaat. 
Kibe, n. a chap in ihe heet, a chilblain. 
Ki'.bed,' a. aflecied with kil^t. 
Kirk, a. a blow with the GhjU 
Kick, V. <. at i. [o aliike uitli the loot. 
Kich'.«d,*}i. struck wilh the Coot. 
Kick'-ing, ppT. airibing Willi [he foot. 
Kick'-ing, n. acl of atnking with ibe (bo* 
Kick'.ibBW, n. aomething iuuuailical, ■ diA 
YGA, K, B yoofv goM 

book, dSn. fall, d 

I, cm, chuM, ^em, as, ihin, thou. 

KiVtler-kin, a 

Kul'-n*ji-per. n, une wliu sleali a peMun. 
ICid'-iup-ping, H. Iht- an ur pisciica uf lUaJiRg, 

wlhabrcibleabdui'iun ot'a human being. 
Kiil'-npy, n. Ihal part of ibe vinws whicb as- 

a >nuill euk a( 16 ui 18 golknu. 
mil -nee, n. - ipacilM uf plnvsr. 
Kill, e.l. u nay, to pul todtalb, U> qualL 
KilJ'-«d,* p. ikprirtJ i>f liis, ijuaUed. 
Kill'-er, n. one nhu alaya. 
Kill'-ing, fipr. deauuying UIk albytoc. 
Kiln, H. a novt! or oven ut irj or bika ba&a, 

meal, wwie, Slc. 
Kiln-dry, d t. u dn in a kiln. 
Kill, n. a kind at »hun peutcoal. 
Kim'-lx^ n. bun, cmoked. 
Kin, n. kiiulnd, (rtilkm. thing rvlaled. 
Kill J, a. guwl, lenJM, obliginb bvurabli. 
Kind, n. a ganiia, nee, ion, particular nalura. 
Kin'.^!*, «. (. or i. u act on fire, inAaax^ provoks. 
Kin'.dleil,* p. hi un HtK, inRsmed. 
Kin'-dlcr, n, one wlxi *eu on lire. 
KJnd-li-nHw, n. aiTetiiDnata dHMailion. ' 
Kind-ly, ad. wiib icODd wiH, oliliKinslr- 
Kind-ly. a. mild, favimMc, bland, cung 

Kins, '^ ' muiurcli, aupnaie macbtnle. 
King'-bird, n. a bini ot maaifcahlB counga. 
King'a-^vit,iL a diieaae iif Iha ariufuloin kind. 
King'-liiL-sr, R. a bird of the niiua Alredo. 
Kiiig'-JSni, B. Ibe temioiy au^iecl to a king. 
King'-ling, n. a pMty king, 
King'-lv, 1. royeJ, Lke a king. 
Kiiia'Jup, n. royally, aovereign poww. 

Kink, B. iho iwiil o'« "in. ■- 


Kitie'-roll, n- relaliuna kiiulml. 

Klifc, n. tlia rbiircb, u in Scotland. 
Kiaa, n. ■ laluie w'lh ilw lip, 
Kiw,*. (. iq uluut nilh Iba lijK, lo louc 

rape aiiantaneauilji (brm- 

Ki(rh'-en-giird.en,n.8gBttli!nibr culinary piaiita. 

kilch'-en-Bliifl', n. fai ^m the poia or uaiia. 

hiie, ■. a rapariubi luKt, a pkper fut Hying 

Kil'-i™, n. Ih* young of i. «l. 

Kile-fuDC n ■ ion of lolncco. 

Klirk, V. i. to make ihort, sharp aonnda. 


Klick'-ing, pjir, making aharp auunda. 

ATnab, r.l. to gnaw, liiie, nibble. 
A'nack, n. deiietiiy, a nice trick, a Uif. 
ATnag, n. a knot in wood, a peg. 
Anag'-gy, a. tjMty, rough. 

A'nap, Kiiaj/'ple, «. (. ti> bite off, to bile abutt. 

/Ctiap'^ack.n.aiaaldie/ qrk or bog carrinl un 
Anap'-need, n. a plant *o cailed. [the back 

Aniirial, a. [nKrIad,! knouy^ 
£nar-ly, Anar-ry, a. knotty ; am GnarU 
Knave, n. a bny, a diahoneat penon. 
Xniive-ry, n. dl^nealy. deccptiun in liada. 
ATnlv-iah, a. diahoneit, fraudiOeni. 
ATntv-iaii-ly, cd. diihoneitly. by trick. 
ATniT-iab-nsia, n, diaboneely, trick, deceit. 
ATnead, b. (. tu work and mil with the handa, aa 

ATnesd-ing, ppr. working uith the handa. 
JCn*ad-ing-liuugh, a. a uay in which dough i* 

ilTnee, n, the joim hetwaen Iba ]eg and thigh. 

KtiM, a. having kneea, geiiicuialed. 

ATnne-deep, A^nee-hlgh. a. riaing to the kneoa. 

Jiiiee'.pan, n. the round bone uf the knee. 

Kneti. p. i. to bend or fall on Uie kneea. 

A;nBe1-ed,*p of KmiI. 

ATneel-ing, ppr. falli 

ATnee'-trih-nie, b. 

ATnell, x. the aoiii 


ifnife, a- pi. kiiivea ; bbiboi iiibituiii™* "« 

KnTt^t, n. a title . t.l.ui dub a knight. 

^nigbtet'-nnt, n. a roving knial.t. 

ATnlght^r'-rant-ry, n. iho f.iaia of a knigUen 

fni^iu-boad, B. tba dignity of a kwipt. 

Ku, Iflll, whf^ pitjF, nunaa. pin, bird, miiv*. 

A'ni., f r. p. and pp. Knil, kniued i lo on»d, with P(»ill«. 


T A, ». took. 

J-i lAaiuuinninue. 

ATnil'-Mr, n. one who kniu. 

Knit 4iiig-nae-<llR, n. * needle lued £» knitting. 

U'-lcl, a. a ilip of paper, &«. tied (o any Itunf 

/rnob'-beil, /Ciioh'-l<y. u. full i>rkr»u. 

A-nob'-hi.n«, ». a being full of kiwu. 


K..orJi, D. ;. or (. lo hil, atrik^ dwll. 

Lii'.bel«),- p. lUmiHhed with a UbeL 

Knack, n. • blew, a dwfiing, a rep. 

1 j'-beUng, /ipr. macking with n UtaJ. 

ii;n9«k'-e<l,'j). oI'A:..«+. 

La'.hi-al, -,, pertaining lo .be lip.. 

U'-bi-al, 1.. a leller atrered by the lipa ' 

Knook'-iiig, «. a beating, a np. 
fi:i..>]l,i<. a tiUte hill, or hillock. 

La'-bi-aie, a. hiving tipe aa a plant. 

La'-bor, n. work, loll, travail. 

Kmv, «. a hnnp, kiwb, h.iilon. hunrh. 

la'.bor, c. i. or 1. lo work, toil, ho in tnivail. 

ATnup'-ped, a. having knobi, or lutened 



and the manuTai lura of nrmx. 
La'.bor4d.-;<. tilled, tomied with lobar. 

ATnM, n. a Ua, joint of a plan., bond, Uivi. 


.!,^'»:"''!i ._.,.. „...,:,...... 

/fn..^ _ _ 

/ITnul'^riin, n. d aperieH of grsH full of jainta. 
Ahul'-leai, a. (rer from knuta. 
i^not'-lRl, A'nnf-iy, a. full of knoU, hard, int.-i- 
Knat'-1i4i, ad. wiih knou, niEgsdly. [rate. 
Kiiot'-ti-neu, a. abnndanco of Rnota, inlrii' jcy. 

Kii,iw,v.i,»vi;j^.knny>ini to undMstand, 

perceive, reuognixn. 
Kiuiw.a-hle, a. ih-a may he known. 
Kimw-er, n. one who hni knr,\v]edge. 
A'nlw-rna[, ppr. uiiiler*ian>liiigi n. ikillful, well 

Kn-'iw-inxAy, ad. iinclenlandingly. 
Anow-leilie, it [nol'lejn.) rieor perception, akill, 

Xhne'-hla, a. •joint oTthr finger*, dec 
K'niie'-tle, c. ■'. tn aiibinil in conteau 
Knite'-kled, p. of Kanrkle. 
A'nitr, KnntL n. a knul in wood. 
A'nnri'-y, a. full of knuta, hard. 
Ku'-uarlilii.aRrnAianroin.nhiiirl Brent in vnliie. 
Ko-ran, n. the Moh!immo.lni. b.>..k of teith. 
Kn'.rei, n. a delicnHU S^h of the Ra»l Indit 

village iti Afrira, 
. a Liquor nude iroia 

■■ ih h(. ... 

La'-hor-ing, ppr. tailing, eierting atrength; 

cnaioinarily working with thehajidH. 
l.i'ho'-rt-viM, a. diligenl in work, tuilioma. 
La-bo'-ri^na-ly, ad. with greal toil. 
I.A-lH>'-ri-oUi-inaa, r. atate cf beii^ loilaome. 
Uib'-f -Nnih, a. a phcefollui' winding*, a mai 
Lah-y-rinth'-i-an, a. winiling, intricate. 
Lane, n. Wb k .ioin|>«H nt threads, a cord. 
Ijvo, e I. lo IVieii, ui iriio with lace, to whi[ 
Lo'.ceil,* p. foaiened or adumed with lace. 
[Acewnan, it. a man who dHtla in lace. 



>f waHng, a rent. 
uac'-B-m-iive, a. lenaiiiq tu tear, rending. 
Laeh'-ry-mnI, a. penainiii^ to leata. 
La^'-ry-ma-ry, a. eunlaining tear*. 
iM'-rin^, ppr. fastening wiih mnl*. 
lAK'in'-i-ate, a. adorned wiih frinnea. 
LAck, 0. (. or i. to vi-ant nr need ; be daatimie. 
I^rk,n.wwil; a bumlred ihoibtand nirieeM. 
Uwik'-btain, n. one defirient in iind.'iitanding. 
Chnk'-er, l^c'-^net, n, a vnriiuih cunaiating of 

lAck'-er,-!'. t. to vamiah, apply lacquer to. 

Lauk'-er-ed,* ;i. varnbhed. 

Lack'-«7, n. a fc- 'mr", or faoibay, • MrraDL 

?ry «horL, or briti, pJlij^, « 


Id-eoir-ie, I 

La-tun'-ic-al, S 

La-fl>n''ie-aJ-ly, ail. with pilhy broiity, 

La'-mi-isni, t n.abnefKnleiiiiuiu phraiear 

Lu'-lsnt, a. aurkling, teetling with llie liretM. 
[jc'-U-iy, u. milkyiM>lt ; h, b ilaify -iuiuM. 
L(r'-U-*l, u. pannimnf lo nulk or cliyls. 
[ac'-tfral, 1. « \VBavl of the Ividy that conveyM 
Iji'-ui-ow, u. milky, like milk. [rhyts. 

hkt-ten'-niDit a. prudut-in^ milk or whiu juice. 
Lw-tii '-er-vui, a. cunvcyuig itiilk. 
IaI, ■. > buy. a young man. 
Idd'^^ler, n. R frame with tvundi Tnr grept. 
Lille, a. I. p. laJud ; pji, laded, ladea ; tu load, 

Dv^hl, lorow wiih ■ dipper. 
W-dm,p. ol' lade, [lldii.] 
La'-ding, ppr. puuing un nr in, laadinj^. 
tj'-ding, a. Ivacl, cargo, thai whirhaihipraiTiei. 
Uf-dh, n. a dipper wiUi ■ haiHUe> recaptuls of 

U'^dy, n. a well-bred woman, ■ ti le of respect, 
la'-dy-day, ■■ tbe ■nauiiriatiun, Hareh 35. 
Ij'-dy-lihe, a, gBiilMl, well-bred, delicate. 
La'.dT->hip, n. ;he lille of a lady- 
Lag, a, coming eTler, eluw, aluggiih. 
] ag, s. (■ lu loiter, delay, move alDWly. 
Loi'-gal,* p. uf Lag. 
Log'-j^j^, ppr^ iuitering, muring slowly. 
Ia^.ii', a. a len, manh, ur ahalliiw pttnd. 
La'-ic, l.a'-ie-al, a. penaining lo peo|^ not ot 

ihe clergy. 
Idiilif. mndm. oS Jjayi placed, depinilad. 

Lunfr. B. • ynung iheep, a title ofCliriit. 
I^infr, r. Lot f. lo bring forth ynuriff, ik a aheap, 
lam'.heni. a. playing o.erthe*iirlaae, Ikking. 
LamA'-hbi, h. a young oramall tamb. 
LaDtf-likii, a. gcoitu, meek, hiimbla. 

uliaiae, ffejn,a«, Ibili, II 
Lame, a. utuound i 

a limb, imperfecl. 
12I1K1, c. I, uj iiuiKe lame, Ii, disahla or crippla. 
La'-med,* p. made taiue, duabled. 
Lani'-e), a. a very ihin plats or acate. 
I^ra'-d-lar, j a. lumied or diapueeil Id thin 
Liun'-el-lale,t plaiee uracalea. 
L«m'-el-li-loini, a. Iiaving the lurm oTa pliM. 
Lkioe-ly, ad. in a hailing nuntier, iniperfeLilr. 
Lfime-nea*. a. Inpaired alal " ' 

Lam'4nl4-hle, a. , _ 

Lain'-ent-a.bly, ad. wiiii aoRuW.jgrievoialr. 
Lara-ent«'-<Jon, n. eipraniua <u aomw, rrka 

lAin'-in,a.* ihin plate, a coat l^iruover anottiet 
Lam'-in-ar, i. coiMbling oT thin ptale* . 
lam'-in.a-lei'. a. plueil, lyiiuin pUlea. 
Lam'-mai, n. the Gnl day of Aiwuat. 
Lunp, H. a \tnK\ wiib oil lor light, a light. 
Lam p'-btafk, u a hne aoot coUeded icoin tL« 

amoke of burning leiitiotie aubalaacei. 
Lamp'-itB, n, a lump of Sub in Um laofsf a 


.. _ „'tCS" 

. -.woolly, having haiw like wool. 

Unce,a. B spear,B weapon of war tube Unown 
LSnno, b. (. lo pieii-e, to open wilh a tancsi. 
iJati-tK^* p. pierced, cut open. 
Lan'^e-o-br, a. lapering lonarda iheend. 
I^An'-re-n-lale. a. ghaped like a lance, tapering 

L^neh, t>.t. to caat, to dart, lo cauae tii alids 

Uinch, n. tlie eliJii^ ofc ahip into the water. 
Land, n. ground, countt;, legwti, a atrip uo- 

Uiiid, e.l. on*, to cone, aetiorpototi ahore. 
lAn'-dau,*.! four-wheeled carriage, whoae Inp 

nd'.od, a. havina land, coniiating in 
nd'-fiill, a.laiide«*eenaaa naael^ 

844 LAd 

nir, fjitl, whM, ptnt, n 
Land'-Snifl, n. ■ fluod on land, or from land, 

Land'-iurce, n, miliutrr ibma mrving on land. 
Lanil'-grava, n. a liennan cnuiil urprinre. 
lend-era'-vi-«to, n. ihs laniiory of a tanilgrive. 

Laod'-ioE, LoncV-ing-pUKOtii. B^!aMi to land 60, 
Leikd'-jo&'beTf n. one who ifffncutatea in land. 
Laiid'-la-ity, n. ihe mistma of an inn. 
Land'-loH, u. having nu Jand or «alaM. 
Land '-Lack, v.i. (0 inclote hy land. i 

Land'-Jock-ed,* p. abni in bj land. 
Land'4on9, n. iha lord nr ownar of land, nMar 

Land'-mikrk, n. a mnrii id' bounds I0 land. 
Laiid'-or-lica, ■. raioflice fur thadicpuaal oTland. 
Land'4csp«, a. a proipcol of* portion of land. 
Land'-alip, r. a portion of land ilidins down a 

Land'-|<'-grate, ( a. pi™™ of old iron ih 
Lan'.gral, ( ing nili and rigging. 
Un"g-iiogp, n. honun ipncb, eip 

u'liM, pin, btrd, miive. 

„ °r *«Ii 
LBn"g'uid, a. wcali, Unt,tmble, dull. 
Lan"g.uid-ly, ad. faintly, »™Hy, >lowly. 
Ijin"g.uid-neu, n. faLatiisaa. waakiWM, ilowneu. 
lAn"g-iii(h. a. i. lo dmop, to Iuh tigur. 
Tjui"g'Uieh'ed,* p. oi IjiHfuuih. 
Lan"g-ui» drooping, growing faint; a. 

having D langntd look. 
Lan"g-uiab-ii^4y, ad. waakly. meltingli 
Lan''g-uWi- --■...-- . s 


ljin"g-uor, n. faintnew, weakneM, laninida. 
La-nt^-o-roiM, a. prodocing wool. 
I^ink, a. thin, ilendtir, languid. 
Lonk'-neu, it. a want of tteah, thinnna. 
Lan'-onr, Lan'-r»r-«l, n. a aperiw of bawk. 
Lan'-Mm, a. a caae or tsumI for a mndle. 
La-nn'.^i-noiu, a. downy, containing fine aoft 

pg, aolfnBM a 

n. InbewvnuiM* in nligioo 

in of a COOL, ib« pwilbatlka 

Ldip-L-da'-Iion, n- act of aloning. [aioiMB> 

Id-pid'-e-Dua, a. aionVil^ka Btona,hanl. 
Lap-i-iI«*'-c«noe, n- ■ hanlening into atoBt, eg»- 

Lap'i-de8'-<;«nt, a. hardtning into alooa. 
Lap-i^lir-ie, a. Giming into Uona: [itoiM. 

Lap-poii'-ie, a. pertaining W Lapland, or Hit 

Lap'-psd,* f. (btded onr. [hi* tongn*. 

Ldp'-per, a. one that fold*, one thai lapa with 
Lap'-pat, n. pen of a garment hanging hMM«. 
Lap'-ping, /ipr. folding o(«r, lioking. 

ipse, H. ■ atip, a fall, a esuna 01 
lp«'-ed,*p. of Ijijar. 
tp'-dd-ed, a. havmg one »6a hf 

Liir'-lfuanj, n, tlie l«il hand >ida of a ahip. 
Ljir-ce-ny, n. tbelt, the taking of piuparty blo- 

I^trch, n. a traa nf iba genm Pima. 
LSrd, n. the lat (rf awine, mallad and t 

bom the flesh, banin. 
Liinl,E.f. toRlufTwith porit, fatten, mix. 
Lttnl-w, n. a place where meat ii kepi. 
LilrgB, o. bulky, wide, n,pioii». 
Larg'e-ly, ad. abundantly, eilenivdy. 
Larg^nem, n. gl«al liie nr «tenl, widenev 
lA^-eu, n. agifl, preeetit, donatiVB. 
Lark, n. a amall Ringing bird. 
Latk'-epur, n. a genus of plaiiU. [nie*. 

LHmi'.ier, a. the dn^qwr, jutting pajt of ■ «» 
Lar-vB, LHrva, n. an inwel in a nalaipillar slat* 
lar'.yni.n. the upp»r nan of tbe windpipe^ 01 

Irschaa, which modiilala the vuirs. 
Idi'-car, 71. a seaman in (he Eaii Indiea. 
Ia-aciv'-i«tu, u. wanlnn, Inniful, lewd 
La-*civ'-i-ouB-ly, ad. wantonly, IcwdlT. 

La-^civ'-i-oiK'ness, n, wnnionneH. 
Lwh, N.llielliiKiff Ufa whip, paLnike ivjth il 
v. (. tu stiike with ■ thoiig i>r whiji, sa 

n, ihnae, gem, a*, thin, thou 


Laali'-ing, p/ir. 

lineas, [anpiur of body. 
una, a. uiai, niiiilnuwi, TuLlLwin^ Ihe reil 
Liiat, V. i. Ill coniinue ur enilnre nilhnul perish- 
L&^CiL^ the last place or tinio, "-- 
Liist. R. fcimi to shape a shoe. 
liim-ing, pl>r. conriniiinglongi a. durable, that 

may continue long. ' 
L»<'h.f>. acalehroradoor. 
Lai^h. 0. Mo fasLen «iih . latfih. 
Ijiiih -ed,* p. made fajit whh a latch 
Ijiich «t. n. a faalenine Tur a shue. 
Late, a. nimiiig atiet ihe uiual lime, ilow. Dot 

long rent 
Late, ad hr in Ihe day or night, uiueasonably. 
T.iie-ly, ud. nut lohg ago. 
Liie-ness, n. a coming after the uiuii! time, 

La'-ler, a. mora late, pdtterinr. 
Lat'-e-ml. a. pertaining lu ihe aide. 
Idt'^-ral-ly, od. on uno aide, by ttie 4rde. 
lal'-e-ran, n. one of Ihe churctio-in Rome. 
Lat-6-ii-Io'-li.oiB, a. gniwtog on the aide of 

lAlha. n. ■ lumei'a machine for tiiming. 
LBlh'-er,n.fiulhorH>apan(l waler,rroitiy,incBt 
Lalh'-er. d. i. to *piea<l with taiber. 
l«lh'<r-ed,* p. ipre«d ovot with lather. 
Lfelh'-y, a. Ihin aa a lalh, iilender and lonl, weak. 
I^t'-i-clai'e, n. a broad stripe of porpla on the 

[At'-in,B, peilaining lo the Roman langiHigB. 
bl'.in, n. the ancient lanfiiagc of Komant. 
Lai'-iniim, n. an idiom of Ihe Latin lariguage. 
Lat'-in-iai, n. une well vcr^d in ihe Lalin. 


man loiwnagi 

lAt'-i'turie, n. breadth, room, Apace, diatance 

from Ihe equator, 
lat-i-tu'-di-nal, a. in ihe direction of latitude. 
Lal-i-lu-di-na'-ti-an, n. one who depari* from 
L«t-i-tUHli.n>'-ri-an, a. ujironlined. [unhuduiy. 
Lai'-ten, n. inin plate covered with tin. 
Lat'-ier, a, ihe taut of two, lato, mudent, 
Lai'-(er-l;, ad. in laie times ur ages, lalely. 
Ijt'-tiif, n. work coniiHling of croea ban, ■ 

window. [work. 

Idl'-iice, ». 1. to form wilh croaa bars or opec . 
L ~ teridalJoD, mniic. 

L 1 eitol. 

L vonhy, comrapndabla. 

lanifeai miitti, lo be gij 
loy eicite lailgfaler. 

1 latighler. 

1 ohjerl of ridicule. 

i-a'-lion, n. the act of cunferruiB a decroo 
... a wreath of laurel. ^ 

lau'-rel, n, the bay-tree of aeveral aneciea. 
Lau'-rcl^d,* a. decaraled with laurel 

,n. melted mailer E owing frum n wlcanoi 

tav'-n-to-ry, n. a place fcr a lotiun. 
Ijave, V. I, to waih, bathe, [throw out.] 

La'-vor, n. a large baiun fur n aahing. 
ljiv'-i«h, a. prodigal, waaiefnl, eitrnvagant 
[jLv'-jah, v.t. to wBBle, loacatlor profiMelj. 
I«y'-iab-ad>* p. iouaoiiaiHl, waaled. 
^ 31* 

mt, JgM. tfhp. ptfTi mM^bte, fin, blnj. n 

i>y'-tih-ly, ad. wiUi vraileful profii 

Lar'-uh-nHi, n. wagleTulnesa, pradigalit)'. 
Law, B, rule uf aclion or motion, iiMuie, ordtr, 

lew'-f^l, a. confomiBbU U- law, legal. 
Lew -fiil-ly, sd. in acronlai ce wiihlaw, togaHj. 
Law'-fiil-neM, n. legality, right by law. [I»w«. 
Idw'.giv-ec, lAvr'-niB-kei, n. one who n^Jum 
Law'-liMi, a. not reaintined by Uw,<]l»nl> ly. 
I**'-leM-ly, ad. without ihe raaltainta of law. 
ijkw'-\aa-ium, n. freedoni from ths reauainu o( 
uwn, n. ■ plain, s specieg uf fin" liiWD. (law, 
Lawa'-j, a. level ai a lawn, plain, 
l^w-auit, n. a proceas i:i law lo revover a righl. 


Lai'-H-livs, a, having the quality of nlisving 

the boweli from cuBiiveneat. 
Lex'-i-ly, Lai'-r.eea, n. laoKuyu, elacboea. 
I^y. u. (. p. and pp. tail! ; lo pol, placo, apply, 

wager, calm, bring eggs. 
Lay, n. a long, graiuy s^und, a waeer. 
I Lay, a. pertaining lo the laiiy, nal clerical. 
Lky-er, b. a ilialura, beJ, a 8(irig laid fur growlh. 
Lsy-ing, pfr. placing, apply mg, wagering. 
Uy'msn, n. a man not of the clerical o^ei. 
LSy.glAll, n. ■ heap of dung, or plBi« lor it. 
U zar, n. a person aOecIed with nsuaeuu* dii- 
la'-ior.houae, n. a hnuae for Inzara. tei 

Loi-a-rei', ) n. a pern bauae Iw dioeaied | 
Lai.a.rec''4D, J aoiu. 
La'-zi-ly, al. in a ■lolhTul manner. 
If'-ii-tieea, n. glnth, alu^giahneaa, indolence 
I^'-iy, n. alolliful, alugguh, averee to action 
I^B, Liy, h. a maaduw, plain, lawn. 
Laach, e. I. to waah, aa aahea by percolatior 
L^ch, n. wood aahea waahed by percolation of 

Ti(acl>-tub,n.aveeBeI in which achn are It 
Uicb-ed,* p. washad by percolation of i 
Lead, fl. a aofi metal, a plummet. 
T«ad, B. t 10 cover will] lead, u> cepaiaW, aa 

lines. Kith leada. 
L-adj'v. I. or t. p. and pp. lad; to go bolbra, 
. inida, paaa. 
Lm 1'-<d. o. oaniitdnc of lead, 

n, Ihe diitansa, n. oue whu leada, ur condn->a, a chk 
1-iii ppr. ^oing belbre, guidini;, paasini 

... chJBf, principal, raoHl innueniial. 
Lead-ing-elringi, a. atringi W lead ihildren. 
Leaf, B. pL Inevea ; pan of a plant, or How* 

part ofa book, and of a door. 
Les£ t. i. lo put forth leaves. 
Laaf*d,*p. of Lraf. 
Uaf-Ieaa, a. dnlilule of leaves. 
I^af-let, R. a small leai; a fuliule 
Uaf.y, a. full of leaves, thick. _ 
' iBgue, li. alliance of 

of three miles, [in L 

laguf , unite in confederacy. 
I..*agii-ed,* p. of lAaeat. ' 
L£agu4r, n. a cunfcderale 
henga-ingf'ppr. confedcmling. [pasa. 

r < w h , n. a crack or hole that admits a fluid u 
{.eak, B. i, to let a fluid in or out, escape. 
Leak^age, n, a leaking, allowance ibr waile. 
L*ak.ed,*p. ofl*!*. 

Leak-y, a. letting a fluid in or out, apt to leak. 
Lean, a. Ihin, slender as an animal, barreu. 
I<an, n. the muaculous part of Baib 
Lean, v. i. to incline, lo bend, lo rest qp- 
Lewilod,* p. uf Lfan 
I^an-iog, ppt. inclining, tending, 
LSon-neBt. ». vnutt of neah, thinneas, poomco. 
Leap, V. i. lo ipring, bound, rush, jump, vault. 
Leap, n, a jump, bouna, skip, apace leaped ovef. 
Laap.Bd," p. of Lmp. 
Leap-frog, n. a childish play. 
Leap-year, n. ever;; fonrtli year, hlsseitilis 
Leap-ing.^ipr. springing, bounding. 
Loam, c.i. or (, to gainTknowlclge oraWlL 
Lean:'-ed, p. obtained as ItnowleJge; a. TOmid 

Irtim', ad. wiilt eruJiiioii. 

Leum'-^r, n. one wlm ia ocquiring kiionledga. 

Leam'.ini', n, acquired knowlcdgR, erudition. 

Leaa.a-hle, a. that may be leaaed. 

Lease, n. r letting of land or lenementa fur Ul«. 

Leased,* p. lei for hire. 
Lease-hold, n. held by tease. , 


book, dOve, full, ute, «in, phHbe, g«n, u 



fjiuh, n a thong ur long line. 

Leu- [l<g, -1 liM, falMbood,! [£*«.) 

I^aii, a imallul ; ud. in the sniL'leal degrea. 

Lfialh-cr, l«lh'-er, n. ths ikin af tn tninul 


J,eflih'.«Ti, — 

IfinUi'-er-y, a. nwembling leather, loagh. 

I«ave, n. psnnimioii, liberty gmnieJ. 

Licavs, D. t. p. End pp.leliiUi qiiil, fbmke, de- 

sijc, Biop, bei|ueaui. 
L£av-ed,*ii. rtimiahcd wjlh leavea oribliage. 
f sour dougt) lor muung 

I md make liEht. 

d end made l^ht. 
L-cny-w, n, viva wiiu quitB or fcnahflff. 
r'^aV'ing,;j^.c|ai(ting,dfc«rtiriR, deaifttinl^fioB- 
Leav-ing«, n. pi. things left, ufftia, mniaini. 

Lech'-^T-oui, a. lustliil, given to lewdnfaa. 
Ijirh'-<r-oiu-ly, ad. lewjlj', laKlvioiulr. 
Lech'4r-oiu-tien.n. luil,pn>penHily to lewdnem. 
I^ch'-eT'y, n. lewdnsw. free indulgence of loil. 
fje^'tion, R. a reading, diffivence in coptee. 

t«c'-ture,i>.(.a(t lonndlnrturei.loreprinund. 

T^C-ture^hip, n. tiie office of a tecturier. 

led, p. and pp. of Lrad. 

LrA^r,, x. a (ay, a ridge, ■ molding an the edge. 

I*d^-er,n,BCliief bookof acaranli; leeLrger. 

Lee. n. liie lida uppoaile to the wind. 

I.eenh, n. a biuodiiieker, [a phynician.) 

Leek, ti, a plant with a bullioui root- 

Lecr. a. an ubliniw, or arch look. 

Leer, c. i. lo look id>liqaely or archly. 

L*er-od,* p. of Lrer. 

I,Per-ing, ijjir. canting a look askance. 

Lcer.iiig-rT. ad. with an arrh ^ook, 

», n. jj. dregs, sadimenl of liquor, [hlowa. 


Lee'*ule, n. the ride of a ihigi oppHite th 
Ler'4idD, x. a tide running with the wii 
Lee'-ward, o. penaining tii the part on the lee. 
Ln'-wanl, ad. tonanis the tea. 

U^w•^ -'- 

Left, p. and pp. of Leatc 

tjeft, a. oppoBiie to the right, tinludi*. 

Left-hand'-ed, a. uatng ths Ijft hand with motl 

Leg, n, a limb which sopporla Ifaa body. 
Lt«'-a-*y, n. a beqiieai, what is lefb by wiU. 
Le -gsl. a. done eccurding Id law, lawful. 
Le.^'-i-ty, n. lawfulnew, ronformity lo law. 
Le'-gal-lie, v. I. to make lawful. 
Ls'-ga!-[-ieil,*y.aullKiriud bj law. 
Le'.gaMy,!!^ lawfully, in accordance with law 
Idg'-sie, n. an embasBadoi of the pepe. 
Leg-e.|e«', n. one who haa a legacy. 
t<^-a4lTie, a. belon^nit lu a tegote. 

U rm.i mil Lo end. 

Ifnglb'-ni, r. '. or i. lo £ruw or idbIis langer. 
Lrn|(tli''ai-«d|* p. etlmoed, made longer. 
Itigth'-wue. tfo. indincUiHi of the length. 

Lm'-j-tive, 0. >Miiuiv«, eaiing, mitUmiag. 
Ij'ii'-i-iive, R, an (sauuive >pplicatkin. 
Lcn'-i-ty, n. mililttnc, merry, lendemew. 
L«ni>, n. n glw thai loagnlAea or duniniiliei 

Lerii, p. BndiDp. or /mil. lulyecu. 

Lem, B. tlie time uf faiting fortj d»yi. 
Len-iie'-ii-lar, a. reaOfaliling a lontil, or lent. 
Len'-til, n, ■ plant and iu aeRl, memhlin^ ■ pea. 
ifti'-llsk, n. the mssticl^tne, a Tragnnt wood. 
Len'-lor, n. tenaHty, Bizinfaii, alowima- 
Le'-it-nine, a- haviiig ihe qialiciefl rfa lion. 
Leop'-ord, n. a ipoued ra|ucinui qHidrupeiJ. 
inlarted wiih leproey. 

Idp'-o-rJne, a. pntDJiii 

B<«, charactoized 

hy dry, whiiR icurfy •calei. 
Lap'-niua, a. afleried wiih Itproty. 

Leg-aue', n. one Iu whom n leam ia mnda. 
heaa'-tn, d. i. ur I. Iii diminish, becuniD leM. 
Leu'HRi-ad,- p. midn emiijler..lmi;ii»hed. 
LeB''i)Qn, H. a [lonion ofa book learued, or to ' 

Le'-lhe, a. ibrgflrtrul'nc«. fAUvb.'!.' 
lA4lie'-an, a. InducinE ileep or obllvi 
M-UuT^r^Nu, B. di«3ly, ill - 

menMige, a printing type, a 
iMf-at, V. I. lo namp wiUi li 
l*l'-ier-ed,*p. <lnmp«l wiili 

tjA'-ier-prein.ti. telien anil uoiua 
I.£t'-iars, n. pL lenrnlrig, Ijlfntuire. 
Lei'-lurp, n. a gciiui of planu, h 

aome nf them 

a panirulor aon of a ilk. 

Lov'-ee, n. 





I, lake 





^ M. eve 

iieaK, eijual 


Lev'HMi-l'lc, a. ilial may lie kvleil or inpoaed 
Le'Vi'-a-Uian, n. a lergB wa onimaL a 
Ler'-tnl,*^. raiae<], mlletled. 
Le^''-i-gate, v. L lo reduce ^o a (ine powd^ 
Lev'-i-ga-ting, ppr. reducing lo a powd*r. 
I*v-i-g8'-iioH, n. rhe ai-t lit rednciiig Ui a fi"-" 
l*'-vlie, n. one of llie Iribs i>( l.cii. Ipuwitei 
te-vii'-itol, a. perlBining lo the L^iileB, c>r i^ 

[he Jemsli migion. 
Le-vil'-ic.'ia, r. a buuk of the Okl Teaiament 

cunlainiiig Ifw lawa uf Mimea. 
■.er'-i-ly, n. lightneas, Inconatonry, vanilr 

Lev'-y.i.ig, ppr. iBiaing, cullecting. 
Lev'-v,n. art of miBing money or Iroona. 

Ijiwd'-ly, ad. lusifiilly, viaijionly. |lu«i. 

e, full, in 

[J'-a-ble. a, aulyect, eipoaed, rcajM 

Ii'-a-bl»-nns, j A. B ainie af being unmn, ieb 

Ll-i-bil'-i-ty, ( punnibilicy. 

Li'^ar, n. one who iiuen fabehocxt lo deceive. 

li'ha'-liun, n. an oBering o( wine, the liquor. 

LI'.bet, Ti. a tlcfaniBlory Hriting, 

Li'-bel, v.t. la ilefDine by wriling, lo imtituw i 

_.._ ... iringa a libeL 

Lj'-bel-etti* p. deJamed in wriling. * 

Li'-bel-ing, ppr. deruniing, tfaareitig. 

IJb -e-ral. a. Tree in giving, generous, eethatic. 
Lih^-rsl'-i-ly, n. generoaily, munificence. 
Lih'-e-ral-ly, a4. genecuusly, freely. 
Lib'-e-rale, e. (. lu releaiie from conftnemem. 

Ijb'-e-n1'j'»d,* p, made liberal. 
Ub'-er-B'Uu-, n. one whu liberuLea. 
Lih'^r-tine, n. a (ti«aulute man, a freed man. 
Lib'-er-tin-iiiD, n. Iieenliuuiine« of life. 
Lib'«My, n. freedom, unntHion, privilege. 
Li-bid'H-nuui, a. liunful, lirenlinua, lewd. 
Ii-l>id'-i-naua-l]r, ad. lu^ully. 

Li-hra'-ri-aniR.une wbu tuucbargeof a library. 
Li-hni-ry, a. a collection i>l' boolia, plsro for 

IJ-hniln, V i, to poiae, lo holonee, 

n, chaiae, gem, at, tliin, Ihou. 
Liek'-er-iih, a. nice, clclirate. 
Uck'41-iih-neeg, u. nironew Id Ihe 
Uy-ot-lrt. nVTbBlaamic plant and 

vtof hdanring, eiiuipaise. 
navuig liiie a balance. 

Iji-e, pi. Dl Imuw. 

l,i'.renHe, n. permission, liberty. 

I,i'-ren«e, v.t. to permit, gram leave, aulhorize. 

t J'H'ena-ed," p. perniitte<l^ authuriKed. 

li'-i-enB-e/, n. one wbu gninu permiBHioD. 

IJ<cen'-liBie, n. one who htu a license. 

linvn'-limiB, T. Inoee in '"' "' ' 

with ui 

I lilier 

Lli-k, B. f. to touch with the longnc, Ui lap. 
Uck, n. a sltvke, a place where beaiia lick lor 

Utk'-«d,* p. beatao, nibbod with Iba loDgna. 

Lid, R- a cox'er fpra n»t, cheai, r>r oilier vebael- ' 
Lte,n.Bnunlmlb',urlaJiieliutid uttered lo deceive 
Lie, V. i. lo uiter fabebood tor decectibn. 
iJeil,* y. of lit. 
Lie. D.I. p. ley; jip latn.tieni toreat,lesn,stay, 

remain, lodge, coni<rst. 
Lief, ad. eladfy, willingly, freely ; a. loveil. 
lii^ge, a. houiiil by tenure, lo be faiihfuL 
Lien, n. a legal cleim. 
Ll'.*ii4e.ry,n. a m-irbid Hiii. 

Ijeii, n. gisad, |iiece. behalf 
Lieli-ien'-an-cy, n. Ihe office of a lieutenant. 
Liea-lrn'-anl, n. a deputy, viceruy.anufricerneii 

bebw a CDptain. 
Die, n. Bstateol beitiganimtiled, orliving,ener 

gy, spirir, eiail lik«]«a, hiilory uf lifia. 
LiTe-blopd,!!. blood necasary uilife. 
Llfe-gtHitid, n. a prince'a biHl^ guant. 
Life-leu, a. void of life ur spirit, dulL 
Life-le».|y, ad. in a dull spiritlen manner. 
LIfe-leu-iieu, n. duUnew, heavineH. 
IJfe-lImu, n. ihe cuntinunnce of life. 

lalled, el'-tiot) n. act uf binding. 

Lig'.a^ure. n. a bandage, iluit whirh hinda. 

Light, n. the mailer or ogenl by which we lee, 

Ijght, a. bright, nol heavy, nimWe. 

Uuhi, D. I. tu give lighl, illumineui, kindle, eau, 

dtvcentl, aettle, reat. 
I.ighl-ed, p. kindled, illuminnled. 
Lighl-tn, t. i. lo flash wilh light. 
LiEht.fn, i>. (. 10 make light, illuminate, mak* 

Tiihler, alleviate. 
Llghi-er, n, one that kindle*, a large lioat. 
Light-er-mon, n. one who mnnngai a lighwr. 
I^ht-fin's-ar^d,* u. ibiBvitL, tluiwmjTf, 

r, ^H, viiiM, puj, m 

ttu ng, ■ 

ily, wilh le 

Llfht'fbnt4d, a. nimble, awiriof (bo 

Light-lieuil-ed, a.deliriuua,lhaiighll( 

Light-hearl-eil, a. free fnim care, n 

L^ht-Kone, n. tighi-armed 

Llghl-huoiw, n.a niii ~ 

Ljght-lf , ad. nil) 


L^hl-neiiii, n. lei'it;, bnghuien. 

LlgliMling, n. * Seiih or iliiehirge i-f electrici^. 

LIgliU, n. /J. lungs, organB uf bnalhing. 

Ijght-ianu, u. luminaiu, gay, [:heering. 

lig'-ncHHU. a. wuuilen, lihe wuod. 

Lig'-ni'G>nn, a. rewmbliag wiiod. [fjxne wood. 

[jg'-ni-r^, D. (. Of i. Ui cunVBfi into wood, be* 


!f, probubfy. 
IJkc, K e. lo be plevnl with, approve, letiih, 
Llk-eu,* p. approved, , 

Like-li-hood,*. probability. 
Llke-]i-neaa,n. probabilii^, good appearanre. 
LIke-ly, a, probable, hnvinj good quulitia. 
LlK-^niV. t. lo make like, compare. 
Llh-nL'ed,*p reeembletl, <M)inpiired, 
Uke-neH, a. reeombliuite, Torm. 
Lihe-wiM, ail. in like manner, atao. 
Li'-king, ppr. ipproiing, reliiliing. 
Ll'-blng, n. inclinatiun. healihrul ap 
iJ'-lae, B. t flawering ahruh. 

Lir-ied,a. emiwitiiihed with liUoa. 
Lil'-y, n- a beaolirul lluwer. 
Ll-mn'-tiun, n. Ibe acl of poliihlng, or filing. 
Ll-ma-ion, n. a fillnj, particles rubbed off. 
lAiah, B. a member, joini, bougl., edge. 
lim^ V. '. lo give limbe lo, lo difcmeiaber. 
Lin]V-e4, a- Kmied with limba. 
ljm'-b«, a. eaiil.T benl, iupple, plteble. 
Lim'-b«r-iia^ n. fleiibiliij, pliancy. 
UmV.|eBF, a. dea'ituie orilmhi. 
Lim'-bo, n. llie bordera i>r liell, 

iJnie, n. die linden tree, ui acid Tmit. 

Llma^ui, n. a kiln for burning lime. 

B bound, bonier. 

Ijm'i^er, n. one whi> coktra or painli on j 

ua porii ji-|iairitfr. 
Lim'-ning, fair, nainimg in watarcnlon. 
U'-moiu, a. like m>id, aiimv, miiddr. 
Liinp,r.j. loivnlk lamely, lo halt. 
Lirap'-od," p. of Lvnp. 
Lim'.pel, n. a thetl adhering to Tockf. 
Lim'-pid, a. clear, tmnnparBNi. 

Lunp -ing, /ipr. walking tamely, FiBlling. 
Ijmp'-ing-ly, ad, in a hairing manner. 
Li'-my, a. containing, or like lime. 
Lincb'pin, n. an iron pin to keep a wbeel OD. 
Lin'^len, n. the lime tree, the leil tree. 
Line, n. * Hiring, extension in length, a ytirwB, 
the equator, order, prugma, the iwuliUi of aa 
Line, V. I. to cow:r on tbe inside. [inch 

Ll'-ned,* p. covered on Ibe inside. 
Ijn'-e-ate, n, a race, family, deacont, pedigree. 
Lm'-e-ul, a. being in a ditect line, conipoired oi 

Lin-e-al'-i-ty, n. (be state of bring in n line. 
Lin'-e-nMy, ad. in a direct line. 
Lin'4-B-ment, n. outline^ feslure. [der. 

Lin'-e-sr, n. pertaining- lo a line, like a line, alen- 
LJn«-a'-tion. n. dmiight, delintaiion. 
Lin'*n,<i. madeofflai or bemp. 
Un'.en,'.. cloth offlai or hemp 
Lin'.«n-drB-per, n one who deals in linen. 
Ling,n. a Inige sea fish, slung grass, heuh 
Un''g*r, V. i. lo delay, loiwr, !besilala. 
l4n"g*r-ed,' p. of Ijn^ir. 
Lin"g*r^ng, ppr. loilenng, delayiM. 
tin"g-Br-ing-ij', ad. letliouely, slowly. 
Lin"g-ei, n, a small mass of metal. [tMlk 

Lia"g-ua-dnu'-al, a. formed by tbe longua and 
Ijn''g-aB-fiimi, a. having the ahapeofthalougua. 
|jn"f'UaI, a. peitalnlng to the longuB. 

4book, d flvB, %11, MB. cut, HiMaa. tam, ■>, th i n, Chou. 

Lin''f-uiit, a. a prriDn ikilled in languagea. 

Li'-ning, n. 1^ 

Ijnk,>i. port I . , 

link, «. (. lo connect by Lnlu, to uniia cIowIt- 
Link'-bor. •>■ a boy who carries a torch. 
Lin'-nel, n. a small ungiiig bird., 
Ijn-Hy-Wiwl-Hy, a. made of linen and wool. 

lin'-tal, n. the head pioc« of ■ dooi frame. 
linl'-Med. n. Ilai Med, 
Li'-on, ». a fierce, rapacioiu auadniped. 
L!'-<Hi4Hi, n. a femajii lion. 
LI'4n-like, a. bold, fierce, 
lip, B. the bonier nf the moulh, edge. 
Ij|>, E. (. to aalute uilh the lipg. [hear 

lip-dn-TD-tiuii, n. prayer in words, not fitim lb 
Lip'-Ii-bor, n. words without seniimoiti. 
li.poth'-y-my, n. a fainting, swooning. 
Lip'-ped," a. haTing lips, labiate. 
Lip'-pi-tndf, n. Ktrenesi of eye«. 
lip'-wis-dom, it. wisdom in talk only. 
Liq'-UG-ble, a. that msy be melted. 
Ll-qoa'-tion, i>. act of meliine. 
liq-ue-lae'-lion, n. pfocess of nielting, 
Iiq'-ne-fl-a-b!e,a diai may be melted, 
Ii(]'-i»-fl-ei, n. that which diB>a1v«. 
Lii]'-ue-fy, D. t. or I, to melt, disaolre, becoin 

Lui'-ue-fy-ing. Fpr nielting, becoming liquid. 
J4|ues'-cen-cy, n, aplncsg to melt. 
J.qiiei'Hxni, D. melting, disiHilvuig. 

q'.Did,a. nurd, that fl< 
i|'-uid, n. a fluid or Qoh 

, j n. the quality of being liqtiid, 

a liquid, Btrong lirink. 
' 1. 10 clip words in prununciatkn. 

f-ing, ppr. uttenng with ■ li.p, 

^, ad. wuh a lup. 
i,M.„ti. (. loennjll for lervipe, cover with liil 
lint, n. a roll, strip of cloth, lillel, plate for 

DDt'^al, p. covered with ■ liit, ineloKd, enrolled 
Lisf^l, n. a fillet, in archiiectum. 
Liii'-ai, V. 1. 10 hearken, hear, attend to. 
Lut'-m-edt p. of LiMen. 
Lie'-lm-er, n, one who liileni, 
Lisl'-er, n. one who marfis ■ lisl or roll, 
List'-lees, a, indiffereni, heAllen, cartlcn. 
lisf -less-ly, ad. without aiu ntrun. 
Liat'-lean-nflsii, n. indiffeienco, insnvnti-in. 
lil'-a-ny, a. a form of publir nm jer. 
Lit'-e-ral, n. accurding la the lettor. 

Lit'-e-ral-iy, ad. 

Lil'-fl-ra.lure, n, learning, skill in letim, 
Lith'-arc^, n. on uiyd of lead, lead and oiyectL 
Ijihe, a. pliant, fteiihle, limber. 
LlOie-nesB, n, fleiiliility, plianpy. [phy. 

Lith4g'-ia-nher, n. one who practires lithogrs- 
"" rraph'-ic, n. p. - ■ ■- " ■ 

Ijih^)I'ji-Ey, n. the natnrat hiatorr nf atnnea. 
Iith4Tk-ihryp'-tic, a. hating the qaalttv of 

diisoliing the aloBe in the bladder. 
Lilh-et'-o-mist, n, one who mits for liie nione. 
LlthHif-o-myi n, thn oeeration orcntiitiL Ibriht 

— -=- -'-bladder. 

w.. [lotttf. 

Lit- .i-gant, B, 

, mute, ascertain. 


Ii.(i^-i4ua, a. inclined lo lawniits. 

li-lig'-i-oiB-nea. n. diapotition lo engapin bw. 

Ut'-mtia, n, a blue pigment fbmwd nnm arehS- 
lit'-ter, «. I. to briiig fanh. lo ■raner wMi ecr^ 
lit'.Mr, n. a carriage, atiaw, a brood of ptgi. 
Lh'-ler^,* p. brought forth, Kattend ; a. eo- 

Bar, fall, wim, pny. nuaVne, pi 

ill degree or ijuaiuity. 

li-lUT'-ip-eal, a. peruiriing lo b lilurgy. 
Lil'-uiigy, B. I (onnularr of public pnijioti. 
Uve, V. i. io MbiJo, dweiK ba ajumHied, exiat 
Live, a, living, having Lie, containing firs. 
Uv'-«l,-p. i^Lioe. 


livWwitn, n 

Uv e-rt. 1. a 

k, active, uprightly, cheeifuL 
a lively, hnak manner. 
wIh> Uvea, pan of the eniranii, 
. plunU of levetBlspecieailichen 
[lelivery of poueuion, • drew, 
1. one who wean a liv«7, a free 

a liable when horaca ar 

or on rondilion ihal an ei|dlval«H nhall bi 

ney fiir the public, pay intenwt, &e. 
Ijian-ot-B-cer, n. one wbu keepa a loan ofliBe. 

, «. pi.of/x«/: 

a hrovy fellow, enrnplliiiii heavy. 
I. lo lei fall heavily or lazily, 
e, Lo' bftd," ( 

a part of (be li 

igTf foN 
,and of' the I 


kept Ric hire. 

Uve^iock, n. cutle, hanea. and other animali. 
[JV'icf, a. diBeoluredbyabniiae,blackaiid blue, 
liv'-id-nnn, n. ■ livi-i color or aiaie. 
Liv'-iTi«,;i^.dwelUng,ra*iding,eiiuiiigi a.con- 

tinuolly flowing, quicliening. 
Uv'-ing, n. means of HUbaifitenRe, ■ bmefice. 
Lii-iv'-i-al, a. made from lye, impregnated wi Ji 

LiK'iv'-i-ate,v- 1. lo impreintBle with alkalmeflBlta. 
I ii-iv-i-a'-tioD, ■. act of liiiviuing. 
Lii-iv' i-um, n. a )ye froin uhe* ami water. 
Iji'4r!, n. a genua of animala with ft naked 

bddy iiul four feet. 
U,ei. Ijuk: aee! behold! 
I^ieeh, n. a amall fiih. 
tVtad, n. dut whiiih is carried, ^ burden. 
LOad, V. I. p. loaded; pp. loaded, loadeni lo 
freight, charge, incumber. 
fpr, burdening, charging. 
Md-ing, n. a ca:^o. charge, burden. 

ir maaa of bread. 

flan, a. act uf lendinE, the thing lent. 

lOam •• I. to leiul, lo oeliver tor tafoporuy oae. 

Lob'-bv, a. 

Lobe. B. a, ^, ... _ __,_ 

Lob'-atBT, n. a erualafeoua Sab. Tcolyledon 

Lo'-ral, a. peruining or limiitd lo a place. 

Lo'-tal-ly, ad. wiib respeoi lo place. [nf. 

Lo'-aUe, p. (. to place. or8el,desigriatP the place 
Ij>-ca'-4ion, n. the act of placing. aituWion. 
Loch, R. lake, a hay or ami uf the aeo. 
Luck, n. faatening fur a dwir. &e, part uf a i — 
luli of hr -^ ' -— - - 


woriia 10 confine w 

Lock. o. (. 10 fasten with a Vh, lo form locks. 
Lock'-agB. n.materislH fur liu'ka. works forlucha, 
Lock'-cd.* p. fnatened, closely embraced, [toll 

Lock'<et, n. an omnmcnuil fo'^k, a catch, 
luck'^mm. n. a aperies of coarae lir>en. 
[^k'-amith, n. a maker of lucka. 
Lo-ro-mo'-iHin, n. act of chengitig place. 
Lo-eo-mo'-tive, a. having power lo move. 
Lu-eo-iDO-tiv'-i-ty, n. the puwer of changing 

Loe'-u-lR-ment, n. a cell for iweds in a plant, 
Lo'-Cilsl, inaeel verydeatruclive (oherbag* 
Lo'-cual-lree, «. a tree used fur timber. 
LMe-stune, n. an ore of inm, a magneL 
Lodge, n. a small house, a den, a cave for sleep. 

Lodge, 1. 1. or i. to real at night, dwell, place, 
I>idg'-Bl,* p. placed, deposited, leid flat 

ling for 

Ig'-pr, n. one who Uvea U board, c 
[g^ir.g, pjir. bmirding, realirif 

Luif-i-'.y, oil. hkhlj, proud!;, Riblimrl) . 
I^A'-i-n«, It. uiitDckv prides hauahniien. 
Lofi'-y, a. nigh, proud, itatclj, luUime. 
Log, n. a Iteavy piece of unheweiJ wuod, ■iti» 
chine tor nMuuring tba npidil} uT ■ ahip'i 

, rhaiw, geniiSh thin, (liou, 
Long'-mg, ppr^ ba^'ing nrm 
l^ng'-ing, n. an PoniHl deair 
Long'-ing-ly, atL with eager f 
Inn-iin'-<)i4i-ly, n. long diiuu 
Long'-iah. a. aumewhal lung, 
Lon'-^.tudB.ii.disI " 

khead, ■ stupid relloff- 
nadeoflog.. '* 

Lo^-ie, B. ihe art of thinking and 
Log'-ie-al, a. Bcpording to the ndaa of logic. 
Lo^-it-ai-iY, ad. hy llie nilo of lugic. 
Lo-gi'-cian, n. ■ pitnun veiaed in logic. 
[Ag'.line, n, a line to m«aaure a ihip * way. 
lo^o-gr»ph'-i», a. penaining to lopigiaphy. 
lo-gog'-ra-phji'B. a mode of printuig in which 
■ ivord. fwmdi. 

> rontfinda ahont 


m about worda. 
a vtund much uned in dyeing. 
~~*, itie bark «f ui animal. 

Loit'-er, D.i lo linger, delay, be idle. 

IjiW-tr-ed,' p. dflnlltr. 

Loit'-eNer, n. one who luilMa, an Idle petaon. 

Loil'-«r4ng, ppr. iinniripg, moving ikiwly. 

Latl,*.i.or[, to lean hangout ihe longae. 

Loll'-ed,*p. ofto/l. 

Lull'^iDg, ppr. ''vning, radining. thniaUng ont 

Lone, ". nngk, •nlltarr- [>ha longua. 

Une U-neaa, •>. •i,.ilannn«, ■ being alone. 

lane-iy, a. lalitary, mired. 

LOne^fioM, n. aoliiary, aerluded fram Mtdety. 

Long, a. ertended (o a gnat length, tedioiia, am- 

tinuad, lingering. 
Long, ad. to a gput eitem in ipaee or tkse. 
Long, e. i. lo deaira eerneMly or eagerly. 
Lon'ic-B-nlni'-t-tT, N. loig torbaerance, patienoa. 
Lonr'-bOal, n. tRe largnt tiual uf a ship. 

Loii"g-eat, a. moat lOi^ or extended. 
Lon'^um, ad. for the grcslcal at 
Lon-ea'-vni, a. long Dred, 
Ltm-lev'-i-ty, n. length of !i 
Ltm-i& •oiia. a. Hvtn^ a long i 
Long'-head-od, a. bavmg e-~- 
btn-«iin'-a-noaB, a. havint 
LoB^iu'-MiTiib lb* ait si 


lei^. " llenglh. 

Lon-B-m', mi. in the dirertion of the 
(<a>g^-iIv-ed,*a.]iTFng or enduring Ring 

Long-ptim'-er, n. a aonof pfiiUMiilype. 
Uing'-glghi.etl, u. able to aer a great (iiaianca 
long-ani'-fer-anee, <i. forhetuancc lo puniih. 
Long-inf'-i^rns, a. bnnng iiuuriea puionlr 
Loiq-wind'-cd, a. lediniia, pmlii. 

Iiiiib'.v. n. nn BwknarJ penon, a lubber. 

cl the eye, behold, Hah lor, ip- 

Look, R. view, nppat 
Look'-edrp. of La)k. 

Look'-klg-glKaa, n. a miinii uihl nmnia uui||«. 

Loom, n. a weaver'! flame. 

Ixwm, e. i. to appear elevated or larger. 

LoiHn''ed,* p. at Loom. 

Loon, n. a aintple Mion, ■ finri. 

Loop, n. a noeee tor a ropn, or itriDi. 

Loop'-hole, n. a hole lor a atring. 

Looae, d. C to untie, reUi, relwNi, open. 

Loom, a. unbound, not tight ur cloaei In, 

Looa'-«d,* p. releaaed froni mtiaint, tmbound 
Looa'-ing,^. Ireeinglronireatninlorliiedmaa. 
Looa'e-ly, lU. >a a li.aie manner, n^igently. 
Looa'-en, •>. (. to free fnim eonlinein«ait, relai. 
Lnoa'-en^d,* p. fned &oh] tightn«ea- 
Looi.'-m-ing.ppr. freeing frora tighmaaa,Dpniing. 
Looa'e-neu, H. Inedom trom tigbmeaa, laiiiy 

Lcp, D. i, to cut riiolt 1 m. a branck cut off, a flea. 
Lope, n. leap, a lung itj^p. 
Lopof n. 1. to leap or run with a long atep. 
Lop'-ped,* p. cut olT, abortened. 
t«p'-pii«,ppr. cutting nffitTionening. 
Ijjp'-ping. a. that which ia cut off 
Ij>H{iis'-cioua, a. talkative, gemiloua. 



Biir, Ollli Kb^ picyi murine, iija, bird, nkive. 

me supreme ituier. 
I^rd, E. i. lo (lamiocer, ui nils haughtitr. 
lA.nJ'-li-ne«, n. haughiineu, « iluaiiaeermg. 
LunJ'-Iing, n. ■ peiiy tanl. 
Ittni'-]y, u. pniud, hau)rhly, in*i>leat. 

Lure, H. lemming, Jiicuine, iiuinH-tiun. 
Lur'-i-eale, e.(. to plaie or cover over. 
I^ui-i-en'-Uoil, ]>■ a cuverinf wiih {ilale, &«. 
Lorn, a. lunely, funaken, Cirlom. 
l^jH, V. '. p. uid jm. khiL '^ 

liJ<-ing, f;pr. lufliirLng 

id pp. kHi ; to eufior too, bll, 
liirbii, bswilder. 
vho Iowa, or hai itiflered lam. 

Lew, ■. privition. ruin, drteat, w-Mte. 

LiHl, p. nuiltud, mined, brfeiMd, bewildered. 

Lot, n. bnuae, uua, ponioa, iihara, cbaaet, 

Lat, V.I. to BUot, u ihan, dlHribula, auign. 
Lute, n. ■ plant, tJie l(iis-lne,B IikIi. 
l^th, a. unwilliog, not incliaed, reluclattt. 
Luthe, e. (, lu have eitrama avanian lo, hui 
LaCh-«d,' p. hatad, abhorred. [ibhu, n. one that luihea or abhon. 
Lalh.ful, a. Iiaiing, diwuiinf . . 
Ldlh-liig, /ifN'. iMJing dugnit, hadng. 
Ulh'ing, n. ajElreme aveniun or dugvat. 
I/Hh'ing-I]', ad. with eitterae diignBt. 
Loth -ly, ad. Hnwillingly, iduclanUT. 
[iMh'-iHHa. n imwjllingnen, diintat. 
' ' " ■■ .- ^oflanaiva. 

.!«•(. n. oflFiiHiBnin. 
ui'.iion, a. a waehing, a meilipjaal wwh. 
liUt''le-r)F, a. a diitribwwnurpriiea by cbanott. 
LiiMJ, 1. nuiay, higliHiuuniting, rlamonHia. 
Liiud'.ly, ad. rvmiiy, clamoioualy, viulentlj. 
LoiHl'-neai, a. a great aound or noiaa. 
Luii^, n. |luk,I a lake. 
LoiiiaHrot, *. a Fimnh gold coin, equal to fbui 

LiHulfg, a. (. lu hiiler, to be idla. 
I.oiiiii'-acl,* p. of LoHnee. 
Ia4in|['4r, ■ a loiterer, a laxy penon. 
Liiuiii'-iDg, ppr. ipendin; time in idleaeM. 
Louaa.^ Goa , an inaect (hat infiMi thabodj. 

Loui'-i-ly, ad. in a mean and dirty maiinar. 

LuDi'-i-neai, sbuundini; with lice. 

Diua'-y, a. awarming witb Uoe, roean, dirty. 

Luut, n. a cloivn, an avkkward penon. 

Luul'-iBh, a. ckiwiiiih, tjunuy, awliu'Brd. 

LSv-a-ble, a. that may be toved, wuitby of lov* 

L<jv.age, A. a planL 

LAve. D. t. lu i]wanl H'iib afleclion. , 

LilvB, n, an eflectiun eiciieU by beanly, woitli, 

or whniever in pliaiuru. 
LfiV4d,* p. n^ardad Hiin aTeclion. 
U^ve-Aitut, H. a knut omblemalical c^love. 
Uve-lna, a. doaiituie at love. 
l/ive-let-ler. n. ■ iMlnr uf cuurtahip. 
LOve-li'ly, lid. m a luvoJj' manner, anuably 
Litve-U-neai, a. the qualiliea Ihal excile lovo. 
yW(i.lom, tt. fonaLen by one^a U'Ver. 
Utve4y, a. ociting luve, anuablo. 
tfiy-^, »■ on* who luvea, a auiioi, a friand 
LSve-aick, a. languubing throucb .ova. 
L^ve4ong,a. a long expmaing love. 
LDvaninit, n. wliciiatkni in maniage. 
LBvMala. ■. a narrative of Ivva. 
l/>v»4a.kea, n. a pceaeni in inkea of lova. 
t>tv-u«, ]^. and a. aflentiimatc^ Ibnd. 
LiW-uig-klnd-neai, a. lender imnl, nMfC)>. 
LOv-ing-ly, ad. londh '' * 

Liiw-bom, n. tmm In luiv lite. 
Law-hmd, n. vulgar, groo, ruda. 'nnk. 

ljiw-«i, e.f.ori. to eaoae lo deacaod, let aown, 
Uw^.r-ed,* p. let down, it^ ' 

Low *r-uq(,ppr. Bf 

Low'.er-ing-ly, ad. oluudily, gloanuljr. 
(/^w-or-mciiM, e. loweat,de^ieai, being uiiilaralL 
Low'-»t-Y, a. cloudy, threatening nin. 
l^iv-ing, ppr. bellowing aa a cow. 
I>lw-ing, ■. the noiM oTiiw ai. 
Law-laad, a. lanil low and flat. 
Ll)w-li^ieai^ii.beedomrnH pride, hamblMMI*. 
LamAj, a. hunblaw n^tk,nma 

book, dSve, full, u*e, con, chabo, gnm, af, Ihin, Ihoo. 

Li>w.i)f, ad. not I: 

Iiuw-«pir'-j|-ed, n. voiJ of apirii, coal down. 
iJiw-wtMs, R. [he Hnl run ul'th« alill. 
luy'-»l, o. bithful lo s [Tino^ or to duly. 
Loy'-sl-bt, n. onto latthlul to hia kins. 
Loy'-aMy, ad. with Hdelilv lo ihe king. 
Loy'■a^^, n. fidelity lo a king, or 'Kiuan. 
Lra'-«i|«, N. a fiKure, oniamelii in brillianla. 
Los'-en^-ed,* a. niHlein the ahapa ufa luumes. 
Loi'-eng-y, a. coveted njlh l'«enge>. 
Lub'-ber, ■. ■ lazy, alonbr fellow, a down. 
Lub'-ber-ly, a. buJky BiuTlaxyiclunuy. 
Lati'A>er-f/,ad. clumiily, laxily, awkwardly. 
Lu'-hrie, a. haTint > ■■aodh auriace, wavering. 
La'-bri-nnt, n. ibal which make* ilippeiy 
Lu'-bri-cati^ «. I. to make altppery. 
Lu'-bri-ta-tiug, par. making imooih i a. adapted 

lo make amuolh. 
I^i-bnc'-l-iy, n, Bnoolhnaia, alippatinau, pro- 

penalty to lewdnsM. 
Lu'-bri-eoua, a. aUppary, wavoing, wanton. 

feMAiaci i "■ ■» ''~^ ■»»* 

Lu'-cant, a. aliining, bright, ludd. 
La-nm', n. a fl»Dt coIUTatad lor toddar. 

A'-cid, a. clear, brichi, gliUering. 
. Ji'-cid-iiena, a. brighlneai, cleanwaa. 

A'-ci-ler, n. Ihe pluial Vcnui, Saun. 

JMif'^^'"' t "" ■^""'i''* %'''» giving light. 

4ick, n. chance, scddeut, tbnune. 

4>ck'-i-ly, ait. by good chance, fbitimataly. 

•oek'-i^Haa, a. good (bfuuta, aucccaa. 

ArJi'-leaa, a. D^iHtiiule, unhnpirr. 
Lnck'- J, a. ibnunaM, anooeaaful, favorable. 
Lo'-era-tive, a. pioGlable, gainliil. 
Lo'-fT^ a. [Inler,! pRifil, gain, advantage. 
JLA-crif'-ir,Lu-enf '41-0111, a. ^infal. nrofltable. 
Lii'-en-brale, «. 1. to atudy by candle Light. 
Ln-eD.bra'i4ian, n. atndy by the lamp, compoal- 

liun by lamp light. 
Ln'-ca-bra-to-ry, n.cnmpoaed by lamplight. 
Ln'-eu-lcait, a. clear, brighl, canain. 
Iiii-imi''ri-oua, a. apOTtive, wanion. 
W-dt-araw. a. apLitivai ociung lan^lMr. 

LuMi-eruui-ly, luL in a liulicniua mnnnct. 
Lu-di-fi-cu'-Uun, n. the aci uf deridii,g. 
Lu-dir-i-ea-io-ry, u, lending uj eiriie deriiion. 
Luir, D. I. u> liim Ihe head uraahip lowarda iha 
LulT-ed,' p. ot'Laff. [wiij. 

Lug, B. I. to pull ur catry with labor. 
Dig, ■>. a heavy load, uKmall fiah. 
Liig'-gace, n. bagga|{e,iluii w hirh iaciunbeiaom* 
Lug'-ged,* p. baulul or rnrried with laboi. 
Lng''ger,n. a veaael »iih Ihiee maaiaoiid a hii 
LD-gn'-bri-Du*, u. FOnurnTiil, >oTToivful, {aail 
Lul^WHim, a. niudenilrly warm. 
L>ike-WHrm-ly, ad. wiih indilTerence. 
L>lke-H nrm-neaa, n. nuni utzea]. 

'.a-by, n. a acini; 10 quiel i[ 
'-ea* p. quieted, appcaaefl. 


Lum'-ber-«l,* p. llUed 

Lum'-ber-iwini, n, a pJacs liir uieleaa thinn. 

Lum'.brie, n. a worm. [10 theluinj 

' — '-brie-al, a. reaembling a womi, pertaining 

-hric'-i-rorm, n. resemhling a wuini. 

■ ■ Tylhali 


nhling a 
- . >t body that givea light 
aflbrding lii ' - 
hleneil, Cghl 


Ijunn'-«d,*p. takm in a maaa. 
Ijunp'-iah, a. heavy, dull. 
Luinp'-iih-ly,iid. beavily, aluiridly. 
Lump'-iah-oeaa, a. heavineaa, dutiiieaa. 
I.iimp'-y, a. abounding with lumpa. 
Lu'-na-cy, n. derangement afiecled by the mmut. 
Lii'-nar, Lu'-na-ry, u. penaintng lu ihe moon. 
Lu-no'-ri.ui, n. en inhibtlani oTihe muun. 
Ln'-na-lic, a. alfecletl by a Hpetica urinaanity. 
Lu'-ua-tie, n. a penun whuM iiianniiy.ia aup- 
poaad to he inHuenred by Ihe moon. 

Lunch, Lonch'-aon. n. a poMiun of Ibod taken 

LimJ'-wl,* a. having liingi. 
Luiig-wSrt, n. a pluil. 
Lu'-ai-runn, a. rexeniblini thi moon. 
Lunja' o-lar, a, mnipuundcd uf the 

Lurch, f.l. to ilermt, evadKilml. [oli*.] 
Lurch'-or, n. nm ihu luriu a ihjf, a ghitton. 
LuiB. n. IbU nhleh allnrei ; «. <. lo •nlie*. 
Lilr-ecl,* p. enttred, nllured. 

'ail, lo lie ckiM. 

Lii'-rtog, ppr. 

Lurk'-ed'p of Ijtrk. 

Lark'-mg ppr, kMpii^ out uf (tght. 
Lurk'-ing-plire. n. a itBcml place, a iva. 
Liu'-ciuui, a. very meet, rich, pinging. 

Lnih, 1. of a dark, Smp color. 
Link'-iih,a. inclined Id he laiy. [aba,] 
Lii'-«u-ry, a. uaed in play, playful, aportjya. 
Linl, a. longing dtsire, rarnal appMile. 
Luat, e.i. to deiire eagnrly, lo have irreg 
L<i9i'-rul, a. bavliu irregular doairM. [del 
Lii»t'-fuf-ly, ad. wilh lull, leirdly. 
Uut'-lul-nea, n. lotirril deaire. 
Lint'-i-ljr, ad. ■iniilly. l>oldiy, mA amrafa. 
Liiai'^i-new, n. itouliMas, murdineoB. 
Luai'.ing, rgn*. Iiavir^ inurclinale deiire. 
Lnat'-ing, n. acl ofinordinala deain. 
Liia'-Ual, a. uaed in pnriDcBlinn. 
Lua'-iraie, v.l. lo cleanaor purify, lurteir. 
Ijoa m'-tion, n. pnriAcation, a aurveylng. 
LuMw, Loia-u*, n. brighUHw, rMoM^ aao* 

LuDl'-y, a, aioui, Urung, alnrdy. 
Lu'-n-nial, n. on* thai playi on ■ Inla. 
Lu-u'-tion, a. act of inling voiaela. 
Lule, n. a Hrinced inatmnMnl o|'nan& 
Luie,n. toftclav; v, (. » coat Iriih laM 
a. Uir iiring ofa hue. 

._ ml, ihlcli. 
uui'-aui, V. I. HI piu mil oT joiiiL 
Lai-a'-ttsn, n. dtiloaatian uf ■ Jiiint. 
Loi-u'-n-ance. a. rank grnnrth, «>sh> 
Ijii-u'-ri-ant, a. ciubeniiit in grswih. 
Loi-D'-ri-ate, b. i. tu gnrw lu anaia. 

Lob-u'-ri-iKU, a. abunndlng with Ittlarlea, vo> 

tuptauiH, lonening. 
I.ui-«»4Ha-ty. nd. TolapKMDaljr, d 

Iniuriea, or of Uving in 

Liii'-u-cy, n. aaeeaa in aaling or 
I — _ „ — irapr»gnawd *1lh 

Lympn, a. amtoileaa fluid in 
Lymph-at'-ie, ■■ paHalning lu lynpb. 
Lyniph^l'-ia, a. a vsimI Umu coni'^a Ij'i'p^ 
Lyni, n. an animal oflhe cal kind.iharpBighUd 
Ly'-nle, a. diiided inu aavenl jift. 

Lyr-HC, a. p« ■ 

Ly'-riat, a. oat who pM^a di 

MAB, K. qoan erf iba fidltah ■ akttam. 
Mac in SoMMi and Iriah namea, a Mb. 
Macs-ni'-ni, a. a aweel eaka, ■ finirBl Mlaw 
Mac-a^vn'-le, a. trilling, HiJnl, fepptah. 

Ma-caw', Wmmi 

R.aquwirnHd i^fthagama 
l«-«||»i«. »»nl«filli»]iMM 

book. Mm, tiill, oae, can, cbuw, gma, ■ 

Mte-ta-hty, a. 

Mace, n, hi timfa orauiborii;, B >pia. 
Mfice-bctr-er, n. *n uHi<«r nbo csniea ■ maci. 
Karf-e-nM, ». f . (o mada kan, imii tii aunncH. 
Hac-e-n'-noDi n. Ibe acl ur leducjng lo lean- 

Hacb-i-a-va^-lHn, a. eoiaiating in mnning. 

Hach i-na'-lioa, n. a pLa(,.conl.i^aiIM, nha 
Mneh 4-na-liir, n. on* who ctn'rirea nr ptui 
Ma-rbTiw, B. an angina lo aid human pnwM 
Ma-i-fafiw-ry, B. engina>T, d«coiuk>n of ■ pD 
Ha-rhfn-iai, R. a ■ ■- ' —'-■ — 

'i-lent, u, laan, ihin, ilmdv. 

Har'-u-lBtA. v. f. n apot ; a. spMiad. 
Hac-u-la'-lian, n. aer of ipoUinf. (potialAin. 
Mad, a. duordarad in mind, funoua, angrr. 
Mad,o.(. tomakeruii 

Mad'-eq), n, a mailnian, a 


Mad'-dm-ed,* p. aMda miid, or furioui. 
Had'-d«r, n. a plant oaed in dyeing nd. ' 

Uada, p. and fp. otMait. 
Mad^-faa'-tkin, n. act of wetting, wotneaa. 
Had'-f^fy, (F. (. lo wet. 
H»ilfi-ra, n. a wine made in Hadoira. 
Had'-bouR, H. a booaa fbr rfsnnnd petaMla. 
MadMr, ad. fnriogtlT, fcnKMr. 
Mari'-man, n. a man raginf with inaaTutr. 
MnC-iMsi. H. ditlmeiiDD, Airy, ntrema jolly. 
Mad'-ie-poie, n. a maHiw lubttaaD* of a atony 

Jfad'-ri-gai, K. a little amorona or pwtorel poel)i. 
Mag-a-XInc, h. a aioro ot atore home, a paninli. 
Mag'-gtit,B.agruborwonn,ihelly.womi. [Ui. 
Maa'-eot-y, a. abounding with maggoia, whim- 

Ma'-ll, ■. fl- whe men, atHern philoMplMn. 
tta'-il4D, n. an cuum pbikHpfaer. 
>k'-|i-«B,a. ptnalnlot lo tlia nagi. 

held Id t> 


Mng'-ie, R. ■ deBliiig wilh apirila. 
Moi'-ie, Msx'-ii-al, a. \itr[iitmtd by magio 
Mag'-i«-al-ly, ad. by lbs rulea of magie. 
Ma^i"-cian, b. one ikillad in nogic. 
Mng-ig-tn'-ri-al, a. pruUd. l->lly, irapmooa. 
Ma|-ir-le'-ri-el-ly, ad. wilh uverbfwing piida 
Mag-ia-ta'-ri^l-neH, n. the ain<if a fUMar. 
Mag'-ii-tmK^y, n- the oAice oTa magialnle, 
giag'-ia-Uata, n. oih inveated wiU eiermivt 

power, [gislrtiW. 

Meg-ia-irat'-ic, a. liaTing the aulhorily of a ma- 
Mag'-na-ChtlT-n, n, ibe great ohaitrr of Engliah 
Mag-na-nim'-i-(y, a. graalnm ofinhd. [riglila. 
Mag-nan'-i-moos, o. graal in mind, brave. 
'ly, ad. braveJy, nobly, 
■pecica ofeaith, while and aoft. 

_, .. . udauune. an ore of in^ wbirh 

attrai'la iron, and inparu lo il tlie piuptny of 

poinlijig to the polea. 

ag-net'-ie, a. having the 

ag'-net'iHQ, n. propjTIii 
Mag'-nei-Ixe, V. I. or i. lolalwor impan ihapao- 

peniea of the magnet. 
Mog'-nal-I-ieil,* p. having 
Mag-niT-ic, a. gnat, oohle, illiutriooi. 
Mag-nif '-i.«n«, n. grealnoB, grandanr, alat*. 
Mag.nif'-iH!ent,a. gnml in appearannr^plfadid 
MBg-nir'-t^»ni-ly, od. pamiwnaly, aphodidiy. 

Siag-ne'-aia, n. a 

Mag'-oi.ft, V.LIO msMke giaat, eilol, poH* 
Mag'.ni-f y-ing, ppr. making great, eilailiiig. 
Mag'-ni-tude, n. nBalnaM, lice, bnlk. 
Mag'-w>'-li«, n. the hwrd-lcafMl tuUp Ma. 
M^'Ple, ■. a cliaturing binl. Iwwfc 

ltla'hof'4i4iy,n. a haid wood iiaed fia (BbiDil 

MB-hom'-e-lan ; aee il" '- 

Maid, n. a yimng nnn 
Maid-m, 1. a youBg lu 

^TiBHi-en-noir, h- a pjani, 

BNr, tifl, wbrt, p>CT, nuuViMt |Nn, bird, nBTO. 

■och, n. ■ coach (ImI ctmveyi a m 
main), E. I. lu dimihleii rimb, riippl*. 
Maim, n. Lhe diubliiie ofa liaib. 
Alaim-nl,* p. Jiublsrin a limb, crippM. 
Main, a. chief, p.incipal, impulant. 
Main. ■■ MiHigth, lorce. the gniaa, Um ocmd 

ilie conlinenl, ai oppoHd bi an ule. 
Mliifl4aDil, n. > nmiuwiit. 
Mtin-ly, -id. cliieflf, priDRipoUr. 
AlAin-miuti n. tin prinripal ratat oT a ship 
Muin-aail, h. lhe prinripBj lail in aihip. 
Main-tiUti, v. I. Ui ks^, pnaarve, uphuld. 
Main-Uin-a-ble, a. that may bs maiiHained. 
Maiii-Min-«il.* p. k^x, nphnid, ■luiained. 
Nabi^ta-nuiM, n, auppurt, iiuteikutra. fcom 
Maix, n. the native mm of America, liijiai 
MB-j<*'-tie, a. augiHl, ^nmd, loft]', aabliiDa, 
MD'jn'-iic-al-ly, od. unlh dignitf orinnJeur. 
Maj'-ia-if, n. ilignity, grandeur, royal title. 
Ma'-jiir, a. greater, elder, fini, chier. [tain 

M('-J<ir, 11. a mililaiy officer neit above • cap 

hair, ful! irge, rank of a lati"'- 
Knkt. 1. 1. p. and pp. made ; to compel, to caUH 

It cmla, tlie Crea- 
. ma]«a weight. 

Ma'-ker, n. one wt» fiimu 

Mflhe-pmi«, R. otw whu te 

MlikfrHVight, n. thai whirl 

Ma'-kiiig, ppr, compelling, iuiuhub, >:>c«iiv. 

Ha'-4ing, n. art of lonaing, ivurknAnihip. 

Mil, ptefiied lu rompuund word*, denolaa ml. 

Mal'-B-ly, n. 

Mal-»n'-der.* n. a dry icab on a hone'a puteni. 
lUal'-u-pen, a. bold, sbuct, tbnvanl, 
MaP-a-pan-neai, it. impuaent pailiHai. 
llaJ'euD-funB-a'-ti(», ■■ di^iopotlion of paiti 

Hadev'-oJaiwe, a. ill-wiU, at. .... . _, 

Mk-lav'-<F4eDt, o. tll-dia|iiaed, wuhing eviL 
M»4ev'-o-lnil-ly, vt. with ill-will oi apiia. 
Mal-fM-Mncs, n. eril dirnig, wrung. 
Mal-lbnii4'4Mn, n. irmgular furnuuku. 
Ha'-lie, a. peitaining to applcai &c. 
Mai'-ice. n. eitmne mmtty or malevolencaL 
Ma-li''i«ioiu, a. very malevulont, ipuefiiL 
Ha-li''-ciuUB-ly, ad. with inlenliun to do hann 
Ma-Ii"«ia(u-iwa>, n. dem enmiiy or nttlero. 
Ma-t)fn,a. maliciona, maligmuu. (lenca 

Ma-lbrn, >- <- 10 Induce, aluuler, it^um. 
Ma-lig'-iiani«y, n. eniBnie makvulance, vim 

Ma-lig''iHU>I, a 

Ma Jig -nant-ly, ad. nwlidooBly, Dnfinroiabl] 

Ma-lisn.eil,* p. Iieatsd malieiouib'i ti ' 
Ma-llfn-er, n. one wholreoti another 
Ma-li^n-ly, ad. with eumw ill-l 
"■ '1, H. a large wooden beetle. 
I. [mal,] n. a public walk. 
.,,.1, f.t. to beat with iHHnMhine heavy 
Mt|ll.ed,' p. beaten and bniiaed. 
"'" ipeciea of wild dock. 

r, t a. aiMceptihility of 
- ' -=— by beating. 

Mal'-Jet, n. a wooden hi . 

Mal-lsw, Mal-tewa, a. an emoUwnt plaol 

Miilm-»er, B " " " '" ~~" 

Mflt, B. horiey at 

HfJt bouie, u. a hou** fiw mii^ miJL 

b99fc. JOre, fwU. i"»S «"t tt 

HBlt-U-qiKir, a. liquor whh on inruiioii of mall. 
Mill-*ter, n. one who make* malt. 
Hal-tifiat, B. 1. 10 treat tU, to sbiua. 
Mal-treai'^nsnt, ■■ ill treMmmi, alrani 
Mal-va'-ceoiu, a. pertainin; to mallowa. 
SIsl-ier4B'-liDn, n. evil conduct, Tnud, nkk. 
M(i)-meLn. u^iliu' woid tbrnuiher. (nuIa. 
Haia-nMl'-o-g]', n. wience of nunimiferoiu ani- 
Hun'-iiMl, H. a puppM, a drownd figura. 
Ham'-nii'kr, n. an animal that hai breaila for 

nouriahing bar young. 
Mam-mir-ar-wH, a. nuiiii^iingyimiig bj bnaMa. 
Ham'-nil-h-rr, a. bclonging M> the fwp*. 
Ham'-nxHiia, n. a plain eoarae India miultn. 
Sfam'-mun, k. ricbea, RuneT, god of wealth. 
Ham'-muB-iiit, <•. mm who dotei an ridua. 
Ham'-modi, n, a huge quadruped, now euiiict. 

of Ihe race. 
Han, t, (. to ftinii)h with men. 
Han'-^-de. e, t. to ihackle the band*. 
Han'-^-eled,* f. ihacklad, hand^iilfed. 
Man'.a-<Iet, n. pi. chain* Tor the hand*. 
Han'-aie, «. >. lo oomlnct, imiuaM, sorara. 
Ifan'-*jt»hle, a. govainabK traciiule. 
Bfaii'-^le-B^ile-neia, n. trartableneH. 
Maa'-al-ed,* p. conducted, governed. 
Man'-^i^nteDt, n. candoct, trsamunl, dealing. 
Man'-ac-er, n. one who ooiKlncl*, a migal per- 
Man'^fB-ry, a. conduct, hutbandry. [khi. 

conuaand ing ■onMhing. 
- gnnmororiBagulnne. 

n. an order, conuaand, eommb 

Man'-da-Io-ry, a. caninianding,e^oiniii(. 
wr.H. onn to whan a niBi|eii| 

e, ^em, as, thin, Chun. 
Han-du'fB'-lion, n. aft ofchewjiu- 
Hane, a. itw long hair on the neck of a belal. 
Me'-n«, n. fl. lUidee, deponed hhiI*. 
Man', a. a human being thai eau human 

Mhn^e^ R. a aebool fur teaching borMnan- 

>f poaitiun, evolution. 

ige poaiikm, manage 

Ma-neu'-ver-ed',* f. of Miifliwr. 
Ma-Deu'-m-ing, ppt. changing poaition. 
Na-iteu'-Tei-ing, r. change uf poaition, manage- 

Man'-rul, a. hold, bnro, Mout, like a man. 
Man'-ful-]y, q^ buldlj, courageAaily. 
Man'-ful-nem, a. boldnees, bravery.*e, n. a mebil of a dinky white color. 
Mangle, It. the «cah or ilrh cm rallle. 
HGn«-ne«, n. gcahbineaa of beuu^ [fed., a, • Iruugb or boi in which callle are 
Man'-gle, e. (. lo cul in pieceg, to unooth linen. 
Man".«[e, n. a calendar h> nDuMh ciolh. 
Han''.glsl,* ^. haggled, made HiKHith. 
Man'-gler, a. one who hiigglea or mangle*. 
3laii"-gling, ppr. lacerating, inHKiihing. 
Man''-|u, a. a fruit ofthe Eaat pickled, a pickled 

MBD"-go-*lan, n. a tree bMring delioioBa frnit 
Man '-grove, a. a tne ofa ted color. 
Mang.y, a. acabby na a bnaai. 
Man'-ba.leT, a. a mivanlhrupe. 
Man'-huud, a. tiate of adult yean in men. 

Man-i-ebe'-jii, a. pertaining to 
Man-i-ehe'-an, a. one who heli 
"' principlei, 

the manicbeaa. 
' o the eiiaienca 

good, the uthei 

Man'-i-chfr-bm, a. doctrinal of tiie menicheea. 
Man'-t-ehon], a. an initnimenl like a spinnet 

who** airing* are covered with pieoea of cloth 

to aoHen the eonnd. 
Man'-i-feat, a. plain, cteai, obvioua, appartnt. 
Man'-i-leat, v.tia raaka known, lo Aew 


Biir. IjtH. ffhn, pfcr, n 


■■ discliMun, diacaTa 


Hiui'-i-brt-lri ad. dearlr, evideatij. 
Haii-i-reM'-u. n. > public doclamiion. 
IUn'-i-f'4il, «. nun;, divene, ngMaMc 
Maii'-i-fOld-ly, ad. in divene way*. 
Uan'-i-fi>l(l-»H, n. multiplier ly. 

HanM-ptc^ -<,KluniJI'ul,lMndor>uldi*n,a&iDn. 

M«-iiip'Hi-lu, a. penuiiing 

Hs-nip-i^U'-iiua. a. toaniul 

M*n'-fLill-er, h. one wtu> kiL 

Han-kind, n. Ihe faunum roe 

Han'-lan, a. luving do mea 

Han'-llka, a. buconiinj ■ mi 


0. becoming A mi 

tian'-ncr, n. lomi, vray, locKb^ cwUnn. 

Man'-oer-iu, a. ui annt who punuo* ona Dunntr 

MBn'-nw-li-nsia, n. mannerly bdtavior. 
Man'-ner-ly, a. rivLli oumpluaant, watl-bohaved. 
Msn'-nert, ». pt deponmeni, behsviur, civility. 
Bhn'-nMli, a. like ■ min, mairuline, bold. 
Hnn'.or,ii. t tunl'i anau in londi. 
BlB-iirV-ri-il, a. penaininKto a aumar. 


_ , _ nnue hauA, m Gam. 
n, N. ■ dwelling baiua, plnce of aboda. 
nnii'-aiun-iMy. a. raaidenl. 
Han'-*Iaiigh-«a, a. tbr kiUing at m psHn in ■ 

■udden pMHon. without previou* owlira. 
Hui'-dny-sr, K. oiu who lull* a tauman bain^. 
Man'-uaal-et, n. m kidnarper. 
Hui'-iiuvUng, R. ihe iwaling and abductkuof 

Han'^uHude, a. mildneai, tBnienaBa,nntlaMai. 
Han'-ie-lei, Miuit'-lei, n, a wooun't abon cloka. 
Hwi'-lla, K. a iMM^gBtiDsat, nr doka, a oovw. 
Hm'-tUi «. f. or i. 10 doka, apnad, ■offfaia. 

IB, pin, btwl, mota, 

I Maa'-tlat In, nan of « thlmxijr ovm lb* 

Man'-tls-traeL i w«-nl«ca. 
laa'-<i|ai i. • woman'a gown. 

iilaii''iua4Ba4ef, n. a dMv-nulur for ladiaa. 

Haii'-ii-al, a. parTonDaO by Ua huuL 

Nan'-u-al, n. a anwU book. 

HaiMmlac'-liDM, h. guidance liy tha lunil 

Mttt.a-&&-to-if, It. a bwldiDg or plaoa vrbmv 

Muwi-lac'-liHml, a. pBitaininf (o manaGictiiraa. 

Maa^i-fat'-aw, n. any ihins nwiia by Una band. 

Man.u-ba'-lurat c. 1. to Rute by thabaad vr by 

Manm-bc'-tarad,* p. rmiU by art. Ian. 

Hait-u-&c^(ui^«r, ■•• uakw, an anificM. 

MsiMi4a«'-uwinfi]vr.makingby wt; a. pv 
taioinf 10 dw huainnaa of muWbctariaa 

MaiMi-mia'.aioOi a. iba ad of baaing alavca. 

Han'-uwnit, n I. to tricwa from akvaiT. 

Man'-ujiiii-ad,^ fned liiim boodaca. 

IMui'-iMiut-inc, fpr. libaialipg fioB itawy 

Ma-nu'-rB-Ue,«.tti«4 ean Im nunmd or culti* 

Ma-oilie> n. aiiy thine that lartniaM land. 

Ha'DQ*^ •. (. Id apnly bniliiiiif anbalancaa la 

Ha-nii'-nd,*^(anch«i by siaaun*. (land. 

Ma-na'-riUMy. ilwring with fenfliainy nattaf 

Man'-ii4«iipl, ». B paper or book nnttn by 

Mamy,*. (naa'yJninMiMla. [hami 

M«-ny, a. jBun'y,! a xtaai number. 

Mail, B. •dalinealkia trf" the earth, or ■ Bart of it. 

Ma'-pla. II. thananwofalrMuf aavnral apaciaa 

Hap'-pa-ly, n. tba an of dsHgnms mapa. 

Miir, V, (. to hnrt, impair, iftioni oalaDe. 

Mai'-a-boM, n. a Mahanunadaii pnpbet. 

Har'.vswn, ». • liter in 

lacieBl m tha world, talied Ainaion. 
HB.rai'4niu, ■. alrapy, a waMing of tiaah with 

Mn-caud', e. 1. to nm in qnaat of ^uadac. 
MiHraud''«r, a. a lovar for plunder. 
Ha-raiid'-mg, opr. raving tor plumter. 
Har-hle, n. c^oarvma Uona mwil ibr MaM^ pil- 
lar*, monuDKitta, Jic and Gir lima. 
MKi-ble, v.Lta vein or alain likamaiblaL 
M<r-bl*,a made to iMNtbte dooM MaAb 

b-iok, dariii full, nw, an, JSudM, tan, u, thin, thou. 

lAir-bled,* p. vBti^aind like nuilile. 
)I(ir-hle-h^Tt«d, a. hardbearied, n nffl ipg. 
Hiir-bling, ppr. cluuding like maible. 
Mii-ce^-eiAf a. wilboriog, fading, decaying, 
Iblr-cea'-ii-ble, a, liable U> wither or lade. 
March, n. ihe Lhird muath of lim fev. mov^ 

Eoeni of troope, proceeeion, 
Huch, D. i. to move in miliui; Drdaand man 
Marched, p. of March. [nei 

HSrch-n, n. pL borden, confioea. 
Harch-ing, jv- (Imping in a milila? DHUiner 
Hirrb-to-ncftft, n. the lad J or wido w of ft maiquii 
Nlir-t-id, a. lean, poor, withered. 
Itsr.cid'-i-l]r, llliir-ctd-ne«,n. leanneia. 
Hkn, n. Ihe female of the hone kiod. 
ll)lr4«hBl,n. a chief commander! aeeifanJWl 
Har'-gin, h. an eilj^ border, brim, aide. 
Hiif'-giD, r. (. to fonn a border, to border. 
HKr'.<in-«l, a. inaened in the margin. 
Kir'-giitad,* ;<. adumed witb a margin. 
Miir'-got, n. a Gah ul'the perch kind. 
Mar-gnia, b. a lille of nobility. 
Nar-pa'-vi-aie, r. the territory of a margrave. 
Ma-r^-e-noua, a. produced in the aea. 
llar''i.gOtd, n. a (dant bearing a yellow flower. 
Ha-rfne, a. pertaining to Ibe sea. 
Ib^lne, H. a »ldier doing duly to a ihip, tb» 

Har'^n-er, n. a aeaman, a lailor. 

Har'-iih, n. n marth, fen, iwarop, waWrgnjund. 

Har'-i lal, a. penaining lo a huiband. 

Xai'-i-iiniB, a. marine, adjoining the aea. 

Mar^jo-ram, n, an aromatic plant. 

IU(fc,a. aoiin, a loken, impreaaion, note, object 

leslmot at. 
KirL, n. (. or i lo make a mark, riole, obeerre. 
Miiik-adf^p. itamped, Doled. 
Hark-et, B. a place, or dma oTaals. 
Mlirk^t, a. i. to dealln market. 
HlUk^t-a-ble, a. niahle, lit tor market: 
Hiirfc4l-d*y, n. a day fur aate of pToiiaioiu, &e. 
MUrk-M-ing, ppr. dealing in maiKet. 
Maifc^i-iiv, n. attendance on market, anicla in 

Hiirk-el-wlHiiuin, n. ■ 

MNri, a. I. to ipread over with mari. 
MlJrl.a'H»Dua, a. marlf, partaking of mar.. 
Miir-line, a. a amall line of two ilranda. 
HHrl-pit, a. a pit where mari ii dug. 
Hkrl-y, a, like, or abounding with malL 
MiirMDa-lade, a. quincea boUed with nigar. 
Mtir-mo'-rB.aa, a, pertaining l" marUa. 
MSr-mot, a. a qoadraped that bumnva. 
Ha-roon', n. a Uee black, living on the mot 

taina in Ibe Weat Indiea. 
Ha^roon', e. Mo pataMilaraaboreooadeaoli 

nake reprital on an enemy. 
a. inlaid work of wood, iliell 

HtirHjuei-rj, n. inlaid work of wood, ihella, fto 
Mli[.quii, n. a tilio of nobilhy neil under a duka. 
Hiir-quiii-ale, n, Iha aeignar; ofa marqak. 
Mar-red,* p. iruured, impaired. 
HKr-ring, ppr. injunng, impairing. 
Har'-ri.Bge, n. [mar^,} wedlock, the VBj&iftl, 

ri-aie^-bte, b. ofa fit age 10 ba manied. 
■ri-eS.'p. nDiled in vi^ock ; a. caqjggala 
. . nnubial. 
Mar'-rOw, n. a aoft aubatanee in 
Ibe boiMaf 
HBr'-rOw-&t, n. a lai^ ddicioia pea. 
'.teea, a. defltiCute ofmanow. 
'J, a. full of marrow, pithv. 
Mar'-ry, v. I. or i. to join, or be joinM in wedloek. 
" r'-iT-ing, ppr. uni^ng, or being nnilad ia 


n mytholgy, tbedeityof *i 


■B that hat a mariiet. 

Miir^hal-er, n 

Uiir-ihal-inc, ;]I)i'. 
I Mtinh-mal'-few, n 

naying, pulling in otdtt 



^'Qjll, WlHt. prer. m irtne, pro, bTfd^ 

nliinb^, a. wet, bogn, [»¥«■» •">"> "< 
Mufl, n. a place of pMf tale, a market, 
MHr-ieTi,'n. «ii nninial of the wea*cl Kind. 
Hur-tial, a. warlike, Wd, bviias the propmiae 

Miin-in, It- » genaa of bird*. 

Mul-iii-msa, n. the ft-iilivBl of Stini MErfln. 

HtirtJn-iial, n. a atrap usec! to curb ■' hoMe 

MKn-let, n. a tililB bird In heraldry. 

MUr^tyr, n. one whu U put to death fotlholnilh. 

liir-nr, D. [, to put to doach Tui adheriag to the 

Miir-lyr^doro, n. (he death efp iraiH^. 
Nai-lyi-ed,' p. put lo deslh Gir the ITutli, 

MEr-lyTHTic, ppr. putting lo deMh for rhe truth. 
la^-iyr^Xeg-it-al^a. penaining lomatiytolugj. 
M^r-iyr.4r-Orgiat, n. Mie uho wntei af Mcouol 

lliir-i.jt-6i'-i>rgy, nlliislorj ai regiaWr of minyn. 
Mlir-vel, u, t. lo wonder, lobe iiupnaikl. 
MSr-vel^ad," p. of AbrwL 
Mar-vel-ing, ]^r. wondering. 
Mar-vel-oii^o. wandf.rfid, eiching inrpriee. 
Kfu^Tel-oua-ly, ad. in a ivundorfiiT mmiDer. 

■ _| woHijerfuhifg,. 

e, nk£ a man, bold. 

. stale of being lilie a roen, 

mib, D. I. to cover the face, diuuin. 
MKih.ed,* p. diaguiwid, concealed. [rade. 

Hbk-iDg, ppr. covering with a maak. 
Ha'-ani «. an artificer who lays brichi and 

auaea for walli. 
Ma-aon'-ie, a, pertaining tu msaasry. [maaon. 
Bfa'^oQ.jy, q. vocupalion of of work done bj a 
" '- - - Tooiuraal aaaembl)' of per- 


if the Romish chardi 

Mau'W-eTe, Ji. minder or killing whh cradff 

promlacuDue slajsbler. 
itf ai'-sit'GiT, c. t. lo kiS pToralaciunBdr or with 

Mat'm-tt&l,' p. killed with craehy. 
Mai'-ii-cot, n. calcrned white learliOxyd of lead 
Mau-l-neai, MK»-ive-neai, n. great bnik oi 
weif^l (hunp 

MiiH-ive, MUh-j, a. hulk;, heav;, being in a 
9(1161,11. the limber of a ibip let on the ked. 
Mui-ed, a. fiUnished with a maat. 
Mlia-ler, n. (he rJiief hi any buBiiwai, 
Mlu.t(ir, V. 1. 10 conqter, tame, role. 
Haania-ecl,* p, overeoine, luhdued. 
Mla-ter-key, n. a key (hat opena many loftha 
Mte-ier-leiH, a. datliaieoFa nuulier. 
JSit^r-ty, a. becumint ■ maaier, very noelleai 
MBii-lef>piece, n. a chief pciibrrnanee. 
Maa-ler-thtp, n. liendahlp, aiipeiionty. 
Hb-ler-y, a. role, dominion, auperiortty. 
MiBt-f|il, a. abotuiding with masi. 
Maa'-rtc-nle, o. (. to chew, lo grind with the leelh 
Mai-(it-a'-lion, B. (be act of chewing. 
3Tiu''lIeh, n, a rmin flowing from a tree. 
Hai''lii; Mai'.tiS, n. a targe apeciea of dog. 
MHil-teaa, a. having no maat. 
Slaa'-io-don, ■. aa animal like iha . elephant, 

Mal,o. (. lo WLm-eorfiirmin 

MBt'.a.dore, n. one of (he Ihiea piincipat ouda 

in Ihe game of omber. 
Maich. n, a contoM, an equal, maitiage, aona- 

(Fling to take Are. 
Match, c. t. iDpak, loiiiinany, ennd. 
Maleh'-a-ble, o. (bat may bo malriied. 

iI<:b'-iBg,ppr. pairing, auilinif; equaling. 
-' -"" a. having no equal. 

inipanion,a0condofGrerDf a ' 


i.Bocondo . 

natch, [0 equal, to marty 

■l-ism, n, (he doctriiu of malsiJaBatB. 

e, full, nte, am, f hoi»e, gem, a 


Wii-lt'-ri-ol-ifl, H. one whu 

untienoul, ompirtt. 
Mn-lc-ri-ol'-i-iy, n. maierial -ibtence. 

Mfl-te'-ti-nl-i-ied,* n. reduced (o mmleT. 
Mo-Te'-rMtl-l;, ad. ma ■Ule of maUer. 
Ha-te'-ri-iil-iiesa, n. Mate of being mHlerml. 
Me-wm'-fil, a. motherly, wilh BlTertion. 
Ma-U;ni'-i'ly, n. ihe relUion afa IKrfher. 
iM.,v .' -.^ ) "■ penainiiie w mothems- 

" StS; U »?>', -'""'™ " "■ 

io-aiij principles. 
Mfl[lw)-inal'-te^l-ly, ai£ by mathematiFs. [ncs. 

Hath-e-mat'-iis, n. (he science of qiuuility, or 

of nugnjtude and number. 
Maih'-e-ais, n. Ihe doctrine ofniiilhcniitiFs. 
Mat'-in, a. lued in the mommg. 
J9«t'-it)», B. morning wonihip or «ervice. 

tiit'-reia, n, a quilted hed of hair, mosfl, iic 
Ha'-Trice,Ala'-trii, n.a mnld Tor Cflstinn, non^. 
Hat'-ri-clHiBl, a. pcrtaininR Id maliicide. 
Hot'-ri-cide, it. tno murder ur murderer of a 



a college. 

Mat'-ron, n. a grave elderly « 

Mflt'-ler, V. i. lu [iroduce matter, lignify, regard. 
M«t'-t«-ed,' p. of Matter. 
Miu'.i.i-.1«j, a. void of matter. 

a. generating pus, purulent. 

Mat'-ter-y, o 
Mot'-tack, n. . u 

Uat-u-m'^tioii, n. 

live, fl, ripening, conducing to auppu- 

Ma-ture, o. ripe, parfeolej, well digerted. 
Ma-IQre, v. I. lo npen, perfect, conaidei well. 
Ma-tu'-red," ;). ripened, perfected. 
Ma-lure-ly, ad. with ripeneea. 
Ma.iu''n-t)-, ) n.ripenem,(taleonMing brought 
Ma-ture-neaa, ( to perfection. * 
Haud'-Un, a. dnmk, fuddled ; n. a plan). 
Maug'-er, ad. in apiie of or oppoatlinn to 
Maul, n. a heavy wooden hummer ; Me Mali 
Maul, V. t. to best end bniise. 
Maund, n. in Scotland, a band-bartet. {vtak 
Maundy-Thura-day, h. Thuraday in paaaiOD 
Maii-BO-le'-um, n. a magnificent traab or monu- 


n^. .lulliehly. 


a worm m the alonncfa. 

Hai'-it-ler^y, ( "■ pe"*™"* ^ the j"* bone 
MaT'-im, n. an eetablished principle. 
Mai'-im-inOng"-er, n. a dealer in maiim*. 
Mai'-i-mum, n. the greaieat number or qnantil} 
May, B. the fifth morlh of the year. 
Mar, V. am. v. might ; Ui be poaaible, he Vbia 

have liberty, or liceMe., n. the firel day of May. 
Miy-So»*r, n. a flower that appean in May 
MS}--Eamc, n. apon, amiuemenl. 
HSy-or, n, the chief maginlrate of a city 
MEy-or-at-ty, n. the office of a mayor. 
MSf^r^SB, n. the connin of a raayof. 
Mfiy-pole, n. a pole to dance round in Mar. 
Mez'«rd, n. a cherry, Ihe jaw. 


1 ripening, aa ofan abecsaa. 

MaK^a.rVne, n. a de^ blue color. 
Maze, n. a lebj'rintli, agtoniahme 
Hi'-cy, a. tntncDie, perplexed, confui 
He, pnM. otyective cBie of J. 
Mead, n. a liquor fompoeed of honey. 

Mead'-flw, n. a tract of low land, gran land foi 
Meag-er, a. leon, thin, poor. [movring. 

Msag-er-ly, ad. poorly, thinly. 

Bir, ^vUf wbft, pinr, mai'AM, pin, bird, mlivp, 

Meal, n. Ibe lubctance of grain ground U 

<lar, Ibe food laken at one eating. 
Heal-i-nns, n. ijualtty or being mealy. 
Meal-num, n. « penon whu d«b in ineif 

Mean, d. I. p. uirl pji, msuil, [Duntl ; (o intend, 

.Mn-an'Hier, n. i. lo wind in running. 
M»«n'-drr-ing, ppr. winding in coune. 
Mtao-ing, ppr. uuending, iigiufying. 
Mjlan-ing, n. inleniiun, purpuH, liinificatioa. 

11?an-ly, ad. biuety, withoui dignity. 

*" ' ' '^ ' a, haaflneaa. 

Brii«d by red tpoia 

_. __. ,. . nlcugth, &c.; 

equal, iiniluim. 
Meu'-oiu-leaa, a. immenie, iMundlcaa. 

Mer's', nnr. aAtiei 
Meat, n. li>Dd, lleab fur fuod, 
Mi'al-DflW-ing. n. an nfTering 


ing to niDchineii dmo 
ing by phnicaJ powi 

piiyaical power. 
,.- --_, J, -J ..lechaniam, by phyii- 

cal lawa or force. 
Me- cbon'-ie-al.noii, n . ilale of being mechanical. 
Medi-an-i''-cian, n. aiw akilled in mechaniei. 
Ha-ctuui'-ica, n. ihe acienDe tbal treua of the 

Uwi at nwiion and ibree. 


iliitled in 

Med'-tile, n. i. lo inteipoae, lake part officioualj 


Med'.dler, n. a biwyJxHiy in Bnather'a a^in. 

Meil'-dle-iOms, a. apt to meddto, tifficioua. 

iUeil'-dling, p/a-. inlerpoaitig, interTering ; a. apt 

to inlertere iiDpmperly in ether's concern. 
AIe'.di-el, o. noting a moen or average. 
Me'.di^te, c. i. lo inlerpnve Eor reconciling. 
Me'-tli-ote, a. middle, actii^g aa a mean. 
iHe'-di-ale-ly, ad. by » aocundary cause. 
Me-Ui-o'-tion, n, interposilion, Bgetiry. 
Ale'-di-a-tor, n. an inlerceisor, interpoaer. 
Me^Ji^.lo'.ri^], a. 1>elonging to a inediator. 
Me-di.a''lor-4hip, n. the aS^ce ofa mediator 

Med'-i-m-ble, a. that may be cured, 
nied'-i-oi], a- pertaining to tJtf an of hflalin^ 

me^licinal, healing. 
Med'-i^sl-ly, ml. for the purpose of healing. 
Med'-i-ca-menl, n. e healing ajiplication. 
Med'-i-cste, d. I. to linciura witn medirjnea. 
Me-dic'-in-alf a. henling, lending to f-nra- 

iy of hunger mitigot 

cultivated in Eankni. 

Med'-lat, i 


He-dul'-tin, n the pith of the aunRoi 
Meed, B. arewatd, recumpei 
Mnek,a. mild, soft, eenlle, lowly, 
Meek-<n, a. t. lo make meek, to hL 
Meek-lr,aJ. mildly, lufUy, gently, 
Af Sek-Daaa, n. mildneat of lemp«r, ; 

mile, lowly, humbla. 

Meet, V. (. p. >n<l pp. aiel ; to coins logeiber 
Meet, a. Gl, suiMble, twoming. 
Meei-ingi ppr. coming Jo, eneuunteririff. 
McBI-ing, aB»Biiib)v,a congr^BUon. 
MeM-ina-hoiae, n. a church, place of wonhip. 
Meetlr, ad. fitl;, auilably, duly. 
Miel-Mst, n. fiuiH*, suiiablenew, propriety. 
Meg-a-Ian'-yi, n. a luge aniiaal now extinct 
Me-gnth'-e-ry, n. s hi^e aiAna] non eitinel. 
Me'-grUD, n. a disorder in Llie head, venigo- 
Blel'-aD-chuUie, a. depreued irr apiriu, dejected. 
Mel'-an-ehol-y, b. gloom of mind, dgeclion. 
Hel'-an-ehal-y, a. gloomy, dejected in ipiriti. 
He-laa-iei, n. the iiin^ whict diaim Inun nw 

■ugnr when cooling. 
Me!'-i-Iot, n. a plant, a ■pecie* of trifloliuni. 
Me''Ei'0-rat«T t. U to make beCler, to imppoTfi. 
HeJi-<>fB'-lioD, n. improvaneni of condilkn. 
Hel-lir'-eMnH, a. producing honer- 
Mol-li-fi-«'-lioii, n. act of making hooey. 
Mfll-lif'-lD-enL, a. flomng ivjth Iwnej, tmooth. 
Mel-lir-lti-oaa, a, awselly flowing. 
Mel'-lon, a. soft with ripeoen, eaay to llis eye. 
Mel'.lA w, f . f . or i. to make aoil, to ripen to aofkneM, 
Mel'-li)w-ne«, it. lofbieas, ripeneB, maturity. 
Mel-o.eo'-loDe, r. a quince, a laige peach. 
Me-lo'-di-oiu, a, rauinca]. aEieea&le la tbe soi. 

i-oua^ly, ad. n 

' maiw melodiuui. 

I DTaoonda. 
nti and Iriiits- 

Melt, c. r, or >'. to diaaolve, becom. 
Uett'-«d,/i. dioBolved, liqnilied- 
Meii'-er, b. one who melta metali. 
Helf-ing, ppr. diawlving, thawing ; d. wfteoing, 

adanted lo aoOen. 
Meli'-ing-ly, mi. aa an to aoffen the heart. 
Hem'-bei, n. k limb of the bodv, a clauie, a part, 
Hem'-bet-ahip, n. tbs stole of beiiu a member 
Mem-bfa'na''Geoas, a. co^iating ofa membrane. 
Mem'-bnne, n. a thin, whiip, fleiible skin. 
Hcra'-bra-nous, a. coiuiaLing of a membrane. 
MeHnaa'-to, n. a hint lo awaken the memary. 
Slem'-cir, n • higlory, ur wriilen account. 
Uwn'-o-ra-ble, a. worthy of niiiembnuice. 

nmu'-D-ra-bly. ud. in a memorable manner, 
tf eiiM>-rBn'-dum, n. a note to help the memory. 
Hem'-o-ra-tive, a. adapted lo pnaerve the mem- 
ory of any thing. 

thia which praervea 
onnce, iiatement with petition. 
Me-mo'-ri-al-iai, a. one who preeenta a meniDriBl 
itl^mu', n. i. tu pre«nt a meniorial to. 
Hsm'-o-ry, n. the facalty by nhich ideaa are re 
plained in the mind; remepibniice. 
rtaining ■" "- 

Men, pL of Mn. 

Hen'-B-cet, n. i 

. threatening ; a. eibihiling ilaih 

Mend'-ing, /]pr. repairing, growing better. 
Man'-di-ean-cy, R. beggary, ataie of b^ging. 
Men'-di-eant, a. begging-, n. a beggar. 
Men-dic'-i-lj, n. beggary, in-ligence. 
Men-ha'-den, n. aspeeiei of iniall fUh. 

Ale-n^'-o-gj, n. a register of months. 
M<m''Ciw, a. a imall litah water fish. 

Men'-aal, a. beloDging lo a lable. 
Men'-slm-al, a. monlhiy, once a month. 
Hen'4tr>>-iim, n. a >ubManc« whirh dissolves. 
MeniHi-ra-bir-i-ty,n, capacity of b«ing measured 
Men'-au-ts-blo, a. measurable, having limits. 

u-ni'-ilon,n. act ormiultof meaauring. 

al, a. belonging Lo the r 

al-ly, ad. in mutd, inlal 

Mon-to'-ti-al, a. containing advicfr 







He{''0»-n*-ri-ly, ad. lor bin ih 

Mei'-ce-nu-ry, n. a hiied i 
liier--cer, n. one who d« 
Mer'-cer-y, n. ibe goods. 



'Indn, lo bay or hU. [BakL 

tte bougbc or aold. 

Haf-ci-fiil, a. omntaotMe, leubr to ofliiDikn. 
H«'-«i'lfl-lr, ad wilh oamiiMml, uodarir^ 
Mer'-ci-ful-iuM, ■. merar, eonywion- 
Ho'-ci-len, a. •nti at mucy, banlhEUMd. 
HW-ci-la^Iji, si. in « iHidlaM mamMr. 
HM'-ci-hn-iKM, ■. wwU of aunwuflD. 
Mor-eu'-iMd, a. eonipOfed of qaieknlnr. 
Ma'-CD-i;, «. qoidnilvw, ■ inniel. 
Mer*-«j, M. dlipMition to tmi 

Stfgiveaeu tf oObntn. 
Hsr'-c]r-*Mt, R. I comuigof dw sik 

ri"-ciotB-ly, ad, lewdly. - 

HB-rid''i-aD-al, a. penaining lo Ihe nvrMlan. 
H*-rid'-J-on-*l-Iy, ai. m aline with thenMridian. 
Hw'-it,ii. d«MR,waith,BoodMii which ouillM 

10 nwud, vatiw, eicellanoe. 
H«t'-it, p. I. lo datoTve, eom by MTvicaa. 
Mat'-it«d, p. earned, dnenred. 
Ma-it-a'-[i-oiH,a, deeenring of nwud. 
HerJl-o'-ri-oQi-ly, mi. as aa lo dewrvB nward. 
Hsr-ii-o'-ri-oiu-neu, n. qoalhy of dcaarving re- 
Her'-Iiii,ii. Bipociea of hawk.- [mid. 

Mer'-lan, n. a pan oTa parapet in foitiltcaCiDn. 
Mer'-miiid, n.n marine animal, said to reaemUe 

a wumtui aliovo, and a fiah below. 

aillpe. pin, bint. moTe. 

Mer'-ri-ly, ad. widi minh, gayety, end luij|lia>. 
Bbr'-ri-make, s. a i^tinl, ni«lii« for nuth. 
Met'-ri-make, c. i. to be jorai, to leait. 
Het'-n-mant, a. mirtti, gayely with lau^iMr 
Mer'-riHiaBa. n. mirth, hilarity, fitdkk. 
Mer'-Ty. m. giv , jovial, atoiy with mirth, Itfiik, 
caiHJng lai^hler. [iponfbrathen. 

Mer^y-ao'-^lrew, n. a boflbm, cme wbo%akM 
MM(-n>.tlue«l)«. a. a forked hooa <tf a Ami. 
" - ■— --- lohtl 

dtBh of food, ■ aMidler,H 
ineaa. v, i. M join u a meaa, to eat logKiK 
Mea'^alB, *. na(faa or adrira lanl. oetaminiK 
Ikn of a chief BagBtrBnlo the t^kltuira. 
Mea'-i»-^t > R.oneipfaabearaaaeaHga,*'" 
Mea'-a e n A r, j bhuer. 
He»^-ata, n. the a^nud, CHRIST. 
Meatf-ah.dBp.s. Ihe officii of IkaBaTiEn ' 
Mei'^alema. it yd. Sira, Oentlenieji. 
Meu'-fliaia, n. one who etm at the lamB nUi 
Mea'-ati-aie, a. a dwellow hauM and adjeiui 

Hef-dl, n. a siraple. ttad, ihiidi^, opake iDb- 

eMnce, ftanbl* by beU, aa iron, mint, Ac 
M»Ml'-Ue, a. panddiv of ikm naraia afMOa 
Hel^l-liT-eroua, a. preAionw nretaL 

Het'-el-ll-»d,* p. conrert 

Met'-<14o8'.ra.phy. It. an 

Mel'-al-lm^^e, a. pertaining lii mecaHargy. 
Met'-a]-liir.t^ ikilled in -»-'—'- 
Mef^l-lur-iy, n. lb* art of 

bo^d8»B,fcll,B«e^«n,aiMie,gBni,M,lliiii, tt 

lltf-a^4norph''ie, a. rhaopag the fbnn. 
Ho-B-morpii'-aMi «. (. M mndann. 
MM-ak-iBDrpli'-o-iM,* p. truHronned. 
HM-«-«urph'-<h«Bg, ppr. dworang ibe fbnn. 
HM-«-iBoq>k'44u, n. tbang* Mtoim, u tioni i 

fralarpillu to ■ buuerfly. 
Het'-a-phcH, II 

HM-a-pb«'-ic->i-ly, ad. by * figon 
Het'-a-phor-iU, n. one Ibal ni>k<M i 
Hei'-a-phn», n. ■ ¥eibai Usnilatii 

Mec'4-phiBil, ji. one who liBiulat— 

Hei-a- phruE'-ie, a. Uiend, nntlend word 

MM-«-ph7*'-ie-at, a. aconnjin; lo meU|ih;ti< 
Mel->-phyi'HC^'ly, a. by meUf^yBics. 
Mel-a-pliy'ii".cian, n. one vereed in metanb 
Met-«-pllJ«.iB«, B. the science of niind, 
HMa, D. (. la nmuure lengib ar diaieni ' 
Mele. n. pi. melei ; biiula, boundariea. 
Ue4eiap4]'-cha'-ai*, ». mniaugmliaii, the pte- 

He-ifl-or-o-lo|'-ie'4l^. per 
Ue-le-i»<il'Hi.^, B. LM 

Ha'-t^m-oua, a, Jnving dw ^opatum of a no- 

M e-Uieg'-liii,ii. ■ liqHN' nuide ofboiMy utd waUr. 
Mfrihiiika', v. ia^^it aeHui In or, I lUnk. 
Heth'-ud, n. order, manner, reguliui^. 
Me-ihod'-ic-al, a. rancod in order, re|ular. 
H»-thud'-ic-al-ly, ad. in dne ordnr. 
Meth'-Dd-iini. n. llw doctrinea and wocahip of 

Meib-od-lza, v. t. lo diapoas in order. 

Melh'-od-i-z«d,* p. reduced lo ' '~ 

tfa-Ihaughl, p. of MftliiiJa. 

Met-o-nym'-is-a], a. uaed bjr way aftaMofJKT. 
Met'-oHiyni-y, a. the naa of ooe word £>( ao- 

olhei, aa luadfir amimlaadiitt. 
Hei-o^ioa'-ao-pr, n. atudr or an (^ fbymogDa. 
Me'-tra, n. neaaute; M* Meter. [mj 

Met'-cie-al, a. ivBaii 
TSef. rio^ly, ad. in 
He-tn>l'-o.iy, a. aciaic 
Me-tnp'-o-Iia, B. thsciiief dty of a I 
Het-ra.pol'-i.un, a. penalniiw M Ibaduttdtf- 
Het-m-pol'-i-tao, n. an r— '■•~^-- 
Mei-ro-po-lii'-ifhal, a. pa 
Mec'-tle, n. spirit, eouiagB, vivacity. 
Met'-tled,* a. ipiriied, active, bold. 
Met'-lle^Sma, a. ipirilsd, Unly, gnj. 
Met'-tie^Onw^ie^ n. lath apiiit, ardor 
Mew, a. a oaoe or ooop, a acA fowl. 
Mew, V. f. to incloae or confine in a CUfj^ 
Mew'-^d.* p. ailed, caat. 
Mewl, II. i. IS cry or aqoall m ai child. 
MbwI'^I.- p. of jtfeirf. 
Mez-zo-tin'-ia, n. an aogniini on eoffm^ 
Ml-aan, AB-W-ma, n. tMuoua ^una. 


Ma-ea'-caooa, a. Daltohins of Mtea. 
Mieh'4el-msa, n.tnaal ofSu HiiAaal 
Hicb'-ing, ppr> or oi raUBag. WXft 
Mie'-kle, a. Much. gnai. [Scot.] 
im'«m, ■. tbe little world; aian. 
Mi-ertHCOpe, a. a raagni^ing inHiunwDti 
HT-oo^Bip'-ie, B. peitaining lo a aicNaoapa, 

Mid, a. middle, interreiHiw. 

Mid'-day, a. noon, wbfta llie aua il IB Iha iB» 

Mid'-dle, a. equally dJalMI fmn lha endi. 
Hid'-dle, a. tbe point eqaally reanole fmrn lb* 

Mid'-4ll»4«-ed,* a. bak« in Om nuddb oflila. 
Mid'.<l)e-^iat, a. being neaicat tlw uMdla. 
nfid'.diine, a. of amiodbnnk, nodanM 
Mid'-hMV«n,it.llw middle point in Ibe haavoM ' 
Kd'-land, a. being in the interiw aouanr. 
Hid'-1(«, n. Ihe middle of the las. 
Mid'-^nM,!!- middio, 
Mid'-nKhi, R. the middle oTihe night, 19 J ofiwb 

tUd'^if, X. the di 

a which diTids* the 

x. the dluhngni 
Am dw *bdameii. 

DBTil cadM or joui^ offlcer. 

Mid'-wBr, n. tha middl^ ad. half way. 
Hiil'-iTife, n. one who —iMtt u rhild-binh. 
Mid'-wlfe-rr, n. OBnUnw at child-birth. 
Hid'-win-(w, n, lb» winter wlitica, or rsthur 
■niddlB of wintar in Fehniur. 

Miff, n, aliRhl reHntment, pmnihniiEK 

AUff'-ad,' a. ■UghtlT affranted 

Might, p. of May. 

Might, n pow«, (DeTUtfa of bodj, ftrco; 

Hight-i-lf, ad, powamuly, with feme. 

Mlghi-i-Dcaa, n. |ww«', graalneaa of nraofth, 

MffSt-j, a, powerful, alrgog, vanr Tigoroua. 
Mi'.grate, a, i. to remora for reaidBDca la a dia- 

ct of migrating. 


M'.ch, a. giving ntllk. [aidenco. 

Mild, a. gentls, calm, loft, mallaw, 

Mil'-daw, n. honey daw, ajulcaaii plantiiapot* 

on clolh or paper. 
Mil'-dflw. v. (. or i. to affect with mildew. 
Mil'.detv-ed,'' p. affeclad with mildew. 
Mil'-dew-ing, ppr. taindi^ with mildew. 
Hild-ly, ad. gently, lalUy, olnly. 

Mile, n. a linear meaiim of 32Un>dii, neOyaida, 

fiSSO feet, or 80 chaina. 
Hde-a^, n. fiiea for traval by the mile. 
Mile-atone, n. a iione to marii the diitance oTa 
Mil'.foil, n. a ^ant, yamw. [mile. 

Hil'-)-a-ry, a. like mUlet, vtry amall. 
Uil'-i-ymt, a. fighting, engaged in wariare. 
RGl'-i-ta-ry, a. wariike, luiiing a aid Jier. 
HilM'ta-ry, n. aoldiar*, troop* in genenl. 
Hil'-i-tate, v. i. lo opwae or contradict. 
Mi.|i''-tia, n. national fbroe, train-banda. 
Milk, a. a while liquor drawn ftoiu the ftnule 

of certain animala. 
Milk, a 1. to draw milk irom a cow, Ac. 
Klk'.HKl,* p. drawn from Uu bieait. 

rYno, pin. b W, mljvr, 

lilk'-er, ihatdrawi milk. 

[illi'-fe-ver. n.Bfeverlhal atlenda lbs Giat flow 

[iUT-i-ncM, a. qualities like milk, softnen. 
lilk'-liv-er-ed,' o. limoroiiB, rowardly. 
[ilk'-Diaid, ». a woman employed m a dairy. 
lilk'-man, n. a man lhalciirn<«mtlk to mantel 


Milk'-tooib, R. the Ibre looth ofs foal. 
Milk'-while, a. wbite <ui milk. 
Milk'.w»-man, n. a woman who aslla milk. 
Milk'-y, a. made of or like milk. 
Milk'-y-way, n. a white track in theh»«tw)a- 
Hill, n. an engine to grind, jic; a nominal com 

of the United Siateti, ihe tenth oT a cent 
Mill, e. f. to grind, to Haiap coin. 
Mill'.eog, n. the looth ofa wheel in milla. 
Mill'-dam, n. a dam to keep wilei for a milL 
Mj]l'.ed,' p. ground, atampM. 
MiU'-horM, n. a horae thnt tumi a mill. 
MilV-pond,n. a pond of water for driving a mill. ~ 
Mill-race, n. a canal to convey water to a milt- 

wheeJ, or the itRoni , 
Mill'4lane. n. n stone Tor ^nding com. 
Miir-looth, H. a grinder, n Ini^ inoth. 


'. pertaining to 
urn, B. the thousand yean of Chriat'a 

d, n. an animal of many feet. 
ire, n. a Kind of <»ral full of poma 

ler-y, n, heod-dieaan, haia, ribini, laca, 
g, n. Blampiiw, coining. [&o 

n, a. ten hundred thouiand. 
nm-ry, a. conunting of millionB. 
nib, a. ihe ten hnnilred thonaambh. 

book, dSve. full, me. ain 

Hilt, n. tbe ipleen, the loft loe oC fishca. 
Mili'-wttrt, R, a plant r>f the geniu ABplflnium. 
Mi-iBM^-ic, n. riven to apine or imilatuiD. 
Him'-ic. Mim °ic-at, a. imitative. 
Miia'-ir, n. one who apei or ttai(Bt«. 
Hiin'VctE, v. (, to ape, lo imiute for ■pan. 
Miiii'-iek-«d,*p. aped, imilaled, 
Mlm'-ie-iy, n. Imiletton for ipott. 
Ni na'-cious, a, ttiteateDing, menacing. 
Min'-a-ret, a. a imall spire or (teeple. 
■Mm'-B-to-iy, 0. thmalening , menacing. 
Miniv. B. 1, or i. lo cut or coup into Binall pieopa. 
Min'-ced,* p. cnt inio imail piec«, 
Hiu'-cing, ppr. tmting into small pieces, fpeak- 

iog or wslklHg affectedly. 
9lhi'-<^ag-lyr ad- in unaD parlx, with dhoiT ilepa. 
Hind, n. intention, pnrpoH, inrUnaiioa, ioM- 

lect, heart. 
Bind, u. I. to heed, regard, atlettd, obej. 
Knd-ed, □, digpOBttd, iDcluud. 
Hlnd-ed-nen, n. diipcuinon, temper of mind. 
Hind-AJ, a. nRrdfiil, obeMTsnt, atMotiTB. td. attentiTely, heedfolly. 
Mfnd-fiil-niH, ■. regard, beedfulnetB. 
Hlne, a. helonging to me. 
Hins. a. • pit or place nheni minnals an dug, 

A aabterTaneoafl 

(erraneoafl paaasge. 

. (. or 1. lo dig, lo aap, deatmy iilowly. 

.•p.dug, undermined. 

body not organic, 
impregnaied nith 

lelal i 

mineral anbaiance*. 
Kn'-e-ral-ut, n, one verted in minerals. 
Kin-e^al-i-aa'-ljon, n. pnK»«i of minera 
■in'-fr-ral-lie, c. (, to combine whb a n 

tanning an ore, tinpregnate with a mineral. 
ltin'-e.ra]-I-ied,* p. lornied into an o>e. [izea. 
Min'-e-ial-l-ier, n. the aubstance which mitieral- 
Min^-tal-og'-ie-al, a. pertaining lo mineralogy. 
SUn-e-ral'-o-cifll, n. one vereed in mineiala. 
Kn-e-ral'HVgy, n. the acieoce of minerals. 
Hin'^'le, v. t. or i. to mii, blend, compound. 
Hin'g.led,' p. mixed, bWded. 
HiD''g-lBr, n. one that minglw. 
HiD'c-ling, ppr. mbtingt blaridingi 

Min'-i.a-liue, n. ■ small likeness. 
Min'.im, n, a dwirfl a note in muaiu, half a aa- 
Hin'.i-mum, n, the least quantity. [Bubren. 
Mr-ning, ppr. digging into the earth, sapping. 
Hiu'-ion, -n. an obsequioas favoiile, a small 
printing type. 

Jfin'-isb, v.t. to diminish, [oba.1 

Hin'-b-ler, n. an agent, chief omcer in chrO a& 
lain, an eRibaatador or envoy, one nho prt • 
forms Mccnloial ofliceB, a -— 


Min-is-ie', , . ._ 
ing in aubordination, 

Min-ia-te'-ri-al-ly, ad. in a ministerial 

Min'-ii-lrani, a, attendant, acting al 

Min-is-tra'-tion, n. office, funcOcm, service. 

Min'-is-Crj, n. office, service, agency. 

Min'-i-nra, n. the red oiyd of lead. 

Mink, Tt. a small Boimal valued ibr its fu. 

Mm'-nOw, n. a very small fish, 

'~" less, smaller, inronsidendile. 

a person under the age at twenty aaa. 
f,n. a stale ofbcing under age, smaller 
, n. a fabled moniter. (Dumbei. 

Min'^ti^ n. a singer and performer on instnt- 

^,... acta ofmiiiatrels, a comp^nvol 

IHiiU, R, th? pbwe where money is coined,apUnl 
Hint, ti. t lo cnin as money, to inven^ 
Hint'-a^B-n. that whicli is coined, duty for coin 
Hint'-er, Minl^man, n. a coiner. mg 

nin'-u-end, n. the number from whicb aodtlir 

is to be subtracted , 
Hin'-n-el, n. s gracefo] and regnhir dance. 
Hin'.ule, n. the siitieth port of an hour, note b 
Min'-ute, v. (. lo note in lew words. [wrftiof 
"" nOio, a. very smell, triflinc, eiact 
■■ute-book, n. a booli for short nolaa. 

It poinij to IIm 

,, , nte- 

Hi-nHle-Iy, id. to a small point, n 


I, ■ aha puppy. 

ml beyond Lhe jidi- 

pemuanJ, wundvful, 
I, by mirsrle, wondstiuUj. 

ony or pdleiT. 
•oft mt eanh. 
Ih mud, to (ii in mud. 

% ^aH, A pallem, 
leniment, pyety, joUity. 
g»y, jolly, 
a jovial numwc 
g no gayeljt. 

• error, miitaks, wrong. 
^vlviaed, iU.diiecled. 

iffirm inoarracll*. 


I., wrong .ppbalion. 
Toneondy apptiBd. 
tpplj Is a wrong para 

(. to muundenland. 

IB impropoHy. 
. ... uct, bid pnrtica. 
iMlieT, wrong lailh. 

tfloe, pin, btid, miiVB, 

Mii-be-lieve, v. (. to believe ecrnieouily.,!!. one holding lo ■ liiise relipov 
M]H'be-lLev.ipg,ppr.ori2.belieT]ng erronaoualr 
Mi«.be-«UiK-, v. i. to bealow iniproperiy. 
Min-esl'.eu-Uile, n. (. Lo calculaia wrorg. 
Mii.ciil-eJ-lB'-iiuu, n. wrong calciilalion. 
Miii-qil]', V. I. to name impmperlj 

Mia-call^d,* p. wUed by a wrong nam* 

Mi«-tBll.iiig, ppr. naming improperly. 

"' lailuie, GiuIl, aboruon 

Mia-ear'-ry, c. i. to fiH of auccen or of ■ pn^iM 
Mii^cbt, B. t. [tea CoM,] to cail emineotMlj 

Mi»-c«I-l»'-i«mu«, a. miieii, of diverw Idnda. 
His-cel-b'.nB-ou>i-ly,iuL wiib miiCure or wietT 
Mi»-cel-la'-ne-oui-i»s«, k, alale of being Diiuil. 
Mii'-cel-la-ny.H.a collection of Yarioua wriliugl 
Mia-chance, n. ill-fonune. mialomiiie. 

Hii.chErge, «. I, lo make a miat^ m eotry n 

Afii-chlirg.ed,* p. cbargeiJ by "'ttafcn 
Mia'-chid, n. hum, hurt, danuga. ' 

Hia-chiet c. (, lo harm, to injure. 
Mu'.chief-nui'kar, n. one whii niakaa '^'■r'hiaf 
Hia'-chief'ma-king, a. cauair^ halm. 
Mla'^chiev-oui, a. hurtful, lijiurioui. 
Mit'-chirv^ na-ly. ad. huitfully, with evil flf ipi 
Ula'-^hier-oua-neaa, n. evil tfiapiiailiaii, hBiuot 

ake% wroncchi 
in by miitaCt. 

[ion, n. fatae reckoning. 
' ' ■- compute erronauudr. 

Mia.eon«£iTe, v. ( to have a nrung n 

Mia-ain-c?iv.ed," p. ertoneoualy undei 

Mia-(on'.djeS n. ill^oonduct, bad behavior 

ima-eonnluct', «. (.nri. to conduct amiaa. 
Mla-Fon-jee'-nin, n. a wrong FoiyectiLTfl. 

Rfis-eon-jee'-iura, r. i. at . 

Mw-ton-itnic'-tion, n, «t 
Hw-enn'-gtnw, ti. (. to interpret 

B, mi, cbuse, ^eoi, u, tfain, thou. 
Hii^v-«ni-nieiu, n. a bad t 

Hia-guld-ance, n. wrong dii> 
Mia-guMs, «, (, to dinjRl ill, 
"' i-guj *^, p. ^ided u '' 

m infidd, t til« wntdi. 
Mu-deed, n. an evil action, fault, offetHM. 
Mii-dC«n, B. 1, to judge amin. 
Hin-deein-sd,* p. JudEcd amiaa 
Mic-dc-mSan, t>. t. lo behave ill 
Hu-de-mCuii'Or, n. Ltl-behaTJar 
Hk-di-roLt', t. t. lo direct to a 
HM-di-reet'- ' 
UH^i), B. 1. [Ma Osl to 

HiHiivinE, B. Bi .__„ 

mu-tm-fAoj', V. (. to OM 10 bftd or no pnrpMB. 
Hii-em-plDy'-ed,* p. cDplojvd to no pgipne, at 

Mia'-e-n-bia, a. 

Ma-*™*!)-. «, ., , 

Hr-ser-jy, a. to? coTetoui, nnardl] 
Hia'-^-T^, n. wretefaednae, mialortiin 

tta^iitV-ion, v. i to ahape amin. 

Mia-foim', V- 1- lo Ibrm amias. 
Mia-lbnn-ed,* p. ill made or iliaped. 
Mi^fi.i'-tune, II. an ill ^veni, «!araily. 
Mia-giT'e, v. I. [hw Qax,] to &il in eonfidcriM, 

pi.e way. 
Hia^giv'-ine, ppr. yiddtn); lu doubt or diatnat. 
Mia^gii'-ing, n. lailuieafconfidca}ce,diitnut. 
Hia^goi'-tm, a. iU-gotlon. 
Hi>-r(lv«ni. V. I. In Eoveni amiai. 

iiv-ed,* p. badly (uployed cr mail. 
[ivs-menc, a. iU uie, bh to bad p>u — 
', c. (. to diaw a wiDug iufemnta 

M ii'in'lbna'-ad,* >•. 
Mi*-in-(ann«'-tiaii, n. wrong 

Mia-in-itfuct', ti.t— ' 

Hii-jn-lei'-piel, e. 


._,^ , led into erroT 

Mia-llks, V. r. to diilike, dieapprove. • 
Mia-like, a. diilihe, dislaile. 
Hia-ll'-ked.* p. dialiked, disapproTed. 
"■■ "'-liiog, pi^- disliking, duapprpviug. 

ian'-aie,B./. or i.lo manage ill. 

lan'-ag-ed,* p. ill manageil or conani«ed 

lan'-agB-msnl, n. Iiad managemant. 

iBr'4g-cr, n. one who managca ilL 
Mia-mMrk, tj. (. lo marlt erroneomly. 

latrh', a. (. lo match unauiiably. 
Mia-mBlch'-<d,' p. unnuilably matched. 
Mia-nuna, a. (. to call by a wrong name. 
Mli-iain-od,* p. called by a wmng nanw 

ili>4b4arT'4d,* p. obaerved ai 

Mw-o-pn'-ioa, n. an < 

Hta-onl'-er-lft <l imgulBi'lj, in diwrdw. , 
BTu-paranide, «. I. to Miuade amiu. ' 
Blii-per-aua'-uon, ■■ fiwB penaMiaa. 
HiB-|»ak'-*l, n. an Ota ofanaoic. 
Hitflice, *. I. U> plaoa in ■ wnag pUoa, or on 

a WTUDff ol^Mt- 

Mii-pla'-M,* p. pluwd wron^. 
Hi>-p)cad, ■. (. to (CT in [dMduig. 
Mir-pfaHl-Bd, p. of Mitpltad. 
ISin-piimAJmg, a. am>r m iilnailing 
Hii>p«inf , V. (. I(t poisl enuneouiilr. 
Blii-paiw'-ail, p. poiptad enoneoudr. 

Hta-print', a. an anor in printing. 
Mi>iirIiiV *. I; to niBB anuH, DDda 
Hu-pria-an. ■. Bwnltabaent crfa criais. 
MiafaMnwu^t^ k t. (o pmioiuioe wnaig. 
Hi«-pn>-nouno^-M,*p. anDneoualj praaoiiDBed 
Mit-pnv-nun-ci^'-tioiii n. wrong pnaUDciniian 
u'. .__ _ . in proponiotiiag. 



Hi(-ie^'-on, a. (. to reckon or comptita bkeij. 
Mil (Eclt'-Dn-oJ,* p. computed wn)n|[. 
BEa-renk'-on-ing, ppr. compuling amu. 
Hii-ra^ATe, *. F. to relate erronooiuly. 
Mi».re-1«' lion, n. uiuuccursta ■eeonnt. 
Uii-re-mem'-JMr, s. (. to mneniber amiu. 
Hit-re-nmi'-bei^ed,* ^. remembend inconactl)'. 
His-re-[iOn, d. I lo rapon envneoiulr. 
Aflt-ra-part, n. a folM rapon or nlaiion. 
Bfia-tep-ra4eDt', v. t. to repmoni faliely. 
Mii-rep-re-aentJi'Jion, a. lake repreientBlion. 
Mii-m-t>ute, D. 1. to have in wrong eetimuicH). 
Mi)-rulfi, a. confbaion, diaurdar, tumult. 
Hin, n. a young wonitn, 
. Mian, 1. 1. to err, not lo h[[, escape, &il. 

9 a bin appaam 
ra onfiiilhtiillr. 

Mi>-aerv'-ed,*y.>ikfBitli(bllj _ 
HiHhBpa, a. (. to give ■□ ill ft 
Mii4lia'-pad,* p. sEaped iU, at 

MiMlm-pro, D. U' '- -■ 

Mia'-ailB, a. ifaroi 
Miaa'-ing, p 

>wn, tkat nny be thmwn 

Mui-apiak, d, I. 

,... . . ipaiding imptoperlr. 
Mii-(pant', p. ill apenl, uraated. 
"■ -■"a.HiwpOk^n.p. ■" 


a. mt», ot that uaj be aoK. 
a. a nwaMDgM or Mtar aanC 

Mi>4pall', V. t. lo ipdl anoneoualy- 

Bbapeir-iBg, ppr. (palling wrong. 
■" '"• '^^ "-igMl^. 

Mia-ala'-ting,^. atatHig laWy. 
Miat, n. rain ui vety fine dinpa. 
Mill, V. I. to rain in leiyrfioe diopa. 

Mis-tike, n. uninlenlioBiil eimr. 
Mii-talia, V. (. or i, lo err, dei4|U Iroin truth 
Mii-tB'.kni,ri.ora. utdnf lhatgt,auiBonraTail 
miaundorMood ; uani qf pcrtma, wrong, b*- 

Mia-la'-kjilg, a 

a title oraddrea*, uted Ba m 

Mia-t*mi'-«d,' p. nnin^y di . 

Hii-lhink', >. (. to tlunk eTroneoualy. laiAa 
Hia-tboaght.r.orMalLMi; [iulalhai«,l lining 


book, diSve, full, dm, can. (9iau^ t™i< "i^ »iint fbou. 

«3 • 

Hu-tlme, V. t. lo HcUpt the Luce t 
Mia-Uto-ad,* p. iIl-Limed, done be ■ wrong u 
Hi*t'-i-ne«g, n. bIsU ol'lieing mialy. 
Mu'-tion, R.iuie of being miiedi miiture. 
Mie'-lle, V. i. [ma'l,] to rain in fine drops. 
Mia'-ttA-loe, A. [mit'ltoj a, plant or ifinib 

It of conflitoice, luapicioo. 
auBpecl, lo doubt. 
itupickHU, Bpl lo dbmiK. 

Hia^mBI'-fi^-iieia, m. luiipicMuiiaaii 

Hia-unii'-ing, nir. auapecling. 
Mli-lciiat'-iBg-iy, ad. wiih diitniM. 
M diilnutiiu, in 

MiM'-Vi a. imining id ver 
Hi»iuwler-aiaaf.>.i.i(i ... 
Mia-QD-dec^uod'-ing, fpr. mixaUng Ibe m 

Mia-oae, ». ill-me, impropar tnali 
Mia-D-ied,* p. i]|..u^ il^Owled. 
Mia-u'-aer, n. on wJm miauaea. 
Mia-D^Dg, Tfir. ilUreating. abmring. 
Mi(-wed', (. I. u> wed oc Dutch uiprap«l;. 
Mia-wed'Ktedip. impniperiy wedded. 
Mia-HTile, c. (. to wiiu incomcily. 
Mia-tocought, a. [miaraut',] badlj wmn^t. 
MUa, a.aTerranaUinaeet,orpiec«,apwticle: 
Ml-ter, Ml-lrat »■ > tiialiop't cap, bd angk. 

Hl-tar-ad,* y, or a. w«rin|; a mila-. 
Hl-WT^ina, ppr. dnaaing mih a milar. 
Hit', a. ibal — ■--- 

Mit'-t«ll, n. * cover tor tha hand without finfgen. 

MitMi-mUB,ii. wananlof coomitment to pnion 
Hii, ». f. p. and pp. miied or oiit^ to anite and 

blend prDiniacuaualy . 
Mit'-«dt'p. mingled, blended. 
Mii'-ing, fpr, muifUng, blending. 
Mix'-lion, n. a miiuig, promincuona blending. 

Hiz'-«n, R. rmii'^lfaB after man oflbe Biad 

I, *. i. and L to monm, griava, lament 
L, n. lamenLatLon, audimB grief 

M0an4d,* p. lamenled, deplofcd. 

Muan-fuli a. aoirowfoi, eipreuing aMiow, p. laraenting, bewuling 

Moat, n, ■ dilch irxind a csnle, tie. 

Mfial. E. I. to lunound wilh a laoU. 

Hob, R. a nuntdioDua cnwd, a huddled dreaa. 

Mob, a. t, to anach at a crowd. 

Mob'-bed,* p. attacked b; a mob. 

Mob'-biah, a. tumultuoua, ai a mi^ 

Ua-bil'4-ty, n. nianeptibilitj of motiwi, Snkla- 
nee*, the populace. 

Moe'-ca4oa, n. a ahoe oraoll leather, irltbeal a 

Mock, «. f. to dmide, miniick, daceiva. [aoia 

Mock, a, ralae, rounlerfeil ; n. deriaion. 

Ha<:k'.ed,* p. darided, iUuded, dereirad. 

Hock'.w, n. one thai mockx or dendea. • 

Hock'-^r-y, n, daiinon, tidicnk, acoiD. 

Mock'-ing. ppr. deriditig, inaullmg. 

ntack'-ing-ly, ad. with deriaion. 

Huck'-ing-blrd, n. the thruah, a bird of AmarWa. 

Mo'-dal, a. relatmg le mode or (ana, 

Hi>4lal'-i-ly, n. accidenU) difleiencs. 

Mode, R. foim, metiK>d, {aahion. 

Mod'-^ R. a copy, pattern, mold. 

Mod'.el, V. (. to aiahion, absps, mold. 

Mod''.el'«d,* p. faahinned, ahapal. 

Mod -t],er, R. one who ahepeaj a contiinif 

Mod'.^-ing, ppr. faahioning, tonning. 

Mad'«.raie, a. temperate, loberi not Tiolanl. 

Mod'.«-ratB, V.I. to a!lay, wmitalB, govem. 

U.J, i_ _3 aielj, mildly. 

Bttr, fftU, whih pfCT. nartne, pin, binl, mBva, 

Hotl-B-ni'-lor, h. oim who piwid« at » moetiiii 
Hod-v-ni'-toratup, n. dM-afficeof muderuur. 
Mud'-«m, a. Iilo, recent, new, cununon. 
Mud'-wn-iim, n.'iminething ormudem origin. 
Hod'-eni-iia, v. I. to nulw modem. 
Mod'-em-l-nd,* p. mnderad modern. 
Hod'.«tB-l-iet, n. one Ihu rendon modtm. 
Hod'-eni-l-iing, p. n ' ' 

Hod'-i-enm, n. annall quantity, mpiltuioe. 
Mod'-t-Tl-a-hh, a. tlierm» be modified. 
Mod-i-A-a'-iian, i>, let ofnwdirjHng. 
Mod'-i.fWI,*}). vined in fiinn, quslifled. 
Hud'-i-fl-^i, K. be sr Ihu wbinh modiGe*. 
Mad'.i-f f , «. t. la ehinge the rorm, viuy, qtulifjr. 
Wod'-i-fy-ing, ppr, ruTiiig iho form, qualifying. 
HiMlil'JWi, n. [modil'ynn,] a kind (Jbiacket. 
Ma'.diih, a. CuhHrnabla, 
Mo'-diah-Iy, oil. accordiiw to the fuhiuD. 
Mo'-^iih-nen, n. itale oiMing lishiDnabla. 
Mud'-n-lale, v. t. to inflect nr vary sounda. 
Mod-n-la'.Iion, n. act of modulating, inflection 

I of the n 


Mod'«le, B. repreaBiilatit ., 

Ho'-diu, n. a cempeniaiion fbt tithei. 
Ho'fful', n. the prince or emperor of tiie Mognli 
Mo'-Kaii, n. n ituffof soafahair. [in Aaia. 

No'ttaRi'.med-an, a. peitaitiing to Mohammed. 
Ho'liam', n, a IbUower uf Mobumned. 
Ho-hnm'-nted-ism, n. the religion of Moham- 
mad, tha Arabian impostor. 
Mu'-h«wk, '--'^ "— .-.-"— 

Moii''ing, j^r. laboring, loiliitg. 
Moiil, a. modenuely wet, humid, d 

Moinf-en-ing, ppr. making damp. 

Moiil'-ure, n, dsmpiMaa, aligfat weoteai. 
Mo'-lar, n. grmding, adapted to giind. 
Mo-lu4ei, (faliaDrthoiTaphy:rne JMotaei. 
Moid,n. fine Miitaatth, downy nibitance,Bfi)n« 

MAlil-er, t- i. to decay, p«iflh, inm to di 
Mald-er^d, p. of MoMer. 
Mi^d-t-^Haa, n. a moldy glate, 
Mdld-ing, ]^. forming into ahatie. 
MiUd-ing, n. any thing ci 
MOid-Wftrp, B. a mole tbi 
MDld-y, a. coveted with i 
Mol^ n. a luitnral ipol, a 

animal W-"^ " 

Ma'-l».«Dla, ... ... 

MOle-hiU, K. a ilillock I , 

Mo-lest', «. (. U dlnorb, ■imo)', diaquieL 
Mal-eat-a'4>on, n, dialorhinoei, annoyanoa 
AIo-Ieat'.«r, ■. one who di*turbt. 
Mille-trech, n. the conrae of a mole. 
Mol'-li-ent, a. aoAaning, aaaoaginft. 
Mai'-li-ft.a4iFe, a. Ihat may be irSbaind. 
MoMi'fi-ea'-lian, b. act ofauuaging. 
Mol'-li-fl-wl,* p. aollensd, aaauaged. * 
'•-•••"-— ■-- - ih«t which 8oft«n«. 

M.d'-li-h, B „ 

Mul'-li'ly-ing, mr. eoflening, appeaaing; a. 
adapted to moUiiy or aaauage. [homi, Ac. 
Malt, T. I. to cut or ahed tsalhsa, hair, akin, 
Malt-m, p. or a. melted, made of melted msiaL 
SlOlt-ing, ]^. eaating the hair, fealhen, die. 
Mall-ing, B. the act of ibedding haii, leatben, 


Mo'-ly, n. wild garlic, 

Mo-lyb'-dsn, b an on . .. , 

Mo.lyb'<daa-oiia, a. pertaining to molybdenmn. 
Mome, n. a atnpid (ellow, a glock. 
Ho'-mantiH.Bininutepartion of lime, importanc* 
Mu'-menl-a-ri-ly, ad, every rODmenl 
Ho'-menl4-ry, a. iaatine a moment only. 
Mo'-mont4y, o ' ' 



book, dive, full, uge, am, chaise, gMO, u, Ihin, tbuu. 

impie uneitendod point. 

'-le, J. a, 
HthnBTEh'-ie-al, { vested in a liiule ruler. 
Hon'-areh-iil, n. ■ Ihead to maoBrchv. 
Mon'-flieli-iiG, D. i. or 1. 10 play ihs King, nila, 

conv«n to a moruirchy. 
Hon -ueh-y, n. gormunciit b; uoe man. 
Moo'-H'^a-iy, n. ■ hnuie of monlu, a canvenl. 
Ho-nu'-tie, a. psrlaining to manki and aata, 

aediided from umporel coocemi, 
Mo-nai'-tic-al-l)', ad, recliuelv, in retinineiiti. 

MOn-ila J, n. Ibe Borond day of Che week. 

tiade, or a aubnituia fiir it 
M3it«y-bBg, n. a bug for holding money. 
Mita'-ey-bra-ker,n. a broker who deali in maiwy 
Man'4y4hliij;4r, n. ■ broker inmonay. 
MSn-ey-ed,*, affluent in money. 


a trader, a dealer, 
of a mixed breed. 

il of a mixed breed. 

Mo^l'-i-fijno, a. like a necklace. 
Hon'-i-Bient, a. a mark, image, itiperBCripLioD. 

Hon'-i4iTe, a. conveying odmonition. 
Hon'-i-tui, n. one who wartu uf feuba, oTinToimi 
of dm;, a aubordiiuue inalruclor. 

laining admonition, conducted or givan tty 

MSnk, n. MM who live 
Mank.e-ry, n. a monaelic tile. 
ftI0nk.ey, «. an aninnl, like the ape an 

but with a Ions tail. 
Mdnk'-hood, R. tbe iteu of a monk. 
I0h>k'.4aa, a. pertaioui) 'jiiiinka. 

Mo.jwe'-u-Uu', Ho.noc'-u-lous, a. havina one 
Mon'-o.eule, n. an inaecl with one eye only 
McHMMlae'-ty-lous, a. having one toe only. 
Mon'-o-diit, n. of le AVfao writes a monody. 
Mon'-o^lon, n. the lea uniconij lIibi has a horn, 

or rather a tuak, pntjecling from ita head. 
Mon'^Mly, n. a song by one peraun only. 
Uo-nv^-a-miat, n. one who diBUlluws u.corjl 

Mu-nc^4-muui, a. confined to the fint nife. 
Me-nog-^i-my, n. realraint to a aingle wife. 
Mon'-o-gram, n. a character uaeil uii eeolg, l;c. 
Mon'.o-giaph, n. an account of a single thing. 
Mon-o-BTOph'-ie, a. pertaining to n monograph. 
Mon'-o logw, n, a soliloquy, a^^<¥ch a^tide. 
Mo-nom'-B-ehy, n. a single cum hat, a duel. 
Mi-nop'4-ihy, n. aolitory suffering. 
Mon-u-pet'-a-loua,ii. havins only one petal. 
Mon'oph'thong, a. a aimple vowel eound. 
HaiKipli-thon"g-Hl, a. consieling of a aingia 


IHo-nop'-o-li-ied,* p. engrossed. 
Mo-nop'-oU-zer, it. ane who monopoliua- 
Mo-nop'-o-iy, B. theaole power of vending. 
HD-nDp''lole, n. a noun having one oblique caea 

Han-»4peini'-DUS, a. having one seed only. 
Hon'-D4tiFh, n. a compoaitiun of one verae only, 
HoiKHSyl-lab'-ic, a. conaialing of one eyllable 

lo holda that Cluiit'had 

Bn«8 of sound or key. 
continuei! in the same tone 
without inflection or c*' 


r, fi|ll, what, pift' marnte, pin, b 

Bo.'M«r,I Sir, Mr. [Fr.l 

1 periodical wind, Uowioi lii 

tbt iBiae qauMr. 

1 unnatural pruduction, n 

n, snonnily, uncommonixMi. 


Han-u-nnnl'-*), a. Drnerriiig naiiniiiiy. 

ingry, pMvinh, aad, pemiTO. 
Hvindaiy planet, a aaletliM 

>lving round iL 

1 ray of l»ht fnim the ma 

Mwn'-eys, n. an eya alleotsd b; Ihe 
Huoa'-lm, a. not anlighwned b; the moan. 
Miwn'-llgfat, Hoon'-shine, h. lighl of the amm. 
Hoon'-abl-ny, a. enlightened by the moon. 
Mow'-atruck, o. affected by the nunn. 
Moon'-y, a. hiving ■ cmcont for a MandaH. 
Moor, n. a black insn,B march, heathy land. 
Moor, V. I. to aecure by caUee and oncfaan. 
Hoor'-ed,* p. mnlined bjr anchon. 
Hoor'-ing, ppr. conBning by anchon. 
v^"^^' I ■■ • I""' "i"' " fonnd on moon, 

Hoor'-hi^ n. anchon, chaioa, and brtdh* to 

keep a »hip tut. 
Hoiir'-iih, a. manhy, Innny, peitainiii; to Ae 

Moon in Africa. 
Moor'-land, n. a manh, a cold hilly land. 
Hoor'-y, a. manhy, fenny, ~ " 
Mooas, n. a qaadruped, dm ■■■ 

Tins kind, the elk of Eoiope. 

mped, [he laiBBat of lb 

Hoot'-«aM, n. a caw adnilting oTdiiptiH. 
Moot'-ing, ppr. diaputiiw fer enmiae. 
Mop, n, a «lolh or aiUealion of tbnun* 

cleaning a floor. 
Hop, V. 1. to nipt with a nop. 
Mope, D. j. to be dull or tpuMeaa. 

Mope, a- adntl, •topr' ■"■ 

Mo'-pmg.ppr. ora. a 

piih, a, ddli, apirilleia, arapid 
__ .I'.ped,* ■. wiped wiib ■ mop. 

Mop'-pet, Mop'-Boy, n. a rag baby. 


ralsa of rMit, virtuaoa. 
Har''«l, n. Ae mewiing, or dc 

■e who tenant narali^, a men 

Mor'-al'he, t>. (. or 1. 10 make moral Faflsctjona. 

render moial, apply to motal pBrpon*. 
Hor'-al-I-nd,' p. appUad Is a inorel jnrpnM^ 

rendered moral.' 
Mor'-al-I-zer, n one thai moialiiag. 
Mor'-al-T-iing, ppr. mddng moiaJ refleciiona. 
Mor'-al-l-mne, q. Ihe makiEW of moral ngflecliona. 
Mui'.«l-ly, si in an ethical aanae, boneittjy. 
Mor'-eli, B. pL inactice of the doiia of life. 
Mo-nM', n. a marah, ien, low wet gnmnd. 
Ho-rau'-y, a, coneiating of noiaa. 
Ho-ra'-vi-va, a. one of Uie united breUinn 
Mer'-bid, D. dwaaed, not iODnd er holtfay. 
Mor'-bid-Deaa, ■. adiaeaaadalan. 
MoaibiTHC, a. lending 10 pniduoo dinae. 
Hot^bU'-loBB, a. mnify, otihe natofe of meaalea 

Mor.dac'-i-^, n, the qoali^ of biling. 
Mor'-dant, n. a anbttanca tu III coun. 
Hor'-di-ean-e;, n. biting qnaliQF, unoafr 

Mor'-di-cant, a. biting, acrid. 
Mor^-ea'-lion, a. act of iHting, aoneatai 
s. grbater in quality, dwn, eriu 
, oif. to a greater degree, ibiAat.^ 

sd i>r eonaiiM, Aa. 


k, dOvm (iill, D 


■ black ebrarr. gsidec 

T, ad. further, beakls 
I. done aiHer (he i 


niwr of ths 

■pecjn of painting or carving 
the Mr---'- 

Mo-reaqoe, ', 

Mai'-il. R- a miuhroom full nfMale hula. 
Mor'-il-ton, a. a tbwl of the duck kind. 
Hor'-i-nclf <■■ a bird, csOed alao doturti. 
Mor'-i-un, n. a helmei, oi caujiie for the haad. 



'"^iri^^ ! "- wol- plucked from ■ dead thi 
ig, a. ihe flnt partof ilw da.y. 
a. Tenua ahining in Ihe mamL^. 
leather dieswd in a particular 

Mont, Hom-i 
Ho-ree'-eo, n. 

Mo-rflae, o. ■ullen, foot, peeviih, cnei. 
Mit-rOafr-ly, ad. Bollenlj, peeviihly, 

Kor'-FdMW n. wiurf on ttie (ace. 

a bile, moutbliil, amaU piecs. 

line tooiuled el the dralh of game. 

in tba third yevr. 

anbjecl to death, deadly, hnman. 

■ man nibject ID death. 

r, II. aubjecdoD 10 death, fieqaent 

od. » aa to deatmr life, fatally, 
a miiture of lirne and water, a yei- 
ceof DRlnance for calling bomba. 
! of real (atate. 

n. a pledge ol 

Moi'tia-ger, I 


, ppr. conveyii* in pledge, 
a, a. bringing death, deadly, 
ma, n. a gangrene, humiliation. 
'ji.afTecled bygangRDe,hu<nliMd. 
, or i. lo corrupt, lo humble or to. 

Mor'-llH, V. t. to Ibrm er id 
Mor'-tia-fld,* p. joined by a 
Mor'-tia-ing, f^T. Joining by 

Mo-u'-ic, a. penaining to M<iee 
die Iiraelilei from Egypt. 

glow, marble, ptsrioui a'Dnea, &c. 
Moa'-eha-lel, n. a plant, hollow root, or nun 
i^mw-fnot. [WOrsli 

— ., — - Mobammedan house 
vegetable ^wing on treea, &c. 

Mow'-clad, a. covered » 
MoBi'-pOwn, o, overgroi 

Moik, n. [moeque,! 


i^liein; coveint with mnca 

Meat, oif . in 5i 
Hoo'-iic, n. B pamter'a iiicli to aoppoit the bond, 
H<M-ly, al fur the irrealeai pan, nanally. 
niote, ■. a very aniBll particle, a >put. 
Moth, n. ■ HnoU inaecl that catt cloth. 
Moth'-eet, c. I, lo eat or prey upon. 
Hod)'-eat-en, a. [lee Eat J ealan b^ motha. 
]M<}(l>'-er, n. a female parent, a ihiny lubatann 

Millh'-er-ed,* E>. concreted, adopted, 
Mitfli -er-bood, n. the ttaia of a moli 
MDIb'^r-in-iaw, n. the mother of a 
MBtb'-cr-lee«, a. having no mulher. 
MBIh'-er-ly, a. like a molhei, kind 
MiJ!h'-er-y,n. concreted, alimv. 
Mdlb'-dr^Kil, R. native wH, >-JHnmar 
H9ni'-(T-witrt,n. a plant of the genu 

Bttr, ftil, whft. pfu, II 

Ho-tir -i-ty, n. powar ofpradiiciiig maiu 
Hot'-leT, a. apiKMd, vfri^ied in cojoc. 
Hiy-lor, H. > mover. 

MB'-liH-y,a.aiving rnoliaii. [b 

Mot'-lo, B. a abort ■eaunce prefiiHl Is u 
Huuld : MB AfoU. 
Uoult; teMolL 
Hoandt ■- • banJt lo fonifj or ddWnd. 

e, pin, blid, inSve, 

HDiiDl'-«-builk, H. a uag^4itaor, a lalu pre- 

Houiit'-e-buk, v. (. to cheat, u> impoee oo. 
Moual'-ed,f . raiiidi eealed on howback, placed 

on a carnage, embellBhed, 
MOurii, c. u or t. to grieve, lunenl, bewail 
Maum-ed,* p. bewaued, lamanMd- 

•tiil, a, torrou^ul, laroentaiile. [ruw> 

lo bring 01 BTprsM • 


MOum-fJli-lir, ad. miim ui unu^ in Buiivm m 
HOum-tnl-nau, n. aerruw, pieC, eipreatioa 
HOum-ing, ppr. grieving, lamenting, [gri 

MOum-ing, n. act of torn) wing, dreaa of mouTOBni 
M^m-i[ig.d5vfl, n. a Apeciee of dove, 
MOum-iog-Iy, ad. viiib tint appearanee of grief. 
Moiue, n.^. mire; asmall well knawaanuaal. 
Mou>'-er, n. a cat that catches mice. 
Moua'e-trait, n. a trap for catching mice. 

ri. loullerwith ■ 

. uttsred with a 



ring with aHeclad fllraiaa 

Houth'-leu, a. having no moulh. 
Hoiuh'-piece, n. p'ace i ' 

■nauih, one wbi' toea. 
Hliv-a^le 0. tka: wi 1 

Hov-a'ble-'heH, n. mobiliiy, apablenan ofim^ 
Mtiv-a-Wes, n. ji. gooili, fumilure, *c. [lion, 
Mov.a-bly^ ad. lo UlbI it can be moved. 
HiJTe, V. (. or f. to change plaae, pau, wa!l^ 

■til, etcita, affevt, propuie. 
Muv.eil,* p. rtirrad, impelled, sEfected. 
Mciv-er, n. one that moves or mak» a t«opaaaL 

Mov-ing, ppr. alining, walidng, impelllBg, a. ex. 
' ■ ■ ' ' u«na, pmiieeic. 

g-,, icite paeaion 

. ila of hay in a bam. 
Mow'-burn, t.i. to heal and ferment in a batn. 
Mow, I, t. U pita in a beapiuabanu 
Movi'-ed,' f. laid in « mow. 
Mow'.ing, ppr. laying in a he^. 
Hflwiti.l.;]. mawed i j^. mowed, uEim) i to cut 

with a aylLe, fevel, daslniy 
Mow-ed,*p, cut with a sythc. 
Mon^r, n. one who mows or cuts gTaaa. 
Mdw-ing,ppr. Gutting with aeythe. 
M<ivr-ing, n. land from wluch graaa la cnL 
Much, a. great in ijusnlity, long in dui^iaa 
Murh, n. a gmaC quantity. 
Much, ad. in a great ^ 

1^, .'imv., 
men, raoidmeni. 

Muck'-«d,* p. la 


. __. , lured with muck. 

Muck'.hiM, n. a dunghill. 

Muck'-i-neaa, n. Glthuna, dinioeaa, welOBia. 

Muc'.kle, a. much. 

Huck'-wJtrm. n. a vrorm m muck, a minr. 

Murk'-y, a, full of muck, Blihy. 

Mu'-eou% a. tlimy, viacoua. [hniM. 

Ha'-eua, n. a viscid Ruid secrelad by a nieof 

Mod, n. wet earth, ilinic, mire. 

Mud, B. '. to make foul Kith mud. 

Mud -di-ly, ad. with Ibul mixture. 

Mud'-di-neaa, n. state nf being muddy. 

Mud'-dle, 1. 1. to make half drunk, alupefr 

Muil'-dled * p. made half drank, atupelied. 

n, ehajjw, jem, ««, ihin, thon. 

Wet, or IskF. 
HhnJ'-HiU, «. a wall made of rtimi. 
Miid'-nan,n.aapecietof water planLain. 
MufT, 1, a cover of akin and ftirlbrihe haw 
Mur-tiH, i>. a Uplicale Jigbt cahe. 
Mnf-fle, n. a chimical lessel. 
Miif '-ll«, V. I. to cover Cl<ne, lo blindfoM. 
Miif-fled * p. covered, cone«aled, involvad. 
Muf'-fler, n. ■ kind of cover for ibe fb«. 
MiiT-fling, ppr. covering clone, involving. 
Wof'-flon, K. the wild sheep, or rausmon. 
MnP-ii, H. a Muhamraednn hi^ priMt. 
Mug, n. a cup or veaiel for dnnk. 
Mug'-giah, Afug'-g;, n. moisl, damp, close. 


|»'-b»r-Ty, ii. 

Mulch, B. half I 

Mulct, n. a Hoe, penalty for an ofAnte. 
Mulct, e: (. to fine, tu punish hj a fine; 
Mulel'-u-a-ry, a. imposing a pecuniary pentthj". 
Mule,'!, an animal or pUnt of a mongrel kind, 

itiB produee of diff'-Ent apfric*. 
H!ii.(e^tf*t, n. a driver or kwper oTrimlea. 
lIu-li-eb'-H-ty, n. nomanhmK!, effeminacy. 

Mull-ed,*^. heated and m'cctened. 
Mul'-len,n. a plant, called inOennanmtolpbnil. 
Mal'--|er, n. a atone Tor grinding colora. 
MoL'.lel, n. a flih, etraflent for the uhle. 
Mul'-li-gnihs, n. stidennna. flow.) 

Hult^an'-gu-lar, a. having many 

Mul-Ii-&'-ri-ou», a. having great 
Mpl.ti-ft'-ri-oUi-ly, ad. in varions waya, 
Ma|:tl-fti'-ri-oui-new, n. great diversity. 
Mnl'-ti'Gd, a. having many diviHinro. 
Mal-iif ' li>-raai, a. having many flowen. 
Mal'-ti-rorn, a. having many Bna]|Kii. 
Mui'ti'fbrm'-i-ty, a. divsrwty of lortiiL 
MottWal'-tusC D. having many aidea. 
Mul-u-lin'-»-al. a. having rnsny linea. 
llBU^-hH:'--.-hir,j having many cells 

Mnmp'-er, b. a I 
Mnmp'-iaS, a, fp 

e mnhlpliad. 
D ije multiplied. 


ly aoinidB. 

I or apaaki low. 
'. iDUtterlng a love sound. 
"I. with a Ion Indiatinct aomid. 
naak, iport in diagniaa- 
le who mahna iport in a maak. 
aporl in maaka, farcical a how, 
lead buman body embalined. 
libhlB, bite quidc, beg. 

lueaae oftheneck, ...^ 

r i. to eat &Mt and miieh. 
. chewsd aageriy. 


Bar, ftn. why, pi^y, mK'Cne, pi 

1. aufl that flan eagerly. 
nun -uBiic, a. belanging to tiiia world. 
Mnn-ili-G-e*'-linn, n. the act of cleanung. 
Man'-di-f j, I. • '■- -' — 


a mske cl< 
'-i-p«l, a. belonging 1 
i-pBl'-i4y, n. a diiirj 

Mur'.der, n. ths killing o! s human beui( wilh 

Miir'-d«f-«l,' p. killed unlawfultr with malicv 
Mur'-der-er, n. ons guilty of iDDrder. [pnpoiM. 
Miu'-Jer-oiu, a, guilt]' of murdiir, bknilf . 

Btt'-rine, a. pertaining to mice. 
Matk'-y, a. Jaik, gloomy, cloudy. 
Mur'-mur, v. i. la luntier, complain, pDiL 
Mur'-mur, n. codptaJnt, a purlins ■'""id. 




Mur'-rain, n. h plague among rattle 

Mni'-ea.del, Miu-cal', n, a nch wioe, 

Mu^.a.1el, n. a rich wine. 

Mtu' «-dina, n. a rich wine, a pear. 

Bltu'-rle, n. an organ of motion in i 

biTatvular nhell luh, 
Hiu-eo-va'-do, n. unrefined ingsr. 
Mii«'-eu-!ar,a. pertaining to muaclea, . 
Mu>-«u-1ar'-i4y, n. itats of being mm 
Mu.'-eu-lon., a. fuU of mmcies, braw 
Wuis, n, deky of poetry, deep though 
Muie. t. i. to ponder, to (tudy in aibii 
Hilae-ful. 0. silently thoughtful. 
Mata-leia, o. diaregardlng poetry. 
Hn'-aer, n. one thai thinki cloaely 

._ . -.e-book, n. a book of in... 
Hn-ii'-cian. n. one skilled in roiuic 
Mu'-aie-mai-ter, n, one who leaches muaic. 
Huik, a. an animal and a strong sceitfed lub- 

Miuk, V. L to perfume with muik. 

Hiia-ke'-tue, a. a iiuall amioTing inaect. 
Hiu-ket-oun'. n. a short thick musket. 
Musk'-i-DMs. n. scent of the musk. 
Mutk'-mal-on, h. a delicale (hiit. 
Moak'-oi. n. an animal aboul Httdaon'a bay. 

Huak'-rose. n. a fragant rose. 

Hmk'-y, a. [ike m-isk, tnwrant, [ofa river. 

Hus'-quash, n. an animal that Uvea on Itie bukka 

Hua'-lln. n. a 6ae cotton cloth. 

Mna-lin-el', n. a coaise cotton dnih. 

Mus'inan. a a wilJ aheep. 

Hna'-rale, n. the of a bridle. 

Mui'-iul-man, it. a Mohammedan. 

Must, e. imp. to be obliged. 

Must, c. J. to grow moldy and letid. 

Must, n. new wine unfcrmentod. 

MuB4a'-rhei, n. long haii^a the upper lip. 

Mus'-Tsrd. n, a plan; and its pungrait aeen. 

Mns-lee', Mcs-tee^n. apojaon of a miied breed. 

Mui'-ler,n. BrBview,collection,r(^tBroffittKet 
Hui'-ter^ii,* p. Assemhled, panded, reviewod 
Mua'-ter-rflll. n. a list of forces. 
Mus'-ti-ty, oj. with a musty smeD. 
Mui'-ti-ness, n. moldiness, lelidneas. 
Hos'-ty, a. moldy, fetid. 

Mu-ta-bil'-i-ty, \ n. cbangrableneaa, ioMal^litya 
Mu'-ta-ble-nesa. ( luualiled state. 
Mn'-ta-ble, a. changeable, fickle, in 

HiUe, a. dumb, ailenl, Bp«ctilr 

book, dflva, fiiH, me, gio, inuuta. gem, »«i ihin. thou. 

Ha'-ti-U-ud,;>' doprived 'od limb. ' 
Mu-d-Js'-tion, n. act of dBpriving uf a linb. 
Hu'-li-la'isr. n. one who mutilaie*. 
HiMi'iiCer, n. one who oppuaea ordet in tl 

Hu'-li-noua, a. Mdilioaa, dborderij. 
Mu'-fi-noiw-lf , ad- ■ediliouiJ)'. 
Hu-Ii-iiied,* p. at Mutiny. 

p. utienidwith a luw voii 

I, a gmmbter, a munr 

i-u:t-aLf„ppr, murmuring, gnu 
t'-ter-iog, a. a gnunblinx, ur m 
iI'4er-ing-lT, ad. with indiaiinci 
I'-im, H. deah of «harp, a ihe^ 

Mn-tu-«m-tj, n. reciprocBlio 
IVli''ta'al'l7, ad. reciprocally, u 
Ha'-lule, n. ■ uuua modiilion. 



Mnz'-ilc, a. a mouth. ■ balening for the month. 
Mui'-iinl,* j>. futened U the moutb. 
Mni'-llo-ring, n. ths ring round tb« mouth of a 
My, o. belonging lo ma. [cannon. 

M J^l!!'•r■-phJ, n. description oT ths muscle*. 
.My-ol'-o.jy, H. dewripikin of tlie iBusole*, 
Uy'-ope, n. a sbart Hiihhn! person. 
Hy', R. short aightedneas- 
HjT'-i-HiJ. n. the number of ten thousand. 
Myi'-mi.dan, n. a rough soldier, ■ ruffian. 
Hj-rob'-a-laii, n ■ dried fruiiofihe plum hind. 
Hfrrh, n, rmer,] a gum-resin in I'ne form of dnjpa 

Hrr*.!!!!, t. a i'nnib Dfievend speo» 
Mj4ei^' proa. I, not another. 
ny*-li/-n-im*, a. not eaaily undemood 
nyB4e'-riHMi*4y. ad. ooacinvly, dtutlr 

Myt.ia'-ri-uiu-nesi, a. obicurilj of meaning. 
Myi'-ie-ry, «. ■ seriet, an enigma, trade ac call 

Myi -tic, Myi'-tic-al, a. obscure, secret, hid. 
Mys'.tic-al.fy, ad. with a accjet meaning. 
Hys'-tie-al-neas, n. quality of being myslicaL 
Hyi'^i-ciim, n. the doctrinea of mfilics. 
Mys'.tic. n- a person who pretends to hare inter. 

coucaa with the Spirit of Gud. 
MythH>-lag'-ic-al, a. perlaiDing to fahln. 
A^-lhol'4^t, ». one versed in myiholont 
Mr<thol', R- a system of iablea. 



. to catch niddenly, lo ania. 

Na'-bob, B, B depniy or prince ii 
Na'-dir, a, the poinl opposite [he i 
NsA, n. a smaii hone or a hone ii 
Naid, Naiad, n. ■ water nymph. 


Nail, e. I. to fiaten with ■ nail, lo «tud. 
Nail-ed,*p. fastened nilh rails, studded 
Noil-ing, ppr. making fast with nails. 
Na'-ked, a. having no covering, bant, open. 
Nfiiv-ty, n. nstive simplicity, unatfected ing<n 
Na'-ked.Jy, ad. openly, plainly. [uoiisneaa 

Na'-ked .neas, n. baieneas, want of coverin(- 
Na'-ker, n. mother of pearL flatulence. 
Noll, n, a ■hoc'-niaker's awl. 
NanHi, n. that by which a person or thing is 

cal'ed, title, reputation. 
NBmB,D. (. lo tall, denominate, mention by nama. 
Na'-med,* p. calM, mentioned. 
Na -ming, ppr. t'aliing, deriominating. 
Naina-]«s, a. having no name. panirularly, ihnlls to say. 
NSme-sskfi, n. a penon of the same nsm*. 

Nap, a. a short steep, tvo. Jly substance on cloth. 
Nap, tL j. to sleep a shori time, to be careleim 
Nape, n. the pn>m.nent joint of the tierk behinl, 
Na^'-lhn, n. a bituminotts and very 'nflfunnn- 
hU) mii.efal. 

B»r, ftU. wtat. prtT. n 

Stp'-kiD, n. ■ towol, a clolh to wipe thinp. 
ap'-lan, a. having no nap. 
Nap'-pi-neac, ■. BlHindaiiee of nap. 
Nip'-pr, a. haviog a nap, frothy, >pnjn;. 
Nlir-cH'-«iii, n. the daObdil, a plant. 

NUr-cof-ie, o. indat— -■ " 

Ntird, II ■' ' 

cot'-lc, a. indndng ileen aoporiflc. 
1, 11. tpikmard, an odonnroiu ptanL 
-rale, n. (. to ull, mtaeane, ralata, reeiu 

■jve, a. nlsting jianicalan. 



r of nartuive. 

. _. Live-ly, ad. by wi 

Nar-ra'-wr, a. a roUtor.a .ciiimr. 
Mnr'-rOw, a. havinK litua width, cotKom, im 
Nu'-rfiw, a. t. r>r i. lo contract Id bmadth. 
Nor'-rOw-ed,* p. mado aannw, <lDnlrae;eil. 
NuT'-rQw-big, ]ipr. making kai broad, {rowi 
Sar'-iOw-ing*, a, pi. the part of a ■■orkEnE H 
Nffr'-niw-ly, ad. cloaely, iwariy, hanily. 


Nar'-rOwa. r. a narr 

Nar-wnl, Nar-wh|vl, 

It of braadlh, n 

Na'-ial, a. psrlaliUBC to the rwM. 

Na'-aol, n, a lener wkow •aniid m affiKled iff 

the DOM. 
Nu'-ccnt, a. bqrinniiu- to eili 
Niw-l! Jy, ad. dSiily, fflthih, . 
Nih i-n«>, n. iiltblneu, GMi. 
Nas-tur'-tion, n. a ipeoin of ~ 
HS»-ty, ou dirty, very fllth}^, 
Na'-lal, B. relating to nativity, ,>. ^..,.. 
NB-ul-i''-doiu, a. pertaining lo one'a bllthlhr. 
Na'4ant, a. ■winnnlnn, flonlinf on a floid. 
Na-la'-iion, n. a awinming, a Boating. 
No't«.to-ry, n. enabling to awjm. 
Naih'-leaa, ad. nererlhcleu. fobs.) [tneM 

Na'-tion, a. a body of poople rniilor one govern 
Na'-tion-ol, a. pettaining lo a nation, aOchoi 

to ono'i nadnn. 
Na-«ftKMl'-My, n. lore of one'a nation, national 

Ns'-tire, a. pataral, innate, conlerred by blilli. 
na'-ilTa, n. one bom in a place. 
'nai4ivo.|]r, ad. by birth, nalnmlly. 
KMlt'HtT R. birth, manner of birth 


Nal'-n-iaJ, a. pertaining lo nalore, native, nnat 

N:.t'-D ral, n. an idiot, a Iwl. 
Nat'-n-nl-ism, n. raem aialn of natuiB. 
Nar'-n-tal-iM, n. one vened in natural faittnry. 
Nat-n-ral-i-za'-tim, a. admlaion to natiye pri- 

Nat'-if nl-tee. T. t lo confer on an alirai Ifao 

NslMi-ral'l-Bd,*>>^ admittsdlo native rights. 

Nal'-o-ral-I-iing, jjpr. adniiiiingto native privi- 
Net'<n-raJ-}y, lu. according to natirrc. fle^BB. 
Naf-u-ral-neaa, a. conforrnity to nature^ 
Kat'-u-rala, n. fL wh«( belong 10 an animal. 
Na'-tnre, n. Whatever ii made, oiemial qinlitie*. 

conaiituti^rn, regnlar eonrae, natural affection, 

Nanght, n. [naut,] nothing: a. worthlen 
N«-lghl'.i-ly, od. hadlv, inrliedly, vilely, 
Naught'-i-neaa, n. b&dnen, wfciiedneaa 
Haughf-y, a. had, iwiTUpt, wicked. 
Nau'-nia-diy, n. the ahovi of a am-figtiL 
Naa^«»«,ii, licknen at the noniBch. 
Nau'4e4t«, D. (. or i to lathe, lo leel diagusi. 
FFau'-aeona, a. ladmante, diagoattng. 
>aa'-8eon»-tv. ad. with diagttn. 

a. lotheoomeM**. [tion. 


NV-val, a. coniining of or belonging to ihipa. 
Nave, 'I. the middle uf a church and of a wheel 
Nt'-vifl, n. the middle of tbo abdomen. 
Na'-v(44ilring, n. the l^:nniBn( that ttttachn a 

fetiB to the placenta, the umbilical cord. 
Na'-vrf-wflit, n. s plant reaembling hooaijaefr - 
Nav'-ew, R. a plant, a ipeciea of cabbage. 
Nn-vie'-n-lar, o. rdatine to ahiiM, like a boat. 
Nav'-i-gi-ble, a. peaaable for thisa nr boata. 
Nav'-fga-ble-neaa, n. slate of betng navigable. 
Nav'^^ate, a. i. or (. lo pna on water nttbahipa, 

Nav-i^'-lion, n, the act of naaiing In ahiM ol 

other veoete, or of mnnaging 
. lav'-i4s-lDr, n. one who directt the t 
Na'-vy, a 


a vwrd of denying or nifh aaL 

bgpfc, ddra, full, we, txa, chajta, twn. i, Uiin, Ibon 

Nu'-a-ffiB, ) 

of life and devotion. 
Neal; mm .Anxed. 
Neap, n. ihe pole or tonfue of ■ cart, 

N«-B-pol'-i-Un, 1. peitaiiiing to Tfiplt . 
Nfap-dde, n. a low lidej oppoMd lo tpHng tide. 

Ntar-lj', ad. at hiuid, doaelf , ipBringly. 
Ntar-nan, h. ck«enew, close slliance, co 
Naal, n. caule of the bovine or ex kind. ^Maa. 
Neat, a. Tei7 clean, cleaalj, pure. 
Nut-herd, n. one who keep* a herd of caltla. 
Nnt-lr, ad. cleanljr, nice]}'. 
Npat-DfiM, R' clHtnlioesB, nireneaB> 
Neb, n. now, hilL beak of a bird. 
N(b''ii]e, f n. ■ dark apot, film in the ere, cttia- 
Neb'-D'la, > ter of alan not dinitigmtliable. 
Neb-O'loa'-i-tr, n. ilale of being cloody Ar hazy. 
Reb'-u-loQa, o. reeembling a collection of Tspon. 

Nee'-eHarriei, n. pi. thtnra needfiil for life. 
Nec'^iMa-ri-lj'.o/.fir ■- '- 

ri-l;, Bd. from neceiiity, imavoidBblT- 
rj, a. that muit be, indiipenasble. 


Ne-oa'-ai^, ». that wbidi n 

Neck, n. the part which connertu tlie head and 

Inmk of ao aninial, a narrow irarl of land. 
Neck'-dothj n. ■ cloth for men'i necka. 
Neck'-er-ehieT, n. ■ cloth Hir the neck. 


-cer, n. one who {bretelli m 

' Nee-rD-man'.lic, a. nlaliiig to riecionaDcj. 
Nflc-rnHnan'-tic-al-iy, ad. B7 ihe black art. 
Nee'.tar, n- the feigned drink of Ib^ gOda. 
Nee-ta'-icaii, } a. conaiatinf of nectar or !*• 
Nec-ia'-re-one, ( Minbling it. 
JtBc'-UT-ei,' a. tinctiawd with nectar. 
Nae-ta'-ri-al, a. pertaininc to a oectuy. 
NeC'ta.rif '^r^na, a. producing nectar. 
N'ee'-tB-riDe, n. a fruit of fte peach kind. 

Nee-ta-ry , n. the tnelliJereiii pan of a Ocrwer, 

the honiBy'cup. 
Need, R. want, neceaait]', poieitf. 
Need, ».(. or I. to want, ladi, require, 
N^fld-M, □. neceaaary, required. . 

Ntad.fii1-lT, ad. of neceantr. 
N«ed-i-l]', ad in want, in poTeftr. 
Nfted.i.neaR, n. warn, indigence, 
Nee'-dle, n,a pointed inttroment Ibraewinj, and 

for the m«rmer'« compaM. 
Nee'-dle, v. i. to form into crfrtala, 
Need-ieaa, n, tuineceeiarj, not lequirite. 
N6ed-lBM-ly, ad. unnecemirily. 
NNd-l«.neat, R,>lBleof beiiig unn 

Nce'^lle-wr'- •■ ^-- --" - 

Ne-fk' ■ 

poor, indigent. 
not 10 be named, ahominBble. 
■bominablj wicked. 

Ne-fi'-ri^nw-ly, ed, with ei 

DiHHition or word that deniea 
i-ig-o-.i.!, V. 1. ui deny, refbae, reject. 
Keg', ad. by menni of denial. 
Neg.leef, c, (, to omit, tet ilip, diirenid. 
Neg-leef, R. omtmon, ellght. 
T<eg-Irct'-er, n. one that neglecti or omila. 
N«^leet'-fnl, a, heedleea, ditreEBnting, 
Neg-lect'-l^il-1y, ad. with henllna inalleMion. 
Neg'-li^n«,n,hHbltinlontlHion of (bal which 

ought to be done. 
Neg'-li-ient, a. beedlem. rarelm, inallanllTC. 
N™'-ti*iit-ly, ad. heedletily, nnriatly. 


ality of being (n|>> 
thai may be iMpHtateil 

B, iraal with, [nnaier b]r 

N8-go-ii-«'-lioii, s. H Irading, Imal; of biuiuBM. 
Ns-go'-UB-iori n. ona who ireau or traiuacu 
Ns'-^reaa, n. ■ TeniBle of ihs African race. 
Ne'-iro, 11. BD African by biith, ur > daicandant 
(ifua«> of full bluwl. Imueil. 

Ne'-nu, n. wine, wuer, lugar, iind lemon juice 
N{qpi, B. 1. (nij Lo cnr Bi a horee, b> whinny. 
N$i|li, K. llie voice of > hone. 
Nfigk^bor, { n. [ua'bur,! one who livei near an- 
NcMnor, t other, a counu? oc naiion luw. 
Nfituh-bor, v.Llo live uaar, to border an. 
N$igh-biK-hf9(l, R. ■ place near, or il* inhabit- 

fTfi^-bor-ing, a. near, bordering en. 
Nfigh-bor-li-neai, n. state of being neighlxnlT. 

Nf^-bor-l;, a. culliiBiii ■"--■'- - 

Nii-ther,sr«n. noteithei 
Hem. Con. ihu ia, New 

no otie oppuung, uiianimoualy. 
Wf m'-o-ral, a. panaming lo a grove. 
No-o-lug'-le-al, a. peruinnig lo neology. 
Ne-ul'-o-^ixa,-)!. B new nord or eipraeuon, eyi- 

NeH>l'-o-^Hl, n. one who uurodocai new minla. 

Nr-ol'-o-ey. a. Ihe intxiiduclton of new wonla 

inlu ■ longuaga, ur u new lyibiin of lenni. 

No'^)-|)hyt*, H. a new convert, n pnwelyio 
Ne-o-ier'-ir, a. new, nuHlerii, of recent origin 

Ne-phrit'-iR,a. pertaining tu the kidnaya, aflbct' 

ed with the wooe or gravel. 
Meplu'-ni-an, a. penainiiig to the ocean. 
v.^,„. „i „„ ) n. one v/hu hulili that the aob- 
2!C'"^:?^1 MonHB of Ibe eanh were 
Nep-^a-ui.!, ( 6.mHKlfr™aqiieou.«)lution. 
Ke'-nid, ■. ■ aea uympli. 
Nerve, n. an orpn uf aenaaiiun and motion in 

•niinale ; a unew or lendon, elraugth, firm- 

Iferve, v. ■'. to give itrengtU or vigor lo. 
Stn'-oi,'p. armed with Blrenglh. 
Ifdv'e-laii, a. dntiiute of ilrength, woak. 
f'lpv'-m^a. giviigatmiipb to (he nervm 

Nerv'-ou*, a. itrong, vigoroua, ru 

Nerv'-oui-ty, ad. with Btrpngth, or vigor. 
Nerv'-oui-neeo, a, Ulenglh, vigor. 
Nerv'.y, a. alrong. vigoroua. 

Nna, an ending, aignifiea a pmmonKiiy. 
Neat. n. a bed fur binta, or inaecii, a number of 
T^eit'-egEi "- Bn egg left in a neal. [boiea. 

Kee'-lle, v. t. [neilj to Ue cluae, to move about 

Nea'.tled.p. of f/etde. 
Neat'-ling. n. a Inrd jiut belched. 
Net, R. an inttnintent lor catching llih and Bynh 
Jiet, V. t, lo inake nei work. 
Net, a. neat, clear of all chaigea. 
tit*, v. 1. 10 produce In clear profit 
Netii'-er,a.lower, bdonging to ibe lower regiona 
Nafb'-n^niOM, a. lowect. 
Nol'-ting, ppr. Ibrming ne« work. 
Mel'-ting, n. a cmnplicationof net work. 
Net'.llo, n. a plant whoae pricklea fret iha diia 
Net'-llo, V. t. to Btina, vai, provoke. 
Net'-lled,* p. (rened, irriiaUd. 
Net'.tler, n. one who freta or proviAea. 
Net'-llini, ppr. Minging, provoking. 
MM'-n^rk, n. compIiCBtMHi of Ihreade. 

- teatripiian oftoe nervei. 

Nau-rol' _ . 
Nen-rat'-ie, a. uaefiil 
I(ctm)l'.o^ny, n. the 

er parly, at m 


Nfu-lral'-i'ly, r. aatstfi of being neutral. 
Neu-tnil-i-za'-iiun, n. Ihe act of rendering ne.iie( 
Neu'-lral-iie, v. t. lo rcndoi neutral, lo denroy 
Nou'-tral'-I-ted,* ;). rendered neutmL 
fiou'-ttal.l-ier, n. that which neutraliwa. 
Neu'-iral-J-Eing,;?^. rendering rwutral ; a. aila^ 

Neii', ad. without Inking atdaa. 
Nev'-er, ad. at no time, in no degree.>'', ad. noiwithiianding tliib 
New, s. Ireih, rsivnt, Uie, Riodem. 


e, full, m 

Kew'-«1, n. the uprighl post in ■ BULnaie. 
New-lkii''g-led, a. newly formed, novel. 
New-(Bn"g-leiI<nese, n, affecl«d fuhion. 
^ew'faab'-Lon-ed,* a. Ihat has lately come 
MeW-ieh, a. aomewhal new. [faBhion. 

?ieK'-ly, ad, freshly, lately. 
?(e«-m«!'-el, t>. t. to give a new Gmn la. 
New.mod'-el-ed,* ;i. made in a new fcmi. 
New-mod '-tl-ing,pj>r. giving a new lonDlo. 

Nev.1, n, rresh or novel aceounla orevonli. 
News'-miJiig-er, n, a ilealer in news. 
Newi'-pa-per, n. a paper lo circulate newt- 
Newt, n. a imall liiaid. 
N*w-to'-ni-aii,o- ponnining to Sir Uaac Newton, 

ibrmed or proceedtog from him- 
Neit, 0. iteareat in placp, time, or rank. 

Nib, n. a point, the end of a beak. 
Nib, v. J. to make or cut a rub. 
Nib'.bed.'p. formed with a paint. 
Nib'-ble, V. i. or (. to eat -lowly, to bite at. 
NilZ-hled,*?. eaten by little bitea. 
Nib'-bler, n. one thai bites a liule at a time- 

Niee-ly, ad. accurately, minutely. 
Ntce^HU, n. accuracy, eiactness- 
NicOHf, n. «ccuracy, minuleneai. 
Nkh, Niche, n. a bolbw for a stall 
Nick, t>- 1 notch, acore, eiact point. 
Nick, «. t. to cut in nolchea. 
Nick '-el, n- a metal of a reddish wl 

Hid'-i-fi-eate, ". 1. to mi 

katching young. 
SV-lor, n- araint. mi-or 

a. winking, covi 
Let of Ibiming a ' 

NIN ^ 

^hatte, gem, ai, Ihm, fliou- 

Nid'-u-lant, a. nestling, lying looae in pulp. 
Nid-u-la'-tion, n. time ofremaining in the DMt. 
Nl'-ditB, n. a nest for eggs, aa of insects. 
Niece, n. the daughter ofa brother or siaiet- 
Kig'-gard,?!, a iniaer, a stingy uetHon. 
Nig;-gBrd, Nig'-ftard-ly, a. sordidly mean. 

Nigb, n. [nQ near, not diaiani, allied by blood 

yjgh, ad. nearly, closely. 

Kgh-Kft, R. neamew of situation. 

Hight, N. [nrin,] the time when the nm ia h«- 

neaih the horiion. 
NigAt-bird, n. a bird thai flies only in the night 
NfgAi-brawL-*, h. oiie who quarrels by night 
NigAl-eap, n. a eajt worn only at night. 
Nijit-dreaa, n. a dreas worn only at night. 
Ni^*t-fBll, n. evening, close of the day. 
NFy*l-fa-ting, o. traveling in the night. 
M^At-flre, n. will with a wisp. 
NI^At-gown, n- a loose gown, an undieaa 
Nij;Ai-hag, n. a witirh of the night. 
Ni^Al-in-gale, n. a bird that singi aweetly, phi- 
Nigit-ly, a. done by nighl. [lomsl. 

Nig*i-ly, ad. every night, in the ni^t. 
"!e*t-mar, n. incubus, sensation rf weight 

^out the breast. [view. 

Nr^jbl-piece, n. a painting exhibiting a niglu 
NIgAl-nil, R. a looie gniment worn at night- 
NJ^At-rs-ven, n. a fowl that cries in the night* 
Nighi-sLade, n. a plant of several kindd. - 
Night- vi»-ioB, n. a vision at night. 
NiEht-WR2k,ii. a walk in the night. 
Night-w^-s-, R. a stroller aC night, one who 

walks in hi* sleep. [poml 

- . [ght-w-^-ing, n- a roving by night for evt! pur- 
Nlght-wan-der-er, n. one roving at night- 
Night-wfii-bling, a. singing at night. [nighl, 
""' ' ■ ' 1 guard at night, a jioriod in lb* 

Wot.oa'-i-n, n. erucu _ .... 

■udigmed roail meat. [meat. 

Kl'.dwxHUSi o. naemblint; the smell of roaaled . 


Ni-ma'-eent, a. beoomi 
Ni-nil'-i-ty, n. nothings 

-biy, ad. with brisk and light n 
Niae, 0. eight and one added. 
Nlne-fiSld.fl. repealed nine limea. 


Kf, fall, whu. pigy, BMtTnt. pin, Wnl. " 

n. |)f. ■ pliy nilh nine piiu nli 

N:ne-teenih, a. noting the nam 
Nina-ii-eth, a. the ordinal i^iii 

Nip, n. a pinch, a hiie. a blMling. 
Nip'.ped,*^. pinched, blaMed. 
Nip''par, n. a (ore tMtb, one that nipa. 
Nip''ping,}i!>r. pinching, lilasting. 
Ntp'-pen, n. nnBlI pinchers, 
fip'-plng-lf, ad. bitlerl)', Hevecel]', tullr, 

Nis'-ui, n. a Jewish month nnawering lo pan of 

Marnh and pan of April. 
Nil,ii. [hBBggoratouaeorolhersamUimect. 
Nit'-I'l, a, shining, briglit, gaf, fine. 
NC'lor, Nl-lfe, n. «alt-peler, a mineral mlt. 
Nl'-tric,'a. improgoated with niter. 
Ni'-tro^co, n. the dontenl orniler, azote. 
Hl-Uo^e-noiu, a. prodoeftig niter. 
7f r-troua, a. perUuniog lo latict, like idtar. • 
NT-trf , a. tike nicer or penaining to it. 
Nit'-^er, n. the horae bee. 
Nit'-tj, a. dwanding with nils. - [qiialitiH. 
NiT'4-oiii, a. like mow, or rartskinz of it* 
No. abbreviation of nlunber. |n. nomnre.] 
' No, ad, a word ol^enia] or nfiual. 

No-hll'-i-iaie, e. (. lo ennoble, make illurtrioaa. 
No-bil'-i-ty, n. dignity of mind, diiiinctiun of 

No^U), fl. digiiifted in mind, or in rsiik. braye. 
rfo'-bte, n. a peraon of elevated rank, a coin. 
fio'-bls.inan, n. a man of rank, or birth. 
Ho'-b)e.iMn, R. greatneai of mind, high rank. 
Nb-hM^.H. ibeliod^ofnoblea. 
Ifo'-bl}', ode. vriib dignity, bnvdj. 
V^-bpa-f, n. twl any peiion. 
Ks'-Mtt, a hurtful, mischieroui. 
NQ'-eiva,a. hunftil, ------ 

Noe-tiv'-a-gan^ a. wandering in tJiB night. 
Noc-ti-va-ga'-tion, n. a roving in the i1%hl. 
Nnf'.tii.A-ry, n. an account afnight tranaaeiioi 
n. an bfllce of ilevoiioa by night. 

, ... jy night. 

-■1, a. nightly, done al night, [nighu 
., .. .^ : _ '"obaervation al 


Nod,*.!. .. .. . .._ 

Nod, n. a quick inclination of the head. 
No'-da-tfld, a. knotted. [the head 

Nod'-der, n. one who nodi, or makes sign* tvtib 
Nod'-dle, R. the head, in cnntempl. 
Nod'-dy, n. a Bhnpleion, a fowl, eaailj iriien. 
Node, n. a knot, a ewelling, point wliere the ar- 

bil of a planet intemet^ia the ecliptic. 
No-iiO«i, No'^iou., u. knouy, full of knots. 
Nod'-u-lar, a. being in the Torn of a knot 
Nod'-uie, n. ■ imaU knol or tump, 
Nod'-u-Icd,' a. having little lumpt. 
No^-gin, K. a aroall wooden mug of cuji. 
Noisfl, n- Bound of any hinil, outcry, elanior. 
Nolle, t. i. or I. to sound, ui spread a report' 
Noii'-ed," ;>. sounded, rumored. 
NniaVful, a. loud, elumomus. 
Nols'e-leu, a. making no noise, silent. 
Noia', ad. with noise or clamor. 
Nnia'.i nosa, n. loudness of sound, clamor. 
Noia'4ng, ppr. spreading by report. 
Noi'jOine.fl. oflenBive, El^'lni! annoyanf*. 
Noi-sBma-ly, od. offensively, with ill odor. 
Noi'-sSme-neM, n. oB^nsiveniw to the smell. 
Noi»-y, a. clamorous, turhulent, loud, (lift, 

No'.nad, n. one who leails a wandering, pastoral 

Noro'-hril, n, 

Nome, n. a province, an algebralo quantiij. 

No.inen.da'-tor, n, one who gives natiies 

things.'-treia, n. a Iknale nomenelalor 
No-men-ela'-tu-rU, a. according to n nomoi 



Nom'-ln-al-ly, ad. 

singis tern in 

bwA. dOTB, full, m 

- -., _„--i,«' a figure having hi 
NoB-Bp-pear-ance, n. neglect of fl, . 
N'on-at-lend'-ince, n, omisiian oreitendsnoe. 
Nun'-elaim, n. failure tu make claim. 
Naa-eom-mQn-ion, n. neglect of cumDiuniun. 
Non-eom-pli'-anee, n. n^lecl of tompiianM. 
Non-eom-ply'-ing, a. biling lo complj'. 
Non-mn-duel'-ing, a. nCFl IrunimiUing. 
Kon-(«D-ilu«t'-or, n. a lubaMncc OM doeg i 

muuiniil electricity. 
KoD-Gon-lanu'-iat, r. one who doea not ceslo 

to the honh^ of iha celabliahed church. 

Nones,'. in Ranie, the 
Maj, Julr, and Oclober. 
Non-e»4en'-tial, n. that which iB not esaentiBl. 
Ndne-auch, n. llut which hai uot il* equal. 
Nao-ei-e-ca'-tion, n. failuie of eiecution. 
NDa'ei'iKl''ence, n. iharaice ofeiifltciice. 
" i-ei-port-a'-iion, n. failure of eiporlation; 

nill'-ion, n. njm mittioD mOlioiu. 

i-im-pun-a'-lian, n. ibilure oTiinportnltDn. 

i-ju'-ring, a. refuiing to iweai allegiaace. 
Xoo-ju'-Rir, n. one who refuies lo aweac atle- 
gjancs. [Dfactures. 

Nnn-man-u-be'-lar-iiig, a. nol canyiiig on man- 
NiHi>ins-ul'4k| a. nol consiatina of metal. 
NniH>b-aenr-ance, n. neglect of obnervance. 
N«i-ra-reil, n. {lujofiarel',] ■•tnntl ]>niiting type. 
Non-pfiy-ntenl, n. ne|rlect of psynient. 
Non'-plni, II. puEilc inBupecabIs dilEculiy. 

aa lae, ^wn, ■». IhJn. thou. . 

Non'-piua, 0, (. to puzzle, lu pui lo a aland. 
Non'-pluH-fid,* p. puzzled, confounded. 
Non'-plut-ing, ppr. putting to a eland. 
Non-pon-de-ro«'-i-iy, n. deeliiuiion of weight. 
Non-pon'-dc-toui, a. having no weight. 
Non.proHlnc'.iion, n. failaic lo pniliice. 
Non-pro-fi"-cion-cy, n. failure of progren. 
IVon-pn>-fl'-c4enl, n. one who faife lo improve. 
Non-cea'^-dence, n. absence iniin an eaiale oi 

Non-iea'-i.dent, a, nol reeiding in a phco. 

hit eslale, or with his cluuge. 
Nou-re-Hit'-ance, n. pauire auhmjaaion, 
Non-aliJje, a. utuounil, nol perfect. 
Non'-scnse, n. VIofis Hithout meaning, 
Non4enB'-i-cal, a. onineaning, looliih. 
Non-Aena'-i-cnl'ly, ad, without meaning. 
Non-acna'-i-cBl-nen, n. jargon, ebauidily. 
Nan-aeai'-i-iive, o. warning perception. 
Non-aolv'^n-cy, n. inability to pay all tldjla. 
Nonl•olv'^}nt, n. not able to pay debts, iiuofi-ent 
Non'-sQit, ». non-appearance of a ptaiuuf m 

court, when called. [anil. 

Non'-aQii, v. t. lo adjudge that a phintif drape hit 
Non'-ailii4d, }i. adjudged lo have dropped hia 


Noh-it'-scr, n. neglect of use or peifotmance. 
Noo'-iila, n. n (imiilelon. [vulpir.] 

Noon, n. ihe middle of the day, o'clorh 
Noon'-Jay, Noon'-tlde, n. midday. 
Noon'-ing, n. repose in die middle of the dey. 

Nooae, i. (. to catch in ■ nooiie, eninare. 
Nooa'-ed,*^. caught in a fioo«e. 
No'-pal, n. Indian fig, a plant from which coch- 
ineal is collected. 
Nor, eon. a wonl that denies or lender* negative. 
Nor'-mal, a. perpendicular, teaching rodimenta. 
Nnr'-man, n. a short wooden bar, a Norlh-man 
Nor'-Dian, rj. pertaining lo Normandy. 
North, n. the point opposite Ihe south. 
North, a, heing in the north. feaM 

North-east, n. the point between the north ai ' 
Norlh-iastem. d. penaining lu the ni 
Norih'-or-lj. o ■ ■ 

nine lo the 
vards the ni 

BHt, fiill, nhal, p 

Nurlh'-tn^ n. coun^d^a^tx nonli. ' 
North'-rtac, B. the north polar ■lar. 
Norlh'-wnnJ, o. being lowanLi Ihe north. 
N..r!h'.«fird, oJ. in s nurthera Jirecljon. 
Norlh-wem', n. Ihe point iKtween ihe north and 
Norlh-went', a, being in Ihe north ■maU [wesl. 
Norlh-wni'-om, a. jiensinirig In Ihe norlh-wesl. 
Nor-tve'-Ei-an, a. belungiog lo Norway. 
NiiAO, R. 'J» pmmtnenL put of the (an. 

■■ - -™n.". ' "-'■- 

NroD^egy, n. a bunch or flowers. 
filte-Xtaa, a. having no nise. 

la.log'-iF-Bl, a, penainliil 

No8'.|ri1, n. 

ough Ih 

'dii:iiie, ihe ingrtilienis of 
^ ^ which ore kept leerei. [niaJ. 

ffoi'-a-bl»-ne«s, n. dilicence, remariiDbleneu. 
Nul'-a-bly, od. with diligence, remarkably, 
No.ta'-ri-al, a. belunging lo a noiary. 
Na'-ia-iy,n. an oflirer who alteua roiitracta, Sai. 
No.ia'-Uon, n. [he acl oT noting or marhiiig. 
Noich, n. a cut, or nick ; «. (. lo cula hollow in. 
Noich'-<>d,* p. cul in hollow*. 
Nuie, II. u maik, taken, -short writing, goiuid Id 

^au, tr, f. 10 HI down, obkerve, ullend- 
No'.lod, P. eel down, ubierved ; a. dialingnieli- 
ed^ celebrated. 

Nu'-lei(.ly,ad. wilhol . ... 
No'-Led.neas, n. eonspicuounneM, celebrily. 
Mo'.ter, a. one who tokea notei, an 
N'jth'.jnf , n. not eny ihinz. nonenii 
Koih'-ing-neWj n, non-piiiiencij, no 
Noih'.ing, ml. in no degree, not at i 

No'-tice, B. (. lu t*i8nc, »ee, attend 
Nn'-tic.ed,* p, observed, ireated wit 
FCu'.Lire'B'bk-, a. wocthjf ofolfserva 

No'-li.diig, ]^. obxening, treating with civility 
No-(i-fl-oa''ticHL, n. act oi giving notice, notic* 

No'-ii-fl-ed,* p. informed, made known. 
No'.ti-f y, V. I. to infomn, make known lo. 
No', jipr. nuking known, inTonaiiie;. 


1-al, 0. 


No'-Iion-Bl-ly, oii. u 

No-lo'.ri.oii», a, ptihliclj known, inramom. 
N'i>-io'-ri^)u«.ly, oA in s n.,torioiiB manner. 
No-io'.riKiUB-neBS, n. gtate of being publicly 

known. ttheicw. 

Not-wilh.«tand'-in0, pnr. not opponng, ncver- 
Nought ; see .VaugAf. 

Noun, n. a name, Ihal by which a ihing is cnlled. 
Nour'.iah, B. (. lo "upport with lood. 
Nour'.iah-B-hle, a. suaceptihie of nnunahment. 
Nour'.iHh-ed,* p. BUppliHl with niilrimen^. 
Naur', n. he or thai which ifiuriBhea. 
Nour'iah-ing, ppr. supplying with Tood; o. 

adapted tii nourish, prooiotine growih. 
Nour'-iih-meni, n. act of nouiwiing, lood. 

1, pertaining to the number ni 

ii-Iy, ad. hurlfully, p 
is-neas, n. hunfiilnea 

Nu.hiP.^rHjai, (J. producitkg douds. 
Nu'-bile, a. roBjriajeable. 
Nn'-bil-Dtu, a. cloudy, ovennst, ghxuny 
T-er-au>, a. producing outs. 

hoyh, dOvB, foil, HI 



y thing b 

Ku-da'-i».D, n. (he acl of mitliine bare. 
TJude, a. bare, naked, of no Ibfce- 
Nu'-di-iy, n. a^ed, nakednexs; pL naked parta. 
fju'-gs-to-Ty, a. futile, iiuiEniJicanl, 
Nul-«Bnce, Nu'-iunce, n. tbal which annoya. 
Null, a, void, of no binding foree, 
Nul'-li-fi-ed,* p. annn!lc<l, made void. 
Ni«-li-ry, s. t. la annol, make void. 
Nul'-li-ty, It. want of fojre and eOicacT- 
Nuni6,a. lorpid, void of feeling. 
Nura*. «. (. to deprive of the power of feeling. 
Num'^r, n. unit or an UBeroblage ofunilii, mea- 

■ute, poetry. ver«. 
Num'-ber, 1. 1, to count, tell, enaments. 
Num'-ber-ed,* p. counted, enumerated. 

Num'-ber-leaa, a. thai cannul be counted. 
Nnra'-bers, n. Ihe lille of a book of the Feota- 
Num&'-nesa, n. [urpidneiH, torpor. [leuch. 

Nu'-ine-n-ble, a. ihal may be numbered. 
N'l'-me-ial, a. relating to number. 
Nu'-rae-ral, a. a letter Tor b number, aa L. for fifty, 
Nn'-me-tHl-ly, ad. aceordittg I '— 

, chaise, gem, at, thin, fhou. 
al.f. pertaining to 



Nun-ea'pa'-tion, ' 

ihansdor of (he pope. 

childien, a pknlalioD 

Nurs'-mg. ppr. tending, feeding, cberiihing 
Nurs'-ling, n. an infiir>l. 
Nur'-ture, n. food, diet, education. 

H nodding, a ttHnolou 



tSu-Cri-ment'-aL a. alTonlini 
Nu-lri''-tiDn,x. aotofnouri „ 
Nu-lri"-tiou5, a. tKiurishing, promoting ^wth. 
Nu'-tri-iive, a. yielding nounshmeni, ahtnenul. 
Kul'-shell, n. ihe hard cover of a nul. 
Nut'-tree, n. a tree Ihat bcara Eiutn. 
PJut'-wgod, a. a name of the hickory. [none 
Nuz'-zle, «. I. nr i. 10 lie enug, Ip push with iha 
Nyc-la-lopg, n. one llial leea best in the night, 

or one ihal loan hia lighl duririg Ihe ni^hl. 
Nyc'^B.Iti'py, n. ioaa of sight during Ihe ujghl. 
Nyl'-gnu,n. a quadruped uf Ir»dia,ieaenibhnEa 

cow and a deer. [a lady 

" ea of the vroodB and u-alera, 

n. a pupa, chry.'^alia or aur*- 

lertiurnng to nym^Jia 
•embling nynipba 



AF, n 

Osf-uh-nsH, n. siupidiiy, duilaem. 
Oak, It. s vBluible tree, or it* wuod. 
Oak-sp-ple, n. an eicmeenca aa oak leavei. 
,Oak-m,B. iPideofiKt. 
I^iik-am, n. old rape iinnrtsWd, Hid pidud. 
Onh-)', a. hard, firm, utrong. 
Oar, n. an irulrumenl lo row b«!a. 
Oar, o i. or (, to impel by rowing. 
Oar-]', a. havinf the Gun of an oar. 
Oat, n. a plant and Ub Msd, uciuUr ia tke idnr 
Oai^, 1. peiuiningio DBti. [rBl,atto. 

Aat-eoke, u. u cake made oroatnmL 
datb, n.a uleiiui affiimwUan. vriih aa MKiBal Is 

God Tor <u truth. 
Ont-malt, n. mall made of oaU. 
'^aAaal, n. neat of oata. 
Ob, a prefli, luually lignitiiah^m in fiiw(,OT 

cwaiiisf. It u changed into the Got letter of 


tn dnw over, ui a coreriag. 
Ob'-dn-ra-cy, n. inviniriblB hardOBas of heart 
Ob'-da-nle, <i. infleiibiy haid, ilubboFH. 
Ob'-du-roie-l]>, ad. with mfleiible ■tiUibam.'uaa. 
Ob'-du-rai0>neB9, r. fltubbomneaa. 
Ob-du-n'-Lioii, n. the berdening of tbe heart. 

Ob-di'ir-.eJ,* p. hardened, m^e perverse. 

O-he'-di-en^tfl, n. complianjw with a command. 
O-bo'-di-ent, a. euhmiraive ta auUiuriiy. 
0-be-di.en'-li»l, a.incoraplioncewilh ooramandi . 
O-bo'-di-enl-ly, ad. W 

O-b^y, D. t. to fomply 
0-t){y.en,* p. pnmpliei 
0-b^-ii^, ppr. 
Ob-fiu'-eale. s. 

, IB fonii of an obelisk 

iqiiere slender pyramid. 
-ty. *i. f^nees, gross nese. 

lake dark, to abacute. 

... - .. ., .. register of deatha, or accuuDt 

of Ibe (teumied . 
O.bit'-D-a-ry, a. ivIatinfE to a dec o aaed peraon. 
Ob'-jeet, n. that on which wa an Hoployed. 
Ob-Ject', D. I. ut oppose by worik or reaaans. 
Ob-Jee'-tiun, n. advene reaeon, AuJt founds 
Ob-jec'-tioti-a-ble, u. liable to oltjecUuna. ■ 
Ob-jeet'-ive, a. coutaitted in the object. 
Ob-je«l'-ive-ly, ad, by way of i>bieoti»ii- 
Ob^ect'^r. ». one who objects or upposep. 
Ob-jur'.gBte, B. *, to chide, to lefaove. 
Ott-ji]''tion, n. act of chidii^, peproofl 
Ob-Ute, a. Sailed or depreaaed at the polea 
Ob-latp-nesi, a- quality of being oblata. 
Ob-lo'-lion, n. toi uflenng, a aaeriSce. 
Ob-lee-i&'-tiDii, ■>. aai of plaeeing, ddighL 
Ob'-li-gWa, ». t. to biod by eentiMt ot duty. 
Ob-h-ga'-iioa, n. Ilie hiwUog lerce of a vqw, 

promM, onlract, law, or du^ ; • btHxl. 
Ob'-ti-ga-io-ry, a, bindkig in law ot owscJeiKa 
Ob-lifB, 1. 1, to comuain. bind, do a bvot to. 
Oh-lig-ed.* p. uowtniiwd, beond.tndebiol.^ee', n. cma to wbniD a bond ii eneuM 
0'blig-ii,g, fVir. compiling, Uodiiigj o-disjuaBd 

to da favoiB, cnB, kiwi. 
0-blig-ing-ly, ad. civilly, compiaiswilly, 
0-bli-iing-B«n, B, diapoaitUD to 4o *«TM». 
0!)-li-gor', u. aue who eieeute* ■ bood. 
Hb-li^ua'-tioa, n. dedimUso* dom ■ attflcbt 

couna. [indirect. 

Ob-lique, Ob-ldw, a. dtiVialwg fnm ■ rwbt haa, 
Ob-lTqueJy, Ob-liiie-ly, aU. not difiE..-tb. 
Ob-ltqua-oees, Ob-lilie-n«i>4, n. deyiMka Iidm 

a direct line or from recliluda. 
Ob-liq'-ui-iy, n. deviation from a right fiQtw>ai 

from mnrsl rectitade. 
Ob-lit'-e-rate, t>. I. )o blot uW, eOue, ig t nr . 
Ob-Ut-B-ra'-lun, a. the act tf bJbttss am. 
Ob-liv'-ioQ, n. lorgetfulnen, ■ nnanl patdon. 
Ob-liv'-i4ua, n, cauaing fursaEblnaa. 
Oil-long, s. longer tkvi broad. 
Ob'-long, n. a Ggureor "'" — 
Ob'-long-iih, a. someivnai ooioiig. 
Ob'-long-lj, ad. in an aUmig Sum 

Hi me, an, aiatoB, gem, a», Ihin, flwrn. 

Ob'-lo«)ily, n. slander.a ceTisoriuus speech. 
( Ib^mii'Ma'-ceiire, n. loss of '^peech, eiJeiice. 
Ob-noi'-iuna, a. liable, eipiised, ofHsnaive. 
Ob-noi'-iuiis4y, oil. in an obnoiioas mHOner. 
Ob-nai'-ioiIB-nevi. n. liab1oi»-u in nimuhmoil 
Ob-nu'-bi-late, v 
Ob'-o-lue, n. B en 

Ob-o'-vate, a. having Ihe narrow end do wnwardi. 
CNi-rep'-lioii, n. a creeping on with secrecy. 
Ob-riep.ti''tioaA,c.donear obtained by aurpriae. 
Ob-HC^De, a. L>nenaive to cbaatify and delicacy. 
Ob-Hc6ne-Jy, ad. in a manner to offend purity. 
Olnc6ne-neea, j n. impurity in eiprtssion, or in 
Oti-ioen'-i-tj', ( repr™enta[ion, 
OtKacu'is'-tion, n. act uf darliening. 
Oh^eiiiv, a. durii, gloomy, diflicuTt. 
Ob^sciirG, D. (. to darken, cloud, make lew intel- 
OlHcn'-Fed,*^. daibened, clouded. [ligibU. 

Ob.BcuTe-ly, ad. darldy, imperfectly. 
Ob-scftr*-ne«, { n. dannesa, war.l of light, pri- 
nt _..., J ... 1 ^jy^ uranleiUgiblaiWn. 


Oi>-Sfl'-qui4ua-Iy, ad. with prompt obedience, 
with servile rompiiance. [rompliance. 

Ob-m' qui-oue-nasa, n. ready obedience, loean 
Ob-setv'-n-ble, o. rsmarkEble, visiJilB, 
Ob-serv'-a-bly, ad. in a niaruior to be noticed. 
Ob-iei • .. .■ - 

Qb.«erT'4nt, a. regardfiil, 

Ob.9terv-a'-tor, n. one thai 
Ob-»erv'e, e. I. lo see, notice, walch, Obey. 
Ob-»orv'-ed,* p. noticed, regarded, perfoimed. 
Ob-ierv'-^r, d. one wha takes notice, a behoider, 

one who performs, fullills, or keeps. 
Ob-«erv'ing, ^)pr. taking notice, remarking; a. 

giviiip particular attention, having a habU of 

Ob.»ert'-ingJy, ad. attentively, caiefuDy. 
Ob.«e«'-«ion, n. act of besieging. 

Ob^d'-i-an,n.a minemlof ablaok, or daikUiv 
Ob-sid'-i-on-ai, o. pertaining lo a sic^. [color 
Ob.Big.|ia'-tion, n. act of sealing, lattflcation. 
Ob'sig'.na.lo-ry, a. confimiing by eealing. 
Ob^o-Us'.ceni, a. going out of use. 
Ob'-io-lele, a. dUtued, neglected, obacure. 
Ob'-ao-lete-ness, n. slate of disuse ordesnetude. 
Ob'-sta-ele, n. that which hindeti, hupedimenL 
Ob4itet'-rie, a. pe.-laining to midwifery. 

Ob'^ii-nate, a. etubbom, toadlute, film. 
Ob'-^ti-nuie-ly, ad. stubbornly, inJleiibly. 
Ob4ti-pa'-tion, n. a stopping up, cosliveDaaa. 
Ob.strep'.e-raus, a. noisy, loud, clamoroua. 
Oh-sti^'*-roia-ly, ad. clamojoualy. 
Oti-sirep' e-rous-ness, n. loud claiiuir. 
Ob^trit'.tioti, n, otiligntioQ, agreement. » 

Ob-ilniet, D. t. to hinder, stop, block up. 
Ob-iImc''tion, n. hindetance, obstacle 
Ol>.Btnict''ive| a. hinderiiig. 
Ob'4tni'«nI, a. iHiBtnicting, hindering. 
Ob-lfiin, t>, (. 10 gain, get, procore, pievBJI 
Ob-iain-B-ble, a. (hat can be obtained. 
Ob-tfiin-ed,* ;>■ gained, procured. 
Ob-tBin-nieni, n. ac« of obtaining. 
Ob-lend', B. 1. to hold out in opposition. 
tHi-[en4-bra -tion, b. act of demening. 
Ob-taat',».(. on. to beseech, supplicate, proteaf. 
Ob-iesi-a'-tion, n, suppHcetion, entrcaiy. 
Oh-triide, ». (. U) thrust into, force on. 
Ob-tnld-or, n, one who intrudes. 
Ob-lru'-Eion,n, s throwing un, or entering with- 
out right or inviuiion. 
Ob.tni'^lve, a. tending to intrude ?n. 
Ob-tru'-sive-ly, ad. by way of inlnuion. _. 

Ob-lund', r.t. u, dull, blunt, deaden. * 

Ob-tu-ra'-tion, n. act of slopping by corenng. 
Ob-lOse, a. not pointed, dull, blunt, 
Ob-tSse-ly, ad. without point, bluntly. 


Ob-tu'-sion, n. act of blunting, 
Ob-um'-brate, v. t. to shade, U> darke 
Ob-uro.bra'.iion, n. act of shading, 

Ob-ven'e, a. having the ■- 

Oh'-verse, n. the face ol 

narrower than (G^ 
in opposed to th* 

Bur, fBll, ytbtt, pny, nartne. pi 

Ob'-vi-a-ting, KPf, piETenling, biaileruig. 
Ob'-vi-oiB, a. evident, clear, pUin, open. 
Ob'-TiKiiu-lj, ad plainlf, clear]]', flvidently. 
Ob'-vi4iu-new, n. cleanwa to the tight or loiai 
Oe-ta'-tioa, n. ■ caiue, nead, incideni- 
Oe-ea'-iioo, v. (, to cause, produc " ' 





Oe-ca'^ire, a. tailing, dwcending. 

0«'-«-dent, n. IhB we«t, wB>iam i)iiart«. 

Oe^-dent'-^l, a 


. OCKiip'-i-tB], a. pertsining lo the back paR i 
Oe'-Gi-pDt, iL lbs hinder panof the head! 

fcdude, V. t. to ahut up or agairut. 
elu'-iion, n. a clneing or tnutting up. 
Oe-eult', a. ascret, hidden, unknown. 
Oe-euli^a'-tion, D. act or concealment. 
Oe^eult'-iuai, n. itale or being conctslod. 
Oe^-vi-pmn-cj^ n. poDeaiion, a aelfing. 
Oe'-eU'poni, n. one who hnldi puiuuian. 
Oe-<u-pa''tiDii, n. buiineu, empl< 
Oe'-eu'pi-ed,* p. employed, ~ ~ 

Oe'-ea-pl^r, H ■• 


Oe'-en-py-iJig, .. 

Oc-eur', E. L to come, anie, happen. 

Oe-eui'-red,' p. of Oa:ar. 

Oe.Rur''ren4«, n. any event that happena. 

Oc-eor'ring, ppr. coming, happeniiig. 

Oc-eut'.iion, n, a meeting of bodiea. 

(y-cean, n. the ]u^trl body of water on the aatth. 

0.cean'-ie. a. pertaining to the ocean. 

fl^, a. r»embTing an eye. 

'> IK lot, n. the Mexican panther. 

O'.fher, O'.eare, n. a variety oT day used as a 

O-cher^us, O-eher.y, a. libe ocher. [picmeDt. 

Och.|oe'.rH-cy, n. govenunent by the mnllitude. 

Oe'.ta.gnn, n. a figure of eight aidea and angle*. 
Oe-iag'^j-iial, a. containing eight angles. 
Oe-ta^ie'-dral, a. having eight equal aides. 
Oe-ia-he'-Jron, n. B figure of eight equal lidea. 
Oti«n"g-u-Isr, a. having eight angiee. 
Oe'.&vot «. an eighth, an interval in mtuie. 

Oe-ta'-vo, n. a booK with eight leaves to a aheet. 

Oe.tan'.ni-al, a. coming once in eight yeara. 
Oe-to'-ber, n. lbs larth month of the year. 
Oc'4>-liiI, a. clelt into 6ight segmenls. 
Oc'.lo-|e.n»-ry, a. of eighty years of age. 
Oc'.io-ge-na-ty, n. a pemon eighty years of age. 
Oc.|o-loe'.U'iar a. having eight celk for aeeda. 
Oe-to-pet'-a.lous, a. having eight petals. 
Oc-to4perm'.oua. a. containing eight seeda 
Oc', h. a range of eight columns 
Oc'.u.lar, a. knomi by the eye. 
Oc'-u-lar-ly, ad. by Ibe oye.or UghL 
Oe'.u.h.tbnn, a. reaerabhiu; the eye in form. 
Oe'-u-Utt, n. one ivbo heab disoaaea of the eye 
Odd, a. uneven in number, strange, aingular 
Udd'-ly, ad. nnevail;f, strangely. 
Odd'-i-ty, n. singularity, stiangeness. 
Odd'-Dsas, n. slate of being unevert. siagnliiri'.; 
Odds, H. ineijuality, eiceas, advantage. 
Ode, R. a short poem, a poem for muaic. 

O'^li-um, a. hatred, dislike, of...__ 
O'^lor, R. BCHtt, smell, fragtance. 
O'.dor^-mont, n. strong scent, perfame. 
(V.dor4la, a. scented, having a sQung am 
O'.dor^.ting. a. diffusing scent, Iragnuit.*us, 

a. fragrant, s 


noting distance or departniB. 
Of'-fal, n, waste meat, refuse, eotmila. 
Of-lead', V. I. or i. to displease, tu disgui 
Or.ftnd'-er, n. ons who ofiends, 
Of-lend'-ing, fpr. djspleuiog. sii 
lOf.fcna'e, n. treniass, tin, cntne, KlTronl. 
Of-fent'e-fni, n. nuitful,iruarioni. 
Or-feus'e-leea, a. inoR^ive, harmipss. 
Of-feiti'-ive, a. displeasing, making invadnn 
OT-iena', oil. ao as le give offense, by in 


le of disgast. 

OT-fer, V. t or i. lo present, projiose, b 
Of'-fer, n. a proposal, (eilder, pnce bid. 
Of'-for-ed,* p. pretenlod, bid, proposed. 

Qf-lice, R. public employiia«nt, duly, 1 

funniilBiy ordavodon. 
OT-fi-cer, n. one who holds an office or ■ 
Of'-&<ar, r.Uto lamuih with ofRcen. 
Or'-II-cei-cd,* p. rumtihed nilh oflicen 
0&n''-cisl,i(. peruinhig to or derived froi 
Of-li"-cial, n. an ecclerioiiical jndge."-Eial4y, ad. by ihe proper oflicst 

, chawe, janiL, «», thin, tt 

Otfic'-i-oel, a. panuning lo shops. 
Or-li''-(:ious, D. kind, obliging, bnay, loo foiiFBid, 
0(-fi''t:ioaM-lj,ad. kindly, in a meddling manne 
OFfi"-ciou«-iieM, B. eagerness lo serve, eioo 

sire forwardness. 
Off'-ing, n. the saa It a distanre from shore. 
Off'.«, n. refuse or vila miner. 
OS''-Bel, 71. B shoot or spmut, d perpendieulor t 

Mtvoying, an account against another. 
CHT'-cet, D. f. to set one siun ogiiiast another. 
OEr-apring, n. a ehild, rhildiEi), descendant. 
Oft, ad. rrequantlr, many iimes. 
OfV-en, ad. {ofn,] frequaiMly. many times. 
Oft'-en-Unm, Od' fivquenlly. 
O-gBb', n. a molding of two mamben, one con 

fy-ffve, n. a diDgonal arch of the Gothic rault 

O'-^e, D. [, or 1. to look with aide ghincei. 

O^ler, 1. omi nh] ogles 


O'-g ing,<juking with side glanees. 

ra. ■-) of surprise or pai- 

t, n. the butter am. 
ip, n. a shop wheiB oil it aoU. 
a. contoining oil, greaiy, araooll]. 
, (. to anoint, Ui smear with oil. 

ri. ungueol, a sofi lobstanee 1 

IDJM-gar-chy, n. Eorenunent ini^ handiefa 
0'-li^^, n. a medley, a miucellany. [few man. 
Ol'-lJo-ry, a. belonging lo s kitchen canleo. 
"■■ ■ a. of the color of oUtb. 

darkly broivn, of an olive colw. 
OF-ive, n. a plant or tree yi^ing oili emblten 
Ol'.iv-ed,* a. decorated with olives, (of pea^ 
Ol'.ive-yird, n. an incloauro for olivee. 
O-lym'.pi-ad, n. the period of Ibiu ycus in-Gi^ 

Q.lym', a. pertaining to Olyaapia. 
O-lym'-pie. a. pertamine to Oljrmpia, e>d ttn 

games lbc» celebiald. 
Om'-ber, Om-hre, n. a njoeat eudi. [tbaflnt. 
O-me'-ga, n. the last Gtsek lettn-, aa Alpha'ii 
Om'-o-let,] ' 

O'-men, n. 

a pn^iwstic, gmd or bad, aalgn. 
' a. containing a |H«faoalK. 

a. foreboding ill, ferasbowing. 
ly, ad. with goad or baid oiimB. 

Oni'-in4us>nosa, n. thequal iQ arbeing oiii^oaa 
O-mis'-ai.' ' ' ' ' ■ ' 

H. Ihalm_, 

, a leaving, □■£>«», 

0-mtl', 1. 1, to leave, piui by, wlect. 
O-mii'-ted, p. jwiMd by, left, ne^ud. 
O-mii'-liag, ppr. neglecting, leaving. 
Om-ni-la'-ri-oui, a. coniiitiDg or all !■»__ ^ 
Om-niT-ie, a. BU-cmting. [kind*. 

Oin'-ni-ibrm, a. having Ml fanat. 
Om-iii-pet-cip'-i-eDca, n, perception of eiay'-i-eal, a. perceiving evK/ thing. 
Ou-nip'-a-leuce, n, ahnighly power. 
Oio-mp'-o-tenl, a. haviu alim^ty power. 
Om-Dir<'-o-tenl4;, ad. with abnigMy power.'-eDca, n. preaance in overj plae*. 
OiD-ni-prea'-ent, a. pieeent in even place. 
Om-nir-ctence, a. a knowledge of every thing. 
Om-nii'-ciaot, a. having inTiDile knowledgB. 
Om'-oi-um, n. aggregale of the public ttoclu. 
Om^iiv'-o-roiu, a. all-devouring. 
Oin'.D-plale, n. the ahouliler blade. 
Om'-pha^cine, a. eipreeied fraia unripe fruit. 
Om-phal'-ie, □. pertaining to the oavel. 
On,prrp. upon, b1, near. 

On'-a-get, n. the wild a«. py. 

Uncs, ad. [wuni,l one tiiiie, at one lune, tormff- 
Once, n. a camivoroiu quadruped, leai than tbe 

panther, of a whitiih gray color. 
One, a, [wun,] lingle in nuiaber, individual, 
OoB^y-ed, a.[wun'«y6d,] hav-ng one eye oiJy. 
O-an-ro-oif-ic, n. an inlerpreiei of dreama. 
loB-neas, n. (wUQ'neni,] unity, eingleoea' in 
On'4-n-ry, a. compriiing a burden, [number. 
On'-e-tate, v. I. lo load, lu burden. 

All-ion, B. a plant and it* bullMXU root. 
On-ly, n. ain^ one alone; ad. nogly, barely. 
Oofiet, H. an aila^ aaiault. 
Oa-lal'.o^, n. the acieoce of being*. 
Ou'-watd, ai. fitrward, progreaaively. 
On'-nrd, a. advancing, improving. 
On'-y-cha, n. an odorileratia amell. 
(y-nyi, n. a Kmi-pellucid gem with lonea. 
Ooie, iLiofl mud, alime, litiuorofa tan vat. 
Ooie, o. i. to flow gently, to iieue alowly. 
Oo'.iy, a. ilimy, muddy, moigt. 
(X(Mc'-i4y, n, opakeneaa, want of lran*pueiiB;. 
O^K ' cooa, a. impervioui lo lay* of lighL 
Q-pUa> a. imparvioD* to light. 

Bit, ^11, wlut, pny, marine, pin, bird, move, 

0-peke-ne*a, n. defect of trjuupareney. 
O'-pal, n. a aihciaui ilono of cbaDgeaJile colon. 
0-^«*'.<-ence, n. a ihining from a tingle apot 
O-pal-ea'-cenku. like opal, reflecting luuer fiom 

O-pal-lna, a, pertaining to, or like opal. 
Ope, t>. 1. to open ; lured in poftiy. 

:loaed, broke, explained. 
Cf-pen-er,' n' one that opens, an inleiprelet. 
Cf-pen-ey-ad, a. watchful, attentive, waiy. 

- r-a-ing,}^.unGlosing,unHahng,erplainiiis. 
O^-poi-ing, n. a breecb, or aperture, dawn. 
O'-pen-ly, ad. publicly, evidently, plairdy. 
(V-pm-ne**, n. plainneaa, uncovered atate. 
Op'-e-ra, n. a muaica^ eatenammenl. 
Op'-rfi-raie, d. t. lo act, work, peribnn. 
Op-e-ra'-cion, n. action, agency, worii, ptnccM 
Op'-e-ra-tive, a. acting, having power to act- 
Op'-e-ra-tivQ, n. a laborer, workman. 

O-per'-eu-lale, a. having a lid or cover. 
Op«-rOM, a. labonoua, irouhlaonte, tediou*. 

C-phlla, n. green porphyry. 

[obi.) ,_ 

O-pin'-ia-led, a. unduly altacbed to one'a opin- 
O-pln'-ia-tiva, a. atiffin adherence to upiniona. 
O-pin'-ia-tiva-iieaa, R. tmdneBtifiheeainopHiion. 
0-pin'.Jaii. ■- tlie judgment formed by (hs mind. 

0-pin'-ion-a-ted,a. firm in. 

0-pin'-ian.a-tive,a.*tiffin opinion*. 
O-iHn'-ian-a-live-ly, ad obaiinatdy. 

bgofc.iieve, full, n. 


■aponacsout cunphDnled 
Iniped thatcUTiniUrouDg 


Op-pi-U'-tion, n. It 
Op'-pi-la-tive, a. Mi 
Op-iw'-n«]t, a- advenw, oppuaing 
Op-po'-nail, n. an < 

Op-pine, V. I. tu act aguiiet, naisL, wiihitand. 
Op-po'-«ed,* p. lel in oppoaitioD, reaiswd; a. ad- 
vene, being in oppoailibn. 

(fy'-po-tia, a. cnntnir; in posilinn, adtene, 

^'-po-»iw-iM«a,n.iilale of being opposite, [nor. 
0^po-si'-tii>n,n.R«iaUiace, party opposing. 
<^po-»i"-iion-in, a. one in an ')ppo«ile paitir. 
Op-poi'-i-tive, a. itwL may be oppoacd. 
<^preu',v. (. lo buideo wiih impoaiuoni, av«- 

Op.pre*«'«d,* p. overburdened, overpowered. 
C^pna'.aian, n. actofuppreraing, hardihip. 
l^-press'-ive, o. banlenaODUi, cruel, severe, un- 


re-ly, ml. wilh axcetaive 

'right L 


Op-pij^n, B. ■. lu oiipuim, BLiutt, n 
Op-pug'-nan-Fy, n. oppoiitioii, mi 
O^paga-ti,* p. opponxl, reaiilsd. 

Op-pii£n-er, n. one that opposea. 

Op-ia'-iion,n. eipreasiou ofdeiirc. 

Up'-iie, Op'-ti&id, a, penaining to viijon. 
Op-ti"-ciBn, Ti. a person skilled in optica. 
Op'-Iin, n. liwacicnos ofllie Um-s oriisioo. 
Op'-li-ma-cy, n. the body of nablea, tubihty. 
Op'-ti-miani, n. the doctrine that every thing im 

Op'-iion, a. choice, right or power oTcbanainc. 
Op'-tion-al, a. tefl to choice or election. 
(^'-u-lence, n. gtcal wesllh, rirbea. 
Op'-u-ient, a. very wcallhy, rich, aSue 
Op'-u-lent-[y, ad. richly, wilh ' 
ia, n. in heraldry, gold. 
Or, a terminatiurvlike i 



Or'-rach, n. s plsnt, used for tpinage. 
Or'-a-cle, n. a pagan deitv or his declaretlona, 

an opinion deemed infaQihle, a wise man. 
Or'-tcle, v.Lxo uucr orsclea. 
Or'-a-clet. iho revelations of God. 
O-rac'-u-lir, O-rae'-u-loiu, a. utlering onelMi ' 

'kius-ly, (he manner of an oracle. 
O-iae'-u-loUB' nesa, n. alale uf being oraculouB. 
O'-iat, a, delivered by the moulli- 
O'-ral-ly, oil. by mcmlh without wiiltng. 
Oc'-un^e, n. the pulpy fruit of a tree. 
Oi'-ange-iy, n. a plantation ofoninge treea. 
Od-rang-ou-Iang'iiho eatyr or great apa, bivingl 

deformed r»emh1aii<« to man. 
O-ra'-tion.n. a rhetoriral speech, harangue, 
in eloquent spenker, a pelitiona- 


!"'.. i 



ical, eloquent, Aowaj 

Or'4-ia-rT, n. the art of public speaking with 

correcintss Biid elegance, a plane far pnyei 
Orb, n. a sphere, a nund body. 
Orb^ate, o. bereaved, (alherlsaa, ehOdbn 
Orb'-ed,* a. formed into an «t>. 


Blir.jall, whM, prgy, mariin*, pfai, til 

Dr-bi«'-u*lai', a. sphnica), circular, round. 
Or-bie'-u-lBT-l]', ad. with a ipherical Ibnn. 
Or-bie'-u-lBie, a. round like an orb. 
Oib'.jt, H. tha path of a planet or comet roniid 

Orb'-il-al, a. pertaining 10 rhe olflit. 
Orb'-T, a. reeeroblin 
Ot'-cEurd, n. an ini 



_.„, n. the culliiBtion a( ov±tadM,or- 
jn gonerel. 

Of'-chBid-iit, n. 0, ciilti™»r or orchard!. 

Or'-ehea-ler, { n.lhepanufn IhenlerfDrlhe mu- 

Ot-chea'-tn, { Biciam. the body of Mifonnen, 

Or-ehss'-lral, a. penaining lo an orcheater. 

Or^Jain, o. (. 10 appoint, settla, tstoblish, decree. 

OrKJain-ed,* p. appointed, detcced, settled. 

OnHin^ec, n. one iiha urdaina. 

OpJsin-ing, yp. appointing, settling; a. tlurtor- 
daina or has power lo grSaifi. 

Oi'.do-Bl, n. trinl orguill by Era or wat*t. 

Or'-der, n, a coniinoHit, maihod, rank, clui. 

Or'nlar, v. t. lo bid, conHnand, direct, regulate. 

Oi'-doi-ed,' p. direcled, cummanded. 

Oi'-dar-ing, ppr. lyBlenuzin);, rezulating, bidduig 

Or'-der-le™, a. irregular, diiotderlr. 

Oi'.det-ll-nMs, n. regularity. 

Or', o, regular, meihodica!. not unruly. 

Or'-ders,n. pL in ordan, set span to the miniilry 

Or'-dia-iil, a. noting the order of number. 

Or'.din-ikl, n. a booft of rilea, a Htual. 
- Or'.^i-nBnce, n. rule eaublished by authoritf. 
taiT, Btotule, eatabUjihed rile. 

Or'-din-a-ri-iy, ad. viBually, commonly. 

CV-din-a-ry, a, usunl, common, plain. 

Or-din-B-ry, n. an ccclcaiasiii/al judge, ptuoa of 
eating, eslabliahment for fibips laid up. 

Or'^din-ate, a. regular, methodical. 

Or .^inwEB-ly, ad. in a. methodical manner. 

O-din-a'-tion, », acl of ordaining, act of con- 
ferring holy ordcra. 

^ Or'-durB, II. eiciementitioitB matter. (mwter. 
pre, n. a comtuund of metal and aome other 

■BaaiM of conveyaace. a wind 

Or-gan'-ie, a. containing orgai», initrumentd 
Or-gan'-ie-al-ly, ad. with or by orguta. 

lya on an organ. 


Or'-gsn-is^ n. one who 

lemiiing the parta of 
tV-gan-Ize, v. I. to tbrni 

nth or 

Or'-gan-i-ied," p, formed, duly n] 
JiV-gan-i-Eing,^!^^ fomung with organa, re 

Or'-gati-lolt, n, the loft where an onu atanda 
Or-gan4g'-rB-phy, n. deuripiion of the organ 

Or^-grev, a. frantic rav^of baccharialiaiu. 
O-n-ent, a, rning aa the aun, oriental, eastern. 
O'.ri.ent, n. the uaBt, place of the riaing aun. 

f >-ri-ent'-al, n. an inhabitant of the eaat. 
0-ri-enL'4l-iim, i. nn eastern idioJn. 

one veraed iu oiianlal ianguagea and Wraiiic 
CV-i'Gce, n. an opening, penbntion, nu^uth. 

Or'-i-gan, Or-i-ga'-num, n. the plant i ' 

Or'-i-gin, n. beginning, riac, aource. 
U-rji^-iii^l, 0. Iiist, primitive. 
O ri|'.in-al, n. a aomi^e, fiial copy. 
O-rig-in-aP-i-ty, n. quality of being originaL 
0-ri|'-in-al-ly, ad. at first, primarily, 
O-rig'-in-B-rj, a. primitive, pnniuctiva. 
O-rig'.in-ate, v. I. or i. [o cauM lo be, prodiK* 

what ia new, take riie, b^u. 

Or-iF-lon, n. a rounding of earth faced wilh ■ 
O'-ri-ole, n. a genua of birda. Twall 

0-ri'K>n, n. a aouthetn conalellation. 
Or'-i-jon, h. a prayer, iupplicalion. [pilal 

(V-let, (V-lo, n. a fiUei under (lie OTolo oTa ca- 
"~" ' "'" " ' ip«, un which aM 

ent, n. decoration, embelliahment. 

ent, V. 1, to adorn, embclliah, deck. 

rending lo adorn, giaceliil 


Or-na-i _., .„ 

Or-namiHuil'-alJy ,aiL ao a* 

Qt'-nate, a. adorned, deeoroledt binutiful. 
Or'-niie-ly, ad. wilh decoiuioo. 
Or-ni-cbo-log'-ie-Bl, a. belonging lo amitbolagr. 
Or-ni-Ibol'-o-giM, n one skilled in Ihe Mieaee 

Ur-iu-ibd'-o-g;, n. a docriptian of Ciwla, Iheir 

fbfm, and habit*. 
O-ro-lug'-ie-al, a. belonging to oiologf. 
t>^l'>»-giel, n^ a deecriW armounlauu. 
(Wal'-o-gji n. ibe science of mountains. 
(V-phan, n. a.falherleafl or moLberles child. 

S:;s:s.i- »••"»» """"pi™- 

OTiphaD^d,* a. baeK of psranEB. 
Oi'-phe-an, ) a. pertaining lo OrpheiB, the poet 
Or'-pbic, i andmoucian. 
Or'-pi-ntent, A- aulphur and anenic, aa on. 
Or'-pine, n. a |dant, le»er houaelert, livdimg. 
Or'-m-r;, a; as ia>Itunenl lo ihow tbe rarolu- 
noTUof ihs-i^neU. 

D, chaiie, gem, as, thin, Ehou. 

' Of-Uflanjti 
Oi'-(hii.den,'a; anmi 
(V-thfHloi-lr, ad. w 

Ot'-lhoMjoi-na.B, n. 1 . . , 

CV-iho-doty, B, BonmitiraB of feith, Bcriptund 
Oi'4ticwln>'niy,n. the Bailing in i> nrsighl coune. 
(V-tho-e-piat, n. a pefwm well iliiliM m pto- 

Or^iho^-py, n. Mnwl pronunciation of worde. 
OMbofc'-ra-pber, n. ona ntra apella wonla cot- 

OMho-graph'-ic, u. rightly apetled, pertaining In 

onbognptsj. [epelling. 

Or-dw.«Taph'-ie«i')y, ai. soeordiDg to rulee of 
Or-diog'-ra-pby, n. the apelling or writing of 

wonn wHh the proper letters. 
Or-tboi'-o^, a. just deseription of Ihinga. 
Or-tbom'-ft-ny, n. pomet veniEcetion. 
(V-iire, a. riaing, eaalem. 
Or'-lo-len.n. BbJKl of the size ofa lark. 
(V.^Ml-lBle, „.i. lo swing, to vibrate. 
Oe-cil-la'-tion, n. a swinging, vibration. 
(V-cil-lk-io-ry, a. moving aa a pendulnm. 
CV-ei-lBiKsy, n. a yawning, unuanal riteptneaa, 
Oa'-d-lant, a. yawning, aleepy, dmwsy.'-tKm, n. act <u^gB|ring from sleepincn. 

a kissing, contact of a cunw 

Oa'-cu-la^ry, n. a tablet wilh the pictuia of 

Chriat and Mary, to be kissed. 
O'-iier, n. the waier-wJUow.or a twigofil. 

CV-mund, n. « plant, moon-won, flovrering i«n. 

'^'-OB-burg, n. [ui'nburg,! a apeciea of ciian* 

f^'-pray, n. the sea eagle, or fiiib hawk. 
Oa'-so-let, n. B hard subiiiance on the ioside of 

, bony, like or mUe of bona, 
converting lo biHie. 

Oa'-si-ele, ■ 
Os-aif '-ic, r 

harden to boooL 
Oa-elv'-o-roua, a. feeding on bonea. 
Os'-ea-a-rV) n. a place Ibr bones, a chamel hotuw 
Of-ten-ai-bU'-i-ty, n. quality of appearing. 
Os-len'-ai-ble, a. that may be shown, apparent. 
Oa-ten'-si-bly, ad. plaunibly, colorably. 
Oa-len'.aive, a. taoding lo show. 
Os'-tenl, ni show, taken, prodigy. 
OB4enl-a'-tion, n. vain show or display. 
Oa-Ient-a'-lioiiB, a. sSectedly ahowy, gaudy. 

ioua-ly, ad. wilh vain display, (net! 
--■- ---'-7, Watfid- 


Os-ie«l'K)-nst, n. one who deeenMa UW boitea 

Os-te-cl'-o-gy, ^. deecrtplion of aninial bonea 
Oa'-ti.a^, n. the mouth of a river, 
Oa'-tra-ciim, n. baniahnient by volea on ahells 
Oa'-tra-clie, v, (. to bwiisfa by Ihe voicv of tha 

Os'-tiB^*«di* p. b»nishfld by the people. 
Os'-trich, n. a targe fowl, with el^anl phoaaga, 

but winga too abort for Aight. 
Ot-a-i — '-^'- — '" 

Olh-er, a. not 

ting aomethiiiE Deaiaea. 
OEh'*r-guT«e, ad. of another kind, 
Ofh'-e^ where, ad, in another plao 
Ofh-er-whrle, ad. at othM times. 
Olh'-er-v>1*e, ad. in a different ml 

diiferent, contimy, ti 


Bm, Ifttl, wh'-t, i-tty, nartne, pin, bi 

of Gemuiy, mucfa oieenied 

Oi'-to-man, n, penaining lo Ihe Tiiriu. 

OuRh, n. the bezil of a ring. 

Ought i lee Aught. 

Oiigbt, s. i. [But,] ta be obliged in duty, to be fit. 

Ounce, *. tbe lweli\h of a |<ound tiDj, tnd six- 

teealh o(i pciuni! avoiidupois. 
Oar, a, prrlsining to ua, 

Ou-mi-og'in-phy, n. b ileicrijitioQ of (ha hee- 
Oiin, pTon. Qotiiig what helongs to ui- [HP*' 
Our-neir, prmi. in ihs royal Blyle, myielf. ^ 
Our-selv'ei, pmn. pi. we, not olbflCB. 
Ou-ael, n. [ouzl,] a blark binl. 
Ouit, v. (. lo removfl, riHl out, ^^ect, dioeiie. 


eic«eded in 


Out-bid', Out-bid '-di 

Oni-bl^wn, 0. jiwellea wiui wiiiu, ■nraa 

Oul-blnih', V. (. to eicoed in nny color. 
Out-boand', a. going on a diitant Toyags, 
Oiii-brire, CI. lo bully, eireed inapleodor. 
Out-brSv-ed,' p. eiceeded in show. 
Om-bn'-Em, v, (. lo bear down with boldiMaB. 
Oul'-break, n. a breaking lurth. 
Out'-eiiai, p. or a. cait out. baniihed, eipelled 
Out^-eU^ n. a penon baniihed. 
Otil'-cry, n. clamor, great cry. 
Om-dii, «, I, 10 eipel, to lurpua. 
Oul-dij-iiig, ^t. eiceedin; in perlbimance. 
Ool-dSne, p. eiceeded, BUrpaned. 
Out-drink', v. I. to exceed in drinking. 
Oot'-Br, a. that ia without, outward. 
Out'-ll^ly, ad. lowardi the uuuide, 
Out'-er-iDiial, a. being an the extreme pan. 
Oiit.rice,!, (. to bear or stare down. 
Out'-fit,n. uutlita at 
Out-Sank', v ' 

« are the expensee of equipping. 
a aiiend the Rank berond an- 

..... . Hy faater than another. 

Out-rouCcI. toaDrpaae in loUy, 
Out-fiowTi', B. i. to overbear. 
Oui'-gaia, n. an outlet, puaafeont. 
Oul-gen'-a-nl, e, 1, to exceed in geneialahip. 


ul giving. 

Oul-go'-ing, ppr. going beyond. 
Oul'-go-ing,ii. act of going out, aipcaai 
Out-giOw, e. 1. to nirpnn in growth. 
Oul-gluwn, p. exceeded in growth. 
Out'-guard, n, an advanced guard. 
Out-ner''oJ, u. t. to sicefd in cru^y, 
Out'-bi'UH, n. ahouBe which ' ~' 

rarpower by^tiiy. 

Oul'ieai', 1. 1 


Oul-«nlve, D. (. 10 eiceea in unaTery. 

Ont-land'-iib, a. Ibndgn, nutic, coane. 

Out-Uat. D.l. to exceed in duiation. 

Out'-law, n. one excluded the benafit oT the law. 

Out'-law, e. 1, to deprive of the banrfltarthfllaw 

Out'-law-ad,' p. deprived of protection of the law. 

Out -law-ing, ppr. depriviog of the benefit of 

Oni'-law-iy, H. act of depriving of lhe~b(*wfit 
Out'-lay, n. eip^naa, eipendilnre. ((Kftbe law. 
Out-leap, V. t. to aurpBH in leaping. 
Out'-leap, n. a aally, inue from. 
Out'-lM, n. 1 pasaam In l« <iiil 
OuUiB, B, L lo ei 
Out'-line, n. the . 

" ^if a fi 

Out-ly'.ing, a. boingat a dblance, or on the fiwi- 

" -miirch', v.t. lo march faaler than. [tiw 

-marched,* p. aurpaaead in marching. 

Oul-meoa'-uMid,* p. eiceodod in m 
Oui'-mOat, n. fanheet in the eitrem 

ritsau in number. 
urpaaaed in numbefa. 

it-pfice, v.Mo outgo, lo om walk 
il-pa'-ced,* p. ■lU'iaaed in walkL 
it'-par-iah, n. a pansh lying on tli 

lioik. dave. fuU. MB, Mil. 

Uui-pBia, D. L to go beyond, to eiroed. 
Oul-p^-od,* p. eifMWed in goins- 
Out'-pAet,!!. aaUtion nt b duiBiifelniin tliebodjr. 
Ontiwur, v. (. lo eiTuiw, tu fKiur out. 
Oul-pOur-Jng, n, a pouring out, effiuion. 
OuUpreacb, v. t. to oicHxl in preachiiie. 
Oui-preftch-ed,* p. ■urpsHseil in preaching. 

Oal'-ra|a, a. violence, jiuuli, 
Ou['-r«g-ei].* p. Healed wiih abuse or violenne. 
Oul-rtg^oNi, a. n^riouB, violent, eiorbiiuiL 
Oin-rtEfl^iia-ly, ad. with violence. 
Om.A^e-oua-neaa, n. viubnre, fury. 
Oat-riach,v. I. lociiend beyond. 
Ovi-rtacfa-ed* p. ciceedeJ in eitenl. 
Out-mi-nn, V. (. lo excel in reawining. 
OaMiaa-on-ei,' p. lUirptieBed in reuoning. 
OiU-ride, V. (. or i. lo ride futer than, to iravnl 

Onf-il-dn, B. ■ nuinnioner. an attending Krvant 
Onf-rJE.fer, n. a beam projeoling from a ship. 
OiP r^t, ad. inunedisiely, dirertly. 
Out-rr-vBJ, «, I. (o Burpara in eicellence. 
Out-ri'-Tal4di* p. eiceeJed in coinpeliiion> 
" ' ~ '■ g.H^. surpassing in " '" 



OuI-iOar-ed,* p. e: 

Onuroot', V. I. to eraoimtc, eitir^jaie. 
Oui-run', g. f. lo surpawi in running, eiceed. 
OnUiSil, V. I. lo nil lastec than. 
Oiit-sUI-ed,*p.nirpaii9ed in BaiJing, 
Outsell', c. (. lo eicecd in amonnl oraalca. 
Out'-wt, R. beginning, flntl enlranRe on. 
OutHihlne, v. I. to eicel in bcightncH. 
Onl-»liQ9t,i>. (.p.oiit>hol; lo eiceed mihouting. 
Oat-side, n. Ihe o'ltuanl port, 
UuMit', e. t. to ail longer ot beyond ihe tinie. 
Onl'-skirt, n. border, ouipoii, suburb. 
Ont-tleCp, P. t. ID sleep beyond tbe linis. 
Ont-*lept', p. of Outfl/!!). 
Ool-Bpiak, o. (. to speak beyond, 
Oul-BpWt, ». I. to eiceed in sporting. 
Oal^piBod', s. t. lu Bpread open, euend. 
Ool^iand', i>. I. to project outward. 
Ont-aiand'-ing, p^. prigecting outward j a. not 

roUecled, unpaid. 
Om^IMn, V. I. lo luipan in alaring. 

Oui-»tRr-ed,"p. ofOuUimt. 
Oul-Blep', V. r. 10 ite[i or gu beyond. 
Ou|.Blep'-ped,* p. BuTpasaed in slepping, 
Oul-nann', v. (, lo overbcsr by elorniing. 
Out'-street, n. a street in the bordera ofa town. 

Out-atrlde, t. (, lo rireed in striding. 
Outstrip', t. t. to outgo, to EO beyond, ei.xird 
Out4tiip'.ped,* p. sarpuBeo, eiweded. 
Oni-sweir,D. (.10 overpower or eueed inswnr'are, p, of OulnoFar. [mx 

Oui-aweir, r. 1. 10 eireeii in awelling. 
Oii|.ewell'.ed,* p. Burnused in swelling. 
Out-lftik, D. [. [oauauk',1 to eiceed or overbear 

in talking. 
Oiit-iiilk-M,* p. eiceedpd in uUung. 
Out-val'-ue, ». (. 10 .iioMd in value or pnoe 
Out-val'.u-ed,' p. eicecded in value. 
Out-ven'4ni, v. 1. 10 eiceed in poiaon oi iiiiu. 
Oui-ven'-om^d,* p. surpassed in venom or aplM. 
Out-vie, t>. I. to cireed, eicel, surpaia. 
Oul-v[-ed,* p. eicelled, exceeded. 
Oul-vil'-lain, 0. 1. lo suipasi in villainy. 
Out-vll'.lain^,' p. suiiiMBd in villainy. 
Oui-vrtle, I. (. to eiceed in votes. 

Out-w^lk,! " ■" ""■'- ■""" 

0«t'.wall, n 
Out'-wanl, ( 
Oat'-iriurd, ad. lowud llie 

vard.boond, a, goinc frc 

vard-ly, nd. eilemallj, i 

Out-w^gh, B ^ 

or in value and importiince. 
Out-went', p. of Ok^d. 
Oul-wing', «. (, 10 eiceed in flying. 
Gul.wing"-ed,* p. surpassed in flight 
Outwit', n. 1. 10 eiceed in design or 
Out- wii'-ied, p. overreached by Blrau 
Oiii-wit'-iing. ppr. aurpassing in cun 


O V E 

Kir, fftll, wfaM, pity, maiflne 

Oui'-wOrk, n. fonifi™iion i. 

OauwiinuP' oC Outinear ; warn onl bjr (ue. 
OuL-wrile, D. (. [oulrtle.I In ■urpOH in writrug. 
Om-HTODghi, p. [ouinut',] exceeded in afficarj 
()'-val,fl. hiving the fonii of an egg. 
ry-vnl, n a body thapeil like an egg. 
O-vR'.rijmj, a, coniiiting of eggi. 
U'-vB-ry, n. ilw place when rgn ire CuiDed. 
* K-vBie, a, t^-chaped, at a leai. 
Il-vn'-liun, n. a tester Iriumph. 
Ov-ni, n, an arched .place Tor haking. 
O'-ver, prep, acnm from ride lo aide, abore 

ii^iorv, Lin the inHace. 
O'-ver, ad. fmm rida (o (ide, more tluui. 
0-ver4-bouDd', «. i. to abound lo eiceaa. 

O'Xe^ttUa. a. a Und ^ Img't^n^. 
O-ver-Biu'-kiin, a. loo aiuiDOi at eagat. 
(l-ver-Krch, r, C. lo cover oTer with ananh. 
O-ver-Nrch-ad.'p. corsmd wilh an arch. 

O-ver^w-Sd,' p. 

0-ver-biow, ». t. or (. lo bloi 

aaelity and d<Mrnia[i< 
bid', D. (. lo oOor beyond or loontncb, 

O-i'er-btown, p. blnwn In', put, gone. 
O'-ver -board, ad ■lutorihe ihip. 
O-ver.bur'-dfli, e. (. lo lond^o eicex. 
0-ver-bar''dtn«d,* p. overloaded. 
O-ver-bom', e. (. In bum loo mnch. 
0-VDr-r$r»-r),l, a. corerul (o eices.. 
O-ver-tar'i^, ■. (- to carry too lar or n 
O-vnr-dist, V. I. Utaew over, ti>cload,oi 
O-VH-eiUl, p. Hwed o< 

. charge Ii 

O-vBi-^hiirf-ed,'*}!. overioaded,chu:ged too high. 
LKver^luud', v. I. lo cover wilh clouda. 

O'Vcr-dAne, p. 6ant, or cooked too much, op 

pree«ed or tired by labor, - 

CKver-doee. n. loo emt a doae. 
O'ver-driiw, D.t.lodmworden beyond thrr credit 
O^ver-dreae', v. L lo dmn or adorn la^tahly. 
O-ver-drfve, b, (. to drive too hard. 
0-v*r-lry, v. I. lo dry too much. 
0-i'er4a-ger, a. eager to i 
O-ver-^a-ger-iMM, n. oice 

m ply CO 


. „.., . ileepbllof w 

0-vet-lk-l'igue, R. [ovoifule^g,] eicenive Intigue 
O-ver-fiiid, v. I, lo leed lo eiceis. 
Q-TeF-fed', p. fed to eiceu. 
O-vcr-Iill'p r- (. to fill lo otcmb. 
0-vef-]ill'-ed,*p. Ulled to eic:ei«. 
O-vet-HOat, r. t. lo float over, to orerflgw. 
0'Ver-fl'>w, V. t. or i. to tpread o\'eT av waKt- 
C-vor-now, n- inundation, Jet'ige. 
0-ver-fl3w-ed,'p. inundoleil, 
0-vor-flOw-ing, ppr. apreading over aa a fluid : 

a. abundanl, copioiii, eiiibemnt, 
O-ver.flOn^ng, n. cupioiisnegi. great plenly. 
O-ver-fl^w-ing-ly, ad. vtiih great ahundance- 
0-ver-f)iuh'-ed,'n. fltuhed or reddened lo eiceu 
O-vBT-fly, o. (. 10 pua over hy flighi- 
O-var-foi'-wiird, a. forward lo eiecM. 
O-ver-lbr'-waid-new, n. loo great tbrwanlnesa 
0-ver-rivigDl, V. f. lo load too heavily. 
O-ver-fiilii-riil, D. producing aiiperabundance. 
O-ver-gird', o. (. to gird too cluely. 

-glance, V. t. to look over haitily. 
-go', B. (. lo gurpoB, riceed, ficel. 
- - ■garg'e, v. t. to gorge In eicem- 
O-ver-grSM-ed,* a. overgrown with gJMS. 
0-ver^w,o. (. to cover vtith hetbage, to frpw 

beyond proper aiio, riae above. 
0•ve^gt{lwn, p, covered wilh herbage, too large 
0'-ver-giflwth,B. eiuberant or oiceaaive growth 
O-ver-hang', «. (. tO jilt or project over. 

boo*. dOvc, full, D«e, e 

, ihsite, gem, as, ;hiii, (hou. 



-hfiflt-7, a, loo hasty, precipila 

-faaul', V. t. to turn over ozid pii 

-hauV-ed/ ji. eraiuined, overlak«L. [taka. 

-head', orf. above, alnft. 

-hf «r, ■- (. lo hoar by acfiidonl. 

-bSard,* p. heani by aneident. 

u-rerpeo-pie, v. i, to overeiucK wiin inmoiianu. 
0-ver'p&)-pleil,*p. ovemUMAed wiih people. 
O-vejipBTcii', V. I. to Hy uver or beyond. 
O-ver-pei-auide, V. t. Id pciiuade againat incli- 

S O'-ver-pluf, R. what is more than is wsnted. 

heai^.ji. heated .. . 

joy', E. t. lo naiisport with jo^, 
Er-joy'.«J," p. n-aneported with joy. 

U-ver-la'-bor, u. f. lo tire, talce loo much pains. 

O-ver-la'-bor^d,*' p. labored loo much. 

0-v«MAde, V. t. to overload, overhuidea. 

O-ver-ISd-en, p. overhuidenod. 

0-ver-liid,p. oppressed wiili w^gbt, smothered. 

O-ver-lBcge, a, log large, Uw vast. 

O-ver-lty, v. t. to sprrad over, to nnMher. 

O-ver-lay-ing, j^. spreading over, imolhering. 

0-ver-leap, o. I, lo leap over, lo pus beyond. 

" er-liap-ad,* p. leaped over. 
. Br-liv%, o. (. to outlive, lo aurvtve. 

-l-ver-lSad, v. I. to load loo heavily. 

O-ver-looh, 1. 1, lo view Trora a higher place, 
look over the shoulder, iiApect, review, ne- 
glect, eieuse. 

O-ver-look-ed,* p. uicpeeied, slighted, eicuaed. 

O.ver-niiial-ed, p. having loo lar^ masts. 

0-ver-maa.ler, c. I. lo siibduo, U conquer. 

0-\'eT'm£a.ter.fld,* p. overpowered, subdued. 

O-ver-malch', v. 1. lo conquer, lo sabdoo. 

O-ver-nLotch', n. oneof superior slrei^h. 

0-vef-ma[ch'.ed,* p. overpowered, eonquoped. 

O-vBr-meas'-ure, n. eicees of measure. 

O'-ver-mOet, n, placed over the rest 

O-vBT-rouch', n. more than suBlcient- 

O-vor-much', ad, in loo great a degree, [before. 

O-ver-nlght, n. nighl beroir bedtime, in 1M night 

0-ver-or-li''-ciaus, a. loo oHicious or buiy. 

O-ver-i^M, n. t. lo go over, pass, omit, neglect. 

0-ver-T*8>-ed,*p. passed, gone by, 

O-vrr-piist, p. oveipassed, 

O-ver-pftid, p. paid more than Ihe sum doe, 

O-ver-pftT, V. I. to pay beyond the debt or pice. 

» ply or wurk lo 
f. to ouivteigh. 
a. prepondeniil woighL 

10 highly polished. 
. ,. . , .. vanquish, to afleei 

?r-pow'-er.ed,* p, subdued. [atroi 


' ■ h 

sr-prlze, n. (. 


O-ver-ride, v. t. to ride beyond the strength o£ 

> p. rid 10 excess. 

O-veMid'-den, ( 

0-ver-rI-p*n, n. i. to grow loo ripe. 
O-vor-TOast, ■. I. to roast to eiress. 
O-vsr-tOle, e. (, to rontrul, to supersede 
O-ver-ru'-led,* p. controlled, rejected. 
O-ver-ra'-ler, n. one who overrules. 
O-ver-m'-ling, ppr. controlling, luperse 
eierting aupenor pc 



O-ver-see', «. (. to superinteirf, inspect. 

O-vsr-seSD, p. superintended. 

n. a supervisor, snperintendent. 

- . J. (. or i. to overturn or be overturned. 

O-ver-net'-ting, ppr. overtunjing, subverting. 
'^■vei'8h§de, r. t. lo cover with shute, 

>-ver4had'.aw, c. (. to cover, shetl^r, hide 

'-ver.ahad'-flw-ed,* p. overshaded, sheJiercd. 

Lver.Bhad'.(iw-ing,iipr. ahnding, prolecling. 

t-ver.shool', B. (. lo Bhoj.T beyond the ■ 

.: beyond the marr ui 

O-ver-ihol', p. ihot beranit 

(y-var-ahot, a. rer^iTing waler ovei a wwiei. 

C-THMli^hl, n.« rauUkOiiuperinundence, can. 

0-ver-«kip', d l.lo ship or leap over. 

O-ver-deep, V. t. lo aleep Ino rang. 

O-vcr ils^t't p. of OBCTlierp. 

i-i 1:_' _ . ^ pm, ^jjf unnoticed. 

O.Yor-»oon', ad. u 

Uir, fitll, whu, pi«;, iruirrne, pin, htrd, miive. 

to high a prim. 

6-yer-«pf oil, ■- (. to ipeak too mii 
O-ver-Hpeak-ing, n. a speaking lo 
O-var-apenl', a. wearied In excoa 
O-VBT-flpiBad', t.t.m covar over. 
O ver-^lep', v. L lo fttep beyond, ti 
O-ver^lm/'ped,* o. al^ppu loo d 
O-yer-alotk^ e. 1. W filf loo fuU. 
" ;k'-eii,* p. mpplied lo 


with to 

I 'p. supplied with lupenibiuidBnca 
O-ver-gtriin, atnun or itraich to eiccH. 
0-ver-itrtin-ed,* p. ttretched to eicau. 

arssi -'■»•'"'-"»—- 

0-ver4trtwn, p. Bpresd or eprinkUd over. 
0-Tei4ap-ply, B. C 10 furniah more than enongb. 
O-verHiw&j, V. I. tu ovcnule, to contnl. 

0-ver-ewel]', B. t. to liie above, lo DVarfluH. 
Hiwell'«d,' p. Qveiflowed. 
t, a, open, apparent, maiiilcat. 
. . tltke, V. t. lo come up with, catch. 
■I'er-tik.en, jy. [jeo To*™,! come up witli. 
Ter.liuik, v. t. lo impoao loo much wo^ on. 
rer-tHik^d,* p. burdened with voA. 

i-er-LAi-^d,* p. taxed tc 

\v do wn, aubvBrt, cM^i. 

■ver-thrOwn,pp.Hubverted, niiijed. 

'rl'ly, ad. openly, pubtirly. 

O'-ven-ly, ad. openi] 
O-ver-louk, p. of QoerlUtt 
O'Ter^op'i ti-L to eicccd in highth. 
O' w-top''pedt* p. eiceede*l in altitude. 
O-ver-toV-er, i. (. (u aoar aboie or loo hi^. 
0-ver-trip', o. (. lo walk lighlly ovia. 
O-ver-irip'-ped,' p. walked lighlly over, 
C-ver-mre, a. an opening, proposal. [aim 
O.ver.tuni', v-f. to throw uver or down, in d 
O -ver-tiun, n. overthrow, aubTsmioii. 
O-ver-ium'-od,' p. ovonat, ovetlhiowB. 
O-ver-tum'-ing, n. an oreneUing, aubcaiwon. 
O-ver.val'.uB, v.LUt Talna %t loo high a rate. 
O'Ter-val'-a-ed,* p. rated beyond iha value. 
O-ver-Tftil, v. (. to vaii, to caver. 

_ .__ .._ . r. lired hy eu*»«in 

O-vBT-wiak, a. too weak or beblK 
O-ver-ween, e. i. to think loo highljr. 
0-ver-we*o-hw,n'. tlunkii«lDoluglily;a.tb<n 

tbinka loo highlr, contsailad, vain. 
O-ver-waen-ing-Ly, ad. with ronceit. 
O-ver-wfj^h, o. (. to aur^iaia in weight. 
0'-ver-w$iebt, n. greater weight, prflpmnleraiM* 
O-ver-whelni', 1. 1. M spHaid over and ctaah. 
0..ver-whBlni'.ed,* p. iniiuetapdi crushoil. 
0-ver.whehn'-ingff>pr. ovenpieaiiinA aiid rover 

. _ai, woSed oS 

0-ver.ieal'-ouK, a. eager 
O-vje'.u.lBr, a. pertaining to an egg. 
(V-vi-fimn, a. having the ibape ofan 
O'-vbie, a. ponaining to abeep. 
0-vip'.«-n>ua, a. producing egga. 
O'-vo-lo, a. a round molding, quarter i 
Owe, D. J. to be indebted or be obliged 
Ow<d,* p. of Om. 
Ow-iitg, p. or a. due, aaeribable to. 
Owl, n. a Ibwl that fliei at night. 

Owl'-tf, n. one tha- 

Owl'-et, a. an owl 

Onl'-iBg, n. Ibe convefiog of tvool qui of Eng- 1 

Und cQiimrytD law. 
Own, a. noting prDpeny or litle. [tiUs to. | 

OwD-ed,* p. poaiHsed, iLs litle being, veeied in, 
■Tonred, conlessed. {to. 

Own-er, n, the ptapiurtor, one who has the tide 
Own-er-ihip. n. eicluaiva right gf posnewion. 
Owi.-lngf ppr^ having the titlo Id, CDoresiiing' 
Oi, n. pt. oiea; a male of the boyiqe geaui of 

Ox'-ere, n. ■ plant, > lillle cloud. 
Oi'-ey-ed,* q. bavina large full eyea. ' 
Ox'-lly, «. a 4; hMCteij uDiler tbe BbiD ofcktU*. 
Oi'-titc^ 9. reaembling an 01. 
Oi'-lip, 'I. a plant, tbe cowslip. 

Q»r-jd-»l0, B , 

Ox'-yd-ize, t^.^ to convut into anoiyd. 
0i'-3'fse^, «. »n elflnvoii that gonetrtes add*, 

the resplrable part of air. 
Oi'-r-een-aU> »■ I, to CBixe f) combinB v/iib 
Oi'.T-iBn-ras,«.(. to oTygenaW- iQijgen. 

Or-y-gon, n. 

t>.'.y-mel,»..,«,iLu™«, ,™^. 
Oi'-y-toie, n, an acyte sound. 
Oy'=ar, ij. « htapng IB Insl of ca 
Oy'.«i, oA heai ye, a term we 


Pa'-co, n. a sm^ quadruped IDw a pig. 

Pa-w'-tinn. 0. pt-t of WiMM't* 

Paca. n, a BIpp, gait, nunUSI of-WPUDW- 

ict-i^eai], n. a thread for binding parceis. 
I'^eo, Pa'-coi, n. an animal of South America, 
reaemblnig the camel, hul Hnalter. 

I^et, Fae-tion, n. a contiqcl, covenant. 

Pse'-ijan-al, a. belonging to agreemenl. 

Pac-ti"-tiouB, a. aeiilMt by agreenient. [robber. 

Pad, n. an cany paced horse, a smatl msliion, a 

Pad, «. t, to travel lowly, rob on foot, beat 

Pad'Kler, n. a Tool hipfawayinan, [smoolh. 

Pad'-dle, v. I lo play in vyaler, to row. 

Pad'.^^ n. a bmbI] oar, blade ofa vieapon 

Pad'-dt«, s. one thai paddles, 

Pad'-doct, n. a Coad or frog, a small inoTomre. 

Pad'-lof k, n. n loch to be hunfr on a aiaple. 

Pa'-gan, n- s bealhjn or gentile, an idolaler. 

Pn'-gan, a. hMJhetiish, genlile. [nod* 

Pa'-gan-iaro, n. iiMth«iisni, worship of &laa 

PB'-^n-f(e> V. I. lo coni~ert lo heathenbm 

Pa'-gan-i-zed,* 11. eonvetleil to panniim. 

Page,n. a boy,* ■ervuil, one aide<^B haf^f 


Blt f, ftll. whjt, pitr. n 

ui with aumben of paga. 
jpecUclOf pompoiu inaw. 

ahuw, pump, Gneiy. 
niiHing of pages, 
t temple in E. ladiet, tn image, 
_ ., . do1,BcoinliDmlT9ta300ceDU. 
p. anii pp. oCFay. 
rail, n, a wooden venel &T mler, milk, Ac. 
Pailful, n. u much u a pail hoid«. [tv. 

'Pain, 1. •enutiun of unsBiineaa, diitreaa, pen^ 
I^in, U' t. to make unoa«y, diitma* aMicL 
Pnin-rul, a. eauaing pain, dislreMins, afflicliTe. 
Pnin.ful-ly, ad. with poiii. laboriciiulr, 
Pain-lVii-De«,n. Min, BiBi -■ " " 

0, pin, bird, n 


■nin-riii-Deu, n. pain, a 
|iin.lM,a.vo;dorpBi. _ .. 



Paint, v.t. or L to cok 
Paini, n, a colonns lul 
Piini-er, a. one who pi 


LTt of ibiming fignraa ie 

n. two Ibingn nlihe in tarm, ii 
er, or lued tngetber for the n 
auple, a brace. 

Ptir^id,* p. uiiiied in a couple, filWd. 
Puir-ing, ppr. uniting in a pair. 
Pal'-ace,n.Bmagni]i<xnthDuii^fur akingj&c. 
Pal-an-kAen, ^ n. a caveped canibge used in the 
Pa-Ian-quir.', j eatl, borne on the shoulder*. 
Psl'-at-a-ble, a. pleasing to the tasta, agreeable. 
Pal'-nl-e-ble-neas, n. the quolitj of being sgrae- 

Pal'-a-tal. a, pertaining to the palate. [palate. 
Pal'-a-tai, n a letter uttered br the aid of the 
Pal'-ate, n. the root uf tho moulh, taile, rHlish. 
Pa-la'-tial, a. peHaining to the palate, or to a pa- 

, ... id with royal privDKa. 

P»4^ver, n. talk, discoune ; o. t to flatter. 
hia, a. deatitate of color, while, or whitish. 
Pale, n a pointed boaid, a stoke, dislticl. 
Pal*k «. 1 U) inckaa with palsi. 

PIIe-&.cHl,* a. haTiiw ■ pale or aicklT look. 
Pa-le-a'-ceous, a. chaff;, reaembling iJiaff. 
mie-neaa, a. whiteneaa, wonneaa. 
Pa-le^g'-ra-phy, n. ancient manitar of wTiting. 
Pa-lofll'-o-^i, n. one who writes on antiquily 
PB-le^)^^)-gy, i>. treaCiae on ancient writing. 


o ttae eiereiae of 


Pal'-fiej, n. a 

Pal-i-fi-a'-iion, n. the driving ofatakea into tlw 

ground to ntske ii Ann. 
Pa'-ling, n. an inclosing with palea. 
Pal-i-sflde,a.a fence or Kirtificationnrnakefc 
Pal-Hiftde, E. I. to GHtifj with pales or (takes. 
PB'-Ush, 1. somewhat |Mle. 
Pflll, n. a cloke, a covering fbr lbs daad. 
Pftll, V. t. or MO cloke, clmr, bacoaia vapid. 
Pal-la'-di-um, a. a staioB oT Fallal, an e3ticliT« 
PBll-«I,'p-ofPan. [daienie. 

Pal'-let, n. a painto''* board, anl of a wucb, t 

Pal'-ti-ste,.v. t. to cover, eitentiale. ercnaa. 

Pal-li-a'-tion, n. ei 

Pal'-H-a-tivB, a. Ih 

FalMid, a. pale, won, &int in color. 

Pal'-lid-ness, q. palenns, want of color. 

Pall-mall', n. a ganw with ball and rini. 

Palm, n. a tree, victory, inner pM of ihs hand. 

Film, u. I. to conceal in the hand, imv«se oo. 

Palm-sun-day, n. the Sunday neil belbie Eaaui. 

PiUm-tree, a. iW Ja Aiee. 

Pal'-ma-led, a. having the shape of the haDd, 

entitely webbed. 
Priftn'-er, n. one who bean a palm, a croaadar. 
Priijn'.er-w<(rm, n- a worm covered with hair. 
Pal-met'-lo, n. a tjrnet of palm-tree. 
Pal'-mi-ped, n. wcb-lboted, having to«a coiineetod 
Pal'-mis-ter, n. one preti-jding to palmialij. 
ISil'-mis-UT, n. act or an of idling CKtmias bf 

the band. 
PKIm-y, a. abennding with palms. 
pBlp-a-faiV-i-lv, B. quality of being penepdit* 

by the touch. 
Palp'-a-ble, a. that nuy be fel^ plain, groaa. 
IUp'.4-ble-Reas, n. qoality of banf r*lp*M> 


book. dOv«, fall, Me, e 



py'-lie-a!, 0-. affected witli the paby. [hei 

1^ '-Ml-et^* p. affvctcd u'ith pAlfly. 

Pal'-iy, n. Ion of the power of voluntuj mi 

cuJar LDOUoil, nandyAiB- 
Pdl'-ty, V. I. to deprive gf tlie power of voli 
toty miucular nuilion, lo deitroy aulign 
o paralyES. 
i. to rail, come ahon. thiO, balk. 

(W-per, D. (. to Teed to the fall, logluL 
Pim'-per-ed,* p. fed luiuriouBly. 
P«m'-pef-ing, ppr. gluiiing, feeding to the full. 
Pun '- phlet, n. B book of eheeimtiichtd unbound. 
P»m'-phlel-en, n. a writer of pamphlets. 
Pwi, n. a brood venel, pan of s gun-lpch, hard 

ftn-a-co'-a, n. a luiivetBal medicine. 
Pi-dhMb, Fa-na-do, a. brrad and water boiled. 
Ftn-eake, n. a inin cake fried in a p«n. 
Pin-emt'-ie, a. very itrong and robopl. 
F*o'-in-*a >i.atori gland ufthe body. 
Pan-cm-al'-ie, a. pertaining to the pancresJ. 
Pan-dpin'-ic, j. incident lo a whole people. 
hn'-der, ». ■ pimp, a mean wreich. 
Pan-dic-ti-ta^-lian, n. a yawning and itretcbing. 

pine, n. a aquaie or pUle ofglagii. [kind. 

Pan-e-gyi'-ie, n. an eulogy, famuri (uaiie. 
Pan-«-^T'-ie, ) a. containing pmin, 

, etiaiae, feem, aa, thin, thotL 

Pan-ie'-u-lale, a, having flowen in uaniclea. 
Pan-nel, n. a nutic aa£lle. [horua. 

Pnnii'-ier, n. ..a wicker basket to be carried on 
Pan'-o-ply, a. complete armor lar deleniie. 
Pan-o-ra-ma, n. complete view, a painling. 
PUi'-iy, n. a violet of three wkm. [lata 

I^m, u. 1. to beat rapidly, aa Ihe bean, lu palpi- 
Ptini, n. a rapid bealing or palpitation. 
Pan-la-loan', n. a kind of long Iniwaen. [God. 
Pan'-tbe-iun.n. the dwlrine that ihi onrveneia 
Pan-lhe'-iat, n. one who believeg in paiiiheiwn. 
Pan-ihe-ist'-ie, \ a. making the univene to ba 

Pan-e-gyr'-iat, n. ( 


Pan'-e-gyr-iie, v. I. lo praiae highly, comnv 
Pan'«-gyr-I-z«l,t ;i. pmiaed, eutonied. 
[Sn'-e-fTj r-lz-ing, ppr. praiaing, empgiung. 
Pan'-el, n, aaquare of wainwiot, a juiy'roU 
fSn'^l, D. t. lo fomi with paneli. 
Pan'4l <d,' p. fonned Bnth paneli. 
nne-leo, a. having no panea of glaii 
hiig, n. extreme or auJden pain, torture. 
Pang. o. (. lo dlMreai with eilreme poin. 
Pan'g-ed/' p pained eiiremely, urtitFeJ 

le wbo beilowa piaiie, • 



Pon-lhe'-ont n. a temple in Rome dedicatiid lo 

Pan'-lher, n. a tpotud tenxuoui quadruped 
Pan'-lila.n. a gutter tile. 
Pant-ing, fipr. palpitating, longing. 
Pan .lo-Se. n. a ilipper lor tha foot. 
Pan'.io-graph, n. an inatntment to copy any 

Pan-to-grapb'-ie, a. peribnaed by a pu]logTB|d). 

rapieaenta^on in dumb ■! 

■ " "Preaeiilins ; 

aZ'.'. :^F i.'.i ( and actiona 1 

pBl-to-mtm'^wd, j ,^„ 

Pan'-try, n. an apartment ibr pniniioi 

Pa'-pa-cy, n. popedom, papal i 
Pa'-pal. a, belongmg tu the pc 

Pk'-per, n. 

ingmg tu the popo, popiah. 
i-n-pav'-s-roua. n. reeembling poppiai. 

;ho«! fruit u> of the ain 

n boiled, eaten. 

ice in Uieeta, uPwQi d 

or eoret nitb |«pet. 

tor, fflll, wh^t, prg. n 

Pa'-pnr^,* p. covered with paper, 
Ps'-per-mii-Her, n. ■ niBiiiiincturer or paper, 
Pa'-per-mill, n- a null for making paper. 
Pa'-per-mAa'^Ti ^- notes or bills lued for biooey- 
Pa'-i>er-itaJn-eT, n, one that ilains or slampa 

Pa-psi'4ent. a. having ibe quatitiea of pap. 

Pap'.a, r " — - -'-'- 


TesemWing a bnHorftj, 
ibling nipples, eovered 


Pap-ptfO*', I 

.h papila c 

p'-poOB, a. downy^ c 

lo the CsiholJ 


Pap'.poB, a. Mih di 

Pap'-pj, a. ifte pap, Bofb,,BUccuIenl. 

Pap'-u-lrwe, Pap'-u-luos, a. covered with lillla 

Pa-p;' rua, n. an Egyptian plant, a kind of ised, 

of wtiielt paper wai tnadp, 
PSr, n, BUM of equality, equal valne. 
PaH^i-ble, a. a fable or alfegorieal reUtion. 

)!'-ie, [ n. erprejsed by parahla, or Bi- 
. _. _'-i«-»l, S ifluitode. 
Par«-bor-ic-Bl-ly, (id. by way of parable, 
Pai^«-cen'.[rie, a. deviating from circularity. 


tr of descent ii 

:vent rapid- 

l>B-rlide, n. 

Pa-rftde,v. I.toaBiemblesiid arrange, as Uoopa. 
Par-UHdi^, n, eihibitbn of s verb. 
Pa-iB'.ding, jipr, assemblinE and arranging. 
Far'-a.diMi, n. garden of Eden, a place ofhliu. 
Par-H-dii'-e-an, f a. pertaining to paradise, or 
i»ar*^i«-r-a.«il, \ to a place of felicity, 
l^-a-doi, n. a tenet or opinion leeiairQ^y at>- 

lining to namdox. 

in a piireiloiifal manner, 

. Btateof beii^ paradoii. 

Par'^a-gon, 1. 1, lu compare, to parallel. 
Par'-a-gram, a. a pun, play npon wordi 
Per'-a.^raph, n. a distinct pari oft 
Par'-B-gTapb, r. t. to wriw parag^phs. 
Par.a-gTsph'-ic, a. fionaiaiing of paiagraphs. 
ftr-B-graph'-ic-si-ty, ad. by or In paragraphs. 
Par'-B4yie,«. t. lo affeet wiih palsy, to deprira 
of the power of miucular motion, to dntroy 

[^.a-lyiBd,p. oOeEied Mrlli pabj, deprived of 

I^r'-a.lf -ling, vpr. depriving of the power of ac 

tiun ; a. tending lu dratroy action. 
Par-al-lac'-iic, o^pettaining lo parellai. 
Far'-al-lai, n. difference betiTBcn Hie tnie and 

apparent place of a heavenly body. 
Far^-al-lel, a. equally distant in every part. 
}^r'-a!-lel, n. a line at the aailie distance fhim 

another in alt Its length. 
Par'.al.le], v. r. to preserve thft nme direction, to 
Par'-al-lel-iim. n. state ufbdng parallel, [equal. 
Pai-al'lel'-o-grani, n. a right-lined figure of (but 

aidea, Whose oppo^lo aides ate equal, a *ong 

Pa-ral'-o-giim, n. &]m reasdning, fallacioaa ar- 
P«-ral'-ogy, B, false rWBoning. [gament 

Psr-al'-y-Bia, n. palsy, loss oillie power of iniia- 

Parj-mb'ur, n. a 
Par'-a-nymph, a 
Par'-a-pet, n. s 

Vat a-gon, n. a model, pattern of superior aicel- 


, ) n. goods of a wde beyoi 

li-a, { her dower. 

I, a. pertaining t^pataphema 

«. f. or I. ro interpret atnply. 
1,* p. eiplsined with iHtinue. 
ig,Tipr. piplaiiang amply. 
1. one who interprets dilRBeiy 

e-al-ly, ad. with paraphraiie. 
1. palsy of the Inwt* limbs 

Pu-B-ail'-ic, { a. flattering meanly, glowing 
Pat-a-sU'-ie-al, { on another tree. 
Par-a^ic'-if-al-ly, ad. in a bwning way, by de- 

Pu'-B-wl-iim. n. Iba maniKR ofa paraiile. 
Tar'-B-gal, n. a Bmall nmbrelta used by femaleg. 
Pur-bot], t^, t. to boil partly or In a moderate de- 
[^-boilJed,'y. bailed in part. [giee. 

Parcel, n. a BmaJI hiindle, part, portion. 

1, c-haiBB, gem, ai, tbin, limn. 

Rir-iel, n. gypeum, plaeier mone, planer on 
Piir-|et, E. I. U) plaster aa walk, paint. [iWb, 
Kt-gBl.ed,* p. plastered, stuccoed. 
Piir-iel-ing, jpr. pJaKtering; n. plaster, atiicco. 
Par-hel-ion, a. a mock gun. 
Pa', o. pertaining lo Psros in Greece. 
Par.i-e'-tal, a. [pailetBl,] pertaining to a watJ. 
I^r-mg, ppr. shaving dIT the surftee. 

Plil.ccl, V. 
Piir^«l.ed," p. d 


i'arcb, E. f. or i. to bum the iuifaoeib) scorch. 
Parch-ed,* p. burnt sui»riicially, acorcbed. 
Pttrch-ing, ppr. tcorchlng, burning ; a. having 

the qoBlity of scorching. 
Parcb-menl, n. the akin of a sheep or gOBt fa 

drcKged aa lo be filled for vvriting on. 
Piird, n. tlie leopard, a ajiotled beagt, 
PHr-Ain, n. [pSrdn,] forgiveneaa, remisaion of 

Mr-don, B. (. W fbrgi'.., i^, ,. 

Rtr-don-B-bte, a. that may be forgiven, (We. 

Piir.dan.a-hle-ne8i, n. quality of being paidone- 

ParMlaii.a-bly, oi'. so aa to admit of paraan. 

l^.daiHed,* p, forgiven, eicuaed. 

F^r-don^r, n. one »bo forgfveg. 

(Vr-don-ing, ppr. fbrgiving, cictUFing; a, dis- 
posed or accustomed to forgive. 

Pice, T. [. to cut oETlhe eurfBce, to diminiBh. 

f%r-ed,* p. having the rind or surfitcc cut ofT- 

Par-o-gor'-ie, n. a medicine that mi^gales pain. 

Pfir-eni, «. a 6ther or mother. 

Par'-am-age, o. binh, einaction, descent. 

Pa-ieot'-al, a. becoming parents, affectiormte. 

Pi-ren'.lb»4is, n. a senlence or pert of it tnclud. 
ed ui hooks or curved lines. [ ) 

Pw-en-thef-i^al, \ "' '"'=''^"' '" ' 
Plr-eiit-IeBa, a. dcatitule of jArentn. 
PAr-er, n. one who pares, a tuol for paring. 

ian, n an fnhabiuuitof Parie. 
I'ac', n. eqaaltly, Meneea. 
I%rk, n, incloflun for deer, a place tor artillerr. 
Rirli, T. t. to Ibnn or inelose in a park. 
Pilii-et, n. the keeper nf a park. 
Pirl-ancfl, n. talk, conieraation. 
Fli^ley, n, oonfeience, otal treaty. 
Piit-tev, V, f. to (Peat by word ufmoDth. , 
FBt-1ey-ed,' p. of / 

PBr-lio-ment, n. the legnilatiira of Great Britain, 
compoaed ofihe house of tonb and houaa of 

famiiv UBUally oceilples. 
FB-ro'-rhi-Bl, o. belonging to ■ pi 
PBr'-o-di*i3,' p. altered as worda 

diflmnl applinaliDn 
apply difTerenilf . 

Par'-o^i)', n. 

Pur'-o-dy, v. 

Pa-rnl, I^-rOle, n. word of month, pleadingi 
promise by a prisoner relnsed that ha « 

Pa-rst, Pamela, a. oral, tviImL 
Pa-rot'-id, 0. noting glands near Ihe eaia. 
Par'-oi-ysm, *i. (wnodical TMntn of a fit 
Par-oi-yi'-nid, a. penainmg to paromM'. 
Par-ri-cF-dat. a. conaiaitng m panieida. 
Par'-ri-cldn, n. on "'•o miuden his parcM 
Par^,» p. warden ufC. 

to ward off, to inm aiida. 


Pai'.ry, i 

^^ ^r, full, whf t. png. m 

Pai'-ij-inf, ppr. warding ofT, ihruiting bwbj. 

Fiint-ed,* p. reaulved by rults of (franiTDaj. 
Piir-ai-mu-ni-oUH, s. trugal, spcriiig, clue. 
PiiMi-iDu'-nJ-Hiui-l)', ad. (panngly. [penM. 

PBr-Bi-mi)'-ni-tiiu-n«a. n. digpuiiuon to wve ei- 
PKr4i-mo-iiy,*ringiieH in i£e uw DfnKuiey. 
Piri-ley, n. a plant, inal in ciwkery. 
I^ra-aep, n. a plant, uid escuiant root. 
I'Kr-flon, ■. cba priesi af h pahsti- 
Par-iun-age, n, the benefice of a paiKon. 

Pun, D. 1. tu diTids, aliare, Beponilo, quit. 
Pu-iAke, r. (. lo laka or Itavs ■ put, to thara. 
pBi-Uk-ai, p. ihaml wiib oiben. 
[^r-ilk-«r. a. one who gharea, an sceomplic*. 
Piiit-«1, p. aepanted, severed. 
Par-terret n- [pantre,] a level divJiion of noDnd. 
Pdr-tial, a. including a part only, biaaedloone 


w party. 

Par-Ii-biP.i-tj, n. ■lucepiitiiliq' ofuverance. 
Pt£it-i.ble, a. thai may be aevered, divisilile, 
Piir-lic''i-p*.ble, a. that may be participated. 
PMr-Iic'-i-panl, a. abating, partaUiig. 
Par-tic'-i-paie, d. (, lo i\an, to psrUike. 
Par4ic-i-pa'-liDn, n. a abaring with othert. [pie. 
I^-li4ip'-i-ul,a. bavins the nature ofs partici- 


I%r4ic-u-lar''i-ty, .. . .^ ,. 

Piir-lte'-u-lar-iie, n. I. to aame paniculan. 

Flin-ing, pp. dividing, aepaiacing j a. given at 

I, bind f^a parry. 
'ee,ia.-fiied tnio parta. 
ion, (hat which aepanuoa 
11 vide inUi diitinct parta. 

n, n. a nar 
a, divided. 

[■art-i-n-e, n. 
PKn-ly, ad. ii 

Fiir-lnqk', p. o( Purlake. 

Far-tridgo, n. a name given to different Ibwla 
In New England tbe rufTod gmua ; in wme 
of tlis other tialeg, the quail of New £nglan<l 

Parti, n. pi. facnlliea, tslenli, region. 

Parts, n. pi. facultiea, poweia otihe mind. 

Pur'tu'-ri.ent, a. biinging ibnh youne. 

Par-tu-ri"-tion, n. Iheact of bringing lorth iipue. 

P«ft-y. n. a .eleci aaKmhly, a Bet, one of two 

PiLn'-y^iSl-or.«d, B. havinz differenl colora. 
Bin-y-tnan. n. an adherent tu a party. 
Pirt-y.wall. n. a waU that separata bnildiaga 
Pas'-ehal. a. pettainincto the panover. 
Pn-ah^', Pa-aba w', n. aTurkiih governor, a com- 

tiona may tu 
la'-qail, i 
u'^uin,( ■ 

lampoon, aadric writing. 


Paa-quin-tde, V. I. to lampoon. [enact 

I^i», B. I. lo go, proceed, apend the thna, omit. 
Pan, fl. a panage, license lo paat, a thrml. 
Pun-a-ble, a. (hal maj be paiaed, lolersble. 
Paei-agB, n. act of paasmg, way, road, rouiae, 
r'aufie or portion of a book. 

pL3^-feV,i ™idcle,Vi^™ahi> ~''"" 
Paused,* p. gone by, ended, eiiactsd. 

Pat'4er-lDe, a. pertaining to aparrowa. 
Pa«-ii-l>il'-i-[y, j n. capacity of receiving in- 
Paa'.4i-blo-nefla, | presaiona or auffering. 
Pa«'.<i-ble, o. that may antfer or be imprenod. 
Paaa-iog, ppr. moving, proceeding ; a, eicsed- 

ing, autpaaaing, eminent. 
Biaa-ing, n, act of going, 
"lin-ing-betl, n. the bell that ringa at (he tima 

of the death ofr petaon. [ing, donis. 

Pea'-^ion, n. that w hie h ij luBined, luBuinE, fiiol- 
Paa'-aion-flow-er, n. a pknt and flower. 
Pai'-a.'in-week, n. the week natt belbie Eutar 



Qii-iU), a. e«aily eiciied l< 

t, a. liHviiie ru |M8«8ge. 

ape of Iha Hebrew! in Egypt when the 

1, n. ■ peimi«ion lopaaa. (rnture. 

mid pp. o( Past ,■ gone, not present or 
p. beyond, having lost, above. 
B will coiD|HHiltun, SB Houvr moiiUoed, 

p. nwde to sdheie with paite. 
ppr. ceraanling wiih |«ale. 
gril, n. a tpecies nf ihidi pnper. 
n. fi plaiil, tlie ivoeil. 

PHt-tur, R. BBltephercl.miniiKernra church. 
Paa-lur-a , a. rural, relating In ihe cats uf louli. 
Pti«-nir-al, b. b poem on mra] aifain. 
Piii-tor-Ble, n. the otTm ur atata of a pular. 
l*dn't<>r'Bhi[], n. Ilia ullce of a paatorr 
P8it-ry, II. picB, laria, rake, and the like. 
1'Sii-ry-fook, n. onr HhoniBkea piea, cakea, &c. 
PuB-nir-RJile, a. fit for lasUtrr. 
Piii-iuc^gf, '1, feed tbrrsllle.UndfarpaBturiiig. 
Pan-lure, n. land und for gniing, feed. 
PJt-iura, V, t. or i, lo fiwl ivlrh fnsM, to gaze. 
Piia lur«d.* p. he|>lun grma, f«l. 
Pl«i-y, a. h\e paaie, or iliiogh. 
Fijtt-y, n. s pie made of paile,*BDj baked with- 

T^r, I/. Siir exact, ready ; ad. fitly. 

Pat, o.Motap, untouch lijhiJy; a.a lighl hlnn-. 

Patch, n. a pieca of ciplh, in. tot lepairing a 

hoi .e,^,tliin,lho- i. 

Patch, D. I. ii> put a pBTih or , li) menl. 
Paifh'-ed.'jj. mended wiih piec™. 
J^reh'-er, n. one wiio patchpr, a hotihcr. 
Palrli'-w6rk, n. bile of clolli aened I<ii{ethcr 
Piur.b'.er-y, n. bungling wot*, bolchery. 
Pate, n, (he head, skin of a calfa head 
l'at-«-<ae'-[ion, n. the an of openinK. 
Pa.iel'-li-fbnn, n. of the form ol a duh. 
Pat'-in, n. the co\-er of a chalice. 
Pal'-ent, n. 

public grant of. 
Pat'.enl<d,ji. granied oraccuiwl by nalenl. 
Pal-eal«e', n. one lu whom a patent a giaaled 
Pa^Brn'.Bl, o. faiherly, hereditary. 
Pa-iem'-i-ty, n. the relaiiun of a fbihor. 
Pa'.ter.noi'-ter, n. tXe Ijinl'a prayer. 

by man or beait, 

Pa-that'-ie-al-ly, ad. to «i 
Pa-lhM'-ie-al-ne», n. patl 
Piilh-len, a. hi\ing no path, unlrud. 
Pa-thag''noHnir, n. the science of the pMaitnu. 
Patb-n-lo$''i<, a. penainmg lu pathnlugji. 
Pa-lho]'«^y, n. the icience of discaieB. theit 

Pn'.thoB, n, imrnith, that which eicitce feeling. 

P^th.n-ay, n. a pB'h, way, mnrae. 

PB'-ticnce, II, a luffering with caltnneaB or whh. 

Pn'-tieni, a. enduring without murm Bring. 

Fa'-tjent, n. a pcnon that receive* impreuiaati 

Pa'-tienl-ly, ad. without dincontent, calmly. 
Pn'-tri-aich, n. the father and ruler uf a familr, 
a dignitary of the church, lupartor to arch- 

a patriarch. 

.noble, of nnhlefnmily 
. a nobienian in old Rm 
li, o. deriv«d hT 


y,n, an WBia derived EhHn a liuhar 

iccior. (try 



1 a. hm ing luve Ui oni: a cuunliy. 
[ davirteJ W th* wellare of ib» 

ftf-fwit-Uin, n. luvB of <nie'« couwry. 
Pa-lri«'-tio, «. iieruiininalii ths ChrUlian falhaw. 
Pa-lnil, I'a-irull, n. a walking njiinil, ur tbe guard 

thai guea ruuiul at uighi lu korure llie peace 

oniip cHiap. 
Pa-U')l, Pu-tnill, v.i. logo the roundi in cunp. 
Pi>-tniU*d,' p-uCFalralL 
Pn-tmU-ing, ppr. guing n)unQ lo wolch. 
Pat'-ruii, H. a aafiponer, (jefHiuler, lienelactar. 
Pal'-pun-agfl, «. auppuri.'Jhilertiim. 
PaL'-nin-aT, a. aupporliiig, iLfeiiding. 
Pat'-nin-eu, ii. a temale llmi snppurU luid aiila. 
Pat'-run-iis, o-I. lu aiippurt, fuvor, aid. 
Pat'-R>n i-xed,* p. favured, daiendnl, sapprnted. 
Pat'-nin-i-zer, H. one who favon and iiippoitii. 
^I'.ron.T-zing, pvr. ftviiring, pnjmuiiiig. 
l^a'-^uI-leIB, a, dMliloleof s pamin. 
fti-ro-nym'-ic,n.anara«derivcirruni ancMiorB. 
(^t'-len, n, iha base or a cuLumn, a wooden ahue. 
ni'-ler, V. I. lo strike an diapa of rain, or hail. 
PiW-ter-ed,* p. of Patier. 
Fal'-lar-iiig. ppr itriking like rlrupB falang. 
Pal'-tem, R. a model for imitaiion, apetimen. 
Pac'-leni, v, t. lo copy, lo imluio. 
Pat'-ty-pon, n. a pan to bake a lillle pie in. 
Pat'-n-liiu*, a. upreojing, open, loose. 
Paii', n. fewneni, gmiillneM of number. 
Faiinith, n. Ibo belly and iu roiileniH. [public. 
Paiip'-er, «. a poor person, une aiipporteJ by the 
Pauii'.er-ii>ni. n. slnie of indigence requiring 
« fgr Ihe poor, 
ip, cesaalion uf oclion or apealung, 

Pave, o.^ in lav or c<; 

Pa.(iJ'-ion<d,* ]i. furninhed wiih lenia 
fti'-ving, ppr. ftwring with auinei or bricki 
[^'-ving, H. a pavement, paved Buor. 
Pav'.u.n[ne, n, like a peeruck'a lail, iridsMtM 
Paw, R. ihellntofabeaat. 
iVw, e. >. or I. tti Hcrape wiih the foot, handle 
Paw'-eii," p. of faw. (roughli. 

P«*l, n. a ahort bar of wood or iron. 
Pawn, a. a pleilne depoaiied a* serurity. 

Rwn, V. i. Lu pledge, lo leave a* aecurity. 

Pawn'.ed,* p. pledged fur lei^urity. Ipkil^', n one m whom a pledge ia inuiuwl. 

Riy,s.(!pf.^poid; tu dieiha/^e ma deh, 
1' duly, fulfill, reward, bel.^ noffer, rub over 

l"ay, n. pavn 
PSy-a-ble, o. 

ly-menl, n, a^t of paying, Ihii^ 
ta, n. pi peaa, or pease; a plan 

nany VI 


juiel, freedoTT 

, , „ in; harmonj'. 

xsa-bla, a. tree fruni war or HUifn. quMi 

»-a.bly, ad. quie>1y, wiihum (fisiurlHiu* 
:e.<ul, a. quiel, u-.dialurbed, calm. 
a.fiiMy, ad. quielly, calmly. 
.-^ji <■.__,.._<■___ ..,^y], 


P#ach, n. 



^r^', a. j/rte. 

Pf a-hen, n. tha Temale of the pcacoc 
Peak, n. tha tup of* hill, a putnt. 
Peak-ing, a. uwaking, nuan, poor. 


0, gin, ilaai), gtio, M.thi^ thou. 

PeBl-etl,* p. iiS8Hiled with »onniJ, reinundeil. 

Pn'-nn, n. a of preise or iriumph. 

Ppflr, n. B fmii ormnny varieties. 

riurl, n. a while, harcl, smoolh, ihinitis anb- 

Pmrl, r. r. lo eel or ndam with peiirle. 
PoaH'-ftI,* p- at n. adorned with pearls. 
Peurl'-ssI), n. relinct! fiolBSh. 
Peorl'-cJ'eil,*a.hBv:nga Bpe^k on Ihe eye 
Pwic)-y, a. shoanding with nr like pearl. 
Pear-mnin, ii. a spcvieBoriipple. 
Peir-UHB, n. the tree tliat pcwlui'ea penra. 

Perfs'-inl-ry, n. ronntry people, nuticfi. 

Peas-oKl. ; n. ihe hiill, legDiue, or pericarp of 

PfiD-Bhclt. i the pea. 

pM»e, n. peas rolleelivety. 

Peal, n. null he loiicBreHemWinir turf, tuedfoffiiel- 

Peal-nHHu, 1. atneanhy mBlerial dhiI (or fuel, 

a fen. 
Peh'-hle, Peb'-hle-Mone, n. a mimdith ilone. 
Peh'-lileil,*.^. Bbo::iic[ing with pehWes. 
Peb'-blr, a. abounding with pebhies. 
Pee-ea-hil'-i-ij, n. ilateuf being giihjpct tailn. 
Pe«'-«a-hte, a, liable lo ain or [ransgreaB. 
Pee-ca-Jil'-lo, n. a al^l Taiilt or offenae. 
Pee'-eun-r)', i>. a had qiislitf or habit. 
Pse'-caiil, K. rrimiiial, faulty, rurrunt. 
P'-e'-ca-rv.n. a Meiiran animal like a hog 
- Perk,n.thfllbrtnhorBlinal.el. 
PH-Ii, V. t. Ui etrike with the beak. 
Pe<-k'-e<l,* p. Blriii-k H-ilh a bcnk. 
P*fk'-er, H. one that nprka : a bird 
Ifef '-tin r1, a. iweiiililiiie a comb. 
IVe'-tin-Bte, a. reBcmhhn^ the teeth of o comb. 
Fectin-a'-iion, n. acale uf being perlinaled, a 

Pec'-tu-raf, a. belonging to [he hrnotl [hnail. 
Pec'-lo-ial, n, a bienHi-plnle, a medirine tiir the 
** ' ' ~ ' m defraud lite public, by Inking 


iniitol la 

truaKnl to him. 

Pe^Ol-ior'-i-iy, n. singularity, pantculuritr. 
Pe-efiliar-itt, x: t. lo mal^e j«f uliar. 
Pe-eOI-iapT'iied,* p. ap|iropn»ifl. ((■onimoii 
Pe-cal-tar-ly, g^ psntciilarly, in a lUBimci not 
Pe-eun-iB-ry, a. relating to, or tonaiaiing in 

Ped-a-gog'-ie, a. auicing o neilagogtw. 
Ped-a-gng-i^m, n. Ihe buainesa'or a pedagogue 
Peil'-a-^igHC, n. one nhu keeps a achuol fur 

Ped'-a.go^y, n. ihe leacning of children. 

Pe-Jal, a. porlaining to li.e fool. 

Ped'-nl, n. one of the la ge (lijioi nf an organ. 

Ped'-ani, B. one wlui vainly di»pla)^a hiBlearnine 

PiH<ani'-ie,a. oaiHjtaiWiiMof Itwii 

Pe-d jiii'4e-a1-ly, ad. with vain di 

Peil'.anl-ry, n. vain ostentation of learning. 
Ped'-ale, a. diviiled like lore, 
Ped'.B'ti-lid, a. panlj divided like toes 
Ped'-dte, o. i. to travel and retail gouda. ' 
red'-dled,-p. of >■««&. 
Pnl'-dler, n. a [raveling fool-lraJer. 
PW-dlor-y, n. amall vi-area anid h^ a peddler. 
Ped'-^liiig.PTir. traveling and aelhng; a. trifling, 

Ped'.«a-tal, n. ibe baie of a or piUar.- 
pB-dee'-tri-al, a. pertainingto the foul. 
PodA>i'-tn4n. a. tiavelingon foul. 
Pe-den'-'.ri^n, ti. a walker, one wlio goes on foot 
Ped'-i-rel, Ped'-i-cle, n. the atalk uf oiie flower 
Peu'-i.gTee, n. genmlogy, linesge. ' 

Ped'H.mont, n. BTjlimainental cionning of Iba 

Pe^Io-hB]i'.ii(m, R. h«|iti 
Pe-do-hap'-tiat, n. one w 

ir Ihe re 



•f [he flower and fh_. 
pertaining to a peduncle. 
Pe-dun'-cu-lhle, a. growing on a peduncle. 
Peel, P. (. to amp uffskin oi rfnd, flay, nlundn 
Peel, n. rind, barh, or skin, a fire ahovel. 
PAel4d,*p. atripped, plundered. 
P«el-er, n. one ihatpeala, a pillagrt. 
PM-ing,;pr. ■irippuigoDbarkoTikiB 




Prep, B. 1. to b!gin to Hjijiear, luob narrowlif, 

cry wi a ch'cken. -^ 

Pf pp*d,* p. of Pwp. • 

Pi'^ep-Br, n. a thirljen ; ihe eye. 
Ppcv, 1. an equal, companion. niihlrnuiD. 
Pi er, ", i. to Bume in sight, to appear. 
Piier^ici', n. the<lignityof a peer, boilyaf aem. 
P^ar-^,' ].. of PfT. 
P.-er-Ms, B. ■ peer's lady. , 
Pfter-!oas, a. having no eqiinl. 
PiUT-leaa-Ti«u, u. siBte of having no equal. 
Peev-ish, a. fretful, petulant, apt t» miiiier. 
P3ev-uli-ty, ad. fretfully, i-rtKuly, jiciulaiilly. 
Peev-iah-nes*. n. WOBpiahneia, frelfulnesa. 
P^ir. R. a ifiuail wooJpn pin. 
Pag, V. /. to fsateu with s woaifen pin. 
Pex'-ged,' p. fao'ened witii pegs. 
Pee'-gLng.ppr. iJisiciiinn wiili a peg. 
Pet'-an, n. a ipiwiea ufvveDwl. 

Peir, n. money lil-golten, richos. 

Pel'-i-enn, n. a large fowl, with a pouch for food 

altachnl to in under chop, a rbmical vessel 
Pe-tYsaa, a. [pelAisi,] a lilk habit fur ■ ieitwia. 
Pell, n. a akui, a hide, roll in the eiirlioauer. 
Pei'-let, «. a lirtle hall, or round m^a. 

i-cle. n. thill 

i-io-rj, n. a plant of asvetal Epeities. 

mcll, ad. cnnfuiedly, without order. 

Pel-lii'-cid.nesa. ti. cleuniess, Iranspnrenry. 
Pelt, n. akin of a booat wiih ita fur, a blow. 
Pel t, D, r. to strike with small autisiances thrown. 
Pel'-Iale, a. havirie the shape of a tai^ei. 
Pclt'-iDE, vof. •U'iKiiig wilh Kimulhinit thrown. 
Peli'.ry, >>. akina ofanimals, fura. 
Pen, R. inairument for wriiinE. inrlosure. 
. Pen, E. (. U) write, recard with n pen, conSne. 

Pen'-ni-ly, n, the pajp or ioss attached to ttiB 
rommiBfoon of a crime or otTenee. 

Pen'-ance; n. the sufforing inflieled for ain or 

P.,,.ce,n.p(.or>'i^"flV. [faiilte. 

P^n'-cil, n. a amall bruih used by painters, a 
Ijoinrrd nwceaf plumbago, collection of lava. 

Pend'-ant, n. a jewel at the car, a amall Rog, 
Pend'-ence, n. alope, iiiclninliun. 
Pem]' , n. a uapcnse, state ofbemg undcf'iil^l 
Pend'-eni, a. hanging, aiipinineU above, juuing 
Pend'.ing,a. depending, uiiiierided. 
Penil'-u-lniis, D. banging, a winging. 
Pend'.u-loiis-neaa, u, state of h&nging. 
Pend'm-lum, n. n boity s'lspendeJ and vibrating 
Pen.e-trB-bil'-i-ty,n. aiuntplibility ofpeneumiua 
Pen'-K-tra^ble, a. that may be pduetrntol. 
Pen'-e-lran-cj-, b. the power or [.ieniiig. 
Pen' e.trnnl, a. sharp, aubtil, ahle !'> peni^troLs. 

Pen'^^tra-ting, ;ipr. entering, piercing ; a. aruis. 

disreming. [sagErii; 

Pen-e-tra'-Tion, n. act of enlMng, acuteneai, 
Peii'.e-lra-Iive, a. shRrp,acute, auhiil, 
Pon'-Euiii. n. a genua of liiwla, aquatio, palm! 

peil, with short winga like Riw. 
Pen'-i^il. n. a lent or i.ledgjt for wounds. 
Pe-niu'su-la, n. land tiearly aurruunded t> 

Pe-nin''3U-lar, a. nearly surroumleil hy witsr 
Pe.nin'-8u-laie, o. t. to encoiapaes nearly «iit 

Peii'-i.ient, a. one who repents of sin. 

Pen'.i-lent-ly, ad. with repentance for aiil. 
Pen'.*nif«, n. a amall knife for making i^na. 
Fen'-inan, n. ooe ubu writes a good banil, ■ 

I small flag, a Uckle Eir ni 

vtiig Lhc l<>nii or B quill. 

ppti'^ile, a. hBO^ne;, autpt 

Pen'-iio*, 11. a lellteii yeaity ■llowsnce. 

Pen'-«ion-B-rj, a. maiaiaiiied \iy a jwnsion. 
Pen'-eiun-eil,* p. supimned hy n penaion. 
Pen'-<iion-«r, n. one who hiifl a penxion. 
Pea'-sive, a. Ihoughirul.mious, tai. 
Pen'-aivC'ly, aa. Ailhssdneuorlbaugfatfiilneu. 
Pen'-aivC'neiH, n. thuughlfiilnosj, ladnesa. 
Pen'-«tai?k, n. a fdore u> confine water. 
Pent, p. of Pen,' clomly confined. 
Pen-M'«ap'-au-Ur, a. having five rapniles. 
Pm'.ia-efaard, insuumcnl wiib five strings, 

or ijiiiicin ol' five MHincls. 
Ppn-ta-daG''l yt, n. a plant or fish with aomething 

Pen'.ta-gon, n. a figure having five equal nnglee. 
Pen-tag -on-al, a. havi;« five aiigl«i. 
Pen'-ta-graph, » in inatrume.ii for drawing or 

reduring figu.ea in any pro[mrIion. 
Pen-la-eraph'-ie, a. iwnaining tu a nentagrapli. 
Pen-la-he'-dral, a. having five equal sides. 
Pen.ta-he'-Jron, n. a figure of five equal eidea. 
Pen-tiun'-e.HT, n. a poeiic verse of five feet. 
Pen-Un'^g-u-bir, a. having live angles. 
Pen-ra-pei'-a-lous, a. having five petals. 
Pon-laph'-yl-bus, a. Iisving live leaves. 

IB-ttyle, B. 

with five 

Pen'.ta.leueh, n. Ihe linl five books of the Old 

Pen'-Le-eoei, n. a lesiivsl ol'the Jewa fiOy daya 


Pe-nult'. n. the laal syllable but nne. 
Pe-nu!t'-i.male, o. of Ihe last syllable but one. 
Pe-niim'-hra, n.a partial shnrle in an erlipi>e. 
Pe-nu'-ri.OHt, a. upariny, very porsinn.n.oiia 
Pe-nu' ad. with mean parsimony. 
Pe-nu'-ii-ous-nesa, n. sordid parsimony. 
Pcn'-Q-ry, n. poveny, vrant, indi];eni-e. 
P*o-ple, ». bodyof pen-ons in a town or commii- 
Peo-ple. V. I, !'• stork with Inhohiionts. [lUiy 
Peo-pled,*p. storked niih mhahitanls 
Fep'.per, n. a plant and its aeed, aivinBJic and 

Pnp'-r«r, V. t. to spiinkle with pepper, w pelt. 
Pep'-per^i'' p. sprinkled w!lh p'pper. 
Pep'-per.boi, n. a bui for sprinkling pepfOT- 
Pop'-per-com, «. a grain of jieiiper. 
Pep'-per-mini, n. an aromatic, pungent plant. 
Per, a prefii, priniarily signifies ttroua* or iy.'4are, ad. by chance, f*r!iaps. 



Per-eeiv-B-ble, o.that may bo perceived. 
Per-ceiv-a-bly, oil sn as to he perceii-eJ. 
Per-peive, r. /. to feel, ohscrve, discern. 
Per-cfiv-ed," p. known hy the senses. 
Per-eep-ti-bt)'-i-ty, n. the qimlit^of being per. 

Pe^oep'-ti.ble, a. that ean be fMt or potccived. 
PCT-eep'-ti-hly, ad. bo bi ro he perc-dv.-d. 
n^-cep'-tion, II. act or 6icul[y of perceiving, no- 
l^t-cep'-tive. o. able to perceive. [lion, idea. 
Per-CHp-iiv'-i-ty, n. capacily ofperceivinit. 
Perch, T,.a fish, a most for fowls, a md. 
Perch, e, i, IP light as a bird, lo roost,orsiI. 
Per-chnnee, ad. perhaps, perodventure. 
Per.cip'-i-enl, a, perceiving, able lo percei™. 
Fer.cip'-i-ent, n. one Ihst perce'ves. [filinile 

Per-cnB'.eion, n. a striking, a stroke, 
Per-eu'-tient. n. that whifh slrikes. rl™vea 

P(9'-di-fiiil, n. a plant that annually lo^es ilt 
Per.rfi''-ltoi., B. deairucli'jn, rain, loss oflliotiiti. 
Par-du', PHr.dGfl, oil. closely, in c^ixcaimenl. 


Bur, fglU whtt, pt^y, narinc, pin, btnl, CMire, 


o tnvel fium counirjr I 

E«r-e-gri-'m'-lii>n, n. a Iraielin^ ffom counli 
pBf'-«-grinp, 11. (irBitn, nui naiive. [com 
Per'-emii-co-ri-ly, ad. ■beiilotely. poailivul j. 

Per'-emp-Iii-ry, a. pnsitive, aluoJula. exDieM 
PM-en'-ni-ol, a. durable, pomrtuuE. 


uiiiieJ du 
Pef'-feet, a. 
P«f'-rect, B. 

ii|-ni-8l, -,. «nl«..L 

tbnjugh the 3tml, cun- 
iihed, raultka 

Pef.feei-i-Wl'-i-ty, n. canocity of liertiming jper- 
Por'-foCT-ing.jjjr-. .■umnleung, 6ni»hing. (feet. 
P?r-fee'-linn, n. cimipleleneM. • qoalilj eoio- 

plewJy aii-eltenl. 
Per-fen'-ive, a. oiiiilucrvs to periectinn. - llion. 
Per-f?eI'-iye.lT, od. .o m lo rrinJu.« lo i«rfee- 
Per'-reel-ly, oi eomplelely, fuLly, eiactly. 

Per'-lj.ity, n, rHalton orfsilh, irOHl, i-nw(, ilu. 
Per-fla'-ii'in, n. ncl ufliluwing iliroiigh. 
Per-lu'-ll^BU. a. having the biueHurruuiuiiiig tne 

Per'-fu-rote,ii.(.ioborBnrpii>rcothmii»h. [ing. 
ftr.f,»rB'4ion, Ji. sctuT boring Ihruugh, a pierc- 
Pet'-rii-n-uir, n. an iiu-tniinenl Ihor pcHbrBiee. 
Pw-fo-™'. s. ^ lu du, oiBciile, diwhiirge. 
Per-rorm'^a-ble, o. |hai ■■an Ikj d'uiB, pisiiiraHs, 
Per-r>mi'4ni-e, n. acjofperfurniins, thoi which 

Pot-rnrm'-ed,' ; 
Pcr-f..r,n'*r, o 
Pct-ffune, n. 

mien, done ibr ei- 

Per-fiite, o. I. lo aprinkle, tu spread ore 
"■Mu-wd,' p. BiHirikLBd, tpread over. 
«-hapi', rvL by chan™, it may be. 

Pei'-i-Bnlh, K -. 

tieuon IQ the rnicufiratiim. 

Pei'-i-ciir'.d--urn, n. H larmbrane inFlnstng th* 
P«'.i.r)irp,ii. the Hied veod oTa plant. [Man 

Pe-ric'-u-ioul, 0. huankmi, periluOL [aknU. 
Per-i«'.ciaii, ■. an inhahilant on ihwoppoaiM 

aide of the zlobe in Ihe tnme Inlilnde. 
Per', a. the {loinl in th 

in the orbii uf the aun or 


tlw point in a planel'a otbn 

Per'-.), B danger, haiard, riik, jeopardy. 
i-lw'-li^ua, a. full of danger, haiardana. 
Per' i1-uiH'ly, oii. with danger or hazard. 
Per'-il4ua.neei, n. gialcoT being dangeriHM. 
Pe-rim'-e.ter, n. the limiii ist a bnrdrr or fijura. 
Pe'-ri-od, n. n rimiil, lime of a revoludon, aa. 

[iaa of year*, end, fiill lenlrnre, or |H^nt. 
Pe-^i^)•l'-it:-[ll, n. remilarly retuminff, ■'.alad. 
Pe-ri-od'-ic-al-ly, oa. at plated penoda. 
Per-i-na.te('-i(, n. pernintng lo Ariuoile'a phSa- 

aophy: x.aruUovierurAiBtuile. 

P^rip!l'*rii I " P«"*'^"e ^ " periphery. 
IV.ripii'^-ry, B.lhei-irrumferenreorafirele.Ac 
Per'-i-phrau, n. aiaivoil ofwurJa, ciicamktcu- 

Pfr-i-phrase, s. 1. lo eipttas hy many nonla. 
Per-i-phra>'-lie, a. oipreaiiDg or eipmnl in 
muny wonli. (ny 

Pe-rip-HHii'-mo-ny, ii. inflammaiion i>f the lungi 

whoae ihadow movea mund. 
Ppt'-iah, V. i. in rlei-ay, die, gn lo rain. 
Per'-iah-a-hle. n. liable lo periah. 
Pitr'-ii<h4-ble-ne>N, n liahlpnau id periah. 
P«^'^«h-in!^, ppr. dying, decaying. 
Per.i4pher'He,<i. having the fbiro of ■ ball. 
Par-i^ial'-Ue. o. apiral, lenoieul ''" 

rer'-i-Hlj-Je, ii. a nn-\ilar range of ruliunna. 
Per'-i-wig, r. (. [u ilreia with a capof filUe h*il. 

Per'-uirr, v,l.ta fiinwesr, lake n/alae oslh will- 
fully, wlicn lowfiilly odmiiiwleretl. 

Per'-jur-cil,* p. hnvinir avium iHlwly. 

P»r'-jur«r, n. anegirilty uf perjury. 

ppr' -'i-ry, n. ifae act la wilirnlly Mkinc a Jilie 
oalh »hen lawriilly admininleml. 

Pnrk, n. Uvely, briik, huldine ro Ihc head. 

Ptirk, v.i.orLio hulcl npiheheai1,u>inakeJ 

Perk'-in, n. rrderkin, Ki^ rfJer. 





. diiralle, lasline 
, «d. durably, » 
f.n. Uw qUBliiy 

.that may brps 
. Ir. paai. llinii.E 

a. tliat may ><e a 

h liie<lne«. 


•0.1 ihroii^X, 




, ait. hy pemu^ 
l>Gr inli'-lir>n, n. i. 


1', R. a wurnni jn writii^ 



, dotnictivo, leu 


Per^iii'-^ont-ly. inf. dntnituv^y, niinoiuly. 
I'st'i li'-ciniH-iMM, «■ qiialilT -iThein : ilc^rurUva. 
IVr-mif-la'-ihHi, i>. it all iiijlil. 
PeMi-m'-Iiiin, n. Ihe rlrming parr »t Dii uralinn. 

Per-pm-die-u-lar'-i-ly, n 

P«r-|i«l-ilie'!u-l»rJy, nd. at r^il angle 4 
Pfr-in-traiP, e. '. Ui dii nr n ^rime. 
Per-pe-lri'-liun, h. a Jirfna. < ommiMiion, at o( i 
Pef'.pe-tm-Iur, n. omi who i*rpairai(M. [triine 
Pnr-pe:'-u-al, a. continual, ai.ver ceaiinK. 

.. indeSniiely. 
Pw-|>ci-D-B'-il<in, n. a renderina perpetual. 
Per-pe-lu'-i-ly, n. cndlnx ur iiideiiniie duratinn 
Per-plex'.P.f. to involve, malie inrrii-aio, |)U2ile 
Pei%pli!i'-«l,* p, made hiLrii-ale, vmbarmMcd. 
Per-plei'>ed-ly, aiL intrirauily, with invvliitiuD. 

Per-jilei'-i.|y, n. entbarraMment, diflirulty. 
Per'-qDi4ite,ii. a ice beyotid tfaeiabtry,or ■ bt 

Per-i|ui-si''-iiun, n. accurate iiH]iiiry< imrrh. 

Per'-m-qur;, n. aspecien urpamit in rheitleiiof 

I'er'-ry, n. ihejuiceol'jieanfennenied. [Japan 

Per'-He-Fute, c. I. to pursue »iih eiimiij. 

PcT-se-ca'-ied, p. baraHWid, 'iiiured. 

Perriie-cn'-liiin, n. the a<-t of perHemilns. 

Per'-M-<^u-lur, n.utie who piWHriiln. 

Per4>^ve'-raiice, n. a penuling in what i* un- 
dertaken, crmiiniianre in grace. 

Pernte-vf re, B. >. u> piniiiii in nhai i* be)^in, 

V<a-*e-v^-mWp.r^ Pertaert. ' (rominiis 

l'er«e-ve'-niut,^penMing,ranlinDinii; s.cuii> 
■lani aiid Omi in pniaerntiun uf a jdan 

l^-ge-ve'-ring-ijp, aA with tieratitencj. 

Pn-'-ii-na^ R. a jeering, ridicule. 

Per-Bim'-muo, n. a tree and it* Ifuii like a plum. 

Per-sisi', e. i. lu imnevere, to niininiw firra. 

Per-iKt'.enL-e, n. perseverani^, cuneiancy, 

Per-»iiit'.nit, Psr-iiiat'-ing, 0. mniinuiiig, wilhonl 

Prr-au<l''ing, ppr. ronilanl in proaenition. 
Prr-aiiil'-tve, a. penevering, ilradv, firm. 
Per'-i«n, n. a nion, woman, iirchild, borfy, cha- 

Per'-aoii-a-lile, a. hniing a well rurrned/body. 
P«r'4on-aee, n. a parBnn orrilminclion. 
Per'-w>n-al, a, bel'inginc U e pe-aun, peculiar, 

in TTfard lo projuTlJ/, movHble. 
Per-aon-aliii'iy, n. inilividualiiy, direel applica* 

PiV^un-al-Iy, od. in prnon. 

Per-<ian-a'4iun, r. art uf rpprenFiilJng a pennn. 
Per'-Riii-a-iur, n. une who aHume* aiiullur'a 
' character. 

B;ir, r^Jl, ivtuit, prty, martne, pill, bi 


Pw-nun', ppr. rppreBcniin^ ■ living be- 
PsT-ipec'-uve, a. psiuinrnc lu upiics. [ing. 

Pw-ipec'-iivo, n. & glana for viewing objectt, s 

drawing on a pl^iin iiirftfo, 
Per-npec' iive-ly.nrt.optirally.lirrepresenioiion. 
Per-t[K-<a'-ci»iu, a. quifk-gighied, diiceming. 

Por-ipi-ru'-i-^, n. cleainn*, irangporency. 
PeMpie'-u-uiu, a. oImt, plain, ubvioin. 
Per^pic'-u-ooa-ly, ad. clenrly, witti pininnm. 
Pbr-apie'-u-oiu-aen, n. clnmem, plaiiinns. 
pRr'-ipi-rB-h]«,a.that mar puB ihroiigh the porta. 
Per-api-ra-lnl'-i-iy.n. qualiijrorbeing penpiml)le. 
Per-api-ra'-tiun, h. mcrMinn ur evacuBtion nf Ibe 
laiih thruugh Ihe purea. 


linj perap 

\\\y of Itsirig pennacj- 
bfl peniiacfed. [ed. 

Va'-v-^^ ;...,^.-- 

Per-apico, v. i. or i. lo evai~iiate 
thmiigii the pores, W he eicreio 
Per-Blrini'B, n, (. lo graw, n> Rlan' 
Per^Bua'-ila-hle, a. ihm may ha pei 
Fer-aiiBda, v. t. in imlure or draw by srgiimenL 
Per-mB'-cler, n. one thai perai- '— 

Par-aua'-«i-ble, a. Ihal may 
Fvr-aua'-HJve, a. ndaplcd in 
Por-aua''Sit*e-ly, ad. lo as tu 

PorlBin-ad,* p. nf Pertain. 

PflMi-na'-pioud, a. ohsiinaio, holding firmly. 
pBT-ti-ntf-cinon-ly, ad. with ohwinate Biiheren™. 
Pei-Ii-na'-uiuus-iwss, ) n.ubiiinnry in adherpn™ 
PeMi-nac'-i-lf, ( to op!nion«#r liurjuwe. 

Par'-li.neWB, ( w. fiinpaB to iha Hiibjon!, siiila- 
P^r'-ii-nen-ry, ( hioneas, apposiienfus, 
P'^r'-ii.nniii, 1. fil, siiitBhie, iusc it. the subjecl, 
Por'-ii'DPnt-ly, ad, fiity, in ihe purpum. 
Pect'-ly, ad. nnardy, sBUcily. 

iV-aho, n. an anifidiil cnp of liair. 
Per-D'-aal, n. an ur muling with a(le 
Per-riH', v. I. m mul wtili aiienriun 
Per-tr'-*cd,' p. read wlih ineniinn. 

the pnjper u 

/-i*le| a, 

n ^>m II 

Pof-ves-ii-go'-tion,ti. diligent inquiry or reeeareh 
Pw-vi^ea'-cioiiB, «. willfmly rrfra^iury, 
Per'.vi-ouB, a. IhnI may he pcnfimleil 

Pa'-ao, n. n piaBlur, nr iiierc oFeiglil. [Spaniah>i 
Peal, n. a plagoD, miwhiFf, haiia. 

Pe«i'-cr, ti.Moieaan, diaiiirh 

Pwt'-er-ed,* ;* tniulile<l, ann 
Pcsi'-er-ing, ppr. dtBturfiitw, 
Pesi'-f-mua, n. eneninhw J 


Pea-lif '-eMim,!!. peMilentiiJ, nininna. m ^ 

Pofll'-l-leDRe, n. rdiilagiun, nunlaginiM disniea. 
Peiil'-i-lent,a. prudnrlng. plague, malignant, i 

Peui-i-len'-iinl, it. rnntaining rnniagion. pr 
Pe*l'-i-lent-iy, ad. detnic livelv . feu 

Pes'-ile, n..[pea1,! an ■inainiincnt for poiiiici 



?, f ull, m 

p. lbnill«(l, indiitgpd. 
I. (loner-leorofa plant. 
1,* a. having petals or s p*la!. 
na, a. having a (lelnl or |«lala 
Pel'-a-lint, a. pennining ii> n ]i«)b1, [a lenT 

ill mgine fijr blowinjj 

PiMiinl, n. i 

a. penuining w 

Pei'-i-cJe, iiiolpofMol'E, 
Pe('-ii, [pel'ly,] mnall. mpiiTi.'-n.«i-lre, «. [i«t;tjmSiier,] a foi 


'p, a donglet 

iin-ed," /I. reqneeipd, «nppticatPd. 
on-a-ry, a. supplicntory, uliing. 
iin-ee', n. (he penan ciled M defend 

re-ii"-liun-ing,n.iiPt of Bolirjling, aupplicBtion. 
Pe-lre'-an, o. jienainingio rook.orilone. 
Pe-lm'-ivnre, n, arhnnginglnluBtune. 
Pr-ires'-renl, a; changing into stDiiy hanliKm. 
Pel-n-fae'-lii-ii, n. Ihe eunvenion <aa bod; into 

Pat-ii-lii'j'-iK-e, o. thangini! mto slony nistlet. 

pBl'-ri-f j'-iiig, PIT, hanlening in 
Pel'-tet, n. an aiiiiariu iiiwl. 
IV-rrul, Pe^ru'-fe-uin, n, rock o 

PW-lt-fog-ger, n, i 
Pot'-lt-KjJE-ger-y, i 
Per 11 lug-ging, a 

[ble liquid. 

Pet'-lbh, 1. fretful, rmninl, penrit 
PMMiih-nsa, V. li«fulneaB, peevii 

Pen, u. an iiicliMed leet in a chun'h. 
Pew'-et, IF. Iha »ca-cruw, ihe lapwing. 
PeH'-ier. n. a eampound uf lin and lead, or IbsM 

Pe-.v-lor-er, n. one mho worka in pewter. 
¥i\a'-e-um, n. the aon uf Phaihiin, an open Ibi^ 

«tieeled carriage, tlie ln\{Ae. hird. 
Phal'-uni, n. a >qunre Iwdy of sohlb-ra. daaa 

<ind cam|iart,» linn rombtnaliun of men. 
Phat'*-rupe,n. a wuler fo wl , (.fnorthem ctiraaM. 
Piffln'-taiun, n. Ihe image otaa external uhjert, 
Phan'-lom, n. an appariiiun. li^kypt. 

Hia-m^jn'-ie, a. ijettainiiaj lo Ibe PharaiiKi uf 
Phar-i-Bii'-ic, Jo. like the phari»ee«, fiimulin 
Phni-i JHi'-ic-Bl, ( religion, hvporrilical. 
Pliar-l-ea'-ip-al-ly, at. hypwcrilicallj-. 
Pb»r-i-Bn'-ic-nl-iieg8,B.eilemal ahowin Teljaion 
rhar-.i-Ba-iani, n. mere abow of religion. 
Phai^i-ae'-an, a. Iblbming ilia phi>ri>vea. 

mining lophunnacjr. 

Phi'-ii?-ed,* n. cunRiied m n nhhl. 
PhiLa^lel'-Fhi-an. «. penainiiw lo PhiladripldL 
Phil-un-lhnip'-if,a. having good ivUlloniatWitid- 
Phil-an'.tlini-pisi, n, a peisoii of'geDeiBl brr^ 

>t- '>-gi>t, n. ona vened in the hutoiy u 
— jinuclion of ianguB^. 
Fhil-o-lof-ic-el, a. penainiiig to philidon'- 

Bar, ^11, uhat, prtr, mBrVne, piiii bird, mive, 

_ „.'-u-gy, n. ilie branch uf leuming 
uratioriangiuzo, its oriEiii,[»jnBUuclii>a,iSic. 
li'-lu-fiulh, fi. aluver of leaniing. 

I lii-lua' o-pher, n. 

kn;ed u 

Phil-o-soph'-ic, I fl.pertaimngtp.oraeconling 
PhiI-o-yo?h'-ie-E- i lo philosophy. 
I'hil <)-wph'-ie-oJ- &, nil. acrurJ i ng lu pliilomphy. 
Ph.-liu'-u-phi«D, 1. luve of falw) reauning, 
Plii-J(u'-o-phiat, n. a lover oraaphlHr;. 
Phi-luj'-<>-ph(ic, V. I. bi reoHon u a philoaopher. 
Fhi-lm'-o-phy, n, eqilanuJi-n oflhe name* and 
reBJuanuTtiungi, general Inwa or piinciplM of 
PMI'-ler,M. a poluHi lueviw love. [acieuce. 

Phlu-bol'-o-mur, r. one who lou blood wilh a 
Idr.tM. [lutling bluod. 

Phl»-bul'-o-my, ■>. Iho act of oponing a vein k>r 
Phlex^, n. (K>ld animal fluid, ualery h-jiDor 
Phleg-mal'-ic, a. abounding with phlegm, cold, 


« of nil 

Plio-ool'-o-gy, "■ tlie aciencB or d 

meniary aoimda fmmeil by the human voifie. 
Phui'-phor, n. the nwniing star, LuRifer, Venua. 
Piioa'-plior-ui, n. a comhiuiiible subalaitue of a 

yiilluwiah color, eilubitinga faint lighl in Ibe 

riii^pha-rrBc'e, n. i U> eihibit a inint light witU- 

Plioi-pho-n»'-renco. n. a faint light of a body 

wittiout aeniibla heai. 
Phae-plHt-ra'-ceni, a. aliini'ng without hont 
Phi>«-plii>r'-it,<i. obtaiiinl from phosphorus. 
Phna-:)ho-roiis, c pertBlningto phoaphnnia. 
Pho-lol', n. tliedMlriiie oracionce of light. 
Hio-Cum'-e-ier, n. an iiuini.neui to meaaiire Ihe 

relaura inleiuiitiH of lighL 
^nwe, n. a ^nicnre, mode ofapeech, Uyla 
Phnue, c. C. to name ot aiylu. 
n>riiM-J«Mh B- not (0 be dcanribed 

'log'-ic, a. peculiar 
Ph[a.»e^il'-<)-gy, n. nimie of apeeili, ifitiion 
Phre-nd'i*, a. Mad, frantic, dtliriuua. 

Phiye'-i-an, a. penaiiung to Phrygia in Asia 
Pfathit'-ie, n. [liz'it^J habiiual difliculiy of 

Phthi>'-ie-al, a. brmihing hnni, coiisiunpljve. 
Pht]il<'-l*, n. (ihixiaj a ■:oii3uinptuiii ucvasiuiiei] 

by ulceiBied lun^. 
Pby-toe'-ler. J "■ s«Po'lor':h»rni,apiir,-hmi-nt 
Phy-Ue-Wy,]. «;"lUn JTi^* ''"'^'™ 

Phy-la'-'-i«.<d,* a. ha>iiu; a pbylactery on. 
Fhyt^ler, n. a genus of whales, the cacbalol 
Fnyi'-ic, n. Ibe art of healing, niedicine, a c»- 


to eTSTDBle the howela. 

. .... , _. pertaining Ui nature, medicinal 

Pbyt'-ie-al-ly, by the oponuion of tbe lam o! 

raallsr. [healing 

Fhy-si"-ciaD, n. one who prafeaaea the art of 
Ph3's'-ies, n. the acisnce of nMure or uaiund 

objecia. [numj 

Ph)-(-iH}g-no-mon'-ie, a. pertaining to ptiyaiog. 
Pby*-i-ag''.no-inial, n. one skilled injiulging ai 

the mind by the lare. 

ing ills characuir oflhe mind from the ftce. 
Phyj.M..|og'.ip-al, a. |»nalning to phjuologr- 
l'hyi.|.ul'H>-piRt, n. one veiaBd m tbe soeuca si 

Phy-iog'-m-phy, n. a descriinion of plants, 
Phy-iol'-o-^iit, n. one voneil in plants, a boloniat 
Pny-tuF-'i-gy, n. a ireaiise on plauu, docliiM 

of plonla. 
Pl-ac'-u-iar, a. oipialory, ref|Qiring eipiatioiL 
Pi'-d-niitf, n. a perfonnpr on the fjrie piano. 
Pia'-no-fone, n. a keyed inoKical inurument, 

smaller than the harpsicbun! fvalm 

Pi-Bs'-ier, n. an Ilaliau coin, about 80 eenn 
Pi-az -xa. B. a covered walk or pcitln. 

y|ic, ■ pie, or magpie- 
gather, clean, pull, open. 

ed, Pik'*i,"o. pointed, sharp at the end. 

Pi(.k'-eil-ne«B, n. pointedneea, sharpness. 
I'lrk-^er. V, 1. 10 pillage, lo pirate. 
Pirk'-et, 11. one •-■■lio jiirks, a pickai. 

Pii-k'-et, H. a ihariiened stake, nn ouiguonl. 

rick'-'ii IB, ppr. plucking, gaiharing, selecting, 
I'ick -ing, H. act uf plucking, ihni which ia picked. 
Pic'-k)e, 1. I.rine, sail unil n-sler or viiu^r, 

thing pichlHt. 
Pic'-kle, c. (. 10 preserve In hrine, lo leaiDn. ' 
Pie'-kle<l,*p. pFcsened ia brioe, or vinegar. 
Pick'-ltfck, n. a person or tool to open locks. 
Pick'-pock.e(, B. one nhii Meals from the pocket. 
Piok'^liank, h. an olHcioos fellow. 
Piik'-touih, n. an instrutiienl to pick the teeth, 
Pii-t, n. a person thai has the body painted. 

I'ifi'-iiir-eil,* p, rBp,*sentail in colors, 
PiMiit^sgui.' J "■■"■'x'''"' ■« iheeyc.orinind, 

rid'-dle, e. i. lo teed sr 
Pid'-riler, n. one Ihsl e 
1. pssle baked wi 

der il, 


types mist 
ine-ligld, n. divenitied in color. 
Piece, n. a part, a polch, composition, B gun. 
Piece, B. (, to eiilncge by ailding a piece, 
Picc-od,* p. paiphed, mendeii ivith pieces. 
Pitce-meal, a, singlo ; nd. in or hy parts, 
Pieil, o. nany^iolored, speckled, spotted. 

Pief. n 

ir peers,! Iv onier ■• a pointed 

Piptc'-ing-ly, ad. keenly, sluirnly, acuity. 
Piprii'-ing-ness, n, sharpness, keenness, 
PE'-e-tisni, n. afleclation ofniety, 
Pl-e-ly, n. veneration wilh love of God, respect 

ful duly to pnrenta. 
Pig, n. a yonng ■wine, man of m 


lo bring forth as pigs. 



Pig'-eon-hntise, n. a shed for pigeons. 
Pif-gin, n. a wowlen vessel, o dipr*.'' 
Pig'-ment, n. a pain<, color Ibr planting. 
Pig'-my, n. a very liul» person; a. very si 

ij!_- — .. - — , 'ig nuts, a plsnt. 

Ill ndl of tobacco. 

Ibr papers 

Pike, n. ■ tal 

ling in s point, acmninated. 
1 soldier umed with apikd. 
Lhe wooden handle of a pike 

Piles, a disenw 

n. having or like a 
id ing things. 

PJl'-fer-ing,n. theft of lil 

Rl'-grim, n. a wsnilenng iravtier, one 

visite a place reputed holy. 
Pil'-grim-Bge, n. a long jouniey, a ™il 

place deemed sacred. 
I^Il, n. a modiciiM in fonn of a little ball 
Pill, to peel ; eeo PeeL 
Pil'-loge, 1, plunder, apoil. 
Pir-lage, o. /. to plunder, strip, spoil. 
•«'"-- ""p. plundered fobbed, rifled 



a supporter i 

lade or stone, a kind at 

Pil'-lar-ed,' a. like a pillar, supported hy pil.a». 
Pill'-:on, tt. a cimhion for a vraman lo ride on. 
Pil'-ln-ry, n. a rreme to confina criminals by tltf 

neck and head, for punishment. 
Pil'-ktw, n. a cushion to lay the head on. 

Bii, 4)11, vtIuI, ynj, murine, pin, hlnl, miivs. 

Pil'-i iw, «. (. U> i»t or laj un n pillunr. 
Hl'-ljw-fd,* p. (upponod by ■ pilbw. 
Pi-I JH, i a. ntity, cuvaied wub bog ilulinct 

. ulUpic 

or Juoaica peppc 
whu pruciuH. 

PiiDji, 0. 1, lu wocure fur uihera. 
I I'im -per-nel, Pim-pi-nel, n, ii plant 
Pimp -ing, ppr. pandering; a. liule. peUjr. 
Pim'-ple, n. ■ ■.-null p'lmule on the ikin. 
Pira'-pJal, a. lull of pimplu. 
I'in, n. ( poiiilHl iniuunwni of hmx or wi>cd. 
Pin, v. 1. lu baton wiih a {An, xo fit. 

Pini:h,B.f. to •queeie, u bMwean the cnJi of 

Ihfl lingeni. 
Pinch, n. m •queeiing or gripe. 
Pioch'-becli. n. B nuilure of copper and zink, 

•llov of copper. 
Ptnch'4d,* p. premd belween tho tingen. 
Pinch'-er, n. one IhcL pinchea. 
Pinch'-en, n, an iiuuunieiit fiir drawing natla. 
Pini-h'-fiW, n. B muer, a niggard. 
Pin'-eiiali-ion, n. a pad in whinh giins are ilnck. 
Pin-dar'-ic.a. according to Pindar's eijlf, [i>riT. 
Pine, n. a iree o( many upecidi, uhwI fur boardii, 

loaef.eah gradually, 

Pine, o. i. lo lanziUBh. 
Pin'-e-al, a. llie pirttal gland ii 
Plmvap-pie, n. iho aninos, - '- "■ 
bin ihe vona of pineit. 

ning, ppr. languulnn 

Ltnd for cnlde. 

- . .„. . , lumh of a wheal. 
Hon. B.l. to hiiiil iha wingiul^ loahockle 
ion-ed,* p. confmed, shackled. 
L, n. a flower, a email eye, ■ mlor. 
[, e. I. lo auuiip or work wilh eyelel-halea 
I'-ed.* p. warked wilh eyolei-liolM 

„ mil, higliai point, 

ad," fl. oilrimed wilh oinnaiflee. 

a. Iiaving H\'enil leaJleti un each aid«. 

' byMamenUorjaea. 

>l0d, having toea bor- 

Pnil, n. half a quart, Ivelve uiinrc*. 
Pin'-ile, K. a liuls pin, an inm 
Pi-u-iu^£r, n. a lenun d'ai guei befure ea a: 

ui clear the way. 
I^'-o-ny, f n. a perennial plani with tuha 
IV-u-ny, ( HHiU and large ml QoMen. 
Pi'-oua, a. levcmiciag llie Supreme Hdng, 

Pl'i> ad. in a imd 


Pi|i, s. i. lo ehirp or cry aa I _._ 

Pifle, n. a tube, a munical iiutrunient, ■ Huk. 
Pipe, u. X, or t. ic> ploy or. a pi|ie, ii> whialle. 
Pi'-p«d,';<.ofPiw( o.itibidar. 
Pirie-liih, n. ■ HbIi wilh a loiiE tutiutar nuee. 
ri'-per, n. one IhHi playg un a pi|ie or lluie. 
Piu'-eridge, n. a ahrub, iho baHierry. 
Pr-ping, ppr. playing on a |ijpe ; a. very hot. 
np^-kin, n. a uiiall earthen boiler. 
"""'""" ~ " ipmen uT apple. 

'-'- 'anc y,] nhnrpmrn, pungenc y. 

II,! pnrkiiiK, ahar)!, puilgeiU, 

.. ik'anliy.j alurpl ■-' 

P<-<|U!, a. offitnv lokon, alight ani 

Pfciue, II. (. to uireijil, nctilo, iixiiy 


ii-ly, ad. [pik'aniEy,] aharply, lorlly. 
"" "^ i,«ligh - -- 



I1-ral'-ic-al,ii. plimdering on the seo. 
P[-rst'-iofll-ly, ml in Uie manner of pi 
Pi■l-lg«^ Pi-rt-gua, a. a tanoe fi.rm. 
' Iheaiom rd a Ireti, a nanun feny 1h 



n.'-lii, n. t 

Pub, u. £. to 

Pin'-mlre, H. _.. __._ , _„., , 

Pis-ui'-i:hi-o, B. the nul of the lurpeiitiiie use, 

le poinlol of n remsle plant. 
rn-ui-iB -vro\a, a. giTjwins on ihe geiju. 
Pia-liJ-lB'-lion, n. a poumJing wkh a poxlle. 
I'u-iil-lir-er4ua, a. havins ■ pistil without aia- 
Pie'-tul, II, tlie ■malleai of On arme. [iFem*. 

Pii'-tul, D. t. to ahoiit Aiih u piilul. 
Pi<-i6le, n. s gold coin of Spain, 360 oi 38(1 cents. 
Fii'-lon, n, liw put of an engine thsl forcei wb- 

Pii, a. a bule or doen excavation. 

Pit, T. i. or (. to gink in hollows, to indent. 

Pitch, n. a thick Uuacioiu auhslancs fcom the 

P><i-h. t>. (. or J. to ■mear with pilch, can, dro|t> 

Piich'-ed,* p. smeared with pilch, thrown, filed. 

Pitch'-forh, n. a fotk lo Ihjow aheavea, hay, Ac. 
Pitch'-ing, f^. aeuin^, ^rowini;, plunguig; a. 
j__i . ^ descending, plopin^. 

Pil'-i-lens, a. licToiil oi'piij, nnt comi 
Pit'-i-lea»-lj, ad. wiibaul pily or cnn 
I'il'-i-less-neag, n. deslituiion ofpily 

Pilch'-ing, n. a throwing, iha i 

of a ahip^B hear* 

Pil'-^l, B.™ 

Pif.wiiia, a. so 
Pn'-iBU,i. »P 
Pilh, A. the soft saDHian 
Pilh'-i-ly, uif.wilhitrer 
Pith'-i-neea, it. energy, > 
Pith'-l«i, a. wanting pi 
Pith'-y, I?, consisting of 
Pif-i^-ble, a. de«rving 
nf-i-«j,*p. cDmiiajHiui 
nt'-i-rul.i. tender, coini 
Pii'.iJiljwM B. IBndori 

1 covered for taking game. 

snbHlnnce in plnnu. 

lb strength or brief energy. 

: comniinratlng. 

n. a man who wiulu in f 

Pit' y, n. suffering eicite(n>y another's disireun 
Ki'-y, V. t. to have ajmipothy fi>r. In he pained 
Kv'-ol, n. a pin on which any ihinir lurns. [liir 
Pii, n. n bni Ihal cai:laint Ihe liuRt. 
ria-c*-bii'-i-ly, { n. the <|iialtly of being Df>- 
Pla'-ca-ble-neu, { pewoble. 
Pla'-ca-ble, a. that nuy be sppeaeed. 
Pla'FJird, R. ■ prinieil |uii«r pusied in a puhlio 
place, an advenisemcnL, a limrl. 

Piace, n. portion ofapace or gniunU, rank, ofliCB, 
Place, V. t. ui fix, act, eslabhsh, I'l-ete. [rouiiL 
Pia'-ced'p. put, set, filed, iucaled. 
Place-man, n. one ivulding an office undor {S- 

Pla-cen-ta'-don, n. dispotition of the lubes ot 

Pla'-cing, tipr. Belting, filing, locating. 
Plan'-id, u' calni, qniei, milu, serene. 
Plac'-id-ly, ad. cafmly, quietly, miliily. 
Plac'-id-neui. r. calmness, unniffled alala. 
Plai-k'-et, ». an o|>ming in a garment. 

[of another 
purloins the writing! 


Pta'^i-a-ry, , 

PIfigKf , n. pra.,.„„i^, .^..„u,.. ,. 
Pi5gN(.p.i. to Ifouble, vei, lea: 
PlSgu^ed,* p. leased, lotmenied, .r.^. 
Plagu-i-ly, ad. veiationaly, greslly. 
Plagii-ing, ppr. veiing, harassing, leebing. 
Plagu-y, a. veiBlious, baiassing. 
Ilaioe, u. a flat fish. 

Plaid, n, B variegated atofT. a Pcolch drew 
Plaid, n. a alriiwl or lariepured iloih. 
Plain, o. amooih, flat, cvidmi, honielj. 
Plain, n. level groun^i, field of balUe. 
Plain, r. t. la make level, or even. 
Plain-dSal-ins. n. dawnnght honeatv. 


iJtn-ly, ad. iimeraiy, dearl)', hluiuiy. 

■M, B. flamesB. rl.-orn™.. .iiiiplirily. 
luh-ni, a. apcaking wiih unrMerved am- 

ISinE-l>il, a. coiiiplainiiir, Bocruwl'iil. 

liint-ir, 1. the penon who oiminencai a (nil. 

inl-ii-e, o. snfruwiiil, m.iumfilt. 

int-ivB-ly, orf. in ■ n.inner eipKssing grief. 

ini-ive-nwa. n. tlie qualitv iireipnuiaing grier. 

\I, n. a fulil ; r. 1. bi &ld, La bmicl. 

ii-ed, p. luldpd, braideil. 

n, n. a ipliemr, pntjeul, cinll, model. 

nch, B. I. lu pluik, 10 rover nilh planka. 
Planth'^il* p. ciivereJ wiih plank. 

«t, n. a flel piece uf meUl orcoln. 

Plane^ree. n. a laigB liee, l)ie biiuon-wooi. 

Pla-iii-fo'-li^irtl, a. having plnin leavei. ffau 
Pla-nim'-o-lry, n. Ibe merwiirslkin oi' plain 8Ur- 
,P[a-ni pel'-a-luna, a. flal-leafwl, as a ni.«er. 
Plaii'-ish, V. I. lu make anvniih, to polish, 
Plan'-ishwl,* p. made ^ni'inth, 
*>'an'-i-apliere, n. B sphere prujeciei) on a pli 

riank, H. s aawFd piac^qr limbor, thiilker than 
with plfinki. 

rnHoe^t contrived. 

n oi^nir^ hodj without 

Planl'^r, n. one who cullivales a 
Hant'-er-ihtp. r. the buainesi of a 
Pianl'-i-cle, n. a plaiil in emhrjo. 

Plaah'-ei^" p. inlerwovpn oa ijrsnehca. 

Plaah'^y, u. watery, ahoimding with pudJIss 

Pbfin, n.amuldroriDeUb. 

Plis-mal'-iE, o. giving ah^w, 

Piai-ter, n. a compoBitiun of lime, aand, and 

Hiia-le ~,„.ej, — ■.•>'~- 

no'-lie, a. forming, giving Innn. 
PlaH-lic'-i-ty, n, the quality ul' giving farm. 

Plat, B. a levd (,ieco of gTDunJ. 
P!at'-band, n. a bi-rder cf Huwen, a lintel. 
PLaie, ■, a [liem of metal, wniugtii ailvsr, n ghat- 
law ulenHl, priw at racas, imprsBaion from an 

riaie, D, 1. lo cover or adorn with plate, beat to 

Pla'4ed. J/, covered with plate, or silTer. 
Plat'^eiL, n. the Hatjiart oi a printing preaq. 
Plat'-form, n. horiiSilal delinealicin or aliWeh, 
Anor of boarda or planka, a terrace, plan, 

Pla^^r-na,' ) n. a ^Uial haav™ i 

'■I gold, I 

Pla'-iing. ypr. nverlaying w . 
Pla-fon'-ic, o. rolaiing lo Plato, refined, pmw. 
Pla'-ioTi-ism, B. the philoaophy of Plato, whc 
held tu two eternal eauaea, <iod and matter. 
PU'-lon-iat, n. one who adberes to Plato. 
rin'-ton-iae, v. 1. or i. lo adopt I^ato'a syatem. 
Pla-<oori', n. a small body ofsnliliera. . 
Plal'-tcd, p. woven, made by teiPire. 
Plat'-ter, r. a large broad ahallow Jiah. 
Plat'-ling, p^' weaving, LtuerweaTing'. 

ve, fuU, n 

!, can, chiiac, gim, as, Ihin, CJioi 

nat'-T-pui, R. an aninial with eJongHleil Juwb. 
Plaud'-it, n. applaune, pratae, npprobation. 

plaui'-i-ble, a. ipeciaui, aupefJictiBily right. 
Flaut'-j'bly, ad, witii apeciEjiu, fair aiuiw. 
Plaui'-ive, a. applauding, plaiuible. 
Plaji. D. I. or I. bj ■port, tuy, trifle, niock at. 
ria;, n. iporl, recreaiion, game. 
Pln;-day, n, a day eiempled Iron] labor. 
PlAy4d,' p. perfcrrm«d, put in motion. 
Play-cr, R. cina that playa al a gHine,a perfbimtT. 
Play'-fy-luw, a. a cumiiaiuun in ipuiia. 
Fliir-iul, a. fiill orplaj', iponive. 
Play-tiil-ly, ad. iportively, with levity. 
Play-fiil.nea, n. uponiveoiqi, waggery. 
Play'liouae, n. a hoiue for a<«ing plajn in. 
BSy.maiB, n. a play lelUnv, companion in play. 
PlAy-M^me, i. pmyiul, ivoDLon. ^'aggish. 
Pliy-lLmB, n. a toy,a tliinjt uaed fur araianiHnl. 
neo, n. that wbich ii alledged in auppun of a 

Pleadla-ble, a. thnt may be pleaded ur alledged. 
PI<>tHl-er, a. one wbu pldda <ir alled^eL 
PI ^ed-ing, R. alieEation. actofaupjioningB cause . 
Plera'-oiii, a. agreeaUe, gay, chcerTu], 
Plmii'-int-ly, ad. in an agmabie mannar. 
Plena'^nt-ttaas, n. BgTwnblenmi, iBTely. 
PleiiK'-ant-ry, n. ch«rfulii«ai, good bunor. 
PleaK, 1. 1, ur i, lo irii*e piraaure or delight, to 
PI«ai-e<l,'j9,delifthied,MIKfied. {auh. 

neai-ins, ppr. gratifying, aaliifying ; a. giving 

pleasure, agreeable. 
PIfua-ing-ly, oif . ao aa to pleaao. 
P^sn-ing-neaa, n. the quality of giving plcuon. 
PTana'-or-o-blB, o. giving plcaaure. 
Pl«i'-iiM, n. gralitiealion of iheaenaeaoT mind. 
Plesn'-Dre, c, I. to sCfbid gratiljcaiiun. 
Pl«-iie'-ian,fL penaijiingtoranimon people, vnl- 
Pfl-ha'-ian.Ti.uneofthecommanpeople. tg*r. 
Pledge, R. a pawn, a dapoait >* aecunty. 
Pledge, V. t. ttspavfn, lo ^Uponit ae aarurity, to 
Pedi'-ed,* p. depoailed aa a pawn, [namuit. 
Pledg-pe", «, onu lo whom a pledge ia given. 
Pledf -a, B lie who dtpoaita a pawft. 


Plw)i'.el,n.a8inull flal lenl of lint. 
Pledg'-ii^, ppr. depuaiiing in pawn. 

neiadi, n. u. fple^wli,] tlie ac 

Pte'-na-ri-ly, ed. tuHj. aimplcu< 

Ple'-na-ry, a full, enlim, coiiipltte. 
I'lo-nip' o-tenne, n. luUneiia ol puwer. 
Ile-nip'-o-trnl, a. poaaeswd ufrull j-uwor, 
nen-i-po-ien'-tia-ry, r. one having full poun. 
Plen'-i-iudc, n. Ibllneaa, conipleieneu. 

Jam's, copiuu* aupplj 

Plen'-ti-ful, 0. abunilant, copiuiia. 
PlMi'4i-fiLUIy, ai. in gieai ahuiidanr». 
PIcn'-ii-fiil-neH, n. cu|aaua ahundince. 

Pleii'-ly, a. ahuiiJarl, cipiouB, pleniifiil. 
Ple'H>-iiB«n, n, redundancy arwonla, 
Ple-u4)aii'-iie, a. panaking of le 

Plcd'-lootta-ly, ad. ii 



liiUneo of blnod, repletion. 

Pleth'-o-ric c. 

lavinp a full 




at coveta the intid 



n of Ihe plain. 





havine Ihe f 

™ of network.^ 


'any thing in the 


> R. £he qua 

iiy of bmdinj! o 


\ vieldiw. 


eaiily yielding 

prtwib-a, fleiibl 



«nL or lo yield 

Pli'-ant, a. 


ble, esaily bent. 




plaited, Ibtd^ 


a fnlding, a fold. 



a frid. a dun 




ofa fold. 



hand, faith, vowa 

Ff ight, R- ata:e of bei ng involved, eonditioo, raaa- 

P!ight-ar, n. one thai pledgea. 

Plinth, H. the flat aauare ma^iar at the buton 

ir, fBil, whut. r^y, amrlne, pin, hi 


oil, drudge, atiidy peneverii 
I dull, bul laborintu penon. 
traveling ur laboring *lMidily 
■nd ileady, but sluw. 

. . iBgem,iicbenie,con8pirsry. 

lo plan, acheme, prajecl, comrive. 

PluC-ud,;). planned, 


ind break ibe 

. _ .._ _ ip ibe ground. 

Pliiw'-ed,* p. Irenulwl or broken wiin a pluw. 
Plow' ing, ti. iJiB oneraiion of luniing up ground 

with a plow, tillage ground. 
Plow'-land, a. land thai ii <>r hiu been plowed. 
Plow'-nuin, n. one whi> nolda ihe plow. 
Pluw'-share, t. Ihe iiun ihat cula me grouod be- 

Pluek, r. (. Ill pull, anatch, etiip off. 

Pluck, N. the heart, liver and lighu ofaa anliul. 

Pluck'-eil," p. puHeii, Biripped. 

Plug, n. Ihe stopper or B liole in ft veoel or eaik. 

Ping, 0. (. lo stop with a p'ug. 

Plug'-BBd,'p. ituppeil with a i^ug. 

Plo'-iWe, n. tha feailiara ofo fbiil. 

Plum'', n. B maM of lead on a lina. 

Plum^, o. perpeiiiiicular. 

Plitm'i, V. I. lu eiljiiet by a plumb line, to loand. 

Pluni-bag'-in-uuH, a. partuking of plumbago. 

Pluin-bD'-go.ii^coinbinalionofcsrtion and iron. 

Plum-bB'-Bn, a. Membling lead, dull, atupid. 

PlumW*d,''^ -' ■- " "-- 

Plum^'-ing, Fpr. 
PlumV-er, n. one wnc w 
PlumtF'-er-r, n. work ilono by a pliimbet. 
Plum'-bif-dr-oue, o. producing lead. 
PlumWinB, It a perpenilinulBP line. 
Plnni-ciiliB, n. a teke wiib raisina, ic. 
Plume, 1. a fenther, ornament, lokf n oTbonor. 
Ptume, Pln'-mule,M.thea(eendinBpBniif«aeod. 
Plume, D. (. to pii'k and adjust featWi, lo atrip, 

Ftu'^mi-ped, a, hnving feet covered with fealhere. 
"' ' - - . H hHiff oiece of lead for Boundij 
a perpandicolar. 

, id by a pluR 
'. setting perpandtrular. 

le, j a. havinghairgrowingontheaidea 

ui, { as B briille. 

a. t^ ileek, full, rourid. 

lid. wiih a sudden Ml, heavily. 

:ilh I 

Plump'-ly, ad. fully, roundly, wilht 
Plump'-iieea, »■ fatneBit, fullneea. 
Plum'-pud-<ling, n. a pudding \ 
num'-lrea, n. a tree that pn>duce 
Plu'-mr,a. full of plumes, adome 
I1lin''der. v. t. Jo pillage, strip, an 
Plun'-der,n. pillage, BFOil taken I _, 
Pliui'-der-al,'p. «rip[«d or taken by o| 
Plun'-dcr-er, n. a pillogar, n rohber. 
PI'inge, B. (■ or i. lo Ihnisl into aomethii. 

or aoft, 10 dive, lo rush. 
Plunge, n. a thrusting iiilf n fluid or ■ 

Plung'-er, n. he or that which plunges. 


PIu<-^ll-[s^ 11. 


Pl«-ral'-i-ty, a. a nnmher more ihon or>B, w 
greater ihan any other, and le« than half 

Plu'-mMy, Off. >o aa to imi^y more than one. 

Plu.ri-lit'-e-TaUo-conlainiug more lelten than 

Plus, this rigii, t noting addition. |l 

Plii^L, R. snag, a apecies ofshiigEr cloili. 

Plu-lo'-ni-an, n. one who holds that niouai 
Ac. were furmej by the ajnion nffire. 

Plu'-lon-ist, n. one who hulda thai Ihe world 


^.1, Flu 


Plu-vi-a-met'-ri-eal, o. made bv u rain gage 
My, o. 1. or i. to put or bend to wilh force, nrgi, 

1y, a. a fold or plait. 

Jy'-irat, mr. laytng on, applying ciowdy. 
Pneu-nuil'-ie, a. [p mocej cunasung of tii 

moved by air. 
Pneu-mat'.i«s, n. Die srJenca of the air. 

i n. inRaianution ofdMlu 

r hoil alighily, AieaL gmiK^ nink 

Prt»oh-e(l.* p. Iiuilwl ilighily, troJden deep. 
Fiiucb-ard, «. Uie rrd-hentlcd ilneli.- 
F6act>-cr, n. one whi> kills gome untawfiitli 


Pw-k -. . 

noddy, yielding t' 

& pmoll bag in n gnnne 
, lu put in the pof keL. i 

be carrini iii the 

I. MUe of b«ing full of puttulea. 
Pork'-waid, n. lignn: i vine, a hard wcud. 
Pi>cll'-y,a. full nrpork*, ini«<'ted with small pul. 
Pudf n- H rapente, periourn ur aecd-taite. 
Pod, B, i. lo gniw or e^'elj an pods, 
Po-dag'-ris, Po-ilog'-ri ' 

|pd in poeUy, 

Poi^B'-nrwy, i. shnrpnew, poim, enpority 
Pciicn'-ani, a, sharp, seven-, miirii-al 
IViisn-nm-ly, nd. will 
Point, n. a sharp end, 
Puinl, v. I, lu shnrpen. 



.eenneaft. f'r^e. 

p . , h- r ■ '"'"'■■' [*"'■'["' 

fV>ini''ini^, ppr. dimming rlie tin^r, marking 
I\>int'-iiig, n. the act of marking scuja. Dunclus- 

Poisel li. (. lo'biiiimre in 'w«ghl. Id nwigh.^ 
I\rix-ed,^ p. balanced, \^'eighed. 
Pui«'-iiig, )5v. liolaiiiin& making eiiiial in weii 
Poi»'-i3i, 11. Tciinm,thnl which u nuiijua Mi 
ur heallh.njnlagiun. 

l^>i«'-on-*d,* p. tainted with venom. 
'Pois'-nn-er, n. one uhn poiflimi an<iilicc. 
I\>l>'-«n-iiig, ppr. lainiiiiE viiih ]Hii>rin, romi 


Poke, n. D piickel, n plan!, a niat'hiiie ra chcch 

unmly heasu, fnm^ai.iiiB reiireg. 
nike, { n. a name uf Qie plant cociun or 

Poke-weed, 1 garget. 

Rike, D. I. to thrust, feel, a'ir, pnl a puke on. . 
Pu'-kedi''p. Wirrrtl, searched, ihniEi at. 
Pn'-ker, n. nne Ihal pokes, an iron bar, a hiigbear 
Pu'-king.iDf .feeling, llin:i[ing,B(' 


Po'-jar, a. p*tlaininp to the fmles ofthe earth, &e. 
IVhir'-i-ly, ». qualiiy ol' nui'Hing to ihe pole. 
Po'-lar-IzB, V. I. lo •■omraiinrcuie pobr'iy u>. 


L-ditipllinq animal, the liichei. 
nn Alheniai. niactvlnile, who 
srrangera, and children uf tliiae 

Po-lem'-ic, Po-iem'-ir-al, J. roniroTcraial. 
Pij|e-<iHr,n.a»lorwniealIo*h« pole of iho eanh, 

a lud'^inr, a guide. 
Po-IVne, B. govemmcnl of a city or town. 
Po-FfC^il,* a. iTgulnieJ hy Isws'.' 
Po.|Vrti-of-(i-(*r, n. an ofllccr lo eieciile the Tawi 


■ lystem of govemmert, pni- 

nrl, itralagelD, c 



Ir, tyi, whsu prey, marinn. pin, binl, n 

iu-cuhU with puJei, irujieUmg 

aks aniDoIh, ceCne in mannen. 
P..I'-iMh, n. niMciiil gl™, elegance of maiuiw., 
Prl'-iiiK-ed,*^.inaile 1101101)1111111 glimy, refined. 
PoV-ah^Ft a. ond H'hu poLltthea. 
P'll'-lHh-iiig, p/ir. makiiiE ninoulh, refining. 
Pu'Lltc, u. pi)li«hed, well bred, eleganL 
Pu-^IUi'ly, ad. gpiiLH'JIy, cLl^^uiiJj. ['Mvility. jKiliih orm«nrnnB,good bmcdiiig, 
Pu['-i-iie, a. wUs, priiiienl, weU adapWil 10 tM 

Po-lii'-te-al, a. lelaling b> > ilule or to publk' 

Pu-lit'-i-eal-l;, ad. wilh reference to * bIbIc, 

Pull, V. t. 


iBliIution ol'ffoverruDflnl. 
giiiec oTbeaQi, eloctiiin. 

PJl!-sd,* p. liipped, entered 
PJII-er, n. one ivho ^ll< 

~ ippeil. limn and meat, the 
tliuiufplnnu. Ichub. 

Pol-hte, D. (. to 
Piil-lu'-Iel, ■ 

p. dslileil, Minted, pn>fiiit«l. 

. n. one wli'i delila. 
'"g' Jl"- del-ling, cuirupling ;, a. lai 
r adapted (odelile. 
:iun, n. acl of drlilinH, detilomenl. 
m', 4. an armrfl cowaid, a daaiard. 

Pol-r-aa'-ilrf, n. ptiimlir.v urhunbandx at once. 
P<>r->'-an[ii { N. a plant with Howen in cluo- 

ru-lyg'-a-my, n. pltmlily or wivei ai Uu, aiuDe 

Pi)dyg'-e-n'iiu, n. nnuisiing of nuiny kiiidi. 
Pol'-r-glol, n. a!lookl:lInlainingnMnyllln>Bln- 
Pu^-y-glID, n. a figure i,rmnnjBn)|)nuBiiiw 
Po-lyg'-on-ol, a. Iiavini many Biiiile*. 
Pol'-y-graph, «. an iiiu. unisiit to malliply fof" 

ufa wrniiig with cipe^iiioii. 
Pol-y-grsnh'-i', a. pennining to polra»plC" 

lo a polygrHph. 
Po-IyK'-™-l>Iiy, 1. the art of writing in nnM 
Piil-y^-JnJ, a. having n>any (idea. Iciphen 
Pul-y-ha'-dron, b. a bixly having man; lidn. 
Pul-y-niaih'-ie,a. pcnaininj to nolymiidiy. 
Pu-lym'-a-thy, n. knuwWge 01 loanj ant ml 

Pol y-niurph'-ou*, a. having many (onni. 
Pol-y-ne'->ia. n. the Ixles in ihe Pairilk. 
Pol-y-ne'-tian, a. penaiiiing ui I^lly1KlIi■. 

PoJ'-vpp, I "' ^«'aiiy pan of fthiVh it ii ''■' 
Pol'-y-pu», I prived; a ramcrelion of blwl « 
J the liean.a tiinu'rin ibenuclw 
Pol-y-pM'-a-loiu, 1. having many pMab. 
Pol-y-phon'-ir., a. having nuiiy noiind). 

l\k-1yph'-yUh>iiB, o. having many leivcs. 
Ril'-y-jmlii, n. llw millepod ■■f vraod luiiia. 
Po-iyp'-o-dy, a, ■ plant, a naiiie if it" I*™ 
Pijl-y-«penn'-oiiB, n, rjinmining manyweiU. 
PiJ-y-»yl-lab'^C o.consistinK of many .ylUbto 
Pol■-y■.yl-l.-l.^ n. a word of mot* ij"''''- 
Lhnn three. 

Pol'-^"X-ii.'^B°'th^'dEI^rSi I.Ta'"pltirUiir'* 

Pol'-y-the-iiun, one who beUevaa in a plonKJ 

P.d-y-ihe-ii'l'.ie, o. periainirig to po^'"'"'^,, 
Pum-aue, n.iheBHh.lmvneofawilai.At"™'™ 
Pi»-mn'-reoiia, a. consii-ling ofpiimafeii'l""'' 
Po-ma'-lnim n. an un^ient fnrihe baif. 
RSme-ETan'-ale, a tree and il* fniil. 
Po-mif'-er-ouii, a. piwliicin)! applet iirlil»D<»' 
Pam.nipl. B. 8 knob, n prolub^ianre. 



Purap'-et, n. a priniet'ii linll Tor blutklng types- 
Pom i-'-oiu-nwi, ( great ihow. 

Pump'^ous-lyt ad- iplendiJIy, wilh great panJe, 
PoniJi n. ■ body of standing waler, natiirat w 

Pond, T. r. to form a coUeclion of water by Uop- 

Pon'-.ler.ou>-n«>,t ne«. 
Pun'-iicr-out, a, heavy, wsiglily, maBBj. 
Puii'-der'aiu-Iy, lut Kith great wcighl. 
Pong^'-u, n. the larveet apecicH afape- 
Poii'-lurd, n, a ainail .laf !^r j v. (. lu slab. 
Ponl'-age, h. a duly paid lot repairing a bridga. 
Pon-iee', ii. an Inatnimenl in gliua woilu U 

atii'k the glaaa nt the buHom 
Pon'-iic, a. pertaining to Ibe Euiicie Ka, 
Pon'-lif, n. a high prieit 
PoTi-[ir-i'>Bl, a. belonging to ■ l»)ih piieaL 
Pun-lir-ie-ol. n. a book of ecela>ia»lical rilei 

and fomui ; p£. thedreaa of a nonlJf, 
l^>Il'ti^'i<cale, «. the dignity of high prieat. 
J'un'-tL-lice,r'. bridge work, HUUi'ture of a bridge. 

]\^^li-'^l^n, 1 "■ P'P''''' I»P>«"»1- 

Poii-tuon', n. a boat [iiied with tin. 

Piy-n--, B. a araall hon«. 

Puud, n. a Rimiaii w<:ighl of 3G poiindti Eng. 

PiHil, a. a small fotleoiiun or basin of water. 

Puop, n. Ihe atem ofa ship. 

Poor, a. lean, indigent, mean, paltry. 

Puoi'-ly, a. iiulixposed in heulih. 

Poiir'-iy, ad. wiihoul apirii, ineanlr. 

Poor'-nrH, n. povetiy, want, barrennsm. 

INwr-apV-ii-sd, a. bii>e, couardly. 

Poiie^om, n. the dignity or juriadiction of \h» 

Pi n. the popish or catholic reJigioti. 

Pi Ly, n. a (larrrtt, a wuuifperkor, B fop. 

I'l II. peitaiiiina to llie pope. 

Pi ly, ad. whli a lendct.iy to popery.. 

Pc n. a etufrufMtk and wuKtcd. 

P, ;, a. pertaining to Ihe hain. 

Pr>,.-,,j. n. a plant, Oumune ipeiiea of which ia 

collected opiuia. 
Pop'.u-lace, n. ilie nimmon reoole. 
Pop'-u-lar, a. [ 

Po|i-n:iar'-i.ty,B.>laleofba\ _ 
Pup' n-lar-ize, B. Ltu make piipuhirui iwiuuuin 
Pop'-n-lar-I^ied,'' ;i. made popular. 
Pop'-u-lar-ly, oil. with pnlilir liivor. 
Pop'-u-laie, v. t. nr i. tu rutniali with inhahi- 

tanta, to pivpagale. 
Pop-ii'la'-iion, n. u'hiile pniple ofs counttr. 
P.ip'-n-lous, a. full ofiieuple, uell iniinbiied. 
Pap'-n-luiu-iieai, n. the stale of having inanr 

inhabiiahtg, inpin|>u