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Full text of "A dictionary, English and Marathi, compiled for the government of Bombay : planned and commenced by J. T. Molesworth, continued and completed by T. Candy / 2d ed., rev. and enl. by T. Candy"

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g^econtr IBtiition, 



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By the Proprietor Atmaram Kanoba. 


Jlegistered fcrr Copy Hight under Government of India's Act A'A'F of 1867. 



Twenty six years liavc elapsed since the first edition of this Dictionary was published. 

The compiler acknowledges with feelings of great gratification the favor with which it 
was received by Manithi scholars, and by the Public at large. The gentlemen whom the 
Government of Bombay requested to report on the work, made a very favorable report ; and 
the learned Boden Professor of Sanskrit at the University of Oxford, in his preface to his 
English and Sanskrit Dictionary, mentioned it in terms of great commendation. The com- 
piler trusts that this revised and enlarged edition will be received with tlie same favor. 

As the Preface to the first edition, which explains the plan of the work, and the Essav on 
tlie English and Manithi languages written by the late Dr. Stevenson, are both reprinted in 
tliis edition, very few words are here required. 

It is a pity that the revision of the Dictionary was not commenced earlier, as then it 
miglit have been more leisurely carried on, and more satisfactorily completed. But from 
causes which it is not necessary here to detail, the revision was put off till no copies of the 
first edition remained in store, and till the compiler had been overtaken by old age and 

A good many leading words (English) have been added, as also new meanings and new 
renderings. The new meanings and renderings have been chiefly taken from the revised and 
enlarged edition of Molesworth's Marathi and English Dictionary, which was carefully 

In the jil'eface to the first edition the following sentence occurs : "The names of fruits, 
flowers, aniifflals, and substances, which are not known to Mar/itlias, and which, therefore, 
have no corresponding terms in Mariitlii, have been omitted.'' But this class of words has 
been admitted into this edition, as it occurred to the compiler that the addition of these words 
would make the Dictionary more useful to ^"atives learning English than it otherwise 
would be. 

An admission was made in the preface to the first edition that perfect uniformity would 
not be found in the work. That admission must be repeated here. The work is generally con- 
sistent ; but iastanceis of deviation will be found. 


Twenty six years liave elapsed since the first edition of tliis Dictionary was piiblislicd. 

The compiler acknowledges with feelings of great gratification the favor with which it 
was received by MarathI scholars, and hj the Public at large. The gentlemen whom the 
Government of Bombay requested to report on the work, made a very favorable report ; and 
the learned Boden Professor of Sanskrit at the University of Oxford, in his preface to his 
English and Sanskrit Dictionary, mentioned it in terms of great commendation. The com- 
piler trusts that this revised and enlarged edition will be received with the same favor. 

As the Preface to the first edition, which explains the plan of the work, and the Essay on 
the English and Maruthi languages written by the late Dr. Stevenson, are both reprinted in 
this edition, very few words are here required. 

It is a pity that the revision of the Dictionary was not commenced earlier, as then it 
might have been more leisurely carried on, and more satisfactorily completed. But from 
causes which it is not necessary here to detail, the revision was put off till no copies of the 
first edition remained in store, and till the compiler had been overtaken by old age and 

A good many leading words (English) have been added, as also new meanings and new 
renderings. The new meanings and renderings have been chiefly taken from the revised and 
enlarged edition of Molesworth's MarKthI and English Dictionary, which was carefiJly 

In the jm-efacc to the first edition the following sentence occurs : " The names of fruits, 
flowers, anir^ls, and substances, which are not known to Marathiis, and which, therefore, 
have no corresponding terms in Marathi, have been omitted.'" But this class of words has 
been admitted into this edition, as it occurred to the compiler that the addition of these words 
would make the Dictionary more useful to Is'atives learning English than it otherwise 
would be. 

An admission was made in the preface to the first edition that perfect uniformity would 
not be found in the work. That admission must be repeated here- The work is generally con- 
sistent ; but instances of deviation wiii be found. 

t niEFACE. 

The compiler Ims not l)cen surrounded by a cirt-le of Tandits in this revision of his work. 
His personal Pandit, Mr. rarshuram Tant, has usually been at hand to solve doubts and 
answer questions. And the compiler has received some assistance from Mr. Slui Krishna 
Shustri Talekar, Deputy Educational Inspector, and from Mr. Eawjl Sh/utri Godbole, the 
Secretary and Ileviser to the Bakshina Prize Committee. The former was, through the 
kindness of the Director of Public Instruction and of Government, permitted to join him for 
three months in the Monsoon of 1S71. 

Valuable assistance in the correction of the Press has been rendered by Mr. Balwant 
Parshui-am Godbole- 

The compiler presents his grateful acknowledgments to the successive Directors of Public 
Instruction who have fostered his work, to the Government of Bombay for the liberal remune- 
ration given for his labor of revision, and to the Native Chiefs who manifested their interest in 
the work by contributing to its expenses. 

Lastly the compiler would express his thanks to God for giving him strength to complete 
the work. 

PooyA, November, 1873. 


As tlie Dictionary here presented to the Public is not the work of a single compiler, and ho who planned 
it had not the satisfaction of completing it, it seems suitable to begin the Preface with an account of the 
authorship of the work. 

The work was commenced by Captain Molesworth, the chief compiler of the Marathi* and English Dic- 
tionary, on the publication of that work in 1831. He took Todd's edition of Johnson, and transferred its 
columns to the pages of several blank folios, omitting only words altogether obsolete or unsuitable. ^\ itli the 
English Dictionary thus an-anged before him, ho took up the Marathi and English Dictionary, and went over 
its pages, transferring the words to the blank spaces opposite their corresponding terms in English. 

It may be hastily supposed by some, that this was all that was necessary to compile the present Dictionary, 
and that it was a work which a short time would suffice to complete ,- bat an examination of the renderings of 
Marathi words on the pages of the Marathi and English Dictionary, and a consideration of the nature of the 
subject, would soon shew such a suj^position to be fallacious. Tlie compilers of the Marathi and English Dic- 
tionary generally gave explanatory and paraphrastic meanings, in preference to simple synonymes, as being 
more likely to convey to the mind of the student the general power and use of the words rendered. In revers- 
ing the Dictionary, these paraphrastic renderings had, of course, to be converted into simple terms ; and the 
compilers had to seek out the English words which best answered as synonymes to the Marathi, that the lattei" 
might be placed beside them. 

The M. and E. Dictionary was most carefully examined, and the words of it transferred to the E. and M. 
Dictionary, so far as the compilers found their corresponding places ; but by this process little more, probably, 
than a third of the words were rendered; but these ranged, of course,- from the beginning of A to the end of Z. 

While Captain Molesworth was engaged in reversing the Marathi and English Dictionary,- the Writer of 
this Preface rejoined him from England at the close of 1832, and assisted him in his labors till the middle of 
1835 ; when the health of both was sO' intpaired, that Captain Molesworth was under the necessity of proceed- 
ing to Europe, and the Writer to intermit Icxicogriqjhical labor. The work was thus suspended ; but Captain 
Molesworth took the MS. with him, in the hope that restored health would speedily enable him to resume it 
in Europe. This hope was not realized ; and after some years had elapsed without power to labor having 
returned, he sent out the MS. to the Writer, By the desire of the Hon'ble the Governor in Council of Bom- 

* Subsequently to the publication of the Marathi and English Dictionary, Captain Jfolesworth's opinion of the relative merits of 
the systems of Sir W.Jones and Dr. Gilchrist for expressing oriental sounds by Roman characters changed. He adopted in the preseat 
work the Jouesian system, and it has been preserved to the eud. 


l.iy, tie Writer took up ibc work towards the close of 18 10, and has toiled at it unremittingly till tie 
present lime. 

No one can regret more than the Writer, that Ho whose superior mind planned, and whose master-hand 
commenced, the work, was prevented by sickness from carrying it to completion. In taking up his work, tho 
Writer has ondeavourcd to follow him, but he readily acknowledges that it has been hmul pa.isibus cequis. He 
will add that whatever bo the merits of the work, they are mainly attributable to his friend, while its defects 
jind blemishes must necessarily be chargeable chiefly to himself, from whose hands it has passed to the Press. 

After this notice of its authorship, some account of the ;;;«« of the Dictionary will be deemed proper. 
Herein it differs from all Lexicons and Dictionaries with which the Writer is acquainted. In all works of the 
kind that he has seen, words are an-anged and rendered without any reference to the relation in which they 
Ktand to one another, as words derived fi-om a common origin, and as expressing the same quality or action 
nnder different aspects. Though every adjective must have its noun, and every verb its verbal nouns, parti- 
ciples, and participial adjectives, they are all, usually, rendered independently and irrespectively. Sweetaejs 
must be the quality or property of the adjective sweet, and as many meanings as belong to the adjective, so 
many should the noun possess. Again, if we take a verb, say To Beat, the participial nouns beating and hcattr, 
the participle beaten, and the participial adjective beating, must necessarily refer to the verb with which they 
are connected, and from which they are formed : and were languages fi-amed and spoken by philosophical 
rules, the relation would be sustained and carried out in all the meanings of every relative word. The preser- 
vation and exhibition of the connection here spoken of, between the different parts of speech embracing the 
aame word, is the first feature of the plan of this Dictionary. This plan, besides the benefit of showing the 
relation of the parts of speech to one another, possesses the advantage of saving space, as it obviates the 
necessity of repeating the explanations of the several meanings. If the different meanings of an adjective he 
explained and numbered, all that is required mider its noun is a reference, by the numbers, to the several 
meanings of the adjective. For example, the adjective Comformable has three meanings given to it in this 
Dictionary, viz. 1. resembling; 2. agreeable, congruous ; 3. compliant, obsequious. According to the plan of 
t'his work, the noun Conformableness or Conformity, is not explained as 1. resemblance, 2. congriiousness, 
and -3. obxcquioiisncss ; but a reference is made to the adjective Conformable. Thus Conformableness, v. A. 
1 . (vide the adjective in its first meaning) means, of course, resemblance: the next figure 2. refers to the 
uecond meaning of Conformable, and means agreeableness, congruousness ; the last figure 3. refers to the third 
meaning of Conformable, and means compliancy, obsequiousness. In the same way, the adverb Conformably 
ii referred by the figures 1.2.3. to the three meanings of the adjective Conformable, and is rendered in 
accordance with them. For another illustration, turn to the verb To Appoint, in this work : it has three 
meanings, which are fully explained and numbered. It was not necessary, therefore, under the noun Appoint- 
ment, to repeat these meanings, and say the act of establishing, the act of ordering or the state of being ordered, 
Ac. but reference is made, by figures, to the several meanings of the verb ; and the noun, as corresponding 
ti-ith them, ia rendered. The word Appointment, however, has meanings which have no relation to the verb. 
To Appoint ; these are therefore distinguished by a different kind of figure, and are numbered I. II. III. The 
same rule has been applied to the other parts of speech, as will be seen by a reference to Appointed and 
Appoister. In short, all words which stand in relation to another primary or leading word, are referred to 
that word, and to its several meanings, by the figures which number those meanings; other meanings of sub- 
ordinate words, which have no relation to the leading word, are numbered so as to point out that no relation 
cx.sf. In cases where the relation between the different parts of speech is not carried out in practice, no has been made to force it by giving renderings. 

Another feature of the plan is the endeavour to combine copiousness with compendiousness. The attain- 
paect of this ob]'?ct has been so-Jght by the use of a system of classifcation and reference. Instead of giving 


under every Englisli word every Maratlii word that would answer to it, the most cotrprchensive and geaoral 
word of a number of Eugli-h synonymes has been selected, and under it have been given all the Mardthi word i 
that express the compreheusive and general meaning ; while under the other synonymes, only a few renderings 
Lave been given (nz. those which best express the shade of meaning of the particular word), and a referenco 
has been made from each of these synonymes to the comprehensive word under which the general collection of 
renderings is given. Thus, under the verbs To Abandon, To Renounce, To Resign, To RELiNQmsH, a refe- 
rence is made to the verb To Give up, which is the most comprehensive of its class. Under To Give up, there- 
fore, the student will find all the renderings of the general sense collected j while under the verbs from which 
a reference is made to it, he will see only a few of such renderings as were deemed most suitable for them. lu 
the same way; under the verbs To Abet, To Aid, To Assist, &c. reference is made to the verb To Help ; and 
under the verbs To Demolish, To Raze, To Devastate, &c. &c. a reference is made to the verb To Destroy. 
Again, under the adjective Just, are collected the general renderings of Upright, Equitaple, Honest, Fair, 
&c. ; and from these words, which all have their particular renderings, a reference is made to this compreheu- 
sive word. The same rule has been followed with nouns and adverbs. 

There are many -words and combinations in every language of lax phraseology and of licentious use, which, 
to be rightly rendered in another language, must be rendered by similarly free combinations and phrases. The 
Mariithi abounds with colloquialisms and licentious formations, which, though they would be out of place if put 
by the side of sober English words, and given as renderings of them, may be very advantageously collected 
and given to the student, with a notice of their quality, under the English words that best express their 
general meaning. Such words and phrases have been thus collected and given in this work. A knowledge of 
them, and power to use them, will greatly facilitate an idiomatic acquaintance with the language. If the Reader 
will turn to, and examine the verbs To Die, To Defeat, To Deceive, To Contemn, To Eat, To Humble, To 
Prate, To Scold ; the nouns Bachelor, Blagk-guard, Disgrace, Deceit, Contempt, Height, Glory ; the adjec- 
tives Clever, Large, Mischievous, Passionate, Pitiful, Proud, Rich j the adverbs Impetuously, Smartly; and 
the participle Exhausted, he will have a better apprehension of this part of the plan of the work than pages of 
explanation would give. The Reader may turn to and study also the words To Beat, To Confound, To Kill, 
To LABOR,as further illustrating the plan of the work with respect to verbs ; to the words Effort, Exuberance, 
Family, Fright, Hypocrite, Incendiary, Ingrate, Madcap, Miser, Nature, Pot, Poverty, Vessel, Woman, 
World, as illustrating it with respect to nouns ; and to Cowardly, Impetuous, Excessive, Fierce, Fat, Infinitf, 
as further illustrations of adjectives. 

It has been also an object with the compilers of this Dictionary to communicate to the sindent miscellaneous 
•useful information connected with the words rendered. The words Address, Brahman, Bride, Compellation 
Heaven, Hell, Holyday, Interjection, Intensitive, Land, Lunar Mansion, Manes, Marelage, Maxim Meal 
Measure, Mendicant, Music, Name, Natuee,"Obeisance, Observance, Ocean, Officer, Rite, Scripture, may, 
be referred to as examples. 

The student may perhaps observe that the plan of the work has not been sustained and carried out in all its 
points with perfect uniformity through the book. To expect it, would be to expect too much, even under the 
most favorable circumstances ; for in a work carried on through a course of yca:^, inadvertence will overtake 
the most vigilant, and weariness will, at times, oppress the most energetic. This work, moreover, has 
laboured under its own peculiar disadvantages and difficulties. It has not been the work of one man, nor the 
product of the joint labor of two, but it has been partly one and partly the other. The plan originally drawn 
out was that of a complete Thesaurus ; but he who drew it out, and commenced filling it up, soon found that 
it would require more years than he could hope to give to it. He therefore proceeded to contract his plan. 


Ere long Li:* Lcaltli began to fuil, and under the combined influence of sickness, and tbe fear tiat failure of 
health would involve failure of tbo work, he made still greater contractions, and deviated considerably from 
tbe course on which he hud entered. Feeling that a work unequal in its parts was still better than no work 
at all, he expunged page after jiagc of the folios he had drawn out, in the hope of getting to the end ere 
di^^abled by sickness; but in vain. A considerable part of the labor of the Writer of this Preface has been that 
of restoring the proportions of the work, by retracing the plan and re-entering what had been expunged. 
Under there circumstances, he hopes that the student's feeling will be that of contentment with wliat is 
presented to him, rather than of di.-satistuctiou that he has not all that ho desires. 

The Writer of tliis Preface made notes, during the progress of his labor at the Dictionary, of various points 
of resemblance and dissimilarity between tlio English and Marathi languages; but as he foresaw that to 
connect and amplify them would occupy considerable time, and would delay the publication of the work, ho 
requested hi* friend the Rev. Dr. Stevenson, whose philological researches are so well known, to favor him 
with a dissertation on this interesting subject. Dr. Stevenson has kindly complied with the request made to him, 
and the Writer has the great satisfaction of prefixing to the Dictionary the paper which his learned friend has 
prepared. As the student will doubtless give it a careful perusal, a reference to it will supply the place of 
many observations that would otherwise be required, and will obviate the necessity of extending this Preface, 
which may now be concluded with some vmcellaneous remarks. 

Tlie inexperienced student is cautioned against supposing that this Dictionary will enable one who is 
3 .rnorant of Marathi to compose correctly in that language. The object of a work of this kind is not to 
i-upersede a diligent study of the language, but to facilitate it, and to assist him who has acquired the language, 
by presenting to him a number of words from which he may select the particular one that he wants, thus 
eaving him time and trouble. Many words will be found clubbed together, because of their having the samo 
general meaning, and every one rendering the English word under which they are collected in some aspect or 
other ; but unless the student knows their particular implications and aspects, he will run the risk of using a 
word which conveys a difierent shade of meaning from that which he wishes to express. Where the student 
is ignorant of the power of a particular word, it will be wise for him to verify it before he uses it. 

The compiler of this Dictionary kid in view the Native student of English, as well as the European student 
of Marathi. It has been specially for the former that the English leading words have been so generally ex- 
plained. The utility of this explanation to Native students of English, was not so clearly apprehended when 
the early part of the work was sent to the Press as it afterwards became, which will account for the explana- 
tions being few at the beginning of the work. The names of fruits, flowers, animals, and substances, which 
are not known to the Mariithas and which, therefore, have no corresponding terms in Marathi, have been 

Tlierc are several points of Marathi Orthography which have not yet been settled by grammarians and 
writers. And as in the course of the work, the mind of the comjjiler has sometimes inclined to one form, and 
at other times to another, variations will appear. One of the points yet unsettled is, whether the final long 
vowel of a word, whether adjective or noun, should be shortened in a word formed or derived from it, or 
framed by the combination of it with another word. As, for instance, whether EpstoTTiIT or ^FfeiTTOTT, ^Fft'^'TT 
or nfrqorr, ^T^Vf^^ or J^rfa'T'TT, ^n^ or ^?;ft, viTJft^:^ or ^Tfi(^^, «P^m or T?I^m, ^H?T^ or J^T^, ^JprftHgT?! or 
^T^FtrST, ^jfH'im or ^fiR^^lTcT, ^"^^R or fvTcf^T, &c. &c. are right. Both forms are in common use, and both 
will occasionally be found in this work. But the mode now ajiproved of by the Writer, and which has been 
generally followed by him, is to shorten the vowel of words which end with a consonant, but to keep it long 
in others. He therefore prefers w^^ZW^m, ^w^fv\^^w, ^W■f^^^^^ &c, to H-.dlP I Hm i, ^"JT^'^fl'TWT, ^^'JJfffTTtflT, &.C. 


He also prefers ^^ to ^WX\- In cases of compouuds, he prefers the fmul vowel of tlic fir.^t word beiug 
shortened, and tliereforo would use ^^qri, ^rfJT^njfrt, ^JrfH^^trar, &c. rather than "f^^qpT, v;Tr^t=T?S?f, ^^t^^nr, &c. 

Many words that are given as renderings of English nouns of agency are properly speaking adjectives, and 
require a noun to be understood though not expressed. The English nouns Singee, Eatee, Goer, Opponent, 
Beggar, &c. are rendered by imnr, ^miTT, ^r^TRT, fJifftfl', 'TT^'T?, &c. but those arc all adjectives. qpJTT^r re- 
quires some such word as J^T^fq- to be understood, and means a singing mail or person. iTOTpft means a fonalc 
singer, and requires qFT^, ^t, or some such word, to bo understood. At first, the sign of the masculiuo 
gender was affixed to these forms ; it was subsequently omitted on the ground of their being adjectives. The 
student will bear in mind, however, that where no sign of gender is given, the masculine form is that which 
is i^rescnted to him. 

Feminine formations have not usually been given, but it has been left to the student to make them for 
himself. There is much greater regularity in the construction of feminine foi-mations in Marathi than in 
English, In English we have sheplierd-shephcrdess, author-authoress, poet-poetess, but we have not si7i<ier 
singercss, gardener-gardener ess, carpenter-caprentercs, sawyer-saivgcress, tailor-tailor ci^s, farmer-farmeress, ^-r. 
Again, wo have worhnan-tvorhvoman, shopman- shopivoman, and a few more like them, but \\q cannot form 
them ad libitum as may be done in Marathi. The Mariithas have T^T^-n^fw, TTofT-Hrott'JT, Hftir-Hrrpftor f?Tff- 
fil'fttJT, JPT^^-^FWT^ir, JFTKqjft-'Tm^^tir, ?IfT^-^Trr^oT, sTT^-^fT^uft^, 'TC-Hft'Jr, &c. Indeed, following their rule, 
the Marathas have formed Hf^rt'T from soldier, and apply the word not only to a soldier's wife or a female 
soldier, but to European women-servants generally. The feminine forms usually express both a female agent 
and the idfe of the masculine agent ; as for example, JTroftw is either a woman who does gardening work, or 
simply a gardener's wife, or a woman of the gardener-caste. An exception to this rule may be given in tho 
word ^oisffoT, which according to the rule should mean a female farmer or a Kunbi woman, but a Kunbi's wife 
or daughter would be very angry at being called a sfuisftor, which word is now restricted to a domestic femala 
slave. There are some cases of nice distinction between the wife of a person and a woman of his caste, as in 
the case of the words ^j^, arr^TS^, OTT'-'TT'T, &c. the form for a Shudra's ivife hcing ^jj^^ and for a female 
Shudra (a woman of the Shudra caste) being ^j_^; also in the case of arrsTP^f or a spiritual teacher, for a 
woman who teaches is SfT^rr^, while a teacher's wife is a^f^i^f^'^ This nice distinction, however, is not 
attended to in Marathi. High Sanskrit words are often used in Marathi by learned speakers, who, of course, 
generally employ the Sanskrit terminations for the feminine form when required ; but with respect to Sanskrit 
words that are in general use iu Marathi, the common Marathi feminine formations arc usually affixed to them, 
though they who affect to be classical, may and do give the Sanskrit formations. For instance, the feminine 
formations of the words srfrf^ert, Sff?R^t, f^frtft, &c. will generally be srfrt^TT^'Jr, STf?T^?ltoT, fwyfT'Jr, &c. though 
speakers will be found to say irl^T^f^t, srfHqF^^'jff, iVdf^^t, &c. Such Sanskrit words as sifrTgrsfr, RfHq^, ftrfrMt, 
qr^^, &c. &c. will often be used without any change for the feminine form, as ?ft ^]^ irfH^Rt 3Tr|, rft q^oT TT^^ 
3Tr?7t ! &c. 

Another point to be noticed is the use of the Amtswdr. The number of words with which the use of it is 
optional, is very great. It may be mentioned as a general rule that Bruhmans more frequently use it than the 
other classes, and, again, that the Brahmans of the Koukan make moi-e use of it than those above the Ghauts. 
In the preparation of this work, it has sometimes been used and sometimes omitted, even in the case of the 
same words occurring iu different places. Had the printing been delayed till tho compilation of the work was 
completed, these minor variations might have been corrected as tho sheets were sent to the Press. But the 
Public wanted th& work, and it was thought a less evil to let a few inadvertent variations go without correction 
than to keep back the book. One or two variations indeed have been designedly made since the work cntereJ. 


tlio Pros.', because tlioy seemeil Imp-ovcmentt, ami tlie ilesire of improvement was stronger tl:au tlic desire of 
1111 i form ity. 

Sanskrit worils ending iu 3 that have come into general use, have also a j\raratlii form ; as =q«g-z for =J?^=^, 
^nrs for ^TT?, ^^55 for ^^55 Sec. In conibination -with Maratlii words the Marutlii form is of course to bo 
used, as sr^t^r ^=5135 ( ^rf^ is so common that its Sanskrit origin is here lost sight of) ^mmrf ^3, 'TTIT^r =qT5r, 
&c.; hut in comhination with Sanskrit words by Sanskrit rules, the Sanskrit form must always be used, as 
^ ^j.^ f g, ^T^'^'W^ =5?T=If^, ffFT^^rr?^, ^^f ^T~5, &c. To Sanskrit words that have become common iu Marathi, 
the ifariithi affixes qof and quir are generally attached to make abstract nouns. The abstract nouns formed 
l>y the afH.Kes r^ and ?tt are usully above common colloquial siseech. With respect to these affixes tot and qiTTT, 
Fj and m, it may be here mentioned that usually only one is given, but the student must understand that 
the other may always be used with ccjual propriety. 

It may be thought by some that this Dictionary is overstocked with high Sanskrit, and deficient in com- 
mon Manithi words ; but it is hoped that a close examination of the work will show this to be a misapprehen- 
Siion. It is only with respect to words from which a reference is made to a leading word, that such a thouglit 
can suggest itself ; but the intelligent student will observe that in their case are §~c. supplies the place of 
ntx or eujlit renderings. Look, for an example, at the participle Accomplished in its first meaning ; there 
nre only three common Mardthi words given, viz ^T'^?5t?T, 5rT?5OT, and 3rT^c=yF5T, but the v. V. 1. refers the Stu- 
dent to the verb. To Accomplish, and the &c. which follows the three common Marathi renderings given, 
stands for ^IHKp^^r, ^ra^FTT, ^r^^?5T, q?53?JT, ^?5n3^^r, 3T^T^OT, f?ITnrr5?5r, *T¥tH%^pyr, &c. .&C. &c. which the 
student is left to form for himself from the common Marathi verbs given un.der To Accomplish. These are all 
farmed by a rule of Marilthi grammar, and may therefore be omitted to save space; but the Sanskrit participles 
which follow ( HTrH', ^TTfqrT, ?fTf^-T'=f, f^^, ^TTf^T, &e. &c. ) are not formed by a rule with which the student can 
be assumed to be acquainted, and they, therefore, must be given at length. In the same way, under a noun 
referred to an adjective, the j&c. which follows a noun formed by affixing "Toir, indicates that the student may 
affix 'mr and T'T to all the pure Marathi adjectives which he finds under the leading word to which he is re- 
ferred. The same rule holds in the case af verbal nouns ; an &c. following a noun, intimates to the student 
that he can form others from the words under the leading verb to which he is referred. 

Very many adjectives will bo found, in this Dictionary, formed by affixiug the possessive sign =qT to nouns, 
ns 'HMNI , 3W^Rr, 7trft=^, i=rH^=^, arra'^t^, &c. i. e. mrful, afcdionato, diligent, ifc. S)'c. They apply both to 
persons and to things, but especially to the latter; ^trft^ or HH^% ^\^^ well renders affectionate spccrji, but 
siWr=^ or HH?r^ TTW^ is not so good as HHrtr^ TTT'jrH as a rendering for an affectionate man. 

"With respect to ilic phrases that are given in such abundance, the inexi^erienced student is cautioned against 
supposing that he may use them without a previous knowledge of their implication, or that they supersede the 
usual formations. Phrases are given, because they are very useful to him whose knowledge of the language 
enables him to use them correctly, and because if not inserted they might not otherwise be known. 

If the student should look for some English wox'd and cannot find it, let him tarn to one of its syuonymcs. 
If it should be one of the numerous verbs iu English that are formed with an adverb, as To give forth, to 
give out, ^-c. lot him turn to its simple synonymous verb, as for instance, to the verb To publish for the above- 
mentioned adverbial verbs. Some verbs that begin with en, but which are not common under it, will be 
found under their more common form without the en, as To Shield for Enshield, To Kindle for Enkindle, To 
Link for Enlink, &c. If a word be looked for in vain under some privative prefix, let it bo sought under 
aflotber; under un, for instance, if not found under t?!^ and vice versa. 


Tlie participle ending in "ing," is given in this work in its adjectival, not in its verbal sense. Shiginy, 
for instance, is rendered as equivalent to singer, i. e. a singing person, not in its verbal sense, as "lie is sin- 
ging." The participle is tbereforc marked p. a. or participial adjective. 

The general style in which this work has been printed is excellent, but, owing to causes which it is not 
necessary to detail, there are several errata, for which indulgence is craved.* 

This Preface is now brought to a conclusion with a repetition of the Writer's great regret that the Public 
has lost the benefit which it would have had, if his able friend who planned and couimeuced the Dictionarv 
had been able to carry it on to completion. He has done his best to supply his friend's place, and to produce 
a work that may be worthy of the approbation of the Public. He gratefully acknowledges the goodness of 
God, who has enabled him to persevere in his toil, notwithstanding many hinderances and much bodily weak- 
ness, and has permitted him to fiuish_the work. He supplicates His blessing on it, that it may be instrumental 
ill the diffusion of Truth, scientific, historical, moral, and religious, through the countries in which the Mura- 
thi language is spoken. 


Superintendent Poona College. 
Foona ; Soptomljcr, 1847., 
* It has not been thought necessary to give a sheet of errata, which is seldom attended to, but the writer would here mention that 
the phrase "Death unprepared for or unexpected, =fiTc5 3TT3T ^IrTT ^V^ %oI 3TT?ft H^^dt," which is given in page 176 under Death 
is wrong. It should be "Narrow escape from death." For the correction of this error he is indebted to the late Bal Guno-adhur 
Shastree, who pointed it out in a note eulogistic of the work. The author is not aware of there being another such an error in the 
whole book. 






1. To consult •with advantage a dictionary, rendering the -words of one languag'e into another, it is requisite tliat 
the genius of the two languages should have been studied, and that their points of agreement and disagreement be 
present to the mind. Every language has words for which no exactly corresponding terms will bo found in any other, 
and the idiom of a language must be understood, as well as its vocabulary learned. The English and Mar;1thi lan- 
guages have some remai'kable points of coincidence, and other as remarkable points of difference. On the former we 
need not dwell, as they will readily suggest themselves to the student as he advances in the knowledge of the language; 
of the latter we shall treat somewhat more diffusely. 

2. In reference to points of similarity we may remark generally, that neither the English nor Mariithi has any 
claim to the character of an original language. The former can be traced back to the Anglo-Saxon and Norman French 
as its two fundamental elements, though it has also in modern times received copious additions from the Latin and 
Greek, as well as from other sources. The latter, in like manner, is a language formed from Ihe ancient Mj'gadhi, the 
spoken tongue of the ruling powers in India for many centuries, with a copious admixture of an old Aboriginal tongue 
of the Tamil, or Indian Peninsular family. In modern times many additions from the Sanscrit and Hindustani have 
also been made to it, so as to give the language a character for force and copiousness purchased at the expense of 
simplicity, exactly that which the Euglish bears among the languages of modern Europe. The introduction through 
the Magadhi of most of the Sanscrit vocables, that exist in a more or less modified form in the IMariithi, requires a 
passing remark, as it is a subject which has scarcely been noticed either by natives or Europeans. The word Pracrit,isa 
term employed by Brahmans in Maharashtra to designate, sometimes any Indian language which is uot Sanscrit, some- 
times any of the old formations from the Sanscrit, which are now only to be found in Books, but which were probably 
once the spoken languages of the country. One of these ancient languages is called Miigadhi from the rcgiou 
of Magadh or Behdr.* The sovereign of Magadh was considered a Samn'U, a Universal Monarch or Emperor, 
and hence the Magadhi was the dialect spoken at the Imperial Court. The only compositions now to be found 
in this dialect of Pracrit, are portions of some plays in the Hindu Drama, but the Kalpa Sutra, u Jain work, 
composed probably about the fifth century of our era, is written in a modified Magadhi, which nevertheless 
contains most of the essential attributes of the dialect, as laid down by the Grammarian Vararuchi. It is from 
this language then, that the modern Marathi through various changes has been derived. One of the peculiarities of 
the Ancient Miigadhi, which can still be traced in the I\Iarathi, is the change of |T into ^ in deriving words from the 
Sanscrit; thus, the IMagadhi for TTfTI, is ?iqr. This very word is still retained in Marathi, although in a modified and 
degraded sense, the dignified form being TTT; it is also changed into ^T?, in the compound word fn^?;r^, the name of a 
copper coin struck by the great Sivaji. On the same principle the word ?l^, mustard, is corrupted from TTf^^f. Not- 
withstanding it is more common in modern Marathi to follow the common Pracrit law, and change q- to ^ ; as in ^ a 
yohri from ^^, also ^sfT^l from jft^, &c. — Other peculiarities of the Magadhi are the use of ?i for ^, of uf for ^, and 

* I have changed "Berar" of the first edition into Behar, the modem name of Magadh, and have cancelled a clause which the 
correction rendered unsuitable. T. C. 


goncrally of the cerebral letters for the dental. Now these arc all peculiarities also of the Jlarathi. Before the Pala- 
tine vowels X and ^, the ^ is almost always changed to V; thus, the Marathas fay ^l^ff for ^isfr-, aud though in this word 
the subntitution is re. toned viilfiar.yet ii^, ««//«<■«, is the proper sub^litule for the Sanscril^^s^; also ?fmr« loi,vda>y 
becomes ftl^, aud the lliiuluslini ^q?ft from the l^anscrit ^l^ifft, the name of the China rose, becomes iu Maritlii ^'W^'T. 
Again ITtJft i.-«/f«-, is the corruption of the Sanscrit qpft^ ; 113 a hwt, of qm; ^\^\\ a voice, of '^^'^^ < 5?r a lite of ?^j 
j^ hyjocriiif, of ^K. Tlmt rather puzzliug form of the verb used in old l^Iarathi books as a present aud future tense, 
and iu the nioderu dialect as a past habitual, is derived from the Magadhi; thus ^.f[ comes from W^f^ the Blagadhi for 
jp^rfH he makes, and is thus prc^perly a present tense. The use of the present for the future needs no explanation ; 
but it may be asked, how can a present tense express a past habitual act ? In order to understand this We must bear ia 
mind that' such au act or rather series of acts, is partly present a» well as pasrt, and may even in' English be expressed 
by the present tense. Thus, " he writes in the Collector's office, " expresses past as well as present agency; the 
laeauing is not only that the person referred to , writes at tlie present time, but that he has done so for days or weeks, 
or even years; and there is no essential difl'ercuce in the sense of this phrase from what would have been conveyed 
bv the words, " He has been for some time a writer iu the Collector's office. " In the latte-r instance the verb, though 
iu the past tense, implies also present time; aud in the former, tlioufrh in the present, it implies also past time. The 
tense iu question is a great acquisition to the Marathi language, enabling us to express by the addition of a single 
dvllable to the root, all that is done in English by the periphrasis, " lie was iu the habit of, " " he used, " or " he was 
wont. " Iu the thirteenth century of our era, the lang-uag-e of JTaharashtra was no longer Magadhi, but a dialect 
between that aud the present spokeu tong^ue, of wh/ch we have a good specimen iu Dnanoba's Commentary on the 
Bhagavat Gita, aud other works. Iu the works of Ti«ka Bam, who flourished about two hundred years ago, the language 
is still ferthcr modified, approadiing considerably nearer to the spokeu Marathi. At last we get, in the various 
Bakhars ( Chronicles ) of the trausactious of the Marathi kings aud leaders, a langnag'e which differs from the modern 
dialect only by the introduction of a profusion of Arabic, Persixau, aud other foreign words, which the Mussulman 
rule and connection then rendered current in the Deccaa. 

3. There is a remarkable similarity also iu the general structure of the Eng'lish and IMarathl languages, the 
nouns being in both chiefly inflected by Particles of the nature of Prepositions, and the Verbs by means of Auxiliaries, 
though iu the English these are generally pkeed before, and iu the Marathi after the principal word. In the principle 
of their inflections, they exhibit a striking contrast to the Latin aud Sanscrit, the learned tongues to which respec- 
tively they arc mainly indebted for their scientific terms. 

4. In noticing the points of dift'erence between the English and ^Marathi, wo must presuppose as known what 
lias been pointed out in the Grammars of the language already published, and iu the Prefocc to the IManUhi aud 
Euglish Dictionary, supplementing former publications rather than going again over the same ground. Neither can 
we descend into those miautc difficulties, which relate to the use of some particular word, or peculiar unconnected 
idiom. A work on this subject, containiuga collection aud resolution of idiomatic phrases, is still a desideratum in Marathi, 
though much of very great value on this topic will be found, under different articles, in this aud the former Dictionary. 
See especially FIPT^, "T5<ii, ^'T, ^TTS, "TT7, of the former; and alle, account, ear, eye, hand, of this. Our attention at present 
is- to be directed to points of a general nature, to classes of words rather than to individual phrases and expressions. 
It is the Philology, and not the Grammar, of Marathi, that claims our notice, and that especially iu reference to the 
points in which it differs from the Euglish. 

5. One great and obvious point of difference betv\'ecn the two languages Is the want of an Article in the Marathi, 
while the English has no less than two. Neither the Latiu nor Sanscrit has any article, and although the sacred 
tongue of the Bnihmans has the advantage of the Greek in several points, this single small member of the classic 
speech in which Homer wrote, gives it a- grace aud flexibility which more than compensate for all the greater variety 
and harmony of sound, which have justly been attributed to the language in which the Ibdiau Epics of Yalmiki and Yyasa 
have been handed down to posterity. The student, therefore, accustomed to the use of articles in his own language, 
is apt to seek out some expedient for supjilying their place in Marathi. Against this he must be on his guard; ^'4t 
arrtT means " bring a book, " aud the M.withas never say simply to express this idea, ^ ^ift ^^n. Tlie student will 
nevertheless in his intercourse with the natives occasionally hear trep used apparently for the Indefinite Article, but 
he must not attempt to imitate them in this till he has, by attentively studying and analyzing such sentences, learned 
theniceshadeofidcaintended to be expressed. ■^?4T?5T%i=5nr, may mean simply " ealla physician," or if; may mean 
''■ call the physician, " that is, the practitioner who attends the family. In case, however, of some suddeu 
accident occurring to any member of the family, or great haste being required, the master of the house might probably 
call out, ^ipr ^niTcTT qirlTEl, call a phi/sician, that is some physician or other, any one you can find. ^Ti(Vi] is often used. 


mucli In the same way, aiul with an implication, which practice alouc can explain. The general rule is to translate from 
English into Mar.Ulii as if the Indefinite Article had no existence. 

6. In reference to the Definite Article, it may safely be neglected iji trajislatiiiir, when it marks that there is but 
one of A class, as the Sun, the Moon, the Ganges; that the noun followiiig is the name of a the lion.the horse, 
<S:c. when it points out that individual of a class, who bears special relation to the spcater or the person whom lie is ad- 
dressing, as the king, the colonel, the servant. Also when this Article is used to distinguish particular i>ersons or object.s 
in the eye of the speaker, uo word is required to express it in Maruthi; tlius, sTrTlr^T ^, 2^T?5T S^ H^, give it to the 
father, dont give it to the son. "When, however, in a sentence of two clauses with a relative pronoun, there is a reference 
made by means of the Article from the one to the other, the eo-relative must be used in Marathi for the Article; thus, 
to translate the phrase, " the shepherd is here of whem I spoke yesterday, " we must say ^^\ ITHTTT ^H'-Tf ^ =PTf5 ^\^- 
??r ^FrTr ?Tf ^T'Jft^ 3Tf^ ; just as if it had been in English, " that shephered, &c. " only that the word that would give an 
emphasis to the sentence, which would require frr"^ instead of f?r. To express fully the sense of the Article when pre- 
fixed to honorific titles as " Alexander the Great," will require circumlocution; thus f%^^^ '^K ^fil or J^^^^L Before 
a large collection of similar objects, as the stars,, the planets, &c. the force of the Article will souictimes be J 
by a separate word, and sometimes not, as rTF^r T'T, ^. These and other uice;r distinctions, however, must be left to the 
student's own discernment and taste. 

7. Nouns being the names of objects and ideas, it might ba thought that there would bj an exact correspondence 
between those of any two given language.?; the study of a foreign language however soon dispels this illusion., whenever 
it exists. The term ^3T in Mariithi suggests, as nearly as is necessary for any useful purpose, the same idea as the 
English vvord horse; but the noun nTi,though it may, and indeed generally must,be translated by the word cow,suggest3 
to the Indian mind a difierent species, or at any rate sub-species of tlie genus hos, from that brought before the mind 
of an E^iglishman by the word cow. In an Indian description of the bull, the hump must occupy a prominent place, 
both from its own intripsic importance, and from the favour it ha^ obtained among the poets. In translating such 
a description into English, the want of correspondence between the two languages would force itself upon the notice 
of the translator, and induce him by the introduction of an epithet into the .text, or by a note appended, to provide 
a remedy. In the jMarathi translation of E^5op's fables, the English student will find his old friend the fox metamorphos- 
ed into a jackal ( #rfT ); whether this be a just retribution on Esop and other European fabulists for changing the 
jfickal in1;o a fox, while pilfering the best of their Apologues from the Indian Panchatantra, we need not at present 
determipe; but if in order to remedy this mishap we subtitute ^FF5 for ^Fr^r, the naturalist will inform us that the 
animal so named by the Marathas is not the English fox, hut merely that species in the genus that comes the nearest 
to it. Turning from the material to the immaterial world, such difficuliies multiply fast upon us. Neither 5(^, nor 
'K^'q'?, nor f=^, nor^ir, suggests the same ideas to the mind thiit the English word God, and ©eo? in Greek do. The 
first is a mere philosophical abstraction, and it is quite incorrect to say that " si^ made the world." He makes nothing, 
and does nothing but enjoy his own beatitude, till he is seized wilh a fit of HTTT, au(J then he is no longer il^, but sT^T. 
The second of the above words, however, would answer very well in the sentence " God created the world, " b.ut try 
by this word to translate the first Commandment, and you rui^ into the absurdity or inaptitude of saying that there ia 
uo Supreme Lord but one, which no body ever denied, and which is not the meaning intended. The sense is, " Thou 
shalt have no other ohject of ivorship besides me. " In this case ^ auswejs admirahly; yet generally when a IVIara-tha 
uses that word, he thinks of some village god, some local idol, or red painted stone, and rarely of the Supreme Being; 
Eor has the language as yet capitals, like our own, or an article Jike the Greek, to mark the distinction. After aJl, as 
capitals are now being introduced into jManlthi ^ thus written will be the l)3st term, by which to render the word 
God. As to W'^X and TI^TTrT, they express, like T^fT'T?:, the idea of the Supreme Actiyelotelligence, apd can only an- 
swer when that idea will bring out the meaning of the writer withput any allusion to, or comparison with, other 
objects of worship. Into such niceties of language, however, ( absolutely requisite as they are to be uudcrstood ), the 
lexicographer can but partially enter, and the student must acquire them from intercourse with the natives, and the 
study of their literature. It is only when l^y these means he has rendered himself capable of entering into their minds 
and seeing with their eyes, that familiarized to their modes of thinking, he will be able to use such words with correct- 
ness and propriety, ^y■ith an abundance of metaphysical terms for which we have no equivalents, because our systems of 
mental philosophy difi'er widely from theirs, the J^indiis have no names for many valuable words in our language, ex- 
pressive of metaphysical ideas. Thus, for example, for the important word conscience, ^ov perception as a menial faculty, 
neither the Mariitli^ nor its parent Sanscrit furnishes any tolerable equivalents. In such cases, the Icxicogr.apher has 
given some words which convey something near the idea, and which, till the natives agree in inventing suitable terms 
as they become better acquainted with our literature, may convey the general scnsC; or he has formed from existing 



elcmcnls ;i now word suited to convey tbo meaning iutended. 

8. There ia a hirgo class of nouus iu JlanUlu derived from Imitative Adverbs, which requires a few remarks. We 
have indeed »uch nouns in Enplish, a^, banging derived from ban;,', u-ltizzing from whiz, dasliing from dash, cawing 
from caw, cooing from coo, &c. Besides these, there arc many words of this clasH, whicli, though used by the vul{?ar, 
hardly Bnd admismon into polite discourse; as thumpinji-, bumping, &c. Now tlie Marathas, beiii',' more the children of 
nature than the English, above all things delight in the use of this class of words, which are even by the Brahmana 
dignified with the name of SR'P^r.s?. Many of the adverbs arc reduplicated syllables, as ^^5, q^q?:, ^Tl^r?, nsnf , 
vr^ ; or to express greater itrcc, the first syllabic is lengthened, as q^>Tir, =q5PqH: ; or the last syllabic, as ^rs^fSf, '4- 
fiTTt. The latter svllable, instead of being a reduplication of the former, is often ep^, ^.l^ or q^ ;as If^^P^r, =Ej5q:T, =^ZV.. 
Now most of these imitative adverbs may have nouns formed from them, and generally ako verbs ; thus we have 
9V^\ a smart blmr, from ^ZW.^ -, we have ^Z^f\, H'C smohng instrument, called by the English soldier a IniWe hilUe 
from »r5«TT, both names being iutended to'mark the rumbling or bubbling noise the smoke makes in passing through 
the wateri Such words then being much more abundant, and of much more common use in the Marathi than in the 
English language, the student must not look on them with contemjit, but familiarize himself with their peculiar mean- 
ings and shades of distinction, as with other words. Cases innumerable occur where important ideas cannot be ex- 
pressed without them, as for example, the word 'AV'^XV. excessive ^rcwWiwy, which requires two words to render 
it, and is by no means synonymous with Jpfqff, a shakiiig or quiiering. The ^ame remarks may be applied to the verba 
derived from these Imitative Adverbs, though the Marathas prefer joining the Adverb to a verb derived from another 
root, when the language permits; thus to render the phrase, "His whole body shook with terror," a Maratha would say, 
?wnR VTTVrf ^iq-H'. How much more expressive is the word^?^ to indicate the jangling and squabbling of a street 
brawl, than the word TiSW, which may be any sober quarrel, carried on for years in courts of justice through every 
grade, from the village Amius to the Sadar Adalat. On this and the allied subject of reduplicated nouns, the remarks 
made in the Preface to the former Dictionary, Paragraphs 4, 5, 12, 13, render any farther observations in this place 

9. The formation of abstract nouns is an easier matter in Marathi than it is in English. We have lead, hood, 
thip, dom,ness, tJi, all of Saxon origin, affixed to nouns and adjectives to form abstract nouns, and it is difi&cult to 
lay down the rule that points out when one of these terminations is to be used and when the other. The terminations 
/>/ and tilde, imply that the words to which they are affixed are derived from the Latin, but when the one and when 
the other should be used, can be understood only by those who are skilled in that learned language, or have acquired 
by practice the power of using them with propriety. We have also many abstracts of this class, the primitixes of 
which have no place in the language, as verity, equity, gratitude, &c. In Marathi again quTT mas. and qui 7Wut. may at 
pleasure be affixed to all Manithi nouns ; and f^ neiii. or mfem. to nouns derived from the iSanscrit. The rule is so 
fcimple and easy of application that I think the compilers of the Marathi and English Dictionary judged rightly in 
leaying the formation of such words to the judgment of the student. A few exceptions may indeed be pointed out, 
as -n^Hwii egotism, derived from 3T^, which is a pure Sanscrit word ; ar^frr is used, but rarely compared with 3T^qaiT. 
The Hindustani words «l?T^, '^ni, &c. may be considered as introduced, already formed into the language, rather than 
as Marathi abstracts, formed after a different model, by the addition of the termination arif. All words of this class; 
and those which form exceptions to the general rule, will be found in their proper places in the Dictionary, and what 
13 said on the subject of Abstract Nouns in the preface to the former work, should also be carefully studied. 

10. In reference to the Inflection of Nouns, this iu Marathi as in English is a pretty simple aftair ; yet it may be 
interesting to dwell for a little on those Postpositive Particles, which serve the purpose of Prepositions among our- 
Belves, and the terminations of eases in Sanscrit, and many other languages. The ObjectiTC case in modern Man'thf, 
as in our own language, is not distinguished by any particular termination from the Nominative, although the Dative 
is often used where we would prefer the Accusative. For tke Dative case, the terminations ?ir and ^ are used in- 
•liscriminatcly, the former generally by the natives of the Deccan, and the latter by persons educated in the Concan. 
The t ermina tion ^ is an abrcviation of Brf'r, frequently used to mark the Dative ease in the old Marathi ; thus, we 
have jTfp^f, for ^^ or ^^r, meaning literally, " so as to come in contact with thee, " from the verb SPTot to affect, 
or come iu contact with. We can easily Rce how this termination will also readily convey the idea of objectivcncsf; 
thus, ^J^ -^^ mfirar, t/iis man struck that wnn ; the meaning being that the one struck so as to affect the other. The 
Dative termination H is a contraction ofqrar,the Jlarathi for the Sanscrit qr^. Even the word ^^^may occasionally be 
used in a Dative sense; thus, Hn-i^^c ?,?qm^T %, f^W %,and;qr?JT^^, have all the meaning of -siye it to him;" the idea 
embodied is ^, then, is not quite so strong as that embraced in 3r, the former expressing that the object is brought 
id the iide of him to whom it is given, and the latter that it is brought into actual contact with him. The second ox 


Proper Ablative in the form of qrgff, iw evidently the snmo word as qr^r, with the proper ablative teritiiiiation g;H, 
generally changed into f^r, affixed. This ag-aiu may perhaps be derived from the word gj?f, meaning " deficient, " or it 
may bo a mere corruption of the IMagadhi Ablative, whose sign is ^. The Locative or third Ablative, whicli tcrmiuatcH 
in f, is evidently from that language, in which this case is freqneutly marked with the afllx ff^. The vocal and nasal 
elements of this compound termination are retained, and the sibilant rejected to form the sign of the case in Marathi. 
The Pali ST and Sanscrit f<Hg, are all different forms of the same original termination, which, in the classic language 
*of the Bri'ihmans, generally becomes simply i^ or f. The other Locative ending in cr,proceded by a nasal, is so evidently 
an abbreviation of artH in, contracted from the Sanscrit ^Ff?:, as scarcely to require even this brief notice. — The modern 
Genitive ends in ^T, ^, %, varying according to the gender of the noun that follows, exactly as if it were an Adjective. 
In the old Marathi, we find occasionally %^T, which I conceive to be the oldest form of the Genitive case. It is impos- 
sible I believe to derive this from any Sanscrit root, and it is probably one of the remains of that old aboriginal speech, 
which prevailed in India before the inhabitants came in contact with the Brahmans. A syllable of which the consonantal 
element isq", is used in most of the Indian languages to mark this case. Thus we have in Gujarathi ^Ti'Tti^iaccording to 
the gender, and in Tamil ??f. In Telugu f^, and in Canarese J^TT, are also frequent signs of this case, which the student 
if he pleases may connect with the English Genitives, mine and thine ; and the German mein, dein. gutten, «S:c. To 
distinguish the mark of the Genitive from the true adjective termination =Efr, it is generally enough to consider whe- 
ther the last syllable of the word before receiving the affi.v, be lengthened or not. Ifitbe, itis most probably the 
Genitive; if not, it is the Adjective. ^T^, is the Genitive case, and ^j;^r, an adjective formed by the affix ^. Thus 
^■^1% c^ftr, are the rafters of the house, qx% =?[%■, are household rafters, in or somewhere near the house, which may be 
used when required, but at present forming no part of the house; ^r^^T y-ff, is the master or owner of the house, but 
^T^j TM^, are the householders, persons merely living in the house, exactly the same as ^TfrfFff TM^, where au 
adjective is formed by adding ?ff to the locative case, instead of affixing it to the root, as in the former instance. In 
reference to that class of words, where sameness of substance in indicated by the addition of the termination ^T, a> 
far as the sense is concerned, they may either be esteemed Adjectives or the Genitive of the noun ; thus ?5T^5T=^T may 
be rendered wooden or of wood ^ rtissTT"^, brazen or oflrass, &e. These words all take the long vowel before the termin- 
ation, for which reason I am inclined to consider them still as Genitives, not as Adjectives. When any of these have 
another Adjective formed from the same root associated with them, the other form sometimes has a laser meaning 
attributed to it. Thus, wliile ^t^<^ i -^ i , can mean or\\j golden, ^t%ft, may mean either golden ov gilt. The words ^THf^r 
useful, and >dH'MI'IMI, advantageous, are undoubted instances showing the need of the qualifying clause in our rule. Souio 
words are doubtful, as ^TrtRT or ^M-^r, «wi«'«^, and similar Adjectives formed from most parts of the body. But the vast 
majority of Adjectives make the penultimate vowel short ; as, arfl'^r, fTT5=^, J^'^r, "T^T^, ^4°^^, 5?T=^T, if^^, ^vRoi'^l, 
Krq^fEjr, 3'?T?:^r, ^fs^or^I, &c. A number of Adjectives formed from adverbs by adding ^r, also follow the same law ; as, 
^Frs^^TT, aTRT^^, iR^T, ^ra^^fT, &e. 

Not only do the Marathas form an Instrumental case from the noun, prepared according fo rules for inflection, by 
adding ^, ( most probably a substitute for the Sanscrit ?rt, ) but they add q^ to the Genitive, and thus- form a com- 
pound Instrumental, which they employ chiefly in the Potential Mode. Thus from fq'pEqT, we have ?qr=^qr^ ; as in 
Buch a phrase as, ^tr ^[ST f^TT^^T^ ST^T^fFT ^T^r, literally '• That horse is not to be controlled through the instrumentality 
of tliat man, " that is " he cannot manage that horse. " The other Instrumental or first Ablative, terminating in ^, is 
probably the Sanscrit i^?r, and the plural form in |'r, is the M:tgadhi for the Sanscrit fir:. The other particles affixed to 
nouns to connect them with other words in the sentence, such as ^C^ maMng, :p% to the side of, ^^:^^fl•om tie side 
of, TTq'rTf so as to reach, &c. will admit of easy resolution, when the student has made some considerable progress in 
the language. 

11. In the use of Adjectives in Marathi, it is important to consider whether the Adjective belongs to the subject 
or predicate of a sentence, as its position is usually materially affected by this consideration, in the former case preced- 
ing, and in the latter coming after the noun. This rule is frequently transgressed by learners, and they render 
Ike phrase, " He is a good man, " by the Manlthi words, rfr =Efrn?5T HroTH Sff^; whereas the proper rendering is, f?t 
JTTOTH ^m?5r 3Tr^. But if the sentence be such as the following. The black horse has run off, then the Marathi will 
he JfTfOT qrsr q^RTT. Such a phrase as qrr?I=5fT f^TTT^ft ^Tr"^, means "the soldier who was liere yesterday, is present. " In 
the first instance, the subject is m HroTJT, and the predicate is ^ETtnsr. In the second instance, the subject is ^FToST ^rsr, 
and the predicate is ^^WA ; and in the third, the subject is s??T3^ f^TTraT' , and the predicate arff , the word here being 
understood; but in such a sentence 3TTf may also mean "exists," that iB,he is still alive; thus, aH=sjT ^n ^]\? mny mean, 
'■ Is your father still alive .'"'or more briefly, " have you a father ?"Yctthe rule here laid down does not hold when you 
are answering a question that has been put to you, for in such a case the proper aufwcr would be, m ^ilf^ HTm^ 31t|, 


and not ffr m^JH ^"Prr ^\ To explain the reason of thiB, observe tliat the sentence, "He is a good man," is in English 
rquivalent to the words, '• That man is a good man, " where the subject is that man, and the predicate is ffood man, vs 
being the copula, or connective link between the two. This sentence rendered literally into Marathi, would be t?r TTWH 
qfHT nr^ W^.where nr RTBJH is the subject, ^n^ HTHW tlieprcdi<;ite,and CRT^ the copula. When then the Marath;;a 
•ay, as they umuiiIIv do in beginning to speak on a subjectT^r mw?T ^i^^J 3TTf ,they omit the second Tn'n?T,and considor 
ih»t implied in 'innsjT. On the contrary, in Eiii-Hish we omit the first wan, and substitute for that the subslantivo 
pronoun hf. If then a :Maruthu be aHked,?rr JTIUTH ^KT Cfll^! The answer, if favourable.wiU usually be, rff =^\^^ 31t|; but 
ho may a^o pn.babiy say, H> =^\^?:^ HTW^r 31l\rThe full answer would have been, m ^vn^ =JlfT?IT iTTOTH 31Tf , but it is 
the custom of the Mariithiis in sut-h a case to adopt the last words of the previous speaker as their own, and therefore 
tho first nmn is dropped as a matter of course, which being once removed out of the way, he feels no reluctance in 
nsio" the word iu tho second clause. Every one feels the awkwardness of using the word man or tttojjt twice in so 
iihort a sentence. "SVe in Engli«h easily '^et over the diflBcuKy by the substantive pronoun he, substituted for that man. 
Tho Maratliiis do not feel themselves at liberty to drop the name of the subject of discourse HTOTFiin the first instance. 
but having used it once, they do not need to repeat it after =iTm?5r. I trust then the student will see that, though in 
.•<triet propriety, the adjective always precedes the noun as in English, yet that, owing to the suppression of the word 
HTTF in the latter part of the ^larathi sentence, the natural order seems reversed in ordinary cases, and adhered to 
only in exceptional. I have, then, I hope succeeded in explaining the reason of the rule, as well as of the exception, 
iiiid placed before the student an interesting example of tho niceties of Marathi Philology. 

12. Bep'inncrs are apt to suppose that the words wiore and »!0s^, when signs of the degrees of comparison, must 
have some corresponding words in Marathi; but this is a mistake. More, when it is an adjective, is indeed translated 
hy 3Tf>TT; thus, '■ There are more fools than wise men in the world, " will in Marathi be, ^TfrT ^IT^i'TTti^t J?^!'^! W.]fz 
'iff'-J^ 3Tf^; but in such a sentence as, " She is more industrious than he," the Marathi is, rff c'TTM?^! 3?Tr'it 3TI^. There 
must be no 3Tf^4^ before the adjective; the comparative degree is fully expressed by aiEsing |5T or q?^f to the subject 
uf comparison. In like manner, ^sfre^ or ?[^R?Tr, appended iu the same way, expresses the superlative. In this, the 
Marithi deserts entirely the Sanscrit, and all that great class of languages called Indo-Gcrmanic, and harmonizes 
with the Hebrew, Arabic, and other allied tongues, furnishing one among the many proofs of its drawing from Aborig- 
inal Indian sources, wholly unconnected with the Sanscrit. In this too, the Marathi agrees not only with the Cana- 
rcae and other languages of the south, but also with the Hindustani and other northern tongues, shewing that they all 
still retain some common ancient element not derived from the language of the Bi;1hmans. As to the idea of such an 
iigreement being produced in modern times by Mahomedan influence, it could only be suggested by one entirely 
unacquainted with these languages, with their history, and the changes actually effected by the Mussulmans. 

1.3. The Pronouns of the first and second persons correspond iu their use very much with the same pronouns in 
English ; perhaps the first person plural is somewhat more freely used by a single person, and the second person 
lingular more commonly employed in speaking to young persons and inferiors than iu our language. In speaking to 
.superiors and equals, the plural is used for tho singular as with us. In addressing the Deity or any olher object of 
worship, there seems to be a variety of practice among the natives; yet there is no aversion to the adoption of the 
English custom of using always the singular. The want of a substantive pronoun of the third person is supplied by 
iho adjective pronouns, ^, ^, 'i, this and t?T, fff, rf that ; most frequently by the latter however, when only one person 
13 mentioned in a sentence. When two persons are mentioned, the nearer is pointed out by ^r, and the farther 
distant by ^j. Thus the English sentence, "Let him go, and let this man remain, " would be, rendered, <ff ^T#T, fJ 
n^. In like manner "Let him go and that man stay" would be ^T ^^r, m Trftr. Again the sentence, " It 
was not he, but the messenger who came in the morning that informed me," would become, ^Vf h?;t 531^^55 ^riu 
'TI 3TrB3 Tiq^T 3TTOT ^rHT, fm% ^^TrtrJ. The pronoun ^T also is used to take up proper names, especially those of foreign 
.origin, and receive their proper inflection ; thus we have ^rTT? ^^T ,'T=5f for ^Rt^T^r J^; as iu English it was formerly 
customary to say, Johti Mair his book. It is also used to connect a number of nouns' together before joining them to 'a 
verb, as explained in the Grammar ; thus, ^, ^ ST?y, ^ qrrror <FK f^^^T^ 37r|?T. " The diamond, safpMre, avd 
?ubi/, arc very valuable Hones. 

..^'^\ ^'''® powers of the Marfithi language appear to great advantage in these pronouns ; Ftrr^TT aiTf, f^I=Eft 31t|, & 
?^Tr^ 3TTf are all Englished by " It is his, " in which English word no liint is given of the gender of that which is said 
to belong to him; whereas tho Marathi points out the gender of that which is possessed. Again in Erench^they say ictif;s. 
mtimafing the gender of the word^JZ,, but leaving you in the dark as to whether the possessor be a male or a female! 
whether in English tho rendering should be his son or her son. The English tells the gender of the possessor only, 
the French only of that which is i^osECSscd, the Marathi docs both. Tho Latin i» no better than the French, and even 


the Sanscrit caunot by any single phrase do what the Marathi does in the phrases f^l^^rr ^^ and at^r 5^. To briiij? 
out the gender of the possessor we must iu that language say, ^ri^ J5r: and t^fi^r: J^: and of the thing poBsesscd 
^^TtT: T^f- Such is tlic nicety of a tong'ue, which has till lately been despised as a mere jarg'ou. 

15. Tiicre is no relative pronoun in ]\Laratlu correspondinij exactly to tvho and tchich in our language. The 
pronoun ^r, ^, ^, is properly a compound relative, meaning what or whatever. Sometimes indeed it may be rendered 
by %uho ; thus, " He who is but a student should not find fault with his teacher, " will in Marathi be, v^T f^?TT'4f HT^ 
Sifs, fTFT 1^=rT Sftf %^ ^T^. The full force of the word, however, is brought out in such a sentence as the following, 
vfr %r?5 rTT??!' ^1 literally. Whoever comes to him jive it. 

16. The Marithas not content with an ordinal form of numerals, as in other langunges, have formed such words 
from i%rrq>r /'Oit' ma«^ or 7(ow «!«c7«, and r^t^r and f?mw, so many or sOTOMc/t. Thus they would ask, ffr ^tHrT f^rl^I^r 
5r5nr 3TT^ ? What is the mtmler of the place thai boy holds in the class? %5Isn=5T from %^^ is used in the same sense. 
The other corresponding words may also be employed ; thus, <?r ^^T^Irir arf^, »^OT?r qWl^'t^ ^iflct?5. The teacher said 
he held such a place. This is another of the beauties of Marathi Philology, which must strike every one who has a tasie 
for such studies. 

17. If, however, the Marathi outstrips us in its analytical powers, we have the advantage in synthesis.For such 
words as the mass, the majority, the minority, ^c. when used thus, " the mass of mankind, " " the majority of the meet- 
ing, " &.C., they have no corresponding terms, and in translating, such words must be rendered by a periphrasis. 
Thus, such a sentence as, " There was a majority of the Council resolved on going to war, though all the most 
distinguished leaders were in the minority, " might be rendered in several ways in Marathi, one of which might be 
the following, W^ ^^iqf, art "PT?; ^^^ ^HfTT^ Br^Ff% T^T fr'^, ?r'4Tfr ^i wiz f^T? ^TT^RI^ H^T f^XW. fM. This however 
certainly is but a poor translation of the English. 

IS. The verb, as being the most important part of speech, may be supposed to afford the most fertile theme for 
Philological remark, though much of what might have been said in this place, has been anticipated in the IMarathi 
Grammar. As a general and important consideration under this head, it maybe stated that the Marathi has few 
verbs in general use, compared with the English and other European languages. The deficiency is most commonly 
supplied by nouns coupled with some one of the following verbs, ^^of to make, ^\p.^ to throni, v(\^ to lay hold of, %5i^ 
to place, ^ to give, Z\^^ to throto atvay, TK^ to heat, q'T^'rf to reach, ^]Z^ to seem, ^\ii\ to eat, ^ot to lead, and occasion- 
ally a few others. Of this mode of supplying verbs the Marathas are exceedingly fond, and use it even when there is 
not the least necessity for it; thus, instead of saying flrs^raot ^0 frw«;, they say fsT'^T^T ^"JT-tf^ or 3^5T; for m^JOT ^o 
run, they prefer saying qr^T ^V^ or ZT^,^, In other instances as sftf^T ^of, and ^^m ^^^Jf , they have no other way 01 
expressing the verbal act; the former is indeed nearly synonymous with St^TSSr, and the latter with 51^'Jt, but there is 
in both instances a shade of difference, which makes the latter applicable where the former are not. The compound 
verbs have a dignity in those instances that the simple want, while these again have a familiarity and force not 
possessed by the others. In all instances where such compound verbs are formed by the student, he must be especi- 
ally careful to learn from the Dictionary what the particular verb is, which, joined to a noun, serves the purpose of a 
new verb, as it will not do to choose any one he pleases. Thus with the preposition m coming after the object, to love 
may be expressed by sfffrT S^T^, or =F?:^, but if ^l^ or ■mo!,<|>Jr be used, the genitive of the object must be joined with 
it. Nor can you take the verb sn?;at, or any other than those here mentioned ; thus, you say fq'ltlT sftfcT ^rft or S5f?5t,and 
r4|^ sftf^ ^T5;^?ft or •tT?:?ft_^SometimeB an adverb may supply the place of a noun and be joined to a verb to change 
or define its meaning; thus ^K^ means "to kill" or "beat;" to remove the ambiguity the adverb <nT is joined to it, and 
SRTK"^ means only "to kill," being synonymous with ^q'HKui lit. to strike in the life. To form another class of verbs 
the Marathi prefixes a pluperfect participle to some one of the verbs mentioned above, which gives often the force of a, 
preposition coming after the verb in English: Thus ^^ ZT^ means, "wash thoroughly," ZV^^\ " cast away," and J^^Tl 
\ " fill up. " It is true that the general meaning is the same as if ^,ST^, and HT only had been used ; but these latter 
expressions want the emphasis and force of the former. Many verbs in this form can be rendered into English by one 
word, as if^^ qiJt often used for arm'it to bring, and ^^^ ^M to remove or take away. In these latter examples the 
principal act is not in the participle, as in the former cases, but in the supplemental verb. Such is the case also in 
stt'"J5 %^0T fojmf away, ^^ ^ to acquire, &c. Sometimes a new verb, or at least what answers to a simple verb in 
English, is formed by one of the class of verbs mentioned at the beginning of this, paragraph, and a noun not in its 
simple but in an inflected form ; thus, f%^H ^^ to complete, perfect, ^s\r\ ^]F,u\ to entangle. These are the forms of 
expression in which the Marathi language delights, and even when simple verbs arc given in the Dictionary, the 
student will often find it more idiomatical to form a verb in some one or other of the abovementioncd ways, or chooso 
one BO formed to express hie idea. On the other hand there arc compound verbs in English, that require to be 


etprossed by simple verbs iu !^rnratln, ns '• To give away," " take down," " brin<r out," &c. Thus, '= He gave away a 
hundred Rilpees in cbaritv." will iu Jfarailii be, PTm tmr«T tm ?^% f^-f. " Take down that turban," will be H qrni? 
7?TT— orTfre:^^; but this latter will imply tliat it is not only to be taken down, but also probably that it is to bo 
given to the person from whom the order issues. "Bring out the jewels" will bo expressed iu Marathi by 3i1^6t ^k. 
These hints then must sullice to put the student on his guard upon this subject, and to lead him in every particular 
instance to enquire how far tlie two languages conform to one another, and iu what points they diflcr. 

19. The present tense iu all the Vernacular Indian tongues is merely the Present Participle with the verb /v le 
after it, os in the Uiudusti'.ui and Gujaruthi, or with the signs of the persons, as in the Tamil, Tclugu, and Canarese. 
The IMarathi has two Presents, one constructed after each of these models. Thus iu the verb ^m^ we have spfr?r 3ir|, 
nnd «pfT^, !rft^, &c. The terminations of the persons seem derived from the Indo-Germauie stock ; thus the first 
person is W, partly ng^rceing with the Latiu termination o in amo, and the tcrmiuatiou em in owm of tlie subjunctiTO 
mode; F as the 8i«m of the second person singular, is the same as the sign which we have almost uniformly in Latiu, 
Greek, and Sanscrit, for that person. The Eu<,'lish s for the third prrsou is a eorruptiou of the old termination tli, and 
the type for tlie second person is st, being in conformity with the languages of its family marked especially by the y. 
The third person singular is an exception iu Marathi, having Adjective terminations agreeing in Gender with Nonii- 
nativc, a mode of construction of which the Marathiis are passionately fond. The first person plural is the same as 
the singular. The second person plural has 3Tf , probably a corruption of 3TTrT, so we have in Marathi occasionally 
rjt^ -JTr^m, for rft^ arr^f; the fr seems to have been dropped to prevent its being confounded with the 3TT?T of the 
third person phii-al, the ant of the Latin, and the arrrf or arfrf of the Sanscrit. The terminations of the past tense are 
c^Henlially the same, except that the third person plural, as well as the third person singular, is drawu away into the 
Adjective terminations to agree with the Nominative. The marks of the first and second persons again in the future 
are ^ and ^, of the persons of the plural ^, <ftT, and ?r respectively, the J?5 which there so often occurs, marking the 

20. If it should be asked whence comes this %^ ( or i^?; as it becomes generally in intransitive verbs), that marks 
future time, till a better solution be found, the following may be accepted: — The Marathas are often in the habit of 
dropping an initial ^, or supplying its place with a q ; a familiar example of this is the name of the village at which 
the traveller first rests after leaving Puua, to go to Sattara by the way of Kiltraj. The village is properly named q'ar, 
the name for a -Bamioo. This is, however, generally corrupted to '^ or ^t;^. If then we suppose the first letter of 
^ time, or f^ or fJrsiT as it is also written, dropped,we get the sign of the future required without much difficulty, by 
the easy change of 55 into ?J in the first and second instance, and by dropping the final in the last, ^r f^%c5 /le %viU 
learn, will on this supposition mean literally in Marathi, learning is to him only a matter of time. Though, at the hazard 
of trespassing a little longer on the territory of speculation, I must state, that I think the sign of the Past Tense in 
Mar«thi, may in like manner be traced to a word meaning what \\A^passed. The signs of the past teuse iu the old 
Marathi are Vf^. as in f^'TFJ, for ^S, rl^, as iu ^t^rT^, TTf^ri^S, &c. yet iu common use, and i}?5, as in tTfrir^ for trft- 
%. The of these terminations, rejecting the ?5, is retained iu the Southern Gujarath Dialect, and accordingly we 
have firf for fzy\^_ In the Northern Gujariltlu, we have the T of qS retained, still dropping the ?5 ; that ^ itseli is 
a common substitute in Magadhi for ff and ^, and I suppose all the terminations originally the same. Whereas then 
in the south they say f^-j, in the north they use ^^^for the Marathi %S. In Hiudi also the ^ is used as the sign of 
past tense, and we have r«t>*t I , though even this is frequently dropped, and the terminations denoting the persons are 
affixed immediately to the root, as f%3TT. Again iu all the languages of the Peninsula, the simple ?r, or that letter 
changed into 5, marks the past tense, no traces of the ?5 appearing. But iu the Bengali, as in the modern Mariithi the 
?I alone remains to mark the Preterit. The root S5E in Mariithi implies " a moving off, " or " passing into oblivion, " 
the allied root 75t means " to pass by as time; " 5c5 is a Bengali root also meaning " movement."Iu Tamil too, the root 
rl^ means " to dispatch with diligence; " and I think there is a strong probability that this is an old Indian vocable, 
which by various corruptions has formed the Preterit teuse in all the modern Dialects of Hindustan. Let these 
Fperulations at least teach the learner to analyze not only sentences, but the words themselves of which they are 
composed, tracing them to their primitive elements, and he will fiud his labour more than repaid when ho experi- 
ences how much such analyses tend to fix words in the memory.— The reduplicated form of the past tense ending in 
?A is rather a participle than a verb, at least it is always in modern Marathi to be considered. Thus itTt[%?ft ^T'PT <Tr- 
fl^j'TTSF^sftH^T, means " I w.ant the tied boat, 1 don't want the loose one." The simple form is not commonly 
used aa a participle, though Brahmans say %J5 and %%?; are the same. 

21. In the Potential and Conditional modes both the English and IMai-athi are copious, but there is far from a 
correspondence between the two. The miniature of this subject will be found in the Marathi Grammar; one or two 


points however, may hero be specially noticed. The young student must be on his guard against following the Hin- 
dustani, and clumsHy using v^ij to express potentiality. There.are proper idiomatical forms, as he will see in the 
Grammar, adapted to any case that can occur; and that unidiomatical construction, although adopted by s-nme 
natives in Bombay, should be wholly exploded as both inelegant and useless. The only real difficulty under this luad 
in translating from English into Marathi is to render ma)/ or mJffJif slgiufyiug pcimission or lileHy. You may iniced 
well enough translate the phrase " you may go," by gj^t ^Rt but the sentence, " I may go wherever I please," 
meaning that I am at lilerfi/ or have permission to do so, is not t-o easily rendered into Maratlil. If the words be those 
of an inferior who has asked and obtained leave of his superior, the translation would probably run thus; qr'<3r ^^S^'T %- 
f?5 %»^ HfSr ^Pi^r'^ 3TTfTr STT^; but there is an additional element introduced here by the word 3R:f|Tr, which means 
properly not permission but commatid. The idea expressed by the \vori permission is foreign to the mode of thinking 
among the Hindus. There is implied in this word, that an inferior has laid down a plan of action for himself, and 
proposes this for the passive acquiescence of his superior. This is however a degree of presumption that upsets all 
Hindu notions of propriety, mailing- the inferior actiyp, and the superior passive. Even when a Brahman comes to 
visit you at your house, he considers himself your servant for the time being, and when he wishes to take leave, he 
says 3TTW ^TTf ? meaning have I your commands to depart ? Not to be behind him in politeness you give indeed a 
command, but it is not that he should go away, but that he should come again when he finds it convenient, which you 
express by the single term qr. — Again if the words, " I may go wherever I please, " be those of a superior or person 
independent of foreign control and expressive of inherent liberty, the Marathi rendering would be ^'t^ f ^S^ k^ r['U 
uii U' m xpt ^tTT ( or 3TPt^R ) 3frs. This again implies something more than mere liberty. It speaks of some inherent 
poiver or auihorify possessed by the speaker over and above what the English phrase expresses. If we chose instead of 
^TtTT &c.J?T=f;aft'T, this may mean nothing more than freedom from external restraint. If to remedy this, and add moral 
fitness we say ^RTRT ^"T, the person may for any thing necessarily implied have his feet fast in the stocks. When 
the Arabic word T^r is used for permission in Marathi, it always, at least in popular speech, means leave of absence. 
No Maratha would ever say iT?ir ^^ ^S'^T^^ft =C^T 3^1^, meaning I have permission to stay here; supposing it to be it 
case -where there is no remission of any duty, but simply leave to reside in a particular place, he would use STTfTT, or 
say T^TT^T;!'^ or arf^^iC. It is evident then, that every particular case of this use of way must be considered 
with its attendant circumstances, before a proper translation can be made, and that at the best all we can do, is t(. 
make a near approximation, since to give the exact idea is beyond the powers of the language. These remarks will 
apply to miffJit vrhen used in the sense of lilerfy and permission, the slight shade of diiierence that exists between the 
two words cannot be expressed in Marathi, consisting as it does only in miffJit, indicating a restricted liberty. 
>S7(0!(Z(f and 2co?(Za^ do not present great difGculties. "When conditional futurity is the idea they express, the simple 
future is used in Marathi; when sJioiild means propriety, qy^^ with the past tense of the veib will suffice, and umiJd. 
when it means icillngness, may be translated by the Genitive Gerund and TTf^'^, f^UT, or v,^^ all of which points are 
fully explained in the Grammar. 

22. The passive voice in the old Marathi is a modification of the Sanscrit, in which especially ^ supplies the place 
of q", as its characteristic work; thus the Sanscrit f^JT?t is changed in the old dialect into ^ft^Ff " tV /s leing done." 
In the modern Marathi, particularly in translations from the Sanscrit and Persian, a passive somewhat similar to our 
own, has been formed of the past Participle, and the verb ^TJf to go, for this has been adopted as the Auxiliary in the 
place of our verb to he. In the Southern Peninsular languages the root ^% to fall, prevails instead of ^; the principle 
however is the same, and the Hindustani conforms in every respect in idioms to the Marathi. The Passive, although il 
can scarcely yet be said to belong to the colloquial language of the Marathas will likely ,from the facilities it furnishes, 
in translation, keep its place in books, and there are in truth instances when an exact translation from English cannot 
be made without it. Thus, "He was saved from the sea," would require, fully to express it in Mari'thi, hF 53 j?irT?r tTlf''- 
BF'TST. No Maratha indeed would in all probability so express himself; he would proVably say, f?t ?TH^i^?r rtTrTI, 
but then this conveys only the idea of the safety of the person spoken of, and leaves out altogether .the notion of thi.-. 
safety being the point of foreign influence. It means no more in fact, than that he escaped from being swallowed nj> 
in the sea. The Marathas, if the avoiding of this ambiguity were considered important, would probably express the 
agent to whom the deliverance was due, thus HT^H r^55T qT'i^tH^T «Trft?5, His Irother saved liim from the wafer ; but 
then the writer may not wish to reveal the agent, and therefore if this were an object, a Mardtha might say ^spT^ &c. 
a certain one, ^'c, but the writer may wish the causes of the deliverance to remain wrapt up in the clouds of his own 
obscurity ,not even deigning to draw aside the curtain so far as to let us know whether it were a man,or angel,or other 
fcuperior being, who was the agent of good on the present occasion, and in such an instance we should have to recur 
to the first mentioned rendering with the Past Participle of ?TR^ and the vcib vTIvt. The inbtances are however few 


indeed where a >rariilKi would find liiinsclf iu this predicament, and tbey have a multitude of ingenious ways of avoid- 
in- the UBO of such Tasslvo verbs. These the student should study and imitate, if he wishes to speak the language 
idromatically and ologautly. The most common of these, as we have already indicated, is by the use of an Intransitive 
>erb. -Wherever this can be done, it should be the plan adopted. And indeed the Passives in English, which belong 
properly to what the Latins call the Deponent class of verbs, must be thus rendered, for example, To be finished, to he 
i.rai-ied, to lrfattgueA..\c. These arc expressed iu Marilthi correctly by ?i<T^, ^.^^, '^^^. In some instances when a 
ouitablc verb in MaraUii is not to bo found, the sentence can be thrown into a difl'crent form; thus," I am acquainted 
with him," may be translated, JTTffY F^Rt 3fr«^ 3Tff, and •' I was accompanied by twenty men, " by, HT^^T ^THT ^\^ 
Rtoisf Slffi. Iu the former of these cases.thc Nominative of the noun from which the verb is dcrived,with the Substantive 
M-rb, is uspdj and in t!io other, a jircposition, or better a nouu in the locative case, takes the place of the Euglish verb; 
tlio latter alternative takes place also in the followinjj phrase, " I am disposed to learn the Marathl lanj^uage, " which 
may bo rendered thus, JTTr5rHnfrf^^lfr'^HlT^y»THf?T3Tr\. The difficulty, however, does not lie so much in these 
instances as in others. No one who knows the meaning of words, would ever think of saying iff ^JTrJF n^r, when a 
moment's reflection would teach him that jft sriT^^f, the idiomatic phrase, expressed all the idea, which he wanted to 
••ouvcy. It is iu the case of the Passive of Transitive verbs, where the real difficulty lies, of which I have given aa 
instance above. Tet even in reference to thir^, the natives have the way of i),voiding the use of the Passive; thus, for 
'• Ho was beaten, " instead of saying ?fr f^V^^ n?IT, they say ?qT^ ^R ^Ie5T, he ate a heating. He was slain in battle 
would be, not cTT ?rfrT?T JTrR^TT n^r, but ifr ^.^ii^ HSir. " It is said, " will be rendered by ^OT?rT?r, " they sai/, " perhaps 
I'v KRri 3Tf^, but never by ^% ^\H; or ^rT^ Hi^; though the simple word n^ itself will sometipies nearly express the 
tamo idea; thus ^r^ffl nsj meaus, " It is said, " or " to be met with " in the Sh.istra. 

23. The student must not lose sight of the great advantage possessed by the Maruthi over the English, in having 
a causal form of the verb. Instead of having awkwardly to introduce a new verb, " to cause, to make, " &c. as we do, 
they etluct the same end by simply adding ^T, or f^T, to the root, before affixing- the terminations ; thus from ^.Tvi to do, 
vre have sRl^ot to cause to do; hom 'J^M to fee, we get ^^'S^^ to jnit to Jli^hi; from T^}^ir{ to learn, f?T^f%ijf /o cause to 
learn, or to teach. The Hebrew, Arabic, and other languages of that class, have what is called the Hiphil form of the 
Verb, corresponding to the Marathi causal. The Sanscrit has also a similar form, and even we seem to have the remains 
i>f such a modification of the verb, in fell from fall, lay fi-om lie, seat from sit, ^'c. 

2t. The great peculiarity of Adverbs iu Marathi is, that the lijrgc proportion of them that end in (^^ raay agree 
occuaionally with the agent, and occasionally with the object of the verbs they qualify, evactly as if they were 
Adjectives. Indeed, most of these words are both Adjectives and Adverbs, and nothing but the sense indicates when 
they arc the one, and when the other. This mode of construction is not uncommon in Greek, though by no means 
nearly so prevalent as in SLirathi, and is called by the Grammarians Attraction, implying that a word swerves from its 
own philosophical construction to agree with some word near it, to which it is drawn by proximity rather than by any 
natural relation. In sentences coutaiuiug a Transitive verb, as often as the object is expressed, the rule is, that the 
itivcrb should agree with it; thus fTT^ 5[la?t=^T 7^TT =^rT?5T %?5T, lie pronounced the ivords ivell. In this sentence it ia 
evident that -^i'l^^l, is not an attribute of 3^h:, but of %?5T, yet no one would use =5Tf'T?5, the proper adverbial form, in 
jiuch an instance. So in like manner, we should say in !RIarathi r^^\^ nre 3T?ft^ ^fti^rrat, he told the story exactly in 
this Kay., the 3T^=5T agrees with jfrs, instead of keeping the true adverbial form of 3T^^ ; though the meaning be most 
distinctly, that he told the story in that particular manner, and not that particular story, as it would be, were 3T?ft^ 
6n adjective. Again in Intransitive verbs, when the agent is expressed, the adverb generally agrees with it ; thus we 
fay fft fTJfhr n^, thereupon she uent away ; ^jz\ ^\%^\ T5?JT, the learn lies crosswise. In Transitive verbs, where the 
object is not expressed, and generally in all cases where the termination of the verb is unaffected by the gender of the 
nomiuative, or object, it is best to keep the adverb in its natural state, that is the same as the Nominative singular 
rcuter of the Adjective ; thu", f^TH ^t ^iftrT??; though if eTlTTr or ifp? were supplied, the adverb and verb would both 
change, and become ^ff ^t^^t. Again we should say m 31% q?^n; HTff, hardly if at all cfr 3T^T ^T^R qrf r. The 
best practical rule, then, is that which is given above, though it may not be universally binding. 

25. Adverbs have frequently their place supplied in Marathi, by a noun iu the third or Instrumental case ; thus 
ffr ^Hi.i-i ^^r, he u-ent Joyfully away; ^-^^'A ^ITIT^ ^TT =FftHT, he labours devotedly at the dictionary. In such cases, 
wo could generally also in English use with before the noun instead of the adverb ; thus, mihjoy, with devotedness. 
Sometimes also we may use the pluperfect participle ; thus, m fH^T^I ^T, he comes fearingly, or with fear, the same as 
if 'fWtH had been used. The words qqV and 3TIFH^ and qft, are of great use in the formatian of adverbs, in what may 
be considered the higher or Brahminical dialect of Marathi; thus, for certainly we may say ^«iqR^, or f^J*?irT?H^. 
Almost any Sanscrit Ecun can in this way have given to it an adverbial form.— There ia however one class of English 


adverbs, whicli caunot be rendered by any one corresponding word in Mar;Hlii, and wbicli require a modification iu 
the construction of the sentence to express their general idea. They are such as lamentably, deplorably, charmingly, 
beautifully, &c. especi.illy when they qualify an adjective. Sometimes the adverb, may be put into an adjective form, 
and the adjective made a noun ; as, " He is lamentably deficient in knowlcdj^e, " which may be rendered PTpEff f^Tff^- 
T'fr 5:^ 37T5r ^TITT^r'tt ^?TrTTaTr\; and " He is deplorably wicked, " fqT^t %?fT^ 3T^ armTTT^Fft J^rfr 3Tr|. Or 
both may be made adjective ; thus, " Her singing is charmingly sweet, " which may be rendered, fff% TTot 3TfiT Hqr h- 
TI^ 3TT^. The student will not forget what under the head of nouns was said of the imitative Marathi adverbs, fifrH 

26. The use of the conjunction (Wirf, is much less frequent in Marathi than in Englisli. Instead of coupling a 
number of verbs together as we do, the Marathas put those that come first into the participial form, and reserve the 
Terbal form for the last; thus, for the sentence, " He rose from dinner, put on his turban, and went out;" they would 
say, m %3[rr, -J5^, 'IFTR ^T^, «IT^ Jtr^T. As regards the respective places of cf and aTrf'JT, I believe it to be mainly a 
matter of taste. Pandits from the Deccan generally avoid q", as vulgar, while Concaui Brahmans use it freely. 
In all serious compositions cJtrfw alone should be used. The proper place of Jf is to string a number of articles 
together; as, HTrT g' HT ^T ^S ^T^K. In translating hui, when the meaning is, that the eicepted point is directly opposed 
to the foregoing, ^t^ or ^v\ should not be used; rR should be employed or no word at all used, the opposition being 
marked simply by the tone of the voice. To express the idea contained in the sentence, " If a man take such a 
medicine, he will not reeoYer, but die," the IMarathds say, 31% ^^^ ?IT# 3T^?ff HP^T^T ^i=5T<JTR TTfr, rfl K^. Ther 
could not here use TtH for rf^, but they might without any word say ilXFS', or with the emphatic particle H\?r^, with a 
pause before the word. la such ai'phrase as the following, we have a case in which T^H or ^UJ should be used, tfr ^tT- 
t=IT ^^f?:!, T"! "PT^ ^^ ^TH??T. He spoke indeed, but hi did so in a very low tone of voice. When hut has the sense cf 
notivUhstanding , iieveriheJess, ^'c. it is best expressed in Marathi by rTft; thus, " I did not see him do it, but I have no 
doubt that he committed tbe theft," will in Marathi be, cjTf^T^Htrrf^^HTf r,rTfff«TH^' <Rt %?fr TTf^^fr HFir^t^T^ 

27. Though the Interjection ^tT, corresponds to j/es, it is not so liberally used as yes in English; thus, if question- 
ing a Maratha, you were to say JFTT 5T^? he would probably repeat your words, changing the tone of the voice, or reply 
by grS, or perhaps, though scarcely, by ^tq' gr?j, but never by ^q' alone. The interjection ^rq is a part of the Terb 
^t^, and properly means it is, which most likely is also the original meaning oi yes. If therefore the verb by which you 
ask the question is 3Tr^, the word ^Tt may suffice for an answer. Thus,in addressing a company of agriculturists, if you 
were to say H^^ J^JT^ft 3TT^r ? the reply might be simply ^tq, though most likely even here aTT^ would be added. The 
rule here then in replying to a question, is to do it by repeating the verb used by the questioner, prefixing ^"tT or not. 
as you please, if the auswer be in the affirmative, and subjoining or prefixing HT^t, if in the negative; thus, the answer 
to H^ ?rP15fr ? are yon hungry ? would be FITIrft ?Trfr, or Hlfi c5Tn??t, / am not; but never ?Trfr alone: If however, the 
question were H^ an^ ? the answer would be ^TT^r, as this is considered the negative f«rm of the verb 3=ri^, and the 
rule is that the verb used in a question must be repeated in the answer. 

28. The construction of sentences in Marathi is generally very simple, so that a few hints on this subject may 
suffice. Parentheses should be altogether avoided in Marathi composition, and when they occur in a sentence which 
requires to be translated, they should be incorporated with, or subjoined to, the principal sentence. In ordinarv 
cases when no peculiar emphasis leads to a diffierent arrangement, the words of a sentence in Marathi should follow 
one another in the following order; first the agent, next the object, and last the verb. If there be an instrument, it 
comes preferably between the object and the verb; and if an adverb, its usual place is immediately before the verb, as 
in the following sentence, ?'? TT^WTTH 3Tm^""JrHT fHTT^t 5R ^TR^. The student who has paid proper attention to tho 
Grammar of the language, will be aware that sentences, which have in them a relative pronoun in English, must be 
inverted when put into Marathi; thus, " That is the man of whom I told you yesterday," becomes in INIarathi 5^qr R- 
g^nqpf^sft ift gs^RT jpffi; ^f7jr][^ ^f |f:cf tf(f^_ The word man, however, is transferred to the opposite member of the 
Bcntence from that in which it occurs iu English, and therefore belongs to the first member also iu Manithi, aa the genius 
of the language requires the subject of discourse to be introduced in the first member of a sentence. 

29. The construction of the past tenses of Transitive verbs by the instrumental case of the agent, and the simple 
or unreduplicated form of the Past Participle, which agrees with the object, or if there is no objectjis put in the neuter 
gender, is a curious part of Marilthi Syntax, and well deserving the attention of the Philologist. The former of the two 
modes of construction is called the ^fmoft, and the latter the ^^\k spfin, by Marathi Grammarians; pj.v^ nrs ?Tt^fT^ is 
an instance of the former, and f^rr^ ^ffl?tH of the latter mode of construction. This latter is indeed the more difficult of 
the two to resolve, yet I think if we compare it with the correBponding phrase iu Sanscrit, we shall come to tlic couclu- 


,;on that tho theory laid down in the commencemetit of this paragraph ie the true one. Thus PTIH %J Is exactly >.n 
^ and anawere to " it vs-aa done by him, " in English. The substantive verb was, requires indeed to be expressed in 
K,Hi8b but in the other two lanfTu'agCB it is uaually understood. If tho verb in Marathi be expressed, it answers to 
our" English Perfect Tcneo, which is properly a Past-present, for past and present time are both united in it., thus, 
^I^ ?I %?! W"k will UFuallv be rendered " he has done that, " but it may also be tanslated in the very form and idiom 
. f the Maritt.i " that is done by him." " The letter is finished," in Maralhi will stand exactly as m English, q^ mPS 
vii thou-h if there bo no emphasis on the substantive verb it will be omitted in Marathi. It does indeed seem strange 
that any language should tie itself down to such an inverse mode of construction, but the limitation is a fact, in what- 
ever way it may be eiplained. In Sanscrit, they can say ^ 31^'th, as well as ?R ?JfT, as we in Euglish can say ''He 
did ( it ), ■• as well as ( " It ) was done by him, " but in Marathi they have only the latter alternative. That the ?r in 
Marathi really expresses the sense of the third rase in Sanscrit is evident from this, that it is not only used for agency, 
!iul with equal propriety also for instrumentality. Thus to translate the following sentence, "He slew the enemy 
\s ith & sword, " it is necessary to employ the ^ for the instrument as well as for the agent, no other affix suiting so 
well tho idiom of the language: tho translation then runs thus, mVH ^^ fTT^fTfT^ TTfC^. The explanation of the HI% 
?Tq>T given by the natives is, that the ^TT^ or substance of the verb is the Nominative; thus f^T^ HTftS is f^■[^ JIRPT 
Hrftf^, A striking xcag struck bi/ him. As however the Marathi delights in forming verbs from nouns with Jp^^, I 
.^boulJ be inclined to think that the true resolution was PTT^T HTt^ ^, a was efecied by him, and that this n 
tiie true tlieorv of the TT^ JPTTT. The other form of construction called the ^M^ ^^[^ need not now detain us long; 
there the object is expressed, and the verb agre<,'s with it, as would any other declinable participle. Thus, JBR TT'tft 
snf^Tfft arfs means " a book has been brought by the boy," or more exactly in Latin, " pitero liber latns est. ' Again 
Wifjf <^t ^ ^F\U is " matre isti Jlores dati." 

30. This peculiarity of the Marathi language is not only puzzling to a European, it puzzles also the natives as soon 
a^ they begin to translate from other languages into their own. The Sanscrit, as we have seen, resembles the English, 
The Brahmans then, when translating into Mar;1thl from that language, finding that though PTr% %S will translate 
exactly rR ^ it was done hj him., it wOl not do the same for H 3T^^ " he did," have invented the new form ^j ^fei 
JTIHT, aqd this they term the ^P^t\ Sfftn, in which the agent as in Sanscrit and English, is the Nominative to the verb. 
=f;PrTT here is probably the same word originally as qv?TT, and the literal meaning is " he bpcame the doer." ^^ 
■??H is accordingly rendered «r<Trre ^c^nf ^TTc^T. 

31. "What is called by the Latin Grammarians the Ablative Absolute, which is in Greek a Genitive Absolute, is 
termed by Sanscrit Grammarians ^f^ ^frf*r, as requiring in that language the seventh case, and is in English a Nomi- 
native Absolute, is also a Nominative Absolute in Marathi, but it is of much more extensive use than in our language. 
Thus it is very frequently used to date one event of less consequence, but which is the immediate subject of discourRe, 
by another of greater consequence; as, HlvT rp^r ^T^ ^^ 3T^?Tf <^ sTT^oVR ^ ^TTfq^, during the reign of king Bhaja 
a certain Brahman proatred afield. It is employed also generally when one event is stated as occurring during the 
currency of another; as 3TT^ %ftrcTf^ rft STTcTT, he came while tve ivere at dinner. The Marathas however do not admit 
this form of construction with a past participle ; thus, " the work being finished ( or when the work is finished ) we 
will play," cannot be rendered ^;\^ gi^ 3TO?Tf %^; this would mean if any thing " should the work be finished; " but 
we must say ^J>VH 5rtF<tr ^fTT, or q^, or ^^ 5n^ ^rT%, <^oJ. 

32. As a general nde, the student, when translating from English into Marathi, must be guided more by the 
sense than the particular words employed, and he will often in his own mind require to throw a sentence into a 
different form, before he commence rendering from the one language into the other. Thus we form a great many 
verbs with the substantive verb to be, and a preposition following ; there will here generally be no exactly correspond- 
ing verba in Marathi, but by translating them first into other Euglish, our end will be easily gained. To be over, for 
•example, may mean to have authority 31«t^ ^^^^ or it may mean to be a remaining surplus, and so be rendered by ^OT. 
And so with to be in, to he out, S(e. Sometimes the Marathas will look at a subject from a different point from that 
from which it is viewed by the English. Thus, the Mariithas say PTT TTSiTtcr ^H XSX ^cftt7, the grain or liquid is 
looked on as the agent, and it is said '' into that vessel two seers may come. " In English, the vessel is looked on as 
the agent, and we say " that vessel will hold two seers. " 

33. In fine, tho customs, manners and religious ceremonies of the natives, must be studied in order to use the 
language properly. Thus, if the student is in doubt about the use of the word syrirfjsq^, and the meaning of the verba 
^&^ when used in connection with it, how is he to resolve his doubts but by studying the subject of the native 
Prdyacchitfa ? "When he knows that the common cause rendering the rite necessary, is the transgression of the rules 
cf C£°te or some ceremonial impurity, that the thing consists in some penance, or elae in a vile compost administered 


by a Brahman, tliat it is supposed only to take away some one, or some series of transgrcsBions, that the Brahman 
aJmiuistrator is the^tjnrr and the recipient the i)uir<r; having thus ascertained the exact sense of the word as used by 
natiyes, he will be prepared to employ it, so as not to' confirm them in false ideas, while wishing to impart to them 
important and heavenly truth. 

I ought to add that Major Candy has carefully looked over this paper, and thereby enabled mc to correct Hort.o 
of the mistakes into which I had fallen ; what remain must be laid to my account. Many of the points discussed also 
were originally suggested by Major Candy. May the Divine blessing rest on this essay, and on the whole work, 

J. S. 



S-^fo- (genitive of object ) means that the object must be in the genitive case ; thus, To Abandon fTIT «. ^Sl't^r 
»j. oj 0. Ex. Jft fTT 2?^=5n F^TT ^ftT, I will abandon that man. Here the object ( 5,^T ) is in the genitive case. 

g. ojs. (genitive of subject) means that the subject must be in the genitive case ; thus, To Abate ^^?rJT?». ^roTy. oj s. 
Ex. f^r=^^T ?mT^T TT^TH ITTST 3TT|, His disorder has abated. Plere the subject ( ?[T ) is in the genitive case. 

in, (ov inv.) con. ( inverse construction ) means that the idiom recjuires the inverse construction ; thus, To be able 
%of ; Ex. KcTT fe^^W ^^, I am able to write. 

neg.con. ( negative construction ) means that the word is iu a negative construction or in a construction of negative 

Act. after a verbal noun indicates that the renderings which follow f.r/jrf55 acjIioM ; Ex. Abandonment, «. v. V. 
1. — uct. Here the — act. indicates that the renderings ^r#r, cmi'i, f^T^^T, &c. &c. express tJic act of ahandoning ;— state 
indicates that the renderings which follow express a state; thus, under the above word Abandonment, the renderings 
which follow — .sia^t', 5T<f)OT"'TT, fTFT, fq^rTT, Ac. &c. express the state q/' being abandoned j the renderings which follow 
—a. or s. express either act or state. 

The hyphen ( - ) is used to connect two or more words with another which is common to them all. Thus, under the 
second meaning of To Abandon, the student will find fTTT OT.-Tft?^^^ ».- ife^FT m.-&c. ^Rof ; here the hj'phen obviates 
the necessity of repeating the verb ^JT"^ after each noun 5 also under the word Abandoneb, the hyphen between the 
words f'TTn-^^"5T-3'fB^^^r^-&e. %x\\ renders it unnecessary to say fTTT^TT?, ^^^^tTT, 3^?f^'?I^rTT, &c. oue ^t(\ does for all 
that are thus connected with it. 

The ifcc. after a rendering or renderings, indicates that more words of the same kind may be used. For instance, under 
Abaft, the &c. after ^^>^^\^-^\ indicates that any word signifying ship or boat, may be used in the possessive case with 
Hm^qr TFTTH. Again, the &c. after JT^^c^T under Abandoned, intimates that the reader may take the participle of any 
of the verbs given under the verb To Abandon, 

In the phrases which are given under leading words, only the initial letter of the leading word is repeated. 
The following abbreviations need no explanation : 

a. for adjective. 
n. for noun. 
adv. for adverb. 
prep, for preposition. 
V. for verb, 
p. for participle. 
s. for singular. 
pi. for plural. 

»). for masculine. 
J', for feminine. 
fi. for neuter. 
V. a. for verb active. 
V. n. for verb neuter. 
V. for vide. 

in. or inv. for inverse. 
lit. for literal. 
fig. for figurative. 
pop. for popularly. 
con. for construction. 
ncg. for negative. 

p. a. for participial adjective, interis. for intensicive 

cnhane. for enhanced. 
gener. for generally. 
comprch. for compreheDsive. 
deel. for declinable. 
impers. for impersonal. 
demon, for demonstrative. 
interr. for inteiTogation. 

There may be a few others but they will be easily understood. 

T. C. 





_/\_, This letter is rcpvcicuted by jK aud 'jn, but by these 
cau be conveyed ouly three of its uumerous souuds,viz. 
by 3? the obscure souud which it bears iu collar, jociilai', 
Christmas, Amcrica,{-K\i\c'h. is the sound of u iu svM,run, 
iun); aud the still obscurer sound which may bo dis- 
tinguished as medial between this aud the souud of .1 
in sand, ran, band: — aud, by 3Tr the sound, of A open, 
as iu fallicr, cliancc, las(. Its long or slender sound, 
Hi ill place, face, is represented by the letter ^, 

The broad sound of yl, as in all,wall, — the shortened 
sound of A open, as iu hand, /;«;,— aud the sound ( of 
13 short ) as occurriug in numberless English words, — 
have uo existence in the MarcdJil language. 

A or an the article is rendered by ^^ one, or by ^W^T any 
one; or it is conveyed by the uouu simply. Thus ^ ^- 
^rf^, ^J^T^ T^<T^7 o>' 'T'frr^ a hooJc. There is however a 
delicacy iu the use and omission of (^^ iu its capacity 
of representative of the article a, of which, as it would, 
with difficulty, be conveyed by statements or examples, 
this brief notice must suffice. 

A, as a uoun, is still rendered by 'S\ & 'iTT or by Cff^R & ^TT- 
JpTT, bearing the masculine geuder. All the letters are, 
in like manner, masculine nouns; aud whether simplii 
as, ?, t, 3", 3r, ^, sfTT, <tc. or in combiualiou with the 
particle qTR, as J^fHT, 5^R, ^'^PK ^tc. 

A, as a coutractiou of a;^ or corruptiou of on ( iu the sense 
of />(.) aud as appearing before participles, is rendered 
by 3i|4|iti or 3TrqTr!T as attached to the i'oot,as,«-begg- 
ing, ^-swimming, HmT^W, "fr^W. 

A.parlicularli/ or prc-cminentlij, is expressed by (rq^; ^s a 
hero, a liai-, &c. ( i. e. a hero, &c. unrkvilleJ, standing 
single or sole,) ^_W. jflT, ^^ FTqTT, ^^^ q^iT'TTfl". 

;\, iu the sense oieach one, each or eceri/ one severally, &ii a 
year, a tree, a man,is rendered by ^r'^^,^ ^^j^f^i ^i^rf^i 
aud, iu the objective case,by ^ as,/o each man, tree, Sje. 

Aj as iu the adverb,^ aniyh.f. alroad. abaci:, aland, alar, aivay, 

rjhol, asleep, &e.,as it is corrupted from £>»,aud is used 
ill the sense of on, in, at, Sfc, so it is expressed in 
IlanUltl by various prepositions or by suitable iuflec- 
tions of the words. Adverbs of this class do, for tho 
most part, appear iu the Dictionary. 

A, is often redundant, as in arise, arouse,aicaJcci aud so isiis 
JIardihl representative 3TT as in C3Tl">Tra','3TT?^,TTrWT. 

Aback, adc. — in navig ;j?r?:-5TT5r'", Z^^ fr^A^i. 
To be taken a. ^^.Z^TRX ^oi', ^r^KT TT^W. 
To be taken a.-fig. 'tf^f^-'-qrw^'^ ^-r;^ '^V^^'^'j^T.^i^t^M^ 
if^ /-OTig^ /. ^T^f rw ffofs. 

ABiFT, adv. at the stern. cfTPfff, ^ITTra', ^ITrRT^TT JT^T, nV 

%=^Tr-^%"-Tr-rrRTrxsrT-iT^^?rn;5TT-cte. w^r^r httt^, 

Jfi%=EqT-&c. trf-i^HTPli, 

2 towards the stem. ^fJ^J^'t.^J^=.^]-&.c. HT^^qTHTni^. 
Anxi'T, prep. 5RmT^?^T ^TT^f *rPTT^-&c. vMhg.ofo. 
To Abj.xdo:n-, v. a. renounce, resign; v. To Give rp. il-+,ui, 

^15^, ^r53t,?^FT m.<'fo. cTvfCTf, fq-JT^or, ?rt3^. 

2 desert, forsake, ^■^^^^^■^W.^-m^;^-S.i'^^^^\^^ 

F^rrn'jf, f^th )».-f?t^^ «.-qf$?TrT m.-tIt?-^^^ «.-&c. qF:T6f 

y.ofo. ?5T7Tat, -^^l n. srijf, •m'',^. 
o (one's self) to. ?rnr );(.-^ m. 'if^-'AVn y.<f o. HT^ m.- 
3^ m. ?rm^ in. con. 
Abaxi)o>-aijlk, a. v. T. 1. fT^FFTT-^irmT-JT^ra'T-Ac. ^PTHT- 
^TiTT-&c. ET^FJT, K\^,^^^., c?n^, ??T^5pft^, ^^, ^^5ftq-, 

2 ^r5TqT-<.tc. ^rTFrr-^RT-<£c. }^'^.z^^^^T-,^^l■^.^.f^^y^. 

A-RXTOoy-iLi), p.Sfa. v.Y.l. ?r^%?rr-ic. f?f^, rJTTfnrT, fTlf^Tn . 

2 ^r^^-'tc. f^rfnrf, rTrf^rfr, ht^p, "rfe??^. 

I. reproliate,(^-c.y. Suajielkss. ^SIT, ff^twf^f ZV^^U 

f^^q'^cTT, '44^JT^, PT^'^nr, f^Tfjf^snl, fiTOTT, f^rx^. 

II. — a town, village, honse, v. Dicsolaxe. vis^iis, W^j 

To be or become a. ^frrft/ pM'W (^T^'iRT-nisTre'-^nF- 

<fcc. ) 'J?W-3':JTr5-c<cc. q^ijf. l&c. J]Z[\7.. 

III.— a tenement. ipr^rT, n?f^5J, -^5oiM'l|+,?^rll-^'U%?5T- 

ABAXDOMiR, «. v.Y.l. ^T^OTTT, FtnTPTirr, ^^"uIKI, Ac. F^Fft, 


•2 ^-rrTTTTAc. ?!Tnit,MR-Mr'ft, FqrT-?JpT5T-ifr?q7n&c. ^?mr. 
AiiA>Do>ML.M, ;i. V. V. l.—(icf. zrjM It. ?fra6r «. ic. ??R 

.7??pi «i. ■j?'y??TT/. f^jj^nr/. f«r?r'i »». 

•_' -act. nrstjf /(. ^"iS^r ^nif >'■ ^^c. fTTT w. Tfc^TFTM*. r^- 
CJR (I. irfT?'T':7pT ii.—s/afi\ ^\V=Cmj M. S.C. F'TFT >«. "Tf?!- 

To AiiAsr. r.n. (hyrale, (Jv. v.To Hrstui.E. STT?^, ^^TtTT^of , 

T-i^of, jfijof, n\Hf- ?Tr=ii" "^Mg-ofo. 3Tf*riTFr t^'i^?'. ^- 

•2 (one's solO. ^jOioTi w -^^TTJT'JIT ;».-Xi-. =>ijf, JT^FPF «• 

ZTOT TTor, ^Hof, -flfiTTFr »'• ^TO'r-B"i^"f, ^^r^ j?.-?5^^ 
f.-f[^^ ;i.-rin-T?<iTr );!.-?r^RT/.-:ft^=r'^r-cte.'jTrq:'n-'4'n" 

.■cf. ip-of, T^mf^^TrT >H.-'>r^^n:??TFT»»--'iTfHKR?qTn»». 

^W, J^^H^ H.--;)T?Tr?: >/!.-.te. ?TTtif-^"l?or_ 
AiiASF.n, y». \. v.]. ^M^^.^r&c. 

r^^TT^^FTT, FIRJf^fff, -JT^Tm^rKt^, ^nfT^-TR, fq-T?rr- 
AnvsKMr.xT, h. v. V. 1- — cct. ^f^iin. ?hFTI^>Jt/'. Ac. ■'Sffir- ' 

qf?'^ Hi. Ft^'i^n »i. I 

Trt Abash, r.^.v. To Shame. T^vm^.^^j'^^ii.^^T^^qfj^m 

Abashed. jj). v. Y. nnd Asiiam]:d. ^^XTmk^A ^c. ?rr^S."^, 
qr^ifPT. r7l^?T, sjTf3T7;rmT. | 

To be or become ;i. =^i:?f<Jf, ^qTT'Jr, 'iir>TROT, ')?'?i'r'-T- ! 

Abasiijiest, .'i.v.T. «/<'/c o/fo;j/5w(o«.?JMcrsrq-aTi»«.?Jr^^q-- 1 

at/. -ifl?TT5t!p/. 
ia Abate, r.K. make Iowa; Jess, KeaJccr, v. To Lesse-v. ^^- 
T^i, ^infT-JTr-^^^^-yq-^- &c. W-T.^. 
'2 (loi-cc or of) w'^V/rt/c. ^rl^c^ocSFT^, g-?nT 

»'!.-TT?TH Hi.-OTsm^ «.-7?3Ttf?r/.-&c.^Tcf. ff.of 0. ^^^^^. 

Jb Abate, «. «. i/rov: lon-cr, less. v:eaJccr, v. To Lessex. 7\'\- 
2 — aa to force or iutcuscncss; decrease. ^?r^?TBr, ^'^■\^■ 

?Ttf?r/.-3fWPT «!.-ic. ihaT fj ofs. 

AlATEllE.N T, II. Y. V. A. 1.— f(ty. T<n:6r ;;. ^,if\ Tf.ri'i ,t. &C. 

"^i'rt.<."i n.-slatc. ^t %%HqoTT ««• T^^'^J^-TTiIT m, 

V. y. ]S". 1 — staic. ?^r=rR%TrrTr r,i. STRvfiTCTfj ,;;. ,C ,,_ 
"slate, ^J^T^^Torr ^)!. JT7T=r%T0TT w. &o.:pft ^rf^T'^rT 

2 ABU 

;i m. cjfr?rRr ««■ 

'i I. ««/» abated ^..Zf. 

}| ABBEiib «. T^q^rHri^i'r/ H^crrm^ /• 

AliliEY, ■«. T^Z lit. A\^m\ II' ^F^FTT n. 
'I Abbot, n. iT^?r»i. ^Zjf'^'^T^m. ^zv-'^'t^'n- '^Z^ m.^TT??^ «(. 
Ij 2y Abbeetiate, I'. «. T. To ABBiDaE.^^q'Ti^?t^T«(.-Jt?i- 
i q-trr n. W'l^ <J of 0. ?rr?TfT ^=r<jf. 

Ij 2-iii grammar, i=?m''^f5T'J ^?;of,^m^'?T^R^<iif,^T':'Jf. 
!| 3— in uiathcuiaf ic8, arq^rT w(.-'flq^^=T". ^of y.o/' o. 

jt ABBREvrATED,^).v.V.].^f?Tfr,^f?Trs^,^m%%=rr,H^TF5Tr. 

\ 2 rfRf^RTq', ^i'T^^, ^TTJTT, ^f^ or ^fTT^ or ^-it'T or r^- 

ll JTR-JT^r <<i-c. 

' ATJiREXJ\Tio-s,n.x.\.l.—c'.ct ?i*HqQ'i;! ri'A'TTT'jf "-^HT ?« 

i| 2— stale. ?frqf5rfJT'j?rT /■ ?5iT5^r-rr /. Ff^^fT /. 

S— crcY. 'iTT^rf m. 'i^^^r^^ n, 
I I. marlc of a. ^?^qf^'^ n. 

II. tliinr/ uhhrcvialed, v. Abhidgemext. ^mw. ?rTr^«!. 
Abbretiatoh, n. v. Y. 1. ti<HqoTTTT,^^^^anTr,?f?TT^Trr, 
I :] 3Tq^^^, 'AqsTrT^Rl', srqcTTTq^Tfr, 

A. Ij. C. T. ALPHAJLiET. 5T?TO^^JT«i. 3T?TT^Rr/ q'OTITraT/ 

^?T>«. 5TRT?q?qT/i'?. 
' 2 V. EuuijiENTS. afl^TRn' m. 

Eogiunlng cue's a.b. c. sfRTTT ^7^^^ «■ 'i\'<f\lK^ m- 

qsjfrq^JT »?. ^isrRff m. 

To Abdicate, v. n. yield a rhjlt. ^_ M.-^R?rr m.-Z\^\ w^.^'f- 

^^rfHFqrf^^pf^r w.-qfsRq'rqwn w.-&e. q^':'if. 

To Abdicate, wa. rcUiiqiiisIi a rir/htful possession. ^I"^, 

^^^ ^reiir, ^T^fTifFrifn 15% fsrw^^.-^TffTFqfsr^r^q^^- 

1 rqRT «i.-W^R5TRTq^'q^t?H'-f >«. W.l^ g.of o. 

i To a. the tlirouc. HT^^^r «.-Ti7^«.-?;p3Tq?«.-Tr3Trf'--T- 

I %\x j^.-TnTRTT ^'.-ij^^^^mi: 11.- ko.. ^fraof-^'rsq- %iTf-?fre^ 
' ^rof, m^RT^ ?^RT «!.-?:r;rRrH?qRT w.-TRqtR?Rr)«.-Tr3T 

II .-■=s^■=^\^\\'■■■^-^^ 1I.-&C. jpTof. 

To a. uji oIUl-c or trusl.-jTftT^R?mT«i.-'-iTftT^RfH?r^^'!.- 

-j7n:T^':i^?Rr m.-•^^J^p]m.-^im■H^^n.-^^^^ n.-SicW^^^' 

,, Abdicated, ^7. v. Y. X. 7:??^q-pT c<lc. %%^T, ^^r,r:TFft, 

V. Y. A. ^irasf??! etc. ??TTf3Trr, c^[?r, ?t^, t?^-;:, f^ff- 

1 Throiic-a.ffl^RTq- Tr?rq5r->!;: e. ^>s^^r, ^^r%^q"=T, ?q"- 

j ^T^tT^, Fq^5T?Tq^,?q-TF;ri7q^^ ?^^?TJTT1'VtR,^^^RR- 

Trust or oKcc-a. C'.in:T=?;R-q7-&c. 5ffr5?l;?5T, F'lT'fP'PFR, 
F^^q^, ^rrrffeT'TRcqFT &c. 
I A UDiCATU.y, ».v."V.A.— «(/.^^q- 


Deed of a. irJWPT^^ //.^t^i^^pr n tTrfiKFnT^sf^ T=5r ?i. 
AiiOicATOR. ii. Abdica>t, rt.v.Y. ]Sr. •dl^uiKr ite. '^r^r^Tpft, 

V. Y. A. rfii'Jli<:"r &c. 3:?FPi-3?<r^^-m3T^'?r ;nT^-<fcc. 

Tla-oae-a . f?rfr?r^-Tr?fr<m-Tr3NT-TiTTn^^K-7n?q--&c. 

^rfTirr. f^ ^ i <i i -X\<--i l -H H >te. ?TPfT,fd^ltHr4|'r-<MltH- 

Trust-or office-a. 3Tf-iprn:-<T^ ^"'liUIRT, 'iTfqinTr^fPfr, ^^- 

Abdojies-, «. V. BEi.r.r. 77t». qrr «. fF|T hi. ^:?BT/!.qffer/. 

Lower portion of tlic a. aftrr/. 
ABuoinxAi., «• Y. X. :?5ft, sJ ^< '-i r. <fR^, TTT't^q^, ?^f?r*T^- 

AnDoiiixors, «. V. Potbellied. ?f^ra,%=^r. 

Abductiov II -iu Law, ( ;?q?^ Ji.-^TT'ppr /--^t*'.) ^T^r^- 

"pTrTTf^-"^".'^ ^^ n. 
Aeecedakiax, n. teacher of a. I. e ( or i-talinienls. j sfpTT- 

»^r 5H.^7Trqo5qT«»- ^li^im-'iT^i-CHirti-qJiHIscr-ic. ^PTWr- 

n-f5i+.i|Uiui-i-e. qp-?f ^^p3=n ,■;;. =jufniri-i.|t-^iM+; «i. 

2 learner of a. b. c. v. Shatteisek. 3fiHI*-4| hj. 'jfr^rTTT 
^n^PTTTT or '■Mi+--4r «i. qKra^qT '^I^UlUr o/'qt^^ «»■ 'J^- 

Abep, «(7i-. o/i or in led. st%^, N'^l<-'-<N<, Ui-m^H.W'-^. 

?T^-zrr'ir, sT^frqir, sT^^rm^r. jtwt, ?ffR^. it--i-+,i<i^. 

AuEnBAXCE, AbEKJJATIOX, !i. T. Deviaxio-v f^fTT^T »• f%^- 

fn/. f^qH--);'X «■ fsr^H'irri/. firr^nTT^ i>. ^r^^ m. 

A. of miuJ. iuieUeet, &e. VCH m. yiwir :i. 
Aeeeba^t, a. (leviou?., T. EHnc'G.'R'^R^-RnK-ilc.^rfrf.^T- 
Xo Abet, v. a. lach, v. To Help. Jj^r nt. 5W, "y^/ ^''f, f- 

*ilrtl '«. T^^y.q/'o. TRTTTsrr «J.-Jlrr=r^ m.'^T^f </. ofo. 

Abettoe, ?(. Ai!ETTi>-G.;j.v T. 11'^ "c^TTT. TRP^ 'T'';rt;rT^r. 

Akeysssce ,That is iu a. ftf^, FPR SP^JTFS, FTcFVT. 

To ABnOK.i'.a. Jia/e iii/eiiseh/;ahoininnfe,f7r/esf.y(^^7j^rfW[. 

frj^'T'Jr ;;. ^FW y. r/o. ^\^ «.-^fpfRiry;-Ae.^ y O^ o. /;(. 
eon. •JW^J^ (,f7?T!^) "^Tfjf, or. ir.vcrseltj, f^of, ^i^rFT 

wi-iJ?. "ifis^-H^^i^few'/s^-^y. ofo. 
AunonuED, J). t.V. -rffl^-Ae. iTPT^?;r, 'flidg^mrf, 'iTIKT^'il. 
ri laroKiiEXC E, «. extreme Iw.treJ. 'iTPTf^'S-T'TTl^w- 'il^q"^- 

|;7 «(. =finc^ ra. fq?^ «. 
AcaoKuryr. ^. Abkobeei;, .v.t. Y. -;iT>p5r itc Hr^TJIT^. |^-f- 


I. irreconcildlle ii-il/i.x. Ixcoxsistext. fsTT'^fT. '^J, 
f^^t. ^mm[. SRFFT. tf?^^?. 
To AeedE; v.i}. stay for o short I'one. v. To SoJorEX.'jrHTCTf. 

2 (?<ceZ7, v.To Eeside. ?:t^, ^^aT,irnT r,i.-^t^ pop. ^- 

3 HO/ cease or fail, v. To Coxtes-ve. Jjruf, fc^^. f<PT^- 
of, ftin TT^, 3T?^^ 711^. 

4 ie«/- vp (ii/('.ins/,staniJ o>'f. t.To E^^)UEE. f^vfof, f^vn-- 
^, ft?P^. [ ^or-<S;e. 
u by : sficl- to. f^ +y.H -'jK?iY^-%7r^-VT^r\-'.v:e. ar^-^- 

To Abide, «■. «. v. To Await. ^Ici^ui'. ^W-"^ ^{^-T^^-S. e. 
f?rE^ I'M m^ ofo. 

2 r. To Beab. ^fiRprf, 'fT^ «■ W^ g. ofo. 
Abibdtg. See E^'D^Br^'G. 

Ability, h. t. Power. <Tf^/. <rnT5«T«- ^j)fi/.»r5r /f.crn:- 

n or ? /. ^7T?T/. C neg- con. ) 

2— mental, T.UyDEHsrA2n)ixcr,CAPAC'iTr. ^i^>T^«.^- 

f^^VC^ 11. 3T?i^r m. 
Abject, a. mean, Inso.y. Low, !Mea>". ?fhr. qi^fr. ^-i^f.f. ^- 

AbJECTLT, «(?!•. T. A. 7pfn'JrT%, ^rl+M"lPr W. -:?['-( H-^'JIm. 

Ab JECIXES3 /!. T. A. qi4lM"n »n. ^,-l-+.M<7rr K». i^r. 'iJ'A^^ r. 
Abjeeatiox ii.\. Y. f^v?TT ^T^r #PT n. ij'o. JTT^Tf^^Fir^rTn w. 

To Aejlbe, t". a.renounce, ij-c. oh 0«7/(.f^|^qT ^^^ tttl'if-cT- 

■p.rm'l j;i.5tv^,5rT4T?-T^f^Tm'V!..g-JrT-<Tr^«! '^j^g.ofo. 
Ablation, ». «(?/ of taLlng aKci/. ^HMKM "• WT^ »!. 3T7^- 

Ablatite, «. that takes au-ay 3m^i'i.+,, STTflfr, ■STT^rif , FiT- 
^, ^ ( esp. iu comp. ). ^f, ■STT^^, STT^TT^. 37TT^Tn- 

A. case. 3441 iM n. 
A. case absolute. ■HPi'H'H'ft/. 
Able, «. t. Powebefl. ^tT^JTT?, m^'^^Vj:- ^^'^■■ ?W-<t, ^' 

2 — uicntally, v. Ci.etee, SEiLrrL. ^w^. 7H, T^, J^nr, 

3 of adequate alilili/ or i^otccr.x. Coiin;TE>-T. ?!TCpF, 
^^FT^Vm, HIT. 

•1 — iu coiiip. aJmiltiiig of,suscej)tihJe of, having the imircr. 
The form of the English verb thus constituted is reuder- 
cd iuto MtinUhihy attaching:, to the gcrundial form of 
tlic Jlari'-'Jiixorb. the pavtielc ^,(ex. Eatable t^ 
Drinkable cqTqT^rT./'.-also the adjective HR^T Ulce, equ'd, 
adequalr. (c\. !-tNi-HH\^)".— also the adjective ifp^ or, 
popularly, :^'T?TT ov ^^im i>roprr, fit, icorthy, (ex. ^^T 
orM^TRror?rFIT7r'fF^-^iTlrrr^''IT,):also theadjective, 
i\^z( 2'ossihle after adding »T or ?rr (ex. v.Nfm*! or <qr7[- 
^?IW«r, p:— audthus.wilhaliberfyiuitnova! inEnglisli, 
throughout ihc J1/Wj-«'/7/(' verbs. It is further roudercd, 
whcii it cypresses tho scii^e proper, fit. vorlhij (to he). 


l.v ,-o:in.our..llu«;\\ 1th 6V»Hir/lr/V nouns bu«-h words as m- 
nt,-J^W^,l(^^,'ni,-&<:.!i^^o\[>rv^M\5 tliis sen so: ex. 

'Xh . . \in numerous iuslaut■c^^, well rcn- 

,1,, . or imrtioipk'S ( c. g. eatah/c 

WQ, . .•.-. , :./T5^,.'rH?=!T, H^Toft^, T^fT^STorH- 
t'ffV^'^ )an.l by sucli I'ornis it will hero bo abuudanllj 
rendrreil; but for tho rules of they arc not 
•luito nimplc, and as they belong not to Man'illi,', the 
Icarucr is ivfcrrcd to the grammar of tho Sanshril. Hero 
it \i neccs.nry to stale, Ist. That by the terminations 
••nblo"^ »poken of, are to bo understood as well tlic 
torminatious -iblo, cble, ublc," ( o. g. miscible, dclelle, 
w/«A/c,)whellier occurring cnphonnusly in the eoustitii- 
lion niEuijIish verbal ai1jccti\-os,or appearing in aJjec- 
tivM, jnlrodneed from the Latin; and whether viewed 
ns derived from Abal OoM, or Ablcz 3V«i., or from 
llabilirt Zffl/. 2ndIy.That, a3 this termination "able," 
though iljviewed as Fnylis/i ,nn mean and therefore can 
be interpreted only as above ( viz. /invhiff the power); 
nnd though, accordingly,its incomparably most common 
implication is that of smceptibiliti/ ov praelicnlleness,h 
yet craployed(perhaps from a power derived from Ilabl- 
li»),to express the sense /iV or siiilallQ, (e.g. olservcille, 
fJille,) and the seuso siiljeci or lialle, (c. g. fnialle, 
jtunUhnhle,) so, in like manner, are employed the parti- 
ciple^rand the adjectives tTR^F and?m^,ctc 3dly That 
the .S'<in»Zv// formations giveu.andall similar formations, 
(with the affixes ^^,37;ftqT,andrr3q-,) arc, though they 
involve differences and admit delicate preferences, em- 
ployed in Marulhl with equal amplitude -Ithlj. That the 
Maniih) formations with the participle^^rraud theadjec- 
tivcs^llHland ^>q-,a3 well as the Saiisl-rU formations, 
bear, additionally to the senses given above as common 
both to them and to the formations with "able", 
tho senses ih-sif/ned or inlended/thonl or on Ihe point ,and 
demanding, rfquiring, or cJaimiiiff. Lastly. That the de- 
tailed evplunation here presented is designed to stand 
ill substitution of detail and of unexplained repetition 
throughout the class of the ahles; and that, therefore, it 
is to be borne in mind and applied by the student 
according to his occasicjns. 
T; Jc Able. v. Aui.e. ?t^, rff^J^m^^i'^nn^&o ^rJf,=qfff, 
^Jr ( these twu require inverse ivnstruclion, as, I can 
write, »T=!r fe| Jf or fe^?rf or fe^r?n-?r ^^.Can you do it 7 
? 5=7f fr^ qfr ! or ^ 7^^ ^^, 4\ I) Here it may be 
ob-servcd that the verb ^rot, additionally to its requiring 
inc. eon. admits of the use of tlie agent in the objeclivo 
ciie,— a-s per example: al.-io, that the idiomatic and far 
preferable modoof renderingthoEuglishvcrb toleuUe 
i.H this mode of in-crse eonslnidion.Thevethk further 
rendered by the use, with a construction inverse ov in 
><-M.-h IJ,!' agent i,p„t ohJeefir,Jg,o{thc tliird person of 


lud flirovf/Iioiit Iht 

he causal verb, and llirovylwut the rerh.i; as, lean oat 
tIii.-< niango,^ wm JT?n'o;-TTT5^T?f ^T5nrfT'r,aud1 p(^iy.,- 

'^^T'Jrn; (tc: though of this last form-q'aTf^''- it must be 
added, that it is restricted to the negative eonstruction 
tion; as, S IT?!T or HT^qr^ ^'TSfC'IR-trmoTTT-c'^c. qrfr, 
or \ WA or ITT^^R W.^^K W.J^l g'T'q'Jf, ^'s'^f, ( these 
two with the construction noted under ^ffi )^r?rTH '^I- 
iff y qfo. TtoTi|?:tfr or HtTTI"!?!" ^R ni. 'i^^vi ;/. ofs. ^M 

ABLtTTIOX w.v.WASniXG. gW «• '^T?R' «. ^^\7^ «. '<f[\Pr^n. 
2 hathinri.ritm^^f. -¥tr%aT«. t^^:^ n.-HT>:^\^ n. 
T^r^W.'^m^ n. 
3— iu relig. sense. f?{T-r »■ 
A. of the body. -iTT^^T^. 
A. of tho feet. ^\^ n. ^^Z^^f^;^, 
A. of the head. ■Rk-.^TT^. 
A. of the waist to the feet. ;?j^?5rT^. 
A. from the throat to tho feet. ^S^tTT^. 
A. of the mouth, 'm'^'^^ pop. '^=^^^ or 'i^\^^^ ii. 

A. iu one's garments ?r%?^?5fT^ ii. 

A. in ihe morning. STlrr:^^. 

A. at a sacred place. rft'^^TH', 'I'li^PT. 

A. iu the sea. Tr'T:^??^^'. 

A. after inunction. ■'JT^^T^TR', 37VinpTcr%55rT^. 

A. and inunction: used esp.of women and childreu. 

A. performed mentally. JTR^T^PT. [^TPT. 

A. performed by rubbing earth on the body. t^^. 
A. performed by rubbing cowdung on the body. ilT- 

A. performed with ccrlaiu iueantnlions. ifT'^^STFT^ 

A. performed by rubbing ashes. ■'T?Tr?IPr. 

A. performed iu compauy with others. nir^PT, 

Assistant or attendant at a. ^^TT^ ^T^MPl m. ?^N^. 

Cloth worn at a. T^^oft/. 

Cursory or hurried a. — with the power or iinpliealiou 

oi going Ihrovgli llic funn, doing cnovgl to sirrar hi/, - 

I-aws and rulcM of a. jfr^F^ffq- m. pi. STpSTpqrr vi. 
3Iatcrials ( waior, ashes, powder, itc. ) for a. JJTT^l^ ii. 

<5rPT n. 
That performs a. ^TH^^, ^T^t, JSTTFTT, ?ffT^?ft^. 
That has performed a. ^STR V^^r,^r?r,=pFT^rH,^r?r'5rr^. 
Uupurified by tho daily a. grt iniira.,iicd,—o( persons, 
vessels, &c. ^]iiHh and by rcdiiplic. 'JTrrFTTTT'TTn-. 'H- 


Yet wet ( unwipccl ) after fi. 3%?ysr or <ffra'rfi-_ 
ABLrTiox-CLOTii, n. air^of « 3?Rr=rDf w.^R^^ ". "T5?ift/ 

Ablctioxauv, cf. v.X. relating, &e. ("o alluLion. aTiq^rat^r^ 

At!!,y, «(/i'. T. N. 1. ^T^fff^- &c. ^^Tf^, B'^jfra:^. 

To Ap.xegate, Ai!Ni:aA.Tiox. Sec To Deny, Den'[at.. 

,\ti>-ot!JIal, a. v.Iur,ECsrLAE.Rfq-H3T^,f^^f%?5;,3^'T'4T^TT^. 

.AnoAEn, «(/('. .'inJ;)rf^7. iTT, ^TT^F, ^l^^ ^S^l^-s^f^^wsQUi after 
any word signif^'iiig sliip or boat. 

AiiODE, Abidi>-g, «.■-«<"/. T.Stat. ^\^^ n.^i^rof «• ^\^}jJW'f- 
2— f lace. v. IiEsiDEXCE, fsq^mt m. f^fXT ». xf^trqr^ 
^r^T / [^^ m. ^5:q-. I 

Til mal<e one's a. To take up one's a. v. To Reside, tj^dt^ 

Tr/ A noLTsn, r. ft. ahrognie, annul. A\Z^ »/■ i^Tf^T ^T^'Jt, 

Ff^^y:-H?rTf /.-3'~#^ »»•- ht m.- h^^ ».- ^''t^'^'^ «■- 'j 

^{V^ n.<i^^XV^ m.-'mXn^ n.- f^^.-^r^ n.WAq ln.-f^^'^^ 

}(.--il'7fFiTf.=fiirT «).-3T?rfP'4f^^^5T ". W-l^. \ 

To a. a rite, practice, rule, c*lc.-ni?TJ?r=^^T«J.-f^'THHT 

m.-■f\i^^x\^ m.-t[ijjz%7^ m-'s^\^v^^n ;».-'frr5rRrTT^^ n.- 
Aeoijsiiaeee, a v. V. ifrsrqT-T^^ra'T-Ac. ^m?rr ^nr-^iT- ,j 

AB0LisirF.n,^).v.Y. tTt?^^ i-p ^rfrnT T%^T '^'^ 5TT^?^r, H?:- i 

^5, T^, T5,Tf^?jvr, s^'r^'^, f^T?^'';!^, T>g;^, -j^^TrfT^r.^T. 

Abolisiiee, Ji. V. A'. HrSt^TT Ac ^Tlfrai ^-^'cc-JJ^srcn-j-r, i 

.\bolitiox, n. V.V.— «pf.jfRor n. jftf^ ?T^"Tf «. ^ j 

^^^ n. kc. ^Z'^ n.—slalfi. fflsOTnTT m.SiQ. Hf^t/ Tf 

?ni/.7=^2f )» ^T »». OTT in. 3T7JTT w! f?rg:f%T/ fqi^ ! 

/ gft^^ffT/ -^f^z-^SW^ n ^^^r^\■■:i m. 'Jr^TlT'TKrHT m. :j 
-Vbo^iixable, a. Jcfestalle, e.rccrallc, v. IIatefue. STRTFJ, :' 

\. |irr .-111. 5(7^15 oj' ^55R «.=Ei3R^m/ =5f¥T^ «'.5,'^'N- I; 

, .' / ! v]--: ,.i. ^^-,:■^{^^^ ,«_ I'^ay^ ^i. g-^?;^^ «. \ 

An.oiix .,::i I \i:ss, );.v.A. 'i^^rr^m w. •JTJtq^J-'T'JTT )". &c. f^^- '\ 
To Aboiiixate, v. a. hate iittcrlg,x. To Abiiou. CfTfq'fr g^iif , I 

AnoMIXATiON-, n. ohjecl of a. ^^ f. KT ".'jfrft^^ «. 37Frr%^ 1 
TT^ n. ^\■>rr^\^^^ m f^^^T^^^ m.ft(^<\Tr,^^ n^^^^^p^n. { 

ABouioixAr., a. \. OiinnxAT,. Ko5^, q-f^??!, sf'^iTf^yFT. jl 

Aboeiotxe.s, ;i 2^yimiticr inhal.'ilant.i. ^55% ^TfOTT^ «!■ ^>?. ' 
"fA^X^^A-W' m- J)}, v■^'^\ m. pi- "tTH m. pi. r^Tf^f^^^ "'• " 
j,l. !T'4iTff'4fT^i7: «'. pi- ^V^\^^AT. m. pi- ^pft^'TT:'^ /;;. 
pi. ?-^T% w?. pi. 'iT^rrsRTi; l«. ;^/. " Ij 

Aboetiox, n.—:(et. miscarriage. ^^^'\^ m. ^^rT n. iTTTrT^r ». j! 


n. TTH^^^^T n. ftsT^HT «. ^gR' »«• m^ m. 

Pnociircr of a. fq^^TrT^, gyr^T?:?, fe^TFT &e. ^Krff. 
To procure a. qiJ ?». qreq'-5rT5^-'?ril'Jr f^T^^fif-HK^, 

To suffer a, q'r^: n. qi'ir-fJTT'JT y-"/-?- 
2 — produce, castling, ij^ ?«. JIH^TTm. ^?FiH '"■ 'It^T m. 

3T^RJi% w. 9TqoTn^)'(. T'rqrfr m. i^Vr w^. 

Aeoetive, «. Irought forth ^lntimelg.^^f;^^^\^^<^^^] ^■^- 

^^T, 37^FJ, 3TqaT%T?r^''Tr,'¥rq?5r^-Hr/3TqiJT^R;^,'frFr- 

2 that fails, prove.'; vain, v. Vaix. 5T4. Ft^^, f^':^^, 

3 — iu mcA'icMC, causing alor! ion. ^'^^^[^^T^,Sic.^^^'^':^^\, 
Aboetivelt adc. v. A. 2. 'B^^, ^Wt, sq-tf, s['<tt. 
21) Abouud, v.n.have plcntifilly. ^fS'Fr-T.^^-fqq^^-iT^T-tS.e. 

■StHfit or ^ijf inc. con. ^^^. 

2 he plentiful. ^^^-'^W.'^A'^'T^i-^X■&c.'J{^^or^^^^- 

\\^t[f.-■^^m.-^rwAm.-^^ I'i.-iTTf'f «.->qrq «.-&c. 

5T^ijf or Itijf yo/"*. cTi?:^ srr^ijf. 
About, 2'>''''P- oi'er the outside of, around, m^^^ 5ffNlN¥.H, 

or ?T, ^^ffq^'^'H-JTiVFrf, qf':?r:. 

2 in the vicinitg of. ^^r^qfTf, ^^7.^^. 'JTffrqT^, 'iTraht- 
:i concerning. f^TT^ft, Tt^T'^T, ^^'oft, rT o/' Pjr (f/s Ht WA^T 
4 — in qiiautitj^ quality, &c. near to. g'TTRP^TT, TtTTqi, 

^Hq:?^, giTTrr?r, f jtrrt, gnR. [^rarr, g^R. 

5— in lime; near to, -J^^^ ?r-7Fr, aTrl^qJi-TT?, gTTRRr,g5TT- 
G appcndaiitlg to the person. 'flf^TtR, viTtqm, ^T, 

^^rs, qr^T. [^"M oi" ^'f ^tr^=^rtt. 

7 /// conqiass or circwnference of %?T?r, qfltft^T, =fi%T, 
S o;( the point of, in the act of. ;j?iTH (ex. a. to dic.iTT- 
dt"]?^. a.i o go TTiTHRg^,an(l 5T^=rR5~?T.,^R5?T,'Tf5"'Tr- 
'5;q, q^^'^?T A c.)-JTfiTgiq (ex FtTUTTfirTT^ ctc.r. .'^(yjrft ) 
'J'o be a. ?:^>7f, ?^T5Iot, rJRTTtT-g^'TRr'T %^Rr-ttT?r-'.*CC. 

9 «/, //;, /» cngagedncss upon. ^TTrT, T"^'"^. 
About, ads. circtilarlg. =5T(gT-fflT^ilT-&e-i=rTrr.?r.=7=.f5frr, 5R3^- 
SfrT, TTTTT or Tf, fnTfiR: or Tf, IT3^ ^FJff. 
2 /« circuit, in compass. q-=?TTtr,'^''TT^, '^Tr^=qiW, Tiff- 

^, qfT^:, qft'-fr^r, qfR-firsqr'fT-'^'r^-trfqsf^-ete. 

.3 nearlg. cfrciler. 37r5?rT^, grre^ft?: or So;- -ffre^r?, gmi- 
7j^ gTfTT^, g^TTFTT, t^^ (ex. about a mile ^r^ Fq;,aud 
'i^r rrq^, ^^ t^qr, ^?:v^r ^q?, ^Tf T ^qT,?rff ^T ^q?, ^^f ^T> &e. 
about .'^iv, about -seven, &c. ^TTfi ^W., m^ ^q^, ^TT'; '^q;, 
^^R f^^, &c.'). 
■I here and there, circa. 'iTT^f^F, 3'IT^^t^- '^TmqRT, 

'iR^q'"^', 'iT'-frf q^^rt, s^s f?rq^%, f?i^3 ki^s, ^4 ff'4. 
r> cireuitousig. qr^qiH, ^Jfts-sTRt, V':r 7Tr^^'^3;?r^'^('- 
n7q;r iTT^^%?;?r ctc.fn':^;^^3Rr or,intrrsri.,, ^z^ q^qr. 

To briug a. To Iring to pass. '?r5=T'^, ^sf=T 'HfTftTr, 
To come a. To come to pass, q^qp %"^- T3^. 


To go n. To enler upon, be rnga-jeJ in. snm'<iif, STfrT^foif. [I 
Above, }»-ri>. over. ^, ^r^-^Trft-ft, ^iff, TTfr- 

I'roiu a. «nrT, TfT. , 

2 V. I'roN. JTT, ^'rft. _ ^ I 

3— in qiiaulity, number, .^<\ sfr, q^^:!. TIT, f^l^, 
^f*J "S-A I'. «*<■</ «ri7/i ^Wt. 
AnovE, (n/r. ocn-hraJ, iqncanfu. jp:, ER^r, 7'!^i^ ^'■"^, ^tf^n:, 

2 in the hcucens. ;f.5P"^f. ^^^,T'^, 'JTFKT^TfrT, 'JTrTft^TfT, 

Above ALL,/i</i-.v.CiiiKFLr qf^ ipTH. "J ff r«l I H ^, Tff '^rr^T, 
AcovE-BO.vni>/'./i-. ni)f*chnih-slin(li/.\.OvESL\-. ^•T=^Mq', ij 

AB"VE-ciTKn. AuovE-AtENTioxEn, Above-xamed, &c. «. : 

jTsrp, ^np, ^^fR[nr, "j^^'rf^, ^tttt, H^irrf^^ oi- ^, 

(only iu writiug;".) frpTT, (only in Avritiiigs. ) srtfff-f^T :[ 
To AnRADE, i\ II nil or wear ofp 'q^joESTT'if, ^T^'^, "^wM^ \ 

Afln.vDED,;? v.V. -^loi^^x^Tr <S:e ^T^?;%;7r,3T'7^r%.f^'?f?"'T. 'i 

To be or become a. ^T^TT^, ^Tjirr, ^t^^ijf. ;j 

Ann.vsioy, n.\.\.—act, ^r^iJi ». ^W^M n. qw^W ». &e. ' 

Miiik of n. 'sim%\ or afir^^r »>. ■ 

AnnE AST, fl(/r. vilh the Ircasts in a line. ■STPFff 37^ 'JT^,^fftW j 

^rpft,'JTmwiTiT,^fqTO'^?T t7TfH',^r'T7T«f?r:,Tr'^f^?r:. j| 

Tu AnniDGE. r a. ppilomize,Ji'iest,ahstract. '<JrPFTffT 3TM^, i 
2 «//0(Y«I, f//;H/,;;4/,. V. To LkSSK\. ^jfr '?H ie. ^m. 

AnKiDdED.p. v.Y. 1. HH?'%%^r .tc. g-%H-, ^'t^TfT^R, ^fj- ■' 
AnnrDGEDLV. (nh. v. X. ;{i?^(TT^,;^^q=p)r?T, ?T?TT?r-., ^^t^T, ^1 
AunrnoEMEXT, n. v. V. \.~acL ^^i^ n. ^%q ^af n. \ 

—stole. ^?TT «'. ^vm^f- ^^T^-^orr »« 7r;^rT^=r « 

I. honl; kr. (thri,J(jcJ\ compen'lium, fpil.-imc.ili'/cal. svm- 
vwr,,, abslraet. »t"m«J.Hif i5T«(.?rPT'<^'«.?nTfr'!Tf «i. ^TT^4 

>". ?rHrf rr w. fn?m'<T «'. ^^r m. 7^^ n,.r[T\r „, TtffFrr/. 

AnnrnoER, ». v.AM. Hk-Tmrr. ffH? W^UU H^T-^KTS-F- 

2 o«/ ofiloors, I'ifJ.oiil. ^r^l^^ ^r 

Soi'f f/fiomr, iafonli/n place. ni^TFlf^, ^\^\^f{., ^r{{. 

To Ro a. Vnf^rff ^fur, \nm n.-f-v^m^^ 



■mT^frT (ex. '^ ^frf Tr^r^ n^^Ffa-), i!t^f^,=Cr^t?r, fi'^t. 

^To get a. 5I1^T5^, "T^-Toff fnJr-TSdfj^s:^ «.-^45T? •;«.- 

^"rfJF^ w.^m y. ojs. 

5 /« the open air. ^q^ '7r=^t?r,3'q'I^m=^f?r,5rR':TRf. 
2y AjiROGATE, c. ff. rrpenl iiHiiiil, v.To Akolisu. JTr5^,Hr- 

AiiKOGATiox, «. V. A'. Hi'5'jf "• T5^5;iJf ". &C. 
Ai!i!rpT,«. precipitous. ^^f:^ g^^?!:r,^5'TT=5TT,^?;%~qT5r5:-^:=5rr, 
^Tcprr ^55TT=5n", f^=jm^, rtT'^th^. 

2 tc////o(f/ /iro;)f)- «oif/f^, \ . f^vui>EK.qci-g5-q-rj;r^H--?T??T,te. 

3 iinconncclcJ. rJZT.^ ^/.T.L 

Abetji'tly, (iclt\ v.A.2.^ ?Ttn?rt. ^ #r^?rr, fj^^rr %=^5rr-TN^, 

•■^^ tf^^, ^i^TS^, 5i=5r''^, p^rt^f f , 'i^w.^.w!H. 
AnrxPTyKss, h. a'.A. 1. W.JJ ^%"^Ti3TT «!■ fevT^?;?? «. 

Abscess,!!, imposlume.^'^m. ^^'^K^JV{Hn.^^'V^'■:={^n.T^^{r]lm. 
To Abscoxii, r. ii.icillulrnw or ahsentonc'ssclfclanilcstiiicli/. 

qf q- ffsiir, r?T^ sq'Jf, ^f ^ ?jq^ 'fl^'jf, arir ^T^Jf, ^1-./. 

TROT, ST^t 3TT*rr ^TH^, ^ TKct, ^^ ^wif, ??q^ ^^Ijf, 
Abscosdeb, ;;. ABSCoxDiyt; p. a. v. Y. fH^^ JKOTTT. T5^ 

^Rrurrrr, &e. 

ABsco^-al^-eLT, rrJ;'. v. A. JT'T^ !jq^, 7^?r ^jq?f, ^fr JTIT^T, 
Absence, )!. v. A. l.^r|:i:^rf^ft/'-"'^^?^'^T warfirsTTPT?!!/. 

3T^HfT?rr/- 'JT-7TTfTHffT/. qn?T?TT /. 'JTWHT^qirr '«. -^TTrsr 

m!^^-M m. f5R^'??rT /. 3THfvrfq-/. ^fr or 3TlTvrf?r/. 

Ill tlic a.. of.q<"r^, %f^5> ^fl'^t, ^nTFTi^r, 37^jt?t, 'jT^rr- 
€r ( also ill comp. bk p;Ffr^Rr, FT^'Trsff, iW|T?n"^Trf"r ) 

HT'T, q-pfiHPt. 

2 .•3THR':Tqt7TT w. cjT^T-JFn «. ':."r?n --TPnTr / -i^^w-xx^-,^ n. 
Absent, « jio/ present. 'iV^pft?,''!?:?^, 'iTTTiT?^, <ff f^r^fTT^, 

3T5]-?fiTFr, qfr?T, '¥r^?Tn3;, f5'"'^^''^ '''' f '"^'■^^: ^>7^f^- 

2~mentallij, a-.Txattextia-e. aTHsr'^TT', 'iWRq','iT^'7rs'^, 

-37Trrf?r;^5:oT, arir^^^, anr^grr^??, KTR^ir. 

Terms, p]irases,sayiugs, Acdcsignalive or Jcseriptivo 
of (7» a. person, and coiTespoutling with icool-rjaflierer, 
wanderer, cloud dweller, (fv. are vjfifj^ i^if^ grsrs, 

'f /";■• con. vfim^. 

To bo a. \^\^x ^r^rtJr, ^^tr 

'1 ore/' the region, firr and i 

^srrq-r ■^JTtrr, JiTTTrr-TJ^, 

TV Absexti'/«. (ono'ri selO.^''?'^"'^'/''^ '"7'/"'f"-."*V^nfl': 'i-f?r'-n- 

Absentee, n. person alsent from his place, post, tic. "iirgT- 

^lT''^T^^^-&e. JTmjr n.-kv. q'rfq-^ 3T^ q" ,7. 
Absolute, a. ."overeiffii, de.tpofie, arlilrari/. TT-PTfTl'', ^n^. 


2 it.icoudl/ional, uiu^uahyied. aTRm^T'^, 'mf^^^T.., 3T?ff- 

ABSOLrTKr,v,«A-.v.A.l. W^% g=5ljSFn'Jf,^T''4Tn?m"qV, J^iTft- 

I. pcrcmpfm-ili/, v. Posititkly. qfTl%=>r, f-f^'Jr, ^5^,=T, 

^^^, ?tm^T, ^^T^?r. 

II. H^to-7y, v.WnoiLX. arn^r, T^^T.. 

j4jiS0I,UTEXESS, «. V. A. 1. 5<^?5Trfr /. h^=3,7\\f. ?^Tr|'?q- «. 

2 'i■{^f?:^^-,^ n. ^Wi■'^^■^^^ m. 'i^^i\.fHwr^^ n. ^WM m. 

^%?fPTl^ m. ^%rni^f^ n. [«. 

ABSOLrxio>", M.v.V.l. — act. ^\Z'^ii. f?[rqTr'--T-f^^lV&c.5TqT?r 

2 —act. ^n^Xn. JTHF^T q^T'jf». '^V^^:^.f.^\^^^f.— state. 

^rs^T'JTTc!. g^^qiiT»i. iinFxqnTpft. nl^^t^/. v^rsq-'inF/. 

To Absolte, t. a. exonerate, excuse, exculpate, acg^uit (of 
crinunulilij. ) fiTR:qTTq--f?l^Vf?PSTTtT- <!le. STSTtTi', ^rsii^r, 

W.Vi\:i- of 0. frrg^ ^toi , 3'^ITTT'4T M.-3'^o5?ri'TT''qr or 
3-^5!;iTmp».-3"^55^re«. ^loty. 0/0. 3-3T^-HTq?-f?rs^^^- 

2 free from a proraisc or C!i(/ayemciif.iijl,^\ .^HiWi^J =?vT'Jf, 

1l.-^w■f•m^'^f■-&c. ^rsoi-q^FT ^;oT. 

A lisoLVKD, p. V. A'. 1. f?FT';rq- &c. 5^r%OT, ^l^rtW, 3^5J- 

?rmT4T &c. %s;^r or ^T%?^r, f?r^Fr, ^^^Ptft, Ci'^'J^, 

To Absokj;,?. r^ s!?;-/.,- up. 5frq'ar,3fif^Mu'i, 3li<M'Jf, fToV, ^TM, i 

2 it7(o//y r/;y<-/yr, eii>/ross.Al-mT.-i^^-f^^i{-u'^'i'.'-4^r^c. j. 
tpTCTf «»(', »iV. coil, ^r"^, sqfqtff^ %io'Tf. i, 

'd sicalloa- up, consume, devour, lake. ^\\i\., •iP'M., 'fr^'HTOl', j 

/;!!■. co;;. ptrf, '^A mil. T-^M' fj- of o. \ 

ABsoEBEDj;.\-.Y.i.sfKa"?7r,5fif^ M'^sfF^r AiJ. 5iiH'=r,!nf^TiT. ii 

FTPT'^, JTsft'T, ^,W'^\^ (ill cuuii). a^i JrPT^r^,=ri^. 3T--ir''q??rpT, 
H^"?f^nl^, ), ^'m (esp. in c-uiiii). a,— T.r->T, k^T^rt^, 
f^rar^'T^, ), T': ( iu coiup. a,- n = T^, "-'^RT'', '^T'-'TTHTT,) , 
STTf^'S, ( ill coiup. as rf^5TTf^7, T^"r|if-:f?, 'i^^q^q^rf'T?, J, 

To bo a. f?r»T^, 'I'-oi, n's^r, ^|^ -^m, f^^of, f?T-'q-i^'ii. 
To be a. ^^j:"?!, f >7^iJi , f "jT'^'^rr q'i'-'r, ;:^Ji'3r. 

I. (^iulo the Deil\) flfT^:^ TT^f^T^r, g^, ^Trngf^, STTHHi^T, | 
5fm%-T?ST, STTfT^T^^T, STTfT^Sff^ff pTf o/- iTTfTsr^, ^\'r{\^^h. |1 

f ABS 

ABSoal3E^-cl-, «. v. A. afrq- w. ^fTqrriiiTfTp/. ^frT=j^ /(. 
AesobbeaTjV!.— medieiuc. ?iRq^-^fr7'T;^->.^c. ■^Av^■'^n.-■^'.■^H. 

2— vessel. T^TR^l't/ 
Absoebeh, n. Absoebe>-t, a. r, Y. 1. 9fi-tT<JTi7:r S^q. afp?^ 

^ilT or ^TTf^ffl-^lfT-^?: «S:e. 
AES0IIPTI05, 11. V. Y. 1. — act. ^tIt^' ?;. fqaf /;. fq-^=T %^f /(. 

&c. ffr^OT?!. qRT?r». ^"iqft^Tcrr n.—statc. 3l"l':r%T'7rTw.>.Ve. 

2— state. jji'T'JTr ?». &c. f?r^Tr?rr/ ?r=T?;??T /v. ?rfi>rFrT /. 

"J'^f- fC/-?^^""'- ^??r^r/- 3=fW5T««. (esp. iu coinp. as 

'■i— state. f^l^,^q^ or f3T^%qDTT'». &C. FT^ h!H. 

I. ( into tlie Deity. ) gf^/ HTST m. ifwm^^ n. SfST- 

Eapturc or bliss of a. ST^ffg'vT n. ^^vk^m. HT^T^ n. 

To Absiai-V, v.n. refrain, forbear, ^^'^^-m^]^ &c. r^^ 

used with Ijic verb expressing the object (e.\. 'i{^ 

^R n. ?r '-iDi' ^. ofo. ^^ ^(.-■'•fRsr^^ w.-'TFie^rm m.- 
'i^^\^ m. q^or, f=TW, ^s^f, ?R?f q^^of , Hrnsqlrrft^- 

AEsTEJXiors, Abstikei-t, «. ( iu diet, ) v. Tempebaxe. ^- 
?IT^ arr^ ^7q:Rr,3T?qT^,3^rTT^^,'iT?qHi^,'JT?Tr5ft, 

3TrTH^, ^^^qi^rfr, T^^-^rr^K. 

2 ( ill eiijoymeuts, geuci-. ) temprralc _ H^V'i ft^r?; %T- 
DTRr, 3Tr7H>rt, SfrqfsTf Rt, 'JTT^R^TffRJTcfrg, ^qjft, 
?TiTqi% f^qrfr, f^T^T^t'Tt^r, f^T^Hf^q-, fT?T?tq"rTf, f^Tq'fTf- 
f-fT, f^JfT^, T%f^?i5fr, f^l^i^, S'Tf^, f^^m". 
3— diet, rcgiiiieu, life,. spariiKj, cj-f. 'iT-TTI^r^^^Tr, ?^^r- 

AssTEMiorsLY, o(/('. V. A. 1. 2. aTrq^tTT^, ^T-qHrnq-sfV, 3T- 
-qr^m^, aT'^Jqic, 3T'4"qi^, ^f^'rf^q'^ q;c=T, f^fsrj^r- 
sr^rif-i?, rf^sreTHqcfq^. 

ABSTEiiiousxESfi, ;;. v. A. 1. 3T=qi^R?^ «• 3T-qT^if''f-T«-»S;c. 

2 f^r^rnHr^?-? "• f?r?T?[??r ^(. i7--qf^^Tf5:?5r n. f^?T?T|ffT 

/. f%f^^f^r7 n- &c. 

Absxis-E-NCE, ;(. \.\.--act. HfT^^=T '/. ^il'lf^TT ).'!• Hmft- 
V. A. 1. 3T=qT|R »/(. 'iTrq^?lt7T ". 'iT^qT^T^r ''• 'JT-q-vfr- 

?;^^R »J- &e. 

2 STrTTrT m. ■S^^^'[^^m. ?t5TH )«. ^^H?r im^\-^ m.T^- 

^■^ m. lTT5T?ra-Tfq- n. f^^^f^f ^^7^^^^ n. g'Trf|fET/. 

I. V. Fasti>-g ?qT?r ?». PwfR 

;/)</r<f/f from. h.]^^\ or q;i|?f '^iJt, f-T- 

To Aj;st 

AB^iiiA'-r, II. \. AulaDUiU.Nx. ^[r ;;;. ^yr^'^ m. yTT-'tfl w- 
^RT'4 w. L'^^Tl' ''»■ 

2 ( esp. of j-ulls, li«ts, accouuts. ) ^P^\U or rtfim m. ?T- 



a etseiice r.x-lrarlnl, v. E.vtuact. f^^^ m. P^€ m. 
la the n. wilhoiit rrfn-ence lo particular per$ons or \ 

Adstbact, a. ^«rj:,"J-«T'^^, ^■<r'Tnrr-7r.--iii giwnmav.^f^fT. ; 

AitsTttAiTios, (I.— ofiiiiii.l. V. AusK-vci;. 'jT^tn^ «. ^^ 
URff «. [TTf^ »'• 

2 (from the world) ^^rr^ ,n. fjrd^/. ^'i'^T^(^f^ ^f^^" 

Abstbacti.v. aik. V. A. unconnected with ani/ thiny ehe. #- ; 

AnsTitiM;, .•J.iMn. tm-et, nxomUlc, occult. nT, IfT, ' 

W4, f^, if5n«i, ??"f^, ^Tqr^. l^r^T, 'tstt-'T, fn"^. 

AnsTKisfXY, luii: v. .\. ^JmFT, 5^m, ?r?('i^, '-T'^'T'?. | 

■srn^THT/ plW/ 'J^'^^PTT/ _^ j 

Aesi-bp, ti, V. l'NBi;ASO.vAi!Lr,— ofpci'sous. ftr^^JfT, ^T- | 

-of aots. jtulgiiiciil.-, .^c.-JTflTT^TO', 'JTjf^T, '^Wifrf^, 

ABSi"iiDiTV,Ai;9VnDXEss, n. v.A. 1.— of persons. f^^^^Jfq'- !; 

R «. f^M + IHN wi. 'JT^PFT^T'^r'T^T wi. %'5T^ «'. !! 

—of ads, &(\ ^jf^q^cTf^ j;(_ -iT^K^^grruTT m_ -j^^flp;}^ '^ 

11. jr'PfsT^^HT/ -HW^W.^^/. " 1' 

l.—th(it which in absunl 'iT^^=F^T'j/.- ^T^PT «i. &^c. II 

Abcnda>-ce, 11. great iilcnli/. qTi^'ZqTiiT '«. «S:c. f%T^?^tTT/ sr- 

— iulctisclj: siipcrahindance, ^'e.^^y. 
'J'^Plm. ^Hfj/ 'i^m m. =^d;=W,-[Z m. ^f^f. ^/. 

Abusdam, a. Xvovsmyc, 2}. a. v. Y. 1. qr^OTRr &C. aTR'-cr 
( csp.iii comp. as, SiT^TrTlT, M'T^q'TS-sr, J'JIT^-q', f^rs'-'T, 
?iiii'fv, ^Tnn?''?T, 'PTT^^, ) !T^T ( ill comp. as, q^sf^T, 
'jr^Y, T"irsr^T, ^?1IT=3'", ) H^ ( iu comp. af^^JT^WT, 
qj^ ic.) 

— intensely; saperalinulaiil, occrjlowiiii/, ijv.v. ExuBEli- 
ANT. ^T^sj", TR^t, HlTHriJ, arfrlfr^, ^H5, 'JTf^SFT, 

HI55 i?r5r7r, grlnrtT ^a'mm. 

AdCXDAXTI.Y, AbOVNDIXGLV, «!?!•. V. A. 'TgrT, "I"!'^c5, TTTT, 

7'o Ani-sr, v. n. vilnpernlc, revile, f^t^f. or fi^^^ f. pl^_'ij^ 

nr^TRl «.-^f /-f%/.-Ac. ^^ f,.„fo. ^f^ 
■^of,- iiitcn.vcly, vclicmcnlly, &e.v. To ScoM). ^^iS or Ij 

%^-gri^, ^K^FTt/. r-rm-i^^i &c. || 

-coarsely or lillhily. Expressive of tliis sense there arc 
Bome scores of filtliy formalions; but \\0 omit them. 
To begin to a. r?rf%^r^T ^PJf. 

2 ill use, misuse. ^F.t^l-TA^"^ ?IRi^, W^^^, f^TSW, 

&c. ^laty. o/o. 

3 trick, V. To Deceive, s^sf^, HT5J^Ruf, Hi^TTcT'jf, ^^' 

m. 7;':"Jr. 
xVuvsi;, AjJCSi.NCi, n. v.V. 1. — ajc/. "^T^rsitrr w. Ac. '^^l^trft/. 

— iulcnsely, vcliemently, e<cc. ?i?T^^o!r or oft or ?fFrf^- 

'^ pop.-kv^ 11. 

2-aci. T^^^M n. Ac. ^H^^'T/. 'JT^^^TrqiT «t. tfTTTdoqq^K 

4— «(•/. )-TS ^oi ". srTH:El5f ". Ac. ST^^^R w!. ^^H m. 

f.z^^\^ m. c^t^T'^y^ «. 3T?rTT^R m. 

1. fiJ(/SRC laiiguctfje. fsT^ft/. or fJTS^T/i'/. TTst/ TT^/. 
f^Tqtnr^ or ^/. IHT-^UT w.^^f^^/ ZT^^.n.^i^^ Ji.jarM 

Strain of a. Torrent, shower, volley, Ac. of a. f^TS^TT^ 

cTFT/. cTT^TT^ft/. _ ^ [q?|rr, 

Abused, p. V. V. 1. f%^??T, Ac. f?ri^^, f^Hfi^fff, ff^^FT, 

To be a. fiJti f. ?fFf. 
Abttsi^'glt, Abi'sively, ado. V. A. 1. f^Efr-TToft &c.-%5;^, 
|^T55ofr-Ac. q;^,TT, f^^rr^^, fHH?w -Ac ^^w■., \i,^ 

Abusive, «. v.T.l. vilupcrulicc, scurrilous, S{c. fsTSTCT, <Tr5T- 

To grow or become a. i\'Y^ii. f^Z^X-'^W^^-f'^T^ 'j. of s. 
rti^^TTlT m. ^7.^ fj. ofs. 

Terms iov an lusii'c jiersoii, corresponding ivitli scur- 
rilous dog, hlaclc-mouthcd, Joul .^'okcii, loose-iongucd,^'e. 
fellow, arc ^5?(T^ cfk, Ftrsm f ^ '^j^^^T, ^^5^0% H?r, 

ff'rerqr TIT ^^%FrT, ^^ mh^ fn^rfr, Ffi^-g^?^r- 

TT^^OT Ac. f'T'TSr «!. 

I. — words, language.Ac.fsTsTt^T, TTSft^r, RT^rTT, 1%^r^T, 
To Abut, r. «. larder upon. PT^of, Bt^T^qTnwj. ^TfTcf y.o/^-. 

with ^T ofo. ^An^ 'il^^, ^^n^ f-V.n^m. 'JTH^y. ofo. 
ABVT:ME^■•r, Abuttiicci, n. v. Y. — state. ^TTTT/ ryirTT »». ^- 

HmqTTw. JT^'r^ra. ^=5ff?R-^?Tf?T^-?^r^m^-&c. ^f^f^Jf. 
Abuttal, Abutmext.w. headland. ^ffTT^ffq' m. 
Abysm, Anxfis, n.loflomless ^iilf ;fFTT'4-^3Trf?r^5f-Ac,'3TT^T?r 

n. f^m nr&c. 

2 deep icatfir. ^^'\^'^l^ n. -^ m. 
AiiVssixiAX, n. ^sr^ft «>. f^\or f?r^ w. 
A'JACiA, 11. ffum-arahic-tree. ^\'>^^ or iTTTo?/. Some species or 

varieties !^.v&\^^J■^7. f.or \^sW,l /., "ToSR'r/.o/- ^R^f?:!/. 

2 — the gum. ^J'^^'^] fkw. or 'il^m.-'^T^m. 
AcADEMiAL, Academic, Academical, a. helomjinri fo nn 

acaJemy. fsr^ra«T?T'5lVlr, TT5^Tr?5T?rW^4T, T^^i^'^r, V]^- 

AoiDEM:iAN, Academician, n. member of an a. fsrqrtff w. 
Academy, ti. associaiion of learned men. ^f^i=T?T^S'»i. M'tTfT- 

2 ^)?«ee oj education. ^^J?A f. Tre?TT^[/. f5rqr^!TT^'<TT=T«. 
f^qr^rq w. HS m. 
To Accede, i\ n. assent to, t. To AaitEE. Wi'^■^^^T^-^S^^^ ^ 

To xiocELEBATE, V. a. expedite, v.To HASTEN-.TfH/. ^\^^^ 

y.o/o.iTf?r?r|^«.-iTf?rff5/-'Tf?ff5n:r/-Hr^r5r|^ n.-t^n^-^^ u. 

-^Tff^/.- f^rlffT^^ ". ^raf. 

AOCELEEATED, ;;. Y. Y. ^^'q^'^rT, fcJ-Tr^f^FT, &0. 

AcoKLEEATios, n. V. Y.^act. H^^^^ n. mxv^tr^ "■ ^f^^i,- 

fT n.—act or state, %^ff5/.^f?rff?/• 
AccELEEATivE, a. T. V. adding to velocity. rWUf.-k'^ m.-^frj 

/-&c. ^rr^-TiTFr, fsr^rsrl^, ^T^r^^, Tf?r^^^, ?qfi%- 

Accent, n. modulation of the voice. ^grf^frT/. ^^ITHT m. 

2 ^i/-e.«« or force of voice. ^\ m. ^K>n. aTP^TT'T m. 
Acute a. 3'7lTr m. 

Circumflex a. J^ftiT ot. 
Grave a. ^^^.f^ «>■ "^^^T »««• 
AtteDtion to a. j^Jc^qf^r^^lT m. 

3 ma/'/i; directing the voice. ^frfJT'^ «• ^'"flTT^ f=5f'^ n. 

4 ov accents; tone, speech. ^T. m. f^f^T m. qroit /• 
Pleasing a. g^T w. 

Soft, gentle, &c. a. W-^^-^f^ m. :p^^^ w. ^^J^r m. 
Tremulous or broken a. ■JTfrKC': m. 

5 peculiar tone. ^T pop. ?pT »t. ToET m. 

To Accent, To Accentuate, v.a. — in speaking or reading. 

?crr m. ^^ ^r^^-^^K^-^^^^-^v^^-&c. ^^^ ^r^ijif- 

2 mai-h with an accent or with accents^ ^TT=5fT V^^f- 
'^r^TI^Tirr/. pl.-'^.f^^^^ n.-f^rf^^^n, 2>l.-&c'%^{-wM. 
To Accentuate, v. n. observe the accent; — in speaking or [ 
reading. ^^TT'"- \3^ %?y'jf-3'WK"^-^=5r^-&c. ^^T. ^T!^■S\- 
3"^tT'jf-<fcc. ^KM-^ qr?m- &c. ^r^^^TT wi.-^^tr^TT'JT n. \ 

Accented, Accentuateo, ;;. v. V. A. 1. ?p^, ^fT^, ^X\- ' 

^ 3'^rT^f7r-i^^^l7?7r-?fr^en^-&c. ^KT^r^rTrfT, ^^t'r^, ; 
?T^fif^?r, ?f^qTqf5?r,WHfT^fiTfr, 3^-r^^-3'^TfT'=r-3^-3l^- j 


ACC ^__^ 

Accexter, Accextuater, w, v. Y. ^spTm. '^g^rf q^jytjrj-^ 

Accestuatiox, Accenting, h. v. Y. A. 1, — act. T\T^f\^rx. 

rTT/ — a. or s. J^Tq;^r^TTw. 

V. Y. 'N.—act. X^l\^^-7^X]^-'^^X-X^V^!fB ^\7^^n.-^^J. 

cj%^KUT)». ?P^?rffp/ ^3^^'45T«. ^^X'^'mn. ^X'^WA- 
'^K^ n. f^Tq^\f'^ f 
To Accept, v. a. receive kindly. Efiif, \p"TT^€^ q'nf, Jj^r^ n. 
^■^ g. of 0. TrFq--in^ -^^tt ^, m^^T Vf, ^'t^IT'Jf, 

2 ( a bill of escliange. ) ?r^rT'^, H^^f^RSj-, 3Tr^T'«. %X- 

or y. of 0. '^^w^x^. 
Acceptable, a. v. Y. 1. ^q'T^r-^r-^n"^T-'fFq'-%iT?rT-^riTr, 

tjfrq-, ■?n^q', 3"qf5[q-, ^TTK^T. 

I. V. AoEEEABLE. aTTSTSfrr, HT'^', fSHT, qpFT, T^RT. 
Acceptableness, m. v. A. 1. ^SfT^TPEft 'TFqiTT /.-3T^rrT/.>S;c. 

I. arrsrsfTT'JiT m. jpFqcrr/. 

Acceptably, «f/i\ v. A. 1. ^^iT ft? 3T#, ^^rT CTwJTTOKrqr, 
H^W 3"FRNi^K?^r, H^mnJ^-^R?qr-^PTT a. dec. ^^. 

Acceptance, Acceptation, Accepting, ». v. Y.l.—^'e/.'^Tf «. 
^f OT ?i. y-llriM ?». ^^i^T n. ^XZJ^ n.—u. or s. XJpn. Kft- 

2— act. X\^F[X^": TFT^TtJif «. 3Tr^?:ar ».— «. or s. ^^R w. 
aTTTT»». W^T'TXii. X\^XTSf. 
Charge for a. Xl^^ff 
Acceptation, ;?. ( as of a word. ) v. Meaning, rrf^^? m. 
3T'W^ Hi. 

The common or popular a. ^;f^/ ^^fr^f. sf^TTFT n. 
Accepted,^. V. Y. 1.5T?r%?7T, ^fir%^OT, ^t^TT^c. %^. 

2— ?r=piT^?jr, ^rr^^^^r, ^z^\., arr^^r. 

To be a. q^rof, ^T^Rof. 
I. received by grace, favored. Si-i^'i^'lrt. 
Accepter, «. v. Y. 1. %urRr, T^oT ^'T'JTRr, ?Tr|l?, ^cfhfTR- 


2 ^^PRiJTRr, &c.?nFR-H^^R-3TT^-&C.-q;T<iTRr. 
Access, n. coming to.,v. Approach. q''jf«. "TT^nJf". aTT^Tm. 
3TmiT^». 'iTFTlTr/. 3TFTRr«. 3'Tm'Tnf. 

2 Jt'ffy of coming to. ^\Zf. TF? m. STriT^^TPf «;. aTTTT^- 
q-ST m. 37rTf?rq-<T »«. 

3 ////e/Vy of coming to. ifrT/. VJ'MI^I Hr^aft^F /.-q^^TRPtt 

/-arrfrr /.-&c. sr%?T ?». ^^rrfft/. j^gR «. sTmirrfn- /. 
3TFTP75frr/ arpmj^rrr/ wmTTTf^f^yr w. 

4 ( of a fever, fit, &c. ) ==r^ m. ^^fm^ n. H^TT ^W«. 



'j^tt m. (esp. in comp. as ?f n%n, ^Fmi^n, ^W^^^T, 
&o.) snf^/. or ^rnfir/ (c^p. iu ^Ofrf^, ^C- 

?ijnf*r, Ac. J. 

6 Sco I.vcBE.vsE. V^^ f H^FT^m, f H^T^. 

ACCE^SABV, a. atsistanl to a crime. fn^iIT^T, ?infH, fH^T- 
2 *?//)/«/, contrilnilke, v. CoyorciYE.^ ;a^, ^^^rff, 
TTjnr^, TTFTfr, 3^%^, TTf^, 3^^. 

ViiE-iSABV, n. htlper in a crime. ^F^ m. f ?r^ c. 3Tn>T- 

1! //ii'/iy fl. or Inlpful. T^%X m. 
\.rE«lB!E. a. V. N. 1. q-RT or qWPTT=qT4F^-^R?fT-^mT, 

1— of persons. ^^T^ V-"IKI, ^^H, S'lH^^T. 
\, rE?siiii.E>-E>s, n. V. A. 1. TT^r of MNNl^t 'TF^iTT/-- 
5T^jmT/.-3?i;-^/-&c. ^STFTT^ft ^V /. aW^fTT/. TR^'f- 
TrTT/. ^' I HcIl /. arrai H^^I'^d l/. 3TPTPIT|iTT/. STrirf^r- 

A'CE-iSlOX, «. iiierement, v. lNCBEi?E. =fT^/- ^f^/ 

2 ( to the tlirone. ) TT^^R ^^ n. nTc^t=5rr 3Tfti:pn: m. 
Vaf-STTJf frof n.-&c. inf. con. M^H^T^rRr/ TF^m^qiffT/. 

TT^fvT^mTNf^/. ^ i ^q g .Hi fy- TT^T^sntH/- rR=T''j5rf?^. 

^-A-^wlW^^f^'A f. I 

a— to an oflicc, gciicr. arf^T^TTFm w. atf^q^FTTWf^/. ! 

•1 or AccEDiNQ TO, V. V.I.— .Tf/. JTFq' ^prf ?i. ^F^ ^\^n. 

5 (of a fever, &c. ) See Access. 
\cCE3soRY, See Accessaex. 
AfClDEXCE, n. rudiments of grammar. oi||4><'JIH<-lrtr^ ?'. /iZ. 

=«J(+<U|4=lTn »». 5qT^7U]Tf-<TiTf5T w. sqr^^onf^ w. 'cffJI^JT- 

VcciDEN'T, ?i. non-essential qualily or mode; eirciimstance, 
adjunct. 'iJT'VT^.'-^ m. aTT^'^JT m. ar^^^q^f m. 3T'T=I- 
tTJT n». ^r^Hqif in. 3TPT^-«&c. ^ »». 3T^THrf%^yT m. 
2 chance, casualli/, continjency, fortuitousness. qTT «». 

By a. V. Accidentally. "^R,"^5r^R^^^. 
By rare a. ^PH^'^^'^RFr. 
n un a. a casual occurrence,an incident. ^qTM m^X 31lriril' 

4 an evil a. « disaster, v. Calamity. 3f^5 «. arf^T^T- 
<TTrT m. 3Tf^ Ji. an^R »J. 3TT7FTfr/. 

Accideuts, — compreh. ^SfS^r^ftK «. 

i'atal a. an^TTfT »». 

In case of a. viS-J^u-f^H q^rTTH. 
Accidental, a. v. N. 1. non-essential. 3TPig^, STTfT^, 

2 chance, casual, coHtinyent, fortuitous, incidental. 3TPT- 

fT, 'fl*!',uTi^.cj^ fH^^>^, 'iTf^rfR^if T'JT, Trqt, arrTf^^ 


Accidentally, arfy. v. A. 1. aTrnj^^Hf^, STT^s^rff^^TT, 

ACCIDENTALNESS, «.v.A.l. m^^^ n. 3TT^-HVTT/. STRtRrf- 

;:r n. aTWTTrf^^? «. 

2"^€r#PT »». ?T^OT/.>-T'?f^^^ ''• 
Acclaim, Acclamation, «. v. Shout, -^ii^^^pn: m. ^W^ 

in. ^JftrT »». ^mi^ m. v:^X or ^^^Im-. Sf^WlsTH: m. 
To Acclimate, Acclimatize, v. a. habituate or inure to a 

climate not natiee. ^T\^=-^T ^'-^ ^^^\'^\-W\:^^WP;t-&c 

Acclimated, Acclimatized, ^j. & a. v. \. m\r\~-^J l"^:?! 
To bo a. TT?n=s^ \^^ W^^ \m-, \^^^ ^fTT m.-T\^ 

w.qTijf. I^T/. &c. ?Kr<T?f-^?^H-&i;.m^ ^"JT, all with 

Acclivity, n. acelivousness of ground, "^^f "^ nt. 

2 an a. a rising ground, '^^'^f. ^sf^r^T m. mt[ f 5Tn m.f. 
Acclivous, a. rising. =q'S^, =^ijft^r, ^^T^T, =^r=ITqT. 
To Accommodate, v. a. supply with a convenience. ^TtI/ 

2 rtfZfl;j<, v. To Tit. viTH fn.-^sfcTr w.-^-'T?5/.-^^^t/.-'S:c. 

3 reconcile, make consistent. '^^^^,^^^J^J.-^^m.-Vi7,m. 

Accommodate, a. suitable, v. Fit. qp^T, rtN*. 
AccoMMODATiNa, a. obliging, v.Kind. qm^rT?ft?^,T?NWft. 
Accommodation, n. conceniences as respects lodgings.'^^vqj 

NION. ^n-&c.:3TmiTr-q'>JiTTr-=^rFH'nTTr, ?r^1rr-?f ^i i=r?T-&o. 

2 ^Ti-&e. Jff^nJrTTT-TTpTTTr, Hnf?r-^-H H\'\H -TT^ff-Ac. 
^F^iIKT, ^^Tf^r^, tn\ ( esp. in comp. as ^f^ffT, ^'f^^T, 

Accompaniment, Accompanying, n. v. V. 1. — act. ^n-&c. 

^TTf ?i.-q-af n. ^r^Tffr/. W^TH^ ». &c. 

2— state. git-&c. ciTflffr-5:r|^«. Blfd/. ^'tw. ^T^'^i^frf/. 

3TH^T »». ^r'TEr?"<TT^ »• ^^^TlHMrq' n. 

I. — thing accompanying. ^^ aT^'TITr-aTT^^T^ ^TfJ «.- 

f^TTT >«. q^r'Af m.-^n 71.-&C. 
To AccoMPANr,v.a. go or come with. ^'jt-H^FHt or ff-^HI'I^- 

?r%r-5Tn^?-&c. ;3TPT-qTff-mrtui' &c. H^f?r/-ti^Jin=T«.- 

w^\n n.--^m m.-m^4 n.-nf^T^ n. ^?:uf. 

2 ic «'tCA, associate,^e. H^-fFTfft o?- cf ^HRH-&c. -'iT^, 

TTf^T, ^nf?r /. ^m, ^1 OT.-^Mi'iH OT.-?r^r^ /M.-^'tsffr/. 
:F?:iif, ^^"jf, ?r^f€'<Tfrr/.-?riTir^*rnT».-wf stti h i ^ h;j. ^^. 

Accomplice, jj. associate in crime, •Ml'^lUn. fHrf!"-!)'l (n.l'i^fj^f- 
Accomplices. — gener. ^T'trrPf »»■ p?. 


To Accomplish, v. a. complete, consummate, achieve, effect, j 
execute full I/. ^^,'Si^^^^Vi^^'^m^ %5^, g^I^of, q?rnf , ' 

^Eqjp^^ FrftH or itStH ;TRiJi%tif-3TTaTaT-qT^-qT^'H- 
5r'Tf-&c. ^\X ado. qTSiif, ?TftTR ^rdt, It^T^^T ^i^, ^f^sfiif , 
T|T3T--^;'Ttir-fH5-&c.^'if, fJTgt^ ^i^, TfcuilMW amiiCTt, ^ 
^J^, 31Trr<^H».-3Tra'«^=Tr /-5"TT^ w.-^fTRiift/.-HTKDT^ 
/.-&c. ^^ot ff. ofo. [Ac. ^FTii^. 

2 (a peiiod or term ) complete, fill. TT^, 'JDT-jrr- JTiTT- 

3 (a prophecy, &c. ) v. To Fulfil. 'Taf-'Trr->-tc. JRot, J- 

4 attain, obtain, v. To Get. ^TT^, ?rra'<^, fiTStiT^r, STTH" 
Accomplishable, a. v. V. 1. and Attainable. ^r-TT^r-^sTT- 

5fFT?TT-^"RT- &c. ?TT'^"T, ( used abundantly in comp. as 
easih/ a. 3T?qiTTRT, 3HHNI^OT«T, hardly a. s;fPraTfq-, ^p- 
"STTn-RT, and !:T?r^T'-'T, fTR^T«T, 5T?:^rKr, 3T>fHT«T, qTT- 

^iT^rwT, "q-jf^rrKT, a^^FHT^r, srf^T^T, ^^wt^t, &c. ) 
;j qnrpqT-=qT-&c. qof ;f;?n;^-=qT-&c. 

4 ^tTT^T '^-Ac. ^qr^^ft^, ?rT«T, sm^T, srms^, BUTcq-. 
Accomplished, 7'. v.V.l. 7ntT%?7T, ^;^^, T'^^^, rT^flHT- 

Rj^TT, &c. ?rJTTH", ^r^r, wfq-?r,f*r5, ^'TrfT^r, '!>=??•, ^^TTf^fr, 

^r^TN^, 3TTTTftT^, fJTWrf^, f=T^q=5r, ?ifT'<T?f, iff^rT^^. 
To be a. FrftlT or ''Jii\^-^^^-M^-'^-^X\T^^.,^Kadv. 

qsof, cTfKTT o</y. ^oT, \^^zw ^^. 
3 qof, qoT %%?^-5rr%^. 

I. complete in acquireinent.ifi?iished,2)roficient.v.CLE\E'B.. 
JTwrt, ^T^-CT, nfoT^^lTl-^ 'H^'iuft, ^1THT=5r, ^^Fr^OT^q^, 

Some terms for An a. person are ^fTRft^, ^TT^q^, 
^TRF^r, FT^t "T^, arq^g;^. See further under Clevee. 
AccoMPLisHER, n. V. V. 1. ^P^TOITTT, ^IRr^WTTT, &c. ^>^ 

^"JTRT, rrltw rrr=niiTTT-H'JrKT &c. ^t'«t^, ^'tt^^f, ^Hiq^. 

2 TmiTT, 'T^" ^FT'JTRT. 

3 'jyf-^rq'-qrr- &c. q;<u||<i. 

4 ^TTSOTTTT &c. ^'MKH+dl, ^qTJ^. 
Accomplishment, «. v. V. l.~act. ^v-^^ n. T^it^ ^iin.&c. 

n. ^im^ n. ■•STmT-<:T?r M. STRTT^ n. 

state. ^^^[^JJ\W.f ^mf^ f fflfg;/. f^^Tf f^T-s^f^ /: 

ffHiift/. ^f^'^f^f 

A means of a. ^q^g[^ n. 
A. of an undertaking. ^rr^rf^Tf^ /. 
2— act. m^T ». lyf-Ac. SPTW w. ^TtT «. 
state. TTFft/. T'^'mT w. 'J^'cTTy. qoTf? ". 
I. rt?i a. an attainment, a grace. ^ITTTy^ 3TrJ^T '»• 'TWr 
n. ^ m. EFH^ «. 

Accomplislimcnts — compreli. ^RoET^ft/ ^J?. 
Jp AccoBi), t>.», y. To Ageee. firzijf. ^W, q^'if, ^i^, 


To AccoED, V. a. See To Settle, To Give. 
AccoED, n. just correspondence, v. Agbeement. pts m. ^- 
JT «!. ^5TR m. oFTR «». 

2 «(nwrt of heart, v. AgeeemeNt. (T;};f%f^». fjTrJTTf m. ^- 

AVitli one a. i^4> R -d m' , iJ+HdM' or (t^T f^rfR- ^^r 

3 own a. ; spontaneous agreement ivith. ^?irfr"T ni. 3Tr- 

Of one's own a. 3TTq?5 STTqW, aTR, 'iTFT'JTf^r, arm'flTq", 
3TrT3TTq, •'HNnf^q' or 3TN^?^, ^?r: pop. W?rf, f^TTHm- 

Accordance, ?i.v. V.N.ow(? Ageeement. — state. HoTw. vIJT 
>«. ^TR m. 5PTW»(. 
In a. with. 37'^^, SF'T^T^, ^^TRf, ^TTf^?. 

ACCOEDANT, a. ACCOEDING, p. (Z.V. Y.N. fH-iUITCT &e. ftr- 
?5?1>T^, STrTT^TT, ST^^?^, TTTip^. 

2 ««rf Accordantly, Accordingly, conformable, conform' 
ably. N. B. The word, being never a, preposition, is not 
here treated as such. ^^\^ ( in comp. as ^rfJTTwf, 
rillMMIui, ifT?^!TSTJTr<if,&c.), ^R^T ( in comp. as HlrtlftR- 
^T, %?^?nT??r, &c.), ^■(^+Hi ^fj^sft^, HTT>^, 3Tg57T(itl 
comp. as 3TTW3^, JfnHTHi::q,%^TT5^5?T,^?:^^,FT55^rq, 
&c. ), aig^HK ( iu comp. as ^PTrg^R, ^TT'i'IT^R, J- 
DTl^WR &c. ), q-<TT ( in comp. as ^T^TP^TTT, T'^Tprfar, '^- 
VTT^Tr^, &c. ), ^Tx^ or qT??^C=T ( in comp. as fJHqT?^ 

orq^l^^ srqTT'i^qf, ^tTTTT^, q'p^?fTqTf5r, &c_),qfr 

( in comp. as srfl?5rqff, ^^mft, &c. ), 3Tg?5^5 ( lit. 
regardingly, observingly,advertently,as siFq'rfTa?^^- 
?T ^FTT mnR), ^rift ( in comp. as 'duiNiri ifr^OT, ^V^^]- 
cTrfi' ^r^, &e. \ nff ( in comp. as ER-aTT^TrT ), W^'\^^. 

AccoEDioN, n. ^ cTKJI-H ^fsr arf^. 

To Accost, v. a. speak to first. ^?:^5r,qf|?^ ^T?^"r,^'#r- 
tT'^,5rFF'HI"4U| /J.-STTf^HPT'Jr n. %l^. 

Accouchement, n. v. Deoiveet. ^^^ f^T/. 

AccoucHEUK. ». q-^5r^iff;i?T m. gfcfl^ »». 

Account, n. ( of debts, expenses, costs. ) f|?T»f «• f^^ii^ 

There are certain Zjmcs drawn iu Papers of accounts; 
and these have particular significancies and particular 
names. Some are 3T^, 315f?r, '^^T^T, |^Tft, ^, «rRI?5r- 

Abstract,or General a. r^^j^j m.-Fraiiiing of it. ^i^T^. 
Budget or bag of accounts, ^rs^^ m. ^|rt<.Mr?5 m. 
Current a. -^jWdF f|?TST »i.-^^^=^ '«• 
Payment-side of an a. ^^ m. To enter (an item)upoii 

it. ^=srf?r fef'?f-Tri?<if. 

Eeceipt-side of an a. "^Klf. To commit or enter upon 

it. ^mr KTT^-^?:^!, ^h^t trw. 

Eough a. ^^T 3TT^?nT »«. ^^ f^?l>I '«. ^^ ^T5T «. 
Eough entry into an a. (r^p^T^/. 
Eunuing a 3T?5T?J f^^^ m. :S{^W,^VR\ »'■ 
Belonging or relating toacccuuta. "^iKTri^^f, ^HT'i^i^sff- 



^, fi[Jnft or fijjfNft, f^?T«lT^ or ^^IRT^, 
Kfiimiiiiug over oliiu a. T^IK. 
Tlint liait an a. with T^T^rt^. 
To balance an a. fvV^ FT5T m. JrT?TJf-7?TTwf, ^IH^T^ 

<•'• v\^/- 'Fi^, ^j^rnq^ "•■ 'P^r- 

To .-all to a. .Ay. fg'fl)^"!.- 5rrST wf.-JcTSrft f.-W^W^\f-- 
To L-Ifar accounts. ^rrST m.- 5r5rff/.-<S:c_ ^s-or, qrSJTT'". 

To have au a. with. ?IT# «. 3TO"if y-o/s. »-ec;>r. 

To make up and settle accouuts or au a. ^^^mJ^f--'^- 
f nr m.-&c. JPT'rf. 

To put to tlie a. of. ^W^T-^i^ &c. f^^-^im (j.ofs. 
m^ fJ^'if-srti^-'^l'Tff g-ofs. 

To turn to a. + 1 K uff-^FPTrV- &c.?5T^, "?)^Rr-^'TT?r-&c. 
•STm^f, au J r. n. ^JHTTRT qpJT, +IHi'H ^'^f, TvST^T-STHT^T- 
Ae. ^of. 

1' reyarJ, rstimntton, v. Valfe. f|?T5f »n. ^'"^T «»• T^rfty. 
l%JrT/ H^^I^ "'• f^Vn^^f- (n<-g- con.) %«rr m. ( wr-y. 

3 narrntice, stalemen{,r(lation, s/ori/. slPl^l'Hw. JT^^to. 
'FT*?'?^/ 'ini/- 'F'TT/. 3T^^rT^ »». sfFFr m. ^f%^rT/. spTT- 
DIT or JTTwi. ^r?^/. ^TTf?r»>. STfT^'^^'J- ^^f^C^iT". ^Wi- 

STrfT^IrfH II. 

Accounts, tidings, v.News. suHrfl/. ^«IT/. ^tTTH'w.^tT?!. 
Accouuts of emissaries, v. Inielugekce. 3T^«IT? or 

Circumstantial a. rPnite »). 

Detailed a. ^ri^FT/. [ tot n. 

True and exact a. ^^,'4jf\ f. 5f4'Trr'F'<T^ w. Sf^f^fTTS:- 
Writteu a. ^P+.+HHlHi »». 

4 fjeplanalion, assignment of causes, fi\^^^n. |H^'<T?r «. 
fTTPTFtrR". 5fr^^3T»M.«. +HU||Jc4jii);f .«. q^fr^^cpfrq- 

n. ir<i*r%mJTm. (Tcii%v^ry. sfrf^^TTTfJTCT'jr «. 

5 y/-OK«</, V. ]{eason. f^fiTFr n. ^ROT «. ^T^R /. 

On a. of. hS-, ( ex. ^,"5^, TT^^rm^ &c. ) ^T5T, ^f^\, 
^, 5im, "TT^r, Mh^,^( ex. r ^. ^ l lir H rHtr ITR%,) 3T'-5t, 
vr<i (ill couip. with Sanskrit words, as ^T^^if, ?r^<l &c.) 

On that a.PTTW^'-^Tnr-mSr &c. 
On this a. ^i-??T5r-!PTTai-, 3TfT^5r, 3T?r:?m'JrR, 3T?r'.. 
C invoice,invcntory, calalogiie,v. List. ittT /. qi ^airfl^il 

To take an a. 5r^/.-^>ry. %^^ ^-^^jp^ y_.j^_^y-_ 

Account-book, n. ^j^^^f. ,=t/. %j^/. ^^t^rr^t ^/t/. 
To Account, v. a. reckon, regard, v. To Valve, ^^i ^- 

To AccooKr, V. n. for; assiyn causes. spiroTn. ^rfntif, ST^r^T- 

"•-sfPTRTJT »i.-&c. sfnTTt-. 

2 for; a««««^->'--f^'^^w.-^3TT^»».-H~r^RT«».-5rTlT»i.-.S;c.%5f 

|l Accountable, a. v. V. IN'. 1. cfr^:^, f^sTT^T, fH<r^=fw, f^^- 
2 V. An.swerabi.e. f^siq-^TFT-ifra^ir &e. jqm, 7[ST^- 

^Tf, iTraii^, 3-TT5; "^"^JTr^rr JafqsFTft. 

To be a. for. J^m^TT w. M]'S!^m aTO^t y. 0/ .t. 


ACCOUNTA^'X, «. one skilled in a. f^^ift orf^Jrrift''!. TOI^w. 
Il Accurate and exact a. ^'??<Tlf^wi.^r'r5'J|T ^'i^FPT f^^?r- 

Sf :p?:anT-|aTRT-&e. 

2 keeper oj accouuts. JTT^%^K >». f^^jaf^R ot. ^^TJI^I m. 
To AccorxEE, r.ft. equip u-itli arms, arm. l^qRij? or ^?\T^z,- 

fijmV^or q'Rr-fsTr^TTTTrqrr^^fTffTS; or ^^;?T-31Tf •q'?17^- 

W.T^n.-Sic. ^Ruf y. o/ 0. 

2 (with dress, trappings, gener. ) nqui^). ?f^^ijf, ^T^nCT, 
^^?^7rw.-^^^^T/.-&c. ^^oty. o/o. ^'^or. 
ACCOUTEED,^;. V. V. 1. |FqRil'^ or ^rfTq^, ?i^^, ^f^:^^, 

or q-RT, 3-q?fr5T^, ^vTI. 

2 ^^^^, &c. ?io=:?r, ^f^:?nT, ^^?:3ft^^, ^^?q-, sp^sfr^. 

ACCOUTEEDKESS, W.V.P.l. ^F^rTTSJ^ Or |fR5l'^/.^TW^^^r)T/. 

^^TWTT/. ^^?TT /. 

2 B^?jqoTT m. ^^fTT/. ^f^fTf^T «. 
AccouTEEMENTS, w. trappings of u-ar.F.^]l=^\ Ht^ITm. mJT- 

<T^?;af JJ. ^jZ. ^^pRfTfirSf n. p)l. 

2 trappings, gener. ^M^^JfTT »». fl"=;Rri^?fRT t«. 
AccouTEiNG, M.v.V.l. — act. ^T^^ ^?T3f n.ka. '^\^'4\^^^ n, 

2— fff^ ^^STDTw.&c. ?i^tJft/. ?l73fi:|?TCTj?. Tj^F^q-". ?i~^- 

^ /. <r?fRT^^l>ir M. #1^^^TnT n. ^1tt^^3^-:t;tot «. 

Ill AccEEBiT, V. a. give authoritg or credit to. fir^rquTT m. 

-^^TOTT «i.-&c. 3Tmor-^7af-5<jf-iTm ^;r.ur &c. ^?q-rT^ n.- 

AcCHETioN, n. growing to so as to cause increase, ^fs^^^ 

To Accrue, v. n. arise to, proceed, come from. ^S'llf, TT^Jor 
fiT5!;5r, ;^^^ rTTq'OT, ^T^DT, q^fy ^f'Jf-q^'Jf, ^^^ ^'t'Jf, 

AccuMULABLE, a.v. V. A. ^t^n^-=^r-#n?n"-^TT &c. ^'qp^, 

To Accumulate, v. a. amass, v. To Heap, wf^qw, ?Tf?;q% 

ifrar ^m.^ mi*nui, Trf^T»».-#f^f».-&c. tp^-qT^ar, ^is'jf, 

?fiS7tT?f. -^?r^?«.-^'=5f5?H".-=5r'T^?f.-=Erq>».-^(;. q?^ijf y. o/o. 
2^0 .'VccuMrLATE, V. n. collect, form in mass or quantity. 
^t=5f^, mm., 'TT^T iW. 
2 — as waters, &c. «wpZZ, rise. ^^, ^Jof, 'FT'^T, "Pir '«. 

3— business, malters, &c. increase upon, thicken arovnd. 
Accumulated, ;j. v. V. A. ?ri^^?rr, ^f^^^T, nr^^T %%^T, 
•S:c. ?tfq?f, ?;?T|t?r. 
V. V. N. 1. ?lt=5f^?TT, ^i5%^7 m'f[^. 


VccuMULATiON, n. v.V. A. 1. — act. ^t'^^^ n. ^t5^af«'.&c. 
^5^tT n. ^=;pT m. =tf^ «». ^=^^^ n. ^^jft^rur n.^'q-^OT «■ 
^stafe. t^i^^p;':il\J m. ^^^ in. ?i^q m. =Efq' m. ?rN"- 
rf?q- n. 

V. V.N. 1. — «. or s. ^i'^^ n. ^fsiif «. ll^T w. 
I. matter accumulated, collection,^. IIevp. ?fi5w. ?ft5Tw. 

AccuMULATOE, n. AccuMULATiTE, a. T. V. A. ?ff=q'3ronTr, 

Accumulative, «. v. A''. N. ?/*«;; /s accumulated. ^^^'\ gr^- 

rTT, TT^ft^cT, TT^ft?ffT, j^'T^T. 
Accuracy, to. v. A. 1. §%'T'JTr m. gri>roTT m. g^f^rftc? m. 

2 ^Wy. rr^rfTT^TOTTw!. ?;!?f^TaTTm. ^■^\^^v^n.&c.z\^^^f. 
Accurate, a. careful in execution; e.ract, precise, nice. 

2 carefuUi/ executed-^ exact, correct. rr5rrrT^,T^%^,T^?7T, 

Tf<?T?rm, H^%^, "H^^^ri^fTHT, %?Tr=Err,%HNidi'^r, ^^, 

..VccuKATELT, ade.Y.A. ^rlT^, ^RT^JfT, iRT^n:, 3T=q^, f%5T^-^. 

Accursed, a. See CuESED. [ ^TTTRT^. 

2 loortliy ojheing cursed,^. Tile. J"?, srf^Tf^, ^TFTTT^, 

AccusABLE, a. V. V. 1. ^nsr?5T^]T=I??T%FTr, &c. fSj^T^, ^- 

.\CCUSAT10N, ». V. V. 1. — act^tjf M.&c. aTTrrKTlTR' m. 3T- 

^V\ m. 'JTfHtPT >». 

-1-act. 'i\W^ \^\ n. ^WjZ ^ii n. &c. a^PT^TFT ni. 'iTfTSfT^ m. 

ACCUSATITE CASE. «. ^^^, M. JpHftJTfg;fft^r /. ^FK 7». 

To Accuse, v. a. charge, impeach, arrairjii. ^PW, ^ »i. 
3TMW-?5T^3t, ^aT».-gTTn'^KrT»i .-3TTU'<TltrT'Jr«.-^'l'«rTfrT 
f/i.-3?TRt<T'n';.-?J^qTr'T%n «>.-crm?TT «».-3TKtT »».-3Tf5TqT- 
n m. %T^., ^^^^, 
2 — falsely, v. To Aspee^e. 3TT3r/?«.-d>t>H w.-ifT?^?: oj- 

^^Azn. Vti^^rrsB. ^"Jf-Vf ^f-'fi!/* qr of o. fiT«^ffT»!.- 

Accused, p. v. Y. 1. ^r^Tr^R^BT, &e. arfir^^, ^TfRTf^fT, 

2 3Traq-?f%?rr, &c. arf^^Tfr, ^rfSr^T^. 
Accuser, n. v. V. 1. ^ r^i^fuiKi, &e. fWr^ «». =rT^ »»• 

m. ^rrrfH^pfV «). 

2 V. Slanderer. 3Tr5?-&c. ^nriTT, %«rT5 ^"SftiTRT, 3T?5IT^- 

To Accustom, v. a. habituate, inure, use. ^^i f.-^{TT^ m.-S^- 
vz(ji^m.-(\Mr\\m.-i^ »».-^T^ m. 'TT?'Jf-?5r5r'jf-qT?5<jf, ?Rrat?T 

aTT^'jf, =#r/. FJi^iifT 3Tv-?TT?r»i. ^FT^rof, srffsfPftKr^fr-q'H- 

3 ACI 

&c. 3TTTJ[ot-^TIot, ■sr'--^refirVR- «.-3T'^q-^rft^ror ?i. ^ct. 

Accustomed,^. ^- «. v. V. ^r^TFrr 'TTl^r, ^^^f?tWJi=r?rr, 

To be or become a. ^sfs/. "T3"if-?5rnoT, ^nTRwi. Ts'jf, 

^fa». q-^tif, =5frTy. ?;rmoT, t^ot, ^siot, g^'if— esp. iu an 

ill sense, ^cf^of, T5^"Jf, ^^^R"^. 

I. customary, \. UsuAL.f?rfq-r?r?^,fSTtqT^q-RTmT, Tfr'TTCt- 

A.CE, «. — at cards. ^W,\ or <^igr or ^^\ m. 

2 — on a die. qT or T^T m. l^'^f- 

S particle, u'hit, v. Bit. '^%^ m. Jprff / ^"n »». ^^^T/. 
AcEEB, a. roughly sow; v. Soue. aif^t?:^?, ^^fij^, ht^. 

2 fig. ( of temper ) SFS^IT, ^f, ?Trst, ^PSt^iT, ^STT. 
Acerbity, w.v.A. 1. ar^I^Tt gr;^/. ^T^rt 3T5?c:Tf /. ^T^f /. 

2 ^FS^qCTTT m. ^ireTOTT )». ^I'aTT'JTT wi. ^SR^'^T m. 
AcESCENCY, n. V. A. Cfi^^q-CTT m. '<ii^■^V^m m. 
Acescent, a. turning sour, moderately sour, sf^ FJT^irT^, 

AcETOSE, Acetous, a. v. Sour, tfj^i?'^ 3:^^^^^ ^?p_ 

Acetoseness, «. v.A. ai5i?:T'^r m- ?r?f>FrT /. 

To Ache, v .n. he in pain, ^^^tof, f 'i^T 'T^t.-tlie liead, g^of. 
There are numerous verbs bearing, together with the 
general sense of To Ache, particular aspects or im- 
plications. These it is advantageous to set down se- 

To a. and feel hrohen, luxated, relaxed, Sfe. — as before 
fever. ^?f^?fijf, ^?fSr, ^oj-^ Tfr^q- q'ot-'frS^-aitn n. ^pJT- 
spiildf, ^^M n. qscq^ur, aTtTTRT ^^^TT^ «». STT^-fnjf. 
To a. with soreness and shootings, — as from rheuma- 
tism, &c. f?r?^^, f^TOT^oT, f^t\^ f.-f^m^ f.-W'^ f. 

To feel sore, tender, stiff, — as from bruises, a beating, 

&c. afsnJf, 5^ ft'if. 

To a. with a dull, diffused, and contiimitig 2}c"^-^^W'^^- 

To a. ivith a sense of stiffness and tenseness, — as from 

cold. ffSrTIof, rT^re'Jf. 

2 ( the heart) he distressed. ^:?T n. JTR'Jf in con. ^^TT'Jf, 

f ?m M8.-HHi^'<Tr/. ^. 
Ache, AcHiNa, w.v.V. and Pain. ^-.^ ^^-^J^ poj^-^J^ »»• ^f- 
Achievable, a. v. V. mq'PTT-^srT-^ITrrT-^jffnT-^rn:^, ^"TT^- 

To Achieve, v. a. perform, Sfc. v. To Accomplish. «t«T^, 

&c. 5p5Tif g. of 0. 
Achieved,^, v. V. ?rrq'?f?M'T &c. ?TrftT<T, ^Tlf^^. 
Achievement, n. y. Y.^act. ^TW n. ^q'T^of n. m %rxfin. 

■^Y^W^f. BTT^'^l/- ^TT^.^/- ?rTtT^ «• ^"TT^m «. 

I. exploit, feat, v. Deed. itT5 ^FT «.H^?^f^«. ?5fT^F^''. 

Acid, a. v. Sour, arfspr, afrS. 
Acidity, «. v. A. m^z^m m. aTi^^r/. ari^TRM. 
I, ( on the stomach, &c. ) STi^sfTTT m. 




To AciDiL.vTE, r. a. make tomewhat acid. ^!^^m^-'S{WMTr ]| 

ACIUl'LATKl), ^. V. V. 'iTilflT-«S;f- %%^. 

AiloCLoL's, a. tomnchU acid. aTI^R^T, W^, STf^HT, W 

Aciui'LOL-bXEss, f».v.A.3Tif^rmrm. 3Tm«^<m»i rrrrssriT/. 

To AcK.NOtt-i.EO0K,r. a. oitn knowUtlije of. ^mot, 3ft^^<ff, 
1' oirn. conjett, allow, athnil. ^1+Kui, 3T^<?;KUi, HM>Jr, 

WT^ :e^, ;?f^ ^rnf, ci^or,qiTr, ^"t-|ra--f"-ff-&c.i^oiDr^ 
ixn q^rT»i.-;^^iTHi -^m^Bi. ^J'DT, T^fr ^i?, arPTRT-fiKT- 

:< ( a favor, beuetit, &c. ) own, admit. vFTTTT"^, ■TTT^TW, 
^, Wpm, T^^nr m.-?^ /.-^r^fH /.HT^ot, ^OT/. 
^fliuiui, TT^TfTT/. 'JvT't ^. oj 0. 

4 ( virtue, mcrit.Ac .) recognize, allow and honor, ^jtm/. 
^I"!"!, 'iTTTTTJt, Ndiuiui, q'^ «. SF^Trf, ^, f^^/- ^'^- 

5 ( a letter, <£c. )>^R?ft/-<Tfp5r/ ^P^?^. 

AcKXOWI.EnCED, ^;. V. \. 1. vH|U|Ar^.l, 3H|o6<--)rfrf|, &c. 
2 RitliR^^r^, 'fljfl+IWtTT, etc. ^l^ifT, ■■Jnft?«T, SfffTfTTrT, 

:i ^3Tm%3rT, ^tttt^^, &c. [^TR'jf « 

ACKSOWLEDliEMENT, «. V. Y. 1. — ae<. ^\VW «■ sTr^^CTf Ji 

2— no/. »TFm n. Wl+uui ». &c. 5=#R0T n. arnt^p^ »» 

*1R^ n.—a. or s. ^^^K m. a^jft^PR m. JTRTcTT/. 

"♦i.^i* /. i+<K w. 

a.— nc/. vi|u|ui n. 3<mui M. KRof «. &e. gTT?':^ «• 

I. «o/e of hand, v.EECElPT,:\oTE.?T?r^qr^»i.?IfTn.?raT»». 

Acme, a. v. IlEioni. f?TNT »i. ^5E^»(. ttfjjtw/. 3t^»». 

Ao-E, n. pimple on the face, y. Iimpi.e. qr^R^'^m. ^^- 

AcosiTE, n. — ferox. ^rt^p^ m. 

2 V. Poison miui^k^ «. 
AC0B5, n. aii^FTm^ f Hpq tts f^ 5f|^ ». 
A.COVSTIC, a. pertaininy to hearing. «Rora'if'^ sSROrfsT^PT- 

Acoustics, n. «fjV„ce o/iounds. snTirf^TT^^flRTr/. SfTsm- 

f^RTT /. e^rfJrm^ n. 

2 medicines to help hearing. !Sm(Vmf\ a^k'^ «. 
To AcQt-Ai.vT, D. a. mofc acquainted with. v. To iNPOnsi. 

2 ( one-H self, «ith )3fr^/-HTf|rTnTft/.-TTTf|rft/..irT- 

^'^/./F^-'F^ qaf^. o/o. armrw ^rr^-^rm^ 

-Ac. <fT<T. 
AcQCM.xcE, AcQCAiKTANCEsniP, n. fwith matters ), v. 
Knowledge. 'At^ /. m^rmrft/. .tt^/. ^rPRnoS/. 
Tfr^ m. JTRrsmrft/. f^|TTH n. qft?TT/. %risr n. 
2 ( perBOUB ), sfts^T/. ^51^^^/. qfr^ «. ^^. 

A^loosely indef. gener. &c. ^STk^Tor^/. ^ftss^"^ 

A. by sight. ?Tra^t5J^/. 
Bowing a. TmX]Ti'\ /■ W^T^\^.^ /■ ^?5nft /. 
More a. Sliglit a. ^TPT JfltoS^/. [y.o/ o. 

To drop llie a. of. ^ m. ^^S^ ff-of o. afra^T/. ^fiot 
To have a sliglit a. with. qf^^/. aitoS^'Jf g. of o. 
3 an a. aj)erson known. aTraJ^T^ TT^q--HFTO-'T^^'<T-^ft- 
&c. 3f[o!^ c. "^Rhrl c. ^^MMtiH >«. ^TR »i. 

Acquaintauces and conuections. ^r?t»i':ft m.^j/. 
A mere a. ^TpTafTot^t c. 3^?rt^ »». 
Of one's friends or acquaiutances. affoE^H^^^T", 'i)To5- 
^ft^^t^, 3fi^?itqT^^, afT55^qf^^?^, aita^j^T^Ta^qT. 
Acquainted,^, ns. v. V. informed, having knowledge. iTTf^- 
?FTK, in%f^R, «ll+tJ<iil<', ^rPF^FTTT, ^M^M, SfnTfTRT, 

To be a. with ( a person ). aftoJ^ /.-Tft^q' «».-^T^- 
qW5T/.-&c. aroof g. of s. n ip. 
I. known to. JTT^Irr, Tfrf^rT. 
Acquest. See Acquisition. 
To AcQUiE-CE, V. n. rest satisfied toith or zw,t.To Ageee, 

HT?jr-=F^'Trjff-3T5iT?r-?rinTrr-&c. ^m-arat^, ^t^-^^-Ac, 

J^f "JTot, aiJ^T^ n. W'l^-^. 
Acquiescence, Acquiescins, n. v. V. — state. JTTJ^TcTr/. 

a^T^FT n. 3T^f?r/. ^J^^/. ^^vdNril/ 
With ready a. ^^^ 'S^:-^.xS\ ^tJ^TT. [sTRrT, 

Acquiescent, a. v. V. iTr=^, Tpsft, ^P^, TO?T o;- ^, ^^tt- 
Acquieable, a. v. V. fl'm ^ I •;< T-=^-^RfrT-^mT-& c. fH5l^r- 

'TT-=5rT-^FTT-&c. JIT'-'T, STTHS^, ^iniiK, cS'-"??, S'TS'-'q', air- 

To Acquire, v. a. v. To Get. ^TT^, itTH' ^l^, I^S^I^, 

%55t, ai^ijf, Jrrfar/.-:jMMH w.-^W^rr /.-OTsf^'^ /.- 

?rf£q-/.-&c. ^^W! g. of o. 

Acquieed, p. V. V. fJTcitri^?^, ^'qT^^?rr, &c. irw, ott- 

Acquieement, Acquiring, Acquisition, n. v. V. — act. 
fJT^ST'Jf n. i^^\^p\ n. &c. ^TT^tiff/. ?i'TP^uFP/. ?nT??r «. 

OTiW^r n. ott^rt/. ar^f^r «. 3t^ht/. arr^rr^^r n.statc. 

?5PT»K. iTTft/. ?t!TTfH'/. 3???%/. ( in eomp. as J"?T^ffT. 

f^rrrrrTT, |:^rTfrr, g?TTTf%, HirimPcr, ?5?q-NfTr,H^f^, 

<(mmrTl,),3T^rfH'/. ( in comp. as SrlHRTTft', Jf?TT^ffr&c.), 
aTTfff/.Cin comp. as q^nffT &c.),^'TfTT/.?rr»'cT/.^?/£*?/. 
I. thing acquired. ^'"TTT^c=ft 'IT^ /-=r^?r /.-&c. ?JT^ tn. 
STTfR/. FSa^KT^sq' ■». >dmMri:^5^ 11. 

Acquirements, v. Attainments. ^TftTcTTT m. pi. g^- 
fSrrPTDT m. 2d. 
To Acquit, v. a. ( of criminality ), v. To Absolve. 
ri<M<l'^'-f^^nT-&c. S^^, T5TIT W[m>n.- ^ ^rf.r\T HT^ or 

2 (from obligation or claim),v. To Peee. ■ H' I jq "i",qFpgT- 

5^-&c. jRut, riiqjofl^/.- ^I'k^m^/.-'Hiicjun/.-^irsgoT/. 

q^rff «/. ofo. 

3 ( one's self ),aef ones part. a7PT?5TFF|7T ^FTFlf^ !R<^\ 


Acquittal, n. v. V. h~act. f^TTTryr ST'TJf n.&c. aTTTT'^T- 
nT>^ «. Cr^RT^FT «• f^f'fi^':^ n. 'f{irf(^X^n.— slate. 

Acquittance, «. dkcharge from a dehl; discharge, release. 
J.Z^ n. ^^W'^^ n. ^"JnT^T^ n. ?Rijrflr^^ M. 
2 (/('«<; of a. WTK^^ n. ^KH^f. Bkf^T^/. srJRrT^". or 

Ac }UlTTED,i^.V.V.l. 3^5EHTs;^T^, T^T^FiTST^T, f^'W^&C. 

Ague, «. As the land-measures of the Marathas difTei' 
from those of the English they have of course no word 
answering to acre. For their various measures see 
under Measure. 

AcEiD, a. hoi and biting, v. Pungent. P^t^z inlens. frra^- 
#51, ^fSTTF remiss, ^qr?:, #f^?5r, 5^=?^, rft^"aT, f?r^, rftcT, 

Acrimonious, a. acrid_ ^SRT, ^Rl^Sl, ^T^TT, ^^T?5 o;- giH, 
2 fig. litter, malignant, ijc. ^W^Z.^ ^^Z or ?^^?:, ^Z 

pop. qps, <r^ft, ^^ft^, ^'r^TFTT'iT, ?5m7, jjpflr, ^^tt^t o»- 

Acrimoniously, «<7i). v. A. 2. ^^^^TT'^rT^, t^r^, ^5?n"T- 

Acrimony, Acrimoniousness, n. v. A. 1. ^;f?TTWT m. ^- 
^jm\ OT. vJTfTJft/. 

Acritube, Acridness, «. v. A. '^^^i^^ f. fr^^^lt /• frT'^- 

/. ^Z^f. ^^T^ft or 5rr^/. ^5^^ »»• 
AcROAMATic, AcROATic. See Abstruse. 
AcROSPiEE, n. sprout, v. Shoot nrs ">. •FTT »». 
Acrospired, a. having sprouted. ^J% 3TT%^, JTTS ^rji^, 

.A.CR0.3S, prep, from side to side; — noting state. JRTT. 

2 —from side to side; — noting passage. TIT, 3TTVTR, 

3 — intersecting. 3iis=ii. 
Across, adv. STTS^. 

Acrostic, «. 3TKTr?TT»T^ "». ^'<T'TT?1T»i'^' »». 
To Act, v. a. — in the Drama; ( a part, a character ). #T^m. 

3Tm<if, HTTRt ?PTT^ifV/.-'T?rr=r''ft/. q^TiJr, #n^RT^t/. 
=f)Tw, ?fRTT% ^R^r5r»»-iJ^.-3TrRr'Ti=r»>.-3Tf'T'T^»». ^pt^. 

2 ( one's part ). 3TrT?qT^|?r ^ir?Tq-f% ^T^, STTT^TFFf^ 
^q- M.-Tq'R W.-&C. ^FTot. 

3 See To Actuate. 
To Act, «. «. 5e in action. =?rr^iTf, =5fT?^rrT-=qT^- &c. 3T^fOT- 

^<rf, ?-fo5"n, =5f?5^sr?^ M.-%'ST/.-$ro5 »».- &c. I'pjf ^. o/ s. 

2 perform duties, &c. v. To BEnAVE. ^FTT «. ^FT'f, -^Irfu'l, 

3 perform functions, tvork. =qT?5'if, ^^l^t, %o:i?f, ^rH^tc^H 
w--%'?T/--°'H I H K "i.-?rfrf /.-#sm.;p^— aMrf^fJT with g. of s. 
i discharge the duty of an office temporarily. '^J^^^- 

15 ACT 

^ff'rf^?ff-&c. jprrrn.- &c. qr^ot-^q-raEr^, arnr^ arw. 

5 upon; exert power, work causatioelg.'^Ar^ n.-^^r{ f.- 

^cTM.-^refM.-^^i:? ?t.qj^5r, =5it?5^, =qT?5?iT or =5n^^-?M''];friJt 

xvith ^X. 

G — in the Drama; perform a ^ffr<.^ffT«-%'t-^'TT^'^-3TnT^ 
&c. ?t?:i?f, ^TfiTn.-?iJ?T«.-=7TS^ w.-^q- n.-^VJ^ n..&c. ^fjyj. 
Act, «. deed, v. Action. ^JTK ». spT «. ^irT «. f^^ir/. 
One's own a. 3TKM+H ». ^^H w. f^T^^rf «. 

2 existing state, v. Actuality. RilHRrTT/. ^T^^TPRrT f. 

3 ( ol' a play ). 3T^ »». [tt^T^HPTT »i. 

4 ( of a conrt of justice, &c. ) v. Decree. ^+miHT >«. 

5 ( of a legislature, &c. ) v. Law. T^ n. ^Tr«^ n. 3TTJ- 
^ m. ZT^X m. EPFT^r m. ^Trfp M. ( from the English. ) 

Acting, Action, n. v. V. A. 1. — act. ^TT^'ft /• ^^^- 

V. V. N. 1. — act.^^r^ii n. ^.pjnJr «. &c. %o!f j». •^rW'lf^^ 
n. %'?r /. !T;r?f?T «. [ iffi /. 

2— «c/. =qTR;q- n. q-^dif ». <fce. =^rT?y /• ^^^ /• ^hN «. 
3— act. =qT?5iTf «. &c. ^Irl^W/. ^f^ f 
5 — flCf^, agency, operation, working. <pT'ift /. "P^fer n. ^- 

The sense of this word is often best rendered by words 
expressing, combination, connection, ^ q'PT »». ^^T- 
iT m. ^iiti «i. 

6 — act. W^^"^ «. &c. STf^T^T^ w. 

I. gesture, gesticulation. ST=fTT=r Jw.pZ. ^R'lrj «. 3Ttf't'P%- 
^T/. STTfsrm m. 3tF^^T »». 3T^ m. ^ f. 

Manual a. ETrf^ft >'». pL 
Eepresented by a. 3TfPl=P. 

II. series of events represented, v. Plot. ^IT^ "• 

III. in law. sq-Ef ^ m. ^q^^jj^^^^ m. 3T'4 m. 5^^^ '»• 

x^zft; m. ^r »i. 

IV. in grammar. ^R<F w. 

V. an a. «w oc<, a deed, a doing. sppT n. ^ w. ^cT ». ^- 

VI. SdiJi'Ze, engagement, v. Fight. rf^T^/. ^5] ?». ^i^TTT «i. 
Acting, ^. v. V. N. 1. 3. 5. ^^nHTTT, ^^, %7.hft. 

4 =?R%?T ^pm 'TT^'JrTTT,3TTTTpft,3TTf%n (from the English.;; 
Actionable, a. admitting of an a. at la■w.z^^%,T^., s^^I^RT^, 
5?T?r^^Fq", ar-ijr^jrfl, ^Z^^V^., rT^pntt, FT^PTlft^. 
An a. matter or business. sq'sr^Rf^nnT m. o^^T^RT^ w. 

Active, a. having the power to act, not inert. J}R(Tr?i7^, f^- 

2 </(«/ «f/5, not passive or patitnl. ^tT?, f=tT;ti + K, f^v^r- 

3 nimble, agile. ^srT?5 or 3, ^:JT?5^, -^rtl^ or ^, =5f"ToET, 3Tn- 

psap^T artir^. 

4 not idle or sedentary, ever in action, v.Bustling. 

^M% ^pnft,^^, g-q'PTt, 3"?TTn?fte, ^%a^5i;, grsfl^rR??, 

5 requiring action, opposed to speculative, •xiimk'^'''- 



RTTrnr?, fc<i i' -i i '. i rm i. srrmrjr^, ^^, ttttT^, ^rnf- 

A. lilo. srgfTl/. U^frTKni. m. [U'piHf. 

C— a mocliiiiie, Sn: :;r?. ^JT^F^, jTT^^T, mW'Frfr, ^ft- 

7— quicksilver. fJT^, ^K^. 

8— iu gram. qjrTfr, ^i^^. ^ [=5fN-5T'TfK. 

AcilVELY, aJc. V. A. 3. iiimi)!,/. ^TToEI^, ^SRT^r^, =3T^^^, 

4 butily. fsfTPT^^i;, T?irTT^%. [ 4?Tf^/. 

AcriTESESs, AcTiviTV,". V. A.l. %qT^1%/.^"Jr^f%/.^- 

'J. ^PTorrf/. ^r^T^t or ^t/ ^fl^/. W'I-HH*i{ /. 3TFT?r- 

"JTTT/. ^Tn^TNr^ «. ■JTIMrT «. [ P^X^Wmf- 

_ 3 < t;iHJ-j'4mi wi. T^lnrmr w». ??frf^ «. 3^TFinH?rr /. 

AcioE, II. V. V. A. 1. & V. ^^ 6. performer, flayer. ^ePT 
aTT^JMTT, ^" I ' ll -^f r ?P?T!niTT-'rTR''ft-'S:e. ^<urKl, ^TFTrft or 
^" i i ll ji jr m. Jff^ or ??Wr m. ?fRT%-qTw. 5rp?ft;w|). jfr- 
7^ m. VK^"^ m. HZ m. HZ<f\ m. HZ'HJ'S m. HJZ^ m. 5J^- 

2 V. Age-vt. iF^ornr, ^rrf. 
Actress, n. wi'iiilui/. ?^*<j,/1ui/. ?rrT^/. ^^ /. ^^ /. 

Acir.iL, (7. hrlonginy to or eomprisinr/ action. fW'^^^^'■X\. 
f+<<|-^4V, f%^5£nft, nt-.MlH^, %'7T^7T, %'3TTTq-, %?TTR"^. 

2 in rtc/, "o< potential. f^%^, p+;-4|f,,M, f^*^^^^, ^prf- 

3 not speculative or imaginary, v. Eeal. ?^'^, ^^J, ^- 

Acri'ALLT, <if/. T. A. 1. <PK?f:, jpr^frf:. 

2 ^^, Ml'jc}--}.. 

3 WMuTl, #N, ?Tr^:, rfil'T, ^'^I, =IH'lrVi. 

As it actually happened, rritf^. 

ACTL-ALXF,53, ACTUALITY. «, V. A. 1. f^^rj'xff^^n" /. f^p^T- 

3 'flf?^Tw n. arr^'mr m. sri^dRl+Muii m. arf^Fff^r «. rr^s^- 
f^- «. ?n^-4H n. Mi-wR(-+,r=) M. f%^FrR?n"/. sr^KT^rrTT /. 

AcTUAET. See Eeoisteae. 

2b Actuate, v. a. put into action, ^qi^iif^ =5rra?TT-=5fr??-&c. 

•Ft^, ^rfcpjjf, iJ=|T^c(U|, ^?i5r^, 'R^'jf. 
2 influence, move, induce, q-ri^iif, if^fTf^ijf, q-5C^ crm- 

^, M'JtIH «.-sr|f^/. ^f^ y. of o. ^^T^ ^jrot_ 
Actuated,;), v. V. 1. -^I~l=i^xi, &c. =5rrf^?T, !r=rw?T. 

2 ^Trfsr^rST, STNT|=l^rfI, &c. q^?f , ^ffrT %^. [^^TR^. 
Actuatee, n. V. V. 1. 2. ■^TT^arnr, sfTT^runTT, &e. sr=f% 
Actuation, n. v. V. 1.— ac^. ^rp^irf «. &c. ir^r^sr «. :snr5?r 

«.— sM/e^T^^r^qiJiT w. =rrr5r%%'mT m. &c. ^^f. 

2— <K<. ^rf^ n. ^TfrT JRtJr «. &c. JRrf^ n.— state. ^^- 
tTW^OTTT W. JTffrT /. 
Acumen n. See Point. 2. s^arpnm o/ ,«•#* or sharpidtt- 

'frSTH^/- l^"??!^ n. ^f^J. ^qV/. ?nf%^ «. ^■^ y. 
Acuminate, Acuminated, a. See Pointed. 
Acupunctube, n. g^ er^ «. 
Acute, a.^A«^ *«« a eharp end, y, Pointed. %%tt, aroft^R, 

;iTT7fr=5rr, ^"r^ft^, fffe-'^w. 

2 sharp-u-illeil, v. Stiaep. ^STiq'ff^-, T-3n^Tf%, iffrrfT, 

3 viyorous, quick,— & sense, fcf^s:, rff^TJr, rffsT, ^^^,'J?--jt, 

4 — a disease. aTT^THRuiml, ^ft^q'fTimft, ^ftsrf^T^, 

5— as pain. frT^^, ?ft^iT, fft^T, 'TT^, gsp^T ^T^l^nTTut 
6— an accent, a sound. j^lrT. 
Acutely, adv. v. A. 1. #M<4U|R, ?ft^uiiHdii^^, &c. 

2 ^5Trq-f§t^, gf^-a'j-TTq-'T^^, cfre-TiT^f^5^,\tc. 

Acuteness, n. v. A. 1. sfr^^^qiiT n. ^|^>-)uil w. Fft^^unq'rrT /. 

3 fHTRZVn\m. f^^^rf/. fft^arfTT/.'rf^"^?T«. ^?5^/. ?ftjT- 

Adage, ». sayiny. v. Proveub. J^^dt/. ^^TT^ m. 3Tr|0TT »>. 

Adagio, «. slow time. flr?5f«r'T «•. 

Adamant, n. t. Diamond. f|Tr w. ^.^. m. sr^r »)«. 

2 V. Loadstone. ^r^J^f^j; j/i. 

3 hard metal, stone, ^c. ^T^ mn. 

Adamantean, Adamantine, a. ^r^jTm', ^^T?nT?1T, =ri^^3T, 

A. frame. =r^^f »». ^T J^'TflT «• 
Adam's APPLE, ?(. the prominent part of the throat, ^xtl f. 

^zt,n. ^Ir-Tr/. ^^Tf^Jr??*. ^ m. st^/. iTi%^r ^r^r?;r?«. 
Adam's beidge, n. ttt"^ m. %HqcT m. 
To xA.dapt, v. a. malce suitable. fR'oT^T'if, ?=5T5r3ir, ^T^'T-'T^^T^'- 

iTrp^-fr|7^T'ft-frf7^-&c. ^pm, ^thciuj, sf^5r"Jf, ^»t;,'i.- 

0. rfCi^. 
Adaptation, n. v. V. — act. frr^trijf »». f^SRi^f «. &c. ^p^r 

Adapted, _p. ^ «. t. V. f^q-%^, 5T>q'%%OT, &c. SuiTABiE. ^T?IT-^iftnT (in comp. ), ^Fr^'eiP-. 

To Add, v. a. put to, office, annex, attach, suljoin. fPTS^, 
^rsiif, qTi=5of, ^of, JTTf'Jf, ^^FRiif, ^fq'dT, ^juf, ITr^TT^T 

«H«r, ^rq'FT »h.-^t^^ «.-&c. ^p^q- y, o/ o. 
2 up; «?«». fH^T^Tot, ^rsuf, fiT^iiraft/.-irfr^/.-^^;^;^ ''■ 
^r^ y. of 0. nm ^^^. 
Added,;;, v. V. 1. ^re%^, fHcAcj'"^^, &c. ?f^?T, tfj^P, 

2 fiT5!;?r^r,%ft^%^?jr,^'^f?yrr, f^Fr, fHfsiTFr, 'T^'i?r='-, 

Addendum, m. — in arithmetic. ^^ n. (as opposed to w.^n. 

Subtrahend. ) fSr^cfoft /. ?TT m. 

2 See Appendix. 
Addee, n. See Snake. 
Addice, n. V. Adz. ^j^^ mn. ^^^f. 
To Addict, v. a. ( one'a self to ). To be or become addicted. 

ADD 17^ 

^m-^^m or 5Tr?f?T-^r rSTTof-T^ ff. of o. H<i WTy. 

cf 0. ^TTT^or, ^rrstiT or ?nf r <r5Df-^r'^ y. o/ o. ?nj^ /.- 

=^ f.-^^Z^ f.-^fj /.-5q-?PT «.-iJ^ »i. ?5r^-T5'Jf y. o/o. 

Addicted, 2>. v. V. ^r ^J^'k^^ HfV 'Tr%?rr, &e. JfT^^tr, 
?rf'^^ or m^^^ T5#??!rr, =q;rN^^T, ^i?:, fr^sfr, ^z^ 

^TT^, ^fr<fr or nr^, cTT^^, ^^^, TT^t^T ( in comp. as 

Hq'PT^fsft, ?TnrT?r^t, &c. ), qTRor or >TT ( iu comp. as. 

f^TT'TTT^'T or f^^z(^ ), ^fT?r, STJ'T'ft, rSPPTo?, STRTtp. 
Addictedness, «.. V. P. =sizf. ^^.f. ?5q^0TT »?>. ?r^S/. 

sq-^FT ». ^Tl/. rr;^/. ^ »j. ?1TT«. 3TT€f?f)/. ^Tt^P or 

iwp m. 
Addiction, n. v. V. — state. See Addictedness. 
Additament, n. thing added, yifrs »>• ^rS%?JT-fH2;srSr?T T^T- 

if wj.-f^TT »i.-*rPT m.-■s(^ n. -jncTPT^sq- «,. q-^rqr^sq- n. 

Addition, k.v.V. 1. — act. ^rsof «. fiTcEcr^ «-. &c. ^rs^/. 
^R m. ^i^T^PT «. rlNI^.R f. —state, ^^m »!. ^Tn »>. 
2— ffrf. %-r|vT ^^tjf ». fHoJ^ofr/. fJT^cq-ijf- 71.&C. fH'm n. 

Cross proof in a. 3TT5 'JTtHrTToSr m. 

i^uccessive substractiou-proof in a. ?rT^T^ wi.f. ^^,3'riT. 

I. thing added, v. AdditameNT. ^5 m. ^r5%?!T HFT »».- 

3TT n. &c. [ ^T, &c. 

Additional, a. flTsnf, ?^rfh?r, ^rrfhTT, arftpF, STftnF q-irf- 

Additionally, «(/y. ar^JT^, 'a'ofil?, ^t. 

Addle, Addled, a. — of eggs. 3"H5!;%;7r, TT^*^?^, •^•^otrirll. 

2— of the brains. 'fpH^, qJS^PfT^Jfq', J???"TTr5f|?r, ^PrT- 

Addle-headed, Addle-patep, a. v. Stupid. ff^^Jf^, V^- 
sorqrs!:, HreiiT, ttto!:, nqr^ft. 

To Addbess, v. a. direct to, apply, ( esp. a speech ). FJRof, 
^Pfjf, ifMH M.-q'PT^/.-^PTOT^/.- ^m m. ^pftff y. oj o. 

2 (a charm, a spell, &e. ) set against. '^T^'it, sf^TTwJ.- 
?fPT?r «.-'fM5Tr/-'?r3T'Tjp/.-'TTT ««. ^^ g. oj 0. 

3 ( one's self/or or unto.') ■^^\J.■^^€^^.^ ^?:% ^TfrT- 

g^^rP ^7IJf ^ i-l|'|U(. 

4 accost, speak to. ^ZW'^., %^, ^^trot, ^T'^=T ^Ff^, 

qT3TaT^/-&c. ^F^'jf, 'JTrTTTOT ".-STn^N wi.^raf. 

To a. a superior. f^?f ?fr /.-fq^^ n.-s^^ m. &c. W.l^., 
arfipfrj OT.-3Tf»T5IT7H n. ^pxaf. 

To a. respectfully. 3Tf r ^snl'r c^tJuJf-TjV.iJi^ 

5 ( a letter ) sTtsTr^T-^isT-^rtsn^ fe^-TT^iJt, qxTT w. 

6 consign to the care o/"— ship. f^^TrftH TH^'it. 
Addeess, Addkessing, «.y.V. l.—act. %^Dt». r^j|tjuj». &c. 

2— no/!. q~r^ n. &c. q-qrn »»• qirnw*. ^]-n^\ f. qt^m^ 

3— (jc/!. ^^iff n. ^5fr^ar «. ?j%tTH «. arfH^i^ «. 3<fH- 

I. manner of a. ^[^j^rqx^ ^ f.-q^ f.-^^^r^ f.'f\r^ f.-&Q. 

II. skill, management, conduct. 'JTf^/. 3?!^ m. 3TT^T^?T- 

III. ( of a letter, &c. ) Term. :Tr'T^''<Tr^^TtT?T^^ >n. 

IV. eomplimentary introduction of letters. ^^^J^=^;\^m.^^^^^^\ 
or HHTm.iT^T^ /.f^?/.? 3T?r/.3TT^^?^:Fm»».HiT?ypiFm. 

There arc particular J^^orms of address — particular 
designations and titles or appropriate and allusive 
terms or phrases. 
The a. to a father is rft'^C^. 

—to a mother HTH^ft^op. Klrn-».ft or JTTgJifl", rff-fer. 
— to a son, younger brother, young protegee, &e. f^t- 

— to a daughter, &c. f^iviffcff. [ Fft'4^^. 

— to an elderly person ( male or female) rft'4^C7 pop. 
— to a superior or an elder, f^TTW^fl^T^TT- 
— to an unwidowed womau, ^■?T=5rl^f%fT. 

—to a widow. nnr»TTfffT'4t, ^■nrn^ififiT^^, ar^i^, ^. 

— to Brahmans, esp. as learned, devout, &c. %^^%, 

— to a SJiudra, <n€t?r, 'tr?fT=ft. 

— to a Shiidra. ^c. from a Brahman. JTTofr^ 3TT?ftsjl<^. 

— to Europeans, Muhammadans, &c.of dignity, a^'inT, 

— to powerful or affluent ManHhds. 3T^ft?T^?-'^?5^rT 

pop. 3T^ft?T?re-Tft 3T?T???T. 

— to a Gosdivi ov ascetic, rpft'4=T, FTTTf^f^, ?T'?TTTf?T, 

riMIHfTr, &c. 

— of honor, gene-r. TTTfiifr, XV^'''^ pop. ^Mf'iTTrfwf^'T- 

V. addresses. See Cooetsuip. [W?^TT^=5T n. 

VI. complimentary Sfc. letter. HRT=;T n. ^^TrRT=5f n. 
Addressed^, v. V. 1. q^T^^?^, ?^R%?5T, &c. qtPfTfT. 

2 qt=3T%?^, q'Tf^. 

5 ^\^^^ f^ff%?^, &c. 

Addeesseb, n. Addressing,^, a.v. V.l. <Ji^uii<i^ r51^uiK[, 
&c. ^r3i^, ^"T^R-Ac. Jfrfff. 

2 q'FJmPT, &c. qpJT^, !T^m-&c. jprrf. 

4 ^^^PTTTT, ?Nt'4=T-3Tr^"T^-<fcc. WT, 3TR^, arfH^IT^. 
To Adduce, v. a. ( an argument, a reason, &c. ) allege, 

assign, advance. J5 SRof , ^'HT ^^, rtNui, ST^^Tn, Sf^^f^ 

n. Jpruf, ^te^, ^fioir, ^PI'JTtfT &c. <ffPJT>Jr, 3^'qTF »>. 

q^ y. ofo. [ OT'T?^. 

Adduced, j3. v. V. j? %5;r5T, ^T^^r:??!, ?rffn?f^^, &c. 
Abducible, «. V. V. ni q5nqT-=qT-^FTrrr-#nT-&e. "T^-JT^- 

Adduction, a. v. V. — «c/. qs qjT'Jf ". 7T?I=f"^«. ?rrnoT «.&o. 

Adept, r. «('f ?/ skilled or versed, v. Ct.evee. JTT, "Tigr, 'T'JT, 

JTT iTT^H, f=T5'Jr, m^, TRITt, siqtir, fH^^TTfT, 31if»Tf , 

2 — iu alchemy, magic, &c. f%5. 




8— in villainy or knavery, v. ARUANT.qigT, St^ or tTT^, 
mp{ in comp. as K^ITT, KJFJ^, ^T^T^rmt), ?^I^. 
To be or become n. ^fWT'fr ( viz. iu ^"r*t, f^t'T^'Fl', 

AiEiT, H. oiw/iilli/ tkilleJ ill, v.Cleveh. TTTtrT orTTTffTOT. 

Abf.iJL'aTe, n. proportiontile lo, equal to. WK^., ^fl^TT, TT" 
"T, JTRR, THT, ^=^, ^T, ^^fTT, '■•«/>■ '« cowi/;. as ^Pmr^frTT, 

iFT^T'TTHT, Jto. oT^TrJrpTr-flnTTTT, &e. OT^, Wm, ?tjt, 

That is barely a. j-l ' -jdd l, ^^J'^T, ^^, ^'^J^, 
f'3Tl*<<m fHH + l, HW'HI-s). 
AUEijUATELV, <></(■. V A.<TTrTT, JTT, ^TFR, 'T'<TPfF^, ^FTTr JTrf. 
ADK<iL-ATt>'Ess, Adequacv, «. v. A. sjfNil/ JTcpT'TT m. 

Tu AUIIEUK, V. II. stick to, v.To SxiCK-fspRDT, rSn^'Jf, f^'Jf, 
2 stick lo, fig. if attached, faithful, Sfc. fen^, fq--i;?:iif, 

-Ac. ^fr<?TW75pr n.-gfr^rr^TT^ m. w^. 

Adiikbexce, Adhehixo, Adhesion, «.v.V.1. — act.f^'^.Z^n. 
ST'I^ n. f%^?;T^ 'fl»T^ rt. ite. 

12— nr/. f;p^^ TT^OT «. &c. gf?iTTT^«f^«.gft'<TTR?^t». | 
—slate or qii<ility.^[^f. cyrrafrp/. fjf^/. ^-Tf?re?TT/. J 

ADnEREST, a. AnnEHER, n. Adhering, p. a. v.Y. 1. f^^;:- 

2 f^TT^ 'Jf-'JllT Tlff^^ &e. gf?'4TT=R'5ft, TTr^OT( in 

eoiiip. a.s ^RT^TTr-70T, ^i.mmu\ ). 
Adherent, n.folloicrr. partizan. v. Follower, arr^pff ' 

3T5^TPfr, 3TgnT«Ht, 3TTf=STcr, ^T?T, <T?ft, aTWff, 3T5r?jift. 
Adhesive, <j. v. Stickx. f=j^?:, fq^^trr, fsf-^^T^. ! 

Adhesiveness, «.v. A. f^sjTTTi/ f^^^Tfun-Hi. f^^?Tjr /'.qT''*. ! 
lb Adhibit, p. a. use, v. To Apply. ^umffT ariTJrot, iT'frn »>. ji 

5FT^ y. o/ 0. %?#, q^PTTT./. qr^DT^^/.-Ac. :pTar y. o/ o. 

2 ( in one's own person). %sri^, %q-?r «.-&c. ^i^ g. of o. 
Adhibited, p. v. V. 1. qi^^^, qrf^, ^W^. 

2 ??5r7^, %f5r?r. 

Adhibitek, ». v. V. 1. qr-iuiKI &c. sr^rn^prTT. 

2 ?nmm, ?i;ft, ^^^. [ ^c^uj^/ 

ADiiiniTioN, n. v. V. T.— «(■(■. ^T^tif n. ijqtn w. 'TRRT/. 

2— flc/. H^ n. %cr;T «. %^/. TTO^^ ». 
Adieu, n. 3ird"c)aH| 3TTJfr^'f? »». --KHM'R n. nivr^FrfesFifq- 

*rmr n. Some of the common modes of expression are 

p'rm 'fl^>, irf^?r ^tot, t^ttr^ sfr ^fr,^ arm J^rftcr 

AiJirosE, Ai irocs, a. See Tat. 

Adjacency, n v. A. vT^ToRutt m. T7:mf rT^PTr «'. ^^rTT/ 

Adjacent, a. contig uous, v. Xear. ^ir^r^r^, ^m^, ^«- 

<TRf^, rt'MHI, ?t^;nT^, f^^^f, ?TJfm'4. 
jTo Adject, ArJECTio^f. See To Add. Adding.' 
Adjective, «.— in grammar. jonrR^ m. n'^^T^^ n. Mt- 

Eelatiou between an a.aud its noun.f^flT'iTfcril'S'T'TRw. 
To Adjoin, v. a. See To Join. 
To Adjoin, v. n. he contiguous. ?mff adv. 3T?r'Jt, "^T^^if 3T^- 

Adjoining,;?. «. v. V. N. pm-ft'^, ?7^?5TT^, ^^^oT^tt, ^^t{- 

I OTfjitTO. [ 3^??^ OT. 

j Adjoining, Adjunction, n. v. V. N. — state. ^TT^T /.^TrTTw. 
[ To Adjourn, v. a. put of. ?^=qTf^=T^N^V-^5T-qTf^qr?rRT- 

&c. pf^rn, %^"jf, J^ff^ or cT^ ^?:'jf or "jsfoT, ^?7r?^tFrn^- 

AdJOUENMENT, ?!.. V. V. — ffC/. %5fOT «. TTT^TTf^STHTrTT %5PIT». 

H^+<l| Z^ n.&c. ^FTr^f rlTT^?r ^'tTFR «• 
To Adjudge v. a. doom to. v. To Condemn. ^^T?r ^nTof, 
fn?Tr/- ^fnoT, f^T^^ 3TTffT /.-;Ff^rT WJ.-&C. W'T^. 
2 v.To AwAED.H^f aft/.-^l^«f/-'T^li?f./.-?I'TT?nif\/.-&c. 

^o Adjudicate, ». «. See To Adjudge. 

Adjudication, Adjudgment, ?;.. v. V. 2 — act. Pf^^ ^F^^ 

^etPt"^ »."%fl'E5T ^c^ ^^rf^T'^' ». &c. ^rr^gf^'j^'iT ^pt^ », 

I. atuarc?, v. Sentence. f^T^T^r »».'%?rE5T m. 
Adjunct, a. united with, immediately consequent. aTH'spft, 

Adjunct, n. v. Appendage. aHHij'lM' 3T?TtrnTr-3Tf^'?f*nR' 

.■3T^%ifr-3T^tft-&c. ^^^'A>n.■\^^^m.-^ m.-SiQ. 3T^iT/n. 

2 — in grammar, ar^^tr m. ^FI^ n. 
Adjueation, n. v. V. — act. ^^'C( f.-&Q.. ^TrFM n. ?T"T=T «. 

I. oa<7t ^w/f or taken. ^H'4 /• a^JTir/. 
To Adjuee, v. a. impose an oath on, charge on oath. ^T<T/. 

-3TT0T/--gT^/--&c.^^'if or qTTfjT ^^af-^^T^OT-fir^/. 

Adjueed,^. v. v. ?W<T ^?R^, 3Tm ^TFT^^TT, mf^. 
To A-DJVST i: a.^fi.v or set rightly, put in order. f5=l?rPT^, 

g':TRiJr, _g'<nTcn-, ^^^"if or ^i^iif, ?ft?:-5f{T^-5^^-&e. 

^FT'JT "ff^T'^, 5t^'TTw».-5rfr5T35f|-/.-»q-cr?iTT/.-&c.:p:%. of o. 

2 ( a dispute, debt, &c. ) v. To Settle. d | juj , =f^F^df, 
<TTft^'^'^, 'TT^m. cTRiJr f^T^ri^ y. of o. ^^75 /. ^RTlf 
y. of 0. ^f. IXl^ g. of 0. 
Adjusted, p. v. V. 1. f5f?:R%;Tr, g^nr???^, ^rrf^^tfj^ril- 

2 5^^%?^, frnSjOT, ??re%¥ %^?^, ^ar, ^^ifm ^Tfi^- 

Adjustment, w.v.V. 1. — act. fq-TRor n. gqK"^' «• &i5. ST^- 
F<TnTH n.— state. i{i\,A^ »i.^?r^^1'/5FFfcFt/.°T?F<TT/. 
2— act. ^;f!Jf JJ. mft^rr ^lif «. &c. — state, ^^rff/ 

Adjutant, m. FJ^T^UrT?^ i^^ ^R^TlTt 3Tff . 
Adjutor, Adjuvant, m. See Helpee. 
Ad libitum, ado.mthout restriction. T^?i^r^,K^H ^ll^ rfH. 
2b Admeasuee, Admeasdeement, See To Measure, ka. 
To Administee v. a. serve, supply, afford, v. To GiVE. %tif, 
^^ n. ^of^ 3T'f'if, 3TW n. ^>if y- of o. 




2 ( a govornmeut, a business, an estate, &c. ) v. To 
Conduct, -^irltjuf, clf^^jldin, f^qT^% f^^ITf »»--srf|5n^ /. 
spTot-Miriqui y. of 0. 

3 (justice ). '^^m. qif^-cTreor-^p?^, 7^\^^l•[^n. sp^ijf. 

4 ( an oath ). ^(^"Jf, \^. 

5 ( physic, &c. ) ^^, "STfT^. 

6 ( alms, &c. ) q'TrJ^ ^of, Jfte^, ^n^. 

To Administee, v. n. contrihiUe,y. To Help. ^^q'-^^^^Jlft- 

&c. 3T?ror. 
Administration, n. v. V. 1. — act. '^oT «. aT'T'^t «. &c. 
2— act. crf^STR'jf »■ -mrliJ^ «.&c. ^^^xz f. ^^\\m.■^^- 

Letters of a. to an estate. trf^^fTT^TRf^'^'Tr^ft ^H7/. 

I. executive part of a Government. ■(.M + KHT^^t/- 
Change of a. ^wlHI^ft/. ^r^f^^r «. 

II. rejy«, nde, 3TJT?5 «J. TT^T «. ^T^\f. 
Eigorous or severe a. ^FTST 3TiT^ «. 

Administeatoe, m. ( of a goveruaieut ). <l-ji|-+,I'TlT'^Tc7- 

2(to an estate, &c.) ^f^^lTJ =qTf7fsroTT7T m ^Tf^^TT^^r ,„. 

3 ( in divine rites )v. Officiater. arpqr'f m. 
Admieable, a. V. V. and Good. ^R^5j^5T^r!7F-q;Tft-&c. 

^?fTTT=>R^jnft- 'ic. irrsT ^TRraT-^r-^FTT-^TT^T- &c. 

3^^ffT, ^THf, T???'?, ^rff. 
Admirably, ff(7(j. v_ A. ^-^ AV.\>\\ ^PTT-FTT^T->-tc. a. decl. 

Admiral, «. 3H<HK|'-(| 'Tf?f;«.-3Ttfr?TnJ.-3TK^^;K.-i5TCqjre.- &c. 
Admieation, «-. — the sentiment. 3TT*'I'frt. ^T^JlsiTw.^EIiTr^FTT 

m. -RT^/. ^rm^iq'T «. ^?^ra"=i;i'f n. 

To Admire, %\ a. regard with wonder and pleasure. ^\Ai}- 
^^ifn.-^J^'^\^>ffqn.-&c. ^RW and, in. con. ^^ m g. of a. 
SFtg^ «.-m^ /.-^Tf?q;R OT.- &c. EfRijf /«. con.g.ofo. 
3Tr=r'5^ in. con. 

Admirer, n. See Lover. pT^T^TT^. 

Admissible, a. v. V. 1. sf^ qT^i--:^-^^! J 1 a I -vi?FTT-&c. sjsr- 

2 Eq-T^r-=^T-#^?IT-'#Tr- &c. iTRrqT &c.- =^-^T- &c. 

Admission, Admittance, ii. v. V. 1 — act. \^ ^iir n. 
srfrf ^gj ^ M. sit^TTPT n. 

2 — rtc/. q'of «. KRor «. Trl^iJt n. &c. ■3TT^"JT «. ^TT^T^ 
n.— state. iTT^Frr/.— «• or s. <Tci^ or Tfi^PTT w. qTRT^^T- 

3 a. or s. Kft^TT hj. ■JT'ft^FTT m. 

To Admit, v- a. suffer to enter. i|^^ or aTffT ^T^ ^ot_ 

2 suffer to pass; allow, grant, concede. q"iif, ^TH'Jf, TT^^ 
^tJT^, 5fR ^-^Tiif^ Trt^TW or Mr|+Kir, ^?^ ^^of-f T"Jf , 

3 V. To Acknowledge. Hrt^PTTiir, aiift^PRiJf, T^ft q"'Jt, 

4 /ft^-e iM, receive amongst, qijf, STfrfspJr, ^^I^'ir, ^^HT2"Jr. 
Admitted, ;j. t. V. 1. ^■^ f^r^^, 3TM %^ f?rf^. 

2 q:cT^?rT, HFI^CT, &c. HI'iT, JP^, f^^, ST^TcT, g^Tm, 

3Tf^rr, iffdn^, Tfrj^fT, srf-^firrr, ttft. 

To Admix, Admixture, &c. See To Mix, &e. 

To Admonish, v. a. warn of, counsel against, v. To AVaen. 
Fn^t^/-?j^;TT/.-^^=T n.-&c. JRiJt, 1^]^ m.-^%jq m.- 
^^T^^n.-^^^-^ m.- &c. ^^ g. of o. ^^^^., Tg5;-3-qf^ 

-&c. Jf)^. 

2 reprove gently. ^PT^ »i. j^Z. T^'^ ,!?o/o. ^PT^TTW ?tfT»». 
3T^^ y. o/o. m^=qt f^T?TT/.-?T5:^=5fT HTT w.-ErT'Tf^^TT/.- 
SUI^ n. ^-m. 
Admonisher, n. Admonishing, |3.o. Admonitor, n.\N. 1. 


2 fTTl^f^Tm ^FTOTITT &c. 
Admonishing, Admonishmek't, Admonition, «.v.V. L — 
«c^. ?IT^^ ^iif J2. ^^?{T5p;iif «. &c. ^^^ «. T35HT/. 
"T^^q-^T n. g-gTM'^ »• 

2^;Fr?r ^^siir «. &c. ^fn^r g-^^ft/. 

I. tlie warning given. ftnft^/.^g;5=lT/.7"T^5T/». ^f^^r? m. 
q^q- w. TgTsr ni. 

II. !?/;« reproof given, ^rs^t fn^I /• ^IT^iTrtT/ ^HT^I 

Ado, «. labour, difficiiltg, pains, v. Trouble. 5f% q% o;- 5r^ 
qt OT. p)l. V. 5?rT, q', ^^T/._^;Z. I'. W^ ^^, ^^T^:/. ^^T^cf 

With much a. JTIil^T f^^^, T^Tf *f^f55 '^'^■^ 5^ffi 

2 confused hurry, politer, stir, T. BuSTLE. qTq'iJw. ^\'^'m. 

To make much a. about nothing. iPR ^i'iiT'T ^^ ^T^^, 

Adolescence, n. v. Youth. VKdl TO? /• ^'fT^t /• ^^T^ift 
Adolescent, a. v. Stripling. =Er5fl' Tfli^T, =^JfTT ^TTr^, 
To Adonize, 4'. n. dccl- out the person. qT?IT^ m.-^-fV^f[ f.- 

^T^p%ft or =qTT=:iTft /.-^^rFTl'^^r^ /.-^tr?]^ /.-mqft/.- 

j:FpiTf?:5!Tv« .-ZWM{z=^m.-^-^Atm .pi .-fz-Z]Z\^\ /.-ct c.^T^. 

Adontzing, ». V. V. — «rf. ==f^^T^/- '^FP^T^t or =^T"T=^l'ft/. 

==rPft=ErPft /. feT^pft/. J^T or z€m in. pi. ^TRiT^ or 

?fppt/. smtrrrw. 

To Adopt, V. «. (a son). ^^?np-^?r5=5r-^TT-Tra>iTT-&c. ifof, 

2 ( a measure, custom, &.C. ) 3TT^?TJif, ir'if, ^^% "TT^^, 
%^, aTT'-PTOT, ^^PTW, ai'il+.K'Jt, ^t^PK «j.-3TM^=PR 
»«.-%=r=T «.-^0T «.-&C. 5p?T3f. 

Adopted, p. Adoptive, «. t. V. 1. ^-^rpp-Ac. q'fr^JTT, 

qrnnr or spr, TTH^^r, qF^TT, qt^qr, Hftt^iT %ci?i?rr, 3Ti€t?r 

An a. child. KTRB'^rfrr/. q^i^R ?;. 
2 3TT^?WT, &c. %f^fT, 3TT^?r, ^^. 
Adoptee, «. Adopting, 2'. «■ AiOPTi\E, a. t.Y.I. ?rT-7^=PP- 

«rrfftjrr-&c. Quiki, Httt^c MuiKt, 3Tf€t?T ^ittt, ^tt^p-^- 
ic. in^, TT^. 

:: ^tK(U |ICT, A«.'. %^\ &c. %^rp( esp. in comp. ) 
Addition, n.\.y.l. net. ^ii^^^ ^^ n. aiMcT %olr ». ^tT or 
JtTS q^ 1. '^Tlt.'.j^u i H. ^^^fNnr m.— stale. ^ q'rl^- 

JJoy given into a. Sfrf wi. ^^'f »»• ^^ '»• 'Trpr^"T=;fra. 
— revilingly. ^tFJT or ^rpr— I'amili.arly. 5Tfnt?r,<^-<iMl. 

Boy given ( after investiture with the thread ) into 
a. in a family not related to hiui. He is heir both to 
his natural and to his adoptive parent. ^\^^^\^<^ m. 

Boy self-given into a. '^'T^tT ?». 

Ceremonies or rites of a. 5rrfjf=TR n. a^fcrf^ m. 

Deed of a. KtS^^T n. JtTT^ «. ['^1-%^. 

To give into a.^ ^PT'T, Ttft^-aiYtrrf-aTR-iTtrf ^'Jf-^TTt^- 
'2— act. ■STT^of «. %^ 11. &c. ^^ n. tiTTW n. qrs^ «. 
^^ n. J^rn^R ». 
AiOBADLE, a. y. Y. <^^Jim-^-qFtr-ctc. T^'ft'T, T^?^, T^- 

^, "jvjrnfp^, ^^rrf , >T^=ff?, H^nrr^, ar^^q', sr^, 
■jpim^, "Tvirfrrq-, t^^t^^, &c. 

Adouablexess, «. T. A. 35TT^T?^-'*TjTnrNt-&c. ?frJTrn"/.- 

3TfflT/.- &C.>TJpft^TfTT/q^m-/.'JfRlfi=rT/.&C.aTT:^'rn-/. 

AioBATiox, «. V. V. — act. q;^af «. ir^iif «. &c. t^^t «. 

/■ anrr*^ w. -jHrnnr/. 

Jo Aeoke, v. a. V. To "W'OESHIP. JvTdT, T^, 3=r#af, aTTTT- 

ArOBED,,?). V. V. 3^%^, >T<^%«l, &C. "jf^rT, 3^f%cr, 3TTTT- 

AroBEE, «. Ajobing,;?. «. t. 'V. JtrTanrr, &c. "T^^^j, 3TTTrq'- 

Abobinolv. orftf. V. V. "Jv^T^^q-, JT fa ' jj'K . 

To AiOEN, V. a. decorate, emheUish, ornamnit. 3T?il^TTuf 

>fnK^_, Hq^, m^iTsrSr, mirar ^r^, ^rfH?T-f ?itF>T?f-&c! 
"F^, ?fpiT /.-tn m.-kc. sot-arnJi'jf, ^tpt^ m.-'jt'tijt «.- 

2 icicf >«, ^racp, T. To Become, m^, m^fff, ^f^'rf. 
Aloened. p. Y. V. I. ar^ihlWOT, &c. strS^PP^, ?ir>W^, 
&c_3t?iwnf:^^ &c. ^7^^., mf'TrT, ^?r,^ Jif^, f^^-. 

Aeobseb, «. AxoE>-isG,;).«. v.V. 1. 3t^:ktt ^FTcrnr, &c. 

AEOENMESr, Adoujiiko, n. V. V. 1.— arf. 3Tk-TTT0I «. &c! 

f^H^ n.—state. sj^K m. ^T^JRWD". ?tW/. 3Tf7?;f?r/. 

>ffT/- ^TTfiT?Tf5r«. &c. 
A DOWN, prep, along, donmcards. aipiTif^, i?frjj;?r :r^ur^ 

314T-., -fltfrcr, ST:?^. •" ^ =- ' 

Kl>yiUT, adv. foaling at random. ^?ft, JHT^^f rRrff 


To be a. -lit-fig. rTtw, ^^\^^. 

To cast a.-lit. ^V^U^t--^^\^j^x CT^ST.-fig.STT^JTRT JT^^t. 

To get a.-Iit. 3Tmf^-sr5n^ffT-&c. 'rS'it,-fig.5rT='!TT^ ?R^. 

Adkoit, a. dexterous, v. Expekt. J?T?r, giR, g^, Tllf^, 

Adroitly, adv. v. A. §T<4U|M, &c. ^TTTf^, ^^T?^^'^, ^^T- 

Adeoitness, 71. V. A, J^icSq-DTT »«• g'FTTiTT »«• &e. 5^- 

'^fT/. gnnf /. g'T:T3rr ««. ^^rn /. ^^ «. ^^?5«. 

^aWf ■». 
Adex. (j. See Thiestt. 
Adscitixious, a. taken tip, called in, v. Assumed. TRSTFTT, 

^■TH, ail^N, 3TniM?5T, 3TT|rr. [tee, &c. 

Adulation, To Adulate, &c. See Flatteeing. To Flat- 
Adult, a. arrived at mature age. eprfrT 3Tlrtrtl, T'JlfrT 3n%r7r, 

?H?r?r 3n%p^, TPrfpr 3Tfr5?rT, nrer, vm^frfTT, ^V, tfp, 
rtrN=5r, jt^'<t o;- ^^•.^^■^_ 

To become a. ^^frr-^T^tfT-ttc. q^iJr. 
Adult, n.v. A. cr?Tt?T-&c. 'S\f^j^ ^\v\^ m.--^f.-&c. ^T^m. 

^\^■^■\ m. jft-t^TT m. 
To Adulterate, v. a. corrujyt hi/ mi.vturc. H^ /.-frT^55 /.- 

&c. ?n^?r =fTf7 ^Fwr - Rm i"^, ^^T:^o'Tfir*'T''T^fTrT ^pt^, 

Adulterate, «. Adulterated, /i.t.V. ^Tsj ^t^^ f«Tqi^?rT, 

Adulteration, w. t. V. act. fH^r^-&c. q-j^^r ^W- ^fJTot ■». 

s^rt/c. ^^fPTS-TUISJqriH «.. ^^TTi|5fq-fT?^ n. 
Adulterer, n. man guilfg of adul/crg. ^j^jf\., M<^K+t11, 

5^f^-jK'+Tir, s^fW^qifr, qr^f'^rRY, ^^m^^ijjTir, ^JTR^s^f, 

Adulteress, i!. u-oman guilt g of adu^terl/.rs^^^■^r\^.^ ^ifT'Tft, 

Adulterine, n. t. Bastard. ^JTIT^, -j1U,^I?T. 
Adulterous, a. guilt g of adulterg, See Adulieeeb& 


2 pertaining to aduJterg.■^\X.'^V^'[{-''^f^'^]^.V^J.| vd|J+,4- 

Adultery, n. conjugal infdelitg, — of tlie male or female. 
^R^if n. ^^^fvriji;m. cfrrr^qr/. 5I5^H n. ^^'JJ^^ m. 
^Tfr /.— of the male. qT^HTTiTH ». Tt^ «. TT^/. 

3^^miT?r n. ^x^tm^n. wP^=5iTf^n5T?f «. m^^n n. 

'TTHT^Hq' n. ^T^^^^^^ n. — of the female, ^ttiit^t ?j. 

^^^pop. qrq-^ n. f.TT^-lT^-f^T7. TTRf^^T^TR^ «. 3T'?TTrR^ 

«.— in cant or covert phrase, and of male & female. 

^trfr^TT?? on. ^^^K «. ^f|5^?f^ n. 
Adultkess, n. v. A. & N. g:^^/. ^M%TtTT »!. RTs^niT m. 

q:"k?3TT/. ^^^ n. 
To Adumbrate,!!, a. shadow out, exhibit a faint resemhl- 

ancc of. ^'!r?^^5!Ti-<T «. jpT^,;^^^^ il-lfl^ui, W^ f. ^^^ 

Am 21^ 

Adumbeation, n. v. Y. matter shadowed out. ^TTT/. 

AccsT.rt. lurnt uj).^^ 'R?5T,^^, ':?Tr^?T, ^W^ ^^. 

To Advance, v. a. hrinij lo the front or fore-ground. JJ- 

'1 promote, prefer. ^^S{.^^\^^.^ ^Z^f. '^^^■'[MA^i 
y. o/ 0. '<TT^t /.-'-^rTTJlT wi.-&c. %air.| ^^r^ /. ^7^, 

?q-|iH T':^,-q^|f^ /. =r^ y. o/ o. 

3 make better, &c. v. To Impeove. ?T^§5 «.-?i^f^/.-&c. 
■I^^T y. o/ 0. t^^ 3TT'iT<if. [y. o/ o. 

i forward, hrinj on. =qT??q'iif, ^TT^'^, ^K/-- fff /• ^"^ 
o V. To Propose. ^'I m. ^pr^-^R^ y. o/ o. "T^tn ot.- 
asiaMM w.-sraR^r/.- !T?IR ot.- 3^-:PTT ««. q^ y. of 0. 
6 ( mouey &c. ) •JfTrJr ffif/o.-'JTFN "'^i'. ^oT, Ffqil /. ^"it. 
Jb Advance, v. n. come forward. ^ adv. %?r-f?n^-=ifjr^- 
^.:^rraf-^I^iif, 5'?rTot, ^HR &c. itot &c. qr^iJr, TT^^ra. 

To a. boldly, readily ,&c.?rr^iJt,^<+N>Jl,'--T^3T'Jir,M'j1H"Jf, 

To a. against, upon, ^r^^ ^'^-%'jf, ■^iJI^/.-'^ m.-^- 
Z\^ on. ^iif ioj^/t STT. 

2 yrow Je«er, ^'c.v. To Impeove. '^\^T^\ |m ^m^, ^'t'jf, 

3 mo»e apace, ^f ado. =5]T?5af. 
4! progress, proceed, v. To Eise. ^Kaf , ^^rraot, =5r5>jf, ^T^- 

?T-=^cr-&c. =5jra'ir, ff^T^T trot. 
Advance, Advancement, n. v. V. A. 1. — act. ^ ^^ n. 
3T?TTft^ ^Vm n. &c. 

I^act. ^^ififf «. En^cT^ «. &c. i^U'-hK 5«. T^S^T n. 
—state. 5JT3^?ri:iUTT »». &C. •HJ^^I-rll/. "I^fft/- 
Z—act. ^i^ n.— state, ^fg/. ^\\^m n. 
■i—act. ■^\rm^ n. &c. 

I. moneg adcanced. STTTS f^^i=Jr WT ?«. — esp. to culti- 
vators, Frml/. 

v. Y. N. 1.— a. 0?- s. ^i q-ijf/t. Ac. 5piTCT«. ^=pJTw. ^frf/. 
2— state. ^5^ «. &e. =^r??ft/. ^fsT^^ w. JT^"^ n. ^f|;/. 

3 — state. ^TS'Jfw. =^T?5af ?8. &c. q"!^/. =5r^/. ^5 '«. 
In a. in front, jt, H"!^^. 
2 before-hand. aTTT^, 3TfiFT. 
Advance-ctoead, Advanced-gtjaed, n. f^fft/. 
Advanced, p. v. V. A. 1. qt %^F^^■-^^i'Jlriri^, &c. 
2 =q^clrJ?rr, ^TJqr'^^, &c. TfTtjrrr^, '^^. 

4 ^lri=W?5T, &c. 

V. V. N. 1. 5? 3TM?5r, 5?RS5^, y<+)HV.r, &C. jrfTrT, 
^'^l-mn, 3T^Tn?T, 3T!T^m, ^Ft?r. 
2 7^m-^JTTTH-?nTra'- &c. "q^^jr. 

4 «(iciirtr, "Hs^jr^i, &c. |5[ ( esp. in comp, as ^"tf 5[, 

?rH|5, f^^5, ^^5, T^TTf ^, ?rTTf ^ ). 


Advancee, rt. Adyancino,^. «. V. V. A. 1. crt <}iXT7nTT- 
aTTomRT, &c. ^[?f ^'f-K'-t> '. 

2 -HIiJclUIKI, -cjiiol'JIUl, &C. JT^^rrf, MJ^+,|3ft, "T^^l^, ^- 

4 =q"iric(ijiHi, ^rRST^mrr, &o. 

5 +l'iU|KI, 3Y ^PTtrrr^T, &c. [^TFfPft. 

V. V. N. 1. qs "q-unrr &c. qft^n^ft, arfirH^rmT, ^Pr^- 

2 =jr??n', tnw-€^TH- &c. xj^uim, &c. |f^<T, st'^hpt. 

3 sn^OTRT &c. ^TT^riT. 
Advantage, n. superiority over, v. Supeeioeitt. ^^^ n. 

^^ «. =jRy?ir/. 3^rr55T )«. s^R^^rfr ?». ^rrr m. 

To Lave the a. of. aTTT^T-'flffcT^ |m, '<TN/. ST^Sry. of 
s. with sn: o/ 0. 
To obtain an a. over. ^TNtTT 5,^Tq> ?«. =^^, ^^ ^M, 

2 benefit, profit, good, avail, use. 't>\Mi\ m. <?r55 «. "PoJ^T- 
frf or "P^^?? /. f^^n. cjT". TWrn »«. yq+H,?«. R-HJI-Mri /. 
tH,Hi| or ^R4)l ?»• T<TR"r or PTPTTwi. 4)iririr<|w. "{JrfTHfTT /. 
"poET^^T m. 'PFSii^q' m. yjf »». FH^ ?». (and, loosely ?;tHT- 

A. and disadvantage, f^rllf^d n. riHIrflT »«. 

To appear to a. ^TPTcfr, ^^, R<M^, f^^^^r, rRTot. 

To show, set, &c. to a. tJrT n. H^ g. of o. ^rH^^. 

3 emolument, profit, v.GaiN. JfPT m. ?5PT w. Jflfff/. 
i preponderation on one side. ^^^ n. ^T^T^' n. 

To Advantage, v. a. acail, hoot, benefit, profit,scrvc. FTT'H'if, 
?5T^5t, r'vi^ui, TT^fpft ^"jf-TS^, TT^TH m. ^fif ?«. con. 
with g. of 0. 

Advantageous, a. v. N. 2 beneficial, profitable, availing^ 

?5TT!T?, "P^si^, 'TOT^Prfr, lOTT^f , "P^r?*:?!^?^, "PSSf^. 

3 V. Gainful, ^^^qr^, ^'qr^TTT, f^4>Nd'JK, l^qniKt, 

Advantaoeouslt, adv. v.N.2 ^t^nT^^TtHR, WT^, a. decl. 

3 r4>*iMH^K, H WT, ^^^nr. 

Advantaqeousness n. v. A. 1. ^M-MMflMTT m. :jq^rf^IrIT /. 
^rp?^ n. '^^^kf^V,^ n. OT»T-&c. dN'-f.^ n. 3tT'+.|RcII /. 

Advenient, Adventitious, a. v. Accidental, sti'-i^*, 

Advent, ». v. Coming, q^ot «, 3TFIT^ n. arm^ m. 
Adventuee, «. accident, chance. \'^T'} mf^^^mA^ f. ^^Flrf 

2 hazardous deed, v. Enteepbise. ^ntiT «/. ^IiqiTT^ 

qjm «. tfr^TTT^ q^TR' «. qrsn^ «. 5>iqnf w. ["Sfftfr «. 

Adventures, remarkable events in the life of. '^fK'^ pop. 
To Adventuee, v. n. try the chance, dare, v. To Ventuee. 

^isfm «.-&c. arrim aTM'Jir-^'^-^t^FTTot-'T^ sfttlW, 

^5?t?^tH n. ;[qiTjf, cr^nFjy ?i/. q?^. 
To Adventuee, v. a. put into the power of chance, v. To 

Ventuee. ^^Ht?T gcrnf-qr??^, a=r^tfr?r-^^tft?r ^^- 




Al>VE>ri'BtB.n.v.V. one irlio seeks oaasions of chance, ^r- 

iR f^RT qi^ 35rm qi ^u i K i, ^"r?ft^ «"• ^^rmn "Tr^onTT, 

vJTfitK 'ITtTT^r ^ITT, &c. 

AuvKMi i:«H s, a in Uuid to adeenlures. +^rit or ^JTsn^-iTT, 

rppjmT. [5^^^. 

•J V. HazaREOCS. q" | < M> ft , ^?IiTT=5rT, ?t^^^t^, HTiT^?rT- 

AiiVESTi-EorsLT, aJc. v. A. 1. ^iflRr ^T^^ q^^, ^Rft^ 

ADVENTi-RocfSEss, n. V. A. ^^fTH ^^qr^rr kt^ht^^- ^fq/. 

AuTT-BB, «.— geiKT. -H^q^ n. 'fls^T^ »• 

2— to a verb, f^^qifEf fX'TOT ^i{s^^ n. flrfvffcRTqtFT 3T5q-q- w. 

r+<4 1 r«< ?rm n. f^irf^'^rro «. 

h.\)SV.mM.Ki.,a.peiiaininj to an a. STo'T^J^^, ^Tsqq'T^, 
3T5q^^, -iT.q-i(|rH-^-, ars^m'Tfr, aTS^qif'^r^, &C. ^5q-- 

ADVEBBlALLr, adc. V. A. >|oij<j<;,4, f^f^qifsTJlTCTr^, arsq'q'- 

Advkbsaeia, 7i. commonplace hook. "^rSTSf ;;. =q^ n. alT?». 

iiimiM'*r M. %% m.pi. [ift «j. 

Adveesabt, «. foe_ v. EHEiir.'irft c- ?T^ c. firT?T wj-srf?r'ft- 
2— as iu litigation, &c.v. OfroNENi. sff?PT^ m. f=rT^»(. 
MfdMi^ m. sjfJT^fpfft m. Sffcf^'^f m. 

Advebse, a. turned against; opposite, v. Conteaex. 3^CT, 
vHU=ll, f^5, f^Tftrf . 

2 inimical, hostile, repugnant, vnfriendh/.S^Y^^.^ f^TfftfT, 

f^PR^, '*rfH^, 3Tf ?^g, 'JT^TTT, f^TT^rj' fsrf?^, f^"^, ^^1 
( m com. a^ %f?J^^, 517^?!^, 'JTFH^T^, &o.) qr, q-j-i-s;^-^^ 
^^pop. f^T^^, 'JTffFT, aff^FrJT^, 3Tf|?m:TW, ftrf^^r. 

3 calamitous aTTJ, ^T^rn^, arfHf, ST^'TP!?. 
Adveesely, a./t;.v.A. 1. ^s^iy^;^.^ 3"^7r, &c. 3^re-qT^, f^TT^^rT:, 

2 3TT2^, Ac. f^rrsTPT, ^T^^-qi, '[Tf^'SijTT, ^T^TRR, 
f%^^;, firft*T'7«Nj,"=) "A^M'\k -+-, &c. 
Adveesesess, n. V. A. 1. 3^7TTOTT jjs. 3Tr5%qaTT m. f^TJ^ m. 

2 -iTTt^qiTT m. !TTfHf ^ « f^rrsiT »! f^frfq^H. ^^^TFTwj. 

jT>TT5r m. f^ir?5r n. f^nrm/. R h ■■'I d ^rr /. '^Iifjt'w. q-q-- 

^ n. <TTT?:^:'7rIT/. f^^T^r/ 

ADVEBsrry.)!. «/n/f oj afflirtionjistress, misery.Sfc.^^^r^ f. 

/. CSTF^'TFT n. f;rmT^-<TT /. ST'TF^^Tr /. SrW^iTT /• 
JF^JTT /. ?i^^3Tr/. arPT^, fcf^rf^ ( iu comp as 3TPT5T- 

^rt'rflijfTT/. ^n'rflMi-H/i/. 3-?TTrft^PTT0T /. a^ l 4,N | { ^t 

Delivering or extricating from ^■^k^^M.U'\iA"^». 
Eeligion of a. aTTT^ m. fspT^K ?«. 

Season of a. adverse times, 37rHc^?? wj. f^nr^FTr^m. 3TT^- 

f^r^FT?? »'». f^f^M »»• 3T^>TFq^T^ «;. f^n^^r?! »«. f^rg- 

^^W^j m. ^^.W' m. g-FRfftir^/. ^'rRHT^T^ 7«. 

Suffericg, overwlielmed by, &c. a. ari^f^T'tT, 37n5r, 
fjR^, 3TT^5!Tm, ailM'^lT'EHT, SfW^^, fsn^iT^, f^^^, 

To Adveht, I'.?!. ('»)•« to. attend to, animadve7-t.'^'!\n.-'^.i^^n. 

3T?I^ y. o/ «. 
Adveetekce, Adteeting, «. v. Y.—act. tt^^ OT^iif n. T^ 

^q- »j. Ac. sT^^trT^r n. ^^^■[^ «. txn^ «. 

Witli a. to 3T5?5f^. 
To Adveetise, v. a- v. To Inpoeji. v^|UHiif, ^Fo^tpif, <^- 


2 give notice oj pullichj. v^l^lT-^^^-!Tf^5- &c. ^RW, 
vTlf^JHIMI 5». f'P^q'of-FST^OTy.o/o. stft/.-StsnT ?».-&e. 
fTJJtfOT y. 0/ 0. STT^^'I'Jr «.- &e. ^?Tjf. 
Aeteetised, j5. V. V. 1. ^^m5r%?5T, ^s^cRBT, &c. H I f^dTT- 

^-&c. %?5?^, qtf^?f, !T5nfq-?T, fcrfTTf7?f. 

Abteetisement, n. v. V. 1. — act. ^ror^of «. «&c. Mlf^rl'lK. 
-&c. SRor m. fiTfTK^ n. ^tT^T «• sf^^"^ «. 

I. notice piMished. Wlf^HIHlm. ^if^-ijrl/. ^?TTf|T?T5fT /. 

Adteetisee, if. AiivERTisixa, j). ff. V. Y. 1. ^tiiq"tJTiTr^ &.c. 

^l%HIK -&c. +.(U||J|, ^KHF, ST^-'^T^, i^fTN^. [^Prrf. 

2 ^m^- &c. ^pTOTRr, ^JTit fT^^'inTr, Acir^p^iFTif, ^f^^- 

To Abtespebate, v. n. draw towards evening, ^ri^^"^, ?ff^- 

oEtlf or ^i^ToJof, ^IrlN^r, 

Aetice, n. counsel. 3^^ ot. iTOrJrr/. «fr'4 '«. 3Tf^^T ?«. ?T5?T 

m. f. ^f^^T^ '«• ;■•• wtn. 

Bad a. ^%r m. ^^^P^ m. [g'T^ «!. 

Good a. or instruction. f|<TR^?T m. g^T^' m. f^?^^m. 

2 information, v. Intelligence. ?RT/. sridiff/. ^'^r 
/. «HNK ««. [^5ITT/. 

A. from emissaries at foreign courts. aTT^^K o>' ^T.- 
Commereial a. "^5 /. 
Adtisable, a. proper to be adcised or practised, v. PEorEE. 

^TTt^TT^, ^^aftfq-fT, 3^3T^FTTJftq', 3^?TT^i^. 
' Adtisaeility, Adtisableness, n. v. A. qF^rlT/. STtNtt 

[ To Adtise, v. a. give counsel to. JnTf^/.-^STw. /.-3^^3Tw?. 

' -&.C. jijf, 3^?T>jf, =^rn: 'fn?t/- iJ^-3T-^?5/.-&c. frtnDT-%oT, 

5f^^ '»• ^^M-^^, ^tpT ».-SfifttT=T«.-'T5r'JI».-3Tf*riT=sniT 

W.-&C. ^rof. 

: 2 recommend ly counsel. 3'T'^^ «J.-Htlrt<l /.-?ff5T m. 

I /.-&c. ^FTrof y. 0/ 0. 5f5?T^ '«• ^tnot-^ot y.o/ 0. 

3 ?;!oZ-e acquainted, v. To Infoem. ^^J^Tq-^ =3TFT^0T, JTlf^- 

Fmrr-nT^Fr-^Tn^-'g1%Ff-&c. ^trrnr. 

1 Abvised,/). v. v. 1. 2. 3^?T-&c. %^^, TTTt^, 3TTf?^i ^- 

Am 23 

3 HT^fiTr^ %^??T, ^fT, €rf^, f^fiTfm. 
Advisedly, adc. deliberately, purposeli/, heedJulli/.fi^'\TJ^^ 

Adtisee>'ess, 7J. deliberateness. ^tf^r^Rfrr /. ^f^^'^rfl/. 
Advisee, ?!. Advisikg, 7). a. v. V. 1. 2. 3^'^:!TaTTrr, &c. 

'iMt-ST^FS- &c. ^fqariTT. 
Evil a. ^iT==f|-. 

3 See iNroBMANT. 
ADVisiNCi, re. V. V. 1. — act. W^'^n. &c. ^f^^ m. v. ^TT, 

^q- VI. qrq'R' n. wq' »". Sf%'=Rr n. 3T1^?T m. 5frf>Tit^>Jr«. 

JT^JTOT n. ^^T^. n. 

2— act. ^s^V^m^ n. ^q^of «. &c. fir^TTT^T n. ^\^^ n. 

ST^T^^ «. -^H n. 
Advooacy, Advocation, ?^. v.V.l. — act. sf P+r^ /. STFTHrf/. 

To Advocate, 8). a.pZfat^/on T?T w. ^^^7^ q'rrf'jf-^m^/. 
^C^, =r1%t^ /• -^'+. I rt <1 /. ^fJT^ y. 0/ 0. TtT^fJf^^ «- 'TTT- 

Advocate, Advocatee, n. v. V. "T?T q?i;==f ^i?5"JTrTr Ac. 

I. pleader in a Court. ^^^ m. 
ADYTVM,!ier division of a temple. TT'TIT or rr»».THT^re. 
Apz, Addice, ». (TRToft/. sfrfi^ or ^=Ji^m. ^^?^\m. ^^^f. 

To cut with an a. ( to pare, chip, plane, &e.) fn'^. 

Cut with an a. rTTflR. 

Work done with an a. ?rr^<PnT n. r^T^ m. 

Worker with an a. ril^+l*0' or i^. 
^-Egii.ops, «. ^TRJT i>i. n. 
Aerial, a. lidoiiginf/ to the air. ^\^^^\:!f\.^ ^^'^^^\., iJMH- 

W'f\^ ^\^^^^w.^ ^rprt^'T^^, stpt^Ti&c. arFPT^ftq-, ^TFFT^ft, 


2 consisting of air. ^rr^r^^ ^TT^^, =rp=T^, ^nrTTTq', qj^- 
'Tqr, ^ITfTTTfT^, qT^RT^. 

3 inhaUting the air. ■•3TTW^Ti?T- &c. <1^U|KI, 3TFPT3T5IT?ft, 
3TFFT^R'<TT^, STFPT^Fir'fr, ^TFff^^^rrrtl', 'iT?r!T^r<Trqt, 

3=f?rf??i^Rft, ^=5fT or $r=n:, sTFPrn^^nft, srr^^T^r. 

'it placed, being, ^'c. in the air. 3TFPTn?ir, 3T?rR?T?*T, 

Aeeified, p. \. V. ^T^ 5TT?t^?5T-&c. sTTf^fr^, ^TPTf^f^PT. 
Aeeifoem, a. having the form, ifc. of air. ^J^W,^., tTPf^T, 

=rmiT^, =(iriirH'+, qr^-m+K. 

To Aebify, t'. «.^// ic;7A a;>, combine icith air. ^TT'T »«. 

Aeeograpiit, Aeeoloqy. n. description of the air. ^TT^TT^ 

n. ^V^^^\f. ^TT^qTirV w. [ ?!T 515 ?«. 

Aeeolite, re. stone fallen from the air. 3TFFT5Tm?r-&c. TSS- 
Aeeometee, n. HTFJ^^ re. ^TfTTq^^ST m. 
Aeeometey, n, ^t^ff^f^f. <|T^Mn^r=('qi/, 


Aeeonaut, re. f^PTT^im HfTjq- 3Tr^^t?r ftRWRT, aTFTTT^r^rr- 

t( m. arramnrfTr m. ^^t m. 

Aeeostation, re. aerial navigation. aTTW^TTT^ re. 'iTHfiTyf^- 

^ re. ■•^tr^^TH^snr »«. a^Fpr^xnCT^ ». 

2 science of weighing air. ^T^fi^f^ f. ^PTHN^f^/. 
Aeeostatics, «. setewt'c 0/ weighing air. ^J^^^T^fi{^\ f. 
JiSTHETICS, M. the science of the beautiful, &e.^7^q^?tf;fR3TT- 

vEthiops MINERAL, re. sulphnret of mercitrg. W.'^^^ f . 

AfAE, arZtf. fJ-^ ;=r^ ?rf^^^^ ij^q-r^ ^r?f:. 

From a. J^CT, ?=5f^iT. 

That is a. oil'. l^T'SfT, f^'*T. 
Affability, Affableness, re. v. A. rflT^ftTTrft/.-iT^Tt/. 

&e. ^i=5JTFT?Tlt/. g^^HT/. ^;^^^ n. ii}■^^^ re. ^.^^- 

?PTOTT m. ^^^.^^X m. q^q^^^TOTr m. 
Affable, a. courteous, S^'c. ^ppr '^fT?5r-'H'=rr-il"r5, !^r5=^'»T^, 

^rTSt, ^5:5^5:7, f 5SiT5lt?T, ^T^q^J^^r, ms^T?^. 
Affably, adv. v. A. T^tHluiWli^, ^'Z5i?Jti=f"T'JTTH", q^q^TH- 

Affaie, 71 matter to be done, or done.^^P^ n. ^^:\^ n. ^prfsT re. 
^FT^ re. g^^JTr "i. ^rqi^q- re. 

2 matter, business, conce7-n, — freelg. ^TTre. ^fTT^ n. ^W.f. 

«. f^^^ m. ttft/. 5im?r/. ^ir /. 

A confused and perplexed a. HFFTS/. qiTT^rr m. 

A delicate a. ^M'4) ^PTT. »}. 

A pressing, urgent, &c. a. fSr^F^^sflr jfr?/. [ ^w. 

A private, obscure, &e. a.^ff r?T?ft 'lY'? /. ^ff r?raT 5^^- 

A vexatious or troublesome a. g+lrf^fi^r m. 

Settlement of an a. ^FRffHif^ m. 

A. of honor. (See Duel. 

3 affairs: public concerns. •H<+I<4t ^FWre. pl.-^^^ 
To Affect, v. a. a-t upon. ^4 m.-^hV M.-???ft/.-'prwj.-&e. 

^TT^, rrFyrr, c7T'T^|r>lf-=5TT35'if-==nH or '^FSrfT ^of !(.'/if/t Bf^ 
0/ 0. art^T or STiiTTfl' q'^t. — injuriously, qr'O'ot, f^^R ot.- 
f^-7f?f/- frff !(v7/i qT?J5T. 

2 ( the passions ) touch, move. JftTCTf^ ipst ?«. or ^ on. 

'T^^r arroT'ir-^^ arroT'if y. of o. flsi^-^^Tf^Fr :j;R:uf, 

'T^J^ST^ '^,^^^., qwr^rof, TraC m.-^F^sf^ f.-W.^^^ m.- 
nF^qT/re.-i&c. 3TT"JTot, r^TTOT. 

3 asm a^, a'pire after. r=;gr qC-T ?lcfT sre, ^q'of, f-.'^Jiqif^ 
^^?T m. ^5r-c5f?T'?f, 3=lfT??m^-^f^/. ffcTof. 
4! assume and display, v. lo 1'eetend. ST ot.-^pT w.- 

arrt^rr «.-qRr m.-^pt «■ ^w-TT^sr^-^n^sriJif y. of 0. t>- 
?r OT. ;pj:ot-^^5rot-Hrs5t j. of 0. irtff, ^^rrr a. ( used with 

a noun ) 3Tr>^at-^?l^af. 
Affectation, n. v. Aies. 3T^3/. ST+i'm -hI /. ^ m. hrt 

TO. ^r^^/. ^r^Tirr m. ^^^ «. 

— esp. of females. ^^^ on. iTO^wi. _?;?. Z^^m. ZHwMn. 
2 v. Peetence. srJT or 5*r to. RRT re. sfe or ^^T lb=5 m. 
i'\^ m. ^Pf re. Zj:{-\^^Vhf. V. ^^^. 
.\ffected,2J. v. V. 1. JJT a^ra^-OTIHTc^, JTm^or, sn-q^^r. 




•2 moved, touched, q^ H^Tf aTTcTHT, loET TS^T 3Tl"55r5r, 
To bo a. rTTT? alliit ( TPrfrf ) v. n«j?. ^ w.-iRT »«. 

4 T. PBtTEM>ED. 31|Ulrirjr, ^Sf^T, ^T'lNI, STTnTr, ffer- 
]. Aarjny aff'eclation. SI'+i'JM, 3T^?aiT, ^^^, ^^^^TT^, 

— esp. of I'umiiles. q'W'-lM, ^TO^H", TJT^W, J^'^. 

II. labored, strained, v. FoKCED. ^tf^ a<|UW-!i|', %^. 
A-PFECTEPLY, o</i;. with affectation. ar^FS ^^ 3T^ft%, 

H I ^'f- l ^,H , ^l^+M«l', ^r^TM, ^"^ "T^, '<T75, tlr5T^. 

— eap. of femixles. JT^^^TT^, mm-^i T€^-c^5. 
Affectisg, j). (I. V. V. 2. mo'.'inj, touching, v. Pathetic. 

V'TF, Vnrsmft, ^^'•■tf, ^^'tniT, ;r^, JF^<m^, Tf^. 

A ffectiox, n. /oH</;i€M, t. Love. »mrfT/. JTr^TT/. Jit^ '»• 
3TT^/. r%H wi. ^TTS/. ^ «. $HT »«. ^ ?«. ■teJ^H'N m. 
Diseugageduess of the iiffectious. JTH^i+.l/. 
Emptr, liollow, barren, etc. a.#T^ M H r| l/.g^ h h a l/. 
True, active, tfee. a. dftrfl' TTTHT/. 
J^Iaternal a. QliVl 3TFT/- ^t^T/. 
Object of a. sftfrPTT^rt.JTT^TT^? n.■^^^^X^^n.n^^\^^^n. 
Overflowing ( rising aud swelling ) of a. M^HHI'^I in. 

Taternal a. y<S^^ on. 5^5^^ ?«. 5=5lryr»T ??J. 

Platouic a. m+<(l%IY/. 

Single or undivided a. ST'T^TFr m. 

To pretend great a. for. <ffTfrf rTT5 ». ^n?!^. 

2 ( of the mind ), a passion, a menial fceliny. ^^J\;(^m. 
^Hlf«(-+'l< "». T^frf^r^/. T-HI'lfrT/. ffrT/. f^+H'«. &C. 
f7?rfH/. ( esp. in comp. as *IHR+K, ^^f^R, gt- 
*Tf?-7rR, Hl^f^+K, and '+lHR*f?T &c. ) jtR «». ^m m. 
^ m. 

3 ( of the body ), state arising from, and indicatice of 
the Korkinj of a passion or sentiment. STT^TT m. aTTTT^ 

4 ('of the mind or body J, emotion, mood, or condition 
pf it. HT^ m. These are distinguished into r<TTJfr»TRand 
s'rfH^IT^Hr^ or ^=qTlT>TR ( regular, fixed, essential, ^'e. 
aud irregular, advenicnt, Sfc. passions or conditions. ) 
The first arc cight-^, ^, ,tl^^ ^^t^^ ;j;^^ :^^ 
^ifpm, f^^^jthe second are thirty-two— f^^, i^nivr' 

=^, T^TI^, TTTur, to which are sometimes added two 
others-^mr, f^H*. There is, further, a middle class 
named HTfr^^^TT^. They consist of eight-^» ^^ 

^aj-ectednessfron, external action. flnFR,«.f^^/.as of 
the eyes ^.lf%^_of the ear .poff^^ &c. and-of 
in,lkJ>^ood, water, air, Ac^rvrf,^, ^f^^ _^^. 

Affectionate, a. v. N. and Loving. iTiTr[=^r, ^HT=^, &c. 
MHdl^' or a', iJni'A^, Hlid*, ^H=rr?, ^^rf, ^TT?5 or 5C, 
^^, MliJNT^, UNNFT, JTRTT^ft^, HJTrIT?ft?5, ^T???^. 

Affectionatelt, cfZf. v. A. jth?J#, mq'^, ^^Tpf, sftTft^, 

jT»TrrT-sftf?r-&c. q#^, 'JTi^rfr^. 

Affectionateness, «. v. A. ijHctHurr ot. H^r^\i^:^^ m.&c. 

HJTrnTJ^iT ». STRHFT n. ^??T?5?TT /. JTH^rtl/. 'sftfrmfJT ». 

Affectioned, a. disposed, inclined, Tr=IT^T,^5t^, (as kindly 

a. ^'4NMI ). 
Affiance, n. marriage-eontraci. ^^if^,''^^ or qrftr'i'T'Tw- 

2 faith reposed, v. Teust. HT^OT ot. f^'^TH >«• ^'r^'^ m. 

To Affiance, See To Beteotii. 

Affidavit, n. v. Oath. ^T^'iT/, v- ^f, ^J^TtIt n. 

Upon one's a. ^qrar, ^q'trK. 

Written a. ^T^if^n; ^^IT^/. f^5TrT=5I «. ^^TT*;^^ ot, 
^W*T"J5^T5r n. 
To Affilia-te, i\ a. See To Aiopt. 2 receive into a society 

&c. ^n?q-?fsitn^ ^rs^r, TT5csm ^"Jf, ^^rsjtft ^trm. 
Affiliated, ;?.v.V.2 ;ff^ii)yaiKrTH ^"T5^Hr,^5i'4\ %3^,&c. 
Affinity, n. relation bg marriage.'^v^ft^ f- ^N^'IH/. 

?rrH«. ?5im/. STTfTHT^ w. 3TTJTT0TT m.^^ m.^^^m. 

^55^ »». ar^q-q- m, ^T^TFTij'^ '»• ^Tf^^i^iq' ?»■ ^VlB'siq' m. 

2 relation, resemblance, ^-c. t. Likeness. ^jqV m. ^T^- 
\^ n. 3Tr»TTF m. STTJ^'^'T «• 3T^-^q^rr »». 
3 — in chemistry. sftfJT /. ^'H m. 
To Affiem, v. n. assert, aver, asseverate, protest; allege. 

To Affiem, v. a. declare posit ively. SffFrfi^r-iTf^fTT'T^^-f'T'i'T- 
•mrM+-Pt'-flr)Hul-^an<M>J'i-l^*4q'Tq-%-&c. ^Fl^-'^tfT'jf, &c. 
2 confirm, t. To Eatify. 5?[?T-'^^-^?J-^rC^- &c. ^% 

Affiemation, «. V. V. X,—act, ^'^r^^-kc. ^\v,^ n. 

f^liRTfJT^ ^i^T n, M5>T?r^'4?r »• ^^'<T^ n. 

2 — act. ?nT-^7Tf^-&c. JRTJf «. 

I. matter affirmed, ^^i;^ n. f^fi■^■^^^^ n, f^f^l^xT^ f. 

f^^ m, sffrTfrr/. 
Affiemative, a.— opp. to negative. 37i^q-<Jrr^, ^T?Tr=5n', 

Affiemative, n. arfeq^ vi. ^r^TT^i m. 

Affiemaiively, adv. t.A. I'nTT^T tTJ^TT, fr^KTTor ^^R ^^PT, 

Affiemed, ;). V. V. A. 1. 7^=Efr?TCfiJf ^tfSTfTrJrJT, Ac. f^^iq^TT- 

rM'+*r^rr, ^;S^Ffif?r, Sfl^fTTrf. 

To Affix, d. n. Join or add to, v. To Add. ^"["Sof, vfjoj-j 

|Hlri|m ?5T^, SRTf^'Jr. 

2 a^/ofA /o ^freely. ^TRtfr, aTpfPT^, 'JTRT'T«s.--STRmr n, 

1^^ g. of 0. 3TRtf^?T JRW. 
Affix, n. in gram. ar^^ftT ot. SPT^- m. awT^/. 

Afflatus, n. blast of loind, Sfr-qr^qr ^Z^T m.- ^Tf^RT m. 
2 inspiration, ^K n. ^HRF m. ^^^X m. 
Subject of a. ( ^STI^ ) 5rr5 "• o>- ^rre-siT m. 
To Afflict, v. a. pain, distress. ^•.mn.-^-^f.-p^%-\m.-&,c.\it^ 

jffcTiif or |?^TFri?r, fq-^ot, f^s^<if, ^'nijf, «fiT5r^, ^'jsror, 

Afflicted, 2». v. V. |^=rlT?fr, f^TS^c^r, &c. f '.R^ff, %-t^., 
?T?nfq'?r, T^^rftrFr.— in liigli degree. |:^Tipf?T, giTT^W, 

:f::f'-7, ftra^T^T, ^tr^rg?:, iTi^rfVs, titr^^tr, sirnFTfiT^r- 
?r!T, sTf'^r^, ?t[^r§iT, liTrefq-g^r??, ^v^arj^rcf, ^rf^rif, 

Au a. persou. I'.FfT^qT Jfroff ot. 
To bo a. f^Rijf, |*.?T w. TRiif, ^*T »i. Hm'jf. 
To comfort tlie a. T5rqT^ 3Ttg^ «. TH^. 
Afflictee, «. Afflictixg, j9a. Afflictive, a.x.Y. |:?T^- 

?:<^:T5, |:?r^, ^-.^TTST^, 'ftST^PT, fTST^Tfr, 5^'4^, «TiT^T, 

Affliction-, ?;. v. V. — act. ^^TOT «. frsiir «. &c. ^^fTJ^ 
— ste/;<?; or, yri>/, sorrow, cfc. 5:^ m. %^ m. 5!TPP »>. |:- 

^ftT'HT m. ^nftT^rr «»• &c. «m m. jfTs «j. ^^T »>. f^^?5r/t. 

Partner in a. ?riT^:?ft m. ^•.IXI'^J ^V^ m. 

I. cause of a. v. Calamitt, Trouble. |:^ «. ^rf^TO ?f. 

3TT^ffT >«. SFT'-^ m. Azm n. it3t?TT ?(. [^ «. 

Affluence, n.floivinj into. qT|=T irof «. stt^T^^ «. ^f^^- 

2 abundance of riches, T. Eiches. ^TfTT /. ?r"T^/- 

Affluent, a. t. N. arTT^rr^, ^TfTT^T- 

2 V. Eicn. ;^?TJrR/q%^l?, »f\f^, «ftHfT, ?rTvr, '4^?f- 

Afflux, n. flowing vnlo. arf^fq"^^ ?J. 3TT?^^ ?!. 

2 matter flowing unto. ^J^^^f. ^V^^ or cf^crft/. 
To Affoud, v. a. yield uiito, v. To Peoduce. g'q^'ir, f^"T^- 

af, mioT n. ^m., srrfTr/.-q^T^ f■-^^'^ «j.-^q^ «.-&c. 

|t"^ s. governed by qi^fT, ^^rt ^Ti^f or ^r?lT?r ^FT^ or 
SIW fror s. «'-v7A TTPT^r, "TT^T'Jir or ^tf ^"if s. i«i77; TTg,^. 

2 grant, confer, v. To Give. ^6t, ^R" 7t. ^^^ y. of 0. 
OT^FT M.-JTFT'T M. ^'i'Jf y. of 0. 

3 (some expense, cost, loss, &c.) In every construction 
in this sense To Apfokd is resolvable into To be able 
to jive. This verb therefore is ever to be so resolved. 
Thus, I can a. to bear, to yield, to lose, to pay for, to 
seU for, to part toith for the jettinj of, (which appli- 
cations comprehend the whole power of the verb ) 
signifying simply I am able to jive — away or up, — in 
purchase of, — in sale for, — in exchange with, — is to be 
rendered, ( See Able, and To be Able )H^ \^^'^-\^\ 

'0 APT 

^^ etc. or through some verb expressing a variation 
of the sense Giving, as, JT?5T ^n5r?(-5rtq;q--f-^rq;rr(-fq^- 

Affbat, «.See Fight, Quaeeel. 
Affeeight, &c. See Feeight, &c. 
Affeiqht, See Feiqht. &e. 

ToAffeont, v.a. insult openly. miT^ TTTOT,-^!!!^^ 3Tirfvrgr 

/.-3TTHr^ wi.-ctc. ^,m y. of o. ^jt\m arr^/^r, i(xivi'^ or 

SrS^TFsfT Hts/.-HT^TfT/. J^Raff. 

2 make slightly angry, v. To Offend, f^^cfof^ Ns^of, 

=^5-/. arr'JToT, ?:K^(if, ^'H;-?TTr-&c. ^p^q-. [ sTsrf'T^r/. 

Affeoxt, n. an insult to the face. cT^tlR^ aTTTTR' m. tTTTRT 
2 — gener. See Insult. 

To lake a. 1%^, f^Z^^ ^^^of, ^^^] m. eftuf, ?r<TT ^f- 

Affeonted,^. v. V. 2. IhTJ., ^'S", ?:Hfi?!n", ^^^iT '4T3KT. 
To Affuse, «. a. pour to or upon, ^,^v[-^\^$\ with ST^^ 'cnT 

/. ?rr^'Jf-':T^^ u-ith ^T. 
Affusion, n. v. V. act. 3?nT'Jf n. qrT ^rS'Jf n. STRi^TTrT^ n. 

*TP:r»-'5TTT?r^ n. 

I. matter poured. ^*t¥^i=^'':TTT/. TT"TTf?r?rtTTTr/ 
AfiEE, adv. ^oTrft, ^^^ 3T^?tf, ^2?r. 

Afield, adv. wt?f, il^tT^r. 

Afloat, «f/y. or a. floating. fT^?rf, FtT?T 3Rrrtf, ^tj\^ ^TOfTt, 

2— a rumour, &c. g-5FTT5?T, mi Tmff, ^'JIN^oTf. 

3 unflrcd, in disorder. 3T5q5rpF'<T?r, 3T^T^iRfT. 
Afoot, ado. ^T^\., "TTTTq', TTT 3"aT^f, TT^TPft^ or qTcf^T^r, 

=5f^T^ ^l?f\Hr or ^^"T^rcTt. 

2 /« «c;('ow. =srr^^, gC, S'HT, STf tT. 

To set a. t. To Set up. ^'S^of, S^^ToT, JTrsot, =qT?5,^Tot. 
Afoee, Afoeegoino, Afoeehand. For Afoee and its 

compounds, See Before, & Above. 
Afoetioei, f^Jfsi+M, 3^f4^?rT, ^^ffT. 
Afeaid, a. v. Feightened. 'H^'fTfr, T^J^, 'ft^T, €H^, H'- 

To be a. v. To Feae. ht n. WfZ^J in. con. 
Afeesh, adv. T. Again. ^TSTRT, ^H-TT^, S'^'j'T, >3^^ ( in 
comp. as g^^;TTTCT"jft), HPTf^T^, fPCT, 3TaT{<t,3=T:pop. 

To do a. g"r5^'Tf. 
Afeont, adv. in front, q?, ^PTR, ifr^,^!^?, jr: (in comp. 

as jfrnrfft, 'TfiT^r ). 

Aft, adv. towards the stern. --i<|HI4i5, TPTrTl TPTFFS. 
Afteb, a. later, piosterior, subsequent. To this word, appear- 
ing only in composition, correspond ttFT^, ITTI^TPT^, 

For exemplification See After-life, Afternoon, and 
other compounds amongst these following in order. 
Aftee, prep, following in place or order. iTPf, TT^HFT, "TT5t- 
JR, "Tref, Tiqi^, T^t^J, HI'l^'mMI^JT, T^TPlt, =T (in 
comp. as 5f5Rr?rTl, q^R^T, "^?TT^T?rr, '^qRl'^TT, Tree 
after tree, penny after penny, &c .). 


f^Tmcdiately ft. HPlWl, TTtm?, ^^- . 

2 following in line, m^t, '^m^. '^^^ '^l "^?-'^' 

^;:X1. ;. to i'----^-frf ^ 

4 .« ..nulon of, v. Like. ^5^^^^'^-^' ^^' ^^ 

iT-^, fte m.-&c. TH^TT. 

5 respecting, concerning. f^lMt. ^ 
Ktihu adv. V. Aftebwakds. J^, TPf, TH-TTH. 

' For direction on the rendering of this adverb as it 

occur, in composition, see the adjective mi ior 
exemplification, see amongst the compounds beloj^ 

^rrKB..ccouKT, n. mn^ f^^TI^ -• ^^^^^ / '^'^^- 

AnER-ACT, «. mn^ ^m ". r-^jr^M n. <t^^-^^ /.-?=f^ 

^?iqt<TTT/.3TPTTfHq^TO/. an^^T'Tm^^Tw. 
After-ali, adv. V. AT last, ^l^ft, f^^T, ^i?mT?ft^. 
ArrEB-BiRTH, «. *ec««i/«fs- ^/- 'TH?^ «• T^T^T^'"- 

vrTFT m.pop. ^JTR »>«. ^Tt^/- f.^/- 

AFTER-c-oiiER, «. mw <>r qr^mpi ^nmrr, ?^, -j^Pfn^, 

Aftee-cost, «. JTr-FTT ^ '"• 'T^'TT^^ "»■ 

A FTFR-CROP, n. subsequent or later crop.'m^^ /• or Pw^TF- 

«. ( csp. ol- the pulses ) pT^ m. pRiTT% ^^ »■ Tf^W 
fcTT^ n. T'^TTIJ^^ »• 

Afteb-oame,«. ^■'^^'uf. ar^ft^r^FT^sirmT «• 

AFTEU-UOURg, «. 3#'Z/. ^rf'^^t^^H^ '"■ 

After-life, n. Utter part of life. ^T^TT^TtI/. ^rtT^PT n. ?- 

Aftermath, n. secon^i crop of grass. TSrm^ p^ 'f?: /• l" 

HTT '^^;^ m. ^ 

Aftkrmost, a. ^XM TT^WFT^, ^^M^^^, ^^:^H, ^^I^ 

..,_ _-JTFT^ 

?r^9nqiT, H€rf>I^, T^tTH. 

ArrEu-sooK, n. ir^^^?TT^Tr^FT^ ot. ^i^T^PT^fT^W^ / 

A. and tveniur;, the decUninj ha^f. ^'JTTHY^ /■ 3"cTrT- 
After-pains, n. ^K^<J|/. ^n^%^/. <T>'TT^/. 
After-part, n. TS»TT^JT ?«. T^-^S^FT w. T^iqif^Tm m. 3"^r- 

t| n. JrTPm m. Tr^VV. m. 
After-stiho, n. TftTrTI'.TT »»• mRuiF^^IT m. 
AiTKR-Tiioi-onT, n. tTf>/-TH^/<T='^5f?/.TWg:^?'?^ /• 


AFT^IME, «.q^H-qn^ "•■-^'^ «--^^ ---^^-^^ 

After-wards, adv. in subsequent time, ^m^ orjm^H, 

qn, ^^^•. ^^^. ^T^' ^"^"^^^ "^'"^ ^ ""' ^^'^ 
&c.' as I ^rTf^TT^'FTT ), H^^f , ?^^-- '^^^'- ^ 

Afteb-wise, «. q^-griiTTm, qn^f^mr^, ^^^rf^^, q^TTff, 

q^Tfl^, q^Tf^q'^, q^TTf5^T<\. 
Aftek-^^t, «. Y. Aftee-IHOUGHT. q^5,?1T^ «• 'Tf'^^f^ 

After- WEATH, «. q^TT^K^ »». q5i^^T^_»»- 
AfteeiNQS, n. rfro-fcjn^*. f^ot «. f^S^ ?q «• 
Again a^y. cwoi/^er time. 3T0T?ft, 3W\^, P'-TTH or ^, tlT- 
ct' qT?T^, TH: pop. q^fT, mir^T^ <"■ ^ or ^, or iITf - 

PITH Acrmnnt, ^^^or % 3^^^,%T, srnr^ ^^, 5^- 

A. and a. q^:q^-., S^-S^TTf^, ^TK^, f^^ ^^. 

A. and yet^a. q^Tfq, 1^'-A, f^ f'P'^^. 

As much a. 3T^7h'\ ??f^T or ^^^T, ^q^, f|;3'^- ^^ 

2 S«c/b in restitution, Y. Back, q^:, qT?T, q^^, m^, 

TRTTT, or ft. cww?v 

3 in return for, in recompense of. q^ or ?5T, T^Wirr, 

4 o« tul>ther hand. a^^q^V, q^:, ^, ^^, ^^'T? or 
Against, prfp. ?« opposition to. f^R^S, ^, ^^, ^i ^'^■ 

Note. The genius of the Mardthi language does not 
permit exact rendering of this word. Sentences there- 
fore constructed with it should he broken down, and 
rendered with single eye to the sense. Tor this mode 
will be wanted prepositions and particles and nouns 
and adjectives of varying meanings and powers and 
bearin-s; and, of such v^ords there will be found 
abundance. Thus-to render I am or I act ajamst 
Mm, may be employed-f%^5, f^^=^, ^W'^ ^^5' ^' 
fim,3TfH^, 3T5^,?3^, (opposed, opposite,) as, ^\ ^- 

^ f^?5-f^(t?t-cfcc. 3TTf -.-f^'^, f^^^^. t^^'^'T, ^rm- 
??q g^,?q'=2T, firn-4im, 3Ti%qwT, ^sqarr, (opposi- 

tion ) as, KWr fTTOT m^m'^^-^-'^^:^- 
&c. ^, or n\ fqTfftf^dKT^f^^^'TT^^'f I^ 

nrair^ r "i ^A«>^« "'• ''^«''' ^/;^ ^' ^^ cfrem^mr: 

_tT (-wJ^A O as, ?m# ^^-^^5-'Tfl^-&c. q^ftriT:— 
and such phrases as m^ q?^,'%^ ^fTS'T^, ^^': '^^f^, 
^ ^^, mzm ^^^, HT^ ^^Tl?, &c. &c. The &».^ri^ 
prepositions sff^ and f^ well express the sense of 
ajainst; but they are inseparable prepositions ; ex, 
^^^^^ or ^-.^^^ going ajainst, ^^^^ gone against, 
^fe{^m or ^M^f^ acting ajainst, and fifq^T, i^H<T, 
f^Pf,&c. In Sanslcrit SffH as well as some other 
inseparable prepositions, appear separately, as Slfff^pH 
ajainst the sun, srf?T=IT?T ajainst the leind. 
2— in place, t. Opposite. ^aHR, ^^^pop- ^'^^• 
3 in provision for or expectation of. ?J^, ^J^T w.-m- 

AGE 27 

?TJTn.-^gT^«.-&C. tr^q'-S^ J. of s. -^tft^-^^t^ with 

4 bearing upon. ^. 
AoALLOCHUM n. aloe tcood. 3T^ m. n. <m^ m. 
AoAPE, adv. nts ^T^^, ^T^ "T^reTT, ^ Fn-H'-^I, 3Tr 'TO^T. 
Agate, n. nrir^wj. iTirr^w. [ZJH m. 

AoE, 7(. i/'/io/f Juralion or term of_ 3TTJC?T «. 'flT^ «;. 3TT^- 

2 V. Genebation. f^./. 

3 ( of the world ) ^ «. The four ages of the Hindus, 
correspondiug somewhat with the golden, silver, ^c, 
ages, are ??rr, §frfT, ^NT, ^frT. [ 3Tf^. 

Ages rolled away. ^'I'H'iin"^ i=JtZcft 3Tf^, %^^Fr3 HfTT 

Beginning of an a. ^T^lTf^w. 

End of an a. gitrf m. 

Golden a. ^Trq^T «. Hf^ «. 

Interval between two ages. ^f^m. ^RJt/. 

Lapse of ages. +,|ri'lfd/. 

4 division of life. cf'ft^rtTT/. ^^TT/. TTlf /. 
The three ages. 3T«rr<Tr'5nT n. These are cJiildJiood ( i. 

e. infancy and adolescence. )«n"?^r^'<TT/. ^n^r^n. youth 
( i. e. puberty and manhood, ) rTi'bU'MN<:'«Tr /. d+>>J|rif?t. 
age (i. e. declining years and senility, ) ^'j^qT^rtTT 
/. ^^^n. 5}T'^^FT». Another account makes four ages. 

The two ages. 3T=R'tn^». "{"I'^^il'm /. These are ad- 
vance to maturity, =q^rft TTTj/- "Ttf^T". "pf^«. and de- 
cline into age, grRrft TTT^ /. SrT'TTTTf /. ^rTTinTw. ^JtRT^'J. 

5 ^/me o/ life. ^^n. 3TTT /• ?fl"'T mf. 
A. of twenty, ^^ or f^^tT /. — of twenty -five, T^f^- 

?ft or ?ft— of thirty, f?r?ft or ^ft — of forty, -^\'t^ or 
;ft — of fifty, TsJtT^ or ^ft — of sixty, ?TT#r. 
Disparity of a. ?rTf^«ft'4n:=ft /• rf^l-fl'-otft/. 

6 old age. *-^MKHUir m. J-^MKMurm. ^(J^HUIlw. f 5^«. 

Imbecility of old a. '•^MK-^cAotm. 
Eeverence, &c. for a. ^^^r/. f.^^^FTT «J. 
Bent, &c. under the infirmities of a. ^rinvRuM. 

7 ripe age, maturity, v. Pobeett. cpT n. rlI'(:.uiJN<;'<TT/. 

That is of mature a. JTT^nTT^, EPTF??, ^^'4, snTWT- 
That is of a. v. Major. ^JTmsT^TfTT, STm^q-^Tf TT or eq-- 

That is under a. v. Minoe, arsTTHs'^q^, ar ^ l H' FI r ;, 

To come of a. ePTfrT %^. 

8 V. Centuet. 5[T?I^«. 
Aged, a. elderly, old, v. Old. J-iMMI, ^5, spTiFtT or ^qT<T 

Middle-a. H«TiT^rT^, JPT-.^iT or cf?r?VT. 
2 Aff[)j»y a certain age, ^w^1 ^M'Clil. 


AoENcr, n. ociion. :f;?;trrt/. ^TTsrn. ?5^/. ^T^quiTni. ipTT^- 

2 See AoEKTsmr. 
Agent, n. doer, actuater. ^prrf, ^RTjTTTT, ^FR^, ^^ITf^OTTTT, sf- 
ETrfsrirnT, ^ in comp, 

2 factor, deputy. ^UKriim. ^RTTft'«. ^'flnm. ^f^^ftem. 

A. with full powers. ^^pRTlftw. J?J37^fqRm. J- 
3 — in commerce, &c. 3TSrqT»». 
Agentship, n. v. N. 2. ^HR^frift/ JjHKdMUirw. 'IFRTRt- 

3 3T5?T/. 
To AoGLOiiEEATE, 1J. P. gather into a ball or mass. itTotw!.- 

ifew.-'ftr^»».-f^5»>.-'f'raT^^/.- f^5TFf% /-&c. ^FTW 
g. of 0. or fpn g. of s. 
To Aggltjtinate D. a. unite as by glue. ^1:^ m.-&c. ^f^if.^ 

To Aggeakdize, v. a. v. To Exalt. M\i\i /.- t^t^tt'ITTw - 

W.-&C. ejis«(ui y. of 0. 

To Agoeavate, I', a. make more grievous, a^fq^ ^3T5-3TffenJ 

>TTft-3Tfq^ ^fz^pop. ;F^Wr-&c. qRof, aTfq^ ^fRot, |:?r- 

^?R 5f?W. [^rof. 

To be or become aggravated. ^5T3T^,^^^?T^, ftr^OTRT 

2 make more enormous or heinous. 3TftT^ ^]%Z- 3^f^^ 
5^-f"5rrT-&c. W■T^^ ^m. ^TT^cT'jf, ^pirrfqcFq-». ^FT'jf. 

3 V. To Peovoke. ??1T /•- ^riit/.-fTTTfT/. qRW-^rrJW 
y. of o. f^CT ^. 

4 See To Exaggeeate. 
Agqeavation, n, v. V. l.—acf. ^fij^ ^^ ^fj^n. &c. 

2— act. 3Tf«r^ cnf? ^>^«. &c. 
S—act. ^"tt ^I^«. &c. ^ij^T^/. 
I. aggravating cause. ff^^^TJTw. ^5 ftinTRr ^^TVnn- 
Aggeegate, a. collected into a sum or mass, ^^.^ %Sc^T,&c. 

OTFt^rrf^, ^JTcTRft, ^TTHTTfsf^, ?rpT[f^^, nmrflr^, 

Aggeegate, n. collected sum or quaniily ^{WiT^m. ^^^'^\^m. 
W»lM»i. ^TPT^'"- '^fT^Hr /. ^^ftrffrft^/. ^^RfT/. •M^^'H 

i«. T^rOT. ( as 3T^V, ^Rfim, ^4^^., nnir &c. ), ^m^n. 

To Aggeegate, v. a. collect, v. To Gather. <^^ of/r.- 
(J+'^i (jrfy.-i^^ adv. ijjwf, ti^cTSTDT, ifjoET ^JRW, rnocqui, 
^TTT^m.-WHT^<<JIre.-&c. 5R^ y. 0/ 0. 

Aggeegatelt, arfy. v. A. ^^^, (^sr:, ^HT^t:, ^g^r^T^, 

Aggeegation, n. v. V.— «f^ it^cr:-&c. JfR'if n. ifl^T ^R^n n. 

^!p=r?5T «. &c. ?IHI^K w«. ^Ml^<u| n. f^ftqRTJT". 

state. (T^l^^'RrqTiTr w. (^^STTOTT m. t^^=5rT0TT«i. ^^^m?^ 

n. nrZT m. ^1Z\ m. frf^Fcf n. ^ITT^T wi. ?IJTr|f?rj': 
Aggeegatoe, n. V. V. ^sp5r?-&c. ^F^ttRT, '^^=f^iTRT, &c. 

Wm^^ui «.-^HT^TT WJ.-&C. ^PtTT, fqfr^TTF. 
To Aggeess, 1'. n. commit the frst act of offence, ^^v^ 

=sr5T5y.-'Tff^ '^^T^or '^^m.-^'[^^ =qTH/-3T'ra'y.-3TiTa^- 

^/.-3FT^?r/-^M<io6T OT.-f^rmn^^PH ?«.-5rT^"TT^:p^ wi.-&c. 

AGO 28_ 

Ao.iBr.sMO.v, ». V. v.— «(-.'. -imoft/. ^PToEt^/. 3Tn^?f/. 


snm 3<-<t l '-f t «i. 3Tt7^t?3' '"■ ( 'P'^ST^T A-c. ) ^^ ^T^TPT- 

Tu AoiiBiKvE, f.n. Ifnr licavij vpon, v. To Afflict, f^tjf, 
^JsTot, :jr5-'il«nTI-&e. ^Tpt-qr^ (■«. con. |:^ n.-&c. ^. 
•_' irroiij, injure, \. To OpPKESS. 3T^qpT ot.-3TW^ «»•- 
'iT'nnT wM J- of 0. 

AiiiiAST, a. V. I'RiGiiTENT.n. <iu*i «nT^T, «n=rrr, ^rw, ?f^- 

^ *t^=fT, MHVN, '|<1H1U|, •TTWg, ^^. 

To be struck a. ^f^ «i.-^T% ?«. ;>/. 3"'TT-3"HTT^'jf. 
Agile, a. v. Active. ^^ToIT, STfTS,?', §7^^, ^^TTSJ O'' 55, 3t- 

1^n?T, 3Ti'lNI ^RaT, ^ncTTT. 
AOILESESS, AOILITT, «. V. A. ^q^TcElf /• 3Tfn=ErT^/ 'JTfT- 

?i"PTt/. -«)ivr«f «. =5rT?rpi?rT/. 

To Agist, t". a. lake in cattle to feed^ ■^\\^\\^ or ^VO^^T. 
To Agitate, v. a. v. To Shake, ^iritful", iflciui, ^jiciiii, ^t^ 

2 discuss, V. To Akgue. ^rs'if, ^rreoT, ^i^-uf, ^iisf-ir:/.- 
vl-iiMi-l/.-ijIrtCili M1.-&C. ^Jj^w y- o/ 0. 
•i ( tlic mind or passions ) disturb, disorder, flurrij. 
TTCTT, *S|*0|, 'iioiui, VNV-J'JI, H5ilToJtIW, ^SiTjeSt, ^TPT- 

?TPTff>.-&c. ^my. o/o. 
Agitated,;?, v. Y.l.^T^=f%^T,^r2:^?^T,^'T^c7r,&c.qT«f- 

- ^%=7T, '■■Tiiivi^---ll4l'--JI5-&e. gT3?5T, 3TT?^?f. 

:! Tf^^^jr, ?TT'T5r%r^, &c. nfcT, ne?;:, 1%5|=y 0/- oT, 3mf5j, 

'jTPTt i 'JTTJ^ ( in comp. as JT'TT^, ^'^TTHT, EFnTPTf, 
==rPn^, 'T^n^, 5fr^rp|T, f%?TTHT^TFnWT, &c.^tTTf =5,&c.) 

Agitation, n. v. V. \.~act. ^irequj «. ^fr^nf «. ^iT^ijf 7i. 
>i''>isi n.—ifate. ^.^^,■f,^\l\\ m. ^TT'RkT^T »«■ ?J5:'-:r. 

m. an-^isi n.— state. sftsjlJlTnTT/. EfRrqT?: 5nHS"T^ ot. 
3— oc/. n^'JT «. ?r^ol5t n&c.— state. HotHo; /. ?f5;?Tor/. 

=^nT?rT/. "^TTtifr /. i^nirnrr /. 

—a. or». Hiuimir/. ■i^'nrim f. 
Agnail, n. v. AVuitlow. ^^^ n ;t^ ?r. ^TJTfT m. 
A gsate, «. n/.-/« by the father's side. Jir^r^T, rr^T^eft, ftpT- 

AoNATio.v, «. relation by the father's side only.'^]=>(^^^m 
Ago, adv.^one. y. Past. ^Tc5T, n^, ncT, 11m, a^fft^r. 

A mouth a. ^^F Tf^^lT ^TTSf. 
Three years a. rff^r ^T ^\^f. 
A wliiJo a. 3Tmt, Knt, ifritsf^ 5Tr^, w^^^t ^ret?^ 

Long a. 9rR f%?rH 5rR, f^T^T^ 5n=rT, ^'£[W, ^^T^, 

"%^ JFT^T^^TT, %5^f=^, %5|f:qj. 

A GOO, adv. in a state of excitement. 3^^fs?f S^TrT, ;^;^T^?^x 

To be all a. g-=qT?rof, H-'TT g'-^T n(?f. ^RT^, l''^^, 

^T55uf, H<K"I, ;|TfTat, TTo'.ot or ^ifsat. 

To set a. fT^TT/.-f" ^/. w. ^-of-'Jimnfr, Hr/. ^af-qr^- 

Agoing, a. W?^^^ =^. 

To set a. ^Erng^^ot. 
To Agonize, v. n. strive hard, v. To Steive. ^sqixf^ ^F^w, 

^Z^., W^i 3TmT?r m.-«TiT «!.-Jf^5T OT.-&C. erdt. 

2u-rithe,Sfc.mj)ain.-^m.'^^^., ^7■.^^.^^ ?rH?TH%^T/. 

^t'lf /«. cow. fToSKSSot, fl^rraof, %?TTTItirrrt-%^rrnDft^ ^^\ 

f. ^pjf /». con. 
To Agonize, v. a. distress with extreme f c(/«. "PIT 2:?T?i.' 

Agonizek, «. Agonizing, ;'• «• t. V. N. 1. ^^tuttt c<^e. 

2 :p?iEr5EnrTTr, rToEHa^sT, ci5t?r5!;?!;?iT, &c. ^Frenft^, ?i?fH-, 

V. V. A. tpTT 5:?T SiTRT, &c. 
Agonizing, w. v. V. N. 1. — act. ^'4^ n.&c. ar^lMU »i. /. 

37^'Pra or ^rprs m.f. 3TPTm^?5TiT «. 'JTlTfTH ?«• 

2— act. ^,^^m^ n. &c. ^7.^7.f. ^^^\^^J m. 3T^#,ftr5:% 

m. pi. V. ^, — intens. rlcidcil?: ?«. ^rST^T^/. 
AeoNT, n. mfensepain. arf^TSTm/. sfFTtfTo^SiTT /. ifmfrT- 

?TT?F^T/--5:?T«.-&c. Jnrr5TT/. 5q"<TT/- &c. ^■fTTT »>. THTTT- 

The mortal a. v. Pains of Death. inmmsq-ifr/-q-fq. 
^T/.-5:?r w. &c. 
Ageaeian, a. relatinj to fields and Zawt/s.JfvT^n^^sqt, fsTrnr- 

lb Agree, v. n. he in concord. fJTcliJf, fi{^^ Hf^. vJTiT^. 
^1% 5"3W, f*r?!rp w. 37^-^'jf g- of s. recipr. ^RTJf. 
T5"Jf y. o/«. jw?;^/-. ^jpT m.-^^rr 'm.-^^^^3^ m.-&c. 5i^oty_ 
o/s. rccipr. jfr^T «. fiTo^'ify. o/s. recipr. (t^PTT ?;i.-5(?^ 

2 to',with, in, on; accede, assent, consent, comply, acquiesce. 
3T^TT?f-F'^fT-&e. Iprf, STgrTrT M.-^J^Hcf «.-gi[^"t5?r «•- 
3T5'Tf?r/.- ^inf^f. ^, JTT^5!T a.or TTT'^Tcn-/. ^T^, ^^R 
m.-|m^R M. ■^nf, 3TFq--TT^-&c. |TiJi-, ^^ a. ^-^PTjf. 

■i settle terms, stipulate. ?l'3'it, ^1 ^FTOf-'^^OTiTf, ^T?ft/.- 

?«. ^Ruf, 71^/. TTRTJf. 

4 be consistent, accord.^ concur, coincide: also unite or suit 

well with. fiTa'jf, ^^mw, ^TO'^fj^oT, ^;55iJt, ^rfW, ?5PPt. 




q^"^, W^ri^r m. qH% ^iT/--^^ wi.-^TT m.-^JTT m.-^i=5 
/.-flfqr )H.-&c. STTlffry.o/^. rm;^;-. ^vf^tff, fJT5Snn?f <ff^nf, 
Hof »!. fiTotnf-qj^Tf-il^aty. 0/5. recipr. ^TJt, ^3^. 
5 with; he vholesomc to or for. ITFI^, TTH^^ f^RW, 
^VRtSt, ^qTjf , T=5f trfr^r-T^T-f^JTTTjft-f^TTHrrff H-CT^r Riof, 

G answer, v. To Tallt. frToJiif, 3rr!;Sr, ^JTof, ^Soj-^ ^- 

Aqbeeable, a.congrttous, v. Consistent. fTf?5T"?n^=^, %rfr^, 

2 pleasant. pJcasini/, Jelir/hfful, f/(ffr«i%.3TRIrrr, 'TI^,'RT- 

55IH, f^q-, gTf>T, t^=T, ^^^1 TTHTT^^. 

AUEEEABLENESS, ?!. V.A. 1. Ho5»». flT^^I'FW. ?5TnM. ^f'T^M. 

2. arr^fR'JiTwi. 'Ml/. =q^/. ^sr^ff/. ^f^w^rrm. ?;xq- 

rTT/. ?f%?7 «. 5PT«T^T/. ^iT?frT?(F /• ^^TJ?^ «. HTg^ «• 

mn^fq' «. t'r^'jtt on. ^>r«T ?«• 

AOKEEABLT, «</l'. V. A. 1. «»U? AcCOEDING. RHrIIH>IHl', ^RTT^, 

sfJTT^, q"«TRrRq', arg^R ( in comi5. ), aT^^.q ( in comp.). 
2 pleasantly. g^l#, g^^, ^5Hrg^, ?f|?5, ^^R3T?fq=r%. 
Agreed, _p. v. V.l. &« AanEEiyo. 

2. T. Agbeeino. g^^rf, ?r'^H7f. 

3. v\ %?S^T- J^^'^flT, qf'JT^, Sff?l?1M, ?I%f^, f^Pi^TH, 
?Tt%f^^, ^f^f^, fTRTf^^. 

■i— G. See Ageeeikg. 
Ageeeing,!'. a. v.V. 1. fir^OTRT &c. fTTi=rTqft, fH?=^qiNl, K- 

tTT^T, '^^f^TcT, '^ITFT, "^^^5, 'JJpg^, ^^Tf^=:TT^T=5rr, 

2. HT'^T, 5:r^, 5f^^, g^TT^TFT^r, 3^5^?r, ?r»TTFf, arfirJTrr, 

fp:rPR-^'^T?;»i. SOTRT-'RaTRT, fk-^lt '^^oi'^TRT, 3T^"l^, 

:3. 7^3"Jrr^r, ^# ^f^rt-'^^'jt'itrt, ■f^'iqsr^fn. 

■i. fSfaiTRT, &c. 31 ^^rt. 

5. TTRTOTRT, &C. qsa??, q^q-^T, q'^^^T^. 

6. f*T55tJrRT, &c. 

I. — in gram. ?rn M I fq'^T'JT- 
AoEEEMENT, n. Y. V. 1. — State, fir^ot n. &c. fJr^n? m. Ho!; 

m. qq-I^ m. ^H »!. ^HN »«. 5"^^/. 3Tc!T w. iT^ w. ^>sj- 
fT or ^rf?^?T/. =q^ m. i'R^q «. f7T5JPTiifr «. 
2— state. STHTT?r «. ^J^TFT «. 'i\^T^f. ^^f?tf. ^m^fFJ 
n. JTR'TfTT/.'TFJftq^T tu.^f^qoTT w.f^?Tg^fr/.g^T53^cft 

/. sT^qiH TO. 

Z—aei: ^l^^f. ^t ^TOt «. &C. trffl"/. ^^^^/. q^/. 

r. HR, ^, qij, 5f1wr/. qm^ «. ^%?f m. f^^q- w. ?r- 

^^■^K »». 

4>— state. fJTojtjf «. &c. a^^HrT n.a^nf^/.^'Tlfrr/. ?t^?t 

/. ^5:uit/. ?fnT m. ^w.^ m. ^'^^^or w. grfT?T 7«. qJT? M. 

qs m. V. ^^^ ^H, ?5m m. ^Tfr/. ^'Tsr ?«. ?tHT5r^T/. 

5— state. iTR'if ?;. &c. qxqqnTT »?. fSfr^'P «. 

6 — state. F-75I^ «. ctc-^JTiT M.?5FT JW.^JTjq ?;. FTT^ »t.?no5TOT. 

I. contract, compact, covenant, larr/ain. ^50T=F/. ^5 ot. 

fi^/ q^r?fr/. ^^/. Tr3f/. q?m w. sifrrfTr/V?f%rT w. ^- 

f\^ VI. ^\^Z^i m. f^q-JT m. ^ff^g'/. 

Agreements and engagements, — comprch, «RRH^ 
m. pi. %\^ ^TR on. pi. 

A. for a year ^wA\^J. 

Breaking an a. ^TH^H^ m. ^fPrq^f^RR m. 

Written a.^pmHRTT >».6^rR=TmT on. ^TFJ^TTTT m. TFfft- 
?rPTT on. ^5?^T?r or :K^i=n"q?r/ ^^ on. ^q^f «, 

II. ( of opinion, views, &c. ) ^^Hf?T «■. 3TPT>Trq' «. ^FT- 

JTifrT/, aTHJTfrr/. 3^K?r «. tTJ^fr «. ^^q' «. 

III. — in grammar. 3T«rq »>. ^RTRTlffeT^^q n. 
IV. ( of diiFerent feooks, statements, &c. ) (^+tj|+'Mdl f. 
FiToST »>. 3rfRT »>■ ^^TSq" «. f. SRT. 
AgBESTIC, a. T. EUBAI, EtJRTIC. ntTO^t, ?TrrqTrr=qT, ?ra^- 

AGEICrLTrEAL, a. T. W. itrr^, ^Tri + IHI'-li, ^Trft^T, ?t?fTf%- 

^TFTTm^sTT, %?f1:^T, ^oT^i^qHT, ^<t=qr, ^fw^^, ?5fSr- 

Ageicultube, n. Tiuslandry. itrft/. it?n^/. iW^/. ?r?reT- 
2 — gener. or com^reh.Jield-lusincss-operations, work. 

?T?rq>f n. ^T?tHm «. {icttHRit/. ^'trrqTRT «. ^i^m^qs:/. ^t- 

?ft^/. iTr^f. 5TT^?I or 5n|??/. ^Srsf^t ^qi^lt/, ^^iqrf'f- 

rTsqrqr^ »»• 

Hire of a beast upon a.-employment. ^V^J. ^'i\f. 
^i^ m. ^f^q^T m. 

Implements of a. — compreli. ar^Jx-i+lifl/- Tlie com- 
mon ones are HtlT, qiHT, ^^T, ^T^q, nSTor n^, ?T?Rft, 

f'iqj'jr, H WT, flqjarT. 

Eeciprocal service in a. ^Tf^fP or f^R^'^/. ^f^ »». 
qi^fjq'/. Man or beast rendering it i^i-^MJ or 1^T5=qT,ft- 
^^ or ^f^^, q3%i7, q555c5. 
Ageicultueist, «. cultivator. ^TcT^ft >'». ^Tct^FRTT W. ^- 

^c^T w. ^t?r^^ M». ?;f^nfRoip:r on. ?;f5r^H^frf »«. ?5Pr^, 
?5'ftq'?5, ^P^, ^^sFffT^, ?T^Tq^-:ft, ^^Tf^rf^, ?T=>it, ??- 

Ageostis, n. lentc/rass. ^I jjop. ^^qi/. ^^./. 
Ageoend, at/y. FT^JT^T ?5RRr ^RTT, fTarqT, Hf?r, ^RR- 

To be a. FJFTnr, ^^ 3^^^. 
Ague, «. intermittent Jevcr. v. Fetee. f|=nTrT »». 3TfI=*TTrtTq' 

2. cpW/i. ^ or ^fq' «. 4ift/. V. T^, ^, fSf^/. f^- 




AocE-cAKE.n.'ri??/ [^j^mmrr. 

AOVE-PEOOF, O. l3!rT7ftH7^, f;m;ft<T, ^N^qil'Mrt'T, ?ftrl- 

AovE-si-ELL, n. fi^JT^ or r^5n=inT^T H^ ffi- ^^«n«nv^ 

*i^ fn.-vTT m.-fTT m.-^J^^TTT m.-&c. 
AoiK-gTiuCK. AoiEP, a. ?ft?17irTHlf^-?TH-'fHiH-3Tm-f?TR 
-f^lTfH-5lTf*?fT-315f?!f5r=?-3^Tf«?rT-£'Tra--3TTS5r-'^ra-- fTF?T- 

Aorisn, a. chilly. »j^>T7?.;^, fifft TTHW. 
Agvish.sess n. t. A. f3^/. J^fST »"■ ^^T n. 
Au, AllA, iii/erj. — Doting ccusure. ^T, ^i^t, 3t^, iff. 

2 — noting complaint, ccmpnppion, &c. ^, ^]^ ^TT, ^- 

3 — noting exultation, ^, 31^T^. 
Ah! ohi— 03 under great pain. ^ |^, fPTT I'TT, ^^. 
AdE-id, a Jr. on in /rent. c%, g^R, m^T, atSI^li;^ 2,^, 'iFff- 

To get or go a. j^T^uf, Jil^<.ul. 
To Aid, v. a. v. To llirr. ?n^ «• ^J^ g-ofo. tii^i*-^ «.-?r- 
^<RT w..»T^/.-»?^lTfr/.-5?T^^fr/.-|»1^/. q;^y.o/o. 

Am, n. V. Help. ^\^n.^M^f. ^^J.^Z^■\f\f. 
Aid de camp, n. ^^5I m. fqrr'-'TT m. qf^f'^T^'^ w. 
5b Au,, V. n. i^fff, 5^ut w.-j-.^ «.-^T^/.-f?^FTT »!.-»lTtIT/. 
&c. ^twt in. con. 

I ail, I am ailing. ^^ or ITT^TT f^^rTT sft SfTW TT- 

"WLat ails thee ? g^ JpFT ?!T^S-5n% ? 
AiLiKO, o. T. Sick. |?ionrfT, l^i^^pft, arK^VT, aTBTTTtrpft. 

Ever a. v. Sicklt. |^Tcr. 
AixMZKT, AiLiNo, n. V. JSiCKKESS, DisoEi)EE.|:^ «. i^of 
n. ^/?n. f?^FR m. f?R;f?r /. S^^mnn^ «. STf ?r «. 3T- 

2 a «7i\7/(< disorder. ^T^ ^rrTFf pT<Jf «.?Tr# fq^ |?i'ifM. 

f^^ ffT^t j'^isf «• f^fip?: i^tjf «. ??^rFT OT. 3T?'7Trn m. 

To Aim, v. o. dtrcct or jioini. '^mJf, fnaot, qiv^or, ?;H»f, 

To Aim, v. n. — with a vreapon, &c. f;n^/. q^-sijqfff^ qir 

m.-?J^ «.-r^«n^ 7I.-&C. VTTW rTT^^. 

2 fig. /)0i>?< one'« tiVw or aWrttion at. fI^?T «.- W,^ m.-^- 

tTR n.-tfi^ n.-&c. tn;'Jli-?rR'7f-5iHTf. 
Aim, n. direction jiven. f^^/. t;. KfT, ariq',"^JT w. ^efiH n. 

2 «Jcw directed, %tt wi. ^^t^ «. a^^q^;^ „ jy^ „_ j,_ 
?=^ n. ^fvr m. u. %^, 37f*mfq- m. aRtTH' n. frm w. ^^sttt 
"I. ». tiT. 

Unerring a. 3T^^qr^!;rpf „. 

Of unerring a. 3fg^tipft. ^^x^ «. 

3 point aimed at. v. Butt. f^JiTTr «. ?r^q' «. ?i^ n. fj- 

4 ot/Vr^ o/ a desijn, v. Design, fvrfq^ n. mf??? «. 3TT- 
?Tq m. arfHirriT m. JTH?^ m. gfiirT «. f^q^ m. ^^^ m. 

Of eiuglc a. (or purpose ). aiv^n^g-fxT. 
Aimed, _p. v. V. A. ql^?^^, %ii;?^, &c.'^:to-. 
AijiEB, n.T.Y.A. qi^DiRT,%»^onTT, ^quii^, &c. qi^cjj, 

Aiming, «. v. V. A— act. ^mnf «. qi^df «. ST^^ftn^ n. qt- 

Am, n. V. "Wind. stT^ m. stRT m. ^Jir/. srHT w. snw w. 3TTTTTT 

w. vsmHSTm m. ^srr/. ^^^r^r »». ?q?f m. ^qiirV w. 

N.B.But little diflerence is perceived by the Hindu* 
between air and «/«rf. 

In the open a. ex2msed to the air. ^T-Tf?r, ^^^-qfrT, 

ar^3'5RrT-qmcr5rm-qtcr,3'^i '??rr«Tf?r,e^5i]tfT, JiHvn^- 
qr, jfT-'!?Tcn5fqT5Tirr. 

In the a. in mid-space, a^qf?!^, 3TrTfT?T, 31Fn;ic5. 

To enuff up the a. — coKh, &c. TfTTw.^'jf-fqot. 

To take the a. ^stt/.-^TTTT m. ^Tof, ^TFT qml «. ^T^, 

To beat the a. v^c^rTTST it. ^'^. 
2 ( Tvith respect to temperature-&c.) ^^/. 
3 — as a humour of the body. cUrT m. cfT^ m a^f^FJ w. 
4 f/foZ air. ^^^ m. ^([^ m. JTFrT m. Kve are enumerat- 
ed — XfltJr, ar^TT, 'Tl^, 3'^'T, ^TTl^T, and five inferior or 
Becondary (gqifTur)— JfTT, f jf, ?.q;?y, ^^5^, ttq^JT.LTn. 
6 en a. a gentle wind, v. Beeeze. ^oJ^?/. ■^z^^ m. ^\- 

6 »»/e«, look. 5^T/. =Eiqt/. %fTT m. ;H~^q n. 5«f/. ari^- 
T m. ^i n. 

7 affected or particular manner. g'FP m. tfST/. 5?/. %- 

8 general aspect, v. Appearance. IIh ot. Effpj- m. jif y. 

^^r/. %qw/. ^e: m. tn »«. 3tfftt w. 

9 airs; laucjlitij pretensions, notions, manners. g^^R /. 

3i^55n^/. f^ OT. mrr m. q^sn^/. f^r^^TPT /. arrsiTFiT /. 

^^/. «). :pT, ?T?Ht/. i). rH^,>mR m. f. q?t, JTI^ft/ ^- 
To give one's self airs. a?i|?r Sff?I^/. 3TR<'f, afrifiT 

10 See Tune, Sono. 

11 puhliciti/. jq?/. ^^^^f/. fZ f. 

To Am, V. a. e.rpose to the a. dry in the a. g^F<T-c(|ctrt-H^- 

^\^-&.c. qraiJir, ^TpqtrT- «m=mTf qT?x-l=TDt, strt m. %t?f- 

2 (7ry Jy exposure to afire. fcr^^rr^mqWrt ^ToSf^m-g;- 

AlE-GUN, n. ETTFRfe^/. 

AiE-BOLE, «. opening Jor air. iTsrT?T «. gft^ m. s^lT «. fv^s- 

^/. 3TFfrr?i^q^/. sTTrfTtsr w. ^\^\^^ n. 

A. of a water conduit. ^'^:^^\^ pop. 3^W w. 

AiE-puMP, n. Ermr^^^qsT «. EiT?;=n^'^^q'5r n. ^^^\wf.-^\- 

AlE-TiCHT, a- q-m or 5nrlf57^m^-ITfn5iq:?;, cfTrm'^q, qirTPt- 

?T, qi5qH?T. 
AiEiNEss, n. V. A. 3. ^q^/ ^^ftT^tJIT m. 

4 ql^o'.qtJTT w. fT^prnqoTT m. 

5 ^?',%qtjrr m. feslft/. fg^Rq'JTT m. a^F-VSq^rT m. 
AiBiKo, n. ramhlejor the air, ^|?5/. §^ /. f'^ n. ?T?rRT 




m. M ia^H^ .^r4 »^JTW . 

AlBT, a. composed oj air. ^JW^T, vte. 'TTgH'T, ^TRTH^, «(I^^,H, 

2 belonging or relating to air. t^\^■^\^ &c. ^T^J^^tft^ SU- 

3 windy, Ireezy, — of places. ^STT^ftT, ^t^TT, ^^T, ^- 

4 light, lioUow,Y. Empty, qr^^, ft^PPTT, '^^''^^ or^T^jp^, 

<rnn>7, -^i^h**."!! or ^rrspRwt'^- 

6 frivolous, trifling, cfc. v. Light. ^?5^, f^SK or f^- 
^, SfR^P?? or cTPT^FST, :pjmr?5, 3T?5iiFrr. 
-4 IT, Etght, n. island in a river. ^ «. ^sfT »». ^if n. f^^ «. 

Akin, a.v.RELATED.aniT, 3Tmf^'7'T,3Tfl?m,HMr5'l,^rfcrrl^. 
2 partaking of the same properties. Pq^lTf^qr, ^JJTS^if^, 

Alack, Aiackadat, inter/, v. Alas. ^PT, ^\m^\m. 
Alaceitt, n. cheerful readiness. gcHT^ »»• ^'psw »>. ^ ni. 

^,wm m. artfg^q- «. grg^frr /. «:TH't; /. ^>Brf m. ^^^ 

Alamode, ai/y. Htw-qr-'^nc^ft-TftTTSr-J^HT-M 'M M I -^trft-&C. ST- 

ITT^, "TRniil^tlR &c. Tft^rerg^ &c. qfTMidl^iJIsft &c. 
Alaem, «. f?'y or call to aicait some danger. ^J^ f. sflTS' f 

«mT/.- firr^r/. &c. aTRT^^^fHt^rfrrsfR «. ^i^rnr^- 

2 /jm5J!/5, t. Tumult. f7^/. |;3/. fT^Pf??/. frl^^rT^/. 
Irr^lFr /. T?55fT m. n5»I? /• intens. m^^%^Z m. ^IITTT w. 

3 V. Feight. \^^^f■ ^f^TcT/. tTRfTt/. H^^ «». f^^rre' OT. 
To take a. at. \r^f. ^tpif-q'jf, \['^J- %^, ^TT^^, 

To Alaem, v. a. v. N. 1. ■^^v^ ^^l: f-^[r\-^ f.-&c. %^.,^- 

t^^R'lKI m.-&c. cTT^FTiT'Jf, TJTrfjrTqf :frr=rq'-;|'?TTT-&c. ^- 
T.^., 3TTK=5T^5r^Q[f^?T-5TtfqFr-fITf'T?T-&c. ^FTof. 
3 V. To FraonTEN. ftrsrf^'Jr, %?Frot, H5?rRot, if^- 
sr^, T'TiftfT ;)o;j. vf'TT'Tt^r-f^H'&c. ^Rof . 
Alaem-bell, «. ;^?:ft^rR'TTTT m. [frff^ ^S' n. Effsf^/. 

Alaem-clock, Alaem-watch, 7i.f;icrf|T?T sf^F 'TT'^jrT^rNq 

Alaeued, ;). V. V. 1. -JT^Tf^Bfifr ^^,^^ %^3;t &c. arRf^TTq- 

^fEfff- %f^-|TTftrr- &c. 

2 V. FiiiGHTENED. -JT^vrf^T ^"'i'- 'H^T^tH, f^?5f^, f^^^. 
Alaemino,^.^. terrifying. H^^^^, TTR^, H'^^^^, T^s?^, 

Alaemist, n. one given to raise alarm. ^^^ TT+uil^l, TTTT- 

Alas, interj. ^, ^T^^, wi^, ?TfT, ST^f, 3TfPT 

AlUATEOSS, «. ^^ flf^ "Tt^^ 3^'. 

Albeit, adv. v. Although, ^ff, qqf^. 
Albino, n. ^HalTR'UPS'TT STll^TfTreiH ?rT%'& "it^ 1J?J «. 
Albugo, 7i. white speck in the eye. "PjT n. ^,^'!^ n. '^I'Tcp n. 
V^ n. ['jsTJj; «. 

Album, n. f%^-fJT5rf% ^^^^ ^rTlf^ A'JN'Mr-^' ^pft qjR^ 
Albumen, «. white of an egg. qfsTT sTTrr-s??!^ m. 
Alchemical, a. v. N. pFH^^T, ^ra^P^T, wf%f^;^tft- 

Alchemist, n. f^nqr ^TOTTTT, f^FHTFlTT, ':¥R^t, TB^^FT, 

Alchemy, 7l.\w.^^^[ f. T^R^ «.T?Tl%f5/.'"^5^f^^^ f^?TT/. 
Alcohol, ^^. iT?n^r <fl^ »i. n?n^ m. ilCTHT^ m. 
Alcoholic, a.H?TT^^T 3i^"t^, H?TT^ ^Aw^. 
Alcove, n. large recess. M\'f[ ^MV'l f. M\Z'\ 'fTTrSTm. 

2 (in a gardeu.) spiOT m, v,'^ m. 
Aldeeman n. ^q-^ TfgrqT "^qp arffeT^fnft 3Tt\. 
Ale, n. ^=^ %%?f|- (^^ iT^FTrqt ^T^ 3n^, Jfr^TT w!. 
Alembic, n. still. n?T ^SFTP^ ^"ST «• H^i^Rr «. aHl^frlMI^ 

«. 5?R=5f n. 
Aleet, a. vigilant, ready, qftr^qr ^^^:^, 'PTT^t^, ^^^^^ 

^^TTT, ^5TRT, ^RFTT, ^TT^ktR, ^RC^. 

2 i/7sA-, Mmi/e, v. Active. ^T5I, cflfl^. [f ^ITTft/. 

Aleetness, m. v. a. ^rT^STquTT m. ^m^^f^t[f. ^R^T^TT m. 

2 3TR=^'T5EtI/. =STT5ETf /. 
Alexiphaemic, a. expelling poison, f^'^i-^i HTTtTTTT, f^'T^, 

f^nrrfr, i%wT^, f^rr^TFTl". 

Algebea, n. oTt^Rf'JfFr «. «ft^ «• aT5'T^5TRf^?r n. 

Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, in a. 

Known quantity in a. C7 n. 
Operation or working in a.a^sqTjjf^iJTT/. 
Unknown quantity or number in a. a^sjjTP n. 
An unknown quantity, &c. a^s^rjiTlf^T m. 
Equation of unknown quantity, &c. 3i55i?p^rRT «. 
Eelation of unknown quantity to its co-efficient. ^TR- 
Algebeaic, a. jft^diifu|rRTal'54^, »n-H'lI^MMI, sl-^'lFuRtrf??!, 

Algebeaist, n. ^^\W\f^ri\ m, tTt^ifaiFqT m, »It^^f&RfT, 

Alias, ado. otherwise-as to a name. ^"^. [?^t€T 

Alibi, adv. |?r-Tr ^P?T, ^W-'TT fs^orf, 3T^ f^r^FToTr, 3T^ 
Allen, a. v. Foeeiqn. q^sft, f^"^^!'!, q^^5T=5n", qf^T'^T \^- 

2 V. Steange, Steangee. TT^ or ^^tt, TTO^T, '1^'F^, 'R- 

Alien, n. v. A. "R^^T^T Hgiq- m. ^l^'Hf^ m. f^^ff »i. ^\- 

^T^qr %n=srT Tg^T m. &c. [f^^nr/. 

Alienability, n.v.A. i^-TT^ fTtfl" q R M f^'IW &c. «;q-FrT f 
Alienable, a. v. V. 1. g^^qRSfT ^Tot ?TRT-^7TT'TT-&c. =5?T- 

^■rT-&c. '^, fif^JT, qT^,\5T. 
To Alienate, v. a. (a property), estrange. ^^^\^ ^jnt ^.°- 




2 ( tho atlcctioiis, or a person ), estrange. :ftf^/.-H5T«- 
-&c. g^(if-fT^ofr-fg^iif-f^5 %q:-T§S or Hst :f^ 
g. ofo. ^\^ m. sra:^, ?fraot, STf w.->^/.-&c. <fl^>Tf, 

Alunatkh,;). V. V. 1. |^^^^ ^^ ^%?rr-&c. f^W, 

2 f^ipn, f^fT^^, 1t?J?T, ^g^, f^?^, f^'T'ST, TTB^RT, 
Alien-atiox, h. v.V. \.—act. ^^=^1% |T^^of n. Trf?^ 

2— flc/. iT?r 75^'if ".IT^ f^T^'Jr w.fft^ «. —state. f^^pffT 

ir>; Alight, v. n.\\ To DisiiouxT.7?RDr, 3T^^^ ?«.-3T^^r^- 
2/</// (7«f/ /</</yf. T^f^TT "TJDT-TTfof-q^fOT-q^^, 3-rR^, 75W, 

3 at; stop at, tjv. S^ITor, j^ »,. '^Sr^ !T^'<rR?j. JiTot, 5^PT 

Aliouted, /). V. V. 1. ^'iTT^^TT, 3T5r?r^, ibdH^I^. 

Alioutixo, n. y. V. 1. — act, ^^^ n. 3T^r^ m. 3T^^r^ n. 

2— act. 7?IT<if «. 3"?nvT "T^ n.-5TH"if n.-i,c. 
3— ac^ v3r)<,u| n. W^jn m.-fi(-^ n. ^^iif. 
Place of a. H+IH );^. %^!Jr m. fif^CTg n. 
Alike, a.v. Like. (J.^^TTTTTT, '^^T^R, ^^5^t, ^^?TT, siTH?:, 

2j/one ^ v«rfor quality. ^^?nT%, ^^RT, ((^gKWT, t^- 
^IiIm, >^+i)riV^|, ^PTSTuf, ^PTTI^, tT%jTT5;% JToft, ^THM- 

Alike, a,/i.. iTF^fnT^T, i^+.-JW+R, H'^^Odl^ , ^^P^HFIR, 
Alice-mixbf.d, a. iJ+Rft, 'njTf^^ ^^pjf^^ '(^PTTm%, ^^. 
Alisiext, m. nutriment, v. Food, ^pjf m. STTfR «i. 3T5T n. 

^■^ m. »T^ M. qk'T «, STTOR «. 
Alimextal, Alimentakt, a. belonging to a.w^zfr^] "H^n- 

2 nourishing, v. Nutbitious. 5%R-^PR^-!f5, qrf^^', 
ALiiioxr, ». a//o!m«^c <(j a separated icife. f^ir^ ^fi-^^q-j- 

Aliquast, o. ^^pnmrF, ^rnrTriT^. 

Aliquot, a. fH^V^nr?;, fHT^HRPF. [ ^rsTFT 

Ai,ivE,a. V. LiTiKG. f3TnT,^^rT pop. fSTifff, f^^r, W^. 

2<To^ir, .«/«?Z Je»iy, tJ^oM,., virtue, Sfc. ^T?rT, ^JTHTTT 

■Hi^ii, ^^tfttt, ^m^T^TF, #r?r. ' 

All a. Alive and hearty, f^ ^n^^^ f7r?r^jT f-TrTT- 

3 lively, swarjning. nAA^^ . 
Alkahest, n. -^zwd n. 

Alkali, n, v. Potash, Soda, Ammonia. ^<nT »». ^TR m. 

Alkaline, a. ^\U-^M\ yuiMI, ^TRiiT^, f^Kyufl, ?HI<JJU|+. 

A. aslies. ^FT^ »?. 
To Alkalize, v. a, ?TRot n. ^X^., mtH;?r ^?:'Jt. 
Alkalized, p. v. V. ?^lT?r, <mrH?f. 

All, m. ?f^-H +^> -^H^9n"-^T^'^r-&c. ?TH^Rr m.-WJ^ w.-^^q 
OT.-TTfn/.-H55ft/.-&c. ?PT??'?f n. 

A. along. '5ec ((Wf/e;- Begixnixo. ^^^ 3T^, 3TKTfT, 

A. at ouce, v.Suddexlt. (T=pn(^r. 

A. alone. ^,Z\ i^^fTT, (^^OT ^W.Z^ W^^^ ^W.^J. 

A. tlirougli. TT ( as f^^TTf, TT^Hr, HT'^f^^ &c. ) 

At a. ^fr^, STT^t, f^^^, fH'2^, ^^^1?,, f^r^rrr^, STT^TT- 
'T, ^U+r^Hi ^T'JTTT^, f^Tfr. All tliese words demand, 
like the English word, the negative construction. Suu 
therefore Not, None. 

One's a. ^^^n. 
All, ado. completely, quite, T. WllOlLT. "JR^. 

A. one. ^'I^'''" 
All, a. the ivhole ( mass or multitude ), total. ?Tn^, W^^, 

Rt?7, ?r:p^r^, 3Tf^T, WiT^, ^■'jaf, 'Tf5^, ?;?^, H'q-. 
A. without exception, a. whatsoever or whosoever. 

All, in comp. is rendered by ^cf, ^^i=r, ?riT^, fqf^, ^"jof, 
vJfTH, 3Tf%?5, as the following examples will shew. 
A.— accomplished, ^^F5 niiTttq^, H^5, ^T^rgTH-, 3T- 

A.-adorable. ft'^^q', ?r5Isf?T, ^=^^^, ^J|^<4, ^jt^FTj^it, 
3Tf:^?5"T^T, &c. 
A.— conquering. A.— subduing. ?r^f^^, ^^?r-3lf?^??— 

&c. f^5, f^r^rf^g. 

A.-creating. ?f5f-?r^?y-3Tn-q?^- &c. fTRrfTT, f^T^^^g-, ftf- 

A.-destroying. ^^Tr^ft, ^q^SW^^ft, 3Tf%??«f€t, &c. 

A.-eating, A.-devouring. ?r^^?T, ^^f JT?T^, ^5fH?fr,<tc. 

A.-enduring. ^sf^Tf, f^'qiT^. 

A.— fours. To go on a. q"r|^T'«- ^FW. 

A.-knowing. ?r^fT, ?T#fmT, ^^^-3Tf%?7-&c. trfT. 

A.-pervading. ^5qpft,f^'^^rfr,f5r^°qTT'7, ^T^HFlfff, 

?R-<T, «#T, f^j. 

A.-powerful. ^^^FR^^, ^^^^rrT'^, ^T^i'STf^fi^, ^^'T- 

A.-searching. ^^sftsfl', ^t^fftr^. 

A.-seeing ^^^ff, ^T^^'CT, f^'^T^^TT, ^R'^TT^rt, ^?f, 

A.— surpassing, ^^^f^rf. 

A.-sustaining, A. — upholding, fjf^tfrft, fsT'^'cTIT. 
A.-wisc. Cff^gfl;, STTRf fs;. 
To Allat, v. a. pacify. T. To CoiiposE. ^Tfrt^liJf, STHSTtff, 


2 mitigate, See To E^se. 
Alleoatiok, n. v. Y. I.— act. ^=5fr^<Tijf-Ac.-^fil<jf«. L<Le. fH- 
f5i<JrT W:<^n. ^^%'<^ 11. 
2— act. f^f^T{ mn^n. &.C. 3"'?'5TRT)«. 
I. excuse, v. Plea. fHfilTT n. q^mT»i. sjm/. qm^r/. 
To Allege, v. a. v. To ArFiEir. f?r^/7q'T5^«tv-^=^rr"T"?r-^=^- 

cT- &c. q'racfr-;Frtn'Jr-'^^oTw. 

2 proihtcc as an aiyiimciit, cjv. v. To Plead. f^rpTrTre.- 

^ ^T'jf. [ fTTHf^/. 

Allegiance, 71. ^^j^^m. 5T^^5rr=T'=f»i. TRfrfTT%ftr?fT/. TT^T- 

Allegoeical, rr. ^-stfTT^, ?m?qr=5rr, ^"5t?r^T, ^"sfcrifH^p, 

To Allegorize, v. a. turn info allegonj. ^T^T^-^'SfcFTH- 
2 understand figuratively. ^'HfFT^^t^-^'SfFrg^-'tc.irof- 

Allegoet, «.^'Efcr^5p'<ifT/. Tfr?T?FsqT/. ^fTRitr^^^i^'iir /. 

2b Alleviate, v. a. maJce liffJit, mitigate, v.ToEase. ^F.W-T- 
&e. :F?:(xf,i!TH5pif, ?Tt?TJr3T,^q^TiTw.-sr?TKm.-?THwi.-3""T?1H^«.- 

Alleviation, «. v. V. — act, ^^^^iin. ^TtrT=r'Jt". VHm. %m^/i. 

sr^T5T»i. ^Tfi?T/ g"T?Tff?r/. 

Alley, n. icalk ill a garden. qmf?ft?5 'IBT ?».-^h:/. 3'T^'T- 

2 ( of towns, &c. ) V. Lane. ^^f. 3T1^/. TEft/. 
Alliance, w. v. ArriNiTx. ^y^^^/. ^^^f. ^\^ n. r\f\l- 
^^^ m. f^-TT^?r':T VI. 

2 league, v. Combination. ^W^^^A m. f^ToJtn'/. ^T^Hrt". 

3 V. Connection, ^qq- m. ^q'n m. 

Alligation, n. — iu arithmetic — medial. f^^rnf&T?? n. ^■ 

^•i\^%^ n. 
Alligator, «. s^^^ m. ^op. WK m. ^^^f. ^^^f- THTK^^ 

on. ^-ifil m. ?t^ m. ^^^] f. dim. mfcT^r/. 
Grasp or seizure of au a. iTTrfH^/. 
Alliteration, q-ir^ mn. ^m m. ar^sTT^r m. g^q-^qrH m. 
Alliterative, a. pertaining to, or consisting in a. 3T^JfT?r- 

?fqsft, 3TTgsnf?r^, ar^irre^, arg^mnq-, arg^TT^^il. 

Allodial, a. ^ifiTiTcqTqT, STT'Tlfi^qj^rr^, ^^tH^, ^'IsT- 

Allodium, n.freeMd estate. 53'WTfr^-^rfq''7?^r5fT-&c. ^^ 

«--^cT?r ?!.-&c. 
Allopathy, n. TFTf^?;?ftf ^ f^T^T f5f?5fH g^q^r ^?r=T TPT 37- 

:pTU?TT=qT HFT Wi.-fjfqr/. 
To Allot, p. «. gice hg lot. f^g-^TT CT^^-^T^^-Ac. f%JTmot- 

2 apportion, assign. ^\z^ ^JT.^ or ^ri^^T ^OT, f^^TT'Tq' ^"jf, 

^?? ^^. 

Allotment, ??.. v. V. 2~aa. ^rf^^ fi^ lu fsTHTn-T-'fTHfr-ctc. 


I. </r/«y allotted, v. Share, cff^m'^/. qi^j- m. HFI »'i. 

II. {of the things of life.) ai^R.^^RtHT^sitT »«. Hm w. 

To Allow, e. a. grant, concede.x. To Admit, jithot, W'^ 

^ n. ^.Tvi{ g. of 0. 

2 let, suffer, v. To Permit. %q-, ^l^^^^\■\ f- J.^^ m.- 

3 give as pug, icages, stipend, i\'c. ^tt^, ^^W^f. ^^Of- 
4: give as rations, pirovisions, Sfc. HTcTT^/-^H''T^/. ^X^- 

5 for; make abatement for. ^^H n>. W.l'^, ^T^RT ?». 
:prjof-qat.— fig. ?ril/.-€r5/.-^T3?tfl /.-^t^^ire/. ^^nf- 

6 for; give in consideration 0/13^^ »i.^if,^^qT w.^Tf^T^- 
Allowable, a. v. V. 1. JTHTqT-^"'TnT- vfT^r-&c. jtI'T ^n- 

q'T^ '^FT, stItT'tt?!, 3'Tr^q". [=rr^<T. 

2 (?wf/ Lawful, a^f^frg;, 375n'~vfrrr, TTT'T, ?f^?r, %q-, 

Allowableness, «. V. A. 2. e«f/ Lawfulness, ai^f^f^r «. 

Allowably, adv v. A. 2. and. Lawfully. (TmNJ-^^^, ^r^- 

Allowance, n.pag, wages, stipend, salary. ^'^^^ m. JJ'^- 
5^ OT. J^RTor KSTTfTw. qTFr^T «. ^JT^r^p/. ?T?^^/. ^^ 
»». ^^IT/. 

Annual a. ^'t't^^ n. 

Extra allowances. %ft^5?TlTT m. 'HtTT m. HH ?«, 

Monthly a. ^?:TTrfr m. Hrffl^ »'• 

2 rations, allowed, ^t^ w(. ^JT^ql^ n. ^"TrRrtTF »i. 

Monthly a. ( as to a servant ). 3f5?T^/. 

3 matter allowed, gener. siim or quantity. HTrTT^/. TrfY^T 

or T^^ m. ^^^^f.^■^^ 'p^a'^^-^ m.-x^^ f.-^f^ f-&c. 

Daily a. IV^f. Vi^^^f. 

Person receiving a daily a. tlf^r^T^R c. 

4 See Permission. 

5 abatement, deduction. WS^^rJm.^■^^\ m.^zf.-^^^f. 

^T5/. ^re^ /. ^rsBts /. [ttttt . 

Allowed, p. v. V. 1. m^n Jp^a^T, 5Tm^?5T, &c. ^f?m^?r, 
2 qTSTI^nt^Ti STSrf^tSftTRT, 'JTRfH^yTT^T, 3T5^r^^p?rr,'H- 

I. — used of articles of food, of offerings, &e. ^n?. 
To Alloy, v. a. mice baser metal with. ^[^ n. qTc^of, f^<TTc 

-f|tJTtr?:-f^!JI^^- &c. T'T^. 

2— fig. ^H'-'Y^-Ac. ^^q-, ^^^mf■ 'flT'TT'if, W-^.^ >n. ^r- 

Jf"^, 3Tf^'SfJT»T-^^q? q;^. 
Alloy, jj. &«sf r metal mixed with. |tw «. ^c?^ »t. 

2 fig. ^^T/. ^^^mf g-oit^/. I^T^r ^/. fiTWS:/. 
Alloyed, p. v. Y. 1. f^'n^R^ %^?5T, &c. I^or^s:, f^^c, f|- 

tii^CT, ^T^r, ^RHToT, fl'JTrsn', n^^T», f^?rat=Efr. 

2 3Ti^'2f'T^-T, ^^rT^, iWt^. 




AhtsticK, n. mi/rtits J>imeii(a. ifft?r5rf^rfr/. ^rjTf^qt /• ^- 

?T55 w. fl. 
7'o Allude, r. n. refer to indireclly, hint at. TJ^T ^^TT 

^;T-?rr^5 ^tsyof ,r/V;» JR ofo. ^l^'TT^ ^i^ n.-^K^ n.- 

5fnC m.-&c. 3TOdr «■»■//( sr^ or ^ /«. fO«. 
ALLi-UEn, II. Allvdixo, p. a, v. V. ^^ qj^^ ^skiiTRr, 

Ac. ^^, ^RT^TT^, g^^TT^^. 
T<j Allvre, t'. a. entice, lure, ilecoi/. tempt, mf^, W'^^ or 

Efiir, HT^ m.-nr^ »'. ^TH"^, flrf^ «.-fqTTrf^ ?;- r^t^ n- 

&.^-. ^oty. o/o. 

ALLunED, ;). V. Y. ^Tf ^nrTs:?;r, ^si^q^sr, 'Rrf|?T, sf^rfn^r. 

Allvremest, Allurinq, «. v. v. — ac(!. ^r^oj «. JT'4'if «. 
Ac. ^T^ «. 1^1^ «. sn?r»T?r n.—a. or s. ^j^ m. 
I. uUurinj ohject or cause. JTr^H=T n. aTTfJT? ??. ^^rJTm. 

Ai-LCREK, ?(. Alludixo.,^. «. T. V. ^r^tJTRT, ^f qT^OTRT, 

Al.l.usios. n. X. \.—acf. g;^T q^€H 3f{T5f^».H5==n'T#^n- 

I. o. marf^f, V. Hint- ^^]f 
AiLUsrvE, a. having reference to somethinj not fidhj ex- 

pressed. ^^^P{^,^^>^\•^^J., ^^flTxTr, ^^^I?H^, ?if|T^. 
Allvsitely, adt'. T. A. g;;q'^TT^ or ^[^, ^%?rT^, ^^1^^\- 

Alluvial, a. iram, pp35|=5TT, HStr^T ^ifrpft^. 

A. soil ^^^r^f. n^f. 
Allcviox, ALLuviuir, «. HoSt /• ^oEJToE m. flT/- ^TTq'/. 

To Ally, r. a. connect hy marriage. ^T?tt^/--'9I^TTrry.- 
?TftTH^^ »«.-'fTl%^^':T m.-^^^]^^^ m,-&c. w.i^^ zfx n. 

2 ( by treaty or league. ) ^^q^%?f^tT m.- ^??q-^'q'q' 
OT.-fJT^f^?raJtT m.-(T:pjTn- w.-&c. ^FT'if. 
'S form relation letwecn, v. To Coi<->-ect. ^€f4'». sp^irf. 
Ally, «. confederate, ^'c. q^ w. ■«-+.dM' ^TT^^^TJim, T^- 

m. ^m VI. Wl^r^t^p^ m. 
Almaxac, n. trqfn n. qirfl M. 

Almaxacmakeh, n. q^q-fnTT ?». 'HtI^tTT m. j]Uiw. »j. 
ALiiionTiN-ESS, n. V. A. ^t?Tf?p/. 3T?f?r5Tf¥/. ^#?Tf^T/. 

fT^JTf^Pr^I n. 
Almighty, a. ^?if%, ^sif^T^, ^T^rT^flp, ^Ismq-W, B^f- 

'+l4'HH'<l, "SirH-TMr, ^^SlTf^fPHTrT. 
Almighty, «. v. God. ttH'^T w. ^im^fTH »». 'iT^?f,i^:Eff. 

Almosd a. qpiTJft <»• sfTT'ft. 

Aljioxd, '//.—tree. sfT^m or q^rm/ siT^THr/.— fruit qiTm 

or ijTTTT w. m. snTTT^reT m. 
Almo>-er, n. o^c!«? diitriluicr of alms. ?T^tq?T»). 57^- 

Almonry, Almky, 71. place for distrihution of alms. ?j^- 
?TRr/. ^RT^f n. ^H-Hf??; «. •4H'TT5/. aT^?r^ n. ^^T?TT- 

Almost, «(/i;. nearly, well nigh, for the most part, sj^ ^- 

^FT, stpt:, ^^ct-t;, aTTflrar, 3^^5, t'^''f^^7 ^nr^fT, arr^HT- 

FJfcffSf. This adverb,lio\vever, is best rendered by otlier 
coustructions, as iu the foDowiug examjiles, 3fg ivork 
is almost done, iTT?i ^tX ?iq?T 3Tr^ 3fr|', -?< w almost ten 
o'clock, TTf r ^rr^TTqiH 3TI% or ■^X%^^\^ ^ ^iTJTrfl^, He 
had almost reached the village, rfr ^\'U'S^^ ST^rTT ^T^r. 
&c. &c. 
Alm,s, »!. fH?Tri'o^. ^^ /• fH'^'jf «. 5?IT m- tTHr^m or '<^- 

A. asked by worshippers of Bein, '^\^^]m.— oi Khan- 
dohd, 5TRt/. 

Daily a. f^^r^PT w. 

Liver upon a. fHJ^rq^sfl'. 

Victuals given as a. Tn^Vf,f\ f. one wlio lives on thera 
Trg^ft m. 

To live on a. -ff\W' ^f 'TPTff 3TWar, if[^, iTinq" qis^ k. 

To live on unsolicited a. 3T^Tf^?T|f% /. ^^ijf. 

It is easier to take poison than a. i^^ ^W^^ qoT Ht- 

^ q^r^r^ ^TTf r. 

Alms-basket, Alms-box, Alms-bag, &e. «. ^TotY/. "^"tq?- 

ft/. 3T^qyrf/. ^m^g/. fir^^rTT^ n. 

A.-vessel of worshijipers of Khandohil.^ ^?l^]m. — of 
Deioi, 'Ki^f. 
Alms-begging n. f^^f^f. fH^TTJ^ n. 

Luck iu a. f'TeTr'Trfq' n. 
Alms-deed, n. ^^^ n. ^^^^ n. trnkPT m. q-m?T5f m. 
Alms-giving, n. q-H »». ^TT'^K »». 
Alms-hotjse, n. ^^\^^;^y pop. q-J^rar/. viTcrm^f n. 
Alms-man, n. >ft^ ^mnr m. fH^^t^'Y m. fH^^ »». PT- 

Aloe, ?i. -plant, aloe perfoUata.'^K'Wlf.n. ^W¥.fkn. ^^K%\- 

5 «. ^^TTtpr^ «. '^r{w^v(\ pop. fTTft/. rf^rurT/. 

2 — inspissated juice. +|ciNr5S »»• <rfe^r=rT^ >». 'PTT^f^ 

'». #T'F5 «. f^TR^it n ^qr^rj «. 
AlOE-wOOD, aqiiilaria agalocha. 3TiT^ »i». SPTS; vi. 
Aloet, adi: on high, v. Above. 3-=q', T=qf, ^T, ^rT. 
Alone, a. v. Single. ^W-ZT, ^^F?^, ^^<^^FSr, (i^(T^5yT, '^- 


To leave or let a. ^ai^df, ?ft|rr ^"5f, ::m^-?T|--3T^-'^5ir. 
2 ivithotit company. (^^ST, q':^!-'?!^^^- &C. ^FryJlt 

Along, adv. and prep, at length, hngthuise. JTl-^^riT-qT- 
^tTT a(?y. d'ecZ. [ g^T^. 

2 in the direction of the length. '?^'^^^^ ^K'^]n~ 

3 onicard, on, v. Fouwakd. qs^. 

Get a. Go a. ^c=5^r, vTpttt, ^^TfjfW, ?fira ^FTS ^^ 


4 throu/h the Irngth of, all alone/, \. TdeOUOHOUX. ?T- ! 

-fiT5^|5-^tq5|5-&c. 3T5r^ STITM^, Tff?«TPTT^^, 3TrtTT"Tr- 

5 aloDg with. v. With. qfr^T, ?f1^Fr, ^^sr^'HR, ^■^r{. 
Alooi', aJc. ai a distance, cUslinctfrom. ^, 3TrJT,%n^rf/fr/. 

Alopect, n. falling off of the Ju<ir.^^f\f. ^]^ f. T.Jr^T; f. 

Aloud, «o'i'. ^raqi%, J^R-qi'^^r^, ^T^^ HT^JT Jp^TT, 5^^ ^'^ 

Alpaca, «. ^^ ^r# q^c ff^ffft^ ^^ ^HT^T^ 's^]\. 

2 fqT=5T ^?Tnr?T% %?Ti% %%^ ^FR^ ». 
Alphabet, «. ar^TtKrar/. ^roTTTPJr/. ^^T^rofw!. />?. sfoi^FRw;. 
aT?TTT5^TT m. ^^^r^Jf. s^^xf^'^m m. ar^r^iTTf TT;». 
sfRTfa^ or qrfr^r snTT^j-qr /. ph % ^ m. Traq-% ?«. p/. 
Acquaintance with the a. 3^^^ 5flToS^/. 
Class of letters iu the a. TSS^TrSr or "poErsr ?». f^?f /• 
Letter of the a. with its several combinations with 
tlie vowels and anuswdra and tvisarr/a. ^\JM^f[ or ^^ 

/. or smr^ifr/. 

Series of the vowels and anuswdra and ivisarja. sm^T- 

^fr or ^fff or qrrra^/. i^T^^ m. 

Alphabetaeian, 11. T. Abecedabia>". airsTT'^'Tr '». «?> ^ 

Alphabetical, a. ar^TTrn^JTr^r, ^^^^^\^^.^ a^^^TTg^PTrj- 

Alphabetically, «(?i'.3T^?:i5^HR,flr?|^R, SI^TTr^^iTT^- 

Aleeadt, adv. in time past or present. anCt, arrsTi Tf^^% 
^^].| TR. The sense of the word is often best rendered 
by ^spwr, as ifr ^fJI^ 5^^Y-^C^ ^^Bi-33;?r ^q?BT-I 
have told-done-given already. 

Also, adv. ^l, qoy, %?ftR; or %?i'T?r, rf5Pfr=Er f/eci. 

Altar, n. ^f^_ or 'kt[ m. F4f^^ n. ^fi^^ >». 

To Altee, v. a. V. To Change. q^^iJt, qT?^?:'ir, f'F?"5T#. 

To Altee, v. n. v. To Change. sr^^Jof, <TT?J?:ot, fF^of. 

Alteeable, a. V. Y. A. 5t?^FTT-=5ir-^rnr-<ic. f<j;;!;q-T!Tr-=^r- 

=?Rr-<fcc. "<pi<^T qr^rqr-=qr-3fmT-&c. ^.TirT^sF^ofiT, ^hh- 

Alteeant, Alteeatite, (?. sjil^iJTRr &c. %^<FR ^TOTRT, 

Alteeant, Alteeatite, w.— in medicine. sr^m-?rf5f5T?f-&c. 

Sf^r^'Jlft ^T^y «. f"?R^WR ^T^IKT n. 
Alxeeation, n. v. V.— ae^ ^ZF,^ n. 'JJ^.Z^ «. fq?T^Df ". 

(neuter f^j:iv\ n. ) — state, v. Change. HT w. %T w.^^- 

<PR w. TTc^?; m. ^frTT «. ^H^m, 
To Alteecate, See To Weanole. 
Alteecation, n. u-ranglivg. ^z^Z f.^ZV\Z f.^Z^^i\ f. FJCqs: 

/. \z:^z m. ^irs^jj n. tT^rqr^/. ':T?iT'P^'t /. g^'PH/. 

•-prWET/. T?!^?r/. r^^SET/. fl^iTRT/. ^^g% /• ^^fl^^fT 
Alteen, Alteenate, a. being in reciprocal succession. 


a^^sTr'^TTH^frff, aRq'T-q-TH^qt, a^^qi'iT^^ignnfT, a^'ifi- 

On a. days or periods. ^q;f?TTr or =}!, 5i^i=5tT 3TT?, W^.T- 
To Altet^i^ ATE, t\ a. perform hj turns. ai5^R?^'tH-3TTxr- 

qi^'T^-%TqT^'T^-qR4tqTT'fT'^-aT^n'tqTW'm-&c. ^^tri'. 

2 change reciprocally. <R^qT qR^ »?i.-qR^qR?/.-3T?=rr- 

^^/.-qrmiiT^r»»--fP'^ifpT;?-/.- &c. ^?:iTry. ofo. 

To Alteenate, v. n. happen, ait, Si'e. Ig turns. 3l3PrfT5l5/T?r- 

37R^^qR^^-aTr^qToftH%rTR/r^-qR'rt-Ti^'n"^-'ic. ^^- 

2 follow reciprocallg.^ '^JJ qJJ;^^.'^\i^&G.^T^^^T^^^]^7^ 
n.Tl^mj^^^ «..3T-qR5TTgnTT^ n.-&c, f\^g.ofo^ 
Alteenatiilv, ado. v. A. in reciprocal succession, ^l^^7. 

aT^pjRi^pfH, &c. 3T?:?pr ^^=T, 3TiB=jfr qR^;T, ==rTf Hqr- 

-etc. q^^. 
Alteenateness, n. v. A. <?^aiT5'^^qiTr m. (?Tf=>fr5qoTr w. 

qTFTng^fiTfcr »;. qT?qTT^fTTF-7 n. -s{^^]■f^\^^f^l^ n. 

I^JT^^WpTFTr/. &C. 
Alteenatiok, «. reciprocal succession, qr^q^ qTrI?^/m. q?;- 
^qTa^^^R^sy/. q^^TTJiRT^ n. qr?q-i m«|tih m. a^f-qf-q-. 
?^5iiT^ «. aT'5ft''TT^nJT^ «. aT??fR5?m^ri"JT «. 

ALiBTH^ATiyE, n. a choice of two things, f^^^^ m. ^~q »;i. 

nm^?q- m. arg^^q ?«. q^r ot. f^TT^r/. 
Alteenative, «.^^f?q:F,f^^rqr5fr. 

Alteenatiteness, m. v. A."%^?tq- n. 
Although, (idi\ ^fr, ^fffT, 'T?7fq', q?lfq%?. 
Altiloquence, n. pompous speech. ^is^iTrs'T^ ^Trriir «. 

^15:i^5im;?vqT% HT'T'^r «. ^is^qrst/ ?T»^srTn?>=?T n. 
Altiloquext, a. V. N. aTf% ^V'TT'ft, 3lf?r sfT^'TST^r. 
Altisietet, n. artofmeasnring heights. ^^k^ ^\^^^^lf. 

g-^t q?T^'nTr^-HT^iTqT<Tf5I?TT/. 
Altisonant, a. v. PoMrous. aimers', aqfcTRn?'?, j^?=^. 
Altitule, «. V. Height. ^<T/. ^T^?^ "• 

2 (of a heavenly body ). j^^fY/. FJsfi^fjf/. ;j^f?f /. 

To take the a. j^/.-Ac. nnT'il-^T5ur-'l'R'?f- 
Altogethee, (T<7t). j« « 5of?y. fiTsrjT,^;? fir^f, vlq"?!:, tT^- 

3RT?t:, (^^pfiT^f, "^^^^^T "^^^"nr. 

2 utterly, qv.itejs!. Wholly, aiq^f, f?rq7, %?T^ o;- s, f?r- 

^TTTH, f?R^^, ^^^IVT. 

8 on the whole. ^^ or ?r,fiTa?r. 
All-m, n. ^7.-^f. WJT.-i\f 5^^'T/- V^iXf. 
Aluminous, a. qiSHFNT, 'P5^ft=qT, g^st^T, ^qs^^T. 
Alvine, a.lelonging to the lelhj. qigT==rr, 757^^MT,^r?fT^, 

spr^ ( in comp. ). 
Always, adv. v. Evee. ^kzypop. ?i^?t, ^^r^Jo/i. ?T5t, ^iT- 

?r5f^t, ?i?T^7T, ^%, ^^??f, |K^ or ^>rm, ^T^H^To?- ^ir, 

f^'?, f^ff^n:, f^ifq^r, ;j5?rf ^Rfrrf, ^5?qT ^i^fF^ir. 

Amain, fl(7i\ vehemently ^tiolentlu. ifiS-ilT 5J2T^, Jl'l^iTT ^ICT- 

"^, J^I?^ cTSR^TT^, ?r^lTJr,aT?r'*iT=HrT decl. ?T^=5rT rfec/. 
Amalgam, «. w/rtfre o/5C'/«e rifi'n? KiVA q^uicksiher. qr-:- 




2 mixture, gener. See Mixture. 
To Amalgamate, r. a. mix- quicksilver with another metal. 

tr u^ru fgnrnTH m. wrin. 

2 Seo To Mix. 
'To Amalgamate, v. n. blend, tjv. t. To :Mix. f*T5;of, fn^ 

Amaloamatio-, ». V. V. A. 1—act. <TTT^^qTH^?I?T «. 

V. V. 'S.—s/a!e. ^rm^-fHfH-nPTT^T wi.fJTH^l/ f^TSifrHT^ 

Ama-vcessxs, h. 5H=qt% ^ifq^%?^r '^^'^ f^imxr w. 

3T':q<pfi(?[?r^^ »». ?!^^ )». 'fl'q"ltp^^?I^Tfl' in. 
Error of a. ?J^^ 5iT «>. ^c^^qspsfiTrJ wi. 
AVritten by au a. r^T/t. 
Amahaxth, fl.-vcllow,thc iilaut.'JTraT^/.^r^y.— flower. 
3TRr?y or'r^ H.— globe, the plant or flower.n^ T^T?^ m. 
To Amass, v. a. \. To Heap, nr^ :f.T"Jf, 'TlW'ToT, ^^, 
OliTot, :;T'<TT^'<T/-^'4PT'4/.-^'^^ 7».-?t^5f^w.-Trf^T w.-SH 

Amassabie, ff. V. Y. qiw^TPrr- ^r-^m^- <!tc. ?iqT?r, ?i%T, 

Amassing, Amassmekt, ?^. v. Y. — «f<. JTIoET ^T^ «■ &c. ^t- 

I. the collection made. ^^^^ on. ^'^^ m. 
Amateck, n. ^^ c. ^Jft e. 5^qft c s^t^pft f. (as nt nTO-qr- 

==rT^T^). ~ [T?rT/. 

Amativeness, n. propensity to love. ^TTR ^T^nTrfT /. ?TTTT^- 
Amatout, Amatokial, a. relating to love. ?!'IKl=qT, ?tqHt- 

Amaubosis, n. f?rfiTT «• 

Tb Amaze, f. n-.v. To ruicnTEN-. ^^cf^, ^TRTSTuf , qT^RT ^- 

^ '^TTT"!/. 5l?f^<if y. o/ 0. ^qr/.-fflT^?:/. TI^5f-!f:^'at y. 
o/ 0. 

2 V. To AsTOXisn. =qq^, =^^-=^i?;^T^-&c. jftot, =^^^ 

/• ^FT^-S^'if y. o/o. [ f^;^, ^TS?^r. 

Amazed, ;>. v. Y. 1. ^5;T5r%?^, &c. ^'^, FTTT^RR^r, ff^- 

To be a. ttrSffT ^r?: n. ^^^ot, =^^ot. 
Amazement, Amazedness, n. v. A. 1. «»(/ TjiiGnT. qr^tT^- 

TOIT m. ni^IS/. '^^\ f. f?RTt^ /. 

2 atid "W'oXDEE. r»t^HM m. ^cpTr^y. 
Amazer, «. Amazi.n-g, /). o. V. Y. 1. and Frightful, ^v^- 

2 «/if; Wo.VDEEFUL. =?i:f;^urnT &c. fsr^sT^R^-vT^cp, 

Amazinglt, ado. v. AVoxdeiu-ully. fspTTq- qT?T^Tjfnr- 
?rTT^T-<tc. decl. nttH-^^5=T^CTR, 3TZ?r, 'TTr^T%^T. 

Amazo-, »(. ^m??Tra^ T^fpir/. ri iU'W\ f. 

AJIBACES, n. V. ClKCUML0CUI10.V.'frKqFt5T»». ^TfejfmHT- 

;n-JTSff%?T<T?;iT »). 

Ambassaboh, «. si^pte »1 ^ «!. ?7'3T37r 

Credeutials of a. ^f^Pl^riTT »». 
AMBASSAr0RSHir,«. ETf^?ft/ q-^TFTcf /. ^Hf^ «. 

Ambee, n. (jumfiii »». ^OT?Tr^ w.^?rc7f'pfe:H »i. 
Ambeeguis, «. 3T«R »». 

Ambidextee, Ambidextiioi-s, a. ahle to use loth hands 
alike, ff'ft ^t?ff ^R57T, ^T^^F^, ^TBT^, ^^i;'T?r- 

2 f/o«iZe dealinr), v. DEtEiTruL, ^'T'?'T?l1%HR, 'T^'TOT- 

^TTur. [ 5T?q' n. 

Ambidexteettt, n. v. A. 1. ^sq-Tiif^icj- «. ^jFjg-q^j^jTf^- 

2 ■3'Hq'^fTtTROTf^ n. [ ftt. 

Ambient, a. v. Suekounding. qM'iq;, Tft^^Jf^TTT, ^?5f^- 

AmEIGUITT, AMBIGUOUS^IfESS, «, T. A. jjoft^uTT m. ^^f. 

m. gjgii^r or ^n's■^ n. ^cr-4?rT/. 5^'4^?? »». 

Ameigvous, ff. eqnicocal. I^Tcft, S^l'irr, 1^5, ^-^'''T, f-^'-i^, 

jrq-, 5ii:ir, f^f^'TrqT, ^5'--q-T^, ^Jffci^?:, ^sffasr^:, -atf^r^- 

Ambigi-ouslt, ade. v. A. |^«q-T, |?cjtt^^ |iq-T, H^'^, ^r- 
Ambitiok, «. desire of greatness, jyoicer, &c. ^^Z^'^T fn- 

oEftpi'TpEft r^rZ-fm/.-ctc. 1^^ or fmf. ^TT «». trk/. 

fec^T/. STTRT^t^/. 5rnTfe<:;FrT/. 'TSTf^'JTr/. 
Ambitious, «. v. N. ^sT^t^R or fm^, f^^T, TT^^f^^ 
JT|;^=:^, ifHFsrfecg, sfiTRfecg, f^TJ, ^T^T^^PTT, ^PJ'T, 

To Amble, v. n. ?rT=5r^ =^T^M =^Ti=5^, ^T^^^^TTrlDT-^TW. 
Amble, «. ^^^p^rF5/. ^f^^f^^^TTB / |^rr^T?5 /. zI^^^jtt^ 

Amblixglt, ndv. ;f |=Ff^^ 0)- ;|-?5p;5-3^, ^^?f;=^^ &o. 

Ameeosia, n_ siistenanee of the gods. STHrf n. ^^^T/, 
AmbEOSIAL, a. aT^rrpsfT, .-jrijrf^Tq', 3TH?TJsq-. 
Ambulance, n. movalle hospital. f^Js^ jf%T?rT?5 n. 
AsiBULATios, &e. See Walking, &e. 
Ambuscade, Ambush, ii. the place. J^jt q?TT^n=^- ^l^ T'S- 

i^rrsft- &c. ^mr/. ^5^/. fe^P^ /• 

2 — the state. ?ifT m. ^f. ^T »i. i'. q'T, TR. 

8— the men posted. Z^ tf^^-^f^ TTf|%c?'r-&e. ttpt^ 

To Ameliorate, Amelioration, See To Impeoye, &c. 

Amen, adv. 31^T, T^STR^, 3T?5, ?^f^. 

Amenability, Amenableness, n. v. A. ifRr%^Rt/ ^^jj^- 

^/ 3"tR ^^TT^^aTTq'ipR «i. 
Amenable, a. rcsponsihle, r. Answerable. ^tTR— f^sfN-'TT- 

To Amend, v. a. v. To Eectift. gtTR>Jr, =ft5-|??:'5T-5T^- =sff- 
'T?!T-&c. ^<Tf, "^JB f. ^FTS^ y. "/ 0. 
2 V. To Eefoem. ^KfTT^, 5ff?:«R HRlkT-rtTcS^IRR-^rrnR- 

To Amenh, v. 11. v. To Eefoem. I^^KW, T^^, f^Riif, 

A^ro 37^ 

2 become letter, v. To Eecover. ^T^^wj-^ ^n^?; m. if'jf, 

iMEijfDiiEXT, n. V. V. A. 1. — act. ^qRof «. ^ ^X^n. &c. 
mtFT «. m--^ m.— stale, f qRS^T'Jn" >«. &c. |^^ / ^T- 

f? / f^gf^ /. 

V. V. N. 2. act or state, ^j^^ m. T^TFT m. 
. Vme>*ds, «. recompense. srf?r'F?5». |:TT-3Ti%'S'-&c. qf^JTM^w. 
To mako a. f^Toj^ fSf^^ijf, f^c^^f^T/.- STf?ff^q-T/-Jr- 

f?P?;r? W.-&C. q;^(jf y. o/ 0. [ ^rr^T ?i. 

Amexitt, n. V. Ageeeiblexess. TJ^q-^rr/. ^J^^?? «. t^^Ff^Tw. 
io Amekce, AiiEECEME.N'T. See To, &c. 
Amktiiyst, 11. qr^rT »». 
Amiable, «. icortJii/ of love. T. Ageeeable. firT^C, ^f?fTT- 

=5r, ^rffST^, TF^r, 37i?5fTT ^'^rrqr, f^rT'T'^, f^i^jai^, ^- 

Amiableness, Amiabilitt. n. v. A. T^TiJIT m. 'TrJlf /. T- 
^J?^f. fimWXr^ n. fsT'T'TOTfsr «. f^^^J^Wr^^ n. ^ftf^JTT^- 

AitiABLT, acJu. \. A. vrKf^q-OTR-, JT^^^, T'^Ti^pr. 
Amicable, a. v. Fetesdly. fJT^fsrr^T, f'S?5j-pq-T^ ?T??qT^, 

AiiicABLY, rt(?y. T. A. ^^vrrqr^, rn^ij;^^^ TTt^^rr-^rH'- 

Amidst, prep. v. Amojtgst. JT'^q-. irsfr, Tr^ff, TTHTtr. 
Amiss, a(?y. improperly, v. "Weoxg. 3T'q'<TT, ^tI^, ^t^t, 3T- 

Jr'<TT'qT5T, 3TJT'<TT^^, 3TT'<TT?fFq-. 
Amiss, a. improper, v. ■WE0UG."»'t^Rf5ft, ^^r=q7'JTTW-&c. cjt- 

^5T, 3T5T>sr, 'iT5l%?r. [ TW »J. 

Amitt, n. V. Friendship. ^Jtzf n. fi^W^^ii. ^f ^T^T >n. f |5- 
Ammoxiac, m. sal. ^cT^TFTT m. 
Ammdnition, n. ^IWST m. ^r^qToft/. f^^T^ft^TTTPT !>. ^nt- 

Amnesty, >i. (jeneral pardon. HTTT'Pt/. ^^S^iTHfrfj/. ^'P- 

2 «c< or, edict of pardon. ^7:^V^^^\ ^r^?:^!^!, ^TT'^^TT'TT 

«». ^HTT^ n. 
Among, Amongst, p?'c/;. 'T'^'q',Kq'f, Tpff, TWrf f, 3?frr-f?r, 

used ivith the noun inflected. 
From a. T^T^, '"^#. 
Amorist, Amoroso, See Lovee. 
.Amorous, «. dis])osed to love, lovinr/.^f^.^ ^"^i ^=PTK, 

2 belonging or relating to love, v. Amatory. ^fmTT'^TT 1T- 

TTfl", ^TTTt^, ITTTTWr^T. 
Amorously, adv.y. A.l. ^rR^qaTM, ^rrTHT^fFf, ?f^rfT, ^TT- 

"Jf^, ^PTFTTT^'^^, ^m^^rr^^, f^^H^Sf^. 
Amorousness, n. v. A. 1. ^rifTT'^, '«• ^FnR^TWT m. I''s^«tT- 

^/ ^f^TTTTsr w. q^T^sFFTT/ ?T^mm/."jpm!T^aTrfT/. |t- 

Amoephous, «. having no determinate shape. ^%\^.^ %S5I. 
To Amount, v. n. q-ot, ^"?f <»• "^^P^T fpjf, fH^^ ft'if, HTiJf. 
2 result in. ^^.^t\ f.-^^^n n.-mM 'i.-^Kt^T m. -JT^Iof. 


5UM. 3TJTT/. '(f'^^Hr/. ^ITR m. ^fT^r 

Amount, n. 

^T^ n. 
Gross a. ifr^HTt^/. ^^^X 3TT^R »». 

2 (^c<, substance, Sfc. ^^ftsj «. rTTFTq^ K. ^TTTf^T »». 
Amoue, n. affair of love. sri^qT^sft^ -^z^ n. rispqT^>qT %^ 

m. ^R^FiT^Tf^T'T'T »>. fr^it/. :ppT^f?:=5T n. 

a. living in two elements. ^fi\^\^\ 'JTlf&T TT- 


Amphibological, AiirHiEOLOCous, a. y. jN'. ambiguous. 

I^jcfr, f*??'?, i;-5T'4^. 
A'MFai'BOLOaY,n.languageof a doublcor uncertain meaning. 

Amphisbena, 11. (kiud of SDake) |rfft ;?, JT^f|a5 «. HT^^ ». 

Amphitueatee, «. ^W^?^nFR-3T^4^^T^rT tl^TT^r /. ^f- 

Ample, a. of large dimensions, \. Spacious. ?^fq?:^, ^T'TW, 
fq^rffcrf, fcf^T^, fq^'TTFT o;- 55. 

2 diffusive, not contracted or brief, Sfc. sf^T^, ?rf%^r, 
3THf?TH-, f%'3TTT=q"T, 'TT?^r=srr. 

3 lavish, copious, profuse, v. Exuberant. ^\\T., "T^^ 7- 

4 magnificent, munificent, v. LlBERAL.J^R^Sf^T^rT, trTrfT^. 
Amplification, «. v. V. 1. — act. f^^rnrw «. ^K'i^ n. &c. 

— state. f^^T7 m. fq'^TftrTf? «. 

2— «('/. v^^^^ n. 'J'l^ &c. ^WoT n.— state, ftf^^ «■ tf- 

jTo Amplify, »>. a. enlarge, expand. fsfWR^, =n^=r^, si^TT- 
f%^uf-&c. ^F^, fq-^-rTTT »?». ^l^ g.ofo. 
2 enlarge in discussionorrepresentation.^^^f^A^-^r 

5f5T-?5i5iffr-&c. ?rfiT5r, qr^f rs: >». :p7q--;^=rot, q-T?^T55 w.- 
yo Amplify i). n. qiFf r55 m. JFT^-^Tq''Jr, ffts^r n.-Sic. ^X^^ 

f5(R?m: w. ^Ruf. 

Amplitude, Ampleness, n. \. A. 1. STT^Rfq' n. sf^T^rTrTT/. 

irn^TiTT m. f5R?ftof?rr/. fq'^Tiorqurr >».'5r?T?i «. 

2 qr^T^T «. fq'^R »». JT^TOTTWr m. ^fq^^T /. STC"- 

3 =5r5r=5f5EtFr7arT >». arq'oSqq'oE'TtTT m. stT^R?^ «. 'JtlTT^ «, 

I. (of the sun ). 3i?T «. 
Amply, adv. t. A. 1. 3T3RHq-off, JT?RFT"TiTT?r. 

3 srn^Ffq^, qotq-^ftTT, =qoE=q5fl'?T, 7?RqoiT#, ^?5%^%. 

4 ST^T^HT^, T^T'JTRr, ^?Rf"T5^,frS'?Z"TDTT#, ^^rTTFi'l^. 
To Ajiputate, v. a. cut off. ai^OT, ^TS^Tiif, ^^ ^l^'jf, 7- 

rRijf, ^J?5JT ^Tot. 
Amputation, m. v. V. — act. ?Tr?w ». 'PRot ?;.. ^Tl^^ »• <-te. 

Amulet, ?j. a charm as ivorn. Hlt<T w. ^JZ^ or fftSIT »«. 
To Amuse, v. a. divert, entertain. OT^, t^^"^, ^oE^, 




(one's self) v.To Play, rnii, f^rn^^, ^^f, R^l ^r. jl Anatomy, n. scicnceofthe structure of the hody. ?TpfR «. 

8 delude, deceke. V-iNUl, f^'^aR-yrr/. J^ir 

AufSED,/). V. V. 1. ^iT?%^, rJT?r%^r, Ac. srj^f^Fr, tf^. 

To be a. KPT/ ^TT^f in. eon. 
AuusEMO'T, Amcsjno, 71. V. V. 1. — act. ^qr<rr «• t^^M. 

^X m. f^M '•■ f^^ m. r^Tf^PTT^ >"• f^^IW »•• 

I. oi/Vf/ or cause of a. V. 1'lay. »PTrT /. f^ftj^T W(. 'F- 

Amuseu, n. Ami'sixo,^). u. v. V. 1. ?JTir"JITTT &c. JTi^^rr, 

An.— the article, Sec A. 

A.ViCAHDiuM, n. markinj nut. f^^^ m. f^^J M.fH^STT m. 

— coverllj, <f,|ot| »?). 
AyiCHBOXisjr, «. f/vor i« clronolorjy. ipT^qoT^TS^f^q' w. 

AyAOBAit, n. JTrmerrf^rT^m fw^^nr «. 

AyiLECTic, a. m«(/f c/j o/w/ec</o««. Jr^-Tf^r/^r^f^ %%OT, 

AyiLECis, n. collection of extracts. ^^ m. jjI. 3T%^?t'4f^T?f- 

AyiLEPTic, a. strengthening, jf^^?, TT^^R^, "frf^^. 
AyiLooicAi,, Analogcs, <?. •;j^fiTrft^" a^vq^rnfT, 3TPrtPt- 

Asalogy, 11. likeness in some respects. a^HH «. CTfJTrft/. 
3T*-ji|'l»1 «i. ^VJ^ n. m^^m m. ^r^m^ m. HH^fT/. 
^r^m n. 

fPT OT. ?VT:^/. 

Analyst, «. HH^Tf^TTfrtT^qrfit, f =^?T?^iT'lTTf, ^'-if^fFr^frf. 
Analytic, Analytical, a. H^^^ff^mtR^srVfr, nWq^if^iT- 

I'o Analyze, i'. o. resohe into its elements. Hoir^f^T 1%^- 

V-^TOT «. ^^, ?'<Tf fH/.~-I4i-;g7tJT n. ^Ft^V. o/. o. 
Anabcuic, AnarchicIl, a. v. X. ar^m^F, f^^w., STCr- 

Anaechist, Anarch, n. gr^Tre^^, stslx-JTr m. sJIiTT w. 
Anaechy, fl, ji-a«< or confusion of gorernmcnt. ffTH^qft/ 

Anasaeca, n. Hrzrp\ or ^ n. ^^.^T,f. 3p:rf%Tr?rm'< m. 
Anathema, n. ecclesiastical curse. 5Tf^c^TTTf>T^TrT m. 
To Anathematize, f. a. nf^t.^AuT^am m. ^FTof-^of. 
Anatomical, a. \. y. hehngivn to anatomy, ^ifr^^. 

Anatomist, w. nfr^^^fx^TJi^TTt. sfTTrT^^Tq-^t^ifTTT. 

To Anatomize, v. a. dissect, ^t'r-=^^%^^ n. ■zt[li^^^ 

2 rt;-< o/ dissection. ^^^^^^^%'i^[^J:(\ f 
x\nc'E3tob, w. cf^t^ c. fqrfT «!. "J^T^T e. ^^q^'T m. HPlrJifr- 
^^^ m. TTR^fqst^ K^^ n. st?/. 
Ancestors, v. ANCESxra'. tTN^f^ «. ;;/. irrT^r? nx. pi. 

3TT^ir% »«. pi. ^i\^J tn. pi. ^n^i^^ m. pi. <T5r:?T »». ^v/. 
frar w. /)/. 

The three ancestors (paternal or maternal) =^/. 
The three male ancestors, fsf <T?«r m. p^ \_n. jt^T5 «. 
Scat or place of one's ancestors. aTTtKT^ n. 3T;?7'; 
Acquired by one's ancestors. Effs^lqn'^H'. 
Through one's ancestors. crff^i^rfl^T. 
To abuse one's ancestors, ^^ftyi-fq^ n. /jZ.-tfRft^-ilT 

/. ^7.-?rmfqsiTT /. 2J?.-%=5rT5fmf<T5^r /. pi. ^sf^-^mf. 

^ijf y. of 0. 
Ancesteal, Ancesioeial, a. lelonging or relating to an.- 

cestors. 'T5fvTr=5rr, srf5;7f=qr, srflt^req'q^,"^^,'^^^, ^feq?, 

2 descending from a. srftS'RTTm?]', <7tTTmFT, '?t'TTTqTrJ, 
Ancestet, 71. V. Ancestoes, series of ancestors. STSM or 

Anchoe, n. ^fiTT »>. ST^ »i. 

Flook of an a or grapnel, mi) 31 w. 

Small a. Sec GEArNEL. 

To cast a. v. To Anchoe. ?rfiT^ m. sr«P?f. 

To lie at a. ^rmift^ri 3T?I^, TflT w. ^JZ^-Z]^^ 3?^!jf, 
To Anchos, «. 71. ^tlT or c^l^ w. ZTW.^.1 ^tlT'^f, ^^t^T'^rT/.- 

TpfRir/. JRW or ^dt y. 0/ 0. [ Ep^of 

2 ( for some short occasion ). ^ix^; m. J?rT<Jf, k^X. n. 
Anchoeage, n. duty levied on anchorioig. ^Z^] m. 

2 place of a. ^flT^rST ««. afl^T m. SSf'^r n. 
Anchoeet, Anchoeite. n. hermit, v. Eecluse. cT^TSTRfTw. 

ar^q-qr^ff «j. ( among Brahmans ) ^T^nrFtT m. 
Anchoeing, n. v. V. 1. — act. HTT^'if «. TmTofT/. ^rfqiiJT/. 

2— act. ^^TTirr >H. 
Ancient, «. lelonging to old times, ^rt, ^^T^, JTT^sfr^, JTT- 

Ancient, n. ^]■^■^■^^^■^ n. q^jTf^TJ'^T m. 

Ancients. crre=Tfl^ »». /^Z. STT^T^-siT^T^^S^ ''^^^ 
«. /)Z. "7^5; m. pi. qTTrI=T^f?T^=ff-!TTtj5T?I=Ct-&e. H^iq- J^})/. 

Practice of the a. f gT^^TF"'- 
Track or path of the a. ^fSFTf^ 'PV^Z f. 
Anciently, adv. ^^qr q?r^r, ^^f^T, sfr^ft^^FTar, JTr^Rr, 

Ancientness, «. V. A. ^?rqTTfT m. ^HTcqiTT »t. qT^^rnr^ "• 

JTTrRfq n. ^mgrfe^q- ?!. &c. 
And, conj. a^rfir, arTW, a^orfnt, •jrar7<\q-, arofr^, ^, ^. 

A. so forth. ??qrfe, 5?qrf5^, ^T, ST^f?-. 
Andbogyne, ANBEoeYNAL, See Hzemaphsoiite. 

AN& 39 

AyEi-DOTE, n. famili/ or ])ersonal sfori/. ^J^.Z f. ^i^^'<TT/. 
^■^^:^ /. [ "^IV^ »■ 

2— geuer. ^Tl^m^ n. ^Tlj? n. mz^ n. ^^W, «. v. qr^, 
Axes, Aw:fs, n. heard of corn. '^^^ «. ^JJK mn. 
Aneurism, n. q-JT^^tr<T m. [^'^, fp^^. 

Anew, adv. over again, v. Again, ^sqrqf^ ^"^fi 5"^' i'"/'- 
Anoel, n. ^fr «». ^arfjT »». t'^Rf^ '«• [ J^Ww. 

A.'s visit./y. 3^CT=^ >P?5 «. =5f t^^T^ffft /. ^rTT^T'ff ^5 

A. of dealli. ^f^^. 

Kecording a. fq^^JT- [ ^^'T^g. 

Angelic, Angelicai,, a. \^^^V^^.|\^^^^'^■f\.|'^^^^^^^.| 
Anger, n. ire, tcrath, indignation, resentm<'nf. n^w. ^^q^w. 

Assumed a. A. iu sport. ^iT^rT m. 

To be excited into a. See under ANaRT.^TIT^T "^^-T^- 

(jf . ^;rijt-=q5ijr, %?roEaf or %?TTo!;tif. 

To calm, cool, remove, &c. the a. of. TmnrTnjft n.- 
^\XVW^ n. W'l^ g. of o. 

To draw down ( npou self) tlie a. of. Jp5 m.'^A^^ 
%^, TFT Ti^T sr^. 

To vent a. upon. To be angry with. TSh ^\^ «v7A ^ 
or ?^T, ^'^'TfjrRT^T/. i^/. ?:T^ot. 
To Anoer, v. a. provoke, enrage, e.vcite, irritate, Sjc. rfN^T- 

#, ^?mq'^, ^frHsroT, ^Frr^tjf, q^r^^rr, nn «j.-#t w.-&c. 
arrui^, niT^ arm^, ^Trrrsrcrr, f^FrrsfJf, %?f^in', %?r^sraT, 
fcf^sfiif , ^T^si'ir, ^WTA^., Pm H.?TrTqrq--Ksi'2;5ri^-3'^5:qr'if 

-&e. g. of 0. cTNH n.-^7[V^^ «.-^H^ w.%(at^rT^».- 

#r%fTKr W.-&C. ^in\ g. of 0. ?f?T!T-f5-ff^rl--&C. Jp^oi-. 

2 inflame, cause to smart. ^T^ m. JR^ y. o/o. ^rT?r ^T'Jf. 
'Angered,;), v. Y. 1. and A>'gbt_ ^cprm ^rm^^T, &c. ctfT, 

To Angle, v. with a rod and Jiool: ^^ m. ^Tli'^, T^T- 

Angle, n. ^m or ^r^ m. ^rTTF »«. 3T^ n. 
Acute a. ?;5«PTiT, ?'J<4'+|U1. 
A. of elevation. 75Tcrt?T m. 
A. of depression, 37^4: ^H^T »». 
Obtuse a. 3Tfq^#TiT, f^m^^roT. 
Eight a. ^iT^nJT, ^re^R. 

A>'QLED, a. ^pjrr^r, ^T'FT'JT. 

Right a. ^TH^JJTdt. 
Angler, n. TSE^ft »»• 

Anglican, a. t-TJ5^ ^?T=^T, ^?5^ ^i|TH4'4t, &<^- 
Anglicisji, English idiom. ^fr^^T HT^^T H^^TT m. j- 

To Anglicize, 4'. a, make conformalle to English. i;%^ 

AN0EiLT,(T(7y. wvi^ &c. TFT H€=T-%^^, ipT^TRH, ^q^- 

Angry, a. ^I'lr^T^F^r, TFT TT^^JT, TFTTTT 3Tf^?5T, JPTq-q-JTFT, 
#TT^iTT^, f f^?r, ^3;, ^':TT^, #':Trr?^^, ^PT'-T^^, ^- 
5^, ^3TFT JpT^', THPTM', ?TW, TmST, T:"?. 

— iu high degree; as expressed by such words as in- 
censed, inflamed, infuriated, enraged, exaggerated. ipt'^TT- 

A. feelings. jpT'cTHHT m. 

A. words, s/wr/; speeches, v. Altercation. q^fq^TI O)' 

"To°be a.^TT'T'TTat, TFT^ot or TTIT^aT. 
To become a. TFIT^T'^, ^PToT, '^?:Jr, %rT5T, ipt^TSTOT, ipt- 

ST^t, rTTW, TTfTTW, ^ITiif, R^'^r, 7FTTH q"at-=Er?^-iT?TJt- 

^?rw, %rT^aT or %?rTo!;0T, aTfTpsft ?=!T^/. ^Tot, ■7'TT ^5;ct. 

2— as used of speech, &c. ^^raT^T, TFTT^T, &c. sp5^,^T- 

':TJTq-, ^?:T5^. 
Anguish, «. vTpain. TtlT/. 'TTHHT/. 
A. of mind. JPT^TWrT m. TTrrTT ?». 
To Anguish, &c. See To Pain, &c. 
Angular, a. having angles or corner. ^'JTT'^T, TT^yJT, ^icr- 

Angularity, Angularness, n. v. A. Tf^PT^tr/. ^'jf^f^^q' 

n. ^FFTf^TWT/- 
Anhelation, See Panting. 
Anight, ade. Tr=^, TT=^T, TT=5ft?T. 
Anil, indigo plant. ^X^ pop. ^\^f. 
Anilitt. See Dotage. 
Animadversion, n. v. Blame, sffs m, ^jmxv^m.^nmm^ n. 

CrsrTfTT^F^rsr'JT «• 
To Animadvert, v. n. See To Advert. 

2 remarh upon censuringly, v. To Blame. ^r?I m. J^T^St, 

Animal, n. living creature, cffsr m. ^V^ m. qfj m. ^r^T^T 
«7;z. ^q-crr=T or "l^rr^ nm. q-g tn. TT?^ «'»• 
The four classes ( ^K W^ ) into which all Animals 
are collected, are 3T3^, ^TT^^, #^^, 3ix\^. 
Animal, a. of or belonging to animals. STT-nTT^r, Rrf&TfSr'irq^, 
STTfuT^^'^T-, ^f^TTf^i'M^, TT^'t^siqt, TT^^^T^T, 'rgTIH^. 
A. food, V. fleshmeat. JTreT% T^^'T «• 
A. functions, q-rffTf^^TT. 
A. kingdom. STrfoT^fH^/ ^TfoT^lf^f /• 
A. substance, snf^v^. srT>Jg>-'m q^'4'".-^'F3 «. 
2 not intellectual; relating to the a, functions, ^^f^n^- 
%=qT, 5TTf&Tf^P^)Wsi«ft-1WT^- 
Animalcular, a. ps^ f^sfff^W^T, fJ^^JIHTlsitft-f^'^^^, 

Animalcule, n. ?j^ft^»«- g?^»«- ar^q^gw. g^m^^r^T 

^^(Tw.qTTmgrir^gM. %?iq^*T5r m. pi. 
Animalism, n.'state of mere animals, ^'^^^m. ^^^f^f. 
Animality, Animalness, n. STTfoT^^I n. qn^^T «- 
To Animate, v. a. quicken, make alive. ^^m.-^^'H^^^f.- 

?r%?r^-&c. ^^, ^ftiT'TH.qT^'Jr, ;jfk^^».-^T'JT^T^»._^^- 

2 inspirit, inspire,enliven, cheer, exhilarate, ^ft^w^-'a^frt.- 

ANN' 40 

?!0I, ZZr^mj-- T^^fr ^rT^^'i- !?Ic<TTfH «.-&e. w.x^. 
Animate, a. v. ^^^T, ^HT^, iffslTir, ^%rtsT, ^^, 

A. & Iimuimate. ^Tsft^^f^, %cRI%?T5T, ^TT^T. 

2 T^r^rt, !ii?ffTf|-H, imfimTf , ^m"i;?iT^. 

J. V. U\T.I.\. f^5R, ^'.^r^, 5'Jl?'TRr,q^^ft^,T.3T?5J?T- 

Animatio.v, //. V. V. \.~acl. ^^ ^\7M «. ^^"^^T ^-X^ «• 

2— act. ;jTf3rT «• TSr^pift/. 3^^/. ^rfHTf^«. ^^It^tm. 
I. lije, vivciciti/, f2)iri/,\. Liveliness. ^'\^ m. ^^i>. "TT- 
OTT «. t^ «>. 
AxiMOjiTY, H. V. ITatkkd. "^^HTSf'w. I^'^HT^ >». aia^ir^ »'. 

AsiSE, «. ^H<'//i«H»2"'»»;>i«f?/(i— plant. itJ/.^^TT o»' ?frT/. 

3Tf7r^=arT/.— seeci.iN/.3im/5rfr?T^o^-#T/.3ifFf^tr=5ri/'. 

AxiSE-scE>-T£D, AxiSE-sjiELi.iKG,(r. — of niaugoes aud oth- 
er fruits, 'mi or ?rc?fr, vm or ??rcqT dim. ^Tqj or mT?:. 

Ankle, «. ttofi?: n. 'Ti'PT m. ^^'^f. 3r"P m. ffs^r/. 
Eegion of the a. f ^'^TS n. 

Askle-eoxe, «.^?:r «». HNl-^1 tfoTT m-^^ w. 

Ankle-joixt, «. JT'Jl1?:r5ft ?Ht^/. 

Anklet, «. ornament Jar the anJcIe.^\mT m. 

Silver a. for a child. ^I^lorr w. ^Ffil^ n. [|TTr?r «?. 

Aknals, fl. T. Histoht. ?(R^it qiq?: /. ?T5r"Tl%-q'f?Rn'<5^ 

ANKATS, «. V. FlEST PEUITS. ^^^V^ /. ^sft^^l^/. ?{qT^ «. 

Ttf Anneal, t-.o. HFTf^ ^HTT ^T^jf. 

^0 Anne-X,!". a. svhjoin, v. To Add. ^t^, JJIETW, gHr^TI^ 

JTT^-^n^'if, '?FI»i.-^'srm m. ^^ijf y. o/ 0. 

2 (province, country.) ^^Jinm qiff-r^^iJf,?Tr??^T ^"jf. 
Annexation, «. v. Y. l.~act. vftiof ?z. rJRijf «.. &c. 

Annexed,;;, v^ V. 1. ^^, ?!n^%?5T, &c. 

2 ?TT;t^ %%?5T &c. [.&e. ^mf[. 

Anmhilable, a. v. V. HT^T ^^Rr-^T-^ri?rr-^mT-^R^T 

i'o Anniuilate, v. a. v. To Destkov. JfT^RTT ^iir ?TRT 

nil.'. W^., q7?r (Tf/y. JRuf, 3^^, f?fTT?Ii^, 5^ f^^mrw." 

^rfrw ^riify. of a. ^ rq -i i ^w; . -f^T^T«j. -?t5:^5t« . -r\?.n^f.- 

&c--'^;^Bm.MYvng.ojo. " [f^nrrhTfT. 

Annihilated,;), t. V.^r^raT %^R:T-5rr^?yT, g-f^^s^r, f^^'Z, 

Annihilater, n. V. V. qr|Wr ^^OTRT, &c. fjf^T^T^, fcRT?ft' 

^-S^^, f^r^ &c. SKrrf. ' 

ANNiniLATioN, 11. V. v.-ffc^. Hrfkr q^<jf «. &c. ^^^ ,„. 

A^-NIVERsAny, «. annual, v. Teaklt. STm^^hfr srfctcnft^ 

Annitebsabt, n. ^qf^ %^ w. 7f^Ern%'q?%?f M. 

A. of a brith. =rrjf^ m. ^n^ «, qifiifsy. ^t^^^. 


A. of a death. H?rf?if4/. ^f^^T^ wi. 5TfrI?iirr^f^^ n. 

To Annotate, i'. w. v. To Comjient. f[W.T /.-"RV^^ «.-&!.•. 
Annotation, n. v. Cojijient. €\^J. hft n. s'TT'^^r/. 
Annotatod, ?j. v. Cohmentatok. s^^^fr "'• ^TT's^^nr ?/i. 
To Announce, v. «. jive notice, 2'roclaim. v. To Publish. 

^5lT/.-&c.^ufy. o/o. ^^^M?^-&c. ^oT, ^T'WT /. 

5PWy. o/ 0. 
An-nouncement, Annunciation, «. v. v.— «f/. ^^j^^of «• 

^?rT^ jjRtjf w. qr^iTrr /. 

To Annoy, v. a. molest, v. To Tease. ?J5% ?f5snt, ^r^S"^, T- 
q-^Ef >».-=JTT^ »;.-j^/.-|:^ «.-rr^5ft/.-&c. %6f-:fR\jf,3tTtr- 

n «!. ?5r^, ^sfRi'Jf, 5(RTf5r^. 

Annoyance, Annoyiso, n. v. V. — ac^. g^ot «. &c. iJ^'JT^/. 

S^DT^/. ^JlRojcp/. ;?{5/. ^TSRT «i. g?7 o;- oE >«. OT^V w. 

=5fRr m. OTHif w. SFS^TT /. r^r/. ?f^<t/. [^¥T5r ?». 

I. annoyiny inatier or cause, v. Plague. OT^^ «)• "il/. 
Annoyed,;;, y. V. S'T^^T &c. %^^-qi^?J?IT, SSSF^r, etc. g- 

Annoyee, m. Annoying,;;, a. v. V. gs'JTTTT, 3T:^sr-f^T-?l^- 

^-|:^-&c. ^tJTTq:T-=RTJIRr, |^1^^, ^^1^, |?1^, ^^q;. 
Annual, «. t. Teaely. qift^r, ^nf^^?, s[f?r^f^^, ?lTcTRTT, 

Annual, «. «» «. ;;/«;)('. ^rqi^ ^rr^ n.-^]^f. ^TTf^T^HI^/, 

5Rf^T% 5rr5 n. 3fP7Krt/. 

2 book published yearly. ^^^ T^^ n. 
Annually, ade. v. Teaely. iff^f^rff, ^7^^, ^^Tc^, ^TFr?- 

Annuitant, m. sfsrmqT- «. ^m^^R c. STTTH^siT^r, ^T^re^r 

Annuity, «. anm/al alloicance. ^^1^ pop. ^^\^^n. ?rT?5 w. 

To An-nul, «. «. V. To Abolish. HTS"^, ifr|5 CT^>jf, ^T^WT- 
^^-T%-&c. ^^, ?5>T5rnt, 1^ «. ^nc^of VfvV/; er o/ o. 

Annulae, Annulaet, a. nvM\^ aTT^fTRT^r, ^?r^T^FR, M^^.J' 
^FR, f^JPR, ^^OTT^FR. 

Annuljiest, n. v. V. — act. JTTS^ «■ <S:c. rfiT ;;;. 

Annulled, p. v. V. ifr5i%?rr, &c. rJfT, ^'5. 

To Annunciate, See To Announce. 

Anodyne, n. ^ijrt n. ^T^n^^r n. sr^TJTq- «. |:T^^?:'^R^-^?rT- 
&c. arNrq' ?'. 

To Anoint, r. a. rub over tcith unctuous substance. Traof, 

vT^ n.-&c. sfJ^Tif y. 0/0. 
To a. with oil. %?5 «. ffRiif , rr?5T^, 'T^^,"rf?;r«Tn „,. 
•RTiify. 0/0. 

2 consecrate by unction, sprinkling, ^'c. ^3\f^^^M^ <S\f^- 

V^f^, 3TfH^ m.-3TrH%=5r^ n. w^m g. of 0. arfHf^ wm. 

Anointed,;;. y_ Y. 1. iTm?=Ji=^T Ac. =q'f%?r, 37^^^^^, a^HfeR. 

2 sTfT^^ %^5jr-5iiB?ir, aifirf^^, frfrfTW, ^TfrrfiT^^F, 
Anoiniee, ?!,t.y. 1. ifT^DTTU, 'Src, sT^^qi^Frif, arg^q^, arj- 




2 aifHwoTrrr, 3Tf>T^5^T, 3Tr>Tq''^PFrri", 3TfH%^T. 

Anointikg, Anoi5tme>'t, 7i.v. V. 1. — act. JTT^'if ». &c. ^T- 
?7<Jr n. ^K^n. niii n. :;z\f. -JTgsTT m. csj^ij^ «. H^- 

See Inusctios. 

A. with oil. ^sji^iT m. 
I—act. arfn'^'jf «■ arfHT^fiir ". 'irf^T^^ »». ^if^^^^ n. 

AyoMALOUs, Anomalistic, a. irregular. i^^Z\^'[^^f^^^V 
r{-&c. fir?5, f^f^iT^^, 3Tq-<TnTin, 37T'4Tf^ftT, '>rq'<TRf- 

The a. equation of a planet. H^Ti^ n. 

AN'oiiALorsLT, («(/(\ V. A. Trrn-f^fiT-&e. ^.^, 'iTfsrfy, 3TfJr- 

A>-0MAL0USXESS, ??. V. A. sqf^-^fT- m, f^f^:^^^■^^,r^ n. "^T?^^- 
AyoMiLT, «. irref/idarittf. sq-fiixfn; w». 
ii fi?J «. 1^f^T't^JT^'fr?[/.-f=rT'T WJ.-&C. 
Argument of a. H^^ n. 
Anok, ado. V. Soox. cT^T^PT. 

Ever and a. iiow and tJieii. :?;''5T^'4^i', K^qK^^, «!?:%=??■. 
A.voSYMOUs, a. fJiq-fsqi, f^f^T^qr, f^T^PTfqTqT, 'iT^TriT^, 3T- 

^nfHSF, Phhih^p, ipRm^, HTH^?r-rf|rr-&e. 

Ayo.NTMousLT, adc. v. A. ?rraT=rt^, fTHR, f^THMlH. 
ANOiiExr, ». ?caH< of appetite. 31^1%/. VlfqmCT «• gMTHT^'wi. 
Another, a. one more. pTTF, 'flOT?fl^^, |^T, f^?ftT. 

2 «o(! the same, pTT, 3^'^", ?flT, f^lTToET, %n5Er, 37'??, 3T- j 
a?: ( in comp. as TTTtflT, %ft?rT, ^'<T?^mT, f ?TmT, ^"sq'tFf- 
?, "Tf tcTT, &c. ) 1^, 3T<jfl^, fJT^r. ['JTcfr^. I 

8 any other, any one else. pRT, '^■HM+t'jft, ?i=T^, 37'^, 
4 not self. I^^RT, TTTSTT, TWT, RI^tT- 
One another (^^H^F. 
To Answer, v. a. reply to. 3"Tn: ^i.-STJ^rTr n.--^^\^ or 3TH 
f?i.-&C. ^oT-qRT'^. 
Unable to a. STjfTT, f^^^rn". 
To a. again, reply to saucily. 31^^^ ^P5'Jt, Tc^^^ ifre 

sfrs'jf , ^TfT 'frj ^fTTf , ^raT^Tirffi «. ^, frtft r^'i"i j.of o. 

To a. petulantly, snappishly ,&c.;r=f^3i: ^frq ijof-^i^^ijr^ 
To a. promptly or smartly, (flatly, smart, oittrijht, 

Ac. ) rit5r«rt-#r5=sq'mTfr ^ot- ^ttt «. ^?^, ?r?:^T m. ffr- 

2 ( a matter stated ) refute, coifute. ^^iif, ?^S^». ^PTdt 

//. o/ 0. I^^n. \^, 

V> satisfy, supply. JT^, "jof ^^, M*<fRl /. ^F^iTf y. of o- 

4 aci jrt return or opposition. 3T^H[|T-"TT^ ««('</t ^//e r«rJ 

required. jrfrt^rf«.-srf?rf^Frr/--^Tf^ni>lT m.-f^JTTrT? m ^Rwr, 

^^ ( in comp.) 5iii-J??^. [^■'R'lf. 

To Answer, v. n. mal-e answer, reply. TTTTw.-STfJrTt'i.-sfi^^rt. 

To a. to a call. STt/.-m^w.-^/-^"^, ^^\^^^. 

To a. back saucily, &c. g^^ ^1 or 9>T nt"? /. ^FTwf, 

^IMKUl or vfr"T^OT. 

2 succeed, serve, do. ^"^rTot, i^Raf, =5IT?5'if, iT^off, ^itt'I', <T- 

^?TT'4-q^a-7?frr-4 ^i'Jt. [^bt^. 

3 'jivc account of. ^V^'>n.-f^^V^m.-^\^^^m.-^^r[\n.-&ic^i\- 

4 he correspondent ivith, suit witJi, V. To SciT. fj^^iir, 

^oEijf, ^Tw, ^3^, ^'Toir, nf5 /. Tjwr y. o/ o. 
Answer, n. reply, Sfc. v. A". 1. T^ «. sfr^rR «. ^^r^TTir &?• 

vTT^ OT. ^rfHq^^ n. ^fH^\^_ m. ^fr\^]^^ n. ^f^^M^ /. 
gB'4T ??!. 

Decided a. HHTtTT «• 

Devious or irrelevant answers. ^^\^ m. pi. qrq^TTf 

/. pi. HT^fw »>• P^- 

Disrespectful a. fftsftTt/. ''k^-Hm in. 

Evasive, inapplicable, &c a.3T^TTTT «. 

Eeady a. ^T^^?HR m. [p^^r^n^ or rT. 

Keady of or at a. ^1 jfK^H'NNl or ^|vf|<W'MM, ^RT^, 

Requiring a. — order &c. ^fsfTiit. 

Soft a. ^i?5nrT^ m. [ sr m. 

I. I'cy, solution. 3'^fTT »- f^?^T/- TrTRT ?«. THJf w. 37^1- 
Answekable, «. V. V. INT. 3. responsible, accountable, amena- 
ble, Sfc, vm^-f|nr5r- m^r5n"-&c. ■^ttrt, »ft«^^f, tpft, 1%- 
?r^m^, SrR-^'T-'fRrqT-ff ?fT^-&c. ^.o^mi 3iftT^-'=i- 

j Ant, m. yff/. f^ftfrl^/. 

Black or red a. JTStT. »>• (/'W. JTafT/. 
Bed a. ^f=^i7r or ^\^'^ n. t^A or 3TNtew. ^lojsirm. 
"White a. termes. ^\^^ f. EJTJifT'i. ^t o?' S"*^/. 
Certain other kinds of Ant are ^FTPJ'ft, itS^I^ g^, 

Hillock cast up by white ants. sTT^^w. »fr»T?i. enlianc. 

Swarm of ants. ^<ui«. 

Train or line in progress of ants. ^T?t/. ?=^?j. 
Ant-hill, n. ^\^n. enlianc. hIhis «• rVvl^'^^^w. 
Ant-lion, «. t^i^r «»• KIT »»• 
Antagonist, m. v. Opponent. STfrtT^ m. f^dtft?«. f^?T, 

fiiq^w. JrfrrqVft'"- 
Antagonist, a. See Opposing. 
Antaphrodisiac, Aktaphboditic, a. alaliny se.viial desire. 

^^% ^ m^K--t i, ^Fmnr^^, ^m^iT^fj, ^pmrftr^TH^F. 

2 V. Antivenebeal. TT^.nS, 3^?TnH^, S'T^n^^. 
AntapopleCTIC. «. good against o;)o;)/e.ry. 3T»Tf?''^^5T, ^'fTF- 

Antarctic, a. relating to the southern pole, ^flm^q-iffsfifl', 

Antarthritic, «. counteracting gout. ^^^HW'M'fWil'iy, 

Antasthmatic, «. counteracting asthma. »^iy^T'lJT, »^- 

Ante. This particle In its signification of ie/bre may bo 

rendered by <J^ and SHT. For its significations of 



ajamst Sco A>ri. 
A>rEiEDE>CE, »i. o<< o)- *^<»/f ojgotng before in time. "Tsff^- 

f^/ <J^5HT/. "f^^T/i. <T«fff^^«. WhtTT/. 
.\siEXXV>^-^t, a. preccdinj in time. »Tm^r, arit^T^T, aT'TT- 

2— iu gram. 'ar<?i^<l--4|, :^^»^^re^, rlH^s^^'^, ?I?T^- 
3— in logic. jrfHfTT'JT^'T" 
1— in math. snrmtfT^ '^f^ 7^ n. 
Autccedents. 'pr^T'T «. "Tsf^fr^'!. "J^ff^T ?8. 'T^?Tf?T m, 

AVTECEDESTLT, odv. 31 '?!<;<, '7^'^ 

Antecuambeh, ». F?Ht-fT?r>iTT5rT^T^-<S:c.J^ ^tlfft/sTT- 

Antedate, n. prior dale. "T^fJTrft/- HFTr^ f*r?ft/. JTPT?ft fTT- 
To Antedate, d. a. dafc before the true time. "J^r^ f'Tcft/- 

Hm^ fjT^/.- wm^ ?TTft^/.-&c. yirfui. 

2 Sec To Anticipate. 
A.NTi.DiLUViAN. a. before the deluge. 3f ^'TT"J^T%T, ^?J^^^^\- 

Amelope, n. V. Deee. ^otw". ^TTwi. ?n)«. JCTw. 

Black a. *Ii4t^ w. ^TOiTHn"f. ^is^Trmf"!. ■ii^uiyitnwf. 

Spotted a. RtIoI or f^rjs ?«. «. F^^H'l w. 

Dagger of a.-horn. m^m. [ fe^. 

Antemebidian, o. Je/bre«oo». sfPT STfT'^'n 'jCT^r, "T?rf^?FT- 
A>-TEiiETic,fl. checking vomiting. 7^ 5iq^uTTTT, Jftf^ilTH^- 

^TTn^&c. cfff^. 
A^■TEM^^•DA^•E, a. if/bre the icorld. ^K#eqT"J5T%, ^S!;^?^! 

Astenitj: H. — of insects, &c. f^rrft/. f 'J^'Nt. 

Antektptial, a. ie/w^ ie/orc mon-wye. fg^T'T^^r, FSfTPSTT 
AyxEPAST. «. T. Fobetaste. ^hHw. 3TT^HtnM. "T^fg- 

Antepenult, Antepencltimate, a. 7^tf?T<T#^Tff, g^tfTT^- 
AsiEPiLEPi'ic, a. counteracting epilepsy. %qT-f'T^-&c ?- 

Antebioh, a. — in time. v. Fobmee. 3T^?5T, "J^ff^T, 3T M I '^< ^, 

'2— in space, t. Fobe. WT^rff, "J^^f, sm^rff, 

Anteboom, n. See Akteceambeb. 

AMHELMiNTicn. M. medicine against worms. ^fira-f^S^- 

Anthem, n. Sec Htmn. 

Antheb, n. /op of stamen. %5ERm w. qTR^n w. 

Akthoi-OOT, n. discourse on flowers. q^MtjUH ?J.<TPTnoJiT'I». 
2 See Gaeland. 

Anthrax, h. tumor on <Ac «pjnc,v. Casbunci.e. ^^qgft/. 

A.VTHB0P0PHA0I8T, Anthhopophagy, Scc CannibIl, Can- 

Aan.prep. This preposition may be rendered by such words 
as tfT^, ( ex. antibilioua f^n^, ^P^^fTf , ^msfTf , 5^^^, 
f^TTf &c. ), ^7T^ or ^r?R or HT^, ("ex. ^^?t^, f^- 
^^T^?!^ ), H ( ex. f^rm, ^J^TT? ), ^T, ^, ^TT^, ^, \ ex. 


f^f^, ?Jr5p, 5"-^^ ), H^^, »^^- 

ANTiABiunrric, a. See Antabthbitic. 
Aniidilious, a. f^rr^, f^rTST, f?TTTr5fT^-^TT^-n5t^-&.\ 
Antic, a. orfrf, grotesque. H^^ft^T, *1i+.S-^>!^, f^?^«T. 
Antic, n. v. Buffoon, jt^^-^t »«. ^Wn. ^^-m'l m. 

2 ^rJci-. ^aflt/. ITT^%'?T/. f%^?^r sitb^FTT/. /?. STT- 

«P5=^Ta m. pi. 
Anticheist, n. -(•flwHi'T^ w. sft^rrf^rft'^^ w>. 
Anticheistian, a. ^ft^rf^j;. 
2b Anticipate, v. a. take before the time, 'flirj; ^^. s^^- 

f^'TfHrI^r?5^5T^ SR^in y. of 0. 

2 take before another, forestall. 3T^=fr/.-3TT^Tft / Vl^- 

ot-jnr^y. o/o. armqit/. ^T^-m^^g. ofo. 

Z foretaste. STJim^FTHHPT in. -"J^HFT w. -^PTJ^R^P^Hm m. 

^IT'jf y. o/ 0. 

4 Aatc «« impression of as probable, v. To Expect. ^T- 

~■^\^ - ifROTt'^T - ^'^Hm - K^'^ftrr - f^trr - ^zw.^m -kc. 

%wr - 3TH^ in. con. ■qx^ f.-WW fm. q^-3T?Rr. 
Anticipated,^, t. V. 1. stt^'T 5fI^r51-%^r5T, 3=mT'3: ^^=1^- 

Anticipation, n. v.V.l. — «c^. •5iq^'Tot«. ^^s^%^ ^RW". a^T- 

2— «Ci!. 3T^?St ^tT'^n. &c. armTTl/. 3T^;^/: 

4 3T»TTw./. ^m. ^fn/. 
Anticlimax, n. yuis+l<RT?^m. ^TR^T^c^rHw. 
Antidotal, «. v.N. f^qm^K^, ^^, f^f^T^^F, in?, =n?l^, 

^P^^, TT?:^, H^^, ^^TT. 
Antidote, n. remedy against poison. R(«)|c|<^ 3TIf Uk f^"?- 

2 — ^5'C«e;-. it^^PT". ^VHn. 'it^TM. ^^^%m. siTrlT^w. 
Antidysenteeic, a. aiPiWRjj, a^PittK-iT^T^-^TTqi-iio. 
Antifebbile, «. ^ssira, vHi'i 1 n^-^sR-?(TH:F-&c. 
AntihtsteeiC, a. eJi^'TlolT ^RfcTiTTTT. 
Antimonaechical, a. ^+M I fi^ ^ f^?T^, '^sRT^nr^R^H. 
Antimonial, «. gT*-<<NI. 
Antimont, n. g^RTRT ^w. 

A collyriun of a. g^iTTw. ^n^trfw. 5rrtftrTf^?l«. 

Sulpliuret of a. g?:'TT?». ^^nP«. ^\^\Kn. 
Antinomian a, ^JTfTPft, «?)HR<|»n. 
Antipabalxtic, a. "T^qTrm, "T^T^T^RTrsT^-^^- ^^^,-kc. 
Antipathetical, a. having a natural aversion to. ^TI^- 

Antipathy, n. natural aversion or contrariety. T^l^TRi'^- 

Antiphlegmatic, «. ^^V%., ^"FIT, ^TRTJFK, ^«FTr?T^. 
Antipheasis, n. use of ivords in a sense opposite to their 
meaning, ^q^ B?1^/. 

A^TiTOD^s, n. persons ivho live on the opposite side of the 

globe. mmmtiMm^r^ y^m. qT^TTfH^^q^ ^,w.m. 

Antipsobic, a. counteracting itch. <mTTF, TRRT^q;-|n:^- 

A>'li<jgAElAN, a. periaining to anliqiiaries or anliquify. ITT- 

AKTrQtjAET,H.!rr^?ft^^R%;rRT5T ^frsiT =F'"'^n:r-^oTrTr, ^\^\^- 

yo Antiquate, !'. a. make old or obsolete. ^T-KFJft &c. 

Antiquated, o. v.V. <r«J Obsolete. JTT:^1, Trt^FTfe^, ^^W, 

To be or become a. Firif"^, Tfr TJ'^. 
Antique, Aniiquen'ess. See Ancient, &c. 
Antiquity, n. See x\ncientnes9. 

2 o?rf times. ^M\^^J^m. jrm^^TF^m. STTtgrrTw. "J^^praM. 

3 V. Ancients. JTTn^iqpTrJ^ql'-STr^^rS'tTH^s^ «._p?. "J^- 

4 a ?co;-A- o/ o/rf times. ^V^^A^Wj-^AkT^J-^^n. q4^?r?5- 

^■^^ n. 
Antirheumatic, a. ^\r\f\^^■^-^]\^^-&.Q. 
Anhscoebutic, a. coiDtteracting scurvy. JTrf^^^^pf^rR"?!^- 

Antiseptic, a. counteracting putescenci/. tj^^^i^- H^^- 

Antispasmodic, a. counteracting spasm or convxtlsions. "hz^ 

Antisplenetic, o. good against the spleen. ^t^5(T^, ^t^?T^, 

Antithesis, «. opposition of ivords or sentiments. ar'tTTfTi;- 

3T54--?Ts?-5rr^q--&c. fsfTftr m. 
Antithetical, «. v. N. 3T*fFr^'?Tm^^'4t, 3TvfT?r^^Rrf^T- 

Antitype, n. ^Trf]%^i^^ n. fsrsT n. ^i^^^^ m. 
Antitypical, a. fk^^h, f^^r^, iTf^f^sTHfl^, R^Tl^q^^tft, 
Antivenereal, a. g-q^^^r?!^, 3'<?^^a. 
Antlee, n. HRf^TT «• JT^irm/. 

Antonomasia, n. — tbe figure. r^'TJirqfiT'^n n. [gTT n. 

Anus, «. n\zf, n^ «. '3TTr'7g;R «. ar^PT «. T^^gj? «. "rf^IK- 

Fistula in auo. ncfir'T «». [3TfT «. 

Prolapsus ani. n^»iT^ m. The prolapsed gut. STFt^sW. 

Anvil, n. \k^ f. fTor/. f^TT^ m- ^TT w. ?i'^R «./. These 

words express varieties. 

2 ( of a farrier ) ^"HKJ ni. ^^]m\ m. 
Anxiety, Anxiousness, n. v. A. and Caee. ^Jjia^/. !%??[/. 

>T??:r M. ^TfT/. '^r^/. ^\i^J. I^^t >«. fm w. ?|n tn. ^pr- 

crrft/. ^^'m in. ^T^ /.— intens. fTJTT?: m. ^uii^ToE^ft/. 
2— ill medicine. ar^TRR «. ar^^T?*;'? «. 3T^^iT<TT/. 

Anxious, a. solicitous, v. Caeeful. ^Krsssffxn', f%?T^r, f%- 
rmrJ., f%fTT5Tp, f%Hir'«Jr|, Bm'^, >J§'ft, "^'H.'fl. 
—intens. fWHT, f%?trif)ifr, T^fTr^T^, f^fTl^rT, feri^. 
To be a. f^rTT^iif, T-V£t^ n.-■^^^ n.-m^f. T^T'if-'JJ- 


Anxiously, adv. v. A. JPTotsft^-, f%rir fcT^?r, ^pra^ tT^7T,f^- 

Any, o. EFiT'ft or Jpti^, ^Pf^t, 'fl-^T^H. 

A. how, A. wise. >Ts^rl?rr, ^?i'^T, ^^'Tiirj^fT^, 3T%cT^, 

A. like. >T^?T?{r. 

A. one. H??rTr ^<jfr, ^^F^, Jpmfir^, ST^JTrTJT. 
A. soever,— of persons or things. *r?JrTr, *r?Ifira?5rTT. 
A. thing. »T=5?fr. 

A. where. Jpfs or ^5, ^[5^ or ^^, ^=5fif^,iif^f^?tT, 
AoEiST, «. indefinite tense. 'i{f^^f^^W■'\^ m. 
A. past. 31?T^?fHrT^rH M. 

AoETA, «. ^wn'H^ m^ f:???^!-/. [fj^Hrr. 

Aoetal, Acetic, o. v. N. ^^mTf^ m^ trR^^=qr-^Tff?- 
Apace, adv. V. Quickly. %nr, sFf^, <^t?<?m4i, ^a^^^rr TT- 

Apaet, adv. asunder, v. Sepaeately. ai?jiT, 3T?;i?f, 3^t?lf|;- 

3 from. i^:}rtJP5-&c. Z^. 
Apartment, n. chamber, v. Boom. sprs^/. ^ffft/ ^5TC«r n. 
Cooking a. v. Kitchen. afra^T m. afr^^r m. 
2 division of a building. ^DT w. 1^ ??. H^ n. ^W/- 
The largest a. ^R?TiI m. 

Having two apartments. I^'fft, |^|. Having three, 
f?T?r<ift, fcrqf . Having four, •^oft, =^t^. 
Apathetic, a. v. Cold. 3T5, H^, f^TPT, arrf^. 
Apathy, «, jcan< offeelinj, t. Coldness, ^nqoi? w. crrsiT". 

3i5f^ «. ^rflT^Tr »i. Hicf n. fsiTPT w. ?pir*rr^ ?». a^^^fn/. 
Ape, »!. mq^5 «i«. ^rm m. H^J »«. ^fq m. 
To Ape, t-. </. copy. v. To Imitate. ^^?5/. ^T0T-7?TW g. of 

&e. 3?t^-^rfcTor-aTr<Twf ^. of o. 

Apeeient, a. gently puvjative. g^Jlo^,i\»='?\=^^, ^^Tt^^^- 

Apeeient, w. f 53rr^ stbe w. f ^R ^T^^ ?^. 

Apeetuee, m. ya/), cleft, ^'c. v. Gpentng. Hi^p n. tiT «. f%S 

/. dim. mV^f- f^3f^ «• or f%|^r?t/. f%|^^ «- 
Apetalous, c. fipfqi#55t, J^T^. [H^^ «. 

Apex, n. point or summit, ^pag- m. Vd^K «• a^^ «• a^q^rmm. 
Aphelion, «. jt^t^ «■ *n- 7^ «■ 3"^*?^ w. ^^^ «. 
Aphony, «. /o«s of voice, ^\^^vf\^m.^]%m^m.^rfm^r^n. 

^T^^ tn. 
Aphoeism, 71. V. Maxim, m^^ n. w^ n. ^ n. 
Apheodisiac, n. sfi^^"! "• ^^ «• 
Apheodisiac, a. exciting sexml desire, sfl^^, ^I1I?TT^^, 

Apiaey, n. HtJiTT^T rr?55 S^w'TI^ ?*?a! «• »ig^f?l^r?5T n. 

Apiece, oi/c. (^%!|;rt, ^>^W, Rf^^RT, f^I^iJIfft. 

Apish, a. inclined to ape, imitative. JTT^%*J^, s^^rTr, ^T- 

jpj^HT^Trjr, aij^^^ffe, af5=F?TJT;ft?5. 
Apitpat, adv. u-ith palpitation, ^TI^I. 

APP 4J. 

A?oco?E, n. omitsion of the laH /f/r r. fl^F^r 3T?TOr^<^r- 

Apocbypual. a. of iiiiccr/ain aiithori/'/. 3^f=rfHqfT 3TT*TT7T«rT. 

Apogee, Atogeim, ». T^ n. 

Apologetic, Apoi.ooeticai,. a. v. X. fM^^nr^, 3rTn*T-vtc. 

Apologist, n. ■fl't'ilHdl ^^^-q;'/T^-&c. ^JTT^n^^. 
To Apologize, c. n.mnkeapologij. ^^-^s^:'P:\v(-&cs(^^%^ 
JTTVf/. Tm, 'fl^^TT^Wrr!7r4^«.-?THT^T^RT/.-AL-. cp^Tjf^ 

3T^qii|fcfl<pijqqqf; ?TfTT /. Trnin, ^^P^f »^'not. 

Apolooce, n. V. Sioitv. ^m'T/. 3"M1V-<K ". ^H'^Mi-i". 3TT- 

Apoloqt, n. something said or u-ritten in defence or extenu- 
ation. J^ TTtr ^3;^ KT^^ f^^rft/. (li^r-i^^ ^TTT'Jrre. 

Apophtueom, ;i. ««y(»y. ^^^ n. ^^^ n. -JfTHJ^Ptf^ /. 
Apoplectic, Apoplectical, a. v. N. relatinj to ajioplexy. 

.\P0PLEiT, n. abolition of sense and voluntary motion. ^TvTT- 

Apostast, «. abandonment of one's religion, party, Sfc. ^tT- 

Apostate, ji. ^ ^4rMi<n , «H<ir<<l'ft, ^^^T^pft. 

Jb Apostatize, v. n. abandon one s faith, party, ^'e. ^tT'f- 

^Jf, ^tT'T'Jn w.-^ v4'^<jfr l /. ^ y. 0/ s. 
Afostebioei, a. reasouing. +|a|MM'T -^KUUHH I? Tsfrf/. 
Apostle, m. Ijf^dHHsq' m. [f<Trr-&c. 

Apostolical, a. Mr^dHT, ^f*nTO^'<t,q1^>P,M«T?Tf%5-r<TT- 
Apostbophe, 11. address to an absent person. Tft^TO^q^ 11. 

To Apostkophize, v. a. address as present, ^r^x ^TH^?r ^- 
Apothecabt, n. ^tTrT^rnTPTTilRT-^roTf^^jnJrm m. #^Krf%- 

Apotheom. Soe Apophthegm. 

Apozem, n. V. Decoction. ;jtot »». ^^q '«. ^'tT '». 

To A PPAL, v.a. dismay, alarm.y. To FElGHTES.iTEr«.-5^^T?r/" . 

trrniT/.sra^^.o/o. ^^^^^jf^ 

Appalled, jp.v.V.iTT^5nPr%^&c.^nT^,'n=qT^^rn7I5ra?5?JT, 

"^ "^'^""'■"-'^ '''' '' '''''^°' ^' "' ^'^^ '^'^ '^nwoTm,&e. tTPF- 
Hsi<<iMi-v^"i<Mi-&o. i^T^ ^rprmT-^-;;mTT-&c. >tt^^^ vft- 

A^andneceBsaries-compreh. or goner. ^tr^smt^TTTTm. 
ni^^ilUM n. tiivfi'Mi^'i «i. 3TnT?f gq^n. ^'ifp- ?«. 
Appabkl. «.y. Clothes, ^ -fr^UF or ^«.'.<TftvTTO. 

Ajticle of a. <TiH^;oi n, f H^ .g; m. 


Articles of a. presented in honor from off one's o\vii 
person, JrlKM^r^HJ m. TrTRrRrft"P/. 
Old article of a. ^^X n. ^J^ n. 
Splendid a. srf?t^r^^ n. 
To Appaeel, See To Clothe. ['i^lf^^tETT n. 

Appaee>xv, h. v. a. 1. STT^Tk m. 'flrf^n'R m. STF^'fTR tn. 
Appaeent, a. manifest, evident, v. Plai>'. S^TS, 3^1T, VJ'Z^ 
sq^, ^^.Z pop. ^^Z., STTf^JjrT, f^JT^. 
2 seeming; — in distinction from true or f?Tiq"p5TT, 
f^HOTRT, HI*)«IKI, aTTTRtr^, f^^'^fr(JTr^^?T, 5n^T 
q', ^3-R'TT^^Tf'T, ««-+;'. iff, ST^:^f, ^T^T^^IS^l, srTf?THrf*T^, 
^'^Z. [ JJTT=5R. 

d not secret, not hidden, v. Visible. 3^IT, ^a^T, 5^, ^- 
Appaeently, «(/('. V. A. 1. 3^5, ^^S^off, ???, ^"T'?"T<iff. 

Appaeitiox, n. spectre, v. Ghost. ^ n. 31^ /. ^n^j m. 
To Appeal, v. n. remove a cause to a higher court. M^.-itT 

rm n. spw. 

The English word is commonly used, as 'Sf'ftrS n. 'f?^, 

2 refer to another as judge. "T"^ *<,"!, f?r-^?=r <P"iji_ 

3 re/«r /(o another as witness. ?Tr^-T5?IT?fl' ^^lit. 
Appeal, Appeahxg, n. v. Y. 1.— ati. ^ft^ from tlie 

English is commonly used. TTfT^'iT^'TTTT'^^T^'ft^s'T^- 
X^^^ n. MiHrtio-qci^K m. 
Appealeh, ?}. Appellant, n. v. V. 1. ar^rJ^iTlTr, 7'lf^^'^- 

To Appeae, v. n. be in si/ht, be visible. f^TT'if, I'fpT %«!, ^- 
W' "Tpif, |ft?r-H^>H 'TOT, |3q--jf'5r'W-|nfT^-&c. 'iTH^Jf. 

2 become visible, f^iit, ^^raT m.-|^f<T OT.-%?fT^r m.^^^• 

or, 1^^ 'r5"'t, 5?f?r «■ ^, ^^f^ «• fM y. o/ «. 

3 he clear from evidence. f^J^T'if, f^^fT %^, ^5;af, 7^11- 
3^5-^T?-%:5-&c. |t^. 

4 ?ooX-, *ef»», Se i« appearaiicc. eflT'jf, f5H"^, f^flT^T^- 

5 Se revealed, become »»a»?/e«;.3TTf^^^, ^'S!?"^, SI^^/'O/. 
G come to light, come forth clearly. :jJT^ijf or 3^ct, 

^TT^of 0?' 3TT5^, ^:^^ w.-TT?: w. Ti*^ y- of. s. ^pcs^. 

7 to, unto; stand or come into the judgment of. TT^t^r, 
f^DJ, ^r:dt, TR'if, ^m^. N. B. All tliese verbs are 
impersonal. ^T^'^-^'^ %at. 

8 ie m attendance. ^TsffT-'F^ ffT^. 
AfPEAEANCE, M.v. V. 1. 2. act' of coming into sight, act of 

becoming visible, f^ur «. ^q- |iTir li.^ff'T^'n «• ^T^w. 

^m «j. t). s^^^r, ^iiH n. ^Tw^u^ «. ^f^f^m- 

6 grmot «. g-^m m. g-HT m. 3^5 ;«. 

I. semblance, look, apparent likeness. ^ «.31R;R in.7^'^ 
n. ITPS m. 3TPTT^ m. -Rm m. tn m. 

In a. fffTflirqtrr, fJ^WRT,??!^^ sn^TT^ft. 

APP 45 

Of pleasing a. ^^^oir. 

Slight or faint a. -flT^HT^ m. 

II. mere external shnw, assumed semblance. BFT «. TT'F^S- 

i}ps m. qr^'iT^ Hi. ^\^ n. 

III. See Phenomenon. [^T^sfT. 
Appeasable, a. t. V. ^ifq-;ft^, ^^wrr^tT, ^rif^JfqT'q', ^tf^T- 
Appeasablesess,?}. t. a. ?TiF5T^^p-T?TT/-^if^^fr^?TT/. ?THT- 

• To Appease, v.a. pacifi/, ealm,y.To Compose. SirfrTsT'iif or HffT- 
s?ot, ^^^^ or H^TFror, ^ffsfff M.-^TN^ M.-^Tffrf /.-&c. 

^prot y.o/o. ?Ttrr-«r5-'<r5T-&c. ^rt'^. 

Appeasement, «. v. V. — act. ?Ti?I^^ «■ &c. JT^^rrr^r^oft /. 

T^r^PR'^Rnt/. ^frsr^ «. ^nrT^ w. ^tt^ n.— state. ?rr^- 

Appellate, a. pertaining to appeals. 3Tpf?5T^"S['fl'rr, 

2 having cognizance of appeals. 'S{^\^^^V=-^ 3Tf^Kl-=ll. 
Appellation, «. v. Name. ?tfT/. 3T[??^/. STf'TSir^ «. ^- 

Appellative, n.common name.^J{\ff{^T^'!^'^Y^ /i.WIMI'TTTTm. 
Appellative, a. pertaining to a common name. 3TfH'4rf^, 

3TfH"4T'ft, vrrTf?T=r;=^^, ^"^ikn^. 

Jb Append, v. a. hang or attach to. ^TR"^, stn^ ^"^. 

2 V. To Add. ^rf^, rn^TOT, JirTr^RT ^^T^T'n. 
Appendage, Appendant, «. something added to a greater 

thing. :!S{^^^ m. ^r^^ n. :^^i^ n. grprq-frRp-grg^M^-sfg- 
jfFfr-&c. q^m m.-'[^^^ m.-&c. 3Tii^?rT^'4 m.-^^^^ ?« - 
sr^g ». aiTsrqpT^fT n. nWrtn «. ^^jq^-r ?». 

Appendant, a. xA.ppending, a. hanging to. v. V. JFT%r5r. 
I. annexed, concomitant, v. Belonging. fl'^iMt, ^'H'rr, 

^3TT5'sriTi:p, gr^tft. 

Appended, /j.v.V.l. z\nj\ f^?|r5T, ?:tn^^T, ^T^OTi^^iT^^. 

Appendix, m. See Appendage. 

2 — to a book, &c. v. Supplement. ^':^oft /. ?T''<T?r«r m. 

"rirf^ n. %qiT^^ «?. 
To Appeetain, See To Belong. 
Appetence, Appetency, carnal desire, v. Lust. sfTT m. 

2 natiiral propensity. ^^^i^\^<3^n.■^■^\^m.^■H\^f^f^f. 
■Appetite, «. V. Desire. J=^jJT/. ^TTH^t/. 3TT?Tr/. HTOIt/. 

Eestraint or regulation of a. jF^M^TK^ «• 
Carnal a. q^TT ?«. RtTNI'H'TT/. 

2 keenness oj stomach, v. Hunger. ^^/.3T'5rT^ ^T'T^TT/. 

Destruction of a. ( through waiting, &c. ) ^^PHIT,/. 

^^rerprn m. 

3 u-onted potcer of eating, stomach. 3TT^ 5M. ^<ff w.^-jTOI 

Delicateness of a. JTT^^+'^'^ui n. 
Improving the a. arf^^ n. arftTff^/. 
Loss or want of a. 3T^?|[^ m. ^l^^'^\^m, 


Of ravenous a. '5%^r 31ot--fiI-3ToJ^^r. 

Of tender a. M+'-d^ctt)?:-^??:^!. 

To bridle one's a. <fr5 ?«. ^^?: TT?T0T-%^Si-5frRtifTjf_ 

To indulge one's a. <TT5 ». ^ri^. 

To lose one's a. 3T=>r «. TT^y. o/s. ■^/. HT't.y.o/^. 
To Applaud, w. a. praise hg clappinj the hands, Sfc. TToff/. 

tT'q'-TFr iT%-&c. i^anir, ?fT(J?Tr^ w». ^^t. 

2 commend, v. To Praise. etT^Mot, 3Tgm^c>T, 3TfH^^^, 

HT^rjTif, srnHT/.-argjTT^^ n.-^s^Mz^ n. ^m. 

Applauded, p. v. V. sfrf^ %?J?IT-5rr?5?IT, &c. ^RMBrTT, 

Applauder, n. v. V. sr^f^oiTTT, ^^TT 'Ht'TTTT, &c. 3igm^_:};, 

Applause, n. v. Praise. sTT^TTTqft/. ^^/. ^^PT/. 'TT^TT- 

Apple, m. iT;pTTr5ET% ^^T 'flf^. 

2 ( of the eye ) v. Pupil. "Trtsft /. qi^^ /. <TTTr nt. 
A. of one's eye;;?y.v.DAELiNG. ^E^^m.fl\^v^Vf^^m. 
To prize as the a. of one's eye. ^THT ^KT5;^f% <?fpE^ 

Applicability, Applicableness, n. v. A. pH«(l<<l=^-q^^T- 

2 rtl'JMUir ««. ?5PT OT. 
Applicable, a. fit or suitable to be applied, v. V. A. 1. 2. 
?5T^T^r-==rT-^FTrn'-^PTT-&c. ■MMI>Mr-Mlp5|i(l-&e. =qT-^FT?TT' 
&e. qt^, cTTT^F, ST^HPS^, s^m^. 
2 <7i«i ?;iay hace relation to. v. V. 1. rtMim-'^-^mfTT- 

Applicant, «. petitioner. 3^^^R c. <S^ ^"11^, ^':?TT^ 

^.<uiKI, 'SfFT^ c. 3T»ff in camp. 
Application, n. v. V. A. 1. — act. t5T^^ n. ^\'^^ n. qr^S'if 

n. &c. aTTtPTor «. 'fiW«=I n. mI^HHT /. f^tn^ «. — fl!. o«- *. 

2— (Trt. ^Fpfr^T-^FR'^ ^^ «.-qT?I^ «.&c. 5iq>T m. sq^ 

^~act. V. Study. JT^-i=r?r''T-&c. qMOT ?t.-?5T^^ «. o'TRin 
»j. 3TfHf^%n m.— state. ?JFT ?«. 3TTf%l5'?^«, arfiT^^TFrr/. 
4 — act. «TFT »«. ^^VXm. 

Of particular a. 'TFT^. 
V. V. N. I.— state. SPT^'JIT m. tw\ ni. ^^f^f. ^H^ f. 
1~act. gr^^m n. &e. 5[T^ro/.3T^ wJ.f^H?ft/. 
I. /A/«y applied. ^\^^A\ •TTTq' WJ.-^JT^TR »».- &c. 
A. of hot leaves. ^T m. T5 »»• 
Applied, /i. v. V. A. 1. ?jnr?5r5r, *=)Mrtrtl, 'frJTPSrrT, &e. 

Applier, n. v. V. A. 1. J^T^titTTT, MW«1RT, ^t^OTTTr, &c. 

To Apply, v. a. put or lay to. «|<ff|, >j?isu'i, ^T?I^, qt^of, 

^jT^, "^js^, ^TTof, anfn'Jlf. 

2"( to its end or purpose. ) emj^hi/, v. To Use. ^W 




r=>r^'J l ' l m. wm 9- of 0. ?Tr'4# c^T^. 

y ( the mind. &c. ) ^^ n.^^f^-^ &c. r^fff-^rn^oi, c^m >«. 

4— iu grain, 'ftn »i,-ipfrn »«• ^FT'it. 
Tj Applt, f. «. /'fli'e «owe connection, agreement, or 
analopy, suit. v. To Aobee. ?TmoT, f^T^ f Jtif, fir5<jf, 
v^CTT, 5W^, ^. n-ith ^K or ^F^, spT^t. 
li ^acf recourse to as a solicitor. ^Wrer/.-^T^f m.-fSf^rft 

To .\?roiVT,v.a.establisJi, settle, f.r hi/ agreement, ^M^.^ 

?f%a )'i.-Pi'-m ^w/). %»?)«. -&c. ^oir 5'. o/ 0. 

2 orrfcf, prescribe, ordain. ^tt^T, ?*TT"T<'t, %H^ ^oir, ^?r»T 

"i.-mnr^ «.-^r^ «.-^?ft^ /.-^^th ".-f^rfvi «f.-&c. 

iFTot ^. P/ 0. 

S nominate, designate, rons/itvte. ^*t3t, ^t^^, ^Tuf, 

«rn»H n.-qr^RT /.-^»<u|+ /.-P)<4'mi «.-f%Pl<rMi M.- 

Ptwi w;.-&c. 'f^ g. of 0. 

4 accoutre, furnish, ^r. v. To Equip. ^TvTq'af, ?n^<jf, 

^ jii'i<ir, rrfjTT^-&e. ^TT'ir. 
Appots-TFD,;). V. V. 1. qTT%?TT, ^%?T%k^, &c. f^^rfrrar. 

rarf^, ^%frrrf, ^%f?r^, arrf^, =^rf^?r, f^rf^, ^q', 

3 '^s^^T. ^r:^%^r, &c. HnT3Tra[, f^S^, ^%^i f%f^^, 
A??OI.NTEB, «. V. V. 1. 2. H»TiiTRT,r«Tr'mTTT, ?im^, ^^FT^- 

? -p-TriTT, qV^TunTT, f^-^fpfv, sRT^^F, f^^ft^^F, ifr^Jtr- 

4 t?3T^0IRT &C. ?I^5J7Tr-&c. sFtTT. 

Appoi-vtsiest, w. v. v. 1.— art k^^ n. ?i%<T ^iif«. ^i'^jTot. 
2— art. JTTTijf «. r«TNdf «. &c. f^qTTH^.FtTR^ »!.r<TrT^/. 

fVyrq-ii.^'^^T/.-n. or s.';>Ti^^«!.?i%?r m.f^^^ pop.^■^ m. 

^,—act. ^xim n. qfr^T^ n. &c. ?Tr3TH n. q^M^fr/. fJ^riT^- 
r. fsrf^r^TJR n.—a. or s. ^WJ^. f. ff^xn m. f^fi\^^ m. 
i~a:t. ^nr^'T n. ^jj1+<.u( «. 
I. an article of equipment, v. Accouteemfnt. ?RvTWr^r 

n. public post or employment. 3T^nff /. ?r7^rtt 3tfit/. 

Ilcreditarr a. Z^m. ^?R «. 
To get an a. ?^ 71. ^tof jni-. con. 
irr. engagement, assignation. ?i%rT ?«. ??»T?T»!. 5qr^?«. 
jTo Apportion, v. a. divide and assign in just pyroportion. 

3r^^ ^-5f7^/.-^TiT n.-kc. :fn?it, q-^-4f^JTr??r «. ^^ 

g. of 0. mr^HTn ^^^ '^. 

A prosiTE. a. suilalle to tivie or circumstances. ^\nj ^f^ 

?ri=T, JTVT'Tn^T, iTMr^^, TMrrxn=r, H^nrfq^, sr^'^r^n:', 

Appositelt, adc. v. A. sfiirqTfq, TiTrf^rT, an*, WW'II^^flT, 
^TT^qjq-orR, Sf^rnrnFT, ?TH^?fT=r, q*TTST^T, t^f^^t" 

Appositeness, ?i.v.a. ^iT^'T'mrm.^iiJT?n'/.?im>n.'tiir'fm »?. 

'?*Tm"Trn'/. ^nT^rf^fT n. 
Apposition, «. — in grammar. 3T>TT^5Jtj- m. 
To Appraise, v. a. appreciate, estimate, rate, nr^ n.-^.^f^'^ 

f.-\l m.-z;K^^ wi.-3T^ W.-&C. ^TToi-S'l^ g. ofo. 
Apphaisement, n. y.V. — act. ^\B-^_^-&c. W.'K^n.-Zlf^^n.&c. 
Appbaiseh, «.T.V.JTt?5-^-&c. ^?:0TrTr-3<R[<JiKT-&c. JTHI^qr. 
Appeeciable, a.t/iai may be estimated. ^^\^'^}/\s^vn\ ^pir, 

2b Appbeciate, 1'. a. V. To Appbaise. iffe «.-^ W2. sR^r- 
5^:!^ g. of 0. 
2 «(/7«?7 the value of, acknouiedge. ^rrwot, ^rot/. ^TpJIot- 

g.ofo.^f. rr^fOT-JFTOT y. o/o. n'T «i.-5fTTZTfTr/.-&c. 

vTMot, arr^^, qf "T n. cp?^ ^. o/ 0. 
Appbeciatob, n. v. V. 2. ^roT ^"Trrr, f^ ?M<TRT, ^^F. 
To Appeehekd, v. a. seize, lay hold of. tT?:ai, qcpgiif, 

2 conceive in the mind, v. To Undeestakd. ^^, 3T?^Fo5<'f, 
^"jf, ?TH^OT, ^Hvduj, 3^^ »M.-^H3T m.f.-^]^ m. ^if- 
Wi^ in. con. and g. ofo.^J'^m. %'?t-3Tr''I'if, JRifT ^T^^- 
j». fo?i. ?f'T3T'Jr-3TT^'jf ««f<^ inversely. 

3 (/rfflrf, V. To Teae. 3Tr?f^, ^^r 1n.-^^^^ OT.-^^r/.- 

?T=FT/.-<tc. 5T"<Jr-^TiJr «'«. f07!. 

4 be of opinion, think. ^r2^-*ri^"if !«. con. ^^^^\m.■^^^, 

m. ^rwr-^r"Jr js- con, 
Appbehended, p. V. 1. q?H?yT, T^5%?ir. 

2 ^rT^OT, arpFoEff^r, ^^sc^r, ^fttr ^n^sir, &c. arr^feo, 

3 3TT?Tf^, ?f%?r. 

Appeehensible, (7. V. V. 2. iT^f?r SFTF ^mm-^rTT-^rr^rT- 
&c. ?FJT^r^r ^Firn"-3TPn-&c.qttTJis^. 

Appbehen'siok, «. V. V. 1— arf. tnTrr«. q^TSirfw.iT^ n. q^m. 
2— flf<. qat n. qTiJf, «. &c. q^ m. 3TT^ ?«. ^FT^ ?«.5it:^ ?;;, 

I. imperfect idea, an intellection. 3^1^ ??;. ?f^ m. ^r'4 '». 
51%'a' ???. fTT?r n. 3Tffc?n^ m. HRfTT/. 

II. misgiving. ?m/. ?T5fT?T w. 3T^m »». ^^F m. ^?F^<rr m. 
^^ m. ^^ m. W.r^^\f. ^K m. qr^F m. tTTHT or qr- 
?FTT m. V. m, w:%\ m. 

III. faculty of apprehension, v. UKDEBSTANDii>'G. fTT^ >K 
1%/. 3K^ m. ^TT^ «!./. PffcTF/. 

Of quick or ready a. ^T??I^?TT^. 
Slowness of a. f^f?/. 
Appeeheksite, a. dreading evil, v. V. 3. ?t%?T, 3TF#F=r, 

^^Ff^?f, ?FFF2^, ?r5TJTg?f;. ^t^t'tf?^, ^sir^. 
Appeentice, «. w^F'^?T^rf^F?Tr4f »«.-^rfn^ w.-f?F«5rT «.- 

%HF »«.-^Sf TO. ^i'^^r^ »«. ?f'%rr5F5f^*fF m.-m^ m.- 

fV^ m.-kc. [?I%^aT, 

To Appeestice, v. a. tr^F tn.-^.^^ n.-ko. f^T^F'nTT ^Flrm ^F^- 

AppEENTicEsniP, n. V. N. ^TFf*F^/. f^FW^OFF m. '^^,^W ir. 

To Appbise, Appeisino, See To Intoem, Ac. 

APP ^ 

To AprBizE,&c. See To Appkaise, Ac. 
To Appkoach, v. n. come ncar^ approximate, appropinquate, 
advance, ^qf^ q'OT-^'if, %^, TT^T'^, 3TT^*T m.-^\>\HA n.- 

-Mf^^^ >«.-3TF»T'T»T?r ».-&e. q^tif. 
Appkoach, Appeoachixg, n. v. V. — act. ^^ n. TR'Tr ?!.3TPT- 
»T^ )8. -HmiT m. 3TFfffT/ ;rTPT'T m. ariiTR- n. ^jftTTTH 

I. way oj coming to, access. ^JZ f. HPT »i. 31|'1HHKPT ?». 
Appeoachable,«!. v. V. c«(^ Accessible. vT^oT ^!TT-=^r-^m- 

?TT &C. CJTPT^q-, arf^^n'^'T, 3Tf*RJT?ft^, 'fff^TnrTST, Tq^T^T. 
Approached,/), v. V. ^rfHT^T, ar^^Tn^T, ^rift'TFTff, OTf*'<T^, 

Aiphoacher, )f. Appro ACHiKG,;3.o. v.V. ^«r^%itTTr-"TH"^RT 
&c. 3Tf>Tnmt, 3T>=5>mT»fl', <frRH^-&c. ^pttt. 

I. (fiat is at hand, near, — time. &c. ^^5I^r, ^^oE W^;^_ 
To Approbate, See To Approve. 
Approbation, Appro VAL,?!.v.V. — cr^.JTFT^^^K.T^^^^^M. 

&c. 3T5»ft35?i. srirm^wj. 

I. the Sentiment, g^mc^f/. q^fft/. ^]^f.W^f[J. *TT- 

'TrTT/. argHrT «. -37^^/. aTTgH^^T «. 3TlT^H?r ». 

To meet the a. of. jthth q^-7?T^'^, *T^f^ S'fR^r, TO'- 

Approbatort, a. containing or expressing a. 3Tg*ft^-3THTTfrf 

Jo Appbopixquate, &c. See To Approach, &c. 
Appropriable, a. t. V. 1. f^qrn ^T^T ^>[r-&c. f^- 

To Appropriate, v. a. assign to particuhrly.-!\\^'^--^\m^- 

«fr5T'rr/.-M^'fFT««.-WH'Tr3PT;i.-iS:c. :FT>ir y. of 0. 

3 take fraudulently , v. To Embezzle. ^TW, 3e5Tw. »TTT- 

pt'^ g. oj 0. ?rRT<Jf, ni" :r^, fnos^ri ^proi, tr^t?T-iT5-qfrr 

Appropriate, Appropbiate>t;ss. See Proper, Lq. 
Appropriated,;?, v. V. 1. 5Tt^%-5Tt^T^T-&c. %^^t5T, &c.^- 

2 ^m^^ s^^^r, arnawT %^r, &c. w^'T^TTT^rf, w- 

3 ^-ll^rfT &c. ir^, qfan. 
AppROPRiATiOK,n.v.V.l. — ac^Ht^T^-<S:c.5«f^«.&c.f^rfH'fr3rT 

Z—act.i^^n. W^^n. 

I. matter appropriated fraudulently, V. Emee/ZLEMENt. 

Approvable, a. v. V. q^^-;?^-&c.?^^r-^-^?ir-^FTT&c. 

To Approve, v. a. like, be pleased loitli, admit as proper. srfrT- 
IT^w.-JTF^^rT/.-aTgm^^ n.-&c.!^i\ g. of o. 3TgJTf?r/.^<ff, 
MI'M-T^C?" ^-qf^-^-'T^-&c. .^TWf atid ivitk in. con. 

AQU ^ 

^rvf, ?f^m-iT^ffr-<7flf'ftfl'-^rrK^-&c. JT^-q-juf-Ac. g. of 

s. and in. con. 3THJ?'r?^, 
Approved,;), v. V. 'T?t^-JTT^-&c.%^?5T-51ls?;T,m^,q???T or 
^, ^TrT^r, 5Tf?rn^?f, q-ft^^?r, ^P^,^^^, arfHHH,^!!???, 

Approver, n. Approving, p. a. v. V. TO^-HP^r-ifcc. q^ciy^^ 
srpq-, arg^rT, ar^Ht^q^, sfft^Tf ^, sif?T?ir^, TOfr or ^. s^- 
gm^T Wr, 3T5Hf?(-&c. ^rt. 

Approvingly, adv. ^^r{-&c. ^f^tt, argm^ "T^%. 

To Approximate, &c. See To Approach, lic. 

Approximate. See Proximate. 

Appulse, «. ad of striking against. ?iri^«. tTlT/.31NTf?«!.3T- 

Appubtenance,«.v.Appendage. JTf^Trt.T^tT". 3iilH^<;^TyM. 

— f^q-)«.-c^)i..^'tTR«. <fec. 
Apricot.m. (^^ ^^55 -JTrf. 
April, n. r^nft sfTf^ ^qtvT Tfl^Tw. %=5(S?rR7»«. 

A. shower. sqiariT^/. JSTRTTf tTT^oft/. 
Aphiori, a. reasoning, f^^ f^^rr f^5*rg ?T^ ^Rm^T^^T 

Apron, n. ?mK snq-uqr^ iT?I^W«- [^^f ?r. 

Apropos, adv. %JT^r, :i^"TnnTT, ^Sf'IRf <T5riT,s?reTf^, si^T- 

To come a. srW'TW ^ot. 
Apsis, ;)/«?•«? Apsides, ?!. in astroBomy. ^^^=5T n. 

The line of tlie apsides. ^ftST^'T^TW ^^ n. 
Apt, a. qualified, siutahle, v. Fit. qW, 3'"^q'prft, otj^. 

2 disposed, propcnse, v. Inclined. sftfoT, nqR, f%5, ^T^- 
?, ^HT^T5?T-5ft=FRT conjoined icith the object. ( as %p!^^- 
% j^JTRp^ir a. to break, &c. ) ^ft?5 in comp. ^HTtT. 

N.B. The meaning of the word will often be most idio- 
matically rendered by adojjting another construction, 
as. This cloth is apt to tear | sfTTTS ^A'^X «PT5?r, That 
man is apt to quarrel m »TT<^?f ?S^^ Tfsm, My horse 
is apt to kick HTf TT uli^llW FTT?! HR"nrr=^ ^iJJ 'iTT^ or 

HT5rr ^IT ?^T?r»TTft?T ar^fir, &c. &c. 

3 ready, quick,y. Sharp. ^OTi^o^^oftFTT^S^FftH, ^^- 
?r, f-?TR, =^=^^5 T^, +<'iK4Hl{l, rft^OT, HtTT?ft. 

Aptitude, Apj'Ness, n. v. A. 1. ^t^^^f. ^qpfprcriT wi. ?- 
T^wrr/. [/. 

2 Jp^ m. 1)NU<4 H. arte/, if^ ;». ^HT^ »«. ffi^M. ST^fTT- 

3 g^TiTT"^r w. xpTixToftfiquiT m. f ^rft/. Tie^f «. <?!"? n. 
fH^Z\%f.'^^^ n. 

Apitly, adv. V. A. 1. q'<TRrRq-, TiTT^^, Jt^, T'-iTTflilrl, 5j. 

3 ^nrtt^, ^(Tr^'jfV?i<T'OTr%, &c. ^^■iTti=TTTTf^, ??^3jrrf|fEf- 
Aqtia lORTis, n. armTToft «• 
Aquarium, «. artificial pond for plants or fishes ^^^f^- 

arnr TTO 5=i«'m+R<it %33 ?i55 n. 

Aquarius, n. — sign in the Zodiac. ^H Hi. 

Aquatic, a. living or growing in the water — of aiiin.als ard 

plants. ^H^^, 3TH3T, 51?J?;;,5r, ^FT^Trf, ^.?rH?if, ':^Z^, 

—of animals. ^a^T, ^^/=5?TftT '^W^^^ ^i^^Tft, -7!?:^rt:ft, 
vT?I»T^.— of plants. 7^.?TI^, 


A. aud terrestrial.sp^T^Vi^r^. 
AirfCinc, n. — animai. TTT'^nMT 3ft^ m. ^=rJT5'». ^=7Sir'»fr»t- 

— plaut Al'. ^^-Ti-^A^-Sic. ^^^<j^ f.-^^m.-&c. 
AijCEDVCi, n. ^2w. R^J: m. OT^T/. [ ^^. 

A(jUEOCS, n. V. "Watekv. 3f^^, ^TPriTq-, ^t^STPT, CflTCT, ^- 
AiiCij,nfE sosE, «. M^iHI* "• jj^iiFti^/. [ f^. 

That has an a. uose. T^^T^fl^ i»o/). T^S'TWTT, J^^f- 
AbabIaX, a. 3T^, 3T;C^'«TH^r, 'AT^^'tTPfT. 
ARiDlAS, n. ^TTT or ITTT^ m. 
AuAUic, «. W,4tHr'!Tr/.-#r^/.->S:c. 
AaAl'LE, a.fitjor ploiijhin'j, or that is tilleJ. ^RSJlt^^r, c5T- 

n^^t^TT TT^mrqi, prrsTfrr^, f^3KT??ft, +rii.'HK, ^jfN^'i'T, 

A. land, -Sp^ «»!(/<•/• La>-d. f^?T?^H. ^PToft/. 
kv.i.'SKOl's, a. rescmblinj a coliceh. g%=qT^r ^loi'-^I^K^-IT, 

AsAi'ORT, a. contributing to tillage, ^f^^^\^^\^\ ^ ^ffe^, 
Arbiter, Akbiteatob, n. umpire, ^^^r{i]i m. aT'fPT tn. "T^ 
m. ^^JZm. frT-^isd f . JT«-"!Tr<T c. 
Arbitrators. — collect, tfxf ot. ^;?. Pfoir w. 
Meeting of private a. ^gEHHT/. [^sJT^^T. 

Aesiieable, o. c/<"jjen(/iny o?i ^/ic «f(7i. '^f%^, J^T*^, ^- 
Asciteamest, Aebiteemext, n. See Will. 

2 award of arbitrators. '^'^V^Wr^ n. ^'^^^ n. ^^Ti<^f. 

Abbiteaeilt, adv. by will only. v. Absolutely. f^^gsTJTPJf, 

Abbitbarixess,?!. t. a. 1. 5^finft/. ^tft?TrrT/. ^T?t'q'«. 

IT^T^^tfTHrTT/. q'^T?;rH?Tr?T^rTr/. 

t C^r---J+Hl/. r^?F':T>TrTT/. 
AsBiTEABY.a.v. Absolute. ^tTt?r,^?T^, !f<TT^iTfr q'M^U 

2 depending on mere will. '^^3^, r^rtfr^, T^^sr^n, K- 
TTJT %f?5 ?T^. 
25 Aeeiteate, f. w. hear and decide as arbitrator, q^rr/. 

AaBriRATios, n. v. V.— ac<. ^=^^1??/. f?T::^ifcfT/. arfJT^ / 

A».senibly of a. q-^ m.;>;. JTSr wi. 
Taper of agreemeut given iu by the parties before 
an assembly of a. ;p^=p:TJTT m. ^>rH r. 

Paper of acquiescence in the award of an assembly 

of a. FTT^rr^^T »I. [f^^^JHt^ 

■ Abbiteatoey, a. of or belonging to an arbitrator. fn=?TT?ft 
AaaOBAUY, Abboeeocis, a. belonging to tree.'!. ?^Tr?fr f^fl-- 

Abbohist, u. one versed in trees. ^^TfT, f?^^Tir f ff m 

ABB0U3, n. bower. ^■7\ mn. f^3T mn. r^f. t^^ mn.?^\n. 

' Abc, n. segment of circle. ^^^^ n. vj^ m. ^^ m. ' 

Chord of an a. T^/.'^^Tr/.^/.^rr^oi „. ,totm. 

Complemeut of an a. to 90" . Jprfs:/. 

Measureaieat of auji. ir?:'?^ n. ^qr^p-T; n. 

48 AUD 

A''crsod sine of an a. 7TlT?qT /. 
Arcade, «. valk arched above. ^^jf^I^r t^il »i.-?Tf /. ^[J- 

AncH, n. Jpirm or H/. H^rPl/. 

To AitcH, v. rt. :?;Km^-T'TriT^r^-H^'T5f5rT-&o. ^TiJf, spTrTT 

Arch, a. v. Ciuf.f. ^Jsq, ar^, ^^, 7^^, ^ in comp. -fl?q-, 
—as used of l-naces and rogues, and with the power of. 
atrocious, monstrous, thoroughsped, thoroughbred . SfC. T, 

Aheant. it^, f5i=^^, f^^, f^r?r, 3Tj?y. 

2 waggish, shreivd, sly. trTT, ^TT, "T?, 5fT^^ f^izj^xf^ PT?^- 

='TT, ^it^TT, ?%mT, 5f^^. 
AEcniEOLOOiCAL, rt. V. N. STf^H^rfe^ fn'^^ftfr-fsr"?^^. 
Akch^Ologist, n. STr^JT^rf^^fTTT-f^r- Sf'M I R.+^Ti r. 
AECHiEOLO&Y, «. learning pertaining to antiquity. ifr^TR^- 

cT I^T^jpfTT^ «.-f;r?Tr/- 

Akch-asoel. n. ■^Iz^^^^r^] ^^f^- [ "^T^t. 

Arch-bishop, n. wp^ ^nf^ '^TTf'T??, f^\^^ ^t^'TT ^si^T 
Arch-deacon, w. fsrnTrsTT ^T^^T aifs^Jjnft. 
Arched, /?. v. V. :piTT'Jt^ %%~ir, &c. ^FTnT^n", ^»TT^=5rr, ir- 

Archer, n. bowman. frn^r^T, PrKisd, rfp^fir^-JTr m. rfp.+m- 

Aecheey, ?i. ?«f of the bote and arrow. f^t%]^ f. yp^'if^l'T/. 
Skilled in a. f^m^. 
2 arrow shooting. WTT^^ n. srrtirf^^cjrV n. V^T^r^ m. 
Fence for the arm in a. practice. 'ityrT/. 
Glove for the fingers iu a. practice. 3TjTfr^^<T «. 
Aechetype, n. v. Ohigixal. ^ n. ^^ f. 3T^:=i used with 

the noun required. 
Archipelago, n. group of islands. ^T^TH^ m. 
Architect, o»e icho designs or plans buildings. ^r^HTl rh 

Architectural, a. f^~'J^^^^'^^-^■n^t\\<-^i^W^ &c. f^=T- 

Architectuue.h.— the science. ^r^'^ rnr'Tr ^f^T'^r^'T f^rar 

/. 'T^Zf^f^M^f^ f- fJiTrT^m «. ^nFTf^KH/. ^R^ n. 

Aechites, n. place for records. 5^^?TPrT m. ^^r\X n. TF^T- 

2 records and papers. T?>?R ». ^':-Trft ^^r^ ot.;j/. 
Archly, ai/c. v. A. 2. s'j^, f^^rrr^, f^r?^#^. 
Archness, n. v. A. 2. t-mTnTr w. JriH^mr m. <tc. sl^rn / 

Archwise, adv. ^PHr'jft^R^ir </'-'■/. ^TTofTsrmwr. 

Arctic, a, TrTTU^^r, S-rF-i^-^Ji+s'M, 7rT7-J??iqtfr, TtT^^T?. 

A. circle. ^rf'J^^ m. 
Arctueus, n. ^pfT/. 
Aedency, Aedentness, Ardor, h. v. A. 1. heat, gloiv. aTt^ 

/. 5T^ ?H. 7^1^ f. ^rm m. ^vl^^ n. 

2 ^3Tm/. rr=r^/. 3T^r?^/. jRrft/. jjpfif 3Tr%?T ?«. ^^ 
/. ^ini/. fft^TJTorr /. 

3 T?»TT^ w, ;j?^rT^ m. ^/. |r^ or ^wf.l^^FSlf. 5?i^?f - 

^ ARG 

Sudden impulse of a. "l^-^m.-^W^ J. v. ^,=^^, f^,«TT. 
Aedext, a. hot, glowing, v. G-LOWixo. JF^^,^?5M,=5fir'ET<'ft^. 

2 fierce, fiery, vehement. Stsctt, ^5^, ?fi=5^, rT^^?qr, ^- 
?JI^, ^JTfF^ or ITTS, ^, sr^, fft^r, ^^^^ ^^1 ^TSfir. 

3 imjMssionate, eager, ^rarm, zealous, v. Eae>"est. ^i^iJI, 

^?rT^r, 3^^rfr, ^nrmf, f^H^rc or fRf^,g^f ^, ;j?-:j;- 

Ardestlt, ««/«;. V. A. 2. qr^^FT^, +,i+,M?r, ^^T?ft^, rTS?fr%, 

Aeduous. a. attended ivith great labor, v. Diiticult. ^f[- 

Arduously, «(/i>. v. A. «rH5n3r^, ^"J^^^, 3TFTm'J=l%, STTf^T- 
Aedcouskess, n. v. Y. 1. 5p^arq-<ir; m. ^^Zrl^f. ^•.'^]'^^^^ f. 

^^'f n. 
Aeea, ?!. — in geom. ij^f »». I^ff /. THT m. TT'TT ?». JTtm»f 

2 ang open siirface. STTir ». ^^ «. ^J^ «. 
Aeeca nut, See Betel. 
Aeena, «. place of2mllic contest, Sfc. r^\^^^T^ in. Tc^'t/. 

Arexacious, Aeenabious, Aeexose, a. v. Saxdy. irfl'-^l, ^- 

Aeexation, ». sa^if? lath. ^T^^ 3^^ %ot m.-^"^ n. ^V^=f( Hf- 
Aegext, Aegental, AEGEXTiJitE, See Siltee, &c. 
Argil, n. potter's clay, v. Clat. JHRTTTrff/. ^Tr^lHlrff/. 
Aegillaceous, a. ^HTTHr^ft'^r. 

Aegosy, 11. trading vessel. f5T=>Rft n?5»I?r «. ^IK'fv^ n. f\^f'\f[f. 

Aeguable, Aequhektable, a. v. V. A. 1. STTOTS-iT, 3Tn?r 

5^, 311rfli^rf, aTT^^T^H'fr^, 3TTffr^^T^q,T5q?i'^?T, qr- 

'To Aegve, v. n. dispute, delate. ^^iJf, ^TP^S] n. ^of, ^- 
^ ?».-f^^ wi.-sn^fsTSTT^ «J.-^?^r=5fr=ft/.-f(^PTTT/.-&c. ^^, 

*i^frr ?fH5rfrr/. ^jn^jf. 

To a. deviously, wildly. arrSTRffT f^lTof. 

To a. idlj, fruitlessly, vainly. ^^J Mj.-rTFT m.-W''^^ 

n. ^?6t,5pr'<TTf 5-/.-:pf*t??f^/.-?TPT^^/.-:FSTf5/.-&c. ^R^. 

To Aegue. r. «. discuss, delate, agitate. ^]Z^^ ^toS^, K<^^ 

or irq'jf, ^^^, 5^^i ^^ »(.-^th:-T5 0?- spT?:^^/. ^ft"^- 

m.-&c. q?T^ y. o/ 0. arrats^ M.-H^Lf^f «. ^of y. of o. 

2 /i;'Ofe, evince, shew. 5^W^, 5T^^^, ^'T'jf , SfHT'^Hi^r- 

aT?T<ir,r7^"JT;!.-f^«.3T^Df y. of o. with in. con. Hl^f^- 

Argued, /).v. V. A. l.qTT^?rr,^roE^?rr,>S:c. 3TP^Tft^,Hfim. 
Aegueh, n. V. V. N. 5rT7-finfr^-&c. ^rtttrt, ^pft, ^r^r, ^r^- 

Aeguixg n. V. V. A. 1.— «rf. qR:ot m. ^rsTJf w. &c. m^nj-H 
/. qT?I^ «j. qtoS m. qrST^?:/. STT^TRT?: or ^/. ^^Z^Z f. 
^Z^t[J. 5^If?:/. ?pTf^/. q^q^ /^'f'JT «. 3TT?^^ 
«. JT-<T^ oj- JT-^T^ n.Ptfir^ 0/- ^fm n. ^jzk f. ^RTf^^ 

or ?TRnftT /. inr?^ ». 

y. Y. 'N,~act. argumentation. ^^fqRT? >?). ^T^ m. f^I^ 

Empty or idle a. ^''XlW.zf. W:<^^.^zf. rTTIf ?:/. 
lucouclusive a. ar^T^frT/. 
Line of a, rTT^T^/ v. FTR, ?!:ft. 
Noisy, &c. a. ^TT^qT^ m. mif. cTRTtS «. 
To warm or get animated in a. ir^g;^^ q-^. 
AEGUiiENT, n. reason alleged. q>rRUT n. ^?T ?». ^5{»f f STHroT 
«.. H^r m. TT^F «. ^rr^-^F n. m'-^f^ n. 3frf Ti=T »!. g^fR w( 

To adduce an a. 3T'iffrT^5^W»i. =F7^. 

To make the most of a bad a. 3TrTf2'^'f''ft/- ^'^"i". 

2 ( of a reasoning or discourse ) v. Subject, f^^z^ m. 
tT^;«.. ^v;^ 11. ^J^^ m. '^ m. ^TTRq-^ n. [ Kfw^T/. 

3 contents, heads. "JcffTfe^r/- ^"Tr^=^ m. q'^Jfr^ R q ^ l H ^- 

4 argumentation.^ See Aeguing. — mi q/" V. N. 
A-rgvuj.:staTj, a. lelonging or relating ioa. ^Tl^f^^r^qr, ^- 

AEGUiiENTATiojf, 11. See Aeguikg, — oci ofY. N. 
AEGUMENTiTiVE, «!. consisting of a. ^ic^Ml, R^TT^fqi, ETrrf^f- 
qr^fsTTq^, fw^T, ^m^RTT^F, g^TffNr, ^T^t^^qg-, 

2fo}id of a. V. Disputatious. ^r^,f^^, sn^^, sTT^TrT, 
AmT>, a. adust, parched and dry: — of a country, &c. ?;^?:- 
J^tFT, ?^r, ^?T, g^FT, ^FS^Ifq, ^STf|rr. 
2 (/ry nnf/ meagre:~oi soil, g-^, q-TTI, f^T^^J, f^W^;, 

f^^^^z., ^?5!Ifq", ^?rT%f. 
Aeiditt, «, Y. A. 1. ^^<-.ilr|Mair m. l^li^TZ in. ?%q-tnT m. 

?r^q n. ^^rrr/. 

2 g-^T^irr ?«. f^^^^tiTr m. &c. ^?5tt%t »j. 
Aries, n. — the sign, ht m. 

Aright, ot/u. v. Eightly. ;ft^, sffrsTT. [f r^ y. of s. 

To Abise, t). n. V. To Eise. g^ijf, qrir, g-^q- ot. ^TRToTig^ w. 

2 proceed, issue, spring, floiv, emanate. g?T=5r fTirf , ^^, g- 

^ijf, 1%^"^, ?nn>^, gjijsr"^. 

Aeistaechy, «. government ly excellent men. f^T^Tf^Tcq ». 

2 lody of excellent men. f\^^■^^^■^^ m. f^TJ^T^STqw. 
Aristocracy, n. government ly nolles. ^^j^;i^ ^i^j^ n. &.c. 
KfTf ^^irrftTTfq 11. Hf Tf fff^ST^fsr «. 'TfT^PISTH?^ n. 
2 body of nolles. 5i|^pF m. pi. 3TJffigHTT=r m. pi. ^^^■• 

Aristocratic, Aeistoceatical, a. v. N. 5?3i^TJFf=^r, StJff- 

':T»T^Rf^, K^^?ft^rfqq?q?i'q-41'-fq«Tq^. 

Arithmetic, «. iTfbT?T«. ST^nf^rf n. ^jj^qrfsfqr/. ST^f^qr/, 
T'Jr^fsKTr/. ff ?iq or f^m^. Jirf^F HPTT^'^. ?T <rt^ i r » M r 

A. — gener. or loosely, ^f^ TnTP^/. f^'^iq fw.^ n. 
f^%q f^^iq j«. ?rf^i^r HT^oq]-/. p/. 

A. of fractions. arqnff^F nfoirT «. 

A. of iutegers. "Joi'pF Tf&IrT «. 

A. of known quantities, sq-rp qfuTrf «. 

A. of unknown quantities. 'JT^q^ ifTTn ?!. 

A book of a. look of sums and iiuesiions, k^^ n. 


Ol)oratiou iu ft. with an assumed number. ^«*4" n. 

The eight rules of a. qR+HI^^ ». These are addition, 
tultraetion, miillij/lication, division, rais'riy io the square, 
extra-ting the square-root, raising to the cule, extracting 
the cube-root. ^^F^^n. s^PPFT^h. ipTH«. T^^w. ^Am. ^- 

AniuiiETic, AiiiTiiMfnCAL, «. belonging to or according 

to a. IIPJIHI ^ I, if^^ft, ^it^TFlT, f^^T^fto/- 1^^Ti^,Tf^?rr5- 

»H, 'ifoiHR^fR, nf&IdWr.M. 
Abii', adc. nfw^ir^T ^il-i, ff ^^^. 
Akitiimeticiax. n. nfimt"!. rfoT?'TT'«. T^r^zw. f|5"t«ft or f^- 

^iKtm. ai+r^lill^TTT, nfiJTrifT. 
Abk, n. «/i<i7i f/fwV. ^t/. 

2 ( of Xoah ) qWr/. T^TiFTn. 
Abm, n. — from the shoulder-joiat to the ^-rist. «fT^/. ^- 

— from the shoulder-joint to the elbow, ^m. cT^w. «IT- 

— I'rom the elbow to the wrist or finger-ends. ^Vr\m. 

A. to a. — fighting, &c. A\§A\i^ adv. 

Arms as pinioned, ^h^ttt/. pi. v. ^Tf^-T, f^^-iTT or f^=qT- 
2tTT/. ;)Z. f*T^ or fM-Mll ot. ;;Z. 

Interlocking of arms and striving. ffT?F ^ffift/. 

Locking within the arms, 'i^t^^f^^f. 

Ornament of the a. ^V^'>f-r^n, 

Eoot of the a. 'spflZlm. spft^n. sirarf^n. 

Snatching or seizing by force of tlie a. H Wiji f. 

Strength of a. 5TTT^FJ«. H jI^j^ h. 

Of outstretched a. 4H^-^\^.^ 3^T^^. 

Upper and outer part of the a. near the shoulder. sjTss- 

To know the weight of the a. of. ^J^f. 3TtcE?r%. ofo. 
To slap the arms (iu token of readiness to fight). siT- 
^/. ;)/.-yiTw. pi. fq^of--*n^ijj_ 
To whip up under the a. qn^ JTTTiJf, ^^^"if. 

2 ( of a tree ) v. Beaxch. ^f^Hj. ^i^m. <Ft^T)». (7m. 

3 ( of the sea ). mi\f. f>i^m. 

Arm of an a. of the sea; a branch oj. 3Tt^ m. ^Hff /. 

Navigable a. ?R?ft Wt/. 

4 ( of a garment ). qr^/. |T7m»t. 

5 ( of a mathem.itical figure ). ^nr/. 
Abm-chaib, «. ^TrTT^ ^^ft or ^^4/. 

Abmfcl, n. (oJ:,rass,stUks,Sfc.) ^^n.^^C^i^m. dim. ^^f. 

ARM-noLE, Abm-pit, «. ^^/. qiTSi/. :f;?r»?. 

Tumor in the a. ^^f^/ m^/. ^^?5im. ?3r„j. 
Arm-stall, n. ( of a ttt &c. ) ^\^^nt. 
Arms-reach, n. ^PTJcqr or |Pfr5fT ^'cqiwi. 
^'' '^"^'.!,' "■ '"^"^ "'''"*• ^^' ^TR^ or ^>T5T^ /. :piTjf, 

) ARM 

jTo Arm, t'. a. v. To Accoi-tre. ^r^jr^^^ or ^'[J^^-^v'^-^^ts^ 

ARMAirE5T, M. V. Torce. ^?ITHT':«i. ^."HKm. ^f^qrHT^w. ^. 

Light a. ^ft"Pr^/. 
Abmed,;?. v. Y. a. ^%T^ or f;^R^,?TT<|-,5T^'7Tfor, ^TT^q', 

Ahmejtian bole, n. H^TrfR'l' or 5^?tT?T ^pft/. ^<JH^/. 
Akmillaet, o. resembling a bracelet. ^.^IW-IT. 

A. sphere. ^nfn?5w. 
Aemistice, «. ?f%?rR %%^ R:?Ti^ ^f f^/. ?n%f7Tq;55fSr. 

AnsiLET, See Bracelet. 

Armorer, >>. Quaker of arms. ^FTTT ^^'JTRT, ^TWH", ^T^'FR- 

q;, ar^^iT^P, ^T^muT-T^f, W'X^^. 

2furlislicr of arms. f^T^^^^T or TRtn. ^Pr^^ or Jp^qf;?; 

Armorial, «. of or bcloiiging to annour. ^:^'^^^\.^ ^,^^^i;-4\ 
2 belonging to the arms of a family. ^^JTFT ?fm^ H-r|lf^ 

Armort, n. -place for Tceeping arms. f^lSS^T^TOT. ^T^rnR«. 3T- 

^FTK«. arrjq-FTRM. 
Aemoue, n. fq^^^n. ^j:^^mn. if^ii. W^m. f\W.Vn. qff/, 

A. of iron netting or little rings. 5f:p?n; or ^W{n. 

A. for a war-horse. TT?^^/. 

A. for ttie',&c.cuirass.'i'\i->\mn.^lW^n.TKf'^m, 

A. for the head. f^3;fpT?rt. 

A. for thigh, cuish. vt^T^tTrw. 

Piece of a. f^c^w?. 

Clad &c. in a. ^fjcf^, ?r^5. 
Aemour-eeaeer. n. sr^ ^Jr STT^OTTTT-^OTirr. 
Arms, n. v. "Weapons, ^f^ or ^^ \^-^ f^i^HT^?;», 
pi. Sr?5rf?5^1T/. 

Lustration of a. ?ffTM^«. ?rT^Tf*f?rR?«. 

Practice or exercise with a. ^IW'^TRfw- ^T'^'^^fTrw. 

Under a. f\^^m HT?^ f^#, f^TF^TTTTF^T^^f . 

To take up a. against. ^T^k. f^T^ivith ^T, ^ST^ot, ^r- 
^^f.-^JZmm. qRW. 

2 coat of arms, escutcheon, ^-c. ^^\^ qt^^ M-Hlf^ f^- 
f%PT f^^ n. pi. 
Ahmt, «. ?5^T;R^r, ?5^:jRf, if^, %?mRS^. 
Akmt, «. r5^T^ or F5"T^T«. <PT3T/.%^k. ^^fT/.^PTTTR???. =!:^.n. 

^ or ^?>. ^S5i^n:»>. ^?:^». 5rnTT/.=5fY/- 3T?ft^'«.?!. «i=5«. 

— compreh. <phJT'pfCT»J. 
Baggage and followers of an a. ^■^^■^^n. ^^nn. sfT- 

«i|<^U|lf«. sFrf^R». 

Command of an a. ?IHI4r4i)f. ["^h^TSTRm. 

Commander of an a. %HmfH»i. ^Hlf^T^w. #RTtft^Tw!. 
Complete a. =5TH^it'^^«. =5?Wf'N'^.«. 3T^?H^ift/. 
Component part of an a. %^tn«. ( These are pff, 3T- 

ARE ^ 

Division or corps of an a. ^^fTTPT'". ^T»». ^^TTg^T". 

rollower of an a. ( auttlers. &c ). ?f?rR'^, ^f^^. 

Foreign and invading a. qT^^«. 

Having a standing a. <pr^^^. 
Akoma, h. y. Feageasce. ^^Am. ^'M«T». arrm^w. 
Aromatic, a. v. Fkagkam. g^^^^, ^^"=1^, g'Tf^T. 

2 See Spicy. 
AEOg.VD, (Tii'r. w « circle. q?7K oc ^, TTRT, THU, fl^fK 0)- 

Around j;)r/). aiout, encirclin<j. 'S{\^^\^., HT^rTT, HTSTrTTHT, ^- 

?^ or ?r, ^*fk?rT, ^'ff^rtF^r, ?T'TR?ft, h^trt, ^r^ffsm". 

iTy Aeouse, v. a. stir up, stir, Y.To Excite. %W^,5r5T=riJf, 
T^i7/.-3'5ra'rft/. ^P^, ^s^' OT.-H^ft'^ m.-&c. sRory. of o. 
^iTPFn"-^?TFTT-^lTPTrr-&C. ^TW. 

Aeousino, «. v. Y.—ait. %'?5fur M. JTTT^St «. &C. ^T'^w. ^- 
«^^ n. ^^^ m. ^]^^ n. Sfsjtq m. sjqrq^ «. 

AilEACK, n. — the spirituous liquor, ffr^/. ( from the fan- 
palm ), ^Tt\ f. ( from the cocoanut trc-e ), f^T^ m.f. 
(from the wild date tree ). 

To Aeeaigj), v. a. ^W^ft ^"T^T^it?rt r^n^^rirq^ arTOT'n, arr- 

2 V. To Accuse. ^rt"T w.-awntTTtPT m.-^^\T^^]^m.- 
3TTfN»».-3Tf^FT m. JpCJt y. of o. 
To Aerange, v. a. put in proper order. \. To Dispose, sq-^- 

'TPPTT/.-&C Jr5t y. o/ 0. 

2 adjust, settle, put in order. 5qcj^4T7/.-5f^T^,^ m.-^?i^^\- 

^-&c. 5Riir y. o/ 0. 

Aeea>'gemekt, 11. V. V. 1. — act. o^cj^ij^ ^HfTf n. &c. ?^ n. 

jfnjm n. &c. r^pTT/. '^rr^/. armr^ «. f^r^w 5«. sf^^r- 
or sreipr «. ^r^T'^^/. t^dt^/. sr^^qiFr «• srMirtrR «. 
2 qfr^rer m. ^q^/. sq-^^f-trr/. [ srg'^ifeTR". 

1. preparatory mectsiire. fT^JT^^/. rRTT^/. cffj/. 5^/- 
Aeeakt, a. — as used of rogues and villains, and as agreeing 
•with arch, thoroughlred, thorough sped, tlioroiicjlipaced, 
qenuine, prime proper, rank, rejitlar, yallotcs ( vulg. ya?- 
lous ), &c. 3TI?5 or 3T^^ ( as 37^;^ ^T^, arf?! FilsTTS, 3T- 
l'?^ =qR-f^l?I55-^TTTft-&c. or 31^;^ ^"t^ &c. ), 3T^^ ( as 
3T?5^ ^ff^ &o. ), f^^^, ^5pfH^, gss^T^ftn, f^RH^^, f%^?', 
JT^r ( as iTfT^^, iTfr^ift, TT^lMNHIH'Tl ), f^I^ft^, PT- 
g^r, fq^t^T 0)- 5q-t=^T, To/ <7;e ^rHC JrffrfJ aTtfr, q-fgT, 
qffJT or qirPT, WAW or ^^FS, ^?f ( as ^^€t^, \^ ^^VS., 
^5^ ), TT^T^, ^T??T5r, '(^ ( as ^^?^ifT5, 'l^^, ^^ ^- 
^ft^ ) , ^WTc5. (See numerous others vnder Blacl-guard. 
Aehat, «. display, y. Show. v:\Z m. '^TZ'f^Z m. ^R in. ^.z\- 
^ m. ^^J^ m. m^T^ or ?f /. 

2 ( of troops ) %?^TrEftTq;TT/.-s^^'ifT/. Eff f 0^5. f^| or 
fsTH w. %^lT^?rr/. — in a circle. ^■^;^^^ m. -^-^-^^^pop. 
^^^^ or ^'^^^^m. ^^%*r^ m. n.—iu. square, ^^- 

_51 ARE 

>T^w. ^15: «».— in line, ^S^q^ m. ^K^i^ /.—in column, 
JTTiT o^^ »». ^FS ?»• — in mixed order. 3T^rT 6^^ in. — in 
dense order, gencr. ^Km m. Jp^T^ in. "<T5 or vjtts «(. Some 
other forms of Array are 5=^^, ^l^^^J^,^, tt^R^^^: T" 

To Aeeat, f. a. put or set orderly, v. To Di.^ro.sE. 'AV.'i\, 

2 V. To Deck. «s?^at, g73T?rT/.-?I^^?ftTTW «. ^^ or. 
0/ 0. ■^V,^V■ m. :r^ y. 0/0. 

3 ( a jury ) call man ly man. aTHTrft^Tr? ^\^^. 
Aeeated, p. V. V. 1. ?:=ETi^r5T, qRT^f^T, &c. q-f?rRf|^. 

Aebeae, Aebeaeage, v.. thai icJiich is leliiul in payment. 

TT or ^^Trf^ ??J.-&c. 
2 balance unpaid. sfT^/- f^T^^,/. 
In Arrears, See Beuikd hand. 
Aeeest, Abeestisg, 11. V. Y. — act. ^K^ '«TN^5t ». Ac. ^tpt- 

2— ac^. trrof M. STWq' m.— state. wf^T^fTT./- 
Open a. er7-«f jm'^A lilcrty to move about, ^^h^.f- 
To Akeest, v. a. catch in proyress and fix, t. To Stop. tr^=T 
5iTt5J^^-#^^, nf^THT ^J.-nfHWTJT m.-nfn^H »(.-lf?t- 

^q «!.-3T?;^rT >». =PT^ g- oj 0. ^fsrr ^ptdt. 

2 «me % a !w?-j< or wan-ant. ?I=F K^^M I "i -TT^T^^-&c. 

sp^. [aTFTT^r «. 

Akeival, Aeeiting, n.Y. V. — oc^. %'Jf n- ^\^y^^ n. STTqTw. 

l,perso)i or thiny arrived, or to arrive. ^I^Vj^I^M ^"^^ 

j!.-^^ n. ^^Ti^^MR ^^^ «.-Ef^ ?>. 
To Aeeive, v. n. come to, reach, t. To ConE. q.RCTr, frft^oT, 

To be arrived and pausing, sf^^ %TW. 

Aeeogance, n. T. Peide. ij^ w. <ft|^PK m. 3Tf*nTT=T «!. arr- 
s-cfrrr/. JTR' w>. ^Ji-bO/. f^?r m. f^T?^/. ^rt »i. 

rTKc^l'O/. 3"=T1T^M. 

Aeeogakt, a. V. Peoud. n^'', qf^?, nf^?T, ar^^Fifl', arf^r'^Mt, 

JTI^, a^rffr ^Sf^^l^ STT'JT'JTRT, f^m^, f^^RTf, ^K^. 

2 (of things.) 1^=^, f^rar^T, arfTiTFrr^r, 3TT^-q-?r=5rr,&c. 

Aeeogantlt, rtfZy. v. A. ir^TR^ 'R'ncft"^, f^'^fH' &c. T^'J^- 

sp, 3T^%RWF, arfHTPTT^^, &c. 
To AEEoaATE,^. a. lay claim to, malce pretension to. arfiTTr- 

^ m. tT^CTr-5iT5!:n'Jr g. oj 0. ^tt n. ^^^^^-fvJ,^^-^\^'^ 
y. oj 0. i^^ n. w.i^ 'J- oj 0. sTT^^f^ /• arr^ot-sjt^ntjf- 


Aeeogatiox, n. v. Y.—act. a^f»mR ^of n. ariTiTFrT sTT^itot 

n. &c. ^TK M. ^TH 11. 
AeKOW, «. ritT »». ^W >». ^TT WJ. "T^aft ««• f^f^T^ ?«. ^frq'^ »". 

Blunt a. Ht^T »». g^tJir rftr ?«. 
Bow and arrows. rfli+H^ ?«. rftT^JTTtT or q'/. 
Feather of an a.frfnTT "(."ft^ ". T?7 «'. 3^ ?«• ?T?3^r/. 
Flight or shower of arrows, ^t^^tib n, ^K^i m. ?TT^f? 

ATIT 52 

/. 'TT't'Tn'S ». 

Sliootiug arrows. ^TTTH'T «. ^JM^F^ «. ^TTP-"'Tm m. 

Struck by an a. ^TT^'T. 

Strung,— au a. ^^JTT. ['TW »». 

Anitow-uEAD, AiuiOw-D-ABD, n. fHTT^ "Ji^ ". X^'^^ n. TI^/. 
VBnow-BOOT, n. ^ ^JT<:Hrfl'--<<l 'JTinraTT ^FT^^ ?r^^«. 
\nsE, See Backside. 

.\bse.nal, «. <Tr^JTT^ m. ^5^?TnTTT «. ^f^Tf^^l^ «• 
.Xll^ESli', n. ^>T=^ m. ?ttH=5?TR w. r^Tr^r wf. 

Sulphuret of a. |frHT^ «. jiop. ^^oE ?«./. 

Red sulphuret of a. JT?r:f^T?^T i'Oi^ K^^ft^: or ^^f. 
V\'^\^^H'^ m. 

While oxyde of a. iT^J^TOm^ m. h> •'-+<< r^PT^ wj. 
Arsenical, Arsexiocs, o. BTT^, ^TTK^r^, ^ftT?5^tft. 
Aksox, h. vwlii-ious hurninj oj a house, iJT. STPT ?II^ «. 

^^rr^ wi. 3hi'ik4I^ m. 
Am, «. — as disliu;;;. from Xature; Jtutnan sJiUl. JT^^T^v^jr/. 

2 giiltlfl;/, craft. V. Cck>-ing. =PRT w. +NI'iNI jk. ^%^ 
7(. trarrr/. [m. /)Z. 

Arts, V. AETiriCEs. iJi^'M '»• y. iW^ in. pi. qr^sr^ 
3 — as disting. from Science; system oJ rules and steps 
and acts, a craft. ^^ or <r.^ f. ^Rl^ «. ^^ ,». f f^y^ 

Arts, — collect, or comprcli. sfioir^Hfl'/. /)?. 
Fine a. Liberal a. Polite a. ^f^W^T ^^, 
jrcclianical a. sspT^t-q- ^=5t/. pi. 
Bachelor of a. f^-yp.q-flf^sjr ^^ q^ 3Tr^. 
Master of a. f^r?iq^^-fr ^ q^ft 3TT|. 
Skilled iu the arts. qic^l+?;i?5, ^?5r!T^t'JI, W'FAf^']^, 

4 <;-/fX;, secret, deiice, contrivance of. Tf%/. ^T^^/. 

Ajts, contrivances, devices, ingenious schemes or plans 
or modes. ^\^^^\'^f. 
Finding out the a. of. JTKH5 m. 

5 dexterity, expertness, v. Skill, ^f^/. ^.Trf/. W-^or 

6 V. ISOEXCITY. r^+m/. 

Arterial, a. eM^T, ^rrft^T. 

A. system. ^TTTt^J^ «. 
Aeteriotomy, n. s^TT^l"^*^ K. tm^iTT^^ «. 
Artery, n. s^m^/. ^/. ^rs/. ^rft/. ftlTT/. 
Artful, a. crafty , y. Cu>ni>o. ^^^T, :ft%^, ^^qr^r, 

5^, ^T^T^Trft, JFTT^VTPft. 

2 proceeding from craft. ^FT^qi^, ^rs^T^Ts^TT^, ^Tipm- 

5^TT^, •T-.N'i.wrNI, +.I''-NT. 

ARTFCLLT,OC?r. V. A. ifTTS^, q^ o^KJo^^R ^ fT5[Tf^ JfT^^^ 

5jigq% &e. ;f^:^. 

I. skilfully. 5^lft^,^^JT^,^;^t^,qf^^?TT, J^mT. 
Artfulness, n. V. A. onrf Cu>-kiko. ^ntsift/. ^IWJft/. 


I Arthritic, Aetubitis, See Gouty, Gout. 
{ ArthropuOsis, n. swelling at the Joints. <J^?5?T m. 
Article, w. v. Thing. f^TvT^T/. T^tl »». '^f. ^^f. 

A. of merchandise. f^T^^ m. $fff m. ^PfT w». 

Article by a. f^p»rTT=nT. 

2 ( as of implements, pieces of apparel, &c. in num- 
bering them ); item, piece. ^T^ m. 5FT 7>i. ^\f^^T or ^T m. 

3 clause, item, point. ^FITT n. ^^F^/. W^f. iTT«JH/. IT'PT'T ?Z. 
Article by a. +rfH'^TT. 

4 condition, term. ^FFET m. ^%fT w. ^TTT/.J^rw. 
5 — in botany, ^pf^ «. q"r n. ?tf*T »«• T=f «. 

To be in the article of death. »f;§T JT^T w. 5f%-JT^,fT;?i 

Articles of war. rl'i^pft JPT^^ w. ^Z. 
To Article, v. a. draiv tip in articles. W■^^^f. ^.X^. 

2 hindly articles. -t.<K?lT'^T^ 5Tf^T^-nn^-&c. ^^^j- 

Aeticular, a. belonging, (Jy. ^ /7(e joints. ^srHfT, T^f^isivft. 

Articulate, «. Articulated,^, v. V. I. Jointed, c^c. ^fftr- 

2 (//«/;•«(■/;— speech. WZ, ^r<P, s^^, ^^liTH, ?f 7, sff^S 

or oE, fSf JT?5 or oE. 

3 — of speaker, ^pp f^'T'^r, '3^1f'rT"'ft'^T, ^^qipf, ?^^T- 

To Articulate, v. a.Join hones or parts, ^fq" »».-?i'tT/.-?Tf- 

2 ?«)!);«• words, V. To Peokounce. ^T^"Jt, 3^TT"^, ^7"?!- 

Articulately, adv. v. A. 3. ^^, sir^^ ?"T"gNK1^^^, fp^- 
Aeticulateness, «. T. A. 1. ^ftf^f^jiT n. ?lf<iff^?T"??fT/. 
?fttTF5^T<nT in. 

2 ^r-Ft/. ¥vmf. 5?TTf;?rr/. ^^?;f=r «. 
Articulation, n. — in anatomy, v. Joint. ^"^55 /. ^i^f. 

?rfqT m. ^fif m. 'tf^ »». =^oET m. ^ofT «». 
2— in botany, knot. Jpfl «. ST n. ^^ n. r^ n. 
Portion included between two a.s^^ «. S^w. «pt5 ?!. 

3 V. Pronunciation. vJ^K »». 
Aetifice, b. tricJc, stratagem. ^»p^/. "P?/. SR^TOT/. 5T7 w. 

«7^3/ ^?r5T «. ^^ M. ^/. f^ m. 

Artifices, arts, tricks, stratagems, idles, finesse, chica- 
nery, tf^q-% m. pi. ^J^5H^ m. /iZ. M^qr-q or ^r^'^ m. pi. 

^Z. =^w.r^^Kf. ^^T^J^T »».^Z. :F?r^/. ^ n. ^^4HI h. 
I^q^ «!./>/. TSTT^ M. 1T^ ». TTgTrft/. i'op. HFITO^ft 
/• 'flWTTrr n. =^Z^ n. 
Aetificee, n. artisan, artist. JFtR^ »»• ^T^ W. f^Tr'ft m. 

Aetificial, a. made ly art, not natural. ?;f%f»T, ?jf%nft, 

%?r^, ^^T, ^Rwt^T, ?;frr^?^, ?jf?Tf%s;, f^rfH|%, 
2 fictitious, V. False, ^^tct, +q?,MI, ?rf^, Sf^^^, 

ASC 63 

3 not of spontaneous gron-th. ^TRoft^T. [^f5#. 

Aetificially, adv. v. A. 1. ^P'TJft^, ^ifff^, 5^^^, H^"^- 
Aetilleet, n. ordnance. <Tr9>?TTHT »>■ JTrPT/i'^. 

2 weapons — gener. ^T^ n. pL ^rTTT n. pi. 

3 bodi/ of artiUei-y men. ^"F^T'^T^^^ ^"t^ m. pi. m^- 

AEIILLERT-jrAN, «. ^rJT'ffl' m. ifl^^'^ «• 

Aetisj>-, See Aetii'icee. 

Aetist, n. skilful workman. :KTf':'TT m. W.V^ I'l- T.J^ m. 
2 professor of the fine arts. f^T^ff m. fil^T^TT^ m. f^TrT- 

Aetistic, Aetistioal. a. ^FTTTflft'^ir, f^^T^fT^THr, IJift- 

Aetistic ALLY, ado. t. A. +KinHl%, f^T?<T^Tg^f^, ftl?q:=stT- 
Aetless, a. guileless. T. Simple. f^^W^Z., aif^RJ, fH^^- 

BfK, 3T^f^, ^EsiiT^, aTHpsft, armf^^, armq-, '^tost, 

2 framed witliout art. ?tT'4T, m'-^R"^, ^K^ or 55, -HT^riT. 
Aetlessly, adi'. V. A. 1. f^E^j^i^TTorr^, 1^5??f%fJTq-niT^, HT^- 

Aktlessness, n. v. A. 1. ^T^f^JT n. f^w.'^Z^^T m.. f^^f=S(- 
JTT'JTT m.. fp^^^J^7:^ n. ^^]^J f. HTSIT^T^ n>. HT^q-OTT ?». 

^'r^'TR'r'4 m. ?r^>TR »». 

2 ^£r<TnTT m. ^fT^T^T >». HI^TtnT ?«• &C. 
As, conj. :3TOT (correl. with fWr), T'-^IT ( correl. ■withrT'Tr), 
^^5ff (correl. witlirTq'T). ^-^-^ (correl. •withjfr-cft-'^). 

As if. 3TW. 

As ifc were. ^^ 

As, all one as. ?T^?=5. 

2 ni i/ic instant that. ^T (^T, ^, ^ »«/«•), ^^T (fTHT, 

3 liJcc as. yK^^l, sf^ (iu comp. as f ?1^h;^, ^TTOT^ij;, "^rTg;- 

4 lohde, during, ^f (correl. witli ?r^),5qrT^^ 
(correl. with rqT%%H). The sense is best rendered by 
the use of the present participle as. He trembled as 
he spoke fit ^T?^?rf?fT or ^^ 3T^?Tf W.VWA, 

As for, as to. f^'^r'Tt. 
As jet. 3T^?r, 3T?TTT. 
As well, ft^f ^f, ^^X 


yo Ascend, v. n. v. To Eise. ^Sot, S'S^, J^T w.-T?^iT?r«.- 
arrf^ m.-3TTTt^"iI w- ^R^ oHf/ u-ii7i in. eon. ^r^. 
2— a heavenly body, v. To Eise. gTl^r'Tf, ^^q- »«. qr^irf, 
3^ m. ^ y. 0/ 0. 3fff?T-'3'?T?r-&c. ^ii. [^.l^. 

To Ascend, v. a. climh. ^^^ with m.^ 3TRt^ w.-3TTrr^'Jr n. 

2VSCENDABLE, a. V. V. A. ^^r^TT-^sTT-^jfrnr- ^Tn?rT-&c. grift^- 

oftT, 3TRt^1I'Tt"T. 
Ascendant, n. — in astrology. ^^ n. 

2 ascendaneg, v. Supekioeity. OTT^ST m. TJTZ^"^ m. 

^^ n. 5#Er n. mx m. 
Ascendant, a. — in astrology, ^f^, T^TfT, 


2 predominant, v. Supeeioe. ^^^'T, etT^?', ^3^51^^, 
Ascendancy, n. predominanee. v. Supeeiqeity. jq^ ?«. ii^- 

^ ?«. V. =ETJ, 'Tr=arT/. =qs wj. \\^ m. ^■\^^^ n. ^V'^T^ «. 
Ascension, Ascending, Ascf.nt, n. v. V. N. l.~aef. =q?3T 

2— act. ^J^^^ n. &c, :=r^ m. 

Ascensional diflcreuce =q"^ h. ^^5m. wy^^n- 'efF'^". 
The sine of a. d. =a,r^f^\f. 
Ascent, n. See Ascension. 

2 aedivitg, rise of ground. "^Zm. ^?tT f, 
A. and descent. =5f?'3'rIR m. =5fSiT3'fT^'JI /. [t/. 

3 an a. «« acclivifg, =^50l/. ^^/. ==[^7^ ?«. ^soff/. 51- 
Steep a. g'^fr'S^ot m. 

To AscEETAiN, V. a. make sure or certain. STT^fT /.-sm'J'T^ 
/. ^RW g. of 0. f^^q' m.-fq-'jf^OT.-fH'JI'T^ «.-f%'=fR »?!.-'pT- 
(ifk'Jr w.-aT'T'-ifRir w.-f^CfJT «.-1%^<TtT«.-^f5Tfft /• ^- 

rr-&c. EfR^, fnq'Rof. 

Asoeetainaele, a. V. V. f^'tTR-&c. ^TTTT-^^T-^FTrn'-^riT- 

&c. ■pT'^f^q^, fH':TR'jftq-,f?rqfT<n'TT''T,3T5ri:TPT, 3Tr5r':TRiftq'. 

ASCEETAINED, ^. V. V. f^^ %?5F5T-51R^T, f^offFr, ^<1TT, 

^rf^cf, 1%«^i^H, ai^rtrrftrT, rr^^^p, fi\^^^. 

AsCEETAINMENT, «. V. V. — act. pTqf^-&C. ^fiTof H. ^qi'grl /. 

?ft!:T »i. fHiI^ in. ^^^^ n. pT=iqq 5m. fS^qf^ «». fH^TR^ 
«. aTT^T'^TT'T n. f^^^^ n. f^^^ 7«. fH€T"T n. 'J^ m. 3T- 

Ascetic, «. owe ivJio practices austeritgylfTT^ m, ?f;^^ ?;?. 
?fWt i'o/'. ^Pft '«■ iflWlMl pop. jfreKt «»• ( of this class 
some orders are aTRc^, S^RPT, ^JTTiTJT or ^T'CTT or ^, fqft, 
?rT^T<fr, 'Tft, 51^, TTTfr, 'TRrft, ^,) ff<ft »»• HT^t w. 

?TT7^»». rnWt»«.'»Rfn^'«. gfH w. ar^nTOT. 5p=RRqRft?«. 

Epjf^jrqTf^sfJ m. W^^iNR?^Fft »». ( iVoie. Female a.^TT- 
'ft'T, 'fRncft'T, ^>?i'n"l, &c. ) 

A marrying a. ^#ift vi. ^^J^f\ m. [HHTfq mf. 

Self-immolation of an a. by drowning or burning. 
Smoke-fire of fin a. gixft or grff /. f^ft/- 
Ascetic, a. fJR?P, ritftf^^, ^TRTRlfp. 
Asceticism, n. t. Austeeity. HT^^T /. n^^^T //qfTT'Tw. 
Ascites, n. v. Deopsy.. e^ n. ^^\^ n. m. 
AsciTiTious, a. not inherent. TT^^ ^5%?5T, ^f^ft^^r, arpt- 

A. name. ^i^T^ n. [a^RT'^'ir. 

AscEIBABLE, a. V. V. ^^RTTT-'^T-^^TRfTT-^FTT-ifcc. STRtwtq, 
To AsCEiBE, V. a. attrilute, impute, assign. 5^, ?IRW, m- 
BDT, STRTT'Jf, 3TtTT=R ^TTrl'ii', 3TRt? >«.-3TRFroT «.• &c. ^- 
JTjf g. of 0. Note. The sense of this word ( to refer as 
to a cause) is best rendered thus.— I ascribe his po- 
verty to his laziness: fqp^r nfTift^ =FR^ f^TT^r aTToE^ 
3Tf^ 3# ift iTRmt-'^irf?t-&c. [ ^rpTH. 

AscEiBED,^. T. V. %=r^?rr, strVth?!!, 3tr^t %%ot &c. stt- 

AscEiFTiON, «. V. V. — act. aTRTT'^ «. BRoT n. &c, 3TRN w. 
Ash ?j. ^'P ^^rs^TTf . 




2 'inn irrsr^ ^rff »>. 

To bo u. ?irJT<ff, ;Tr»roi, W'?TT5:>jf, OTjT/. ^i^^ ?«. co??. 

A>niMKUI.Y,(i'/i'. bns/ifiilli/. cTTf^T^mifr 0'- ^, ifflT^ ?^ 

fn^H, JTTS fTpfr ^'iTT, S'fN ^FP ':TC=T, ^T# "Tr|^, JTH- 

AiHLs.n. ^h'/ mr/. K^rf. trtt^/. >t?h k. jrfr/^TRwj. 

A. as lic-apcd or strewed. ^PfrfT/TTTJSTwi. ^^^rjT?«. 
A. of a body burut on a pyre. f^nrH^T n. 
A. for smearing the body. f^»jf?T jw^». f^jHrf /. 

Hot a. 5»rr or grfi^ 7m. 5^ of ^tftt »«. 

Of the color of a. M*:Hi'\ j'^p- T^t^T, T^^T^, ^T^. 

Place bestrewed with a. ^^mm'^* w. TT^TTSHS^ ». 

Kcducing to a. H^M1+|U1 n. 

Eubbing a. by way of ablution. ■jt^K^STR ». 

Eeduced to a. T^J^t^^T, TWtH^T. 

To a. (rediiccd, burned,) ^r^,V?»nTr?I^ (^^ STO- 
ffT &c. ), 51T ( ^T^rn" &C. ), q^, ^. 

To become a. T^TTirf. 
AsnottE, adv. f^nn^'TTH, f^PTT-^RT, rrft^, ?T^5f7, ^^k^, 
Asnr, o. «iai/e 0/ a. rr^'STT, 'TT'i'T, H^KT^r, HRJT^. 

2 JiA-e o. jJa^e. MtHi'ft, T^^f, T^H^ot^P. 

3 dry and loose like a. — soil, &c. TT#5T or rmjjj. 
A3IA5, Asiatic, a. 3TTf^NK--Jil'-il, aTTf^1Trajf?T^r, &c. 
Aside, adv. apart. ({*|+1 or sf^, ^%5rr3T^, ^pl^isre, "R- 

!F, 3HIJHK I, 'JTTiqT^, 3TTI^?fr?r, aiFsV 
To move a. fi^ot. 
To set a. ^^>^, ^m^'-^ijf. 
To turn a. deviate, f^=^^m.| i%'<T^, TTS^ «. gf^t 
<Tfor ^. 0/ 0. 

2 — in the drama. ^TlfflH^. 
AsLviXE, a. 'IlS^h-ll, T^^'cft, TRT'TOii'ifr. 
To Ask, I', a. inquire, question, interro'jate. 'T^'Jf, ftf^nTjf 
%^.^., ITV n.-?=J!JT /.-^RT^ m.-&c. ^FTiit." 

2 fey, request. HT^, ^TP^, 3T'4^, f^RfH' /.-TT^^t n.- 

*\\-A^y f.-^-ti^ J.-&C. ^or y. f/ 0. [;i. ^mnf . 

3 aslfor, claim, demaiiJ, reqv.ire. HFTof, ^fpiijf^ o;- ITW 

4 about, for. J^of , f^i -h Kot, ^Rt jjti /--f^^^f I^"J^ /. ^RiJf, 
^:^ n.-^THTJI M.-TT^/.-'JTTSq'OT/.-^l/.-^^ )«.-&c. W-K- 
'JT-TT'JIry. 0/0. 

5 T. To Iktite. ^RT^ot or ^T^q^ot, iii^uj^ ar^pprf. 
AiKED.;?. T. V. 1. 71?%;^ &e. ^. 

2 miTpr%^ &c. itii^^, I'Tf'i^T, 's\f>Ji^_ 
5 4irji4f?5f^T &c. 'iTmF=ifH, ^^^■:^^t . 

ASEEE, n. T. y. 1. J^DTTTT, &c. JJ^IT, T^U^, ^'V. 
Askew, Askaixt, Aseaxce, Aslant, adv. ohliquely. ^\^. 
TlTT, ^liJ^ dr, JFTT^T, *M<r1l, ^HT?IT, ^F^TrTT, ^PPPTFTT, ^- 

?nT, ri<^*, rH<-+.^, 3Tr5?rT, ^f^r. 

To look at a. ^"Htt Stw^ qj^, ^^^ StwTR TT- 

Asleep, a. or «</i'. gT^?f, f^frf, ^frfl, #? ?!:m%?=rT, f^f^H, ^- 

f^, ^Ti^, gfT, 3TT?Tf^^, smri^^, fH^npf, i^strfH^, 

Tiist a. Sound a. g^^, ST^. 
Half a. f^^^T^TT. 
To fall a. #q"/. Frm"^ /«. co«. 
Aslope, «^t). u-ith dcdivily. v. Obliqitelt. jpHTffT, ^Fm^^Tf, 

Asr, M. t^^ ;::^T^ ^3TFrt=q-T f^^TTfT ^'T 3TT|. 

AsPABAGUS, n. a. racemosus. X[r\'\^ pop. ^TrlT^^/. fijTftr^r- 

Aspect, n. look, scmllance, seeming. a^FFR m. ^,T n. ffr^ ot. 

2 /ooA', «»', V. Couktekance. %^ »«. g^fr/. H^T ?;. ^T^Hw. 

3 vieiv facing, position, fi"^ ?». rl^T «. 5?^ ?». <?r5 n. 3T- 

4 ("of a planet. ) ^f;/. ^^ir/. 
Aspeeity.Aspeegus. See Eocguness, Haeshkess, Eough, 
To Aspeese, t). a. defame,traduce, slander, cahtmniate. +, I ■Wott/. 

rfHui,#r^ feT55/. ^nBOT-Tssrof, frt? M.-fprrs or ^- 

rrxT n.-'i^Az or srraf?: «. q-of-^f^nr-r^Dt, f^frf^ «. 3^ 
-%^, ^^T^/.-^Tcfl'/- ^IFT-^m'^-^'^r //• of 0. giTR ".- 

?Tr^iT?r/. ^^-^^iJt, ^"PTT?r or ^"pr^^rr/. ^of-armw, f%- 

^^ n. rtl«)W, ?Fr5^ ?«. rtMui', 3TT^/. ?«. ^T?=S0f-q-Dt,%5rr5 «. 
^ot-quf icitJi ciT 0/ 0. f^'Ertft/.-ff%^/.-f^f%JT/. :R- 
ffj- 17. 0/0. ^T^^/.-J^T^t/.JR% fZf. ^mg.ofo.SJ- 
^^f. ^S^-q^-5PT% 3TfH?f ^^ «.-3i:pT?TrT m.-:s{H^J^ nu 

ERijr y. ofo. 
AsPEESED,25. V. V. 3TT^ 3Tr?5?;r-^Fr%?JT &c. &c. ^Fjif^, ^- 

AsPEKSEE, n. V. V. ^Kfi5ff ^^rm^K]^ 'flT^; q-irTrr-itc. arr^^T- 

?qT, 5^I?5?rR or ^iT7:ft^rT, ^i=!; or ?^, ^if^T^TT,^^?^^- 

?n-oft, f^ft or 5iTT, 5lF5t?:^"TT or 5rr?i?^"R, qR^ or ^iTT, 

iT5;T|, aTTT^^fR, 3'PRiT', '4mtit, ^m^^tat or 5t, ^^T^#r, 

J^To5 or f^R, ^^STTS^R, ^f%^,, ^^^i ^^TfCfT or ^qr 

or oft, 3Tf>T^T^, Sf'T^rr^. 
AsPEEsioN, n. V. V. — act. g'FH ^of «. ^TFft ^T^ «. STR 

qR^ n. &c. ^?:Toiqfft /. f^TT^ /. ^^^\^m. arfT^f^^ «. 

fspfjiTTT n. qf?5sr?^T «J. [ItTtT «. 

I. an a. t. Slanbee. fffeTr?r/. gWT". ^^Az n. 3TT5J/. fT- 
Aspieant, w. o?z(? w/^o desires eagerly. T^ ( in comp. as y\7[- 

=^f , ^ffHr^f ,) ^T'qf (in comp. feT^T'4"f, f^?TT'4f &C.) ^^^^TK. 
2b AspiEATE, ». a. JT^sinJTR 3'^R'jf, ^^^^1^=5^ -T^Kwi. ^- 

AspiSATE, a. Aspieated, /). V. V. iT^sfT'Jr, 'TfTJITWr^T, T^- 

AsriEATio>', n. v. A^.(To Aspieate,)— «e;. T^JTTirRT^WK 
^.l^ n. -^^WV^wn n. H^|ij|un^TT ♦«. [^^T/. 

V. V. (To AspiEE,)rtH</DESiEE,— arf. 3TT5TT/. 3ira/. fTT- 
2— cri-. ^JT »n. \\^f. V, VTT, iTf?5fT^r?TT/. ^T^^f^fR?^!/. 

To AspiEE, V. n. pant or Ireathe after, v. To Desiee. aTWT/".- 
arra/.-T^^/.-^fEr/.-rflri'HI /.-&e. tr^crf, 3Tr5TN>if. 
2 ai'wsi so9iicihing elevated. ^^^hf.-^TiUlf9.f. q^'Jf,^- 

ASS t 

AsPiEER, n. Aspiring,/!. «. v. V. 1. ««(/ Desirous, f'^^q'- 

2 and Ambitious, ^t-q^^fj, f ^?rjR or ^l-HiK,^f?5rm?Ht, 

AsQUAT, rt(/t'. /'« a squall iii'j posture. 3"=J>f , ^'^FS'TT. 
Asquint, aJo. lo the corner of the eye. ^rSr,f?R%, frr^S,frfT^, 

qjFTT steTR, ^f^i-qr fiwTT^. 

Ass, ». — neuter. Tj-Jtr,— male. nT^?^, T^TT, n^>T pop. >T?|tr, 
^, ^^^pfJijf,— female, irra'sr, ny^, nT^^'JT, n^Hl, ?T?T*fr. 
— in contempt, TM'?! w«. 

Wild a. ifk^trr m. 

2 (/oZi, ^c. V. Fool, rrr^^ ?«. itjt we. J1K--INI PJ^ «?. TT^- 

AssAF(ETiDA, n. — plant, f^TT^ ^TTS w. f^J '"• — g^im or ooze, 
fin in. fl'T m. rlnPHqffr «i. — in contempt, f|Tr5r ?«.— in 
cant, covert, &e. phraseology, ^^ ot. 
A. water. f|T<r"Jft n. 

Bump supervening (upon a wound or sore) tlirouglr 
the eating of a. ffn?^ n. f|n^ n. 
Fine, bright a. I^Jii^T m. 
To Assail, Assault, &c. See To Attack, &c. 
Assassin, n. y. V. HlT^ft, ^^^^ tthtTRT, +H'if^?r^, JH'^T?^. 
To Assassinate, v. a. murder hy treachery or sudden violence. 

^^^ JTm-^JT m. ^^-^m m. ^^.,■^^■^]-^■[^-=^\Tf^^^- 

Assassination, t. V. — act. ^^'mm TTT'^ n.&.c. 

Assault, n. v. Attack, qjr^r »». v. ^?5, T5, '^^ «. "^^^if. 

A. and battery, ^qj^^ »• 
To Assault, See To Attack. 
Assay, Assatinq, n. t. V. A. 1. — act.^x!{^^n. &c. "Tft?^r/. 

2— act. W.^^ n. ^^ TTfot n. ^^^^^^\f. ^K^f. 
To Assat, v. a. make experiment of. v. To TRT.qft?T'jf, Tft- 

?Tr/.-'Tfl?7':r «.-qn:^/.-&c. ^^-irot-Trfjf y. of o. 

2 ( metals, &c. ) q;^, ^T^ "n^, ^?r ??«. qr^iif y. o/o. 
To Assay, v. n. endeavor, v. To Tet. q??f ??j.-srqT^ ??j. ;??^af. 
Assayeh, n. V. V. A. 1. Tfti^fJrRT, Tft^'^, ^T^^-"T^?TT ^^ 

Assemblage, w. collection, y. Heap. ^\m}in. ^fK\^m.v;^T^Jm. 

W^W^ in. ?f=^ m. xjq- »j. ^mi^k ?«. ^^ »». J"^ ?'?. ^- 

^f- FT^rq' ?«. W^T OT. Ki^ M. 

2 assemlled state. vTiT^TqT »«. <^^=r^TT »»• ^THf^FRSf n. 

^fW^^^Tf. ^HI^Kdl/. 
2V Assemble, «. a. v. To G-athee. ^JTT ^Tof, 'TToST ^T'Jf. 

2 convoke, convene. f^Tot^it, ^Tf^"^, (J-^5l-(^-7;if?: q;?;5t, (t. 

To Assemble v. n. r. To Gather. fHst'it, ^JHTot, (^^^J'jf , 3t- 

m ffw, ^^, ^3^. 
AssEMBLEi),_p. V. V. A. i.^;T^r%^OT,nT55i %i^r7r,^g1^^, ^^?T. 

2 f^Tot^rin", vHHN^r=5r, &C. 


Y. V. N. fJlclpj^, ^dH^?5T, &c. 
Assembling, Assembly, ?j. v. V. A. 1. — act. ^K! ^l^ n. 

ifloET ^TiJf «• ^t^ »!. ?fKT^R ^^^. ^'^^^ n. 

2 fTTofqr<Jr «. ^♦if'^'Ji «. 

Y. V. N. I.— act. fJToSDT «. 'im^ W. ^JTT fm «. &c. 
I. lody assemlled; meeting, company, congregation, congress, 
convention, .vjnod, convocation. ^HT /. ^TS^ or ^ f. 
'kz'^f. ^W^ m. WW^f- iroIT in. JT^l^^r/JT^T^fl-/. 3T- 

tj-^H m. 

A line or row of (learned Brahmans) in an a. Tft /. 

Dismissal of an a. ^Hlf^?!^^ n. 

Full v^.full meeting, session, ^'c. JqTTT^rc^/. 

Member of an. a. or council. ^^TRT^ m. ^^^>f■^ m. ?f^t^ 
on. HTHTf^^ in. 

Person present in an a. ^I^Hl^H^r?^^. 
Assembly-room, n. ^KmT^X n. ^ht/. armiST m. ?THTn^«. 

?rTT?'*TT^ n. ^TmST n. 
Assent, Assenting, n. v. V. — act. HT'T ^l^ n. &c. fv^^- 
T m. ^FPK m. ?^iT «>. arg'TrTw. argnfcT / ^rJ^Hrr «. ^f^- 

To Assent, «;. n. acquiesce in, \. To Agree. TT'T ^':^, ^- 
fff ^^-ftot, 3TgiT?r-?f'^iTrr-&c. ^t^, ^^^ m.-frwf^ in.- 
^VpfrT «.-^J^frr/.-&c. ^of. 

To Assert, v. a. v. To Affirm. ^N^cTTtift-^sftTqTjff-fvrfj)^^- 
'T^^pT'i^'T5^-srfHfTRcf%-&c. ^T?J^-i:f'Jnif-&e. 

2 maintain, vindicate. iTm^af, TOi^f, ^*rr3I^, TT^^, ^- 
?70T ?z. ^^^y. o/o. ^ifPT'Jr, F<TrT?T «.-r4r^==TT / ^T^ y. o/ 

0. f%qf| «f. ^PT'Jt y. o/ 0. ^>TR »». ^^ y- of 0. 

3 ( a system of doctrines, &c. ) TTTT^=T«.-3^rri%/.-iT- 

Hrrr^q- «.-r«TN^ m.-&c. Ef;?:of y. o/ o.\.mi m.-^^ m. ^- 
^-^PT'Jr-^'jf y. o/ 0. 
Assertion, «. piositive declaration. ^'^^ n. srfrTfTr/. sff^ffir- 

2 position advanced. STfrffTT/. "T^ '«• ^T?r «• 
To Assess, «;. a. set a ta.v, v. To Tax. qft/.-^«!.-^^^^- 

wr ».-5raT«j.-&c. <PTo5^, siH^i'^, 5i+>4i'n-&c. 9n^CTf\/.- q-- 

2 set a value in order to tax. -^iwA^ f ■-&(:. ^^-ZT^^- 
3^.v, settle ( damages ) 5';f%3T, 5^^ m.-^^xH f.-f^H 
m.- &c. spTot y. of 0. 
Assess, Assessment, n. v. V. l.—act. qft ^^^^ n. 
2 v^HN<t/. 

1. Slim assessed, y. Tax. Tft/- 
Eeduced or low a. TM^J^ m. spr^r m. 

Assessor, n. y. Y. I. qft-&e. sf^nromT-qr^'JrnT, 

I. assistant judge, counsellor, Sfc. ?f^»TT^ »«• ^^tilO m. 

^^^ OT. [f^ m. 

Assets, n. effects. V^f. ^^TT^^/. ^t[ f. %^T ?». ^^^ m. 
To Asseverate, v. a. affirm solemnly. ^tf^TrfT n, ^"jf, ?ff^- 

S-gener. See To ArfiKM, 




AssEviRATios, n. solann affirmation. V^r^ln. Sfq-?^^ «. 
AssiDViTT, AssiDVOCSKESs, rt. V. A. armf^/. ^W^/. 3T- 

3<ftT "». 5<4l<iM m. 
AitiDvofs, a. V. Diligent, ^tth^p, ^?T^, J?!^, 7?Tnft, ^- 

AssiDvorsLT, <T./i-. V. A. STT^HPt^, s^WTT^, Ac. s^T^TTW, 

AssiO', «. H<HfMI< »". 

To .\.Bsioy,l;.a.nppoinf,apporii(m, v. To Allot. sftJ^ 

^, fsTTTm^-f^PTPff ^-a:T^, %^, ^ ^"^i ?^?5^. 

2 designate, appropriate v. To API•OI^•I. 'ft^>Jf,^'l^HT/.- 

:i aUeje, show, T. To ADDUCE. ^\^^., ^nFt, TT^sf'Jf, ^T- 
ff^'^ n. sPT^ y. o/o. ^^-'MI'H on. JR% y. "/o. ^ 
4 mal-e over, v. To TbaXsfeu. J^fefR ^of , ^"tw,gT^ sijf . 
AssiONABLE, a. v.Y. 1. ?t?^Tm-fTHTnT?f-&c. qT^-^-^Tf- %TR?TT^-^-^mr-^TT^T-'Sc. 


4 (f'T^'TTO) ^r^ :?7Tr!TT-:;frnT-&c. BiHI'MM'l'Tr-&C. 
AssiOXATiOX, H. appointment leticeen lovers, ^^m. Z^^m. 

Female making a. -flfHyiP+l. 

Place of a. ^%^y'<^R ". ^%^ m. [f^rft^T- 

Assigned, ;>.v.Y.l. Jft^rm f^.?f^, HH^T ^?|^, &c. ^^nffT, 

o ^tr'H-^.-'J, ^l^i-^-il, <S:e. 

Assignee, n. d^irfl »i. ST^jTfTlft »»• ^^f^K '». ^ni^rJ ?». i^- 
AssioxMENT, Ji. V. y. 1. — act. ^JH.-jJH S"^ M. ^Jpr ^iff «. &e. 
An a. or order on the revenues. sfTFf/. cT^^ m. 
Person who has an a. tTPf^TT c. [fH"S^T m. 

2— act. 'fhrrf n. &c. ^jt^m/- f^f^'ftT m. 1^fJT<ft^=T «. 
8 — act. j^T^iir n. ^tn'^f n. &c. 

4 — dfi. ^rr't «. ^TN^ ^ ?!. 

To Assimilate, v. a. bring to a likeness. ^kW-F^^T-^JT-^T- 

m-nfT--sT5nTjr- &c. 5FT^,^n^3^ w.-arrgnxnT «.- &c. ^lii 

g. oj 0. recip. 

2 convert into a like gvhstanre. ^^\ ^.T^^-^jJ^^ ^^ ^. 

<T n. ^FTur, f^TT^ »i. ;ptOT, f^TT^, f^?lT JRot. 
T3 Assimilate, f. «. come io a likeness. mvt^f^-^V-^^nvj. 

Ac. ^TW-^I *H ^3iM. 

2 if converted into a like suhstance. arfft or artnra' ?5T- 

n^T, -iHl«i, r>1^un+< T5^, 'I'spft TS't. [^TT^?!?. 

Assimilated, p. t. V. 1. ^irw-^V-argnoi- &c. %3?IT or 

2 KTiifr J^m^TT or t^FT^riT, &C. 
Assimilation, a. v. V. A. 1—act. ^TWT-&e. ^^ «. 

2 3iMt ?7T^ «. &c. 

V. v. N. 1.— mY. ^m^-&c. ^ J!. 

2 3T^?r rtl'iuj n. &c. fVMI<F w. 
Tf Assist, v. a. t. To Help. H5?/.-^JT^/..jT77iTTft/.-'T- 

^/•- ■H^+K »n.-&c, ST^-Jot, ^ OT. %ot. 

2b Assist v. n. lend aid. ^^/..&c. W.^-^.i^^m. S^, ^- 

Assistance, n. v. Help. T^/. fK^/. ^\\^ n. ^i^ ?!. j- 

^/- ^^7 >". 
Assistant, n. J/cljjcr. aii.ciliarij. JT^ntt r. H^^^'Tfl' c. K5- 

f^ wi. ^^ m. ^^^rfr- 

2 V. Mate, spr^qr »". ^W^F^ >». ^^^ m. 
Assize, n. court of Justice. ^^T^^^Jf. •■M\M\-A\ ^.^f. 3T- 

2 measure of price, iceiglit, tj'c. f^T^ ?k. TT^T »«. ?^ ?«. 
jTo Assize, «;. a.Ji.r price, rate, ^'c. f^T'ff w.-'TT^T m.-ZX in.- 

vrm[f.-&c. S?T^tif-%H'Jf. 
To Associate, v. a. v. To Unite, To Join, ^qtl »» -H^^ 

OT.-&C. :p^CTf g..o/o. ^rf/.-^/.-^PT5/.-i=Jf^'^ orrlf^ar 

To Associate, v. n. keep company. ^^ m.-^\>\r\ f.-^^\^'^m^• 
^t^rff/.-^r^siTO w.-^l^^4 w.-&e. JfTTiif, ^'^^. 

Associate, a. Associated, p. v. V. A. ^itftrj %Sr^-&c. ?Tf- 
IT1-&C. WFI%?n-, fli'I5t=^l, ^l^'ll, ?f5f5;, ?T%T, q^Tp, ^. 

Associate, n. companion, mate, t. Fellow. ^T'4t »». ^f- 
qrft »«. ?fiTrft »i. ^'^Wi. {^otc. female a. ^I'^rfjui, ^iTrff- 
OT, &c. ) " [ "ft m. 

2 — in business, <!!:c. t. Paktxeh. 3T^ff ?». T^ft ?«. ^Ff- 
3— in crime, &c. v. AccOiiPLiCE. ^pifT »«. fir^^jft^ 

Associatee, w. Associating, ^. «. y. T. A. ^qm-^'^«^-&c. 
^tTRr, ^ra ^^-^fiT5-&c. ^IrluiKl. 

V. V. N. wj &c. ^fr?Tjrm, ?fhpft, TTTift, ^rq?ft^, ^T^fTsrr, 

^ift ( esp. in comp. as HTg^fifT, ^H^fr, ?f?7?r'fr,)^mt^. 
Association, n. v. Y. A.— act. ^qn q^^of »i. &c. ?|q^ ?«. 

2 «/a/e. ?rfin/. ^^/ ^^n >«. ?f^qr m. 

V. Y. !>!.— state. ?fiT w. ^TiT «(. ST^T '». aT^'TT »». ^5RT- 

qrn »!. ^riTRT m. ^T^ «. ^if^q- n. ^^^,^ n. 

I. ore a. V. Company, Combination. Hl^ft/. f^IM «. ^7 

Member of an a. TpjryvqrR" m. 
To Assort, v. a. sort, separate info classes, v. To Classify. 

^r^f.-^rf\f.2>l.-&c. ^TR^, UT?^, ^JIZ, OT. sR^y. o/o. 

^tPT ^l^^^ ^f^rij qq-tq- w;.. pi. JpTut y. o/ o. 
To Assort, v. n. agree, suit. frToTtif, '^TKof, ^oEijf, si?r"Jr. 

Assoeted, p. V. Y. A. ijTJ%?=5T, 3R%;=ri=rr. 

Assoetment, «. Y. Y. A. ^^ f. rJR^ n. ^nz^ n. UH n. 
1. a numlcr of tilings assorted, (np ^TTrft^qr f^=>r^HT- 

^<^\ ^^mxt^^ m.-t=sr^ m. srm^TT f^^smt^-T^^ff^r- 

&C. ^q^ «;,- ^^q- m. 
To Assuage, v. a. allay,' alleviate, \. To Ease. ^^^FT ^RW, 

2 appease, pacify, calm, y. To CoMPC^E. ^»TW, ?lf?f^^, 
or <iin=(ui, ^I-*t?r ^F^, ^TrTRof o?- ?r'«TT^, ^^TTiTTsr^. 
To Assuage, v. n. y. To Abate, ^^^r^, Mi ! «)Ji . 

AST 1 

ASJ5IIAGEMENT, tl. V. V. A. 1. — act. ^?^^ ^K^ n. S^^TT »»• 
:J^\^^^ n.— state. ^?nT m. ^nTTS^H «. ^^^TiT m. OT^Tffrf/. 

?r n. —state. ^Tff?r/. 5TT to. it^TIT »». 

AssTiMABLE, o. V. V. A. 1. arrTOTrat j;qT^r-=5n'-^r'T?rT-&c. 

3-=^;:5TqT-^-^FTrTT-&c. tTT'f, qitwt^. 

To Assume, r. «. tnJie vpon one's self. 3TPT?'TI^5 ^^., 

2 ial-e for granted, v. To Suppose. q-JTMr=rf=|5 ^"Jf-^^ 
spTut, smiu| ^ TTf rrt HT^T^, ^frTof, f^T^spj; TT^'jf. 
Ti; Assume, v. »t. le arrogant, v. To Pbesuhe. 5fl7^?r Sffcf^ 

Assumed,/;, v. V. A. 1. 3TrT??TT^I ^^?JT, 3Tt>Pr^FR^^, &c. 

2 If JTT0TT^ff5 %?rS5?n, 3TT^T'T, ^f?T?r, STTFlft^TTS^ffiT- 
AssuMTNG,rt. arrogant, T. Peoud. iin€^, 3TpTfTT^t, 3Tr^-q%- 

=50", f^^THjfr5fT. 
Assumption, ». v. V. A. 1. — act. STFTrqTOS %iJf «. arnt^Jvir- 

ijf «. &c. ^ft^ROT «. ST'ft^?^ n.~a. or s. atift^fHT m. 

^f^W^ m. 

2— act. sfJTTOTi^T^jnr ^of «. &e. STrfPTltTT «». qJTT'Tfsr'sn'?;- 

f^'-tK^iiffrR^i^^^ui «• ■Rr==rT«:TTW^ii »■ 

I. po/?!f asstitned, v. Suppositiox. spTTWTcrt^pr TR^?ft- 
ifre/. ^rT^T/. ^^ m. ^^OT?r «;. etc. HM|U|f^^Ko^frK- 

ASSUEANCE, ASSUEING, «. V. V. 1. — act. ^HT^ ^^ «. HT" 

^m \^ 11. &c. 3T^>Tq^^ n. 

Hand as stretclied fortli in a. aTT^^^ m. 
Proclamation of a. 3T»T^^ m. 3T*nTflfl^ ?«. 
Writ of a. 3T'T?T<T=5I n. 3THq%^ m. 

I. V. Peomise, ;r^^ n. srffTfTT / »Tr^ o;- HR/. 

II. <r?M< in self, v. Coxfide>'ce. gj^r/- 3"^^/. 3Hc^^lO 

/. KfiT OT. ^ OT. 

III. firm persuasion, t. Confidence. %T5T «J. f^T'^ir ot. 
^MI^Hl/. ^r?TT or <t/. f^OT/. ^''f\'^ m. 

Perfect a. STTrf^ia^lrrft/. 

IV. effrontery, v. Impudence. aTT^^^T/. ?ff5 ?J. 

V. testimony of credit. f^^TT/. ^r?rft/- 

III AssuEE, 1). a. 7rt«fe si«-e 0)' confident. ^?n:/.-^mft/.- 

f^TOT »l.-f^?5 f^F^TRTT m.-^q- w.-tff m.-kc. "z^ .^i^'H^^^^ 
«.-3T'»TT {l.-STT^TT^ M.-^rHT m. %nt, aTT^^ «. ^Rof. 

2 ^nfl-^-ej^/'jjJorseo^n-efo. ^3r5ftrf-fSrf^7?j-^r^TTfqrf-&c. ^T"Jf. 

3 See To Insuee. 

Assueed,/;. t. V. 1. W^ 5rT%?M'-$^?Tr, ^fT^^rT ^OT-%- 
55?5T,&c. n?r^T:p, f^TFT^i^P, ^^T^, TrfH^, nctt^TT, vTTcr- 

Assueedly, adv. v. Ceetainlt, ^=5ft<T, f^^^, f^5i<W^^, 

Assueedness, Sec Certaintt, Confidence, 
Asterisk, n. f^f. =^^/. 

[ AST 

Asteeism, n. constellation. ?r^=JT »• 

Table of asterisms in the moon's path. ^'t^^^Tr^Af, 

2 cluster of stars. JT^TSft^r ^r^ m. ^^^^^ m. 
AsTEiiyi, adv. at or towards tlie hinder ^«r<— of a ship &c, 

f^aJnt^r, f^^^'T? or n?5q?fT%-&c. fqUTffe-KTnr^T^^^T. 
AsTEEOiD, n. minor planet. S'T^^ m. ?5^^ m. 
Asthma, VTP?/. ^JTT»». '♦TT^T «^. »^TT?fFRt^ »«• ^Rf'^TH 0/ 

s^rra^RT m. 
Asthmatic, a. trrrTf , «TTC^T, ^TN^, sir^fl', qjT^T'arTO^^. 

2 pertaining to asthma. ^J^TT^r, &c. ^'^ff^'^^^T. 
To Astonish, To Astound, v. a. amaxe, surprise, &c. =^^,' 

5rrT^-^T5'/T!f-&c. ^F^, =5f^'T^/. ^^m-w^i^ g. of o. ^V 
Epft/. g"?^^"^ 07- JT ^^jf y. of 0. f^t^iiH-i «. ^'i'Jt y. o/ 0, 
aTr«T'Tm-&c.f?r^^-^^-&c. ^f^of. 

Astonished, Astounded, p. v. V. =sr^=r?5?5r, &c. iT'^, '-^f^fT 
or 5!TSgt?r, '<Tf%?T, ==rf%?r, ^?g, =5T^?^^, =^W, <n, ;Fpq^?f, 

xisTONisniNG,/!. a. V. V. and WondeefuI'. '^"^^^PR^P, f^- 

AsTONisHiNa, n. v. V. — act. '^^.^^ n. '^v^^^ n. &c. f^- 

Astonishment, «. v. V. and Vondee. — stale. f^W^ m, 

=^^->^f. ar^siT m. 3TT=i^ «. 
Astraddle, Asteide, adv. ivith the legs across. ^^?Tofr, 

AsTEAD, a. V. Staeex. rfRt=5TT, cTRrasj^lt. 

AsTEAT, adv. ^rr^^^, ^TTS'J^, 'Ti^rT, n>^, CT5if?r,'3His<ni?r, 
To go a. sff ^of , Trgrjs ». srf^l ts^ y. 0/ *. 

To lead a. 5f^^T=r'rf. 
To AsTEiCT, To AsTEiNGE, V. «. constrict, cause parts to 

draw together. 3TRoE'?r, ^^f^T ^?R^. 
ASTEINGENCT, M. V. A. HT?T^/. ^<iH'J|T »«. TN Or V^ m. 

^qj^ »»». HSR »M«. 
AsTEINGENT, a. HT^, ^ft, 'PTRT, ^TRrrf^sfrT, 5^. 
AsTEOLOGEB, w. astronomer. ^i\\fr\^ pop. \3?t^ft »». TOT^P. 

2 or ASTEOMANCEE. IT^vJ^fFfft I>Op. ^JTT^ft »«. Jf*^ «'• 

^=# m. tpsiqwrr ^^ft »». ?T^=5T^5P, ?f?15R35T, T?^- 

ASTEOLOGTCAL, a. X. N. ST^^rqifHWr^, glrfj^rfpTTT^, 

vj-^ i fdq , ^rqr^TSRjsitft, H?7=Rv?y'TiT^f%^TRf«i^-'l%5ncpp. 

ASTEOLOGICALLT, adv. ^'Sr^^\fi\H\^<^\^\r^\^.| &C. »^T\sTM\\ri- 
ASTEOLOGT, n. ^fSi■~!■^\lr\^ 11. ilSTl^rtTl frl'H «, fri-J-^Tl PlT 11. 

gTT^frr/. ?f^T5f<P?=5iTnRrf5r?Tr/. [?jt%ttt. 

ASTEOKOMEE, 11. ^'M I fd 'ft i^O/i. ^^ift OT. <S'Mrt=iTll, ^JpTihR- 
AsTEONOMICAL, «. 3=?f| fr|>H|-=(| , v?*?! frloi'ti'Hfcff-R'HH^, 'J^tfrPT, 

ASTEONOMICALLY, (rJi). v^fff.^Tr^nUTT^. 

AsTEONOMT, "j^tf^rT «. 5'TTf?T?t?jT/. 3%frf:^TT^ «, ^Tc7 ?;/. 



Tlie astronomical piriocis called Xaraiia are, 51^, <mf'-=(, | 
Tlif aitronomkal divisions called loya are, f^T'^-^T, sft- ; 

f^, arr^Tsm?, wtp^t, 5itH^, ar^fn?, g^fwr, '^fMJ^, 

Astute, a. shretcJ. tTT^'JTr, 'flig^5rfr,'iTfg;=55n^, ar^t^^JTM, frf . 
AsTL-TELT, adv. V. A. ^TTfoI'MPir, "^^TTi^. 
ASTUTE-VEiS, M. V. A. ^TI^^'niOT «. ^T^/. VjTff^ OT. 

AscXDEB, adv. apart, v. SErAKAiELY. 3Tt5n, 3Tc7n?r, %T^, 

To fall a. f75T "T5^, f ?:"Jif. 
A3tLUlI,7^. refuge, shelter, retreat. ^SK\W^ pop. arreiTm. VTTT'»- 
iTTTT m. inrw. JTTW^ «. J1T|t«. T^T^^JT «■ 5TT'iITin'=T«. 
2 ( for the poor and helpless ) q-^^TT^/. q-JTm^T, ST^TT- 

A.X,prep. ^ or in or ?rr o;- 1 ("«</(/«/ ^o ^7(e «0!(«;. qT#, ^- 

For phrases of which it forms a part ( at first, at last, 
at least, &c. Ac. ) see the word to which it is prefixed. 

AiABAL, n. kind of kettle drum. ft«r?5r»t. 

Ataeaxia, n. V. Quietism. 3T^T m. ^^ m. VJf^ f. 

AiHEiSM, M. denial of the existence of god. ^\f^^:^^ n. 
HlRrf+f n. ?TTl%Tq^ n. rnf^^cU/. aT^i-^T'^n^ m. snff- 

»^m^ n. 3TJft»5n?TH »«. 
Atheist, n. ?iTfe^ »i. 3THt>^^T^, 'Trf^fr+HdlHiJl'Jl. 
Atheistical, a. JTrfWRrrpqi, -Hirw+Mrll j-Mlift, 5TTf%^PT- 

Athibst, o. v. Thiestt. cTT^^. 

Athlete, n. agonist, prize-contender, tcrestler.^ Sfc. ff^ri'Hr- 
^ ?«. TTI5 WJ. 3f^ w8. ctlP.mi^, He5%5T m. JTs^^S^p. «?. 
Business Or skill of the paliilwau. "Tf^q'Fr^/. 
Contests or feats of athletic. Tis^^ n. 5rs55ptST/. s^- 
?TTT m. 
Training of athlctaj. d I c-tiM /. 
Athletic, a. v. GriiXASTic. q |^rit)H|-m -, TTgE- ^Tt - j i f^ gpTW?, 

2 roii«<, lusty, v. Steo^o. ^T^T, ^JTR^F, =PIT, ^F^T, 
ATHWAKT,/J)-f]>. T. ACBOss. 31X5, aTTS^TT «. (/ecZ. 
A-iilt, adv. inclining forward, js ^3?fT-5ff^rTT (J. <?Cf^ 
Atlas, n. collection of maps. ^^'SS\=^\^ f.'h^,Ts^^]7^^ f. 
Atmospheee, n. the air which encompasses the earth. giPFT- 

V n. ^\^^'^ n. ^^!sr^ m. ir^r^ri^ or s, ». cfr^i^ar n. 

^T55rRT<T n. m44HrM<^ n. 
Atmospuebic, Atmospheeical, a. v. N. ei i 'M^^^ i, sjf^- 

Atom, ■«. indivisible particle. 3Tdi ot. q^pir tn. ^^ m. ^pur ot. 

3^ »«. m ». 

Atomic, Atomic al, a. consisting of atoms. M<*H;»|f?l l ^d , 

H<Miu|<>,H, M<my|H'-<, M<»4iu|--n', arfrre^^-jr, ?5[?r"JT. ^ 

Atomism, n. doctrine of atoms. <J<h|U[«(|(^ ot. ^^tt^ w. 
AioaiST, n. holder of the aiomical ^hiloso^hy. ^ \H\ ^\^i\ ^ in. 

To Atoke, v. n. make amends or satisfaction for a crime. 
SfiTTf^tTrT n. Jp^TJT-qof , srrafMTT-&c. ^FCT-q^^ qi^^'if-f^- 

I ^q'Jf-f^TT^^-f'TFrrT'Jif, wnr'1"i?jf?T/.-fd<'(H>H «.-&c. ;r^, 
Aioxemekt, w. v. v.— erf. sTr^rfji^TT ^^.?r mrl'r'Jf n. friiHoj- 
Ji. &c. STFTf^^TT M. qn!%<s^f?f/. TNfH^^^ n. 
I. See Eecosciliation. 
Atoxic, a. debilitated. trrj^ftoT. 
j Atosy, n. debility. fcTTg^'^mr/. 
Atop, aiu. on the top. srt, ^T^t- 
1 Ateabilaeia>', Ateabilaeious, a. v. Melascholt. ^^^^ 

Ateame>-tal, Ateame>-tol's, «. T. Black. fTTT^rOTT^rs::, 
Ateocious, o. heinous, horrible, enormous, v. Wicked. 3T- 

TFT^, iT^HIHkHq;,?T?T?rf, 3TrgT, rimfr, 'fTfT^TTt, qr 

Ateociol'slt, adv. v. A. g^qoTR, q'RT'nr^, T^FTN^^^, 3T- 

Ateociousuess, Ateocitt, k. v. a. qiTTOTr m. T^^T / 3T- 
f?r^wr /. gu^FTT /. [Tr?f^«. 

I. «r« atrocity, an enormity, &c. rr^<?FT,w. ^TT^JT n. iT^- 
Ateopux, m. V. CoNsrjiPTioN. f^p^ /. fg-^cfr /. ftRsp^ifT /, 

^^mft f ^^rm m. ^xai n. 
To Attach, v. a. seize by ivrii, Sfc. — goods, &c. ^HT ^T^t, 

2 /.i- ones affections to. JT^ m-sftfrT f.-'^\ 7n.-&c. ^J^^ 

3 ;>!^< /o, ««ne.r, ^c. v. To Add. ^r^tif, c5Rof, ?I%7 ?«.- 

4/y. i^-*^, «i'ijZy.?^Rw,3TTftqTJf,3TrmOT.-3TRrq"'JT.'^^'TT^^ 
Attached,;?, v. V. 1. ^H %%?^, ^^ KR^^^T-F^Tsf^ST, ^fT. 

2 /oK(? o/, V. LoriXG, ^^, 3T^T?t, f^?7T, 37^1^, 'iTgrpfT, 
?^, ?7T, SIT, 3T5n?f, M<NU|, T7, <ffm^, ^^, ^?T^. 

3 vmi%?^, ^frsf, 5^, ^^, ?f3?r, ^r^r^, ?55t, ?r£??T, ?f- 
f|?r, 3Twft. 

4 arrm^OT, armfqcr. 
Attachment, n. v. V. A. 1. ^fft/. ?T^ /• 

2 fondness, affection, v. Love. ^| ot. f^l/. ar^TPT »i. 

argrfe/. argrffr/. arn^ftrR «. arraf^ /. ?mf^ /. 

Aftectcd a. *rmiTllT ?». 
2b Attack, v. a. assail, assault. ^5 ot.-^^TF /. =?>^ O'" "«tS'i - 

5^ T5^ y. ©/ 0. ITTW, ^HT'jf with^X of o. i)# TSot, 
3^ iOiY/t ETT, S'T^, ^f or fft^RT JJm'f. 

To a. in front. ST^rrfT/. HK"Ji. 

To a. insidionsly, darkly, &c. 'JH'--flrir w.-'JHHH! or 
JpTTTT m.-H+HKI m.-&c. ^PTW. 

To make an a. upon. ^rfT/. ^FT^. 

To a. suddenly. S'^T ot. SFTT m. qR;'Jf , fTTRTrw. HK'Jf. 
2 fig. a2)ply one's self to vehementh/. In this sense, and 
in the variations of it as conveyed by To set to or v^on, 

■ ATT _J 

To fall to, upon, on, To rush or dash at, to, upon; some 
imitative or expressive formations are ;g<N'it, ifT^'^tT 

t'rra'iif, f^i m. TTiT"^-^, %m w.-wr or ^^^K m.-^^ 

/.-|5fr m.'^mK m.-&c. ^^, T^"^, ^TTot, ^5<Jf, ^?RW, 
^T^TTT }>t. JfT^, g'rs /.-KT7M. T?at «'(7/! ST?: 0/ 0. S,- g. of s. 

wM^ ?5n^ inf. jp^^, T5T^^, s^^^ft/. ^?:'n, ^rs^rrnr. 
Attack, Attacking, n. v. V.l. — orf. =ErF=5 ^T'^t «-^TMT ^- 
rTijf n. &c. =q-5 m. ^^rf /• ^^T^T^ « ^^TR/- ^TT^ «• ^f5T »«. 

^rj/. qr^/. ^nr m. w^^f. arr^nr ?«. arr^TcrT n. arfq-- 
^nr ?«. arfSr^pKiT «. ^^m /. 

A. of a band of robbers. ^T^TT m. 
Sudden a. a coup de main. ^v;t m.^VT m. IfTTT »»• 
To Attain, v. a. ollain, gain, acquire, v. To Get. ^fTT^if, 

2 arrive at, come to, v. To Eeach. qr^of , Ml{l^yi,!TTH" \\^. 

3 achieve, v. To AccOiiPLisn. ^TT^^t, "m^^. 
Attaisaele, a. t. V. 1. fTTKrf^-^T-^>TT-HRW-&c. ifTcq', 

2 o«<Z Accessible. iT'=^,'TH«fl<!|', 3TFT'^. 

Attaindek, n. v. V. ^<T ^T^ w. ^[^^TT n. 

Act of a. ^rT sp^TnrRT STPfP w.-^FFT^ w. 
Attainment, «. v. V. 1. — act. #TT^ n. &c. ^tttt'T «. ^TTT- 


Difficult of a. §?55T, |55mT or |:jtfT, 
Easy of a. ^c^T, g^TN, ^^^N. 
8 — act. ^'Hl-^ut «. ?fTq^ «. ■WMI'^K «• •MHI'^ufl'/. ■MH[4U|JF/. 

I. that li'hich is attained. ^j\i^ m. ?5»ST55^M.-f^'nTOT.-&c. 
Attainments. ^TTf^^iT m. pi. 
To Attaint, v.a. corrupt, taint. ^"^, f^ n. ^T^ g. of 0. 

^f^<T-^f%fT-&c. sR'Jr. 
lb Attemper, Attempehate, v. a. moderate, redtice-unto,y . 

To Tempee. ?RTT-^^-yHKMT-m*"+-^d|-m-MRrMci-&c. 

To Attempt, v. n. try, endeavour to do. ?rFr m.-^l^^ m.-^r- 

AxTEMFF, Axtempting, «. V. V. — act. essaij, trial, endeavour. 

?^m in. W^^ m. ^^^ m. g^T^R in. ^\^ in. 
To Attend, v. m. S( v. a. yield attention, hearken, listen, mind, 

heed. JTq- n.-f^rT «.-3T^qT^ m.-^ttR «.-?r^ «.-^/- ^- 

3^-^'?r-5'i%"^-5^'Jf-^n?f^, ^jtw, vTprat, ^^5t, jft^ m. ^- 

To a. vigilantly, warily, &c. jtw^rf H^ '^TF^ vfT'jf. 

2 at; he present. i|l^< ^"Jf, ^ST^T^T-^jft? 3TOW. 

3 on or upon; wait on; serve, v. To Seeve. %«I^,%^/.- 
™ll+0/--i^7^'T/--^'flnTT/.-3T5nR^ w.-&c. q^^y. 0/0. 
N. B. Such sentences as " He has a cold attended with 
fever, " " A measure attended with ill effects," &c. are 


best rendered in some such way as the followin"-. f^r^T 

Attendance, Attending, «.t. V. 1. ont^ Attention, ^,i^^- 
\ir[ n. &e. STsrq^R k. ^qr^r ». 

3 a«(/ Service. ^Fpft/. fpi^?r/. %5rT/. %^?I«. qf^^^q?/. 

Close a. ^^T^/. 

Attendant, a. See Accompanting. 

Attendant, n. follower, retainer, S{c.\. Servant. -^-r^Mn. 
^ftiT m. ( ^fcift/. ) 3=Rnnft, rHr^iJ^K ni. ar^^J", 3^- 
=cjTfY, ar^sTTff, 'ff^n, "tR-^K+. in. (Tft^rf^FT/. )'tTft^ OT. 

Armed a. f^TTT'ft '»• 
Body of mounted attendants. ^fSTlft/. 
Attent, Attentive, a. v. V. 1. ^^f^, ^TR^', ^R^T^, ^7- 
^f^, gf^rr, ^TTT, ^5TT^, rTJqr, ?fT^, (^;jn^^ ^+|ijf^n, 
(^^FTFT, ^J+l+K, 5Tn^qT=T, ^tT^^^T, ^^f^rf, 3T?rf^?r. 
Attention, n. v. V. 1. — act. W'^ %ot n. f^rT ^ «. ?5^'q' ^T- 
?5iTr «. &c. ar^KTR «. fi^^t n. t^,^ n. ^vtr «• t-qr^ M. ^- 
f%/. <^f^^ n. -JTPr M. FSq' «. K^TT^ ™. 3Tt?T0T m. 3T% ^ /. 
I. Attentions, v. Civilities. 3TT^5Trmw!. 3Tl^?t?^R ?«. 

AttentivelT; ado. v. A. ^^f^grK, ?J^q'-iT^-KqT^-&c. ^q-- 

Attentiveness, m. v.a. ^ffTq-trqurT m- ^TR'^Ptft /• ^TRf^rvrT'TT 

Attendant, o. — in medicine. ^?f?r, ?i?Tt-Kii, 

2b Attenuate v, a. to make thin, sflft^ =RW, ???r^iT'Jf, ^- 

Attenuate, «. Attenuated, p. v. V. «nft^-???T-qFf55 %%t7r, 
Attenuation, n. v. V. — act. tTTrToE-ifec. ^P^Tif «. ?T?n*<ui n. 
To Atteeate, See To Weae awat. 

To Attest, v. a. hear loitness of. ?rr?T/.-?rT?ft/.-m^"q'n.-m- 
f|^/. ^-^TpJ'Jr g- of 0. ?rT?ft-?TTf|^t^-&c. ^ar mth f^- 

^^\ of 0. 

2 call to witness, attest. W^ft S^, ?TT?ftfl' 5^"?f. 

3 ( a writing &c. ) ^^MUllR'T'ft V^f ^TF5af-^>Jt. 
An attested copy. ^ f^^ft=^ ^W.r^f-^^f 

Attestation, n. v. V. 1. and 'E^idevq-e,— act. m^&c!^^n. 


Attic, Atticstort, m. stt^ ^TT^T H^OT »». ^HT^ R^?5T »». 

Attiee, w. t. Deess, Clothes, q? ?«. "ff^THj or q m. f^^HW »«. 

2b Attiee, v. a. t. To Dress, q^ «.-q# m^/jZ. ^rF^rirf, qr- 

^TT^ in. qirJof, ?r:?T^"jf , q^TTf^snT-^W^ ^F^, ?IOT, H^?^-?r- 

f^?T-&c. i^rrnr, ^^^^jf ^T^ y. 0/0. 

Attitude, n. v. Posture. 3TRH h. ^ft'<Tfrr/. 5M «. 5T- 

uiM|U| w.R^T/. 
Attorney, «. person empoicered to act for another^ ^i^^ m. 

sifdrnf^ «». 5<--lrqK M. 
Letter of a. q+D^HIMI ot. H^jqiT^^ n. 
To Atteact, v. a. draw totcards. 3TR)^, 3llH?'Mi*S W^'^- 



OTT^ ^, -JTrf^, 'JTm<T n.-WH7 "i. ^RTof y. oj 0. 
2 aZ/K/Y, mvUfxnjwje. STHpf"^, ^'rH^Tiif, »Tr^, ^"T^, 
STjf^H^ n.-HT^ N.-tc. q^ y. <;/" o. jftf «i. ^fra^^, ^T^- 

Atihacted,/). V.V.I. 3TPP'T%^r, afKff^fra^, &c. an^- 

AlIBACTEB, n. AlTKACTIVE, (T. V. V. 1. 3TT^'T0TRT, 3TT^'f- 

2 and CuARMiya. Hl^uiKI, JTT^ qTSOTTTT, &C. sn^T'lJ, 

AiiBACTio.N", n. v. V. \.—act. '^=m^ n. &c. arr^'sfq n. 

2— act. i=JtWt n. &c. spjJPTH n. jfrf^ «. 

The attractions and allurements ( of the world, &c. ) 

I.— the power or quality. aTT^'^or^Tf^ /. 3Tra"^ n. 

A. of gravitation. ytT^i'+H«i «. 

Capillary a. %?nWT ». [orOT-i??. 

Attractions, charms. jft^-sTfTTT^-aH 1 1- 4* -«S;c. 3- 
Atibibutable, <7. V. V. anfrcq', arfmft^. 
To Attkibute, v. a. assigiii impute, v. To Asceibe. ^af, 

AlTBiBVTE, noT HI. q^T «J. 

The Divine allrihuies, ( i. e. the attrihutes of /S'/jwo as 
the Deity ) are arfSpTT, JTf|^, iftHT, ?5f^nTT, ^Trf^, \- 
^PTT, ^f?T^, MI+l'-'M. They are called 3T'Hl%f^. 

Atteieutios, n. v. V. — act. ^^^^ n. afKiHui «. &c. arifn'- 
<J\ n. anf^T »?. 

Attbibutite, a. f^^k'JT, ^T^. 

Atteibutive, «. ftT^PTT n. 

Atteite, a. worn hy friction. flr^fSjOT, ?f^n%. 

Attbition, n. abrasion, v. Eubbing, Weae. f^trf n. ^IRT- 
of n. ^tf m. w^ m. ^^'^^^ n. 
"Waste by a. ^^/. fg-^JTWRSJ /. q?r/. 
To waste from a. i%^of. 

To Attune, v. a. make musical, tune. rfiH'J'l, ^ m. ?lT=r^-'Tt- 

2 y?y. OTa^-e accordant. H55 m.-^JT «i.-&e. SRT^f^, ^iT=rot. 
ACBUKf, a. reddish hroicn, ?it?T?ToET, ftn^, ftl^, ftlT. 

Bright a. ntTHT^T. 
ACCTIOX, n. f^;:jpT n. f^T^TT or f^(5f=r «. M|«)aft/. 
ArCTiojJEEE, «. f^riiMt(irtl »n. fr5^(=iq>T'irTTT m. [ g. 

AcDACious, a. daring, v. Bold, f^vjj, f^Kp^T, M1^, qrft^qT- 

2 V. Impudent, sfl?, S'^rf/'op. 75^, q^. 

3 proceeding from ejjrontery. fcfil^^l, g-^^ornrr. 
AvDACiocsNESs, AuDACiTT, n. V. V. 1. fKRTj/. qrlTJ «• 

2 f^/. qrw «. W?«T M. 3-5^"?^ n. 
Audible, a. pereeivalle hy the ear.'r^ 'n^-^T^-^-^ITTfn'- 

2 Zou<? enough, to he heard. ^ qij^- jTTTTqpjfpjT.^^YTfn'- 
♦iK<,m-&c. ^•^ij^tii, ^^yii^Vr. 

AUDIBLENESS, «. Y. A. 2. f ^^^-vH|Ui(|v{|J|mJTT «!. &C. 

AuDiBLT, adv. V. A. ^%HT ai/u. dccl. ^ a||^1 arfy. t/erf. ^- 

Audience, ?i. hearing or attending io.\wt^ n, \^^^^ n. »;r- 
cfCTr w. aTT^DTH n. 

2 admittance to a hearing. g^TRifN^ ^TH:/. ^RR^ ^?I- 

3 asscmUy of hearers, auditory. ».TT% ^M^'j ??;.»j'r- 

ciH^oil/. ^T?r?r^ «j. s^'rH^TT^ ««• ^.tth^^ ?«./)/. nTpjnir m. 

Audience-chambee, n. g^T^trff^^ ^JfTni/. «T«r<JI'Tf^ ». f^- 

Audit, n. final account. ^W^^ ?T?TW m. ^Tq-^=Eft rTrr^Ttift/. 
2b Audit, v. a. examine and pass. cRTH or rnrr^T'JTt =fi5?r-?- 

Audited, p. v. V. FTTT^'rff ^^^ ^K 5n^?5T, ^^i ^'^j ^^Prt. 

Auditoe, m. v. V. ^m^ fTTT^jjT ^^ ^PToiRT m. f|^ir«rr^r rr- 

I. V. Heaeee. '^^othj, ^^JJcTT, ^T?ir, '-T^TJI^Trf. 
Atjditoet, a. helonging to hearing. ssjcTOTr^T, ssfspjm^i'^t, ^TT- 

STT, «RDtf^qT=5rr, '^f^TT^, ^id^il'tft. 
Outer a. passage. '70lf%^ m. [?^^ '"• 

Auditoet, m. T. Audience. ^irrfT??^«.;jqp. s^ir's^t/ Mt- 

2 V. Lectuee-eoom. tts ^rtq'^^rrert ^ftt/. tts^tr^/. ^^t- 

AuFAiT, That is a. STTfTT^. 

AuGEB, AuGEE, n. ^JTfTT ?». \^^ n. SRJTT ?». #?I^ n. ?rst/. 

Aught, ^''•o. ^fft, f%f^. 

Augment, n. — in grammar. aTPTT m. arrarf^/. 

2b Augment, Augmentation. See To Inceease, &c. 

AUGUE, n. ^TfJ^qr or ^T^s^JT^^ft m. ^T^^ST^r, JT^^TW, ^Tf =T- 

^^^ ?rnT'JnTT-'TT^''nTT. 

To AuGUE, z^. a. presage, letoJcen. ^=^^^., 5lTl^^, ^5^ «--^- 
^^'br W.-&C. ^?^ y. ofo. ?ie^0T «.-f^?| ». ar^ot y. 0/0. 
«(?tY7j J». cow. 

To AuGUE, V. n. gather or infer from omens, SjC. ^T^T^reTT 
^JT3TiTf-rr% m. ^K^--iA'\f\\^ n. ^iRof, ^Tf^Tirfs/.sjfqoT. 

Atjgueal, Augubial, a. ^T^?rT=5rT, sr^pqT, ^1T^^, STTf^'^F, 

Augukation, Auguet, n. v. V. N. ?r^HHM ^TT^t^f «.-?r- 

2 See Omen. 
August, a. y. Geand. qd I Ml P-Jr^T, ^?rPT?TT^, JTTnM^T^-J^, 

August, «. rq^ ■HI'^I'-IT arrs^ ^rf^^r j". STT^oT-^r^T^ m. 

AUGUSTNESS, M. T.A. !q-rnTT™.!T^5r"?.!T?TrT5rrn"/. !T^T^TTfe?fr/. 

Aunt, n. father s sister, a^m/. ttt^sjut/. ^f/. ^pff/. fr^H- 
Daughter of paternal a. M^uR/. 
Son of husband's paternal a. aTRT^T m. 

2 mother's sister. MV^^f. T^T^'>^f^^f. 

3 tcife of paternal uncle, ^.^f. ^T^/. ^Pff /. fSm5?rT??ftA 

4 ivife of maternal uncle. JTTJfr/. Wl^^.^f'. HP^nft/. 
Husband of mat. a. TT^^ «». 

AUT 61^ 

AuEEOLA, n. circle of rays. rT^nts^ «• 

Auricle, n. external ear. «n^^=5fr ^r^^t »i. ^\\f[^ W-J^ in. "P- 

AUEICDLAR, a. relating, <|-c. to the ear. SFT^^T, ^offl'stsql', ^- 

2 told in the car. WA^\ frtfnrf&?5T, ^of^H", ^pnfl'Vf^'?. 

3 V. TiiAiiiTioKAL. qjpfr^r^r ^tt^ot, ^TtT^pm, ^poff- 

AUEICULATE, AuRiFOEM, a. ear-shaped. ^FPTr^qrr 3TI'+,KMi, 

AtTElFEROus, a. ijolcl producing. ^^^^■^^ (f, ^j )_ 
At'EiST, n. ^ufqtT »»• ^P^iRn^ "*• 
AuEORA, «. V. jVIoening. ar^^r m. 
Auspice, m. presage, augury, t. Omen, ^t^^ ?« n. 
Of evil a. 3TT:^. 

2 auspices; ^^ro^erf/oM, ^'c V. Fatoe. ^TT^f%/. H'P ^^- 

?/• f^TTfrr/. ^mz. m. aTT«nTsr?5 «• 
Auspicious, a. of prospering influence, propitious, henign, 

favorable, ^H, HTr?5, 5^^7, »>q-?^T, ^qT^Tf , S'TKf , T- 

^, *T?^, ^T^T^, ?r>TP^, ^T^^^, TTI^^ra'T, JTtqfe^, 

A. season or period. ^^^T^V^\^Z m. 
To be a. ( for ). OT^ar, FSr^rot. 
2 having omens of success. ^^T^^TT^, ^^^T^flT^T, g^?T- 

Auspiciously, adv. v. A. 2. g'^lf ^'JJ'T, ff'^^'i^^, f ?5?T- 

AUSPICIOUSNESS, M. V. A. 1. ^THT/. HT^rfT/. ^^ li. ^- 

2 ^jJT ». f ?5^'jrf^RT'?FTr/. 

Austeee, a. harsh, ^c. of taste, t. Soue. '^^ po^. ^^TT, ?f?r 
or ?ff-crr, T^iT. 

2 ?-(/w?, rigorous, severe, stern. ^TT^, ^TTT^TT, q?^5r, 
^FS^rr, ^"T, spJiT, ^TJ^rf, fJT^, ^%5T, "T^^. 

ArsTEEiTx, ». T. A. 1. ?;mirT m. ^t^tt n. ?;^nT/. ^^^ «. 

qr^iq' n. 

2 ^i^OTT »!. ^^^"T7"TT »i. m-^.i'-f ?!. 

I. — in Eeligion. (TT «. fTT^TT/. FTT^T /• 'T^^'T':'^ 2'o;j- 

fTTPIT^ n. j 

Austerities and penances, — compreh. 3'iTRT?Tm?1' m. 
rrq-sffq- or cfqifpT «. 

Some of the numerous austerities of tlie Hindus are 
^^tfffrT or f^TPSr^g^ffrT, ^s^sfsfT^, 'T^KT'Sr ( & '^^'■TFT, ^- 

Emaciated by a. ?TT:^^T. 

Power acquired tlirougli a. FTTi^TPT?;?? n. rrTi»r?5 n. 

Practice of a. ^friP-'Tr^T m. r\<-\i-MH\\'^ m. 

AUSTEAL, AUSTEINE, a. V. SOUTHEES. ^fj^aT^^n", ^ffT^^5=5Tr. 

AUXHENTIC, AUTHEJTTICAL, a. rjenuine, true. ?nT, ^TfT, f^rft- 


AUTHENTICALSESS, AuTlIE.N'T IC IT V,». V. A. ^'VqtJTrH;. ^fq-rfr 

/. ■3T?T?iiT0TT w.fq^HqroTT?«. ?iHHroT?rTy:-jTm?Tr/.-jTrFif;r «. 

To Authenticate, v. a. render authentic. ?r^-^f^-rT£qff^- 
Author, m. j^rsi mover, heginner, ^c. Jprir »«. Jirr^fT'r »)(. 

vT^q; Mi. ^f^rTT m. g-?q-T^^ »>. ^ijr ?«. 

2 composer of a hook, Sfe. ?t'<T^R »«. ^T'^'f <Tf »«• wM\ m. 
Atjthoeess, n. ^T'vT^Tft'Jfl'/. 't'T^^f/- 
Authoeitative, a. having due authoritg. ^^JU\]^], ^JfiTr'JT, 

srJTTOTfq-f^T'J-^Tp, 3TTH", 3TrW, sniTTf'JTi?;. 

2 imperative, commanding, S^'e. S^s^f^T, ii •^ I -^T, ^J^-^\- 

AUTHOEITATIVENESS, «. V. A. 1. ?f Sf KMrTT /• JTTTrfcfT'fifn' /. 

arnrrTT/ arrHf^r «. 
I 2 ^ «j. ?5r^r »n. J^T^ «. ^?7T^cr/. ?r?5RcrTaTrM. jt^tt? 

m. tT?ft'mT=5rT ffrf m. 
AUTHOEITT, 71. icarranted power, v.Eule. 3T?tfqTT'«- ?I^T f. 
arf^'TR »*. ^^IT?IT »i. ^TTT »». ^^ w. ^ff n. 
Full a. j^f^TTfty. 

One invested with a. arftT^FTft, ^T^t^rff. 
To be in a. over. frlqr-^STTJT^ 3T«^. 

2 grounds for credence, Sfc. tcarrant, sanction, support. 
^^K m. 3TT«r5T m. sfiTTiI n. nH^ n. HFT n. ^Tf^^ n. 

Of little a. aT^qsfJTTCT, aT^TSTTm^. 

3 influence, credit, power, v. Weight, ^^f. =sfFrrff/. ^- 
?5=^?5/. 'TRST w. =F^^/. HIW.Kt/. TR^^V- ^TgTT^ m. 

4 authoritative opinion or saging. ^S\\^^'^^^n. gniT^T?f^«. 

That has a. — a writing, a writer, &c. ^HT, aif^J^P. 

5 or(?er, ^-e. v. Wabeant. ^^^/- ^^JT^rTT »i. ^''f^ m. 
arftr^FTT «T=? «. [^Tft m. 

6 ruling person or lodg. v. Goveenment. ?l^fT «. arftT- 
AuTHOEizATioN, «. V. Y. 1. — act. 3Tftr^]T-&c. qwf «. 

2— ac;!. flrf|?T-&c.JF^q- n. 
To Authorize, v. a. give authoritg or right to. -^^-^-m^ f.. 
^W^K «i.-3Tfq=frR m.-^x{J f.--^H m..&c. ^% 3^?Hf^nT- 
5^f3TTT-&c. ^Tof. 

2 estaUish Ig authoritg, maJce lawful. ;f ^ «!.-3tI^r/.- 
TTO^fr^p/.- &c. ^?iJr-'^t7f g. ofo. ?r%^T-^TftT^T-?t?lTrT^- 

Authorized, p. v. V. 1. ar^fTR f^^^r, (fcc H^fTTT, 3T^- 

2 See Lawful. 
Authoeless, a. 3T^|^, ^^t^-f^f^-&c. 
Autobiography, n. 3TTfK=^f^=5r w. 
AUTOCEASY, m. independent power. KfT'TTrTf^Tr^"- ^if^Tr^'!. 

H^f^nfr/. 3T?I?qTaf^7Tf^^^ m. aTT^Ttfr^TftfTlT >». 
AuTOCEAT, m. an alsolute ruler, ^rqrnf'^qfrr ?«. 5?^?-7R 

Vc^ m. ar^'qitft^Tlf'^^t »«. 



AriOOR.vrn, n. a perton's oicn hand uritmj. M(^«-ri< <t)i'i<^7».- 

AvTOMAiUAL, Ai-TOMATOi-s, ff. liaiiiij thr poicer of movinj 

It SI I/. Kf^r'^, 3(irH-«iH.+, ^^?, ■srrmt'?. 

AVTOMATOX, n.a self moving machine.^■{^■[^S^^^W,mi'i=^n. 

ArTO'OUY, fi. srlf government . STTfT^IIW'T ?'. 

AlTl-iiN, n. ?1T? or ?TTT/. ^?:?^FT^ ?«• TTT^H, ^^"Rxft >^/. 

AVTl-MSAL, a. ?T<r+.|->l'^T. ?TT^T?rr, ^TT^, ?T!^, ^K<(1'M, ^- 

The a. harvest ^R^P or ?rtW '». 
AviiLiAB,AnxiLiAHT, fl. T. Helping. JH%^r, ?T^, ?fT^- 

A. verb— in grammar. ■h^i-h^TT^ ??«. 
Ar:xixuBT, n. t. IIelpeb. JrrJnK c. ?r^qrrff m. ^^ ^- 
Auxiliaries. ^H^W 3TT^ "^/. 
To Avail, i'. n. anstrer the purpose, be of use. +IMI^-^PFfT- 
^T^TmnT-TT^Vft ^"Jf-^ot, q^n. ^ j?iy. co?i. 'poE'Jf, ^T- 

To a. nothlug. q^FoftW^ or ^tw.o^ ^^. 
2 le of use or advantage vnto, v. To Advantage. ?5T*r- 

k\n.h,n. profit .^y. Advantage. <f^ or 3; «. <fpt^ »i. S"?- 

Available, Availing,/), a. v. Y. 1. efficacious, servicealle. 

?W-"S.'C. TTJ'P, ■■3Tift^, "F3^,T, ^PTrT^Rq;-^Tll-:f7lft, hfr?- 

2 prof table, heneitcial, v. Advantageous. JjM<4 i <iNr , cTT- 

I. in force, v, Valid, xfj^^ ^ [ .^tri r. 
AvAlLABLENESs, w. V. A. 1. 3WR OT. T'PTMt'Tnrr «?. ;JW- 

Avalanche, n. was« of snow or ice sliding. siM<Nfe,'i err?i 

AvANT coL-EiEE, w. ^5 qR^n^T ^JfT^ W. 3Tq3^ m. J'Ct^OT. 
AvANT OUABD, n. vanguard, fs^ft/. 'iTTqi^N^^Nr/ 
AVAEICB, fl. V. COVETOCSNESS. VT^SJpT m. ^<^'^\ ^ m. ^T^- 

V\f- MHdiuil/. rflrj'^/. 3T*T^FTH m. 
Atakicious, a. v. N. ani Covetous, ^jt'jft, q?r??pfl', ^^- 

^^Pft, ^iT"!, ^>^, •F2|^. [^■^T. 

Ataeiciouslt, adv. v. N. ^:RRr»TT^, *|5T;:5t^^, tROTH^- 
Atabiciousness, «. V. A. tRPTT^ffqurr m. ^TTWff »j. 
At AST, interj. q>, 'I>^tt, fff t. 
AVAUKT, interj. ^r^, ^^^^.^ fTJl ^^, |tT. 
2b Avenge, r. a. v. To Revenge. ?5[1 m.- "^ m.-"^ M.-7- 

^ «.- &c. -i'H'Jf, H;3 w. q'lif , 'A P'^*-! M. '^, 
AVXNOEMENT, AvENQlNO, n. V. V.— ac<, ^jv^j ljf n. &c. 3T- 

^2 AYO 

AvENGEE, M. v. V. ^ q-OTTTr-Tn^iJrTTT-&C. %^ft. 

A. of his people. H^+H^STT^. 
Avenue, w. vag of apjiroach, v. Enthance. s?t^N'«T m. sj^^t- 

Tr^ »>. gK/w;). ?TT «. <\<«<MT w. [^JfTT m. 

2 roa(? ;(■««; (f//;/i frees. |T?fft CTTTt^ ^TT^/- I'^'P? fTlft^T 
To Aver, Averment, See To Affikm, &c. 
Average, n. mean p)ro2'>orlion. 5TTT m. ^'^'!^ or '^^^'['^ n. ^• 

fq^nrrw «. ■h<I'H<1/. w^^r=rT^/. 

In the a. Ou an a. WT^pft. 

Average price or rate. ^4.<^< *n=r m. 
Average, a. v. Middling, h^w. 
To Average, v. n. mmf(^ TTot-f^qTJf-^T'^. 
Averse, a. tinpropitious to, turned from. TTStrttt, TTTfJH^, 

r?r5^, 3Tsr?f=5T, sff^rffT. 

2 reluctant, lackicard, loatli, v. Unwilling, hivr ^»nT- 

Ayerseness, Aversion, n. v. A.l. Trem^TWTOT. H < lj; H^ rrr- 
/• f^?H<Tr /. ^\T^'^f?^ n. ^f^^^^\f. 

2 relucinncc, dislike, loathing, ^c. Tf^/. 3RTT^/. 

1. cause of dislike. ^TTH m. 
To Avert, v. a. keep off., divert, ^^i^^f, f^^TT'^, TR^, ^T5t- 

^, J^sfiif, crfl^fof, JTotT ««. \^.i fH^Wn n.-^vm n.-&Q. 
ERof g. of 0. 

2 turn from or mcag. f^T^, +|(J'Ji', "R?lf^"Jf, "RR^T Mi 
:FT>jf y. o/ 0. 
Averted,^, v. V. 1. ^^F^r^, &c. f^^lf^, Eri^rf, 3Tr^TT, 

Aveetee, w. v. v. 1. ^^^OTRT, ^TRTRT, &c. f^?R^, f^T^' 

Avertible, aj. v. V. 1. ^^=rRTT-=^-^3fmT-^rRW-&c.f?iiTRuft- 

AviART, n. ^\W^'^ f^HRiHUT ot. ^t^^^PTT »». Tf?7^TTBT /. 

Avidity, w v. Greediness. STtTT^HUII «». ^?JI^/^?^/, 
PidirlriHUII ?«. ^^f. ^"rt »«. 
2 V. Eagerness, ^s^rt »«. ^H<4>J|I »". 
Atocation, n. calling, employment, v. Business. vj^T »?. 

To Avoid, i;. a. escJieic, slnin. q^jf^, ^^F^, ^Tj^njfo^Tiaaf , 
2T^, f%«r|5 ST^'Jf, fTRiif "''V/' TTOPT of o. 3TFJT ^^'fif?: 
<ii*u|, 3TO^ w.-SfdHiui w.-3R;ft^nT m.-&c. ^PTiJf y. of o. 

Avoidable, a. v. V. 1.Mn^+<NI-^-^5TRTT-&c. Z\W'\^^-^\- ^T' 


2. diQi|i(r.=Err-^T-v>{iJHi-^rR^T-&c. 

Avoidance, Avoiding, v. V. 1. act. el'lotui' n. ^^^pJI «. «nf 
JFTwf m. c^f^ M. ^^r{ n. ar^rq^W n. 3T^ft^R m. 
2 — ac^ diotuj n. ■<^«hm?| n. &c. 

2b Atouch, t). <{. (wseri, o^er, t. To ArriBM. ^T^ftrn^-f%- 

^^ AWE 63 

To Avow, V. a. own, declare openh/, v. To Acknowledge. 

Avowal, Avowing, n. v. V. — act. :p5[?7 ^PT^ n. &c. 3T»ft- 

^i m. ^^rrr m. 
Avowed,^, v. V. ^^ %^c5T, &c. 3T'ft?i?r, ^'^?T. 
Avowedly, adv. with frank acknowledtjaneut. ^if'pT ^r^T^.T, 

Avowee, m. v. V. 3T^t-1PR^lTT, ^T^FP:"nm, SiC. arift^R^TTT, 

To Await, v. a. wait for, look for, abide, expect. ^]zf. TT^'Jf 

,<?. ofo. ^]h m. FSf^ y. of 0. sfift^fOT, ^l^^idf, ffTW' 

«•//"/« ?fT^ &c. o/o. 
AwAiTiKG, n. V. V- — act. ^\Z Tl^^ n. &c. sfrff^'jf n. STcff- 

To Awake, To Awaken, v. a. vm^-^rn'?T-<S:c. Jf?^, 3"?;=?'^, 

^TtT »i.-sr^':T wi.-sTr^^ w.-ST^q-q- m.-&e. ^^. 
iTo Awake, v. n. ^?rTnr-^rj?T-^rR-q'-&c. ^, f niT^, Tm. 
Awake, a. v^^T, ^mfT, OT^^4, f 5TR, cwf^f;^, 3Tf^?, f^- 

1%?, iFTf^r^, f'T^f^T?, 5?f5f^f . 
To be a. ^^TFTJf. 
To be a. to. ^rpiirf. 
Awaked, Awakened,^, t. V. vFn"'Tr%%OT o- 5rT%?rT,»nTf^?, 

Sf55, ST^ftTfT. 
Awakening, a. rousint/, exciting. ^^[\^V^'^^^^\f^^-Sic. 

<t)<<J|KI, sfsfttT^, 
Awaking, Awakening, n. v. V.A. — «!ci. ^TilT ^FT^». f^^TH- 

n «J. ^^■■^ n. ^«T OT. !T^q^ n. ^T^tT «!. 
ill AwAED, V. a. give Ig judicial determination. ^ tl es | ^^Tf- 

AwAED, n. V. Seniekce. f^r^rjT m. ^^i=j w. /. ^?r?5T m. ^ 
«t. f%>^ "«. 

"Written a. f^qr^^T n. f^ofjpT^f n. "^.W^^^jm m. ^^^^- 
^J^T m. +i^Mi< ?«. 

AWAEDED^. V. V. f^JfTST ^PC=T ^=ff^^?n', &C. 

Awaee, a. vigilant, attentive. ?rT=r^, ^TT^iRItI, gf^rT, ^?TTT. 
2 apprized, made acquainted. H I f^d ' 1 1 <-;^^TR-5ITO«r^R-&c ■ 

^r?5^r, ^tfKfn, smr^Kf, ^iTT?rat^, ^r^^, sf^tftm, fsffrrf^Tfr. 

AwAT, a(/y. i» absence from, "^kf^^, TH^, 3T!7f5T^, 3T-q'- 

2 from, on its icag from. The sense of this word as 
used with a verb is best expressed in Marathi by the 
use of another verb, as 1%^ vfrnf To go a. ^^ ZwA 
To give a. ii<^H ^of To throw a. q^ CFrrof To run a. 
To make a. with, ^]zf. r^'if-^'Tot g. of o. m^ sp^^ 

Away I Away with I interj. ^^, =q'?!f^^, fTft. 
Awe, ti. dread, reverence, v. Peae. ^^^ m. ^m m. e^T^TT 
m. ^RT «J. tTRcf or^f. ^J]^ m. ^V^ m. et^TF w. r. 

^T, ^fTotT, srr^ ?», ^^ ?»."|^/. ^?R^/. i?. q:^, ^ 7«. 


To lose one's a. of. >ft3/. ^T'Jf-HT'Jf y-fj/o. ^TJif. fror. 
To stand in a. of, v. To I-'eau. fTIwif, Sf"^^^, ^^^Z- 
^TiJf, ^JTR ni.n. ^\ui., ^HRof. 
To Awe, t;. «. ^r^f ot.-^^j^ «».-^7RT ■m.-&c. sm^ri^r, '-^tt: m. 

^T^^ot, T^'ST^^k n. qRijf, ^^/. ^af-^^f5rot. 
AwE-STEucK, a. tTT^ &c. 5f?T^f7T, ^?R3^T. 
Awful, a. that strikes tvith a. tTT'7Jr=5TT, ^T^TT^^TT, ^''^-TRr, 

^^:%^, ^^^pr^T, sr^T^^r^T, j^iFft^T, ^^ ^^^.J^v^]., -^r^- 
5Rf^RiT^rnr-?fR^T, ^^, 'jt'^r. 

AwFULNESS, n. V. A. ^sj^r m. ^^TR »»• ^ »«. JilrT ov T'-^T^ 
Avi'HILE, «(/y. JFf|t ^^T'TfT, ;Ft|t ^TSTqcf, Jpt^R?!:, 3TH5!;, 
Awkwaed, a. climisg, unskilful, unliaiuly. ST^Fft, 3T?irfT, 

3m^5, 37R5?:-qT, 3Tre^?(5fr, JTPP^sft, q-?r;f€n-, ^Ri?;-zrT, 

The a. and rude, — comprch. 3T5T"Jft ^'^^ Tsf'T- 
•TtTT^ m. pi. 
2 — of things, v. Clumsy, ^r^?, 'fiWl^AV^J or ^V^^\^^ 

s, ^fte, %55i, %ff?ft,'~'T^;5iRT^r, 57515!;, 'iT^rgFfr. 

3 impleasant, disagreeable, nntoward, ^'c. sr^TW^, ^sT'Jr, 
3T5=5ruft=5Tr, Hft'^T,"JtWi^T. 
AwKWAEDLY, «(7y. v. A. 1. aT^fT^^T^^, arsi'J'Mm^, '#r^T- 

AwKWAEDNESS, H. V. A. 1. aTST^rffT^T o;* ariMTWr wi. 3T^r- 


2 s?R?7'JTT Mi. SRr?;7orT ««. sffraqiJTT )». %ft?ft/. 

3 ^Hcc-jSHuu m. W'Zl^iH^w m. 
Awl, «. arft/ 3TR/. ^TTwr «. '^v^^ n. 

To bore with an a. ( ?:riT'Jr ) ^nT"Jr, ^^"Jf. 
AwLESS, «. V. Feaeiess. fvfHT, f^yrW. 
Awn, n. ^?r35 n. ^?r n. ^?t^«. 

Awning, n. g-rr ?i.^y. sTf*^, =Eff^/ 3TRHRlfn^/. =£rf^5rT ?« 
^irT^RT n. ^Tfir^ 0?- ?Tf*RT ««• mTTiTT or ?IT ?«. fq'Jn'H «•. 
To cover with an a. ^rtT^i^r. 
AwET, a. V. Oblique. st^IT, f^R1??r, frf^^r, fft^^r. 
Axe, n. f^fH/. ^5R ?h. ^VO^pop. q^^j ot. rt^i^j jk. 
Axilla, n. arm pit. ^FRT/. qnjj/ ^F^ ?«. 
Axillae, «. q;r#qT, ^^RTsjtft. 

Axiom, «. sdf-emlent truth. ^}:^f^^^^^X^^ «.-f^?f ?2.-&c, 
Axiomatic, Axiomatical, a. v. N. srfq'?lf%i;, ^^. 
Axis, Axle, Asle-teee, n. srw m. arf^jf ?«, ar^ m. ^m m 
nuiT «!. 

Axle-box of a cart. ^\^^l m. 

Grease for a, ^'PFT «. 

Transverse beam of a. ^^TPPTT^f /. 
At, Aye, tK^y. t. Tes. ^, ^t^", ?Tf , SR. 
Aye, adv. continually .^ v. EvEE.^rtcT, f^(rf?. 

For a. vi^.V^. 
AziMuiH, K. ( of a heavenly body. ) ^irf^T m. 


The co-azimuth. ft^1\ in. I^V-^J "i- 
AzL'BE, a. atKHI'ft, •flTTT^Noff. 



B. I 

[} This letter is represented by si, and, when aspirated, 

by H. 
To Baa, v. «.— as a sheep, q^of , ^ n. ^T^, ifteui. 
To Babble, t». «.— as a child, v. To Phattle. ^rq^^rc^or. 

2 fall- UUy, v. To PRATE.^pFofr, sppppof , ^Z^7^.^ '^i.Ai.^. Ij 

3 till secrrfg, v. To Blab. 4.1 iuj, 515<if, ^ITT^'if, ^"fS «■- j, 
^1^^ «i.-^T/.-&c. <TR55>jf .?. ofs. ij 
4— as a 8tream,&c. <--lot-+,H-i^oi<Moi-&c. iJT^ijf-crr^iTf. '| 

Babble, Babblement. Baeblixo, ?;. v. V. 1. — act. ^Tefl 

2 cTPJf H. i<te. sf-7:5rF/. mwsf- ^2:^/. spP'jft/ spFTTm. 

:3 Trrsiit «. ie. trtnT^ri'TT/. ^ff'iHi'ft/. stt^tti/. 
Batbleb, «. Baeblixo,;?. o. v. V. 1. ^r^5 5ftf=Jtrrm', "^j^m. 

2 ^ jii i ui Ki , &c. sf^qs-^r, 5R:^?:^rr, ^r^^r^, T=En"o5t o;- 

3 <pis<JlK(, riisictuiHi, &c. ^fTTT, ?55rqT7, cTT^, ^%=5fr 

^^^^T ^MMi ^^, ^i^/. 

4 ^73?To5 ^MUlPil, &c. 

Babe, Baby, n. r. Infaxt. fTF^J^ «. 3Tf'IN'i.^M-i m. W^^- 
T^^ w. [ttts^ «. 

Babel, n. hulliili, v. Upboae. ^^,^s^j f. SF^^T^ /. ^H^- 

Baeoon, n. (J+Mirfm HraS 3Tf|. 

Eabxhood, «. rTF'I'mT »s. 

Babtish, See Childish. 

Bacchanal, Bacchaxaltai.', n. one lolw indulges in revel- 
ing. %^ m. 3l*i|, ^^.sfRT, <TT^?§5F, qT^?r^, "THTfT. 

Bacchanal, Bacchanalian, a^pertaininj to revelinj. TRT- 

f^nrrerr, Miiti'iK'Tpjrr, Trnmr^^(ift, TRtT^r^rfsTTT^. 

BACCnA>-ALS, n. drinJcinj feasts, revels. qfHTr^«r ni. qy^^irr- 

tH m. MH+ka^r »». 
Eacheloe, »!. unmarried man. 3ff^^rf|rr-3T^-&c. q^T ?». 

For the exact expression of the sense of this word 
there is perhaps no word in MardiM;ioT the Maraihas 
and the Hindus generally hold celibacy, excepting in 
the instance of saints and ascetics, as unnatural and 
abominable. From the same reason however, there are 
very numerous and very significant terms and phrases 
of reproach and contumely. To the man studying the 
mind and spirit of the MaraiU people the study of these 
terms ( which arc here collected ) in their particular 
aspects and allusions, will afl'ord instruction. JTOom?:, J 

^m^^'w^z, TjJTTTr, B>^, bM^, ^sfjTn, i^m., ?r^- 

9rftn, ?f5f^^ or ^%^cqT, ^TST'iT?!', ^J^H^T^IPFR^CT, '<rRT- 
f^TTB!:, TrfmfTT^, ^TTfqTo!;, Trftn or "pftnTli, ^ti"?)ft7. 

And for the expression of the sense as enlarged — as 
including together with the idea of lack of spoxise and 
seed, the ideas of homelessness, unsettledness,v.ncomfort- 
allencss, disconnedcdness and disregardedness, some 
terms and phrases are, q'T'iKji STTfiT StT^T 1^-^, rTT^ 
f^=fTS 5IFJrS ^Ttfrsf 3T1^, f^r^TT ^TrT |T^T 5t7ra7=q' 3Tf|, 

^^^iT 'fTtir nisrfrr >ft'T OTfar 9;^ f^^T, 3TFT?5sf^=^gn^. 

Bachelor's Button, n. — the flower. ^p:z\^ n. 
BACHELoEsniP, «. arqfOTirr m. 3Tl%=rT%f?^ m. 3T?r5?? », 
3Tf5nrTl^rTT^'4T/. 3^^ «■ 

Bac^, «. ^\zf. ?g «. ^^JTm w. 

^n contempt, &c. ^\Z\% or '^XZV^ or ^TZ^ n. ^ZKf. 
Behind the b. of. TT^THt, <TT€f, ar^TT^, 3TH?q'?T,7'i'TPf, 

Carbuncle on the b. :pT5ST3tt/. Epr5I<PTl m. I^T^/. 
Hump on the b. ^5 «. "ft^ «• ^FT^ n. ^?Tf*T »«. 
Having the b. towards. qT5HKT or H|^<|, JTPTHKr OJ' 

Of a broad or large b. — a centipede. TSITT. 
On the b. oi,2nckhaclc.'^^Z^'^ or^X!SfJ^^ or^YZ^^^. 
To be on one's b. he helpless from sickness, Sfc. ^f^- 
?ftF or hI^ TT^ J^moT or 3TW, ^jft^T ^W.^ 3T?r^,^^- 

of or f^^^ 3T?r5r, 3'?rTtTT arwnt or q-^^, 5f?rsrfg,?r q5<rf. 

To break one's b. TTT/. ^nTof, ^TPf/. H^TTTot'Jf, 5^/. 

To turn one's b. on. TT^/. ^of, TR/. 5155% qre/. 

2 hinder part— genav. ^JZf. fq^^STiT «?. fq"=5Wit/. fr- 
■^?i=)l^l or fq-^IT m. TTS^r^TT or qTSTOT »«. ?^ «. ^HTT 

At the b. of. lit.fg. ^\t\^, TT^iTFT, TT^f, TPt, q=i^, 
Blank or unwritten at the b. qiS^FTCT. 

From the b. of. qT^Hrn;?T, tt^;?!, qis^T, fr^ij^rn-JTT^f t. 

To append or add to the b. of. ^TrF^TT^TT FTFT^. 
To be at the b. of. S l«fl=JT-|'RT?5rRT-qc5'^rT5r'[-&c. 3T?r^ 
g. of 0. [%c^, JTFf, T^^. 

Back, «(?«. in return, — of place. TTmiTforft or T, 7^, q^fj^ , 

2 behind, in the hinder place, Sfc. HFT, qr^T^, qTS^^I, 

qitrfit, qre^T^TT^, qre?f^, iw^--^ i^^mt, ^"s^^. 

3 «yfl/», in return. qT?r, qT^, TT^Rf or X\ or T, f9>^H', 
^•. iiop. ^'\^., ^^.Z & 3^CT (esp. in comp. as 3777 TfTT, 
3H7q^, 3'?r?:JTT'T, &c. ), %T (esp. in comp. as qR^JTFT, %- 
^^, &c. ), sff^r ( in comp. as i)fd<^H, sffHtsff^ ). 

4 icith the I), forward. qTiHKI or qT5¥mTTT. 

To Back, «. «. moinit on the h. of. ^\Z\^X ^^3t, qi^t?^ ^RT'T, 
^T^TR It'll, ?^^^tT n. Jp^iJf y. of o. 
2 ff/f?, support, V. To Help. qre/. s^, qi^/. ^^"ty. o/o. 
TT^i^n: gr^tjif y. o/o. qrf^qr arn'jf, qre^fss m. '^-^prw, 

5TT^?Tft/. ^R^ y. ofo. WKTw^m %'if, 3^^^ »i. ^^dT, 
3;);/< larlcu-ard, cause 1oreccde.Vii¥\^^-^^TT^-^.l^-'^\^^^ 


4 — in wrestling; throw on the b. =Efr?r- jTAI H '^ ^-^rS'iTT- 
&c. ^^Tjf, 3'crT'JTT TTf^f-WT^OT. 

5 ( a boat, with an oar ). q'?^ ^Z m. tT^ or ^^^ ( ?IT- 
%?T, frft?T, TFTSfmH, &C. ). 
To Back, v. n. go hacl-wai-Js. 5TR o»' TTStHTrl ^iif-?f^af-^r'jf , 

nts^T-Tre^nr-cfcc. =En^ijf. [&c. qaf. 

2 out; T. To Deaw Back. JTraTT/. %at, :pT5^ «.-f%fT?f- 
ToBack-btte. t). a. dander one absent, v. To Asperse. qr?ft- 

Tm =5r^/.-5n^ /.-&e.^?;>?f-?Tm-?fFTor y. o/o. "rfr^r- 
pt^t/. <?fr?T>g'T «.-7^?^T5rT^ »». ^^iit y. of 0. ^zf. 

^^ g. of 0. 
Back-biter, n. Back-bitinq,jj. a. \. V. TT^FiFi -^^i^ m- 
iT'JTRT, &c. =Ef^, =Er^^=qr^r, =5ff t^^r, =Ef^Ti^^, ^\v<^- 

Back-bitin&, «. V. Y.—aci. =q"^Tft ^f'M ». =;r^Tit/. ^TFft 

/. fjr/. qfr^f%/. tr^r^TTTsn^ m. ^T\^^-^ n. =^f. 
Back-bone, n. spun m. ^,\z\ m. qt?T m. ^tSTTT m. ^?fr m. 

Fore end of the b. of beasts. HT^^f^ m. 
Back-door, n. ^^M^ or mVi_H n. JTPftrT^ n. miy^<i^\< n. 

=^\T^^ n. f^'l^t/. 
Back-groond, «.^fig. state of neglect or loss of notice. HT- 

To throw into the b. ^ n.-^^^ f. aTTOTW anVA H o>- 

Back-pax, n. TPT^q'FliToirqT T^R iH.-^rnr «.-<tc. 
BaCK-eoom, m. iTmrTT STtTT^ #?^/.-^T^/. 
Back-side, n. posteriors, ifs/. Jc^ «• ff'Tt/. 

2 7u'»(f«- stWe, V. Back, q-ys /. ^15 n. g^'TFT ««. ^^5,^1 ?«. 

fq^jrfr/. mi^ 3TtT «. 

To Back-slide, v. n.faU off from a religious course. I^if^- 

^, ^nra^, f^=^5jot, 'Tf?fK-Hp?-&c. ^tw, ?r^nt w.-ttp! m. 

Back-slider, n. Bace-slidikg, |). a. v. V. f^'<TWRT, &c. 

Back-stairs, n. ^Rf^^ ?«. 3TT5fJT?Tr in. 
Back-swoed, n. ^^^trrft rR^R/. [TTSfT'Jr n. 

Back-taed, n. <R?f or ^^^ n. ^X'^^ n. qrl n. Hm?5 3TiT"Jr «. 
Backer, n. v. V. A. 2. TTS^OTRT, TTSTT^jT'^Rr, &c. qTStr^qj, 

qreTr?H"^r, qtir 0/ qreqr or ^^^ or qifsTT o»- qifjiTT, 

Backing, v. V. A. 2 — act. qre ?uf «■ qrs TT^"'f w. &e. qrsq- 

^Tsrr »». qre/. q^fTRrr o?- q^^ ««. q^ /. qT^mRt /• q^- 
qRft or (jft/. J5^ »«. 5JTi-?5r »>. 3"qTro!;T m. 
V. V. N. 1. — act. TFT ^?:>jf «. inn ^^iJf m. 
2 TTT^nr ^6f M. ^T^^ ^"ft «• &c. [ ^t. 

Backward, ac?tf. towards ones back. qr^ftTRT, ^TRT, ^^TrnT- 

2 (f(V/t </ie b. forward. qTSJTRr, qTSm^Rr, qret^?rWfT, 

qr^, HTn^qrqRfr, JTrnrqiqisfF^t, HRT^^rqT^rf^. 

3 /;'0)« «//e icrong end. :????:, ^pjtt, 3-^^^^, ^gfrpiTTHf, 
B. and forward. J^STTf ?7H:r, 3^?Tqi7:^r, ^''PTTTf "PTI^, 

65 BAG 

Backward, a. vnwiUing, v. Averse. JTRTRquTT-qTH^^r, 

2 V. DiLATOliX. fSHT, ^r^T, ^f'^, ^15, %T^, ^FT, it?. 

3 notproJicieni,'H\'VB, HRRT^^r, Hm^R^FTT, HRt q3%?Tr. 

4 Zrt^e !)t season, not early. JTRRT, HRTTSH' fq^F^TTrT- 
Backwardness, v. A. 1. fsTH^rrr/. f^RRR^FrTT/. f^fn /. 

2 f^^qoTT m. f%st/- ^q^<^T »«. %T?TC/- f ^Z 
Bacon, «. ^q;?:!^ iTT?r m. [DT-?i''TT5!;'Jf. 

To saye one's b. a^iig^^T/- q?^?T W^f, qrjfl^ «. sT=5Tr?- 
Bad, «. ill, ey(7,— gencr. ^rrf?:, ^=RT^, ^TT^T^r, 3T>l5r, W^?:!, 

?r5RT, ^f??r?r, ^^'5:, ?i^Rr. 

—freely oc compreh. ^^?n?^, ^TTf^f^ff^, ^Tfs^^isrt^Sr, 

^TT^^^TT^^, ^^?r^, #^^R:r, rrm^Tf^rq;!, afmflm, 
gsrr qr^?:r, 

Badish. Efrr?=rr'JrT or crft. 

To make b. worse. q^R-^HTT ^W?T »«• q;^"^, TcF.^ffT'T'r- 
tift/. 3TT>il0T, fraf5 gHT 5f5:q;;r q;?:i3f. 

2 vicious, sinful, v. "Wicked, g"?, qpft, qifq^, 3T^H, ^- 
?ft?5, f3?ft?y, II, (ill comp. as |^^Rt, %^'^i &c. ),f ( iu 
comp. as J'ST^T, JJ^, <fcc. ). 

3 T. Unwholesome, g"?, »rTyrq^, ^TRir, 'flP^^'+Kq?, ^T^T. 
Bad-hearted, «. 5|^, 5|^, Pl^, |'?*TRt?T, I'^RT-.^pm. 
Badge, n. mark of distinction, fsf^ n. ?fOT/. f^^TT^ft /• r^- 

^Ttq M. f^^ or fir^ «. spqjur «. ^T m. 
Badger, n. i^q; v?nTNT arff. 
To Badger, sj. o. persecute, worry, ^'c. y. To Tease. ^TT^iJf, 

5fT^0r, ffrsoT, ^r5roTqj/.-^^jmr?/.-&e. ^m g. of o. ^'h 

»». ^qTTTf-f^sjT^rr qr?: «;. %of y. of o. qretw ?^T'T'?r-qT3^TT 

?w. ^T^ g. of 0. 
Badinage, n. light talk. g^^-f%=fRt^ ^t?r^ «.-'>TT"T^ n. 
Badly, ado. v. A. 1. ^?:, ^TT^, =rTf^ Ttfft^, 5TTq?r>f. 
Badness, n. t. A. 1. ^Tf^m »». ^^T^rmT »«. ?ITq?Rq'Jrr m. 

&c. Jprrf^rfq- «. 

2 gi^quiT »i. ^r^ «• qif^^HT / 

3 1^/. ^TT^^qorr m. arrtTq??fr/. 

To Baffle, v. a. foil, v. To Defeat. ^^^1%ijf, HITOT, ^r:- 

if(jf, sq-4-g'5-^is<p?5-&c. q;^iJr, crr|=pjf, =qT?5^wT q;'[af, iq- 
fri^-i-;i'SBq??q-^f??rT?T?r->fcc. w>x^. 
Bafeled, p. V. V. ?5jqd%^?5r, =^w=TRrT%?5'OT, 5q"4-%^=5r,ctf. 

Bag, n. sack, Sfc. ^?5rw. dim. ^^f. 5?5P'>. dim.Z^f- qpr «. 

B. to hold paper and traps. i^rS n. ^n^RT or ^;;t- 
5^ n. 

B. with pockets or divisions. W^\f. m^T m. dim. ^- 
Cift/. STRirr WJ. q^sT^T m. 

Bag and baggage. STT^sjrFf or fsf^TRT /. q^q^^^ ". 

iT=rrS 'PTT^ «. 'Nioi'T5TT^ ". srrjf^r^rr »«. 

Four raoutlied b. ^ffssirr ">• ^RfT /. 

String to draw the mouth of a b. CJ^T^r^F m. 3fi3^:~r 
m. VJ\^JX\ m. qi^fT m. 

Two-mouthed b. ^\^z\f. ^Sqt/. 1I\f[ f 
2 (for holding money), v. Fcrse. fq^T^ /. ^fH?rr vi. 
W.m m. ^fKCTft /. ^^r m. 

Mouey,&c.b. of shroft's and goldsmiths. q;7o5cf«. ^Tc^r 

B AT Cfl 

m. 'ft'Tlft /. <fT?Jt ". #fft /. 
3 (of auimals). ^rn or #T w. 
Tu Bao, v. a. (i;,'. poi'L-t, approprialr, S{c. f^n^ff^T-nsr^'Trfr 

To Bag, r. n. swell like a hay, lellj/, sicaj. gTrJ'Jf, ^[r5 »>.- 
gpz^r w«. ^, 'TRToEOT. 

2 about; Jiaiiy or sit looscli/. tjomoiot, q^^^T^ or ^f a(/y. 

Clothes, oruamouts,&c.tliafc liaug bagging, (^citlol <ft^ 
Bag-pipe, «. '^ ST^R^ =rr?T '^TI^. 

B. for cliarmiug snakes. ?rm^ or qTT?JT n. 
Bagatelle, n. v. Teifi.e. ^qfT'TT? /. 

EAGOAGE,fl.(oran army). %S!r^PTT in. ^?T^ftf=5^^ »». 5"!^ 
". «ir^4u|'l «. STTlTTT^'T «. ^^^TK w. ^iTIHt^?^?^ «»• 
L» ( of an iiulividual ). ^HIHM «. ^mM^HM «• ^^T^HT m. 
?7^ «. ^^ 5JP^ n. ^r^yi--)^'/. srrjf^?TRT or ^ /. iTWTT- 
==1 rt. 4iri~i or q^ici K. rt'i'-H^ or ^d^ci ?;.?Jr^=tt^ ?«. ^TTTg- 

Bag and b. v. Bag. eJI^Rl^JM/- 

3 u'orthless ivoman. ^\;^^ n. 3fFn«T'^^«- ^T?5 n. m^ n. 

Bagger, n. Bagging, 73. a. v. V. N. ^rmas, q'5E^T^, ^ToET, 

^T75T or gF=^, ^Tt^J^P^, 3155 or %^^, 
BA0^■IO, n. v. Bath-room. ^rST"!^ »■ ^MIH<MMT ot. 

2 V. Brothel. %3q7?!:^ «. WiqT^raT /. 
Bail, m. the security given, vrrfn^ /. ^Mt^^/. 
To give leg b. iJW or iT^?ft^ n. ^'^^. 
2— the person. ^JrHft^ c ^?nTft?T?T^, sffFTH m. 
B. for appearance. ^T^^?nTflv{, ^^T^srf?r»T^w. 
B. for good conduct. %?I^?nTftT, ^tmr^^TTrfrH, f^'^IW- 

B. for pecuniary liability. Hl''v^)^1?r, 
To admit to b. vmrft^ ^T '^\l^. 
To Bail, v. a. free on hail. ;JTmt=T »».-^ift=Tt^/.-^'Tt?ft /• 

--din'h'M/. %ts?r msof. 

2 «<««(/ ia(7/or. ^TTift^ |tw, ^if^?T^/.-^?ITfH^/. ^. 
Bailable, «.— a person. ^sTTrfr^ff q^?i ^re^qw ^V^. 

2— an offence. ^ppf^T ^'TW W^, ^T^H q^i^T mT^. 
Bailiff, n. qr^RT^qr fMT^n^^ ^^^ ^m^FT 3TTf . 

2 suhordinafe officer. sitT^ jre. ( his office, ^tT^/. ). 
To Bait, «. a. (a hook, &e.). |ft /.-^?r m.-3TTfTT'T «.-&e. 

2 ..7/c^ rrfrmJimeiit. S,'c. upon the road. "^W^ or ^T^^Thi.- 

3 Jt'orry, harass, v. To Tease, v^^, <Tr50T, ^r^EOT m- 
fTfrra /. ^^ 5r. 0/ 0. 

Bait, ?i. ( for a hook, &e. ). ^ /. ^tjt m. srif^ «. 

2 Zwre, enticement. 3TTf*T7 ». ^i^^/.q^l^K'-l^T »«. ^^■[■^^n. 
To hold out some b. jt'^T^^ m. fTR^%;f6T, ?rr^^ /. 


Baize, «. q|^ «. 

To Bake, v. a. HTSTot, T^K^ M.-&C. ^PTwf y. q/" 0. 

2 — in chemistry, &c.( by fire ). 3TftT^^ «. ^^-^?;"n, ( by 

the sun ), ^5^ or ^g^f^^urq^ n. l^-w.i^.^ ( in a pit ), 

ipT^^ or Z n- ^,"^-^"jf . 
Baked, p. v. V. 1. Hr^^^T, ^^[Sf. 
Baker, «. v. V. 1. TFr'JnTr, H^^q^rft. 

I. person ivJto makes ami sells bread. ^r€t5rT"5T ?«. 
Baker-legged, a. ?Tf ?r^^, ^^?r.dlH-+, tw. 
Bakery, n. ^^t^J^TT^ ^JTIK «. 

Baking, «. v. V. 1.— «rf. ^tt^"^ n. H^%. 
Baking-plate, ?i. — iron or earthen, FT^r^w — earthen,^T^». 
Balance, n.pair of scales. cTm^/. rRT^^/. H^F /. 3^iTT^ 
«. — large, ^Z m. r\nm. — small, esp. of jewellers, &c. ^t- 
jr m. rTT^^IT m. Wr^f 

B. having a tongue. ^FfST in. 

B. for nice weighing ^PRUI^tCT ««. 

Beam of a b. ^Ift"/. 

Dish of a b. qil n. 

False b. <t5^fft/. 

Fraudulent turn of a b. in weighing. ^fHiT w. v. \ 

Inclination of an unequal b. qT^PT m. 

Inequality ( untrueness ) of a b. ?r? m. 

Strings of a b. f3# n. grl|^->| n. f^T^^ «. 

Tongue of a b. ^.v.] ?«." 

2 ( of an account ). SJT^/. %?5^/. f^T^^ ^TT^t/. ^Fift- 
?rTq?t/. 3-^R/. ^TfTT^ w. 

B. brought forward. afT^tJr/. a?l<JUNnn/. 

B. ( for or against ) on a tradesman's books. ^TrT- 

B. as drawn or set down. f^TfS^ ^TTST »i- 

B. sheet. f^T?rqj«f? m. 

Chain of balances. f^T?5^?rt^r5ft /. 

Dead balances, h.s given vp as notfortlicoming. ^#t?T- 

Outstanding b. ^^iTFpt/. 

To leave a b. TT^?rT-T5:fiT ^IW. 

To leave no b. f^^^^ f.-^^W' f. '^X^ 9- of 0. W^.^ 

To settle or discharge a b. ^'[^f. V^ ^iJf, ^rnff /. 

3 See EQriPOiRE. 4 — the sign. g?5T/. tToE/. 
lb Balance, «j. a. counterpoise, SfC. v. To "Weigh. ^rJOT, 

2 ( an account ). f^W+S:tliT m. 5PT^-37R^, ^HT^^TPpl 

or SfFfft/. ^T^^r, vTJTnjT-q' in. ^JX^'^^^. 
To Balance, v, n. he on a poise. ^^^?iX^ 3T^. 

2 See To Hesitate. 
Balcont, n. ^STT m. 
Bald, a. wanting hair. 5^?^, n^l^-qr, %^TfV^, %^Tf^?:f|^, n- 

A b. spot. Jtj^ST «. 

EAL 6?^ 

2 naked, ■unadorned ^-c. v. Baee. qiS^, g^, ^pqr, aff- 

3 inelegant, mean, — composiliou, &c. ?:^, ^^H, HT'Pl, 

Baldeedash, «. T. Peate. ijq^^ / 

Balj)>-ess, m. v. a. 1. ^jgF5 M. ?tr"^ «. ^^^\Z n. WAl^^ n. 
%?T?Tf|fq' n. 

2 ^%TOTT «'. igHT^nr in. ^qwri OT. &c. 

3 HT^STOTT m. &c. ^.^r^Tf. X^f[^r[\f. 
Baldpate, n. Z^titff. 5:jg?JiTT'<TT m. 
Baldpated, a. Z^^^^]^x:^r^ cTT'^^-STT, ^v^Z^h 
Baldeick, n. ornamented helt. H^^ft^TT TfT m. 
Bale, ». v. Bundle. it^T m. ^T^tTT m. f^5 «• fT^T >«. fsriT m. 

dim. fif^^ or f%^^/. 
Strap of a b. ^T^ift/. 
Wrapper of a b. sfR^PT n. qTH^ n. 
To Bale, d. a. lade out ivater, Sfc. 3"HTot or 3'TH'jf, ^TS'jf, 

<?. o/o. 

2 Mta^e into a lale. irgT flz. ^ffq-df. 
Baleful, a. ei'/Z, t. Calamitous. ^"J, «JTfJ, 3T?r5;f:pT^cp^ aT- 

Balefulness, 11. V. A. 5'?T^r ot. &c. 3T^5Lf;inT^p?5T n. &c. 
Baling, «. t. V. l.—ait. ;j^<T^ «. &c. ^'^tt »». ^^TCfft/. 

3'^T'Jr «. or 3'TOT-?"THoft-3TT?rT. 
Balk, w. ?■%« vnplouglied. ^n| »». ^n;^^/ TiiTJft/. 

2 heam. ^^X^ n, 

3 V. DisAPPOixMENT. aTT^TPrn w. ^?5T m. 
To Bale, v. a. disapjyoint, deceive. arr^TT/- 'Ttl'^, 3TT^Tr*nT»». 

<P^n ^Tor, ^rTT^T- f^Tr^-3TT^imn- &c. sF^of. 

2 to plow leaving halks. ^WS n.-^xmf. Z^ 5=IFT^"Jf. 
Ball, m. — gener. nra w. iJO/^^ TloST »«. fZm. q'Mt/. nts^ m. 

2^to play with. ^^jn. ^^ w. 
Pile placed to be thrown down by a b. ^^['^\ 

3 ( of medicines ). 2^111, ^c. ift^/. ^^/. ^S^ pop. n- 

4 ( of the eye ). g^ol n. ?r=5fiTr?J ?h. ?r^jftr5^ »j. 3Tf?7nr- 

5 ( of thread, &c. ). ifft/. n^^/. n^| «. n'Tsft/. or 
S w. n5T5?t/ 0'- S M. jTSToSr m. n:5T m. fq^T OT. fwST >». 

G entertainment of dancing. ?n^ «;. HJqif^cf j;j. ?{;q^jTT- 

tT m. -^ n. 
Ball-fieing, Ball-peactige, n. itroft^^jB. 
Ball-eoom, «. ^rfq-^TTFrr/. 'Jf^'tf^ ». ^T^qi^T^ 3TfT m. 
Ballad, n. trifling son(j ,^ .^osa . t^rsT^t/. 3^/. qT ^-M'flcl w. 
Ballad- siN&EE, «. cTRTJft^rr^ c. rnsT'^siTrrr ?»• ?TT^T m. 
Ballast, n. ( for a ship, &c. ). f^^ftT or f^^ n. m. 

2 fig. f^'4«dl + K+ nir OT. 
To Ballast, v. a. f^^]V( or T^f\H n. m. >TTq-, 
Ballet, n. ^vu^^n^ ^fT n. ^IR^ ji. 



Balloon, ». vehicle ■which proceeds llrctigh the 

\^.^T^ n. arr^r^i^r^ n. B^^■^T^ «. T^^■[^ n. 

Ballot, n. hall or ticket, ( in Aotiug ). JHT^HfrRjjsj^nf^- 
WAf.-%^ m.-f^^ n. 
2 voting Ig lallot. \. V. 'jfe^PTgT^r or FM^JVi ^H ^rj^frT 

lb Ballot, v. ii. vole Itj lallot or ticl-et. n^^TgTTT or ?I?jfST- 

Balm, n. grerqr f nf^-rf -m m.-=^, m.-t{% m. 

2 fragrant ointment. ^lifferrT 3^^ ». 

3 any thing that heals or soothes. 3^^1Pr^ n. Z^XfX^W- 
^^'A n.-Sic. \ymW'. 

Balmt, n.— of slumbers, nr?, ^^P^, g^^'^, ^R'^'^T^vR^- 

2 \. Peageant. ^JTlfy*.' 
Balneaet, n. V. BAin-EooM. H^ITTHTT «• ^fTTTR n. 
BalneatOet, Balneal, a. ^f^TUIMi^l, ^RfFTR^^--f|". 
Balsam, n. — common b. fR^r »»• 2 See Ointment. 
Balsamic, a. soothing, softening. g'WT^R^, ^^R^'^'^n^^- 

^PRq;, ^^^TR^. 
Balustee, n. f^T^Ht/. ^FSS^^^T T^ m. iRT^ ««. ^PS^^irfT 

iRl^/. TTT^/. 
BALrSTEEADE, «. rOir o/ hcdtistcrs. ^5?T'«. ^5T3T '»• ^5RT 

or ST «J. ^5^^ «. 
Bamboo, a. lelonjing to or made of lamhoo. ^\^'^.^ ^^fr^J 

or ^^■^v^^., ta:^, sj-s,^, t^ft, srf^T, q-irq-. 

Bamboo, n. — the plant, ^\^m■. sf^T m. «ffH^ m. 

Some of the kinds or Tarieties are, qjoisp o?- ^5i^, q;m- 

*rra^Rf, TFPTT or ttiuiTRT, TThtt or "t^tt, JT^T. 

B. shoot or sprout. ^'^TT^ m. 

Clump or cluster of bamboos. %?: n. W.^W^ f. 

The efflorescence of the b. rr^ m. 

Manna of the b. ^W^T\f.pop. fT^f^ or ^ or er:t=I 
or ^B n- ^^^■K n. ^T^T^ffft /. sf^T?I>Rr n. cT^TF^r^RTT /. 

Seeding of a b. ^^JZ m. pi-. IT55 m. 
2 — a stick; single cane, ^ri^ '/». ^ »!• =P^=F ?«• ^^T ^w.^fftT 
m. or tfRT «z. «fvT^^ n. ^^^ m. ^"^^t m. 

B. basket or vessel, ^^^\'=s^ n. [f^t/- 

B.-basket or sieve (for washing rice, vegetables, &c.). 

Bi-crook. sin/, stn ^JZtf. 

B.-flute or pipe. %dt m. 

Prame work of light slips of b. TT^rt/. 

Outer strip from a b. 1]ZWA^ f TTS^ftS «. 

Piece or bit of a b. ^5S^ or ^WZ n. qol^?: or ^ ?;. 

Pin or spike of b. — to tack leaves, &c. together. ^- 
f or ^f. ^?fr or =EfTl€t/. f^TrT^/. fmi ». f^T5:^=F/." 

Shaving or thin slice of a b. ( for basket-work &c. ) 
iftoS or %5!; n. 

Strip or slip of a b. WA^ f ^,\^Z n. ^tif ?TR>Jr/. f^T- 
5f «. f%5j2; «. 
To Bamboozle, v. a. co£cn,gi(U, v. To Deceive. "^srSt, s^- 
^tjf, qii-MNi SRT^rot, flitt TFT «• J^"^, ^HTT m. ^^J^i^^ 

'JT III. ^nr. 

HiS, n. proclavialiott or edict of proscription, interdiction, 

"2 V. CCRSE. nr^ 111. 

3 bans; no^Ve o/warmye.?irvn^-^'5n^r^-&c. ^f|?TH/. 
To Bax. Seo TO CiusE. 
UiXAKA, fl.— the tree, viitsa sapientum, v. Plantain, ^jpif 

'J— the fruit. ^T^?1%5J H. ?1>t\55 n. ^r%af «. ?fp^c5 n. 
BiND, n. bimlinj, landage. ^«R n. T^/. sf^m. »iq^ m. ^mn^ 

arrar )«. 5i^ or sffqrfr/. [I «. ^r: m. 

2 encompassing Under, a hoop, ^'c. aTTTT m. 3TT55T m. <p- 

3 wf(7«* o/ union, v. Connection, btt m. FiTFlfqT »»• 

4 company, troop, lodi/, mitltiluJe assembled. KS^ or 

M. JT^rw. KI?T 7?. JR or ni w. Tjr m. nft/.^«. r>Tf n. 
<fi^ or qtfT m. ^T^^ m. ^Jcl^/. Tf^/. ^"^riT «. 

5 ( of insurgents or robbers ). ^ n. ^ n. ^z or T? m. 
T^ »». ^T5T m. 

C (of dancing girls, musicians, Ac). fTTTirT w. "^ m. =^- 
Tpt/. ^ m. 

Man belonging to a b. 'P^^tt >». 
7 ( of music ). HJ|K<M1JTT m. ^?pTf5 n. ^fT m. STT^m. 

riourisli or closing beat upon a b. 3TT%T ^\^ f. 
S ( of knaves, libertines, idlers, &c. gener. ) Tho word 
here has the power of pari; crew, gang, knot, Sfc. and 
is answered by ^ U l cA^lct-.j^ /. ^^f. ^;^ m. =EireT55«». 
^^2^ ^■'MA\A^m. pl.^^^[n.■g^m^f. ^*T^o5«. 
?T*rH--rg'?q- n. H^jur n. 
To Band, v. n. unite together, x. To Combine, ^^dr, ^?or, 

Band-eox, m. ^rrWr'r^Ht t€1-/. 

BANn-Booii, n. ?r'iK<Mi?rT «• ^TRpr^OT/. srrar^TTcTT/. 

Bandage, «. 5iW;«y, v. Band. trft/. ( large, qyt '»•) s?^ «»• 

Bandaloue, «._thoplay thing, ^^pop.^^ior ^^n. 

Bandicote, n. mug malaharievs. ^^f. 

Ba ndit, n. v. Outlaw, ^^^t^i^^s^ „. ^^fvi,;T^ „. ^. 

2 v. EoBBKR qrnTT^^ M. <^)-iM i j^ rr m. ;^?TC <■• 
Banditti, n. body oj bandits. ^ n. ?5^=^fV m m. ^j^s n. 
^^^TST 01- 5?r5r m. ' 

One of the body. ^T^ft^^t or ^^rfHt\ m. 
Depredations and ravages of b. qjT^ m. Hj^^ n. =qt- 

^^Tte/. 55T?/. 7^ n. fiTe5R «. ^PTotR «. 
BaNDKOL, n. streamer, Sfc. ^;t^X^ pop. ^^\^ f. 
BaNDT, n. !Jt+^|4R ^5 m 


To Bandt, Jm< to and fro; lit. fig. cj^ttt ^p^z g?^ jtk^, ?- 

^FR^TT TPT^^/.-<7tfr^rT?^5r/. ^mg.ofo. ^^^t^f^;^- 

To b. blows. ^^^rnrsW or ^mtTr55t?T-fT?TTf^^-^mm- 

To b. sharp speeches, v. To Wrangle. (pJ^iJf, "J^- 

Bandt-leg^ n. '^5T '7m OT. [ ^^. 

Bandt-leqoed, «. ^T^qr, T^rpTT TFTT^T, spm^T^, STT^r^- 
Bane, n. lit. poison, fig. <■«!(«« f/ ec/? or ri/m. fcfT n. ^^ n. 

HcHl^l tqTr=rr m. f^qr^ft ^Tf/.-^RT'/. f^"Tr§f ^ 11. m^n. 

W^ m. ^FToI m. 
BiyEFVL, a. poisonous.^jf\., fTOTTT, 3^^TT^, 

aTTPT^mr^, 3Tf^ri+'K+, ^rm^, ^ttt^, ^rr^^. 

To Bang, i\ a. beat violently and soiindingly, \. To Beat. ^- 

"^^^OJr, r^UHIKUJ, ?^T^, ^I^Wr^ 5:1^^^, ^i=t)N'^. 

2 strike against foreibly. arr^otot, 3T'T<f^, 3TT<F5t'f, ^S«F- 

Bang, «. y. Blow. ^"JT^t m. ^ui+Ki' »i. ^ftinpT m. VTS'FT ot. 

Bang, o(7y. 5LfTI-:F^-^T-&c. q-^-^FT-^-Ac. 

Banging, a. See Laege. 

Bangle, native bracelet, See Beacelet. 

Banian, n. merchant. ^VTX m. ^f^V^ m. k^^ m. 

— in contempt, &c. ^TOT?: nm. ^M^^ mn. =||U|+d mn. 

2 banian tree, Jicus indica. ^ m. ^. m. 
To Banish, v, a. e.rpatriate, e.vile. \xi or 5^^ TIT ^P^, \^- 

f%^FT^-^^T'nT?fT-'^^5-&e. ^^, ?nTTT-7T'J^4K-d<MK-<S:c. 

2 fig. drive away. *Hirtf«(ui, ^TTc^^ ^, ^T^JT^, ^^ot. 
Banished, _p. v. V. 1. %^TTR ^^tJ&c. q^lPi+lt?!, ^^TTF^^T 
or HK+I, 15^ TTTWr or HK+I, %?Tilf^^<*ri, f^srfftTrT, ^^T- 

Pl^ i Rid ,%yf^t--tiiRirr. 
Banishment, n. v. V. 1.— «(?/. \^HK ^^ n. &c. '^?TfH«^^- 
q- «. ^^Tqf^^R OT. f%^?f^ n.— state. S^lfvpPTrft/. ^^I^I- 
^'T^rfH /. ^^li)f^s^?T?^ n. ^^iPii*lRidct( M. 
Banister, See Baluster. 

Bank, ^!. ( of a river, &c. ). ?T5 or ^^f. fft^ «. rT^ ?h. ^z^m 
m. qftTTT »»• [«• 

Farther or other b. '^JJill/.'qsvT^ /."^W?ftT n. TTHt^ 
q^TTT OT. TcTTR m. T^^rT^/- 
Hither or near b. ^4??/. '^'<T^ /. '^3?ftT n. 
Hither and further banks. TTilSfK m- 
On both banks. §4T^. 

2 7My7i or sifeep hank. SIT /• ^T5 /. ^^ m. ^"^1% f. 
Full of banks or ridges. ^'mK. 

3 dike, monnd, mole, v. Dam. «lttTOT. dim. ^J^T^ f. sfqr- 
?T ?«. HZ^^ m. q-s^oTT «?. 

Little b. to stop water, rfn^/. TloS/. 

4 sZifT/', shallme,flat, v. Shoal. »tR «• TT^ /. ?yFT J??. 

5 ( for money ). ^;ff /. q^/. Z^^t[ f- »q1^/. ( from 
the English ). [ qrwff. 

To Bank, v. a. confine with banks, sft^^, srftfRijf, «rf^ m. 
Bankee, «. ^iq^pK m. m^ m. if ft^TOT »f. T^t^T?!T m. 

BA^^ 69_ 

Bankers and Banking, — compreh. ?rT=raT«l+KI ««• 
Fraternity or body (in a town, &c. ) of bankers. 

Sitting carpet of a b. ^sn^TTT^ft m^f. 
Banking, a. ^T^mfl", ?rr^l7n:f=?Tr, WTSpFT-Tr^rT. 
Banking, n. banker's business. ^V^W^f. ?rT=r=FR^ /• ?rR- 

B. upon a poor or petty scale. ^i^frTPSt ^TN^rft/. »fT- 

Bane-note, oi. 5q"i^FiT^/. (from tbe English.) 
Bankeupt, a. i^qr^ f^WOT, TT^T, 'i\^V^ t^ ?5R%?5T, 

Bankrupt, «. an insolvent. f^^nwTr, ^^TToEf^^r, ^T^P. 
Division of tlie money of a b. STTHT^Tf /. 
To become b. f^cTTSS n. Vm'Ji y.of s. ^^jf, iiq^, siMuj-- 

Bankeuptct, n. ?IT^/. f^m^ «. f?^ «. ^!VW.'3f\f. Tf'tf^ «. 
To declare b. f^srra n. ^FT^, ^TOIT^ f^ ?».rfNui, ^T^TT 

Bannee, tc. ( of a chieftain ),v. Flag. sra/. ^TJTm. Hdl'-Pl/. 
Banquet, To Banquet, See Feast, &c. 
Banqueting-uouse, «. HM^TF^T^Hf^ n. ^WTHf^ n. g^^- 

To Banter, v. a. rally, play upon, T. To Eidicule. ^rrr or 3- 

5T/.-H?Jfrft/.-%^/.-'f^r^ W.-&C. qjT#y. 0/0. g^^i^ur. 

BaNtee, Bantering, n. v. V. — act. ^ ^T;vi «. if|j o- 3^ 

Bantling, n. brat, v. Child, ht^ n. ^PR^ «. 
Baptism, m. The word ^rrf^riTT from the Greek is commonly 
used. The word may be rendered by tnTf^^TT'4'FI=FTT^ 

n. ^^fi\^^^% h^stt n. qTTf?r^m'4^ ^fjf^r m. 

Baptismal, a. v. N. qTf?R»^qT^, qrfw^'^'TTf^r'nfNrT, fcTHf?r%- 
?TT*T!FT5mTf ^RT^i^ or f%^q^, STiff^%^TT*5^ ^dri^>4>K^ W- 

Baptist, «. mHl^rMi ^^uiki-^WRT. 

2 5?5f=En snfaTTTT ^^t, srq'frr 3TT^?Tt=qr m^r ^^r^ art 
^TT^ TTrT arff nt. 

BaPtisteet, n. siTRr^»TT =HT'"THt ^^mT/. 

To Baptize, v. a. v. N. q 1 Ri <;n 1 «?. ^T^T-^ot^ %TiTf^^rai=FTT- 

f%r{ wf, ^s^'v+H^iTT ^rnf^rf^ sp^tjf, TT«Rrg;RT mw. 

TTrft ^PTW. 
Bah, «. ^/ece of wood SfC. laid across, n^ »». Tsft/. 971^^ «f. 
sn^oT M.'IM^' O'-'iwi^/. 3?f^m. 3T5:/. ^VCf. TS^TW oruft/. 
Pinning with a b. one's arms and legs. eftfJ^IT m. 

2 ( of a door ). ^im m. ^A^^ f. pop. 37^55 or 371^/. 
tn. ^\i>\^f. 3TT^f^a5t/. 37S1TT m. QTScrft/. arsut »«. ^osf. 
3{1jn. arrflsn' m. 

3 obstacle, let, v. HiNberaNCE. sie/. arSrft/. arrs/. 3T- 

4 ( of a harbour ). c^t^T >«. TH «• frftftr ot. 

5 preventative, exception, v. Objection. «fTtT M.3T5/. il- 

6 ( of metal ). ^T?/. ^sj/. [^^/. 
B. of iron set round with rings. 'Tl^M^lilT m. nR^^f- 

B. of iron, — to punch rocks, &c. qR^ or q-/ "?Sr/. 

7 (of a window, railing, &c.). n^ ot. t^TntT/. in^/. nTT^?«. 

8 ( of a capstan ). 3Ti «. 

9 rrtiVci/ off place Jor tlie prisoner in a court ofjuslice.^- 

10 railed off place for barristers in a court of justice. $r- 

rTTrT ?r^ =rf^?ii^ 5r^>J5THt ^pss-^tt^ ^jiftt/. 

11 tlic U'liole body of barristers. ^?r^ ^rf^^Tt^ H^/. 
To Bar, v. a. close and secure with a bar. 3T?H^ m.-^mf.- 

^S^mf. ?«.-'JfTSiT55/.-5fin'35IT W.-&C. ^?;CTf-?;T5r'Jr-?rR^ or 

^TTr^-ifcc. ^ ^T"^. 

2 oppose.^ obstruct, v. To Hinder. 3T?:^T^^, 3T5f^^, ST^T- 

fr^'iif , 3T^^pR m. 5?T?J'jf-q^of , 'jT^/.-arrj/. qT?50T, arr? srw. 

BaeT5, ?«. ( of an .arrow, &c. ). ^f^y m. or SH^t^ w. 7?5?T- 

2 ( of grain, grasses, &c. ). ^t/. ^o?- ^ ???. 

3 armour for a horse or elephant. <TRtT/. 
To Barb, «. «. ari^T w.-^H^^^RT »«. F^T^-^ra'^. 

2 ( a horse, &c.). ^T^^f. ^TFI'jf. 
Barbarian, n. savage. XX^t[-X\^^Z-^v:^-&c. tttot^ c. rRT- 

2/y. cruel person. Trfn l^r^IT HTDJ^ »». ^?=RT »>. 'TH m. 
H^R «j. TTTT »J. ^TfN; M. 
Barbarian, Baebaeous, a. belonging to barbarians, unciviliz- 
ed, savage. ^RTrft, TRTsr:, ^T?^, J^xU^tft, ^R^^TW^^ft, 

2 inhuman, ^c. v. Cruel, srt, f'T^^, ^T^^, ^PT|^. 

3— of speech, ^nrsr or |ireT, ^fRist, 3Tq-?i5^^, ar^'ff- 

irar, aT7?[I5^^, aTTST'TFTi^Rw, rTR^, ^?RIIT, 3T5T^5TT- 

Tf^T"S, ^T^:, l'^^ o- in?:, T^, ansiuft'. 

4— of the speaker. ^TTIT or "^5T, ^FRTiT, aTTm'ft, ?rR|?, 

Barbarism, «. uncivilizedness. See Barbarity. 

2 ah. a solecism, S;c. ar^^TS^ m. 3HHm41'I ot. ar^^snTFT w, 

3T«f5!1^fFT ««. ^FT?rt «. 
Barbarity, BarbaRousness, n. v. A. 1. <Hei4i|U|i m. w^- 

TtJTT Mi. &e. f^?7RTf|RT/. arr^n^^Jf^mT/. ai^NKffT/. 3T- 

T^RtIT/. f^^TT^R^HcTT/. fM"qMK<,lf^rH «. 

2 ^^T?rT/. 5p>T «. f?i^frr/. f^^^Torr »». ^ifRrfffq' «. 

3 ^JII^^tJlT w. ^RT^^lTiTT m. aT7^T»^T/ aTq'SiqFt^'?^ «. 

ar^^sT^fpf^f^-^T n. 
Barbarously, ado. t. A. 2 ^b^ft^, i^T^M, sp^f^^. 

Barbed, a. jagged witli hooks or points. a^i+^^^K, aTi^^^rr^rr, 
2 — an arrow. ^otNt, ^"ff, ?f^'^, TriHi. 
Q furnished icith armour. — horse. TRR^. 
Baebee, n. ?^T^ or ^^ «>• =7Tf^ m. ^^ftrT m. fflft^ >». 
f^tJI+lpTT pop. [\'4\4\ri m. 

— in contempt, &c. stf^T m. Hi^M'U ««J. fT?fT^ »»• 
Business of a b. ^-jIIHH/. ^TTfTFT n. 
Eazor case of a b. qi^P^ or HH.'Clf. 
Shop of a b. ^q;5JT5T m. ^rrfw^TTOT/. 




Strop of a b. irrT^ '•• 

Tcrui» of courtesy prefixed to tlio name of a b. H^T^ 
or W^PTTTT or H^rTT or n^\ri\ or Vfjl^, 
Vessel of a b. ( holding shaving-water ). r\\^\Z\ f. 
lixniK ". ;'<"■' «'"' sillier. V(JZ m. ^ m. sjf^^^ m. JTriq' »«. 

2 yee I'oET. 
Bark, (I. uiicoirnil, v. Xaked. ^Tm^rr, J|?^, ^^T or spT, 3"- 

2— a tree or plant. fisi'Tl, ^tf^TSTH, f^'^'Hui, f%"J7^, ^f- 

:> ^j/(i(rt, unadorneil, laid, jjr or J^, ^^, 4li+l, ^f^FT, 
^fT^i ^Ir'T pop- ^^I", gi=M, J^^F^^rT, ?5tg, a^iftet^, t^- 
ipT or iis+l, 53T, 3THf^, ^'TWTf^-^?r-&c. 

4 Hierd, V. Siiii'LE. ^^^ or g^tTT, f^^, \^^ or 55, g^. 

5 See BABEiiEArED. 

5b Baee, f. a. malce hare or naJccd. •qtS^FR'^, ^TFT^T-^Tl^- 

3^T3T-f^-f TT-Ac. qr?T7f_ 
Babeback, ado. icitliout gaddle. - j ^j rf i uf r, Hr^TO^TT TT^t^. 
To ride ( upon a horse, Ac. ) b. ^'q^off ^Wiif. 

BaBEBO.NEP, «. T. LeaX. ^li'lci, ^rSoS, ^l^+^T. 

B.aeebo'es, n. lean person. ^TT^^re; c ^■\\h\'\ m. ^j^^rpft ?». 

•H'-Mi^llHrl^ m. ^fToET W2. 

To become or bo a mere b. WPT^ w. q^of-^uf y. ofs. 
EabefaCED, a. wilh the face hare. JWS■ZfJ^r^^^T.,f^^^H^^z■t(J- 

2 V. .SuAMELEss. f%^«T, f^W^STTT, f^l^t^, ^^n-ClTJTTi."^- 

BinEFACEDLY, adL\ T. A. 2. amlOTYSLY. vj M^mI'^m' , f%?ir- 

BiEErooT, Baeefooied, a.3TTr5rriift,3TiJi??TN7q-f=qT,'n^mor. 

Baeefoot, cr<?i,'. arijrsrnjft or aTO^^TTFTR, ^^qpTFrt^, ?nn- 

Baeeiieaded, «. ^T^^^T or ^r, ^^-qr JT?^, ^TTrf^TT^'T, ^TO- 

%'2^ ?;%-fr?r-&c. f?n:<?(iui<r^ri- ^-&c. 

BAEELr, adv. V. A. 1. merely/, simplj, v. Only, .prfv JTT=5r 
%^^ or 35, Pl<M*. ' ' 

Baeexess, n. V. A. 1. ^m^^ m. ^t^^j m. tll%'mr m. 
&C. 'iTT=:g;T?5TTri^?^ n. 'aT^Tr^Hniy; 

2 f^qpfNoTT w. fHCTaT?=T ?(. f^q^^r=n"/. 

3 l^quTT m. 5frS%^in aj. <ffT%quTT »». ^^tfuf,- ,„ &g 

BaEgain, n contract, compact, v. Agheemexi. %^J.\^f. 
^/. =FTR »i. 

Into the b. ETT, f^T^rri, HTrfra'TT^r, ^f^rn^. 

Tostrike a b. 7^/. JTTTer-%er, ^^niRrm »». iTTT^- 

2a gainjulpurcliase. f%TrTO=ft^-f^pajT,T^^?^^^-^^^^^_ 
To Baboaix, v. n. make contract or agreement for. ^gtif 

2 c/zf/^fr in settling a price. '^raNm/.-qTtnqt^/.-tTRT- 

Baeoe, «. loot for pleasure, v. Vessel. ^T^^[^f. '^^^^^f. 
IJlal lottomcd loat. T3T=r in. \pm\ f, 

Baek, w. (of plants). ^TS/. ^^;^.^Zn. =^x^in. =EfH «. 
Inner b. 3T?n;^T?5/. ^^^m n. 
Outer b. ^^vmv^f. 

2 Peruvian bark. ::^'4p^qT OT^Tpfl' ^^T ^fUrsft W?r/, 

3 cry of the dorj. ^t^/. 'TT^'Jft/. s^PTT^ »». 

2b Baek, v. a. ( trees or plants ). ^Wjf- ^Jtjf, ^i'tSiJlr or 

^noEof, afm'Jr, flf^'jf. 
To Baek, v. n. — a dog. j^, HPficfr, »q"?rT^ »>. JR'^f, 
Baek, Babque, «. v. Vessel. sfR^^f n. 
Bakktng, n. V. V. N. — act. ^f^iTt n. j^pirf «. HT^ift/. 
Baelet, n. ■^^ pop. ^^ m. ?n^ w. ?rj^ »»• 
Baelet-coen, n. ^^r^\-^^^ ^•hip\'\ m. 

Golden b. ( as used in bracelets, &c. ) ^^] m. 

2 — the measure ?T=r^^o/). ^^ m. 
Measure of eight barley-corns laid side by side, ar^sf 

.pop. 3T^o5 n. 
Exceeding by a b. ^^TT aTTT^r. 
Baeley-watee, n. ^^T^ or ^ ^f:\z mn. ^fT^^T^ or ^ qjTc 

mil. sr^i^ n. 
Baem, n. V. Yeast. ^IH-^-41 ^TS^^ITft ^V^f. f Tms m. ^PRT- 

TfJT w^. =hKlr|< w. q^¥ in. 
Baen, n. house for storing grain, ^c. Jprer^ «.'T¥f^=Pr7R «. 

^TPm^ ^r^m^f. 

2 fig. 7o»y, ZoiP, SjC. house. — contemptuously, ^requ/. 

Baenaclb, n. — the fish. ^^\ m. dim. ^5ft/. fpfft/. 
2 — of farriers. JpT^nt/- ^F^ir »». 

Barometeb, «. ^% =r^?r Ki^CT^rr^ q'^sr jj. srmr'iTR n. ^r?- 

BAEOliETElCAL,ff. cfr^PTTT^ 4=^^, ^T^TR^ q'=5(^'=ft-f5rTq'- 

^, 5rr5HTT^q'=5rT^ %s?rr. 
Babox, «. RriNd^r qti??T^hff ^ "T^t 'jttI. 

Baeonet, n. ITsp q^cft 3TT^. 

Baeeack, n. ^Mf. f^T^Tf <l^ui||^ =qT^/. 

The word hht^P from the English is becoming common. 
Babeel, n. "flT? or f^q' n. 

2 ( of a gun, &c. ) v. Tube. ^T£\f. ^f?y^r/. 
Baeeen, a. — of woman. i{>^^ pop. ^ri^f. 

A b. woman, ^rtt/. ar^miq?^/ arif^jnr/. 
—in contempt. cTf^r^/. ^\^^;t\f. ^\^^f. ^\m^i\f■ 

grrsT ««. ^sr^ft/- 

N. B. Pandits designate three classes of women as 

barren, viz. ^'^ she who has no ofFspring,:pr^«TT she 

who bears only one child, Hrf^KH- she whose ofispriug 


2 — of cow or female animal. erf^T, ^^ or afflT a. ind. 

3 — of trees. qi^T. 

Bather or somewhat b. ^\^Z, 
4 — of soil or country, itnp-odtcctive, lad. rn^qj, ?n"fq^, 

BAS 71_ 

^T^^R, ?f^r?^, TH^;, ^iT?, ^==[7?:, st-p^, arTr^srr^. 

5 scaiifi/, not copious, v. Eiiptt. ^rt^r, HT^5, g^T, g^T'ST. 

6 dull, iininventive, — the mind. ^?q^^Tf^?T^, 3T^?q'sF, 

Baeeenness, «. T. A. 1. q'f^rT'^T m. ^'^^^^K^ n. 3T"P?Jf^ n. 3T- 

4 ^TPft^i^UTT m. ^^STWr «»■ &c. 
Bareicade, Baericado,?j. hast y fortification of trees, earth, 

To Baehicade, v. a. ^^^^^ #5°!, H^^^ f. ^"jf. 
Baeriee, «. See Baeeicade. 

2 Sor, s^o;^, olstr action, v. Hinderakce. 3HI^+|;fl/. 3T? 

3 loundary, v. Bound. |^/. ?rT|^/. 

4 town,fort, Sfc. on the confines. ^^t^=5rT-^^ ^ I -5p3^- 
^FS'Sfr Tf^T «J.-f%55T m.-&c. 

Baeeistee, m. q?llfnT?5T ^?5 m. «J|f<«< t;«(Zyo. qiR>,^:i^ m. 
Baeeow, n. — Land b. it^qr m. 

2— wheel b. '^^ ^T^tfWrft /• ^TrPTT^/- 

3 mound coverinj corpses, q^ J^^r ^"^^ S^FRM.-f^TnT'w. 
To Barter, v. a. HR^T ^OT, sj^J^rq^/.-ar^j^m^/. ^^ 

g-of 0. %^ n. ^^ g. of a, W^'^^T^ ^oT-^of. 

To B^utTER, V. n. ^\^^^r[T^Jm.■\^l^^^'^'m.-^^\^^^m.-&c. 

^irf-^iif, faTvTfrf^ f^^?r m. iriff, ^■^M'NI'^^^T on. :pc#, 

Barter, n. ^Zi^fz n. ?fT?:^R/. %-?:JTmT^^T m. j?rT^^ hj. 

Basalt, «. (^^T ^T^=qT ^3^ 3Tf^. 

Base, a. mean, vile; — of things, v. Worthless. ^?^^, rft=5T, 
3TJTT, <(T, %T,'''tft, 3T?7, i^TW, 3"iiIT?T, f^^RF. 

2 disreputable, dishonorable, — of persons, v. Vile. Sr5^T, 

^^, TFfft, 'rmr, ^?r, ;^r, 5^, f%"T?:iTT, fivrr^sr. 

3 of low station or rank, of little account, v. Low. SFS^T, 
^^, :ft^, ?5fT^, 3T^^, ^^% "Tmr, ft?rf ?5, 3Tf F^, 

4 See Base-born. 5— of metals. f|cTr=^^ ff "JT^tj, ■f^anJ- 

^, f^'IR^, •(,?l'itil':4,\!;?n'5E. 

6 (feep, grave; — of sounds, ift^, ?rr^f?f?5T, l'^. 
Base, «. /oo;', pedestal, statid, v. Bottom, q-jift or ^^^\ f. 
q^ OT-'q^/. ?r?J «./io;j. rr^i ?)». ^i n. 
2 — the chord or sound, ^x m. 'JH m. Wi^ m. 
3— in music or singing, jft^gcfq-/. «. ^=q n. ^5[^^ 
m. ^Ty{ m. 
4 — in reading. ^H^^^^^^ n. f. 

5 ( of a tabor, &c. ) bass end. v^^ m. 'JJK\ »». ' jHN I??T 
mi. 5HT5T m. 
6— in geom. '^^ f- "^^f- 

Base-born, «. horn out of wedlock, v. Bast.uid. ^z^=^t t!- 

2 io;-« o/ low parentage. sFTT^rcT, ft^^H, 3T^^, ^;T- 
Baseless, a. unfounded, fig. -^f^irqK, i%^, arr^^nfJ?. 

Baselt, ado. v. A. 2. dishonornUi/. RT^N'JIT^, ^^/jiM"IM 

Basement,?*, ground floor. ^?5=qTiT^?^T m. q1^?iT T^sr^Tf ,«. 

2 s/o?-y ieZojo ^/ic ZeteZ of the ground. rfoS^TT «. 
Base-minded, c. v. Mean. ^c^+i|HHNT, THRT ^^^r, 

<TT^, TRT?;. [rfpT. 

Base-mindedlt, ff^y. v. A. qr^qiJTT^f, |^=r^iT?TH', TRRf - 
Base-mindedness, n. v. A. TRft^WTT »«. &c. TTKT^f^/. 
Baseness, ;;. v. A. 1. ^^#T^T m. ^-^^u\\ m. &c. ^TW^t/. 

2 TT^tT^ in. g-CTrtroTT »». ^OT n. ^^rfT/. ^fsf «. RTiT':??! 
n. TTHrffrT/. 

3 ^^%qTJTr «»■• ?ft=5(qTiTT «J. &e. vdUNI^/. ST'^^f^ n. ^^^\^ 

4 See Bastardy. 
Base- souled, Base-spirited, See Mean. 
Base-string, n. ?r<'^H'l fttt/- 
Base-viol, «. ^fT^grrsf \^ i\^f^\^ 3Tr|. 
BaSHEUL, a. modest to excess; slieepiish. ?!T^T^, FTT^T, 

f^^TT'ftfT, ?f*TT'ftfr, ^^'ft^, ^ftt'ft^r, ^^^*ft5. 

Some significant terms for A bashful person corresp. 

with shi/cock, sheepface, mealymouth, <&c. arerTT^^R^T, 

iTTT^'TS-qT, 'Ti^TT, ^'I'H'Si^^T, %???feTT, ^iT?5#'r5T, ^^- 

ITST, H^T"TT=JT, ^TT, HIT or Jqr, Hn, ^R^TR^, H^|^. 

Bashftjllt, «<?y. V. A. 3%^, Rirf^fTT^'jft or ijf, F5T^?lT^mR, 

&c. ?jr^5, ?5M tr^TT, ?5r^5R:w, ?f#5rH', ^^nr ■':t^,^. 

Bashfulness, 01. V. A. F^T^T^'JIT on. &c. FSr^T/- FTSTfT/. 
?f$T^ m. ^f traTTtn TTuft »• aTT^TTT/. ^HT'ftl^/. 

Basil, 7!.. ocymum sanctum. ^.^ f H^?ft/. 

Some kinds are. Black b. ^J^n^z^., q^wMot^H o)' H^?it, 
■q^q-rft/. White b. TT^ft^^W, Tmga^ o;-^5?5^. Wild 
b. TRT^^W, JTTHHoS^. Sweet b. ^W^J on. 

The little erection in which it is planted. Hf^tfl^'iJ' 
01. fzJ^^ 01. 
Basilisk, «. f^^JTTft ^frTrf ?rf 3Tf|. 
Basin, Bason, oi. vfft n. TT^S oi. ff^ 
ETRTT «?. 

2 ^700?, ^e. V. Pond. ^ «i. ^ n. 

3 //oZ/oiCJ between hills, ^f^n. aff^'Jr /. ». 3ffem«.^/. 
Basis, n. fouoidation, groundworh. HrT «. TFTT »«. 3TT»^R i«. 

STf^ra^'T n. 3T^T 5». 
To Bask, v. oi. 7?rrfl"-T^f?r sifr% ^J^T M.-f^fsR ^'.-'flfT/.-'flr- 
q^ff/.-fPT^cf or f^f\nf. ^T'^-^'jf-^ q^f^T, TfT^'to ^raoT, 

To Bask, v. a. tJT^ m. ^iif, ^'^ '^^. 

Basket, n. There are Baskets of endless diversifications 
of shape, size,&c. and of various uses. They are disting- 
uished accordingly by peculiar names, of which tlie 
most common are, ^3 m. «pr5T m. ^ti[f. W'T^ oi. ^- 
fFTT on. %'^^J- fT^?5 m, n. %ft/. ^T^/. W^t[f- ^^^f^ 

sr^ijUT n. crmr m. 


m?!T«i. ilim.ivm\f. or "?? //. 5T^/. 5R n. ^ /■ <?^ || To Bate. See To Abate. 

^Z\t\f. *>h\oC\ ^\i\f. tr^^TT 1; Bat-fowliko, n. TJ'^j ^tvH'^W^^r^J ^. ^r^TT arr^. 

m. dim. m^f. f?FHT »■ fXT^^ «• ^Mt/. ^Tfn^ft or 
^rt'nft/. ^ or ^m n. ^n 0^- ^ m. 
Little covered b. ^hr^ff/. 

EouuJ Icatheru b. kj'fK m. fnptr m. dim. ZTWftf- 
fciluiig b. liislrt of a slwuUcr-slimj. 3T?fr/- 
■\Vii-kcr\vork b. lor a cart. +<+.^,r »»• o/- ^ n, fT^?5 m. 
dim. JT^-^/. 

Basket-hut, n. ( of a ttt ), ^ra^ >«. 

Basket-makeb, n. 5^:5 »«. 

Baskei-womax, »i. Miil«JI?n/. ^-i+/l<Jl/- 

Baskkt-wokk, fl. ^^^+m «. ^Ik+"IT «. 

Bass, «. — in music. See Base. 

Bass-eelief, n. '4fl^ qf^T 3T1^ ^Tfr^T ^FTT ?i. 

Bassoos, «. v'MRI »». 

Ba3tabd, n. iUegitimate child. ?n5?r^ »«•/. ^r^fT'T^sT »». 3T^- 

cftgrT m. ( ctt/. ) arog^mR n. qjj^q^r «j. ^p^^T^rj^ »». 

OTTJ^fT »«. ( fTT/. ) :F-M*l'y?T ?«. ( rTT/. ) ^R^cTrfT «■ 

iFh=r^ m. ar^jr^Tr^Tr w. aTsrrtJi-yi-Hi' ^rs^ n. 

2 *o« 0/ (I concubine. ?i^pjf ^T »«. ^^^F. 
Bastard, a. horn out of wedlock, illegitimate. ^%^r, ^T^t"^, 

srn^t^, '^^fs^, »n^=^, m^pnift^, ^it3t, ^?ft^, s^tPt- 

^Vr^. ar^^, ^5?T, ^, 31?Tf?t^;TT?f,aT^gPT^,.3T^qFT5r- 
5f , -HT^t'^M, aT%m^fT, aTf5rf':T^;TT?r, ^J^TPTTFT, ^ ^■M-i-M IrT, 

--jth-^mi?!, 3h+<"hi?tt, ^t^RNf^^rr. 

Kote.The Hindu Law sj)ecifies several classes of Bast- 
ards; the words here given ( both under the noun and 
under the adjective ) refer some to one class, some to 
2 spurious, v. False. #st, iHid-HI*, f^K^. 

Sb Bast.vkdize, i>. a. ^s^v^ ^jzY^ 3Tm^-aTf| af^ ZT^. 

Bastahdt, «. V. A. ^TT^?TT /• vii^<r|i;rr<TT /. ^^tj^l^ n. 

^I?7f^ /. 
To Baste, t). a. c(«7yeZ. v. To Beat. ^if^oT, ^flTZoi ?nZT- 

2 sew sliffhll-/. ^t^TOT, ^t% or jf% «.;)Z.-'4Ft m.^^/.iTRW. 

3 ( meat ) HTHTrfPff^ ^^V^m OTift n. STl^trf. 
BASriN-ADE, B.VSTINAIIO, «. lentiiiy with a cudjcl, S,-c. ^\^- 

HTT m. ^l%Tm »i. Vim^K m. ^vmK m. JIR^r? /. ^- 

Sf^ OT. 

Bastion, n. ^^^jt m. ^fr »j. 

Fortress of four bastions, "^r^rifl f. 
Having four bastions. =^ ' |-.JM"f. 
To Bastisade, v. a. cudjcl, v. To Beat, ^f^ir, ^fprraiJf 
TTWS/. ^FTW g- oj 0. %=EfTai. ' 

Bat, n. stick, cluh. ^f| m. Z\^ n. ^fl% or ^t3?f «. ^j^ry ,„. 
2— the animal, ^pj^ or ^r^m n. <mtc£\f. ^zt[f. arf^- 
^TT^ /.—Wild b.-flying fox. eT^ftoS n. 
Batch, m. quantity made or done at once. iTft /. ^f=qT m. 
ETHTr m. qroft /. 
Of one b. v. Alike. ^%^roft^, ^Hf>;n", ^^.iv^. 

Bath, m. ia</(/«_7 ilace. ?r^P^/. HRt or i?!^/. ^Hm^mr 
on. <?(MJ4 «. 
2 V. Ablution, arf^/. ^TR w. 

Cold b. •it^TT^'TT^ oj- M^HI^'MR aTf%55/.-5rR «. 
Dry b. m?r¥hTT ^T^ m. 

Hot b. gr^fmuqN'l or gj^TT^qR aTf'?rc5/.-??rH w. 
Tepid b. +|a|dmuij|-cf| or ^FrJR^iqT^ 3Tf^/.-^R. n. 
Vapour b. e(i'M<i m. 
BATii-iiOOii, BATHiNG-nogsE, n. halneary. ?r^TW^ n. ^- 

To Bathe, v. a. ivash. 50^57, TT^'Jr'if , HT^'f, ait^oE or arf- 

To b. with inunction. ^Tt ^ra^, ^^ n. q'TJI'jf. 
2 trash or moisten. y%. 
2b Bathe, v. n. ^r^, artwToS or arff 5i /. :fj?:df, ^?i n. W-l- 
uf, arrn «■ gw. 

To b. with or in holy water. ' N ir-^l'^gf. 
To b. in a river. ^((I^IH n. ^^of. 
To b. in the sea. ?W^?5rPT n. ^prSf. [ 3TT5'T, 

Bathed, p. v. V. N". ?VT^3?5T, aTfq"]^ %%?yT or 5fT%?5r, ^R, 

To be b. in blood or sweat. ^rffvR-^TTJTT^ =^rfir''f, 
Bathee, n. \. V. N. art^tos ^fwrt, &c. ^rr^^rri", mm & 
m^ ( esp. in comp. as ^r5??rmT,Ji'ii'Mi?iT, cftwrnr, f?r- 
?55rT<Tr, 'inT^frr, and ^;t?j^t^ &e. ). 
Bathing, n. v. V. N. and Ablution. 3Tf%3 or art^o^/. 
^fTT «■. arri^ n. 

Chuuamed, &c. spot for b. •il^ufl/. Jrrtt or ^^ftf. 
Eoom or house for b. ^TT^^l n. Tm^T ?J. Fire place 

in it. H|U|-^f^/. 
Bating, p. v. Except. ^Tffr, •^l^Hl+^^T. 
Batlet, «. sjnaZZ bat for beating linen. ^^ ^< N n1 ^Tft/. 
Baton, Batoon, m. t. Staff, ^^"'i'- ^m. ^xS[f. W-Aiji m. 
Batta, «. HtTT »». 
Battalia, «. iaiiZe an-ay. ^UK-^?TT /. <uro'M|' j». ^^TTT^TT/. 

2 army iw arr«_y. sq-f^^f^r/.-H'T n. 
Battalion, n. T?5^W or ?r /. ?f. -M'ilrfui or q^raq- /. Note. 

All these words are corruptions of the English. 
Batten, n. — of wood. wi[f. f^^fsf m. 
To Batten, v. a. v. To Fatten. 2"? ^RW, TT^TST'Jf. 
To Batten, v. n. v. To Fatten. VI ^pjf, iTPTof, "ft?r^. 
To Battee, v. a. heat icith successive blows to throw doicn. 

2 attach with artillery, ffppf'^ T5KTT m. «fRiir. 

3 jffar tt777j service. ^r=ri7 ^iiT, •t?l*HrluT, J^TST w.-Jj^- 
5T »^-g'?TT »«--^?r w. RTSW y. 0/ 0. ^T% m. pl.-'^TH m. pi. 

BATTERED^i?. V. V. 1. #H?5%?rT, &c. 

3 #nTs%?jr &c. %=q'^, ^1% m^^irfi or TsSiFrr, &c. 

Battering, Batteet, n. \. V. 1.— arf. ;^-H i R7 : t J| «. inir rTHr- 
6r n. &c. JTRF m. ttr ?«. HR^^/. 

BAV 73^ 

BaTTEEINS bam, M. 3l|>mdf=ft f^T MIS"<4T% 4^ «• 

Baixeex, «. ^f«e of cannon. *\\<:^\ m. 

The raised site for a b. Z^^^\ or fcTRtTTTT m. tnrmT wf. 

Disposition or range of biiUerics, ^TR^^Tf/. 

Erecting of batteries. ^R%^^/. 
2— in law. sstTT^ n. 
Battle, n. fight. ?5?rf /. J^ «• X^ inn. ^fqirr w. '^nrf w. 

Brave in b. ^TJTf jr, ^liJItftT, ?TiFt>ff^, ';'Jr1%^, t^^lTT. 

Close and fui-ioiis b. ^^fff/- 

Cowardice in b. T't'fffrr/- 

Cowardly in b. ^iOT'ftrr, ^P'T'ft?. 

Field of b. ^ttT^Jk/. vn\^^n.^■^\^^n. ^^K\^^n.^^■^J. 

Mixed or turaultuary b. ^H^ «• 55<=5 mn. 

Mortal or furious b. Vn^^ n.'Vl^^n. ^^=^^ n. V^- 

Pillar erected on the field of b. ^ar^JT'w. V^'^xmn. ^'^m. 
To give b. JT^rf /• ^-^"jf. 
Battle-aeeax, 11. ^orr^nTT/. ':<T5^| m. '^\^€\f. 
Battle-axe, n. m^poj). "IJT^T or ^ m. '^KXfiJ- i^'^f- 

Battle-field, n. TlfF^/. ^Tfn'JT »• ^T'T^FT'Tm. ^i'T^'sr «. jt- 
Battle-dooe, n. ^oSiqrt ^ ^^^ 3TT^. 
Battlement, n. ^H'^t^sft I^cT/- 

2 embrasure, ^'ft/- 
Batik, «. ii!ic^- ofajaygot. qfrf^T »?. 7J5% «. ^t or "^ «. 

2 See Faggot. 
Bawble, Bauble, n. ililng gay or showy, luithout real value 

or nse. H^fft^fT /• 5?5r'=^=^-3fR^-5'nTr^T ^Tpt'TT m. - 

&c. ^H%?5f m. pi. spil^r ^STTST m. 
Bawd, n. procuress, ^pft pop. ^JOT or ^ffi^r/. TTIWr^ c. ^- 

cft/. ^'1;t/. %i^^f. 
Bawdry, n. practice of a haiccl. «H<iU|cf^y. ^oniTT w. *'i>Ji- 

frrfr/ ^ift^»T «. " " [%^ «. 

2 V. Obscenity. ifT'T^H'Tm'JT n. ar^^P^f^^^ or fir^sf^- 
Bawdy, «. T. 0BscE>-E.5ftT?H, 3T^+'iR--<'7;?:,fq"=5r^^, ST^ri^. 
Bawdy-house, «. v. Brothel. f%?iT?5x^T^r »». n^^ni w. ^- 

X^X^■^ n. 
To Bawl, v. n. ( from pain, &c. ) bellow, roar.^Ki'^\ crsfft- 

<ii^, -'Ti'M«'Ji, ■srnPfrT^, arr^P^, ^^fm ^cf ^ff adv. Ti'Jf, ^- 
s'tn^ &c. r|5 3T^55 w.-3Tm?r»t.-&c. jp^or, ^■^\ «f.-^T »». 

Sffraof or "^n^ ^sof , 'TF^Fre ?i. ^TT^iJf or ^\^^ 75^, ?Ttf «. 
^"Jf, 3TFFtfT »».-3Tr4T^T M.-^TTij^^ «.-3T?^ or ^TT5/.-3TT- 
5r3ff^/.-&c. =irr<JT. 

2 cry out, call loudly, vociferate. ^\^^.^ 3T^5^ or 3?m'^, 

J^n: or TT m.-'^P'j^f^ or ?5?j^Rijft/-;i;j5teM.-qJt?^TcE w.- 
^Hr m.-&c. ^FTTff^ arrfst/. HRTJf, JHft/. Mirt«i. 

3 spealc loudly. qT^/.-^T3r^-n^T»i. TJTf^-ri'll^-H-noET'HT- 
SH-firCT/./)?. ffTOT^-&c. ^raof, :p3^?r %Jof, xiftcT STf^- 

5fT^-;ijrF3r?r-^iT-^r|fr-^jfTf ^-&c. sfe^, ^^resTT Twtt^ ^- 

4 at; bellmv at, roar at, v. To Scold. ^Tf^FRof, dui'-hHuj, 
^"TTR^'f, 3^IT"^, WF"^, ^^^1^, 'M m, ^"^j ?rt^R^^ in. 



Bawlee, n. Bawling, p. a. v. V. 3Hl<iU| KI , ^'Mat'IRT, &o. ^- 
sf^^TT, ^ HT=qT-5t?^, arrsqr or arks-trr, ^ii^u^r. 

Bawling, «. v. V. afrrs^ «. ^T^??5of n. &c. 3Tm<T w. 3TTipt 
^T m. &c. See tlie nouns under the verb. 
2 TFM n. 3^Tt^ m. J^FTT'Jr n. &c. a^TtS/. J^Rr «;. Tt- 
»ITIT '». ?.a+Kt/. &c. See the nouns under the TCrb. 

Bat, «. lauriis cassia, r^f. 

The bark of b. n^ n. ^THf^pft/. f^/- 

2 (of the Sea). #65 «. «ri+u| >^— large. 3TT^T?T «. TT- 

?rRT »«. 

Bat, a. — the color. ^H<T o/- f fTTf?T, — chestnut b. rTr'iTT^T, 

— dark b. ?rr!7TT. 
To Bat, See To Bark. 
Ba.t. at b. W^^ tTTS^^TT. 

To keep at b. VW^ ^ ^57T ^am^X: ^^^ ^ ffof. 

Bat window, n. Tnkt^ ^rf^ n'??=fr f^rs^/- 

To Batonet, v. a. ^fn^ft^ HK^-Hm^. 
Batojjet, n. ^Jft^r/. 

Bazae, n. market. ^V^n m. p" pop. ^Z m. 
Bdellium, n. y^ pop- nn^s m. ^'jHT '». 
To Be, ». n. e.vist, subsist, ^t't, aTO'T, ^^. 

It may be. 5T ^m\. 

It never has been and it never will be. ^'J^T HHf^T^f^. 

Let be, Be it so. 3T€t, 3T^, 3T^;5IT. 

Not to be. ?Rr#. 
Beach, n. sea shore, ^n^^iz m. ^^fq^?!m m. ^H^^ «• 
5r?5T pop. 5RJT /. 5^rft /. 

Sandy b. c||oi=ii n. jlrSH ». /io/». TaE<JT/. «. 
Beacok, n. light erected to give notice of danger. SfrraT^Tf^.^ m. 

Bead, m. Trf&r or iroft »». "TFT »». /. n^^T in. 

Glass b.ir55^rTOT.(Striug of such beads. T^^THi. T^^fl/) 

Gold b. ( rice-form ). Frf^cft Tr?T/. m^ »». 

Gold b. ( round ). ^^rnj TTift w. String of such beads. 


Eed glass b. nrl^^ or ifh%^Toft '?!. 

String of beads. Tn^TT ^Jo;?. ITT65 /. 

To be at one's beads. ^rpT ^FftrT aTH'ir. 
2— in architecture. iTt?5==f\/. — the implement with which 
it is made. 'ff^=N\/- 

3 sight of a gun. *TRft/. 

4 bubble on spirit. JT^Tl^^^ f^'' "'• 
Bead-plane, n. TMI'flri m. 
Beadle, n. 3ft^ >/i. TT^ or TT'T^ w. (His office, qiT^T /.) 

Beads-man, n. ^cqr w. vrrrrqT s^r^or w. ^«tt^p»: m. 
Beagle, it. ^^ =^lrO"^r f^Fjnrt f ^ m. 
Beak, «. Jt7Z. '^q'/. i\^f. inf^^f ^%f. "^^^ «• 
Beam, n. piece of timber, ^f /. noi^i «. M^lrf". ^fit/. ^"»- 
^fr/.5?R n. 
B, over two posts. /i/ecc-i. ^IJ^f/. ^t^ '"• 

BEA 7£ 

LongituJiual division of a b. f^?lt«r m. 
Small and squared b. ^/. 

2 (of a balance ). ^frt/. 

3 ( of a car, &c.).Z\i\/. 

4 ( of the weaver ). 5^/ 

5 ( of the sun &c. ). ftrm m. ?:f5»T m. ^ m. 
Shorn of his beams. ^TRrTSTT, ^dci-n <:-+>. 

'G ( of a draw-well ) — transverse, with stone. STT^rft/. 
To Beam, f. n. emit beams, V. To Shine, f^j^ m. TTS^, r[- 

2— tlie countenance, &c. fflow with healtli, deliglit, Sfc. Z- 
^?^, Z^ZT.^^ 3^5^7 fe\». 5?:^ ( Hi5W< &c. ). 
Beamee, n. Beamixq,^. o. v. V. 1. rTTUIRT, &c. R)<um4|,sf- 

2 ^^rnTOTTTT, &c. 75R^, ^J^rT or ^^PT^fT, f^?RT. 
Bhax, n. ^^^ m. §RrfT/. MR'tl »«• Some kinds are, ^t^^, 

=!TT^w^?^, *'iKi'^=)ii, H'liQcjii, Mis<i^cjsi, *ioii^=isi, =rr- 

TV Beik, t". (7. sustain, suj)port, uphold, til^"!, ^^T^, ^TT- 
ojuf, ^ijf, ^^^ ?!.-^f^ re.-^TTBC m. ^P^y. 0/0. 

2 ( in the mind or affections ), entertain, sjiol'iuf, tTTof, 

3 carry, convei/.^ transport. 5JT^,'h'^, ^^JT^ ^^"Jf , ^i=7^, 
^^«. ^F^y. 0/0. 

4 endure, undergo, v. To Suffee. ^H't, tll^uf, ^J^oj-, 
JT^ inv.con. ^FRvr, qj^, B^ JJ.-^RTOJ^/. ^^y. ofo. 

As it can be borne. ^lidyi^H. 
To be borne. 3^%^^. 

5 le capable of, admit. ^^. 

6 ( a child ) dnwy forth. ST^irf^P^, ^'H w. ^of, sf^T^, 

jjfT^, ^T^R »t.-TOf7r/.-g5Tr/-3irr=r^ w.-&c. ^Rof. 

7 ( a young animal, goner. ) f%iJr ( with exception of 
the mare and ass ), TTHTO ^"TT, q'R^ ;;. Tl^t, qrST'r, 
SAN"!, ^ «• f^+iJi. 

That has borne twice. |^?fTf fT. 
That has borne thrice, pi-jii^rr. 

s ( fruit. ) e^, snr m.-str »». ^. 

!) — as a mark of authority, &c. wear, carry, hold. «flc5^- 

10 brook, endure, put up with. ^^i{ or^J^m.,^^ 

STT m. pZ. ^at-r'Hui m- w^ n. ^^_ 
To be bearable or supjjortable. ^m^. 

1 1 exercise ( sway ) ^l-iRiif. " [^7^. 

12 *!u<am (expense, charge. &c.) 3TmRrT5r,q^^7qT ^^', 

13 ( witness, testimony ) %^. 

u ( blame ) f!!TTr5n:-fRTTT^j:-'frmR?:-&c. ^ii. 

15 ( date ) 3TK^TTTnTT_%^-fn'ift^-fjTrfHT 3T^. 
IG up; support. t'HT^, tflx m.-^q n. ^. 

17 off; carry away. %df, ^^df, |^ n. ^ ^ „/ 0. 

18 upon, or down, back, &c. See To Peess, To Uege 
To Deite. 

To Beab, v. n. be fruitful. '^ n. jof, <pxiJT, ijn »,. t^^, 

rtl'i^'l, ^ »». ^t'lf inv. con. STT^'jf. 

To begin to b. ?ymra' %^, ^m^T, qiTRT q'ot. 

That bears abundantly. «jMc|4. 

That bears once, annually. ^<tmi<l — twice ^STT^. 

2 against, towards, upon, <fcc; tend, have direction. ^?J<7f. 

rfi'iui, ^/.-»fiiu[t/.-g^r^ w.-^p^ »i.-ff^ OT.-nrr M.-^PTT^ 

3 on; rf/er <o. FTmoT, aT'^TT w.-^sftr ot. %5fOT.tT^^ 3T^9t. 

4 upon;2'res« and gall, pinch, cf'c. rf|M>Ji,^TRf^i KTof,Tr?fiJt_ 

5 with; (/e«Z considerately ivith. ^Y^^^ or ^^^^^ ifijT^ 
^fJTT^ijf or HTTf^ q^^, =^T?5^^i=fl'^? ^^., ^T^5^^/.^T^. 

Beae, «. aro'FJ m. f. n. ^^ ^jo^. fX^ ri\. »T^ /)o;?. *rT?J or 

sTT^ wj. ^rsq M. «». ?r5^ »». ( ^/. ^ «. T [^ «. 

2 Ursa major, -^^.-f^pop. ^ff^tjfq ot;;;. ^jfT?;^ w. ^pj^ sfj^- 

3 Lesser bear. g^J^^ «. [^ »j. 
Beae-gaeden, of uproar, tumult. 5Tj'^;Tn;?/». qj^R^r- 

To become a b. g. or Babel. qj^i^Ml^rflT f^^ot. 
Beae's geease, « 3T?sr?5r^ =5fT^ /. 
Beae-skin, n. ar^OTfr ^TcTft/. 
Beaed, 11. ^jf\.f. — in contempt. &c. ?Tr5 «. 

B., whiskers, and mustaches. a,iT«[ w. That has bushy 
b. w. and ui. ^^5y. 
Tonsure of the b. and head. afTstST?/! v. ^X. 
Woman having a b. fR^TToff/- TT^r/. j^Ti^^OTr /. 
To shave the b. ^T^/.-^r5 «■ ^^"JT. 

2 ( of corn ). ^?r55 n. ^^ or ^ n. %^ n. ?r?^n^ n. 

3 See Baeb. 
To Beaed, v. a. oppose to the face. 71^ /.-fn^/. pi. g^svj- 

g. of 0. M|+H< TTT »». '^"if, JTFP «. %^ot^ HNIN^ "TTT w, 
^of , ?rT^pRT fHT ??J. OT^T^, cfr5T?r?ft5 K. \^. 
BeaEBED, a. having a I. ^|ii"l*<n, ^T^1^=5r, ^T^^^. 
Large b. ^-CTT, ^?5. 
2— as corn. ^¥^, ^^ToET^sfT, ^^RT^, ?J^. 

3 See Baebed. 
Beaedless, a. f^^rrST or fH^ITPTT, f^^-iTT, ^f , H^, 

B. youth, V. Steipiinq. m<«J"i|"j, ^To5^«fr. 
Beaeee «.y. V.A.I. 3. carrier, conveyer, porter. <l^uiK|,&c. 
gr^^ &c. ?r^ ( esp. in conip. ) sRjn; ( in comp. as |%- 

sR^, si^s^n^, f^^^r^^ ). 

Bearer ( in a cheque or order ) \^^ ^^^^\\i]. 

4 and Suffeeee. #?r>JmT, ^^OTTTT, &c. ^'t?fT^, ?f^ ( m 
comp. ) \^K% ) 
6 ^T^r^un^, &c. ^ and srg ( in comp. as #rer, f%9^, 
9 wearer, holder. mo6'|U|nT, &c. tT'? ( in comp. ) fcTK^ 
& ^iff ( in comp. ). 

I. (of a palanquin, &c. ) ^JTT5J or ^f{\p;m. *frtn». ^TTw. 

II. ( of a bier or corpse ) ^ii^*0. 
Beaeing, n. leaning, v. Tekbencx. fr^ m. ^^ ??;. ^f^ w, 

2 See Behavioue. 
Bearing, a. on tvhich postage is due. ^?ffe ^ 1%%^, ^?fT^ 

Beabish, «. T. EvDE. ^J, nWT^, 3Tf^. 

BEA 75_ 

Beast, n. qg »J."^;rFT mfn. ^innmr^ mf/i. 

B. of burden, qist"^ O^IrT, ^f^T, &c. ), 3?r5r^ oi- #%5ft 
(^T, qtST &c. ), 414104 or qT5?^ w. ^^^TT^ m. ^^^. 
B. of draught. ^T^ m. 

B. broken in to carry a rider. <TT5^o5 «■ "Treiof «. 
B. of pasture, neat. J^ «. STT «• 
B. of prey, wild b. ^Wi'^ mn. ^^ m. ^frsRT n. f^^<T?J«. 
norned b. f^THT^/. 
Horned beasts, — gener. fm]Z\f. 
2 fig. dir/y or luhherly felloiv. J^^TT or J^^T m. "^^^TPTTjt- 

Beastliness, m. v. A. 'f^ff^T/ q^^sfHR m. ^^^A m. t^j- 
Beastlt, a. like a least, filtluj, &c. T?T<RTOjfr, "T^^^T, &c. 

To Beat, v. a. strike, knock. UKUJ, fq^of, 3t^'?f, cTrS"^, TR 

— mutually or generally. JTKmK/.-iTKMl{l /.-^M^TR 
or ^TiTRTR or t\ f. ^pTof. 

2 — witli the power of such words as to tlnimp, pommel, 
hang, laste, lelalour, cudgel, druh, thrash, leather, Iclt, 
lick., lace, ^c. ^^FHOT, ^is^ijf, ^frsof, f'T?;'^, V^^M^ W'^i 

^f5^^, ^3^'jf, ^ST^nt, i^qjiJi or 5^^<JI, ^IJl^iif , JM- 
>T>Jf, ^^^ or §^'jf, ^5i?iuf^ 'Jns^^, %'^"^, %'^^ or 
^of, tTH^or or 5^^^% 5i^3ffr^ ^^^ijf, m^Wof, qte^TR- 
"jf, =Ei~,'iJ'Jf, =#?% W^RTjf or ^>TRTjf or ^"rFTTSof, cfl'qfipTf^ 
Jpfim ^PTS^ y. o/o. ft^^i^, ?IRT J^TTHT ^5^, «f3^5 
adv. JTRnf , ^ OT. ST^^, 3TFTT% g?% »«. i^Z. ^^of g. of 
0. ^^/. 'MCu'i-qr^T^ot g. of 0. noT wj.^'^. ^FT^y. o/o. 
Sf% »J. /'Z. sTh JpTof g. ofo. EpTF^T^q" «. ^"jf y. of o. i}^- 
S^ «. qpreSr, ^q-T ?K. ^TTS-oT, 'J^T/. :jJ5:i7f-^T^'^ g. ofo. 
^^ M. *|«ui or rfFS^nT ?«. ^T^-^Tr^CTT y. of o. V[^r\ ifg- ^j. 
H^, 5^^/.i)Z.-OT=TT/. i^?. ?r5^ or ^3^-+,^+5-sFEf- 
^T^-T^I^-tH I dH-Ac. ^6t, ^RJiTT^ n. qiriaf, TreTf ^ftrT 
»«. SRuf or iTR?rt 'fm VR'^, 31^ ««. ;;Z. qf S> ^Riif g. of o. 
'^Wi\f. 3R^ g. ofo. ^SW or ^ar «.-f IT >«.-^^f?j «, 
^rsoty. o/o. HRf^/^JTR^rS/.-JTm'?^ /.-HRT^?n-/. 
^Tot, TRHT^ll ^T «i.-q^^?rt^ TR OT.-risn-JTR »(!' ^i^, 
TT^T 3T^ ^ 5^, HIM ^ n. TRof , iTPi;^ "ft^ ".-fqSR 
n. spT^, fll m^oTf ^Rof g. of o. ^txi'^ /. ^■^ ^Tof-f^fsfdr 

y. o/ O. ^P^Dpfft^TR^r f^5pJt_ 

A sound or good beating. TRJTnftTTR >». ^q^mR m. 
3 — soundingly; ?(!/iaf^, 8fc. ^^FFf^, JTS^PliT'jf, 'F^'P^^rW, 
SOicpTtrnr, ^UTIR^, tn^^of or qsj^T^df^ '^isretor 5^37*15 
co'f.-<P31'P3 of^i'- HR'jf, '[qR'iif. 

4 ( a musical instrument ). Si^f;^, fT^of, ^n^'I'Jir. 

5 T. To Defeat, To Conquee. I'^^pdf, S]^ ^^., ^f^ 
a^TOIDT, 3TH5^, 3ic^.wf. 

6 ( a floor, &c. ). =qiqwf , ^n?iif , ^TTT^Tt/ ^"jf. 

7 ( a proclamation, &c. ). fq^"^, En^^pjf. 

8 down, ( price, terms ). "TTf^ ^-^'if. 

9 off, back. t. To Betel. ^^-Sfijf , J^rTTTf ?Jlf?r ^"Jf. 

10 ( time ) — in music. f(T^ vi, q^. 


11 up; work up. ^KJTT^dr, Jfnni/.-TT?Tm?r/. ^prot y. o/o. 

To Beat, v. n. pulsate, v. To Throb. 3^, surqv'jf, ^=^5^^, 
^'^rsf ado. 5rRTW, JiTf'T or ^TJOT adv. 3^, ^OTS'iT'if, PJ- 
"T^ in. ?ypTOT. 

2 against; «/««/* against. ^^Z^., 5i;j5^^, tr3^/-tr3^T w- 
•■'T5^/.-'<T3JFT»i.-&e. FTFTJf-SRT'Jf. [/. *R^. 

3— the heart, v. To Palpitate, q^trsot, q3^/.-«T5q^ 

Beat, n. See Steoee. 2 See Pulsation. [3TT^. 

Beaten, p. v. V. A. 1. ttr^^tt, ii+«?!l, &c. rirf|?r, q^rftcT, 
To be b. HR wj. 53TW, ffefrT ^TrJf. 
I.— a road. ?:mri<NI, ^rfl^TRNT, ITS^^TT, ^^STT-qrEn". 
To he b. ^ispjf, TTornT^^, T^iot, =^55/ 'TJ'jf /"t). con. 

Beatee, n. V .V. A. 1. JTR^RT, Sf^'JTRr, &c. 

I. ( of bushes, for game ). TRf^T^-qr m. [ sfSepjft/. 

II. (any instrument for beating or bruising) sj^cfut w. 
Beatific, Beatifical, a. f ^^7, ^Sj, ^^T^. 
Beatitude, 11. heavenly felicity, v. Heaven, gf^/ ^\^ vt_ 

^f^f- ^^^ "*■ f^^ ^- ^'-^ '*• ^ ^^- f^^^T'RT »». 
The Hindus distinguish final beatitude into four 
kinds, viz. ^rpr^T absorption into the essence of the 
deity, ?rt?r^?rT residence with him, ^4l4rl! nearness to 
him or being in his presence, and ^^cTT conformed- 
ness to his image. 

Beau, n. v. Buck. SRTIJ^ or #r^ c. ^(^ c. 5?t5fpi_ c. 3T- 
^i-MM c. %?JT m. 

Beau ideal, ir^trt HR^Bt ^fHw[ f.-'^Jxf f. 

Beauish, a. Y. Buckish. tJRft^r, ^^, ^^^, m^- 

Beauishness, n. v. A. ^ftTft/. SRT^Rt/. q>P^r^/SRTf ^ 

or gr^Pt/. ar^F^/. arq^s^Trsft /. 
Beau monde, 11. tJRT15T%?5T^ m. pL 
Beauteous, Beautiful, a. g^T, ^q^fr, S^q^PT, ««::4iJM^, 

g^TT, ^p^, ^^f ^?Ti ^^5T?r, i^s^jft^, ^^f^ffrr, f ^1%?^, 
?fTfH^, ^"^'q, f TRWT, ^^DTT, ^^Tf, 'tt^rt, 'frf^^rr'JiT, 

q^frT, ^f?RTTH, ^HCfr, ^H^fK, H^, JT^, =5fRr, HJfr^, 
ITHT^T, T^RK, g^^. 
Beauteouslt, Beautifully, adv. ^^, g^fff^, H^rfT, H- 

Beauteousness, Beautifulness, n. v.A. (???(? Beautt. ^T- 
^^ «. ^?;Tq'^T »>. gsfgrrft/. gi7T?rT/«5;MrlT/. ^t^T». 

2'o Beautify, ii. a. m^rfqw, f ^Trf>T?T-f\^-t^^-?fr>TTf^fn- 
"S-Ac. jj;t^, m-mf. arM'Jf-^, m^^ «. ^T^y. of 0. 

Beauty, n. ^1^ n. g'^Trrr / ^^TqiTr w. FJFPiq' «. ilft'TT /. 

=Ftf?r/. s^r/ 3^t/ CT^qfrT /. ^q^rr^q- n. 

Adventitious or artificial b. '3TT^mHT / 

2 particular excellence, grace, Sfc. ^sft/ ^IN'/ 'f'r^/. 
V^ m. fl^ «. ^/. 

3 a b. leaufiful woman, g'^ff, ^"^TT, Cq^, ^CTSfrft, 

qf^ni'T i'OiJ. q^>T, jiRt^, ?rRvt"OT, f^iTp^fr, fq-^r^ »" . 
Beauty-spot, ?s. ^Isfcf g^fq^ f^ijqT ^Ffelf %?J3T fH3^ m. 



To Becalm, &i;. See To Calm, etc. 

BkcaVSE, eonj. qri^r, ^irffTT, ^FTT^, ^T^nr, :?!TT3T4T. 

B. that. Tqr^^f, ^5^, 5m3T'4T, J^mm. 
To Becuasce. See To IIappex. 

Bechicks, n. cough medicine. ■J)l*fH-+ltt^i'.'-t) 'fll^ti ». 
Bechoda, «. /<"!/ tcilhoui a pole, ir^l^ «'• f5I=^^ »»• 
Beck, n. signifuanl nod, v. Sigs. ^%?T «. ?)flT/. ^'f^m m. ^- 
7TTTT m. ^-^tT/. f^:?i%rT m. f^TT-.g^PT «. f^R-.^JTRT /. 
To bo at the b. of. ^^ tfRfof, f?T5tt aTO^T, ST^TTT^- 

To Beckon, To Beck, v, c. make a sign to. r^ f. ^F^tji', ^^- 

2 ( with the hand ). ^TcRjpr /.-^WHW<(\ /.-^^^%?l »»•- 
a ( with the eve or head ). stsET w. ;pT<^-q7rr?r, Slf^"! 

Beckon, n. v. Siox. flq;?T w. ^fTT/. r^TTT?T/. ^^TRTWJ. I^'^/- 

To Becloud, See To Cloud. 

To Become, v. n. ^, i^dr, 7501, ^df. 

2 of; <o be the final condition oj. ^R/.-TftoTPT m.-nfrT/. 

-?i^ M.-&C. ^ y. 0/ s. 
To Become, v. a. beseem, suit, grace, fA. ^Ti^f, ^^»T^, ^- 

3T^, Ep^, q^, fJTSrof, «IMot. 

2 befit, Ichove, he meet unto. mHiif, ^TOff, ^STPPTT-^I^- 

Become, ^j. v. V. N. fjfe^iT, HrT, ^STHT. 

Becomixo, p. a. V. V. A. 1. beseeming, graceful. ^ft HUIK f H- 

2 befittinj, behooving, comely, v. Pit. 'TT"T, rUTT^, ^1^- 

Becomihgly, «iy. V. A. f?l^3ftrft^, f^HfR, ?^t%^ a. decl. 

Becominqjjess, m. v. A. 1. ^fPTi^i^n^ «• Mi'-M Hl/. 

2 rti4(*1 /. ^«MU|i »». airf^q' n. 
Bed, n. f^^iHI m. ^/. ^1^^/. ^Tq-H «. fI?T ». 

B. and baggage-compreh. W-W^ n. "mz^V^ n. 
Toot of a b. TW^ n. qTTrn: o>- ^ oc TTT'tTT or ^r m. TT- 
JTVT »t. or i^ «. Ml<firl «. TTT^rT ?f. <TFT^¥ ?J. TPTfg- «. 
Head of a b. 3% n. ^WX^ «• jlfnrT n. 
To be brought to b. sfToE^ ^, ^^ ^T^, jpT^ f^T^^ 
To get up from b. f^^J^ T5^, 3TaCW^ 3^. 

To go to b. f^<ir, to/. ;rT^-;5Rot,3Tm «. ^t^, st- 

To keep one's b. from sickness. f^T^, ?S^, mzf.- 
3T4T^ n.^-RT y-&c. m. tRiJr, t^ /.-7^^ n. ^^irf^- 
5rf^^,?rit^ fia^,— to do 30 feigning sickuessi'^TT^- 

To leave one's b. get up after sichiesg. 55 ^ j^pj, 
"JT, 3^?fT warn ^, 3T^(T^TJT n.-:xr:<Y^ / m^."^ 
To make ( a bed ) ^tROT, q;aT^. 

2 (as of straw, for ripening fruits). ^f[ or 5fl^/. 

3 (of a garden). r\m m. W^Tf\f. TTmr m. ^TFR m.1^T ?«. 
Banked up b. #5% »'. *u|'ll ot. =^f^ m. '^V^J m. 

4 ( of a river ). qrST w. Ttt n. ;tt^ ot. ;^^:f5't /. "fr^ «. 

5 stratum, layer. '<^ m. <T^ m. ^T «j. 

G hold, scat, S,-c. v. Socket, m n. qr^f «. ^^vt/. 
To Bed, f. «. v. To Cohabit, ^^^u^ f.-^^^.^^n.-&,e.-^ji\. 
Bed-cloihes, See Bedding. 
Bed-fellow, Bed-mate, n. ^'H'^^iVr^y #^lrft OT.-^'rspft'T /. 

'^^T^, ^^T'pft, ^'R'ig' m. ^?T^?r?r m-W^f. 
Bed-post, n. ^^m^-^^Zr^V^-&c. J^T. m. 
Bed-hid, Bed-eiuden, a. confined to led. ^T^f^^TT, WZ^' 

=TT, ^T^rnr?:^ f ^^TiTTTT, ^^^^Ts^T, JJ^^OT^T, ^T^B^, 

To be b. ^TZq^ f. qirf or ■^7:;^^^ sjiif, 7?fmT Ts'Jf, ?f- 

Bed-ridden state. ^'S^PT/. ^4=)"]^/ f^SiiT/. 
Bed-boom, BED-cnAMEEn. f^wim-qt #^ / ^iT^^ ??. ^q'- 

Bedside, «. firap^TT^f^Fl/.-5TT^/-&c. 
Bed-stead, n. cot, couch. ^ZXf.pop, ^zf. & dim. ^TTHB' n. 
WZ:^ '«■ »fT^/- (^"». 'NM'i & 5fV3T^ «. Trin W. H^ or IT- 
^^ ^0^. JTT^^ or Hf^TT »8. T^'P '«• ?f?T «!. ^T^^rr/. ^1^ ;?, 
B. with a canopy or top. Scqx"T^ m. 
Death upon the b. ^MAIHiui n. It is inauspicious. 
Piece of the frame of a b. ^Tr\ «. 
Bed-time, n. Pi -rlNMl'^ -={■/■ f^^ra^TT >n. 
To Bedaub, v. a. v. To Smear. ?f'<T5^, fr5f1»?5«n't, HT^. 
To Bedazzle, See To Dazzle. 
Beddek, Bedettee, n. nether stone of a mill. cTat or WV.=^ 

ffsft/. ?^n^^^ftTf /. 
Bedding, n. ?T^/. RtJMI or f^lJRT m. g^rft/. ^Tq'^T^r^ «, 
The covering portion of b. 'ffti^ui n. 
The spread portion of b.3T'<T^7iT n. 
To Bedeck, v. a. \. To Deck. ?r^^tfr, m^XJ ^.T^. 

To be bedecked. ?r3T'?f, ST^F'Jf. 
To Bedew, v. a. moisten as ivith dew, v. To Moisten, z^- 

To be bedewed. c^=fKut, ^ff^TT^, ^WT^f, ^^Rin. 
Bedlam, n. mad house. f^MMrTi+H' ^Rnnirt ». ^■^Tt'^T «i^- 

Bedlamite, m. madman. f^»rr% H^^ «. 
BeDUNGED, ffi. ^^, ^Rl<4T, ^y<si. 

Bee, «.— honey b. ^^f^^^pop. ^^m\^f. Hl^l-siPfr^/. 
JT^JR m. ^^^ m. ITg^FT^ M. ^^^ »»• ^^frS? M. ^Tfft- 

B.-nest T. Honet-comb. ttt^ n. jfr^ «. STTt^ «. 
To circle & buzz around, — a b. t^f- nirt"!. 
2— burrowing b. 'TT^TT »». [arfrJ m. 

3 humble b. ^jn pop. j^ ?». 'Tni^ »«. Hf^^ w. 9^ »» 
Bee-bee AD, n. ^ot<yi' »«. 
Bees-nest, m. nest & honey comb. ^T^a n. 
Bee-hite, n. HtmT?!Tt^ ?;f=5lH^': n, ^f^'Wl\ «• 


2 fig. sivarming town or house. ?f^r^ ifpPcEw. %t^\^^X^^ 
Bees-wax, n. ^ot n. T^iW^ or f^XT^P n. ^^ m. 
Beech, n. <^f?T STTf • 
Beef, n. animal of ilie bovine Jcind ^«. SfT n. 

2 flesh of the cow cfe. iTT?^-^t5r5f-&c. JfRT ?'• "TTTrff ?«. 
Beef-witted. See Stupid. 
Been, p. v. V. 5rT^?5T, ^^?T, ^M. 

Beehbaeeel, «. ^\X^ f^'J- 
Beer-house, «. sff?: f§rq5T^^T f^sr ?«• 
Beet, w. Beta Bcngaiensis. TJi^^ o?' ^/. m. 
Beetle, n. fipi-qT=5ft ^^Tm 37f|. 

2 wallet, rammer. jftnT w. jfFTTT »». 
2b Beetle, v. n. jut. ^t %ot. 
Beetle-eeow, 11. 'jn g^f^/- 3''»li^ '%^^f- 
Beet LE-EEO WED, a. ^jiT gl?f^, 3^I<T >?^f^- 
Beetle-headed, «. v. Stupid. ^^Z'^\. [ ^i'R ». 

Beeves, n. Hack cattle. iJT ». ^'^^ 'K 5K «• pi- i\K'\fk or ^- 
To Befall, v. n. happen to, letide, v. To Happen, ^irf, fn- 

S^, %5r, 'T^'^, Hl^ot, JT'^^.ui oj- 3^^, ^^"^i •PT'^i TIK- 

ff%, JTTfF /. fpjf g-of s. [<il+^"|ui. 

To Befit, i'. a.heseem, v. To Become, q'5'if, ^l-Hui, ^ffT'if, 
To Befool, v. a. v. To Deceive. Wf.^ or ^+|i?ui', ^^FIW, 

Hr^^TT^of, ^'PJ^, ^'^^.i^^^'Jlf-^^^^f-'^^^^^f- 

^ the front or advance of. qi.^ 'TT^^, ^fpfRT, 

B. and behind. ^TT^S, STT^iTFf^ STim^llMtilil, ^TT^- 
From b. q^?r, n")^M, ^HI^M. 

2 in the presence of. ^, Wf^^, ^'H^W^^^ ?miT, ^'5" 
??f , ^Sft or ^cl^l, ^^JTrft, 'fTT^TTPT, 3mt?T, ^5^^ Or 3^f^, 

Immediately b. j^^^Tjt. 

3 preceding in time. 3TnT^, q^r, 3TT^, JTPt. 

4 in preference to. ^"^1, ffT. 
Before, oc^y. in time preceding, v. Poemeelt. 3TT'fr, "T^r, 

ar'Tt^, qf^FTT^, 3TT^, ST'<TK, ■'STT^, STT^, ^• 

A little before or after. 3TTf^ ^^TFIc 

As b. "|t^5, q"<Trj5. 
2 in front or in advance. JJ, KT^, JS^'MI+'i, J^^TTaTf- 

Befoeehand, ado. in anticipation. 3TTTT, 3TFTT^, JS^^T^S, 

To be b. with. 3ilVI^/. ^TT'^. 

2 before due, in advance. arPN, 3TPTr3J. 
To Befoul, v. a. v. To Dirty. f^l^n^oT, ^m/. W'X^ g- of 

o. i^il'H-^^- 3TFTo5-&c. ^5^. 
To Befriend, v. a. v. To Help. stT^ /.-'<Tfq /• ?T^-^?PTT55- 

<n^, q«mi m. ^^, »:TT^qTO 5=^^, viM+'K »».- ^TTT/.-H^- 

<M\'\\f. JR^, TTfT':/- ^nc^'Jf, ^ m. ^ot. 
To Beg, f. n. practise legging. Wt^ /.-f'T^ /.-&C. ITFTOt, 


— as used of Brahmans. f*fgr^ /. ^fiTiif •— as used of 

Brahmans begging only of Brahmans. ?^|f^/. ^^. 

To b. about in great wretchedness. 3T5T ! 'fl=5r ! ^ff\^ 

f^rm, ^^^\ or H^t^q-f ^.f\n f^iif-^pjf, srH^nr ^cfm 

To Beg, v. a. aslc earnestly, beseech, entreat, implore, suppU- 
eaie, ^'c. f^H^, siT'4^, -HMui', aT'4^, f%^?Tift/.-1%^?ft 
/- stt^Ht/.-TT^RT/.-^T^ »«.-fil^?l/.-f*r^?ft/.-f*T^R^- 

^_/.-rTTvirfiTRT»i--&e. q.^'Ji'/. o/o. qmf'TS^ ^mm^t 

I^JT^^ ^^ »». FTT^TW, fPT m. pi. ^fS^, qTr »!. "T^ROT, 
TT^t TfJT-^^TtTPTt q||T-&c. iiT'4ot-3T^ m. ^ijf-&c. ^TT^ 

2 fl!«l- j» alms. JTFTot, TP^f^, f^^, 3?4*T, >ft^/.-fH?Tl 
/. JTPT'rf y. o/o. JTFTcrft/.-^^prT/.- ^\'4^^ f.-^y^f.-&c. 

3 assume without proof ,ia'ke for granted, ^v;\^•^\^-^s,- 

To Ti^B^TyV. a. procreate, gemi-afe. '^^f^uj.^ vJT^JT ?«. ^, 
vT?R n.-q'^3T;T=T«. ^^T y. o/o. 3?T^ ^RW, ^r^TRf STPTOt, 

2 V. To Produce. To Cause, stt^ ^^,^J ^^ot, :j- 

Beggar, «. TPTfr^ft, Hl'iuf+'O, fH^prft, f^T^^pft, ^fN^TPTr, 
f^rgq;, fH'^TTiff, ■MM+,'>T'JnT»i. TTFm». 3T'<fr.-in contempt, 
anger, &c. agreeing with a pioor b. a wretch of a b. a 
dog of a b. 8jc. f^PFRIT w,. T^f^HRK ». *rPlfH^Tfl' m. 

B. by profession. ^TTaft^ »». 

B. ( of victuals ) from door to door. »TT^^ m. The 
victuals given, iTTq^Fft/. 
B's bowl or dish. f^r^TfqT^i n. H^TSt/. ^tTT n. 
Beggars must not be choosers, ( dainty, &c. ). ^=?rf 

^^^rsaig;^^, 3T:>nr^ ^r^ ^rrf^ fM<M| jtftot ( 1 

Crowd or multitude of beggars. f^T^R n. *rs^f^R«. 

Obstinate and troublesome b. ^oSTS m. ^?5iTT5 m. ^- 

SITT, 'loiy^, ToE^pf^TT, ^sftqT ^"TT or ^iHfT, i<|ui5uir or qtHTT, 

?=fiTq?5Tr, ?Tf?fr5*fT, irs^nft, 

B.-like trick, way, habit, &c. pT^R=5fr2T m. fif^FR^I^ 
/. f»T^FR^?T"iT n. fH + K-HJ/. pT^PR^»» f*f%=5lT ll^T >». 

To turn b. =ftq^/. q^, 5^'^ ^'t-R nt^rqT^ ^^ %W, 

^ ^TR^HY 3TT?"/. q^ :/. o/s. ^ *ftq3TM. qof, Jft^/. 

?5Rm iw. co». ^Trff ?Tq?ff /.-'rtr^/.-f^a'Y/.- 5^r?ft/.- 

2 craving person. HPTTT, HFTT. 
To Beggar, v. a. reduce to beggary. fH%^ rtiM^i, f^Tft-^- 

It beggars description, ^of^ =?;fT<Tt JT^rT TT^, ^rfnclt 




Beooabeu, ;>. V. V. fH%W rSl^^^l, <S:c. ^«ft, fjrT?r=ifr, ^- 

BEoaABLixEss, M. V. A. fH+KN^rr «. fT^firftTorr m. 

Beooarlt, o. mean,po<yr, i$e. ff^PR, f^^FTft, «fv'Ilr^, f*r?nT- 
qroir or oft, fH+KMUINI, ^TOT, ^ft^'t, fV'JSKF'-^wiNI, 

Bkco^klv, (Jiff. V. A. f*l+K4UIT^, f»T+K«Jluft. 

BecoaEY, m. v. rOYEBIY. f^fjqft/ ^TTrft/. ^?Tq^ff%/. 

To be reJiiced to b. t. To turn beggar, under Beg- 
OAR. jftip/. (TFT'it JHV. con. T'H'+\i.v\, 

Beocep, p. T. V. A. 1. sfr4^?7r, &c. jfrf^H. 

2 Tn^^.t^, io. f^f^, ^TTf^frf. 

Begoixo, II. V. Y. A. 1.— «(/. f^q'^ «. ^r*(^ n. &c. ^r^- 

B. is a better trade tLan working. ^^ISffls^f j^Joe- 

ffr% T<T "FR. 

To Begix, «. n. enter upon. ?5T1"^, 3in'T>?f, JfltT'^, 3'"7?piT- 

of, !T|Tf ^of, Jf^mirf, anf ^T m.-iTTtT ot.-?t?^;ptt «!.-g|-TT»».- 

\c. JpTof, roT m. ^tJr or qim, 'TT^Jrjy «. qj ^cjnr^ TR f». 

To b. in good earnesit. mi^T ^l/. fl^T^, ^S'tTH^/. 
2 /nA-e existence, leing, form^ y. To EiSE. aTR^roj-, Sfrt- 

rlPHxf y. o/ «. ^l-^m FTTI'Jf. 
To BeG]>-, t;. a. 3TRvr'jf, iTTtH'jf, gTR>T«.-iTRT W.-&e. ^of 

y. o/o. fimf, ;jq=;pJT<if, ^q^;?^ ,». ^pis'^-^ot y. o/o. jf- 

:FT m. ^ETRfTT ^FT'jf g. of o. ^-^^ sRuf, ^^^^Ff /. ^RW y. o/o. 
To be begun. aTR'^, 3^^=P^. 
Begixxeb, n. tyro, notice, ^'c f!5|T, ^^ff^T^qT, ^?T^31'--qRfl", 

^^, aTR^sp. 
BEci>TfrNa, n. v. V. N. 1. & Y. A. srrt^ w. !TR*r »». ^TSfT- 

?r oj- g^^R/. OT^!PT «». 5|tT «». Til?rT=5RaT n. iTJNfrTq^- 

Gradual and gentle b. 3T?TRH >«. 
Very b. the outtel. ^'^^^\t^ m. smir^Tuf ,,?_ 
2 T. V. N. 2. a«(i EibE. ^VXH m. ^^m »,. h=! m. 
At the Tery b. :f<^J?RHt, H^tRift, H5ErR|^ or rtoEP?- 

|TTm,53rr. " "^^^ ^ ^ 

B. and end. rise and close of a matter, gener. arFHT- 

Mr ot. arrf^-iicT or 3n?TfT w. ot^jh^t >». q^^ «. ?f- 

From the b. qf^=qTqT^, q^TTClH, H^tTf^, Hotm i g ^, 

In the b. q^, qf^, qf^^qiH, 3TTfr, 3TT%, Urofr. 
Very b. ^//e outset. ST'<qHRH »n. h^er'T »>. gTT?TR*r »». 

^VIH^RUf w. 

I. incipient portion or perioct. ^^^\■^ m. ^^^^^\■s n. ^i- 

s «. 3TTf^ m. sr5r?j/. 5w M. =5R0T or ^xnrsRor w. q;sd5rfKrm, 

B. and end. aTKfrr m. 

Prom b. to end, v. TuRouonouT. aTT^Ff, ^r?T?f, aT'4- 
MK^IsPlM-Hfl, 3T'<Tf?T, 3T^^ aTRR, 3TTH^5, 3TRT^r^. 

Without b. middle, or end. 3Tr^H«rRRf^. 
II. elements, v.Eudiments. HotitFs^T /. 
To Begied. See To Subeound. 
Begone, interj. f^mm^Vi^ or ^:p57r :;Tr, HT5 ^^H ^r, 

3TTq?rT^n'^. [?r, ir^rfHrT. 

Begotten-, p. v.V. 1. STT^T %%^, ^^RT 3TM%?IT, &c. ^f^- 

2 "^^T^^rlT, ^^R^OT, &c. 
To Begeiwe, v. a. soil deeply. %7^^ or f^prf^ot, fipr^oT. 
To be begrimed. ^F^^, ^FRot, f%?:^, ^,J »». ^I^nJf, ^- 

To Begeudge, See To Geubge. 
To Beguile, v. a. trick, delude, v. To Deceive. ^^^ »2.-^- 

T^ f.--H^ n.-^^n.-'^^i^m f. ^Trl'Jf, 'ft"?>T^ijf, ^^'4Tq'/. 

^, Hi^ui, ifhFT »».-ST?JT m.-^jFA m. "zpt, 

2 ( time ). ^ rf =1 u'l , ^ToE'Jf , St^ot, tJlrf=)'Ji,+<Hui, ^TOJ^/. 

^Tof, ^HH^^^ w.-:frr?55r^RfT/. 2fR^. 
Begun, ^. v. Y. N. 1. & Y. A. arRH^^TT, =5rR %%?rT-5n'- 

3?5T, &c. a;TR^v:r, JTR^^T, 3-q^tcT, g^ o»- ?p-, :f|=fT. 
It has not yet been b. 3T^ f^'lril :TrfT ^TTP^Jr Trft. 
Behalf, n.part, side. T^ «. ?RTr/. 

On the b. of. ^n^, tpftrff, si^, q^?r?rTcR, T?T 1?^:^, 

STrff or 5r?ft^, ?ISF, 37^?^, arn^. 
To Behate, v. n. act, conduct. =etr:% ^Tl'iui, ^^, aTT^^ot, 

3ir^RT»T m.-3TRR «». ^FW, ^ffWRiJf , %w/. HRuf. 
To b. circumspectly, carefully, &e. ^s[^ ^T^-=EfT?5Dt- 

sTFTw, iTFiq^ qrpT =ErR=;ot,&c. ;j^ cN+'m ^nw. 

To Behave. ». a. ( one's self) v. Y. N. =5rT?yiJf , ^r^. 
Behaviour, n. v. Y. and Conduct. =5lTi=5/. 'srra^'TT/. ^1??- 

=^^^01^/. aTRTWw. aTRfriTw. aTT^R m. ^^ Ji.«jT?U|^/. 
To Behead, v. a. tR% «.-tT% n.- 3Tf /.-&c. TTT'jf-TJ^^ y. 

0/ 0. T^ /. iTRiJif y. 0/ 0. IT3T m. ?fr5^ y. 0/0. f^T?:>%- 

? «i.-^ij^ w.-iT^^Fg^ «. qRTJf y. 0/0. 

— in covert or cant phraseology. pt^^Ti-h-I «.*<«! y. 0/ 

Beheaded, ^. T. Y. 3R%3^=R?M', &c. ftf^T^^, ftj=jTf?R^. 
Beheading, n. v.V. 5R% 'j^'I'JI n. &c. f^R^^ »>. ifff^^^ m. 

^^^ #^ «. 
Beheld, _p. v. Y. MlI^rfFTT, ^f?^, ?5f|w, aHcjclif+d, f^fq?- 

rf, aiWlRri, aTRtf^Frr, f1^, 5ftr?W, ^. 
Behest, m. v. Oedee. arrfrr/. aTR^T w. 
'B^msT}, adv. in the /5j«(/er^7rtfe. ttrT, qicftilRt, fqr^gr^W, 

Tret, ^^TPft, T'siTrrr, "T^lRT^TPfr, Tfi^lTrilRff, ?¥?T-., "RfT:, 


2 See Behind -HAND. 
Behind, jw-ep. «< the lack of. JTRT, TT^t^T, TT^TPf, TT^Tj "TT- 

jTr^rf, qT5#, qw^, qfe^ or>r?5^. 

Close b. Ml'lTni'l, "HIdlMIrl, rJ^IrS^. 

To look b. mdHKl qr^ffr or ejo^^f, flr^NrM+H n. ;?R^ 
2 «7(<?fr the shelter or cover of. 3TT¥, aTTS^Jl. 


From b. qrstJTPFT, TTS^, ^Tm, TT^^PffT, TTS^^p^, 

Behind-hand, adi;. in a stale of backwardness. *ii'irt^H or 

To fall b. JTFt-'Tn5'^HTn-MI'W4'l?r or ^]^^it^K TS^f, 

To throw b. TTFf-mdl'K H i-TTr'T^S^tff or JTPT?5?rtqT ?TO- 
"jf, KT'i^iiui, HmKuJ. 
To Behold, v. a. olseroe, contcmjdate, regard, vieio, T. To 
See. qTf^, ?rf|7^, f^\??^, 3Tq-?^iif, f^^wf, ^^of, ft- 

Behold, interj. T^. 

Beholden, a. obliged, v. Bou>'d. FSFIOT, arrTTft, ^h+iO, 3"- 

Beholdee, «. V. V. m^yiKI, ^, ^?T^, sft?^^, f^?7^, S- 

Beholding, ». v. V. — act. qj^ »• SRrTl'+ui' n. 3T^^^?T «. 

f^c^l+'T n. ^^M » ^?^0T ». ?f^^k », 
Behoof. See Advantage. 
To Behoove. See To Become. 
Being, p. v. V. ^iRTt, 3T?rrrt, ^frf 3T^rrt ( contracted into ^- 

Being, m. existence. aTf^TOT «• 3T1^"JTT w. arf^^ n. *TT^ »». 

?r^ n. ^^^^ m. ^?r «. 
To bring into b. vFHRT '7Mui-3Hl"i>^, ^^FT tnn. ^q-^ 3-- 

2 « b. art existing thing. >TrT ?J. ^^^ «. s^f^/. ^ w. ^- 

f^ or ^fr^ mn. 
The Supreme Being, v. God. "TTH»q-^ m. 
To Belabouh, Belabocking, &c. See To Beat, &c. 
To Belat, v. a. block up, v. To Obstkuct. ^q-<Jf, ^^^^ tn. 

JfTJTTy. of. 0. 

2 make fast. ^\^S\^ arroUTof, 3Traq^-&c. STTtTot. 
To Belch, v. a. forth; eject violently from within. ^^ jpjj- 

To Belch, v. n. ?^ w./. \^. 
Belch, n. 1^^ o/- j^ ?«./. 3"?^R w. 

Low or soft b. ^d+ofl or ^i^ott/. S'^^ft/. 

Sour b. ^T^ 5^ m. ^TTTS^^ »». 
Beldam, n. v. Hag. '^^Rft/. *TT5t/ ^?ft'Jr/. t^'H/. 
Ji? Beleaguer v. a. v. To Besiege. W^of^lf^q- im^ ^f^JTTTrw. 

Bblfkt, n. qtf/. or qt^T/iJ?. SfT^'^'Tr^T' ^mT /. ^il'IK «. 
To Belie, v. a. give the lie to. ^^-?r^r-fSrK'TT-?=r^!T^-&c. ^- 

riif, ^ftT'JTT w.-i=55Trft/.-?y^^^!^ »rt.-3T^fqrn-/.-&e.3TiTJior. 

2 misrepresent, misreport. ^r^^ HT^ff^'jf, •'5Rff^%^ «.- 

3 calumniate, v. To Aspeese. ^"PFT «.-&c. ^ jtvV/t ^X 
of 0. !^f. idEJUJ -Jos^/t ?^ 0/ 0. 

4 counterfeit, mimic,Y.To rMiTATE.q'^^/.^ixf-^fTT'^y.o/o. 
Belief, «. credit, credence, trust. RI'^MHT/. f%*^T^ ???. H'itr- 

^ OT. ^tt^tt >ii. ^rq^ m. «r5;r/. 3iir*H+«?^f^/. 

79_ BE L _^ 

2 religious belief, v. Faith. Hf^ m. f^^ff ?«. «f5T/ 

3 a belief, a faith, v. Eeligion. ^^ n. VTH )». TtTH «(. 
4: persuasion, opinion. ^TT^ ?«. ^^T^TT/- H?T n. ^fj/. 

5 object of belief. siTSrRrTT ?«. f^'^RTf^T'Tq- m. «r?T-&o. 

6 creed. ^\^f^V^r!rH\^A f- 

7 ( of a God )— opp. to Infidelity. 3TTf«T^?fr/. 3TTf«sf=? 
n. arf^^q' w. 

2b Believe, «. a. credit, trust. ^T^^, W^ 'TFTof, fer^qi^fir, 

^T^^r\Tf. ^i^ g. of 0. f^^qr^ «».-'»TT^ra'T m.-^m m.-fr^j- 

^ OT.-&C. s^OT-'^ot, ^7T-^?^-&c. qr^ot in. con. 
A make believe. ;|-?^^^FRcnt/. r. TRT^f, |-3y: v. sm^J". 
Believed,;), v. V. iTT^frS^T, &c. f^^rf^, f^^f^, =!Tf4;fT, 7- 

Believeh, m. Believing, p. a. v. V. f^Nl^i^luiKI, f^^^TH- 

OTTTT &c. f^s^rre^T, «r^^r, m^rwirr, '-T^rar?, ^jt^, 
ssr^riHn, «r?TO»Tf^^, ^^r^^, "^^p^-, f^'^ret, nr^ft^, 

I. — in theology ( of a God ). 3Trf^. 
II. ( of a divine revelation ). ^TT^Tpft, r^lW^m. 
Believinglt, adv. v. A. f^^^TH %f ^, &c. irm^f^. 
Belike, adv. v. Perhaps. ^Tlfsr?, ^^«, ^^nfr. 
Bell, n. ^■K\f. pop. ^jzf. Sf dim. ^\t[f. ^PT n. 
Clanking or tinkling b. qorqtrrqTT/. ^\nf\ f. 
Neck b. ^■^^T^f. 
String of litttle bells (as around a bullock's neck). ^\- 

To bear the b. be a leader. qjut-&c. ar^ffW. 

2 _p?a;e 0/ bell-metal ( used to strike on) . ^'\Z or %nz n, 
WSqicE n. q^r/. ^TT n. 

3 ( of a flower, c%c. ) v. Cup. ^\t\f. 
Bell-clappee, n. ^v^^-W-"^ ^T^ f rfrar >«• 
Bell-foundee, «. mz^r'mn m. q^T^Tt ?». 
Bell-man, n. ^\z^\■^9l^\\i\ in. q?i3T5E=Efr or ^ m. q^PTTl ?«. 

2 public crier, ^cjil^iwr »»• 
Bell-metal, m. ^PFT /JOj?. ^t^ «. 
Bell-shaped, a. qt%^=^T aTT^TTnrr, "-V-HAK. 
Belle, n. smart young icoman. ^\zpf[ or "^Z^^^zv^ f. Ijm- 

%^ or !JFP/. ^Tl^^J^T or ^fn?/. ^t?^^ «. 
Belles-lettees, «. 3T?^qnT^Tr^ w. 
Bblliqeeent, «. icaging war. ^^ ^sfTc^TTTT, ^^^TPT. 
lb Bellow, v, ■)!.— the bull. t^DT,!^/. TJt^of-^, TT^'Jr, 


2 mZZ loudly, vociferate, v. To Bawl. iTm>?f, ^RlSr or 

afiTS'jf, afTT|<7 ^tf7r^^-5^nT9T-#ir5or-&c. vft^ ^^^ ^" 

3 ( from pain, &e. ) v. To Bawl. 3HU4ui or 5flIT5wf, fTI- 

5 n. ^, arr^FTtiT, 3TPFf?r 7«.-3Tr5p1'in' m.-arripfrT m.-an^- 

^ M.-aRRt^ mn.-kc. JROj, noET ^FTfH ^f^-'flTTI^, ^^ ^T- 

ffT rfjf-aftr^. 
To b. suddenly — a child. H~nF «■ 'FTS'^. 
To b. and beat the mouth, ^rq^'^r, sfNl/ p^. TTT^- 




CT^, ^^f-"^ m./.-Tt^^^ H.-R^7T3^ m.-&e. JfHTir. 
4— the sen, wiud, &c. v. To Koar. TT^, TTrf^'ir, qH'Jr, 

^r^n^'jf , ^nTT^'t, ^t^t^e m.-w,ss^ «i.-n^qrr/.-n^jp=r«.- 

Billow, Bei.i.owlso, «. v. V. 1. fT^ ». ^wn «. >^c. 3T^H 
71. Sec the uouus under tlic verb. 

y afUjul" «. arniif^ "• "S^i-'- STT^tfT m. arr^^T m. <S:c. See 
uuJcr the verb. 

Bei.lowek. 11. V. Y. 3. one given tohellowing. iffsTT, ^t«I?Tr, 

Bellows, n. HTtTT »'. «'''«»• Tnft/. Hr^TJT w. TW m. J/»>. 

To blow with the b. To work the b. -HTrTr m. jq?ot, 

Belly, ^\z n. JT^ ?!. jf?^ m. ^;t^ ot. «. HT n. L^/- 

B.— allusively. ?TT w. mif- ^T^/^tN/- ^T^T m.7^- 

B. — in contempt, endearment, &c. RTT^^ »«• Hii'+rfl 

B. — expenses. Ml-K^-H "•• 
Di.=tcudedb. '^"T/. 

Empty b. 3T?n?t or ar^smi^ «. ft^re »• R4-14.< n. 
— with or upon an empty b. g'TT^f, 3^^ 'TRT, Pi-ilo4 

"Tiff, sHflMnVi or 3TSTMrft or ar^Ts qj^f , OT^r€r. 

— with or upon a full b. HT?^ qj^f, ^rTT TI^. 
Shooting in thcb. %t7T/ v. ?, ^. 
Stinting or pinching of the b. q'T^HRT m. ^Z^KKf. 

Swelling or swoUenness of the b. ^ "g'ft/ 3TTSHT?I 

Certain combinations and phrases expressing this 
sense are, ^\Z St'TR^ or if TT^ or 4N<r4, Ml 414 or <fT^f- 

o j=iPT or :5*nTr krt^t, qraTTt-xr ^ptttt '-^ttt^, tt^I rr <T5^ 

^ or TRt?T rTT^ ?7nT%, ^HT ^pi ^TR, ^R TaiT HTS, 
"frr ?ff 5iR;-?HTiftH or ^JT7iftrf m^ or ^TT^-^^n- 
cmjhIci — t^-|ift-&c. ^^^ 

Shruukeiiuess and flatteneduess of the b. is ex- 
(.ressed with equal liveliness. MI-iM'l T^TR^ ^rrfft, qiZ- 
MMK-IH n^, Ml-il'-Tl ST»^ T5^, 'TT^ ■(.■HIdoilH n??, ^W^ 
H^ «.//;. cRT^-T^, or ^^ntw. i-*/. 5I?T^ &C. qH 'j 
*i+l^^ or H^PToft^ ^t'^, ^K H+l-iS or H^To5?5, 'H^FTw^ | 

/• ;)'. 5ra=^ or ^^zfT, qr^^t or Ejr^^fr/. pi. sm^qr or 

The three folds across the b. ( from obesity or age ). 
To be engrossed in providing for the b. HV^ H \ &^ 
STim, m^« qrc n. ?!T7TUT in. con. 

To go to the b. trrfr "T^, H?T?<TT?ft qftfr. 

To have a b. to fill. ^ n. ^vCt^ =rFWf. 
^Tj pinch one's b. ^VC qitr'if , ^r=T fni ^F^, qr^TO f^- 
^> »r». j)Z. WTr^, TTTRT qTCT w. s^yf^, H]i-^ i i\ m. ^^, 

Ti pinch the b. to clothe the back, ^fitr^j ^;jr^f*T?it^ 

1 To touch one's b. <fta^ TTR'Jr, ^r ^<^^St. 

I Whip my back, dont cut my b. ^yt{^l WK HtdN ^ 5Tm5; 

! ?npr. 

j 2 ie^Zy fig. hold. qiH: «. 

I 3 Idging pa/rt. "Tt^ «. ^TF «;. fTTrr w. 5'It^/. 

j To Bellt, v. n. swell out, jut out, hidje. <B'Hif, *'IIW, fTT 

m.-'h'WW m -&c. qot, jifT?: ^5t. 

2 sicay, V. To Bag. jffn^HJf, ^M w.-lfte^pr m. qijf. 
Bellt-acde, m. Tk^JoE or B^ »i. qj?- pfcj- «. q'rrTTft/. 77- 

Constitutional or constant b. <fl?7;!^T m. qfs^^y. 

BeLLT-BAU'D, 71, V. GlETH. q^ /. 

2— gener. qt?^^ n. ^T^rPT ». 
Bellt-eounj). «. V. Costive. 5T^%r^ pop. ^^^v^ziJJ. 
Bellt-feetiinq, n. gripes in a horses helhj. ^T^Tt /• 

Bellt-fuil, n. qt^TTfft/. qt^'TT/ qpniT ar^ w.-^^ttt m. 

With half a b. a^slqrff, ST'cTqiff, f^Hqiff. 
To eat a b. qt^T?; ^'jf-^'^, TTf^-^F^q^T^^-STTr^ - 
-&c. ^of. 
Bellt-god, ?2. V. G-LUTTOS. qr^T^^ m. qfr^H^'TT »'. 'fm^^fm. 

BELLy-TIMBEB, BelLY-CHEEB, M. q't^'ft'/. 

Belly-woesi , «. qliPfi'ir m. 

To Belong, v. n. he the property of. 3T?T^ tvith ^r-Jp%-&e. 

( as ^ tn: FqT% ari^ this house belongs to him ). r^mot, 

ITIH WJ.-&C. 3T^ «'». con. 

2 be the province or husiness of. aT^f^ ii-'ith '^T-<F5-&c. 
( as I q?TT rrHf 3Tf| this work belongs to him ). ?5mw, 
5?5TFq^irr-&c. ar^Toty. ofo. w-T^ ^i.-sf^R'JT ».- &c. ar^af ?«. 

3 haoe relation to. cTFTW, ^sf'^ m.-&.c' ar^'if, ^t'J^ft-'PT^r- 

5i?ft^r-&c. ar^iJf. 
Beiongixo, p. V. Y. 1. ^%^. 

2 argnrT, ^^^TT. 

3 atift'TrT, aFTTFT, arn^fefr, ^M^, ^tft^F, a^rprq;, aT=5 • 
»Trr, Piw^rfl-m, hV-^i, fwfNr, ?5Fft, qr & qTr^or ( ia 

comp. ). 
Beloved, a. loved, dear. v. Daelinq. aTT^^r, fsf'T, sTTtT^, 

^5r?iT, rH-Hrf'i, ismr, ^rrr^, ^i?^, ^ft^r, Jr^r^q?, ar^ft^, 

apftf^^PT, ^fSfrf. 

B. by all. ^f^^T. 
Best b. %^s^. 
Beloved, n. beloved female, wife or mistress. ^aVh^ f ^f. 

/. •HMuf) /. 

2 Zower or husland. snT'PTr'iT w. iTT'TqfH m. STr<JTrT^T •.'»• 

sfm'*^ ?«. snw^ w. MiuifW'M m. srmf^^t^r m. 

Below, prep. v. Undee. <^Wrf| or 5(^nt=J^, ^T^t or ^I^. 

From b. W^. 
Below, adv. in the lower place. ^I#, ?7T3fTT a. deal. W^.^ 

I ("• w^\ ^5, ?T55^, 3T^:, artRfT-., 3T'TTnT, artRrrr?!; 


From b. ^r?pr. 

Here below, on earth. ^^3t^f. 

The realms or regions below. H I d W pc^. ^nrTroS n. 3T- 

Belt, girdle, cincture, ^'c. TJT »». 
A leathern b. ?M/. 
Plate of ab. =5fq-7T?r/. 
Sword b. STTrft/. q^^r^ «. q|T «(• 
Waist b. ^TTTIT »«. ^T^^f^ »»• =FT^^r >i. 
Belwethee, 11. ifl^<+'4IH'JI «i. 
2b Bemoan, ». a. bewail, v. To Lament, srfni w.-'^^ m.-f^- 

JTTT M. ^^'if y. o/ 0. 
Bench, w. ?o«y sea^ of plank. «ft=P »». 'T'q' «i. [ ?PT «. 

2 «ea^ of a judge. ?iiT?mft^TT=Tr TT^./: tTRT^T^ n. ?^TFTT- 
8 the presiding Judges; the Court. 5ra"?5?5 ^^TT^Ttft^T. w.^^/. 
^M ■«. 
To Bend, tv «. f«^e(?<,M(ryf.5Tf^F^^, ilf^?i?r'^,5frT^'if, ?5Jr^<jf, 

TK^'if, srss^T'Jf, *fU"i, ^r^ OT.-^iFT M.-sr^tJi «.-TTr5/-2T- 
5/.-&C. ■^-armor, ^i^p^-^^-&c. ^Rot. 

To bend the brow. '^,<^\'im^T^f.-^T5^Tf■ pi. ^TTr^M. 

2 direct to a certain point. SR'^i', ^'jt^, ^^. *>*■ ^W^t- 

3 down; ( a bough, &c. ) ^[cjij'jf, ^'4'?"'t. 

4 See To Subdue. 

To Bend, v. n. srfjpijf, ^TRi^, ^^i^, ?5^St, ?IH^, ^ft^of, ^f- 

:p OT.-HTt^p wj.-srm m.-grs/.-ffrs/.-^raE'^ «.-cfr5/.-&c. ^r- 

'jf-^TTJf atid ivith in. con. ^ot. 
Bend, n. flexure, incur cation, ciircalure. ^^^vr[n. ^\^^ n. sfT- 

jp or ^FP OT. 5TS/. Ht?/. KTt^/. ?ft5:/.?i. ^fcr/. 

2 (of a stick, &e. of a road, river, the ocean, &c.). 

q'f^ m.f. n. Eff^FW n. ^^\% n. ^oJtJT «• =13;^ '». 5^5/. 
Bended, Bent,2;.v.V.A.1. and Ceooked. 5ri'+=)rJr5l,&c- ^t^- 

B. about, hent in various directions. ^H4+1+l, ^f'JTfT- 

2 <Mw^ Intent. STq-fT, SRtT, 3TfiTfHl%'?, 3Tf*rf^^^ft. 
Beneath, ^?-ep. Sf adv. See Below. 
Benediction, n. blessing, or invocation of llessinj. ^T^ft^- 

^ m. 3TT^ft^=^ n. ^t'TRT^ »?»• ^r'TPir^^snT n. ^p^qrur^TSw. 

^^rf^FT^n^R «. jsrr »». ^y. itft. 

Benedictoet, «. expressive of blessing. aTT?ft=<l<^NT, W^ff^f- 

Benefaction, ». benefit conferred. ^'T^R w. ^TT "• •KrTnT- 

^ n. SM-Ht^^i «. ^^^M «. 
Benefactoe, j8. dM+K+<uiRT m. ^q^TT^Trf ;«. 5FrqT'JT^r?Tf 

Benefaoteess, «. g-q-^T ^^Tft/. Tq^T?lJ=^f/. &i". 
Benefice, «. a» ecclesiastical living. '^nTr^r^T »». ''^''Tr^R m. 

Beneficence, ?i. v. A. q-Tf^'TlT m. tfOM+KHl/. aT'^mwr w. 

Beneficent, a. A-i?u/, charitable, cj-c T^VT^HTF, TnT^Tft, ^- 



Beneficently, ado. v. A. H<m+K^^^, ?^<t.K^ ^m, ^ifj. 
Beneficial, a. profitable., serviceable, useful, v. Advantage- 
ous. TTWfr, ^mTW'^ %nFT^,%P}R, :jq4fi'ft, ^^T?=R-, 

Beneficially, adv. v. A. 3^rn m.-f^ w.-^'^qpR m.-&c. ^. 
Beneficialness, n. v. A. ^jq^T'ft'mr ni. ^^,]^^ n. 
Beneficiaey, n. receiver of benefits. 3^JFRqT=5l n. ^■q^RRq- 

^n. OT^FRHprft-, 3"iT=FR^'Wt, ^iSTTT^ «• ^^R?^». Zp\^\=S(n. 
Benefit, n. kindness conferred. 3^^rot. jq^fn/. (^^^RT?;. 
A public b. rtl'-hn*R in. ?l#Tq?R in. q:^N9?R m- 

2 iirofit, avail, use, good, Y. Advantage, f^rf n. ?yTT w. 

2b Benefit, v. a. promote the good of f^FT «.-=Erf'TS n.-^i n.- 
^^ ra.-EF??TFT 11.-&0. qvTOt g. of o. 

2 profit, avail, serve, v. To Advantage. STr^TTw'.-'jaTM. - 
OT^iR W.-&C. ^t^y. o/o. tvith inv. con. ^^^"^ ^^-^V^ , 

2b Benefit, v. n. receive advantage. ^F^^TW «.-«R w.-^^Tfn- 

S »i.-f|rr «.-&c. fiw y. o/s. 
Benefited, ^. v. V. A. ^q^^rf, g;^ m^-.K . 
Benevolence, n. disposition to do good. idq+K'Mfs/. "RR=FI- 

':5ft/. 3-q^FR^ft???rT/. OT^R^TT^r m. <R%I^5/. tTJ^- 

Universal b. ^H'^'Ml/. 
Benevolent, a. disposed to do good. q^lH+Kl', T^T^pi^gf^, 
'Riq^FR^ftc^, 'RT"T^KH't,NDT,"TftT+IUH, 'R^rTT'T or 3I'?T- 

^FFTTir f5iij-"TT-3TRT^-?r?R-r^d+-^q;-&c. vi^rf^rr^??, 

Benevolently, adv. y. A. 3Mt>Kf^^, qRR^R^^^, ^n- 

Benighted, a. overtaTcen by the night. ?T=5ft^ ER^f-a^syq- 

?rar-'TT5^?5T-&c. fn^TmrT. 

2 involved in ignorance. 3TfTRn%-&c. liSSJOT, STfTR'^T^, 

Benign, Benignant, a. gracious, beneficent, v. Kind, qfrq- 

^rft, T^tW:'??, JT^FR^fte, eT+KH<, "T^rq^R^. 

2 bland, mild, salutary, v. Wholesome, ^rfr^^, ^"^T, 

3 — of planets, aspects, &c. v. Auspicious. 5}H, iTTr^, 
g in comp. ^nj in comp. ^t'R^T. 
Benignly, adv. v. N. ?;q^, ^%^, ?qrgg^, ^^qr^ft^, ^qr- 

Benignness, Benignity, n. v.A. l.^qr/. ^TT/. ^jq^fT^HT 

/. OT^R^ft^ifTT/. jqqjrftf^ ». arq^FR^FTr/. ^^^^^]f. 

2 ^Tf^q-^FTT/. f^Fi^nr^Ffrr/. 

3 ^^ «. ^H^ ». jm?^^ 11. ^\^^^ n. 
Benison. See Benediction. 
Benjamin. See Benzoin. 

Bent, n. bended state, flcvurc, curiity. tff^ or ^^ mn. 5ITT 

/. 3iT^ m. ^ri^KsqTrr w. ^^^f. ^^^]^ m. 

2 disposition towards, v. Inclination, ^]'%f. HTs^fT/. 

iF^ m. ^fpF m. fr?T m. <?r^ «i. 

3 V. Tendency. WPi m. ^\m m. ?Tt<7 w. 
Best, /). Seo Bended. 
To Benumb, v. a. v. To Numb. q^TT-^^-Ac. ^f^. 

2 (the eensen) liupefy. Hf?/. arnjpif , Jf^T^H m.-^^q- 

Benimbed, p. V. V. 1. 5rf|TT-g5TT-&c. %%c5T. 

To be b. by oolJ. TTT^ot. 
Benzoin, «.— of superior quality. ?n^^ or f^HT'ft'^r^ ?». 

— of iuferior quality. ^ m. +=Ji-MIA'i »»• ^f^-T »«• 
To Bequeath, r. «. //(jce /<?/ »•///. ^rPT^irrr HrT^^^frT fe|"?r 

Beqcest, m. /^.yrtcy. HrT%TT^ «. Ji<1H->ltf*r|<^H «. ^r?rT=5fT- 

PJrfTFT «• 
To Bereate, y. a. sfn'p of, drprhe of. ?rFT=raT, ^i5^, 'TT'RT- 

r/"o. f^Trar ^n^-^^^-f^'^rT-^K-ctc. ^ir$\ (as N>i<rMrt- 

% H?^ J-MN'li %^ ), ^ ^RTjf. 
Bebeaved, Beheft, p. V. V. JfTT^FIFJT, Hl^t^^ T, g'^TJT-TFTm' 

-&c. %%rTT with f^qt d/o. ^i; iu comp. ( as ^TH'qq' ). 
Beeeavemest, m. v. v.— rtrf. ^I'NUJ-^/. ^V\^^ f. ^V[^] 

^KT'^r n. &c. %iTcET ^PT^ ". &c. — state. ^X^^^ f. ^\^^Wf. 

/. HPT^^T^rr OT. &c. ^Tf^/.-^n m.■^^<^f. &c. (in 

comp. with o. as ^--t^lfj]/. q-^T^^, &c. ). 
Behey, «. rr^'?«5 «."tj^"^ n. 

Jeweller's b. (seed of abrus precatorius). 'j^/. j^T/. 
Ball of wax studded with this b. n ^H^lgr or OT m. 

Bebth, n. Btalion or range of a ship at anchor. JTtmi^r^TrT- 

«55r?n^ 3TmT/. srt'nHF'n- »iri»)dNt rq ; <u<< i --n ^^rmr/. 

2 place for sleeping in a shi^.tj^^^r^ f^FTTsft ^TFTT/.- 

^ place or employment. ^^TPTT/. STranft/. 
To give a wide b. to. |T Tl^, ^\^ TJ^, 
Beetl, n. f%fprT »».? 
To Beseech, v. a. (a person ) supplicate, implore, v. To 

Beq. fjRIrT/.-m^rft /.-fJT^nTHMT m.-ff^i^rmt^ f.-&C. 
^^ J. of 0. iAr\v\\-A\ q-^ijf , TFTf q^Tif , TFT »». qiTJf, TFT- 

trrafr/. ^. ?riTt/. q-rtir, ^r^'r?r-f^€t^ ^mm. fjRirf, 

2(a thing or matter), v. To Beg. JTFm, fIrHrft ^F^JH 

TFM, srmnr, tt^^. 

To Beseem, Beseeming. See To Become, &c. 

To Beset, v. a. environ, hem in, v. To Sueiiound. ^of, 

^^, ^n w!.-^r m.- &c. ^raSir. 

2 j»f/ n< anrf ;;re«*, throng around and tcorry; ^c. ^^ 
>ft^^,%?6T, ifquT, qrr m.- %^ ,«.- JRT^ ^.'-^-c. qrH^rJ 

f^n^^ra/- fTrr-ifi5/.-??tTfint^ or Bu^ffn /.-aftsTrrm 

/.-Ac. ^BTm'y. o/o. 
Beset, ;j. v. V. ijTT^, ^^%^, ^TnTm^^T,<tc. 
Besetting, a. hahituallg pressings, sin. qT^JTf^TTT, U?ft- 

^2 BBS 

Beside, prep, at the side of, v. NeaK. «ITv^, qPf^pt^T, "TT- 
ifff, f ^ftff, TTs^fT-., 'TT=<'Tr'Tt, <TT»jfTrf. 
2 on one side, out of, not of the course. fll3^,7pH^, 3TTT, 
aTT5^TF3Jjr, 3TT5^aIDft^, (^^%, 3TT3^?ft?T/>?Tjnpfr,%- 

B. one's self. f3Jfn^RT-HRRT-g^T-^^T5n:-|Tft^- 
fl*Trft^-&c. ?TTf r. 
8 over and ahoie, distinct from, g'qr, «rT5tr, f^FRT, «TF5T'T 

<»• sfT^, ^ ( as H^^cn: ), ^xR, fn^m, %<^, s^fn- 

Besides, prep. See Beside 3. 

Beside, Besides, adv. additionallg, moreover-. 3T0T^^1■, 'S{^ 

qp, f^, f^RT, 3Tftr^. 
To Besiege, t>. a. lag siege to. ^T*^, ^TS^, ^^ or ^^TT-^'^^ 

-%^5T ^, ^ «i.-%^T »i.- TTUT m.^rz^ n.-^ n.-&c. EfTrJ- 

<jf-^ot, MTi^MKI w.-+riiHK »». ^Ff^ j7. &/ o. 
To Beslatee, «>. a. Jrfile with slaver. PT^^-JT^T^fT^ »T3- 

To Beslubeer.To Besiobbee, v. a. soil loith spittle, Sfc.Pi^- 

To Besmeae, t'. a. hedauh, v. To Smeae. jtT^, &'<T5''f, fe?- 

Besom, w. v. Beoom. %Tg'jft/. ^nvf\f. 

To Besom, v. a. %rf "rft^ WS^, 

To Besobt. See To Become. 

To Besot, v. a. make sottish, stupefy. ifiT-g^-g^-&c. ^R^, 

Besotted, p. v. V. ijn, ^, JH^OT, ^^^f^. 

To Bespangle, v. a. adorn with spangles. ft:^?q'f^-^^iT?!^- 

?T ^qf^-&c. ^rfT?r-g^Tf5T?f-&c. :f^. 
To Bespattee, v. a. f^Tfffl^\t g-S^of viith ^K of 

0. frntz^^ *n^, ftr^of, f^'M, f^n+Hui', f^i4^i«) m. \- 
oT, ^remn^'JT «- ^f<^ y. o/ o. 

To Bespawl. See To Besluebee. 

To Bespeak, v. a. order beforehand. ^F^ ^TT^t, ^TT'fqT^'snft 

2 letoken, indicate, T. To Show. ^^f%6t, ^tn^, ^lUH'fi', 

3 accost, v. To Addbess. ^JRof, f5f=T- ii^'JfT %5oT, 
To Bespeead, v. a. cover ovei: f^^^iif, R<MM 'HTi^. 

To Bespeinkle. See To Speinkle. 

Best, a. H^flf fT-^5fR?Tf ==rPT^r-«S;c. grHT, 3T^?r, ss^, 3=^. 

g^ ( iu coinp. as ^T^, "T^^, &c.). 
At b. H<l'4)iyiyirf|frff. 

B. of all. ^rsffrPT, ^^f^?T^, ^m-i ^^TFgrTJT. 
B. middling, worst. :TrnT, ^«TH, ^f^^. [ f^^f^T. 

To make the best of hardships. ifreq^C^T ?(rt iT^^fPTH 
Do your best.5H--'MM ^tf?5 ?f ^r,MJ|+iyi ^t?^ ?ft ^n. 
Bestial. See Beastly, Beutal. 

To Bestie, ». «. T.To EousE. ^rr^vr-^?m:-&c. ^^. 

BET 88_ 

To Bestow, v. a. confer, impart. T. To Give, ^iif, ^Pr «• ^- 

^JTHOT n.-&c. JRot y. of o. 

2 % «/?, V. To Stoee. ?rref%^, ^frasRT «.-^=q^ w.-^nr^ 
t». ^<Jf y. of 0. 

Bestow ABLE, a. t.T. 1. ^ +<l'4I-^-'3n»TT-&c. '^, ^pftq", 

Bestowal, Bestowing, Bestowment, n. v. V. 1. — act. ^TT 
^at M. &c. ^^ «. arfoT n. ^ir^oT ». srf^TTr^^ «-3""TfeTFT« 
I. See Gift. 

2b Besteaddle, To Bestbide, v. a. have letween the legs, 

2b Besteew, See To Stbew. 

Bet, n. v. WAGEE."^yT/- "7^ m.^TS/. M (dfl I /. 

2b Bet, v. c. v. To Wagee.""^/. JTHiir-^>Jr-»rtq^, "m «.- 

STfrlfTf/. ^^, ^/. qrtTW-^TT^. 
3b Betake, v. a. (one's self.) v. To Resoet. aTT^PT w. ^Rwf- 

trrnf «M77i y. o/o. 3TrsiT^% aTT^T^TUT n. ^^, %^, %^^ 

«.-%^/. m^Sf.ofo. 
Betel-nut, n. areca catechu or faifeJ, — the tree. ^vlO/- 

— the fruit or nut. ^Tlft/. mI** «. "T^ «. "TTiprJ «. <J|ftH>r5 w. 
B. nut, which has ripened and hardened on the tree. 

B. nut gathered after it has fully ripened. %fT (M. ^- 

B. nut decaying without ripening. ^pTT^ ^mfl/. 

B. nut — as on the tree or before shelling, &c. "TTFoS «. 

Branch of a b. nut tree. ^TRaft/. 

Base portion of a branch of a b. nut tree, "ft^ m. ^^- 
c^/. ^f\f. (a piece of do. f^«--i5 n. ). 

B. nut bos. I^TT^ ». 

Core or heart of a b. nut. ^\AK «• 

Dunging around the roots of a b. nut tree. ^TT W3»55/. 

Fine cuttings of a b. nut. ^^ n. [f^K^/. 

Fruit stalk of a b. nut. fi^^E n. f%<T€t/. fi^ii n. fii^ n. 

Implement for stripping off integuments of a b. nut. 
TTTT >«• dim. TJ^f. 

Scissors for cutting a b. nut. ■Hi\r\\ m. 3T5f%rn' tn. 

Spathe of a b. nut. fitT^/. MI'Tlil m. 1^/. 

Young b. nut plant. +.Hrn/. 

Young b. nut plantation. -H<'I5 n. 

Young and tender b. nut. #FT^ or fhpt^t or "ffsfT^/. 

For Betcl-imt prepared in particular ways, some of the 
terms are ^:v^,f\ g^lft/. or ?tNq^/. f^+iff ^TTft o>' 
f^<jft/. =5?5JTfl'/. ^n^ »». or STTfr gqp^ /. ^7^j 5rr?T ««. or 
f ?55Rft ^TTft/. J^T^ ^Trft/. or p-jt^^T f. mi^ f Tiff. 
2— the Piper Betel tree. HFl%?r/. <TR^?^/. %3/. ^TFI^V- 

Some kinds or varieties arc ^qT%r5/. ^PToff TPT"«r?5/. ^^f^ 

B. leaf of the middling quality. «lli^Hlflr TH «. 
Bundle of b. leaves (contaiuiiig 550). ^j;^/. (Aggre- 


gate of 36 ^Sfsft is ^SrfH n. ). 

Case ( of bamboo, palm leaves, &c. ) to hold b. leaf. 
TR^ n. ["JFT^I n. 

Case to hold b. leaf with its accompauimeuts. TFfSjH n. 

Leaf of b. TPT n. 

Leaf of b. of an elongated or bud form. Jpcit^ 'TR cr 

Lime placed to be eaten with b. leaf. M'\H{\f. 

Pile of b. leaves. ^PT/. W-^^f- WVZ n. 

Plantation of b. "THTSET m. 

Eoll of b. leaf, of areca nut, &c. f^Jl m. cftfjjpr/. rtr^f- 
?y TO. <TPT «. TPf^?^/- Some kinds or forms are. '^,\r\<U- 
IT, ^T^5T, fHftf^rST, 'Tt3:^r5T, iflf^qfjRT, jM^T^T, Ht?- 

Eoll of b. leaf, areca nut, &c. — compreh. TR^'TT'TT./'. 
Some significant terms for this roll are J^Rjfpspir ». ^^- 

Eoll of b. leaf, &c. given from one's own mouth ( to 
children or women ). frtfji m. n. 
Vender of b. leaf, b. nut, &c. FrHtoft »?. 
2b Bethink, v. a. (one's self) recall to mind. 3TT5?nir/-3Tr- 

2b Bethink, v. n. recollect. grrg^gr/. -^Hio r «. ffpJf-'flB'^. 
2b Betide, v. n. befall, r. To Happen. fsjcToi, fH5"'t,%0T,n- 

Betimes, «rfy. early, in good time, t. Eaelt. ?iq'spT, sfa^^t- 

or i^Ecnfr, Wf^ or ^^ezifofr, ^T^FToJsrnffT, arr^si^. 
2b Betoken, v. a. indicate, v. To Snow. ^^Tf5r"^,^=^Er^,HT- 

Betokenee, n. Betokening p. a. v. V. ^^fflfirTTT, f ^^T^JinTT, 

&c. ^ & ^^ (in comp. as fT^j;^, %^^, fm^cr 

^, K^'^, f^T^r^, T^T:^^, Hr^r^^^, or ■^^^^ 
2b Beteat, v. a. deliver ly treachery. ^^TPf-fsr^'Tre^nrrR-f^- 

2 disclose ( a secret ). ^r^i^-^sq^r^mdH' TrrHJr-qf|?: ^T- 

3 discover, make manifest, v. To Expose. 5nT?-3^5-&e. 

Beteatal, Beteatwent, «.v.Y.1.^t^i^ gn^ }?.&c.f;r»^Rr- 

2 ^'-MM 'FT?'^ «. &c. 
2b Beteoth, v. a. pledge in marriaje, affiance. qT'TT'T n.■^\- 

mf^'-m pop. ^^-'fm OT.-5n"nf?tqJT m. ^.^g.of o.^P^^- 

2 /a^e /« affiance- eilufn' ^TT^, "TTf ?ffT?I^ vH.-cTT^fEfl^F'm. 
^^of, y. o/o. STP^'^'IT li.-STRT^FT «• ^T'^y- o/o. 
Beteoihed,;;. t. V. 1. ^ms.TT, sfT^fT^, J^PTJfT^T ( used of a 
female ), lrf?rfnf<^^ I P^rT, ^TfrirsuFffT, f^^RfcTfrTrT. 

Beteothment, n. v. V. 1.— «<;. qp5T=T ^l^ «. "-^c. stPTFTb 

BEW 84_ 

•2— at. ^Ttjft^ ^?Tjf n. &c. ^V^X^ n. qT'ii<^M n. 

Betteb, n. The most idiomatical way of expressing this 
comparative is by tlie use of tlie words for good with 
?^-"tJ^-&o. t^, -7^, HW, a^fSl^P, 3Tn5IT, srft^. 
' To get the b. of. To have theb. of. See ?;nrffr Advantage. 

Betteh, aJv. ^JT. Vide remark timler the aJjedhr. 

Uetteb, n. a superior, an elder, ^f^ c. ^fvS c- «t^ c. ^q^ c. 
To vio with one's betters. Z\^f. dl+'Ji, «tTI^/.-^': »». 
/■ ^FT^. 

Tu Better, Ac. See To Improte, &c. 

BetwkkS, Betwixt, ;;r(y. in the intermediate space. ^^.^f^- 

Betwixt and between. ar'^nT^Jf oi- 3T«-"^»Teq' or 3T^iT^ 

2/rovi one to another; — noting intercourse. H'^'^, 3Tr?f, 
The sense of this word is commonly expressed by the 

U:<e of the genitive case reciprocally, as ^V^\ T^ WA^ 

=n^ 'TT^- There is no dispute between him and her. fqr- 

^ *n?f ^ ^ ?TTl|r, &c. &e. 

3 — noting difference. ^^_ 

Butwist and between. 3T'5tn'4fo?-3T':q-iTWfor3T'<5hTR'ft. 
Betekage, «. V. DiiiNK. fqu^T^ (T?T'4 w. ^T n. 
Bevy, w./od- ofhirds. HT^/. 5rfqF/. ^/. qi5T w. 'T^T n. 

lb Bewail, r. a. bemoan, deplore, v. To Lament. feN^H /. 

qR^ .y. o/o. TS^, ^qiJf, ^njj »«.-%?[ ws.-j:;^ ».-&c. jp^- 

HM") 5'- q/" 0. fipTTT fn.-^fH^ «.-^^ M. ^^ y. o/ o. 
Bewailable. fc'ee Lamentable. 
Bewailee, n. V. V. ii^IKT, 5!ll<F'Wl, %^Trf, ^Tr^spfi, tjrrf^- 

To Bewaee, v. n. m^^J--^n^vu^-^w:-&c. 3T^-^i7f, ^^v^^ 

Bewabe ! ^5TIo5. 
Ta Bewilder, v. a. lone in mases. nv^i\ w Jj^HaKu^ ToE'P- 

^, Qldlcit^uj, =j^+HU| or T'F^iJif. 

2 perplex, Sfe. y. To Confound. ^T^rf^^, VHTf^W, Tfaf- 

^ Of Hi^wuj, -^t*^/. ^]?5^ or j'T^ ^. o/ o. JJrS or 

■=( + *J?5/. Hlrf^i-Mli'JI- ^?>T^. 
Bewildered, ;). v V. 1. and Eeeing. ITT^??!, To5'?>E%?ir 

&c. ^spiT, gtfT. 

f^^^, 'JS'^HT, '■Ml+'i or s^rT^TjTTrTT. 

To be b. ^n=?^, Tf^r^'Jf, ^^lotof, 'tt'^% nt'^'f iJf , 'ff- 
'T5;<if, 5iTcr?:'ir, =q^ijf, ^^^*ui, -^i+zst /. ^;=5ijf or «./!;;« y. 
'''J «. nn ^i^ri^iprJf or jrfqr^'jf. [ tx^^ m. 

Bewu.deument, n. v. V. l.~stalc. iRTvTT or iR<pr^ m. cff- 
2—staJe. =^^,->^f. ^f. n^^/. ifr-4ol M. qt^ w. 5ff^. 

To Bewitctt, v. a. afect hy vitchcrojt, v. To Chaem. HT^ 
m^ or mff^<Tf, TrnrfY/. ?tT^, %7^ Ji.-sp^TToS K.-^R- 
''ft/. "^T^, ^ /■-?:f? /■ ?^'ir -TJiit. Mi. ("on. 
To be bewitched. J^iff, ^^^ «. li^. 


2 fig. enchant, Jascinate, v. To CuARM. HTT'^, H^'^t or 
JTrTT'Jf, m^ot or ^r^ot, ITT^ m. ^pjof, ^'Z/.-'ip^aT/.- 
&c. ■EfT^I'rf, Kri^- =5ff^^-^!5-=q^'T?5-&e. Vm. ^ 

Bewitching, Bewitchment, n. t. V. 1. — act. Hl^u' l n. m^jor 
M. &c. HH'jft /. JTTf m. -m^ «. HTf|^2«'i'- 'HTf^ /•— 
*ila/s. ^55/ 5J7^ w. -f^A^f. 'TP;/ HTf >n. 
2— rtf<. -^Vm n. HTTofT f. stale. f^rfgiT «!. ^:;TT5?ft /. 
JTS/. JT^ n. ^^^:^^f. ^TH/. SI^TJT/. 

BEWiTCHiNa, a. enc/aginc/, captivatinj, v. CnAEMiNO. flT^^, 

To Beweat. See To Beteat. 

BErosD, prep, farther onward than. ^^5, TTt^'f, ^3f, J^t, 

2 ore ^7(e farther side of. Tfe:p% or'^f?!^, Tr^TTI, sfT^T, 

From b. qfesfTlfr. 
That is b. 5T?ftrr. 

3 ( in excellence, degree, &c. ) alove. ^, ^frr, m<f[ oj' 

That is b. 3Trft?r. [ ^r^^, 

To go b.T. To Excel, ttfi il+u'i, KTH^fS"^,^)!^ m.^?. 
Bezel, Bezil, n. of a gem, &c. ^V^ «.^T «. 
Bezoae, n. anti-poison. fei^Mi ht^^ »m. ^ft ^^ot. 

2 — bovine. jfiTT^HT/. 'Ttft^T n. irm'4^ n. 
Biangulous, a. %^FtW. 
Bias, n. leaninj of the mind, prepossession, i^iclinafion. ^\^ 

m. n. %T^ m. ^«7 m. <Trc7 m. 3Tf^ /. artST »». ^^S^ n. 
To Bias, d. a. incline, warp, prepossess. 5^1^^, ^oiRjuj, 

Bib, «. H"5|^i(f 7TRr^ JTojg^ n. 

BiBACiOTJs, a. addicted to drinking. (TPrfSr^^tTR^T^^i^- 

q^, qFTjftH, HMititn. 
BiBAoiTT, n. V. A. TPTRff^/. TTT^T^R n. 
BiBBEE, 71. drinker. «ft ( in com]), as ^^^ wine bibber. ). 
Bible, n. v. Sceiptuees. f^rdt^TT^ n. q-JTJ^^ n. 
Biblical, «. ^jpfj^^FT^, «TK5^^?f5i«ff-1wr^. [ '4^^. 
Bibulous, a. that has the qiwlity of imbihing. ^PT^i, ^ft^'JT- 
Bicapsulab, a. f^sffvT^^r. 
Bicephalous, Bicipital, Bicipitous, a. that has two 

heads.^\ r\ £\dm t=5fT, f^fT^rT^. [ &e. 

To BicKEE, BicKEEiNG, Sco To "Whangle, To Squabble, 
BiCEEEN, n. "7^/ "TRf /. ^5Ta or ^qsE/. m. 
BicOEN, BiCOBNOUs, a. that has two horns, ff^^^, |f^, 

Bicoepoeal, a. that has two bodies, fg;^^, ^f^'ft. 
To Bid, v. a. y. To Command. arrfTT/- ^^-'^, frfiot, ^- 
'ft/.-^iToft/ ^t^-5FT5if. 

2 call to, V. To Invite. ^Twf, s^tHT^St, 'TT^rW, 'Hl^"i'. 

3 declare, pronounce, T. To Sat. ^Ttn^, 
To bid adieu, to/t'e have, f^ft^ t».-&c. ifijf. 
To bid welcome. ■kll'M «. ^fiT't. 

4 propose a price. iTTc^ ?J.-f^H^ /.-&C. HtiM-^Tgf-c>:y. 

MG 85^ 

To b. higll. Hra ?J.-f%Hrf/.-(S:C. ^1^-=^?^. 
To b. up. vie at auctions. '=fr5-MH<4l5l m. ^TH^, Ht^- 
l<rt\f. ^WM. [ff. of s. 

To b. fair, offer a good, prospect. ij\ m. T^^^-^Wl 
BiDDEK, «. \. V. 4. ^ra-f%'7<T-&c. ^iMTTT-&c. fn-^^^. 
Bid, Biddi:^g, n. v. V. 1. and Obdee. ^1^ n. ^FTJft / 
m^ /. =fffn m. V. ^fiT. 

2 ^fnci ?j. ^TirfNiJi' «. arPTsnT «. f^^ror n. arppnir «. 

4 J?t?f ^tTTTf «. fn^lPT^pt/. 
To Bide. See To Abide. [ fi;^^;. 

BiDENTAL, «. liaving tivo ieetli. ^t^T^rlt^T, ^^f'TT, fg^, 
BiDUAL, a. of or helonging to two days. ftT i^^f'^, l^^T- 

BiENNiAD, a. tliat is for two years. ^T^ ^rfNT, 5^^, ^^'^i 

piT?5T or ?ft «• ««(?• i;-5Tf£^. 
Bier, n. fnTfl"/. f%7ff /. cTT^ /. ^T^HTH n.— in jocose phraie. 

Biek-beaeee, m. ^TCTT ««• ^T^^ff »«• TMK^it «. ?T5r^^ c. 
BiESTiNGS, n. first milh after calving, ^^ft^ m. ift^ ?i. 

B. conglobated by boiling. ?jf^^ oj- ^^?r or W^ 

or ii\:^^ m. 
BiFEROus, a. leaving twice a year. ^fH+n, |»fTTt. 
Bifid, Bifidate, a. divided info iivo. ^TI^, f^^^. 
BiFORM, a. of two forms. I^Rq', fg^CT. 
Bifeonted, a. of two fronts. ^d|3f, fg^, ^TT^HT. 
Bifurcate, Bifurcated, «. shooting into two branches. 5^f- 

?Tf=^, J'l^tjqf^, 5^t^i '^oi+'MMI, &c. 
A b. stick. %oE5pf y. 5q5$ «. 5^/. 
BiFTJECATiojr, n. 5^^ «!. ^t^ m. ^<mo5% or |%o5% k. J- 

^73% re. %c5$ n. 5r^T^ «. / %^-^?y n. 51^% ?^. if=Elt'TaJ ». 

"^B^f. \7M n. 
Big, o. v. Large, jttst, ti^ih, F«T?7, ^^ (mostly in comp.). 

2 V. Peegnant. 'ft7r?fr,n'TfT7'tf%<nf,iTfr^,^f^5rf^, 

iTPff'T or i|iHU| «• 'IIHUIT ( confined in use to cattle and 
cei-tain reptiles ), ?RT or ?rHT ( confined to the mare 
and ass ). 

To become or be growing b. f^W, iTTTof ( gener. 
conjoined with f^ and confined in use to cattle and 
certain reptiles), Hliotui or lildlotul. 

3 haughty, puffed up, V. PeOUD. xi%c7, f^HW^, ^ITT- 
^r^fT, f^^PPTT, ^^%c5T, 5^^?5T, ^l*Kc4r*l, ^T^TC:. 

To grow b. f^'TRof. 
BiGBELLiED, a. -^^ "TteT^T, %=qT, %T^^, ^J^^TT, f^?JT, 

Bigbodied, Bigheaded, and similar compounds, See wid- 
er Laeqe. 
Bigamist, n. man of tico uiies, ^tff 5TFT^t=^ =T^TT m. f^JTT- 

?T, f^Mi^*', f^TPft^, g^iTTF'Tr, HiM^g^M^'^nrf. 

2 man twice married, ft^sfl', JTI^f^TT^, J^gT^. 

3 a iw/e o/ two husbands, ^^r^f^^^nft <^N+"l/. r^Mf?f*[/. 
Bigamt, n. the having two wives or two husbands at once. 

^^ MiMt^ 5FRRt 1^ ^^ n. ^^ ^I^TT STOrrt 5^fTT ^- 

BiaoEE, a. 3TrM+HI61-&c. 

Biggin, «. child's cap. tj^^ or rrfq^ m. 

Bight, «. ( of a rope, &c. ). 3T^t/. 5^=t/. %?t^ n. 

Bigness, n. v. A. 1. TTTSmT ?«. 'TTJT?/ H^j^o;;. n^ ,;. 

BlGKONIA, ?J. trtimpet flower. ^VS^ or oft /. '?R^T /. a^Ht^ ' . 

Bigot, n. v. A. ^TTrrTf*nTpft-^'T?rT5T^-&c. H^iq- ,,;. ^%-m. 

Bigot, Bigoted, a. olislinalely allacltcd to one^sown opinion, 

'C^P^S^, 'T'TTfrft, ^^TPff, '?:^P^TT^. 
Bigotry, «. v. A. HmfHHTH m. ^T^rfjf^x^ji^ m. ^TTrrmf v«. 

Bilateral a. f^'^. 

Bile, «. PfTf «. 

Bile-duct, «. f^rrmf^t/. 

Bilge, w. ( of a ship, cask, &c. ). "ft? n. JTRT »». "Rnr «. 

2 JioUowfor b-imter. *\Hr\i or irrrTSl' ">• JpirnT/. (")' 

To Bilge, d. n. ^T^^ n. ^fv^Jf, TR^ «• "^S^ ?«. co«. 
Bilge-water, n. nH<T or ^tttT ?». 

Hollow in which b. collects. ^\Hr\z or qiTrr^ or 1H- 

?m/. (or^/om). 
Biliary, a. helonginj to bile. fr^Tl^r, f^TT^5i(:f|-,'^Tr,"'^fTT^. 
Bilingual, BiLiNGUAE, a. that is in two languages. 5FTHT- 

BiLiNGUOus, «. //ai^Wji' i!fo tongues, ll^^ff or ^f^^-'TT, fg;- 

2 speaking two languages. 5*?!^, I^lii-m. 
Bilious, n. See Biliary. 2 having excessive, ^c. bile. 


B. fever, fq-rlvrdfi m. 

To feelb. fwr^ft ^^tItt/. HRi^-HT^ (^^, q^lfrT ), 
fi)rlM vToE^iToS^-^^nra'^ impers. 
Biliousness, n. excess or vitiation of bile. fqrfsi^PT m. fr- 

xRTtTP^ «. r^rT^T «!• fMTlliy+q ». 
Biliteral, o. consisting of two letters, ^hr ^^^, cfpT 3T?^- 

2^ Bilk. See To Disappoint. 

Bill, «. hook of tvood-men, Sfc. sptTrrr nt. dvm. ^t^nft/. TT- 

5To5T or <TTo5T »«• Tlf^ m. 41^^ I »!■ ^iTS^ ». ^^Io5 «j. ^t^ 

or ^'4t/. rtP^CM «• 

Catch or lodge of a b. ( fastened on the hip ). ^np- 

f[f. #F1T m. 

2 ( of the Shandarl caste employed upon the cocoa- 
nut). grrarrT m. wj. 

3 V. Beak. "^f^f. W^f •q'^'^'i ot. «. 

4 account of thing sold, money due, ^'c. r^'h^MJ f^5Rfr- 
=EftqT^/. q^trTs^sq^ OT. 
5 — iu law; account of a crime. 3T"KT^^ m. ar'TTTtrT^r n. 

6 tcritten statement, — gener. ^^ n. ^^ »t. fTTfftcS m, 

7 ( of exchange ). ^fxf f^f^/. fft^ ». 


BillH of exchange, Orders for payment, &c.— com- 
prcli. ^ Ttft/. 

Accoptanco of a b. ^I^TR w. 

B. as vot uiincciptr.l. mi\§i\f- 

B. at sigLt. Tt^ p\f. ^^^ fit/. 

B. given iu lieu of a b. lost. tfe/. 

B. payable to bearer. ?TT|^tn '$f^f- 

B. payable only to pureliascr. tPit^PT fst/- 

B. receipted and reniaiuing with the person cashing 
it. ^X^ or ^tW "'• 

B. upon one to whom cash or a good b. is sent to 
t i).sure his honoring of it. ^j^^[\§i[f- Good b. or cash 
to sent, ^it n. 

Charge made on acceptance of a b. ^PFTuf or tt*<i^/. 

Endorsement of a b. ^^R m. [if- 

Forfeit upon the dishonoring of a b. H+KI^ or^^iU- 

Letter of advice of a b. passed, trs/. 

Letter of advice pasted to a b. rt'in^'^/. ?7T?Tt7RfT- 
?r m. rf'MMN m. 

Price paid upon a b. ff urr^/. f IK^T/. 

Eejection of a b. ^^rt m. 

To accept a b. ^r^FTTW. 

To dishonor a b. ?T^1T^, f^PT^Tot, 

To present a b. fit/. i=!:r^'Jt. 
8 (of lading). WTfKi^^/ H^^um^f «. vrf^rTTgf n. 
n ( of divorce ). ^5?Trf n. ^5^^ n. ylsf^i^/. 
10 ( draft of a law ) +,|i)<jNl-3TRn''^ W^ m.-^^^ m. 
To Bill, v. ».— of birds. #EfNt «Frr?5r^/.-c5RR^5r/. ^K- 

?^, ^^r^rr#^/. =pot, M|-^^^ «. ^pm. 

Billet, «. v. Note. f=Ef^/. =q^:?ft/g«gT w. 

2 T. Ticket. =cn?Jcft/. 

3 ( of wood ) V. Log. affTT »»• dim. afrft/. affS^/. 3Tt- 
3^n. 3Tt5% «. ^rlcAHl ?«. tpf^ n. fpJI^ '/«. c/iw. jfoft/. 
^qj «. 5R% «. mrRT m. [ v?iiJj-_ 

■To Billet, v. a. f%§qT/;>/.-^+,;^I //)Z. %3r^ ?^FfT?T%^-^- 
BlLLET-DOUX, «. love letter, q^TT^ w. JT^^^T^??}. sftfrR^w. 
Billiaed, a. 'll-i-ili^-yi ■WoiHi, 
Billiards, «. "TRSit^ ^ w. 
BiLLios, n. iT^?I m. «. 

Ten billions. ijTf m. ^fJ7 w. ( This term is taken both 
for 10 and for 100 billions). 

Hundred billions, vfr^ftr m. ?i^ m. 
Thousand billions. 3Tr^ «. 
Ten thousand billions. W^ m. 
Hundred thousand billions. TTTtl n. 
Billow, n. v. "Wave, ^iit/ ^T^ m. ir^ »«. [asj^rew. 
Swelling and dashii.g of billows, ^q^q^ft/. iiifens. ^- 
Bi>-, «. (for corn ). ^apTT 5». ipum or zffij]!] f dim. ffiW]- 
Fft/. &. +U|'WM. fS^pt/. "^m. ^"'ftf^lT «». (fm. EFr*I«t/. 
qir?^ n. TTH «. 
BiSART, a. composed of two. ^^, %^. 
To Bi>"D, V. a. confine with lends, gener. t. To Tie. ^\v(ii 

86 ^Bio 

ivi y. of 0. 

2 confine, coliilit, T. To Eesthain. 3TP?^of, ^i^^j^ n.- 
3Tl*r5-1 «. 5p^, TR^, 3TT3ET »«.- 3TToEWtqT w.-cic. nT?»Or. 

3 enwrap, v. To "Wbap. ^ot, ?5^^, 3TT^T^, 'jSToE'jf. 

4 ollige 1)1/ oath, promise, duty, law, Sfc. sittrdr sji^^ 

^, Jitsr^, jTit^ qtif, 5?rjr3t, toit m. ^\^^-^\^^.^ ^^^ 

sj^EIot-3TITirat, iTFT m. pi. ^\y^^ ^^.^J\^ii\.^ cfptjirf ^'rsT ,w. 

5 ( by kindness or favors ), ollige, make leholJen. «lttTOT 
or srfqTT ^iJf , fEf^FFT ^iif , ^rt^T ^, •dM + K^J-^T^^-fJT- 
tfT-3ft?TToET-&e. :f;^:H 3^, jp^rrfT :pc^ W. 

6 wiaA'e costive, constipate. 'Viz n. ^^ -+<uj y. o/o. «Tg or 
sj^;^^ WVi., JTfTT^'?^ m. ^loj- y. of, 0. 
1 — as sheaves, &c. ^9t^ if^i^ot, 'tjiictufl'/ ^T^. 

8 ( a book ). srt^at, ^ittnifT/. ^P^. [^5 ^^. 

9 around, v. To Gird. 5rfqW,^d|otui,^<jf, jSR'rf, ?5^- 
10 — magically. ^\^^. [ ^H'h . 
11 fasten tvith a hand «• lorder. »ft2t/.-»lt^T m.-im^/. 
12 — tightly, forcibly, v. To Tie. ^reof, jp^^ur, ^m- 
JpFfot or Jp5pfr^-^=5r^PTffT-&c. srftT^-3l"l^-3^^oE^-&c. 
Jpi^e^ 3T5r5rq;-:sfkor &e. 

13 to, unto, at; v. To Tie. ^^"rf or 3t^|^ ^\^^., '^^- 
Epot or ^cpgiT qf(:Tat, rfPTSW. 

14 ( over ). ^^jftr ^"-^iRfN-ift ^^irt+l m. ^^. 
Bindweed, n. convolvulus turpethum. cTSrlft/ %¥ «. 
BiNDEE, 11. lanJage. ^f\ f. 

BlKDlKG, a. V. ObLIGATOHT. irfs^UIKl, 3T^t,iJHM'it'T. 

Binding, n. v. V. 1. — act. siftiot n. ^^^ n. &c. qf^r ?«. «j- 

siPT n. f^q^ «. 

2 — act. arr^^at. «. &c. f^WJi n. 3TFPc5JT «. f^R^ «'• 

3 — act. ^CTT )i. ijfToJaf n. &c. 

4 — act. qt^oT n. »Tt^>jf m. nt^ qur «. &c. 

5 — act. qt^Ti^ «. f^+d qwf Ji. &c. 

6— Ofi. qj^PTf ^"Jf «. HrfN<7q »». H^7m»T m. 

7 — act, ^ijf n. t'^TS^ «. ii'dlotuff/. 

8— ac<. Sftqw «. sft^T'jft/. 
Cost of b. sif'«)ui|cj3E/. 

9 — «C<. SffvT^M. %'S'jf «. MlltAui «. &c. 

10— act. sftq^r «. 

11 — act. "Tret/. H'l<^ ?5T^ «. 

12 — «ci. ^?r"it n. +<+^'if «. &c. 

13— «c^ v^^Siif «. v^^^ «. &c. 

I. band, Sfc. v. Bandage, qft/ 

IL tie, fastening, v. Tie. sj^ t«. 4!^ «». sj^H M. 3Tr3tr «5. 

IIL for edge of cloth, im^ft/. nis: m. »TT7T w. 
Binnacle, «. T^sirn^^ ft^PFT^rHt^Tt/ 
BiNOCULAE, a. that has two eyes, ^5t2^^^, f^%^, ^^. 

2 ( telescope, &c. ) ^|t ^toEqt^qr spWRT, ^^^■'ilMifWt. 
Binomial, «. that has two members. f^R^, Pg^^'+W^. 
BiooEAPHEE, n. =Etf^5t5T''f^, =^r<'5|=J'JM^TTf, ^ErfT^ppfsr m. 
Biographical, a. v. N. ^f^^qt^^r^T, 'qfT'SROT'l^^tft, ^- 

R •>! «i y'l :p-f%^3r^-&c. 
I BiocEArHy, n. history of a j^articular ^enon, =cif^=5i^ai'^ «. 




BiPAKOUS, a. thai brings forth two at a birth. ^T^^iiW^f^^: 
Bipartite, a. that is divided into two parts. 5TFT, |^5, f|;- 

Bii-ED, 71. ITFTt'qT STFTft- ^ »»• [%^^W. 

BiPEr, Bipedal, a. that has two feet. |^nft, jHHi-Hi, fl^T^, 
BiPENNATE, a. ;fr?TM^f=^, fl;^?^. 

BlPETAXOUS, a. fgj^. 
BlECH, «. ■'Jxjf W. 

BiKD, ». qf^^ ». "7?7t »>• ^5^ »». %=^ »»• "TFiT »i. ^ff^ «• 
— in contempt, &c. Tf^Tf «. 
Certain of the common birds are ^FTST, ^"fel, ^PfTT, 

A b. in the hand is worth two in the bush. TTsNr ^^ 

That has been pecked by birds. TRiTT^T^, Tf^l-^i-MRj- 
Birds of a feather. ^%^n^l^Ht "TT^r, '^■^ini'i'/i-^j TT- 
BiSD-CAGE, 71. f^^Tir »>. Tf^?nT »«. 

BlBD-CATCHEE,n.MK<«4U5frw. ^mt\l!l. 'mC^K'^ffm. ?nf I^^C. 

Bird-lime, «. f^fcpjT »«. f^^n" »». f^^KT^t/. 

Stick covered with b. f^WA€\f. 
Bibd's ete, a. — view. ^^H M1^"^N1, '^qj^ft^ TT^'^qpsfT, ^T- 

BiEDS-HEST, ?^. y. Nest, tpyg m. tTRTTmr ^R5T «z. y<+Sl «?. 
Birth, n. coming into life. ^^ mn. ^FffrT/. 3^^ »». 3'?;«r 

m. ^s[H^ »."%reT/. ^f?T /. H5I »». TrsT ot. -^J^/. ^^^ 
m. 3r«ir/. 

A former b. q5rbpTT««. PrR?!T ^JpH »». HIM^H'T »t«. 
A genius from b. srnWT^pnft. 

Another ( past or future ) b. Ml'HlrT^ n. gr^q^sprr mn. 
B. life, and death. ^?TfTT-f%%Tl^-?5q', ^n-TTFJ^-^n. 
B. Being ( or Life ), Decline, and Destruction. ( the 
four stages of a creature ). ^^?r, 3T^?r, 3T<T?Tqir,'TTR. 
B. again. B. after death. ^:?r;3f^ m. n. m^VA^H m. 3T- 

By b. ^sf^ct;. 

From b. -ji'MiHiyn, 3Tr3T^, 3Tr-H'HUqfFT, '^tTr^T^TT^HfrT, 

In b. i« and from the twtal hour. ^''TJ^rf ( as, blind 
from birth, -TT'STrT'^'^T; poet from birth Tq^rf^Ff^T; and 

TT3T?r5if|?T, OT^?rg^, <jMvHrit^j«r3i, -JM^HriH^^, g^q^Rf- 

^TfiTT, &e. ), ^3FK in comp. ( as v^'MCl'fl, &c. ) 

In the present b. ?^^=T?r or ^7t^?T. 

In, through, during, &c. all one's births. ^p5cr?F'Ttrr- 
^, vT5TT^5Tft or 1\^H\A^I^\. 

New b. regeneration, ■^^\^7^m. 2^#tt m. 

Seat or place of b. ^d'H^:*TPT n. ^s^r^^^^. n. ^H5 "). 

Star of one's b. ^spTT^^Tir n. vJ^trh n. 

IJntimely b. ^'^\r*M'^ n. m. 

Acquired in some preceding b. Mss^^'MTfjTfT, "^^'JiT- 

f%r. ^ " [3i*^^T. 

Blind from b. ^'Hf'-T, n^TT^, •^'HNT 3i^T5:T^ ^^TpKY^^T 

Luckless or wretched from b, ^•■H'ir'«.\- 

Poor from b. qr^^^T', ^'Hf^^Plft or ^-Hr^TT 5ff2t- 

Eich, fortunate, &c. from b. l4«ftK?T. 
Sickly from b. ^^H^Mf t or vf-MHI ffft, ^sTkO^T fl'ft", 
■m^H Tint. 
That is from b. ^FITRT. 
To blame the author of one's b. W^^W ^rfuinm ^- 

To give b. to. "^^ m. ^. 

2 extraction, descent, v. Familt. ^^ /. ?=im/. ^S^fH 
f. f^?^/. f^r^ »». 

Noble or high b. JTof^gHT/. aTTfH^sfR^ n. 

Of pure b. mT^, f?ft^, «g;n, sf^f^g?, ^t^'ft'T. 

3 thing horn. %rl n. 

4 bringing forth. ^^^ n. ^f^ /. SRt^ m. ^^ f. ^fn/. 
lft>iT/. [M'm f 

BiKTH-DAT, n. ^;T^TT^;r?rM. ^3T^f^5T«?. ^T^I^H *»• •HIS'Att?'*. 

B. ceremonies. T^Hh «- ST'inre/. ^T5qft?f »». 
BniTH-PLA-CE, n. ^s^m^f ^^^r^'<^T^ w. ^^tt^^PT/. 
Birth-eight, «. ^:TTK?I^yRFK tw. ^^"^^qJlf^^FTT m. 
BiscuiT,«. f^RJ^ M. ( corruption of the Euglish word. ) 
To Bisect, v. a.'^cut into two parts. SHFTot, |^5 ^PTot, |%- 

Bisected, ;j. v. V. ^Tm^?^, J^m, |^5, f5>^T^5H,"5tfl^^. 
Bisection, n. v. V.— oc<. |»TPTot «. |"^r5/. ^''TT^':'^ «•"!;- 

tft^R"? n. 
Bishop, n. i^\^^ m. ft[3!rT w. 
Bishopric, «. f^^THft ^TFTT/--f^ »•• 

2 diocese ^^((^T^^JJ 3rftrai<KMIri=5n TtH w. 
Bison, m. n^ «a. iR^ »8. 
BiSHLCOTTS, a. cloven footed, fg.^!*. 
Bit, «. morsel, mouthful, ^m pop. qTO ♦». ^F^H ?». 
A tid b. ^m^ m. 

2 piece, gener. H^^ «t. (?m. 5^/ ^^^ »«• ^S «. ^f- 

— in the sense of the smallest particle, or the least quan- 
tity.^ and of the grade and with the power of such 
words as jot, iota, whit, grain, tittle, scruple, ace, parti- 
cle, pin's head, ^ifhr, ^r{T'P?, fftot^fT, f?^?!^?^]", f?T?5sn'- 

^TrT, ^FW, ^Ik'ST. 
A b. Not a b. we f or Koi !« ^ the smallest degree. Vj- 


^^n TT^, 5Ftfr ^ Trft, &c. As these phrases, like Al 
(I'l, demaml the u _,ative coustructiou, See !Not, None. 
B. by b. rflotrfts, mx\:. [??«. 

!! (of a thing broken) v. Fragment, ^^m. ^n. Wd- 
4 (of a bridle), ''.•iih/.hi. HN^^^T". 
B. shaped like au aso. ^^\^\r^>\\Hm. 
B. with four rings. ^FST^fT or ^i\mM\t^'\\Hm. 
Rough b. B. with spikes aud points. m'H^'wum. 
Under chain or strap of a b. '^i^i\f. 
To Bit, r.a. <Tt^nT A'WH m. ^m^. 
Bitch, n ffrft/. g?ft/. '^X^J. 
To Bite, v. a. ^fNot, 3^, '^^m.-z\'^m.-%W\m. q^jf, ^n»J.- 

To b. the lips. jfrT ^XZm. ?rr^-==fFT»i. 
2— as cold, ^pif, 5fMf, FJPm »Ht'. con. 
3— ag pungent substances. ^T^^T^of, ?T^, ??friT^. 
4 trick, gull, \. To Deceive. "RT5ITJf,^lTif,"PJ^, SFr^w.- 
"^or, >f)'«'M /.-"PHT'^itcT/.-'F^t^^j/.-'FC^T/. :R<Jf, J5^- 

5 — as speech, &c. stiny, cut. 5ff«fof, ^TM, ^INf^, ^ST'f, 

6— snake. ^TRur, ^nr, j^i^f, ^ffsrSr, i^-^, 

7 — ants, fleas, bugs, &c. ^I^PJf. 

—fiercely or eagerly. fitSW, rtScTf or Sf ado. c?T5ot, =^UT- 

^oT or on-^qr^or 5t-^oTT^aT-^E{TjnTJTt-=5r?^i^-^q^Rt-cr5m- 

S-<Tfnt-&c. ?Iliui. 

8— esp. of a horse. 5^, i^iqui, JTTSn. ^T^'Jr. 
Bite, «. See Biting. 2 ;;ari Z/«Y/e», m'owwJ made, ^-c. =5(1=17 

8 /)(>fe litten out, (esp. of flesh). ?ig^OT. ?5=5f^r«». S^- 
JFTm. ;?RTm. ?5T'irr»». i'. %, Ht?, ^FT?, ^Wm. v. it, ?nFr»». 

4 cheat, take in. St55T»». ^m«». 

5 cheater. See Cheat. 

Biting, n. v. V. 1.— nc^. =En^M. 5^n. &c. =5fRrw. i'. ^, 
^?T»>. /)o;). 5f^ or ff^ m. ^3fPT«. 

a ^^K. &c. ^q^:r/. f^rrf^ift/. f^^rj. ^^J;^f. ^5?^^/. 

4 "FHsrtfTw. &c. Tf^qui-Jh/. "P^sfufr/. 

5 5ff5i6f«. jpqTjrra. srqotn. &c. 

6 =Emr7tn. 5?fiif «. &c. 5^ ^o;p. t?T/«. 5^m. r^n^«. 
Biter , «. Bit ing, ;j. a. v. V. 1. =ErHOTRr, 5?roTITr, &c. 

2 ^Timrn-, &c. ^trs^, *i+i(i=qT,^jr5T7?^^T, fre<Pt^, si^;c. 

;; and PvNGENT. ^;rJrrTT, &c. ^st':! remiss. ^^fJ^, ?jfr^. 

f^. ?7':JTfpT, =srr^ft^, ^ifrrsr, ^sqf;, f?r?r?:, ?ft^oi, rfrsr. 
c ^HuiKr, s^unrr, &c. ^ki^. 

8 arfiicfe,; «o J,-<;„y. ^p^^ 5^p^^ ^^^^ ^^^ 
Bii LOBEN, B itkoben, «. iq^ftsw. <TT^;^toT«. fijf?j^«, sft^n. 


Bitten, p. v. V. 1. ^Rrt«|, s??75^t, &c. ?%ri, ^^. [fjr^. 

Bittek, «. spr pop. !p|^and remiss. +,itK & ^fTS^ bitterish. 

Intensely b. Keenly b. B. as wormwood, gall, &c. ^.• 

2 fig. V. AcBiMONiOL's. :p|, ^T^, ^q=^, q;^, ^•5rt=t:p, ^'r- 

3 fig. sharp, severe.^ painful, ^frfe^ ^o/). ^Rffur^ ^^ JF7, 

The b. aud the sweet ( of life, &c.). ^iST^"?. 
4 — as opp. to sweet, «S:c. and used of varieties among 
vegetables. JfJ^^TT. 


BlTTEELT, adv. severely, sharply reproachjul. "PT^^ f^^FTT^, 
2 ivith poignant grief. n'r^TT 5:^'^-%5rR-«ffTH-&e. 

«nft-^"^-|-?ft-&c. ^^^. 

BiTTEEN, n. ^^w'lrz^^ ^Tlrfl-m <^ T?^ 3^^. 

BiTTEENESS, 11. T. A. 1. ^IJCrn-ra.. ^TfSfn. :PT?(T/. frlTPM. pT- 

I. rancour, malice. ^T^/. ^fT^^ft/. Sfr^g- /_ ^«. ^fr- 

II. keenness of sorrow, ^^m. siTiTw. ^'.i^ n. KPfl^iTTM. ^- 

BiTUMEN, 11. ftT^rf^OT. f^T?rr3T5». 

Bituminous, n. RT?^Tf^?m^, f^lrfirHd ^H^. 

To Bivouac, v. n. encamp Kithout tents or covering. ^5iTT- 

BlVALVULAE, «. fg]3[3. 

2b Blab, v. a. tell secrets. <pr5^, q^, cfrsio^, T^a'Jt, W- 

There are numerous lively colloquialisms expressive 
of this sense, ^[% ?».-g^?Tm.-^;ft*r/.-&e. H^oitii g. of s. 
f^'Trft/. fFT^ y. of s. ^T/. 'STT^oE'jf-q'oSSfojaf y. o/s. J- 
fl'/-'J?/. <fT^.^. o/ 0. 73 /. %cf _^. o/o. %«. tprs^ or 

qr'fr qrs^ y. ofo. ^^xjzrr^ r^f <i;r5ot, st-itttw.-^tt- 

Z or^]vn^m.-^v^Km.-&c. ^^g. ofo. '?^aff ^tl't-^ot. 

And for To be llahled. q^ /--J^Z-ql^iiji^ hf/.- 

^».-&c. ^?:CTty. o/,<f. «pm'«--&c. ^''f y. o/s. t)i+"uff <T- 

Blab, Blabbee, «. Blabbing, p. a. v. V. "PtsWTTT, fitfT5i- 
OTRT, &c. ^Nr^TFrfir^r, T3T^ or n^^f^, ^t?, 'M<vtJ, 
STr"?^ or aTFT^off, ^KHMI ^?^rqFT, f^^^ ^^^i f^^" 

Blabbing, «. v. V. rfrfi^w. ^'^^n. "FTf^fw. &c. <rfl/. ?I- 
TT^irf or ?5H3Tr^/. T^T^Trm. Tft^'Pf^w- ^TJ'TT^Tf'ft/. ^tlT- 

Black, «. UacJcamoor. ^sftw. f^T^ or f^T^twi. 

2 See Mouening. 3 Mack color, ^w:\j^m. ?iso|sfofm. 

4 soot, crock, Sfc. wi\ pop. T^fT/. K^Trn./. 

Black, a. JFTa;r, ?^ot, ?isoHu?, Sr^q-T, arftr^. 

B. and blue. f|rsrrf^, f|Tqrf^^5ET. 
B. as coal, soot, &c. intensely h. +i(3i|^a5^oftfT, ^fST- 
f%I or ijfl?:, ^ai^ or #r, ^oSTJ^Tf?, ^^^t, ^rsi'f - 


??r or -^j^T, q;p5n^"r7, jpTSEiJfJr, ^r^^rfs^T, ^^w^^^^^^evj^- 

Somo terms for an extremely black jierson, are ^■ 
o5m?ft^ TTtffl"^, #3Enf?r?Jt arrTCfflH, +|ctrMfl, ^osr#o5- 

Blackish. ;pr55^T, ^I^^T?:, ^Fr^F, ^rSTf^T^r. 

Blackish, — com^jlexion. ^ro5Tt?5T, ^r^FIT, ^loS^T^T^ET. 

Spotted with b. ami white, — cattle. qitT. 

To say b. is white. 1rr«t?r ?r^ ^fr ^^f 'JT'^. 

To piit down iu b. and white. q'tS'-^TT?^ =FT3 ^FW. 

2 «;/.;/«■», scotoling,Sfc.-^. Sullen. 5^<jr^, 3ff3^%?5r, ^^. 
To look b. |^<7>jf. 

3 atrocious, wicked. qiT, 31+ilRl^?:, 3^f?r5?. 
7o Black. See To Blacken. 

Black-aet, n. V. Magic, ^fq"^/. 3T?(f^?Tr/. 

Black-ball, «. 3Ta'=fTf?T^^ ^FTSot'Trsff /. 

219 Black-ball, v. a. JFrS'TPffeTT ^^^ ^^ ^^of. 

Black-beeey, «. iT^ tps!;?!!^^ '^^ '»• 

Black-bird, «. ^i^qTr'Tr^r ^ nmnj T?ft 3TT'^. 

Black board, n. ?Trfecff?s ^r^ <Fo5T ot. 

Black-cattle, «. sir «. ^T «. j^l. JT^l^ »«• i^?- 

Black-earth, n. ^FToft/. +,1061 Mill/. ^5J^?:^ h1 -i /. :Tt?y ^- 

Black-exed, a. ^PTS^ f[m^i'^^ ^jropT^PT. 

BLACK-GrAED, J?. With words correspondent to this word, 
and to words of this class,the JfomWtt'language abounds. 
It teems and revels in names and epithets for persons, 
things, actions, &e. distinguished for evil. AVith this 
word, iu both its senses, its correspondent words are 
numberless. They have all diversities of allusion and 
implication; they are extensiyely current; and they are 
in constant use. For hlackgiiard iu the sense a low, mean, 
shalhy, dirty, disreputalJe person, as expressed by such 
words, as scrub, scab, stinkard, vagabond, dog, hound, 
dunghill tvretch, pot-house fellow, loiclivedfellow, ^'c. are 
%HTm^, ^fff%^T^, TPT'Tr^r^T^r^^H^T^, 1^^ or §5%, 
"P^dlNK, <P^^fr, :f ^TTT, :f ^TRTOTH', ^^^^q" or eft, 
^3T0T, q-T^RF, ^^rsr, f^TT^TTT, P.i«)c*, 5TOft, f?T?r5ft=5TT, TT- 

^ra^, nfsrr^ ^m^, -rffi^s mw, ^^ tft 5rre>JriTr,nT- 

3?r^ ^^^, ^TI^UMMI ^^^, 5IPTTT TTtTTT, Sfi^Tlft, 5^- 

— and in the sense of « dishonest person, as expressed by 

such words as rogue, rascal, scoundrel, scamp, sharper, 
blackleg, black sheep, caitiff, &c. are ^5J, J^, T^JT, 

frHTjft, Wli^JIHt, ^ITT^STPFT^, nK^, n^llH -HI<Jr, JTT'^rT- 

irr^ft, ^FTf^TK, ^rf, ^PFf, ^?;, ?r^, ?h^?:, -trk or 3, 
?5^T^fjr?fr 0)- sj^TR 1^?^fFp;r, =5rftH«T Ti^r^^r, =^- 
Tpff 71^^^ (»■. e.— in ^nfr, =5fT^fr, 1^3^, SSTTfT), 3T- 



sTPToif^ ^^Nt, tjfrr^Tr, ^i^'nft, ^^1%, r^io?, sridicirniorr, 
<Fcfr, ^^T?r, ^FT^JT^^rr, 5n?: or 5, jjorf^ 5'jt"tt^, h or ^t- 

^FK or ^t^FHf^?^ ( covertly from ?ff^ ), H'ft^q^'ft or ^- 

For others such as ^fT^"t^, ^=75^, 3Trc5-3T^?^-3T=I^- 

See Aebant, and form ad libitum. 

Pack or crew of blackguards. ^t?T^=^^Fft/. ^ioff%^r- 
m^X m. pi. ^\^.f. ^^^^f. JfcpTf m. pi. 
Black-guaedism, Black-guaedet, «. V. N. 1. loio and mean 
life or practices, ■^mm m. ^V^^^\ m. ^^^^ f. ^- 

2 roguery, rascality, Sfc. ?7^rO/. ^^\t[ f- ^^Ttt/. P.- 

t/. ^JpTft/^l^^Trf /. ^^'i n. 
Black-guaed-like, Black-guaedlt, a. v. N. 1. ^^,^W!", 

2 ^T^fnft^T, 5%f?r^^, ^Fraqitt^r, &e. 

Black-hole, n. 3TqTT^"h=5t/- 'fls^R^ffr/. ^^TR^'JT m. /. 'iT- 

tTR^jifr/. 37f':Tra/. aT!:Tn:%i/. 

Black-lead, «. HT^rsf^T^ n. HrRff^qj «. 

Black-leg, w. See Black-guaed. 

Black-mail, «. ^R^H^/- 

Black-wood-teee, 1%. dalbcrjia sisu. fi'\^^J m. pop. f^tT^ 

or fi(T?f^r m. ar^TJ^T «J. 
Belonging to the b. f^^sft. 
Oil obtained from the b. ■RT?lt?5 n. 
Blackamooe, 11. person of a very black complexion. ^\f[ vi_ 

Rt^ or %^t m. TJ^^Tfrf?^ or qfrsm^^ft 3T?Tr?rM/. ^51- 

?Ttfft?5 HIufH" M. g'iT^HT f^^M. qrjoJT'ft?^ »". ^T5Jmtn w. 

ETI^FT SFFF5T rf^ f^T^JT^T ^TTft 3T^T TTJ^ «». 
To Blacken, v. a. make black. qrr2T-^T^-»TTi71T=5fr-?5'SDTJr''T- 

&c. ^?TJf, +'|ciK'| m. \^. 

2 defame-^ v. To Aspeese. ^T^ w.-^FFJMt/.-^rfe^/.-^- 

?5^ m.-&e. ?5T^aT-3TTUI'if. 
To Blacken, v. n. W'T^T-&c. |^jf-T5tjf, ^ToS^^'if, ^r^srS"^. 
Blackness, n. v. A. 1. ^ToST'JIT m. ^FtfeHT ?«•/. •FT^R^ i"- 

^tJT^rcrr m. 

I. V. Daekness. ^FTSSnjT ?». f?''»». ^FT^T^/- =FT^T# «• 
Blacksmith, «. 3tf^FR;'op. E]^ m. f^iit »»• 

Business of a b. r t l ^K^I /. ^Jt^^FIiT n. ^\^^S^T^ n. 
Bladder, n. ^^^iJ=^^ ^\Z\ m. H^tt^T^ m. f7{P.^ m. -hTw m.f. 
Obstruction of the b. :R^qf4 »». 

2 blister, pustule. tpISm. ^HRT "!• W »«• ^I^ '«• 
Large water b. -+hh'IS »•■ 
Blade, «.. ( of grass, &c. ). ^Flft/. dui-H-ft /• "TT^T. «• 

2 ( of a weapon or tool ). TPT n- TTcft/- Tl'^I «. TT^ n. 
Two-headed b. 5^ jj. 

Two blaJed. ^Rft. 

3 //o<, swelling fellow, a Icood, a swell, v. BrcK. ifi^r- 
»». sri^ST »». "Ff^FSr ««. <F?t «!. ^?f^fHTr w. stI^ w. 

Blade-bone, n. ^srrs^TTEl ^rs ?i. ^J^^T^-^TTsf ^ «• 
Blain, w. botch, blister. <fT5 »f. 


Blamable, Blameworthv, a. v. V. ?Fft, ^"ftT, ^, ^- I 

Blamablenkss, Bi.AiiEwoRTHisEss, «. V. A. ^ m. ^;^Tuft- 

Blamablv, aJe. ^TT'TT'TnfmT n. </<<•/. ^ ^5^ ^HT a. f/''rf. 
To Blx^^, V. a. Jiiiil fault with, censiirr. ^^ii^fk^^^ WfS- 

ot, r=r7il n. ITT^ iciM ^ or cTT, f%q ?«. JJT^'jf', Z^n. Z'f^, 

Blame, Blamixo, m. v. V. — ac/. ^^ «. Pi'^ui n.&c. |W«. 
^ m. ^bTKT^ m. ^P!nFr<R n. fk^f- f%^ «• ^ m. ^- 

A l)car-b. STTT^TT^ q^ft »«• 
To bear tlio b. iiVfX ^^. 
To Blame, culpable. See Bla-mable. 
I. T. TAri-T. ^r^T tn. ar'TTTy' w. 
Blamed, p. v. Y. |5^^, ^ f^s^^-%5r%?fT, &c. ^?T, i%f^- 

Blamei,k<^s, a. not merltinj censure, without fault, f^^, f^- 

sRt. r-H^.'-iM'^, ^THTrrq', '^fTsrm'fl', 3T^ttt, f^tr, Pi<h=ii<^, 

gTf%^, ^ir^^-ftT, "ST^^, ■Md^Mufl'M, ^i|U||4l»q', ^[qTJI'R^, 

Blamelessly, <j<7y. v. A. Pi^iq^uin' &c. f^a^^q, f^HST^T. 
Blamele3s>-ess, n. v. A. f^^WM n. f^^f^^rr w. &c. 3T^- 

rPTt/. gtfJT?Tr^ n. |TTUT TTf^rq' n. 
Blajieu, h. v. V. ^WTTT, ^ %iJrm-^^UTTTT, &c. sj q.^Ml, ^- 

Blamlsgly, rt(fy. censoriously. ^!^^^y^ '{f ' 4'^ gm. 
fTo Blanch. Seo To Whiten. 2 See To Peel. 
Blaxd, a. V. Mild. ^5, jfJtm, ^nff^^, ^J^, ^TTrT. 
Bla>-DISHI>-Q, a. soft, loheedling. F^rfHrft^r, 'Tt^'T?^T^=5fr, 

Blasdishino, BLA>-DisnMENT, 71. soft airs, wtMiing words, 
^■c. 3T7T m. ^ m. pi. rf^jfTT m. ^fSjFT m. r t l Fr-tr^ 5!. f^?5T- 

?T m. pjift'lilt/. Wf5nn^ m. ^ri^r^^f. ^^\^v{^\^f. 
y-iMi'Ul/. noPraiTT^/. ntiritsWt/. "jraTT^jTr^/. ;i. j 

qr<'Hd«J|urt/. TT^TTTTWI n. ^?THraf qr^OT «" 
Blaxdly, adv. V. A. qTlHciCqirm, ^ [ jIjTi^^' . [ 1[ltf^/. I 

BLA^-D^-Ess, n. v. A. ^JT^qoTT w. ^JT^HT /. ^f^ m. ^T?^ n. 
Bla>-k, a. See Pale. 2 ■unm-itten. #rT, ^TT^, ftrTT, arfef^TFT. 
B. at the back. Hli+Kl. A paper b. at tlie back, qr- 

Z^ n. 

3 without rhyme. ^m^-T^-&c. H ^ n m , ^HT^^. 

4 JM^/jou/ M/ or JwZ/f ^-cartridge. cnWTpqT,fwfT5ft=Err. 
B. firing. Kr-Cl'lli m. ^T^T^TT «!. 

5 foiW, empty. ^iT^^ f^^ ^j?q-^ ,pp^p ^^ ^,^_ 
Bla>'k, n. +rJ|'+,i'i'^ in. 

2 (■ of a lottery ).qjtfti^/. 

3 ro/c? tiwt. mim m. ^ira- m. ^f^R «. 1%3 /. 

BlaNK-CARTBIDGE, n. tliq^K l ^m STpr^ «!. 

Blanket, n. The woollen textures resembling this article 

90 BLA 

aro iTi'I^/. ( It iB coarse, loosely woven, and iiauallj 
black ). ^«r^ m. ( It is composed of two ^fNCt joined 
breadihwiso ). ^ffn% n. (The same as qrn^ but a less 
particular and less definite word ). sfiR^ n. (An indefi- 
nite and a disparaging form of tpfqcET; it is applied also 
to a woollen cloak-like texture gener. ) VTT»lo5 or v(\^^ 
/. ( A finer texture, usually white ). ^^\^ «. ( A very 
coarse ^fPT^). 

A worn and torn, old and worthless b. ( i. e. ^fsfai 
or qt^ft ). "P^^ft/. Hsd+i or 'R^ n. X^ or J^^ n. 
Aggregate of four blankets ( i. e. ^ftf^T ). ^V^f- 

Blankness, 01. V. A. ;??t^urr m. R^T'JTT in. 

Blaenet. See Flattekt. 

To Blaspheme, v. n. speak irreverently of Ood. \^>^J\^^]\ 

^^.'^fh^f.-^l^. \_9-ofo. 

To Blaspheme, v. a. fSf^ f..x{-^^^ /.-arq^n^ m.-&c. w.X^ 
Blasphemeb, 11. V. V. N. f »5Rf%^^--H^H%-nf ^-qf^TTsnP- 

Blasphemous, a. t. N. fs^^ft"^Ml,'^l^^=qr, f »^Tf%^, \- 

sifTTq^P^, t=';rT^^T?H^. 
Blasphemously, adv. v. A. ^s^iM^^, t'^f^T^FF^T, &c. 
Blasphemy, «. f «IT1%^t/. f »^nq^ m. l'^X[^^ m. f »sr^- 

Blast, m. ( of wind ) gust, puff, ^fii^ m. y-i+Kf w. =q%JT ot, 
^qT?T ?». W^T^ m. ^ «. 

Hot b. 5^/ 5f5CT/. ^sr/. ^itFF/. T^r^ M. (/»«. Tq- 

2 ( of a planet, &c. ). WJpkt^ n. [ ^f^^Ts^n/. 

3 ( of an evil eye ). ^RlMlH m. ^f^/. ^^f- ^f^f%^TT«. 

4 ( of a devil ). 5^/. ^TT^ m. ^T^^PTTT »n. ^TTTZT w. 5r5- 

Blights, diseases, and di.seased, damaged, or corrupt 
state ( of trees, fruits, cattle, men, &c. ), are lavishly 
ascribed to devils, goblins, evil eyes, and malign planets; 
and they receive indicative or allusive names. Not 
aiming at closeness and particularity in this matter, we 
throw together below the nouns and verbs expressing 
generally the sense of To Blast or To be Hasted. riN^- 
CW or ^\^^X^ or FSf^Rin, ^Z^ or ^fSSof, rST'TR'jf, f^- 
sf^/. rim'n in. con. ^f^f. T5at-3PT^-^ in. con.^^'^J^- 
^, ^TSoE^ or ^"?T^^, ^Tipfrft'^ «RTWf in. con. qt^^fcft^ or 
?f3^% «. ^roT rfl'iu'l. 

5 (of lightning), ift^/. f^jqiKw. 
C ( of the wind or weather). Snz f. JTRT m. 
f ( with the mouth on a wind instrument ). ^'^p m.f. 
5^ m. ^^ OT. jqJKT OT. *+lO /. 5=FK in. ^^7\ ^r^ ?;;. 

To Blast, v. a. — an evil eye. ^f^/. «lT^"^-q3'if-c7r^-^t^ 
in. con. ^RjqM »».-^f ^ '"--^WWR m.-^ft^IT^T/. 
^m iw. c&re. 

2— a devil, v. N.4. 5nq^, SIT^TOT, SfTMT/. fpJf-?5mof , ?5jm^, 
"TS'^f, 5r5qiJT/.-&c. qTr5^, W^Z\ m.-&c. FSFUTT '«. fo;;. 
3 — wind, weather, heat, cold, ^fj^qf^, ^Prf^, ^.\^^ 

_^ BLE 91 

To be blasted. ^Rq'of, +<4H ^*f ^of, 3io5of. 
4/oi7, r2/t», (j-c. V. To Defeat. JTK'if, TRT^, I^tt*"!, 

?nT OT.-HT^/.-f^qT?T m. JpTJf y. "/ 0. ^^-&c. w^:^. 

5 ( rocks, &c. hy an explosion of gunpowder ). ^^'ii'l 

Blaze, n. (/lowing flame. ^^ or q^f. m. *r5^i or ^JTJT^ m. 
*rers OT. 3H|<n^| iN or SPT m. «?Tcr »». 1^ m. 3to5 w. 

To set in a b. >T5*r5Rot. 

2 mark upon a liorse. H^q^T m. ^IH w. 
Tliat has the b. ?rT»^. 

3 jlowiny light. JTinToftfT 3^ w.-ST^FT^T m. 
To Blaze, v. a. noise abroad, v. To Publish. TTJT^'jf, ^M. 

^^, iTf=r*n: ^^'Jr, 'h^ni^t w.-^th^t m.-^tt^t ot.-c?I r++' 
srn^, jHrt w.-^^/.-&c. fq^oT y. o/ o. t?ft^ srfwir. 

To Blaze, v. n. flame glowingly, v. To Glow. ^^+ui, tpiq'- 

2 vi^; flash up suddenly. T^^, T^TTi^ intens. TIT^, 

Blazing, ;). o. v. V. N. 1. qTT':rt1rT, 5<^STift?r, W>ui*unc1, 

Blazing noon. TUTTtrftK |TR/. 
To Blazon, v. a. See To Blaze. [sof. 

2 ( a coat of arms ) ^HH ?frcRJ fM^ f^^^ «. 2)'. ^- 

3 See To Deck. 
Blea, n. inner lark. 3TrT<^l?l/. ^?^?5 n. 
iTo Bleach, t;. n. grow white. 3?n«i. 

Clotli exposed to b. ^fTrf «. 

To put out to b. 3TRrr ^t^^. 
To Bleach, w. a. whiten. ^ffPTfcI^, arr? /. ^. afW^Tift/. 

^^ y. o/ 0. 
Bleached, p. v. V. A. a^sr^ST, #<fR, ^T f^?\?!T. 
Bleak, a. open.^ exposed to the imnds. ^q:5gfra'T-qp^r, 3^1- 

2 eoZ(^, chilling. ??^, ^^T. 
Bleakness, n. v. A. 1. ;j^ stV^RT'itT m. fipT 3TT?f^iTr m. 

2 ^^qiiTT w». ?I^/. 
Bleae, n. fr^^ remiss. ft|-=j+'i-f^^+^l, «n^rft?r, f^TST. 
Bleae-eted, a. fr^+iji 3fe^T=q'T, fq=^^ remiss, fw^^i-fr^- 

To Bleat, v. n. — sheep. «l^IKot, ij^l-iO'l, ^ n. ^ot. 
Bleat, Bleating, «. v. V. ^ «. q^Ncrr n.^q^ijf «• 
To Bleed, v. a. let blood, v^ n. :Fl^,^ft^ f.-T^( 

To Bleed, v. n. run u-ith Hood, r^ n. «n^'jf-g?^-Tr^T'^- 

To b. at every pore. OT^of, 3TT5t^, g^oliif. 
To b. at the nose. ^mT m.- WH'^^m. ^6t-:fTf iif-^^ijf. 
2 ( the heart )Jeel extreme ^ain from jjity. ^qj q^S'T 


^^!T ». ^T^-^^ m. 3"r5crr. 
Bleeding, /). a. t. V. N. ??rp!in^ or ?:Tf5^rRl, ^rpsf^r^. 
Bleeding, n. v. V. A. — ad. T^ ^T^ «• s(ft< +. I ■*>)'( «. ^fXC 

V. V. N. ^ ^"nn. T^siTR or \^.-^-^m. 
To Blemish, v. a. deform, impair, v. To Ikjuhe. ^/. ^,x- 

2 tarnish, soil, v. To Stain. cfyTw. c^^oT, ^}K=5^w.-c^f^j5- 
^n.-^\^ n.-^\^^^ f.-&c. J^Rin-aTMat. 
'Bh'EMisn, n. mark of deformity ; lit; or, soil, sully, fig. v. 
Flaw, Stain. #5/. ^ m. ^>T». '^si«. ^ffT m. ^\Zm. v. 

Blemished, ^. ^ a. v. V. 1. '^ ?rR^c5T, 5^n-&c. qF3;c7T. 

I. faulty. ^Pft, ^^, ^^t^, OT^TT. 
To Blend, v. a. mingle and confound, v. To Mix, To CoN- 

EouND. {trsjsr'rfr, f^re^'Jf, '^^^?:5t, if^^r ^?;^, ^jf;?'?^.-^- 

:praRM.-^T%m.-^T5^HT«.-iT;R^FrT/. ^nf y. of o. recipr. 
To Blend, v. n. fH^^ ^T^ , 'TTfT«. 1tT^%. of s. recipr. ^^^\^^. 
Blended,;). v.V. 1^5E«r?5?5T,&c. fH«r,f*rfsnT, '^^T^FTT, ?t^"jf- 
To Bless, v. a. make prosperous or happy. ^^JTMn.-^^Sn.- 

To b. greatly. W^i?TniT ^J^ y. o/ o. 
2 pronounce a blessing upon. a^T^ft^f^m.-'frTTfl^-Ml «.-«r- 

H^# -5T^-&c. ^n m. 5^. 

Bless (thee)! ?qf^. 
S glorify for benefits, v. To Beaise. jq^T?: aTTCf^-TT^^- 

^^T"^, ^^, ^r^'n, ^gfrT/.-^q^«.-&o. w-x^ g- of o. 

4 tni'0/i.-e a blessing on. |^m. '^-iTrn'jf, sft". JTrndTy.o/o. 
aT*fW%?THn.-^?^MT%?r5T".-?l^'%?r^«.-&c. ^FTiif y.o/ o. 
Blessed,^. ^ «. t. V. 1. g#r %r5c^, spfTTOT %?Ii=lT, g^W- 

2 arr^ft^ f^r^sT, &c. snrrr^^, srrfrnft:, Fi^m^ft:, w- 

I. happy, prosperous, Sfc. ^^, tj^, g^«q=5r, g^^TSTTFT, 

sfnrg^, f ^T?ft, sfmr4, irm^, !?rHq-^T, sfm^^mtT, Rra^T, 

Blessedness, n. v. A. and Bliss, ti?!^/. tT=^?Tr/. f«f?/. 
Blessek, «. Blessing, p. a. v. V. 1. ^PP^M ^T^JTRT, &c. W.- 

2 arr^ft^rf^ %^rt, &c. arr^, arr^fWr^ ^Trf-^mr, ^n^. 
Blessing, «. v. V. l.—act. ^^^V!\ ^FW". &c. g?at sF^ij;;!. 
&c. STK^l'^T^ra. 
2 a"(? Benediction. a^TJlHf^^ S'^n. a^r^it^f^"'. 3inft^- 


1 |5rT"'. |«n ^''tn. 1^ KPIDTTM. [^»». 
1. divine facour. f »iIT?m/. f J^O^m /• *nWf?^/. arg- 
il, ah. a heiujit, a good. g^». «r^». sr?TT^»>- irfHTm/. 

111. a b.— as in the gift of a saiut, god, &c. sfT m. 1\%. 

Cirnuting of a b. 4ii,\A »• 

Grantor of a b. ^KZ^, 
BiiouT, »i. fni7(/eiP, ^-c. lit. ^\Z m. f^^FTT »». JpFTS «• Hq?T- 
JT »'!■ ^PfH' ni. fniH' »» cTTW w. JTHfT <"• J^^T »». 

li. a;< attackiug fields of wheat, &c. m^RT or fTT'TTTTwi. 

B. attacking the grain dzondhala, 3TimT m. +Mo?1/. 

B. attacking rice crops. <ft^/. 

B. attacking the mango, &c. f^TTI or ^T^ nm. ( To 
bo aflectcd by it, f'TTS'Jf or 'T^S'^f ). 

B. as indicated h\ curling up. Jtft/. (To be affect- 
ed bj it, H<euf ). 
To Blight, f. a. JT«Fr »i.-rrFf>T m.-iTHT w.-fi^ m.-&c. m^uf. 
To be blighted. ril+|oHJf, rTT^r M.-TR »».-&c. Tfiif 
in. con. 

2 fig. See To Blast. 
Blisb, a. ^Vfpop. STVToST, %5r^-?f^-f^T%r-&c. ^1t^^, 

— in covert phras. KPHT'?. 

B. by night. ^mttToSTT, TmftToEr, ^js^^, ^m^. 

B. by day. ^<Tt-<Ta-iTr, f^^^ f^ftT, 

B. from birth. ^spTTT'^. 

Blindish. flT5T«tTr, ^ Sioc-MNI, ST^mCTT, artpF??, 

Stone b. fH"T^ 2ffKr5ET. 

String of b. men under a blind leader. 3TfsT^Tf^tHT- 

To become b. 51^ ««. /)Z. ^>T^Dt-5^'jf y. of «. fi^ i|ic| =4t 

:ri% «. /)?. ?imnt, ti«iri=5ft fiTJT/.'^, trwsrHt w^ n. 

pi. ^t^, ( through riches, honors, &c. ) sta-^Ti^ tJX- 

2 ( of one eye ). (^^ftcSCTT, ^nTT, ^.V^., ^"h^ pop. (rip. 

— in covert phras. g+,Ml4. 

3 — boils, tumors, &c. '•J^. 

4 vndiscerning, nndiscriminating, — of persons. 3TfcT con. 

.5 in<-on«(/era<e— of actions, &c. aHR|-.iK|-m, 3Tl%^^rr=rr 

BlISD, n. T. 8CEEEN. <TS^ m. STTl^S^ «. strrtTH «. 3TrT^- 

2 (for a bullock, &c.). ^ri^pfft/. ^qnft/. |rfq^/. ^^, 
oft/. JNtift/. (or 5t^.?1q3T ?i. ^5rt^tjf n. &c. ) #iuf «. 

3 ( esp. for a horse.) 'Siqrtt/. 

4 tom elhing to mislead. ;^;pT^p,fty^5j;p,^^y <R?ur/. 

Ab a b. fJifiRTRr. 

2 BLO 

To Blind, «>. a. deprive oj night. 3TqofT ^T^, tfas m. pi. <PT1- 
<jf<Msui y. o/o. ^raj/. r4)<N>J~i. 

3 fig. darJceri the undentandijig. ttS: »!./)?. ^jt^wj-, ^f%/.- 
&c. ^IHW, tToi-5lt<THT<ft/. ^rT?5'Jr, iJ^HHui. 

BUXDED, p. V. V. ] . 3TKr5ST %Sf?^, tl^ ^lirfc^I, sftft?^. 

BLiNBroLD, o. BLrNDrOLBED,^). V. V. 3r« =n^?!T, «ltvT?r- 
«»rr, a^T^srf^ ^'f-'^tj, arrf^H^. 

To BLiNnrOLD, V. a. cover the eyes of. %jm sjttroj- g. 
of 0. <T1^ »«.-3T^/.-^q?aft/.-&c. sfiKm-^THDif-^, ^k- 

Blisdly, «(/y. impliciili/^ S;c. tloJ ^rt^^T, 5T^ f^TH, St^ ^- 

3^r5rrf, f^"^ ^ "TT^t. 
Blikdman's bupf, n. 3^(:Tat ^f^ratr/. 
Blindness, n. v. A. 1. 3t':T§qiIT »». 3T«:T?? «. arft"^ n. arvrTtT- 

Night b. TT?rftT^ «. 

4 3TtT^T0TT»». 3i;tTF5r «. f?^'-li<l f^t^ «• f^^lUlf|rq- «. 3Tf%- 

=ErTT »»• srf^nn? m. 

5 3T?iJi^yH'jrT »«. 

Blind-side, n. u-eahiess, iifirmily. HJf^R n. J^J^PT «. 

Blind-woem, «. ^^t|2; «. 

To Blink, t>. n. wink, ft^ »». /i?. fH-^+l^^ or f^^f^ROr^ f^. 

■srfTsnJf, ft!rfiT?:oT, fKd+i=i<Ji, 513 m. jpZ. PlafHi^oT, 

frrsfHS: TT^of. 
To Blink, v. a. eeade, shut out of sight. ST3of, st® »». pi, 

5ri^, 5T^ ^Tiqp/. ^r^, sroEift/. ^f^ 5'. 0/ 0. 

Blink, n. See Glimpse. 

Blinkaed, n. -prir^traqT, iT&f^TER^, st^ftr^sR^, frr^r- 

Blinking, w. t. V_ N. — ffc/. ST^fir^^ltlijr n. &c. g^TI'ft^/. 

3^35ri^/- ff^ff^f. fH^^\^^ ni. 
Bliss, n. felicity, blessedness, happiness, g^ n. '^t'T'Jir w. 

/. tTS^TcTT/. ?5rT^PTrTT/. ^Jrrr^fTT/. 

Highest b. 'RH^^'l n. 
2 leatijied state, heavenly joys, t. Heaven. 'Tt^t?^ n. 

^T^ w. Tnmf^r/. 

Blissful, a. full of bliss. f?rmT, ■'STTH^rsfT, q5:H^T=5fT, ^' 

Blistee, n. bladder, tpts »>. f^T^ »». ^T «• QlMil m. 5f#r7«». 
2 apjdication to raise a blister. Sf^ipT^^ }». ST^<^t?Wft 
^•^'4 w. gr^flT «• from the English is common. 

To Blister, v. n. rise in a blister. <piT m.-&c. ^^-^Z^., 1?t- 
W, HjlHttDf, ^''F'lUJr or <J4>I>J|^. 

To Blistee, v. a. rawe a blister. "PTI m.-^<PH OT.-&C. 37^^. 

Blithe, Blitheful, Blithesome, a. gay, airy, v. Meeey, 

ElITHELT, adv. T. A. 3TRcfK'JTT^, STR^rfM', SctlW^rfl'^. 
Blitheness, Blithesomeness, v. a. SIR'^MUIT m. 3^1^- 

^m m. STT^ffTT/. 
To Bloat, v. n. grow iurjid. #TOof, ^vm., WTOT-&C, 

BLO 2§_ 

To Bloat, v. a. v. To Swell, To Poff. '^'wof. 
Bloated, p. v. V. N. RfrT^TT or qfrTHT, ^mTT, "T^ ^^TJ- 

Bloated>'ess, n. v. P. WT^ft/. WT^ft/. jr^Rt/. ^T^T^ft/. 

Blobbek-lip, n. (hick lip. qR^ arre or ^ m. qfT? afrs or 
Blobber-lipped, a. «rHT ^T^'^IT or ^TsiTT, ^TT5 sfk^ or 

Block, «. was* oj wood, eJmtnp, chunk, dump. jptfT or ^Rt- 

OFTT »». ^trrq- ?j. spiTfT «. STTSS m. f%^/. '?>['? ». afrST in. 

2 ( of stone, &c. ). JST «»• 1^ »». 

S 2"'^^fy iZocX-. ^cqr w!. <;/?». jpccfl- or ^"ft/. Eope confin- 

icg it, =qT5ft/- 

4 chopping lloclc, (of carpenters, ^'c). ^^vi[f. =IT^/. 
^ri^TT in. ^%\Z^ or ^ «. ^f^?f or ot «. %^ m. 

Chips of the same b. ^%JTTV=5f JT'Jff »i. ^i. ^ 3TT^^ 

■^jp^ «. pZ. tT% grirfr "pS «. ^z. 

5 ( of buildings ) =qT5J/. 

6 frame on ivhich to make any thing. ^^,^r\ or ^ m. 

7 f^K^iT^^pq-^ 5f^5ST 7«.-^f;f^ »?>.-&c. 

8 See Obstacle. 
To Block, v. a. stop up. SfC. v. To Obsteuct. ^ST'Jf,^'^, 

#iw, H^tjjf or H'-T'Tf, TT^T^, ^vT m.-ar^rrrq' «f.-&c. !Riif 
y-o/o. [tft^, s'. 

Block-head, n. v. Fool. ^, «TTTr in. ffpJNT, sf^fT or jfaTT, 

Block-headed, a. v. Stupid. sts«TT. 

Blockade, w. qffSJTTTT »». #PnT w. ^\i[f. ^fs'jft/. ?TC- 

2b Blockade, v. a. v. N. JfTflHm ?».-=Pf^/.-^R#^/.-^- 

%if^/.-&c. ^FT'Jfy. o/o. 
Blocked, p. v. V. #S%?5T, 5^r5?yr, &c. q^, ?5, '37=r^5, ^^" 

To be b. 5^iJf,#^3T,^^DT,5^or35tnJf,^!:jaiT,^t4ai-. 
Blocking, n. v. 'N.—act. #5af «. &c. 5f?f^/. Jpr^/. ^q- 

Blockish, Blocklike. See Stupid. 
Blood, n. v^ n. ^^^ n. ^frf&TfT «. rtlrl'^l'jft «• 

B. Tomited upon the bite of certain serpents. %¥ m. 

Stoppage or congestion of b. ^Tt>N'Cl'=T »». 

Extravasated b. H^^RIT^ n. 

In cold b. '<tsiMKM', Sit^ltqrar. 

Vitiation or disorder of b. T^f^R m. r^STT in. 

To run with b.- — a sore, &c. r^pT=rof or ^rpTciTf. 

2 high lirth. f^^ft^FU/. 3TTf>T^3TF^ «. ^roT^r^FTT/. ^^TcIT/. 

3 See Kindbed. 4 hlade, swell, v. Buck. RTJ^st m. <p^ 
m. ST^FT m. qfq^^T t». Tn?5 c. ^qr »i. 

Brother, &e. of whole b. ?rfT^, ?rm#PJT.— of half b. 

To Blood. See To Bleed. [?r ^ft^T. 

Blood-colobed, Blood-eed, a, Krf,]^ii\ iJ\JW^ T^^, tfrrffir- 


Blood-horse, w. 3T?r?5 ^rjT ««. TrfJT ^rrft==lT ^rsr ««. 

Blood-less, a. T^^T^-Tf|?r-^^-&c. 

Blood-shedding, Blood-shed, n. ^^Tm m. ?^|f^ »«. r^- 

To be great b. X^rqr "TTIT?!' Tgot, q^'q- w. n. ^^^ii. 
Blood-shot, Blood-suotten, a. n^ remiss, ^Trtl, 'iTKrfj^ 
ITSoS, rrf«l^. 

To become b. ^I^^fjf, ^|^dt, FT^TifJr. 
Blood-shottenness, n. ^trT m. ?{=>nPT ot. 
Bloodthiestiness, w. v. a. ^^^rTT/. f^^fHT/. 
Bbood-thirstt, a. V. Ceuel. f^?I^, ff^TT^, f|^, f^^f , 

Blood-vessel, «. iTh'^il^^/. 
Blooded, a. <vp|-=jr. 

Coid-b. ^fr?n:?Fn-=srT, n^-T^. 

Hot-b. -JiuKTiji^T, 
Bloodiness, «. v. A. 1. Trppsfr ^T^fte^oTT i». ^^rf+dr^f «. <&c. 

2 ttprt wi^'m' »«. iWmotq-tiTT m. &c. vm^^ f. 

3 ^J^fW'JrT m. qT5^F7'JTT »«. &c. ^WTT/. fq-qRtr/. 
Bloody, a. stained tvith Hood. ?^l% 5PTRT, ??<WH 5FIp5rJT, 

?;ti5<if^d, ^Pk?t, T^?5t1ir?T, T^pfqi^rf. 

2 covered tvith Mood. XW,\^ 'lT^?rr-Trr^3?5T--^lrfrfr, T^- 
^t^oE or ?rfpr^ ifrar^!, rfPFT^OT, r^f^ or r^i^fte or a, 

3 liloody-minded, sanguinary, v. Cruel, g^, <Tt)fi|^, 

if ?nF, f|HT5, rf^, ^rm^, ^mr^, f^r^tg, f^RT, 

4 attended with Mood shed. ?:^MMNI, ^WT^T^, "JirTrft- 

Bloodt-flux, n. T^P #^/. T^fTT^T^nT/. ^rfrRTRwj. 
Blooh, n. opening and ripening state. f^lTT^T m. ?<pT7 ra. 

2 (of youth) ^qrfr/. «f^/. »«. q\=RT^rtir/. FIR'^qKrifT 
Z freshness or clearness of look. Z^Z^f. Z^^Z^f. i+H'+H 

4 See Blossom. 
To Bloom:, v. n. — plants, v. To Blow. ^?5W, Rititi^t. 

2 look fresh, clear, glowing. Z^Z^^.^ 2^R^ot, ^^?Tot.| 

Blooming, ;j. «. t. V. 1. ^;:5?TT,f5r^Km,:T5rcft^,=T^R'rft^T. 
2 31R:Jft?f, J^J^Ft^, ^^HT^t^, ^^rfrn, Hot^ofld, z^z^\- 

=Err, s^R^'hfT, H5E^5ft^T, &c. 

Blossom, «. 1>S5 m. qstr «• — of the m.ango and some other 

trees. JTT^ w. %?R «.»". 
Barren b.blind b. ^TT^ n. 
To Blossom, v. n. ^^^"Jf, 5?5Rf %ot, ^?5 %ot ih. co«. 

qtspj^fj ^iTJr. — the mango and some other trees. HT^TW, 

Blossomt, a. Z^Z^^., J^?:^?JHt, H^cft^, ^MH^^I^T, =7^- 

To Blot, v. a. (as with ink). T^, HfT^I'Ji, fdH+ioiDi^ q-p^j 

f». qT5>Tf-qT^aT, 5m m. ^oj, 5FftF5 qR<^, H^Rlin, ^[St^fot. 

2 SKZ/y, soJ, llur, v. To Stain. 5FT<JI or ^"JT, ?PT ot. \- 
^-?5I^"jf , ^^ »». ?5R0T, SFfte ^RW. 

3 out; ohlitcraie, t. To Efface, q^wf or q^ Tract. ^T- 




oTT t«.-<n^ H.-&C. qT??^-f*<,«J0f,:FIc5T JPT^, JprS «.-?TTf /. 

To bo blotted out of mind. «i1<*u). 

Blot, n. ( as of iuk ). ^t^ m. fOT^l m. sm w. 

2 dur, ttijma, v. Stai.v. SP7 <?'• ^ »«■ 37^ m. ^H^ n. sp- 
»^'^ m. ^f. 5FTf?5KT «i./. [ ^r!T m. 

Bloich, n. ^^ji^ «. =5rP^ »"• or ^spe^ «. ?"PR »». 5M ». ^- 


Blow, h. ( with a stick, Bword, &c. ), s(roh:-\^]^f.i\^m. 
3TRTcT »'• ^IFT »«. sr^ m. -Hi+uft /. 5R^ w. jJd+Kr m. 

2 ( with the fist, ifce. ), thump, ^^f. st^RT »». SRTT »». 
iii^<l wi. stH'JrT »i. f^r »». TrPFT m. T^'JiT m. Hd+I «. ^- 
^T Ml. ^ o>- ^[^T «i. STOTT or. tmi Mf. jfw^ m. 5- 

— iu the sense and with the power of such worda as, 
irhack, icJtap, laTig, swinijing Mow, Sfc. RTTprr in. H^\i] or 
'O'TPIT m. ^^ or rf m. ^%5T or fTT m. ^^PFT ??;.qS51?7/.iT»^ 
/.n. imilrfl m. ^TTT^ ?». ?;^ or ^^^■ ?»• ffST^T w». sp3T^ 
VI. STJI^FT m. Siw OT. 

3— gcner. lox, hujfet, cuf, hit, JcnocTe, polt, punch, dig, 
S(c. ^t?5T m. strppT or ^T^W vi. vj^ J. tpTTTT »«. 3TRIrT >». 
qm »«. €^FT VI. SN; «i. ^ST'i+lun/. 

B. with the bottom of the fist. 5^/. «lrr^ or^-^,\or 
■'^r';^ m. 1^^ m. &c. g^^T m. g^i^ or si^TIT »i. (Zm. 

Dfiid or flat b. S^JpT »». 

Heavy b. f^qfrf m. 

To come to blows, ^iftr ^RqWT %W, ^M l 'frofl ^-^mm- 
?H-fR qT?5n:-^MrC|/lH-^?rT5qTTTKFR-&c. iroT. 
4 ( of calamity ), v. Steoke. tr=?fT or tTEgT ot. T^fSFT »?». 1- 
^^ m. =5TIT ?«. ^HT m. ^RRJ «. 
r> ( iu trade, &c.), v. Loss, gr^r w. p. srt, nRTT m. v. ^, 

G ( of a fly ). 3T?r5t or 3TW^/. 3TTO5T w. ?fft/. 
Tt- Blow. v. «.— the ivind. ;rr^, =qT^'if. 

2— softly, in gentle puffs, &c. v. To Beeathe. ^oS^piTr, 

^=J^o; adv. iUfof, '^rs-J^ ;nf or. 

•^ /"#. V- To Past, trrrer, q^TFIW, qi^/. ;)?. ^T^pur-^ijf, 

4 sound on Icing lloicn. STMiir, HT^ m. ^-iT'if 

5 Woo;n, blossom, open, cr/aHf/.^iir, ft^^tjt^f^^TTH'if ?- 
^TiJt, 3Tp3r<Jr, T»T?Iijf, S^FJiif. 

<; over; /jam afray «'.';//(0«/; efect. cTT^^tir, f^FiJf, IJ^of, fif- 

7 up;— from gunpowder. Tj^tJf , Tf ^ ^i^r. 

8 out;-a light,&c. ^\-^ ^STTvf-ftr^rnl-iTT^sr^. [^ ^ctt. 
!ro Blow, 1.. n.—the wind, &c. ^n^srir, ^T^sf'^r, ??5r^, T5- 

2 pujout, V. To lypLATE. ^q;m, ^iftr ^ijt. 

T! ( an iuBtrument of wind-musiclO- "^^"t, '^^t^ ^r^jf. 

OT, "fP/.-'fFT m.-'pjKT m. JTR^-m;^iJrf 

4 ( with the breath ). <fi:pur, j^pT^f, 'j^/.-'P^?: m.^^pr 

TFP n. T^^.1^.^ ^W■ n. TTSof-V- 

5 ( the nose ). fk^jA 

6 ( the tire ) with a bellov 

7 See To Publish. 

8 deposit eyys— flies, &c. ^t[ f.-^^i\ f. ^]7'M. [ EfOT_ 

9 ^w< out 0/ JrfoilA. ITTTT ^T^rt 3T?IFPT^,?:n";T ST^PR^RT ?=ir- 

10 up; kindle, v. To Excite. ^^ s^f ^ tp^gf , ^Frsr^r, cj5:cTiji-_ 

11 up; ( by gunpowder ). ^^,^-g^R ^^^-TSffT 5'^- 

12 up; rate vehemently, v. To Scold. ?aoi«pT^, t^S^PRiS, 
^^ot, rTRof, ?rT^ m. \^. 

13 away, gr^fof, ^^ Hot. 

14 out, V. To Extinguish, qs^p^ f5rir=T<rf. 
Blow-pipe, n. ^^>ft/. «Rr?rr/. 

Blowing, «. t. V. N. 1. — ad. qr^^ «. ^r?;or n. 

3 tlTTToT n. JilTTT \^ n. &c. qpf w. JTT ot. ^^rr^/. ^•. STT. 

4 STT^'iir n. &c. 

5 ^?5^ n. &c. flr^RT m. f^+I^Jf n. ^^^R J». ^'PTJ m. Wl- 
E^ n. Tft^rs m. ^^^ n. sf^rST WJ. 

T. V. A. 1.— ac^ ^^JfoT n. &c. 

2 JT^iJi- M. &c. 

3 ^"'''^ "• 5^ cIM^I^ n. ^sp-&c. MRU| w.-^nr!^ w. 

4 ^spijf w. *'+;<u| 71. ^^ &c. HRTjf jj.-^nBor n. 

Blown, _p. t. V. N. 5. jk^, &c. f^%cT, f^^Plf^rT, ^t(\- 

T. V. A. 1. 3^%?rT, TS^ %^?rT. 

2 ^'W^rJT, &c. 5^, remiss, ^j:, nrnfl??, "Tm. 
Bltjbbee, n./ai o/<Ae whale, Sfc. ^^ttt?!!^ ^^n^t/. 

2 fat-like sulstance cast vp hy the sea. ^R wi./. IcJIrJm. 
To Blubbee, v. n. t. To Cet. qTrS ^If^f-'T^:^ ^"if. 
Blubbeeee, 11. one ever bluhheriny. argSTSTT, 3tg5T55. 
Bludgeon, n. OT|fTft^PTcft/. Tfr^ m. jpTSSt^ w>. T^T/. 
Blue, a. — dark b. ^^ pop.^^.^ 5ftc7=rof,3^RT, a.qRT?;, aqr- 

infof, ?;ott, ^:p.— light b. sky b. 3TRTTRft, a^RHRlt t- 

True b. ^\^ TV^, 

The Blues, loio spirits, v. Melancholy. fsTTT^ «». 
To look b. le confused or terrified. ^To5^^. 
Blue-eted, a. ?ft?R?Rr, ^^r?T. 

Blueness, «. V. A. f^^quTT m. jftf^JRT w. ^^■^ n. ^fm^ n. 
Bluff, Bluffness. See Bold. &c. 
Bluish, a. f^:^^, ^f^RTT f%2r. 

To Blundee, v. n. v. To Eee. ^ot, sf^spuf or ^T^, ^Tijf, 
^RRof, JS'jf, =^/. ^IR^, ?^^T?^ «. "TT«for, SfiTT^ m. ^TOT. 
Blundee, tj. y. Ekeoe. ^^ </*>?(. ^:pt /. JJr^ /. ^RRtT/. 
!TJTT^ »). 

2 — in writing or speaking. 3T^^ n. 3T?J^ n. 3T«T5 "■ 

That isfull of blunders. 3T^|T5:, ^TT^?;, HIHlHi^,^^!^?. 

Blundee-bus, n. <ii\\H\ m. ^t^HR or sf^JTTff /• 

Blundee-head, «. Blundeeek, n. Blundering, ^;. a. y. T. 

o«e yn-f ji fo llundcrinj. ^^puTRT, H^OTRT, ^^^PTT, 1"P?I?fY 

or BIT, nHfTT, 31'^:^^, 3Tl|ToE, HJS^T, HJ^l^ or w^T, 5- 


rTT, 5fm"'n, ^=m, 'ifqw^, TfT^, 5rr^^, »jf*r?, nrrft. 

Blundeeinglt, arft'. •^+d^+d, ^fTHT^rf, ^^rf^FFcf, "^^^T- 
Blu^t, o. not sliarj-). ^'<TT remiss. ^'45', ^^SWT, ^t^'FT, ^^ ^'' 

3T, ffr'Ji^PT'J'TT, tnT5f?r%?^r, ^r^r^, &c. 

To become b. ^^T^, ^t'<TJ>if, TTS^, ^^"^ O'' ^Tra>Jt,qT^- 

"jf , ^^, 51^'if, ^miif. 

2 dull cj-c— wit, intellect, rr??, ^^, €tiT7, 3T?ft^Tn-, 3T?rttT. 

3 rotiffhli/ plain and open Jree-spoJcen. f5r<H|riy,^'T,qt- 

^Ttrr^ToftTT, tr5:F<F5^ or iCJ^TS^, ^jTT'TH, T5<=n:, 3^55, 

Jo Blunt, t-. a. ^s:(qrot, ^ssriif, »I^5f5t, qir/. Hrsot-g^rfirot 
g. of o. qTr/.-TToft n. S'FR'Jf y. o/ o. f^aft ^Twr. 

2 fig. fft^Tjrrrr/.-?ft5r?fT_/.-sr^TrfT/.-&c. ^n^^-^iFft^R^t. 
Bluntly, adv. t. A. 1. ^"ilTWr^, &c. H^, ^sff. 

3 plainly, roundhj, downright, outright, plump, smack, Jlat, 

?r??(tr^, Tt^, ==R^^, ^M'txH^H, tr5^T>i^, q's^Ts^, qft- 

%^, VTT^?T, ^TTF, W^^^. 
BmXTNESs, ft. T.A.I. ^4"T>JrT m. etc. K^/. if^ rt.JT^qtiTT 
m. ^HTf /. 3T^e--nT?TT/. STrfr^T^/. 
2 Ki^qTiTT m. ^JTS^TWT w- iT^^ «• •■3T?ft^"aTFf T /. 3H?fti1cli/. 

FTTtTT «s. ?riT?r"'ftcTqwr wj. ^^CWl^fh^ «. &c. q'mdHHIm. 

Blue, To Blue. See Stain, To Stain. 
To Bluet, v. a. utter suddenly and inadcertently. ^^i^fST'if, 
tT?q;R'Jf, ?T5^rRr9T, tr^^Fl^ or ■siW^^^ ^DT, Ts^rei?- 

Blfktee, n. Blurting, p. a. \. V. Wii'h\A^\\i\^ ^^^T^^ ^- 

5b Blush, «. n. letray shame or confusion ly the face. ?5T- 

q^, M(mii)f /.-■gw=ift/.-'3T TO.-&C. f^r^-ii^;^, ?ff?rsf 
qroft »• T^^, ^^^^'T n. ^ot y. o/s Note. The sense 
of shame is evinced in the couuteuances of Marathas 
by a dark, not by a red color. 
2 See To Bloom. 
Blush, n. color in the cheeTcs raised ly shame, confusion, Sfc. 

^^^ n. [ ^5f^_ 

At the first the first appearance. ^^di!T=ff, Sf'^T- 

5b Bluster, t). n. — the wind, v. To Eoae. qt^j^iif , ^y^S\, 

2 puff, swagger, rant, vapor, gasconade, lellowat.^roarat. 
^U|<||Jlff^ ^tJT^'JT'jf, ^^Er"Jf, f^5^^, HMriMiji, FW^, rtTTOT. 

nriir, FfT^ «z. ?Tr5w,^r=f;q?-m/ pi. ft ^i m u'l'-'^q? jf-' ^'i 't>- i «t - 

1^, ?n^w. ?rTTot,ftrrr /.;??• fttdtot, HRF-qT "MO'-V-- 
fftiTFRT ^W^f-pl. ?rfl^, 5T1TT «ff^m/.2>^. Fira^r, i]T^[5I- 

95 BOA 

Blustee, n. Blustering, n. v. V. 1. — qw^'il n. &c. ^Ytt- 
S m. ^r^R: w. ^^n or ^^\Z m. ^?{TTT or g^^j rii. 

2 WTrspfff/. aror^ft/. "TT^Jfrf^UTt/. ■A'i\{-'-M\ n^/.;/?. 
tr^T^ or q^^ 7». njTTIT w. ^'T5iT|%'^/. ^\^n.f. ^%^/. 
'T^5}^orH4l4'M<"J. ?rrr5T W. ^F^^r/. ^r^^\l^f:\^- 
ift/. ^T^/- 'TWif /• i=m m. riMHHT^TT ««• rlTT==fNFT m. 
Blusteeek, n. Blusteei>'q,/i. a. Bi.ustedous, «. v. V. 1. 
q'lMNuiKI, <&c. qTxqT,g'f^T,^mTI^mor ^Jzm^^^TZ-q\. 
2 and Bully. Hector. ^aTTiTtriRT, &c. <?KTT? ot. t^tsit- 

15, nirfrfis^rr, ^^^, nwr or ;nrr, ht^t^t I't'ft ^^itpt, 

Boa-consteictor, n. STTC or arr^ «». 3^?^^ «;. W^'^ m. 

To lie torpidly like a b. 3TT^"^. 
Boar, n. ^^ m. ^X[\ m. 

Wild b. ^M|+< m. 
Board, n.plank.^ ^c. Wt/. (intens. "PoTT «•) "pSm. a^FfT «». 
Writing b. qr^t/. 

2 teWi?. %^T^T^ ir^ «. N. B. the Marathas do not use 
a board or table: their food is placed on the ground. 

Fellowship of board. qf^poq^jT m. q^^^if m. 3ff=5T- 
-''■^^^ m. 
Fault that excludes from the common b. qph<^«l m. 

3 entertainment. ^^tJT n. ^uir^oS /. ^JfOT^M n. ^T^«. 
^jfTot Prnt n. 

Service in which b. is provided. ^TTRT^FPft/- 
Service in which b. is not provided. fFTTT^ ^'P'^/. 
One that serves for his b. qt^F'^f , Ml'i-=(l'+7, qt^T^ff 

To serve for one's b. qpTT^nff TX^. 

4 cost of eating . W^'^'^f- ^'-JUINSS/. 

5 io(/y of counsellors, S^-c. ^HT^H^TTT m. ^JTT^^ 

6 — at chess, draughts, &c. {or chequered cloth ). '^' 


7 side of a ship. ^Xr^ArW^-SiC. ^V^f. %^ n. 

Larboard, fit ^t^. 

Starboard. T^qf %i^. 

Aboard. n?T^T?rr-'^^l-j1l-&c. JR. 

Overboard. iTr^'mi-:qT-&c. 5rFJJ5^vT, 
To Board, v. a. See To Plank. 2 pilace as hoarder. %qrPTT?f 
-^9|U|N5^^-&c. 55J%-qT77tfiJt 

3 receice as boarder, b^^^j^^^ i^_ [5?f ^T'jf. 

4 enter (a ship) hy force, ^jfr q^^^ ^^m^-&c. ftlT^T-^- 
To Board, v. n. mess with. b]Tf\^\^-h\:^^^7}7[^ ^^^-xv^.^ 

^T^OT^cfr ft.-^Mft^ n.-kc. spT^. 
Board-wages, «. qr^Pf /. qT7:^=^ m. 
B. as paid in grain. ars^Tft/. 
Boaedee, n. v. V. N. ^^^\\^r£\r\\ jfTOTW »«. itc. 
Boaeding-house, n. W^^^^-^'^^^^'^^ ^X n. 
BoAEDiNG-scHOOL, w. ;?qT ^[11^ ^^f^F ^I'"TTfq'"nTT^ ^^\^ 

To Boast, r. a. bray of, display vauntingly. 5(^ or q^rrfft- 

g:r75Fl/.-!Tf^/.-*fraTt/.-&c. ?{m^-fJ=r^5rot y. o/o.fiT^- 
or, TTf sr «. ^\^m j.ofo. 

2 (one's self of) v. To Plume. ^MT »«.-&c. «no5n^. 
Ty Boast, v. n. Irnj, vaunt, ijlory. <5?TR^, ^r^of, ^^TTft/- 

atrr »i. srm^rit, irrar?^ rttft/. i-Z- ^mSr, q-^'PTT/. ^rJr. 

Boast, BoASTLvo, n. v. V. N. J^TR^ or ^^irfT /. ?T^/. 
^c^i?^ rt. r. HK, HtS, IT TT o;- qz <Tt «. g-ii^t-rf/. rtiH'i- 

?<ftK fl. !Ft?^?-sirq ^jj^ ». ^i^t-m-^ ^is^ «i.p?. STo|/. 

1. C(ju*c ofloatting. «nTJIT-3Tf*nTT'T&c. mot'|u^|^ +1<U|«. 
BoA^TEB, w. Boasting, 2^. a. Boastful, a. v. V. N. ^- 

BOASTISOLT, ni/y. r^^, "TSTFT, ^rU^JKI^, ^^Ifi^l^. 
Boat, «. v. Vessel. ^\mf. ^T^^f. %/. ^rJ'TT^ n. rRUT m. 

Master of a b. or small ressel. rTftc5 m. 

To be in the same b with. ^ ^TT^ 3T?f^. 
To Boat. v. o. convey in a h. ;TT%iT^-&c. ^"Jr. 
Boat-man-, «. ^n^rft or Tf^raqT »'. HR^Tfrr ?». ^Trsr-Tft or 

Song of a b. whilst rowing. ^T^^ ot. 
BoATSWAEf, n. iHsp=wft^ '^^ arftTKTtt ^% 
To Bob, v. «. play backwards am! forwards. ?5^iji7f, 3^?^- 

2 up and down, ( in drowning ). T^^^^cAui, n=^T^'iI, «?^- 

To Bob, v. a. v. To jeek, f|^q^, f|H?^, ^rmsot. 
Bob, n. t. Pexden't. ^q^r «i. ^T^T »». ?ffa^/. ffT^fJT3!?t/. 
2 ( of a song ), v. Buhden. 3T^0T^fr§ir «. TR5=rT^ or TT^- 

Bob-tail, «. g^'^N^t/. ?5fft ^iTrft/. 55ft ^iq?: «. 
Bob-tailed, a. ?5r?T, ftJ^TT'^. 
Bobbin, n. ( of the wcave^-). ^Af[f. 
BoBBixo , n. T. V. X 1. ^^^Pi^rof «. &p. 

2 <rH-+,*ui ». &c. JN+7,?TT/. ;jZ. ipi^fTTO^/. /Z. 1 JTo^^ 

/. iJ?. 'i-M'iw'-ti/. /;?. ^^-^co-m/ pi. f^■^^^^;r^^^ «. 

Ts Bode, v. a. foreshow, forebode, presage, portend. W=q^<Tf, 
?3m, "^^^ ( used with the required noun ) ^^sf^f, 
W^ '^-^^ f.-^,^^ n.-^^_^^ n,-^J^7\ n^.^-^^^f 
-&C. q^ y. of 0. ^^^ n.-V^^ «.-'^?J?T'n ".--TcTpq-f «.- 
&e. yrm in. con. Sf g, ofo. '' ' \^m. 

EoDzn, n. Bor)i>-o, ;j. « v. V. g^^rrr, ^JiV^lTT, &c. jj^n;, 
Ill-b. ■3Tf^'?-vrvr?--flKr=!;-.*i(-. h^^-^w-it^^t^.&c; 

I!!-b. sign or mark. ^rV ^^Ttt «. T^^roi n. ^^^j^uf w 
BoDEMEM. Boiii>-o, «. V. v.— ac/. g=J^et n. z,t^^ n. &c. 

^6 BOD 

?355=T «. ^j^^ptt/. ^i^ n. ^^fi^ «. "Tjfjj^^ n. "jifBxf^r/. 

B. of ill. aTf?re-3THn?J-3=rq;?^'^-3TH^-&e. bV^ «.-sfe- 

^"t^ JJ.-&C. 

B. of good. ^-JTnRI-'»T^-&c. ?3(5?f n.-JT^^i?r n.-&iQ. 
Bodice, ». =^"t5ft/. JFf=qr^/. ^p^^/. 
Bodied, «. %^, ?I^, q^r<T, ST'ft, ?1?^fr, 5Tft5;Hr% 
Bodiless, a. incorporeal, ai^^, W^^, f^%, ar^JI^Hl^. 
Bodily, a. of or belonging to the body. \^t\X^^, t^T, ?lft- 

B. deformity or defect. aTT^^rq' n. s^T «. 

B. ease and comfort. ^jftT^^ n, ^!|y(\>,^\^■i:^ n. 

B. labor. 3Tfn^f=TrT/. ^TftT^'? m. ■nsfi^^^i^ m. 

B. strength, artl^ m, ^\^W3^ n. 'i^\^^^f. ^^^\' 

B. Buffering. ^^tr'<TT/. ^T^^T w. 3TTotr'4T/. ^^- 

B. vigour or health. ^T^fk^qirT/. 
B. violence or effort, <s([^v(^.^\i or arflf^^f /. 3TfT- 
H^ff or arfTH^f /. 
Bodilt, «(?!;. united with a body. ^^, ^mf^?r, ^t^rf^rf, 

2 See Wholly." 
Bodkin, n. instrument for drawing tape, ^'c. ^yi\ affSTTI- 

=^ ?ro5^ /. g!iT m. ^i ^r»Tor «. 

Body, n. ZK^ pop. artn ». ^ «>. ^rfk «. ^TT m. n. pop. tpTTr 

/. fS/. f^/. ?rg/. rf?T/. m. ^.m n. fqiw. ^rq w.ijM/. 

Some descriptive, allusive, or significant terms for 

the body are, ^rTIfTT m. qriT «. ?^^ n. ^^^ or f^^T. m. 

f^^ m. ^TTJ ». iTl'INrl^ n. Tm^/- TTOTWr «. if^TPTfTH 

i^rr?T^ n. ^STT^^dfqi; w. ^rrrq^oft ^T^/- — and with im- 
plication ot loggishness, lumpishness, inert heaviness or 
huddledness, Sfc. 5^^/. "Vt^ or JTtm'il*! »». 'TT^/. T- 

According to the Hindu philosophy there are three 
bodies, viz. ( 1 ) the gross or material external body, 

?ar?!^ m. ^^j^^Tftr «. ar^prq'^in'^ or ^ m. ( 2 ) the 

tenuous or etherial b. the inner envelopment, fp5il^|, 
fen^Tftr, W^i ^^'T^TflT. ( 3 ) the inner rudiment 
and causative frame or principle of the above two, 
*l'uri^,^^'Jr^lftT, arpT^T^rPT or ^T. See these words, 
and also 'T^^'7 or ^T in Molesworth's Marathi 
and English Dictionary. 
B. and soul. rp^JT^ n. 

Celestial or glorified b. f^=^^ »>■ [»»• 

Contortions or writhing of the b.3ltqq^r«!.3TmfqoEr- 
Daily operations or business of the b. — compreh. ar- 
^if^R m. 

Dcstiniea or lot of the b. ^sjRsq- n. 
Every b. tout le monde. sr(Hr5l+ »>. ^cfj^l^ m. pi 
Hair or down of the b. STPT n. ?JtK n. rtg^^ or ^^^. 
la the b. without dying or dropping the h, ?r^^, ^f . 

^__ BOO 97^ 

Lightness and nimblencss of b. 37t'MMoll^/. 3TFT- 

Lower extremities of tlie b. ^^'.^f;v^ m. STtfrlf w. 

Mortal spot of tlie b. nsTF^T^M. arrS^ftT/. 'TJf?'<T?^«. 
ITH^^ «». In a by or mortal spot of the b. SffSf'T^'T, 3T- 
srWr V. FTFT, ^5, HTT &c. [f^^C^- 

One, though in the h., living as out of it. 5^f '^^ 

Plump and roundish b. 'Tpft/. 

Eolation of the b. and its members. atntpTTR w. 3T- 
^^T^IX^TR m. \J■xi^ n. 

Soundness or healthiness of b. ^TftTTR^T n. \\(\i^\- 

Symmetrj and beauty of b. STT^PH^f «• 

Unguents for the b. ^^^ n. HT^'JT n. cJrTTTn m 3Tg- 
J57 m. [sfc^ n. 

Whole b. I. and its limls and members. •d=(T'l n. ^t]- 

To anoint the b. aTTTFT jn.-S^m^m^ n. W^. 

To cast or put off the b. ?| m. HTrJP'Jf-'^^-^'kDt, ^- 
^ri)|'l«J.-?^?r3f^ «.-&e. ^F^fff. 

To macerate the b. ^Kl^.+M''Jrfl.-5TfK?TY'r'Tw.-&c. +<ijj_ 

To mortify the b. ^^w.-^^^^«.-^15ft?^?«.-^Tft':^- 
5T«.-&c. W^^, 

To purify the b. c3T'T^jf5/.-'^gf^/.-&c. 5F?:Di-. 

2 a b. V. Peeson. ^ot e. HrjTHw. HHi^V n. ^^*T »»• 
Any b. some b. ^j^Nt, ^PTafT^Rt. 
Any b. — any whoever. Tr^T, Tc^crTHfTrTT. 

3 troop^ company, v. Band, im 7n. f\^^ or aTt/. 4T=!Tw. 

stost/. 1^ ";• ^l m nfr »«. [q^T-.. 

In a b. f*T^^, '^^^sioft, "^^^sff, '^^Pmf or <^m, ^- 

4 corporation, community, itloift/. q'f^^o/). "TTrf/. 

5 ( as of a house, coach, tree, vessel, &c. ) main part. 

qr^ n. ^^sq^nrr >». 

6 ( of a garment). ^r5T or =^\^ m. [?°^ n. 

7 o substance, a material thing. T^^r »>. m^ «. ^f=T «. 
^ strength, good quality, V. Goodness. ^;i3T »». ^ST «j. 
?Tr?». ^ n. W.^ m. 

Q firm texture ( of cloth, &c. ). ^]m^^ m. STfT n. m. 
^(rTTtrr n. m. ^^mf\ )• 

10 ( as of fire, &c. ) volume, mass, ifra m. TT^ft m. (as 

11 code. WJ^m. ?rf|fTT/. 

12 See Matter. 
To Body. See To Embodt. 

Body-cloth, n. (of horses, elephants, &c.).?F![/. 5^^?:ui». 
Body-guard, n. ^^TT^/. ^"jf^^TT m. 
Body-servant, n. ^^ TT m. 

Boa, w. ?;?rur/. ^iquT/. ^ot/. ^^^^/. STFR «. n^T^/. <p- 

Bogle, BoaoLE, n. v. Buqbeak. sttt-T or ^T^j^^mi m. ^- 

To BooGLE, V. n. V. To Hesitate. stS^^'JT or arf^osof^ 

BoaoY, a. swampy, S,'c. ^;:5T=ftfT, '<:T?y<T?fTfT, SK-^Od, nrTT- 
r5t?r, ??5^^'HT, &c. 
To become b. •WW'J). 



To Boil, v. n. — a liquor. ^rTJ^oi' or ^^r{d\ or ^^f^^iff, 
f^rtf^fTur or f^^fH^'Jf, I5q?tif 0)- JTiiK.ui, 3^5cbT, ^'q?;:- 
nt, ■d^ll'/u'i, 3'?r5!:nt, g^fTTOTT, ?:;r^at, ^t^t^W , ^'iH'I n.-;p5w.- 
g^T^r w.-3TTp2r »«. ^"Jf i«. con. 3^5ft/. JTJI-J'rdr in. con. 

s'H^^f %"Jf, g'rfq'ijf, n^ «;. ^tjf. 

Water set to b. 'JTiT^Toft n. 'i^^^ n. 

2 be in seething. f^T^'^T, l^TS^. 

3 over. 3"fRT,T^^ ^M orq'jfor ^q-Ror^^Ffwf.irtJf, 3^TTO i?OT. 

4 ( with passion, &c. ) or, — passion, &e. v. To Fume. 

gn=r m.-&c. q^. 

2b Boil, t>. «. ( liquor, &c. ). 3^f?o5cf, fTPT^fOT, qfr^^Tofr^ ^rt^- 

2 tircM, ^c. ?» boiling ivater, secth. f^T^pTof, ^yfot, 3^5- 
of, iFsq-;^ n. ^p^ g. of a. 
Boil, n. Ti ??. %h?I5 or %?t^t^ m. <pt5 w. 3"5nj «. f^^^ n. 
^■5 «. 115 «. WR »«. f=r?'FR »i. ^t'Z n. dim. ^,tf\f- ^f- 

A renewed b. or tumor. ^T^ m. 5T=IT »». v. tT^. 
B. arising on the palm. ^X^ n. dim. ^T^f. 
Heat and aching of a b. or tumor. +iHi/. +iHr5 /. 
Heart or core of a b. nt^ m. mijf. arf^/. 
Prickly itching or burning of a b. n^n^/. 
To beat and throb — a boil J^^tif iutens. ^^fpsprf. 
Boiled, p. v. V. A. 1. 3^5ES5?ST, &c. Vr^. 

2 Rl^JPT^?^, ^fcT3f5T, &c. ^TffsT, spf»T?r, ^rpfifrr, ?'4T?fT- 
"TIF, ?J^. 

B. food. TTKR- «. f^T^^Tiir/. «. 
Boiler, H. boiling vessel, v. Kettle, ^sf /. ^p^^ w(.F4T?i'Y/. 

A fixed b. sftfT^ '». 
B01LIK6, /I. a. V. V. N. 1. ST'^nir^r, ^F3T^, &c. ^I^H, 
^^Tf, 3'q^T' arr^OT, ^FS' 3TT^?^T, 3TtT^ a7T?IOT, &c. 
B. water. ^'fr^T'^ n. g'FR't'ft ». 
Boiling, «. v. V. N. I. — act or sta'-e. <'|r|<Hd or ^pngTT or 
?<r^^^/. ^^ «»• 3T^ur «. 3^at/. IrRJT or Hc^spr wf.V. ^T- 
gTrroS or oTT «i. 3^Ton )». 

2 f^T^irf «. &c. 

3 gTT'Ji n. ^STtT wj. ^■'j^^nTJf «. 

4 and Ebullition. ^lIT^r ^PJni.-T^TT^M.-Tfn^m'-TriT 

m. rfoErfS/. 

A b. ( or a burning ) to do, t. Itch. ^^fZ m. ^r[W^ m. 

V. V. A. 1. — act. ;j^'Zijf». ^F^^T'^w. ^.€k.^n. :p3'3nTrof«. 
2 f^TvpToxn. TiiTofn. ^TT^-Trwi. Tt'=TT«. t'4^«. tp'«;^«. >;rTaT». 
That is easily cooked by b. f^T^oT. 
Boisterous, a. — of wind. ^"r^T^-SfT^ or g^R^TPsfT, ^\^\z^' 
=iTT, -HHii-MI'-ll, 5r7Rin^TT, ^TTT^-qT^, FrST^^r^TT. 
2 noisy, turbulent.^ S{c. — of persons. ^V^fif^J., '•TR'- 

^pirr, ^HTs;-^, ■jfr^npTT; t^^si?^, is^^rr, nroTH:-^, ^r- 

3— of proceedings, &c. trfiTSm^^fT^T, •fRTsft^, g^f OT^r. 
BoisTEROUSNESs, n. v. A. 1. gm^iTJirwrf^TRft/ rTirW''- 

^^m or *"t?rw«. ^r^TRT/n. ?r?nT/.OT. 

BOM 98 

•2 iTrnvj^TTTTm. iT3,--)^.M"II>n. &c. ^^l^To£\/. tpnWt/ Tf- |j B 

Tffvmif/. 5nTr»T'?it/. flxnT/n. 

Boi.l), a. Irave, courajtous, Jearless, intrepid, dauntlesg, 
daring, ^c.—o^ persons, ^jr, yirfliK, tJ|rftM'(, f'i.'^.iU, 

r^<.<)jM , r^mHiK, rs'-Hrft, trrj^t, tiMV^i, q'ls+iMr, f^- 
"Trf^TT, tTH%^, ??bm^, Ao. fntrj, f=itr5T, f^^, H^r- 

^, tftr, ITT, BTpit, 31^, »13t, ^^. 3T^RIT^, Sffl^ 
•"■ ''FITi '"''f^' ^I'^'i yTr<'<i=IM, 3T|m|, nT^,^T^, ^- 

^, TlH^ITMt, ^iHh<7^, ^4«<i^. 

2— of measures, rfyMjWny cjv. courage. t)i||-c)|^ ^Ti-M^l, 

jjmHr, vnT^r^rr, ^>^Tn^% it^'iHt. 

3 ttandinj out to view, prominent., hhiff. KJiK, 3CTT, g"- 
HR, T>T7, 5^^. 

4/r(?p, spirited, lileral. JTTT, ^JT, ST^ireH, ST^W^UINI. 
5 See IjirurEKT. 

To make b. to tal-e lilerty. tftT m. ^FT"^. 
BoLTiLY, arfp. V. A. 1. dlrO^', tJTift^}?^^, tTT^^ :p:!r7T, 'TCTT- 
^, 5M#, ^T'f^, &C. fSr^f'iTHWIM', &e. -p^tTS, 5H:T3^, 

BOLPNESS, n. v. A. 1. ?JTqTiTTrt!. f^nVruiTOT. qiT^n. ^\£\-An. 

=^/ "^rTT/. tfTf m^/. ^th/. Sl'fm. Wl^^^r?/. ?TSIt4^»>. 
3 TTTTT^T"!- T^HTT'in'm. JTrrTiTTOT. &c. 

5 See iMruDESCE. 
Bole, n. »TTrfr=^ ^ ^irm 3Tf^. 
BoLSTEii, re. ( of a bed, &c. ). ^^f. ff^^w. 

2 (as for back of people sittinn'). rSrSn.wj. 

3 (of a sadle). ITTS^/. -m^t/. [^RW. 
To Bor.sTEB UP, v.a. V. To Suppokt. ■HH I t^uR /.-HTT??!^ /. 
Bolt, n. (of a door, &c.) metal pin, v. Bae. ^a;/. %55t/. 

2 See AnEOw. 3. t. Thundeebolt sft^/. ?^ ». 

BOLT-UPEIGHT, a. ?TTrffti=T^'TT, «S*5*n-, ?Ra5T*rT, ^cAHo!f)d - 
TTT, TTTWfT. [tjirful. 

To Bor,T, t). a. fasten with a h. v. To Bar. ^ft^t/.-Ac. rfHuf - 
2 Spf! To Blurt. ^ swallow at onre, gulp. iffcrrm.-nT^w. 

innif,nTnT^OT-iRmT»i--'T^r2;T»j.-n^raTm.-iTTnJrT «i. ^p- 

4 »)//— grain, &e. ^^ot, arrgi'Jr, «MOJ^ ^lotiif. 
■To Bolt, e.n. sprm;/ o!/< or o/T" suddenlrj. fJt^, f^'^5 ^JTT^, 

f^ra^,gr^at, ^^=T;'ir, ^i^+Oi, v-+>Jt, ^j^fttWt/. ^t^. 

Bolus, n. ^rfepT/. /jo;;. I^T^/. "TT^fT/. 

Bomb, n. «AWi, ^-c. ^^^fT'TT^n!. ^-til-^l qRTm.ipTURrtt^w. 

To Bombard, ». a. ^''TifR^i^ MiMKw. JfTW-JTRiJt. 

Bombardment, n. ^-t'j"|»TTo^'TT=^ TTTTT ot. 

BoMRA'tT, n. high-xoiindinj tcords, fustian. ^af^rfHi-^ift^ 

Bombast, Bomrastic, a. ^^^tiit, sq^'^^^ fj^^ ffOTqT, 


Bombax, «. «i7A ro^/on <rec. ^^f\ f. 

BoMMELO, n. o particular fsh. ^t^t?5m. 

Bona-fihe, jh yoorf /aiV/i, without fraud. WSJ^\^, g^^, 

Bonj), n. fetter, v. Chain. ?rf^5fr/. |%?JT/. ^/. ^ot. 

2 litjament, y. Tie. if?»J- 'T'^m. ^q^n. 

3 cement of union, t. Connection. ?rn/. ^mm. ?jirw- 
tiT»». tTFTT^RTw. ^nT»2. ^n. 

4 writing of olligation, v. Deed. ^ftm. ?r^pr t». ^^ m. 

Dead or bad b. ^^rr?^rT«. ^cff'^W^T »• [«. 

Discliarged and thus cancelled b.^^^?R7?T w. =qij |oi ,<<|d 
To pass a b. aTTTrTT fm ^JPT^f sot, Tfs-^n^ ^PT^ ^pnJf, 

5 obligation. 5i^m. i\^m. ^(^ttm. 
Bond, o. </(«< is in bondage. See Slave. 
Bond-maid, n. v. Slave. ^r€t/. ^^/. ^ft^/- ^tjriitfJr /. 
Bond-man, Bond-seevant, k.v. Slave. ^^ or 5rKr?». ^W«». 

Bondage, «. ea!;7h't'%, V. Impei;0Nment. «t^/."%^/. ?f^- 
^f- ^^rm'/. 5TqiTT^'<TT/. 
2 v. Slavery, ^qurr??!. ^m?^ w. 
Bone, n. ^ «. (7;ot. ^rsqft or ^1^/. ^^ or ^'T«. 3TfT<T«, 

A sin in the b. ^d'H^^IS/. 

B. of contention, ground of quarrel. •(K.I'MlI^ "(<<»»• 

Dryness and decay of the bones. 3TiT'<T5fr"T«»- 

Ulcer in the b. ^li-MHu!'". 3Tfl'<Ta''^»». 

Uniting of a broken b. arf^siTOffcT™- 

False or bad to the b. ^lil^T or ^^^ #7T-=rr^-&c, 

Fever seated in the bones. ^\i'AXm. ^li+J+il/. ST- 

Seated in the bones — fever, rheumatism, &c. arfr^l^TrT. 

True or good to the b.^l5Nior^||j-=j| ^=nT-=5rFT?5T-''T?yT-&c. 

To have one's bones standing out. ^1 n.iil. f^or-q^- 
^-■R^^fSr g.of 0. 

To lay the knife to the b. ^T€t ^TR'f- ^Tft^. 

To make no bones. <^\^\m.-^^T(m.-if^ f. ^ t^Riif. 
Boneless, a. arf^sTfl^, 3T?rf^'<T. 
Bonesetter, n. H\i,'M ^ ^i^uiKI. 
Bonfire, n. ^iTir-'3TT^-&c. ^[;5^-s]^^T:f;-fTTTT^-&c. 3T|%ot, 
BoNMOT, n. ■^•'AAm- H^FT'w. 
BoNNE-BOucnE, w. *\\m\^m. ^^:f\^'m. 
Bonnet, n. k\^f. 
BoNNT. See Beautiful. 

Bonny-clabber, n. v. Butteemile. 3Hijiii|U|dl+«. 
Bonus, n. premium for a loan. W^\^f. 
Bony, a. belonging S[c. to bone. ^isi-«(i, 3T?'«fNT, arfFStTft- 

2 having large bones. HteTT ^TTt^, f^^ or ^I4+). 

3 having many bones. ^Ii+|ct or ^^55, gTf?'<T5r^-f^3^ 

Booby, n. blocMead., Sfc. v. Fool. ^m. vfrfrm. ^ju i m , (fern. 

BOO 99 

f^mm. m^ift^ m^rn m. \'^\'\\\^^ m. 

Book, n. Ht'<i\f. 5^?npn. q'<Tm. f^;=TFr/. P{^^m. 

Books — compreli. or indef. Rr'*ftT^^«. [TPT^w. 

Books and papers, — comprch. jtri+^Mii or J^a^ 
Board-cover of a b. 1\€\f. "P^/. 
Cover of a b. jfOT^fw. 

Stitched b. ^f. %Tft/. ^^n. Leathern cover of. 
35T or 55r'». 

Toru or worm-eaten b. JlNlctil'iT m. TT^TT^ m. 
One b. explains another. if'4T^ ^'fTtfK ?rt^/. 
To get into the good books of. tnTfrff^Kof , ^JTT/.-'R^ 
/.-&c. ■(rlM|<^ui_ 

Without b. ^■^^; mf^r'MI ^ipT, ^TTTRf. 
2 division of a hook, q^ ?^. ^^tf ot. ^5 n. 
Book, a. belonging to a book, if'ift, ^'4t^, ^f^T^p, 5r'<T^, 

To Book, v. n. enter in a b. xfJH Jl 'f | -?^-'#r^-&c. ?fT^ 

-f^ot-JTT5W, fepi S^'if , Ttl^ S^i^. 
Book-binder, »n. "Tfyrsf stttTulKT, ^T^ srf'inJnTr, f^?5^^. 
Book-case, n. ^W% %crrq-i=ir ^PTT^ «. 

BOOK-HATEE, 71. 3T^^Tf C. 

Book-keeper, «. :?firri--l^Nr ff ^fR S^WTTT-Tr^T^n. 
Book-keeping, n. ^^ f^^ n. ^HK^-5f fefOT ». 

BoOK-SELLEIi, «. ^iflR+*<l. J^^f^T^, 5^+R+'!A, J^^ 

Bookish, a. v. Studious. ^xfNr 3n^¥rfT, T^;f:fsnT, 4^+- 
BooK-woEM, n. qj^n:/. ^wcf. [ oS'jittt »». 

2 fig. owe addicted to study. <Tpftrf?5T f^IT w. J'S^itrr %- 
To Boom, ». n. sound at a distance. ^hmhSt, yHUj. 
Booir, w. c/(am across a river. aTTSHf^^To'rt/. 
Boon, n. grant, benrfacfion, v. Gift. ^PT ». ^ »». 
Conferring a b. t)<i^H «. =IT^I^TH ». 
Conferrer of a b. ^T^, sR^TrTT. 

2 V. Petition. 3T^ ot. f^rff/. 
Boon, a. gay, blithe, v. Meeet. 3TT^, TE§T?ft, t^, fi?[ft. 
BooE, «. rustic, lout, V. Countktman. ^ ^M I UI'H c. %ZnJ^- 

^T HWRT ?». %55TT, ^f,_^. 11^^ c. iTf=I^-5TT. 
Bookish, a. v. Clownish. nf^55, q^TT, %55rT3, %|c^, ^- 

An unlettered b. fellow. 0^., l^t^TT. 
BOOEISHLT, a(7«. T. A. JNKMUIM', iTf^g' g^D^' , &c. 
BooEiSHNESs, n. V. A. ijc^KMUi n. lUn^f. qfcf^aqft/. 

To Boose, To Booze, v. n. drink hard. ^V^ or ^raoj", 
To Boot, v. a. profit, avail, v. To Advantage. FTT'T^, r^V=f- 

Boot, n. avail., profit, v. Advantage. ?!TH m. qra; ?;. ^fT^pT w. 
To b. over and above. JM^TT^^, ^TWTft, +r<5=JlO or ^- 

2 /(a/Aer covering for leg. tW^ m. qTJft^sit^ m. ^' 
TTWRT OT. ^^ m. 
High b. Top b, ^ =31157 »», 


Seven league boots. f^^TTT^^r/. 
Boot-jack, w. sr: ^n^TrjTTEf W--T^. 
Booth, «. hut of boughs, Sfc. 'h\^^\ n. dl^lco-Mf% sjtqr w.-jjq- 

Bootless, o. v. f^r^p?!;, f^'^iJi^, 4I+'j5, e.^-4. 

BOOTLESSLY, Oi/l". V. A. 5q"4, ^'4T, f^'4'JJ. 

Bootlesskess, «. V. A. f^i^TirlrrT/". ftT'^^jcfT/. ^r+c4Horr m. 

"PcTTrf^rq' ». 

BooTT, »4. spoil, prey, pillage, v. Plcndek. tpr/. 
Bo-peep, n. ^5f^«. ff «• ffsr^ft^/. 

BoEAx, n. ?:i^pjr^n: ?«• ?:^F^ »• ^5-5TmTT7«. ?rqT^/. gfpft/". 

q?^^ n. NIHHlRud/. tTTJ^ran ?». ?TTT »«. 
BOEEOETOM, «. +<+<1/. 'J,<'K/- illtois. JT^rn W>. 

BoEDEB, «. brink, margin, v. Edge, ^fs m. f+HKI ot. ^FS/. 
Circular b. ^ n. 

2 ( csp. of a field ). HT/. K5 m. ^^f ?l=r »»• 

3 ( of a country, a village, &c. ) confine. ^ftHT pop. 5|Tr^ 
/. or ?fftlT/. or ^iq- m. ^/. ^^ /w;;. ?i^^/. 

Passage of the b. ^ftHT^^R n. 
Unto the borders, arret^rfrl. 

4 (of a garment or cloth), ^fs in. ^^T or ^^ w. spTTTsft 

or ^n^^/. tr^/. ^fsr «. ar^nc/. »«. 

B. esp. as narrow or fine, qrft /. f+'llJfl /. ^PT^/". 
=T#t/. 'Ts'^/. ^mr «. [ Xf. ^K M. 

B. as woven separately or as appended. #?7Tg^/. ^- 
Hemmed or raised b. i\\Z m. FTTS n.m. 
Ornamental b. #3TTO or ^^5n«??». "T^ ?«. "Tf5T ot. ^Z m. 

5 ( as of wells and tanks ) raised edge. n^wi. TT^f /. tTi 
To BoEDEE, V. n. confine vpon. ?I1^-c7PTH-fH?5T-f?rF=r^ 

^'^ y. o/ s. 
To Boeder, v. a. ^. m.-&c. HiNuj. 
BoEDEEED, a. V. N.4 Qi'iji, ^57^7, Hd^MI, 'T^. 

B. with working of gold or silver, <fce. ^JTfh}?f<ft,?=^- 

B. with trees and fiowers. HTS^t. 
Double b. fqrft, I^Tft, %^-^FA or ?ft. 
Narrow b. ^PT'T^i^. 
Silk b. Tf^TiT^^. 
Single b. '(^W^, ^+H4'^r or ^. 
Three b. irPT^, fff^Tlft, frlMvlr-ll or ?^. 
BoEDEEEE, n. Bordering, 7J. a. v. V. N. fH^uiHi, rinrft^, 

I. fZo^e neighbour, fm'^'l^^itfi^^^] TTTi'H I Md <:J I ^. 
II. person dwelling on the border, qrs JT^THtfI?rT <I^UINI, 

To Bore, jj. a perforate.^ \. To PlEECE. %tm, fsf^T^, HT^, 
if^, ^'^R «-tyoT».->tc.^?:^ g of o. ''fnFn.-ic. qr?^. 
2 V. To "Weary. ;J7;n^Hj_-=5rnT m. 3Hlu|ui-%'Jf. 

BoBE, n. perforation, v. Hole. Hpprt. ftjf«. Er'^'»>.i^'^«.tiT». 

jfrwrn. ^rmm. qr^TJi. q^jw. 
2 ( of the car ). ^Fl^w. 

BOS 100 

3 ( of a gem, beail,&o. ). ^». 

To bo culargcd in its b. W^ TfTT'Jf. 

1 sicelUng tide^ ^T^m. 
5 a pest, trouble, v. rLAOUE. T^'cT /. 5^^/. <tfT/. ^,n. 

V. AuoEB. mTrir w. tv^n. 

7 See Calibeb. 
Boreas, «. nori'/i irin<f. vjti<iu| y_ 
BoBED, />.v.V. %il^, &c. ^cT?T, 5rf^,^'4-(S:c. qrS^JTT. 

BoBEB, «.v.V.^q'jrTTr,'>Ti^<Tr5'JiTTr,&c. 3^^,^qqp,q'^!Frit. 

I. V. Auger. ^imi«i. ^^^n. 
BomXG, M. y.Y.—act. "k^J^n. f^--:(i\ii. .^c. '^^T^n. t^^n. 

EoBy, p. 7?p>r3^i ^f^fT, ^^, ^m, srajT, ^, ^'Ttt, 3^, 

JT^r ( iu couip. as ^T^r, TpflH^T, ^5^*nr), f (iu 

First b. 3:^^, ^TTT^T, 5ltt^. Kext b. TTT^, 'naT'TFT^^ 

Middle b. TT^TtTT, Hfipr=5T, H':T5r=rr. Last b. q^fH^, ^T^R^, 

Ill-b. Low-b. ^:;^r?f, ^J^^STTrf, qT^^Tm, 3T^^^. 

Tliat is to be b. tirf^s^TiTTir. 

That is being b. mINHM. 

Untimely b. ai^PTrl^, 3T^Fra^?TTT. 

Well-b. High b. ^!^^ ^?5^, f^ff^STT^, f^^t^T^, ^- 

To be b. with face downwards. TTt^stn^iJf. 
To be b. W^^^ TT^, f^q^'if, sm^,^^;^,^^^. 
fr^ ff of «.-Ji'niti q"jf, ^;pTTM. %'jf. 

To be b. again, be regenerated. ^ej|^7)^n»j. ^^wf y. 0/ s. 

BoiioL-on, ». 3^ nt^TH '7R^^ ?r*m irfHMq' mdR u ^M i 

J'o BoEEOw, v.a. — opposed to lend. 3^5TT Sn^-3TM^,^3TPTtor 

2( money, at interest). %'^n.-'W^n. ^FT^-^'jf-'fiT't-aTT- 

BORKOWED,;?. T. V. 1. g-^RT %rl"^?IT, &C. 3^?rT, g^ ^ 'l Uf t '^ l, 

B. for an occasion, — trinkets, furniture, utensils,&c. 
</1Nm, ^N-HUl, ^TT^iTT, ?nf5frl^. 

2 ^F^ff ^?%^, '+^1*, ^^rr^rr, s^TRft, oqrsTrar, ^^um^n . 

Bobeower, n. V. Y. 2 fl»<? Debtoe. sjnf ^FT^UTTTT, &c. ^rot- 

T^, +.uh-ll^1, fTW# & f<u|+HIH c. 
BoBEOwlSG, n. T. V. \.—act. g-^RT %^ w.-'JCTTJI'if «. JTm^ 

«. MI'JH^rm^ n. &c. 

^B. from every quarter. ^CKTart^/. ;pT^a?rST«l. ^T^r- 

B. and lending, money dealing. ^^J. qui ^ qfw. qtiTW- 

Bosom, »!. v. Breast. 3;^ w. in^ / cf^r n. ??%^^t »i. ^?T- 
To press to the b. "ft^T^t '^TT^. 
B.-foe. ap^^Trf?^ 3TF1/. 
B.-friend. f^ff^r fn^, ^?jt j-.^n^ ^fu?f^ ^#qTf^- 


5^T «!. MiUIJH^T, srmfiT=5I m. 
B. of the earth. Hnif jh. 
B.-secret. ql?:^ Jit's/. fqt?f?ft 'fr2,^-qR5^ rr"? /. 

2 heart, mind, ^c. H?r «. 3T?f.^iT n. ^^ «. qi^ n. 

3 clothing over the breast. TIST w. jJT^ /. 

To Bosom, v. a. ■^^\^-'<s{^'.■^T^\^-'\\z\^-&c. %;r^. 

2 See To Hide. 
Boss, n. knob, Sfc. q^ /. ittst «»• ^S «. [^^^^. 

Botanical, a. ^«Tf^^, Tf?;;^f5r^miit'^, g-fg^ ^tj^ i R - 
BoTANisT, n. 3l^5TTf5r?TTfTFrr, snrPTfHfT, ^nr^'ifFisrTTT, 

Botany, n. ^^fsT^TT/- ST^RHftfir^TT /. 
Botch, n. — on the skin, ^cf^ n. ?jff|q; «. 

2 clumsy patch. ^T^re'^psre fCTo5 «. 

3 clumsy work. nT^^rfwr w. 
jTo Botch, f . a. jjafc/t or mend clumsily. g^R^tft^ riiiigijf. 
Botchee, n. V. V. sfl^TS ?TFlltin^, ^ra^^T'^. 
Both, pron. ^^, ^V ( ^ or tsTT/. ^ or ^ ?». ), 3"*rq', :3*r- 

?T?Tt. The sense oi Both is often expresped by ^t (also) 
as T?t f^TTrST "Tlf^S 3TTf*^?^rRT ?q'^T^%^ I both saw and 
touched him. 

B. hands ^^'T «• 

lu both ways. ^-iT^ifT. 
Bother, Botheeation, n. fuss, ado, vexatious stir or toil. 

^r^s/. ^sr^/. ^n^/- ^^t/.^^^. ^rf^ ?q^- 
q' OT. '^hi* »». 

2 bothered, (distracted, S[c.) state. r|Ki)ol /. qjcS w. ^V- 
35?7R ««■ 'mT'II*! to. 3l|4l>fl7 /. ^t^pJIT »». q't'TT^TToS m. ?TT- 

^TTrftr/. irttToi m. 5?n:3Ti5/. +d<di5/. tri^/. 

lb Bothee, v. a. perplex, beimlder,y. To Confound. qtoEW, 

^'^r/.-^^E w. ^mg.ofo. ^v^\^'^v!:[^M^-&c. qi^^-'rrs'jf. 

To be bothered. qitfT^"^. 
Bottle, «. f^ror m. dim. f^T?ft/. f qT»?. </;»?. 5<ft/. The word 

^\Z^ from the English has become very common. 

2 ( for oil, ghee, &c. made of skins ) t. Dubbek. g%T- 

ST TO. or ^qpj »!. (/w». ^^Trft/. ^5T to. <7!to. ^I or ?^ ;!. 
2b Bottle, v. a. suir^lfT or «rrs?Tffr-&c. *rt^. [ otT»». 

Bottle-gotjeDjM. — the plant. ^HRo^t/.-the fruit.— ^v^jf-pT- 
Bottom, n. lowest part, base, foot. ^5 n. r[^ n. pop. rVS m. 

■^ n. J^TT m. ^tTTTT m. ^??fT to. ^^ w. SRf^ /."%5^ /. 

2 ( of water, as of the sea, &e. ). rR n. pop rfcE ot. 5T^«. 
That is without a b. or a shore. 3R?nTK, 

3 fotmdation, ground work. ■■3TTW! m. TTTr to. X^ n. 

4 iM»i, V. Beeech. lis/. 5^ «. [^^ m, 

5 7ow ground, v. Hollow. «f^^jn5 «. rt«|Ul m. <-ilri«<| m. 

q^ n. [ w. fd'-Muii w. 

1 foundation, beginning. iT?5 w. 3?TtnT m. sff^ «. ri<t)i<J( 

Sifting to the b. rtatyi^l m. 

That has gone to the b. of. <TTl7I?T. 

To get to the b. of. arrtnTRf ^m^. 
8 utmost profundity or bound of. Z]^ m. fd+|U|| m. f^^" 
1 n. ^\^ m. ^J^ m, <nT m, TTTNR m, W /• 




9 ( of thread ) v. Ball. n?T m. ^f. V'^ f. 

10 potver of endurance, stamina, pluck, Sfc, T. SriElT. 
5ft^ m. ^ m. f^/. Eft^ /{. sft^RTToft «. 5im n. ^K m. 

, Of sound b. ^Ul'-(l ^^1TT-=5TiiT^T-T?7T. 
That has b. and pluck,— horse, &e. fvT^, f^^T^T, WK- 

11 See Snip. 12 Sec Deegs. [n^PT. 
Bottom, a. gi^ or giOT, ^ffrJ, ^TTJ^T^T, <j)lc^r5, ?f^?:=5n', 
To Bottom, v. a.-~^ ^TrtTm^': ^'^^-r^. 

To be bottomed ou.-=sqT 3TTKriTR^ ^S{^^. 
2 to furnish tvitli a seat or hot torn. \t:(^f. qiHiif. 
Bottomless, a. 3TrT?J, 3T*TFF O^- aT'-qPT, sfSI^, anr!^, 3Trr?5- 

Bouon, ^. V. Beanc'h. ^f^ m. dim. ^f^/. ^ intens. ?jn^ 

«. "Ff^/. (/m. TTT^T^/. and intens. <Pt^ or "Ff^rST m. 
Bought, p. v. V. fir^rT qrT^Pjr, ?jf<t? %^?5T, &c. ^^, i^. 

B. of a private hand. 3TT5f5TTI^=P or ^^. 
Bought. See Kkot. 

Bougie, n. ^fw^f ■^'^f f^^^f f^'Vs^f 
To Bounce, v. n. spring or start suddenlij. ^n^^r-^TT^FT-T- 

/.^TM.— a fish from the water. 3's^Io!:iJT or Cj^^loiu)', 3"flol6t, 
3"?Toft/. ^jn^-^TTW, 3'snW or 3'?^ToET»i.^ot-HI<'Ji- ^"jf-^. 

2 i/jww/). qnpp?r-^ui+<-^'JT^-&c.5PPCTr, JTK^. 

3 See To Boast. [?J^^/. 
Bounce, «. a hold, don-nright lie. 6rj«r3^-5^53o?t?f-qT^rr-&c, 
Bounce, inierj. ?f?:-JFr-^^-&c. or g?:-&c. ri^^?T-&c. 
Bouncing, «. strapping, v. Stout. ?55, c^I^, f^TTS, 

A. b. lie. See Bounce. 

Bound, a. limit, boundary. JTT?^/. '^(\^\ pop. ^\^ or ^(^ f. 
^/. TR m. 3T^fq" m. qRT ?». "4^^ ffi. T'TkT ot. 3W^^ 
m. JFTJT/. 

B. and border. ^fs^Tt^ST m. ^tS^^ «. ^fSH^ m. 
Bounds. aTrTTTT m- TRT^fTT "«• yrft^"?^ »J. i?^- ^f^TS^T- 

a /re.j^Z. HTfrt^'T'iT «. 

Overstepping of bounds, arrrqi^ /. ?ftHtff^ n. ^- 
The bounds. ^H^r^HlHl/. 
To observe no bounds, m^f. ^TS^'Jt, f^TrTT/.^TS^r'^, 

2 «p?-my, Zcffl^. ftq^n «. v. 5T^, TT?:, f+c^iui «. nB<|ui ft. f, 
TIT, ^SiT, 5T^, <P^/. V. JTR, $7 /. gFT/. 

3 ( of a ball, &c. ) rehound. Z^^] m. 3'?ff /. 

To Bound, v. a. limit, circumscribe, confine, define, ^f^y.- 

^■^ y. of 0. ^r^\^-■^m^\^,-m^•'^^-m^fiJ-^PS^^;f^-^^\. 

^'^-'^tKP^^-&(i. ^PTi^, aTK^"^, STR^^r wi. ^of y. of 0. 
To Bound, v. n^ rehound, Iwp, ^'c. ^J^, Z'^\ m. ^jTM, 3"^ 

3 spring, skip. Jump, leap. 3^, fi+uf, ^ff/. 5TT?5iJr-HT- 

3— a horse. <r:^/. TR'JT. [^?«T. 

Bound,;?, v. V. 1. qf^r^ryr, &c. sj^, ^5i^, ^q^ TTf^T^T, ^- 
Firmly or fast b. f^5, ^rf^?;, 1^'tf'=T^, 
2 3Hl+o6c^«l, 3TT^?f, ^qftn. 

3 ^^^^, J^Sf??^, &e. 
■i ilt'^rtrtl, nr^f'^fTT, &c. 

5 qf^T^r, &c. ^ or 5Tf^, 5it'4^, f^^%?5T, arriTpft, -j^- 

To be b. F5F1?IT ^of. 
C ^^ %r;?5T, sf?;. 
I. yowy or intending to go. ^:urr',, ^nJIHT, ^RT^, n- 

BouNDAET, n. See Bound. 2 (raised b. of a field), ^i^ m. ^\- 

"Way or p^; sage along a raised b. ^^^\7: f. ^\v(\t[f. 

Bounded, p. v. V. A. ^ra'f^T, ^TRfq-qj, ^^rn^rftT, ?rw^, 'iT- 

Boundless, a. mihounded.^ unlimited.^ y. Infinite. ■'i^'TR, 'iT- 

Boundlesskess, n. v. A. sf^^^T^TT m. >|HHcTr/. 3tH?PTT^7TT/. 

Bounteous, Bountiful, «. v. Genehous. g^, ;tptt, Ji^ft, 

Bounteously, Bountifullt, adv. v. A. arl^prf^ ari^q;- 

^, ;?^ ^WR, m^os^r ^mpf, ^^^ ^r^. 

Bounteousness, Bountifulness, w. v. a. ^ - tiKM iTTf m. ^S- 

Bounty, n. liberality. See Bounteou-vness. 

2 aliheral donation. H^T^R Ji. q rfdH «• ^'TT^JTT/. 

Bouquet, m. nosegay. '5?jt=qT %?rT w(. ^^qfJf w. 

2 V. Feageasce. 3Trffi^ »>. 
BouBN. See Bound. r ^ 

To Bouse, v. n. drink hard, tope. ^'\^V\ or ^r?^0T, ^ft^of, ^- 
BousT, o.v. Dbunk. f^imFir, 
Bout, «. as much of an action as is performed at once. %^f, 

^ m. <s{^^\^ n. ^^zf. ^^l^ m. 

Boa'ine, a. pertaining to oxen and cows. irHt, TTff^^rqT, 

To Bow, v. a. v. To Bend, q^^, ?J^^5f, m\U^\ , 

To b. the ear ^PPT m. ^. 
To Bow, V. n. T. To Bend, sri^ar, FJ^^. 

2 »ia^e obeisatice. iTTW, f^T^:?lT «<i'y. ?IH^-5t^'jf, ^H^ /;.. 
=7Ht'+K M.-^fR^r/.-f^T^lii^ M.-RlfRiT^ W.-&C. :pTat^ 

To b. and scrape. gjqTJT'i^JT^ n.■^^t^^] adv. ^RiJr. 

3 to; obey, cfc. reverentially. f^TWT adi>. JTPr'Jf-q''5f-^#PT- 

j:"!!, flTWT or f^Tfr ^rrf^. 

4 ( through age and infirmity ). -Tift?^ J|jt..m'c;< |rrT M. 
^jL im or ^, nsij- OT ;?;. s^pof, n^ m. pi. i{i\ qrof^ ;p^ 

/. ^rf ^ y. o/ «. #p «.-qfn «. %tfr, ^^rs «. f%^. 

Bow, «. reverence, v. Obeisance, f^f^^iTH ». fflfr^r^frf/ 
Bow, «.— the weapon. JfJTm or ^f ^f;^7:\ or ST ot. ^T^ it. 
tT5 «. iTT ». ^^TTT «. OT. ntft^ n. m. #^ «. jpyK^ n. ?KRR «, 

Armed with a b. yHiVif^ifdr. 

B. and arrow. ?ftr+M|ui or ^f HTi^m^r m. 

B. and arrow maker. if.Hlui'W; or TR m. 

B. of Ulysses. Tf^ m. «, 

Bad of a b, »ftm m. ^\ftf. 

BOW 102 

Twnug of a b. 3^q"i^ m. 
2 Ihinj boic-form, geuer. +H|ur or ^/. q^wr n. 
o ( of ft alipknot, &e. ). 3TJt/. "PRf ")• l^Sf. 

4 (ofaeadJle). ^re«. 

5 ( tor cleaning cotton ) M j+rfl /. *:T^ m. 
U ( of a sliip ) 'iii.^m^^J. 

lio»-LEO, n. "FTS 'TT'T m. 


How-MA>-, n. V. Akcueb. rd<<;^M m. ''^4k m. tT^srfft M. 

Uow-sllOT, fi. frHNM|Ull'-jl ^ctfT Trt.-JTRT m.-HK+r «. ^^TTFT 

m. ?KHMr<IR «. 
Eow-srKiT, «. HW^isr »". 
Uow-sTRiso, ». yHMI'il ^/. ilftcf ». f^ffT «. Tqr/. ^^- 

Bow-wiNEOw. See Bay-wimow. 
Bo-.vED,;). V. V. A. ^I'^'^.TK], ^^^F.7^^Sie. 
V. V. X. 1. JfrF^J^, ^JT%=^, .tc. ^fTPT. 

Bowels, n. intestines, entrails. aTcT^ or 3ir)ig"| n. ^j?. grf^n. 

— in poetic, cant, &c. pliraeeol. sfrKMIoll/. /)J. 
Blocked up state of the b. ?rf^5Jr m. 
Discharge of the b. T. Evacuatiok. 51751 w. i^^FH^ 

Disorder of the b. through crudities. a< | nRHiH. w.grTHw. 
Irregular state of the b. ^5T^'jft/. 
Mucua of the b. voided. 3Ti^/. 3TTH m. ^ or ?rJT/. 
Part of the b. hanging exit through a gash. Hlioll or 

<il4|ci| OT. 

Sharp pain in the b. ^T^s/. ^Jj^m. fd^^h /. 

"Wind in the b. ^m. ^w. cJi^jhoSIot. ^T^nT or 'MKIot. 

B. of mercy, v. Pitt. ^/. ^fT^tni/. 

2 interior part. TT^ot. n>t'«. 
To Bowel, v. a. ti^n. pl.-&c. ^pr^^ g. of 0. 
BowEE, n. arlour. n-Pr/. ^nt.n. JJrTTJ^n. 5T?Tm. FSfTptS^OT. 

A natural & close b. "^V^f. 
Bowl, n. «/;?, &c. :p^ m. <^m. ^Fnft/. x\lj^ m. cqicTT or 

2( as of a ladle, spoon, &c. ). ^rsr or f^^m. z^n. JTT- 

3 ( as of a Wrna, &c. ). Irrm. jtRoTTot. 

4 ( of wood ). q^:\i^if. ^^i^n. TjnT or ^jm. rii]n. 
Bowls & basins coinpreh. q^ qf^ «. cfj^j q-jrf «_ 

5 ( of earth ). i^pop. ^n^ n. 

6 ( of a gourd ). ^^jm. ^f. 

7 lall to bold, iffewt. »TV^»n. ^TT^nt?;-^*;. 
To Bowl, t>. a. roll as a lowl. BT^ut, FA7^ ^of, ?5r^, ^ToRT 

^nt^T:?:^, MWcjijf. ^ V. o 

To BowL,u. n. mote smootldy ^ strijtly. ^^rfr^ TOfTJOTfr. 
EowLDEH, Bowldee-sio-e, n. nvc\m. dim. ^ifT/. nsn^- 


BowyEB,7^. maimer of lows. ^M|U|'^-,fuieiirir MHi'-fif . 

2 V. Aeciieb. faT^M'-. '?3'4t, yr^'^ft. 
Bos, «. c//esi!, /;-«nA-. q^/. dim. qrsin. ^^/.— large ^^qr 

»». ^\^f 

2— as a snufl'bos, &c. Utile box. ■^^m.dim. S«ft/.q?^«. 

3 cvf^ V. Blow.— with the fist. jqft/. J^i^w. *to. 5- 
'Ff^/. #frT»».— with the open hand, =^l^^zf. '^mt^ /. 

5 ( iu a theatre ) Hld+JJ|RT '^WM\-^ %^?ft ^>?iY/. 

6 coach box. nrt[ ^^PTT-JfT^ ^i j^ip^ ji xfl ;?TTTr/. 
To Box, ^^ n./y/^i! h-/<A the fst. 3mT^r?(t/.-|^KTf^ /.-&<?. 

=P^, Hf^J^M.-Hpay^K m. :p?Trr. 
To Box, D. a!_ strike tvith the fist. «J+,r4'J'i, ij '+,!?[, tr^'F'if ^ 

To b. the ears. J??Rfnf7tn TRW. 
2 «/i«^ ?/;) in a ho.v. q^-&c.tjlHiOr-»r^^FTot. 

BoxEB, M.Y.v. N. Hfwr^T. [/. Tftgf^./". 

BoxiNQ-MATCH, n. jrareJRftf. ^*Nqft/. trcqT?:Tt'ft Or ^^\v^ 

BoT, n. HrSHTOT. qRm. "fRnT/ra. Tt^ot. 3TI?rjn,5iTrj:F»J. %?Twi.f5r- 

fJITOT. ;te«. ^^^JTOT. 'TFrjTw;. ^TTT;70/). j^»j. f^T^w. 

Big, overgrown, lubberly b. H\i,*\\m. ^tS'J^kttotj. 

Little, lively, & intelligent b. f^z[w\m.f^7:m.^r^or 

BOTHOOD, n. qKqUln. t||o!,l|U(n. qrRS«. "llrlN-tr'tTT/. f^5^«. 

Boy isn, a. v. Childish. qtT^, Q"K+I, MK+iiRTTn^or qK^^, 


BOYISHLT, ai/i). T. A. q"l<I^K^=|l a. decl. q"|<qo||^'. 
BoxisnxEss, n. t. A. & Childishness. q"|<quTrw». qk^oCw. 

To Brace, v. a. strain vp, mnJce tense.^^. To Tiohteu. rt|U|uf, 

afr^, arr^ ^, artj/.-rfrtrrOT. ^df , ^sTJ^rif. 

2 — as a medicine. ^ ^RiJT, jf'S/- ^-^FTof, 3TT«r3:ot, arr- 

JT^JT %w, i|ci+.n /. armw. [ ^l-iufl/. 

Bbace, n. straining strap or cord. ^Rfuft/. 3HI<JU|/. afrSTjft/". 

2 ( of a drum ). ^pi^ or :^^7?"?«. aft^ir/- itt^ot. 

3 pair.^ T. Couple. n^H^JcA or ^9?[f. ^«- ^T^/. 

4 ( in printing ) ^^ m. =F5^/. 

5 braces. ^^;nT ^T^T 3Hi+R"<^N ^Ti^ 

Beaced,/?. v. V. 1. riiui^ai, &c. afis f^?^i=5T, <TnT f^r^rfi. 

Beacelet, «. ^T^OT. ^». ^F^^n. ^t;^^^ «. Certain Brace- 
lets are snoTT, JTI^, *+ui, ^^Tiiir. ^FTWt, 'J^^, 'TP^, 

f^WT^, 'Mil, ffrfN^ qr^, ^^j^^^Eft ^q?. #?, v^^, ^t 

or ^, rJRFM", rJT^T, q^'f), ^, ^r?RTT, jfSlT, H^m. 

B. set with gems. HUI'I^/. 
2( of glass ). qfirlt/. 5P3n?r?». 

Bracelets bound with ( gold or silver) wire. F5q?TM. 

B. given to boot ( in purchases ). tfierTl «ltn^/. 

Seller of bracelets. ^FT^fTTft w. [ <t)iti[<. 

Bracelet -makee, n. stftI^, c=5fqift, IWT orT'JR'Y or ttthttT, 

Beachial, a. belonging to the arm. i)||^x||, qrf^^tft, 5^- 

^^M^. [^ aTMomr. 

Bbacing, /). 7. v. 2 yjfiwy fension or lone. qf^q^^nTTTT, »13?- 




Bracken, n.fern. q^qr m. 

Beacket, n. — in printing. ^3^/. %^ n. ^ m. 

To Bracket, v. a. ^m^-&Q. ^W^. [?fir55. 

Bbackisu, a. someu-lial salt, T. Salt. ^^, Wf^^ ^55 or 

Beackishse-ss, n. v. A. JT^lf /. JT^TOTT m. ^Rl^q-orr »». 

Bead, m.— kind of nail, ^imm 5T^/V?5^^/. H^5-qpEn%- 

eiT ™. 
To Beag, Bead. Sec To Boast, &c. 
BEAaoAKT, Bkaggabocio. n. v. Boaster. sKT^'^t^ c. ^?TT- 

=r^R c. frrym<mH m. "^l^f^TTl^ ?«. 
Bbahma, 7j. 21^ m. 
Bbahman, n. sii^ui «i. ;qz »». fq"!r w. There are numerous 

tribes, of which some are 3Hmwi|, ^,v^ or +,|UUH^ ^%^T, 

tJliUir or f^^qr o?- f^jsrr, ifrs, =€l=rT, ^^SI, fd'CIci or 

Bi'j^, ^^tfT, %?=iT, ^^^, %^Tr<T, n^, H^ti^^Vo^. 

Hrs-"^^ or ^^^•^ or q-^-.^TT^^ or q-^., H^'q- or TTT^^JT, 

Some titles or distinctive appellations are H*^?, f?^, 

SH-iiHuiMr ^y sf'JfrfrrT, 3rrPrmf?T, ST'<TJiirof. To the 
above grand and exalting titles and epithets it seems 
just to append some of the current designations of the 
opposite character. ^i\ g^^^, ^Pd+^IH|%' TtI^, 
T^W??, srig'TT or a||M<il, qTdi^i^'MI, 'Ir^qT,^!^'^ (Jl^qi, 
MVh'A ^5", ^rfrTT, T?', ^J^gj-H. Numerous gifts are 
demanded by Brdhmans, and ujwn endlessly diversi- 
fied pretexts or pleas. Some are ST'E'F^t, 'dr+iri'tnT, 
frVr5'<:T5, qrr^^, 'mIs^TIUI or v^Umi|W( or qr?T, ?THIN^, 

^^T55rr, ^"1^5, ^HPT^TFT^ pop. W, ^^"\ft, ffTf^q-. 

Brdhmans are by the shastras divided into four relig- 
ious orders ( spffrsspT or 'iK\'^ m.) referable to the per- 
iods of life. They are, 1. A^^A Order of the Student; 

2. Tr^WT or n^'trr^TT «• Order of the Householder; 

3. qT^ir?'in'«TK Order of the Anchorite; 4. ^5qTOT«nT 
Order of the Eeligioua mendicant. A Brahman of the 
first order is sr^T^Tft; — of the second order, ^F<T; 
^of the third order, ^PTJr?'<T or 5rr?rsrF'<TT'Tift;— of the 
fourth order, ■(H-j-'MI'ift, ^^^TRfT^PftT ^'TT^. A popular 
division of Brahnans is made into two classes viz. 
f^^ or -trz Clerical B. and ^^4 Lay B, 

B. from thread-investiture to marriage. il^-m^jn.qtff. 
B. from thread-investiture to maturity, ^z m. q^^ m. 

B. devoted to celibacy, study, and religion. "^1%^ 
Sf^nnft m. ( and the life of such ^Py* Ai\-^A n. ) H? 

B. upon his begging rounds. ^^IH<+^ m. 
Begging rounds of a b. ^^!TT=R m.n. Alms. &c. thus 
obtained, ^^TT^ m.n. [ ^ff m. 

B. who begs dressed food from door to door. HT^- 
Dressed food thus begged. JTT'^'pft/. 

B. — cloths or apparel. sfT^fui'tp: m. 
B. — mulcts. A^is m. 
B.— oflspring. sn^orsft^q- «. 
B. — property. 3f^5?f n. 
B.— town, if^jft/. 
B. — tribe or caste, sn^oj^rrr^ /. 
Company or assembly of Brahmans. sT^TfJ w.— in 
contempt T^^IT^ in. 
Curse of a b. ht^T^ n. 

Endowments ( of villages or lands ) to a b. ST^TCTT in. 
Peasting of Brahmans. sTT^oiHt^JFf n. STT^or^rf'fDr n. 

Feasting of 1000 Brahmans. ff^HT^Fr «.-of 100.000, 
c7?T%5nT n. 
Female b. all^ufl/. 
Fit or suitable for a b. »n^OTT^. 
Glory or lustre around a b. A^r\^ n. A ^ ^ 4 ^ n. 
Hate to Brahmans. sTSTg^T m. 
Hater of Brahmans. 'M^^')1 . 
Learned b. "Tf%rT in. 
Menial b. sTT^'TvT^ m. 

Money, &c. given to Brahmans. ^flriTT/.^^lJlT »». TFT 
/. or Mid-^' n. 
Outcast b. all^OT =ETfST?!; m. 
Eeligious duties of a b. at^^jf n. 
The Six acts or duties of a b. sf^qjpf npl. 
Slovenly and dirty b. %*rc5 iTS m. jfm *!? m. TT^ss 

Grive a b. an inch and he'll take an ell. ^TTRf f^?^ 

Beahmanical, a. in^arJTFft^, an^ur^i ^q ^ iTT^^ JTT^ift, 
Beahsianiciee, M. — at^iT^?q|/.3f^tT;?^qTfT'«. — agent 

Bbahmakism, n. i)i^umu|| »i. j|| ^u.!j n. 

Insignia of b. f?T^n5[,=5T n. 
To Braid, v. a. v. To Weave, yp^, f^oTiif, ?5ror. 
Beaid, m. q-ijft /. 

Triple b.f%nnjft/. 
Beaided, p. V. V. f^%^, &c. f^uT i^t, »i'#r^. 
Beain, n. Wl^m.n\^ n. i^^n.-HfmWM.^-F^.^m.^^Tp^ m. 
Creation of one's b. ^fr^rPFT^^ift/. 
To rake or weary one's b. ^FTr^f^/.-' ^) ' ^|o!,'^ |g/.-=^iTTg 
q?^/.-Jf?q-T3:FR^fR-/.-?ttTri^/.-:F^TW/.-&c. w.X^. 
2 Brains, v. Understandinq. ^5/. ^frf /. 
To Beain, «;. a. ^JTIaTRT^ m. JRuf y. 0/0. Tf% >i.-&c <^<jf 

Bkainless, a. v. Stupid. f?rgf^, 5f5^-Tf|?r-^IfJT-&c. ir- 
Beain-pan, ?i. V. SKUiL. JT^^ wi.«. 5PTTc?i?q/?. ^pn^m.'TT?- 

Beain-sick, a. f^, ^Trfrf. 

Brain sickness, n. v. A. y rji/. 

Beait, «. rowyA fZmwoH^?. f|^qT^ MtST ot. .■aT ^f^r l ^ m, 

Beake, n. thicket of tliorns. ^FTTSR «. ^Fi^TFT ». ^Fl?^?j ?j.' 




2 handle of a pump. «iHMI ?[ffT tn.-n^f. 
a ( for wheels ). J^^/. sfK^/. 

4 </rajr. See nABEOvr. 

5 carriayefor training horses. ^JtW^ «• <T^ hi. 
Bbauble, fi. riibus indiais. "mt/. 

B. berry. 'flO*o6 n. 

2 thorny or prickh/ hush,— gcncr. qjf^^j )i. 
Bba.v, »i. #5T <.*. H^fT »». 

2 ( of sprinkled wheat ). rfTTT c ct<isr »w.cli'<«f>«. ctT5 «■ 

3 — as remainiug in fine flour. FTTSf /. 
Brax-skw, Bbaxi)-sew,<i. 7i«K'//-o?n (lie fn-e or Jorge, y. New. 

BcAVcn, »i. (of a tree) hough.^\Z\m. dim.J^n^f. & iniens. 
^{V^ n. >pf5/. "Pf^ m. dim. 9>f^/. & irfClff/. & intens. 
<Ft^ or "Pi^rer m. <pt^ «!. (/i7«. "Pi^t/. ^^^Xmrn. ^TTW/- 
?^tT »». iTFT dim. *rT^/. 

Pead b. ?TrI «. [^tjoll m. 

Small leafy b. ei^cfi or JT^T «■ <^'««. ^r^oft or ST^oft/. 

To shoot out branches, <Pi^6t, 

2 ( of a river ). "PRT m. dim. "Pftft/- TFTRT w. "pf^M. 

3 ( of a subject or discourse ), v. Division. ^THjfr /. st- 
n 71. q'q^TW 1. ^'tTPTTT OT. 

Minor b. ^q'f'T n. 

4 ( of a family, ). ?[rn3T/. 

To Branch, v. n. shoot in branches. «RS^, f>iz■^;\ f. pl.-'jt'izm. 
pi. 5^, fiioiuj'. 

2 out; ramify, spread diversely, lit. fie;. J?:iJr, "Pi^, "pf- 
spT^, 'ptJTTl »>. ;)?. Jir^f y. of s.\^^\^^. " [jp^. 

3 amplify, speak or write diffusely. qT5^ToE Jn.-^^TTT m. 
To Branch, v. a. make subordinate divisions. fsTTTT ?«./'/. -TT- 

cf^TTIT >n. /iZ. W.T.^ g. of o. 

2 adorn iiith figured work, "^f--^ :FR^,*'^i4>i- 

?Tr^ Jp^ft^ JpT^. 

Bsanch candlestick, »!.f^s?TT^ ^Ti n. ffTS n. ^Tf ?7 m. 
Bbanchino, Bhancht, a. furnished with branches, having 
many branches, qc^^pg: '^\^\^-''P\^^r^^-^'f;W]Xm\^\-&C. 

B. and bushy. 5rNT55, 5rtmcirf?5T, ^ri^P^T^ir. 
2 striking or spreading o«<— horns, &c. "pi^p^, <PJFTr,"Pt- 

BraNCHiNESs, n. v. A. 1. >pf^o!%^OTT m. ^\K^MIg y^ m. ^- 

2 "pf^CTTTT w. "Pf^/. 
Branchless, a. X>m\=^^, ^^f^. 
Branchlet, n. ;^^ <pi^ /.-&c. fiiTTfr/. 
Brand, n. t. FiUEEnAND. ^"rsf^jf „. ^j^^f. 

2 war A; Jarwe*/. SPT m. :jicr to. ?rw m. ^^^ m. =ER^r «. 
B. burned ( upon hand or arm ) witli dung, qrm m. 

inTTTT m. 
Circular b. JP5 m. 

a --ri of infamy, v. StigMa. 5FI m. ^.^,^ m. JStfFT «• 

21) Brand, c. o. iurn wiiA , 

iron, ^pm or ST'M, IT^TT, 

rrmof, 5H m.-fJRT »».-5^ m.-^X^ w,-&c. ^, 

2 fig. srn^, fm »n.-^«%^ w».-?5i?J^ «.-&c. ?TT^ot. [^?rn. 
Brand-iron, Bkandino-ieon, «. ^uft or STToft/. ?Tfift/. 
Beanded,/j. v. V. 1. 3PT%?^, 5FT f^rf^, &c. pir^ir, srlt^. 

2 SI'l^^ll, SI'H^j, FitflfrT, ^S%rf, ^3^T?P. 

To Bkandish, v.a. flourish, wa'ff.%2g''if,'T?^"jf, jfr^S^t, ftrr- 

5rtfr,^*i-+.^5t,te% %s^CTf , |m?».^T^^iJr-'pp??qraf «•/</( y.o/ o. 
Brandy, n. i^lpsppR^ ^re; an^, mft/. 
Beangle, To Beangle. Sec Wrangle, &c. 
Branny, a. v. N. qstsqTWR^, ^ph-grqfT. 
Brasiee, «. spit<<'+,K pop. ^pf^TR »». — incoutenipt^?nT5T»i. 
W'V^'^ or W'V^^X m. 
2 pan for holding coals. W\f\ f. 
Brass, n. frrl^ n. pop. f^?foE/. n. 

Calx of b. qciT^ M. Jisqi^ m. fff^/. ^tf?r3"ST n. fTfrf^/. 
Circular and high edged b. dish. fqrToft/. 
Sounding b. fig. quirpJI^RT/. 
2 assurance, v. Impudence, fcf^ «. fZ/V. steel. J ^W- n. 
Brass-foil, n. fqrf'ot^ ^r^ m. fqrf2^H w. 
Beass-wiee, n. ^'^Fp/. «. 

BeaSSINESS, «. frcRI^UIT W. PfTT?I?5f w. 

Beass, Brassy, a. fTfr^^ifT, f^RTofT, frfI3=^qT tn?^, f^TTFIfl'sT- 

Beat, w. v. Child. ^PRHT w. (?t/. ?^ «.),TteT w. (#t/. ? n.). 
Bravado, n. \ Boast. J^lK+Jl or J^TTft/. IFTT »• ?5<^^"T 

Brave, a. courajeous, spirited, valiant, gallant, ^'c. v. Bold. 

^jjT, f^.?^^, '^r??fr,feTre?rr5rT,!jT?ffcrTT,^jpfT^, ^t^kt oroi^- 

2 magnificent, noble, grand, ^'c. — freely, v. Fine. ^^^.^ 
JTTTPft, ^TT^R, 3"'T^, 3^-7'2, ^, ;j^, JPJ^ or ?rHt^, %- 

To Beate, i>. a. defy, challenge, v. To Dare. grirfT m. ^- 

?r^, fmrTRf "Mii-iNiif, ?rppT^^ ^\^- ^w^- 

2 encounter with fortitude. '^Vr-&c. nfe&T, f^tnWT q'- 

Brave, n. man of daring courage, v. Heeo. SJK-^P^I m. 

2 See Hectoe. [ &c. ^iMqtf^p. 

Beavely, adv. V. A. 1. f^J^J^TTtH, IT^, f^VdlH , ^T^IHrfl^, 
Bravery, «. v. A. 1. m^^ «• vTTft^ m. ^im «■ ^fn^«-f^^- 

t\f. ^JT^rRTff/ ?fT?ft/ J#/. itI^T^/. X^mnf. f^' 

rT/. f^i^TT OT. ^T w. ?T5r'=m m. 

2 ^TRT/. ^IH<iJ<T/. vd*Hi.HuiT ?«• 
Beavo, n. murderer for hire. H h'htt ni. "T^^TRT ^ft^^TT m. 
Beavo, interj. *r%, ^TFfT^T or ^, ^TT^F, s^^, ^^T^^, ■.H'4^<4T, 

c5^, ?5T^, ^^, ^r^ft. 

Acclamations of bravo ! bravo ! ^NIH^ /. 
Beawl, n. clamorous contention, v. Squabble, tp^^p^y. ^- 

?JFm/. ^<jr+-i<^ui+i »». ^"n ^'ft /. trs^iqi^/. <^^ «. 

^?^Tq"5^ »«. ^"THT^ m. ^'Hinql ot. 
To Brawl, d. «. v. To Squabble, To "Weangle. ^ST^, 
^Z^ m.- ^5W^T5=Pr wi.Hi+l^i+n/. 71^-5f^-^- =^- 



2 speak loudly and indecenili/. ^^^ol'Jr, ^[\^^Zm.-^r^^P>J.- 

iTi=55f?5T m.- 5ps;^o5/. ERur-^H^TT ^\^A^ ^3^f^ 5n?rn. 

3 — as a brook or a stream. ^oS^s*"!. 
13k vwLEE, 71. Bu 1WI.IS0, ;>. a. v. V. 1. +•'-+'■, ^FTtirTTr, ^??n- 

2 ^2:JR&qT, 'ftnT^'iTT, TrfM^-MI, 3^Tt3-in",<,HS<MS'i 'HIrtuil'i. 
ii PAWLING, n. Y. v. 1.— OC^ ^H^.Hiui «■ &1--. q^;f^_^frp|?f. 

itc-JpT^ n. ^a^a;/'. 
2— act. q^^sot n. 'IFIT^-ctc. qRW n. 
Ekawn, «,/«•/( of a loar. ?^^'^ Hm n. . 

2 fleshy or museulous part. HT^'^^'^^ «■ 

B. of the arm or leg, as full and prominent througli 
exercise. ^^Ft/. nis/. or ntst/- ;''• HTT^/. ^"3^/. 

3 (^^ srqjTTRr fPTR Jj;^7f s^pj 1^^ ^rm «. [f^t «. 
Beawkiness, «. V. A. HraioiqTJiT?". ni5i'*M>jii «'. &o. JTm?v- 

BuAWNT, o. fuuscnlous, v. Flesiit. ttRIc^ /Jfyj. HWl^, Ti^vS 

or iriJTS, q^, ifl^H, iTtr5^. [ "f o. 

To Beat, v. a. v. To Podnd. <MrliJ|, ^^, ^^ '«. 'PnJi y. 
To Beat, v. «. — an ass. The Marat hi has no rendering 

for this word. 3?^K4ui is commonly used, but it eijiress- 

es tlie cry of an animal generally. 
BuAY, n. W'^^ m. ■^zy{t-^f^ m. t^^'H'^^^ m. 
Bkazen, a. made, Si'c. of brass, f^r^.^ fTrl^^ or fqTToTRT, 

fr^^H^, fTfT?=ff'^lTT?T. [ "H^Tiwk^. 

2 V. Shameless. fH^I-d',!, ^HoE A'H-^jril, f H^?l%;^, Jj- 
Bbazen-beowed, Beazen-faced, a. v. SnAMELEsa. f^TcTM- 

Beazier, See Beasiee. 

BitEACU, n. See Beeakinq. 2 hreaJc, gap, rupture, opening 

made. HTTf or JTITTS n. 'TT^a n. -JTirrs «. 'T^TW n. 

iTT^OT »«. iT[^r\ m. ^>fra^ n.or HT^T^ «.*nmTo5/. 

f%T/. r%5n: «. f%5K «. ^?tf^ "»■ /• /'"p. ^tr/. 

3 violat on, itifradion, infringement. n'| ^ui «. ffrsuj «. ^.j. 
5H^ n. Jtl ««. ( much used iu comp.) if^ ot. ( ia comp. ) 

^m^ n. 

4 rupture among friends, t. Qpaeeel. "^i^/. H^/. H-lrll- 

To heal a b. si'N^/. ^?J^i fH^^ n. ^pr^. 

To BitEACii, t>. a. maJce a breach. fh\t^ n.-&c. wiS'Jl. 

Beead, n. TT^/. ( This word means a cake, and of the 
flour of bddzri, dzondhald, and other inferior grains. It 
is not commonly applied to a tvheaten cake,) Micfiy. 
( This means a cake, and of tvkeaien flour : also of the 
flour of rice, dzondhald, &c. boiled. ) Ttz m. dim. <|d'ir 
m. tnff/. These words mean cake, roll, or /oq/", and 
usually wheaten, but they belong, though they are 
current enough, to the Hindustani.) qf^T n. (This 
is fermented bread or a loaf of it. It is from the 
Tortvguese. ) See also Cake. 
— in covert or jocose, «&c. phrascol. TTITt/. TR^ft/. 

B. — generally, daily bread, v. Food. 3T^ n. ar^TTT- 


-compreli. J. and cake, b. 

or cake. ^ftolt^'TiST m. 
JTHRg^IT w». g^F^T m. 

B. made of flour of various grains parched nud 
ground together, q-qi^ n. ■HT3T'Jii<t*TT^': /. 

B. baked in a leaf ^TPT^T m. dim. TPPft/. 

B. and cheese, humble fare. TPfT'lW/- '^S HTTrf. 

B. and water. 3T^qrufr ?i. '*!^rJ^ Ji. 

That has eaten the I), oi". STvTP^T. 

To beg for one's b. ai-HN'M/. itot y. «/'«. aT^HT^f «. 
fror, aT5T 3T=?r fli^f • ^FftH f*R'^. 

To bfgin to get one's b. ?frff mT\ m. '^^ g. of s. 

To bo reduced to b. and wnler, ( to a crusl of b. 
&c.). =?T'Jr^''ft f^T^i^ «• ftr^^ "iT^TDT. 

To deal out b. 31^tt^ n. ^FT^. 

To destroy, or injure one's b. mI^nT TTT m. ^, q'r- 
JR? 3^ or %nr, tfriT 3TR o)- tfr5TT37r5 ^i^f, "TI^lETmr- 

Tof, ^Tvirn KFft/. m?^<jf orqTM^ijf, ^^m==frHr^r/.-^?'Jr. 

To give the b. out of one's mouth. fftS^n^Rf ?h. T^r. 
To lose one's b. 3T^ n.^^g.ofs. ?f"T^ "-^^y- 

To put iu the way of getting one's b. ar^^ ^^^. 
To quarrel with one's b. and butter. ^5 gi^rTT <?T- 

To stand in the way of one's b. ar^rr 3Tr5 %^. 

To take the b. out of one's mouth. ?lt3=qT ^\^m. WA- 
^-%?I q^-&c. 

To work for one's b. ^TrTR'' H?nT'«. ^^, ^r\i^r 
^Zn. ^^. 

Him laud whose b. you cat. 3^^<t 'fTT^t "fR^ f^TT^'T 

Beeadth, n. v. a. J^/. ^i^T^m. ^>JTTm. f^STRw. s^Fw. 

To increase in b. i<^Hui'. 
2 (of cloth ).q^OT. 

A single b. TR?n. qp?i. qr^ or qrs^if. 'iVC^^n. 

Of a single b. ^'h-^(\. 
To Beeak, f. a. part, sever, sunder, ijv. ?Tr50T, Hr5"Jf, 'M^, 

?^^, <Mi^iJi, ^^"^1 Ij^, h^, ^i^t, f^r^rs^Jt, ^ri'/i.- 

f^^TRI wi.-&e. ^PTof y. o/ 0. 

2 V. To BiTRST. 4>Uui. 

Stnake bankrupt. H | iui , f%^rR;«. spT^at.y.o/o.sRrf^I'Jr: I'H- 

'JTf^'Jf, ^TT?^ ^PT^, d-iNJ if^lf^, =1NH/. ^m y. q/ o. 

4 violate, infringe, infract. HTS'Jf, cfrstJir, HTJt, ^SiJi, 

Hnw. ^prn y. o/o. 

5 interrupt, 4'c. V. To Stop. jTi^, FrT^/.-JltjTwi. 
^?Iot, ^■^m.-^^.m. WC^ y. ofo. 

6 in; fame, trainer. To Discipline, q^^of, 'Fr^,':i5PTJr, 

To be broken in. q^. 

7 up; dissolve, ^c. v. To Disr.AKn. rftsdir, hI^uI. 

8 tip; burst or force open. T^=p^ orgr^^ff'Jif.'^tf^, f^^- 




'.I up; /aAf /o/)i>iv,s- T<T?:'it, f^^ToC'jf, fHf?5tllf, l^-^H*/.- 

H»( wind )<:r<yiVa/<-. TT^, 7T?"'. ^FT^-^rF^OT, ^i_^/i. 

1 1 disdose. "KS'T, =FT^, S"?""'. ^PT^-'irrijf ,7. of 0. 
Tu HliEAK, V. n.part, come asii'mler. ^rSOT, rizii, J^. 
■2 V. To Bin.sT. <rm. 

:t become btiidnipt^ m^, HlSN>if, ^^, «m^, '•'T^'if, 
f^^m, f^^n. f'T^^ y- "/«■ 
■I ( in lioiillli, stren.uth, spirits, &g. ). ^^, iTf^, ^T^, 

o— the voice, become hoarse or cracked. iToET»».^'f-'T3W- 

U fall out, V. To QlTAKBEL. ^^, J^, f«f^"if, f^T^IT^OT.- 

7 ilowii; i/uhl^ifail, tj-f. jfrs^, HTSRof, Hii+oiui, TPTi^r. 
s loosr; g^, Tir^srr ^. 

9 out, fortli; appear in eruptions. 3^=^, TT^T^T, ■d'+uiuj^ 
f^^, g^^, 3li'I"5^>jft/- ^, ^TW, ?^^f or X\ ^ 

10 out; become dissolute, Sfc. v. To EuN wild, g^, fvf- 

^i^iiif, f?m?i frot, ^q^tHfr ^m, ^ik-mu-mt^^ ^ft. 

1 lup; dissolve, — as firms, as30ciations,compauies. HT^, 
5^, g^^, ^^, 'pi'iiJi, "Jit^, ^^sS ^^m.-H^ng^ or 
'5iT^/--*nT»--'t^?PT«.-f^nr5'»--f'Tfej5 ?i.-&c. ^t^ y. of s. 
— with implication of completeness and ruinousness. 

12 up; fO»i<? /o ;)/pfM. TWoE'Jr, f^^oOTT, ^?jIoE/.-g'<^o!,|3'- 

13 with;/a/; out with.^ Y. To QuAREEL. r«tMiui,"^^,H?TJf. 
Bkeak, n opening, gap. fk^f. dim^ {k\t'^J^ /• or rtn. or 

f^Wl^f^^f. & F.n. 53t?/. dm. mfnn. and.^ enhanc. f%?TT 
n. or\n^ iSi^Hn. 

2 opening, interruption, stoppage. i{%m. r\zf. ^. f- "PJ/. 

:i (in the weather). 3^tTf /. or ^rnfT/.^TTft^ /. v. qf,^. 

•1 intermission of a time. SjfTSTm. 'TFTTTO. airfTn. 

5 (of day ). See Dawn. 
Bbeakaoe, n. See Beeaktsg. 2 allowance for things broken. 

5'fl<J'rN<J-l 'g^^/.-j+WI'fl/. 
Beeakeb, n. v.V. A. 1. t?l4"ll<r, hI^uIKI, &c. %^, H^>rF, 

I. xcave Ir/aking against a rock. ^^'h\n\ STTS'TTft FTRT 
To Breakfast, v. n. '■Ml^|<l/-&c. sf^. 
Breakfast, n. ^h\'^\(\ f. ^^^Tyi{ n. JTmHT^HT «. :rmTT?r m. 
Breakixo, n. V. V. A. I.— act. JTTSWn. HTSofn. &c. vJTjm. 
>r5Rn. ^rs^n. ^fp!7Tn. ^V^.m. ?'#R7Tn. 

Bbeak-wateb, n. Troft v""nf'<^'m-t-RHi- ^i^n<<j<^n,nr)i -&c. 

Breast, n. ■J7:n. pop. gr^m. t5Pfr/. 3T^f<^ „. ;f^„. ^^r^ifpy 
ft. ^:sj>^w. %z^n. ^?r5 n,— in contempt^ anger, &c. 

TU^n. ■ii\r\\in. 
JIollow of the b. JiNlfjlT/. 
Pigeon h. projecting b. 3Tre «. 

To beat or clap the b. 3rr m.-&c. ^TS^iJf , v j^i -^ M m.^.Tij, 
To clasp to the b. gTrat-7RT^-&c. KRTJf, Hm^^. 

2 (of woman, &c.) ^^ «. vrm n. ^^ 7». gifft/. VJTTT m. 
^JTrsR ». f^Tft/. Tfr^T m. cj-?TT^ m. tpff'TT «. — in covert, 
&c. phraseol. STTsit or ^^^^'\'\ n. pi. 

A hard b. ^Tlt/. 

Mothers b. 3THr c 31TOT ot TTiT n. 'flH »». 

To suck (he b. W^MH «.- ^^^^T^ n. sfTTW. 

3 heart, conscience, mind, ^c. ^^q'n .f^^i) M fi J «. (answer- 
ing to temple of the breast. ) '^Z^.'HT^j n. 3TrT:^cri a. 
TTT n. JT5T n. 

Weight upon one's b. 3TT=rr^r 'fr^-tTTS-S^T'Jr «.-&c. 
To get a weight upon one's b. ^TT m. ^^^ g. of s. 
To make a clean b. ->H~IM H iRldi ^fTof , T^T m^S- 

Beeast-bone, «. gT^rS or ^(.N^ll «. gTrft'<T n. 
Breast deep, Breast -high, a. grr^ft ^;?nFT S'^^T, ST^'TTt. 
Breast-plate, n.-^M<|^ /. vj^.fii'Ji «• 

Breast-work, n. parapet. jJTrfti^sr^t 3^PTrr /. ^rr^ /_ 'T^?/. 
Bbeath, «. s'^mr ff«. S^^iTRf i^op. J'yiy ?». 3TT m. RM »«. 

lua b. IJ+<^H. 

Sweetening the b. ( as after a meal ) . 5^^f? /. 

Thing ( betel leaf, &c. ) to sweeten thu b. ^TTT^ m, 

g^^nrm^ n. 

That can retain his b. a long time. f^TT"^. 

That is out of b. %^. 

To draw b. «IT?f m. aft^i^. 

To hold one's b. 5K m. ^l-iui-tTTPt- 

To labor for b. iTPT?roi", '^Not. 

To stop one's b. ?K m. ^I'SW. [ <+i<ui_ 

To suspend or restrain the b. hi^i-m-hh jn.-^tTTrrqm m. 

To suffer to take b. ?1T »«■ ^i. 

To take b. ff^T m. ^TFf-^-'^TW. 

To waste ( or lose ) one's b riT's 1 ■^T'^rrp/.' I H I =i ui , ^T?^- 
^ m. JPT^. 

2 ( of air ), v. Breeze. ^51^/. STT-TT^ ?^ /. 
Bbeath-less, a. out of breath. «l^, <^Hrfril. 

2 See Dead. 
To BpEATHC, V. n. respire. sqr^Kjil'H ^o?- "^TRTr^TRT w. 

g. of s. STRT m. 3T^6t ni. co«. 

2 take breath, have an interval of rest. v. To Ke.^t. STH 

m.^?nT'f^"S-<i|+-'ji, 3'llRf or sdHlWI m. STRiOl, ^TT^tor ^init) 

m. ^^TPir or inv. con. T5^, 3THTT >". ^. 

3 — the air, bloiv softly, ^^ot^ctof, s^cd^ot a<f». fT^W, ?J- 

4 — hard, laboriously, &e. 5^ m.-sTRr m. cTPl^T in. <"0«. 
^ m. =5f^^ g^EnFR m.- ^«+KI m. •il+5|,3-«nT pr HT m. 
Tit-dl+ut, qTTJf. 
5 out; expire forcibly. ^fRu)', if^nPRBT, ^«*R m,-^- 




To b. one's last, expire, v. To Die. SfMrn. ^fts'iif , STT"t- 
To BaEATHE, V. a. v. To Inhale. »qT«N<t'M?: ^, Wr^i', frof. 

2 u^^fr so//Zy. ^-OTfg-&e. ^qr^of. 

3 disclose, v. To Tell. =T^, T|r w. ^^y. q/" o. 
Not to b. a syllable of. =q-^K'^ia^ m.-s^-kc. ^ ^\n^, 

4 into; inject hy Ireathinj. "iTRrrsfTiTT ^^^. 

5 out; ejeci hj Ireathiny. 5M1^N<N< WStrf. 

6 express, sltoic, v. To Manifest. JT^fsTJi'. 
BttEATiiER, B. Beeathing, /7. a. T. V. N. 1. awc? Living. 

»^rRft, «rra>«mfti'oi'-'craT»Tr?ft,5iTwiTq',!TnJT'^rft, wsrm. 

Beeathing, n. v.V. N. 1. — act. »?Tfl"T^^ /)o^. ^qifl'T'Tra' 

5 g^H + IW n. &c. gg^FR or gH^THTT or ^■H'+-KI ?«. u. 

I. ( through the nostrils, as practised by followers of 
the Wedas or Tantras ) "T^ m. :p*rp m. "^^ m. STPJIT- 
TTTw. (These words express differences in the manner). 

Beeathing-place, «. sp'Vac^e, vent, air-hole. ^■^■AW pop. 
^■>^^ m. 5r<FFT m. 

Bkeathless, a. q^, ^rnM^TT. 

Bued,2a v. V. 1. g-rTT^"r5f^, &c. ^:^^, 
3 TT^fTT, &c. FT^Hl'-^r HTCT %?5RrT. 

Bbeecu, n. i«m, holtom. nf?/. Tv^^iiT m. Jn n. f'Wr «. 

2 hinder part, v. Back. TTilHI'li-il TFT »t. ^^HfT m. 

3 breeches. The varieties are knee b. TS^/. ^ftcETTT fft. 
S. just covering the posteriors, nt^^osoir »». B.just 
covering the thighs. lTfl=^\o50Tr or Miil-^jcAUIT "». 

Woman that wears the b. ^^nqlHK^-TT/^tft^Tf^^/. 

To wear the b. 'FTTt/. H\^M\. 
To Beeech, v. a. f$rTT/.-&c. •■■A\r*A\. 

2 ^'1U1H^-&C. KRW. 
2'y Breed, u. o. generate, engender, 3^^ ^FT^, ^r'-lldui, S'- 

2 occasion, produce, v. To Cause, -jth-x ^T^t, ^t^liul, 
3"3rT=r^, TTft'^lT ^RW, g^'^^TT^ n.-&c. ^r^. 

3 hring up, v. To Rear. "TT55'jf, TT^T'Tr, Mirt-i «.-Tr7ir ».- 
&e. ^rrn y. o/ 0. ri^HNI HT5T ^of. 

4 See To Educate. 

5 (cattle) raise, rear. S^T^ST'f, f^TT^T^^, ^Irrfrf /.-&c. 

BuEED, n. progeny, race, v. Family, Offspring. f^T^T^ w. 
2 ( of cattle ) v. Stock. fTMf ot. fsj^sr^ n. 5tr5S ». iToft 

Of a good b. *T5fhTT, *T55r^. 
Beeed-bate, n. v. Incendiarx. qjolrilo^l, aTFMT^TT, «fj<3ft- 

Bbeedeb, n. Beeedino,;?. a. — of female animals, not barren. 

f^f^TTTFft, f=(rf|4>otrft, TT^. 

Breeding, n. manners, Sfc. HTW^^/. f^^RrTT/. ^'^{^^ n. 

?T><NIh4 n. 
Breeze, n. ^vt n. ^■ZT, J. ^\-i:i;\^^,-^ j. n^^rm m. Y'?^ 

Balmy b. JT^^jftT ^?^ m. 

Cool and balmy b. ^ftfrg^iq s[t<t m. 

Land-b. ( i. c. from the E. or N. E. ) JTfT~^j /. 

Sea-b. ?fH^T=F5^ eUT m. 
Breezy, a. ^qT^ftT, f %^, f V^TT. 
Beetueen, re. -JTr?: »«. 2^^. qg^?r m. pi. sjij-qTf ;». ^^Z. 

2 gener. i. arec? «eor relatives, ^\^z(^_ m. pi. 
Brevet, n. ?f;TTT?lH1'-5rf'THT^-&c. ^^f. 
Breviary. See Abeidument. 
Brevity, n. v. A. 2. 3T?T?ir/. fsT^FTrnHTST /«. 3Tfjf^Fn"?:'«. U- 

lb Beew, v. o. ( beer, ale &c. ) «}>T^, w.rvr[. 

2 devise, ^c. v. To Scheme, sffqvt^ ap^Tcfijf, ^^iJf. 
To Brew, f. ?j. fig. be hatching, — mischief or evil, fq^r^ 

Beibe, n. FJi^ /. 3TFrf-«.f n. \WjVmT^^ «. TTTfTTfr /. TT'^-TOT 

«. ?^fT3r «». Pm^i^/. ri"ii<iMi?f n. ^%^^^f. t^^j^t/. ». 

To stop the mouth with a. b. ?fr5 n. ^r!iaT_ 

To take bribes or a b. Frf^/. ^p^T, 'i^^^^ n.-f,r^ m.- 

^^^ m. irmif, is^inHr^t 3'FT?:af , =En^'^, ^'"'Jr. 

Beibe-eater, Bribe-taker, m. ^rf^ ^^T^Ff, f^t^qf^iY'" c =rf- 
To Bribe, ^y. «. ?rt^/. ^^, Fjf^Tspjf, a^sfTFT «. ^^ot, ^T?r'/«.- 

^wf, ^T^ ^riH'Jf. 

To b. extensively, ^pf «. >TRo|. 

Beibed, p. T. V. ?jf=^=i^i=5r, Fif^sr ^r^F^, ^^'':( ^n^.^jh 

To be b. be won over by bribery. ^t^Ttfof. 
Briber, n. v. V. FfH^iIKI, FSf^WJTRT, ^T3;-fH5rt-&c. km- 
^, H^rarT-^T*qT, fTJl^STT, "^flT. [ sjfpTF" «'. 

Bbibeet, n. ?jt=q^ M.-irof «. ?5f=ET^Tft /. ?5t%^ n. ?5f%=E?T- 

B. — compreh; b. and corruption, venal practices. ^- 

Beick, n. f?: or f[zf. ffs^f /. 

Kilu-burned b. Baked b. ^^V'.f. 'JW'^.W.J /■ 

Eow of bricks (in a building ) laid upright or on 
edge. i'\i-^\ m. 

Sun-dried b. ^^'Z f. iT\^ n. JTR ». HST m. (Hii.s is a 
large and squared mass of kneaded earth ). 

Vitrified b. ^TT m. ^'q^^r/. 

Vitrified excrescence upon a b. ^^tri n, 
Beick-bat, «. ^^ or fZ'fr;/. n. ^"t?5T »«. TTST »i. ^TT »». 
Beick-built, a. r^mr, r?:fHf ^q'^F^T. 
Beick-clay, n, jHI' ^nfft/. 
Beick-dust, «. q^/. sr:^?"/. «. 
Beick-dust, rt. of the colour of b, T^Z^t[ or S^^^. 
Beick-kiln, n. jt\=^\i={f[ f. 

Brick-xayer, n. v. Mason, qsr^t or n^s-^TT o;- "ili^ ?;>. 
Beick-makee, re. ^^|+<uiKr, ^HTT «f. t^T?5r, jH'^AW-^''. 

Frame of a b. for carrying earth. 'T'sft /. 
Beick-mould, n, ^jCWi n. JTnrS /;. 
Bbick-woek, n, |^^iTH n. J7pt(i}f, 
To Buck, r. a. l/Ai\ f, mTp\, if.^^^} ^prrir, 5=n=fr ^\^^^, 




KfMDAL, a. ?5nr5?T, f«i<Ji^ni. ^^rrff^, wgrf^, r«i«(i^««i'tft, 

Ukiual, n. nupt till feast. ^RH^m. f^T^TT^H^ m. ?5K^Ff ». 

An adult b. vi | U | dt HSTCT/. vjiuirfl ^Tf /. 
B. and bridegroom. ^|^^ ("• ait^n. q^T«. 
L'lotli inter|)oged ( at weddings ) botweeu the b. and 
bridegroom. 'JTrT'.TT'i.^rigurcs or Hues drawn on it. 

I'ull grown or big girl standing as a b. ^fl^srtt or 

Mother of the b. ^■'A^\^ or ^pTTT/. arrpTFT/. 
i'artj or company of the b. ^'•^^»«. — Member of it. 

To dance, holding the b. and bridegroom upon the 
liij)8. ^ilT 'TT^ra'of- 

To fix upon a b ( for one's son ). ^tr ^m^ ^R^. 

Some of the numerous terms expressive of rites and 
ceremonies observed hj or towards a Iride, of presents 
made to,and of persons and things pertaining or relat- 
ing to a hriJe, are inserted here. Particular inform- 
ation can, whenever desired,be obtained upon consult- 
ing the M. and E. Diet. STFRft, ^^F^^^r^, vjIIUh^ i, 
TIM^fl^, T3T, (g^'l'im, "7Wgir, <TT?WrST, MldiK^Ud or 
•4l'iJ|>'^--ll, TROT, TR^, *rfT?T5;t or Tf^raoS, ITJToE^, ITT- 
VM^'JI, H 1^-11^, JTTOTftTJr, iT ^TJH Oft, Wr^ or ^-^^, H- 

Briuk-gkoom, n. H^njw. ^w. H<^<^y ?y». 

An adult b. ^ItJlTTT H^TT »n. -.riiUMl ^ »». 

Alighting of the b. at the Tillage of Lis intended. 
-iiui--itiim. V. \ !R.— House appointed for it. vf iun^ . 
^ n. Jiiuwtll OT. 

B. iufcrior ( in age or size ) to his bride. f^TJRT. 

Departure of the b. for the marriage. eITsr?m?r». 

Tatlier of the b. SRirrTm. c)^|^H I»t. 

Flowers, &c. bound around the brow of the b. »r5t- 
5fT or JTS^/. i^iH'l or tjjHoft y. 
^ Full grown or big boy standing as a b. ^ts^rrarfw. 

Man .sent to bring the b. ^Kn=rT«i. 

Mother of the b. ^ry^v^f. ■iKH I d l/. 

Ofifcriugs and honors paid to a b. w-^^m. tfj -HHV- 
'"^"- ^ [ ^?ft4'. 

Party or company of the b. 5Tq-^»t.— Member of it. 

J'rcsents to the b. ^<df^u | | /. A \ i, \ ^ \ rris^w. 

Presents to the mother of the b. '^t:^'^ m. ^\z^- 
"Totn. &c. 

Procession of the b. ^v^m. 

Pole carried before the b. in p. tTP5?r^«. 

Proces,-ion of the b. and bride towards home. ^PITT 

To fix upon a b. ( for one's daughter ). ^ %jt^ qr^. 

I?jiii)E-sf Ain, n. W^n^f. 

BniDE-siiN, n. ^f^T^^ m. JTr^TFTT m. 

BniDGE, n. ^^ m. %g m. ^T^ m. [ ^j-T" w. 

B. or float hastily constructed of rude materials. 

A disposition of bridges. ^ rf,■i^■C \ J. 

Wooden b. ^,%VV^ or ^^q^SJT^ or F,%£\Y' m. [7]nt. 

2 (of the nose). m^^V^ stST or qwT m. ^1+15 n. n m i^- 

3 ( of a music instrument ). ^ft/. ^T^ /. dH'i.R t/. 
ar^/. 3T5?fr/. 3T^/. 

To Bridge, v. a. ^ m. qftriif ivith sp: o/o. 

BlilDQE-BniLDINO, BuiDOE-LATlNO, M. q?!;?!^ /. 

Beidle, w. lit. and fig. fJITT »»./. 3T^/. 

Grooming b. ^M'd /• ^PT^JfT »?. [ of ^. o/ o. 

To put one's b. in the jaws of. ?IPpf ?^fPT/. «rT?5- 
Beidle-hand, n. FITnTRT ffFT »». 

Beidle-eoad, n. qi^^R/. [ f^oir. 

To Bridle, v. a. put a bridle on. r5'i|H ot. /. ^-vjlrftil-^?- 

2 restrain or guide ly a Iridle, lit. fig. v. To Eestbaih. 

To Bridle, v. n. hold vp the head and draw in the chin, m^ 

3TT^SiJf, HH-=(1 srfjpiT w. c|otc|uli . 
To b. up ( under huff, &e. ) ^W. [ «i^. 

Bridled, p. v. V. 1. W\\H r<^?5T-q7cT^3T-^s1iT%?JT, JSTItt- 

2 rJJimid Mi-^lrJI, &c. 3<N<rirfl, 3T^TT%?IT, 3TT^. 
Brief, n. epitome, v. Abridgment. B^ht m. [ OT n. 

2 pleader's case. <rfsF?5T% ii^^ui w.-HiHUr «. y+<^'-*<|-2i ?r^- 

3 See "Writ. 

Brief, o. See Short. 2 concise, — writings, speech, &c. 

?i5^, qRFnd^^^. 

3— speaker, &c. ^?^, ?ff?TO^nPT, ^^TTft, fiRTTPfl". 
In b. ^Y^ "^ '^1 ^^• 
Briefly, adv. v. A. 2. ^Il^cj-Mid, B?7W^7T,^fPTrrr, ?r?n^:, 

?i+~Nd:, 3TrMr«(«KH. 
Beiefitess, n. v. A. 2. ^^m. W^^'^rU f. fl'm'TR m. ^T^T^I 

/• fWTTFITSrw. 
Bbiee, n. wild rose. <HJJ'^jM»>. ^T^PpTRw. '^TTPpTRis, 

2 — gener. v. Thoen. ^R5rT5». 
Brio, n. ^^\i\ 'irfttd «. 
Brigade, n. %vtnTPT«. fl^T^n. 
Brigadier, n. 'i^'-m^^A^^lmn. 
Brigand, n. q^^Jft, sTs^ini, J3. 
Brigandage, m. t'ST^ / jut »• ^^/ sitT^ «• 
Bright, a. ihining, lucid, luminous, lustrous, radiant, 

resplendent, refuljent, ^-c. 3^51, ^T^^r5 or 3, ^epF^^^^^, 

d^jp^ft, ?r;;T=rr^, d^-^id, d^^rwr, d^^jRr, d%>iiHM,ttd-'i, rTFrr- 

=^, d^'R^, &C. d<r||a!., rf^:^1Tr=ft, ^Irilqd, v>ild<^R, SI^- 
liTTFf, sriTT^TT?, ^^^t-l, 'flfHHIl, 'PlfirHTg, a^l^^t'il, ^^.1 

— micna. flaming, hlaziny, ^e. v. Glaring. v^^=P«!T^, 
^c'T'TR, sjn^rq^R, ^JTT^rT, gsTT. See also Beil- 





2— not dull, V. SuAKP. -^UHurid, rft^OT, sf^^, ^^^, 

S — a colour, cZ^ar and full, ^f^ or"j'i|TT. [ ^?T. 

4— the moou-beaina. fq^, pT-il^lU--)!, f^TTRTTT^T, <K^- 
5 — the eyes. Mlufl'^K, "^T^'^T^cT, ^rT^T. 
6 ( prospects, &c. ) ^ ^prq-peqr vii^i, ?I^«^-M-+>. 
To BniOHTEN, V. a. make Irii/ht. T^\'S-'^\T?(^M-Ak'i\ -rrasf- 

ri- &c. ^Tot, R^rafam, ;ir^T5!;'Jf, 3-doi'-iu^ig- arrom, w- 

2up; OTiT^e rfetrr, sharp, Sfc. a^^K"^, ^TT^r^ftrr-cft^-rft- 
Jb BriioiiTEtf, V. w. become bright. 3"JTcStJf, ?7lT?r "^i^, ^?I- 

2 up ; become clever, ^'c. >3^H<uf, rft^-rfttT-^c. ^nr. 
BEianTENiNG, ». V. V. A. 1. — act. g'^JfoS ^^r^ n. ij^J^ijf n. 

g^K«r?5^ n. 
BeiQET-eted, a. =^:h^^ ffe^TRT. 
Beiqhtlt, adv. v.A. 1. cT^^, ?r^q?57T, rnjJrT^, !a+y+,=?rK- 

4 i%qT. 
Bkiqhtness, n. \. A. 1. vj jlcimu||»t. Ac. ?5%^/. rR«. ^-H'R 

2 and SniEPNESS. rft^^nnTr/. 5f^?ft^"'T7rr /. 

BErLLIANCE, BeilLIANCT, n. v. A. 1. rl+rl+l /. Fr=P=f^/. 
'l+^+n/. 5F15rift or f^fgrff /. y+i^+rt/. ^TTfTT or ift/ 
^TS^r^/. ^ra^/. g^^fft/. ==rnF=^^^ n.— intens. ?i^sr. 
^TR: m. ^+,1+1/. -^+1+1/. d+.l+1/. ^^-Ht.i-iw. 4l'+-irf-+-ie 

2 V. LusTEE. <TT^n. n^n. 

BuiLLiANT, a. sparkling, glittering. ri+ri^^H, rl+d+Hn, ^^- 
•^+1^1, d+rl+l^l, -^+^+ri-m, &c. yivi'Iln or (y'lryild, 
iil'imflH, y+y+ld, i^otSJoflH, dottoiln, 4^i+>|>ot+^ 3^7^ 
SIT^, 'd\HciHMc6. See also Beight. 
2 — a gem, v.Lusteofs. q^rrsTRT, Miufl'^l'', ^T^TTT. 

3 splendid, Sfc. v. Fine. gpTTT^, 'ciHiJ^^T. 
4 — an exploit.&c. W^Nt, SfmH^Nl, qHI'MNI. 

Beilliai?t, «. diamond cut loith facets. cTTrRTw;. 

BeILLIANTLT, 0</o. v. A. 1. rt+r^+lH , rT^rnptq-, &c. rT^PrT^, 

4I+.4I4), -=1+^+, -^i+rfSh'. 

Beim, n. V. Edge. ^s/. ^p^/. f+HH|OT mf«. 
Up to the b. rid I rid, ^- See Beimftjl. 

Beimful, a. & a(/y. ^TXm, nt?W, JTTTr, ^R^TT, ^^T^fS, 
i+li4), fTdTOT, rtKlrlK, ri~|SI<lls, dlS=<l, Ml<»il*, ^ToE^qToS, 
tnfhnT, 3on^?T, S^TS^ffrf or §<Ms4\?T, '|ciJ|ot1d or frta- 
frr^ft^T, •.HdH'/ld, grm?, 5;^^, ^t^ or FT31T, ^^, ?f^, 

To be b. ^srs^iuf, ?5Si j.^ofr-HT^. 
To BniM, «. a. V<^ Tm, !fi?T^5-&c. JT^. 
Bbimmeb, n. glass, ^'c. full to iZ'e irm. sq^sftrf-^nTTT-Ac. 

Bbimmikg, a. V. Bkimfui,. sq^iftrf or |ST55ftrT, ^Tifff?, 

BniMSTONE, «. '\^^m. 

Bkiusto.nt, a. v. N. liKnrr^T, qvT^mpw, n'^r^P'^H^. 

Beinded, Bmndi-ed, a. streaked. 5f^raTo;-5?T^T. 5)t^r-T^?1'"r. 
Beine, n. qiTir^Rw. ??R>«. fTT^Tft'i. 
Prepared with b. ^^|=|fu|-+,. 

2 See Ocean. 3 See Tears. 
To Beine, v.a. steep in b. f^7;^^^ir^ Wt^^. 

2 mix sail with. v(\z>i. ^rF5>J|'. 
To Being, v. a. 3TPiTof, q^^ k^i, aTRPRT «. Jf;^;'iTy. o/t?. 

2 produce unto ^'Jf, TTtTf^ot, srrfH'/.-fHcZq«T/.-&c. araOr- 
^Tjf "I. con. ^ g.of o. qvRTTw. ^^ in con. Sf g. ofo. 

3 (to a certain condition ) 3Tmof, ^\^\, ^^^^-z}■\^• 
&c. 3TT"Jr"^. 

4 about; V. To Effect. q^f^-3H^-^H^-&c.3Tm'Jt, 

5 down. See To IIumele. 

6 forth; V. To Beae. ^r^i^irof, if^rl^'jf. 

7 forth-orto light; v. To Publtsh. irf%^^-1-Tf|%H- 
;rq^?'ra-3^3TH-3-HT5-5TTH-&c. armor, sil^^^R^. 

8 forward ; v. To Adduce, q^ ^of, im W.^, TRTT^T 
in. ^^g. of 0. {icilh ^]^■^. 

9 in ; produce as income. g^T^r n.-^^f.- li\T^m.-&c.^it\ 

10 on ; occasion unto. 3TTWT, =?Raf. 

11 on one's self; (a trouble or evil). ■srrTFqr TTTT^T ^\l^ 
aftffT ^^ or qT|5 ^ot or m^n ^rof, ?^TT^^;r ?jr^^/- ^- 

12 on one's way. %oEf^'jf. 

13 0Ter;T. To Peesuade. irt ». T^^of, f*f5t^ ij-ijf, 

&c. v^;^, g. of. 0. [crrbr. 

14 to; restore to consciousness. ^§l^-^^HHTJTT-<tc.3TT- 

15 under ; v. To Subdue. ^ldHHIc^i-;|^f?T-?Tr55Tt?r-?jrT- 
iriH- &c. arriM, q'?! ^RDt. 

16 up; V. To Rear, To Educate. M\otf'\^, 'iTTTTW- m^M, 
<fRm, HlrfdM^r^ui n. ^F^. 

17 up;;);JZ Hi, curb, v. To Restbain. 3TRt^-3fR^-ctc\ 

To be brought up by, slopped in progress bg. sqdr, 
Bbinjai, )(. eggplant,— the plant. ^Tfift/. ^m^ /. ^H]^ 
m. — the fruit, srin «• fTT^ n. 

Summer b.— the plant. 3^^T55 Tf'ft /• 
— the fruit, vi-^lot crf'f «. 
Bbinjaeeie, w. carrier of g-iin, ^-c. ijUMKi or «j U M | (l '. 

Camp or company of Brinjarries. JpiT^lT «• 
Bbink, «. T. Edge, sp^/ ?rf or vrs/. f^^TRT >». 
Beint, Beinish, a. salt. ^RT, ^jTR?:, ^TRJ^. 
Beisk, a. sprightly, gag, \. Lively. 3TT^^, 3??Rft, 3TH?- 

2 active, quid; ^'c. v. Smaet. ^EPTrT, =^"T3:t, W^IF. ^^T?. 
g^TRIcrT, =5r?5T^ or ^FJI^T. 

3 itwy, <f-e. V. Bustling. ^5^iTr,T3qi^TT, 5T^7^iT,5T?qft'. 
4 — of towns, &c.Z(VfZy,v. SwAEsuNo.r^l^t'l, l^'l^T^. 
5— trade, sale, &c. f^r^R, ^^=qr, rr?ifft^r, =e{?^^T^T, 

BRO 110 

t; (of tiro) vi^trJitH, tmtnfNT. 

7 eJJ', Jri^lKI, ^Tfiq^'TT^m-^RW. 
V.UISKET, n. TT «»• 
HiusKLT, aJv V. A. 1. 7{?mT^, 3TPl'5|Tft^. 

•J ^^mTm, ^^T^rin, Af. Wi"^ or TTt, fTTS or ^, ^^:^^or 

^r, 5rT=?;^-^-&e. ^n^TT, ^rs^ or ^, ^r^^r, 5r<T5fJr, ^ftt- 

— inU'ns. ^JTrrq^T, ^Rrrf, ^Tjr[. ^TT^TT, ^TTRt. 

J!i;l<KNE9S, n. V. V. 1. 3-|?rf,>T'JTr wi. &c. STH^frT /. 3-f?T- 
•2 ^OTUTT m. ;^ifmT/. ==^^7/. ^^'H; / 5R^ /. BPT/. 
^J^TFt or ^^FTHTT / "^T^^^TT/. ^T^TrT «. 

13. and dulness ( of trade, sale, &c. ). a^fffri'^/. 
Bkistle, n. ^f m. %\z\ m. \J^ m. n. 

Bristles. ^^X^ m. j.l. 
To Bkistle, r. n. — the hair. J-jt'TT'if, '^^fT'^Tor or '^^'iTTvf, 

'^TITDf , ^'TRot, ^'^TRTilt /. fnJf y. of. s. 

2 set up its feathers— A bird. fTOTTof. 
To Bristle, v. a. -arC/Trf^S^ or 'tTT'tnTR'Tf, ^'TRoT. 
J^iilSTLX, a. set ic/M li uZ/cs. ^H^NTT, ^J.^'^^, ^J^.f^Tf?!"?. 
MuiTisn, a. f^^^ixn^j^ ft^jfVsTH^J'^t, 5?1^, ■H l '^^l , firfrT^T. 
BlilTOX, n. fjiriqV^T^iT H^ c. ^^. 
iiBiTTLE, a. o/«o/< /ire. fe3[o!;,ft?r5r,f?73ar, ^T(%r—thai 

Lreaks easily. ^FvF, f^R^, H^^^i'^^. 

'2— csp. of thread or cord. J^rTT, ^^^t?, "J^T-TT, <BH^^r. 
Bbittleness, n. v. A. 1. fe'j^TnTr '»• 1%H^'mT »i. J?;?^/. 
To BEOAcn, V. a. spit. f«qnT-f ^^rr^TT ij'^if. 

2 />/frce jn order to draw, m^ n.-HTS "■ "TTSi^. 

:{ ( a store ). ^T5^, "ifrs^, ^^Ruf 

■1- yii-e out, disclose, v. To Tell. tFnw,^^?nT^, !Tf%5-!rT2;- 

ic. iRUT, ^m?T 3TPTiif, ^TrHlrF n. ^"jf J. of o. 
BROicn. See Srii. 2 See Bnoocii. 
JSboad, a. wide. ^, %^, ^5ft=qT, f? H | . ! NI , f^'^oT, f^^. 

—of cloth, ^vamvp^ix^. 

B. as long. Jiy. V+'SV^=^, "^f^ ?7--|*"l^|JJ^, '^^pRT^, 

Broadish. ^r^^ ^?^_ 

Very b. ^^ra, %5T? or J;^. 

2 yross, coarse, ruddy plain, blunt, S(c. qH^^TT^T, ^JJT^- 

3 -day liglit. -HUTHuflrT, <p7Tf?ftH, 'giqfm. 

It is b. day light. ^TiilToffcf T^3^. 
4— views, sentiment H, V. Compbehensive. sf^dJRTOir^y, 

Broad-awake, a. qrrTT ^mi i jP .^ r. 

BboaD-beeasted, Buoab-cdesteii, a. HT^rFfr^,irT?frq'-, ^- 

BROAD-BKIiiyEI), a. i^ qR^, ^ f=jr^r;;^T^r 

BaoAE-CAST, a. net^STPIFIT-cr^^T-^T, w;ff%"^:if|^ 
Bi.0AD-CA3T, adv. ^_ 


Corn (csp. rice) sown b. f^f. 
To sow b. f^f. HX^ or Siwf y. ofo. 
BEOADCLOxn, n. siJTTfT or ^[^'[r^ f. ?iq;?!Trr or zf. [ti^. 

Of or belonging to b. ^q??rr<iT- or ^, i^^i^fj^^p^ W^?IT- 

BEOAD-SnODLBEEED, O. f^^TT^^q^, 34^?^. 

Beoad-side, «. ns^TTT^TT tr%5n^^€t?; ^^ m^^ tswrot. 

Broad-swoed, n. ?^ TPTT^ nr^TTT /. ^ HTifTT /. 
To Beoaden, u. n. grow Iroad. ^^^^ q^^^ ^M. 
To Beoaien, v.a. 5f,^-&c. ^FT^, ^TT^i^. 
Beoadisu, a. ?^ or f^. 
Beoadlt, of/f. V. A. 1. tz_. 

H-^Jfq--&C. " 
Beoaeness, «. V. A. 1. ^^/. ^c[T«rr'«. ^^<TT'n. 

2 %K^f(TtJTTm. y^%7'Jrr'«. 'O'S^TOTT";. ^i'^rsrTTf^ n. 

Beoadwise, adi\ arrs^rr, ^i^f^, qr^^'Tm t? ^:^^. 

Beocade, «. "^m.f. ^^^U^ or ;?f^^^/. ^STtPFPTf ?i. WHTfCl 
f. rJ^Tn" »». f^^TTil »». 

False b. or lace ^\^'i\^Tmf. 

Old b. fringe, &c. ^i ^l ^H idK /. ^ftfrt/. 

Old b. lace, &c.-merchant. 3ff^^?«. 
Beoc.vded, a. woven with gold or silv- r thread. MiJrll/1, ^JTfl, 

Full or richly b. »1T^ft, Mi'Al'i.r^- 
2 thai has a lorder of brocade or gold thready rtM^ilT, 

•Tr^^, 'TiriMT, T?5^, ^irftT^'^. 

Bbocage or Bhokage, n. v. Beokekage. 3ai?ft/. i ^*:r](\ f. 
Beocoli, n. ^ ^TT^ f^m 3Tt|. 
BEOorE, «. V. Shoe. ;^T5Tot. 

2 corrupt dialect. STTToft^ftrff/. ^iTTTt^Wt/. 
To Beoibee, Beoibeet, &c. See To Embeoihee, &c. 
Beoil or Beawl, n. noisy quarrel, v. Squabble. ^.Z^.Zf. 

^?^Pm/. 71'm^'ft/. '=)NNI'^ /. +^1-+.-^/. ^FST^St/. H- 

To Beoil, t>. a. TPJm or ^pT^, HrfT'jft/.-iTr?r'JT'i.-'TnT<T«.- 

H^^ «. jpT'f y. o/o. 
To Beoil, v. n. ^f^T^. 

2 fig. suffer from the sun, &c. FT^rToJot, ^W.^. fTaqoi", 

dcidot /. ^tot g. of s. 
Beoiled,^. V. V. A. HT^^, *rrJTTT, HT^T^, HpSm. H^. 
To Beoke, v. n. act as a broker. ifA^A f ^^^. 
Beoken, jo. & a. V. V. A. 1. jfr§%?JT, &c. H^^, JTIT^, ^- 

B. and battered. ^^HJST or ^^HjiT. 

T. disconfinuous,interruj>ied. g^^.H?^, ^^^TT,^t?R. 

II. — a discourse, utterance, &c. 5^^, 5^T. 

III. «o< e«<i/r, incomplete, odd. ^2^, f ^^^• 
Beoken-heaeted, a. TiTIST, f^|?^, 5^5^, TTTTTI. 
Beoken-kneed, a. ^f^rTT I^^tNt. 
Beoken-meat, n. 3T?5% 3Tvr«. H^SHre%?«./)Z ^^IrTT^r^w! ;-/. 

BeOKEN wiNrED; o. ^Zr^T ^T^T, ^TTT?:^?5T, "iH'l?.?rT, TT?- 




Bboken.vess, n. feeling of luxal ion Sj relaxation, v. Exhaus- 
tion. ^TTot. "^Xm. Hli+oSr/. <j<<JI »». ^T^TT m. ^^ or 

To have tlio foeling of b. i^ot^ciCiT. 
2 (as of a floor or pavement), ^'^sstir/. 
Bkokek «. o«e who huys or sells for another, n^rtir-j. 

2 seZZer 0/ oZtZ apparel, Sfc. ^^^fq^TT, ^«TT^T «lT^3TTf)', 

3 V. Pimp, vf^^rr. 

Bkokeeage, «, V. N. 1. business of a IroJcer. ^Trft/. ^^- 

I. hire or pni/ of a IroJcer. dr^lr^/. ^^ft/- 
BnOSCniAL, «. belonginj to the throat. q^^T^, qR^', ■+.<i'W, 

Br.oxcnocELE, n. ir^Jij'"- n|w'. H'-^RdT m. 
IkONCHOTOiiY, n. ^\HH\>\'ii'\'\n. ^TT'HHI'Wr^ «. 
Bjjonze, «. rriSTT^ 3TTf&r ^<T^=^T fTT^iTtTT^"'- "T=^^^qT^m. 
Buoocn, «. ^r^ arS'+.^NN ^H'T^iT ». 5r?T?'<t?5 H^ir n. 

2 See Jewel. 
To Beood, v. n. inculafe. THTT/. m^^r, ^T^f. ^i?f, 3t- 

t\n.pi. JT^if^af, ariiTarrrrOT. ^^of, ti^tt/. ^, ^^JTTfH- 

2 ovev;pon,ltr over, ^qj^^.-f^rf^n.-ctc. tr^TT «RI^, f%- 

?rr ^^ ^Rf^, wf%?r sth^. 

Beood, «. hatch, the whole hatch. sffiiT/. %rT «. [JpT.M. 

2 breeds progeny, hatch, Sfc. v. Offspeing. cJT^m. fs^- 

Beook, Beooelet, n. v. Eivulet. 3«T^r?«. ^rrJTw. ^T^oS m. 

q-^r m. 

A clattering b. ?r55Toft/. 

Dry bed of a b. a?rs^ui n. 
jTo Beook, v. a. put up with, v. To Beae. ^RTof, ^|^ui', tfr- 

7M ^TT?5aT-?;5rat. 
Broom, m. hesom. W'**^'^\\ or «P^nift/. gT| w- ^rfJT/. 5m- 

ijft/. 5?TTTTw- (^/m. JfTrft/. ^RT'^ft/ ^K^T'T/. qTR-oft/. 

B. of strong and stiff stalks. ^TJ'^m. 
B. of twigs or cuttings. %Tf5T. 
B. with handle, ^il or 5tl%Tg'jft/. 
B. worn to the stump. ^^ITT m. W-\'^ «• 
Stock or hinderpart of a b. ^'4?». ^qT?«. ^v^\m. JT^- 
1T or jnTTw. 

To beat with a b. gtTR"Jt. 
2^5rT5 W^- 
BflOOMSTAFF, Beoomstick, «. %<^uR-^| st^m. 
Beoth, n. decoction of meat. ^\ti\-^ m^^ n. q;s^crr n. t^t m. 

B. of some pulse. ^5ir n. ^F^^OT ra. 
Beotdel, n. sj^^F^rrSTOT. f^TR^TTSTTO. 'fe5TP^^nn?rT m. f?T?c5- 

Beothee, n. TTTSirt. ^j'^m. 'JTrfT »<• ^'^pT^T w. sjtqcTw. 
Brothers, Brethren. sj'j^ipT "i- /jZ. si'^j^ mpl. 
Brothers and sisters— collect, nv^ 5i^t<JPTRTrt. 

pl. *ri^"^f^yff/. f^ 

^t^TTI^OT. ^^^T, fl-y^, 'J.^'Ti 

B. of whole blood. 

B.'s wife ^T^^if. yM^F-ll/. 

Elder b. cTftFJ TTi:, J^FIIHT^, 3T!T^, ^q^^J. 

}la]f-h.h.onthefiit.'ier's side. ^Hf^HT^, ^^^T^TTT, 

Husband's b.'s wife. \^ or ^irP3r/. 

IIu.'<band's b.'s daughter.' RTl^'T/. 

Twin b. ^rZTJTT^, ^?n^^T 'TT^. 

Uterine b. ^HT^ H M^-(^^f:KTH^-Ac. sj-'^w. ^^jfij. 

Younger b. mW'^ HT^T, HTT^rTT^J, Trs^TTTT, 3T=Ttt, 


2 one closely allied hy some tie. TTS m. i;^J m. 
Beotuee iif-'s.i.yf,n.wife's brother. K^^ m. 'm\P'j^.m.')^V^,m. 

2 sister s'^^m. sqp^^ ??8.5qi77 m. Hf^l^fT'TfrT?;?. 
*rTJT»» ■>TT^T^»!.(used only of an elder sister's husband). 

3 huiband's brother, z^ pop. cftTm- HT^m. »TRr?ft'». 
BEOTHEEHOon, n. JTT^5[^ or Hlf^^^/. HT^TTtrrT or ^[jq- 

2 f rati rnity, association, V. ConTAVY. 'if^ pop. "TTrT/. 
Beoihee-like, Buoiheblt, a. illJ,HU|Ml, TT?r5R^=qT, ^vj- 

f^T^TT, Hr^=qT-'TT^, sjusTT^TT^, >Tr?r??r, ar^ftq-, iigjpT, 

BEOxnEELJNEss, ». V. A. Tn^^^ or Hj^^^ f. HT^TS?^/. 

^V^rmj or mim\ m. ^]J^f. Hrs^T<r m. HTl^qiT OT. if- 

^W[^ m. ^■'^ n. 
Beotheelt, ado. HTSTTTT'I, ^71=^711^, HTT^'^Tt^, sjg^TRR, 

BEO0GHT,/). V. V. 1. 3TTOT^3fT, &C. 3Tpft7, 3ir|fT. 

2 Mlf^ri, siTfr. [ JJ/. 

Beow, n. arch over the eye. jfraf or Htr| or f>T^/. «^./'. 

To knit the b.s HST^TK lf^/. /'Z.-ar^t/ qirS^j^t^nTT 

/. /)Z. =Ef^5f_ 

2 Z/(f «rcA 0/ hair over the brow. 'Ht^f or H=IT or f^T^'/. 
«[/. gf ^/- 'T5f(% %^T »». /.'Z. 

3 V. FOREUEAD. ^qjoS «. f^ScE Or 1^^T^ w. JTra «. 

By the sweat of the b. f^^7.'=:^^ ^TPTT'i. 

4 ( of a hill, &c. ). iTR-qr-sft ^5/. 1557 ?n. nol?RT »!. 

To Beowbeat, v. a. ■H»TJTT-5f^=q^f=15fR;or, sV^ 7n. pi. xf^^r- 
OTR'jf-'TT^^fijf-iRTToi-tpm-N^^, 31^ m. pi. iJirreTT- 

Bboweeating, «. V. V. — act. 5t* ^^fSffT ^tc^fif «. &c. tj+)<im. 

Beo'^vn, a. ^, g^tTPTT, ^^, ^TTfq^fl", 5^5^. N. B. These 
words express different shades of brown. 

Brownish. -J-i'l-Hi. 

Dark b. q'JT^lT^r^^, T-fl n. 

Light or reddish b. HXJ or JirTT, T^TT. 
To Brown, v. o. 3^ftTn to.-&c. ^, ^^^^r5TT-&c. ^RCr. 
Beownness, n. v. A. S^^t^TJIT m. 3^<^ J?i. 
Beown-study, n. #K2;t-qT?T n. 1^'4^«TTH «. 
2b Browse, v. n. feed on branches, leaves, ^'c. 5fr3Tr?!T m,- 



2 graze. ^dt_ 
Hkowsk, n. 5frT<TT^r "I. 3TP7RTr5r 
Hru IS. bee Bear. 
To Bruise, r. a. ^or remiss, i^loiw, ^'^f, ^'fTW, •«i'i<,u|',3j- 

2(|)r|)i)or». frn\l».»QVi\».S^i'.)]ioun'llijhtly.hrciik coarsely. 

W:%^, <?rTn^'Jr,^'^'ifor|?TniiJT,^r6r, qi;j?ui(/i;».q-|:i,iciiJli. 

Bkiisk, rt. contusion. 'jTr^m:^ ^TRFfl ^•yiMri/. %=q%?lT ^ 


2 See Di.sT. [f^ff, ^OT, 

Biti'lsKl), ;;. V. Y. 1. ^^^r^, ^^fT^r, &c. -^-H+l, v^fft, "H 

HiiviT, «. V. Kepoet. 3Rf /. 3r?>^/. 3<|<<.<j|/. J|M | c)Mi m 
To Bbuit, v. a. noise abroad, v. To Noise. TT^^TT^, ^f^^ 

&C. :p^. 
BKLfiiAi,, (J. lelonjing to the winter. r^HlwMr^r, ^,^tt?T, 
BiuSETiE, H. woman of a dark complexion. ^filoE^rRofr or ^PT- 

Bki:>-t, n. heat or violence of. ^TTr^T m. W€\WA or dJK Hl ot. 

2 ( of a blow ). V. Shock. q^^»». \^-:^\ m. 
BEosn, «. *<t/. f^ift/. tp^ m. f ^J^/. iTTiNl'/. 

2 ( of painter ). ^^\f. ^[A dim. qHft/- ^?5T n. ff^/. 

» ( of weaver ). f ^f/. ^B'^pift/. 

4 ( of peacock's feathers, palm leaves, &c.). ^^^ m. 

5 ruh, rude collision. ^^r\ m. m\<^.\ m. ^^ m. ^^ f. 

6 skirmish, slight encounter. =^^v^f. v. ^rj, ^rrnrrt/. 
To Bnusn, f. a. ^^t^&c. 5rretfr-^l4>+'Tif, 5rraw. 't.^-ifi^ i. ^^. 

2 awav oft'; whislc.flap, S,-c. 5rra^, jjd'+.Ji , g -i-t-iqof, g-- 

3 up ; retouch, polish, 4'c. v. To 1''i>-ish. afhr^, ^Y^- 

4 up ; ( learniug, &c. ). m'm., T^JRW, T^^TSiJf, TTi^wr/. 

Tj Brush, v. w. ( by, along, against ). 'jfrarFn" ^STTn-T- 
?w-^RW, ^T^, ^TT^of, ^ijf, 5r5^, ?^rnpijf or gw^, 
^qTr-^TT^-5T?r-&c. i^risHiOf. 

Biiusuwoop. n. fnfr/. 5^ or ^"tt »■ ^TTT^ ^Tlft/. 

2 branches lopped. ^,^7J n. %\7:^,^7j n. 
To Brcstle, f. n. v. To Crackle. ^i^i^[ intens. ^{ \ i^ \ 

WPTri\ intens. ■HTTnTf, ^rwrir[ intens. fl^rw, ^PT^of. 

2 v. To Bustle, -^riws^, f^VWS ^nrnf, q?3^at. 
Bbustlisqlt, aiy. =srr^ or ij intens. xHKt or ^^TT^, HT- 

^ or Tt intens. WTKl or ^re^. [5,-^_ 

Brutal, a. belonjing^ Sfc. to a brute. ?^I5T, ^HN<M |, <T5?t- 
B. force. arfTiioE n. 3TFl-;:;fTT ot. 3Tpferi/. 

- savaje, inhuman, v. Cruel, f t, f^?, WTf^, %r. 
.■ALITT, «. V. A. 1. r^rpn m. q^HT n. <t^ttt/. T^KTHWI. 

2 fT^r/. f5T^ «. f%^/. f%^TTTr/. 

To Brutalize, v. a. T?mTT^[-T'g^V&c. ^7^. 

Brdtallt, adv. See Crlellt. 

BfiCTE, a. lenseleis, irrational. 'iqn^^ fTR^-^j^-^.&c. 




2 See Brutal, 1. 
Bkute, «. V. Beast. ^^ m. ^r\ \ ^i n. I^pf "'. 

2 cri/(Z person ; ruffian, monster. <f,|^,<j; ^fSfTTT, -■<-.< 4. H f 

"^^ m. t^, ^^ [flOT'ft). 

3 stupid person, y. FooL."|irR m. qtST »i. Jmit >«. (/. 
Brutish, n. resmblinj, cfc. a least. R^J^T, T^^'tft, "T^JHTT- 

2 rutfe, uncivilized. q-^JOTWT, T^5, T^?mT^, 3Tf^f?T- 
BnuTisni.T, adv. v. A. q^JjnWT a. ded. T^isrpjft,?^^^, vj-, «. V. A. 1. qualities ofa brute. tf^^T/. TJjF^n, 

2 3T^»-"qrTT/. 3Tf^Tf?TFTT^ ». f?T?Tm%^ n. 
Bubble, n. — of water. ■Ai'Ai] m. JTT ?«. JIHT w. sff^I^ m. 

2 person fulled, v. G ULL. ^P^^ Miui^ «. tp^TT, TFTRn- 

3 cheat, false show, v. Deceit. itfTT/. HT=r/. 

To Bubble, t'.«. rise in lubbles. ijs^ju)^ ij^-M^ w. ^Z. Jrof. 

2 'ip; be under ebullition. <Hd<--|d>jl or ^<^y-iul', ^TgrTof, 

n^T^of or 3^3^^, 5?^t3t, ^foEHclof (intens. ^r2rOTr)^ j- 

liiottTj g"<foi;^, 3'^T5Iof^ <fl<dui, ■(.<iH'i>Jl. 
To Bubble, v. a. gull, befool, v. To Deceive. 'p^H'ijf, ^r- 

^r »«.-ST?5T m. ^, ^+Nu"i', ^^TT^^. 
Bubbling, n. v. V. N. 1. — act. ^l^^r n. 

2— act. <,^timui M. &c. ?=PR^ <"■ ^^^S^ff '». ^^^ m. 

Bubblixglt, adi,: i^^W^ or ?rf W^^. or CT, n^ns or 5t, 

n^l^ or ^f, 5^5 or 5t, H^HoE or sf, 
BuBBT, n. Y. Beeast. ^^R ot. ^TTTT wi. fTTft/. ^?irfT >n. 
Bubo, «.• — venereal, spj ?». ^55 w. 

2 — sjmpathelic. ST^T'^WT »»• ST^T'^TR' n. 
Buck, n. beau, blade, blood, spark, swell. tTRJJ^ or g"r<F, 

rrpl^j^? or ^fiiF, 'P'(l4)i+il, T^ff, <5i+il, ^"^i fTSlPT, 

2 »(a/e 0/ (fctfr. -+,|g!,cj)7 7« ^ifT »«. 

3 maZtf of goat. M\'hi m. n+'d »«. IJTT m. 

4 ?naZe 0/ sheep. v;t[ m. ^V^ m. 

5 ?«a/e 0/ /(are. ?rHT »». [ p jijij' r «. 
BccKlST, n. iX^'j n\. dim. 'itr^f. ^FT^ot n. ^"l'^ n. ^T^^ n. 

Some particular kinds are 'fi^ ?«. (of metal or wood ), 
f^j m. dim. 5T^=^/ (of leather or wood), ifTT^/. (of 
leather or wood and used esp. on board ship ), 'HTZf. 
(ofa draw-well), 3HI+-rfl/. ( b. of the transverse beam 
and stone ). 
Buckish, a. sn-^K, AMiH, ljr?ft^, tflrf^^l'-il or gi(7^, 

BuCKisHLY, 0(/i;. V. A. !fMrf+'Yt, &c. ^5'«7^, ?n"^i^1v:^T 
BucKiSHNEss, n. V. A. yR;i'+rr&r #E[fr/. ^TR^^fT orXivt\ f. 

?^/- '{?'/■ ^TrJ »». SIHSl'^ «». q^TPT m. 
BccKLE, n. ^% M+Ki 3Hi+^u| n. ^r^/. ^an^ft^/. 




To Buckle, d. a. w-'^^^ 3Hi+R^, ^=qqfi?T ars^f^Sr. 

2 ww7,;e rfa(7j/, v. To Prepake. fwg^-^iiT^Ror^g^jT'Tf, =fiHT 

/. 5iT«T0T, ^Fw/. qr?r^. [?5i^»>./. ^n:Di-. 

To BucELETO, V. n. apjthj idth vvjor. v. To Set to. 5RnJf, 

BrcKLEE. See Shiei,d. 

Buckram, n. «FrTOT?j ^pj^F^ %^^ qcTq? n. 

Buckram, a. v. Stiff. fire-sTTSTT, 3Tr^% ■•3TT^-q?r=^r. 

Buckskin, n. ^Ru||--|' ^fft^ n. y^f^^ «. 

Buckthorn, «. i^ a?r7feft arfl'. 

Buckwheat, n. ^ iH^4f?r 3Tr^. 

Bud, w. ^FSft /^o;;. ^ssft/. ^^/. 3"?=FfH'Tr /. TT^^'iTfr 

?;t. H^ »!. 7i. ^^T w. 
Large b. q?oET »!. 
Nipper in the b.^y. JTT=THT^ w. 
To Bud, ti. n. v. N. 5^^, =Fw^T/. ^^^ ^?:aT-%ijf in. con. 
To Bud, r. a. inoculate, fqjf^/. ^FTof. 
Budded, v. V. N. J?H^, +co4|l 3TT?5??T, 5«^ft?f. 
Buddha, ?i. g^ m. ^5 ot. 
Buddhism, «. ^5«:TH m. 
Buddhist, n. ^5 m. ^^q^rfg^TTTt. 
21) Budge, v. n. move, stir. ^V^., ^Rot, f?5of, ^^, f^- 

frr^r'jf ncy. con. f^T/- =F^f-^iTM «fy. fo?^. 

2 for; ( i. e. by iinplic. care for. mind, heed ). ^HI^ »». 

^M, ^Hr^ m. ^nJf-HHui, ^TH'jf, ffW (CiV/i «fy. fO«. ««<; 

?ror?5r 0/0. 
BuDGEEOW, 71. a particular loat. ^'^t\ m. 
Budget, n. v. Bag. ft^wt/. V??t/- 

2 i/ore, T. Stock. f^\\t[f- n^l 7^. nreri n. ^\^ n. 5^/ 
TT'TT »»• ( esp. iu comp. as Jp'tTTT^T b. of stories or 
tales, im ^ITiJrT b. of tunes. iftrT vpTTT b. of songs, &c. ), 

3 ( of business papers, of accounts, &c. ). ^M^HI?5 m. 
■C'MIrt m. 

Buff, n. skin of tJie hufalo. J^i" n. ^f^^^^ n. 

2 shin of the deer. ^<u||-^'-+-m1 n. aTfJTT «. ^T^fif n. 
To go in b. Hl'lMi^'-ll fTrff^ »». H^iif, '1l'HI4l4|5rw. 

Buffalo, «. — male. g'^HT, ^prr, i^co^i, ^ o?' ^^^, snJPTT, 
'^FT, ^ir, f^, ^^TT, ^tTT> ^f^T, — in endearment or 
contempt. TJ^^Z n. ^o!7l7 n. J^^TT «i. ^^^T^ n. \w^Z n. 
— female. J:"!^ or IT^^, ^^X., sl^fl or ^r^TS, Hf^, — in 
endearment, disparagement, or contempt. f^?T^ or ^^- 

B. carrying eleven months. ar^JT^T^ft'^f^, 
Young female b. xi\f. ^'izf. 
Buffalo-calf. See Calf. 
Buffet, n. t. Blow. i\m\ m. z\^ m. JilN^ ^R/. gf%^"r- 

^ m. 5%rf IT »». 
I'd Buffet, v. a. v. To Box. 'l^i^J'iI, tT^TF^, J^TT/. HR^. 

2 contend against. ^r«Tof , ^Tre'jf. 
'B^'^TOO'S, n. jack pudding, zany, merry Andrew, Tomfool, 
clown, liarlequin, macaroni. ^;K^^ m. ^K m. TfS m. ^- 

^^ m. ^]^f[ m. 

2 jMiJer, droll, tcay.fool, ^'c. ^^H^^^^i-^J m. JT?^=qT in. 
<i^M\^ c. 5|^"R c. [ JR^'r/ 

Buffoonery, «. business of a 5. JTT'4''ftT''TT «i. TR^^urr m. 
2 low jests, drollery, imggery. TR^Jift/. ^rjT^R^'T/. 

Bug, «. S^ »». fiT^CTT m. Tfjtn' m. ^TfjiftTT m. ^^t ,;,. 
—in covert or cant pliras. ^^ m. 
Large and fat b. %titT or ^^^^jm.kj^T or ZWmm.'^'Jzriii!. 

Bug-teap, «. little lax drilled. fH^fi^/. 

Bugbear, n. ^ or ^■\^ m. «fPTP;or airn^^in'^r '». WlfifTi;"'. 
jtNt »». ^RT »'. These words correspond with Black- 
man, Bagman, Beggar man, Bull beggar, &c. 
To make a b. of. ^]^ or ^'rqT W^X^ or ^C=T ^tqoT or 

Buggy, a. abounding icith J!/ys.s-T'JT^'^r^,^^'Tt^r^^^r- 

'K.rtrti, ^-^ij^^rTT. 
Buggy, w. yTy. \^ ^5^?^ nrit/ spft/. 
Bugle, n. v. IIoen. jmtt/. ^rRt^ »■ ?:'JTnTfr w. qm oi. 

dim.^\^f. [HfuTw/. 

2 6ert(7 0/ black glass. ^%'5rT'Fr^TH''ft "»• ^r^trPT/. ^cut- 
Build. See Built. 
To Build, v. a. construct. Hlttiuj", T^iif, S'^R'jf, S'TT^^'T, 

^^^ f.-%^T^ f.-^^ f-^f^M^ f ^^of y. ofo. 
To b. castles in the air. 3TT':Tr?Tfr W: 5f{trijt, H^T'.^ft?/. 

^m, T^RT^q- ». ^r>if, 5FP-| K^RST "i-i^?. ^^iJf, JTnF 

2 up ( doorway, &c. ) fq''Jror, f^oj^ ?:T^ot. 
To Build, v. n. depend on, rest on. 'R'TW w.-f^'^fi'^ m.- 

arqtT «..&c. SETCTT, qn''^ rvith ^r. 
Builder, n. v. Mason. it^Tst, TRT «■ qT»fi'=I'TRT. 

Master b. fT^FRt. 
Building, ?j. v. V. — act. sritTffT n. 5;^ «. &o. iri''^"^t/- PTr- 

Cost of b. qf^oiItTs;/. 
I. (J b. edifice, structure, fabric, ^ftjf^ f. ^^V.'Hf. m^A m- 
A long b. ^[^\m. 

A long narrow b. ^is^r/. ^tWP^/. 
B. composed of four slips. '^I'^fRt/. 
B. having a roof of two slopes. ^TT^it/. HHIoft/. — of 
four slopes. =^T''TT?ft/. '^\^\^\ f. 

B. of two rooms lengthwise. |^/. |=r^/. — of three 
^Mf- f^TTft/.— of four %tI/. ^T^rft/. 

Buildings of some other forms or constructions arc 
designated by the epithets ?tR?lTt, ^TTRt, f ^Rt, &c. 
Division of a b. W'l m. iRFT «. H^ ?(• 
Public or large b. — gener. grsr »«. 
The wood work of a b. +.M|U| n. 
Built, n. build, ^'c. make, structure, form, construction. 
^^JW\^7.f. 5TiqTEr'Z/.5if?pn/. sjf^?^/. offqT m. ^\^^f. 
srftTT «. spTTsr^/. 
Built,;;, v. V. A. sntj^Fsr, 7=^^rSr, &e. sif^J^. 

B. up. 5Tf3[?^. 
Bulb, ». roM«t? roo/;. w.i^ m. ij^r ot. ^^ m. 
To BuiB OUT, See To Belly. 




BcLDous, O.V.N. jpiqr^T, *?^r^, t.^y^, J^3f^,^f^^, ^^. 

])ULBUL, ». Indian niylitint/ale. ^^^ or sj^Tsr^r^Tr «>• 

Bulge, n. protulerant part. ^ "■ ^TT «. ^ITTr »>. 

To Bulge, v. n.jul out, swell out. ^m m.-<fi^ «.-Jpt^ «.- 

^tr »».-JiTTTr w». ^ot i'n. fo«. T'TI «• ^\^^g. of <.«liloiui. 

2 See To BiLOE. 
Be LIMY, H. iJ^rHd'T m. 

Alflictod witli b. iT^HTT^. 
Bulk, n. size^ majnltude. v. Si/.E. 3HI'^KHMn. SII'shPlHHre. 

i main mass or body, njz^vfjrjni. Ht'-ny^^m. 

4- main/iihric, the lady. K'Jq'iTm m. ^rirnTJTFT m. 

BcLKiNEss, n. V. A. 1. rjTFT^rr/. ?'<T;=r^ ?;. ?'41'rJT n. ^^^Tcr». 

<HI+;KH5t^ n. 
Bulky, a. v. Laboe. ^*I~!, sft^ifs, stcPTS, 5rf»r5, 3TTW?7T^- 
Tc)|-Hi, 'J^ ( in comp. ). 

2— as used esp. of man or animal, trl^, MiriiTlt^r, *T- 

Sr'TR, JTW, HMtK, jfr'^TZr, 3mS»hT, ^JTrry, ^TTr^, TT, 

XtFj- in m. 

Bull, n. ^ m. fTT>T m. ^itTT ?». 3Trfti=!^ m. ^?j^ «. ^- 

Bulls and b. — calves, — compreh. l?5Tr?T m. 

B.'s eye. JTiTl^T n. 

Castrated b. See Bullock. 

Dedicating of a b. to the manea, &e. and setting him 
at large. \^\^^^ pop. ^^wA m. 

B. 80 dedicated and enlarged. cftoS m. ^^ m. «f? pop. 

Gross, overfed b. n^^g^ m. 

Learned b. ?f^1%5 m. ^\^\ or ^t^TT^ m. qt^ Or q'f- 

The class of mendicants who go about with it are 
called "Tt'T^ m. 

2 See Bluni>ee. 

3 t(lMI+,5^ q-=5r «. 
Bdll-baitino, w. ''VvN1'}>t1< aftg/. 
Bull-beggar. See Bugbeab. 
Bull-dog, n. j?T=m<t ^(^Fm^ 3TT^. 
Bull-head, n. hlocJchead.^ v. Fool. ^ m. dlum i w. 
Bullet, m. m^f. 

B. — pouch or case, iflrf'^l'll /. 
Bulletin, n. si?;IrtHMM^ w. H^Pl^lriHTH'^-M «. 
Bullion, to. ^r^\^ w(^ ^'a n. W\t^ m^ n. 

Silver b. ^t^t/. 
Bci.LOCK, n. castrated bull. ^3 m. ^T■^^ |-%-^^.,;:^[- ^^g^:.^^^ [- ip. 
=^ ^l<S'-5^-&e. w^m. — in contempt, ^r^? n. 

Bull-bj,nd ( piece of sackcloth, &c. ) of a b.'s neck. 
^rt'iHH n. 

Hump of a b. CHT^TS or % n. 
Nose-rein of a b. ^rm/. ^WJ\ or ^ f. HT^ ft. 
Bein or guiding string of a b. ^FRTTT m. ^P\/. 
Single side or half of a b.-load. 3t^% n. 3T^w,— esp. 
of the leaves of the Piper Betel. ^5?^^ or cTR n. 
String of bells around the neck of a b. t|M<mct /. 

qt7^ OT. Ni'KHioi/. [ tfTPjwf. 

To tie the fore legs of a b.( or buffalo, &c. ). ^^^/. 

The horn-rope of a b. ?fT m. 
2 i/ou?ig bull, ^i^ m. >tY=^ m. 


Bullock's heaeTjM. Annona reticulala. — the tree. ^ i m{-.ot 
/ 3T^^t? or gr^Tr?!? /. — the fruit. T^^'^ n. 3TH^ or 

Bullock- PASS, h. ^ ^u?: ?». 

BULLOCK-HOAD, M. ^tTI^/- ^r^.iH I »!. ^rt H | l [ '/rt. 

Bully, «. v. Hector. qfT^^nrR: m. STTm^tsnT ot. ^<ft- 
?: OT. TnSTTff Wi. '4r7 o;- i^R, f^TTpT:, ^JTCTR'TT, ^Jf^, FTJ. 
?551^-:^;T m. J^'TTTFft to ^fpr m. ^TFT m. 

To Bully, v. a SC^PT^o'r, STl^^, ^nFFRot, ?ni^T^, ^^r- 

iTTt/-&c. W-T^. 
Bullying, n. v. V.— acif. 5T^pRat«. &c. ST^FT^TJft/ STR^jft/. 
^^N-'^t/- ^^^/. ^/. ^ITf /. CTHT?/. 5fM/ ?fT- 

B. of bodily might, arfiferf /. STPm^t/. 'JTtn^T^/. 

Bulrush, «. ifreqT ^=fT?ff^ ^^^m m. 
Bulwark, n. bastion. 5[T^ in. 

2 </f/l7ice— gener. T^UUMN m. t^tot^tWT «. T^^ n. 
Bum, «. breech, v. Buttocks, itl/. ^;li ot. //Z. ^ «. S'F'Irt. 


Bumblebee. See Humble-bee. 

BUMBOAT, «. iff^t?;/. 

Bump, a(/y. trq-^?r-^-&c. *lT5-«f>^-'PT-&c.^ or *R[-^^-^- 
&c. <l)T5-^iT-^-&c. 

Bump, n. ( on the body, &c. ) siuelling, blind tumor, its/. 
nf-T/. enhance. Tt'-Tre «• it'^T^ «• TT^/. ^r^T «./io^. ^- 
JT or n^ OT. iT?^«.1?5f5 «. Tr5f?T m. Zl n. t^l n.^HcS n. 
7>ToI re. TH^ «. ^^ w. g"i'T5E M. ^■feRr OT. ^'xt or ^T5l"oft 
orni^^ft/. ;?qT^«. sTWot. irf^TofT »». g^n ot.JITot. 

^nnr m. 

B. as from a blow or pinch, in^t/- ^:r?ft/- ^^ ^. 
To have a b. d'jotui, cW «.-&c. %TJl-3^5f. 
2 V. Thump, ^crs^/. irstfn- m. vamj. trS^FT ot. 
To Bump, v. a. v. To Thump. siTS^/.-irf^r OT.-s^5^/.-tT5^ 

OT. iTlTof. 
To Bump, v.n. thump against, v. To Thump. *m-^PT-^-&c. 
-f)T5-^R'-:R-&c.-t7if-q;?T-^-&c. FJPlot, «TI^/.-tTI^ ot.- 
4T5^/--*;5^ OT. rJFT'Jr-sm^f in. con. trs^of. 
Bumping, «. v. V. A.— ad. 4f5^/. *T3^ 7?i. -41^/. tr5^»». 
v. V. N.—act. trST/ 45^ ot. Vl^f. ^irSTA m. 
B. ( of a calf, kid, &c. ) whilst sucking, ^oft/. ^?T^ 

/. ^nfif. T'"r^ OT. ^^^ OT. ;f^ OT. ■$^f. ^v^y. f - 

TToft/. ^H^/. V. iTTr. 
Bumper, w. brimmer. ■>TTH?n^c^ ot. TTTT^rTT ot. 
Bumpkin, n. cloivn, v. Countryman. s^HPTJT c. ^J'llmi- 

Hi"HH OT. %i^ w. m'^S'TT OT. 
Bun. See Cake. 


Bunch, n. hunch, protuberance, y. Hump. H^ToS or STcC n. ^- 
T n. ^X n. TplT m. 
B. of a caniel's back. ^^/. 

2 V. Cluster, q^ ?n, ^^^^ m. ^W^ m. ^r^ m. ^ m. qx- 
?T m. -^^^ m k^Wi m. 

3 numler tied together, v. Bundle ^^f- ^h^'II »n. ^^rsit 
»• -jii+l M. ^% n. ^^ m. dim. "^f. H^/ 

4 /)///, knot, clump, ^sppr ??j. ^^ m. ^^pfjf ?«. ntsr w. 

5 ( esp. of flowers ). ^JM" m. 
To Bunch, v. n. ^nsEOf or^no!;nfr, ntSOTf, '^oE n.-&c. iroT, 
2b Bunch, «. a. ^m m.-^sppr w.-&c. srlqw y. ofo. 
BuNCniNESs, n. V. A. ^aT%^rfl'/- •fiilot'^uil m. 
Buncet, o. growing ^'c. in bunches. ^5f%^, ^M+'^K, iTST- 

Bundle, n. ( as of clothes, &c. ). li^ra «. dim. ^\ivC(/. 1- 

31 «. ntsr^ «. «tw?f n. 

Disorderly or loose b. ^t^FPT m. 4i"H* »• 'TRc^ »»• a^i«». 
JTRPfr or oi^/. itt;^ n. 

2 <Ai»y« bundled together, — gener. nj^fenhanc.'f^V^^m. 
and (?/»«. jfteTt or ^\^C^f. & hV-:+'c£ w. niTW w. '^»«- 
nSToit or ^1^1/. JTStS or n^S ?». f%lT m. 

3 ( as oi hay, tlialch-leavcs, &c. ) load. TgT «• f%5r«. 
rfm. firs% n. I%jt/- 1%^/- HTTT ot. ^t^f. 3TT5f «. 

4 ( of ^0(/Aa or grass ). q^/. rfm. Hd+I/ & ^%n. & 
"4f^». ^J^Ain. dim, Jrft/. =?'ft/. 

Aggregate of five bundles. ^T^t^m. 

5 ( esp. of rice-straw ). Af[f. 
— loug or spheroidal; straw case. WSlm. ^i§T or ^\'Z^n. 

7 (as of matches, greens, sticks. &c. ). bunch, ^ost/. 
^giTff*. dim. ^^t\f. -^mym. ^5?fn. or v^^'+,|ot.& ^l^pra. 
ift or Tft/. ^^^/». ^qil or ^g^TTl". ^-milw. ^V^m. 

8 ( as of papers) packet, d'Mc'..+ /. JfWw. or ^1%/}. TfT 
»». dim. '^_'i\ f. 

Tape or tie of a b. ^"^ft/- ?r>R^/. ^^prnTjft/. 
Jb Bundle, J), a. ^(> or iiW m a i. ni^rS'J.-IStw.'ltsrSn. 

To b. neck and crop. HR/. ^'muj g. of o. 

To b. off, send off angrily. fq'?rfWf^ai_ 
Bung, n. ^m. tjiot. f^jn. ^r^^/. 
2 ( esp. oi dubbers.^ <4,c ). '^t[f. 
To Bung, «. a. ^m.-&c. q^rMr. 
Buno-hole, n. 5JT-&C. sj^rf^^n^ jfl^n. 
Bungalow, w. Aomsc. ti'irflm. 
jTo Bungle, p. n. perform clumsily. 3TTnJpFr'=rn.-3TT«r3'?r«r5 

To Bungle, v. a. cobble.^ botch. 3TT^'4t^ fl<ft^ ^nTif 3TI«I- 

Bungle, n. clumsy tvork. See To Bungle V. N. 
BrrNGLEB, n. v. V.N. asff Awkwakd. Hnr?r«ft, 1^ qrrtqr 

'Ft?;^ n>rr?fr, T^rTT, ^niqnTT, qjifTtt, ^Rrsqr, st^MY, 

115 BUR 

Bunglers and cobblers, — compreh. ^ '%\^ [ \ -:^ .i\\£\ 
Bungling, a. clumsily or confusedly done, v.Ci.r.vsY. ^THF- 

2 immethodiccil, blundering. srq'gTT or il«4<MITT, niareTt- 

s^rr^, ntq'isrErr. 

BuNGLiNGLT, ado. aTTSmTtTT^^rHt^, •'ifNl'4?5r5ft?ft^,. 'AT- 

Bunion, ?^. for?( on the foot. ^T\ m. 

Buoy, n. r^'^n. sfiqrrm. 

To Buoy, v. a. keep afloat. rHTTr rftqFT-&c. ^^-TT^oj-, rT^- 


2 mari" out by buoys. «I'|q'<?». />/. rfN^r. 

3 keep from despondency, v. To Suppobt. ^H'/i.-'^tT »''•- 
a^HT^w.- &c. ^of. 

BuoxANCT, «. V. A. FR-fiqTjrr m. rRUrnl^fTT/. ?rW5Tf^/.?F- 

B. of spirits ^^S^frT/. [ qri-T. 

Buoyant, a. that ivill not sink. H<|i|l«K<--j|, ?rnT^fn^, fP"ir- 

Of b. spirits. ^I^^rff, ^HiMd.^r^. 
Bueden, n. V. Load. ^l^n. ^[Tin. '^T^m.f. ojM-iR;;. 

Beast of b. Tra^f^l or hi 41*;!. ^ycii^;«. 

Ship of b. HfnTFff". f^T^ral' <Tre; 'i.-'lri^H n.-^r^n.- 
&c. ^TTf rfT^-'T=5^ &c. 

Tit for b. ifrft^, q^'lX^. 

Of b. ^ra?^, 3TT5r?fr. 

2 fig. (Z gritf, an anxiety, a trouble. 'JTr^f n. ^TTTot. T?r=IT'>r 

3 (of a favor received). 3TPTIT m. 3ira». dl^uiH. 'bjT^n. 


4 ( of a business, as imposed; or as reposed or rested). 

^rCfra. TROT, artpnrre. nia; ?». 

5 (of a song), a^'-^ui ^R^ or 3H+,i'+-i^«. ^IT^'". TTrlilT^ 
or qTH^rt. -J^^ «. [ ^?nT»;i. 

6 thai which is often repeated, v. To Dwell upon. Tpjf". 
To BuiiDEN, V. a. T. To Load rlKuf, ^l^f". Efr^iff-ST^r 

2 fig. oppress, encumber, S(c. aTran.-JTTTm. iS.c. ^TrJof-r^T- 

BUEDENED,/?. V. V. 1. mZ^.T^, W^ MM?lrfT-&e, 

2 TKq^, TRT^fFT, Hrnft,5?r. 
BUEDENSOME, a. grievous, Sfc. v. Afelictite. ^5, *rrtt, ^- 

2 V. Cumbersome. |5I|, ^^ifer, ^H^TTJ, 'i^^^I. 
Bureau, «. ^fuTi=:ft'T^ /• 

2 department. ^T^ n. 
BuBG. See Borough. 

Burglar, n. qt^-^TT c. finms-JfT, ^ftTHfn, ?rfq^T. \_^n. 
Bukglaey, «. house-breaking. m'^]%^ n.fT^'^X^ n. ^fq^T- 
Bubial. See Burying. 
Bueied, p. V. V. JT^f^r, nT5?^?JT or iT3=I3T. 

To be b. (in ) lit. fig. jTijf, iJS'jf. 
BUELESQUE, a. tending to raise laughter. ^R'TT^pqr, ^K^H- 




To BURLESQVE, f. a. ^vi if^M\^ ^T'^f- <R^, H^^/.- ^I- 

BcBLiXESS, n. V. A. m\^=^^m[ m. H^FTg'mT w. &c. %^'<Jr7- 
BCRI-T, a. lij, liilki/. V. LiKOK. '\^<^i 'M^, FJf^ or 55^ti^ 

MT^, vr5=^TT^, yftiTur, SIJT or ^iJJ^ #7TT, qrOTST, IT^7. 
To Bin}i, f. (I. fl/r<r/ hi/ heal. ^STRiJif, HFTiif, qiaSiTf, ^^ijf, 

Tr^ m.-7T^ «. :R^ J. of 0. ^^ ^^. 
To b. Olio's fiugors. To be burned, sustain loss, Sfc. 

"Twit, 3Tr^/. ^^^ in. con. =qfT m. sj^ in. eon. ^q-, 

2 ( bricks, &c. ) HnTiir. 

:! ( the throat, &c. )— rancid, Ac. substances. ?JR"JT, ^^- 

v^'-)"!, si-H"i, ^i*ui. 

i (food in cookery). •tiTT'TDT, ^lol'it. 

") corrode, gnaw. ^"JT^, fT^T^t, ^ictui. 

•> up; consume by fire. vdl<iH'l|--H<if,^|cA^^K4/--<5;c. !?>W, 

7 ( ground before sowing seed). HT^oft /.-HT^R^r/- 
HTJT^ fl.-itc. ^K^f, ^/. Tr^M. 
S See To Cauterize. 
To Burn, r. n. he on fire. ^T^iw, ^^'T n. sttif y. of o. 
—fiercely, &c. v. To G low. qTiq-TiTf, 4,um>u|ai_ 

To b. with a crackling noise- — dry grass, &c. HTTT^ 

B. it I V. Curso it! ^T5f n. 
t a lamp or light. sHdUl, cR''it. 

:! ( with anger or lust ). sjlciuj, rTTT^, ^f^TPT'Jr, ^^Tot'ir^'jf, 
^-TS^, 9'"14>i'l'^ inlens. <|nJTm"'f,^'W^,?r^w. ^y.o/«. 
4 ( with emulation, eagerness, desire ). ^sRjf^, ^<ij - 

.'> (in being cooked); — food. ^p^Tof, ^TliJf, 3Tf^/. rf | J | u i ' 
■in. con. SFTiif, iMIotU|,5riab'|iJi. 

»5— corn fields, country, &c. le hurnt up, parched. JpTT- 
tjf, ^?PZ^, ^^T^, TPTtJf, ;FT^?r ^J? ^M, :f ?^T5jnt or ^K- 

7 — the mouth, &c. under acrid tastes. 'ncS'Jf, frT^TRof, 

ri<HNof, ^TJI^riliTf, T'Tf'T^, qT^-FT'jf, ^q-^^TSTJf, ^T'm'jf, 


■S ( in the throat, stomach, &c. ). vr|c4^otuf v. impers. 

( as "fr^-3TR-^^m-&c. ^d.A'M ), lT^>iif, j^j^ df ( as 

^3|riri-&c. jpspi or i,-r\i-A'^ ). 

D— the body in fever, &c. rTNirf, rTTof, T^TTOS'i, ^TmHI' 

^rr^-TTt'lNH,!^ m. ^iJT, tnT-'TTJf, 'P'JT'P'JTof, ^Jt^E<psaf, ^- 

10 (injleSfc, icith heat, v. To Smart. =|T^iJf, ^^OT- 

11 out. ^^JT^ fPJr, ^T^pT^TT^ ^, ^cAHil^ui . 

Scar or mark of a b. '^Z^m. 

Skin peeling off from a b. ^cE-TTw. TPrTm.^TTffi.HtcTOT. 

Smart of a b. '^z^m. =^r:^m. 

'2 See Brook. 
BuRNADLE, a. Y. V. A. 1. ^T5inTT-^ ^tir-c'cc. ^RT^, ^. 

Burned, Burnt, p. v. V. A. 1. ^T^H^r, &c. ^jp^f^, »Tr^, 
^^, ^tr, f^q', ^=lP.H, ^5J^r (?m. ^ol^Fi ra//(fr b. 

To bo b. qt^tif, HT^of, 3Tf^/. sm>?f-r7mDf ('». co». 
T. V. N". 5. ^PT^^, ^Krfrfl, &c. ^mz. 
Victuals b. in the dressing. !pT7/. ^<ft/. 
BuENER, n. Burning,/!, a. v. V. A. 1. ^T^UTTTr, &c. ^7?, 

V. V. N. 1. srioiuiKl, ^JTSTFTT, ^:;T5^, ^rM, 5?TTFT, ^^% 

3 V. AnGEY. LrSTEUL. FTR^?^ &c. "PWF^JfTfT, ^rTJT, i^fT. 

4 See Impatient, Ardent. 

V iduiadufli, ^ui^ufl^f, iUKufld, tm^-rft^r. 
I. — as poisons, medicines, &c. ^OT^^, ^i\iZ or ^!}P!. 
Buenino, n. V. V. A. 1. ^ToUJf «. &c. ^ »». ^T^ n. ^^ «. 
T. V. N. 1. — state. ^JRtjf n. ^^ n. T^rlT «• 

2 ^T2;iJif n. rtcTut ». 

3 ^?T^ n. etc. ^ m. ?mrT m. 

4 ^q^njnr^ «. &c. ^=r^^/. gr^T/. ^^ or v^f. ^h oj' 

^/.?t^^ m. V. ^5:, 5^5^ /. ^Z^zf^^ztf. intcns. 
^CT?: Of ;t ot. 

srCJisjuR/. intens. iriuiyuiid ?». fJlTfftT/. intens. fir^fHTT- 
? »!. m^^/. intens, W\^^\Z m. 

9 ^ or STf «!. ir^T or aTTTT^T ^ ot. tpTq^T/. jw/cws. 
t^q^^ m. tpiTJfTT WJ. intens. ^ui'OuiK «». 9i^niTW w. 

Internal b. aT?T^TW «»• ^oS^JloE/. intens. ^550T5ET7 »?. 

10 ^OT^spjT/. ^"fiTT/. 'ijuifui/. ^ or 5T^ w. "poT^ m. 
^'T'fiKT OT. intens. 4)U|4)U||d m. [ ij «. 

Bueninq-glass, ». ^%m M. ^'^fFTr^r firn n. ^^\^ fir- 

The focus of a b. >f^:^q^^T m. 
To Burnish, v. a.pjoUsh. f%^???5 ^FTOT, 3^3;tjf, T^^T^oft/. ^- 

flMfr/.- &c. ^-3TnJTDr. [ &e. ^m. 

Buenishee, n. v. V. fH^f^TT or ^^f^HR, yvrii+O, 3TT"T- 
I. dofs tooth, stone, ^'c. used to burnish. iTT^r m. ';jtrT-. 
oft/. sm^Ri/. ^RT OT. 


BuEEOW, n.hole of an animal. f»f^ pop. tf\dS n. 'fr^f? «. qr^T- 

To Burrow, d. ?;. sft^: «.-'?!7^ w.-qT?TPT m.-f^^ «. ^priJi'-^. 

BuESAE, n. fk|4||r>,^H| ^^'H'^K, q^lf^RiTff ?«. 

Buesaet, «. f^lijlrl'm-^l ^^iftTT OT. 
2 f^?TT'<ff ^mr %HDFF/. 

Burse, m. s^rrrpq'f^qT 3T|T m.-'ws «>■ 

To Burst, v. n. ^htjt, "ppriir, j-i-iui, g-FfKof. 
To b. in pieces, *itioi"i, STOcfJt, 
To b. into tears. T^ n. ^FrHoIot. in. con. 
To b. with laughter. ^W\t f m?Tf 3Tf?rff «. /)?. Iw^T- 

2 forth, out, away, &c. ?'4^<jf, 7^^^, ^7<if, 575 ^tt'I'; 

ms 117 

q-of-TS^, 3^r55/.- ^'H^ or ^WVftf. ^m. 

8 Ihroush. "FTIfr ^JTTW, "^ <PTf^ ^r^f, ^^ f^^,q'?r- 

T.5 BuEST, v. a. tpl^OT, ^rew, ^R wj.-WRq" n. JpT'^f y. o/o. 
B LEST, 71. sudden ex-plosion — of anger. &c. 5pr^T m. ^.^]- 

BunsT,;j. v. V. N. 1. Y-^^i ^'^- "F^i T^^i ^^,"^5^, 
V. Y. A. tpri^OT, "PTS^sr, -^Yn ^Jf^^i f^^-^-i Wfcr, 

f^^OT, f'j'i.lRd. 
BvBSTi^a, n. y. V. N. I.— ad. ^of ». "PRm^ n. Vf£^ n. fq-- 

V. V. A.— act "jrrsof n. &c. ?^r^ m. ^"FPT^ ?«. 
BuHTHEN. See Butiden. 
To BuET, t'. n. inter. inJiumale. qruf^ TrS'T, TS^'^f, HPft o;- 

"3 ^ifr/. ^, Tmt 3TT5-H? 3TT5 ^^, ^TfJTTrr ^Tijf , ^^- 

^ n. JRur y. o/ 0. 

2 ( one's self) — as in a Maih. >7K7T ir^, >IKH ^^. 

3 ( seed, &e. ) JTTffN-ctc. qT^oj. 

4 overwJielm and cover. iT'ST '+<"!, 
To be buried. ^T^ ^^. 

5 ( in oblivion ) HTcft/. ^TRot ?j]7:at w'iVA ^ o/o, fSf^- 
frf/.-itc. "TTS^Jf ivith (J. of 0. 

Bl'etikg, Burial. «. v. V. — (JCif. 'TTiJrw. jn^uj «. iTTrft^crf «. 

B. and burning ( of the dead ). ^^TT Z^ n. 

Self b. (of a Sanyasi). ^mrfq'/. m. pop. ^Hr^T/. v. ^, 


=5fl' ^fTPTT/. ^'^w^f. ■PWTn. ^?r^^ /. m d =( ^ ». qrr^'<Tr^». 

Busn, «. ^IT or ^|q"n. ^v^n. 

Close and dense b. 5ri^T«. ^3T5fTf«- ^TT^'t. ^Sft/. 

Place orerrun with bushes, ^tt; or ^f^ or ^?:^n. 
To beat the bushes ( to raise game ). JJ^n. ^PT?'^, 

2 leafy IrancJi IroJcen off (to le set ^'c.). '^IW'Xn,. gf"Tm. 
Bushel, n. ( of the nave of a wheel), ^^in. \^t[f. 

BusniKESs, n. v. A.l. I?i^«. ■^H'Mlin.^ilTlw.^Sft/. ^h\7Ai. 

2 grtt/. ^TTitTTOT. 
Busnv, a. tMck^Sfc. like ah. ?ff'TT3!,5rf^Rr^,^'5fTinn',f^f%5. 
To grow b. gtHlciui, 5f;JF^. 

2 full of hushes. ^fq^TT, ^^STra, STTI-^TT ^ITl^^. 

3 ( tail, &c. ) ^M+qm, ^q%^. 

BuSILT, flffv. g^fpN=PI>, r<i^li-l't:'MH4^). 

Business, m. employment, occupation, ^mi. q^m. TcfPTw. 
2 icorlc to le done. !PTH». ^AH'\r\f. ^rHpRt/- ^RTRot. 

Daily or settled b. f^rq+H;*. 

Load of b. ifvmwi ^^m. !PTHT=^T ir5T)».-5nTT)«. 

Mind your own b. Expressing the sense of this 
phrase, and of the similar phrases, What's thai to you, 
TJiat't no concern of yoi'.r's, Tou r/o toBath~le lianged, \ 


Sfc — as used in repressing interference viewed as 
impertinent, there are some striking colloquialisms in 

Marathi. ^tt'T nS«rr, 3TrTr-7T %n ^, 5^r qrpr q^i^, ttzj ^frxq- 

f^j^l qf^l jp^'Z 3T?T^^ ffT^I^" ^jsmri m: ^W,it|t- 

TT^ 3TTi ^fTl?: q^ nT^T ^PT^', '3TTq^ qtl "l?! 3Tmf »T^TT 

srar €i =^t>TTT ^mr 5^ ^ftt, ^mr^r j^^^ft 'irrfi^ t^'jit^ 

To be sent about one's b. ^WC^. 
To do one's b. v. Natuee. Hiti l cb^.H ^"Jf. 
To do one's b. (i. e.the b. of) v. To Kuix. ^mn. if.j. 
®Sr y. of 0. ^V^-^jf. pi. "Tr5^or=q^iTft-/.-1%^/. ^my.ofo. 

3 ah. ajoh,a matter to he done.^mt. ^FT'T". ^^«. ^- 
oq-«, 5f?frj:q;j_ 

Light or easy b. ^^'^n. 

Losiug b. q'jF<To!r«. nrrfTw*. W^^f- 

Troublesome b. if^^>«. W^tln. 

To manage the secular b. of. ^jR^r«»- ^R'OT y. of 0. 

4 a matter gencr. v. Affaie. jfre/. 5^fi^^»', ?^e7T»«. 0/' 

5 province.^ office. spnTw. J^^prn. ^^^■!X^m. ^:^.vnn. ^m. 
CCTTm. TTPr»i. 3T?^/. 3^?;:/. 

6 traffic, V. Teabe. ^'^^w. q^^^i^w. q'JjfrS or q^rKTS/. 
Extensive or vast b. ^^\7^ ^r^T^m. Vt^J^FfT-PJ^-iTSif- 

5-&C. JpR^PTTMJ. 'PTT^^TTOTTTwi. "FFRq^ ^FTTT^qT T^- 

Departments of an extensive b. ^^srr ^TT^%w^)?. 
Jfan of b. sqq^rft /'o/). qs^OT. m^>T?«. 
Skilled in b.^qq^p^^, sqq^q^. 
To thrive in b. |^Pr». qr^ijf y. 0/ s. 

7 ii^s^Ze a«(f «/jV 0/ huyers and sellers. 'pT^fTsr^/. 
^profession, art, vocation, occupation, v. Livelihood. 

?:?rr«j. or ^^^«. 
BusKix, «. ^TT^t^ :?;r3:f?ft?7 ^^r^ftqri^. 

Buss, M. ^/w. H^M. ^5Fr«. 

jTo Burs, d. a. v. To Kiss. =5rqoT. 

Bust, n. *H<my5 qr^^ Vfni^r q?T5ET. m. Hl^q^ or 5- 

^■RT- «».f^TTt*m m. 
Bustaed, 11. *T15ESI+/ HJ. 
To Bustle ( about ), v. n. ^pq ?n^or, JT^^rnT w.-sq^TM.- 

':Ti5rTtTf5T/.-tTf5T«r7/.-&c. q^^. 
Bustle, n. stir, hurry, lively motion, mif. 'cTJqqiqy! qfqr- 

fcrW/. trtrfq/. 'reqs/. ii^r^/ mTryT/. 

To be in a b. n^^. 

2 ( as of business, &c. ) brisk and noisy stir, ij^q^f 
^^^f. ?r5T^ or m m. ^iqT m. 

3 confused hurry, din, ^'c. pother, pudder, row, clutter, 
coil. ado. ift'q^ w. qfe m. qtqr^Wi. ^TTrlH^ /. 3TTt^ ''. 

rs^/. ns^ft/. f^??/. 

Bustlee, Bustling, a. hu.iy. stirring, active, ^r^g, ^Tift, 
ifnTT5, ^Jff, ?T^ciTT, ^^TS'TT, S'^ST^'TT, "^^Zt or ciJT, 
flTT^ or ^iTT, ;FqR-€rr, TTg;-5Trft, ^^^?TT . TS^-STT, =q- 




«J-?s?TT, ^MS'^n, ^e^WR, 3<ri'n, ^R?fte, ■d«fi«i«)i'i, a. eti'jajed in businets. -diil'liH r^PT^OT, ^FP^frl 

Tlu- sense of the word is often best rendered by *inid, 
^tJHlid , Ac. as cfr *IMif1 3Tf| Ue is busy. 

2 ttirrinj, lively. See Bustlee, 

3 /«// of stir and life,— 9, town, a hoube, &c. n^T^pftrT, 
T^T^jfr^, S'T^'iftiT, T^g'irrft, 3't'^TKT^TRT. 

■1 (d;iy, .'Vc ) -+mi--qi l^i^r-fTJT^qpTT. 

5 meJdlin'j, v. Oiiuious. ^■^^'^n, fJ^W. 
To Busy. Sec To Emplov. 
Busr-BODT, n. ^5^ JfTTrHTff "i- FJfjT ^FRHRt m. ^5^^ »<■ 

(—female b. g^t qnT^'nfr'T- &e. ). 
But, conj. v. Excei-t. fsfi^nf, <MfM, •H'fFr, ^"fl^. 

2 ye/, nevertheless, hoiceier, howleH. q'cn', TT, "TTH, fTT, 
Hff, fT-«Trf^, 3T'»TTfT, f%3. 

There is a " but'' iu the case. JT^^ rf^ 3TT^ or IT^ 

3 no more than, v. Onlt. JTra', %^5J or %cIgE, <p^. 
BuT-END, n. ^ n, gs^ m. ^'qiTT wj. — esp. of a musket, &c. 

BuTCttEK, n. JpHT^m. ^RTR m. <.mi=») ot. <mi+1 m. 

To Bi'TCUER, V. a. kill sacagely, Sjc^ v. To Kill, vft^ m.- 

srnJT ni. ^ if- 0/0. x^ ot.-^tt?5 /.-^3i^ «.-^[;?rr/.-&c. 

i^ Ji. 0/ TfH^. 

BuTCHEBT, n. JusineMo/'a WoAer. *^|iJ+IM n. +^ltl+<- 
"ft/. iMI-i+HUII m. 

2 slaughter-house. +'Hl|<,=IMI m. ^tr^TTOT/- ^[^/. 

3 fig. slaughter, massacre, \. Killing. +Tiir4/. f. T5, 

BfTLtit, n. cJl+'fl'd m. ^l24'/r TO.The English word is com- 
mon under tlie corrupt form of jl-irfl m. 

Butt, n. ot/Vrf of aim. f^\VR or u\ n. f|^ or ^ «. ?J^tt n. 
3?T ». ^eq- n. ^f'^rr^ m. 
A b. for arclicrs. <?T^ m. 

2 jesting-stock, laughing-stocky ^WA'i, n. M|<i|oi «. %- 
aspTT OT. fTmrr?^^ n. ■d'^^l'HKM^ n. 

3 (of abonied animal). ST^T/. p^/. ^Kuft or j- 

^ WZ ftT «. 
To BcTT, V. a. I^PF'Jf, f^of, 1^' or ;^Tr5W, gj l ^ , 7- 
«P/-f^/.- &c. ■^ir. [ itr:?^. 

That is given to butting. f^FTToE, f^FIT^, J=rRTjrT tfm. 
BuiTEB, n. 7^^ n. iT^^ w. ^^i^ n. ^^ToJT m. 
B. imperfectly separated. r\ ] 't . i f. n. 
Vessel for heating ( and clarifying ) b. r^'^;^:;^f. 
Clarified b. ^ n. ^n. 3TFF!rn. ^ n. ;Hff ».— in cant 
or covert phras. q^ n. 

Clarified b. fresh and hot. rtl»Hia rTT n. 

Clarified b. waslied ( a hundred times ). ?l?ra«T n. (a 

thousand times ) ^f^H'jrT n. 

Dregs of clarified b. ifft/. [ t^j^TTT n. 

Dreggy or badly clarified b. iRTPror atr^Tn.sR^ n.%- 
That smells or tastes of clarified b. rfT^. 

2 soap, palaver, blarney, S(c. v. Flatteuy. Jotqi^TTt/- ^■ 

Vi^J\rm^ n. 
To Bltteh, v. a. f^twt n. fTRor-yisuj. 

2 V. To Flatter. |y|HHI^' or iqij^fff MK-Huj. 
BuTTEE-iiOAT, n. :^"'TTr »». 5\oTT OT. (i/OT. inift/. #TT w». These 

words signify a vessel made of leaves tacked together to 

hold clarified butter or oil. 
Butter-cup, n. ^ TFJ STTf. 
Butterfly, n. qr^Tsfl/. ^^^TT^T^J; n. f^TM n. W »•• WTwi, 

^?(ff=^ ^PNi-^TT m. 

2 — as applied to A spruce and glittering but empty fellow, 

and as synonymous with Jay, Pojnnjay, Gossamer, 

Fluttering Spark, Airling, Fop, Cock's comb, Bawcock, 

&c. some correspondent terms are ^Itfe-^^Hl «JJ, '^j- 

Butteeis, n. g^HTTfTw. 

Buttee-milk, n. ?rr^ ?». rT^P n. Some terms of abuse for J3ul- 
fcrmilk considered as weak and wisliy washy arerll+«f- 
ift n. iv^^^ n. <Ti^^ TPift n. S>^+=)un «• tjts^^ «. ^- 

• compreh. or loosely, i. e. 6., curdled milk, whey,^-e. 

dl+4iun n. 
B. mixed with rice-gruel, q^i^ n. [ or ^f 

B. warmed with spices, &c. dl+d^ or "dl*dH/. frHf?^ 
That sells b. rTTspTr. 
To scald b. rTPP n. <pt^. 
Bdttee-tooth, n. =qFjft^ ^f?T m. 
Buttery, n. v. Pantet. •HNco'4l^{-ilf^/. "FTIoEr^t^it^it/. 

BUTTEET, a. OTOtrpEJT, rilui'i, ?5iU|x).!,_ 

Buttock, n. ft «• ^T^T w. ^nrs w. dMIui or stt n. JFIor ijv. 

^FTT or ^T m. t[Kf. f?rs n. nt^/. J^T wi. ( used esp. of 

beasts ), f^TfT^ m. ssft'ift'/. 
Ulcer on the b. ifs^^ m. [ f^r^^. 

To clap the buttocks in exultation, f^^ STSf^^- 
To move along upon the buttocks. <^<iu| or W^^^- 

"T^■^TT-^5^rf "PTT^-ifT adv. ^^Tnir-Hlrt'ji. 
Button, n. ^ft/. J^FT «. 

Holding by the b. vCKlMdl/. 

2 ( of wood, to fasten doors, &c. ). PhhuiI/. 

3 — gener. 3T5^0T n. aTS^P^PT n. 

4 knob or boss fitting a loop.ivs^'^ f. no!# n. fiR5 or g-n. 

Note. These words also meau the knob & loop together. 
To Button, v. a. n^ arS+Ruf, ^'^f-P^- ^TF!"^, aTS+Hlui, 
Button-hole, Button-loop, n. n^t^^ n. f^n.-^^jm. 

Buttress, n. v. Peop. S^PT JB.^^RT m. ^^ /. ftTTT w». f^TRTT 




To Buttress, t'. a. ZWA m.-&c. '^of. [ mm^. 

BUTTEACEOUS, BuTYEOUS, a. ^.\^^T^, ^VAZ, c^lUH-i, ^^T^jft- 

2— of milk; richjat. ?JJT5T, fq-^OT, ^^T^. 
Buxom, a. ga;/, hh/lhr, etc. v. LiVKLY. gTjfT^, tn^, t^ff, 

BuxOMLY, «(/t'. V. A. 3"i?rfl^Tfr^, aTT^^CTTT-f, m^TTT'Tq-. 

BuxoMNEss, n. V. A. arTHS^'T'JTm 3"«T^|f=T/.w^r=i2,f rrf/. 

To Buy, v. a. f^^.^ q^r, p(fr?i; ^m, ^ft<t/.-^5T m.-^aT?r 

7t. spm y. 0/ 0. HV.^3;?r ^wf. 

BuYEE, 7). T. V. f^Ft^uiKI, ^■(^^^R'TTTT, &c. ^{lidU, fq-^T- 

Buyin'g, m. v. Y.—act. f5FP?T^ w. &o. ^ftff/ ^pq- »». 
B. and selling, v. Teadk. q^i^ot n. ij«r^5r m- ^qf=r^T 

w. ^5HT5 or ^T^mra/. 
Tb Buzz, r. n. — as flies, &e. 'TTcfr or 'TPT^'U'lN'Ji or ^rTT^T- 

"t, H'iIH'''T't in/ens. m^j^ix^ 

2 V. To WnisPEE. ^^TJfl'n, f =qf^^, 'jcrpm/ Jfrcw. 
Bpzz, Buzzixo, 71. V. V. 1. I'JT'T'JT or fJl'TT'ft'JT/. in/ens. T- 

orniTR or fnuif^'Jrr^ or ^^OTI?; ??!. qHt »• intcns. ^TT- 

H: rni. ^mroT 7^. 'TOTTOT or f^'J\'H\^ f. inteiis. ^TOIHWR: m. 

2 1'^3'^/ 5^^/- f^f"^/ f^^/- 
By, /ire^. — uotiug agent. ^|?r, fTH^, ^^Tf q', "TT^, ^T?^. 

2 m'jM, — noting iusturment. ^fv^jTT, 'Ff'T, ^, ^ntt. 

3 o/, as soon as, — uoting time. ^iT'^i (ex. 3Tp5T ^nTH %?5T 

fiT gf^f fr^ 5i^f =f7T^ ?i^ ), TM^r, "Tq-?r, fff, ^^,^\ 

By this time. By now. (ts^ ^lif, <^5^i%"t. 

4 through, — noting means or medium. ^57T, "FT^ or 
^>^, gKT, 'fl^^F^TT, T?:^ or T^^^vT. 

5 uoting passage along. ^CT, ^«|ctH, TT^, WT^. 
Er, at?D. a< hand, in presence, v. Neae. vT^oS, WHtT, rH'+.-i. 

By, in composition, implying indirectness, injtrioriti/, 
irregular'dg, subordinacy, &c. is expressed by '¥IT5,"'tT, 

^f^T, ^R, as anr^nr, arrsfr^t, anr^^r, aTrs^iTT, stt?^- 
ST, 3Hu<iio!i, 3Trj5Tf«r, arrsfe, arrs^^s, a^^m, arr^nft, 

&e."^TftrT, HiTiI^r?, &c. Other examples see in order. 
By a>-d By, in a short time. ^Plfr^ ^^SPf, :pT|i%«T^, *TT, 

Br THE By, ^^:?r arrs^ur 5rT?qT^57T, ^^ ^^^TiT ^\^. 
By-affaie, By-business, By-job, By-woek, n. 3HI4+IM n. 

n. arr^'R'^ ^fHTT n. ^^^ n. "TM^T^ «. 

Br-coENEE, n. =^R qr/r^ra" ?«. 
By-day, n. arrji^^r »»• 

By-design, By-end,By-object,«. nVJT^?? m. nv^^^X^m. 

a^lHiiRl^+li) «. [ m. &c. 

By-expenses, n. ^XW^ m. arr^K^ ot. "^Im^ w. f?T^F^?7=^ 

Br-OAIN, n. pickin/s, &c. aTT5 fJT^I^fT/. %rt^ fn^^^ f. 

f?T5rrtr f*ToE^?T/. arT^frrr^ h^^?t/. f^r^Rs sjifa"/. arrs- 

?!T>T w. qT^??T or ^T^'<T ?^. [ np^/. 

By-lane, By-steeet, n. anTirsft/. =^WTcff/. STi^HT m. 

By-matter, m. aTrsnTq/. %^^1>?/. f^^mnFTTn. i^iTl^T^ 

«»• rtui+i-H n. 
By-naiie, n. sTqiTTft ^\^ or ^TTTrft HT^ ?;. 5fTH?IT^-.S;c. ^t^ 

n. T5%^ ?n'q' n. ^5%^ ?rfsr M. 
By-paxi£, By-eoad, By-way, n. amsTR/. am^A m. am- 

2 fig. hy-manner, hy-method, S;c. \xf\^ f. ai<TftfH/. 

By-stander, «. ^=r5i=5Tr s'^ Trf|%^ JTrn-Fr m. fr'rr^r'fk c. 

Idle by-standers. aTTrJTT^ ^""i'Tr^ in. pi. 
By-stock, By-store, n. arr^f^T m. 

By-story, By -tale, n. arrs^'^T/. ["nT«r5t/. 

By-time, By-sea.son, n. amq-55 /. arr^ftT/. ''W^^^.^f. 
By-tillage, By-town, m. ^pmTM?;/. 
By-woed, n. ^^f. '^TFT in. ^"^f^TrPTT « 
Br-wOEK, n. arrs^T w. 


(J^ For the account of the two sounds of this letter as 
represented respectively by K and S, see under thoso 
letters. The combination Ch. is represented by ^, and 
when aspirated by iJ. 

Cab, n. ^ qn-^Tpft TTft '-TtI. [ ^HTf m. 

Cabal, n. v. Combination, viicrfiy. ^F^ ?». ^^ m. ^ «. ^- 
2 V. Inteigue, <P^ m. +--|k, in. ^F^rrw «. 

To Cabal, v. n. v. To Plot. ^ w.-rilT?^?T/.-&c. ^??3"i. 

Cabalistic, a. v. Occult, qrr, n^, nsT^^. 
C. letter, sft^^ n. ^V^ n. 

Cabbage, n. thl41 /. or <^/. from Couve Port. ^RT «. ^- 

Bulb or belly of a c. ^r»fNT WA^ »«.-T|T m. +,<H+i4l 

2 ( of wick ). +Mc4l/. ^FT^Tsit /. f%^r5!T ?». 
To Cabbage, v. n./orm a head, np- mi. ^tot-q"OT in. con. 

2 — a wick. q?r^?r3'Jf, ^RToff /. ir^ '". co;z. 
To Cabbage, v. a. pick, <^c. v. To Embezzle. ?JTt3t,-^ 14 ^hO'i^ 

<'-IK'n/- ^^fTW, r\T^ »». ^ 2«!7/< q'^ of 0. 

Cabbage tree n. i\\m_ij. 

Cabin, n. ( of a ship ). ^^\^ n. <q<i^?! n. ^1^/. ^"JT m. 
2 cottage, cot, T. Hut. ^r<T^ ?«. dim. ^m€\f. ^ffTfT/- 
Cabinet, »j. v. Closet. ?5T^^ ^Rt /. 

2 private council room. 5J{r^?T^FTT »». <[;qrRr f^TfT^r^T"'. 

3 Sf/ec; Jo,/y 0/ ministers, ^'^\'^-^■s(\^\^ ^?I5pf'TT^r- 
ft JT5c5T/. 5??qTT=5ft m. pZ. 5?vq-q-q-p7 m. pi. 

4 io.r of drawers, cells, t^'c. ^"TT^^ S7f/. ^T%^R^/. 
Cabinet-council n. w^^^=^\'^-&c. ^^\f. 
Caeinet-makee, n. v. Caepentee. ^OTf^^^^^-STT «fq\ ^TRT- 

Cable, n. E^T^k w. ^7^ «. ^kt ». Tr^»». ^^ n. 

CXK 120 

Caboose, «. TJ^^PTSTT^ W^rrr w. !; 

(.'ABiiioLET, n. ^ q'rs^p-ft ^Tr ^mv^ nrft arff . jl 

t'ACUECTiCAL. a. V. ^■. 5:ff'47t^5r':T^, l:ft'a?fHrEFT. [fH/. 
Cacuexy, n. i« Aai'V of My. |:fr<TcT>TT^PTT/. s^P^ft^ |-.f?'«T- 
Caciiixxatiov, n. 3T?^W '«• 

Cack, fl. i\?( f. l"^. 

Ti> Cackle, v. «.— a goose. +ri+-i w.-^^?rrJ ni.-^>ft^f^OT. 
2 a hen. ++'Jr or ^\^. 

3 T. To GUJGLE. f^ff /■ ^'f. 

4 V. To Tbate. ^^^■m, ^?Tif. [ i^V^ m. 
Cackle, CACKU>-o,n. T.Y.I.— cry madc^f^^FTm.^^m. 

2 ^TT^ or ^wM n. 
'3-aJ, .JT. f^^ f-^f- 
i—act, I'c. 513^5/. ^rT^r/. 
CACOcnTMiCAL, n. \. X. Rii'-lR+I^r^TT, f^f^, SimR+kI, 

Cacoc^ivmy, )!. vicious stale of the humors. f^TJt^ '». fW' 

CaCOPHOXI-, «. ^^RTTT «». ^?T 3^R m. 

Cajj, n. Tf^^ »>. TT?^ w. 

CArATEitous, o, relating, l]-c. to a corpse. ^^^^^^., ?T^^- 

2 fjliasthj, pale, v. "Wax. sf??^i;=EfT, srrT^i=5T^, 3"P5 or 

3^pF5, nsiiHU^r, srri?fH, ^-Hra-?, HrnsTFr, ^^^• 

CADAYEnousSESs, «. Y. A. 1. qTT^T^-J.q- 71. q:?T^^3T?rT/! JT^T- 
<IWr »». 5T«rT"TT w. 

Cade, a. See Tame. 
Cade, n. Sec Cask. 
Cadekce, ». ( of the Yoice ). 3rtT?TraT »>. ^rTTT ???. 

2 tone in reading, S(c. ^rnift/. ^T ot. 
Cadet, «. K^T^ftfnFTWfe f ^TFIT TTlttTK^^IT. 
Cadi, ». ^PFJft m. 
Cadjan, n. branch of the cocoanut tree, ij'c. ^\^ m. ^Ncfl/. 

A matted c. g'iT )«. 
Caffke, n. ^.wfX. 

Cage, n. Y\^K\ m. Tf^nr «i. fq^sn: n. qbrt «. 
iTo Cage, v. a. PM^H -Mid-Ac qF5<Jt-^TT^. 
Caidn, n. heap of stones. fH^T »i. ^TTST >». f^oET^M. 
Caitiif, j!. knai-e, y. Blackguaed. ^R^T^ m. ^MTK^T^ ni. 

^rmt, 5^, ^Ot^ or S. 
20 Cajole, f. a wheedle, ^c. 'P^F^RiJT, 'T^^T^'jf or qr^r^, 

•^i^-Mui, '4Fi=j^ '4T'?^?r ^r^T ^ft^, 'tr^, 'lot^ci-tuT^/- ^- 

\^g. of 0. ■i--*Mr\ n. ;fr?^, ^^% ». ^I^'Ji-m^, TPfRm- 
W or yift^ ^% n././. qf-^jf g. of o. ^FfT^ =q^ ot. 'jT|OT- 

Cajoij:d,^. t. V. "^•r^JT^fSt^rr &c. 

Cajoler, n. Cajoli>o, p. a. y. V. q^cTRUllTT &c. "R^JTr- 

Cajoleby, Cajoling, n. v. \.~act. ^^^!:\^v\ n. &c. =^^- 

Cake, «. ( of bread, gener. ) y. BEElDTfrft/ ^^TTTcft/. ^- 


€\ or =:tT^/ =5T^^5fr/. =qt^q?t / ^mrf/. =qT|^F?fT/. -fr- 

2 ( of wlicateu or rice flour ). ^VJ?\f. f\f\f. 

3 ( of flour of HTT^ft, ^itToTr, &c. ). TT^/. Some of the 
common Calces. Puff's, Puddings, ^-c. are "T^opn'sfl', W 
TT^T^ft, n^m'ift^ q't^, h£\'A\ TTsft, ^FTJft, ^Tft ^^, 
5FR^r?^r, ip^TTTfr, ^F?f, ^ll-TS, imr, ^^^ or ^, nrVt, 
^Ftif^, TRfr, TR^rfr, iT^itTT, Jtt, ^JTT, 3T^T or "rrif ^rST, 
yN-l«Jil, f^^TT, TTifT, ^f^«. Hrf'ra', f?l^5^5T, H?5^, ?T:5- 

A c. flattened with tlie hand without a roller. ^TT- 
Eighth of a c. f^^ m.f. 
Fourth of a c. =q"?T#?; or xf^^^ »»•/ =^/. ^Xf. 
Pileof cakes. =ET:n/ 
Small c. or flat loaf. =5^"^ f. ^\\^^ f. 
Stool, &.C. for rolling cakes 'fl^qR 7;!. 
Thick or large c. ^ m. XV^ m. JJ m. X^ or X7^ilfm. 
^'Z n. T^ 71. ^^ n. [ =;m^/.=5f^rft/. 

4 ^a< and circular mass, gener. =^]^f. ^IrfT f ^TT^t o;' 
5. V. Pat. ^f. ^^f :rft^/. WfT/. 

6 concreted matter. f\^ m. %^ /. f^^jT?? or ft^oS tj. f|- 

7 ( as of dried mud, &c. &c. ). <^Hrfl 7». TN^ or ^rfr^- 

^r 7«. 'Trfrar 07- tttptt ««. 'ft"?^ »». w^'itf ^f^/. 

2b Cake, t>. n. gather into a cake, concrete. viHW, 'ITS^, fS- 
^^ n.-&c. |nJf g. ofs. [ ^'^/. 

Calabash, n. gourd-vessel, jq^ / 55ft/. giu 7». HI'T^;! »)(. 

Calamike, n. impiure carlonate of zinc. +,rf<HN'(l/. 

Calamitous, a. v. N. distressful, miserable, — of circum- 
stances, &c. 3Trdi;h-)l,5:^Tf5fr, f^TTrft^, a^^r-^luiNl, ^- 
cTf^EH', ^3T^^=5rr, 5ffT^rft^,:;T'?^r5fHT &c. a^f^-f, ar^T^, 

3Tft'?, -flf^TC^, 3TH5^, arf^IW^^, STT^TW^, 3TPm- 

2 producing distress and misery. J;^?^^, 5-^^i 1'^^) 

i\M'-h &c. aTTT^ ^.K--ti-^fFT^-&c. 

3 involved in distress, miserable, y. Whetched. ? '.^, 

l?rTq-?r, '^mf^ra-, ftTf^mr, |:^?Tfrr, ^irs?^, arrr^r, f^^r. 

Calamity, n. misforlurie^ disaster, evil. <i^ff^in. <Si['\'i\mf\m. 
(i\Mn. ^^^n. 3Ti*r«. f^qf^/. aTTK»!.. armr/. w^r:». 

^JTq■;^^. t'. %, T5 «''<'« ^7, ^^^^n. ^^irS or olm. iT^if7«. 

a7srm«. 3TTq5?r/. a^ffr/. ftq^/. W^rrFTm. n^t^n. Jt- 

ffrlTM. sq^q"". SFTwi. qTr7 /. +|ci+dqi/». — iutons. an 
ovenchelming or e.vtreme c. aTT^fm. 3TH5^fTrrrm. 3TT^f?fm. 

Unexpected c. or mishap. 3T^^7 7j. 
C. from Heaven, — as drought, deluge, lightning, ArC. 
3TTWRt 3TT9i?r/. STRTTpft/. ^^FJTw. ^^T^t^^^sTW, 

C. from Kings or Governments, — as oppression, 
marauding, invasion, &c. ^rlHHl STHPrT/. grtrtlWl/. 
Xm^^ pop. <M=h1 SfH^w. TJ^^?J pop. TT^q^ 375?»». 

C, of.season. ^/.Seven are reckoned, viz. Dronght^ 




deluge, rats, locusts, parrots, ravages of tlio State or 
of Banditti, foreign invasion. These two last, consist- 
ing mainly in the devastations of marching troops, 
are equally with the others, calamities oj season. 

C. from wet ( inundations, heavy rains, &c. ) 3TT^- 


Some terms for a calamity from Heaven, Nature 
or chance ( as distinguished from evils intlicted by 
man ) are aTT^T^Tpsft f ^Tf /• 3TT-TT^TT^ ^]%f. 

Calash, n. i^+IM+K^ TT^ 3TTf . 

Calcareous, a. having the properties of lime. =^'^1% 'j^ll^T, 

Calcinable, a. v. V. ■»T?K^rPTr^mr, T^T';aTqF^, T^- 
Calcination, n. v. V. — ad.T^^n. *RTft^T"'T«. -jiku|«.— «. 

or s. Ht^O'sfifrT/. 5Trft=fN '«• 
To Calcine, v. a. reduce to a calx. *ITT«-.-*IT'ft^'Jrrt.-^R- 

Dr». ^^^ ff. ofo. TTR^. 
Calcined.;;. V. V. T^K %?;?5T-^rHOT, T^^ft, 'T^jft?;?^, 

Calciner, n. V. Y. ^>TF^ ^T'TRT, 'H+M-T-tT?, ^iTH<JI^PtTT, HTT- 
Calculable, a, V. V. n^TftT, T^^, 'M^', ifam^^, Tftn"!!- 

Calculary, a. relating to the stone in tlte lladder. ^^■ 

To Calculate, v. a. compute, reel-on. iruT'Jt, 'TM'jf, 'MJTw.- 

2 — roughly, coujecturally. v. To Estimate. 3?^iTreaT, 
8 — in astronomy or astrology. lOT^, ^TtT^^, "TT^, 
Calculated,/). & «.v.V. 1. n^cCT, nfoTrf , ^^qT?T, noft^^- 
2 3T^Km3?5r, ST-^MItlT. 

I. adapted.^fil.^ V. Suitable, ^pq-, ^T^^, ^FT^?W, ^PT- 
rTT-^nrr (in comp). 
Calculation, n. v. V. \.—act. v,^^n. iT>JFT». TTqr/. ^- 
<'i<M». f^iiH or f|^TR»i. — o. or s. n'^mt /. ^T^IT^ or 

C. — by or in years, months, &c. — by or in candies, 
maunds, &c. ^m^W^f. •HIrfl'luIFft, Hf|^FFRft, &c. ^- 

5tn'n'?ft, Kotmoirft, ^ifrTorfft, FJ^niRft, ^f^RT"n^, &c. 

V. ?5PT, ( ex. qr ittftrJT Jrtf'MFft r5n?ft). 

Eustic or rude c. ^^^\ f^V^m. 
2— act. St^fiTT^r'jf n. 3T^HRT m. 3TT^ »». 
3 — aci. niT'^ n. &e. 
I. rf «!(Z(; o/ a c. nfoTrT w. 
Calculator, w. v. V. 1. itdt'itttt, iM^T^HTimT, TOTrft ^rtitt- 

f^?T^ =F5TJnTT. 

2 3H^H|yuiirr, 3HI+KUHTT, 3T^iTT?I^^TJnTT. 

3 n^^, JT^qarnr, "Ti^iriTr. 

Calculous. See Stonv. 

Calculus, n. v. Stone. ^ft^TIT ot. ^T5T «». 

Caldron, n. v. Kettle, ^t/ ^f^ m. ^W'^^J^?[/. ^^m. 

To Calefy. See To Heax. 


Calendar, «. almanac, q^^fin «. "nriS », 
2 V. List, ^ft^ n. m^/. 
C. month. ^tTHRT m. 
To Calendar, v. a. smooth.^ S{c. ( linen), j^/. sRwf, "qt^.tfr. 
Calendering, «. v. \ .—act. ^/^Tr^irf ?}. tff?^/. 
Calendeee, n. v. V. f^ %\W>^., ^^TT or TR, ^FRl ^V.- 

Calends, n. first day of tie month. ^^V^ f TrS^TT «;. 

Ad Grtecas Calendas,, at latter Lammas. W^=^\ <flrf7- 
?T5nff,ifr=)'i-^'M|cIlff, =PT^=^T 3TTf^?nrTft, -3<ji'-'MI 'iTTf^rrqr^f. 
Cale, «. ( of a cow ). cTfH^ «. Tit M. siFH «. Trp? n. 
Bull or male c. nv^Tj or qf^r, ^\1.J., ^^r?, Jf?^. 
Pemale c. ifMt or n^t, qT?t, qTrrT^T?, ^f^Hl. 
Bull c. ( or bull ) branded and set at large. ^T^. 
Female c. ( or heifer ) do. =r^W. 

2 ( of a bufl'alo ). T|^ n. ^-^ n. TTT^ n. ^F n. 
Bull or male c. rTRSTT or Z\^^^, m^. 

Female c. ofre, Ttt,TTTlT', — iu endearment, disparage- 
ment, contempt, &c. ^TR^ ". TFT^'ft/. XT^ n. 

3 ( of a cow or buffalo). ^T^«. ^f^ n. ^^^jzftfn. ^]'jn.m. 
Muzzle for a c. ( to prevent its sucking ). J^T^oTT or 

iftSfT m. Jfi^ or Ht7j n. ^]^ n. 
Pen for calves. ^J^/. 
That produces fine calves, ^ifsfq" ^5. [/. 

4 ( of the leg ). WA\-<\ "TRtt/. ^\zt[ or ^\zt[ f. ^^\ 

5 dolt., llockhead.^ v. Fool. ^\t\^ f^ ?»."%?5 m. ^\- 
^^ m. 

Calf-skin, n. cn?Rr^-&c. Eprnt n. 

Caliber, n. ^n-:M \ -^^%^m-&c.nh^ sqRT m.4€\f.-&c. 

2 lore or cavity. tW'^-&c.?«lf3RrT ?K_-qR n.-^\W'^ f.-&-^- 

3 diameter. 5^?r m. 

4 capacity, v. Understanding, ar^f^r m. aRt^r »». tfr- 
fHr/. »». [^;r^ n. 

Calico, n. cotton eloth.^ v. Cotton. :pN?rf^ ^PT5 «• ^M- 

2 printed cotton cloth.^ v. Chintz, gft? ». 
Calid, Caliditt. Sec Hot, Heat. 
Caliquaeiix, n. ^^M^'^\\f. ^<^<p5f^/. IJ^T^^ ?(, 
Caliph, n. ^felTT or TT m. 
Calisthenics, n. Hlc^flf/. ^^TTrr/. 
Calix, «. cm;? of flowers.^ Sfc. ^p^rs «. iff? «. ^^^/. n\- 

51 «. ^^^ «• 
To Calk, «;. a. s/o/> the seams ( of a ship, &c. ). 'i/^'^<C[f.- 

^X^Jf^(^f. ^^,?fW OT. pi. *R^ 5'. o/o. ^fTTSmtw. 

2b Call, v. a. v. To Name. j:|!JT<if, ^TrJ^, aTTs^^rof, =7tar );. 
To c. one's self J^^uicjul. 

2 V. To Summon. ^Rsr^iff or #r^^'jf, aTT^fH'^. 

3 summon hj crying out to. ^y^^ii or ^rs=f^, ^l+K'JI, 
ft^FTT^, '^Vi^^ or '^\^^, :qYfOT or qr^^, J^R^, ^^K- 
of, ?5?I^FR<Jr, f r^ /. ITRW, ^'Tot, ^T^ »i. /.^#, ^qT- 
^irf, 3TT5^RITJr, "71^rR% 3TFPR^, 3TI'+KU|w.-37r5|Rr«.-3Tr- 
gT^».-MrHK"i»- &c. ^^. —with implication of loud- 
ness and vehemence, and of multitudes, whether ly or 

CAL 122 

to, ^ l -M-iui . ^ ^ [M I^U"1 I 

4 V. To Invite. ariH^iof, arm^nT n. qRW, ^rcTFTJt, 

5 V. To Invoke, tli^r »i. mm-^^^, aTRf^. 
•i convoke, convene, v. To Assemule. ^ih^, f*T5I^i7f, , 
7 for; See To DESfAND. To Eeqimkr. 

T(j Call, p. «. fo;nc /n/o »'J''i'. H^lTr-5?T:TRr-&c. it'rf-'JTnjf. 
2 out ; cry out, V. To Bawl. afRT=T MM^\^ arrT^^Ti". 
:l out; speak loutHy, exclaim. 3TK5W, 5flT(S^ ^t?5'jf, 
Jlia-MR qt^OT, 'm''f, J^PRof . 
■( out to; T. To Halloo. ^T^/. ^TRijf, ^TTT m. /. ^TT?59t- 

(all, Calling, «. v. V. A. 1. — act. '^ir'jf n. &e. 3TTo^PT«. 
2— act. ^[^jWh or ^^,J^^ n. &f. f^H=^^ n. 3TT5^PT «. 
:\—act. ^\''M^\ n. kc. |Ff;n" m. ^l^f. W^ m.f. q^THT or 
T\ m. ^^PR or TT »!. c^c^RT m. ^^R m. ^^/. 3TF^r^ «. 
'HIo^M ". 311+Hui n. — with implication, Ac. ^•^R'jf n. 
^RF m. dim. ^FPRt/ ^RT «;. fT^^^/. ^F^I'JT/. 
■1 — rtc<. ^l^^it n. qr^Rijf n aTTK^^w.&e. aTPT^SfoiJi.ttc. 
5 — ac/. tricJT ^JTUif «. aTTtTT^ m. &c. 
i}—act. ^TTFTOT «. f^H^OT w. &c. 

v. V. N. I.— act. ir^t^-q'iiir n.-^m-n. sjNw arripT m. 
2 aftr^/. 3TRf /. * [/ 11 

To answer to a c. 3fr/-fPP/.-?n^ m./. ^ot. 

Distance or reach of a c. '^\W-f. 
I. location, T. Business, tt^ w». ;jrrJT «. 3^TFT m. 
Called, ;j. v. V. A. 1. »^%?rT &c. ^f^TT^, ttttt^, ?rm^. 
2 ^P7FI%^, &c. 3TT^rFT?T, fjRtfsfJT, 3TTS"?r. 

■t qiHT^^^T, HM1<~S^, 3TTKf5pr, fHHfq%. 

6 (Hctt(rirfT, &c. r-inr^rr. 
Callosity, Callousness, «. v. A. 1. srfkTT'TT >». sff^TFT n. 

spmrn m. &e. w^TRif*rfmr/. 

'- ^^n^iIT ni. fHr^MTHCTTT m. ^^r^t^iIT w. &c. 
I. o callous part, callus. q?T or ^^T m. ?^ n. f^s n. %- 
«ff M. f^J'in' »». f^pir «. 
Callous, n. Aarif, insensiUe. ^^rffTT, srftr^, g^ir, J«[^?f, f^^V 

^f^^^i ^''^'^i SW^i ^Fi^r, ^"T^TT^H^T, ar^rcr^T^i 

To become c. lit. fig. 5ifi<|,)0T, irW. 
- fi^. hardened in mind.^ r. Shameless, ^jni, f^prf^ 
^TWTor^TRnE^R, ^RT^^, f^rei^ or fjnjrj^ f^^, 
^''^'^1 ^^. Some terms or phrases for A callous, in- 
corrigible person., answering to hardened dog, shameless 
Intte, SiC are ?r?TnT^, ?Id + li'lI, ;^^, i=rT?T5^^, '^- 


Ca llocsly, g^.. V. A. 2. ^^FT^W^, &e. irR^-Ac. et^, 

Callow, a. «n/?e;/y^^. r^; v:^ ^^^^ ^'^^j^ ^^ ^^ ^. 

^STRPT?^, aRTTHrR??. "" rr.y„ 

CALM,a.;.o/«',Wy.fSnik, ^mn, W^, ^fT or r«T, ^T^ 

2 «o< ro«y/«, rj/^erf, ^c. fl^Ff or ^VT, ?rf(T, aTfJStT, ^J, 
fT?T5;, ft'<T^, fvr5><T?5. 

3 fig. serene, tranquil, quiet, still. ^frT, '<r5, f^'4?", kR'<T, 

?Tf?TRiTT, ^frT%?rr, ?Tf?if%rrT, ^rcTN^r, gn^r, giT?R^. 

To become c. Jjq^aTSfJt. 
Calm, n. stillness, lit. f^qrfT «. fJi;rm «. i!RT m. 

2 fig. screni/y, tranquillity, quiet, stillness, v. CoM- 
rOSUEE. ^jfH/. ^TrrIRR''tfT/. '0,VV^^ m. ^m Wi. ^TPTf^ n. 

lb Calm, v. a. lit. s///Z, ^?«e<. ^npm or ^■4R'Jt, ^Tf?f-'<TI- 

f^m-&c. ^F^ot, ^mf^iJi, f^srfjrif. 

2 fig. serenize, tranquilize, quiet, &e.v.ToCoMrOSE. ^f?T- 

^rq- or HtHSTJt, WfTr^T^if or ^'4Rof, ^^iTT^T'if, ^r?r-^F4- 

fl'<R-'<t?-&c. ^.X^. \r[^if[, 

To Calm, v. n. become still, &e. ^TH'if, f^T^T'^r, P{^^i^., fr<T- 

Calmed, ;). T. V. A. 1. ^RTK^JW, ^RT^f^OT, &c. ^TfiRT, ^it^, 

2 ^TmsT^FTT, &c. ^TfiRT, ^fTRT, 5^?lf?T, ST^TRT, ST^TfTTTfTT, W- 
Calmer, n. Calming, ;j. a. v. V. 1. ^fFTT^iiTRT, ^RT^tTTRT, &c. 

^Tfrr-&c. :p?-CTRT. 

2 ?TfrT-*i5-&c. EFTTJTRT, ^Ttfrf^, ^Ttfn^, ^TTf?T^, ^TJT^. 
Calming, n. v. V. 1.— ac^ ^?fT^ ?». ^mf^Tof n. &c. ^m «. 

^TH^ n. srnJRT «. 

2— arf. ^TmiJir «. &c. B"n^R «■ mfSRT/. ^JT m. ?TH-^ «. 

^rfn^ft"^/- ^RT w. ^^m m. st^tt^t ». 

Y. V. IS.— state. \m^ n. f^sfof n. &c. ?TJTH n. 
Calmly, ade. v. A. 1. ^'<T, ^ilHUIIH, f^'<R:r{^, f^-.^T^^, STH'r- 

?f:^TTRf, ^RTTtTRTRf. [ f'T «. 

Calmness, ». v. A. 1. f^^rf^ n. f^nrm n. STRTRTR m. ^TFrKlf^- 

2 tirrarr «. Ac^vrftt/. 3T?frH '«. ^rttht^t m. ^^^^■^■\f. 

3 ««(/ CoMPOsuEE, 5Tf1^/- '<T5T^/. 545RT OT. m?T?rT/. :iT- 
IT OT. MIt »». ^TfFTgfs/. sprs^TRTR >«. 

Calomel, «. qT-^qRfT m^/. ^T^ «. ? TR^iRH n. ? 
Caloric, w. Fn?r7?(?5r n. ? S^ar^rT/. TWJT^TRt^ ». 
Caloric, a. ^iirrRrT. 

CalOhific, (J. rTTTSRT^, ^ WM M^^-^PR^, ^f ^T^P. 
Calteops, «.— the plant, nm^'n. WC^ ^TT^jj.— the fruit. 

Calumba, w. — the drug. ^JJrTR ^"^Z 

To Calumniate, v. a. v. To Aspeese. <mrid «.-d>Mi ?i.-3Tr- 

a/. m.-&c. im-^nrjof w'i<^ 5R 0/0. aif^^W^.-a^fir^TT^ 

m. ^X^ g. of o. 
Calumniation, n. v. Y. — act. H^TRT ^ ». &c- 3Tf^^t?F{ w. 

Calumniatoe, w. v. V. and Aspeesee. r|>tiM ^iTRT, Ac. «IT- 
?57WT, ilR5€t, 5nr5^r, f Tf?t, J'TfS^R, f ^fff, "H*M<HI<, 

"Wfr, -=i^i5<Mi<, =5f^rj5=^^, arfH^TrrqF, arq^rr^^, fr- 

Calumniatohy, Calumnious, a. v. Slanderous. H*HNr, 
siR^TRfT, fTfSTSfT, 5^?5^=ErT, &c. H^FFft, ^fRU'-Sft, fHtft, 

CAM 123 

Calumniouslt, adv, v. N. H^Rq^^;^, 3TToSq;3r^, =5T^r^^57r. 
Calumnt, n. V. Slander. m^JT?r/. fn^/. ^^T^/. arrs/. 

Covert or whispered c. ^?1^/- 5^5?ft/. 
To scatter calumnies. 3TTn/. Tr^TS^nf. 
To Calte, v. n. -^ijf, q^T^CTJ, sff^re; n.-^rfff ot.-^tR^ or ^f^«.- 

^ttt ?i.-&c. ^of-qr?5'^, 

Tliat calves yearly. ^TT^ftW, ttM^^tiT, ^TPTT^ft, ■WIHK+l. 
That has twice calved. §^#?r, ^^T^ft, 5fr^"~rf5rrn"=Eft. 
Calx, n. "H^H n. Some of the calces are frPsfTfT, TTTJ'T^'T 
or T^TPfT, srsrRiT^, ^tf^^T^, Ffl^T^IT, STTT^Tr, gq-- 

oT ■^T^^ Hrf?T^ hw, ar^qj H5^, ittr^ ^?it, ^It^ h^k, 

Calyx, n. outer covering of a flower. ^cq^^T m. qu^^iy^ w. 
Cameeic, n. ^ frarrg^ft ^SPTS 3TTf . " 
Camel, n. — male. ^Z or g;^:, ^^ — female, ^^ftw, ?fr5, ^r^- 
or (—in contempt ^fsc n. ), ;j^ or g-f^^FT.— in jocose 
speech. STT^^THf^ m. 

Bridle or nose-string of a c. H^idl ?«. ^'<T'jft/. Pin of 
it fixed in the nose. ^I^^te n. 

Bunch or hump of a e. JTTTT/. T^ n. 

C— p;round, C— yard, &e. ^'HT^PTT m. 

Gun carried upon a c. l|H<H|?y or ^rlidlrf/. 

Line or string of camels. ^PrTlT/. ^fTRT wi- 

Eider upon a c. gr|<WK c. 

Eider upon a female c. ^fjufl'^H <"• 

Eubbing c. c. that rubs. W]^ ^5, — Soreness arising 
from rubbing. %l^]^f. 

Sacking for the burden of a c. vf^i^ or ^f^!;rrT»i. 

Saddle for a c. Mrf|U|M./. 

Young c. Jfjr*T»». 

Belonging or relating to a c. ij-lMI, 3Tre. 
Camel-dhiteb, n. ^fR^TPT, ^HT^ft or ^t. 
Camel- NECKED a. j^HFiTT, ^^^ HT^'^T. 
Camlet, «. (t^pitt^i?;^ spTTTS aTT^. 
Camelopard, «. tTq^;3TT?ft% ^=TT=n: 3?!^. 
Cameo, «. ^^qT^T^TT m 3TMSS ?ri<^+lH 3^^ 'jT^ tj^ 1%^ f^TT. 
Camp, n.ground. fts ?« %: »». Ir^rf^Sr^T m.f^^^^ m. ftrf^n. 

Appointed spot for a tent in a c. fir^?5/. 

Following a c. ( for subsistence &c. ). ?5^T^pd^ft/. 

Quarter or division of a c. n\zm. f^Tf^TTw. 
To Camp, v. n. encamp.^[7m.'^, [HT^TT. 

Camp-followeb, n. ?r^l*<\H|U|^r) c. FS^T^Rfnf^RUlRT, %- 
Campaign, n. level tract, v. Plain. ^?t^«. 'm'TCTn. ^^xt\ 
/. ?RT^'<TS pop. ^iT'iT^M. 

2 ( of an army ). ^Tf\ f. HTTt/. HT^/. 53^fnft/. 
Campaigner, n. veteran. cJiqv.rll-qf|5rR«F7T f^Trf . 
Campakifoem, a. m^qj STT^rRr, ^PFR. 
Camphor, n. ^fptTot. ^^m. Some kinds or varieties are ^- 

Camphor-liniment, «. epn>?r». ^'fy^FS^Jo^. ;?rT^?5n. 
Camphor-oil, n. ^fmi^j'i. ^A(^^n. 
Camphoe-ibee, n. ^^^TJ^ ^j^n. 


Camphor-water, n. +m<=)oft n. 

Camphorate, Camphorated, o. qri^^rsfT, spifTR), :piJrqFf) 

To Can, v. n. v. Able. ^^Rof or ^T^'jf, HH^-iic. 'jT^ot_ 

Can, n. mw^i^ ■HNrr^^rw. 

Canaille, n. dreys of the people, v. People. F^r^f^ TT^ m. 

-nqs M. ;ji «. ?M'7?f'<t ??i<:t5/. JT^rrriT n.^w^pz w;w.m.pi. 

Canal, n. ^\F,^\in. ^\^^^\^f. ^Roft/. ^?qT/. ?rf^H- 

2 (/«£■< or jMssaf/e in the lody. ^fotm. ^Toff/. 
CaNaRX, n. \^V'A\'^-A\ nT'JrTTTq?fl'«!. 
To Cancel,)), a. cross out, obliterate, annul, v. To Efface. 

IT^St, ^raot, <Ff^'«. %^-JTR<?f-qTc5^, %^T»». m^of, ^ ^- 

^, "Tprw. 'STT?50T, ^q/. mT^. 

Line drawn in cancelling. ^^Tw. [<tc. TZ. 

Cancelled, p. v.V. ij^%ot, ^"tS^T, «s+.mP,s;OT, ^%&WT, 
Cancellation, Cancelling, «. v. V. u^ofn. ^ofn. ij- 

Cancer, w. crab fish. %^fTM. 

2 ( of the zodiac ). ^% ?«. 

3— the tumor. 'Toft /• =^T55 or xji d uiqoft/. f^^fq'ffi. 
C. of the breast. ^?T=7f^4fs^/H.'ATPT^tf ^ «■ 
Canchorie root-plant, «. ^5:?JT=ft/. ^5^1 MIT". 
Candid, a. fair, open, ingenuous, sincere, v. Frank. P)'i+,cpr, 

ar^T^, n^TpsfT HFPZT, 37?rf%r'T, f^Cjq-f^STFy, Sff^?? ;>oi?. 5ft- 

2/a(r ^c. — applied to things. fSj-ir^cpj, sff^jfj, sfpJTcCT- 

Candidate, n. TH^^qTr c. T^^TJ^rff, T^^^^, T^^Frnqp. 
Candidlt, adv. v. A. f^H-H4, q[;T?:Hr|=T, HPFSI^HJTH', H^ 

311^^ ^?j?r, f^^r^, m^^T^^, ?R?55i[r^, ?n:?5^r^r^. 

Candidness, n. See Caneour. 

Candied, p. v. V. Tf:?j%?5T, "Tf^frf^^?^. 

Candle,^.— tallow. =Ef?^r?fr/— wax. JTOT^Tfft/. HORm/. 

C. of whitest was. qFjClHUNrft/. 
Candle-stick, n. v. Lamp-siand. stftT^^w. 

Branch c. f^^TT^ 5rr5«. ^t^?T»!. f^T<HM^?». 
Candour, Candidness, «. v. A. l.fH's^T^'JTT?". PH^+H-idl/. 

r^-^TT'--if«. T=Tm iiT+5,4uiTHi. ^^^^j^Tsifn. ^Rjsjf^/. ?rr- 

To Candt, v. a. conserve tvith sugar, Sfc. tff^or, TT'+.f^iui. 
Candy, n. — sugar c. ^^^^TT^T/ f^Tflft/. 

2 — the Indian weight, ^t^f- 
Cane, n. calamus rotang.'k^m. ^5Tm. 

2 switch., Sfc. ^P,V^ ^f JS^J. 'kr^f. ^?TT^ qJT^t/. 

3 See Sugar-cane. 
To Cane, v. a. 'kr<;\^T^^-^1'^\ ^pft-ctc. JTRof, ^TrTMr-sJ^f^ &c. 

TT^/. "FfeW, SS'^/. =^H^f?iif, =5PT;FT^'if, <J>?^P55r<Tf, "P^r+r^ 

To c. smartly. '*T^'iTff/. ^ijf y. o/o. ^Efipjnf^or. 
Cane, a. made, tj'c. o/ c. qr?rT=^r. 
Canine, a, ^^sn^T, 'W^'^, »t1%^^, ^. 

C. race. »iT^^ m. 
CilflSTEH, w. Siir M. rfiw. S^ft/. 
Ca>'ker, 71. V. WoBii. «Ptf /. f%5T »i. 'Ft^ »». 

2 Sec Canceb. 
To Canker. Sec To ConnorE. 
C'asxidal, fl.HHsqi^^ JTm <HIU|K1, TH^n^, ?RH?1^, STT'frsft, 

^TTTTft, y*^^I4, HM<i(i4_ 
Canmdalism, II. ^■^<^^^\i^ n. 5?^?R n. ^T:^^m n. 
I'a.nxon, «. rT^P/. JTToE/. Tfl ». ^;T^ in. Tr^I^'f «. 

Blauk-discliargo of c. «(h<mK «• 
t'A>.VON-BAI.L, Canxos-shot, n. »ft3T ws. nToft /. 

l^auge of a c. jftw-qT^r Z^ m. nra;-qT^ TH^fft /. (or 
iftafhTT ?^<TT-Ac. ). 
To Canxon-ade, t'. a. ^tW /■ pi ^XZ^-'^V(^ with ^R 0/ 0. 

^ijT mr Mi.-mTT «».-hkPi{1/. ^pt^. 

CaXNOXAde, ?(. ?Tm=5rT HK w.-KTTT Wi.-H5HR m. 
Ca>-soseeI!, n. 'iRil^ w. ^pp^ ^tt ^crrTTT m. 
Caxoe, n. tm\f. SFTT m. ^^^ m. qm ?». frft /. (?m. ^15+1 
/. & ^% or n «. g^ ?». 

Outrigger of a c. 3Hs^ /. — Arm of it. ^u^l n. 
CaSOX, n. statute, institute, v. Law. q;r=J /. ^\^^ m. ^fTRrTT 
m. m m. ^ n. M^m. ft'cTR n. 

Sacred e. genuine books of the Holy Scriptures, "im- 

^rrff-f^reft^nw^T 3t?t^ 5^% n. pi. 

- — tlie dignitary. %^ JT^c^M^vl ^ 'cnrrfM+l^l 3TT^. 

3 catalogue of saints. yrlNoff/. 
Canok-law, m. iorfy 0/ ecclesiastical law. ^ni^Hf^fTT/. 
CaKOKical, a. according to the canon. «M«<qi?ft^, ^FR^TT^, 

Canonicallt, adv. Y. A. q-inf^ftT, q"<TTifIT^, f%^'MH*>W, ft- 
Canoxist, n. mmW\ m. TT^^ m. qH^TT^fT, fsff^fT. 
Canopus, w.— the star, amf^ m. 
Uanopt, «. — of a bedstead, couch, &c. ^i'^j m. |J?r «. «. 

2 of a carriage, nativepalaiiquiu,&c.fT3Tft/-^rn^?«.'^- 
C. of light frame work over an idol. WS^\f. -=i=K4Tal/. 
.To Cakopt, v. a. grcT «. JTRot-iftKrar, =^iT^ »i. sTftftrf, 
Uast, n. particular phraseology. %i u fl H I "^IT /. t^ilT'TT'sn' /. ^f 
%^ Tim/. W=5ft'TPTT/. 

The caut language of tradesmen. H^HPTt/. [^tcft/. 
2 — religious. e(|i^<jiri m. ^TF^flT^ <Mlr^ui ?j. rfi-;:^!^!^ 
To Cant, v. 7^. v. To Whine. ^^^J.-X^J. nrif-wm^. 
To Cant, v. a. pitch forward, incline (a cask, &c. ) %Mc)j | 

2 give a sudden impulse to. 3Tr^f^ m.-f^^PKT »«.-&c. ^_ 
CaHtee, n. — the pace, ^np^qr?!;/. •Hl-s)--h'^|r^/. ^rrnf^ /. 

2 v. HXPOCHITE. ^T%^?ft, sn^m^fTPft, fTTW =M^^|tf |. 
To Canter, v. n. -^i-+u7, =^5F^?TTi^^ =^7^. 
To Canteii, v. a. .^T+^l~ftJIT ^fT^fsn^r. 
Cantehbcet-tale, n. fiction, ^fpq?^ ^Jt^f\ f jt^^uut «. 
Canthus, n. any/e o//Ae eye. ilw^Mi^nTT ?/i. Jt=5f^<T f«. 
Outer c. ^^^jr^ m. ^^Vm m. 


I Canticle, See Soxo. 
) Canto, «. ( of a poem ). ^ »«. 
' Canton. See Distbict. 
j Cantonment, n. %s\^'aftf. 
I Canvas, 71. sailcloth. f^?:\ m. t^^TR n. fir n. 
! Canvas, o. fEpT?:iTT^T, rrprr^lT, r% rtMN I, 1%^. J 

To Canvas, v. a. sift, v. To Examine. iJH'^, tfT^ /. ^.\^. I 

I 2 delate, v. To Aeque. qToJ>Jf, ^Rof, ^W^ m. ^^ijf. 
j To Canvas, v. 71. solicit votes. ^*~Hr\ n. TTFidr-f^r^fiT^. 

CaNX, a. ^r)M|, Elrr^m^, qfrWST^T, 

Canzonet. See Song. 

Cap, 71. covering for the head. Z^ f. TvJj^^ «. f^TWT n. 
C. worn by women and children. Z^^ n. JtTt or ff- 
qr n. j^ «. 

C. that covers the ears. ^PTstft/. 
Military e. fpff/. 

" The cap of fools ". JT^TilMfoi. [ q-ur n. 

2 hiot oflrass, Sfc. %^f or r^ f. ^^^ or TT^Fft /■ Z\- 
To Cap, v. a. cover ivith a c. or top. ^'aff/.-ff^/. FsrET^-m- 

To c. verses. The exercises amongst scholars corres- 
ponding with Capping of verses are 3TT?TT^tO/. Sfr^?^- 

f\f. HfrlHIrtl/. 

To win at capping verses, "^^f. ^.^^^-^^^^, 
Cap A PIE, adv. from head to foot. ^V^X^W^., 3TnT?Tf^T?T, 

Capability, «. v. A. 1. *1l<^HM'J'MI--j'l ^fi^TrTT/. aT^nFT^TWr- 

2 5Tf%/. qp-^TcTT/. ^=^ «. ?TJT?n-/. ^?^THT/. 

3 ^JTrfr/. ^rf?^T 71. ^^ n. *ifS(^t/. ^rftr>,4uir «j. 

Capable, a. st{fficientlg 'capacious. JTTf ^ ^T^T-^PTT-jtl'Mr- 

&c. ^rfss^T^TT, 3TcnFr?TWm, ar^w^TT^Tff^fsT'H, f^RRrr- 

2 of adequate alility, v. Competent, qt^, ?5I^^, ^FT^- 
?TR-, ?TH, ?TTfj, [sftFT, :ig. 

3 — mentally; alle, talented, &c. v. Clevee. ^tTT, ^, ^- 

4 See Susceptible. 
Capacious, a. loide, spacious, v. Eoomt. ^yi^'HNI, '^^B', 

ST^^, tiltl + I^T, "TRKT, f^^TTr5, ^Tf^. 

2 ( of mind ) v. Compkedensive. 'JHlijMl^, JTre^TT ?ff- 

a<-*<Nl, JTrSiTT 3HI'i+'!^MI, ^Tp^. 
Capaciousness, ?j. v. A. l.'^Turr w. '^?i^?f"T'»rr m. ir?T^T- 

<JTT m. sjin^fT «. 

2 See Capacity. [ ^?rr^. 

To Capacitate, v. a. 7naTceJit. ^;v^-r^^^^r^^■%\^vm■k(i. 
Capacity, 7i. v. A. 1. power of containiTig, 7-oom. ^\'^ m. ^f- 

5 m. ^577 M. tTT ot. "TT^ «. ^r»TTf /. ^TraT w. ^51^/. 
Of c. — a measure. %cr?t, Tnft, ( es. ^^ft ^^-JnT-?TC, 

&c. Hrft ?q^-HtiT-&c. ). 

2 rear^ or ^o!ce?- o/;/(e«n'«(/, v. TJNDEKSTANDlNG.9Tr^Ff=I- 

H ^tfs/. srr;pfT?Tf^/. q:^/. :scf5j «. ar^q^T ?«. ar^^ or 

CAV 125^ 

Suitable or suitably with ouc's c. q'*?T^f5', T'JWfrT. 

To be within one's c.3TT^ff-3T=rW^t7T-Ao. ar^Tof y.o/s. 

I. condilion, character, ^ir[n. q^lT m. 3Tfq^R m. ^^\f^ 

^r m. 

Capaeisox. «.— of a horse. TT^TP". -^K-d^TT ov ^sfR^TTwi. — 

of a horse or elephant. TRjR/. 
To Capaelsox, v. a.— a. horse. Tt^tt w.-^K^^TT m. Z\WM-^- 

2 dress pompously, q^ JTyiTr^ ^^f^ijf-M'tr^'J|-|TiTITof. 
Cape, n. promoniory. ^Kt^ ^PF n. H^TrlT^/. ^?TT «. 

2 ( of a garment ), neck-pirce. ^T35/. 
Ty Capee, v. 11. V. To Fhisk. 1%^^, fi^^of, fe^ w.f;/. 

To bound or c. — a horse. =qhpwr. 
Tojumi) & caper about — a child, f^orf^OT-^^^OT 
TS-JTr/. pi. HR^. 
Capers, CAPEra>'G, n. \.Y.—act. fe^TS^ ». &c. f^q^r ?«. ^- 

=5T OT. 3-sqr/. i'^. 

Wild capering, ^r^^ or ^t^^ol h. 
Capillaiient, n. %fR w. /jo;?, w.^^ n. ftt^ ?«. H^ m. 
Capillaet, a small Vilce a hair. ^^TT^TTT^T qifT^, %^15?q', 

C. attraction. %^TFF^iJr «. 
Capital, «. relating to the head or top. ^TT^, f^mTPW^i- 

«ft, JT^FRF^tft, ^?^, ^r?5r, ^ftT5, ^ftq'Tq-, ^'^^. 

2 principal, v. Chief. H^^T, «T^, 3^^jft, ar^TTrq-^ q-- 
3— punishment. !TT<Jrrf?np, STmiFI, %^?r. iRortrr. 

4— crime. sTMffT^sr=rr, Hfjj^rf ,^^^?r| , Hf^^. 

5 woiZe, e.vcellent, ^c. v. Fine, t;^ or HlfT, ^?iT, Hr^, 
3TT^, %?5:Fr, ^?r5. 
6 — a letter. ^\^. 
Capital, n. chief city. ?;F5TtTRft/". ^^^nr?:/!. J^f..iHJ|^». ?r- 

2 trader's stock.^ v. Stock. H^n. "T^/. Hfs?^ or HP 

■4 upper part of a pillar. ^T^f^T n. 
Capitalist, n. j^jftifT^, HTw^TRT, *<<u|')l^;#>', *1{,uii\r<, TT^- 

Capitally, adv. v.A. 5 ^?;'!ifMt^, g'TTWM+KH'. 
Capitation, n. numeration hy the head. fitTUJ^rft f. f?Tfr- 

'M^tt/. i 

C— tax. 5Tl"Tft/. TT^^H Tft/. 
To Capitulate, v. n. draw up in articles. ^^H^ft/. Jp^'Jf, 

?^IT?R fe^^-^RW. 

2 surrender upon terms. ^\(^fA-%\^ HPRT-€t?5 ^^-&e. 

To wave a flag or cloth iu indication of capitulating. 

^irr^?)«. fTR^"Jt-3^5rir. 

Capou, n. ^^ %?5?!r ^pNsT «!. 

jTo Capon, Caponize. v. a. ^^ qRwf. 

Capeice, ». V. "Whim. ?j^/. fRH ?«. tf^w, 3T^5^^ m. i 


CiPEicious, a. V. Changeable. ^'^qPT^iq^ prrff rj?:. 

2— temper, &c. ^^^jquTT^T, ^^y^-^^].^ ^rp^^^ 

Capeiciously, «(?f. V. A. i^^ff't or S^fft^, ?I^ qij. 

Capeiciol-sness, n. v. A. 1. 3^Er?y^nr5^'TT(«. rf^<lM» ITM. =j- 

^#Rt/. =^rf=^?^ n. =5r^?5rrr/. ^FJgf^/. ^^T^r^r «. 

CAPEicoEif, n. — sign of the zodiac. JT^^ot. 

Entrance of the sun into c. H^FT^i^ff^/. JT^?:?i??vK- 
U[n. This holiday is especially observed by women. 
Some of the numberless rites or acts upon the occasion 
arc 3TcTT ^f^Tot, %3:iJf ^fTOT, gil Jf^of, and some of 
their ofterings made to Brahmaus, or gifts interchan- 
ged amongst themselves, are ST'^Tt^'T, ^Rf^RT, f=^- 

r#^, f^^r'ToT, f?T5SEr^, Try?!?, Hmf^rsr, i^tn., f^ri^^. 

Capeiole, 11. ^WX^^jif. -^--f.J'-f. fr/. 

Capsicuit, m. v. Peppee. ■H^[^^ f*R^/. 

To Capsize, v. a. overturn. 3^iTr-;3T5r-&c. ^rirf, 3^-4^. 

Capstan, m. stpT^ ^'^fsT^qr^ ^n. 

Capsular, Capsulakt. See Hollow. 

Capsule, seed-vessel. ^\xn. 5Jt^%T^T in. WA^^Af. 

Captain, w. chief commander. 3^tT^f?r»(. ^'^m.-^VH\m. ^n- 

2 ( of a ship). ^RTI7T or JfT^^M. ?fi%^>«. ^^nFTt-^^w?. 

3 (of a band, gang, &c. ). ^'m^^ pop. 5T1X^'». ^TT^FSTw. 

4 ( of a body;— as of spearmen, couriers, peons, public 
laborers &c. ). ^TRT^, ^^I^^R, ^JTHT^^, fTttiFT; f^X'^^ H- 
^JT (his office &c. g^5^/-). 

5 For the commander of a company in a Eegiment tho 
English word is familiarly known as ^THRr. 

6 one skilled in u-ar.x. AVaehioe. g^3T^_ 
Captaincy, Captainship, 11. office, ^'c. of a captain. ^{r^jf[ 

f. ^R^R^/arrf^Tf^ ". ^Tf*T^ n. 
2 ( in a Eegt. ). i+:mMl^t '^V^f.-'^^f.-k.Q. 
Captious, a. given to cavil. Fi^RRf, H^fRTJ:^, fc^T^ft. ^^R- 

^R, ^J^Tf?, 3Tm^-:rr, arrsT^f^-JTr, f^f^FRnq~R, -^^^wx, 

'§^ri\, WA^, WA'i^^K, 3T% q-% q^RT, 3ni<?;t> "Fr^DTRT, 

"Ff?: 'PiS'JrRT/. [^^rr^TT. 

2 fitted to catch, insidious. M+/l^r, s^TT^^^, T^TTT- 

3 proceeding from a cavilling disposition. f^jgJT^Rt^r, 

Captiously, adv. v. A. f^-^rT^tft^.&e. FT^RrfPT, ST^ifS %'3r- 

^, 3nTPR "PrffT: &c. 
Captiousness, ;;. v. A. 1. fj?g?r^Rt / ^^rT#ft/. rn?RR. 

To Captivate, v. a. take prisoner. g^^Rf (R"^, '^Roi', ^JU i ci - 

W'T^ or ^^?r ^wr. 

2 fascinate, enchant, v. To Chaem. HTf ^ gn ^?:'Jt, HT- 

Captivatino, a. V. Chaeming. TTTI^ ^id^DTRT: 'TTf^!={ ^- 




r»iTivK, fi. V. PnuosER. ^, TT^Ff Jpf^lTT. ^5?TO. 

• ".^mviTY. »7. bomhye. ^;t/."%^/. ^5?^r/ ^^^r/. ^- 

(.'MTuK, ('Al-riKEK, «. T. V. 55ffT M<UIHI, TTST^ ^^OTTTT, 

rAi'Ti-nE. CAi'TiBiNO.n. T. Y.— ac/. tTT^f ". &c. TTTK »>. 

I. l/iing taken, v. Prize. qirmf^^Rfw. f^^T^^T n. 37/ 
To Captube, v. a. JT^ffT ^T"Jf , qTlT^J' ^':'it, q'^^, ^'rmrT sp^JTT 


Captubed,/). v. V. 55f.=f tn^^, TrsT^, trrsi^rT. 

«'aput mortccm, n. KOr/hlens remains. =5ff<^r »»• TT^ w. 
I'ab, n. chariot of war or splendor. r<^ m. ?^^ m. 

C— warrior, n. ^ift, Tf4^. 

Celestial c. f^KR «. 

Festival of cars. r<JT7?I5r «>. ^'ArHT^ «. 

Uncarrcd warrior. ftRiTiftT. 
2 See Cabriaoe. 
f;ABABiNE, n. +<|in^/- *<,«irt1'^\-+>/ ^T "»• 

(UbaBINEEB, «. ?R^Jr7 W. 

Oahat, n. ^>nTr^ '^^ =RR 3Tr|. 
Caeatan, w. ^PTF^rr m. 7fiT^?f?rf?r/. w4 M- 

C. of dealers, ^k^m m. 
Caeavansaet, n. wjtj. tTK^T^/. ^fA^A^\^ J- 

Oabawat, n. arr^T »»• <>T^m^ »«. ar^^^ m. [y^vn^J. 

Carbuncle, «. r!/?;y. ?5T?5 m. HlfOT^^ 7'"/'. »TMt^ w. f//?«. 
2 red pimple^ anthrax. iRpfKT "fl^ »'»• TT^fNt J^/. 
;i ( on the back ). ^FToSq^/. ^FTo'-'Fre wt.^J^/. 
Caecanet, m. ^?rJTT?!T/. 

Carcass, n. rfcarf body. jtI w. w^^T m. ^W ». ^ ?i. ?ft'tT or 
^^f. ?it^r »». — of a beast, q? w. 
2 6o(/y, — in contempt, ^i^f- ^/- 'il^=n: «. FltqT m.^\- 
''-T/. 5^^/. [ 5T m. 

'.^ skeleton, v. Frame, Skeleton. ^HTST ot. ^^TTT ot. ?rf- 
Cabd, n. ploying c. nf^^irlc? TPT «• 'PiVj'/. TT^T »• 
Back of a c. "T^/. 
Face of a c. ^ n. 
Picture c. f^^ n. 

Pack of cards. 'i^^'PT m. Tifs^^fpl. Tliere are three 
packs of cards,vi/..=qn WA'^^ 'if^"PT,5^1l<^diO nP^ + l^nd 
•TRTTT^ftnfJT'jn'. The has 8 suits, the second has 10 
fuits, and the third has 12 suits. Suit at cards fl tn. 
win. STP^J or ifTsft/. The suits of the first pack are 
=^, ^^?f, ^m^, gJTT^T or ^, HT^, nJTR-, Cq', ^?TT. 
The suits of the second correspond with the 10 incarna- 
tions of Vishnu; and the suits of the third with the 12 
nigns of the zodiac. A few of the numerous terms used 
by Card-players are thrown together here. ^FR, ^fJRtjfV, 
tii^-un ^fn^rf , ^FTft, ¥?R1^, i?nft, ^nf^s^t or =??nf5f ?5?r, 

^I^, 'HH^^, 55ft, ^^, ^I^N or T^5TT^, ^1?f7, StT^^- 

To liave a run of ill luck at cards. T5/. FSPl^. 

2 no/f, </fA-c/, ^'c. =q^prfr/. 1%fe «. from the English 

is common. 
To Card, v. a. comh. r<j^6t, f^TSTRW, yui+uf, q^ut, <?rS'Jr. 
Caedajion, m.— the plant. 5^?^<T^5fI5 n. ^?rj/— tlie seed, 

Caedee, «. V. V. f'T^CTiTTT, f^^^TJTRT, f^^^pTT. 

Bow of c. q5'7;?ft/ 'cTJ ?H. 
Cardiac, a. cordial. ^^"Flf^sfR^. [ ^. 

Cardiac, a. lelonging Sfc. to the heart, ^^r^, \^^^^'4\, 
Caedino, «. V. V. — act. f^^ijf n. ft^R^«.fq^<jrT/. 

Price or cost of e. f^^oifqcE/. fq^KUiHc/,/. 
Cardinal, a. v. Chief, g^q, ^^. 
Cardinal, m. rriT;7W^*Tfe^'<Tf?T?JT t^^ ':TTrftj'mt STIf . 
Caee, «. solicitude, anxidij, concent. ^^^.^ J. f^rTl /. <R- 

^TT/. anr^TT/. 371^/. 'orNTit/. f^r^fftr/. :|7^7/. f^fi- 

35TOT. f?Tfr^/. ^^^/.wJ.qRra. ^^%^f. ^3^/. T^^SfT^V- 

2 regard, heed, attention to. ^r{^ n. ^oR^Rt/. sfM/. 

Take c! Have a c.! <^«k<^k, ^jTT, vT'7^ ^K, ^TTTof. 
With c. ^SfT^T, ^iTT^jT, ^fPT ^i^?f. 

3 careful treatment or usage. ^\^ f. ^^\ f. f^PTX or fv^- 
^/. Prm^R?!/. 5R?T??T/. fT5rr3T/. ^rTTH<jfr / ^HTT^RfT/ 

^m^ft^ or ^rTr^ftf=5/. jrn?i5iH/. ft'TTT/. f^g^rr?/. 

To take c. of. ^fT^ n. ^f^K^i^^-Xm^ g. of 0. :JfrH?r 
%^ot, ^q^ s;r"jf, 3fr3T/.-7^f/.-&c. TT^ijf g. ofo. ^^r/. 

m'^' w. stTof y. 0/0. fH^TT^w/. %=r^-;?RTjr-qTfat g. of. o. 
"im w. jp^ot, 4HMi|ri/. wf g- ofo. ^\A^A^^-m^^^ 

S^rot. [rIT5TT«?. 

3 keeping, ocersighi, Sfc. v. Chaege. ^«J|?5I w. f^i^TfT/. 
To commit to the c. of. ^^\^^ ^^, ^raiir, f^'^cft^ 
-&c. %^. 
To Care, j>. «. have solicitude, anxiety, concern. t%rtT/. ^- 
Oty. ©/"o. ^FTot^'^-/ ^TT^'Jt-^JRiif-'TTot y. of 0. [*+!</. 'R- 
oty. 0/0. f%rTT/.- ^T »».-&c. fTRT'if y. of 0. in. eon. 

2 he inclined, di.^posed, desirous, v. To Desire, -^ll^ui, 
=^fT/.-3TT^/-'5n^/. c^SFT^f '«. co». iR^/. sqiify. 0/0. 
or #. 

3 for; wimJ, heed. vrjHM'Jf, ^JHRf^, -^Hltl OT.-^^TRt »«•' 

Care-crazed, a. f^rTTf^f^W, f%rn^. 

2b Careen, v. a. make to lie on one side, — ship. spRjcTJT '¥■- 

TOT, ^\^ =fRot-3TmoT. 
Career, «. race, course. ^/. ^j^f mcT^/. [ &c. 

2 height of speed. tjtq'^Tr^^rqTCT m.-^TT^r wi.-rTST^lT «.- 

3 coi<;w of action, v. COURSE. C^ToJ/. ai'loirw. sf^^+H »n. 
2^ Career, ». M. ?«oi'e rapidly and smoothly. ^T^l^-^^K- 

&c. ^^TrJot. 
Caeefpl, a. V. N. 1. anxious, solicitous. +lctv{liT, f%fT^, 




2 heedful, cautious, ^'c. v. Attentive. ?tT^'--T, f ^ITT, ^- 
To bo c. 3TW, HTFoSuf. 
Carefully, aih\ v. A. ^5!:^1h', ^f-TfT, f^'J^-^. 

2 ?^T^^, ^^TfiTfnfi^, ?rT5r^-rmRr, ^"1^,^ ^tt?^. 

Carefulness, «.v. A. 1.o»</Cabk. ^PRrrTf/. i'%?1T/- ^rf'T^HT/. 

Caheless, a. unsoUcitous, iinunxious, unconcerned, f^ff^frf 
pop. f?fT%T, f5[+lolsi{1, f^r^Io!^, STTT^, ^^'^i ^TfT)^, 

2 ncgh'ctJuL unmindful, inattentive, <J'c. TTi^Srft or f?TT, 
n?PS or in'Ft?5, TTPf^, iC^W, Tci;o':t or «;^, n?I?qT, Pt- 

3 arisinj t!irou<jh leant of care. 3Hf^^|JMl, ^^^^Tlff, V 

Carelessly, af?y. v. A. 2. TFr^^ftn, TTTilrl^'JIM', &c. ^M'\M 

Carelessness, n. v. A. 1. f^'+lci^ft/ f^f^PTTHTT m. m<^<<(1h- 
OTT wi. sif^Ppft/. %T^?/. 3T^r?'4T/. 3TR'<TI?:rf|fT «. ^- 

2 iT?J^=57DTr OT. f?Tnf 0'- ^m^f 1"P?5?I/. aTRTFnfr/. ST- 

fr/. fgr^iiA^uii «j. ^VtTTOTT»".T^f^'Ttnn"OT. &c. arsq^nrq'OT. 

Ty Caeess, v. a. v. To Fondle, &c. ?5r5^'jf , "fm^of , ^i=rr^- 

^, ?5TT «t--rtrs«(l* m.-T'j^ OT.-?5ra^ Ji.-&c. ^FT^ y. of o. 
Caress, Caressing, «. v. V. — act. rrts^ot n. &c. ?jr5 to. ?J- 

jpt^ n. JTRq' 7J. See also Emueace. [ uit^_ 

Caressingly, adv. v. V. ?Jr5-&c. ^p^ Pru't'TT^^, sjTf^^- 
Caeet, n. mark of omission. ^PFT? 11. ^^TT^ ». 
Cargo, n. v. Freight. T^TFf n. Hft^f «. HT^/. 'JKiM n. *r- 

Caricature, n. ludicrous likeness or description, ^i^ n. ?r- 

^^f fT^^T^TH^ f^=5f w.-!7f?fHT/.-5Tf?r^^/.-cfOT^ ii.-&e. 
To Caricature, v. a. ^<:M-HH'T 1^^ )J-&c. ^I^of y. 0/0. ST- 

?^r?R^ srn^T n. ^^ 3. of 0. ^tn «. ^Rof y. 0/0. ?r^s5^- 

Caries, Cariosity, m. rottenness— o( a bone. ^inH^^ ptT w. ^- 

Carious, a, v. N. f^JT^, ^T^^, nfe=f»Tmf^T7. 
Carman, n. >TT%^ »i. 'llS'ilrti »». nTJIT^^ m. 
Caeminatite, a. that expels wind. qTrf^T, ^mjT, 'TFT^^T^, 

Carnage, «. /iaroe, slaughter. W.r^jf- v. T?, ^Pl-il+li/. ^PT- 

There was great c. ^tf HUrf. 
Carnal, CiRNAL-MiNDEi). a. not spiritual, f!esJili/,Y. Sen- 
sual. fiTTqi^, f^pnft, frr^TO^, ^TTTf^m^, Rih-m'^w, 

C. kuowledgo, sexual intercourse. MM\n m. 'im^m m. 
Caenal-iiindeeness, Caenalitv, n. v. A. f^^^^^f. f^f?- 

Carnation, m.— flower. n?I^R or ^J'S{^V^ m. 
Carnelian, n. 3T^q? m. 

Carneous, Carnous, a. fleshy. Hf^T^r, Tt^TRq'. 
Carnivorous, a. mn^imTTT, m«T^^, JTWr^^fT, Ht^r^'TifT, 

Carol. See Sosg. Hymn. [ HRRH m. 

Carousal, n. drinking feast. TT^rfH^T m. TR^Ra^T «. ^\^- 
To Carouse, v. n. qTRTr^T^T m. ^ot, ?ni:/.-&c. s'rH'Ji-^i'^oT- 

tnv^ui or ^l^'Jr. 
Carp, «. Ci/prinus dcnticulatus. rf^ m. ^f|?T ni. 
To Carp, t). «.. cavil. 'fl[5%> »». ji. qiJf, -HW^mm.-'iPfjW^^m. 

pl.-»^\hn. pi. q'if-'FTTot-^PsaT, %:gFr/. :pxot-qTDi , 3irs"4 
<pr5^-q^-^fn^at, "poTis «j. pi. "PTS'jf, ^^/. ^r?!^, ^pf^ 

Carpal, a. lelonging, Sfc. to the tvrist. ^^^^'T^., ^^^Z]^- 

Carpenter, n. f rtR, 51^, ?r?7^, FT^, 'T^'^R, ?J,^tTRt, ^5- 

qr, ?Ifr, ^rai=r?^^.— iu coutempt. g?fRTT, rTT^'+.i'-Ml, 7T- 

Business of a c. gdR+lH n. ^iK-t/t/. 

AVork executed by a c. grTK^RT n. 
Carpentry, 71. ^rnT7^/. g?lH + IM ». 
Caepee, n. V. V. and Captious, arrs'jit^: q'OTnT, &c. 'flrs^- 

Caepet, w. f^^NcT/. qg^/. ^5^/ ^m^ 0'- ^SRT'^KR w. it. 

Carpets cj- Floor-doths fur ornament and for sitting 
are of various compositions and faslnon.s. The names of 
some arc m^^j m. qr^TT m. ir^lT n. ^JT^RTT »«. ^fSTH «. 

qr^/. ^^mr »». w\iy^f 

Ac. knight. q^^J5 w. 

Tliat is on the c. that is under discussion. ^^, ^W^, 
To Caepet, v. a. f^5il'MH/-&c. qrf=5aT-THT^. 
Carping, n. v. Y.^—act. arrS-PW ^"t n. aTr5"FR:T >«. aT%£r%w. 
pi. "^?J/ ^^?r/ t'- nre. 

Carpus, n. the ivrist. J\^^Z n. 

Carriage, Carrying, n. v.V. l.—act. ^J^^in. ^r^Hn. \ 
Price of c. qr^iTK^/- ^?5 »». Hi^n^r^/. armoTTq^ / 

Of c. of burden. a^T^, "mW^. 

I. vehicle. TTft/. TRr«. ^TpT «. 

Certain sorts of carriages are ^jft/. U^fTSTw- ^TFil.'i 

Pleasure-c. ^1sk'<T«». ^^'c^m. 
Wheel-c. -<^+'MM«. 

II. (as of cannon, Ac. &c.). TTSTwi. %ii>i\m. 




III. deportment, v. Cosduct. ^^m/. nfrf/. 
Cakbiaoe-iior^e, II. >1I^HI ^(^r »». 
Cabuiaoe-makeu, 71. iT^'+i^uiKf, r-H^PIT. 
Cabeied, v. V. 1. ^I^^c^, H^PSJ, &c. 
Cabbieb, n. v.V. 1. ^IT^RT, ^"nTT, 5T^, 3?"li:-4Ml-3Tr5rl?I- 

I. one that comeys goods fur hire in a cart. Tit ^TKT ^- 

»TR irff?T %ornT. 

CaRRIOX, n. KT^rS 0/' H^TTT/i. J^MjjHmd. ^^ or ^VAf- 

Cabbiox, a. y^'ijiHrar^. 
Caebot, n. TT^ H. 

Core of a c. JTt^^TT'f. 
Cabboty, a. t\\A\\-A\ V\V^. 
To Caubt, v. a. coniei/, transport, hear. eTI^'if, ^^, ^^^• 

^^r^f, ^^n. ^P?ot. 

2 Sec To Imply. 3 remove the erop. ^pr^oi, ^.W^ /. 

i — iu arithm. ^M-=|l ^'if-'^i^. 

The number that comes to hand to Ic carried is 
called ^M^m. 

5 c^frf, accomplish. ^q'T^'Jf,?nym, flT^^^TT ^, ^<+.<ui'. 

6 ye/ possession of hj force. %>jf, ^^rRrT ^^^-^€^ sfijf^ 

7 across, convey over. 3rr^>jf, TTT +<'Jl-Mli'Ji. 

8 oSor away. v. To EoB. ^i\ or f^^, %% ^^ n. T.- 
^ y. o/ o. 

9 oil"; A;///. %CTr, qftirnr m.-\^^7: n. w^x^ y- of o. 

10 into efleet, execute. of^FTTW, 3THr5frr 'iTnTOT. 

11 on, (business, &c.) v. To Conduct. =q-TrjfqTjf, fPFof, 

sff^^n^'fr, f^q-f^(jf, f?nrrf wj. ^m y. o/ o. 

\'2 out; Iriny to a successful end, v. To Accomplish. 

13 through, T. To Accomplisii. f?R?Rai or fSf^TTof, 
FT^'ttK ^^, [?T^»^. ^PTW y. ofo. fHTT^TJft/. <Tre<Jf-Jp- 
^y. o/o, 

11 (one's selO v. To Bedave. =5n?5^, sfFTof, ^"it. 
Caet, n. iTTlTw. HT^ </m. nre^ft/ & 11^ n. S^F^ w. ^w.- 
^ m. ^^?^r»i. Tfn.OT. TV^m. 
Bottom of a c. ?rnft or ^TRt/. 
Child's go-c. "rin^J irSTm. <Ti^ TT^/. 

To Cakt, v. a. nrj-€rt?T-nT#T H^Ji ^tt^^t ^. 

Cabt-gbease, n. ari^'ir o>' ^^^n. 
Cabt-load, n. »TT5T»i. irSPTT (with the noun). 
Cabt-boad, Cabt-way, n. iitI^r/. 11%T^r w. 
Cabt-bope, n. ^T^m. HnisOTw. sftSn. TT^^J^w.k*. 
Cabt-bct, n. ^^FTft/. " [ST^f^T^ m. 

Cabte-BLa^nche, n. -jOT-frfq^FTT g^sff^nTRT JfTTTWH^M. f?5- 

Caetel, n. ?r^fr=r ^m^ ^k^^^ f^TTT^f=5ft 3t^t sj;^ "^- 

^^^r^\ +<KHIHI w(. 
Caeteb, n. 114-+.^'), ITi^TT^, 'l l /lMR . 
Cabtilage, n. ^^ m. ?R;oTTft'4 «■ ^^'<^n. 

Cabtilagikous, a. rR;iJTTt%'<T'TiT, fRi'TTft'tlCT. 
Cabtoucii, n. cartridge bo.v. ^V^ZJ^n, ^fV^m. sft^^ft/. 
Cabteidqe, n. ^]m. 

Ballc. nj7i\^\ ^\7im. 

Blank e. gwrHTPw. ^\vi\ ZW.f. ^T^^UJ^ i\^.lm. 

Firing of ball c. ^U^TT m. 

Firing of blank c. m^H^K m. 
Caeteidoe-box, n. <?r^5PT n. 
Caeucate, n. ^^r^ or '^\7\n. 
Caeuncle, n. protuberance of flesh. TT^Tff^/. 
To Caete, v. a. cut wood, stone, ^c. or form Ig carving. ^. 
^, #^, H^^^ or ^-+,m'Ji, f^^sT'Jf , ^reTT-^^ +|iiui. 
2 ( meat) ^FFfif, "Pfw/. ;-'^- ^?vT>^-^rTW. 
Caeted,/).v.V.1. #r%?5r, ^Ti^%OT, &c. ^Pfff^j^t^STj^I^^ft- 

Caeveb, «. V. V. 1. ^1?:uiKl, #^nTTJT,&c. ^-+,iti'-MHl orR?T, 
J^^^TTTT, #^^THt or J^, [ ^ /• 

Caeyino, n. V. Y-l.—act. q^iif «. ^^iTfrt. &c. ^PRoft/. ^r- 
Price or cost of c. ^^t^cnr^oS/. ^ 
I. carved icork. ^JU^^pm w. ?l^T?I^rfr «. ?I^?Tr »«• ?f^?ft/. 

CAEYKa-TOOL, n. qTnTJft/- ^iT"jf «• 

Cascade, n. v. "Watee-fall. q^vrifT m. •crq'^ /. tfi'i=T >«. 

Case, n. covering, sheath. 3TT^'T «. ^'J^ «. SPTOT ?i. ^ ?(. 
J^T^ ?i. HUT n. JpTn ?». ^>55-/. 
Needle-c. =q=Eft' /. 
Pen-c. sfJr^jM-i.H «. ^-r^H^Pft/. 
Eazor-c. qt^ o'' ':fm^/. 

2 ( as of a pillow, couch, &c. ) cover. T^tp m. ^^^ f. 
"sot m. Pr^/. STi^r wi. 

3 (as of a mattress, quilt, &c.) case to he stuffed. ^J^fm. 

4 state, condition, circumstances. ^^TT /. 3T^r4r /• fl*-Tf?r 
/. ^pop. Irf/. JTre/. ^^J^f m. 

In that c. ?T^Tf?T, ?T?f'JT«?rRT, ^n. 

5 rase adduced or occurring, instance. 3TSo5 »i. sfrft^ >i. 

6 — iu medicine; state of the body, y. Health. ^ft'4f% 

To be in good c. ^\\^A f^^T^T J"? 'H^'^t. 
7 history of a disease. J^u^lMi H^^ »?». frT^'<T5T ». fr- 
'I==-1K'"MH n. 
8 — iu law. state cf facts, the question. H^^ m. ^r++,rt 

Written statement of a c. ri+(1< 'ir'Tr »». 
9 «!//; fl!^ /aic, V. Cause. M'-ti'^H i 7;!, Jf^PT^ ». ^h:?^ >». ^- 

10 — in, variation of nouns. f^T'Tl^ /. ^PR^ n. 

The six Gjsm are ^fTfT?, ^, ^of, ?f5i^=T, 3TTr^=T, ^T- 

f^-T^RXTf, or sriTHT, fg/fl^, ^Trft^, =^'4f, T^, "TOt, ^Jf ift. 

11 ( of instruments ). f\^ m. 

12 See Box. 

Case-woem, n. ^^\^\ m. ^r^lf^ilT m. _.' 


Casement. See Window. 

Cash, n. WF^ /■ T^ «• ^mrt /. 'Tm m. ^\^ ffM n. rt^ or 

To Cash, 4>. rt. ( note, bill, &c.) ^RTf^^f, JTr5>if, ?:?g ot.-&c. 
Cash-keepee, Cashiee, n. ^•4\A'\\< c. -^Wi^R c. 'Jt^^^tn. 

i^sCt^ c. 

Private e. ^rT^n>rrc^T m. 
Cashew, ti. — tree, or apple, or nut. ^PV^ J. m. 

2 apple, pulpous portion. ^rf^«». ^V% n. ^% n. ^^fjirt^rw. 
To Cashier, v. a. v. To Dismiss. srtTW ^ijf, ^'^TR"?"?- 

Cask, n. cftT n. m «• t-iyi'i »• 

Casket, ». s^iTT »"■ c?""- f»5ft/. ^^ »«• ^tfT »». sprt ?i. 

Casque, n. v. Helmet. f^TT^m «. 

Cassia, ».— fistula. sfTf ^ ««• ^T'^^TT^ m. gsfof or g^rof^ »i. 

2 — woody c. ft^t/. f^T^T^ «• H+WK «(. 
To Cast, v. a. throw, htirh toss.Jlinr/. gt^of, Z\W.^, %jpiff^ 

^tfijj^ !T?1^, ST?l^TtT »J.-sr?TT m.-&c. ifJ^Tif y. 0/ 0. 

2 — as a fruit-tree, a bii'd, &c. T. To Shed. TT^ot, dn>u| , 

3 sendfortJi, give out, Sfc. v. To Emit. ^TrS'^, 'TFP'jf. 

4 in law, non-suit. ^rrT?T-;TOT^-'fe^7^-ft=TT^-^^^- 

&c. qp?:^. 

5 ihroio in icrestlin/j. "^flTr ^'Jf, TT^iif, ^^ft^^PSr ^p^. 

6 found. affrT'if, iflciuf. 

7 plot, strike out, v. To Conteive. %^|JI, ^r^r/.^"^ 
y. q/o. +l«'Jl. 

8 away; y/ye io <7ie tvinds, ^c. v. To Theow awat. q- 

9 away, oft"; v. To Abandon. ^>5ijf, #r|^ \^., 5Tf ^ ^'jf, 

10 ofi"; ( clothes, &c. ). 2T^q-, ?:?FT^ ^tjf, ^rTTTot.' 

11 out; V. To Eject, qr^^iif, ^r^in, ^PT^ ^PRof. 

12 up; V. To Add. f^^ m. sp^, irft^/. ^of. 

13 upon. TTT'<Tf a'?f. TTTW y. '"/ s. di+uj tt'iV/i m of s. 
Cast, ». throw, v. Casting, 1. Jf^^T m. ^"Tw. 

2 iArow q/" dice. 5T=r ««. r. 2T^. 
Turn to c. 5T7 w. [/. ST5E «i. 

3 mould, make, fashion, v. Foem. mni/. Mi^ff/. Hi«ju| 

4 ai>, ;!«»•«, manner. ^^/. 5TO w- ^^/. 5T^ »»• 
Having an affected c. — turban, &c. ^|'+,<^k. 

5 smack, smatch, savour, v. Taste, ^^n^ »». v. ITTT, WJ f. 
^?f:R or g^ /. ?5%ft /. VJ^l f. JTRf »». [ OT^TT /. 
G iiw/, touch, shade, tincture, ^c. ?5^t/ ?5%tt/. ^J^/ 
7 See Squint. 

Cast, Caste, n. division of the Hindu lady. ^TK/. qiH/. 
JTPft/. ^Tf^/.fir?r/.=r'^ w. The four original Castes are 
=n^iT, ^f^q'i^sq', ^J?; and to this are added arfH^J^^, 
3Tr?T^, ^snTlfJl^, &c. all terms expressing collectively 
the low and impure classes, severally designated by 
T^, HFT, ^f^,, =ErmR, ^=r, |C3, &c. &c. Certain of the 
Castes, Classes, or Tribes are ^^^, +^=)i or ^|., ^^3TTft, 

^re% jpRTiO, ^Pm^^ or ^m\i\ or w^^t[ &c. ^fpttt, 

1 29 _^CA S 

JFTTT^, ^T^r, ^nr^'tT, ^r^rp", ^rsor, f^fRr, 'i.uN' i,"%wfr, 

JpflT, #R"^, ^1"^!, ^^rft, ^R-T;, TTRq'f. f?Trf^, il^':iff, m- 

^r^r, fnTT^fr or ^t, JTrsr, ifm^fr, nrq, Tfr^s^p ( distinguish- 
ed into ^5nr?5^ and t?nr?r^ ), j'ust, ^^fr or ^Tt, f^r- 
5t, =^n^ or K-^n, =q-f JTR or =5rT'=^, =qT!:oT, ^oS\^J, ^^m, 
i'+'Kl', ?T^^ orFTT, ?t^, ii^lO, ?rfTT, ^R, ?lf5f^, Ftftr^T, 

f?n;T?^, -^nr, ^^rs or trr^s, tft^r?;, q^, ?r?:, f^^r^, com- 
monly jprat, >TT^, qft^, q^nr, "^rrrn, tf''^?^^, t^'^'^^, 

iTf^I^ffTT, (jjo/j. HaTT or itcti*,^ ), JicrqiT, IT^R, ( or ^^), 
mi, fH5FTfr, TT^'Z, ?:iT^?:, T'T^FRT, TTRr^ft or ?fT, ?i%fr, 
c^ui or ?JJTT"IT, ?^iTrft, ^FfK or ^r^^R^ ^TOT^TRT or ft, 
STT^^t, STR^rr, STT'jft, f^Tft or r^':|t, ^ft^, ^iJITT, g^TR, ^JH, 

C. and lineage,— comprch. ^m^t/. ^TRTf^ «. ^rFT- 

The C. collectively, — as assembled in investigation 
of ofl'enees, &c. 5Fr?fHt?r n. nTFTTfT n. JiYrT «. nRTOr/. 

irtcTTRr n.f. viTMmd/. qnr^^r or ifRfioiT ?«. 'frrfra'^s/. 

A mixed c. or race. cfOT^^ m. ?iqR ^rfn/ ^^ r,i. 

A low c. person. ■>\\\iS\ or ?JT, qKMI^m, f^^TT^TfrT 
pop. f^=)|+1ff OT. 

Brother or fellow by c. ^Rf^r^w. 

Ceremonies of receiving back into c. J?Mii/. nTrT/. 
q?T/. 3TTrf Tm/. =JTirf/. 

Circular notifying an ejection from c. ^^^[m^n. ^' 

Confusion of c's. cjTi|^+'<)». 

Distinction of c. ^qif^TH?)". 

Ejected from c. ^TRS, ^TI^fRT, ST r^ i ^^H , ?;?r^T3^r?'. 

Ejection from c. cTI^/. i: ^]^^ <T5, ^TRfT?!. n. qi^'ssFR 
m. ^Z^^'^m. 

Extinction of c. vfrrfrT^PTw. ^'Tt^VJm. 

Falliug from c. ^rfrT>j^T?«. 

Fallen from c. ^TrferH, ^TZ^U 

Feud in a c. rR!». 

Of or as to c. ■-.HlrrHl. 

Of mixed c. or blood, ^^dj, fTT»;r. 

Pride of e. ^fTfTTRT m. 

The peculiar duty, virtues, &c. of a c. ^frrfrT'^^JTw. 
Cast,/,, t. V. 1. ^T^%?5T, ^T^^?5T &c. f|T!T, srffnT, ^f^f{. 
2 TToS^r, Htl%^, tTfTFT, f^TTfeFT. 
I. down; V. DiM'ii:iTED. S'^rw, T2Rfl", iRTTfJar^. 
Castanet, «. W-X^^n.m. 5R5rfr/. H^/. 
Castawat, a. v. Eepeobate. ^rtrrfr^ ?T^%?5T, %qKr^,"^5- 

Castellan, «. 'Pp^TRHf. |nrftT^Rtw. jnrwT^w. 
Castee, 71. V. V. 1. ifr^oTRT, JI*uil<l, W^, f?TT^, ^T. 

2 wrtoTRT, afmrtt. 

To Castigate, Castigation. See To Punish, &c. 
Casung, n. V. Y. l.—act. #P^«. z\^^n. mm. srfr<T«;. fV- 





Castle, n/forl. ^m. ^m. f^fif^m. ij^/. jnm. n. p^. 

2 house or mansiun of a 2^-itice or noUeman. ^Y^m. ^- 

Castle iu tlic air. f^^TJ.''^^f^. J- ^^T^K^^.J- 

To build c. iu (he air. 3TT>:JrFrff qT«. ^tm, T^ Tflw. 

3 (at chess ). ^rft m. 

Castling, n. v. Abortion. 'PTTTHot. »TH?rT5r»«. 
Castob-oil, 11. — plant. V^m. — the oil i(<S3». — the seed 

y<^/. ^ts^ft^Ji. — the root ((<5Hr^». Some varieties or 

ppecics are (rtft, gT'ft '(ts, iTFT^ft <(tf , 'TTTT ^, ^F5^ 

(Tts, iiHiotm. %T '^. 
To Castrate, i-. a. 3T5m. pi. q^'Jif y.o/'o. ^T?ft ^^, 3T5^«. 

-aisai.i". ^RW y. o/" 0. 

2 ( by pouudiug the tesiicle ). STSf^'^f, %'rof. 
Casthatkd, p. V. V. 1. ^^^ft%^T, VK^, V^^\i. 

2 5r5f^%^r, &c. JTTTT o;- >TKIT. [ SJ^^^ «. 

Castration-, ». v. V. 1. — act. 3Hi+l<JCTf«. ^^/. arsd^w. 

2 srrf^'i. %^^«. 
Casual, a. fortuitous, v. Accidental. 3TO%irrfT, 3T^%f^^, 

2 incidental, v. Occasional, '^ftrfrr^. STWfn^, sf^'TrT- 
CAsrALLT,aiy.v. Accidentally. "^;pfrnfTH,^^,q'^%^F^?r. 
Casualness, n. v. A. l.^_:nfFTw«. q'^=?3T/.'^'Tfe?R5r?2. 31T- 

Casualtv, n. See Cascalness, 2. « c. t. Accident, ^- 

3 a chance producing death. 3iMMM«!. 3Tr^M. 3TTHr^»n. 

4 a vacancy through death, ^'c. M<U1 ^n^ 'PR'TR <-Hlrf| 

5rT%=rt ^stftt/. 

Casuist, «. one sl-illcd in casuislry. -JJ'm^lNW^, ^^TrfPT- 

Casuistic, Casuistical, a. v. N. ■(' l M l tij q f'T ? ^ -H ^ <M tft-f?- 

■CASUISTur, n. science rf determining the laiifidness or vn- 

laufulness of acts. ^rTf^Wcrt^prfsr^TT /• ^f^^^^^l^- 

TTffirtrT/. trRTtrfTf^^rRirf^^TT. 

Cat, n. JTr?n: or nr^ m.f. n. ITT^\ m. f^r^TrJ 0>' f^riTcT^M. 
— male, he-c. %^, TMT. — female, she-c. KTITT, TT^, 
f^TWty^ — in endearment; corresponding to puss, pus- 
»J/- 'T^/- ^'ftt «. nv^t «.— in endearment, dispara- 
gement, or contempt, nv^ n.—'m cant phraseol. srr- 
«fr^ 'TFTtfl'/. Tom c. f^^ifrpT m. 
Wild c. <HHM< m.f. n. Jjrt^^ «J. 
^To let the c. out of the bag. q^ m. <^t^, stH% M. 

Cat a mountain, n. ix^nv^ m.f. n. 

t'Ai-ETF.D, a. Kt^rr^^, mrfroEqi, ^tttt, ^=m. 

Eather c. ^fn^ or ^TRm. 
Cat-out, m. ^/ 3^iTf^ FTTT/.-rim/.-fTt'iT/. ^"r^ ?n. 
Cat-hammed, a. JT5^5nr, TTJ^ttt. 
Cat's-paw, «. dupe, v. Fool, .pt^mn m. ^^fiTCTt n. 


Catacombs, w. ?t;nnf*T^r/. 

Cat acoustic, a. ^P\f--^f:^^irqu!^,.^ srf^E^f^?f»f'fl'. 

Catalepsy, n. r^v^-t^mrq m. j^sr^pr ?n. 

Cataloqtje, n. v. List. ipRw n. arg^j^iTPr ^T^/. 

Catamenia, «. T. Menses, ^vj n. ^n m. ^ n. m. 

Catamenial, a. <'A\\'A^i\^. 

Catamite, n. nrf m. TfPTTTT m. Ttj^Wol or nfr^^Fl^^rr w. 

Cataplasm. See Poultice. [tn^ifr/. 

Cataract, n. v. Waterfall, vftn w. ^^ or qftTT «». t^- 

2 ( of the eye ). jfmt ?j. liT^rf^J «i. jfldif^i) n. ^z■?i n. 
Catarrh, n. qr^' «. HfT 7i. ^FRT m. 
Catahehal, «. T5^^, <T5^Trf^^NfT, <Tf?rHf ^TRTTT. 
Catastrophe, w. ( of the drama, &c. ). 3'?TFT^ n. ■pr^/. - 

f^tl'^ 0)- Pl^ll^H w. vd^'H^K m. 

2 ruinous m«p, &c. ?55ftrr «. |^ >?i. ^'JqfTWTH m. ?:^- 

vRuim TO. 
To Catch, v. a. Jag hold, apprehend, v. To Seize. qroT, ^r- 

2 receice in its passage. fFJi^, ^fi^ifof, f%^^, 

3 ye< AoW of get into ones poiucr. tfTiif , 3T«rraT?5f-fRf - 

rT-&c. arm^, ^Nsqui, amirnirr %^ ««. co«. Mi^Ji^NifT 

?rtq5^ in. con, 

4 ( contagion or disease ). ^wf, vf^irf j«_ cow. SFM !». 
con. %ut 2«. co». 

5 ( a song or tune ), ialce up andfolloto. ^TSsSt. 

6 ( as in speech or conduct ), lay hold of. ifTsTi^, ^PTnf 
ET^of or trrS^, T^F^, T^^FRiJf, 'lUTl'jf, ^PJ^TWm tfT'Jf . 

7 T. To Overtake. 3T^r^ q"^, frrs;^ ^ijf. 

8 V. To Snatch. I^^JFWJf, ff^^m ^. 

9 up; V. To Snatch up. 4-i+l=lot, ^l-i+Nu^i, ^ w. JTR^. 
2b Catch, v. n. le contagious. ^^^. 

2 hitch, fasten on, Sfc. HPT^, ^HiJf, 5hs'+.u7. 

To c. and tear, to le scrieced. 3Tt?3?^ or 3Tf?^f^. 

3 talcefre, ignite, v. To Kindle. %rTiJr or ^^^^, %?:ur, 
ril'iui, f^TrJTof. 

4 sustain some morhid affection, q^^. [Ac.^TTrS^, 

5 at ; endeavor to seize, v. To Snatch. ^Tf^fr^T m.-^f.- 
Catch, «. seizure, <5'c. See Catching, 1. 

To lie upon the e. qn^mT-f^fHrTra' 5^^, q^ Hl^«i. 

2 fZrts/), 7(00^, hold, chape. 3=r?^0T w- 3n^^<T n. 3i^5T w. 

3 advantage, v. Gain. rTTT w. 

4 See Snatch. 

Catching, «. t. V. 1. — act. tR^ «• T^FSiJf «. &c. 
Catching, ^. n. v.V. 4, «k(? Contagious. ?TTOprT^,^<T^iT^- 

Catechetical, a. sr^irTTRT, !T=flTcTT^T, ?--'JlMfH--ll+i(|ri+- 

^F, !T^M<M'M-firf^T2. 
Catechetically, a(/t!. ^^c^^'^H ^ ^^r^TSl ^^T^T, if^lrTTt^T, 

To Catechise, ». a. instruct hy questions, ^f{^\^ ^^-^C^- 

2 interrogate, v. To Examine. '{^"Jt, JTSfft^/. qraW-^r 

CAT 151 

Catechism, n. STW^m^f?5/. sj-^'TtR^TT^/. sf^^Jmrj^^ n. 

Catechist, «. T.V.I. ^5rra;^^>?r f^T^^TTRT, sf=vfrTTrj5^- 

Catechu, n. terra Japonica. "^v^K m. ^t^ m. ( Tlie tree is 

called %T »». ^^ m. )— iu cant or covert phraseol. '^- 

g'<| Ml. W'\m. [ ^'TRT. 

CATEcnuiiEN, n. «llfH4:HI ^tnTT^qr "J^f f^^'^^l ^ f?T- 

Categokical, «. absolute, express, v. Positive. ?in), ^^, 

Categoeicallt, adv. v. A. ««(? Positively. f^?jyT, ^TV, 
Cateooet, m. • — iu logic, predicament. ^^^ m. 

2 v. Class. ^A m. f^r^r m. f^^f. 
To Cater, v. n. provide food. ^^T^P^T OTT^fHt ^r^=Tr/. 

^"if, aHi^KiJl^HT /.-arr^Rf^^ m.-&c. SRW, ^^f%- 

?ft/. JRW. 
Cateeee, n. V. "V. ^prq-f^ ^fpT^T ^F^'JITTT, ITT^} Hi. ^TPFft- 

Cateepill.\e, «. ^^re:f «8. ^mW m. ^ n. ^JT.^Z m. ^J=fJ- 

5pl^^ m. ^TZ or ^^Z 111. 
To Cateewaul, v. n. ^^i^ n. ^Tof, TM?THR^T 3fTT5"Jf, 
Cateewaulixo, It. V. V. ijT'^itr «• ^1%^'^/. 
Cates, n. V. Daiktt. qiprai n. pi. fwz\^ n. HT^^ n. 
Cathaeist, n. pretender to great purifi/. 3Tf?T^T«fo5T, <^l+^ 

Cathartic, a. v. Purgative. sT5I^, ^'^^. 
Cathartic, n. v. Purge, srs m. ^ «!. g?r|if w. 
Cathedral, «. fsT^iTTsft TT^ ^?^ S^T^m 3Tr^ ?t %3r5E. 
Catheter, n. Jrt^ost/. H^^rrfsPT^ «. HSf^i^T^r/. 
Catholic, a. v. Universal. ^sfr^T, ^^^5^. 

2 «o< narrow minded. ^^'^f^mJ, -cj^km^^, sT^T^, 

3 See EoMAN Catholic. 
Catholicism, ». v. A. 1. ^^T^tf^rrr/. 

2 JT^rrsTT sr^T^THTT m. &c. 1T?TT^ STT^T^fq' «.-^r^ n. 
Catholicon, n. ^f^rw^TT^^fTTfoT m. 
Catopteical, a. V. N. M<l<jTir+,<u|^ii(:f|-, H<l'^T|1%<:ui<ri^4|. 
Catoptrics, n. science of reflected light. M < I ■^ri pB^orf^isnT^- 

J^T^rg^TRR n. 
Cattle, n. — horned.'^ n. pi. sfc n. pi. — com^veh. great 

and small. JT^ n. pi. ij^ =rfH^ w. Some of the diseases 

incidental to Cattle are ^f%<pr5 m. pi. ^^ «. ^ «?. 

q^n. H>Ulolui». sRTTot. cTT^/. TTS?". di3?51Tw. ^TOJfT 7». 

A cattle-pasture, ^t^ot/. 

Cost of the use of it. *\^'M>\if. 

C.-lice. C.-ticks. f^J^f. p/. 

C. track. JT^ ?«. 

Hire for the use of draught c. %W. n. 

Picketing line of c. ^^tjt/. 

Eope by which c. are tied to it. ^lif n. dim. ^^^f. 
Loop of this rope, ( it consists of two ). ^ipft/. "^5% n. 

Spot on which the c. are assemhled daily, to be 


driven out to pa.slurc. »ft5 m. 

Tending or keeping of c. ^^t^:/. l\^W^.f. rrgj! 
/. V. qT?7, T^T^TtT n. q^qr^H n. Hire of tending c. n^- 
OTTsr^s/. ?T#t?5/. V^^f. 

Wealth, or property in c. W-Ji^ n. ^H'-TT n. [ Kq. 
Caudal, a_ pertaininj, Sfc. to a tail. q^jj+i^feft-Riq^^, "T^- 
Caudle, 71. sfT^i^T^FT^ m. gS^TST »«. f^ft n. ^'TH=mt «. 
Caught, ;?. v. V. 1. '^^?rr, ^ftfT, 'f?r. 

2 5r^^r&e. 

3 ^rtT^^rTT, ?Rmr*t 3Tm%?iT, &c. 

To be c. ?rn3^ or ^rn^oT. 
Caul, n. v. Omentum. m>.mi TSTTm. 3^=5fq''5^M. 

2 ifT^m^^STT TT^^Frar qir^TTT^ ^I^«. 
CaULIFLOWEE, W. f c^^/. [fTTTTTS'T. 

Causable, a. V. V. STTT^t'T, ^FWR^RI, f^fSr-rlk^Kj, f^- 
Causal, Causative, a. relating to or implging cause. ^ROT- 

2— in grammar. srqt^T, efi?r w ^^ (i. e. ^ or ^ & 3T?T, 
having ^r or fif added at the end of the root ). 
C. verb. spfr^MT^'". 
Causalitt, Causativeness, n. v.A.l. =fnT'Tf?«- f^fiTTTf^rrt. 

Causation, n. V. — ac^. 3T7T^at«. &c. ^7?TT^«. 3'3^r^^«. 
Cause, «. efficient, producer, author. «PR>JI«. ^Frtf?;!. ^FR^j;?;:. 

Efficient c. ^fvR'T^'«. 

Generative or originating c. ^'^^m. 

Instrumental c. f^lM-rl+'Kuirt. f^frTrT^. 

Primary or remote e. 'fl\[<i;\.\iy\n. sff^riTfr^ROT;). f?f- 
^ M. H?r«. 3HI4441^«- TT^n^PR^w. ^RTJr^RTT". 

Proximate or immediate e. viMld.!^;;. ^'MI^H^TW. 
f^fiTr1+UU|«. ?fT?TrrFROT«. SJRTeiq^tII«. 

Eelation of c. and efl'ect. ^vT^^R^^TFTw?. ^^T^^^l^- 

2 reason, ground, motive. ^PROTw. f3 »». Sf^f^iT^?!. ^^^f. 


"Without c. 4>K'JIHi-j!H, f^'^+K"!, S^fr^, ^^. 
3 — in law; suit, action. ^^^JXf'T^m. ^ZB\m. ^Zpjn. H- 

To lose one's c. ^T^. 

4 side, party, ^^m. ^^f. 5fT^/. ?RTf/. 
Espousing a c.^^TR m. v. ^, tT7, W-l- 
Espouser of a c."Wlft. 

To Cause, v. a. produce, occasion, efl'ect. +<iii, +<t)ui, jcMli- 
"jf, 3'jrr^, 3?T5T-ctc. JPT'it, ??T^TT/.-31^^'». ^PT'^Ty. o/ o. 
=PR'Jr'T^-f^fHTr'TrT-l2H?T-&c. ^DT-aT^UT j». cow. 

Caused, p. v. V. ^%?IT, ^FT^rJrM', &c. ^r'-nHld, ■jiT'ld, ^'^, 

nnrHTfr (iu comp.) ^^wrt. 

Causeless, a. v. N. 1. ai^pRW, aT^FRuft, fH'.^R^, 'jT^J-T?, 
2 Sl^FRiJr, St+Rufl, f^'.^TRW, f?I«--f.Kyi, f^RT^FRW, 3^"^^, 




C'aUselesslt, aJv. V. A. +KUIHf^, f^-ii+i'ui, f-i-^-t-Kui. 
Causelesssess, n.Y.A. 3T:froi?^"- ^\^^^,H>i- 'fl^^^F^'f.&c. 
Causeb, n. V. V. !FfUIKI, -Sc. JFtTT, ^=1^, ^Pl<ii, siqY^?nf:, 

Cacsey, Causeway, «. sifvTMi. su^-TT^T TWIm. 
Caustic, o. JTr^r^TT^'TTTT, m«<l.l^4;, Ht?T ^5T^. 

2 fig. sharp, cKttiii;/, v. Enixo. f^TJ^^, Wl^^ ^. 
Cai-stic, n. iTra^TR<mT '^^n. Ht^^W. or ^^^^ ^'Am. 

Stick c. ■h \ €[^ \ < or W^xmKm. 
Causticity, n. Te(\^z\^^n. Hf^^nf^P/. 
Cautelous. Sec Cautious, Cunning. 
Cauteb, n. searing iron. JFT'jft/. ^T^«. Sl^ufl/. 
To Cauteiuze, v. a. fire, jmor ^FM, ?5TeW, SRi^r, 5FT»i.- 

Cauterizino, Cautekization, n. v. Y. — act JTT^ o?' si'i"l 

«. Sl'l'iOpi.ctc. ^r^». 
Cautery, n. — actual. 5PTot. ^w. 
Circular C. "TrTw. 'Tt^jTw. 

2 — Potential, ^m. 
CACTioy, n. prudence, providence, care, circtmspection,wari- 

7iess. fJ^JTT »>. m^T'^TfJlft/. ^TFT^-rTiTT in. "^XW^f. HmMH- 

fTT^IHr^'-IK m. 3TT'NIMf'l=5n' f^HK m. 

1 monition, v. "Waeniko. nl'+ni./ ?IPft/. ^rTT^TJf «. 

3 provision against. «F!^ ^.'(rt'-sl ^'TFT »».-«fJt«T^ m. "T^f- 
'?T^ »». 

4 See Secubitt. 

To Caution,v. a. admonisli.Sfc.v. To Waen. crr^fft^/.^FT'Jf-^- 

Cautionabt, a. given in pledge or securify. rTHTJlWr, ^^^^- 
?>H, ^'=ppt^?r, HM.ui in comp. 

2 conveying teaming. ?nf¥5(NT, -^rd^CJll-Ml, arsf^-TR^^. 
Cautious, a. prudent, provident, careful, wary. ?rr=r'<, fT- 

?TK, qT^, q^T^, f^5T, ?rFf '<Fr, •HNf^-ri, q=rrT^5r^if|-, 
q#^9ff, inn "^-^'^-q:fNfr-&c. qr^m, :wPr^tfm- 

Cautiouslt, adii. v. A. ^TT^MMUIM, TPt ^ 'TTfT, "J^d^- 

'^TH ipC^, &c. 
Cautiousness, «. v. A. and, Caution. ;frRqquiT m. ^TT^trPT- 

ft/. f ^fTTTt/. q'K«l'/ 
Catalcade, n. W^ or ^nft/ ■ST'sr^rR '?T=5rT/. 
Cavalier, m. v. HoESEMiS. MI^^K m- f?T%7R m. HT»ft m. 

Cavalter, b. haughty, cj'c. /(Vc^ «■ f. f^T%?Tfl, f?T%rftS%^, 

f^wi.K'UV.i'-ir, TJTT^nT^^err, ^i-^j+I^^pJI^i, q=5rr3ft, tt- 

Cay^lieult, arfy. v. A. f^T^TRT^nft, il^rl^^ir Jl H, r^T?5^ 

sirtM, &c. qsiM*!^, mM'KjT' ^. 
Cavalry, n. ^K^^ n. ^-f-.+^K w. ^jZ. STs^TR m. STsq^Tn"/. 
Cave, n. hollow in a hill or rock. iT^/. ^ f. qs^ n. dim. 

ir/. ^F^/. ^?rqn: n. ^^ mn. ^ n. 

In caves and hollows and dens and chasms, &c. q^- 

jfqT^f, ^fn^cffr. 

Cavern, w. hollow in a hill.^ c^-e. v. Cave. 1^/. spqR ?;. /. 

2 deep mountainous recess or hollow, ^t^ n. ^rjT »>. ql'- 

^ n.^ m. dim. ^ /. 
Cavernous, a. abounding with caverns. n ^ i q-jJ ', 'T^tK'T, T- 

To Cavil, Cavilling. See To Caep, &c. 

Cavity, n. v. Hollow. ^{rt^W m. dim. ^ojift/ ?q5ff/. ?Tt^ 

/. ^3t?5TT »«■ ^^^TT m. 
To Caw, «. ■?}. *N+R/. ^FT^, ^T^T^, qn^^TS? ot. ^FTot. 
Cawing, «. v. Y.—act. W^fm n. W.J^WA^f. ^Rq^/. /n)'e«J. 

W^]Z m. 
To Cease, v. n. stop, desist, leave of, give over. TTf "^, "ft 

fl!(/i).-5Rr adv. q^, f^'<TTnr"if, f?'<T?; frot, ^s"^, '<?t»r^, ^- 

tt'cTOT, 'Hatr pijf, f^f ^TTjf, fqTTR'Jr, f^F^ni, Tq^JT^T, f^- 
IJH m. qicjuj, fq^TUT, i^^T'Jr, ^(^ ( ex. ^?^r^'T->^'MNI- 
?f-'»Tf5T^Tm-&e. ?fr?Jt ), ifre?rt ^<Jf, |FT m. q^TSW-^^ '^- 


2 become extinct, he no more. 4 ^uf, ^<ijr, ^pjf, J|oiu|, ^- 
q^, ^TrJTJf, 'ji+ui, J^rfTOT ^^. 

3 eowe io an end.^ stop, v. To End. ^n^, ?rq^, yniH ^- 

Ceaseless, a. incessant, v. Perpetual. 3T^5, f^<<H<, ^?Trf 

or ;EnTrT, 3Tf5r«rm. [^titht. 

Ceaselessly, adv. v. Continually, Evee. Pi<ri<,^?TrT,'rqi- 
Ceasing. See Cessation. 
Cecity. See Blindness. 
Cedab, n. ^cT^T^Te^T ^Trff^ V+yii' arf^. The Cedrus deva- 

ddra is called on the Hiniillayas, %?!. 
To Cede, v. a. surrender, yield, v. To Give up. ^"liui, ^» 

f«T ^, nRr'Mi'iHSfqj ^. ^rrsft^T ^f'^. 

Ceded, p. v. V. tili^irll, &c. 

To Ceil, v. o. tJHNui, 5rr tz. JT^ot-^TRiJf-^-qf'^iJr, 
Ceiling, » ^P\ n. r=)dM «. »«. 
To lay a c. !frT «. TT^. 

2— of cloth, ^f^^rr m. aHI^HMpRl/- 

3 — of plank.s. rnf>qti!ft/. 
To Celebrate, v. a. laud, e.xtol, v. To Peaise. WsriJf, ^Ftrf- 

Of, iTT% ^=nT M.-qftrf^ «.-??+1t(h W. qJTijf g. oj 0. 

2 perform solemnly, sole7nnixe. ^TTTHFt Jp^-3H|x«i;i- 

qraof, ^rmTT wi.-grHTf m.-&c. q;^y. o/o. fir^iTTTDT ^- 

To c. humbly ^Ji+iqiU'^M ^?i?T diqiUJ', ^>-iHI+c4|^' ^- 
To c. with pomp and style. TT^JT^m. 
Celebrated, p. ^ a. v. V. 1. ^ST^rTT, &c. qftf^?T, ^fqTllTld. 

2 ^nnt'TPif %?5?^, Ac. 

I. V. Famous. ^Ptf^JTT^, ^q-pT, f^'^qTcT, Mi^ilM, f STf%5, 
srirr%i=f, ^TFft, •llHir*?T. 
Celebration, n. v. V. 1.— ac<. ??T^'JI ». qTH"^ w. &c. ^M- 

2 •HMliHH' =FT^ w. &c. ^nrrtT w. 
Celeebiit, «. V. Fame, ^T^ pop. ?rf^ «. ?n«irfif^+ ;/i. ^. 




I. a c. person of distinction ^'^'^^^^ n. Q'j n. 
Celeeitv, 11, V. Swiftness, f^n/. ^^ m. ^ft^firf^ /. VPTf^/ 
Celeet, m. tr^HTifr 3Tff . 
Celestial, a. v. Heatenlt. ^sTpTl'TJMr, ^^^I^fR'fl. 

2 Idonrjing to the visible heavens or ski/, v. Heaveklt. 

C. Globe. w\\ri »i. 
Celestial, n. inhabitant of heaven. ^^TcTT^PTRft, ^F5t^'<T, 

CELiBAcr, Celibate, n. unmarried state. 'BT^'^TOTr m. f%%- 
^^ m. 3Tf^r^ m. 3HMRu|.4ri n. ar-igi^ v«. 'flf^rffi^TT^- 
F4T/.3T^5Fr?'<Tr/.— of Brdhmaus, Sf^^q- «.5T^=qiiT?rT/. 

Life of c, study, and devotion. ^f^^sT^M^ n. (and 
Leader of it), ^f^^HT^r^TRt m. ^f^^F^r^T^froft/. 
Celibate, n. v. Bacuelok. 3Tf^Tf|?f ^^T m. [ Trfr/. 

Cell, n. small caviti/, v. Hollow, ^oft/. H^-'llj'^ ^^ »-^'?^T- 
2 swa^Z apartment. ^OT »». ^PTT »»• "JS »». 

C. with bars. ft^^T m. 
3 — as in tables of calculation. &c. ^TO^ m. n. qr «. 
4 ZiVrfe i(?^ or bladder ( of animals ). JffRT «». fr^lcft /. 
Cellak, ji. Fic5^ n. g^TK ?«. 1%5I?rm^T m. %^K or ^^ 

C. for grain. ^ n. 
Cellulae, a. consist inr/ of cells. ^^w^tNt, ??fS^^, sffffq^- 

Cement, «. Htq-OT n. ^xm n. ^'^TFT^T^-T^ «. ^trR^T^jT «.-:?- 

5?f». — of glue, paste, &c. f^nP^^T «. sqj^ur JJ. ij^iir «.- 

of mortar, nTTT »». frp^^ wj. — of tin, spjftT or W'^^ m.n. 

2 fig. 5o»j(? of union. ^Ttj m. ^iTRtqT »«• [y. o/o. 

To Cement, v. a. gt'cT'Jf, ^"if, ^Tt'^T'if, ^Tfq'T ».-&e. ^?^ | 

To Cement, v. n. unite and cohere. ^ftfJl". I 

CsU'ETETiY, n. repository for the dead. aJT^TPT^op. JT^TtT «. 

Cenotaph, n. empty monumenl. ar^T^^fr^t cf^^?^ jnTKqT=^ 
To Cense, v. a. v. To Incense. tPT m. \^_ 
Censee, n. gT^ or g^n^of «. WT?it/ 
Censob, n. corrector of public morals. SBHT'^tr^T c. tTHTffcJ'-fe Hl , 
S:Tirf«T^ c. [ -JTfqqFTft. 

2 ?r^ q^$ ?jmu4fm qW 3TT|rr ^^ 5TTft?r ^ Tri^qr^r 

Censoeial, a. belonginj to a censor. ST^rffq '-h I R^^j tff ^ ^^jfr- 
Censoeious, o. addicted to censure. ^^TT'I^IT^^TT^f^, ^t^^- 

?ff, fi-q-mft, stmrft, ?>rT^^i fe^^nf, 1%^F^q% fl5- [ 

2 impli/ing or expressing censure, ^^i?]^, 'CnTg^=qT. 
Censoeiouslt, o(fi;. V. A. ^'T^'^^, fe^^"^^, ^^W^st^'. 
Censoeiousness, «. V. A. srPT^ /. ^'I'T^/. f^^f^/. 

flj^F^ur ». tiTPt^TOT n. d|q=)l'i^ «. ^f?T^?TTo5/. In re- ll 

I prehension of Censoriomness there are some phrases 

I and proverbs. These sufficiently agree with ''Physician 

heal thyself, First pluck the beam out of thine own eye, 

j then the mole out of thy neighbour's eye; Look first at 

home; Keep your own house; Dress your own garden, 

Sf-c" 5^-qi% 3t5^t?T^ ^?r3: 'JTr7% ifw^'m^ iTH?I,'flN?=qT 

TTm^i^T ^5jFf 3Trf«T 3tn^% '{^^^\^\■^,■\ ^^^\^, 'irnr^?: 

Censoeship, «. qTrfffcT^PTT »i. trJTPf'^'^PTTJT «. 

Censueable. See Blamable. 

To Censuee, Censuee. See To Blame, Blame. 

Census, n. ennmeration of inhabitants. c^np^'JTrft /. ^%g- 

HRt/. iI^3TFT>n?r «. 
Cent, n. ff^FST m. ^Tff-^ n. 

Per e. ?f-T7?f, ^^t^p^T, ^^\. 

Centage, n. ^T^s^rr^r ht??' ?». 

Centaue, «. JRT'q- »». ^^^ m. l^fn »!. ^T^JTf^T m. 
Centenaeian, n. person a hundred years vld. ^TrlT'J, ?T^q- 

Centenaex, n. ?rq;5T »?. ?T?f^ w. 

Centennial, a. consisting of 100 ^ea^'s. ^TTT^qf^, ^rfqifS'- " 

2p> to 100 y^ars. ^fTT^TrNfT, ^T<Tq-q?q-, SfTHT^- 

3 happening every 100 ^ea/-«. ?tH?:nH'" •T'tr^T ^f^ Sfurr - 

Centesimal, a. ^HTRF- 

Centesimal, ?j. ?T?rf^T wj. 

CENTIFOLIO0S, «. ^Trfq-^r, 5TFnT=5r^. 

Centinody, n. ^TfTT^rf/ 

Centipede, n. nnr/ q^rw/. ^Trfq-^/. 

Cento, n. ?f^5r »«. ?T?nf; «. 

Centeal, Centeical, a. belonging to the centre, v. Middle. 

H'rT^T, Tq-OT, IT^ n-wq-. [f^*^^. 

2 placed in centre, v. Middle. JT^q-^^^ it'-T^'<T, T«r- 
Centealitt, m. v. A. ^'^W^^ n. ^t:z^f'^^?[\ f. iTKqf%5!T?rrrT /. 
Centee, n. V. Middle. jt«T ot. T»?r/. 

2 ( of a circle, &e. ). %^ «. ^Tf>T ?«. /. f%^ o*' Hfqr'iji 

»»• T^T ( in comp. as fTnT«T, &c). [ ^jT'T. 

To Centee, v. a. collect to a ])oint. t^^^^q^'4i=r-^'<Tf^rT-&c. 
To Centee, y. M. ie collected to a point. ^}J^/^^f^^^:(r\ ^\^- 

Centeicallt, adv. v. A. )Tt--qr, iTE-srHTnr. [ JT^qf^mft. 

Centeifugal, a. that recedes from the centre. 'H^MUiWi^ 
Centeipetal, a. that has a tendency to the centre. JT«nfH- 

Centuple, n. ^T^TTT^, ^THnor^ 

Centueion, «. ^TcTTf?! m ?T?frtft?T m. 

Centuet, n. a hundred, ff^j^ m. ?TH^ «. ^^t/- 

2 a hundred years. ^?(^ «. 3^s^n?T «. sr'^^Trf ?(. 
Cephalic, n. medicine for the headache. ?r?f ?«.?r^ ?». ?Ty/. 

/. JT^^T^^JrJ^ft ^^ n. 
Cephalic, a. belonging to the head. 3T^:r=5(T, H?a^^tft, 




C'kbkal, 11. etlible grain. ^""TT ^pf qi^ «• ^I?T'4r^ «• 
Ckukal, a. ^KT UT^ ^^tft-f^T^^. 

C'ERtBELLUM, «. HW^t^ff^ JT^^F^r ?7T^=^r ^ JTFT=jr TFT W. 

Cebebbal, a. ^^^m<^ Mn^\x^\., H^-Ttrfr?5 »T^r. 
C. letter. ^^. 


C'ebeclotu, Cerement, «. ivaxeJ dofh. H'Jr^FTTS «. 

C'EBEiioiAL, a. helongi)>ij to ceremony, consisting in cere- 
mony, ritual, ^-c. ^V^J, f^^^TT, S^'tKNT, fsp^TT^^tft- 
^?^, ^HS'Ti^ft-f^'FT^, ^Tl'fil^, ferrfiT^, ^priV^jf^- 
^TFTT, 3Tr^TT>JT^^M^-f^r7^^- See also Eituai,. 

C'EEEiiosiAL, «. out icard form or rite, f^f^f. wMn. ftfrf/'. 

Cebemoniai-ist. See Ceeemokious, 1. 

fEBEVONiOis, a. ols' riant of forms and riiis. ^F^'f^^, f^- 

^TTfn^, m^RfH?, wM^r, f^^rmfTT, 3TT=snT?i?qT, qprfs, 

2 observant of ceremony., formal. 3Tr^^=^Tft, aTT^TT'T^TT- 

3 consisting of ceremonies and rites. See Cekemokial. 
Ceeemoniouslt, adv. v. A. 2. aTr^FT^TTTr^, STT^Wf^RTT, 

C'EEEMo.NiousxEss, «. V. A. 2. aTT^^^qiTf^^ /. arr^fl?- 

=cm:Tf^/. 3TT^^^TTTgf5/. 
Ceeeiio>-y, n. V. Eite. f^r/. ^«. ^^Km. ftf^T/. 

— gener. or loosely. WHyMST^f/j. 

Closing c. — geuer. ^jt|N^ n. 

Conductor of a c. qTf?l^»i. 
2 forms of civility, r. Civiliiies. 3TT^nT^qTT»». 3TT^T^- 
FT^m. TZ^^f. l^^f. 
'3 forms of state. ^t\%\^.m.-f^[i:^Xm.-f\rf f..&e. 

Master of the ceremonies, v. Coxduciok. ^TTT^TR'- 

Certaix, a. sure, confident., vndoiilting. f n^tl^ I 'M , fHT?i%S', 

fWRT, f^njfFT, f^5'/75ft, ^^f^=»7=!T, ^rmf^JiiTJr, ^FrfH'M^, 

ST^f^'^T^, f?Tf>/7?TlTH^^, fH>?t?fK^^, f^>jt?rN=fT, ^TfT- 
f^'^'", f^'iV"^., ^^i!FT, fPTO%f , ?i?T5r-&c. ^^-^?r- 

" I am certain." JTT^ ^TTrT^ 3Tf|. 

2 indiibi/ahle, undeniable. f^^T^T^T, f^^sq^ffiT^, 3TOf^- 
•'4, f^^Ttfe^O-, l^-.^JTT, fn'^rVrqT, ^^^, f^^R^T, fHf^- 
^, l^+l*, fH>m, hlPi'^rltqT, f^?T^RTft=srr, ^i;^, fT- 

3 of sure occurrence or action, unfailing, ^ • ■efi ' d , fr'sq'TT- 
^, f^ttifsiq, f*T^%^, fn^^SfT^, 3TT^,q^, 3T^,q*iT^, 
^^^^■, TT^, WB^. 

i settled, slated, fxed. %Kr^^ f^f;^^^ fH^Tf^rT ;)0p. %- 

5 V. Some. TJ-Jft ^, f^T^Kttn:, 

A e. person, arw^, 3m^, «F7mT or ^. 

CEBTAINLY. grfy. V. A . 1. f^af^,f;:T>.;n?T, f^vjt^cpjft, ^^nTT^Tt- 

f>/7Fra5YiT, f5lf*4?T^ 

3 ui//wutf,iil. ^=5fr?T, 3FT^, 3T^?^, 3FT?^q4q?, 3Fl?q'- 
CT, arqfq-qT^^^T, 3T5rJq-,-fl;r3q^ 'fl:T3.'Tit5r,fvTJ>Tq, f^>'m- 
f^, fH>-qqi?H^, f^^f^^tT, f^^C% fJT^^5T?T, aTT^iq, 
3T^5Wor rTt, ?fTH?HT, 5^^,^, ^^m, ^tl^T or ft e>-'(, 3TT^ 

Certainxess, Ceetai>"ty, n. v. A. 1. fH'3t?T/. fT^;if'=rqaTrM. 

f^trk »«. f^'sq'T «'. f^-:^ m. ^rR/. ^RR^JTT/. f^w- 
^m^ n. f^^f^t^ n. ^^-«&c. ^^ M. ?T^f TTT=r ?«. ^^T- 
TfTT^r m. 

2 f^gfrT/. f^^TPTBT^T m. ^^]P;^T\\f. ^T^Tcrr OT. ^. 

3 fr^^T OT. ^f^F^ «. CflFTJ.T^TJm/. ■i\^m'H\f^m f. fH- 
I. a e. fl! real and fixed thing. ^<tH-f^f^?T-f^feTffT?T-&C. 

>???/. -feTSnr »».-&e. f?lf5vtIrfT'4 ?». 

Ceetiiicate, w. fq^/. S^ to. ^?5T w. ^zf. ^\^'^ n. 
^^\^^^'m. 3TT^Tot. q^ri. (in comp. -with the indica- 
ting noun, as ^f^T^ g. of purification; aifjiriq^r c. of 
pre-eminence; arrsTT^ c. of good character, &e.) The 

word ?lrfif>f>+,rt irom the English is common. 
To Cebtify, v. n. testify to a thing in icriting. ^T^t^ wJ.-Sf- 
^\^■^ in.■^^V^k^ ra.-^idO^ W^ m.-f?r%=qT ^FFI^ m.-&,t. 

To Ceetify, v. a. assure of, apprize, v. To Ineoem. Jnf|rr- 

iTTT-fTTFf-f1Tfq<T-&c. ^RW. 
Ceetitude, See Ceetainty. 
Ceeulean, a. shy-colored. 3TKH|.^, aiPfTT^l^. 
Cbeumen, n. wax of the ear. ^fvT^frlPJiTcC m. ^'JT'1?5 m. 
Ceruse, n. ivhite-lead. ?ITJfrT or ?T m. [ ^t:ft. 

Cekvical, a. belonging to the neck. '^T^'^T, ^^, ?^t 'ft^RT- 
Cessatiox, n. ceasing, stopping. TTf^ n. &e. T^TTt m. ^TTTT^ 

«». ^q^f?r/. f^rTFT »». fgrf^r/. f^|%/. ^^pff^ «. ?Tm «». 

2 V. iNTEEMISSIOlf. H^+^/. St^TFR n. 3T^?IFT Wi. 

Cession, v. V. — act. ^J^t n. ?)"rf ?r sof «. ^'^^qpi ^pjtjt «. 
??TFTq=f^;^rTT «. 

Ceylos, n. t.^f. f%^^ m. n. T%^i=5 n. ^^ f. 
To Chafe, v. a. e.rcite by rubbing. =qT^-&c.%rnir/-^^m.- 
;j5im OT.-^FFT «J.-&c. 3TTTJIDf, %rfHRRT^^FTT^ «. ^irm. 

2 tvearby rubbing. fret, abrade, v. To EuB. ^To50t,^r55^'^. 

3 V. To Angee. %?t5r^, 1^^"jf, R-H^Nui. 

To Chafe, v. n. rave, boil, v. To Fume. =Eri"f^, rTSTSl^, ^^ 
^%?T?i^H^ur, ?T3<P3/. 2«^e;;«. FfStpST?: w.-^iH^i/. intcns. 

Chafe, m. /(ea< excited by friction, ^^^xh iSM<^ 3''^rfT/. 

2 mental commotion, v. Heat. ^rTTH ««. TT^FT m. 
Chaff, n. v. Husks. JTOT »i. T?r «. J^^ »• ^'^ft/- "Pra «. 

^ m. po2). (JJff «. »». ^ET'f ». 
To Chaffee. See To Haggle. 
Chaffinch, n. ^i^'^^\■4\ ^,^ "^^Urf 3Tf|. 
Chaffy, a. having much chaff. ij.H'+.'i. 

2 V. Light T^rmTW ^^^5^, 5^^^, ^^• 
CHAriKCi-IISH, n. '■^^t\f. ^^trft/. ^T^/. 

CHA 13? 

Chagein, n. ^T^njT m. «^<ftfT3Tf/. ^'^J^ 7?i.^^\f. ^T^orr?" 
To Chagein, v. a. ve.v. ^"TT^Pt^, ?^5f>if, ?;'S^^^, 'JT^^'TJf. 
Chain, 71. ^\^^ dim. m^^f. V^^^Af. 

Fine c. ( as of a watch, &c. ). ^f^FTft/- ^^ffk/. 

Large iron c. ^HX m. 

Large and thick c. ^t^Tol^ m. 

Little c. C. of two or three links, ^f. 
2 fitter, bond, sJiaclle, lit. fig. 5J5 m. cjq^ n. q^f m. f^ftt 

or ki\f. ?T^i=5rqq' »«. sT^pirsTtr^r «. 

To rivet one's chains. ^y. Tco-Mi'i "TTuft/. 3TT0T'Jif. 
8 «<?;•/(-*, concatenation, c^c. ?rf^5ft/. ?T^?5r /. HT?5T ^op. 

To Chain, jj'a^ m^5!;af , fl'f^sft^ ^^^^, ?T^?n^5 W'l^. 
Chain shot n. ^f?nft "fT^/. ^li'Tloft/. 
Chained, p. v. V. m^5ft# ^Tf^M^r, ^^J^Il'T^. 
Chaining, n. v. A''. — act. ^rU^otuf «. ^^^R'^q' ?«. ^^?jfqiT^«. 
Chair, «. ^T^/. 

Easy c. or seat. g^fT^^r n. [ ^req- «. 

2 seat of authority, m^f. ar^RT^T ". ^^TRPT «. 3T«T- 

3 ( Professor's ) wft^ «. ^^^'^^TIT/. 

4 sedan c. ^Tr^^/- 

5 or chair-days. q^TSTr^ ^ff m. pi. ^^PT^RE ot. 
Chairman, «. v. Pbesident. ^TTT^rrT^ >». ^*mf?T m. ^m- 

2 See Beaeee. 
Chaise. See Caeeiage. 
Chalcedont, n. f^W^TH m. 
Chaldron, n. ^^ ^T^ g^ff . 
Chalice, n. RnHT or ^r m. aTXiff /. 
Chalk, n. ^fz^f.f^^T^m. arpF/. |tT>TT?ft/. The English 

word under tlie form of "^VfMi. is commonly used. 
Bed e. XW/'^ m. ^^TH m. 
To Chalk, v. a. ^TT^ ^^H;'it-3T'T'^'&o. 

2 out. V. To Desceibe. m^., ^n^, q?Tor. 
ifo Challenge, v.a. call to contest. ^^Jlf/. TmoT w;<7t ot^ToJ 

srfyr^ with ^f 0/ 0. ^^^oj. 

2 See To Claim. 3— as a sentry. ^^^, ?5?^^rm. 

4 ( in a trial ) aTRrTr W:^^\'^X "^"t^^ft <p?,uqfFr 3TH^ 

Challenge, Challenging, w. v. V. I. — ac^. ?J5I^ fm^n. 

3?TfFr»- 55m^ii«. ^^f^^Tn. 

To accept a c. f^rST»». S'^^^. 
I. written c. ^^Jif RT^«- 
Chalybeate, a. impregnated with iron. Bl^iT fJTf».T<T, HT- 

f']>j|irH?r, al^'juiitHT. 

Chamade. n. ■^^^jf^m^n. 

Chambeb, n. apartment., v. Eoom. ^TTft/. ^[^/. 

2 ( of a gun ). ^pft^TTm. %\^in. ^\z\f. ^Z^n. 

3 See AssEMELT, Boaed. 
Chambeelain, n. ^j^i\\-hiMJ ^RTlft. 
Chameleon, n. ^r^Jm. ^^m. W,Z or ^Zm. 


ChAMFEE, ClIAMlEET, w. v.Oboove. ^t^ifT/. 

Chamois. See Goat. 

Chamomile, »«. antliemis 7iohilis, ^j^^im. 

To CHAMr, V. a. ^^r^'^., =qq5E>jf. 

Champaign, JIat, open countri/, v. Plain, q^'itrr or ^?:i^^n. 

Cah.uvios,7i. one ivho comlatsinthe place or cause of an- 
other. ^TR^T qT5T»»."%5rTftw. 
2 icarrior, cj-o. v. IIeeo. €ftT»». ^^f'Fft':"'. '^TfmTtn. 

'fr^rwi. [srrf^f/. 

Chance, m. — as the caune of events, v. Fortune, k^n. \- 

By c."^I#,"~^5rqW^,"^q-'T?f,%'T?TT5, "l^ig, STRS'-TT- 

2 fortune, fate, turn up, lucJc, v. Fortune, Destiny. "^- 
f^f^^v\m. ^v^;^%^m. ^i\^'?^\nm.'^n. sir»'=t«. 

3 causal or fortuitous occurrence, v. ACCIDENT. '^_'=l'^r«(«. 
4i possibility of occurrence. ^H'Tw. ?i"HWJTTyi or ^K^T'CT- 

Chance, «. casual, v. AcciDENTAL."t^FT^, "l^rrf^, ^5^TT, 

To Chance, v. n. v. To Happen. ^^, qi^ Srof. 
Chancel, n. '^^sirf ^FS^-cfp^r q?=ft^Fftr5 HTH. 
Chancelloe, «. — one of the ministers. qf^fT^cTm. 
ChancerTjW. ^^ ar^rarf/. 

Suit in c./y. ^TfT iTf|?JTf=fr ^ITf /, ^"re ^T^^ ^^\- 

^T^Rw*. ?3^^H'». 
Chancre, «. ^^m. 

Chandeliee,?j. ^grw. 5riTM. »/• [^=-4 n' gr5«. ^^Kn.^(^^m, 
Chandlee, n. Ricj-Mi. See Coen-chandlee, Ac. 
To Cn\y.oi:,v. a. put or quit for, shift, q^^^of, m'^^'Ju), »l^- 

rfl/. ^R^. 

2 interchange. \. To Exchange. ^Z^A'^jzf. -^ •i ri | i) ^sj/: 

-&C. qR^y.o/o. 

3 a?^??', rary. sf^?^, TR^^t, fTR^T'it, Hidu'l, H'^l^^TT ^^, 
%TOT.-%??15K/».-%^m.-^rR/i.-CT>T^»».-&c. ^^ y. 0/ 0. 

4 (money ). jfrS^JT, 5RTf^^. 
To c. a rupee. Tjjf wi. -T^irf. 

5 HfoAe aea?. See To Tuen. 
To Change, v. n. suffer change, sj^oj-, f^Rur, TTfTof, TTpR^, 

SRm.-'T^?n.-3t<Tr»--&c.T5''f in. con. or ^i^ g- of 0. <S{^- 

?'4ftrR«.-f^ir?4?R».- 3T'^'<Tr»TRw.-&c. Tf^m. 

To c. for worse. — esp. of persons, q^m. ^IiJf, f»!^r^/. 
^of, f^^iJf, 1^'<Tr'^, Tnfr/. r<P^<jf o;-T?^>TiT3t ^^. 
Change, Changing, n. v. Y. A. 1. — act. qTrJ^<ifw. si^in'!. 

3 f^JTjTjf/i. m^Mn.kc. ''H^m. ^]^,Zm.^WiZ^f. M I i'AA\^?\f. 

4 HTSiifw. 

V. V. 'N.— stale. %T ?»• ^^ m. <T\^z m. f^T.K M.f^.fa/. 
3T^'<Tt^^ n. ff-4|rcid< «. 5;Tf^ ?J. ^^'l'^^ ?«. ST^^TITT^iw. 




1. small money. ^TT »•. (copper change ). ^\%J. 
Keeper of c. for truflic. gtf^pft. 
C'ltAN'OKABLE, a. V. V. A. 1. possible to he clianyed. %?^- 
JTr-<TTHT^-&c-. ^-3T^-3fm?IT-&c. qJTTSTT :pTPTr ^>TT-&c. 
1. iliaiii/i/iil, miitahh: variable, inconslant.firJcJc, vcrsalile, 

fT^nrjr, sr^'-^rrat, '4Tf5F-.qT, 3t1t'<tt^5, ^rfffr^j^^f?, ?^foT^- 

f^^m, arft'tnf??^, ?Tf(7T^ffT, frlifrl^r or -Jn, ^T^RPT.. 

C'lTASGKABT.ESEss, «. V. A. 1. ■Rpl^TTT «S:c. ^FRnrr m. 

1. ^^TW?^ n. ^;rN??T «. =q=^T?rrrT/. ^JTcTT/. ^^hp^ffrT/. =Et- 
"^r^"^^ /• ll^Jrt^r^ /. ^f^TP^ f.-f^'^\lm. -f^''v\^ m.- 
:f;r<RT /. " 

fiiANOED,/). V. A\ X. ij'i.^i^.r^l, f^^T, %^ <T5%^-5rT%?JT, 

&e. fJr+lRrI, f7??rr, q^-^v^, Tf^TJIrT. 

Changeless, a. v. Coxstaxt. ar^r^T?^, f^'<^. 
Chauqeliho, ». changed child, itj^jt^ «. Tft^'FiVr ?f?fPT «• 

2 fickle person, v. Changeable. ^'ST'T^cit c. s j^r ' .i CT c. 
Chaitn-el, n. (of a river, &c. ) v. Bed. >Tr=>r ?j. HRT ot. ^ 

2 ( for water, for irrigation, &c. ). <ttt m. Z\^J. ^Kuft 

Ever running c. ^atrlT J5 m. 
liaised c. or course. ^tST m. 
n ( to carry off water) f,utfer. HTfft or Krft / ^TfT m. 

4 ( as of a pillar, Ac. ). ^^ff^iift/. sf;:^^/. 

5 strait. JT^nrm^g^/ ^^HT5^'4?rr/. 

6 medium. gK /)o;;. ?TT «. iTFr^». ^/. 
lb C1IA5NEL, t>. a. w^k[ /.-&c. <TT^. 

To Chaxt, Chant, &c. See To Sing, Sono, &c. 

Chanticleer. See Cock. 

Chaos, n. primeval confusion. arq^ft^rT Jfrf^irfH /. 'Jr^f-TT 

Eeduction of c. MVI'f.ltT T «. 
2 V. Jumble. ^fracEr w. ^1^=5%^/. ^^ ?». 
Chaotic, a. v. N. 1 . ar^^r t?^, aTq:^?^T?iT^, 3Tq:fr???TCT. 
2 T. Confused. qkr^-;TT^,'iToq^fF'if^^-j,sTT«T'?r,.3T^ 
3b Chap, v. n. v. To Ciiack. y^H^ ^^^^^ T^J^m^ ijrj^,^, ' 

Eeady to c. fTTT. 
To Chap, v. a. Wf. pl.-^jf. pl..&c. ^^^ y. of a. 
Chap, n. t. Crack, inj/ Hi?/. ^> /. 

2 V. Jaw. ij^psfr/. or ^ ?». ^ f. 

Chaps. tJfirjT or ^FTTiTTT m. =5fT5r^ m. ^fHT^ «. ZTiJ n 

pi. ^H^/ H^% a. [„,. ^^. ,^^ef.' 

To lick the c. f^^TccOT/. ;>?. =^7^, ^2 /. ^irf. ^m 

3 ( of a channel, river, &c. ). nrs n. 

Chap, «. v. Fellow, it^ m. ^^pfr ,», q^KTR wi. 
Chap-fallen, a. jj-f^ T?TT^, ^T^ffre^r, f^HHHlt^r, ff- 
2^, f^^ or f^TTT. 
To be c. ^\^ n. '^-I^-^j^ ^. of s. zjm m. pi. 

tr5<rfy. ofs. 
Chape, n. hold, hoolc. v. Catch. 3TI^or n. 3T5^^i^ n. 

2 (of a scabbard, &c. )."cr?rra or rT^?fT^ m. n. 
Chapel. See Cuubcu. 
Chaperon, n. ^>Troiu<<l+Rdr ^rft^p: ^luinr. 
Chapiter, w. vpper jiart of a pillar. ^>T?ft'T ». 
Chaplain, m. qr^'Y m. 
Chaplet, n. garland for the head, v. Garland. ^ruqjTTrJT /. 

ir^fT »«. ^RTT OT. 

C. used at marriages. jiNci/. J5R5it/. ^T^lol or f^i- 

q^?«./. cnf^TTw. 

Reticulated c. ^tTo^/. ^JTrf^jf^T 5«. [?5T/: 

2 s/r/«y ofheads,\. Eo.sary. ^JPTTrrlT/. ^KToft/. 3T?TfTr- 
Chaptee, «. division of a book. a^KTR- «». jpfj n. m. '^.^ m. 

^^ m. 'j^ n. STRUT n. qf^^^ m. T^m m. ^q^ »». arq; ?«. 

5^1 »». n. 

2 HT5iTT %5To!Trft?7 ':THh"5?3T!Fi=Eft K^, 
To Char, t). a. $r;^ ot. ^FT'if y. o/ o. 
To Char, «;. 7<.. arrS^Fm M.- i M'hH «.-&c. qRiJf. 
Char, Char- work, n. odd or day work. TT^^?iTiT «• Hi ^+. I if 

Char-woaian, «. 3Tf5^TTfr/. ^rfT^^ir/. ?;Fff^iiT/. ^p^^r- 

Character, w. t. Mark. f%F^ ?j. snp ««. 'T^r/. 

2 ZeWe;' Mse^ «'« loriling or printing. 3?^ «. eftTf m. 

3 manner oficriting, t. Hand. frypT/io/). rff?/. tToUT «, 
Arabic or Persian c. ^T^^rfcTfr/. T^TH I "fl /. 
Common business-c. of the Mariithas. HT?/. f{TX^ 

frrfr/. fr^TT^T fef?/. ^HiSH>n/. 

The book c. «fT3q^ or STFJ^rq «• ^^rnft/- 

4 ( of a, jterson) distinguishing qualifies. tTK w. ^'^^'H 
«i. ^Tr^ »J. Wl^CTT m. pi. f^m^TH m. 'Tur?5?Tor n. t^- 
^T^rKt S^Tiir ^^?T '». ?ft^ '(. 

5 ( of a thing, place, &c. ). H^T/. ^q'H »J. JprTFJirr m. 
pi. TTUiK'inT ?«. 2?/. inr^^ »». ^/. 

6 V. Person, Personage, sq-jipy". fsiq^^ «j. 

7 ( in a play ) part. #PT ra. ^ «. ^ )». 
Costume of a c. ifiT^Ty! 

Of an assumed c. ^"T^5?ft. 

To act in c. act like one's self. aTFfrfWt' ("Iv- WJM. 

"We must act in c. "kH^ "^Vl ^?r^ ?r^ ^VM '^^^ 

8 certificate of the c. of. aTTsPT^ n. '|U|M'|uil|^ n. ^^^- 

iirVT^ n. 5rTR?=5r n. 

9 credit, reputation. aTT^T/. aTR wi. ^rf'T ». "TfTy. 
To lose one's c. cTTS m. iB'iaf y. o/"*. 

Characteristic, n. 3?T0T ». ^rr«r m. g^TTf^ '». ^»ft/. 
Characteristic, Chahacteristical, a. r^erfiirqj, aTOT'^r- 

To Characterize, j;. a. designate by some stamp or mark. 

3tfq??r-5f^?r-&c. ^Rtff. 

2 describe the c. of ^^^ n. W.l^-^P^ ^FTory. c/o. 




CHAEACTERIZECp. V. V. 1. Stf^rT, Jlf^T^T, ^f^tJT^?^, c7?T- 

Chabcoal, n. qJIoT^T t?i. 

Eed hot c. f^?t^r5I^r or f^FTT^roE^r. 
CUAECOAL-BUBUEB, ». c5|U|K1, ^FIoE^^pft. 

To CniEGE, V. a. See To Fill. To Load. 2 ( with some 
business, matter or thing, ) commission, cnlriisf, v. To 


?'^-&e. ^]^^-^W.^-Z^,, Tr'<Tf or JTr^^T THTTf, Tw^'m 

^T^^t-T =f)^"^. Note. In all these renderings the business 
charged is the object of the Tcrb, and the j)ersoti charg- 
ed with it is in the genitive case. ^T'Jf, ^T?5'if, aHKmuf 
with ^. 

3 ( with a crime ) accuse. 3TRR"^, aTRTT jn.-aTT'T'rTr m. 
jpTof ivith ^T, KT^rr or JTT4t 'TR'f, aTTOT^ "''^A eT^, =qT^ 

4 enjoin, exhort, S(c. v- To Command. ^jfTR'Jf, «r^5r"if, 

^5^, ri?:^R>jf or ^TRfr-5r^i^fr-^5g[^fr-&c. ^piof. 

5 ri/s7t W2"'^! "ssail, v. To Attack. ^5?Twi.-'^nr5/.-^S'/;!. 
^JWi'^ft^ ^jTM if«VA «rT o/ 0. HT^ 3Tf TFT^ ^"Jf-^?rM-T5nf. 

6 lay against or set to as a debt. ?ltCr-^f=rR^ fe^-HI?- 
dt, g.of s. ^F^TO Hi^of- ?JT5r<if. 

7 os^ a« ;;r/ce, jingmenf.^ Sjc. "^T^n.-^-^^ J-^ m.J.-f{Tk 
n.-&c. v,-\i\xs\ ^fiTW. 

Chaege, Chaegino, 7». V. V. 1~act. aTTfTT'^n. ?Tn"?qT?r 
?5R^». &c. f^RcTOJ^/. f^^oft/. [ mou. 

3 aTKR'"*. arfH'Tr^'ra- =^r3f»»- from the English is com- 
A malic'ons or false c. rr^^ m. [sfR or iX f. 

4 i^TT^trrra. w:m^n. &c. Frral^/. ^rmtjft/. arrfiT/. ^rt- 

C. by a body of horse, JTTS/. 

I. powder, Sfc. filled in a gun. «rR"». ^»«. ^m. 
C. of nails, stones, balls, &c. 3^ m. 

II. respotisihle custody, control, care, cj'f. ^T^Am.. f^t-m 

■ — gener. or freely. '^^l?f|K^W^ m. ^]7^W^]^ m. 
Eeleased from a c. flT'^iTT TR^. 
That holds a c. or trust. f^J^jT. 
That is under the c. of. i^JT?rq-[T, f^JTFft. 
Under the c. or care of. ^T«:ft^, fqT?5t or ^ or ^. 

III. command or conduct of. f^JTTrT/.'^JTTfT/. rT H rtUR/. 

IV. object committed to the c.of. a^^fpTrT/. 3^^?/. f^^- 

V. body (as troops ) under the c. of. f^md /. 

VI. lu.-iinexs,\c. charged, trust conferred, commission, Sfe. 
^nTT«. ^T%?7 ^\^n arP^^Rm. 

VII. expense, v. Cost. ^=^m. [ ;}^_ | 
To Chaege, v. n. make an onset. =qT?5 f.-^^m.-'^^m.-&c. 

CflAEGii d' AfFAIEES n. V. CO!fDVCT0U, q-f^cTprJITOT. 
Chaeuee, n. X. Dfsit. -ifT^T m. rT^ppn. 

2 K.'«!" Aoj-se. ?ysT3> ^f^»». ^oi^T^w. 5[<JlT5'^ff». 

Chaeily, ado. V. A. ^FRsp^ft'T, ^ TT^jT. 

CUAEIOT, «. V. CaEEIAGE. r<T »». 

CiiABioTEER, M. ^TirfiT or ?rR4fr, 5=iH, T'-a^Tr^t. 

C'haeioteeeing, n. ^RJ-"q' n. aT*=r?rrT^"'T «. 

Ciiaeitaule, a. Jcind in judging, i]'c. ^^PS, ^^Tn^f?, -.^MK - 

^tf, ?TCfT^, gr^pq^f?, jflJnT^^ff, slVrjiff, ^T-f^-&i-. 

2 alms-giving, ^tprf, ?r?r'^ ^^OITT, '^f^, VTrW^,'-^- 

ffrg, fr^^?TT5j, smr, ^TH^Tj, sft^'Tr'T^, <tW?mT, ar^nr- 
W^^r, qTrf^qirr q^fp.prr, q-H'?rpTt7T. 

S pertaining, cj'c. /o charity, tmrqr^ ^;^ qiTTqi, ^TH^riTT- 
Chaeitabi.eness, «. v. A.l. ^\cf.m\m. ^^T^.f. ^^Tg^rr/. 

Charitably, ar/y. v. A. 1. ^R'T'JTR, ^TT^ff^, &c. 

2 VTrTH^T'^R, ^5^. 
Chaeitt, n. love, kindness, benevolence, ^y f.^^ f. 3T?T^^r 

/. WRPT^/. T?:f|?r5f5/. CRf^TT^^/. 

2 liberality to the poor. atH^TT^^TDTTwJ. Sft^TJ^T/. ^^- 
^fST"- cO^^TrH?^«. — compreh. charitable acts andicorks. 

\]^■-A■^m. «:TH?;ft«. pi. 

A charitable impulse. '^HJITO^n"/. 
C. begins at home, q^fff f^^IT rrr%3^f?r f^r. 
C. is always on the morrow. qT[\qi; WH^TIT. 
Object of c. ^PTTT^ n. 

"Work or act of public c. H^PFPT^FRw. fW^xf^. ^x{n. 
To devote to c. ( to charitable purposes ). qrrf^-f 
adv. ^p??af or #TS^. 

3 alms. fW'^ pop.^ifi;^ f ^ m. ^TT?r/. srvT^T^ Sf^ «. 

C— paper. tTFrkRT Tit/. q-R^ q^/. 

By or on e. trirfq^ff, qTrfqJ??^. 

In c. For c. Ac. trrrf^f, triTf?frT, HH^W-^ ' a i. 

Dine upon c. and call out for sauce ! aT^TO^fr ^'if 
3?TroT fTTY? HRTtfr ! 
CiiAEr.ATAN, &c. See QD-ACK,etc. 
Cuaeles's wain, n. v. Beae. ^\Z^ sfF^^ «. ^^TTJ^J n. 
Chaem, n. magic words, spell, ^'c. iT5f m. cj^ «. ^t? ». fTTS- 
TT 0?- ^VC^ rn. ■»TRift/. %^ «. 

Charms and spells, — compreh. utrRTTrR "■ST'TT^Mr or 

Charms and incantations to produce death or evil. 
vTRTTf n. ^]iumnu[ n. There are amongst the Ilindus 
charms and charmed things addressed against all the 
afllictions and afflictive apprehensions of life. Some 
are 3Traf5T, %?TRt, n^, nT?RI^, f^'O^M, ?mT^ ^, t^- 
TDT, f^R^, ?fl^, ^fSHcrTr, qT^?Tr% HtJft, f^cpTW, q'=5fT?Tft 
or q^i?T<Y it^, Ti?J3Rl-, JT^T?W or li^lTJ^rrT, frTH^oft, 

Cduunand of charms and spells. JT=5ff^rf^ /. 
Idiocy produced through the misapplication of a c. 
( JT^ ) JT^==r5J m. {and the porsou so afl'ectcd, »T=5r=roo'?T>. 




Toacqiiire command overcliariiis, .Sc.H^?tT'<T^«. ^TT^. 
To apply, set, or cast a e. iT=5fsrqm»i.-q^Dt,H5fm.HK- 

•2 cliarms; v. Beauty. X^^ ^or m. pi- ^l^+^"l >»■ pi- 
To CiiAKM, V. a. sulditc or affect ly charms, heu-itch, Sfc. *TT- 
m, JT^ cr JTrTTor, ^\^ i HTT^/. ^T^'^-'H^'jf, HR m. 
'TT=5W-5r'T'jf, 3TfH5T^, ^Tf w.-Ht^/. 'jroS/.-HT^ w.- 
HS5/.-*r?npJT/.-<^c. qT^iiif-:?^^, %J^ «.-^^l n.-^5J «.- 

2 iis;. enchant , captivate, fascinate. Hl^, ifl^ w.-Ht^T'/ 
-H?5/. &e. qwf, iTTOT, ^^^Tof , i?^=5=r^, ^^'Rf «.-K=^lt3T- 
h'h.-&c. qjw y. "/o. JTtf^Ff-tf3T?f-.^.c. TT^. 
;J oil"; ( scorpion-stiug, &c. ). R^TT^-K^ sr-T^T-H^ ^TT^ 

-&C. Trl^. [ ^1 JTlflff. 

CnAHMED, /). V. Y. 1. ■>TR^, 'iril>.'^T, &c. Jff^ 'flfimf^r- 

2 m^^, 'TRrTOT, 5?5?5?5T, ^?T, Tf^, JOT^?^, ^\^. 

CnA.RMEii, n. CnAKMiKG,^. a. V. V. 1. »mwra",»i?I?TJTRr,&c. 

'J c«7 AoKEfABLE. HTff, THT,, t%TT|Tfl", f^mrrfPt, ^- 

^?^?TT^, ^, ^R'^, f^s^, ^RT^, =PRr^, g^R. 
*3 JT^f ST T?RinRT, Trtrft. 
Charming,'?!, v. V. 1. -^Tm n. KTfJf «• &e. iTr^?T «■ HT^ >«• 
M\{\ '\\ pop. Jftf^/. 'T=5T'JI ?J. 3Tf»Rt=5t'7r n. ^I^ftlRai «. ^T- 

HHI^<U| K. r-^vl^JOT n. JT^V-HH ». T^=T «. 
Chaemisgly, flf?u. v.A. 2. ir-HiijH ft^^T^iTFTT, K^t^^JR'J^^. 
Chabminqness, n. v. A. 2. Hi^'+,f^ «. t^fpFr^ «. 
Charnel-house, n. 37f^'<T^'T n^ «• 
CHAEoy, n. i|H(^H OT. 
Chart, «. marine map. W^'^TWl ^^r^TT M. ^TW^T^^TT^^^. 

Charter, n. deed of grant. ?R^/. ?TRT^ «. ^TRl^^ «. 

2 license, liberty. <M<t?ft/. H^r. 
To Charter, r. cr. /(?>e or let hj charter ( a ship ). ^?nT "TT- 

HT ^T^TT ^li-^M ^"Jf^ot. 
Charter-party, «. TSj^TTii^'nfr^ ^PTR^TRTT m. 
Chary, a. frugal, sparing, v. Ecoxcmioal. ^ TRJ^T ^ 

5'o Chase, Chase. See To IIunt,IIunt. 

Chasm, n. cleft, fissure, Ireach.^^f. irn/. ^F^/. f^'JT/. 

Chaste, o. — of females. ?i?ft, "Tf^T^RTr, ^«ft, TTJ^^TfSfH^ft, 
3To'TfH^ITfwt, ^^, JKRfR-qrsft si55^?:-?r»R^, ^^t- 
^. N. B. These words apply chiefly to married women; 
for words applicable to iinmaiTied, See Continent, 
and VrEoiN. For words for chaste — of men, See also 


2 not obscene; decent, picre. 3T5?t'T??T, iftHf^ ^rf^ 7f^- 

^jfq--&e. ?r?rjfr, q-f%^, fM^i, f^"s^^, ^htts, tt-t. 

3— language or style. OT^, ^5, f^f^f. 
2:0 Chasxen, To Chastise. See To rcyiiH. 

Chastely, adv. v. A. 'rf^^tq-arr^, :3^'<?fH^^T%, 3^»TfH^- 
Chasteness, Chastity, n. y. A. 1. ^?ftt[OtT m. ^TtEftqurr m. 

^^^^^\m. <nfiT3Fq' «. ^?f^ «. ^trt-ft?^ «. -AsirfH^qR w. 

2 »rtHf?IHRrrl^F^ n. ?r^^5TrtT/. qfsf^^TIT/. fH'Tr^m/. 

Chaste-tkee, »(. «.'/ic.r. i^^^/. f^^/. 

Chastisement. See Punishment. 

To Chat, v. 11. talk familiarly or easily. nVt^ ?ril^- 

«F?-^, nrf? ^rmT/i^^.-'iTf^HRrT/. jj/.-nrfESiiTS «. -tc'tt'?- 
«p W.-&C. ^ot, t^tt/- i^?- 3T?:'^, «nrrT/. ^/. ^^^rRor-JTR'Tf- 

5r^-3T7^, ^Ef^R^qi/. ;??. fq'^lot-ilRor. [ ^=^01. 

2 /aZ^ ;V//y, v. To Prate, q^af, anrrr/.p/ ^F^of, ^T'-^r »». 

Chat, Chatting, «. v. V. 1. rrf^ sfTHT or tttht/. 7^?. ^^t/. 

2 ««(/ Prate. «T^/. pi. ^^.^^f. ^T-^ m. spF^T^ m. 

TT'4T/. #n^TRTT*Tr/. ;//. ^ft^FS f^-t n. :fT'«TT^ "'' ^- 

Chateau, n. mansion, v. Castle. «rr^ m, pt^T^ w. 
Chattel, n.mofcahle possession. ^TT^^ift/. ^?5^ n. jfrj. 

Chattels, f^^fr/. fsf^if^/. m^nTTT/. ^T^^T ?«. %- 
WT^ OT. /. f KtRtsit m. 
To Chatter, v. w.— as a pie, <S:c. f%;=lfT?^iTf, f^FFSf^fJoT, 

f^^f^^ot, ^FxT^TErSr, inteiu. zf;=qr5for, f=5t?'^^ /. nti^, 

2 — as a monkey. f^^f^-<qi7f or jp^cp^nf intens. JfT^^I'Jf, 

3 — the teeth. %x^jjadv.- \^i\^i adv. tfrsT"^, ^T^tSt, ^TS- 
4 ^o/i /W/y, V. To Prate. sf^Sr, ^^F^I^'if, 'M^43>Jr,sfRrT/. 

2^/. jeof-^prT^ot-sJTe^-TR^ ^fuiui- ?rRT"jr, "pthjt /. i?;. 

Chatter, Chattering, n. v. V. 1. f^ET^ft^/. spPJ^FF^ «». %- 

?:;i<e?is. sPrl'TF^R; or f^f^BR ?». r+H.Rr^R »«. ^^R ?«. 
f^pJT m. NfTi^^^R «'. pHriP^^lR m. f^^^^V. m. 

2 f^F^r+^of «. =;p}r?T^Erdt «. ^g-^rf ?i. &c. 

3 cTMiTf ». ^S^Siif n. 

4 a«rZ Prate, g^spp/. W¥'^\ m. ST^^rrj m. q^irff/. 17 
or n"^/. iT«Tre=F «. 'W^^ =5fT5R/. 

Ceattee-eox, «. V. Prater. Ttidijj+qT, iTCTf or iTCTT, ic'ft- 

^RT, spF^T^ or ?JT, ^IS^iTT, ^rs'^^riT, ■^B'llSI. 
Chatterer, m. Chattering,/), a. v. V. 4. and Peatee. ^- 

*'H'+'*^'JIRr, SfTril^iUIKI, T'-HI'Jit'HI, 'H*'H*'m. [^Tr5^. 

Chatty, a. t. N. 1. «m<? Talkative. jfrf^fSrq", nrf^^?^, 
CpAT-woOD, 01. little slides, t. Fuel. PPi^ <pt% m. /;?. <PT- 

6^ «. pi. ^Rr« ^FTs-qr/. i?^ ^fr^tf ^^f:3imf. pi. 

To Chaw. See To Chew. 

Cheap, a. ^^, ^iri, ^^, H^T, ^^r^T, fi^^^^^T 'Ty?;r=qT, ■■'?r- 

i^^ »Tirfi--ii-f:};*-Hrn^i-&c. 3??? iTtWr, ^T^, H^. 

Dirt-c."^rilHNrf1,q?TT?W^, HRfr=^r HlW^, ?:%5TT. 
To become c. y. To CnEAPEir. ?TW^, ^^T^i. 




To be dirt-c. ^.m ^^ii^ JTT?fr% H]^ f^=f^-^-^. 
<Jlf, ^W m. ^toir y. of s. I m. iT^'n y. of .?. 
2l» Che APEX, v. a. ?rWT ^ot, w^T^af, ^^sn^ot, f^HfT/.-m- 

?5 n. qrsSr-^fnft ^T=f >Ji, "rrf^-^-^of , &e. 

To Cheapen, v. «. ^W froT^^WT^<jf, ^tlW, ^rtTTSTiif, ^- 
?Hrq-ijf, ji'r «.-f5piT?f /.-THT M.-iTnTJi/.-&c. q5nf-37nT?f- 

Cheaply, a,h: v. A. F^-^rT, W?^rf^, ^fSfTTf^', HTS^^iftef- 
Cheapness, «. t. A. W^f. W^irf /. ^^T^/. hW/. WT- 
To Cheat, v. a. defraud, (rick, v. To Deceive. S^^^, qr^- 

<Jt. " [ ^FFiJir. 

To c. and give the slip. sjiHT »«.-^~^r m. ^-HK'Jf- 
Cheat, 11. fraud, trick, m}}Osti/re. 'PZ^'Jl fZ^^'n f.'^^^^f. 

2 cheater, v. Eobue. q>-Wo4||, «+=qi, '^'J-TT, ^pTTTF, 5^ c. 

S'^piIM f . CT e. ^^^, SfiTR^. 
Cheated, 2?. v. V. 5'T^'?5?5r, "PHsff^^T, &C-. sff^rT, ST^f^. 
Cheating, «. v. Y.—act. ZW.^ n. "RTcfijf ?;. s^r^cnT:/. 5^^- 

2b Check, t'. a. repress, curl, v. To Eesteain. 5sq^, ^T^T'jf , 

^ ?H. qof, 3Hici<ui, ar^R'Tf, arnp^i^f, 3tt^?7?t ??.-f^^ 

m. ^:^ g.ofo. 

2 ( au account, paper, &c. )v. To Coiipabe. cTrf^-fjTot- 

Check, Checking, h. v. V. 1. — act. d^Mu'i «. arTSTTW w.&c. 
3Tir »n. 3T5qT5"T/. 3Tr^?: m. 3TPP?5?r «• 1^7^ w. 

To be under the c. of. aiiT+r-M ir|-JFmffrr-%xff?f 3T?nJf. 

I. person, Sfc. checkinj. <liMuiM.?T»IfTr, ^5^fTT, 3^^T <F^jft. 

II. ;«•« a^ cAcM. ^^ m. t'. ^. 

III. order for money. ^OT^qnTTSf?: 1%^/. 
Check-mate, «. HlrT/. 

C. with a pawn. ^]^H\7\ f. cqr^/. q+K'l/. 
To Checker, v. a. varieyate, dioersify. f^3+'|iK q;^, ?t- 

'fr-f^-»iRiR=5r-&c. !p^. 

Checkee-work, n. f%f%^-f^^M^=5r-&c. ^W «. 
Checkeeed,^. v. Y. fPTS^Ft^C, qr^'Sst, f%^i%i%=q;. 
Cheek, n. mH »i. 17;^"?^ or 5 or ^ ?». ^f;v^i^^ or ^R?r?5 w. 
+HI-i w. nf «i. 'isH'^^T >». 15? ''»• — in abusive of angry- 
style. '4rT3 «. '4l^TT^/. ^mft or 5i|t^/. 
The cheeks, — revilingly. nj^S w. pi. 
Dimple on the c. 'Ilrf+^T m. 
Flush or color iu the c. ^ipyTTT m. 
Plushed cheeks. f^:?j^% TFi% ♦». pi. To get one's 
cheeks flushed. <mh m. 7;/. (^4)U| y. o/s. 

Hollow or concavity of the c. puffed out, iTT^"?>^ or 

Slap over the c. 'llrf^jSF m. 

To pinch and pull the cheeks of. TTH^ or qr^rff/. 
f^gs^, nT?53^ m.-'llrfifttTT w.-TMRr w. ^ y, 0/0. 
To smaok or alap the cheeks, v. Face, ifw^of, '^^• 

CuEEK-uoNE, n. nr?5r# ^ «. nrHT^re'RT »». nifrftvr «. jt- 

CuEEK, w. provisions for a feast or mad, v. Food, -vt^ ;i. 

/^z. jqifcrr^p pop. ^^]^ m. ■^\■^^■^^]l: m. pi. if 

2 state of gladness, v. Jor. 315rH ??>. 3TR^ «i.'iTm^F<:jr 
Be of good cheer! ^qri, tftT^TTT. 

3 acclamation, v. Shout. T^t^ j». 'frr^^^PT m. ^^^^m. 
To Cheek, v. a. gladden, v. To Eejoice. ^^t^ m. WX^ 7- 

of 0. B^rrfirot, ?fg?-|"?-^'^-j|?T-&c. ^6t. 

2 comfort, v. To Con.sole. ^ftrtsTof, qx|T'<TT=T^, 'JTT'^r^^. 

3 incite, inspirit, v. To Animate, ^q- w.-'tfTr w. ^, T- 

cHif ?». armof-s^, 3Tr'^r?njf, arr'^rra'^r w.-sTr^ti^^t n.-^- 

Ti^-i «.-&c. ^fi^. y. 0/ 0. 

4 «o?M<e zM^/f cheers. ^jf^M^nnT OT.-eri^=rr/. ^^dt y. q/"c). 
To Cheer ijp, v. n. lecome cheerful.'^ «.-iftT ?«. tTTtrf. 
Cheered,;?, v. Y. 1. ^Frm^?^, ^fH^rf^nr, ^gi?. 

2 wfFf^r^OT, &c. 

3 sTT'STT^?!?!:, ■'flr'jrrftfrr, q^rf^rrl^Ff. 

Cheeree, n. Cheeking, p. a. v. Y. 1. ?r^T1^i:riTr, &c. ^^r- 

2 ^■fHTf ^Trr-'3TmunTT, &c. q^n^^p, 3%it^, 3Tr»^rH-7, 

Cheerful, a. gay, lively, v. Mkeey. ^jfTflT', ^3T, CTBP?*^, 

^rFq;r^?r, sr^r^rg^, sr^^nr^, ^"sf^, g^T^ra^rr. 

2 (of disposition) habitually cheerful. 3TT^^, ^c^ra't, 

^fffWt, ^^?f^ or ?i5Ra-, 371^1%, ?f;?i^fTr, gitTHr^qr, 

CheerfullT; (7(7^'. V. A. 1. 2. «•///( ya/fi'y, u-illingness. tjr. 

3TH^? W^ft^' g^T^mnrr^ or g^rm^Trq',- g ^r^riTr':TT=7r- 

Cheerfulness, »j. v. A. 1. 3TT^? w. 3"lfRr w. Tj^RTf f^- /. 

2 3THc5?;fHT5r !«. 3Tr?r?HT^ «. g^JT^fffr /. 37r^j|i% /. 

CuEEELESs, Cheeelessness, See Comfortless. &c. 

Cheeelt. See Cheerful, Cueeefullv. 

Cheese, n. q^ m. =€fjgr m. =^!gT^f r ». ^^rr m. HJT m. 

Cheesecake, ?j. ^^r M+K'-ft Tt^ft 'iTT'f . 

Chemical, a. v. N. ?:^lTT^f^rtr^r, ^r^rrq^f^qT^fsT'cft-f^T^T^- 

Chemise, «. sutFt^ ^F'fl'^T. 

Chemist, n. ^pq^WxH", T^FT^fjrqT^TTrf ^?Tra^?TmfT, l^- 

Chemistry, Chimistet, n. X^fMri pop. ^rToi ?i. ^?(T?T^f^- 

To Cheeish, v. a. foster, tj'c. v. To Nourish. "Tr^Euf, TRf^, 
iTTSE'T n.-MloSy^ui n.-^TB^VV^ n.-&c. ^^ g. of 0. 
2 harbor, indulge. iTT^JIof, TRj?'Jr, ^JT^. 

Cheeishee, n. Cheuishing, p. a. v. Y. 1. TT^TOTRT, TirJ-?; 
M'Pl4W+, TT^JT-Ac. ^Frff-^PR^. 

Cheeishino, v. Y. 1. — nc^. qToEot «. <S;c. TF^ 2"'2'. ^rsw «. 

Cheeogt, w. =^ 7)1. f^f!f. 

^CHI ^ 140 

Chebbv, fi. ^ <>r55 an^. 

Cheiibymeriiv, n. present. ^(\h(\ f. itm n. mm^mi^/. 

(.'HESS. fl. ^ft^^pOJ). 2^55 H. or 5^5loEt^S III. ^{r^ Or 

WKK^ *"• 

To i)l!i_v at c. ^3«|o2 or ^^«T% %o!^. Some of tlie 
terms used at Chiss iiro ■J^-'^TT^, ^T^^T^T, >?lS'll<i, q'r- 

SHH, "R^, --lo tN r, 5r5fT,5T^, HTIPT, ?T?ft, ??jt^lFJft, ScT- 

sjaft, ^, ^^Tn^^ or ^sfr, ifi'iril. 

CirEss-BOABD, n. %^^:z m. "H w. /. 

CnESS-MA>-, n. 5^=T5E «. hT^ ». The pieces are Kiug ^MT, 
Queen 5P^"or <F#, Bishop 3Z, Kuight ^T, Castle 
Chest, «. v. Box. ^f^/. ^ITT m. m^^/ siFTPT "• ^^m. 
C. of drawers. ^fnrMt^/. 
2 (of the body ). !JT?ft/. "T^TTm. 3T^'<T3/!. 5r?7n'<T3:n. 
JRuft/.;'^. ^SH'^/.i^?. 

Paiu of tlie c. 3fra^m. ■d^l'^iim. 
Broad-chested. aT'flTW, -^U=)IH, 3"d%t5, 

CUEST-FOUNDEEED, a. 3'n^H<ri'^|-*'ic^?^r. 

To be c. 3f PTT^, ^!^^?^, ^r^ or T^if. 
Chestnut, n. i^ 'JPS "sn^. 
Chestnut, a. — of horses. clf^T^T ^t, Hr^TT^FTT^. 
Chetaus de feise, n. a kind of. ?r?TSt/. ^FTTSJm. 
To Chew, v. a. masticale. ^fFT'jf, =^r^, =q^ar». ^R'^t g- of o. 

2 roZi in tlie mouth, champ. =5rr<roT, =^'^Df. 

3 fig. ruminate, Sjc. 3N»*. 'FTof, ^r^OT, ^TTT^/.-^TT'rfl' 
/. ^y. o/o. 

To c. the cud. ^iT«. m. ^^^. 
To Chew, v. n. ruminate upon. '^T^n. sfj^.j^or. 
2 eat tobacco, opium, Ihang, S{c. "it^/. ^^T^^. 
CHEwnfG, n. V. V. A. 1. — act. t<NU|M. &c. ^otm. 
Chica>t;, Chicaneet, n. v. Abtifices. qn^i^m. pi. tj^"?- 

Chick, Chicken, n. +1<M^H f^«. ^f^^^rTFTre. 

Chicken-heaeted, a. timid, v. Cowahdly. fTrRT. 

Chick-pea, m. c/wr arictinum. y. Geam. xTiIT"*. 

Chicken- rox, n. ^i^itjqr/. ^jZ. A pock of it. ^\^ \] [\ f. 

To Chide, See To Uepeove, To Scold. 

Chief, a. principal, capital, head, first. ^^^T, M"<T'T, Tf^?=JT 
STipT, H^TTtJT or oft, HT^fT'T, ^^5, 3Tllfe, 31Kr,3Trf?TT, 3T- 
^m^, 3TWr, 3TW, '^sTCT, WTTiTift, 'iTq-^ or 3#?fT, ^^TO, 
?rPT, TTTT, II':TT=T, ST^, !T^, NhHI, ^HT, t^R^, ^TTR"- 
oft, n^ (iu comp. as TT^m^, ^T^TP-"^^, rrsTJTrf^ 
rliicf priest, &c. ), STT & ^ ( in corup. as f^q^, »T»^- 
^, HT^ ), f«^ ( in comp. as ^fm f«^, J'PT f%f , ^- 
f%^, ^Wlr^ ), 31^tR-. 
Cheep, CHiErTAiN,n. commander, leader,y.A. and Condvc- 

Chief, C hieiia-, a ^i.. t. a. <j<^i<H-^^.H , ^Ttn?^;;^,^?- 
Chxefship, CHiBETAiiraT, n. T. N. ;h^^ /. ^R??^/. 


Chilblain-, n. •*?fNtHT/.-<R-/.-^mTT»«.-=^/.-?IITm. ^TTcT- 

«rr?fm. r^mHi+.i/. 

To be aifected with c. — a limb. 4i^t% '^^. 
Child, w. 3^^«. qiT?»./. «. "TtTTTw!. ( ift/. nw. ) ^tn.J'.n. 

g?5^H(. ( it/, nn. ) Tmtn. ?trrRn. ^n^ra- "jirf+'w. «. ar- 

qr^«. fnsjw. 3T^^»(. «. (^T'T^Ffr/.) %?Jrfn. si^^TOT. (ft/. 
I». ) "ilT^t^r c. — carelessly, generally, &c. ^jT.'l'^m. '^- 
^^T^n.m. W^^TT^Ji. "ftTWRw. ^\V^\^}l. 'TTTflt^T?". '^lUr^H'H 
m.f. — in endearment. «IRr»«. «TT»». ^TRT or ^]a^Jm. ^■ 
ETS". liNdl'M. (ft/ t «•) S^». ^T^TlTwi. or t«, qRrTT or 
?^«. ?55]T5 ( liice rogiie )=Ir?T'«. «. ^TpT^Tw. ^rpT^^w. 
^Tr^^p'^ >'>• ?ft^ oj- ^^jm. ij^T w.- — to a female c. «pn 
/. ^Rft / — in anger or contempt, as brat, imp, ^c, 
"fiT^"'- (€\f. "in. ) 5PR2T TRTT or sjJR^Tw. ( t\f. Zn. ). 
C. of one's old age. fi5T?s«. ^It»5!:». ^nr^T Hlrf^ll-H 

C.'s play, •mr^^vlil/. 5lT?5?ft?rT/. «ITc7=5lfT'r«- 'Ml'ri-HRfin. 

C.'s speech. stTPJ^TPTT/ 

Dotingly fond of children. qltf^HT. 

Extravagant fondness for children, qt^f^w. 

Tonsure of the head of a c.(to form ?fft). ■^4l+'H«t 

Spoiled c. ^trgoET, *THo5|. 

Better no c. than a bad c. ^,y'HMlH?Tt Piy'dH «R. 

To be with c. v. Peeqnant. qt?Rft-1'T"n:-&c. ^oj-^- 

^- .. . ... .. _..^ ^. 

Children, '^^[^ MRiilolM.^'^- yrfrt+<».;j^ rt^S! 

^^ n. f^Tc^ ft??r ^% «I% OT.^Z. =q5o5 H^oE». "rft ^ 

M.;)Z. <mH.IHri|«. 5rT^%?q- 

Amongst, by, with, &c. c. 'frmift, ri+<lrf^. 

Poudness for c. S^FnJ^ m. 

Trinkets, &c. worn by c. s||oi?iui or ?qTTjf. 

Pitting c.^ — articles of clothing, &c. q^^urr or oft, 

Eeadily intelligible to c. ^Ur^.^^. 

ChILD-BEAEINQ, CniLD-BIETU, ClIILD-BED, n. the state of 
being inlabor; also, the act of hrinrjing forth. «( i ■irts u| i »;. 
STT^rT^^TT/ Sf^e[f?T^^/. 5TWr^'<TT /. ^^^ m. ^^?ft/. 

Easy c. g^^HT^ m. 

Pains of c. qnt^qr/. sm^^^HT/ W^rfl t^/ 

Woman after c. ( just delivered ). «Ilir[/. sirafftor/. 
sr^ffPFT/ ^?r^/ 

Woman in c. ^t^ PlMI'-lrft ^t/ ^f^T=IT^ KTWH «. 

Attendance upon a w. in c. ^IT^rrTOTT m. ^^T^''Tr^\f. 

Betel-roll, baby-clothes, Ac. presented to a w. after 
c. ifl^fef «». 

Bracelets given to a w. recovered from impurity of 
c. qr^xT^ m. 

Caudle to a w. in e. JfT^ri^MSi «!. WMTS\ »». 

Chamber for or of a w. in c. ^ITSrf ^Wt/. ifT2cT ^M. 

Disease incidental to a w. in c. siiiri<l'| m. <?(1?|'I m, 

Poul clothes of a w. in c. «TT^ ». siT3^ «. 

cm 141 

House in which is a w. in c. c^lciH ^ n. 

Necessaries for her infant given to a poor w. after c. 
smtf?!^ n. [ ot «. 

Eice, &c. sent to a w. on the tenth day after c. frPT- 

String cast ( after consecration ) around the neck 
of the w. and her infant. X^f- ■ 

Worship of deities on the fifth day after c. Tt^/. — 
on the sixth. ^^ or ^/. T^'J^fl'T «. ?IT^/.— on the 
tenth. ^T^/. 

Belonging to c. 5JTirfq-^trrr^, !TT?jf?t'T?. 
Child-iiood, n. ^\7.^r^ II. ^^T^<JtT »>. qrCTOI n. MKMuil m. 
c^^M^ui ". qrf^oT n. ^r^ n. ^\^zc[^^'t:c[ f. ^^t^K «.1t- 

Second c. SfT^ n. [m?5l*^'MW. 

Practised or versed in from c. ifloJ^R, 5rT?Ip-''TT^'1', 

Childish, n. ^K^^ "fk^FH:, 'rt^oi, "fir^T?:, 3f ^ ^f^^, 

iTT^fg, ^r^jf^, ?ifT^, ffT^Trqrqr. 

To be c. m-i.^oT, qr^'jf. [r^iTT^r. 

2— ofthiugs. qrr^^t^, 'fTTaH^?ft'=^r, "TTT^^NI^T, <fr- 
Childishness, n. v. A. S^^Tqwr in. ^^T^Hra' m. s^TlJ^w. 

Childless, n. ar^rm^, ^?r?rf^, 3T^, 3T^q?q-, aripsT, 3TT- 

C. woman. 3Tsr^. 
Childlessness, 71. v. A. f^^?rPT n. iff^TTm w. 
Child-like, a. resemhlini/ or hecoviing a c. ^naSRITT^r, »rr- 

Chili, «. capsicum fruteseens. fkK-^f. fJRTTn o?' ^TT/. 
Chilis pounded into a mass. frWi m. ^rra^ ?». 
Eed chilis pounded. Tq^rft/. ^TO^jft /. HT^T m. 
Chiliad, n. ^^^^ ?i. W^»». 

Chill, Chilly, o. — of the air or things, v. Cold. ?R^, 
^fTrr?5, f|iT. 

2 — of the feeling, V. Cold. ifjT^^OT, +'i*irir^vT, ft^ 
or f|^-^5^-&c. H^55T. 

3 ivilhout warmth or cordiality, v. Cold, ^iil^-^l. 
Chill, Chilliness, n. t. A. 1. ?R^/. fiTct?/. ftlos^/. 
Of which the c. is taken off. f^iotjsi, f;(Toin"isi. 
To take off the e. of, or to lose its c. ( — water). qT- 
"MMT ^fnTT»». JTTS^. 

2 chilly feeling, f^n. 1^5]^ or f|?nit/. f^«. fi+ilM. 
5?'5^/- ^TT/ pi. ?U«. 

Chills and flushings. ?R^ TT^/. 
To Chill, ». n. le affected with cold, f^^^., ^^t^. 

2 be chill-struck, — plants. f^ra?:'ir. 
To Chill, v. a. make chilly. ^X^ '<R-&c. ^PTOT. 

2 dispirit, v. To Discourage. *i\ su| , "TTTiftM. yMjij'i-gft- 

Chime, w. (of musical instruments). rfTot^o!; m. ^iT^fq^po;?. 
C. beaten at the end of a watch. I^SRm. v. ^M, ^. 
Closing 0. or peal (as of a ^fhriT &c). g^TR m, g'fTR 


To Chime. See To Coukespond. 

CuiMEEA, n. fabulous or unreal thing. ar^H q5T'4«. 3TH- 
r^r^ n. Some particular Chimeras or some significant 
terms for an unreality are ^q«T or arr^r^l^cqn. (skj- 
flower), sp^T^JT n. (camphor caL\), cnW^T?i?5 or f^^- 
rTT^pTM. (sand-oil), ^T^lfsTTm or 3[T^l^n«. ( hare horn), 
«f=^"'?T^^ ««. (son of a barren woman). 
2 vain fancy or thought, v. Pa.ncv. 3T^^?«HT/. a=ra- 

CniMEElcAL, a. v. N. merely imaginary, V. Imaginaiiy. ^T- 

?fT:rrp?7%=5fr, 3T«rF?qf?r=qr, 3T?r^qprqHTf^3;-^nT-&c. ar- 

Chimney, «. vent for smoke, "^rxkn. gn^M. tfRw. yPT^lff^- 
2 glass for the flame of a lamp. f^-^\^zqj ^\^f[m "^ ^- 

Chin, «. ^^^ or ^cpff or ^"JT^T?^/ f w/. '^^^i\f. \^f. 

The hollow abo've the c. ipqT^T/- 5t=5l'raH. 
Chin-ache, n. ^gtrf^PT m. 
Chin-cough, m. sfnrr^T^P^T »i. 
China, Chinese, a. f^?ft, ^'t^^.^T^sfT. 
China-koot, m. s?«//a.r china. %5ifq?n-/. 
Chine, ». ^ijitw. ^tf^nrr Hm«». ^"JTr^T ^"<3fT w. 
Chink, ». v. Ceack. ^q?/. '^,J. f^^oi/. f^?5iJT/. ^fviw, 

/Jop. m^f. or m^m:^J. =Efr?5/. 
Chink, adv. S'iT-^-^'Jr-&c. tJiT-^F^-^-&c. tjur 31T or orr 

(intens. jJOTRf'JI, S'JTF'Tf). 
To Chink, v. n. make a sharp sound. ?jnT-=p^-q;ijr-&e.-^fOT- 

goT or tJVt ^■JfOT, ^runjortJir (intens. UcrrTOTiJi). 
To Chink, v. a. ^J^uorr^, gnr 3fr ^^fsr'Jf, ^oE^a^rw. 
Chintz, n. 3t7«. t'tt'TRS «■ Some of the chintzes or 

fashions of chintz are ^RIHt ^^, ^P^E^'TFP, STfoBtft ift?, 

Belonging to c. f^, ^7:^\. \y^ ;p^. 

To Chip, «. «. ?fra^, tT?5S'w». pl.-&c. ^FT^ot, g^l^w./;?. JpT^, 

jTo Chip, t;. «. break off in small pieces. !F«nft/.-&c. f^jqoT. 

Chip, w. (of wood). \^^^ or ^^m. dim. m^ or ^^^ f. 

^^'J^n. q-f^qr & 5?5qTm. dim. vi^<ft/. & ^?!;q'T/& tft^qsw. 

%5t/. ^ar m. ^q^ or ;?^3?:r»j. f^^rt/ w.P-^\f. ^\- 
<r^M. •hii+'n/- ^5^«. ^it/- fHrrar or ^rioEr »». dim. 
5rt/. «. & ir^^^ ». 

2 ( of stone, &c. ) piece cliip>ped or sliced off. +s-=(l '». 
dim. -^^J. ^.^=^J■ ^^r\.m. dim. ^ft/. ^f^T or si'qjT 
»». dim. JT^ or sj^fft/. 5TR?^ or ^qfTT »«. f/"". «?'T?^ or 
^?fr/. or tr?5^T & ^FSTT »i. rfiw. VR'ft & ^J^'ft/. & tT?!^- 
S or ^?5qz ?^. f^TSfT/. ^^T Ji. fm^ or Z^vS\f. JPT^T^T 

Chips, Chippings. +14-^.1/. +|i<t^| ^?^?TT/. pi. W\- 
CniPPED,;?. T. V.A. rrraSFTT, fTRii=r, rP?. [ H. cT^OT ?). 

Chipping, n.y.Y.A.—acl. riTB^ n. rTRf m. rTnToft/. dH+IH 
Chieologist, n. v. N. +<Mj%c?tt. 
Chieology, «. ari of talking tvith the fingers. ^TTf^TKI 

CniEOiiANCEB; Chibooeaphist, n, V.N, fMH I ^"l l <l , ^FTT^^- 



CiUKOMAXcv, n. divination h'j the hanj. ^irf^^ 

To CuiKP, ti. n. — of binls. f^eif^sr^tjf, fxf^^cr/.-=i< ^•'^^ 

— noisily, &e. f^^S%^M. 

2— of insects. pFf-HFTOT adv. q^, f^or^eftur or f^'^f^- 

HT adv. ^^m. 
Cuiup, CniuriXG, n. v. V. 1. — act. f^^f^^pjf n. f^^^ f. 

'^'i. f^xft/.— noisily, &c. +ri-+.rJrr »«. f^Pfsm »K. 

li f%fnj^OT 0)- fr-ftf^Fft n. f^^m n. fjpf ?;. 
C'hieukqeon'. Sec SiiiOEOx. 

CuiSEL, n. — of a carpenter. f%^'( «. f^triJf n. f^<«| «. 3Tf# «• 
Smith's c. TRTSfiy] 
Stone cutter's c. z\^ f. 5^ ?)!. MIVIuiiK+w. Incision 

made with it. ^^ f. One who works with it. ^%5pff»«. 
To CnisEL, V. a. f^^-^^-f^qD^^-cte. ^FN^-miW, ^ROt. 

2 (Htoue))-o«y/(«M u-ith incisions, ziw.^., ziw^jf-Jil. TTS'iif. 
CniT, n. note or small epistle. f^{\ or f^Tgl/. 
Chit, «. v. Spb )ut. ^pfsf »«. 

2 V. Child, f^l^ >?». f^7 »j. 
Chitchat, See Chat. 
CniTTEKLiNGs. See Bowels. 
Chivalbic, Chitalkous, a. pertaining, ^r. to chivalry^ Wi- 

2 gallant, &c. v. Bkave. f^TTT, f7;7^T-=qT, m?nrft, 

CuivALEOusLr, adv. v.A. ?R^ q^ii^i^qr fr?fr^, ■feT^^. 
CniVALHT, n. g^^ ^^li^O'/. 

2 gallantry, &c. v. Bkateey. f^J^rrrffy. y r^^ l ifrlrl I /■ 

STTN^TTfefrr/. #!?■ «. 
Chives, n. — in^botauy. %^TT?i. 
Choice, n. See Choosixg. 2 ^iou'er oj choosing, option, f^- 

=*d"^i-^ 5^?mft/.-?mT/.-3TftTqrn:«2.-&c. TfTrft/.g^ft/. 
I^^^^ft/- ?rrfrr/. ^TT^t/. ( ex. ^m.^ ^izps ^ ^t^ | 
<^rrfT^ qcT TTfr ). 

a object of choice, f^^f. fH^^W-^ f. 

To make c. of, v. To Choose, f^r^fq' ^^ qH?T ^iif. 

4 best part, f^^^f. Trmf^ m. ^jrm^rm ?«'. 

5 *MZ in diacrimiiiatinff. rTTrfH w.dKd'^'T «. <-HHH Tra'w. 
Choice, a. select, excellent, precious, <^'c. f^sf?, f%T5<F, Ot^T- 

frsf, ^^3T, ?r;7^, 37?f?y, <T?m, ^rrmt^T, ^rn^Rn^, ^f- 

2 careful, ^'c. in choosing. f^^^S +<U1UI, fJT^TS^qrf^'snff 

3 M««^ with care. ^?n^ ^^ ^TlTr, ^""ft^ ^4 ^^T^Tri. 
Choicesess, «. valualleness, excellence. JfMcTT/. grP'T?«. 

Choir, «. hand of singers. TmrU^ H15ft/.-^T/.- "JTJ m.- 
(TTPT ««. 'Ili<+'1U| VI. 

Jb Choke, t). w. ^>e under suffocation, ^^m or i] ^> h < u)\ g- 
rTfl^^, fl^ajtjf, ^TH^ or ^755E^' 3TP!W,^«. 

112 CHO 

That is choking. 3T5^?ft, 3TfHHr. 
2— csp. through violent emotion. ^JTT m. ?T^<Jf g. of s. 
ToST m. ?R(Tf or -q-^^ q^ g. of s. ^f^^l^.^ ifs^T in. '^^ 
in. con. '^^Z^, ^^f^fT ^. 
To Choke, ». a. 'J^TTT^^r-^FHTT;^ JTTT^, JfT^S ?Rq-- 
#|^-ctc. iTTrnf, 5T':?rw.-H^ «.-:TTTt/.-^55T ot.-&c. Z^^^ 

or zy^H iTKOT, iiTT-sqT?r-&c. ^rrf^f 'TT';'Jr. [ qfTm. 

2 hinder or check growth. 5rT^/-&c. ^^f^of, g3T;-&e, 

3 Wof/t- vp. V. To Obsteuct. trtrot, ^of, 5^:?rMf. 
Chokefull, a.v. Beimfull. 5fJR,5|^o?-aiT, 3TFP; ■>TTrr?^T. 
Cholagogl'es, «. medicine to evacuate bile. fiTifi-f^r^^j\]Sf;. 

f^Tr^TJf;-&c. sfrrq- «. 
Cholee, ». V. Bile. frrT «. 

2 irascibility. fqrT «. ?mrn<Jr m. fqvTiT^fr/. fTrT^HT^ m. 

3 V. A>GES. "^^ m. 
Cholee A, n. Tm^tf. m7,f. rF7.^\%x^f. FR5t^/. ^T^' 

Inveterate or long standing e. ^offHTS^/. 
Spasmodic or epidemic c. ^Jffl^t/. H\\H \ (\ f. ^Z^f. 
To be afl'ected with rrrSE or c. rp^ot. 
Choleeic, a. irascible, v. Passionate. rfH^, rfTTJ, ftrT^^, 

ft'^ToiT, rrm^, Ffm^it, rrirt'Ttrft, frrTsr^f^, =;??. 

2 indicating or proceeding from anger. TPIHT, ^STT^, 

To Choose, v. a. elect, prefer. f^^'S^, ^•Tf'T ^-^FT^^, ^- 

2 select, piek, cull. fnq^iJT, ^^ui, ^^W , TftT^TDf , TfT'TJr- 
T M.-TfTT'T^/. q^ y. of 0. 
To Choose, v. n. please. ^i:\^^^r^-f^r^V^-^^^^-&.c. ir- 
Dt !«. con. [&c. f^nrs/. 

Choosing, Choice, n. v. V. A. 1. — act. fi^^^^^n. ^T^n. 
The e. of a husband by a woman. r^^^Xm. 
The woman that chooses a husband, ^^^^^r'if. 

2 1^r?r5"jf«. 'k^'^n. &c. tfR'iui=T". ^ftn^^r/. 

To Chop, v. a. cut off. ar^ot, ^Sirf, ^H^iTw. ^RTjf, %^iJf, 
2 up; c. into pieces, dl^uj, ?ff^Ci, ;%5Tot. W>K.''X g. of o. 

Price of chopping up. <frian°r55/. ?rf^DTr^5!:/. 
To Chot, v. n. c. and change, c. about, — the wind, qirra^, 

To Chop. r. a. e.vchange. See To Baeter. 
Chop, n. piece chopped off. ^f n. ^\%n. ^\t\^ n. ^W»n. 
2 (esp. of timber), ffrf/. ?fr5T»i. "PTS/. 

Choppep, /). V. "V. A. 1. mi%??r, ^?rTT%?5sr, &c. nxiT^. 
2 ^ri^^cTT, &c. 

Chopping, n. v. V. A. l.—act. Fffpjifn. &e. ^jrf^JT?!. 
2 ^fjp^M. f!t3T»«. 

T. V. N. t^KioiOiM. ?ff?rr5rr»i. 

Chopping -block, jj. ^fqj^«. ^PFPriT «»■ ^ «. %T in. n. qi- 

^ »>. mitf 

Chopping-kmfe, n. ^m. 

Choeal, a. belonging to a choir. TT'TT^IHSoft^l, TT^'PI'T' 




Chord, w. string of a musical instrument. Ff^w. pojp. fRT or 

2— in geometry, ^^\f. ^^^^■\ f, ^y^%\si n. 
Chorister, «. ofieo/rt rAo/;\ qpsm^mmRr, TTT^trrtrTcTT 

Celestial c. f^rsjiT »«• 
Chorus, «. J««rf of singers., v. Choir. TTT^FltTtw. 

2 ( in the drama ) TT'^V*? m. >TTftmf%^ wi. 

3 reciirrhig sttmza of a song. '^T^w. y=r»». aTf^OT'Trs^T ». 
aTftiS*S^'«. ^'mff. 3Tt^?«. M^N<Jffl. 

Chosen,;?. ^- a. v.Y.l. f?r5n%3r,sriS^T,&c.f^srllcr, TT^pftrT. 

2 fJf^??5?5T,^^%^, etc. Tf^qftTTcT. 

I. select.^ V. Choice. fSrETlfsf, f^^^, K^VPft^T. 
To Chouse, v. a. giilij ijv. v. To Deceive, qcnr'ir, H?^, 

Chowrie, «. fall of tie Bos grunniens used to u-liisk off 
Jlies <jv. ^'rft or =^^t[f.'^^l. ». =5rRT». Holder or bearer 
of it. ^'pft qr^R. 
To Christen, v. a. v. To Baptize. qTf^ \^, ^*-^^?^- 

^CT f?reft ^Rw-f^rt tmrn 'JTm^jr-iiie. 

2 n«me. ?rTH?J.-:?rf5r?». 5^'if-^'rf, qRflf«. =f;^ot. 
Cheistenbom, ?j. f%f^'<LfPT «. q-RH%w'T I^T 
Christening, n. \. V. l.~net. 3T^^'5f;pTTg;Rr ^?at ^^i n. 

2 ^fsT S^roT w. ^rriT^T^ «. ^Rt «. 

I was present at your c. g^qr ^K^TRT ift ^T^r^?! 3Tf|. 
Christian, n. v. A. %7?ft, f^W^?p. 
Christian, a. f^T^ '^KT^T, fe^ tTTrTH^TRft, f^JT^ft TcrpT^Tr- 

Cheistianitt, n. f^^q-JT w. fw^fffim «. 
Christmas, n. JTTfno! o>- S n. 
Christmas-bos, n. ^\r\\'£m f^%^ n^^ n. 
Chromatic, a. relating to color. ^OTflT^tft, ST'^rf^T^T^. 

2 ( in music ) iTTf^T^, ^JfWT. 
Chronic, Chronical, a. of long standing. ^TR, sT^^Plfe^, 

Chronicle, m. v. History. ^|.?l-^iH+-|Tff?T?«. sPTSrH^'f^rTT- 

?5^TRr «. "R: »«. 
Chronologicai, a. v. N. ^T?I'm^fJf^=5Tr, W^THf^^^, 

CHRONOLOtaCALLT, C<?i'. ^?JI^+JTTMH 1^1,, ^MlHI^^. 
ChrONOlOOIST, m. ^FT^T'T'T^rn", '+ 1 rl H"R%TTT,^^^^fT'JTf^. 

Chronologt, w. ^Fr^noT^ftxrr/. ^FiHT^f^r^rr/. ^rf^^Jifir- 

.Chronometer, n. time measurer, — gener. ^At^^\^^ n. 5PT- 

rSHPT n. ^^^ n. ^prasfHlMt'M^ «. 
Chrtsalis, «. ^Ff^sjRft «i. qFt^T<T »». 
Chrysolite, «. rS^inT or ^^nqj »». 
Chrtstal, m. ^FT^/. 1%??R «. 
Chrystal, «. ^r%^, Rl-^Ji^NI, ^"^TT. 
Chub, ?j. ^^^ ^ ^VBr 'fl% 

CnuBBED, CiiuBsr, a. short,^- thick. T'T?, T^jfT, TSIJSJ. 
Chubby-cheeked, Chubby-faced, a. having a fat face. 

To get c. and plumi). nT^NT Tra m. '^if^g. of s. 
To Chuck, To Chuckle, v. n. call as a hen. g^g^of g- 

To Chuck, v. a. throw, pitch, tt^ot, ^t^ctt, ^^of , 'p^f^^ff. 

2 ( grain or powders or dry food, into llie mouth ). 

Matter ( parched corn, meal, &c. ) chucked into tlo 
mouth, tpfgr m. ^m or ^^m m. v. ITR, '^^m m. "P- 
^ or "Pj^/. ». JTR. q^ofr/. si^iTT m. v. TTR. 

3 ( under the chin ) \^^t[fw^^^ g. of o. 
Chuck, interj. <p^-q7q--^3:-&e. 

To Chuckle, v. n. laugh inwardly, q^'^r ^raM-nrS^^TT 

Chuff, Chufft. See Churl, Churlish. 

Chum, n. v. CoMrANioN. f^-^Tf^R^ft. 

Chump, n. ( of wood ) t. Block. ^^tIT w. f%-l?t/. 'ART ;«. 

Chunam, «. ^T m. =^^ n. ^IiTT/. 

Terrace or floor of c. or C. work, '^pm'^f. I^y. 
T^ft^/. 3TFTT5f|-/. 3TCTrft w- 5^/. 
Making of a c.-floor, &c. T^fir^/. 
Of c.-work, — a floor, a wall, &c. ^T^. 
Church, n. place of u-orship.^ v. Temple, stss «. \^T^.^ 
n. -H^^wpq n. iT^^iJ^ n. JT^HJif^ n. 
2 bodg oflelievcrs. *f^f=;ft- H5^/. H^^T^ m. trr^T^H^- 
noT m. H^fS^ ?'. 

C.-property. %^t^ n. 
Churl, n. surhj or rude fellow. ^FT^-?T^^-5r'?-&c. HR^)«, 

2 See Miser. 3 See Countryman. 
Churlish, a. rude, surly, sour. t. Cross. JT^, ^^5T, T^T?, 

Churlishly, ar/y. v. A. ^jJiH^ir^, rRTlT'JTRT, &c. ?rj-&e. 

Churlishkess, «. Y. A. +,^^"11 »«. H^^TiTT m. 3"7'7dti m. 

^-.^ftFTHT/. ^-.^HR w. ''■'-- 
Churn, n. in'<;oT/. m'^Tofr/. H"4^^ift/. 

Loop of the fixed part of a c. iTt^^/. 
Churn-rope, n. Tt^ ni. JT^rfT/. 'cfTRfoft/. ^\t^ «,. srRst/. 
Churn-staff, «. x^f. jt^tR »». 

Knob or head of a c. ifr4T or "sq^ m. K'tfr w. KTZ^. n. 

Hand c. ^M^=fl/. 

Post, pillar, stake, &c. with which the c. is connect- 
ed. ^^foS^fsi m. ?n^^/. [.^^ 3-of o. 
To Chuhn,^). a. ^^I^OT, HiT^T or it'<Ttfr, ^^ur «.-jt'<?^ n. %- 

Matter ( curds, &c. ) to be churned. g^oStir n. 

Matter obtained by churning. ^p^A m. 
Churned, p. v. V. ^^IcsSiot, &c. f flo£t=T, iRf<TfT, ^fSrcT. 
Churning, w. ^oJijI jj. JT'i.I'if «. ^^r^siir ?;. Kq^ n. JT'tTH ?;. 
Chylaceous, Chylous, o. lelonginj to chyle. ST'jR^'t^'^t 

2 consisting of chyle. 3T5TTFH^. 
Chxle, m. the fluid p-epared from chyme. 31vIT?f ?«. W '/'. 




tng? m. 3H«Hld<t.l/. 3TTfTT^'T^ m. 3Tr^TT^rT w. [_^. 

CHYLUACTIVE, CllYLOl'OETIC, a. 31i>|<« + l<+-, 3T=»IWt?n^- 
CaViiE, M. <Ae modification which food nssiimes in the sto- 
mach. <r^r'TT3i5rrqT-^t'ii375n^ 'rfT'TPT ?n. 'ffmr^ w. 

Chymist. See Chemist. [ ^fK(_ 

C'iBAItiOUS, a. pertaining to or fit for food. ai-HMi, ar^FHT, 
Cicatrice, Cicatbix, n. v. Scab. viw/. 'T'^r «. =^?T »i. ?^- 
f^ ». f^pJl n. [ ^r-&c. JRiir. 

To CiCATBizE, V. a. make to heal. Trf^-T^OT-^TTpff/. qT- 
2*0 CiCATEizE, V. n. heal. ^\zS\^ iTISoEiif, HTot or HC=T q^jf, 

Cl-DEVA>T, ff . former, late. JTpft, JTFT^, TR^^. 

C. minister, officer, &c. iferTR^ n. 
CiELiSG. See Ceiling. 

CiGAB, «. ^JT m. fqft/. [T^TT^'eft. 

CiLiAEY, a. belonging to the eye lids. TPT^jfr^, TTT^'^H^'INt, 
CiLicious, a. made of hair, ril+0^1, %^Ti=Efr, %^lf?nHfT, c^- 

Cinctuee. See Gibdle. 

ClKDEB, n. :FtcSq^?rr%^^%^ #j;FrT «. [ |R m. 

Hot ciuders. ^Hl-il ?«. W^ »». 'HTftT or WRX nr.i. '571- 

Ci>'EBATiON, n. V. Ashes. i)<:H'i'+,<u| ?«. [ tpjf_ 

CI^-EEEODS, CiNEEITIOUS, V. ASHT. ^^H^d, '^^TT^^Ef, H^" 

CiN>'ABAE, n. vermilion. X^mw^ m. ^?4ipf n. 

ractitious c. t^?5 ;)o;>. f^^ & ff^^ ?«. Wf%^ mn. 

cntNAiiox, «. jthN^/. ^F^ift^f^^fr/;'^ 

Ciox, n. graft. :p;=r^ w. 

2 «7iOo<, V. Speout. <^I7T m. 3T^ «?. 
ClPHEB, n. arithmetical chararter, ST^FST »J. 3T^ ?«. 3Tt?T ?/J. 

2 mark for nothing, T^Jf «. ^J^ m. 

3 occult «T(if/«y.n^'^/.5JTfe'ft/. m.fd4-.r^. f?/. Some 
imrtieular ciphers are 3T^fefq or ca^TTTT /. f^W- 
fr/ o'- r^ + lO^Fft o>- 3TPTT/. <^"1+,|<1 or ^rr:\x\ f. or ^- 
rt'+'lO 'iMt or HPTT, *rJSKl-&c. U^^-T ?)J. f^^'<fK^ f. 

4 7«fre nominal person. fz^\^ m. f^^-\^\ m. fdct-m^ f q'- 
=ft w. n\4Ml :?rTCT m. 

To CiPHEE, V. n. ^jfnrw. ^TW. 

CiPHEEiSG, «. See Aeithmetic. [ %ff /. 

ClECLE, «. itl^n. ET^^re. |?r?j. J5?rt/. ^CTot. TTWm. ^^m. 

Area of a c. <{i^«. 

C. of illumiuation. Sf^TifTf^rra. 

Forth of a c. quadrant, q^re. 

Great c.5T|^?T». ^^frT n. 

Small c. FI^fTTra. 

Segment of a c. ^^JHI^n. frT^S. «. 

The eccentric c. sffFrgxTra. ^^■^■W.n. 

2 compass, circuit.^ dislrid, region. Hl^Jn. =Ef=pn. JTlSJvr- 

3 iomY, io</y, r/ny, v. Company, ku^ or oft/. =5rr#a5 or 
"^W^n. ^^^n. i.X^n. ifw. f '^VS f 'i%n. 

Keasouiug in a cir.-lc. 3T^VqT'iPT5rq-OT.3Tr?iTT«nT^»>. 

To ClECLE, V. n. move circularly. ^m.-^f.-x\i7^m.-fi\- 

i:^/.-&C. ^"Jr-MTlf-HRTJr, fl^ or fq^/. qT?56t, f*I^- 

f*IT or J^^^J^K or jj ( and intent. ^Tjn\ & Jjrrrf ) ftrroj- 
To CiECLE, f. (J. fHcZose. See To Sueboukd. 2 woZre 

J""""^'- %rr»».-%ff /.-nr^fTDn.-ifv. JTnTif-%ut-&c. n-iM jfif- 

fTTt^ ofo. 
ClECUlT, n. passage around or ahoiif, compass. %rTOT. SP^/. 

'fi=?T5T??J. fnT^frfST'". dim. f^R^st/. J). %, HTT, ^, I^R^ cr 

5<<'ll/. V. WTrJ, iR^"J. IJ. %, TR, iRT, JT^BTw'. 

To fetch a c. 9)TT»f.-SFfr/. ^M-^tiif, TWTw.TRTif-Jm, 

pRTt or fq^ /. qiT^nif . 

2 circular, cirile, region. T^P:n.=q^,n. Hl?I'jfiT/.fTT^>jfiT/. 
CiECUiTOUs, a. woif «?/rerf. tp^qT"^, ^-^T^, iRf^lT^r, Pl^- 

^iS-iTRT, HHTS-^rr^, &c. 
CiECUiTOtJSi.r, adv. in a circuit. %-qT^, %Tr^^?r-&c. 

ClECULAE, a. Y. EOUSD. =5nPl^mT, -"J+.^dH, M^'^J + K, =5^?^, 

CiECULAE, M. Ze//er or «o<«ce ^o a circle, vnf^^n/. irfflf?;- 

C. order. cTTF'f T're. 
CiECULABiTT, w, Y. A. HH^m. Tl\7z'juy[m. qrHf^'i. 'vr^TRTRw. 

nt?rr??frr/. ^^pfrm. ^ttpprot. [ frT^g. 

CiECULAHLT, ado. V. A. ?w « circular form. =sr^.=r^, KS^^^, 
I. «■///« a circular motion. ^snPlrfRf, c^rfriTflt-^'. 

To Cieculate, v. a. cause to pass alout. f"PT^, ^Trl^r'if, 
=^rP7 ^Rijf, ^m^-^^TfTHT-f I HI 4 M-^f3TTT^Tf?Tff fp- 
^5rM-=qirl':Jui, 'Tf5:^;fHniM.-qf^7R-tJT». :p?lflJf y. o/o. 

To Circulate, v. n. fqrnjf, »3JTijf, ^fT^aj, ^|rfl^id-&e. ftp- 

CiECUiATiON, n. v.V. A.— act. fR^». =?nrr=f'^«. &c. 
Y. V. N. fpT^M. i^nr'jfw. HlJTm. ^JiTCTw. 
I. ( of coins ) currency. =5fM/. =^^=T«. 


To CiECUMAin!U).ATE, «>. «. ^THV^fTl f^of, nr^w.-cTSSBTw.- 
%TT'«.-&c. ^nrS^T-iTR'Jt. 

To c. an object keeping it on the right. ^zf^v\jf. 
or JTl^f^^TRj-ra. ^Fl'Jf-'Pr'iI', 4 R+H w--H U-^^^n. ^ot. 

To CiRcuiicisE, V. a. f^7^/.-^frr/.-^T'Pr?r^H^«.^w. -TTor, 
,7- qf 0. [ qf^p^M. 

CiEcuMCisiON, Y. v.— a^<. ^^nf. f^r/. fT"PT5rq4^^«». 

CiEcuMFEEENCE, M.. ^Tjni. ^Xm. %^>». "P^m. ^5ff». "Tfrf^w. 
HSrJra. ff^/. sTT^m. ?5^^/. 

CiECUMELEx, w.— the accent. JqfT^w. [ r^^'<T. 

CxECUiUACENT, a. lordcring. iiN<4m^l, ^TRTTRrsTT, =^2" 

ClECUMLOCUTlOff, «. circuit of words. fiRq^fST m. f*R^f- 
3-£rT%-9?-TT^-:rS3qrq ^^j^ n. :^Tf^srTcriRTm m. =^T^/. 

=5fTq7nrfTfr/. =5rqft^/. 
CiEcuMLocuTORT, «. V. JN". ^-^TT^sfr, fTOPts-sTHT, 'TRregr^r, 

^ir^tsHiuiRHMi, &c. 

To CiEcuMNATiGATE, V. a. nri'JdiH 5Rj;t ST^feiWT/. Mlri"i . 
To CiEcuMscEiBE, D. a. limit.1 v. To Bound. ^5/ ;p^-iit- 

tm, ^W^-HHf=T-?iT^':i^-^==rff^^-&c. qp^i^, 3TT>^>jf, 

CiECUiiECEiBED,/). ^ a. Y. V. ^T^Tf^-^fl^ftHP %^?!n", <&e. 



I. confined, v. Nakeow. arsf^T^. 
CiECusrsPECT, CiKCUMsPECTiTE, a.y. Cautious. T^?^, T^- 


ClUCUMSTAKCE, ti appendage, adjunct, accident. 3TRH^'^tT 

2 incident, matter, point, mi J. spF^ n. tf^fHT »>• TT^ «• 
By the force of circumstances. iT?fT=r^TriT, sr^HFT^T, 

Under sucli circumstances, rf^irt. 

3 circumstances; s/o/e ofajfairs. ifps/. ^^1?5 w/- 3T=r- 
^iTT/. 5;?TT/. sTt^KR n. 

Easiness of c. or Easy c. v. Competekce. 4°'MIH'-^V<4! 
n. rlMlil^ /. f^rfFT /. 

Srraitness of c. tqTTrf qiTW ". ^4or*+U'MI^ ^^TT/.-nfrT 

- Of easy c.v. Competence. <^iah fqrar^ ^SfTra or g^t, 
^l*H ^q' g?TT?5-&. ^jrTrTTft'?!!, ^TrTM^r?!!, qT^TT g^"^. 
ClBCUMSTAKCED, a. ^^Tff?5T, 3TEr?'<TH?JT, ^^TFPJT, ST^^^TFT^. 
CiECUMSTAKTiAL, a. appendant, adventitious,\. AcciBEJfiAL. 

2 particular, in detail, v. Detail. rTTf^TBT'^, SFTT^'TT, 

3 (evidence ) ai^Hnffl'^, 'JTT^TTri^T^. 

C. evidence. ST^TT^iT^'^ «• ^Tr^TrrftjTFn" m. 

ClKCUMSTANTIALITY, It. V. A. 1. aTTng'T^Sf «. 3TT^^^ n. 

2 f^WX in. f^-^^-^f. 


?it^7IT, ^fTHt^, A'AV^AR, ^f^J^IT. 

To ClKCUM VALLATE, V. a. =Erft^ ^V.^ti J .-7W^i\ f. WM , 
ClECUMVALLATION, W. ^Sf^f^ %^Sft ^HTESi^ /.-rf^^t^ /.-'IT':- 

To Circumvent, Ciecdmvention, &c. See To Deceive, De- 
ception, &c. 

To CiECUMvOLVE, &c. See To Eevolye, &c. 

Circus, n. area for shows and games. tT'Tfrr/. ^fT^T n. ^T 
m. HT^tTTx'^Prr m. 

Cts, — as used in comp. s*s-=( I or ?5T, ?^F5tH. 

Cistern, n. Z]^f. ^T% w- qTr':T^»». ^f^THT m. ft^m. ^5 «. 

Citadel, M.srf?tr5T ^"l^ w.artfTc^ f%s5T ?«.«fraf^£5T »».3Tc(^re. 

Citation. See Summons. 

To Cite. See To Summon, To Quote. 

ClTlZETf, n. resident of a citi/. ?fqw^, ^FH^Rft, ^T^STTOT, 

Citizenship, m. v. N. ?T'K+<lMUir m. ?FT^rfWT/. ?TnT^'<T?rr 

Eellow c. 'Tt<<i<<-<4 n. 
Citron, n. tiie tree. ^g^T m. pop. +4|HftiT?t. oni^ H^^/. 
?^/. ^K^^ n. H^^ n. — tlie fruit. tttj^T «./)o;). hFH- 
fr5T «. H^f T «. |3 n. \^k^n. ^K'^^ n. w^y^Pi n. 
Cvt\, n. ^ n. ^nK n. diin. ^nt\f- '^^ n. ^ pop. qr n. 
Holy c. tTJTqfr/. 

Walls of a c. or town. ^^?;q'^ in. 
CiTT, a. urban, oppidan. ?T^, ^T^=^, ^'H^l, ^iTTH^f'-':^!, 

Civet, n. vTSfT^ Hf^TT^sft ^^f\J- TFfTk ^^r)R+l/. 
Civet-cat, «. ^^fr^t Tf^?: «. it'^TTT^ »n. 

Perfume bag of the c. ^=17^/. ^^fl^ n. 
Civic, n. of or lelonjiny to a city. ^T|5I^, ^PTTT^, ^^ff , 

Civil, a.relating to the community, to civil affairs, usage, Sfc. 
^JToq-Ef^TTpSTr, «|+-oi)=J|m=srT, ^JT^T^^siT^^, ^J^F-^^- 

2 relating to a onan as a memlcr of a community. ^Sfr^q- 

3 not ecclesiastical or militarg. 5?I^, 5^^^ ^JiTTP^r, JJ- 

4 complaisant, polite, courteous, ^c. ^ffjl^lrtl =ElfT??T- 
ifr5-&c. ITT5«^^, f*^'*!^! fiT5ErfT^, 'i'raqr?^!, TTT^q- 

q-, 3T5^T^t, ar^frtft, arj^frff, j^^i^^iO, 

5 ( court,&e. ) f^'jft. 

C. case f^Tuft^^RT m-'[^^^ m. 

C. court f^qirrft 3T^?5?r/. 
Civil-enoineer, n. "T^-FT^t-srfs ^^K iTtvmTTT. 
Civilian, n. one emplogcd on civil duties. H?5^ WT ^Rtjiht- 

m ^"IKI-&c. iTt=r <^IHN ^FTK m^uiKI, &c. 
Civility, n. v. A. 4 complaisance, politeness, courtcousness. 

^vH'iH n- ^^'T 11. ar^q' »». arjiffr/. ar^q m. 

Civilities and courtesies. an^J-^PFR m. aTT^HTR' w. 
arr^TTT^K mpl ITT=WTTT^ »» ?TratH^=Tq7^/. T^J^siT^/. 
3TFTnR^rm^ n. H^RfT/ R"l'i'-l|U|1' «. TT'^TK »»• 7'?- ?rr?7T»:5r 
po^. ?nT?ffH «. aTT^FlTOT'^ «. a'ste/. 33R?r/. i'.^?:,5^. 

Empty c. ^"npR^nr m. pi. 

Eor the civil civility, for the saucy sauce, ar^ FfT ^FTC 

3TfriTr^TTft, H ?75 ?n: JTt 't^. 

Civilization, n. v. \.—act. H')f'A\'^ armof w. &c.— state. 
To Civilize, v. a. H^^n\r\-wm^\^ vrm^., TT^^^T/.-Tr- 

Civilized, v. V. JT^t?r 37T<iI3?5T, «&c. fsj^NK ?f'T5r. 
Civilly, adv. v. A. 4. JH|u^y+l^, ^^'TT'JrR, ^f^'tTftrft^, 




I. in law, not naturally. ^\^^\^ ^T^i ^I'^ll^. 
Clack, n. unceasing Sf u-earyivg speech. M't^i /■ Z^if. ZW.Zm 

f. Z^^f. Z^Z^J. W:wf. iV.'hi-V-'h f. 

2 vociferous u-oman. 'A''Af[A\\f. HiAi +<yilO/- T^iTT 

/. ^v:\f. [&c. ^V^^, 

To Clack, v. n. make a sharp noise. ^^Jiif, y'i<M4-<i+<4+- 

2 V. To Pbate. ?55?=T^ ^r?5^, ^d=ldui', ii+^+cjf. 
Clackeb, «. clacking instruvient ( to frighten birds, ^c. ). 

^Hi^^i «• i-+'i+ or 5^5% n. ^J'i^i «. 

Clad, o. v. Clothed. trfTtTPTJ^, MlRd=J^, ^r5. 
C. with space, i. e. naked. f'\'\HK. 

To Claim, v. a. demand of right. ^i^,r^-^>^]H^SJ^^i^-^T^^- 
^-^Tt5TT%-ctc. JTPTiJt,7r-TrOT.^7Df-¥PTW,?rTTT/. ^^ with 
^Jor^ofo. ^^eft^RCTf, si'll+H"}, •d-<1lM4+ ^V^^Jf. ^- 
^, H\'M. [&c. sjmaf. 

2 assert, profess, v. To Peetexd. fiiili «. 5n"o5n<if , =^ w!.- 

Claim, n. demand. HHlui m. ?t;^/. ^TilM^* MHH ?!. 

2 <(<^^, r/^y/ii. ^^jmr '/«. ^r m. cfn^r »«• srftr^pR w. ^-^w. 

Claimant, Claimee, ?j. v.V. ^qSTH ITMIUIR), &c. dJ^dK, c^- 

^TPft, ^TT?Tr-?T^-^fg-&c. tli'luiTTT. 
Claimed, ^. v. V. ^i^T^T TTPFR^, &c. ?5ffe<=f, ar^ft^v^. 
Claimin-q, n. r. 'V.—act. f ^HT HTnit m. Sfs^T^ HPTJfw. &c. 

^+Kw. ai'il + KJ^. ^ '■*)<"!». ST'Tl+iOT «. 

Claietotaxt, n. ariR'TfT f^^^"?! ?n. ^\^iT^\m. 

To Clambee, v. n. climb with difficulty. s^H qVT-^^ ^- 

Clamminess, n. v. A. f^^imf. f^Pf^/. f^^/. f^^=^^ 

/. intens. fsjiTjf^+li're. f+-M*1'^ /. in/ens. f+^Ri^Kw?. 
Clammy, o. v. Sticky, f^+p-^+lff, fn^pNT^ oj- fn^f^T- 
^5fR, R'if-^sH, fer^, fr^T or f^^iJi. 

C. ooze or adhering matter, r^+'di"!. f^4j€l/. 
To be e. f^^f^tjf, RiP^^ui. 
Clamoeous, a. v. N. 'i^^'lr^r, Ti^r^, 'li'll-i^, ^TIZ^, 

&c. +<«IK1. 
Clamokouslt, adv. v. N. iT3«??ft^, JW«lri-'WIri-&c. ^^. 
Clamoue w. vociferation, noise, outcry, v. TJpeoae. T^hTot. 

^ra^w. ip5^^/. n^^M'^i «j. Tr^?5/. T^n^/. iRnqr^w. 

— iutens. JWil^li ?». Tf^'lc^.l'i »«. 'li'll-i ?». ^j|+i^' m. 

To Clamoue, y. m. ^;^fp:t M.-nrnR w.-^Rq^ ^^.-T^jiBr ?k-&c. 

^BT^JTiSW, 4,o!,|+.otT c^^v. "FT"^, ^5E^5tnf . 

2 against; exclaim against, ^i^ ^iV^f.-\Vf:\ f. pl.t{\T^ 

g. of 0. JTT% ?t^ OT.-^HriHif /.-^^Ht «.-^T^?r w.-^T^FT- 
^/- ^^^ 5'. of 0. 

Clamp, «. qft/. ^m^f 3T? »«. 

To Clamp, o. a. ^f--'-A\mf[f. ^gt-n |< J| \ 

IJLAlf, «. T. Family. ^ n. q'^r m. qiM w. JTr^ w. T^'H m. 

Clanculae. See Clandestine. 

Clandestine, a. secret, sly, Sfc. =^tft^, =#IT^, fHW^ftft^, 

C. (loiugs. riHiH w. rm'il^/. D. ^, %o5. 
Clandestinely, aiw. v. A. =Eft5?T, f?!:f5 =q"t^, fer^t^, 

To give c. aifio-Hi ^irfl^^or^ 
Clandestineness, w. v. a. ^R^STJrr m. j i m-cIh^uh m. 
Clang, Clank, Clangoue, «. sharp, shrill sound. ^^^;\m. 

^''raT m. SuirtiK m. 5fcrnFR: or TT w. yuir-FR »». gj^ m. 

Ste «. /. — intens. wn^^jK m. ^^srm m. ^ai^oTC m. 

^"JTiwr »i. soTsoTT!: ?». simr »». iiuiyuni m. gurm m. z- 

To Clang, To Clank, v. n. ^^^u\^^ Stjk'M, fT'irgiT^', 5- 
ui^l<u|, ^ur^'ir'^, >^u|^^u|ui, — iuteus. ?=pJTriT'if,^iTrw^, 51- 

Clangee, n. Clankee, n. Clanging, p. a. v. V. ^OT^nTOTT- 
^, 5^5>JiaTITT, &e. ^'JT^'JT-gTJT5nJT-&c. <^MU|K1. 

Clangingly, Clankingly, adv. ^^-^^-^-&.c. ^<TO<T or 
OTT, SiCJlS^"! <»■ "Tt, ScrrjoT, q'lrqTJT or urf , — intens. ^q^OTf^T- 
or, ^Tyil^li, ^T'TI^TIT, ^f^Mf , ^cflT^W, ^OTTiTt. 

2b Clap, v. a. strike loudly or smartly. rli-+.H-|r5i;^-yd+>;- 
&c. HR^-^r5fW-5!TT^aT, iTFRof , g-STSRiif. 

2 to, on, at, in, &c. a2)ply smartly. HR^, 'P2r^H-5R'^H- 

3 Cthe bands). Z\^f. fT??iif-ErF?rf5m-'TP''if. 

4 (the sides, exultingly). ^ sTN2^-irf?^,^5TOT/, 
/iZ. ^Pf^, fz<\ 5rr3T^"Jf-i) 55i ui-^Tt^JW. 

Clap, «. /o«(^ noise,Sfc. qiJpFTw. FfiT^rw.w. ^IT^ot. *r?T^w. 

2 (of the hands). z\^f. 

3 (of thunder). qj^Tlw. TSTTR ?«. 
Clappee, n. (of a bell, <&e.) ?itoET w. Jm ^v£\ f. 
Claket, n. ^ f^ 3TTf , ?JT?5^^5fOT. 
Claeification, M. V. V. A. — ait. in^iin. jtoE ^T^«. Ac. 

^fr^TM. ?ft«Rn.— stoi!e. ^5/. wrf^T^T^w. PtJlfridH n. 
Claeified, p. V. V. A. ?ft%T^??T,H3 tfTC^cTT, &c. ^flftTrf, 5Vf- 

Claeifiee, w. v. v. A. ^TftTTirnT, &c. nrtr^. 

To Claeify, v. a. defecate, fine, clear^ ^ftq^'if, ^SE^n.-HSff/. 

^1^-^jRW ^.0/ 0. Pt =t os=( "Jf ,?rrp-^5;-?g^g-fJnT;5-&c. ^iJt. 

To Claeify, w. n. become clear from feculence. f^^oSOT, h- 

55 !)».-IT5fT / ST^DT y. of s. 

Claeion, n. V. Trumpet. grTpft/. ^FTf/. ^orf^FlM. 

Claeionet, n. ^^ ;iT?T 3n^. 

To Clash, v. n. strike oi- drive against with force. ^^^^- 

^TTTTTOT.-rl 3 1 * 1 m . -•cr5TW«.-&c. q^. 

2 fig. ?«(?f< opposingly, interfere.^ collide, Sfc. ^?r^, ^- 

?fiift/.-&e. ^roTy. of s. ?^^, k(*H*iH 3=rre^-Jfran-&c. 
Tm «i.-RHMf'H»«. "T^-^rof ^. 0/ s. 

Clash, Clashing, n. t. V. 1. — act. <3[^^^?ff FA'Wn. «?ifT- 

&c. SJ^ M. 

2 ^Hoft/. ^T^mmr or «ft^/. ^m or ^f^^/. ?[rqra==ft/. 

rJCTTJ/. ^+M'tv/'. ^ToS^ToS/, ^sKm, ^tq^^Tw. I^n.— ifltens. 




I. clashing sound. ?r5T^r o?' ^JTm. tr5T^r»»- +il+l or ?^T«J. 
— intcns. q3T5>«. ^T^^rarrm. [+iKMr?«. 

II. (as of musical iiistrumeuts). W^m. ^TS/- *S*I »«• 

III. (of swords;. ri<c(Ki-cji ^rqr^rOT. ymtiHt/. "^^^^Z- 

Clashisg,^. v. V. 2. qr^^ i%frtft, 3T?tT^ 1%?!^. 
Clasp, ?i. Iwok, hold, v. Catch. 'PRfrw- ari'troTJJ. aTS^"^"- 
That has a c. ^TPf^ff. 
2 See Clasping. 
To Clasp, r. «. /«z/y, v. To Embeace. 3TTf^ni^, ^f^sq', ^A- 

To c. to one's bosom. qTCT^'jf. 
2 ca<cA aM(^ liohl, grasp^ ^'c. ar^oEof, 3T?5r^ tn?iif , ^-fiVt- 

Clasped,;?, v. V. 1. qj-TS^??!, ^P^PTas^T, &c. 3TTf?rfnrT. 

Clasping, « v. V. 1. — act. ^f;^m^ n. jr^^tss^ ». ^F?^ tT- 

^ «.&e. 3HiiS'H ft. ^it/. artn^Fsra.'t/. 

2 ar^gSOT «. 3^?r^ tf^n. &e. 
Clasp-knife, «. jfrj^TT m. dim. rjtj^/. 
Class, «. j-oi?!;?-, orn'c)- : se/, number, lody. ^rU^/. ^T<t/. T- 

2 (of scholars), g''!??!. 

8 (of people or men), ^rfn/. ^ncf/. its?^/. fft^ ( in 

comp. as in^DTf^, ^J,?3FP, •tc). 

The higher classes,— compreh. qt^^q^TT vi. ^fr<Tr5r- 
? m. pi. HTS^T^ ?«. ^Z. 

The lower classes,— compreh. aTTS^m/. aililuMId/. 
^c^rfratoft m. pl_ ^OT«ftH|o4| ?». pi. ^% ^F?> m. ^^. 
To Class, To Classify, jj. a. ^?r /.-^Tfrl /.-if?r /.-^?^ 

Classed, Clas.?ified,^. v. V. ^m5m:-&c. aiPfSST, T'ft'T- 

fT, arffPTforqj, g^ffq-, sfifrVr. 

Classic, Classical, a. belonging, Sfc. to ancient orsvperior 
. authors. :s^m^^.^\M \ ., aTTf^qfJEf't^, a^fH^^Wr^T, 3TT- 

2 pure, chaste, — style, &c. sf^T^, ?55, ?t^rf. 
Classically, fl!(?t;. iy classes or sets. STrt^nr, f^r''f=nT,^T<T5nT. 
Classification, Classing, n. y. Y.~act. vn^ftTTT ?5T=rJr w. 

^^^ n. 

C. of soils. STfT ^/. 

Eoll of the classes of soils. STfT^lft /. 
To Clatter, v. n. v. To Battle. ?15?jf^Dr, <-v-«'i^i^'if, q'S- 
q^ o)- i^n^of, ^pi^Fi^r, ^Pi^, ^a:^o5ij[,^3^o5 sfM^t. 

— intens. Miiiui, 'FSTlwr, <s-*|a',crT. 

2 chatter, rattle away, run on. v. To Pkate. sj^ij^ot, «I- 

^'f^'jf, tjitj-iui, T^rrsfT ^iT^iJr-spTTJf. 

CtATTEE; ClaIIEKI>'G, «, V. V. 1.— flC/. ^S^T^Jt «. ^S^'^f 

— intcns. ^5^5T^ »n. ^qjTl »<. MiVi'R or ^WV^~- "i. ^- 
;?r5R: m. ^TSrS '»• ^r^n >»• ^3^5^!^ m. W^W^ m. '^ir^-K 
m. "PSrS m. 
2 oiiMi^Ji w. &c. Z^^f- ^^f. W^T.f. Z^^Z^.J. 

I. hubbub, V. TJpuoAE. q^qpCT/. fciiTfcTst /. imre m. T^- 

CLATTEEiNGLy, «rfy. V. Eattlinolt. qi^S or 5t, 13^5 O'- 
^, ^fS^Bt.— intens. ^5T??S, ^ITlf, 9iir^5, T^^TSt. 

Clause, w. (of a sentence). ^\^^\^ n. ^\w^\^^^ m.^V^^• 
^ n. ^lcl-3+S^T m. 

Annexing of a c. 3T'4r?lfnT^'TPEr m. [ ^'T «. 

2 ite7n of a stipulation, article. ^^M n. '^vA ^?5H n. ST- 

Claticle, n. cullar-bone. ^t\f. 3?^ «. 

Clavicular, o. ?{ft=^r, ^f^si'fl, ^ff^TspF, 

Claw, «. ?rt «. »». ?njft/. =T?3;5 w- "l^T m. 

2 ( of a lobster, crawfish, &c. ). ?jtTT w. ^^ft/- =^1131 or 
TPTTIT or ^tifr^T m. 3TFF5r «!• 

3 waj7 — in contempt. T^f^^ ''■ 

To Claw, v. «. ?f^PT mS^Jt-q^of, fq-=€f^Tur, f^^oT or g^ J- 
?Tjf or ^V^^^'Si or ^H+<>Jf, f^^^l^^ m.-sTr'^^r or ^N^- 
ST VI. ^^ g. of 0. ^X^m.^ or qr^^S^r or ^^vi\. 

Clawed, i?. Sf a. v. V. ^^pf nre^^, f5l^fT^rJT-&c. 
I. having clatva. m^, ?T^<rRT. 

Clawing, w. v. Y.—act. f^^fnif «. f^^^fTT m. g^qrcT or 5- 
•^+<l m. ^t^'F^T or ^ w. ^=^T m- [ '^HT/. 

CLATr«. f^4 ."I H l Hl /. ^TSiTFft/. Vf\ f. ^^Tlor \qj'. 'i\^ J. 
Potter's 0. ^THT^ft/. ?5TOTKffT'T;T/. 
White c. iMH^ pop. nTTET^^T n. 

Clat-geound, Clat-land, Clat-soil, n. ^TTS?^ ^»fH /. 

HTor^ypft^/. JTPT or jtm/. ^jirf^ ^Jfjft^/. 

Clay-pit. m. ^TTfft^m/- ^TS^TW/. iTTFT^iT or HT?f^m/. 

Clayey, a. 5[1T^, ?Tfr^, ^TTSSpT. 

Clean, a. lit. fig. wr"?, f^K^, ^^u, ^5i "^^^^7 ''l^, "^"f^, 

2 See Beioht, Clear. 3 nalced, void, ^c.v. Bake. aJP=r- 

4— ceremonially, ^"r^tar, Tft=5f, ?f^, ^I^wttH i>op-^f^- 
5 uncontaminate, ^'c. T. Puee. qf^T^, f^RT!:i'<:T, Fi"^N, 

6— shirt, &c. touched ^- ready for 7ise. ^Z., ^^^trfT^r. 
Clean, adv. quite, utterly, v. "VVuolly. ^tpp, ?i^, ^z., =q- 

2 2W fl! cZeor, dextrous, happy c^-c.mamur. 3T=qFI^, 3TFIT, 

2b Clean, To Cleansk, v. a. WF-5J5-3g^eg:-f^Ji>-&c. :p- 
^iif, f{S. m.-M^f. WA^^ g- of 0. WtToi, =Ermr5IDf, ^friT m. 

w.-&c.:Rut y. of 0. 

2 ( with perfumes or unguents ). J^tff, ^^^TT m.-itm- 
^r/. JR"^,^. 0/0. 

3 out; ( a well, pond, ditch, kc. ). iraw, TT^ m. ^AZ- 
^ y. 0/0. 3'^'T'r, T^m er 7T^T ot. ^P'iT'f y. p/*'. 




Cleaned, Cleansed, p. \. V. 1. ami Clean. ?rrp-&c.%^- 

Clkanedness, Cleansedness, n. v. P. ^f^/. f^gf^/. ^TNt 
Cleaneb, Cleansee, «. Cleansing, p. a. v. V. 1. ^T^- 

Cleaning, Cleansing, w. t.V. I.— act. ?fTT?-&c. jpTTJt «. ^il"- 
■4^ «. ?fT':T m. 5!tHt n. Hr^.N+.-^UT n. 5TT^?f «. ^f^T^^T n. 

2 ^CTT 7J. 3^/. j^^ n. 
Cleanliness, n. v. A. Hm^rrorr m. =^\W^^^ m. -m^t.^H-y . 

Cleanlt, a. careful to he clean. -cll+Hl'-P, =;r^?Jq^, =5f+4+lrt, 

Cleanness, m. v. A. 1. ?TT^/ ?rr<irTnTT w. f^jferuiT in. 

<TT/ V\^ n. ?| jf^q- «. TT^pTT^ m. K^.Tlf^^' «. T?5^?Rn"/. 
Cleae, a. pellucid, transpicuous, f^^o^, ^TT^T, f^HoS, ^=5^ 1%- 

Very e. water. JTRT^ 3T^ «. [?r^. 

2 free from clouds or haze, f^?]^, ^r^:^?, f^THJ, sff^pj, sf- 

3 manifest, evident, apparent, v. Plain. FT?, sq-^ g-- 

'^, ^■^m, WT?, ^w. pop. ^^z., Rrq^r, arf^rs^np, stRt^, 

■t perspicuous, free from amhiguity or olscurity. ^q^ 

5 guiltless, Uameless, v. Innocent, Absolved. f^n^T- 

ti unolstructed, unencumlcrcd, — of places, v. Open. JTt- 

7 fto< entangled, that is free of. jfr^FSTT, ^CT, JJ^. 

Clear of debt, ar^^ ^Jop. 3T^t^. 
8 — of sounds, the voice, &c. clear-sounding, ^gf ^ o fld 

^T^T^TJfjiT, ^q^, inr, CTw, 5rf^3M, s^r^, ■Pt#t. 

9— of stamps, marks, letters, &c. clear-looking., conspi- 
cuous, distinct, hrijht. 5f555r3ftH, VIZ^ or Z^Z^, ^- 

10 ( profits, &c. ) V. Net. f^npr, ^^55. 

11 ( sight ) f^rsi^, ?ft%Tjr, rfttr. 

2b Clear, f. a. maha fine, v. To Claeift. ?fttm, JTo5 »».- 
^Toft/. STiyJ' y. o/o. 

2 free from obstructions. ■*fnP5ET-?nT»-^Rr-g'?5rm^-iT- 
^KT-&c. ^Roj", 31^5!;/. -^, K ui^ 
'^ free from lushes, grass, rubbish, &c. =^r^?^, %T^^ITr»». 

i off; ( debts, &c. ) liquidate, discharge, ^[j^.^ 9^, 
f^i ^ 1^ ^. mmm. ;r^ jr. ofo. f^nrfHT^Twi.- 

PnrfHwr^^^TTny. 0/0. <p^?TTm. ^j^-^p^^ ;r^^ g 

0/0. ^%?^-<PTft^or^-fei5JT^-iRFP-&c. ^FTiir, 3T?rr ^ 
5 away ; rewore. ^;t^, :pTffr %^, ^irr, %;j:;t '^, ?RT- 

^TTT/.-^KI'HK/. ^"if y. of 0. 

6 up;//ee/)-oOT amhiguity, ^c. v. To Explain. ^^^IttiSt, 

J^TST"!. ^ITTW y. 0/ 0. 3^5T-F7^-&c. ^RTjf . 

7//-ee /ro>» yMj7<. fH^J%-f?n^n'-^-f^'s^^-5)TTJT^.;j^. 

otJTT^-'^r^rr JR^, 3^55rrTKmT7K. ^^ y. 0/0. 

S gain witliout deduction. TT'TtrT-qft <TT5ot, 3T^-|Tradt- 

9 ( the bowels ) v. To Pukge. ?rTq> qj^, H?5^f^/.-<Bf. 

10 ( hedge, ditch, &c. ) pass over without touching. 3T- 

^iTrr-sr^TH^-Ac. ^ffTw-TR^Toir. 

To Clear, v. n. — as the sky or weather, g^^iif, fH'ictO r 

^iJt, f^fT^or, 3-^^, ^^if.--z^\if.-^^\f[f. q^ot-fi^ 


2 See To Claeift. 
Cleae, adv. v. Clean. st^^TR'^F, 3Tr^^TH. 
Cleae-sighted, a. v. Wise. sfTfT, Wl"^, ^'H^m, f1Tf¥:q?. 
Clearance, n. Jirf«jrir^t-&c. ST^Rlf^T/. 
Cleared, p. \. V. A. 1. ToS ^RSFSr, ?nf«nT. 

2 ift^atT %H?5r, &c. 

3 =^^?I?5OT, &c. [R>'i*l'i, 

4 qJl^OT, STR^r, &c. =RT^, ^^^ or W^%, "Mft^ or^.^ 
To be c. fTT^ot. 

Clearly, adv. v. A. 3, and Plainly. 3^r5, JffT^, ST???^:, 
w^, ^T?, f^5j, m^rrg, ti^'H'in, q?, trstift^. 
4 3^T5, ?rr'P, ?TO, 'R'Tst^r. 

Clearness, m. v. A. 1. Pt=(*H"iiOT. f%rr3<Ti7n'?«. f^^rar^/, 
f^T^rsTT?/. f^^tqTJTT OT. ?rp?ft/. ■H^iidi/. fSr^?^?rr/. 

2 f^T=r55ww. ^?^r^?fT/. f^:RtT/. ^m^m. 

3 SWroTTwJ. &c. WTT/. ^V?jT\f. °^f^f. ^V^■^n. arfif- 

4 3wr>JrT«!. &c. ^^wt/. 55?%/. 5q"?p?rT/. !tt^-€t «. '^• 

?KT«. 3TTPTr'4w. 

6 m^TWrwJ. 'j«iyTOT. q-^T^HrU/ qrsiRPTW. 
Cleat, n. rll+si^fl^fl'/. ^"khjI/. 
Cleavable, a. T. V. W)isi<<i-<?l^l'MM"'l'II-^rn?n-&c. 
To Cleave, v. a. v. To Split. SFTSor, ^TJ'^, ^tl^Jf, ^^TN^E^, 

SfcETH 'T^OT. ^R^ y- ofo. 
To Cleave, v. n. v. To Stick, f^^, Rj^idH TT^. 

2 open, part, split, Sfc. WS^^., rTJot, 31^. 
Cleaver, m. chopper, ^fjm. TTf^rif^^/. ^^f^rfHw. 
Cleft, n. fissure, opening, v. Crack. 'Tl/. bTM'ot./. /o^, 

C. between hills, &c. f^f. intens. I%?TT or fn. »Tt^ 
/.ra. qT^m. 
2 piece made ly splitting. ^jTTT/. "Pt^ /. 

Clement, Clemency. See Merciful, Mercy. 

Clench. See Clinch. [/. 

Clergy, n. tnTf^^^pM m.^^^^^A^^ "TTST/. tTW?5!T^3T^rrr 

Clergyman, n. tnTFR^T^F, WT?^'«T, 'TT:^'t from the Portu- 
guese is universally applied to a Christian minister. 

Clerical, a. ^nrrrt^FFTiRf^- f*|q*l+, tTT^q^vi^JnTHrM- 




€leek, n. V. Writer, 'b\<'h^^ ^^^, Tr>T. N. B. This is 
tlie name of a particular tribo which usually follows 
the trade of writing. 
2 See Clergtman. 3 man of letters, See Scuolar, 

Clerkship, n. +K+'fi/. +K-+.'n^^TT»«. 

Clever, a. capable, nlle, adroit, S;c. ^^T?5, ^TT^T, ^f^, "^1^- 

^1 ^^f^: f ?T?5|i^, =Ef=5T, =qf=q5TFT or ^ or =5i^m'l, ^^HT, 
^■^, 3T^^, #?T?^?TT?ft, ^'%■ Of this word the sense, 
viewed as combined, and as expressible by the com- 
bination talented and expert, and as usually expressed 
accordingly by combinations or consecutive utterance 
of two or more of such words as, able, capable, acute, 
apt, sharp, slcilful, shrewd, smart, quick, prompt, long- 
headed, quick-witted, clear-sijhted, Sfc. ^'c. is conveyed 
iu Maruthi by numerous expressions of a particular 
construction, and of strong significance. They are 
mostly imitatives and onomatopoias and compounds and 
phrases', they are in the commonest use and most ex- 
tensive currency; and they would, as the most cursory 
inspection of them will evince, have been imperfectly 
and very injuriously exhibited, had they been scatter- 
ed abroad in the Dictionary, or had they been gather- 
ed together without a notice of their power: +<lHril, 

;prfr, ^ipji+i-i, 3T?rft, ^^n^^fr^fr, T?:T??f, ^nrf^f, ^fi^T, or 

if^T, 5nT%^ ( -f^^OTTT-^tirTT-^T^mTT-* I t'fl -&c. ) 
?^nrr?TT, TigT, ^TT, ^FJT, ^?f^, ^J^qr^ ^'(^i '^^'^i 

==fKT^ pop. =^tT^, c?tPf;^, ^^^rsTTrTRT, if^^TT, ^FIT, 
?T5T^, ^^A'^^-^ 'TTI13T, ^^T^RTfWT, qrfrt, SR^TPfrrfT, ^'^ 
fTTrf HkI^^ f?'4 "TTTift *i«|r^. And as viewed more parti- 
cularly under the form of a noun as in "A clever (a 
talented, jfifted, highly, and varioush/ endowed) person," 
it is well conveyed by ntrff, mTTfSf^pr, nonTTH, norfSffq-, 
nf&r^T^, 'TnTT??, 'MTTf^T, 'Tni^mT, 'lOTFR, JTCttnI^I^, 
^"INI^TW, ^lift, lOT^^ or ^:f;^naT?rT=?T,^rftTrnuft-, 

^^fpft or r?TT, ^F57^, ^^rmt, ?TTm, ^^F'4 or H^'<ft, 
JTT^, pMi-M"!, ^?T?T, <PT5T, "Pf^^f, ffnTT^^^^^TOTT. 
2 executed ivifh skill, ^'c. ?TT^aii|U||-c|f^ ^^PTTlf^, ^RT- 

Cleverly, of/y. v. A. ^^Ih, '^^'^i ^^f^^", Jptn^^rFT, 

^pt^iTFT^.^^, ^^ftM'Jf^, f^^^PTcfrif, 2:?^?T^, ^?PTT. 
Cleverness, «. v. A. ^T|mTOTT m. =q^nt /. ^^f^ /. '^Jr{^ 

n. ^fl^T^q- «. ^-m n. gnn?/. f irRT m. ik\J. ^RT«f«. 

^B^/. ^PF''/- 5"'T<^/- '^■t^^J- ^?1"''T «. TT^'q' n.'%^- 

^^trq- re. siwl"^ «. TfHsi^ m. 
Clew, n. hall of thread, v. Ball. grTT^t ^f^ f.-^V^^ f.-&c. 

2 guide, direction. vrtn^RT »^. ^TrfTSTTT m. ^tTT «. »Ttn- 

TtTT m. w^ m. 

C. to the bottom of 3Tr«rrTTTr "?'<T m. «).s?m, fiT^, SflRT. 
yo Click, v, n. make a small, sharp noise. ^=EnRiJf, 5^fP^ 

or-&c. ^r^. 

Client, «. — of a lawyer, &c. 3TTrpft/. «f)5i «. 

Cliff, «. qp?r m. ^rS^T w. trfTS «». ^ij »». 

Climate, «. 0(> o/ai country with reference to salulritg. 

^f. ^qTTTofr «.^^Tq^fFf/. 

2 8ee Country. 
Climax, w. — in rhetoric. ^TT »•. 3TpnrrftrK"T m. 

To reach its c.^ — a pain or trouble. ^r}j^\^^Pi ^xl\_ 
To Climb, v. a. =qsot ivith m of o. ijqur or q'q^, ^^=q?ijf, 

StRT^ «.-3TfTO^'JT n. ^tir. 
Climber, n. y. V. =^^'1(777, q-tTTJTKT, a^lft^crr ^PtTF. 

An expert c.-^<sisn,— e^rp. on trees.^^Tt^.^ ^'^Wl!., ^'>Tr, 

I. climbing plant, "k^f. pSrTT/. 
Climbing, w. v. V. — act. ir^^r n. ^^ ^^sdt w. &c. 
Clime. See Climate. 
To Clinch, v. a. ( the hand ) double in the fingers, n^f. VT- 

2 ( a nail ) ^^or^ ^55ur, ^JHosnf, srarfiT'^. 

To c. the nail for one's self. afl^^T ^loI'T? ^RW. 

3 v. To Clasp. H^r^T *TTof. 

4 ( an argument, &c. ) ^o^^Z-^-^^-&c. ^RW. 
Clinch, n. pun. s^ »«. 

To Cling, v. «.— as for protection. qpTW rTR'if-qjRr/. qr- 
iJr g. of o. ^JTRT »«■ 'OX^-qriiTf 3TOaT-<&c. g. of o. ^rzf. 
%Df, 315)ri»|ui, 3TT«nT^, 3TT«R m. MT^ y. 0/ 0. 3T5T^5l ?/(.- 
3H=|(-i<m ».-3TT«f^'JT ?l. ^^ ^. 0/ 0. 

2 holdfast upon. ^^oEoif, ^eR^^, ^TT?^, f»F!n^. 

3 adhere to, v. To Stick, f^^ut, 1%?5nar, FI^^-f^T.pT 

Clinic, n. led ridden person. ^\Z^ ^Trf'T. 

Clinic, Clinical, a. pertaining c^c. to a bed. 3Ti<^uiHT, f^I- 

^0 Clink, v. n. make a sharp sound. ^iniJ'JTot intern. ^irPT- 
DT, ^iI^>Jr"Jf intcns. ^pJIMW, f^'t%'T^, ^"T^OT-f^'Tf^- 
ijr-^5i7Tg;ar-?«M«*H -&c. affo. e(MU|_ 

Clink, CLiNKiNa,M.v.V.15'JTi50Taf «. ?Iir^iT'Jr n. &c.— intens. 

To Clip, ». a. cut with shears. ^m^oT, ^ENor, ?5H^, Hl^T^, 
f^^irPJf, +-^H w.-fS[^irPT « -f^Tip^ «. ^^Cir y. o/ 0. 

2 curtail, cut short. spift-=^-?Jr5T-55T-'<fRT-Wl[5-^nFir 
-Ac. :PT^. 

3 ( allowances, expenses, &c. ). ^JTRiii,^^. 

4 ( coin ) ftj^ +|iJiJi, ^jTT'TI^ +I«'J|. 

Clipper, m. Clipping, p. a. v. V. 1. ^RT^RT, ^TR'JrTTr, Ac. 

I. <^^T ir=?nT% ^^ ^EfTf^^iT n^^'^irr ??. 

Clipping, n. v. V. 1. — act. ^FFROf h. ^^Iiif n. &c. WRT3f\f. 

^^^zf. jfttjt n. f^?;rr?T «• f^^H «• 

Clippings. +!<;+•«</. qJT^^/. »». ifR ««• yTR^/. w. 

3 ^TW w. t{K"Ji «. <fce. [ ?fT^/. •;«. 

C. and cutting. ^PPTT^h:/. ^FT^R;!^/. ^PT^^RTT/.ifRT- 

CiiqxiE, w. «>c?e of persons, v. Party. ^ j/Lq^TRt JT^Iiraf n. 




pi. ■4\^\3> n. 
Cloak. See Cloke. 
Clock, n. ^s ^-qra n. 

What's o'clock ? f^rft srr^^ ? f^H %?ft 3TTHT? 

ClOCK-MAKKR, ?J. 5r5»Tr2=5fr or vift w». 

Clock-work, «. viarhinery oj a clock. mM\<£^^ ^jft^^R w. 

Clod, k. S^ h. S^ or %tR w. ^^ps or J^^S n. fl'PoS «. %WT 
Implement for breaking clods. *TNT »«. fi^oil »»• 
Spade for turning up clods, ^oh^ «. 
To smooth or break the clods of a field. SjoT'Jt, ST55- 
oft/. jpTof. 

ClOD-UOPPEH, «. V. C0U5TETMAN. ^^CqT, Htl^TT, v^rFTT. 

Clod-pate. CLOD-rOLL, n. block-head, v. Fool. qfST ?«. st- 

OTTT »». 5f»qT »». 
Cloddy, a. s^t^^, rti^H<T,'^iy4^^. 
iTo Clog, v. a. encumber, embarrass, 4'c. lit. fig. rTisui «.-gi- 

W^r, 3n^?f-3TI'^^^ ^, 3T?:/.-3T3/-&c. ?n^5f-^fT?jiTf 

-&o. iff ^ ^CTf , crr^ 5«,. ^;. nrt^ruif, HiiiJinr »>. jrot y. 0/ 0. 
Cloo, «. — for cattle, &c. rtisui or rffduj ». ?ri"5U|| ot. ?Jt5"Jf 

«. ^rsT m. q-T^rrp- «. tir^g^r/. th^^ n. JTRwrsT »«. ar- 

2 — fig. or geuer. i=5Kat or Fff^ijf n. J|oo-4ir| WTf «• T^^T- 
^3T3Tra; 7)1. p^ «!. or ?r n. arS^JJOT Ji. 3T5^or «. %^ n. ^- 

3 wooden shoe. ^5^/. (;;/. ?f5^ or ?jrjRT ) "TTf^pr/ 

Clogs, clums!/ shoes. ^^t[ ^rsr m. ^F^r^ft ^\^ n. 
Cloqqiness, n. v. A. f^^f.^u) /. 
Cloqqt, o. — mud, &c. N^f^+ld, f^sf^ilrf. 
Cloisteb, n. ^S m. 

To Cloisteb, v. a. w^ %?of-^FT^. [f. 

Cloke, n. ?fmft/. Wit n. qrwfr/. OT w?;. ^"Jfoft/. 3T75'jft 

Cloth thrown over the head and body as a c. WA f. 

^''ft/. ^t*T/. ^'<ft/. sfJ-'tnTT w. ^'4Tfr/- r. q, ITR— To 

be muffled or covered with it. ^r<TRDf. 

Hooded c. ( against rain, &c. ). #o5/. SR?ft/. ZV^X 
or Z\^lf. ^X^m. ^FTriT m. g^/. mt/. f^ «• qpff/. 

Hooded c. ( for children ). j^/. ^r^E/. ^fnrTT '». 
2 fig. 7;jflsi-, blind .^ veil. ^^ m. 3TI^T5ST m. s^j^ n. 
To Clokk, v. a. conceal, v. To Hide. ^tI^oT, rSM=Jui, =^"Jt, 

To Ci.O.iE, V. a. lay ioyelhcr or to, t.To Shut. P^RiJf, 5rt^"jf, 

sttm,fH5-'Jr, 1%>TDt (as srapsrT'Jf , 5Tr'Tf=5r?irr, mTNw,&c.). 

2 co7icludc, shut up.^ T. To End. s)^ ^"jf, ^'Tf^T'Tr, B^TTH" 
S «?i;ip, make whole, v. To Join. ^"Jir, ^w.^^.^ f^^^^ 

4 ( a quarrel, &c. ) v. To Settle. fpt^iJf, %ot, jftiof, 
S>^?5/.-'%?{?ETff!. =PTvr y.0/0. 

To Close, v. n.fall together or to, v. To Shut. <^v\^, frf^- 
or, ^t<T<^, fHJDT,— esp. of flowers. <njFoEwf, fHSOT, ( and, 
at decline of day) fTNoiui, ^#qm. ^"txjf y.o/s. [dr. 

2 conclude, t. To E5D.#q^,5i? iT<Jt,3^^af — the day ^- 

3 coalesce, unite, come to. frradi, fTRor, f^T^H'^TM. 

4 yroitf compact and Jinn, ^ot, ^^, ^H^. 

5 — with; See To Ageee. 6 — in wrestling. fH3W, FJT?^. 
Close, n. conclusion, cessation, v. Ehb. ^rfw. ^JHTfrr/. aT%- 

ft/. 3T?mpr «. [/. ^T3if «. 

2 enclosed piece of meadow.^ field, Sfc.y. Enclosuke— srift 
Close, a. shut fast, fallen to. q^-l^ q^?!?^-ffFRJc5T-f^%- 

?rr-&c. or ?5R3?5r-5Tf t^^PrT-Ac. [?rt?. 

2 Je?ise, soZirf, v. Compact, qz or ^, VdMi, ^H or qiir, 

3 cotnpressed, condensed, q^f or qTJT, ^, ^^I^^T?, ^^, 

^^, ar^trR. 

4 contiguous, v. Neae. ^g^=Err, ^fnfW, fH^ZW^. [ar?. 

5 of close texture. wnWC, ^u|yuri?f,qnT, ^^1^, ^Tt?, aT^t- 

6 reserved, incommunicatiic. armr'TT ITjt'^T, THI^rar- 
?5, <mrl*1HMT, #75, ^^FNt, fe+ll, IT'J^. 

7 ZfO^ fli«(Z fo/?;!, sultry. SrsjToo'TT'^r, vj + Ui|HT, ^^^'TT^, 

To be c. (j<i||efijf, 3^6t, \i=t>iui, 3^?:'if, ^a^rW, 315^- 
df, ( All impersonal ) . 

To feel it to be c. vj^'iuj, ITSTijf. 

8 wilhout ventilation. ^S^Z, d^Jdrfrfl, ^rS HP'TT^, ^ 
HTO5c5T, 75rTsr%?5T. 

C. and hot place. 3^1^ n. 

9 private, concealed., v. Hid. 'TH'. 5rf^^^r, ?T»i%?5T. 

10 penurious, v. Miseelt. f^^por, fspF?, f^^Z, if^Hf^. 

11 strictly adhering to the original. iT^oJrHTTWTi ^'i^- 

12 ( of translation, &c. ). ^^^Ta^HHRt, V'^MdH^TfT, 

13 ( friendship, acquaintance, &c.) intimate, ^^"fr^, 
q'fl'DfNT, aT?rqffft. 

Close, adv. See Closely. 

Close-compacted, Close sxt, «. v. Compact. ^s%fiT. 
Close-fisted, Close-handed, a. v. Miseelt. ^STTfrj, ^r^- 
51%, f^^trr, f^^j, f^, ^r^. 

Close-textueed, a. ^^^7:, ^^^X, '^^^^^. 

Closely, adv. cmnpressedly, crowdedly. T^, ^^, TST^, 5TT, 

fjicT, (^i-iufiorr^uffJT, i\i\A\i\^. 

3 immediately after. Tr€nre, TRTTFT, ?rT^rTP5. 

4 T. AXIENTIVIXY. ^^f^TTT^, H^rlKHj rJ^"^?^^. 

Closeness, w. v. A. 2. qjT^ /.^^^ctt »». q'^frr /. ^4 «. 
^fSTTT »). 

3 ?T?t/. qoT^lzqwr '«. q^?^ «• 

4 ^^^^u\\ m. ^5f5fT^ /• ^FTHt^^f; /. 

5 q^^?;quTT 5«. ^ar^tjftrrTTIT m. mjf^ f. 

1 3^rCT M. :s'Am n. e^nsr »». ^^ftst m. tm^r »". 
8 5<?q'nT m. wh'^Kkm^\ m, &c. qfl5^?;T f ^ /. 




Closet, n. ^^\rw^ ^\^f. <^-i«ld<MMT m. t(^m^*T?^ n. 

To bo dosctod. to have private consultation. ^c^ifcT «. 

CLOiiN-o, a. final, v. Last. ^MlJfl'ir, 3T^^t^, aT^rTw^r^TT, 
Clot, n. concretion. ij55ft or nsto^ or ifts^/. f jfT »«■ fs^- 
as Of fl?5o5 «. (/;»>. fs^^Tsfl'/. 

2 V. Clod. ntoET w. %^ n. g^ar «. 

3 clotted mass. ?5T^'rT »»■ 

^0 Clot, v. n. form into clots, concrete. 'TTS'f, ^r^'jf, ^STJ- 
tn-, ?Tt?^5:w, Wf^^ot, :?ITTW, 3T?:ot. 

Clotted and matted hair. '^\^ pop. ^^f. 

CLOrn. n. mvJS n. ^■^ n. fSfTn? «. =5ftT ?i. ^^ «. 3t^^ «. 
^I^H n. ^?R w. ^RT «•»». T? '»• Some kinds of Cloth arc 
3THT^, 3TfR;?fT, f^FTFT, ^I^ or ^oi^, ^^, ^T^F, m- 
Tt3r or ST, g?rnfr or H\ or ^?r^, ^'^T, ^?r, iFTRT'T^, T- 
^3T^, THf fft^PTTJ, 'pr^t, "t^JT, HH<^', =^^F?5T, =Ef?^55T, 
^TH^r^, ^ or S, g'r-'TT, JRSfT, ^TT^T, T^q^l^T or S,H?T^, 

A c. with figures painted on it. Ph-^m-!. '». 

O. worn threadbare. iTTni=sr ^3TTS' ii. =^W..^ f. 

Coarse and stout c. tff»reT in. sJrarTT »«. 

End of a c. <T^ w. Tj?^ w. •'ST^??? w. 

Piece of e. <FI^ ??». Ti5% «. 

Rising of c. ( through washing). "BH"^ «• 

Roll of c. ( as for a wick ). +l+^r m. 

Shred or slip of c. trm or trt^/. MMof^/. ^%t[f. 

Threa,d3 ( unwoven ) at the end of c. ^5(rr /. pi. ^^- 

Upper or outer fold of a c. ^T^T^/. ^^f'flM'ii m. 

Web or whole piece of c. ?IT^ or crPTT m. t^v^ n. 

A wet c. 3Tra n. ;^r?5t or ?f n. 

To overlay with c. +miui. 
Cloth-dealer, Cloth-meecdant, n. ^TT5^, ^T'^sf^TT, 
5pTT^, ^^T^ or ZfTf. 

Itinerant c. >T^tt. 
To Clothe, v. a. sr^ n. iro^iif, TT^f^, "Tf^=!OT ??. m^, 
^f %f^-«rw^jrf^-&c. ^?;of. 

To feed and c. 3T5T^^ n. ^-qx^oif. [ f^of . 

To c. ( thoughts ) with words. ^^CTT?r sT^^ROT-^^f- 

Clothed,;?. v. V. M*MHJH3S"il-%?t^s?!T, ^^, ?irf%?r, 5r^iTT- 

f^, yiRi^i^, ^^^fV7^^ ar^r ( in comp. as ^^fsp;, <ft- 

I. fig. invested. ^, ^=JT, W?I"?. 
Clothes, Clothing, n. apparel, raiment, dress, ^v. "Tfqr^^ 
«. o»- qr^of «. ;j^. Ef^ w. or ^ 72. ;ji. 3TSIT n. ^?TH ?^. ^- 
^H «. Tft^^PT »». ^^T^RW ?». "Tlwr «.— compreh. or 
gener. f^^'K-HlM*."! n. ^^^^\^i_\J[ n. ^Pf^Tf^TrTT tn. The 
ordinary articles of Clothing are — of males ^TTT^fr, "^T- 

?R, 3=rT^'TnTr, t^, arrrr^, T%!ft^, ^^q^rr, gift, sift, 5- 

'T?T, f^TTT, 3Hrf<Hlc*+;— and of females =q^aft, ^fvT^to^, ^B- 
^5^, ^nt, dMRlrtl. And the names of some of the parts 
of them are ^p^, ^^, *l*fiii, ^ttji, '^r, #^, =??r^qT, 

* sit) ft, *ui'N''-, ^pr^, "T^. 

Article of c. for daily wear. '^'5^^ or qTT^ ?». vTTi'ft- 
=EfN'?H or ^^/. 

C. for daily wear, working c. ^^^ or effrTft/. -q- 
S^r^ n. pi. 

C. to cast loosely around. qr^T^oTn. sTR^'TTh. 

C. for the loins or waist. %?roT». 'T^'irM. 

C. and ornaments presented to visitors,<.tc.H^-' Nwf\/. 

C.-liue. line for wet c. aTT^JTiJft/. sfrsiT/. 

Coarse c. (or a coarse garment). ^J^t\m. vf^FAm. 

Fine c. splendid apparel. tn^TFP or ^m. "ftrTT^t ^n. 
pi. Jrfdyi^te(«. T^^??. [^^/. 

Presenting c. and ornaments to visitors, &c. ^fTi- 

"Wet article of c. o^jU'i. aftst or ^— that has it en. 

afr^^r or 3TtH?rr. 

With one's c. on. H^^ or ff%^. 

To change one's e. ^^tHX ^i\ g. of s. 

To hang out c. to dry. ^■^\'^ f?T<iTr ?5R0T. 

To punch and thump c. (in washing). ^^[qjijf^tn^^TTOT, 

To put on c. :mTftfeTT^«. ^m. 

To strike (clothes in washing them) against a stone 
or board ?n»T<BOT. 

To tear one's c. oft" his back. %?:??Rt7i. ^^ g. oj o. 
Clothier, n, «fciHi+(1. 
Clotted, a. — the hair, ^^^r, ^Z^^P,'?^, 
Clottedness, n. v. A. f^n?^/- 
Clotpoll, n. V. Pool. CT^TTTm. 3T^T?». 
Clottt, a. q^roTRT, "ite^OT.. 

Clohd, n. ^W' or 51 m.n. inteiis. J^TT or JTr^ n. or CTTTT???. 
or STTS M. JT^"*- 3T'-:T«. q?r»».^^«-"T«ff'^«J.irf IF'^.^siifu'. 

The clouds, — collect. The cloudy sphere. SR=q^«. 
H^nT5?5M. q7TTT^;3l». Jt^iTTR;!/. 

Canopy of clouds. 3TWT?:^ i^o;;. 3T>-;Tqi'^n. H^HS^?;*. 

Dense array or mass of clouds, ^q^/. Hq^PTT /. 
«T^/. '^^toE or ^JPTSM. q'T'P^wf. 
Empty c. ETf^f^^ ?i. 
Gathering of clouds. q^5 ?z. q^JT^JfRji. ir:T3TT=^«. 

Light, fleecy clouds. ^BT/. ^Tt/- 'JTT/. 

Reddish streak of c. — as indicative of rain. ^T^|«. 

Threatening or lowering of the clouds. ^ms«)<. or 

The clouds have gathered, are lowering, <S;c. ^trt^ri 

ij=5f irr^, ^^i^r or ^J^^fA ^rfTs 5n?f?ft-3Tf'^^TTrT?ft-3TyT- 
t[ vjMrfl-iTtS «TFwr, -sr*!!^?*. or ^■{^^m. s^r^r, ttstw ^- 

^?r 3TT^, "^T^rw HtSHT. 

To be covered with clouds. 5^6t or IK'^. 
To be clear of clouds — the sky. f.H<<{|ui. 
To gather thickly — clouds. qi'HJui. 

2 ( of dust ) ^^T — SET m. 

3 ( of smoke ) ^<i-=(i F51Z m. 

To be under a cloud ( of trouble, afflictioa <S:c) H- 

. CLU 152 

Hl^n. qq with ^ of s. 
To Cloud, v. a. cover u-ilh clouds. ^'HT^n.-&c. aniJM, H- 

2 3iiakc siiJli-n and gloomy. ^J^^^^ JpTSEf^/.-^HMn. 

armor, ^Tott ^^. 
Ci.orD-CAi'T, CLOUD-Torr, a. H WK-^ i fdd , H tj r^d . 


Clolt-covebed, Cloud-spkead, a. v. Ci.oudt. ^^'^-^|■■^^^f . 

Cloudikess, «.t.a. 3t»tt^«. I'.q', 3TTH«. 3THr?i. f. q, ^Ttt^m. 
4'. ^TR, affvT/. 3TtTTft/. =3Tsr« or ^«. JT55^«. <;i;=!;^r?i«. 

CLOnD-KISSI>-G, a. K'--| jf^rl , J I 'Hjf^H . 

Cloudless, a. f^JTcE, fHTVT, fvprs, HM<f^ri-^j?q^-&c. 
Cloudlesskess, «. V. A. fHw^- f^fT^ffT/. 3TWTT=r'«. H- 

Cloudt, a. aTTT^ SHI^'^jI, S^Sp^, HMI+riiif, ^^o^ i h , JTqT- 

To become c. giT»».-&c. sm, jqi^ot. 
Clout, n. mean cloth, tti^/h. "Jj^^n. f^nPT^M. ■TT^'^in. f^'4- 

2 garment, — in contempt. ^S^m. g^^w. qr^ >«. f^^- 

3 See Patch. 4 See Blow. 
To Clout, u. a. See To Patch. 2 See To Beat. 
Clove, n. — tbe plant or flower. 5f=Pl/. ^cp^gJT n. 

Oil of c. ^Am n. 
2 (of garlic, ginger, turmeric, Ac). ^Ftft/. ^ n. TPP- 
5^/. ^/. ^/. 

ClOVEIT, p. T. y. "PTI^, &C. ^%\^. 

Cloves-iooted, a. f^r\^, 
Clovee, n. 'Ndl'H ^(^ ^JiTrr 3Tr|:. 

To live in c. ^EfnoffrT 3T?fot, ^5l/.-%^/.-sf^y;.&c. 
^^fTcTof y. of 0. 
Clown, n. rustic, peasant, t. Cgunthi'max. ^th^c^tt, ^ifT^r- 

Clowns and boors,— compreh. aTrm^ ^f^^ITsI' m. pi. 
2 sanj', ^c. v. Buffoon. jtiS ?». ^jRfFT m. JT^^^^ w. 
Clowkish, a. Y. EusTic & Countbtman. ifcnT, nt^rSoS ^f- 

^T^, ^l^fT, %^^, ;^^aj, ^% ntET^, f-uNiJ., 'frT5q55=€rr, 

Clownisuness, m. v. a. ifcjT'TTnr n. nt^^TDT ?i. TTORTur n. 

&c. itsrrfr/. n^TTT^/. Tf^r^^^/. 

To Cl.OX,v. a. satiate, sate, (/hit. fif?:^, jft? 5«.-'aiFj;ixt/. 

Cloyed, /j. v. V. first ^^^pst. 

To be c. rliilr.ll fpRt /. q^oT, OT?rt?^mf ?fr5 «. PPT^ 

5'- "/«. ^prf ^mt ^fPT «i. qm, ^t'tV^ ^m. 

CLOriNG,;?. o. V. V. fRZ^ q^THTOTITT, fJTSH?RraT=q-T or 5l?rr- 

Club, m. v. Cudgel, ^prr or ^tttt m. ?fRrf w. OTfTTTO. n?T/. 

2 Mot, gang, v. Band. =qT^ or ^^"r^ w. ST^^niT ^.T- 

1" m. TIT ?». qjf/. ^.m.f.^ n. 
To Club, ti, n. contribute together, cfifi^ff/.. q|^y. ^^ 


2 ^om together to one end. frranTf, vj^ijf, ^of, W^Vf^ fJT- 

^-^^^-^5-&c. ^PTfT n. Jj^. 
To Club, u. a. unite fur a common end. fJT^^TiJf. 

2 STnofr/.-TFt/. qEW. 
Club-foot, n. ^tz qfT or ^jTTNrT m. 
Club-footed, a. ^tz ^FTF^r, ^Tzm HNM I. 
Club-law, w. cfsft <fr ^fTFT frsfT 3T^ft ajtR-tTT/. ^Jz \^^f. 
To Cluck, v. n. — a Leu. gdw-iui, Wiw^y. ^p^i/f. 
Clue. Sec Clew. [ fe^/. 

Clump, «. ( of wood ) \. Block. ^ftIT or ep^ST »«. SPFofTw. 

2 plump, cluster, tuft, ^zf- 5=^ w». ^?: ra. ^«PP m. 
Clumsilt, ado. V. A. 1. 'flSToftTtrfr^, 3Tr5H%?'JrR, a^lffT- 

•Jir^, 3T3TTT?TT ^nr^T, ^rsroq-r >rtt, ^tj^t^^; 

Clumsiness, «. v. A. 1. ^H^iufl^ui n.-'^^m. 3T=Tr?fT<T ?i.-T- 
nir w«. aT^^TFq' n. OTT^Fir/. 

&c. qft?^/. 5iT5E?T[r/. 
Clumst, a. — of persons, v. Awkwasd. aTTS^^-STT, 3T5TWt. 

ar^nft, HT^?r^, ar^^irr, ••sttj. 

2— of things. !?fif5 or '^[^'AV^ or aTT^Syfra^, sffra, if. 
ftcft, %^, ^55 or 0^, T!!:T?5T, ^?5, tTtT5, ^PRT^-sfT, JfT' 

Cluster, «. lunch. ^ »i. ^ m. T^ «2. ^"rH «f. ^^ «j, 

5«npr m. j^^r »i- ^«np «• 

2 ( of persons ) v. Geoup. T^T m. '^^\ in. ^gr m. 

3 ( of bees, &c. ) q^^ »j. 5«r=Pr »». 
2}> Cluster, v. n, — blossoms, fruits, Sfc. ^fraTir, ^RTT^ Wl'iui, 

2 produce fruit in clusters. Mil<uf, ^3 M.-^f% ^ »). 
_pZ.-qt?r m. q-oj- m. cow. 

3 collect into a close body — peo^jle. T^ »8.-4T=IT w.-^gr- 
m. vfJTiJf y. o/ «. 

To Clutch, v. a. gripe, grasp, v. To Seize. JJ^rT-^ffl-q^f- 
?T-&c. qTTjf, s^, g^r^, JTC^FFm, H|T w. 5TRof M't7A et- 
^ ofo. [siftFT. 

2 (the hand or fingers) clinch, -pzf. aTJIolof-^^of-^f^- 

Clutch, Clutching, n. v. V. — act. H^cT '<:RW«. qT^M.&c. 
I. clutches; talons, hands, poiver. Z\^m. 3HI=4ii4w. ^TNST- 

In the c. of. rTTsitt^r, ?Tr5r#T, 3ninTra'f?r,q'3Tf?r, ^Rsr^frt. 

Out of the c. of. Fn»rfpJ5. 

To be caught in the c. of. ^TSJif or ?f^RTjf, IFfofj 

ri H il ^ -:p5r3Tt?r-'T^t?f-^rS?r ?ff q^, \it\ f. m^rm or nrrJt 

( T?!"^ ^^PT^ ^), %H^TO 'T'Jf, ?r3^fT ?Rf, f^PR^m 

q^if: =5Tq-1:^rfff qiif- q^'Jf. 

Clutter. See Clatter. 

Clyster, n. Jwprfr/. f. HK, if^OT./. 

Oily or unctuous c. aT'^IWH ^fe. 

TJnunctuous c. f^C^ =Tf?rf. 
Clystee-bag or bladder, Clystee-pipe, n. fq^qjift/- 

5rf^»«-/. 5ffw^?r«./. 5fffprfe^r/. 5f^T<f=T^t/. 




£'OACH, n. V. Caeiuige. Tfft/. r<T"i. 
Coach-box, n. m^^VT'W-^V^ ^m^J=fl ^JfFTT/. 
COACn-MAKER, 71. iTTft ^TOTTn, r«T^R. 
Coach-man, n.nii\^\^m. ?nT'4t'«. 
CoACH-MANsnip, n. ar^Rnrs-TTw. aT'^rf^PT^sr". 


CoADJUTAUT, a. V. Helpikg. ^r^^rff. 
Coadjutor, 71. assisiaTit. ^^+|0, ^f^^Flft. 
To Coagulate, v.a. R<^Hof, ^ST^Tf^oT, 'TidP'i'jf, ^f ^?^. [«. 
Vessel for coagiilatiug (milk, &e.). f^^-JiuR/. f^T^ffjf. 
To Coagulate, v. n. ^r^in, fjrTvffif, ifrs^, ^RTn, ?rt^, ?rf- 

Coagulation, ?j. v. V. N. — arf. fqTJi'Jr «. ^3TJTof «. tte. — 

s/a/e. ■^n'^i'Mmm- Pp^'^TWrwi. &c. ^^3;t«!. ^^Kt^m. 

Coal, n. ^irff ^5I^T'«. ^Toft?f?5T ^loT^TT'w. Rc^jNdl Wi^^?«. 

Live c. f^lTr»«- ^^13 or ?ir5JT'«. atlKw. 

Mass of hot and glowing coals. 5fn^».aTT^«».?^fT'TM. 

To call over the coals. ^TRiTFr^Tr afloat, 'PTTTqtrT 

w^rr 711. ^. 

To carry coals to Newcastle. ^TJ^trT 'Wf\7i. 3TrJT5 ^T- 

Coal-black, a. v. Black +|oi|'+,.i, ^pTcsr^fH. 
Coal-mine, Coal-pit, n. ^Jte^if^sft ^im /. 
To Coalesce, v. n. t. To Join, To Combine. fjToEof, <jinu i, 
^<^, n>T)». firaot, JT'4^M. fira'jr-^jm">Jr y. 0/ *• ^^R'-^tt- 

^^ 5T^of-3T^, iT^jTrfifTH.-'^^ g5".-t^'7^^=T".-&c.^m y. ofs. 
Coalescence, Coalition, 7t.T.Y.—act. fH7.ui>i. 'SJ^it n. &c. 

— slate. ■^Ml'lHm. ?f^f^/. ^^flTTWi. 
Coalition of letters, ^fft^jw. 

I. confeJeraey. See Combination. 
Coaptation, n. adaptation, ^-c. rTFTHFT". dlrlim^T »». ^IT»?!. 

Coarse, o. — of cloth, paper, &c. ^STTf^rff, HldyHt, ^m, ^- 

5T, ^m^^, tpR??: 07- ITT, ^oiiR, q'^FR:, tr^rrsT, ^^t /'o/?. 

MTTS, ^^^TT, ^fW, ^^rftrf. — indef. or carelessly. ^3^^ 

'^'FTTT, JTW^RT or qi?.|HI^ or JTTTTqTST, 3fr5T>TTir. 

2 — of things, gener. rude, rough, v. Clumsy. ktN?, ST- 

qs or ST, <dirti, ?iT?J, ^iMcAyrO. 

3 not delicate, fine, ^c. gross. jft^T, 'TT^'^rCT, 'flMol^rft, 

4— as a workman, v. Eoucn, Awkward, ijli+ml or 

J^, ^n^T5(rT, ^?rT^, ^^t^^t, ^^^'^^. 

5— as a work done, v. Eoroii. JRTT^T, TTS, 'Ttq^^^rft, 

*r?rToE, Tis, et^Ntt, trms f^s, qrns. 

G as the hair ; dry, stiff, S(e. spT^, vr^^qf^^^s or t^. 
7 unpolished, indcga7it, loio, ^-c. v. Eude. ST^vq-^ ^rf^T"?, 

?Rr?:, n^T^R, ^n?^, n^nr, 3Tfi(Tf?Trr, ^^r3:,"?t^f^T^, 3t^- 

8 — of diet, &c. 3TTip!:, aTT^IT ^T^IT, rrRi^ui||^|_ 
C. fare, v. Fare. J^Ii-jH n. ;p^ n. 
COASSELT, oiy. Y. A. l.—not finely .1 ^c. 1^, *R^, ^m a. 

ded. vTT^ a. decl. &c. 
Coarseness, n. v. A. 1. ^TTSTOTr w«. ^TS^ott jh. HTeq'JTT wi. 
tTFTSTOTr m. TrST'JTT ??i. &c. ^T^/. 

2 qra^qiJTr «». SltJ^HUII m. WrlHurr ?«. &c. 

3 ^^.J^TOTT wi. ifl^TUTT »i. 

5 >T?rT3TiTrOT.~&c. 
Coast, n. shore. ^,\z 711. w.m 7n. pfR n. ^WSWAZ or spiST m. 
^K^f^^W in. ij^T^tS or ^t^T m. ^^f^^fTTT w«. 
Down the c. ST. 

The coast is clear. H'T^rf^gT^, T^rin^F^3TTf . 
To Coast, v. n. w,\Z m.-^^K\ 7n.-&c. trC^ ^TW, ^t5T^-f%- 

^r-qT^-?T3t?r-&c. ^TW. 
Coat, n. s^ n. 5n?TT »«. f ^/. ^^ «. ^^f^ "'• 
C. of mail, v. Armour, st^jr ?«. f%r?5^rT w. 
Great c. or cloak. ^r^IT or ^sfT w*. [tTT M'H'iN. 

Cut your c. according to your cloth. a^fir^TiT TTJT 

2 or coating; tegument or coviring, gener. '+,c(-^ 7j. 3TP5r- 
T^T n. 3TT5T^ n. ^r^, m. 

3 (of the eye). 9-3^ »». q5?5 iJ. [ qi^T w. 

4 layer, fold, crust. 4K J». q^.^ w. TS^ m. TFT^T or qj- 

5 (of paint, mud, cowdung-wash, &c. ). 3q »i. ^«rr »t. 
fkvn n. ?jqTT »». ^ m. 

6 c. of arms. See Arms. 

To Coax, «;. a. persuade ly soothing Sfc^cords. 3^T^er^,iT5T- 

?:af, vTTTTTiJf or 'tfTqrijf, ^?TT5rof, arr^'^T"^, ^R'^n^of, ^sr- 

ETOT or qw^^, 'tr^TRof, S'ffqTCT qrfr, 3TT^> ?J.-?rTSlTttft 

/-555H M.-&C. ^?:oty. 0/0. 

To c. a female. Sflt ^TTT ^X^- 

To c. a male. ^T^ ^V^ qRof, sfT^IT JcTT W.X^, 
Coaxed, p. v. V. aTT^^TrScTT, &c. cTT%?r. 
CoAXEB, 7J. Coaxing, p. a. v. V. 3TT5E=r'mTr, &c. ?5f|qT55, ?TT- 

Coaxing, m. v. V. — act. STTZST'^ «. &c. ?5T^tnt^ /. Firfjpq- 

OTT m. Tat/. ^gMrJ M. STT^fiT «. ^V3S^--imf[ f. ?5Tc=y^ ?'• 
COAXINGLT, adu. rTT^Tst^, HTTq^UTT^f, SlWlt, <^ I ^NN I- 

3TTi5rri-&c. ^p^tt. 
Cob, «. T. Pont, rr? ?». 

2 cob-wall. ^m. 
To Cobble, v. a. mend (shoes). (^^T 7)i. &c. ) cTFTS'Jf-^- 

?TT?r?rT ?rf^. 

2 mo^-e or do clumsily, lunjle. afNTS ^t^S +,<ui, 3T^rjt- 
qnTT^-Ac. Jp^of, grS'jf. 
Cobbler, jj. v.V. 1. sfit miTIiJTRr-^ffeTOTTTr, =;TfHRor =5rT^T- 
T, qiTf, qKi^^M. 

2 ?fr50TT^, ar^TRtqimH ^otrt, ens^^TT, Hi+«4t. 
COBBLERT, n. MHKjCrft/. =5Tf*rRqfr/- =srfHRq;T^ ;8. 
Cobra de capello, w. ;tRT »«• 5^T «. — iu covert, &c. 
phraseol. JTTST^SJT »». ^Tnrai >«■ [ >pOT »». «. 

Expanded hood of c. 'W^m. diin. ff\f. qroft/. l>W[.f. 
Figure often fancied in the form of the hood of a c. 
q^Tiqrr=ER^ q^ n. 

Gem found iu head of a c. m^ m. 




To expand its hood — the c. «P^/. f%?n?ijf. 
COBWF.B, n. vfrraJ n. +i<S+ n. ^"^fe^^ n. 

Cobwebs and pendulous filaments, — gencr. ^RTT or 
^Tfn m. ■^■i.»i n. pi. ^^ or ^i^ m. 

Filament of a c. gTO m. fttctfiroo^/- pi. 

JStrelchcd line of a c. fiuil'^1 m. 
C'occTx, n. ^Vf-l^n ". 
Cocuis LEO, ■«. l^fVrpTf m. ^v^^Tfi^. n. 
CocniifEAL, «. fqnrft^ «. ?;fjT ;«. 

Ball or lump of c. %^fT=nf^JOTT m. 
CocniXEAL, o. Rjllnvfl. 


Cock, m. ^pNrST »«■ ^=lf7 ot. •^<iiii^q' m. 

C. of the walk, mwi »>. ^Trt^ »». iT^?l m. ^^^m 
m. f^Rft wf- Tz^\A\ m. 

C. of one's own walk. 3TT^?qT ^TT^ '<?TT, aTPTrTT m- 

AVild e. ■(M+ri'i):si m. ^^%^ m. 

2 male oflh\ls. ^X '«■ T^^ m, 

3 ( of a gun ). qW m. 

4 ( of hay, &c'. ). Vr^ m. feiTTT «. 

5 ( of a balance ) needle, ^^rr ot. 

G ( as of a hat, turban, &c. ). gr^ »n. 
To put on with a e.«l"i . 
Having a c. cocTcecl^ gi+iH. 
7 spout. ^<t m^/. iToI^^^Jft HP^/. 
To be cock -a hoop. Jfry^/. pi- ett^^ot. 
Cock and bull story. ^?qTm^;TTT=5fr iTr?/.(^r5r^ n^^Totw. 
To Cock, v. a. ( the ears ). ;pH »i. ^jZ. d':) --f, K u"|" ( or dc^i i f.^ - 

2 ( the nose ). ^THP «. ^IT q^^i^t-JT^Dt. 

3 ( a gun ). ^r m. =EfS?iTf. 
Cockatoo, «. +i+ih^ot. ^FT^Fps^ m. 
Cock-boat, n ?I^ ^T=r/. 
Cock-chafer, «. (Tcj; ^f^^ f^g^ g^1_ 

Cock-crow, Cock-cbowing, n.—act. aTR^rift or afrr^Trt/. 

2 ea)7y morn, T. DawN. ^FN^'^^l-i/. ^pHi^I/. cj-ritliiM 

orX\=^f. i^r\^ f. ^\v\^ f. 
At c. Jptqt 3TT^, #^R%T^r. 
CocK-?iGHT, n, ^'Nim^ ^^ n. ^^\i^^ n. 
Cock-pit, n. ^pNrsq'f^ ^^ ^F^Tf^TT^T 3T^r5T »«. 
To CocKEE. See To Indulge. 

CocK-noESE, a. qrfcn^ ^ H^.(*^ . 

2 exultant, triumpliant. ^JTT^RPTf^oTnT, fe jillMdU I M r. 
Cockle, n. testaceous shell. fsTT/. T%ft/. <tW^ or^f^. 

COCKEOACH, n. 5^ W. ^T55 n. »| | <N,j | 7«. 

Cock's comb, «. comJ o/a cocA;. q ^'N ^ixO \if[f. j:|^=qfT/. 
2— the flower. n;7%^ m. ^m^ iff!/. tt^t^t/W- 
rft/. TTfT J«. 
3/'/), V. BccE. 3H-+,sm^, f^, H-.-m^ . 

Cock sure. To be c. ^^ hW^t, JRtcT r4rj^ ar^'n, JT^TPT 5- 

Cock swain, m. w^^ht, ^t. m^^"^ girfSr^FTfl' ■JTr'l. 
Cocoa, n. — the tree, hts m. ^\T¥.J. ^m^fr/. ?rrff%=j m. 

Branch or frond of a c. nut-tree. ^t'T m. |ri«Rt/.— a 
half of it ^5DT«. 

C. nut-tree kept for fruit. MKoSJir?, ( as opp. to HTT- 
t HTI OHe kept for tochli/ ). [ ^ ;i. 

Fruit stalk of the c. nut tree. TOTT m. U^'^f\f. w,^- 

Matted branch of e. nuttree forrooiing.^fq- j/i.^TH^T/. 

Spathe of c. nut tree./, qrnl' /. Rir/. 

Young c. nut tree, plan/let. ^'H] m. 'TT^T/. 
2— <7/e ■«!(<. HR5l»«.5Trft%^«.»-ft'P'^M.^^rTr^«. — contemp- 
tuously qt5<F^ n. »r^ ?!. 

A couple of c. nuts, ^"ff n. 

C. nut of which the kerael is tliin and scanty. <^pt- 

Cluster or bunch of young c. nuts. q's/. [ 5 ». 

Dry and rattling c. nut. ifrTT «»• 'J4'J,^T ^TR3E »». ^l^- 
Empty e. nut. cJT^t?=5 or ST^?^ n. 
End piece of a c. nut. Z^\ f. 

Fibrous integuments of the shell of a c. nut. ^ifTW. 
'^\^n. =^=r¥«. WTSiTw. — a single fibre of them. WA'^^^f. 

Fungous mass in the middle of the c. nut. njt^m. 
Greenish c. nut; mit ofwJiieh tlie mil/c is net dried, 

cfiTfFTwj. ^f^«. arf^rsr ^ra^m. 

Half of a c. nut. T.^'Sf. 

Half of a c. nut shell used as a vessel. TRoft/. JTR- 

Hollowed c. nut, used to dish out water, for keeping 
things in, &c. <HV^ or aiicA+ff!. art^t^/. fi^/. 5^ or 
Z^ or fjm. S^rarw. ^m. ifr^Tw. %?5^rm. %^«. ^m^T^n. 

Integuments of the shell of a c. nut drawn into 
strings. +|ai|giOT. — twisted into cords. ^H or ^n. — ■ 
A piece or bit of it. ^>T?f5«. ^T^lt/. (or ^^^^$&c.) 

Kernel of a c. nut. ^tsft". 

Oil from the kernel of the c. nut. ?^r«R3«. HKc4;^«. 

Oil obtained from c. nut shells by burning them. ^- 
^Z^ n. [3TI%?7«. 

Oil obtained from heated scrapings of young c. nuts. 

Oil obtained from the kernel of the c. nut by squeez- 
ing with the hand. 5%^ n. [shell. i^<i\ /. 

Piece of the kernel of a c. nut cut out from the 

Eipe and dry c. nut. g?<r5 or %^zf. 

Eipe c. nut fallen from the tree. iT^hf or ^^'S[ ^^%J. 

Scrapings of c. nut. '^^m. =^mn. =|^w. 

Shell of a c. nut. TO^/. ^T^f. q^lnrt/. ^€t/. rK- 
"in, HKol|-«n 3TT?/. 

Young c. nut. ^iwz\m. #f;CT»!, 5[T^ n. H^PT TK^w?. 

Cocoon, n. ^\^m. ^^-^ m. 
CoD, n. pod. ?Tii/. 

GOG 155_ 

2 ^^ ITTOT 3TI^. 
Code, n. collection. ?f?Tf w. ?rf^?T[/. [^T^^'n. 

2 ( of regulations &c. ). +IH-~dH?Trw. ^SHSJ^/. Srr- 
CODICIL, M. P[?VT^^ ^Tr^I'jft/. ^f^^^^TT'". 
2b Coddle, v. a. parboil, ar^fil^rr ^RW, arq'^^ i'o^). 3T5[- 

2 cocker, v. To Indulge. ?Jr5 »!. ^F^'JI, ?5r5^PT^. 

Co EFFicACT, n. ^nrn ui+rRt^r/. 

Co-EFFiciENx. See Cooperating. 

Co-efficient, «. — in arithmetic, ^^>n. 

Co-equal, a. v. Equal. ^H^MH, ^TcTFrT, dlrtl-HT, cTTS^'fr, 

CO-EQUALITT, n. V. A. ^HWHMfTT /. ^TK^rTT /. ^^"^ 

CO-EQUALLT, adv. V. A. SfO^O^. 

To CoEECE, V. a. T. To CojirEL. iI?5T?^FR??J.-»r*Jl"lO /.-&C. 

2 See To Eesteain. 
CoEECioN, «. See Compulsion, Eestbaint. 
CoEECivE. See Compulsoet. 
Co-ESSENTIAL, a. partalcing oj the same essence. ^THTR, ^- 

Co-ESSENTiALiTr, n. ^TT^TT^rm" /. TTT^T^TrtT/. TTSTHHUdl/. 

Co-ETANEOUS, flf. o/ZAe 5n!W!i? (7ye. ^H=|'MV+, ?rn^, ^fKT^^T- 

C0-ETEI!NAL, a. ^f^^ JTFft, frTf?I??T^'4FTt. 

Co-EYAL, a. of the same ajc. ^HR^Tc^, (^^i^rfe^, ^M+F- 

Co-existence, n. ^^-^{^mn. w^nm. tr^^FTf^^pfSfra. 
Co-ExiSTENT, a. ^^ +l«Nr, '^q^T ^H^TSfr, '^ JpTfe^, ^- 

Co-ExTENSi\ E, a. ?R=^N^, ^T^^PTPF, ?TiTNfq^, ?rmftiT, 
Coffee, n. — the berry, ^m. 

2 — the infusion. JfJcTT;". ^T'pt/. is common. 
Coffee-house, «. ^etr^tRT ?«. 
Coffee-pot, ?j. +'Mi^l?fr/. 
Coffer, n. v. Box. ^f^/. ^TTw. HTf;^/. 

2 V. Teeasuee. HtSP:". 
Coffin, n. sr?TT=5ft ^s^F/.-q^/. ^mfePT/. 

2 grocer's paper-case. '^m. dim. jCt/. ^raTT??*. f?»». 

iTo Cog, t;. a. ( a wheel &c. ). sriFTT^'Jr, sm^Eq-. 

2 tvheedle, v. To Coax. jt^rSt. 
Cog, m. tooth of a ivheel. fffrlT)". ^ffTm. 

Interstice between cogs. 'JT'^iyr/- 
Cogency, «. v. A. sTo^^/. ^FfT/. ^^^.■^\ f. ^\^~^ n. ^ 

Cogent, rt./om'JZe. iioS^p?:, ^3-, sfSR, ^RT^fT, ^^TT^TT, ^T^- 
Jb Cogitate, Cogitation. See To Think, Tnoucm. 
Cognate, a. lorn together. ^^■^M, ?f|^, tT'l^^rfTrf. 

2 v. Eelated. WsffiFflq-, ^tfiif, "^^F^TTrftq-. 
Cognation, n. v. Eelaiion. 'JTRTft^^fcT?^. ^t?T^5i«^«.- ^^- 


Cognition, n. certain knowledge. ar^vRf^^ fTT^n. fq'sTr^n. 
COGNiZAliLE, R. that falls under judicial notice. =^nt;5fT ^JC- 


2 ///a^ WW// ie known. 3T|U|Ui(M"liii-&c. ^<T, 'TI'^^ ( in 
conip. as ^f^q'nr^K c. by the senses ). 
Cognizance, n. judicial notice, qr^rj^ft/. ^TT^T'Th/. =qnF?fr/. 

2 jurisdiction. =#F^fhP<u>^MT 3Tf'<:T'7;R»J.-3T'T?J?«. 

3 See Pekception. 

4 JacZye. f^^TPJft/. 
Cognizant, n. having knowledge of. Hrf^TR, cn' -4-,i)'iK . 
Cognominal, a. having the same name. ^,'^^i^]=^T, ^Rnvt, 

To Cohabit, v. n. dwell tcifh. ^5JT?rwJ.-iT;?R'<TPr ^\^ m.-^.. 

5f=rra'»«.-&c. ^Rur, tr^fepniff ?rr^. 

2 Z(i>e together as husband and wife. ^-^T 5Tm#?!TT=Tr- 

-^Tn<if-&c. ^5^trJi=PH?rnw. ^Rof, xTj^,x\'^'{f.-^'v.'^r^n. 

-&C. ^Ruf. 

Cohabitation, «. v. Y. 1.— aci or *;<//e. ^i^tt^tm. ?^R"<TrH 

Coheie, «. cr?R^^OT. Er?T^^:J»i. qr^^T^?;;, f^HRrt, HMT, 
CO-HEIEESS, 5(. q-FRf^^CTT/. f=f ^TTpT^ft i'O;'. f^^Tlfm/. &c. 

2b COHEEE, «;. n. slick together. C^^FH^T^l ?J^^^-f%r^??r?r 
2 be ivell connected. ^^CTf, vJlJT^, ^S^Hr-^'^nt^r-^n^T- 

Coherence, Cohesion, 7i. y. V. I.— state, ^'^t^m. ^-^w^- 

f. ^^^f.^T^f. 

2 ?i^»f«s. ?fnf?T/. ^'qtrw. ^rs^fgfs;/ 'j^iq^f^'^Twi. 
CohEEENT, a. V. V. 1.— ^n^w, ^'5^, ?r?f^. [f!^-«T. 

2 owe? Consistent. ^tS'hWt, g^Trr, ^qcTcfR, ^isngj. 
Coherently, adv. v. A. 2 ^riFfirr?', ^f^Hq^TP. 
CoHESiYE, a. V. Sticky. f%r^ N^"!, fST"--!. 
Cohesiyeness, «. Y.A. f^+,dquiiOT. &c. !:R»«-#f»;. f^^trm/. 
2b CoHiBiT, ConiBiTiON. See To Eesteain, Eesteaint. 
Coif. ». (i^lSf*K-n 2Nt 3Tf|. 
2b Coil, t). a. gather into a riaig. iRToECTr, 5RT^?n.2)7.-5r?T5RTr- 

Coil, n. ( as of a rope ). \7^'^\m. qiiofl/. ^;^«. ^i?f?i. 

2 coiled mass, n^ /. qfr^n. niTofr/. JST^". 

3 MOJse, tumult.^ v. Bustle. T^iTS/. qt^ot?;!. qtotw. 
Coin, n. ^-^n. k^t/. ji^^r/. ^VJ\%n. 

Some of the Cu/Hi arc.'^W, 55!;R^T,5»f ,f^^/. 3Tr- 

''ft/. =^lc^, MMril, arq'^t, ?<RrT, |r?r, 5=^, sfrsfT^^, qf- 
^, KT^, "FS'T, =r^, ^R^qpr, (^%tT ^RT. See Eupee, 

Bored c. g?;T^ ( m^:\ &c. ). 

Consisting of Yarious coins. JTm^TRt. [Ac. ). 

Cracked c. ^^^, ^^jTiRf^, ^n?-^^^, ^=^ ( ?q^r- 




Piiyineiit in yarious coius. H|u|c)Pt ^«. 
Stamped or marked c. 3nt(?'T^,"Wr &c.) ^l:^^iVf{. 
Cracked and rubbed, — coins. qv5i'^?ff_ 
To CoiK, V. a. slamj) metals for money. TTS^f, Rt^^T m. Hlfuj 

Coining die. ftlJgT «»• 
2 Jahricate, Jorge, v. To Iityext. ?^>jf, TPT^, ^^TTT/.- 

Coinage, Coiking, n. v. V. 1. — act. TTS^i «». f'TJ^PTR'jf n. 

5?t^^ «• 

2— «c/. ;[^ur «. &e. T^^/. 'ft^^T/. 

I. matter coined. See Coix. 
To CoixciDE, V. 71. fall together, meet in the same point. ^- 

TITT m ^pir g. of s. 

2 V. To Agkee. r^otui, ^35^, 5''T''f, ^ ot.-^JTT m.- 

^3T^»«. iRfiJf y. o/s. 
Coincidence, n. t. V. 1. w^ m. 

2 and Ageeement. ifcS m. ^iT »». ^?r=rr m. fTi7:nTp m. 
Coincident, a. t. V. 2. ow(Z Ageeeing. ^oiuiKi, &c. fHFTT- 

CoiNEE, w. V. V. 1. ffTW "mtriKT, Jf^P^nro'TT. 

CoiE, n. 5pT'<Tr «». 

Coition, Coitus, n. v. Copulation. ^ m. H^T^ »«. g?rTM. 

Co-JUBOE, n. one lolio swears to another's credihiliti/. ^fl?rT?ft, 

Coke, n. HF^OT ^^ ^5IFT ot. 

COLANBER, n. strainer. <|c)ot| or ;fT3;T J». ^//ot. ^Hoft O?" ^T^ff 

/. ^m^/. %55aft/. ^^r^/. ^EfTcS'^/. =5TT^5uf|-/. 
Cold, »!. — as a principle or cause, f^ pop, f|^ or* |h «. 
•45Ti/. 5!tfr/. ?ft?r n. 

2— the sensation, v. Coldness. «r^/ f^ or ^f^T ». I^- 

Cramp from e. JPT^S m. +|+|1/. i;. if?. 
Stift" from c. +l+i'+^l. 

To be stiff & cramped from c. ^FRiSot, TTT^irf. 
S catarrh, ^^ n. W^f. ^f?^^^\^ m. 'A6TS^n. ^^^n. 
■i ( in the system ). ^R^/. -ij^f. f^TFT^ST^/. ^n. 
C. in the eyes, ^];^^f. v. ^T._ 
Cold, a.— of substances, gener. '4l, ioI^t^ pop. f^Trra, f^^r- 
flT, 5fft?r, TTT, 5ftrn?T^. 

Very c. cold as clay. ^^qTHTWT '45. 
To become or be e. TTT^rot. 
2— esp. weather or wind. TK, '4^, ^[ftrr, ^T^, ^'R', f|iT- 

Bitter, biting, piercing, icy, &e. c. {also—oi water). 
TTT, •<t5'TK, nRmr ^q^ or Jn^TTK spT^TcT, TR^K'iT^, TR- 

To bo sharply c— weather, water, &e. qn:5f^D| , J ||V >i . 
8 /":«/«J</(e«fns^o/eoZ</. -4ft ^JT^^^T, fl^TT^FST, &c. 

^5^, ^fr?Tfrf3?T, Tfrnm, ;fftrTo?Tf<T?T, &c. [ j^of 

To feel or be c.'4ft/.-% «.-&c. ifT^Bfr im. con. f|=ror', 

i^ having cor cooling 2»aUties. Xf^., ^f\^ pop. fr[r{^ 

5 frigid, apathetic, phlegmatic. '45, '45T, f^otT, ^ft^, :^5, 

H^, '4? si^nft^, 45'^'THTq-T, ^ttw, ^^raT'^r, f^npr, 'a^- 

f?f, ;|frfT!7?;iil5p, ^ftFT^^JTR, 3?rFiT^, f^^. ISome terms 
for a colJ,phhgmaiic, apathetic pemon, are f^T5:Tfil5»lTOT. 

6 ««< affectionate.^ not cordial. '45, '<t5T, 4 jl|"^ l, 3T^JTT- 
5fhF, 1%^^^, fsT'TT, ??r^rHRT^T, 'JT%^T, 'iT^fTT'T^. 

To be c. iT?rm ?TTT ^of, '45T?/. '•T^'jf. 
In cold blood. 45^mRFr, TTn^^^lt. 

7 not hating sexual desire, '45, '45T, ^JT=rT?rTr ^^-^i 

CoLD-BLOoDED, CoLD-HEAETED, a. unfeeling, f^^f, f^5T, 

^fTponrf^. ['fT^t=f ^, &c. 

CoLDLT, a(/y. T. A. 5. ^'^^nmr^, 4^^, +o!,*5fhrt=qvT, ^- 

6 45T^#, W^NN^^, iTfTTm^-^, 3T^>T5-^. 
Coldness, n. v. A. 1. 4fr/. 4^T0TT ?». f^irToJrf /. ^ft^ ». 

2 45t/. ff^r^o;?. f|^ or fr^ «. ^ft?f w 5?!T n. ^R<t/. 
Eigors of c, extreme, intense, bitter, biting, &c. f. 

5!tfl^FTP5r-nTT5T or * I K 1 4 1 -nTfr5r-'Trr^'5RT-nifNr5T-iTTT^»», 

3 ffq- or fk». 4ft/. 'h^n. ^tcf »J. f^rft or f^^fft/ ^f^- 

4 457^ «!. ^ftcTSiqTJTTOT. ?R^/. ^ft?nTf^=r ». 

5 45^0TTOT. 3^T^/. iTf?T«. ^^T5^». ^5f^». ^I^TT ot. fif- 

TFTw. tptttrot. arrf^r/. g^#t^5r?». ^ft^sr^^fff / 

6 45^>Jrr>». '45Tf /. 3t^ »». '^^». f%^%f^/. f^'TiT?;r 

n. ^^iTT^Jrt. 

7 ^tf^TWT m. ^rT^rRRT TT^?? »t. ?ft?T!T?5f^ /. 

Cold shoulder. To give the c. to. %fT=5fr 5toJT ^ ST^f^ijf, 

5T qrfl?^ WT^ «. decl. SRCTT. 
Colic, M. "TRi^jfS or qfe^ss ?». ^j^ pop. ^. m. qf^^jfi »?. 

mRuiih^j;^ ot. arm^jfj «?. ^m^j^^ m. 

That has c. 'TT^to'JT, ^Jfft. 
To Collapse, «;. n.fall together. q^>jf or qg^ ^m, =%^^, 
^^ or ^^^TTiit, m*-l ^TTTot. [ =^ /. 

Collapse, Collapsion, «. v. V. — state, q^rof «. &c. %TfT/. 
Collapsed, ^. t. V. snj^^c^T, ^^T^?5T, &c. 
Collar, «. ( for the neck ). T^if^w. T^ft/. «P5^^ m. %- 
Z^^ n. 

C. of silver worn by the worshippers of Khandob.i. 
nfST or irts-qr w. 

Ornamental c. of gold or silver. ^^^ f. 

2 ( as of dogs, &c. ). '^% or #r^ or A'l^, m. 

3 ( of horses, &c. ). 155^5 n. ^rt/. ^^?ft/. 
To slip the e. aTFT «. ^PK^ W. 

To CoLLAE, V. a. seize, ly the throat. Tccf^'ft/-nT'Tt€t/.-^- 

7^/.-&c. tr^ g.of 0. 
Collae-eoxe, n. ^rft/- ^^ «■ 
To Collate, v. a. v. To Compare, v^tsi^ or %pT Trf '^, 

q'5rr5^'n or q^Frr^s^, t5Ht^ TT^'if, Ttrfrr »i. Tif't, ^g- 

^'T/.-^H+M^r m-'^^ =n?^HT/. q'of-^^<Jt g. of o. 
2 gather Sf place in order, ^^"jf, ?JR^. 




Collated, ^J. v. V. 1. 73riT^?r hiI^c^c^, &c. 

COLLATEEAL, a. Idng side to side. Sl^:^ TT'^fWT, ^'^^- 

2 ( of relationsliip ). m^ra^jtrr^, ?TmT^''Tt, ^^^r- 

3 not direct,— oi testimoiiT, &c. q's^, TJTSTfqT. 
•!■ Sec Paballel. 

Collation, n. v. V. I.— act. T5?fT^^ n. Sec. qitFTTr^'Jf n. 

q^rTr5tT m. qitHT m. +.^H + Nr7T "t- 

I. rej)ast. tpTToS ??;. ^tTT^TT »»• 
Collator, w. v.-V. 1. MidlciH TTfTTTT, &c. 
Colleague, ti. EPTTHTr H]^ m. ?im?ft »»• ^PT^'f "«• ?ffT- 

f^-rq^rfr m. ^^^ m. ^■>T^W■'\f\ m. 
To Collect, v. a. v. To Gather. fiTo!;^. -^MNui, ^JTFR- 

ot, ntST ^^, ?nT^ WJ.-^^^PT m. ^X^ fj.oj o. 

2 ( monies ). ^■^ ^m^ ^^SCfff, ^^'T^, S'T'T^'t /.-T^F'ift' 
/.-THRr ???.-&c. ^^"Jf y.o/o. 

3 infer. ST^Tm »!.-?r% «j.-&e. q;^, %af, %^ ^FTW. 

4 ( one's self ) ^?Jt^-'HMN<-&c. ir^, f^rl «. '<TT^r^ 

To Collect, v. n. accumulate. nrjJT fM, ^^TH^, ^TT^OT, ^t5- 

2 assemble.^ Y. To Gather. (H'/ui, tr^^TTur, -jihuI. 
Collect, «. s7jor< comprehensive prayfr. ?nTSf r'^^TT /• 
Collected, aj. self-possessed. ftiTTf^TT, ^^'tff^rT, 3T^ti- 

Collection, n. v. A^. A. l.~act. ff^o^ij n. ^TRot n. &c. 
vrlHNOT. ^'tt^ ?n, ^^ m. =qTf m. 
2— act. Z"^.^ n. 3^^ n. &e. ^ttT^TT «»■ Tn^i^/. S^^T- 

oft/ ^jn^ft^/. <m\^\\f. 4'\<'{\^f. 3^5:uffy. j^psijr^/. 

C. of the rcTcnue of a district. JTRT^ m. JTlTT^rT /. 

T. V. N. 1. — act. qrHi^ n. ^f=q^ «. ^f^ur «. 

I. collected body, v. Heap, ^fs ?«. ^TRT m. W^ m. ^^PT 
»l. ^^T m. pop. TX^f. ii*|c(i 7«. ^f^FT ot. ^q- wi. W^^W^ m. 
( used esp. in comp. as %^ SR5N, f^TT ^?!rPT ). 

Collections ( as of sums, monies, &e. ). •d'MU|/. T^- 
spift/. N^'-Iiun/. ■i'\4\^f- 3'll«ri OT. 3+c.fld/. ^d'+'^OdviTHT 

Contingent collections ( or levies ). ^Ttf^^fn: ^^tht/. 
Extra collections. f^T^ITf 3fRT/. %ft^ ^^IHT/. 
General c. or levy ( of monies ). ^{\f. ^'{\'^\^dtft f 
Miscellaneous c. ^jRf^ m. 
Collective, a. v. Aggregate, ^mciifq^, ^rTrf^T^, W^- 

2— in grammar. ^r^^T^JTr^TP. [ 'TCT. 

Collectitelt, c(/w. v. a. 1. (J+^jd, ?iq^T:, ?tM'i.l'4*,M, ^m^- 
COLLECTOR, «. V. A. 1. ■^hT'^uiki, ^^=iU||^T, <&e. ?r'^^, ?f- 

qr^^, ?iiT^^PTTf-qrp?^-q^-&c. 

2 TT^r'JTTn, T^^OTPT, c<cc. 3^«=!?T, ^o^. 

I. ( of revemic). JTm?I7n:, HTT???!^, (his office ^J^^• 

^ift/. ) +MI=fl['H<l,K, ( his office ^JTRt^T^/. ), ? ^jrl<^K , 
rTftft?;:^, ( his office rr^^ft;^(^/. ) The European Col- 
lector is called ^F^^rTT or-T:^. 
College, n. society of learned men. ?TT^ /. f5Tg[3iPT^| m. 
'k^^^ n. [fifT^ '//!. 

2 edifice for students. TtS^TT^/. r«)4||p!,-M n. fKZ m. ^^- 

3 associated body — gener. v. Assembly, ws^f. ^TT/. 

CoLLEGiAL, Collegiate, a. v. N. 2. "TR^IM^, TTS^^T^t^- 

Collegian, Collegiate, n. f^^JT^f »>• sTT^ m. f%^IRTf^- 
Collet, n. See Collar. 2 tliepart of a ring in which the 

stone is set. ^ n. ^.\^ n. 
To Collide, v. n. strike ayainst each other. ij+H+mI 'T^^f. 

-iT'^T m.-&c. ?rFT^-^?f^, (^q^^^jn^ ?imw, ^jqiiif, 5RDT, 

2 fig. interfere ivith, S;c. v. To Clash. etTHot, ^Wt/. 
fm, S^OT, ^q^q?/. 5f50T ^r. of s. 
Collier, n. ^ti ^A^W^ ^TofTH q^TT q;?:oTRT. 

2 ^St JpTS^Tt^ s'TNTft. 

3 ^nft ^5!;^Tf% 5(TT^H. [««. 
Colliery, m. ^mr^5 ^t\ ^f^ ^^^^ +I4"'-Ii^l q^J^^qpfT 

2 ^fr ^^if^r STTOT in- 
To Colliquate, &e. See To Melt, &c. 
CoLLii?ioN, V. V.l. — act. ?fqT^ n. 5mTfff n. &c. <^Hq;Hr 

q'jgr OT.-'^TT OT.-&C. ^qi?T M. qTFTT 3TRm ?«. 

2— arf. qr^f^ ». ^Twn\f. ■^**i'+- /. 
To Collocate. See To Place. 
CoLLOcoTioN. See Conversation. 
CoLLOP, n. ?mTrft=^ T=rT m.-^qrST w. KRHHS M. 
Colloquial, a. relating, ^-c. to common convenation. 5^r?CT- 

Colloquialism, n. ^m^TFft ^'^^'f^T k^m ^mi HTTon^qT 

Sf^PR m. 
Colloquy, n. v. Conyeksation. HTrar^^ff/. ^T=^r^/. ^- 

To Collude, v. n. conspire in a fraud. <p?I5r'rft^-&c. qi^ m. 

-q^ m.-iTfl'/.-&c. JpTOJ, ^f'TT'TrT w.-^TTrf «.-iJdKU|'H+.ri 

»t.-q)"T^5f W.-&C. qi^^nf. 
Colludes, «. Colluding, p. a. v. V. ^iT?PT?r ^TOTFT, &e. 

Collusion, «. v. V. 'P^sfofNT ^P^ m.-^ n.-^j] m.-nf(f.- 

&c. ^JRiTfr 71. mf^^ n. irFrnTJra%?r m- ^^mzm=^ m. 

Share or concern in a collusive agreement. 3^1 n. fJT- 
?rnp w. 
Collusive, Collusoky, a. ?PRJTrrr^T, ^rnHrfP^. 
CoLLUSivELY, adv. ^'MMdlH, ^fnHcn^, SfrTTT'JT^q^ciR, :T^- 

Colly, «. ^los^ir^ft T^ft/.-H^ m.f.-tj^ n. 
COLLYRIUM, w. apjjlication for the eyes. 3^^^ ?J. ^^t^==T ''. 
H^fNiiT n. <S{^^W^ n. 

C. of antimony. gTJTT m_ 

"Wire for applying c. "^.if. 




COLOOYSTH, n. — the plant. t^^P^ pop. r?r^cT/.;jrp[^- 
^ n. ^i^rv^f. f^is^f.—i\\c fruit. i^^wnXJ-po^.i^'^- 
OT «. 'f.^S^ n. 

COLOX, ». ?IcE m. ?r^ »i. 

Wind in flicc. ?f^^PT »'• ''T^%f- 
2 (T^ f^TPT fq^ Wf , ?f"-iT^ C). 

COLOSKL, 7!. qrS^rfTFTrST ^^^T 3THH?TT wi. ^^ m. 

Colonial, a. v. ^^ ^^ ^^f^p^J %?t^tt%^, 5^Tfrrr?'*l??Tm^T- 

COLO.NIST, H. %5T^Tr%^^r51T U^OTRT. 

To Colonize, v. a. eslallUk a colonif in. STTTF'TT ^^TT^T- 

2 viigralc and settle in. qRTf^CTf, f5ir?ir=f<'fy/.-^'ft=r?rFr/- 

Hqt^^/. ^K^ g. ofo. ' [ srf^/. 

Colonnade, «. row of pillars. ^Rt^t ^m/.'Sf'T qffp/.^TT- 

COLONT, n. hody of people migrated to another country and 

remaining under the mother slate. aRHTrTT S^Tf^r or arPT- 

Ac. ff^^irarftrf^ 3pT '»• i^/. ^^T5TraR'<T3T^ VI. pi. 

2 ///(? country colonized, '^sm^] ^?T JTrS^f^TMr^f^f ^r^T- 

Coi.OQciNTiDA. See Coloctniu. 

COLOB, n. tl m. ^ m. pop. etittt o;- ^U^ «?. w. TFT w. 

To change c. v. To Blush. ^3T=^ TTofT ». ^raq-, iT?i^- 
^nnf «. ^tijfy. o/s. 

2 coloring substance or comprsition. f\ m. <jmo^ n. 

3 V. Peetence. cf^DTT m. frfHTT k. 

4 sori.v. Kind. v?rr?r/. ST^R ?«. 

5 colors; standard, ensign, \. f^^TpiI or ^ n. 
Hanging out false c. p/.-f ?^^FRuft/. v. Z\^^. 
To haul down one's cjiy. ^FR' m. pi. qr^iit. 

To CoLOE, «. (?. ^CTT, tn^rot, tn »*. ^iJf, tn^-t^-tntfr ^^.m. 

2 varnish, gloss, ^'c. v. To Embellish, q^cfot <i|r) | dr) 

3 palliate, v. To Excuse, f^frr^ ".-sf^oiT »«. ^itTif. 
5b CoLOE, V. n. See To Blush. 

Coloeaele, a. specious, \. Plausible. TTrT^^^, TTfT^f^TT. 
Colohed, p. Sf a. V. V. A. & N. t%OT, tlf^f^rCT, tl^, 
^, t^fT, t^ft^, 5fCfe. 

2 i^f^^Rifts c5T^^?r ?rf^^sr, &c. [ t^?r «. 

•CoLOBLvo, n. V. V. A. l.~act. t^ot «. Tifcfoi «. &c. ^t^H ». 

I. coii or price of c. k^^J^^f. tnil/. 

II. specious appearance. TTrTr^Tra' »n. ilrM^IT^s^T n. 

CoLOELEss, a. jfnc^^ f^Efuf, tTft^-Tf|?T-i^n:ff fT-f^ft^-^j^- 
&c. 5r^-?f^fT-&c. 

■Colossal. Sec Laege. 

Colossus, n. gigantic statue. ^\Z\ Tj^r in. 

Colt, n. f^iTT m. f^ti n. ^j m. S^rW^lTTq m.—in contempt, 

endearment, &c. f^TR^ n. 

2 big and giddy boy. ^r^ m. ^5nT m. qRfJS W^inT OT. 
Colter, «. — of a plough. <jrra m. 
CoLiisn, a. fWK^^ m=5ni, fs^PKT. 

COLUMBAET, »i. T. DoVE-COTE. ^^/. [ COmp. 

CoLUSiBiSE, a. V. DovE-coLOEED. qRsqT^T t^TT^r, ^TT^ in. 

COLUIIN, n. V. PlLLAE. ^H ?«. jfr?J?^vr ,«. ^IT ,„. 

2 ( of troops ). qt?7 >«. Hm^^ w. 
Close c. sR ?«. 

3 (of a page ). aTRTST n. ^RT »(. ift^/. q^THK m. from 
the English is in use. 

COLUJINAE, a. ^tsjT^^ CHI'TPRl, 'fiTT^TR. 

COLUEES, «. — in geography. TR^frR^fT n. 

Coma, n. v. Lethaeot. 5rtT/. ^tTS/. 

CoiiATOSE, CoM.\TOus, «.v. Lethaegic. 5rf<T? <T5%^T, 'JTfrT- 
f^^T^. [ <piJr^ 71. 

CoiiB, 7). i^^sRuft or fsr^iTft/. "F^Jlt/.^T^?/!.— in contempt. 
Small toothed c. fe^ /. [?IDT-sfRar, 

To draw the c. forcibly through the hair. 3TRT/. ^\• 

2 ( of a cock ). T?f«l5-qrEft ^O] f. f^RntT/. ^^/. 

3 honey-comb, qtoft/- 'frS »'• 

4 hollow between hills, v. Yallet. ^it «. ^ /. 
To Comb, v. a. f^^iJf or f%^?R<Jt. 

2 ( wool, &e. ) T. To Caeo. Rim, f^^RiJt. 
Comb-bag, m. ^p^t n. 

To Combat, Combat, Combatant. See To Eight, &c. 
Combative, a. 55;^ft??, 55^=T'^, ^^^'■Ml. 
Combativeness, n. v. A. ^^^j^i^j n. ^^wcjumi/. 
Combed, p. v, V. 1. ^^ISHT. 

2 fT3T%?5r, fr3TR3?JT. 
Combination, n. \. V. A. — act. fH7.^^ n. ^rS"?! n. ^jw/. 

<r^ ^Tur «. ^JTT^ m. ^JTT^nJI ». gqT^?r n. ^q>T ?«. 

^iTRT «• ^'4R^T^ n. ^k^^ n.— state, aud Union. ^■^\- 

^ m. ^^?P?Tr/. ^4 '». ?i^f^/- ^TT ?». ^RTRTH m. 

I. combined body; band, confederacy, cabal.^ ^'c. W.^i m. vf- 
S: »i. ^TSt/. ^ »«./. ^n M. ^^t/. ^Z or ilf »». 

II. confederation., league, conspiracy, ^'c. ^^.^^J m. ^ 
m. ^f^f. ^Z m. W.Zm. ^P^RT on. ^.-^ m. nf[f. f^^^ f. <("- 
SFHTT or ^ ot. ^ M. ^n n. TFRr^TrT 7!. ^n^RT n. ^FT/. vf- 
'=ftTT?ft/. ?f<T w. ^m Wi. '^^^r «. tr^Ff n. Vm\r^ n. 
III. — in mathem.aties. t^^^T^ n. 

To Combine, v. a. taiite, v. To Join. fTr^^m, ^"jf, ^pjf, 

^ ^Rot, ^T^RT «.-^iTT^iI «.-&C. ^RWr y. o/ o. 
To Combine, v. n. coalesce, mingle, mix, T. To Join, firsor, 

2 confederate, conspire, league together, fil^'if, "^r^^, ^- 
50T, 3T2;CTf , q^ »«. cTSof, ifm m. fir^;^, H^Tf^ «. f^osuf-^- 

jm y. o/ s. ^^5f^^, fvA^ or iT'^aDT, ^?: ?«. stt'^nf-^^-ot, 

^5nc7/.-?fn^lTrr W.-^^spRTT «» .-fTTSEnft /. -^F?: «.-&c. =?Rcf, !7- 

Combines, oi. Combining, p. a. v. V. A. fir^t^'tiTRT, <tc. ?f- 

«?RT-?i€T^^-<tc. Jprlt. 

T. V. N. firaoTRT, v^^OTRT, &c. 

2 firsoTRT, ^JTorRT, &c. ?fiT^HFfr, ^^^^_ 
Combing, n. v. \. 1. — act. ik=^X^ m. fq-^q^trfr/. 

2 fq^ur «. &c. f'T^'jfr/. fq^Rift/. 

I. Combings (of hair, of the ifft, &.c.)^^]m. iT?fTl "•/. 


Combustibility, w. v. A. 1. ^^jm ^r^t'^TT »). licc. ^?ft- 
'M' «. ^^^ n. 

Combustible, a. </;«/ will bum. ;^a?r!Tr=qT, ^5rRT?fTWT-^- 
ITT-&C. ^^Jft'T, ?TSr, ^f^Rritq-, ^^. 
2 that easili/ takes Jire. ^}^^ i^^-z:^V!TMh&C. ^f)"- 

Combustion. See BuE>'iNa, Tumult. 
To Come, v. n. arrice, approach, advance, tj-c. ^ot, ^q'ot-H- 
jftq-&c. q^, ^m fr^, aTRT W.-3TRH5T w.-aTT^PT W.-&C. 

Come! Come along! ^^, -^r^il, ^^ fH^'T q' ?nr^T. 
To c. and go. q-ot^pjf n.-^^V^J^\ m.-^'^^^^^ «.-&c. 

2 f^r3!o Jf"/"^, T. To EisE, To Proceed. ^M, S'T^^r^f, ^- 

3 a^^am to, reach. TRof, T^T^, STTH' ft^T, q'lJf, fTTSSot^ 

4 about; to pass, t. To Happen. tr5^-5pj^-|r3riT-<fcc. 't- 

5 closely upon; press hard upon, he at hand. %^^ or ^- 

6 off; he detached. '^^, ^'jf. 

7 off; escape, gjof, fFfH^, fH'TT^'^, TK T^iif, JpTT^m. 

8 off; clearlj or prominently; — au impression. 3Tra"?f, 

9 off; ?ai-e place, ^fot, =qT;^ ctot. 

10 out, forth; c. <o Ziy/if, appear clearly. 3TT»TaT or S^T- 
OT, ^H'm or viHMui, ^^, ^qTft^-3'^fTlTt?T-Jlf?T^t^-&C. 
qiif, spn^. 

11 to; recover as from a swoon, ^c. ^^^-s^THT^-FT- 

12 under; he included, ^tfof, "STT^in, RldfT 3TW. 

13 up, out; — a tree, a peg, stake, &c. :7<T7^, 3^T^. 

14 vp with, V. To Oteetake. 3T^'T W^. 

To c. t-o. See To Amount. To c. short See To Fail. 
To c. upon. See To Happen, To Attack. 
To come, to happen hereafter, y.'Fvtvre. ■mq^T, 5^- 
TT^EfT, qWPC. 
CoME,^. V. V. 1. 3TT^, &c. 3TTqT?r, •srmH, VHI'IH, ^T??I?5, 

3^'<TrT, JSTHj iri%^ ( used esp. of epistles. ). 
Comedian, n. player, v. Actoe. H^ m. 

2 o writer of comedy. iA*-m^WA\!\^\Z'^, ^tIT. \^n. 

COMEDT, n. ^kq<+l4qT^ ^R^ )i. ^IwNmr-^ ^TR^ M.sf|^- 
COMELINESS, 11. Y. A. 2. y<<^4UiT m. ^tj^xs f. ■HI'-HlqufT »i. 

^M+4U|| ?». &c. ?!:^?I^m «. ^P=?T/. g^/ ^JHTW/. 
COMELT, a. decent, hecominy, t. Fit. qr^, -jRh, rrRni,%^. 
2 graceful, handsome, v. Beautiful. gflT, ^Tr^PT, jfr^- 

1, 'TiRh^^hott, ^q^, -ci-^ijj, g^TjT, g^^Vr, gHr^orr, g7^_ 

Comer, «. v. V. 1. Jr"JrTT, &c. 'JTT'm-'iTRH^-&c. ^Ffrf, 'JTrTTfft, 
Comet, «. f JT%h m. fft^?^=>f /i. 
Jail of a e. ?f.|t/. 

CoMETAET, Cometic, a. ^ff(^^^^- U 1 M •■? :. [ ^/. 

Comfit, Comfituee, «. rf>-y sweetmeat. 4v l <i l ^R*5tT ««. fH- 
To Comfort, v. n. f/ie(?r, etdiven, cj-c. v. To Enxourage. cjtt- 

«mr''f, 3TT>JrT?Fr w.-5Tt^?n^=T «.- &c. ^pr^y. ofo. sflr «.- 

qq «. Slit. 

2 c/ifcr ;«K7er trouhle. v. To Console. ^TFR-'^, 'iTT'<n'^- 

OT, ^if^?r «-?mT'cTPT M.-&C. ^?:ijf y. ofo. 

Comfort, n. reliif or rest from pain, distress.^ cj-e. v. Ease. 
g^ n. %^ M. ^TTTTtrT^ «. H^'<TT'JTT ?». 3TTTR- ?rt. 
2 solace tinder a//liction.i Sec Consolation. 3 enjoy- 
ment, comfortableness. g^Jf n. jn^ «. g^PTf »«. g??FTT ?«. 

g^jftT'JTT m. :^R'/T?rT/ ^R3iq 71. 

4 g)-ound or cause of c. ^^^^ m. ^^J^^.K^ n. ^TTT^-TT- 

Tra'^R'T n. g^^stT^r «. g^?'<TPT «. g^^rm «. 

Comfortable, o. v. N. 1. relieved, easy. ^;rF<T, ^TT'^pfl', ■STT- 

?;m, 'JTKTfT TT^'-^^r, vf^--x\H qr^T^?^, fFrar, smRTHr'-TW, 

2 consoled, composed, ^e. ?Tt?T, ^R'<T, ^TTT'^rT'ft', ^THT or 
g^R^^, ^HT^^IPT "TTq"^=^, smTBTRT'^T^, ^rT^riTTVT^, ^n%- 

3 having enjoyment, c. or ease. ^5TTc7, ^^'4, ^^^ or ^, 

f^, g^^T^, g^r^, ^f^^rrr, g^f?r, gnf?fqi, gwr^, 
g^T^r, g^TT, ^f^'<T^, gr^r. 

To feel c. gw^ q^-irof-tTRW-^H'erse ^ impers. 

I. convenient, c^-c. v. CoMMODious.g^T^T,BTf=5rr, 5aYbrr- 

?,^itHK,g^, gT^^r^, g?^^, q-arg^. 

II. affording c. or consolation.^ v. Consolatory. ^Tffrr^T- 

Comfortableness, «. v. A. 1. ^^re^iTT^T m. anrmt/. ^^T^'*;- 
rfr/. ^TRS'-q n. 

3 g^'-HMuii M. gi-H.M'iuiT m. g^^cTT/. gf^FrT/. g^jTR- 

I. HT^/. ^srrrrilT w. ^"ifm^aTT »». 

II. ^T ildiH ^F? n. ^J^^.\^.^ n. &c. 
Comfortablt, adv. v. A. 3. g^T^, g^HTTT'-^TT^^, g^JT^, 

g^^, ^^TFJ, g^^T^'^r, gi%^, ^r^, ^''Trg^T. 

II. HKT':TFT-g^-&c. qrT>:^-frS>r, a. ded. 
Comforted, p. v. V. 2. ?Tt?r5ROT, &c. 3TT'Trf?r?T, STTrnr^T- 

Comforter, n. Comforting, p. a. v. V. 2. ^f?t«?"crnTr, ?mT- 

qr^^TniKT, &c. W^H^, 3TT»qT^^qT^, ^TiF^r^T^Frrf-JFR- 

^F-^PTft, ^^^rnfT, ^TpFfF^. 

I. — woolen c. Tco^rra" 'T^F^^rqT^fr^r ^^r+O'-ft Tft/- 
Comforting, m. v. V. 2.— ncf'. ^mijf ?!. arr^'^nTRT ". ^JF^^ 

M. 5:5^IM^<'J| «. ^^TrT^TiiT n. ^l^^TfTW ?». sH^^'ttt n. 
Comfortless, a. v. N. ] . 2. 3. arg^, 3T?IHr-:TT=ft, 'JT^^^^ir, 

I. n<«i|-)i, JiTF^spfkr, g^Fmr'^T^rrf^. 

Comic, Comical, a. relating to comedy. ^q"T^ T^T^ ^R^ 
2 </»-oZZ, jj/ec?-, 0(7r)?. ^rj^, |Ri|+R+-:^^q^-c'ic. fH^PTT- 




CosiiCALXEss, 7i.v.A. 2. «Ft?nF n. tptg^'^nrT m. r\^^'\\i'^''W\in. 
Coiiiifo, n. V. V. 1. — and Appeoacu. q^iJf n. ^J^^ n. arPTrr 

»«. -■3TT'm?r n. [f^n. 

C. and going. qiJf ^n^ n. q^ ^TRT m. q^r/- TTTFT- 

ConiTY, n.suanfi/ qf«ia«nf7-s, v. Coueteoussess. gvd«idl 

/. ^^fRT w. 3l2?r!T m. 
Comma, «. (r^ R<IHR'^- 3Tf|. rf 3T^ ( , ). 
^b Command, ». a. order, direct, hid. 3TTfir/.-;|'f^nJ.-&c. ^- 

?^-^, aTTfTFTor, ?ffnw, HtfJfl'/-?TMt/. ^m,— strictly, 

positively, &c. enjoin, charge, ^'c. ^TT=r^, ■M~JlN"i, rPHPT- 

5T-^'^'T-&c. ^fTiiTf-^TT=;ffr-&c. — as used of the intimation 
of tlicir pleasure, of kings, &c. THTTR'Jf. 

2 hear rule over. [f^Hrf /.-^TRPTB.-T^nfSrrJrn.-aTrf^ncTfl.- 
?rTiT/.-H<<llfl /.-^•(.■^K+rf/.-3T'T?y m.-^^w: m.-&c. ^^ 
-^FT^rSf u-ith qr of 0. 

3 overlook, cj-f. TTTT'if, ?I^, TSTot, aT^Tm-ar^Tcq-m- 
HT='Ttrr-nT7f<T-&c. s^ijf and wiVA i». con. aTH'jf ( as ^ 
if ST ?^ 4i'JKKi|l iTr^f?r 3TI^ ). 

Command, Commandment, n. mandate, order, precept, ^'c. 
arrfiT/. arf^n m. ^rn^ «. f ^ »». f5rr':T ««. fjfqrq' n. arg- 

frr /. =517^^/. ^^r m. f^\\\ m. f^^'n m. fsT^FI «!.— as 

used o/ the intimation of their pleasure, of kings, &c. T^- 

JTT^T or ^f arjfTT/. [fTff^. 

Tliat is under the c. of. ;f ^T?fr, ^--bMl , f^^i^r, 3TT- 

2 V. EuLE. f ^JTfr/. ?Tro^ ?j. ?rm'^T/-^r^ «. arTf^^T- 

3 military charge.l^^V^ f. rl'HrfHIrl/. ^HM4lA o>- ^3^7- 
CoiiMANDANT, «. Commander, n. Commanding, p. a. v. V. 

1. STTfTT-f ^-&c. ^RTTTTTT-^WTTT, an^m^p. 

arfcTTlH, HN*, ^JdW. TIT%^, ^HHMdN, or ^STTfT^. 

C. in chief. %^T<Tf?f, ^^Tf^Tf^T, ^R^^ff or ^\ or q^. 

Commanded,;). V. V. 1. aTTfrPT^PTT, &c. 3TrfTTft?r, arrfTH", 

aTTfTm, arrprm, arrf^'j, 1%*;^^. [ ^. 


CoMMATEEiALiTY, w. V. A. ^sq^^TT^n" /. ^oq^l'-ij n. 

To CoMMEMOEATE, V. a. Call to remembrance hy a solemn act. 

^.Tii g.ofo. 3"? ^5rR3?reqr<iT /. w.^ g- cfo. 

C'OMMEMOKATION, n. T. V.— ffrf. g^q' OT. ^TfrT'TSnit??!^ m. 

^f^?^^- w. ^rnTJUf^ST m. 


^0 Commence, Commencement, &c. See To Begin, &e. 
To Commend, v. a.v. To Eecommend. f^T<irHH/. ^of ^.ofo. 

2 intrust, v. To Commit. ^TpTirr, ^TT'T'ir, f^T^rif. 

3 V. To Praise, ^i^f.i^^ ,„. ^^ y. o/o. 
Commendable, «. laudable.^ v. PnAisEwOETnT, ^^^TTTMr^, 

&c. ^rfcT^ftq', ^5?I?^T^, ^^, 
Commendableness, n. v. A. ^grsTJft^T/. ^5Rt|?TT/. 
CoilJiENDABLT, adv. V. A. ^ETPTT^PTT a. decl. &c. 

Commendation, «. v. Y. 1. f^TtfTRJ?/. 

3 T. Pbai&e. ^^f. 'm^ m. wm-[f. 
Commensal, a. v. N. qf^=q5r^r!T^, &c. ^iT'T^^, ^'^qrjfr- 

=5fT, ^^>T?iv. 
Commensality, CommeNsation, n. eating together. ^sprTT- 

#t%q-air n. ^'[^,z■^^^m. ar^sqsr^ m. qi%Hr3T5T«. ^^nr- 
^^". v+'-irfh^MMrt. qf^^n<». 
Commensueaeiliit, Commensueableness, n. t.A. ^^^^- 

Rhiuhi/. •H*iMRni>Jrm^OT. ^hmhht/. 

Commensueable,Commensueate, a.having equal extent,&;c. 

To Comment, f. «. wm^-e ;!0/(?5, annotations, ^-c. fpf>\ f.-'>T{- 
tq- ji.-fsn'JTJTw.-sqT^^T f.-z^W^T^n.-f?:'-^r!\n.-^S'^f.-&c. 

2 remark censoriously. ^^/.-E^n^qr/.-TfTTr'snT «.-&c. 
Comment, w. ^^/. HTis^ra. an^^fw. fJf^TOT?^. sqT^qj/. ^^- 

rrrnrra. aT«rFt<rui'+i/. 

Commentaet, 7s. look of annotations, ^'c. t[^ f. €t^nt'<Twi. 

■^w^n. arr^^W. 

2 historical narrative. ^^J^f. 
To Commentate, See To Comment. 
Commentator, Commentee, n. v. V. 1. ^^^-&c. WA^\\i\., 

^^FT^FTT, ^WfPtTT, ^TT^^R, Tlcq^TTr, 5^rn>qraTT, ^•'TT- 

Commeece, n. X. Teade. "k^ ^^n. \ %/. 3^^ m. s^RRwi. 

2 V. Inteecouese. ^^orsjot?*. ^^Zjm. Eff^^rpr/. 
C. of the sexes. ^^f^^'Tw. 
Commekcial. a. Y. N. 1. ^H^MNl, 5'7=r^Kl-HT,5'i|mHRr, &c. 

g^^tft, 5q-q^TW5itft, SqleJ^lR^ pop. i^^^^,^ ^}. 

The c. interest. ^=r«N'+KI»». 
Commination, Comminatoet. See Thee at, Theeatening. 
To Commingle, v. a. v. To Mix. fTT^ra'^, <^^rf5:OT.-^»Tft?j- 

^ n. w^m g. of 0. 
To Commingle, v. n. t. To Mix. frnr^or, 'q^^d^ni. ^. 
To Comminute, v. a.v. To Pulveeize. =^of«.-q^/.-&c. ^^ 

g. of 0. ^M^FT'Jin. 'P^ y- of a. 


C.-supplies. ^^/. 
CoMMissAEY, n. ( of an army ). ^^'i\^\m. ^\^m. 

2 See CoMMissioNEE. 
Commission, n. t. V. ( To Commission. )—act. ar^T^mT \- 

2~act. <RKT^ ^tR^w. 

I. See Committing. 2. 3. II. autlwrity given, cliarge, 

trust, ^tllrflw. ar^RqiTn!. WJm. f^^ivim. 

111. paper conveying authority. ?R5/. H <.M r"H U -I I H I ?». aT- 

IV. — in commerce; order. <RiTT3!T or ^ f. 

V. allotcance made to a factor, ^c, i.t^^/. arStT/ ^^Tc^/. 




To Commission, v. a. authorize, empower, ivarrant. 3i<5Hr"Hi- 

WJ.-&C. W'X^ J- "f '^- f^^^-3Tf'^?r->!>:c. JRCTf. 
2 — iu commerce; order. <p?TTrH or 9vmm/. JpTiiT-^nt. 
Commissioned,/), v. V. 1. g^Mr^lCT "TT^%?!;r-f2-^?5T, 'iT'^r'nT 
fsr'l^'j-Trsr^r, arftr?^, f^5^, t^q"rf3T?r. 
2 <?>oTr^ft or ^'r, ^r^k, ^m^rs. 

Commissioner, n. person commissioned. ^S{^\^m. ar^r'TTft, 
To Commit, v. a. consign, intrust, deliver to. ^"TT'f, ^=)lrt'Ji, 

iT3T^, r-H< ' i " i , afpT'if, ^^iT3f-^rar-fPfr-^T'^?r-ctc. ^tot- 
%f ot-^ijr, q^ qwr, ar^^ijf, ?ijm, f^tT^roit/.-f^v'injr^/.- 

To c. with confidence, f^^nrrnt, TT?^=Pt. 
To c. to memory. qre-cfTsqi^-^^'Tre- ^S-H^TfrfT-^ITCT- 
?T-&c. ^T^. 

2 ( a work or business,unto ). ^J^^"^, ^F^, ^fFSW, h:T- 

^, 3TT?nm, ?isf;f?q"?r, ^^\^j^, ^tifir, f^Krfi-fT-~?T^T?ft?r- 
<T^rsTF=ft?r-|HT=^?T-qT'iw-f5rr\K-'-tc. ^f^Dr-^T^ot-^ g. 

ofs_ PTT'Tt 0'- ^'4t HRiJf, To^Tf^T ^TT^Df, 3TT5t m.-TR m.- 

s^-^, q??r ^T?50T. 

3 perpetrate, T. To Do. qfTTot. 

4 send to for imprisonment. r^jr[-&c. "Tresr^,^? ^''TT- 

^rret tr^3t, spTTry^ if TIT w.-q^RT^'T'T «• 'F';>jf. 
Committee, M. q^?r/. "T^ «. ;)Z. f^J^HHT/. ^rpK^/. 

from the English word is common. 
Committing, Commitment, n. t. V. 1. — act. ^"pTof n. f?R- 

^ n. \^W.^ n. &e. f^T^uft/. fRT^^/ STqaT «. ?fH'|aT 

w. f^v^^ n. 

2— act. 131^ jt. 3^Kiq5i n. &c. 3TRH1T «. aTTTTT »». 

4 ^KqfrT TTS^T^ n. &c, ^nT^srT"JT w. qSTTRTOT n. 
To Commix. See To Mix. 
Commode, n. JTFSfsTH^HKAil #|^ q^/. 
Commodious, o. convenient, accommodate.^ comfortable. ?ftf- 

=50", f^r^rr, ^If^R, ^"tf^TR, swi?, ^q%^T, ^f ^, T'-qr- 

COMMODIOUSLT, at^u. V. A. +ilscJH, ^If ?TTT, 3TR^?q-qt^_ 
Commodiousness, n. v. A. ^Tr^/. ^TT^rKq^ m. ?ltiT(TTqiTT 

«. ^■q^'^dl/. 3^^rn m. 'AT^^T «. 'iTg^^^rtT/. ?5Tn m. 

q-'OT^rT «. T'Tfq^^ «• 
CoMMODiTT, w. ifew o/ ttw/'es or goods. fJT=JT?f m. qvirr «• ^T- 

^ OT. TTT55 m. 

Commodities, — compreh. wares, goods, merchandise. 

fxjra'^ m. pi. r^vHqM^ »». /;?. fTf3T5T?f OT- pi- JTra OT. 

rif^T »«. 
CoMMODOEE, «. arriRRp;^ g^^ arfqq^T^. 

Common, a. lelonging to more than one. ^rHr^5rr,W'41T'n', ffT- 
HTitpp 7)0/;. ^fTTTi^, ar'^^^rmR^, 'i^H^HT'-TRTT, 5T;pfTtTT- 

nir, ^rpnm^^, ^+«-<ii+, ^imi'^I'Mtii^, JTrtiFoi^r^fTT^, 

In common. yq|5+quiK, ^rMli>JN"Jr. 
2 belonging to the pnllic.^ hating no separate owner. ^- 

A c. wouuui, prostitute, ^'c. ?frRT''TT/. ^'•TRW^/. 

3 belonging to all, universal, general. fl^'^T, ?1=IT~TT ?T- 
sifeTTSTT, &c. ?I#€riTRor, fl^^^^, ^iff^Tq^, ^TNm'^r':?!- 

4 public, popular, general. rTr^t^T, jTmflrlT, ?^rat=^T- 

?5rafff5, f^'pFC^mFST, Bt^€'^=5TT, v^^qtTqr€T?T^r, &c. 

5 not rare or scarce, v. Abundant. «i;^, .'^''-^'^i f^"^, 

6 ordinary, customary, usual, f7-eqvent. qftqT3T=^r, qf?:qr- 

^n^T, sq^^RRtrir, siifirq?, aif^?^, tt^^f, f'^BTf?t?^r, 

7— of persons, not noble. ^TRTR^, WHWM sfrfhfT, ^rmR^ 
Tc^t^, ^mROT Sfrft^T, WtTRTT q^sfhfT, HT^fT, ^>If?^, 

8 — of tilings, ordinary, not ctcellent, for daily vse, <j-c 

f^^, ^^=^, <^|J|NHT, iJiq<"iiNT, ^^Trft, =qT?fr=rT, f^f'T- 

?rPTR!T, sjPTTfr, ^\^W.., Ttrrr^, SRjqRfr, m^?f. 

That is above c. Sf^mR'JT, -flrftmrR. 
9 — in grammar, — verb. 3'TTf^'^'. 
C. gender. ^fPTT'^ffOT «. 
C. nonu ^TRTT^ =77^ n. 
10 — ceremonially', neither defiled nor qtdte pure. aiT^Tzr. 
Common, n. common ground, ^'^U^.^n.-^'s^^ f.-&c.'\\m\A 

n. ifrmiiwi. nmRffs. 
Common-law, n. \^\^^m. ^JTTT^fR m. T^vW^Km. R'-JMw?- 
Common-place, a. trite, ^-c. ^mR^, S^^T, 3i^?, sraT- 

COMMON-PLACE-EOOK, «. ^rSq^fw. J'Z. iR^n. 'N|olij'<TM. ^%T- 

S or qT5«. %% 
Common-sense, n. 5if«i^iR+^l'i w. c?l1%^Rr«. ^^f^/- 
Commonalty, w. commons, common people .^y. People. BRTr- 

^^tpF »i- pi- ^qR'T ?5t^ »». /)Z. ^OTiftHTsTf m. ^j/. STT^it 

Commoner, n. common person. ?(T'^'T^"'Tc. ^rrrp^rK^'Tc. 

?ITqRTJT ^t^ JTgtqM. SR^T^lt HT'TO«». '^■^'HX^ q^fl- 

Commonly, «(/y. v. A. 4. G. ^RfT^?T:, ^If ?i^F^^, ^^*TT, 

Commonness, «. v. A.l. ^RTR'Tw. ?TiMi"H?rT/. ^RTRq^n^m. 
;frrMKUk=(«- ^T'-.TR'^w- ST^^^r^R'^q'". si;5^T''TRTiq'». ^\- 

H\M\>m. '^^■h*^■<^H.r^n. 3TMqrfcntTT5pf5r«. 

2 ^rq'firtTR^flT/. Btfflr'^TR'J^n. ^rF'^RTT^^fH^FTcT's. ?tTHT- 

3 ^fsffj^ftpTT/. 5flTqmT^r':TRTiT?rr/.3TrTPTRTrqR'T?f?j. Ac. 
^?[i^p^Rq«. ?rr^<T?<=TT/. ^^^lm. 




srrfii+.Hi/. w I rii +H rt. arf^nHfTT/. 

S rre^r^TOTTwi. -m-dU'lMUIlw*. ^SI%qonw. ic. HTTRmr/. 

10 'ulcjiMUiiw. 
CoMJiOKS, n. See CoMiioxALTY. 2. House of c. Prt^ifffT- 

f^M^ ^f"^ ^TT. [«. '1U||<j1 ?^. 

afoodproiuled at a common tahle, v. Food, fsf^f)-^ 3T^ 
Commonweal, Couilo^■^vEALTII, «, v. Eepublic. ?5t^?frTT«?> 

2 the pullk, V. CoMMUXlxr. ??t^ wj/jZ. ^HTf ^ JTSSft/. 
Commotion, «. perlurlation, v. Agitation. ^fHw. stT- 

HT^'«. #?rNM. sq^TnT/. 

2 comhuslion^ ^-c. v. Tumult. T5^/. ^^'TS or ft/- ^- 

?^5 or |ri?l/. |-?5/. sfSroE or at/. ^5;rt. 
To CoMMOVE. See To Agitate. 
To Commune, To Commukicate, v. n. hold intercourse. ^- 

^T^i «(t^'jf?l.-^|f'jU|-Mlrtui)i -soiU|«.-^rZ'Jrqa;u|7J.-c(!4U|^oiU| 

•«.-;f3tir«.-=(i^di»i.-^qT^?i.-?rqpTr /-?wn»».-&c. s^ctt-^jj- 

'Trf-^?^DT rtnrf «t(^/< in. con. 3T?T>^. 

2 confer together or tviih,y. To Converse. ^fTpspTr^J.-^f- 

:} partake of the Lord's supper. ^'H'^T^mi. q-irf. 
Communicable, a. v. Y. A. 1. 3TrqT^TnT-&c. ???, 3T=^"5^. 

< 'ommunicant, m. spT ^l l ^ri-i q-tiilTT. 

jTo Communicate, j;. a. impart, v. To Give, siir, ^itt«.-OT 
•cTPT».-&c. ^aty. o/o. ^^^|iT«;.-^iTi7T>'i. ^prf^^.o/o 
2 reveal.^ disclose, v. To Tell. ^SJ^pJf, ^trrfsjaf^ q^^f^, 
f^^?^, f^?r?^ ^;X^j.ofo. ^mftT-iTTft?r-f5TfTH-&c.^RiTr, 

To Communicate, v. n. have a passage from one to the other. 
^TTrqrsi'JMNl T?nT»z.-'TP'T«J.-!fr5T4T»!. 3Wif ««. co«. 

CoMMUNiCATio.N, ?j. V. Y. A. 1.— ac^. %nt«. ^«. ST^r^w. 

2— act. ^F^E^oTm. ^rf^OTTO. fTrq^^Tw. 

I. communion, v. Intercourse, ^ith. goiu|c|oiOT«. 5nCJT- 

?^si3TM. S3<ir«. ^ranw. [ <MP.h-j | rjl . 

II. conference, colloq^uy, v. Conversation. ■ j' irf N I ?? !'/ 

III. line, means, ^fc. of c. PfTT m. •y.S5T^,^r)|uq|ijui||^i-^_ 

IV. matter communicated, v. Message, f^^ «j. 5ft^?r m. 
Communicative, a. iict reserved. ^i7\^^V^ ^ \ 4iA\ .^ ^TrS^r, 

linsw^ Mii^i, ^«THT^Fg^, ^i^Hir^ir, ^'♦T^TfwoT. 

Communion, «. v. Intercourse, ^dt m. tTot^ldo - ui w. ^5!t<r- 

2 intercourse or union in loorship, Sfc. qTT^q- m. T^H- 

3 celelration of the Lord's supper. STH'TM^lf^f^ «J. 
Community, w. common possession or enjoyment. ^H l ^'t) JTT- 

^^/. ■Hmis* q^tTTJTr m. ^fiqiW Sfjfq' ». ^qTT^ ^- 

m;=f »!. ?n'<:Ti<ui^Tii/. 

2 commonwealth, public lodg,ptihlic. "Ttsr/. ^/. j^m. 
ptl. v^Xf. V^m^f. 3mT7T/. -^^^^^f. The seiise of the 
word ia often expressed by tte w.ords. 'ki\ m. JJ'l n, qf- 

^ «t. &c. 
To Commute, &c. See To Exchange, &c. 
Compact, a. close, dense, solid, v. Firm. ^Z or ^, ypr^ ^- 

5, ^^J, g^, 7R, 5rT7 ETT^, ^aSJST, ^TT, q^, q^i'^fT, 

2 close-set, thick-set, strong-hiit, well-knit. 3T^^, arff^T, 
3T7:?7T, sjt"^^5, 15, T| or J, qff^, ^^v.fq', sr^k, fTT^T, 'H- 

3 «o< f/Z/TiMP or verbose. 'JTiPTHP:, 'iT?:'Tm,g^5T5;,g^?^, 

2W4, jm^. 

Compact, «. contract, v. Agreement. «nr^/. fre/. ^^?|TT 

/. ^%rT »». ?m^ OT. 

To Compact, v. a. v. A. 1. q^-^-cTR-q^-ic. ^Rof. 

2 See To Compose, To Make. " 
Compactness, n. v. A. 1. ?7f»Pl/. V-iH-iMulT ot. ^rTJIT »». 

Ac. ^nrt /. ^fir/. ^4.<idl/. ^4 »• ^f^KT ?». ^tn4 n. 

2 aT^tTTiJiT ?ii. TJTOTT '". ar^lJ^^iIT m. &e. q;^^ ?«_ 'iT- 
irR-q- «. ^gf^FTT/ gy'^+dl/. ^'^/. 

3 3T%^Rwrr m. &c. g^5i5?rT/. f'Tg^pm/ 

COMPAGES, Compactuee, n. naked structure, ^ffnnr m. Hf- 

SDJ^/ ^tSFTSS/ HtsiINoJ/. 
Companion, w. one who accompanies another. i)<|«j<^, ^JT- 

fH /)o/>. ^JFft or ?rnrrft, ?tt«r'>, ^Tf^n", ^^;^ifT, ^^TFft, 

^T^pprt, #^fFft, ?r^, T^rsfT, TTf^^, W\^. 

Companions and associates, — conipreh. or gener. ^- 
^■^ ^T^ or %^^ ^n^ft m. pi. 

2 assoc:ate, comrade, partner, v. Fellow. ?rT*ff, ?lTSpit, 
W\f^ pop. ^rirft or ^'llrfl, TSt, TST, ?T^, ^T^Tf or ift. 

3 intimate associate, v. Friend. ^^T, ^HoftHotT^, ^^^- 

Female c. or friend. ^T^-Tf/. ^\^f. ^T^f. WMuft/. 


Companionship, «. v. IST. 1. ?fiT «?. ?mrr/ W«Pf/.?r^H?r«. 
^T^lf^/. ^JTFTT m. HT^^ M. ^f =5nTiT n- 

2 #1 w. ?i->i?ft/'o/'. m^f m''jf. ww^f ?rr4ftT>jnm. n- 
^/. ?rT^ «. ?nf|f^ «• wi^i-^M «. ?nf^ «. 

C. or fellowship, — coiupreb. or iudef. WipreirT/. 

Closenesss of c. ^.^ci\^/. 

In constant or close c. ^FlH't. 
8 W?^ n. +)^=|H «J. ?r%55r n. ■HK^'M >i. "jfrp^o/;. "TnfT/. 
3^5'^ m. ^\^\i■^ n. 
Company, n. body, troop, multitude, v. Ba>'d. Jr5?ft or at/. 

JTi?5 w. ir^f. ^3nTFr/. ^'<Tr «• ^5/ 

2 assembly for conversation, ^c. party. JTSat/. "«re^/. 

^TT/. ==T5Fr/. ==mFrai or ^^TT^i «. ^a «. =^1=:^^^/. 

Address in c. ?f>?H|H4 «. 

Bold or confident in c. WHTKft?:, ^TTT^IT. 

Boldness or confidence in c. ^>TT^'f n. [^fTRFf ^^ 

The grace or ornament of a c. ^*ii^h m- ^'H\<^H'i> W. 

Self-possession in c. ^TPPPfrf/. 




Suitable to good c. ^Htf^^lfT, ?1«T. 
S\veetmc.ats served to c. at breaking up. f^TSH/. 
Timid or diffident in c. ^TT'ft^. 
Timidity or diffidence in c. ^^sFT m. 
y companionship^ society, consociation, consort inri. ^irf^T 

pop. ^TH /. m m. ^^^ m. ^^]7W m. €\^J. ifr/. ^- 

fq; pop. 'TTH /. 3TH«PT m. ^^^pTT n. ?I^4 n. ^74 /. ^T- 

. f^ n. «r^ «. ^^-Sf^ n. [f^TffT. 

Bad c. I'TST, l^ran, ar^iFHT, ?^?^^, ^:«T, f^T, 

Good c. ?i??rT, ?rr^?i-iT, g^ii, ?if?i'nfrr, g^if?^, ^^^- 

In the c. of ( or in connection with ). ^I'lfft or H, ^- 
ifr o;' n .17. 0/ 0. 

Tlic keeping bad c. ^^'JT n. fi^■^^\^^ m. ^S^H- 
n m. ar^ff^^fi m. 

The keeping good c. ^r^nm. ?fc^>tn m. ?twf^tTPTn. 

Virtue of c. ■n'KiylT m. 

Bad c. leads to ruin. aTBirat ^(1 srmT«T nt5. 

Man is according to his c. ^tTl'iy^ ? TO^TTT^. 
There is also a Hindustani proverb of the same import. 

To bear c. To keep c. with. v. To Accompany, ^jj m.- 

rrpTH m.- ^mmn m.-^\^ f.-&c. W'^^y- ofo. 

4 boJi/ corjmrate. association, society, corporation. ^X n. 

i>T m. 3T^rfT '«. 3T^ m. Hj^t/. ^*ir w. qffp/jo^. ^^r^J. 

r> (of a regiment). The English word under the form 

of =fi'T^/. is commonly used. 
To CoMPASv, V. n. associate with, v. To Accompany. ^1 m.- 

^T^^rm ot.-^T^PT/.-&c. t:TT^. 
CoMPAEABLE, a. v. V. 1. qiyKNI-^%rT-<S;c. fn^t^ itt^- 

qT-^rnT-%rcn'-&C. ^TqT^mT-&c. 5rCT«rtt=EfT,tTT?5?5fT,?fH- 

- d4HI +<"'m'i ^M'MrHl, H'Zl<<M"lir-&c. ^^K^. 
CoMPABATES, ». — in logic. TTHT^TRKT n. 
Comparative, a. estimated ly comparison. 3TJrfSwT'I5i?T, 3T- 

wftTOT^^, 3T5^HN^, ar^i^^, ^tt'^^t, ^I^^^. 

2 — in grammar. See Compakisox. 

COSIPAKATIVELT, adv. T. A. rTTrm^ST W.-rTPTf'^ «• TTf^S 

■^fmf, «tft»rfr %?ft 3T^prt, fir^f 5 qrf^S ar^trrt, ?fN?T. 

To Compahe, v. a. examine hy settiny or hrinyina toycther. 
^^14"!, ^"r||T TT^^, 5^, l^fTT^St, qSFTT^ ''TiaT, qSrTToir 
?«.-rfToIT m.-TitflT m.-kc. TT^'jf y. o/o. fKoS^-^TT^- 

?rT5'T-&e. TT^, ^^im, jHrom, g-irwjr, H?5^r/.-g^T^- 

FTT ^n.-^.jJM+Nril «!.-fr^^Trf /.-&c. ^ot-qr^OT <J. ofo. 

-—in rhetoric, illustrate, Uken.^T^M^ f..^,^j J'.-^^\i^ f, 

-&C. OTt-*<«l, 3''7HT?f, HoEOf^ aP=I^. [&o. Rfrlff. 

Compared, ^. v. V. 1. ^;fr|'T-rTr|?T-"T5rrT^-&e. i+l f^r^rfr, 

2 gdrif-H, &c. OTfJT^T, HferT. 
CoMPAitisos, CoMPAEi>-G, «. V. V. I.— act. q^d l ctui «. qr- 

iTT^T^ Ml^ui ra. &c. q^rilcAi J«. TfRTT w». W^|t|,^r m. ?^^- 

W-J^r^ m. 'S^qTrf/. Hr-iHi y. ^qrfFT n. 
standard or measure of c. Sf'Tf^T ni. 

To stand a c. with. q^t^TT^ ^rn^trr. 
2 ^HT/. 3^TKR n. 

I. In grammar the degrees ofo. are expressed, 1st simply 
by the power of the particles f?T,q?Tf,qtW (answering: 
to than) attached to the words" as stTT^-FTT ^"tl-qfqj^f- 
H^qftW-^T ^ilST &c. — there being no variation what- 
ever of the adjective expressing the quality: 2dly, 
though less idiomatically, by the use, for the expression 
of the comparative degree, of 3Tfq^ (more) before tho 
adjective, as a^fq^p ^fl?5T more yood, and, for the 
expression of the superlative degree of arffT, qTH, "PR, 
(extremely, utterly, &c.) before tho adjective, as ^fn 
=5rm?IT extremely yood, or of ^fSfff^T, ^^T^i^^ &c. as ?!- 
«rff^ xffijpsr: 3dly, by the attachment, to Sanskrit adjec- 
tives, of the particles fR & rTiT for the comparative K 
superlative degrees respectively; as 3'^fl^,r5fR;-3'^?t^, 
l^cTJT, Mgher, dearer, hiyhest, dearest. 

II. iUusiration, v. Simtle. ^^^\ f. ^"ZtFT m. 
Subject of c. ^■q^ «• 

III. possibility of leing compared, proportion Sfc. ^t^lfr 
/. 5?r^r/. ^rq^TTT m. ^n^3q- n. 3^TT=rr/. w^ «. 

Compartment, m. cell.imrtition, v. Division, er ?>• ^m.n. 

qf «». «. %HT m. 
To Compass, v. a. encircle, environ, v. To Slhround. M'*."!, 

%S"jf, %'?^, %TT OT.-irST m.-&c. q^irf. 

2 o/<am, Y. To Accomplish. ^'4^, ^^ ^T^r, sttft ^^St, 

3 See To Circumambulate. 4 purpose, devise, v. To 
Intend, jthtft jfT^^, %?T m. ^F^iif y. of o. 

Compass, n. v. Ciecumfekence. qTT »». ^ w. qWk m. 

2 circuitous route, v. Ciitcuix. qrn wi. f^lT'TtST m. dim. 
PTT^iit/. 'IT^Ur »«. 5Fo!^T OT. 

To fetch a c. frR^iST J».-%TT m.-q^W OT.-n^Jfnrm.-&c. 
q-OT-JTnTjf , froft /. ^F5ot. 

3 comprehension, indusion, embrace, sphere, capacity. 

To come into a small c. ?iq"?i?T 'T'Jr. 

To contract into a small c. ?rq"Strl 3TM"J?. 

4 ranye, exttnt, v. Eeach. 3T€t=pr >». ^t^'FT in. q^T^H/- 
on. VIST/. Z^^m. 

5 ( of the voice ). %T «. ^ «. 

C ( of mariners ). ^7 »«. ^T'T^ ?J. 'H'^Wi'^ "• 

Point of the c. f^^lT /• f^fj^TFT m. The eight points 
are ."Jrjf^m /. pi- and with inclusion of the zenith and 
nadir S^lf^^Tf /. pi- The minor or remaining points aro 
3^TfVw /■ pi. W^^TT /• pi. The points collectively are. 
f^^ n. 

Building open to all the points of the c. ?f^rH^ "• 
Determining the points of the c. f^^RTTtTS^ «. 
Elephant of one of the eight points. fr^l^I m. 
To bos the e. f?ig'-a^ n. ^^, 
7 compasses. <Ffe 7».""qv^nT m. ^f+i'tt, m. [^'Tr/. 

Compassion, n. v. I'liy. ^f. ^W^ /■ ^FT^'^T n. HT^r j*. 




(Compassionate, a. v. Pmrui,. <j«j|o6, ffTT^I^, ^Tr^^rT, <Ji^- 

To CoMPAssioxATE. See To Put. 
CoMPASsiojfATELT, adi>. V. A. ^%H, ?^rac^, SMiq^*. 

COMPATIBILITT, «. V. A. ^HnpTT/. AHf^/. ^IHIT Jll. ^TT- 
COMPATIBLK. a. V. CON-SISTEST. ^5ET^r-=5TT-^FTr-^'m?rT-&C. 

(•OMPATIDLY, aJv. V. A. ^^rq-prriT a. dcd. ^THST'Tsf^, 1^?T- 

CoMPATBior, M. h"^^, tj'j^yftq', <r^^}ft, w:_v. 

CoMPEEK, M. V. Equal. sffr^rfNT, ?nT^F7, ?T'T^?T. 
To Compel, r. a. coiis'rain, force, oblige, nccegsitatc, make, 
^^ n ^qor^rrt/.-spSTT^IT >».-^^)«.-vilitT OT.-4Kiml/.-&e. 

^ot-=nr55roT wi/h cT^r of o. ^^-^7r^{t{^-&o. ^?^ofr-+<q^ 

irtrr-.'iic. 5f^ ?5T^5r-qT^'jf-ST5f^^3T-&p. Tof hi. ?TF^aT, qr- 
# ^?nJr qi^ ( or rfi'^^T ) ^T^ijf, HI'IWIS^, HTnT?f3TroTof. 
COMPELLATIOS, n style of address, tvord of salutation, kv^^- 
^fsr n. g^T^rft^JlTH ». ^n^-sff?ff^fT-&e. ^f? n. STTf^I- 
^If^l^r^-Ac. Tf^ ». The terms of Gompellalion are very 
numerous, and they are iu constant use. As we have 
but few corresponding terms in English, they cannot 
bo inserted in order, yet, as they are valuable, they 
must not be rejected. Here, accordingly, they are set 
down. Some are respectful, some tender or affectionate, 
dome familiar, and some cont'mptuous. 3T3ft, "a^Sfrj, 

■JT^rqr, w^r, aTTurr, arTT, srsr, arrfq-r, artij, ^q^T, ^t^, I' 

=FT^^, ^, f?r?ft, ?nf , ?TT?qT, ?l|dNI, ?T^t, ^PJT, ^[^, ^RF, j 
^^TRf, p^ or jf , q, ii jrF?T, SPTF, STlt, ^rrq , ^TTSfT, ifRT, 
STTf , TF^JT^ or 'TrrTrq',HT3TT o;- *rrWJft,'TraT or 'uijTsft, 

T^r^^, *him41 0'" ^mrr^, httt, mf, Tra"^t, TR?rT|q, 

^•T?r, =rf^=ft, ?n^5f. It may be here noted that names 
have commonly three forms, viz. the simple, the res- 
pectful, and the contemptuous; ex. ^fTT or HT^, T^- 
^, %| simple form; H^|<^ij|, H^l<i-4t, ^5r^^,%l?rFK res- 
pectful form; ITSKT, 'T^-^, ^■^TT contemptuous form. 

CoMPENDiou.s, a.v. Abbidged. iU^^^FT 3TTTJT%?yT, ?f?T7r^, 
'fff?Tfr, ?T%fT^, ?t?iTT^"T, *iiHir«H+-, ?f|H. 

COMPENBIOtJSLT, oii). V. A. ?f?TrR, ?f?T7^^^, vTli+'MfrT. 

COMPENBIOUSNESS, «. V. A. ?f^ »». ^?TH1TT/. 

Compendium, n. v. Aeeidgment. ?fR?t'4 »». ^TtT^nT^ ot. 

To Compensate, To Compense, v. a. recompense, make a- 
meruls to for. H^ijf, TSTT^'t, Hi^JiT w.-^lPi^^ui n.-^- 

2 Je equivalent to. «nt«R-?nTffic5-&c. ^, 5Rt«rft /.^^, 
m^'ll^ T^CT toj'M fjffy. fon. 
Compensatee, n. CoMPENsATiifG,;?. o. Compensative, d. 

Compensation, n. equicalent given for loss, sufferings, Sfe. 

5^?Tpft-&o. cj^ f^<r|?!^"^HT m.-^^^ »».-%# «.-&c. ^tI^- 

H?^ n. gf$^ «. 
-Tb Compete, v. n. cope or vie with, v. To Rival, ««wO/, 

Competence. Competency, it. v. A. 'TTHqorT ?«. nmsT^fl. 

?ir^^/. qt'^T^rr/. OTj^m/. ?tk?tt/. ^RVmrrr/. ^- 


I. easy fortune^ good circumstances. f^T^TTT^ tH' n. ?- 

STT^f ^q' M. fqPTT HRT J^r ( V^ m.^Tf^/.^sif «. 4o. ; 

That enjoys a c. that is in easy circumstancet, com- 
fortally provided.^ ivell off in the world, comfortaUe.^ hap- 
py, Sfc. ^jr^nf^T, ^rmr'^^^, ^^i-AH^jf^ tj^tm or ^^, 

Competent, a. qualified for., equal unto., adequate. tr^ffr.'T- 
^?rT, ?1Tt4, ^PT^, 'fP'T, TT^^, '?TtT, ^PRf^T, ?^, ^- 

To hi competent to. 3ni[FqK»».-^c^w!.-&c. 3T?r^. 
CoMPETENTLT, o(^i;. V. A. JWl «. <^ec/. ^qrjTrn' a. deal. ^- 

Competition, n. v. V. a?ic? Eivalev. ^q'qf /. sifrrprqf /. ^T- 
Jp^ft or ^X^^f. ^OT. ^sr^/. ^^-4ffiT?5rT /. ^^X(\- 

Competitor, n. Competing. 7?. a. v.V. a/jt/ Eival. srfrl^- 

Compilation, Compilemest, n. v.V.l. — act. ^f^^^Rvrn ^. 
?T^»!. ?i?T^OT«. ^q^tlJT'Jrra. ?riTT^7TT». frHT|f%/. 
I. ^7(/?iy compiled, ^tf^rfr/. ?i?T^»;. H?T^q"<T?». 
To Compile, v. a. collect together. ?rq^OT.-?BT^M.-WT^t=R- 

'jr».-?tf|?rr/-&c. ^r^ y. o/ o. 

2 «Ti7e. See To Compose. 

COJIPILEB, «. V. V. 1. ^^ ^pTlt-^Plft, Wf^rfT ^tTT. 

Complacence, Couplacenot, n. pleasure, satisfaction of 

mind. tHT^m. ^\\\f. ^wi^f. ^^^im f- f^TTST^f^nrr/. 

f^rlMWIdOT. fqrT^qRZq'w. f^^m^m. fJfrT^IITT'^TR?*. 
2 See Civilitt. 
Complacent, a. v. N. 1. ^^ifdc*, M^^P^tI, f^Trra^^T, jfr^T- 

Complacently, adv. v. A. 1. ^hi«IIH|', fq^w^r^TR, f^ri^- 

To Complain, v. n. lament, repine., mourn., ^c. TPT, ^3^- 
a-qr or f^Farf^-qr/. i^^. ^, fT^'^, fq?f 3:^, ^55^^, 
^N^N /.-%^«J,-1q75PTm.-f5rT2FT7rt.-5;?q"l?^OT.-&c. ^R^, 

To c. peevishly. f:Rq5k/-ftrf\T/.-&c. ^r^,f+< [+<"!' - 

2 represent injury or crime. f^^\zJ. ^^^'Z\^-^., =TTfe^ 
/.-^f?reff/. JET^-^ffiM, 1=^ «.--pI15T »!. ^mot, ?R/. 

WNui, arf'T'fmOT. 'HT'it. 

3 ( of pain, thirst, &c. ). 3T1^ 3T% *-^uiui_ 
Complainant, n. v. V. 2 fq>4(l<^*<uiKI, &c. f^T^, "^'^T^ft, 

CoMPLAiNEB, n. Complaining, p. a. v. V. 1. g:^*<uiKi, 
<4"li<l, ^?^<A"IKI, &c. f+iPMl w ='!n, f'TTpTCT w =^1, 




f^r^in'. Some terms ior a perso7i ever complaining, (ecer 
' whining, moaning^ Sfc. ) are Xl%'\^ T3^, TI'^, <S'i'i4-qT, 
T5H?5?:Ht, Tl%sn?5, ■lirlKIAFT, ^J^Tf ;— and lor a Jemale 

Complaint, Comi'lainino, n. v. X. l.~arf. ^nf". f^Trf^- 
^n. &c. fT|T/. f^Tr^ or f^T?^^ »>. f^STTqT f^T?^ »». 

Peevish c. f^FT^/. fwftr/. ^TTT/ 

Piteous c. TS/. «• ^fl, TT, ^^STPJiTn. 

A string of piteous complaints. T1^'<TT/. T^+^lufl'/. 
2 I^^U /. JTl^^T or ?nfe^ or ^/. ?T?/. f5ls5T/». 1=^- 
<jfn. ^mioft "»• iTTTTo^/. 

To go or come to lodge a c. f^qi^ ^M o;- il'nt. 
I.— in law; charge, t.Accusatiox. ^m.'T^q-^/K.^JrrWw. 

II. crtMSi? or ground of c. ^'.^jfw. ?:5/. ^=^^«. 5:^T?TW^- 
0T«, |;^|g?«. [m.n. 

III. maladi/, disease, \. Disoedek. TPT m. Z^^n. 3[T^/-- 
CoMPLAiSAUCE, «. T. A. 1. TTTOT^^/. ^^'•^TT'irTOT. ^^'<Tfn- 

ft/. ar^^ /. ST^TT^ m. 
Complaisant, a. v. Civil. ^\^H^\r^A nrs, aHliJHUt, ^T^R- 

2— deportment, &c. Hiuj^^fft'^, ^r<^4U|M|,^p-i<<l<il^l. 
COMPLAISAKTLT, adi\ T. A. TTWH^pt^, ^T^'iT'T'JrH', &e. 
Complement, n.fuU qnnnlUy or number. TTrff/. HTTtT/. 

2 quantity, Sfc. completing, supplement, ^X^^f- '^V^ n. 
TT/. TTrft/. 'TOT/. 

C. of an arc to 90°. ^Tf^/. 

C. of a segment, tfts/. 
CoMPLEMENTAL, a. completive, supplementary. Tft^T, TT<ft- 

To Complete, v. a. maJce full or ichole. T'Tft/'TOTT m.-T- 
frr/.-IUMl/.-Ac. ^^y o/o. ^T- yrrT-'pf-&e. ^FTot. 

2 execute fully, T. To AccoMPLisn. q'^f-q'T-^^^ifn'-^HTH'- 
&c. :Rur, f^^^-?T5RRr-?rfr^-&c.-%'Jr-3TT'iT'Tf. 

3 ( a period or term ). T^, ^-J?;t-&c. sfj^iir. 
Complete, a. Completed,;?, t. V. 1. <Tof &c. %^?5T, JTT, 

'TT?TT, "Tof, "rf^^, ^TW, "Tft?r, "TtT, t^, ^^Tm, Hfn, ^- 

q-?'^, f?r:?T^, 3T^H. 

2 qtiT %?5^, etc. ^TT, qTcTT, rTHFT, ^HTF, ^TTW, f^^, 


To be c. T^. 
Completely, adv. entirely, t. "Wholly. ■•?PT?t, '-tmn , TOTT^. 
Completeness, Completedness, m. v. A. 1. I'V'T'iir m. &c. 

Twmr/. mRmuIht/. ^omr/. '^jMf- ^ft^f. 

2\jVJ^ m. &c. tm^f. &c. "wmffT/. fjpJTf^T/. ?tM^ 

/. h^f jf^^f. 

Completion, n. v. Y. \.—art. qofjjj^ w. &c. TT^pift/. "TT^- 
"J^^/. TTrft/. HT1TT m. "T?^ »• "rfTTnT n.— state. q^TOTT 

m^ "jw/. qfm^/. ?rT5?TT/. ^f. q^if^/. qfM%/. 

2 — act. qon^ot ?i. f%^tH ^ n. &c. ^mPTT n.—state. q- 
^oTTm, &c. ^TJTimT/. &c. ^THTf^/. f^«qf^/. ^M5[/. 


To draw to c. "fll^rPT ^if. 
Completive, a. v. V. 1. TfhTT, H^^T, '^T^. 
Complex, a. not simple, compo-ted of two or more parts. 3?%- 

2 V. Complicated, ^'ripi'rff^r, ^RTS^n^T. 
Complexion, n. color of the skin or external parts. -Jm^ 

m. ari^rfH/ tl m. ^^ m. ^(m m. 

2 temperament, v. Constitution. ir^frT/. '^TR m. 
Complexity, Complexness, y. A. 1. 3TJl+<<<;'HMr4<Hf^ n. 

2 n?fFm/. q'nn^r »«. 

Compliance, «. v. Y.—act. jtt?^ qi^iir ;!. Jp'^ qiTot «■ &<". 
^t??R m. fi^T OT. HF^ftT/. a^^^T^^ n. ST^^VT ot. ^=;j^- 

To yield c. ^^, 
V. A. 2. (jjjc? Civility, ar^^f^r/. 3T5?=5^"^ n. 
Compliant, a. yielding, tractable, v. Obedient. f^Jf'ft', f^f- 
^^r4J(, -^RlrT, f^q^TTft, sr^^mfr, ^Hft--^, f^rq^T, 3T- 

To malie c. ^t'^f^fot. 
2 obliging, conceding, v. Civil. STHfrKft, STJ^Trff, ^R- 

To Complicate, v. a. invoice, v. To Entangle, ifrf^, T\f^- 
7S!\ or ^T'^Z^ or yT^TTJut, T^'P^'if, "TrlPp/. ^R^ y- o/ ". 

Complicate, a. Complicated,/!, v. V. ^rfcj^^'^T, &c. 'TrfTJ- 
rfNT, 'i9rrn'?ft=5fr, T^q^-STT^^T, yi<|)'|d^=^, ^I4|%qHl, 3" 

Complication, «. v. V. — act. ^^{^u\n. ^i^i^\n. &c. — state. 

'irm/. 2^r^ »«• 'X'^'^'i-f. T3;qrs:T wj ^^^W or <pjt or "wn' 

«. ^hhm/. ^oe n. T^ftj-^; OT. 
Compliment, n. expression of approbation, civility, ifc. T^- 

Hollow c.)mpllmeuts."^Strfr 3TI7T m. ^"J^iq^sfR?'!. 
2 compliments; — as sent or conveyed. TPTOT ?«. ^OTK' 
m./jZ.— amongst Brahmans. HM^^K' m. 

Interchange of c. ^Tt^i^O/. 
To Compliment. See To Peaise. 


^r^^., ^f^ 5TTqq:-5Ttqqj-&c. an^rr^, 3Ti^^^i^-^i;^fqj-&<:'- 

?q'-)KMT, ariT^nfr^. 
CoMPLOT, Ac. See Plot, &c. 
To Comply, v. n. yield to, accede to, v. To Ageee. Mi'M-qi- 

5?5-&c. qJTW, ^^K w. ^of, J^ft^PTOT, ^ + K m. Jpiif, ST^R , 

Component, a. that coHlltitutcs,forms,^c.^^'>^.,^ff^^^^., 
Component, n. constituent part, 3T5T'^-3Tsm«IHrT-3^'TrTq- 

crr4 w.-f^r^nr m.-&c. 

To CoMPOET. See To Ageep.. 2 (one's self) See To Behave. 


Compos mentis, a. sane. g^t^-fF'<T?ft^ aT^OTRT, arf^f^T^. 
To Compose, v. a. constitute, form. :s^Tp^-'J^^^^■>^-m^^^^ 

3TO0T in. con. ^R^Jf, mcjiii, or qMNui, 

2 lay, calm, still, tranq^uilize, quiet, j-c. 5[im^ or «i<i<<"i, 



flt.-??rF-4-f^<TT-'a5-&c. :PTW, ?m m.-rUT^ /i.-nifH/.-ST^I^T^ 
»>.-7'I?TK^ «.-&c. <|vTW y. 0/ o. Brim^jui «. JfrTTJT y. 0/ 0. 
y ( a discourse, &c. ). JfjTDT, r^rtif, «ff^, ^3"il, ^P^'T. 
•1 adjust. V. To Settle. arS'it, ^^'T, WHH: »i.-^r5/.-&c. 
^m y. 0/0. 

r> /j/arf iH proper slate. S(c. See To Dispose. 
CoMi'osEP,;). 4-n. V. V. 1. %^OT, SHTSf^^, =ErT used with 
tlic uouu ( as JTr?fNT, ^'p^rmT kc.),^^ {^- 
cJu'iH^ &p. ), "HTfTrF ( in coinp. as g^^H^, ^<mrH'+ ), 
^TfTrT ( in comp. as :ftfcl^ft?f TFTOr, g^1£^P,r)<:|T?q, FT- 
HqP.di^ ). [ TH^^. 

'J am/ Cai.m. ^H5T=I?5r, &c. ?Epr<T. ?TfrT, 77^Tt?r, ^T^r, f- 
:; J^PI^. i<ci-. rf^, qfer (ill com]), as g?T5:7 qfef, &c.), 
i?f<^?r, sfiifrH ( in comp. as cqifUMTrT, nPTiTsrofl'^, &c. ). 

I. «to.(/, sedate, stead 1/. f^iR, ^HT*^ or ^TT^T, q^f. 
Coii rosEDLY, a(/f. t. A. 2. and Calmly. ^^r^fTT^TT^, '!^''^*T^TH. 
CojirosEDNESS. n. See COMrosvEE. 2 sedateness, staidness. 

TTgrft/. ij'frwTT VI. ^■^\^ n. ftir^^iT/. 

CojirosEi:, n. a. v. V. 2. ^frT^iTFT, &c. ?Tfrr- 
KTfif-Ac. ^rnrPT, ^rR"^-!Tn'T?r-^Ttf?f-&c. s{rffy-i;iff, ^frTR 

y ^^TiTRT, ^^3iTTr, &c. qrfrr, ?:^nF, ^^-ttt, W'X^. 

Composite, a. made tip of parts. ^^^:'^^^^^fz'H. ['P'ft/. 

Composition. Compo.-sikg, n. v. V. l.—nct. ^Fn^P^ n. shT- 
2— oc<. wfrfSfnt «. ^rF'4T^ 01. ^TRf^ w. &c. ^TK^T »». ir^T- 
JT^ «. 3^^^ n. ?TK ?». ^TJTTT^ «. ^tHI'-I^JUl n.— state. ^iffFT 
(esp. in comp. as TR^Ttftr, 3^5Tff?f, 5)?T»:T^Tff?r, Br'T^TtfFr, 
&c. ), ^IT m. OT^TK TO. (jq^Ttfn/. 
;!— orf. ^fm n. V^i\ n. &c. W.^H n. W'^ n. rsT^p/. '^- 

^^rr/.' q^qrir^r/-— a. or «. ^^'^^^^^ or ^v^^m^f. ^^r^ 

Ki. JFT^JT »i. ?t»T m. JT^T^r m. 

4 — oc<. di^iri n. ^H-iul ?j. ^J?^fZ^jf. — a. or 3. ffrs/. t'. "TT- 

5, dli-4li/. ^15Hli or msdis/- ^kz m. 

]. discourse, Ijc. composed, v. B0OK. ij'if m. ^=PT «. ^1=^ ! 

n. ^jrfemr/. ii 

II. .See CoMPOLNDiXG, CoMPOuKD. III. — in grammar. Ij 
rWra- m. ^HI^K »«. 

The cliief forms of c. are STo'T'll'TT'r, <^5^, «rj'»ftf^, 
55; but of these there are many subdivisions. 
IV. — in mathematics. TT^^ «• 
C'OMPO.?ITOE, n. tilMI^ 5%-f^ ^otU|K-|_ 

Compost. See Manure. 

C0MP03VEE, n. adjustment, v. Settlement, f?IT/. msmi/- 

2 calmness, qnietnesg, tranquility. Rt1|41 '^'^TrTT/. ^f- 
f^/- CT5iTtfH/. 3^31JT TO. 5TJT w. ?rt?n^?'aT/. '4^0TTm. 
'43T^ TO. 4117^ n. :?^ «. 5(Tf?tf5rrr n. J^'irf^ «• NtT- 

r^rFWT n. ^HTq- n. T;rr<mr/. ^r?WT n. ^TTTPTH' to. 
COMPOTATION, »i. drinking together. ^''ftf?r/. ?I'ftfw/. ?r- 

^TT^ n. 
COMPOTATOK, «. ?T^T7f ^Trf-:pT^-iJH^-&c. ?T^tTPft. 
To COMIOUND, f . a. min^Je, combine, y. To Mis. fTTotsRT, 

2 constitute, form. (See To Comiose. ;J adjust, v. To Set- 
tle. fTTSiJI, ^/. TTSof-spT^-^PToi, <?Tl^re /-(iTP^r- 

5/.-HIW5/. JR'Jry. 0/0. 

4— in grammar. i\M\H m.-^v,\^\i m.-&c. WJ^, 
To Compound, v. n. come to terms of agreement. aRofrs/. 

Compound, a. not simple, f^^'£\'^\.^ ^5^1"^, f^HSi, fjT*;r, fH' 

2— in grammar. ^nmTRr, ■HIHlfW'^, ?I'Tm^T'T, Tm^. 
Compound, w. mass compounded, v. Mixtuhk. fn^ci/. 

2 — in medicine, ?'?fT^?f w. ^\^ to. THj to. Certain me- 
dicinal or chemical Compouiuls are a^flR^F, arftr^TT, 

fPP, ^HRtf ^T, sllStlMi^, i(^I?q fWHfoT, ??Tm^, 2THT- 

^T, f^of iTTfS;?fr 5r?f?f, BH^I^TT, *l>HF^ Si^T or g?;, 

y — in grammar. ^nTRT m. 

Explication of a c. f^^ m. 
4 yard around house. ^X^ or qT?j or TC?T n. <f]Z] m. ^' 
^STrSTTO. elTSn "• =rii'+'ri n. CJ^TJ ». "Tts «• sTTIT/. «T^- 

Compounded, p. v. V. A. 1. In^oiP.rir, &c. fJTssr, W^ipi, if- 

COMP&UNDEE, n. V. V. A. 1. fJT?f3iTTTT-&c. ^ffej^spT ^PtT- 
¥. V. N. tTTS^re ^T^TTT,^re^-^"JnTr, «&c. dTff=rT%- 

DTRT, Hrprn-5TT. 

Compounding, «. t. V. A. \.—act. fimoEof «. f^7.W^ 11. 
&c. fiT'.TT'r ». ^rffcTTJiW n. ^f^^ ». — state, fw^^f. 
f*RT55T TO. 

3 nrs'ir M. ^iT^TTs ^n^ n. ^rsjfrs ^^ «. &c. 

4 See Composition. 

To Comprehend, v. a. comprise, contain, include, emlracc. 

arra 3^, ^^TsoT, ^psm^Sr, 3T5r;rTo^, 5:TT'Jr, arm ^, s^tr- 
% 3Tr^?:i?r ji.-^Titn to.-&c. ^FT^ir y. 0/0. ^3^ ^mijr, 

2 conceive, v. To Understand. 3TT^3ur, qdf, q"5TJf, ?TJT- 

v^ljf , 3TT^0f, ^^ TO. JPTof y. 0/ 0. #rtT TO.-^JT^ TO.-3Tr3T TO. 

^St-T5dT. y. 0/ o. lOi^A in. con. «TFff rf %nr 2«. con. 

3 involve, t. To Imply. Jififn^TTOI. 
Comprehended, ^. a'. V. 1. aTT^F^rSST, tTT^r^T, &c. arr^Fferr, 

?Tirrfcr?, arn^rf. •a'rT'k, srf?ra^?r, #j^, 

2 ^7\k^., ^mfTT^T^, &c. arnpferT, itpt^^, ^^-qrc^, 

3 Tf^TfT. 

Comprehensible, a. v. V. 1. 3^r^5!rJrT-'=n'-^FTr-<tc. 3{;-T.?j- 

COM 167 

2 ?jTnTTqT-=?fT-^;TtnT-#n^-WK^T-<5;u. ^S'n'^, sTr^TT'^, 

CoMPKEHENslos, n. V. V. 1. — act. STT^oSiif n. &c. aTT^SJT". 
sr.f'Tfl'^ m. ^rft^^TJT n.stafe. ^JTT/. H^JTcft/. "m^TT /. 

2~-act. ^JT^ «. ^m^ »"./. ^^^ «■ 3T^TJT m. CHg^^T J». 

I. inclusion, sphere, embrace, v. Compass, ^jjif/. ^cToE «. 

II. capacity of knoiciny, v. Undeestaxdino. ^fJTST ot./. 

CoxiPREHENsrv'E, «. V. V. 1. 5qTT^, ^TT^, sr^^nrf^^T^i^If- 

CoMPREHENsivENEss, «. V. A. 1. sqnT^FTr/- ^Tf ?TiTT%^T^fJr«. 
To CoMPEEss, tJ. o. condense, concentrate. '<fr3^^f?f aTMof, 

f r'; w.-srfdy^K ?/».-^^ m.-^fn /.-&c. ^^ y. of o. ^- 

2 Jorce together, v. To Press, ^"rf, =;TFTi7t, ^T^, ^^ifT- 
CoMPEEss, n. ^mu-m^t ^7^€f /.-<T^/. 
Compressed,^. V. V. 1. 'tfrS^^H "Hiui^rii, &c. ^?pf?5?f, 

Comphf.ssible, «. v. V. 1. 'ifrsaRM aTMnTT-^mr-^m?!!- 

Compression, m. t. V. 1. — act. xfiscfiiff arMW w. &c. ?f^- 
?5?r n. 3niF?5H «. srfd^^K «J. 3^HfR m.— state. sd%€f- 
f?f/. ^HT^fcf/. _ 
2 — ac/. =sfNaf TO. %q7:DT w. &c. 

CoMPRESsuHE. See Pkessur?. 

CoMPEisAL, n. T. V. — act. 3H|+ri>i «. jprft^RW n.— state. ^- 

To Comprise. See To Cgmpbehexb. 

Compromise, «. compact upon concessions. ^V^ f. v. 'TTJ, 

ffra ^3Tr?/. fffS^T5 or HI id 14 /. 

2^n law. «J<tW+rl«|| m. chd^ll «». 
To Compromise, «. «. v. N. 1. and To Settle, fftl'^, JTT?/. 

2 /)(</! to hazard. •4t^TTm-T'Tm-^qRen=I-3T?^<Jn'? qT- 


To Co-MPEL. sfSpifT, «(o(,m1k1^, ^JHft=^, 5fo5U+RM7, ^- 
JTTSfT, ^m ^?5i=ft=5Tr, 5I?J^tTTH, 5I?5^^?F. 
Compulsion, Compulsiveness, n. v. V. /orce applied, v. 
Violence. «T?5T?=PRi'op.5T5:Tc^JT »»• ^7?^ »». ^Tt^H^^/. 

Compulsively, Compolsohilt, adv. v. A. 5i^,^^iTT^, vf- 

Compunction, n. v. Eepentance. <Ttfti^ m. ?:^ w. =^OT=qTJT 

/. ^^^5/- ^^^^S- W.W.f- 'W^J'J- THHn m. 
Compunctionless, a. T^mNft?T-^jfq--Tf|?f, 'JT^^?TPft. 
€oiipu:<CTious,,a. T. EEriiiJiAjTx. t^HImI, ■HH^rrft, ^^- 


uRtjl, ^T^^. 

COMPUNCTIVE, (7. causinj remorse. '?'i<Ilrim +K'^->|'1<P-ttc'. 
JTq'WFT «hK'+>-&c'. 

CouPCROATioif, «. T^qiyr/. 

Compurgator, «. T5W?ft. 

To Compute. Computation. See To Calculate, Calcula- 
tion, [m. ^'^ m. 

Comrade, n. v. Fellow. ?r??'ft, ^1«jrf), ^1^, ^^PT^, *Trs 

Con. To this inseparable prepositiou correspoud ^JT and 
^ or as substituted for them, ^. 

To Con, v. a.Jlx in the mind. ^\W'^.^ ^1 ^iTW, 'juiui, ?T'«tt/. 

To Concatenate. See To Link. 

Concatenation, n. v. Series. Trf^sft/- ^f^^T /!fn?7RTE5T?/2. 

Concave, a. hollow and arched. 3t5+'il^lihrd, +'11^1 + 1 ;(TT^- 

Concavity, n. v. A. 3??'^^-^!^/ '^S^?TfT^R w. =R^^- 
SPT^T ?». n. ^Z\^W:t^\'^.n^ m. n. ifp.HI+off/. 
I. a e. qn; ?». 

Concavo-concave, a. concave on both sides. J^^'\<-a:T.^^^^' 

Concavo-convex, a. 3TfT!rr?T ^F?!:T^T^f?r. 

To Conceal, v. a.v. To Hide. 5fr^, ST^oi',^'75r^,^JraTjf ; ^- 

^UWy. o/o. 
CoNCEiLABLE, «. V. V. 5Trai^-=^-^RT-^PTrrr-&c. JiPFft^T, 

Concealed, ;?. v. V. ?rr^%^, &e. nH", nrf^fT, 'HK'tilf^.d, sf- 

"^tfrf^, M'-ti"?!, f^rVrf^. 

Concealer, «. Concealing, ;j. a. v. V. 5Tf^'JTlTr, J^'^iTTtT, 

Concealment, ^^. v. Y.—act. ^rt^ ^J- ^FTW ?;. =^ivh n. &c. 
tjq^TJT^/. S^^rwt/. •il'MKN'r/. iTn^ ;". 5T=^^^=T «. f?TTr- 

tnTf ,'i;_4/ffl/,.. 5rf^^^ T'^T m. &c. ipmT/.'JTr^3Tf^f?r «. 

STipFTiiT m. 'JTSffHf^/. 

I. hiding place, fr^^or/- ^^^t/. «• 
To CoifCF.DE,v. a. allow, grant, yield, \. To Admit. ?{r5'Jf, 

^, iTT^-^^-&c.' ^RW , ^^Uuf. [ *rRHT /. 

Conceit, «. iwfirye or idea formed, v. Conception. ^r"T^/. 

2 /iiy/j estimate of self or own. f^^^ m. 3Tf*nTT5T ?». 3T- 
^Wm.-Z^m. ylrT^«^. feHT^ w. "TrHTW /■ Tn /. % or 

OT. il^iT^/. ^^TTTT'tft/. fif^iTFT/. ITT^OT. 'jTT^ST?TT/. r. 

^snfJTHT^ m. SfFT^m «i. 

C. oi, pluming one's self on. sfT^r »». 

To lose one's c. KM m. HT^of-fJTT^ y. o/' «. 

To be out of p. with. STfTiTH ?«. ^^of y. of o. v:.^ 
m.^JTHit, JT=T ??. 3^ v-'ith ^W^^_ 

To take the c. out of. ^rs/.-^r^T w.-<tee. ^TTl'if y. f/ 

3 See Fancy. 

Conceited, a. v. >', 2. ^7T^, ':'~(^, , T'^TT, Tpfni, ttJ'^ i?/* 




JTT^rtt, *n?r, n*n<)irti, i^^HW, r<SHKM<^I^, f^TTT^'^, 'THpft, 

qrrTRTt, 57, ^inw, fir^^rfit, fw^\^ ^>, vt^rf], arfn- 

^^, ^HTPT, 'il^*-HI«l'l, W^^FR, 3TFHTfH*Tpft, ^ifH- 

JTPT. [ 5TT. 

C. of or reopcptiiig. «JTOIT?fr, »fT"<<|-=(i, «irift^r, «fTuft- 

Co>-CEiTEDLT, adc. V. N. 2. arf^HHTH, f?m^r^, 3TfHHm- 



Conceivable, o. v. V. A. 2. ^?<TT'TT-3fpTT-^R?rr-&c. ^^- 

a ?iTr3TmT-^-^>TT-'jTt^Irfr&e. 5f^'T'^,^iri'^,JTq>T»^. 
COSCEIVALLENESS, 7!. V. A. 1. ^PrHN M I'^T'JTT »«.-&c. ^^- 

2 ^JT^dNlvHt^Nm?". Ac. s^f^n'^T^TT/. "fTM'T'-iJfil/. «fcc. 
To Conceive, r. a. form in the womb, tr^, tJTSf?r q^, T- 

2 imagine, v. To Fancy, ^pfj^qof, sn^Tf, sfji^Dt. 

3 apprehend, v. To Ukdeestakd. tTTOf, ^nf, aTT^F^'Ji', ?r- 
JT^r^r, ^Krj».-^H^»».-3Tr?fw--&c. ^M g.oj o. ivHh in con. 

To Conceive, v. n. leccme pregnant, qlzfrf tRW, IHtTTT'JT «• 

^■^, q>Rft-nHn:-qH5r^-&c. ^t'^-TT^'jf, in w. i\^^^ 

2— of boasts. J|Hi^ ^JfM, 'TTTWt ^M, TTZOX, — esp. of 
mares. ^TT or ^^ ^\i\. 

3 have opinion or idea oj, v.To Think. iT^tfT-t4|MifT-f%- 
TTtfT-^^H-&e. 't'lr in. con. 
Conceived, p. v. V. A. 1. 'Tt?.f?r tTT^HT. 

3 viT^OT, &c. STTqjfefT, fn^i:f , 55-5rT^, ^5;, |j^^• 

Concent. See Concord. 

To CoNCENTEATE, To CoNCENTRE, V. a. Iriny to a common 
centre, briny to one point. ?TT(%J-^^$^-^jq^,m-^4,r|R-lT- 
^Tq^-'^^^'<:T-&c. q^, <T%fi+,|U'^iqT-(j%?r;cfTi]T.&c. 3TM- 

iif-fiT5^aiT-ir?r5r'jf,^'OT»«.-^f¥/-^^fH/.-&c. ^Rot y. o/ 

0. rrf^'?-^|fr-&c. sf^. 

5b CONCENTEATE, To CONCENTEE, V. n. ^I1%^f^*m->?^Pir^- 

CoNCENTEicAL, o. ^H%^, i^^qF;^. 

Conception, n. v. V. A. 1. & V. N. I.— act. TRifrT tTT^n. 

Indication or sign of c. T^ffTTT/. 
2— arf. ^?<T>jf". Tq-fH J^re. &c. ^^T^t/- TT^RT/ 
Z—act. ^^^ii[n. &c. HH^wj. 3TT^»»- ^T^IHot. »tT^^^?J. 

Clear c. of. WZ srf?nT%/. 
I. image formed.^ idea. ^F-^RT/. HK^T/. 5f^[f%'!RTn». ?T- 

^M. 3RPFRW. 
To Concebn, v. a. relate to.^ h-Jong to. ^^■^m.-f7^rm\m.-&c. 
3T«^ jn. con. ^qT-f5rsRfr-&e. ?5FTnT, ^rsfo!: aTOof, 3T^- 
df y. of 0. =P?sfT-?5irqT-flq-<r=rr.^ffTTf^-&P. 3^^ /». con. 
2 (one's selO/eei a,, interest in. ^f:vz^f.-f^m /.-qjs- 
^^/.-'Tt^nn/.-Ac. Ti^ii in. con. tfilh f^rtpft ofo. T.J^Slf'f. 
-fk^f.-&c. qrot-ETPT^-iTRrJUJt y. of 0. 
S (one'3 selO intermeddle, be busif. ^m. m^aj, J{f£f 

iS'Tf, tr^Tof, :jq^ ^. 
Concern, Concernment, n. matter concerning or lelonqinrj 
to, V. Affair. :pTK«. ^5=Ji' qpTHH. (« cinTEqT W.zM ^T^T) 
^Jc^M. ^?:««. Jr^rT'T'J. f^TT'Tm. 

To prove a losing c. 5irrr«n: %ot, STtTT^ %of. 

2 passion, interest, engagedness, feeling, emotion. ^FT^- 

^/- f%<Tr/. a^Rv^r / ^p:[^f. ^f^^^/. ^>r'/». ;j|ti»j. 

fJT5^ToJT»n. 3Til?^n. fl^ft^/. IT^/ f^ipiIT/. ^^{J^m. ^- 

?/. OT. ft>T:tr/. TTiiT/. ?fr?r/ ?Tfri/. 

To ceaso to take any care or e. about. ^F'^T /.-«F'<TT- 

^TTrf/.-5iT^5H/.-HR«.-&c. ^nof y. 0/0. 

3 importance, moment, v. AVeight. ^f^HiHl/. TrfW^Tf?". 

4 connection, interest in. 3TT«. fl^'^w. JrfK-4lm. ^lT|5T»ri. 
t5nT»«. ^msm/. rR?fT m. 

Concerned, a. v. N. 2. aiRir^Fft, 3TTf?'<T^, 5FT^^'^,f^;T5^- 
toTT^, :FS^Foft^,^2^5qr, gTtft-,?gq^,f%FnHT, f4jrj |<j^ . 
4 hating an interest in or connexion with. ?fsttfT, fl^vfT- 

Concernedly, ac/i;. v. N. 2. ^FTot^^, >J<1H<^H, TRFlt^, 3TT- 

r*Trj^, &c. 
Concerning.^. ( or vulgo, prep. ). f^q^fr, ^tff, Rl-M* j« 

com/), ^sjeft in comp. 
To Concert, v. a. contrive together. t^^rc^TT^-^^^n^TR-f^sr- 

5^/. ^FT^-d-ritTlit/. ^F^, Ac. ^TiTof, ?fqWT«. ^^. 
Concert, Concerting, n. v. V. — ac/!. (^^prcqr^ ^"Mtjf w.&c. 

I.— of music, &c. fST^T qT^»». ^ffq-STT^^r^HRHm. ^^- 

C. of singing, playing, and dancing. ^rff(=t». ?frcij«. 

C -room. iTT^'Trsn" ^T^irm.-tF^m. ?i>rtrr^Tr^r/. 

II. V. Agbeement. ^^Am or^\ln.^^^\m. "^fX^ f. \^^n. 

Concession, n. v. V. — act. ^^T". ^Ff^ ^T'Jf «. ■Hliuin. ite, 
I. ^oJ«< conceded. ^r5%?5t 'TPH/.-'f^T!T»*.-&c. g^/. 

CoNCH, n. ^i^TO. jp^wj. jit;^t». 

C. — menstruum. ^T^^r^Tw. 

CONCHOLOOT, W. ?t^2fTT^«. iS^'^^f. 

CoNCILlAE, a. pertaining to a council. ^TH^TT, ^iH^sj^, ?T- 
To Conciliate, v. a. trin. gain over. HHIilui, !Hote|iji, frroT- 

f^ qirf, srz^rJr, aTT^^rin, aiTrrtT'if, anTT^jmr-argf^j-sr^^- 

&(-■■ ^"li-^F^Tr ^"^T H^qTtift/-3nTT<^HT/.-&c. ^q^ y.o/o. 
Conciliated, p. v. V. iT^Rk?^, 5p2;R?7T, &o. 3TTnf?T?f. 
Conciliation, m. v. V. — act. ^^J^ujn. cfot-Muin. anTTtTDTw. 

&c. TT^rtTT^/ iR'TJTT^'jfl'/. 'RT^Tifl'/. anrrtml^'. n^^^■ 
oft/ anrrfeT^/. mnn. 

Conciliator, «. Conciliating,^. <?. Conciliatory, a. v. 

ar3r, fTT^?rT^, 3trt'.t^, f^Tii+'i+, I^^i^k-f, I^tpt^-u. 

C. measure •HH"lt-HK»». 
Coscinnitt, Concinnous. See Fitness, Fit. 




Concise, a. v. Beief. ^^^qr^T, sr^Tf^TJ^RT'^, '3T?^^15^. 
CoNcisELT, adv. V. A. 'ifri^RTm, «?^'^^^, ar^TTsrwRH'. 
Conciseness, n. v. A. W^w. ?rfHfT?n/. f%^Rr»Tr^'». 3TrT- 

^mi m. 
To Conclude, v. a. finish, close, v. To End. HrmT-^TfTm-q- 

^-5tr-&c. ^fTiTjf, fn^nf, ?fRTjf, ar^mf, 3?5n>jf. 

3 determine, v. To Decide. 5?T^'Jt, ffT^i^nq'OT.-r'T'^l^wJ.-f^- 

3 foZ/ec< logically, v. To Tnfee. rrq^R-gTHJTRFT qpr^-q- 

4 include. See To Compeehend. 

To Conclude, v. n. finish, close, v. To End. ^tctT, st^TT^, 

ar-e-rr-^TTra'-frm'T-ctc. ^, T^iif. 

2 — iu logic. 3Tg^FT».-rT^»». ^FT^, 3l^HMui, fTT^. 
Concluded, ;;. v. V. A. 1. ^iTTF %^r5T, &c. ^mrfW, ^TTm, 

Concluding,;?, a. v. V. N. 1. and Last. ^lET^rST or =^, ^- 

^c7, ^TSTtHtT, 3f^=^, ^HTTfrsTT, 3T?^[ft^i ^^^• 
Concluding, Conclusion, n. v.V. A. 1.— ac/. ^TTIK ^"if«. 

T. V. N. 1. awrf End. 3TPift/- ^Wrfrr/. 3=nTw. '*|cJ^M». 
I. c. drawn, consequence, deduction. f^'s[\r{m. f7Tf5iq?n"<l»i. 

qf^fTT'4w. ^f%cTT'4'«. fiftT?tT'4»». fjpjff'^r*!/"- ?^^?». 'irr- 

5^4 n. ;3^T?f%f /. ^llTq m. 

Grounds or warrant of a c. ?TP-T^ «■ 
Illogical c. aTTf^f^frTra. arft'f^'nTm. 
Conclusive, a. determinative v. Decisive. Piuin^, f%*4qT- 

'n?, f%5t<T?'<TN^. [frlMlf'i.rt. 

2 — in logic; regularly consequential. ^g^ffrT^, ftf^f^ ^- 
C0NCLUSIVENES.S, n. T. A. 1%ui|i4+,F^ n. 
To Concoct, v. a. v. To Digest. T^^f^, TT^ m. wjM. 

2 prepare in the mind.^ v. To Plan. ^rTTT/- ^^, ^- 

Concoction, ?;. v. Y. 1. ^=5RTJr «. TI^ot. qft^^ w. 
2 ^FI^/. 

Concomitance, Concomitant. See Accompaniment, Ac- 

mony. ^^^sfT T'O/'- ^'l'^ ^STKm.-^^wj.-lTolOT.-^iTTw.-^^- 

i7fr/-&c. ?^T?n'^»(. ^^^W^Tre. ■himh4». ^H^^fTrn'/. 

A c. grcR B». \j^X^ n. 

2— in grammar. ar^^TT m. f^?T5^f?l5prT/. ^rmpTTftpF- 
o ( of intercourse, &e.) v. Ageeement. fJT?5T1>»«. Jraw. 

4 compact. See Ageeement. [K^T^TT. 

CONCOEDANT, a. V. ACIEEEINO. fJlriUKl, FMr^J"??!'^, ^JTT^T, 

Concoedat, n. ^n'ir;^T\^\f^r^ ^T^Tf +|U||'J^H' '^- 

CONCOUESE, n. confuence to one place. ^JTT^ni. firaiTf n. (t. 

2 V. Ceowd. vtIMNw. HoTT?/!. ^^w. rr^ n. 

3 See Junction. 

CONCKEMATION, «.-of a widow. ?T^H<«F n. ^TT^T ». 

To Conceete, t). «. V. To Clot. ni5'it, ar^iif, s^TTtrf. 
To CoNCEtTE, V. a. ^iT^rJf, nt^^T'jf, ar^'jf. 
Conceete, a. v. Thick, q^, sftJi, zy- 

2— in logic. arf'^m^f^Tq^ J 3TfN-+.<>J|'H»i'4t ! ^fiWrq^. 

3 — iu grammar. ■Rl^. 
CoNCEETiON, w. V. V. N. — act. 'vrS'^w. ar^w. v>1Hui?t. 

I. wiflM concreted. ntoITOT. ^55?f/. f^55 or f^^goTn. dim. 

Concubinage, n. '^i^t^^^^m. HTf^T^f^Nc^TRw. 
Concubine, n. inferior wife, Sfc. OT^f^t/- ■dMfeO/- HR'^^T/. 

'TFTTf^/. Hrfn^/. TRT'Efr-Jffjrf^ /?o/J. jfr^t?RT^-&c. 

«) I "4 +1 /. (among Shudras); — one of many sITTFRT/. ^- 

V^f. STTTsr^r/. STR^^Ht/. 

2 kept woman. T. Misteess. TT^/. X^ J. ^'t/. 
CoNCUPisCEKCE, w. V. LusT. ^TTT^TRf ?TT /. Iwt^TT^RT/. ?- 

Concupiscent, «. v. Lustful. ^FT'O', ^^FRT, ^JTRT^f^. 

To Concue, v. n. t. To Agree. frTotof, HI<-M-^H^-^'-J1d-^^- 

&c. ^M, ^'TT?T«.-^'TTf?f /.- 3TgTT?fre.-3H H H fd /.-arg^TTTn . 

\^ and /«. CO 7i. ^r^f ^- oj s. 

2 ?/w(7e or he conjoined, ^wf, ^^, ^oiun/.-&e. ^fOT, 

^. 0/ «. r«;2>. 
Concueeence, n. v. V. 1. and Agreement, aTHTrfw. ^^K- 

?rre. aH^HHH/. ^'^TTfrT/.'^^q' n. ^^m. 
Concueeent, a. v. V. 1. and Ageeeing. fira'ilTrr, &c. ^.- 

fej, >^+hri, arg^ff, ^'ttcT. 
Concussion, 7t. v. Shock. iT-^T'«. T^^ot. ^^r«t. 
To Condemn, v. a. find yuilly and doom. 3T^^TrT-&c. <SuA\ 

?ST^ f^?TT/. Hmot, 3TqTTKft-^nTrrq'-^f^-&c. ar^ f^r^i- 
T ^^^ ^^m ^Tor, 'flTRT^T ?5PT^:F?i7r fm^^ arrnr/. ^- 
?Tif, aTTrryTT *^'J=T f^T^^f ?rtioT, ar^qw-Ac. ?rRff ^^h 

^m ^, 3T7n'4q;if?f"T=f'T^5Tf'T^?i.-3T'RT*:TW^ t^- 

fiT^^ ?!. ^?RiJt. 

2 disapprote. ^]mn. Z^^-^.^^^, ?rTTOfT-^IT-^1^-&0. 

Sfndto he unft for service. f^^RfT-f^^WRft-aT^qr- 
»ft-i.fce. 5T«m, T^ ^^. 
Condemnation, w. y.V.L— ao/. ar^^qr^ 3Tf>ff ?5rf^ f^T?^?rt. 
iltif «. S'S^TRT HTyf «• &c. ^sfH^r^SRf «. *in<|i:T?5Tf^T^RT 
n.— state. f?r4Tf^?t^^^ «. f^^rf^m^T^^tTn" /. r4Tf^- 

I. ground or reason of c. ^f^^]^^\^ m. ^ff^^PRn^TR 
m. ^sfH'frjr^l^RW «. 
Condensable, «. v. V. 1. 5T^-qnr-&c. ^TRRTr3fRlT-?IR^r-&c. 

Condensation, Condensing, n. v. V. A. 1. — act. q?" ^FTof 

«. &c. q^ff^POT »t. 

2 — act. ?r^F?5?r n. ^'^Faft^ ^^ n. 
To Condense, To Condensate, v.a.s. To Thicken. ^^ pop. 

^'a\■■^-^■^'^\'^M^-&c. ;?rw. [&c. ^prirr. 

2 V. To COMPEESS. ^%(r,^ n, ^^ g. 0/0. B^f^rT-^'^fft^- 
To Condense, v. n. v. To Thicken, ^^pop. quT-«T^-ctc. ^ot_ 
Condense, a. See Dbhse. 




To CosnESCtXD, V. n. deiyn, stoop. Sfc. Stf^TKH ^r|^ ^Trrw, 

f*1MHM<,'j; It. ;FT>if,'jT^T^^/.-Xc-. ;pjTTr_ 
CON-DESCESDIXG./J. (I. V. V. S^^, fir^r^, Ff^^TT, f^'=T^^ft^, 

CoSDEsCE.VDiyuLY, a</y, V. V. Hl%7^r-ic. (r^fft^S^, 'P'T- 

!T?f, H^<--)i'flH, ^Pttr^tftj^^. 

CoxdesCENjIOS, ;i. v. V. ^n^?TT/ PllI^HH m. arf^THMrMl- 
T »i. ^^^ w». c^nprf^''TRT^riT n. f'T^rf^HMI^R m. i^- 

CoxDioy, a. v. Scitable. qt^^, q'tJi-Ml'-M, q"tlT^^, ?nHt. 
Co.N-DiMEXT, n. V. SEisoxixo, Sauce. ^?rT^r m. rftfr r":?!^ 

Condisciple, n. n^'g «». n^^rs m ^g »». fT^"^^, ?T<=ft- 
CONDITIOS, n. slate, present circumstances. 3T5rr<TT/ 5^TT/- 

fTtTf^i)o/j. r4t?T/. nf?T/. nn/. arf^rr?! or ^^^ »»./. ;r- 

To get into a good c. tnW-VMIW ^"Jf. 

2 s/fl/e of bod I/. HHRT/ sT^/ ^^R^/. ?Tfk1%'4f^ 

That is iu good c. rrrsTT, ?n"^?Tr?r^^T, -iM-iHTri, I'Tgift^, 
To come into c. ariT n. qrof-^, riTT?r ^of. 
To get out of c. 3TR «• ^T^'Jt-^'it. 

3 V. Raxk. f^c^pop. F*fr=r/- 1^/. 

4 ferTO, stipulation. ?t%?T »«. M [dfl I /. 5ff5/. 3T^/- 3TPft 
/. 5^r »«. ?TTH/. FR/. 

To CoMJiTio-. Sec To Stipulate. 

Co^■DITIO^■AL, a. itnph/inj terms, dcpenjin/ on conditions. 

^?T, ^^mfT, ?T?T4nf^. 

2— in grammar. y+Hl'tpF. [ ftt/. 

Co.VDITIOJiALITT, ?}. V. A. Hf+fH*i^ n. ^rqfFRfiTfq' «. ^?T- 
CONDITIOXALLT, adv. T. A. 3T^-3T5?ft-Fn:-&C. qi^-^^-^- 

To Condole, v. n. grieve icitlt another. pr=qT% ^;-W^ ^SiJf, 

%'^ «.-^i|TPfj M.-&C. ^?T?f, 5f^"T^/. 'fi^ — ou account 
of a death, ^^RT »>. «PT"Jt-^T^. 
Coxdolement, Coxeolence, «. T.V. pr=qT% %:W^ ^^«. 

CondOLER, n. COXBOLING, p. a. T. V. ^4^-^|--J-<| ^-.^PTT ^f - 

'JTRT, ^mf :^, qT5:?T 5:^. 
To CoNBOXK. See To Taedox, To Pass by. 
To CosnucE, V. n. contribute, help, tend towards. ^^^P^W 

'T'Jf-'TT^, ^q^TPft-?r^-^?T^rO-OT'<:T^-If%?FF-&c. ^, 

CoxDUCEXT, Conducive, a. \. V. OT'ftnT^, ^[q-^, OT^Trft, 

^srnr^ ?'» comp. 

CoxDUCiTESESs, M. V. A. T?wftTiTT m. 3Wf*T?TT/. TT^T- 
fr^r n. ?T --f.Knhr|| /. 

COXDUCT, C0XDUCTING,W. T.V.I.— a^^ qTT ST^JT^ Pfljf «.^. 

s^ ^of n, &c. ^f^q-^ w. ^^ !^i '^'J ^ «. 

2— nri'. f^^n^f ?i. qr^c)|.iijj ?!. &c. f^^rf^ «». frf^^r?/- 

3 behaviour, deportment, carriage. SHT^^/ ^tT^ ». 3TT- 

^RtJT «. 3ii--<R<i n. 3TrEnT ?«. sTFi'jr^/. ^mf. n\'wmT. 

f. =JTT^/ irfn/. =Ef^/. ^T^^^/. ^^;:5W m. =qs(ir^3tJT 
n. sif^^TPT/. PT^TfR ?«• ft'4f?Tftf?T/. r4W^/. ?-4t?T/. 

Bad c. ^■(.NJ.ui n. 5Tr=nT ra. J^^T «. [f^T'STsf/ 

Good c. ^r-^Mioi «. ?rJT=^nT ?». ^frr «. f^T'sr^^ /. 

General c. STr^nT^^frT/. 

4 T^^FTT ?«. ^U+K ?». 3^TT m. 

I. management, shiU.^ v. Addeess. aTT^rT^^lf^/. 3TT??; ;«. 
Ep^ n. rJHi-=) ?!. f^ilHH «. s^PT^'f^ n. 

II. safe c. ar^T^^ n. 

To CoxnucT, V. a. lead, accompany, to guide, Sfc. sfR ^^5I=T 

^f TTT'Jr n. SR^ y. 0/ 0. 

2 carry p«, transact, manage. f5r=rf|at, 5rf|=(i?uf, =Err;^iif, 

jrm^'jf, fejr!,«jui or 5r=jFriji', ^fit, an^Ro'r, fH^r^ w.-^- 
qri/.-cte. q^y. 0/0. 

3 one's self; v. To Behave. =qTr5of, 3H|^<u|', cTPTDf, ^6t. 

4 V. To Lead. ?ST^R m.-^J^.Vf: m.-^^K>n.-&e. :r^ y. 

CoxDucTOE, n. V. V. 1. nTZ ^njf^ -nuiKi, &c. ^fpnr^t^pTTf, 

' 2 and 4!. person presiding and managing. Ks ihia \s the 
Bense of the terms and phrases Manager.^ Foreman, 
Headman, Leader, Leadingman, Captain, Coryphaeus, 
Charge d' Affaires, that holds the reins, that sits at the 
helm, that mounts the box, that plays the firist fiddle, Sfc. 
^c. and as many of the Mardihi terms which are em- 
ployed to convey this sense, bear also a latent sense 
agreeing well with the latent sense borne by one or 
other of these terms, here we have collected the 
terms of both tongiics. STf^qKuiKi, '^rl=jU|KI, etc. f^- 

•A 1''.+, HN*, ^T?^, %^, ^r^, 5^'"'^, ^TWr, 5^f)TJr, ^- 

^5mfr, f%:fr^r, ?lKf*T or HK'tft, Hf^nroft, ST^Tf , tR'-if, 

JJiKufl, iffft, 5TTT%^, TFF, ST5^ ( m comp. ), 5?^^?; 

( in comp. ). 

I. ( of ceremonies, esp. religious), a^rq'pf, ^1%^. 
C. of heat. -dwJMI ^TTf ^. 
COXDUIT, n. aqueduct. ^7. m. R^ m. ^TU^f. 
Coxe, n. ^ZS^ m. dim. gsq^/. bI^/. ift5=5|JT^/. ?TJ m. 

2 ( iu "botany ) '^q^T^, ^^K 5rrjT% T^ot n. 
Coxfabulatiox, &c. See Coxveesatiox, &c. 
CoxFECTiox, n. v. Sweetmeat. fSrert/. ^te^tt or ^^t^ m. 

CoxFEcnoxEE, n. ^;^ or ^nf , fH-il§«(lrfl. 

CoxFEDEBACi; w. federal compact, league, v. CombixatioX. • 




2 confetlera hoji/, v. Co.meixation. ^Jf^ 

^^ /. fiHciui/. ^ n. ?FH- 


Tj Cosfedeuate, i'. «. V. To CoiimxE. ^tjctt, ^"Jf, fH5;tjf. 
Confederate, «. fpiHTTft, ftotufr^sfT, ^T^TFft or ;qr. 
CoNFEDEBATE, ». ally, associate, accomplice. fTr?fr^, firaift- 

=5n-, f s:f?r?5T, ?TT'4t, ^fwfT, ^t'PTTrft, ?rn^Hf^. 

C05rEDEEATio:<. See CoKlEDEKACr. 

To CosFEE, V. 11. speak wU,i, v. To Conveese. ^\l^^ n.-^TTSf- 

OT ?j.-^HN«i?5 OT.-^?yt^i^/.-^iaNT?fr/.-^'Tr7tT».-?f5rr- 

5 W.-&C. :pT^ ((■;■</* ^t. 

To c. iu private. <Hri^r| M.-^^frf m. ^^, 
To CoNFEE. V. a. V. Tu Give, ^ot, ^ n. ^p^of, of^rJS =R^, 

qTTtT n.-3TTqT^ »;.-&c. ^p^ijf. 
Coxfeeesce, «. V. V. N. and Cokveesation. ^iHTqar n. ijt- 

tKv^\^f. #r??r=^T3ft/. ^rat'TR/. 

I. mcetinjfor discourse. JT?rc=r?T-T^g^-^jH5i:^-'f^R-&c. 
Cosfeeeible, a. v. V. A. ij N Mrn?rT-^3rrnT-&c. qTTRT 5TF^, 
To Confess, v. a. own, v. To Acknowledge. HRW, ^^H"- 

2 ffranf, concede, \. To Adiiit. JTr^T ^FT'if, 'l^'T^ +<ui. 

3 o/c» and acknowledge, t. To Own. ^T'^ft^T^, •titfl+K'Jl, 

4 ( sins to a priest ) TT^t^sr^oS q;^ ^^. 
To Confess, v. n. qr^ ^^jos TTT ^^ ^FW. 
Confessedly, at/y. avowedly, undenially. f^jf^T, f^^T?5?r, 

2 jciY/i avowed purpose. 2fTT?f, ^'i-+H, 55>rr. [^FRwi. 

Confession, w. t. V. A.l. — act. jtt^ «. &c. ar^R ««. ^- 

Confessoe, ?j. v. V. A.l. ^+KuiTrr, ^f?7 ^T^iTTTr, ^'7;r- 

I. one tolio hears confessions. ^5?Tr HI^|^r|c|oi qirf ^5f?5 ^^RT- 

II. one who suffers for Jus faith. '^^^V^.'^^^\^, 
Confidant, n. hosom friend. ^njTT in. ^^ffRT^tT «». ^^ti=rfH- 

^ m. T^^fK=5f »». T^F^rr^^ «. T^^^T^T^ n. 
Confidante, n. m^f. ^^pjft/. ?Rft3T?r n. ^^eptrt^^ffor/. 
To Confide, v. a. intrust, v. To Coiruix. ^TT"'!, arrTof, TT- 

To CoNFiiE, V. n. rely on, trust in. ^»srre<jf, 3TT^'^, TTrST- 

^"jf, "n^^, qfff^oT, f^»;rm m-.-HT^rar »«.-^ri<m< ?«.-&c. %- 

^^ with JR o/ o. ^FTT^ ?». SJPOT, fqr=^mRT-'R?^lT?R 3T?r- 
uf J re. core, mth g. of o. ami ■■^''iJr «'/<7( y. o/o. 

Confided, p. v. V. N. fq-'^RT^^T, &c. f%>q-^, srr'TftrT. 
V. V. A. 3fl^?5T, f^r^^TRi^c^r, &c. 

Confidence, CoNFiriNo, n. v. V. N. f^s^RT m. *RRIT or 
T^q-OT m. *IT^ ?». HT^^/. vrST m. fJTKTfT m. fSngr/. r?T- 
5nT?«. SfFTq- M. cfT^^c or TTr^TR »«. 'fli-TW «. ^TTo'?^ or | 

C. ( or assurance ) given. ^i5n"?TT '»• 

In c. ^rswR ^ir^f-^dTR ^-&c. 3T?Tr k=^rer#, 


Violation or abuse of c. f^^^^WRT "». f^'^RTHT m. 

Violator or abuser of c. f^'^H^TTrT^ or HH-^^t, f^«r- 
Inspired with c. sfTfTiTfTq", ^mf^'qRT. 

I. firm coniiiction or lelief. ^RR^iTT/. njr^xf. ^r?rfT/. 
triT m. fH^V! m. f^T'-Jm/. f^^TT/. f^'-i^ m. fjjtTR m. 5- 
?rT m. f%='qT?f ?«. *R«r?Tr or JRRTr >«. ''TTsr ?«. Ti^'-tT «. 

Perfect c. ^^j^^^^^t\ f. srT?5t^T?I^Irlft/. 

II. ^ri/«< j« self, assurance, ^^^f. 3r»r/. 3TT«f m. ^M^ f. 
^■Fr^^Fft/ ^ wi. 3Tcr;fTPf n. "^T^ f ^^TR^-"^ m. qr^^^^q" u. 

f^f fTTrriT >»./. f|5?TT OT.^f isf/. I'l'^JRr/ 

III. c«i^jie or ground of c. ^irTftOT-Ac. STT^'R wi.-aTT'T- 

q wj.-qrRor «. 
Confident, a. Confiding,/), a. v. V. N. f^'qRnTRT, '^J^- 
^"TRT, T^'^m S^roTRT, etc, JTT^reT, TT^^, TT^^, f^»^RT- 

I. convinced, assured, sure, v. Certain. ffT>jf?r, I^Ji-^si'T, 
f^a.^t^, f%??i^f, ^f?l^q-, ??rlf?r'>'7T, 5i5fH«f?T. 

To be or feel e. ^TrfTor ^f^r^i^f.-Sic. aTJ^of m. fo«. 

II. secure, Si'c. assured and lold. a^^yiR't, 'flST^IRIRIT,^- 
^, ^JTRfT, f^a^T^, flH'T, f^=7qrf;^, 7H?5R, f?]-'^, f^q^T, 
fH«:T3^TT^, ^?ft^R, f|lTrf5R, ff':%^R, "^r^.^ SfiT?JT. 

Confidential, a. trusty, trustworthy. f^^^RfT, f^a^pg', fij- 
»^rre^, TTSfnRTT, f^'^RTRn', ^T?rft=TT, ^T?1T3TH^, f?f>qr- 
?F-&c. %?IRTT^FTT-&c. Jfl^fRt, f^^TRT^^T, f^=^R^, f^'^]^ 

?PTT^, fjf'q'RrRV?, «r^5T, >-" v^, iir^T^t, arm. 

2 that is to le kept in co.^..Hce; private. ^"iptSRT^r, 
ijhVtptRTT. [ST^TTf^'^RrRir. 

CONFIDENTIALIT, adv. V. A. 2 <Pir5'JTRHr|T-^iTR?n^t-&c. 

Confidently, ade. y. A. fHT'^RrRf, 'TT^n^, &c. f^^qr^-H^q-- 

?fr-&c. sf^-'^^Ji, f^^m-Tq-T, ^T^rTHRT. 

I. ^mft%, f=T^/T5TRf, f^s^i^, f=T3 ^i-T.T'JIRf,f^>?m or fvfgf?r. 

II. f^^?, 1^3?t^, f^3^T^<T'JrRf, arrq- ^^^, ^<tH, 5^^-, 

ar^RTTq'Rf, ^^qj tRTf, &e. 
CoNFiDENTNESs. See Confidence. 


Confine, /)Z. Confines, n. frontier, harder. ^'^'^Vi^m. f^i^- 
?5'H^i'^^T«. irm'^^T »». TT^J^TOT. StTFwj. ?^n?lT?». ?i^ /. 

To Confine, «. n. v. To Boeder. OTn;^-??n^?f-f'T|5T-&c. 

To Confine, ■». a. limit. grrq^SiDt, ift^or, iitsdi, s^of-tRtJi'-if- 
^fsrof-Ac. with ER ( ex. ^^i arPT^ ^;fur ^q- -HT^frcR 5- 
fjf^ 3TT"f ), 3TT:F?5^«.-3Tr3RftTTm.-aTl^Twi.-Hqf^T/,-?ftT?r- 
/.-%!?»>, -5J'cTR(Tr».-&C. ^T^-qiC=T ^. 

2 V. To Impeison. :Ef?^,%^ ^p^irf, qfTTft/.-^fsffn-/. q;?^ 
y. o/o. "%??[- q^m mrl'if-?wir, 31?%rr qv.of. 

3 V. To Eestbain. 3Tr^5!Dt, ^^^.^J^n.-f^i^m..f^^v^^n.- 
f^T^in.-f^T^^n.-f^^m.-p[k\^'^n.-'::\^i{^m.-&c. W.X^. 

Confined, p. & a. v. V. A.l. 3T1^2S?JT, arT^ioitqT qRiS;?!;T, 
&c. 3TFf:fe?r, 




2 *isciaT, si^frf '^inP-rti, &e.'%^,%^. 

3 "Hl+olrfrtl, &c. fH^fq^, f%^5;, f^S, f^PT^. 

I. not roomy, v. Nauuow. aT^HT?, W^FS, ^?, ^^'-juft^l, 

II. ddivered. ^\ir\ g'l^TTt, ST^HtH^lf^l. 
To be c. »llo6r|-iJti[H-&c. ^tw. 

III.— tlie bowels. 5i§. See Costive. 
To be c. Ml'HI+i ^flTP ^ ?T7ff. 
C0SFINEi)NESS,n. A'.A. 1. want of room. aTT^fl / ^f^jTr^w- 

To sufltT or feel e. aTT^'JI'^, 'i\<m^\. 
CosFiKKMENT, n. V. V. A. 1. — act. 3Tr^3^n. 5n':T^«. &c. 
'MV^A'in. — slate. 3iiot|siigT»n. aTT^m. 5ttfTT<'I«. sjtTm.^^M. 

2— state, sj^?;;. 5f^/."%^/. 3T^^/. #ft/. #5ljft/. 

C. to a place. ?'<< M I W 'O'wi. 

Place of c. »i^W^ or ii<(|<HM|m. ^^V\^f. at^TT^- 
It/ Sftrn^UTOT. or oft/. 

Eelease from c. if^^^X^m. 

Eeleased from c. st^^IrSRT. 

Solitary c. inpfri"%^/. ^Jrqrft ^t^ft/. 

I. delivery.^ v. Childbed, ire^m. M^fi /- 
Tt/ CosFiEM, V. a corroborate, establish, make sure, cfe. ^^- 

^^-A'ij'^.i -wiftHor ^rr-TjgT-^-g^5-^r#=r-f%f5iiT?r-&c. 
^^, «<Nij|', ^uiHui oj- ^orrm, q^w?T/. ^-'^^q' ^tt^- 
!=r-&c. JRTJT, ?'4mr, 5pJ^/.-5i^«.-^Rm.-q''^'TurT'».-&c. 

^TMijf, ^Ir^+K'n. ^.T^ g.oj o. qfi? /. %nr, iJ>!ft^T^M. ^RCTf_ 
- ■ralify, 8;c. 5f^-HFr^-5?RT-it^-&c. EF^Jr,^/ ^^. 
Zstrengthen.fix, — a disea8e,&c.qH:-5Ioj:R:-il5TT?7-&c.5fT^. 
To be confirmed.^STTT^'Jf, ^i+NiJi, ifsrr^rat, ^spn^iji. 
CONTIEMATION, n. V. V. 1.— flf^ ^ITT^r'Jf". ^?.W.Z ^FTTJfn. &c. 
?TBm^n. Wrij'+Kwi.^lfq^RnT n. ^«l+<u|». f^F't ^r|'ti<" l». 
^^^TTTHw. F<TrT^T/. 5"Ct^iTw. — «('afe. ^^^T^^JSTTTot. i&c, 

qos^?rr/. JT^Fft/. 5^rfr/. ^if^!. ^f^/. 

2 5T^ ^PTiJf «. &c. ^If. 51^/ H%t/. 

I. corroborative evidence. TSOT?^/. ^T^ST^TTTir ?i. 

COSFIEMATOKT, a. CONFIEMEB, n. V. V. 1. <H<NU|H.|, 'i\<i^f, 

+<.«1KI, ■Hl'ild ^F^'TRT, &c. •«ri|im+TlF, jfWfrf , r<TT7^, 

CONTIEMED, p. V. V. 1. ^jnT-«4aL+i-&c. %r5OT. 

2 sr^ %^i=5T, 5^RT %H?5T, K^T. 
To Confiscate, v. a. take in petialty. JTSTOTSt ^-WH+<^, 

Confiscate, a. Confiscated, 2'- v. V. ?r?^FTTTrr ^rf^OT, &e. 

Confiscation, »i.t. Y.—act. ^■^^>Ki^^ q^w.^rsm^ «• ?I- 

Total e. ?TTO^ m. ;R#^^t7r n. ^5J^ m. 
Conflagration, n. general or great fire. c5rpft=qT tm ?«. 
3TFT'-^T^/. ?f5(T^ m. i\n!^ f. RH^TTftr m. 
C. of a forest. ^<s\t^ m. ^r^nfTT »«. ^m^?5 ra. 
To Conflict, v. «. v. To Fioht. n^iif, ^^df, 3^ w.-^ff^i^ 
«.-|i; «.-&c.^^,or tn. con. mthg.ofs. SPTIT^ ffMt/.il^. 

Conflict, «. combat, contest, y. Fiqut. ^^ n. ^^ «. ^ffsi?; 

2 See Collision. 
CONFLiCTiNU, a. contrary, opposite. SfffT^r^, ^T^J, f«Tfr*jr- 

CoNFLi'ENCE, CosFLUx, n. ( of streams, &c. ). ^^jt ot. ?in 
C. from opposite directions. ^frr^HK m. 

2 crowding together. 'S\T^^ m. ^^H^'^ ?;. 

3 people crowded, v. CiiowD. ^THT '?'. if5IT m. 
Confluent, a. ^ fd+|ui|-?3 qT^ilRT-^1JT|i<J|Rr, fTToJtTTPT. 

C. small })ox. Hg^TT^.sft /. |;'. 
2b Confoem, ». a. make like. BR?<iT-Vrr^-?T^^-3T^^-H' 

To Confoem, t'. n. comply with, ad according to. ^nT^-si^- 
oi-"TT5^-&c. JrPM-5moT-aTpq^ai-=qTH''f-^Tor-&c. 3T^Twf, 

Confoemable, a. resembling, y. Like. ^TR^T, %?Tr^, H^?T, 

2 agreeable, congruous, y. Consistent, fj^PPTSfTjinTRT, 
HTO^fi, 3T5^?5, aiH'HK ( in comp. ), ar^^Tft ( in comp. ), 

3 compliant, obsequious, v. Obedient. fTTrTTSfff, fH^rTT^, 
Conformableness, Confoejuity, n. v. A. 1. ^TT^qWT nt. 

c^r «. aTrgi^i^T «. 

2 fTT?Sn> m. ^H »«. Bm OT. ^f'TT'q^T/. H^rfH/. ^»T=r m. 

3 aT^?:"^' w. 3T5^'4 «. 3HHcjTtH « 3Tg|f^/. 
Confobmably, a(?w. Y. A. 1. ^RW. 

2 ani AccoEDiNGLY, ^RW, 3^=^, aHH^^i, arj^TR ( ia 
comp. ), q'-iTT ( in comp. ), ^R^'PT, q'^r^frf. 

3 argft^, arg?;;^. 



UTRT, 3HHH<u[-&c. ^Tftf-^Tft, ar^rff ( in comp. ). 

I. =pra?TM ^^tftpsftt *thrt arg^n^T «(miuihi. 

To Confound, To Confuse, v. a. mingle confusedly, disord- 
er, jumble, derange. ^^(S.i\, Tw^^, T'PrfriUI, 'it^oE'Jit, 
»lot>(ijnt, qj^n^'if, HH'Ii'Jt, T^of, JTRTS^, is^isf^, 'rt^'- 

oE^pir, f^ra^FHiSi, ^■^qRwr.i ^^^^2^, \%\ ^f;\tXH ^^ot, ^tfs- 

«TT?re/'.-??!'<TRT?I''<T/'.-^^T m.-^^JPTW w.-&c. sfR^ g. ojo. 

2 perplex .^ puzzle, bother, bewilder, ^c. qr^tTf'T't, "J^^, 

«i^+H<ji or T+Nui, 1^9??:^, Tasj^^r'Jr, 'im^'n, ^fnTf^ot, 
Hiiprif or *ri5fFm, =q^«faf, ?ra7;r3TT ado. jfRiit, ^^Tm tt- 

SOT-^TT^'Jr, ^^IT ?«. ^?rTJT-qTl>lf, WffT-T2"P^^rirT-'iTTJR<rf- 
?t-ic. TTS'rf-m^^'if, r551?/.-^5^5 or ft /.-■q\^ f.-'^kv^ 

m.-^vz w.-JiTtrs M.-&C. jpTJir y. 0/ 0. H^f.-=^^^f. m- 

R:iJf-JFT<if y. 0/ 0. ^=^ /.-=^^Kft /•-=^^ /. ^sm-ni^- 
'Tl ^7^ y. of 0. 

3 SZasi, disconcert, y. To Defeat. ^^, ^T^"^, c7*T3''T 

CON 173 

&c. JRut, g.oj 0. [ qw ??T^ot,fTTtrT-&c. q^TwI. 

4 abash, fut to shame, v. To Sjiame. v;\^^^^ ^^TTT^ 'TfT- 

CoNFOUNDED, Confused, ^.v.V. 1. 'irK[3:%^,riNK^r^j|,&c. 

To bo or b;icomc c. 'ir^oS'Jf, ift'^^, "ittT'T't, 'iS'MS'iif, 

2 ^TRTT, =5?!^, =^^'T?J, ==ri5, *Ti^, '-^#^1 ^TT^, ^fT^^, ^^- 

fir^, v;ifTT?r, ^Jt?r, Wi?T, ^;Tm^;nT, ^|iT?r, Mm, o^rrf^, 

To be or bepome c. ^TRTW, 'Mi'ii*ui, 'is-nsui, 'ii-5'Mr'j'ir, 

^ or T^df, tfT^rrJf , U^iJf, Tfltoi or iFx?^, 'li'lNui, T'JR- 
tJTof or J|ulMU|ur, jfiwr, 'ft^^, ^T^, TFTT^ ^M, ^t^- 

COXFOUNDEn, ?!. CONFOUNriNG,^. (I. CONF0SEB, «. V. V. 1. 

'tt'--T55UlTTr, &e. Jfi-q^-ic. sFruTRT, qT^H??TT, n:=55T^^, 'ft- 
M^5^, ^TPTTfiTT, *1FP15#T, TStJi^-qT, 'lio-y-ll, ^fRTcoTT, 
Jt^iTT. _ [n, &e. ^TPRJ. 

2 MMiRuiK i, &c.gTT-&c. TrsaiTTT-Mlc^uiKI, ^T^\^ 'TTS^- 

CONFOUNDINQ, CONFUSION, n. Y. V. 1. — act. ^^^^ n. mM'- 
oE^ «. &e. &c. y^pO ^JT^T «. — sfo/c. 3Toq^<TT /. >^lrtHrl 
/. 'Tr«T5E m. qToE m. q'cqT^pj ot. ^it^w; »». ^ai|U|| ?». T^ 
55 7n. 'INK m. «. TS^T^ or ^f »'• T9r=r?r /. TS^TS /■ TFT- 

«ir^/. ni=5"R;r m. ^ffrr^r >». 'hm-ii or tp?T ■'«. 'iN'i.'iT<TT »» 

»TT5tT5ETrT'4T m. t"^ »'. 3T^^ m. fq-^^5!: /. 3TT??T?f "F?: /. 

3TPri5/. m-m/. =q^=5i^/. =5r^^/. s^s'sr/- ^^rorrm. j^T' 
5CT?3r^/. sr^^^/. qi^?^/. ?if^?5Tft/. M'f^w^/. iTt^' 

?T n. >\i'4i'\j\ m. ^Tur/. ^MI^I /. 

Every thing there is iu c. aud disorder. r['4 sT^qT^ 

2— ac?. ?TFF:f^'jf n. tl^+Hui n. &c.— stale. ^^^^% /. ^^^TS 
or ^/. trfsr^T/ 'it'^ m. iRtp^T ?«. Nl-ilcil »i. ^T^ m. ^\- 
a^PR »»• ^T^TWT m. q'cmHISS ??i. J|r.mH;/."|TiTjft /."liluiJI- 

?T/ =5n;'M/. 'Tr? /. ^fSTT /. riHM'K /. rtKTfHr^ /. ^;f^ 
»«. ^Hw ?«. f^m «». ^feT «. Rrfci+r'tj n. 

I. V. Shame. ^FiTf^=rHT /. 
CONFEATEENITT, 11. a brotherhood. 'H\^Hl'£\j. Tra^oE /. ^- 

^it5c5 n. srg^pt «». 
To CoNFEONT, V. a. See To Face. 2 hrinr/face to face, t^- 

^;5T^-?nT^-&c. ^^m with ^. 

CoNFEONTATiON, n. y. V. 2.~act or stale. ^^HH+Hr^l m. 

H-+-l'>(rtl WJ. *«^«(m/. TtTJIRT/. 
To Confuse, &c. See To Confound, &e. 
Confutable, a. v. V. ?T^r^-^-^3TPTrTT-^;ft^-&c.itt5FTT-5ft- 

Confutation, n. v. V. — act. ^"50? 7i. ifrs^ «. &c. ^{^ n. 

wrs m. f^rWlT/. 
To Confute, v. a. prove to letorong — person or statement. 


-^3=T n.-'^W/. ^FW y-. 0/0. JTTt^ ^FR^, #ZT ^5?T ^- 

Confuted, ^. v. V. ^'5^r, &c. ?3f|?T, sff^rf, ^fer, ^rt^. 

CoNQE. See Obeisance. 

To Congeal, v. a. change to a solid stale. -Ji*i«)ui, firrR^, 

To Congeal, f. h. ^JT^m, fir^Taf, Tfj^tif, ^^of, ^t^^iJf, ^"T 

-&c. ^'rof. 

Congealed />. v. V. A. ^^Ht(^.?rT, &c. ^^fr^rf, 

2 V. V. N. ^iT%?rT, &e. q^H?r. 
Concealment, Congelation, n. v. V. A. — act. ^Hsr't ». 

fir^JRnj- ?k &c. fiT^JT^OT^/. f^'^ciufl/. ^i.^v{\J.—stale. 

^Tq'^F^T'TT m. &c. M.f|'<hd'=iT/. 

V. V. N.— rtcA uTfTCTT ». fir^Tot M. &c. r]'\Z^\\ f.— stale. 

CONGENEUACT, CONGENEEOUSNE.SS, 11. V. A. 1(+-nH ld4>J|l ««• 

^sHIrlHuil m. ^^■^\<i\*\r\\ f. ^rsTTfTt^mr/. ^rrTFPTFftTrfT 
/. &c. 
or nature, allied in origin,^c.^T{^sjyr{.j ^TSTTrftT, ■^HJllrflM, 

Congenial, a. See Congeneeic. 2 agreeable to the nature 

of. ; mri-MMI , arjTJT, 3T5'^^, ^l^'j"^"^, 3TT^"'^^T^^ 

^^TTtfrgiTCTT, ^HKrgHR, RiTr^^"?, jR??q^^-3Tgm7- 
3Tg?nfr- 3T5€T-3Tg^-&c. 

3 of the same nature or disposition. ^FT^ftS, ■dMlM^ft?^, 
^m^iTK, ^ITTR, ^mFTTT^, ^^'TT^, HK^TT^, ^HPfSf- 

Congeniality, ?;. See Congeneeact. 2 v. A. 2. BT^J^ «. 
STT^'pnT n. STR^rq- n. 3Tj+?5r||/. 
3 ^^^ftH?rr/ ^TK^ft^:!:?!!/. ■HMMM'ihPl/. HTHFT w. ?n- 

Congenital. See Connate. 

Congee. Congee eel, ji. ^rg^frpft «ITH/ 

Congebies, n. colleclion, mass. "T^r m. Tlf^T w. vJTTr^ n. ( in 

comp as ?r?T==r;TT?5, ?TS^:3TT?5, at^F^JTM, |?T3TTr7, &c. ). 
Congestion, n. (of humors into a tumor ). ^\zf. 4f^ m. 

2 ( of blood ). ?:^^^s/. ^i^PT^Ct^T «». ^r^'j^ m. T^- 

CoNGESTira, a. itfj I ci ft'49[^Ep.^5^^. 

To Conglobate, i;. o. coZfcc^ into a hall. 'Tt^^, >^*'n*i »»•- 

Efj^ »}. ^tif y. of 0. fqft :p^ M. ^ot ^r. o/ 0. 
Conglobate, a. Conglobated, p.Y. V. ntS^^OT, HT'^T %^?5T, 

Conglobation, m. v. V. — act. nts^^ n. &c. f^Tst^T'JT «• 

I. round mass. "ftW »». 
To Conglomeeate, v. a. ^f\^ w.-nST m.-nST^ "• 'P'^ y-o/"- 

"J4io-y-iK^i 311+KMi ^RTit, n^mr ^^ot. 

Conglomeeate, a. Conglomeeated, p.Y.Y. "Tt^ %^c5T-5rT- 
%^, 'T5Twm^^ STT^TTT^. 

To CONGBATULATE, V. a. ^^ H '('l f^ /.-H^^^'<FT W.-^T^- 

^ snPTJjT ?».-&c. :f;?TJr, 5^nT-^/.-5^TRW^/. ^f^i 3^- 




COXaBATCLATED, ^. T. V, SjfiRf^, 31HHlf<^H. 

CoxGRATr; vTiox, M. V. V. ^H?Vf%/. «^M'<^€'«rT n. &c. 
CoxoitATULATOity. a. ;fr^^^i^-^(^-!f^^l^-&<-'. M^K+rm, 
To CosoRF.oATE, r. <i. T. To Assemble, ^m ^"Jf, tIsjt ^pt- 

7b COSQUEOATE, I'. »!. \. To GatHEE. flToillf, ^^W ^(Jf. 

CoscuKOATioy. ?). conjrp'jated hsdy, y. Asseaibly. ^TTT/. 

t'OXGKEGATIOXAL, a. ^^:^\'=:^ H^!^T^, ^HMh-'^r ^^P^, 

CoSQRESs, n. meeliny, v. Assemblt, ^^/ HS^il/. 

Sexual e. ^ftjT^^n m. frr'g^ «• ^'•JT »• 

To be joined in sexual e. ^^^, ?in"jf. 
CoxcnuE-NCE, CoscEuiTT, CoNGEroibSEss. n. V. A. ^^ «. 

^|?r<7r/. 5Fm^^ w. its/, ^n ?«. ^ m. ^iitgHR ?«. ?f- 

CoxoEuiJNT.CoxGEUous, (T. agrecallf, siiitalh.Si'c. v.Coiv'sisT- 

vjl'lr^^r, 'Tl'q-, q"«TraT^, ^5?!^, ^'Tg^, ^mw, ^TTf^PT. 
CoxGEUOUSLT, odv. T. A. and Suitably. ^frT^^qiTTWq'. 
Conic, Conical, a. f^^ssfrr o;- fHtflotril, TPT^, 'U^-'Sil'^ifd, 

Coxic SECTIONS, n. ?[^%^ w. ?T^!7^ n. 

COSJECTI-EABLE, O. T. V. 31'HH'M, ST^ITT^n'^'T, ^Sf^TTT^TT*^^. 
Cosjectijual, a. done or said ly guess. ar^'TFir^r, 31^HM- 

ConjECTCEALLY, (Tr/c. T. A. ar^TTPTF)', ^T^KT^' ^=^, rn?i[^, 

C oxjectube, n. 3THHM «. 3Hi+,ct/. fr% ?«. Sf-H^1l^ m. ^v^- 

2 conjectural statement. aHd+ciM-^I^^-^'-rl'^ITft^-^FT^- 

To Conjectuee, !;. a. t. To Guess. 375^55^ in. co«. 3T?:;po5- 

^-3T^^ ^tv^7r-&c.^fiRr-^t^iji--&c. a^^Hi^ujj 3i^hM M-- 

&c. ^Rof y. 0/ 0. [ ff. of o. 

To Conjoin, v. a. t. To Join. #^, fn^Z^iJf, WU^ m. ^PTijf 

Conjoined, 2>- Conjoint, a. Conjunct, a. v. V. =%5^?Jr, 

Conjointly, Conjunctly, adv.joinfhj, toffeihcr. f^f ^, ?t- 

Conjugal, a. helonging to marriage. [A4\ iA--\ \.i f^T^f^^TT^, 

2 belonging to the relation Jjetween Ivsland and wife. ^- 

To Conjuoate, v. a. infect verhs. ^'^ n. pJ. qTrl^nJf, ^,"7F?qT- 

^^ n.-^\~.'J(^\ f.--M\>--'A\A n. ^jrnjf. 
Conjugation, n. v. Y. — act. ?;^ ^^^ n. ^.TT'rTTT^ n. qj- 

=^'Trn'/. aHK^-MH n. 

\. a c. a class of roots, n^ m. [^ n. 

Conjunction, n. v. Y.—acf. ^JZ^ n. &c. ^q^ n. ^qr^- 

— slate, T. rNi05. ^'fR ?n. ^TRRFI ?;i. ^^tr «j. differ m. 

/. WJi; m. 

I. — in astronomy ^ of stars ). jfm «. ^'«f^T m. ^i'lT m. 

Auspicious c. ^■^\^ m. ^T^^rifs/. 3T|[?rf^f^ ^1. Tliia 

term is especially applied to seven coiijuuclions, viz. to 

the occurrence upon Sunday and tbence in order througli 

the week, of the nahshatra ^M nnd thence in order 

respectively of jq^TT, ^f^Jj^ft, -ST^TT'^T, 5'^,^5r?ft, ^"Jft. 

Inauspicious c. ^■mIm m. S^FT m. q^f^ m. 

C. of sun and moon. ^Jildtl'lT in. ■a^+j^'iTr tn. ^^T/. 

Day of c. of suu and moon. a^MNK^IT /o/;. CfltfH/. 

3TTTT/. ^^T »i. 

II. — in grammar; connecting word. JH^I^fq' STS'PT ?^;. 
Conjunctive, a. ^fr^urrTT, ^^PT ^Tt^RT. 
Conjunctuee, n. juncture, trisis. Sf^T w. qpT »". ^T^ m.f. 

tpJT OT. [ Jfliif «. &c. 

Cgnjueation, Conjueino, n. x. V. A. 1. — act. ^TT*T MI'^-l 
2— ari. HRW w. etc. THTift/. 
V. y. K. ?r^ m. 3TT^>rT OT. STT'jftn't or infT/ 1%^T- 

1 conjuring tricks. 'Pr1>«. 3f?^». ?f5". rfrfT^fFf^. tpT^- 

itrn:?j. Jfts^pTTHw. »ttc:5«. tt^/- ^Iw/. ^^^ft/. 

To Conjube, «.'. a. charge Sj'e. ly oath. 5TTiT-?l??T-5iTPTr-&e. 

q-5!T/.-3TnJr/.-^fq-K.-&c. qr^ifr, ^-:)T7''<T fq-^f?r/.-&c. :R:q-. 

2 enchant, Sfc. v. To Chaem. -JTr^of, JTrTTof, 'HK^f.-SiC. 
5R^, ^=iISfWTW. ^FTijf, 5^:j^'?>. ^c7=r^ !iv7/i ST^ 0/0. 

To CONJUEE, D. m.^rarf/«<? conjuring. "Frere.— ;jr^«.-cTrrrJt- 
fn:«--'Tl^«iJ|lrf«.-'TT^¥».-^->1<.«i<(l /-?1%5(£jn).-^;7JT»i.-&c. 

CoNJUEEE, n. V. V. A. 2 ftrirf V. N. it^T HI'^uiKI-mmTTT- 

^T^ or JTR, •HnHI^'^, v^NTj^^iqi, JTT^pff, *ll'HI'+K,Hl*<!-jft- 

CON-NASCENCE, n. V. A. 1. ^;p^-JT)i. m. y^%H-H«. »j. ?r^^- 

2 ?rf3T^n. m. ^^m^f 
Connate, a. horn with, connatural. ^?RTRr, ^rTlf^^, P\^- 

2 ior?! ?t>/M another. ^^, ^^"iTf%^, ^^m, ^r?T^,?r- 

CoNNATUEAL, a. hom with. See Connate. 2 having the 
same nature with, ^H'jIIH, <^^^5TT?ft^, fT^TTrftq', ^FHT^Tlrftq', 

CONNATUEALITY, Co>"NATUEALNESS, «. V. A . 2. (Tcfisr) MqUI |??;. 

^HTT^m. ^tHTNrrr/. '3Tr^?rp^«. ^^nfcRr^fiT/ t^^^fTFi't- 

^TtTT/. &c. 
To Connect, t'.ff. v. To Join. ^^tTS^, ^4«:T»».-^?«.-?i'TFT«!.- 
&c. Ep^ y. 0/ 0. ?f«r5-^'T^-H£5Tr- &c. jjrrof . 

2yom coherently, ^^t^\^n,-'^^-Am.-^^\^l ^^feT«?.-^T- 
Connected, ^. v. V. 1. ^T3^, &c. ^i^i^, ?fq;^, ^IqrfTcr, 




^t^ftPsm, ^^, ^Hf^?f, ^^'s, KEfTT, ?T'?r^. 

I. V. Eelateij. ^W'it^ 'ftm, 3TTfff^'7T, ^rfFTT. 

II. — gener. or freely, as by blood, marriage, business, 

&c. arfic^, 3R, JJpn^Tr^^, ^n^. 

Connectedly, aJu. cohererdlj. '^'H^XT^ KPlS JS% ^TT'T %- 

CONKECTION, CONXEXIOX, «. V. Y. 1. — rtfl!- ^r5^«. &C. ?f=t- 
tT^n. ^PTl^ST^w.— «<a/e. ^Tlnw'- ^^jv^wi. ?iq?f/. ^EfftT'"./. 

?fq-#wj. Hgf^/. ^^';?7». ^SH?fr/. 

Intimate & constant c. ^TTgT'TwJ. 
2 3T5H':TPT«. ^^Ani. ^\mn- 

I. coherence, y.(lo-ss,i%TTS.CT.^^f^ pop. '^^^J. ^7^^■m. 
'^^vfm. JJFTm. ^^-Hin. 

II. a. c. person connecisd, v. Eelation. ^^H, ^''=ft, 
qi'^i-^K, ^r%^^P, ^Tft^ ?f^'eft.— genor. or indef. gr^RT- 
efT^r m. 

C.s and acquaintances — compreh. WK ^'X^m. pi. 
III. — gener. or freely, as by blood, marriage, business, 
&c. hond, hand, link, tie, thread. ^^'=T»«. ?5TT^fqT"». OTT- 

m. ^^m.f. ^mrt. ^^rrrTTrrw. trmr Cw?». ^'». ^'«. 

Indissoluble c. ^'H^izf- 

Nearness or closeness of c. Wlil^f. 
IV. — esp. of matters ; relation.^ link, ^e. ^Tjni. ^\^^\1J 
m. ^^m. j. rSTT?". i^m. V^^\tn. FTT^^ot. H'ptrTrw*. 

In e. with, ^^fefi, l^'frf. 
V. carnal c. v. Copulation, ^tw. ^^l^w. 
CoNNECTOE, n. Connecting, p. a. Connective, a. v. V. 1. 
^OTTTT, &c. ?T^3T^, ^'^l^H-Ac. ^FTTf-^ltt-^rr^, ^^• 

Conned, p. v. V. ^HF^OT &c. ^\^\^. 

Conning, n.\.Y.—act. ^]'^^n.^T^m. ^fxmii.^^^Af. ^Wf. 

Connivance, Conniving, n. t. V. — act. fw: ^i^^n. q^H 

fr3T or ^^rir^m. ijk^i^f. 3tt^t^t^/. 

To Connive, v. n. wink at, let pass vnnoticed. fi^in. 2)1. 5rf- 

jpof, ;FR-Ttra5r«.-3TT^T^rpfr/.-fT^5ft^/.-&c. w.1^., qrfl^ 

CoNNOissEru, n. critical jvdr/e. v?rM<TT, TK^, <T^?T^, "Tft- 
?^T^, ^rf^, ^?T^, T^, ^^, HTT^^F, iTHfT, 'TOTfT, noT- 

— ironically, v. Wiseacue. TT^TTR^ or ^■^J. 
Connubial, a. lelonging to mariarje. f^r^T^, f^^^'ft- 

f5r!m^,"%-TTf|^, f^^TT^^^. 

2 heloncjin(j to the relation between hiisland and tcifc, v. 

Conjugal. ^fFTJTRr^, ^J^^TRI^. 
To Conquer, v. a. vang^uish.^ overcome, suhdue. fJr^'if, T^T^- 

^m.-'m^^^m.-':;\^m. ^?Tjf g. of o. f^^^-^x]f^n-fw^-\^- 

fjTrT-'?TrHi=f-&C. ;R^. 

That has conquered his passions, f^rif^q'. 
2 acquire ly conquest. i^m^.,f^s^-Wr^^-^^^-&C. 

2'o Conquek, v. «. mT^-hi. qT5r>Jf-fJT5E5riif. [ TTPT^^. 

Conqueeable, a. v. V. A. 1. ^JfrTST, ^q', tn^^T, TTTH^^T, 
Conquered, p. v. V. A. 1. f^^P^T, &c. T?:rf^?f, r^t^, f?r- 

2 f^5 irn^^r, &c. f3T?r. 

Conquering, Conquest, «. v. V. A. 1. — act. f%^iJfrt. >S.c. 

Universal e. ■f^ficT^rq-oi. 
2— act. fJTf ?r ^'Jf'f. f^^ijf«. 

I. thing conquered. ^^^s^'cT^r^H/J. f5T?f^^»». f3Trf=r^«. 
Conqueror, n. v. V. A. 1. fii^cTTTr, &e. (iTM?T-"TTT'T^-&e. 

2 f^T^OTRT, f^f;^ WT. 

V. V. N. ^Jft, f=I^^, ^^^3vfl"f, ^^^, ^^TTH. 
A mighty c. f^f'Sf^'flr. 
Consanguineous, «. v. Eelated. ^^IWINI, ^^FTT^m^TRT, 

CONSANGUINITV, «. v. A. ^^?P^»f'4;». ^^J^f'^'^''l>n■ <^^^T- 

Conscience, n. There seems to be no word in Ilardih), 
exactly answering to this word. The following words 
convey, under suitable connections, the sense 
of it. iT?f«. ff?/ !fl!=R^q-w. 3TFf:5F^». 3T?Tqfm»». 3T- 
fHJTrIT«». fHnT«. ^fr/. 

Clearness of c. f^Tfrjf^/. 3t?f.^pTJT ?lf5/- 

No witness is so strong as one's c. H^T ^=I5T ^T^ 

To resist or fight against c. ^^^1^^?:«. ^PTW. 
To make a c. of. JMMHI 'TT'S/. •^?T'^ in.con. 
Conscientious, a. injlucnced hi/ conscience — person, v. 
Just. %#^, %rfHT, %'TTWTTTT, ^qPTf^^, T^f%^, W^A- 

2 regulated ly conscience. Jt'Tt^T, %?ft^, pTRT^T. 
Conscientiously, adv. giTFITJt, 5HT^?:r^^, ^Fq^gT^. 
Conscientiousness, n. v. A. rrrpftTOTT »». ^^wf^/. ?Tf^- 

CoNscioNABLE, &e. See Just &.c.. 

Conscious, a. possessing one's senses, v. Sensible. ^X^^■ ^- 

2 knowinrj internally. Kf^ilffeTfT, ^Hf^rf, WfTT?r, ^TT^iT^g-, 
3TTJH^t1%?r, H?TRTf'--T?t, iT?T:Wffr. 

To be c. of. vH|UHJi,vTroT?r-WH^5aT?f^, T^^^ 3T?tSt. 

3 knowing., perceiving.^ aware, sinf;?!^, Mlf^r|JlK,<3J'5rT'^q- 
^-iTTf^fT'Tn:-&c. 5rr?!?5r, mH^IM, ^^TFTfTH, FJSq'fTFr, ^T- 

Consciously, adv. t. A. 1. ^^vrnr^f, ^HRPT^ ^^i >lt^- 

Consciousness, ?i. v. A. 1. ^jfj/. %f#5/. HT^T «. 5|^^«. 

Bereft of c. v. Insensible. %^i;, sf^, f?r%f%?f, f^- 
To return to c. ^|m-^^'TFTI^-5J^?R-U'<T?ft^-'-'^- 

CON ] 

" ^VtX- ?^^-Ac. ^, ^T/ ^ g. of. f. 

3 ?r»T^ «». mf^'Y/. TT? m. i: TT, sprr/. ^i^ m. 

I. conscious fceliny, sense of self . 3T^^^ ?«. 3T^f?f/. 3T- 

^*rR m. 
Co:»scuirT, a. enrolled. TJT^C frjr^^rti,q^|cH JTtS^^. 
CONSCRirT, n. q^T^rfrrf^^r^^fr 3=qTtr^ SSd^nfT HtT^ ^- 

<«Tr^ TTsr 3Tn=ft ffr. 
CoxscKiiTioN, «. ?5^T^Tm m<if^uiii^'Mi 3?^^r^ 3th^ sttt- 

To Co.NsECEATK, t'. fl. dedicate. :r^^A m. T.l^ g. ofo.Zffr^- 

2 ( by distillation, streaming, or sprinkling ). arfiT^- 
^, ■JTf^'W »».-3TPT^'f^ «. wA g. of 0. 

CO'SECBATE, «. COXSECBATED,^. V. V. 1. Sff^^rT, 3Tf*rK- 

f%^i 3T^, ?re?J?T,(^;rra% &c. ) rfHri?!i-=iif^^3T-&c. 

2 3TfH^^, arfHf^, 3TfT#^. 
Co.vsECEATio.N-, n. V. V. l.~act. :rf?t^ n. q p(^niH «. g^- 

if »». arfT^^ir «. — o. or s. ^\r\^\ f. ^■^;+,|j »». 

CossECT.vET, See Consequent. 

CoNSECiTTioN, «. V. SrccEssioN. qt'TTT/. aTHipiT m. -yp^^w. 

lu close c. iRr^n:, ^ift^, fll^HK, OTTTTTS, qiAIMIS, 
^Tr5T, MI'flHI'I, fjipf, 

2— in logic, train of conseqxiences. ^- ^ \ r\H \ r^ f. f^^Ffr- 
^JfW TO. 3TjrrRqTTO'/. 
Consecutive, a. v Successive. 'iHH-+HN!, ?5Tnp7T5^ cfj^. 

Tis^, 'TT'iriTH=?n-, &c. m7ft^,^3TT^^^^f*T^, grr^^rf^, ar- 

CoNsECUTivELy, adv. V. A. >(4>Nl^lH I 'i ^sp, ar^^fTfTRr, 3Tg- 

^pjT?r-., 3Tg^;T?r:, ?tt^, jjiirf, ar^q^^T:, rnrirm-, |rt^. 

Consent, n. assent, concurrence.^ ^-c. v. Aqbeement. ?;w?»n. 

Tacit or implied c. JTPRT «. 
^ With free c. ( or choice ). g^J^JW^, ^l^j,|tTT?rT- 

To express c. ( or concurrence ). ^i^PR^, ?5pK m.- 

2 accord of minds, v. Ageeement. iT^frf^TT n. fr^^ n. 
AVith one c. (npf^TrTH, it^ ^hr' . ' 

^. " " ^ ' o 

Consentan-tous, a. agreeable. See Consistent. 
Co.vsENTEB, fl. Consentient, a. Consenting, ;.. a. v. V. ^. 
^^ITTRT, Ac. STgHrT, ^rrrn, ,^, ;a^-t, g?TW^, ix^ 

Consequence, n^esult, issue, end, product, effect, fruit. <p- 


«? «• PiiH-j) n. rtJT «t. jffT »». jpfpT m. M^Rb /. 
In c. V. Consequentiallt. Fm^, f^T^T^, '-^OH . 

2 connection of cause and effect. ^FraqnTOT^fqV »»• ^'T- 

+K"ii«('r m. \^^ Ji^^^nr bj. q^R ^^^q m. [m. 

3 result, deduction, v. Conclusion. fH^tfTm. f^f5i<l?TT'4. 

4 moment, importance, \. Weight. ^^JTT^ir m. {neg. con.) 

5 digniti/, rcspeciahiUty, v. Weight. ti1<?4Ull m. ifk^ «. 

Consequent, a. resulting, following. ^T^^f^^.^ arg^TRfr, 'fl- 
gqWr.. 3T5f?r, 'iTHHTft, 3HI"=jf^:F,+N'+KU| ?il'=ft, a^TT- 
f^qj, 3^Tf':r^«T, sr^ ( iu comp. ). 

Consequential, a. See Consequent. 2 J/y, Zo/Vy, v. Con- 
ceited. r<^Hi^^, fw?rr^T, T^nrft or ^, hR^k, ffr-'TT- 

Consequentially, adv. v.A. 1. ?qTH^, H^HIH, J-^uH, 3T'<^'t- 

^, ^ra^TOJrrH^+M, +I''I'+kii'tt^, arrftrer, "FcTtT:, 

2 f^TTWH, ??r=^, &c. 
Consequentialness, n. v. A. 2 «m(Z Airs, f^nji^ 7n. HtCi. 

Consequently, See Consequentially. 

Conservatory, n. ;jRicr1-^^T^f^-W ^T^rl %;pnTT^ r<^^ 

m. ?:?TOT?TT?rr/. ^?T>iT?'<TRr n. 
To Conserve, &c. See To Preserve, &c.2 See To Canbt. 
To CoNSlJiEE, V. a. ponder. stuJij, weigh. M-lltl aniuiu^ f^- 

2 I'/f if, regard, hold. TTfrf, HT^TOT, *TT^<Jf, nt^ot, imOT, 

3 ^afe j'jj^o j;/ew, respect. M|^U|, ?5f^T'it, THtrT-Eqi^^f-c^- 
^■qt?r-&c. aiMijf , rS^-^n.-&c. ^^t with^ of o. ^TRTtrCor. 

To Consider, f. w. deliberate, v. To Think. f%rtoT, <n^, 

f%?nT n. ^Tof, f^r^Rfrr ar^. 

Considerable, a. worthy of consideration. f^T^K'+.^iMi-^i'ii- 
&c. ^ -^Kufl-M , f^=5TP!T, iT^T^ft^, K^foq-. [ :^l?PEfT. 

2 V. Ee^pectable. ^PTH'O'M, ^^if=(n, TFT, 'fPT, JTT- 

3 moderately large, cj-c. iRT, ifTT^T, ^TTpsr, gMKMI, miT- 

Considerably, adc. v. A- 3. ^TpsT, ^JITTTSTT, &c. aZi t/ecZ. 

Considerate, a. deliberate, reflecting, pondering. f%^Tft, 
f^^^TTT^ft^, [4~A\{^\'ipop. f^^McJFT, f'l'-IKi^ff, f^T^STT^f^, 
Pl--j| J^ q^, r^I-.fKM-'-IN'Y, l^^tTfmft, ^JTM, n^, Sf?^- 

2— of measures or acts. f%--)Hqq+, f^K4H«l, ^f^TT, 
fW^H4U'ihrl, 5fi;'T^, gf^J^^HT, ^i^j'^?^. 
Considerately, adv. v. A. 1. f^T^KM, f^^l<*<;,'i, f^RR- 

15^, ^^TR^T^T, 5i;-qr. 

Consideeateness, n. v. A. 1. f^TTftq'TT »>. f^^?nT3ft?=5rTr / 

fr^fR^/. f^^TR^'Ti^r '«• r=J-ilf<r(|/. f§rH3'4+lRHl/. 

Consideration, n. t. V. A. 1. Q"Kui n. &c. f^^R wi. f^"^- 




^ m. JT'<T^ or H'<T?T n. ^fv(rJ or Hfilrf n. JT^H ?«• IJH'/. 

C. of pros and ecus. spFfnFT^fJT^qK, <P?5TTr?I^r^nT, 

Mature c. ^T^jrf^^^nT. 

Minute c. ^^t1%^R, 5?^??^^rT. 

Upon c. If we consider, &c. TTf^ ar^TrTf, 'Trf^r'TT'4'f, 

'n^T'tff, f^=JTR %?5r 3T?r?ff. 

V. V. N. f%^5fK '«• f%fTq" w. JTq^ n. f^r\^T'f. 

I. worthiness of regard, v. Weight. HT^fTT/. "Mt'*fr)l/. 

II. for ; deference, SjC. Ht^/. Mt-lMi '»• 5T=r?r/. =^r5/. 
To treat with allowance and c. ^fTT^^ ^'?f-=rr'Tf^'if-&c. 

III. for ; care or concern about, v. Concf.dn. f^^^TR m. 
"TT^TT/. ?7T?R or f\f- f^ffT/ 3Tf=5T/ JiTRf »«. 

IV. motive, reason. ^^ ««. +Ku| «. f^rfj^TT w. ^r^of /. 

V. equivalent, recompense. Priai^rli or n"~Mlir-ii «j. 

CONSIDEBED,/). V. V. A. 1. qToI%?yT. &C. f=r^lRd, f%frr?r, 

f^iTTfjr=r, Hf<T?T or Hfif?f, aTlBTfef. 
To Consign, u. a. intrust, Sfc. v. To Commit. ^Trqor, |^t?5- 

^fRof y. o/ 0. 

2 — goods to an agent ( 3Ti5-m-+,'^ ) TT^f^. 
CONSIQNAELE, a. V. V. ^cfPTT^, &c. wcrftq-, 3Tt^, ?fJTCjf. 
Consignee, «. ^l\^\ m. 
Consigned, p. v. V. #T^3fT, ^^Tc^^OT, J^^, 3TfHrr, ^mf^rT. 

2 3T5f^T^I 'rref5r^?5T. 
Consignment, n. v. V.— «c/. ^fK"^ m. ^=ilriu| m_ f^n^ ». 

&c. f^K^ar^ /. f5r7:;raft/. :^TRf «>. f^^T m. fH^wn n. 

3TT0T n. ^^^u\ n. 

I. ^oofZs consigned. 3T5?^TT^? TT^%?5T ITR ««. 
To Consist, v. n. suisist, v. To Be. ar^ar, ^or. 

2 ie constituted or composed. 3RT^ it^^/i y. o/ s. qft?f- 
'TT-^7T-3TrfT^-&c.3T^ ( in comp.). 

3 with ; accord tcith, v To Ageee. ?f*r^, -^M"!, ^ctuj, 

^iTKot, ftoiur, »rTOT, q^T=r m. «i^, ^;;m »i.-^?nrT to.-&c. 

^^^g.ofs.recip. [Being. 

Consistence, Consistency, Consisting, n. \. V. 1. See 

3. and Aoeeement. nHrfm>' m. ira m. vTJT m. ^^'[^ m. 

?rH^ m. ^>tt^rt/. ^^/. gmr m. ?7Tn ««. 

I. agreement ivith self; coherence. rfT^M. r|lcAr|'rT WJ. rTn=5T- 
HT?5T w. SR^IT wi. qr^''^ or ^ w. qRii^ m. qR^ wf. qT- 
'^^/. tR ?»• fi'+-|U| «. fS^TiTT m. arg^^H jj. tffruT «. 
or HmjJ^ qRUT n. giTR m. ?f^'f >». ^t^^f^/. mz /. 
■J^mrf^dq' »«• '4R m. 

II. (/eyree of denseness. ^Z''^^m. qTJTTtirr »». ^T'^»». ^- 

Consistent, a Consisting, p. a. v. V. 1. ar^T'TRT, &c. 

2 JT^ ( in comp. as gq^'^nTT Ac. ), ^ (in comp. as 
g^OT^, &c. ), 3TTriT^ ( in comp. as g^rilffT^ &e. ), 
*T^ ( lit. leen or heing ; much and elegant use is made 
of this word in comp. as aTT^nTT^T, a^T^'R'J'T, gr^TT^TH- 
jFT, being, standing, &c. in the capacity, quality, nature. 


&c. of ), ^fef ( in comp. ). 

3 congruous, consonant, accordant, with, &c. fJr^r<pr^r, 

fqrr, H^?T, q-^RTPq', aT^^, T^g^, W^-^., HT^^, ^^RTT^, 
■HMP^d, arg^TR (in comp.), -JTH?rRt (iu comp.), ST^^ 
( in comp. ). 
I. agreeing loith itself^ co/ifren/. #'T?ft^r,^'FT=TT(:,^^'T?f, 

^i^^Tf^, ^oft^r, ^f^^gj, 'j^imrf^^, ^^, ^inn, -«- 

II. /n», iwt fluid, ^^pop. qoT, q^, ^n^, ^-p!:, ?Tr^. 
Consistejjtlt, ado. v.A. 3. «»f? Accoedantlt. ImTsf, -aT'ST- 

3Tg?i7T (in comp.), 3TH?rR (in comp.). 

I. in a consistent manner. ^n^TSfrT, HTI^ ^^^ '=fR'T q^- 

?rRT^5T-c<ce. 'TqjO?frH', t^^JTrnfff, &e. '^rmrMqm, "^^f- 

'RTf^q'75^, &c. 
Con&ociate. See Associate, Confederate. 
To CoNsociATE. Sec To Join, To Combine. 
CONSOLABLE, a. V. V. ^icIciTqT-=5tr-^RT->fcc. ^T^T'^T, ?ltf7^- 

Consolation, Consoling, jj.y.V. — act. f^.^'^n. ^i?T^iJf/?. 

srnt/ 5:^rT|T"n«. ^5TrT^"iT'f. ^j^TT^om. |;^qftHT^«. 

^•.^"Tft^ m.— state. wrrr^RT n. 'NrRTiTTqRr n. f^JrR^T- 
^^m n. f%r?R^*T?n-/. f.^^lfffr / SiRT3Ttf?T /. 
I. cause of c. comfort. ^^TT^RT^g m. ^HT^RTTF ^PRi^ «. 
^TiTTtTRr^5!^?5 n. ¥HTqRr?frq^ «• I'.^R^lR^KNtnr? /.- 

firrq' W.-&C. 

To Console, f. a. solace, comfort. 37Rf^ or arfg^ «■ pl.-fv^ 
m. pi. J^of <7. o/o. ?im^^, ^F'TT^, 3fT»TRT^, %:^T^'\ 
^thfW'^,^., %'-'i^ n. ^T^,^^ g. (fo. ^ttt^T^ M.-f^r^TBTT- 
"^IX^ ".-^if^RT «.-?rif!RIT/.-aTT»qT?RT JJ.-|:^jm|^'JT «.-'H?rT- 
T^TW W.-&C. ^?^ y. o/o. ^T^ w.-f^Tf «. 54s ^F^y. ofo. 

Consoled, p. v. V. ^rfrr-T^?^, &c. W^rriw, ^T^RTR^T^, ^r- 
cRTTTqRT, STHRTif^T^, ^sq^THT^RT, ^iffT^:^, ^Tm».RT, ?rf- 

Consoles, «. Consoling,^, a. Consolatoht, a. v. V. ^H- 
qTJTRT, &c. ^-^-^ ;pTTf-^R^-^;RT^-&c. STT'^rRnF, 3TT»^- 
?T^ ^FtTT-^FR^, f.^^-fR^-&c. ^fr^^^-|TTt-|R^-fTft, 

-^-&c. g-.^^T^RT^P. 
To Consolidate, v. a. malce solid, dense, &c. ^S-^f^^T pop. 

^,l§[^-'^^■^^ pop. qar-&c. ^t^, w^^^f^^T, ar^rPr'Jf, JTritf^. 

2 See To Join. 
To Consolidate, v. n. lecomc solid, ij'o. JTRoi", q?:^, ar^iJif, 

Consolidate, a. Con.-tolidated, p. v. V. A. 1. ^^-^^-t'cc. 

2 See Joined. 

V. V. N. q^?5T &c. ^f^, ■jr^,^H?r,:^^iTrr, ^t'RT. 
Consolidation, n. t. V. A. 1. — act. ^^^ n. -mj^'ui «. 
&c. ^Rft^TW «. ^^W «. wt^JRW «. 
V. V. N- ^z^ n. ^z^ n. &c. 




C'O.NVOSANCT, Co.^•so^•Ol■s^Ess, n. v. A. 1. eitid Co^•coEIl. 

2 fJTsrT<?> «i. ^;TK 5«. ^^ '»■ ^^mr^T m. Hot ?;i. 
CoN>o.vA>-T, C'ox^o.NOus, a. ojirciiiy in soinid.^f^^i:, ^^f:^- 

'2 congruous, V. COXSISTEST. f'T^JPFT'^'T, fj^^TS^t, ^m^, 
sj^TT^r, &c. 3^^. 
COSsO.NlXT, «. t^vPT ». ^'^n'T »». 

Coujuuct or double o. ^'fPT »». 
To CoxsORT, V. n. associate ivitJi, \. To Accompa>-t. ?in m.- 

rfiTf?r/.-?r»TFT»T m.-^STW wi.-?TT^^ «.-cte. %m 'J. of o. 
Co.s-sOKT. n. Jiiislniul or trifc, q. v. FTfTpsTT ^TT^cTT ^fWfl"-^- 

'*ft-^iT?fr-^r3"ft (ami fern. ^I^fJT &c.; 7T?^T«;'.5T^^I/: 
Coxspicrous, (7. casi/ to le seen, qr^trqirr ^^^ ^iqi^i'iT-Ac. 

2— of marks, &c. See Cj.eae. 3. t. Ewikext. sri%^, if- 
To become e. fr^of , f^^^"^. 
CoNSPicrousLV, ach.y.A.. 1. qT^'nTrrr?r|:;T5TRT^"FTT«- (led. 

COXSPICCOUSXESS, W. Y. A. 1. f ^s^flT /. ^rf^^s^^TT /. g- 

5^f^/. gsT^Prrr/. 

CONSPIKACT, W. Y. CoilEIXATIOX. ^fq^Ttrf «. ^fv^ W. \^^Zm. 

CoKspiEATOE n. ?irnTK?ft, ^T^Hf^, 5^t?f?ir- 

:ro CONSPIBE, t'. «. Y. To COMEIITE. fiTS'Jf, ^f^ m.-^^?! m./.- 
&c. JiiquT-Jfrrur, f?: n.-<^^rTT m.-^^^^^ «.-&c. JpTof. 
2 concur. See To Ageee. 

CoNSPTssATiox. See Thickeking. 

Constable, «. qT?ft^ 7TTf?Ti?r ^^. srf^^Tft ^f%. 

CONSTANCT, n. Y. A. 1. ^FrrTqOTT >». f^F^cTT /. ^TrTFT «."'^T<T 

2 tTT »». ^■^'T ?!• 1^'<T'7rr/. f^''^Tr{ pop, r4\^ /. 3T5'^fH=qr- 

T m. f^Ji-tsTPIrTT/. 3T=q'i^?5T «. 
CoKSTAKT, a. continiting, y. Coxtintjal. f^f^, f'T''^'', ^TrTrT. 
2 persistent, steady .Jirmhj adherent. fT'<TT, f?'4TTfiTT, f^*T- 

CONSTAKTLT, o(7i'. Y. A. 1. and Eyee. f^?^, f'Tr^T^, f^f^, %- 
Jft or %^, Jrm^, f^fq-3T:, f?frq-3'^5, ?r^3"^^, ^?T=T,^'?r- 

Constellation, n. cluster of stars. ?r?T=5r «. =^?7^r=5rr q?Mi. 
2 fig. genius, star, ^c. Y. Peojdiox. fTRT'w- ^^•.^^w.ST- 


To Constipate, v. a. make costive. ^.JZl m. 5J7 ^.^ij rj. ofo. 

Constipated, />. y. \ _ sf^T^i^. 

Constipation, «. y. Co.-tiveness. ?TT^5^t '"• ^tj^re n. IT- 

t^Fffrq' »«. ITrTT^H m. 
Constituency, «. ioc/y f)/ conslilucnts. ^HiJlR ?»• 2^?. 'fr^'Jift 

tn. pi. f^qr^sRrn^ w. 

Constituent, a. elemental, essential. ^PRCriHrf, aTftr^aiiTrr, 
H?5JTrr, sft^HrT, ^?^?T, ??IC<T, ^?^UHT, aT^r^'f rf, 37^lW- 

Constituent, n. \. A. essential part. :pKoi*rcr-&e. q?r4 m.- 
fij-q^q- »n.-&c. 3T5r'7^^-3Ti[IH<T-3til^rlM^l'4 1n.-f^^ m. 
2 Sec Constitutee. 

To Constitute, v. a. See To Compose. To Make. 

2 nominate, elect, y. To Appoint, ^tt^, ^T^^T, %J1dt^/.' 
'fl^3T5TT/.-^^mj?/.-&c. ^Tof y. of o. fHj^F.^Rot. 

Constitutee, n. y. V. 2. ^IHOTRTj 'fl^'^RT, &c. f^qi^^, 

Constitution, m. ?)a?(>e s/a/e o?- cliaracter, v. Natubs. Sf- 

2 ( of mind or body ). partiadar temperament or temper. 

sr^f?r/. ^HT^ m. ?r^rr/. stikihr »». ^^ivrTEr »«. 

To lose its tone, soiniduess &c. — the coustiliition.ET^i- 
To recoYer bealtliy tone — the constilution. Sf?if=f ?Tr- 

3 form of ffovernmejit. X]^z{zz(^'ij-r^^}^ n. ^^npfff?TKf?r. 
Constitutional, a. y. N. 1. and Kaxueal. v?ii?ft^T, J^nrr- 

^^TR^, JT?;?'?^^, sr?;f^3^TT, m^?r, 

2 !T^?ft=qr, rtf^rarft=qr, aii^^iTTSTT^r. [hih^it. 

3 legal <J-f. ^jvrirs^Icf^irrg;^;^^ TI3^^^R^4TTg^TT, Tl^f^ • 
Constitutionally, adv. y. A. 1. iT?^'T^, ?s!»TRtH, ^T?fT^, 

^HT^TcT:, f^^lH:, ST^rfJTrT:, Jf^.rTT, ^T?^. 

To Consteain, v. a. force, ollige, y. To Cojipell. sj^: «.. 

ST^Tf^TR W!.-&c. :p^ijf-=qT^5r'it «';7/i ^R ofo. ToS »«. qii^^. 

2 confine, hind, y. To Eesteain. aTTJT^.DT, aTT^TOT, f^fq^ 

«!.-&c. sRirf y. 0/ 0. ^?.^^-&c. ^F^. [ t[^^. 

Consteaineblt, adv. hj compulsion. HfcSR, »f5lTf^t>TTT^, ^3R- 

Consteaint, n. y. V. 1. — state. ^V3;?A°SS^f. ^\^Tr,\^^^■^ f. 


2— si-a/e. f?r^ m. 1%iftT «(. f^m »«• ^TT^T '»• 3TR'JiT'/. 

arrsiT m. 3TT5Emf«:Tr «;. 

I. constraining power, y. Compulsion, ^k »«. stot^'ift/. 

By c. ^sfft^, ^5ift^cf, ^SRtnS, ^l^TPFTTT^, etc. 
To Consteict, To Constbinge, &c. See To Conteact, &c. 
To Consteuct. See To Build, To Compose. 
Consteuction, n.~in grammar, y. Syntax. ST^T m. ^^■ 

^^ m. msf^^-^f^f. qT^q^?fr/ t^^^fit/. 3j^^^=^j 

f aHH^4l^51T /. si^ »J. [^TT «!. 

2 V. Intebpeetation, Meaning. 3T'4 w. STfiT^IT m. 3TT- 

CoNSTEUCTivE, a. inferred, implied. S^^TiTHftri;, aTPTHrf'T^,. 

To CoNSTEUE, V. a. arrange in natural order. ^r^Z(m.F^J^- 

"^.uj-w-m g. of 0. ?iR'^, 3f'snTq"t^^/-3T^'T?rR^M.- 
2 y. To Inieepket. 3T'4'». ?IR''f-^^'Jf. 




CONSTEUING, n. V. V. l.—aet. ^V'^m^^SV^iin.&c. 3T^?T^t^- 

To CoNSTEUPATE. See To Eavish. 
CoNsuBSisTEXCE, n. V. A. ^r^'<Tf^/ ^rf'T^^TM. 
CoNSUBSiSTENT, a. existing together^ ;b^'<T?T, ^f^*Tfrr^, 

CoNSUBSTAKTiAL, a. of the same siclslance. ^^7\^^ ^WVm^^ ^ 

CossuBsTASTrALiTi-, 11. V. A. ?fJT?T^?rT/. WMMri;q-?fT/. rfJSf- 

^rr*^". ^KT^«. i{o4<y|J-i)«. ^^Tfft^^/. ?TT^?'^)!. 
CoxsuETUDE, CoNsuETUBKAi,. See Custom, Customabt. 
Consul, n. eommercial agent of a state. ^^q]X]'=:^\ ^qq-pqT 

w^^TT -Hi+KM' T?jTn?r ':T^o^m TTsfsr^f^r ^t?\^. 

To Consult, v. a. ask counsel of. J^^, fsT'STR^, f^r^R w.-^- 

?^J f.--H^-^.^ f.--i<f^mmn.-T(r\n.-&c. ir^f y. o/o. 

2 regard, consider the interests of. "TT^, f^'^rTWJ- W-K^ g. 

of 0. r5^-^«.-^f%/.-;T^FTT/.-&c. ■^iJf-5Jr>Jf ivith ^Ik or^Xofo. 

8 (books &e.) qifJif, 3Tf^sTTq';».-3TgTT?f «.-&c.qaf g. of o. 
To Consult, y. «. iidZ-e counsel together. iTH^^/.-f^^Rw.- 

iTH^5Il?«.-&c. ^F^. 
Consultation, 71. v. V. N. tt^?I?t/. f^^Rw. rf^^mm. 

Secret c. :!!T?J5T?r». ^^r^m. ^=^m. f|?Tn^«. 
Ti? Consume, v. a. devour, stcalloic v^i, litrn, cjv. ?jfHif, ?IT37- 

^ ?n^, ^FF Jfrm, ^t^^t spf^, ^Tf r «<?«•. sf^tjt, fn^or, 

2 exjpend, use wholly, y. To Exhaust. J^^^"^, ^R'?, ^vTT 
OT.-'P5?TT»>. ^of-g-^^y. ofo. arssTor. 

3 annihilate, ruin, ^c. v. To Desteot. ?5^w.-?rT^T«.-^Hr- 
^nMn.-^^m.-&c. tp^ y. 0/ 0. ?(T^ ^Ror, 

yo Consume, w. n. waste, le exhausted. W^m.-'r^m.-k'i. ^^ 

g. of s. ^^m. qiirtjt, f^T#. 
Consumed, jp. v. V. A.l. ^FS^ ?;r^^;^, ?jtff %^?7T, &c. 

2 ^^%?rr, <s.-c. ?i?rT^, <Frft^, ^tw, "ps^tt %^^-^re^r, 

CoNSUMEE, M. i(se;-, c|-o. — as opiDosed to producer, irroduc- 

tive. %$nFft, q^^, ^?nT^^, ^ura'Cft. 
Consummate, a. See Peefect. 
S^o Consummate, v. a. complete, v. To Peefect. !Tof.iT:!;?fT, 

5Tr-wT5r-"T(gr-&c. w^i^., 't^^j f-^f^f^f.-&c. qR^rf g.ofo. 

Consummated, jj. v. V- 'J'^"^?5"5Ti&c. 
Consummation, k. v. Y.—act. 'jvi^jpirjn. &c, T'Jf^T'JTJi. 

— Sifs/e. 'rnrrTT/. qf%/. ?H%f|/. f^'iTf%/.' V^tJI?TT/. 
Consumption, n. v. V. A.— or^. ?HM». m'^^ ^W-^n. ^r^ 

^^^n.—state. "pvTrw. "FI^TT'". ^T'-TTw. ?H^rH»i. fT'T'". | 

2 «rf. ^=qdTM. qJSnr JRTJr'*- &c. ^"^m.— state. q^Rp^.'PS- j 
?iTT»». W^in. ^^Z(m. <?>^ot. 

3 See Destkcction. [ xv^m. 
I.v. Phthisis. ?t^ttpt»j. qj^i^rqw. q-^Trroj- ir?-iT?Rw Tm- ' 
II.— gener. ivasfing disea.9e, tabies. ^ or ^f\ f. ^f[ f. 
,^^VV\m. ir^n. ^u^n. f^/. r^iT'jff/. flfCWt/. ^i^ft i 

Consumptive, a. affected u-ilh c. ^rim, ?T^, ?7'Rt'ft,?mfl'- 
2 inclined to e. f^TK^^, 'flTO=JT^'ft, ^r==^?H-. 

Contabulation, 11. rT^qr^ft. 

Contact, n. touch, close union. ^?f m. ?fFTsf »»• i=5^Fr/. ;tit- 
fir m. ^^\n m. ^^\^H n. ^iy\^ n. 31Mh4 «. ^T^ >/i. 

Ascertainment by c. k^J'^^^^^ m. 

lu c. f^TcT. 

Mediate c. or connection. 'JTrTTT^^f m. Tt^TR^^f «?. 

To come into c. ^q'7'Jf, ^^?T ?J. ^t'Tf in. con. or y. f/ 
Contagion, n. communication hg contact. ^T^f?r=^R m. ?Tif- 

^fspKOT ?». ^q-^irgq-rffT/. 

2 ^y. I'S^^n ««. 
Contagious, a. infectious, S,-c. ?T^Tf?f-^frnf?f FTTT'JrRT-^mT- 
qT3fFTT-&e. ?q#=?Trft, ^T^H^Jft, ??R, ^raH^?, ^f^lfH- 

Contagiousness, «. v. A. ^^f^^qifrrq' ?i. ^T^W^pfJfTTT/. Ac 

To Contain, i). «. hold, comprehend, comprise. tTT'^f, %«iSt, 
m^^'Jt, ^Sf fT-Hrf fT W, ^Rrflr^T «.-&c. fFf-ar^TOT y. 0/. 
0. itv'^/i in. con. The word is most idiomatically renderd 
reversely To he contained (q. v.) as, This vessel will 
contain two seers, ^ "TT^?r ^ ?R TTFT^ft^. 
2 See To Eesteain. 

lb Contain, v. n. live in continence, if^q'f^q'^ m.-^^^x'^^- 
^ m.-^THW^ m.-&c. ^^. 

Containable, a. t. V. that mag le contained. HT^rTTT-^fiTRr- 

^-^fr^-&c. s%iTT-^3TT'Trrr-&c. 

Contained,;). v.V.A. 1. qt%^, ?Rrr?^ 5fT%^, &c. ^mfq''?, 

ar^T'TfT, nfH?r, ^, •■STrf.qr^ft ( in comp. ). 

To^ be c. ^\^'^, ^Tl^iJt, TT'Jf, ^TTSOT, ^f^, ^I'^r. 
Contain-eu, «. Containing, p. a. v. V. A.l. *r':'JTRT, mf5 

qtTTRT, &c. err^q?, KTRt. 
To Contaminate, Contamination, &c. See To Defile, ^t".-. 
To Contemn, v. a. despise, scorn, disdain, disesteem, cj'f. ^^- 

DT, fH'i--M< of, f?T?:^qnT'Jf, |?7?rreaT, ■SffqoTtff, 3iMHH<Jf, 'jT- 

^-^'T^ot-^:?rm'^, 3TiTR5r ^i^., -^'^vm m.-■s{^^v^ m.-fn^.- 

^FRT H!.-f?IT?q;R wJ.-f^T^ift /.-|^^f5 /.-|?5?rriCTit /.-^^T 
/.-&c. WtX^ g. of 0. In this general sense To hold lighthj 
or To reject scornfully, but as better agreeing with tho 
more expressive and emjjhatic words To Scout, To Flo- 
ut, To Fleer, ^c. are qrWM'JMTfjf HTvSTof-TpI'jf-SJ^^- 
TiTat-Jtc. ^Z7,^ or Ti^TT^'^r, f^T^q^r^IiJf, fyi+RiJt, ff^'Tot 
or r^i,HI--('Jt, 5fRrTTnft".-JfR5fRT'«.7;^^ ^^T^:^ y.f/o.3"5^^, 
^i'lSH'Jf, f^^l^^t, ^^? «(/('. ^^"n, fq^ inter j. fr^T- 
^0T,1??rRaT, B'^TSin or F5'<TT5W, if^^ff^^'fr adv. %m^ 

'/;n'«. qR^, %3>jf , 'Ti^n q;?7Jr, 'prnrw. ^■^■^g.ofo.■^- 

TTT^ 0)- ^iTR-w;.. ^T^Ti^r with Tf or ?^r of 0. {with nrg. con J 

^JTRfJif f^''if-- ^;/i /.-nr^oT /.-Ts^rr??^ /-3i^ofT/.- 

qT<TTsft/.->li c. ^^"Jf y. 0/0. And some phrases and idio- 


matic expressioiiB nro qpR'Tr STT'itT Hlfr ( f^TrJT, 5i=jr, 

&c.) *TT 5j:^r?ir mr. anoTOTK ? nt^ ^it^ ^]E^m ^rfr 

(^T^ ic. t. e. I liolu thee iiiiwortliy of uoticc even as a 
beggar ). wft &c. TT^ ^^'ita ^fty. 0/ 0. or ^FT^ TWT- 

h:^TT-A e. y. rf «. qT' "JlPnyuHl TIHT ( ^, H & e. ) ? 

Co.vTEji^Eii,;».v.A'. 'A^'^k^^^3^^^J^kF^^ ^?fi3k?n,g^?j- 
wm?.^^ 3{^m?T, <flif^?r, aigTnfHfr, a^sfJTH, sHRHTl^Fr, 
ST^ii^fr, g^t^.tT, fcir^.rf, ^^^ff1m, 3i5T|ferf, 3^,7.?r, f^- 

COKTESINEB, n. T. T. ■fTRWK^TTT, ^^-DTIITT, Ac. *(5lTrFr-3W- 
To CosTEiiriB, To Contempeitate. See To Tempeh. 

CosTEiiPLABLE, a. T. V. 1. E5TH?n^ q^'TT^mr-&c. firBt^- 

2 i:qR:FTRT^rnT-ic. tqr?riq-^ tqq-, f^fq-, f^^'tq', FR- 
To Co>-TESi PLATE. J'. (7. retjord or consider Jixcdly. sff^of 

2 ( abstractedly ). tqpf «.-RTm '".-f^rPT «.-fif?r;Tr/.- 
&c. ;p^ ff. ofo. t-qr^, 

3 /iffi'f »i viciv icifh reference to a/uiure evenly t^jpffcf- 

?r^"^m-iT^iFr-'5R'iffrT-^T-qi?r-&c. -n^^ in. con. 

To CoMEiiPLATE, V. 11. wiise, meditate. txfjTf n.-\^^^ n.- 

^^^ «.-&c. jrtjt, t-qmm-r%'^rr-&c. sroof. 

COSIEilPLATED,^. T. V. A. 1. «fpf ^If^ Tlf^rlFlr, &C. 5- 

2 t-^T 4;%^T, f<Tm, f^farf. 

Co>-TEMrLAiioN, «. T. V. A. \—act. ^zf-^^A^r^ qifif n. &c. 

2 itrR :jmjf 11. f^5T »j. f^rre' w. f^^^'^Jj^ pop. ^^t-qj^ 

— esp. of the deity, or one's own soul. «TFf n. giTT^TH 

Absorbed in e. of the deity. E^TRr<T, ^Hlf^iT, ^TT- 
%T, sr^Jp, ?rKTf^iTR. 

Air or look of c. tqTqjT^fy. 
V. Y.X. ^^^ n. T%?PT «. ^H?iq^/. 

C05TEMPLATI\E, a. COKTEMPLATOE, n. T. V. A. 2 ««(Z V. 
1^. meditative, tloiigltful. f^^Tffe, Jf^^^ft?!:, «Tr?ft, 

— e?p. on the deity, &c. «TT?tT, "rmf^rij, RfpfT, 5r^f?f^, 

COXTEMIOBAKEOUS, Co>TElilOBAltT, a. livinrj or being at 
the same time. ^?FT^frra^, <^%Er?.=:fT, ^iT^rft, ^Ul^FTfe^, 
^nTR^FTFft, I^T'TTr?^, 5Fr^=ErT, ^lTH^lf%:p, 

CoSTEMPOIiABY, n. (1% ^rXt 3Ttl'^RT-^'JI[TT. 

Co.MEMPT, Co^•TEM^■I^•o, «. T. A^-«c<. frf'T^^er n. -^A 
n. 3T^HR^ «. 2i;TTio,6t„. &c. I^T^tJfr/. |3«i5/. |5E^f- 

3T^TTT^^ n. 'fl^mr^PT «. 'fl^tii;^ „. '^^^v\^\ f. P^^ 
«. 5=^^R^ »i. f?TTT?;f?r/. fTTTT^p^aT ». f^TT^^ur «. fqf^TT 
»«. fiT-^gTur «. ^^TUT n. ^^.ji m. 'jT^rfsp^T/.-as better 
agreeing with Bcovting, f outing, &c. iratJi/. ^spift/. 
J^^TTT^sr/. Tra^tlSt/. <?r^T^/. <Fftt!iS 0?- =F%t?R »«. 

180 C ON" 

—state. arqKPf m. 'iTEnrFT w». arjfTJT^/. l^^iis/.^rT- 

aTTTrf^r?!?^ n. 3T5nTTfH?Tf5r ». See also under Di.-obace, 
I.— the sentiment or passion. friJT^pTT m. f?[?^T^, Vt^TT- 
fJT/. ar^JTRrrr/. 'J7i=i K,<yf5/. 5=^^;r m. fTR^^RHR wi. 
Contemptible, «. v. V. oh<? Mea>'. ^7,or ^3?lnT, I^JTtj TTT- 
TT^PTT, &c. ^^HRT^^iTl^T, &c. fFT^^F^ppf-^ ^T^onftT, 

COKTEilPTIELEKESS, «. V. A. H=^Uq"JIT m. ^^PfCTTT 7n. p^X.- 

^^?rT/. ^T^nrr^^nr/. &c. cfr?irRTT^rn-/. arsRUTJff. 
p\jf. &c. 

Co>-TEwrTLOus, (T. scornful, disdaiiful.—i^crson. f?KH-l f t, 

cTRirrEfT, 3^5RRft, 3^5Rrn-, r-iU+K^frf, iTRit, ^tsf^f^, 

2 expressing scorw.— language, Ac. Sf'PTRrr^, frfT^^T- 
^^, f^T-^RTSTT, f5TTmT=5(r, &e. 3^:tt^^, ^t^JFTT^^P, 

CO'TEWPTrOUSLT, adv. V. A. 3T?tT^TT#, 3T7^HT^, frt?^^- 
TT%, &c. ^^ ^'iTT-HT^, aT^TT^-31^iTRT-'frnj^R-&c. 

^?5 ^^TT, ^^EirTS^f./. ^;5?T, |o!^fi ^^^, &c. 
To Contend, To Contest, v. n. dispute, strive, fight, v. To 
QcAEEEL. S^ot, ^^z^ or ^TTS'jf, ^TMt/. ^of, ^^ OJ' 
^^ot, Tf^^, ^ITO^, fTl'Jf, B^Tf /.-^ »».-:pwTr wi.-Hfsq' 
«.-5rq:5T OT.-fcjfrq' m.-?T^ ?i.-&c. ^iJf. 

CONTENDEE, «. CONTENIIOrs, «. CoNTESTEE, «. V. Y. fl« £? 
^5[TT 0?- f^^f^?Tr, ^5l5fT^, rl^RTfr, H^R<MK, R=)l'(1. 

Content, Contenteti, a. sati-fied, not tcisJiing more. HTT- 

qFit, g?T, ^rg^, fl'rTTqt, ijfr, ^T^irr, Pri?^ or f^r^^f , sft- 

Easily c. ST^'RtHr'ft, ST^TO^'?. 
2 See Willing. 
Content, Contentment, n. sati-f action, acquiescence, ^r. 
^ITT'^TH n. ^^^^ m. f^fRfiTT'=TR n. f^^^^r^ m. T^T^ir- 

/. f=^?7T?Tif?r/. ^"JCTTT^rq- OT. a^m m. SR'^f?/. 

2 contents; ( of a receptacle ) . ^IF.^A f?T?Rr m. '>lf- 

iTTf5re-3Tfnirr-aT;=R'<T-&c. ht^ jj. 

3 ( of a book or writing ). Tf^TFT m. fSjf%Frr4 '"• 
" C.s. received." 'TTTIT. 
Table of c. ^=!p^^^f. ^^^^ n. 

i — iu geometry. ?f^"P^ n. 
Superficial contents. 1^^ n. 
To Content, v. a. v. To Satisfx. ^J^^., ??JTT«IR m.-^'cTtT 

CONTENTEDLT, adv. T. A. 1. ^Kiq'RR, f^xT^'TT'^TT^T^, &c. 




act. -JTraiT n. ^vmz\ or ^T^^^?/. ^«mi« or ?ft?r/. ^^- 
q^ or fq^nftH/. ^Rmt/- ^r^ft/. ^^ o;- ^^ ?!. FIH:'??:/. 
fT^R,/. ^qqcTT n. ^T^ m. q'TOT «'. t^pcp- 5^ »• ^f^ >"• 
pop. ^3/. ^F?^^ m. ^frT'l m. p5Jq w(. 5?m c»- J^TTPft /■ 

Conterminous, a. lordcring. jri^^, r^Tqq5-irT=qT, <^%r^T%- 

To Contest, v. a. controvert. See To Dispute. 

To Contest, v. n. See To Contend. 

Contestable, a. controvertihlc, ^'c. EJT^Rf^fFq, =II<^+<NI- 

fqqr^, fsRT^^T, fsr^TT^R^, fq^r^'^TH. 
Context, ?i. qRTro^q w». qRqrg^rqpT «. JP'<to^'T«. q- 

Eiile or law of c. STrqi^jirT ^TPT m. 
CoNTEXTUEE. See Textuee. 
Contiguity, Contiguousness, n. v. A. anH Contact. ?5^- 

?T/. STFtr f». f^+'ilPl'+'^/. ^^FSiT ». STFtrT'f «. Jf^^T^- 

frT/. ^^1%/. tffff^ n. 
Contiguous, «. <o;/(7//»y. ?ll?ft=qT, ?=?^?qrqT, ar^fTT, ?f'^^) 

^^PfltiT, ^ir?ftT, !TF^T?m, 'iT5qqf|?T. 

2 SeeNEAE. 
Continence, «. t. A. 1. ^qT^?;. fqi|r|'-|T^^«. f^rq^rff^/- 

2 ^^flf^nTTwi. ^TTpiqfw. 3^TT'<^f^q^M. OT^'^f^TH'". 

3 ^re^^oTT"!. &c. ^trsq^ /. if^-Jlfldl/. ^-^-^An. ^- 

Continent, a. self-restraining, v. Abstinent, ^q^ft, f^q- 
ift, f^q^smf, mq^f4'T. 

2 moderate or pure in the indulgence of sexual passion. — 
of men. ^qf?it, ^^qf?itsr?ft, •■ST'TfH^r?^, T^fTrtt^, 

— iu covert pliraseol. JfrmB-qT^T «t'i+4-?JI5n;^R-q?, ^T- 

3 refraining from ■woman. qf^TrT, ^^T, ^^^^ or ^i^'^- 
^^, ^T^5^, Wtfq5^-f^f^-fH??f , ar^ld^'M'IN, 

A c. mau. i)^^|0, sr^=5Rt»Tfft, ^^fTTT, •114-4^, c^T- 

4 refraining from man. J^^qTTl^JTft-^^-f^?^, 3T- 
fTmoqqPTT, 3TfTT7r^THT, f^WrHT, f^i^sq^TTT, ^pft??^. 

A c. female, st^qrlwt', Tftmf^r. 
Continent, «.— in geography. g^T^ or gq^y. H^T^^T m. 

Continental, a. K^T^r^T, Kf r^WT^qra^tqpqT, iTfT^trfq- 
Continentlt, adv. T. A. jf^qtH^^^sfT?, ^mf?l^^q%. 
Contingenct, n. v. A. 1. possihilitg of occurrence. f^^3:fi-. 

5RT/.%^TE:qFrT/. ff-rM-i^V^HT/. qf=:3T?fTt-q?n-/. 

2 accidcntalness. ^I'^^/.^'fFT '"."^^qftrTF^ ??. 

I. a c. Y. Accident, sq^Fq- «.'%qqf^qr?/. 
Contingent, a.possiUe of occurrence. f?r^HT5q,'%qFT-"qi"%- 

2 fortuitous, V. Accidental, ""^qmrqr, 3Hl'iH+,'?5:^pT, 
"|qqftrf,%5frPT^, q^^^PTFT. 
C. expenses. ^Tf^?jqTT ^q «»• 
Contingent, n. fortuitous evcnt.'^^^ ?!.'^_qqf^?r 'tr?/."^- 


2 proportion, v. Shake, qq^ft/. qqH/. qi^ »». 
Contingentlt, ade. v. A. 2. and Accidentallt. "^qtqpt, 


Contingentness. See Contingenct. 

Continual, a. continuing, constant, fq^rt^, fqfq, ?T(Tq, ?tq- 

Ff, 3T^5, 37fq^, ^TqqTfT, 3TqT^q, -3T«rfq, arsqqf^, fq- 
fqpqr, q^mqr. 

Continually, adv. v. A. otc/ Eaee. fqtqr, fq?q, fqfqrq, 

fq^q, fq?qfq, f^TFqrfqfq, q^ni, ^^^, ^rq^iq, q^tqst, q- 
stqfr, sritir^, ?rqq, ?fqq, arqqTT, ^Irnr?;, T^^t, <t^- 

CONTINUALNESS, M. T. A. qtqq «. fqtq^riT/. •dMcM n. Hfq- 

Continuance, Continuation, n. t. Y. A. 1. — act. qTr^q"Jt 
n. &c. ^Tc^qt^Jp/. =qT?rqnfl-/. 
2— act. qrsqof «• &c. 

V. V. N. 1. — state, fz^ n. &c. f^^fiq or fd^frrqr w. fr«T- 

2 TTfiff «. qt^ M. &0. qf^'q^^/. f^'^^/'^i'- ^''ft^/- 
To Continue, v. a. carry on longer, not to cease from, qr^- 

qof or qs qi^qof, qr^-^qraqr CT?pt-sqot, =qT?^q-^ftq- 

&c. ^qpif. 

2 extend, carry on in length, qrcqijf, ?rfqqijf. 
To Continue, v. n. remain, last, v. To Enduee. f^oT, ^r^, 

mr^, '-trnTq'q, f*4<Nui, s^. 

2 «i(?J/, abide, dwell.^ v. To Eeside. ^iq, qf^, 3Tqdr, 

f^'*mq^, '<TTqT°f- 

3 persist, v. To Peeseveee. Tr^-qT?5'q used with the 
present participle of another verb. 

Continuity, Continuousness, w.v.A.l. ^<,ri4[ n. 3Trqqq». 
Plirtid l/. ^TFRq n. ^nq?q- n. arrfq^q n. 

2 qtqq «. fq^qrqr/. ar^q^qr/. ar^qqqR «. ar^qqqrq-- 
qr/. stfq^ »>. 3T^f%3=>rqT/. 

Continuous, a. — iu time, y. Continual, fqtq^, arqqr, 
?iqq, arqq^, arfqrq. 

2— of space, fqtqr, gr^qqqrq, 3T?f?, smfeq, 3=r5q-qf|^, 

3lfqf^5r, ?5qq in comp. ( as rt'i<iM^*'(). 
Continuously, adv. v. A. fq^di, 3T^. [Hrj^q. 

To Contoet, v. a- y. To Twist. Hi'ioiui' or ^W'^, fq^cq^, 
CoNTOETiON, n. twist, fjl'lioll VI. "^t^^J ni. "fr^S ?«. fqciT m. 

— as used pi. contortions. 3T?,fq^ >». /iZ. qifq% m./)/. 

3T^% fq^t^ m. ^Z. 3T5;-qrfqa:-q-T/. 2>?.i'. % qr. ar^i^fqsi'f'i. 
Contour, «. outlines of the figure, ?i;q\qT /. STIT^r/. 

3Trq?j^/. ?«. artqq^r m. 




CosTBABASD, a. ^ I fui -ri) Pi W^, ^TTTf ^F, «ri^?T. frf^r^. 

2b COSTUACT, V. a. draw up, in, together. 3T^^ or 3T7J- 
5^, 3Tr^^, 3TT^'Tot. 3TM^, ar^TCTf, 3T7T?TT ^OT- ^TT^, 

To c. the brow. +Mlotr?T 3T^/.-3T3-crT/. />Z. qTO'n. 

2 <?)•««• (y)0« «(■//■, inctir, ^-c. qTjf, ?5PHTf m. con. qt^of, 
fHol=|ui, t(wi'^"l- 

3 epitomize, Sfc. v. To Abridge. ^?^qtjf, ?i%q- «j.-^spp5f 
w.-B^F=r^ M.-&c.<R'?f y. ofo. 

4 See To BETUoxn. 

To COXTKACT, V. 11. he draivn tip, in, Sfc. 3T^fif or aHMjuf 

sTT^ot, 3TTq?5T7f, afrsiJf, 3?r^?T'jf or arr^^uf, ar^osuf, 

gr?^, ^Rtfr, q?^, B#^iif, ^FFFSOT, Sf^'T^," ^T/f=5fOT.-&e. 
fM y. o/ s. 

2 hurgain. ^-jirf^ ^j j/J.-t^tPT ;».-c<cc. ^m. 
CoHTEACT, w. agreement for K'or^yj-c. t. AoEEEirasT, Mono- 
poly. ^ on. ^tir^/. TT^r )«. jrf^ m. nfrr w. -^crr 

By c. 3^r, 3"«ra" or T'^T. 

C. or agreement on binding condition,?. 3T^^ ^PK 

Contracts and monopolies, — compreli. ^'^IT^ m. 

"Work to be done by c. ^'s^m n. ^fmw.^ n. :sf>W.]- 
JT n. 

To give by c. ^|?T %5t, ^?r %Sr. 

To take by c. ^-^ ^,rfi'|^ kf^. 
2 paper of agreement. ^PTT^rTr »». 
Co.N-TEACTED, p. V. V. A. 1. QT^^OT, 3Tm%?jr,&c. ?f'T- 

4 See Bethotiied. 
V. V. N. 2. ^^?5r, ^i%^, ?ffir^. 
I. a. V. Naeeow. arsT^W. 
Contractile, a. having the power of contracting itself. ^^- 

Contractility, n. t. A. ?r^^^ft?5?rT/. t^^qir >». | 

Contracting, Contraction, n. v. V. A. l.~a,t. aT?jTS'?f «. 

an^RTtif «. anwr «. &c. 3TT^qTjT «. arrf ^^ «. ?f#ir?r 

«. ^^^reroT n~oct or state. ^^Z^ f.'^:s^^^^ f ^^ 
^^^"^ /. aTT^nrnr^/. ^Vr^ „,. a^T^crr n.'s^]m wTarm »J. 
2 ?m n. &c. 

V. V. N. 1. 3T^5iJf „. &c. «#^ w. 3TR^3ft/. aTR^T- 

Contractor, n. v. V. N. 2. ^nd Monopolist. jt%^, it%- 
^, JT^R^TRT, #?r, ^^iJ-'Y, ^S^r^T, n%^, Tr^i^r^ 

Tc COSTEAMCT, t,. «. oppose verlalJ,!^ ^dcmj. ^^.^i, ^>. 

^,;TTfT Terror arm^, ^f^M m..^^^v^ w.-^'tt^^ 

-f^a^IT «(.-&c. JPT'^f 

I 2 See To Oppose. [ q-;^^ 

I Contradicted,;?, v. V. \.~act. srfTrPrsT, :T?^^r?f, f^q-f=T- 
I Contradiction, m. ?. Y. 1.— «rf. 37:1;^ sftr^oT w. ^rf^qq- w. 

sn^TRv^PT «. n.iiH,<^nn n. sf?fhq^R «. q^prWrq w». 

1. a c. a contrarictij, an inconsistency, Sjc. %7 m. fJlT^q 

OT. fqTqro m. fqsrf^Rfrr/. aTT^rsq- «. 

To make a statement with contradictions or inconsis- 
tencies. ^TT?PTf^ jRtif, -^-^w "Trfr/. i^^. ?rfToi-_ 
Contradictious. See Captious. 2 See Inconsistent. 
Contradictory, a. opposite, v. Contrary. am^T, 7^?r 

2 inconsistent with itself, v. Inconsistent. ar^TT^, f^T^t- 

Contradistinction, n. fq^^JTUi-^-MH^ w. 

^0 CoNTRADisTiNGUiSF, V. «. distinguish ly opposite (lual- 

ities. firp^'n'i^r-fq^jnorfErs;^ ^r^ m. qj^'jf-JRTjf. 

Contrariety, Contrariness, n. \. A. 1. 3^?:q'CTrr »«• 5^?^'- 

2 arrsq-qi^TT m. fq^rq w- fq-T?^'=fT/. STTf^Tf r^ 11. irf^T^^T 

3 :^?r^^fnrT m. aT^RrTT^T'Jrr >». am^T^T'JTT m. ^T^^^ 
/. ftTftrT^prftFTT m. 

4 S'c^^T'JTr w. &e. 

CoNTEARiLY, Contrariwise, adv. t. A. 1. 3"^^5, 3"=r^, 
g^iRT, S^rrr, T^TT^, 3^^-?Tr^, ^^5^- 
2 aTT^Tirr^, fq^^^'TRR, ^^5;,^fkf?5^rqRf, fqq^?t:, 

Contearious, Contrary, a. opposite, opposed to, adverse, 
V. Eevehse. g-?jJT, STrS^T, f^'?^, f^?:?;, fqi'f^, f^T^f- 

2 cross, repugnant, hostile, S)-c. T. Adverse. arra^T, ^- 

f?ff?^, ^5;, f^Tft^r, ^T?T, TTT^jH^, f5r3ii, 3=nTr. 

3 contrary willed, cross, v. Perverse. ^T^T^t, ar^^^T, 
spT^^-qr or qj^^Tsp^T, aT'Tl?rr5!T, 371^1^, ftT^^I^rft, 

4— wind, tide, &c. g7:!?T, ^'t^-^T, ^^tT^T, mfTSTT^'T. 
Conteaey, n. an opposite. fqq'^T m. ^fr^'^^ m. sTf^^ m. 

Sff^'ft m. 

On tlip c. See Contrariwise. 
Contrast, n. opposition of fhinys or qualities. JTornTOT^ITiff- 

^■^ n. ^^fvrsqr^ 5». 

To Contrast, v. a. "TTFTTi% ^q^^T'"? Jz.-fsrnq »!.-&c. ^T^fqaT, 
TT^^J'^TPT'T^^tH «J.-"T???qT2iTPTirsr=Pr^ »«• ^^^, ^h- 
f^^qr^R m. ^FTW y. 0/ 0. 

To Contravene, ?;. a. t. To Oppose, am^r tin-^. 

Contravention. See Opposition. 

To Contribute, v.a. give to a common purpose, v. To Give. 

q^''frqT-'TftqT-f5:7=qT-&c. ■^of, ir^/. qn^or, q^oft/ ^ct, 
To CoNxKiBuxE, V. 71. T. To Help. ^q-^ff^^pift |tar, H^^ 

^ CON 153 


Y. A. ^ifuft ^ni, H^C^n^oTTTr, at^T^ornT, &c. H^t^, 

T.V.N. n»(? Conducive. ^^iiT,?r^;Fift, "^^m q^^f-'TRt. 
CONTKIBUTION, «. T. V. A. thing contributed. cT'Toft/. ^i- 

Milit.aiy c. ^5«. ^oft/. 
CoNi-EiTE, «. ^/e)n/c«/, T. Eepentant. "T^/TMIMT, arg'TTfY, 

CoNTiiiTELY, adv. v.A. q-siqrarqi^, 7^-^ 1 tH I M ^^^,"T«J I -d 1 '■) q^^. 


CoxinivABLE, a. V. A. q'r^;TTTr-==fT-^PTrrT-&c. Jpr'T'fl'^, ^- 

COSIEIVAXCE, CONTKITTXG, M. T. T.A.I. — act. qT^T^f M. ^^ 

«. &c. Jim^r/. ^015?/. T^SFrT/.^^^/.T^OTJ^/.f^^T^^i. 

I. inreniivcncss.1 v. Ingenuity. ^f^P/. 51^/- f^^Hrf/. 


II. scheme, device, plan. ^^ f. HTS/. ^?"T^t/. ^f^/. 

III. engine, piece oftnechanism.^'^fn. +3'lS»- +<l»4rl/. 
JV CoNTEiTE, «. (I. I'^aw, devise, invent. ^^^ 'TMOT, r5r"jf, 

spfrW, f^arot, +|<jui, ^F^^ %^^/.-%^OT^/.-&c. Jp^ 

2c> CoNTEiTE, r. «. 5f?15/.-fT:^^^/.-OTT^!n.-&c.;pTjr. 

CoNTEiYED, p. T. V. A. qT^^?5r, ^=q^, &c. JTif^rT, ?;f^rr, 

CONTEIVEE, «. CONTEIVING, p. a. X. V. A. jTM"^!!!, ^T^^TT- 

TT, 'c=5i'JiTTr, &e. ^fi^^, ^^F, qr^^ ^^, r^?ira^. 

I. inventive^ v. Ingekious. ^p^qsp^ ^Y^FpF, ^^PTT, 3''-ll*ft, 
COXIEOL, COKTEOLMENT, n. V. V. — act. ^\H((l\)l. 3TT^'jf«. 

&c. fH^^^n. f^^^^n.^^x^ n.~a. or s. ^J^lm.f^Vf^m. 
q^/. 3TRTT"»- 3TT^r »»• STToIT'lf'^TrOT. anz'jft/. 

At the c. or command of. ^MtT, STPTr, f^PrfFT, Frr- 

I. power or authority to control. ^JTKT»»- '5'=f>'T'«.^BTTT/. '^- 

To CONTEOL, V. a. V. To Eesteain, To Eule. 3TT=ri'jf, aT^- 
<M, SfT^^^, 3TrcnTJT)i.-3TT^T«>.-3TT^^^?i.-3TRrTM.-&c. ^- 

Tof ^r- p/o. rfTPFfr qr^-, ?rT5:qt?r-5F?rfcT-^^jTtrf-&c. s^irr, 

Conteollaele, rt. T. Y. 3TRTPTT-=5rT-^n?rr-?rn:^T-&e. sittt- 
jfr ':n:ra'rqTnT- &c. f^rq^^q', aHi'+rf-fl-M, ^Ti-HHlq'. 

Conxeollee, «. CoXTEOLLiNG, jj. a. V. Y. aT M<u i K I, 3TRT7- 

"JIRT, STRT'T JR'JrKT, &c. 3HN<'4>, fH^qrfT, ^TrSTr. 
CONTEOvEEsiAL, jj. fifqi^^, f^T^TT? ?r^'4^-f^?T^,firirf?RTft- 

^T, fjnrfHTfTmqtfr-fif'inrF, ^^;^ i^-^^ f^rr^^-^f^'^, ^- 

CoVteoveesialist, n. fsr^i^t, 1%srT^^Trf, stT^tT?. 
CoxisOteest, n. dispute, discussion of contrary opnions. 


To CONTEOVEET, «. « contcsf, V. To Dispute, stt^ m.-f^^ 

?r=T«.-f^<i ■+.<"! ».-f?rn^f?r/.-&c. w<^^\ g. of o. 
CoNTEovEETED, p. V. Y. f^^f?['^., ^TF^q?^, f^T^frTTw^'f 5, 

COXTEOTEETIBLE, «. T.Y. HTr^l^iTl'^, ^1 li+<NT^TT-&C. f^!?- 

Contumacious, a. stiMorn, v. Obstinate, ffj^^qtr, f^^T, 
Ri^^TR, fi^R, 3Tixr^, 5^T!Tft, arms, a^N^^^. 

Co-NTUMACIOUSLX, arft). A'. A. f^5^^^, fTTTfTH, l^nTf^^T;. 

Contumacy, Contumaciousness, n, v. A. f^^/. f^^#- 
ff/ v;to5?«. JTTT^w!. ^j:?iZn. |n^?». 

Contumelious, «. r;«7f>, insolent, ^'c. — of persons, v. Con- 
temptuous, f^^^, arq^rr^, f^^f?^^. 
2— Language, &c. fW^^r, f^^f^i^^, l%^JT^, f^T^TH^^. 

CONTUMELIOUSLY, adl). T. A. f^T^^^T, M"^^, f^^fH=ir- 

fk^f. 3Tcr^F?;;TT/. f^^ffH^TT/. ^^^^/. 
To Contuse. Contusion. See Beuise, &c. 
CoNUNBEUM, n. sr^jpr/. STSffs^r/- 
Convalescence, n. v. A. ^f^r^rft^tiTT/ '^ra^ft/. i^ftf^T^q'- 

Convalescent, a. recovering. d-lMU-Mf^'T 3rn:%3T-3^?rT, <TT- 

To be c. ErrTFiT^r f^mw, ?n^^/. %'^. 

51j Convent:. See To Assemble. 

Convenience, Conveniency, n. v. A. 3Wn »». ^/- ?frt- 

^riTT'^T m. ?im »!. arrg^rq' n. aHH+rfrrr/ a'T^^m'/. 

At one's c. q"<iT§^. 
Convenient, a. adapted, accommodate, \. Commodious. TT- 

qpfr, ^it^, ^TTSTR, ^rt^K, g"T5^, 3T^1f5, q-<TT§^. 
Conveniently, adv. v. A. €t^^, ^"tj^IT, ^?nT. 
Convent, n. religious house for men. f{Z m. arr^H m. 

2 for ivomen. 3Tf§Rrfitrf?'4 ^l^'nirl'T «• '^t'T^ m. 
Conventicle. See Assembly. 
Convention. See Assembly. 2 See Ageeement. 
Conventional, a. formed hy agreement, ^f^frr^n", ^Kf^^, 

2 m-ising out of custom or tacit agreement. SFFrSTT ^*T- 

Conventual, a. ^zt^''^., HAH '-I'M*', H5^T^. 

To Converge, v. n. tend to one point. ^^^^^I^sj^ot, ^r^%- 

Convergence, n. t. A. (^^qj^sira'^ "• <^^^^Ti^?ITfe=i" n. e- 

JF%^f^?r^"JT n. ^^^Tfirg^fTT/. 
Conveegent, a. CoWEEGiNO, ;j. «.v. Y. jp^TH^, '(^"^^r • 

CoNVEESABLE. See Affable. 




C'O.WKnSANCF, CO.N-VKIISANCV, 7t. V.A.I. ^VqV^ limf^]?: j 
/. ^^{^^-f- q^'T/. ^^^/- 'JI+'M'llO/. <JI+-M^lO/. Hlf^rl- 

pop. awSCf o>- 3T?5t¥ n. T^ «. ifH/. ^TRI^/. ^F^TCT/ 

?Tn/. ct| ii u j^ >/. ?t^?T «• "Tir^^ >n. ^^^ m. 
COXVKRSANT, a. versed, tcell acquainted. ^T^TRft, ^TT^TT, 

OT, T^pr^r"^, qTTT^BT, itc. srftiT, f^^iT, ST'-"^?^, f^Tf?T?T, 
f^TOITrT, ^RflMI, +«<rlt. C"^, TTSriRlir. 

To be c. witli. Erf^PT^, ^17^% TfT^; T^"iT, ^^^it;- 

2 having intercourse. JJFft^, ^FT'J'+l^l, 5rf^:?ft^, ^'^- 

irft^, ^ ^^-ft ^ tR^mni, 5nn%^, ^^s^^ir, Tftfq?r. 

3 about: having relation to. ?]'^qp^, f^'T'fl'^r, ^t^'fl'- 
f^^T^^ in. camp. 


T(^^ n. ^vj::^^'^ m. cfottR;/. «rTn/. ^moj^/ T^^TRr on. ^sr- 

2 qTc^r?ft/- ^T^TF?!'/. Jmit »iT?rT or m^rr/. ;)^. ^:?rR- 

^fTH »». ^TmaT n. ^^\^ m. n^TPS^ ». ^'<rR^'<T^ «. ^'=P'<T- 
?r «. 'JTT^PT wi. ^'c^r? w. Jp'4RrfTT or qirrf /. I'. ^FT. 

3 ^TT ??!. ^firnnr m. tr^^T^^T/. <^^?r?"T «. 

CriEiinal c. 3T#rf^T^ fft. 
I. See Behatioue. [^^s^t^^ 

CoNvEESATiONAL, a. ■^K«l?5t, ^TFWTOT^rr, BTTsroT ^fsjsft' 
CoNvEESAZioJTE, 7j. f^^TT^f^Tm ^THPspiT sRi^TTEft ^^TT/.' 

To CONTEESE, V. n. hold intercourse imth. ^ \iA \' t f.-X^^\^ 
J/J.-sTFtZ-JT^T^RT »?.-^5EnT M.-?TT^?T/.-?f'T?T/.-&c. ^7^-n^- 
"jf-S^ u-ith # o/'o. or aro'ijf M'?<A y. o/s. 

2 confer or talk loith. ^pqT;^/.-^JTrW«.-?f?7rT»ra.-&c. 

^R^, nt^//'?. ?rfi^, ^'ttnTTrrf or ^m\f. ^^^-mn^. 

3 /ifli'e «(7j-«(aZ intercourse. ^^ m,-^^\^■^m.-^^\^ m.-^^- 

CoUTEESE, a. contrary, v. Eeveese. g^^T, ST^, s^ofviTT^. 
CONVEESE, n. opposite proposition, ^^zf. 3"3^ T?T »». 5^- 

CONVEESELT, adv. V. A. 3^^ spnT^, 3-?ye q^, s^^PTT^, 

CO.NVEESION, n. V. V. 1.— flCif. CTfrR; ^FTuf M. ^^ HpTTf «. 

hRuIH^ n.— state. C^frfT «. ^^ m.f^'eis^^ «.fr*Tfn%- 

5 ?». 3T^f 'iftrn: n. q-frirm m. 

2— «f<. 5^:qT tTiTf?r STnToj- w. ^THTrT^ ^Ttrtir n.— stale, q- 

To Convert, i-. a. change info another sulstance or form, v. 
To Change. ^ n. qiTJ^nfofy. o/o. ^x^ with =^\ of o. 
( as '<Tfr TT^JfT^ 5PP ^^ )^ ,5T:nrn: n.-^7TH^ w.-f^'<Tf?t?r- 
^ M.-fF*Tf?Tir^ m.-&c. ^.X^ g. of o. qRTJTTTr m. ^frrw WiW. 
C7 ( as n^iTP^ 3T»5r^ iRTiim %?JT), fw^^-Ac.^^. 
2 change from one faith to another. ^-^\ \;^r^ arrur- 

iJT Ji.-KTrqfc^rf^ W.-&C. ^KTWy. o/o. VfA^ m.-^^i{^ m. 

-Tfrtrn; »».-&c. +<r«)'j| g. of o. 

3 change from sin to holiness. JTT n. '^TcT^trSr-ftiTcfot, ?r- 

?r «.-fqTT "Tlr^rff^ m.-X-c. qj^irty. 0/ 0. 

4 Sec To ArPEoriiiATE. 

Convert, n. v. V. 2. J^^TT '^PtN' 3TT^?it iTHt^-&c. tTTrf?R, 

Convertible, a. t. V. 1. ^tfR-&c. sf;TTqT#TT-&c. ^trn; 

I. V. Interchangeable. '^^\=^\_ 
Convex, a. rising on the outside into a round form. t[\B «?T-> 

Convexity, n. v. A. JTFT 5ir^3TT^fn/. artrr^^ ll'-'^n^f^/. 

^1^1%/. f%5IT?5frf/. 

Convexo-concave, a. cn^frr|^vqT:?nT- 

To Convey, v. a. carry, transport, qirs^ ^M,%>7f, cfT^of, TT- 

^rijf , "ft^r^rRr^ or ift^^iirut. 

2 transmit, impart, Sfc. v. To Send, To Give. ^W^ n, 

3 See To TEANsrsE. 

Conveyance, Conveying, n. t. V. l.—act. ^^ n. W3^ 
v?Tm n. &c. ^^^ n. 
2— act. W!^i:^vi n. &c. JmoT n. 
I. ineans of c. v. Careiage. m^ n. c(|dr| «, 
Human c, STTTFT n. ^sn^^T ?>. 
"Water c. ^FITR «. 
jTo Convict, r. a. prove guilty. SfTTTtT ?re.-&c. 5T^iJf-?rn' ^- 

'[in-^nftrr ^RiJf itvYA JR of 0. 3T5^rjft-3T^rtft-?rmm'-&c, 

5T^5t, arfnt ^^^., TSfr ^T^oj, T^ft tiFT n. qT?5>Jf, JTUTT- 

s «». tRTif, 3TT0'«^ F<Tn^ «• ^^ y. 0/ 0. gr^rrM^ =ijtw «. 

!PT"jf y. 0/0. 
Convict, «. aTqiTq^-Ac. st^f^F Kg^q'-Ac. F<TTf^rTrrq'. 
Conviction, n. v. V. — oc);. a^TTT^ ST^nj- «. &c. ^TTTT'^ 'F- 

^ n. ^psft ^RW n. 3TqTT'4?4Tn^ w. aFTTT^FtTN^/. 

1. convincedness. ^^rmT^fTTTr/ ^mr/ ?rmft/. TTkrr a- 

^TM^\ m. f^mf- ^^ in. ^^m^ m. 
To Convince, v. a. satisfy respecting. H^^Hof, ^JT^tf^^lt 

/.-^JT^TFfrfr f-wR^I /.-?fTT^ /.-^T?R/.-^mft /.-??mT- 

^'TT/.-f^^TT/.-&c. ;r^ y. 0/0. iFft?T aTTW^T ^-T^TT V 

vig.ofo, 3?g'T^n^-f|^TT^n^-!Tf'TqT?r-rna'mr-&c. 3TTWfr 

^oty. 0/0. ^^^ H^FT w.-^fjprf^ff^ f--&o. !^. g. of o. 

Convincer,«. Convincing.^. a. conclusive, compelling assent. 

iRTrT'T'^, Rt=>TFTJF, Rt=i^<^+K+, ?r%^'T<f15p, ?t^TT iH^TrN?, 

Convincingly, ado. v. A. ?rRTff ^tf?5 31%, ?f^T^ f^ 3T%, 

Convivial, o. relating to entertainments, ^-c. irsTSTPfNT, 

2, jovial, Ac. H^HI^-^I 3TFrS^, 3TTfTTf%5TT<TT, ^StTT. 
Conyivialitt, n. v.A. 1. ^ji'TTfS^rFrT^TT m .arT^Rft^R «». 




2 arrfT^^iT f^OT /. 
Convocation. See Assembit. 
To Convoke, v. a. call together^ v. To Assemble. <Hirt=<W, 

To CoNvOLTE, V. a. twist. ^^^. 

CONVOLvrLus, n. — turpctJmm. <isri^/. rTS n. 

Convolution, n. r. Twist, qo! m. "ftz »>. 

To CoNvor, V. «, escort. ^]>^ TT^iT ^^^ ^Wf^T'jf, 5Rt^ 

Convoy, «. v. Escoet. 5r?5T=IT ««• "TT^ift/. 

To Convulse, v. a. njet t hy qmsms. frsiot, fq'ss^r^^r, (HctHciT 

2 V. To Agitate. ?TrT w.-sq-Tstr'T ot.-&c. !pT%. o/o. 
Convulsed,^, v. A. 1. fq^?^?^, fr^sr^r^OT. [ ^^^"Jf. 

To be c. aftst/i^?- 5r"jf , ^^% »»• i^Z. ^, ^T^S'jf , ^5;5r5J'?r, 

2 ^sq, ^fH?T. 
Convulsion, «. v. V.l. — ad. f^^.^in. &c. — state. f^ST^o!;Tm. 

2 ?ftn «». sqi^TtT OT. 

Political c. TT^?'Tp5ft-&C. ^^TSPTT^^/. 
CONT, ?i. mT\ ^R# T^ ^^rsf^ 3Tt|. 
To Coo, «;. «. — as doves. ^"^, ^^'P^- 
Coo, Cooing, n.\. V. ^^"^ «. 5\"- 5^3T «?. 
Cook, ». ^^^^^ j^^P- ^TF^ft »>■ ( and ^srqTT^Pt'n" pop. ^TT- 

sjJtW female c. ), aTr^TRt, Tf^rfr «. ( rfq'ft'JT/. ), "TT^^'t. 

( q?^^/. ), 5'=r^?ft M. TI+'+.tiI m. — in contempt. ^TFR 

C.'s mate. ?jI7q-^-qT. 

Skilful c. ( female ). ^nv^ f. ^'rSiJT^T TTiT ^R^nrft. 
Sli Cook, v. a.—gencv. ^^qT^ pop. ^qT^ w.-qj^ »>.-qFF%- 

2— by boiling. f^T^srijf, 3^^^, XV-^^. 
3 — by roasting, broiling, &c. 'TRT"^- 

Swept and smeared square to c. in. =^hFT »». 
Cooked, p. r. V. — gener. ^^J^> %?J??T, qtfi T'Ci'. qigT, qTf^?T 
( in comp. as H^ qif^rf, ^ qif^^T, or sIT^tT qrf%?r, 

^tqrf^),^^, f%5. 

Under c. f|^r, f^^. 
CooKEKT, Cooking, n. v. V. — gener. ^^TV^ pop. ^qj^ »». 

<TT^ VI. qr^f^ff^;/. qr^Ff^r^qf^/. qFpf^^/. Tq^f •». q^r 

1. 5^(7Z !» e. qr^fStiqfrr /. qT^^p?^!?^ n. m+-md5f «. qp?:- 
CooK-Eooir, «. ^qrq; qr ?*■ 3TT^nT«>. qrqj^iRST/. qra^''aR«. 
rftfct qr «• qr^f «• 

Cool, a. coldish. '45, 3T1T5!; '4^, '45^, H^^?r, :TTl>r^ftFT. 

2 fig. not zealous, not ardent, Sfc. slTJ, 4^, 45Tf ^^TT, ^- 

^, 3'^r^fM, argf^nft, ^r^f^^, 3T?rr?*T, arnrpfer, ar^- 
?Ttp, ?ft?r. 

3 not affectionate, v. Cold. 4?, 45Tf ^T, f^^f . 

4 no^ onyy, »!0< perturled, v. Calm. ^frT, 4? , ST^q^T, 

?Tr>TT%r-&c. 3?^'^. [ im^T^. 

5 «oi retaining hrat, — dress. 4^, ^m -T '=(l'i'JMI^K?Tr, 
Cool, n. 45Rr »». 4iTOT m. 4fr/. 

C. of the day, lioiirs of morninj and eecnin^^ f^cST^a; 
m.f. f^T^m »». fiT^ToS J». /". 
To Cool, v. a. make coldish. 4l-&c. ^of, ^jiuMi /. hi^Oi- 
qTFJ^of g. ofo. f^^^^. 
2 fig. ( one's ardor, aflcction, &e. ). 45-^-&c. ^^oj, 

8 ( auger ). 45-?T>f^-&e.-^riJt, f^^^<Jf, ^Tt^I W.X^. 
I To Cool, v. n. lit. 4lT^, 1^^"^, 45 froT, 7':amT/.-&c. ^- 
i\-M\Z^ g.ofs. 
2 fig. — zeal, ardor, affection. 45Ff'jf, f^^roT, 45 fl'^, 

ar^i^'Jf, ar^HT^T'if, 1%T^'Jr«.-f^5r'JT«.. q^'jf '«. cow. 

3— anger. fsfSTOf, 451^'^, f^^'^"jf, ^Tf?r-45-&c. ^. 
Cooled, ^. r. V. A. 1. 45 k■^.^^^ Fq^mFJT, iftl?^?^ 3'''-'JT- 
fT^, ^Ttrfte?r, ^?r?ft^, ^^TN, ^"tinir. 
V. V. N. 45m?^, f^l^T^^T, &e. [iftf?r. 

2 45R^?5T, &c. ^?rcrrq, sftcnm, ^ftm^rm, 'iriiH<i'i, 'ft- 

3 frrqT^rfT, ?Tf?f 5rT?i?5r, &c. ^rqicftn, 41rKi'i, iFr#T, n- 

Cooling, o.— an article of diet, a medicine &c. 45, 457, 

^■^^pop. f^fToJ, ?I^,5ft?15ft4,^^Tm^,FrTq^-fR^,&e. 

Coolly, ado. icithout passion, ardor, cj'c. 451?^, 45q'^pf, 

iiTtcrqtm^-, ^tt^pft^M, ^kt^t?^, F<TTTt?TTBt, f4¥f4^. 

Coolness, n. v. A. 1. 45qiTT»>. 4ft/ 451^/ f^\m,T^f. H^- 

2 45qTnTw. &c. 45Tg/. aTHf^T^m. gT3?i^?rT/. ^rR^r^ft/. 

3 ?%^t-&c. ^^f.-^ym^J. *t5T57. ^fiT^i^». ^- 
fJr^HTsr m. 

I. (after heat). 45Krw. 45t?irOT. 
COOLY, w. 1?i^^«. ( fem. \wf;^ ) qrft?n?STw. (fern, ^\z\^ 

JTlBt ). 

Business of a e. '^^\t[f. 
CoOM, n. f%5iT«. ^^n. JT5!»». 
CoOP,w.— for fowls. gTT5«. g^Tl». 

2 See Pen. 3 See Baeeel. 
To Coop, v. a. shut up, ^c. 5pf53T, q^ff^ ^^I^jf, ^Ht ^TT^>jf, 

qM/^T'^y. o/o. 


COOPEEAGE, n. fqq +<U'MI^I !plT^r^ m. 

To Co-OPEBATE, V. n. actjointl// with. fi^-'BV^^-&c.W.T- 

Co-OPEEATION, «. V. v.— aci!. ^Tf^PTCm. ^f^^iJUs. ^f^qr/. 


^TTTHf^T, ^qJT^kpT, t^q;^!:^^. 
Co-OHDiNATE, a. of the same ranh.^ ^c. (T;pq^;ft=q'T, qfl^^r, 

?fTrprT5^=^, ?fHTqf^, ?tHq^'<T, wtcttw. 
Coot, n. qr^jft or z^^rn. ? 
Copal, m.— the gum. =q^m. 
COPARCENAEY, n. joint heirship, ^^^^^^^n. ^fTHTftHR"'. 

?nTTf5(T^«- 'TTn^TF^'J. ar^THT^TM. 
COPAKCENEB,«. CO •/««>. q^ TT^w. f^»TPft, ^Ft'TFT, ^TH'TT- 




C'oiAiiCE.Ny, n. equal uliair. ^]Tm\^\ or JHT^r^ ^TT?fT ^Tf- 
tOPARTXER, n. V. rA]Vr>-ER. ?f<*ri<i|J, q-TfflCT?:, ?THHPft, ^- 
COPARTNEHSHir, «. Y. PARTNEESniP. *l<.*<l/. TPfl/. ^fr>f^- 

Jo Cope, i-. 71. contend or tie tvith, emi/la/e, v. To Eival. 

p:^. ^^ot. ^t\^f[ f.-mv^f\f.-&c. sRijf, irzfm "ftTft/. 
m^ij i. TTTW Tra'w. \^, g^JrH ^/. %'jf o?- ^^ir^ 3T?nff, s- 

1^/. HK^-^. ^i^m. qftTot-^FTWr «('///( ^f 0/0. ^eW. 
Copied, ;>. v. V. 1. 7<T^?5T, 3d*>H ^idcicil, ^^^, T^- 

Copier, Copyist, «. \. V. 1. 3d<u|RT, 3rf^7T %WKT, ^T^?!- 

Error of the c. (amanuensis). H^^^'»- ^^JPFSfTT^wJ- 
^tdi !'■)'». 

Copiso, n. ( of a wall ). g^ or Rsft or 51ft/. HSrtl^i ««• 

^<«l'it or cPCft/. 
Copious, a. v. Abundant, st^tt, q-^T, J's^K^, f^J^i HH'Wt. 
Copiously, a(/y. v. A. 5n??f, ^1^3;, "T's^5!:^'jfr, f^jsqijff. 
Copiousness, «. v. A. I'-^^'vm m. qr^^q' n. sn^ «. 1^- 

?^ n. 
Copper, «. rrf^i «. rfp? ra. 

Brick ( solid and flat mass ) of c. <TtinTt /. 

Calx of c. rTT^H^T « rH^ n. 

Coppercbauge. ^^ m. [ Of ot. 

C. -piece. rllMM^l/. — in cant phraseol. qpfi^ STRPT- 

Coppery decoction, — as a vomit. v3=Mot| w. 

Sulphate of c. ifk=pT or ? «. rTT^FT^ »>. [f^rf^Pf. 

CopPEH, Coppery, a. FftaqFTT, ftt^, riirHl+, HT^JTT, rTT'^r- 

COPFER-COLORED, «!. ^Vi>A\~-^\ ^'IMI, dlM^OT, rilHl»4<M. 

Copper-plate, m. rrff^rft TTTt/. ?rp^^ w. r|IKl*rf^ «. 
A c. on which grants &c. are inscribed. frreTT? ?«. 
Copper- smith, jj. rrt^r^, rilM+K, rrrf^-^. 
Copperas, ?^ svlplmte oj iron^ v. A''itriol. f^^i+g' m. 
Coppice, Copse, w. a icood of low trees, ^'c. ^[Tt[/. ^?"T or 

To Copulate, k. «. imile in sexual intercourse. \r|'iui, 5JT- 
»TJf, ?TtW, ai'l'H'I M.-^n m.-^q^ «.-&c.;fT^. 

Copulation, w. v. V. ^H^i n. &c. fir'<TH n. W^^ n. afl^'l 
»«. KfH/. TFT/. Tf?Tf^qT/ ?m M. Wm m. ^HHIH ot. g- 

I. — in grammar. WMI^Km. ^g^m. 
Copulative, «.— in grammar.v. Conjunction. ^''T'TT^nft. 
Copy, n. transcript. ^^Fj/. ^RT m. ^r^ f. iffimT n ^^^m. 

;T5^ or ^HTTT »/i.— esp. of an official paper. FTT^ft^/. 
Foul c. ?rrjT m. ?fT5 n. Pf^^ m. 

2 one hook of many, ^r\ f. f^ «. 

3 archetype, y. Obiginal. ^ft/ HrSSfrT/. JJH n. ^^W 

4 model.! exemplar, v. Pattern. f^rTT »». 

5 piece of icriling for scholars. f^rTT m. 

6 paper ivrittcn ly scholars. J^/. 

To Copy, t>. a. transcrile. 3'd<"i, dd^d qof, ri^^/-:T?T/.- 
qripTT «.-vddKI m.-&c. ^FT^y. 0/0. 
2 V. To Imitate. ■Jd^u'l, PfrfT »».- ^5i<T «. ^ 5'. 0/. 0. 

*TPf?t/. 3^^-^tjtT-3Tnjrw y. ofo. -Jrg^q ».-&c.^vf, 
Copt-book, n. f^?^r=^ ^r^/. 

COPT-HOLD, «. T^T ??!. 

Copying, «. v. V. l.—act. SrfTiJf, «. T^?? ^FTW «. &e. 
2— orf. ani/ Imitation, ^^j^ n. &c. ST^^T'T «. ST^q?- 
^ n. " [?fm. 

Copy-ist, n. H^S JR^TRT, IT?T^'"'JTRT, ^?f^, 5T+?5^41^ or 

Copy-eight, «. ?i4TT<t TFI^/. q^TT^T^T ftg ««. 

To Coquet, v. n. ?r^^ >n.-^R »». ^Z.-^ HT^ ?». pl.-<S^ m. 

-&C. yi^uj. 

Coquetry, Coquetting, «. ^<-ui »»• fT^ w- fT^TFT »t.jf ?• 

3T^ W8. %5r or j:=r7«r »i.;jZ. ^^^T^rsft/. ni^ f^F5TH'«. 

Coquette, «. 5T^'^-^^l:5fr3T-&e. «lPT^r/. 25I#r, =^155- 

Coracle, «. Jon< composed of leather over a frame. ^<PTT o?* 
i[W'T\ m. ^^R or ct^t m. 

CoHAL, n. snrra «. pop. ^\^^f. or <fhrS «. f^^ «. 

Bracelet formed of c. ^<roE^T m. 
Calx of c. JTfTWIT'T n. 

Child's c. ^TJofty. ^^01 or vf\f. "^vf n. =^]^vi n. 
Imitation e. +,|4< 'fl^^ «. 
Coral, Cosaline, a. v. N. qwotirr^, 5RT?nTT. 

COEAIrTREE, M. HlR^ld »». 4lR^ld^ »». 

Cord, m. v. String. ^f[f. =^1=^1? «. 2>T w. ^tr^F w. 

2 V. Eope. jttiT w. B5^/- ?r5T »». ^ir ?«. ^R^wJ. #^OT. 
A fastening c. ^^tTPT m. 
2b Cord, v. a. ^f. sntm, ^ift% sifq^. 
Cordage, «. ^TTHS n. pi. 3iTCt «. ^j/. 
Cordial, a. hearty.^ v. Sincere. iTdmiy^-qT, st^ft^TT J^RT- 

a^^, "TRPfNT. 

2 strengtheni7ig. jf^^JR^, qi%p, cTm^g^S. 
Cordial, m. strengthening medicine, d ^N ^'h -? fil^^ K 'fc ■<& c. 

Cordiality, «. v. A. 1. f^<r^4dM<JTT?«. ^X'T'TTm. f^rc^T^-q;;. 

TT^r: ^cpprrT/. ^fl^?i. ^TTt^fT n. 
Cordially, adv. v.A.l. JT5TrTT^,^<4^^'4T ^<ilMI«^?I,iTH:'pP, 

! Cordon, ». — in architecture. ^ntTTw. ^Tift/. 
Core, n.v. Heart, t^ pop. nr^w. 

Eotten, &c. at the c. ^liHl #ZT-^'3T^-5rT|?:-&c. 

2 ( of a boil ) ift^«i. nrir/. artst/. "^ 

CoEiANDEE,M.— the plant. #ri?ifft or sptfiTxfk/. q^»2. 
—the seed. tTWT»». hNI'/. '^Pq^a. [!II<?/- 

Cork, w. hvng, stopple, plug. ^ ot. ^^>». »j-°(-i'Ji ». 512^«. 
lb Cork, r, o. ^ot.-?jtot.- &c, HR^jf- i)^«(uj. 




CoRK-sCEEw, 71. ^m.-^vi.-&c. *K1MH ^fT*^". 

COEMOEAKT, 11. ^li'j^m. 

2 V. Glutton. artrraT, ^r^, ^^nft. 
COBN, «. -ciT^ra.po;). tTPr». ^TniTws. ns5T/«. ^OTm. 3T5r«.K?^«. 

Beard of c. -J^oTm. :g^«. ^^ft/. [^T3T m. 

C. ( esp. Bddzri or Bzondhala ) husked and boiled. 

C. as trodden out. c. and straws mixed, ^^n. 

C. ( rice, wheat, Dzondliald, &e. ) soaked and puffed 
by parching. ^^\f.2}l- ^^'Jr'MI'/. i?^. or '>^.'rrt^\n. pi. 

C. which ripens before the close of the i-ains. TFT- 

Grown c. Sprouted c. ^^»». X{^1n. 

Head or full ear of c. r\^V^ or ZK[t\ f. ^V^ or ^\z- 
T^m. itPTW/. {and To come to a head qt^^q'ra' iftff). 

New c. ( of the year ). sr^tTPTra. i-m-H"- 

Undressed c. (as given iu charity). +i<M». aTTTI^M. 

Whilst you've c. to give out, you'll have ixieud's 
pound about. 3TOrff^ f^T^ r{T. [H-iril?? ^. 
2 a single c. SFTTto. ^uT »>. ?5nT»'»- 

Bare or blank iu c. ^^m. ^^"^n. arraT"'. 
Breaking off the ears of ( reaped ) c. jftl'fl'/. 
Bundles of unthreshed c. T5 or Zii. 
Carrying off(to threshing floor) of sheaves of c.5Tr^oj\/". 
C. blasted whilst young and tender. Himn. 
C. (or a stalk) blasted before coming to head, (or of 
which the heads have been eaten off), ^izm.n. 
C. just sprung up. ^mf. ^W(^ or ^^'^n. 
Ears lying on a reaped field of c. W.^\m. fSf^p^rw. 
Erection ( as of sheaves) over a heap of c. 3T^/. 
Erection amidst c. for the watcher. H\t£\-^\m. incET?». 

Grass and weeds amidst c. fn^OTM. 

Heads of c. tied together, ^^retw. 

Heap of c. the produce of the first treading of the 
ears. T:\f\^ pop. TV^f. — worship of it. TTHJ^T/. 

Patch of green c. amidst withered c. fjidii/. 

Eich or fine patch amidst c. stTTw. STTT S^^TWJ. 

Shooting of ( reaped ) c. — through rain. ^RTw?. 

"Weeding instrument of c. ^KTcEqf ( the blade or iron- 
member of it is 315^, a cheek of it is ^J^r^^n. ), 

To tread out c. HoEW. 

To tread out c. with stalks undetached. Hn^TToT/.^j;^. 

To weed and clear e. f^^ot, ^pltA^ui, Hfli^'jf. 
4' ( on the foot ). ^-qp^ m\ m.-f^T m. 
To Corn, i>. a. salt. fSr?f?T-fn?TH iT^'Jr,!^? n. qr^,^TT^of. 
COBN-BIN, n. V. Bin. ^tJf^m.dim.'^'^r^f. 'TT?=f?:n.'TT^n.feF^. 

COHN-CHANDLEE, «. ^^^TRt, T^Pft, ^T^, STPJft. 

Corn-chandlers, — gener. or collect. T^nT «• 
COEN-COUNTET, n. V(T^ \^-\ m. 
CoEN-riELD, n. ^TFT n. ^v( 'p^ «. tp:^ ^trf n. 

COBN-PLOOE, «. ^ n. 

COEN-LAND, n. fjRTfcT/. ^Ff 01»fl^/. 
COBN-MAEKET, «. ^^TH^/. 

COENEA, n. «Jl^ri1^' STTor n.-^t^ m. HTT^rf^tTTH n. 
Cornelian, n. ar^lft^ m. 

Corneous, a. horwj. f^TTRT, ^n^, ^jqiT'T, ^jirifir^, ^TTf^T, 
Corner, n. sfj^r in. ^oi m. qJtW m. ^^\ m. ^r^TST m. ^• 
q'qr in. 3r5r «• 

Changing the c.(as of a cat with kittens) .spfiTTT^^w. 
Holes and corners, noolcs and recesses: '^]^^iJ^t 
?rf«ft ^Fif^f-pl. 

In every hole and c. ^M^roft, ^V'Xl spr^r. 
To drive up into a e. stop one's mouth, pose, S^c. %\- 
^^, #5KRT M.-q?r?TTR m. ^FCif g. of 0. 
2 secret or remote place. ^FFfTST m. ^^^\ or ((^rHT m. 
In a c. ^-^r^TRT, '(^Tiffr. 
Thing done in a c. ^t^Mr^ nP?. 
To do great things ( mighty feats, &c. ) in a c. g^TT- 
qft srm n. %iTf. 
CoENEE-STONE, M. #T^«TRT-#''Tr^-&c. ffn? »?!. ^FF^T^T^wi. 
Cornee-wise, adv. diagonally. fH<=H'W, f?R^. 
Cornered, a. ^MP^rr, ^r^ ( in comp. as =tWf^ &c. ), ^.\^, 

(in comp. as f-M'+M ). 
COENET, M. — instrument. ^ pop. f^TT m. 

2 5^:^^Kt^ V^. STK?;^ 3n^. 
Coeneter, «. TnT=JMR)U||'(l, f^l'I'+.O. 
CoENiCE, n. 4)'n<| »*. ^j^crfr /. 

C. under a cieling. nR »i. ^rfTj^y. 

Coenicle, 11. rT^nm M. 

CoROLLAEY, 11. V. Conclusion. f?r^«!.3Trg'7fn^ ffrg nr?/. 

Coronal, a. belonging to the top of the head, diot-^r, ^T^^^ 

Coronal, «. See Ceown. 
CoEONATiON. See Ceowning. 
COEONEE, n. 3TTVMI--JI =^?pfrH. 

C.'s. inquest. *)<Hri-+,qi^ ?«. ^?T%^^ffy. 
Coronet, n. 5fe=Jt^f=5TT JT:^ m. jtItt m. 
Corporal, a. relating to the lodij, v. Bodily. ^T^tTT^, ?T- 

Coepoeal, « The word ^nf ^ corresponds. 
Corporate, a. united in a body authorized to act as one. fij- 

aoft% ^m'^^r, ^iTpfr% ?FI%^T, <^^J5q'^'T?T, ^H ^^|R r=ll- 

2 See Collective. 

CoEPOEATioN, ». ^ ^t^T^T ^FR ^'5?:% ?r?r^^T' ^55fr/ ^q'- 
^ ^hm/.-jSt m.-&c. 5?r OT. ^Km/. ns^it/. ^i'T'Tw^- 

Corporeal, a. embodied, v. Bodied. ^^, 3T»ft, ^rfUt, 'iTfpT^, 
2 See MateriaE. 

COEPOEEITr, C0BP0EEALNESS,OT. T.A.I. ^f^H. 3^ftf?r «. ^T- 

^ftrfT/ ^|f?rT/. ^ffTFT in. 
Corps, n. t. Army. 5^5^^;;,. ^jp«. %^5TFTot. Some of the 

Cor£s or Bodies of Troops named ia Hindu writings 


are >Tr*r, lOT, ^^rg^, ^rf^, ??t^r, ^h, ar^ftf^Fft, 

CoursE, w. tleatl hody. f^ n.'kn n. ^TST or 5^^ »«. JTT<ft^ 

Collecting the boues alter buruing ac. aTftiTO^Tm. 
3Tf?'<^^5m n. 

Gruiiiul for burning or burying a c. "i^-^^ pop. TT?f- 

<jr or n^vi n. ^^^^^€\f. 

COBPSE-BEAEER, «. ^I?TT, ^I'OI^*, STrT^Trf^, M\^*. 

CoBiTLEircE, Conpui.E:scy, «. v. A. (JHIriH'TT in. ^JSJr^fT- 
qtJTT m. H^ «. HTTffj/. ^SRHT »>. <^/. HRw^^ »». 

COKPVLEST, a.JIcshy, hulki/, v. Fat. <JHR or ^JTT?^, ^R?- 

C. and Aveak. TT^ o'' "frVt, "fraT. 
CoBPuscLE, «. T. Atom. a^oT m. ^^ m. 

COEPUSCULAE, a. T. ATOillCAL. 37"3^??, ST'^TT. 
COEPUSCULAEIAN, 11. a/' mist. ^l^^\f[. 

To CoHEECT, V. a. cJiastise, chasten, v. To Pukish. f^?TT/.- 

2 V. To EECTiFT. g^TT^, f^sTsnir, ^-?j5-&c. ^i^. 

3 ( a literary work ). %^f. pi ^I^^, ^TTtT'if, ^tV-^' ?«.- 
4 — in medicine. yi'-4|NI-?nTqTrf-&e. q^^, ^TpKltl w.- 

CoBEECT, a. just, proper, v. Eight. SfTFR, 5=ft^, ?n'^, 5^^^, 

2— esp. of conduct, or of language. ^, st^, ^^, f^g- 
5, f^FT, ^K^-^J'^-&c. 

COEEECTED, p. T. V. 1. f?T?^%^?^, &C. filf^T^T, ^Tlf^, ^JT. 

2 f cTHHrTT, fJT^^?7T, ^Z %^?7T, &c. 

3 ?fr^%f5T, &c. g5;%^?7T, ^nf«:T?T, g^^^^. 

COEEECTION, n. T. V. 1.— flrf. f^T?TT ^^ «• f?T^ ^ «. &C. 

House of c. See Jail. 
2— act. fHSK'Jf n. ^ qr^ «. &c. ^^nTjO"/ S'^TT'JFU/. 

3— flrf. mtm «. &c. ^im »«. ?fr^?r «- ^f^/. ^gf^;/ 

I. «. e. an error corrected, ^ft'^ ot. 

Sheet or paper of corrections. ^fr^TT^ n. ^f^^ n. 
COEEECTLT, adv. V. A. «ITT«R, ^^, ^, ^'"rFfFT, 'T'lTrgT?;, 

CoEEECTNEss, 11. v.A. 1. ftl+^uHOT. |?r^qurrm. ^'■n\^\i^c\\ f. 

2 sijquTTw. ^jff/ f^gf?/ ^iht/. f^^rTT/. ^mrf^- 

CoREECTOR, n. COBEECXIVE, a. V. V. 1. f^?Tr-&e. +<U1K1. 

2 g'"^KaTTTT, Ht^ +4,u||?"T, &c. 

3 mfempT, ^^ -+,Kuiiu, &c. ^rrtp};. 

4 't^rrp, ?tH''TP=T +,<uiKI, &c. ^rTN^K^. 
COBEELATIVE, a. haviiKj a reciprocal relation. "TT^qr ^sjqpqfT, [ 

-JT^T^^5iqT^T, 'ft;^'p^s;rq-pEtT, 3T7?n^-'K^^ ^qtft. 

188 CO^^ 

Coeeelativeness, «. V. A. qWTT^f^^w*. aT'^Tt^T^^fKr?". ^- 
To CoBEESPOND, V. «. Jc adapted, adequate.^ SjC.y. To Tallv. 

fira^, ^TOT, ^f^, ^Joj^, ^TiJf, 3^T?:^, ^HEnif,^H»i.-^- 

^m.- &c. si^T'jf y. o/s. recy). ^Xt[ f. SRory. o/o. ren/>. 
2 (by cpi-stlcs, &e. ). ^PPT^ TSfP^ sff^JTR/.-Ac. %5riT,Tit 
«. ^<Z. q'lir ^"^ y. o/"*- rrc;);. T^sq-q-^K m. S^Tot. 
COREEsrONDE>'CE, «. COREESl'O.VDING, 11. y. V. 1. fTToST »». U. 

2 ^Fm^ q-Vrfr 5ff|^r?:/.-iR/.-^5i'4 m.-&c. 

I. ( as of an event with a prediction ). rTTc^T m. ^\zf. 

Event corresponding -with a prediction. Z\^ m. 
II. — in commerce. atlrT/. 
III. mass of letters, spl'l^sj- n. pi. ^N^Rf W^^ w. i^?. 


COEBESPONSIVE, a. V. V. 1. fKoI'JIT^, rn«|H>MI, v^FfFfT, 

^^P?IR^T, «(<1|-=(l, ^Hf^^tTrf, 3HH^,,M, ^Ttf^, ^^t^^'T. 
CoEaESPONBEXT, n. V. V. 2. ^fvTn^srr^ ^f%^- S^'TTTTT. 

I. — in commerce. arSfTT m. jiTTWT m. cj i m + 5)i. [^R/. 
CoEitixOE, M. gallery or passage in a Jionsc. ^t?ft^ sjissp^ 
COEEIGIBLE, a. T. V. 1. f^T^ofrq, f^T^^Tf , t^^t^, ^■^. 

2 §'< K I -M I -jf-RT-%n?rT-<fcc. 
To COEEOEOEATE, V. a. invigorate, v. To Steengthen. ^if^ 

2 esiallisli, S;c. V. To CojfFiEM. si^qpfr/.-qs «.-&c. ^- 

^-^p:^-3TnTnt,^?F{R:aT, ^fSfjjjp^or n.-^^■^■'J[ n.^f;^g.cfo. 

Coeeoeoeation, 11. V. V. 1. — act. qst^^ 3TT0I0T «. &c. q'ef- 

2— ac^. sfot^^w.&c.irfr^^UT". ^T^^'TTiT w. ^fr^'Tw. 
— state. ^^m€\/. ^^ 11. 
Coeeoeoeatite, Coeeoboeakt, a. t. V. 1. trrrT'T'^, qtf^^. 

5l%^-^FTT^-&c. sFTtri;^. 

2 ^S,^.t[ ^RT-STTtJItrnTT^ &c. 
Tb CoERODE, V. a. eat au-ay. ^jfT'Tt^mf ^M, ^TOl, ^ftJT'Jf, 

CoBEOsioN, «. V. V. — arf. ?rr^ «. ^uroj J). ^tJT?f|- /. 
COEEOSIVE, a. V. A. ^miTT, ^'JfOTRT, &c. 3T?^-JR, ^r^^.' 
COEEOSIVENESS, «. T. A. ST^'S^TrtT/. ^T^-^vF^T 11. 

To Coeeugate, &e. See To Weinkle, &c. 

To Co^-RVVT,v. a. make putrid, rotten, ^-c. qr^T^OT, ^TIET'jf, 

f^i^w, f^^sror, fsf^TRf^ oj-flR^nn, ?Trecf^,^^r5i ^^^, 

2 fig. depirate.^ vitiate, spoil, fif^sof, f^j^efot, ^THT^, y- 

^-3TT^R w^-niT»?"j-&c. qj^'jf, f5t5!;r^, f^'^^'if, w^^n-i 

m.-kc. ^iJr g. of o. 
To Coeeupt, r. n. lecome putrid, ^-c. ^^'jf, fI3"if, f^SiJif, 

2 fig. lecome dcprctced, S(c. fsj^Jiif , fil'<^^, fsf^JICTf, f^* 
^of or f5Rra^,^«at,^^^-v;pj-iTUTg'j-3Tr=^TTy^-&c. ^ot. 
3 — fruit, article of food, &c. ^V^^^^, 




COKEUPT, a. CORELTPTED,/'. V. V. N. 1. piilrid, rotten. S{c. 

jfRT^, ^^^, ^5^, =rm^?5T, j^THsrr, &q. fPnr, \f[^. 

2 viiiotis, depraved, i\-c. y. "Wicked. |"J, ^flffFTT, f^T^- 

Sr^, &c. arr^OJTs, yT>^, f^^. 

CORKUPTIBLE, a. V. Y. N . 1. ^TT^T^, f^TTift, H»^, ^rf'T^'J. 

COEBUPTIBILITY, 11. V. A. f^^rRlf^T «■ ^^^^fTT /. 

CoREUPTiNa. Corruption, n. v. V. A. l.—act. ^^sf^, fif- 
q^spjf «. ^?T=roT n- &c. f^^tn-^^ /. ^;5^ n.— stale. f?R^ 
or f^l^irs »»• 

2— act. qTF^ «• 7TTR ^T^ n. ^7. wf ". itc. f^V3"j+'/- 
ijq^qTJT «. ^UT ?i. — stale, v. AVicked>-ess. ^"5r=r «■ aTf- 

I. purulent matter, v. Pus. q ?«. 

II. — in grammar. 3T<T>il^T m. 3TT?T55 m. 

III. See Bribery. 
Corruptness, w.v.A.l. ^^%qq-T m. &q. ^iVt^TT/. ^fttrrTT^w. 

2 V. Wickedness. ^.q-OTT m. I'StI/. stT^TR'^'CT/. 
Corsair, n. pirate. =q'f=qT ?». 

2 =q'Mri% TH^PT ?i. 
Corse. See Corpse. 

Coeseuet, n. V. Armour. 3T^it n. Zl'i^ m. 
Corset. See Bodice. 
Cortege, n. y. Train, ^rrff/ f^rft^r/. 
Cortical, a. lelonrjing, cj'e. to Ja;',l-, ^c. ?TT^^, F^rnT, ^^p^- 

Coruscation. See Flash. 

Cos, Coss, n. — tlie measure of distance. spRT tn. sFT^T m. 

CosEY, a, snug, eomfortahh, — persons. §^, §^?J7T. 

2 — places. ^■UMl, artmnx. 
Cosmetic, n. u-ash^ Sfc.for the shin. 3^of n. atTrpT m. 
Cosmic, Cosmical, a. 's^^ni^-f^^ '^^^^T^^^%.| ^f^^^^i^^. 
Cosmogony, n. w\'^'[^J- ^IF'jf?/. 
Cosmography, n. '^f^ilfsrtjT/. ^f^ =r"'TH «. ^Tg;^ n. 
Cosmopolite, n. '^^resr^f^, ^'ll^^ft, ^JFTf'T=5T. 
Cost, w.v. Peice. jtit^ «. %iT?r/. ^HT w. 

Prime c. ar^F^f^HTf/. ^?T%^?T/. 3T^?^f^KFr/. 
2 expense, charge. ?r4 »«• 5?T^ >»• ^"^ »"■ ["li^f'^. 

Free of c. ^^5^TT?, J+d-^l, •j+.'il or ^r^rr, *+.iil^^T, 5- 
The costs exceed the profits, qfl Wf Tit. 
To live at one's own c. T^?: m. ^=4'Jf-?rT"^-»Tisui. 
8 costs: — in law. ^=t »8. 
ffo Cost, v. a. ifFS ?i.-f^^ f--'^'^ »».-T^ «. /jZ.^q'^ ?». pl.- 
&c. T5^-»RT"^-c7PinT-iT0T-^r'JT w. co?i. ?!;ft5t-T3^ in. con. 
Costal, a. pertaining to the sides or the rihs. sp^ft^^ ^t^T- 

Coster-mongee, n. H^T f^+uiKl 'FTt^nTTT. 

Costive, a. eonstijiafed. ^Ti^ra-CfT^, 5[^, »I5^^, +.<+iy, 

To become c. ^f?a^'?r. 
CosTiVENESS, w. V. A. ^^TST «. ^^3^ OT. V. ^, ST5%T^m. 

C. with flatulence. 3H|H«IM to. [ ?q-rrT/. 

Costliness, n. y. A. g'^/. HldMI« n. oj^Hr^dl/, ^^- 

I Costly, o. sumptuous, high-priced, v. Dear. jtr-JTI ^FTT^T, 

Costume, n. v. Dress, ^t ^joy*. jtT or H^T or H^ m. '^T^^ 
o>'"^TT^ m. ^^^rr or^q-rr=Tr m. sfT'Tr »i. fpjHRT m. 

Co-SUFFEREE, 11. ^'H^.^, 

Cot, 11. v. Hut. ^^"2: ». #T^/. f ft or ^/. T>Jr^/. 

2 V. Bedstead, wrr n. dim. ^\tA n. JTT^ in. q^ ;h. 
A swinging c. ^RT^T ?». 
Cot-quean, M. OTffM w/(0 busies himtelj imcomcn's ajfairs, 

c\e. ^\^^m., 5iTT?qT, q^TT, ^?;f -^, Tis-qr ^j^r^fT, .=^=r- 

COTEMPOEAEY. See Contempoeaey. 

Coterie, n. cluh. +^|5?^. =qmS or =5rratS«. 

Cottage, w. v. Hut. ^'rT5t/ ^'nrt ?«. #7/. ??rT€t/. in'iMil 

/ #T^ «. fft or ^f\f. 

2 « «?/(»/? i»< iastejul dwelling, ^q^trq^?^ wi. 

COTTAGEE, CotTEE, W. SmilT, ^^VR^, fftf^^TRft, ^ft?'<T. 

Cotton, «. — the plant. <FT7ifft/ 'FM^T »>. 5?^ra'T/. .Some 
species of the cotton-plant are '^^r^PT^ff, ^Tr^, <M--f.I- 
"T^ft, "^TffqfJPT^ft, ^^^FPT^fr.— the produce, m^ m. ^m 
m. n. g?! »». 

Bow used in carding c. VTH+^fl or ^'T^rft'/- ^ "• 

Carded c. iTRT ?!z. ^ /. i; »»• 

C.-seed. ^^f. JR^/. 

C. -thread. ^ n. 

Cushion or case stufl:ed with c. ^-Jimi m. 

Dry culm remaining of c.-plant. TS^t^/. 

Flock of c. i'^^ Hi- 

Flocks of c. ( floating in the air ). qTrTH'^ m. 

Pat of c. ( as steeped in a dye, &c. ). ^IH^Mt ^TfT/- 

Plantation of the c.-plaut. Toi^ n. 

Silk c.-tree. ^TFjft or ^fpn;/. — Gumof it. ^NW »»• 
— Pole of it ( used as rafter, &c. ). BT=r^^ m. 

Stuffed with c. Quilted with c. ^^, WK^\. 

To card c. q^^of. 

To seed ( extract the seeds of) c. cRiJi', ?!|Si?i. — In- 
strument of extracting the seeds. sRnr n. 
2 cotton cloth. ^riH ^PPT5 n. gfft ^PTS «. Some sorts 
are TSH «. griTIT m. ^T^/. 
Cotton, «. helonging to c. grff, ^rTT^T, *INiy, ^nif^^. 
Cotton cleaner, n. ft^^nft. — the instrument of. H^TcfT >». 

Cotton-gik, m 
Cotyledon, n 
To Coucn, v. ■? 

To Coucn, V. < 

seed-lohe. STlSsft/. 

. lower, cower. ^^T, ^^ ^3t-3T¥3t, '^ )/«. 

ar q^?r-HT€H ^Wm'-aTO^. 

!. lai/ down as on a couch. f^TJTq'iTr, ^W^TW, %- 

2 involve, include, v. To Imply. «n7?r«. ^T'if y. q/o. Ri- 

3 ( spear, &c. ) Pfprr^^-ite. q^-S^T't-^'l^"^. 
i ( a cataract. ) g^ ^^. 


CODCii, «. Y. Bkdstead. q?5iT m. ^r[f. pop. ^VCf. and dim. 
^^=5 n. n^ or Jhnp pop. flU^fr or JTHTT »'. ?Tr<T «. 
2 iofii, ^c. seat for ;r«/,— gcuer. ^TC^T/. ^W^f «. f^jT?!- 
«PT n. g^n^^/. g^lt^/. ^<^r^^ «• W.'^ or ^^' m.n. 
from the Euglisli. 

COUC HAN'T, a. ^ ^X^^^i ^ ^^i^ 'M+lr'-rtl. 
Cocon, n. #^F7T or ^ITRT »(. ^t^/. q^H «J. 

Consumptive c. ^TST^Hf m. 

Dry wheezing c. ^f/. 

■\Vhooping c. IPTT ^TPFt^r m. 

Lingering and moist c. ^ n. m. One affected with 
it. t=^, ^^, i^T^^- 

Obstinate dry c. esp-of horses & cattle 5f?r/. S'fH- 

oft/. Affected with it. jfHTT. [?fff^. 

To Cough, v. n. <HT-+.ui or ?^^ijr, ^ft'TTtfJf, ^W^f; ^^Tot, 

To e. wheeziugly. ^^Ttif. 

A fit of coughing. i^TSS or ^^^f. v. ^. m^^^^Mt^Tf. 
To Co\jQn,v.a.with up. expec/orafe.^^U^X^^^V^ ^]^l TT^iir. 
Council, «. iT?T3?iq^OTRi=<t Mipf\f. H^'JI^TT/. ^HT/. ^- 
f^^TBrr^T m. 

Award or decision of a c. ■HM-^if m. 

Member of c. v. CofNSELLOH. ?rHTW^, ^P-'T. 

Member ( or other person ) present at a c. ^\^{ I 


CouNCiLLOE, m. mcmlrr of a c. V. Counselloe. W^^^f?, 
^iFtir'.'iK; ( a formation from the English with ?R ). 

Counsel, n. advice. JTO^Trf/. g^^ m. ?r?5T m. H^T m. ^f^- 
^ m. V. ^T, ils^m^?^/. 

2 scheme, measure, device, i^'c. counselled out. f^^TIT '«• 

Band holding c. ^%5J 7i. 
Betraying or divulging c. iT^'T^ m. 
Deep or comples e. =5n?io^^ m. 
Of deep c. T^rarft, BRgsfr, T^rg^J^. 
Kice or delicate c. qr^'^F H^P^d/. 
"Well digested c. qjR^^ R--jK m. 
" All whose c. Cometh to pass. " ^PTH^rT. 
To keep one's own c. 3TR^ ^?t?J?r-srre=ft'fre-3TnT?5T 
H^&c. 3TPT?qT ^Rtcrq' 5^. 

3 See CoNauLTATiOK. 
To Counsel, v. a. v. To Advise., ^f^qn^ '".-^/.-f^^^nrw.- 

3?tg^/.-&c. ^TPM, iTO?^/-^fn5r mf. ^ " 
Counselled, ;j. v. V. g'Tf^, ^rf^^f, 3Tf*rJTf^. 
Counselling, n. v.V. — act. jf^sTT^ ?TmiJr«. &c. itsTT n. 3T- 

finripJT n. qt'cR «. ST»it':pT n. sjrq w. :Ht^4 w. 
Secret c. TT=spTf?r f. 
Counsellor, n. y. V. ^f^^ ?ffT'JrRT, &c. Hsft, arf^mrfT, 

I. member of a council. ^T'TT^, ?fvq-,?rm?rrf^, ^TTKrf^^. 
IL(as of a king or ruler ). h^, 3TJn^, ^f^cT, tft^^, 

':ft^rf^, ?Tfir^, gf^JT^. 
HI. See Lawiee. 

^0 COIT 

To Co I' NT, V. a. number, reckon. T'T'ir, JTTrriJf, iTj^Jf, iToTHY 

/..TTFiTuft /.-HTSTTT^ /.-T'JPT «.-TOTHT /.-^??qT /. -<fcc. 

r^^ g. of 0. [km. 

2 account, regard, v. To Value. JTr^T^fr, TPT^f, "M^ 
To Count, v. n. jfNT^tfT ^, *r^ 3W^ "TSW. 

2 oil; reckon on, relg. *R=RrT ?«.-3T^'»T w.-&c. 5«njf, c^ 

with cR. 
Count, n. ^^rfl+M ^^ T^^ft STl^. 

Countable, o.v.V.l. M>JINMl'li-&c. 'ifuMoi), ^^^., ir'JT'ft'T. 
Counted, ;?. v.V. A. 1. Toi^fir, &c. ifoTfT, Tftlfcm, ^><^- 

2 jfr^FIT, &c. 
Countenance, ?;. visage, features, v. Face. J^??. fTfs^^EiJrn. 

Change of c.fthrough shame, alarm, &c.) jt^"|iiW«. 
Freshness and liveliness of c. JTcRsfT/. 5^?:sfvt/-'=f^rl? 

m. ^^^/. 5?T«ft/. 5?RTn wt 5^q^rqt/. 

Of a fine or handsome c. ^^<ci;k, ^C7. 

Of a laughing or smiling c. ^?q^?^, SR'RT^. 

A weeping c. TI^ frrs n. X^ f T?f /. 

Of a weeping c. ^rffe-ifT. 

Putting out of c. 'T^^T^T^' n. 

To let the c. fall, nr? ^--J^T/- 3?n;oTy. of s. 

To keep in c. "715 /■ rr^iif g- of o. 

To put out of c. ^fcft q^rar^T ?rr^ijf . 

It was as much as I could do to keep my count- 
enance. |t 3TTET^f TOT jrflf 5rr^. 

I could not keep my c. ^^qr^lt^ ^^T. \_^^f. 
2 o/r, ZooA-, aspect. %^?Tot. 5^T/. ^/. f ^rT/. 3TH7Rw. 
B favorable regard, v. Favob, Pateonage. ?54lti.f^/. 7.- 
TRc^I^FT n. ^hf. ^^Xf f^]b\f. f^^KB f 3Tr=iT^ m. 
To Countenance, v. a. y. To Pateonize, To Favor. ^^T- 
^i^ f.-W^K f.-^\ WI.-&C. ^PW-S^iif-^, <TT5/. ^j^'jfy. 

of 0. qr^Mt ^?T?5>n, h^hI'/ ^ft^. 

Counter. See ConteaeTjConteaetwise. 

Counter, «. ^ we used in counting, ^r^f. ^^j^f. ^^n. 

2 board or table of a sJiop. -^I + I /. "^tt^ m. 
To CouNTEEACT, V. a. ^'t^^TPT m .-^^7^:':sqY^\T. m.-Scc. ^R^if- 

=^\^^^ or :fC^-&c. JTreoT-^^^-ifcc. srfrf^FlT M.-id%fSf5qT 

f.-^f^^m m.-!f?w^ »«.->fcc. ^ or ^5;^ JTm-^r"? ^F^ot 

-Ac 37^^"if , g"?!^, ^rs^, ^^, TTS'Jif. 


JFT^RT-^^FiTT 'i'u'Jii-'j,&c.iif?i+K+, sr-f?r^n:-<tc. ^t^.^.\^. 
&c. irfdin'R', ^N^'Hi. 

Counteraction, «. v. V. 3^57 OTT^ ^c^sp^ «. 3^=?^ s^TRR 

Counterbalance, n. equivalent weight, Sfc. JJOT or ^ToTt/. 

'TST «!. aTT'TS or 3TTHt5 «. ^fTTRrsTT-TR'Trr^ f^im »«.- 


2 «fe/e of equipoise. ^Hcfra ?n. TIT^TF^ «. TR^TT^fT/. 
To CouNTEEBALANCE, V. a. act against with equal weight, be 

equivalc/it to. fflrint, JTT^ VRof^ H^q'^ im, 'Ki«H-?m- 

COF 191 

COCNTEKCHAEM, «. 3^^^ m. qfrT^TT^^ »>. STfrfSTWI ,«, 

CouxTEB-EviDEscE, «. 3";7^r?T/ R'f?! ^?:rR-7; w^^ ». 

To COUNTEEFEIT, I', a. ropi/J'rauilidentl;/. v. To FORQE. ^CT"- 
?T^ JT^c^/.-Hfn n -flT^ ;;oy). jftW «.-%^ W.-&C. tjTtJf-ifiJr 
g. of 0. sf)T^M+<CTi«.-;ptT?H^^Kw.-+H''.IH-thf^/. T-T'^ff-ofo. 
2 See To Ijiitate. 

CouNTEitFEiT, «. V. False. ^T^Jk^, spTTir, «HlilrfOT, ?3t^, 

#:!^^, ?iwr^, +H4i-^i, :Rq^, ^f^m, g?rp5TTi Pr^qT. 

CouxiEEFEiT, w. ihinj made in fraiiJuJcnl imitation. fTTSf 

pop. iftW ». #[TT n. W^ m. n. 

2 See Deceiyee, IlyrocEixE. 
To CousTEEiiAND, V. «. 3r5?rf fJT-TTfT ;f ^w.-ctc. '^ot-^7^, 

Coc>-TEEMAXD, n. ^^z f fKw. TT^r :^f5"»- Tqrl^T ;p^OT. 

CotiNTERMAEcn, n.marcli hack, vjrid+^n.m. %T<f^».w. qirl- 

CouKTEE-MUEE, «. ow/er icall. TSf^m/. <r5^?:«. 
CocsTEE-PAin:, w. ( of a bed ). "TrJqqRTwf. 

C01I>-TEE-PAET, n. 3rnTT»l. 3^^W. SffrrqWTw. %5TM. ^F^- 

To Co UNTEE- POISE. See To Cocntee-balance, 

CODNTEE-SCAEP, W. \^^[\ f. 

To COONTEE-SIGN, V. a. JT^?5T?ft/. ^^, ?;^/. ^TTSBT-^^CTf. 


2*0 CoujfTEE-TAiL. See To Coustek-balakce. 
CouNrEE-wEiGHT, «. weight to counter-balance a vessel. 3T- 

^Zor aTTfs or arrHf ». n%]in. 
To COUNTEK-WOEK, V. a.\. To CotJNTEEACT. Sffrt^FROT.-^rfrt- 

Counting, n. y. V. A. l.—acf.. itot^«. &c. imrsTw. trf^TOT- 
^n. ^JpjJ^n.^VJl^f. ifJHT/. tRtoht/. HT^Tc^/. ^V^- 

CouNTi>-G-HousE. «. sqrqr-iiK'm ^FirmrT^ qr m. 

COUSTLESS, a. 3T^T^!S^, STTorft^, STTtfT, ar^T^^'Tm, amf^TrT, 

CouNTEiFiED. See Etistic, Eueal. 

CouNTEY, n. region, land, territory. \^m. ^:^^ or f^^m. 
SI^Tw^. Xmi. "W^n. ■>jfTT /. 

At, in, to, &c. every c. ^^Tf^^. 

Centre or heart of a e. tt«?^^Tw. 

Customs and manners of a c. ^^^TP;/.'^ ^ l H l < ?;i. '^^- 

Foreign c. qT?n»». f^>3Tw?. %^TfFrr«. ^r^■^m.^l:^^f^f. 

Inhabited or peopled c. ^fHFT or ^^^[^7\ f. ^^^^m. 
Native e. ^\^ m. ^»TfiT/. ^^^fir/. T^qfrT^ifPT ». 
tn. f^t^FTcT/. 

Of a far c. ITT^TSfT,, ^^^T^.. 

Eesiding in a foreign c. "TT>^ft, iRT^ft, ^Rft, TTT- 

The low c. ^?^mw. 

Inhabitant of low c. fe-i'^0. 

To return to one's native c. \f\ -jttvt. 


2 rural parts. %t ^|n. qi^ TRw. ■i' l <Nr^<-q T ^^Xim. 
Q villages and hamlcts,~a.n dislinnjuishcd from towns. 

Tf^%ftn. pi. ntsnTfsr^w. arr^n?^/. ^"I^m. 
Cou>-TKy, o. V. EusTic. ^"5 nt^rqi, %7^^■ ?r 3- ^Nr, ^-qr tt- 

2 jn-oduced /«///« c. THRpft, W=!r^, it^rft, nt^, it- 
CouNTUYMAjr, M. OWB o/ llic same c. ^?IHTSot. ^^sT'^OT-'ItcP^- 

2 rustic, peasant, su-ainjiind. ^% qf^^ m^JTH, ^T?r^c?n-, 

fTT, ^-5(1^^1^, ^^. — as used couteinpluously, and as 
corresponding with Clown, clodhojjpcr, hoor, lout, arrsq- 

55^, arrsg^ifT, ^f^fw^, '^fts-^tt, ^j^^, tr^^, ^r^TTm- 

County, n. ^\7[m. \ri^-^v\m. 

The common words expressing certain Bicisions of 
a country, and thus, somewhat answering to County, 
Shire, Circuit, District, Province, Hundred, ^c. are ^- 
:F?5T, ^^, f^TcIT, ^"^TT or cTCTT, rRT>, dl-^'-PT, ^HTmT, SIPT, 

County -TOWN, n. ^FH^rr »«• somewhat answers. 

Coop de main, n. !JRT n. ^cqj w. t>. qi^. 

Coup DE sOLEiL, «. 3"i-^MI ^^f^^ h«. 5155/. ^tj^/. ?;q;i/; 

^■'^rEff ^RJ/. frRJfl-/. 
Couple, «. Jrace, <«'0, /xr/r. ^r^/ ^J\'£\ or ^^/. ^H^ ?i. 

g;g; M. ^ n. ( in comp. as 2;'^JF5=!T, f^f^^ <P?rg;^ ;i. ) 

'JT «. 53^7 «. q;^ «. 'TK?^ n. 

2 maZe Sf female. %5T w. ^STTS^ «- ^rt «. t^n. fiT*J^ ;;. 
A married c. ^5^ n. ^qrft w. m. ^qrq «. ^|TJr «. 
A newly married c. ^jm or aftf ^ n. a^Rt «. pi. or 

5rS?rT»- — Entertainment given to them, aft^r %^ot n. 
— Their first visit to the family god (going to church). 
3fpr^ ^5f>rT/ 

3 frame of transverse rafters, (J-c."%<t/. ^TFR/. =5nrr m. 

To Couple, v. a. join two together. ^Ti\f. ^R^-iTt^'T-^TTH- 

DT, ^/. Miriui, -^"Isuf. 

2 Se'e To Maeky. 
To Couple, v. n. See To Copulate. 
Couplet, n. -it^M m."tf?T/. 
Coueage, Coueageousness, «. V. Boldness. ^i^?f/. f^. 

«^/. ^JTrft/. f^^Wft/. ^/. ^^¥t/. TT^f/. ar^m- 

^ «. aTT¥ »»• 

To lose c. tftr w.-aT^r^R n.-&c. ZW'^-VJl^^ ^ i:t. 

^^, ^ «j. ^OT-^ <Tm w«. pi. ToCat-^TTq- ot. jjZ. jfre^- 

JTT ». i'Z. ^r^^ y- of s. ^^ m. pi. "TTJot, ^^/. si^ot-^- 

57t-q^=!Tijf y. of s. ftft or f^qi/. pi- ^Ftw y. 0/ s. 

To take c. To pluck up c. ^ M.-aTcrfTPT n.'^q n.-kc. 

%nTjf, '^\'A^A'\ n. ^ijf. 
Coueageous, a. v. Bold, ^jt, ^nrrT^, i^'^'pft, ^'T=T?rRT, 

f^i^c^K, 'cilcfl^K, iflrft^^r. 




CorEAGEOisLV, adv. V. A. and Boidly. ^?f-3H^r'T-&c. iT- 

COUEIEII, fl. V. MeSSEXGFB. ^l<i.'^,^Jn^ft^, ^rt*KI Or ^<+K|, 

jpm^f. [^Tt^/. 

CounsE, «. career, raee, ri/n. 5^/. Vf^/. <a^i«rJT/. Kfftpjt ». 

2 ( as of a river, road, &(.\ ). ^TfoT or ^V^^ f. HFT m. 

3 race-ground. ^fR^TrfKt OT' ^T^<t ^TFTT/. "^^ ^JTmi/. 

tftTJ^rfKt ^stftt/. 

4 irof/ress, proceeding, process. ifrT/. =5TT?5/. TTT n. =5fT- 

Course of time. +lc*'lfH/. [ frf/. 

Hobbling iiud lialtiiig c. (of a work, &c. ). ai'lfr|+'l- 

5 method oj life, train of actions, procedure, ^^f. afr- 

^/- t^/ f^ »• ^ff%/- ^/- 'Tf'^/- ^T^/- ^f^/- 3TT- 

Devious or evil c. n^^TFT, 'IT^T, aTO^^TTn. [ ^. 

To turn to an evil c. T^st/. f^FT^ or "^^V^lf^f. ^- 
To enter on a right c. i^ufty ?m>Jf, {and To set upon 

&c. — ?5TW,) HF1W ?IFT^, cTf^^ ^. 

C train, tenor, line or order of proceeding. ^\^f. ^tcET'». 

JT^^ »!. ^^5:5I^T m. f^ pop. X\r{J. TTPT in. ^\zf. «:TRT w. 

yM.nstotr m. vn^^rS ?t. tRtr »«. "rre «. arnr »». ^^- 
2T «(. affexTT «./. ^rrf^ or ?r^/. ^iiT/. r^tt^ »«. =r«t/. 

C. tbrougli ages without beginning. &Hlf^Tt^r/. 

C. of events or Nature. ^ifrT/. 

Of c. As a matter of c. as a natural consequence. ^^'^- 

Of c. as a matter of rule. ^^^^\^ or %iTT^, ^Pit, 

Of due c. ?isr^ ?J^, ftrft==tT, T^. 

Of c. to he sure, certainly. aHrfilH, ^'^ftH. 

That is of c. of natural consequence. ^^^?TT^T, ^^T- 

That is of c. of rule. f^HpSTT or ^JTT'^. 
To chalk or mark out a c. for. Tq' or V^ f. sft^ ^'Jf 
or ■+\<i^ ^t. 

To come in the c. of (conversation, &c.). ^T^ft^T ^''f. 
To fall into or aloug with the c. ( or custom ) of. ^- 

To take another c. TR «. ^i^ijf-JH r^ui. 
7 regular succession, v. Oedee. ar^J^T m. j^ir m. ^\l}\\€\ 
f. qwf^jre. 
S ( as of ceremonies or works ). 3T^gT^ n. 

Conductor of a c. 3HHyi.fl, STH^rn". 
9 courses, v. Mekses. ^'^ n. ^^ n. 
To COUESE, V. a. chase, v. To Hcxt. 'TRq'/.-f^l^PR/.-'T'TqT/. 

-ar^'cn^f^ W.-&C. ^PT'Jr g. of o. 

To CouESE, V. n. run, ^-c. 3T?i? qicm, ^^rf^HT^fT^ =m^M. 
COUESEE, n. ■RlW<t^-&c. ^frST m. 

CouET, «. ( of a king,'&c. ),paMce. W^mwm. +K+K':jreT m. 
<M»if^< «■ <M'j^ n. <M|rf*T «J. 

2 retinue, Sfc. of a king.^ lody of courtiers. i\^Hl'^ n.r^- 
vTJ^ m. 2)1. ^T^T^TT/. T^Hf^' m. pi. ^HlflMHiq' 7m. ;-/. 

3 j-oya? audience, levee, ^'c. TT^TT^Tw. ^T^TRnt. rr^q^=;r''T 

Familiar with courts and levees. <^<«|i<Hf ^jr, ^Sfj^q'- 

Trieud at e. HTS^ft »«• 

Full c. *r<<\<tlK m. y^■^■^■^,^ or f^^-^Mf. t^T^.^iSf. 

lloldiug a c. or levee. ^T^TR m. 

In, at, to, before the c. ^^. 

In open c. ^MtTT^FTTH^T. 

4 ( of justice ). 37717^/. '■^\^^■^\f ^JMKn. -^^rm^T- 

;Tr m. Tr?rg;TT n. tfJT^TT?^/. (^PTOHT/. tTHlf^^OT n. 4\'h 
or ^l^n. is now used. 

Civil c. f^^rnjft 3T^?5rr/. 

Criminal c. #3T^ 3T5rT?5?T/. 

Highest e. <7(e >S'a(7a»* Addlut. H^/. ?f^3TTTr5rr/. 

5 ( of public business ), hall, S{c. ^Mf[f. ?I<+R=(I5T w. 
?T^g;TT «. [/ ^TTT/. 

6 meeting for the administration of pnllic husiness. Jp%ft 

7 lody of judges. '^\^\^\^ m. pL ^■^\^■^■^■\ f. FqTTTTtft^T- 
^^ »». 

8 V. Taed. 3tn^ o;- 3T^CTT n. ^55 or ^S «. [^fqi:r n. 
C. before the mansions of the Great. TT'jfNi'^t'FH!. ^- 
Square or oblong c. ^'% m. =q(f^--lli^/. 

9 See Flatteet. 

To CouET, V. a. seek in marriage, icoo. ^\>\^i\f. ^T'^-qTrI''f, 
fiprif f H^^f m. Jfrm g. of 0. 55tTmreT H^^ SI'lui y. o/ 

2 jcoo iy praising , f aiming upon, ^e. T. To Fiatter. 
3TT^^ijf, anTT'4''f, *r^^t or T^JT^^f ?rPT"jf, ^ o/- :jft^- 
^t^ interj. ^pT'if-'^^^. 

CouET-DAT, «. ^pm 'RTr^rr^ f^^rn »». 

COUET-DEESS, «. ^I 'I I -0 tI H I *OT. 

CouET-nousE, n. +Ml'-il ^^TFTT/. 

COUET-MAETIAL, «. FT^T^a^^l^fT/. ^If^^F'^T^^I'TT/. #ff- 

TTnfe ». is in common use from the English. 
CouET-TAED, n. aTTJT or artTtT «. 
Coueted,^. t. V. 2. 3TTTTq'%?5r, &c. 3TRTfq'?r, 3^Tf^?T. 
CouETEOXJS, a. polite, — persons, v. Civil. ^?57f^y?pf =q'PT?n'i 

2 — manners, kc. ht^?!^^, 'T^'iff'Hl'Hl, F^rTUTPqT. 

COUETEOUSLT, «(?f. V. A. HI^fRft^, 'T^'<T'T"JrFf, &C. ^t^- 
COUETEOgSNESS, COUETEST, «. T.A. mtj^^fft/. 'T^*Tf5ift/. 

^5fr^, /. f ^57^/. g^^tsr n. 3T5?TT wi. 

By c. JTFfTWsi, JTRreret, TTR^r^. 

Courtesies and civilities, — compreh. a^T^m^TR '"• 
pi. arr^r^rFR m. pi. 3TTc^R 

COY 1 93 

CoanxEK, n. V. V. 1. ?5HT?n^ T^J^ff-^TT^-'ic. ril'|u|Rr, ft^- 

2 STT^ ^?^mTT, &<:. aTTff^t or ^, K^TqT'jft^, ^ ";• ^> 

Courtesan, n. v. Harlot. +^tj'rfroT/. ^H^fW/. «R^^/- ^- 

COUETEST, M. ^^ HH^ W.-tfcPT ». 

To COUETEST, V. n. JPT^ M.-tj?^ ». ^fX^. 

COUETIEE, «. ■^imO'ldii'M m. ^TJTJf^isr m. ^T^ff^ w. 

Courtiers— coUectiTely, <M»i'^?5 n. n^^'^^T f. pi. 
2 See Flatteeer. 
CouETiXG, n. V. V. 2.— act. STT^cTijf «. aTRTW' »• &c. 3TT- 

^;r OT. T^KHTift/. 3TRT^^r/. ttt^^f/. 
CouETLiNEss, «. V. A. w^m/. q^/. f ^3T?rrn"/. 

CoUETLY, a. lelonjinj, suitable, Sfc. to a couH. <^<x(k1, ^T^- 
COUKTSHIP, 51. ac/ o/ ivooing in love. ?5?TT?rrST ^t^ STT^^ 

Cousix, n. — gener. *rRf «. TRJ «». «I^OT /. sjg m. sjg^pT 
»n. ^g:?pft /. ^^f^5f m. f. — paternal uncle's cbilil 
( male or female ), ^^p^FTTr^TS «. — pat. uncle's son, ^- 
rSrlHTir, 5?5?t^g. — pat. uncle's daughter, ^rfst^ur, 
— pat. aunt's child, 3HMHN^ n. — pat. aunt's son, ancT 
'Tr3r,3n^'f . — pat. aunt's daughter. arrHii^t^.^mater' 
ual uncle's child, HTHTTtTS »•• — maternal uncle's son 
KT^TrS', HIJ^sj^T. — maternal uncle's daughter, HIH'M^'T 
CTT. — mat. aunt's child, JTr^^TTRS n. — mat. aunt's son, 
irrar^TT^, ^TF?r?H'4. — mat. aunt's daughter, TT^^T^I^t'JT, 

Co-UTEEIN-E, a. \-i\\i., ■HHR"|<\^. 

Co\E, n. V. Ceeek. wi^f. [ fTT/. 

Covenant, «. t. Ageeement. ^PTR m. ^^^^ m. ^%?T m. ^fH 
2 paper of agreement. +<KH1»K| m. 

To Covenant, v. n. v. To Ageee. ^PTlT w.-OT^ m.-&c.^rot, 

COVENA>'T-KEEPINO, a. ^JTUft, ^l^STfrTfT, ^^^^^^FT, VrAI'M+r?, 

To Covee, v. a. overspread and hide, ail'-^l^fff, STT^^ijf, ^ 
•^'JiM^X., s^TW, 5fnpot, 31l--?il^, n.-3TT=fC"Jr w.-s^TFT «. 
&c. JpTot^. ofo. 

2 conceal, v. To Hide. 5rf^^,Sf^^,^'T^,^TifT^-qTwf, 
TtW^oT w.-i(|^<uT «.-5rr^7^ n.--i\\-''Ji\\^ n.-&c. WT^of. 

3 cZo-s-e with a lid or top. ^\^ii^.i ^rtqtjf , ^t^oT, S-f-m, 5ff- 

4 he joined with tlxe female in sexual eongress. tTFTof , 3^. 
To be covered — female beast. "F^oT. 

5 ( expenses, &c. ) ?f=^ HrTWr JTftT 3r?W. 
Covee, «. — gener. covering thing or cause. 3TFi^fT^ «. 3Tr- 

^ITJT n. ^^M n. 

Under the c. of. 3Tr5. 

From uoder the c. of. 3TT|=T. [ HS. 

Under the c. of night. ^T^t^TT T5^r TlrqiH-TI?^- 
That is under the e. of. 3115^, arrftH- 

2 concealing cause; screen, Hind. STTTT^ m. tR^ m. 
WT^^ «. frtfttrpT n. [?5T'JT/. 

3 sheltering cause; shelter. 3TTS£I^ J». 3TTW »»• ^ST /. 

4 (as of a pillow, couch, cushion, &c. ) n^ m. 'mw^ 


/. 3T^Tr m. cj^ OT. ^ m. f^n^ /• IT^^^ n. '^^f^ n. 

5 ( as over a carriage, palanquin, &c. ). o4J'+,| or ^^T 
w. JT^/. ar^TT m. n^^fuft/. t;^^ h. T^frai m. ?Ri'rHm. 

6 Z/(?, ;'o/). 5Tf^J^ n. JTfqTJT ?». fff'Tni n. ^^^ n. ^t"TT m. ^Tf- 
^pif\f. 5riqW n. +KM1+) m. KlT^ n. ^j^j m. pT'qpT n. 

7 under brush, Sfe. mt\ /. 

8 ( at a meal ) ST^T m. TPT «. 

9 pretext, v. Peetence. fn'ir ^'op- jft^T «• ^^T^ »• 

10 ( of a letter ) envelope. v^'^tz\ m. 
Covered,^, v. V. 1. 3TP^^5r^^?5T, &c. 3H I ---^ l f^H , STP^^J^, 

M^'Jlfdrf, sTmJ^, ■JTT^IH, 'iTR'J'^, ^TlfrT, STTT/t'if (iu comp. 
as irqT^t'jf, ^?T^TFPtuf, f ^qftof , ^i^I^frf, ^rJT^uf, J- 

2 5rf^?^, &c. ^5^, 3T?(ff fT, f?Rrf|<T, 3TT^^rf^. 
CovEEER, n. Covering, p. a. v. V. 1. arp^tJI-iuiKl', &c. 3Tr- 

2'5rr^OTRT, Ac. ^fsRT, ^t^^^T, St'-^T, ail^5jK+;, ^fpr'^HT^. 
CovEEiNG, 7i. V. V. 1.— arf. arr^STS.iJf". 3TT^R^«. &c. 'flf- 

^^|4Hn. 3HI'^<U|«. JJ--'JliH«. 

2 — act. ^\wMn. ^^TT ^n. &o. S'TTJft'/. 

I. ("/(Hiy covering; thing concealing, See CovEE. II. e?o- 

<7(my, Y. Clothes. >^R5;nr«. ^'!;^xmn.\^r\n. 
CovEET, a. sheltered, not exposed. ^N-fl-^l, ^T^^t, aTT^T^F- 

2 hidden, v. Secret. =qteT, IK. 

3 disguised., sarcastic, ^c. ^rd'^RT, ^'Tfr'^t, 3^><4^^, 

C. speech. stj^RfifFp/. [^sf^T. 

4 — a married woman. ?r5r=qT% ^HT'-Yt^-ctc. T^'-ftR', ^- 

Coveut, n. sheila; hiding place. ?;"m/ ^5"^/. W^/. 3Tr- 

Under c. aTlSMI^O'. 
CovEETLT. See Seceetlt. ['T^/- 

CovEETUEE, n. state of a married tcoman. ^r^'4\Hrnf. ^A^- 
To Covet, v. n. le affected with strong desire. ?fNot, P^iJ^, 
f5"tTw.-^t5r/.-&e. ^Z^in.con. 5*q--^TH5^-?5rF»r2-&c.^>Jf. 
To Covet, v. a. desire earnestly, \. To Desiee. JstTw.-JIR- 

^^/.-i^R'fl/. t^my.o/o. arfHOTW, arf^rTwj. ^t^ y. 
o/o. t5Tfr»t. ^y. ofo. 
Coveting, n. v. V. A. — act. ffrT ^ijfn. 3Tf%OTT^«. &c. 

Covetous, o. cnpidinous., avaricious., greedy. r^Mt, FHH^, 
"5, ^iT, ^T^T, r^t'Ttnt, 7T3TW— in high degree. c^HT'^- 

^, ;=?r>T?T'^, ^1»TH^, =ft^fT^, 3>nf^, 3>rr3pt?f, ^->^- 

J^, '~ii*iM<, ?t=rr'4r. Some terms for a covetous person aro 

arf^tJirrr, arifH^ft. "[ r^v^. 

2 (of wealtli or riches). tRf^Pft, ^HPtfP, ^s^^jfti^T- 
Covetouslt, (J(/y.v.A. 5Jrm#, ^»N;?vT,=?rH^5<Tr, ??t^^'?gT, 




CovETOcsXESs, n. 7.A. 1. rftHw. P!T^ f. ^^ f.-^^m. \- 
mm. Hjf^r^^m. ^5I^0TT»i. 7^m. ^Ofjjf. PTT^HT/. 

Free from c. ?7T'TI%T5Er or f^rnT, ^ft^T^^-Ac. P^^. 
2 iT^T^Tin. t4HHiU||/. tPTTnr/. 3T'.^;fnTT»». 

Covey, n. \. Fiock. q^m. 5rN>/'. ^5/. 

Cow, »j. imr/. tTj/. ifV/. "fr/. (iu comp. as »ftg^, ifr^FT, 

'ft'TT^), +r^rll /.—in contempt. ^vjTZn. IFT^n. — in 
eiidearmeut. TT^^/J. 'IHrft/- HH?ft (or iTT^3rft & TFJrft), 

C. conceiving whilst suckling. dH'll'ft/. 

C. produce, (milk, butter. Ac). "TtT^"'- Ts^rt. 

C. that bears annually. <I«Jt)lui/. 

C. that roconceives in six mouths. ^H <r+^ or ^TRT- 

C. -track, n^^ m. nt^/. «. ^Tt^ «. "tra?. ?;. "ftfft w. 
C. wholly of one color. ^pPtot/.C as black c. ^FToft^- 
fq^, red c. ?Tf^ q?PteT, &c. ). [ 3TT^/. 

Frame work to confine a c. during milking. 3Trlt or 
Hair from the tail of a c. "wra m. >fTiii}^ «. 
Milch c. jqrft or ^iTdt'liq/fHrftqg/. q?Tf^pft/. 
Eeach of a c.'s lowing. ^^\xf m. [ v. TR. 

Tie of legs of a c. during milking. HTc^ m.or aji^rfi m. 
Twitching and quivering of a c.'s. hide. jT|?*<u| ». 
Wild c. ^H'liq/. cm)-/. 
To Cow, V. o. T. To Ikximidate. ^^TRiif , ^^nprl^, ^ M'=Kmu i " , 

'^nm^'n, ^^W^f, f|'TTrT/.-&C. HTSOty. O/O. q^T OT.- 

q^iT^?T m.-Z^m^^H^ m.-&c. cp^ot ff. ofo. 
Cow-nuXG, n. TT^TT n. nTTTT n. 

Basket for c. V^^^€\f. ^0T;gtf «. 

Basket for dry ( or jungle ) c. frR^ n. 

Crtke of c. »iWft/. '<TFTft'/. iTTTT m. ^^ff?IWt or ^35^- 

cfr/. sT^f^TTftnt^/. srft/. i^tt/. 

Cake of c. as dabbed upon the roof or wall. i\ \ M' \\ ol- \m. 

'*Tm m. [ nrtifr/. 

C. as found in the fields. n^noT «. <M^ I hO '/. TM- 

C.-wash, — to be used in smearing floors, &c. ^TOT^cfft 
«. JiTiPT n. TTiITT'ifl' 7i. ^^W^A m. mrtcmi. TPJT^P'fT m. 

Crumbly or crumbled c. "trar m. ^W^ n. V^'Tt[f. 
f^fvTiJT n. 

Kindled heap of bits of c. 5nK «. "P^^FIT n. #0T «. 

Lump or dab of c. ^TOTnToTT m. 

Lump of c. — as voided at oue time. ^T'JI'frst or tjt^ m. 
^CPTT m. ^lU^ m. fl^ to. [ q^w. 

Lump of moist c. in which fire is preserved under ashes. 

Pelting with c.-clots. '^mWK m. WpTT/. 

Piece of c. ( cake, lump, or bit ).'x^^ n, 'iw\{^i n. ?T- 
"iRP n. '^w^. n. ' [J. 

Pile of cakes of c. arranged for kindling. »TTcE/ sqi^SUT 

Pile of pieces of c. plastered over. JPTTS or ^.rtAi m. 

Pit for the daily c. ^oTlft/. ^UFpf or ^J. klWS^f. 
Z'^^J. ?Tq-iTT5T/. 

The business of cow-dung smearing, ^ipfrrr m. %- 

To sprinkle with c.-wash. rfiRTST or ?rST m. '■-I I - ' .'J1' -\w. 
To smear with c.-wash. OT^spif, ^fPC^ui «. ^^Riit. 
To sprinkle and smear with c.-wash. ?rTT ^TTT'T'T n.- 
*\iWH \ AA n. ^^. 
Cow-HAOE, Cow-itch, n. +«<')J50 or ^/. 't vt )-H4.j/^ or Flff 
/. ^rft or ?ff/. ^pf^^T^/. aiicH^fTT/. 
The pod of c. ^Tt ;i. 
Cow-HEHD, Cow-keeper, n. >]>\^\ or iTTTTn?T, l^oft", 'T"T=r5tT, 

'i|A|+iii, "ft^, ntrra, nlT?^, ^fi^, ar^, 3T»ftT, jflr. 

Female c. Ttjortw/. 'fHl^ui/. nrr^ft'T/. 3Tf|Tt or 3T- 

f^Tuft/.&c. ntfwr/. "fl^/. 

Quarter or station of cow-herds. r^^snTTw.l^or^m. 
^ ?». g^ OT. 

Cow-hide, «. irpft^ +.H4 «. 
2 leather lohip. «m<si w. 

Cow-house, Cow-shed, ?;.. iff«ToE >«. 'ntli'Tl-il m. ^J^/. ^^ 
«. 'Tt?|TT?5T/. 

Litter of c. qf^T?/. "tr^ft/ 

Cow-leech, «. TT^^ TTT^, TT^TIT^, 'il^ti. 

Cow-pen, n. nw' «»• nt^ »• »»• 

Cow-pox, m. if|«H ^ftrrsTT/. 

Note. The Marat has do not distinguish between the 
cow-pox and the small pox, but use the word|^ for both. 

Cowg-Lip, n. iT^ "^ 3TT|'. 

Cowaed, Cowaedly, a. timid^ icanting in courage. f^THTr, 
f%^, f*Tf^, '-■TTS, ^rm^, ^FPTT, 1%^, 3T-4K, 3T^, ^^- 
5Tq^, T^Eq^ or ^l'^, ^q^, ^^^"M, ^HM<|+H or mk- 
^t=T, ^4^1^, &c.?Tir'ft^.Some phrases, proverbs, sayings, 
and various formations conveying the sense of a coic- 
ardly person, and answering to Z)fl«/ar(7, Poltroon, JS^'id- 
get, Craven, Pusillanimous icreich, Faint-Jieart, LacTc- 
plucfc. White-liver, Cream-face, Pij eon-heart, Chicken, 
Woman, are Tf^/. Ttf^TMH c. ?5^ c. "P^^st c. ^iWUm 
m. iTR^T^ m. Hl'l.'JIi/. TT^T, f^TT, TT^T TTI^r, ;^'^5F^, 

2— actions, &c. f^rFr^q^JTr^fT, Jfm'ff'SiT, &e .'TTF?T'a^-^5f^, 
CowAEDicE, Cowaedlixess, n. V. V. f^rfVquii m. &c. vrm- 

^fmrspH m. ?T7T>ftf?r/. ^'ft?:?!!/. 
Cowaedly, adiw.A. f^^-M I ■H I Hm -?ITJft-Tff-& c. fTHTT'JTpf, 
Cowed, _p. v. V. T5rr^r%^, T^jjft^^, &c. 

To be c. <^ij+,ui, ^^. 
To CowEE, V. n. sink in at the knees, ^'c. give icay. ^^^ 

<^«|-4>'J|, JTJ n. pi. 5f^-His«i y. o/ «. 5Tiijf_ 

COWL-STAFF, «. Hc|-^U|/. J!. 

CowEiE, w. particular shell. ^F^^T w. c^»'(. +=i il /. ^TTT^ m. 
<=1<|P-+|/. ^q^ »«. sFlf^'^/ 

Some kinds are. qrqft, H'IMl+.'lil, ^T^ft^R^, ?^^«r- 

Coxcomb, «. v. Fop. 3=[+4x||j1, ^rwO'll^, ^tsiPT. 

2 — the flower tree & flower. ifrTf^l?^ m. [ ^m. 

COXCOMBKY, n. Y. FOPPI.^HNESS. ^'Vi^\^ /■ ^^?«fpft/ 




CoxcoMicAL, a. V. Foppish. apFPTRfl^, ?T??lT^rifr^. 

To Cot, v. n. affect reserve, ^r. gT^FiJt, ^TS n. HT^tff, 5^%^. 

pi. ^n^, sTiaiHiui^iii/. ]}i. qT^-?5Ror-^?:^. 

Cot, a.— a female. gT%^R, 5!% TR^Tft, ^5 ^T^, ^?5«f, 

COTLT, ade. T. A. rfiiH^^R, 5^% Hl<>s1. 

CoTKEss, «. Y. A. gr^r «!. ^r^?:! »». cTm/. ^?5j3Trrr/. 

:ro Cozen, >S:o. See To Deceive, &c. 

CE3.B, «. W^RT ■?«. or 5 n. %^Z n. f^if «. il^^ ?z. ^TH «. 
^?ft/. f=5T^rtt/. =^m^ m. 5?5TT OT. ^'4 m. ^^ ?«. ^- 

Claw of a c. 3T^^ i«. 
2 — the sign oancer. Jpp m. 
3 (T^ ^jH"?r55 3TTf . 
Ceabeed, a. morose, S{c. t. Ceoss. ^[f^cn^, f|T5rT, f^T^T!:, 

g^^, w^ or ^^, frR^T?:, f?r5q^, ^^ TfT^^^rr, ^. 

2 perplcxiitf/, hard, v. Difficult. ?^3rfT, ^^f^^ j^^ 

CeaBEEDLT, rtifo. T. h.. 1. ^I'^riM^IPf, frrW^^^TWl'^, &C. 

CBABiiED>T;ss, M. V. A. 1. ^rratTiTT m. ^TiIT ?». &e. ^F?:^ 

2 <H-M<'i^'JTT m. &c. 

Ceack, n. cliMc. fissure, cranny, clcjt, crevice. "fT/. ^f^ m. 
f. pop. '^\^f. ^t'^w. ^FT/. ^f. ^\%J. Ttrs o;- JfS^ToS/. 

Wi^f. ^ 7". "^jT^^^:/. 

Cracks and crannies, — comprcb. nooks, crecices, and 
corners. m^-^-\^ 
£ ( as of some vessel or thing ). =EftT/. "g^/- ^HT m. ^- 

3 sudden and sharp sound. r^J^f. <T5^ m. cTST^ m.^TT- 

AVith a e. =^-l^^-^-&c. =JIT^5, ?T^ or rrj^^-«R-&c. 
rf^rt^ & 2T — intens. ddM-i, rt-illi. 

4 sounding stroke. Hid+Ki to. -H'-+KI?k. -^-i+.ufl/ "^T^^/- 

With a c. cTT5 or iTr5-^^-^^-&c. 

5 See Lie. 

To Cback, v. n. hreaJc info cracks or cliinhs. ipTrSOT, 'TS^'Jf, 
3^, fT^cTS^t, intens. rlil^uj', imi^^, '^TT^'it, fT5^/. ^i^T 
i«. co«. 

2 open, split, part. SrSOT, ^^, cTS^^, n^in, dSl^ul, pR'Jf. 
To c. from intense dryness. ^^JfTot. 

3 hurst icith a sound, rt^^'rf or rliHi'Jt intens. rldliuT 

4 ma^e a /omc^ sound. JfTS'F^, intens. =|)4ii6t, ^iliu( or 

5 e??i!^ a cracked sound, — a rupee, &c. ^T^T'f'Ji. 
G — the voice. ( ToST ) 'f^, f^^^, fsRf^'JT. 

To Cback, v. a. v. To Beeak, To Split. "FT^jf, ^ijf. 

2 ( a whip, &c. ) make to sound loudly. +i+N<Ji', «IT3T^- 
^, rlSrlStfui, spirit) ui. [ ?IT. 

Ceack-eeained, a. cra^y, v. Mad. 4s'l'i,"^5y<, ^FT^SJJ- 
Ceacjled,^^. V, Y. IS". 1. ipT^^, rt4+.rfrfl, &c. 


2 5^^, 5^;^, 5^1 5^^i R'^^T, frJTW, remist. fr^? 

or Pr^T^?'. 

5— esp. of coins, 's^^'^zor srrajH:^, f^'TT, ^F^ft, "PRf^. 

C. and rubbed, &c. ^fT^ft^rft. 
6 ^^:ft. 

I. cvaxy, V. i\rAD. %f^, fq^r^W. 
Ceackee, n. ( of guu-powder ). ><)i|--tv4i or s^'-l*! "«. ( dim. 
■^ i l --t -;Jt or <?r?;:pfr/. ) 

Cluster of crackers closed up. ^t\f. 
C. that makes seven reports. ^TTfRlft tp^-^r ot. 
C. made of paper only. <f)4|*| «». qfrrST "P?^^ 77?. 
2 cracking ivhirligig. f%^"^ n. f^.?^ «• 
Ceackinglt, a<fo. 2t7';!A noise of cracking. ^.^Vl\ or ^JT^rsf , 
«h^l+i or ?T5T^^, ^P5¥5. 

2 Jns/I7y, sicimmingly, c^'c. HS^ or Hiq^T, s^S^ or tjS- 

To Crackle, v. «.— substances in the flame, -qd^-iuf, =^7^- 
?Tjf, "PT'PT'n", fTSrrsnf or JS^^ or IrtSfrT?^. — intens. =q- 

2— as stiff paper, cloth, &c. qTSTTgor, iHiiH^ui, ^F^^FiJr. 

3 i«r?i rapidly and cracMinjly.'m'm^ or H^^^ot intens. 

4 — substances under eating, &c. *S'+>sw, ^^'pSt, WVf-' 
Ceackleb,, n. Ceackling,^. a. v. V. 1. didilH, Jf^fffT, 

2 :R^?r, ^F?:^?r, =F^^ftfT, ft??Tit^, ^iTRT^jft^r. 

3 ^^fTTt^r, ^35T^^. 

4 fS^^, ^F5^P¥t?f, ^'FftfT, fT^F^, 5^5^^^, 
Ceackling, n. V. V. 1. — the sound emitted. *<5<i^ m, ?r5- 

3 qJS^ST^ w- '^S^ST^ '«• 
Ceacklinglt, adv. v. A^ 1. =^ZW. or ?;f, ^STT^T or 5T, ni^^jw. 
=sf7r^, =^RW, =^fTRT, ^^. 

2 "PITTS or 5f, intens. "PITTTS &c. wiSlsi, ?r5^3 or 5f 

3 5j^3T?: or :rt, ^f^. 

4 ^f5 or it. 

Ceadle, n. "TT^irr w. TR^ or qr?;^ H. ?nT?5 n. ^ 

C. suspended from a stand. vJl^Hioluir or qfl"no50TT«. 
Cord, bar, &c. supporting a c. JTRrft/. sfnfT/. 
From one's c. TTo5a5rrTrg;5, TTa'^ifT^^rTT^, ^55T- 

Leg of a c. 'Ttf/. 
Eope to swing a c. ^^^^[ m. fffj^r »«. 
2 — as for a broken bone, &c. ^v£\f. 
3 frame, led, ^'c. ^ft/. 
To Ceadle, v. a. 'TT55'^fT-&c. f^.3Tfq-ot. 
Ceaft, n. manual art., v. Aet. ^?5T or ^p^T /. Ht?? h. ^^T?: 
»»./. ^^sf n. 

2 artifice, guile, v. Clkxinq. ^FRTT «». ^FFTT ^T^ m. W.\- 
f^^T «. jfr: n. 

3 «//J>, ^'c. See Vessel. 
CEAriiLT. See Aetfullt. 

CRA 196 

Cbaft1>t:98. n. v. A. and Cunsinq. qiHT m. ^;^Z n. jprf^- 

5f n. 3[Trasr ». 
Cbaftsmas, «. V. Abtificeb. +iRjk <>»■ ■JiRPfK. »». Rtf^w. 
CBAFxr, o. Y. CcK>i.NQ. 4;|l(»)M, *H<^I<, ^F^, Kn#, ^, 

Cbag, n. protuherance of a rock. ^'c. i<im\ m. <M<'-|4 n. ?^?;- 
iTS n. f 3^ ?/». ?R H. 

A pcrpcndioular c. 3"TT^2^r m. 
2 fore end of the lack bone, JTpfffTT m. 

The c. or neck piece of mutton, fq^ or^t^f. 
The c. aud the rump. !<<=(-+.+ it/. 
Chagged, Ceaogt, o. t-li'-'Mi^l, ^^i^^tNt, j^^<Hrt . 
Sb Cbam, t'. a. overfill, v. To Stui-f. f%PFR a^^y. HTi^, ZX' 

2 /yJTe J«, <?r«'e ?«, v. To Stuff. f^TT^, ^T^or, gronj-, 
^^, =sff^, =^kTTiJf , 5^^ ^NrW, 5^, fpR^, f%r^- 
^, <il'H"il/.-&c. ^PTW. 

To Ceam, v. n. eat r/luttonously, v. To Gtluttonize. ?^?r- 

CKAimixe, «.— iu study, ^rsft rnnft ^T# w. sp?^^^ fmrft 

JpT'it «. 
Ceamp, «. spam. ^oT OT./. qt^ ff». SR^ w. ar^FS^^r/. R- 
2:^ m. q?^/. TfiTT ?». ^rs^FT ot. H?^ /. ^Trf »l. t). %. 
^I^ «. ». |rot, JRT^/. oj- eftToKIT/. ^jZ. «. ^S. 
C. from cold. JJiRis n. v. ^X. 

C. in the neck, back