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Full text of "A dictionary, English and Punjabee, outlines of grammar, also dialogues, English and Punjabee"

GIFT or 

■I /°m 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2008 with funding from 

IVIicrosoft Corporation 









3rd Regt. Sikh Local Infantry, 





s, /I, ruA^t^ 




^Ije flatoitna ^^glum, 









The system of Orthography adopted throughout 
this work, is exhibited below, and will, it is hoped, assist 
the reader in the pronunciation of each word. 

Powers of the Vowels. 
a pronounced as a in woman and adrift. 




tar, oar. 







bed, red. 




day, say. 




police, or ee in beer. 




fin, sin. 



bone, sown. 



book, took. 



wool, moor. 

OU , 


our, sour. 

u J 


sun, run. 

ue , 





first syllable of tyranny 













yoo , 













Powers of the Consonants. 

>as in English, 
has a soft sound, as in tube, and a harsh one, as in tongue. 

as in sm. 

as in judge. 

as in church. 

as h, forcibly expressed. 

has a soft sound, as in due, and a harsh one, a& in dull. 

as in zeal. 

as in river. 

as in shine. 

The Double Consonants 

bh, ph, th, d,h, chh, j h, kh, gi, are, says Shakespear on 
pronunciation, aspirated sensibly but closely expressed as one letter. The 
late Dr. Gilchrist gives the following examples in his ** Hindoostanee Phi- 
lology," a-bhor, a-d,here, u-p^hill, chur-ch,hill, nu-thook, mil-k house, 
do-g,house, or by contracting them thus, b,hor, d.here, t hook, ch^hill, 
k,hous, g^hous. 


kh a peculiar guttural sound, formed with a slight tremulous motion 
t)f the throat, like the Scottish gh, or the German ch. 

gh pronounced g, uttered in a peculiar manner deeply from the throat, 
much like the Northumberland r, or as the sound gha, gha, gha, formed 
in gargling. 

q as k, uttered with the root of the tongue pressed back on the throat, 
BO as to check the voice gently, and to occasion a clinking sound. 



Aback, pichhe, mugur, mugurlee wul. 
Abaft, pich hare, beree de pich hare. 

Towards the stern. 

Abaisance, mutha tekna, pvree pyna, nimush kar, futteh 

Abandon (to), ch hudna, ch hud dena, tyagna. 
Abandoned (wicked), uguree, goomanee. 
Abase (to), het h kurna, kungal bona. 

Humble. To be cast down. 

Abash (to), lujana, lujeeawan (abashed.) 
Abate (to), g hutna. 

Abbreviate (to), ch hota kurna, t hora kurna. 
Abdicate (to), guddee ch hudna. 

As a throne. 

Abdomen, t hed. 

The lower part of the belly. 

Abduce (to), kho lena, k hos lena. 

Draw away. 

Abed, munje oote, pulung oote. 

On the bed. 

Aberrance, goomanee, uguree, mujajee, hunkaree. 

Deviation. From mizajee. 

[hut h porutee poounee. 
Abet (to), humayut kurna, shy denee, suhayuta denee. 


Abhor (to), boora manna, koura kurna. 

Detest. Loathe. 


AJil ( 2 ) ABS 

Abide (to,) t hukaiia, t hik rehna. 

From ruhna. 

Abject, neech, kumeen. 


Ability, tagut, hinimut, foorsut, oodum. 

From taqut. 

Able, laeq, jog, wurga, sukna. 

To be able. 

Able-bodied, tiikraee, oodumee. 
Ablution, ushnan, nihouna, pinda dhona. 

To bathe. 

Soocbeta kuriia, or, punj uslinana. 

To wash hands, face, and feet. 

Aboard, beree oote, churh gya. 
Abode, t Ink bana, g bur. 
Abolish (to), huta dena, bund ho jana. 
Abominate (to), boora munna. 
Abortion, sutmah jumna, tooh janna. 

Of women Of animals. 

Abortive, kuwela, be mouqu, 2 k halee sukna. 

Unreasonable. Unsuccessful. 

Above, oote ootla, subst hon ootla. 

Above all. 

Above-cited, pichhla akhya gya, oote ak hya. 
Above-ground, b hoen, or jumeen oote. 
Above-mentioned, pjhla akjiya gya. 
Abound (to), wuda bona. 
About, oodare chufere. 

On all sides. [ghotna. 

Rub, grate. 

Abrade (to), k huradna, runda phirna, jund churhouna. 

Scrape off. 

Abreast, kol kol, lage lage moodo moodee, sungna. 

As men. As trees. As men, houses. As fields. 

Abroad, budes, purdes. 

Across seas. From own country. 

Abrupt, chanchuk. 

Abscess, p bora. 

Abscond (to), looqjana, chhip jana, ole hojana. 

Absence, ghyr hajiree. 

From hazir. 

Absolve (to), ruchya kurna, ch hima kurna. 
Absolute, kool, khood khoodan, 2 poora. 

Despotic. Complete. 

ABS ( 3 ) ACC 

Absorb (to), ruch jana, sokh jana. 
Abstain (to), bimdez kurna, baj jana. 

From purhez. From baz. 

Abstract (to), kud hna. 

Take out. 

Abstract, t hora keeta hoya. 


Abstruse, oukhur, mooshkil, kut bin. 

Absurd, baola, be wukoofee, kumla. 

Abundance, buda, buhoata. [ak hna. 

Abuse (to), galee dena, galee dinda, budjuban, mareegul. 

Giving abuse. From zuban. 

Abyss, toa, doongee. 

Academy, tunksal, museet, dhurm sala, uthaee. 

For Mussulmans, For Hindoos. 

Accede (to), mun lena, munjoor kurna. 

From munzoor. 

Accelerate (to), chetee leouna, shitabee kurnee. 
Accept (to), mun lena, munjoor rukhna. 
Accessory, sathee, sath wala, nal da. 
Accident, ufat, bula, oukhur. 

Accidentally, chanchuk nal. 

Acclivity, g hatee. [ootar dena. 

Accommodate (to), t hanw dena, jugeh denee, wussa dena. 

With room. 

Accompany (to), sung jana, nal jana. 
Accomplice, sanj hee, seerhee. 
Accomplish (to), kum kur lena, sour jana. 
Accomptant, husabee, lekharee, likhe baj. 
Accord, khooshee nal, chah nal. 
Accord (to), rulee hooee, eko jihee. 


According, jeha. 
Accordingly, oho jeha, os a hee. 
Accost (to), pooch lena. 
Account, dee leee, ise kurke. 

Sake of. Because. 

Accounts, husab, lekha. 

From hisab. * [hooee. 

Accoutre (to), kumur bunna, (accoutred) kumur kusee 
Accoutrements, keel kunda (from kanta), uleemu. 
Accrue (to),labh bona, nufu bona, pydaish bona, amdunee. 

Profit, as in grain. As wealth. As from a single grain sown. 

ACC ( 4 ) ADI 

Accumulate (to), ukut hee ho janee, buhoot ho janee. 

Accuracy, t heek bu t heek. 

Accurse (to), sraf dena, d hurna dena. 

Accuse (to), furyad lounee, toohmut or ooj h lounee. 

To slander. 

Accustom (to), ban kurnee, wadee kurnee. 

Acerb, kouree, kuselee, koruiigee. 

Ache, dook h, peer, durd, hook, sool, veela or beela. 


Achieve (to), kum kar lena, sour jana, sourna. 
Acid, kouree, kuselee, buk bukee, p hikee. 

Very acid. Less acid. 

Acknowledge (to), munjoor kurna. 

From munzoor. 

Acquaint (to), khubur denee, dus dena, ak hna. 
Acquaintance, seeanoon, mitr, jan peshan. 

Friend. From puchan. 

Acquainted, my brum, muloom, (from maloom.) 

Acquiesce (to), mun lena. 

Acquire (to), milna, lub hna, hu th aona. 

Acquit (to), soorook h roo bona. 

Acrid, tuttee. 

Across, par tapoo, punjala. 

Act (to), kum kurna. 

Active, tukra. 

Actually, sue hee. 

Acute, chutra, chutraee, 2 khurra, ouk hur. 

In understanding. As pain. 

Adage, urt h, gyan. 
Adamant, heera. 
Adapt (to), t heek bunouna. 
Add (to), gund lena, jor denee. 

As one piece of string to another. 

Addict (to), wadee, pynee. 

Addition, wada, vudeek. 

Addle (to), gulya hoya, surya hoya. 

Address (to), pooch hna 

Adduce (to), ak hna, dusna. 

Adept, tukra, kamil. 

Adequate, joga. 

Adhere (to), nal luga ruhna> mood ruhna, 

Adieu, widya, tor dena. 

To bid adieu. 

ADJ ( 5 ) ADU 

Adjacent, kol, pas, mood, moodo, moodee, kol kol. 
Adjoin (to), pas o pas bona. 
Adjourn (to), naghu hona, suwere phir bona. 
Adjudge (to), fysula kurna. 

Adjure (to), saon k hanee, soogund kurne, kusum k hanee. 

[suboot kurna. 
Adjust (to), dooroost kurna, tbeek kurna, sabut or 
Adjutor, bath porutee, subayuta, beela kuroune wala. 
Administer (to), dena, raj kaj kurna. 

To rule a kingdom. 

Admiration, ucbumba, ucburuj, bukra pukra ulokar. 

Astonishment. Wonderfully. Aghast in astonishment. 

Admire (to), ucburuj kurna. 

Admissible, munun laeq. 

Admit (to), lungun dena, boobe t hannee. 

Admonisb (to), sumj ba dena, nuseebut dena. 

Admonition, nuseebut, mut. 

Adolescence, g hubroo, juwanee vicb. 

Adopt (to), pusund kurna, 2 paluk ruk hna. 

As a child. 

Adore (to), mununa, pooja kurna. 

Adorn (to), singar dena, sujar dena, suwarna. 

Adown, bet b, jumeendee wul. 

Towards the ground. fdena. 

Adrift, beree bub janee, burjanee, roor janee, 2 kudh 

As a boat. As a son to turn adrift. 

Adroit, cb bola, cbulak. 

Adry, t byaya, pyasa. 

Advance (to), budbouna, bud hna. 

Advantage, lab b, khutya. 

Advantageous, lub hda. 

Adventure, oukbur. 

Adversary, vyree, doosbmun, sutroo. 

Adverse, buran, khurab, mundee, vuran. 

Adversity, tungaee but h bundee. 

Advice, sulabee, mut. 

Advisable, jog, laeq chungee. 

Advise (to), sulah denee, mut denee. 

Adulation, lufafu, p hour, gbupee. 

Adult, juwan, g hubroo. 

Adulterate (to), rula dena, ruledar. 


ADU ( 6 ) AFT 

Adultery, jina, sung kurna. 

Zina, to comit adultery. 

Aerial, huwa de, wao dee. 

Afar, door. 

Afeard, durya hoya. 

Affability, adur, huleem, ruseel, uhsan. 

Affair, kum, kar, kirt, arut h. 

Affection, heto sunasa, suneo pyar. 

Affiance, wussa, b hurosa. 

Hope, trust. 

Affiance (to), sak kurna, nata kurna, kurmaee kurna. 

Affidavit, saon, soogund, nem kurke. 
Affianced, sak hoya, mungya hoya. 


Affinity, sak bundee b haee charu. 

Affirm (to), dusna, ak hna. 

Affix (to), lugouna, laona, suheh kurna, duskliut kurne. 

Signature, [lun wund, tale wund. 
Affluent, d hunwunt, d hunwunda, mal wala, shaoka, dou- 
Afford (to), dena, suhayut dena. 


Affray, roula, bulla, hukama, j hugra, j hanj ha. 

Affright (to), durouna, kumbouna. 

Affront, put khurab. 

Affront (to), put khurab kurna, beijjutee kurnee. 

Affuse (to), ooludna. 

Or pour one thing into another. 

Afield, pyree vich, k het vich. 

Aflat, mjdan, rour, rurar. 

Afloat, rooree janda, buhee janda, huree janda. 

Afoot, pydul, pyr pyadu. 

Afore, uge, suween, samhne, ugulee dinee. 

Afore time. 

Afore-going, uge ak,hya gya. 
Afore-named, uge likhya gya. 
Afore-time, ugulee dinee. 
Afraid, durya hoya, dilyah hoya. 
Afresh, nuwa, taju, sujra. 
Afront, suween, samhne, rooburoo. 
Aft, pich he, pichhle, mugur. 
After, pich he, miigur. 

AFT ( 7 ) AIL 

After-ages, gundee dinee, ugaree dee dinee. 

After-all, tanbee, ujebee. 

Afternoon, loude vele. 

Afterwards, pich^he, mugron. 

Again, p hir, moorke. 

Against, mune, de nal lugna. 

Contrary (to orders.) Contact. 

Aghast, trek hya hoya, tubkya hoya. 
Age, oomr, joog. 

Space of time. 

Aged, wudee oomr, buhoot oomr. 

Agency, wukeel giree. 

Agent, wukeel. 

Aggrandize (to), ijjut bud houna, wada bona. 

Aggravate (to), churhouna, gtoosa cliurhouna. 

Aggravation, chher. 

Aggregate (to), ukutha kurna. 

Aggregation, kool, kut ha, keeta hoya, bol. 

Of grain. 

Aggress (to), pyhle ch herna. 

Aggressor, pyhle or ugon olee eh herun wala. 

Aggrievanee, nalish, furyad. 

Aggrieve (to), sutouna, bearam kurna. 

Agility, chulakee, ch holee. 

Agitate (to), hilouna, kumbouna. 

To shake. 
Agoing, chulda, janda. 
Agonize (to), buhoot dook hee bona. 
Agood, suchee, suchee michee. 
Agree (to), rajee bona. 

As to a bargain. 

Agreeable, pusund. 

Agreed, rajee, bajee, hogye. [kawa, ujara. 

Agreement, kurarwa, hala, mamulu, tinee, mulba, choo- 

Agriculture, wahee, k hetee, kursanee. 

Agriculturist, halee, hurwaee. 

Ague, kumbunee ounce, kampa, dhor, d hooree. 

Ahead, uge. 

Aheight, oocha, oote. 

Aid (to), humayut dena, suhayuta denee. 

Aid-de-camp, moosahib. 

Ailment, rog, beemaree, dook h, beramee. 

AIL ( 8 ) ALL 

Ailing, rogee, beemaree dookhee. 

Aim (to), sist bununee, sist lenee, sed dhurnee. 

Air, huwa, pawun, wao. 

Air-hole, baree, moree, jurok ha, takee. 

Small. Large. Small. Large. 

Airing, pawun lenee. 

Airless, bina wao. 

Akin, sak. 

Alacrity, chetee, kalee, shitabee. 

Alarm (to), durouna. 

Alas, hae hae. 

Albeit, pur. 

Alert, tukra, tukra ruhna. 

To be circumspect, on the alert. 

Alias, hor. 

Alien, purdesee. 

Alight (to), ooturna. 

Alike, ek o je, ek se hee. 

Aliment, rijuk. 

Alive, jeenda. 

All, subna. 

Allay (to), teh hutouna, tras hutouna. 


Allege (to), ak hna, dusna. 

Allegiance, tabe geeree. 

Alleviate (to), dook h hutouna, suhayuta denee. 


Alley, gulee, veehee. 

Alliance, nata, sak. 

Alligator, mug, boollun, usral. 

Allot (to), wundunna. 

Allow (to), hookm dena, aoun dena. 

Allowable, munu naheen, munjoor. 

Allowance, rojeenu, hissa. 


Alloy, ruledar, missa, do naja, sut naja. 
Allure (to), t hugouna, g hoosouna. 
Allusion, synut, jikr, jahir. 

Zikr. Zahur. 

Ally (to), sak kurna, kurmaee kurna, nata kurna. 

By marriage contract. 

Ally, humayut kurna wala, suhayut dene wala. 

ALM ( 9 ) AMB 

Almanac, putree. 

Almighty, b hugwan, purmesur, naruiika. 

Almond, badam. 

Almoner, toshu k,han}ia, ganeut. 

Almost, t hora ruh gya. 

Alms, poon. 

Alms-deed, poon dee, buksees. 


Alms-giver, poon kurun wala, poon atmee. 

Aloes, jeeree, kalee jeeree. 

Aloft, oote, oocha. 

Alone, ukula, kuUa, 

Along, nal. 

Aloof, ukula, udh. 

Aloud, oochee awaj, wudee awaj. 

Ooncliee. Awaz. 

Alphabet, pyntee, pyntee purda, moharnee. 

Learning the Alphabet. 

Already, hoonhe, ise vele. 
Also, bee. 
Altar, us tan. 

Alter (to), uch ha kurna, wuttee kurnee. 
Altercate (to), jhugurna, roula kurna. 
Alternately, varee varee, waro varee. 
Although, jet ha, pur, b hule je. 
Altogether, ukut,ha, guUa, bol kool. 

Collected as rupees. Heap. Heap entire. 

Alum^ p hutkurree. 


Always, humeshu, nit h. 

Am, hoon, han. 

Amability, huleemee, ruseelee. 

Amalgamate, rulouna, ruledar. 

Amanuensis, hurdasee. 

Amassment, d heree, guUa, bol. 

Amass (to), ukut ha kurna. 

Amaze (to), tubkunna, tulomuche bona, uchuruj bona. 

Ambassador, elchee, mushar. 

Ambiguity, jun b hurm. 

Ambition, housilu, chah. 

Amble (to), rouhal chal, goot jana. 

AMB ( 10 ) ANG 

Ambuscade, shou, shou byt ha. 
Amenable, joomu mooklitiar. 


Amend (to), sour jana. ^ 

Amends, wuta dena. 

To mate amends. 

Amiable, huleem, ruseel. 

Amicable, dyawan. 

Amidst, vich. 

Amiss, mara, buran, nalaeq, khurab, vuran, 

Amity, heto. 

Ammunition, jungee usbab. 

Amnesty, ch hima, 

Amongst, nal. 

Amorous, ashuqee. 

From ashiq. 

Amount (to), ukut ha kurna, jor kurna, 
Amount, kool, jumu. 
Ample, buhoota. 
Amplify (to), budhouna. 
Amputate, wud sitna. 
Amulet, tuga, tuweet. 


Amuse (to), vurouna, purchouna. 

Amusement, vurounee leee, purchoune waste. 

Analogical, vurga ek o jiha, oho jihee. 

Anarchy, be umulee. 

Anathema, sraf, d hurna. 

Ancestor, bab dada, wudeean. 

Anchor (to), lolungur sootna. 

Anchorite, bunbasee. 

Ancient, poorana, pooratumee, moodamee. 

Ancients, moodamee lok. 

And, hor. » 

Anecdote, kuhanee. 

Anew, moodon, nuwa. 

Angel, firishta. 

Anger, g hoossa, kr5d h, hurukh. 

Angle (to), much hee p hurna. 

Angler, muchhee phurne wala. 

ANG ( 11 ) ANT 

Angry, g hoossa, krod hwan, huruk hwan. 

Anguish, sogman, dookh. 

Animadversion, tokya, dutkya. 

Animal, junour^ pussoo, dhor, dungur, d handa. 


Animate (to), chetee kurna, shitabee kurnee. 

To stir up, quicken. 

Animation, JEn, sas, dum. 

From sans. 

Animosity, byree, vyree> dooshmunee> udawut, killush. 

Ankle, gitta. 

Annex (to), milana, ukut ha kurna. 

Annihilate, jur guwounee, guwa dena. 

Anniversary, wurre dinan da din. 

Announce (to), khubur kurna, ak h dena. 

Annoy (to), beram kurna, dookh dena, suntouna. 

Annual, wurre wurre, hur wurre, sal bu sal. 

Annuity, surnawur. 

Annul (to), sukna or klialee kurna, ch hud dena. 

Annumerate, jorna, ukut ha kurna. 

Annunciate (to), khubur kurnee. 

Anoint (to), tel lugouna, tel mulna, t hundyaee lounee. 

Anomalous, be mouqu, be mooqurrur. 

Anon, chetee nal, hoone, ues e vele. 

Anonymous, be nawee. 

Another, hor, doojee. 

Answer (to), ootur dena, kum da bona. 

Give answer. To suit. 

Ant, keeree. 

Antagonist, vyree, dooshmun, dok hee, 
Antecede (to), ugan jana. 
Antecedent, moodon, uge. 
Antelope, burn, mirgo. 


Ante-meridian, shah vela, louda vela. 


Anterior, ugan, uge. 

Antics, chynchul, bandur, bun chur ludda. 

Antidote, garroo trunjunee, manduree. 

Against poisonous snakes. Against poison in general. 

Antipathy, sutraee, vyree. 
Antique, moodam, kudeem, poorana. 

ANT ( 12 ) APP 

Antiquity, moodamee, kudeemee. 
Antler, sing h. 

Of a stag. 

Anvil, uhrun. 

Anxiety, chinta, fiqr, chitwunee. 

Anxious, fiqraee, chintaee. 

Any, kooj,h. 

Apace, chetee nal, shitabee. 

Apart, udh, buk, utung, mokula. 

Apartment, kotree. 

Apathy, mustana, ukhyalee. 

Ape, nul, neel, lungooi*. 

Ape (to), sang laoria. 

Aperient, joolab, doslianda. 

Apiary, makheeD, muk,hyal, ch,hulee. 

Apiece, eko eko. 

Apologize (to), minta kurna. 

Appal (to), durouna, b hydena. 

Apparatus, sooroojam, huqeequt. 

Apparel, leera, kupra, poshak. 

Apparition, b hootna, pret, jins. 

Ajipeal (to), sut,hmunnee, puchayut mitnee. 

From punchayut. 

Appear (to), disna, nujur pynee. 

From nuzur. 

Appearance, soorut, kisturandee. 

Appease (to), muna dena, t hunda kurna. 

Append (to), lugouna. 

Appertain (to), verwa ruk,hna, illaqu ruk hna. 

Appetite, b hook h. 

Applaud (to), sulouna. 

Applause, sulounee. 

Applicable, vurga, laeq, joga. 

Application, meenut, art,hee. 

From mihnut, close study. 

Apply (to), meenut kurna, 2 pooch h lena. 

To labour. To ask. 

Appoint (to), t huhra lena. 
Appointment, hoodu. 

From oohdu. 

Apposite, chungee, laeq, joga. 
Appraise (to), ungna. 

APP ( 13 ) ARR 

Apprehend (to), p hurna, 2 muloom kurna. 

To seize. To understand. 

Apprehension, wuswas. 

Apprentice, shagird, chela. 
Apprize (to\ khubur kurnee. 
Approach, kol, mood, pas. 
Approbation, pusund, sulaya. 
Appropriate (to), upna kurna. 
Apt, chutra, kamil. 
Arable, vugar, sur. 

Fit for tillage. 

Arbitrate (to), puchayut kurnee, moonsubee kurnee. 

From moonsifee. 

Arbitrator, moonsubdar. 

Arched, j haredar. 

Archery, teerundajee. 

Architect, raj geer. 

Archives, duftur k hanu. 

Ardour, trik ha. 

Argue (to), b hysna, kurbna, koorbunna, jid hna. 

From buhsna. 

Arid, sookliee hooee. 

Aright, t heek. 

Arise (to), oot hna, churhna. 

As the sun. 

Arm, banh, boja. 

Armed, shustru budhe hooe or laye hooe. 


Armlet, burwutta, bajoo bund. 

Worn by men. Worn by women. 

Armour, sunj ho choor, anawa. 

Made of rings. Made of steel. 

Armorer, sunjhagur. 
Armory, sile k hanu. 

Silah. ' 

Arm-pit, kuch h, bug hul. 

Arms, hutyar, shustru. 

Army, fouj, dul. 

Around, oodare, chufere. 

Arouse (to), oot halna, jugana. 

Arraign (to), daeea kurna, dawa ruk hna. 

Arrange (to), joo'gut kurnee, suwarna. 

ArR ( 14 ) ASS 

Arrant, buhoot mara, mundee, vuran, khurab. 
Array (to), pura bununna, saj hna, suwarna. 


Arrears, pich hulee, puchetree. 

Arrest, phurya jana, qyd kurna. 

Arrive (to), upur pyna, ponch or pooj h pyna. 

Arrogance, shekhee, gumrooree, mujajee. 

Arrogate (to), bena, huqq lena. 

Arrow, teer, ban, san. 

Arsenal, sile k hanu, silsila. 

Silah. ' 

Arsenic, sunk heea, hurtal. 

Art, hikmut, hoonur. 

Artful, furebee, ch huleea, chilitturee. 

Articulate (to), bolna, koona. 

Artifice, ch^bul, dug ha. 

Artificer, kareegur, hut h soochu. 

Artillery, top k hanu. 

Artist, oostad. 

Artless, b hola, sid ha, bech hula; 

From seedha. 

As, jeha, jysa. 

Asafoetida, moosh^kunee, hing. 

Ascend (to), churhna. 

Ascertain (to), muloom kurna, janunna. 

Ascetic, tupusee, uteet. 

Ascribe (to), lag bajee kurna. 

Ashamed, lujeeawan, shurmindu. 

Ashes, rakh, soha, 2 b husm. 

Of wood. Of a body. 

Ashore, kunda bunna, bunera. 

Aside, ud h, buk, wuk. 

Ask (to), pooch hna, mungunna. 

Aslant, trich ha, ted ha, vinga. 

Asleep, soota hoya. 

Aslope, d haloo, lupetawa. 

Aspect, soorut, shuk hi. 

Asperity, kururaee. 

Asperse (to), ooj hlugana, toohmut denee. 

Aspirant, asa wunt, oomedwar. 

Aspire (to), asa kurnee, oomed rukhnee. 

Ass, Idiotah. 

ASS . ( 15 ) ATH 

Assail (to), bulla kurna. 
Assailant, hiilla kurne wala. 
Assassin, katilee. 
Assault, bulla. 
Assay (to)^ purkunna. 

From piirukhna. 

Assayer, park bq. 
Assemble (to), ukut ba kurna. 
Assembly, soob ba. 
Assent (to), mun lena. 
Assert (to), ak hna dusna. 
Assess (to), cb hooka kurna. 
Assets, kool jumu. 
Assiduity, meenut, art bee. 

From mihnut. Close application. 

Assign (to), t burouna dena. 

Assimilate, ek sura kurna, ode jiba or vurga kurna. 
Assist (to), but b purotee, paona, bumrab kurna. 
Associate (to), sob^but ruk bnee, roogbut ras kurnee. 


Assort (to), t banw t baeen kurna. 
Assuage (to), g hut kurna. 
Assume (to), lena. 
Assurance^ wusa. 


Assure (to), jukeen kurouna. 

From yykeen. 

Astern, beree de pich be, mugron, picb be picb be. 

Asthma, qbyee, k hung. 

Astonish (to), uchuruj kurna. 

Astray, opura. 

Astride, g hor pulakee. 

Astringent, qubzee. 

Astrologer, jotik hee, jotusee, nujoomee. 

Astrology, ilm jotusee, jotik hee. 

Asunder, udo ud bee, buk. 

Asylum, d bum jugeh, suda hurt, hurt punab. 

At, pur, oote. 

At home, g bur vich, g bur undur. 

At ease, sook h nal. 

Athirst, trik ha wunt, tibaya, pyasa. 

Athletic, tukra, oodumee. 

ATH ( 16 ) AUD 

Athwart, g hor pulakee. 

Atmosphere, wao, huvva, paon. 

Atom, ruttee. 

Atone (to), munouna. 

Atop, oote. 

Atrocious, khurab, vuran munda. 

Attach (to), louono. 

Attachment, heto, pyar, sundesa. 

Attack (to), hulla kurna, roula paona. 

Attain (to), milunna, paona, lub hna, hutjiaona. 

From milna. 

Attaint, vigura h5ya, vichlya hoya. 
Attempt (to), jachna, puruk hna. 
Attend (to), hajir ruhna, kol ruhna. 

From hazir. 

Attendant, nal ruhnewala, kol ruhnewala. 

Attention, khyal, d hyan, yad . 

Attentive, khyalee, soochet. 

Attenuate, (to), putla kurna, nurm kurna, mara kurna. 

Make thin. 

Attest (to), oogah dena, oogah kud hna. 

To call for evidence. 

Attested, oogahee. 
Attire, (to), paona. 

Put on clothes. 

Attire, poshak, leera. 

Attitude, turan, d hub. 

Attract (to), ukutba kurna. 

Attribute, (to), lugouna. 

Attune (to), soor kurna, ek sura kurna. 

Atween, vich. 

Avail (to), faedu hona. 

To profit. 

Avant-guard, ugaree guard, ugaree jillu. 

Avarice, lob h. 

Avaricious, lob hee, lub hee. 

Avast, bus bus, anund. 

Avaunt, pure ho, hut jao. 

Auction, bech dena. 

To sell. 

Audacious, bedhuruk, bedur, nirbhou. 
Audible, awaj soonnee. 

From awaz. 

AUD ( 17 ) AWE 

Audience, soonya, soonne wala. 
Auditor, husabdar husabee. 
Avenge, wutta lena, budla lena. 
Avenue, rookhandee qutar, pal dee pal. 
Average, uruj. 
Averse, pusund nuheen. 
Aversion, koura. 
Avert, (to), talna. 
Auger, vurma. 

Fi-om burma. 

Augment (to), bud houna, wud houna. 
Augur, sugon. 
Augury, sugma. 
August, buhaduron. 

Name of month, from Bhadon. 

Aviary, chiree k hanu, alna. 

From chirija. 

Aunt, massee, bhooa, p hoop hee. 

Maternal. Paternal. 

Avocation, kum, rojgar. 

Avoid (to), buchouna. 

Avouch (to), ak hna, dusna, bolna. 

Avow (to), akhria, dusna. 

Auspice, sugon, pritap, kripa, dya. 

Omen. Favor. 

Auspicious, soob hlugun. 


Austere, kururra. 
Authentic, t heek, such. 
Author, bunouun wala. 

From bunane. 

Authority, hookm, hukoomut. 

Authorize (to), hookm dena. 

Autumn, kurburura. 

Auxiliary, suha, ijutdar, mududdar. 

Await (to), oodeekna. 

Awake, jagda. 

Awaken (to), jaga pyna. 

Award (to), thurouna, thura dena. 

Aware, soochet. 

Aware (to be), soochet h5na. 

Away, door pure, pre de. 

Awe, b hy, houl, dur. 

AWF ( 18 ) BAD 

Awful, houl nal, b hy nal. 
Awhile, jurra, t hore urse nal. 
Awkward, unaree, opudree. 
Awl, ar vainee. 

A cobbler's. 

Awning, chanunee, chaye wan. 

Awoke, jugaya hoy a. 

Awork, kum kurda hue. 

Awry, ted ha, vynga, vyng turinga. 

Axe, kooharee, takooa, kohara. 

From koolharee. A small axe. 

Axiom, urt h. 
Axis, mujeroo. 
Axle, d hoora. 

From dhooree. 

Aye, hanjee. 

Azure, usmanee, kuch neela. 

From asmanee. 


Babble (to), bookwa kurna. 

Babbler, bukkar kurnewala, burbola budfylee. 

Babe, ningur, eeana, booja. 

When under one month. Of six months and upwards. 

Baboon, lungoor, nul, neel. 

Babyhood, balukpoona, eeanpoona. 

Bachelor, koara. 

Back, pit h, mugur. 

Back (to), 1 mor dena, 2 mor lena, 3 churhna. 

To give back. To take back. As on a horse. 

Backbite (to), dooshtee, nindeea kurnee, bud k hoee kurna. 
Backbiter, doosht, nindook, budk ho. 
Backbone, kumror, sungobee. 
Backdoor, mugurle durwaju. 

From durwaza. 

Backpiece, sunjo, churanee, pith gosh. 

Chain armour. Iron armour. 

Backslide (to), gooman kurna, mugrooree, mujajee. 
Backwards (to go), upota chulna, oolta jana. 

To walk backwards. 

Bad, mara, vuran, munda, khotah. 
Badge, nishan, cheen. 

BAD ( 19 ) BAN 

Badger, beejoo. 

Baffle (to), t.hugouna, ghoosouna, ook,houna. 

Bag, thyla, gootula. 

Baggage, wulewa, cheezbust, nek sook. 

Or bulewa. 

Bail, jamunee, joommu. 

From zamiii. 

Bailiff, kardar, t hanedar, tuhseeldar. 

Bait, chog, moola, phyee. 

Of meat. Of any bird or beast — to catch another. 

Bake, pukouna, rotee kurnee. 

To bake bread. 

Bakehouse, tundoor, lungur khanu. 

Baker, lungree. 

Balance, tukree, tukreea, kunda, kunta, tuk. 

To weigh Grain. Sweetmeats. Gold, &c. Pearls, <fec. Wood, <kc. 

Balcony, sufeel, furus, t hura. 

Before houses. Before shops. 

Bald, roda, phoda. 

As the head from which the hair has fallen. 

Bale, bora. 

As of cotton. 
Baleful, nooshqanee janee, 2 s5gwan, humsosee. 

From nooqsan. Sorrowful. 

Balk (to), g.hoosouna, ook houna, thugouna. 
Ball, khoodo. k.henoo. 

For boys to play with. For girls to play with. 

Bamboo, wunj, vans. 

A thick one. A thin one. 

Bamboozle (to), thugouna, ghoosouna, ook houna. 
Band, puttee. 
Bandage, putta, loopree. 
Bandy (to), bysna. 

From buhusna. 

Bandy-legged, thibba, khochula. 

Knock-kneed. Bandy-legged or bow-legged. 

Bane, nooshqan jan. [kurna. 

From nooqsan. ing a great noise. 

Bang (to), dhurka kurna, thah thah kurna, t,huk thuk 

Bhununna, as a door. As a stick against any thing creat- 

Banish (to), des nikala dena kud hna. 

Bank, kunda, bunna, bunera. 

Banker, surraf, shaokar. 

Bankrupt, duwalya, dendar, thoorya hoya. 

BAN ( 20 ) BAS 

Banner, nishan, j hundee. 

Banquet, jug udumbur. 

Banter (to), mushkuree kurna, thu tha buk hera kurna. 

Bar, wullee, gooj. 

From bullee. 

Barbarian, jangulee. 

From jungulee. 

Barbarity, be durd, be ruhm. 
Barbed, koondee, tangha, khoondee. 
Barber, naee. 
Bard, b,hat, rJih. 
Bare, nunga, 2 lunda. 

As a tree without leaves. 

Barebone, khalee hud. 

Barefaced, behva, naluj, beshurm. 

Barefoot, nunge pvr. 

Bareheaded, nunge sir. 

Barely, nirapoora. 

Bareness, nungaee. 

Bargain, buhoot susta, lub h. 

Bargain (to), t hurouna, chookounna, uchjia lub hna. 

Barge, beree, bera. 

Bargeman, me, mullah. 

Bark, chil, rung, bukol, 2 beree. 

Of trees. Boat. 

Bark-bared, chilya hoya. 
Bark (to), bhounkna. 

As a dog. 

Barley, villayutte jou. 
Barleycorn, jou da danu. 
Barnacles, uenuk. 
Barrel, nalee, 2 dhol. 

Of a gun. Tub. 

Barrel-bellied, gogur. 

Barren, nu phul, oojar, oujur, kunj, beuns, sund. 

As trees. As land. As woman. As animals. 

Barricade (to), bund kurna, qillu bundee. 
Bar-shot, lunj, kamp. 

Bar-shot. Chain-shot. 

Barter, wutto, sutta. 
Base, pajee, kumeena. 
Base, nee, moonyad. 

From neo. From boonyad. 

BAS ( 21 ) BE A 

Base-born, syur, huramda. 
Baseness, kumeenee, kimgalee. 
Bashful, shurmindugee, lujyawan. 
Basis, moonyadee. 


Bask (to), oseea byt hna 

Basket, tokree. 

Bastard, syur, huramda. 

Bastinade (to), tulee kootna. 

Bastion, boorj. 

Batch, numoonu, wunegee, wunee. 

Bate (to), ghutouna. 

Bath, hummam. 

Bathe (to), nihouna. 

Batoon, boog. 

Battalion, purtul. 

Batter, (to), dhouna. 

Battering-ram, moongulee, gooruj, sundew a para. 

Battery, morchu, murura. 

Large. Small battery. 

Battle, luraee. 

Battle-array, luraee sajunee. 

Battle-axe, tubur gundasa. 

Bawble, khilouna, bazee. 

Bawd, p hupe, kootnee. 

Bawdy, na lujee. 

Bawdy-house, phupe kootnee kothee, goonda kot hee. 

Bawl (to), kookna, bang denee. 

Bay, koomyt. 

As colour of a horse. 

Bayonet, sukeen. 

From sungeen. 

Be (to), bona. 

Beach, kunda, bunna, bunera. 

Beacon, moolla. 

Beads, danu, munka. 

Beak, choonj, nok. 

From choonch. 

Beam, suteea, 2 kirna. 

From shuteer, of wood. Of sun. 

Bear (to), le chulunna. 
Bear (a), rich h. 
Beard, daree. 

BEA ( 22 ) BEG 

Beardless, khoda un darya, dungur, djiandur, dhuga. 

Beast, junour, pussoo, dhor. 

Beat (to), raarna, kootna, sootna. 

Beatify, rajee kurna, kliooshee kurna, anund kurna. 

Beating, koot, mar, soot. 

Beautiful, sujdee, sonee, soodur. 

Beauty, chungee, soorut, sonee soorut, soonduree. 

Becalm, munouna, munna lena. 

To appease. 

Because, ise kurke, iwe kurke. 

Bechance, otne vich, chanchuk nal. 

Beck, synut. 

Become (to), hona. 

Becoming, sonee, sujdee, laeq. 

Bed, munje. 

Bedash (to), chikor lugna. 

Bedawb (to), lipunna, limbna. 

Bed-chamber, soundee kot hree. 

Bed-clothes, tolaee, nihalee or lef dolaee, rujaee, cheja. 

Lower. Upper clothes. 

Bedding, bistra, suthur. 
Bedeck, suwarna, bunouna. 
Bedew (to), num denee, wut denee. 

To wet. 

Bed-fellow, bistree da sanj hee. 

Bedizen, hor singar laona. 

Bedim, undhera kurna. 

Bed-ridden, tooteeam. 

Bedstead, pulung, munja. 

Bed-time, sounda vela. 

Bee, mukhee, doomna. 

Bee-hive, mukheeal, mak heeo 

Befal (to), apyna. 

Befit (to), laeq hona, phubna, sujna. 

Befool (to), kumla nao ruk hna. 

Before, mood pyhla. 

Beforehand, mood ugehee. 

Before-time, ugle din, uglean dinan. 

Befoul (to), myla kurna. 

Befriend (to), dya kurna, richya ruk hna. 

Befringe, j halur, sunjaf, kunaree. 

Beg (to), mungunna. 

^ BEG ( 23 ) BEL 

Beget (to), joomaima, pyda kurna. 

Beggar, mungta. 

Beggarly, buhoot kungal. 

Begin (to), mood bununna, sliona, arumb h. 

Beginner, boon, moodon luga. 

Beginning, mood. 

Begird (to), kumar kusa kurna. 

Begone, pure ho 

Begrime (to), mit bee vich rol jana. 

Beguile (to), t hugouna. 

Begun, mood budda. 

Behalf, waste, deeleee. 

Behave (to), wuhar kurna. 

Behaviour, chal ryhut. 

Behead, sir wudna. 

Behest, hookm. 


Behind, pich he„ mugur. 

Behind-hand, pich hon. 

Behold (to), vek,hna. 

Beholden, uhsanwund, hut haroo. 

Behoof, lub h tumma. 

Behove (to), chahiye. 

Being, surisht. 

Belabor, kootna, marna, sootna. 

Belay (to), shou byt hna. 

Belch, dukar, hubas. 

Beleague (to), bulla kurna. 

Belie (to), b hurm kurna, ooj h toohmut lugouna. 

Speak falsely. 

Belief, ueteebar, b,hurosa, wusah. 
Believe (to), wusah kurna, ueteebar. 
Bell, jung, tull, tulle. 

On elephants' necks. On buffaloes' necks. 

Belligerent, luraee da kum luga. 
Bellow (to), urouna. 
Bellows, k hul, d hounee. 
Belly, t bed. 
Belly-ache, t bed peer. 
Belly-ful, t bed b hur. 
Belong (to), fulane de lugna. 
Beloved, peeara, hitkaree. 

BEL ( 24 ) BES 

Below, het h. 

Belt, petee. 

Bemire, myla hona, chekor lugna, libur jana. 

Bemoan (to), humsos kunia, sog kurna» 

Bench, tukhtposh. 

Bend (to), neona, jookna. 

Beneath, het h. 

Benediction, usees. - 

Benefaction, uhsan. 

Benefactor, uhsan kurun wala, pposht kurun wala. 

Beneficence, dyawunt, ditta. 

Benefit, nufu, laha. 

Benevolence, huleemee, ruseelee, nurmaee. 

Benighted, kuwela ho jana, be wuqt ho jana. 

Benign, dyawunt, huleel, ruseel. 

Benignity, huleemee, ruseelee. 

Bent, ted^ha, vinga, trich ha. 

Benumb (to), sunounna, hut h t hur jana. 

Tlie hands to become benumbed. 

Bequeath (to), dusmurna. 
Bequest, demurna. 
Bereave (to), lelena. 
Berob (to), lootunna. 

From lootna. 

Berry, syurp hul. 

Wild berry. 

Beseech (to), minnut kurnee. 

Beseem (to), sujna. 

Beset (to), gher lena, wul lena. 

Beshrew (to), d hurna, sraf dena. 

Beside, sugon, suwaee. 

Besiege (to), bulla kurna. 

Besmear (to), limbna, pochna, lipna. 

Besmoke (to), dhoonal, sookhouna. 

Besot (to), umulee kurna. 

Besought, minnut hoee. 

Bespangle, sitare lugna. 

Bespatter (to), chittan, pounyan, chhiiikunna. 

Bespeak (to), akhrukhna. 

Bespread, beehouna. 

Besprinkle, shunkunna, ch,hinkunna. 

Best, oodumee. 

BES ( 25 ) BIF 

Bestial, junour wurga, pussoo wurga. 

Bestir (to), chetee kurnee, sholee kurnee. 

Bestow (to), dena, de, ditta. 

Bestower, duwalya, dene wala. 

Bestrew (to), sootna, kundouna. 

Bestride, ghor pulakee. 

Bet (to), shurt lounee or mitnee, yaree bunimnee. 

Betake (to), lejana. 

Bethink (to), cheta kurna, yad rukhna. 

Betliral (to), glioolam puna Jdiurna. 

Betide (to), waqif hona, myhrum hona. 

Betime, suvera, chalan ooshair, musojura. 

Betoken, wukhalna. 

Betray (to), ch hul kurna, dugha kurna, 2 oojagur kurna. 

Betrim (to), soowarna, bunouna. [kurnee. 

Betroth (to), sakagiree kurna, nata kurna, kurmaee 

Betrust (to), wusa kurna. 

Better, chunga, k hura, oodumee, aree. 

Good. Better. Best. 

Bettor, shurt loune wala, yaree bunun wala. 
Between, vich. 

Bewail (to), sog kurna, humsos kurna, hou kur lena. 
Beware (to), tukra rehna, khuburdar rehna. 

From ruhna. 

Beweep (to), unyoo sootnee, utroo sootnee. 

Bewilder (to), b hukouna duko dole khana. 

Bewitch (to), jadoo kurna, toona kurna, serhut hee. 

Bewray (to), oojagur kurna, jahir kurna. 

Beyond, pure, prede. 

Bias, lugun. 

Bibber, peeak. 

Bicker (to), j hugra kurna, j hanj ha kurna. 

Bicorn, do singha. 

Bid (to), hookm dena. 

Bidder, chookoune wala, gahuk vehajoo. 

The purchaser. 

Bide (to), rehna, tikna. 

From ruhna. 

Biennial, do wurra. 

Bier, bub an, chooban, sirhee. 

For the great. For others. For the best. 

Bifold, doogna. 

BIF ( 26 ) BLA 

Bifid, k horee. 

Big, wuda. 

Big-bellied, wuda t bed, gogur. 

Biggest, subna tbon wuda, wude se wuda. 

Bigot, ookwasa, ookwaya, ikdyeea. 

Bile, pita, kaljar. 

Bilk (to), hutb natuk kurna. 

Bill, eboonj, 2 husab. 

Beak. Account. 

Billions, do krore. 
Billow, lybur, mouj. 
Bind (to), bununna. 
Binder, jiltgur. 


Binding, puttee. 

Biped, do pyr. 

Bird, punchee. 

Bird-cage, pinjura. 

Birtb, junum. 

Birth-day, junum da din. 

Birth-place, junum bhoom. 

Bisect (to), do tookre, dukre, do pareean, do p bar. 

As a box. As an apple in two. 

Bit (a), dukra, tookra, dulla, 2 kurryala. 

Of wood. Of bread. Of meat. Horse's bit. 

Bitch, koottee. 

Bite (to), wud khana. 

Bitter, kouree. 

Blab (to), b,hed dena. 

Blacken (to), kala kurna. 

Blackguard, khotah, budjat. 

Blackness, kala jiha. 

Blacksmith, lobar. 

Bladder, dholnee. 

Blade, phul. 

Of sword or grass. 

Blade-bone, modah. 

Blameless, begoonah, bekoosoor. 

Blanch (to), tanna louna, tanee lounee. 

Bland, huleem, ruseel. 

Blandishment, pyar, heto. 

Blanket, loee, kumbul, kumbulee. 

BLA ( 27 ) BLO 

Blast, wao, paon. 

Blaze (to), surjana, surna. 

Bleaching, tanna, tundee. 

Bleak, surdee pala. [ged hoo. 

Blear-eyed, khorewar, clioon muchoona, shore war 

Bleat (to), mukee ouna. 

Bleeding, Icohoo kudouna. 

Blemish, uebee. 

Blended, rulya hoya. 

Bless (to), usees dena, dooa dena. 

Blessedness, kliooshee nal, rajee hoke. 

Blessing, usees, dooa. 

Blight, kangee aree. 

Blind (to), unna kurna. 

Blind, unna, soordas. 

From undha. 

Blindfold, phje. 

Blindness, unnee- 

Blindside, unnee ukhwul, unne pas se, kanne pas se. 

Blink (to), j hump kunna, phur kunna. 

Bliss, sooiSee, kliooshee. 

Blissful, khoosh, sookh. 

Blister, chjiala, pouree. 

Blithe, khoosh, sookh. 

Bloat, soojunna, p hoolna. 


Block, mochee. 

Of wood. 

Block (to), bununna. 

From bundkurna. 

Blockade, p hula bund. 
Blockhead, kumla, baola, beuql. 
Blood, loohoo. 

From lolioo. 

Blood (to), loohoo kudhna, loohoo ch hudouna. 
Blood-guiltiness, khoonee. 
Bloodily, kutortaee. 
Bloodshed, loohoo kanee. 
Blood-shedder, khoonee. 
Blood-shot, lal uk heen. 
Blood-thirsty, loohoo da tihaya. 
Blood-vessel, loohoo dee nar. 

BLd ( 28 ) BOG 

Bloody, loohoo da. 
Bloody-minded, kutortaee, kutor. 
Blooming, p,liool da. 
Blossom, dodee. 
Blot, toobka. 
Blotch, k hil. 
Blow, sut. 

A tliump. 

Blow (to), wugna. 

As wind. 

Blubber (to), rona. 
Bludgeon, dang, lat jiee, gudda. 
Blue, neela. 
Bluff, soojya lioya, krodhwan. 

Swelled. Surly. 

Bluish, neela sa. 
Blunder, bjiool, vissur. 
Blunderbuss, qurabeen. 
Blunderer, bhoolun wala, vusaroo. 
Blunt, k hoonda, mota. 
Bluntly, kurruraee. 


Blur, ueb. 

Blush (to), shurmindu bona. 

Bluster (to), kookna, roula, pouna. 

Boar, soour. 

Board, tukhtee. 

Board (to), churh jana. 

Board-wages, rojeenu. 

Boast (to), lufafu kurna, ghupee, hou marna. 

Boat, beree. 

Boatman, mulahme. 

Boatswain, meo. 

Bob (to), ghote k hana, j het met,h kurna. 

Bode (to), sugon dena. 

Bodement, sugon. 

Bodiless, bed,hur. 

Bodily pindeda, d hurda. 

Body, pinda, shureer, d hur. 

Body-clothes, gurdunee, j.hool. 

Of horses. Of elephants. 

Bog, chikor. 

BOG ( 29 ) BOR 

Boggle (to), juko tuke kurna. 

Boil, p hora. 

Boil (to), oobulna, letee kurnee. 

As water. 

Boiler, koomb deg h, 

Boisterous, d hoond. 

Bold, nirb hao, bedur, bedhuruk. 

Boldface, bedur, behya. 

Boldly, bedjiuruk, nid huruk. 

Bolster, surliaiia. 

Bolt, koonda. 

Of a door. 

Bomb, gobara da gola. 

Bombard (to), gobara chulouna. 

Bombaredar, gobardier, gobarchee. 

Bombast, lufafu, ghupee, jakuree. 

Bond, tumussook, likht. 

Bondage, tuhul poona, budra poona. 

Bondmaid, golee budree. 

Bond-servant, budra. 

Bone, huddee. 

Bone-setter, huddee churhouun wala. 

Bonfire, lumb, lath, b hanboar. 

Bonny, chunga, sujda. 

Bony, huddeeda. 

Booby, kumla. 

Book, pot hee. 

Book-binder, jiltgur. 

Book-keeper, husabee, lekhedar. 

Book-learned, gyanee. 

Book-seller, kitab vechun wala. 

Boon, bukshya hoya, ditta hoya, inam. 

Boor, goowar, gowar. 

Boot, lub h. 

Booty, loot. 

Borax, sohaga. 

Border, wut, bunna, hudd. 


Borderer, kunde ruhne wala. 
Bore, chek. 

Born, pyda hoya, jumya hoya. 
Borne, chookya hoya. 

BOR ( 30 ) BRA 

Borrow (to), muiigunna. 

Bosom, hek cli hatee. 

Botch, kil. 

Both, dowe. 

Bottom, heth. 

Bottomless, beut hah, beshoomar. 

Bough, dan, tan, tanee. 

Bought, molya hoy a. 

Bounce, koodunna. 

Bound, chungee. 

Boundary, hudd, wut, bunna, kunda. 

Bounden, chaheda, loreeda. 

Boundless, behudda. 

Bounteous, dittar, poon, atemee. 

Bounty, dittardee. 

Bourne, hudd, wut, bunna, kunda, bunera. 

Bout, phera, dum. 


Bow (to), neona, j hookna. 

Bow (a), kuman. 

Bowels, unturee, anduran. 

Bow-legged, thibba, kribba. 

Bow-man, kumanchee. 

Bow-string, chhilla. 

Boxer, mookee marun wala, ghoosoon marun wala. 

Boy, moonda, baluk, chhokra. 

Brace (to), bununna, kusna. 

Bracelet, kurrah, chooreean, ghokuroo. 

For men. For women. 

Brackish, k hara. 

As water. 

Brag (to), lufafu kurna, ghup marna. 
Braggart, lufafee, phour, ghupee. 
Brain, taloo, mughz, kirpal, koopal. 
Brake, kundyan, da j har. 
Bramble, kunda. 
Bran, soora, sooree. 
Branch, dal, tan. 

Of a tree. 

Brand (to), dag h dena. 
Brandish, pherna. 
Brasier, thuteear, t hutera. 

BRA ( 31 ) BRI 

Brass, pitul. 

From peetul. 

Brat, moonda, lounda. 

Bravado, lifafee, phouree, ghupee. 

Brave, soorma, diler, hat ha. 

Brave (to), soormut kurna, hath kurna. 

Bravo, wah wah, chunga, huteeara. 


Brawl, rowla kurna, bookwa kurna. 

Brawn, soour da mas. 

Brawny, oodum, tukra. 

Bray (to), hingna. 

Brazen, pitulda. [kurna. 

Brazen (to), shekhee kurna, mugrooree kurna, mujaj 

Brazen-faced, behijja, naluj, beshurm. 

Breach, morah. 

Bread, rotee. 

Breadth, choura. 

Break (to), torna, tor sootna, murka dena. 

Breast, hek, chhatee. 

Breast-high, bubur, bubur jeha. 

As a water. 

Breast-plate, chupras. 

Breast-work, bubur, bubur pur. 

Breath, sah, sas. 

Breathe (to), sahna, dum lena, sow as lena. 

Breathless, bedum, besuha. 

Breech, kothee. 

Of a gun 

Breed (to), wudouna. 

As cattle. 
Breed, jat, kol. 
Breeze, wao pawunloh, loh loh dee boola. 

When very hot. 

Brethren, praonan, bhaee charu. 
Brevity, chhotaee. 
Brew (to), kurral poona kurna. 
Brewer, kurral, kurral khanu. 


Bribe (to), wuddee denee, wuddee khor. 

A receiver of bribes. 
Brick, et. 
Brick-bat, etran, rora 

BRI ( 32 ) BRO 

Brick-dust, peepoon. 

Brick-kiln, aw a. 

Brick-layer, raj. 

Brick-maker, puthera. 

Bridal, veeahda. 

Bride, laree, bunee, veeandur. 

Bridge, pool. 

Bridle, lugam, kuryala. 

Brief, thora. 

Brier, kiinda. 

Brigade, bera. 

Brigand, dharawee, pere da, munookh. 

Bright, chilukda, lishkda, j hulukda, j hum kuda. 

Brim, kunda, bunna. 

Brim (to), b hurna. 

Brimstone, gundhuk. 

Brindled, dharee, gudra. 

Brine, khara. 

Bring (to), leouna. 

Brink, kunda mun. 

As of a well. 

Brisk, chalak, chhola. 

Bristle, soour da wal. 

Bristler, nurm, kuchha jiha, tootun wallee. 

Broad, choura. 

Broad-cloth, bunat. 

Broaden (to), choura kurna, mokula kurna. 

To widen, as clothes. 

Broad-shouldered, mour choure. 

Broad-side, baee purne. 

Broad-sword, k hunda. 

Brocage, nufedaree. 

Brogue, zuban, bolee. 

Broider, doredar, pyreean. 

Broil, j hugra, roula, j hanj ha. 

Broken, tootun wala, kuch ha jiha. 

Broken-hearted, mun moa. 

Brokerage, bisuntee, choorguree da kum. 

Brood, butcha, boat. 

Brook, nullah. 

Broom, j haroo, buharee, soon. 

BRO ( 33 ) BUN 

Brothel, kunjur khaiiu, kusbee ghur. 

Brother, b had. 

Brotherhood, bhaee chara. 

Brow, mutha, mustook. 

Browbeat (to), durounna, kumbounna. 

Brown, bhoora. 

Browse (to), j har choogna. 

Bruise, sut, rurak, chot. 

Brunt, bulla. 

Brush (to), j.haroo dena. 

Brustle, turakee ounnee, putakee pounee. 

Brutality, kuthoree. 

Brute, pussoo, dhor, d,handa, dungor. 

Bubble, bool boola. 

Bubby, mumma, chooehee, kooch. 

Bucket, kasa. 

Buckle, buksooa. 

Buckle (to), buksooa louna. 

Buckler, d hal. 

Buck-skin, hurndee k hul, mirganee. 

Bud (to), dodee lugnee. 

Budge (to), pure ho janna. 

Budget, gootlee. 

Buffet (to), mook hee marna, ghoosoon marna. 

Buffle (to), duko dole laonee. 

Buffoon, nukulee, sangee, titchuree. 

Buffoonery, nukul poona, sang poona, titchur poona. 

Bug, kutooa, mangnoo, kutmul. 

Build (to), osarna. 

Builder, raj, rajgur. 

Building, imarut. 

Bulb, gurot, gundee, gutta. 

Bulky, mota, wuda. 

Bull, andoor. 

Bullet, golee. 

Bullion, solak. 

Bullock, bould. 

Bully (a), sutoune wala. 

Bulwark, d boor k bote. 

Bump (to), pase mama, gussar dena. 

Bunch (a), g,hoochu, j hubba, chubba. 

BUN ( 34 ) BYP 

Bundle, ghunduree, ghuturee, piind. 

Bung, gutta. 

Bungle (to), jilla or Jidda poona kurna. 

Bungler (to), jil poone wala. 

Buoyant, toolla. 

Burden, pund, boj ha. 

Burglary, pare wala, sun wala. 

Burial, nupya hoya. 

Burly, mota. 

Burn (to), siskarna, sarna, dag,li dena. 

Burnish, shikul kurnee. 

Burst (to), pat jana, p his pyna, bhuj pyna. 

As leather. As a boil. As -wood or the body of a man. 

Bury (to), nupna. 

Bush, j,har. 

Busy, buhoota kurna. 

Busy-body, poochonnika, praepooch. 

But, pur. 

Butcher, qusaee. 

But-end, dumoosa. 

Butler, lunguree, rusoee prya, gudwyee. 

Cook. As table attendant, cup bearer. 

Butment, boorj, dum duma. 

Butt, nishanu, tukur marnee, b herna. 

A target. To butt as rams. 

Butter, mukhun. 

Butterfly, b houra, b,hoon. 

Butter-milk, lusee, shah kussa. 

Buttock, chittur. 

Button, doda. 

Button-hole, g,hoondee. 

Buttress, boorj ee. 

Buxom, hus mook h, deedaree, chunga. 

Buy (to), mol lena. 

Buzz (to), g.hookna, bhinukna. 

By, te, se, t hon. 

By-and-by, urse nal. 

Bybag, t hylee. 

Bye, buk, udh. 

By-path, churee dundee.* 

' * The Sikhs never use the word pugdundee, because pug, with them, 
signifies a Turhan, and is never applied to the word Foot. 

BYS ( 35 ) CAL 

By-stander, pas krone wala. 
By-street, ehura muhula. 
By-word, urth, kuhawut. 


Cabal, suth, koo soob,ha. 

Cabbage, kurm. 

Cabin, kotbree. 

Cable, luj, bel, lah. 

Cackle (to), koor koor kurna. [jui'd. 

Cadaverous, moorduhan, ooduraee, ooduree hooee, cbirha 

Cadent, ooturda, pynda. 

Cadet, asawunt, oomedwar. 

Cage, pinjura. 

Cajole (to), pulosna, wudeeouna. 

Caitiff, k hutchura, huram jadu, Jihotah. 

Cake, mun rotee. 

Calamity, iifat, bula. 

Calcareous, cboone vurga. 

Calculate (to), husab kurna. 

Calculator, husabee, lekha, likhe baj. 

Caldron, degh. 

Calefy (to), tutta kurna. 

Calendar (a), putree. 

Calf, wuchu, kutta. 

Of cows. Of buffaloes. 

Caliber, giran da. 

Call (to), sud lena, kood lena. 

Call, dawa. 


Calling, kisub, kum. 

Profession. Employment. 

Callosity, goomee, gillur, goomrouree. 

A hard swelling. 

Callous, soon. 


Calm (to), munouna. 
Calm, dul. 

As water when not agitated. 

Calomel, para. 

Calve (to), wuchu dena, kutta dena. 

As a cow. As a buffaloe. 

CAL ( 36 ) CAP 

Calumniate (to), ooj,h lounee, toohmut lounee. 

Camel, oot. 

Camp, kumpoo. 

Campaign, molut ursu. 

Campestral, k hetan vich jumdee, syee. 

Growing in the fields. Spontaneous. 

Camphire, kupoor. 
Canal, nyhur. 

From nuhr. 

Cancel (to), mes dena, chek dena, mitta dena* 
Candid, sucheea. 
Candidate, oomedwar, asawunt. 
Candour, sucheeaee. 
Cane, byt. 

Canine, kootte vurga, or jiha. 
Dog. Like. 

Caning, byt marnee. 
Canker (to), pajunna. 
Cannibal, rakhus. 
Cannonade (to), top chulna. 
Cannonier, topchee. 
Canoe, lukree de polar. 
Canopy, chanunee, chaeeawan. 
Cant (to), pulosna, wudeeouna. 
Canter (to), por pouna. 

As a horse. 

Canvass, tupree, tupoor. 
Cany, vunj, vurga. 


Capability, himmut, tagut, foorsut. 
Capable, laeq, chunga, joga. 
Capacious, mokula k hola. 

From moonh k hola. 

Capacitate (to), la6q h5 jana, chunga kurna. 
Capacity, uql wala, uql tej, chuturaee. 
Caparison (to), singarna, singarya hoya. 

Caparison of a horse. 

Caper (to), koodunna. 

Capias, purwanu kufna, munookhnoon, hajir kurna. 

Capital, poonjee, kool jumu, 2 tununtur shuhur. 

Stock. Chief city. 

Capital, buhoot chunga. 

CAP ' ( 37 ) CAR 

Capitulate (to), mil pjna, munjoor kurna. 

Caprice, tikkee mujajee. 

Captain, koomedan. 

Captious, krodhee, tukraree. 

Captivate, phur lena, vus kurna, moh lenee. 

As a prisoner. To charm. 

Captive, dhuk, bundooa. 

Captivity, qyd poona, dhuk wuda. 

Captor, phurun wala. 

Cart, rera, guddee. 

Caravan, kurewan. 

Caravansary, surah. 

Carabine, qurabeen. 

Carbinier, qurabeenee. 

Carbuncle, mukoura. 

Carcase, loth, moordu. 

Card (to), oone penjna, rooh penjna* 

Wool. To card cotton. 

Carder, dhooneea, penjur, telee. 

Care, chinta, sog, wuswas. 

Care (to, for), het rukhna, sundeho kurna. 

Career, oomrdee goojur, or goojur deeoomr. 

Careful, khuburdar, hoshdar, soochet. 

Carelessness, ghafilee. 

Caress (to), peear kurna, het kurna. 

Cargo, k hep. 

Carman, guddee or rera waone wala. 

Carnage, qutl, wadh. 

Carnal, kamee, rundee baz. 

Carnivorous, mas khoia. 

Carol (to), kulol kurnee, gouna. 

Carouse (to), khooshee kurna. 

Carpenter, badee, tuk han. 

Carpet (to), ghuleechu, vichouna. 

Carriage, b har burdaree. 

Carrier, pandee. 

Carrion, turukya gosht, surya hoya mas. 

Carrot, gajur. 

Carry (to), chookna, chukna. 

Cart (to), gudde oote ludna. 

Carter, guddee waone wala or boune wala. 

CAR ( 38 ) CAT 

Cartload, guddee da b,har. 

Cartouch, tosdan, sing,hra.* 

Cartridge, cartoos. 

Cartridge-box, tosdan. 

Cart-rut, leehee, guddee dee leehee. 

Cart-road, guddee or vereaii darah. 

Cart-wriglit, tukhan.f 

Carve (to), chitur karee kurnee. 

Carver, chiturgur. 

In wood or stone. 

Cascade, d hara ruruk. 
Case, boog, 2 uhwal 

Covering. Circumstance. 

Case-knife, kurd. 
Casement, chogat. 
Cash, rok, nugud. 

For nuqd. 

Cash-book, rok rokawu, nugud bu nugdee. 
Cashier, khuzanchee, 2 nawa kutouna. 

Cash-keeper. Dismiss. 

Cash, dhol, dholuk. 

For powder. 

Casket, pitaree. 

Cast (a), bhynga, teera. 

A squint. 

Cast (to), sootna. 

Cast-away, ch hudya hoya, tyagya hoya. 

Castigate (to), kootna. 

Casting-net, jal koondeedar. 

Castrate (to), khusee kurna, khosura, hijura kurna. 

Animals. Men. 

Casual, ootne chair vich, chanchuk. 
Casually, kudhe, kudhain. 
Cat, billee, billabar, billa. 
Catacombs, soomard. 
Catalogue, bunist. 
Cataract, dhara, ruruk. 


Catastrophe, ufat, bula. 
Catch (to), phurna. 

* The Sikhs formerly only used a sing,hra or horn for powder, 
t No separate calling, carts being made by a tuk^han, or carpenter 

CAT ( 39 ) CEL 

Categorical, kool koola, kliood khoodan. 

Absolute. Positive. 

Category, sir, nawu. 

Class. Order. 

Catenation, sungul. 

Cater (to), kothree burdar, jukeer rukhna. 

To lay in supplies. 

Caterpillar, kootura. 
Caterwaul (to), mukee ouna. 
Cat-gut, ojuree da tar, rude dee tar. 

The entrails. String. 

Cattle, sliair, wug, khunda, buleda vusheek. 

Of all kinds. Cows. Buffaloes. Bullocks. Calves. 

Caught, p hurya hoya. 

Cauliflower, kurum phool. 

Causal, kurun wala. 

Cause, subub, ise kurke, ise wasta, ise dee leee. 

On this account. 

Causeless, besubub. 
Cauterize (to), dagh dena, sar dena. 
Caution, chutraee, joogut. 
Caution (to), cbitouna, dusna. 
Cavalcade, uswaree. 
Cavalier, churbee uswar. 
Cavalierly, mugrooree, mujajee. 
Cavalry, uswar, ghor churha. 
Cave, k hud, k hoondur, goop ha. 


Cavern, goop,ha. 

Cavil (to), tukrar kurna. 

Caviler, tukraree. 

Cavity, goopha. 

Caw (to), kawkaw kurna. louna. 

Cease (to), hut jana. 

Cedar, umbultas. 

Cede (to), de dena. 

To yield up. 

Ceiling, chhut. 
Celebrate (to), ruchouna. 
Celebrity, mushahooree, oojaguree. 
Celestial, bykoonthee, soorg d bam. 
Celibacy, koara churha, ch hindak. 
Cell, bhora. 

CEM ( 40 ) CHA 

Cement, paj, gund. 

Cemetery, gor kjianu qub ur k hnnu. 

Censorious, krodhee hain seeara. 

Censurable, laeq tokne dee. 

Censure (to), oolama dena, tokna. 

Cent, sou. 

Centipede, kunkhujoora, kunkol. 

Centre, mudh, vich. 

Century, sou wurru. 

Certain, juroor, beshuq. 

Certificate, chittee, hurdas. 

Certify (to), oojagur kurna, jahir kurna. 

Cerulean, asmanee. 

Cess, muhsool, jug ad. 

A tax-rate. 

Cessation, hut jana, mouqoof bona. 

Chafe (to), k hulya pynean. 

Chaff, tooree, putte, neera. 

Chagrin, dilgeeree, humsosee. 

Chain, sungul. 

Chain-shot, bail, kamp. 

Chair, koorsee. 

Chairman, kuhar mairee, j heewur. 

Chalk, gajunee, jachunee mittee, chittee mittee. 

Chalk-cutter, gajunee koot. 

Chalk-pit, gajunee da toa. 

Challenge (to), lulkarna. 

Chamber, kot hree. 

Chameleon, kirla. 

Champaign, mydan, rour. 

Champion, ukhare dee luraee, akh^re da lurun wala. 

Chance (to), hojana, chanchuk bona, pjndur pyna. 

Chance, itna, cheer vich. 

By accident. 

Change (to), wutouna. 


Channel, breta. 

The course of a stream. 

Chant (to), gouna. 

Chaos, put bur rore de jumeen, d^bibur d bore. 

Chap (a) tair, puktair. 

A cleft. Opening 

CHA ( 41 ) CHI 

Chap-fallen, ooclas, odur jana. 

Chapter, dhyao. 

Character, namdaree. 

Charcoal, koela. 

Charge (to), hulla kurna, pura bundna, hookm dena. 

Attack. Order (to.) 

Chargeable, qeemut dar. 


Charger, jungwala ghora. 
Charitable, dyawunt. 
Charity, dya, poon. 
Charm (to), mohunna. 


Charming, buhoot or khuree chungee. 
Chart, nuqshu. 

As of a country. 

Chary, joogutee. 


Chase, shikar. 

Chase (to), shikar k helna. 

Chasm, tair, puktair. 

Chasten (to), marna, kootunna. 

Chastisement, markhaee. 

Chastity, sut wuntee, sut. 

Chat (to), gulan kurneean. 

Chattel, vulewu, usbab, niksook. 

Chatter, (to), bookwa kurna. 

Cheapen (to), susta kurna. 

Cheerful, sookltee, rajee. 

Cheat (to), thugouna, ghoosouna. 

Check (to), hutkunna, tokna, vurjunna. 

Cheek, gul. 

Cheek-bone, hurba. 

Cheer, jug. 


Cheerfully, khooshee nal, mouj nal, luhr nal. 

Cherish (to), palna. 

Cherub, furishta. 

Chess, shutrunj. 

Chest, sundooq. 

Chew (to), buch kouna, buchake marne. 

Chicane, chhulya. 


CHI ( 42 ) CIN 

Chick, kokoor da butcha. 
Chicken-hearted, kookoor dila. 
Chide (to), hut kunna, tokna, vurjunna. 
Chief, sirdar, 2 uksur. 

Leader. Principal. 

Chiefly, uksur. 

Child, ningur eeana moonda. 

A week to a montli old Of six months 6 to 10 years. 

Child-bearing, oomedwaree, adham. 

Child-birth, jumunna. 

Child-hood, baluk poona. 

Child-less, be oulad, oun turani, khutrani pootr. 

Child-like, baluk jeha. 

Chill, thund. 

Chilly, surdee. 

Chimera, wyhumee, khyalee. 

Chimney, loombee. 

Chin, t hodee. 

Chink, j hatee moree. 

Chintz, chheet. 

Chip, kisee, chirfat, chiring 

Chirp (to), chookna. 

Chisel (to), chitunee or sutra kurna. 

Chit-chat, gulan kurneean. 

Chivalry, soormut da kum. 

Choice, pusund. 

Choke (to), sung phasna, sunge lugunna. 

Cholera, hyeeur. 

Choleric, tulukh mijaj. 

Choose (to), pusund kurna. 

Chop (to), wud sitna. 

Chopping, wud o wudee. 

Chosen, choonya giya, pusund kur lya. 

Chronology, thithwar janna, tareek sal puhchanna. 

Chrysalis, bhoond. 

Chuckle (to), dilhusee kurna. 

Chum (a), humjolee. 

Churchyard, qubur k hanu. 

Churl (a), guwar. 

Churn (to), rirrikna. 

Cimeter, peshkubz. 

Cinder, khak, soha, bhusm. 

CIN ( 43 ) CLA 

Cinnamon, dalcheenee. 

Cipher, bindee, soon. 

Circle, g,hera. 

Circuitous, p,her. 

Circular, ghera, chukkur. 

Circulate (to), dikhala dena. 

Circumambulate (to), gird nuwaee kurna. 

Circumference, g.hera. 

Circumfluent, oodare wouna. 

Circumfuse (to), cliufere rukhna, chufere p^herna. 

Circumjacent, oodale, kol kol. 

Circumlocution, lumbee kuhanee. 

Circumscribe (to), wut bununnee. 

Circumspect, tukra, hoshiar, chooskaee. 


Circumstance, uhwal, verwar. 
Circumstantial, jeon ka teon, jysa sa tjsa. 
Circumstantiate (to), theek, such dusna. 
Circumvallation, wulya hoya. 
Circumvention, thugaee. 
Cir cum vest, paona, oodare ruk^hna. 

To cover. 

Circumvolve (to), oodare p hirna, b hounna. 
Circus, ukhara. 
Cistern, houd. 

From houz. 

Citadel, qilla. 
Cite (to), sud lena. 
Citizen, shuhuree. 
Citrine or citron, gulgul. 
City, shuhur, nugur. 


Civility, khooshamudee, uhsanee. 

Civilization, uwudanee. 

Clack (to), bukkar kurna. 

Clad, pynya hoya. 

Claim, dawa, mutubul. 

Claimant, mutubulee, dawe khora. 

Clamber (to), churhna. 

Clammy, pilpil, pilla. 

Clamor, roula, j hugra, j hanj ha. 

Clamp, putreean. 

CLA ( 44 ) CLO 

Clan, jat. 

Clandestine, looqaya hoya. 

Clap (to), gidda marna, touree marnee. 

Clarify (to), saf kurna, poona. 

Clash, t hunaka, tukkur k haee. 

Clasp (to), j hupee pounee. 

Clasp (a), buksooa. 

Class (to), ek sura kurna. 

Class, jat. 

Clatter (to), t hunukna, thunnuka, k hurukna. 

Clause, joomlu. 

Claw, noundra, nuk. 

Of tiofer, doff, cat. Of birds. 

Clay, eheekunee mittee. 

Clean, sufa, chitta. 

Cleanse (to), sufa kurna, manj huna. 

Clearness, nimbulaee. 

Clear-sighted, bood hwan. 

Cleave (to), tuk louna. 

Cleft, tukya hoya. 

Clemency, huleemee, rehmee. 

From ruhmee. 

Clench (to), sunsa bunona, tung kurna, gotna. 

Clerk, likharee. 

Clever, chalak, chutra. 

Clew, ruttee, putta. 

Climate, panee hor paan, wao panee. 

Climb (to), churhna. 

Clinch (to), bununna. 

Cling (to), chumbur jana, hut hee pyree pjna. 

Clink (to), t hunkouna, tukorna. 

Clip (to), kooturna. 

Cloak, choga. 

Clock, g huree. 

Clock-maker, ghuree bunoun wala. 

Clod, d heema, rora. 

Clog (to), khoob h jana. 

Clog (a), mojunna, joor, dhyhur. 

As on a horse's leg. 

Close (to), bund kurna. 

Close-handed, mujee poona, soompuna. 

Closure, g,heree hoee, war keetee hoee. 

CLO ( 45 ) COA 

Clot, guleta lioya, chicliree hoe hoe. 

Clotted, as blood. 

Cloth, kupra, bunatee. 

Linen covering, broad-cloth. 

Clothe (to), kupra pounna. 

Clothing, poshak, pynunnee. 

Cloud, budulee. 

Cloudiness, budulwaee. 

Cloudless, niturya hoya, nimbul hoya. 

Clove (a), loung. 

Clove, wudya hoya, pata hoya. 

Cloven, f khoorundee. 

Cloven-footed, [ As a deer or cow's foot. 

Clout, nung purunga. 

Clown, guwar. 

Cloy (to), ogulij jana, mun hutna. 

Club, dang, dungoree, lathee. 

Club-headed, sir b,hara, wud sira, gudda. 

Cluck (to), koorkoor kurna. 

Clump, boojah. 

Clumsy, unaree, dhuk ke khora. 

Clung, liput gya. 

Cluster, ghoocha. 

Clutch (to), pukurna, p hurna, j huputna. 

Clutter (to), khurukna, thy kunna, thun kunna. 

Clyster, pichkaree. 

Coacervate, ukut ha hoya, dher, bol, dunda. 

As money. As grain. As straw. 

Coact (to), ukut he hona, ukut ha jor louna. 

Coaction, bewus. 

Coadjutor, suhayutdar, mududdar, humayutdar. 

Coagment, ukutha keeta hoya. 

Coagulate, jum jana, chichure gutule. 

As milk. As blood or water. 

Coalesce (to), ukut,ha hona, miljana. 
Coarse, mota, gara. 

As linen cloth or grain. 

Coarsely, motaee, sungunaee. 

Coast, durya de, bunne bunne, kunde kunde. 

Coat, koortee. 

Coax (to), pulosna, vurouna. 

Coaxer, verichun wala. 

COB ( 46 ) coi 

Cobble (to), buiiouna, suwarna. 

Cobbler, mocliee. 

Cobweb, kyhene, dajala. 

Cochineal, kirm. 

Cock (to), sidha kurna, khura kurna. 

Cock, kookoor. 

Cock-a-hoop, khooshee nal. 

Cock-crowing, kookoor dee bang, bang dena. 

To crow. 

Cock-fight, kookooran dee luraee. 

Cockle (to), surgur jana, chirooryan pyneean. 

To shrink up. To run into wrinkles, as the face. 

Cocks-comb, kulgee, bodah. 
Cock-sure, jukeen kurke. 
Cocoa, nuljer, khopar. 
Coction, oobulya hoya, ridda hoya. 
Coefficient, nal lugke kurna. 

Working together. 

Coemption, khureedoo,, ikut ha lena. 

Coequal, eko jihe. 

Coequality, ekse vurge, eko poona. 

Coerce (to), dhukum, dhuke kurna. 

Coercion, d hukum, dhuke, khake. 

Coeval, eko jihe oomr. 

Co-exist (to), bura burabur rehna. 

Co-extend (to), eko jihe rehna. 

Coffer, khuzane da sundooq. 

Cogent, khura, such, juroor. 

Cogitation, duleel, such, sumujh. 

Cognizable, jachun wala. 

Cognominal, eke nao de, sir nawya. 

Cognoscible, muloom kurna, syannunna. 

Cohabit (to), nal ruhna, ghurwasee rehna. 

Cohabitant, ukuthe ruhne wala. 

Coheir, burabur hissa lene wala. 

Cohere (to), chumur jana, jor jana, libbur jana. 

Cohibit (to), mune kurna, hutuk dena. 

To restrain. 

Coil, wul. 

Coin, nugud, roopye, rok. 

Coin (to), roopye kurna, roopje bunna. 

Coincide (to), ek mun bona. 

coi ( 47 ) COM 

Coincidence, ek sulah, eko mut. 

Coition, nal ruhna, bhog kurna. 

Cojoin, riila clena, mila dena. 

Cold, seet, thund. 

Colic, sool thed vich. 

Collapse (to), tukkur khanee, thy kunna. 

Collate (to), milouna. 

Collateral, bura burabur, mood o moodee. 

Colleague, sanj hee bhyal, hissu wala. 

Collect (to), ukutha kurna, jumu kurna. 

Collection, juma, dher. 

Collector, kardar. 

College, tunksal. 

Collision, tukkur khadee hooee. 

Colloquy, gulan kurneean. 

Collusion, chhul, dug ha. 

Colon, andara. 

Colonel, kurnel (corruption of the English word). 

Colonization, awadanee, soraeen. 

Colonize (to), awadanee kurnee, soraeen kurnee. 

Colonnade, pal dee pal, t.humma. 

Color (to), rungna. 

Colorless, phika nima. 

Colors, nishan. 

Colt, vushera. 

Column, moonara, boorjee, 2 udha pasa. 

Of less height. A columu of a page. 

Comate, dil da dost, hit karee. 
Comatose, oonglanda. 

Drowsy, given to much sleep. 

Comb (to), kung kurna. 

Combat (to), luraee kurna. 

Combination, nughadaree. 

Combine (to), milouna, rulouna. 

Combustible, chete surne wala. 

Come (to), ouna. 

Comeliness, sujdee. 

Comet, kulgee wala tara, bodee wala tara, lumbdar 

Comfort, kbater jumaee, khooshee hooee. 

Comfortable, khater jumu. 

Comforter, t hujar kurne w^ala. 

COM ( 48 ) COM 

Comfortless, bethujar. 

Coming, ounda. 

Command, hookm. 

Commander, sirdar, foujdar. 

Commemorate (to), din munouna, yad giree kurne 

Commence (to), shona, mcod bunmina. 

Commencement, sliohun lugee, mood bunun luga. 

Commend (to), sulouna. 

Commendable, suloune laeq. 

Commendation, jus. 

Commerce, wut o sitta, wunj da kum. 

Commingle (to), rul jana, rule mile hooe. 

Commiseration, thujar, rulim. 

Commission, pukka lioodu. 

Warrant of office. 

Commissioner, wuda kardar. 

Commit (to), qyd kurna, gulna, somp dena. 

To imprison. To send. To intrust. 

Committee, dikhala. 
Commix, rulouna 

Mingle together. 

Commodious, joga. 

Commodity, clieez, cbeezwust, niksook. 


Common, kum dee. 

Commonly, uksur. 

Common-place-book, chuputa, wjliee, purcha. 

Commotion, hukamu. 

From hungamu. 

Commune (to), gulan kurneean. 

Communicate (to), kliubur kurne, dus dena. 

Community, mujlis. 

Commute (to), ooludna pooludna. 

Compact (to), milouna. 

Compact, shurt, mithnee. 

Companion, sanj hee, shureek, satliee. 

In trade. In a house. In a journey. 

Company, sohbut, sungut. 

Comparable, vurga. 

Compare (to), wunegee, vekhnee, milouna. 

As grain. Cloth. As men, horses, <fc;c. 

Compassion, dya, ruhmturs. 
Compatible, laeq, joga. 

COM ( 49 ) COM 

Compatriot, eke des da. 
Compel (to), jor bu jor kurna. 
Compendious, mithna, vurol, vurol kudhiia. 
Compensate (to), wutte dena. 
Competence, rojee. 
Competent, joga wurga, laeq. 
Competition, hirs bid hna. 
Compile (to), virolna, mit hna. 

As a book. 

Complacent, dyawunt, ruseelee wala, pur muhuns. 
Complain (to), furyad kurnee. 
Complaisance, ihsanwundee. 
Complement, moonyad. 

As of a body of men. 

Complete, poora. 

Complex, rulaee hooee. 

Complexion, chehura, soorut, roop. 

Compliance, mununna, qubool. 

Compliant, ihsanwund, beoojr, nurmdila. 

Civil. Yielding, bending. [rean pjnyan. 

Complicate (to), goonjuryan, pyneean, wul pyne, muro- 
Complication, rulya hoya. 
Complice, sanj,hee. 

As in a theft. 

Complied, munlya. 
Compliment, khooshamudee. 
Complot, sulah mit hre hoee. 
Comply (to), mun lena. 
Comport (to), suha sihna. 

To endure. 

Comportment, ruhut, chal chulan. 

Compose (to), bunouna aram kurouna, likha dena. 

To quiet, settle. 

Composure, undol tikya hoya, t hyrya hoya. 

As water. 

Compounded, rulya hoya. 

Comprehend (to), muloom kurna, janunna. 

Comprehension, sumuj h, soort. 

Compress (to), nichorna. 

Comprise (to), pyna. 

Compromise (to), mitouna, musouna. 

Comptible, juwab geer. 


COM ( 50 ) CON 

Comptroller, najir, turwaee. 

From nazir. 

Compulsatory, jor bu joree, d hukm d huke. 
Compunction, humsos. 
Compute (to), shoomar kurna. 
Comrade, sathee, nalda. 
Con (to), sik hna. 

To study, learn. [poneean. 

Concatenate (to), sungolee, bunounee, koondeean. 
Concave, pola. 

Conceal (to), looqouna, chhipouna, dliukunna, khujunna. 
Concede (to), muii lena, de dena. 
Conceited, kliood kbooda pusund. 

Conceive (to), jachna, sumj hna, adham hojana, oomedwa- 
ree hojana, thed hona. To conceive, as a wonian. 

Concentrate (to), ukutha kurna. 

Conceptible, sumj hune lack. 

Conception, sumujh, adham hoya, oomedwriree hoee hoee. 

Formation in the womb. 

Concern (to), lugna, daw a, ruk,hna. 
Concerning, babut, vich, jis kurke. 
Concernment, illaqu, dawa, purojun, waste. 
Concession, dilla hoya. 
Conch, sunkee, sunk. 

Small. Large. 

Conciliate (to), munouna. 
Concise, ch hota, t hora, mit hya hoya. 
Conclude (to), kur lena, buna lya. 

Conclusion, kum ho hutna. [hojana. 

Concoagulate (to), chichuree, gulete bujunne phitkuree 

As blood. As milk or water. 

Concoct (to), puchm jana, hajm bona. 

As digestion in the stomach. 

Concomitance, nal rehna, sung rehna. 
Concord, milapee, hit karee. 
Concordant, laeq da, pusundda. 
Concourse, b,heer, dulee murnee. 
Concrete (to), dheree lounee. 
Concubine, t hurel. 
Concupiscence, mustee, vigurya. 
Concur (to), ek mun bona. 
Concurrence, murjee. 

CON ( 51 ) CON 

Concurrent, ukuthe hee milke. 
Concussion, kumbhee, tukkur. 

As of an earthquake. As of two boats or carriages meeting. 

Condemn, (to,) goonahgar thurouna, goonahee thu- 
Conclensation, ukut ha keeta gya. [kurna. 

Condescend (to), ryayut kurnee, uhsan kurna, mihr 
Condign, laeq, joga, vurga, jiha. 
Condition, hal, uhwal, teechu, tukrar. 

Term of agreement. 

Conditional, teechu kurke, tukrar kurke, ursu kurke. 

Condole, humsos kurna, hou ke lenee. 

Condolence, humsosee. 

Conduce (to), lugna. 

Conduct, ryayut, chal chulunee. 

Conductor, sirdar. 

Conduit, nal, nyhur. 


Confabulate (to), gulan kurnyan. 
Confectioner, hulwaee. 

Confederate (to), booree sulah vich ukuthe hone. 
Confer (to), gulan kurneean, 2 inam dena. 

Discourse. To bestow. 

Confess (to), mun lena, munjoor kurna. 
Confident, bhedoo. 

Confide (to), wusa kurna, b hurosa kurna. 
Confident, juroor, jurooran. 


Confidential, wusa, joga. 
Confidently, beshuqq, nusung. 
Confine (to), bun lena, qyd kurna. 
Confine, hudd, wut, sirhudd. 


Confinement, qyd vich^ bundee vich. 

Confinity, ase pase, oodare, poodare, lage lage, mood 

mfx)dee, kolo kolee. 
Confirm (to), sabit kurna, jahir, oojagur kurna. " 
Confirmation, duleel, sidook. 
Confiscate (to), kho lenee, jubtur lenee. 
Confix (to), bununna. 

Conflagrant, nal julna, ukut ha surna, douun lugne. 
Conflagration, douun lugna. 

CON ( 52 ) CON 

Conflict, luraee, jood h, hukama. 
Confluence, ukutha wugna or bugna.* 
Conflux, bheer, dulee murnee. 


Conform (to), ose vurga kurna. 

Adapt, comply. 

Confound (to), hurburouna, uchunj kurna. 
Confront (to), amo samhne kurna. 
Confuse (to), okh janna, hurburouna. 
Confusion, heth oote, hogya rulgya. 
Confutable, huta dene laeq, hutounee vurgee. 
Confute (to), joot ha kurna, kail kurna. 
Conge, vidya or bidya lenee. 
Congeal (to), chichuree hojanee, phootkur ho jane. 

As water. As milk. 

Congenial, vurga. 

Congest (to), ukutha kurna, rula dena. 

Conglobate (to), goochu moochu hojana. 

Conglomeration, ukutha rulya milya hoya, d her. 

Conglutinate, suresh nal, jor jorna. 

Congratulate (to), widya or bidya dena. 

Congree (to), ek mun hona. 

Congregate (to), ukutyan hona. 

Congregation, soobha, mujlis. 

Congrue, phubna, sujunna. 

Conjecture (to), utkul kurnee, jachnee, tuknee. 

Conjoin (to), jorna, milouna, sungulee kurnee. 

Conjugal, veeahdee, babut vich, veeah dee leee. 

Conjugate (to), milouna, rulouna. 

Conjunction, soobha, mujlis, ukut he hoe hoe. 

Conjuncture, dur vele, bhy vele. 

Conjure (to), mudaree poona kurnee, hut,h natuk kurna. 

To play tricks. 

Connatural, usul da usul. 

Convict (to), milouna, rulouna, sungulee kurnee. 

Connex (to), sungulee, bunounee, ukut hee kurnee. 

Connexion, sakabundee, bhaee charu. 

Connivance, khooshamudu. 

Connoisseur, jachoo, pusundee. 

* The Sikhs beyond the Sutledge usually use W. for B. whilst those 
on this side never use B. for W. 

CON ( 53 ) CON 

Connubial, veeah da udumbur. 

Conquassate (to), hilouna, hilna. 

Conquer (to), jitna, vuskur lena. 

Conqueror, jitun wala, jetoo. 

Conquest, futteh hooee hooee. 

Consanguineous, sakagiree, sakgeer, sakda. 

Conscience, eeman, dhurm, mun, dil, atma. 

Conscionable, joga, wurga, laeq, jiha. 

Conscious, januna, sirjanoo. 

Conscribed, wut bununee oodare oodare ghera paona. 

Conscript, likhya hoya, nam churhya hoya. 

Consecrate (to), d hurna nam, dhurna. 

Consent (to), ek mun bona, mun lena. 


Consentaneous, vurga jiha. 

Consentient, mile hooe, ukuthe hoe hoe. 

Consequence, unjam poona. 

Consequent, unjam urt h. 

Consequential, uguree, mujajee, hunkaree, thed banka. 

Consequently, ise leee, ise kurke. 

Conserve (to), morubbu kurna. [kurnee. 

Consider (to), soch kurna, vicharna, sumj hunna, tuweez 

Considerable, buhoota, qeemutdar, hait k hora, bait karee. 

Great. Valuable. Worthy of regard. 

Considerate, vecharwan, kliyalee. 

Considerately, khyal nal, sumuj h nal, dva, mihr nal. 


Consign (to), somp dena, huwalee kurna. 
Consigner, samboo, ruk wala. 
Consignment, wustwulewa, wudee lik hut. 
Consist (to), bunnee hoee, bunaee, hoee. 
Consistence, mila gela. 
Consistent, vurga jiha. 


Consociate (to), milouna, jorna. 
Consociate, sanj hee, b heeal. 
Consociation, ukuth, mujlis. 
Consolable, dilasa vurga, hoolase vurga. 
Consolation, dilasa, hoolasa. 
Console (to), dilasa or hoolasa dena. 
Consoldant, chunga kurne wala. 

Having the power of healing. 

CON ( 54 ) CON 

Consolidate (to), kurara kurna^, ukut ha kuriia. 

To harden. Become one body. 

Consolidation, joree hooee. 
Consonance, vurga mooafiq. 
Consort, b,hurta, istree, nalda. 

Husband. Wife. Companion. 

Consort (to), rulouna, veeah kurna. 

To marry. 

Conspectuity, takoo, door dhyanee, nujur baz. 
Conspicuity, roshunaee, sufaee, chitaee. 
Conspicuous, nirmul, oojala, oojagur, jahir. 

Clear, Easy to be seen. 

Conspiracy, koo sulah, koo mut. 
Conspire (to), koo sulah or koomut kurnee. 
Constable, boogdar, chobdar, choukeedar. 
Constant, tukra. 
Constantly, humishu, nit. 
Constellate (to), chumkunna. 
Constellation, nishuttur, wuqt. 
Consternation, houl, wuswas, chinta. 
Constipate (to), kubz bona. 
Constituent^ usul. 


Constitute (to), bunouna. 
Constitution, tuweez, uhwal, hookumut. 

Health. Government. 

Constrain (to), jor bu jor kurna, bud h o bud hee leounee. 

Construct (to), bunouna. 

Construction, bunouut. 

Constructure, etaree. 

Construe (to), sumj houna. 

Consubstantial, eko jihedee. 

Of the same substance or kind. 

Consubstantiate, eknal, ukuthyan kurna. 
Consuetude, ban, turuh, kutha. 
Consult (to), sulah kurnee. 
Consume (to), surna, Idburch kurna. 

Burn. Waste 

Consummate (to), poora kurna, supoorun kurna. 
Consumption, khurch, kung khyee. 

Expenditure. Consumption. 

Consumptive, k hyee vurga or jiha. 
Contact, Icige lounee, lugee hooee. 

CON ( 55 ) ^ CON 

Contagion, mooshk pynee. 

Contain (to), soomouna pyna. [kurna. 

Contaminate (to), khurab kurna, bhitunna, purisht 
Contemn (to), boora mununna, koorutun rukhnee. 

Contemplate (to), ghou kurna, nigali lounee, oondee 
Contemplative, urthe, khyalee. 


Contemporary, nal da nal, sung da sung. 

Contempt, vair, kusaila, wadee. 

Contend (to), bhysna, roula kurna. 

Contender, luraka, soorma. 

Content (to), rajee kurna, rajee bajee kurna. 

Contention, j,hugra, j lianj ha, roula. 

Contents, vich, undur. 

Conterminous, sirhud, mood o mood, sanj bee wut. 

Contest, jbugra, j hanj ha, roula. 

Contest (to), b hysna, j hugurna. 

Contestable, jun laeq. 


Contiguity, kol o kolee, pas o pasee. 
Continent, sut wunt, jutee, suntok hee. 

Chaste. Sober. 

Continently sunthokee nal, djiurm nal. 
Contingent, subub kurke. 
Continual, humeshu. nit da nit. 
Continue (to), rehna. 
Contort (to"), wut dena, murora dena. 

To twist a rope. To writhe as in pain. 

Contra, dooje passe. 

Contraband, munu be, shurah 

Contract (a), mamula, mulba, tinee, ujaru, t hekha. [na. 

Contract, mamula thurouna, ujara t hekha lena, sungur- 

To shrink. 

Contradict (to), mooqr pyna, na kurnee. 

Contradiction, na khora, na kurroo, mooquroo. 

Contrary, furq, hor turan dee. 

Contrasted, milaya hoya. 

Contravene (to), huta lena, rok lena. 

Contribute (to), ap o upna hissa dena, surda dena. 

Contrition, humsos, dulgeeree. 

Contrivance, hikmut nal, kis kurke, kulla nal. 

CON ( 5G ) coo 

Contrive (to), kulla phirnee, hikmut kurnee. 

Control (to), qaboo kurna, wus kurna. 

Controversy, j hugra, roula, j hanj ha. 

Controvert (to), b hysna, j hugurna. 

Controvertist, j hagroo, j,hanj hee, roule k hora. 

Contumacy, jid. 

Contumelious, bud jubanee, galee khora. 

Contusion, sut. 

Convalescence, rajee hoya hoya, nombur, nao hoyahoya. 

Convenable, joga, vurga. 

Convene (to), ukut ha kurna. 

Convenience, joga, kum waste. 

Convenient, joga laeq, da jiha. 

Convention, mujlis, subha. 

Conventional, munolee, munut. 

Converge (to), ted ha ted ha jana, vingahee jana. 

Conversant, my brum waqif. 

Conversation, gulan. 

Converse (to), gulan kurnyan. 

Convert (to), deen wutao kurouna, tunkhah lounee. 

Convert (a), wulya hoya. 

Convex, golmol. 

Convey (to), ghulna, puhonchouna. 

To send. 

Conveyance, uswaree. 

Convict (a), bund hooa, qyd dhuk. 
Convicted, tuqseerwund hoya hoya, j hoot ha hoya. 
Conviction, sabut hoya hoya. 
Convince (to), mun lena, munjoor kurna. 
Convive (to), jug kurna. 
Convivial, kliooshee. 
Convocate (to), ukuthe hee sudunne. 
Convocation, mujlis, subha. 
Convoke (to) boolouna, sudunna. 
Convolve (to), wuletna, buletunna. 
Convoy (to), nal jana, nal da nal jana. 
Convulse (to), hilouna, kumbouna. 
Coo (to), gootkunna. 
Cook, languree, 
Cook (to), pukouna. 

coo ( 57 ) COR 

Cook-boy, languree. 

Cool (to), t hunda kurna, surd kurna. 

Coop (a), pinjura. 

Coop (to), bund kurna. 

Cooper, tukhan, kareegur.* 

Co-operate, nal de nal kurna. 

Co-partner, sanj bee, sat bee. 

Cope (to), jidhna. 

Copious, buboota, wuda. 

Copist, ootar lene wala. 

Copper, tama. 

Copperas, tame da jingal. 

Copper-smitb, tamedar. 

Copse, j hare, 

Copulate (to), b bog kurna, sung kurna. 

Copy (to), ootar lena, nuql dee sbukbul kurna. 

Coquet (to), nuk bra kurna, cbilittoor kurnee. 

Coral, moonga, goolyan de mala. 

A coral necklace. 

Cord (to), russee nal bununna. 
Cordage, jeora las. 

For a ship. 

Cordial, dil kboosbee, dil rajee. 
Cordiality, sucbya, bitkoree. 
Coriander, lacbee danu. 
Cormorant, girij h, 2 khoorakoo kujak. 

A glutton. 

Corn, kunuk, 2 b,bouree. 

Grain. A hard lump on the flesh. 

Corn-cbandler, kurar, khutree. 
Corn-cutter, naee. 

(A barber, being the person so employed.) 

Cornelian, sookb puttur. 

Corneous, singh vurga. 

Corner, kboonj b kbul. 

Cornice, kumree de bun. 

Cornpipe, gundh poree. [kulgee. 

Coronal, pboolan da bar, motuko kulgee, tora jigur 

A chaplet. A king's cro>yn. 

* A carpenter is the only person who could be employed to make a 
tub or barrel. 

COR ( 58 ) COT 

Coronation, guddee bjt halna, tuJiht bjt halna, tikka dena. 
Coroner, jaclioo. 
Corporal, naick. 

An inferior military officer. 

Corporal, pindda, shureer da. 

Corporate (to), ukut ha kurna, milouna. 

Corps, purtul. 

Corpse, lot h moorda. 

Corpulence, moteaee pulya hoya. 

Corpulent, gogur. 

Corradiation, kirna da ukuth. 

Correct (to), sodh lena, bhool chook kudhnee. 

As a mistake. 

Correct (to), suza denee, nuseehut denee. 

By administering punishment. 

Correctly, theek bu theek. [wala. 

Corrector, suheehdar, suza dene wala, nuseehut dene 

Correlative, jiha, vurga, nalda. 

Correption, mulamut. 

Correspond (to), ek o jihe bona, buraburdar bona. 

Correspondence, khut o kliutee, hurdas o hurdasee. 

Correspondent, laekdar, khut b hejoo, hurdas ghuloo. 

Suitable. One who holds correspondence l^y letters. 

Corridor, veehevee. 

Corroborate (to), suboot kurna, sabut kurna. 
Corrode, jingal da k hada hoya, jingalya hoya. 
Corrupt (to), surjana, 2 wuddee nal bigarna. 

Grow rotten. To bribe. 

Corsair, pera, Jul pera. 

Corse, loth, moorda. 

Corslet, ugule sunj ho. 

Coruscation, chumkudee, lishkudee, j jiulukdee. 

Cosmographer, doonya da lik,haree. 

Cosmopolite, doonya de ruhne wala, oodasee. 

Cost, qeemut, mol. 

Costive, qubz. 

Costliness, qeemut dee wude, khurch dee. 


Cot, Cottage, choogee, kootya, j houmpuree. 
Cotemporary, nal da nal sanj hee. 
Cottager, choogee wala, kootya wala. 
Cotton, roo, koopa. 

Cotton plant. 

cou ( 59 ) cou 

Couch, koorsee. 

Couch (to), neona, j hookna, shyuhna. 

As a man. As a tiger-cat. 

Couched, milya hoy a, ukutha hoya hoya. 


Covenant (to), buchun dena, qurar kurna. 
Cover, ghorar, k hut ghorna. 


Cover (to), dhukna, kujunna. 

Coverlet, rujaee, tolaee, ghilef. 

Covertly, chhipaee hooee, looqaee hooee. 

Covet (to), lobh kurna, laluch kurna 

Cough, kung hooee hooee. 

Cough (to), kungunna. 

Council, mujlis, soobha. 

Counsel, sulah, mut. 

Counsellor, sulahee. 

Count (to), ginna. 

Countenance, soorut, shukhil. 

Countenance (to), humayut kurnee, suhayuta kurnee. 

Counteract (to), oolta kurna. 

Contrary to. 

Counterbalance (to), pasung paona. 
Counter-evidence, oogah hutoun. 
Counterfeit (to), khotah, 

As money. 

Countermand (to), hookm hutouna. 
Countermarch, moore ouna. 
Counterpane, rujaee, tolaee, ghilef. 
Counterpart, oho jihee, osa hee. 
Counterplead (to), mooqur pyna. 

To contradict. 

Counterplot (to), chhul chiddur kurna. 
Counterpoise (to), burabur kurna, poora kurna. 
Counterpressure, ek o jiha kurna, hor paona. 
Counterscrap, kampoo dee khaee. 
Countersign, suheeh kurnee, dustkhut kurna. 
Counter-tide, oolta mud. 
Counting-house, duftur khanu. 
Countrified, unaree, dhuke khora. 
Country, des. 

Country-man, khetee wala, 2 eke des da. 

COU ( 60 ) CRA 

Couple, jora. 

Couple (to), do do jorne, joree joree. 

Couplet, do sutra 

Courage, murd poona, soormut. 

Courier, hulkara, kasht. 

Course, breta. 

Bed of a river. 

Course (to), shikar khedna. 

Court, durbar, kutcherry. 

Coul-t (to), choa kurna, ushq kurna. 

Court-day, kutcherry da din. 

Courteous, ihsanee. 

Courtesan, kunjur, qusubee, peshekhOre^ 

Courtesy, ihsan wundee. 

Courtier, moosahib. 


Cousin, musera, chuchera. 

Cow, gou, gah. 

A calf. 

Coward, namurd, rung buj, ehaloo; 
Cower (to), neona, j hookna, shyehna. 
Cowherd, gou wala, goojoor. 
Cow-house, gouan da kot,ha. 
Coy, lujyawan, shurmandee. 
Cozen (to), thugouna, ghoosouna. 
Crabbed, krod hwan, g^hoosse hoya hoya. 
Crack, khuruk, t,hykunna, pata hoya tain 

Sudden noise. . Chink. 

Crack (to), pat pat jana. 

To break into chinks. 

Crack-brained, kumla, baola. 

Cracker, ustbajee, dee chadur. 

Crackle (to), turake pyne, tirukna, putake. 

Cradle, hundol, dola, b hungoora. 

Cradle-clothes, bhungoore da kupra. 

Craft, ch hulya, 2 vunj karkhanee peshu, 2 kishtee. 

Cunning. Trade. A small boat. 

Craftiness, chhul nal, chilittur nal. 
Craftsman, vunj, bypar, kareegur, hikmutee. 

* The Sikhs have no corresponding word, but use the English word 

CRA ( 61 ) CRI 

Crag, ouk hee d haree, oote tikke, put.hur oote. 

Cragged, oukhee dharee, bikree ghatee. 

Cram (to), ek sair asa hoora. 

Cramp, korh jana, sungor jana, khullean pjneean. 

Cramp (to), jugeh tung kurnee. 

Crane, bugola. 

Crank, d hoora (the end of an iron axis.) 

Crash (to), khurukna, t hykunna, t hunkunna. 

Crave (to), mihnut nal, mungunna. 

Craven, namurd. 


Craunch (to), dunt kusoune, dunt peesne. 

Craw, pot chirya da. 

Crawl (to), gode godee chulna, rerna. 

Crazy, kumla, baola. 

Cream, mulaee. 

Crease, wut pynee. 

Create (to), pyda kurnee, sajunnee. 

Creation, doonya, khilqut. 

Creator, pydakurun wala, narun ka, sajun wala, b,hugwan. 

Creature, k hilqut. 

Credence, ueteebar. 

Credibly, uchhee turuh, chungee turah nal. 

Credit, ueteebar, put ijjut, hoormut. 

Belief, credit, reputation. 

Creditor, dendar, ditta. 

Credulity, laeelug. 

Creek, nala. 

Creek (to), jootee murukna, chirukna, cheekna. 

Creep (to), shaindeean, shaindeean jana, shaike jana. 

Creeper (a), vail, bail, vuloor. 

Creephole, baree takee, jurookhna thannee, lungna. 

Crest, kulgee, bodee. 

As of peacock. As of a cock. 

Crest-fallen, oodasee, dilgeeree. 

Crevice, tair. 

Crew, beree da poor. 

Crib, j houmpuree, choogee, kootya. 

A small cottage. 

Crick, cheek unna, dhaon akhiree hooee. 

As a hinge. A pain in the ueck. 

Cricket, tiddee. 

An insect. 

CRT ( 62 ) CRO 

Crier, dhundhora. 

One who carries goods for sale. 
Crime, goonah. 
Crimeless, begoonah. 
Criminal, goonahgar, goonahwund. 
Crimination, toohmut, ooj h. 
Crimple, (to), mororna. 
Crimson, soorkh. 

Cringe (to), fuerfesh kurna, lufafu kurna. 
Crink, chirooryan pynyan. 
Crinkle, chirooree. 
Cripple, loonja, lunga. 
Crisis, ouk.hur vela, kuthuntaee. 
Crisp, purda, khururra. 
Criterion, putta. 
Criticise (to), tokna, hutouna. 
Croak, goorouna. 

As a frog. 

Crocodile, usral. 

Crone, boodhee. 

Crony, nal da, sathee, sanj hee. 

Crook, tanga. 

A shepherd's. 

Crook-backed, kooba. 
Crooked, tedha, vinga. 
Crop, fusul, pot goolulee. 

Produce. Of birds, 

Crop (to), wudna, sitna. 

Cropful, b^hurya hoy a, rujya hoy a. 

Cross, ufat, bula. 


Cross, g hor pulakee, dooskya hoya. 

Athwart. Peevish. 

Crossbite (a), t hugoun wala, ouk,houn wala. 

A cheat. 

Crossgrained, hurukh wan 

Crossway, chourah, ted hee dundee. 

Crosswind, ted hee wao. or paon. 

Crouch (to), neona, j hookna, shyuhna dur hna. 

Croup, pootla. 

The rump, buttocks. 

Crow, kaw. 

CRO ( 63 ) CUL 

Crow (to), bang denee. 

As a cock. 

Crowd, blieer, dulee murnee. 
Crowd (to), ukutha ho jana. 
Crown, jigar, kulgee, motuko. 

Of a king. 

Crown (to"), guddee byt,halna, tukht byt halna. 

Crucible, koot halee. 

Cruddle (to), jum jana, chichuree bona. 

As milk. As blood. 

Crude, kutcha, unpach. 

Cruel, kutun, kutor. 

Cruise (to), durya oote toorna. 

Cruiser, beree, juhaj. 

Crumb, p bora. 

Crumble (to), tookre tookre pouna, rutee rutee bona. 

Crump, kooba. 

Crooked in the back. 

Crumple (to), wut pynee. 

Crupper, sakut 

Crush (to), khuruk bona, dh? pyna. 

Crushed, dhutta hoya. 

Crust, purda. 

Of bread. 

Crusty, krodhwan ghoosse wala. 

Snappish, cross. 

Crutch, fouree. 

Support used by cripples. 

Cry (to), rona. 

Crystal, bulour, saf muloom. 

A transparent stone. Clear. 

Cub, lomree da bucha. 

Cubation, letya hoya. 

Cuckold, run wus, teemee vech. 

Cucumber, kheera. 

Cud, oogalee. 

Cuddle (to), chumur jana, j hupee pouonee. 

Cudgel, dang, lathee, dungoree. 

Cudgel (to), dang nal, kootna, marna. 

Cuff, mook hee, ghoosoon. 

Cuirass, ugaree dee sunj,ho. 

Cuirassier, sunj hoee. 

Cull, chantna, choonna. 

CUL ( 64 ) CUR 

Culpable, goonaliee, tuqseer wund. 

Culprit, goonahgar, tuqseer wala. 

Cultivate, waonee, jumeeii baonee. 

Cultivation, wugdee, hulwaee. 

Cultivator, waun waone wala, hulwaee kurne wala 

Cumber (to), bhar bona, bbar lugna. 

Cumbrance, pund hooee hooee, boj h hoya hoya. 

Cumulate (to), ukut,ha kurna, d her kurna. 

Cumiing, ehhulya, chulittrya, sogur, 2 chatur. 

Artful. Sly. Skilful, expert. 

Cunning, kareeguree. 


Cup, piyalu, koul. 
Cupidity, lob,hee, kamee. 

Avaricious. Lust, excessive desire. 

Cupola, goomtee. 

Cups, umulee hoya. 

Cur, wuda kul, ghorkoo. 

A snappish dog. A snappish person. 

Curable, ullaj kurne wala, chunga hone wala. 
Curb (to), wus kurna, qaboo kurna. 
Curb, sungolee, koondee. 

Part of a bridle. 

Curd, dihee, chichuree. 

Of milk. Of blood. 

Cure (to), ullaj kurna, chunga kurna. 

Cureless, be ullaj. 

Curiosity, tohoo, poochoo. [ulokar. 

Inquisitiveness. Rare, scarce. 

Curious, tohne wala, poochne wala, uchuruj, unokhee. 


Curiously, unokhee, ulokar dee, uchuruj dee. 
Curl, walan dee puttee, medhee goondounee. 

To curl the hair. 

Currency, jahir hoya hoya, oojagur hoya. 
Current, hur, dulee murnee. 


Curse (to), srafna, dhurna. 
Cursory, kalee kurke, chaitee nal. 
Curtail, chhota kurna, meth lena. 
Curtain, purdah. 
Curvated, vinga gol. 
Curve, ted ha, vinga gol mol. 

CUR { 65 ) DAM 

Curvet, choongee, cliounkee, koodna, b lioor kunna. 
Cushion, guddee, guddela. [lioya. 

Custody, sompya hoya, sipoord keeta hoya, huwale keeta 
Custom, ban, turan, dustoor, 2 dulalee. 


Customarily, uksur. 
Customer, gahuk. 
Custom-house, dulal ghur. 
Cut (a), sut. 
Cut (to), wud sootna. 
Cutaneous, khul da, chum da. 
Cutlass, tulwar. 
Cut-purse, wansunee kut. 
Cut-throat, guUa kut, dhaon wud. 
Cycle, g hera, oodala. 
Cylinder, poga, toorla. 
Cymbal, shaine, khurtal. 
Cypress, suroo. 


Dab, (to) tukorna, t hukorna, 2 gilla kurna, bhehona. 

To hit gently. To moisten. 

Dabble (to), jhukolna. 

To play in water. 

Dad or daddy, peo, bap. 
Daemon, rakhus, b hoot. 
Daft, kumla, baola, vyshee. 


Dagger, kutar, kutaree, peshkubz. 

Daily, roz roz, nit h nit h. 

Dainty, chakoo, nindoo. 

Dale, kundee, dundee. 

Dalliance, rung rasee, hut karee, hit karee. 

Dallier, hit kar wala, rung rus wala. 

Dally (to), chair, louona. 

To delaf. 

Dam, ma, 2 bun marna. 

To bank, or stop water. 

Damage, nooshqan, jan. 

Dame, teemee, junanee. 

Damn (to), srafna, d hurna. 

Damnify (to), nooshqan kurna, jan kurna. 



Damp, gilla. 

Damp (to), gilla kurna, bhehona, silla kurna. 

Damsel, lurkee, chhokree, kooree. 

Dance (to), nuchunna. 

Dandle (to), bhoor kunna, bhoor kouna. 


Danger, khutra, toukla. 
Dangerless, be khutra, be touklee. 
Dangle (to), lutkunngt, pulumna. 

To hang loose or about. 

Dangler, sungee mood, renda. 

Dapper, choost, soot hra. 

Dapple, rung bu rung, chit mi cliittur, gudra, dub kruba. 


Dare (to), lulkarna, bid hna, jid hna. 

Challenge. To defy. 

Daring, ni dur, nir b hou^ diler. 
Dark, undhera. 
Darling, pyara, ushindu, ladla. 
Darn (to), rufoo kurna, poonna. 
Dart, burchhee, sang, sela. 

Large. Small. Largest. 

Dart (to), chhal marna, tangurna. 
Dash (to), putka dena, phooa ke marna. 
Dastard, namurd, kookoor dila. 


Date, tareekh, tith, 2 khujoor. 

The fruit date. 

Dateless, be tith, untith. 
Daub, or dawb, limbna, pochna, lipna. 
Daughter, pootree, dhee, lurkee, kunya. 
Daunt (to), durouna, dum kouna, kum bouna. 
Dauntless, ni dur, nir bhou, be d huruk. 
Daw, il. 

A jackdaw. 

Dawn, chulang, suvera, ooshair, laalee, phireehooee. 
Day, din. 

Day-break, chulang, suvera, ooshair. 
Day-laborer, meenutee, mujoor. 

From mihnutee. From muzdoor. 

Day-light, din dee roshunee. 

Day-star, ooshair da tara, 2 tukalan da tara. 

The morning star. The evening star. 

Day-time, dine dine. 

DAY ( 67 ) DEB 

Day-work, dine dine da kum, din deeweeda kum. 
Dazzle (to), j humkunna, j,hakunna, phurkunna. 
Dead, moya hoya, moordu. 
Dead, soon, soomar. 


Deaden (to), nurm kurna, nimma kurna. 

As pain. To lessen (as ligbt). 

Deadly, karee. 


Deadly, khutre nal. 


Deaf, bola, jida. 

Deal, hissu, bukra, 2 cheel da rook h. 

Fir tree. 
Deal (to), bundunna, wundunna. 
Dealer, pussaree, bechun wala. 
Dealt, ditta hoya. 
Dear, miliunga. 


Dear, pyara. 

Dear-bought, khururra dam. 
Dearly, mihung nal, 2 pyar nal. 

Costly. Beloved. 

Dearth, qal kuhut, koofur. 
Death, mout. 

Death-bed, munje oote murna. 
Deathless, nu mouta, ukal. 
Death-like, mout jiha, or vurga mooya jiha. 
Debar (to), nikalna, kudhna. 
Debarrass (to), oojagar kurna, jahir kurna. 

To make plain. 

Debark (to), ooturna, 2 bunne lugna. 

Descend, alight, go ashore. 

Debase (to), be puta kurna, be ijjut, be abroo kurna, 
heth or kungal kurna, rulouna. 


Debate, b hysun, j hugra, j hanj ha. 
Debauch, umul poona, 2 kamee. 

A drunken bout. Lewdness. 

Debaucher, umulee, budfailee. 

A very loose character. 

Debauchery, rundee bajee, budfailee. 
Debile, kumjor, mara, munda, lisa. 

DEB ( 68 ) DEC 

Debilitate (to), kumjor kurna. 

Debonair, chalak, choost, bus mook h. 

Debt, qurz. 

Debtor, qurz dar, den dar. 

Decamp (to), kumpoo wutouna, 2 bliuj jana. 

To move or run oft'. 

Decant (to), ooludna. 

Decapitate (to), sir wudna. 

Decay, poorana, khudda hojana, bodah bona. 

As a tree. As a man. 

Decay (to), sookh jana, bod ha ho jana. 

As a tree. As a man. 

Decease, mout. 

Decease (to), murna, mur jana. 

Deceit, chhul, puj, chilittoor. 

Deceivable, chhul k haoo. 

Deceive (to), thugouna, ghoosouna, ouk houna. 

December, poll. 

Decency, jogahee, vurgahee, jiha, sutwunta. 

Fitness. Propriety. Modesty. 

Decennial, dus wurra. 
Decent, joga laeq da, sutwunt. 

Bacoming, fit. Decent. 

Deception, chhul, chhulya, thugounoo. 

Decerption, kudhne da, loune da. 

Decertation, j hugra, j hanj ha. 

Decharm, mohya hoya, hutouna, moho chhudouna. 

Decide (to), thurouna, hookm thurouna. 

Decidedly, juroor bur juroor, beshuqq. 

Decider, t hurouun wala, fysila kurun wala, moonsubdar. 

Decipher (to), byan kurna, dusna, butouna. 

Decision, fysila, hookm. 

Deck, beree da phut. 

Of a ship. 

Deck (to), suwarna, bunouna. 

Declaim (to), dusna, ak,hna, sumj houna. 

Declamation, gul gulan. 

Declarable, duleel vurga, duleelee jiha. 

Capable of proof. 

Declare (to), ak hna, dusna, jahir or oojagur kurna. 

To publish. 

Declension, oojurya hoya, ghutya hoya. 
Decline, oojur, g.hut. 

DEC ( 60 ) DEF 

Decline (to), neo jana, j liook jana, tedha ho jaiia. 

To lean, bend. 

Declivity, tedhee, trichee, ghatee. 
Decoction, oobal da, puchya hoya, hajma. 

Prepared by boiling . Digestion. 

Decomposition, suree liooee, gulee liooee. 


Decorate (to), suwarna, bunouna, sujouna. 
Decorous, sujdee jogee vurgee, sutwunt. 

Becoming. Decent. 

Decorum, laeq hee, joga bee, sutwuntee. 

Fitness. Decency. 

Decouple (to), udo udee kurna, joode joode kurna. 

To separate. [pake p hurna. 

Bait of meat. 

Decoy (to), moolla lake phurna, wusa ke pburna. 

As one bird to catch another. 

Decrease (to), g.hutouna, thora bona. 

Decree, bookm fysilu. 

Decrepit, kumjor, kbora. 

Decry (to), khvvar kurna, oolama dena. 

Dedication, kisse de, nao da. 

Dedicate, nao d burna. 

Deduce (to), basil kurna, muloom kurna, unt lena. 

Deduct (to), gbut kurna. 

Deed, kum, kliut, tumussook, lik bt. 


Deem (to), sumj bna, janna. 
Deep, sumoondur. 

The sea. 

Deep, doonga, 2 cbuttour, boodbwan, videeawan. 

As water. Knowing. 

Deepen, doonga kurna. 

Deer, burn, mirgo. 

Deface (to), vigarna, noosbqan kurna. 

Defailance, uphul, be nufu. 

Failure as of crops. As of any work in hand. 

Defalcate (to), kutouna. 

To cut off. 

Defame (to), toobmut lounee, ooj b lounee. 
Defaulter, j bootba, moquroo. 
Defeat (a), bar kbaee, baroo. 
Defeat (to), bar kurnee. 

DEF ( 70 ) DEL 

Defeature, soorut, shuk,hul wuttee liooee, rungon, bud 

rung hooee hooee. 
Defect, ueb, b hool, visur, chook. 
Defective, kusr, khote. 
Defence, ola uwara. 
Defenceless, be ola. 

Defend (to), ola kurna, purda kurna, uwara kurna. 
Defendant, moodde vvala. 

Defender, bulla hutouna wala, humrahee, bumayutee. 
Defer (to), talna, naghu dena. 
Deference, tabe geeree, gliureebee. 
Defiance, lulkar dena or marna. 
Deficiency, ghut, kusr, utkaoo. 
Defier, lulkaroo. 

Defile, uge pichbe hojana. [kurna. 

Defile (to), be dhurm kurna, khurab kurna, be ubdee 
Define (to), budd bunnounee, wut pounee. 
Definitely, theek bu theek, buqq, such. 
Definition, urt,h, mutubul. 
Deflour (to), sut torna, begarna. 
Deform (to), be doul kurna, be ijjut, be abro kurna. 

To dishonour. 

Deformity, koo soorutee, bud shukhlee. 

Defraud, thugee, dachul. 

Defray, kburcb dena. 

Defunct, raoya hoya, moordu. 

Defy, lulkarna. 

Degenerate, na laeq, kungal, sut chhudya hoya. 

Degenerate (to), vigarna, koodhurm kurna. 

Degradation, be abroee, be putaee. 

Degrade (to), ijjut lounee, ijjut ootarnee. 

Degree, mooratibu, kudr. 

Deify (to), kliooda jan, b hugwan jiha mununna. 

Deign (to), mihrwanee nal dena. 

Deity, b hugwan, narunka, purmeshwur. 

Deject (to), oodas kurna, oodas denee. 

Delay, chair, der. 

Delectable, khoosee da, sookhee da. 

Delectation, khooshee, sookhee. 

Delegate (to), wukeel thurouna, methna. 

To appoint. 

Deleterious, mar a varan, khurab, nooshqanya. 

DEL ( 71 ) DEM 

Deliberate (to), soch kurnee, khyal kiirna, vicharna. 

Deliberation, soch, vichar, kyal. 

Delicacy, soal dee, moolaem dee. 

Delicate, tofhu tofhu cheez, uchuruj da, uchuruj. 

Delicious, mitliee mit hee, chungee chungee. 

Delight, khooshee, anund, sookh iial. [kurna. 

Delineate, khainchunna, bunouna, vihas kurna, byan 

To draw. Paint. Describe. 

Delinquency, goonah, tuqseer, qoosoor. 
Delirious, buraya hoya. 
Delirium, burah vich, burah nal. 
Deliver (to), buchouna, 2 dena. 

To save. Give. 

Delivery, ch hoot j ana, pjda hoya hoya, jumunna. 

As of a child. 

Dell, kundee, dundee. 
Delude (to), thugouna. 
Delve, k haee toa. 

'Ditch. Pit. 

Delve (to), khodna, pootna. 

To dig. 

Deluge, purlo. 
Demand, daw a, suwal. 

Claim. Question. 

Demand (to), poochna, dawa kurna. 

Ask for. To claim. 

Demandant, mooda mooda illahee. 
Demean (to), ruhut kurnee, ruhut rukhee. 


Demeanor, ruhut, chalchulun. 

Demerit, s\iza joga, mundee chal, khotee dial. 

Deserving of punishment. Ill deserving. 

Demi, udh. 

Demise, mout. 

Demise (to), dus murna. 

To bequeath at one's death. 

Demolish (to), wuswar dena, dha dena. 

Demonstrate (to), duleel kurnee. 

Demonstrator, wukhalun wala, duleelee. 

Demur (to), juko tuke kurna, chair louna, jun louna. 

Demure, choop keeta, wutte o hoe moonh. 

Very grave. 

Demurrage, chair lounne da roopya, der loune da roopva. 

DEM ( 72 ) DEP 

Demurrer, juko tukkee, j heesee. 

One wlio demands. 

Den, j lull, bela, ghora. 
Denial, mooqur. 
Denizen, shuliuree. 


Denominate (to\ nao rukhna, nao dhurna. 
Denote (to), wukhale waste, dusun waste. 
Denounce (to), durouna, dumkhouna. 
Dense, sungna, j hung. 

As trees. 

Dent, cliib, bor. 

Dental, dundan nal. 

Dentition, dundyan nikalyan, dunt oonge. 

Denude (to), Jdialee kurna, oogarna. 

Denunciation, sraf, d hurna. 

Deny (to), mooqur pyna. 

Depart (to), chule jana, toor jana. 

Department, udo udee kum, jooda jooda kum. 

A separate office. 

Depend (to), lutkunna, pulmunna, 2 vusar kurna. 

To hang from. Rely on, trust to. 

Depict (to), byan kurna, dusna, gyan kurna. 
Deplorable, humsosee, sogee, humsos. 
Deplore (to), humsos kurna, hou ke lenee. 
Deponent, shahidee, oogaha. 
Depopulate, oojar dena, vigar dena. 
Depopulator, oojaroo, dhurke, khora. 
Deport (to), ruhut rehna, chal chulun rehna. 


Depose (to), shahidee oogahee dena, ijjutooturna hooee. 


Deprave (to), khotah kurna, mara kurna, 2 mooshq jana. 

To taint. 

Depravity, khotahee, uguree, goomanee. 

Deprecate, sewa nal, pooja, kurnee, udheengee nal, 

bundee, gee kurnee. 
Depreciate, ghutouna, khinut kurna. 
Depredation, loot. 

Depredator, loot kurun wala, dharawee. 
Depression, oodasee, humsosee, sogee, kungalee. 


Depressive, ootarun vurga, pulmounda. 

PEP ( 73 ) DES 

Deprivation, nooshqan, namoshee, ijjut ootarnee abro 

Loss. Disgrace. 

Deprive (to), le lena. 
Depth, doong, doongaee. 
Deputation, wukeelgee, wukeelgaree. 
Depute (to), ghulna, wukeel bunouna. 

To send. Empower. 

Deputy, wukeel. 

Derange (to), begarna. 

Dereliction, eh hud ditta hoya, tyagya hoya. 

Deride (to), husa kurna, tutta kurna, muk houl. 

Derive (to), le ounee, ounee. 

Derived, lub^Jiee hoee. 

Dernier, substhon pichhla, iko reha hoya. 

Derogate, nooshqanya hoya, ghutya hoya. 

Damaged. Lessened. 

Derogation, furq nal, vith nal, 2 nooshqan jan. 

Disparagement. Lijurj. 

Dervise, fuqeer, durvesh. 

Descant (to), gouna, gulan kurnyan. 


Descend (to), ooturna, lainiia. 

Descendant, wudyan dee oulad, wudyan dee uns. 

Describe (to), byan kurna. 

Descrier, lubhun wala, jachoo, takoo. 

Descry (to), lub, hna, jachna, tukna. 

Desecrate (to), dhurm heen kurna, khurab kurna. 

Desert, oojar, byaban, jungul. 

Desert (to), chhudna, 2 b huj jana. 

Forsake. Run off or away. 

Deserter, bhujun wala. 

Deserve (to), iaeq hona. 

Desiderate (to), chahe na, asa ruk hna. 

Design (to), mutubul kurna, goun kurna. 

Designation, mutubul, urt h mynah. 


Designedly, jan ke, booj h ke. 
Designer, hikmutee, kareegur. 


Designing, mutubulee, goun khora, chhulya, dughe nal. 


Desire, chah, moor ad. 


DES ( 74 ) DEV 

Desire (to), cliahna. 

Desist (to), hut jaiia, cli hud deua. 

Desolate (to), oojar kurnee. 

Despair, be oomed, be asa. 

Despatch, chaitee nal, shitabee nal, boon ehee. 

Despatch, gubia, 2 ho hutua. 

Send. To finish. 

Desperate, d harawee, t hugee khora, kumla. 


Desperate, be as, kumla jiha. 
Desperation, be oomedee, be asee. 
Despicable, kumeen, pajee. 
Despise (to), boora mununna, koura munna. 
Despite, killus, krodhee, boora munya hoya. 

Malice. Anger. Hate. 

Despoil (to), lootunna, begarna. 

Despond (to), be ooomed or be as bona. 

Despot, jalim, kururra, juburdust. 

Destinate (to), mooqurrur kurna, thikana kurna. 

Destine (to), mooqurrur kurna, pura lubt. 

Destiny, qismut, nuseeb, lekh. 

Destroyer, vigar dene wala, nooshqan kuroo. 

Desultorily, be surishta, soostee nal. 

Detach (to), jooda kurna, udo udee or mokula kurna. 

Detachment, tyeenatee. 

Detail (to), jon ke ton kurna, usul da usul kurna. 

Detain (to), rok rukhna, der kurnee, chair louna. 

Detainer, rokoo, deroo. [kurna. 

Detect (to), janunna, lublina, maloom kurna, jahir 

Deter (to), hutouna, muiie kurna, rokna. 

Deterioration, uge nal, khurab or vigurya hoya. 

Determinable, fysilu jiha, niburya jiha. 

Determination, fysilu, hookm. 

Determine (to), thurouna. 

Detest (to), kour ruk hnee, boora mununna. 

Dethrone (to), guddee ooton, ooturna. 

Detract (to), g hutouna, toohmut, ooj h lounee. 

Lessen. Slander. 

Detriment, nooshqan jan, gowaj h jaoo. 
Devastation, veran hoya hoya. 
Develop (to), oojagur kurna, mokula kurna. 
Devest (to), nunga kurna, lahdna. 

DEV ( 75 ) DIF 

Deviate (to), bliut kunna, b hoolna. 

Device, hikmutee, kareeguree. 

Devil, sliytan. 

Devious, bhut kya boya. 

Devoid, khalee, sukna. 

Devoir, ubsaii wundee, noukuree, khidmut. 

Act of civility. Service. 

Devolve (to), ek doon doojee laiiia, os da os lena. 
Devote, sookhna dena, sookhiiee. 

Dedicate. To vow. 

Devotedness, bimdugee. 

Devotee, bhugut, poojaree. 

Devotion, pooja, sundhya, bhujun, jup. 

Devour (to), k ha lena. 

Devout, dhurmee. 

Dew, tail. 

Dewlap, b hul bul. 

The flesh hanging down from the throat of an ox. 

Dexterity, chulakee, tukraee. 

Dextral, sujje vul, or kune, or pase. 

Diabolic, sliytan poone nal, ugur goomrooree rial. 

Diadem, jigar, kulgee, tora. 

Diagonal, tedha, vinga. 

Dialect, bolee, juban. 

Dialogue, juwab suwal. 

Diamond, heera. 

Diarrhoea, dust lugne, b,hook lugne. 

Diary, roj bu rojee da lekha, nit purteeda lekha. 

Dice, dula pasa, sar pasa, chunpoor. 

Dice-box, dul pase dee dubbee. 

Dictate (to), dusna. 

Dictatorial, hookm nal, 2 mugrooree, mujajee. 

Authoritative. Proud. 

Did, keeta. 

Die, rung. 

Die (to), murna, mur jana. 

Dier, lilaree. 

Diet, rijuk 

Diet (to), rijfik dena, pursad dena. 

Differ, furq lugna. 

Different, jooda, udo udee, utunk. 

Difficult, mooshkil, oukhur, kuthin. 

DIF ( 76 ) DIR 

Difficulty, kut hill nal, okhyaee nal. 
Diffidence, be wuswasee, b hurmee. 


Difformity, furq nal, bud shukhl, koo sona. 


Diffranchisement, kliol klio lenee or bund kurna. 

The taking away a privilege. 

Diffuse (to), k,hundouna, chhinukna, ch hutta dena. 

As grain or science. As water. As grain. 

Dig (to), pootunnee. 

Digestion, hajin, puchm. 

Digital, oongulee nal. 

Dignify (to), mooratibu wudouna. 

Dignity, mooratibee. 

Digress, oukouna, dhyanon ookna, 2 bhutkunna. 

To deviate. 

Dike, phaee, breta, kunda, bunna. 

Channel. Bank. 

Dilapidate (to), dhaona. 

Dilapidation, d hutta hoya, j haree pyee hooee. 

Dilate (to), wudouna, ghutouna. 

Dilemma, bikhree, oukhee, ufat. 

Diligence, meenut, arthee. 

Dilute, putla kurna. 

Diluvion, purlo nal, purlo kurke. 

Belonging to the deluge. 

Dim, (to), nima nima kurna, goobaree goobaree. 

Dimension, lumbaee chouraee. 

Diminish, g.hut kurna, ghutouna. 

Dimly, nime nal, goobare nal. 

Dimple, gulan da toe. 

Din, khuruhk, awaj. 

Din (to), kookna, roiila kurna. 

Dine (to), pursad chukunna, rotee khanee. 

Ding (to), bookwa kurna, bukna 

To bluster. 

Dinner, pursad, rusoee. 

Dinner-time, pursad da vela, rusoee da vela. 

Dint, chib, bor. 

Dint (to), chib pouna, bor pouna. 

Dip (a), choombee, g hota marna. 

Diploma, sunud. 

Dire, b hy nal, houl nal, tubke nal. 

DIR ( 77 ) DIS 

Direct, sid ha teei% oojagur, mushahoor. 
Direct (to), liookm dena. 
Direction, sirnawu. 

Of a letter. 

Directly, toorutee 2 sidhaee. 

Immediately. Straight. 

Director, dhyanee dekhoo, hookin deoo. 

Directory, subs da dusoo. 

Dirk, kuttaree, peskqubz. 

Dirt, myl, chikor. 

Disability, be wus, a wus, be tagut. [k holiiee. 

Disabuse (to), deemagh kholna, mun dee ghoondee 

Disadvantage, nooshqan jan, be faiedu. 

Disaffect (to), na raj kurna. [hitkar. 

Disaffection, na rajee, ghoossa, be haito, be suneho, be 


Disagree (to), na mununna, udool kurna, j hugra kurna. 
Disagreeable, be pusundya. 

Disagreement, vigura, vichela, vair pa. [na ouna. 

Disallow (to), mooqur pyna, be pusund kurna, pusund 

To deny. 

Disallowable, munjoor naheen, be hookm, na laeq. 


Disannul (to), met b lena, huta dena, mouqoof kurna. 
Disappear (to), looq pyna, chhip jana 
Disappoint (to), talunna, ghoosouna. 
Disapprove, be munjoor kurna, na mununna. 
Disarm (to), shustru k hone, top k holenee. 

To take guns. 

Disaster, ufat, bula. 

Disavow, mooqur pyana. 

Disband (to), purtul tor denee, purtul huta denee. 

Disbelieve (to), be ueteebar kurna, be wusa kurna. 

Disbranch, tan wud sitna, dala wut sitna. 

Disburden, b^har laona, b har ootarna. 

Disburse (to), wundunna, khurch kurna. 


Disbursement, wundee hooee, khurch keeta hoya. 


Discard (to), sit dena, soot pouona, kud h dena, huta dena. 

As old clothes. Dismiss. 

Discern (to), door dhyan kurna, lumee nujur. 

From lumbce. 

DIS ( 78 ) DIS 

Discernible, disun vurga, disda jilia.. [nee. 

Discharge, juwab dena, liuta dena, bhar louna, cliulou- 

Dismiss. To unload. To fire. 

Discind (to), tookre tookre or dukre diikre kurna. 
Disciple, chela, baluka. 
Discipline, een, da, joogut nal. 
Disclaim (to), be illaqu kurna, na kurna. 
Disclose (to), bhed kholna, oojagur kurna. 
Discolor (to), rung wuta lena. 
Discomfit, be ramee, be sookhee. 
Discomfit (to), har khanee, shikust k hanee. 
Discomfort, nakliooshee, dilgeeree, humsosee. 
Discompose (to), ukhouna, dookh dena. 
Disconcert (to), suntouna, uk houna. 

To thwart. 

Discomformity, furq nal, vith nal mokula mokula. 
Disconsolate, oodas, humsos, dilgeer. 
Discontent, na rajee, dilgeeree. 
Discontinue (to), mouqoof kurna, chhudna. 
Discord, j hugra, krodh. 

Strife. Anger. 

Discover (to), lubhna, oojagur kurna, jahir kurna, bhed 

khola, purdah k has kurna. 
Discount, chhot, ghut, susta. 

Discountenance (to), hutouna, hut kunna, munne kurna. 
Discourage (to), hutouna, munne kurna, vurjunna. 
Discourse (to), gulan kurnyan. 
Discourteous, be uhsan, be kliooshamud. 
Discous, gol mol, ghere nal. 
Discredit (to), be ueteebar kurna, na mununna. 
Discredit, namoshee oolamu, mehna. 
Discreet, chuttur, gyanee, sutwunt. 


Discrepance, furq, vit h jiha naheen. 

Discretion, chutraee, gyanee. 

Discriminate (to), janunna, choonna, chantna. 

Discumber, (to), b har louna, boj h louna, or ootarna. 

Discuss, chidda chukolee, chiddee. 

Discuss (to), bysna, jachunna. 

Argue. Examine. 

Disdain, hunkar kurna, mujaj kurne. 
Disease, beramee, rogee munohan. 

DIS ( 79 ) DIS 

Disembark (to), beree ooton ootarna, kundeon ootarna. 
Disembodied, deh vichon jan nikulee hoee. 
Disemboweled, unduron kudhya hoya, thed vichou 

kud hya boya. 
Disembroil (to), jliugra j banjlia metiia. 
Disenable (to), aw us kurna, oukbur kurna. 
Disencbant (to), mob simdeo butouna, tokna butouna. 
Disencumber (to), bhar louna, pund ootarnee, bojh 
louna. [nikal. 

Disengage (to), ouk bee tbaon kudbna mooskbil vicbon 
Disentangle (to), kbolna, wul lounee. 
Disentbral (to), cbhudouna. 
Disentbrone, guddeeon ootarna, tikka louunna, tukbton 

ootarna, tikba k bona. 
Disesteem (to), bait cb budna, suneo cb budna, koorut- 

tun rukbnee. 
Disfavor, kbotaee, vair pa. 
Disfavor (to), bitkaree da, boora mununna. 
Disfigure (to), koosona kurna, be sbukbl kurna. 
Disfrancbise, kbol k,bo lenee, bund kurna. 
Disgorge (to), mor dena, oogulacbna. 

As wealth. As food. 

Disgrace, be abrooee, be put, namosbee. 

Disguise (to), b hekb kurna or bununna, ves louna. 

Disgust, koura, boora. 

Disb, bbande. 

Disb (to), b hande oote, bbanda riikbna, teend b louneq. 

Disbabille, kupre lutt be booe. 

Disbearten (to), durouna, oodurouna, kum louna. [boya. 

Disbed, bbande vicb, rusoee pyee booee, pursad p?a 

Disbevel, wal khundaya boya. 

Dishonest, j boot ha, kooryal. 

Dishonor, be ijjutee, namosbee. 

Dishonorable, namosbee nal, khotyaee nal, koor nal. 

Disinclination, be sucbyaee. 

Disingenuous, kumeen, cb hulya. 

Disinherit (to), hiseon butouna, warisee khonee. 

Disinter (to), nupya boya, pootna qubron kudbna. 

Disinterested, be purwa boya boya, be gburz. 

Void of self-interest. 

DIS ( 80 ) DIS 

Disjoin (to), udo udee kurna, jooclajooda kurna, pootunna. 

Put out of joint. 

Disjunction, udo udee, utunk utunk, joodee joodee. 
bisk, sooruj or chand dee soorut, chida or cliakulee 

Dislike, koura or boora kurna, unchaha rukhna. 
Disliken, wuda chhota, furq nal, vit li nal, jiha nuheen. 
Dislimb (to), tookre tookre, or dukre durke kurna. 
Dislocate (to), ookharna, pootunna. 
Dislocation, ookliarya hoya, pootya hoya. 
Dislodge (to), kudhna, nikalna. 
Disloyal, dughedar, ak bee, khyanut. 
Dismal, boul nak, dur ke, oodasee, kurke. 
Dismantle (to), qille de, morcbe or boorj dbaone. 
Dismask (to), purdab laona, looqya boya nikalna. 
Dismay (to), boul, dur, fi^hum. 
Dismember (to), lut wudnee, lut bbununnee. 
Dismiss (to), buta dena, cb hud dena. 
Dismortgage, ghaineon, cbhudouna. 
Dismount, ooturna. 

Disnatured, kururraee. sukbtaee, kutortaee. 
Disobedience, bookm butaoo. 
Disobedient, be bookma. 
Disobey, bookm na munna, na bookma bona. 
Disoblige (to), bina mibrwan bona, burkbe^kurna. 
Disobligingly, bina mibrwan, undya. 
Disorder, beramee, rogee, buburouna, tubkunna. 


Disorder (to), beram kurna, burburouna, tubkunna. 

Disorderly, burburar nal, tubuk nal. 

Disown, na kurnee, na mununna. 

Dispand (to), p hilouna, wisbouna, cboura kurna. [kurna. 

Disparage (to), wuda cbhota kurna, munda cbunga. 

To undervalue. 

Disparity, furq or joodaee nal, na vurga kurke. 
Dispart, udo udee kurna, parna, tookre tookre kurna. 
Dispassion, dileree, thunda boya, sant b vicb boya boya. 
Dispassionately, t bund nal, santh nal. 
Dispatcb (to), gbulna, cbookna, butna. 
Dispel (to), buta dena, pure kurna, kudbna. 
Dispend (to),khurcb wudouna, khurcb kurna. 

DIS ( 81 ) DIS 

Dispensary, duwa khanu, ouk hut k hanu, pooree kjianu. 


Dispensation wundya hoya, wun ditt^. 


Dispensator, wundoune wala^ wundouoo. 
Dispense (to), wundouna, wurujna, huta dena. 

Distribute. Exempt. Excuse. 

Disperse (to), hutouna, vail kurna, mokula kurna. 
Dispirit (to), oodasee denee, oodurouna, durouna. 
Displace (to), ooltouna, pooltouna, heth oote kurna. 
Displacency, be uhsanee, be moolahiju. 
Displant, ookharna, pootna, hutouna, pure kurna. [hoya. 
Displantation, pure keeta hoya, poolya hoya, ookharya 

As people. As trees. 

Display (to), wuk,halna, byan kurna, gyan kurna. 

Show. Describe. 

Display, dik hala, wukhala. 

DisjDlease (to), na raj kurna, suntouna, be dil kurna. 
Displeasingness, be pusundee, mundee jihee. 
Displeasure, be khooshee, na rajee, be suntokhee. 
Displode (to), pat pyna, oodh jana, phoot pyna. 
Disport (to), khediia, vurchouna. 
Disposal, vechun leee. 
Dispose (to), vechna, bune rukhna. 

To sell. To place. 

Disposer, vechoo buna ke or suwar ke rukhun waU. 

Disposition, niijaj, ryhut, kutta. 

Dispossess (to), kudhna, nikalna. 

Dispossession, kud hya hoya, nikalya hoya. 

Dispraise (to), tokna, nindunna. 

Dispraise, nindya, koosulaha, vudarna. 

Disprofit, nooshqan jan, guwa. 

Disproof, j hoot,ha hoya hoya, be duleelee. 

Disproportion, furq nal, eko jiha naheen. [kurna. 

Disprove (to), j hootha kurna, j hootyarna, be duleel 

Disputant, jideea, j hagroo, roule wala. 

Dispute, j hugra, jjianj ha, roula. 

Dispute (to), j hugurna, jidna, tukrar kurna. 

Disqualification, jiha naheen, be laeq. 

Disqualify (to), be laeq kurna. 

Disquantity, g hutouna, ghut kurna. 

Disquiet (to), suntouna, ghum dena, diqq kurna. 


DIS ( 82 ) DIS 

Disquisition, tuweez dliyan vucharna, lubhna, dhondna. 
Disregard, na pyar, be haito, unsunde hee. 
Disregard (to), houla ruk hna or janna, namunna. 

Contempt. Slight notice. 

Disregardful, ghafilee, soostee, be cliutraee. 
Disrelish, be suwadee, be pusund. 
Disreputation, be abroee or ijjutee, namoshee nal. 
Disrespect, be ubdee, be uhsanee 


Disrespectful, be ubdee. 
Disrobe (to), kupra louona. 
Dissatisfied, na raj, dilgeer, na khoosh. 
Dissatisfy (to), na raj kurna, suntouna. 
Dissect (to), tookre tookre kurna, dukre dukre kurna. 
Dissection, pet chah keeta hoya, loth pylee hooee, pet 
chah kurna, loth pharnee. 

To dissect. 

Disseizee, be dawa kurna, jumeenon kudhna. 
Disseizin, be unhuqq kud hna, budo budee kudhna. 
Dissemble (to), puj or buhana kurna. 
Disseminate (to), bee beejna, gul khundounee. 

To sow. Propagate. 

Dissension, roula, j,hugra, j hanj ha. 

Dissent (to), na mun bona, patana. 

Dissentaneous, jid nal, j hugre nal. 

Dissertation, gulan. 

Dissevering, cheer ke, par ke. 

Dissimilar, furq nal, jiha or wurga naheen. 

Dissimulation, dug ha kurke, dugjie nal. 

Dissipate, khundouna, chutha dena. 

Dissociate, udo udee or wuko wukee jana. 

Dissolvable, gulne laeq, surne laeq. 

Dissolve (to), gulunna. 

Dissolute, budfailee, uguree. 

Dissolution, vuranee, khurabee, 2 mout. 

Dissonance, tukraree, j hugra. 

Dissonant, kururra, sukhta, oho jiha naheen, osa naheen. 

Dissuade (to), munna kurna. 

Distaff, churkha, churkhee. 

Distain (to), dagb louona, 2 budn am kurna. 


Distance, furq, door. 

DIS ( 83 ) DIS 

Distance (to), peechhe chliudna. 

Distant, door. 

Distaste, koura, boora, be suwad. 

Distasteful, be suwadee, un suwadee, be pusund. 

Distemper, beramee, rogee. 

Distemperate, be teechu, be hudda, asa hoora, be sutra. 

Distemperature, umulphoona, be teechu, be sunthoke. 

Distempered, beram, rogee. 

Distend (to), p hoohia, p hailna. 

Distich, urut h. 

Distil, utr kudhna, uruq kudhna, rusa nuchorna. 

Distiller, utr gur, uruq kudhun wala. 

Distinct, udh, utunk, jooda, oojagur, jahir. 

Distinction, furq, joodaee, jus musha hooree. 


Distinctively, oojaguree, musha hooree, jahiree. 
Distinguish (to), syanunna, puhchanunna, put wudounee. 

Make eminent. 

Distinguished, mushahoor, jus bunya hoya, putwudee 

Noted. Eminent. [hooee. 

Distinguisher, syanoo, puhchannoo. 
Distort (to), kuseesan, wutnyan. 
Distract (to), dook,h dena, suntouna. 
Distractedly, suntap nal, dookh nal. 
Distrain (to), la laouna. 

For debt. 

Distraint, la laya hoya. 

For debt. 

Distream, bahur noon wugna. 

To run or blow out. 

Distress, dookhee, humsos. 

Distressed, sogee, humsosee, dook hya hoya. 

Distribute (to), wundunna. 

Distribution, wund, ditta h5ya. 

District, purgunna, illaqa. 

Distrust (to), be wusa kurna, na bhurosa kurna. 

Distrustful, b,hurm nal, jun nal. 

Disturb (to), be aram or tung kurna, suntouna. 

Disturbance, hukama roula, luraee. 

Disturbed, suntaya hoya, dookhee keeta hoya. 

Disturber, suntouoo, dook hee kurun wala. 

Disvaluation, namoshee, b6 putee, be pruteet. 


DIS ( 84 ) DIV 

Disvalue, syhuj bhao kurna, boora mununna. 

Disunite (to), udo udee kurna bukwuk kurna. 

Disunity, udo udee nal, jooda jooda. 

Disusage, chhudee hooee, hutayee hooee. 

Disuse (to), dustoor eh hud dena, ban chhud dene. 

Disavouch (to,) mooqur pyna, na kurna. 

Diswitted, hulkya hoya hoya, kumla hoya hoya. 

Ditch, khaee. 

Ditcher, khaee kud hun wala or pootun wala. 

Ditto, oho jiha, osahee ose wurga. 

Ditty, geet, rag, goun, awaj. 

Divaricate (to), parna, cheerna. 

Divide. Separate. 

Dive (to), choobee marnee or louonee ghota marna. 

Diver, choobee wala, ghote mar tobe. 

Diverge, ted ha jana, vinga jana. 

Divers, turah turan da, kisee kisee turandee. 

Diverse, oh a jiha naheen. 

Diversification, wutta, budulee. 

Diversify, wutta lena, bhant b hant da bona. 

Diversion, tumashu, k bed. 

Diversity, jooda jooda, turan turan. [kurna. 

Divert (to), vurounna, rujouna, khoosh kurna, ek pase 

Diverting, virichda, virounda. 

Divertingly, vuroun nal, virichya hoya. 

Divest (to), nunga kurna, kudhna. 

Dividable, pata jiha, pate hooe wui-ga. 

Divide (to), parna, cheerna, udo udee kurna. 

Dividend, hissu, wund da. 

Divider, hisse bunoun wala, hissa hissa kurun wala. 

Divine (to), uge bee dusna, ugulwandee bolna. 

Divinely, by koont h jysa, k hurra sona. 

Very fiiie. 

Diviner, sugon dusne wale. 
Divinity, b hugwan, purmeshur, narunka. 
Divisible, hisse hisse kurun jiha. 
Division, udo udee, 2 be milapee. 


Divorce, veeah ch hudna. 

Diurnal, roj da roj, nit nit vihee, chuputtur. 

Daily. Day-book, journal. 

Divulge (to), oojagur kurna, b,hed kholna. 

Publish. Disclose. 

DIV ( 85 ) DON 

Divulger, oojagur kurun wala, bhed kholoo. 

Divulsion, poot6 hoote, khoe hooe. 

Dizen (to), suwarna, bunouna. 

Dizzy, b hounya hoya, g hernee churhee hooee. 

Do (to), kurna. 

Docile, sikhulne wala, suhuj bhao, ghureebee nal, useel. 

Docility, ghureebee, useelee, nurmaee. 

Dock, juhaz khanu. 

Docket, surnawe dee tikkee, thuppa. 

Doctor, hukeem waed. 

Doctrine, kutha. 

Document, surnawa, duftur da kaghut. 

Documental, dufturee da. 

Dodge (to), hull o sahe lenee, odur idur bona, peechhe 

peechhe luge, phirna 5dure jana. 
Doe, hurnee, mirgnee. 
Doer, kurunwala. 
Doff (to), louona, ootarna. 
Dog, kootta. 

Dog (to), pichhe pichhe, luge phirna. 
Dogged, krod'h nal, hurukh nal. 
Doggerel, be urt h. 
Dogmatical, jidya. 
Doings, tumashu dhanee, khooshee. 
Dole, hissu, 2 sog, humsos. 

Spare part. Sorrow. 

Doleful, sog nal, humsosee. 

Doll, gooddee. 

Dolorous, dilgeer, oodas hoya hoya. 

Dolt, kumla, baola. 

Domain, ghur. 

Dome, goomtee mutli, rountee.' 

Domestic, noukur chakur, tuhul wala. 

Domesticate (to), haluk rukhna. 

Domicile, ghur, dera, mukan. 

Dominate (to), raj kurna, hookm kurna. 

Domination, rajkaj, hookumut, vus or wus. 

Domineer (to), hookumut kurna. 

Dominion, raja dee hookumut. 

Donation, ditta hoya, inam, buksees. 

Done, keeta hoya. 

Donor, dene wala, de walya. 

DOO ( 86 ) DOW 

Doodle (to), jilla nukumpoona kurna, nikaru kum 

Doom (to), tuweez kurnee, sulah kurnee. 
Doomsday, uftar de din, wukt de din, dojiikh de din. 
Door, deodee, durwaju, burota. 
Door-keeper, deodee wala, durwala. 
Doquet, surnawe, verwar kaghut. 
Dormant, sota hoya. 
Dormitory, soan walee kot hree. 
Dose, doshandu, joolab. 
Dot, bindee, tim kunne. 
Dotard, suttur, buhuttur gya. 
Dote (to), suttur, buhuttur jana. 
Dotingly, pyar kurke, hit nal. 
Double, doohra. 

Double-dealer, chhulya chilitturee. 
Double-lock, doohra jor louna, doohra doohra knrne 
Doubler, vuletun wala, ukutha kurne wala, tukurne wala. 
Doubt (to), bhurm kurna, jun louna 
Doubter, b hurmee. 
Doubtless, be shuqq, be b hurm. 
Douceur, wuddee. 

Dove, ghooghee. [bul. 

Dove-cot, kubootur khana, kubootur da khooda, koom- 
Dove-like, ghoog hee jiha. 
Dove-tail, teleejor. 
Dough, pera, loja. 
Doughty, soorma. 


Douse, (to), chanchuk doob jana, or dig pjna. 
Dower, daj tewur, mooree. 
Dowerless, be daj khal mookhalee. 
Down, mydan, rour, pushm, rom, looeen. 

A large open plain. Very soft feathers. 

Down, hut h ha, jumeen o ote heth. 
Downcast, jhookya hoya, niwya hooa, oodas. 

Bent down. Dejected. 

Downfall, vuran, khurab, vigur gya, ufat. 
Downhill, g hatee, dundee. 
Down-looking, oodas, sog. 
Down-lying, jumun luga, pjda hon luga. 


DOW ( 87 ) DRE 

Downright, theek bii theek, oojagur, jabir. 

Down-sitting, bytha boya, aram kurda. 

Downwards, bet b lee wul. 

Downward, j bookya boya, niwya boya, oodas. 

Downy, pusbm jibee, rom jiba, looeen jibee. 

Dowse (to), thuppe marna, cbufer marnee, tumacbu 

Doze (to), oongna, oong louona. 
Dozen, barub. 
Dozy, oong landa. 
Draff, boonj sitna. 
Draft, boondee. 

A bill for money. 

Drag, rera, rerna. 

Draggle (to), limbunna, pocbna. 

Draggled, liburya boya, cbekur luga boya. 

Drag-net, k boondee da jal, gbuseetun wala jal. 

Dragoon, uswar. 

Drain, ad, wainee, khalee. 

Drain (to), kbal, rou, pootna. 

Drake, bukut. 

Drank, peeta boya. 

Draper, bujjaj. 

Drave, bukya boya. 

Draugbt, gboot. 

Diink. [kotbree. 

Draugbt-bouse, soot posootee da kotba, ulpul walee 

A house kept to put filth in. 

Draw (to), rerna, kheecbna. 
Drawback, sustee. 

Money paid back. 

Draw-bridge, kula da pool. 

Drawn, rerya boya, k hecbya boya. 

Drawers, soothoo, pajama, sulwar, sootjiun, ghotunna. 

For men. For women. [bolna. 

Drawl (to), thuduk ke bolna, utuk utuk ke koona, totula 

Draw-well, doonga kboob. 

Dread, bby, boul, cbinta. ^ 

Dreadless, be dhuruk, unbhou, ni dburuk. 

Dream (to), soopna. 

Dreamer, soopne dek,bne wala, kbwab lene wala. 

Dreary, oodasee nal, sog nal. 

DRE ( 88 ) DRU 

Dregs, chikree jala, lag. 

As of water or mud. 

Drench (to), bjieona. 

Drenched, b hinna hoya, b hijya hoya. 

Dress, kupra, poshak, leera. 

Dress (to), kupra paona, leera paona, 2 rinunna pouona. 

As food. 

Dribble (to), lala cligna, toobke pyna, chittan. 

Slaver. To drop or fall slowly. 

Drier, sookhun wala, sookhuon wala. 
Drift, mutubul, gou ror or hur nal. 

Design, scope. To float. 

Drill (to), chek kudhna, chair louona. 
Drill (a), vurma, 2 quwaid. 

A sharp instrument. As of soldiers. 

Drink (to), peena, Jul chukna. 

Drinkable, peene vurga. 

Drinker, peeak, peene wala. 

Drip (to), toobke pyne, chitta pynyan. 

Drive (to), waona, bouona. 

Drivel (to), kumul poona kurna. 

Driver, waone wala, bouone wala. 

Driggle (to), kunyan kunyan pyneean, bhoar pynee. 

Droll, thuthee baz, bukherya, basse wala, mushkuru. 

Dromedary, do bunna oot. 

Drone, dug mukhee, dug munookh. 

A dry bee. A sluggard, idler. 

Droop (to), kumla jana, odur jana. 

As trees. 

Drop (to), ek ek kunee or boond digna. 
Dropsical, Jul undur war hoya hoya. 
Dross, p hog. 

The scum of metals. 

Drove, chair, chouona. 
Drover (a), palee wagee. 
Drought, our koorapa. 
Drown, doob jana. 
Drowsy, oongaya hoya. 
Drub (to), kootunna, marna. 
Drubbing, koot khaee, mar khaee. 
Drudge, mihnutee, kama. 
Drudgingly, mujooree nal. 

From muzdoor. 

DRU ( 89 ) DUM 

Drug, pusar. 

Drug (to), pusar dee, cheez k hanee. 

Druggist, pusaree. 

Drum, dhol. 

Drumble (to), soost bona. 

Drum-maker, dhol ghurun wala. 

Drummer, dholchee. 

Drum-stick, d hoi da duga. 

Drunkard, umulee. 

Dry, sookha. 

Dryer, sook.houn wala. 

Dry-eyed, be utroo or unyoo, sung dil, kutor. 

Dryly, suk htaee nal. 

Coldly, severely. 

Dryly, sookh nal, sook h kurke. 

Dry-nurse, khudawee. 

Dub (to), hoohdee kurna, hoohdu dena. 

Dubious, jun kurke, bhurm kurke. 

Duck, butuk. 

Duck (to), doobunna. 

Duct, nalee, ad. 

Ductile, tar, jihee, sulak. 

Ductility, sulak, wurgee. 

Dudgeon, kutaree. 

A small dagger. 

Due, huqq da chunga, laeq joga. 

Fit proper. 

Duel, lulkare dee luraee akur dee luraee. 
Dug, muma, choochee, pootya hoya. 

From to dig. 

Dulcify (to), sonee awaj kurnee. 
Dull-head, kumla, moorookh, be uql. 
Dull, kumla, oodas. 

Dejected, sad. 

Dullness, kumla poona, moorukh poena. 


Duly, chungyaee nal, theek bu theek. 
Dumal, kundyan wala. 

Briery, full of bushes. 
Dumb, goonga, thuthla. 
Dumb-found, ghubrouna, hurburouna. 
Dumbly, goong nal, thuthla kurke. 
Dumps, sogee, humsosee. 


DUN ( 90 ) EAG 

Dun (color), shah, koolla. 

Dun (to), mungunna, tukraee kurna. 

Dun (a), tukraee kurun wala. 

Dunce, be uql, kumla. [go^* 

Dung, lid, goar, mingna, vith 

From leed. Of Horses, Elephants. Of Cattle. Goats, Sheep, Deer. Birds. 

Dungeon, b hora. 

Dung-hill, lid dee d heree, arooree. 

Of horses. Of duno- in o-eneral. 

Dunning, tukraee me shudee. 
Dupe (a), laee lug. 

A credulous person, one easily duped. 

Dupe (to), thugouna, ghoosouna, oukhouna. 
Duplicate, ootar, doohra. [hooee. 

Duplication, tyh keetee hooee, bhan pace hoee, vuletee 
Duplicity, chhul, dugga, chilittoor. 
Durable, muzboot, tukra, moodutee. 
Durance, qjd. 


Duration, moodamee. 
Duress, qvd. 


During, vich judon teek. 
Durst, bid hya hoy a, jidhya hoya. 
Dusk, moonera, undhera. 
Dusky, moonera jiha. 
Dust, gurd, underee, ghutta. 
Dutifully, tabe daree nal. 
Duty, tabe geeree. 
Dwarf, waona, baona. 
Dwell (to), rehna. 
Dwelling, mukan, tukanu. 
Dwindle, ghut jana, t hora ho jana. 
Dye (see Die), murna, 2 rungna. 
Dynasty, hookumut, hookoomut, raj kaj. 
Dysentery, dust lugne, pet chulna. 


Each, ik o ek. 

Eager, tej trikka. 

Eagerly, tejee nal, trikjiaee nal. 

EAG ( 91 ) EBO 

Eagle, b,heel, baj, byrah. 

Eagle-eyed, bheel ukhan, baj byree ukh. 

Ear, sutte, ' 2 kun. 

Of corn. The organ of hearing. 

Earing, sitte hon wala, gubolee hoee. 

As of corn. 

Earless, khusee un nissur. 

Having no ears. 

Earliness, chulange, suvere, miisojur6. 
Earn (to), kumouna, khutunna. 
Earnest, trik ka, art hee. 

Hot, eager, diligent. 

Ear-ring, wala, unut,heean tongul, moorkya dhedo. 

For men. 

j hoobke, waleean, dundyan. 

For women. 

Ear-shot, waj soonnee. 

Earth, jumeen, bhoeen, bhoom dhurtee. 

Earth (to), khod vich wurna, g,hore vich wurna. [hoya. 

Earth-born, mudd vich pyda hoya, doonya vich pyda 

Earthen, mittee da. 

Earthly, doonya dar, kumeen. 

Earthquake, bho chal jumeen, kumbhun. 

Earth-worm, mullapo, goodoha. 

Earthly, mittee wurga 

Ear-wax, kun dee myl, kunda jala. 

Ear-witness, soonyar. 

Ease, sook hee, aram, sookh. 

Ease (to), dookh hutouna, k hed hutouna. 

Easily, syhuj nal 

East, poorub, ehurhda. 

Sun's rising. 

Easterly, poorub wul. 

Easy, syhuj. 

Eat (to), khana, pursad khana. 

Eaves, cheja, chuja. 

Eaves-drop (to), birik h lenee. 

Eaves-dropper, birikhee. 

Ebb, bhat. 

Ebb (to), tootdee bhat, ooton ooturna. 

As life. 

Ebony, k,hair dee lukree. 

EBR ( 92 ) EFF 

Ebriety, umul poona. 

Ebulliate (to), oobulna. 

Eccentric, luhuree, moujee. 

Echo, goonj, awaj, gurj. 

Eclipse, gruhun. 

Eclipse (to), gruhun lugna, 2 ugle thon, uge jana. 

Ecstacy uth, khooshee. Surpass. 

Eddy, ghoomun, gheree, doom. 

Edge, kunda, bunna, wad dhar. 

Side-bank. Of a blade. 

Edged, dhar kud hee hoee. 

Edgeless, bina wad, be dhara,khoonda. 

Edgetool, wad lugee hooee, dhar churhee hooee. 

Edgewise, wad dee wul, wad or dhar de pose. 

Edging, j halur, kor. 

Edible, kjiane jiha or wurga. 

Edict, hookm. 

Edification, purhna, paona, sunta. 

Edifice, imarut. 

Edify (to), osarna, sik halna. 

To build up. To instruct. 

Editor, bunoun wala, kurun wala. 

Educate (to), sikhalna. 

Education, sunta. 

Educe (to), kud hna, nikalna. 

Eel, keendur. 

Efface, mesna, metna. 

Effect, hasil, lub hna, huth ouna. 

Effective, kum dee, hasil dee. 

Effectless, be hasil, un hoya hoya. 

Effects, libas, vulewu or bulewu, cheezwust, nik, sook. 

Effectual, hasil nal, kum dee. 

Effectuate (to), kurna, kurouna. 

Effeminate, teemee jiha, junanu jiha. 

Effervesce (to), shona, pyna. 

Efficacious, kum dee, hasil dee. 

Efficacy, tagut, himmut, usur. 

Efficient, wurga jiha, laeq. 

Effigy, moorut, nuql dee shukhl. 

Efflorescent, p,hool jiha nikulda. 

Effluent, wugda. 

EFF ( 93 ) ELE 

Effluvium, mooskya hoya, turk hya hoya. 

Effort, meenut, heela, jera, k hechur. 

Effrontery, shekhee nal, mujaj nal. 

Effulge (to), chuii kunna, lish kunna, j hul kunna. 

Effulgent, chum kudee or lishkclee. 

Egest (to), oobutna, oopur shul kurnee^ oogulaclin, 

ooltee kurnee. 
Egg, anda. 

Egotism, upnee ap sulouna, upnee wudyaee kurnee. 
Egotist, dum da malik, lufafee, ghupee, p houree. 
Egregious, mushahoor, oojagur. 
Egress, lung jana. 
Eighteen, utharuh. 
Eight, uth. 

Eight-fold, uth goonee. 
Eight-score, uth veean. 
Eighty, ussee. 
Either, ja jan. 

Ejaculate (to), koona, dusna. [da bol. 

Ejaculation, uchuruj da, ucharuj ho jana, hoobe sahee 
Eke (to), jorna, gundunna, bhurna. 
Elaborate, meenut nal suwarna, khechuh nal suwarna. 
Elapse (to), goojur jana, ho hutna. 
Elastic, les da. 
Elate, khooshee hooee hooee, gumroor. 


Elation, gumrooree, mujaj ee. 

Elbow, uruk, koohnee. 

Elbow-room, urkan dee jugeh. 

Elder, wuda. 

Elders, wudeean, wuderyan. 

Eldest, subna thon wuda. 

Elect (to), chhantna, choonna, pusund kurna. 

Elector, chhantoo, chonoo. 

Electricity, chinaka. 

Elegance, buhoot sonee, sujdee, soothuree. 

Elegantly, suj nal, sonee nal, soothuree kurke. 

Elegy, ramkuhanee, murne da rag. 

Elements, tut. 

As fire, water, air, &c. 

Elementary, pyntee dee pothee, pyhlee suntha. 

ELE ( 94 ) EMB 

Elephant, hathee, hustee, huthnee, guj. 

She elephant. 

Elephantine, hathee wurga. 
Elevate (to), hoodu budouna. 
Eleven, yarah. 

Elicit (to), sumj hunna, k hojna. 
Elide (to), torna, dukre dukre kurna. 
Eligible, pusund da, pusund joga. 
Elixir, mawa, kara, usur. 

The essence. 

Elk, barah singha. 
Elipsis, b,hool, kusr, visur. 
Elocution, chuttura jeehh, totulee jeebh. 
Eloigne (to), prede or pure kurna. 

To put at a distance. 

Elongate (to) k henchna, chair louona. 

To draw out. To protract. 

Elope, looq jana, chhip jana. 

Eloquence, chutturee or kuraree jeeb h. 

Eloquent, chuttur jeeb h. 

Else, nuheen tan. 

Elsewhere, hor kit,he, hor the. 

Eludicate (to), oojagur kurna, byan or gyan kurna. 

Elude (to), buchouna. 

Elusion, chhul dugha, chilitoor. 

Emaciate (to), lisa bona, mara ho jana. 

Emancipate (to), chhudouna. 

Emasculate (to), kusee kurna. 

Embale (to), bore bore, lounee. 

Embalm (to), musale pouone. 

Embargo, munu keeta hoya. 

Embark (to), churh jana, beree oote. 

Embarrass (to), tulo muchee bona, hurbura bona. 

Embassador, elchee, wukeel. 

Embattle (to), pura bununna. 

To set or arrange in order of battle. 

Embellish (to), suwarna. 
Embers, soa, rak h. 
Embezzle (to), looq dee choree. 
Emblazon (to), suwarna. 
Emblem, nuql, moorut. 
Emblematical, vurga, ode vurga. 

EMB ( 95 ) EMP 

Embowel (to), ojuree kudhnee. 

Embrace (to), j hupee pouonee. 

Embrasure, morchee. 

Embrocate (to), tukor kurnee, pulosna. 

Embroider (to), dore pounee, j halur pouriee. 

Embroider, dore poune wala. 

Embroil, j hugre or j lianjhe vich rulna. 

Embrothel (to), phupe kootne de ghur bununna. 

Embruted, uguree, pushoo jiha. 

Very depraved. Reduced to brutality. 

Embryo, udh bunnee, adham hoya hoya. 

Any thing unfinished, a child indistinctly formed. 

Emburse (to), roopyu mor denee. 

Emendation, wuttaye hooe, nuseehut dittee hooee. 

Alteration. Correction. 

Emerald, hiirya, subja. 

Emerge (to), goorukna. 

Emergency, juroor 

Emergent, juroor bu juroor. 

Emersion, goorkya hoya. 

Emetic, oopur shuldee duwa, oobut an dee duwa. 

Emication, liskya hoya, j bulky a hoya. 

Emiction, cheeta, peshab, moot. 

Emigrant, oojare wala. 

Emigrate (to), oojur jana, deson purdes jana. 

Eminence, tilla, oocha, mushahooree. 

Eminent, mushahoor. 
Emissary, sooa, takoo, bhetee, jachoo. 
Emission, chek, kudhya hoya, sooroo totroo. 
Emit (to), bahur nikulna. 
Emollient, moollaem jiha, nurm jiha. 
Emolument, nufu, laha, kuthya. 
Emotion, dilgeeree sog, chanchuk da sog. 
Empale, wulyan da g hera. [kurounee. 

Empannel, soun denee, munookhan noon, soogund 
Emparlance, urzee, gulan, batan, kurnyan. 
Empassion (to), krodh kurna, ghoossa kurna. 
Empeople (to), uwadanee, wuson kurnee. 
Emperor, badshah, raja. 

Emphasis, thusse nal, hoe nal, hudd nal, hujoke nal. 
Empire, ryeeut, badshahee. 

EMP ( 96 ) ENC 

Empirical, purtoun waste, jachuii waste, johuii waste. 


Emplead (to), dawa rukhna, dyeea rukhna. 
Employ, kum, kaj, kar. 

Employ (to), kum kurouna, tuhul kurounee. 
Empoison (to) veo moura dena. 
Emporium, tunksal, mundee bajar. 

A seat of merchandise. 

Empoverish, kungal kurna. kho lena. 

Empower, hookm dena. 

Empress, ranee. 

Empty (to), khalee or sukna kurna. [k hanee. 

Empuzzle (to), hurburouna, juko tuke kurna, duko dole 

Emulate (to), vekh vek h kurna, rees o reesee kurna. 

Emulous, rees da. 

Enable (to), kur sukna, ho sukna. 

Enact (to), hookm dena. 

Enactor, hookm deoo. 

Enamour (to), ashiq hojana. 

Encage (to), pinjure vich pouona. 

Encamp (to), dera ootarna, mooqam kurna. 

Encampment, kumpoo. 

Encave (to), toe vich, khod vich looqna. 

Enchain (to), sungol nal bununna. 

Enchant (to), mohna, wus kurna. 

Enchanter, mohun wala, mohoo. [serhuthu. 

Enchantress, mohunee, jadoo gurnee, toone huthee 

Enchase (to), suwarna, chiturna. 

Encircle (to), g her lena. 

Enclose (to), ghera, pouona, wul lena. 

Encomiast, suloun wala. 

Encomium, sulounee. 

Encompass (to), g her lena, wul lena. 

Encore, phir, hor ek waree, morke. 

Encounter (to), bulla kurna. 

Encounter, luraee, hukamu. 

Encourage (to), dilasa dena, pyar boch kurna. 

Encouragement, dilasa ditta hoya. 

Encroach, (to), huddon undur wurna. 

Encroacher, hudd tuppun wala. 

Encumber (to), bhar pouona, boj h louona. 

Encyclical, g.hera, chukuree. 

END ( 97 ) ENG 

End, unt, hudd, bus, supoorun. 

Endanger (to), nooshqan or jan kurna.. 

Endear (to), pyar haito kurna. 

Endearment, hitkaree pyara. 

Endeavour (to), ineenut kurna, syee kurna. 

Endict (to), dyeea ruk hna. 

Ending, ho hutee, unt, supoorun. 

Endless, be unt, be shoomar. 

Endlong, sidhee, sidha. 

Endorse, surnawu. 

Endorsed, surnawu paee hooee. 

Endow, daj dena, dat denee, dan den a. 

To give a portion. 

Endowed, daj dittee hooee. 

Endue (to), dena. 

Endurance, ustur humeshun da, chair da. 


Endure, (to), ruhna, humeshu ruhna, suhna, junna. 

To continue. 

Endwise, ek pase, ik sire. 

Enemy, vyree dooshmun. 

Energetic, trik,ha, chalak, tukra. 

Enervate (to), kumjor hona. 

Enfeeble (to), nuqoobut hona, kum jor hojana. 

Enfeoff (to), dukhla kurna, wirsa dena. 

Enfetter (to), sungol, houona, bununna. 

Enfilade (to), pyhe pyhe jana, vee peveehee jana. 

Enforce (to), dhukm dhuke kurna, bud o budee kurna. 

Enforce, jor. 

Enforcedly, jor nal, dhukm dukke nal. 

Engage (to), kum lounee, luraee kurnee. 

Employ. Fight. 

Engagement, kum, luraee. 

Business. Battle. 

Engender (to), jumouna, 2 muchouna. 

To beget. Excite. 

Engird (to), kumur kusnee, luk bununna. 
Englut (to), lungouna, nigulna, harbe jana. 

Swallow up. To glut. 

Engorge (to), harbe hona, harbe jana. 

Engrapple (to), wul lena, g.her lena. 

Engraver, moorutgur, thuppe wala. 

Engraving, thuppa laya hoya, moorut bunaee hooee. 


ENG ( 98 ) ENT 

Engross (to), vela gooouna, cliair louna. 

Enguard, humayut kurnee, khuburdaree kurnee. 

Enhance, badouna, wudouna. 

Enigma, rumj sharut, dist koont, synut. 

Enjoin (to), hookm dena or kurna. 

Enjoy, khooshee, munounee. 

Enkindle, balna julna, muchouna. 


Enlarge, wudouna, wuda kurna. 

Enlight, chanoon kurna, oojala kurna. 

Enlink (to), sungol nal bununna. 

Enliven (to), rajee kurna, khooshee kurna. 

Enmesh, jal vich p husna, p haee vich phusna. 

Enmity, dooshmunee, vair, killush. 

Ennoble (to), ijjut budounee or wudounee. 

Ennobled, ijjut, put, wudee hooee. 

Enormous, wuda, wude, thon wuda, uth wuda. 

Enough, bus, anund, soopoorun. 

Enrage (to), ghoosa churhouna. 

Enrange (to), pal o palee rukhnee. 

Enrapture (to), khooshee se khooshee hona. 

Enravish (to), khooshee se khooshee kurna, moh kurna. 

Enrich (to), dhun wudouna. 

Enrobe, kupre pouona. 

Enrol (to), bhurtee kurna, nawa louona. 

Enroller, b hurtee kuroo, nawa laoo. 

Enroot (to), juran sumet louona, juran sune louona. 

Enround (to), oodale oodale phirna, g here ghere paona. 

Ensample, wungee, numoonu dikhala. 

Ensanguine (to), lohoo nal liburna. 

Ensconce (to), bununna. 

Enshield (to), humayut kurnee, dhal lounee, ot denee. 

Enshrine (to), qubr vich pouna, soomad h vich dhurna. 

Ensign, nishan. 

Ensign-bearer, nishanchee. 

Enslave (to), ghoolam poona kurna. 

Enslavement, ghoolam poona keeta hoya. 

Ensue (to), ho hutna, hasil hona. 

Ensure (to), muloom kurna, buchouna, humayut kurna. 

Ascertain. To save. Secure. 

Entail (to), shurt nal denee, ban nal denee. 
Entame (to), ruljana, miljana. 

ENT ( 99 ) EPI 

Entangle (to), wul pounee, ghoochee kurnee. 

Entender (to), nurm, putla, moolaem kurna. 

Enter, wurna, lungna. 

Entering, booha lungna. 

Enter-parlance, gulan, pounyan. 

Enterprise, jamunna, purtouna. [kurnee. 

Entertain (to), vurouna, gulan nal kurnyan, meemanee 

To treat. 

Entertaining, virich da, meemanee. ■ 

Pleasing. Treating as a host. 

Entertainment, jug, meemanee dee rTisoee. 

Enthrone, tukh oote guddee cDt he byt halna, tik ha dena. 

Enthusiasm, tirkhaee nal, reej nal. 

Enthusiast, reejoo, reej kurun wala. 

Entice, rijouna, wurouna, pulosna, boch kurna. 

Entire, poora, subo. 

Entitle (to), nao dhurna, ijjut budounee, hoodu denee. 

Entoil (to), phusna, phasna. 

Entomb, nupna, soomad h vich rukhna. 

Entrails, ojuree, andur peta. 

Entrance, booha, durwaja. 

Entranced, oongaya hoya hoya, neend da mutta hoya. 

Entrap (to), moolla louonee, chog pouonee, p husouna. 

Entreat (to), meenut kurnee, urjoee kurnee. 

Envelop (to), wuletna, lifafe vich rukhna. 

Envelope, bill, lifafu. [ukh churhouna. 

Envenom (to), moura, veo denee, ghoosse kurna, hur- 

Envious, riks nal, shureeke, rees nal. 

Environ (to), oodale, ghera, pouona, chufeeeon walna. 

To surround. To hem in. TJa gora. 

Environs, mood o moodee, kol o kolee, pas o pase, shurhur 

Enumerate (to), ukutha kurna, dusna. 

Enunciate (to), khubur denee or kurnee, oojagur kurnee. 

To declare. Proclaim 

Envoy, wukeel, elchee. 

Envy (to), riks kurnee, shureeka, rees kurnee. 

Enwomb, looqouna, chhipouna. 

Hide, Conceal. 

Epaulette, j hubba, kalus. 
Epicene, chahe murdana, chahe junanu. 
Epicurean, swadee, chakhoo. 
Epidemical, subna da subna wale. 

EPI ( 100 ) ERE 

Epigraph, soomadh dee likhut. 

Epilepsy, mirgee. 

Epistle, hurdas, chittee. 

Epitaph, soomadh dee lik,hut. 

Epitomise (to), c hhota kiirna, mit h sena. 

Epoch, joog, sudee. 

Epulary, jug kurke, jug dee. 

Equability, bura buraburee, saf. 

Equably, ek o jihe nal. 

Equal, burabur, buraburabur, ek o jihee. 

Equality, buraburee nal, be khooshamud kurna. 

Equanimity, ek dila, humeshun jiha. 

Equerry, ghore anda, darogliu. 

Equestrian, churha uswar. 

Equidistant, ek o jihe, vith nal, eke undaj nal. 

Equiformity, buraburabur, buraburee. 

Equilateral, tu g hoota, tu fchoonta, ek o jiha. 

Equilibrate (to), pasung bununna. 

Equilibration, ek o jiha, toal vieh sawan. 

Equinox, sheverat. 

Equinumerant, ek se lumbur da. 

Equip (to), suwarna. 

Equipage, uswaree. 

Equipoise, eke toal da, ek o jiha. 

Equiponderant, burabur da toal, ek o wujn. 

Equitable, chunga, wurga, joga, be khooshamud. 

Fit. Impartial. 

Equivalence, burabur da sawan. 

Equivalent, 6k se qudr da. 

Equivocal, jun jiha, b hurn jiha, shuqq jihee. 

Equivocate, opota pyna, aUbir nal koona. 

Era, joog sudee. 

Eradiation, kirna nal. 

Eradicate (to), ook harna, pootna, vigarna. 

Erase (to), mesna, met,hna. 

Ere, uge nalon. 

Erect, sid ha. 

Erection, osar ya hoya, sidha keeta hoya. 

Erelong, thore tukrar nal, t.hore cheer vich. 

Erenow, es t hon pyhla. 

Erewhile, uge hee. 

ERR ( 101 ) EVA 

Err (to), bhoolunna, b hutkunna, vusarna. 

Errand, sunhaha. 

Errant, b hoolya dolya hoya, mushahoor. 


Errata, sodhna, pot,hee da sodhna. 
Erratic, oodasee phirna. 
Error, visur, bhool. 
Erudition, ihn, bood,h, vid hya. 
Eruption, nikulya hoya, p hootya hoya. 

As smoke or a pimple. 

Escalade (to), pour, sang louona, ude louone. 

Escape (to), b huj jana, buch jana. 

Eschew (to), vuchouna, huta rukhna. 

Escort (to), rakhee kurnee, khuburdaree kurnee. 

Escort, jachoo, takoo, sooa. 

Esculent, k hane vurga or jiha. 

Especial, jaroor bu juroor. 

Espousal, saka giree. 

Espousals, kurmaee denee, sak dena. 

Espouse (to), sak dena, nala dena. 

Espy (to), disna, deedar. 

Essay, syee, meenut. 


Essence, utr, uruq. 

Essential, juroor da. 

Establish (to), t,hurounna, thikouna. 

Estate, jugeer. 

Esteem (to), pyar kurna, halt rukhna, sundesa kurna. 

Estimate (to), husab kurna, qeemut kurnee. 

Estrange (to), hutouna, door rukhna, unjan hojana. 

To keep at a distance. [hutya hoya. 

Estrangement, unjan hoya hoya, be syan hoya hoya. 

Etch (to), khainchna, usul dee nuql bunounee. 

Eternal, humeshu de humeshu. 

Eternalize (to), umur bona, churun jee bona. 

Eternally, humeshu nal. 

Ether, wao, huwa, paon. 

Ethics, wuju kurke, nekee kurke. 

Etymology, gul da mcx)d. 

The true derivation of words. 

Evacate (to), khalee kurna, chud dena, vela kurna. 

To make void, empty. 

EVA ( 102 ) EVI 

Evade (to), buchouna, buchunna, bhujna. 
Evanescent, nirmul, nittrya hoya. 
Evaporate (to), nuttur jana, nirmul bona. 
Evasion, bucba, wul chhul, chilitooree. 

Escape. Equivocation. 

Evasively, wulan nal, cb hulan nal. 
Eve, tukalan, sunj h. 
Even, burabur, pudra, but baree. 
Even-banded, be k boosbamudee. 


Evening, tukalan, sunj h. 

Evenly, burabur nal, pudree kurke. 

Event, basul. 

Eventide, tukalan, sunj h. 

Eventual, basul dee. 


Eventually, picbbare, picbbon. 

Ever, bumesbu, nit. 

Ever-bubbling, bumesbu oobuldee. 

Ever-burning, bumesbu jugdee or buldee. 

Ever-green, bumesban dee, bureeaee or subjee. 

Ever-honored, bumesban dee put or ijjut. 

Everlasting, bumesb da bumesb. 

Everlastingly, bumesb da bumesb kurke. 

Ever-living, ebirun jee, or umur boya boya. 

Ever-more, be unt. 

Every, ik ik, sub koee. 

Everywhere, bur kit be, sare bee. 

Evidence, oogabee, sabidee. 

Evidence (to), oogab dena. 

Evident, musbaboor, oojagur jabir, saf, muloora. 

Evil, mugroor, ugur, mara vuran. 

Evil-doer, bud kar, mugroor. 

Evil-favored, bud sbukbl, koosonee. 

Evil-minded, uguree, mugrooree, mujajee. 

Evil-speaking, nindya, nindook, toobmutee, ooj bee. 

Evil-wisbing, noosbqan, cbanounda. 

Evil-worker, ugur kurne wala. 

Evince (to), wukbalna. 

Prove, show. 

Evincible, duleel jiba, duleelee. 
Evitable, bucboun jiba. 

EVI ( 103 ) EXC 

Evitate (to), buchouna, bhujunna. 
Eunuch, khosra, hijura, kumanoo. 
Eunuchate (to), kliosra kurna. 
Evoke (to), sudna, boolana. 
Evolve (to), wullouonee, wulkholnee. 


Evolution wukbala, dikhala. 


European, wilayutee. 

Ewe, bhed, chutree. 

Ewer, sooraee, lot. 

Exact, t heek, theek bu theek. 

Exact (to), mungunna, jor nal khona. 

Exaction, khoya hoya, 2 muhsool. 

Exactly, theek da theek. 

Exaggerate (to), thore da buhoata kurna, p hula kurna. 

Exalt (to), wudouna, wada kurna. 

Examine (to), jachna, tuteeq kurna. 

Exemplary, numoonu jiha, numoonu wala. 

Example, numoonu rees, dek ha dekhee. 

Exanimated, be jan moya hoya, oodas, sogee. 

Exanimation, jan kudhee hooee. 

Exasperate, ghoossa, krodh, hurukh, churhana. 

Exasperation, g hoossa, huruk h, churhaya hoya. 

Excantation, moh hutaya hoya. 

Excavate (to), toa pootunna polee kurnee. 

As ground. 

Exceed (to), hudd o hudd wudouna. 

Exceeding, buhoate se buhoata. 

Exceedingly, buhoata kurke. 

Excell (to), wudh jana. 

Excellence, wudee, boodhee, chungee se chungee. 

Excellent, mushahoor, buhoata chunga. 


Excellently, chungeeaee nal. 

Except, sugon, suwa. 

Except (to), chhudna. 

Exception, ch hudya hoya. 

Exceptionable, be pusund, laeq dee naheen. 

Excerpt, wudya hoya, hutya hoya. 

Excess, buhoata, jastee. 

Excessive, buhoata, be hudda. 

EXC ( 104 ) EXE 

Exchange (to), wuttouna, wutta kurna. 

Exchange, wutto sutta. 

Exchequer, bukshee khanu, jdiujanu. 

Excise, muhsool, jugat. 

Excision, juran thon, pootya hoya. 

Excitation, much ay a hoya. 

Excite (to), muchouna. 

Exclaim (to), tangurna, hubbo saona. 

Exclude (to), hudhna, hutouna. 

Exclusion, kudhya hutaya hoya. 

Exclusively, chhudya huta hoya, buk o bukee. 

Exclusory, kudhun wurga, hutoun wurga. 

Excogitate (to), hikmut kurnee, soch kurna. 

Excommunicate (to), kudhna, nikalna. 

Excoriate, chum oochur jana. 

Excortication, rung, bukol, chhil, lahee hooee. 

Excrement, lid, vith, mingna, goo, goar. 

Of Elephants, Horses. Of Birds. Of Goats or Deer. Of Men. Cattle. 

Excrescence, gund, muhroree, goomee. 

As of trees. Of the body. 

Excruciate (to), dook^h dena, suntouna. 

To torture. 

Excubation, sare rat dee chooksaee. 
Exculpate (to), sucha kurna, be tukseer kurna. 
Excursion, syl, sufur. 
Excursive, syl da sylee. 
Excusable, chhimma kurne jog. 
Excusatory, upna ap buchouna. 
Excuse, bucha, oojr. 

Excuse (to), moaf kurna, ch himma kurna. 
Excuseless, be oojr, be juwab. 
Execrate (to), sraf kurna, d hurna. 
Execration, sraf ditta hoya, dhurna ditta hoya. 
Execute (to), kum kurna, sour jana. 
Execution, kum keeta hoya, jubtya hoya, mout. 

Writ, seizure. Debt. 

Executioner, jullad, qusaee. 
Executor, wirsa, wundun wala. 
Exemplar, numoonu ootar. 
Exemplarily, numoone nal. 
Exemplary, laeq nal, rees o reesee. 
Exemplify (to), wukhalna. 

EXE ( 105 ) EXP 

Exempt, sukna klialee, ch booty a hoya. 

Exequies, sarun da uhwal. 

Exercise, toorna, phirna. 

Exercise (to), kum kurna. 

Exert (to), meeiiut kurnee. 

Exfoliate (to), chhilunna, bukol kudhna. 

Exhalation, huwa bhaf. 

Exhale (to), sah kud hna, undur da, bahur kud hna. 

Exhaust (to), khurch kurna, ho pyna. 

Exhaustible, khurch kurun wala. 

Exhaustion, t huka hoya, khurch ho gya. 

From fatigue. 

Exhaustless, be unt, un Jdiurch. 

Exhibit (to), wuk,halna. 

Exhilirate (to), kliooshee kurna, anund kurna. 

Exhort (to), nuseehut, mut denee, bosh denee. 

Exigent, juroor toree dee, burjuroor. 

Exile (toj, des nikala dena, moolkon kud hna. 

Exist (to), bona, rehna, jeeona. 

Existence, jindugee, Jan. 

Exit, toorya gya, 2 mout. 


Exonerate (to), soorookh rookurna, ch hudouna. 

Exorbitant, buhoot buhoota, ut h buhoota. 

Exorcise (to), jhara kurna, mob hutouna. 

Exotic, budesee purdesee. 

Expand (to), khind jana, vish jana, pussur jana. 

Expanse, k hunda, phyla. 

Expaliate (to), gul wudounee. 

Expatriated, des nikala, ditta hoya. 

Expect (to), oodeekna, as kurnee. 

To wait for. 

Expectation, oomed, as, oodeek. 
Expectorate (to), khungarna, khungoorna. 
Expedience, joga bee, vurga hee, 2 chetee shitab. 

Fitness. Haste. 

Expediate (to), chetee kurnee, shitabee kurnee. 

Expedition, chetee nal. 

Expel (to), kudhna nikalna. 

Expend (to), khurch kurna. 

Expensive, kliurcha nal. 

Experience, myhrum geeree, waqibee. 


EXP ( 106 ) EXP 

Experienced, myhrum geer, waqibdar. 

Experimental, purtoun dee leee, jaehun waste. 

Experimentally, purta nal. 

Expert, chalak, chutra. 

Expertly, chutraee nal, ehalakee nal. 

Expiate (to), munouna. 

Expiation, munoun dee leee. 

Expiration, mout, 2 unt. 

Death. End. 

Expire (to), murna, murjana. 
Explain (to), byan or gjan kurna. 
Explanatory, byan or gy an nal. 
Explicate, (to), byan, k.holna. 

Unfold. Explain. 

Explicit, oojagur, jahir, theek bu t heek. 
Explicitly, oojaguree nal, saf kurke. 
Explode (to;, oodh jana. 

As powder. 

Exploit, kum. 

Explorate (to), jachunna, purtouna, tulashna. 
Explosion, oodhya hoya, ood h g?a. 
Export (to), mal ghulna. 

To send from a country. 

Exportation, mal ghnlya hoya. 

Expose (to), kholunna, oogarna, nunga kurna. 

Exposition, byan, gyan. 

Expostulate (to), bysna, j hugurna. 

Expostulation, byse liooe. 

Exposure, klialya hoya, nunga keeta hoya. 

Expound (to), oojagur kurna, jahir kurne, byan kurna. 

Express (to), ak hna, dusna. 

Express, saf, jahir, oojagur, 2 hulkara kasht. 

Plain, downright A courier, messenger. 

Expression, gul, 2 nichorya hoya. 

Form of speech. Pressing out. 

Expressive, jahir or oojagur jiha. 
Expressly, ose waste, ose leee. 
Exprobate (to), tokna hutkunna. 
Expropriate (to), dawa ch hud dena. 

Give up a claim. 

Expugn (to), bulla kurke jitna. 
Expulse (to), kud h dena, nikal dena. 
Expulsion, kudhya hoya, nikalya hoya. 

EXP ( 107 ) EXU 

Expunge (to), mesna, met hna. 

Expurgation, saf or chitta keeta hoya. 

Exquisite, khurra sona, buhoot chunga. 

Exsuscitate (to), jee pyna, moya hoya, juwalna or jeeona. 

Extancy, ootula, oopur le pas se. 

Rising above the rest. 

Extant, jeeonda. 

Extempore, bina sooj, bina wuchar. 

Without premeditation. 

Extend (to) wudouna, budouna, lumba, pouona. 

Extension, wudaya hoya. 

Extensive, wuda, choura, mokula. 

Extent, door. 

Extenuate (to), g.hutouna, 2 hutouna, talunna. 

To lessen. Palliate. 

Exterior, bahur le pase. 

Exterminate (to), kudhna, huta denee. 

Extermination, kud hya, hutaya hoya. 

External, bahur noon. 

Externally, bahur kurke. 

Extinct, booj,hya hoya, moya hoya. 

Extinguished. As life. 

Extinguish (to), booj hunna. 
Extirp (to), pootunna, ookharna, kudhna. 
Extol (to), sulouna, qeemut, or jus kurnee. 
Extort (to), budo budee lena. 
Extortioner, jubur dust, dhuke khora. 
Extract (to), chhantna, choonna, pootunna. 

Select. Draw out. 

Extraction, jat, pat, wurn, cheen. 
Extrajudicial, shurru or dhurmon thon bahur. 
Extraneous, horus vurga, ek o jiha, naheen. 
Extraordinary, ulokar, uchumba, uchuruj. 
Extravagant, khurchoo, kharchoo, oodaoo. 
Extravagantly, khurch nal, ooda nal. 
Extreme, buhoata. 
Extremely, buhoata kurke. 
Extremity, unt buhoata buhoata. 

Extricate (to , mooshkilon buchouna, oukhuronkud,hna. 
Extuberance, goomee, 2 gundh. 

As on the body. As from a tree. 

Exuberant, wada hoya hoya. 

EXU ( 108 ) FAD 

Exuberantly, wade nal. 

Exude (to), moorka ouona, gurmee ouonee. 

To sweat out. 

Exult (to), khooshee hona, pursun bona. 

Exultance, khooshee, aiiund taee. 

Exuviae, lahee hooee khul, ootaree hooee k hul. 

Cast skins. 

Eye, ukh, netr chushm njn. 
Eye-ball, uk h, dee kakee. 
Eye-brow, burwutta. 
Eye-glass, uenuk. 
Eye-lash, j himunee. 
Eyelet-hole, moree. 
Eyelid, puluk. 

Eye-sore, uk been boora disna. 
Eye-tooth, jarh, hunon. 
Eye-wink, synut, ukh marnee. 
Eye-witness, uk been da oogah. 


Fable, kutha kuhanee. 

Fabled, kutha jihee, puj laya hoya. 

Told in fables. Feigned. 

Fabric, imarut, mundur. 
Fabricate (to), osarna 


Fabrication, osurya hoya. 

Fabulist, kut ha kurun wala. 

Fabulous, puj tahya hoya. 

Face, moonh, soorut. 

Facetious, khooshee rajee, hussa tutta, bukhera. 

Facilitate (to), syhuj kurnee, oukhuron kudhnee. 

Facility, syhuj nal. 

Fact, such. 

Faction, roula hukama, fusad. 

Factious, roula jiha hukama, jiha dunge wurga. 

Factor, kurne wala. 

Factory, kark hanu. 

Faculty, tagut, qoodrut himmut, foorsut. 

Facundity, chutra bol, chalak bol. 

Faddle (to), wyhum kurna. 

FAD ( 109 ) FAM 

Fade (to), sookh jana, oodiir jaiia, kumla jana. 

Faeces, goo, myl. 

Fag (to), mihnut kurnee. 

Fagots, lukreean dee pund. 

Faint (to), ghush pynee, ghernee churhnee. 

Faint-hearted, kookoor dila, na murd. 

Fainting, ghush dundun pynee. 

Faintly, kumjooree nal. 


Fair, gora, nisho. 

Fair, uhsanwunda, 2 mela. 

Civil. Festival. 

Fairing, mele da inam. 

Fairly, suchaee nal, 2 oojaguree nal. 


Fairness, gora jiha, klioob sona. 

Fair-spoken, sidha bhola, ruseel juban. 

Fairy, puree. 

Faith, eeman dhurm. 

Faithful, eeman nal, dhurm kurke. 

Faithfulness, suchaee. 

Faithless, be dhurm, kumeen. 

Falcon baj, byhru. 

Falconer, baj an wala. 

Fall (to), digna, dig pyna, dhy jana. 

Fallacious, ch,hulye jiha, chilitturee. 

Fallacy, ch,hul nal. 2 visar nal, bhool nal. 


Fallibility, visurya jiha. 

Fallible, vusaroo visurun wala. 

Falling, digda, tirda, djiynda. 

Falling-sickness, mirgee dee kusr. 

Fallow, upur jumeen, waee hooee, wahun pya. 

False, j hootha, chhulya. 

Falsehearted, chhulya, dughebaj khuchura. 

Falsely, j hoot he nal. 

Falsehood, j booth, d hugul. 

Falsify (to), puj kurna, t,hugee kurna. 

To forge. 

Falter (to), goon goon kurna. 
Fame, jus mushahooree oojaguree. 
Famed, mushahoor, jus keeta hoy a. 

FAM ( 110 ) FAR 

Fameless, bejus namoshee. 
Familiar, mitr pyara, hitkaree. 

Intimate acquaintance. 

Familiar (to be), vith o be, vit ha bona, h uddon tup 

jana or bahur h5na. 
Familiarily, hit karee nal. 
Familiarize (to), ban kurnee, wadee kurnee. 
Familiarly bet nal, sundeh nal. 
Family, ghur wale lok 

Famine, qal, moonwara. [murna. 

Famish (to), b hookh nal murna, b,hook h dee dook,h 
Famous, mushahoor, juswunt. 
Famously, jus nal, mushahooree, oojaguree nal. 
Fan, pukka. 
Fan (to), pukka kurna. 
Fanatic, ookwasa, ookwaya. 
Fanatical, ookwase vurga or jiha. 
Fanciful, wyhumee. moujee, luhree. 
Fancy, wyhum, mouj, luhr. 
Fancy (to), chahna, dil kurke chahna. 

To long for. 

Fang, dundyan. 

Fanged, dundyan lugean hooyan. 

Fangless, be dundean, bina dundyan. 

Fanner, pukka j hulunwala. 

Fantastic, wyhum nal. 

Fantom, bhoot, pret, b hootna. 

Far, door, pure, prede. 

Fare, khana, rusoee, pursad, 2 kiraya, b,hara. 


Fare (to) goojuran kurnee. 

Fairwell, widya or vidya. 

Farfetched, dooran lay a hoy a, 2 mangha. 

Brought from afar. Dear. 

Farinacious, ate vurga, mjde vurga. 

Resembling. Meal. 

Farm, ujare de jumeen. 

Farmer, ujara chookoun wala, theklia kurun wala. 

Farming, halee da kum, wahee da kum. 

Farmost, subna nalon door. 

Farrago, ooludna, pooludna, dher. 

Farrier, nal bund. 

PAR ( 111 ) FAU 

Farriery, chubundee kurna. 

Fart (to), pad marna. 

Farther, door t hon door, ut h door. 

Farthermore, sugon, nale. 

Farthest, subna nalon, door. 

Fascinate (to), moh kurna. 

Fascination, mohya hoya. 

Fascine, kat h da purola. 

Fashion, nuqshu, nunoonu, ootar. 

Fashion (to), bunouna, soorut dee moorut, bunouna. 

Fashionable, wadee, ban chungee. [hooee. 

Fashioned, bunaya hoya, soorut dee moorut bunaee 

Fast, tukra, mujboot. 

Fast (to), roju wurt or hurt ruk^hna. 

Fasten (to), bununna. 

Faster, roje rukhun wala, wurt or hurt ruk,hun wala. 

Fasthanded, soom, mujee, kirput. 

Fastidious, chakoo kurun wala, mugrooree. 

Fasting-day, roje da din, wurt or hurt da din. 

Fat, rnota tukra. 

Fat (to), taju kurna. 

Fatal, nooshqanee, janee. 

Fatalist, qismust wala, lekha wala. 

Fatality, nooshqan or jan nal. 

Fatal, nooshqanee or jan nal. 

Fate, qismut, bhag. 

Fated, qismut jagee hooee, bhag bigee hooee. 

Father, peo bab, pita, bapoo. 

Fatherless, bina peo, ma pe bahur. 

Fatherly, peo jiha, or vurga. 

Fathom, gyan. 


Fathomless, be utah. 
Fatigue, mandegee munohan. 
Fatling, pooja dee b het. 
Fatner, palun wala. 
Fatness, tajee, motaee. 
Fatten (to), palna, taju kurna. 
Fatuity, kumul poona, be uql poona. 
Fault, tukseer, goonah. 
Faultless, be tukseer, kamil. 

FAU ( 112 ) FEI 

Faulty, tuqseer nal. 

Favor, inihrbanee. 

Favor (to), mihr wangee kurnee. 

Favorable, chuiiga jiha, sona. 

Favorite, hitkaree, khooshamudee. 

Fawn (to), pulosna, wudeeouna. 

Fawningly, pulosun, or wudeeoun nal. 

Fealty, tabya geeree. 

Fear, dur, hhy, houl, kliouf. 

Fearful, houl nal, bji? nal. 

Fearfully, bhy nal. 

Fearless, nidur, be hou. 

Feasibility, hon wale nal. 

Feast, udumbur, jug. 

Feast (to), jug kurna. 

Feat, hikmut, hutli naluk. 

Feather, pur, k humb. 

Feather (to), pur loune, k humb loune. 

Feathered, pur lae hooe. 

Featherless, boat k humba thon bina. 

Feature, soorut, chihra. 

Febrile, tap nal. 

February, phugun. 

Feculent, chikor nal, myl kurke. 

Fecundate (to), phul walee kurnee, jumeen suwarna. 

Fecundity, p hulee hooee. 

Fed, khuwaya. 

Federate, milee hooee, sulah keetee hooee, sulah. 

Fee, inam, buksees. 

Fee (to), inam dena, buksees denee. 

Feeble, kumjoor, mara. 

Feebleness, kumjoree, naqoobutee. 

Feed (to), k huwana. 

Feed, khana, pursad, rusoee. 

Feel (to), toohna tolna. 

As in tlie dark. 

Feeling, tolda tohnda, 2 huleemee, ruseelee. 

Feelingly, huleemee, ruseelee nal. 

Feet, pyran. 

Feetless, bina pyr, loola. 

Feign (to), puj kurna, or louna. 

FEI ( 113 ) FES 

Feint, puj, buhanee. 

Felicitate (to), khoosh, sookhee kurnee. 

Felicity, kliooshee, sookbee. 

Fell (to), wud sitna. 

As trees. 

Feller, wud sootun wala. 

Felly, pyheean dyan, oodan, or gunyaii. 

Fellow, sanjhee, 2 jora. 

Associate. Pair. 

Fellow-creature, khil kut, sanj hee. 

Fellow-feeling, upna jihee dya. 

Fellow-heir, hisse wala 

Fellow-labourer, sanj hee, mihnut wala. 

Fellow-servant, sanj hee, noukur. 

Fellowship, sohbut. 

Fellow-soldier, sanjhee, minjee. 

Fellow-student, eke tunksal de, ukuthe pure hooee. 

Fellow-sufferer, eko jiha, dookh. 

Felo-de-se, ap ghatee. 

Felon, goonahee. 

Female, junanu. 

Femoral, putda. 

Fen, rohee. 

Fence, wut war, 2 ola, uwara. 

Enclosure. Guard, security. 

Fence (to), wut bununnee, ola kurna. 

To enclose. 

Fenny, rohee de jumeen. 

Feudal, ujare oote, leee hooee. 

Feracious, phulwaree, wudee hooee hooee. 

Ferment, phoolee hooee, jug phoolee hooee. 

Fern, khubul dhamun. 

Ferocious, khunda tikka. 

Ferret, neol. 

Ferruginous, lohe wurga. 

Ferrule, sum, bund. 

Ferry, puttun. 

Ferryman, puttun wala. 

Fertile, awadanee, sooraeen. 

Fertilitate (to), jumeen chungee kurnee, suwarnee. 

Fervent, trik ha, gurm, tej, tutta. 

Festal, jug da, udumb nal. 

FES ( 114 ) FIF 

Fester (to), chob janee, pak pjnee. 

Festival, purb, muhoorut. 

Festivity, kliooshee aiiundtaee. 

Festoon, bar, mel. 

Fetch (to), leounee. 

Fetid, mooshqounda. 

Fetter, zunjeeree, puiijeb, sungolee. 

Fetter (to), zunjeer nal bununna, sungolee lounee. 

Fettle (to), wyhum kurna. 

Fetus, oomed waree, adbam boya boya, t bed boya boya. 

Feud, j hugra, j hanj ba, roula. 

Feudal, t hek he dee. 

Fever, tap, kus, kunus, jihee. 


Few, t bora thora. 

Fuel, bulun walee lukree. 

Fib (to), j booth mooth bolna. 

Fibre, d baree. 

Fickle, do chitta, lay6e lug. 

Fickly, be t bik hana. 

Fiction, kuhanee, kut ba, urt h. 

Fictions, khotab. 


Fiddle, sarunjee. 

Fiddle-faddle, wyumee. 

Fiddler, sarungee wala. 

Fiddle-stick, sarungee da guj. 

Fiddle-string, sarungee da tar. 

Fidelity, jukeenee. 

Fidget (to), nichul poona kurna, tulo muche bona. 

Field, khet, pyree. 

Fielded, kumpoo, mjdan, vich, luraee de vele. 

Fieldpiece, top. 

Fiend, shytan. 

Fierce, khunda, trikka, t hikka. 

Fiercely, k,hundaee nal. 

Fiery, lutta, gurm, tej. 

Fife, bounsree. 

Fifer, bounsree wala. 

Fifteen, pundrah. . 

Fifty, punjah. 


( 115 ) FIN 

Fig, unjeer. 

Fight, luraee hukama. 

Fight (to), luraee kurnee, hukama kurna. 

Figurative, urthcla. 

Figure, luramur, 2 soorut shukhl. 

Filch (to), chorouna. 

File, retee. 

File (to), retunna. 

Filial, pootr wurga. 

Filigree, dore dar. 

Filings, choon. 

Fill (to), bhur dena. 

Fillip, chootkee nal, oodouna. 

Filly, vusheree. 

Film, jala, chichura, ch houur. 

Filter, chanunee. 

Filth, myl chekor. 

Filthy, myla. 

Filtration, chanunee. 

Fin, muchhee de kunde. 

Final, pichhulee. 

Finance, malgiree. 

Financier, tuhseeldar. 

Find, (to) lub hna. 

Fine (a), chuttee. 

Fine, chungee sonee, 2 muheen, bareek. 

Fine (to), chuttee, bhurnee. 

Finedrawer, ruffoo kurna. 

Finely, bareekee nal, muheen kurke. 

Finer, saf kurun wala, manjun wala. 

Finesse, chilitturee, chhulya. 

Finger, oongulee. 

Finical, chakoo, kachoo. 

Fining-pot, koot halee. 
Finis, hohuttee, tumam. 
Finish (to), kum hohutna, kar hohutnee. 
Finite, wut bunee, hooee. 
Finiteless, bina wut, unhudd da. 
Finless, kundeean, thon bina. 
Finny, kunde jihee. 

FIR ( 116 ) FLA 

Fir, cheel. 

Fire, ug. 

Fire (to), jagna, bulna. 

Firearms, budooq wurga, huthyar. 

Firelock, budooq. 

Firer, balun wala. 

Firework, ust bajee. 

Firm, mujboot, tukra. 

Firmament, asman umber. 

Firmly, tukraee nal, sukhtaee nal. 

First, pyhla. 

Firstborn, jetha pule, thee da. 

Firstfruits, pyhla p hul. 

Firstling, pule thee da jetha. 

Fiscal, malgiree. 

Fish, much hee. 

Fisherman, machhee. 

Fishhook, koondee. 

Fissure, pukter jhatee tair. 

Fist, mooth, mook,hee. 

Fist (to), mookheean nal kootna. 

Fisticuffs, mook,ho mookhee lurna. 

Fit (fainting), ghush nal, turuphna. 

Fit (proper), joga, laeq, wurga. 

Fit (to suit), t heek da t heek bona. 

Fitful, hoeean dee wao, choaya. 

As wind. 

Fitly, theek nal wurge. 

Five-fold, punj goona. 

Fix (to), louona, la rukhna. 

Fixedly, luge hooe nal. 

Flabby, lisa. 

Flag, nishan, j hunda. 

Flagellation, kootya hoya. 

Flagitious, mugrooree, mujajee, uguree. 

Flagrant, bulda, 2 mugroor ugur. 

Flame, lat. 

As of a candle. 

Flaming, buldee jugdee. 

Flamy, ug, jiha. 

Flank, bugliul, pasa, turuf. 

FLA ( 117 ) FLI 

Flap, sut. 

Flap (to), sut marnee. 

Flare (to), wudee lat. 

Flash (to), lishkunna, j hulkunna. 

Flashy (showy), sonee, soneree. 

Flask, siiighra. 

Flat, pudra, suwara. 

Flat (a), kumla, baola. 

Fool, dolt. 

Flatwise, pudre pase, suware pase. 

Flatten (to), pudra bunouna. 

Flatter (to), pulosna, wudeeouna. [kum. 

Flattery, pulosunda, khooshamudee, wudeeounda da 

Flatulent, huwa, thed dee. 

Flavor, swad. 

Flavor (to), swad kurna, or bunouna. 

Flavorous, swad da. 

Flaw, ueb. 

Flawy, uebee. 

Flay (to), k hal kudhna. 

Flea, pissoo. 

Flea-bite, pissooan dee khad. 

Fleam, mushtur loohoo dee. 

Fledge (to), khumb oogne. 

Fledged, k humb luge hooe. 

Flee (to), bhuj jana, nus jana. 

Fleece, b hed de oon. 

Fleece (to), mal chorouna. 


Fleecy, oonjiha. 

Fleet, chaitee shitabee. 

Fleet (a), bereean da ukuthoree. 

Fleeting, chaitee nal hojanda. 

Flesh, mas. 

Fleshy, mas jiha. 

Flew, oodh gya. 

Flexible, nurm, komul, les da. 

Flexuous, ted ha tedha, ving tringa. 

Flicker (to), pur marne, khumb phut kunne. 

As the wings of a bird. 

Flightly, wyhumee, luhuree. 
Flimsy chidda, mara, virla. 

FLI ( 118 ) FOA 

Flinch (to), tubkunna, tulo muchee hona. 

Fling (to), sootna, marna. 

Flint, put hur puthur, 2 j haroo sookhta. 

Flint and steel. 

Flippant, chalak choost, 2 shekhee. 
Flit (to), k humb, phit karne. 


Flitter, kupre dee leer, or dukra lota. 
Float (to), tur jana, roor jana. 
Flock, ijjur wuq, khunda, dar. 

Of Sheep, Cows, Buffaloes, Deer or Birds. 

Flock (to), dulee niurnee, bheer honee. 

Flog (to), kootna, marnee. 

Flogging, koot k hanee. 

Flood, purlo. 

Flood-mark, purlo dee nishanee. 

Floor, tuklit bundee. 

Floral, p hool anda. 

Flounder (to), turup hna. 

Flour, ata, my da. 

Flourish (to), sooraeen hona. 

Flow (to), wyh jana, bjh jana. 

Flower, p hool. 

Fluctuant, duko dole, eko jihe nuheen. 

Wavering. Uncertain. 

Fluctuate (to), t huhra na hona, wud g hut hona. 
Fluency, chutree, bolee. 

Of speech. 

Fluent, chutra bol, 2 wugda byhda. 

As water. 

Fluid, wugun wurgee. 

Flung, b hoake sitna. 

Flurry (to), hurburouna, chum kunna. 

Flash, taju tukra. 

Flushed, tejee dee lalee. 

Flute, bounsree. 

Flute (to), pola kurna. 

Flutter (to), turuphna tulo muchee hona. 

Flux, dust luge hooee, b,hooknee lugee hooe. 

Fly, mukhee. 

Foal, V usher a. 

Foal (to), vushera dena. 

FOA ( 119 ) FOP 

Foam, j hug, boomba. 

Of water, milk, &;c. 

Foam (to), j hug lounee, boomba ouna. 
Focus, tikkee. 

A place where rays meet. 
Fodder, putte, neere. 
Foe, vyree, dooshmun, sutroo. 
Fog, d hoond. 
Foible, kusr. 
Foil (to), jit lena. 
Foist (to), chilittoo, nal kurnee. 

To insert by forgery. 

Fold (to), tyh vunounee. 

Foliage, puttree put, soot. 

Folk, lok. 

Follow (to), pichhe pichhe ouna, mugron ouna. 

Folly, kumul poona. 

Foment (to), humayut suhayuta kurnee 2 tukor kurnee. 

Encourage, aid, abet. To bathe. 

Fond, pyar het sundeho. 

Fondle (to), pyar kurna, het kurna. 

Food, khana, pursad, rusoee. 

Fool, kumla, baola. 

Fool (to), thugouna, ghoosouna. 

To cheat. To trick. 

Foolery, kumul poona. 

Fool-hardy, nidurdee, kumlaee. 

Foolish, kumula nal. 

Foot, pyr. 

Foot-ball, t hedean khoodoo. 

Foot-bridge, dundee da pool. 

Foot-licker, pyran dee dhoor chutun wala. 

Foot-pace, pyr o pyr j ana. 

Foot-pad, pyr pyadu, thug. 

Foot-path, churhee, dundee. 

Foot-post, hulkara kasht. 

Foot-soldier, tilunga pyadu. 

Foot-step, pyr da khoj, pyr da nishanee. 

Foot track. 

Foot-stool, pyran da moorah, lutkhora. 
Fop (a), mujajee, shokhee, uguree. 
Foppish, shej^ wala, mujaj wala. 

FOR ( 120 ) FOR 

Forage, rust khorak. 

Forage (to), rust lubhee, rust toliiee. 

Forasmuch, ise kurke, e dee leee. 

Forbear (to), bundez kurna, sant kurnee. 

Forbearance, bundez, dheeruj sant. 

Forbid (to), mune kurna. 

Forbidding, mune kurun wala, hutaroo. 

Force, jorawuree, dhuke nal, jubur dustee. 

Force (to), dhuke nal kurouna, bud o budee kurna. 

Forceps, sunnee, oochha, chimta, sunsa. » 

Used by Blacksmiths and Surgeons for fire. 

Forcible, mujboot, tukra. 

Forcibly, tukraee nal, jor nal. 

Ford, puttun, guhun, hath. 

Ford (to), puttun, lung jana. 

Fordable, puttun jiha, shupree jihee. 

Fore, uge, ugahan. 

Fore-appoint (to), uge thurana. 

Fore-bode (to), ugul vandee, dusna. 

Fore-cited, ugon hee, ak h ya gya. 

Foredesign (to), ugonolee, joogut kurnee. 

Foredo (to), ugehoo kurna. 

Foredoom (to), bidya kurna. 

Foreend, ugle pas se. 

Forefather, peo dada, dada, pur dada. 

Forefend (to), rokna. 

Forefinger, moodulee, ungulee. 

Forefoot, oolang pootunee, oolang bhurnee. 

Forefront, mutha mustook. 

Forego (to), chhudna, chhud dena. 

Foreground, ugle jumeen or bhoeen. 

Forehand, uge hee, keeta hoya. 

Forehead, mustook, mutha. 

Foreigner, budes, purdes. 

Forejudge (to), ugon hee, sumujh lenee. 

Foreknow, ugon hee janna. 

Foreknowledge, ugulvanee da kum. 

Foreman, shagird, peshu mooharya. 

Foremast, pjhla thum. 

Forementioned, ugon hee, akhya gya. 

Foremost, substhon. 

FOR ( 121 ) FOB 

Forenotice, ugonolee, khubur kee tee. 

Foreordain (to), ugonolee t liurhana. 

Forepart, ugaree, mor lee wul. 

Forepossessed, ugonolee, dakliil keeta hoy a. 

Forerank, pyhlee suf. 

Forereach (to), subnon t hon pyhla jana. 

Forerun (to), ugan wudna. 

Forerunner, ugul wandee, jane wala. 

Foresay (to), ugon olee dusna. 

Foresee (to), ugon olee vekhna. 

Foreshorten (to), chhota kurna. 

Foreshow (to), ugonolee wukhalna. 

Foresight, ugonolee disdee, chutraee. 

Foreskin, soonut da mas. 

Foreskirt, ugaree dee dawun or sunjaf. 

Forest, jungul jarh. 

Forestall (to), ugulvandee kurna. 

Forester, jangulee, jarhee. 

Foretaste, nunoonu, ugon hee chutna. 

Foretel (to), ugul vandee dusna. 

Forethink (to), ugonolee sochna. 

Foreward, samhna, ugareeda. 

Forewarn (to), chita dena, dus dena, khubur kur denee. 

Forewish (to), ugonolee chahna. 

Forefeit (to), ugle goonah, nal guwaj janee. 

Forefend, hut kunna, munu kurna, wurujna. 

Forge, uhrun alee. 

Forge (to), uhrun alee vich, ghurna. 

Forged, uhrun alee, nal bunaya hoya, 2 kbotah hoya. 

Forgery, khote keeta hoya. 

Forget (to), bhoolna, vusarna. 

Forgetful, ghafilee, vusaroo, 

Foregotten, visurya hoya, b hoolya hoya. 

Forlorn, chhud ditta hoya, be asee. 

Form, soorut, shukbl, moorut. 

Form (to), bunouna, moorut bunounee. 

Formal, chinta nal, ghum nal. 

Formally, dustoor nal, turuh nal. 

Formation, bunawut nuql. 

Former (maker), kurun wala, bunoun wala. 

Former (preceding), ugla. 


FOR ( 122 ) FOU 

Formerly, ugle hee, pyhlee dinee. 
Formidable, houl nak b hy or ghum nal. 
Formless, be kutta be doul. 
Formula, dustoor nal. 


Fornicate (to), jina kurna, sung kurna. 

Fornicator, jina or sung kurun vvala. 

Forsake (to), chhudna. 

Forsooth, juroor, jurooran. 

Forswear (to), jhoot hee soun k hanee. 

Fort, qillu. 

Forthcoming, tyar, oundee. 

Forthissuing, nikulda. 

Forthwith, toort, toortee, putoortee. 

Fortification, ola jiha, liwa uwara jiha. 

Fortify (to), qillu bunouna, gurh kurnee. 

Fortitude, dileree muj bootee, hatha. 

Fortnight, puk. 

Fortress, qillee, gurhee. 

Fortuitous, itnee cheer vich, sunjoh nal. 

Fortunate, qismuttee, b hag wala. 

Fortune, qismut, lekh bhag. 

Fortune-hunter, dhun dhoone wala, tumu khora. 

Fortune-teller, lekh dusun wala. 

Forty, chalee. 

Four, char. 

Forward, tyar. 

Forward (to), chetee kurnee. 

Forwards, uge hee. 

Forwardness, tyaree, 2 trik hee. 

Forgive (to), khimma, chimma, mooaf, kurna. 

Foss, khaee. 

Fossil, puthur jiha. 

Foster (to), palna. 

Fosterage, palya hoya. 

Foster-child, paluk. 

Foster-nurse, dyee, tylun, khudawee. 

Fostered, palya hoya. 

Foul, myla, chikor jiha. 

Foul (to), limbna, luverna, myla kurna. 

Foulmouthed, myl khora, budjubanee. 

FOU ( 123 ) FRA 

Found (to), osarna, moonyad bununee, nee dhurnee. 

Foundation, nee moonyad, mood. 

Founder (to), na bona, be basil bona. 

Foundery, dbaloo gurb. 

Foundling, mibitr, picbloree da. 

Fountain, lusoora, cbusbmu soma wanee. 

Fourfold, cbougoona. 

Fourfooted, cbepouwur, cbokhora. 

Fourscore, cbar beeba, ussee. 

Fourteen, cboudab. 

Fourwbeeled, cbouon pyeean wala. 

Fowl, kookoor. 

Fowler, cbireemar pbandee. 

Fowling, pbundee da kum. 

Fowling-piece, budooq. 

Fox, loomree. 

Fraction, torya boya, 2 rutee rutee. 

Fractional, rutee jiba. 

Fractious, ureea ureek bora. 

Fracture, buddee tootee booee. 

Fragile, tootun wala, b hujun wala, kucb jiba. 

Fragment, tookra, dukra, bissu. 

Fragrance, khoosh boee, moosb kunee. 

Frail, visirun jiba. 

Frame, rukhna, takyan, baryan. 

Frame (to), rukbne men louna, 2 bunouna. 

Francbise (to), cbhud dena, buta dena. 

Frangible, tootun wala or jiba. 

Frank, sucbya, 2 ditta. 

Open. Generous. 

Frank (to), mobur cbbap lounee. 
Frankincense, moosbkunee, kboosb bo dar. 
Frankness, sucbyaree be cbilittoor. 
Frantic, baola, duwanu. 
Fraternal, bbao vurga or jiba. 
Fraternity, bbaee cbaree. 
Fraticide, bbao buttee, b baee mar. 
Fraud, dugba, cbhul cbiddur, cbilittoor. 
Fraudulently, dug he nal, cbilittoor nal. 
Fraugbt, pund laee booee. 
Fray, roula, j bugra, j banj.ba. 

FRE ( 124 ) FRI 

Freak, wyhum mouj, luhr. 

Freckle, pit. 

Freckled, pit nikulee hooee. 

Free (to), ch,hud dena. 

Freebooter, dharawee, mar khora. 

Freeborn, sookhaldajunum,buklitawaree da jumyahoya. 

Freedman, ghoolam poone, vichon ch hudya hoya. 

Freedom, bukbtawuree, oojaguree. 

Freehearted, sakbee, uhsanee, ditta. 

Freehold, jur khureed. 

Freely, khooshee nal. 

Freeman, bukhtawur. 

Freespoken, ushanwund nidur. 

Freethinker, be deen, apa punthee. 

Freewill, upnee khooshee nal or oodum nal. 

Freeze (to), chichuree ho jana. 

Freight, beree da b har. 

Freight (to), beree oote b bar ludna. 

Frenetic, baola, duwanu jiha. 

Frenzy, dewan poona, baol poona, kumul poona. 

Frequent, uksur buhoata, uksur jana, juroor jana. 

To frequent. 

Frequented, uksur aye hooe, or lunge hooe. 
Frequently, uksur. 
Fresh, taju, nuwa, sujura. 

New. Not stale. 

Freshen (to), taju kurna. 
Freshness, tajugee. 

Fresh-water, mitha panee, useel panee, 2 kutcha. 


Fret (to), humsos nal, dilgeeree nal. 

To be uneasy. 

Friday, sookurwar. 

Friend, hitkaree murjee wala. 

Friendless, be hitkaree ukula hee. 

Friendly, uhsan nal, hitkaree nal. 

Friendship, hit, pyar. 

Fright, dur, thyf houl. 

Frightful, houl da, b hy da, ghum da. 

Frigid, thunda surd. 

Frigidly thund nal, surd nal. 

Fringe, j halur. 

FRI ( 125 ) FUE 

Frisk (to), bhoor kunna, koodunna. 

Frisky, b hoor kun wala. 

Fritter (to), dukre dukre kurne, rutee rutee kurna. 

Frivolous, koochh ne. 

Frivolously, soostee nal. 


Frizzle (to) luput luput jaiiee. 
Fro, pichhon, mugron. 
Frock, koortee. 
Frog, dudoo, dud. 
Frolic, khel, wyhum. 

A whim. 

From, se, te, t hon. 

From-wards, pichhon te, t hon. 

Front, uge, amo, samhne. 

Front (to), amo samhne hona, moot bhera. 

Frontier, hudd wut, bunna, kunda. 

Frontispiece, mood, tut kura. 

Frost, pala, t hund. 

Frost-bitten, wurf da marya hoya. 

Frosty, pala jiha. 

Froth, jug. 

Frousy, beha, mooshkya hoya, ubusya hoya. 

Fro ward, ureea, trikhee. 

Frown (to), wutna, ghoor ukna, teeoree pounee. 

Frozen, chichuree hoya hoya. 

Fructification, phul luga hoya, p.hul pea hoya. 

Fructify (to), phul wala kurna. 

Frugal, joogutee, sumb haloo. 

Frugally, joogut nal. 

Fruit, phul 

Fruit-bearing, p.hul lugun wala. 

Fruiterer, phul bechoo, kuroonjura araee. 

Fruitful, phul dee. 

Fruitless, be p.hul, oojurya hoya, k husee. 

Fruit-tree, phul da rookh. 

Frustrate (to), be asa kurna, dilgeer kurna. 

Frustrate, nikumee, be hasilee. 

Fry (to), b hoonna. 

Fryingpan, kurahee, bhut eeala, b hut. 

Fuddled (to be), umulee hojana. 

Fuel, bulun wale lukree. 

FUG ( 126 ) FUR 

Fugitive (a), bhujun wala, nusun wala. 
Fugitive, p hirtoo, oodasee, rumta. 


Fulfil (to), ho jana, sour jana, kur lena. 

Fulgent, lishkda chumkuda. 

Full, b huree hooee, pooree hooee. 

Full-blown, p hoolya hoya. 

Full-eared, sitte luge hooe. 

Fuller, tanne wala. 

Fuller's earth, chittee mittee. 

Full-laden, bhuree hooee, ludee hooee. 

Fully, poora hee. 

Fulminate (to), gujna, goorukhna. 

Fulsome, kusees jiha, dil hutya h5ya. 

Fumble (to), jil poona kurna. 

Fumblingly, jil poone nal. 

Fume (to), dhooan nikulna, huwar nikulnee. 

Fumigate (to), khoosh bo kundounee. 

Fumingly, hurukh nal, ghoosse nal. 

Function, kum. 

Fund, poonjee, jukheera. 

Fundament, chitoor. 

Fundamental, usul dee. 

Funeral, nupne da kum, dubne da uhwal. 

Fungous, toomba, k hugga, ogeela, goond, kapa. 

Funnel, chanunee, 

Funny, nuql, mukoul. 

Fur, looee, jut, pushm. 

Furbelow, looee da j halur. 

Furbish (to), g hotna. 

Furious, khundee, trikkee. 

Furl (to), wuletunna. 

Furlough, ruja, choottee. 

Furnace, taowalee jugeh, b hut hee. 

Furnish (to), suwarna, bunouna, tyar kurna. 

Furniture, usbab wulewu, cheez bust, niksook. 

Furrier, oongur, jutgur, looeengur. 

Furrow, k haee, khoorlee ad, k.horul. 

Drain, a long trench, or trough. For horses. 

Furry, looeen or jut juree hooee. 
Further, odon uge ugahan. 
Furtherance, humayut, suhayut. 

FUR ( 127 ) GAL 

Furthermore, es tlion, sugon. 

Furthermost, subst hon, door. 

Furtive, chooraya hoya, looqaya hoya, lub hya hoya. 

Fury, ghoosu, huruk h, krodh. 

Furze, more kundeean wale, soolan khindeean hooeean. 

Furze-bush, soolan or kundeean wala, rookh. 

Fuse (to), gulna, dhalna. 

Fuzee, houlee da budooq. 

Light small musket. 

Fusible, galun wala, dhalun wala. 

Fusileer, houlee budooq ruk hne wala. 

Fusion, gulya hoya, dhulya hoya. 

Fustiness, obusya hoya, beha. 

Futile, nikuma, nikara. 

Future, ouneda, uedoon age. 

Futurity, oune da, uglee bat. 

Fuzz (to), ghusjana, pat jana, rutee rutee hona. 

To run into small particles. 

Fy, hae, hae. 


Gabble (to), bookwa kurna. 
Gabbler, bookwa, bukar. 
Gad (to), p hirna b houna. 
Gadder, phirun wala, p hirtoo. 
Gadfly, b,houree, mukhee. 
Gag, booja. 

Gag (to), booja gutta dena. 
Gage (to), minhna, harna. 

To measure cloth. To measure weight. 

Gain, lub h, lab h. 

Gain (to), huthouna, pydaish hona. 

Gainsay (to), mooqur pyna, jid kurnee. 

To deny. To oppose. 

Gainsayer, vjree, dooshmun, mooquroo. 

Gait, tor, chal. 

Gale, undheree unneree. 

Gall, krod h hurukh, 2 laga. 

Rancor. Great anger. A sore from chafing. 

Gallant, yar, ashuq. 

Gallant, juwan murdee, dileree hut,h. 

GAL • ( 128 ) GAV 

Galled, laga, luga, hoya. 

As a horse's back. 

Gallery, choobara, sufeel, furs. 

A balcony. 

Gallop (to), por pounee. 

As a horse. 

Galloway, goot. 

Gallows, chougat. 

Gambler, jooareea. 

Gambol (to), b hoorukna, koodunna. 

Game, k hel tumashee. 

Game (to), jooa khelna. 

Game-cock, useel kookoor. 

Gamester, jooareea jooebaj, jooe de k hed. 


Gander, rajhims. 

Gang, bhyal, sanj bee. 

Gaol, bundee kbanu. 

Gaoler, bundee k,bane da darogliu. 

Gap (a), gulee. 

Gape (to), ubasee lenee. 

Garb, kupra, leera, poshak. 

Garden, bagh, bagheechu. 

Gardener, baghwan malee. 

Garden-stuff, bagheechu da vulewa. 

Gargle (to), gurla lena, choolee koorla chola. 

Garland, bar. 

Garlick, luhsun. 

Garment, kupra, leera. 

Garner, dana da kotha, khata. 

Garnet, peera puthur. 

Garnish (to), suwarna, bunouna. 

Garret, sik hurla, oopur la choobara. 

Garrison, qille vicli chhaonee pounee. 

Garrison (to), qillu qaem kurna, akee kurna. 

Garrulity, bukwaee, burbolaee. 

Gash, soot lugee, karee lugee hooee. 

Gash (to), hounkna, ghur kunna. 

Gate, durwaju, deodee. 

Gather (to) lorna chhonna. 

Gaudily, soonape nal, soj nal. 

Gave, ditta hoya. 

GAU ( 129 ) GHO 

Gaunt, lisa mara. 

Gaily, kliooshee, sookbee, anund nal. 

Gaze (to), tukna j hakna. 

Gear, vulewa niksook. 

Geld (to), khusee kurna, andan kudhnee. 

Gelder, khusee kurunwala, andan kud hune wala. 

Gelding, k husee. 

Gem, toomba. 

Gemini, jourean da nushutr, sanj ha nushutr. 

The constellation of. 

Gender, murdana, junanu. 

Male. Female. 

Genealogy, wudean da verwar. 

General, uksur. 

General, jurnel (corruption of General). 

Generalissimo, substhon sire sirdar. 

Generality, uksur da. 

Generally, uksur. 

Generosity, data, sukhee jiha. 

Generously, ditta poone nal, sukiee poone nal. 

Genial, tubeeyut or ruhut jiha. 

Genius, uqlya uqlwund. 

Genteel, uhsanwund. 

Gentility, uhsanwunda. 

Gentle, ghureeb, unat h, useel. 

Gentleman, wuda admee. 

Gentleness, gLureebee, unathee. 

Gently, nurmaee or dheeruj nal, svhuj nal. 

Gentry, ooche lok, sirdar lok. 

Genuflection, ghodeean oote byna or bjthna. 

Genuine, useel, usl da. 

Geography, jumeen da lik haree. 

Geology, jumeen da verwar. [neean 

Germinate (to), sooe nikulne wulan or luguran nikul- 

Gestation, oomedvvaree udhan. 

Gesticulate (to), moonh hulouna, churhouna. 

Gesture, moonh hilun nal, churhou nal. 

Get (to), paona, lub,hna, hut houna. 

Gewgaw, khundoune khelne. [durya hoya. 

Ghastliness, oodurya hoya, 2 soofedee wurtee hoee. 


Ghost;, pret, bhoot, bhootna. 

GIA ( 130 ) GLE 

Giant (a), lum guja, lum tangool. 

Gibber (to), goon goon kurna, boor boot kurna. 

Gibberish, goon goona, boorboora. 

Gibbet, chougat. 

Gibe (to), tanee dena, mehna dena. 

Giddily, ghafilee nal, kumul poone nal. 

Gift, inam, buksees. 

Gifted (talented), uqlwund. 


Gigantic, lumguja jiha, lum tangool jiba. 

Giggle (to), husna. 

Gild, sone dee j hal phirnee. 

Gilder, sone dee j hal kusun wala. 

Gimlet, vurma. 

Gimerack, khudouna. 

Ginger, udkor, ada, soond. 

Green Ginger. Dry. 

Gingerly (carefully), tukraee nal, sumb hul, sumbhulke. 
Gingle (to), chunkunna wuj hna. 
Gipsy, mungta punda, hurpopo, roul. 

A beggar. A pretended fortune-teller. 

Girdle (a), petee, putka. 

Girl, lurkee, kooree, kunya, chokree. 

Girt (to), tung kusna, kotul kus pounee. 

Girth, tung, kotul kus. 

Give (to), dena. 

Giver, dene wala, dittar. 

Glacis (of a fort), trich hee dhaloo, dum duma. 

Glad, khooshee, sookliee, nund, rajee. 

Gladiator, tulwar pherun wala, bholuthe baj. 

Gladly, khooshee nal, sooj^h nal, anund kurke. 

Glance (to), b houn janee. 

Glanders, koonar, (disease of horses.) 

Glare (to), bhukloune, chum kara pyna. 

Glass, sheesee kuchh. 

Glass-grinder, busuntee, choorguree. 

Glaze (to), sheesa louna. 

Glazier, sheesa loune wala or jurun wala. 

Gleam (to), chil kunna, chum kunna. 

Glean (to), sila choogna, sitte choogn6. 

Gleaner, sila or sitte chogun wala. 

Glee, khooshee, sookhee, anund. 

GLE ( 131 ) GOB 

Gleet, dhant. 

Glen, dundee hara. 

Glib, pudra saf, 2 shitabee, chetee nal. 

Smooth Quick. Ready. 

Glide (to), svje sjje wugna. 

Glimmer (to), iiima nima, chanun j houla. 

Glimpse, chimut kara, j haka, j houla. 

Glisten (to), chum kunna, j hum kunna. 

Glitter (to), lish kunna j hul kunna, dul kunna. 

Globe, golmol. 

Globular, golmol jiha. 

Gloom, undhera, gobaree. 

Gloomy, und.hera, gobar jiha. 

Glorify (to), jus or goon gouna. 

Glorious, mushahoor, oojagur, oomda. 

Glory, jus, hoormut, ijjut, put. 

Gloss, lishk, j huluk. 

Glossary, urth tutkara punna. 

Glossy, lishk or jhuluk jiha. 

Glove, dustanu. 

Glow (to), jugna, bulna, muchna. [ounna. 

Glowing, lishk dee, j hulukee 2 gurmee ounee moorka- 

Brightness. Heat, warmth. 

Glue (to), sooresh lounee. 

Glum, odurya hoya, dilgeer hoya hoya. 

Glut (to), hurba kurna, kujah bona, asa hoora bona. 

Glutinous, sooresh jihee. 

Glutton, kujah, khan khora, be thyur. 

Gnash (to), dund peene. 

Gnat (a), much bur, gootee, eeanee. 

Gnaw (to), chubunee, j hurulnee. 

Gnomon, qillee, punja. 

Go (to), toorjana, toor p?na. 

Goad, pooranee pooran, kotra. 

For Oxen. For Horses. 

Goal, nishanee 2 bundee khanu. 

Starting post. 

Goat, bukree. 

Goatherd, bukree anda jaleee. 

Gobble (to), buchake marne, khoun k.houn kurna. 

Goblet (a), koul channa, kutora, shurda. 

Goblin, bjioot, bhootna pret. 

GOD ( 132 ) GRA 

God, b hugwan, purmesliwur, kurun karun nurunha. 

Goddess, deotee, dewee. 

Godliness, dhurmhee. 

Godly, dhurm atumee. [dekhna. 

Goggle (to), tedha dekhna, vinga dekhna, kumkee se 

Going, janda, toorya janda. 

Gold, sona, sone da. 


Gold-bound, sone nal chituree hooee. 
Gold-laced, sone nal, juree hooee. 
Goldsmith, soneeara. 

Gonorrhoea, sajak, d,hant, bad, bad furung. 
Good, chunga laeq da joga. 
Goodnature, nurm mijaj kurke. 
Goodness, nekee bhuleaee, ruseelee. 
Goods, nik sook, wulewu, cheez wust. 
Goose, raj hunsnee 2 istree ghotah. 

A tailor's goose. 

Gore (clotted blood), chichure hoya hoya. 
Gore (to), singh marna, 2 dhood marnee. 
Gorge (to), lungouna nigulna. 
Gorgeous, sonee, sujee, unoop. 
Gormandize (to), buhoota k hana. 
Gorse, khunde, chhape. 
Gossamer, kane dee tar. 
Gossip, pochoo poocho, nika galuree. 


Got, lubha hoya, milya hoya. 

Govern (to), hookm kurna, hukoomut kurnee. 

Government, hukoomut. 

Governor, hakim. 

Gown, ghugra, lenga, rungee, tengunee. 

Grace, mihrwangee dya, mihr. 

Grace (to), mihrwangee dya, mihr kurnee, 2 suwarna. 

Graceful, sonee, roopwuntee. 

Graceless, koo sonee, koo roop. 

Gracious, dya wunt, 2 ihsanwund. 

Graciously, dya kurke, ihsan kurke. 

Gradation, durja, qaeda, wujm. 

Gradual, syhje syhje, houle iioule, undol, umantee. 

Graft (to), peondee kurna. 

Grafter, peond churhoun wala. 

GRA ( 133 ) GRA 

Grain, dana- 

Grammar, qaeda, verwa. 

Grammatical, qaeda jiha. 

Granary, koothree, bukharee, khata, khota. 

Grand, buhoot oomda, buhoot sona. 

Grandchild, potra. 

Granddaughter, potree. 

Grandee, oomdu sirdar. 

Grandeur, sona sona, chunga chunja. 

Grandfather, dad a, nana. 

Paternal. Maternal. 

Grandmother, dadee, nanee. 

Paternal. Maternal. 

Grandsire, bab dada, 2 wudeean boodeean. 


Grandson, potra, pota. 

Granivorous, dane khora, mooratibe khane wala. 

Grant (to), dena, de dena. 

Grant, dittee hooee. 

Grantee, inamee buklisees khane wala. 

Granulate (to), danu danu hojana. 

Grape, ungoor. 

Grapeshot, patwan gola. 

Grapple (to), phur lena, jhinjorna, gooch mugooch hona. 

Grasp, mooth meetunee, hut,h ghootunna. 

Grasp (to), phurna, ghot ke phurna. 

Grass, g hah. 

Grasshopper, tiddee ghah da ted. 

Grate (to), ghotna. 

To rub small. 

Grateful, shookur kurda, anund goojar da. 

Gratify (to), khoosh kurna, anund kurna. 

Grating, rugurda, ghot da. 

Gratis, mokht mookhtee. 

Gratitude, shookr goojar da. 

Gratuitous, mookhtee. 

Gratuity, inam mookhtee. 

Gratulate (to), khooshee kurnee, anund kurna. 

Gratulation, wudaee denee, bidaee denee. 

Grave, qubr, qubr da toa. 

Grave, unhusna, choop keeta, be hus. 

Grave, serious. 

GRA ( 134 ) GRI 

Grave-clothes, kup,hun, t5sa. 

Gravel, kyiikur, ror. 

Graveless, uiiup, be qubr. 

Graver, nawe or hurf chitun wala, chit hera. 

Graviditv, bhara, wuda hee, 2 oomedwaree udham. 


Gravitate (to), tolna, jokhna. 


Gray or grey, soofyd koolla, nookra, 2 d,houle oune. 

As a horse. The hair to become gray. 

Gravy, rus, usoor. 

Gray-beard, d houle, darhee, boodha. 

Graze (to), choogna, chog chognee. 

Grazier, choogoun wala, cherhun wala. 

Grazing, choogda, chog, choog da churda. 

Grease, churbee, mota mas. 

Grease (to), churbee lounee, mota mas louna. 

Greasy, churbee jihee, mote mas vurga. 

Great, wuda, 2 ooomed waree. 


Great-bellied, gogur. 

Greatness, wuda hee, 2 buk htawuree. 


Greedily, kujah, or khan khora kurke. 

Greedy, kujah, khan khora. 

Green (fresh), hurya, subz, 2 geelee, silee. 

As a tree. Raw, fresh. 

Green (as a color), hurya, rung, subz, rung. 

Green wood, geelee or silee lukree. [milna. 

Greet (to), j up hee pake, milna, gul lugna, chhate nal 

Greeting, jupheean pounde, gul lugde. 

Gregarious, her, joondee, dar wug. 

Herds of deer. Flocks of birds or cows. 

Grenadier, lumma juwan. 

Grief, sog, humsos, huruk h, odurya hoya. 

Grieve (to), sog or humsos kurna. 

Grievously, oukur nal, sog kurke. 

Grig, hus mookh, klioosh dila, rounkee. 

Grim, koo sona, koo roop, houla jiha. 

Grimace, moonh churhouna, moonh vinga kurna. 

Grime, myl nal, bhurya chikor. 

Grimness, houlgee dur dee. 

Grin (to), boolan, vich husna. 

GRI ( 135 ) GRU 

Grind (to), peenee, peesna, 2 san churhounee. 

Grinder, peeun walee, peesun walee, 2 sanchurhoiine wala. 

Grindstone, opnee, sau. [nikulnee. 

Gripe (to), phurna, 2 sool hona, muror oothna, hook 

Gripes, miirore sool oune, veetar hona. 

Griper, phurun wala, 2 mitee k haoo, be ajureea. 


Gripingly, sool kurke, hook kurke, veelar kurke. 

Grist, peeunleee or waste. 

Gristle, huddee jihee, sunkhee. 

Gritty, kiruk jihee, kynkur jiha. 

Grizzle, soofyd koolla. 

Groan (to), hou ke lenee, hoongna. 

Groin, chudde,kale wal. 

Groom, tyleea, tyl wala gyh. 

From tuhul wala, 

Groove, leehee. 

Grope (to), tolma, tolna. 

Gross, mota jiha, 2 kumla, be uql. 

Fat, bulky. Stupid. 

Grotto, gopha khud, surd khanu. 

A cavern. 

Grotesque, uchumba, uchuruj da, ulokar da. 

Grove, bagh j hungee. 

Grovel, mittee nal, liburna. 

Ground, bhoeen, jumeen, prithee, dhurtee. [poune. 

Ground (to), bhoeen oote, dhurna jumeen oote, lumbee 

As arms. 

Groundless, be subub, j hootha jiha. 
Ground-rent, jumeen da bhara 
Ground-room, het hla undur, pyhlee shut 
Ground-work, nee moonyad. 


Group, bheer, dulee murnee, ukuth. 
Grout, lag, myl, garhee, rub do or. 


Grow (to), oogna, wudunna. 

As a tree. As a child. 

Growl (to), ghoor kunna, ghoorkoo. 


Growth, wudya hoy a, oogya hoy a. 
Grub (to), pootunna, poot ke gurouna. 

To dig up. 

GRU ( 136 ) GUN 

Grub (a), b hoond. 

Grudge (to), hirs kurnee, rees kurnee. 

Gruff, k hururree jihee. 

Gruffness, khurruraee. 

Grumble (to), boor boor kurna, vis vis kurna. 

Grunt (to), g hoorukna. 

As a pig. 

Guarantee, jamin dene wala. 

Guard (a), rakhee kurun wala. 

Guardian, rakhan wala. 

Guardless, be ola, be uwara. 

Guess, utkul, sumj h, booj,harut vichar. 

Guess (to), utkulna, sumj hna, booj hunna, vicharna. 

Guest, praone, muj mau. 

Guest-chamber, praone wala, kotha. 

Guidance, sulah, muthnee. 

Guide, sooa. 

Guide (to), rah daree da kum kurna. 

Guideless, be sooa, unjan. 

Guile, ch hul dug ha, chiluttoor. 

Guileless, be chhul, unchhul. 

Guilt, tuqseer goonah, p her. 

Guiltily, tuqseer kurke, p her p her ya kurke. 

Guilty, tuqseer wund. 

Guise, dustoor ban, 2 kupra leera poshak. 

Gulph, toa, 2 ghoomun gheree, doom. 


Gull (a), thugoun wala, 2 baola. 

A cheat. One easily cheated. 

Gullet, sungee gul, ghundee, shahrug sung. 

Gully-hole, mohree, gullee. 

Gulp (to), chetee nal, lungouna, hool kutte lenee. 

Gulp, ghot. 

Gum (resin), goond. 

Gums, dundan da peer. 

Gun, budooq. 

Gunner, golundaj, top khane wala. 

Gunpowder, daroo, baroot. 

Gunshot, golee da, churee da roranda. 

Gunsmith, budooq gur, top gur, mistree. 

Gunstock, dumoosa. 

GUS ( 137 ) HAL 

Gush (to), ghurul, roroo, trikka, wugna. 

As of water. 

Gust, boolla hoa, j hola, kalee wao. 

Gus (to), swad da, rus da mit,h. 

Gusty, wao jihee. 

Gut, ojuree andara. 

Gutler, khan khora, k horakoo. 

Gutter, ad, k halee, wynee. 


Haberdasher, bujjaz, kuprean wala. 

Habiliment, kupra leera, poshak. 

Habit, dustoor, ban, wadee. 

Habitable, ruhun wala. 

Habitant, ruhne wala, wusun wala. 

Habitation, thikhana mukan. 

Habitual, ban da, wadee wala. 

Habitually, ban or wadee kurke. 

Habituate (to), wadee kurnee, ban kurnee. 

Hack (to cut), wudna, tuk marne. 

Hack, humeshu walee, kechur k horee, wurtan wala. 

Haft, dustu wyhan hut ha. 

Haggard, koosonee. 

Haggle (to), b hao chookouna, ut ha han, ootahan kurna. 

Haggler, uthahan ootahun kurne wala, morgjier kurne 

Hail (to), gule or put hur pynee, gule marhonee. 
Hailstone, gule, put hur, p hit moohee. 
Hair, wal, kes, j hund. 
Hair-brained, kumula, be khyal, unkhyal. 
Hair-breadth, waldee vit h. 
Hairiness, walan wala, chutre wurga. 
Hairless, bina wal, roda, k hoda. 


Halbard, tubur. 

Hale, nuroa, tukra. 

Hale (to), waj marnee, chang marnee. 

To call to. 

Half, udha. 
Half-bred, dug misr. 

HAL ( 138 ) HAN 

Half-faced, moonh da ek pasa. pioya, rubdoor. 

Half-strained, udha chanya or poonya hova, gungrea 


Halfway, udha rah, udh, beech. 

Halfwit, baola wyshee. 

Hall, dalan, soofa. 

Halloo (to), hakur marnee, hak marnee. 

Hallow (to), nao dhurna. 

Hallucination, vusar, b hoolookh. 

Halo, purwar chund, jan sooruj, damundulee. 

A reddish circle round the moon or sun. 

Halt, lunga, lunga ke toorna, dhichook marke toorna. 

Halt (to), mooqam kurna, ootara lena. 

Halter, nooqtu. 

Halve (to), udho ud hee kurna, do pareean kurna. 

Halves, do hisse. 

Hamlet, pun rota, j hompreean, nika pind. 

A small village. 

Hammer, wudan, huthoura, huthouree. 

A large. Smaller, Smallest. 

Hammer (to), wudan marna, huthoura marnee. 
Hammering, kooteeda wudan nal. 

Striking. Hammer, along with. 

Hamper (to) vugarna, sukhur vich pyna. 

To perplex. 

Hamstring, lungar ke toorna, lut dhooke sootnee. 

Hand, huth. 

Hand (to), huth nal p,hurouna, huth nal denee. 

Plandbreadth, chuppa huthalee jeda. 

Handcuff, huthouree. 

Handed, huth o hut hee puhonchaya. 

Handful, lup, mooth. 

With the hand open. With the hand closed. 
Handgallop, koode jana, rohal chal jana. 
Handicraft, huthanda kum 2 karee gur. 


Handily, chutraee nal, vidyawan. 
Handle (to), tohna, jachunna. 
Handmaid, golee. 
Handmill, chukkee ghorut, khuras, g horat. 

For hand of man, For bullocks' water. 

Handsaw, aree kurwutee, purnaee kurwut. 

For one man. For two men. 

HAN ( 139 ) HAR 

Handsome, sona, soondur, sujda. 

Hand- writing, huthan da likhya hutjiwutee. 

Handy, chatur, chola. 

Hang (to), p hahe dena, lut ka dena. 

By the neck. Any thing hung up, 

Hanger-on, asra tukun wala or kurun wala. 
Hangman, jullad, qusaee, chundal. 
Hanker (to), chahona bhut kunna. 
Happy, Jdioosh, sookh, anund. 
Hapless, ku bukht, nu b hag, nung. 
Haply, shayud, bhulaje 2 subub kurke. 

By chance. 

Happen (to), ho pyna. 

Happiness, khooshee, sookhee, anund taee. 

Harangue (to), gulan, kurnyan. 

Harass (to) tung kurna, oukhur kurna. 

Harbour (to), surn rukhna, ole rukhna. 

Harbour, k,hoondur. 

Hard, tukra, kururra, sukhta. 

Hard-bound, qubzee, bund. 

Harden (to), kururra kurna, tukra kurna. 

Hard-hearted, sung dila, kururre dil wala. 

Hardiness, sukhta, kuthor, kururra. 

Hardly, musa musa kurke, oukhur kurke. 

Hardmouthed, moonh jor, kururre moonh wala. 

Hardness, kururraee. 

Hardship, mooshkil, oukhur. 

Hardware, b hurt dee. 

Hardware-man, b hurt, ghurun wala. 

Hardy, kuruklit, kururra, nigur. 

Hare, syhar, susa. 

Harem, junan k hanu. 

Hark, choop, soono. 

Harlot, kunjur, nut, qusubee, terah taree. 

Harm, nooshqan, Jan. 

Harmless, be nooshqan unnooshqan be jan. 

Harmonious, soor hooee hooee, tal nal. 

Harness, saj sumeean. 

Harness (to), saj churhouna, sumeean kurna. 

Harpoon, sang sang marnee. 

To harpoon. 

Harrow, sohaga. 

HAR ( 140 ) HEA 

Harrower, sotraga dene wala, purlo jindal. 

Harsh, suklit kururra. 

Harshness, suklitaee kurur raee. [bera kurna. 

Hash (to), dukfe dukre kurne, bote bote kurna, bera 

Hasten (to), chetee kurnee, shitabee kurnee, kalee kurnee. 

Hatch (to), boat kudhna. 

Hatchet, koharee, takooa. 

Hate (to), vyr ruk^hna, shureeka rukhna, boora munna, 

kour kukhnee. 
Hatred, vyree, dooshmunee, kullush. 
Have (to), rukhna. 
Haven, asra kurke, ola tukke. 
Having, rukhda. 

Haughty, mugroor, gumroor, mujajee ugur. 
Haul (to), k hechunna, d hoona jor louna. 
Haunch, put, mota put. 
Haunt (to), humeshu ouna. 
Havoc, nooshqan, jan. 
Hawk, baj, byhru, shikura. 
Hazard, ufat, bula, subub kurke, ruja nal. 
Hazard (to), khutra, dur or toukulla kurna. 
Hazardous, k,hutra jiha, toukulla jiha. 
He, o, oho. 
Head, sir. 

Head-ache, sir dee peer. 
Headless, sir thon bina, dhur. 
Head-long, jiddya un k,hyalee, be k hyal. 
Head-most, subna thon pyhla, morla, ugla. 
Head-piece, sunjoh da boorka. 
Head-stall, nooqtu sir duwal. 
Head-strong, mujajee, hunkaree. 
Head-workman, sirdar, juffedar. 
Heady, mujajee, jiddya, uguree. 
Heal (to), chunga kurna, nuroha kurna. 
Health, urog nuroha, rajee. 
Healthiness, nurohee rajee rogee. 
Heap, bol dher gulla. 

Of grain. Of anythiiig. As of money. 

Heap (to), bol kurna, dher louna, gulla bhurna. 
Hear (to), soonna, awaj lenee, birk lenee. 
Hearken (to), soonna kun kurke. 

HEA ( 141 ) HEI 

Hearsay, gougur, boolara. 

Hearse, buban seerhee. 

Heart, dil atma. 

Heart-ache, dil deepeer, 2 sog, humsos. 

Heart-break, dil khosda, sog, humsos. 

Heart-burning, atma dee peer, undur da dookh. 

Heart felt, undur da sog, undur da humsos. 

Heartily, dil dee, suchyaree nal. 

Heartiness, arthee kirtee, suchyaree nal aree. 


Heartless, be as neasra, odurya hoya^ 2 kutor taee kur- 

rurra dil. 
Hearty, suchya, 2 nuroha rajee. 


Heat, gurmee tao, wut hoomus towar. 

Heat (to), gurm kurna, tutta kurna, tao louna. 

Heath, bootee. 

Heave (to), sah k,hechunna, hut g hora lena. 

Heaven, bykoonth, soorug, soorga pooree. 

Heaven-born, bykoonth jumya lioya. 

Heavenly, bykoonth jiha. 

Heavily, b,hara jiha, b,harwala. 

Heavy, bharee 

Hecatomb, sougou, poon kurnee or munsnee, dan kur- 

nee, sunkulp kurna. 
Hectic, wadee bannal, c hhyyan, pyeean hoyan. 
Hedge, war bar. 

Hedge-hog, kundala, khundeara. 
Hedger, war kurun wala, dhingur, gudun wala. 
Hedging-bill, gundasa, gundala, sulungnr. 
Heed (to), mununna. 
Heedful, tukra, hoshiar, chutra. 
Heedless ghafil, be ukl. 
Heel, udee. 
Heft, dusta, hutha. 
Heifer, wuchee wyr. 

A young cow. 
Heigho, ho ho. 
Height, oochaee. 
Heighten (to), oocha kurna. 
Heightening, oocha osarna. 
Heinous, uguree, dok,hee. 

ttEI ( 142 ) HER 

Heir, waris, da we wala, pouun wala. 

Heirless, be waris, ni dawa. 

Heir-loom, koldeecheez, sut peeree cheez, qudeem cheez. 

Heir-ship, waris wala, hisse wala. 

Hell, ghor, dojukji nuruk. 

Hell-doomed, nuruk wasee, dojukhee. 

Helm, eliuppur moonee. 

Helmet, sunjo da boorka. 

Help, suhayuta, mudut, humrah. 

Help (to), humrah kurnee, suhayuta kurnee, huth pur- 

utee pounee. 
Helper, humrahee, huth purutee, pooun wala. 
Helpless, luchar, oukhur. 

Helter-skelter, k hendya poondya hoya, rulya milya hoya. 
Helve, dustu, byhur, hut ha. 

Helve (to), dustu hutha, vyhur, pouna, jurna louna. 
Hem, kunee, b han. 

Hemisphere, doonya da udh, prithee da udh. 
Hemorrhage, lobhoo lugna. 
Hemorrhoids, bawaseer mumeseean. 
Hemp, sun sunookura, dhineean. 
Hem, kookuree. 
Hence, ethon, uethon. 
Henceforth, uedoon uge. 
Henpecked, teemee de wus hoya hoya. 
Henroost, kookooran dee shamlee. 
Her, odee. 

Herald, hulkaru, kasht. 
Herald (to), hulkarene khubur kurnee. 
Herb, sag, bhajee, bhoorjee. 
Herd, wug, her, tubela, khanda. 

Of Cattle. Of Deer. Of Horses. Of Buffaloes. 

Herdman, wagee, mahee, ijjur chela churun wala. 

Of Cows. Of Buffaloes. Of Goats and Slieep. 

Here, uedur. 

Hereabouts, uethe, uedur le pasee, oore hee. 

Hereafter, uedoon uge. 

Hereat, ise kurke, itne cheer vich. 

Hereby, ise kurke. 

Hereditable, waris jiha, dawe jiha. 

Hereditary, warisee dawe wala. 

HER ( 143 ) HIG 

Hereinto, ise vich, uede vich. 
Hereof, isda, uesda. 
Hereupon, tudon. 

Heretofore, uge wan, uge jiha or wurga. 
Herewith, ise nal, e de nal, os e vele. 
Heritage, warisee da dawe. 
Hermaphrodite, khoosrau hijra. 
Hermit, bunbasee, oodasee, utunk. 
Hermitage, bunbas dee jugeh bola. 


Hero, soorma, diler juwan murd. 

Heroism, soorme da kum. 

Her's, odee. 

Herse, buban, sirhee, chundol. 

Herself, oap. 

Hesitate (to), thuthula koona, goon goon kurna. 

Hesitation, thut hula, goon goona. 

Hew (to), wudna, kutunna, sootna. 

Hey-day, ho ho, ha ha. 

Hiatus, ter pukter j hatee. 

Aperture, cleft, left out. 

Hiccough, (to), hitkee ounee or lugnee or honee. 
Hide (to), loogouna chhipouna ole rukhna, djiuk lena, 

kuj lena, 2 khul chumree. 
Hide-bound, kururree khul, cheekunee khul. 
Hideous, houl nak, bhy or dur nal. 
Hiding-place, looqun walee jugeh. 
Hie (to), chetee kurna, shitabee kurnee, kalee kurnee. 
Hieroglyphic, unjan likht, unjan da hurf. 
Higgle (to), bhao chookouna, u thaun ootahan kurna. 
Higgledy piggledy, ooludya pooludya hoya, huthahan 

ootaha keeta hoya. 
Pliggler, wunjara p heree wala. 
High, oocha. 

Highblown, wao nal, bhurya hoya or poorya hoya. 
Highflier, oocha ood hun wala, ootahun churhun wala. 
High-heaped, oochee, dheree laee hoee. 
Highland, tibbean walee jumeen. 
Highmettled trikka, chalak, diler. 
Highmost, subna thon oocha. 
Highness, hoozoor. 

HIG ( 144 ) HOA 

High-seasoned, kuriirra swad. 

High-spirited, trikka diler, soormut. 

High-water, paiiee churhya hoya. 

Highway, badshahee rah, wuda rah, gadee rah. 

Highwayman, dharawee pera. [hooee. 

Highwrought, buhoot mihnut bunee hooee, sonee bunee 

Hilarity, khooshee, anund taee. 

Hill, oochee neewee jumeen, tibbee jihee. 

Hilly, tibba jiha, tibba dhore. 

Hilt, dustu hut ha wyhur, 2 moth qiizu punja. 

Of a sword. 

Hind, hurnee, mirgnee, bukee. 

Hinder (to), utkouna cherna, 2 wurjunna. 

To stop, prevent. 

Hindrance, utkao, 2 wuruj da. 

Hindermost, subna thon, pichhla mugurla. 

Hinge, choolh, choot hee. 

Hinge (to), choolh lounee, choot hee pounee. 

Hint, sharut synut. 

Hint (to), sharut kurnee, synut marnee. 

Hip, choola, bajoo. [hoya. 

Hip (to), oodas kurna, oodura dena, choola much kor^ 

Hire, bhara. 

Hire (to), bhara lena. 

Hirsute, walan wala. 

Hiss (to), seetee marn ee, p hookna p lioonkurna. 

As a snake. 

Hissing, seetee marda, p hookda. 

Hist, soono. 

Historian, verwar lik,hun wala. 

History, verwe de pothee. 

Hit (a), sut. 

Hit (to), sut marna. 

Hitch, gund jihee. 

Hither, uedur, uese pas se. 

Hithermost, subna thon pas or mood, kolore. 

Hitherto, boon teeka. 

Hitherward, uedur le pas se, ues wul. 

Hive, khugga chulee. 

Hiving khugga louona, chulee lounee. 

Hoard, may a, joree hooee. 

HOA ( 145 ) HON 

Hoard (to), maya jornee, gulla kut ha kurna. 

Hoarfrost, kora pyna, kukor j umna. 

Hoariness, dhoule aye hooe. 

Hoarse, sung byhna, gula bythna. 

Hoarsely, sung byt ha, kurke. 

Hoary, dhoule jihe. 

Hobble (to), lungouna, lungake toorna. 

Hobby, shouqee. 

Hobbyhorse, k hudouna, shouqee. 

Hobgoblin, bhootna, pret, jin jinayt. 

Hobnail, jootee da kil. 

Hock, g hore de khooeh. 

Hocus pocus, jadoo kurna, muntur mama, ser kurna. 

Hod, tugaree. 

Hoe, k hoorpee. 

Hog, soour, bud. 

Hogherd, soour charun wala. 

Hoist (to), chookunna, chukunna. 

Hold (to), p hurna. 

Hole, khod, khud. 

Holily, dhurm nal, dhurm kurke. 

Hollo (to), hak marnee, changor kook marnee. 

Hollow, pola. 

Hollow (to), pola kurna, t,hotha kurna. 

Holster, bokee. 

Holy, dhurmatma. 

Holiday, purb tehar, muhatum, din de har. 

Homage, ijjut put, umraee. 

Home, g.hur. 

Homebred, ghur palya hoya. 

Homefelt, undur da dookh, unduron dookhee. 

Homeliness, rookhee, missee, maree motee. 

Homely, g,hur de goojran. 

Homeward, ghurwul, ghur noon. 

Homicide, k^oonee, ghatee, katilee. 

Hone, puthuree. 

Honest, suchya, bechhul, be chilittooree. 

Honestly, suchyaee nal, un chilittoor kurke. 

Honesty, suchyaee. 

Honey, shyhud. 

Honey-bagged, mak,heeo dee mukhee. 

HON ( 146 ) HOR 

Honeycomb, k hukur. [kuryaii hoyan. 

Honeycombed, jingalee hooee top, morcht'an wale, khu- 

As guns. 

Honeyless, bina shyliud, unshyhud. 

Honor, ijjut, put, abro. 

Honor (to) put lounee, ijjut lounee. 

Honorably, ijjut kurke, put nal. 

Hood, boorqu. 

Hoof, soom. 

Hook, koondee. 

Hooknosed, oocha nuk. 

Hoop, gliera sum. 

Hoop (to), ghera louna, sum pouna. 

Hoot (to), goorukna, touree marnee, hurolee poune. 

Hop (to), tapo rapa, ek pyr dee chhal. 

Hope, oomed, bhurosa, wussa. 

Hopeful, oomedwar, wussa kurke. 

Hopeless, lachar, oukhur. 

Hopper, tapo rapa khelun wala, lunga lunga dourya. 

Horal, ek ghuree vich or nal. 

Horde, jat da, ukuth jat dee mundulee. 

Horizon, door dee dharee, nigah dee d haree. 

Horizontal, dharee jihee. 

Horn, singh. 

Horned, singh luge hooe. 

Horoscope, junum putree tewar, purushun. 

Horrible, houl nak. 

Horrid, houl jiha, houl wan. 

Horror, houl, bhy, dur, chinta. 

Horse, ghora, usur, bhour, arakee. 

Horse (to), uswar hona, 2 g horee melnee. 

To cover a mare. 

Horseback, ghore oote churhya hoy a. 
Horsebreaker, chabook uswar. 
Horsecloth, ghore dee gurdunee. 
Horsedealer, ghorean da dulal or soudagur. 
Horsefly, bhouree kootte mukhee. 
Horsehair, g hore da wal or jut looeen. 
Horselaugh, khirke rake husna. 
Horseleech, wudee jok. 
Horselitter, g horean dee mundulee. 

HOR ( 147 ) HOW 

Horseman, churhs uswar. ' 

Horsemanship, chunga uswar. 

Horsepond, ghorean da tulao or ghatee. 

Horserace, ghorean dee shurt. 

Horseradish, sohanjune dee jur. 

Horseshoe, tundal, naal. 

Horsestealer, ghorean da chor. 

Horseroad, ghorean da raha. 

Horticulture, bagh da kum. 

Hosier, bujjaj. 

Hospitable, bhaee chare nal, wurtun wala mihmanee. 

Hospital, beemar k hanu, mandugee da ghur kurke. 

Hospitality, mihmandaree, bhaee chare dee. 

Host, mezman, bhaee charu syanoon. 

Hostage, wulya hoya, nuzur bund, gjha keeta. 

Hostile, vyree jiha. 

Hostility, vyr, dooshmunee, shureeka. 

Hostler, ghore da thyleea. 

Hostry, huwelee, tuwelu. 

For men. For horses. 

Hot, tutta, gurm. 
Hotbed, urooree reo, myl. 
Hotel, huwelee. 

Hot-headed, trikhee or likhee mujaj, krodhee. 
Hovel, j hompree, bhora. 
Hover (to), tar bununee, khumb phurkunna. 
Hour, eko ghuree. 

Hour-glass, ret or seese walee, ghuree. 
Hourly, ghuree g huree kurke. 
House, g hur. 

Housebreaker, sun loune wala, or sun marne wala. 
Household, g hur de lok. 

Housekeeping, ghur da kum, ghur dee joogut. 
Houseless, be ghur, be thikhanu, kungal. 
Housewifery, g hur da joogutee. [kis doul. 

How, kis turan, kis kurke, kis tour, kis quta, kis dhul, 
Howbeit, tan bee, tud bee. 
Howd'ye, too kysa hue ? 
However, tan bee, to bee. 
Howitzer, goobara opchee. 
Howl (to), hoongunna, rona. 
As a jackal. 

HOW ( 148 ) HUS 

Howsoever, jis kurke, jis tiiraii. 

Hubbub, hukama, roula, j hugra, j hanj ha. 

Huddle (to), bheer honee, dulee murnee. 

Hue, rung. 

Huff (a), k.liufFa, g hoossa, huruk hwaii. 

Hug (to), jhupee pouonee. 

Huge, wuda. 

Hulk (of ship), beree da t bulla or tuUa. 

Hum (to), nuq vich gouna, moonh men gouna or koona. 

Human, kbilqut da. 

Humane, dyawunt, huleem ruseel. 

Humanize (to) wus on kurnee, awadanee kurnee. 

To civilize. 

Humankind, kbilqut doonya de lok. 

Humanely, munook ban da dhub doonya, deekar. 

After the manner of men. 

Humbly, ghureebee nal, huleemee nal. 

Humeral, modah da. 

Humid, gillee silee turur rej. 

Humiliation, ud been taee ruseelee. 

Humility, huleemee, ruseelee. 

Humorous, t hutha, bukhera, mushkura, mushkoola. 

Hump-back, kooba, luk toota. 

Hundred, sou, sue, suekra. 

Hunger (to), b hook h lugnee, khoodya lugnee. 

Hungry, b hook ha, khoodyawan. 

Hunt, shikar, mar. 

Hunt (to), shikar khedna, mar marnee. 

Hunting-horn, shikar dee seetee. 

Hurdle, tapoo punjala. 

Hurl (to), sootunna. 

Hurly-burly, hukamu roula, gool o shor. 

Hurricane, und heree, kalee b holee. 

Hurry, shitabee, kalee, phoortee. 

Hurry (to), shitabee, kalee kurnee. 

Hurt, sut thokur. 

Husband, khusun b hurta. 

Husbandless, rundee, bidwa, 2 oodasun. 


Husbandly, joogutee, tudbeeree. 

Husbandman, hulwaee, khetee, jumeendaree da kum, 

HUS ( 149 ) IGN 

Hushmoney, wuddee deke choop kurouna, wuddee nal, 

mooqura dena. 
Husk, chhil. 

Husky, rulouna khurkouna, chhinkouna, pelouna. 
Hut, j hompree, joogee, bhora, kootya, koolee. 
Hutch, pinjura, sundooq jiha, pinjura. 
Huzza (to), wah wall kurna, chambulan marnyan. 
Hydra, suhuns phoona, sou sira sup. 
Hpdraulics, panee leoundee joogut. 
Hydrometer, panee da undaj. 
Hyena, churg h. 
Hymen, jutliera. 

Hy menial, veeah da gaon or geet. 
Hyperbole, lufafee, p houree, g hupee. 
Hypochondriac, humeshan da sogee durakool. 
Hypocrisy, pujee dughe baj, meesna. 
Hypocrite, puj louunwala. 
Hypothesis, utkul nal, undaj se. 
Hysterical, gliush jehee, telee jihee. 
Hysterics, gbush, telee. 


I, muen. 

Ice, wurf, kora, kukur. 

Idea, khyal wjhum mouj. 

Ideal, khyalee, wyhumee, moujee. 

Identify (to), seeanun na, puhchan kurnee. 

Idiom, turan. 

Idiot, kumla, baola. 

Idle, soost dhilla jilla. 

Idleness, soostee, dhillaee, jillaee. 

Idol, moorut, pootulee. 

Idolater, moorut de poojun wala. 

Idolize (to), pooja kurnee, pat kurna. 

If, jetha, b hula, je. 

Ignis-fatuus, b hootan dee ug. 

Ignite, bulunna, jalna, p hookunna. 

Ignoble, kungal, kumeen, pajee, geedee. 

Ignominy, namoshee, budnamee. 

Ignorance, nadanee, be wuqoofee. 

ILL ( 150 ) IMP 

111, rogee, beemar, munohan, 2 nooshqan jan. 

Sick. Harm. 

Illaborate, meenut kurke, oukheeaee nal. 

Illegal, be shuru, be rue eeyut. 

Illegible, uiipurh dee lik hee hooee, unjan dee lik.hee. 

Illegitimate, sayur, huramda, asmanee gola. 

Illnature, suree mijaj, kururree mijaj. 

Illness, rog, beemaree, munohan. 

Illumine (to), chanunna kurna, roshunre kurnee. 

Illusion, ch bul, chilittoor, fureb. 

Illustrate (to), oojagur kurna 2 byan or gyan kurna. 

To brighten. To explain. 

Illustrious, namee, juswunt, namjud. 

Image, moorut, tusbeer, shuk^hl, soorut. 

Imagine (to), khyal kurna, wyhum kurna. 

Imbank (to), kunde or bunne, bununnee. 

Imbecility, kumjoree, nuqoobutee. 

Imbitter (to), kouree kurnee. 

Imbody (to), ukutha kurna, rulouna. 

Imbolden (to), dileree kurnee, dil wudouna, surse bona. 

Imborder (to), j balee lounee. 

Imbosom (to), j up hee pounee. 

Imbrue (to), bbeeouna gilla kurna. 

Imitate (to), ose wurga kurna, oho jiha kurna. 

Immaculate, be dagh, pubitr. 

Immature, kuchha, uUa, pilla. 

Immeasurable, be undaj, be utahu, be oruk. 

Immediately, troot or tooroot or troont hoone. 

Immemorial, qudeemee, pooranee sumb hal on uge. 

Immense, buhoot wuda, wude thon wuda. 

Immerse (to), dubona, ghote denee, chundunna. 

Imminence, kol pas, 2 tibbe oote. 

Immoderately, be undaj kurke, be hudda, be oruk. 

Immoral, kamee, uguree. 

Immortal, chirun jeeo, umur. 

Immoveable, chookun joga naheen, unchook. 

Immure (to), bununna, qyd kurna, dhuk kurnee. 

Immutable, unwut, wutoun wala naheen. 

Impair (to), ghutouna, nooshqan kurna, vigarna. 

Impartial, be kooshamud, be moolaju. 

Impassable, unlung. 

IMP ( 151 ) IMP 

Impatience, be dheeruj, be suntokh. 
Impeach (to), nalish kuriiee, fury ad lounee. 
Impede (to), utkouiia, rokna, hutkunna. 
Impediment, utkao, rok, 2 tutla totla. 

Of speech. 

Impel (to), torna d hukna. 
Impend (to), lut kouna, pulmouna tungna. 
Impenetrable, un wur, be lung. 
Impenitent, be puclida, kurukht dila. 
Imperceptible, disda nalieen, minna. 
Imperfect, udh bunnee,relia hooa, udh viritee. 

From ruha. 

Imperial, raj da, guddee da. 

Imperishable, umur, un sookh. 

Impertinence, shekhee, mujajee. 

Impervious, unwur, be lung. 

Impetuosity, tejee trikkaee, chalakee. 

Impiety, be dhurmee, koo dhurmee. 

Implacable, be ruhm, be dya, kururree mijaj wala. 

Implement, hu thyar, sundh. 

In general. Of agriculture. 

Implicate (to), nal da dusna, nal rulouna. 
Implicit, theek bu t heek, such mooch. 
Implore (to) bentee kurnee, arjoee kurnee. 
Import (to), unwouna, le ounna, sudwouna. 
Importance, juroor dee, lor dee, kum dee. 
Importunate, buhoot suwalee jidya. 
Impose (to), hookm dena, 2 thugouna 
Impossible, unhona. 
Impostor, thugoun wala chhulya. 
Impotence, be qoobutee, thunda pja hoya. 

Without power of propagation. 

Impracticable, na hone da. 

Imprecate, dhurna, srafna. 

Impregnible, unjit be toot. 

Impression, usur lugee hooee. 

Imprimis, subna nal puehle, subna thon mood le. 

Imprint (to), chhapa louna, theka louna, sucha louna. 

Imprison (to), qyd kurna, bununna, dhuk kurna. 

Improbable, uql se bahur. 

Improbity, be ueteebaree jootheearee. 

Improper, na laeq, joga naheen. 

IMP ( 152 ) INC 

Impropriety, na laeq, unjog bona. 

Improve (to), sik h jana, sour jana. 

Improvident, khurchoo, bejoogut. 

Imprudent, be sumuj h, unkhyal. 

Impudence, shekhee, mugrooree, mujajee. 

Impunity, be suja. 

Impure, pubitr nabeen, nupak. 

Impute (to), louna. 

Inability, be bimmutee, un poucbee. 

Inaccessible, belungar, unwur. 

Inaccurate, bboola boya, b hool cbook pyee booee. 

Inactive, jilla, dbilla mutba. 

Inadequate, joga or wurga nubeen, jiba nabeen. 

Inadvertenly, unjan, poone nal, ghafile nal. 

Inattention, soostee, dhillaee, gliafilee. 

Inaudible, soonne da nubeen. 

Incapable, wurga, joga, jiba nubeen. 

Incapacity, bimmut nubeen, goodrut nubeen. 

Incarcerate (to), bununna, qued kurna, dbuk kurna. 

Incautious, bina cbutraee. 

Incendiary, gbur phookun wala or sarun wala. 

Incense (to), gboossa kurna, buruk b kurna. 

Incessant, bumesban da, be butna. 

Incest, koo sung, koo reet. 

Incb, ungool tusso. 

Incidental, itne cber vicb, cbancbuk kurke. 

Incipient, moodon sbona. 

Incision, cbeerya boya. 

Incivility, be ubsanee, be moobtaj. 

Inclement, kururra, sukbta. 

Incline (to), neeona, jookna. 

Inclose (to), gbera pouna, gher lena. 

Inclosure, cbuferon gberya, boya. 

Inclusive, ukuthe rulaye booe. 

Incognito, bhek b wutaya boya, rung wutarya boya. 

Incoberent, buroun, burbake. 

Income, amdunee kut,bee. 

Incommode (to), oukbiar bona, tung b5na. 

Incomparable, jiba nubeen, wurga nabeen. 

Incompetent, joga nubeen, wurga nubeen. 

Incomplete, ud,b bunnee, poora nubeen. 

INC ( 153 ) IND 

Inconsiderate, unkhyalee, be sumiij h. 

Inconsistent, wurga or jiha naheen. 

Inconstancy, be t,hukhana, phir phira. 

Incontestable, bysun, wurga nuheen. 

Inconvenient, koo wuqt, koo vela, be mouqu. 

Incorporate (to), milouna, rulouna. 

Incorrect, t heek nuheen, khundut, b hoolya hoya. 

Incorrigible, uguree, mujajee. 

Incorruptible, surya jiha nuheen. 

Increase (to), wudjina, wudouna. 

Incredible, vusa wale nuheen, b hurose jiha naheen. 

Incredulity, be vusaee hubo sahee. 

Inculcate (to), sikhalna. 

Incumbent, juroor la, juroor loreeda. 

Indebted, qurzee, deewalya. 

Indecent, be luj, be shurm. 

Indeed, suchee. 

Indefatigable, urthee mihnutee. 

Indefinite, be hudd, unwut, be wutee. 

Indelible, mit hda nuheen, lenda nuheen, ooturda nuheen. 

Indelicate, be shurm, na luj. 

Indemnity, bucha, ruha. 

Indenture, kunara, 

Indescribable, urth jiha nuheen. 

Indicate (to), wukhalna. 

Indifference, be purwaee. 

Indigence, nungee, tunksaee. 

Indigestible, puchun wala nuheen, hajm wala nuheen. 

Indignation, krod,h, kurukh, ghoossa. 

Indigo, neel. 

Indirect, sid ha nuheen, vinga. 

Indiscernable, disda nuheen, vekhee da nuheen. 

Indiscreet, be tudbeer. 

Indispensible, juroor, jurooran, lor eeda. 

Indisposed, beram, rojee nuheen, munohar. 

Indisposition, beramee, rogee. 

Indisputable, bysun wala nuheen. [hooee. 

Indissoluble, bud,hee hooee, ghootee nuheen, peechee 

Indistinct, nima nima, mudum. 

Individual, admee, munook h. 

Indivisible, ud,ho ud hee naheen, hoondee, pat de nuheen. 

IND ( 154 ) INF 

Indocile, trikka, khunda, palun joga naheen. 

Indolence, soostee, ghafilee, dhilaee. 

Indubitable, be bhurm, be jun. 

Induce (to), dilasa dena, pulosna. 

Indulge (to), myhrmee kurnee, mitr charee kurnee. 

Industrious, urthee, mibnutee. 

Industry, urtliee. 

Inebriation, umulee hoya boya. 

Ineffectual, be basil, nikunia. 

Inelegant, koo sona, koo sbuklil. 

Inequality, bura burabur nulieen, eko jiba nubeen. 

Inert, soost, d billa, jilla. 

Inestimable, be qeemut, un mol. 

Inevitable, juroor bu juroor, buchan wala nubeen. 

Inexcusable, oojr joga nabeen. 

Inexhaustible, be unt, un toot. 

Inexorable, be ruhm, kurukht. 

Inexpedient, joga, wurga, nubeen. 

Inexperience, be waqifee, be muerumee. 

Inexpert, jilla, unjan. 

Inexpressible, bolun wala nubeen, gyan wala nubeen. 

Infallible, un b.hool siheeh, tbeek bu tbeek. 

Infamous, namosbee. 

Infancy, baluk poone. 

Infant, ningur, eeanu. 

Infanticide, eeane, ningur mar. 

Infantry, pyadu tulungur. 

Infatuated, umor, deewanu. 

Infectious, moosk dee soog. 

Inference, urt,h manee basil. 

Inferior, gbut. 

Infernal, shytanda. 

Infidel, be d hurm. 

Infinite, be unt, be oruk. 

Infirm, nujora, kumjora, nuqoobuta. 

Infirmary, beemar k,hanu, rogeean da gbur. 

Infirmity, nujoree nuqoobutee. 

Inflame (to), sarna, pjiookna, balna julna. 

Inflammable, surun jiha, balun wala. 

Inflammation, taa lee soorkhee. 

Inflate (to), hook marke p.boolouna. 

INF ( 155 ) INS 

Inflexible, kurukht, umor. 

Inflict (to), suja denee, dookh dena. 

Influence, bus, wus. 

Inform (to), chita dena, dus dena. 

Informant, dusun wala, chitoun wala. 

Information, khubur. 

Ingenious, kareeguree, hikmutee. 

Ingenuous, suchya, sidha. 

Ingratitude, be shookree, nimuk huramee. 

Inhabit (to), rehna, tikna. 

Inhale (to), sah lena, dum bhurna. 

Inharmonious, tal be tal, be soora. 

Inherent, jat, usultaee. 

Inherit (to), warisee pounee. 

Inhospitable, be mihmanee. 

Inhuman, be turs, be ruhm, kutor taee. 

Inimitable, be wurga, sone thon sona. 

Iniquitous, uguree, booreaee. 

Initiate (to), sik.halna. 

Inimical, vyree jiha, dooshmun jiha. 

Injure (to), nooshqan or jan kurna. 

Injustice, be insafee, be nishafee. 

Ink, shahee, roshunaee. 

Inkstand, duwat, boogta. 

Inmate, ukut he rehne wala, sanj he rehne wala. 

Inner, undur. 

Innkeeper, huwele burdar. 

Innocence, be goonahee. 

Innocuous, nooshqan or jan wala nuheen. 

Innumerable, unginut be shoomar. 

Inquietude, beramee nichulee, be sookhee. 

Inquire (to), poochna. 

Inquiry, poochna gichna. 

Inquisitive, pooch pach, prae pooch. 

In vail (to), karengar bununna, war kurne^. 

Inroad, bulla. 

Insalubrious, panee mare wala. 

Insane, baola, deewanu. 

Insatiable, naruj, be sunthok. 

Inscribe (to), lik hna. 

Inscrutable^ looqya hoya. 

INS ( 156 ) INT 

Insect, keera, cheetee. 

Insecure, tukra naheen, kururra nuheen. 

Insensible, behosh. 

Inseparable, juroor jurooran, 2 joree hoya. 

Not to be separated. 

Inside, undur le pase. 

Insidious, furebee, chhulya, cliilittooree. 

Insignificant, ni kumee, koocheel. 

Insincerity, be suchyaree j hoothee. 

Insipid, phika, kusera, buk buka. 

Insist (to), hookm kurna. 

Insnare (to), p,haka lounee, jallouna, phurna. 

Insobriety, umul poona/ 

Insolence, shekhee, mujajee. 

Insoluble, gulun wala naheen, ungul. 

Insolvent, dowalya, nung. 

Insomuch, ki. 

Inspect (to), vek,hna moolaheju kurna. 

Instability, t hyrda naheen, renda naheen. 

Instal (to), duk hula kurna. 

Instance, vela wuqt. 

Instant, lehma pul. 

Instantaneously, phoortee chetee, shitabee nal. 

Instead, uvuzee, budlee, wutte. 

Instep, puer da ch hut. 

Instigate, kurouna, muchouna. 

Instinct, soo nal. 

Institute (to), bunouna. 

Instruct (to), sik halna. 

Instrument, huthyar, shustru, sund h. 

Insufferable, be dheeruj. 

Insufficient, mooafiq or joga nuheen. 

Insular, tapoo da. 

Insult, be ijjutee, be putee. 

Insurgent, hukame kurne wala, roule poune wala. 

Insurmountable, ujit. 

Insurrection, hukamu, dunga. 

Integrity, sucheeaee. 

Integument, k hul, chum. 

Intellect, uql, hosh, chutraee vidya. 

Intelligence, uql wun, chutraee. 

INT ( 157 ) INT 

Intelligible, sumujh wala. 

Intemperance, be bundejee. 

Intense, buhoota, be hudd. 

Intent, itch ha, iradu, asa. 

Inter (to), nupna. 

Intercede, ch hudouna, mooaf kurwana. 

Intercept (to), roknee, hudd wutte lenee. 

Intercourse, jiwab suwal, amkhash gulan. 

Interdict (to), mune kurna, wurujna, huta dena. 

Interest, kum, ghuruj, gaon. 

Interfere (to), dukhla kurna. 

Interim, itne cheer vich. 

Interior, undur le pase. [lek hna. 

Interline (to), vich lik hna, de vich lik hna, sun or gubbe 

Interloper, ubeea gut, bina sudde thon ouun wala. 

Intermarry (to), saka giree, da veeah kurna. 

Interminable, be hudd, be unt, be oruk. 

Intermittent, tap teju. 

Internal, undur dee. 

Interpose (to), vich ouna, gubbe ouna. 

Interpret (to), gyan kurna, byan kurna. 

Interrogate, poochna. 

Interrupt (to), duk hla kurna, rokna, tung kurna. 

Intersect (to), moolk vich, huthryan, pootyan hooyan. 

Intertwine, wuletna. 

Interval, vich vich. 

Intervene (to), vich vich pynee. 

Interview, milap, moolaqat, mela. 

Intestate, be lik hya, un dusya. 

Intestines, ojuree. 

Inthralment, ghoolam puna, thyul poona. 

Intimacy, milap, mel. 

Intimate (to), khubur dena, dusnee. 

Intimidate, durouna, kumbouna. 

Intire, subo, sumoochu, sarha hee. 

Intolerable, be suhu, n^ suhee, ne j hulee 

Intoxication, umulee. 

Intrench (to), ghera pouna, morche loune. 

Intrepid, diler, soorma. 

Intricacy, oukhur, ouk heeaee. 

Intrigue, koo soobha. 

INT ( 158 ) IRR 

Intrude (to), wur jana, be illaqe ouna. 

Intrust (to), sompna, soopoord kurna. 

Intwine (to), vullet na, gunda pounyan. 

Invade (to), churh jana, bulla kurke. 

Invalid, beramee, rogee, munolian. 

Invaluable, un mol, be qeemuta. 

Invariable, humesb bumeshan. 

Invasion, eburbee boya, bulla kurke. 

Invective, bud juban da. 

Invention, biqmut, kareeguree. 

Inventory, bunist, bunouut. 

Invert (to), ooludna, ooltouna, mroda kurna. 

Invest (to), dena. 

Investigate (to), tuteek kurnee, tol tolnee, kboj khojna. 

Invidious, reesda, shreeka. 

Invigorate (to), tukra kurna, kururra kurna. 

Invincible, unjit, untoot. 

Invisible, undit, bedit. 

Invitation, neonda d bama. 

Invite (to), neonda dena, dbama dena. 

Inundation, purlo, akhur, g,burbee. 

Invoke (to), b hugwan or purmesbwurda nao lena. 

Invoice, cbeezanda verwar or khoolafee. 

Involuntary, upne ap, jan booj bke. 

Inure (to), adut kurnee, ban kurnee, wadee kurnee. 

Inutility, ni kurnee. 

Invulnerable, wur, un pbut. 

Inwards, undur le pase. 

Irascible, krodhwan, buruk hwan. 

Irksome, diqqdaree tungsee, ook beeaee. 

Iron, loba. 

Irony, p,bitkaree tana. 

Irradicate (to), cbanunna, oojala kurna. 

Irrational, be uql. 

Irreclaimable, uncbul, un mil. 

Irreconcileable, un munya, be milap. 

Irrecoverable, un lub,b. 

Irregular, be tudbeera, ookbur khora. 

Irreligion, be dhurm. 

Irremediable, be illaj, be joogutee. 

Irreparable, be illaj, be joogutee. 

IRR ( 159 ) JOC 

Irresolute, juho tuke vich, be Jiimmutee. 
Irrigate (to), panee seenj hna, panee ghutunna. 
Irritable, trikha, krodhee. 
Irruption, churhaee, pit pilkore. 

Invasion. Of the skin. 

Island, tapoo, deep. 
Issue, hasil, 2 oulad, uns. 


Itch, khoruk, pa. 

Item, cheez. 

Iterate (to), moodo kurnee. 

Itinerant, phirtoora, bhoundoo. 

Itself, oho, ap. 

Ivory, hathee, da dund. 

Ivy, wuloor. 


Jabber, (to), bookwa kurna. 

Jacent, lumma pouna. 

Jackal, gidhoor, seeal, jumbuk. 

Jagged, chitree hooee, ookharee hooee. 

Jail, bunde k hanu, qyd k hana. 

January, mag h. 

Jargon, mundee bolee, j hanj ha bolee. 

Javelin, burchhee, sang, bjiul, sela, neju, burchh. 

Jaundice, surdee gurmee da d huka. 

Jaunt, sufur syhul. 

Jaw, choaree. 

Jealous, bhurmee, junee. 

Jeer (to), tana dena. 

Jeopardy, khutre vich, wuswas vich. 

Jerk (to), jhutkamarna, hujoka hoa, marna. 

Jest, t hutte bajee. 

Jewel, toomba. 

Jeweller, joaree bucha. 

Jig, nach. 

Jingle (to), shunkunna, chhon ch bona. 

Job, kum. 

Jockey, chabook uswar. 

Jocose, khoosh khooshee. 

aroG ( 160 ) keg 

Jog (to), huloima, huj kopa. 

Join (to), joriia, guild na. 

Joint, jor sungolee. 

Joke, thutta, mushkuree. 

Jowl, gul. 

Jolt (to), ho lare, hujoke, hoe wugne. 

Jostle, d,hukum, dhuke. 

Jovial, khooshee nal. 

Journal, vvhee chipputta. 

Journey, sufur, sjhul. 

Joy, khooshee, anundtaee. , 

Judge, hakim, maluk. 

Judicial, hakimda, shuruhda. 

Judicious, chatur uqlya. 

Juggle (to), jadoo marna, ser kurna, toona kurna. 

Juggler, jadoo marun wala, ser kurun wala. 

Jugular, dhaon da, gul da. 

Juice, rus, seeree. 

July, sawun. 

Jumble (to), rula dena. 

Jump (to\ chhulan marnyan, koodunna. 

June, har. 

Junior, louda, ch hota. 

Jurisdiction, umuldaree, sirdaree, hookoomut. 

Just, udalutee, insafee. 


Just, t heek bu t,heek. 

Justifiable, huqq da huqq. 
Justly, huqq nal. 
Juvenile, juwanee. 
Juxtaposition, kol o kol, pase pase, mood o moode. 


Kalendar, putree. 

Kaw (to), kah kah kurna, or louna. 

As a crow. 

Keen, tikke, tej. 
Keep, rukhna. 
Keg, dholehee. 

KEN ( 161 ) LAB 

Ken (to), janna, muloom kurna. 

Kernel, giree. 

Kettledrum, nugaru, noubiit. 

Key, koonjee. 

Keyhole, koonjee da shair. 

Kick (to), do lutta marna, puch hunda niarna, lut marnee. 

As a horse. As of a man. 

Kid, puthora, bukrota. 

Kidney, goorde. 

Kill (to), marna, sootna. 

Kiln, awa. 

Kind, mihrwan, dyawan. 

Kindred, sakagiree, bhaee charu. 

Kine, wug. 

King, badshah, raja. 

Kinsfolk, sak lok, b haee charu. 

Kiss (to), choomunna, bagiLce dene, mupee denee. 

Kite, putung, goodee furara tookul. 

Kitten, buloonga. 

Klick (to), t hunkouna, t hukorna. 

Knack, kurtub. 

Knapsack, j holee. 

Knave, huram jada, budmash, kuchura. 

Knead, goonna. [vich goonna. 

Kneading-trough, batee vich, goonna prat, kat hura tubak. 

Knee, goda gode, dee chupunee. 

Kneel (to), gode marnee. 

Knife, ch hooree, kurpau, kurd, kachoo. 

Knit, oonna, boonna. 

Knob, k,huga goola. 

As of a tree. 

Knock (to), sut lounee, sootunna. 
Knot, gund, gunt h. 
Know (to), janna puhchannunna. 
Knowledge, ilm, gyanee, vidya. 
Knuckle (to), munjoor kurna, mun lena. 
Knuckle, oongulyan, dyan, gunda. 


Label, duwa da sirnamu. 
Labor, meenut. 
Laboratory, kark.hanu. 


LAB ' ( 1G2 ) LAS 

Laborer, mujoor. 

Laborious, meenut da. 

Lacerate (to), parna, clieriia. 

Lachrymal, utroo da, unyoo da. 

Lack (to), g hut jana, ghut bona. 

Laconic, tomboo, rooqa. 

Lad, moonda. 

Ladder, pouree. 

Lade (to), bhar ludna. 

Ladle, kurchee. 

Lady, teemee. 

Lag (to), jilla torna, houle houle tdriia 

Lair, ghora k hut. 

As of a Tiger. 

Laity, kliilqut. 

Lake, tal. 

Lambkin, lera, chutra. 

Lamb'swool, oon. 

Lame, lunga, dooda. 

Lament (to), humsos, sog kurna, hurukh kurna. 

Lamp, deewah. 

Lampblack, deewah dee shyaee, shyee da p hool. 

Lance, burchhee, neja, sela, sang. 

Lancet, nustur. 

Land, jumeen bhoen, prithee dhurtee. 

Land (to), kunde oote louona. 

Landholder, jumeendar, jut. 

Landmark, jumeen dee nishanee. 

Lane, gulee, vee. 

Language, bolee juban. 

Languid, soost, nuqoobuta. 

Lank, mara lisa. 

Lap, godee, koochur, qud, d hak. 

Lapidary, juwahir. 

Lapse, b hool visurya hoya hoya. 

Larceny, choree. 

Large, wuda. 

Lascivious, kamee, rundee baj. 

Lash, kotura. 

Lash (to), kootna marna. 

Lassitude, mandegee murupun. 

Last, pichhla. 

LAS ( 163 ) LEA 

Lasting, giradar paedar. 

Late, cheer. 

Lately, uj kul dee. 

Latent, looqaya hoya. 

Lateral, pase pyee liooee, pase purnee. 

Lathe, dhunuwee, jund. 

Lather, suboondee jug. 

Latitude, chouraee. 

Latterly, pichhon thon, pichhe nalon. 

Lattice, kingure. 

Laud (to), sulouna. 

Laudable, suloune laeq. 

Laudanum, ufeem da rus, ufeerri da j hoi. 

Laugh (to), husna mooshkunna. 

Lavish (to), oodouna, gooouna. . 

Launch (to), puehla poor torna. 

Law, shuruh, dhurm. 

Lawful, d hurm jiha. 

Lawless, be dhurm, koo shuruh. 

Lawsuit, mooquddemu, j hugra. 

Lax, soost, jilla, d hilla. 

Lay (to), lumbe pyna. 

Lazy, soost, d hilla, jilla. 

Lead (to), lue, chulna, bank p hurke. 

Lead, chikka, jist. 

Leaf, put. 

Leafless, be put, lunda. 

League, koo sooba. 

Leak (to), cho pyna, choa pyna, tupka pyna. 

Lean, lisa, mara, munohan. 

Lean (to), d^ho lounee, hore oote krona. 

Leap (to), koodunna, bhoorkunna. 

Learn (to), sikhna. 

Learned, sikhya hoya, gyanee, ilmee. 

Learner, chela, sikhun wala, shagird. 

Lease, theka, ujaru, chookawu. 

Least, subna nal, on chhota. 

Leather, chum. 

Leather-seller, chum vechun wala, mochee. 

Leave (to), chhudna, tyagna, 2 choot hee. 


LEA ( 164 ) LIB 

Leaven, khumeer. 

Leavings, joot ha. 

Lecherous, must, kamee. 

Ledge, ala purshutee. 

Ledger, vjhee dee pothee, chuputur.- 

Lee, ole dee wul, urtula. 

Leech, jok. 

Leer (to), tedha dek hna, vinga dekhna. 

Left, qhubba pasa. 

Left-handed, qhoobara. 

Leg, pvr. 

Legacy, murun lugee dittee hooee. 

Legal, dhurm, nal shuruh jiha. 

Legible, hurhun wala. 

Legion, dulee murnee, bheer. 

Legislate (to), moolkdaree kurna. 

Legitimate, usul. 

Leisure, himmut, foorsut. 

Lemon, nimboo, gul gul. 

Lend (to), qurz dena, oodhar dena. 

Length, lumma lumbaee. 

Lengthwise, lumme pase, tanne wul. 

Lenient, dyawun, rehmee. 

Leopard, chitura. 

Leper, koorhee. 

Lessen (to), g hutouna, ghut kurna. 

Lesson, sunt ha path, pouree, took. 

Lest, nuheentan. 

Let (to), t heka kurna, chookawu kurna. 

Lethargic, hoongda g horare marnee. 

Letter, hurdas, khut. 

Letters, vidya, gyan, ilm. 

Levee, durbar, subha, kucherry. 

Level, bura burabur, pudra. 

Lever, hore nal chboknee, arikee nal chookna. 

Levy (to), ukuth kurna, wara kurna. 

Lewd, kamee. 

Liable, jiha wurga. 

Liar, joot ha. 

Libel, ooj h toohmut. 

Liberal, suk.hee, data, dittar. 

LIB ( 165 ) LIN 

Liberate (to), chhudouna. 
Libertine, budkar, k,huwa. 
Liberty, choothee, ehhoot gya, ukhtyar goehuree. 

Leave. From confinement, Clioice. 

Librate (to), poora toulna, dodundyan ke vich. 

License, purwana. 

Licentious, uguree, mujajee, budkar. 

Lick (to), cbutna. 

Lid, surposh, dhukna, chupunee. 

Lie, j,hoot h koor. 

Life, jinde gee. 

Lifeless, moordu, be jan. 

Lifetime, jeeon de vele, jeeon de jee. 

Lift (to), chukna, chookna. 

Ligature, puttee. 

Light, chanun, roshunee. 

Light (to), chanun kurna, roshunaee kurnee 

Lighten (to), houla kurna, hulka kurna. 

Lightning, bijlee damunee. 

Like, vurga jiha, 2 chahna. 

To like. 

Likely, hoonda howe, shayud, bhulaje. 

Likewise, o bee. 

Limb, lut, tung. 

Limber, liph or lifliun wala nurmkoolee. 

Lime, choona, 

Limekiln, choona dee bhutthee or b hut. 

Limestone, choone de kynkuree or ror. 

Limit, hudd, bunna, surhudd. 

Limp (to), lungarke toorna. 

Linchpin, pinunee, duk. 

Line, dor, sutr pal, pal dupal. 

Of string. Of a book. Of men. 

Lineal, jat, buns da. 

Linendraper, bujjaj. [marna. 

Linger (to), der kurnee, soostee kurnee, 2 munopy ke 

Before death. 

Lingo, bolee, juban, luvz. 

Linguist, bolee, bolun wala. 

Lining, undrus. 

Link, sungulee. 

Link (to), sungulee poune, koondee pusounee. 

LIO ( 166 ) LOO 

Lion, b hoora sher. 

Lip, bool, ont h. 

Liquify (to), galna dhalna. 

Liquidate (to), la dena. 

Liquor, shurab, daroo, mudd. 

Lisp (to), thut huk ke koona, lootura bolna. 

List, bunist. [kurna. 

Listen (to), soonna, kun kurna, birik lenee, kun brika 

Listless, soost, dhilla, jilla. 

Literal, t heek bu t.heek, huqq, such. 

Literature, ilm, vidya. 

Litigation, j hanj ha, j hugra, roula. 

Litter, doolee munja. 

Litter, kuttoore, buloonge. 

Of dogs. Of Cats. 

Little, t hora. 

Live, (to), jeeona. 

Livelihood, roj gar, rojeenu, r5jee. 

Liveliness, khooshee, sookhee. 

Liver, jigura, kulega. 

Livid, odurya hoya, moordu han, wurtee hooee. 

Living, jeenda, jagda. 

Lizard, kor kirlee, kirla. 

Lo, vekho. 

Load, b,har. 

Load (to), b bar louna. 

Loan, qurz. 

Loathe (to), koura munna, koo riittun kurnee. 

Local, mooqamee, usthut. 

Lock, jundra. 

Locust, tiddee, arun, mukree. 

Lofty, oocha. 

Log, mochee, lukree da dukra. 

Loin, kumr, luk. 

Loiter (to), cher louna, der lounee. 

Lone, ukula, ukul mokula. 

Long, lumma. 

Long (to), chaona lor kurnee. 

Longevity, wudee oomr wala, booda. 

Long-winded, wude dum wala, be hounk, be g,huruk. 

Look (to), vekhna, disna. 

LOO ( 167 ) LUN 

Looking-glass, durpun seesa. 

Loom, churkha, churkuree, koocli md. 

Loop, ghoondee. 

Loophole, moree, morcliu. 

Loose, mokula, k hola. 

Loosen (to), mokula kurna, ch hud dena. 

Lop (to), wud sitna. 

Loquacious, bookwa. 

Lord, malik, muharaj. 

Lore, ilm, vidya, bood h. 

Lose (to), guwaj jana, kho jana. 

Loss, nooshqan Jan. 

Lot, quismut, nuseet, bhag, lek h. 

Loud, oochee, awaj, chung. 

Love (to), chaona, sundeo kurna. 

Lounge (to), cher louna, der lounee. 

Louse, ioon leekh dhukh. 

' O III 

Lout, guwar unaree koond,h. 

Low, heth, hut han, neewa. 

Low (to), urouna burukh marnee. 

Lowlands, newee jumeen roee, dhun kuran. 

Lowliness, ghureebee, useelee, huleemee. 

Low-spirited, oodas, humsosee, sogee. 

Loyalty, nimuk hulalee. 

Lubricate (to), cheekuna kurna, mulna. 

Lucid, lishkuda, j hulukda, oojagur. 


Luck, qismut, bhag, lek h. 
Lucre, lub,h. 

Ludicrous, husan wurga, haso hanna. 
Lug (to), khechunna. 
Luggage, velewa, niksook. 
Lukewarm, dood wurga gurm. 
Lull (to), thapur dena, suwal dena. 
Lumber, niksook da ukut h. 
Luminous, lishkuda, j hulukda. 
Lump, mikr dulee, kooja, tikkee. 

Of any thing. Of sugar. Of chalk. 

Lunacy, kumul poona, baol poona. 

Lunar, chund da. 

Lungs, sungee, hek dee nalee, dum da rah. 

LUR ( 168 ) MAK 

Lure (to), pulosna, wudeeouna, virchouna. 

Lurkingplace, shouwale jugeh. 

Luscious, mitha, rusdar. 

Lust, kamee, rundee bajee. 

Lustiness, muj bootee, tukraee, sukhtahee. 

Lustre, j huluk, lesk h, chumpk. 

Luxuriance, wudee pydaish, fusul da lioya. 

Luxurious, sookhya, aramee. 

Lying, j hootha, 2 letya hoya. 

Lynx, chitura. 


Mace, chob bog, 2 musalah. 

Staff. Spice. 

Machination, koo sulahee. 

Mad, baola, kumula. 

Made, bunya hoya, keeta hoya. 

Madman, kumula, baola admee. 

Madness, kumul poona. 

Magazine, mek hjeen sile khanu. 

Maggot, keera mulup. 

Magician, muntree, jadoogur, sirhutta. 

Magistrate, hakim. 

Magnanimity, housilee, boorepa. 

Magnificence, buhoot sona. 

Magnify (to), vudouna, vudee kurna. 

Maid, kooar, kunya. 

Maidservant, golee, tuelun. 

Majesty, muharaj. 

Mail, hurdasan wala thuela, khut purwane wala thuela. 

Maim (to), lungouna. 

Main, kool koolan, 2 sumoondur. 

The sea. 

Mainmast, d huja. 

Maintain (to), palna, rijuk dena, 2 ak,hna dusna. 


Maintenance, rojee rojeenu rojgar. 
Maize, chhulee kookuree sitta. 
Make (to), bunouna suwarna. 
Makeweight, pasung. 

MAL ( 169 ) MAR 

Malady, rog beramee munohan. 

Male, murdanu 

Maladministration, be umulee. 

Malcontent, be rajee. 

Malediction, sraf d hurna. 

Malefactor, budkar, ugur. 

Malpractice, be chal, koochal, be tour. 

Malevolent, munda chaun wala, boora munun wala. 

Malice, shureeka, ukus, killish. 

Malign (to), ooj b lounee, toolimut lounee. 

Malleable, tukun wala, ghurun wala, kooturun wala. 

Maltreat (to), be sulookee kurne, ma k hwaree kumee. 

Man, munook,b, admee. 

Manacle, hut houreean. 

Manage (to), kum torna, suwarna. 

Mandate, hookm. 

Mane, jat. 

Manful, soormutee, dileree. 

Mange, k horuk, pa. 

Mango, umb. 

Manhood, ghubroo, juwan. 

Maniac, baola, kumla. 

Manifest, oojagur jahir. 

Manifold, buhooteeon buhoota, utli buhoota. 

Mankind, Jdiilqut, doonya. 

Manner, tour, dhub, kutar. 

Manners, dhub toe chal. 

Manslaughter, bhool booelk he da klioonee. 

Manual, hut,h da. 

Manufacture, huthanda bunya hoya. 

Manure, reo, urooree, mul. 

Many, buhoota. 

Manytimes. kyee varee. 

Mar (to), vigarna noosqan or jan kurna. 

Marauder, lootera d harawee. 

Marble, sunk murwur. 

March, cheth. 

Month of. 

March (to), kooch kurna, toor jana. 

Mare, g horee. 

Marginal, kunda, bunna, wut. 


MAR ( 170 ) ME A 

Maratime, sumoondur da verwar. 

Mark, nishan. 

Mark (to), nishanee kurnee, 2 yad ruk hiia, cheta ruklina. 

To mind. To observe. 

Market, bajar, mundee, pet. 

Marksman, nishanu marun wala. 

Marriage, veeah. 

Marriageble, veeah wurga. 

Marrow, jilub, liuddee dee les. 

Marshy, chekor jiha, gara jiha, jil jihee. 

Mart, bajar, mundee, pet. 

Marvel (to), uchuruj kurna. 

Masculine, murdanu. 

Mask, moonh da dhukna, g hoond. 

Mason, raj. 

Mass, dher, bol. 

Massive, b.haree jiha, uth b hara, gittee. 

Mast, dhuj, t hum. 

Master, malik, hakim. 

Masterpiece, subna nalon sone or unoop. 

Masticate (to), buchake marna. 

Mat, suf chutaee p hooree. 

Match, jora. 

Suit, equal. 

Match (to), joree dee joree, bunounee. 

Mate, hitkaree. 

Materials, sreejam sooroojam. 

Maternal, madee. 

Matrimony, veeah da. 

Matter, babut pak. 

Affirm. Pus. 

Mattock, kyhee, wuhoulee, koonalee. 

Matrass, bichouna. 

Mature, pukka. 

Maul (to), buhoota kootna. 

Maxim, urth. 

Maximum, subna t hon wuda. 

Me, sanoon, muenoon. 

Meager, lisa, mara. 

Meal, ata. 

Mean, kumeen pajee, hut,haroo, kungal. 

Meaning, urth, gyan. 

MEA ( 171 ) MET 

Meantime, itne vich, itna cher. 

Measure (to), menhna napna, harna mechna. 

Measureless, unmenhut, be liar. 

Meat, mas mulia presad. 

Mechanic, kareegur, hikmutee. 

Medal, tughma. 

Meddle (to), oulo kurnee, 2 oulohara. 

A meddler. 

Meditate (to), munouna, purchouna. 

Medicine, duwa, doshandee. 

Mediocrity, rusmee, rasee. 

Meditate (to), vichar kurnee, soch kurnee. 

Meek, ghureeb, useel, huleem, ruseel. 

Meet, joga, wurga, laeq jiha. 

Meet (to), milna, milap kurna. 

Melancholy, oodasee sogee, h6 hagee. 

Mellow, moolaem, pukka. 

Melodious, buhoot sona goun or rag. [eeru 

Melon, khuchura, khurbooja, turbooja, hudwanu, mut- 

Melt (to), dhalna, gulna. 

Member, lut, tung. 

Memory, yad cheta. 

Menace (to), durouna, kumbouna. 

Mend, murumut kurna, suwar dena, buna dena. 

Mendicant, mungta, suwalee. 

Menial, tueleea. 

Menstrual, ritounee, kupre oune, nuhounee ounce. 

Mental, uql de, munon kurke. 

Mention, jikr, dusna. 

Mercer, bujjaj. 

Merchant, buepar, soudagur. 

Merciful, huteemee, ruhm atma, dyawunt. 

Mercy, ruhm, atma, dya. 

Mere, sirf Jdialee. 

Merit, goon, qudr. 

Merrily, sookh nal. 

Mesh, jal vichon kudhna. 

Message, suneha sunna. 

Messenger, hulkara, kasht. 

Messmate, hitkaree, mitr. 

Metal, dhat da. 

MET ( 172 ) MIS 

Mete (to), meiihna wiindunna. 

Methinks, muenoon, miiloom, hoonda hore. 

Method, dhub, wadee. 

Mettle, trikka, tej. 

Mice, choohe. 

Midday, do pyhur, tikhur. 

Middle, vich, do vich, gubbe sun. 

Midnight, udhee rat. 

Midstream, hudd vich da hur. 

Midway, hudd vich gubbe. 

Midwife, daee. 

Mighty, bulee hunkaree. 

Migrate (to), oot h jana, oojur jana, 2 oodh jana. 

As men. As birds. 

Mild, huleem, ruseel. 
Mile, ud h koh. 
Military, jungee. 
Milk, dood, goojoor dodee. 

Milk man. 

Milk (to), dood chona. 

Milkwhite, dood jiha chitta. 

Mill, chukkee, k hras, g horat, ghorut. 

Million, krore. 

Mind (to), dukre dukre kurne, botee botee kurnee. 

Mind, uql, mun. 

Mindful, hoshiar tukra. 

Mine, sada, 2 khan k hawa. 

My. As of gold, silver, &c. 

Miner, khawa pootun wala. 

Mingle (to), rul jana, milouna. 

Minister, doot wukeel. 

Minor, chhota. 

Mint, tungsal. 

Minute, pul ruttee, tusoo. 

Minutely, theek bu theek, huqq, such. 

Miracle, kurmat. 

Mire, chekor gara muel. 

Mirth, anund khooshee. 

Misadventure, ek ufat. 

Misadvise (to), koo sulah denee. 

Misapply (to), be urt.ha, khurch kurna. 

MIS ( 173 ) MIS 

Misapprehend (to), be muloom kurna, b hool jana. 
Misbehave (to), koo chal chahia. 
Misbelief, be khee, jootha dhurm wala. 
Miscal (to), hor nao, d hurna. 
Miscalculate (to), be husab kurna. 
Miscarry (to), un pochna. 

From puhoonclina. 

Mischance, ufat, be nuseeb. 

Mischief, noosqan, Jan. 

Mischievous, nooshqaneej,anee. 

Misconduct, koo chal, koo ryhut. 

Misconstrue (to), be sumuj hna. 

Miscount, gintee dee b hool. 

Miscreant, uguree, budjat, khotah. 

Misdeed, budfailee, koo kurmee. 

Misdemean (to), koo chal chulna. 

Misdirect, b hoola dena. 

Misdoer, uguree, budkar, budfailee. 

Misemploy (to), koo kar kurnee, ni kumee kar. 

Miser, mujee, soom, cheepur, made. 

Misery, dookh, peer, sunkut. 

Misfortune, afat, bula. 

Misgive (to), undeshu, ootput bona. 

Misgovernment, bud unulee, be udalatee. 

Misguide (to), bhoolouna. 

Misinterpret (to), ugyan kurna, horda, horda dusna. 

Misjudge, be fysila kurna, kooneao kurna. 

Mislay (to), ru khke bhool jana, rukhke visur jana. 

Mislead (to), b hoolouna, goomrahee kurna. 

Misly, b hoar jihee, nime nime, kunyan jihyan. 

Mismanage (to), kum virgarna. 

Misname (to), hornao, dhurna. 

Misplace (to), rukh ke visur jana, or bhool jana. 

Misprint, chap he dee b hool. 

Misreckon (to), lek he vichon, b hool jana. 

Misrule, bud umul kurna, koo udalut kurnee. 

Misshape, koosona, kooroop. 

Missile, vurgartee marne wala. 

Mission, wukeel g.hulya hoya. 

Misspend (to), be na huqq, khurch kurna. 

Mist, d^hoond d,hoor. 

MIS ( 174 ) MON 

Mistake, bhool, visur. 

Mistell (to), koodusna, wud g.hat dusna. 

Mistress, mushooq, j hurola tjiurel. 

Mistrust (to), be wusa kurna. 

Misunderstanding, un sunj hna. 

Misuse, hordoon, hor kurna. 

Mitigate, munouna, dookh hutouna. 

Mix (to), rulouna, milouna. 

Moan, hou kar lena. 

Mob, bheer, dulee murnee, dhukm dhukee. 

Mock (to), thutlia kurna, sung louna, muk houl kurna, 
moonh kurouna. 

Mode, turan, dhub, qutta. 

Model, numoonu vurga, soorut dee moorut. 

Moderate, vichulee rasee. 

Moderation, dheeruj, syhuj, soobbao, jera. 

Modern, nuwa. 

Modest, sutwunt lujeeawunt. 

Modify, doul wutounee. 

Moiety, ik o hissu, udh o udha. 

Moist, gillee silee. 

Molehill, choolie ker. 

Molest (to), suntouna, dookh dena. 

Molient, moolaem wurga, nurm jiha. 

Molasses, goor. 

Moment, pul, ruttee, tusoo. 

Momentous, juroor, jurooran, burjuroor. 

Monarch, badshah, raja. 

Monarchy, raj. 

Monday, somwar. 

Money, rok roopiye. 

Monger, wala. 

Monitor, sulahgeer, mnt dene wala. 

Monk, bunbasee, uteet, tupusee. 

Monkey, nul, neel, bandee syna ludda, lunddoo soondur. 

Monopolist, jukeera, rukhun wala, kliatir napne wala. 

Monotony, eko jiha, humeshugee. 

Monsoon, mouqu wutna, bursat, wurk ha. 

Monster, rakhus, dynt, usur. 

Month, muheena. 

Monthly, muheenon, muheena. 

MOO ( 175 ) MOU 

Mood, uhwal, hal, doul. 
Moon, chund. 

Moonbeam, chunddeean kirna. 
Moonlight chunddee chanunee. 
Moonstruck, chanunee da marya. 
Moor (to), lounee lugounee. 
Moot (to), bhysna, jidna. 


Mope (to), oodas bona, chinta kurnee. 

Morals, tour, doul. 

Morass, chikor, gara. 

Morbid, rogee, beramee. 

More, hor, jeeadu, buhoota. 

Moreover, edon sugon, ede nalon, t,hon suwa. 

Morning, ehalange suvere, umrit vele, musojure, laalee 

pheree hooee. 
Morning-star, ooshan da tara. 
Morose, trikkee mijaj, kururree mujaj. 
Morrow, bhulke. 

Morsel, dukra, tookra, chiring, boorke. 
Mortal, kbilkut da admee. 
Mortally, kurrura phut, dada ghao. 
Mortar, karundee choopatlee. 
Mortgage (to), ghaine ruk hna. 
Mortification, chulya hoya. 
Most, uksur, buhoota. 
Moth, tetoulee, tutoulee. 
Motheaten, tutoulee, khadee hooee. 
Mother, ma mata, umma. 
Motherless, bema, kulountur muhitr. 
Motion, hilda, phirda. 
Motive, mutubul, ichha, asa. 
Move, (to), hilna, phirna, chulna, toorna. 
Mould, suchha punja. 
Mound, tibba. 
Mount (to), churh jana. 
Mountain, purbut. 
Mountaneer, puharya. 
Mourn (to), houl kurna, humsos kurna. 
Mouse, chooha, moosa. 
Mouse-trap, koorikee choohehan, dee phyee. 

MOU ( 176 ) MUZ 

Mouth, moonh. 

Much, buhoota, ghuna. 

Muck, myl, urooree reo. 

Muck-hill, urooree da dher, reo da dher. 

Mucous, seend jelub,. 

Mud, chekor gara, g hanee, jilun. 

Mud-wall, mittee dee kund. 

Mulberry, shutoot be danee. 

Mulet, chuttee chuttee lounee. 

To fine. 

Mule, khuchchur, khuchura. 

Multifarious, buhooteon, buhoota, uth buhoota. 

Multiply (to), budhouna, wudhouna, wada kurna. 

Multitude, bheer, dulee, murnnee, dhukeem dhuke. 

Mumble (to), goon goon kurna, min min kurna. 

Mundane, doonya daree. 

Munificence, data dee dittaee, sukhataee,. 

Murder (to), mar sootna. 

Murderer, khoonee, ghatee. 

Murmer (to), vis vis ouna. 

Murrain, muree, buwa. 

Muscle, nar nus. 

Mushroom, buhera, khoomb. 

Music, rag, geet. 

Musk, mooshq. 

Musket, budooq. 

Musketeer, budooqchee. 

Muskmelon, khurbooju, khuchura. 

Muslin, mulmul. 

Mustachoes, mochhan. 

Mustard, race. 

Muster (to), gintee lenee. 

Musty, mooshqee hooee, oboosee hooee. 

Mutable, wutta jiha. 

Mutilate (to), koot sootna. 

Mutineer, dunga kurun wala, dungaee. 

Mutiny, dunga, fusad. 

Mutter (to), goon goon kurna, min min kurna. 

Mutton, bhed da mas. 

Mutual, apo vich dee. 

Muzzle, chek.ha chek,ha dena. 

MYS ( 177 ) NEA 

Myself, muen han. 

Mystery, bhet h rung dee gul. 

Mythology, kuhanee dee bat. 


Nab (to), wusa ke phurna, dum deke phurna. 

Nag, ghora. 

Nail, na on, killa killee. 

Of the fingers. An iron nail. 

Naked, nunga. 

Name, nao. 

Nameless, benao. 

Namely, janon. 

Namesake, ikse nao de, ikkut he nao wala, sirnawee. 

Nap, oongh vich, oongulanda. 

Nape, g hee chee. 

Joint of the neck. 

Narration, verwar, uhwal. 

Narrator, dusun wala. 

Narrow, bheera, tung. 

Narrowminded, soom dila, kumeen. 

Nasal, nuk, da. 

Nasty, muela. 

Natal, junum sakee. 

Nation, des. 

National, desee. 

Native, wutunee. 

Nativity, junnm pydaish. 

Natural, jatee. 

Nature, jat. 

Naval, d,hoonnee. 

Nave, manee, guUa. 

The middle part of a wheel. 

Naught, kooch nuheen. 

Naughty, boora, vuran, mara munda. 

Navigate (to), juhaj oote toorna. 

Nausea, tulo muchhee, obut ounee. 

Navy, poor. 

Nay {adv,), naheen. 

Near, kol, pas, mood, lage, lug. 

Nearly, t hore rehee hooee. 

NEA ( 178 ) NIM 

Neatly, sona kurke, soonape nal. 

Neatness, soimee nal, sonape nal. 

Necessaries, juroor dee cheezan. 

Necessary, loree da, juroor, jurooran. 

Necessity, juroor kurke, 2 tunksaee huth, tungee. 


Neck, dhaon, gurdun. 

Necklace, mala, kunthee. 

Needful, loree da. 

Needle, sooee. 

Needless, be juroor. 

Needy, tung jiha, huth tungee. 

Neglect (to), ghafilee kurnee. 

Negligence, soostee, ghafilee, d hilaee. 

Negociate (to), kum kurna, soudaguree kurna. 

Neigh (to), hinukna. 

Neighbour, quwandee, purosee. 

Neither, nu, ehe, nu, oho. 

Nephew, b,huteeju, bhunewa, bhanja. 

Brother's child. Sister's child. 

Nest, alna. 

Net, jal, jalde vich phusna. 

To net. 

Never, kudhe naheen. 

Nevertheless, tan bee. 

New, nuwa. 

Newgrown, nuwan oogya hoya. 

Newness, tajuee. 

News, khubur, so. 

Next, dooje pas te. 

Nibble (to), kooturna. 

Nice, sonee chungee. 

Niche, ala. 

Nick (to), wuda pouna, chiturna. 

Niece, b hutee, bhunewee, b hanjee. 

Brother's child. Sister's child. 

Niggard, mujee soompuna. 

Nigh, kol, pas, mood. 

Night, rat. 

Nightly, rat o rat. 

Nightwatch, rat da pyhra. 

Nimble, chalak, choost, chutra chola. 

NIN ( 179 ) NOU 

Nineteen, oonee. 

Ninety, nubbe. 

Nip (to), choondee, wudunee. 

Nipple, choonehee, boobee, bend. 

Nitre, shora. 

No, naheen. 

Noble, useel wuda admee. 


Nobly, soormut nal. 

Nobody, koee nuheen. 

Nocturnal, rat da. 

Nod (to), synut kurnee. 

Noise, khuruk. 

Noisy, khuruk jiha, kbarkoo. 

Nominal, nam, namdee. 

Nonappearance, ghair, hajiree. 

Nonexistence, renda or jeenda naheen. 

Nonsense, nadan poona. 

Nonsuit, be dawu. 

Nook, khoonj, ghoot, nookur, khulh. 

Noon, do pyhur. 

Noonday, do pjhur da din. 

Noose, phaee. 

Nor, nu. 

North, oottur. 

North-star, oottur de wul da tara. 

North-wind, oottur dee wao. 

Nose, nuk. 

Nostril, nas. 

Not, naheen. 

Notable, mushahoor, oojagur, jahir. 

Notch, tukee hooee, chituree hooee. 

Nothing, kooch nuheen. 

Notice, khubur. 

Notify (to), chitana, khubur denee, muloomgee kurnee. 

Notorious, mushahoor. 

Notwithstanding, tan bee. 

Novel, nuwa. 

November, mugur. 

Novice, nuwa. 

Nourish (to), palna. 

NOW ( 180 ) OBS 

Now, hoone hee. 

Nowadays, uj kul. 

Nowhere, kitthe naheen, kidere nuheen. 

Noxious, nooshqanee janee. 

Nudity, nungaee. 

Nuisance, tungsaee, ookhyaee, sunk hut. 

Null (to), sukna kurna. 

Numb, sun hooee. 

Number, ung. 

Numberless, unginut. 

Numerable, ginnun joga. 

Nuptial, veeah da. 

Nurse, daee. 

Nurture (to), palna. 

Nutmeg, japhul. 

Nutriment, nuroha anaj. 


Oar, chupur ehupur lounee. 

To row. 

Oath, soun, soogund, nem, qusum. 

Oath-breaking, j hoot hee soogund. 

Obdurate, kururra dil, be ruhm, be dya, kurukht dil. 

Obedience, tabe geeree. [futteh boolounee. 

Obeisance (vide abaisance), mut ha tek hna, nimushkar. 

Obelisk, moonare, boorj. 

Obey (to), hookm munna. 

Object, mutubul, mutalub. 


Oblation, churhawa, sookhna, bul bhuk, bhent. 
Obligation, uhsanwunda, huqq hulal. 

A duty. 

Oblige (to), uhsan kurna. 
Oblique, tedha, vinga, trich,ha. 
Obliterate, met hna, mesna. 
Oblivion, cheta visurya hoya, visur janda. 
Obloquy, namoshee, oolama, kulunk. 
Obnoxious, mara jiha, vuran jiha. 
Obscene, be luj, be shurm, be hya. 
Obscure, undhera, goobaree, 2 oukhur. 


OBS ( 181 ) OFF 

Obsequious, kajee poona. 
Observable, oojagur, mushahoor. 

Remarkable, noted. 

Observant, tukra hoshear. 

Attentive, diligent. 

Observe (to), vekhna. 
Obsolete, kud,he, kudhaeen, oune wala. 
Obstacle, kuthin, oukhur. 
Obstinate, jidya, uree k hora. 

As a man. As an animal. 

Obstruct (to), rok jana, utkao pyna. 
Obtain (to), lab.hna paona, huthouna. 
Obtrude (to), be huqq ouna, be sudya ouna. 
Obtuse, kboondee, motee. 

Blunt, not pointed. 

Obviate (to), huta dena, hutuk dena. 

Obvious, saf oojagur, jabir. 

Occasion, himmut, dao. 

Occult, looqaya lioya, chipaya hoya. 

Occupant, rehun wala, ghur da walee. 

Occupy (to), rehna, tikna. 

Occur (to), bojana. 

Ocean, sumoondur. 

October, kutte, kuttuk. 

Ocular, uk hee nal. 

Odd, tank, jist-tank. 

Odd or even. 

Oddly, tank da, 2 uchuruj kurke. 


Odious, koura jiha. 

Odour, mooshk khooshbo. 

(Economy, joogutee. 

Of, da, de, dee. 

Off, te, on, t hon. 

Offal, andur peta, ojuree koora war a. 


Offence, tuqseer, goonah. 

Offend (to), goonahee kurna, tuqseeree kurna, be Jkhoosh 

kurna, naraj kurna. 
Offender, goonahgar, tuqseeree, goonahee. 
Offer (to), dena, najur denee, bhet denee. 
Offering, nujur. 

OFF ( 182 ) OPP 

Office, kum, duftur khanee. 

Employment. For business. 

Officer, sunud wala, sirdar. 

Officiate (to), horus dee kar kurnee. 

Officious, pooch o nikkee da ^halree, oulo hut ha. 

Offscouring, rehun, khoond koora wara, ulpul. 

Offspring, oulad, uns. 

Often, buhoote varee. 

Ogle (to), tedhee ukheen vekhna, trichha vekhna. 

Oil, tel. 

Oilman, telee. 

Ointment, mulhum. 

Old, olden, pooratumee, moodamee. 

Omen, sugon, sugma. 

Omission, b hool, visur, ghafilee. 

Omit, chhud denee, odon huth jana. 

Omnipotence, kool koolan, qoodruttee. 

Omnipresence, kurun karun, soomurut. 

Omniscience, janee Jan. 

On, oote. 

Once, ik varee. 

One-eyed, kana. 

Onion, gunda. 

Only, srif, khalee, subo. 

Onset, bulla. 

Onward, ugan wudke. 

Ooze (to), toobkee toobkee chona, turup h turrp h chona. 

Opaque, garha, goobar. 

Open (to), kholunna, pholunna. 

Openhanded sukhee data, dittar. 

Openhearted, dya wala, suchya. 

Operate (to), kum kurna. 

Operation, kum. 

Opine (to), sumj hna, muloom kurna. 

Opinion, sumj h, uql. 

Opium, sookha, b hung, bootee. 

Opponent, vyree, dooshmun sutroo. 

Opportune, chunge vela, hour pyna. 

Opportunity, wuqt vela, huth lugna. 

Oppose (to), mooqabula kurna, samhne bona. 

Opposite, anio samhne. 

opp ( 183 ) OVE 

Oppress (to), joolm kurna, suntouna. 

Oppressor, suntoun wala, joolm kurun wala. 

Opprobrium, namoshee. 

Option, uklitiyar, wus, vus. 

Opulence, doulut, maya> dhun. 

Or, Jan. 

Oral, moonli nal, dusya hoya. 

Orange, narungee. 

Oration, hoqa, shuruh, soonounda. 

Orb, mundul, chukur. 

Ordain (to), thurouna. 

Order, hookm. 

Ordinarily, uge tan, uksur. 

Ordnance, top khanu, topan da ukuth, topan dee mun- 

dulee or du koree. 
Ordure, urooree, rooree, dee d heree. 
Ore, dhat, rule mylya hoya. 
Orient, poorub da. 
Orifice, moonh, mokula. 
Origin, moonyad, usul, mood. 

Beginning, Source, as of a river. 

Original, usul da usul, mood da mood. 

Primitive. Source. 

Originate (to), moodon bona, mood o shona. 
Ornament (to), suwarna, bunouna, soj. 

An ornament. 

Orphan, mihitr, mape bahur. 

Orthography, likhut, gooje ukhur. 

Ossify (to), hudde jana. 

Ostentation, phylao, 2 uguree. 

Ostler, ghore da tueleea. 

Other, hor, dooja. 

Otherwise, nuheen tan. 

Oval, lummee gol. 

Oven, tundoor. 

Over-anxious, buhoote t hon, buhootee chinta, u th chinta. 

Over-balance, jhookee t hon, j hookee, utji j hookee. 

Over-bear (to), durouna. 

Over-board, bereeon bahur. 

Over-boil (to), nikulun wal oobal, kurrura oobal. 

Over-bold, diler nalon diler, hatha diler. [ludna. 

Over-burden (to), buhoota bhar ludna, uth buhoota 

OVE ( 184 ) OVE 

Over-cloud (to), budul churli jana. 

Overcome (to), jitna. 

Over-count (to), vudeek ginna, buhoota ginna. 

Over-do (to), kum buhoote thon, buhoota kurna, uth 

buhoota kurna. 
Over-drive (to), buhoote nalon, buhoota hukna. 
Over-feed (to), buhoot buhoota khowahia, oojera dena. 
Over-flow (to), oochhul jana. 
Over-grow (to), buhoot buhoot wud jana. 
Over-hang (to), lumma lutkouna. 
Over-head, siran oot.hhan. 

Over-hear (to), looqke soonna. [dena. 

Over-heat (to), buhoote t hon, buhoota tutta kurna, tuppa 
Over-lade (to), buhoote se buhoota, bhar pouna. 
Overlong, buhoote thon, buhoot cheer louna. [vekhee. 
Overlook (to), ch.himma kurnee, ruchha kurna, 2 vekha 

To forgive. 

Overmatch, hanon, koohan, behanee. 

Overmuch, buhoote thon buhoota. 

Overpay (to), buhoote thon, buhoota dena. 

Overplus, renda, vudeek. 

Overpower (to), jitna. 

Overrate (to), bahoote malon, buhootee qeemut kurnee. 

Overreach (to), thugouna, ghoosouna, ukhouna. 

To cheat, deceive. 

Overroast (to), buhooteon, buhoota rindna or galna. 
Overrule (to), tal dena, huta dena. 
Overrun (to), khinde hoe nalon, khind jana. 

Or spread. As an enenij. 

Oversee (to), nujur bajee kurnee. 

Overset (to), ooludna, pooludna. 

Overshadow (to), shanw kurnee, ola kurna. 

Overshoot (to), buhooteon buhoota wud jana. 

Oversight, bhool, visar, okh. 

Oversize, wude nalon okh. [ut hsona. 

Oversleep (to), buhootee thon, buhootee neend, ounce 

Oversoon, chetee nalon chetee, ut,h kalee. 

Overspent, thuke nalon, thuka hoya, ut h mooka hoya. 

Greatly wearied. 

Overspread (to), veshouna, k hundouna. 
Overstrain, okhur ke p,hurna. 

Stretch, extend too far. 

avE ( 185 ) OUT 

Overtake (to), chetee toorke miliia, bhujke milna. 

Overthrow (to), oolud deiia, (leg dena. 

Overlap (to), ooche nalon, oocha hona. 

Overturn (to), upota, ooludna. 

Overvalue, bulioota mol. 

Overweight, tolon b hara. 

Overwhelm (to), doobna, humsos kurke doobna. 

Overworn, k hurra vigurya hoya. 

Ought, loree dee. 

Ounce, udhee chitank. 

Our, sada. 

Ourselves, apan, ussee. 

Oust, kudhna. 

Out, bahur. 

Outbid (to), subna nalon, kururra gahuk. 

Outbreak, hukamee, roulee, luraee. 

Outcast, phahee, rudd kuluk. 

Outcry, ghool, shor, awaj. 

Outdo (to), horna nalon, buhoota kurna. 

Outer, bahur lee wul, bahur le pase. 

Outgrow (to), buhoota wudna. 

Outguard, thunna, ugaree dee guard. 

Outlandish, budesee. 

Outlaw, des nikala, deson kudhya hoya. 

Outleap (to), buhootee nalon, buhootee chhal marnee. 

Outlet, bahur jan wale vee, moonha. 

Of a river. 

Outline, oodale dee leek. 

Outlive, subna nalon, buhoota jeeona. 

Outmarch (to), horna nalon, buhoota kooch kurna. 

Outmeasure, menhtee nalon, buhoota menhna. 

Outmost, subna t hon, bahur la. 

Outnumber (to), subna thon, buhoota ginna. 

Outpour (to), bahur noon wugna. 

Outrage, hakama, dunga, roula. 

Outrider, ugare, jan vichhare de uswar. 

Outright, poora. 

Outrun (to), horna nalon, buhoota bhujna. 

Outside, bahur lee wul. 

Outsleep, buhoote thon buhoota sounna, uth sona. 

Outspread (to), k hundouna, p.hylouna. 


OUT ( 186 ) PAL 

Outstrip (to), horna nalon, buhoota bujna. 
Outward, bahur le pase. 
Outwit, ghousouna, thugouna. 

To cheat. Outdo by cunning. 

Owe (to), qurzaee bona. 

Owl, ooloo. 

Own, apna. 

Own (to), apna mihia. 

Ox^ bould. 

Pace, qudum. 

Pacific, huleem, ruseel. 

Pacify (to), munouna. 

Pack (to), pund bununee. 

Packcloth, tupoor, tupree. 

Packet, potulee, guthree. 

Packthread, dor, dora. 

Paddle (to), churyan, marnyan. 

Padlock, jundra. 

Page, putra. 

Pageantry, dhoom dham. 

Paid, de ditta, de shudya lah, ditta. 

Pail (a), tubaq. 

Wooden vessel for water. 
Pain, dookh peer, durd. 
Pain (to), peer honee. 
Painstaking, meenut kar. 

From mihnut. 

Paint (to), rungna. 

Painter, rung wala. 

Pair, joree. 

Pair (a), joree dee joree, melna. 

Palace, myhul. 

Palanquin, palkee. 

Palatable, chakun jiha. 

Palate, taloo. [hoya. 

Pale, odurya hoya, moordehan koomlana hoya, sokhya 

Wanting color. 

Pale (to), kath dee war kurnee, kirah bununna. 
Pale-faced, odurya hoya moonh. 

PAL ( 187 ) PAR 

Palliate (to), liumiah kurnee. 
Palm, huthalee. 
Palpable, oojagur, jahir. 

Plain, apparent. 

Palpitate (to), d hurukna. 
Palsy, hud rung j hola. 
Paltry, nikuma, nikara. 
Pamper (to), swad nal khan a. 
Pander (to), bhetoo poona kurna. 
Pane, sheeshu. 
Panegyric, sulounee. 
Pang, rinj, tung. 

Of regret, Of pain. 

Panic, ghum, houl, dur. 

Pannier, phule, sirke. 

Pant (to), hunkunna, ghurukna. 

Pappy, pila jiha. 

Parade, quwaid, dhoom dham. 

Of soldiers. Show. 

Paradise, bykoont h, soorg. 

Paragraph, tok, tuppa, pouree. 

Parallel, bura burabur. 

Paralytic, udh rung. 

Paramount, subna, nal wuda. 

Paramour, yar. 

Parapet, bubur bubur, kund, ola. 

Parasite, khooshamudee. 

Parboil (to), udh virita, oobul dena. 

Parcel, gut hree, potulee, pund. 

Parch (to), bhoonna. 

Pardon, mooaf, chhima, ruchha. 

Pardonable, mooaf, kurun wala. 

Pare (to), chilun na. 

Parent, ma pe. [juneem dee sakee. 

Parentage, goorpun nalee, wudyan dee war kulyan. 


Parity, ik o jihee, bura buraburee, ode vurga. 

Park, ruk h. 

Parley, gulan, kurnyan. 

Parole, purwur, (corruption of parole.) 

Paroquet, tota. 

Paroxysm, sur sam. 

PA» ( 188 ) PAS 

Parricide, pita mar. 

Parrot, tota. 

Parry (to), ola dena, bo<;h lena. ^ 

Parsimonious, joogutee, ut h joogutee. 

Part (a), hissu. 

Part (to), udo udee kurna, 2 wunduniia. 

To divide. To share. 

Partake (to), hissu lena, 2 rul ke k hana. 

As of food. 

Partial, khooshamud, 2 kana sana. 

Incline to favor. Not general. 

Partiality, Jthoosliamudee. 
Partially, kana sana jiha. 

Not general. 

Participate (to), hisse o wala hona, b,hyal liona. 

To share. 

Particular, khas kee, 2 ucliuruj da. 


Partly, kooch kooch. 
Partner, sanj hee, bhyal. 
Partridge, titoor, titra. 
Parts, chutra, 2 pasa des da. 

Talents. District. [hoOCC. 

Parturient, soon walee, dookee hooee, 2 pooree hooee 

The state of bringing forth, as animals. As women. 

Party, soob,ha. 


Pass (to), toor jana. 

Pass, puttun, ghat, 2 purwanu chittee. 


Passable, toore jaun, 2 rasee. 


Passage, ghat, rustu. 
Passenger, rahee, patee. 
Passion, krod^b, hurukh, ghoossu. 
Passionate, krodhwan, hurukhwau. 
Passive, udheen, ghureeb, useel. 
Passport, rahdaree dee chittee. 
Past, ho hutya. 
Paste, le wee, 2 le wee nal jorna. 

To paste. 

Pastern, soomyut, goot hulee. 
Pastime, khooshee, anund tumasha. 

PAS ( 189 ) PEC 

Pasturage, ghurur, mise put he. 

Pat, theek bu theek. 

Patch (to), takee, gund,h, jor louna. 

Pate, sir. 

Paternal, peoda, babda. 

Path, churhee dundee, lundee dundee. 

Patience, dheeruj. 

Patrimony, wirsa. 

Patriot, des da pyara. 

Patron, humayutee, humrahee. 

Patronage, humrahee. 

Patter (to), wachu pynee, kurkat pyna. 

Pattern, numonu, osa hee. 

Paucity, kumtee, g hut. 

Pave (to), furs, bununee, furas bununee, sufeel. 

Pauper, mungta, puradheen. 

Pause (to), der kurnee^ dheeruj kurnee. 

Paw, punja. 

Paw (to), pour marna, 2 punjee marna. 

As a horse. As a cat. 

Pawn (to), ghaine rukhna. 

Pawnbroker, shah, bee ajereea. 

Pay, tulub. 

Payable, deun wurga. 

Pay-day, tulub de wundun da din. 

Payment, uda. 

Pea, mutur. 

Peace, soolah, sufur. 

Peaceful, useel, ghureeb. 

Peacemaker, soolah kurun wala. 

Peace-offering, nujur, dhoa, dalee, bhet. 

Peach, aroo. 

Peacock, mor, lundor. 

Peak, tibba, dhera. 

Peal, chil, purda. 

Pearl, motee. 

Peasant, pind wala. 

Pebble, wuttee. 

Peccadillo, bhool, visar, okh. 

Peccavi, muen b hool gya, chook gya. 

Peck (to), chog choognee. 

1>EC ( 190 ) PER 

Pectoral, hek da^ chhatee da. ^i 

Peculate (to), chorana. 

Peculiar, uchuruj dee, 2 Mbasdee, 3 joga wurga. 

Singular. Particular, appropriate. 

Pecuniary, rok da roopjee dee. 

Pedant, sukoofa, basha. 

Pedigree, rawu, jat. 

Pedlar, bisuntee, wunjaru. 

Peel, chil. 

Peep (to), j.liatee marnee. 

Peephole, j hat walee moree. 

Peevish, trikhee, trikha. 

Peg, killee, killa. 

Pellet, golee, goolela, dheenda. 

Pellmell, ooludya, pooludya hoya. 

Pelt (to), sootna, wugouna. 

Pen, likhun qulum. 

Penal, suja dee. 

Penance, tup, jup. 

Pendent, lutuk dee, pulum dee. 

Penetrable, wurun wala. 

Peninsula, gittee, nooqr dheg. 

Penitence, toba, udes. 

Penknife, kurd kachoo, kur pan. 

Pennant, nishanee, j hundee* 

Penniless, nidura. 

Pensive, chitwunee, 2 humsosee. 

Thoughtful. Sorrowful. 

Penurious, mujee poona, soom poona. 

Penury, tungsee, wuqt. 

People, lok. 

People (to), wuson kurnee. 

Pepper, mirch, lal mirch. 

Red pepper. 

Peppercorn, mirchan. 
Peradventure, shayud, kudachit. 
Perambulate (to), sufur kurna, syl kurna. 
Perceive (to), muloom kurna, vekhna, disna. 
Perceptible, dusun jiha. 
Perch (to), a byt,hna. 
Perchance, itne cheer vich. 

PER ( 191 ) PER 

Perdition, cliourasee bognee, mout dee kushtunee. 

Peregrinate (to), sjl kurna, sufur kurna. 

Peremptorily, tuteek da. 

Perennial, wurre da soorootee. 

Perfect, poora kamil, uchuruj, mujboot. 

Perfection, unth kamil. * 

Perfectly, poorahee, tumamee. 

Perfidious, khotah, ch hulya, dugha bajee. 

Perforate (to), chek kudhna, sul kud hna. 

Perforce, jubur dustee, dhuko dhukee. 

Perform (to), kumkur hutna, suwarna. 

Perfume, mooshkunee. 

Perfumer, pusaree. 

Perhaps, shayud, kudachit. 

Peril, khutra, dur. 

Period, tukrar, ursu. 

Perish (to), murna, sur jana. 

Perjure (to), jhoothee soun khanee. 

Perjury, j hoothee soun or soogund. 

Permanent, qaem, moostqaem or qeem. 

Permission, purwangee. 

Permit (to), hone dena. 

Pernicious, nooshqanee jiha, jan jiha. 

Perpendicular, sidhee. 

Perpetrate (to), kum kurna. 

Perpetual, humeshan da humeshu. 

Perpetuate (to), nam judee kurna, qudeemee kurna. 

As a name. 

Perplex (to), hyran bona, hukre pukre rehna. 

Perplexity, hyranee, hukree pukree. 

Perquisite, inam. 

Persecute (to), suntouna. 

Perseverance, meenut, ar th. 

Persist (to), jid, pyna. 

Person, munook h. 

Personal, ap da. 

Personate (to), horus da sangor, b hekh kurna. 

To represent another. 

Perspicuity, oojaguree, 2 chittaee. 

Manifest. Clearness, transparency. 

Perspire (to), moorka ouna, purseh ouna.. 
Persuade (to), munouna. 

PER ( 192 ) PIE 

Pert, chutra, 2 mujajee, shekhee. 

Smart, Saucy. 

Pertinacious, jidee, jid khora. 
Pertinent, joga, wurga. 
Perturbation, beramee, bekuraree. 
Pervade (to), b hounde p hirna. 
Perverse, jidya, trikka. 


Pervert (to), wutouna. 

Pervious, wurun wala. 

Peruse (to), vekhna, wachna. 

Pestilence, buwa, drdi:ee, dal. 

Pestle, dusta, imam dusta, dunda k hoonda, sota soonera. 

Pestle and mortar. 

Pet, ladla, ishinda, unoka. 

Petit, chliota, nika. 

Petition, urzee. 

Petrify (to), puthur ho jana, kururree ho jana. 

Petticoat, Ijnhnga, chola, ghughura, tengunee. 

Pettish, trikka jiha. 

Pewter, jist. 

Phalanx, ukuth. 

Phantom, khyal. 

Philanthropy, doonya da hitkaree, rulmila. 

Philosopher, dana, uqlya. 

Phiz, moonh, chihra, roop. 

Phlebotomize (to), fus kudhna, nus kholounee. 

Phlegm, khungar, ghebur. 

Phlegmatic, thundee mijaj. 

Physic, doshandu, duwaee. 

Pick (to), choonna, 2 pusund kurna. 

As a flower. To choose. 

Pickaxe, kyhee buhoulee, koonaree, koonal. 
Pickle, achar. 
Pickpocket, k heesa kut. 
Picture, tusbeer. 
Piebald, cheena dubba. 

As a horse. 

Piece, tookra, dukra. 

Piece (to), jor louna, gund h louna, takee lounee. 

Piecemeal, tookre tookre, dukre dukre. 

Pier, boorj. 

PIE ( 193 ) PLA 

Pierce (to), chek kud,hna. 

Piety, dhurm atma. 

Pig, soour. 

Pigeon, kubootur. 

Pigeon-house, khooda, koombul, kubootur khanu. 

Pigmy, wouna, mudra. 

Pike, neju, sela. 

Pile, dher, ukuth, 2 buwaseer. 

Heap. Piles. 

Pilfer (to), chorana. 

Pilgrim, jatroo. 

Pilgrimage, teerut, pursun. 

Pill, golee, wuttee. 

Pillage (to), lootouna. 

Pillar, t hum, boorjee. 

Pillow, surhanu. 

Pilot, mullah, meo. 

Pimp, b hetoo. 

Pimple, p himunee, phoonsee. 

Pincers, chimta, sunee, oocha. 

Pinch (to), choondee wudnee. 

Pine (to), koomla jana, odur jana. 

Pinnacle, kulus, ribbe da sir. 

Of a temple. Of a hill. 

Pious, dhurmee, dhurm atmee. 
Pipe, nalee, nuree. 

For smoking. 

Pique, vair, killush. 

Piracy, durya da dakoo, pera. 

Piss (to), mootna, peshab kurna, cheeta bujouna. 

Pistol, tumachee. 

Pit, toa. 

Pitch, ral. 

Pitchfork, sulun. 

Piteous, humsosee, sogwan. 

Pith, tar, good. 

Pitiful, kumeen, kungal. 

Pittance, rojeenee, kut,hee. 

Pity, ruhm, dya. 

Pivot, chootee, moonee, toona. 

Place, jugeh. 

Place (to), rukhna. 

. B 2 

PLA ( 194 ) PLI 

Placid, huleem, ruseel. 
Plagiarism, ilm dee choree. 
Plague, buwa. 
Plain, rour, pudree. 


Plain (to), runda, phirna. 

Plaindealing, suchyaree. 

Plaint, furyad. 

Plaintiff, moodyee. 

Plaister, mulhum. 

Plait (to), goondunna, meedee kurnee. 

The hair. 

Plan, tudbeer, munsoobee. 


Plane (a), runda. 

Plank, p hut, tuklitu. 

Plant (a), boota. 

Plant (to), gachee kurnee, khugna. 

Plantain, kela. 

Plash (to), khurak kurna, chubul pyna. 

As of a stone in the water. As with the hands in water. 

Plaster (to), limna, lipna, poochna. 

Plat (to), goondunna, meedee kurnee. 

Plate, b handa. 

Platform, put h. 

Plaudit, sulounee. 

Plausible, chhulya, juban. 

Play (to), khedna, 2 bujouna. 

Sport. On an instrument. 

Playfellow, humjolee, hanee. 

Plaything, kudo una. 

Plea, oojr. 

Plead (to), juwab, suwal dena. 

Discuss. Argue. 

Pleasant, khoosh, sona. 

Please (to), rij houna, anund kurna. 

Pleasure, kliooshee, sooldiee, anund taee. 

Plebeian, udna, kungal, k hilqut. 

Pledge (to), g,haina ruk hna. 

Plenitude, buhootaee, pooraee. 

Plenty, buhoota. 

Pliable, nurm, moolaem, les dar. 

PLI ( 195 ) POM 

Pilars, chlmta, sunee, oocha, nukchoondee. 
Plod (to), meenut kurnee. 
Plodder, meenut kurne wala. 
Plot, koo sulah, mundulee. 

Cabal. Of ground. 

Plough, hul. 

Ploughboy, halee. 

Ploughland, waon walee jumeen. 

Ploughshare, pjiula choukor. 

Pluck (to), choona. 

Plug, gutta. 

Plumage, khumb, pur. 

Plumb, soot dee golee. 

Plume (to), k humb suwarne, pur bunouna. 

Plump, mota. 

Plunder (to), lootunna. 

Plunderer, lootera 

Plunge (to), choobee marnee. 

Ply (to), meenut kurnee, 2 chupur lounee. 

Labor. To ply oars. 

Pocket, kheesu. 

Pod, beear. 

Poet, shair, kubeeshur, kubta. 

Poignant, tej, suklit, kururra. 

Sharp. Severe. 

Point, choonj, tikkee, 2 ose vele. 

A sharp end. Critical moment. 

Point (to), choonj kud,hnee. 

To sharpen. 

Poison, veo, moura, vikh. 

Poison (to), veoor moura d6ke marna. 

Poise, ud,h vich. 

Poke (to), hooj marna, hool marnee. 

Police, thanah. 


Polish (to), manjna, mulna, shikul kurna. 

Polite, ihsanwund, huleem. 

Pollute (to), puleet kurna, upubitr kurna, purisht kurna. 

Poltroon, namurd, kookoor dila. 


Pomp, dhoom dham. 
Pompous, udumbur nal. 


PON ( 196 ) POT 

Ponder (to), vichar kurnee, sDch kurnee. 
Ponderous, b hara. 
Poniard, kutar, pesh qubz, kutaree. 
Ponton, kat h da pool, beree da pool. 
Pony, taira, tuttoo, goot,h. 

Hill pony. 

Pool, doom, koond. 


Poor, ghureeb, tungsee. 
Poorly, beramee, rogee. 

Pop (to), tangur ke p hurna. 
Poppy, post, doda. 
Populace, khilqut, doonya da lok. 
Popular, amk,hash, 2 subna dee pusund. 

General. Pleasing to the people. 

Populate (to), wuson kurnee, soraeen kurnee. 

Porch (a), chhutee hooee, vee. 

Porcupine^ say or se, sihe. 

Port, juhaj khanu. 

Portable, chukun wala. [luchun vekhna* 

Portend (to), putta dena, purshin louna, tewa louna. 

Portico, chhutee hooee vee. 

Portion, hissu, bukhruh. 

Portly, mota jiha. 


Position, wujuh, doul, dhub, qutta. 
Positive, jidya, urya. 
Possess (to), dukhla kurna. 
Possibility, hon wala. 
Post, dak, 2 jageh, t hanu. 

For letters. 

Postage, muhsool, jugat. 
Posterior, pichhe, mugur. 
Posteriors, chittur. 
Posterity, al, oulad, kol. 

Posthaste, chetee chetee, buhoot shitabee nal. 
Postman, dak wala. 
Postpone (to), ursu rukhna. 
Postscript, pich he lik hya hoya. 

Posture, wujuh,' turan. [bandee. 

Pot, degh, dejkar, wultohee, toknee, dej kee, touree. 
Smaller. A large vessel for boiling water. Smaller for water. 

POT ( 197 ) PRE 

Potato, aloo. 

Potbelly, gogur. 

Pot companion, hutkaree, soone rya. 

Potent, tej, trikka, 2 kum dee. 

Strong. Efficacious. 

Potion, doshandu. 

A3 of physic. 

Potsherd, theekree bubur. 

Potter, g hoomyar, prithee puth. 

Potvaliant, phouree, ghupee, lufafee. 

Pouch, tosdan. 

Poverty, tungsee, tungaee, huth tungee. 

Pour (to), ooludna, pyna. 

To empty. As rain. 

Pout (to), moonh wutna. 
Powder, daroo, choorun. 

Gunpowder of any kind. 

Powder (to), choorun kurnee. 
Powderhorn, sing,hra. 

For gunpowder. 

Power, tagut, himmut, foorsut. 
Powerful, jorawur, tukra, kururra. 
Practicable, hon wala. 
Practice, ban, wadee, dhub. 
Practise (to), kurtub kurna. 
Praise, sulounee, tareef. 
Praiseworthy, suloun wurga. 
Prance (to), koodunna, doorkunna. 

As a horse. 
Prank, k hel, khed. 
Prate (to), bukka kurna. 
Prattle, buk buk. 

Pray (to), pooja kurnee, sundya kurnee, turpoon gatree. 
Precarious, toukla, khutra. 
Precaution, ugle hee tuweez, ugle hee vichar. 
Precede (to), ugon olee toorna. 
Precedent, chal, dhub. 
Precept, hookm. 

Preceptor, sikhal ne wala, oostad. 
Precinct, hudd, bunna, wut. 
Precious, qeemut wala, qeemutee. 
Precipice, k,hoondur, k hund, k hul. 

PRE ( 198 ) PRE 

Precipitant, kalee, kala, hulo, syhur. 
Precipitate (to), sootunna. 

To throw headlong down. 

Precise, theek bu t heek. 
Prelude (to), huta dena, hutuk dena. 
Precocious, totla, trikka. 
Precogitation, ugon olee, soch. 
Preconcieve (to), ugon olee, vichnr kurnee. 
Preconcert (to) ugde hee joogut kurnee. 
Precontract (to), uge hee qurar kurna. 
Precursor, uge hee bhujun wala. 
Predatory, loot dee. 
Predecessor, ugla. 
Predestination, budya likhya. 
Predetermine (to), uge da dyeeur bunna. 
Predicament, uhwal, halut. 
Predict (to), ugdee hee dusna. 
Predilection, uetibar, un ditta pyar. 
Predominate (to), jit lena. 

To prevail. [hoor. 

Preeminent, subna nalon mushahoor, subna t,'hon musha- 
Preengage, (to), ugon hee rukhna, ug dee hee ruk hna. 
Preexist, ugon olee rehna. 
Preface, tutkura, ugaree pichharee da verwar. 

Of a book. 

Prefer (to), pusund kurna. 

Prefix, uge louna. 

Pregnancy, oomedwaree, adham, gubun, wukondee. 

Prejudge (to), ugon olee fysulu kurna. 

Prejudice (to), bud khore kurna, nindya kurnee. 

Prejudicial, nooshqan or jan jiha. 

Preliminary, mood ruwan. 

Premature, be wuqt, be mouqu, korutta. 

Premeditate (to), ugon ole vicharna or sochna. 

Prenominate (to), ugon ole nao dhurna. 

Prentice, shagird, chela. 

Preoccupy (to), ugon ole, dukhla kurna. 

Preordain, ugon ole hookm kurna. 

Preparation, tyaree, ar. 

Prepare (to), suwarna, tyar kurna, ar kurna. 

Preponderance, buhoot buhoota, b hara bona tol. 

Prepossess (to), ugon olee, mail bona. 

PRE ( 199 ) PR! 

Preposterous, koond, moorukhtaee. 


Prerogative, huqq. 

Presage (to), sugon kurna, sugraa kurna. 

Prescience, ilm, goophuta. 

Prescribe (to), wut bununnee. 

Presence, rooburoo, hajiree, samline. 

Present, hajir. 

Present (to), nujur denee. 

As a present. 

Presently, t hore cheer vich, hoone. 

Preservation, buchaun, hifajut. 

Preserve (to), buchouna, palna. 

Preserver, palne wala, buchoun wala, prit palne wala. 

Preside (to), sirdar hona, mooMityar bona. 
President, sirdar, mooJdityar, wude sirdar. 
Press, kolhoo, 2 dulee murnee, bheer. 

For oil, Throng. 

Press (a), chhapa, sucbba. 

For printing. 

Pressure, bhar dooba. 

Presume (to), sumjjina, vicharna. 

Pretence, oojr, buhanu, puj, nukbru. 

Pretend (to), puj kurna, buhanu kurna. 

Preternatural, kuramat. 

Pretext, oojr, puj, buhanu, nukhru. 

Pretty, sona, soondur, sujda. 

Prevail (to), jitna, 2 jaree bona, oojagur bona. 

Overcome. To take place. 

Prevalent, sare hooe hooee, sumon. 
Prevaricate, bat wuttouna, tal mutal milouna. 
Prevent (to), hutouna rokna, munu kurna. 
Previous, ethon pyhla, uge bee. 
Prey, shikar mar. 
Price, mol, qeemut, bhao. 
Prick (to), choobunna. 
Prickle, koonda. 
Prickly, kunda jiha. 
Pride, hunkaree, mugrooree. 
Primarily, pyhla hee. 
Prime, oodumee, chunga, usl kliureed. 


PRI ( 200 ) PRO 

Primeval, usul da. 

Primogenial, jetha, prethee da pyhl pjhla. 

Prince, raja. 

Princely, raja jiha. 

Principal, usl, mool. 

Print, tusbeer, 2 khoj k,hoora. 

Picture. Of a foot. 

Print (to), chhapa, louna. 

As a book. 
Prior, uge. 

Priority, subna, t,hon, pjhla mohere. 
Prison, bundee khanu, qyd k,hanu. 
Prisoner, bundooa, dhuk, qydee. 
Prisonment, qyd, or bund vich. 
Pristine, usl da usl, osahee. 
Private, khash looqaya, or chhipaya hoya. 

In contradicton to public, hidden. 

Privation, nooshqan, jan. 
Privilege, huqq. 
Privily, looqake, ch hipake. 
Prize, loot, Jidda, inam. 

Plunder, reward. 

Prize (to), buhoot sona janna. 
Probable, shayud, kuda chit, kude kudyn. 
Probity, suchyaree. 
Proboscis, soonee, soon. 

Of elephant. 

Proceed (to), toorya jana. 
Proceeding, mooquddemu, 2 kum. 

Of law. Transaction. 

Process, d,hub, wadee, wuju. 

Order, method. 

Proclaim (to), oojagur kurna, jahir kurna. 

Proclamation, hoka. 

Procrastination, uj bhulke kurna. 

Procreate (to), jumna. 

Procurable, lub.hoo. 

Procure (to), lubhna, milna. 

Prodigal, kharchoo. 

Prodigious, uchuruj, ulokar. 

Prodigy, uchumba, uchuruj dee. 

Produce (to), phulna, 2 wuk.halna. 

Bear. To show. 

PRO (201 ) PRO 

Product (to), hasil, pydaish. 

Profane (to), be ubdee kurnee,nupakkurna,thuristkurna. 

Profession, kisub, kum. 

Proffer (to), bhet d hurnee, jhurawa dena, sook hna dewa. 

Proficiency, hasil, wusool, kamil. 

Profile, udh moonh, udh pasa, ookwasa. 

Profit, labh, nufu, wusool. 

Profit (to) faedu bona, nufa bona. 

Profligate, budkar, uguree, mujajee. 

Profound, oukhur, kut bur, 2 doonga. 

Abstruse. Deep. 

Profuse, buboot buhootee. ^ 


Profusion, buboote nalon, bubootee. 

Progenitor, judd, kolb, wuda. 

Progeny, oulad, uns. 

Prognosticate (to), ugon olee dusna, ugare dusna. 

Progress, basil. 

Prohibit (to), mune kurna, wurujna. 

Project, tuweez, joogut. 

Prolific, pbulee, soone wala. 

Prolix, kubanee, qissu, barta, kutjia. 

Prolong (to), burbouna. 

Prominent, ooburya, oojagur. 

Promiscuous, bewa, bubel. 

Promise, bucbun, tukrar, qoul. 

Promote (to), burbouna, budhouna. 

Promotion, boodu. 

Prompt, cbulak, sbitaba. 

Promulgate (to), oojagur kurna, boka dena. 

Prone, jee luga booa, mail booa. 

Prong, sulun, sulungee. 

Of a fork. 

Pronounce (to), lufz phirnee, such sucb purbna. 

Proof, duleel. 

Prop, thumre, boa, dbo. 

Propagate (to), boka dena, 2 jumna. 

Spread, as a report. As species. 

Propensity, ichba, sboq. 
Proper, chunga, joga, wurga. 
Properly, cbungyaee nal. 
Property, mal, mutba. 

c 2 

PRO ( 202 ) PRO 

Prophesy (to), ugul wandee, dusna. 

Prophet, pykumbur. 

Propitiate (to), munouna. 

Propitious, soob h, lugun. 

Proportion (to) sujouna, 2 hissu dena. 

Propose (to), suwal pouna. 

Propriety, joga hee, phubta hee. 

Proscribe (to), des nikala dena^ 2 mout dee tuweez. 

Outlaw. Doom to death. 

Prosecute (to), mugur, pyna, 2 furyad lounee. 

To pursue, follow after, sue. 

Prosecutor, furyadee, mookuddemu. 

Criminal suit. 

Proselyte, wutaya hoya. 

Prospect, sooraeen, 2 oomed, wussa. 

Prosper (to), bol bala hona, sour jana. 

Prosperity, sookhlaee, dhunwundee, bukhtawaree. 

Prosternation, oodasee, sogee, humsosee. 


Prostitute (a), kunjaree, qusubee. 

Prostrate (to), lumme p? jana. 

Prostrate, moonh de pyna jumeen pur hek purne pyna. 

Lying with the face to the ground. 

Protect (to), humayut kurnee, buchouna. 

Protection, humayut, suhayut, shue or shv. 

Protector, humayuta kurun wala, humrah kurun wala. 

Protest (to), ukrar kurna. 

Protract (to), der lounee, cheer lounee. 

Protrude (to), nikul pyna, wud jana. 

Protuberance, k hugga, 2 gurh, gillar. 

As from a tree. As from the hody of a man. 

Proud, hunkar, mugroor. 

Prove (to), duleel kurnee, sabvit kurnee, saboot kurnee. 

Provender, charuh, churuh. 

Proverb, urt,h, kuhanee. 

Provide (to), tyar kurna, 2 shurt lounee, teechu kurnu. 


Providence, b hugwan dee kripa nal. 
Provident, joogutee. 


Provider, tyar kurun wala. 

Province, soobah. 

Provision, khana, seed ha, rust. 

PRO ( 203 ) PUR 

Proviso, teeche nal, shurt nal. 
Provocation, ch.hair, khejh. 
Provoke (to), chjiair kurnee, khej ji kurnee. 
Prowl (to), tore pyna. 
Proximity, nire, kol kol. 
Proxy, iwuzee, wutte. 
Prudence, hoshiaree, joogutee. 
Prune (to), dulum kurnee. 
Pruninghook, datree, dat h pilchee. 
Pry (to), j hakna. 
. Puberty, jobun, juwanee, ghubreda. 
Public, am, mushalioor. 
Publicity, khindee hooee, hoka ditta hoya. 
Publish (to), hoka dena, khinda denee. 
Pucker (to), choonna wul pounee. 

Plait, fold. 

Puddle, toe logne, chupryan chule. 

Shallow water. 

Puerile, moonda jiha. 

Puff (to), p,hooka marnee, 2 sulouna. 

To praise much. 

Puissant, tagut wala, jorawur. 

Pull (to), khechunna. 

Puke (to), obutna dakna, oopur chul kurnee. 

Pulmonary, khung, khyee. 


Pulp, jilab, gootulee. 

Pulse, naree, nubz, 2 chhole muttur. 


Pulverize (to), muleeda kurna, peepoo kurna. 

Punctual (to be), kurar oote ouna, teeche oote ouna. 

Punctuality, kurar or teeche nal. 

Punish (to), suja denee, museehut denee. 

Puny, chhota lisa. 

Pup, kutoora. 

Pupil, shagird, chela. 

Purchase (to), mol lena. 

Purchaser, gahuk, khureedoo. 

Pure, saf, chitta, pak. 

Purely, sirf, ktalee. 

Purge, joolab, doshandu, kara. 

Purifier, saf kurne wala, chitta kurne wala. 

PUR ( 204 ) QUA 

Purity, sufaee. 

Purloin (to), chorana. . 

Purport, mutubul. 

Purpose, ichha, iradu. 

Purse, kheesu. 

Pursue, piehhe pyna, mugur pyna. 

Purveyor, kothree burdar, rust ruk^hue wala. 

Pus, pak, rad. 

Push (to), d huko d,liole khana. 

Pusillanimity, kookoor dilee. 

Puss, billee, billuo. 

Pustule, phimunee, pboonsee. 

Put (to), rukhna, dhurna. 

Putrify (to), sur jana, moosh k oothna. 

Puzzle, (to), kulle dar, phutyan. 

Pygmy, waona, baona. 


Quack (to), mukee ouna, 2 ud h virita, huqeem* 

As a duck. A quack doctor. 

Quadrangle, chou kona^ chou goot ha. 
Quadrennial, wurre. 

Quadruped, char p?r, che pyra, che khora. 
Quadruple, chougoona, chou hissu. 
Quaere, suwal, 2 jun, b hurm* 

A doubt. 

Quagmire, chekor. 

Quail, butera. 

Quaint, uchuruj, unootuh* 

Quake (to), kumbunna. 

Qualify (to), laek, kum da bona. 

Qualm, jee kuchha bona, jeeootahan ouna. 

Quandary, jun, b hurm, oukhur, kuthun. 

Quantity, undajee. 

Quarrel, j hugra, j hanj ha, roula. 

Quarrelsome, j hagroo, tukraree. 

Quarry, puthryan deekhan. 

Quarter, pa, 2 wul, pasa, turuf, 3 heelun. 

One fourth side Given after battle. 

Quarter (to), char hissu kurna, chaonee da mooqam. 

QUA ( 205 ) QUO 

Quash (to), doobouna, duhna. 

Quay, g hat, puttun. 

Queen, ranee, indranee, put ranee. 

Queer, uchurij, uchumba. 

Quell (to), mitouna, hutouna, soolah, sufa kurna. 

Quench (to), booj hana, thunda kurna. 

Querist, suwalee, poochun wala. 

Querulous, furyadee. 

Query, suwal. 

Question, suwal. 

Quibble, tal, mutol, bat wuttounee. 

Quick, chet, shitab, kalee. 

Quicken, chetee nal kurna, 2 mood bununna, as dhurnee. 

As a child. 

Quicklime, choona. 

Quickly, chetee nal, kalee kurke. 

Quicksand, jil, jilun, ret. 

Quicksighted, trikkee nujur. 

Quicksilver, para. 

Quiet, choop chap, 2 aram. 

Silent. Ease, rest. 

Quill, pur dee qulum, k humb. 
Quilt, rujaee, tolaee, lef, dolaee. 
Quince, bihee, bee danu. 
Quinsy, boornawee. 
Quintessence, urq kara, usl. 
Quire (a), jistu. 

Of paper. 

Quirk, ch hul, chiddur, 2 bat wutaO. 

Subtlety. Quibble. 

Quit (to), chhudna, ch hud dena, tyagna. 
Quite, kool koola, bilkool. 
Quittance, ruseed, far k,huddee, rajee nameh. 
Quiver (to), kumbunna, 2 turgoosh, jistee. 

To tremble. From turkusli. A quiver for arrows. 

Quoit, chuklee, chidda. 

Quota, hissu, chhaudah, bukhruh. 

Quote (to), horus dee gul kurnee. 

To recite the words of another. 

Quotidan, roz bu rozee. 
Quotient, baqee. 

RAB ( 206 ) RAM 


Rabbit, s?hur, susa. 

Rabble, dulee murnee, b heer. 


Race, jat qoum, jud, 2 dour, bjiujun. 

Tribe. Contest. 

Race (to), dourna, bhujna. 

As horses. 

Racer, dour wala, or shurtee g hora. 
Rack, junboor. 

For torture. 

Racy, suwad da, rus da. 

Radiant, liska, j hulukda, chilukda. 

Radiation, kirna rishma. 

Sun's beams. 

Radical, usul dee, jeeon kee ton. [kharna. 

Radicate (to), pootna, ghachee kurnee, khugunna oo- 

Radish, moolee. 

Raft, beree, bera. 

Rafter, bulee kuree, t humba, suteer. 

Rag, takee, kutura kutur. 

Rage, ghoossa, krodh, hurukh. 

Ragged, pate hooe kupra. 

Ragingly, k hundaee, trikkaee nal. 

Rail, kat,h dee war, kirah, karn gar. 

Raillery, thutta, mukhoul. 

Raiment, kupra, poshak, leera. 

Rain, meenh, wurkha, kunnyan pynyan. 

Rainbow, peeng, boodee dee, peeng d hunook. 

Rainy, meenhee jiha. 

Raise (to), chookna, chukna. 

Raisin, moonukka, talum khana. 

Rake, Jidda, budmasb, 2 jundra. 

A debauchee. Garden implement. 

Rally (to), thuthe nal hutkunna, 2 morke burouna. 

To ridicule, chide. To rally troops. 

Ram (a), hoondoo, meenda. 
Ram (to), kootunna, churhna. 
Rambler, phirun wala, b^houun wala. 

RAM ( 207 ) n\v 

Rampant, seek h pa hona, ooth krona, must. 

As a horse to stand up on the hind legs. Wanton lecherous. 

Rampart, dhoor khote, oodale dee kund. 
Rancid, vigurya lioya, mooshkunee suree hooee. 

Strong scented. 

Rancour, killish, vair, ukus. 

Random, ruja nal, be thukanu, etne clieer vich. 

Range, vich, undaj, 2 sufur, syhul. 

As of a gun. Excursion. 

Rank, mooshkunee, 2 wudee pydaish. 

Strong scented. Luxuriant. 

Rank, pal o pal, 2 hoodee, 3 jat. 

Line of men. Degree of dignity. Order, class. 

Rankle (to), laal laal, honee, pak pynee. 

To fester. 

Ransack (to), lootunna. [douna. 

Ransom, chuttee b hurke ch,hudouna, roopye deke ch hu- 
Rant (to), bookwa kurna, roula pouna. 
Rap (to), dhole marne, thuk thuk kurna. 
Rapacity, trik haee, k hundaee, k hundaee, 2 harbya hoya. 
Rape, sut torna, sidook torna. 
Rapid, kala, trikka, shitabee, 
Rapier, sang, gooputee. 

So called because concealed in the scabbard h not drawn except when used. 

Rapine, loot, 2 budo budee. 


Rapture, kliooshee nal, p hool jana. 

Rare, tohfu, uchuruj, uchumba. 

Rarely, kudhe, kudjiain. 

Rarity, t5hfu. 

Rascal, khuchra, khuchrot. 

Rase (to), mesna, metjma. 

Rash, nidhur, unkbyal. 

Rat, chooha. 

Ratan, byt. 

Rate, bhao, nirik,h, uruj. 

Rather, buhootee ichha. 

More willingly. 

Ratify (to), pukka kurna, thurouna, teechu bunouna. 

Rational, uql wala, soo wala, shuhoor wala. 

Rattle (to), shunkunna, thunkar pyna, shoon shuna. 

A rattle. 

Ravage (to), oojar kurna, fehwar kurnee, 2 sut torna. 

BAV ( 208 ) REB 

C [2 slioodo wurtunna. 
Rave (to), kumla or baola bona, < tulo muchhe bona. 

To be mad. / To be very fond of. 

Raven, il. 

Ravisb (to), sut toriia. 

To violate. 

Raw, kucbba, 2 seet surdee, tbund. 

Chill, cold. 

Ray, kirna, risbna. 

Raze (to), mesna, met bna, dba sootna. 

Overthrow, destroy. 

Razor, oostura. 

Reacb (to), poocb,bna, upurha, 2 oobutna. 

To vomit. 

Reacb, tagut, bimmut, foorsut. 


Reaction, naree ooltunee, purwa jana, 2 ooludnee. 

As of life. As favour of a person. 

Read (to), purbna. 

Readily, sbitabee nal. 

Readmit (to), pbir ouun dena. 

Readorn, nuwa suwarna, or bunana. 

Ready, tyar. 

Real, sucba, soocba, usl. 

Really, such micbee. 

Realm, raj. 

Reanimate (to), sas pynee, murke jeeona. 

Reap (to), kunuk wudnee. 


Reapingbook, datree. 

Rear, picbbare nal, mugurlee wul. 

Rear (to), seekb pou bona, 2 palna sik balna. 

As a horse. As a child. 

Rearward, mugurlee wul. 
Reason, subub 2 uql, sbuboor. 

Cause. Understanding. 

Reasonable, uql wala, bosb wala, 2 joga wurga. 


Resemble (to), morke ukutba kurna. 
Reassert (to) mor mor dusna. 
Reassure (to), mor mor wussa kurna. 
Rebel, dungaee, kburoodee, fusadee. 

REB ( 209 ) REC 

Rebound (to), boorkunna, 2 pich hul k hooree hutna, 
wuttee lake hutna. 

To recoil as a gun. 

Rebuff (a), toort mooqurna, 2 hutouna. 


Rebuild (to), morke osarna. 

Rebuke (to), oolama dena, mehna dena. 

Recal, morke sudna. 

Recant, phir oolta denee. 

Recapitulate (to), mor mor dusna. 

To repeat. 
Recarry (to), mor le jana. 
Recede to), pich he pich he toorya jana. 


Receipt, ruseed, rajee nameh. 

Receive (to), pouna, milna, lub hna. 

Recent, nuwa. 

Receptacle, rukhun wala jugeh, d,hurum wala, jugeh. 

Reception, sulook soolah. 


Recess, ala, uteet dee jugeh, ukunt jugeh. 

As in a wall. 

Rechange (to), morke wuttouna. 
Recharge (to), morke bulla kurna. 

To attack anew. 

Recipe, nooqsu. 

From noosqhuh. 

Reciprocal, do we pase, apus vich, bura burabur. 

Recital, dusya or akhya hoya. 

Reckless, ghafilee, 2 jan hoomunee, jan bajee. 

Careless, As of life. 

Reckon (to), ginna, lekha kurna. 

Reclaim (to), pursung, lugna, sour jana. 

Recline (to), lumme pyna, let na. 

Reclose (to), morke bununna. 

Recluse, tupusee, uteet. 

Recognise (to), syanna, puhchanna. 

Recoil (to), tubke, pich hul khooree hutna. 

Recoin, (to), moorke gurna. 

Recollect (to), yad ouna. 

Recommence (to), mood bununna. 

Recommend (to), sulat kurnee, wudee uee kurna. 

Recompence (to), wutta dena, budul dena, iwuzee denee. 

D 2 

REC ( 210 ) REE 

Reconcile (to), mun pvna, muna lena. 
Recondite, looqaya boya, 2 oukhur kut hun. 

Secret. Abstruse. 

Reconduct, morke le ouna. 

Reconnoitre (to), p hir toorke jachna, b bed lena. 

Reconquer (to), morke jitna. 

Reconvey (to), morke gulna. 

Record, duftur. [nirobu bona. 

Recover (to), pbir lubbna, morke lubbna, 2 ucb ba or 

Get again. To get well. 

Recourse (to bave), roojoo kurna, rooburoo kurna. 
Recreant, pajee, kumeen, namurd. 
Recreation, vurouna, purcbouna. 
Recriminate (to), ooltee furyad kurnee. 
Recruit, nuwa sipabee. 

Rectify (to), sodh lena, bbool cbook kudbnee. 
Recumbent, lumma pya booa, letya boya. 
Recur (to) morke ouna. 


Recusant, na kurroo, nudus. 

Red, laal, sooa. 

Redeem (to), bucbouna, 2 cbuttee b burke, cb bud ouna. 

To save. Ransom. 

Redelver (to), morke sompna. 
Redemand (to), morke mungunna. 
Redbot, tupya boya loba, tab luga booa. 
Redlead, sindoor, sungruf. 
Redolent, kboosb boee, wasbuna. 

Sweet scented. 

Redouble (to), doobra kurna, 2 p bir pbir dusna. 

To make double. To repeat after. 

Redoubt, kapa, ugare da urtula, kundeean deeduk. 

Outer work of fortification. 

Redound (to), lugna, bona. 
Redress, nisbaf. 

From insaf, remedy. 

Redress (to), nisbaf kurna, 2 dooroost kurna. 

To set right. 

Reduce (to), gbutna, 2 betb kurna, kungal kurna. 

Lessen. To lower. 

Redundance, buboot buboota, utb buboota. 
Re-ecbo (to), ugon awaj ounee, dbumkar dee awaj. 
Reed, nulee kiluk, pola. 

REE ( 211 ) REG 

Reef (to), d hul vuletna. 
Reel (a), pinna ghoochee. 

To wind yarn on. 

Reel (to), j hoka k banee, t hede jana, 
Re-embark (to), morke churbna. 
Re-enact (to), morke or nuwe tundun kurna. 
Re-enforce (to), fouj wudounee or wudeek kurna. 

Send fresh troops. 

Re-enter (to), morke wurna. 

Re-entbrone, morke cburbouna, guddee oote. , 

Re-establisb (to), morke bunouna or tburouna. 

Re-examine, morke jacbna, morke jona. 

Refer (to), somp dena, buwala kurna. 

Refine (to), pbog noogda kudbna, cbitta kurna. 

As the dross from metals. Clear. 

Refit (to), morke bununna, morke suwarna. 

Reflect (to), socbna, vicbarna, duleel kurna. 

Reflourisb (to), morke sooraeen bona. 

Reflow, morke. [pursung lugnee. 

Reform (to), sura j ana, sobbut bonee, rybut wut janee. 

Refractory, urya or jidya boya, d binga boya. 

Obstinate, perverse. 

Refrain (to), bundez kurnee, 2 sumuj h lena. 

To abstain. To forbear. fpfna. 

Refresb (to), jee men jee milna, turarez bona, visoom 
Refrigerate (to), tbunda kurna, sunt ounce. 
Refuge, punab, surun, surnagutee. 

Shelter from danger. 

Refulgent, liskbda, cbilukda, j bumkuda. 

Refund (to), mor dena. 

Refuse (to), mooqur pyna. 

Refute (to), bat or gul butounee. 

Regain (to), morke lubbna. 

Regale (to), kboosbee kurnee, lybur kurne. 

Regard, beto, suneo, pyar, 2 tukna, vek,bna. 

Look at. See. 

Regardless, ghafilee, soostee, d billaee. 


Regenerate (to), morke pyda bona. 
Regent, dooje da raj kurna, kol da raj kurna. 
Regimen, ruk b rukbnee, kban peendee. 
Regiment, purtul. 

REG ( 212 ) REL 

Region, des, moolk. 

Register, duftur. 

Regorge (to), oogulachna, b hurna, 2 oobutna. 

As ill-gotten Avealth. As food. 

Regrant (to), mor dena. 

Regret, humsos, sog, 2 puchotawa. 

Regular, theek, 2 sid.ha sidha, burabur. 


Regularity, qaedu nal kurna, or turuli nal. 

Regulate (to), qaedu nal kurna. 

Rehear (to), morke soonna. 

Reject (to), kudhna, nikalna. 

Reign (to), guddee oote bythna. 

Reimbody (to), morke pind vich wurna. 

Reimburse (to), morke khurch dena. 

Rein, wag. 

Reins, kumur^ luk. 

Reinsert (to), morke dakhil kurna. 

Reinstal (to), morke rukhna. 

Reinstate (to), morke ruk hna. 

Reinvest (to), morke dena. 

Rejoice (to), khooshee pursun or anund bona. 

Rejoin (to), morke milna. 

Rejoinder, oottur. 

Reiterate (to), morke dusna, akbna koona. 

Rejudge (to), morke neao kurna, morke jachne. 

Rekindle (to), morke balna. 

Relapse (to), morke mun ounee. 

Relate, uhwal dusna or akbna. 

Relation, verwar, uhwal, 2 sak surbund. 

Narrative, tale. Relation. 

Relative, sakagiree, sirbundee. 

Relax (to), dhilla bona, soost or ghafil bona. 

To slacken. 

Relaxation, khooshee, purcbunee. 
Relay (to)> dak byt,halna. 
Release (to), chhudna, chhud dena, tyagna. 
Relent (to), ruhm a pjna, dya a pynee. 
Reliance, wussa, b hurosa. 
Relics, ruhun, khoond, nishaiiee laqee dee. 
Relict, rundee, bidwa. 
A widow. 

REL ( 213 ) REN 

Relief, suhayut, humayut, 2 nurohee, aram. 

Help. From pain, 

Relieve (to), suhayut denee. 

Religion, dhurm, deen. 

Religious, dhurm atmee. 

Relinquish (to), chhudna, tyagna. 

Relish, suwad. 

Reluctant, be raj, nakhoosh. 

Relumine (to), morke roshunaee or ehanun kurua. 

Rely (to), wussa kurna. 

Remain (to), rehna. 

Remainder, renda, baqee dee. 

Remains, ruhun, khoond, 2 loth moordee. 

What is left, A dead body. 

Remake, morke bununna. 

Remand (to), morke ghulunna. 

Remark, buchun, qoul. 

Remarkable, ucliuruj dee, uchumba, ulokar. 

Remediable, ullaj, wurga. 

Remember (to), cheta rukhna, yad kurna. 

Remind (to), c.heta kurouna, yad kurouna. 

Remiss, d hilla, jilla, soost, ghafil. 

Remission, chhima, ruchha, mooaf. 

Remit (to), ehimma kurnee, 2 morke dena. 

To restore, give back. 

Remittance, roopye gliule hooee. 
Remnant, renda, baqee. 
Remonstrance, udulee, budulee. 
Remorse, puchotawa, humsos. 
Remote, door, furq nal. 
Remove (to), lejana 2 jugeh wuttounee. 

To change places. 

Remount (to), morke churhna, 2 g hore b hurtee kurna. 

To supply horses. 

Remunerate (to), inam dena. 

Rencounter, j hugra, j hanj ha, luraee, gholna. 

Rend (to), parna, cheerna. 

As clothes, as wood. 

Rendezvous, ukut.h dee jugeh. [kurna. 

Renew (to), morke kurna, nuwe sire arumbh, moodon 
Renounce (to), chhud dena, tyagna. 
Renown, jus, namawar, sob ha. 

REN ( 214 ) REP 

Renowned, mushahoor, oojagur. 

Kent, b,hara, ujara, t heka 2 patya hoy a. 


Renter, b hara, kurun wala t hekedar. 

Repair (to), bunouna, suwarna, murumut kurna. 

Repartee, mushkurree dee gul, mukhoul dee gul. 

Repass (to), morke jana, mor j herke p herna. 

Repast, pursad. 

Repay (to), mor denee. 

Repeal (to), huta dena, mouqoof kurna. 

Repeatedly, vuran var, buhootee waree. 

Repel (to), huta dena. 

Repent (to), pucho tawa kurna, humsos kurna. 

Repeople (to), morke wuson kurnee, sooraeen kurna. 

Repetition, morke, akhya or dusya hoya. 

Repine (to), humsos, or sog kurna, pucho tawe kurne. 

Replace (to), morke ruk hna. 

Replait (to), mcwdon or morke goondunna or meedee 
Replant (to), moodon gachee kurnee or k hugna. 
Replenish (to), morke, b hurna. 
Replete, b hurya hoya. 
Reply (to), oottur oottur dena. 

To employ. 

Repolish (to), morke shik hi kurnee. 

Report, gougah, gool. 

Repose (to), aram kurna, 2 wussa kurna. 

To confide. 

Repose, aram, sookh, anund. 

Repossess (to), morke lubhna, morke dukhla kurna. 

Reprehend (to), dut kunna, hut kunna. 

Represent (to), urz kurnee. 

Repress (to), looqounee, chhipounee^ gooput kurnee. 

As a sedition. 

Reprieve (to), mooaf kurna, buklish lena. 

Reprimand (to), dut kunna, hut kunna. 

Reprint (to), moodon chhapouna. 

Reproach (to), tana, menah dena. 

Reprobate, urguree, khota mujajee. 

Reproduce (to), morke phulna, 2 morke wukhal na. 

Bare. To shew again. 

Reproof, dut, hut. 

REP ( 215 ) RES 

Reptile, keera, kunda. 

Repudiate (to), kud.hna, nikal dena. 

Repugnance, kour, boora munna. 

Repulse (to), huta dena, rudd dena. 

Repurchase, morke mol lena. 

Reputable, namawur mushalioor, bhuleaee. 

Reputation, ijjut, put, abro. 

Request, urz, urz kurnee. 

To request. 

Require (to), lor honee, mungunna. 

Ask for. 

Requisite, loree dee, cbahye. 
Requisition, urz. 

Requite (to), wutta dena, mor gher kurna. 
Rescind (to), wud sitna, 2 huta dena. 

To cut of. Repeal. 

Rescue (to), chhudouna, buchouna. 
Research, meenut da khoj. 

Diligent search. 

Resemblance, bura buraburee, iko jihee. 
Resent (to), boora munna, vair rukhna. 
Reserve (to), kol or mood rukhna. 

Keep in search. 

Reserved, looq ruk hunwala, khotura. 

Reservoir, houd chubuch ha. 

Resettle, morke t hurouna. 

Reside (to), tik rehna. 

Resident, rehne wala. 

Residue, renda, baqee. 

Resign (to), chhud denee. 

Resin, buroja, gunda buroga. [kurnee. 

Resist (to), buraburee, kurnee uree kurnee, wudee kee 

Resolve (to), thurouna, dyeea kurna. 

Resolute, diler soormutee, hatha. 

Resolution, t heek dyeea. 

Resort, ukuth mujlis, mundulee. 

Resound (to), morke awaj honee. 

Resource, uUaj. 

Expedient, means. 

Respect, ubud wudut, 2 heto sundeho. 

Reverence. Regard. 

Respect (to), ubud rukhna. 

Respectable, matebar, ijjut wala, put wala. 

RES ( 216 ) RET 

Respectful, ubud nal. 

Respire (to), sail leiia, 2 aram kurna.. 

To rest from toil. 

Respite (to), talna, g,hoosouna. 
Resplendent, lishkda, chilukda. 
Respond (to), oottur dena. 
Responsible, mookhtyar, jimme wala. 
Rest, aram, sookh. 
Restitution, mor ditta hoya. 
Restless, beram, be chain, nichulla. 
Restoration, mor ditta hoya. 

Given back. 

Restore (to), mor dena, huwalu kurna. 

Restrain (to), rokna, wurujna, dukna. 

Restraint, rok, wurjun, hutkao. 

Result, wusool, hasil. 

Resume (to), morke lena. 

Resurrection, morke jeeona. 

Resurvey (to), morke vekhna. 

Resuscitate (to), morke jee vich jee pyna. 

Retail (to), khinduveen bechna, t horee t horee vechnee. 

Retake (to), morke lena or phurna. 

Retaliate (to), wutta lena. 

Retard (to), dhing kurna, uka dena. 

Reach (to), oobutna. 

Retention, lungun wala, 2 yad giree. 

As memory. 

Retinue, uswaree. 

Retire (to), udh bona, joode bona. 

Retirement, ukunt jugeh nuve kulee jngeh. 

Retold, morke dusya hoya. 

Retort (to), juwab dena. 

Retoss (to), morke sootna, phir gherke sootna. 

Retrace (to), morke jana, ounce pyree jana. 

Retract (to), mooqur kurna. 

To deny. 

Retreat, ukunt jugeh, 2 hut ouna. 

To retreat, as an army. 

Retrench (to), ghutouna. 

Retribution, wutta, budla, vair. 

Retrieve (to), morke lubhna. 

Retrogade (to), morke khojna or suwaitchna. 

RET ( 217 ) aiG 

Retrospect, morke pyna, oolta chulna. 

Return (to), morke ouna. 

Reveal (to), oojakur kurna, jahir kurna, bhet kholna. 

Revel (to), khooshee kurnee. 

Revenge, budla, wutta, vair. 

Revenue, pydaish, amdunee. 

Reverberate (to), morke awaj honee, dhum kar pjna. 

Revere (to), chahna, lorna. 

Reverence, ijjut, put, ubro. 

Reverse, upota, oolta. 

Revert (to), morke ouna. 

Review (to), morke vekhna. 

Revile (to), galee denee, bud juban bolnee. 

Revise (to), morke suwarna, or bunouna. 

Revisit (to), morke vek hna. 

As one's country. 

Revive (to), morke jee vich, jee pouna, rulouna. 

Reunite (to), morke ukuth bona, morke rulouna. 

Revoke, (to), butouna, muqoof kurna. 

Revolt, bukama, dunga. 

Revolution, bhounda. 

Reward, inam. 

Rbeumatism, badee. 

Rhinoceros, gynda. 

Rhubarb, reond, cheenee. 

Rib, puslee, bubur. 

Ribaldry, be lujee, be shurm. 

Rice, chouwul. 

Rich, dhunwunt. 

Riches, mal. 

Rick, bol dher, d,heree. 

Of grain. 

Rickety, hilda. 

Rid (to), ch hudouna. 

Ride (to), uswar bona. 

Ridge, tibba d,hore. 

Ridicule, t hutta, mushkuree, makhoul. 

Rift, tair, puktair. 

A cleft. 

Riggle (to), hilunna, pase marne, murore lene. 
Right, huqq. 


E 2 

RIG ( 218 ) ROL 

Right, chuiiga, wurga, joga. 


Righteous, dhurmee. 

Rightful, huqq dar, huqq hulal da. 

Rigid, khururra, suJdit. 

Rigor, k hururaee, sukhtaee, 2 t hund. 


Rill (a), nulee huthree. 
Rim, kunda, buniia, bunera. 
Rind, chhil, bukul, runj. 

Of Fruit. Of a Tree. 

Ring, ch hap, chala. 

Ringleader, dungaee, fusadee. 

Ringstreaked, gudra. 

Ringlet, meedee, joolf, puttee. 

Ringworm, dud. 

Rinch (to), choolee, kooela kurna. 

Riot, hukamu, dunga. 

Rip (to), cheerna, parna. 

Ripe, pukka. 

Ripple (to), chhola pynee, chool kunna. 

As Water. 

Rise (to), oothunna. 

Risible, base wala. 

Risk, k^hutra, toukla. 

Rite, dustoor, ban, wadee. 

Rival, reesee, riksee. 

River, durya. 

Road, rustu, ruha, wat, bat. 

Roan, telya, koomyt. 

Roar (to), bhuruk marnee, bhoob marnee. 

As a Bull, As a Tiger. 

Roast (to), rindna, kubab kurna. 

Rob, chorouna. 

Robber, dharawee, chor, thug. 

Robust, nurohu, tukra. 

Rock, sila, put hur. 

Rocket, huw^aee. 

Rod, chitteean, chumba. 

Rogue, budjat, thotah. 

Roll (to), rernee. 

Rollingpin, chukla, velna. 

ROO ( 219 ) RUM 

Roof, chuppur, chhun. 

Boom, jugeh, kumra, kot ha. 

Roomy, mokulee jugeh. 

Roost (to), busera, nuwas kurna. 

Root, jur, mool. 

Rope, russee, jeoree, lah lug. 

Ropemaker, luj, wuttun wala. 

Rosary, mala, simirunee, tusbeh. 

Rosetree, goolab da bootah. 

Rosewater, goolab. 

Rosin, gunda buroja, buroja. 

Rot (to), sur jana, mooshq oothna. 

Rotation, bhounde phernee, waro waree. 

To return. 

Rote, kunt h keeta hoya, munon sikhya hoya. 

Rotten, surya hoya. 

Rove (to), b,hounde p hirna. 

Rough, kururra. 

Roughhewn, ud h bunya, u,dh virita. 

Round, gol mol. 

Rouse, oot halna, jugouna. 

Rout, bar, shikust. 

Row (a), roula, torna, j hanj ha, 2 pura, pal. 

Disturbance. A line. 

Royal, badshahee. 

Rub (to), munjunna, mulna. 

Rubbish, koora, rooree, re. 

Ruby, laal. 

Rudder, chuppa. 

Ruddy, laal churhee hooee, 2 nurohu. 

Fresh. Health. 

Rude, be uhsan, be ubdee. 
Rue (to), humsos or sog kurna. 
Ruffin, sungdil. 

Rugged, kururra, puthur, wurga. 
Ruin, nooshqan, jan, tubah, vigur. 
Rule, hookumut raj kaj, 2 dunda. 

A ruler for lines. 

Ruler, hakim. 

Rumble (to), guj pynee, d,humkhar pjna 

As a carriage. 

Ruminate (to), sochna, vicharna. 

RUM ( 220 ) SAG 

Rumor, gougur, tol chal, qoul. 

Rump, chittur. 

Rumple (to), goochu kuriia, murorna. 

Run (to), bujunna, dounia. 

Runaway, bhujun wala. 

Runner, hulkara, kasht. 

Courier. [nul uture hooee. 

Rupture, andooturee hooee, anduran tootyan hooeean. 
Ruse, ch hul, ch hiddur, cbilittoor. 
Rush (to), roorke jana, 2 bhujke jana. 

As water. 

Rust, jingal, morchee. 

Rustic, guwaree. 

Rustle (to), mawa louna, khur k,hur. 

As Clothes. 

Rut, leehee. 

Of a cart. 

Ruthful, sogwan. 
Ruthless, be ruhm, be dja. 

Sable, kala, shaha. 

Sack, bora goon, chhut, boree. 

As for cotton. For camels <fcc. For money. 

Sackcloth, tupree, tupoor. 
Sacred, dhurm, dee poondee. 

Sacrifice, churhouwa, bhet, hom, sookh. 
Sacrilege, poon dee jageh dee choree, nukisht choree. 
Sad, oodas, odurya hoya, sogwan. 
Saddle, kat hee, jeen, khoe jeen. 

Saddle cloth. 

Saddler, kat hee, jeen. 
Safe, sulamut. 
Safeconduct, humrah. 
Safeguard, mudud, humrah. 
Safety, sulamutee. 
Saffron, huldee, vusaro. 
Sagacity, syanup, uql wandee. 
Sage, dan a, gyanee. 

SAI (221 ) SAT 

Said, dusya, ak hya hoya. 

Sail, d hul. 

Saint, rik hee, tupee sur, joogeesa. 

Sake, waste, dee leee. 

Salary, tulub. 

Sale, vikree. 

Salient, ehuja. 


Saline, khara, kusela, loon. 

Saliva, th,ook, moonh ouna, pilkuree pjhe. 

To salivate. 

Sallow, moorduhan, wurtee hooee, jurd, odurya hoyj 

Sally (to), ooth bhujna. 

Salt, loon. 

Saltpetre, shora, kulmee shora. 

Salvation, surg wasee, bykoonthee. 

Salubrious, chungee huwa, sonee pouun. 

Salve, mulhum. 

Salutary, faededar. 

Salutation, futteh boolounee, ram ram wacliunee. 

Same, iko jiha. 

Sample, munoonu, vurgu. 

Of cloth. Of grain. 

Sanction, hookm, purwangee, khooshee. 

Sanctuary, dhurm sala. 

Sand, ret, kukur reta. 

Sandalwood, chunnun. 

Sanguinary, sukbtaee, kururraee, kutortaee. 

Sanity, soogur poona. 

Sank, dooba hooa. 

Sap, gooda, jilub. 

Sapient, uql wund. 

Sapling, jilub wala. 

Sapphire, neela puthur. 

Sarcasm, mehna, tana, hibba. 

Sash, jal. ^ 

Satan, shytan. 

Satiate (to), oogulej oothna. 

Satin, santul, kalee. 

Satisfaction, khooshee, rajee. 

Satisfy (to), rajee or idiooshee kurna. 

Saturate (to), chekor bona. 

SAT ( 222 ) SCH 

Saturday, suneechur war, war da den. 

Savage, kuror. 

Sauce, chutnee. 

Saucy, shekbee, mujajee. 

Save (to), buchouna. 

Saunter (to), torna, phirna, lyhure pjna. 

Savory, suwad da, rus da. 

Saw, aree, kurwutee, purnaee, kurwutee. 

Sawdust, loor. 

Sawyer, purnaee dar, kurwutee wala. 

Say (to), ak hna, koona, dusna. 

Saying, kuhanee, ak han. 

Scab, khureend. 

Scaffold, pour, sang. 

Scalade (to), pouree, d hurke churhna. 

Scald (to), tuppe hooe panee, nal surna. 

Scale (to), pouree nal churhna, 2 much heedee kund, 

A fort. Scale of fish. 

lukree kunda. 

Of weight. 

Scalp, sirdee khul lounee, k hopree dee k,hul louonee. 

Scamper (to), bhujna. 

Scan (to), jachunna, vekhna, vecharna. 

Scandal, oolama, ooj h, toohmut. 

Disgrace, as person. 

Scant (to), wut pounee, hudd pounee. 


Scanty, t hora, g hut. 

Scar, dagh, lusun. 

Scarce, unoot,ha uchuruj, ulokar, unokar. 

Bare. Uncommon. 

Scare (to), durouna, kumbouna. 

Scarecrow, durna. 

Scarf, chadur pjnunnee, hundounee. 

Scarify (to), puchna, puch lounee, ghurorna. 

Scarlet, laal, sooa. 

Scarp (to), trichhee pootnee, tedhee pootnee. 

Scatter (to), k,hindouna, ch hutta dena. 

Scavenger, choora, bhungee. 

Scene, soorut, shuklil. 

Scheme, joogut. 

Schemer, joogutee, udumbur. 

SCH ( 223 ) SCR 

Schism, tukrar, pate hooee, wuko wuk hee. 


Scholar, sikhun wala, chela, shagird. 

School, tunksal, uthaee, museet, d hurm sala. 

Science, ilm. 

Scimeter, tulwar. 

Scion, bootah, 2 uns, oulad. 

Living shoot of a family. 

Scissors, kynchee: 
Scissure, tair, puktair. 

Crack, rent, fissure. 

Scoff (to), be dhurm bona, thutta marna. 
Scold (to), dut kunna, vurjunna, hut kunna. 
Scope, mutubul, 2 jageh. 

Drift, intention, room, space. 

Scorbutic, pa jihee, klioruk. 

Scorch (to), lase jana, j huloote jana. 

Score, vee, 2 subub, 3 nishanee, lene. 

Twenty. Motive. Notch. 

Scorn (to), kour rukhna, boora munna. 
Scorpion, bichhoo, uthooa, bishooa. 
Scotfree, chhoota hoya, ch hudya hoya. 
Scoundrel, khotah, budjat. 
Scour (to), munjunna, chitta kurna, 2 bhujna. 

To clean. To scamp. 

Scout, jachoo, sooa. 

One who observes an enemy's actions. 

Scowl (to), ghooree wutnee, moonh wutna. 
Scramble (to), bhuj bhujke lubhna. 
Scrap (a), rutee masa, tookra, dukra. 
Scrape (to), krochunna, k,hoor kunna. 
Scratch (to), khoor kunna, khooj wouna. 
Scream (to), cheekhna. 
Screech (to), chir louna. 

As an owl. 

Screen (to), choogat, purda. 
Screw, pech, wul. 

Scribble (to), leek bu leekar kurnee. 
Scribe, likharee, lekhuk. 
Scrotum, jeor dee gootulee. 
Scrub (to), mulna, manjunna. 
Scruple, jun bhurm, 2 tol, wujn da. 

SCR ( 224 ) SEE 

Scrutinize (to), vichar, vichar vek hna. 

Scuffle, dhukm dhukke. 

Sculk (to), looqe looqe jana, dabe p?e jana. 

Scull, khopree, kirpal. 

Sculptor, chiturgur, chitera. 

Scum, myl, jug. 

Scurf, pa, khoork. 

Scurrility, bud jubanee. 

Vile abuse. 

Scurvy, pa jiha. 

Sea, sumoondur. 

Sea-coast, sumoondur de kunde. 

Seal, mohur, chhap. 

Sealingwax, lak. 

Seam, seeon. 

Sear (to), surna, julna, bulna. 

Scarce, thora, 2 unootha, ulokar, uchumba. 

Search (to), khojna, tolna. 

Seaside, sumoondur de kunde kunde or bunne bunne. 

Season, mouqu, buhar, chumashu. 

Seasonable, mouqe da vela, buhar. 

Seat, choukee, koorsee. 

Seclude (to), ukunt,h rehna. 

Second, dooje. 

Secrecy, bhet nal looqa, or purde nal. 

Secret, bhet, looq, ola, kunsun dee gul. 

Secretary, moonshee, lik haree. 

Sect, jat, pat. 

Secure, sulamutee, be touklee. [ruk hna. 

Secure (to), khutre vichon kudhna, 2 bununna qyd- 

Free from danger. 

Sedan, dola, chundol. 

Sedate, sant kee. 

Sediment, lag, myl, garhee, rubdoor. 

Sedition, hukama, fusad. 

Seduce (to), sut torna, 2 buhkanna. 

Violate. Mislead. 

Sedulous, artee, meenutee. 

See (to), vekhna, disna, wekhna. 

Seed, bee. 

Seedtime, bee da vela or mouqu. 

Seeing, vek hda, disda, deeda. 

SEE ( 225 ) SET 

Seek (to), khojna, tolna. 

Seem (to), muloom honee. 

Seemly, joga, vurga, chunga jiha, siij dasoiida. 

Seesaw (to), hoote lenee, uj hoke khaiiee, dol de ruhna. 

Seize (to), phurna. 

Seldom, thora. 

Select (to), choonna, choogna, choonna. 


Self, ap, 

Selfevident, ap deeda, ap oojagur. 

Selfinterest ap ghuruj, ap gou. 

Selfish, ap hoodra, ap khora. 

Selfsame, oho. 

Sell (to), vechiia. 

Semblance, bura buraburee, ik o jihee. 

Semi, udh. 

Semicircle, khunnee, udh goonee. 

Send (to), ghulna, bhejna. 

Senior, wuda oocha. 

Sense, hosh, soochet, 2 urth, gyan, myhna. 


Senseless be hosh, 2 be urth, be gyan, koo urth. 

Sensible, hoshiar, soochet, uql wund. 

Sensual, kamee, runde baj. 

Sentence, joomlu, dohra, supeeea kubitr. 

Sentinel, pyhre wala. 

Separable, udo udee kurun wala. 

Separate, udo udee, wukho wukhee. 

Separation, jooda hoy a hoya, ud^h hoya hoya. 

September, usoo. 

Sepulchre, soomard, nupee hooee. 

Sequel, pichhla. 

Seraglio, raneean de muhl, muhul. 

Serene, oojagur, jahir, 2 choop keeta, choop chan. 

Clear, briglit. 

Serious, choop keeta, sochee. 

Serpent, sup, nag, keera. 

Servant, tyleea, nufur, gudwyee. 

Service, tyb poona, noukuree. 

Sess, ujaru, hala mulbu, mamilu, tinee. 

Set (to), dhurna, thurouna. 

Settle (to), thurouna, thikouna. 

F 2 • 

SEV ( 226 ) SHE 

Sevenfold, sut gooiia, sut hissu. 

Sevenscore, sutveean. 

Seventeen, sutharuk. 

Seventy, suttur. 

Several, baje baje, kyee k?ee, vich vieh. 

Severe, suJdita, kururra. 

Sew (to), seeona, toob kunna, tope bhurne. 

Shabby, poorana, jurrya hoy a. 

Shackle (to), sungol pouna, kurra pouna. 

Shade, purchawan, ola, shanw. 

Shaft, ban teer, 2 bel, bul, vul. 

Of a gig. 

Shaggy, walan jiha. 

Shagreen, humsosee, sogee. 

Shake (to), hilouna, kurkouna. 

Shallow, shupree, chuppoor, dhab, tobur. 

Sham (to), pujlouna, buhanu kurna. 

Shambles, qusaee khanu. 

Shame, shurm, luj, shurmindugee. 

Shape, sourut, doul, qutta. 

Share, hissu, buk hra, chanda. 

Sharp, tikhee, dar, wadee wad. 

Sharpedged, tej dar. 

Sharpen (to), tik ha kurna, moonh kud hna. 

Sharpsighted, tukhee nujur, buhootee tuk. 

Shatter (to), dukre dukre kurna, ruttee ruttee kurna. 

Shave (to), hujamut kurouna. 

Shaver, naee. 

Sheaf, moonaree, shouree. 

Shear (to), oon moonun nee. 

Shears, kvnth. 

Sheath, myan. 

Shed, ch,hanw, ch,hun dhara. 

Shed (to), dolna, ehol kunna. 

Sheep, bhed. 

Sheepfold, bhed anda wara. 

Sheepish, lujyawan. 

Sheet, chadur, chadura. 

Shelf, pur chutee. 

Shell, sipee, sunkh, sipur. 

Shelter, ola, urtula. 

Shepherd, bhedan wala, jalee. 

SHE ( 227 ) SHR 

Sherbet, shurbut. 

Shield, dhal. 

Shift, joogut, tud beer, 2 wutoiina. 

Arrangement To change. 

Shin, sookrung. 

Shine (to), lush kunna, chilukna, j hum kunna. 

Ship, juhaj. 

Shipwreck, juhaj tootuna. 

Shiver (to), kumbunna. 

Shoal, thulee, vureta, hath. 

Shock, tukur wujunee, thyhuk. 


Shocking, houl da ghum. 


Shoe, jootee. 

Shoemaker, mochee, choomar. 

Shoot, bootah, 2 budook chulounee. 

A young tree. Discharge of a gun. 

Shop, huttee. 

Shopbqok, byhee, chuputtur. 

Shopkeeper, huttee wala, hutwaneean. 

Shore, kunda, bunna. 

Short, mudra, 2 ghut. 

Not tall. Scanty. 

Shorten (to), ghutouna, chhota kurna. 

Shortly, thore cher vich, thora kurna. 

Shortwinded, dum churhya hoya, g hurkya hooa. 

Shot, golee, churra. 

Shove (to), dhukna, d huka dena. 

Shovel, kyhee, koonalee. 

Shoulder, modah. 

Shoulderbelt, duwalee, gatura. 

Shoulderknot, j hubba. 

Shout (to), kookna, changur marneean. 

Show (to), wukhalna, 2 tumashee. 

Exhibit. Sight. 

Shower, ik meenh, ch hula. 
Showy, jullou, rounuk. 
Shred, kutra. 
Shrewd, chhul wala, uql wan. 

Cunning. ^ Intelligent. 

Shriek (to), trekunna. 
Shrill, cheek, kook, changur. 

SHR ( 228 ) SIM 

Shrink (to), sungurna, sugoochna. 

As clothes by washing. 

Shrivel (to), sungar jana, sookh jana. 
Shrub, j har, bootah. 

Shrug (to), muror denee, kusees wutnee. 
Shudder (to), dil wutna, pasa wutna. 
Shuffle (to), tal mutal kurna, 2 rulouna. 

Prevaricate. To mix. 

Shun (to), buchouna. 

Shut (to), bund kurna, marna. 

Shy, lujyawan. 

Shyness, lugyawan jiha. 

Sick, beram, munohan, rogee, mureej. 

Sicken (to), beram hojana. 

Sickle, datree. 

Sickly, rogee, munohan jiha. 

Side, wul, pase, lumb. 

Sideways, pase, tedhe. 

Siege, akhee. 

Sieve, chanunee. 

Sift (to), chanunna. 

Sigh (to), hou kur lena, owbesee lena^ 

Sight, nujur. 

Sightess, unna, wuda, soordas. 

Sign, sjnut, nishanee. 


Sign (to), sjhee kurnee, dust khut denee. 

Ratify by writing. 

Signal, mushahoor, oojagur, 2 putta, teechee. 


Signet, shap, chhula. 

Significant, urt h, gyan nal, myhne nal. 

Signification, urth, myhna. 

Silence, choop chan. 

Silk, reshm. 

Silkmercer, bujaj, puttera. 

Silly, be wuqoofee, unjan poona, be uql. 

Silver, chandee. 

Silversmith, soonyara, sonar. 

Or goldsmith. 

Similar, os a hee, os e jiha> bura burabur. 
Simile, musla, kuhanee. 

SIM ( 229 ) SKU 

Similitude, bura buraburee vurga. 
Simmer (to), rijna kurlouna. 
Simple, bhola, sid ha. 


Simpleton, kumla, be uql. 

Simulate (to), puj louna, buhana kurna. 


Sin> pap, goonah, tuqseer. 

Since, tudon. 

Sincere, suchya. 

Sinew, nus. 

Sinful, papee, ghatee. 

Sing (to), gouna. 

Singe (to), lase jana. 

Single, ukula, eko. 

Singular, unootha, uchuruj, uchumba, ulokar. 

Sinister, mutubulee, cli hulya. 

Sink (to), doobna, g bote k hana. 

Sinner, papee, goonahee. 

Sip (to), ghot bhurna. 

Sir, jee. 

Sister, bhyn. 

Sit, byt hna. 

Situation, jugeh^ thaon, t hikhana^ 

Sixteen, soluh. 

Sixth, chewan. 

Sixty, sut h. 

Size, undaju, lumba. 

Size (to), min min ke kukhne. 

Skeleton, munookh da punjur* 

Skepticism, bhurmee, junee. 

Sketch, nuql, ootar. 

Skew (to), tedha, dekhna. 

Skilful, kareeguree hoonee. 

Skim (to), myl lounee. 

Skin, chum, k hul. 

Skinny, lisa, jiha, mara. 

Skip (to), koodna, b hoorkunna, tupunna* 

Skirt, dawun, sunjaf, kor, mugjee, laon. 

Skittish, koodun wala, b hoorkun wala» 

Skreen, ola, purda. 

Skulk (to), looq jana. 

SKU ( 230 ) SLO 

Skull, k hopree. 

Sky, asman. 

Skyrocket, huwaee. 

Slack, dhilla, soost, ghafil. 

Slake (to), teh hutouna, 2 booj hoiiiia. 

As thirst. As fire. 

Slam (to), bununna, marna, dhona. 

As a door. 

Slander, toohmut, ooj h. 
Slant, tedha, trich ha, ookwasa. 
Slap, chufer, djiuppa, lufera. 
Slash (to), p hernee. 

As with a sword or stick. 

Slave, glioolam, gola. 

Slavery, gioolam puna, tyhul poona. 

Slaughter, mar, qutl. 

Slavish, tyhul poone vurga. 

Slay (to), mar sootna. 

Sleek, pulya hoya, koola. 

Sleep (to), meend ounce, souna. 

Sleet, gulean nal, kunyan hynee. 

Sleeve, koortee dee bahan. 

Sleight, hoonuree, hikmutee, chhulya, nujur bund. 

Slender, k hura, lisa. 

Slice, dukra, tookra, chuppa. 

Slide (to), tilukna. 

Slight, lisa, mara, 2 chhul. 


Slime, jilub, rubdool, chikor. 

Sling, gopya, ghoobanee. 

Slink (to), looq jana, ch hip jana. 

Slip (to), thibuk jana, tiluk jana. 

Slipknot, khis kanee gund, g hoonde dar gund. 

Slit (to), cheerna, parna. 

Slobber (to), lala sootnyan. 

Slope, d hulwa. 

Sloppy, chikor jiha. 


Sloth, gliafilee, soostee. 

Slouch (to), oondee pake toorna, neore neore toorna, 

sungurke toorna. 
Sloven, gbuleech, koo soot hra. 

SLO ( 231 ) SNI 

Slough, chikor wale jiigeh. 

Slow, howla, SYJe syje. 

Sluggard, soost wala, neshtee sootoor. 

Slumber (to), souna. 

Slur, oolama, namoshee, 2 jilpoona, Jidda kurna. 

Disgrace. Pass lightly over. 

Sly, chhulya, chilittooree. 

Smack (to), d huppa mania, kootna. 

Small, thora, chhota. 

Smallcraft, kishtee, ch.hotee beree. 

Smallpox, mata, thundee. 

Smart, tukra, hoshiar. 

Smatter, thora purhya. 

Superficial knowledge. 

Smear (to), limbunna, pochna. 

Smell (to), moosh qounna, boounee. 

Smirk (to), husunna. 

Smile (to), mooskurouna. 

Smite, kootna, marna. 

Smith, lobar. 

Smithery, uhrun halee, kur khanu. 

Smoke, dhoo. 

Smooth, pudra, saf. 

Smoothfaced, gholya hoya moonh. 

Smother (to), moonh dubke, g hul ghootke mar dena. 

Smouldering, dubee hooee ug. 

Smuggle, muhsool marna, jigat chupouna. 

Smut, dhoon dee kaluk. 

Snack, hissu, chhunda. 


Snaffle, lugam. 
Snake, sup, nag, keera. 
Snap (to), bhununna. 
Snappish, trikke, tej. 
Snare, phaee, dhundal. 
Snarl (to), j huwee lena. 

As a dog. 

Snatch (to), j hutke nal phurna. 

Sneak (to), looqke toorna. 

Sneer, mehna dena, tana marna, ch her kudhnu. 

Sneeze, chikunna. 

Sniff (to), soon gunna. 

SNi ( 232 ) SOL 

Snip (to), kuturna. 
Snivel (to), soomkunna. 

Running of the nose. 

Snore, ghoorare marne. 
Snort (to), p.hoorkura marna. 

As a horse. 

Snout, soonnee, hood. 

Of a pig. 

Snow, kukkoor, kora. 

Snowwhite, kukkoor wurga, chitta kora jilia. 

Snub (to), durouna, kumbouna. 

Snuff, nuswar, gool. 

Tobacco powdered. Of a candle. 

Snuffle, dhukm dhukke. 
Snug, looqaya hoya. 


So, es, osee turah. 

Soak (to), bheeona^ doobna, dub chhudna. 

Soap, suboon. 

Soar (to), churlma, asman, churhna. 

Sob (to), oobe sah lene. 

Sobriety, sopliee pouna, unumulee. 

Sociable, milapee. 

Society, sohbut. 

Sod, mutee da dheem, rora. 

Soft, moolaem. 

Soften (to), moolaem, nurm kurna. 

Soil (to), vugarna, khurab kurna, 2 t hoeen jumeen lena. 

Sojourn, tik rehna. 

Solace, tusullee. 

Solar, soorujda. 

Soldier, tulungur, sipahee, pyadu. 

Soldier-like, sipahee wurga. 

Sole, ukula, 2 pyr dee tulee. 

Alone. Of the foot. 

Solemn, vecharwan, sochwan. 
Solicit (to), mintee kurna, mungunna. 


Solicitude, chinta, soch. 
Solid, tukra, muzboot, nigur. 


Solitary, ukulahee, 2 utunk. 

As a hermit. 

SOL ( 233 ) sow 

Solve (to), oojagur or gyan kurna, 2 mokula kurna. 

Solation, gyan, byan. 
Sombre, undhera. 
Some, kooj h. 
Somebody, koee. 

Somehow, kisee nu kisee turali, kiwee kiwee. 
Sometime, kisee vele. 
Sometimes, kud he kud hain. 
Somewhat, kooj h kooj h. 
Somewhere, kitt he na kitthe. 
Somnolency, oonglanda. 
Son, pootr, be ta. 
Son-in-law, jiiwaee, mujman. 
Song, goun, geet, sud. 
Sonorous, awajdee. 
Soon, chetee, thore urse vich. 
Soot, dhoon dee kaluk, d hooan. 
Sooth, sucha, 2 munouna, 3 pulosna. 

Truth. To sooth. To flatter. 

Soothsayer, ug dee dusun wala, ugetra dusun wale. 

Sop (to), dubo dubo ke kliana. 

Soporific, neend wale cheez. 

Sorcerer, jadoojur, muntree. 

Sordid, kumeenu, pajee. 

Sore, ghao, phut, cheer. 

Sorrow, sog, humsos. 

Sorry, ufsos. 

Sort, qism, ruqm. 

Sort (to), choonna, chantna, sidha kurna. 

Sot, umulee wala. 

Sovereign, badshah, raja. 

Soul, jan, b hour. 

Sound, muzboot, saboot, tukra, nigur. 

Whole, entire. 

Soup, turree, shorwa. 

Sour, khutta. 

Souce, (to), bheon b heon kurna. 

South, dukhun. 

Sow (to), bee beejna. 

As grain. 

Sow, soouree. 

Female of boar. 

G 2 

sow ( 234 ) spi 

Sower, bee jiin wala. 

Space, jageh. 

Spade, kvhee, kooiialee, kusee. 

Span, ghet. 

Spangle, sitare. 

Spank (to), kootna marna, tumachu, cliiifer mnrna. 

As with the hand. 

Spare, faltoo, wudeek, wadee hooee, buchouna, rukli lena. 

Spare (to), buchouna mama. 

Spark, chungyara. 

Sparkle (to), chunkunna, j liulukna. 

Sparrow, chirya. 

Spasm, hook. 

Spavin, hudda motra, juhur bad. 

Spawn, mucheean da anda. 

Speak (to), koona, bolna, akhna, dusna. 

Speaker, dusun wala, akhun wala. 

Spear, bhulm, sela, burchhee. 

Special, ukula hee, amklias. 

Specific, ullaj. 

For sickness. 

Specify (to), jikr kurna, dus dena. 

Specimen, jikr kurna, butouna. 

Speck, tenh, binda. 

Spectacles, uenuk. 

Spectator, vekhun wala, tumash geer. 

Spectre, bhoot, pret. 

Speculate (to), sochna, vecharna, 2 hasil oote dena. 

As with money. 

Speech, bolee. 

Speechless, unbol. 

Speed, chetee, shitabee. 

Spell (to), ukhur jorne. 

Spend (to), khurch kurna, wurtunna. 

Spendthrift, kharchoo, wurtonoo. 

Spew (to), oobutna. 

Spherical, gol mol. 

Spice, musalu. 

Spider, kynah. 

Spike, kil. 

For a gun. 

Spill (to), dol dena. 
Spin (to), kutunna. 

spi ( 235 ) spu 

Spine, kumror. 

Spiral, wuldar, muroreedar. 

Spire, kulus phul. 

Spirit, dum, jan, b hour. 

Spirited, soorme wurga. 

Spiritless, odurya hoya, oodas. 

Spirits, mujaj, 2 umul wale cheez. [chulna. 

Spirt (to), dhar chulnee, b^hooknee wugnee, sooroo 

Spit (to), thookunna. 

Spite, killush, vair, ukus. 

Splash (to), panee j,hukolna. 

As water. 

Spleen, lif tillee. 

Splendid, buhoot soondur, sujda rungda. 
Splendour, soonduree, sujdaee. 
Splice (to), gund louna, jor louna. 
Splint, phutee. 

For a broken limb. 

Splutter (to), thutoola koona. 

Spoil, vugarna, khurab kurna. 

Sponsor, jamin. 

Spontaneous, upne ap, syur. 

Spoon, chumchee, kurchee. 

Spoonful, chumchee b hur, kurchee bhur. 

Sport, tumashu, khed. 

Spot, dagh. 

Spotless, bedagh. 

Spouse, moonus, khawind, ghur wala, bhurta. 

Spout, tootee, punalu. 

Sprain, mos, much kor. 

Sprawl (to), chufal, pjna. 

Sprig, lugur. 

Sprightly, khoosh dila. 

Spring, buhar, 2 clihal marnee. 

To spring. 

Sprinkle (to), chinkunna, khundouna, chutta dena. 

As water. As grain. 

Sprout (to), sooa nikulna, jala oogna. 
Spruce, soothra, 2 chitta. 

Neat. Clean. 

Spur, b houree, bhumbeeree. 
Spurious, JUiota kuchura j hootha. 

spu ( 236 ) STA 

Spurn (to), hutouna, hut kunna. 

Spurt (to), dhar nikulnee. 

Sputter (to), t hut hola bolna, kalak koona. 

Spy (to), tuk kurnee, sil kurnee, bhed kurna. 

Spyglass, doorbeen. 

Squabble, j hanj ha, roula, j hugra. 

Squalid, ko sonn, bud shuql, kooroop. 

Ill favored. 

Squander (to), oudhouna, khurch kurna. 

As wealth. 

Squash (to), dubna, mulna, dulna. 

Squat (to), puba bhar bjna. 

Squeak (to), cheek hna. 

Squeeze (to), moot h nal dubnee, ghootee jana. 

With the hands. As in a crowd. 

Squint (to) bhynga dekhna, teera vekhna. 
Squirt (to), b hoara pyna. 

As water. 

Stab (to), marna, wouona. 

Stable, tubela. 

Stablish (to), bunouna, t hurouna. 

Stack, bol, dher. 

Staff, dungoree, chhittee, dang, lathee. 

Stag, barah singha. 

Stage, mujul, ukharu, suth. 

Of a journey. Theatre. 

Stagger (to), musa musa kurna, kiwee kiwee kurna. 
Staggers, kumb kumb ke deg pyna. 

As a horse. 

Stagnate, bud ha thyrya. 

As water. 

Stain, dagh. 

Stake, kilee, soolee. 

Stale, biha. 

Stalk (to), ak hir ke toorna, 2 dundee, nalee. 

Walk proudly. Of a flower. Of wheat. 

Stall, t,han, k horal. 

For a horse. 

Stallion, nur g hora. 

Stammer (to), thutoola koona, kalah koona. 

Stamp (to), pyr marna, phut kara marna, 2 ch hapa louna. 

With the foot. ' To priut. 

Stanch (to), loohoo bund kurna. 

STA ( 237 ) STB 

Stand (to), krota rehna, k hura rehna. 

Standard, nishan, j hunda. 

Standing, krota, 2 moodamee, miizboot, tukra. 

Lasting. Enduring. 

Star, tara. 

Stare (to), tukna, j hakna. 

Starlight, tarean da chanunha. 

Start (to), tubkunna, tangurna. 

Startle (to), kumbouna. 

Starve (to), bhook,h nal murna. 

State, halut, lial, uhwal. 

Stateliness, dhoom dham nal. 

Station, t hanna, mooqam, jageh. 

Statue, moorut. 

Stature, oochaee, lumbaee. 

Statutes, shuruh dee een. 

Stave, dang, dungoree, chhittee. 

Stay (to), rehna, tikna. 

Stead, iwujee, budlee. 

Steadfast, jurya hoya, mujboot, tukra, qaem, moost qeem. 

Steadily, undol, unhil. 

Without moving. 

Steal (to), chorouna. 
Stealth, looqa nal, ole nal. 

Secret act. 

Steam, huwa, bhaf. 
Steed, ghora. 
Steel, uspat, phoolad. 
Steelyard, dundee. 

Of scales. 

Steep, bikree ghatee, 2 bheona, doobna. 

Slanting. As in water. 

Steer, vuchu vair ka, 2 beree. 

A young bullock. As boat. 

Stem, dundee, 2 mcod kol. 

Stalk. _ Race. 

Stench, mooshk, bo. 

Step (a), qudum, kurmpanw. 

Stepchild, palak. 

Steril, oojar kuUor. 


Sterling, usul, useel. 

STE . ( 238 ) STR 

Stern, kururra, sukht. 

Stew (to), panee nal rindjma. 

Steward, mookhtyar, liuth tjioka. 

Stick, chhittee dungoree. 

Stiff, kururra, sukht, mujboot. 

Stiff-necked, jidya, uryada, uree kora. 

Stifle (to), ch,hipouna, looqouna, booj houna. 


Stigma, oolama, namoshee. 


Still, soon, soomad. 


Still, nalee, mutee. 


Still-born, moya hoya, jumna. 

Sting, dung. 

Stingy, mujee jilia, soom wurga. 

Stint, (to), wunde ouna dena, b hook ha ruk hna. [kurna. 

Stipulate (to), theka kurna, chooka, ujaru mamulee 

Stir (to), toorya jana, hilna. 

Stirrup, rukab, rukab da oda. 

Stirrup leather. 

Stitch (to), seeona. 

Stock, kol, mood, 2 poonjee, jukeeru. 

Race. Capital. 

Stolen, choraya hoya. 

Stomach, thed. 

Stone, puthur, sila. 

Stone-cutter, chiturgur, chitera. 

Stool, moorah. 

Stoop (to), neona, j hookna. 

Stop (to), kro jana, utuk jana. 

Store, tol b her, gulla. 

Store-house, bol, dher or guile da kot ha. 

Storm, undhera, 2 huUa kurna. 


Story, kuhanee, 2 chhuttur, choobarun. 

A tale. Of a house. 

Stout, b hara, mota pulya, tukra. 

Stow (to), bol d her louna, lutan chora ke toorna. 

Straddle (to), pangan mar mar toorna. 

To walk widely. 

Straggle (to)^ k hindunna, poondunna. 

STR ( 239 ) STU 

Straight, sidha. 

Strain (to), chamima, poonnee, saf kurna. 

Strait, kuthin, ouk bar, tung. 

Strange, uchuruj, uchumba, ulokar. 

Stranger, unjan, opura. 

Strangle (to), gul ghotunna. 

Strap (a), oda, tusmee. 

Stratagem, hikmut, chilittoor. 

Straw, puralee, nar, khoree. 

Of rice. Of wheat. Of sugarcane. 

Stray (to), rolde ph^irna, bhut kunna. 

Streak, lukeer, leeban. 

Stream, dbar, bur, rer. 

Strength, jor, jikoor, bimmut, qoobut. 

Strenuous, trikka tej, diler, soorma. 

Eager. Brave. ^ % 

Stretch (to), okurna, thangurna. 
Strew (to), kundbouna, chbuttur dena. 
Strict, kururra, sukbt, nigur. 
Stricture, dokhootura, 2 chher. 

As of the bladder. Animadversion. 

Stride (to), lumbeean, pangan marnyan. 

Strife, j hanj ha, jjiugra. 

Strike (to), marna, sootna, kootna. 

String, dor, rusee, sooturee. 

Stringent, qubzee, 2 jor bu jor, bud o budee. 

Strip (to), chil lounee, 2 kupra louona. 

As the bark of a tree. Off clothes. 

Stripe, leehee. 

Narrow shred 

Stripling, moonda baluk. 

Strive (to), dbuko dhukee kurnee, budo budee kurna. 

Stroke, sut, chot. 

Stroll (to), toorya phirna. 
Strong, tukra, mujboot, nuroha. 

Struggle (to), dbuko dhukee kurnee, jorawaree kurna. 
Strumpet, beswa, kunjuree, kusbee. 
Strut (to), panga mar mar toorna. 
Stubble, b hoot he, mood. 
Stubborn, jidya, uguree, mujajee. 
Stud, ghoran da tubela, 2 kil jurne 

To adorn with. 

STU ( 240 ) sue 

Student, sik hun wala, chatura. 

Studious, arthee, meenutee. 

Stuff, usbab, Vulewu, niksook, 2 toonunna, bhurna. 

Furniture. To cram. 

Stumble (to), ted ha lugna, nouho leiia. 

As a num. As a horse. 

Stump, khoond, khoongyan, 2 mochee. 

As of a tree. Of wood. 

Stun (to), ghush pynee, g hernee ouna. 

Stupid, be uql, baola, kumla. 

Stupify (to), be hosh, be soorut kurna. 

Sturdy, mujboot, tukra, nuroha. 

Style, liklit. 

Suavity, nurmaee, huleemee, ruseelee. [udha kurna. 

Subdivide (to), udh vichon, udh kurna, udhe nalon. 

Subdue (to), jitna, vus kurna. 

Subject, purja, ryeeut, 2 babut, uhwal. 

Subjoin (to"^, jor louna, gund pouna. 

Subjugate (to), jitna, vus kurna, qaboo kurna. 

Submission, tabeeageeree. [pounna. 

Subscribe (to), dust k hut denee, nishanee kurna, hissu 


Subservient, kum dee, 2 subub kurke. 

Useful. Instrumental. 

Subside (to), hut jana, mouqoof bona. 
Subsist, roj karee kurnee. 
Subsistence, rojeenu. 
Substantial, tukra, mujboot. 
Substitute, iwujee, budulee, 2 wuttouna. 

To substitute. 

Subterfuge, tal mutol, ujpuj. 

Subterraneous, jumeen de vich vich, vee e vee. 

Subtility, chhul, chilittoor. 


Subtract (to), ghutouna. 
Subvert (to), ooltouna, morna, ooludna. 
Suburbs, shuhur de putte, shuhur da oodata. 
Succeed (to), sour jana. 

As an undertaking. 

Success, hasil, qismutee. 
Succession, mul mulun wala, samban wala. 
Successive, war o waree or veree varee. 
Successless, be hasil, be qismutee, nub hag. 

sue (241 ) sms 

Successor, pich hla, mugurla. 
Succinct, thora, chhota, mutjiya hoy a. 

Brief. Concise. 

Succour, humayut, suhayut. 
Succumb (to), qubool kurna, mununna. 
Such, ese turan da, oho jiha. 
Suck (to), choongunna, choosna. 
Suckle (to), choou gouna, choosouna. 
Sudden, chanchuk, itne cher vich. 
Sue (to), dawa kurna, dyeea kurna. 
Suifer (to), suhna, 2 hone dena. 

As poison. Permit. 

Sufferer, nooshqanee, janee. 

A loser. 

Suffice (to), bus bona, anund bona. 

Sufficient, mooafiq, wurga, joga. 

Suffocate (to), sab bund kurna, sab k bechunne. 

Suffuse (to), chbinkunna, kbundouna. 

Sugar, mishree, kooja, nishreekund. 

Suggest (to), sumj houna, dusna. 

Suicide, mun mar, ap g batee. 

Suit, mooquddemu, qissa, j hugra. 

Suitable, laeq, joga, vurga. 

Suitor, ashukee. 

Sully (to), purisbkt or puleet, joot ha kurna. 

Sulky, wuttyaboya, burukhya boya, roolha hoya. 

Sulphur, gund huk. 

Sultan, sooltan, muhumud. 

Sultry, wut jiha, tar jiha. 

Sum, kool koola, ukut h. 

Sum, (to), busab kurna, jor jorna. * 

Summary, vurolya boya, muth mutb ke kudhya boya. 


Summer, gurmee da mouqa. 

Summerset, girdunee kbanee, ooltee cbhal marnee, dund 

pelnee, bajee lounee. 
Summit, tibba, d hora. 
Summon (to), sudun na. 
Sumptuous, sona, qeemut dar. 
Sun, sooruj. 
Sunbeam, sooruj da kirna, or rushma. 

H 2 

SUN ( 242 ) SUP 

Sunburnt, sooruj nal kala lioya, or gulya hoya. 

Sunday, uetwar. [pareean kurnyan. 

Sunder (to), udo udee kurna, jooda jooda kurna, do 

Sundial, din da undaj, dee cheez. 

Sundry, turan turan dee. 

Sunrise, sooruj churhun de vele. 

Sunset, sooruj churhun len de vele. 

Sunshine, d hoob, toar. 

Sup (to), pursad kurna, rusoee kurnee. 

Superable, jitun wurga, qaboo kurun wrda. 

Superabundance, buhoote nal buhoota. 

Superadd, morke jorna. 

Superannuated, suttur bu huttarya hoya. 

Superb, buhoot sona. 

Supercilious, mugrooree, mujajee. 

Supereminent, mushahoor naldn niushahoor. 

Superexcellent, chungee nalon chungee. 

Superficial, t hore vidya, phuladar vidya. 

Superfine, substhon chungee. 

Superfluous, wadoo, vudeek, faltoo. [kurna. 

Superintend (to), nujur bajee kurna, dekha dekhee 

Superior, wuda. 

Superlative, subna nalon, substjion. 

Supernatural, kurmatee, ootar. 

Supernumerary, faltoo, vudeek, wadoo. 

Superscribe (to), surnawu, likhna. 

Supersede (to), oopur churhna. 

Superstition, sagoonee, luchunee. 

Superstruct (to), oopuron osarn 

Supervise, nujur bajee kurna, dekha dekhee kurna. 

Supine, soost, ghafil, dhilla, jilla. 

Supper, rat da pursad or rusoee. 

Supplant (to), chilittoor nal churhna. 

Supple, koola, nurm, komul. 

Supplement, pichhla untura. 

Suppliant, bentee, minta. 

Supplicate, bentee, mintee kurna. 

Supply (to), dena. 

Support (to), rojeenu dena. 

Supportable, syhun jiha. 

SUP ( 243 ) SWA 

Suppose (to), khyal kurna, sumj hunna. 

Suppress (to), looqouna, chhipouiia. 

Suppurate (to), pak pynee. 

Supremacy, subna nalon, ootla hookm. 

Surcharge, buhoota paona, buhoota luduniia. 

Surcingle, kothul, kus. 

Sure, jukeen, such mooch. 

Surefooted, be nouho. 

Surety, hajir jaminee, jikr jaminee, mal jaminee. 

For presence. For property. 

Surface, kururaee. 

Surfeit (to), oobutna, oogulachna. 

Surge, luhr, mouj. 

Of the sea. 

Surgeon, huqeem, syanee, wyeed. 
Surly, trikka, kururra, sukht. 
Surmise (to), sumuj hna, Jihyal kurna. 
Surmount (to), jitna, wus kurna, qaboo kurna. 
Surpass (to), sour jana, subna nalon, chunga bona. 
Surplus, vudeek, wudee hooee, fadul. [pyna. 

Surprise (to), uchuruj bona, uchumba bona, 2 chancbuk 

Astonish. To take unawares. 

Surrender, sum pyna, sunagutee, mil pyna. 
Surreptitious, looq nal, ole nal, ch hipake. 

By stealth. 

Surround (to), gherna, chufere wulna, oodale pbirna. 
Survey (to), vek hna. 

Survive (to), subna nalon, buhoota jeeona. 
Susceptible, laek, vurga, joga. 

Capable of. 

Suscitate (to), morke jeeona. 
Suspect (to), bhurm kurna, jun kurna. 
Suspense, do dila vich, doobta. 
Suspicion, bhurm, jun, shoobu. 
Sustain (to), subna, jurna, phulunna. 
Sustenance, rojeenu, rojgar, rijuk, pursad. 
Sutler, rust wala, bhun daree, jukeere wala. 
Swagger (to), lufafu, g.hup phour marna. 
Swallow (to), lungouna, nigul na. 
Swamp, chekor, khoba. 
Swap (to), wuttouna, wutto sutta kurna. 
Sward, g hah wale jumeen. 

SWA ( 244 ) TAC 

Swarm^ mukliyal, 2 dulee murnee, j hoond. 

As Bees. As Men. 

Swarthy, kala jiha, saola. 

Sway, hookm. 

Swear (to), soun k hanee> soogund kurnee, nem kurnee. 

Sweat (to), moorka ouna, purseh ouna. [manja pherna. 

Sweep, buharee phernee, soon p hernee, j haroo dena. 

Sweepings, koora, hoonjoo. 

Sweet, mitha. 

Sweetsmelling, idiooshbo da, mitha. 

Swell (to), soojunna, phoolna. 

Swelling, sooj, las. 

Swept, buharee dittee hooee, j haroo ditta hooa» 

Swift, chhola, chulak. 

Swig or swill, peena* 

Swim, turna. 

Swimmer, taroo. 

Swindler, pujee, chhulya, chili ttooree. [lenee. 

Swing (to), peeng de hoote lenee, hooje lenee, j hoote 

Switch, chhutee, chhumuk. 

Swoon, ghush, dundun, hunalee. 

Swop (to), wuttouna, wutto sutta kurna* 

Sword, tulwar. 

Swordknot, chubba, phoomun. 

Swordman, bholutthe baj. 

Sycophant, pulosun wala, wudeeoun wala. 

Syllable, udo udee ukhur. 

Symbol, nishanee, synut. 

Symmetry, supoorun, bunya tunya. 

As of the human body. 

Sympathy, dya, mihr, ruhm. 
Symptom, nishanee, cheen, luchun. 
Synonimous, eko jiha, ose vurga. 
Syringe, pichkaree, b,hoor. 
System, dhub, wadee. 


Table* mez, tuklit. 

Tabletalk, mez, tukht oote leean gulan, 

Tacit, choop keeta hoya, choop chan. 

TAC ( 245 ) TAR 

Tack (to), milouna^ jorna, 2 dul bhoounee, odoom pase. 

Unite, join. 

OS pase kurna. 

As a ship. 

Tackle, vulewa, usbab beree da* 

Ropes of a ship. 

Tactics, luraee dee videea or ilm. 

Art of war. 

Tail, doomb, poosbul, doombchee. 

Tailor, durjee. 

Taint (to), boouna, moosh kouna, surhe han» 

Take (to), lena, laina. 

Tale, kissu, kuhanee. 

Tale-bearer, niiidook, choog hul Idior, doslit. 

Talented, uqlwund, videeawan, boodhwan. 

Talisman, hikmutee, moho. 

Talk (to), gulan kurnyan. 

Talkative, bookwa k hora, galuree. 

Tall, oocha, lumma. 

Tallow, churbee. 

Tally (to), theekmilna, odur odur milna, ode nal milou- 

na, hut h wuttee vekhnee. 
Tallness, ooclmee, lumbaee. 
Talon, punju, poncha. 
Tamarind, imlee, umbulee. 
Tame, palya hoya, huth k bora. 
Tamper, mujaj, akhur, gooman. 
Tan (to), khul rungnee, chum rungnee, koon wala. 

To cure skins. 

Tangible, lohun wala, johun wala, utkulla. 

Perceptible By the touch. 

Tangle (to), wuletnee, wul pounee, goochee kurnee. 

Tank, tala, sur. 

Tanner, koonna wala, k hul or chum rungun wala, d hou- 

ree rungun wala. 
Tantalize (to), upurake torna, dik.halke na dena. 
Tantamount, bura burabur, eko jiha. 
Tantivy, chetee nal, shitabee nal. 

With haste Full of speed. 

Tap (to), toong6, tuhgle marna. 

A gentle rap. 

Taper, tikkah, d,hulwan. 
Tar, gunda, buroju, goond. 

TAR ( 246 ) TEM 

Tardy, chair nal, dernal, soostee. 
Tare, muttur, chhola. 

A kind of vetch. 

Target, nishanee. 

Tarnish (to), oolee lugna, kala hojana. 

Tarpawling, tupoor, tupree. 

Tarry (to), chair louna, der louna. 

Tartly, tukkaee nal, kururee nal. 

Task, sunt ha pouree, path took. 

Tassel, chubba, phoomun. 

Taste (to), suwad chukna. 

Tasteless, be suwad, phikha, kusaila. 

Tatter (to), parna, tookre or dukre dukre kurna. 

Tattle (to), bookwa kurna, bukkar kurna. 

Tattler, nindook, chooghul, khor, doosht, budkho. 

Tavern, surah. 

Taught, sikhya hoya. 

Taunt (to), mehna dena, tana dena. 

Tautology, mor morke, oho gul dusna. 

Tawdry, poorana ootar, jurya hoya. 

Tax, jug at, muhsool, chounkee. 

Taxgatherer, jugatya, chubootee wala. 

Tea, chaha. [sikh. 

Teacher, oostad, panda, sikhalun wala, moollah, bhaee 

Hindoo. Moosulman. 

Tear, ret roo, unyoo. 
Tear (to), parna, cheerna, tookre kurna. 
Tease (to), suntouna, dookh dena. 
Teat, choochee, boobee, thunnee t hano. 

Of women. Men. Of animals. 

Techy, trikka, krodhwan, hurukhwan. 
Tedious, ouk hur ouk hur, jilla jilla, un mokh. 
Teem (to), wudeeouna, veedeek kurna. 
Teeth, dund dundyan. 
Tegument, khul, chum. 
Telescope, doorbeen. 
Tell (to), akhna, dusna, koona. 
Telltale, nindook, chooghul khor, doosht. 
Temerity, ghafiltaee dee, niduree, be sochee dee, chaitee 
Temper, mujaj. 

Temper (to), ab denee, panee denee. 
As steel. 

TEM ( 247 ) TES 

Temperance, softee, beumulee. 

Tempest, undhera. 

Tempestuous, und.hera jiha. 

Temple, d hurm sala, shib doala. 

Temporary, t hore chair waste, thore urse leee. 

Tempt (to), b hurmouna, b hemsa dena. 

Tenacious, juree hooee, lugee hooee, jidya, me chaud. 

As of life. 
Tenant, samee, kirayudar. 

As of land. A house. 

Tend (to), jee lugna 2 nigalibajee or rukhee kurna. 

Take care of. 

Tender, nurm, moolaem, koola. 

Tender (to), wukhala dena, nujur kurnee. 

Tender-hearted, nurm dila, koole dil wala. 

Tenderly, moolaem, nurm kurne. 

Tendon, nusa, nara. 

Tenement, ghur kot ha. 

Tenet, reet dhurm. 

Principle, doctrine. 

Tenor, urth, gyan, mjhna, mutubul. 
Tension, kjiechya or tunga hoya. 
Tent, dera, tumboo. 
Tenure, teechu, tukrar. 

By which a man enjoys an estate. 

Tepid, tutta, hasa. 

Term, tukrar, teechu, ursu, 2 hudd wuth bunna. 

Condition. Boundary. 

Terminate (to), ho hutna, hudd pjnee, mooq jana. 

Terrace, sufeel, furs. 

Terrible, houl nak, bhy nal, ghum nal. 

Terrify (to), kumbhouna, durouna. 

Territory, moolk, des. 

Terror, bhy, houl, dur, chinta, glium. 

Tegt (to), purkhunna, parkhoo. 

A tester. 

Testament, murun dee likht, vuseeyut nameh. 

Testate, likth likhee hooee. 

Testator, likth, likhke deun wala. 

Testicle, jeor. 

Testify (to), oogahee dena, sahidee dena. 

Testimony, oogahee, sahidee. 

Testy, trikka, tej, krod hwan. 

TET ( 248 ) THI 

Tete-a-tete, nal o nal, bura burabur, gulan kiirnyan. 
Tether, joor, moojunna. 

For a horse to prevent his straying. 

Text, urtb, verwar. 

Texture, tohke jachiia. 

Than, se, te, thou. 

Thank (to), shookr munouna, jue munounee. 

Thankful, jue munoundee, bol bala kurna. 

Thankless, be shookr. 

That, oho. 

Thatch, chhuppur. 

Thatcher, ch huppur chhoun wala. 

Thaw (to), gulna, dhulna. 

Theatre, upk haree perh. 

Thee, too, toosee. 

Theft, choree. 

Their, onan da, oda, osda. 

Them, on boon. 

Themselves, on boon. 

Then, tudon. 

Thence, othon. 

Thenceforth, edoon baad, tudon te. 

There, ot he. 

Thereabout, os de, chufere. 

Thereafter, pichjile nalon. 

Thereat, tudon, ose kurke. 

Thereby, ose subub, ose kurke. 

Therefore ise leee, ede kurke. 

Therein, ise vich. 

Thereof, osda esda. 

Thereon, tudon, itne cher vich. 

Thereunder, ode bet h. 

Therewith, esde nal, ode nal. 

Therewithal, tan bee, tud bee, 2 edon ootle. 

These, enhon. 

They, oho. 

Thick, mota, jubba, 2 gungulya hoya. 

Close. As water. 

Thicken (to), mota bharee kurna. 
Thicket, bhoojah, j hung. 

As of trees. 

Thickheaded, baola, kumla, nadan, guwar, moorookh. 

THI ( 249 ) THR 

Thickish, bharee jiha, mota jilia. 

Thief, chor chor ta t hug, dharawee, pera. 

Thiefcatcher, chor pukurne wala. 

Thieve (to), chorana. 

Thigh, put. 

Thimble, ungooshtanu, (not much known). 

Thin, doobla, lisa, mara, putla. 

Thine, tera. 

Thing, cheezwust, niksook. 

Think (to), sochna, vicharna, jachna, khyal kurna. 

Thinness, putee lee, nurmaee. 

Third, teeja. 

Thirst, thyaya, pyasa, trikka wunt. 

This, eho. 

Thistle, kundeala, jaha. 

Thither, ot he. 

Thong, las kot.hure deelas. 

As of a whip. 

Thorn, kunda, sool. 

Thoroughfare, wuda raha or rustee. 

Thoroughly, kool koolan, subo, bilkool. 

Those, ona. 

Thou, too, toosee. 

Though, jetha, b hula je. 

Thoughtful, vicharoo, sochoo. 

Thoughtless, un Jdiyal ghafilee. 

Thousand, hujar. 

Thraldom, ghoolam poona, budra poona. 

Thrash, kootna, marna, sootna. 

Thrasher, koot koot, kudhun wala. 

Thrashing-floor, perh, perhee. 

Thread, soot, sootlee. 

Threadbare, g husya hoya, d,haga tund. 

Threaten (to), durouna, dhumkouna. 

Three, tun. 

Thrifty, joogutee. 

Thrill (to), kumbunna. 

Thrive (to), sour jana, bun jana, hasil h(5na. 

Throat, dhaon, gulla. 

Throb (to), chutunna, turup hna> d hurukna. 

Throe, peer, kusees. 

I 2 

THR ( 250 ) TIM 

Throne, guddee, tukht. 

Throng, dulee miirnee, b,heer. 

Throttle, gul ghootna. 

Through, marefut, ode huwale. 

Throughbred, usul, useel. 

Throughly, sara hee, subo subo. 

Throughout, kol koola, kool da kool, bilkool. 

Throw (to), sootna, phenkna. 

Thrust (to), hole marna, hooj marna. 

Thumb, ungooth. 

Thump (to), kootna, marna. 

Thunder (to), gujunna, gurkunna. 

Thunderbolt, bijulee. 

Thursday, veerwar. 

Thus, ese turuh. 

Thwack (to), sootna, marna. 

Thwart (to), ghoosouna. 

Thy, tera. 

Thyself, too ap. 

Tick (to), tuk tuk jana. 

Ticket, hurdas. 

Tickle, koot kootyan kurnyan. 

Tid, nurm, moolaem, koola, tahfu. 

Tide, mudd. 

Tidily, soothraee nal. 

Tidings, Jdiubur, uhwal, so. 

Tie (to), bununna, gund denee. 

Tiger, sher. 

Tight, tung ghootee hooee. 

Tighten, kusunna, g^hootunna, tung kurne. 

Tile, kuprail. [chhut. 

Tile, (to), kuprail lounee or chhutunnee, pun aleandee 

Till, teek. 

Till (to), jumeen sur kurnee, suwarnee or wusounee. 

Tiller, halee, kusan waone wala. 

Tilt (to), ooludna, ooltouna, dolna, moodee, upootakurna. 

To turn over. 

Timber, lukree, suteer. 

A large beam. 

Time, vela, wuqt. 

Time (to), suwarna, bunouna. 

Adapt; fit. 

TIM ( 251 ) TOK 

Timely, wuqt suruchhe vele, mouqe pur. 

Timid, clurakool, duroo. 

Tin, chadur da lobar, lobar, surb lobo. 

Tinct (to), rung louna, rungunna. 

Tinder, sokhta. 

Tinge (to), rungunna. 

Tingle (to), lasa ooburneean, lot ke pynee. 

To feel a sharp pain. 

Tink (to), t huk tbuk kurna, tbab tbab kurna. 

Tinman, cbadur de lobe wala. 

Tinsel, sone dee j bal wala, soone reegota. 

Tint, rung. 

Tiny, chbota, nika, waona, mudra, louda. 

Tip, sira, cboonj, tikkee. 

Tipple (to), daroo, sburab, mud, kaif, peena. 

Tipsy, umulee. 

Tiptoe, pubba purne toorna, pubba bbar cbulna. 

Tire (to), tbuk jana or pyna, kbulyan pynyan, tbuke 

wan, cburbna. 
Tiresome, ookbyaee, kuthin taee. 
Tissue, soonera, gota. 

Titbit, tobfee, ucburuj, cbunga, utb cbunga. 
Titbe, bissu, wundyee. 

Titbe-gatberer, bissu wundyee wundun wala, wundera. 
Tittilate (to), koot kootee kudbnee, julloon kurnee. 
Title, oostut oost karee, wudeeuee, jus, 2 buqq, sucb. 


Titlepage, tutkura, sirnawu, mood dakboj. 

Titter (to), dundan vicb busna, moonb dubke busna. 

Tittle, rutee, kunee. 

Tittle-tattle, uedur oodur dee gul, basba uw^re dee bat, 

poocbon nika 
To, noon. 
Toad, dudoo, dud. 
Toast (to), sekunna, rarna. 
Tobacco, tumakoo, bikya, soon putta. 
Tobacconist, tumakoo wala. 
Toe, oongulee. 

Togetber, nal nal, satb o satb, sung sung. 
Toil (to), meenut kurnee, kar kurnee. 
Toilsome, meenutee, aree. 
Token, nisbanee, yad giree putta. 

TOL ( 252 ) TOU 

Told, dusya, ak hya hoya. 

Tolerable, siihun jurun wala, 2 vicheelee rasee. 

Supportable. Not very bad. 

Tolerate (to), hone dena. 
Toll, jigat, muhsool. 
Tollgatherer, jigatoo, muhsoolya. 
Tomb> soomad, qubr, muree, siwah. 
Tone, awaj. 

Tongs, chimta, oocha, sunee. 

Tongue, jeebh juban, 2 bolee, lufz. [un kooa. 

Tongue-tied, jeeb h bund, thutula, goonga, goongoona. 
Too, o bee. 
Tool, huthyar> sundi 
Tooth> dund. 

Toothache, dundan da peer> g honanda, hunon dee peer* 
Top, oote oopur, ootahan, 2 bangee, latoo bhumbeeree. 

A child's top. 

Toper, pyak, ilmulee. 

Topheavy, sir b haree, oopur bhar. 

Topography, jageh da verwar or uhwaL 

Topping, sona, chunga, soondur. 

Topple (to), dig pyna, dhy pyna> oolut pyna* 

Topsyturvy^ oolt poolt, oolud poolud. 

Torch, musal, wuttee. 

Torchbearer> musalchee, telee. 

Torment^ dook,h, durd, peer> sunkut. 

Torpor> soost, kheewa. 

Torrent, dulee murnee> 2 kala wugna, rer chulunna* 

A crowdi As of water. 

Torrid^ tutta, gurm. 

Tortoise, kuch^hoo kooma. 

Tortoiseshell, kuch hoo koome dee kumror or khopree. 

Tortuous, vinga, turinga, wulan wala. 

As a road. 

Torture, durd, dookh, peer, sunkut* 

Torturer, suntoun wala, sunkutee* 

Toss (to), sootunna, wugouna. 

Total, kool kulan, jumu, jor* 

Totallyj subo kool. 

T'other, dooja. 

Totter (to), musa musa toorna, kiwee kiwee toorna. 

Touch (to)> tohna. 

TOU ( 253 ) TRA 

Touch-hole, puleeta. 

Touchy, trikka, krodhwan. 

Tough, kururra, sukht. 

Tour, syhul, pherut. 

Touse (to), khechna, khenjo, tamia. 

Tow (to), lah jeora, rusa khechunna. 

Towards, dee wul, pase, deekol. 

Towel, roomal, safa, purna. 

Tower, boorj h boorj hee tangoo. 

Town, shuhur, pind, graon, nugur, pundrota k hera. 

Toy, kudouna. 

Toy (to), k hedna. 

Trace (to), nishanu kurnee, khoj kud,hna. 

Traces, jot, bail, urlee. 

Track, churhee dundee> 2 khoj kudhna, khora kurna. 

Beaten path. To track. 

Tract, moolk, des. 

Of country. 

Tractable, huleem, ruseel, palya hoya> ghureeb* 

Trade, byparee. 

Tradesman, by par, wunj. 

Trade wind, musoon, ikdaee, ikwasee. 

Tradition, pichhlee kuhanee, wudyan dee bat. 

Traduce (to), oojh, toohmut, jun, bjiurm lounee. 

Traducer> ooj h, toohmut, loune wala. 

Traffic, soudaguree, bypar. 

Trail (to), ghuseet unna, khechunna, dhoona* 

Train (to)> sikhalna, puntouna, ladee kudhna. 

To form, bring up. 

Train (a), damun, g hugra. 

Trait, ryhut, ban, chal, wadee. 

Traitor, dughebaj, khyanutee, Idiotah. 

Trammel^ sungol, zunjeer, bel. 

Trample (to), pyr de heth dubna, doobouna. 

Trance, chilla, naroj. 

Tranquil, anund tare nal, khooshee nal. 

Transaction, kum, joogut. 

Transcend (to), subna nalon, uge jana, ugetra jana. 

Transcribe (to), ootar, ootarna. 

Transfer (to), dooje noon sompna. 

Transfix (to), do sulloo marna. 

Transform (to), rung or soorut wuttouna. 

TRA ( 254 ) TRE 

Tranfuse (to), dooje vich ooludiia, rulouna. 
Transgress (to), qoosoor tuqseer louna. 
Transgression, qoonali, tuqseer, dosh. 
Transient, untyhur, rutee, dee rutee, reheenwala. 

From tuhurna. 

Transit, par jan dee goojur. 
Transitory, betyhur, bemolut. 

Translate (to), hor the dhurna, 2 tujumukurna, wutouna, 
buna bunnouna. 


Transmigrate (to), purdes jana, oodh jana, oojur jana. 

Transmit (to), dooje tbanw gbulnee, hor the ghuhiee. 

Transmute, wuttouna. 

Transparent, saf, nirmul, oojagur. 

Transpire (to), ho pyna or jana. [nee. 

Transplant (to), k,hug ke or poot ke louna, gachee kur- 

Transport (to), des nikala dena. 

Transportation, deson kud hya hoya. 

Transpose (to), wuttouna, budulna, wutto sitta kurna. 

Trap, phaee, jalee, koorkee. 

Trappings, sonap dee cheez, usbab. 

Trash, nikumma, na cheez, nukisht cheez. [jumun rat. 

Travail (to), junepa kurna, pyda waree da dookh. 

Travel, syhul or sufur kurna. 

Traveller, praona, mooshafir. 

Traverse (to), tedha, vinga pase purnee. 

Traverse (to), sare bhounde pherna, chufere pherna, 

girdnu waee p herna. 
Tray (a), parsha, nesha, koorlee, tubaq. 
Treachery, khyanutee, dughedaree. 
Treacle, goor, let. 

Tread (to), pyr dhusna or rukhna, toorna. 
Treason, khyanut, dughe daree. 
Treasure, k,hujanu, rokuree. 
Treasury, bukshee khanu. 
Treasurer, bukshee, lala. 
Treat (to), thurouna, thikhouna. 
Treatment, sulook, soolah. 
Treaty, soolah, thikah. 
Treble, teeja, tihak. 
Tree, rook h per, birich h, durukht. 
Trellis, kira. 

TRE ( 255 ) TRO 

Tremble (to), kumbunna. 
Tremendous, houl da, glium da. 

Awful, dreadful. 

Tremour, kiimba, kamba, thur. 
Trench, k haee. 


Trepidation, houl, dur, kumba, thur. 

Trespass (to), tuqseer lounee. 

Trespasser, goonahee, tukseeree. 

Tresses, walan dee meedee, puttee, joolf, chonduree. 

Trial, aj mayush, kuramat, 2 jach. 

Triangle, tu gootee, till koonjee. 

Tribe, jat, kol. 

Tribulation, sogee, humsosee, ghumee. 

Tribunal, udalutee. 

Tribute, hala mamula, kiraya. 

Trice, sah vich, pul or dum vich. 

Trick, heela, buhahu, puj, dug ha. 

Trickle (to), kunyan pynyan, chhittan, pjnyan. 

Trident, trisool. 

Triennial, tun wurra. 

Trifle, nikummu, ch,hota, be kam. 

Trifler, kumul poone de nal kurun wala. 

Trigger, kulla, lub lubee, lola. 

Trillion, pudhun, (one hundred krores). 

Trim (to), suwarna, bunouna. 

Trinket, gyhna, toomb. 

Trip (to), nouho lena, 2 ted ha lugna. 

As a horse. As a mare. 

Triple, tigunna. 

Tripod, tirpaee, tin pyree. 

Tripping, nouho lenda, tedha khanda thokur, wujdee. 

As a horse. As a mare. 

Trite, buhoot, dinan da, pooratumee. 
Trivial, nikummu, be kumma. 
Triumph (to), jy kurnee, jekara boolounee. 
Triumphant, jitun wala, jetoo. 
Troop, risalee, misl. 
Trooper, uswar, ghor churha. 
Trophy, sire pa loot. 

Trot (to), koodunna doork doork ke jana, kootte chal, 
dhum kura. 

TRO ( 256 ) TUR 

Trothplight, nata, kiirmaee, sak, sugeeree. 

Trouble, dookh, peer, sunkut, ghum. [deoo. 

Troublesome, suntoun wala, ouk hur kurun wala, doofcli 

Trough, tubaq parchu, nesha, koorlee, kasa katura. 

Trounce (to), kootunna, marna, sootunna. 

Trow (to), janunna, sumj hunna, kliyal kurna, pehshunna. 

Trowel, kurundee, chupatulee. 

Truant, bhujun wala, bhugela, nusun wala. 

Trudge, pyree chulna. 

True, such, suchya. 

Trueborn, huqq da jumya, usul da. 

Truism, sidhee bat, ulokar nuheen. 

Truly, such mooch. 

Trumpet, singhee, tooree, toorum. 

Truncheon, chob, 2 nishanee. 

Of office. 

Trundle (to), reree ouna, bhoaee ouna. 
Trunk, sundooq, d.haro, soon. 

Box. Body. Of elephant. 

Truss, petee, jarbund. 

Trust (to), vussa kurna, b hurosa kurna, eeman kurna, 

jakeen kurna. 
Trustee, sompoo. 

Trusty, b hurose jiha, vussaha jiha, dyanut dar. 
Truth, such, suchaee. 

Try (to), jachna ajmayush kurna, purtouna. 
Tub, dhol. 
Tube, nalee, nalkee. 
Tubercle, gilloor, goomee, 2 phimunee. 

A swelling. A pimple. 

Tuck (to), tyh kurna, wulet na. 
Tuesday, mungul war. 
Tuft, booja j hung. 

Of trees. 

Tug (to), khechunna, dhoonna, g huseetna. 

Tuition, sik haee. 

Tumble (to), dig jana, d hy pjna. 

Tumid (to), sooj hya hoya, lusya or p^hoolya. 

Tumor, sog phora. 

Tumult, hukama, roula, j hugra. 

Tune, rag, geet, goun. 

Turban, pug. 

tuit ( 257 ) TWO 

Turbid, gungulya hoya, rubdoor. 

Turbulent, hakama kurun wala. 

Turf, gahchee, dhoree. 

Turgid, soojya, lasya, p hoolya hoya. 

Turkey, peroo. 

Turmeric, huldee, wusar. 

Turmoil, rukama, roula. [2 khuradna. 

Turn(to), ooludunnapooludunna, ooltouna, pase marna. 

Turncoat, phir phira, phere man, be sidka. 

Turner, kharadoo. 

Turning, wul poun da, goonjuryan pounyan. 

Turnip, shulghum, koolfa. 

Turpentine, tarpeen, herund da tel. 

Turret, kingura. 

Turtle, kuch kooma. 

Turtledove, dug kubootur, gola kubootur. 

Tusk, dund. 

Tutor, oostad sik,halun wala, gooroo. 

Twain, dowe. 

Twang (to), thy thy kurnee, thurak thurak bujunee. 

Tweak (to), choondee wudunnee, chootkee b hurnee. 

Tweezers, oocha, chimta, sunee. 

Twelfth, baruhween. 

Twelve, baruh. 

Twelvemonth, wurre dinan da din. 

Twenty, bee, vee. 

Twice, do varee. ^ 

Twig, bootah jar. 

Twilight, moonere da chanor, sundya da chanoon. 

Twin, jora, joree. 

Twinborn, joure ukuthe jumne. 

Twine, sootulee, russee, doree. 

Twinge (to), chusk wujunee, peer oot hunee. 

Twinkle, lusa, marnyan. 

Twirl (to), b houna, g hoomunna, chukkar waon p hirna. 

Twist (to), wut dena. 

Twit (to), oolama dena, tanu or mehna dena. 

Twitter, k humb k hillana, cheen cheen kurna. 

Twist, vich de yich. 

Two, do. 

Twoedged, do d,haree, k,hunda, 

K 2 

TWO ( 258 ) UNA 

Twofold, doogna. 

Twohanded, do hutha. 

Tymbal, dhol, wudda dhol. 

Typical, nishanee jihee. [burdustee. 

Tyranny, joolm, budo budee, jor awuree, dhuke nal ju- 

Tyrant, jalim, jorawur, kururra, dhuke k hora. 

Tyro, nuwa, nuwee purt. 


Ubiquity, hajira hiijoor, jahera juhoor. 
Udder, huwanu, liwa liwas. 

As of cow. BufFaloe. 

Ugly, koo soorut, koo sona. 

Ulcer, p,himunee p hora, g hao. 

Ulcerate (to), phimunee, oognee. 

Ulterior, pich hie nalon. 

Ultimate, subna nalon pichhulee, akliiree. 

Umbrageous, shaewan, chanunnee. 

Umbrella, ch hutree. 

Umpire, moonsub. 

Unabased, be hutjiaroo, buk htawur. 

Unabashed, be luj, be shurm. 

Unable, na hana, be bona, un bona. 

Unabolished, na hutaya, be hut. 

Unacceptable, be pusund, un or na pusund jiha. 

Unaccepted, na munjoor, un munya. 

Unaccessible, un mil. 

Unaccommodated, be ootara. 

Unaccompanied, ukulla, mokulla. 

Unaccomplished, un buna, be sour. 

Unaccountable, be or un subub, muloom nuheen. 

Unaccustomed, un ban, be wadee, ko wadee. 

Unacknowledged, be o ottur un juwab. 

Unacquainted, be sujan, be waqib, be myhrum. 

Unadored, un mununa, be mununa. 

Unadvised, be sulah, un sulah. 

Unaffected, be chilittooree, be ch hul, sidha hee. 

Unaided, be humayut, be suhayut, be humrahee. 

Unaltered, eko jiha, be wut. 

UNA ( 259 ) UNB 

Unambitious, be housilus. 

Unamusiiig, be virich, un virich. 

Unanimity, ik dilee, ik mun dee. 

Unanswerable, be juwab. 

Unanswered, be oottur na, oottur keeta hoya. 

Unappalled, nidur, be d huruk. 

Unappareled, be kupra, nungahee, nunge dhur. 

Unapparent, oojagur nuheen, be jahir. 

Unappeased, un munya, be munya. 

Unapproved, be pusund, un pusund, pusund nuheen. 

Unarmed, be hut hyar, bina shustree, klialee hut h. 

Unasked, un mungya, be pooch. 

Unassailable, hulle jiha nuheen, hulle mooafiq nuheen. 

Unassisted, be humayut, bina suhayta or mudud. 

Unattainable, un mil, vichurya hoya. 

Unattempted, be jach, be puruk h, un purukh. 

Unattended, ukula hee, ch hura be sat hee. 

Unavailable, be faedu, be hasil, un khutya. 

Unavoidable, lacharee. 

Unauthorized, be hookm, un hookma. 

Unawares, chanchuk, uchuruj nal. 

Unawed, ni dur, nir bhou. 

Unbacked, un churh, unlug, ulel. 

Unbar (to), k^holna, oogarna, 2 wullee hoora lounee. 

Unbattered, be dhouoo, ni d,houoo, un d hutna. 

Unbeaten, un koot or soot, un mar. 

Unbecoming, na laeq, na wurga, sujda nuheen. 

Unbegotten, un or ni jumya, be jumya. 

Unbelief, koo dharmee. 

Unbeliever, be dhurm. 

Unbend (to), ving kudhna, wul kud hna, chilla louona. 

As a bow. 

Unbenign, be dya, be ruhm, be ruseel or huleem. 
Unbeseeming, sujda nuheen, be suj, phubda nuheen, 
Unbewailed, nu sog, be sog. 
Unbidden, un sud. 


Unbind (to), louona, kholna. 
Unbitted, be lugam. 
Unblemished, be ueb. 
Unblest, be usees, na dooa. 

UNB ( 260 ) UNC 

Unblown, doda, be phool. 

As a flower. 

Unblunted, tikka, tej. 

Unbolt, wullee or hoora louona, k holna. 

Unborn, un jumya. 

Unbosom, bhed kholna, mun dee ghoondee k.holnee. 

Unbound, un bud.hee, kholee hooee. 

As a book. As a prisoner. 

Unbounded, be hudda, un wut, be wut. 
Unbowel, ojuree or anduran kud,hnee. 
Unbrace, kholna, ehhudna. 
Unbraided, k hole wal, un goot. 

Open hair. 

Unbred, un sikh, un Jan. 
Unbridled, be lugam, 2 budkar. 
Unbroken, un bun, ulel. 

Untamed. • 

Unbrotherly, be ruhm, be dya, be turs. 
Unbuckle, buksooa kholna, choba louona. 
Unbuilt, un osarya, be osar. 
Unburied, un nupya. 
Unburnt, un bal, be surya, nisur. 
Unburthen, bhar or bojh louona. 
Unbutton (to), beera or doda kholna. 
Uncalled, un or be sud. 
Uncancelled, un mesya. 
Uncertain, juroor jurooran nuheen. 
Uncertainty, be thikhana. 
Unchain, sungol, bel kholnee. 
Unchangeable, be or un wut. 
Uncharitable, be dya, be ruhm. 
Unchecked, be rok, un tok. 
Uncivil, be uhsan, na khooshamud. 
Uncle, chachu, tayr mama. 

Paternal. Father's elder brothers. Maternal. 

Unclean, puleet, nu pak, be pubitr. 
Undipped, un wudya. 
Unclog (to), mojunna or joor kholna. 
Unclose (to), k holna, oojagur or jahir kurna. 
Unclothed, kupra or leera lya hooa. 
Unclouded, niturya hoya, kupoor jihi. 
Uncoil, wul loune, murroreean k,holnyan. 

UNC ( 261 ) UND 

Uncoined, un gurh, be tungsal. 
Uncollected, be ukut h, ukut ha nuheen. 
Uncoloured, un rungya, be rung. 
Uncombed, un wyhya hooa, kunga na keeta hoya* 
Uncomely, koo sona, be suj, kooroop. 
Uncomfortable, be sookli, dookhee. 
Uncommon, uchuruj, ulokar. 
Uncommunicated, un dusya hoya, na dusya hoya. 
Uncompounded, un rulya hoya. 
Unconceived, be sumj,hya hoya. 
Unconcern, be purwa, be chint. 
Unconcocted, un pacha, be hajma. 


Unconfined> blna qyd, chhoota hooa, k holya. 

Unconquerable, unjit. [kurna. 

Unconscionable) be nishaf, koodalutee, koodharmee 

Uncouple, kholna, udo udee kurna, jooda jooda. 

Uncouth, unaree, gooon. 

Uncreated, unjumya, pyda na hooa. 

Uncropped, un wudya, sabut. 

Unction, tel, cheekunna, thundeeaee. 

Uncultivated, oojar, up,hur, kuUor. 

Uncurbed, tukka, tej mujajee. 

Uncurl, meedyan, kholnyan, joora kholna. 

Uncurtailed, un ghut sumoochu, poora> sabut, subooL 

Uncut, un wudya, krota hoya. 


Undamaged be nooshqan, un jan, sumoochu, suboot* 

Undaunted, nidur, nir b hou, be ghum. 

Undaggled, be j humuk. 

Undecayed, un surya, hurya. [kurna. 

Undeceive (to) sumjhouna, chitouna, dusna, oojagut 

Undecided, juko tukke nal or kurke. 

Undefiled. pak, pubitr hoya. 

Undefined, un v^ut, be hudd, 2 oojagur nuheen. 

Unlimited. Not apparent. 

Undeniable, un mooqur, suchee khuree. 
Undeplored, be sog, un ghum, be chint hoya. 
Under, heth. 

Underbid (to), mol ghut, bolna, mol t,hora bolna. 
Underfoot, pyr de heth, tulee. 

UND ( 262 ) UND 

iJndergo (to), syhiia, jurna. 
tJnderground, jumeen de het h, tule. 
Underhand, chhulya, chilittooree. 
Underived, usul da usul. 

Original. [nee. 

Underline (to), sutturan heth likhna or leek k hechir- 
Undermine (to), soorung lounee, hethon pola kurna 

Undermost, subna nalon heth. 
Underneath, heth, tule, hut ha han. 
Underrate (to), mol g.hut kurna, mol t hora kurna. 
Undersell, hor na nalon, susta vechna. 
Underservant, hutharoo, noukur. 
Understand fto), sumjhna, boojhna, muloom kurna, 

vicharna, janunna. 
Understanding, uql, chutraee, soogr taee. 
Undertake (to), hut hee kum kurna, upne ap kum kurna. 
Undertaking, kum, kar. 
Undervalue (to), mol ghut kurna. 
Underwood, booje j har chhote, mule. 
Undescribed, un jan, be muloom, verwar, sikhya naheen. 
Undeserved, laeq da nuheen, na laeq. 
Undesigned, un jan, poona be jan. 

Not intended. 

Un desired, un chah, be chaha, be lor. 
Undestroyed, un vigurya, sourya hooa, bunya hoya. 
Undetermined, thy ray a nuheen, juko tukke nal. 


Undigested, un puch, be hajma. 

Undiminished, un ghut sumoochee, sara hee, suboo, sa- 

bit da sabit, suboot. 
Undirected, be sirnawu, be putta. 

As a letter. 

Undiscerned, disda, or deeda nuheen, undit. 
Undisciplined, be een, be joogut. 
Undiscovered, oojagur jahir hoya nuheen. 
Undisguised, sid ha, sucha, k huree, be chilittooree. 
Undisturbed, sookhee, be sunta, aram or sookhnal. 
Undo (to), k holna, louna. 
Undone, vigurya hoya, 2 moodun shoya. 


Undoubtedly, be shuqq, ni sung, juroor bur juroor. 

UND ( 263 ) UNF 

Undress, kupra or leera louona, ootarna or k holna. 
Undulate (to), dol na, hilunna, t bur t hulouna. 

As the earth. As water. 

Uneasy, chinta vich, chit vunee. 

Uneaten, k hada nuheen hooa, un k hada. 

Unemployed, be rojgar, vela, bhar. 

Unencumbered, be bhar, lutta hoya. 

Unendowed, be daj, dajon suknee. 

Unengaged, kum lugee nuheen. 

Unenlightened, un sik hya, un purh, un jan. 

Unentertaining, un virich. 

Unenvied, be rees, nu killush. 

Unequal, iko jiha naheen, wuda chhota. 

Unequaled, eh de vurga nuheen, ulokar. 

Unequivocal, be jun, sucha. 

Unerring, un bhool, be vusar. 

Unessential, juroor jurooran nuheen. 

Uneven, pudra nuheen, dhibur dhore. 

Unexamined, be jach, un jach. [kar. 

Unexampled, eh da vurga nuheen, un hooee hooee, ulo- 

Unexceptionable, theek bu theek, huqq, such. 

Unexecuted, un bunya. 

Unexemplified, un dit, be duleel. 

Unexercised, be dhub ko adee, un ban, be ban. 

Not practised. 

Unexhausted be mooq hoya. 

Unexpected, chanchuk, uchuruj, poo churuj. 


Unexplored, un dit, ditta naheen. 
Unfaded, hurya, un sookh, khirya hoya. 
Unfailing, un ghut, b6 toot, un mook. 
Unfair, j hoot.ha, be sucha, kooryal. 
Unfaithful, be wussaha, nimuk huram. 
Unfathomed, be ut haha, be hath pu pata hoya. 
Unfatigued, un t huk. 
Unfavorable, mara, varan, k hotah. 
Unfeasible, un hon wala. 
Unfeathered, be pyr, nira poora, boat. 
Unfed, be khilaya, un khada, bhook ha. 
Unfeeling, be ruhm, be dja. 
Unfeigned, un puj, sucha" 
Unfelt, un jan, be muloom. 

UNF ( 264 ) UNH 

Unfetter (to), sungol or junjeer louona. 

Unfilial, pootr laeq nuheen, koo pootr. 

Unfinished, un bunya, udh viritr. 

Unfit, na laeq joga vurga naheen. 

Unfix (to), louona, ootarna, kholna. 

Unfledged, boat, pur nuheen. 

Unfold, tyh k holunee, p holunee. 

Unforbidden, munne nuheen. 

Unforeseen, un dit, chanchuk. 

Unforgiving, un ruchya, be khimma. 

Unforgotten, un bhool, be visur. 

Unformed, un bunya, ud h viritr. 

Unfortified, un ola, nunga hee. 

Unfortunate, be nuseeb, nu bjiag. 

Unfrequented, un ouona, jouona, be ouna jounna. 

Unfriendly, be hit, un pyar. 

Unfruitful, ni phul, be phula. 

Unfulfilled, un bunya, na hoy a. 

Unfurl, kholna, laona, 2 dul laonee. 

As a sail of ship. 

Unfurnished, be usbab, khalee. 
Ungainly, koo roop, koo sona, 2 unaree, koo shall, 
Ungathered, un torya, un choonya. 
Ungenerous, soom, mujee. 


Ungenteel, be suj, na phub. 

Ungird (to), kumur kholnee, luk kholna. 

Unglue (to), jor k holna. 

Ungodly, be dhurmee, koo dhurmee. 

Ungovernable, be tabeea, be hookm. 

Ungraceful, unaree koo sona. 

Ungranted, ditta, un ditta. 

Ungrateful, be shookr, be sidook. 

Unguarded, tukra hoshiar nuheen, ghafil, be ola. 

Not defended, careless. 

Unguent, ehee kunee tel, t hyn da. 
Unhappy, dook heh, sogwan, dook h wan. 
Unharmed, sula mutee. 
Unharness (to), saj louona. 
Unhealthy, mara panee, mundee huwa. 

As climate. 

Unheard, un soonya. 

UNH ( 265 ) UNK 

Unheated, tliunda, surd. 
Unheedful, ghafil, dhilla. 


Unhelped, ukula hee. 


Unhewn, un gurhya. 

As a stone. [k hoolna. 

Unhinge, choot hee louonee, chool gudhunnee, koolj 

Unholy, be d hurmee, koo dhurmee. 

Unhonored, be ijjut, be put. 

Unhoped, be asa hoya, nir asa hoya. 

Unhorse (to), ghore ooton oo.tarna. 

Unhospitable, be mihmanee. 

Unhumbled, mugroor, mujajee. 

Unhurt, be nooshqan or jan. 

Uniform, ek o jihe, bura burabur, 2 wurdee. 

Of a soldier. 

Unimaginable, be sumj h, nn sumj,hunee. 

Unimpeached, be dawa, un dawa. 

Unimportant, thoree gul. 

Uninformed, un sikhya, un jan. 

Uninhabitable, un tjhur, rehun wala nuheen. 

Uninhabited, oojar, khalee, sukna 

Uninjured, be mooshqan, sulamutee nal. 

Uninstructed, un sik,hya, un purh. 

Unintelligible, sumuj h wala nuheen. 

Unintentional, un jan, un jan pooue nal. 

Unintermixed, un rulya hoya, be milya. 

Uninterrupted, be rok. 

Uninvited, be boolaya, un sudya, be neoonda. 

Union, milap, soolah. 

Unit, ekum. 

Unite (to), milouna, rulouna. 

Unitedly, rule hooe or mil aye hooe nal. 

Unity, mel, milap. 

Universal, sara hee. 

Universe, doonya, khilqut. 

Unjust, be nishaf, be insaf. 

Unkennel, kudhna, kud h dena. 

Unkind, be ruhm, be ihsan, be moh. 

Unknit (to), oonnea, hoya, hoderna, g hoondyan k holne. 

Unknowing, unjan, be waqib, be myhrum. 


UNL ( 2G6 ) UNN 

Unlade, bhar or bojh louoiia or ootnrna. 

Unlawful, be shuruli, be hookm, be d hiirm. 

Unlearned, ugyan, be ilmee. 

Unleavened, be kliumeer, sujura. 

Unless, jet ha. 

Unlettered, un sikhya, be ilmee, un purliya. 

Unlevelled, pudra nalieen, dhibur dliorean wala. 

Unlike, vurganulieen,jilia nuheen, bura burabar nulieen. 

Unlimited, be hudd, be wut, be bunna. 

Unlink (to), sungol k holna, lah louonee, janjeer kholnee. 

Unload, bhar boj h louona or ootarna. 

Unlock (to), jundra k holna. 

Unloose (to), k holna, louona. 

Unlucky, be nuseeb, ni bhag. 

Unman (to), odur jan, oodas hojana. 

Unmanageable, be labeea, un wus. 

Unmannered, be sulook, koo soola. 

Unmanured, arooree ne pyee hooee. 

Unmarried, unveeaha, koara. 

Unmask (to), ghoond k holna, moonh oogarna. 

Unmastered un sourya hoya, vichulya hoya. 

Unmatched, be jora, ulokar, uchuruj, uchumba. 

Unmeant, un jan poona, be jach. 

Unmeasurable, un mehn, be har. 

Unmeet, phubta nuheen, joga wurga nuheen. 

Unmerciful, be turs, be dja, be ruhm. 

Unmerited, be qudr, un qudr. 

Unmilked, un choya, sunnul. 

Unmindful, ghafil, be cheta, vusaroo. 

Unmingled, un rulya hoya. 

Unmitigated, un ghutya hoya. 

Unmoistened, sookhee, sook,h b hurooree hooee hooee. 

Unmolested, be suntaya hoya. 

Unmoor (to), kholna, beree kholnee. 

As a boat. 

Unmoved, unhulya hoya, gudya hoya, undolya hoya. 

Unmourned, be soogee, un houl. 

Unmuzzle, chheka louona, moonh kholna. 

Unnamed, be jikr. 

Unnatural, kutor taee, kururra. 


Unnavigable, beree toorun, wurgee nuheen. 

UNN ( 267 ) UNP 

Unnecessary, loree da nuheen, be lor. 
Unneighbourly, be mihrwanee, be dya. 
Unnumbered, unginut, be shoomar. 
Unobeyed, be hookma, un hookma. 
Unobservable, un dit, be dit. 
Unobstructed, be rok, be utkao, k hola hoya. 
Unobtained, un lubhya, guwatee hooee. 
Unoccupied, khalee sukna, vela. 
Unoffending, be goonahee, be tuqseer. 
Unopened, un k holya, budha hooa. 


Unopposed, mooqabilu ne hoya. 

Unpack (to), k holna louona. 

Unpaid, un ditta, roopyu na ditta hooa. 

Unpallatable, chukun wala nuheen, suwad jiha nuheen. 

Unparrelled, be burabur, ulo kar, uchur, jiha nuheen. 

Unpardonable, chimma or k himma, ruchya laeq nuheen. 

Unpardoned, ruchya hoee hoee nuheen. 

Unparted, udo udee nuheen, ukutha. 


Unpatronized, be humrah, be purwust. 

Unperceived, un dekhya, un dit, be muloom. 

Unpitied, be ruhm, be dya, ch hudya hoya. . 

Unplanted, un beejya, unluga. 

Unpleasant, na khoosh, be rajee. 

Unploughed, un wyheea, up hur. 

Unpolished, be uhsau. 

Unpolluted, pubitr, pak, soocha. 

Unpopular, be pusund. 

Unpossessed, be dukhla. 

Unpractised, be wadee, koadee. 

Unpraised, be sulaya, be tareef. [been. 

Unprecedented, be burabur, ulokar, uchumba, jiha nu- 

Unpremeditated, be wuchar, be soch, be jach. 

Unprepared, un bunya, be tyar. 

Unpretending, sidha, bhola, be chhul, sid pudra. 

Unprincipled, uguree, mujajee. 

Unprinted be ch hapya. 

Unprized, boora munya. 

Unproclaimed, dubya hoya, looqaya hoya, be oojagur. 

Unprofaned, pubitr, pak, purisht nuheen. 

Unprofitable, be lubh, be hasil, nufe t hon bina. 

UNP ( 268 ) UNR 

Unprohibited, munu nuheen, hutuk nuheen. 

Unprolific, un phul, be phul. 

Unpromising, jiha naheen, be hasil. 

Unpronounced, un kooa, un dus. 

Unpropitious, koo luchun, be faiedu. 

Unproportioned, hisse wala nuheen, be wund, un wund. 

Unproposed, be pochya, be akhya. 

Unprosperous, koo luchun^ be faiedu, unkhirtya. 

Unprotected, be humayut, be suhayut, un ruchya. 

Unproved, be duleel, sabit, suboot nuheen. 

Unprovided, un hoya, pas nuheen. 

Unprovoked, be chhair, be khij h. 

Unpublished, un hokya, be oojagur. 

Unpunished, be suza, be nuseehut. 

Unpurchased, un mola mooklitee. 

Unpurified, chitta, pak, nuheen keeta^ 

Unpursued, peechhe na pya, mugur na luga. 

Unqualified, wurga nuheen, laeq jiha nuheen. 

Unquenchable, boojhun wala nuheen, putun wala 

Unquestionable, bura jtiroor, juroor jurooran, la juroor. 
Unravel (to), wul kholne, muroryan kholnyan. 
Unread, un purh, be viddea. 
Unreasonable, be nishaf, be uql. 
Unreave (to), kholna, lou5na, wul kholne. 
Unrebuked, un tokya, un wurjya, na hutkya. 
Unreclaimed, un sourya hoya, be sourya, vichulya hoya. 
Unrecompensed, un wuttya, be iwuzee. 
Unreconciled, un munya, root ha hoya. 
Unrecounted, un dusya, verwarna, k hola hoya. 
Unreduced, un ghutya. 
Unreformed, un sourya hoya, vichulya hoya. 
Unrefreshed, be tur, un tar. 
Unregarded, be pyar, un hit, 2 nuditta, untuk. 


Unregenerate (to), uguree, mijaiee, ko usul. 
Unregistered, be duftur, un lik ht. 
Unrelenting, be ruhm, be dya. 
Unrelieved, be suhayut, be mudud. 
Unremarkable, mushahoor nuheen, oojajur nuheen. 
Unremitted, un mor, na morya, 2 be ruchya. 

UNR ( 269 ) UNS 

Unremoved, na wuttya, na khurya hoya. 

Unrepaid, un ditta, un morya. 

Unrepented, be pucho tawa, cliinta nuheen* 

Unreplenished, un b hurya, khalee, sukna* 

Unreproached, un mehna, be tana, be oolamu* 

Unreproved, un tokya. 

Unrequested, be urz, na urz. [chhipya, be looq* 

Unreserved, na kol, be mood rukhya, 2 be looqya, un 

Unresisted, be wudeekee, na buraburee. 

Unresolved, un thyreea, na thyr. 

Unrestored, un morya, hoya. 

Unrestrained, un rokya, un wurujya, be dukya. [hoya. 

Unrevealed, oojagur or jahir nuheen, bhet na khola 

Unrevenged, un wutta, be budla. 

Unrewarded, be inam, un buksh, be budla. 

Unriddle (to), bat kholnee, wul kholnee. 

Unrighteous, be dhurm, koodhurm, uguree. 

Unrip, un cheerya, un parya hoya. 

Unripe, kuchha, pilla, nu puk. [uchuruj. 

Unrivalled, vurga jiha nuheen, ede wurga nuheen, ulokar, 

Unrol (to), kholna, ooderna, pholna. 

Unroof, chhuppur ootarna louona. 

Unruffled, un krodhee, be hurukh. 

Unruly, be hookma, be tabeea. 

Unsafe, be sulamutee. 

Unsalted, be loona, uloona. 

Unsatiable, na oogulej, b hooka rehna. 

Unsatisfactory, na rajee, be rajee. 

Unsatisfied, na rajee. 

Unsavory, un suwad, be suwad, kusaila. 

Unseal, mohr k holnee. 

Unsearchable, un d hera, looqaya hoya, k hoj wala nuheen» 

Unseasonable, be mouqu, ko wela, be mosum, be buhan 

Unseasoned, be suwad, kusaila, koorunga, koura. 

Unseeming, be phub, be suj, koo sona. 

Unseen, un ditta, un vekh. 

Unseparated, udo udee nuheen, ukuth. 

Unserviceable, be kam, ni kumma, vela. 

Unsettled, un thyr, be thyr. 

Unsevered, un wud, un soot, k rota hoya, kholaee. 

Unshackle, sungol or junjeer, bail, k.holnee. 

UNS ( 270 ) UNS 

Unshaken, undol, tikkya lioya, thyrya hoya. 
Unsheath (to), khechunee, kudhunee. 
Unshed, un dol, ni cholak. 
Unsheltered, be ola, be urtula. 
Unshod, nungee pyr, bina jootee. 
Unshorn, un moonya, be moonya. 
Unsifted, un chanya, soore sumet. 
Unsightly, koo sona, koo roop. 
Unskilful, be hoonur, un videea, un purh. 
Unsociable, be milap, vichurya, hoya. 
Unsold, un vechya, na vechya. 
Unsoldierlike, sipahee wurga nuheen. 
Unsolved, khola nuheen, mokula nuheen, bud ha hoya. 
Unsorted, be chant, rulya hoya. 
Unsought, be khoj, nu khoj. 
Unsound, tukra nuheen, lisa, mara, pola. 


Unsown, un beejya, suknee khalee. 

Unspared, un buchaya, be buchaya. [been. 

Unspeakable, dusun walee nuheen, soonoun wurgee nu- 

Unspecified, be jikr, un ak h. 

Unspent, be khurchya, khurchon wudya hoya. 

Unspied, be tuk, un dit, un vekli. 

Unspilt, un dolya, un doola. 

Unspoiled, un vigurya, sourya hoya. 

Unspotted, be dagh, un dagh, be lug, un shoun shootee. 

Unstable, pae dar nuheen, thjr nuheen, ustit nuheen. 

Unstaid, do chitta, lae lug. 


Unstained, un dagh, un rungya. 
Unsteadfast, juko tuke nal, un paedar. 


Unsteeped, un b hina, sook ha. 
Unstinted, mun b hounda, ditta hoya. 
Unstopped, un rokya, be hutuk. 
Unstraightened, vinga, tedha, ving turinga. 
Unstrenghtened, be humrah, be suhayuta. 


Unstring (to), k holna, louona. 
Unstruck, unsootya, be marya. 
Unsubdued, un jit, be wus. 
Unsubstantial, tukra nuheen, mara. 

UNS ( 271 ) UNT 

Unsucceeded, un sourya, vigurya lioya, vichulya hoya. 

Unsuccessful, klialee suknee, un sourya, uewee qiwee. 

Unsucked, un choosya, un choongya. 

Unsufferable, un suha, be suha, be jur. 

Unsuitable, joga, vurga, laeq nuheen. 

Unsullied, un pirishtya, un puleet, be puleet, un joot. 

Unsupported, be humayut, humrah thon bine, be suha- 

Unsuspected, be bhurni, be jun. 
Unsustained, un suha, be jur, un j hul. 
Unswayed, be wus, be bookm, un moonha. 
Unsworn, bina soun, un soun, be soogund. 
Untainted, un mooshk, be mooshk. 
Untalked of, oojagur nuheen, be jahir. 
Untamed, un palya. 
Untasted, un chutya, un singya. 
Untaught, un sik hya. 

Untempted, un b hurmya, be b hurmya, ni bhurm. 
Untenable, ruhun wala nuheen. 

Untenanted, be samee, un samee, samee war, thon bina. 
Untendered, un wuk halya, wuk hale thon bina. 
Unthankful, be shookr. 
Unthinking, be khyal, un Idiyal. 
Unthought of, un soch. 

Unthread (to), soot k holna, ooderna, uterna. 
Unthreatened, un dhumkya. [hoonu. 

Unthrifty, be joogutee, joogut thon bina, joogut, wu- 
Unthriving, be hasil, un sour. 
Unthrone, guddee ooton, ootarna tuk hton louona. 
Untie, k holna. 
Until, teek, tuk, jud, teek. 

Untilled, jumeen un wus, be suwaree, un source. 
Untimely, koo vela, be wuqt, un mouqu. 
Untired, un t,huk, de thikewa. 
Untitled, un jus, oostut thon bina. 
Unto, teek, tuk, judon teek. 
Untold, un dusya. 
Untouched, un tohya, un chooya. 
Untoward, mara, vuran, munda. 
Untraced, un khojya. 
Untracked, un k.hojya, khoj, ne lub ha. 

UNT ( 272 ) UNW 

Untractable, un palya. 

Untrained, un sik hya, be puntaya, ulail. 

Untransferrable, sompun wala nuheen, un sorap. 

Untransparent, be nirmul. 

Untravelled, un syhul, be syhul, phirt t.hon bina. 

Untried, un jachya, be ajmayush. 

Untrimmed, un suwarya, un bunya. 

Untrodden, be khoobha, un dhus. 

Untroubled, un dook h, be sunta. 

Untrue, j booth. 

Untrusty, be bhurosa, un wussa, be jukeen. 

Untruth, j hoot h, j booth moot h, suchee naheen. 

Unturned, be oolta, un lud, be poolud. 

Untutored, un sikhya. 

Untwine, wul kholna, murorean kudhnyan. 

Unvail, ghoond k.holna, boorqa louona, pulla louona. 

Unvalued, be qumut, be qudr. 

Unvanquished, un jitya. 

Unvaried, eko jiha, be wut. 

Unvarnished, be j huluk, lishkda nuheen, be rung. 

Unveil (to), g hoond k holna, boorqa louona, pulla louona. 

Unversed, be hikmutee, un sikh 

Un vexed, un krodhee, krod,h thon bina, santh kee. 

Unviolated, be nooshqan or jan, untootya, 2 sut walee, 

Unvisited, un milya, un ditta, moolaqat thon bina. 

Unused, un wurt, vela. 

Unusual, uchumba, uchuruj, ulokar. 

Unutterable, dusun wala naheen. 

Un warlike, jung jiha naheen, luraee vurga nuheen, jung 

wala nuheen. 
Unwarned, chitaya nuheen, sudya nuheen. 
Unwarrantable, w^uj hon thon bina, qaede t.hon bahun 
Unwarranted, be shurt, be luk, un mor. 
Unwary, be ehousukh, be choost, unsoo. 
Unwashed, un dhoya, un dhota, un nuhata. 
Un weakened, qoobut wala, tukra, mujboot. 
Unwearied, un t hukya. 

Unwedded, un veeaha, veeah, thon bina, koara. 
Unweighted, un tolya, un jokya. 
Unwelcome, be sulook, un sulook, wutya hoya, be adur, 

be bhar. 

UNW ( 273 ) UPS 

Unwell, rogee, beram, munohan. 

Unwept, un roya, nu pit. 

Unwhipt, un kootya, nu marya. 

Unwholesome, uch ha nuheen, mandu. 

Unwieldy, chookun wurga nuheen, uth bharee, git tee 

Unwilling, be rajee, be Miooshee. 
Unwiped, un pochya, un poonjya, un j hnrya. 
Unwise, be uql. 
Unwished, un chaha, be chaha. 
Unwithstood, un suha hoya, be jurya hoya. 
Unwitnessed, un ditta, be oogaha. 
Unwittingly, un jan poona, bhool kurke. 
Unwonted, un ootha uchuruj, ulakar. 
Unworthy, na laeq, mara, munda. 
Unwound, oderya hoya, k holya hoya. 
Un wreath (to), wul khol nee. 
Unwritten, un likhya hoya. 
Unwrought, un bunya, un bun. 
Unwrung, un laga, be laga. 
Unyielded, un ditta hoya. 
Unyoke (to), punjalee on, chhudna. 
Up, oote. 

Upbear (to), chookna, chukna. 
Upbraid (to), hur kunna, dut kunna, wurujna. 

Upcast (to), boor g,houna, urnur bochee sootna, ochalna. 

Upheld, chookya hoya, thumya hoya, suharya hoya. 

Uphill, churhaee, bikree, oukhee. 

Upholder, suhayutee humraher. 

Uplift, (to), chookunna, ootjiouna. 

Upmost, subna nalon oote. 

Upon, oote, oopur, oota han. 

Upper, ootla, ootula. 

Uppermost, subna thon ootla. 

Uppish, trikkee, mujajee, tej. 

Upraise (to), wudouna, wada kurna. 

Upright, sidha, krotateer jiha. 

Uproar, rowla hukama, dunga, fusad, j hugra j hanj ha. 

Uproot, juran thon pootunna, moodon poOtunna. 

Uprouse (to), jugouna, oot,halna. 

Upshot, hasil, unt. 

M 2 

UPS ( 274 ) VAL 

Upside, ootule pase, ootule wul. 

Upstart, nuwa rujya, nuwa doulut wala. 

Upward, ootahan noon. 

Urbanity, uhsanee, huleemee, ruseelee. 

Urchin, moonda chokura, lurka. 

Urethra, sooroo. 

Urge, (to), chhairna, toomunna, ukou unna. 

Urgent, juroor jurooran, loreeda. 

Urine, moot, peshab, cheeta. 

Us, ussee, ap an, jigo. 

Usage, ban wada, dhub, dustoor. 

Use, kum, kar. 

Useful, kum dee, loree dee. 

Useless, ni kimmee, kumdee naheen, be lor. 

Usher, sikhalun wala, oostad. 

Usual, uksur. 

Usurer, byajee, reea mittee khora. [lena. 

Usurp, be na huqq lena, jubur dustee lena, khona phur 

Usurper, khoroo, phurun lene wala. 

Usury, byaj, mittee. 

Utensil, bjianda, vurtun. 

Uterine, kokh da, nab,h. 

Utility, kum da. 

Utmost, nihayut, buhoot buhoota, uth buhoota. 

Utter (to), akhna, dusna, koona, bolunna. 

Uxorious, istree vus, teemee vus, run wus. 


Vacant, khalee, sukna. 

Vacate, khalee kurna, chhudna, tyagna. 

Vacation, vela, aram vich. 

Vacuity, khalee hee, sukha, un b hurya. 

Vagabond, Idiotah, kuchura, budjat, budmash. 

Vagary, mouj, luhr, wyhm. 

Vagrant, phirtoo, b houndoo, rud kuluk. 

Vail (to), ch hipouna looqouna, ola kurna. 

Vain, be hasil, be faiedu, 2 khood khoodan. 

Fruitless. Conceited. 

Vale, k,hud, k hoond, polar. 

VAL ( 275 ) VEN 

Valediction, videea, rookbsut, tor dena. 

Valiant, diler, soormut wala, ni dur. 

Valid, chungee usul dee usul. 

Valley, polar khund khoond. 

Valour, soormutee, dileree, huth, 

Valuable, qeemut wala, qeemutee. 

Value (to), qeemut kurnee. 

Valueless, be qeemut. C 

Vanguard, ugare guard, ugla jillu, ugare da dufur. 

Vanish (to), looq jana, nujur on chhip jana. 

Vanity, mugrooree, mujajee, Idiood pusundgee. 

Vanquish, jitna, vus kurna, jit lena. 

Vantage, lubh lob h trishuna, faedu, suwad. 

Vapid, phika, kusela, buk buka, be suwad. 

Vapour, uhwar, dhoond, goobaree. 

Variable, wuton wala, rung bu runga. 

Variance, j hugra, j hanjha. 

Variegate (to), rung oote, rung churhouna, runge hooe 

noon, rungouna. 
Various, ruqm ruqm, turan dee. 
Varnish (to), runga, j.hulkouna. 
Vary, wut wutou, udul budul. 
Vast, khola, mokula, wudeon wuda. 
Vault (to), koodunna, 2 j haredar, j.halur wala. 

Vaulted, arched. 

Vaunt (to), ghup mama, p hour or lif afu marna, yuqoor 

Veer (to), chou wayeear wugna, chufere dee wao. 
Vegetable, turkaree, tur turkaree. 
Vegetate (to), oogunna, jumunna, phootunna. 
Vehement, tukkee, tej, dhar. 
Vehicle, guddee, rera, gud. 
Veil (to), looqouna, chhipouna, boorqu lena, goond h 

kud hna, pulla lena. 
Vein, nar, rug. 
Velocity, chetee, shitabee. 
Velvet, muk,h mul. 

Vend (to), vechna, bechna, kliurchna. 
Venerate (to,)ijjut kurnee, hut bunounee, pukh rukhna. 
Venereal, ghurmee bad, dhant sojaj, bad feerung, jyr 


VEN ( 276 ) VIC 

Venery, b,hog, sung, fail. 

Vengeance, wutta, budla, varee. 

Venom, veo, nioura, bikh. 

Vent, khola, moonh mokula. 

Ventilate (to), pukka jhubunna, pukha p herna. 

Ventosiness, badee, bhoor nawee. 

Venture (to), hath bununna, soorniut kurna. 

Veracity, suchyaee. 

Verbatim, usul dee usul. 

Verberate (to), goonjunna. 

Verbosity, galuree, bookwaee. 

Verdant, hurehan, hureaee, subz. 

Verdict, urtji verwar buna. 

Verdigris, jingal. 

Verdure, hureaee, hurhehan, sub zee* 

Verge, bunna, hudd, wut. 

Brink, margin. 

Verify, sabit kurna, suboot kurna. 
Verily, such mooch. 
Verity, suchaee, huqeequt. 
Vermilion, sungruf, laal, rung. 
Vermin, keera, kunda, jeeajunt. 
Vernacular, des dee bolee, b,hak^ha or luvz. 
Vernal, busunt dee buhar. 
Versatile, wuttun wala, rung bu runga. 
Versed, hikmutee, videeawan uqlya. 
Vertebrae, kumror dajor, sungolee dee gundh. 
Very, buhoota. 
Vessel (a,) bhanda, vurtun. 
Vest, ootla koorta or jamu. 
Vestige, nishanee, khoj k,hora. 
Veteran, poorana sipahee. 
Vex (to), suntouna, dook,h dena. 
Vexation, suntok dook h, kusht. 
Viands, k. ban wale cheez, pursad, bhojun. 
Vibrate (to), kumbunna, j hoolna, p hurukna. 
Vice, ueb, khot khoteaee, budee, bud khore. 
Vicegerent, moosahib. [ga, kud hee munda. 

Vicissitude, dookh sookh iko jiha naheen, kudhee chun- 
Victim (to offer a,) churhawa, churhouna, bul b,huk 
denee, urdas ktirouna, pooja churhounee. 

VIC ( 277 ) viT 

Victor, jitun wala. 

Victory, futteh, jit. [ra. 

Victuals, pursad, rusoee, bhojun, rotee, limgur b hunda- 

Videlicit, yane. 

Vie (to), rees o reesee kurnee, vek ha vek bee kurnee. 

View, nujur, nigah. 

Vigil, pyhra. 


Vigilant, boshiar, tukra. 

Vigour, qoobut wala, jor awur, urog. 

Vile, uguree, munda, mara liliotab. 

Village, pind, graoii, punrota, nuguree khere wala. 

Villager, wusdee, graon wala, k here wala. 

Villain, kbotab, budmash, kuchura. 

Villainy, budmasbee, kbotehaee. 

Vincible, jitun laeq. [ree or wutta lena. 

Vindicate (to), humayut or humrah kurnee, 2 budla wa- 

To revenge. 

Vindictive, killushee, ukuseehee, wut o sutta kurne wala. 

Vine, ungoor da rook,h. 

Vinegar, sirka. 

Violate (to), sut torna. 

Violence, bud o budee, jubur dustee, d burke nal. 

Virgin, war pate, kunya, kunj, koaree. 

Virginity, khwar pate poona, kunya poona kunjuk. 

Virility, qoobut khora, nurkam kbora. 

Virtually, usul da usul, huqq, such. 

Virtue, poon, nekee, dhurm. 

Virtuous, dhurmee, poon atma. 

Virulent, tej, kururra, suklit, mujajee. 

Visage, chehra, soorut, shukht. 

Viscerate (to), ojuree, kudhnee, andura, kudhnyan. 

Viscous, pil pila, lesdar, cheekunna, chikunaee wala. 

Visible, disun wala, nigah de heth. 

Vision, soopna, sookna, khab. [waste. 

Visit (to), moolaqut, milap kurna, milun waste, toorun 

Visor, moonh da kasa or kotar. 

Vital, jindegee, jan dee. 

Vitals, jeeone wale, t hanw. 

Vitiate (to), vigarna, khurab kurna. 

Vitious, kroodee, budjat, mar khora. 

Vitreous, sheeshu jiha or vurga. 

VIT ( 278 ) WAG 

Vituperate (to), tokunna, hut kunna, wurujna. 
Vivacity, kliooshee kurke, sookh iial, aiiund taee, nal, 

2 chbola. 
Vivid, tej ch^hola, shitaba, trikka. 

Vizier, wujeer. [potjiee. 

Vocabulary, pyntee dar, pothee bawun, uk,huree dee 
Vocally, gulan nal, awaj nal. 
Vocation, kum, kisb. 

Vociferate (to), kurukke koona, ooche koona. 
Voice, awaj, bol, koona. 
Void, klialee, sukna. 
Volatile, munmoujee, dil luhree. 
Volcano, ugliun puhar. 
Volley, sliuluq. 
Volume, jilt, pothee, sjnchee. 
Voluntary, upne ap, mundee kliooshee. 
Volunteer, khooshee dee noukuree kurun wala. [koona. 
Volunteer (to), beera oot houna sire pa lena, 2 boloothne 

As to undertake an affair of war, &c. <fec. 

Voluptuous, kamee. 

Vomit (to), oobutna, oopur shul kurnee, oogulachna, 

sootunna, dakunna. 
Voracious, khorakoo khan khora mache tol. 
Vortex, g hoomun g heree, doomun pheree. 
Vote (to), mun b hounda lena or mununna. 
Vouch (to), oogahee denee, suheeh kurnee, kamee b hur- 

nee, suchha kurna. 
Voucher, dust khut, lik ht, tumussook. [denee. 

Vouchsafe (to), dya kurnee, mihr nal denee, richya nal 
Vow, sookna, munouut, sik lounh. 
Voyage, here or juhaj da syhul. 
Vulgar (the), kumeen, am, khash. 
Vulnerable, jukhm, jurun wala. 
Vulture, girinj h, lumdheeng. 


Wadding, booja, tikulee, gutta. 

Wade (to), panee vich wurna, panee vich toorna. 

Wafer, tikulee, chiddee. 

Wag (a), t hute baj, mush kura, t hute k,hora. 

WAG ( 279 ) WAS 

Wag (to), hiluiina, dolna, huj hoke marnee. 

Wager, shurt lounee, bidunee. 

Wail (to), boon gunna, hoongare marna. 

Waist, kumur, luk. 

Wait (to), krota rehna, rah tukria. 

Wake (to), jagna, oot hna. 

Wakeful, jagda. 

Waken (to), jugouna, oothouna. 

Walk, syhul. 

Walkingstick, shuttee, sotee. 

Wall, kund. 

Wallet, j hola. 

Wallow (to), letna, pelna, byt hna. 

Walnut, uknot. 

Wan, odurya hoya, peele rung wala. 

Wander (to), p hirna, p hirt p hirna. 

Wanderer, pbirtoo, bhoundoo. 

Want (to), chahunna, lorna. 

Wanting, loreedee, chahedee. 

Wantonness, kamee, bhogee, mustya hoya. 

War, luraee, jung. 

Warble (to), gouna, 2 chich ilouna. 

As a man or woman. As birds. 

Ward, pyru, thanw, mukhee. 

Watch. District, station. Of a key. 

Warden, sompoo, umanutoo. 

Warfare, luraee da kum. 

Warily, chutraee nal. 

Warlike, luraee wurga, jung jiha. 

Warm, tutta, gurm. 

Warmth, tuttaee, gurmaee. [b hirk kurnee. 

Warn (to), chitouna, jutouna, dusna, khubur kurnee. 

Warp (to), sungor jana, sungooch jana, akhur jana. 

Warrant, sunud, purwanu, khut. 

Warrantry, shurt nal. 

Warrior, soorma. 

Wart, phimunee. 

Wary, tukra, hoshiar. 

Was, sa, see. 

Wash (to), dhona. 

Washerman, cheembur, dhobee. 

WAS ( 280 ) WEE 

Wash, bhoond, bundyal, doomna. [kurna. 

Waste (to), khurcli kurna, aorouna, guoimna, iburcha 
Wasteful, khurchoo, oodaoo. 
Watch (a), choukee, pyhru, 2 rak hee kurna. 

To watch as a field. 

Watchful, tukraee kurnewa. 

Watchman, chounkeedar, pyhre wala. 

Watchword, purwah dee gul. 

Water, jul, panee. 

Watercourse, wuheen, wyhn nalee, kus hutree. 

Waterfall, d har, ror, ruruk. 

Waterfowl, moorgliaee. 

Watermark, panee dee nishanee, panee da mechu. 

Watermill, ghorat. 

Wave, mouj, luhr. 

Waver (to), juko tuke kurna. 

Wax, mom, lakh. 

Way, bat, rustee, ruha, pund. 

Waylay (to), shou buet hna, shouhar buethna. 

Wayward, trikka, jidya. 

We, ussee. 

Weak, nu qoobut, kum jor, be himmut, lisa. [na. 

Weaken (to), kum jor kurna, munda kurna, marna kur- 

Weal, Jihoosee, sookhee, anundtaee. 

Wealth, sumput, dhun, mal. 

Wealthy, d hunwunt, mal wala. 

Wean (to), doodh chhudouna, muma chhudouna. 

Weapon, huthyar, shustr. 

Wear, pyhnunna, pouna, oodale lona. 

Weariness, mandugee, thukewa. 

Weather, mousum, buhar, mouqu, ra)t. 

Weave (to), oonna, boonna, tunna. 

Weaver, joolaha, kasbee, choomar. 

Web, jala. 

As of a spider. 

Wedding, veeah, shadee. 
Wedge, killa, killee. 
Wednesday, bood h war. 
^ Wee, ch,hota, nika, jiha. 
Weed, ghah. 
Week, uth roz, uth roju. 

WEE (281 ) WHE 

Weekly, uth roz, ut h roju. 

Weep (to), rona, utroo dignyaii. 

Weigh (to), tolna, dolna. 

Weight, wujn, tol, jhok. 

Weighty, bharee jihee, jubur. 

Welcome, adur, tuwiija, khatiree. 

Welfare, chungeaee, bhuleawee. 

Well (a), k booh, k hooa. 

Wellgood, chunga, sona. 

Welladay, hae, hae ! 

Wellbeing, bhuleaee, chungeaee. 

Wellborn, usul da jumya, huqq da, pulal da. 

Wellbred, uchhee, rjhut. 

Welldone, wah wah chunga keeta. 

Wellfavored, sujdee, p hub da, sona, sonap. 

Wellnigh, kol, mood, pas, nire. 

Wellspent, dhurm nal, jeeona, sidh nal. 

Wellwisher, khjr, khwahee. 

Welter (to), loohoo nal, liburya hoya. 

Wen, gilloy goomee. 

Wencher, runde baj kamee. 

Wend (to), chufere phirne, ghere phirna. 

West, puchhon. 

Westward, puchhon dee. 

Wet, gilla b hinna hoya, b hijya hoya. 

Wether, chutra, kusee, hoondoo. 

Wettish, gilla jiha, b hinna jiha. 

What, kee. 

Whatever, jera jera. 

Wheat, kunuk. 

Wheedle (to), pulosna, wudyouna. 

Wheel, pyheea, pinj. 

Wheeze (to), ghorana mama, sung ghururouna. 

Whelp, kutoora. 

When, kub, kudon. 

Whence, kithon kidhuron. 

Whensover, jere vele. 

Where, jit he jis thanw or jugeh. 

Whereabouts, keree thanw kit he. 

Whereas, pur. 

Whereby, jisse, jis kurke, jis turan. 

N 2 

WHE ( 282 ) WHO 

Wherefore, is kurke, ues turan. 

Wherein, jis vich. 

W^hereof, jis da. 

Whereon, jis pur. 

Wherever, jit he, jis jugeh or thanw. 

Wherewith, jis te or thon. 

Whet (to), d har bununee, tikka kurna loiiona, riigurna. 

Whether, jet ha. 

Whetstone, puthuree, san, opnee. 

To grind. 

Which, kera, koun. 

Whichever, jera. 

Whiff (to), dhooan kudhna, phoonkara niarna. 

While, judon teek, 2 ursu vela. 


Whilst, judon teek. 

Whim, luhr, mouj. 

Whine, hoongunna, chounkunna. 

Whip, kotura, chabook. 

Whirl (to), b hooouna. 

Whirpool, ghoomun gheree, doomun gheree. 

Whisker, moch. 

Whisper (to), kun vich gul kurnee, gul kuna bhinuk 

pouonee, kunsundee. 
Whistle (to), setee marnee. 
White, soofed, bugee, chittee. 

Whitelivered, killiishee, ukusee, udawutee. , 

Whiten (to), chitta kurna. [kurnee. 

Whitewash, poone p hernee, j hal phirnee, choone guj 
Whither, kit he, kidhur. 
Whithersoever, jit he kithe, jidhur kid hur. 
Whiz (to), ghookunnee, sookunnee, teekunnee, sah sab 

A^Tio, kera, koun. 
Whoever, je koee, jet ha koee. 
Whole (the), subna, subo, sarahee. 
Wholesale, jukeera vech, ukut h vech. 
Wholesome, suwarun walee, sook h deun walee, nurohee. 
Wholly, subna hee, sare nalon. 
Whom, jis noon. 
Whomsoever, jetha koee. 

WHO ( 283 ) WIT 

Whore, kusbee, kunjur. 

Whose, jis da. 

Whoso, je koee, jet,ha koee. [kurna. 

Whur (to), ghookunna, sookunna, teekunna, sah sah 

Why, kis kurke. 

Wick, wuttee. 

Wicked, uguree, khotah, mara, varan. 

Wide, choura, mokula, khola. 

Width, chouraee, mokulaee liholaee. 

Widow, rundee. 

Widower, churha, shundak, ruiida. 

Wield (to), chulouna, p herna. 

Wife, bohoo, votee, istree, run. 

Wild, jungulee, un palya. 

Wile, chhul chilittoor. 

Will, murjee, khoosee, rajee, 2 wuseetu nameh, miirun 

de vele dee lik ht. 
Willing rajee, khoosee. 
Wily, chilittooree. 

Win, (to), jitna, vuskurna, qaboo kurna. 
Wince (to), wutunna, sungoochunna. 
Wind, huwa, paon, wao. 
Windfall, lubhee, lub h khora, lob hwan. 
Windlass, rikka, dheengolee. 
Window, baree jurokha. 
Windpipe, sungee, gundee. 
Windy, undhera, wao wurga. 
Wine, shurab, mud, daroo. 
Winebibber, pyak, umulee. 
Wing, bajoo, pur. 

Wink (to), uk h marnee, uk h p hurkounee, synut kurnee. 
Winner, jitun wala. 
Winnow (to), oodhouna, wurouna. 
Winter, jare de dinan, pale de dinan. 
Wipe (to), pochna, poonjunna. 
Wire, tar. 

Wisdom, uql wundee, tukraee, gyanee. 
Wish (to), chahona, lorna. 
Wisher, chah ne wala, lorne wala. 
Wit, mooshkuree, t hutta. 
Witch, jadoo gurnee, sir hut hee, toone walee. 

WIT ( 284 ) WOR 

Witchcraft, jadoo nal, sir nal, toone nal, muntur nal. 

With, sete, t hon. 

Withal, isthan sugoii, ede nal. 

Withdraw (to), huta dena, chjuidoiina. 

Wither (to), koomlouna, sook h jana. 

Withhold, rokna, wurjunna, ut kouna. 

Within, undur lee wul, undur le pase. 

Without, bahur le wul, bahur le pase. 

Withstand (to), syhna, jurna, j hulunna. 

Witless, be uql, kumla, baola. 

Witness, oogaha, shahud, shuhudee. 

Witty, thutte mushkuree nal, huse bhane. 

Wizard, jadoo gurnee, ghagur huthee, toone khoree. 

Woe, sog, humsos, dil geree. 

Woful, sog, humsos nal. 

Wolf, bhugyar, baga, bughaila. 

Woman, teemee. 

Womb, kok h, nab h. 

Wonder (to), uchuruj kurna, uchumba ulokar kurna. 

Wonderful, uchuruj dee. [reha hoya. 

Wonderstruck, trekya hoya, tub kya hoya, hukra pukra. 

Wont (to be), wadee, ban, wale bona. 

Woo, ashuq bona, ashuqee kumounee. 

Wood, lukree, 2 jungul, bela, jhul. 

Wooden, kat h dee, lukree dee. 

Wool, oon, jut. 

Word (a), gul. 

Work, kum, kar. 

Workman, kareegur, meenutee, kar wala. 

Workshop, kar khanu. 

World, doonya. 

Worldly, doonya daree. 

Worm, keera. 

Wormeaten, keerean da khada hoya. 

Wornout, pooranee hooee hooee, gliusee hooee. 

Worry (to), bhun, murorke marna. 

Worse, mare nalon mara. 

Worst, subnn nalon mara, uth mara, nu kisht. 

Worth, qeemut. 

Worthy laeqdar, chunga. 

Worthless, ni kumma, ni karu. 

WOT ( 285 ) YEA 

Wot (to), janunna puhchanunna, muloom kurna. 

Wound, jukhm, phat. 

Wrangle (to), bysna, j hugurna, jid kurnee. 

Wrangler (a), bysun wala, j haguroo, roule khora. 

Wrap (to), vuletna, lupetna, wulna, tyh kurna. 

Wrapper, bustunee, boochka, roomal. 

Wrath, krodh, glioossu, huruk,h. [lenee. 

Wreak (to), wutta lena, budla lena, bhajee lenee, waree 

Wreck, beree de dukra bona. 

Wrench (to), murorna, torna, tor lena. 

Wrest (to), kho or khos lena. 

Wrestler, koostee kurun wala, gholatya, pulwan. 

Wretch, khotah, budjat. 

Wretched, hyranee, hukra pukra, sogee, dilgeeree. 

Wriggle (to), pase marne, pase murorne. 

Wright, tuk han, badee. 

Wring (to), nichorna, murorna, nu pitunna. 

Wrinkle, chirooryan, tirooryan. 

Wrist, veenee, goot. 

Write (to), lik hna. 

Writer, lik.haree. 

Writhe (to), shureer wutna, murorne lene. 

Wrong, bhool, visur, chook, okh. 

Wrong-doer, goonahee. 

Wrong-headed, jidya, uree khora. 

Wroth, krodhwan, hurakhwan. 

Wrought, suwarya, bunya. 

Wry, tedha, vinga, trich ha. 

Wry-necked, tedhee d,haon, muroya hoee gul. 

Yard, ungun, 2 guj. 

Yarn, soot, taga. 

Yawn (to), oobasee, oobasa lena. 

Ye, too see. 

Yea, hanjee. 

Year, wurra, burus. 

Yearly, wurre da, wurre dinanda, wurre wuere. 

Yearn (to), buhoot chahona. 

o 2 

YEA ( 286 ) zoo 

Yeast, kliumeer, vesooii. 

Yell (to), ehichilouna, roulee pounee. 

Yellow, jurd, peela. 

Yelp (to), bhoun kunna, choun kunna. 

Yes, hanjee. 

Yesterday, kul. ^. 

Yesterday niglit, kul rat noon. 

Yet, hoone teek. 

Yield (to), dena, de dena. 

Yoke, jot urlee, joola, p hut, mootyse. 

Yon, odur. 

You, too see. 

Young, juwan, g,hubroo. 

Youngest, subna nalon, chhota, thoree oomrda. 

Yourself, too ap. 

Youth, jobun juwanee vich, ghubrede. 

Youthful, nuwa juwan, thoree oomr walan vich. 


Zany, nukulee, sangee, titchuree. 

Zealous, tej, kala, tutta, oukhur. 

Zebra, gor k hur. 

Zest, suwad, chakoo, chikera. 

Zigzag, ving, turinga, tedha tedha. 

Zone, lukbun, luk da safa. 

Zoography, pujsooan or d.handean da verwar. 







Gender. — With respect to Gender, the rules laid 
down in the Grammars of Shakespear and Yates for 
the Hindoostani language, are equally applicable to the 
Punjabee. The same difficulty, however, exists in dis- 
criminating the Genders of Nouns aright, and practice 
alone must be appealed to, as the only sure guide. The 
terms murddnu and junanu, are used in Punjabee, to 
express the Masculine and Feminine. 

Number. — The numbers are two, singular and plural. 
The plural termination of all nouns, whether Masculine, 
or Feminine, is an ; thus — 

Teemee, a woman. 
Munookh^ a man, 
Rookh, a tree. 
Ghur, a house. 
Gul, a word. 

Teemeedn, women. 
Munookkdn, men. 
Rookjidn, trees. 
Ghurdn, houses. 
Guldn, words. 

Most nouns are immutable in the singular, though 
some few, whose singular termination is a, change it 
to e, in the inflected cases, thus — moondd, a child, moonde, 
da, de, dee, of a child. 

Post-positions — To form the various cases besides the 
nominative, post-positions are generally used with nouns 
in their inflected states, thus — 

For the Genitive, or Relative case, da, de, dee. 

For the Dative, Accusative or Final case, noon, 

17 i-T, Aui i.- r Initial, te, se,on, than. 

For the Ablative, < ^ . . i ./ /_ .S- 

' L instrumental, te, se, on, tfion. 

Locative, vote, vich, 



E s bazar dee, kee* dustoor hue ? 
What is the custom of this bazar ? 

Muen o=* noon kum de anga * 
I will give the business to him. 

Muen tue thon kum la anga. 

I will take the business from thee. 

Oik do pulan vich* phirega. 

He will return in a minute or two. 

G hore oote* kathee pyee hue ki naheen ? 
Is the horse saddled or not ? 

The rules laid down in Hindoostani Grammar, for 
the use of ha, he, hee, are equally applicable to da, de, 
dee, in Punjabee, the rest of the post-positions admit 
not of change. 


Rwjd noon, to the prince. 
Deodee oote, at the door. 
G hur vich, in the house. 

In the two last examples, the post-position de is 
omitted, the sense being clear without it. 

The Vocative case. — The terminations o, e, or oe are 
usually applied. 

Declension. — The declension of Nouns may be exhi- 
bited in the following examples : — 

Moonda, a Boy. 

Singular. Plural. 

N. Moonda, a boy. 
G. or R. Moonde da, de, dee, of 

a boy. 
D. Moonde noon, to a boy. 
A. Moonde noon, a boy. 
V. be moonde, O boy. 
Abl. Moonde te, se, than, 

from a boy. 

Moondedn, boys. 

Moon dean da, de, dee, of boys. 

Moondedn noon, to boys. 
Moondedn noon, boys. 
O moondeo, O boys. 
Moondedn thon, from boys. 

* Vide Index and References to Grammatical Notes. 

Teemee, a 

N. Teemee, a woman. 
G. Teemee da, de, dee, of a woman. 
D. Teemee noon, to a woman. 
A. Teemee, a woman. 
V. e Teemee, O woman. 
Abl. Teemee te, se, tlion, from a 


Teemeedn, women. 
Teemeedn da, de, dee, of women. 
Teemeedn noon, to women. 
Teemeedn noon, women, 
e Teemeed, O women. 
Teemeedn te, se, than, from 

N. Gul, a word. 
G. Gul da, de, dee, of a word. 
D. Gul noon, to a word. 
A. Gul noon, a word. 
V. e Gul, O word. 
Abl. Gul te, se, thon, by a word 

Gul, a Word. 

Guld,n, words. 

Guldn dd, de dee, of words. 
Guldn noon, to words. 
Guldn noon, words. 
e Guldn^ O words. 
Guldn te, se, thon, by words. 

The Cardinal and aggregate numbers often take 
the plural termination an to denote emphasis, or plura- 
lity, as in the following example : — 

Suehreean, Jmjaran, liikJian, pindan, hor nugrean, wusee^ 
an, hor wusdean, jdndean, Jiuen ; — hundreds, thousands, 
hundreds of thousands, of towns and villages have been, 
and are continuing being, inhabited. 

In like manner, and for the same reason, do nouns of 
time take the termination an. 


Dinan, muJieenmn, wurrean, huJiootean thon, onoon nu- 
lieen milija, — I have not seen him many days, months, 

Adjectives admit of changes in their finals so as to 
agree with their substantives ; in Hindoostani, adjec- 
tives rarely assume the plural terminations, when fol- 
lowed by their substantives in the plural number, but 
in Punjabee, the adjective, substantive, and verb, very 
frequently all take the plural terminations in the same 


Ranean pas hahooteean, goleean, soneean, rendeean 


hueji — the Queen has many beautiful slaves attending 
upon her. 

To denote the comparative and superlative degrees, 
no peculiar form of adjectives exist in Punjabee, but 
the following examples will show how such are usually 

Positive. — Chunga, — good. 

Comparative. — Uge than, or ugenalon or horna tJion, or 
nalon, or horna pason hoiiia moodon, chwiga — better. 

Superlative. — Suhna nalon, suhston, huhoot buhoota uth- 
huhoota chunga — very good. 

Positive. — Mara — bad . 

Comparative. — TJge thon, or uge nalon, or horna thon, 
or nalon, or horna pason, or mmdon mara — worse. 

Superlative. — Suhna nalon, suhston, huhoot buhoota, uth- 
huhoota, nidra, — worst. 

The adjunct of similitude, which in Hindoostani is sa, 
is expressed in Punjabee by the words jiha, vurga, or 
wurga, which, like sa, change their finals, so as to agree 
with the nouns they qualify. 


Munoohh jiha, like a man. 
Teemee jihee, like a woman. 
Roohh jihja, like a tree. 

Keendur sup wurga. — The eel resembles a snake. 

E h roopiyu os vurga hue. — This rupee resembles that. 



The Personal pronouns are three, and are thus declined. 

First Person. 

Muen, I. 


N. Muen, I 

G. Mera,meremeree,vame,oiv[ie. 

D. Muenoon, to me. 

A. Muenoon, me. 

Abl. Muetfiori) from me. 

Ussee, we. 
Sa da, de, dee, our, of us. 
Sd noon, to us. 
Sd noon, us. 
Sd tfidn, from us. 

N. Too, thou. 
G. Terd, tere, teree, 

D. Tuenoon, to thee. 

A. Tue noon, thee. 

V. e Too, O thou. 

Abl. Tue tfidn, from thee. 

Second Person. 

Too, Thou. 

Too see, ye. 
thine, of Toohd da, de, dee,'\ your. 
Toohd da, de dee,J o£ you. 
Toohd noon,'] . 
Toosa noon, J ^ ?""• 
Toohd noon, \ 
O too see, O you. 
Toohd tfidn, from you. 

Third Person. 
O, he, she, it. 

N. O he, she, it. 
G. O da, de, dee, of him &c. 
D. O noon, 5s noon, to him. 
A. noon, os noon, him. 
Abl. O tfidn, OS tfidn, from him. 

Ohd dhe they. 
Onddd, de, dee, of them, 
Ond noon, to them. 
Ond noon, them. 
Ond tfidn, from them. 

The Demonstrative Pronouns 

Are — O, that, and eh or eho, this, and are thus de- 
clined — 


N. O that, 
G. Os ddy de dee^ odd, de, dee, of 

D. Os noon, o noon, to that. 
A. Os noon, o noon, that. 
Abl. Os than, o than, from that. 

O, That. 

Oho, those. 
Onan da, de, dee, of those. 

Ona noon, to those. * 
Ona noon, those. 
Ona thon, from those. 

^ Singular. 
N. Eh, this. 
p f E^s, da, dS, dee, \ 
\ ^e da, de, dee J 
!>, Es noon, e noon, to this. 
A. E^s noon, e noon, this 

E% or eho, this. 

E^ho, these. 
E^ndn da, de, dee, of these. 

of this. 

E nd noon, to these. 
E 7id noon, these. 

Abl. E^s thon, e thon, from this. E na thon, from these. 

The common or reflective pronoun Ap, self, myself 
thyself, &c. 

Singular and Plural. 

N. Ap, self, myself, thyself, &c. 

G. Ap da, de, dee, or upna upne, 

D. Ap noon, up noon, to myself, &c. 

A. Ap noon, up noon, myself, &c. 

Abl. Ap tfion, upne thon, from myself. &c. 

The Interrogative Pronoun. 
Koun, who, which, what. 

N. Koun, who, which, what. 
G. Kera da, de, dee, of whom. 
D. Kee noon, Ms noon, to whom. 
A. Kee noon, kis noon, whom. 
Abl. Kee thon, kis thon, from 

Kere, who, which, what. 
Kindn dd, de, dee, of whom. 
Kind noon, to whom. 
Kind noon, whom. 
Kind thon, from whom. 

The above may be used absolutely with respect to per- 
sons, and adjectively with respect to either persons or 
things, but in an absolute sense, not applied to persons. 
The pronoun kee, corresponding with kya, is generally 
adopted, and is thus declined : — 


Kee, What. 

Singular and Plural. 
N. and A. Kee, what. 
p C Kee da, de dee^ f h t 

■ \ Kis da, dty dee,] 
D. Kee noon, kis noon, to what. 
Abl. Kee than, kis thon, from what. 

The Relative Pronoun. 

Singular. Plural. 

N. Jera, who, which, what. Jinan, who, which, what. 

^- {S fa, dt dee'}°^ ^^'"^- ■^^'^"«' '^^' '^^' ''''' °^ ''''°™- 
D. Jee noon,jis noon, to whom, i Jina noon, to whom. 
A. Jee noon,jis noon, whom. | Jina noon, whom. 
A}[A.Jeethdn^jisthdn,^YOTCi'^'\iOVCi Jina thon, from whom. 

The Correllative. 

of that. 

N. Teha, that, he, 
p r Tee da, de, dee'\ 
' \ Tis, da, de dee, J 
D. Tee noon, tis noon, to that. 
A. Tee noon, tis noon, that. 
Abl. Tee thon, tis //io/^,fromthat. 

Tehan, those, they. 

Tinan da, de, dee, of those. 

Tina noon, to those. 
Tina noon, those. 
Tina t hon, from those. 


Koee, a, any. 

N. Koee, any. 

G. Kise da, de, dee, of any. 

D. Kise noon, to any. 

A. Kise noon, any. 

Abl. Kise thon, from any. 

Koojh or kooch, some. 
Koojh or kooch, some. 
Kise da, de, dee, of some. 
Kise noon, to some. 
Kise noon, some. 
Kise thon, from some. 

Some of the pronouns admit of composition, and each 
portion of the compound is liable to inflection, as — 

Je' koee, whoever, jis kise da, de, dee, of whomever, 
jis Mse noon, 8^c. 8fc, S^c. 


The formation of the moods and tenses. 

The Imperative, — For the second person singular is the 
mere root as ahh, dus, hoi. 

The Infinitive. — Is formed by adding to the root the 
terminations na, ne, noon^ or nujan, as in Hindoostani, 
but the termination un is frequently used in Punjabee, 
thus — -jaim, to go — omm, to come — lounun, to bring. 

This form of the verb is in constant use as gerund, 
thus khaun waste for the sake of eating, peeim noon, 
for drinking. 

The Past Participle — Is formed by adding, a, ya, e, 
ee, een, or eean, according to the gender of the govern- 
ing noun (Vide Dialogues for various examples.) There 
are one or two exceptions to the above rule ; thus — hurna 
to make ; heeta, made ; dena, to give ; ditta, given. 

The Present Participle — Is formed by adding to the 
root the terminations da, de, dee^ deen, or deean; as muen 
holda hdn, I speak. 

The Past Conjunctive Participle, — Corresponds with 
that in Hindoostani. 

TJie Past Indefinite Tense — Is the same as the past 

The Pluperfect, or Past Past — Is formed by subjoin- 
ing the auxiliary past, to the past participle, as muen 
ahjiya see,* 

T^he Past Definite or Past Present — Is formed by ad- 
ding the auxiliary present, to the past participle, as too 
akhya hue. 

The Past Future — Is obtained by the application of 
the auxiliary future to the past participle, as o goundee 
howe, she may, or will be singing. 

* Vide Grammatical Note, 1. 


The Past Conditional or Optative. — By the addition of 
the present indefinite to the past participle, with a con- 
ditional or optative adverb as jet ha muen hold hoonda. 
If I had spoken. When two or more words come toge- 
ther, each of which might take the nasal termination n 
or an, the sign is usually dropped in Hindoostani, but in 
Punjabee, as has been before remarked, the adjective 
pronoun, noun, and verb, frequently take the termina- 
tion an in the same sentence. 


tndn pinddn deedn kheteedn buhooteedn uchheedn dhy- 
eedn Jhonedn wdleedn huen. — In these villages, fields, 
there is a great deal of excellent rice cultivated. 

The Present Indefinite Tense — Is the same in form as 
the present participle, thus mar da, holdd,jdndd, hurdd, &c. 

The Imperfect or Present Past — Is obtained by adding 
the auxiliary past to the present participle, as muen 
rndrda sd, I was striking. 

The Present Definite or Present Present — Is formed by 
the addition of the auxiliary present to the present par- 
ticiple, as muen boldd Jidn, I am speaking. 

By the present indefinite tense, moreover, with a con- 
ditional conjunction or adverb of wishing, expressed or 
understood, the conditional or optative sense may be 
expressed, as jethd muen jubdn hoo hungdd tdn, huhoot 
khooshee ndl koondd. If I could speak the language, 
then I would with pleasure speak. 

When several plural feminines meet together, which 
would regularly end in een or eedn, the numerical sign 
n or an is omitted in Hindoostani in all such words 
but the last. In Punjabee, on the contrary, as has been 
before observed, the terminations frequently occur toge- 
ther, thus o teemeedn nmrydn gyeedn, huen, they (females) 
have been beaten. 

The Future Indefinite or Aorist — Is formed by affixing 
to the root the terminations hdn, e, e, for the singular, 
and hen^ o hen for the plural. 


Muen cJmJidn, too chahe, o cJmhe, ussee clidhen, too see 
cJidho, oho chdhen. 

In an indicative or more absolute sense, the future 
definite is obtained by, adding anga, enga, ega, enge, 
oge, enge. 


Muen jddnga, toojakenga, ojaega, ussee jaeyige, too see 
jaoge, oho jaenge. 

The Imperative. — For the second person singular is 
the mere root, and for the other persons it is the same 
as the future indefinite or aorist. 

TJie Respectful or Precative Form of the Future and Im- 
perative — Is obtained by adding iye ox ho thus, toojaiye^ 
too seejaho. 

Compound Verbs, 
Do not require notice, as, with some trifling difference 
of terminations, they correspond with those laid down 
in Shakespear's Grammar. 

The passive voice is formed as in Hisdootaniby 
adding to the simple past participle the verb jana^ or 
jaun to go, in such tense as may be requisite ; all thd 
parts of this compound, admitting of the usual changes 
to agree in gender and number with the governing ndun. 
The auxiliaries used in forming the definite tenses of 
verbs are as follows. 

The Past. 
Singular. Plural. 

Muen san, I was, &c. 
Too se or see, thou wast. 
see, he was. 

Usse se, we were, &c. 
Too see see, ye were. 
Ohd see or sun, they werci 


Singular. Plural. 

Muen hdn, I ani. 1 Ussee hnn, we are. 
Too hui, thou art. Too see ho, ye are. 

hu6, he is. | OkQ huen or hun, they are. 



Singular. Plural. 

Muen hooon, I shall be. 
Too howe, thou shalt be. 
howi, he shall be. 

Ussee howen, we shall b6. 

Too see hoo^ ye shall be. 

Oho howen, they shall be. 


Singular. Plural. 

Muen hodnga, I shall be. 
Too howenga, thou shalt be. 
howiga, he shall be. 

Ussee hoenge, we shall be. 
Too see hoog^, ye shall be. 
Oho hoenge^ they shall be. 

Conditional or Optative. 

Singular. Plural. 

Muen hoonda, I become. 
Too hoonda, thou becomest. 
O hoonda, he becomes. 

Ussee hoonde, we become. 
Too see hoonde, ye become, 
Oho hoonde^ they become* 

Conjugation of the verb jana. 

Infinitive or Gerund. 
Jana or Jaun, to go. 

Past Participle. 

Singular. Plural. 

Gya or gya hoy a, gone. | Gye gye hooe, gone. 

Present Participle. 

Singular. Plural. 

Janda or jandd hoy a, going. \ Jande or jande hoo4, going. 

Past conjunctive Participle. 

Singular and Plural. 
Jd, ja6, jaki^ jakur, ja kurke, ja kurkur, having going. 

Past Indefinite Tense. 

Singular. Plural. 

CMuen, I went. 
Gya.< Too, thou wentest. 
\^0, he went. 

r Ussee, we went. 
GycA To see, ye went. 
\jjh0y they went. 


Pluperfect or Past Past. 

Was gone. 
Singular. Plural. 

Muen gya san or see, I was gone. 
Too gydse or see, thou wast gone. 

gya se or see, he was gone. 

Ussee gye sa7i or see, we were gone. 
Too see gye s6 or see, ye were 
_ gone. 
Oho gye se or sun, they were gone. 

Past Definite or Past Present Tense. 
Am gone. 

Singular. Plural. 

Muen gya han, I am gone. 
Too gya hu^, thou art gone. 
V gya hur, he is gone. 

Ussee gye han, we are gone. 
Too see gye ho, ye are gone. 
Oho gye huen ot hun, they are 

Past Future Tense. 
May, shall, or will have gone. 
Singular. Plural. 

Muen gya hooon, I shall have 

Too gya howe, thou shalt have 
_ gone. 
O gya hdw4, he shall have gone. 

Ussee gye fiowen, we shall have 

Too see gye hoho, ye shall have 
_ gone. 
Oho gye hon, they shall have gone. 


Shall will or may haye gone. 

Singular. Plural. 

Muen gya hoanga I shall have 

Too gya howenga, thou shalt have 
_ gone. 
O gya howega, he shall have 


Ussee gyehowange, we shall have 

Too see gyehooge, ye shall have 
__ gone. 
Oho gye honge, they shall have 


Past Conditional or Optative Tense. 
If would to God, I had gone. 
Singular. Plural. 

Jet ha muen gya hoonda, if I had 

Jet ha too gya hoonda, if thou 

hadst gone. 
Jetjia o gya hoonda, if he had 


Jet ha ussee gyehoonde, if we had 

Jet ha too see gyi hoonde, if ye 

had gone. 
Jetjia oho gyehoonde, if they had 



Present Indefinite Tense. 

Muen jandd I go. 
Too janday thou goest. 
janda, he goes. 

Ussee jande^ we ^o. 
Too seejande^ ye go. 
Oho jandey they go. 

Imperfect or Present Past Tense. 
Was going. 

Singular. Plural. 

Muen janda san, or see, I was Ussee jande san, we were going. 


Too janda se or see, thou wast Too see jande se, ye were going. 

_ going- 

janda see, he was going. Oho jande sun, they were going. 

Present Definite or Present Present Tense. 
Am going. 

Muen janda han, I am going. 
Too janda hu4, thou art going. 
janda hu6, he is going. 

Ussee jande han, we are going. 
Too see jande ho, ye are going. 
Oho jande huen or hun, they are 


Present Future Tense. 
May, shall, or will be going. 

Muen janda hooon, I may be 

Too janda howe, thou mayst be 
_ going. 
janda hooo, he may be going. 

Ussee jande how en, we may be 

Too jande hoo, ye may be going. 

Oho jande howen or hon, they 
may be going. 


Shall, will, or may be going. 

Muen janda hoanga, I may be 

Too janda howenga, thou mayst 

be going. 
janda hoooga, hooo goo, he may 

be going. 

Ussee jande howange, we may be 

going. ^ 
Too see jande hoog^, ye may be 

_ go\"g- 

Oho jande howenge, honge, they 
may be going. 


Future Indefinite or Aorist. 
May, shall, or will go. 
Singular. Plural. 

Muen jana, I may go. 
Too jae, thou mayst go. 
Ojae^ he may go. 

Usseejaye, we may go. 
Too seejahb, ye may go. 
Oho jaw^n, they may go. 

Future Indefinite Tense, 
Shall, will, or may go. 

Singular. Plural. 

Muen jaanga, I shall go. 
Too jaenga, thou shalt go. 
Ojawega, he shall go. 

Ussee jaange, we shall go. 
Too seejaog(i., ye shall go. 
Ohojaenge they shall go. 


Singular. Plural. 

Muenjaoon, let me go. 
Tooja, go thou. 
Qjd6, let him go. 

Usseejayi, let us go. 
Too seejaho, go ye. 
Oho jaheen, let them go. 

Respectful and Precative forms of the Future ano 


You, Sir, may, shall, or will go. 

Singular. Plural. 

Ap jaiy6. \ Too seejaho. 

Conjugation of the verb ho, be, become. 

Imperative for the second person singular or Root, 
Ho, be, become. 

Infinitive or Gerund. 

Hona or hone or houn, to be, to become. 

Past Participle, 

Singular. Plural. 

Hbya, become. | Hbye, become. 

Present Participle. 


\bya, being, I Hoond^., or h 
becoming. | becoming. 

Singular. Plural. 

Hoonda, or hoonda hbya, being, I Hoond^, or hoonde hbye, being. 


Past conjunctive Participle. 

Singular and Plural. 

Ho, hoe, hoke, hokar, ho kurke, ho kurkur^ 

Having been, having become. 

Past Indefinite Tense. 

Singular. Plural. 

r Mue?i, I became. 
HoyaA Too, thou becamest. 
1^0, he became. 

{Ussee, we became. 
Too see, ye became. 
Oho, they became. 

Pluperfect, or Past Past. 
Had been, or become. 
Singular. Plural. 

Muen hoy a san or see, I have been. 
Too hoya se or see, thou hast 
_ been. 
O hoya see, he has been . 

Ussee hoye san, we have been. 
Too see hoye se, ye have been. 

Oho hoye sun, they have been. 

Past Definite or Past Present Tense. 
Have been or become. 

Muen hoya han, I have been. 
Too hoya hue, thou hast been. 
O hoya hue, he has been. 

Ussee hoe ho^^ we have been. 
Too see hoe ho, ye have been. 
Oho hoe huen or hun, they have 

Past Future Tense. 
May, shall, or will have been 

Muen hoya hooon, I may have 

Too hoya howe, thou mayst have 
_ been. 
O hoya howe, he may have 


Ussee hoe howen, we may have 

Too see hoe ho, ye may have 
_ been. 
Oho hoe hon, they may have 



Shall, will, or may have been. 

Muen hoya hoonga, I shall have 

Too hoya hdwega, thou shalt 
__ have been. 
O hoya howegd, or hooogoo, he 

shall have been. 


Ussee hoe howangi, we 

have been. 
Too see hoe hoge, ye shall have 
_ been. 

Oho hoe hoenge, they shall have 



Past Conditional or Optative Tense. 
If would to God, 1 had been. 

Je muen hoy a hoonda, if I had 

Je too hoya hoodd, if thou hadst 

Je o hoya hoonda, if he had 


Je ussee hoe hoode, if we had 

Je too see hoe hoonde, if ye had 

J4 oho hoe hoonde, if they had 


Present Indefinite Tense. 

Singular. Plural. 

Muen hoonda, I become. 
Too hoonda., thou becomest. 
hoonda, he becomes. 

Ussee hoonde, we become. 

Too see hoonde, ye become. 

Oho hoonde, they become. 

Imperfect or Present Past Tense. 
Was becoming. 

Muen hoonda sdn or see, I was 

Too hoonda se or see, thou wast 


Ussee hoonde sdn, or see, we were 

Too see hoonde sou, ye were 


hoonda see, he was becoming. Oho hoonde se or sun, they were 

I becoming. 

Present Definite or Present Tense. 

Am becoming. 

Singular. Plural. 

Muen hoonda hdn, I am becoming. Ussee hoonde han, we are becom- 

Too hoonda hue, thou art be- 

_ coming. 

hoonda hue, he is becoming. 


Too see hoonde ho, ye are becom- 

_ ing. 

Oho hoonde hun. thev are be- 

Present Future Tense. 

May, shall, or will be becoming. 

Singular. Plural. 

Ussee hoonde howen, we may be 

Too see hoonde hooo, ye may be 
_ becoming. 

Oho hoonde hon, they may be 

Muen hoonda hooon, I may be 

Too hoonda ho we, thou mayst 
_ be becoming. 
O hoonda hdwe, he may be be- 



Shall, will, or may be becoming. 

Muen hoonda hoanga, I shall be 

be becoming. 
Too hoonda howengd, thou shalt 
_ be becoming. 
hoonda, hoivega, or hooogoo, he 

shall be becoming. 

Ussee hoonde howenge, we shall 

be becoming. 
Too see hoonde hoge, ye shall 
_ be becoming. 
Oho hoonde hongc, they shall be 


Future Indefinite or Aorist. 
May, shall, or will become. 

Muen hooon, I may become. 
Too how^, thou mayst become. 
howif or hooo, he may become 

Ussee howen, we may become. 
Too see hod, ye may become. 
Oho hon, they may become. 

Future Indefinite Tense. 

Shall, will, or may become. 

Singular. Plural. 

Muen hoanga, I shall become. 
Too howega, thou shalt become. 
howega, or hooogoo, he shall 

Ussee howange, we shall become. 
Too see hoog^, ye shall become. 
Oho hoeng6, they shall become. 


Let me be. 

Muen hooon, let me be. 
Too ho, be thou. 
howe, let him be. 

Ussee hdw6n, let us be. 
Too see hoo, be ye. 
Oho hon, let them be. 

Respectful and Precative forms of the Future and 


Singular. Plural. 
Ap hoeee, Apa hoeee. 
May you, Sir, become. 

The Passive Voice. 
Imperative for the second person singular or Root. 

Sudyajd, be called. 

Infinitive or Gerund. 

Singular. Plural. 

Swrfyfl^rtwa, to be called. | /8^M</e y«W€, to be called. 


Past Participle. 

Singular. Plural, 

Sudya gya, been called. 

Sude gycy been called. 

Sudya janda, been called. 

Present Participle. 

I Sude jande, being called. 

Past Conjunctive Participle. 

Singular. Plural. 

Sudyttj ja, Jake, jakur, jakur ke^ 
jakur kur, having been called. 

Sude ja, jake, jakur, ja kurke, 
jakur kur, having been called. 

Pluperfect or Past Past Tense. 
Had been called. 

Singular. Plural. 

Muen sudya gya see, I had been \ Ussee sude gye sdn, we had been 

called. called. 

Too sudya gya se, or see, thou Too see sude gye sou or see, ye 
_ hadst been called. I _ had been called. 

sudya gya see, he had been ! Oho sude gye sun or see, they 


had been called. 

Past Definite or Past Present Tense. 
Have been called. 

Singular. Plural. 

Muen sudya gya han, I have been 

Too sudya gya hue, thou hast 
_ been called. 
O sudya gya hue, he has been 


Ussee sude gye han, we have 

been called. 
Too see sude gye ho, ye have 
_ been called. 
Oho sudye gye huen or hun, they 

have been called. 

Past Future Tense. 
May, shall, or will have been called. 

Muen sudya gya hooon, I may, 

have been called. 
Too sudya gya home, thou mayst 
_ have been called 
sudya gya howe or hooo, he 

may have been called. 


Ussee sude gye howen, we may 

have been called. 
7*00 see sude gye hoo, ye may 
_ have been called. 
Oho sude gye hon, they may 

have been called. 



Shall, will, or may, have been called. 

Muen sudya gya howanga, I shall 

have been called. 
Too sudya gya howega, thou shalt 
_ have been called. 
O sudya gya hoivega, he shall 

have been called. 

Ussee sude gye howange, we shall 

have been calied. 
Too see sude gye hooge ye shall 
_ have been called. 
Oho sude gye honge, they shall 

have been called. 

Past Conditional or Optative Tense. 
If would to God, I had been called. 

Je muen sudya gya hoonda, if I 

had been called. 
Je too sudya gya hoonda, if thou 

hadst been called 
Je sudya gya hoonda, if he had 

been called 

Je ussee sude gye hoonde if we 

had been called. 
Je too see sude gye hoonde, if ye 

had been called. 
Je oho sude gye hoonde, if they 

had been called. 

Present Indefinte Tense. 
Am called. 

Sino-ular. Plural. 

Muen sudya janda, I am called 
Too sudya janda, thou art called 
sudya janda, he is called. 

Ussee sude jande, we are called. 
Too see sude jande, ye are called. 
Oho sude jande, they are called. 

Imperfect or Present Past Tense. 
Was called. 

Muen sudya janda sdn, I was 

Too sudya janda se or see, thou 
_ wast called. 
sudya janda see, he was called. 

Ussee sude jande sdn, we were 

Too see sude jande souo, ye were 
_ called. 
Oho sude jande sun, they were 


Present Definite or Present Present. » 

Am being called. 

Ussee sude jande han, we are be- 
ing called. 
Too see sude jande ho, ye are be- 
_ ing called. 

Oho sude jande hun, they are 
being called. 


Muen sudya janda hdn, I am be- 
ing called. 

Too sudya janda hoe, thou art 

_ being called. 

sudya janda hue, he is being 


Muen sudya janda hooon, I may 

be called. 
Too sudya jdtida ho we thou 
_ mayst be called. 
O sudya jdnda howe, he may be 


Present Future Tense. 

May be called. 

Ussee sude jande howen, we may 

be called. 
Too see sude jande hoo, ye may 
_ be called. 
Oho sude jande hon, they may 

be called. 


Shall be called. 
Muen sudya janda hoanga, I 

shall be called. 
Too sudya jdnda howengd, thou 
_ shalt be called. 
sudya janda howegd, he shall 
be called. 

Ussee sude jnnd^ howdnge, we 

shall be called. 
Too see sude jande hooge^ ye 
_ shall be called. 
Oho sude jande hoenge, they 

shall be called. 

Future Indefinite or Aorist Tense. 
May, shall, or will be called. 

Muen sudya jaoon, I may be 

Too sudyajdwe ovjae, thou mayst 
_ be called. 
O sudya jdwe ov ja4, he may be 


Ussee sude jdye, we may be 

Too see sude jao, ye may be 

Oho sude jdiven^ they may be 


Future Indefinite Tense. 
Shall, will, or may be called. 

Muen sudya jddnga, I shall be 

Too sudya jdenga^ thou shalt be 
_ called. 

O sudya jaogoo orja^ga^ he shall 
^ be called. 

Let me be called 


Ussee sude jaange, we shall be 

Too see sude jaoge, ye shall be 

Oho sude jaenge^ they shall be 


Muen sudya jaoon, let me be 

Too sudya ja, be thou called. 
O sudya jdwi, let him be called. 

Ussee sudijaye, let us be called 

Too see sude jay o^ be ye called. 
Oho sude jaun^ let them be 


Respectful and Precative forms of the Future and 

Ap sudejaiyey may you, Sir, be called. 

Indeclinable Words. 

Besides the post-positions before enumerated, there 
are many words used in like manner, which being, for 
the most part, nouns, or participles governed by a sim- 
ple post-position understood generally, require de, or dee 
before them, and the most common of them which re- 
quire de are the following : — 

De kol, mood, pas, lag. 


uge, ugahan, 






oote, ootle, 


het h, huthahan, 

tule, neewa, par 

sugon, nalon, . . 



wutte, budle, . . 

burabur, sawan, 


joga, vurga, . . 

near, at the side. 

in company with. 

in front, before. 

in front, facing. 

within, in the inside. 
. . in, among, between. 

without or outside. 
. . in the rear, behind. 

* * >- on the top, above, upon. 
J- beneath, under. 

J- besides, except. 

on account, for. 
in exchange, instead, 
equal to, opposite to. 
into the hand. 

> fit, worthy, capable, 
use which take dee before 


jiha, laeq,. 

And the words most 
them are — 

Dee wul, .... on the side, towards. 

turan, in the manner, like. 

khater, leee, .... for the sake of. 

The adverbs of most frequent occurrence in Punjabee 
are the following — 




Hoon, teek, 

Kud or kudon, 

Kudon teek, 


Kudbee kudhain, 

Kudde kudde, 

Kudhe nu kudhe, 

Kudoii te, kudon kooda, 

Kud he nuheen, 

Jud, jis vele, 

Judon teek, 

Jud kudhe, 

Tud, tuddn teek, 

Uethe, ues thanw, 

Uethe hee, 

Uethe teek, 

Ot he, OS thanw, odur, . . 

Ot he hee. 

Kit he, kis thanw, 

Jithon, jis thanw. 

Jit he jit he, jis jis 

Kit he na kit he, 

Kise na kise thanw, 

Kithe nuheen, 

Kise thanw nuheen, 

Sare hee, hur t hanw, 

Hor the, hor kithe, 

Horus thanw, hordur, 

Uedur, udur noon, ues wul,\i , .,, 

Ues pase, ues thanw, .... J ' 

Kid,hur, .... where, w.hither. 

Kithe, kis thanw, kis wul,l , i -.i 

K. • _ / 1 /' ^1 / •• n > where, whither. 
IS pase, kere bune, jid hur, J 



to, until. 

until now. 


till when, how long. 

ever, some time. 

> sometimes. 

some time or other, 
since when 

till when, until, 

here, this place, 
exactly here, 
hitherto, to his degree, 
there, that place, 
exactly, there. [where, 

where, somewhere, any- 

'*'*?- some where or other. 


no where, 
> elsewhere. 

Oote, OS thanw, 

Os thikhane, os wul, 

Kithon, kidhuron, 

Kis thanw, 

Ues turan, ues kurk^, 

Uedur, odur. 

I there, thither. 


thus, in this manner, 
here and there. 



Jon ka teon. 

Use hee, ose wurga, . 

Ose vele, ose g,huree, 

Ose pul, 

Keon, kis turan, 

Teon, tis turan, 

Jeon, teon, kiwe na kiwe 

Kisee na^ kisee turah, . . . 

Ues turan, ues kurke, . . . 


Kis turan, kis kurke, . . . 

Jiha, tiha, juesa, tuesa, . 

Uetna, ituna, 


Kitna ko ketna, 


Kyee varee, 

Jitna varee, jue varee, . 

Jitne p here, jitne morke,. 

Tetne varee, tetne phere 

Tetne morke, 

Ik varee, 

Buhoote varee, p.hir p.hir. 

Moor gher, 

Varee varee, var o waree 

Phir, phirke, moorke. 

Din din, nit nit, roz roz. 

Rat de wuqt, rat noon. 

Rat de vele, rat vu rateen 

Rat dee rat, 

Humesh humeshan, 

Hur ghuree, dum bu dum 

Pul pul pur, 

Toort bu toortee, 

Phoortee nal, 

Shitabee nal, chetee nal, 

Kalee kurke, j hut nal, 

Kasht kurke, dum nal, 

Syjhe syjhe, houle houle 

Nima nima, russe russe, 

Ahiste ahiste. 



as before, 
as originally. 

exactly then. 


some how or other. 

as, so. 
this much, 
that much, 
how much, 
as much as. 
how often. 

as often. 

so often. 


often, repeatedly. 




by night. 


instantly, quickly. 

gently, gradually, softly. 


Tylir tyhr kurke, 

D heere dheere, 

Ik ek hoke, pue dur pue 

War o waree, 

Ugur pich hur^, ud o udee 

Jooda jooda, udh udh. 

Pal o palee, kitar kitar, 

Udh, wuk, jooda, 

Ek pase kurke, 

Sugon, sugnea, nale, . 

Nire, nikut, amo samhne 

Sun mookh, rooburoo, 

Bura burabur, pal o palee 

Nal de nal, ukuthe, 

Sath kurke, sung kurke 

Sanjee minjee, 

Pichon, mugron, 

Pichharean pichhon olee 

Pich he, mugur ounda, 


Juroor jurooran, 

D huko dhuke, 

K hwah muk hawah. 

Bud o budee, 


Chanchuk, uchuruj nal 

Ukut h nal, eke waree, 


Dooje, pich.hon olee, 

Unt vich, 




Uj kul, 


Chouuth, chouthe, 

Chulange, musojure, 

Laalee p hiree hooee, 

Oshair de vele, suvere, 

Oogde din nal, 

Churh de din da. 

> gently, gradually, softly. 

successfully, separately, 
I one by one. 




besides, moreover, 
near, about, 
pposite, face to 



> after, afterwards. 

> at the heel, following after. 

willing or not willing. 


suddenly, unawares. 

all at once. 

rather before, soon, first. 


at length. 





two days ago or to come. 

four days ago or to come. 

•at the dawn of day. 


Wuqt sur, vele de vele, . . from time to time. 

Undur, undur noon, .... 1 

Undur le pase, . . . . > within. 

Undur lee wul, • • • • J 

Uedur, .... on this side. 

Odur, on that side. 

Do een pase, do een wule, on both sides. 
Sara hee, hur kithe, ....^ 
Hurthanw, ' .... j every where. 

Ooludya, pooludya, . . . . ^ 

Mooda, sidha, uthahan, . . > upside down. 

Ootahan, upoota sidha, . . ) 

Buhoota, buhoot buhoota, " 

Buhoote nalon, buhoota, . . 

Buhoote t,hon, buhoota, . . Vmuch, very much. 

Subna t,hon buhoota, .... 

Ut h buhoota, J 

Hor, jeeadu,sugon, sugnea, more. 
Bus, anund, b hurpoor, , .1 , 

Poorun, supoorun, / ^^^^^ ^• 

Uksur, generally. 

Nika qissu, ik fful vich, . . 1 . . ^ 
Nooqtenal, ^ ....)'" ^'^^''t- 

Mooqurrur, .... most likely. 

Be shuqq, ni sung, . . . . | undoubtedly. 

Juroor bur juroor, .... J -^ 

Keon nuheen, .... it must be, why not. 

Hanjee, bhula jee, yes. 

Sut bujun, ucchee gul, . . certainly, in truth. 
Huqq be huqq, . . right or wrong. 

Such mooch, such michee,! ^ i • i i 
Theek bu t,heek, ....' | truly, indeed. 

Hurguz nuheen, 1 i _ . ^ n 

Kudhe' nuheen, . . . . | ^^ "« ™^^"«' "«* ^t ^"' 

Nuheen tan, .... otherwise, else. 

Na, .... no, do not. 

Kuda chit, .... perhaps. 

Hoonda howe, .... may be, perhaps. 

^hugwandee | would to God. 

Murjee hoondee, J 

Jet ha, .... unless. 





.... also. 

Je, jetha. 

.... if. 

Musula, urt,h. 

for example. 

Bhula je, hur puk. 

.... although. 

The words commonly adopted as interjections are the 

Wah wah, shabash, .... 1 ^| j 
D,hun d hun, afree baad, . . J 
K.huburdar, tuka ho, have a care. 

?la hoya, Z han, ! ! ! ! } ^^-' ^^-ge, fie, tush. 
Hut ja, dool ho, chulya ja,1 ^^ ^^^ 
Pure ho, pre de ho, . . . . / ° 

Vek.ho, see, look. 

Wah o wah, aha aha, astonishing. 

Choop kuro, soona, listen, hear. 



1 ek eko, 

2 do, 

3 tun, 

4 char, 

5 punj, 

6 che, 

7 sut, 

8 uth, 

9 now, 

10 dus, 

11 yarah, 

12 barah, 

13 teruh, 

14 chouduh, 

15 pundruh, 

16 soluh, 

17 sutarah, 

18 utharah, 

19 oonnee, 

20 vee, 

21 ikee, 

22 baee, 

23 teee, 

24 chouvee, 

25 punjee or puchee, 

26 chubee, 

27 sutaee, 

28 uthaee, 

29 oonuttee, 

30 tee, 

31 ukutee, 

32 butee 

33 tetee, 

34 choutee, 

35 pyntee. 

36 ehutee, 

37 syntee, 

38 uthuttee, 

39 oontalee, 

40 chalee, 

41 ektalee, 

42 butalee, 

43 tetalee, 

44 choutalee, 

45 puntalee, 

46 chutalee, 

47 suntalee, 

48 uthtalee, 

49 oonunjar, 

50 punj ah, 

51 ukwunja, 

52 buwunja, 

53 tuwunja, 

54 choorunja, 

55 puchwunja, 

56 chupunja. 

57 sutwunja, 

58 uthwunja, 

59 oonath, 

60 suth, 

61 ekahath, 

62 bahuth, 

63 teehet h, 

64 chouuth, 

65 pyuth, 

66 cheuth, 

67 sutauth, 

68 hutaut'h, 

69 oon huttur, 

70 suttur, 


71 hukhuttur. 

112 bareah sou. 

72 buhuttur. 

113 tereah sou. 

73 tehuttur. 

114 choudeah sou. 

74 chouhuttur. 

115 pundreah sou. 

75 punjhuttur. 

116 soleah sou. 

76 chehuttur. 

117 sutareah sou. 

77 suthuttur. 

118 uthareah sou. 

78 uthhuttur. 

119 ooneeah sou. 

79 oonasee. 

120 veeah sou. 

80 assee. 

121 ekeeah sou. 

81 ikeeasee. 

122 baeeah sou. 

82 beasee. 

123 teeeah sou. 

83 leasee, tirasee. 

1 24 chouweeah sou. 

84 chourasee. 

125 punjeeah sou. 

85 puchasee. 

126 chubeeah sou. 

86 cheasee. 

127 sutaeeah sou. 

87 sutasee. 

128 uthaeeah sou. 

88 uthasee. 

129 oonutheeah sou. 

89 oonanuwee. 

130 teeah'sou. 

90 nubbe. 

131 ekutheeah sou. 

91 ikanuwe. 

132 buteeah sou. 

92 banwe. 

133 teteeah sou. 

93 trenuwe. 

134 chouteeah sou. 

94 chouranuwe. 

135 pjnteeahsou. 

95 puchanuwe. 

136 chuteeah sou. 

96 cheanuwe. 

137 synteeah sou. 

97 sutanuwe. 

138 uthutheeah sou. 

98 uthaiiuwe. 

139 oontaleah sou. 

99 nurinwe. 

140 chaleeah sou. 

100 sou. 

141 ektaleeah sou. 

101 ikotur sou. 

142 betaleeah sou. 

102 burotur sou. 

143 tetaleeab sou. 

103 turotur sou. 

144 choutaleeah sou. 

104 chourotur sou. 

145 puntaleeah sou. 

105 puchotur sou. 

146 chetaleeah sou. 

106 cheotur sou. 

147 suntaleeah sou. 

107 sutotur sou. 

148 uthtaleeah sou. 

108 uthotur sou. 

149 oonunjoo sou. 

109 nurotur sou. 

150 punjouoo sou. 

110 dusotur sou, 

151 ekwunjoo sou. 

111 yarah sou. 

152 buwunjoo sou. 


153 turwunjoo sou, 

154 chouruiijoo sou. 

177 sut buttura sou, 

178 uthbutura sou. 

155 puchwanjoo sou, 

156 chupuiijoo sou, 

157 sutwuujoo sou, 

158 uthwuiijoo sou. 

179 oonaseeab sou, 

180 usseeab, sou, 

181 ekaseeah 

182 beaseeab sou. 

159 oonathur sou. 

183 teaseeab, sou, 

160 suthar sou. 

184 cbouraseeab sou. 

161 ukatur sou, 

162 batur sou. 

185 pucbaseeab sou, 

186 cbeaseeab sou. 

163 tretur sou. 

187 sutaseeab sou. 

164 choutur sou. 

188 utbaseeab sou. 

165 pyntur sou. 

189 oonanoo sou, 

166 cheatur sou. 

190 nubboo sou. 

167 sutatur sou. 

191 ukanoo sou. 

168 uthatur sou. 

192 banoo sou. 

169 oonutura sou. 

193 trenoo sou. 

170 suthura sou. 

194 cbouranoo sou. 

171 ekhuthura sou. 

195 puchanoo sou. 

172 buhut.hura sou. 

196 cheanoo sou. 

173 tuhuthura sou. 

197 sutanoo sou. 

174 cliouhutbura sou. 

198 uthanoo sou. 

175 pucbbutbura sou, 

176 chehutbura sou. 

199 nurinnoon sou. 

200 do soe. 

After 200 the calculation goes on by the addition of 
the regular cardinal numbers thus : — 

Do sue ek. 
Do sue do. 
Do sue teen. 
Do sue char. 
Do sue punj, &c. 

The Ordinals are 

6th, chewan. 
7th, sustwan. 
8th, uthwan. 
9th, nouwan. 
10th, duswan. 

And so forth by adding wan to the cardinals. 
In Punjabee the following ordinals are frequently 
used instead of the above : — 

1st, puehla. 
2nd, doosra. 
3rd, teesra. 
4th, choutha. 
5 th, punj wan. 


1st, burkut 

6th, chea. 

2nd, (low a. 

7th, suta. 

3rd, wada. 

8th, atha. 

4th, chara. 

9th, nuea. 

5th, punja. 

10th, dasa. 

And so forth 


the additon of a to the cardinal 

numbers up to 100. 

The aggregate 


collective numbers are. 

A two. 

- . . . jora or jota or dookree. 

A ■fnnr 

fgunda, or chouguree, or 
* ' * ' L choukur choukur. 


A five. 

.... panj a or punjuree, or punj a. 

A six. 

.... chukureeorchukurchukur. 

An eight. 


A ten. 

..... dusa dasa. 

A twenty. 

.... vee. 

A forty. 


A sixty. 

.... sut h. 

A hundred. 

.... suekra. 

A thousand. 

.... lukh. 

A ten millions. 


A hundred millions. 




Proportionals and reduplicates are formed by adding 
the following : — 

Doohra, do pulla. 
Do pasa, do eeuna. 
Do lura, do dohra. 
Do goochee, do chhula, 
Doo kuree, do wunee. 
Do chunda, do puk,ha. 


two folds or rows, 


Do masa, 
Tu masa. 
Pouna pao, 

^ih of a chutack. 

I a chutack or sursaee. 

f of a chutack. 

3 chutacks. 

equal to two ounces. 

8th of a seer. 

3 chutacks. 

4th of a seer. 


Suwa pao. 

five chutacks. 

Dood pao. 

six chutacks. 

Ud h seer. 

eight chutacks. 

Pouna seer. 

twelve chutacks. 


sixteen chutacks. 

Suwa seer. 

one seer and a quarter. 

Derh seer, dood seer. 

one seer and a half. 

Poune do. 

one and three quarters. 

Do seer. 

corresponding with 41b 


Suwa do seer. 

two seers and a quarter. 

D haee seer, 

' two seers and a half. 

Poune tun seer. 

two seers & three quarters. 

Tun seer. 

61b English. 

Suwa tun. 

three and a quarter. 

Sade tun. 

three and a half. 

Poune char. 

three and three quarters. 


four seers. 

Poune dus, 

9 and three quarters. [(125). 

Suwa sou. 

one hundred & a quarter 

D haee sue. 

two hundred & fifty. 

Months of 

THE Year. 





' Chait, 




Jeth, ' 

. . May. 


. . June. 













Days of the Week. 
















Names of the Seasons. 
Syal, seet, or shurdee, . . The cold weather. 
Buhar, .. The sprmg. 

Gurmee, . . The hot weather. 

Wurkjia or bursat, . . The rainy season. 





fbap, papoo, pitr 
L lala pitr sing h. 
/dada, baba, dadool, 
\ halee. 

pur dada, pur dade halee. 

nukur dada. 

peeree sudee. 

{ma, umma mata, maee, 
bobo, unee bobo. 
fdadee wudee, umma, pur 
\ dadee. 
pur dadee. 
nugur dadee. 


Great grandfather. 
Great great grandfather, 
A generation. 



Great grandmother 

Great great grandmother. 

Maternal grandmother. 

Great grandmother. 

Great great grandmother. 

Maternal grand father. 

Maternal great grandfa- 

Maternal great great grand- 1 ^^j^^^ ^^.^^^ 
lather, J 

Brother, b haee prao, bhyeea prawa. 

Brother's son or nephew,. . bhuteeja, bhutteej. 

Brother's daughter or niece, b huteejee. 

Son, . . pootr, beta, lurka, shor. 

T>, 1 ^ f d hee, betee, pootree, kun va. 

Daughter, ..j ■ ^^^^^^ 

pur nanee. 
nukur nanee. 






Grandson or son's son. 
Granddaughter's son. 
Daughter's daughter. 
Great grandson. 
Great granddaughter, 
Great great grandson. 
Great great granddaughter 
Paternal aunt. 
Paternal aunt's husband,. 
Paternal uncle's younge 

Father's elder brother, . 
Maternal aunt. 
Maternal uncle. 
Maternal aunt's husband. 
Maternal uncle's wife, , 


Wife's family, 

Wife's father or father-in 

Wife's father's father. 
Wife's mother or mother 

Wife's mother's mother, . 
Wife's brother, 
Wife'§ brother's wife. 
Wife's sister, 
Brother-in-law's family, . 
Wife's mother's brother, . 
Wife's mother's brother' 

Wife's mother's father, . 
Wife's mother's father'; 


Wife's father's brother. 

Wife's father's sister. 
Son's father and mother' 




pur otura pur dota. 

pur oturee pur dotee. 

nukur dota. 

nukur dotee. 

b hooa p hoop hee. 


> chacha, chache. 

taiyur baba. 

masee, museree. 

mama mumera. 


mamee mumeree. 
fvoteerun, bohoo, teemee, 
(^ istree naree. 

{nar, worut, ghurwalee soure 
an de lok. . 


dade oura. 


sala, sulera. 
sale har. 

> mules. 




{pateeoura (elder) chiche- 
oura (younger.) 
p hoophes phoophulee. 
\ koorm halee, koosmut koor. 
j ma charee. 


Son's wife. . . noho bohoo. 

Son's wife's father, . . koorm. 

Son's wife's mother, . . koorm unee. 

Son's wife's father's brother, koormeta. 

Son's wife's mother's sister, kormetee. 

Daughter's family-in-law, . koorm koorm ut, suga ritee. 

Daughter's husband, . . juwaee jawatru. 

Daughter's husband's bro-jj^^^^^^^^ ,^^^^^^ ^j^^^^^ 

^;.. . , p ., fbhunwaeea jeeja, buhnaee 

^' ' ' \ byhn wijjeea. 

-p xr. » -f Tpurjaee bhabee bhabo wu- 

lirother s wite, . . | ^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^_^^ purjaee. 

Husband's younger brother, dewur, wuda jeth. 
Younger brother's son, . . dorat h. 
Elder brother's son, . . jotot h. 
Sister's son, , . b hunewa. 

Sister's daughter, . . bhunewee. 

Sister's son's son, . . do tuwan. 

Sister's daughter's daugh-1 . , 

ter, . . / ^ ^^' 

Father's son, . , prao b haee. 

Father's brother's son, . , chuehera, prao. 






Jinan, vide Note 


Abo, vide Note 97 

E da, vide Note 







Akban, , 
Ak,bda, , 


Elioon, „ 


Joomu, „ 
Jud, „ 
Jurra, „ 

An, , 



Juwan, „ 


Anda, , 

> • 

E Ji puk, 

E tjbe, ,, 



Aiiora, „ y 

O ' 

Kagbut, vide Note 




Kedee, „ 


B, vide Note 16 
Banee, „ 190 

Guddee, vide Note 
Gudweee, ,, 



Kere kere, ,, 



Bee, , 
Beub,dee, , 
Bud be hooe, , 

B.buj gya, , 
Budooq, , 
B.bula je, , 
Burdee, , 


Gundree, ,, 68 


Ilungda, vide Note 149 
Hnjir, „ 11 
Han, „ 18 
Hor, „ 24 
Horus, „ 125 
Hoya, „ 209 
Hoodu, ,, 155 

Kee, „ 

Kee kee, „ 

Kee koo, „ 

Keeta, ,, 

Ketneean, „ 


Kinne kinne, ,, 


Kit,b5n, „ 


Kolon, „ 













Hooridee, ,, 


Kliolun, ,, 


Iloone, ,, 


Krota, „ 


Cbabnda, vid< 

3 Note 127 



Kudon, „ 


Cbookke, , 


Huno'da, ,, 


Kunneean, ,, 


Cbounke, , 




Cboree dee an 


Hut b, „ 



Cburbda, , 
Cliukange, , 



Humesban, ,. 


Leee, vide Note 


Loude vele, ,, 




Lumee lumee. 


Da, de, dee, v 

ide Note 2 

Jamun, vide Note 




„ 210 

Jan, „ 


Bee leee, 

,. 119 

Jaun, ,, 


Mape, vide Note 



„ 203 

Jede, „ 


Mekbjeen, „ 



,, 172 

Jee de nal, ,, 


Micbee, ,, 




Jeba jeba, „ 


Mit.ba, ,, 


D by pya. 

„ 201 

Jelioee, ,, 


Mooddn, ,, 



„ 206 

Jet ban or jet^ba. 


Mue noon, ,, 




Jeree, ,, 


Mue t bon, „ 



„ 150 

Jibee, „ 


Mujil, ,, 



„ 111 



Muloom, ,, 



Mushahoor, v. Note 202 
Mutubul. „ 8 



vide Note 30 









Ona noon, 

Ona dean, 








Os des dean 




























P huroogoo, V. Note 1 64 
Pich,hon, „ 165 

Pochao, ,, 57 

Poelioogoo, „ 117 
Poundacliuj,,, 145 

Pota, vide Note 
Ponta, ,, 

Puchayut, „ 
Pyndee, „ 









vide Note 215 

T>' A . / 53 

itenaa, „ S 1 1 q 

Ruhun, „ 176 


Sa, or see, vi( 

leNote 1 









Shah vele, 










Subs turan, 









Tama, vide Note 











Teha teha, 

















Too hanoon, v. Note 75 

Too sau. 

To see, 


Tuet hon, 


















Uedee, vide Note 137 

Uedoon uge, ,, 






Uet hon, 










Ust bajee. 







Veeah, vide Note 208 














Wat, vide Note 206 
Wude, ,, 

Wujeerdean, ,, 

Wurga, „ 

Wuttee, „ 





There was a king who had 
a daughter, but had no 

What is the custom of this 
bazar ? 

That's the man. 

He will return in a moment. 

The short of it is, that I 
will go to-morrow. 

The whole are there. 

I will take the business from 
thee and give it to him. 

I k Raja sa' jis de^ ghur ik 
d hee see, pur pootr koee 
ne sa. 

Es^ bazar dee, kee* dus- 
toor hue ? 

E ho^ hue. 

O^ik do pulan'^ vich phi- 

MutubuF eho hue, ki muen 

bhulke jaanga.^ 
Othe'® sub hajir" huen. 
Muen tuethon*^ kum la an- 

ga, hor onoon'^ de anga. 


* Sa or see, is the auxiliary past, and corresponds with t^ha or thee in 

^ Da,M, dee, are used in Punjabee, instead of the post positions ka, M, Tcee. 

^ E s (pronounced as ace) is used instead of the inflected state of the 
demonstrative pronoun wooh, viz. is. 

* Kee what (pronounced as key) is always used instead of kya. 

^ Eho this, and oho, that, he, correspond with the demonstrative pro- 
nouns yih, this, and wooh, that. 

* is used for wooh or cos. 

' An is the affix for the nominative phiral, whether the noun is mascu- 
line or feminine, as munookhan men, teemeedn women. 

* Mutuhul is a corruption of mutluh. 

® Anga is the termination of the future tense, corresponding with oonga. 

»" OtM is always used instead of wuhan, there. 

" Hajir. In Punjabee j is almost invariably used instead of z, thus 
juroor, munjoor, hajir, for zuroor, munzoor, hazir. 

'' TuetJwn instead of toojh s6, from thee. 

13 noon, 6 instead of oos, and noon, instead of ko, thus onoon, cor- 
responding with oos ho. 


Who is he ? 

The brother of your wor- 
ship's cook. 

Go to the groom, put this 
grain before him, and see 
that he feeds the horse. 

I have come on the part of 
the King as ambassador 
to this government. 

In your opinion, is the rear 
of this house handsomer 
than the front ? 

I conceive that the front is 
more elegant than the 

What connexion is there 
between the prince's son 
and this report ? 

The matter may be so, 
amongst the minister's 
servants, but it is other- 
wise with the general's 

Oho kera^* munookh hue?*^ 
Ap de lungree da b hrao. 

Ghore de tueleee pas 

jake, eh danu rukhkhe, 

vekho,^ki o ghore noon 

churhda^^ hue. 
Muen wukeel hoke aya 

han'^ es sirkar pas Raja 

de kolon.'^ 
Twada^^ sumujh vich,^' eh 

ghur uge nalon, pichhon 

sona hue ? 
Meree sumuj h vich, es da 

ugare pichhare nalon®^ 

buhoot sona hue. 
Kit,he^ Raja da beta hor*^ 

kit,he eh gul ? 

Bat is turan hoondee-^hogee 
wujeer dean^° nuokuran 
vich, pur buJihshee dean 
noukuran vich, gul hor 
turan dee hue. 

'* Kera, is the interrogative pronoun, and corresponds with Jcotm, who ? 

'^ Hue is Dr. Gilchrist's mode of Orthography, and will therefore be 
adopted throughout this work, it is only to be remembered that ue is pro- 
nounced as "eye." 

'^ In Punjabee V, B, and W, appear to be indiscrimately used, thus 
v6kho or wekho ; see houne wdla or waonS wala, a driver. 

" Churhda. As in Hindoostanee, ta is the present termination, so in 
Punjabee, da is invariably used, thus dekhda, kurda, ounda, Unda, <kc. &c. 

'^ Han the auxiliary present, corresponding with hoonam. 

'' Kolon. Kol is generally used instead of pas, and on is the ablative 
termination instead of se. 

^° Twdda corresponds with toomhara. 

^^ Vich is a corruption of beech. 

^^ On is used in the ablative case instead of se. 

^^ Kit fie corresponds with kuhan, where ? 

^* Hor the conjunction instead of our. 

** Hoondee corresponds with the auxiliary conditional or optative tense, 

^® The post positions da, de, dee, are often inserted between the noun and 
its plural termination, as in ivujeer dean. 


What do you want ? 
Who makes a noise ? 

What do you say ? 

Call him. 

What is your advice ? 

This will be better than all. 

It is the same thing. 
There is no difference. 
You speak very low. 

Can you speak Punjabee ? 
Speak easy Punjabee. 
What you speak is very 

Say that again. 

You speak very quickly. 

I do not understand. 

Tell me what he says. 
Whence came you ? 
Come hither. 

Come near. 

Twadee kee ichha hue ? 
Kera munook h roula poun- 
da hue ? 

{Too^^ kee ak hda hue ? 
Too see kee dusde ho ? 
Onoon sudo. 
r Twada kee sulah hue ? 
L Twada kee mut hue ? 
E he subna nalon, chungee 

E ko hue eko jihee^^ hue. 
Koochh furq naheen. 
Too buhoot houle houle 

bolda hue. 
Too see Punjabee j ande ho ? 
Sook halee Punjabee akho. 
Jis turan^^ too ak hda hue, 

so buhoot ouk^hur hue. 
Oho p hir akho. 
rToo buhoot shitabee naP° 
J bolda hue. 
i Too see buhoot chetee 
(^ koonda hue. 
Muen nuheen sumujhda 

Akho, o kee koonda hue. 
Kit hon*^ aye ho ? 
Ooran^^ ao. 
TKole^' ao. 
\Moode ao. 

^'' Too is used by a superior, speaking to an inferior, and too see, by an 
inferior, when addressing a superior, toom is never used under any cir- 
cumstances in Punjabee. 

58 Jihee corresponds with the adjunct of similitude sa, as teemee jihee 
like a woman. 

^ Turdn is used instead of turuh, and is a mere corruption of the 
latter word. 

^° NaX is used instead of the Hindoostaui word sath, with which it 

^' Kithon is used instead of kuJiause, whence. 

'"^ Oordn corresponds with idhur, hither. 

^' KoU the e seems more to be used for the sake of euphony than for 
any other reason. 



Go away. 

Is there any news to-day. 

How do you do. 

What is your age ; or how 
old are you ? 

I do not want more. 

Tell the groom to get the 

horse ready. 
Give me the whip and 

round hat. 
Bring the palkee. 
If you don't do your work 

better, 1 will turn you 

Bring breakfast. 
Give me the sugar candy. 
Bring me some more milk. 

Chule jao. 
fAjdee kee khubur hue ? 
< Ajdee koee gul ? 
( Ajdee kee so ?^* 

{Too rajee hue. 
Kee soorut Hue. 
Teree kee oomr hue ? 
Too ketneean^^ wurrean da 

hue ? 
Kedee^^ oomr hue ? 
Sanoon^^ hor lor nuheen. 
Sanoon hor loree naheen. 
Ghore de tueleee noon ak ho 

ki ghora teear kure. 
Kotura hor golmol topee 

sanoon de de. 
Palkee leao. 

Jetha^^ too chunga kum 
na karenga, tan^^ muen 
tue noon^^^juwab deanga. 
ShaV vele dee rotee leao. 
Mishree" leao. 
Kooch hor dood** leao. 

^* So, from soonna, to hear. 

'^ Ketneedn. In the Hindoostanee, the rule is, that when the noun 
having the same termination immediately follows the pronoun, the plural 
affix is then inadmissible to the pronouns, as oon logon men, but never 
oonhon logon, amongst the people ; but in Punjabee it is just the reverse, 
for the adjective or pronoun, noun, and verb, may all take the plural 
affixes together, as in the above sentence, also in the following Des de os 
wul, teemeedn sir ootS pund chook U oundeean huen. — In that part of the 
country the women carry loads. 

*^ KSdee corresponds with Jcya, what. 

5^ Sanoon corresponds with humko or humhen, to me, or me. 

^* Jetha corresponds witli ugur, if ; it is also the relative pronoun, and 
when used, is followed by its correlative, tan, instead of so, or to. 

^^ Tan correlative. 

"®i Tue noon, corresponds with toojhJco, to thee, or thee. 

*" Shah vele (morning time) this is purely idiomatical, and in contradis- 
tinction, loudS vile {a,her noon-time,) is used in Punjabee. 

*' Mishree : s and sh seem to be indiscriminately used, sometimes s is 
employed, whilst for the same word sh is adopted in the Hindoostanee 
and vice versa. 

*^ Dcod (milk) pronounced as the English word good not as mood. 


I want to go out directly. Muen lioone^^ bahur jaya 

chahnda ban. 

^xTv. 4. • ^u r J' ti fPursad** waste kee hue ? 

What IS there tor dinner ? ^ rn i ^ - i ^ i i 

(^Chukun waste kee hue ? 

Bring water to wash my Huth^^ dhoun waste panee 

hands. leao. 

I want a boat to go to Soono, ek beree sa noon, 

Calcutta. lorre dee hue, Kulkutte 

noon jaun^° waste. 

/E'da" bhara kitna hue. 

\ E^da b hara kee hoe. 

What is the fare of it ? 

When can you go ? Too see kudon toorange. 

We will go immediately. Ussee^^ hoone toorange. 

rChetee nal uedur^^ beree 

Brinff the boat here quickly. < ci u-u' ^ i 'so ^o^ r.A 
^ / >^bitabee nal ues " pas se 

(^ beree leao. 

Is the tide in now ? Hoon tan panee churhya 

hoya hue ? 

No, Sir, it is ebb. Naheen, jee, lut,ha hoya 


Put me on the shore. Sa noon bunne ootaro, mue 

noon^^ kunde ootaro. 

Go this way, turn that way. Uedur chulo, uedur noon 

_ chulo, odur^^ p hiro. 

What is the name of that fOs pind da kee nao hue? 

village ? XOs graon da kee nao hue ? 

Who lives there ? Ot he kera renda'' hue ? 

*^ Hoone, hoon corresponds with uh (now) and e, with hee emphatic. 

** As in Hiudoostanee so in Punjabee the post positions are often 
omitted when the sense is clear without then. 

*^ Hutji instead of hath, hand. 

^^ Jaun, un is frequently used for the sign of the infinitive insa d of 
na-ne and as ja-un oween ta-un to go, come, being. 

*'' E'da corresponds with iska. 

^^ Ussee corresponds with hum, we. 

*^ Uedur corresponds with idur, hither. 

^^ Ues, for is. 

** Mue noon is an anomaly, as the nominative case in Ilindoostanee does 
not undergo inflexion, but mue noon is here applied as moojhko, to me or me. 

^^ Odur is used instead of oodhur — thither, thus uedur odur, hither, 

^^ Btnda corresponds with ruhta^ stays, remains. 




Can you get any thing to 
eat or drink there ? 

Well take the boat there 
and put to. 

Come let us set off quickly. 

Row fast, pull away, don't 
be lazy. 

Put up something to shelter 
us from the sun. 

What o' clock is it? 

Othe khan peene waste 
kooj ¥* milda hue ? 

Dekho beree uethe hee 
rukho, ussee hoone hee 

Bring a palkee quickly. 

Get porters and send my 
baggage close along with, 

Where do you mean to go. 

Let them carry me at once 
to the best tavern. 

Who is that ? 

Who are you ? 

Is any body there ? 

Has the gun fired ? 

See what o'clock it is. 

Chulo beree shitabee nal 

Chupur lao, jor jor dee 
chupur lao, soostee nal 
na kuro. 
Kooj h khura kuro, shanw^^ 
TKetneean ghureean din 
} churhya hue ? 
(^ K hetna ho din churhya hue? 

{Palkee chetee nal leao. 
Palkee shitabee nal leao. 
Ungareean noon sudke sa- 
dee^^ cheez wust sade 
nal ghul deo. 
Vugaree sudke sade nik- 
sook, sade nal bhej deo. 
r Too see kit he ootur oge ? 
\ Too see muharaj kit he ruho- 

(Subna nalon chungee hu- 
welee vich sa noon ike 
waree pochao." 
/O kera hue ? 
lO kera admee hue? 
Too koun hue ? 
Koee hue ? 
Top chul gyee ? Top dug 

gyee : 
Vekho kha'' ketna 
churhya hue ? 


-''* Koojh, corniption of kooch, any. 

^■^ Shanw, corruption of chanw. 

*^ Sddee, corresponding with m^ree^ my, mine. 

*' Pochdo, corruption of puhonchao, convey. 

^ Kha is an idiomatical expression, corresponding with jee. 



Get the carriage ready. 

Is the horse saddled or not? Ghore oote kathee pyee^^ 

hue ki naheen ? 

/ Guddee^^ tyar kurwao. 

( Rera tyar kurao. 
No ! no ! countermand it. Na ! na ! mune kurna. 

rUswaree^' da ghora tyar 
Order the saddle horse. < kuro. 

(^ Uswaree da ghora peero. 

^r i. 1 '4.V. fToo sadenalo nal ianahue. 

You must go along with^ ^^^ ^_^. ^_j ^J ^_^^ .._ 

^^' I henga. 

Twada sahib uje teek^^ 

Is your master up ? 

Yes, Sir, but he is gone out 

some where. 
Do you know where he is 

gone to ? 
I don't know. 

Is breakfast ready ? 

Yes, Sir, I am now making 

I want apalkee and bearers. 

What is the fare per day ? 
Go straight forwards. 
Turn to the right. 
Turn to the left. 
Go fast. 

Go slowly. 

Go there, go on, stop. 



thya hue ki naheen ? 

Hanjee oothya hue, pur 
kit he bahur noon gya hue. 

Too khooj h janda hue, ki 
o kit he gya hue ? 

Muen noon, feliubur na- 

Shah vela tyar hue ? 

Hanjee hoone tyar kurda 

Palkee sune^* kuhar, sa 
noon looree de huen. 

Ik din da b hara kee hue ? 

Sid he agahon toorya j ao. 

Suj he, mooro. 

Kubbe mooro. 

Chetee, chetee tooro. 

{Sueje sueje tooro. 
Houle houle tooro. 
{Othe jao ugan toorke. 
Krota^^ ruho. 

'^ Pyee or pwf^ee instead of puree, fallen. 

*® Guddee, corresponding with garee, a^cart or carriage. 

^' Uswaree, corruption of suwaree. 

^^ TeeJc corresponds with tuk, to. 

*^ Pur. In Punjabee lekin is never used but aways pur for the con- 
junction "but." 

^* Sune corresponds with ke sath, along with. 

*^ Krota seems to be an exception to the general rule with reference 
to the present tense, which is usually kurda, Unda, jdnda, kc. 



Stop here till I return. 

I will be back immediately. 

Run on before and see if 

Mr. — be at home or not. 

Stop, stop, put the palkee 

Is your master at home ? 
Take up the palkee and go 

Carry this bundle home. 

Hand these things out of 

the palkee. 
I dine at Mr. 's. 

You must go there in the 

Bring dinner if ready. 

Bring dinner. 

Take away the things. 

Give me salt, mustard, pep- 
per, pickles, vinegar, 
water, meat, and a clean 

Bring ink, pen, and paper. 

Carry this letter to Mr. 
such a one's, and wait for 
an answer. 

E the ruho, judon^^ teek 

muen p^hir na awanga. 
Ise vele, usseep,hirawenge. 
Ugan blnijke khubur leao 
ki sahib g hur hue ki na- 

Ruho, ruho, palkee hut han 

Twada sahib ghur hue ? 
Palkee chookke*^^ ghur 

noon chulo. 
E s gundree^^ noon g hur le 

Palkee vichon e cheezon 

kud h lo. * 
Ussee pursad chuckange^^ 

fulane sahib de ghur. 
Too san loude vele^*^ 

j ana. 
Jetha^* pursad tyar 

tan leao. 
Pursad chounke ^^ 

Bhande chook le jao. 
Sa noon, loon, race, mir- 

chan, achar, sirka, Jul, 

mas, suffa b handa, leao. 

Boogta, likhun kaghut^'' 

E^he hurdas fulane sahib de 
pas le jao, hor ede ootur 
waste ot he buet ha ruho. 


'^^ Jud and tud, are used instead of juh, when, and^tit, then, 
*' Chookke, and chukkc, are used instead of oothake, having taken up. 
*^ Gundree is a corruption of guthree, a bundle. 

*^ Chukange seems to be a more appropriate word than khaanga, as the 
dinner is taken up with the lingers and tossed into the mouth. 
'" Loude X)('le, vide note 40. 
" Jt'thd, vide note 38. 

'* Chounke a square pLicc, in which dinner is served. 
'^ Kaghut, corruption of Kajhuz. 



Take this one to Mrs. such 
a one's, and if she be out 
deliver it to the porter. 

What European is that ? 

Whose horse is that ? 

Order the palkee ? 

Take me to the Post Office. 

What is the postage to Be- 

When the post-man comes 
enquire if he have any 
letters for me or not. 

Do you know my name ? 

It is written in this paper 
that the post-man may 
show it to the post master. 

What do you want. 

I want nothing from you, 
but have come with a 


Speak loud and 1 shall hear 

Hold your tongue. 
Speak slowly, and I shall 

understand you. 

Eh chittee fulane beebee 
de ghur le jao, jetha, o 
kithe bahur gyee howe 
tan o de burwale noon 

O gora koun hue ? 

Oho kee da ghora hue ? 

Palkee da hookm kuro ? 

Sa noon dak ghur vich 

Kasee teek, dak da bhara 
ketna hue ? 

Judon dak wala awe tan 
onoon pooch lena, ki sa- 
dee leee/^ koee hurdas 
ayee hue, ki naheen. 

Too sada nao janda hue ? 

Es kaghut oothe, lik,hya 
hue ki dak wala, dak de 
sahib noon wuk,hale. 

To see kee mangde ho? 

Too hanoon^^ kee loree da 

Tue noon''^ keelor hue muen 
tuet hon" kooch h nuheen 
mangda pur eko sunah 
le kuraya han. 

Oochee^^ koo oge tan upsee 

Choopkur ruho. 

Toe see houle houle hor 
sueje sueje bolke akho, 
tan ussee sumj hange. 

7* Li'ee instead of waste, 

75 Too hanoon corresponds with toomho, or toorn hm, to you or you. 

76 Tuenoon instead of toojlie or toojhko, to tliee or thee. 

77 Tuethon, vide note 12, pur, vide note 63. 

78 Oochee corruption of oonchee. 



What is your name ? 
Where do you live ? 
Give my compliments to 

your master. 
Do you know that man ? 

Ask him what he wants. 

Tell him to go away and 
call to-morrow morning. 

When he 

comes let me 

What do you 
Punjabee ? 

call this in 

Is it a fair day ? 
No, Sir, it is cloudy. 

It rains. 

See if it be clearing up. 

Tera kee nao hue ? 
Too kit he renda hue*? 
Sade^^ sulaam upne sahib 

noon kurnee. 
Too os^'^ admee noon janda 

O noon pooch, ki too kee 
__ chahna hue. 
O noon ak,ho ki hoone too 

chulya ja, bhulke phir 

Judon oho awe, tan odon®' 

sa noon^^ khubur kurnee. 
E da Punjabee vich too see 

kee nao suddeo. 
Enoon Punjabee vich kee 

Uj din nitrya hoya *? 
Naheen, sahib, j,hur hue. 
Nuheen, sahib, badul hue. 
Nuheen, sahib, goobar hue 
Meehee wurda hue. 
Wurkha hoondee hue. 
Kunneean^^ puendee hue. 
Jhurse lugee hue. 
Bhooar puendee hue. 
Shurata lutt ha hue. 
Dekho budul pata hue. 
Dekho kithon^* niturya 

^ Dek ho kidhon paseeon oo- 

ch,ha hoya hue. 
Dekho kid.huron nimbul 

hoya hue ? 

79 Sdde vide note 56. 

^^ Os instead oos that. 

8' Odon corresponding ooswuqt, then, at that time, 

8* Sa noon vide note 37. 

8^ Kunneean puendee huin, literally "drops falling are 

8* Kithon, corresponding with kuheensc from any place! 



It is about 


Is my bed made ? 

I have not yet made it. 

Brush the curtains well, 
that no musquitoes may<; 

Wake me 



Light the lamp. 

Blow out the lamp. 

Shut the door. 

Move a little to the right 

Thora tliora niturya hue. 
Kooch nima nima pata hue. 
up a , Kooch t,hora thora nimbul 
I hoya. 

Kooch nima nima jhur 
L pata hue. 

r Sada vichouna kusya hue ? 
I Sada vichouna budjia hue ? 
fHoone nuheen. 
< Kusya hoone nuheen bu- 
L dha. 
Boog uchhoon jharo ki 

much hur na awe. 
Boog bunake jharo ki jis 

men gootlee na ruhe. 
Boog bunake p hundo, kis 
L jis men reanee na lure. 
^Sa noon suvere jugana. 
Sa noon musojure jugana. 
Mue noon umrut vele jug- 
the ana ? 

Mue noon din dee tik,kee 

nal jugana. 
TDeewah balo. 
J „ kuro. 
^ 1 ,, jirgao. 
(^ „ dumo. 
C Deewah wuda kuro. 
J „ t hunda kuro. 
j „ gool kuro. 
(^ „ booja deo. 

{Booha mar deo. 
Durwaju dho deo. 
Tuk hte dho deo. 
Kooch ,h t.hora t.hora suj he 


noon chulange jug- 

hut h"^ jana. 

85 Hutjh corruption of hath hand. 



Move a few steps to the 

Fall back a step or two. 

The enemy are about re- 

O, soldier, you said that the 
men would come to-mor- 

Who told you this ? 

Their men said they would 
come in the morning. 

The thing which you sent 
I showed him, and repre- 
sented what you told me. 

Ask the cook whether he 
hath prepared breakfast 
or not ? 

Well, bookbinder, I told you 
yesterday to bring me a 
book to-morrow, you 
have not brought it, and 
I have through your neg- 
lect been interrupted. 

I told him yesterday to go 
to a certain gardener and 
bring me a few rose trees. 

Do tun*^® kurma qubbe hut h 

Do tun kurma pichhul 
kooree huto. 

Vyree bhujun luge, doosh- 
mun hutun luge. 

Sipahee, too akheea sa ki 
o munook h b hulke awen- 

Tue noon kis ne eh gul 

_ akhee hue ? 

Ona*' de admee ne akheea 
see, ki oho chulange 

Jeree^' cheez too san^'' ghul 
dittee^*" see, oho muen, 
ona noon wukhal dittee 
hor jeree gul too san 
mue noon ak hee see, oho 
muen ona noon ak h dit- 

Langree noon poocho ki 
too shah vela teear keeta^^ 
hue ki nuheen '^ 

E jiltgur/^' ussan,'^ tue noon 
akheea see ki too bhulke 
kitab leonee, so too nu- 
heen leaya,ise kurke sada 
kum vuran hoy a hue. 

Kul muen o noon akheea 
see, ki fulane baghwan 
pas jake thora goolab 

3^ Tun instead of teen, three. 

^^ Ona corresponding with oon, their. 

^^ Jeree corresponds with the relative pronoun Jo, that, which. 

^^ Toosan, and too see are used indiscriminately in Punjabee, vide note 27. 

Dittee the past tense of dena, to give ; this is an irregular preterite. 

Keeta, this is also an irregular preterite, from hurna, to make. 
'' Jiltgur, corruption of jildgur. 
'^ Ussan and ussee the same. 



he did not go, what does 
he care about my orders ? 

mung ke leao, o nuheen 
gya, tan mere hookm dee 
onoon kee lor hue ? 

A chairman or a palJcee 

Come, chairman, in whose 
service are you, and when 
did you arrive in CaU 
cutta ? 

How many other chairmen 
are with you ? 

Are they all your country- 
men, or your relations ? 

What tribe of chairmen is 
there, who make more 
money than the rest ? 

What do you do with each 
month's earnings ? 

Do you preserve it, as a 
stock by you, or remit 
it every month to your 
home ? 

With us, why do you term 
yourselves Buehra (or 
Bearer) ? 

What ! has no one yet told 
you that Bearer is in our 
tongue a very low word, 
like slave, or drudge ? 

And do you not know that 
Buehra means a deaf 

Well now walk off. 

Kiiharan our palkee da ver- 

He kuhara, too kere sahib 
kol renda hue, hor ku- 
don too Kulkutt6on aya 

Tere nal ketne kuhar reur 

_de hun ? 

U sube admee twade des 
d6 huen, ki twade sak ? 

Kere^* kere jat de muehre 
huen, ki hor na j heeoran 
thon, buhoote roopuee 
k hut h de huen ? 

Ek ek muheene dee k hu- 
thee too see kee kurde 

Too upne kolo, khuthee 
poonjee kurke ruk,hda 
hue, ki ghur noon gjiul 
den da hue ? 

Sade kol too see upne ap 
'^ buehra," keon ook- 
wounde ho ? 

Uje teek^^ kisee ne tooha 
noon nuheen akheea ki 
Buehra sadee bolee vich 
kumeen noon ak,heeda 

Hor too see nuheen jande 
ki, Buehra os noon ak hee 
da hue, ki jera bola hoon- 
da hue ? 

Hoone chuleea jao. 

9* Ker^ here corresponding with his kis, who, which ? 
'5 Teek, vide note 62. 



A Butler or Steward, 

Pray what is your name ? 
Let me know also your 
master's name ? 

How long have you been 
in that gentleman's ser- 
vice ? 

Where is your native coun- 
try, and how far may it 
be hence ? 

Do people in general go 
there by land or water ? 

What is the most import- 
ant article of trade in 
that country, and what 
things are produced in 
greatest abundance there? 

Are your parents alive, and 
do you ever go to see 

Do you know at what rate 
copper sells in the bazar? 

What cannot you even say 
that one penny's worth 
of copper will be the 
weight of a penny or 
not ? 

Do you know at what rate 

Gudweee^^ da verwar. 

Soon tera kee nao hor upne 
sahib da nao dus ? 

Ketnean dinan ton, sahib 
dee noukuree kurda hue? 

Tera des kera hue, hor 
uet hon^' kitnee door hue ? 

Lok uksur othe^^ sookhe 
raha jande hun, ki panee 
than nee jande hun ? 

Buhootee buhootee cheez 
OS des vich kee kee hoon- 
deo hue, hor keree keree 
cheez dee buhootee pue- 
daish hoondee hue ? 

Tere ma pe^^ jee5n de huen 
hor too upne prawan 
noonmilun waste kudhee 
janda hue ? 

Tue noon kooch Uiubur 
hue ki tama^^^ bazar vich 
kee bhao vikda'"* hue P 

Kee too itnee gul ne akh 
sukda ki puese da tama 
puesa bhur howegajan 
nuheen ? 

Inan^^^ dinan vich too jan- 

96 Guddweee, so denominated because the vessel called a gudxca is 
usually in his hand. 

^7 USthon corresponding with eehanse, hence, from this. 

9« the vide note 10. 

99 Ma pe from ma, mother, and p6o, father, corresponding with ma 
hah in Hindoostanee. 

'^^ Tama, corruption from tamha, copper. 

*°' Vihda. It has been before noticed in note 16 that V, B, and W. are 
used indiscriminately, so mkda or hikda, da being the present termination 
instead of ta, as mentioned in note 17. 

'"' Inan dinan, vide note 35. 



now-a-days a quart of 
milk sells in the city 
and in the country for 
how much ? 
You may now depart. 

da hue, ki ser dood'*'^ ketne 
noon vikda hue, shuhur 
vich hor ketne noon vik- 
da hue biihur ? 
Bus, hoon too ja. 


Do you speak our lan- 
guage ? 

Yes I can speak a little 

I have not yet learned to 
speak your language. 

The Punjabee is spoken 
all over this country, and 
will be very useful to you. 

I shall learn to speak Pun- 
jabee as soon as possible. 

Do not speak to me until 
I experience a difficulty. 

I heard him speaking to 
his brother. 

Had I all along spoken 
Punjabee since I arriv- 
ed in the country, I 

Gul hat da verwar. 

Too see sadee bolee bolde 

Aho'*^* kooch usse Punja- 
bee bolde hun. 

Muen uje*"^ teek^^Ueree bo- 
lee akhun*"' nuheen si- 

Es'**^ des sare vich Punja- 
bee bolde huen,hor twade 
kum buhoot awegee. 

Jetnee chetee howe otne"° 
shitabee Punjabee ak- 
hure sikhange. 

Jud teek kooch oukhee 
muloom"* ne hoondee, 
otne cher too sa noon^'* 
na dusna. 

Muen OS noon kooch upne 
prao noon akhda soo- 

Judon"* da es des vich aya 
ban odon"* da Punjabee 
bolda tan hoon kooch 

'0=^ Bcod, vide note 42. 

^^^ Aho corresponding with Aan, hide jee, yes. 

'^^ Uje instead of ajhee, to this very day. 

'°' Teek vide note 62. 

i"'^ Akhun, vide note 46. 

^°^ Sikheea, instead of seekha, learnt. 

^'' Es, vide note 3. 

"" Otne, the correlative pronoun corresponding with Una, 80 much. 

^^^ Muloom, instead of maloom. 

"* Sd noon, vide note 37. 

"^ Judon corresponding with juh s6, and 

'** Odon with tud se. 



should now have been at 
no loss. 

ouk hee na hoondee. 

f Bhula^"^ je mera prao muen 
ton wudda hue pur muen 
tan os'*® nalon Punjabee 

speak Punjabee better j ^^ . 

than my brother, though<;3jf^^ ^ ^,^. 

he IS older than me. 

Do I really speak well ? 


hue tan bee ode 

muen Punjabee 

He spoke to me 
your business. 


They do not speak to each 

other now-a-days. 
He never will speak to 

you again. 
What do you say ? 
I was not speaking to you. 

Can you tell me where he 

lives ? 
Tell me the name of this 

in your language. 

prao mere 



buhootjanda han. 
Kya muen suchee michee"' 

ehunge akhdan han ? 
Os ne twade kum dee*'® 

leee mue noon akheea 

tJenan dinan vicho dowe*^® 
^ nuheen bolde. 
O tere nal phir kud hee na 


Too kee ak hda hue ? 
Muen tue noon kooch nu- 
heen akheea. 
Too dus sukda hue ki oh5 

kit he''* r6nda*'' hue?, 
Too upnee juwan*^^ vich 
_ eda*'* nao dus. 
Say nothing to any body of Os pot hee dee bat, jo tue 
my speaking to you about noon muen ak hee see, so 
that book. kisee noon nu du«nee. 

*'5 Bhulaje ; in Punjabee Vgurchi, if, Is never used, l)ut always either 
hhulajee or jet ha, if, although^ 

"® Os instead of oos. 

"7 Michee is a mere redundancy, as rotee otee in Hindoostani. 

'^8 Dee h'ee instead of he liye, for the sake of. 

'^^ See, sa would appear more grammatical, but in some parts of the 
Punjab see is invariably used, whili^t in others sa is preferred. 

*^^ Dow?6f instead of dono, both. 

»'» Kit he, vide note 23. 

"'^ B^nda is always used for ruhta, as in Hindoostani. 

''•'' Juwan. It has been before noticed that j is always used instead of JSf 
and that the letters B, V, and W, are used indiscriminately, hence juwan 
instead of zuhan, speech, language. 

'^* £Jda instead oiiska. 



They speak English among 
themselves, and Punja- 
bee with us. 

Some people say he will 
arrive to-morrow, but 
others insist that he ar- 
rived yesterday. 

He would not tell me which 
of the two was yester- 
day's or to-morrow's les- 

Who says that this paper 
is white when I affirm 
that it is as black as 
night ? 

Bid him come here. 

Your servant does not mind 
what you say to him. 

Tell him he is a great 
rogue, and is always tell- 
ing his master lies. 

You dare not say so to a 

May I speak to your fa- 

Could I speak Punjabee I 
would with pleasure, but 

Oho ap vich dee Ungrejee 
bolde huen, pur sade nal 
Punjabee bolde hun. 

Baje baje munookh akhde 
huen, ki oho bhulke'*^ 
pochoogoo ^^^ pur hor ad- 
mee jidkurke akdi hun 

_ki oho, kulhee pota hue. 

Odee murjee nuheen see, 
ki sa noon akhe, ki ujda 
hor bhuluk da, slok kera 
kera hue. 

Kera akhda, ki eh ka- 
ghut'^^ chitta hue, judon 
muen akhdan han, ki o 
kag hut rat wurga,^^^ kala 

_ hue. 

O noon ak ho ki ooran awe 
(or oore awe.) 

Jo too upne tueleee noon 
ak,hda hue, so oho nu- 

_ been munda. 

O noon ak,ho ki too kurur- 
ree budjat hue, hor up- 
ne malik pas, humeshan 
jooth bolda hue. 

Tera uedur muqdoor nu- 
heen ki uesee bat kisee 
sipahee noon akhe. 

Je *^®akho tan muen tere 
peo noon akhan.'^^ 

Jet ha muen Punjabee bol 
hungda'^* tan, buhoot ra* 

'^^ Bhulke in Hindoostani kul is used to express to-morrow, BJiulH is 
more commonly applied in Punjabee. 

*^® Pochoogoo instead oi puhoncMga. 

'^7 Kaghut corruption of kaghuz. 

''« Wurgay corresponding with the Hindoostani adjunct of similitude 
sa, like. 

"^^ Je, corresponding with the relative jo, and tan with the correlative so. 

"0 Ak^han corresponding with holoon, may I speak. 

'^' Hungda corresponds with suk da, and both words are used indiscrimi- 



alas ! I cannot join two 
sentences together in 
that tongue. 

You might speak it in a 
few months, and should 
always speak it with 
every body who is able 
to tell you how to speak. 

What did he say when you 
told him to remain until 
you returned ? 

He said he had business 
and could not possibly 

Did you ask him of what 
nature the business was ? 

Yes, I did, but he said it 
was a secret which he 
could not possibly men- 

What do you say to this 
business ? Have you any 
objection to it ? 

No, I cannot say that I 
have, but I think it might 
have been managed 

How do you really think 
so? What do you think 
wrong ? 

jee hoke, bolda, pur hum- 
sos hue, ki os bolee vich 
da joomle nuheen jor 

Too see thorean muheene- 
an vich bol hungoge hor 
loree da hue, ki june'^^ 
khune, nal bolya kuro, 
ki j era tooha noon uchhee 
turan bolne dusega. 

Judon too akhya see ki 
too ethe krota ruho, ju- 
don teek muen na awan- 
ge tan osne kee ootur 

_ ditta ? 

Os ne ues turan juwab ditta 
ki mue noon la juroor 
kum hue soreh^^^ nuheen 

Too onoon pochya see ki 
tue noon Ids turan da 
kum heee ? 

Han jee muen poochya see, 
pur OS ne akhya ki eh 
gul looq dee hue so ja- 
hir naheen kur hungda. 

Es kane vich too kee akh- 
da hue tue noon kooch 
is gul vich, kooch oojr 
hue ^ 

Nuheen, jee, oojr tan ko'ee 
nuheen pur meree sum- 
aj h undur, hor us' ^* turan 
uchhee hoondee hue. 

Kee too such ehe suwuj h 
da hue, tue noon es vich 
kee mara dis da hue ? 

"* June hhund corresponding with Awr hisee. 

'='3 T^e^from ruh, remain. 

"* Eorus is used instead of hor, wliich, our, other. 



Tell him to come here as 
I wish to speak to him. 

He says he will not come. 

What, does the fellow say 
he will not come to 
speak to me when I de- 
sire him ? 

Tell him if he does not 
come immediately to 
speak to me that I will 
dismiss him. 

He says that is what he 

Well I will not speak to 
him, as I might get an- 
gry and beat him^ but 
give him his wages and 
dismiss him. 

I am sure that your speak- 
ing a word would effect 
what I wish. 

I would not for the world 
that you should say a 
word to him on the sub- 

Open your mouth and 
speak distinctly and 

Remember that you have 
sworn to speak the truth, 
the whole truth, and no- 
thing but the truth. 

Os noon ak ho, ki oore awe 
ise waste, ki o noon kooch 

_ ak hna. 

O anda hue ki muen nu- 
heen ounda. 

Kee oho kungal eho anda 
hue, ki odas udya hoy a, 
muen nuheen ounda ? 

Os noon akho ki jetha 
sade nal gulan kurun na 
awega, tan muen o noon 
juwab deanga. 

O ak hda'^^ hue, eho muen 
chahnda^^^ han. 

Uchha muen os noon na 
sudanga*^"^ ise waste sha- 
yud krodhwan poke 
noon kootoonga, pur os 
noon tulub deke kudji 

Mue noon jukeen hue ki 
jera mera kum hue, so 
ap dee ek gul nal hoonda 

Jetha too see mue noon sa- 
ree doonya de oge tan 
bee muen nuheen cha- 
hunda ki eh^ gul os noon 

Upna moonh oogar ke, hor 
ek gul joodee thurake 
ooche saree akho. 

Chet rukh ki too soun 
khadee hue, ki muen 
such akhoon, our subo 
such, akhan, hor bina 
such, hor kooch, na ak.h- 

'^^ Ah Ma, says, corresponding witli holta. 

'•■'* Chahndd instead of chahta. 

'" Sudanga^ will call, instead of hoola oonga. 



Are you aware of the guilt 
incurred by him who de- 
liberately utters a false- 

I speak candidly what I 
think, without fraud or 
mental reservation. 

Let your first endeavour be 
to speak correctly ; readi- 
ness and fluency are ac- 
quired by practice. 

In that part of the country 
they speak an elegant 

It is said he told the whole 
story two days ago. 

Should you meet him to- 
day do not tell him what 
you have just heard. 

I did meet him, but, accord- 
ing to your desire, did 
not inform him. 

How much I regret not 
being able to understand 
what they are saying in 

Knowing that I had a smat- 
tering of Persian they 
purposely began to con- 
verse in Punjabee. 

They would know him to 
be a foreigner though he 

Jera admee sounkha ke 
j booth bole, so oda jera 
goonah hue, too janda 

Jo muen janda ban, so bina 
chhulhorbinalook ak hda 

Mun vich dyeea ruk ho ki 
puel puelhan, tjieek bu 
t heek bolna, chetee che- 
tee nal bolna, eho mih- 
nut nal hoonda. 

Des de os pase, onan dee 
bolee buhoot chungee 

Lok ak hde huen, ki os ne 
ona noon do din puelha 
sub kuhanee akhee see. 

Jet ha uj o mile, tan jeree 
gul too san boon soonee 
hue, so onoon na ak hnee, 

O milya see, pur twade 
akhun budle'^^ muen 
o noon kooch nuheen 

Punjabee bolee vich jeree 
gul o bolde huen, so 
meree sumuj h vich nu- 
heen oundee, so is 
thon'^^ ketna hee mue 

_ noon humsos hue. 

(J lok janke ki muen fursee 
t horee thoree janda ban, 
tan oho jan booj,h ke 
Punjabee bolee akhun 

Bhula je oho Punjabee 
bolee buhoot uch hee 

**® Budle corresponds with hu motijib, according to. 
'^ Tfion from, by, corresponding with se. 



speaks Puiijabee very 

I take the liberty of inform- 
ing you that hothing but 
perseverance and prac- 
tice will enable you to 
speak with fluency. 

Tell your brother imme- 
diately upon his arrival 
not to give them any in-^ 

I was told last year by a 
traveller that even there 
Punjabee is the common 

This ought to show you 
the advantages of attain- 
ing a knowledge of it. 

He wishes to show his 
knowledge by speaking 
all these languages. 

I have long since told you 
that he never will be able 
to speak it. 

I was told that the dialect 
in that country is very 

Nothing will enable you to 
acquire an acquaintance 
with the manners of the 
people but an intimate 
knowledge of their com- 
mon language. 

turan bolda hue, pur tan 
bee jane da hue, ki ehe 
purdesee hue. 

Meree tuqseer buksh diho, 
pur muen tooha noon 
akhda han, ki bina mee- 
nut, hor bina kar chetee 
bolna nuheen ounda. 

Too upne prao pason poch 
da hee, os noon akji ki 
ona noon kooch kliubur 
nu kurnee. 

Pichhle wurre vich muen 
praonean pason soonya 
see, ki othe bee Punja- 
bee bolee purhee dee 

Ise kurke janee da hue, ki 
es de sikhun vich kitna 

_ hasil hoonda hue. 

O sub boleean vich bolke, 
eho chahunda hue, ki 
mera ilm buhoot oojagur 
ho we. 

Muen buhoot yan din an 
thon o noon akhya see, 
ki oho Punjabee bolee 
kudhee na bolun si- 

Muen OS des vich soonya 
hue, ki OS t hanw dee bo- 
lee buhoot uchumba hue. 

Bina onnn dee bolee see- 
khee thon, hor kisee 
turan ona da verwar'*" na 

'*° VSrwdr, corresponding with hal, uUwal, state, condition, circum- 




From among foreigners 
how happy I have been 
to be spoken to in Eng- 

He prefers speaking to you 
in particular, because he 
was told you spoke Pun- 

He then told us that it was 

not so. 
Let me tell you he gave 

me no other information. 

They have the advantage 
of speaking to them in 
their own languge, which 
I tell you is a very con- 
siderable one. 

Allow me to speak once 
more to him. 

Whatever may be told me 
you shall be informed of. 

Do you speak to them, and 
tell us the result of the 

He speaks purposely in a 
language with which I 
am not acquainted. 

They tell you so, but I can 
assure you it is indeed 

Tell your servant to inform 
him, that I will cometo- 

Purdeseean vich jetha 
kooe Ungrejee bolee bole 
mere nal tan muen kuesa 

_ klioosh hoonda han. 

O tan subita t hon puehla 
chapunda hue, ki twade 
nal gulan kure ise waste 
ki OS ne soonya hue, ki 
too see^Punjabee bolde 

Tan OS ne sa noon ak hya 
kuesa nuheen. 

Muen tooha noon akhda 
han, ki os ne sa noon hor 
kooch khubur naheen 

_ keetee. 

Ona noon^" on a dee juban 
vich bole de himmut hue, 
ki ona nal gulan kuren, 
so ehe thoran tan buhoot 

Mue noon hor ek waree o 
de nal, bolne deo. 

Jo kooch mue thon ak hee 
jawe so tooha noon soona 

Too see ona nal bolo hor 
gulan da hasil sa noon dus 

Jeree juban muen janda 
nuheen, oho ose bolee 
vich jan booj,h ke ak hda 

_ hue. 

Oho tooha noon ues turan 
akhde hun, pur muen 
such dusda han ki o gulo 
horus turan dee hue. 

Too see upne tueleee noon 
akjio, ki oho os noon 

Ona noon, corresponding with oonk6 or oonhen, to tliem or their. 



morrow when we can 
converse upon the sub- 
In that negociation with- 
out the knowledge I had 
of Punjabee I feared mat- 
ters would not have suc- 

He tells you to speak to 
him in his own language. 

How much you have had 
cause to regret not being 
able to speak in the fa- 
miliar language of the 

Speaking to them in their 
own language, does away 
with all shyness, and, lay- 
ing ceremony aside, they 
speak more explicitly. 

I was often told I could 
never travel through In- 
dia without a better 
knowledge of the popu- 
lar language. 

A knowledge of Persian 
does very well for the li- 
terature of the Moosul- 
mans, but to it for this 
purpose must be added 
a certain proficiency in 

The Hindoostani not only 
paves the way for the 
acquisition of all Orien- 
tal learning, but is of the 

akhe, ki muen bhulke 
awanga tan ode nal ose 
kum vich gulan kuranga. 

Muen janda han ki os kar 
vich bina Punjabee thon 
jeree sa noon mulooon see, 
muen sumujhda han ki 
kum leee kooch hasil na- 

_ heen hoondee. 

O ak hda hue ki toosee me- 
re nal sadee juban vich 

_ gulan kuro. 

Os des dee jeere oojagur 
bolee hue, so twa noon'** 
na oune'*^ thon ketna 
humsos hoonda hue. 

Ona dee bolee, bolun vich, 
ona da dur janda renda 
hue, hor oho upnee gul 
nidjiuruk hoke akSde 

Muen buhoot waree soonya 
hue, ki bina ona dee ju- 
ban sik he thon, tan muen 
kudhee Punjab dee suer 
na kur sukanga, 

Moosulmanan da ilm jera 
hue, sohee hue, hor ona 
noon, Farsee da purhna, 
buhoot chunga hue, pur 
kooch Urubee bee su- 
mujh waste sikhnaloree- 
dee hue. 

Hindee juban sikhun vich 
Hindoostan da sub ilm 
da rusta bunda hue, hor 
nale'** roz roz dee kar nal. 

'** Twa noon, and tooha noon are synonymous terms. 
'*3 Oune instead of the inflected infinitive dne. 

1** NdU signifies cither, also. 



first importance in the 
necessary affairs of ordi- 
nary life. 

They were just speaking 
to me on the subject. 

He had informed them of 
all that was told him be- 
fore I could prevent it. 

What dialect is that man 
speaking ? tell him to 
speak the general lan- 
guage of the country and 
then he will be under- 

The principal difficulty in 
speaking Punjabee is the 
peculiarity of the pro- 
nunciation, some people 
will tell you that it ought 
to be spoken with a par- 
ticular tone, but there is 
no such thing. 

They say he speaks their 
language fluently. 

Tell me when my pronun- 
ciation of Punjabee is 

He says he can deceive the 
Natives in speaking Pun- 
jabee, but experience has 
taught us that this is sel- 
dom possible. 

buhoot kum ounda hue. 

Oho hoone sa noon ose ba- 
hut vich c^ulan akhde se. 

Jeree gul o noon akhee 
guyee see, so muethon"" 
puehla mune kurne t hon 
OS ne ona noon akh dit- 

_ tee. 

O munookh keree bolee 
bolda hue, 6s noon akh 
deho, ki oho es des dee 
oojagur bolee bolke ak h 
deo tan muen sumj han- 

Punjabee sik hnevich ook h- 
eeaee subnathon puehla 
eho hue, ki lok gulan 
t huraht hurah ke nuheen 
kurde baje baje lok akh- 
de hun, ki gulan goun 
goun ke kurye pur ehee 

_^ suchee nuheen. 

O ak.hde hun ki oho inan 
boleeannoon buhoot che- 
tee chetee hor chungee 
turan akhda hue. 

Judon muen Punjabee gul 
t,hurah t hurah ke nuheen 
kurda, tan odon muen 

_ noon dees deo. 

O ak hda hue ki muen uisee 
Punjabee jandahan ki 
horna Punjabeean sub- 
na noon b hoola dindahan 
pur purtoun nal muloom 
hoonda hue, ki eh gul 
kudhee ne hone dee. 

'*^ Mue tjion instead of moojk se. 



I found no one, who could 
converse in Persian, 
therefore was obliged to 
employ my Munshee, who 
I fear often takes advan- 
tage of my ignorance of 

In speaking Punjabee our 
general fault is in not 
pronouncing each indivi- 
dual letter fully. 

I have often told them that 
in all the Courts Punja- 
bee is the familiar lan- 

1 shall always be at the mer- 
cy of my own Secretary, 
against whom, when some 
one with reason com- 
plains in that very ton- 

He tells me one story and 
you tell me another. 

Would to God, I could 
speak to them myself 

Had I been able to tell 
them myself, such a mis- 
take could not have hap- 

I have always found it more 
easy to manage Punja- 
bees by speaking to them 

Muen noon uesa admee koee 
na lubha ki jera mere 
nal Farsee gulan kure, 
isee turan tunghoke upne 
Moonshee nal kum lorda 
han, muen durda hati, ki 
meree Punjabee dee na 
waqibee hone t hon, up- 
nee himmut pake, mue 
noon upne qaboo kurda 

Punjabee bolun dee feusur 
6h hue, ki ussee thurali 
thurah ke hor ulug ulug 
gulan nuheen kur sukde. 

Muen buhoot waree ona 
noon sumjhaya hue, ki 
subna durbaran vich 
Punjabee oojagur hue. 

Judon ose juban vich, koee 
wajibee furyad kurda hue 
tan meree be waqibee 
vekh ke, sada Moonshee 
humeshan mere oothe 

_ qaboo kursukda hue. 

Oho sa noon kisee turan 
akhda hue, hor too horus 
turan ak hda hue. 

Bhugwandee diya nal muen 
ap bol sukda han. 

Jet ha muen ona noon 
apakh hungda tan 
uedee'^^ bhool na pyn- 

Muen humeshu vekhda 
han ki Punjabeean nal 
Punjabee boleebolye tan 

^*^ Uedee Instead of uesee, such. 

*^' Pyndee, optative tense 3rd person singular feminine, happened. 



in their 

than any other. 

own language 

A man who cannot speak 
the language of the peo- 
ple among whom he so- 
journs, may sometimes 
be in danger of starving, 
unless he first know how 
to use his tongue. 

Very true, and I perceive 
that you have therefore 
commenced by making 
me open my mouth. 

Why not to some purpose 
as a rational being, when 
you must at all events 
do so as a mere animal, 
before you can either eat 
or drink ? 

kum uchha sour janda 
hue, hor je horus turan 
dee bolee bolye tan kum 
kooch ne hoonda. 
Jera munookh jinan'*^ de 
nnl renda hue, jet ha oho 
ona dee bolee naheen 
bol janda, tan oho kisee 
na kisee din bhookha 
jan tyahya mur jaega. 

Ehe buhoot such hue, hor 
muen janda han ki isee 
kurke mera moonh k ho- 
lun'^^ noon, too sau mood 
bud ha hue. 

Kyoon na moonh oogar 
oge upne kum dee leee 
khilqut noon juesa cha- 
hiya, jetha pussoo hoon- 
da hue, tan bee khan 
peeun waste moonh os 
noon kholya chahiye. 

Questions selected, with many additions, from 
THE Student's Guide to Hindoostani. 

How long have you been 
in the service ? 

What pay have you re- 
ceived ? 

Are you under stoppages 
for Half Mounting ? 

Are the men provided with 
great coats ? 

Too kudhon da noukur 
hue hor too kere wurre 
vich b hurtee hoya hue ? 

Too kee tulub pace hue ? 

Burdee^*^ dee babut vich, 
twadee tulub kooch kut 
dee hue ? 

Subna sipaheean kol buran 
coat jan choga huen ? 

'*' Jinan instead of jinkS. 

'*' Kholuny un is the infinitive termination. 

**o Burdce, corruption of the word wurdee, used in Iliudoostani. 



How long have you been 
at Drill? 

Has he received either 
White Jackets, Fatigue 
Pantaloons, Breast plate. 
Knapsack, Great Coat 
and Shoes ? 

Have the Recruits been 
sworn in, and have the 
Articles of War been 
read to them ? 

They have sworn to be 
faithful, and never to de- 
sert their colors. 

Are they perfect in their 
Drill ? 

Are they perfect in the 
English terms applied 
to Rounds and Grand 
Rounds at night ? 

Do they well understand 
the duty of sentry, and has 
section 20 of Standing 
Orders been read and ex- 
plained to them ? 

Do they know the danger 
they expose a Camp to 
by leaving or falling 
asleep on their posts ? 

Did you receive a Coat or 
Pantaloons last year ? 

Too ketnean dinan da qu- 

_ waid sik.hda hue ? 

On kooch burdee bee pace 
hue,juesee chittee Koor- 
tee, ki neelee Putteloon, 
ki Chupras, Jhola, jan 
buran Coat, Jan joota. 

Nuwean sipaheea noon ni- 
shan de heth soun dittee 
gyee hue, hor fouj dee 
een bee kooch khoobee 

_ nal soonayee gyee huen. 

O nane soun khade huen, 
ki ussee upne nishan 
noon kudhe na chhu- 

_ dange. 

O quwaid vich tukre hun ? 

Jereean gulan Ungrejee 
round vich rat noon bo- 
lyan jandyan, huen so 
ona noon jade hun ? 

Jerakum pyhre wale noon 
loree da hue, os kum de 
wuqib huen, hor jera je- 
ra hookm Urdus dee vee- 
ween '" babut vich li- 
khya hue, so ona noon 
soona ditta hue ? 

Jera jera dur suntry ghafil 
hone thon sare kumpoo 
noon hoonda hue, jeha 
soun t hon jan pyhre dee 
jaguh chhudun thon o- 
bee ona noon muloom 

Pichhle wurre tooKoortee 
leee see ki Putteloon ? 

'5' Veeween for Beesween. 



Has the recruiting party 
returned ? 

In what district are the 
best recruits procurable? 

He states that the man 
who presented himself 
for service this morning 
is his brother. 

Who is security for the re- 
cruit entertained yester 
day ? 

What sum is authorized to 
to be deducted from the 
pay of a recruit on ac- 
count of Half Mounting. 

Where are the best beads 
for necklaces for the men 
procurable ? 

How many beads are re- 
quired for each row or 
string ? 

How long are the Recruits 
at Drill every morning ? 

When will they be able to 
join the ranks ? 

Do the Non Commissioned 
Officers see that the re- 
cruits are in the first ins- 
tance instructed how to 
put on their accoutre- 
ments ? 

Jere lok bhurtee kurun 
gye sun,'^^ so p^hir moor- 
ke aye hun ? 

Subna nalon chunge nuw^e 
noukur kere illaqe vich 

_ hut h ounde hun ? 

O akjida hue, ki jeramun- 
ookh suvere noukuree 
waste ay a see, oho mera 
prao hue. 

Jera nuwa noukur kul 
bhurtee hoya see oda 
jamun'^^ koun hue ? 

Nuwean noukuran dee tu- 
lub vichon vurdee ba- 
but ketnee tulub kutee 
jandee hue ? 

Sipaheean waste subna t h(5n 
chunge kunthe de mun- 
ke kit he de milde huen ? 

Ek ek luree vich ketne 
munke pynde huen ? 

Roz roz suwera nuwe nou- 
kur ketna cheer Parate 
vich hajir rende hun ? 

Kudon ko, sikhke purtul 
nal rul jaenge ? 

Jodon nuwean sipaheea 
noon vurdee de kupre 
pounde hun, tan chhote 
ooch de dar ona noon 
pounda'^* chuj sikhalde 
hun ? 

'*' Sun and hun, or huen, are used indiscriminately. 

'*^ Jamun, corruption of Zaniin. 

*** Poundd chuj instead of puhinne ka dustoor. 



Section II. 

Questions relating to men 
joining on Furlough, 

Have you been on Fur- 
lough since you entered 
the service ? 

Whose turn is it for Fur- 
lough this year ? 

In what district is your 
house, and do you pro- 
ceed thither alone or in 
company ? 

Has the order been explain- 
ed having reference to 
the penalty incurred by 
men overstaying their 
leave without sufficient 
grounds ? 

Have the men been cau- 
tioned to be on their 
guard against thieves on 
the road ? 

Though the country is 
much infested with rob- 
bers, he said he was un- 
der no apprehension, and 
would return home alone. 

Have the men been warned 
that in the event of sick- 
ness they are to obtain 
certificates from the Com- 
manding Officer of the 
Station at which they 
were taken ill, certifying 
that sickness had been the 
cause of their detention. 

Chootee da Verwar, 

Judon da too noukur hdya 
odon da kudde chootee 
bee gya hue ? 

Ues vurre vich chootee 
waste kere kere sipahee 
dee varee hue ? 

Tera ghur kere illaqe vich 
hue too othe ukula jan- 
da hue ki kisee de nal ? 

Jeree suza ona sipaheea noon 
dittee jandee hue ki up- 
nee chootee de tukrar 
oote ne ounde purtulvich 
ohookmona noon sickh- 
alya gya. 

Sipaheea noon sikhal ditta 
hue ki rah vich raheean 
nal gulan latan na kurya 
kuren ? 

Jetha es des vich chor d ha- 
rawee buhoot renda bun, 
pur tan bee, o ak hda hue 
ki bina dur ho bhou, 
muen ukula ghur noon 
janda ban. 

Sipaheea noon sik hal ditta 
hue ki jet ha kit he rah 
vichberam ho jawen, tan 
OS thanw de jo buhoot 
nire wala hue jake, os ju- 
geh de commaneer sahib 
t hon chittee lewen ki jis 
men oda rog, ruhun da 
muloom howega. 



Have the men been cau- 
tioned against remaining 
so long at their homes as 
to compel them to make 
forced marches so as to 
reach their Corps in time? 

Sipaheea noon sikhal ditta 
hue ki upne upne ghur 
uetune din na rehen, ki 
jis men upne tukrar oote 
ponchun waste wudee- 
an'^* wudeean, munjilan 
kurnyan pyengyan. 

Section III. 
Regarding Disturhances, 

What disturbance took 
place in the Lines last 
night ? 

Did you proceed to the spot 
and use your best endea- 
vours to quell it ? 

Where there many engaged 
in the affray ? 

Had any of the men clubs 
or weapons of any kind ? 

Was the sentry at his post, 
and did he give the alarm ? 

How far was his post from 
the spot where the dis- 
turbance took place ? 

Could any one have passed 
the sentry without his 
knowledge ? 

Kul rat een, line vich kee 
roula hdya see, hor keree 
gul oote bulla see ? 

Too OS vele othe rooburoo 
hue se, hor too upna muq- 
door bhur roula mitoun 
waste meenutkeetee see ? 

Ukhe*^® buhoot, buhoote 
lok roule de vich san- 
j hee se ? 

Kisee sipahee pas dang so- 
ta, jan kisee horus turaii 
da huthyar hue see ? 

Suntry upne pyhre oote 
hajir krota see, hor roule 
de vele kisee noon sud- 
kekooch akhunlugasee? 

Horjithe'^' roula pyndasee 
o jugeh pyhre thon ket- 
nee ko door hue see ? 

Bina waqibee thon suntry 
dee jugeh pas, koee hor 
a ja hungda^^^ hue ? 

'" Wud^. instead of Jwre, vide note 16 ; wudtan icudcan munjilan hura- 
jan pymgyan vide note 35. 

'*6 Z7Ar,^e instead of kya or sometimes Jce, that. 
'*7 JitM instead ofjuhan, where. 
'^8 Ilungdd instead of JSiikta. 



Do you make a practice 
when on duty of visiting 
the Sentries at night, 
and thereby ascertaining 
whether they are alert or 
otherwise ? 

What led to the quarrel 
between you and the Se- 
poy who lives with you ? 

Did you abuse him or give 
any other cause or pro- 
vocation by taunts or 
gestures ? 

How can I investigate the 
matter if you all speak 
at once? 

Were the two Sepoys on 
previous bad terms, and 
how long had they been 

Enmity was known to have 
existed between the two 
for some time, and there 
is also suspicion in con- 
sequence of one having 
deserted yesterday. 

You say you heard a dis- 
turbance ; what did you 
hear that induced you to 
leave your hut ? 

Did you see him holding 
the Sepoy's arm ? 

Did you hear him abuse 

Judon twadee noukuree 
hoondee hue, odon too 
suntry dee tukraee jan 
dhilaee vekhun waste 
rat noon janda hue ? 

Jera Sipahee tere nal ren- 
da hue, tere h5r ode 
vich roule da, subub kee 

Too o noon galee ditteean 
jan oda moonh k horaya 
jan OS noon ch her ditta ki 
jis kurke o noon gltoossu 
churh gya ? 

Jetha too ukuthahee roula 
pounda hue, tan ussee 
es gul noon kis turan 

_ sumj hanje ? 

O dowe sipahee apus vich 
dee vair jan shureeka 
ketnean dinan t hon ruk h- 
de hue sun ? 

Uese turan muloom hoonda 
hue ukhe buhootan di- 
nan da ona vich vair hor 
shureeka, pya hoy a see, 
hor eh de oote eh jun 
hue ki oho kul looq pya 

Too and a hue ki muen rou- 
la hor jhanjha soon y a 
uchha too kis turan da 
jhugra soonya judon 
g huron bahur nikulya se. 

Too OS noon sipahee de 
banhan p hureehooee dit- 
tee see ? 

Judon muen doojee'^^ bu- 

Doojee instead of doosree. 



me when I asked for dooq^^^ munjee tan too os 
another musket noon galee kudhda soon- 

Did you think the prisoner Too eh janda hue ki dhuk 
struck you intention- ne tuenoon jankemarya. 

Section IV. 

tteiating to Desertions or GJmirJiajireejdnh'inachoO' 
Absence without Leave » tee thon janda verwar. 

Was any man absent from 
Roll-call on 
the disturbance? 

the night of 

Did you report the man's 
absence through the pre- 
scribed channels ? 

Does any one live in the 
same hut with the pri- 
soner ? 

Did the prisoner mention 
his intention of desert- 
ing, or did he assign any 
reason for so doing *? 

Is he returned as deserted 
or absent without leave ? 

What number of day's pay 
was due to him at the 
time of his absconding ? 

Have any steps been taken 
to arrest and bring him 

Jis rat noon roula pynda 
see, OS vele roll pookar 
ne de vele koee sipahee 
ghair hajir see ? 

Jis turan dee Reput ghair 
hajir hondee kuree dee 
hue, so too ose turan 

_keetee hue? 

Os dhuk de pas ode ghur 
vich hor koee rendahue ? 

D huk ne kooch upne b huj 
janda uhwal tue noon 
soonya see, ki meree su- 
lah bhug jandee hue, 
jan isda uhwal kooch 

__ ak.hya see ? 

O kis turan da bhujya 
likhya hoya hue bina 

_ chootee, jan ghair hajir ? 

O de bhugun teek ketnean 
denan dee tulub churhee 

_ hooee see ? 

O dee phurun dee jan 
hajir kurun, kooch joo- 
gut jan tudbeer keetee 


Budooq, corruption of lundooq. 



When did you first disco- 
ver that he was a de- 
serter ? 

Did you immediately give 
intimation to the Cap- 
tain Commanding your 
Company ? 

Have the necessary steps 
been taken in sending 
him back to the Corps 
from which he deserted ? 

Did he desert prior to or 
after his corps was or- 
dered on service ? 

On the morning of the 22nd, 
when the Drill was di- 
rected to assemble, was 
the prisoner present or 
absent ? 

Has any one given infor- 
mation to the several 
Ferry and Policemen 
that in the event of their 
seeing any person an- 
swering to the descrip- 
tion of the deserter, they 
are immediately to ap- 
prehend him ? 

The Sepoy had proceeded 
as far as the Ferry, and 
was apprehended whilst 
crossing the river. 

Did he make application 
for leave prior to quit- 
ting the Regiment ? 

Tue noon kudon muloom 
hoya see, ki oho bhujun 
wala hue ? 

Too ose vele upnee Com- 
pany de Captain Sahib 
noon khubur keetee 

Jis purtul vichon oho 
bhujyahue, so othe ode 
pochoun dee tudbeer jan 
joogut keetee gyee hue ? 

Jis turak h purtul noon sir- 
kar de kum waste kooch 
kurunda hookm milya 
see, OS thon pyhlan jan 
pichhon, bhujya see ? 

Baween tareekh judon 
purtul jumoun da hookm 
hoya see, tan qydee odon 
hajir see, tan g hair hajir 
see ? 

Kisee ne eh khubur chou- 
keedaran jan puthun- 
dean darog.hean noon 
keetee hue, ki jet ha koee 
es soorut wala nigah awe 
tan OS noon p hur lena. 

Sipahee puttun oote pota'^* 
see hor durya lugun luge 
noon, p hur liya. 

Purtul vichon bhugun 
thon pyhlan chootee 
waste, kooch urz keetee 
see ? 

*6* Pota instead of puhoncha, arrived. 



Section V. 

Ilaving reference to fire. 

Have the men been cau- 
tioned to be careful in 
this windy weather, how 
they remove or leave fire 
about ? 

A single spark in such 
windy weather is suffi- 
cient to set fire to the 

In whose house did the fire 
originate, and how was it 
occasioned ? 

Plad he been more careful 
the fire would not have 

Are the water-pots kept 
constantly full, for the 
purpose of extinguish- 
ing fire % 

Who discovered the fire ? 

Did it appear that the roof 
had purposely been set 
fire to, by some one ? 

What is the amount of in- 
jury occasioned by the 
fire ? 

Have the whole of the 
lines been consumed, or 
only a few huts ? 

Were any lives lost ? 

Was every assistance given 
by the men in extin- 
guishing the flames ? 

TJg lit gun dean gulan da . 

Sipaheea noon, soona ditta 
hue, ki undhere dean 
dinan vich, buhoot tukre 
ruhen, ki kithe ug na 
lug jawe ? 

Uesee undheree hor paon 
vich, ruttee chingeeare 
nal chhupur sur janda 

Kee de ghur hor kis turan, 
ug lugee hue ? 

Jet ha oho, hor dee tukraee 
jan khuburdaree kurda, 
tan ug kud he na lugdee. 

Ug boojjioun w^aste panee 
dee ghurre jan muth 
bhure rende hun ? 

Kis ne puehla ditta ki ug 

lugee hue ? 
Uesa muloom hoya ki kisee 

ne jan ke chhupur noo- 

nug laee hue ? 
Ug liigun t hon ketna ke 

nooshqan hoya hue ? 

Ki subo line sur gyee, jan 
ek do g hur ? 

Kise jee da nooshqan hoya 

Ug boojhoun leee subna 

ne ap o upna jor lake 

mihnut keetee hue ki 

naheen ? 



Had the sepoy in whose Jis sipahee de ghuron ug 
hut the fire 
permission to 


lugee hue, os noon dee- 

light ? 

Have the men been warn- 
ed against the practice 
of making fire-works in 
the lines ? 

wall jan wuttee,'®^ ruk- 
hunda, hookm milya see. 
Sipaheea noon sik hal dit- 
ta hue, ki ust*®^ bajee bu- 
nounda hookm t,hon ba- 
hur hue ? 

Section VI. 

Regarding men of a Com- Company de sfjyahee da 
pany. Verwa7\ 


Who is the sepoy first 
the roll of your com- 
pany ? 

Is he smart and intelli- 

Can he also read and write, 
and what are his general 
habits ? 

On what service has he 
been employed ? and has 
he ever been wounded ? 

For what service did you 
obtain the medal you 
wear on your breast P 

Are you not aware that 
length of service with- 

Teree Company vich kera 
sipahee de puehlee roll 

_ hue? 

O upnee noukuree chaku- 
ree vich tukra hor k hu- 

_ burdar hue ? 

O kooch purun hor likhun 
janda hue, hor o dee ry- 
hut hor wusub, kere tu- 

_ ran da hue ? 

O keree keree luraee vich 
reha hue, hor kissee tur- 
an da jukhm o noon lu- 
ga hue ? 

Eh tuk hmu jera teree hek 
oote lut kuda hue, so 
tue noon keree luraee 

. vich milya see, hor kis 
kum dee babut tue noon 

Too nuheen eho janda ki 
bina tukraee hor soor- 

*^' Wuttee or huttee, are sjnonimous terms, 
'®' Ust hajee, corruption of atisli hajee. 



out qualifications will 
not entitle you to ad- 
vanced rank ? 
In consideration of his 
long and faithful ser- 
vices he receives a pen- 
sion from Government. 

Unless he mends his con- 
duct he can never hope 
for advancement. 

Have you any cause of 
grievance, and if so have 
you stated it to the Su- 
badar of your company? 

Are you not aware that 
the practice of lending 
money to comrades is 
strictly forbidden ? 

Has he behaved in a muti- 
nous or disrespectful 
manner towards his su- 
periors ? 

Has he been lately guilty 
of insubordination in 
any way ? 

Is he in the habit of dis- 
obeying orders and dis- 
puting with his supe- 
riors ? 

Have you fully explained 
to him that such con- 

mut thon hoodu"^* tera 
naheen wudeek hoonda ? 

Os ne buhoota cheer 
noukuree uchhe turuh 
keetee hue, jose kurke, 
oho ghur buetha noon 
surkar on inam huth 
ounda hue. 

Jetha odee ryhut uedoon 
uge chungee na howegee 
tan o da hoodu kud^he na 

Tera kooch verwar furyad 
kurne da hue, hor is thon 
puehla upne Soobedar 
noon kudhe urz keetee 
see ? 

Ki too eh gul nuheen jan- 
da ki hookm thon ba- 
hur hue, ki ap vich dee 
sipahee roopyan da lain 

__ den na kuren ? 

Os ne apus thon wude 
hoodedar nal dunga jan 
be ubdee'^^ keetee hue? 

Uj kul OS ne kisee turan 
da hookm udoolee jan 

_ be ubdee keetee hue ? 

Odee wadee eho hue, ki 
upne nalon wude oohde- 
dar nal kisse turan dee 
be ubdee jan roula kur- 
da hue ? 

Too subs turan'^^ onoon 
sumj ha, hor sikhla ditta 

'" Hoodu, corruption of oohdu. 
'^■"^ B6 uhdee, corruption of uduhee. 
"*' JSuhs turan, for sub turah. 



duct will render him li- 
able to dismissal from the 
service punishment by 
sentence of a Court 
Martial ? 

How many men from each 
Company have returned 
from weekly duty "^ 

Was their conduct uni- 
formly correct during 
the week '? 

Are the men addicted to 
eating opium? 

To what Companies do the 
two Sepoys belong who 
w^ere detected gambling ? 

How many men per Com- 
pany have obtained leave 
between musters ? 

What number of men in 
your Company were pre- 
sent at muster ? 

On what command was he 
detached, and when did 
he rejoin the regiment ? 

How many men have you 
in your Company whose 
service is above and 
how many below 16 
years ? 

What extra pay do men of 
20 and 16 years respec- 
tively obtain ? 

hue, ki ues turan dee ry- 
hut, jan wadee nal, kisse 
nu kisse din, Counsil wa- 
lean deroo buro lejake 
kururee mihnut nal, is se 
sugon,'^^ noukuree thon 
bee juwab pawega? 

Uth roje dee noukuree 
ooton ketne sipahee com- 
pany company pichhe 
mor aye huen ? 

Sara uth rojee onadee ry- 
hut hor, chulun uchha 
reha see ? 

Ke sipaheean dee uksur 
sookhajan bhung peene 

_ dee wade hue ? 

Oho dowe sipahee jere jooa 
khedun budle phurle 
huen so oho keree keree 
Company de huen ? 

Gintee teek Company vich 
ketne ketnean sipaheea 
noon chootee milee hue ? 

Gintee vich teree Com- 
pany de ketne ketne si- 
pahee hajir se ? 

O kere command te ghulya 
guya see, hor kis tareekh- 
an rulya? 

Teree Company vich ket- 
ne admee soluh vurwe- 
an dee noukuree thon 
oote hun, hor ketne so- 
banthon uthon'^® hun? 

Veean wurrean de hor so- 
luh vurean de noukur 
tulub thon ketne tulub 
jubur pounde hun? 

"' JSugon instead of smva, besides. 
*^ Utjion corresponds with neeche. 




Are the men entitled to 
any extra batta this 
month ? 

Tell the men that the Ge- 
neral will inspect the 
Corps to-morrow, and to 
uphold the character of 
the regiment by their 
cleanly and soldier-like 
appearance. Tell the 
men not to be flurried, 
but to perform their 
manoeuvres, as they 
would do on any ordi- 
nary occasion. 

Tell them to wait the word 
of command before fir- 

This man solicits permis- 
sion to sit down, as he 
feels faint with the heat. 

ties muheene vich sipaheea 
noon kooch jubur tul- 
ub milegee? 

Sipaheea noon soonake si- 
khal deo, ki bhulke jur- 
nel sahib ake purtul dee 
hajiree lain enge, hor is 
turan dee khuburdaree 
loree dee hue, ki sipahee 
hoshiar hor chitte hor 
sufa ruhen, ko jis turan 
purtul da nam jus bunya 
ruhe sipaheea noon soona 
deo ki durke duk o dole 
na k hawen jis turan uge 
karkurde hun osee tur- 

_ an kurun. 

Ona noon akh deo ki jitna 
cheer budook chulounda 
hookm na mile otna 
cheer koee na chulawe. 

Eh munookh buet,hun 
waste urz kurda hue ise 
kurke ki ek de sir vich 
g,her churhee hue. 

Section VII. 

Have you explained to him 
that during the present 
season no application for 
leave of absence can be 
attended to ? 

Did you ascertain on what 
account he solicits leave 
of absence ? 

Did he say that his lands 
had been seized or his 
house plundered? 

Too ona noon soona ke 
sumj ha ditta hue ki ue- 
nan dinan vich chootee 
dee urz koee ne soonda ? 

Too kooch sumjhya hue 
ki oho kis kum waste 

_ chootee mungda hue ? 

Os n6 ak hya see. ki mera 
ghur jan jumeen khos 
gyee hue ? 



Does he merely wish a 
petition made out, or does 
he wish to state his griev- 
ance in person to the 
Magistrate ? 

Let there be no altercation, 
but inform the men that 
three men per company 
will be permitted to pro- 
ceed to their homes, each 
in his proper turn. 

Not more than thirty men 
can be absent at the same 
time, those who reside 
in the same village had 
better travel together, 
whilst those who proceed 
alone, and live in sepa- 
rate districts and villages, 
are directed to take their 
leave certificates with 
them, and are cau- 
tioned against keeping 
company with strangers, 
who often prove to be 
thieves, and, on oppor- 
tunity offering, rob, and 
murder Sepoys. 

The men have such a regard 
for their homes, that they 
are continually asking for 
leave, and sometimes do 
not return. 

Have you explained to the 
men that no one will ob- 

O upne jhugre vich surf 
urjee lik^houne chahun 
da hue, ki jan ap chootee 
leke Magistrate sahib pas 
jaya lorda hue ? 

Soono kooch roula hor 
jjianjjia nahon deo, hor 
akjideo ki tun tun sipa- 
hee company vichon 
chootee lahenge upne 
ghur jaun waste, hor sub 
koee apo upnee waree nal 

Teean munookhan thon 
baad purtul vichon, hor 
sipahee na jaen jere jere 
sipahee ek se pind de 
huen tan ona noon lor- 
reda hue, ki ukuthe 
jaen, hor jetan udo udee 
tan apo upnee chungee 
hue hurdas le jaen hor 
ona noon sumjhaya ja- 
we, ki rah vich opurean 
munook han nal gul bat 
na kureen, ke unki olog 
thug jan dharawe uth 
war katelee honde huen, 
so upnee himmut jan 
foorsut pake kho lenda 
jan mar dinde hun. 

Sipaheeloq uesasunsag hur- 
an da kurde hun ki hu- 
meshan'^^ chootee waste 
urz kurde hun, hor kisee 
kisee vele more moorde 

Too sipaheea noon eh gul 
soona dittee, ki jis kisee 

Humeshan is usually preferred in Punjabee to humSshu. 



tain the indulgence of 
leave of absence, who has 
been guilty of any neg- 
lect during the month P 
Have you explained to him 
fully that should he ex- 
exceed his leave of ab- 
sence his pay will be cut, 
and that he will render 
himself liable to being 
struck off. 

muheene vich, j urra"^** bee 
kisee bat dee ghafilee 
kurenge tan ona dee choo- 
tee hut jaegee ? 
Too ona noon k hoob sum- 
j ha ditta hue ki jet ha up- 
ne chootee de tuqrar oote 
hajir na honge, tan os 
muheene dee odee tulub 
kuteejawegee hor sugon'^^ 
oda nawan bee kutya 

Section VIII. 

Regarding Rohhery. 

When did the robbery 

take place ? 
Have you any suspicion 

against any one ? 
Did the robbery take place 

whilst you were on duty ? 

I saw him take the money, 
and now he denies hav- 
ing done so. 

He has sent the town crier 
to offer a reward of one 
hundred rupees for the 
apprehension of the thief? 

Choreedeean)''^ gulanda 

Ketna cheer hoya hue, cho- 
ree hoee noon ? 

Too kisse de oote bhurm 
janjun rukhda hue ? 

Judon teree choree hooee 
see odon too noukuree 
oote se ? 

Muen OS noon roopiy e chook 
de noon ditta see, pur 

_ boon oho mooqurda hue. 

Os ne shuhur vich hoka 
duwa ditta ki sou roopi- 
ye OS noon inam milega 
jera koee chor phuroo- 
goo ?*^' 

"•* Jurra, corruption of zurra, and) as before noticed, j is almost inva- 
riably used instead of z. 

'71 Sugon corresponding with siwa (besides,) 

*'* Choreedeedn. It has been before noticed, in note 26, that the post 
positions are frequently inserted between the noun and its plural termi- 

'^^ Phuroogoo. This expression, though idiomatical, seems to be 
quite an anomaly, and is an exception to the usual mode of forming the 
future tense. 



When you accused the pri- 
soner of the theft, what 
answer did he make ? 

Did he appear alarmed or 
did he tremble when you 
told him you would re- 
port him ? 

Where did you get that 
lotah ? 

Did you not know it was 
stolen property ? 

The Sepoy who lost several 
cooking vessels last week 
discovered that they had 
been pawned by his 

When did you obtain it ? 

Is he a receiver of stolen 
property ? 

Was it placed in pledge *? 

He now denies having 
pledged the vessels, al- 
though there were three 
men present at the time 
of his doing so. 

Did the Sepoy say that he 
would redeem it in a 
month ? 

Did any other person ac- 
company the Sepoy ? 

Judon too d huk oote cho- 
ree dee oojji laee tan os- 
ne kee ak hya ? 

Judon too akhya see ki mu- 
en tere oote reput ku- 
roonga tudon oho durke 

_ kooch kumbya see ? 

O gurwa tue noon kithon 
hut h luga ? 

Uk he too ne se janda ki 
ehe choree dee cheez 

Pichhle uth roje vich 
jere bhande Sipahee de 
guwaih, gye se, so 
pichhon*''* os ne mu- 
loom keeta,'^^ ki mere 
guwandee ne kit he gaine 

_rukh le. 

O tue noon kudon'^^ hut,h 

__ luga. 

O choree dee cheez rukhun 
wala jan'^^ lene wala 

Ki gaine kurke rukhe se ? 

Hoon o mooqurda hue ki 
muen bhande gaine ne 
rukhe, pur tun mu- 
nookh OS vele oogaha 
rooburoo hue sun. 

Sipahee ne kooch akhya 
see, ki muen ek muhee- 
ne vich b hande gaine on 
ch huda loonga ? 

Sipahee de nal hor bee koee 
gya see ? 

"* Pichhon, instead of peechhS. 

"5 Keeta, this is one of the very few irregular preterites, from hurnaj 
to make, and corresponding with kiya, made, in Hindoostani. 
'7^ Kudon, instead of kuh si. 
'77 Jan is the conjunction, corresponding with t/a, " or." 



He was apprehended once 
before on the same sus- 
picion, and his brother is 
also an accomplice. 

When did you miss your 
lotah ? 

Were there any particular 
marks on it ? 

What led you to suppose 
that it had been sold, and 
how did you discover to 
• whom it had been sold ? 

Was the man's shop search- 
ed, and were any other 
articles the property of 
Government or of Sepoys 
discovered ? 

Had you locked the door 
as I desired you, and 
given the key to the 
sentry, the robbery 
would not have oc- 

What sort of character 
does the sepoy bear ? 

Do you recognize the lo- 
tah now before the Court 
as your property ? 

In which guard has the 

prisoner been confined ? 

Has the charge upon which 

O tan*^^ uedoon uge hee 
eho bhurm kurke phure 
gye sun hor oda prao bee 
sanjhee hue. 

Too kudon muloom keeta 
ki mera gurwa hue na- 

_ been ? 

O de vich kisee turan dee 
nishane see ? 

Too kis turan janda hue, 
ki eho vich ditta hor kis 
turan muloom keeta ki 
fulane dee hut hee vich 

_ vechya hue ? 

O dee huttee pholee hooee 
kooch hor l3ee vulewa 
sirkar da jan Sipaheean 
da nikulya see ? 

Jeha"^^ muen hookm ditta 
see, teha'**" too kurda hor 
deodee marke, jundre 
dee koonjee suntry noon 
de denda,^^' tan uesturan 

_ dee choree na hoondee. 

Odee^^^ ryhut hor chulun 
kere turan da hue ? 

Eh gurwa jera Court de 
vich rukhya hue, so too 
syanda hue ki mera hue P 

Kere guard vich dhuk 

qued hooee hooee hue ? 
Jis gul oote'^^ council de 

'7" O tan, corresponding with wooh, to. 

"^ Jeha, is the relative pronoun corresponding with jis in Hindoostani. 
®° Teha, is the correlative, corresponding with tis. 

'®' Dinda and denda are used for the present tense of the verb dena^ 
to give. 

^^^ Odee instead of oo8 hee. 

"^ Oote is used iu Punjabee instead of pur or oopur. 



the prisoner is to be 
tried, been explained to 
him ? 
Have all the witnesses been 
warned to attend the 
Court Martial directed 
to assemble on Monday 
morning ? 

Have the stolen articles 
been lodged in the guard, 
with a view to their be- 
ing identified ? 

Has the Sepoy whose pre- 
sence will be required to 
give evidence before the 
Court been relieved from 

rooburoo, dhuk j achy a 
jawega so o gul, ona noon 
soonayee gyee hue ? 

Jera council somwar ukut 
h:i howega so ona dean'^* 
oogaha noon akh dit- 
ta hue, ki council de kol 
hajir ruhun'^^ oogahee 
waste ? 

Choree walee cheez guard 
vich ruk hee hooee hue, 
kijudon mungee jawan 
syanun waste, tan hajir 

Jera sipahee oogahee was- 
te sudna hue council de 
rooburoo, so o odee nou- 
kuree ooton'^*^ budleekee- 
tee hue ? 

Section IX. 

Having reference to 


Have the men been appri- 
sed that they are to hold 
themselves in readiness 
to march at a day's no- 
tice ? 

What carriage will be re- 
quired per Company ? 

Gulan hooch dean, 

Sipaheea noon sikhal ditta 
hue, ki jet ha kooch da 
hookm mile tan tyar ru- 
hen, ki ose din kooch 
kurenje ? 

Ketne ketne rere hor kee 
k^e '^^b har burdaree ek e'k 
Company waste loree 
dee hue ? 

"* Ona dSctn. In Punjabee both with the substantives and pronouns the 
post positions da de dee, are frequently inserted before the pkiral termina- 

•^' Buhun, un is the infinitive corresponding with na, thus rulmn 
instead of ruhna. 

'^^ Ooton, instead of oopur se. 

•"7 Kee kee instead of kya kya what ? 



What is the rate of hack- 
ery hire per day and what 
of Camels per month ? 

Are the roads generally 
good, and are supplies 
procurable in abun- 

Collect the baggage and 
let me know how many 
carts are necessary for its 

He says that the water in 
that part of the country 
is very bad, and that he 
only knows of one well 
the water of which is 

The inhabitants of that 
part of the country ren- 
dered us no assistance, 
and their behaviour is 
very disrespectful to tra- 

The road is much improv- 
ed since last year, but 
the traffic is so great 
that it requires constant 

E k ek guddee da din da 
ketna ketna bliara hue, 
hbr oot'^^ da muheene da 
kee chookawa hue ? 

Rah kisturan da hue ukhe 
chunga hue, hor rust bu- 
hoot milegee ? 

Sub usbab ukutha kurke 
sa noon kbubur de ki ? 
kinne kinne*^^ tere ode 
puchon chane waste lo- 

_ reede huen. 

O anda ^" ki es des da panee 
kharra hue, hor muen 
noon eko khooh mu- 
loom hue ki jes da panee 
mit ha'^^ hue. 

Os des'^® dean lookan sa- 
dee kooch humrah nu- 
heen keetee, hor prao- 
nean waste wudee onadee 
chal mundee hue. 

Piclihle wurre nalon rah 
chunga hue, pur bupa- 
ree hor soudagur bu- 
hoot loorde huen, so 
chahiye ki rah dee hu- 
meshu murumut hoya 

'8*^ Oot, a camel. In Punjabee the n as in the Illndoostani word oonty is 
never sounded. 

^^^ Kinne kinnS instead of ketna ketna, how many. 

*9° Anda^ dusda and ok hda, all correspond with kuhta, says, in Ilin- 

'"' Mitha, corruption of Meet, ha, sweet. 

'^^ Os des dean, It has been before noticed that in Punjabee the post 
positions are frequently inserted between the substantive and its termina- 



Has intimation been given 
that owing to the scar- 
city of carriage, only the 
quantity will be permit- 
ted to each individual 
according to his rank in 
the service ? 

Have the men been inform- 
ed that any one detected 
plundering or commit- 
ting any act of oppres- 
sion will be severely pu- 
nished ? 

Who is on rear guard to 

Enquire if all the carts 
have crossed the sandy 
nullah within a mile of 

Had an arrangement been 
made before hand, the 
present difficulty might 
have been avoided. 

Enquire whether the Camp 
is in a garden to-day and 
whether water is plen^- 
tiful and good. 

Does he says his bullocks 
are so tired that he can- 
not proceed further? 

Is the bridge in good or- 
der ? 

Subna noon soon a ke si- 
khal ditta hue ki gudde- 
an hor b har bur daree 
thoree hon tjion mooa- 
fiq hoode dee ek ek noon 
milegee ? 

Subna sipaheean noon si- 
khal ditta hue ki rah 
vich je koee^^^ loot jan 
kise nal dhuka kurega 
tan kururree suja pawe- 

Aj pichulee guard dee nou- 
kuree kere sipahee dee 

Tuteek'^* kuro ki sub rerd 
chulee wale nale thon 
jera kumbhoo thon udh 
koh oote hue orar ^^ huen 
ki par huen, 

Jetha edoon'^® puehla joo- 
gut dee tud beer, hoonde 
tan uedee ook,hyaee na 

Jach kuro ki kumpoo uj 
bagh vich ooturya hue, 
hor OS thanw da panee 
mitha hue, hor buhoota 

Kee o es turan ak hda hue, 
ki mere bould uede t hu- 
ke hun ki uedopn uga- 
han toor ne hungde. 

Pool chunga hor dooroost 

'9^ Jehoee, instead of Jo hoee, whoever. 
'9* Tuteek, is a corruption of tuhqeeq. 

'9^ Ordr, on this side, is used in contradistinction to par across, on 
that side. 

'^^ E "^doon, instead of issL 



Does he say it was broken 
down by the heavy rain 
which fell in August ? 

After such a deluge the 
whole country is under 

Is this river fordable at 
this season ? 

In some parts the water 
is very deep, whilst in 
others it is equally shal- 

What number of boats are 
ready for the transport 
of the Troops and Bag- 
gage ^ 

There are numerous boats 
at the Ferry for the trans- 
port of the Troops and 

How many of the Camels 
have sore backs ? See that 
they are not overladen. 

Who posts the sentries this 
evening ? Tell them not 
allow any one to enter 
the Camp until they are 
satisfied the person be- 
longs to the Camp. 

This is one of the most no- 
torious places in the 
Punjab for thieves, tell 

Kee'^^ oho es turan akhda 
hue ki Bhcaduron vicli 
jera meenh pya see, hor 
panee de hur nal loot 
gya hue ? 

Uedee purlo da meenhee 
pya hue, ki saree d hur- 
tee oote panee cliurh 
^giya hue. 

E s buhar panee hat,h hue 
ki gane gan lung jaee da 
hue ? 

Kit he kithe panee doonga 
hue, hor kithe kithe 
chhota ch hota hue. 

Fouj da vulewa hor nik 
sook lungowun waste 
bereean ketnean ko tyar 

Puthun oote fouj de hor 
nik sook de lungowun 
noon, bereean buhoot 
buhootyan huen 


luga hue? Vekho ki bu 
hoata b har na ludya jae. 

Uj tukalan noon kere ad- 
mee suntry k hure kurun 
dee waree hue, os noon 
dus ditta hue, ki suntrya 
noon khura kurun luga 
sikhal de, ki o pura ad- 
mee jis noon oho*^^ na 
syane tan Kumpoo vich 
na wurandewe. 

Saree Punjab vichon eh 
jugeh choran dee mus- 
hahoor hue, Suntrya- 

oota noon laga 

'97 Kee, instead of the pronoun Tcya. 
'y^ Oho, corresponding with woohy he. 



the sentries not to allow 
any beggars to wander 
about the Camp during 
the day. 

noon sikhal deo, ki dine 
bee nuingutean noon 
Kumpoo vich na phirun 
de bun. 

Section X. 

Relating to a deceased 

Did a Sepoy die in Hos- 
pital yesterday ? 

Has an inventory been 
made of his effects ? 

Have his accoutrements 
and all other articles the 
property of Government 
been placed in the Khote 
of the Company to which 
the deceased belonged ? 

Who is the heir to the ef- 
fects of the deceased ? 

What pay is due to the de- 
ceased ? 

Have the articles of pro- 
perty belonging to the 
deceased been sold by 
auction ? 

Let me see the list of pro- 
perty before the sale 
takes place. 

What did the property rea- 
lize ? 

Had any sums been deduct- 
ed from the pay of the 
deceased ? 

After deducting for the ar- 

Sipahee mure howe da 

Kul ratee beemar khane 
vich koee Sipahee mur- 

_ gya hue ? 

O de vulewe dee kooch bun- 
ist bunee hue ? 

Jeree Company da Sipahee 
murgya hue o de k hote 
vich, oda nik sook hor 
sirkar dee burdee ruk h 
leee hue ^ 

O da velewa lain walakoun 
hue ? 

Mure hooe Sipahee dee sir- 
kar wul ketnee tulub 
churhee hooee hue ? 

Jera vulewa Sipahee da see 
so vech ditta hue ? 

Usbab vechun thon puel- 
han sub o bunist mue 
noon wukhal deo. 

Vulewa vech ke ketne roo- 
piye kut he hooe sun ? 

Mure hooe sipahee dee tu- 
lub vichon kooch kutee 
gyee see % 

Kut kut ke sub o jeree 



tides he had received, 
how much will remain to 
be carried to the account 
of the Estate ? 

Have you desired that the 
articles of dress belong- 
ing to the deceased be 
submitted before being 
sold for the inspection 
of the Quarter Master ? 

Who stood next below the 
deceased on the Roll of 
the Company ? 

cheezan jeende pace see, o 
doon baqee kee wudhya 
hue, o de lain wale was- 
te ? 

Too hookm ditta see ki 
murun wale sipahee da 
vulewa vechon thon 
puehlan, Quarter Mas- 
ter Sahib noon wukhal 
dena ? 

Murun wale sipahee de 
het h kis sipahee dee Roll 

Section XI. 

Having reference to Pay 
and BuneeaJis accounts. 

When was last pay issued, 

and on what date is the 

next issue ? 
Are the Buneeah's accounts 

duly settled ? 
Let me see your account 

daily ? 

Are the Buneeahs aware 
that they are only autho- 
rized to give credit for 
the month for which pay 
is issued, and to the ex- 
tent of Rs. 3-8 per man. 

Is there a Buneeah attach- 
ed to each Company ? 

Tuliih da, Jior haneeari^^^ da 
husab de Vertvar. 

Pichulee tulub kudon Wun- 
dee see, hor ugulee ku- 
don wundegee. 

Kuraran da sub o husab ni- 
bur gya hue ? 

Too upna husab mue noon 
roz bu rozee wukhalya 

Baneean noon hookm soo- 
na ditta hue^ ki jere mu- 
heene dee tulub wundee 
hue, ose muheene de sa- 
de tun^^^ roopiye, ek ek 
sipahee de jinan oodhar 
k hada hue sode dihange. 

E k ek Company vich ek 
ek kurar hue ? 

'^'•^ Bdnee instead of Buniah. 

^^^ Sade tai%, instead of Sdre teen, 3^ 



Did you tell him he might 
reside in the Bazar and 
open a shop ? 

What number of shops are 
there ? 

The shops are very nume- 
rous, particularly those of 
goldsmiths, cloth mer- 
chants and druggists ? 

Are there bakers, butchers, 
bamboo, cane, and mat 
sellers, money changers, 
oil men, potters, sweet- 
meat sellers, spice, toddy, 
tobacco, and vegetable 
sellers in the Bazar ? 

How many days supplies 
could the Buneeahs fur- 
nish on a march without 
replenishing their stock ? 

Is the Chowdry a man of 

capital ? 

Too bazar vich rehun da 
jan huttee k^holun da, 
kooch o noon hookm dit- 
ta hue ? 

Ketnean ruqm dean hut- 
teean huen ? 

Hutteean but here an huen, 
pur soonyareean, hor buj* 
jajan, hor pusaryan deean 
buhooteean huen ? 

Dek ho bazar vich tun door 
wale hoe qusaee,hor wun^ 
ja wale, hor by tan wale, 
hor sufan wale, hor sur- 
raf telee, hor ghoom yar, 
hor hulwaee, hor pusaree, 
hor taree, hor tumakoo, 
hor turkaree vechun wale, 
sube hnjir huen. ? 

Kooch de vele ban^ee ket- 
na ko hor mol lain thon 
bina, jukeera Sipaheean 
de khurch waste ruk h- 
de huen ? 

Chowdree dhun wale hue, 
hor upne pas kooch 
poonjee bee rukhdahue ? 

Section XII. 

Having reference to an 

Have you enquired into 
the circumstances at- 
tending the death of the 
Sepoy who died sudden- 
ly yesterday ? 

Did he complain of being 

Mout da uliwal. 

Jera Sipahee kul ratee mur* 
gya see, o dee mout da 
uhwal kooch too mu* 
loom keeta hue? 

On upne rog da verwar 
kooch dusya see ? 



Had you observed any 
change in his usual de- 
portment of late ? 

Did he appear to you to 
be labouring under tem- 
porary derangement ? 

Does any one know if the 
deceased had been sub- 
ject to fits of any kind? 

Were any marks of violence 

visible, or appearance of 

a bite of a snake on any 

part of his body ? 
Was any property found 

on his person ? 
Were and how was he found 

lying ? 
The body was found in a 

field concealed under 

some grass. 
Did he ever complain of 

ill usage in any way from 

any one ? 

How long had he been in 
the Regiment ? 

Has he any connection in 
this or any other Re- 
giment ? 

Too kooch muloom keeta 
see, ki oho odurya hoya, 
jan soost hor mijaj ho- 
rns turan dee see? 

Too kooch muloom keeta 
ki o noon kooch baol poo- 
ne dee kuse see ? 

Koee oda uhwal jan da hue 
ki o noon dook h mirgee 
da jan koee be soorut ho 

_ janda see ? 

Ode pinde oote, koee dag h 
sut da, jan sup de dung- 
da see ? 

Ode moodon, ^^* kooch 
_ roopiye nikule sun ? 
Odee loth kithe hor kistu- 
_ ran pyee see ? 
Oda d hur, kithon ghah de 

hethon nupya hoya lu- 
_ b ha see. 
Os ne kudhe akhya see, 

ki fulhane munookh ne 

mere oote dhuka keeta 
_ see ? 

O ketne ko din purtul 
_ vich re ha see ? 
O da koee es purtul jan 

horns purtul vich sak 

hue see? 

*°' Moodon, corresponding with pas se. 



Section XIII. 

Having reference to an in- Ilajiree hor uleemee lain dd 
spection of arms and ac- Verwar. 


There will be an inspection 
of arms and accoutre- 
ments to-morrow morn- 
ing, so warn the men to 
take care that they are all 
in a cleanly state. 

How was this man's mus- 
ket broken ? 

It fell down and broke in 
the stock. 

If there be a spare musket 
give him another in ex- 
change for the broken 

Is the spare clothing in the 
khotes taken out dur- 
ing the rainy season and 
aired frequently ? 

Are all the pegs complete 
on which the accoutre- 
ments are hung ? 

Are all the locks as well as 
the keys of the khotes 
in good order ? 

Is the pipeclay good with 
which the belts are clean- 
ed, and whence was it 
obtained ? 

Bhulk chalange uleema 
howega hor ek ek admee 
dee sub usbab dee haji- 
ree leee jawegee subna 
noon eho soona deo ki 
chitta hor sabut ruk hun. 

E s sipahee dee budooq kis 

__ turan bhujee hue ? 

Otan ap dig pya hor du- 
moose moodo budooq 
mirk pyee hue. 

Jethan wudeek budooq 
hue, tan tootee hooee de 
wutte OS noon diho. 

Jereean wadoo koorteean 
jan putte loonan huen 
so bursat de choomase 
vich dhoop nikulee 
kooee sookha deee dee 

Khote vich kileean, sube 
pooryan huen, jinan de 
nal toosh^dan duwalee 
tungee jandee hue ? 

Khote de sube jun de hor 
koom jeean poorean huen. 

Chittee mittee jee de naP"^ 
duwalee runjee dee hue, 
oho chungee hue, hor 
kithon oonwaee hue ? 

Jce de nal, corresponding with jcs he sath. 



What is the weight of a 
man's musket, and of his 
accoutrements generally ? 

How is it that the men can 
make such long marches, 
yet cannot stand for half 
an hour under their arms 

Sipahee dee budooq hor 
sireejan toal vich ketna 
ko bhara hue ? 

E^h kis turan hue ki sipahee 
kooch vich, lumee lu- 
mee^"^mujiP*kurde huen, 
pur quwaid vich, udha 
ghunta vurdee kuske 
k hure ne ren de. 

Section XIV. 

Target Practice. 

What Company is at Tar- 
get practice this morn- 
ing ? 

At what distances do the 
men fire. 

Does he know how far his 
musket carries a ball 
correctly ? 

Does the ball fall on the 
right or left of the Target 

How can you expect to 
hit the Target when you 
invariably flinch, and 
sometimes shut both 
your eyes. 

He says he took a steady 
aim, but missed in conse- 
quence of the high wind 
which was blowing at 
the time. 

Chanel maree hor yiisJian yan 
da Verwar, . 

Chand maree waste uj kere 
hue Company gyee hue ? 

Sipahee ketnean kur ma 
oothon golee da nisha- 

_ na lugda hue ? 

O kooch janda ki kitnean 
kurma oothon golee da 
nishanee lugda hue ? 

Such golee nishane de qub- 
be jan suj he pase dig dee 

Judon too jhujuk da hue, 
hor kudhe kudhe uk- 
heen meeth lenda hue, 
tan teree golee nishanee 

_ vich kee koo^^^ lugegee ? 

O anda hue ki muen bu- 
hoot tukke shist budee 
see pur wao nal 
nishane vich na luge 


^"^ Lumee lumee, corresponding with lumhee lumhee, 
^°* Mujilf corruption of munzil. 

Kee koo, instead of kis turah. 



Of 100 balls what propor- 
tion hit the target ? 


Is the main spring of your 

lock weak ? 
Have you sufficient 

ing in the pan ? 
What is the cause of your 

musket mis-firing ? 
Is the touch-hole enlarged ? 

Is the flint good ? 

Have you a turn-screw and 

hammer ? 
Can you draw the ball ? 

How did you lose the sight 
of your musket ? 

When were the barrels last 
browned ? 

Has the lid of your pouch 
become so hard that you 
cannot open it to take 
out your cartridges ? 

Take good aim, and ima- 
gine your enemy before 

Sou golee chulaee hooee 
vichon ketnean nishane 
vich theek lug dean 
huen ? 

Teree budooq dee champ 
dee kumanee d hilee hue ? 

Pyale vich runguk uch hee 
hue ? 

Teree budooq ne chuldee 
enoon kee hoya hue ? 

Teree budooq de pyale da 
sooroo khol gya hue ? 

Puthuree chungee hue ? 

Tere pas wul louun waste 
martol, jan muroree hue ? 

Too gdlee kudh hungda 

Teree budooq dee mukhee, 
kisturan bhuj pyee hue ? 

Nalee kudqnkorungee gyee 
hue ? 

Tere toshdan da purda 
ueda khururra hogya 
hue, kicartoosh kudhun 
waste k^liol bee ne hung- 

Uchhee turuk tukke shist 
buno hor eho jan ki me- 
ra vairee mere uge samh- 
na krota hue. 

Section XV. 

Buntryan de Verwar, 

Having reference to Sen 

How often are the Sentries Suntry dee ketne cheer 
relieved ? pichhon budlee hoondee 





On the relief of a sentry 
by whom is the reliev- 
ing sentry posted ? 

Are the sentries posted so 
as to be within hail or 
sight of each other ? 

Had the sentry not been 
upon the alert, the enemy 
would have surprised 
and fallen upon the 

There are two sentries at 
each gate of the City. 

The sentry went to sleep 
upon his post, thieves 
came and plundered all 
the baggage. 

Judon suntry dee budlee 
hoondeehue, tudon dooje 
suntry noon koun k hil- 
yar da hue ? 

Ais turan suntry k,hure 
dee hun, ki ek clooje 
noon vek h hunge hor ap 
vich dee awaj, soone dee 

Jetha suntry khuburdar 
na renda tan vairee kum- 
poo oote bulla kurke 
mar lenda. 

Shuhur de ek ek durwaje 
oote, do do suntry k hure 
hoonde bun. 

Suntry upne puhredethanw 
oote soun giya tan itne 
cheer pichhon chor anke 
nik sook vulewa chorake 
le giye. 

Section XVI. 

Regarding sick in Ilospi- Munolmn da Verwar jere 
tal, beemar hJiane vich pye 

hooe huen. 

Is there much sickness 
amongst the men ? 

What is the nature of the 
prevailing disease ? 

Are the men excused from 
duty on quitting the hos- 
pital ? 

Are the men permitted to 
leave the Hospital with- 
out leave ? 

Sipahee vichon rogee ut h 
buhoot hoondee hue ? 

Uksur rog kis turan da 

Hospitalon ounda vele si- 
pahee noon kooch choo- 
tee mildee hue ? 

Si] aheea noon kooch hookm 
hue ki bina chootee hos- 
pitalon nikul oun ? 



Are any of the windows 
broken, or any of the 
bolts out of order ? 

What number of sick are 
there in hospital, and are 
there any complaints ? 

Are the cots all in good 
order ? 

Are the Hospital atten- 
dants attentive ^ 

Is there any thing objec- 
tionable in the water ? 

When were the wells last 
cleaned out ? 

Does he solicit leave for a 
few days to remain in 
his lines ? 

Does he wish for a Sepoy 
from his Company to go 
and cook his dinner 
while in Hospital ? 

Is the nature of his case 
such that it would be 
advisable his obtaining 
leave of absence for two 
months ? 

He died very suddenly, and 
on opening the body, it 
was discovered that he 
had been poisoned, he 
was found dead upon his 

Take up the litter and 

carry the sick man home. 

He represents that he fell 

Koee sheeshu, jan koee 
durwaje da koonda toota 
hue jan unbunya hue ? 

Ketne ko beemar beemar 
k hane vich rogee huen, 
hor kisee turandee fur- 
yad huen ? 

Munje sube chunge hun ? 

Beemar khane de tyhul 
wale sube khuburdar 

Kooch panee munda hue ? 

E doon puehlan khoo kud 
jeendya gya hue, hor 

_ keen kudon kud hee see ? 

O t horyan dinan dee choo- 
tee mungda hue, ki muen 
Line vich ruhanga ? 

O ak hda hue ki jitna cheer 
muen Hospital vich ru- 
hanga otna cheer sadee 
Company vichon mera 
pursad kurun waste eko 

_ sipahee mile ? 

O da eh uhwal hue, ki oho 
laeq hue do muheenean 
dee chootee o noon mile ? 

tan uth chanchuk hoke 
murgya hue, hor moe hoe 
dee loth judon paree see 
tan muloomkeetaki veo, 
khake murgya hue, otan 
munje ooton moya hoya 
lub ha see ? 

Dolee chookke hor rogee 

_ noon g hur pochao. 

O anda hue ki muen rah 



sick upon the road, and 
was unable to proceed 
for three days. 

The tree fell upon him, and 
injured his leg so severe- 
ly that amputation be- 
came necessary. 

T*hough he feigns to be 
sick, there is nothing the 
matter with him. 

The head of the bed he is 
lying on is lower than 
the foot. 

He was very ill for some 
days^ biit is now well. 

While there is life there is 

Had he been abstemious, 
his recovery would have 
been more rapid. 

Although he has no com- 
plaint, he has lost all ap- 
petite, and cannot digest 
the little food he takes. 

He was still alive when I 
last saw him, but was 
sinking fast. 

He is continually asking 
for water to allay his 

He says that he feels easi- 
er, and that the pain in 
his back has been allevi- 
ated by the medicine he 

vich beemar hoke dig 
pya hor teon dinan teek 
ugahan toor ne hungda. 

Rook h ode oote b huj pya 
hor ode pyr noon, uedee 
sut lugee ki wudne laeq 

_ hogya. 

O tan puj kurda hue ki 
muen rogeehan pur usul 
oda kooch rog naheen. - 

Jis munje oote oho pya 
hue, OS munje dasurhanu 

_ po andee on neewa hue. 

O tan kyeean dinan da ro- 
gee see, pur boon rajee 

Jitna cheer sas hue otna 
cheer as hue. 

Jethan oho buhoota bun- 
dej kurda, tan buhoot 
chetee nal rajee hoonda. 

B hula je o noon kooch rog 
naheen, pur tan bee os 
noon bhook ne lugdee 
jethan kooch thora pur- 
sad, shukda hue tan bee, 
puchda naheen. 

Judon muen o noon ditta 
see, tan oho jeeoonda see, 
pur muloom hoonda see, 

_ ki edee jan toot dee hue. 

O teh da marya humeshu 
panee mungda hue. 

O anda hue, ki uge nalon 
muen rajee han, hor ju- 
don dee duwa khadee 
hue, tudon dee meree 
kumror dee peer hut 
gyee hue. 



Section XVII. 

Regarding Courts of Re- 

Who is the plaintiff and 

who the defendant in 

this ease ? 
What was the amount you 

lent ? 
What portion is interest 

and how much is the 

principal ? 
Did the defendant agree to 

pay you by instalments ? 

How many instalments 

have you received ? 
Do you hold any bond ? 

Have you given the defen- 
dant a receipt in full ? 

Was this case settled out 
of Court ? 

Has this case ever appear- 
ed in Court before ? 

Are you in receipt of pub- 
lic pay ? 

What amount of Pay is 
still due to you ? 

Puchayut^^^ da Veiwar, 

E s mooquddeme vich koun 

moodde wala hor koun 

moodyee hue ? 
Judon too qurz ditta see 

tan mool ketna see ? 
Mool ketna hue, hor byaj 

ketna hue ? 

Moodyee ne kooch qurar 

keeta see, ki muen etna 

etna tue noon de a kur- 

Ketnean qistan tue noon 

wusool hooeean huen ? 
Twade pas koee likht jan 

tumussook hue ? 
Too dene wale noon, koee 

pukkee ruseed dittee 

^see, ki muen apne le gya? 

E h j hagroopuchayut t hon 

puehlan, rajee hogye se ? 
Uedoon puehla eh j hugra 

kudde sut h uge aya see? 
Tue noon kooch sirkaron 

tulub mildee hue ? 
Teree ketnee tulub churhee 

hue ? 

Puchayut, corruption of PuncTiayut. 



Section XVIII, 


Treasure Es- 
cort Parties, 

Who Commands the Trea- 
sure party ^ 

What instructions has the 
Subadar received from 
the Collector ? 

What is the amount of 
Treasure ? 

Will the party be relieved 
half way ? 

How many Tumbrils are 
required for the Trea- 
sure ? 

What ammunition are the 
men directed to carry in 
pouch and, what spare 
ammunition will accom- 
pany the Detachment ? 

Is the road infested with 
robbers ? 

Has the Subadar been cau- 
tioned against encamp- 
ing in gardens near old 
walls, or sheltered places 
of any kind "? 

What proportion of the 
men's muskets are kept 
loaded ? 

Enquire how far the Col- 
lector's residence is ? 

Have you ascertained whe- 

KJmxane da Verwar 

Khuzanale jaun waste kee 
dee command hue ? 

Subadar noon kee kee 
hookm Collector Sahib 
ne ditta hue ? 

Kool k huzanee ketna hue? 

Jere admee khuzane nal 
jaenge onan dee budlee 
rah vichon ho hungoo ? 

K huzane leee ketnean pet- 
eean loree dee an huen ? 

Ketna ko jungee usbab Si- 
paheea noon toshdan nal 
le jaun da hookm hue, 
hor ketna ko faltoo tyee- 
na tee nal jaega ? 

Ki rah vich dharawee bu- 
hoote hun ? 

Subadar noon ak hke sik hal 
ditta hue ki jite bagh 
jan koee poorane kund, 
jan koee khaee, jan koee 
thibbur dhora, hor kisee 
turan da ola howe tan 
ot,he muqam na kure ? 

Sipaheean deean kitneean 
budooqan kuseean ren- 
deean huen ? 

Vekh ke muloom kuro, ki 
Collector Sahib da ethon 
ghur kitnee ko door hue? 

Too kooch janda hue ki 



ther the Collector can 
receive the Treasure to- 
day ? 

How long is the Detach- 
ment likely to be detain- 
ed ? 

Can fresh carriage be ob- 
tained here ? 

Is the road in the same 
heavy state all the way ? 

Where does this join the 
trunk road ? 

How many days march and 
how many halts have we 
made ? 

Did you receive intima- 
tion that the Detach- 
ment would reach this 
place to-day ? 

How is it, then, that no 
supplies are in readiness ? 

One Regiment is encamped 
on this side and another 
beyond the village, and 
there are not sufficient 
supplies for both Corps. 

Has every thing been paid 

Have any complaints been 
preferred against the men? 

He allowed his sheep to 
stray into the cultiva- 
tion, and the owner of 
the field beat the shep- 
herd with a stick. 

Be careful in future not to 
let the sheep stray into 
the cultivation. 

Collector sahib uj k huja- 
na lohoogoo ki na ? 

Ketna ko cheero guard 
et he, ruhe gee ? 

Hor rere et hon wutaye ja- 

enge ki na ? 
Sara raha isee turan da 

oukhur hue ki ret chule 

jan chikor nal toorya 

janda ? 

E h raha wudde rah nal 

kit,he ko rulega? 
Kitnean dinan da kooch 

hor kitnean dinan da 

mooqam keeta hue ? 
Too kooch ne see soonya 

uj ethe guardan poche- 

gee ? 

E h kis turan dee hue, ki 
kooch rust da ukut h na- 

Pind de ek purtul ais pase 
ooturee hue, hor dojee 
OS pase do an purtulan 
jogee rust naheen. 

Subna cheezan da mol de 
ditta hue ? 

Sipaheean oote kise turan 

_ dee furyad hoee see ? 

On ton upna bhedan da 
ijoor pyree vich chur 
ditta, hor pyree vale kus- 
an ne, o noon danga nal 

Khuburdnr ki uedoon uge, 
pyree bhedan na pyen. 



What is the amount of in- 
jury done to the man's 

Has he been satisfied ? 

Kirsan dee pyree da noos- 
qan jo hoy a hue, so kool 

_ ketna hue ? 

O da rajeenamih hogya 

Section XIX. 

Having reference to Courts 

Who is the President of the 

Court Martial ? 
What is the date of your 

Jemadar's commission ? 

Do you think, from the evi- 
dence before the Court, 
that the crime is proved? 

Are there any extenuating 
circumstances in favor 
of the prisoner ? 

After narrating all the cir- 
cumstances of the case, 
he established his inno- 
cence, and the Court ac- 
quitted him. 

He represented in his de- 
fence that he was in a 
state of intoxication, but 
the Court found him 

Has the prisoner ever been 
convicted of any other 
offence before a Court 

Council da Verwar. 

Council da mookhtiyar 
kera sirdar hue '^ 

Teree Jeemadaree da hoo- 
du kidoon tareekh on 
hoya hue ? 

Teree sumuj h vich kee aya 
ki oogahon dee oogahee 
nal, oho tuqseeree hue. 

Kisee turan dee bat hue, 
dhuk de buchoundee 

_ hue ? 

On than Council de samh- 
ne, upna subo uhwal 
kuhanee kurke soona 
ditta, hor upnee sufaee, 
sub oojagur keetee, so 
odee sufaee wekhke 
Council walean o noon 
chhud ditta. 

On tan upna ap buchoun- 
dee leee ak hya see, ki 
muen umulee hoya hoya 
san, pur Council walean 
o noon tuqseeree kur 

E doon uge bee kudde 
Court de rooburroo 
dhuk oote tuqseer sabit 
hoee see ? 



Did you at any time during 
the week have occasion 
to find fault with the pri- 
soner ? 

When the altercation took 
place, how far was the 
prisoner's charpoy from 
your beat ? 

What was your impression 
when you went to the 
Subadar ? did you think 
that the Sepoy had in- 
tentionally or uninten- 
tionally struck him ? 

Did the Sepoy refuse to do 
his duty ? 

Do you think the prisoner 
was under the influence 
of any intoxicating drug ? 

When you proceeded to 
the spot did the prisoner 
in your presence com- 
plain of being unwell ? 

Whose duty is it to shut 
the gates at night, and 
who has charge of the 
keys ? 

Was the prisoner's confes- 
sion perfectly voluntary ? 

Gould any one get over the 

wall without a ladder ? 
What height was the wall ? 

What size was the window, 
was it sufficiently large 
for a man to go through 

Uth roje vich kisee turan 
dhuk noon tokna jan 
mune kurna too juroor 
sumj hya see ? 

Jhugrakudonkohoya see; 
tere puhore thon dhuk 
da munja ketne ko door 
see ? 

Judon too Subadar pas gya 
se tan teree sumuj h vich 
kee ko ayee see, ki es ne 
unjan poone nal jan jan- 
ke o noon marya ? 

Sipahee ne kudde akhya 

see, ki muen nuokuree ne 

kurda ? 
Too eh sumuj,h da hue ki 

quedee kooch umulee 

see ? 
Judon too ot he gya se, tu- 

don dhuk ne kooch 

akhya see, ki muen rogee 

Kee da joomu^"^ rat noon 

de odee marnee, hor kee 

de huth vich koonjee 

rendee hue ? 
Quedee ne upne ap akhya 

see ki muen goonahee 

Pouree thon bina, koee 
_ kund oote churh janda ? 
O kund ketne ko oochee 
_see ? 
O k hirkee lummee chouree 

ketne ko see admee de 

lungun wurun jogee see 

ki ne see ? 

'^"^ Joomu, corruption of Zimmu. 



Did the prisoner visit the 
Magazine during the 
time you were on duty ? 

Is there a Sentry at the 
door of the room in 
which the treasure is 
kept ? 

Did you see any footsteps 
underneath the wall 
where the rope was ly- 
ing ? 

How is the window secur- 
ed at night? 

Was there any other Sen- 
try near the spot where 
the footsteps were ? 

When you went to appre- 
hend the prisoner, in 
w^hat state did you find 
him ? 

Did you see a light stick- 
ing in the thatch ? 

Did you put out the fire ? 

When you saw the prison- 
er with a light in his hand 
did you say any thing to 

What height was the 
thatch from the ground 
where you saw the light 
sticking ? 

When you saw the prison- 
er take a pole did you 
tell him to bring it back. 

Judon da too nuokuru oote 
se odon dee quedee kude 
de mekhjeen^"^ men ay a 
see ? 

Jis kothree vich khuzanu 
renda hue ode booe uge 
Suntry kronda hue ? 

Kund de heth jithe rusee 
digee see othe kisee tu- 
ran da pyr da khoj see ? 

Rat de vele kh^irkee kis 

turan maree hooee see? 
Jithe pyrda khoj ditta 

see, othe koee Suntry 

renda see ? 
Judon too d huk noon p hu- 

run gya tan kis hal vich 

ditta see? 

Too buldee buldee wutee 
chhupur vich tungee 
hooee dittee see ? 

Too o dee ug booj ha ditta 
ki na ? 

Judon too quedee noon 
wutee huth vich phur ee 
janda ditta see, tudon too 
kooch OS noon akhya 
see ? 

Jis chhupur vich too bul- 
dee wutee tungee hooee 
dittee see, o chhupur 
bhoen thon kitna oocha 
see ? 

Judon too dhuk noon dun- 
da chook de noon vekh- 
ya see, hor too o noon 

-"iJ Mckjijeen corruption of the English word Magazine. 



and what answer did he 

Did you follow him on his 
giving you no answer? 

Was it sufficiently light 
that on seeing his face 
you recognized him ? 

Was there any wind blow- 
ing at the time ? 

Was the thatch in a dry or 
wet state ? 

Was any person absent 
from his Barracks when 
the Roll was called? 

Up to what time did you 
see the stolen chest ? 

Under whose charge was 
the key of the khote 
door of the 2nd Company, 
and who had the respon- 
sibility of locking it up? 

Has any one ever been in 
the habit of going into 
the khote at night ? 

Is any one permitted to 
sleep in the khote ? 

Under what pretence did 
the prisoner come to you 
last night? 

When you returned to the 
khote to sleep, in what 
state did you find the 
padlock ? 

Did you take notice on re- 
turning to the khote 
whether the box which 

moorke rukhun dee leee 
hookm ditta see, tan os 
vele OS ne kee oothur 
ditta see ? 

Judon tue noon os ne oot- 
tur ne see ditta Ian, too 
ode mugur mugur luqlea 
see ? 

Ueda chanun see, ki too 
oda moonh vekh ke os 

_ noon syan lya see ? 

Os vele kooch wao wugdee 

Chhun gilee see ki soo- 
khee see ? 

Judon nam nam pookarya 
see tan Barrack vichon 
koee ghair hajir see ? 

Kudon ko choree hoya hoya 
sundooq too ditta see ? 

Doojee Company dee k bo- 
te dee konjee kere admee 
pas hue hor jundra marna 
kee da joomu hue ? 

Rat noon koee admee k bote 
vich kuddee janda hue ? 

Kisee noon uesa hookm 
hue, ki khote de undur 
wurke soan rube ? 

Kul rateen kee puj kurke 
d huk tere pas ayee see ? 

Judon too k,hote vich soun 
waste ay a se, tan jundra 
kis turan ditta see ? 

Judon too moorke khote 
vich aya se tan too kooch 
k hyal keeta see, ki sun- 



has been stolen was in its 

usual place ? 
Did you hear any noise 

during the night, and at 

what hour did you wake ? 
When did you first discover 

that the box had been 

stolen ? 
Was the box so situated 

that it could be taken 

away without awaking 

How many times did you 

see the prisoner last 

night wiiile you were on 

Sentry ? 
Did you challenge any one 

between 10 & 12 o'clock ? 

Do you think it possible 
that any one could have 
removed the box out of 
the Khote without your 
perceiving it while you 
were standing sentry ? 

dooq jis thanw d,hure 
sun ose turan pye hoe se ? 

Rat de vele too kise turan 
da khuruck soonya see 
hor too kudon jagya se ? 

Too kudon ko muloom 
keeta ki sundooq chora- 
ya gya hue ? 

Sundooq es turan dhurya 
see, ki tere jugaye thon 
bina koee chook k hure ? 

Kul rat een judon teek too 
puhra dinda reha se, tan 
ketnee waree d huk noon 
ditta see ? 

Dus hor do pyhur de vich 
kisee noon pookarya jan 
ounda janda koee boola- 
ya see ? 
Judon too pyhure oote 
krota se, tan too janda hue 
ki mere janne thon bina 
koee sundooq chook 
k hurega ? 

Some short sentences, showing the application of 



The rain fell so heavily last Kul rat ueda meenh pya,**^^ 
night, that his house fell kis os da kot ha dhy 




^^^ Pyd the preterite, from pynna to fall. 

*''^ Dhy pya. In speaking of the falling of a house, or of a wall, <fec. 
dhy pya is preferred to dig pya, which is applied to the fall of a man or 
of a horse, <fec. <fec. 



The man who was bitten 
by a snake this morning 
has since died. 

He is such a blockhead 
that he does not know 
his right hand from his 

Had you not shut your 
eyes you would not have 
fallen into the ditch. 

This is a celebrated place 
of pilgrimage. 

A lamp is kept constantly 
burning in the temple. 

It is a week since the let- 
ter was despatched, but 
he has given no reply. 

The people assembled ear- 
ly this morning to behold 
the strange sight. 

Should you hear any noise 
at night wake me imme- 

During the cold season the 
snow is so deep in the 
mountain passes that the 
traveller is unable to 

The door keeper would 
not admit us to see the 

Whilst in a state of intoxi- 
cation he killed his 

Jere munookh noon sup 
lurya see suvere noon o 

_ pich ho nolee murgya. 

O uesa kumla hue ki upna 
sujha qubha huth na- 
heen janda. 

Jethon too ukheen nameet 
lenda, tan k,haee vich na 

Eb jugeh teeruth waste 

Dhurm sale vich ek deewa 
humesh jugda hue. 

Uth rojee goojur gya ju- 
don hurdas gyee, pur uj 
he teek oottur naheen 

Suvere lok uchuruj dee 
gul vekhun noon, bu- 
hoot ukuthe hooe se. 

Jethan too see rat noon 
kooch khuruk soone 
tan sa noon ose vele juga 

Pale de dinan vich puhar 
de ghatan vich, vurfue- 
dee doongee hoondee 
hue, ki rahee palee nu- 
heen ja sukde. 

Deodee wala sa noon mu- 
hul vek,hun waste undur 
naheen jan^'® denda. 

Umulee hoe hoe,^*^ os ne 
upnee wotee noon mar 

°" MushaJioor is a corruption of musTioor, celebrated. 

*'2 Denda, the n in denda seems to be inserted for the sake of euphony 

'"' Hd6 hoi, this is a purely idiomatical expression, implying in the very 
state, hochoi is also used instead of hoo6, whilst hoya is preferred to hooa. 



He purposes going to meet 
his son-in-law, whom he 
has not seen for three 

On the north side of the 
mountain the snow con- 
tinues to lie for many 

I have given my horse in 
exchange for his. 

They separated on the road 
and have never since 

He resides in the same vil- 

The marriage of his son 
was celebrated with 
great pomp, and the pro- 
cession was attended by 
all the relatives of the 
bride and bridegroom. 

The bride's dowry is said 
to have exceeded a lakh 
of Rupees, besides vari- 
ous presents presented 
by her relations. 

The shock of the earth- 
quake caused several 
houses to fall down, and 
the people trembled with 
The Sikhs suffer their 
beards to grow very long 
and tie up their hair in 

O as kurda hue upne juwa- 
ee noon milna ki jis noon 
tun wurrean te nuheen 

Purbut d6 oottur dee wul 
wurf^'* buhoot te muhee- 
ne rendee hue. 

Muen upna ghora o de 

__ ghore de vvutte ditta hue. 

O dowe munookh wat^^^ 
vich buk^'^ hogye, phir 

_ kudhe nuheen mile. 

O tan eke pind vich renda 

_ hue. 

O de pootr da veeah^^^ wu- 
de udumbur da hoya'*^ 
see, hoejun de nal bun- 
na bunnee de sub sak 
kol se. 

Lok akhde ki bunnee da 
daj lakh roopiye te oote 
hue sugon o de sak bu- 
hoot lag le aye huen. 

B hochal aye t hon, buhoote 
ghur dhy pyee hor lok 
durke kumb hun luge. 

Sikh lok daree^'^ buhoot 
rukhde hun, hor kesan 
da joora kurde hun, hor 

''* Wurf, Vide remark in Note 16, regardinff the indiscriminate use of 
B. V. W. 

'"^ Wat, it is even more common to use the word Bat for " road." 

^'^ Buk, vuk, wuk, are all indiscriminately used. 

'^'^ Veeah and Beeah, are synonimous terms, vide note 16. 

*'' Iloya, instead of hooa. 

'" Daree, instead of dharee. 



a knot, and usually wear 
a turban. 

The prisoner who escaped 
from jail has been appre- 
hended, and has been sen- 
tenced to be banished for 

Both were equally guilty 
but he screened one and 
allowed him to escape,on 
account of the relation- 
ship which existed be- 
tween them. 

After being defeated in 
three engagements, the 
Prince abdicated his 

His eldest son was wound- 
ed in the second engage- 

The men deserted previ- 
ous to the action, and 
would have been appre- 
hended had not the su- 
perintendent of Police 
connived at their escape. 

The Sikhs are usually very 
able bodied men and 
prefer war, and the pro- 
fession of arms. 

He came suddenly upon 
his adversary, attacked, 
and killed him. 

''^*' Bee, instead of hhee also. 

'" Bhuj gya, inssead of hhag gyct. 

^^^ Twweez, corruption of tujweez. 

^^ Teeon instead of teen, three. 

uksur ek ek pug bee*'^ 
bunde hun. 

Jera quedee bunde k hane 
on bhuj gya^" hue, otan 
p hir p hurya gya, hor o 
deetuweez^"hooee ki des 

_ te kud,hya jawe. 

O dowe eko jithe tuqseer 
wund se pur osne khoo- 
shamud kurke ek noon 
b,huja ditta, is kurke ki 
donon apus vich sak se. 

Raja teeon'®^ luraee vich 
b hanj khake upnee gud- 
dee ch hud dittee. 

O da kouhur doojee luraee 
vich phutya gya. 

Jere munook h luraee t hon 
puehle b huj gye se o tan 
phurre jande jetha kot- 
walon andee khoosha- 
mud kurke bhuja na din 

Sikh lok uksur buhoot 
tukre hun, hor shureer- 
on andee oodumee hue, 
hor vahee de kum thon 
luraee hor sipah guree 
da kum chunga munde 

_ huen. 

O tan upne vairee noon 
vek.hke ode oote chan- 
chuk bulla kurke, o noon 
mar ditta. 



Had he listened to the ad- 
vice of his guide, and 
proceeded on, he would 
not have fallen into the 
hands of his enemy. 

His ambition knew no 
bounds, and he was at 
last slain by the soldiers. 

A party of eight or ten men 
lying in ambush rose up, 
and cut up the enemy to 
a man. 

In consideration of the a- 
mity which had subsist- 
ed between the two states, 
the victor spared the 

The cavalry are well equip- 
ped and all are dressed 
in armour. 

He resides with his Father- 

Send for a good Carpenter, 
and tell him to repair all 
the doors. 

The Carpenter who came 
yesterday had no tools, 
and does not understand 
his business. 

He lost his son yesterday, 
and is, in consequence, in 
great grief. 

This wall is built up so 
crookedly that it must be 

Jetlia sooe dee mut lug- 
da, hor uge janda tan 
vairee de hut h na ounda. 

O de housile da unt ne see, 
ise waste Siphaheean ne 
o noon mar ditta. 

Uth dus munookh shou 
vich buet he se chanchuk 
onan ne oothke bulla 
keeta, ki vairee da ek 
munookh bee na reha.*^* 

Jse kurke ki doan*^^ surkar- 
an vich dostee see, ose 
kurke jitan wale shuhur 
noon bucha liya. 

Uswar buhoot chungee po- 
shak dee kumur kusee 
hooee hoondee ki, hor 
subbe, munook h sunj ho 

_ pynde hun. 

O tan upne soure de nal ren- 
da hue. 

E k chunga ruk ban mun 
gao ki subna^^^ de odeean 
noon dooroost kurde. 

Jera badee kul aya see, os 
de kol hut hyar hue na- 
heen sun hor upna kum 
bee naheen janda. 

Kul o da pootr murgya ise 
kurke buhoot sog kur- 
da hue. 

Eh kund uedee vingee 
osaree hue, ki phir dhao 

^^* Reha instead of ruha. 
^'* Doan instead of donon. 
*'® Suhna instead of sub, all. 



pulled down again, this 
is straight, but that is 

The town's people went to 
a feast yesterday, some 
returned this morning, 
others will not arrive till 
the evening. 

He is as notorious for his 
avarice as his father was 
celebrated for his liberal- 

He is a very active youth, 
and would make a good 

He arrived in four hours, 
and has beaten the fas- 
test runner. 

On my explaining to him 
your wishes, he replied, 
very good, he would un- 
dertake the work. 

The procession is advan- 
cing, the man seated on 
his elephant elegantly 
dressed, is the eldest son 
of the Prince. 

In former days this was a 
large city, but the houses 
are now all in ruins. 

Take care that no delay 
occurs in future. 

There are ten carts, and 
but one driver. 

He took the buffaloes and 
cows out as usual to 
graze, andrepresents that 

eh sidhee, 

o vmgee 

Kul shuhur de lok kisee 
jug noon gye, koee koee 
suvere toorapya, koee 
koee tukalan teek na 

_ awenge. 

Os da pootr soompoone te 
uesa mushahoor hue, 
juesa oda peo dante mu- 

_ shahoor see ? 

O tan buhoot tukra juwan 
hue, hor hulkare dekum 

_ noon chunga hue. 

O chou ghunteean vich pon- 
ta*^'' hor subna hulka ree- 
an te chaitee ay a. 

Jud muen twada ichhya 
o noon akh dittee, tan 
akhya, sut bujun muen 
kum kur de oonga. 

Jun de ugulvandee lok jan- 
de hun, o munookh jera 
huthee vich buhoot suj- 
dee poshak pynee hooee 
beetha hue, o Raja da 
kouhur hue. 

Uge tan eh shuhur buhoot 
wuda see, pur boon dhy 

khuburdar ki uedoon uge*^* 
chair na luge ? 

Dus guddeean hun hor eko 

_waoune wala hue. 

O tan uge w^ang myhean 
hor gaiyan, charun waste 
le gya, hor and a hue, ki 

*'' Ponta instead of puhooncha. 

^^^ Uedoon uge instead ayunde ko, in future. 




a buffaloe calf was lost 
in the jungle ? 

I am sore footed in conse- 
quence of having walked 
over so many ploughed 

The clods, in consequence 
of the dry weather, are 
as hard as stones. 

The sword you purchased 
for me has a good blade, 
but no edge. 

Tell him to take a flint and 
steel with him, as there 
are no villages along the 

The lock of the door is 
quite spoilt, and one or 
two wards of the key 
are bent. 

The inhabitants of this 
country are very super- 
stitious, and rely much 
on omens ; this is consi- 
dered a good omen, 
whilst that portends 
much evil. 

Although it appears but 
a small pool, the water 
is very deep; thinking it 
shallow water he step- 
ped in and fell in over 
head, and was very near- 
ly drowned. 

During the storm many 
large trees were rooted 

myhe da kutta oojar vich 
guwaj gya. 
Muen uedewahun vich gya 
san, ki mere pueran vich 
uhale py gye. 

Ais our vich dheema uei- 
dyan khureean se, ki 
putheran virgyan huen. 

Jeree tulwar too mere 
waste molan dee hue, es 
da phul buhoot chunga 

_ pur wad kooch naheen. 

Os noon ak hdeo, ki jharoo 
sokhta nal lejao, ki is 
rah vich pind kitte ne 

Deo dee da jundra buhoot 
vigryahoya, hor koonjee 
dee do ek mukhee te- 
dee^'^hue. ^ 

E s des de rehne wnle lok 
buhoot wus was kurde 
bun, hor sugon buhoot 
munde hun ; e tan sugon 
buhoot chungahue, otan 
buhoot mara hue. 

Bhule je eh doom chhota 
muloom hoonda hue, pur 
eda panee buhoot doon- 
ga hue, o tan janda see 
ki chupree hue, hor puer 
pynda hee doob gya, 
hor musa musa nikul 

Underee vich buhoote 
rookh ookhur gye, hor 

'^® Ounda, the present tense Srd person singular, from ounna, to come, 
corresponding with ata, from ana to come, in Hindoostani. 
^'"^ Tedee, crooked, bent, corresponding with terha. 



up and the corn is com- 
pletely laid. 

The temple is dedicated to 
thegoddessKalee; agreat 
many buffaloes and goats 
are offered annually, and 
are slaughtered by hav- 
ing their heads cut off. 

They were partners to- 
gether but in conse- 
quence of a quarrel which 
occurred between them 
they separated. 

The kernels of these Al- 
monds are very bitter. 

The cocoa nuts appear very 
large with the outer 
shell on, but on remov- 
ing it the nut is scarcely 
larger than a walnut. 

The tiger is both savage 
and treacherous. 

These vessels have been in 
daily use, and are now 
worn out. 

Some of the vessels are co- 
vered with rust and ver- 
digris, rub them well 
every day before using 

Keep those which are in 
daily use separate from 
the others. 

If you are not more care- 
ful you will set the house 
on fire. 

There are between two and 
three hundred accoutred 
soldiers in the train. 

sub kunuk dhy p hyee. 

E h mundur Kalee devee da 
hue, hor hurek vurre^^^ 
vich myhee, hor buk- 
reean buhote churdyan 
muen hor j hut ka kurke 
bhet de ee dee hue. 

Uge tan o do we ukutte hor 
sanjhee se pur roula 
hooe thon udo udee 

Inan Budaman dyan giryan 
buhoot kowryan huen. 

Chil sumet, nuljer buhoot 
wuda disda hue, pur jud 
o chhileeda hue, tan uk- 
not thon wuda naheen 

Shere da surishta hue, 
ki buhoot khunda hor 
chhulya hue. 

Eh bhande humeshu vur- 
tee de g hus gye hum. 

Eh bhande jingale hooe 
hor paje hooe hun, roj roj 
kum kurun thon puehla 
manjya kuro. 

Jere bhande vurtun wale 
hun, ona noon doojee 
bhande kolon udh kuro. 

Jetha too see hor khubur 
daree na kuroge tan g,hur 
sar deoge. 

Jun de nal do tun sue sipa- 
hee kumur kusee hooe 
jande hun. 

VurrSf and ivuree, a year, are sjnonimoua. 



The room in which they 
are seated will accomo- 
date 500 guests. 

Come here and assist me in 
putting the load on my 

They are burying a body, 
after which the friends 
of the deceased bathe in 
the river. 

Although he concealed the 
matter from me, one 
of his companions disco- 
vered, and informed me 
of the plot. 

Though unable to speak, he 
made known by signs 
that he was dying of hun^ 
ger and thirst. 

He represents that all his 
relations are dead, and 
that he is the sole sur- 

Although they had not met 
for ten years> he recog* 
nized him at once. 

During the cold weather 
the climate is delightful 
and all sickness disap^ 

There has been much liti- 
gation between them 
with respect to the field, 
and the boundaries be- 
tween their lands are not 
well defined. 

He represents that he is 
helpless, as the whole 

Jere kot he vich lok buet he 
hun, oho pun sue mun- 

_ ookh de laeq hue. 

Oore ao eho pund sa noon 
chooka deo sir oote. 

Oho lok ek loth p,hookde 
hun,hor siskarne demug- 
ron, sube lok durya vich 
usnan kurde hun. 

B hulaje OS ne sat hon'^' eho 
gul looqaee, pur od mitr 
chhul muloom kurke sa 
noon dus ditta. 

Bhula je ode pas bolne 
dee himmut naheen see, 
pur synut nal dus ditta 
ki muen b hooka thyaya 

_ murda ban. 

O anda hue ki sad6 sube 
sak murgye hun, muen. 
ukula hee ruk gya han. 

Bhula je dusan wuryan 
teek ne see milya> pur 
jis wuqt milya one os 
noon ose wele siyan liya. 

Siyal de dinan vich huwa 
pane buhoot chunga hue, 
is kurke rog sub janda 
renda hue. 

Pyree de leee onan de vich, 
buhoot jhugrahoya, pur 
muloom hue ki wut 
uchhee bunaee naheen. 

Oakhda hi ki muen luchar 
han, ki sara pind milke. 

^" tSathon instead of hum si, from me. 



village has sided against 

On an average how many 

carts pass along the road 

in a week ? 
Many go but few return. 

The post formerly came in 
early in the mornings but 
in the rainy season, in 
consequence of the bad 
state of the roads, it does 
not now arrive till the 

He passed the whole of his 
life abroad. 

She is his brother's wife. 

Had you exercised a little 
more patience you would 
have succeeded. 

I do not understand what 
you have just told me, 
repeat it again. 

The rain fell so heavily 
that every room leaks. 

Let the cows be milked on 
their return from gra- 

He has had nothing but 
parched peas to eat du- 
ring the whole of the 

He arrived in a very weak 
state, but is now quite 

These bricks are not half 

Tell him to purchase grass 
for thatching at the same 

mere nal vair rukhda 

E'k ek uthaoje vich is rah 

oote ketnee guddee da 

uruj jana da hue ? 
Jandean buhootyan huen, 

pur oundean t.horean 

Uge tan dak suvere ounde 

see, pur bursat vich ruste 

k hurab hone t hon loude 

vele teek puhonch dee 


O dee oomr sare purdes 
_ vich lungee hue. 
O tan odee purjaee hue. 
Jet ha too thoree d heeruj 
kurda, tan jit lenda. 

Jeree gul too hoone dusee 
see o mere sumuj h vich 
naheen ayee ; p hir moo- 
don kuro. 

Meenh uesa wurda hue kl 
sub kothe chonde huen. 

Judon go w wan choog chur* 
khe awen, tan ona da 
doodh cho lena. 

Sare sufur vich, swa k hilan 
hor kooch khanoon ne 

O tan boore hal pota hue 
pur boon nuroha hue. 

Eh aitan udhee suree 
_ hooee naheen. 
O noon akhde ki judon 
ghore waste tooree lain 



time that he buys wheat 
and straw for the horses. 

There are numerous tem- 
ples in the neighbour- 

, hood of the city and 
some have domes. 

The flag staff was broken 
during the storm. 

He has not tasted food to- 

Merchants resort annually 
to the fair, from every 

At this season of the year 
the heat is so excessive 
that dogs often go mad. 

He has brought discredit 
upon himself and all his 

His foot slipped whilst 
standing on the brink of 
the welT, and he fell in. 

He has lost the whole of 
his money. 

He has lent the whole of 
his money, and derives a 
large sum monthly in 

The entrance was so nar- 
row, that the cart could 
not enter the gate. 

He was buried close to his 
father, and a tomb has 
been erected by his bro- 

The tomb is built of 

He became security for his 
friend, and caused his 

janda hue, tan chhupur 

waste punee bee le awe. 
Shuhur da oodala buhoot 

mundur hun, hor kise 

kise mat h our goomtee 

dej har s5neree hue. 
Underee vich jhunde da 

chur toot gya. 
Aj o tan kooch rijuk nu- 

heen khaya. 
Mele vich hur wurre sub 

des de buparee ukuthe 

hoonde hun. 
E's buhar vich uesa wut 

hue ki kootte buhoote 
_ hul kaye hojande hun. 
O tan upne hor ghur wale- 

an oote, oolama le aya. 

Judon oho k hoo dee maune 
oote krota see, tan oda 
puer khisuk gya, hoe 

^ khoo vich dig pya. 

Os da Sara mal guwaj 

_ gya- 

On tan upna sara mal bee- 
ajee ditta, hor muhee 
noon muhee noon mit- 
tee buhoot lenda hue. 

Deo dee da booha ueda 
tung see ki rera lungne 

__ sukda. 

O tan upne peo de pas nup- 
ya see, hor ode prao ne 
eko soomad bunaee 

Soomad puthur nal bun- 

_ nee hue. 

O tan upne mitr da jamin 
hoke ch.huda ditta. 



A rope was fastened to the 

tree, and the villagers 

dragged it off the road. 
The intelligence of his 

daughter's death reached 

him in 15 days. 
It is impossible to hear 

what his instructions are 

whilst you talk so much. 

On entering the cave a box 
was discovered, contain- 
ing money and jewels. 

The pillars round the 

temple are extremely 

beautiful, and are of 

The tree was found to be 

quite hollow, and there 

was not a sound part 

about it. 
The rain is falling there 

whilst here there is not 

a drop. 
Give the horses occasional- 
ly a little black salt with 

their food. 
The city is famous for its 

chintzes, nearly the whole 

of the inhabitants are 


The washerman represents 
that the colors are not 
fast, and that they will 
fade after the first wash- 

^'^ Ek puJc in Punjabee corresponds with the word fortnight in 

*^* E th6, corresponding with eehan or yuhany here. 

Russee rookh de oodare 

bundke pind de lok 
_ ruste t hon rair le aye. 
Odee dhee murne dee 

kliubur ode pas ek puk^"^ 

vich pontee. 
Too see lok apus vich ueda 

bookwa kurde ho ki 

hookm oda kes turuhan 

Ghoofa de undur wurke 

ek sundook ditta, jis de 

vich roopiye hor toombe 

bhurya hoy a. 
Jere thumme dhurm sale 

de oodare hun, buhoot 

sujde hun, hor subo sunk 

murvur de hun. 
Uesa muloom hoya hue ki 

rook h sara pola ki kitte 

nigr naheen. 

Meenh othe pynda hue 
et he^^* ek kunee ne pyn- 

Kudde kudde ghorean 
noon, dane de nal sela 
loon dea kuro. 

E ho shuhur cheettan kur- 
ke buhoot mushahoor, 
ki uksur ethe ruhnewale 
uksur buhoote liraee 

Chimba akhda hi, ki eda 
rung kucha hue, puehle 
dho nal rung janda ru- 



Owing to the clearness of 
the atmosphere, the 
snowy range is seen dis- 
tinctly though distant 
100 miles. 

Mountains, streams and 
rivers are often crossed 
by means of inflated 

This was formerly the bed 
of the river, but the 
course is often changed 
in the rainy season. 

The river rose suddenly, 
the boat struck against 
a rock, and he lost all his 

He says that the portion 
he has been able to reco- 
ver is quite spoilt, and 
that his loss is upwards 
of 10,000 Rs. 

The price varies according 
to the quality. 

The first quality is 1|, the 
second 2|, and the third 
3| seers per rupee. 

He is the most industrious 
man in the village, al- 
vv^ays first up, and the 
last to retire at night. 

Take out one or two hands- 
ful to enable me to judge 
of the quality of each 

His brother returned after 

Uet hon d houlee dhar pun- 
jah koh hue, pur huwa 
dee sufaeenal,nire disdee 

Purbut dyan dharan hor 
nuddee lok surnao oote 
par lungdee huen. 

E doon puehla et he nuddee 
da breta see, pur bursat- 
dean dinan vich, nuddee- 
da wyhan oolut gay a hue. 

Buhoot chaitee nal nuddee 
churh giyee hue, beree 
sila nal tukurke, oda sub 

_ mal guwaj giya. 

O ak hda hue, ki jera usbab 
mere buch giya so bil- 
kool khurab hogiya see, 
hor mera nooshqan dus 
hujar roopiye se, buhoo- 
ta hogiya. 

Juesee juesee cheez, tuesa 
tuesa bhao. 

Jeree cheez sub se chungee 
hue dood roopiya dee 
seer, hor doojee, dhaee 
roopiye dee, hor teeje, 
sade tun roopiye dee. 

Sare pind t hon eh admee 
buhoota kum kurne wala 
hue, kyon ki suvere 
puehla oolda hue, hor 
rat noon pichhon soan 
da hue. 

Huek pund vichon do ek 
book kud h leao ki jis te 
chungee mundee cheez 

_ sanoonmuloomhowegee. 

Os da prao teeiui wurryan 



an absence of thirty 
years, having passed the 
greater part of his life 
He was overcome with 
the heat ; staggered and 

He met with an accident 
upon the road, by his 
horse suddenly taking 
fright, and running off. 

Many of the Rupees were 

In this part of the country 
there are no places of 
accommodation for tra- 

He would have accom- 
plished the work by this 
time had not the rain 
set in. 

He pays his men according 
to their work, those who 
do little receive but little, 
whilst those who work 
hard are handsomely re- 

He accumulated his wealth 
by traffic and by keep- 
ing accurate accounts. 

He displayed considerable 
accuteness at an early 

mugron jooda hoya hoy a 
moore aya, pur os dee 
buhoot oomr budes vich 
lung giyee hue. 

Buhoote wut se o noon 
ghurmee churh giyee, 
hor duko dole khake dig 

_ pya. 

Os noon rah vich eko ufat 
pyee oda ghora chan- 
chuk bhuruk ke, bhuj 

Roopiyan vichon buhoote 

khote nikule. 
Des de uedur kit he thanw 

moosafiran de ruheen 

noon naheen. 

Jetha bursat na hoondee 
tan o da kum bun jan- 

Jeha jeha^^^koee kum kurda 
teha teha^^® tulub pounda 
hue, jera jera munook h 
thora thora kum kurda, 
so tulub t horee pounda 
hue, hor jera jera mu- 
nookh kum buhoota kur- 
da, so tulub buhootee 

_ pounda hue. 

Os tan wunj kurke hor 
theek t heek lik ha kur- 
ke buhoota dhun uk- 
ut,ha keeta. 

Baluk poonee vich os tan 
buhoot chutraee dikh- 

^'* Jeha jeha, coYrcsi[)onding yvhh jucsa juesa. in Ilindoostani. 
"^ Teha tcha, corresponding with tucsa tucsa. 




age, and succeeded in all 
that he undertook. 

He represents that he has 
neither relations in this, 
nor in his own country. 

He left his service in order 
to live ^Nith. his aged fa- 

Although he speaks the 
language of the country 
well, one would know 
him to be a foreigner. 

You may take your choice, 
but they are both alike. 

An alliance was contracted 
between his son and his 
friend's daughter, which, 
owing to a misunder- 
standing, has subsequent- 
ly been broken off. 

The misunderstanding a- 
rose in a dispute about 
some land; an equal share 
was afterwards allotted 
to each, and they became 

Although tke Rupees were 
not actually counterfeit, 
there appeared to be a 
great deal of alloy. 

The astrologers foretold that 
there would be an 
eclipse of the moon, and 
their almanacs are usual- 
ly very correct. 

In that part of the country 
the Brahmins are held in 

laee, hor jere jere kum 
noon huth lounda sohee 

_ sour janda. 

O anda hue, ki sada na 
es des sak, na wutun 

_ vich. 

On tan ise kurke noukuree 
ch hud dittee, ki peo nal 
ruhna kyanki ode oomr 
wudee see. 

B hula je oho es des dee 
bolee buhoot chungee 
bolda hue, tan bee janee 
da hue ki purdesee hue. 

Jeree twadee pusund howe 
so loho purdowe eko jiha 

_ huen. 

O de pootr da hor ode mitr 
dee dhee da sak hoya 
see, pur onan vich j.hu- 
gra hoke hut giya. 

Onan da jhugra jumeen 
budle see, pur o doon 
pich he, jumeen wundee 
giyee, hor o dowe rajee 

Bhula je roopiye theek 
k hotah naheen, pur bu- 
hoot ruleedar hue. 

Pundit uge hee akhde se 
ki chund noon gruhun 
lugega, hor onan dee 
putree buboot suchee 

Des de odur ruhun wale 
Brahmin an noon buhoot 



great veneration, and are 
supported by the volun- 
tary contributions and 
alms of those who resort 
to the temple. 

The ponies in that part of 
the country are very 
strong, and, at an ambling 
pace, accomplish great 
journeys in the course of 
a very short time. 

He has secured the regard 
of all by his amiable con- 
duct towards those with 
whom he transacted bu- 

Amulets are worn by old 
and young in this coun- 
try, and are supposed to 
avert evil. 

Many customs of their fore- 
fathers are adhered to in 
the present day. 

There are many traditions 
regarding the city, which 
is a very ancient one. 

There is much animosity 
between the two sects, 
and they seldom meet 
without some display of 
hostile feeling towards 
each other. 

The inhabitants of this 
part of the country often 
expose themselves du- 
ring the heat of the day ; 

munde huen, hor onan 
da goojara ues turuh 
hoonda hue, ki jere lok 
mundur vich jande huen, 
so ona noon buhoot din- 
de huen. 
Des de os turuf tattoo 
buhoot tukre hun, hor 
rouhal chal kurke, t hore 
cheer vich buhoot door 
jande hun. 

Je de^^^ nal oda kooch gou 

. hue subna nal huleemee 
hor ruseelee rukh da 
hue, ise waste subbe lok 
oda haito kurde huen. 

E's des vich, wude hor 
ch,hote sub tuweet ^^^ 
rukh de huen isee su- 
muj h pur, ki nooshqan 
ne hoonda. 

Inan dinan vich, lok upne 
wudeean dee reet hor 
chal buhoot kurde hun. 

Shuhurdee buhoot kuha- 
nee hue, ise kurke ki 
shuhur moodamee hue. 

Doan jatan vich buhoote 
killush hue, ki jud mil- 
de hun, tud kee bina 
rouleon ne hut de. 

Des de uedur de lok 
dhoop vich buhoot p hir 
de hun, otan sir buhoot 
moon ounde hun, hor nale 

^" Je dSf instead of jis Ice. 

238 Xuweet, corruption of tdweeZy a charm. 



they shave and anoint 
their heads, but wear 
neither turban nor co- 
vering of any kind. 

Great difficulties are usu- 
ally overcome by labor 
and application. 

The ascetics of this coun- 
try practice the greatest 
austerities, and torture 
their bodies in various 
ways, some wanderabout 
with their bodies cover- 
ed with ashes, some are 
speechless, whilst others 
have lost the entire use 
of an arm, by keeping it 
in one posture for seve- 
ral years. 

He entered the 2nd gate 
of the town, and was then 
taken prisoner. 

The fort was taken after 
the third day of the 

He was struck with a ball, 
and fell fainting to the 
ground ; his father, see- 
ing him fall, took him 
up in his arms and car- 
ried him off. 

She has obtained an in- 
crease of ten Rupees 
pay monthly. 

There is a deep ditch on all 
sides of the fort. 

Had he remained a mo- 
ment longer he would 
have been blown up. 

He went out early in the 

tel buhoot moulde hun, 
pur pug nal jan kupre 
nal sir ne dhuk de. 

Meenut kiye se, hor urthee 
hoe se, jera kum kuthin 
hue, so ho pynda hue. 

E s des de uteet hor tup- 
usee buhoot kurraraee 
kurde hun, hor upne 
pinde noon buhoot dook h 
dende hun, koee koee 
bhuboot mulke phirde 
hun, hor koee koee choop 
keete hee, goonge hooe, 
phirde huen, hor koee 
koee banh k huree kurke 
kiyeewurryan teekruk,h 
de, ki jis kurke phir 

_ ootur dee naheen. 

O shuhur dee doojee deo- 
dee vich lung giya, tan 
dhuk hogiya. 

Teeje din de hulle pich hon 
qilla jit liya. 

Golee o noon lugee, otan 
ghush khake dig piya; 
oda peo o noon diga 
vekhke, upnee jhupee 
vich le giya. 

O dee tulub dus roopiye 
vudeek hogiyee. 

Qile de chufereek doongee 

k haee hue. 
Jet han o rutte bee chair 

lounda, tan barood nal 
_ ood h janda. 
O tan chilange oot hke giya 



morning to join the army, 
but has not seen a single 

He has entered into a con- 
tract to supply the whole 
army with grain. 

The man who deserted 
yesterday had a 
mole on his cheek 


He has scars on his back, 
knee, and shin bone. 

Let each witness be exa- 
mined separately. 

The fraud was not discover- 
ed till the next day, and 
he has escaped appre- 

He says he has lost 200 
rupees worth of jewels. 

The thieves came in open 
day, tied the camel 
man's hands behind his 
back, and, after binding 
him to a tree, carried off 
the whole of the camels. 

A trooper who saw the oc- 
currence drew a pistol 
from his holsters, shot 
one of the thieves, and 
recovered the camels. 

Though he denies it, it 
was proved on evidence 
that he aided and abetted 
the thieves in making 
good their escape. 

fouj noon milun waste, 
pur eko churha uswar 

_ bee ne milya. 

On tan chookawa keeta 
hue, ki muen saree fouj 
noon anaj deoonga. 

Jera munookh kul bhuj 
giya see, odee sujhee 
gul oote wuda mouka 

_ hue. 

Oda dagh kumror vich 
hor gode oote, hor pin- 
^unee vich. 

E k ek oogah noon, ud ho 
udhee kurke pooch lo. 

Oda chhul dooje din teek 
muloom ne see hoya, os 
kurke otan p^hur noon 
_ buch giya. 

O anda hue ki sade do seu 
roopyan da g haina guwaj 
pya hue. 

Dine dharawee aye hor 
ootan wale, dyan moos- 
qan deke rookh de nal 
bun giye, hor suboot le 

E k uswar ode uhwal dek h- 
da see upne boke vich- 
on tumachu kudhke ek 
dharawee noon golee 
maree, hor sub oot mor 
le aya. 

Bhula jethan o mooqur da 
hue, pur oogahan te sub- 
oot hoonda hue, ki chor- 
an de bujoun noon os ne 
suhayuta dittee. 



Three men were concerned 
in the robbery, but two 
only were apprehended, 
the third absconded. 

The lock was broken, and, 
on further examination, 
it was discovered that 
fifty rupees had been ab- 
stracted from the box. 

His own servant was also an 
accessory to the robbery. 

One of the thieves was ap- 
prehended on the spot, 
but his accomplice effect- 
ed his escape. 

He was waylayed by three 
armed men, who knocked 
him down, and then 
robbed him of all he 

This is as well as the form- 
er season has been so un- 
favorable that he has been 

In this country grain is 
usually ground with the 
hand mill. 

The stalks of wheat are 
higher this year than 
has ever been known. 

In consequence of the 
scarcity of rain and the 
apprehension of famine, 
the corn dealers have 
raised the price of all 
kinds of grain. 

Tun munookh choree vich 
burabur se, pur dohee 
p,hure giye. 


Jundra tan toot giya sa 
hor o don pich he muloom 
hoya, ki sundooq vichon 
punjah roopiyu kudhe 

Choree vich oda noukur 
bee, sanj hee hue. 

Choran vichon ot,he hee 
eko phur liya, pur oda 
sanj hee b,haj giya. 

Rah vich os noon tun mun- 
ookh shustree budhe 
hooe^*^ mil pye, tan o 
noon deg ditta hor jera 
oda usbab see sub loot 
16 giye. 

E s buhar hor pichle buhar 
uedee khurab, ki oho 
vuran hogya. 

E s des vich unaj chuck kee 
nal peen de huen. 

E s wurre vich kunuk de 
sitte, uede oochhe hun- 
ki uge uede kudhee ne 

Meenh thora pyn thon 
hor qal da wuswas kurke 
kurar lok sub turan de 
unaj da b hao g huta den- 
de huen. 

*^' Teejd, instead of teesra, third. 

^*° Budhe hoo6 instead of bandhe hoo6. 



There is but little cultiva- 
tion in this part of the 
country, for miles the 
ground is barren. 

Great labour is necessary 
in preparing the ground 
for the seed. 

The sowing season has now 

The inhabitants of this part 
of the country have on 
other occupation but that 
of cultivating ground. 

The soil about this part of 
the country is very rich, 
sugar cane, indigo, as 
well as the poppy a- 

In the lowlands rice is cul- 
tivated, and during the 
rainy season the fields 
are all under water. 

The cotton plant is chiefly 
cultivated in that part of 
the country. 

The appearance on this 
side of the river is very 
fertile, and fine trees 

The cultivation throughout 
the country is but scan- 
ty, except in the low 
lands adjacent to the 

There is but little arable 

Des de es kunee, hulwaee 

t horee hoondee hue, ku- 

yee kohan teek jumeen 

oojar hue. 
Jumeen beejun waste bu- 

hoot meenut loree dee 

Hoon beejun dee buhara 

giyee hue. 
Bina hulwaee es des de 

ruhne wale,hor koeekum 

naheen kurde. 

E's des dee ueda bhoen 
chungee hue, ki os vich 
koomad h, ikh neel hor 
post buhoot hoonda hue. 

Jite jumeen nee wee huen 
uksur othe jhond hor 
dhaeen khetee hoondee 
hue, hor bursat vich sub- 
ne pyryan vich panee 
renda hi. 

Des dee os wul uksur koo- 
pa^" buhootee hoondee 

Duryaon orar jumeen dee 
shukl buhoot chungee 
hue, hor wude wude 
rookh huen. 

Sare des vich khetee buhoot 
thoree hoondee hue, pur 
durya de mood, juhan 
dhur tee neewee hue, 
othe buhoot hoondee 

Des de odur vugar hor sur 

Koopa, corruption of Icupa. 



land in that part of the 

Is every thing ready ? 

The village people say that 
no supplies are procur- 
able at the next stage. 

Procure all that may be 
necessary from the vil- 
lage situated about a mile 
from camp. 

The river has risen so 
much since yesterday, 
that it will be impossible 
to cross it without a 

Let every thing be ready 
to cross over the river 
this evening. 

Some of the boats have 
platforms for camels, 
horses, and carts. 

The camels are so heavily 
laden, that half of them 
have sore backs. 

The boats are all on the 
opposite side and not 
one on this. 

During the storm every 
plank of the boat creak- 

The men were dying of 
thirst owing to the scar- 
city of water, in future let 
a water carrier attend 
each Company on the 

During the storm many of 
the boats got a drift and 

jumeen ghut hoondee 

Sub cheezan tiyar huen ? 
Pind de lok akde huen ki 

doojee mujul vich rust 

naheen milnee. 
Jera pind kumpoo thon 

udh koh pure hue, jeree 

cheez othon chahiye, 

so munga lo. 
Kul durya ueda churhya 

hue, ki bina beree admee 

te, par ne jaya jauda. 

Kliuburdar takalan de 
vele par jana hue, sub 
cheezan jereanloree dee- 
an huen ukuthyan ru- 

Kisee kisee beree de vich 
buhoot put h huen jes de 
oote, ghore, hor rere 
churh jande huen. 

Ais turuh oot lude huen 
ki udhyan de pith lug 
giyee hue. 

Sub berean durya on par 
huen, orar eko naheen. 

Uneree vich here de sub 
put,h cheek de se. 

Panee bina lok t hyae mur- 
de se uedoon uge ek ek 
mujul vich Company de 
nal ek ek mashukee sat h 
jaya kure. 

Un deree vich buhootean 
beryan roore giyeyan hor 


were carried down with 
great violence by the 

He was detained several 
hours by one of the ar- 
ches of the bridge hav- 
ing broken down, owing 
to the violence of the 
stream after the heavy 
rain which fell yesterday. 

In former years a tax was 
levied upon all travellers 
who crossed over the 
ferry, but it is now abo- 

hur de nel, buhoot jor 
nal jan dean huen. 

O noon kueee ghurryan 
teek chair lug giya ise 
kurke ki kul meenh bu- 
hoot pya see, tan pool da 
ek j hare toot giya. 

Pichle wurrean vich put- 
tun oote praonyan de lun- 
gouun waste musool 
lugda see, pur boon hut 
giya hue. 



We must not commence 
such a journey without 
thing necessary for com- 
fort, few of which are to 
be procured on the way. 

As we travel by land we 
must have every thing 
well packed to guard 
against all accidents, 
which occur frequently 
by the carelessness of 
servants independent of 
those common to all tra- 

Both to avoid expense and 
inconvenience we must 

Jeree cheez loree dee hue 
k hater jumu laee, so bina 
OS cheez thon, sufur na 
kuren, ise kurke ki rah 
vich ghut hut h oundee 

Ussee tan toorange sook h 
pooke rah hoe ues kurke 
jereean ufatan, nuokuran 
dee ghafilee nal pyndee- 
an huen, sugon hor afut 
ki subna mooshafiran 
oote pyndee hue, so loree 
da hue, ki ode hutdun 
waste subna cheez anoon 
suwarke bunake uchhee 
turuh bun le. 

Khurch hor ookhyaee hu- 

~toun waste, eho loree da 



reduce our baggage to as 
, small a quantity as possi- 

Let us consult him, he has 
travelled much both by 
land and water in this 
country, and will give us 

You do not advert to the 
necessity of applying for 
orders to pass your car- 
riages, &c. at the different 

This will occasion a delay 
of two days at least. 

This road, though shortest, 
is in general much infest- 
ed by robbers. I think 
we ought to go by the 
other, and even then a 
small guard is absolutely 

Is the wine and the other 
packages that were sent 
here in the morning pro- 
perly packed and put in 
the carts ? 

There are people now em- 
ployed in doing so ; you 
had better see yourself 
that it is well done. 

On the journey the loss of 
the wine would be a 

hue, ki cheez wust him- 
mut bhur jitne ho hun- 
ghe, so ona noon ghut 

ChulD ona nal humayut 
waste sulah kuriye ise 
kurke ki ona ne sookh 
gildee mooshafiree bu- 
hoot keetee hue, so sa- 
noon bee suhaiyuta ku- 

Upne an guddeean, hor hor 
na cheezan sumyt ki je- 
reeanhurmooqam toorun 
waste loree deean hun, so 
ona cheezan de rah daree 
de purwane de too k hyal 
ne keeta. 

Is kumleee juroor do din- 
an da cheer lugaga hor 
do dinan thon bina 
cheer g hut ne howega. 

Bhula je eh rah tan juroor 
nire hue, pur chor te 
buhoot pynde hun, so 
loree das hue ki dooje 
raha tooriye hor tan bee 
pyhre waste do char 
munookh nal ly leee. 

suvere gjiulyan hue sun, 
so re rean oote uchhee 
turah suwarke bun leee- 
an huen ? 

Hoontan lok ese kum noon 
luge hun, pur chunga 
ehe hue ki too see ap 
chulke vekh lo ho ki oho 
uchhee turankurde hun. 

Shurab de guwa chunda, 
jan nooshqan hon da. 



very serious one, and one 
not easily remedied. 

These people, in place of 
exerting themselves, are 
all asleep in the veranda. 

So many of the servants 
ought to go on with the 
breakfasting tent, and the 
others remain with the 
dining tent. 

By sending one tent on in 
the evening to the next 
stage, we can have break- 
fast as soon as we arrive. 

The dining tent in which 
we sleep, can seldom 
come up till the day is 
far advanced. 

The sentinel must be very 
circumspect at night, 
otherwise we shall cer- 
tainly be robbed. 

Let the carriages and cattle 
be brought to one place 
before it gets dark and 
put under the charge of 
the watchman. 

We must halt one day in 
every week, or even more 
should the stages be long, 
to relieve the people and 

idee ufat hoondee hue, ki 
jis da ullaj hor joogut 
suwarun dee, phir ne 
E lok mihnut hor kar kur- 
unde budle dulan vich, 
soote rende hun. 

Uetune tyleee tan shah ve- 
la shakun de tumboo nal 
jaenge hor loree da hue, 
ki rende tyhul wale pur- 
sad shukun wale tumboo 
nal janun. 

Loude vele ek tumboo 
ugon olee torya hoya, 
ugle mujil waste chunga 
hue, ki ues joogut kurke 
poch de he ussee, shah 
vela shukange. 

Hor pursad shukun wala 
tumboo jis vich ussee 
soande han, so pich,lie 
oho uksur wude din 
churhe teek nuheen pu- 

Loree da hue, ki pyhre dar 
hosh nal tukre hoke ruhe 
nuheen tan juroor ju- 
rooran sada mal choraya 

Und hera hon t hon puehlan 
lor eeda hue, ki sube 
bould uk utile kurke eke 
thanw pyhre da noon 
somp ke, bun de. 

Munookhan hor bouldan 
de sookh leee, juroor 
loree da hue ki uth roje 
vich ek mooqam kuren, 
jet^han mujil buhootee 
kururree howe tan hor 
bee mooqam kurna. 



All large towns we ought 
to avoid as much as pos- 
sible, to prevent our 
people from deserting 
through fear^ 

Desire thfe people always 
to pitch the tents near 
water, and if possible 
under trees. 

What district is this village 
in and who is the magis- 
trate of it ? 

How very highly cultivat- 
ed the country is through 
which we passed to day ? 

I fear we shall have much 
trouble in passing our 
baggage across the river 
to-morrow by the ferry. 

What a delightful situation 
this is ; let us halt here a 
day or two. 

Enquire in that village 
whether there be any 
game in the neighbour- 

This man says there is 
game of all kinds very 
near, but that it is dan- 
gerous going near the 
wood, on account of the 
number of tigers in it. 

They seldom carry off any 
of the people, but hardly 
a night passes during 
which the cattle do not 

Loree da hue ki upnee him- 
mut hoondee rah de 
wude wude graon bucha 
bucha ke ch hud de ki jis 
kurke lok durke bhtij 
na jahun. 

Tyhle wale anoon sumj ha 
deo ki tumboo humesh- 
an panee de bunne lou- 
un hor jet ban ho hum- 
ghe tan rookhan de ole 
laya kuruu; 
E h pind kere illaqe da hue 
hor eda hakum kera hue ? 

Jis jumeen da ussee uj sy- 
hul kurke aye han, so os 
jumeen oote kuesee soo- 
raeen hue ^ 

Muen dur da han ki b hulke 
usbab duryao lungouun 
noon, puttiin oote bu- 
hootee ookhyaee hogoo. 

Eh t hanw kuesa sona hue ; 
ethe t hanw do tun din 

_ tnooqam kurange. 

Os pind de an lokan thon 
verwar loho ki es pind 
de oodale koee mar hue. 

E h munook h ak hda hue ki 
pind de kol nire nire 
maran buhooteean huen, 
pur j hang hor j hal vich 
janda buhoot durhue,ise 
kurke ki shere buhoot 
rende huen. 

E"h tan shere munookhan 
noon ghut le jande hun, 
pur ek rat bee ne pyndee 
ki jis rat bould jan my- 
han nuheen le jande. 



Tell the proprietor of the 
village to send some of 
his people in the evening 
to beat up the game for 

Don't allow these people to 
dress their victuals so 
near the tent, we are^al- 
most stifled with the 

Take care that every thing 
is paid for, and that no 
violence be used against 
the villagers. 

Should there be any com- 
plaints made, and you be 
giiilty, you shall certain- 
ly be punished severely. 

We have had very good 
sport indeed, and not 
much fatigue. 

Tell the people we shall 
halt here to-morrow> and 
let them provide them- 
selves with what may 
be necessary from the 
village, as there will be 
ho halt again for some 

You had better not ride 
to-morrow, as your horse 
must be fatigued with 
the long marches we 
have lately made. 

Are the elephants and 
camels properly attended 
to and fed. 

It is always difficult after 
one day's halt ever to set 

Pind de painch noon sudke 
akhde ki tukalan noon 
ek do admee ghul de sa- 
da leee mar chookun 

Ina noon, ak h deo ki tum- 
boo de mood roteean na 
pukowun, kid,hoo nal 
sada sail bund ho janda* 

Uchhee turuh khuburdai* 
ho ki subna cheezan da 
mol de deho hor kisee 
turan pindean lokan oote 
d,huka na howe. 

Jetha tere oote kisee turail 
furyud howe, hor tera 
tuqseer sabut howej tan 
kururre nuseehut paw^ 

Theek sa noon shikat 
uch ha lub ha hor t hukie^ 
wan ghut churhya hue. 

Lokan noon akhde o kl 
bhulke, uethe mooqam 
kurenge hor jereean 
cheezan loree deean hun> 
so ethon lai lain uese 
kurke ki kiyeean dinaii 
teek mooqam phir ne 

Chunga eho hue, ki bhul^ 
ke too uswaree na kure 
kyoon ki wudeean wu- 
deean mujilan nal ghora 
tera thuk gya hoga. 

Hutheean hor ootan noon, 

dane ate, dee tyhul hoi" 

^khuburdareekeetee hue. 

Ek bee mooqam kurke 
p,hir torna inan lokan 



the people going as 
usual, therefore let us 
avoid stopping except 
when necessary. 
How many stages is that 

town from this ? 
We must have a guide to 
show us the road through 
this woody country. 
What amazing numbers of 
peacocks, partridges, and 
other game we saw to- 
day. From never being 
disturbed they are very 
Let us go and look at the 
celebrated mosque in the 

The people and cattle seem 
to be all much fatigued 
to-day, on account of the 

There is a storm coming on, 
see that the tent pins and 
ropes are all secured, 
and the trunks, &c. be 
placed under the tent to 

How different a climate 
this is from that which 
we left three weeks ago, 
the mornings are now 
really cold. 

Before we reach our jour- 
ney's end, we shall be 
much more sensible of 

noon buhootoukhur hue, 
so loree da hue ki bina 
juroor mooqam na kur- 

O pind uethon ketneean 
mujilan door hue ? 

E s jungul de des vich eko 
rah dusun waste sa noon 
sooa loree da hue. 

Ues kurke ki kisee ne du- 
raye ooraye naheen tan 
ketne mor, hor tithur,hor 
hor shikar uj vekhun 
vich aye huen. 

Uj tukalan noon jeree mu- 
seet mushahoor hue, so 
ussee vekhun waste ja- 

Deeda hue ki gurmee 
kurke munookh, hor pu- 
soo sub t,huke hooehuen. 

Dekho, ki undheree 
wudee oundee hue, tum- 
boo de kile hor russe 
tukre kurke bun lo, hor 
sube sundook tumboo de 
ole rukhdeo. 

Dek ho, jis jugeh noon tun 
uthroje hoye ne chhu- 
dee noon, so os thanw 
nalon es thanw da panee 
hor wao vich ketna furq 
hue, such janne da hue 
ki suver noon pala mu- 
loom hoonda hue. 

Pichhle mujil puhoon 
chun th5n puehlan sur- 
dee buhoot kurruree 



it, I observed a little ice 
on the water to-day. 

What lofty building is that 
which appears on the 

Some village people have 
come to complain that 
our servants have des- 
troyed a whole field of 
sugar cane, and that they 
will not give its value. 

We must, to deter them in 
future, punish them se- 
verely, besides making 
them pay a proper price. 

The groom says the horse 
requires being shod, and 
that the back of one of 
the camels is much gall- 
ed, to defend which his 
keeper wants a piece of 

At an average of fourteen 
miles a day, we shall 
reach our destination in 
fourteen days, allowing 
two halts. 

Have you sent for guides 
and watchmen from the 
village, as this country is 
notorious for thieves, and 
by giving our baggage in 
charge to these people 
the renter of the coun- 
try becomes responsible 
for it. 

I have travelled much and 

muloon howegee uj us- 
san suvere panee oote 
t hora kukoor jumya hoya 

_ ditta see. 

O keree oochee etaree hue, 
jeree qub^he huth dee 
dee hue ? 

Pind de kyee lok furyad 
kurun noon aye hun, hor 
nkh de hun, ki twade 
tyhulye ne koomad h dee 
pyree oojar dittee hue, 
hor OS da mol bee nu- 
heen denda. 

Ki jis kurke uedoon uga- 
han uesa kum na kuren 
tan ona noon khururee 
nusheeut de ho hor pyree 
de wajibee mol duwa de. 

Ghore da tyhleea ak,hda 
hue ki ghore de pyr da 
ek tundal ookhur gya 
hue, hor ek oot dee kum 
ror luggyee hue, so ode 
buchoun waste ek loee 
deo takee loree dee hue. 

Sutan sutan, kohan dee 
mujil kurke hor do moo- 
qam bee kurke, ussee 
choudah dinannoonothe 
ponch ange. 

Too choukeedaran hor sooe 
noon sudke upna usbab 
somp ditta hue, ise kur- 
ke ki is des vich dhara- 
wee buhoot rende hun, 
hor usbab painch de hu- 
wale kur di he tan ehe 
lok, jirwab diho huen. 

Muen tan buhoot sara su- 



never yet lost any thing 
except by carelessness. 

Prepare two frames for 
tatties for the doors of 
the tents, and let them be 
as light as possible. 

What with the dust and 
length of our march, I 
am more fatigued to-day 
than I have yet been, and 
my head aches violently ? 

To avoid expense let us 
send the cattle into the 
country, where they can 
be kept at a much less 
monthly expense than 

The carts and bullocks we 
ought to sell, and reduce 
our travelling establish- 
ment of servants. 

See if the tents are properly 
packed up or not after 
being well dried, and let 
them be put up in some 
place where the rats may 
not be able to destroy 

Have you paid all the peo- 
ple their wages? Take care 
that you have done so 
fairly, or I shall certainly 
turn you off. 

The furniture will arrive 

fur keeta hue, so bina 
ghafilee t,hon mera ku- 
dhe usbabnuheen guwa- 

Tumboo de boohe dee do 
tutteean da thath tyar 
kur hor jitna tython ho 
hunghe mihnut bhur 
houla kur. 

Gurd hor wudee mujil 
kurke muen uesa thuka 
han ki uedoon pichhe 
ueda kudhee nuheen 
thuka hor nale mere sir 
kururee peer hoondee 

Khurch thora kurun waste 

"^pussooa noon bahur dee 
pindee ghul deho jis 
kurke es thanw nalon 
ot he khurch ghut howe- 

Loreeda hue ki guddeean 
hor boul dan noon vech 
deho hor jere wudeek 
sufur wale tyleee huen 
so ona noon huta deho. 

Sookun de mugron subna 
tumbooan noon yekh 
lo ki uchhee turuh 
budhe hun hor kisee 
uesee thanw rukh deho 
ki jit he choohe na kha 

Too subna lokan noon tu- 
lub de dittee hue ? khu- 
burdar too lekha theek 
t,heek keeta hue, nuheen 
tan, muen tue noon phu 
juwab de oonga. 

Thorean dinan vich beree 



by water in a few days, 
in the mean time we must 
manage with our travel- 
ling equipage. 
Allow the people to rest 
for some days. 

Going upon the river. 

Send a person to the dif- 
ferent ferries where boats 
generally lie, and should 
he find a convenient one 
of about 16 oars, let him 
bring the person who has 
the charge of it. 

Is your boat and are your 
people ready to go a voy- 
age of six weeks to such 
a place ? 

We wish to leave this in 
four days if every thing 
can be got ready. 

Go to the Custom House 
and get passes for the 
baggage immediately. 

See that the boat be quite 
clean, then lay the mats. 

What is the hire of such 
a boat per month ? 

Ask the boat man whether 
the river be yet open or 
must we go by the Soon- 
durbun ? This will occa- 

oote sireejan an ponch 
ega, odon teek jera usbab 
sufur da hue, so oho, 
Subna lokan noon koojh 
dinan teek sookh kutun 

Bury a d4 vich vich toorna. 

Admee subna puttun an 
oote ghul deo jithe be- 
reean juroor ifendeean 
huen, hor veleean beree- 
an vek h ke jeree soluh 
chuppean walee ho we 
so OS de mullah ode mil 

Teree beree hor tere mulla- 
ha tyar huen, chean uth 
rojeean da durya da sy- 
hul kurum noon ? 

Ussee chahoun d^ han ki 
jet ban sube cheezan tyar 
hon tan chouun denan 
vich es thanw nooii 
chhud jayee. 

Puchoturee de ghurjake, 
jera purwannu rah daree 
waste loree da hue, so 

Yek h ly ki beree chungee 
chittee liowe tan ode oote 
suf vichao. 

Uehee jihee beree waste 
muheene da ketna bhara 
hoonda hue ? 

Mullah noon poochly, ki 
durya da panee churhya 
hue ki naheen, nuheen 
tan Soondurbun thanw- 




sion a material difference 
in the length of our voy- 

At which hour does the 
tide serve to go up the 
river to-day ? 

As soon as the tide serves, 
let the boat be taken 
above the shipping to 
such a passage, where 
we will embark in the 

Two horse boats will like- 
wise be necessary, and 
tell the groom to take 
care that the boats are 
properly fitted up for 
receiving the horses. 

Have you sent a sufficient 
quantity of provender 
on board for the horses? 

Take care they do not get 
lamed while putting 
them into the boats. 

The wind is now fair, and 
should it continue so, we 
shall reach such a place 
in the evening. 

een hoke jana ? Hooogoo 
hor odur jaun noon bu- 
hoot wul paoogoo, hor 
cheer buhoot lugoogoo. 

Ussan tan durya de churh 
de noon jana hue, so kis 
vele OS pase noon oolt ke 
wugoogoo ? 

Jis vele panee churhde 
noon wugega tan os vele 
beree puttun oote le ja- 
nee, hor ussee tukalun 
o noon beree c hurh jaw- 

Hor g,horean waste do 
bereean loreedeean huen, 
so g,hore de tyhleean 
noon ak,h ki bereean de 
put h uch hee turuh buna 
le jinan oote g hoore chur- 

Too ghorean de waste ata 
dana jitna ona noon loree 
da hue otna ghul ditta 

Too tukre rehna ki beree 
oote churhouun luge 
koee ghora lunga na 

Hoon tan wao uchhee 
wugdee hue, hor isee 
turan tukulan teek 
wugegee tan chete upur 




How long have you been 

When did your sickness 

commence ? 
Let me feel your pulse ; piit 

out your tongue ; are 

you any better to-day? 

Have you pain in your 
head, in the back, in the 
chest, loins, or in the 
joints ? 

Have you any pain on ta- 
king a full breath? 

Have you much cough? 
Do you expectorate freely? 
Do your limbs ache much? 

Have you lost your appe- 
tite entirely ? 
Are you very thirsty ? 

Have you nausea, or in- 
clination to vomit ? 
Is your digestion good ? 

Is the belly painful and 

flatulent after eating ? 

What did you eat to-day ? 

Tue noon ketnean dinan 

da rog hoya see ? 
Tue noon beramee kudon 

thon hoee hue ? 
Too upne huth dee nubz 

wakhal jeebh kudh, uj 

too kuese hue, uge nalon 

kooch chunga hue ki 

mara ? 
Tere sir, jan hek, jan kum- 

ror, jan luk, jan gundee, 

hor joree peer hoondee 

Judon poora saha lenda 

hue tudon kooch kithe 

dookh muloom hoonda 

Tue noon khung buhoot 

ounda hue ? 
Too buhoot khungarda 

hue ? 
Teree joree, jan bundee, 

buhoot peer hooddee 

hue ? 
Tue noon bhookh bee 

kooch ne lugdee ? 
Tue noon teh buhootee lug- 
dee ? 
Tue noon oobut jan oopur 

shhul Dundee hue? 
Tue noon rotee puchdee 

hue ? 
Pursad khade mugron, 

tera kooch ted^h aphur 

janda hue ? 
Uj too kee kooch k,hada 




Is your head giddy when 
you stand up or walk ? 

Are you griped ? 

Are your bowels loose ? 

Lie flat on your back and 

tell me if you have any 

pain or uneasiness when 

I press on this part with 

• my fingers. 

Turn on your right side^ 
now turn on your left. 

Are you able to rise from 
your bed without assist- 
ance ? 

Do you feel very weak ? 

Stand up and put the an- 
kles together. 

Are the wrist joints swol- 
len ? 

Have you any pain in the 
knees when you walk ? 

Are the hip joints weak? 
Raise up the right shoulder 

Putyourlegs close together. 
Stretch out the left arm. 
How did you lose that 

finger ? 
How did you hurt your 

big toe ? 

Judon too oot hke kronda 
hue, jan toorda hue, tan 
tere sir kooch ghernee 
Dundee hue ? 

Kee tere ted h vich muror 
hue ? 

Tera undur buhoot chulda 

Moura purne pye jao ju- 
don muen oongulean nal 
tue noon nupda han, tan 
kooch peer hoondee hue. 

Suj he jan qub he, pasa mu- 
rOr hor wukee purne py 

Kisee de huth thon bina, 
too munje oot hon ooth 
hungda hue ? 

Tue noon nuqoobutee bu- 
hoot muloom hoondee 

Ooth sidha hoke kro hor 
dowe g hitte jorke krota 
ruho ? 

Tera goot buhoota sooj 
gya hue ? 

Jan too toorya janda hue, 
tan terean g hittean vich 
kooch peer muloom 
hoondee hue ? 

Tere choole kum jor huen ? 

Sujah modah chook. 

Dowe pyr jor. 

Kubbe banh lummee kur. 

Teree chee chee oongul 
kisturan toot pyee ? 

Tere pyr de ungot he noon 
kisturan sut lugee hor 
kisturan mororya gje ? 



Have you pain and stiff- 
ness in the neck ? 

Have you a sore throat or 
pain and difficulty in 
swallowing ? 

Have you ear-ache ? Have 
you a pimple in it ? 

Is the nose stuffed ? 

Have you cramps in the 
hands, feet or calves of 
the leg ? 

What is your complaint ? 

Have you rheumatism, 
asthma, or bowel com- 
plaint, gonorrhoea or 
piles, small pox or epi- 
lepsy, leprosy, or spleen, 
cholera or ring worm, &c. 

Is blood ever mixed up 
with the mucus you 
cough up ? 

Have you burning of the 
feet, or do the soles of 
your feet burn ? 

Are you completely lame? 
Do you hear imperfectly ? 

Are you deaf ? 

Have a bad taste in your 
mouth ? 

Is the skin entirely numb, 
or have you any sensa- 
tion of pain when I 
pinch you with my nails ? 

Have you taken the medi- 
cine regularly ? 

Tereean d haondeean naree 
ak hir giyeean huen ? 

Ki tera sung puk gya hue, 
kikoochlungane hungda? 

Tera kun doo khda hue ? 
Koee ode vich phim- 
unee hue ? 

Tere nas nukdee bund 
hogyee hue ? 

Tere hutheen jan puereen 
jan pinnean vich, kooch 
k.huttean pyeean huen ? 

Tue noon kee rog hue ? 

Tue noon badee hue, jail 
sail dee kusr, jan pet 
wugna, jan sojag, jan 
bawaseer, jan mata, jan 
mirgee, jan korh, jan 
lif, jan hyeeurj jan 
k horuk pyee hue ? 

Khung nal kooch Icohoo 
ounda hue ? 

Terean puer suroo suroo 
kurde hun, jan pueran 
deean tutteean vichon 
ug nikuldee hue ? 

Too bilkool lungandahue ? 

Tuenoon oochha soone 
da hue ? 

Too kunan t lion bola hue ? 

Tere moonli be swad hue ? 

Tera pinda uesa soun gya 
hue, ki judon muen iiou- 
wan nal choondee wud- 
da han, tan tue noon peer 
ne koondee ? 

Too burabur doshandu 
peeta hue ? 



Have you vomited freely ? 
Have you been well 
purged ? Have you per- 
spired ? 

Have you slept soundly ? 

Js that a blister on your 

Has th6 pain been reliev- 
ed ? 

How did you receive that 
wound ? Is it a gun shot, 
sabre cut, or blow of a 
stick ? 

llave you lost much 
blood ? 

Is the bone broken, or on- 
ly dislocated ? 

Keep up your spirits, there 
is no danger, and you will 
soon get well. 

What sort of food do you 
usually eat ? 

t)o you bathe regularly in 
cold water ? 

tJnless you consent to have 
your arm amputated, you 
will certainly die in great 

If you allow me to cut off 
your leg, you will quick- 
ly recover, and be able 
to retire to your village 
on the pension of your 

The pain will not be very 
great, and it will soon 
be over. 

If you do not keep your leg 
in the position in which 
I have now placed it, the 

Tue noon kholke oobut 
aye se ? Tue noon dust 
chungee luge sun, moor- 
ka chunga aya ? 

Too sota uch chee turuh ? 

Teree udee oote chhala 
hue, jan chumrus py gya 
hue ? 

Peeron tue noon kooch 
aram hogya hue ? 

E h juk hm tue noon kistu- 
ran luga? Hor kudon luga 
budooq da jan top da, 
jan dang da luga hue ? 

Loohoo buhoota wugya 
see ? 

Huddee toot gyee hue, jan 
ootur gyee hue ? 

Durna kooch ghum nu- 
heen, too chetec nal ra- 
jee ho jaw^enga. 

Too kisturan da pursad 
shukda hue ? 

Too humeshan thunde pa- 
nee nal nuhounda hue? 

Jetha too banh wudun vich 
rajee nuheen, tan pich,h 
on wude dook h nal mur- 

Jetha too upna puer mue- 
noon wudun dehe, tan 
buhoot chetee nal rajee 
hojaenga, hor pension 
pake g hur jahungenga. 

Tue noon buhootee peer 
bee ne hoondee, ek pul 
vich dookhjandarehega. 

Jisturan ussee tera puer 
rukhde ban so too na 
rehun denga, tan tere 



bone will be crooked, 
and you will be lame for 
This will be your own fault, 
and you will not be en- 
titled to a pension. 

I am sure you will soon 
get the use of your leg 
if you will only try. 

If you obstinately refuse 
to use your limb, you wil^ 
be pronounced a malin- 
gerer, and will lose the 

Where is your village ? I 
will send you there on 
sick leave for six months. 

What sort of a night did 

you pass ? 
Were you very restless ? 
Why do you moan and 

groan so, are you in 

pain ? 

The wound on your head 
is certainly a bad one, 
but I have no reason at 
present to think the skull 

How long has your eye 
been in that state ? 

How long has your eye 
been covered with that 

Can you see at all with 
the right eye ? 

puer dee huddee tedhee 
hojaegee, hor saree oomr 
lunganda ruhenga. 

Eho t heek bu theek qu- 
soor tera hoga, hor ise 
kurke ingles bee na pa- 

Jetha too kururra jee kur- 
ke dubke toorenga tan 
buhoot chetee nal rajee 

Jetha too ise turan dee jid 
kurenga, hor toorun da 
dyeear na kurenga tan 
pujwala sude enga, hor 
tera na wan bee kutya 

Terapind kit he hue? Muen 
tue noon othe chhean 
muheenean dee beema- 
ree de chootee, duwa ke 
ghul deoonga ? 

Rat kisturan kutee ? 

Ki buhoot kusht kutya ? 

Too uetna hoongda hue, 
tue noon kithe kooch 
peer muloom hoonde 
hue ? 

Tere sir da jukhm theek 
mara hue, pur uesa boo- 
ra nuheen ki sir dee 
k hopree pat gyee hue. 

Ketne ko cheerda teree uk h 

es turan dee rehee hue ? 
Ketne ko cheerda teree 

ukh vich jala py gya 

Tue noon sujhe uk,h nal 

kooch deeda hue ? 



Shut your good eye, and 
then tell me if you can 
see with the other what 
I have in my hand. 

When I move my hand be- 
fore your eye, do you 
see at all? 

How long is it since you 
received the injury ? 

Bathe it well 4 or 5 times 
during the day, and 
when the swelling sub- 
sides, I shall be better 
able to judge of the ex- 
tent of the injury your 
eye has received. 

When did that redness or 
inflammation of the eyes 
come on ? 

Do you see imperfectly ? 

Have you night blindness? 

When were you attacked 
with fever ? 

Does the fever come on 
with shivering and pass 
off with perspiration 

Does the fever come on 
every day, every third 
or fourth day, or is it a 
continued one '? 

If you do not take the 
medicine you cannot ex- 
pect to get well. 

Do you start in your sleep, 
or have you frightful 
dreams ? 

Jis ukh nal tue noon uch- 
hee turuh deeda hue, o 
ukh meet ke dooje nal 
vek h ki mere hut h vich 
kee hue'? 

Jis vele muen huth hu- 
lounda ban, tan tue noon 
kooch disda hue ? 

Ketna ko chero hoya hue, 
judon then ehe ukheen 
vich beemaree hoee see. 

Elioon nit nit dhoya kure, 

« jud edee sojhly jaegee, 
tan muen muloom kur- 
oonga kitna ko nooshqan 
hoya hue. 

Jeree laalee teree uk h vich 

hue, so kudon ko pyee 

Tue noon thora deeda 

hue ? 
Tue noon und rata hoya 

Tue noon tap kudon da 

chiirhya hoya hue ? 
Tue noon kumbe nal 

tap churda hue, hor pich- 

hon moorke nal ootur 

da hue *? 
Tue noon nitkee tap hue, 

ki teja churhda hue, ki 

choutha ki kudde ootur 

da nuheen P 
Jet ha too duwa na khaen- 

ga tan uchha kisturan 

howenga ? 
Sotapya, too tubkuda hue, 

jan mare mare sookhne 

ounde huen ? 



What scar is that upon 
your leg? 

Is that a mole upon your 
cheek ? 

Have you any particular 
marks whereby you may 
be known as the person 
described entitled to 
pension ? 

Have you sprained your 

That appears a bad sore and 
has been much neglect- 
ed, you must live low. 

I will send you out into 
the district for change 
of air. 

Do the corns on your feet 

pain you ? 
Have you much hiccup ? 

Have you pain in your 
back bone ? 

Have you pain in your 
kidneys ? 

Have you pain in your 

Have you a sore on your 
thigh ? 

When was this man seized 
with cholera ? 

Has he eaten any raw vege- 
tables ? 

Had he vomited much be- 
fore coming into hos- 
pital ? 

Be careful that he gets no 
cold water to drink. 

Be careful that he takes 
regularly the medicine 

O dag h jera tere puer oote 
hue, so kisturan da hue ? 

Tere g.hul oote, eh mouqu 

Tere pinde vich, kise turan 
da uesa dagh hue, ki 


too he 

paone wala hue ? 


Tere pyr noon muchkoor 

_ agyee hue ? 

O phora boora deeda hue, 
hor tue noon loreeda hue 
ki bundej kurya kur. 

Wao leun waste hor nuwa 
panee peeun noon muen 
tue noon bahur kit he 
g hul deanga. 

Tere puer de bhouree 
buhoot dookdee hue ? 

Tue noon hitkee buhoot 
oundee hue ? 

Tere mouree peer hoondee 

Tere goorde peer hoondee 

Tere bubur vich peer hoon- 
dee hue ? 

Tere put oote phora hue ? 

E s munook h noon hyeeur 
_ kudon da hoya hue? 
Os ne kise turan dee kuchee 

turkaree k,hadee hue ? 
Beemar khane ounthon 

puehla kooch oobutya 

Khubur rukhnee, ki o 

thunda panee na peee. 
Khuburdar ki duwa hu- 
~~meshan k ha we. 




Are you the Native Doctor 
appointed to my Regi- 
ment ? 

What is your name, and 

How many years have you 
been in the Service ? 

Have you been educated at 
the Calcutta School? 

Did you there learn com- 
pounding ? 

Can you use the scales and 
v^^eights ? 

Can you rub up ingredi- 
ents properly in a pestle 
and mortar ? 

Can you make pills and 
spread plaster ? 

Can you fold up medicine in 
paper neatly, and fix a 
label to a phial ? 

Can you apply a bandage ? 
Can you keep an Hospital 
register ? 

Can you speak English in 
the least, or write that 
language ? 

You say that you have just 
come from the Calcutta 
School of Medicine, hav- 
ing passed your exami- 
nation with credit ? 

Ki too oho kala doctor hue 
jera meree purtal vich 
b hurtee hoya see ? 

Tera nao hor oomr kee 
hue ? 

Too kudonda noukur hue ? 

Too Kulkutte dee tunksal 
vich sikhya se? 

Too duwa ruloun miloun 
ot hee sik hya se ? 

Too tukree nal toalun jan- 
da hue ? 

Too uch,hee turan hum am 
duste vich kootke sub 
cheezan rula janda hue ? 

Too goleean duwadeean 
bunoune jan mulhum 
da lep kur janda hue ? 

Too duwa kaghut vich 
vuletun janda hue, hor 
too duwa dee bottle oote 
kaghut da surnawa lou- 
un janda hue ? 

Too puttee bun janda hue ? 

Too beemar khane de ver- 
ve dee kitab likh janda 

Too t horee buhootee Ung- 
reejee boleebol, jan likh 
janda hue ? 

Too anda hue ki muen 
hoone Kulkutte on hu- 
keeman dee tunksalon 
aya han, so too wude sare 
jus nal upne vidya dee 
kuramat dusda hue ? 



Nevertheless, you cannot 
perform these simple 
duties, which are daily 
required of you. 

My orders are, that you 
make up the medicines 
required for the sick in 
hospital with your own 

It is the custom of some 
Native Doctors to leave 
the duty of preparing 
the doses of medicine to 
the dresser, or even to a 

This is a most shameful 

It is a practice liable to be 
attended with disaster- 
ous consequences. 

If you do so, I shall report 
you to the Superinten- 
ding Surgeon. 

The medicines are under 
your charge, and you 
must take great care of 

Some Medical Officers are 
of opinion that Native 
Doctors are accustomed 
to steal certain of the 
more valuable medicines. 

Medicines such as Calomel, 
Tartar Emetic, Opium, 
Castor Oil,&c. may with- 
out doubt be easily dis- 
posed of, and find a ready 

Tan bee thora t,hora kum 
jera tue noon roj roj loree 
da hue 5 bee ne kur hung- 

Mera hookm ehe hue ki 
jere duwa munohanan 
noon deee dee hi, so too 
upnean hutjian nal bu- 
naya kur. 

Bajean Bajean kale an doc- 
toran da kum eho hue, 
ki du ween bunouneean 
tyhul waleean dee hu th- 
een dinde huen. 

E ho kum buhoot mara hor 
wudee shurm da hue. 

Hor eho kum ueda mara 
hue ki kisee na kisee ve- 
le upudro hoonda hue. 

Jet ha too uesa kum kuren- 
ga, tan muen wude doc- 
tor sahib noon teree re- 
put deanga. 

Sube duwaeen teree tabea 
huen, so tue noon loo- 
ree da hue ki wudee sare 
Utiuburdaree nal rukhya 

Koee koee doctor sahib da 
eh khyal hue, ki kale 
doctor lok jeree duwa 
wude moldee hoondee 
hue, so o noon chora 
lende huen. 

Ues turan dee duwaeen 
juesa para, oopur chul 
walee duwa, ufeem, jan 
herund da tel, syhuj soo- 
b hao, vik,h jande huen. 



It is difficult to prevent 
this stealing, and still 
more difficult to prove 
the fact to conviction. 

Some means might be 
devised to prevent this 
pilfering, or, at any rate, 
to check it materially, 
and save Government 
many thousand Rupees 

Inform me in what man- 
. nerthis maybe effected. 
This man is delirious from 
exposure to the sun. 

Call the bheestie, and or- 
der him to empty a 
mussuk of water over 
the man's head, by de- 

Cause the jet of water to 
impinge with force on a 
particular spot, behind 
the ear. 

After this, apply a mus- 
tard poultice for half an 
hour between the man's 
shoulders over the re- 
gion of the stomach, the 
inside of each thigh, and 
to the sole of each foot. 

Then administer an enema 
of turpentine and starch, 
but should the man be 
unwilling to allow this, 
and resist, hold him 
down to his bed, and 
give it to him by force. 

Ehe choree dee wadee 
hutounee wudee moosh- 
kil hue, hor choree hoee 
hoee suboot kurnee 
wudee oukhee hue. 

Shayud uesee joogut ho 
hundee hue, ki choree 
hut jawe jet han na bee 
hutegee, tan bee t horee 
thoree ghut jaegee jis 
kurke sirkarde hujaran 
roopyan da kurch huth 

Mue noon duso ki eh kum 
kisturan ho hungda hue. 

Ell admee dhoop vich 
phirun kurke eda sir 
baola hogya. 

Mashuqee noon sudke ak,ho 
ki mushq da moonh k hol- 
ke houle houle d,harbunke 
ede sir vich panee pawe. 

Uesee joogut kuro, ki 
mashuqee mushq kholke 
ede kun pichhe, kururee 
kurke, dhar mare. 

EHoon mugron race dee 
les deean putteean buna- 
ke ek tan doan mode an 
vich, hor dooje ted,h oote, 
hor teejee putan vich, hor 
chouteean pyran deean 

_ tuleean het h. 

Odon pichhon tarpeen, 
jan jhone de panee 
pichkaree maro, jethao 
jid kure pichkaree na 
marun de tan o noon 
munje oote bunke bud 
o budee maro. 



When did the man come 

in hospital ? 
What were his symptoms ? 
You should have reported 

the case to me sooner. 

Was the pulse full and 
slow, or quick and very 
feeble ? 

Are the extremities cold 
and clammy ? 

Was he totally insensible ? 

Did he answer when spoken 

Is he able to swallow food 
or medicine ? 

Where is your lancet ? 

Bleed the man, but tie up 
the arm if he becomes 

Shave the head and have 
a mussuk of cold water 
poured over it, and after- 
wards keep a wetted 
cloth constantly applied 
to the scalp. 

Give a little warm sago and 
wine every half hour, un- 
til the pulse is firm and 
extremities of a natural 

Is he any better since I 
saw him last ? 

That bandage is too tight, 
untie it, and tie it more 

Eh admee beemar khane 

vich kudon aya see ? 
Oda kee uhwal see ? 
Tue noon lore da see ki 

edon uge mue noon puehla 
_ khubur de nee see. 
Ode nubz jor nal chuldee 

hue, pur dhilee jan kalee 
_ kurke pur kum jor. 
Ode huth puer thunde 

jan pilpile muloom hoon- 

de huen? 
Bilkool behosh hoya see ? 
Pooche hooe osne kooch 

juwab ditta see ? 
Anaj panee lunga hungda 

Teree nustur kit hee hue ? 
Oda fus k hoi, deo, hor jis 

vele ghush pyjae tan 
__ bund kurdeo. 
Oda sir noondke mashuk 

panee dee sir oote pa 

deo, ede mugrom b hinna 

hoya leera sir oote bun 


Jitna cheer odee nubz tej 
nahowe hor hut han puer 
an gurmee na awe tan 
udhe ud he ghunte pich- 
hon thoree tutte sago 
vich, shurab rulake, dea 

Judon da muen osnoon 
vekhda han tudonda os 
_ noon kooc h aram hue ? 

O puttee buhootee ghoo- 
thee hoee hue, es noon 
kholke dhilee kurke 



Let the hands and feet be 
well rubbed until the na- 
tural heat returns. 

Is the swelling decreased ? 
Has there been a copious 

discharge of pus ? 
Give a powder in water 

every half hour, until he 

perspires freely. 

Are you sure he has swal- 
lowed the pill ? 

Give him to drink two 
ounces of the mixture, 
until the bowels are co- 
piously moved. 

Let him have a warm bath, 
dry him quickly, and be 
careful he does not catch 

Give a dessert or middle 
sized spoonful every 
hour, until he falls asleep. 

Weigh the medicine care- 
fully, and give it with 
your own hands. 

Foment with hot water 3 
or 4 times a day. 

Give him a little drink 
from time to time, but 
do not let him take a 
large draft at once. 

He must not bathe in cold 
water during his present 

Jitna cheer odee hut,han 
puera noon gurmee na 
awe, tan otna cheer mulya 

Soj h kooch ghut hoee ? 

Kee buhootee pit nikulee 

Jitna cheer, moorka uch.hee 
turah na awe tan otna 
cheer o noon ud he g hun- 
te mugron pooree dea 

Tue noon such muloom 
hue, ki on golee lunga 
leee hue ? 

Jitna cheer kholke dust 
na oun, tan otna cheer 
duwa da do do rutyan 

_ dea kuro. 

O noon tutte panee nal nu- 
halo, hor jisturan wao na 
luge chetee nal pind poonj 

Jitna cheer na sowe otna 
cheer o noon ghunte 
ghunte mugron duwa 
dee kurchee kurchee 
dea kuro. 

Wudee khuburdaree nal 
duwa toalo hor upnee 
hut,heen o noon deo. 

Din vich dee tun char 
varee tutte panee nal 
tukor kurya kuro. 

Thora thora kurke gliure 
ghure pichhe o noon 
peeun waste dea kuro, 
pur ukutha hee, buhoo- 
ta na peeun deo. 

Jitna cheer rajee na ho we 
otna cheer t^hunde panee 
nal nu nuhawe. 



He must take nothing but 
rice water. 

He may eat a little rice 
and sugar. 

He may drink a little lime 
or tamarind sherbet 
when thirsty. 

Do not allow him to eat 
much ghee or hot spies 
with his food. 

He must be careful to eat 

He may now eat his usual 

The hospital is very dirty, 
if I see it in this state 
again, I will get the 
sweepers punished. 

No smoking is to be al- 
lowed within the hos- 

I observe the patients put 
bundles of clothes and 
other articles below their 
beds, this must be strictly 

I will recommend the man 
to be excused from all 
duty for one week, on 
account of debility. 

I will apply to the Colonel, 
to get him brought be- 
fore the invaliding com- 
mittee this season. 

If you leave the hospital 
again without permis- 
sion, I will complain of 

Sugon pich t hon, bina hor 
kooch peeun noon na 

Swa chou walan dee letee 
t hon bina, hor kooch na 
dena peeun noon. 

Judon teh luge tan odon 
thora shurbut nimboo 
jan umbulee pake deo. 

Buhoote gheo nal gurm- 
musale rotee nal khaun 

_ na dewa. 

O noon loreeda hue ki bun- 
dej rukhe. 

Hoon tan odee murjee nal 
k haun deo. 

Beemar k hanubuhoot myla 
hue, jet ban muen phir 
esturan dee vekhoon- 
goo, tan b hungee a noon 
nuseehut dewanga. 

Hookm vich nuheen ki 
beemar khane vich koee 
hooqqu peewe. 

Muen vek hda ban ki muno- 
han upne munje heth 
gundulee ruk h de huen, 
so loreeda hue ki eh chal 
hut jawe. 

Eh de nu qoobutee bona 
se muen ek huftu dee 
chootee duwa deanga. 

Muen Kurnel Sahib noon 
akhanga ki eh admee 
inglis walee committee 
de ruburoo wukhal ya 

Jet ban hookm thon bina 
too phir beemar khane 
vichon nikul jaenga, tan 



you to the Colonel, and 
get you punished. 

Tell him that I cannot allow 
him to remain in the 
lines, under pretence of 
being ill ; if he is really 
unwell he must go into 

Are the hospital bearers 
always in attendance to 
assist the sick ? 

Are the hospital cots com- 
plete and of the pre- 
scribed size ? 

Have you ascertained whe- 
ther clean dry straw for 
the use of the sick in 
camp is procurable ? 

Are the cooks allowed by 
Government a descrip- 
tion of men from whose 
hands the sepoys will eat? 

Are all the hospital ser- 
vants present, and do 
they afford every assist- 
tance in their power to 
the sick ? 

Is the hospital in a leaky 
state ? 

Are all the tatties in good 
order, and are they kept 
well watered? 

There is a great deal of 
rank vegetation in the 
vicinity of the hospital, 
see that it is all cleared 

muen Kurnel Sahib noon 
ak hke tue noon kurur- 
ree nuseehut doawanga. 

O noon ak h deo muen rog- 
da puj kurke line vich na 
rehun deanga jet han su- 
chee muchee rog noo- 
wega, tan bee mar khane 
vich jawega. 

Beemar khane de noukur 
lok munohanandee ty- 
pul kurun noon hajir ren- 
de hun ? 

Bemar khane de munje 
sube poore hun, hor 
hookm nal meche nal 
poore hun ? 

Too kooch janda hue ki 
kumpo vichon munohan- 
an waste puralee heth 
vichoun waste huthoun 
dee hue ? 

Sungree ues jat de huen ki 
jinan de huthan da pur- 
sad pukka hoya sik,h k ha 
lenge' ? 

Beemar khane de tyhul 
wale sube hajir rende 
huen, hor rogeean dee 
kooch tyhul kurde hun? 

Beemar k hane dee chhut 
choondee hue ? 

Sube phirkeean chungeean 
huen, hor panee uchhee 
turuh shinkeeda hue. 

Beemar khane de oodale 
j har boot buhoota hoya 
hue, so vekho chufereon 
sub wuda ke saf kura 



Should you observe any 
unfavorable symptoms in 
this man, send for me im- 
mediately, day or night. 

Heat is to be applied to 
the extremeties. 

Is the wound suppurat- 
ing ? 

Has it begun to granulate ? 

Has he been delirious ? 

Have there been any con- 
vulsive twitches of the 
arms ? 

Does he start much ? 

The spleen appears much 

It will be necessary to ap- 
ply leeches occasionally. 

You will have to give the 
spleen medicine or pow- 
der as directed. 

Should the enlargement of 
the spleen continue, a 
blister will be necessary. 

I will send you some oint- 
When did the legs begin 

to swell ? 
Do they pit on pressure of 

the fingers ? 
Does the mark remain for 

any length of time ? 
How long have you had 

dropsy ? 
Are the legs more swollen 

in the morning than in 

the evening ? 

Jet ha too ^s munookh da 
kooch munda hal vek hya 
tan ose vele nale rateen 
nale dine mue noon sud- 

Huthan pueran noon kooch 

Phut vich kooch pak py 
gyee hue ? 

P,hut noon kooch ungoor 

_ aya hue ? 

O kooch burranda ? 

O dean banhan kooch 
p huruk dyan huen ? 

Kee o buhoot tub kuda hue? 
Uesee muloom hoond^e 

hue ki lif buhoot wudh 

gyee hue. 
Kudhe kudhe othe jokan 

lay a kuro, 
Hookm burabur lif dee poo- 

ree denee hogee. 

Jethan ehe lif buhoot 

wudee ho jaegee, tan 

ede oote plaster bununna 

Muen kooch mulhum tere 

waste ghulde oonga. 
Kudon dee pueran noon 

soj h churhee hue ? 
Oongulee nal dubya hoya 
_ pinde toa py janda hue ? 
O toa kooch cheer teek ren- 

da hue ? 
Kudonda tue noon julun- 

durwar hoya hue ? 
Chilang thon tukalan noon 

pueran dee soj h kooch 

ghut hoondee hue ki 

nuheen ? 



Have you pain in your 

right side ? 
Does pressure over the 

ribs give you pain ? 
Have you pain in your 

liver ? 
Do your teeth ache much ? 

If you have so much pain 
in your tooth, why do 
you not let me extract 

If you let me extract the 
tooth, it will be well, 
otherwise more teeth will 

If this sore does not 
burst of itself, it will be 
necessary to lance it. 

He appears changed of late; 
if any symptoms of insa- 
nity appear, bleed him 

Is he in the agonies of 
death ? 

Has he lived an intempe- 
rate life ? 

Is he abstemious in his 
habits ? 

How long has this man 
been afflicted with these 
spasmodic distortions of 
the face ? 

Have you the palsy ? 

Has he lock jaw ? 

Were you born humpback- 
ed ? 
Is he a dwarf? 

Sujhee pase kooch peer 

_ hoondee hue ? 

Oukhee dubee hooee peer 
hondee hue ? 

Tere kuleje peer poondee 

Teree dundeen peer hoon- 
dee hue ? 

Jetha tere dund noon ue- 
dee peer hoondee hue, 
tan mue noon pootun 
keun ne dinda. 

Jethan 6s dund noon poo- 
tun dehan, tan chunga 
hue, nuheen tan tere sube 
dund k hurab hoenga. 

Jetha ehe phora upne ap 
na p hise tan chunga ho- 
ga ki nustur nal cheera 

Uj kul eda chihra odurya 

hoy a hue, jetha kooch 

kurnul poona muloom 

howe tan ose vele fus 

_ k holke loohoo kud,hna. 

Oho 00 tie sah lenda hue ki 

jan jan toot dee hue ? 

Kee o upne jeeondee jee 
_ be bundez rukh dasee. 

O dee ryhut bundej rukh- 
undee hue ? 

Enoon kudon dee luqdee 
kusr hue ? 

Kya tue noon kumbunwar 

hoy a hue ? 
Ki enoon dundon py gya 

hue ? 
Too kooba jumy aye ? 

Kya oho vaona hue ? 



Has he lost the use of his 

hands and feet ? 
Have you had that wen 

in your neck a long 

time ? 
Are you of a constipated 

habit of body ? 
Give the child a doze now 

and afterwards some 

other medicine shall be 

How did this man die? Was 

his death occasioned by 

poison or a blow ? 
Open the body and let me 

examine it. 
How is your wound> is it 

less painful ? 

Please to look at this man, 
who wishes to be enter- 

Are your child's gums much 
swollen ? 

Is he cutting his teeth ? 

If you do not apply medi- 
cine you will be blind 
of an eye. 

How long has this child's 
stomach been in this 
hard, swollen state ? 

How is the swelling or tu- 
mour to-day? Is it painful 
on pressure ? 

Syringe the ear, and clean 
it well. 

Has this man been bitten 
by a snake, and when 
was he bitten '? 

Did any one see the snake? 
What kind of a snake was 

Ki oho toonda, hor loonja 

Kitnean ko dinan da ehe 

gilor dhaon vich hoya 

Tue noon kubzee rendee 

hue ? 
Hoone moonde noon dosh- 

un da deho, hor picho 

honolee koee duwa horus 

turan dee dihange. 
E'h munook,h kisturan mo- 

ya hue? Moura k hake, jan 

sut lug ke ? 
E'Hee loth parke mue noon 

Tera ghao keha jib a hue, 

uge nalon koojh peer 

t horee hoondee hue ? 
Elie munookh ap vekh le- 

ye noukuree waste aja 

Tere eeane hoonde de mu- 

soore sooj h gye huen ? 
E h de dund oogde hun ? 
Jet ha too duwa na pawen* 

ga, tan teree ukh unnee 

hoke kana ho jaenga. 
is moonde da tedh kudoil 

da kururra hok soojeya 

Uj gilor keha jiha hue, du- 
be hoe, peer hoondee hue? 

Kun noon pichkaree marke 

uch he turan sufa kuro. 
E h munook h noon sup lur 

gya hue, hor kudon da 

dusya hoya hue ? 
Kisene sup ditta see ? Ki kis 

jat da hue, kala nag, jan 



it, a black one or other 
kind ? 

How long after did he dis- 
cover he had been bitten, 
and what were his symp- 
toms ? 

Had he constriction of the 
throat so as to be unable 
to swallow ? 

What did you give him 
when he came into hos- 
pital ? 

In future when any person 
bitten by a snake comes 
into hospital, give him, 
if able to swallow, a small 
spoonful of Eau de Luce, 
mixed in a wine glass of 
water, every ten minutes, 
until an improvement 
takes place. 

Should the person bitten 
by a snake immediately 
afterwards arrive at the 
hospital, it would be as 
well to cut out the part 

chimboor, jan horus tu- 
ran da hue ? 

Sup lure thon pichhon ket- 
ne cheer muloom keeta 
hor oda kere turan da hal 

_ see^ 

O da gula bund hogya see, 
ki kooch nigul ne hung 

Judon oho beemar khane 
vich aya see tan tuene o 
noon kee ditta see ? 

Jetha koee uedeoon uge 
sup lure hoe beemar 
k,hane vich awe, tan os 
noon jitna cheer hosh na 
awe hor lunga na hun- 
ghe tan ek nikeekurchee 
b,hurke dus dus lymme 
pich hon dea kur. 

Jetha sup lure hoe chetee 
nal beemar khane vich 
adme awe, tan chungee 
ehe hue ki dung wala 
thanw thora jiha wud 






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