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Entbbsd, according to Act of Coogrees, in the year 1852, by 

In ibe Olerk'i^Offioe of the District Court for the Soufhem District of 


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'fta success of Mr. SuTenne's " Standard Pronouncing Dio- 
tionaiy 6f the French and English Languages'* has enconiv 
aged the belief that the public would receive favourably, au 
abridgment of the same, at a cheaper price. The present 
work has accordingly been prepared — ^in two parts — Fretick 
€thd English — English and French, each containing an ample 
dictionary and copious definitions, with a Vocabulary of 
Proper Nam^ at the end of the volume. 

In compiling tMs abridgment of the larger work, all the 
words have been Retained except those which have become 
obsolete, or whose technicality precluded their insertfon in a 
popular Dictionary. At the same time, due regard has bee^ 
paid to the introduction of 8U«h new words and definitions 
aa the progressive changes in the language have rendered 
necessary; and for this purpose the best and most recent 
authorities have been anxiously consulted. It is therefore 
confidently anticipated that the volume will prove not only 
a useful auxiliary to the student^ but also a convenient 
Pocket Companion to the traveller wherever the French 
V? language is spoken. 

3 . 




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IWttrli fttu^ Sirfimumij. 

7%e foltmoing comprise the varwus Dictionariea of th4 
F^rench Langitage published by D. Appleton & Company; 
cmd any one who may wish either a large and complete Dic- 
tionary of the LangvAf^e^ or one of medium size^ or another 
9tiU smaller and cheaper in price, may thus be gratified Or- 
ders shmdd express distinctly which of the ',hree sizes is desired, 

Two Parts — ^English and French, ' and French and 
English. One volume imperial 8yo.,<;ontaining about 
14W) p^es. (In press.) 

LANGUAGES. In two Parte— French and Englisl^, 
and English and French. One yolume 12mo., of 882 
pages. Price $1 ,60. 

One volume 18mo., of 666 pa^es. Price $1. 

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h, nn. the first letter of the alphabet 
A, wew — I'aris, ot, to, in ParU 

— Lnndres, at, to, in London 

— EdimbouiK, at, to, in Edinburgh 

— Dublin, at, to, in Dublin 

— droite, on the right 

— ganche, on the u^ 

~~ vcales et k ramn, loUh aaile and.oan 
A, va. H or eilr, Ae or the hoe ; ▼. tanp. 

a y — , there is or ora 
Abaiiae, if. crust o/pastrjf 
Abaiasement, sm. abasement, disgrace 
Abaiaser, va. to Imoer, humble, degrade, 

disgrace, pull rioum, press down 
if — , vr. to humble oneself, cringe, sub- 
mit, faU, sink, decrease 
Abuaseur»eu9e, vatabductor, depressor 
Abandon* sm. abandonment, neglect, 

k V—, adv. at random 
Abandonnement, sm. abandonment, de- 
eertion, reHnptishment, renuncia- 
tion, prostitutton 
Abandonn^f »au rake, lewdJtiUnv 
Abaodonn^, st prostitute 
Abandonner, \'a. to abandon, forsake, 
desert, renounce, leave <^, aa>auch 
m*—, vr. despair, trust, despond 
Abasourdir, va. to stun, doafin 
Abatage, sm. expend of clearing a forest 
Ab&ciurdir, va. to corrupt, adulterate 
s' — , vr. to degenerate, grow toorse 
At'fttardissement, sm. degeneracy 
Abatis, sm. rubbish, qff'al 
Abat-jour, am. skylight 
Abactement, sm. defection, fiiintness 
Abatteur, sm. feller, one that cUts down 
Abattoir, sm. siaughter^ouee 
Abatre, va. to beat down, destroy, de- 

moUsh, overthrow, break down 
Abatttres, *L pi. grass beat down 
Abat-vent, »m. penthouse 
Abbatial, e, aU. belonging to an abbot 
Khtmje, sf. abbey,* 

Abb^, sro. abbot, priest 
Abbesse, af. oMear, nun 
ABC, am. the alphabet, primer 
Abc6s, sm. (^>sces8, imposthume 
Abdication, st. abdication, resignatkm 
Abdiquer, va. to abdicate, resign 
Abdomen, sm. abdomen, belly 
Abdominal, e, adj. abdomlnat 
Abducteur, sm. abductor 
Abduction, sf. i^uetion, removal 
Ab^daire, adj. abecedary, noviet 
AbecQuer otiAb^quer, va. to feed a bitd' 
Abeille, sf. bise, honey-bee 
Aberration, sf. aberration, u/anftlerUtg 
Ab^ir, va. to stupify 
s'— , vr. to grow stupid, duU 
Ab hoc et ab b&c, at rattdom 
Abhorrer, va. to abhor, detest 
Abigeat, sm. cattle robbery 
Ablme, sm. abyss, bottomless gtdf 
Ablmer, va. to cast into an abyss, swal- 
low up, destroy, ruin, undo 
— , vn. to fitll into an abyss, come to a • 

fatal end, perish 
s'-^, vr. to run into an abyss, ruift ofte- 

Abject, e, adj. ab^ct, mean 
Abjection, af. affection,' meanness 
Ab]{uration, af. abjuration, renuneiation > 
Ahjurer, va. to abjure, renounce 
Ablatif, sm. ablative case 
A bluer, va. to revive old writing 
Ablution, sf. tOilution, purification 
Abnegation, sf. abnegation, denial 
Aboi, sm. barking, baying 
Aboiement, sm. barking, ot^nr 
Abois, sm. pL despairing condition, dis- 
Abolir. va. to abolish, annul* repeal, an- 

nihtlate, destroy, tsffhee 
a*—, vr. to be abolished, repealed 
Aboliasement, sm. abolishment, repeal, » 

destruction, extirpation, pardon 
Abolition, af. abotttwn, pardon 

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Abominable, m^ abombutbh, dHutable 
Abominablemcnt, adv. abomuuU}lif 
Abomination* if. abomination 
AbondammenC, adv. afjundanlfy 
Abondance, »f. abundanoB, plentif 
Abondant, e, ai^. abundoMt, pUn^fut 
Abonder, vn. to abtmndt wterftow 
Abonnement, sm. ntbacHptiin, eompo- 

i^Abonner, vr. to compound Jbr, agre$ 

btfonritandt aubaenbejbr 
Abonni«, va. to improve, make better 
if—, vr. to grouf bitter, mend 
Abord, am. landinfc, arriual, aeceta 
d'— , adv. atjiret^ at first tight 
Abordable, adj. aceosUMe, aceeadbie 
Abordage* sm. boardinr of a thip 
Aborder, va. to approaai, oeeoet, retort, 

attail, board 
^—t vr. to land, arrive at 
Aborigines, sm. pi. aboriginet, eaiHett 

inhidtitantt of a eountrp 
Abortif, ive, adj. abortive, untueeettfvt 
AbouchemenCf sm. intert>ww,oenibrenee 
Aboucher, va. to eonjtr with, diteutt, 

bring pertona together 
-•*— »Tr. tobavean interview uHth one 
Abont, sm. end ufa plank 
Aboute, e, adj. fiaced end to end 
Aboutir, vn.. to meet, border upon 
. Aboutissant, t, adj. enMng,boTdmingon 
Aboutissants, sm. pi. enati tenants et 

— » the partieulart of a bvtinett, the 

beginnings and endingt t^streett 
-Aboutissement, sm. the drawUtg ie a 

head, eking-pieee 
Ab ovo, adv.y^vm the b^tttnbtg 
Abojrant, e, uij. barking 
Aboycr, vn. to bark, dun 
Aboyeur, sm. barker, dun 
Abreg^, sm. abridKment, abttrati 
Abr^er, va. to abridge, Morten 
Abr^viateur, cm. cihHdger, abbrevlater 
■Abriviation, sf. abbreimtion 
Abreuver, va. to water, drench 
•■•— , vr. to dnnk plentifulbf 
AbKuvoir, sou toatering-pmee 
Abri» sm. shelter, sanetuarp 
•k V— 6e, sheltered from 
Abrioot* stn. apricot 
Abricotier, sm. aprieet-4re0 
Abrlter, va, to ^telter, Otade 
Abrogation, sf. abrogation^ repeat 
Abroger, va. to tArogate, repeal 
•ft—, vr, to cease, deeajt 
Abroati, e, adj. nipped, brmoted 
Abnitir, vs. to beeot, render brutish 
^—, vr. to be besotted, become brutish 
Abrutiasement, sm. bruti^mesa, stt^pld- 


Ab»Bce, If. absence, inattention 
Abient, r, adj. eitsent, out ^f the umg 
€A\mn\a, vr. to absent antte^^ keep 

Abrintbie. sf. wwirnitcood 
.Abaoiu, e, adj. abtolute, ar bl t r mp 
Abwtument, adv. abtohtttUp, Orbitrvl^ 
Ubnltttian, sf. abeolutim, aetuUttd 


Absorbant, sm. absorbent, swker 
Absorber, va. to swallow up, tUfsotb 
if—., vr. to be absorbed, swallowed up 
Auiorption, sf absorption, disappcait' 

Absoudre, va. to abtolve, acquit 
s'Abstenir, vr. to abstain, Jbrbear 
Abstergent, e. adj. abstergent 
—, sm. purification 
Absterger, va. to absterge, deanee 
Absterdt, ive, adj. abstersive, abstergent 
Abstersion, sf. abstersion, purlfteatum 
Abstinence, sf. abstinence, temperance 
Abstinent, e, adj. abstinent, sober 
Abstraction, sf. separation, abstraction 
Abitractivement, adv. e^stractlp 
Abstraire, va. to abstroia, deduct 
Absurde, adj. absurd, foolish, siUv 
Absurdement, uAv.aosurdl!/, nonsenet- 

Absurdity, sf. absurdity, Jbolishnest 
Abus, sm. abuse, error, fraud, deceit 
Abuser, va. to o^iim, deceive, seduce, 

»*—, vr. to flatter oneself, mistake 
Abusif, ive, adj. abttsive, improper 
Abusivement, adv.abi4siveljf, <m p n> / wr|y 
Abjrme, sm. See Ablme 
Abymer, va. See Ablmer 
Acabit, snu taste of fruit 
Acacia, sm. acana 
Acad^mlcien, sm. aeadenddan, jMote 

tfan academy or literary society 
Academic, sf. academy, school 
Acad^mique, adj. academical 
Acad^mlquement, adv. academiedBy 

Acad^miste, sm. pupil in an 

Aoagnarder, ^-a. to uad an i<Be ^ 
s'— y vr. to grow lazy, slotf\fUl 
Aci^ou, sm. mahogany 
Acarifttre^ a^}. peevish 
Acatalepsie, A acatalepsy 
Acatalcptlque, adj. euxUaleptie 
Aocablant, e, acy. burdensome* grieeoue 
Accabiement, sm. burden, heavinett, 

grief, troiMe 
Accabler, va. fo overwhelm, eppreat, 

overtoad, grieve, c^ffUet 
s*— , vr. to overload onesdf 
Aocaparemment, sm. monopoly, engross- 
Accaparer, va. to engrots, monopoliu 
Aoc-apareur, euse, smf. monopmst 
Aoc^er, vn. to accede, agree 
Acc^Idrateur, trice, smf. accelerator 
Acculturation, sf. acreleration, haste 
Acceidrer, va. to accelerate, hasten 
Acucnse, sf. depending on property 
Accehscr, va. to Join, unite 
Accent, sm. accent, tune, note, voice 
Accentuation, sf. accentuation 
Accentuer, va. fo accent, mark 
Accepuble, adj. acceptable, reasonable 
Acceptation, sf. acceptance, reception 
Accepter, va. to accept, recisive 
Aooepteur, sm. accepter cfaMttt^fe^ 

■f. acceptation, re^^ 

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ACC 8 

AoOWf mi* 0CMMf tUUIttHonC8$ |NMtM]Mfll 

AcoeMible, adj. aeee»»Me, ttpproachabh 
AoocntoDv if. aeeeuUm, incr«a$e 
Aooenlt, itn. teeond bett premium 
Aceemoin, adj. aeeetmnyt additiondt 
AooenDixement, adv. aeciuorily 
A«cidcnt, sm. aeMn*t.a»anee,farhme 
Acddcntel, le, adj. acetdetvtal, casual 
AoddentcUenwnt, adr. aeeidentalfy, ear 


AcciWf sf. exeiM duty 
Aoclanuuion, if. acctemafiofi, thouting 
AodinuUer, va. to accustom to a dimate 
•'— a vr. Utaceustom aneadfto a dimate 
Aocointanop, %t arquaintanee 
i^Accointer, vr. to make acquaintanee 
AoooiaetDcnt, sm. tubsidenee of the Au- 

Accoiaer, va. to quiet, qudl 
tf^, vr* to grow calm or atitt 
Accolade* it. embrace, hug, erotdiei 
Acedia, e, a4}. Joined, conr^ected 
Accoler, va. to hug, embrace 
AoGommodable^j. aeeommodable, euU- 

Aocommodafe, tm. cooking o/meat 
Aeoommodant, e, adj. compiaitant, easy 
Aoeommodcmcnti sm. accommodation, 

agreement, reconciliation 
Aocommoder, va. to accommodate, fit, 

settle, reconcile, prepare, suit 
i^— • vr. to suit oneself to, to lOce, to put 

Aocompagnateur, tm. otie who accompa- 
nies the voice with an instrument 
Accompa^emtnt, $m. accompaniment, 

attendance, apgpendix, accessary 
Acoompagner, va. to accompany, eseort, 

attend, suit 
•*— , vr. to be accompanied, to accom- 
pany onaelfin singing 
Accomplir, va. to finish, accomplish 
a' — , vr. to b0 accomplished, fuaUled 
AccomptiMcmeDt, am. accomplishment, 

Aocoid, un. accord, consent, treaty, 
agreement, concord, reconcilement, 
proportion ; £ti« d'— , to agree, to be 
m timet ^—, done, granted 
Aceordablc. adi. granuaie, allowable 
Acoordailles, ■& pi. espousals 
Accordant* e, adj. agreeing in sottnd 
Acoonler. va. to reconcile, adjust, grant 
^--, vr. to agree, suit 
Aocnrdoir, un. tuning-key 
Aecomi, e, adj. homed 
Aocort, e,adj. courteous, eisil, cunning, 

Aooorttee* %t, civility, complaisance 
Aocdttabk, adj. aceostable,'i^fiable 
Accoster, Vd. to t^ccost, come up to 
^'—, vr, -to keep company with, accost 

Aceoter, va. to prop up, support 
0*— » vr. to lean, rest 
Aecocoir* tad prop, leaningstodi 
Aooouch^* tf . woman in dtUdbed 
Aseoodkinenc, un. ehiUlbed delieerp 

Aeeaadber, yn. to bring Jbrth a cAHtf 
Accoucheur, sm. man-midwifh 
Accoucheuse, sf* midwife 
Aocoudoir, sm. eUmo-ptaee 
Aocouplement, sm. coupling or yekti^g 

U^^ether, copulation 
Aocoupler, va. to couple, yoke tm[tthmr 
i—, vr. to eaujie 
Accourdr, va. to shorten, dbrOg^ 
s'— , vr. to shorten, decrease 
Acconrciasemenc, sm. abridgment, dimi- 
Accourir, vn. to run or come to 
Accoutrement, sm. accoutrement, gas^ 
Aceoutrer, va. to aecoutre, dress 
Accotttumanoe, sf. use, habit, custom 
Aocotitumer, va. to aeeiierom, use, inure 
i—, vr. to accustom, inure onese(f 
Acca^ter, va. to gioft authority, credU 
s*-*, vr. to get into credit, get a name 
Accroe. sm. rent, break, hook, thorn 
Accrochement, sm. the act of hooking, 

eatdting, stopping 
Accrocber, va. to hang, hook in, eatek 
s'— , vr. to hang on, be caught 
Accroire <fairc) vn. to persuade 
Accroissement, sm* increase, im p rem 

Aocroltre, va. to increase, improve 
s*— , vr. to be augmented, adoaneed 
i'Accroupir, vr. to sq^at down 
Accroupissement, sm. sitting squat 
Accra, e, a<l|j. increased, improved 
Accueil, sm. reception, entertainment 
Accucillir, va. to receive, welcome 
Aoculer, va. tofiirce one into a comer 
s'->, to throw oneself dote to a wall 
Aocumulateur, sm. ocewmtiAitor 
Accumulation, sf. accumulation, assem- 
Aocumuler. va. to tucumulate, heap up 
s*— , vr. to be accumulated, increase 
Aocusable, a^J* accusable, blamable 
Accusateur, no. trice, sf. aect«Mr, in- 

Accusacif, sm* accusative ease 
Accusation, sf. accusation, charge 
Accuser, va. to accuse, impeach 
t'—,vr. to accuse oneself . 
Acerlie, adj. sour, sharp, rough 
Aoerbite, tf. acerbity, sharpness 
Acirer, va. to steel, temper 
Ac^teux, euse, adj. aeetose, acttous 
Acbalander, va. to get customers 
s'— , vr. to draw customers 
Achamement, waufi/ry, rage 
Acbarncr, va. to provoke, incense 
if—, vr. to be eager, enraged 
Achat, sm. ptircAofle, bargain 
Acbemlnement. sm. wau, means, et^ 
Acheminer, va. to help forward 
if—, vr. to start, set forward 
Adieter, va. to buy, purchase 
Achcteur, sm. buyer, purchaser 
Achivemenr, sm. completeness, p er j b e- 

tion, exploit 
Achever, va. tofini^, end, complete 
AdMp'pemeat, tm, stumblhtgstene . 

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ACl 4 

Adde, tm. an acid, aharpnen, mmmett 
Acfcte, adj. €ieid, aour, sharp 
Aciditdy sf. aeiditf), tttumeaa 
Acidale, adj. aomewhat add, umriOi 
AcMuler, va. to make tour 
Ader, sm. steel 
AcMrie, tf. steel manufactory 
Aclimater, va. See Acclimater 
Acolyte, sm. acolyte, aitendattt 
Acoquinant, e, adi. aMuring, enticing 
Aooquioer, va. to besot, allure 
i*— , vr. to grow idle or lasjf 
Acoustique» sf. ctcoustics 
Aoqu^nur, im. purchaser, buyer 
Acqu^rir, va. to acquire, gain, 
■'— , vr. to get, be acquirtd 
AcquAt, Bin. purchase, acquisition 
Aqu^ter, va. to acquire, purchase 
Acquiescemenc, stn. acquiescence, con- 
Acquieaoer, vn. to acquiesce, yield 
Acquisition, sf. acquisition, purchase 
Acquit, sm. acquittance, discharge 
Acquitcer, va. to elttar, acquit, discharge 
tf—j \T. to discharffc or pay tiff ones 

debts, perform, fulfil, accomplish 
Acre, St. acre of land 
Acre, adj. sharp, tart, siiur 
Acret^, sf. sharpness, tartness 
Acrimonie, s^ acrimony, sharpness of 

Acrimonieux, ease, adj. acrimonious, 

Acrostiche, sm. acrostic 
Acte* sm. act, action, deed 
Acteur. sm. trice, sf. aetur, actress 
Actif,.ive, adj. active, nimble 
Action* sf. action, operation, delivery, 

gesture, suit, ease 
Actionnaire, snif. stockholder 
Actionner, va. to sue, bring an action 
Activemeiit, ailv. actively, briskly 
Activer. va. to put in aetifity 
Activity, sf. activity, briskness 
Actael. le, adj. actual, preset^ 
Aetuellement, adv. actually, now 
Adage, sm. adage, proverb, old saying 
Adagio, adv. adagiu, riowly 
Adaptation, sf. adaptation, fitness 
Adapter, va. to adapt, apply 
Addition, sf. addition, increase 
Additionnel, le, adj. additional 
Additionner, va. to cast up, add 
Adepte, sm. adept, one initiated 
Ad^uat, e, adi. complete, entire 
Adextrd, e, adj. on the right hand 
Adherence, sf. adherence, attachment 
Adherent, e, adj. adherent, friendly 
Adh^r, vn. to adhere, stick, cling 
Adli^ion, sf. adhesion, junction 
Adiante, sm. maidenhair 
Adieu, sm. adieu, goodbye, fiireweU 
Adition, sf. taking possession of an 

estate by hereditary right 
Adjacent, e, adj. adjacent, dose 
Adjectif, sm. an adjective 

~tlvcment, adv. aidjectivdy 
* • va. to CK(^0<n, cMoeioto 


Adjonctlon, sf. adjunction, unUtn 
Ad|adant, sm. adjutant 
AdiudicatAire, snif. highest bidder 
Aditidicatif, ive, adj. that auards 
Adjudication, sf. adjudication, grant $ 

veate par — , scde by aiution 
Adjuger, va. to adjuiige, award 
Adjuration, sf. adjuraiiuti, oath 
Adjurer« va. to at^ure, charge 
Admettre, va. to admit, receive, alhu* 
Administrateur, sm. triccf sL adnUniS' 

trator, trustee 
Admin istratif, ive, adj. administrative 
Administration, sf. administration, ma' 

Administrer, va. to administer, manage 
Admirable, adj. admirable, wonderAii 
Admirablement, adv. admirably, wanr* 

Admirateur, sm. atrice, sf. admirer 
Admiradf, ive, adj. expressive t^f admh» 

Admiration, sf. admiration, utonder 
Admirer, va. to a mire, u onder at 
Admissible, adj. allowable, tiranUMe 
Admission, sf. admisnon, admittance 
Admoniteur, sm. monitor, (utmani^ter 
Admonition, sf. admonition, UMoming 
Adolescence, sf. adnleseertce, youth 
Adolescent, sm. e, sf. young man or 

Adonis, sm. Monis, spark, beau 
Adoniser, va. to make fine, €uiom 
s'— , vr. to deck oneself like an Adonit 
if Manner, vr. to apply oneself to 
Adopter, va. to eulopt, choose 
Adoptif, ive, adj. adoptive, chosen 
Adoption, sf. adutptiim, choice 
Adorable, adj. adorable, admirable 
Adorateur, sm. adurer, admirer 
Adoration, sf. adoration, worship 
Adorer, va. to adore, w^ship [den 
Ados, sm. shelving bed, border in a gar» 
Adosser, va. to put btiek to back 
s*— , vr. to lean on^s back 
Adouber, va. to stop holes, rspair 
Adoucir, va. to sweeten, snw4h, soften, 

alleviate, appease, assuage, mitigate 
s*— , vr. to grow sweet, sn/t, tte tanSd 
Adoucissant, sm. an emollient, a softener 
Adouci:!saneut, sm. alleviation, rdief 
Adou^, e, adj. coupled, paired 
Adressant, e, adj. directing, directed 
Adrease, sf. direction, dexterity, knadk, 

craftiness, shrewdness 
Adresser, va. to addtess, nirect, speak to 
s'— , vr. to address, make application 
Adroit, e, adj. dexterous, hantfy 
Adroitement, adv. dexterously, neatly 
Adukteur,'sui. trice, sr. flatterer, odto- 

Adulation, %t, flattery, adulation 
Aduler, va. tojUitter, cajole 
Adultii, adj. athtlt, grown up 
Adulteration, st. adulteration, 4 

Adult&re, sm. adultery 


AD0 i 

A&uMnr, ra. to adyilerate, eorrupi 
Adnlttrin, ine, adj. aihi»erine, batiar^ 
Adustian, tf. acKimoR, tntmhig [hf 
Adventif, Ive, adj. adomtUiou*, ea$ual 
Adverbct ran* adwrb 
Adverbial, e« adj. adverbial 
Adverbialement, adv. adverbiatt^ 
Adverbialit^, if. adeerbial atpnuHon 
Adrenairr, smf. adveraaru, eppoaer 
Advenatif, ive» adj. adveriative, eon- 
Advent, adj. odoerse, inimical itrary 
Advenlt^, sf. adoertityt ealandtji 
Ainr, va. to air, expose to the atr 
A^rien* lenne, adj. ethereal, airy 
A^oacat. sm. air-baUoon 
Airoatatique, adi. aeroetatie 
Adraatier, tm. the manofier of an alr- 
A^naute, sf. aeronaut [balhon 

Af&biUc^, if. qffiabOity, courtesff 
Aflable, adj. e^fiMe, eivU 
AAblement, adv. qffhbfy, eomteouelif 
AAibalation, sf. moral eenee ofapMe 
AflUir, va. <o render tneipid, to tton 
AAdiasement, sm. doyment, naueeoue- 
Affidblir, va. to weaken, debilitate \ne»$ 
^— . vr. to grow weak, feeble, ir\firm 
Afblblisiant, e, adj. weakening 
AftiWiasement. sm. weaknea$,fiiin*nee9 
Affaire, sf. <n0air, bueinaw, eaee, nUt, 

diepute, quarrel, oeeeuinn 
Athiui, e, adj. buay,futt ofbuaineee 
AfEsissement, sm. eru^,Jull, decay 
Adhisacr, va. to preea, weigh down 
s^— , vr. to sink with too much weight 
Affitmer, va. toftmiOi, etarve 
Affectation, sf. ajgkctation 
Affecter, va. to amet, etudy, appropriate 
r—, vr. to be afected 
Aflbctlf, Ive, edj. touching, moving 
Alfection, sf. tfffhction, love,pa»Hon 
A ffectionocr. %'a. to have an qff^KtUmJbr 
f", vr. to deUght in 
AUbctueuscment, adv* affitetionately 
AffiBCtueax,cnse, adj. m^tionate, kind 
Attermer, va. to farm, M, lease out 
Affimnir, va- to strengthen, eettdtliA, 

settle, harden 
•*— , vr. to be eettMi^ed, confirmed 
Affcrmiasement, sm. strength, support, 

stay, esttMishment, settlement 
AHM, e, adj. affected, precise 
Aff^terie, sf. tM^atUm, precisenese 
AlBche, sf. biUar paper posted up 
AAchcr, va. to post up, pt^lish 
sT— , vr. to attract public notice 
AiAcheur, sm. one that posts up bUU 
Aflld^, e, adj. trusty 
— , sm. trutty friend, confidant 
Aflllcr, va. to set, sharpen, whet 
AAllatkm, af. filiation, adoption 
AAUcr, va. to adopt, initiate 
AiBaage, sm. purifieation, refining 
AAner. va. to make finer. r^Ute 
Afflnene, ef, place fbr refining 
Aflncur, sm. refiner 
"* "' sf. Infinity, relationship, ac- 

\ AGO 

A Anofr, am. hemp hstoAcf 
Afflquet. sm. knitting^heath t 

laaier dress 
AArmatlf, ive, adj. tfflrmative. 

Amrmanon, sf. affirmation, oa^ 
Afflrmativr. sf. affirmation, 

oath, affidavit 
AiBrmattvement, adv. oMrmatieely, M- 

siHvely ^ -^ r- 

AArmer, va. to *iffirm, assert, mam 

tmn, swear, take an oath 
AlBeurer, va. to lev^l. make even 
Afflictif, ive, adj. qffHetive, painfkt 
Affliction, St. afiietion, trouole, eeerem^ 

adversity, calamity 
Affligeant, e, adj. ffjflicting, g r ie o em s 
Afflifer, va. to afflict, grieve, tnmble 
s*— , vr. to grieve, be ajgHieted, troeMed 
AlBuence, n. affluence, plenty 
Affluent, e, adj. running, faUing 
Affluer, vn. tofiow, run, abound, reeort 
Affoler, va. to exits love 
s'— , VT. to 6« in love with 
Alfrancbir, va. to set free, make free 
ft—, vr. to free or rid oneself, get free 
Affranchisaement, sm. delivery, eremp' 

tion, emancipation 
Affre, sf. great friffht 
Affr^tement, sm./irriirAf . hire t^fa ehip 
ASriter, va. to hire, freight 
AflMCeur, »m. freighter 
AiAvusemcnt, adv. horribly, fHahtMly 
AAvux, euse, adj. hideous, fri^tM 
AilHander, va. to use dainties, allure 
AftoQt, sm. €{ffirMt, abuse, disgrace 
Affronter, va. to encounter, eoten, cAoot, 

attack, dare 
AflVonCerie, sf. diee^, fraud 
Affronteur, sm. euse, if. cAaof, itiipaistor 
Afliiblement, sm. e/oas covering 
Affiibler, va. to m^ffle up 
s*<— , vr. to &« wrapped up 
AffQt, sm. earriagefttra gun oe'meetar 
AifQtafe, am. mounting qf cannon 
AffQcer, va. to mount a cannon, set a tool 
Attn de, eon. in order to 
— que, that, to Me end or in order that 
Agapant, e, adj. enticing, alluring 
Agacement, sm. settinar on edge 
Agacer, va. to «s< on edge, provoke 
Agaoene, sf. preeoeatien, enticement 
Agaric, sm. agaric, mushroom 
Agate, tt. agnte, a valuable stone 
Age, sm. age, years, Hfh, century 
Ag6, e, adj. aged, old, elderly 
Agenoe, sf. agency, business 
Agencer, va. to set in order, arrange 
s'— , vr. to rig or trim oneself 
Agenda, sm. memorandum-book 
s'AgenoulUtf, vr. to kneel, fiM on en^e 

AgenouiUoir, sm. hassock, deOe to kned 
Agent, sm. agent, broker fon 

Agglom^cion ou Aglomtetkm, af. Vm 

act ofagglomerttting 
Agglom^nir ou Aglomerer. vn. to « 

nmmte, gather up in mbaU 

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t^Agglom^rer, vr. gathered up in a ball 
Aggravant ou Agfavant, e, adj. aggro- 

vatinact making toorse 
Aggrave, im. threatening monitory 
Anraver ou Afrraver, va. to aggravate 
Agile* a4j. agile* quick, nimble 
AgUement, adv. nimbly, quickly 
Agilit^, sf. nimblenee», agility 
Agio, itn. course of exchange 
Agiotage, sm. stockjobbing 
Agioter, vn. to speculate in the stocks 
Agioteur, sm. stodcjobber 
Agir, vn. to act, do, deal, influence, 

work, negotiate, manage 
Agiisant.e, adj. tffficaeious, active, busy 
Agitation, sf. agitation, perturbation 
Arlter,va. to agitate, shake, toss, trotMe 
i'—, vr. to put oneself into aviolent mo- 
Agnat, sm. male issue [tion 

Agnatique, adj. belonging to male usue 
Agneau, am. lamb 

Agnekr, vn. to yean, bring forth lambs 
Agnelet, sm. lambkin 
Agn^, sf. simple young girl 
Agonie, sf. agony, pangs of death, grief 
Agonisant, e, adj. dying, in a dyitig con- 
Agoniser, vn. to be in agony 
Agrafe, sf. clasp, hook 
Agrafer, va. to clasp, hook 
Agraire, adj. agrarian 
Agrandir, va. to enlarge, increase, ad- 
vance, amplify, e*agjgeraUi 
i—^ vr. to raise or advance onesdf 
Agnmdissement, sm. enlargement, in- 
crease, improvement, preferment^ 
Agrdable, adj. agreeable, pleasant [ably 
Agr&iblement, adv. pleasantly, com fort- 
Agrier, va. to agree, accept, receive, al- 
low, approve of 
Agr^Kat, sm. aggregate, assembitige 
Aggngsation, sf. admissiun, aggregation 
Agr^e, sm. fellow of a cuUege 
Agrdger, va. to aggregate, admit 
Agr^ment, sm. agreement, consent, ap- 
probation, charm, attraction, allure' 
ntent, pleasure, delight, comfort 
— s, pL embellishments, ornaments 
Agris, sm. pL rigging 
Agresseur, sm. aggressor, assaulter 
Agression, sf. aggression, assault 
Agreste, adi. rustic, clownish, ill bred 
Agricole, acy* inclined to htubandry 
Agriculteur, sm. farmer 
Agriculture, sf. agriculture, husbandry 
^Agtitkr, vr. to iay hold of, seize, cling 
Agripper, va. U> gripe, seize, catch at 
Agronome, sm. writer on agriculture 
Agronomie, sf. theory €f agriculture 
Agucrrir, va. to train up, discipline 
s*— , vr. to grow warlike* inure oneself 

to the hardships of war 
Aguet, sm. watai, watching 
Ah I interj.oA/ alas / wellra-dayJ ah I 
Aheurtemeiit, sm. obstinacy, stiffness 
Aheurter, va. to provoke, excite 
ff-'-t vr. to persist, maintainobstinately^ 

6 AIM 

Ahil inteij.oA/ 

Ahurir, va. to amaze, confuse, ;_., 
Aide, sm. helper, assistant, mate 
— •, sf. aid, help, assistance 

— memoire, memorandum 
— > de cunp, aid-de<amp 

— pilote, jrilot^s mate 

— major, adjuteutt 

— chiruigien, surgeon's mate 

— maoon, labourer 
— 8, pL subsidies 

Aider, va. to aid, assist, htip, eueoo s sr 
s' — , vr. to h^p or assist onese^ 
Ale, interj. oht oh dear/ 
Aieul, sm. grandfather/ e, tf. grtt$»d- 

Aleux, sm. vli-fMrtfithers, ancestore 
Aigle, tm, eagle, reading desk 
Aiglon, sm. eaglet, young eagle 
Aigre, adj. sour, t^tarp, strong, unpleo' 
sunt, harsh, rough, brittle ,* voix — ■, 
shrill voice ; ton — , severe tone 
Aigtne-doux, douce, adj. between eweei 

and sour 
Aigrefin, sm. swindler, sharper 
Aigrelet, e, adj. mutmA, tart 
Aigrement, adv. sourly, sharply 
Aigrette, sf. egret, plumn offeathere 
Aigreur, sf, sourness, ill nature, spleen 
Aigrir, va. to exaspenUe, incense, pro- 
•'— , v», iiJii^^^i^: n^.i.. , e angry 
Ai^u, i^^ iu^j, ticiii:'-. fhurp, keen, witty 
AigUMdCj kI, ti^uttifUii.' liace 
Al|irt:i?-knuiiJ4f, Ml. sii'i if precious stotse 
^ tfj u i e 1 1' , if. ewft i ir>a <tr-pitcher 
A imii^r^j if. eUfE/'/fil 
Ai|^LuiiJu;ii;,«t'. pttie ti! dtiveoxen 
ALrEULlLc, i-i. tiifuiiit't LittiJein, spire i — k 
infsoicr. knlwnf! mt^dle i —kesnbeX- 
\MTt p(ii:kiiig-titie*ilii 
A\jisiiiil^,if. tunffUnful \ract 

A \i^\i\\\ittf vj_ t*t n^uH /■ ihe eye Ibr cofo- 
AiKuUtetbc, nu la>.-e n /jii taf^fed poUite 
A'tiu'uitivar, vo. to tit/ toith points 
Ai-u^ii-n.,, ,Mu^.-- '..n, tagger 
A se, needlenuker 

A^^.i.^„i, .»i. ^i.»it, aoad, encourage- 
ment, spur, inducement, incitemetU 
Aiguillonner, sm. to goad, incite, spur on 
Aiguisement, sm. the act of sharpening 
Aiguiser, va. to whet, sharpen 
Ail, sm. aulx, pi. garlic 
Aile, sf. wing, aisle of a church, beer 
Aild, e, adj. winged, that has wings 
Aileron, sm. smalt wing, Jin 
Aillade, tf, garlic raguut or sauce 
A illeurs, adv. elsewhere, somewhere Hse 
d'— , adv. from another place, besides, 
moreover, otherwise / 

Aimable, ailj. amiable, lovdy \ 

Aimant, e, adj. loving, qffectionate [ 
Aimanf, sm. loadstone, magnet 
Aimanter, va. to rub with a loadstone 
Aimantin, c, adj. magnetic . 

Aimer, va. to love, fancy, be/bnd qf 
s'— , vr. to love oneself 
s'enti^— , v. redpr. to love one « 

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AIN j 

Aine. A groin 

Ato^ e, a<U* «ldett»ftrtAom, eldef 

Alnemfp tt. ddenhip 

Ain^, adv. «o, thus, after thU fntumer, 

90, lUeewite : — toitril* 6e tt jd 
Air, SHU aiTt wind, mannar, ftuhUm, 

mmft -de 

Aindn, im. 6r«M> 
Aire, sf. arwa, etsen 

vent. Doinf q^M« i , 
Alrde, If. thnuhin/i -floor 
Airer, vs. to mafc« iM nMf 
Als, mu teorrft plofiilp 
Aiaaoce, sf. earn, JbeUiiif i cftbinctiT-^, 

A&K, af. content, /cy, «aw, eon^fiirt, 

leituro t prendte ks — «, to ntake one- 

Ali<^ e, adj. eaqr, reot^, eommodioiu, 

convenient, rich, weatthy 
Aik^menc, adv. eiuify, reaSkt 
Aisadle» s& armfpit, arm-holc 
Ajoumement, im. eummone, ettoHon,' 

a4ioummt!nt, detoy 
Ajoumer* va. to »ummon, cite, o4Joum, 
■'•— « vr. to l>0 (M^^meri [puf nff' 

AiouCer* va. to add. Join, helieoe 
Ajiisteinent, im. reg^ulation, adSuet- 

ment, Offreemewt, arem, apparel 
A j utter, va. to adjiut, fit, eize, set in 

order, put togeuier, reconcUe, trim 
i^— , vr. to prepare, get onetdf ready, 

t^ree, suit, trim, make onewffine 
Aluscolr, sm. aeaie* UMd in the mint 
Ajutage ou Ajutoir, wca.'pipefiir toatet' 
Alambic, sm. alembie or etiU \workt 
Alambiquer, va. to refine too nnic/k 
it~- reaprit de, vr. to puzgde onie bvifw 

Alarme, sfL iaarm,ffar, fright 
Alamwr, va. to alarm, frighten 
if-r, yr.tobe edarmed, frightened 
Alarmiste, sm. one who epreade olkirm. 
Albitie, sm. alo&flwfar {ingnmot 

Album, sm. aUmm, memorandum 
Alcade, sm. aleade, a Judge 
AlcaU, sm. alkali, a salt 
Alehlmie, A akhymif 
Alchimiste, sm. aidtymist 
Aloofaol, sm. alcohol, spirit efwitw 
Aloorao, tsomjileoran 
Alcove, sf. alcove, bed-press 
Ald^baram, sm. AUtebaran, a star 
Alderman, on. alderman \1y 

Al^gre, adj. cheerful, merry, brisk, live- 
Altigrement, adv. cheerfully, merrify 
Altee, A awl 

Alfeier, sm. awl-mdker, awleeUer 
Alentour, adv. about, round about 
AlMon, sm. eaglet 

Alone, adj. diligent, vigilant, sprightly 
— , sL warning, alarm 
Aksandrin, e, adj. Alexandrine 
Alesaa, e, adj. of a sorrel colour 
AliM, sf. eh&Ibed linen, dout 
Algande, sf. i nsuU, taunt 
A]ffMiKf A olgebrQ 


Alg^lHique, adj. algehraie 

AlK^biiste, sm. a'gtbraist 

Al^uasil, sm. alguazU 

Alffue, ST. sea-weed 

Alibi, sm. plea of a person who when 

charged with a cnme alleges that h0 

was elsewhere 
AUbitoraia* sm. vain excuses, evasions 
Aliboron, sm. conceited feUttw 
Alidade, sf. a ruler to measure angles er 

Alienable, adj. alienablet transferable 
Aii^oatioo, A alietiation, transfir, 

dislike, aversion, estrangement, in- 
AU^ner, va. to alienate, trantfin', make 

over, draw away one's <^eetioni 
s' — de quelqu'un, vr. to estrange one- 

self', to withdraw oneselffrom 
Alignemeot, sm. line, row, level 
AliKner, va. to level, to sqwoe or lay out 
Aliment, sm. aliment, food [Ay a line 
Alitiientaire, aitj. alimentary 
Alimenter, va. to maintain, feed 
Alimcnteux, eus»-, anj. nutritive, alt- 
A lin^, sm. new paragraph Imentary 
Aliquante, adj. and st. tUiquot part 
Aliquote, a^j. and sf. aliquttt pttrt 
t'A liter, vr. to go or be cot Jined to bed 
Alize, sf. fruit of the lots tree 
Aiis^, sm. pL trade-toinds . 
Ailaitement ou Alaitetuent, sm. sudt- 

ling, lactation 
Allait43> ou Alrfiter, va. to suckle, nutse 
Aliant, sm. goers and comers 
Allant, e, adj..^d of running about 
Altechement, sm. allurement, entice- 
Ail^-ber, va. to allure, entice [ment 
A116e, sf. passage, entry, a'ley, walk 
Allegation, sf. allegation, ^ttttion 
Allege, sf. a lighter, tender 
All^geance, si: allegiance, ease, aHevish 

. tion, contort 
Augment, sm. ease, alleviation 
Allteer, va. to disburden, lighten, easOf 

auayf eUleviate, mitigate 
AU^orie, sf. allegory, fable 
Ail^orlque, adj. allig*»rical,fiibulou9 
AU^gorlqaement, adv. allegorioally 
Ail^oriser, va. to allegorize 
All^goriste, sq). alleaorist 
All^gresse, sf. cheerfulness, public Joy 
Allegro, adv. allegro, in a lively manner 
Ali^uer, va. to allege, quote 
Alleluia, sm. eUlelujah, a plant goodfbr 

Allemaade, sf. allemande, a dance 
AUer, vn. to go, run, speed, go about, 

be going, act, lead, proceed, move, 

collect the votes, ujalk, ride, feel, grope 
s*en — , vr. to depart, go away 
le pis — , sm. the worst that can happen 
AUeu, %ai.freehidii, free tenure 
Alliage, sm. alloy, mixture of metals 
Alliance, sf. alliance, match, union, con- 

Meracy, learue, covenant 
AUier, vn. to alie^, mix 
ff—, n»tobe united, make an alUanee 



Anier, sm. aort of net to eatdt partriign 
AUocmtlon, sf. aUoetUiam, eUiowanee 
Allocution, sf. speakinff to tome one 
Allonge, n. eking^-piece 
AOongnarat, sm. ttretdt, eicteneion, 

nroiongutiani de!^ 
Alionnr, vs. to lengthen, etretdi out, 

prolong, (ielajf, protract, eirike a blow 
»'—, vr. to stretch, grow longer 
AUouabA, adj. aUowiMe, lawfid 
Allou4, %m.joumiyman 
Allouer, va. to uUbw, account Jbr 
Allnmer, va. to lUitt, kindle, eet on fire 
«*— , vr, to light, iSndle, catch fire, break 
AUumeCte, tt. mtUch [out 

AUure» iC gait, manner qf walking, be- 

haoiour, conduct, umy of proceeding 
Alluiion, If. aUueion, hint 
Alluvion, if. alluvion, accretion ■ 
Almanacb, im. atmanae, calendar 
AIo^i, im. aloee 
Aloi, im. «i^, mixture 
Alon, adv. then, at that tvne 
Aloae, if. ehad 
Alouette o« Alou&te, nt lark 
Alourdir. va. to d%tll, make heavy, etun 
Alovau de boeuf, im. ehort rib - " ' 
Alphabet, sm. o/oAofr 

Alphab^tique, adl. o/j 

Alpiou, sm. dowU stake at play 
Alterable, adj. alterable, chartgeable 
Alt^nt. e, a4j. that eauaea thirst 
Alt6tttlon, sf. alteration, change, cor- 
ruption, adulteration, thirst, drought 
Altercation, sf. altercation, dispute, 
Alt^rer, va. to alter, change {contest 
Alternatif, ive, adi. alternative, alter- 
Alternative, tL choux, option [note 
Alternativement, adv. alternate, bp 

Altenie, adj. altematet reeiproeat 
Alt4!rn^, e, adj. corresponding 
Alterner, vn. to perform alternate 
Altesse, if. higltneta 
Altier, e, adj. proud, lofty, arrogant 
AlumcUe, it. blade t^a Imifi 
Alumineux, euse, aqj. aluminoua 
Alun, im. alum [fifthe teeth 

Alv^aire, adj. belonging to the aocketa 
Alv^le, sm. hole, ceU of a bee, aodcet 
Amabiiit^. if. amiableneaa, loveUneea 
Amadit, sm. rt^jjUee 
Amadou, im. aort oftinAer 
Amadouer, va. to coax, cajole 
Amaigrir, va. to make lean or thin 
s*— , vr. to grow lean, thin, or mecxre 
Amaigrissement, im; emaaation,iean- 

neaa [Hon 

Amalxame, sm. amalgam, ameUguma- 
Amalgamcr, va. to amalgamate 
s'— , vr. to be calcined u^h quicksilver, 

be capable of amalgamation 
Amande, sf. almond, kernel 
Amand^, sm. almond poaaet 
Amandler, im. almond-tree 
Amant, e, unr. lover, aweetheart 
Amarante, sf. amaranth Tto the aea 
j^marlner, va. $p man a prize, to inure 

\ AMI 

Amanage, mi. anchorage, aUp-knoi 
Amanc, tt, rope, cable, hawser 
Amarrer,VB. tomakeJhst,nH 
Amai, m. heap, pile, maaa 
Amancr, va. to heap up, gather, fiteari 

Amateur, im. lover, virtuoeo 
Amatir, va. to unpoliah gold at aOeer 
Amaaooe, ■£ amaton, warlike woman 
Ambagei, if. pi. amoagea, circumleeu- 


Ambanadrioe, tC ambaaaadreas 
Ambe, hd. two numbera in the lattery 
Ambiant, e, aiij. ambient, aurrounding 
Ambideure, adj. amUdextroua, uaing 

either hand 
AmblgUj e, adj. ambiguoua, doubtfkU 
Amblfuit«, vL anrit^uUif, double mea»' 
AmbifOment, adv. eunbiguo^e^f [ing 
Ambitieuaemcnt, adv. ambWous^ 
Ambitieux, euae, adj. amiritioua 
Ambition, if. ambii^on, desire 
Ambitioniicr, va. to beambitUma of 
Amble, im. amble, edky pace 
Ambler, vn. to amble, pace 
Ambre, sm. amber. omtervH* 
Ambrer, va. to perfume with ambergrie 
Ambrette, sf.om6ret, muakypear 
Ambroiie im Ambnnsie, sf. ambrosia 
Ambulant, e, adj. travelling or going 

from one place to another, atrulling 
Ambulatoire, adj. moveable, ambulatory 
A me, sf. aoul, mind, apirit, ghost, cour- 

age, heart, life, exiatence, people 
Amelioration, st. improvement, progreae 
Am^Uorer, va. to improve, mend, better 
Amen, adv. amen, ao be it [penance 
Amende, sf.fine, penalty,finfett, publio 
Amendement, sm. amendment, im- 

Amender, va. to fine, amerce, mend, 

amend, improve, manure, r^fbrm 
-, vn. to be fined, pay a fine, grow bet' 

ter, be in better health, pntfit 
if—, vr. to amond, grow better, r^/brm 

Amener, va. to bring, draw, introduce, 

bring up, throw, fiing 
Am6mt^ it. amenity, fieaeantneee 
Ameiiuiier, va. to leaaen, make thin 
Amer, e, adj. bitter, grievous, ead, irot^ 

Amerement, adv. bitterly, grievoualy 
Amcnume, if. bitterueaa, gri^, affiic- 
Am^thyite, st. amethyst \tion 

Ameublement, tm.fumiture, ptooetiblee 
Ameublir, va. to. make moveable [able 
Ameublitaement, sm. the making move- 
Ameuter, va. to /brm dogs into a pa<Je, 
s'— , vr. to assenMe riotously [stir up 
Ami, e, smf. friend, acquaintance, fel- 
low, crony, companion, gallant, lover 
Amiable, adj. amiable, courteoue 
k V—, adv. amicably 
Atoiablement, adv. amiably, firiendtu, 
Amiante, sm. amianthua, aebe^ 

Digitized by <^OOgie 

AMI t 

AmiMl, e, adj. amieabie, kind 
Amicalernent, adv. amit^ablytfriendfy 
AAtcC, sm. amiee, a priesf$ habit 
Amidon, im. Harch [maker 

Amidonnier ou Amidonier, am. jtorcA- 
Amincir, va. to make thin 
Amirat, sm. admiral: vici:— , vice ad- 
mind; centre — , rear-admiral 
Aniitaut^, sf. admiralty 
Amiti^, sf. amitptfriendehip, affixtiont 

favour, kindness, love, sj/mpathp 
—h, sf. pf. eomplimentSf caresses 
Ammoniac, acque, sm. ammoniae 
AmnistSe, sf. amnesty, pardon 
Amdtndrir, va. to diminiOt, lessen 
•'^, vr. to grow less, decrease {nution 
Amolndrissement, sm. decrease, dtmi- 
Amollir»va. to moUify, soften, ^^emi- 

nate, enervate 
t*— , vr. to grow soft, tender, pHant 
AmoUissement» sm. ^ffemineuy* softness 
Amonceier, va. to heap up, lay on a heap 
Amcmt, adv. up the river 
d'— , adv. down the river [priming 
Amorce, sf. bait, jattraetion, charm. 
Amercer* va. to bait, prime, ailure. 

Amonir, va. to quench, extinguish, ap- 
pease, subdue, smooth, abtite, buy up 
s*— , yr. to be qxteni^ed, extinguished 
Araortissement, sm. the buying up or 
extinguishing of a rent { caused'—, 
Amour, sm. Inve, passion, ajg^ctUm; 

— propre, self-love 
Amouracher, va. to promote love 
I*—, vr. to fall in love, be sinitten 
Amovurette, sf. loveAntrigue [ingly 
Amoureusemeot, adv. amorouriy, lt>v- 
Amoureux, euse, adj. amorous, in love 
Amovibfiitd. sf. mutubility, ehangeahle- 
Amovible, adi. mutable, moveable [ness 
Arapblbie, adj. amphibious, having the 

power of living in two elements 
Amphibolic, sr. amj^ibohgy, ambigu- 
ity, discourse ef uncertain meaning 
Ampbibologique,' adj. amphibological, 

ambiguous, doubtful, equivocal 
AmphiboloRiauement, adv. amphUtotogi- 

eaOy, asnbiguously 
AmpMgmiri, sm. nonsense, boti^MSt 
Amphigourique, adj. nonsensical, unin- 

teOigtble, hombastical 
Amphtth^tre, sm. amphitheatre [ous 
Ample, adj. wide, ample, diffuse, eopt- 
Amptement, adv. amply, fUlJy 
Ampleur, sf. amplitude, fulness 
Ampliadf,i\'e, adj. adding, augmenting 
Ampliation, sf. ampliatton, duplicate 
Ampliflcateur, sm. amplifier, romancer 
Amplilioation, sf. amplification, increase 
Amplifier, va. to amplify, enlarge 
Amplitude, sf. amplitude, largenesf 
Ampoule, sf. bubble, blister, glass vess^ 
Ampoule, e, adj. swollen, bombastic 
Amputation, sf. amputation 
Ampnter, va. to amputate, cut off 
Amulctte* am. amxMt, ^harm 

\ ANE 

AmuMnt, e, adj. amuiAng, diverting 
Amusemenc, sm. amusement, diverSon, 

delay, hindrance 
Amuser, va. to amuse, stay, stop, pose 
%'—,VT, to amuse oneself ltime,diven 
Amuseite, af. trijiifig amusemetU 
An, sm. year, a twetetmvnth 
Ana, sm. ana, a eoUection 
Aaachor^te, sm. anchorite, hermit 
Anachnmisme, sm. anaehro ism 
Anacr^ontique, adj. anacreontic, in A« 

manner ofAnacreon 
Ana«:nmme, sf. anagram 
Analectes, tm. pL anal^s, fmgmentt 
Analentique, sf. treatise on health 
—, adj. analeptir, strengthenirtg 
Anjdoiric, sf. anaiogff, ct nf.rmity 
Analogique, tuij. analugh-ai, analogame 
Analogiquement, adv. anal giuJly 
Analo^e, adj. analogmts, analoateat 
Analyse, sf. analysis, deeompositiom 
Analyser, va. to analyze, examine 
Analyste, sm. analyst, analyzer 
Analytique, adj. annljfticnl 
Analytiquement, adj. analytical^ 
Ananas, son. ananeis, pine-apple 
Anapeste, sm. at apatst 
Anarchic, sf. anarchy, confusion 
Anarchique, adj. anarchic, antireAtoa^ 

Anarcfalstc, smf. promoter ofanar^ty 
Anathiknatiser, va. to anathematite, or- 

Afiatb^me, sm. anathema, exeommuni- 
Anatomic, sf. anatomy [eatian 

Anatomique, adj. anatomical 
Anatomiquement, a I v. nnfttttmieaOy 
Anatomiser, va. to anatomize, dissect 
Anatomiste, sm. anotomist 
AncAtres, sm. pi. ancestors, fitrefkthare 
Anche, «r. reed of a hautboy or other 

wind instrument, stop <tf an organ 
Anchois, sm. anchovy 
A ncien , nc, adj. ancient, old [timee 
Anciennemcnt, a>i v. anciently, injhrmer 
Anclennet^, sf. ancientness, antiquity, 

Ancragc, sm. anchomge ; prendre — » l» 

flficAor or east anchor 
Ancrc, sf. anchor, inm brace 
'— d'aflburche, smaU bouer-anehor 

— de flot,^oo(f-<r»cAor 

— de terre, shoreanchor 

— de large, sea-anchor 

— maltresse, sheet-a nehor 

— de mia^corde, ^et-a^>ehor 

— de rechangc, spare-anchor 

— de bostolr, bower-anchor 

— de tou^, stream-anchor 
lever T— , to weigh anchor 
Ancrer, vn. to anchor, east anchor 
8*—, vr. to settle oneself 

Anoantd, arlv. andante, mnderntdy, 
Andouille, sf. chittpvling Tslou^ 

Andoaillette, sf. fitrcei-mnrit bnlt 
Ane, sm. ass, ignorant nrittuoiifaUosB 
Antentir, va. to annihilite, destroy 
•'— > VT. to humble oneself 

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AnAmtlasement, tm. annihilation, de- 

ttruetion, overthrow, humilUaion 
Anecdote, sf. anecdote, eecret hietory 
Anyone, rf. anemone, wind/lower 
Anerie, sf. ifsnoranee, etupUtttif 
Anesae, sf. ahe-aee 
An^vtistiie« tm. aneuHem 
Antnctueux, eiise, adj. af^fiwtuout, 

fuH of windings 
Anfnu-tuosU^, tiUanfractuoeUif 
Ant(e, sm. angel, ehain-^tot 
—, K(.fish resembling a Oaste 
Ang^liquc, adj. angelical, divim 
— , It. angelica, lungwort 
Ang^lHuemcnt, adv. angdieeUg 
Ang^lus. im. prajfcr-time 
Ar^nf, *f. anpna, guinay, eore throat 
Anvlals, e, adj. et smf. Bngiieh / Eng' 

IMt man or woman 
Angle, im. angle, comer 
Anglican, e, adj. Anglican, o/Engkmd 
AnglicHine, sm. Anglidem 
Anglomane, sm. an admirer ofBngHth 

pertons or things 
Anglomanie, ef. admiration of English 

persons or things 
Angoisse, sf. angtHih, great pain 
Angon,-tm. sort of dart andently used 

oy the Ffench 
Anguillade, sf. la^ or lashing 
Angnllle, sf. an eel 
Angulalre, adj. angular, cornered 
" Angnlrax, euse, adj. anguhus 
Ansustld, e, adj. narrow 
Anfcroche, sf. demur, dif 
Anicr, i^re, smf. ass^dn 
Anil, sm. anil, indigo plant 
Anille, sf. rind, iron cross Trimand 
Animadversion, sf. animadversthn, rep- 
Animal, sm. animal, creature, brute, 

asSy fool, blockhead, dunce 
—, adj. animal, sensual, carnal 
Animalcule, sm. animalcule 
Animation, sf. animation, power 
Animer, va. to animate, ghfc Iffk, en- 

eourage, embolden, provoke 
s^— , vr. to cheer up, be encouraged, 

take fire, be angrv 
Animd, e, adj. animated, living, stirred 

up, ettcouraged, incensed, exasperat' 
Animosity, sf. animosUp, ill-will led 
Anis, sm. anise, aniseed 
Aniser, va. to l»p oner with aniseedl 
Anisette, sf. spirit extractedfrom aniseed 
Anna), e, adj. qfa pear [ides 

Annates, sf. pL annal*, annual chron- 
Annaii&te, sm. annalist, historian 
Annate, sf. annats, the first firuits 
Anneaa, sm. ring, lock of hair 
Ann^, sf. pear, twelvemonth 
Anneler, va. to curl in ringlets 
Annelet, sm. little ring 
Annelure, sf. curling of hair in ringlets 
Annexe, sf. annex, chapel cf ease 
Annexer, va. to annex, unite 

Annihilation, sf. annVtUation, 

Annlbller, va. to annihilate, reduce to 

Annlversalref nn. anniuet wurjf 

— , a4}. annual, pearlp 

Annonce, sf notice, adverti sem ent 

Annoncer, va. to anRoufic«» dedate, 

fiiretea,fi)nibode, proclaim, ptMieh 
Annondation, tf. annunciation liar 
Annouteur, sm. tumotator, eom m en t a^ 
Annoution, sf. onnotottton, renmrk, ob- 
servation, list, inventory 
Annoter, va. to take an inventory 
Annaaire, sm. calendar, pearlp book 
Annuel, le, adj. annued, peark/ 
Annudlement, adv. annuaUp, yeoHy 
Annuity, A annuity, pearly auowanee 
Annulaire, adj. emnular, having the 

formofaringf doigt —, ringybtger 
—-, sf. caterpittar 

Annulation, sf. the act «f annulling, re- 
pelling, making void 

Annuler* va. to annul, ahrogiMte,i 

Anoblir, va. to make noble, ennoble 
AnoblisKment, sm. the act ofensktbHng 
Anodin, e, adj. anodyne, paregoric 
Anomal, e, a4j* anomalous, irr^fular 
Anomalie, sf. anomaly, irregularity 
Anon, tm» young ass, ass-c^t 
Anonner, vn. to stammer, falter 
Anonjrme, a4j. anonymous, namelese 
Anse, at ear, handle^ a pot, creek, bay 
Antagoniste, sm. ontoigonisr, adversary 
Antarctique, adj. antarctic, southern 
Ant^cMent, e, adj. antecedent, fitrego- 
Antdchrist, sm. Antichrist ling 

Axiisnne^if, sttil-pard f — s, pi. anten$ut, 

moveable horns of insects, Jbelers 
Ant^jp^uUl^me, adj. antepenultimate, 

reUMng to the last spllable but two 
Ant^rieur, e, adj. anterior, fitr^ioing, 

fbi mer, foremost, priur 
Ant^rieurement, adv. amerioriy 
Ant^orit^, sf. anterioritp, priority 
Antbologie, sf. anthology, eoOeetion ei 

flowers or poems 
Anthropologie, Aanthropoiogy 
Antbropopbage, adj. antfarop^thagoue 
—a, am. pL anthropophagi, meas-eaters, 

Antl, pre. agednst, bejbre [AaA 

Anticbambre, sf. auti(Aamber,e ""-' 

Anticipation, st. anticipation, i 

mentt ^t'—, beforehand 
Antidper, va. to anticipate, fitrestaS, 

takebefiire, Jbretaste 
Antidate, sf. antedate, false date Zdaia 
Antidater, va. to antedate, put « fittse 
Antidote, sm. antidote, counter^potsoH 
Antlenne, sf. anthem, holy song 
Antimoine, sm. antimony [like 

Antipathie, sf. antipathp, aversion, die- 
Antipatbiqur, adj. repugnant, averse 
Antiphrase, sf. antiphrasis, the use of 

words in a sense opposite tothebrprO' 

per meaning 
Antipodes, sm. pi. antipodes, opposite 
Antiquallle» if. an antique, piece t^ an- 

Antiquaire, sm. antiquary [« 
Antique, adj. antique, ancient, old 
Antiquity sf. anUipidty, andent tlwsee 

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Ai^'bifsfiti^f sm* orehpriealhood 

A .chHccke, sm. art^iteet, mtuter-builder 

/..rehitectare, «f. architecture 

Aicbitnve, sf. architrave 

Archives, sf. pi. architfce, reeorrte 

Arcbivisicj sm. keeper ofrecorda 

Archonte, sm. arvhon, the chief magie- 

trate among the ancient Mheniane 
Arpon. sm. eaiidle-bow 
AK'tiqucy adj. arctic, north [hug3^>odj/ 
Ard^lion, sm. fawning qfficimtii feUow, 
Ardemment, adv. ardently » eagerly 
Ardent, «, adj. burning, hott fiery, vio- 
lent, vehement, active, zealous 
Ardeur, sf. ardour, heat, fervour, ea- 

gemeae, burning, pasaton, zeal ' 
Ardillon, sm. tongue of a buckle 
Ardolse, sf. aate 
Arddtt^, sf. slate-colour 
Ardciaere, sf. slate quarry 
Ardre ow Arder, va. to &.um, consume 
Ardu, e, adi.' arduotu, difficult, hard to 

dim), tbfty, steep 
Are, sm. unit of superficies in French 

measure, about 1^ yards square 
Arec, sm. rosin ^theatre 

Arfene, sf. arena, sand, gravel, amphi- 
Ar^neux, eusc, adj. sandy 
Ar^le, sf. small area or aurfitee 
Ar^m^tre. sm. areometer 
Ar^pagr, sm. the Areopagus at Athens 
Ar^pa|;ite» sm. judge of the Areopagus 
Ar6te, tf. fish-bone, angle, ^ge, ridge 
Ar£tier, sm. middle beam of a roof 
Argent, sm. silver, coin, money 
— compiant, ready-money 
Argente, e, adj. of a silver colour, plated 
Argentcr, va. to silver over [with silver 
AiKenterie, sf. plate, silver-pidte 
Argenteux, eu&e, adj. monled, rich 
Argentier, sm. silversmith, steward 
Argentin, e, adj'. argent, silvery, bright 

like silver, of clear sound 
Argentine, sf. -ilher weed, wild tansy 
Argenture, sf. silver-plating 
Argile, sf. clay, potter's eartH 
Argikux, euse.adj. argilious, full of clay 
Argot, sm. stub, dead bough, cant, slang 
Argoter, va. to cut ^dead branches 
Argousin, sra. galley'Sergeant 
Argner, va. to argu", blame, reprove 
Argument, sm. argument, reasoning, 

proof, evidence, si^jtfct matter i 

Argumentant, sm. opponent, disputant 
Argumentatetir, sm. arguer, wrangler I 
A rgumentation, sf. the act ofarguxng 
Argumenter, vn. to argue,reasoh, infitr, 

conclude, discourse with one ar. other \ 
Argus, am. Argus, spy, watchful person, '■ 

one whose suspicions are roused 
Arautie, sf. cavil, quirk, subtlety 
Ande, adj. arid, dry, withered, barren 
Aridity* »f. aridity, dryness, barrenness 
Ariette, sf. arietta, lively tune or song I 
Arlstarqne, sm.Aristarehus, severe crUie , 
Aristocrate, sm. arikocrat 
Atistocratic, sf. arietoeraey I 

Aristocratique, adj. aristocratical 
Aristocratiquement, adv. aristocratlealfy 
Aristot^lisme, sm. the philosophy of 

Aritbm^ticlen, sm. arithmetician, ae- 
Arithm^tique, sf. arithmetic [countant 
Arithm^tiquement, adv. arithmetically 
Arlequhi, sm. harlequin, buffoon 
Arlequinade,' sf. btmvonery, antics 
Armadille, s[. small Spanish fieet 
Armateur, sm. ship-ttwner, privateer 
Armature, sf. iron fastening or boH N 
Arme, sf. arm, armour, u-eapon 

— k feu, fire arms, musket, gun 

— blanche, halbmrd, bayonet, sword 

— de trait, bow, cross-how, arrow 
.— », sf. pi. arms, armorial bearings 
Arm^, sf. army, host, troops, a great 

number of people 
Armemeiit, sm. armament, warlike pre- 

parations, fitting out of a ship 
Armer, va. to arm, to furnish with arme 
s'— , vr. to arm oneself, take up arme 
Armillaire, adj. armiUary sphere 
Armistice, sm. armistice, truce 
Armoire, af. press, chest of drawers 
Armoiries, sf. pi. arms, coat-of-arme 
Armorial, e, adj. armorial 
— , sm. book of armory, heraldry 
Armorier, va. to paint coats of arms 
Armoriste, sm. one skilled in heraldrjf 
Armure, sf. armour, arms 
Armurier, sm. armorer, gunsmith 
Aromate, sm. spice, perfume 
Ammattque, adj. aromatic, odorijbroue 
Aromatisation, sf. aromatization 
Aromatiser, va. to aromatize 
Arp^ge, sm. arpeggio, aistinct instnt- 

mental chord accompanying the voice 
Arp^gement, sm. rapidity, distinctness 
Arp^ger, vn. to strike the notes rapidly 
Arpent, sm. aere 
A iT)entage, sm. measurement, j 
Arpcntir, va. to survey or measure £ 

to run, walk at a great pace 
Arpenteur, sm. land-surveyor 
Arquebuse, sm. arquebuse, hand-gun 
Arquebuaier, sm. soldier armed with an 

arqut^use, gunsmith 
Arquer, va. tol)end, make crooked 
Arrachement, sm. the action of pulling 

or plucking out, spring vfan arch 
Arracher, va. to pull up, pluck out, pull, 

draw, take cff, take auay 
Arracheur de dents, sm. tooth-drawer 

— de cors, sm. corn-cutter [Ject, scheme 
Arrangement, sm. arrangemerit, pro- 
Arranger, va. to arrange, set in oraer 
s'—, vr. to settle ontfs ajff'airs 
Arr^rages, sm. pi. arrears 
Arrestation; sf. seizure, arrest 
Arrfit, sm. decree, judgment, sentence, 

seizure, arrest, distraining 
ArrH^, sm. settlement, resolution, ordi- 

nan re 
AtretcT, va. to arrest, decree, etopt 

detain, futen, tie hard, chedt, eeize 
— « vn. to stop, make a stay 

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ARR 14 

i^ArrAter, vr. to be at a ttand, tatryt 

stop, gtay,/ot4)ear, amuse oneself 
Arrbe* sf. earnest, vieige, portion of a 

mm or a fare pam in adoance 
Arrhement, am. theaet of gieing earnest- 
Arrties, sf fl. eamest-moneu [money 
Arri^re, intetj. away, begone, avaimt t 

en —, adv. badcuard, in arrear 
An-idret srn. stem, poop, abaft 
Ani6re-ban, sm. people summoned in 
formertimes to attend thekingin war 
Arri^re boutique, if back-shop 
Arri^re-cour, sf. backyard 
Arri^re-faite, sm. after birth 
Arri^re-fief, sin. a Jief held under another 
Arri^re-garaat, sm. security for a surety 
Arri^re-garde, st. rear of an army 
Arii^re-goAt, sm. after-taste 
Arri^re-main, sm. Uack of the hand 
Arri^re-neveu, sm. son rfa nephew 
Arri6re-pens^, sf. afterthought 
Arrl^re-pttit-fils, tm. great-grandson 
Arri^repetite-iillc, tf. great - grand- 
Arii^re-point, sm, back-stitch daughter 
Arri^re-»aiKin, sf. latter end of autumn 
Ani^re-vassal, sm. under-tenant 
Arri^re-voussurc, si. back-arch 
Arri^er, va. to throtv behindhand 
■*— , vr. to be in arrears, stay behind 
ArrimaKC. sm. stowage 
Arrimer, va. to sttno 
Arrimeurj sm. stower 
Arriser, va. to lower, bring down 
Arrlvage, sm. arrival if goods 
Arrlv^, sf. arrival, coming, entrance 
Arriver, vn. to an-ive, eitme, succeed, 

reach, happen, befall, fuU out 
Arrogammuit, adv. arrogantly, pre- 
sumptuously, proudly, haughtily 
Arrogance, sf. arrogance, pride 
Arrogaot, e, adj. arrogant, proud 
^Anoger, vr. to arrogate, claim 
Arrondir, \-a. to round, make round, re- 
lieve, give relief, pnlarge 
Arrondissement, sm. the act of making 

round, circuit, canton, district 
Arrosage, sm. watering trenches 
Arrosement, sm. the act of watering, 

sprinkling, soaking 
Arroser, va. to water, sprinkle 
Arrosoir, sm. watering-pot {arms 

Arsenal, sm.'' arsenal, storehouse for 
Anenic, sm. arsenic, mineral poison 
Arsenical, e, adj. arsenicftl 
Art. sm. science, ^Ul, ability, address 
Artere, sf. artery 
Art^riel, le, adj. arterial 
Artichaut, sm. artichoke [matter 

Article, sm. article, joint, clause, head, 
Articulaire, atij. articular, jointed 
Articulation, sf. articulation, joining of 

bone*, pronunciation, utterance 
ArtlcuUr, va. to articultitif, utter 
•'— , vr. to be joined, gft joined 
ArtiAce, sm. art, skiu, cunning, erqft 
Artiflciel, le, adj. artificial, artful, ficti- 
tious, counterfitit, not natural 
Arciflciellement, adv. artiftciaUy 


Artificier, sm. maker of fireworks 
Artitideuiement, adv. craftily, arthHI^ 
Artifioieux, euse, adj. cunning, subtle 
Ariill^, e, $u\i. fkirnisht^-, provided 
Artillerie, tf. artillery, ordnance 
Artilleur, sm. matross, artUlery^num 
Artimon, tm. mizzen, mizzen-mast 
Artisan, sm. artisan, tradesman 
Artiste, sm. artist, artificer, contriver 
—, adj. skilful, contrivable, dexterous 
Aitistement, adv. ingeniously, scientUt- 

'cally, artfuHy, mechanically 
Arusplce, sm. soothsayer, diviner 
As, sm. ace at dice or cewds 
Asbeste, sm. a^testos 
Ascendant, sm. ascendency, influence 
— , adj. ascendant, predominant, preva- 
Ascension, sf. ascension [lent 

Astentionnel, le, tidj. ascensional 
Asc^te, sm. ascetic, anchorite 
A 81 Clique, adj. ascetic, retired 
. Ascite, sf. ascites, dropsy 
Asjatique, adj. Asiatic, eastern 
Asile, sm. asylum, sanctuary, place of 
Asine, smf. he or she-as« [shelter 

—, adj. asinine, pertaining to an ass 
Aspect, sm. aspect, sight, looks, coun- 

ttnance, vision, view, vista, project 
Aspi rK(^ St. asparagus 
Asperger, va. to upt inkle, besprinkle 
Asptrf<^« ou Aspersoir, ^m. brush for 

sprinkling holy water 
A8|)^ritd, sm. asperity, harshness 
Aspt^^ion, sf. the act of sprinkling 
AsphalU', sm. asphaltos, bitumen 
Asphdd^le, sm. liaffodil, dau-lily 
Asphyxie, sf. asphyxy, sudden depriva- 
tion of vital action, bwooning, fainting 
Asphyxia, e, adj. in a state of asphyxy 
s'Asphyxiet, vr. to m'ffocttte oneself 
Aspic, sm. asp, slanaertr, backbiter 
Aspirant, e, adj. asjnring, pretending 
— , tm.' aspirunt, canriimte, suitor 
— de manne, sui. midshipman 
Aspiration, sf. aspiration, ardent desire 
Aspiier, va. to aspiiate, draw breath, 

aspire at, pant after, aim at, covet 
Assaillant, sm. assailant, aggressor 
Assaillir, va. to assault, assatl,'attaek 
Assainir, va. to make or render whole- 
some, make sound, purify 
Assaisonnemcnt, sm. seasoning, r^iih, 

the art of cooking 
Assaisonner, va. to season, spice, cook 
Assassin, sm. assassin, murderer 
Assassinat, sm. murder, tissassination 
.\ssassiner, va. to assassinate, murder 
Assaut, sm. assault, storm, hostile on- 

set, attack, insult [union, henp 

AsaemMage, sm. assemblage, collection, 
Assemblee, s£ assembly, congregation, 

convention, society, ball, meeting 
Assembler, %'a. to assemble, gather, eof- 

lect, meet, join, bring together 
s'-r-, vr. to assemble, meet, gather 
Assener, va. to hit or strike hard 
Assentiment, sm. voluntary ctmeeni 
Asseniir, vn. to consent voluntari^f 

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_, lr,vtutoteft»t!t dtwm, lajf a thing 

%$pon anot?ier, pitch, dB9e98,fix 
if^, vr. to ait down, perch 
Anennenwr* va. to tender an oeith 
AaiertioD, sL assertion, propoeitioh 
Asservir, va. to stibjeet, enslave, subdue 
Aflsesseur, tm. assesaur 
Anec, adv. enough, st/ffidently 
Asnda. e» adj. assiduous, diligent 
Assiduit^, sf. assiduity, aUigence 
Ai$klQment,adv. assiduously, diligentfy 
Aari^geant, e, adj. besieging 
Aisiegeants, itn. pi. besiegers 
AtA6ger, va. to besiege, tajf siege to, en- 

eompdss, surround, beset 
Aa^is, SDU pi. the besieged 
Aasiette, if. plate, seat, site, situation, 

temper, assessment, mortgage 
Aniett^, sf. plateful 
AMignable,adj. assiirnoMe, Viat num be 

transferred, assigned, ascertained 
Aarignat; sm. assignment, transference, 

AaiigrnatidQ, sf. appointment to meet 
AMiirner, va. to assign, appoint, settle, 

a9eertain,fix, summon, subpoena 
Aarimilatinn, sf. assimilation, act of 

making anything resemble another 
AMtmilcr, va. to cusimHate, make like, 

compare, bring to a resemblance 
^— , vr. to equal or compare vneaeif to 
Aanae, s£. k^er of stones [another 

—*, if. pi. assizes, courts of justice 
Aadstanoe, sf. assistance, aid, suecottr, 

help, assembly, audience, company 
Aaistant, e, adj. helping, aiding 
— k >nif* helper, assistant [lieve 

Atsigter, vn. to assist, hdp, succour, re- 
Aasoeiauon, sf. association, union, con- 

Jtderacy, partnership 
AModer, va. to associate, unite, join in 

company, bring into partnership 
if—, vr. to assocttfte, enter into part- 
KsmatDSDa,vsuto knock down [nership 
Aawmmoir, sm. bludffeon, club, trap 
Assompcion, sf. assumption, supposition 
Assonance, tf.'resemblance of sounds 
Assortimcnt, sm. assortment, suit, set, 

act of dossing, things selected, stock 
Aasortiry va. to sort, match, class together 
— » vn. to suit, agree, be matched 
^'-p vr. to stock or furnish a shop 
Aisortissant, e, adj. matOiing, suiting 
Aasoti, adj. doating, weakly Jbnd of 
Assoter, vn. to doat, love to excess 
i — , vr. to be extravagantly fbh'd of 
Aasoupir* va. to lull asleep, make drowsy 
if—, vr. to fill asleep, grow drowsy 
Asfloupissant, e, adj. soporiferous, that 

causes ^ep, somniferous, sleepy 
Assoupissement, sm. heaviness, drowsi- 
ness, carelessness, negligence, sloth 
AasoupUr, va. to tame, render jMant or : 

su^pie, bend, grow flejcible 
AMourdir, va. to dectfbn, make d^f 
t'^-, vr. to grow dear 
Assouvir, va. to scitiate, satUtfy, §^ut 
€—, vr. to ifiut oneself, be mUiated 

Assouvissement, sm. satiating, gtuMng 
Assujettir ou Asnij^ir, va. to subdue, 

overcome, master, con^iuer, sul^eet 
%'—, vr. to confine, submit, tie oneself 
AsBujettissant ou Assuj^tis<ant, e, adj. 

constraining, obligator^/, confining 
AssuiettissementouAssujeti^scmenc, sou 

subjection, slaver//, constraint 
Assurance, sf. assurance, secuHti/, con- 
fidence, reliance, trust, certainty 
Assur^ment, adv. surely, assuredly 
Assurer, va. to assure, insure, qfflrm, 

make secure, give confidence 
s'-— , vr. to fissure oneself, be certain 
Assureur, sm. insurer, underwriter 
Ast^risme, sm. asterism, congelation 
Ast^rUque, sm. asterisk 
Asthmatlque, adj. asthmatic 
Asthme, sm. asthma, shorinessofhreath 
Asticoter, va. to contradict, tease 
Astragak, sm. astragal, heel bone 
Astral, e, adj. astral, starry 
Astre, sm. star, planet, brilliant light 
Astrelndre, va. to restrain, wnfine, bind 
if—, vr. to confine ones^ 
Astringent, e« adj. astringent, binding 
Astrolabe, sm. astrolalbe 
Astrologie, sf. astrology 
Astrol(^ique, adj. astrological 
AstroloKue, sm. astrologer 
Astronome, sm. astronomer 
Asuonomie, sf. astronomy 
Astronomique, adj. astronomical 
Astronomiquement, adv. astrtmomieaOif 
Astuoe, St. craft, cunning, wile 
Astucieux, eu^, adj. crafty, cunning 
Asyle, sm. asylum, shelter 
Atelier, sm. workuhop, manttfactory 
Atermoiement ou Atermoiment, sou d0- 

lay, agreement between debtor and 

creditor, putting ^ff 
Atermoyer, va. to put (^, delay payment 
s'— , vr. to compound with creditors 
Ath^e, sm. atheist 
Ath^istne, sm. atheism 
Athliie, sm. champion, wrestler 
Athl6tiqup, adj. athletic, strf,ngofbody 
Atinter, va. to trim, dress, adorn 
Atlantique, adj. Atlantic 
Atlas, sm. atku, collection of maps 
Atmosi^^re, sf. atmosphere, air 
Atome, sm. atom, small particle 
Atonie, sf. atony, debility, weakneee 
Atourner, va. to attire, dress 
Atours, sm. pi. woman's attire, dress 
Atout. sDO. trump at cards 
Atrabilvre, adj. atrabilious, splenetic 
Atrabile, sf. black bile 
Atre, sm. hearths fireside 
Atroce, adj. atrocious, heinous, odious 
Atrocement, adv. atrocuiU^y, wickedly 
Atrocity, sf. atrocity, odiousness 
Atrophie, sf. atrophy^ consumption 
s'Attabler, vr. to sit down or be long at 

table, tarry at meals 
Attachant, e, adj. endearing, engaging 
Attadie, -sf. tie, string, ajffbetion 
Attacbement, sm. oMocAnMKf qffisetion 

"Digitized by <^OOgie 




Attftcher, ra. to tie, bind, fasten, en- 
dear, engage, attach, allure i 
8*—, vr. to take hold, cling, keep close, ' 
devote oneself, be intent, adhere \ 
Attaquable, adj. open, assailable 
Attaquant, sm. aggressor, assailant 
Attaque, sf. attack, assault, onset \ 
Attaquer, va. to attack, assault, insult, 
provoke, challenge, quatTcl with i 
«• — k$ vr. to set upon, encounter, tiffind 
I'Atiarder, vr. to be detained late on the 
road, be benighted, retire too late \ 
Attein<ire, va. to reach, touch, strike 
— , vn. to arrive at, attain 
Attcinte* sf. blow, stroke, cut, hurt 
Attelage, sm. team, set of horses or oxen , 
Atteler, va. to harness horses or oxen 
Attenant, e, adj. adjoining, contiguous 
Attendant, adv. in the mean time j 
Attendrt', va. to wait, stay, expect, hope i 
— ) vn. to tarry, wait, stop 
$*—, vr. to wait for one another, expect 
Attendrir, va. to soften, move, ciffect 
if—, vr. to rdent, grow tender, melt 
Attendrissant, e, adj. moving, softening 
Attendris ement, sm. compassion, pity 
Attentat, srn. wicked attempt, outrage 
Attentatoire, adj. illegal, in rontempt 
Atteitte, sf. expectation, hope, trust 
Attenter, vn. to attempt, endeavour, try 
Attentif, i\'e, adj. attentive, mindful 
Attention, sf. attention, care, diligence, 

application, carefulness, respect 
Attentivemeni, adv. attentively 
Att^nuant, e« adj. attenuating, weak- 
Attenuation, sf. attemuition, weakness 
Attenuer, va. to attenuate, make thin 
or lean, weaken, ivaste the strength 
Atterrage, sm. landing-place [bark 
Atterrir ou Attdrir, vn. to land, disem- 
Atterrer, ou Att<irir, va. to throw, strike 

down, ruin, destroy 
Atterrisemcnt ou Ati^rissement, SOQ. al- 
luvion, earth deposited by the contin- 
ual motion of water 
Attestation, sf . attestrition, certificate 
Attcster, va. to attest, assure, witness 
Atticisme, sm. atticism, elegant style 
Atti^r, va. to cool,' make lukewarm 
•'— , vr. to grow cool, indifferent 
Atti^8sement,sm.coo/»eM, indifference 
Attique, adj. Attic, in the Athenian way 
Attirail, sm. train, equipage, furniture. 
Attirant, e, ad; attractive, enticing 
Attirer, va. to 'draw, attract, allure 
■*— , vr. to incur, run into, gain, catch 
Attiser, va. to poke, excite, stir up 
Atcise.ur, sm. one who stirs the fire 
Attitr^, e, adj. usual, habitual, bribed 
Attitrer, va. to commission, suborn 
Attitude, sf, attitude, posture 
Attouchement, sm. touch, feding 
Attractif, ive, adj. attractive, Muring 
Attraction, sf. attraction, allurement 
Attraire. va. to entice, allure, charm 
Attrait, sm. allurement, charm, bait 
Attrape, sf. snare» trap, gin, trick 

Attraper, va. to entrap, ensnare, cheat* 
overtake, apprehend, take by surprise 
Atirapette, sf. trick, stratagem 
Attrapeur, sf. catcher, surpriser, cheat 
Attrapoire, sf. trap, snare, pitf&tt, wHe 
Attrayant, e, adj. attractive, alluring 
Attremp^, e, adj. neither fat nor lean 
Attribuer* va. to attribute, ascribe 
»' — , vr. to assume, daim, attribute 
Attribut, sm. attribute, emblem 
Attributif, ive, adj. attributing 
Attribution, sf. grant, patent, charter 
Attristant, e, adj. sorrowful, grievous 
Attiister, va. to grieve, (iffiict, sadden 
»'—, vr. to grieve, be sad or afflicted 
Attrition, H. attrition, sorrow for sin 
Attroupement, sm. riot, noise, tumult 
Attrouper, va. to assemble, gather 
s'— , vr. to flock or gather in c7'owds 
Au, art. to the, in, with, for, according 
A u bade, h£. serenade, insult, reprimand 
Aubain, sm. eUien, foreigner 
Aubaine, sf. eschetUage, windfall 
Aube, s^ dawn, daybreak, alb 
A ub^pin, sm. ou Aub^pine, at hawthorn, 

Auberge, if. inn, hotel, eating-house 
Aubergine, sf. an American plant bear- 

ing fruit like a cacumher 
Aubergiste, sm. innkeeper, landlord 
Aubier, sm. hazel-tree, sap in timber 
Aubifoin, sm. the weed blueA)ottle 
Aubin, sm. canter, white of an egg 
Aucun, e. adj. no, none, no one, not 

any, some, some one, any one 
Aucunement.,adv. not at all, by no meant 
Audaoe, sf. audacity, boldness, assur- 
ance, daringness, presumption 

dari gly, impudently, arrogantly 
Audacieux, euse, adj. audacious, bold, 

daring, arrogant, presumptuous 
Au-depa, pr. on this side 

— dedans, within 

— 6e\k, on the other side 

— devant, against, before 
Audience,sf. audience, auditory, hearinff 
Audiencier, sm. usher or crier in a court 

of justice, master of the rolls 
Auditeur, sm. auditor, hearer, judge 
Auditif, ive, adj. relating to hearing 
Audition, sf. hearing, auditing 
Auditoire, sm. court or hall of audience 
Auge, sf. trough, hod, tray 
— s, pi. buckets 
Aug^, sf. troughful, trayfvl 
Augct, sm. drawer ofo bird-cage 
Augment, am. jointure, settlement 
Augmentatif, ive, adj. increasing 
Aui^mentation, sf. increase, augmenta- 
tion, improvement, enlargement 
Augmeoter, va. to aus^ment, increase 
s' — , vr. to increasf^, grow 
Augural, e, adj. augurial, ominmu 
Augure, sm. augury, omen, soothsayer 
Augurer, va. to augurate, conjecture 
Auguste, adj. august, sacred, venerable 
Aujourd'hui, adv. to-daj/, now, this dtag 





Anlioue, a^. aulic 

•—, a. atUtputatUmJbra degrte 

AnmailleB, sf. pi. homed cattle 

Anmdne, sf. ainUf charity 

AumAner, va. to oestoio alnu 

Aamdnerie, sf. almoner's digntijf 

AmndDier, kte, adj. charitable 

Aamdnier, sm. almo7ter, chaplain 

Auna^, sm. measupement by the tU 

Aunaie, sf. grove ofalderst alder-plot 

Aune, sf. an ell, yard 

— , sih. alder-tree 

Anner, va. to measure by the eR 

Aaneur, sm. measurer 

Auparavant, adv. before^ first, fjrmerly 

Aapr^s, pre. near, aboutt by, at 

— , adv. hard by, close by 

Aurfole, sf. ray* of fdmry repreeented 

around the heads o/sainte 
Aaiiculure, adj. auricular, ear-witness 
AnitMT, sf. Aim>ra, morning, dawn 

— bor^Ue* aurora borealis 
Auspice, sm. omen, prestige, guidance 
Auasi, adv. cdso, iso, too, but, trufy, as 

— bien, Jbr, a* voell, more so 

— pen, as little 

Aussitdt, aAv.forthwHh, presently 

— qoe, ooDJ. as soon as 

Austere, adj. etustere, severe, rigorous, 
rigid, harsh, rough, sour, sharp 

Ansierement* adv. austerely, severely, 
rigorously, strictly, rigidly 

Ansterit^, sf. austerity, martificatUm, 
auttereness, severity, rigour 

Austral, c, ailj. southern, austral 

Autant, adv. as fouch, so much, as 
nutny; d'— moins que, the less as/ 
d'— plttsque, the more as; d'— que, 
aefisr ae,Jbrasmuch ^ 

Autant de, «o manv 

— ope, as much as, asfixr as 
AuTti, sm. aXtar, religion 

Aateur, sm. author, writer, composer 
Authentidt^, sf. authenticity 
Autfaentique, adj. authentic 

genuine, true, having authority 
Amhentiquement. adv. authentically 
Anthentiquer, va. to prove by authority 
Atttocratie, sf. unlimited power 
Auto-da-fg, sm. act offiiith, execution 
Aotofraphe, sm. autograph, ontfs own 

handwriting, original writing 
Automate, sm. automaton, self-moving 

machine, blockhead [to autumn 
Automnal, e, adj. autunmal, b^onging 
Automnc, smf. autumn, fall ofthe leaf 
Autonoroe, adj. autonomous, free 
Antonomie, sf. autonomy, liberty {Hon 
Atttopsie, sf. autopsy, octtlardemonstra- 
Autoriser, va. to authorize, empower 
*•— , vr. to get credit or authority 
Autorit^, sf. authority, legal power, Utr 

JIuence, rule, support, testimony 
Atttour, pre. 0601^^ round, concerning 
--, sm. goshawk 

Antr^ a4j. ofA«r, not the none, net this 
Aiibcli^ tAv.Jbrmerly; in time poet 

Auteement, adv. otherwise, else, except 
Autre-part, adv. elsewhere, in another 
j^aee, somewhere else t d'— , besides, 
moreover, on the other hand 
Autruche, ff. ostrich 
AutruU sm. others, other people 
Auvent, sm. penthouse, tned 
AuTemat, sm. a sort of red wine 
Auxillairr/adj. auxiliary, helping 
~, sm. auxiliary, helper, confederate 
s'Avacbir, vr. to/tag, grow /hint 


Aval, sm. security for payment 

— , adv. downwardsi down the river 

A valaison, sf. Jtood, torrent 

Avalange ou A^'alancbe, sf. fall of snow 

Avaler, va. to swallow, gulp down 

—,vn.togo down the river 

s'— , vr. to flag, hang down, fhU to 

Avaleur, sm. f^utton, great eater 

AvtUoire, sf. wide thnutt 

Avance, sf. advance, Hart, projection 

Avancement, sm. advancement, pr<^ 

ciency, progress, fbrwardneas 
Avancer, va. to advance, put fbrth, set . 

forward, promote, hasten, improve 
— , vn. to move forward, prcceed 
8*—, vr. to advance, go forward irage 
Avanie, sf. injury, wrong, insult, out- 
Avant, pre.b^ore 
— ,, prevlouriy 
—, sm. prow, bow, head of a Otip 
Avant-bras, am. fore-arm 
Avant-cour, t(. outer-court 
Avant^roureur, vca, f>rerunner, messen- 
ger sent be/we, harbinger, predecessor 
Avant-coum^re, sf. harbinger, courier 
Avant-deroier, iere, adj. last but one 
Avant-«arde, sf. van, vanguard 
Avant-hier, adv. day be/bre yesterday 
Avant-jour, sm. before sunrise, dawn 
Avant-mldi, sm* time before noon 
Avant-propoa, sm. pre/bee, preamble 
Avant-quart, sm. u}aming stroke 
A vant-sc^ue, sf. prowenium,front'Seen9 
Avant-toit, sm. nouse-eave 
Avant-train, am.forewhe^s 
Avant^veille, sf. day be/bre a virU 
Avantage, sm. advantage, prqnt, bene- 
fit, interest, share, gift, endowment 
Avantager, va. to grati/ff,fiivour,bestow 
Avanta^usement, adv. advantageously, 
favourably, profitably, conveniently 
Avantageux, euse, adj. advantageousg 

prtffttable, ben^ciai, useful 
Avare. sm. miser, one covetotts to excess 
— , luA}. -avaricious, covetous, sordid 
Avarice, sf. avarice, covetousness 
Avarideux, euse, adj. avaricious 
Avarie, sf. average, damage at sea 
Aviaie, e, adj. spoUed, damaged 
Avec, pre. with, for, against, by, in 
Aveinare, va. to take, jhtch out 
Aveline, sf. filbert, hazel-nut 
Avelinier, sm. filbert-tree 
Avenant, e, hdj, becoming, grae^a 
Av^nement, sm. coming, aewssuM 
Ayenir, vn. to happen, come to pass 
—, tau future, time to eome 

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Avent, sm. adventt coming of Christ 
Aventui-e, &f. adventu^at enterprise, ac- 
cident, hazard, m^/brtuhe, tntrigtie 
A venturer, va. to adventure, try the 

chance, risk, dare, hazard 
I*—-, vr. to adventure, run a hazard 
Aventureux, euse, vij. bold, daring 
Aventurier. i6r«, stnf. adventurer 
A^-eniie, sf. avenue, passage, entrance 
Av^rer, vk. to aver, decuo'e positively, 
qffirm with confidence, evince, prove 
Averse, sf. sudden and heavy shower 
Aversion, sf. aversion, abhorrence 
Avertlr, va. to warn, advertise, inform, 
give notice, make known, forewarn 
Avertissement, sm. advertisement, pub- 

lie notice, informaiion, warning 
Avcu, sm. confession, acknowledgment 
AveuKle, adj. wind, wanting sight, un- 
seen, dark 
— > snif. blind man or woman 
Aveuglement, adv. blindly, imprudently, 
inconsiderately, unadvisedly, obsti- 
ntUely, stubbornly, rashly, headlong 
Aveugler, va. to blind, make blind, over- 
power, cloud, dazzle, darken [self 
if—, vr. to blind, deceive, or flatter one- 
Aveuglette, (kY)fiAv. groping inthedark 
Avide, adj. greedy, covetous, eager to 

obtain, vehethently desirous 
A^'idemeDt, adv. greedily, eagerly 
Avklit^, sf. avidity, greediness 
Avilir, va. to abase, disgrace, underva- 
lue, make contemptible 
if^, vr. to undervalue oneself, grow 

Avilissemenc, sm. abasement, abjection, 

disgrace, contempt 
Aviner, va. to season with wine 
Aviron, sm. oar, instrument fbr rowing 
Avis, sm. advice, opinion, sentiment. 
Judgment, idea,advertisement, notice 
. Avls6, e, adj. well advised, prudent, 
discreet, considerate, wise, cunning 
Aviser, va. to warn, caution, inform advise unth oneself, consider 
8* —, vr. to think qf, take notice of 
Avitaillement, sm. provision, victualling 
Avltailler, va. to furnish provisions 
Aviver, va. to polish, furbish, brighten 
Avocasser, vn. to be a pettifogger 
Avocasserie, sf. practice of a pettijbgger 
Avocae, sm. advocate, counsellor, inter- 
cessor, mediator, lawyer, barrister 
Avoine ou Aveine, sf. oats, oatmeal 
Avoir, va. to have, be, get, have got 

— beau, to be in vain 

— cbaud, to he warm 

— de I'argent, to have money 

— dix ans, to be ten years efage 

— ^gard k, to pay attention to 

— faim, to be hungry 

— froid, to be cold 

— lieu, to take place 

<— raiaon, to be tn the right 

— ■oif, to be thirsty 

— loin de, to take care of 

Avoir, (y) there to be 
—, sm. property, possession, sutstanm 
Avoisiner, va. to border upon 
Avortement, sm. abortion, miscarriage 
Avorter, vn. to miscarry, fail, miu 
Avorton, sm. urttimely chUd 
Avou6, sm. attorney, solicitor 
Avouer, va. to avow, own, cofififss 
s'— , vr. to acknowledge oneself 
Avril, sm. April 

Axe, sm. ajns, axle, axle-tree [arm-pits 
Axillaire, adj. axillary, belonging to the 
Axiome, sm. axiom, maxim, aphorism 
Axonge, sf. hog's lard, soft fat of animals 
Azimu^ sm. azimuth 
Azyme, adj. azymous, unleavened 
Azur, sm. azure, blue, the sky 
Azure, e> adj. ^y-coloured 


B, sm. the second letter of the alphabet 
Babel, tf. disorder, tumult, confusion 
Babeure ou Babeurre, sm. butter-milk 
Babil, sm. chat, talk, talkativeness 
Babillard, e, adj. talkative, prating 
Babillard, smi. prattler, trifling taOcer 
Babiller, vn. to talk, prattle, chtxt 
Babines, lips of some animals 
Babiole, sf. bauble, toy, trifle, trinket 
B&bord, ND^ larboard, jx>rt 
Baboucbcs, sf. pi. Turkish slippers 
Hal)ouin, sm. monkey, baboon, fiwottrdp 

perverse, or mischievous chud 
Bac, sm.flirryboat; passer le ^, to croM 

the river 
Bacaliau, sm. dried or salted cod 
Baccalaur^t, sm. bachelor's degree 
Bacchanale* sf. bacchanal, drunken reoei 
Bacchante, *t bacchant, bacchanalian, 

shameless person, termagant 
Bachelette, sf. damsel, young maiden 
Bachelier, sm. bachelor, unmarried 

man, one who takes hisflrst degree 
Bachique, adj. merry, drunken, mad 

with intoxication 
Bachot, sm. wherry, tight river boat 
Bacboteur, sm. wherry man 
BAcler, va. to bar a door or window in- 
side, chain, fasten, conclude 
Badaud, e, smf. silly man or toeman, 
. oneflmd of sights, booby 
Badauder, vn. to loiter, gape about 
Badauderie, sf. foolery, idling about 
Badigeon, sm. mortar made to resemble 

freestone, roughcast, coarse plaster 
Badigeoner, va. to plaster over with 

coarse mortar, paint a stone-colour 
Badin, e, adj. wanton, waggish, playfum 
Badinage, sm. wantonness', joke, sport 
Badinant, sm. spare horse 
Badine, sf. small stick, switch 
Badiner. vn. to play the jbol, jest, jeer 
Badinerie, sf. sUly or foolish thing 
Bafouer, va. to abuse, ridicule, revile 
BaxK, tt. abundant repast 

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I 19 


Btfrer. vn. to eatfrreedily, gormandize 
Bacafe, sm. bagf[ru(e, luffgage 
Bagarre, sf. brawl, qwirrel, affrajf 
Bagatelle, sf. bagateUe. trifle 
—, interj. pshaw, stuff, f^oruenee 
Ba^ne, sm. place of confinement for gt^- 
Bagtte, sf. ring^ [ley staves 

— B. pi. hanks, hanks of a stay sail 
Baffuenauder, vn. to stand trifling 
Baguer, ra. to baste, kw slightly 
Baguette, xf. rod, switch, wand 
Baiuier, sm. box far rings, casket 
Bahut. sm. portmanteau, trunk 
Bahutier, sm. trunkmaker 
Bai, adj. bny, of a chestnui-eoleur 

— clair, brigtit-bay 

— dor^, yellow-dun 

— brun, brown-bay 

— mirouett^y daifpled-bay 
Bale, sf. berry, ban/, gulf, gap 
BaXgner, vn. to bathe, warn 
— , vn. to bathe, swim, soak 
m—, wasft or bathe oneae^ 
Baignear, euse, smf. bather, bath-keeper 
Baignoire, sf. bathing-tub 

Ball, sm. baux, pi. lease 
Bailie, sf. sMp-tub 
Bftillement, sm. gaping, yawning 
BaiUer, va. to give, driver, lease, let out 
Bftiller, vn. to gape, yawn, oadtate 
Baillet, sm. lightered coloured horse 
Bailleul, sm. bone-setter 
BsuUeur, sm. lessor, granter of a lease 
BAilleur, sm. one who yawns or gapes 
BftUU, sm. baiiiff, reeve, steward 
BailUace, sm. bailiwick, jurisdiction of 
BftUlon, sm. gag [a bailiff 

BAIUonner, va. to irag 
Bain, sm. bath, bdin&xry, bathingroom 
— s, pL hot-baths, hot-bathing 
Baionnette, sf. bayonet 
Baisemain, sm. vassnktge 
— ■, pi. respects, compliments 
Baxaer, va. to kiss, salute with the lipa 
s'entK — ^ vr. to kiss each other 
Baiser, sm. kiss, a salute with the Upa 
Baiseur, euse, smf. one who kisaea 
Baisotter ou Baisoter, va. to be alwaya 
kiashtg, fimd cf saluting with the lips 
Baisse, at. fM in value, decrease, decay 
Baisser, va. to let down, lower, stoop 
— , vn. to lower, shorten, diminish 
at — » vr. to stoop, bend, yield, submit 
Raioue, sf. hoffs cheek 
Bai, sm. ball, dancin((-party 
Baladhi, sm. stage-dancer, vatHter 
Baladinage, wtulowieat, buffoonery 
j Balafre, sf. eut, dash, gush, wound 
\ Balafrer, va. to eut, slash, wound 
I Balai, «m. besom, broom 
I Balance, sf. balanee, pair ofsenlea 

Balancement, sm. the act of balancing 
\ Balancer, va. to balance, poiae, weigh 
f — , vn. to waver, heattate, be uncertain 
•e — , vr. to awing, wave looaeiy, hover 
Balander, sm. balance-maker, balance 
of a watOitJIy of a kitchenjaek 

Balanciers,'sm. pi. rings, gimmala, da- 
vices consisting of links 
Baianpoire, sf. seesaw, reciprocating 
Balasse, sf. oat-eluiff mattress [motim 
Balayer, va. to sweitp clean 
Balayeur, euse, smf. sweeper, scavenger 
Balayures, sf. pi. stveepittga 
Balbutiement, sm. stuttering, faltering 
Balbutier, vn. to stutter, stammer, Jm- 
Balcon, sm. balcony iter 

Baldaquin, sm. canopy, covering over 
Baleine, sf. whale [the head 

Baleind, e, adj. furnished wuh whale- 
Baleineau, sm. young whale [bone 

Bal^vre, sf. under-lip, stone jutting out 
Balise, sf. beacon, buoy 
Baliseur, sou water-^iiliff 
Baliste, sf. ancient war ens^ne [/rrowth 
Baliveau, sm. tiller, young tree left fbr 
Baliveme, sf. idle tale or story 
tialivemer, vn. to trifle, tell idle stories 
liallade, sf. ballad, song 
Balle, sf. cannon^Mll, bullet, Oiot 
Bailer, vn. to dancn, skip 
Ballet, sm. ballet, historical donee 
Ballon, sm.ybo( ball, balloon 

— a^rostatique, airballtion 
Ballonnler, »m. ftwt-bcdl maker 
Ballot, sm. bale, pack 

Ballotade, sf. batotade, leap of a horse 
Ballottage, sm. ballot 
Ballotte, sf. ballot or votingball 
—a, pi. wooden vessels for vintage 
Ballotter, va. to ballot, toss, agitate 
Balourrl. e, smf. fnol, simpleton 
Balourdise, sf. absurdity, jfblly, nonsense 
Balsamine, sf. balsamine, a genus of 

plants, balsam, soothing ointment 
Balsamique, adj. balsamic, softening, 

healinfcmitigating, soothing 
Balustrade, sf. balustrade, railn 
Balustre, sm. baluster, small pillar 
Balustrer, va. to rail in, surround uHth 

P-' ■ ■- ■ 1 , '.■ hfra-flmifd ftrjrati 
E . . 'frf sfifit on a ht'-tv^s leg 

BtiJi'Lii, sni. ffnbff,trtfttit,iMtd, VTchin 
BarnlwchailE. if, fpxjteiquw pkiure 
BumhoQht, sf, imrgs V"Ppf^* dworf 
Bh.%nha\lt im. tmnthrMt^ Ini^n mrnt 
B*Hi ftit, initifbtmithmetit, prfi«ripffon 
BsiTiiil, 4^, a^j. h/fift'iffing to a manor, 

cfiitimitni m^uii. tfir^ vtilgtir 
B'-n\i[n6t <r. rtf^ti ef imposing dnties on 
Bmnrikr^ tm, itJumnfi-tim [^t-fissala 

—- rrurs-r^"'"- -'■'■ ".-^-: " .'.^.'cA 

— <]t iiiMr., ■■! .■' ,■■.-,■.'■'.' 

— de rochers. reef, chain of rocks 

— degitux, field (^ ice, island of ice 

— de poisson, ^loal offish 

— de rameurs, rowers' ban A 
— s, sm. pi. public disptUatmns 
Bancal, e, adj. bandy-legged 
Bancroche, smf. bandy-legged person 
Bandage, sm. bandage, ligature, truaa 
Bandagiste, sm. truaa-meiker 
Bande, sL band,fillet, crew, company 

Digitized by <^OOgie 

BAN 2 

Bindet, tf. pt. bands, forces 

Bandeau, tm. head-band, handage,fiUett 

veil, royal wreath, diadem 
Bftndelette, sf. little band,Jittet, string 
Bander, va. to bind round, bend a bow, 

cock a sn*n, stretch, blindjbld 
— * vn. to be tight, straitened 
■c — , rr. to rise against, conspire . 
Bandeiole, sf . bandrol, streamer, little 
Bandi^re, >f. banner, flag Lfl^g 

Bandit, tm. ruffian,.robber, vagabond 
Bandoulier, >m. highwaj/ntan, moun- 
tain barulit, smuggler 
Bandouli^re, sf. large shoulder-belt 
Banlieue, lif. jurisdiction, precincts 
Banneret, am. banneret, little banner", 

knight created on the Held of battle 
Banneton, soi. cauf, per/oratea chest /br 

keeping fish alive in water 
Banniire, sf. banner, standard, flag 
Bannir, va. to banish, expel, drive awav 
Bannistable, adj. banishable 
Bannittement, sm. banishment 
Banque, sf. bank, depository 
Banqueroute, sf. bankruptcy, ftiOure 
Banqueroutier, sm. bankrupt 
Banquet, sm. banquet, feast, festival 
Banqueter, vn. to feast, pamper, delight, 

entertain sumptunuHy 
Banquette, sf. little bank, longstuffbd 
seat.beneh, fbrm, causeway, footp<Uh 
Banquler, sm. banker \ 

Bapteme, sm. baptism, christening 
Baptiser ou Batiser, va. to baptize 
Baptismal, e, adj. baptismal 
Baptistaire, sm. register of baptisms 
Baptlstdre, sm. baptistry, baptismal fmt 
fiaquet, sm. bucket., tub, pail, trough 
Baraffouin, sm. gibberith, cant 
Baragouinage, sm. cant, jar ^n, dialect 
Baragouiner, vn. to speak gibberish 
Baraj(ouineur, ease, smf. lone who talks 

gibberish or jargon 
Baraque, sf. barrack, hut, hovel, shed 
Baraquer, va. to ma^e barracks or huts 
■e — , vr. to maJce a hut for oneself 
Baratte, sf. chum 

Baratter, va. to chum, ntake butter 
Barattene, tS. fraud, false bill or entry 
Barbacane, sf. barbncan, fltrtification 
befbre the walls of a town, loop-hole 
Barbare, adj. barbarous, rude, unpol- 
ished, savage, cruel, inhuman 
Barbarement, aiiv. bnrbaroualy, crueBy 
BarbaresQue, adj. barbarian, belonging 
to the tnhaMtants ofBarbary • 

Barbaric, sf. barbarity, cruelty, inhu- 
manity, rudeness, savageness 
Barbarisme, sm. barbarism, ignorance 
Hsirbe, t(. beard, whiskers, lappet f faire 
la — , to shave the beard ,• nure la —4, 
to affront, insult; rire sous — , to 
laugh in onefs sleeve ; dire it la — de, 
to tetf befbre one's fbce ; la saints — , 
gun-room, powder room 

— d'une com^tc, tail of a comet 

— d'un dpi, beard qfan ear of com 

— d'un chat, eeits whiskers 

^ BAR 

Barbe d one baleine, whalebone 

— d'un pois9on,>8n ofaflah 

— d'une plume, /MirA«r of a pen 

— d'un coq, wattles qfa cock 
— , sm. barbi a Barbary horse 
Barbeau, sm. baji>i'l, species qfflsh toifft 

barbs, fleshy knots growing in tha 

mouth of a horse 
Barbet, te, smf. waiter-spaniel, teB-tale 
Barbicbon, sf. lap^g, small spaniel 
Barbier, sm. barber, hair-cutter 
Barbi tier, va* to shave 
BarbiUon, sm. small barbel 
Barbon, sm. oU dotard, imbecile person 
—, adj. sour-tempered, nwrose, peevish 
Barbote, sf. eel pout 
Barboter, vn. to dabble 
Barboteur, sm. tame duck 
Barhoteuse, sf. prostitute, strumpet 
Barboaillage, sm. the €Ut of daubing, 

scribbling [found 

Barbouiller, va. to daub, perplex, con- 
se — , yr. to get into bad repute 
Barbouilleur, euse, smf. dauber, coarse 

painter, scribbler, paltry writer 
Barbu, e, adj. beardea, barbed 
Barbue, sf. quickset vine 
Barcarolle, sf. Venetian btOlad 
Bard, sm. hand-barrow 
Barde, sm. poet, bard 
—J sf. barbjiorse-atmour, sliee of bacon 
— , adj. barbed, bearded with hooks 
Bardeau, sm. shingle, roqfing of wood 
Bardelle, sf. saddle <^f(Uoth and straw 
Barder, va. to barb a horse, cover with 

a ^ice of bacon, carry or move stones 
Bardeur, urn. mason's labourer, hodman 
Bardot, sm. small mule, drudge 
Baret, sm. roaring of an elephant 
Barege, sm. a kirui qf woollen doth 
Barge, sf. barge, boat for pleasure or 

trade, sort of uiaterfttwl, fagot 
Bargulgnage, sm. the act ofhaggUng 
Bartruigner, va. to haggle, beat down tha 

price in buying 
Bar^igneur, euse, smf. haggler 
Banl, sm. barrel, rundlet, small caA 
Barlilar, sm. steward in gaUeys 
Barillec, sm. keg, rundlet 
Bariolage, sm. mixture of colours 
Bariold, e, a4). variegated, of divert 

Barioler, va. to speckle, streak 
B&rlong, ue, adj. longer on one side thati 

on the other 
Barom^tre, sm. barometer 
Baron, ne, smf. baron, noble, baronese 
Baron nage, sm. quality of a baron 
Baronnet, adj. baronet 
Baronni^ sf. barony, lordship 
Baroque, adk rough, irregular, uneven 
Barque, sf. Bark, small ship; savoir bicn 

conduire la — , to know how to de 

business properly 
BarqaeroUe, sC small bark or boat 
Barnce»nn* toll, obstacle, hinderanceM 

Bamger, im. tbU-gatherer 

Digitized byAjOOgie 




JSarre, st barp rail, boltt lever » crow-bar, 

aand-bank, hiruieraucet stoppage 
— s, pi. barriers, or ison-bars, oSstaclet 
Barreau, sm. rait, wooden or iron bar, 

the bars court of law, lawyers 
BaxT&r, va. to bar, shut with a bar 
Barrette, sf. cap, bonnet, cardinaTs cap 
Barricade, sf. barricade, obstruction 
B<irrica<Ier» va. to barrirade, fortify 
se — , VT. to secure ovfortify oneself 
Barrifere, «f. barrier, ooundarj/, defend 
Barrique, sf. hof^heitdt large barrel 
Bartavele, sf. red partridge 
Baa, sm. the lower part,J\x>t, stocking 

— tricot^, knitted stocktnsrs 

— faita au m(icier, woven stockings 

— (I'estame, worsted stocking 

— de casse, printer^s lower-aue 

— de la lettre* end of the letter 

— de Tescalier, bottom of the stair 

— d'une robe, hem or skirt of a gown 

— peuple* mob, crowd, rabble 

— prix, cheapness 

Bas, se, adj. loo, shallow, mean, vUe: 
mer — sc, low water; riviere — Be, 
shallow river; faire main — se, to put 
to the sword ; aveicJa vue -^se, to be 
—, a^lv. not on high, lota down, below 
Basalte, sm. basalt, stone of a peculiar 
Basajie, sf. tanned sheepskin [kind 
Basan6, e, atij. taivnji, sunburnt 
Bascule, sf. swinggate, seesaw 
Base, if. base, basis, fiundation, bottom 
Baser, va. to found, lay on a basis 
we — , vr. to be bused or founded on 
Bas-fonds, sm. shallow, low-lying land 
Basilic, sin. basilisk, cockatrice, sweet- 
basil,, crested serpent, kind of cannon 
Ba^licon, sm. basilicon, an ointment 
Baailique* st basilic, great church or hall 
Basin, sm. dimity, cottun-stuj^ [lawyer^ 
Basoche, at company and Jurisdiction <if 
Basque, sni. tlever trick, legerdemain, 

tabw, tambourine 
-^ sf. skirt of a garment * 
Bas-rdief, sm. baas^elief, raised work 
Basse, sf. bass, violoncello, b(us-singer 
Basse-coun sf. court-yard, poultry-yard 

— fosse, sf. dungeon 

Bassement, adv.' hasely, meanly, poorly, 

pitifully, loiolv 
Basses, sf. pi. shallows, flats, sandbanks 
Bassesse* sf. baseness, meanness, lowness 
Basset, sm. terrier-dog of a low stature 
Basse-taille, sf. counter-tenor 
Basses- voile.s sf. pi- courses, mizzen and 

main masts 
Bassette, sf. basset, a game at cards 
Bassin, snv basin, small vessel, dock, pan 
BaKfiae, sf. deep wiie pan 
Bassiner, va. to warm, bathe, Jbment 
Bassinet, sm. crowfitot, pan, t0U4A-pan 
Busslnnire, sf. warming-pan 
Basson, sm. basteon rweU enough 

Basre, adv. interj. granted, he it so, weu, 
Basiide, sf. country seat 
BaxtiUe, at BattUe, state prieon, castle 

Basdlldt e, adj. having inverted batH^ 
Bastingue* sf. quarter-netting \rnenta 
BastinNTuer, va. to protect a sftip with 

se — , vr. to secure oneself with netting 
Bastion, sm. bastion, bulwark 
Bastion n^, e, wi\. fortified uUh bastions 
Basconnade, sf. bastinadit, cudgfllinir 
Bas* ventre, sm. lower part of the belly 
B&t, sm. packsaddit, pannel, fish tail 
BatHille, sf. battle, fizht, erifc'ifement ; 
cheval de — , war-horse; curps de — , 
mcUn body ; ordre de — , battle-array 

— ind^ise, drawn battle 

— rang^y pitched battle 

Batailler, vn. to struggle hard {army 
BatailloD, sm. battalion, division of an 
B&tard,e,a()j. bastard, illegitimate, spu- 
rious, mongrel, fiUse 
Batandeau, sm. dam, dike Vbastard 

B&tardise, sf. bastardy, state of being a 
B&t^, e, adj. saddled tvith a pack-saddle 
Bateau, sm. boat, small open vessel Ugerdemain,juggling,ftare 
Batelde, it fare, boatful, boatload 
Batelet, sm. little boat 
Bateleur, euse,smf. mountebank, jwggler 
Batelier, i^re, smf. peron who manages 

a boat 
B&cer, va. to saddle with a pack-saddle 
B&tier, sm. maker of pack-saddles 
Batifnler, vn. to romp, pla/t like children 
Bitiment, sm. building, fabric, edifice 
Batir, va. to build, construct 
B&cisse, sf. building, fabric, edifice 
B4tisseur, sm. builder, architect 
Batiste, sf. cambric, lawn 
B4ton, sm. stick, staff, cane, club, cud- 
gel ; coups de — , cudgelling; tirer au 
court — , to strive or contend with one; 
tour du — , profits, perquisites 

— k deux bouts, quarter-titaff 

— de commandement, staff of command to cudgel, satre, qff'ace, eon- 

eel, underscore writing 
B& chiefstf iff man, chairman 
Battage, sm. thrashing cfcnrn 
Battant, e, a-ij. b*^atin)t,foldi>tg, going 
— , sm. clapper of a bell, fold of a door 
Batte, sf. rammer, paving beetle, beater 

— k beurre, churn-staff 

Battement, sm. beatinsr, palpitation * 
Batterie, sf. battery, fivhting, squabble 

— de cuisine, kitchen utensils 

— de fusil, hammer or pan cover 
Batteur, sm. beater, fighter, boxer 

— de hid ou en grange, thrashet 

— d*or, goldbeater 

— de pav^, idle fallow, rambler, vagrant 

— d'estrade, smut 

Bdttoir, sm. battledore, beetle, mallet 
Battologie, sf. tautology 
Battre, va. to beat, strike, batter down, 
conquer, vanquish, overcome 

— la ca'npagne, to scour the country 

— bien du pays, to travel a great wajf 

— monnaie, to coin mofiey 

— du bl£, to thrash com 





Battre le beurre, to chum milk 

— les cartes, to shuffie the card* 

— le pav^, to ramUti about 

'— en retraite, to retreat [pkwd 

— dec mains, to dap with the handst ap- 
— de I'aile, toflapt beat the winga,flutter 

— vn. to brat, move, paipitate 

■e — , vr. to fight, engage, come to biow* 

— en duel, tofitfht a duel 
Battu, e, adj. cloudineM on paper 
Battue, sf. beating, act of atrOcingi 

faire la — , to beat the bushee 
Battuie, sf. gold4nckering 
>-8, nl fiats, shoals, shatlowe 
Baudec, sm. dnnkey 
Baudrier, sm. belt, shoulder-belt 
Baudruche, sm. skin used by goldbeaters 
Baume, %va. balsam, balm, balm-mint 
— , sf. spanker, large sail 
Baumier ou BaUatnit r, sin. balsamrtree 
Bavarri, e, smf. balmier, prattler 
>—, adj. babbling, prattling 
Bavaidage, sm. the act of gossiping, 
" babbling, telling secr,:ts 
Bavarder, vn. to boast, prattle, brag^ 
Bavarderie, sf. the act of boasting 
Bavaroise, sf. (0a sweetened with syrup 

ofeapiUaire " 
Bave, tf. foam, slaver, spittle, saliva 
Baver, vn. tojoam, claver, slabber 
Bavette. sf. bib, slabberingbib 
Baveux, evise, smf. one that slabbers s 

chair — , proud fiesh 
•— , euae, adj. slabbering, slavering 
Bayer, vn. to look earnestly, gape, gaze 
Bayeur, ctise, s i.t. gapert gazer, one 

who looks earnestly 
Basar, sm. public market, bazaar 
B^uit, e, aoj. mtett, wide open [bier 
Beat, e, smV. bigot, hypocrite, diesem^ 
B^tiflcation, sf. hentmcation , 
Bdatitier, va. to beatih, bless 
B^atifique, adj. beatific, blissful 
B^tilles, sf. pi. tid^iits, nitv morsel 
B^iitude, sf. beatitude, bles»fdness 
Beau, belk, adj. fine, **eautiful, pretty, 

agreeable, elegant, genteel, neat 

— nionde, polite people 

— vnu:, fair sex 

— mangeur, great eater 
— joueur, Jiair player 

— sm. beauty, fairness, exeeUenee 
Beaucoup, adv. m%tch, many 
Beati^fiis, sm. son-in-law 
Beau-fr6re, sm. brttther in-law 
Beau-pdre, tan. fhtherin-law 
Beaupr^, iva. bowsprit 

Beaut^, St. beautu, fineness, ^egunee 
Bee, sm. bill, beak, mouth 

— de laiiipe, socket of a lamp 

— de p'ume, nib of a pen 
» de poissons, nose or snout 

— de lerrp, point of land 
—■ d'un pot, gullet 

Bdcarre, sm. natural (in mtuie) 
B^as<«, sf. woodcock 
B^casspau, sm. kind <^f snipe 
BtoudnCf sL snipe 

Bec-de corbin, sm, nippers, pineera 
Bec-de-grue, sm. cfan&s bill, geranttim 
Ijec-flgue, sm. becafico, fig-pecker 
Becbaru, sm. phanio(^aer,/laming0 
U£che, sf. spade 
U6cher, va. to dig with a spade 
B^hi^ue, sm. couf^ lozenge 
~, adj. goodfiir a coua^ 
Becqu^ ou ^uie, sT.bUlful 
Becquetcrow Bequeter, va. to peck, nibble 
se — , vr. to fight or cnress with biJls 
Bedaine, sf. paupeh, gut, stomath 
Bedeau, im. nuice-bearer, beadle 
Bedouin, vn. wandering inhabitant of 

BefTroi, sm. belfry, steeple, watch-tower, 
alarm-bell ling 

B^aiement, sm. stuttering, stammer- 
B^yer, vn. to stutter, stammer 
B^Kue, smf. stammerer, stutterer 
Bdi^ueule, %f. foolish conceited woman 
B^gueulerie, %t. prudery, coyness, re- 
serve, shyness, affected modesty 
B^guin, sm. child's cap 
B6Kuinage, sm. nunnnry, doister 
B^guine, sf. nun, religious reduse 
Beignet, »m. fritter, small pancake [ton 
B^iaune, sni. young bird, ninny, simpl0- 
Belandre, sf. bilarider, small vessel used 

Jbr the carriage of goods 
Bllant, e, adj. bleating 
Bdiement, sm. bleating qf a Aeep 
Bdler, vn. lo bleat 
Belotce, sf. weasel 

B^lier. sm. ram, battering-ram, ^u con- 
stellation Aries 
Beltcn*, sm. rascal, rogue, wretch, idler 
Belltrerie. sf. roguery, vagrancy 
TM\e, sf. a beauty, a handsome woman 
Belle-de-jour, st. day lHy 
Bcrlle-de-nuit, sf. jalap, great nightshade 
Uelle-fille, sf. daughter-in-law 
Bellement, adv. sofily, c'everly 
Be)le-m6re, sf. mi.ther-in4aw 
Belle-<oeur» sf. sister-in-law [wca^ 

Bellig^rant, e, adj. belligerent, waging 
Belliqueujc, euse, adj. warlike, martial 
Bellissime, adj. very fine, superfine 
Belv^er ou B«Iv6l6re, sm. turret, paoi' 

lion, terrace, balcony 
B^mol, sm.^la^ (in music) 
B^n^icit^, sm. grace before meals 
B^n^iicte, sm. electuary 
B^n^iccion, sf. benediction, Uessing 
B^n4flce,tm. benefice, ehurc}k4iving, tm- 
munity, privilege, profit, emolument 
B^n^flcial, e, adj. belonKt-g to a benefice 
B^ndflcier, sm. an incumbent 
Ben^t, t, a<lj. sxlly, simple, weak,fbottsh 
— . sm. simpleton, blockh^d, booby 
B6nd\'ole, adj. benevolent, kind JHendlif 
Benit, e, a'lj. blessed, h"llowed 
Hdnlgnement, adv. kindly, courteously 
B^nlgnit^, sf. benignity, goodness 
B^nin, iKne, adj. t>ehign, gentle, gen^ 

reus, gracious, kind, wholesome 
B^nir. va. to bless, laud, extol, praise 
Bfoitler, im. vessel fjr holy water 

Digitized by <^OOgie 




BogiuniD, am. darling ehUd,JI»9ourit0 Betterav«, «m. red beet, beetroU 

Benjoln, nn. benzoin, tnedu-mai renn Beuglement, am. btUowine. h,wint 

iMqui lard, sm. one who weUkswith a Beugler, vn. to bellow, nJar, low 

BAiume,«f. cTMfeA icrutch Beutie, tm. butter 

Bequiller, va. tu watk uH^ a atttch, Jhuni, •m. burrel, bittter-pear 

dig up Wfteds with a trowel Iteurr^, ,{. slice ofbread and ' 
Berberis. sm. barberry-tree ! Beurrer, va. to butter 

Bercail, sm. Aeepfold Beurrier, i6re, sinf. butter teller 

Berce, sm. robin-redbreast B^vue, >f. oversiebt n,utuke» 

— , n, cow-parenip °— — ■^- 
Beroeau, im. crudle, vault, arbour 
Beroer, va. to rock, lull aOeep, amuae 

«e — , vr. toftatter or luU oneeelf 
Bergamoce, sf. bergamot, a perfume 
Berge, sf. eteep beach, etrand,barge 
BerK«r, sm. shepherd, lover, twain 
Berg^ie, sf. aiepherde8a,eaeyarm<hair 
BergeretU!, sf. liquor ntade qfwine and 

honey, jfoung maiden 
Bergerie, >f. eheepJbtd,/loek 
— s, pi. paetomb, rural poeme or tonga 
Beri^eroimeue, if. wagtail, country girl 
Berliiw, H, berlin, travelling carriage 
Berliogot, sm. chariot after the Baiin 

fkuhion, email carriage 
Berlue, sf. dimneta of tight, diztinett 
Berme, sf. berm, covered wag 
Bernabie, adj. that detervet to be totted 

in a blanket or laughed at 
!iemacle, sf. barnacle, bird like a goote, 

shell-Jvth,fsarier't in^r anient 
Bemarcii^re, sf. tort of pear [a blanket 
Berne, sf. ou Bemement, sm. totting in 
Bemcr, va. to tott in a blanket ' 
Bemeur, sm; one that tottet another in 
Jemous, sm. hooded cloak [a blanket 
Bemique, adv. not at all 
Bemiquet, sm. beggary, indigence 
Btlhyl, sm. beryl, preciout ttone 
Besace, sf. wallet, bag 

Bey, »m. bey, governor . 
B&oardc "■ 

ou lieziuir, «m. bezoar-ttone 

Biais, sm. Ijitis, slope, bevel, ttbtuteangla 
de — , adv. slatttittgly, tlopiuifii/, acmtt 
Biaisement, sm. sfiift, evnsiwi i deceit 
Biaiser, vn. to go in a sluhtit.g dirrvtion, 

iean i use shifts, evasion, shtjJfUng 
Blberoij, stn. toper, tipjAer, lip of anm 

drinking vessel 
Bible, sf. Bible, holy urit, scripture 
Bibliojtraphe, «n. bibliographer, ons 

skilled in the knowieilgv ofbookt 
BiblioKi-aphie, sf. bibliography, knouh 

ledge ofbookt 
Bibliomanie, sf. bibliommtia, rage for 
paaaetsing rare and curious bookt *• 
Bibliomane, sm. bibliotnaniac, one who 

hat a rage fur bovkt 
Bibliophile, tin. lover if bookt 
Bibliolh^aire, sm. IWrarian 
Blblioth^quv, sf. library, study 
Biche, tf. hind, doe, lap^og 
Bichet, sm. two Paris busfielt 
Bichon, ne, smf. lap-dog 
Blcoque, sf. tmall town or hottae 
Bicornu, e, adj. bicorne, bicomout, hoe- 
ing two pointt or hornt [teeth 
Bident^, e, a<lj. bidental, having two 
Bidet, sm. bidet, little horse, pony, nag 
Bidon, sm. can, jug, vessel fur liquor 
Bien, an. good, advantage, interest, pleO" 
ture,hapwness, blessing, favour, good 
turn or office, eMatCiproperty, probity^ 
^ ^ - . - - - wealth i — totids, landed property t 
BesoKner, vn. to work, labour dire du — de, to speaJc well of one,' les 
Besoin, sm. need, want, lack, poverty gens de — , gimd pettpie; sentir son — , 
Besson, ne, adj. twin [with wild beattt to look like a gentUnvtn / un homme 
Bestiaire, sm. fdadiator, one who Jighta de — , a goi)d or honett mam vouloir 
Bestial, e, adj. beatial, beastly, brutish du — k, to wish well 
BestialemenC, kAv. bettially, brutithiy — , adv. well, very, nmch, wtBUudy, 
Bestiaht6, »f. bettiality, brutality quite, certainly, indKmit &satt --, 
Bestiasse, sf. blockhead, ninny pretty well s fort —,ex<eedingly weUi 
Bestiaux. Sne Wiail. , ^ ^ _, U, paile - Kranpais, he tpeakt good 
Besciole, sf. trnaU anttnal, intect, dunce French t tr^s — . very well 
Ufta, tm.fbol, timpleton, ninny Biensiira^, e, adj. well beloved, Bestiaux, pi. drove o/cetf^/e, Bien-dire, sm. uffected uisplay of eh- 

nock of sheep or goatt \ quence 

B^, sf. bSsatt, brute, tUtyJkUow, block- Blen-disant, e, atij. well spoken, eloquent 
head; une m6^bBnte — , a cunning Bien-6tre, sm. uelftire, welibeing 
fellow ; ttne iKmne— , a good^atured I Blenfaisance, sf. benevulence, heueficenee 
perton ; flilre la — , to f^xrego one't Bienfaisant, e, adj. bevefiient, obliir^g 
mterett,' c'est sa — noire, he «mV BhnU\t, ^m. betiefii,f,vuur, kindneat 
bear her i Bienfaiteur, trice, vint. benefactor, bene- 

— fauve, deer 

— noire, tifild boar 

Mtement, adv. like a beast, stupidly 
B«tise, sf. fbthf, JboHthnett, ttupidity 
B^ton, sm. kind of mortar 
Bate, tL beet 

Biiiiiheareux, erne, adj. hapj^ i/uctrett 
Bien loin, adv. a great way off 

— de, conj. very fir from, instead qf 

— que, though, although 

BiennaJ, e, adj. biennial, lotting two 
Biensduice, si; decency, decorum [ffeare 

Digitized byAjOOgie 




KensAint, e, artj. deeentt beeonUnff 
Bicn-tenaut, e, smf. <me in postesnon 
Bientdt, adv. soon, shortly, eretone 
BienveilUiice, sf. benevolence, good-wUl 
BienveiilanC, e, adj. benevolent, kind 
Bienvenu, e, adj. welcome 
Bienvenue, sf. welcome, happy coming 
Bifere, sf. beer, cqffin, bier 
Biivre, sm. beaver 

Bitfer, va. to cancel, erase, obliterate 
Bifurcation, sf. bifurcation, division into 

two parts 
Bigdtne, a<lj. twice married. 
Bijcainie, sf. bigamy at second marriage 
Bigaradsr, sf. bitter orange 
Bigarreau, stn. red or white heart cherry 
Bigarreaucier, *m. rei or white heart 
Bigarrer, va. to variegate \cherry tree 
Bigarrure, sf. variety of occurs, medley 
Bigle, smf. beagle, terrier 
— , adj. squint-eyed 
Bigler, vn. to sauint 
Bigot, c, smf. btgot, hypocrite 
Bipoterie, sf. ou Bigotisme, sm. bigotry 
Bijon, sm. rosin, juice of the pine 
Bijoa, sm. jewel, trinket 
Bijouterie, sf. jewels, jeweller//, trinkets 
Bijoutier, sm. jeweller, toyman 
Hilan, sm. balance account or sheet 
Bilboquety sm. cup and ball, tumbler 
Bile, sf. bile, chttler, gaU, anger, wrath 
Biliaire, adj. biliary, bilious 
Bilieux, euse, adj. bilious, choleric 
BtUard. sm. biUiards, billiard-table 
Biliarder, vn. to strike a ball twice 
Bille, sf. ball, bUliard-baU, marble, taw 
Billeharrer, va. to variegate, checker 
Billet, sm. bill, ticket, note, small letter 

— de banque, bank-note 

— de santd, certificate of health 

— doux, love-letter 

. — pour log«r les soldats, billet 
Billeter, va. to fix tickets, to billet soldiers 
Biliette, sf. a square sign in hernldru 
Billeves^c, sf. idle story, trash, humbug 
Billion, sm. a thousand millions 
Hillon, sm. base coin 
Billonnage, sm. debasing coin 
Blllonnement, sm. the act of passing 

bad money 
Btllonner, vn. to. circulate base coin 
Billonneur, sm. one who issues bad coin 
Billot, sm. billet, Mock, log, wedge 
Bimbelot, sm. toy, plaything 
Bimbelotter, sm. toy-maker, toyman 
Binage, sm. seconddiggine or ploughing 
Binaire, adj. binary, (iutU>le 
Biner, va- to dig or plough again 
— , vn. to say mass twice in one day 
Blnet, sm. a save all 
Binocle, sm. double perspective glass 
Bindme, adj. binomial, composed of two 
Biograp>ie, sm. biographer Iparts 

Biographic, tf. biography {feet 

Bip«dal, e, adj. bipedal, measuring two 
Bip^de, adj. biped, having ttvoftet^ 

gque, sf. she-goat 
quet, sm. kid, scale to weif^ 

Bfr6me, sL gaUev wWi tipob 

rowers on each side 
Biribi, sm. game of hazard 
Bte, e, adj. brown, dark 
—, adv. again, twit^e, encore 
Blsa'ieul, sm. great-grandfather 
Bisaieule, sf. great-grandmother 
Bisannuel, le, adj. biennial, continuing 

two years, tutppening every twoyears 
Bisbille, sf. quarrel, contention 
Biscomu, e, adj. crooked, odd, irregular 
Bisootin, sm. sweetcake, cracknel 
Biscuit, sm. biscuit, sponge biscuit 

— de mer, sea biscuit 

Bise, A north-east wind [crusi 

Biseau, sm. cut of a diamond, kissing- 
Biser, va. to dye cloth a second time 
— , vn. to grow brown 
Biset, sm. stock-dove, wood-^aigeon 
Bisetie, sf. coarse narrow lace, footing 
Bismuth ou Bismut, sm. bismuth 
Bison, smf. bieon, wild ox, biiffalo 
Bisque, sf. bisk, rich soup 
Bissae, sm. bag, wallet 
Bissexte. sm. odd day in leap-year 
Bissextil, e, adj. leap-year 
Bistouri, sm. bistoury, surgical knife 
Bistre, Mt.bistre, pigment made fi-om soot 
Bitord, sm. spun yam 
Bitume, sm. bitttmen, unctuous matter 
BitumineuY, euse, adj. bituminous 
Bivalve, sf. bivalve, having two vatvef 
Bivoie, sf. parting of a road [open air 
Bivouac ou Bivac, sm. night guard in 
Blvouaquer ou Bivaauer, vn. to bivouac, 
be under arms all ni^ht [person 

Bizarre, smf. whimsical or fxMostieal 
—, adj. odd,fixntet^ical, humorsome 
Bizarrement, adv. oddhf, fantastically 
Bizarrerie, sf. oddity, whim, caprice 
Blafard, e, adj. pale, wan, bleak 
Blaireau, sm. badger 
Blftmable, adj. blnmable, fitUlty 
Bi&me, sm. blame, reproach, jhnlt 
Blftmer, va. to blame, censure, reprove 
Blanc, m. Blanche, f. adj. white, clean f 
argent — , sUver-coin ,• fer — -, tim 
billtt —, blank in a lottery t ecu — , 
crown-piece i cheveux — s, gray hair/ 
CKTte —che, full power ; gel^— che, 
hoar-frost ; ilp^e —che, naked sword f 
arme —che, stvord, sabre, bayonet 
—, sm. white colour, blank, mark to 
Blanc-bec, sm. notfice Pa^oo^ at 

Blanc-de-baleine, sm. spermaceti 
Blanc-manger, tin. jelly made of cream 
Blanc-signe, sm. white paper 
Blanchaille, sf. small fish, young fry 
Blanchfttre, adj. whitish, turning gray 
Blanchement, ad\^ in a cleanly manner 
Blancherie, sf. See Bianchisserie 
Blancheur, sf. whiteness 
Blanchlmentt sm. bleaching 
Blancbir, va. to whiten, bleach 

— un plafond, un mur, to whitewaek 

— du linge, to itfatA, make dean 

— uneAis, to plane 

— le fer, (o polish 



Bteiriiir«inepcnonne« to dear th« ckOT' , 

—t m. tofp'OwwMte orgratf 
BlJUwhlMagc, im. waiAin/ff wMttming, , 

Blanchinantf e, adj. rrowinr white 
BlaDchiflserie, sf. bUachfield 
mmncbniear, com, amf. bhcuher, laun- 

dreut watheruwman 
Btonqoeue, tf. dMeate sort af white 

teine, email beer, white fHeaeeee 
Bluer, va. to amsumet bum up, impair 
w —, vr. to ruin on^e eonetitution 
BluoD, am. blazon, heraUrp, coat of 

arme, aiMeoement 
BksoDner, va. to blazon a coat of arme, 

bktdcen, eldnder, eritictee, blame 
B1asph^mateor» sin. blaephemer 
BUM^^matoiK, a^j. bkuphemoue 
naapMoMt sm. Naephemjf 
Blasphemer* vtL to blaepheme 
Blauer» sm. ovm-nMrcAon/ 
"Bi&ou Bled, sm. com, wheat/ manger 

ioo — en herbe, to antiidpate ont^e 

— fiomcnty wheat lineome 

— Mi^t rve 

— « nneUj mieed com 

— ^lode, maize, buUan wheat 

— noir ou sarasin. buek-^wheat 
Bl^me, adj. pale, wan, whitidt, UeaXr 
Bl&nir, va. to grow pale 

Blester, va. to hurt, wound, tnmble, in- 
jure, damage ^ 

— lesoreiUes cbastes. to (^fmd modetty 

— la reputation, to hurt orufe ^uiracter 
aa — ,VT,to hurt or wound ofuteeif 
BlesBttie, A hurt, wound, bruise, injury 
Bleu, e, adj. Mti», cerulean 
BleuAtK, adj. hluieh 

Blettir, va. to make blue ■ 
Blioder, va. to cover wWi bllnde 
BUndes, A pL blinde to eaeer trenches 
Bioc, sm. bioek, rouffli piece of mmtie 

Blocage, sm. ou ^^)caUle> if. midtfA 
^Haea*, UD^blodtade 
Btond* e, odi,Jbir, light, flaaen 
Blonde, sfT>b& ladv, btondrlaee 
Bloadin, sm. /air poung man 

Btoadine, s£ >bir jwwng' n 

Biondir, vn. to growjmr or light-haired 

BloadSasant, e, edi^jfellowish, golden 

Bioquer, va. to block up, fill %m 

m luottir, vr. to sguat, lie dose to the 

ground . 
"Bkaiuet sf. ^hazard at bUliards, smoke- 

J va. to throw a ball into the 

baaard at billiards 
Kuet, sm. bluebotUe. See Barlieaa 
Blneue, sf. spark of fire, wittp remark 
Blutean ou Blutoir, sm. bolter^ eieee 
Bluter, va. to bolt, eift, separate meat 

fivm bran or seede 
Batole, sf. bolting-room 
Bobtehe, sf. eocMqfa eandlestiek 
BoMse, ■& bohUn, quittjinr sUk 

6 BAN 

BoMner, va. to wind upon a betbtn 
Bobo, sm. small hurt, slight ailment 
Boeage, sm. grove, coppice 
Bocager, kre, u^. Uving in woods, ruftd 
Bocal, sm. jug, decanter, large phitd 
Bodlne, sf. ked of a ship 
Boraf, sm. or, beef, blockhead 
Bogue, sf. outer shell efa chestnut 
— , sm. aorf of sea-fish 
Boire, sm. drink, drinking 
•—, va. to drink, get drunk, inMbe, 
suek, soak, put up with 

— un a Anont, to pocket an qfiiw%t 
-—kin ronde, to drink round about 
Bols, sm. wood, firestt shoott branch, 

scion, stag's horns/ fairs du — , to 
toAre in wood/ trouvcr visage de —, 
tofind the door shui 

— de cfaarpente, timber 

— taillis, copse, coppitm 

— de lit, bedstMd 

— touffii, thtcXet 

— de haute futaie. straight timber 

— de chauflage.yW/,>Ireu;aod 

Boiser, va. to uminseatf line with boards 
Boiserie, tf. waiatseet, inner wooden omn 

ering of a wall 
Boiseux, euse, sdj. woody 
Boislllier, sm. Aet&er (ffwood 
Boissean, sm. buehel 
BoisMiee, s£ bu^tel measure, ae maieHi 

ground as a bu^wl of seed wiU eow 
Boissclier, sm. cooper, turner 
Boissdn, sf. drink, potation 
Bolte, sf. fmtfurKy t^wine 
Boltc, sfl box, case 

— de montre, watdt-case 

— k fusil, tinder-boe 

— k poudre, powder-fleuk 
Boiler, vn. to Hmp, go lame 
Boitettx, euse, adj. lame, halt, cripple 
Boitier, sm. surgeon's ease, boxofjewek ■ 
Bol ou Bidus, sm. bole, fine sort ofetay, 

bolus, piU 

— de poncbe, bowl tf punch 
Bolaire, adj. made of Sole or fine day 
Bombance, sf. riot, hunuy, feasting 
Bomtuurde, sf. bombard, a piece of ord' 

nance, a mortar of large dimensUme 
Bombardement, sm. bombardment 
BomtMuder, va, to bumbarti, throw 
Bombardier, sm. tofisbardfor [bomfw 
Bombasin, sm. bombasin 
Bombe, sf. bomb, globe of iron contain- 

ing conAustibles 
Bomliemeot, sm. swdling, bulging out, 

convexity, rotundity 
Bomber, va. to swdl, bulge out 
Bomerie, sf. bottomry, money borrowed 

on a ship 
Bon, sm. good, profit, advantage 
— , ne, adj. good, kind, useful, % 

— homme, Ample, innocent man 

— ne fortune, ladies fiseour 

— ne grAoe, genteel air 

— nextte, Me person 
— »adv weU,t^ 

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Bonr^ttt.ffoveme8a,lae!^smaid [nest 
Bonace, sf. calmness, stiUness, smooth- 
Bonasse, adj. good natured, credulous 
Bonbon, sm. sugar-plum, sweetmeat 
Bonbon ni^re, at. sugar-plum box 
Bon-cbr^Cien, sm. species of pear 
Bond, sm. bound, caper, gambol, leap / 

faire un — ., to rebound, ' aller par — , 

to skip about 
Bonde, sf. dam, sluice, floodgate, wear 
Bonder, va. to stop up, dam up 
Bondir, vn. to bound, r^tound, skip 
Bondisant, e, adj. ^tipping, frisking 
Bondisaement. sm. tfie act (if skipping 
Bondon, sm. hung, stopple, bung-hole 
Bondonner, va. to stop with a bung 
Bondonniere, sf. auger, tool for boring 

holes [sperity, success, fsHtd^ 

Bonheur, sm. good-luck, fortune, pro- 
Bonhomie, sf. good-nature 
Bonification, sf. improvement 
Bonifl«r, va. to make better, improve 
Bonite, sf. 6ontto, sea-Jish 
Bon-jour, sm. good-morning, good-day 
Bonneau, sm. but^, sea-mark, beacon 
Bonnement, kAv. plainly, honestly 
Bonnet, sm. cap, bonnet 

— de nuit, nightcap [ing 
Bonnetade, sf. the act of capping, salut- 
Bonnecer, va. to salute with the hat or 
Bonneterie, sf. hosier's business [cap 
Bonneteur, sm. sharper, swindler 
Bonnetier, sm. cap-maker, hosier 
Bonnette, sf. stwiding-sailt piece offor- 

t^ficatioh ; mectre les — s, to set the 

— de ^rande voile, main studding-sail 

— de bane, top-mast studding-sail 
Bon-siiir, sm. goud-night 

Bont^, sf. goodness, quality, kindness, 

fiivou\, irtduigence, jgood-nature 
Boquillon, sm. seller o/wdod 
Borax, sm. borax, artificial salt 
Bord, sm. edge, brink, brim, side, coast, 

shore, ribbon, lace 
BordaKe, sm. side planks of a ship 
Bordajrer, va. to tack, ply to windward, 
Borde, sm. hem, edge, lace [beat about 
Bord4, sf. tack, broadside 
Border, va« to edge, bind, border, lace 
•— un lit, to tuck in the bed-clothes 
— ' la c6ce, to line the coast 

— un vais cau, to plank a ship 

— let Routes d'une voile, to haul the 
sheets of a sail 

Bordereau, sm. account, note, abstract 
Bordigue, sf. stake-net for taking fish 
Bordure, sf. edge, border, frame 
Boreal, e, adj. northern, northerly 
Bor^e, sm. Boreas, north'Wind 
Borgne, adj. blind of an ^e 
—, sm. one eyed man 
--vse, sf. one-eyed woman 
Borin, sm. collier, &>al-miner 
Borna^, sm. settling of boundaries 
Borne, sf. boundary, limit, landmark 
Born^, e, adj. boutvied, limited,shaUow, 
confined, ignorant, narrowminded 

8 BOP 

Borner, va. to eor^e, bouttd, limU, mi$ 

put an end to, stint, moderate 
se — , vr. to keep within bounds 
Bomoyer, va. to look over with one eye 
Bosan, sm. drink made with mUlet 
Bosphore, sm. Busphortts . 
Bo&queC, sm. grove, thicket 
Bosmge, sm. bossage, embossment, areh 
Bosse, sf. bunch, hump, bump, sw^ing, 
roughness, Unevenness, rtiggedness 

— a un poc ou plat, bruiw, dmt, mark 
—«, pL stoppers of cables, ring-ropes 
—a k fouet, stoppers jbr the rigging 
— s k bouton, deck stoppers 
Bosselage, sm. embosstng, raised work 
Uosseler, va. to emboss, tvork in bass- 
Bosseman, sm. boatnoain's mate [relief 
Bossette, sf. boss, knob, stud in a bridle 
Bossu, e, adj. crooked,.hump-backed 
Bossuer, va. to bruiae, dint, mark, batter 
Bot, sm. Dutdt. boat,- pied — , clubfoot 
Botanique, sf. botany, knowledge tkf 

->, adj. bo/tanieol, relating to plants 
Botaniser, vn. to search fw plants 
Botaniseur, sm. one whoseetcsfvr pbutte 
Botaniste, sm. botanist, person wetU 

billed in plants or herbs 
Botte, sf. boot, bunch, bundle; ji-propot 

de — , adv. ttow I think of it ■ 

— de foin, truss of hay 

— de soie, hank of silk . 

— d'un carrosse, step qfa carriage 
— s, pL dods of dirt 

Bottelage, sm. bottling of hay 

Botteler, va. to bottle hay [bottlee 

Botteleur, sm. one who makes hay int0 

Better, va. to make boots 

se -^i vr. to pttt on one's boots 

Bottler, sm. bootmaker 

Bottine, sf. buskin, smaU boot, half-boot 

Bouc, sm. he goat, leathern-bottle 

— ^missaire, scapegoat 

Boucan, sm. utensil for broiling meat, 

place to smoke dry meat in 
Boucaner,' va. to broil fish or flesh, hunt 

wild cattle for their hides, smOke-d$w 
Boucanier, sm. hunter of wild cattle 
Boucassin, sm. kind of fustian 
Boucaiit, sm. hogshead [opening 

Boucbe, sf. mo%Uh, muzile, eraramcet 
Bouch^, sf. mouthful, morsd, bit 
Boucher, sm. butcher 
—, va. to cork, bung, dam up 

— une voie d'eau, to stop a leak 
Boucherie, sf. shambles, meca-markei, 

butchery, daughter, carnage 
Boucheture, sf. enclosure, fence 
Bouchoir, sm. lid or cover of an oven 
Bouchon, sm. stopple, cork, budt 
Boucbonner, va. to rub with a wisp 
Bouck, sf. buckle, ring 

— d'oreilles, earring 

— de port4^ door-knocker 

— de cheveux, ringlet, curl 

— d'un corda^ ou d'une poulie, ringf-egm 
— s, pi. irons fbr jelons at sea 
Boucler, va. to buckle, curl habr 

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Bosdcr, vn. to pout, look auUen, fnwn 
Boaderie, ai.fnuming, angrv look 
Bondeur, ease, smf. ofte that look* grt^ 
Boodin, im. Idaek pudding 
— de tabac, rolled tobacco 
Boodoir, sen. ladt^t private apartment 
Boue, s£ dirtt mirei mud, da^, matter 
Boaee, if. 6t(oy, aea-mark 
Boueur, am. dMxtman, aeavenger 
Boneux, euse, adj. dirtpt muddif, mirif 
Bouffant, e, adj. puffingf boasting 
Bouff^, sf. ptf^, whiffiblaet, inflation, 

exaggerated laatement 
Bouffer, vn. to puff, blow up, in/tate, 
pant, aweU, praiee with exaggei-ation 
Bottffctte, sf. ear-knot of narrow ribbon 
BouAr, va. to 1^0 up, bloat, nodi 
•e —lyr. to pujifor swell onea^lf 
BoumMure, st. the act of puffing 
Boaflbo, sm. bt(/yboR» jester 
Bouilbnner, vn. to jAay the bt^ffbon. Jest 
Baaflonnenc, sL btiffbonerjf, scttrrilfty 
Bottge, sin. Utd^, cabin, small house 
Bongtair, sm. flat or hand-candlestick 
Bouger* vn. to budge, stir, move, wag 
BnugeitB» sf. leather budget or bag 
Bouirie« sf. wcut candle 
Bougonner, vn. to grumble, mutter 
Botwran* A buderam 
Btmiilant, e, adj. hot, boiling, impetu- 
ous, hatty,fiarjf, Jierce,fUrious, eager 
Boailli, inn. boiled meat 
— , e, adj. boiled, made readv, cooked 
BouilUe, sf. thick milk, pup 
BouSllir, vn. to boil, cook, ferment 
Bottilloire, sC kettle, boiler 
BouiUon« snu broth, bubble on a liquor, 
foam, firoth r ^ gf os — s, gushing out 
with impetuosity 
•"-(fime passion, gust, transport, ecstasy 

— d'un habillemcnt, p*ijff', flounce 
Bouillonnement, sm. the act of boiling, 

bubblinir up, ebullition 
Boafllonner, vn. to btnl, bubble up 
Boulaie, sf. plantation qf birch trees 
BoulaDger, ^re, sraf. boOeer 
Bottlanger, va. to bake 
Boalangerie, sf. the art of baking, bake- 
BouJe, sf. bowl, bdB, sphere, globe, orb ; 

j«u de — , bowling green i jouer k la — > 

to play at bowls 
Bouleau, am. birdt-tree 
Bouler, vn. to pout, swell, take root 
Bonlet, sm. bullet, ball, Jbtiock of a horse 
Baa]ecui,sf. little ball 
Boalevare oti Boulevard, tm. bidwark, 

rampart, fortification 
BcKilevenenicnt, sm. subversion, total 

ooerthrow, confusion, disorder 
Boolevener, va. to overturn, overthrow, 

throw into confusion or disorder 
Bottlin. sm. pigeon-hole, dovecot, holefbr 

BmSnCf it bowline, diip*s rope 

— de mnalne, Jiire bowltne 

— da fiautd faunkr, mai$k4op bewUnt 

[ B0I7 

BouUne de la grande voile, mainrbowhm 

— du grand perroquec, fure-top-gallant 

Bouliner, va. to rod or afeo/ in a camp 
— , vn. to sail with a side-wind yiier 
Boulineur, sm. camp-thief, dishonest sol- 
Boulingrin, sm. bowling green 
Boulingue, tt smallsailat the mast-head 
Bouloir, sm. tool to stir time 
Boalon, sm. great iron pin, boH fbolte 
Boulonncr, va. to fasten with ptns at 
Bouque, sf. strait passage 
Bouquer, vn. to kits unwillingly, submit 
Bouquet, sm. nosegtty 
Bouquetier, tta. flower-pot 
Bouquetiere, stflotvergirl 
Bouquetin, sm. wild goat ' Iboek 

Bouquin, sm. old he-goat, worm-eaten 
Bouquiner, vn. to search after old books 
Bouqulnerie, aL heap cfold boitks 
Bouquioeur, sm. onemndofold b<ioks 
Bouquinlste, sm. c^eaMr in old books 
Bouracan, sm. barracan, strong kind of 
Boarbe, sf. mud, mire, dirt Icamlet 
Bourbeux, etise, adj. muddy, miry 
Bourbier, sm. mire, slough, puddle 
Bourde, sf.^Ib, lie,faisdiood, diam 
BottJnier, vn. to Jib, tell lies, impone upon 
Bourdeur. am. Jibber, shammer 
Bourdillon, sm. stqlt', »tave of a cade 
Bourdon, sm.dronA bee; taux — , churdi 

music i planter le— , to pitch ons's 

camp, settle down 

— d' instrument, thorough bass 

— d'imprimeur, omission in printing 

— de pelerin,ptA^m'« ste^ff' 
Bourdonnant, «,*arij. buzzing [ntw 
Bourdonnement, sm. buzz, hum, mur- 
Bourdonuer. vn. to buzz, hum. Whisper 
Bouig, sm. borough, market-town 
Bourgade, sf. small borough 
BourKcois, e, smf. burgess, freeman, 

citizen, governor, hont, hostess 
— , adj. enjoying the rights of a freeman, 

cemmtm, plain, not noble 
BourKcoisement, adv. dtizen-like, tike a 

burgess, tradesman-like 
Bouii«oisie, t\. freedom of a city 
Bouiveon, sm. bud, geim, shoot, pimple 
— , sf. pi. kindofsufjerior wool 
Bourgeonn^, e, adj./u// of pimples 
Bourgeon ner, vn. to hud, shoot, put forth, 

come out in pimples 
Bourgme^re, sm. burgomaster 
Bourlet, sm. See Uoun elet {tongue 
Bonrradie, sf. bugtoss, the herb ox- 
Bourrade, tf. beating, blow, httme tfirust 

in Jesting or disputing, smart reply 
Bourmsqiie, sf. sudden storm, squall 
Bourrv, sL cow's hair, wadding, trash 
Bourrcau, sm. executioner, cruel man 
BodVr^, sf. boree. Ft eneh dance, faggot 
Boumler, va. torment, torture, rack 
Bourrelet ou Bourlet, sm. roll stuffed 

with hair, pad, hood, horst^s collar 
Bourrelkr, sm. harness maker [man 
Bourrelle, s£ hangman's wifs, cruel wo 
Bouner, va. to pad, ram, stuff, beat 

■Digitized By <^OOgie ■ 

BOP , a 

Bounicfaef tf. hatketfar ffame 
Bourrlque, sf. tAe^cM*, ttupid ftmeUe 
Bourriquet, sm. €ui» colt, handrbarrwo 
Boarra, e, adj. peevUh, ctom, nwroae, 

eapriciom, fantnttieal 
Bourse, sf. purtet bagt pouch, cMdiangs 

— de college, perutirm for the mairue- 
nance of poor studente 

— de graines* pod, ekin 

— plate, an emptff puree 
Boursette, sf. email puree 

Boursier. tni. buraar, pureer, treaeurer, 

echolar that hae a peneion 
Boursier, ^re, smf. puree-maker <xt eerier 
Bouniller, vn. to subscribe, contrHtute 
Boursouflage, sm. bomb<ut,^biff words 
Boursoufler, va. to bloat, swell, pmffup 
Boursouflure, >f. bloatedness, turgidnesa 
Bousculer, va. to put upside down 
Bouse ou Bottle, sf. emodunfr 
Bousillage. sm. mud-wall, bunff led work 
Bousiiler, vn. to make a mudrweM, spoU 

a piece of work 
Bousilleur, euse, smf. one who builds 

mud^waUs, bungler, botch 
Boussole, St: eomptus, guide, conductor, 

mariner's compass 
Bout, sm. bit, piece, end, ttp, extremity { 
un pecit — d'honime, dwarf t lire du — 
des l^res, to laugh but Jbititljf ; venir 
k — de, to bring about, accomplish, 
manage; poujiser ou mettre k ~, to 
drive to extremities s se tenir sur le — 
des pieds, to stand on tiptoe i d'un — k 
I'autre, from the beginning to the end; 
au — du comptr, after all 

— d'une table, d'unecbambre, d'uii jar- 
din, end of a t<Ale, room, garden 

— du nez, d- ia langue, del'orcille, tip of 
the nose, tongue, ear 

•— d'une canned Jtrule, cane 

•— d'une percbe, point or top of a pole 

— d'une lance, point of a lance 

— d'^p^-, de fourreau, chape <^a sword 
or scabbard 

— dfaik, pinion, wing of a fowl 

— d'une plume, »j6 0/ a pen 

— du t^ton ou de la inainelle, nipple of 
the breast 

— siUgneux, neck or scrag end qf mutton 
~ d'un cordage, rope's aid 

— de vergue, yard-arm 

— de cable, junk, old cable 

Boutatte, sf. fi-edk, fit, whim, fimey, 
start, sally ; composer par — s, to com- 
pose by starts 

Boutant, 9m..areft, supporter, buttress 

Boute, sf. water-cask 

Boute-ji-pnrt, sm. a person who puts 
vessels in order when in port 

Boute-en-train, sm. dewy-bird, one who 
excites other people 

Boute-feu, sm. Imt-stOik, 

diary, fin^brend 
Boutfr^lle, sm. call of the trumpet to 

saddle and mount horse 
Boutcine, sf. bottle, bublOe 

3 BRA 

BoutilUer, im. butlvr 
Boutique, sf. shop, stall, vPorkihop,tMil% 
Boutlauier, sm. shofkeeper 
Boutcttf, sm. eiwtU of a wild boar 
Bouton, sm. button, bud, gem, pim^ 
Boutonn^, e, adj. mysterious, verycank- 

tioue, wary, circumspect 
Bouton ner, va. to button 
~, vn. to knot, bud, break out 
se — , vr. to button oneeelf 
Boutonnorie, sf. buttons, button ware 
Bouton nier, sm. button maker 
Boutonni^re, sf. button hole 
Bouts-rim^, sm. pi. rhymes, verses 
Bouture, sf. slip of a tree, jOant, eudcer 
Bou verie, sf.' «f awe for oxen 
Bouvet, wm. joiner's plane 
Bouvier, ^n, smf. cow-herd, down,dna^ 
BouvreuU, sm. bulfinch 
Boyau, sm. gut, bowel, strait pass 
Boyaudier, sm. one that makes stringe 

for musical in^rumenis 
Bracelet, sm. bracelet, armlet ' 
Braconner, vn. to poach 
Braconnier, sm. pnaeher 
Brachmane, sm. Brtihmin, Indian priest 
Brai, sm. mixture ofpttiA and tar 
Braie, sf. chUd^s napkin 
— s, pL breeches, trousers 
Braillard, e, adj. noisy, t' 
Bmiller, vn. to brawl, be noiey 
Brailleur, euse, smf. brawler 
Braire, vn. to bray 

Braise, sf . burning charcoal, small eoaZ 
Braisier, sm. charcoal pan or trotuih 
Braisiire, sf. vessel to stifle burning choT' 
Bran, sm. excrement ieotU 

Brancard, sm. kind of litter or palaet^ 

quin, hand-barrow; cheval de — » 


— de voiture, shaft of a carriage or ceart 
Branchage, sm. branO^es, boughs 
Branche, st; branch, bouf^, shoot 
Branchcr, va. to hang on a tree 

— , vn. to pereA, roost 
Branchtt, e, ei\j.full of branches 
Brande, sf. furze, heath, whin 
Brandebourg, sm. sort ofsurtout 

— pi. A»ne(/W buttonrholes,Jroge 
Brandevin, sm. brandy 
Brandillement, sm. the act oftoesinff 
Brandiller, va. to toes, shake to andfr^ 
se — , vr. to swing, see-saw 
Brandilloire, sf. swing, see-saw 
Braodir, va. to brandtsh,fiT,fiuten 
Brandon, mufirdjrand, wisp ofstrmo 
Branlant, e, adj. shaking, wagging 
Branle, sm. motion, agitation, tnseii^r* 

Jogging, shaking, balance, suspense . 
BraiUement, sm. motion, agitation 
Branler, va. to Aake, stir, jog 
~, vn. to totter, stagger, waver, gi9^ 

umy, be in ctouM , unsettled 
BranloiK« sr. see-saw, swing 
Braque ou Brae, smf. bradi, a tort ^ 

hunting dog, setter 
— s, pL lobster or crawfiMe dawe 
Braqucnuut, sm. euikue, irMnmrtf 

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Bnqucr, va. to point, level, U»m,bend 
bcM, vat. «trmt power, ttrength, valour, 
Mwrofff j« vivrede MS ■^, to Uoo byon^* 
Imbow^,' tendre let — , fo aortst, re- 
'coiivooponltfi ktoKeie-~,bif«irengih 

— d'ecieviwPf elow 

— de cbandelifer* «eofto» 
— ' d'uDC cbaiw» elbom 

— de ma, estuartf, piif 

— de verKues* ford-Araee or He 

— d'ancre* ant^kor-armt 

— de rcvcn, Ite-brace 

— dcaiui — denoui, arm in arm 
Bmser, va. to brate, solder wiO* bram 
Bradert am. bridt coal fire, eoalpan, 
Bnueard* sm. armlet, bracel^ 
Ti moe, ai. Jkthem, tneamro o/tis/M 

BraMcr, viL to brew, mix, deeioe, plot, 

contrive, hatch, imagino 
BnaMriCt sf. browhouee 
firaaear, etise, tmf. brewer 
Bntaiknt, %£, i>l. night-dlreeeftirehiUreHf 

6tre en — » to 6e under reetraint 
Bnivachct sm. buUtf, eweifrgerer 
Bravade, sf. bravado, boaet 
Bofre, vBo» brave man, hero 
—, adj. brave, atoui, jmwer/UI, valiant, 

bold, couraffeou*,Jeariee» 
Bnveinent, adv. etoat^, bravely, tkU- 

fttUg, heroicaUv, eteverW 
Braver, va. to brave, dej^, dare 
Bnverie, ^.finery, fine eUaheu 
Bravo, inten. bmeo / wtil I huzta ! 
BntvottT^ sf. heroiam, valour, courage 
—a, nk. aehievement»,Jeate, eaploite 
Brayer, am. truee, bandage 
—•9 pL tackle, rope* 
— > va. to p<feft the eeanu of a ehip 
Brehifl. af. tH^ep, ewe, fleece 
Breche, s& breach, gap, opening, notcA 
Brteh»dent» smC pereon who ha$ loM 

eome^fthe front teeth 
— » a4|. toothless, wanting teeth 
Bxccket, an. brisket, breast, bosom 
Bredottyiement, sm. the act of stammer' 

BnoouiUer, vn. to stammer, falter 
BeedauiUeur, ettse» smf. •tammerer 
Bref, sm. Inief, letter from the pope, 

Roman-eatholie church kalendar 
—, ve» a^K bri^, short, concise 
— , adv. in short, shorHifi infno words 
Brelan, am. game at earde 
Brdander, vn. to gamble, be a gamester . 
Brdaodicff &re, smf. gamester 
Bndandinicr, ^, smf. hawker, hudte^r 
Bretle, A raft, float of wood 
ftndoQue, sf. gewgaw, togf trinket 
—%, pL U^, trinkets, sMs, watt^-keifs 
fiRloquec, sm. trinkets tied together 
Bfc>ttcbe» If* thread andvtontedtftv^, 

Brto«, si; bream, kind offish 
BrcBMheb t^ aotteh, ettt-ihtli 

9 BRI 

Brtin, sm. Brazil, BratU-wood 
I Br^ilkr, va. to cut or break in smoM 

pieces, dye with BrazU-wood 
! Br^cailler, vn. to tUt, beftmd of fighting 
Br^taillcun sm. onefimd of fighting 
I Brecelle, tf.'strap, Jiliet, banmgerftet 
—», pL braces 

Brette, sf. rapier, long sword 
Brettelcr, va. to hew, serape 
Bmteur, im. buUvtfiu'hter 
Breuvage, sm. drink, potion 
Bthve, sf. short sylkMe 
Brevet, sm. brevet, commission, warrant 
Brevetalre, sm. bearer qf a warrant fitr 

a chunh pr^fsrmettt 
Breveter, vs. to give a warrant \boQk 
Bt^viaire, sm. breviarj/, nriesfs office 
&ibe^tf. bribe, lump qf bread 
— 8, pi scraps qfmeat 
Biicole, sf. the sideetrap of a draught 

horses traces, rebound of a ball at 

tennis, back-stroke at bUltardsi de ou 

par — , unfidrlif, imHrectljf 
Bncoler, vn. to tos* sidewaps 
Bride, tf. bridle, curb, theok, restraint f 
Brider, va. to bridle, put on a bridle, curb 
Brldon. sm. snaffie, bit, brake 
Brief, kw, adj. briqf, short, contracted 
Bri^vemeot, adv. briqfiv, in a few words 
Bri^vet^, sf. brevity, shortness 
Brigade, sf. brigade, troop, company 
Brigadier, sm. brigadier 
Brigand, sm. highwayman, robber 
Brigandage, sm. plunder, robbery 
Brigaodeau, sm. n^ftM, rascal 
Brigander, vn. to rob on the highway 
Brigandlne, sf. briganfiine, coat qfmaU 
BriganUn, sm. brigantine, brig 
BrigDole. sf. Brignole plum, prtme 
jL dried plums, r 

Brigue, sf. siri/tg, quarrel, intr^fue, to- 

bal, solicitation, canvass 
Brigucr, va. to court, canvass, solicit 
Brigueur, sm. candidate, applicant 
BriTlamment, adv. brilliantly 
Brillant, sm. brUliancy, brightness, dia- 
• mond, brilliant 
— , e, adj. briUiant, glittering, bright, 

shining/ esprit — , sparkling wit 
Killanter, va. to cut a diamond into 

angles or ftteets 
Briilcr, vn. to shine, sparkle, glitter 
Brimbale, sf. brake, handle of a pump 
Brimbalcr, va. to swing, ring bells >m> 

moderately, nuike a great noise 

— Ics cloches, to set the bells a-ringing 
Brimborion, sm. toy, bauble, gewgaw 
Brin, sm. bit, piece, sample, sprig, slip, 

shoot, blade t bois de ->, MAd tinJbet 

— ^—,bitby bU,piecemeal 
BrindiUe, ifi thin short branOt 
Briocbe, sf. sort of cake, bun 
Brique, If. bri«* f 

Briquet, $m. steel, small sworth^ 
Briquetage, sm. brick-work 
Briqueter, va. to imitate bricke 
Briqucterie, sf. bridt-kUn 
Briqnctkr, nn. MdnMoXwr 


Bai 9 

Brls, an.toredct theaeti^breakingopenf 

droit de — , fight of the admiratv 
Briianc, sot. pi. hreakgrst rodcg, Mhehte* 
Briae, sf. breeze, freah gate, aojt wind 
Bris^, e, adj. bn^kerit bruieed 
Bris^. sf. pL bought itft bif huntMun 

in ptacetwhere game has mesed 
Biisement, am. dcuhing* rending 
Briaer, va. to breaks bruite. burJkt crtMh 
—, vn. to deuOi, strike ammsf, mingie 
w — , vr. to break, wrtick,fuM up 
Brise«ou, un. break-neck place 
3riae^l«ce, un. support o/a bridge 
Briae-raiaon, am. nonsensical fldiMif 
Briat-KtM&e, am. thief, seal-breaker 
Briae-vent, am. shelter, cover, protection 
Briaoir, am. brake J^ dressing flax 
Briaque, af. brisque, gam€ at cards 
BriaurCf af. broken or detached piece 
Broc, %m.Jug, spit; dc —en bouchCf hot 

from the spit 
Brncanter» vn. to deal in goods 
Brocanteur, am. broker, flxctor 
Brocard, am. taunt, Jest 
Brocarder, va. to jeer, taunt, »a:ff,fUnU 
Brocardeur, euae, smf. taunter, sot^ff^ 
Brocart, am. brocade, flowered sUk 
Brocatelle, af. sttfff'rnaHe in imiteUion of 
brocade, lins^-woobeg, variegated 
Brochantf adv. over all [marble 

— aur le tout, ruling the company 
Broche, af. spU, knttting-needle, plug, 
top* P^gt P*nt mettre line futaUle en 
—, to open or broaich a barrel 
—a, pL tusks of a wild boar 
Broeb^, afl spitful 

Brocher, va. to work with gdd or silver 
stt^, stiteh, fasten, compose hastiljf 
Brochet, am. pOce, Jack-fish 
Brocheton, bid. pickerel, small pike 
Brochettet uL skewer 
Brocbeur, euae» amf. binder, knitter 
Brochoir, sm. farrier's shoeing-hammer 
Brochure, at pamphlet, stitched book 
Brocoli, am. brocoli, species cfeab' 
Brodequln, am. buskin, kind of ho . 
—4, pi. small boots, women's boots 
Bnider, va. to embroider, embellu^ 
Broderie, sf. embroidery, embellishmeni 
Brodeur, euae, amf. embroiderer 
Broieroent ow Brolment» am. the act qf 
grinding, pounding, making powder 
Bronchade, af. the act m stumbling 
Broncher, vn. to stumble, trip, slip, err 
Bronchea, af. pL bronchise, the ramifica- 
tions of the windpipe 
Bronchial, e, adj. bronchial, rtiatitigto 

the throat 
Bronse, am. bronze^ brass 
—s, pL brazen/igures 
Bronxer, va. to orwze, to paint in bronze 
Broquart, am. brocket, a red deer two 
Broquette, af. tack, small nail [^ears old 
Brauaillea ou BrouaaiUes, am. pt briars, 

brambles, thorns, furze, fern 
Broaae, tt, brush, pencil, painter sbru^ 
Broaaer, va. to brush 
—, vn. to brtoft along 

» BRt? ■ 

BtosAer, am. brushmakor 
Bxoa, am. green shell of the wtUnut 
Brou^, aL email rain, mist. Jig, ranw 
Broaec, am, gruel, caudle, rnUc-perridgt 
Brouette, a, u/heot-barrow 
Brouetcer,va. to trundle a wheel-bearow 
Brouetceur* am. one who trundles or rolls 

a wheel-barrow 
Brouettier, am. wheeHmrrow man 
Brouhaha, am. noisy applause, tumult 
Brouillamini, am. cot^ftuion 
Brouillard, »m.J^, mist, moistvapoun 

paider — , blottingfaper 

— de marchand, dajMtook, wasto-bot^ 
Brouille, af. broil, disagreement 
BrouiUementy am. confusion, mixture 
BrouiUer* va. to Jumble, mis, blend to- 
gether, sHr, confuse, perplex, puzale, 
embroil, disorganize, set at vasianee 

^( vn. to shi^ffle, ^ifi, dodge 

ae — , vr. to conflmnd or pende* eneeeif 

Brouillcrte, all oroil, disturbance, quar^ 

rel, misunderstanding^ 
Brouillon, ne, tmt shuffler, bu^body, 

—, aa. reugh-^tetdi, scroti 
—, adj. turbulent,prying,intermeddling 
Brouir, va. to biis^t, blast, bum tqi 
Brouiasure, a£ M^t, blast 
Brout, am^ browse, underu:ood,sprostts 
Broutant, e, adj. browsing 
Brouter, va. to browse 
BroutiUea, af. pL sprigs, bruOuoood 
Broyer, va. to grind, pound, bray 

— 1 encre, to bra^ the ink 

— le chanvie, to dress hemp [fevKr 
Broyeur, am. one who potinds u>Mb « 
Bru, at son's wUb, daut^er-it»4mo 
Bruant, am, yemw-hammer 
Bru^ncHi, am. nectarine 

Bruine, af. drizzling rain . 

Bruiner, vn. to drizzle 

Bruire, va. to roar, rattle, rttstle [noise 

Bruiaaement, am* roaring or rustling 

Bruit, am. noise, fltme, sound, murmur, 

report, rumour, clamour, uproar 
BrQfant, e, adj. burning, hot 
BrCklement, am. fire, the act of burning 
BrAlcr, va. to bum, seerOt, blast 
~, vn. to bum, be on fire 
se — , vr. to bum oneself 
BrAleur, am. burner, incendiary 
Brfilot, am-Jire-shiptfinitratid 
BrAlure, a£, bum, scald 
Brumal, c, a<^. brumal, wintry, cold 
Brume, af, thick fog at sea „ 

Brumeux, 9id}.fuff(y weather '■ 

Bran, am. brown colour 
—, e, amf. person of dark eemplesfon , 

aur la — c, in the dusk of the evening 
— , adj. brown, dusky, dun, btack^halred 
Brunet, te, amf. person^ a browniAoi 

dark complerion 
—*, pL love songs or ballads 
Bruni, e» adj. burnished, polished 
Brunir, va. to bwni^, poHai,fU>^isk 
— , vn. to make dark or brown 
ac — , vr. to turn dark or brown 

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Branbufp, tm. the «tt nfWnUMng 
druniSKur, ana. ftiimUfccr 
UruiitMolrt tm. bumiMng tool 
BranlMure* cf. the wiHMSnri^hmm» 
Brusque, Adj. Mtim, abfntptt rough 
Brrnqoeineut, adv. btunUy, hakUif 
Brutquf r» v%.tomet toiM haate, tpealt 

Oiorplyt rotufhfy, ttffrvM arte 
Bruiquerie* tf. otuntngggf rui« ttmduet 
Btm, t/adj. roHffh, unpoHthed, eoarae 
Blrutal, sm. brute t churl f down 
— e, a4). brutal, rude, inetdent 
Bruulement, adv. bruUdfy, rough^ 
Brutalisrr, va. to obuee* uee reugtUif 
Bnit«yt^, t£ brutality, rudeneee 
Brut«» Bf. brute, animal, beaet 
Bru]rant, e, adj. raarit^, btuetering 
Brtiykn, it heam, furze 
Buanclerfe, if. ummA-Aocm* [man 

Buandier, t, imf. MeocA^r, f^oMherwa- 
Bahe» A bheter, pimple, piutule 
BuboD« nn. bubo, MofcA, tumour 
Buboooc^ie, sm. buboaoeele, rup t ur e 
Btudnateur, tm. trumpeter 
BQchc, tf. bittet, log ^f wood, bloekhead 
BAchcr, am. wood-houee,^meralpi^ 
BOchcron, no. woodcutter 
Bflcbctte, tf./ " 

Bitifci) nm. 
BufHe, tm. 


Bugle, »f. bu^e-homi 

M\n, styiagon, htnejug, 
Bttla, am. 6o»-«ooMf,oor fre 



Hi hunting horn 

BuiMon, sm. bueh, thicket 
BnlMranettX, euae, adj. buehp 
Bulaoonier, 6te, adj. truant e fidref^Ie 
.—e, to plop the truant 
Bulbe, af. buib, buttwueroot 
Bullietix, ettw, adl. bu^oue 
BaNe, bL buU, edict ftnm the pope 
Buli^ e, adj. authentte, authorized 
Bulletin, ana. btOetin, official report 
Bnnette, if. hedge-ep ar ro w 
Buraliate, sm. reee i eer efdutiee 
Boitt, am. eoaree wooUen doth 
Buntine^ if. pep^ [Ooth 

Bure, if. frieze, eort of eoarae woollen 
Bureau, am. writing>4able with drawere, 
dedc, eeerttoir, iffiee, Jbetory 

— de la poaee, poetofflee 

— d adreaae, aaoertmng^^0ee 
Burin, sm. grazer, toofjbr engraving 
Bnrioer, va. to engrave 

Burlesque, am. burteaque, moekerp, lu- 
5^ dieroue language, ridicule, jeet 
-irMJ. burieeque, merry, jocular, droll 

Buste, am. buet, half^tatue 
But, am. butt, aim, object. nmHt,ani, 
plan, deeign, intention t naMcr au -^ 
CD hit the naU on the headt toucher 
zn -^, to arrive at the endf de — ca 
blanc, direetlif, lUuntlp, openip 
— k—, ozerhande, even 
Bute, af. buttreet, eupport . 
Buter, va. to eupport, prop, euetain 
—, vn. to Mt the nutrh, aim at, etumble 
le — , vr. to determine upon, be reeolved 
Btttin, am. pL epoU, boUp 
Butincr, vn. to pfunderf pfOage 
Bndrenx, euae, adj. butterpt greaap 
Bntor, am. bittem, etupidjbthw 
Biitorde, all arnsM or ibolieh wom an 
Butte, at. bank, hUleek, rieing ground 
Bu\-able, adj. drinkable, fit to Srink 
BttvetiHr, am. the keeper itfa email inn, 
Bu\-ctte, af. tavern Ipublioem 

Buvcur, cuK, amC drin ker , tipplar 
BuTutter, va. to eip, tipple 

C. am. third letter of the alphabet 
Ck, adv. here, hither ; de — , en de — , 
' par de — , au de — , thie aide, on tMe 

— et lit, here and there, tMe wapt *f»at 
wap, up and down 

~~ inteij. now ; — voyona, now letueeee 
Cabale, af. cote/, party, faction, tntrigue 
Cabalcr, vn. to cabal, conspire together 
Cabalcur, am. caballer, intriguer, plotter 
Caballsre, am. eabalist, one akilled in 
Jfewiah tradition [aecret 

Caballstlque, adj. eabattatie, n^eterioue, 
Cabane, a. cabin, hut, cottage, cot 
Cabanon, sm. cell, email doee room 
Cabaret, am. pttblic^ouee, tea-trap 
Cabaratier, fere. smf. pubHean 
Cabas, am. basket made ofruekee 
Cabasset, im. aort pf helmet 
Cahcatan, sm. eapatan or e 

— %t»Unt, a crab 
Cabillaud, am. eod-ftah 

Cabinet, sm. doaet, atudp, room In whidi 
atate eonaultatione are hdd, a ad of 
dratoerajbr curioeltiea 
Cable, am. cable 

CaWer, va. to tuiat threada into a cord ' 
Cabbcfae, tf. large-headed nail, hobnail; 

une bonne — , a good head-piece 
Cabochon, am. predouM.sttme uncut 
Cabotage, am. coasting trade, cotuting 

Btuieaquement, adv. htdUroualy, eomi- Cahoter, vn. to coast, sail ./Vom port to 
cnOp, iestinglp, joeularhf C«Kce«Kiibotier, am. coasting vessel [jmrt 

Bursal, e, adj. jwamtery/«dit~,mofi^l/- aeCabrer^ vr. to prance, rear up, Jlp 
Busart, im. butzard, hawk into a paaaion, be refractory 

Busc, >m. buOc, whaldfone or ded ftr CzM, muyotrng kid 
Bxise, af. buzzard, dmplelon [stays\o}e, at. caper, goat-leap, aviHole 
Buaqner, va. to put a busk in days Cabrioler, vn. to caver, cut capers 

^ fortune, eedt on^e fortune Cabriolet, sm. cabriolet, one-horse dudee 

^— ,yT. to pad on hauler etape Cdbiikiknx,9aLeaperer,ftnUutiedaneer 

Digitized by <^OOgie 

CAC 1 

GkbttSy adj. m. mM of a eabbagt token 

grmon round^mded 
Gaoider if* evaeuatUm» miatake»fiiUure 
Cacao* tUL eocothtnut 
Caeaoycr ou CHcaatler» tm. coeochiree 
Cacaoyire ou Caeaoti^re, sf. pkmtatim 

Cache, >£ lurking-hole, hUUng^plaee 
Cachectique, adj. cadteetiCf unmmnd 
Cacber, va. to conceal, hide, cover, ehtit 

up, ditfcuiae, keep secret 
K — , vr. to ekulk, hide oneeeif, abaoond 
Cachet, sin. eeeU, signet 
Cacheter, va. to teal up, affix a teai 
Gachetfie> sf. It^rking^dace \bodif 

Cachexle, %(, eachesjh diaordered habit ^ 
Cachoc, sm. dun/feon, prison 
CMfaotcene, af. qffiieted .or mjfsterious 

toatf of speaking 
CachoQ, am. eashoo, a kind qfgum 
Cads, tm. black-currant 
Cacoefayrae, a^ij. eaeoehymict having the 

humours corrupted, peevish, cross 
Cacochymie, sf. eaeoehj/mif, diseased 

state of the blood 
GacoMie. adj. inveterate, malignant 
Cacophoiiie, sf. caeophoni/, harsh sound 
Cadastre* am. rental-book, property-re- 
gister, statistical account 
Cadav^ux, euse, adj. oadaverous 
Gadavre, sm. corpse, carcass 
Gadeau, im. present, gift, banquet,fiast 
Cadenas, sm. padlock 
Cadenasser, va. to padlocff 
Cadenee, sf. cadence, fall of the voice 
Cadcncer, va. to harmonize, regulate 
Cad^ne, sf. chain for gatteif-riaoes 
Cadenctte, sf. hair cue, twisted hair- 
Cadet, te, smf. cadet, younger brother 
— te, adj. younger, junior [or sister 
Cadi, sm. cadi, Turkish judee Swatch 
Cadran, sm. dial, index of a dock or 
Cadre, tm. fnuM, picture-frame 
Cadrer, vn. to auadrate, stUt, correspond 
Cadoc, que. acU. decayed, fi-ail, brittle, 

perishable, decrepit, aged, infirm 
Cfedudt^, sf. decay, weakness, frailty 
Cafard, e, smf. hypocrite, birot 
Cafluderie, sf. hypocrisy, fbise devotion 
Caf«, sm. coffi!e,cqffee-house 
Gafeiier, sm. cqffee-house keeper 
Cafetiire, sf. cniTtie^pot 
Ctfier, sm. cftffee tree 
Cflge, sf. cage, birdcage. Jail, prison 
Cagnard, e, adj. idle, lazy 
CaKnarder, vn. to lead an idle lijb 
Cagnarrlise, sf. idleness, laziness 
Ca^rneux, euM*, ailj. bow-lerged 
Caiot, e, smf. hypocrite, dissembler 
— » e, adj. hypocritical, bigoted 
Cagorerif, sf. hypocrisy, bigotry 
Cagotisme, sm. dissimulation, c^jBTected 

sanctity, false pretension 
Cague, sf. Dutch sloop or flshing-boai 
Cahier, sm. copy-book, stitchedbook 
Cahin-caha, adv. untowardly, indiff^ 
^ ently, so so. against on^s will 
Ciriioc» sai.ioit^a coach, sudden Jerk . 


Caliotage, «n. the act ofjol^ng 
Cahotaot, e, ady[. causing Jolts 
Cahoter, va. to jolt. Jog, Jump 
Cahtttte, sf. hut, cottage 
Caleu, sm. sucker, tMiet 
Caille, sf. quaU, a kmd cfbird 
Caill^, sm. curdled mUk 
Caillebotie, st curds t^fmUk 
Cailiebott^, a4j. curdled, coagulated 
CaUle-Udt, sm. plant fbr curdling milk, 

Caillement* sm. the act ofcurdUnff 
Caillcr, va. to curdle, coagulate 
CaiUeteau, sm. young quaii 
Caillette, sf. rennet-bag, eftuwac* qf a 

calf, siUy gossip 
Caillot, sm. c/o« o/&/o«d . 
Caillot-roaat, sm. rose-water pear 
Caillou, sm. pebble, flint 
Caillouiace, tnufiints, rock-work 
Caiman, am. eprcte* of crocodile 
Caique, sm. gaUey-boat 
CaiHc, s£ box, trunk, drum t battn hi 

— , to beat the drum,- livic de — > 

—'d'^pargncs, savings bsmk 

— d'un banquier, chest 

— llotUnte, mooringbuoy 

— d'une pottlie, i^tell of a block 
Caiasier, sm. cashier 

Caiaaon. sm. military vehide Jbr ammw- 
nitUm, covered wagfton, locker 

Cajoler, va. to cajde, flatter, wheedle, 
ooax, praise, entice, court, seiidt 

— le veut, to saU by short fades 
Caiolerie, sf. ct^olery, praise, flattery 
Cajoleur, euse, wad. cajder, wheedier, 

coaxer, dedeiver, flatterer, varmdte 
Caiute, sf. 6ed, hammock, crib 
Cal, sm. callosity, hard swelling 
Calaison, sf. depth of a ship 
Calamine, sf. calamine, ore qfztne 
Calamity, sf. calamity, distress, misertf 
Calamiteux, euse, adj. calamitous, dis- 
tressing, miser(d>U, wretched 
Calandrr, sL weevU, email insect, kind 

of lark, manage, calender 
Calandrer, va. to calender, ffiaee linen 
Calandreur, sm. person who calenders 
Calcaire, adj. calcareous, limy 
Calc(klolne, sf. cafcedony, predous stone 
Calcination, sf. caidnation 
Calciner, va. to caldne, pulverize, hum 
Calcul, am. calculation, compukMon, 

reckoning, calculus, the atom* gravd 
Calculable, adj. computable, thatmetfbe 

numbered up, esHmated 
Calculateur, sm. calculator, aeeountant 
(!alcukr, va. to cakubtte, compute 
Cale, sL sort of woollen cap, place qfre- 

fuge f&r dwps, woodenwedget lond 

de — , hdd of a ship 
CalebaMe, sf. oo/aboM, the gourd-plant s 

fimudcr la — , to cfteol 
Caleche, sf. calash, open carriage 
Caleoon, sm. pair cf drawers [ing 

CaWaction, d. calefbetion, ad cf heat' 
Cakmar, am. euttle^idk 

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Cftlemtaar, ira. qufMe, pun 
Calendes, tt. pL Mimdt, eonvoeation 
— ffTBCI|UCSy ntvti' 
Calendiier, tm. kaUndar, atmanae 
CalepiD, im. 6omir<^iio(e«» Mnqior ffMfR- 

— la vnile, to sMke 
Calfat, HD. caiker, oakum, calMng-imn 
CalfaUffe, mi. Me ocT of calking a ship 
Calfkcer* vau to calk a ^ip 
Calfeuttage» tm. the ad of fiUinf^ «p 

chink* or openliuv 
Ca}feutrer, va. to0 up <Mnk8 
Calibre^ sm. bore of a irtm [jmn 

Calibrer, va. to meajntre the bore of a 
Calice, «m. eup, ehaliee,Jloweir-eup 
Califet sm. etuipht Arabum Mvereign 
Califourcbon, adv. aetride 
C41in, e. Mnf. idler,9l»fanrdf lazjf person 
— . e, adj< indolent f Mothfult la%y 
Caliner* vn. to lead an idle UJbt be lazy 
se — , TT. to &« In an indolent attitude 
Caliorne, tC wittdintrtackle 
Caltenx, euse, adj. callous, hardened 
Callorite, A eaUosity, hard stpellinff 
without pain C'^M/f 

Calmande, sf. osiamaneo, fflosnf uwUlen 
Calmant, tm. soothing remedg, soporific 
Calmar* toa. pen-case 
Calme» tm. calmnessi tranquillity, still- 
ness, quietness, serenity, calm atsa 
— e, a4}- coins, unn^BM, still, quiet, un- 
disturbed, serene, tranquil, peaceable 
Calmer* va. to oalm, appear, paeifif 
—9 VB. tofgll ealm at sea 
X —, rr. to grow calm, be padfted 
Calnmniatenr, trice, tm. etUumniator, 

slanderer, /tUse accuser, traducer 
Calomnle* sf. eaiumny, slander 
Calomnier« va. to ealuntniate, slander, 
asperse, traduce, reeile, aeeu»e falsely 
Calomnictiaemflnt, adv. ealumniously, 
ekmderously [derous 

Calomnieox, eiue, adi. adumnUnts, slan- 
Calwiqve, tm. eaioric, the principle of 
Calotte, %t. calotte, cap, coif (hetU 

Ca]4)«e, am. eoun^Br^rawing, outHne 
Calqaor, va. to counter-draw, trace a 

design, copy 
Calumec, am. ealwmet, Indian pipe 
Calus, am. eallue, cutaneous hardness 
Calvnre, am. Calvary 
CalvAle, am. ealvUte, kind of apple 
Calvinfsme, ana. caMnism, the tenets of 
QOoin iCaMn 

Calviniste, am. Cfdvinist, a JbOower of 
—, adj. caltrinistie, relating to Calvinism 
Calvitie, tf. baldness, lose of hair 
Camairu, am, cameo, sort ofonys,paint- 

ing to represent basso r&ievo 
Oamall, am. bishoffs mantle 
Camacarte, am. comrade, companion 
Gamard, e, sd]. flat^osed 
CamtNmii, am. grea»efbr cartwhetAs 
Cambrer, va. to bepd, make an arOi 
ae — , vr. to KHUTh '»»^ »> — '" ""^ — " 
Cambrure* »L ttnberemt 


Cam^ am. cameo, gem wiOi raised 
CaaiiMon , am. chami^eon {figures 

Cam^ltepard, tm. camelcpard, girafk 
Camelot, am. candct, mised cloth 
Cam^rler, tm. pope^s or cardinafs cham- 
Ciimemte,nt maid of honour [bertete 
Camerlingue, tm. first <0eer at the 

court cfRome 
Camion, tm. very small pin 
Camlaade, af. oMstf^ by night 
Camisole, sf. under-waisteoat 
Camomilie, »t. camomile, physietd herb 
Camouflet, am. snioke blown up the nos- 
trils of a person asleep, Cfffhmt, insult 
Camp, sm. camp, tentsfor soldiers « 
Campagnard. e; tmt. a rustic 
—, adj. rtutic, downish 
Campaffne, af. campaign, country, fi^d, 

plain : battre la — , to teUk nonsense, 

I'n^k incoherently [fiouer 

Ca . : . , ' , lie ou Campanette, tf. biue-beil 
Ca I [i [Hi I II lie, tm. upper part of a ei 
Cai iii^<:iile. It campanula, oell-fii 
CaiiLj t^oiie, am. logwood 
Canii'OJTkent, sm. eruampment 
CaiK v'L'^ p va. eevn. to encamp, j^ch tente 
se — ^ vr, to place oneself 
Ca- ■•■>■■-", Bvcu eamptun-, a white gum 
Ca^r--^'* c, adj. camphora^ 
Campot, tm. holiday 
Camus, e, td), fiat-nosed, balked g le 

volli bien ^,heis sadly disappointed 
CamiUle, tf. rabble, mob, mean people 
CaniU, tm. canai, channel, course of 

water, duct, guttert way, means 
Canap^ bf. sofa, couch, settee 
Canapsa, tm. knapsack 
Canard, tm. duck, drake; chien —i 

water-dog {hide 

Canard er, va. to shoot through a loop- 
Caoardi^re, sf. decoy Jbr ducks, loop-hole 

to shoot through 
Canari, am. canary-Urd 
Cancel, sm. chancel of a efturcA 
Canceller, va. to caned, erase, bht out 
Cancer, tm. cancer, virulent sore t one 

of the twdve signs of the zodiac 
Cwacn,%m. crab-fish i pauvre — , a poor 

wretch ; un vilain — , sordid fsUow 
Canddabre, tm. branched candlestick, 

Candeur, tf. candour, fivnkness 
Candi, adj. eimserved with sugar 
Candkiat, tm. candidate 
Candide, adj. candid, sincere 
Candldement, adv. candidly. 
se Candir, vr. to candy, eryetallize 
Cane, tf. duckt faloela — , to be fixint- 
Canepln, sm^fine sheepskin [hearted 
Caneton ou Canette, tmf. duckling 
Canevas, tm. canvass, sketch 
Qmiehe, tf. ^uufged bitch 
Canknilaire, adj. belonging to the dog- 
Cankmle, tf. di»-star {days' 

Canif, tm. penkn{/b 
Canin, e, adj. canine {cane 

Cannage, tm. measuring of cloth by the 
Canniue, af. ground pkmtcd tWCfc omot 

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Oumib af* eaiM, measure longer than a 
Ouinetoerge, sf. whortleberry {jford 
CuinelM, am. candied cinnamon 
Canneler, vs. to cut into channels, Jtute 

or groooe piUare, makeguttere 
Cannelle, tf. cinnamon 
Caoaellicr, sm. cinnamen-tree 
Ouinelure, sf. channel, gutter 
Cannetille» sf. gold or eileer lace border 
Canaibale, sra. eannilbal, man eater 
Canon, sm. cannon, gun, piece of ord- 
nance; canon,rule, churchlawpholy 
scripture, church dignitarj/ 
Canonia),e,«dj. canonical, eccleeiaetieal 
Ctnooicar, tm. canonry, prebend 
Ganonique, adj. canonical, regular, ac- 
cording to canon law 
C2aiioniqueinent» adv. eanonicaUy 
CancHiUatioii, sf. canonization 
Canonuer, va. to canonize, enrol anutiig 

Canoanade, if. cannonade, cannon-ehot 
Canonner, va. to ccmnonade,batter with 

Canonnier, im. gunner, artilleryman 
Canonni^re, eL embraeurci loophole 
Canoniste, sm. d«tetor of canon law '* 
Cftnoc, nn. small boat, canoe 
Canute, tf. canteUa, aong 
Canutrice, sf. famaie einger 
Can(haride, sf. cantharities, Spanish fly 
Can cine* tf. canteen, military tavern 
Cantinier, 6r«, smf. canteen-keeper 
Cantiquet sm. canticle, pious aong f le 

— des -^, 8ang ofSidomon 
Canton, ttn. cpittm, district 
Cantonade, sf. jOaee behind the seenee 
Cantonnement, iuo, cantonment, the act 

Cantooner, va. to canton, divide land 

kUo small districts, quarter troops 
aa — , vr. tofartify onesrlf 
Cantonni^re, sf. bed-curtain 
Canute, if. pipe, tube 
Cap, am. cave, headland, promontory 
Capable, adj, cap^ite, aide, skUfui 
Capacity, sf. capacity f capacumsneea, 
eize, space, extent, abUity, skill, sense 
Capara9on, sm. caparison 
Caparaconner, va. to caparison a horse 
Cape, sf. cape of a tioak, riding>iwod 
Capelan, sm. poor priest 
Capeline, sf. tooman's bonnet 
Ca|dllaire, im. maidenhair, sirup used 

tn liquors 
— » adj. capillary, Jine,. minute, resem- 
bling a hair 
Capilotade, sf. ragofU made of minced 
roast meat ; mettre en — , to slander 
■Capitaine, im. captain 

— aux ganjes, captain in the guards 

— dn gardes, captain qfthe.king's body- 

— d« vaitseau, post-ea^ain Utuard 
~d« pavilion, captain of a flag-skip 

— d'armet, master-at-arms 

— dm port, harbour-miaster 
Cajriuiaerie, sf. government of a castle, 


i CAR 

Capital, am. capiiai, upper part of a 
pillar, principal sum, stock 

— , e, adj. capital, chief, pritieipal, fine 

Capitale, A chief city, county town 

Capiuliste, sm. capkaiist, munied man 

Capitan pacha, sm. Turkish admiral 

Capicane, sf. cuintirats guUey 

Capitation, sf. poU-tae 

Capiteux, euse, adj. heady, strong 

Capitole, sm. Capitol 

Capiion, sm. coarse sUk 

C«piculaire» adj. capitulary, rebOing to 
the chapter or clergy of a cathedral 

Capitulairemcm, advT^ the whole mem- 
bers of a chapter 
Capitulation, %{. capitulation, surrender 

Cupituler, vo. to capiUulate 
Capon» sm. coward, hypocrite, knave 
Caponner, vn. to cheat, deceive, gull 
Caponnime, sf. trench, covered liidge- 
Caporal, sm. a corporal [_ment 

Cap.>t, sm. capote, gredt-coat, doak 
Capote, sf. riding-hood, outer garment 
Cftpre, sf. caper, a plant, the budeof 

which are pickled fur eating 
Caprice, sm. whim, caprice, freak, hu- 
mour, frolic, waywardness 
Capricieux, euse, adj. capricious, fisnei- 

ful, fitntastical, i$KOHstant 
Capricieusement, adv. capricious^, in- 
considerately, whimsically 
Caprioorne, tm. Capricorn, one of the 

twelve signs of the zodiac 
Capsule* if capsule, pod, ease 
Captation, sfL cnptatinn,the art of catch- 
ing favour, inveigiement, allurement 
Capter, va. to court, coas, captivate 
Capcieusement, adv. captiously, insidi- 
ously,^ a eaptinus wsanner 
Capcieux,euse^a.lj. captioui, npttocavil 
Captif* ive, adj. captive, made prisoner 
Capciver, va. to confine, en^ve, bring 

into thraldom, subdue, captivate 
se — , vr. to lay a restraint upon oneself 
Captivity, sr. captivity, bondage, thrall 
Capture, sf. capture, seizure, booty, prejf 
Capturcr, va. to take as a prize, seize 
Capuoe, sm. cotel, monk's head-dress 
Capucbnn, sm. ridingeoat, cowl 
Capucin, sm. capuchin friqr 
— e, St. capucin nun , 
C'apucinade, sf. ri^cutoun sermon 
Capucine, sf. the plant nasturtium 
Capudniire, sf. house Jbr capudiine 
Caquage, sm. salting herring 
Caque, St: cag, barrel 
Caquer, va. to barrel herr^nes 
Caquet, sm. prattle, idk taOt 
Caquetaffe, sm. the act of prattling 
Caqueter. vn. to prattle, atatter, duck 
Caqueterie, sf. the custom ofprattting 
Caqueteur, eu9e,umf.greattttIker,goe*ip 
Car, canj.ybr, because, for this reason 
Carabin, sm. carabineer, student of 

Carabine, s£ carabine, ^tort gun 
Carabiner, va. to fire and retreat 

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CAR a 

Canuxile* af. caracole, wheeling lOtout 

Caracolcr, vo. to earaeoUi 

Canict&re» sou character, dispoeitUm, 

temper, nature, a^fle, mark, stamp 
Caracc^naer* va. toc/uaracterize 
CAract4n»tiQne, adj. eharaeteriatie 
Carafe, &f. flagon, decanter 
Carafon* suw ice-pail, wine-cooler 
Canuniely im. burnt evmr 
Cant, tm. caiat, uteipu o/ybttr graina 
Caravane, st. caraean, large carnage 
Caravaosexail, sm. caravansarif 
Carboocle, tm. carbuncle, Uotch, pimple 
CarboDe, un. carbon, pure charcoal 
CarboDiqu^ ac^. earbtmic [coal 

CarbonbauoDf tf. act of making char- 
CarixMinade* uU carbonado, mw^ cut 

acroeefir broiling ox frying 
Carcao, sm. carcanet, chain or collar of 

jewA»t iron collar, tort of pillory 
CarcasM, af . carcase, skeieton 
Cardamine, •£. cardamine, meadow-cress 
Caniamonsey sm. cardamom, mediciti€U 

seed brought from the East Indies 
Cardasae, it. Indian fig, floss-silk 
Carde, «f. card to comb wool, stalk of the 

leaoes of some plants 
Carder, va. to card or comb wool 
Cunleur, euae, sm£ carder, wool-comber 
Cardialxie, A eardialgu, heartburn 
Canliaque, adj. oardsae, cordial, cheer- 

infc, strengthening 
Cardinal, sin. cardiwtl. digtUtary of the 

Romish cAurcA, uJomans cloeJe 
—, e, adi. cardinal, principal, eminent 
Cardinaiat, sin. cardinaiship 
Cardinale, sf. the plant oardtnaFs flower 
Cardon, sm. eardoon, spades of wHd 

articholeet thistle 
CarAme, sm. Lmt ,• faire -^, to fast in 

Lent J rompre ie — , to eatmeat in Lent 
CarSme-prMiant, sm. three days b't^ore 

Lent, masker, perstm oddly attired 
Car^nace, sin. the €u:t of careening, ca- 

reenGig'Wharf [o ship 

Carene, sf. careen, the keel and sides of 
Career, va. to careen, refit, stop leaks 
Canissant, e, adj. of a caressing temper 
Carcase, sf. caress, an aet of endearment 
Careaser, va. to caress, fondle, embrace 

with affection, make much of, endear 
Caret, sm. a kiftd </ tortoise f fll de — , 

rope yam 
Carxaison, sf. cargo, fre^ht of a ship 
CtLTgue, sf. brails, sail-ropes, tackle 
Carpruer, va. to draw up the sails 
Canacide, sr; column^ pilaster 
Carkatnie, sf. caricature 
Carie, st. curies, rottenness of the bones 
Carier, vn. to rot, become putrid 
«e — , vr. to grow carious or putrid 
Carillon, sm. chime of bells, noise, riot 
Carillonner, va. to chime in harmony 
CarriUi>nneur, sm. dtimer, bdl-ringer 
C&rista<ie, sf. alms, charity 
Canne, am. carmelite friar 
Carmeliiie, sf. superfine SpaniA wed 
Oann«ite, sf. aarmeUte num 


Carmin, sm. earmtine, crimson coiour • 
Canninaiif, ive, adj. carminatioe, ant^ 

Carnage, am; carnage, slaughter 
Carnassier, i^, adj. camioorous 
Carnasaiere, sf. pouch, game-be^ 
Carnation, sf. carnation, flesh colour 
Carriava], sm. eamieal, popish fsstivat 
Camtc, sm. debt-book, day book 
CHmilivacion, sf. earnifieation, turning 
Carnivore, adj. carnivorous {to flesh 
Carnosit6, af. camoHty, fiethy escree- 
Carogne, sf. impudent fsmale Icence 
Caroncule, sf. carurtcie, etcrescenee 
Carotides, sf. pi. arteries connecting the 

aorta with the brain 
Carotte, sf. earrot 
Carotter, vn. to play low 
Carottier. idre, aat. timid gamester 
Carpe, sf. a carp 
— • am. wrist 

Carpeau ou CarpiUon, sm. young carp 
Carquois, am. quiver 
Carr^, sen. a square, quadrangle . 

— de inouton, neck or breast of mutton 

— de toilette, dressing box 

-r-, e, adj. square, equal, exact 
Carreau, sm. a figure having four side* 

— de vitrr, pane cf glass 

— de faience, tile or bride 

— aux cartea, diamond at cards 
Canrefour, sm. crosaway 
Carrelag^e, tm. pavement of square stance 
Carrder, va. to pave with square stance 
Carrekt, sm. a flounder, sort offishmg 

net, packing needle, awl 
Carreleur, i>m. pavier 
CarrElure, s£. the ad of mending Owes 
Cairdment, adv. in Vie form of a square 
Carter, va. to sauare 
ae — , vr. to walk pnmdly, strut 
Cam, sm, cunry, mixture of eatables sea- 
soned with Iwt spices 
Carrier, sm. quarryman 
Carri^re, af. quarry, career, course 
Carriole, A small carriage, covered cart 
Carrosse, sm. carriage, coach 

— true, landau 

— de louage ou fiacre, hackneycoadt 
Carrosa^, af. coadtful 
Carroaaier, sm. eoachmaker 
CantHtael, sm. carousal, noi*y revti 
Carrousae, sf. carouse, drinking match 
Carruie. 8& breadth of the &houlders 
Carte, af. card, map, chart, pasteboard 

— h\Knc\\e, fiM power 
—a k jouer, playing^ards 

Cartel, am.' cartel, agreement to ex^ 

change prisoners of wax 
Cart^ianisme, stA. Cnrtesian philosophy 
Cart«sien, sm. Cartesian 
Carrier, am. card-maker 
Cartillaire, am. cartilage, gristle, tendrU 
Cartilacineux, euae, Mj. cartHaginoue 
Carton, am. cartoon, pasteboard, cancel 
Cartonnage, am. pasteboardrwork 
Cartomier,. va. to cancel leaves in a book, 


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CAR a 

Cartonnier, am. ptuteboard^maker 
Ourtouche, sm. csrtoticA* eartrtdgt 
Cu. am. case* Jbett buHneet, uivvm 

— Autuit» mere efta»c0 

— pendabk* hangint( matter 
•— de conwience, reeeroed ease 

^ w, uij. breken» snundinfr as if broken 
Casanier, am. one fond of home 
>•, i^re, adj. UUe* retired 
CaM»que, a, greateoat . 
Caaaquin, am. short fpown 
Caacade, ■£ cascade, waterJhUt cataract 
Ca*e» sf. square in a draught-board, tntt 
Cuseuiate, af. casemate, kind of vault 
l)aaetiiat6, e, adj. defiinded by a casemate 
Caacmater, va. tofiirtify 
Caaern«( sllL barrack 
Caaserner» vd. to lodge in barracks 
Caaaeux* euae, adj. caseous, resembling 
CaaaiUeux, euae, adj. frHM<« Icheese 
Caaquc, am. htimet, headpieee 
Caaquette* af. youth s cap 
Caaade, af. sham, iUusory pretext, flam 
Caatttit, e, adj. brittie, apt to break 
Caaaatba, itcasse^Um, actofanntUUng 
Caaae* af. cassia, printt^s case, pen-case 
Caaae-cou, am. breakneck, dangerotu 
Casac-noiaecte, am. nut-cracker \jUace 
Caaae-tftte, am. tomahawk, puzzHng pro- 
blem, difficult study, heady wine 
Caaser, va. to break, bruise, discharge, 

cashier, dismiss, suppress, annul 
— t vn. to grow old, weak, infirm 
ae —, vr. to grow faint, cra:zif, decrepit 
Casaerole* ai. stew-pan, sauce-pan 
Casaette, sf. small strong box, casket 
Caa.eur. am. stout man, bulkf 
Caaaie, af. cassia, fragrant spice 
Caaaier, am. cassia tree 
Casdne, af. cottage, small country hoUse 
(:aaa61ette, sL perfuming pan 
Caaaonade, St, moist sugar, brown sugar 
Caaaure, at broken place, crack 
Caatagnettea, af. pU castanets 
Ca»te» af. caste, race, tribe 
Caatille* afl altercation, contention 
Caator, sm. beaver, beaver hat 
Caatram^tation, af. eastrametation,the 

practice nf encamping 
Caatrat, am. eunuch 
Caatratlon, at castratUth, emascukUion 
Caau%Wii, at casualty, acciditnt 
Caauel, am. pn^its, perquisites 
—, \e, arij. cama/, accidental, fortuitous 
Caauellement, sA\'.casuaUy,acddentally 
Casuiste. am. casuist 
Catachrese, at ctUaehresis 
Cauoumbea. af. pi. catacombs 
Catafalque, am. the erection on which 

the body lies in state 
Catalepaie» st catalep^,sortofapi^ptesy 
Cataleptique, adj. catatiBptie 
Catalogue, tv^ catalogue, list, roll 
Cataplaame, am. cataplasm, poultice 
Caupu.te, at catapult, military engine 
. finr throwing stones 
fSsaancu, at eatwiact, waterfUi 
Cwanbc, am. catarrK « mm 


Ccuurriieui« euaa^ a4)> caiMrrihMt 
Cataatrophe, af. catastrophe, Anml eoent 
Cat6i:huer, va. to catediise, tnstruct 
Cat^biame, am. eatovhism 
Cac<Schiate. am. oatecMst 
Cat^bumene, am. eate^> um en , ena who 

is yet in the rudiments of Christianity 
Cat^orie, at eat^Fory, tiass, order 
Cat^rique, a^j. categoricai, abeolute 
Cat^riquemeDt> adv. categorieaUy 
Catbartique, a^j. cathartic, purgative 
Cath^raie, at a cathedral isality 

CatboUciame, am. Catholicism, unioer- 
CathoUck^, at Roman-catholic church 
Catholicon> at universal remedy 
Cathulique, adj. cathdie, univertml 
CatboUquementy adv. . generally, aini- 

Cati, am. gUtss or stiffening in dMA 
Catin, at fbmale of bad fame 
—, am. foundry basin or vessel 
Cacir, va. to pressor ptUa gioes on dnth 
Catoptiique, at catoptrics, that part of 

ofiice which treats of vision 6y refiec- 
Caucbemar, am.^nightmare jjion 

Cauaalit^, at causaMty, agency «(ft 
Cauaatif, fve, adj. cmtsative 
Cause, st cause, principle, motive^ sub- 
ject, ground, interest, suit at kuo 
k — de, }^p»fbr the.sake qf 
ill — quo, conj. because 
Causer, \'a. to cause, occasion, prodtice 
—, vn. to spt-ak, converse, discourse 
Cduserie, af. conversation, gttssip, chat 
Causeur, cuse, amt talkative person 
Causticity, at malignity, censorUmsnass 
Caustique, adj. caustic, pungent, hot 
Cauteleuaeoieat, adv. cunningly, dily 
Cautefeux, euse, adj. sh/, umy, wary 
Caut^re, am. cautery, burning-iron 
Caut^ri«ation, at' cauterization 
Caut^rlaer, va. to cauterize, bum 
Caut^ris^, t, adi. cauterized, scared 
Caution, at bail, security, pledge 
Caudonnement, sm. the act ofosMing 
Caution ner, va. to bail, be bound fbr 
Cavalcade, «t eavaieade, procession en 
Cavale, at mare Ihorseback 

Cavalerie, st cavalry, horse troops 
Cavalier, am. cavalier, horseman, parti- 
san, knight, gay military ntan 
Cavalier, iere, a4). gay, brave, haufhty 
Cavaliferement. adv. cavalierly, gaitant- 
ly, haughti^, arn^funtly [bottles 
Cave, at cellar, vault, ease fiir holdivg 
—, adj. hollow, ejtcavated, deep, low 
Caveata, am. smaU cellar, church vault 
Cavifon, am. caoenaon, noseband, sno^ 
Cav^e, at hoUow utay 
Caver, va. to make hoUew 
M —, vr. to ffut the stake down at play 
Cai'erne, st cavern, den, hallow place 
Caveroeux, eu«e, aqj* eoMrnoaca 
CaveCr«t cttretto, round eonaave mous- 
ing in architecture 
Caviar, am. caviare, prepmutJon q^ the 
roes ofeeKtainfl^ fments 

Cavilladkm, at eavUlaHent JUae mrgeh 

Digitized by <^OOgie 


Ckviti, uL tavitjf, cavern, haSow place 

Ce,tm, cttttf pro. thU, that, it 

Crflf pL pro. thetCt thote 

Ce o est yaa, it U not 

Ce que, thatf what 

Ce qni, that, u%ieh, what 

C'e«t, it U 

Ce«t-li-«avoir/./o-tt')f, name^ 

Ceae-pourqun!, ther^fvre 

C'eit4b^ire, that is to Mtjf 

C^Mi», bAv. wUhin, at hmte 

Vnci, pro. this 

CiMt^, It. eeHty, bHndnest 

C^dant, e, smf. granter, one that ^fields 

Cider t va. to cede, jfield, submit, obejf 

C^ille, St. wdilla 

Chdre, tm. cedar 

C^ule. sf. bUl, note, schedule 

Ceindre, va. to enclose, environ, eneirde 

C^ntrage» sm. the cords which either 

eneirde or tie a ship 
Centura, ^f. waist, sash, girdle, band 
Celatuiier, sm. belt-maker 
Ceioturon, sm. belt, waist or sword belt 
CfU, pro. that, it 

C^i^tomnt, sm. fffiriating priest [tion 
C^l^brhtioD, sf. celebratum, solenuiiza- 
C^k/tSK, adj. veltbratcd, famous 
C^I^rer, va. to celebrate, solemnize 
— les exDioiti, Co record achievements 
C^^brite, SI. celebritp,/bnte, renown 
Ctier. va. to conceal, hide 
C4len, sm. celery 
C^l^t^, sf. celerity, activity, rapidity, 

swiftness, qtticknees, haste, speed 
Celeste, adj. celestial, heavenly * 

C(6nbat, sm. celibacy, single lift 
C^libataire. sm. a baeheior 
Cdl^rier, ierr, smf. purveyor, caterer 
Cellier, sm. cellar, storeroom 
Cellulaire, aiij. cellular, full of cavities 
Cellule, sf. cal, cavity in a honey-comb 
Celtique, adj. Celtic, relating to the Celts 
Celui, pro. he, that [or Gauls 

C^nacle, tm.the place where our Saviour 

celebrated his last supper 
Cendrr, sf. a^ies, embers, remains, rdics 
Cendr^, r, adj. ash-coloured 
Cendreiix, euj«( adj. a»hy,fuU ofashee 
Cendrier, sm. ash-pan 
Cine, s£ the I^irtrs Supper 
C^nobire, sm. monk 
C^ohitique, »di.'eenobitioal 
C^maphe, sm. cenotaph, empty tomb 
Cens, sm. census, quit-rent 
Cense; ti. fee farm 
Cens*. e, adj. accounted, reputed 
Censenr* sm. censor, censurer, critic 
Censier, l*re, smf. flie-Jhrmer 
Censitaire. sm. copyhtMer, fkiudaiory 
Censive, »f. quit-rent manor 
Censuel, le, ttA\.fntdal 
('ensurablf. adj. censurable, UanuMe 
Censure, sf. censure, criticism, reproach 
Censurer. va. to censure, criticise 
CsDt, adj. et sm. hundred, hundred- 
Centaine» sf. hundred [weight 

vcttuore, sm. cenlBMr, a IWw/ow Mi^ 

7 CMA 

Centrnaire, adj. centenary 
Ccntenier, sm. cetiturion 
Centi^me, adi. centesimal, hu n or w a^ 
Ccnton, van. fragmentary compositksm 
Central, e, atij. cetitral 
Centre, sm. centre, middle, chief plaat 
CenerifuKe, adi. centrifugal 
Centri^^te, adj. centrtpetat . 
Centuple, sni. hundredfold 
Centuplcr, va. to centuplicate 
Centuric, sf. century, a hundred pemr* 
Cep, sm. vine / pi . fetters, stocks 
Ccpirndant, adv. conj. in the msantitn^ 

nevertheless, yet, however 
C^phaliquc, adj. cepttalic 
C^rat, sm. cerate, placer 
Cerl^re, sm, Cerberus, gaoler, porter 
Cerccau, sm. hoop, rine, net 
Ctroelle, sf. teal, a bird, tietjbr birds 
Cercle, sm. circle, ring, hoop, company 
Cercler, va. to htnip, environ, eneirde 
Cercueil, sm. affin, death 
C^r^bral, e, aitj. btlvnginfr to the brain 
C^r^monial, smf ctrewvnial, formality 
C^i^monle, sL ceremony, compliment 
C^r^monUux, eusr, adj. ceremonious 
Cerf, sm. stag, hart, ataif horn 
Cert- volant, Sm. paper kite, horn beetle^ 
Certeuil, tm, diervd, a plant 
CtTi»e, »f. cherry 
Ceiitier, sm. cherry-tree 
Cerncau, sm. kernel of a green wabtmt 
Cerner, va. to ^ke out the kernel of a rmi 
Certain, e, mu. certain, sure, positive 
—, sn». eirtainty, positive fact 
Ccrtainement, adv. vertninly 
Certes, adv. unquestionably, truly 
Crrtiflcat, sm. certijicate, testimontf 
Certiflcateur, sm. certifier, attexter 
Certification , sf. cert ffii-at ion , attestation 
Certifier, va. to cert if,/, attest, ossur^ 
Certitude, sf. certainty, assttrance 
Ceruse, sf. ceruse, white lead 
Cerveau, sm. brain, sense 
Cen-elct, sm. eerebel, part of the bvnlu 
Cervelie, sf. brains, judgment, intdlert 
Cessant, e, adj. ceamng, suspended 
Cessation, sf. cessation, end, intermission 
Cesse, (sans) without cea:>ing 
Cesser, vn. to eea^, di.'Konttnue,^isk 
CesslMe, adj. cessible, yielding l>rvot 
Cession, sf. cession, art of yieldinir, re- 
Ceste, sm. cestwt, girdle 
C^UTv, tt. pause, rest \kir>4 

Cetac^, e, adj. cetaceous, of the whale 
Ceux, celles, pro. these, those 
Ct)aconne, sf. chacoon, Spanish danee 
Chacun, e, pro. every one, each 
Chafouln, e, smf. mean-lookinr person 
—, e, adj. pitiful, poor, lean, ill shaped 
Cliagrin, sm. chagrin, vexation 
—, e, adj. chagrined, vexed, grieved 
Chagrinant, e, ad)> vesatious, griev ua 
Chagrlner, va. to vex, grieve, affi»ct 
se — » vr. to ves oneself 
Chalne. s& eAatn, u>arp, ridge, bordage^ 

— de tochers, ledge ofroeke 

— de port, beotmqfa hartfour 


CHA 8 

Chatnette, &f. STwitl chain 
Chalnon, sm. link of a chain 
Chair, sf. Jtenh, gkin, body 

— vive, the quick 

— de fruit, pulp offruH 
Chalre, sf. pulpit, profeMnrship 
Chaise, sf. chair» teat, chaise [tomer 
Chaland, e, sort qf flat boat, eu*- 
Chak'ur, sf. heat, warmth, ardow, teal 
Chaleureux, euoe, adj. sanguine, ardent 
Cbilit, sm. bedstead 

ChaloufK', sf. fp-tat boat, sloop, ^uxUop 

— canonni^re, gun-b(tat 

— d'un vaisseau, long-boat [straw 
Chalumcau, sm. pipe, flute, stalk of 
Chamade, stl chamade, thebeatofadrum 

flit a 'parley or surrender 

Chamaiiler, vn. to wrangle, dispute, con- 
tend by argument, fight, skirmish 

M — , vr. to squabble, brawl 

Chamaillis, sm. fray, squabble, skirmish 

Chamarrer, vh. to bedizen, datU> over, 
cover with gold or silver lace 

Chambellan, sm. chamberlain 
• -Chfimbrankf, sm. jamb, mantelpiece 

'Chambre, st. chamber, room 

— obscure, camera obscura 

, — de canon, chamber of a carmon 

— Basse, House of Commons 
-r Haute, House of Lm-ds 

^ Cbambr^f, sf. persona living together 
In one apartment, full house 

Cham brer, vn. to lodge together 

'Chambrette, sf. cabin, small rqom ' 

Chambri^re, sf. housemaid, horsewhip 

Chameau, sm. camel 

Chamelier, sm. camel-driver 

Chamois, sm. chamois, a kind of gnat i 
peau de — , shammy leather 

Champ, wn. field, piece of ground, mat- 
ter, theme, subject to urrite upon 

— d'un peifcne, bridge of a comb 

— de bataille, field of battle 

— ck)s, camp, lif>t 
'Champagne, sf. champagne wine 
*Champ6lre, a^lj. rural [room 
'Champignon, sm. small kind of mush- 

— d'unechandelle, thief in a candle 
'Champion, sm. champion 

Chance, -flf. chance, good luck, success 
<Chancel, sm. See Cancel 

Chancelant, e, adj. tottering, unsteady 
• Chancel er, vn. to totter, waver 

Chancelier, sm. chancellor [warmer 
«ChanceH6re, sf. chancello/s wife, foot- 

Chanceliement, sm. unsteadiness 

Chancellerie, sf. chancery 

8hanceux, euse, adj. lucky, fortunate 
hanci, e, «dj. mouldy, musty 
'<7hancir, vn. to begin to grow mouldy 

se — , vr. to grow mouldy, musty 
'Chancissure, sf. mouldiness 

Chancre, sm. cancer, malignant uieer 

Chancreux, euse, ejSj.^eancerous 
■Chandeieur, sf. CamUemtis-day * 

Chandelier, sm. eanilestickx taUow- 
•ChandeUe, nf. candle [chandler 

tChanfran. tm-fareheatiiofa horse 


Change, im. change, exchange 
Changeant, e, adj. changeable, fidth 
Changement, sm. change, alteratiBn 
Changer, va. to change, alter, trangform 

exdnange, barter^ amend • 
Changeur, sm. banker, money-dwmger 
Chanoine, im. canon, prdtendattf 
Chanoinesse, sf. oanoness 
Chanson, sf. song, idle story 
Chansonner, va. to kimpoon,*sattHze 
Chanaonette, sf. cansonet, ^utrt song 
Chanson nier, J^re, smf. baUad^mikerv 

Chant, tm. nnging, tune, song, eante 
Chan cant, e, oAy fuU of mdocv 
Chanter, va. to sing, praise, ceM>rate 
—, vn. to sing, crow, warble 
Chanterelle, sf. treble-string 
Chanteur, ease, smf. singer 
Chantier, sm. wood-^ard, timber-yard 
Chantignole, sf. bracket, support 
Chantre, sm. chanter, precentor, chor- 
Chantrerie, sf. chantry [ister 

Chanvre, sm. hemp 
Chaos; sm. ehadit, confusion 
Chape, sf. priest's vestment, cope, eteak, 

di^ircover, chape of a buckle 
Chapeau, sm. hat, bonnet, head-pieee 

— de fleurs, garland of flowers 
Cbapelun, sm. chaplain 
Chapeler, va. to rasp bread 
Chapelet, sm. ehaplet, beads, gariand 
Chapelier, lire, smf. hatter, hat-eeUer 
Chapelle, sf. chapel, benefice 
Chapellerie, sf. hat trade 

I hapelure, sf. chips, rasj^gs of bread 
Chaperon, sm. chaperon, kind of hood, 

cope-stone, male who attends a lady in 
Chaperonner, f«. to cope a tvall [jnwlic 
Chapitean, sm. capital, top of a pillar 
Chapitre, sm. chapter, subject, matter 
Chapitrer, va. to rebuke, reprimand 
Chapon,sm. capon, barn-door fltwl, eruai 

ofbreadJioiled in broth 
Chaponneau, sm. young capon 
Chaque, adj. pro. each,' every 
Char, sm. car, chariot 
Charade, sf. charade, pun, riddle 
Charan^on, sm. weevil, mite 
Charbon, sm. coal, mildew, pimple, tore 

— de bols, charcoal 

— de terre. pit-coal [or pork 
Charbonnee, sf. broiled short rib qfbee 
Charbonner, va. to daub with ehareoal 
Charbonnerie, sf. coal-pit, charcoal-kiln 
Charbonnier, i^re, smf. coal-merchant, 

collier, coal-cellar 
Charbon ni^re, sf. colliery, coal-depot 
Charbouiller, va. tdblast, mildew, blight 
Cbamiter, va. to hack, mangle, tear 
Charcuterie, sf. pork-trade, hoa^s flesh 
CharcutSer, ifere, smf, pork-seller 
Chanlon, sm. thintle, spike-head 
Chardonnef, va. to nnp cloth 
Chardonneret, sm. goldHnch 
Chardonnette ou Cardonette, tL wUd 

prickly artichoke 
Chardonnidre, sf. ground ^s of tkUUes 

Digitized by <^OOgie 


Chvrge, sf. t^arge» expente, load, tax,, 
Jwnetion, pott, eiutodjft office, ofueti 
ivvenir it la —, to attaefe again, te- 
moln k la — , ou k d^— , untnesB f»r 


'.irut the prosecute 
\, e, aiij. laden t loatted 

Chaifpement, sm. bill of lading, cargo 
Chai^r, va. to charge, load, attack, fili 
Char^eur, sm.'jjorter, labourer, loader 
Chanot, tm. chariot, wain, waggon 
Charitable, adj. charitable, inerc\fltl 
Charitablement, adv. chaHtabljf 
Charity, sf. charity, alma, benefieei^ee 
Charivari, >m. paltry mueic, tumttlt 
Charlatan, sm. quack, mountebank 
Charlataner, va. to cheat, gull, cajoie 
Charlataneri«, sf. quackery, wheedling 
Charlatan isme, sm. gygtem of deception 
Charmant, e, adj. charming, delightful 
Channe, sm. charm, allurement, magie^ 

«pea, eru^antnient, hornbeam-tree 
Charmer, va. to charm, enchant, allay 
Charmille, sf. heflge of yoke-elm tree* 
Chamage, »m.fle8h4tme 
ChameU le, adj. carnal, aeneuai 
Chamellement, adv. carnally, ienaually 
Chameux, euse, k6]. fleshy, cameoua 
Chamier, sm. ehamelhouae, larder 
Charnifere, sf. hinge, rivet 
Chamu, e, adj. carneou8,fleehy, plump 
Chamare, tsf.fleeh, akin 
Chaitigne, sf. carrion, carcaaa 
Charpente, sf. timber-work, timber 
Cbarpenter, va. to tvork timber, hack 
Charpenterie, sf. carpentry, timber-work 
Charpentier, sm. carpenter 

— de navire, ahip-wriirht 
Charpie, sf. lint, liniment, ruga 
Charret^, sf. cart-load 

Cbamtier, i^re, smf. cor man or UMtman 
Charrette, sf. cart, waggon 
Charriage, sm. carriage, conveyance 
Charrkr, va. to carry, bring in a cart 

— droit, vr. to behave oneaelfwell 
Charrof, sm. price of carrying, cartage 
Charron, sm. cart or wheel wright 
Charronnage, sm. cartwrighfa work 
Charroyer, va. to cat^y in a cart 
Chamie, sf. plough; tirer la — , to toil 

hard; mettre la — devant les boeufa, 

to put the cart before the horae 
Cbartre ou Charte, sf charter, prison, 

eonatitution or great charter 
Chartreux, euse, smf. Cktrthuaian fHar 

ormsn, monastery, charter-houae 
Cbartrier, sm. keeper nf^iartera 
Chas, am. eye of a needle, weaver'aatardi 
CbiUse, sf. ahrine, frtime ofapectadea 
Cbasa^ sm. atep in dancing 
Chasse, sf. hunt, act ofcourring, game 

— anx oiaeanx, fowling, shooting 
Chasselas, sm. sort of white grapea 
Chasser, va. to hunt, pursue, drive for- 
ward, turnout 

Chasseur, euse, smf. hunter, huntress 
Chasne, sf. bleeredneaa, gum of the eye 


ChAssls, nxu^rne, enclosure, saO^ 
Chaste, adj. chaste, pure, modest, eamd 
Chastement, adv. chastely, correctly 
Chastet^, sf. <^astity, purity 
Chasuble, sf. chasuble, a kind of cope 
Chasublier, sm. maker of ecclesiastioKl 

ornaments , 
Chat, te, KDf. 'oat; acl<eter — ea pocfa«» 
to buy a pig in a poke; il u'y a pas de 
quoi touetter \in—,itisa mere trijie 

— ecbaudd cralnt I'eau froide, a burnt 
child dreads the fire 

— fouui, pettijh^ger, valtry lawyer 
— s, pU catkins, sort offiowers 
ChAtaigne, sf. chestnut itnee 

Cb&tai|;neraie, sf. cluster of c*^ "" 

Chaciigiiier, sm. chestnut-tree 
Cb&tain, adj. chestnut colour 
CbAteau, sm. castle, palace, manor- 
house, seat ; b&tir ou taire des — x «n 
Espagne, to buUd castles in the air 

— (i'eau, water-house or reservoir 
Ch&telain, sm. lord qf a manor, gover- 
nor of a castle • [vers frame 

Cbicelet, . sm. smedl castle, ribbon-wetH 

— s, |)1. heaps of turf 

Chatellenie, sf. extent of a manor, iord- 

sliip qfa castle * 

Chat-huant, sm. owl, screeiA-owl 
Chftti^r, \'a. to chastise, correct 
Ch&timent, sm. ehastisemetit 
ChHton , sm. kitten, bezel ofafingerring 
('hninuillcment, sm. act of tickling 
ChatouilliT, va. to tickle, j^ease.jiatter 
Chatouilleux,«u$e, adj. tirklisl,, tovchy 
Chatoyant, e, adj. sparkling, emitting 
Chntoyer, vn. to radiate, sparkle [rayjS 
Cli&tr^, sm. eunuch 
ChAtrer, va. to castrate, emasculate 

— les ruches, to take part f^f the h 
from the hive 

— un arbre, to top or prune a tree 
CJhatt^, sf. the brood of a cat 
Chatter, vn. to kitten 

Chaud, sm. heat, warmth, passion 
— , e, adj. warm, hot, engnr,jierre, hasty 
Chaudfment, adv. warmly, hastily 
Chaudi^r«, sf. caldrofi, large kettle 
Chaudron, sm. snwH kettle, boiler 

— de nompe, bottom-rovpr of a pump 
Chaudronn^, sf. kettteful 

Bhaudronnerie, sf. brazier's ware 
handronnier, \^n, smf. brazier, tinker 
ChaufFage, %vn.fuel,firetvood 
Chauffer, va. to heat, warm 
— , vn. to grew warm 
se — , vr. to warm aneoelf 
Chaufferette, sf. foot stove 
Chauffblr, sm. warming place, warm 

eloth for a sick person , h ea ter 
Cbaufour, sm. limekiln 
Chaufoumier, sm. Ume-bumer 
ChaumaKP, sin. act of cuttinif stubble 
Chaume, sm. stubble, stubble field 
Chaumer, va. to cut stubble, to thatch 
Chaurci^re, sf. thatched house, cottage 
Chaussant, e, a^. easy to put on, eonl> 

Digitized by <^OOgie 

CHA 4 

ChaoM^e* sf. eaiiaewaift ettke, bank 
Chauwe-piecf, sin. shoe-horn 
CiuMmett va. to put on shoe* or stock- 
ingst make shoes to Jit 

— le coihurne, to become a dramatist 

— dcB arbn-s, to raise earth around trees 
— <» vn. to fit on boots or ^oes [*'*.'f 
M — , vr. to put on one's shoes or mocU- 
Chausae-trape, sf. caltrop^ inittrument (ff 
Chaqsette, sf. uniier-stockinfc {u 
Chaussons, sm. dippers, pumps 
Chauasure, sf. stockitif:, boot, shoe 
Chauve, adj. bald, without hair 
Chauve-aouris, sf. bat, flitterwouse 
Chaux, sf. lime 
-^vive, quicklime 

— ^Ceinte, slack-lime 
Chavirer, vn. to overset, subvert 
Cb«f, sm. chi^, hfdd, director, eandue- 

tor, leader 

— defamille, house-keeper 
-- d'arm^, general 

— d'une arm^e, ixmmander of the forces 

— d'escadre, commodore 

— d'aocusation. charge or indictment 

— d'une carri^re, head of a quart^ 

— 4g pi^e* captain of a gun on board of 
Chef-d'oeuvre, sm. master-piece Iship 
Chef-lieu, sm. county town, manor-house 
Chelin, sm. shilling 

Chemin, sm. way, road, path» pdssage 

— de fer, railroad 

— d^tourn^, by-road 

— de traverse, cross-road 

— des gens de pied, foot-path 

— fesant, by the way 

— fhrt passant, great thoroughfitre 
^— de rdcole, the longest way about 
Chomin^, sfl chimney, fire-place 
Chemtner, vn. to go on, walk on , 
CheiQise, sf. shirt, shift, smock 
Chemisette, sf. under-watttcoat 
Ch6naie, sf. oak plantation 
Chenal, sm. narrow channel 

Chdne, sm. oak . {p*pc 

Cbfineau, sm. young oak, gutter, leaden 
Chenet, sm. andiron, the iron at the end 

*>f o i^ate on which the spit turns 
Chenevifere, sf. hempfield 
Chenevis, sm. hemp-seei 
Chenevotte, sf. tiemp straw 
Chenevottcr,vn. to shoot weak wood ^ 
Chenil, sm. dog-kennel 
Chenille, sf. caterpillar 
Chenu. c, adi. hoary, gray-headed 
Cher, ere, adj. dear, cherished, beloved 
Chercher, va. to seek, look^fbr,jsearch 
Chercheur, euse, smf. seeker, searcher 
Ch&re, sf. cheer, treat, entertainment 
Cbftrement, adv. tenderly, dearly 
Chdrif, Sch^rif, ou Sberif, sm. cherif or 

9herr\ffe, Mohammedan hlgh-priesi 
Ch^rlr, va. to cherish, love denrly 
Cb6ris8ab1e, adj. cheriithahle, lowly 
Cherti, sf. deamess, high price 
Ch^rubln, sm. cAfertib 
CluKif, ive. adj. sorry, mean, vOe, ton- 

tmiiptible,de9pKaMe,mifenM« puny 


Ch^ivonent, adv. pitifully, poorly 

Cheval, sm. horse s fievre de — , mk 

f&atars tra\'ail <lc —, Aord loorir 

— de selle, saddle-horse 

— de bataille, war- *torse 

— de courfC, raeo'horse 

— de carosse, coach-horse 

— de rdaia, fi^esh horse ' 

— de traitf drau/fht-horst 

— de poste, post-horse • 

— (]e main, charger 

— enticr, ataUion 
-^hqnBte, gelding 

— fondu, leapfrog 

Chevaleresque, adi. chivalrous, fhmtig 
Chevalerie. vL kntgluhood, chivalrp 
Chevalet, im. wooden hurse, bridge of a 
Chevalier, mauknight, water fawl[fiatUe 

— d'indiutrie, sharper, cheat 

— d'honneur, first gentlttman-iuher 
Chevauchde, %i. judge's circuit 
Chevaucher, va. to ride on horaeboidt 
Cbevau-l^ger, sm. light dragoon 
Cbevelu, c, adj. hairy, Utng^haired 
Chevelure, sf. hair, head of hair 
Chevet, m. bolster • 

Cbev£tre, snv halter 

Cheveu, tm.»hair, fibre, thread: treat 

de —X, plait of hair; de — x, hairy 
—X blancs, hoary head, gray hairs 
Cheville, sf. pin, peg, plug, bolt, broncft 

— du pled, ankle-bone 

Cheviller, va. to pin, faeten with a p^ 
Ch^vre, sH she-goat; gin or triem^ 

with pulleys 
Chevreau, sm. kid, young goat 
Ch^vre-feuille, sm. honeysuckle 
Ch^vre-fded, tidj. goat-Jhoted 
Chevrette, sf. roe ; hand-iron, imet 
ChevreuU, sf. roebuck 
Chevrier, sm. goat-herd 
Chevrillard, tm.ftntm of a roe 
Chevron, sm. chevron in heraldry, rafter 
Che\Tonn^, e, adj. cont-ttf-arms 
Chevroter, vn. to bring Jhrth kids, «&^» 

fret, sing with a tremfiting voice 
Ciievrotin, sm. kid-lmther, kid gtovee 
Chevrotine, sf. deenshot 
Chez, prep, at, to, among, with 

— moi, toi, lui, elle, nous, vous* eax, 
elles, at my, thy, his, her, our, yow^ 
their house 

— nous, in our country, at home 

— les Romains, among the Romane 
Chiaoux, sm. qfficer of the Grand Turk 
Chicane, sf. chtcane, dispute, cavil 
Chicaner, vn. to cfiicane, quarrri 
Chicanerie, sf. ehicanent, caviUing 
Chicaneur,euse, smf. chivner, wrangler 
Chiranier, i^re, smf. caviller, disputer 
Chiche, adj. stingy, mew, ararieious 
Chicbement, adv. stitgily, niggardly 
Chfchet^, s£ nigeardline»s, avarice 
ChlcoD. sm. eoss^lettuce 

Chicoree, sf. chieort/, endive 
Chlcor, sm. stump of a tree or a tooih 
Chicoter, vn. to wrangle about a trifle 
Chiootin, im. orfinct the juice efekee 

Digitized by <^OOgie 

CHI 4 

Ctaleii.ii«, fmf. dof, bHeh t grand -^ dog- 
Mart Sariut, or Cam» Major t pel^ «-« 
Cam* Minor; m«\ite de — s, pack of 
hawidas e&tre — et loup, twuight 

— coQchant, setter 

— courant, hound, beaten 

— (f arr^c, pointer 

— de cbuKt houndt ranffer 

— de fiuilt eock of a muakei 
Chien-Hlent, un. doff'e ffif**** eoud^graea 
Chicaner, vn. to wheipt pupt litter 
Cbiflfe, si: inferior ailk, poor tttuff^ raga 
Chiffon, sni. rafc, rumpied garment 

— s, gewgaws, linen of a ladj^t drese 
CbiMineri v% to rumple, tumble, spoil 
Cbifbnnier, i^re, tmf. rag-pidcer, punc- 

tiUamepermmt iad^s work table or box 
Chifhv, SQL cipher, Jigure, number 
Cbiifnr, va. to cipher, number, east up 

aemueUe, compute, unite in ei^iera 
ChUfreur, soa. accountant 
Chii^to* t£ chimera, whim, idJefanep 
Chimdriquc, adj. chimerical, imaginary 
Chimie, U, diemistrv 
Chinuquc, adj. ehemieal 
Chimlste,/in. chemist 
Cbionrme, ef. galtet/s crew [jM/le 

Chipocer* vn. to Oinffie, dispute on a 
ChipoUtr, i^rr. imt. trifier, shMffler 
Chiqae^ sf. kind of gnat, marble ball, 

fuidqf tobacco 
Chiquenaude, tf. fillip, euddenjerk 
ChiqiwC, am. smaU pwee, bit, driblet 
CMxurgictL\, c, adj. chirurgieai 
Cbirargie, sf. surgery 
ChirurKien, un. surgeon 
ChirurgiqUf, adj. surgical 
Chime, sll.ftifs dung 
Choc, am. Otoek, onset, disaster, attack, 

daahing together, collision. Now ■ 
Tliooolat, sm. chocolate 
Choooilatlfcre, st choeolatorpot 
CboeoiaUcr, i^re, amt; chocolate-vender 
Choear, sm. choir, dtorus 
Choir, m. tofiM 

Choiair* va. to choose, elect, nominate 
Choix* am. cAoice* election, nomination 
Cbdmable, adj. aatd of a hoHda^ that is \ 

to be kept 
Ch4>niagr, ^m. rest from work, respite I 
ChAmer, vn. to keep holiday [a thing 

— de quelque chose, to stand in need of 
Chopine, at. old French hnlfpint • . 
Chopiaer, vn. to sip, tipple 
Chopper, vn. to stumble, blunder 
Chotpiatit, e, adj. shocking, unpletuant, 

dieagreeaUe, offensive, injurums I 
Choquer, va. to strike, dash, beat against 
se — , vr. to dash with, encounter 
s'entre — » v. rvcip. to abuse one another 
Chofistc, snu dtorister 
Chongraphie, %t chorography 
ChOTOKrapbique, adj. ehorographieal 
Choras, am. singing in chorus 
Choae, sf. thing, offair, feet, matter 
Choa» SOB. cabbage, eoletcort; jeunes 
— x» jpnmto 

I CIM ' 

Ghogbu, tm. Jackdaw 
Vhou-croute, sf. kind of pickled cabbage 
Chouette, sf. screech owl, laughing^odk 
Choyer, va. to take care of, bundle 
Chreme, sm. chrism, ht-ly otl 
Chrdeien, ne, smf. a Christian i- an ttv- 

eeilent kind of pear 
— , ad^. christian 
Chr^tiennement, adv. chriatianfy 
Chr^ient^, sf. Christendom 
Chti»t, snk Jesus Christ, Messiah 
Christianisme, sm. Christianity 
Christianiser va. to christianize 
Chromatique, adj. chrvmatic 
Chroiiiquc, sf. ehrotncle, history 
— , adj. chronic, of lung cotMnuanoe 
Chroniqueur, un. writer ofchmnMee 
Cbrono|{ramroe, sm. chronogram 
C'bronologie, sf. chronoloity» 
ChronoIoKique, acjj. chrouological 
Cbronplogme, sm. rhrtmolofdst 
Chrofiologue, sm. chronUoger 
Cbrononietrp, sm. chronometer 
Chrysalide, sf. chrysalis, aureiia ' 
Chncboter ou Chvuheier, vn. to whisper 
Chucboterie, sf. whispering 
Chuehoteur, euse, ou Ctaucheteur, ause, 

smf. whisperer, one who speaks low 
Chut, intcij. hush, silence, not a ward 
Chute, eLnM, tumble, disgrace, mUsfar- 

tune, disaster, Jbiiwe, miscarriage 
— d'une ^pi^rramme, point in an epigram 

— d'une p6riode, cadence at the end of a 
Chyle, sm. chyle [period 
CI, adv. here; tmuhu, par lit, here ond 
Ci-apr6s, hereafte*' [there 
i.H-devant, heretofore, hitherto, late 
Ci-dettous, here below 

Ci-dcssus, above, (^fbrestM 
Ci git, here lies 

Ciboire, sm. pis or pyx, sacred vase 
Cibouie, sf. seallion, kind qf onion 
Ciboulette, sf. smaU onion 
Cicatrice, sL dcatrive, scar left by a sore 
Cicatriculc, sf. small scar 
Cicatrisation, sf. the act of healing a sore 
Cicatrisant, sm. caustid applicatton 
—,0, part, eieatrizing, healing 
Cicatnscr, va. to cicatrize, heal a aara 
6e«— , vr. to skin over, be healed up 
Cid, sm. ctd, Arabian chief, commander 
Cidre, sm. ctder, liquor made from applet 
Ciel, sm. heaven, paradise, firmament, 
skif, climate, utmttsphere ; arc en — , 
jratnbow t feu dtt — , thunder g lemuer 
— et terre, to leave no stone unturned 

— de lit, teeter or top of a bed 

— de tableau, sky in painting 
Qergc, sm. wax-taper 

Cigale, sf. grasshopper [storiee 

Cigogne, sf. stork,- oontes dela— r, idle 

Cigufi, sf. hemlock 

Cil, sm. eyelash 

Cilice, sm. hair-doth 

Cillement, sm. twinkling of the eyes 

Ciller, va. to twinkle the ei/elids 

Cimr, rf« top, ridge, summit 

Cimem, sm. cement, mortar, tie, %milM% 





CIM 4 

Omenter, va. to cement» bind, knit, Join 
Cimeterre, sm. scimitar, mbre, fali:hion 
Cimedfere, •m. cemetery, chxtrdtyard 
Cimier, tm. erett, rump of beef 
— de cerf) haunch ofj/eniton 
Cinabre, smt cinnabar, vermilion 
Cin^ralre, adj. cinereotu, cineritioua 
Cinglage» sm. ship's course Jbr 24 hour* 
Cingler^ va. to laih, whip, flog 
~-,vn. to sail with afatr wind 
Cinnamoine, tm. cinnamon 
Ctaiq, adj.yiv0 
Cinquamaioe, %t,^tys UaU 

Cinquante. adj.>^ 
Cinquantieme, Sitij. fiftieth 
Cinqui&rQe, s^^'y fifth 
Cmqui^mement, lAw fifthly 
Cintre, sm. centre, arch, mould 
Cintrer, va. to build an arch 
Cirage, sm. t/te waxing of any thing, 

bladeing/or boots and shoes 
droompoUure* adj. circumpolar 
Ciicondre, va. to circumcise 
Circoncis, sm. one who is circumcised 
Cirooncicloto, sf. circumcision 
drconf^noe* sf. circumference, eirde 
CirconfleXCi adj. circun^fisx, bent 
Circonlocution, sf. circumlocution 
Clrconscription, sf. circumscription 
Circonacrire, va. to circumscribe, limit 
Circonspect» t, adj. circumspect, wary, 

discreet, wise, iMUtious, prudent 
Circonspection, sf. circumspection 
Ciroonstanoe, sf. circumstance, event 
Ciioonstancier, va. to circumstantiate 
CirooDvallation, Kt cireumvallation , 
CirooDveoir, va. to circumvent, deceive 
Circonventloa, sf. circumvention 
CSrconvoUin, e» adj. neigfUmuring, adja- 
' Gxcoovolntion, sf. circumvolution [cent 
Circuit* sm. dreuit, district, compose 
Circulaire, adj. circular, round 
Ciiculairementt adv. circular^ 
Circulant, e, adj. circulating 
Circulation, sf. circui<Uion, currency 
Cireulcff va. to circulate, move round 
Cire* sf. wasj chatideUe de —, wax- 

— k cacbcter ou d'Espagne* sealing-wax 

— det oreilles, wax of the ears 
Girer, va. to wax thread ox furniture 
drier, sm. wax-chandler Ibruise 
Giro^ne, sm. cerecloth, plaster ybr a 
Ciron* sm. hand worm, email blister 
Cirqu^ sm. circus, areajbr sports 
Cirure, s£ preparation of wax for boots 

or Owes, paste-tracking 
CiaaiUer, va. to dip, shear, cut short 
Cisaillesy sf. Clears, clippings 
CiAlpin, e, adj. on this side of the Alps 
Ciseau, sm. chisel, graver; —x, scissors 
Ciseler, va. to chase, emboss, carve 
Clwlet, sm. small graver 
Ciseleur, sm. chaser 
Ciaelure, sf. chased or carved work, act 

qf chasing, carving, or sculpturing 
Qudelle, sE citadel, futrees 


Citadio, e, smf. citizen, „ 
Citation, sf. citation, eummotu 
Cit^, sf. city, town 
Citer, va. to cite, summon, enjoin, quote 
Cit^rieur, e, adj. hithA; hithermoet 
Citerne, sf. cistern, reservuir 
Cicerneau, sm. small cistern 
Citoyen, ne, sm& citizen, freeman 
Citnn, e, adj.. citrine, tfa lemon e 
Citron, sm. citron, lemon 
Citronn^,e, adj. having the taste of lemon 
Citronelle, s£ citron-water, SeeMUhee 
Citronnier, sm. lemon-tree 
Citrouille, sf. pumpkin, gourd 
Cive, tf. chives, ktnd of onion* 
Civec, sm. stewed hare or rabbit 
Civette, smf. civet, civet-cat, perfume 
Civi&re, sf. handbarrow 
Civil, e, a4i* civil, well-bred, polities 
Civilonent, adv. civilly, courteouely 
Civilisation, sf. civilisation 
Civiliser, va. to civilize, poli*h, toften 
Civility, s£ civility, courtesy t maaqaer 

de — • to have no manners: fairc •» k, 

to receive or entertain one 
Civique, adj. civic, coneemingjcitiMne 
Clabaudage, sm. barking of dog* 
Clabauder. va. to bark, bawl 
Clabauderle, sf. damnur, bawling 
Clabaudeur, euse, smf. clamourer 
Claie, sf. hurdle, sledffC^ lattice 
Clair, e, adj. dear, evident, luminous 
— adv. dearly, plainly, maniJMfy 
Claire, sf. calcinated ashes 
Clairement, adv. clearly, distinctly 
Clairec, sm. pede precious stone 
Cluret, te, adj. ^vin) daret wine 
Clalre-voie, st. light rails in a park 
Clairi^re, sf. i^ade in a wood 
Clairon, sm. clarion, shrill trumpet 
Clair-sem^, e, ai^. thinly sown, searee 
Clairvoyance, sf. sagacity, acutenes* 
Clairvoyant, e, adj. dear-eighted, quidt 
Ciameur, sf. clamour, outay 
Clan, sm. dan, Soottieh or /Hab tribe 
Clandestin, e, adj. dandeetine, *ecret 
Clandettinement, adv. clandestinely * 
Clandestinit^i tf, privaey, eeereey 
Clapet, sm. valve, sucker of a pump 
Clapier, sm. cortey burrow, warren 
Clapir, vn. to squeak like a rabbit 
se -T« vr. to hide oneself tn a bwrrom 
Claque. s£ dappJbUno, a woman's dog 
Claquement, taudappingof hands, noisa^- 

Slaquemurer, va. to imprison, immure 
laquer, vn. to snap, chatter, applaud 
Claquet ou Cliquet, stn. clapper «fa mitt 
Clarification, st. darification 
Clarifier, va. to clarify, purifj/, br^flvten 
se —f vr. to grow dear 
Clannette, st: clarionet or darion 
Clart^, sf. deamess, light, splendour 
Classe, »L dass, rank, order, species, sort 
Clas er, va. to dass, set tn its plaee 
Classique, a^. dassic, dassicm 
Claudicadon, sf. /amenex*, actqfUmplnr 
Clause, sf. dause, condition, term, head 
CUuistna, e, a4j> dauetral, monaetieai 

Digitized by kjQOgie 

CLA 4 

Cia.ri, e, adj. thib-iiki 
CIavcau» irn. rot, tcab, esntre ttfan arth 
Clavecin, im. harptiehmrd 
Cia«e}^» e, adj. aeabhy, rotten > 
Clavel^t if. «oaS *h« rot in ^eep 
CUtrctte, »tpisi,Jbr9-hek of a $hip^ctt 
Clavlcule, tttlmriele, the eoUar-bow 
Clavla^ am. ke^s o/im orgtm or piano 
CUyaa* ma. mmaU hurdle 
Clayonnageow Clay onage* tm.flfnee mode 

tvUh hurdles and tur/e • 
Qet, vL keir» eeerett wav, mean* {note 

— en muBiqae* ken, el^, fundamental 

— de preawir, snrewkeg of a preee 
Clemenoe, if. demenei/, moderation 
Clement, c, adj. element, fMteartntr 
Clepafdre, if. elepeydra, water-doiM 
Clerc, un. derk, darfofmant echoffw 
CleiM, am. dergy, bndif ofdivinet 
Cldrkiil, e, aiij. clerical, relating to the 


, adv. derieattp 

Ci^ficuiuc wL the office of a dergyman 
Cdent, e» waiUeUent, deptndettt 
Clientele, sf. eonditittn of a client 
Clignement, nn. winking qfthe eifee 
Cligne-moaette, af. hide and seek 
Cligner, vtutowink, blink, twinkle 
Clignotcmcot, soi. frequent and invo- 
luntary twinkling of the q/e-lide 
Clignoter, vn. to twtnkle often 
Climat, am. dimate, dime, region 
Climatiriqae, adj. dimacterie 
Clincbe ou Clench*, sf. the UUeh of a door 
CUd^oU, am. twinkling of an eye 
CAnodUe, sf. hardware 
Clioiquc, adj. dinie, dinical 
Clinqoaat, tm. tlned,/alee /ditter 
Clique, sf. party , fiuMon, eeJbeU, league 
Cliqueicr, vn. to cCoe*, dank, dang 
diqacds, am. the dattering ofarme 
Cliaa^ sf. emaU hurdle, bandage, eplint 
Cliaa^v e»adj. eovared with wideer^oork 
Cloaquc, sf. eink, eontmen eewer 
^, 'em. filthy pereenoKfiaee 
Cloobe, s£ Ml, bUater, etew-pan 
Clochcracnt, am. aett/hoMng, limping 
Clodie-pied, adv. on one foot 
Cloctacr, sm« eteepte, bdfry 
— y Va. to cover with a ghue bell 
— • vn. to Urn*, hobble 
Clocbctte, at hand bell, bell-flower 
Claksan, et partition, dieieion iwork 
aolaoanafce etiCloiaonagv, sm. partition' 
Clottiv, am. doiater,eonvent, monaetery 
Clottrcr, va. to immure in a convent 
Clopin-doiMuaC, adv. hdMing along 
CIopincTf vn. to halt, hobble along 
Cloporte, am. trood-toUM 
Clore au Cl<^e, va. to ctoMf thut, eur- 

nmndg eneompaee, finith, eendude 
—, vruto doee, ehut 
doe, am. doee, email fldd 
■-, e, adj» doeed, doee, shut 
Cloaeaa* tm. email doee 
CloaaemcDt, am. dueMng i^fhene 
Cl oaa ur, vn. to duek 
CkOttuet wL eneloeure,fmee, cenehulm 

i COP 

Clou, am. nail, iron pin, boil, jwaMilr 

— d« ei\roAe, dove 

— de bolte ou d'^tui, etud 

— k crochet, tenter-hook 
Clooer, va. to nail, tack 
Ciouter, va. to adorn with etude 
Ciotttcrie, et.'nail-trade 
Cloutier* sm. nailer 

Club, sm. dub, oeeemNy, meeting 
Clubiste* am. member of a dub 
Coaocuse, sm. fuxompltce 
Coactif, ive, adj. coactive, coervtea 
Coaction, sf. coaction, coercion 
Coadjuteur, sm. coadjutor, 
Coadjutrice, sf. coadjutrix 
Coagulation, sf. coagulutUm 
Coagulcr, va. to coagulatr, congeal 
se C^oaliser, vr. to coalesce, unite. Join 
Coalition, sf. coalition, confederation 
Coassemcnt, stn. croaking of froge 
Coasaer, vn. to croa* 
Cobalt ou Cobolt, sm. eobaU, a mineral 
Cocagne, sf. email wood loaf,' pkysde 
J —, rich country t matde— , greased 
* pole at fairs, which competitors en- 
deavour to dimbfor a prize at the top 
Coenrde, sf. cockade 
Cocasse, adj* odd, comical, diverting 
Coche, sm. caravan, large cnadi 

— d^euxttrttedHng-boat or barge [man 
—, sf. notch, old sow, Jht iU-ehaped w^ 

, Cochenilte, rf. cochineal 
I Cocher, sm. coachman 

Cochl^aria, am. scurvy-g 
CochoD, sm. hog, pip, m , 
Cochonn^, sf. litter of p^s 


. terofpigr 

Cocbonner, vn. toftirrow 
Cochonnerie, et./uthiness. 
Coco, sm. coeoo-ntit 
Cooon, sm. cod of a silk-worm 
Cocotier, sm. cocoa-tree 
Coction, sf. coction, digestion 
Code, sm. code, collection of laws 
Codicillt, sm. eodieU, additUm to a wUl 
Coemption, sf. coemption, monopoly 
Coerdble, adj. coercible, that may be re- 
Cocrcitif, ive, adj. eoerdve [strained 
Coerdtion, sf. eoerdon, check, reetraint 
Co^emel, le, adj. coetemal 
Coeur, am. Heart, courage, spirit, qffic' 
tion. generodty, mind, soul, centre/ 
BOUMvement de — , rising of the stomF 
adit mon — , dear heart t avoir au 
— ,tobe side i dire par — , to say with- 
out a book / parler k — ouvert, to un* 
bosom oneself i il a le — au metier, 
he loves his business ; de sralt^ de — , 
wantonly,' de bon —, readUy, heartily 

— de chemfn^, back plate of a chimney 

— auz canes, hearts in cards 

— de I'Mver, the dejtth of winter 

— i^^reux, noble person 

Coexistence, sf. coexistence 
Coexister, vn. to coexist ■ 
Cottte, sm. etiffef* chest, trunk, eadtet 

- tan, strong oox, ii 

or treasury 


COF 4 

Coffrer, va. to shut up in a chevt or jaU 
Coffret, sm. tmcUl chett or trunk 
CoffKUer, tin. trunk^maker 
Cogoasse, ff. wild quinee [tree 

Cognassier, sm. quince or wHd quince- 
Cognat, sm. kiruman, kindred 
Cognation* sf. co/fnation, relatioiuhip 
Cogo^, sf. hatchet, axe 
Cogner» va. to drive in, thnut in 
^, vn. to knock, beat, hurt, numl 
•e — » vr. to hurt onetelfagaintet a waU 
Cohabitation, sf. cohabttation 
Cohabiter, vn. to cohabit 
Coh^ence* sf. coherence, connexion 
Coherent, e, adj. adherent, consietent 
Coheritier, i&re, nmf/coheir. joint heir 
Cohesion, if. cohesion, etatb qf union 
Cohobation» sf. cohobatUm 
Cohober, cohci>ate,dittilovar again 
Cohorte« sf. cohort, band, troop" 
Cohue, s£ rout, tumult, nu>b, crowd 
Coi, te, adj. atiU, quiet 
Coifie ou Coeffe» sf. hood, coif, caul 
Coiffer ou CoeBtr, va. to dreae the hair 
we—, drees one's hair, ret tipsy 
-~ dequelque chose; to befbnaofa thing 
Coififieur ou Coelfeur, euse« uaL hair' 

Coiffure ou Goeffure, sf. head-dress 
Coin, sm. comer, nngle, wedge, money 
Gotncidence, sf. coincidence 
Coincident, e, adj. coincident, united 
CoiDcider, vn. to coincide 
Coit, am. cottion, copulation 
Col, sno. stock, neckcloth, defile, strait 
Colarin, tm. frieze of a capital 
Colature, s£ colatUm, act tif straining 
Col^ataire, sm. See Coll^taire 
Cola»-morbus, sm. cholera-nuaims 
Colore, sf. eholer, anger, rage, ufrath 
— , adj. choleric, passumate, angry 
Col^rfque* adj. cholerie, irascibie 
Golibrit'sm. humming bird 
Colifichet, sm. gewgaw, trifle, toy 
CoUma^on, sm. snail, jperitoinkle 
Colin-inaillanl, sm. bltndman's-bmy 
Colique, sf. colic, pain in the bowels 
Coliid?, sm. Coliseum, amphitheatre ■ 
Collaborateur, sm. fellowlabourer 
Collateral, e,«dj. collateral, not direct 
Collation, sf. coUation, gift, repast 
Collationner, va. to collate, compare 
CoUe, 8£ paste, glue, size .• sham, fib, 

trick, delusion, humbug 
— • de poisBon, isinglass 
Coll^, e, a4j. glued, pasted, sited 
Collect*, sf. collect, gathering of tax 
tx)llect«ur, sm. collector [tive 

Collectif, jve, a^j. collective, aeeumula- 
Cojlection. sf. act of gathering together 
Collectivement, adv. collectively 
Coliegataire, smf. collegatary, one hav- 

tng a autre in a legacy, legatee 
College, sm. college, university, school 
Coll6|5ial, e, adj. collegiate 
Coi\igien, tm. collegian 
Coll6gue,sm. colleague, partnerin office 
Coller, vA to paste, ghu, size, attaSh 

i COM 

Collerette, sf. tucker, fiill, tippet 
Collet, am. collar, band, shirt-neck, earn 
CoUeter, va. to collar, take by the neac 
—, vn. to set gins or snares 
se — , vr. to struggle, wrestle 
CoHeur, sm. person who sizes paper 
Collier, sm. necfc^oce, coUar of an order 

of knights, dog-collar, bow ufa spur 
— oitto\tkx^,painfulta»koieengaf^ment 
ColUne, sf. hiU, knoU; gainer la —^(o 

scamper away 
Colliquatif, ive, adj. colliquative, meltingr 
CoUkiuation, sf.coMi^ucKton, actofmelt- 
Collinon, sf. collision [ing 

Collocation, A collocation 
Colloque, sm. eoUoqi/^, dialogue 
CoUoquer, va. to collocate, place, sttMon 
Colluc||er, vn. to collude, jttggle 
Collun<Hi , sf. allusion , jugj^ing 
Collusoue, adj. coUusory, colltuiw 
Collusoirement, adv. coUusorily 
CoUyre, sm. colfyrium, eye-salve 
Colombage, sm. row of upright beame 
Colombe, af. dove, scantling tn a parti- 
ColomUer, sm. dove-cot [tion 

Colombin, sm. bleuk lead, lead ore 
— , e, adj. of a dove colour 
Colon, sm. colon, colonist^ planter 
Colonel, sm. colonel 

Colonial, sf. colonial [mefkt 

Colonie, sf. colony, plantation, settle- 
Colonne, tt column, piUer, prop 
— , d'un lit, bed-poet , 
Colophane, sL colophony, rosi^i, pitch 
Coloquinte, sf. cowquintida, bUter apple 
ColorAnt, e, adj. helouring (eibie 

Color^, e, adj. eo^ourerf, speciotis, plau - 
Colorer, va. to colour, dye, ditguiee 
ae — , vr, to become coloured 
Colorier^ va. to lay on colours 
Coloris, sm. colouring, complexion 
Colorisatien, it act of colouring 
Coloriste, sm. eolounst, painter , 
Colossal, e, adj. eolossal, gigantic 
Colosse, sm. colossus, largestatue, giant 
Colporuige, sm. hawkere trade 
Colporter, va. to hawk tdMut 
Colporteur, sm. hawker, pedler 
Colure, sm. colure, astronomical einie 
Colza, sm. wild adtbage / grain 6d — . 

Coaih, sm. coma, lethargy, stupor 
\ Comateux, case, adj. comatose, lethargic 
! Combat, sm. combat, fight, engmgament 
j Combattant, am. ammatant, auunpion. 
I Combattre, va. to combat, wage tear 

Combien, adv. how much, how manp, 
how long, how fir, to what degree 

Combinaison, sf. eov^nation, union 

Combimr, va. to combine, agree 

Comble, sm. tbp, ridge of a house, luight 

-^ adj. heaped to the top, filled 

Comblement, sm. act of heaping up 

Combler, va. to Heap, load 

Combustible, adj. combustible 

Combustion, sf. combustion, commatian 
, Commie, sf. comedy, theatre, shamming 
I Comddien, ne» am£ cootie aeter, aettem 




Catnmtme,»dj.eatabia [conf* Commissionaire, am. brofter, comnwrdtf 

Comete, 8f. comet, aky-roekett frame at agent, factor, one u^ho runs errmOa 

Cornices, sm. pi. meeting* of the Romant Commodat, sm. gratuiUma loan 

Comique, adj. eomie, amuting, litdicrotu Commode, «f. ch&tt ofdrmuterg 

Comiquement, adv. amieatty, oddly —, a^j. commodiowi, convenient, 

CoaOte, nn. galtqf^ officer '" 
Cbmic^, am. committee, elub 

Comma, tm. comma in mtutie, eohn 
Commandanusm. commandantofa place 

Comcnod^rnent, adv. cmnmodiowdy 
Commodity, sf. commodity, adoantage, 

interest^ convenience, opportunity 

- pi. water-cloaet 

or bodyofjhrcee, commander-in-chief Commotion, sf. commotion, dieturbmce 
Commande, sf. order for goods Commuer, va. to commute, exchange 

Commandement, sm. commandment I Commun, sm. a common, c*mtmonalty. 
Commander, va. to command, order, /fw-j mob, multitude, cftmmon pettple 

vem, conduct, bid, bespeak, overlook I — , e, a »j. common, famUiar, genet 
UiaimtLJidene,if.commanderyofknights Communal, e, adj. belonging to a 

Oommandeiir, sm. commander of ah or- 

deref knighthood 
Commanditairc, sm. rieepinsr partner 
Commandite, %f. steeping partnerehip 
Comme, adv. ae, like, in some meneure 
—, cenj. ae, when, aeeing that, aa well as 
€omm^moratif,ive, adj. commemorative 
Comm^moraison, sf. commemoration 
Commemoration, sf. remembrance 
Commenfant, e, sm£ beginner, novice 
Commencement, sm. commencement 
Commenoer, vn. et vn. to commence 
Commendauiret adj. commendatory 
Commensal, e, adj. commensal, eating 

at the same table 
Commensalit^, sf. eommensality 
Commensurahllltd, Bf.commeneurabUity 
Commensurable, adj* commeneurtUtle 
Comment, adj. how, why, what 
Commentaire, sm. eonunentary, erposi- 

tien, explanation, annotation, giose 
Coinmei^tateur, sin. expositor, elui-itiator 
Comnnenter, va. to comment, interpret 
—, vn. to mierepiresent, criticise, cut up 
Commer, vn. to make comparisons 
Commer^able, adj. negotiable 
Commerpant, e, nxif. trader, merdiant 
—, %dj. commercial, trading 
Commerce, am. commerce, trade, tra^lic 

— de galarfCerie, amorous intrigue 
Commercer, vn. to trade* trajfie, deal 
Commercial, e, adjk eommeretal 
Commute, tt godmother, gossip, prattler 
Commettant, 6m. employer, constituent 
Commettre, va. to commit, empltjy, per- 
petrate, con/Uie in, empower, appoint 

t6—, vr. to expose or compromtM oneself \ 
Commis, sm. i^erk, deputy, steward 

— de la douane, custom-house qJlJieer 
I -~ aux vivrrs, victualling i^gH&tr in the 

amt^ or purser in the navy 

— vof ageur, commercial traveler 

— de bureau, office clerk 
Commist, at forfeiture, confieeation 
Commiseration, sf. commiseration, pity 
Commissaire, sm. commissary ^ purveyor 

— priseur, auctioneer 

— de* guerres, muster^naster 

— de police, police magistrate 

— des Muvreat overseer of the poor 
Gommiattriat, sm. oomnuxsary-^ffiee 
Comm fari op, sf. oommuwon, warrant, 

mexxaget mixxkm, Ouarge, ordar 


— , -, -,- n- -J ton com. 

Communaute, at commutnty Imunity 
Communaux, sm. pi. commun pasturagit 
Commune, sf. parish, corporation 
— s, pi. inhabitants of villages 

Coramunement, at\v. geneniUy, i 

Communiant, e, smf. communicant 
Communicable, adj. communicable 
Communicaiif, iv«, adj. communicativx 
Communication, If. ci>mmunic<ttion 
Communier, va. to administer the sacro' 
— , vn. to receive the sacrament [ment 
Communion, st. communion, sacrament 
Communiquant, c, adj. communicating 
Communiquer, va. to communicfite, tm> 

part, reveal, discover, shotc, exhibit 
»e — , vr. to be communicative, qffitbie 
CommuUtif, ive. adj. cowmtttattve 
Commucatiui), sf. commutation, change 
Conipacite, st. mmipactness, density 
Compact, sin. compiut, Agreement 
Com^jactc, adj. compact, close, dense 
C..mpagne, i>f. female companion, consort 
Compagnie, »t. c-imptwy, socic'ty, Myo- 

— d'mranterie, annpany ofjwft [ranon 

— de cavalerie, troop ofhorgnmen 

— de penirix, cooey of partridges 
Compagnon, sm. companion, associate 
CumpaKnonage, vm. companionship 
Comparable, adj. comparable, eqwtl 
Comparaison, sf. comparison, stmilitudt 
Comparidcreou Comparolcit, vn. to maka 

on*'* appearance 
Comparant, e, smf. one who appears in 

court to answer a charge 
Comparatif, ive, adj. comparative 
Comparativement, a/iv. comparative 
Companr, va. to compare, ••ontrast 
Comparse. st. entru ofquadrUles 
— s, pi. staxe dancers 
Compartiment, sm. compartment, pltau 

design, distribution, dUtpoHtion 
Comparution, sf. appearance 
Compas, stn. com;«Me« 

— de mer, mari/ier's compass 

— de proportion, sector 

— d'epaisseur, callipers 
Compassemenr, «m. the measttrbtg witk 

comptxses, affected regtilarity 
Com passer, va. to myasure with com- 

passes, proportion, square, consider 
Compass^, e, adj. formal, offacted 
Compaaston, sf. compassion, pity, 09m> 

mixerationi feeling, sympathy 

Digitized by ^OOgie 

. COM 4 

Compaternit^, sf. compattmity {neaa 
Compatibility, sf. compatibUityyauUable- 
Compatible, adj. compatiltie, conaisteni 
Compatir, vn. to commiserate 
Compatiaitant, e, adj. compauUmat^ 
Compatrioce» smf. fellow-citizen 
Compendium, sm. compendium 
Compensation^ sf. compentation 
Compenser, va. to comperuatet counter- 

baianee, make amends, recompense 
Comp^rage, sm. being gttd father or god- 
Compare, sm. compeer, equal \mother 
Comp^temment, adv. competently 
Comp^nce,8f. competence, jtwiedtetion 
Competent, e, adj. competent, et^S'icient 
Comp^titeur, am. otmpetitor, rivtU 
Compilat«ur, sm. comjAler, collector 
Compilation, sf. compilation, e<}lleetum 
Compiler, va. to compile, collect 
Complaignant, c, smf. complainant 
Complain te, sf. complaint, lamentation 
Complaire, vn. to please, huntour 
Complaisamment, adv. comjAaieantly 
Complaisance, sf. complaisance, civility 
Complaisant, e, adj. complaisant, civil 
Complement, sm. complement, full num- 
Compl^mentaire, adj. completing [ber 
Complet, sm. completeness, perjection 
— , e, aflj. complete, perfect, full, Jinish«i 
Complitement, adv. completely, entirely 
Completer, va. to complete, perfect 
Complexe, adj. complex, compounded 
Complexion, at complexion, constitution 
Complexionn^, e, adj. coustituted 
Complication, sf. complication, mixture 
Complice, smf. accomplice, abettor 
Complicity, sf. complicity, aeeessariness 
ComiNiment, sm. compliment 
CompUmenter, va. to compliment, ffreet 
Complimenteur, se, smf. compiimmtter 
Compliquer, va. to complicate, entangle 
Com plot, »xn.plQt, atnspiracy, faction 
Comploter, va. tojAot, conspire, combine 
Componction, sf. compunction, remorse 
Comportement, srn. comportment 
Comporter, va. to aUow, bear, require 
—i vr. to behave oneself, act, proceed 
Compoi4, am. compound, composition 
—, e, adj. composed, circumspect, calm 
Compoter. va. to compose, compound 
>—, va. to adjutt, agree, compromise 
M —n vr. to fashion one's looks, feign 
Compoiitei s. «t adj. composite order 
Compositeur, sm. composer, compositor 
Composition, sf. comoosition, writing 
Compote, sf. stewed fruit, stewedpigeons 
Compotier, sm. vessel for stewed fruit 
Comprehensible, adj. comprehensible 
Comprdhennun, sf. comprehensiun 
Comprendre, va. to comprehend, under- 

stand, conceivf, contain, compass 
Compresse, st compress, bolster 
Compressibility, sf. compressibility 
Compressible, adj. compressible 
' Compression, sf. compression, pressure 
Comprimer, va. to compress, repress 
Compris, e. part, including, included { 

noil — > without in^uding, exdusive 


Compromettre, va. to expose, bring inu> 
— , compromise, refer [^question 
■e — , vr. to expose oneself 
Compromls, am. compromise, agreement 
Comptabiliie, sf. responsibility 
Comptable, sidj. aoeountable, responsible 
Comptant, sm. ready mnney 
Compte, am. aeeourU, biU, calculation, 

vatuef livre de — , book of accounts : 

rendre — » to account for 

— borgne, odd money, auspicious account 

— rond, even money 

Compter, va. to count, number, reckon ' 
— vn. fp account, believe, think, purpoec 
Comptcur, am. accountant, computer 
Comptoir, am. counter, eounting'houM, 

factory, bar of a pubiichouse 
Compulser, va. to compel, oblige 
Compulaoire, sm. warratit 
Comput ou Computation, sm. computa- 
tion qftime, act qf reckoning . 
Corote, am. count, earl 
Comte, am. county, earldom 
Comtease, af. countess 
Conoaaaer, va. to pound, break in pi§cm 
Concaw, sm. concqve 
—, adj. concave, hollow 
Concavit^, af. concavity, hbUownees 
Conc^der, va. to concede, grant, yidd 
Concentration, st concentration 
Concentre, e, adj. concentrated, eilent 
Conoentrer, va. to concentrate, conceal 
ae », vr. to be thoughtful, meUmOwly 
Conoentrique, adj. concentric 
Conception, af. conception, breeding 
Conoernant.prepi concerning, relatmgto 
Concerner, va. to concern, belong, touch 
Concert, am. concert, musical entertain- 
ment, good understanding 
de — , adv. conjointly, by consent 

— apirituel, oratorto 

CoDoerUnt, e,sm£ performer in aconcert 
Concerte, e, adj. affected, Marched, stiff 
Concerter, va. to concert, contrive a plan, 

practise a piece of music, weigh 
se — • vr. to advise together, consult 
Concerto, tva.ffieeeofmusic/braconeert 
Concession, at. concession, grant ' 
C lonceaaion naire, am. grantee [able 

Cuncevable, adj. coneeivedile, imagin- 
Concevoir, va. to co)»ceive, luKome preg- 
nant, think, understand, imagine 
Conchytes, s£ uL petrified sfiells 
Concierge, smf. keeper of a palace 
Condergeiie, af. keeper's apartment 
Concile, 8m.oounct/, assembly <^fprdates 
Conciliate, adj. conciliatory [senM^ 
Conciliabule, am. oonMfid'cto, ar 
Conclliant, e, a4). conflating 
Conciliateur, trice, amt. condiim 
Conciliation, af. concilicUion 
Concilier, va. to conciliate, reconcile • 
ae — , vr. to gain, rf concile oneself 
Concis, e, adj. concise, short, contracted 
Concision, sf. conciseness, brevity 
Condtoyen, ne, smf. fellou) citizen 
Conclave, sm. assenibly qf cardinals 
Conduant, e, tdj* concluding, conetueim 

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CondTire, v>. to conclude, ftnMt, dote 
~, vn. to find or declare one guiltv 
Condusif, ve, adj. eondutivet deeietve 
Conclusion 1 st. concliuion, endt Ume 
Concoction, if. concoction, d^feetUtn 
Concombre, sm. cticumber 
Concomitanc, e, adj. coneemUant 
. Concordance, st. eoticordanee, concord, 
agreement, index to the Scripturee 
Concordant, e, an j. concordant, Of^eeing 
C<nicordat, »tn. concordat, compact 
Concorde, sf. concord, peace, tranquillitif 
Concourir, vn. to concur, cooperate 
Conoours, f m. concouree, meeting 
*C»ncret, e, adj. concrete, aaaemNed 
Goncr^ion, st. concretion, coalescence 
Concubinage, sm. eoncubinage [cuhine 
Concubinaire; sm- one who keeps a con- 
Concubine, St. wrnnan Hving infijrnica- 
Concupiscence, sf. concupiscence [<ion 
Concuiremment, adv. in competition 
Conenrrence, sf. concurrence 
Concurrent, e, smf. person acting in con- 
junction with another 
Concussion, sf. estertion, peculatUm 

Concussionnaire, sm. extortioner, J 
Condamnahle, adj. condemntOtie \ 
Cond«mnation, sf. condemnation 

Coadamner, vr. to condemn, find guitijf, 
blUTne, censure, disapprove, stop up 

— une porte, to naif-or wall up a door 
Condensateur, snn. one who condenses 
Condeniation, sf. condensation 
Condenser, vn. to condense, thicken 
Condescendancp, sf. condescendence 
Condescendant, e, adj. condescending 
Condescend re, vu. to condescend, yield 
Condiction, st. trover, action, to recover 
Condis.iple, sm. schoolfellow [goods 
Condition, **'. condition, neUure, state, 

quqiity, sort, rank, employment 
Conditionn^, e, adj. marketable 
Conditionnfl, sm. conditional tense in 
— , le, arJj. conditional [grammar 

Condidonntfliemenc, adv. conditionally 
Condltionnvr, va. to insert conditions in 

a contract, <jiunlifv, stipulate 
Condol^ance, f>t. condolence, grief 
ae Condouloir, vr. to condole uHth one 
Condor, sm. coudur, kind of eagle 
Conducteur, sm. conductor, guide, tutor 
Conduire, va. to conduct, lead, guide, 

drive, eeeort, devompany, command 
~- dea eaux, to convey water 
•— un desscTM, to manage aplot or plan 

— bien aa tr^rifue, to he a good-economist 
se — , behave, find one's way 
Conduit, sm. conduit, pipe, water-duet 

* Conduite, sf. crmduct, oehaviow; way 
Cdne, sm. amf, round pyramid 
Confabulaiiivn, m. (f-t of talking together 
Confabuler, vn. to confabulate, prattle 
Confection, sf. electuary, construction 
ConfM^racif, ve, iv\j. federtU 
Confederation, st. cowjWcra^, league 
Conf^d^r^, sm. itmfederate, ally 
se ConfM^i er, \t. to confederate 
GoDtttenoe, sf. interview, cvngreee 

; Conf^rer, va. to confer, compare, give 
i — vn. to speak together, examine 
Confesse, it confession, actofconfeesing 
Confesser, va. to confess, own, avowt 

to hear a person's confession • 

se — , vr. to confess one's sins to a priest 
Confesseur, sm. confesstir, priest 
Confession, «f. confession, creed 
Confesslonnal, sm. place fbr confessing 
Conflance, sf. trust, confidence, hope 
Confiant, e, adj. sanguine, self -conceited 
Confidemment, adv. confidently, boldly 
Cdnfldence, sf. privity, tntimary, secret 
Confident,e, smf. confidant, trustyfriend 
Confidentiel, le, adj. confidential, trusty 
Confidentiellemeiit, adv. confidentially 
Conlier, va. to intrust, deposit, consign 
se —, vr. to confide in, rely upon 
Configuration, sf. configuration, fbrm 
Confiner, va. to confine, imprison, exih 
— , vn. to border Upon 
se — , vr. to confine oneself in a solitude 
Confins, sin. pi. confines, marches 
Confire, va. to coiif^ct, preserve, pickle 
Conflrmatif, Vf , atlj. cvnfirmatory 
Conlirniation, sf. confirmation, sanction 
Confirmer, va. to confirm, ratify, fortify 
se — , vr. to strengthen onesetf, oe eon- 
firmed, grow stronger, put paet doubt 
Contiscable, adj. liable to he confiscated 
Confiscant, e, hjAj. ftrfeitable 
Confiscaiion, sf. act of public forjHtur€ 
Conliseur, sm. confectioner 
Conlisquer, va. to confiscate, seize upon 
Confitun>, sf. comfit, drj( sweetmeat 
Confiturier, sm. covfccttoner 
Conflagration, sf. confiagration 
Cor)flic, sm. conflict, contest, contention 
Confluent, sm. confluence, conflux 
Confluent, e, adj. confluent 
Confondre, va. to cot'found, jumble 
Conformation, sf. conformation 
Con forme, adj. conform, conjbrmable. 
Conform^ment, adv. conf>rmably 
Conformer, va. to confirm, suit, yield 
Conform! ste, sm. conformist 
Conformity, sf. conformity, similitude 
Confort, sm. comfort, support, joy, ease 
(/onfortatif, ve, adj. comjbrtable, easy 
Conforter, va. to confort, conwle, fbr- 

tify, strengthen, invigorate, enliven 
Confrairie tm Confr^rie, &f. fraternity 
Confraternity, sf. religious brotherhood 
Confrere, sm. fellow member 
Confrontation, sf. confrontation 
Confronter. va. to confront, meet, com- 
pare, stand fiice to face, oppose 
Confus, e, adj. eonfusftd, confounded 
Confus6ment, adv. confusedly, Obscurely 
Confusion, sf. confusion, disorder, hurry 
Confutation, sf. confutation, disproof 
Cong^, sm. conge, act of reverence, bow, 
courtesy, leave, holiday, fureweli 

— de milhaire, fUrlough 

— de commerce, license, permit 
—- en cour de justice, nonsuit 

— de propri^taire o'( liwataire, warrHng 
Cong^dier, va. to discharge, diemU^ 

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CON 4 

Congeladon, af. eongOation 
Congeler, va. to congeal, freeze, eoapt- 
Gonfc^n^re, adj. congeneroue yiMte 

Congestion, sf. congestion 
Congrlnb^,^ e, adj. conglobate 
Conglotnerer, va. to conglomerate 
Conglutinacinn, sf. act of uniting bodiee 
Congrlutiner» va. to congiutinatCt glue 
Congratulation, sf. congratulation 
Congratuler, va- to congratulate 
Corigre, sm. eonger^ large kind ofed 
Congr^^aniste,.sin£ church member 
CongregHtion, sf. cimgr^^ation, meeting, 

religious society 
CongiOs, sni. congress, assembly 
Congru, e, adj. congruous. Jit, suitable 
Congruent, e, adj. congruent, proper 
Congru:t^, sf. amgruity, consistency 
Conf^rOment, adv. congruously, suitably 
Conit^re, adj. coniferous, of a conical 
Conlque, adj. conic, conical ^figure 
Conjectural, e, adj. conjsctural, douhtjitl 
Conjecturalement, adv. conycturatly 
Conjecture, sf. conjecture, supposition 
Coojecturcf, va. to conjecture, suppose 
Con^rtindre, va. to conjoin, join together 
Conjointement, adv. con^nntly, together 
Con^onctif, ive, alj. conjunctive 
Con^nnction, sf. conjuhction, union 
Con^oncture, sf. conjuncture 
Conjugable, adj. that may be conjugated 
Coniugaison, sf. conjuteation 
Conjugal, e, adj. conjugal, conniibial 
Con^ugaletnent, adv. conjugally 
Conjuguer, va. to conjugate 
Con^urateur, sm. conjurer, juggler 
Coamrd.t\on,sf.conjuration, conspiracy, 
plot, exorcism, charm, enchantment 
— s, pi. entreaties, prayers, stAicitatiane 
Conjur^, sm. conspirator, plotter / 1 
Conjurer, va. to conjure, conspire, plot, I 
unite, eiorcute, charm, enchant \ 

Comiaissable, adj. cognoscible \ 

ConnaU8ance,sf. cognizance, knou Ikdge, 
Judgment, acquaintance ; avoir — 
d'une tie, to discover an inland ^ , 
— des temps, almanac, ephemeris \ 

—• d'unecause, trial or hearing of a cause 
Connaii>sances,sf. p\. general knowiedfce, < 
learning, print of a stag's foot on the 
ground, acquaintanctfs, friends , 

Connaissemenr, sn. bill of lading \ 

Connaisseur, euse, smf. connoisseur, cri- 
tic, judge of the arts . I 
Connatcre, va. to know, .comprehend, 
understand, perceive, be acquainted 
Conn^tahle, sm. high consttd>le I 
Connexe, adj. connected, joi"ed, linked 
Connexion, sf. connexion, affinity, rela- 
tion, unittn, dependence, cohexUtn 
Connexitd, sf. connexity, affinity, rela- 
Cnnnil, sta. cony, rabbit [tion 
Jonnivenoe* sf. connivance 
Connlver, vn. to connive or wink at a 
>ir>que, sf. condi, sea-shell [fault ' 
Couqu^rant, sm. conqueror, victor, hero 
CoaquAt, sm. purchase by hwAtand emd 
4ua^uAt«» 8£ conquest, victory [w^ 


Conqu6t€r, vtu to conquer, overeomt v 
Consacrant, sm. consecrator 
Coosacrer, va. to consecrate, dedie&te 
se — , vr. to devote oneself 
Consanguin* e, smf. halfir&ther (»r eiOer 
by the Jbther'e side Vblood 

—, adj. e, tAmsanguineous, related by 
Consanguinity, at-consanguinity 
Conscience, sf^ conscience, veracity, Jue- 
tice, int^frity; en — , adv. en con- 
science, indeed, in truth, in realiJfy 
Conscieltcieusement, aij v. conscientiously 
Consdentieux, euset adj. eonscientioue 
Conscription, sf. conscription, an enml' 

ling or registering 
Conscrit, sm. conecnpt, one enrolled fbr 

the army, soldier drawn by lot 
Cons^rateur, sm. one who 'consecrates 
Cons^ration, sf. consecration, dedica.' 
Cons^utif, ive, adj. conaeciUive [Hon 
Cons^cutivement, adv. consecutivdy 
Conseil, sou counsel, council, advice, re- 

solutum, course, coneultation 
Conseiller; va. to counsel, advise 
ConseiUer, kre. smf. counsellor, adviser 

— des gr&cvs, looking-glass 

— du roi, member ofprivy councU 

— d'etat, member of cabinet council 
Conseilleur, euse, smf. qfflcious person 
Consentement, sm. consent, agre-:ment 
Consentir. vn. to consent, approve, ah 

low, acquiesce, yield, adhere 
Cons^qucmment, aidv. Otnsequently 
Cons&]uence, sf. consequence, tmporf- 

ance, result, weight, ^ectf sans ~>, 

adv. immaterial, of no consequence £ 

en — , adv. in consequence of 
Consequent, am. consequent, eorollarp 
—, e, Hilj. consistent, just,^rm, unifitrm 
Conservctteur, irice, smf. conservator, 

prtttector, keeper, defender, preserver 
Conser\'ation, sf^ conservation 
Conservatoire, am. 'conservatory, free 

school fh- mttsic, Magdalen asylum 
— , adj. conservative, preservative 
Conser%-e, sf. conserve, preserved fhiit, 

conifit, sweetmeat 
Con.server, va. to conserve, preserve, de- 

fend, maintain, protect 
se — , vr. to take care of one's health 
Considerable, adj. consuieraUe, niOoble 
{ onsiii^rablement, adv. considerably 
Consid^rant, sm. preliminary remarks 
—, e, adj. considerate, cautious, pruderu 
Consideration, st. considiration 
Consitl^rd, e, a'tj. respected, Iboked upon 

with regard, esteemed 
Considerement, adv. ctmsiderat^ 
Consid^i-er, va. to consider, examine.- be- 

hofd, value, esteem, have a regard fbr 
Cousii(n«tton, sf. consignation, trust 
Cons^ne, %f. watchword of a sentinel 
— , sm. gate-keeper of a fortified city 
Consigner, va. to consign, leave in trust 
—, vn. to give an order to a sentinel 
Consistance, sf. consi^ence, densi^ 
Consistant, e, adj. consisting qf 
Cooslstcr, vn. to consist ef, be made uptff 


CON 41 

eeclesiastioal or gpMtWMl court 
GondstoriAl* e, adj. comittorial 
Consol&ble, adj. eonaoltAle, admitHng 
Cofuolanc, e, adj. ootuolatorjf [co/nfi>rt 
Conaolateur, trice, smf. cotnjbrter 
CoDsolatif, ive, adj. eonaolatoTM 
Consolation. >f. consolaiwn, oomjbfi 
Conaolatoire, adj. coruokUorjf 
Console, af. console, small table, bracket 
Conaoler, va. to console, comfitrt, ei^ace 
CohaoUdant, e, adj. consolidating * 
ConfloUdadon» sf. consolidaiion 
CoMolider, ra. to consolidate, harden, 

/brm into a compact hodjf, strengthen 

a union, dose up a wound 
M — , vr. to grow firm, hard, or solid 
Conaommateur, an. consumer 
Consommation, sf. consummation 
CoDioaimd, sno. jelly broth, rich soup 

— dans les sdences, deeply learned 
~-» e, adj. perject, complete, finis?ud 
Conaommer, va. to consummate, perfect, 

eoti^f>lete,xtccomplisH,ftnish, consume 

— son droit, to enjoy ones right 
Conaomptif, ive, adj. consumptive 
Conaomption, sf. consumption, ivaste 
CoMonnanoe, sf. consonance, harmony 
ConsonnAnt, e, adj. consonant, agreeable 
Consonney sf. consonant 

Consorts, am. ^\ partners, associates 
Coaqdranty e, adj. conspiring, plotting 
Conspirateur, am. conspirator, plotter 
Conspiration, A conspiracy, plot 
Conspirer, va. to conspire, pht, comert 
Conapuer, ra. lo spit upon 
Constamment, adv. constantly, certainly 
Constance, a& constancy, perseverance 
Constant, e, adj. constant, persevering 
Constater, va. to prove, venf^ 
Constelladon, af. constellation 
Constell^, e, adj. adorned with stars 
Consternation, sf. constenwtion,ftright 
Conatemer, y». to dispirit, dishearten, 

aetound, strike with terror 
ConstipatkuiM>f< constipation, stoppag* 
Constiper, va. to cottstiptite, make cesttee 
Gonatituane, am. constituent, Sector 
—, e, adj. constituting, forming 
Constituer, va. to conetttute, make, ap- 
point, establish, depute, fitrm, erect 

— qoelqu'un en prison, to commit one to 
prison or ntake a prisoner 

-^ line pension, to settle a pension 

— en depense, to lead into expense 

se —-, vr, to constitute or esttMish one- 
Conctitutif, i^e, adj. constittUive [se^f 
Constitution, st; constitution, annuity, 

knae, rules, disposition, state (^fbofy 
Constitution nel, sm. sumorter ofapoH- 

tieal constitution or Ouirter 
— , le, adj. constitutional, legal [tkmalfy 
Constitutionnellement, adv. eonstitth 
Constrtcteur, sm. constrictor 
Constriction, sf. constriction, eompres- 
Constringent, e, adj. compressing ision 
Conatmcteur, am. mpwriarht^ Imiuler 
CoBMnictkint s& eonaruetkm,Airm 


Coastruira, ya. to construct, huild, erect, 

Jbrm,fi-ame. construe, compile, edijp 

CoBsubsunciauti, %L eoneiAstantiaUfy, 

Cjfthe same essence or ntUure 
Consubstantid, le, adj. consubstantial 
Consubstantiellemenc, adv. coHsuhstan" 
Consul, sm. oofww; [tially 

Consulaire, a4j. consular 
Consulalremoit, adv. according to the 

consular court or laws 
Consulat, sm. consulate, pffiee efeoneiU 
Consultant, sm. one who gives eounesi 
— » e, a4j. o^isulting, advising 
ConsuIuUon, sf. consultation, adoiet 
Consultative, adj. consultative 
Consultcr, va. to coneult, ask advice 
—, vn. to deliberate or eOnfar together 
se — , vr. to consider before answering 
Consunlknt, e, a4j> consuming, wasting 
Consumer, va. <t> consume, waste, beam 
se •— , vr. to waste away, decay 
Contact, am. contact, touch, juncture 
Contagicux, euse, adj. contagious 
Contagion, sf. eontegion, ir^pBction 
Contamination, sf. contamination 
Contaminer, va. to contaminate, dgfOt 
Conte, sm. story, fUble, tale, relation 

— eaV»ir,idleetory 

— fait k plaisir, ftigned report 
Cbntemplateur, trice, smt conte 

COntemplatif, ive, adj. contempl 

ContemplatifM), af. contemplation lupon 
Contempler, va. to contemplate, muse 
Contemp(u«in, amf. contemporary, one 

living at the same time with another 
—, e, M). contemporary, coesistent 
Contemporaneity, a£ contemporarineae 
C'ontempteur, nxu despiser, scomer 
Contemptible, adj. contemptible, ignabte 
Contenance, sf. cotintenance, capaeUg, 

contents, extent, posture, gesture 
Contenanc, sm. hMer, case 

— e, adj. containing, holding 
Cbntendant, Bm£ contender, competitor, 

rival, combatant, adversary 
— , e, adj. eofitendtn^, cotttesHng 
CoDtenir, va. to contain, hold, enclose, 

intiude, retrain, bridle, withhold 
se — , vr. to moderate onesdf, fixrbear 
Content, e, a4j' contented, pleased 
Contentement, am. contehtmerU, stOie- 

faction, pleasure, delight, comfort 
Concenter, va. to content,. please, sati^f^ 
se — , vr. to be well pleased 
Contentieusement, adv. contentiousiy 
Contentleux, euse, adj. contentious 
Contentif, ive, adj. retentive 
ContenUon» sf. contention, strife, debate 
Cbntenu, sm. contents, amount 
Conter. va. to relate, narrate, sa»i teB 

— des fagots, to tell idle storids 
Contestable, a4j. contestable, disputable 
Contestant, e, adj* contending, opposing 
Contestation, sf. contest, debate, dispu^ 
Conteste. a£ dispute in law 
Contester, va. to contest, contend, eon- 

trevert, Hapute, quarrel, oppose 
Conteur^ vam, tad. narrator,stLty^ttSkr 

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Contexture, «f. eontecfufv, ttructure 
Cootigu, e, hif. contigufnu, adjoining 
Conti^uit^, sf. eontiifuitif, actual contact 
Continence, sC eontinsncift chagtitjf, a6- 

ttemioutnesa, temperance 
Continent, sm. corUinentt mainkmd 
— , e, adj. continent^ ehaate, temperate 
Concingence, sf. continffgncif, ctuttalttf 
Contingent, sm. o(mtingenttChanee,pro- 
portion, quota, share, pari 
• —, e, adj. contingent, accidental, ecuual 
Continu, sin. uninterrupted mattet 

— e, adj. amtinual, ineeaeant, dote 
Continuateur, sm. eontinuator 
Continuation, af. continuaHon 
Continue, sf. contintuince ; k Ut — » adv. 

in time, in proceu of time 
Continuel, le, adj. continual, conatant 
Continuellement, adv. continuaUy 
Continfi ncni, aAy.witKoutintermiaeion 
Continuer, va. to continue, proceed, go 

on, prolong, lengthen, pursue 
— , vn. to last, perwvere, hold out 
Continuity, sf. continuance, duration 
Contondant, e, adj. bruieing, thumping 
Contorsion, sf. contortion, twist, ttrain 
Conteur, sm. contour, outline 
Contourner, va. to ilraw an outline 
Contractant, am. contractor 
— , e, a4J. contracting, bargaining 
Contract!**, va. to irontrai;t, treat ttiith, 

ttipul'tif. btiffi', Jt^im-tttn^ r^v'iirnse 

— urtc ALil,iiK-e, iti^Jltrwi an ftWattLV- 

— del liriu-a^ to mil intrt iteftt 

■e— , vr* tu Nhrink ifji, bULHuat* Jftr.iif 
Contrvrtif, iw, ftfli. r'fntr/ietblii^, f- .-id- 
lUinwnj:i\lc, 9^]}. amfni^tUe \ mg 

Cantnttrtbrj , ^f. fSitttniclio >t ^Ahttrfri at ion 
Goait\c{iitK it, A U* frtipHifiJfitl 
CiinEnuiicLrart m- ft^'^tviiyr^ ^fifinstr 
CoaLrxillL'tiiMi, if. ■etmtrvtdictitm-, ttppfni- 
Contrtilktuirv, a.lj- rimtrfwiictnrif (fion 
CtmfTftdk-t'iiKuieiiip a>1\\ PtntrtidictD/Uff 
Contim^nblt, ftiL}. rftvitrnhmltitf 
ConiriiiinLtr'-, v^ r„ ,^^jrj^tr,ii/}, rumitd, 

^ir'-- ,■■ . ,'■ • . .. . ' j'-'-'i 
M - . ■ ■ f 

Contraiiii, c, «Uj. citrmirfamiu, jurcvd 
Contrainte, sf. conetraint, force, violence 

— de corps, writ to arrest a person 
Contraire, sin. contrary 

—, adj. contrary, oppoeite, repugnant 
au —, adv. on the contrary 
, Contrairement, adv. contrarily, against 
Coatrariant, e, a<lj. vexatious, tireseme 
Contrarier, va. to cross, thwart 
Contrariety, sf. contrariety, opposition 
— «, pi. difficulties, crosses, oostades 
Contra«te, sm. contrast, opposition 
Contrasted, va. to make a contrast 
— » vn. to'contrtist 
Contrat, sm. contract, convention, deed 

— de donation, deed of gift 

— de marlaife, marriage settlement 
Coruravcntioo, sf. contrawention 
Contre, sm. opposite side 

>-• wep. againet, near, by, in spite of 
-^ <toat,) adv. Aord (y, ctaM (V 

Contre aU4e, sf. countemttey, 
Contre>amiraI,4m. rear-admiral 
O^tTb-balancer, va. to counterbdlanee 
Contrebande, sf. contrcUnind goods 
Contrebandier, i^re, smf. smuggler 
Contre-bas, adv. downwards 
Contre-basse, sf. counter^mss 
CoDtrecarrer, va. to thwart, run 
Contre-coeur, sm. back of a chimney 
k —, adv. unwillingly, rductantly 
Contre-ooup, sm. rebitund, counter4)low 
CoiftreHlanse, sf. country dance 
Contredire, va. to contradict, deny 
se — , vr. 10 shift, contradict oneself 
CoBtn.iiKAn^ c, nrl}. contradicting 
Corjtinlir, ani- /i'>-*(oer, controversy 
Coutf^'p SI. i^'W't^y, regiontdimate 
Cor.' T^i:ri(inf>tp, if. eounterimptest 
CoDtie-iJftrfiivr, vt eourUerproof 
CoM:".-(5]irtMJVer, rnu to counterprove 
Cor.rr',M.^hfi!iKr?t sfru counterchange 
ContH-fa^.m^ -^r ,^'f/nterfiit,JiUsificatUiH 
ConML'^ii-i;t:iLr^ sill, counterfeiter i 

Coij i: I 'e''ri. T i 1 1 1 < , sf . making ^mrious hookt 
Cuntrefaire, val to counterfeit, imitate 
— rinsensd, to play the fbol \ 

se ~, vr. to feign, dissemble I 

Contrefaiseur, sm. counterfeiter, mimie ' 
Contrefait, e^ HA].counterft!ited,ae/brmed 
Contre-fort, sm. prop, arch, buttress 
Contre-Kanle, sf. cnunterguard 
Contre-jour, sm. counter or false Ught 
~, (&) adv. in a false light 
Contre-lettre, sf. counter deed 
Contre-maltre, sm. boatswain, mate 
Contre-mandement, sm. countermand 
Contremander, va. to countermand 
Contre-marche, sf. countermarch 
Contre-ihar^, %t spring tide, neap-tide 
Contre-marque, sf. countermark, i^eek 
Contre-marquer, va. to check, courUeDr- 
Contre-mine, sf. countermine {mark 
Contre-miner, va. to countermine 
Contre-mineur, sm. counterminer 
Contre-mont, adv. Up the river, up^iU 
Gontr»-mur, sm. countermure, prop-UHstt 
Contreordre, sm. counter-order 
Cnntre-partie, sf. counterpart in ntueie 
ContFe-peser, va. to counterpoise 
Contre-pied, sm. contrary sense, reverae 
Contre-poids, sm. counterpoise 
Contre^poil,sm. what is against the grain 
— t (k.) adv. in a wrong sense or uHSff 
Coiitre-point, sm. counterpoint In nttseic 
Cotitre-pointer, va. to run counter, con- 

tradict, thwart, quilt on both side* 
Contre-poison, sm. counterpoieon 
Contre-po^, sf. double-door 
Contre-r^volution, sf. counter-retn^ution 
Coiitre-r^voliitionnHire, sm. one oppoeod 

to revolution, counterrevolutioniat 
Coiitre-r^rolutionner, va. to oppoee rawH 

lution or favour a counterrevolutioee 
Contre-sanglon, sm. girth-leather 
Contrescarpe, sf. counterscarp 
Contre-scel. stn. counterseal 
Contre-sceller, va. to counterseat 
CoDtrMeing^ am. eotifK8r«<fn,/Wmft 

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OEWitN«»s» am* wrong atnmf ttbt an 
— , to mi&take the amue qfan auffMr 
k^-i adv. in a wrong aen$9 ix u>aif « 
Contte^ncr, va. to ieountertign, frank 
Conere-tem{N, sm. ditappointmeni, mfo* 

chance, unlucky time or accident 
—, {kt) adv. unseaeonablsft abeurdiw 
• Contre>'tiKr, va. to countcrdraw, eooy 
ContrevalUltion» af. contravetUatianleor 
Contnwnant, smf. qfffmder, trm ugr ee- 
Contrevenlr, vn. to eontratfene, if^ftmge, 

violate, dieobey, hinder, oppoee 
Conticvent, sm. oiJt^ ehutter 
Contre-vtot^, sit v^gt eatire 
Contribuable* sm. e^mributarjf 
Contrit»uant, sm. honMbutor 
Coatii))«ier, va. to contribute, gwts, bear 

a part, hay, aid with if^uenee 
ContriMitfoD, sf. exactYm, eubtcripMon 
ContristcTt va. to grieve, ves, tfgliet 
Contril, e, adj. contrite, penitent, aor- 
Contrition, sf. coniritkm, gri^ [rcnofui 
Contrdle, sm. controi, mart of public re- 

gieter, stamp, authority, restraint 
Gmerdler* va. to enter into a control, 

verify, register, censure, bkum 
Controleur, sm. comptroller, overseerj 

crttie, fault-finder, censurer 
Controliver, va. to counterfeit, invent, 

forge, feign, devise, misrepresent 
Controverse, sf. contrwersy, disputation 
Contrpverse, e, adj. controversial 
Coacroveniste, sm. eontrovertist,debater 
Contamace, sf. contumacy, absenixs 

ooDcUunnd par — , outlawed j condBn- 

naticm par — , outlawry 
C^ntumacer, va. to outlaw, pronounce 

one guilty of contumacy 
Contum^ie, sf. contumely, rudeness 
CoDttun^ttettx, euse, adj. contumelious 
Contttm^iensement* adv. reproachf&Uy 
Contusion, s£ conti4Sion, bruise, hurt 
Convaincant, e, adj. convirtive, evident 
Convimicie, va. to convince, convict; se 

iaiaver — * to allow oneself to be con- 
CoaY9iiesceact,tf* convalescence [vinced 
Convaletoent, e, adj. convalescent 
Confenable, adj. eortvenient, suitable, fit 
Convenablement, adv. cor^venientty 
ConvouiDoe* tt convenience, suitable- 
ness, fitness, propriety; raiaonsde-^, 

plmuible reasons or arguments; ma- 

TJage de — , interested match [gain 
Convenant, sm. covenant, league, bar' 
— , e, ad! . convenient, agreeable, suitable 
Ceaavtnir, vn.- to agree, conjbss, grant, 

own, eenettr in, suit, be expedient 
se — » vr. to pair, agree tvith mcA other 
Conv^tk:aIe» sm. conventicle 
Convention, sf. convention, contract, 

treaty, agreement, assembly, n»eeting 
Conventtonncl, le, adj. conventional 
Conv e nt i on net lement, adv. convention' 

<*l^» bjf ttipulation or 
ConventtuUHi, sf. n 


Conventoely ^e« adj. conventual 
Conventudlemenc, adv. eonventudOy 
CaaMna* lu t^ grantable, agreei^tn 

Convergence, if* ceMeer/^'eiice 
Convenient, e, a^J. convergent, tending 

to one point 
Converges, tn. to tend to one point 
Convers, smf. lay brother or ewfer 
-~, e, adj. eonoerM, lay, natderioal, con- 
trary, opposite 
Conversation, sf. conversation, discouree 
Gonverser, vn. to converse, to discourse 
Convenicn, sf. oon«er«ion, change from 

one state to another, transmutation 
Converti,)e, smf. eonvert 
— ,e,adj.eofW8rtorf,chafur«i [pfchangi 
Convotiblc, adj. convert&l^, susceptible 
Convertir, va. to convert, change, turn, 

appropriate, iransasute 
se — > vr. to ttmend,9'epent, be redaimed 

b e co m e a convert 
Convotissement, sm. oonoeraion, change 
Convertisseur, sm. on« who tnakes con- 
Convexe, ac^. eomwr, rotund ' [verte 
Convexk^ sf. convexity, rotundity 
Couvicdon, sf. conviction, full pro^f 
Convi^, sm. pi. invited guests. 
Ccmvier, va. to invite, incite, urge 
Convive, smf. guest, stranger, visiter 
Convocation, sf. convoco/ion 
Conviri, sm. eoneoy, burial, funeral 
Convoiuble, adj. covetable, desirable 
Convoiter, va* to covet, desire, lust after 
Convoitite, ■£. eovetousness, cupidity 
Convoquer, va. to convoke, eonvocate, 

summon or call together, convene 
Convulsif, ive, adj. convulsive, spasmO' 
Convulsion, sf. eonvuMon [die 

Convulsionnaire, sm. one who is subject 

to convulsive fits 
— ■, p\, fanatics wha pretended to prove . 

their tenets by thmr convulsions and 

Convulsionner, va. to eaiue costvulsione 
Co-Q^\if6, e, smt. co-obUgnnt 
Co-op^rateur, trice, smt. oo-operafor 
COH>p^nitlon, «L co-operation 
Co-o|>6-er, va. to co-operate, help, assist 
CoK)ptation, sf. eo-optofton, admission 
Co-opter, va. to co-optate, admit, unite 
Co-ordonner, va. to establish order 
Copahu, sm. balsam qf copaiba 
Copal, sau-eopal, Mexican gum 
Copartageant, e, smf. eopeartner, diarer 

in a booty or iiUteritance 
Oopeau, sm. cAip, shaving 
Copermntant, sm. one who exchangee , 

with another [other 

Copermuter, va. to fx^utnge with an- 
Gople, sf. co^. imitation, ertract, dth- 

plicate, pattern to unnte after, scroll 

— originale. prototype, oritnnal copy 

— tifivit^, facsimile, exact copy 
Cosier, va. to copy, imitate, counterfeit, 

forge, ndmic, transcribe, u^te out. 
ac — • vr. to repeat, make repetitions [/.y 
Copieusement, adv. cop'oudy, abundant- 
Copieux, euse, adj. copious, plentiful 
Copistc, sm* copyist, imitntor„mioiic 
Copreneur, sm. jojnr-tonanf, co-less fe 
Copropritolre^ tmUjoint^proprietor 

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COP a 

, *■ 

Copter, va. to totf a-bett 
Copulatif, ive, a4lj. eoiMd0ti9«,Joini$ttrtO' 
Copulation, sf. copulation (jfemer 

Co|)ule, t(L eopula, the verb Ivhiekjoine 

worde in a tentence \ 

Goo, im. eock, the ntale of frinU; )e 

chant du — , the dawn o/dav or eoek- 

— de brayftre, grouee lerowing 

— fie boU ou faiaan, pheaeant 
•~- de marais, moor-oodir 

— d'Inde, turkey-eock 

>— d'un vaisseau, cnok on boardi^eMp 
—■ du docher, ufeather-eodt 

— du village, chief inhabitanf fa parith 
•~- en- pAte, in eiovert one who JkrwtoeO 
Cotfk-Vime, sm. idto storff* noneenee 
Coque, %i. shelt, err Ar wainut shett 
Coquecigrue, it. iSts, an Btrvptian bird, 

kind o/eea-Jowtt improbable thin/c 
Coqueluche, sr. hooping-eough 
Coqueluchon, im. hood, cowl of a monk 
Coquemar, im. boUer, gallipot « {shade 
Coqueret ou Coquerelle, «n* red night- 
Coqueriqiaer, va. to eroio 
Coquerico, sm. the crowing of the eock 
Coquet, te» smf. coquette, airy person 
—t adj. eoquetish, guy, fmd ^admirert 
Coqoeter, vn. to eotfuet. Jilt, deeeiee in 
Coquolier, sm. egg-cup [love 

Coquetterie, of. coquetry, q^jPStctod love 
CoquUlage, im. shell fish, shell-work 

— ae inAr, seasheil 

— d'ctcalier, under part of a step 

— de carrosse, coaehnuin's fbot-board 

— de lo<|uet, thumb of a lateh 
CoquiUier, sm. collection <(f^teUs 
Coqttin,e, smf. roicue,knaoe, prostitute 
— , adj. rogui^, knavisht mean, low 
Coquinerie, sf. roguery, knaoery 

Cor, sm| French horn, corn on thefbot 
Corail, sm. coral, ^ellscf marine pofypl 
Coralin, e, adj. coralline, red as coral 
Corbeau, sm. crow, raeen, person who 

buries the dead during plague-time 
Corbeilie, sf. bread or /lower basket 
Cbrbiltard, sm. large coach, hearse 
Corbillat, sm. young raven 
Corbillon. sm. smattbaakei 
Corbin, sm. raven, battle-ase, pole ate 
Cot^,sm^j»rdage,ropei, rigging 
Corde, s£ cord, rope, line, string/ habit 

qui montre la — , threadbare eeatf 

toucher la gmste -v to fiUl upon the 

main point of the question 
-— k boyaux* cikgut,Jiddie-strings 
«- de bois, eordfbr measuring toood 

— engag^, Jbitl rope, in shipping 

— d'un drap, thread of doth 

— de retenue» guy, headftut 

~-« de d^ense, Jbtuters of an old cable . 
Cordeau, sm. luU, cord, string; une rue 
, iixMLVi^,esmtreetpeffgeUystraighi 
Cordeler, va. to twist, twtne, writhe 
Cordelette, sf. small cord 
Corrteliei^ sm. cordelier, gray friar 
Cordeli^re, A eordelie/s girdle 
Conlelle, sf. gang, dub, swrty 

r OQR 

Carder, vib to twiet, make ropes or aord 

— da tabac, to«ord or spin tebaceo , 
so — , vr. to grew stringy 
Coidcrie, tf. Tt^eyard, ropery 
Cordial, e, adj. cordial, sincere, hearttf, 

kind,ffitnk, open, revitnng,dierishing 
Cordialemenc, adv. cordially, sincerely 
Cordiality, tt cordiality, sincerity 
Cordier, am. rope-maker, twister 
GonUUaa, tm. sort of kersey or rsMMf 
CordoQ, im. twist, string, silk thrmd 

— de (Aapeau, hat-band 

— de muraille, pl^gk of a rampart 

— • de pi^oe de moi^^, mHUng or adgpe 

of a piece ofmamy 
Conioaner. va. to <u;tlf , braid 
Cofdoitkierie, sf. shoemakvngtr^ifi 
Cordonnet, sm. edging, braid, twist 
Cordonnler, sm. moemaker • 
CoreUfcUmnairc, smf. one who agrees 

with another in religious tenets 
Coriacc, adj. Untgh, hard, st\fft ^iande 

— , meat as tottf^ as leather t homme 

— , dose^isted fellow * 

Coriaudre, st coriander seed 
CorintUen. adj. relating to theCorinth- 
CoAs, tf. shell, spedes of ftsh lianorder 
Corme ou Sorbe, sm. senrice or sorb apple 
Cormier ou Sorbier, sm. servie&tree 
Cormoran, sm. cormorant 
Comae, sm. elephant driver 
(3ornaline, st comeUan stone 
Comard, sm. comuto, cuckofd 
Corne, s£ comet, horn, hoof 
—ne pied de cheval, the hooieiek kesrae 

— de cerf , hart^tom 

— de vergue, boom-crutdi 

— d'artimon, gqff', nUzzen-top mtut 

— d'amovce, powder-horn 

— d'abondance, horn qfplet^ 
Com^ sf. cornea of the eye . 
CamelUe, si. rook, crow 
Comemuse, sf. bagpipe 

Corner, va. to trumpet about, blab out, 

publish acespose one improp^ly J les 

ordiles me eoment, my ears tingle 

—, vn. to blow a horn, trumpet forth 

Comet, cm. comet, horn, bftfie^om, 

inkhom, comet of paper, reU&iwafet 

— acoostique, ear-trumpet 

— k ventoueer, cupping-gtaes 
—n, pL comets, horns, mells 
Cra-netier, sm. homer, horn-d r e ss er 
Comette, sm. comet, qffleer who 6flArr 

the standard of a troop qf horse 
— , sf. woman's nitfht-cap, standard of a 

troop of horse, broad pendant 
Comcur, sm. one who mows a horn. 
Coraiche, A cornice 
Comichon, sm. smtdl horn, girkin 
Cornl^re, sS. fiouse-top gutter 
Cornillas. sm. young rook or crot«> 
Comouilie, sf. comd, cornelian eherty 
CoraouiUe% sm. comdAree f/or 

Corau, «, adj. homed, cornered, a»^fU* 
Cornue, sf. cucurbit, chemical veesm 
ComupMe, sm. horned beast 
I Coipllain, sm. o^roUani, ir^ftrenm 

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COR a 

> -— : 

GnrolV, If. petdi of a flower 
Oarmal. e, ad}, tmrmnt, bekmfitnefylhe 
CofponUf Bin* corporol ^/vraftMMl 

CaiiCpancion« *f. corporaHcn 
Oorparel, le, adj. corporeal, material 
CarporelleDient, %dv. eorptjreaUjf ! 

Coras, sm. body, flatter, et$bstanee, eoH- 
dityt tihape, quattty% strength, vigour i 
pUdcInt — , comical fellows dtole de 
— , queer fellow ; malin — , mie^ieo- 
0U9 fgUow : fitrde du — , tifs-fitianis 
Tieox — , oU regiments e«pm de— , 
predUettion, partiality, • k — perdu« 
adv. headlong, deaperately 

— l^gitlatif, legialattve oetenAlj^ 

— moit> eorpee, dead body, earctue 

— des avocati, the bar, innt of court 

— dca maictaands, guildry, fraterrdty 

— de logis, «uft0 nf apartment* 

— de gaide, guard hotue, wat^rhouM 

— de ville, the corporation 

— de fer, a ateel bade-board 

— de jupe. stays, bodice 

— de mtaule, the main army 
^ du aolcll, thg sun*s disk 

— 6Pvm VBfneau, hull of a sMp 
CoTjKLknee, if. corpulenee, eorpuleney 
Corpulent, e, adj. corpulent, lusty 
ConmwuIuK, aa j. corpuscular, atomieal 
Corpascule, sixi. corpuscle, smalt body 
Correct, e, adj. correct, fi-ee from fttults 
Cornetement, adv. correctly, accurately 
Comcteur, nn. corrector, emendator 
Correctif^ anu corrective, salvo 
Cov'nseCioQ, tt correcHon, chastisement, 

diseipUne, reprimand, refbrm Ition 
ComcModnel, k, adj. relatmg to correc- 
Corr^latif, ive, adj. correlative [relation 
Corr^Iacfcm, af. eorrelativenese, mutual 
Cui J capondanoe, n. correspondence 
CoRcspondanc, sn. correspondent 
—, e, adj. eeerespondent, answerable 
CtMTopondre, vn. to correspond, answer 
Cptrido r, am. corr^ori gallery 
Cuniger, va. to correct, reprove, puni^ 
ae — . Tr, lo mend, fbreake, be rejbrmed 
Corrviible, adi. corrigible, corrective 
Conroboratlf, ive, adj. comAorative 
Conoboratkin, sf. corroboration 
Coi'ioboKTf va. to corroborate, confirm 
CoiTodjuit, e, adj. corroding, wasting 
Corrodei', va. fo corrode, consume, waste 
Corral, tea. currying of leather, lining 

of day to keep water in ponds 
Corrompre, va. to corrupt, seduce, bribe, 

adulterate, fl^file, taint, pollute 
ae — , vr. to become putrid, mortifif 
ComMnpa, e, smU dissolute person 
—, e^adj. corrupted, depraved, dissolute 
Comm, Ive, adj. corrosive, corroding 
Comaion, \t corrosion 
Conayer, va. to curry or dress leather 
Corroyeur, am. currier, leather-dresser 
Cormpteur, trioe, smf. corrupter, d^filer 
CamipMrie, sAy eorruptibte 
CormpliUlte^. af. corruptiMnty, bribery 
ConupeioD, sf. eorruptum, putr^fitetion 
Can^mtuiLhormefaetag * 


, nn* snape efa person , fbruk 
Cofiaire, am. corsair, pirate, rover 
CoMeleCj am. corselit, habergeon • 
Conet, sm. corsets — •> pL stays, bodice 
Cortdge, tm. train (\f attendants, retinue 
Cort^, am. cortes, Spanish parliament 
Corvdidile, adj. liable to an fiverage duty 
Carrie, if. average, husbandry, service, 

statute labour, drudgery s faire — , 

to pick up straws 
Corvette, a. scout, sloop of war, cutter 
Coryph^, am. the chief a company 
Cosaques, sm. pi. Russian cavalry 
Cosm^que, im. a wash to improve the 
— » adj. cosmetic, beautifying [skin 
Coamogonie, sf. cosmogony, the creation 

of the world 
Caamographie, tt cosmography [sal 
Coamopohtain, e, adj. mundane, univer- 
Cosmopolite, sm. a citizen of the world 
Come, If. hwOe, pod, shell of peas, ijfc, 

— de bob, butts eye of a target 

— de fer, iron thiml^e 
Cosson, am. weevil or eom-nUte 
Coaao, e, adi. podded, huAy, wealthy 
Costa), e, adj. costal, relating to the r&s 
Costume, am. costume, style, manner 
Costi^mer, va. to observe the custom 

ae ->, \T. to attire oneself fiuhionably 
Co-tangente, sf. co-tangent 
Cote, sf. qwtta, number, letter, figure 
Cdte, sf. coast, shore, nb, brow qfa hiU 

— hux,flat shore 

— de fer ou k pic, steep ^lore 

— au vent d'un valsicau, weather short 

— louB le vent d'an valsaeau, lee ^ore 

— d'un vaisseau, rib of a ship 

— saine, clear coast 

— malsaine,/ou/ coast 

— de melon, slice of a melon 

— k — • adv. abreoMt, Me by side 
C6ti, am. sid^, way, quarter, place, 

line, face, party, side-view, side-ways 
aur le — , on the decline s le beau — , 
thefttirest sides le mauvaii — , p^e 
darkest side s de — , adv. aivry 

— du vent, weather side 

— de deasoua le vent, lee side 

— , (it) prep, by* aside, near, on a level • 
COteau, sm. hillock, small hill 
COtelette, st chop, cudet 
Coter, va. to endorse, quote, number 
Coterie, if. dub, society, gang, cabal 
Cothume, am. buskin, kind of half boot 
COtier, sm. coaster 

Cdti^re, sf. range qf coast, garden border 
Cotlgnac, sm. quince-marmalade 
Cotillon, am. under-petticoat, a donee 
Cotir, va. to bruise 

Cotisation, af. ehib, tax, cess, assessment 
Cotiser, va. to dub, tax, assess, fix a rate 
vr. to dub, join ^ common expense 

vr. to b« covered with down 
Cotonneox, euae, adj. downy, epongy 
Cotonnicr, i 

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CQT « 

Cotonnine, nf, coarte cali€0 

Cdtoyer, va. to go side by stde, go along, 

coaae along, feeep dose to the sfiore 
Colret, am. small sticks Jbr firewood 
Cotte, sf. petticoat 

— d'aroiL's, coat of arms 

— de mailles, cctat of mail 
Co-tuteur, stn. joint-guardian 
Cou, stn. neck, narroufpass, erag . 
Couard, sen. coward, dastard, poitroon 
Couaniise, sf. cowardice, dastardjf 

• Couchant, stn. the west; soleil — ^the 

setting sun ; un chien — , setter 
—,e, adj. squatting, lying down, setting 
Gouche, if. bed, bedstead, marriage, 
child bed, hot-bed in gardens, stratum 
Coucb^e, St; traveller's inn, lodging 
—, sm. bedrtime, bed, bedding 
Coacher, vh. to put to bed, stake money, 
lay the com, insert a clause in a writ- 

— par ^crit, to mark down ling 

— en joue, to aim at, keep em eye on one 
—, vn. to lie down, rest, lean, stoop 

— au cabaret, to sieep at an inn 

— & la belle &oiIe, to sleep in the fields 
T- en ville, to sleep abroad 

•e — , vr. to goto bed, to lie down, to set 
Couchette, sf. couch, small bed 
Coucheur, euse, smf. bed-fellowt m 

vais — , a troublesome bedj^low 
Couchis, im. layer, stratum 
Coud>couci, adv. so so, indifferently 
Coucou, sm. cuckoo 
Coude, sm. elbow, angle, winding 
Coud^e* sf. cubit f avoir ses — s fntncties, 

to have eU)ow^room, have free liberty 
Coude-pled, ati.dnstep 
Couder, va. to bend in/brm of an elbow 
Coudoyer« va. to elbow, push 
Coudrale, sf. gruve qf hazel-trees, copse 
Coudre, va. to sew, stitch 
Coudrette, sf. hazel wood {JW>ert tree 
Coudrief ou Coitdre, sm. nut, hazei, or 
Couenne, sf. sward or rind of bacon 
CSouenneux, euse, adj. sward-like 
Coulage, sm. leakage, loss, diminution 
Coulamment, t^Av. fluently, freely 
Coulant, sm. diamond necklace, slider 
—, e,/Ld}. fluent, free, ready, smooth 
Coule« sm. slur in music, ftide in dancing 
Coolee, sf. running-hand writing . 
Coulementj tm. flow, flux, sliding 
Coaler, va. to strain, purify, men, pass 
— , VD. to flow, run, go away, escape 
M — , vr. to steal away, ruin oneself 
Couleur, sf. colour, tint, hue, paint, dye, 

complexion, colouring, suit at cards 
Couleuvre, sf. snake or adder 
Couleuvr^ ou Brioine, sf. bryony. Jalap 
Coulevtine, sf. eulverin, drake 
Coulis, sm. cullis, gravy, jelly,' vent — , 

wind coming through a chink 
Coulisse, sf. groove, scene, side-wing 
Couloir, e, smf. colander, strainer, pas- 

sage, lobby, receiver put under a press 
Coulpe, St; sin, fault, trespass 
Vault, tm. wood used in physic [mould 
Couture, sf. running mf metal from a 

Coup, sm. blow, acdden^ act, tim»,eMbt 
stripe, event, trick, aim / un — , <mi«v 
deux — s, twice; tjroit —t, thrice s aaa- 
ner un — de pied, to kick: aUer anx 
— s> tojif^t ; ooiie.un grand otc petit-*, 
to drink a large or email draught/ 
tout k —, all OH a ntddenj apr^ —., 
too late: tLiavA^^, at every twm 

— de feu ou de fusil, shot, gun-stwt 

— de dent, biting, nip 

— d'ongle, scratch 

— de plume, dash of a pen 

— de sifSet, whistle, whistling 

— de lilet, haul, casting of the net 

— d'oeii, glance 

— d'^ut, stroke of policy instate <|0hu9 

— de vent, squall, gust of wind 

— fourr^, secret injury 

— de gti^sttfinishitigAiiaw 

— de bee ou de langue, jribe, J 

— de sang, apoplectic/it 
~ d'^tourdi, reuh attempt 

— d'ami,/rteyid^ turn 

— de bonheur, lucky hit or e 

— de malbeur, mi^fitrtune 
Coupable, adj. culpable, Jbulty 
Coupanc, e, adj. cutting, earing 
Coupe, sf. cut, cup, cupola, chth^ea^ 

ingf prqfile or section in architecture 
Coupe, sm. step in dancing, front eoi»- 

partment of a French dUigenee 
—, V, acij. short, concise, bn^, dose 
Cou^Ue, sf. an instrument used in p»- 

raying gold or silver, a test 
Couper, va. to cut, ciuqff or out, peere, 

prune, efwp, cut up, mutiiate 

— un bois, to/bU or cut down weed 

— la bourse, to rob 

— un bras, to amputate an arm 

— un habit, to cut oxit a coat 

— les cartes, to cut at cards 

— la viande, to carve the meat 

— les bleds, to reap the com 

— les vivres d'une arm^ to ettmse em 
-^ chemin, to stop the wa^ \9na9t 

— court, to 69 «ftorf, ctil short 

— du vin, to brew or mis urine 

— la radnc, to root out 

— la lame, to.divide the waves 

— Tennemi, to thwta^ an enemife eoserte 

— la parole, to interrupt one {ee(f 
le >-, vr. to cut oneet^, centradiet one- 
Couperet, sm. chopping^knife, cleaver 
Couperose, sf. copperas [vinuples 
Couperos^, e. adj. red, ruddy, fimf^f red 
Coupe*t6te, sm. leap-fivg 

Coupeur, se, smf, one who gafftere grapes 

— de bourse, cut-purses pkk-poeket 
Cotti^ sm. Indian calico 
Couple, sf. couple, pair, brace, yoke 

— smf. husband and wiji 

— bien assortl, ^100 persons well mafcftetl 
Coupler, va. to couple Isatire 
Couplet, sm. couplet, ftansa, lompoont 

. Cquplet«r, Va. to lampoon in verve 
\ Coupoir, sm. toot Jbr euttii^ metmls 

Coupole, sf. cupola, dome 

Coupon, an. iUvidend, rmumnt, ekred 

Digitized byAjOOgie 

ctou a 

ineisien, gatht seratek ; biiae — , poul- 
Comr, w£. wtrtt eourt-pard [trjMmrd 
Coarmget im. eouragt, vaiour, boidnau, 

intrepidkv, ardottr, zeal, retkntment 
— k iat^. eourage/ dtter upt 
CottrmtttaeaMat, adr. cafmrageou^ 
Coufageax, i^ «dj..oo«rag«ofi«, brave 
Counuiuneiit, adv; e«iTe7i<<y« rMdt/ir . 
.Courant, no. current , eeune» etream, 

rimlet, present month 
— t e, adj. current, runtdnr, general • 
Couiantej sf. eoufant, apriffhtljf «ksnee 
Conrtetu, e, Md}.ftMU»dered, lame 
Couxbatuw, sf.Jbunderingo/a horte 
Goiirtae, af. enrve, bent piece of timber 
—, adj. eurvedf erookea, bent, archei 
Courber, va. to bend, bow, curve, crook 
ae—,YT. to beeubmieeiae, eubdued 
Courbene, si ctirvet, act qf cringing 
Cottri>UR» sL curvi^, eroekedneee 

Coiines, it pi. tranaaetUme, bmineet 
Counier, sm. coureer, charger, eteei 
Court. e> a4}* abort, ceneiee, brief 
•—, adv. Otort, not Umg, nimbly ; tenb 

de — , to ke^ a atrict hand over 
CottJtace, im. brokerage, Jtustorahip 
Gouztaui^ e» smf. thiek'tet peraon, crop- 
ped herae, abort baaaoont bobtatl 
—, adj. cropped, curtailed 
Courtadcr, va. to curtail, crop, ahorten 
Courte-botte, nn. Httle man, dtvOrf 
Courte-haleine, sf. ahortneaa of breath 
Courte-pointe, sf. eovnierpane, quilt 
Courtier, sm. broker, atoekbroker 
Courtilli^re, If. patmerworm Ition 

Courtiae, sf. curtain or umU infertifleth 
Courtia*a, sm. courtier, jhwner 
Courtisaoe, tUcourteaan, lewd womtm' 
Courtiser, va. to jcourt, flatter, faum 
Courtols, e, adj. courteoua, civil, nffitbte» 
kind, polite, well-bred, reapectful 

Courdve, A haif-dedc " ' TaAip ; Co«rtoiKin«nt', adv. wt^ 

-r, ., * preaermnga Courtoirie, sf. courteaif, civility 

Onup6e, aL eompoaitionfor ^ 
CouTCur, sm. runner, racer, rambler 
^-e, pL acouta, epiea 
Coumiaey sL gadding woman, goaaip 
Couij^ n. gmrd, corbel, niche 
Couner , sm. See Coucrkr 

Couirofli Courre» vm,etviuto kwUafterJ^ ICousini^, sf. fbnee againat inaeeta 

«o about, run after, puraue, haaten, 
urry, fteqft^ent, plunder, da 
oeerit%tn, reaA, be extended 


-k toute bride, to ride fuU gallop . 

Courin. e, smf. couain, gnat 
Cousinage, sm. kindred, relationaiUp 
Couslner, va. to call one eouain 
— • vn. to aponga at or attend the tablet 
of true orpietended relatione 

Couaoir, sm. bookbinder^a aewing-preae 

Lenaaiu, sm. euahion, pillow, boiater 

CousttiMt, sm. bag, quilted itoma^Aer 

, CoOit, am. eoat, fn^, charge, etpenae 

— k tfoatea jambcs, to run wuhfull apeed CoQtant, sm. prime coat, coat price 

— 1« pnitantalne. to gad up and down 

•— Iftpostof to ride poet 

— apr^ ks hoaneurs, to puratte after die- 

— le cerf« to hunt the atag Itinctione 
— ' le pays, to travel 

~- lee meta, to aeour the aeaa 

— lei ventes, to be an auetkm-hunier 

— k rhOpital* to batten onefa ruin 

— sor le marcb^ d'autrul, to bid more 

— sur les briste de quelqtt'un. to inter- 
fbre uHth the righta qf another 

Courlis ou Courlieu* sm. curlew, a bird 
Couronue, at crowut diadem, coronet 
Counmoeaient^ smu eeronation 
CorooneTj va. to crown, honour, reward 
Courrfer, sm. courier, espreae, poeAoy 
Coonoit* sf. iatchet, leather atrap 
Counoucer; va. to irritate, anger 
se — j vr.. to be greatly ineimeed, rage ' 
Courroax, sd|. torath, anger, paeeion, 

raging <^Vt4 wind otaea 
Cours* am. courae, current, progreeat 
a^rcir — ^* to 6e in vogue t liooncr — k 
une opinion, to apread etn opinion 

— de la vie, term of Ufa 

— des actrcs, revolution o/the etare 

— d*itudit»fiourae'ofetiu^ 
_ da marcn^, currentprtee 

— du temps, proeeaa of time 

Course, s£ eourae, career, walk, race, 
ttunble, tecMTMon, Journ^, voifage 

— de chevaux, horae-raee , 
-. de tbua» tiUing, fighting 

Couteau, sm. knife, abort award, dagger 

— de cbasse, hanger 

— de cuisine, earving-knifb 

— TMenx»pidinK-knife 

— a lame d'argent, atlver-bladed kn^flg 
Coutelas, sm. eutlaaa, hanger 
Coutelier, sm. cutler 

Coutcli^re, >f. oaae ofknivea 
Coutellerie, sf. cutlay 
CoOter, vn. to eoat, be dear, eapenaive 
Cofliteux, se. ai\\. expenaive, dear, coatl§ 
Coucier, sm. HeMng weaaer or aeUer 
Coutil, sm. tick, ticking 
Cotttre, sm. coulter, plou^hare 
Coutnme, sf. euatom, haSit, uae, uet^e 
Coutumier, lire, adj. eualomary 
Cotttnmicr, sm. common law-book • 
Couture,. St aeam, auture, aewing, tear 
Couturier, sm. aewer, atitcher (atreaa 
Cottturi^re, af. mantuamaker, aeam- 
Couv«e, st eoeejjf, neat of eggs, brood 
Couvent, sm. convent, monaatery 
Couver, va. to brood, ait on, ineuhate, 

hatch, breed, lurk, keep, eye, uHah 
Couverdc, sm. cover, Hd - 

Couvert, sm. oot*0r, ahaterf roof, lodg- 

ing, tabletioth, plate, kn^ ahdfbrkp 
a-», adv. aeatretp, under melter 
•^, e, adj. covered, hid, cloaed, dark,fuM 

•>-, c, Huj. cvvereB, nut, chh 

— de glolr^ loaded with glory 

— de fionte, oovered with infkn^ 

— de plaies, wounded all over 

— de suear ct de pousd^, heemeaa^ 
aoitkewaat and duet 

* . Digitized by V^OOQIC 

CPU 51 

Coavcrte, sf. enamel of Otina ware, 

giaae cf earthen teare 
Couvertement, adv. covertly^ eecreUy 
Couverture, sf. cover, pretext, pretence, 

doak, diasimulation, feint, colour 
Couvi, adj. addle, barren, empties oeuf 

—^rotten egg 
Coavi»«hef, inu ooveringjbr the head 
Gouvre-feu , am. curfew, ^re-plate 
Couvre-pied, im. coverlet fir V^feei 
Couvi^plat, am. dish-cover 
ConvKur, am. tiler 

— en ardpise, riater 

— en chaume» thtitoher 

— de chiQsea, chair-bottor^ 
CoUvrir> va. to cover, hide, central, pro- 
tect, defend, envelop, overwhelm 

•e — , vr. to be overcoat, put on^e hat on 
Crabe* am. crab 

CnCf nn. crack, firadcling noise ' 
Cracbat, am. spittle, star qf an order 
Crachement, am. ejepectoration, spittine 
Cracher» va. to spit, use unseasonable 
— » vn. to expectorate [words 

Crachcur, euae, amf. spitter 
Crachoir, am. spitting^box 
Cradiotcment, am. act of spitting often 
Crachoter, vn. to spit often 
Craie, af. chalk, whUe fttssU earth 
Craindre, va. to fbar, be afraid of, ap- 
prehend, dread, stand in awe. 

\ CRI 

Crimteat, rtfl* irrinttbr. nuiJisr 
—, triiTtj iiiLj. t'i-eative, in^ertti^ 

{.M ic ire, sf. ^Tfn^tHi-efanimai 
t u i^l.ti, M. rattlm oftcaod 
t ri.' !-'■, sff fnaftg^r, ctib, crotch 
Cr^hli'tic*, sf. MniaU sUif board where the 
plats of a chureff h kepi [lief 

Cr^iUitiii, 5Ji crr.ttmiiiif, u>vrtkv4ffbe- 
(jr^kt, Bcn. citdit, trw^, repuiation 
CJr^iief 1 va. to credit, givt cr^il 

{..'f ^djo, Ktf. liriMy Miff 

Cr^iLitit^p if. furduiit}/. easim-'is of belief 
Cr^r^ va. to er^ttm. ffvikv, itmeta 

^ -,vr^ to TPttkf ffifruiiA 
-tlr^iiiallltrc, ij. pikftanfieT 

fr^Jiic, Hf. er^fim, tsitetice of tm^ thing 

Cj-^ij-iciil, aui. ittL'fmu'e of ^UfiU^M, a ter^ 
minaium atideti tit the in/tt'ction of a 

C re Ei]tr, vti. tc f^i thrr (frcQ Tn [word 

Cremienft sf, miik-wtff^an 

ilih\f.'^\i, StsK baftt^m^irt, pinntu^ 

t'rijiL-ifiKc, seal, mark tin the s^f^ of coin 
jf^r(?iieldp e, ailj* inftgnted^ embattled 
I N-'ri^tceitirj va. ^d trtaJte iitto bfittiementx 

IVff'citlure, if, irtitentinj^, tuttitiin^ 

i'lt-jXTj vn, tuftizUff, ci-ijr/i 

ViiifA, sin. roairti-cajftf cuarM plaster 

€rejn.-„ tm. t^rftpe 

^, tU pancake t unleavened enke 

C] d|»LD[:p i£ ffinfTf! 

t'rt'plr, vt fo ravf^h-mxt, planter over 

i^i^iHB&ure, 3i; rcitigft raxt, tiuorsef' — *- 

Cr^piuiiuu, sf. crepttattirn 

CrL-iHin* »m, Ihi'-U tTo^ 

Cninte, uf.fear, awe, terror, dread, ap- 
prehension, timidity, faintheartedness 
Cmintif. ive, adj. fsarful, timid [l» 
Craintivement, idv. fearfully, timorous- 
Cramoiu, am. crimson 
•—, e, adj. of a crimson colour 
Crampe, ef. cramp, torpedo, erampfbh 
iitscEa9an,WEa.cramp4ron, cramp-hook 

Cramponncr, va. to fasten with cramps ^' re \iu, e^ udj . crUtped, frizzled 
■e — , vr. to cling to anything (J rtjpu k: u \.Vf tm.. erepitseale, tu?Uight 

Ciamponnet, am. small iron cramp (Jrci^ont im. crest, u.^aiffr^rtEJiM 

Cran, am. notch, mark, njcfc Or^sutiiferiTj si. <;Tii3Spivt 

CrAne* am. cranium, skull I 'r£: f^ ^e . crett, cock'actimb,, t uft, mnunit 

Crapaud, am. toad, frog ■ '^ ^c laitTj . a heap o/i-orti 

Cn^vkd\ne, iUtoadstone, the plant iron- -^ i\.v. fossc, tffp i^fthtbarrk q/'a ditch 

uwrt, malt-worm (a disease of horse^ , -- inftrint:, the ptant vimphtre 
Crapule, sf. gross intemperance , i ttt^, e, tiA}. ^pHfid, tup^ 

Crapulert vn. to lead a lije qf dissipation Crt^tin, tm. iuhabi t/tnt tifthe Alps 
Crapuleux* euae» adj. crapulous, intern- CiEUnmt-, i^f. tert o/ufftite linen 
Ccaquelint am. cracknel [perate tj'.n.-uarm^tnz, ^n\. act vf aigi^inj^ 

Cnqucment* am. crack, crackling noise druxTf vk, iff dj>, ejc-fnaie, suoop out 
Craqucr. vn. to erack, exa/nterate, boast ae >-, vr. to become hollow 
CraquerWy af. liee, stories, fiction \ Creuset, am. crucible, melHnf[-pot ' 

Craqueur, euae, amf. boaster, story-ttUer i Creux, am. hollow, hole, cavity 
Craaaane, af. sort of winter hear \—,vt, adj. hollow, cavernous, deep, vain 

CwMsee, A dirt, nastiness, filth, dross " ' '— — -..^-.- -.--. 

Craaaeux* euae» adi. filthy, dirty, nasty, 
sordid, niggardly, avaricious, mean 
Ciat^re. am. crater, orifice, round cup 
Cravate, at. cravat, neckcloth 
Craydn, am. crayon, pencil, description 
Ciayonner, va to draw with pencil or 
. crayon, sketch, trace an outline 
Crayonneur* am. drawer with crayon 
Crayonneux, euae« adj. chalky 
Cr^aoce. af. truat, belief, cor^fidenee, debt 
Crtandcr, e, tmt creditor, mortgagee 

Crevaate, af. crevice, gap, chink, eU^ft 
Crevaaaer, \'n. to chap, crack, gape, mdit 
ae — » vr. to craek, burst, break 
Cr^veH«ur, sm. heart-break, gri^ 
Crever, va. «f vn. to burst, break, split 
ae —, vr. to kill oneself by excess in eat- 
ing, drinking, wciking, orjbtigue 
Crevecte, af. piuwn, ^uimp 
Cri, am. cry, damaur, scream, shriek 
CriaUler, vk. to bawl, ecold, chide, sauf:U 
Criaillemenc. am. wrangUng,brmviing 

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, adj. erimineU, wMe«d,/ii{ 
crifninellement, adv. erimine 
Crin, stn. horse-hair 

Crini^re, tf. horte or lion's mtm» 
Clique, sf. creek, cove, smaUharhwr 
— s, pL etches round a fbrtificatkm 
CriqueC, ,^m. small horse, kind of locust 
Crlse, tt crisis, trial, eritieai time 
Crispation, sf. crispation, act of curling 
Crisper, va. to crisp, make brittle^ twist 
se — , vr. to curb up 
Crisiert vn. to frnash or /{riitd the teeth 
Cristalf sm. crystal, transparent stone 
Cristallin, e, adj. crystalline, clear 
Criitalliiation, »f. cryatallization 
CristallUer* va. to cijfstallize, congeal 
Critdrium, sm. criterion, tett, standard 
Critiquable, adj. censur€d>le 
Critiqae. im. critic, eonnoisseun^ /*'i^ 
— , sf . criticism, censure, animaaoerston 
— , ad|« eritieai, censorious, esaet, nice 
Critiquer» va. fo criticise, esamine 
Critlqiuur,Bin. critic, one who finds fmuH 
CroassemeDt, sm. croaking, murmtaing 
Croasser, vn. to croak, erp as a rmen 
Croc, im. hook, tenter-hook 

— de tatelicr, pole 

Cn)o«n-jambe, sm. tripping up the heeAs 
Croche, if. quaver or half erodiet, in 
—, adj. crooked, bent Imusie 

Croclier, va. to hook, to fish the anchor 

by the ring, bend, erook 
Crocbet, sm. hook, steelyard, pidUoek 
-^e, pL bradcets, boot-hooks, kind of hod 

used by Parisian porters 
Crochetage, sm. act of picking lodes 
Crocbeter, va. to pide a lock 
Crocheteur, sm. street porter, thitfwho 

pidts lodes, housebreaker 
Crocfau* e, adj. hooked, crooked 
Crocodile, stn. crocodile 
Cioire, va. to bdievejJfedU, give credit 
—, va. to belieee, tKMe 
~ en Dieu, to believe in God 
IS — , vr. to rely upon on/fs judgment 
Croittde, sf. crUsade, holy war 
Crois^, sf. window, casement 

— cintree, bow winiiow 

— d'^lise, ero»<iisU 

CridOlear, ease, smC scold, termagant, Crois^ d'une ancrr, sf. crown of mm 
loud tcdker, bowler, wremgler '•— • — -^ ... 

CriaaC, e, adj. glaring, shamtfkt 

Criaid, smf. notsy or quarrelsome penon 

— , e, adj. damorous, scolding, noisy 

CriMe, sm. cribble, sieve,, better, eearee 

Cribler, va. to sifL, seares, ejumisie 

Cribleur, sm. sifter, scarcer 

Criblures, A pt. sifHngs 

Cric, soLjadt, engine fbr UfHngburdens 

Cric-crac, sm. crtek erode, sheup noise 

Cri-cri, sm. cricket, an insect 

Crier, va. to proclaim, make known 

— , vn. to cry out, scream, bawl, shout 

Crieilc, sf. damonr, outcry, noise 

Crieur, euae, smt common-crter, «fu 
who cries goods in the stress 

Crime, sm. crime, qffknce, trespam 

Crimioel, le, smr: criminal, mat^ftictor 

act of crossing [andko^ 

Craiser, va to cross, lay eroaswuys 
— , vn. to bnrise, lap uner, stana idle 
se — , jr, to cross one another 
Croiseur, sm. cruiser, pirate, sea-rover 
Croi|i6re, el, cruise, voyage for plunder 
Croiasanoe, st growing age, growth 
Cioimnt, sm. crescent, pruuing-hook 
— , e, adj. increasing, growing, swelling 

Croltre, vn. to grow, grow up, inet 

Croix, sf. cross, sorrow. ojgHiotion, , 
Cnoqaant, sm. poor wretch, gristle 
— , e, adj. crackinar, crisp, britt/k 
Croqueau-sel {jk la), adv. with salt mkme 
Craqoer, ynutoetU hastilv, crunch 
Croquet, sm. thin hard gingerbread 
CroquifDole, s(.Jerk with the fingers 
Croqaignolcr, va. tojerkwith thefingen 
Croquis, sm. sketdt, rough draft 
Crossie, sf. eroHer, batim, drutnatick, bati 

jouer k la — , to play at cricket 
Cross^, adj. having the privilege of eas^ 

rying the crosier 
Crosser, va. to strike a ball with a bat 
— , vn. to treat with great contend 
Crotte, s£ dirt, mud, mire 
Crott^, e, adj. dirty, muddy, filthy 
Crocter, va. to dtr^, spatter with mud 
Crottin, sm. dung of horses 
Crottlanc, e, adj. sinking, ftiUing 
Croalement, sm. fiUling of a buHUOng, 

sinking of a terrace 
Crouler, vn. to sink, crumble, fhU 
Croulier, i^re, adj. boggy, marshy 
Croup, sm. croup, tnftammation of 0h« 
Croupade, tS^high leap [windpipe 

Croupe, sf. croup, rump, buttock ; itUcr 
ou monter en — , to ride behind t Atre 
cbatouilleux tur la — , to take pet easily 
-» d'une monta(rne, brow or top of a hm 
— de comble, hip-roof 
Croupier, sm. croupier * 

Croupi^re, sf. crupper, saddle-band 
CroupioD, sm. r%tmp ofafitu-l 
Croupir, vn. to stagnate, stand still, Ha$ 

in idleneee, become vicitius 
Croufrinant, e, adj. stagnant, stitt 
Qroupiswment, sm. stagnation 
Croustille, sf. small crust of bread 
Croustiller, vn. to eat a small crust 
Croustilleusemcnt, adv. comically 
CrousUlleux, cuse. adj. droll, humorous 
CroClte, sf. crust, incrustation, rind^ . 
• bark, daub, Ul finished picture 
CroQt^ «, adj. crusty 
CroQton, sm. crust of bread 
Croyable, adj. credible, probable, likdy 
Croyancr, sf. belief, creed, fiiith, trust 
Croyant. sm. believer 
CrCl ou Cru, sm. gruwth. soil, invention 
— , e, adj. crude, hea^sh, biunt, unripe 
Cniaut^ sf. crudty, barimrity, ferocity 
Crttcfac, sfl pitcher, blockhead, dunce 
Cruch^, sf. pitcherfat 
Crucbon, tm. smaU pitcher 
Cnunal, e, adi. erucuU, transverse 
Crudf^A adj. crud/brous, eruei/brm 

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^ CR<J . « 

Crudtonent, im. erudfixUm | 

Gnidfier, ira. to eruet/^, noti to theero$* 
Crucifix, sm. cruci/itx [tien 

Crudit^,sf. crudUyt rawtuu, imugt^ 
Gnie, sf. growth, inarea»e, product 
Cruel, le, atij. crtf«/, 6arbarotw, inhU' 
, 9man» hardhearted, mereilatt, bl^pdif 
CrueHanent, adr. crwdljft barbarouriy 
Crumeni, adv. bluntly, coarsely 
Cruiml, e, adj. eruralt belonging to the 
Crustac^, e, adj. cnutaceoiu [leg 

— s» un. pL eruetaeea, ehell-Jish 
Crypte, if. crimt, cave, burping-vault 
CryiUU." SeeCristaX 
Cubage, em. act ofmeaeuringeolide 
Cube, sm. eiUie, square, solid body 
Cuber, vs. to measure solids . 
Cubique, a4j« cubical, cubic [a cubit 
Cubical, e, adj. containing the length qf 
Cudllette, sf. eoUevtion, gathering 
Cudllir, va. to gather, crop, collect, pull 

— une manoeuvre, to coil a rope 
CufliUolr, im./ruitbaacet' 
CukWer ou Cuill^, tt. spoon 
•— 4 raffottt, gravy-spoon 

— k tM, tea-spoon [vider 

— a aoupe, table-spoon, sottp4aaie, di- 
Cuiilerfc, if. spoonful, ladleful 

Cnir, on. leather, hide, skin 
Cuirasae, tf. cuirass, coat of mail 
Cuirane, e, adj. armed with a cuiraee 
Cuiraner, va. to arm with a cuirass 
Cuirassier, sm. cuirastier 
Cuire, va. to cook, dress, roast, broV, 
*tew,fry, boil, digest, ripen 

— au four, to btike 

— des brisques, to bum brick 

— de la cbaux, to bum lime 
•~, «D. to smart, bum 
Cuiaant, e, adj. sharp, painful, _ 
Cuisine, sf. kitchen , cookerjf / chef d« . 

head-cook: fille de — , kitchen-maid i 
&il^ la — , to cook ; batterie de ~, the 
whole utensils of a kitchen 

Cuisiner.'va. to cook, dreu victuals 

CttUinier, e, smf. cot^ 

Cuiainiire, sf. tin oven fin' roasting meat 

Cttissan), sm. armour for the thiuhs 

Cniaie, sf. leg, thigh 

— de volaille, leg of a fowl 

— de UBuf ou trumeau, leg .^ 
Cuiasoo, sf. md of cooking vici 
Cuissot, sm. haunch of venison 

, Cuistre, am. servant in a college, iUbred 

collegian; — 6eBi, downright pedant 

Cuic,e, adj. baked, roasted, boiled i trop 

— , overdone : pas asses — , underdone 

Cuite, sf. the baking or burning of brick 

Cuivre, sm. c(tpper 

— jaune ou laiion, brass 
Cuivre, e, adj. cfpper-coloured 

Cn\, am. breech, buttock, hinder part <^ 
any thing ; 6cre k—, to be at a loss ; 
arrdter quclqu'un sur — , to interrupt 
ones mettre ud tonneau sur-—, to set 
a cask on end; mettre un duumte 
a — , to raise the Otafts sf a eart 
eigainst the ufoU 



Cul Uanc, white^U orfUlowJbteh 
—jaune, Cayenne woedpeek«r 

— de lampe, taU-pieoe, typqgrapMeat 
^ de juu, a erippte [amament 

— d« pl6mb, a sedentary man 

— da sac, street that has no thoroughfare 

— de basM-fosse, dungeon 
Culasse, sH the breech of a gun 
Culbute, sf. somtrsett overthrow, fbU» 

tunMe, dishonour, disgrace 
Culbuter, va. to throw down, _. 

overthrow, tumble, undo, ruini 
Cul6e, si. butment, support of an arch 
Culminant, e, adj. culminating 
Culminer, vn. to cross the meHdian 
Culot, sm. vin-ba^eet, noeice, nestling, 

cup or eaH»ef«t flower, jfoungeet child 
Culotte, sf. breeches, smaUdothes 
-~ de pigeon, baf^ part of a pigeon 

— de botttf, rump of beef 

Culotter, va. to breech, put in broedwo 
CuUotier, sm. breedtes-mnker 
Culpability, sf. culpabiiity, criminatitp 
Cults, tautoorship, divine shvice Iture 
Cultivable, adj. cultivable, ceqtable of cut- 
Cultivateur, sm. huebandman, tiller 
Cultiver, va. to cultivate, improve, till 
Culture, sC. culture, tillage, husbandry 
Cumulatif, ive, adj. cumulative 
Cumuladvement, adv. cumulatively 
Cumuler va. to aoeumulate, heap up 
Cun^forme, adj. euneifiirm, euneated 
Cupide, aaj. covetous, greedy, insatiable 
Cupidity, tf.cupidity, avqrtce,greedineao 
Curable, adj. curable, remediable 
Cura9oa, sm. liquor made from orungee 
Curaj{e,'sm. cleansing 
Qiratfele, sf. guardiansh^, truetoeAip 
Curateur, trice, a^j. curator, guardian 
Curatif, ive, adj. curative, sanati^ 
Curation, sf. cure, act of heeding 
Cure, sf. cure, rem^, restoratiee, act 
of curing, benefice, parsonage, living 
Cure, sm. curoto, pador 

— de campafne, country curate or vicar 
Cure-dent, sm. tooth-jdck 

Cur^f tL hounds fee, hawVs rewoard 
Cur»oreille, sm. ear-picker 
Cnrer, va. to cleanse, purifif, pkk 
se — , vr. to xdek one's teeth or ears 
Curial, e, aoj. relating to a pareon 
Curie, tL ward, dimnon • 

Curiettaement, adv. curiously 
Curieux, sm. virtuoso, connoisseur 
— , se. adj. curious, rare, exquieite 
Curiosite, sf. curiosity, inquisitivent 
Cursive, a^j. current, running 

— denture, current or rtmning AoimI 
Curule, a4j. curule, Mongingto a cha- 
riot, senatorial, magisterial 

Curures, s& pU deansings of <> wM vr 
Curvilicne. adj. eutvUineal [sink 

Curvite, sf. curvity, crookedness Xpam 
Custode, s& curtain, pix cover, pistol- 
Custodi-noB, sm. one whd holds a living 
Cutanee, a4j. cutaneous {intr ust 

Cuticule, sf. cuticle, thin skin 
Cutter, sm. cutter, email vessel 

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Cuve, sf. tub, vat, «Aa/t 

Cuveau* tm* smaU tw 

Cnv4^ »L tubful 

Ca««r> yn. toftrment, teork in a tub 

Cuvene, sf. smatl eUtem, umsMumd 

Cuvier* wauwaaMng-tiOi ibaatn 

— de baTengkn$fistfttat 

— d« laveur Oe oendrea, refin^r^tpan 
Cyntbe, MD. iarge tumbter 

Cycle, sm. evcie,v^iodietUtpaee qfHme 
Cyclique, ftdj. circular, trioiai 
Cyclope« sm. e^eiop, ona-^y^ 
Cysne, im. twan 
Cylindre* sol a/UndertroUer 
Cvlindrique, anj* tifiirtdric, dfUndrieal 
Cymtale, »C eymbait muaicaiinttrummt 
Cjmiaue, 9m. evnie* nir^f permm, ehuri 
—, aaj. cyniecu, churlith, Mftricoi 
CynisoK, sm. cifnieum, ehurliahneaa 
Cypr^, tm. cvprem-trce 
Czu, cm. eS(U% AicMton emneror \ctm- 
Csaiieime« adj. fioritht rtHaiing to the 
Cuurinc, tL eeortna, JtwMum emprcM 
Guiowitg, nnuetarowiiz, ton qfthc czar 


D. im. ^Mrffk letter of the alphabet 
Dk Interi. truip. indeed s oui — « yw, 

Jbreooui/ neDn\-^indeed,no,/i>nooth 
jyabord, adv. Sta Abord 
D'aoeord» adv. £00 Accord 
Dacty\e,»m.daetpl, poetical /bot nf one 

long and two ^urt epIhMee 
DactyblQKlc, sH daetyMomf, the art of 

conoeremgbvrign* with the fin 

Bada« im. hobfyhorae 
Dadala, im. booby, bhekhead 

Dacue, *f. di^rger, poniard 

— de m^r6c, ea#-o'-ntne-tai» 

—4, pL a wild boar'e tuOce, etof^e home 

Dagiier, va* to ttab, aaeaminate 

Da«ttcC« tm. f»««ir ttag 

Daurncr, vn. to d«i 

Dahlia, tm. dahlia 

D'aillean, adv. beridee. See Ailkun 

Daim, cm. deer, fijUlow-deer 

Dalne, if. doe,jfi)maie of a buck 

Dais, im. canopy, email bed-teHer 

Dalla^e, tm. /Uur-etene paeement 

Dalle, fX.flagetone, elab of marble 

Dalnuulqoc, sf. priest a vestment ox tunic 

Dalot, sm. eeupper-hole, on boani pfehio 

Dam, cm. eo«t, dq/nage, tote, torment^ 

Damas, sm. damat^, dameon, ecimittur /, 

0*01 un vni -^t it is an excelleiit blade 
Damasquiner, va. to damaakeen, inlay 

or ornament eteel with gold or eilver 
Danoasquinerie, sf. art ofdamaakeening 
Damasquineur, sm. dama»ke«n-tvorker 
Damasquinure, sf. damaskeened work 
Damask, sm. damask, figured linen 
Damaaaer, va. to weave damask 
Damasserie, sf. art of weaving damask 
Damaaseur, sm. damede-weaver 
Damavttxcy sL damiaek weavingfiuftory 

\ DAT 

Bame* s£ dame, lady, madam, miati tttj 
lea — «, the fair see / fairs la — , to ai« 
upjbraladyt c'cst one — daaii(fe« afkc 

— aux cartes ow anx ^'bccs, queen ct 

— au trictrac ou aux damas, mtam at 
draughts or backtfammon 

— au Jcu de paume, stnrviife at tenitU 
-> damfc, kingat draughts 

— d'hooneur, maid of honour 

— de oosor, queen of hearts 

— de carreau, queen ifdiamemde 

— de piQue, qteen of spades 

— de trifle, qtieen (jjduba 
~- du palais, lady in waiting 

— d'attour, attire-w<nnttn 

—, interj. indeed, fitraooth, nay, many 
Damer, va. to crown or thake a kingat 

Kmier, tm. draught board Idrauxhte 
mnable, adj. dutnnable, detestaUi 
Oaintiablement, adv. damnably 
[Xuiination, af. damnation 
Damn^, e, amf. prrfitgate wretch 
— , adj. damned, ruraeii, deteatable 
Damner, \nu to damn, torment 
UamolkceD, sm. /'p, macaroni 
Damntselle, sf. damael 
Dandin, sm. noddy, ninny, riOy M hm 
Dandinement, sna. act of tpsmng the 

head or the bot^ 
Dandincr, vn. to ^hrre like a nimty 
Danger, sm. danger, risk, peril, hatardt 
sans — , safely t bon dt —, safat Atra 
va—, to be in a perilous situationt 
titer da — , to rescue or deliver 
Dangereusement, a iv. dangerouiiy • 
Dangereux, se, arlj. dangerous, perihue 
Oanois, sm. Danish dof, 
— , e, smf. Dane 
Dans, pr. in, into, within, with 

— un mois, within a month 

— peu, in a little time 

Danse, sf. dance, dancing; maltrs da—, 
dancing master t commencer la — » iv 
open the ball 

Danaer, Va. et vn. to-dance, romp, Msk, 
jump, leap, hop, amnrt,Jbdp(ttn 

Danse^r, euse, snif. dancer 

— de corde, rope-dancer 
Tyerdtivoi. dart, javelin, arrow, K..^. 
Darder, va. to dart, shoot, harpoem 
Dariole, sf. ctMtord 
Danse, sf. u>et dock 
Dartre, sf. tetter, ring-worm 
Daftreiix, se, adi. scabby, itchy 

Date, sf. date, time at which any event 

heeppensi prendre — , to minutedown 

Dater, va. to date, talk of times gone by 

— faux, to post date 
Datif, sm. dative ease 

Datte, sf. daf^f fruit of the date-tret 

Dattier, sm. date tree 

Daube, sf. stewed meat 

Dauber, va. to druh, beat, thresh, bang 

Dauphin, e, smfl dauphin, dOupMneet 

Dauphin, sm. dolphin, a sea fish 

D'autant, adv. iSM Autant 


^E { 

■ lMnp»ata(e, adv. more, mor« than that 
0e, prep, frvm, with, tnft troi* ou six 
|Meds — profondeur> thfte or «ir Jbet 
deep; quelque choae — t)on,9ometMng 
goodt point — wnicomnmn, no earn- 
mon tense >* partir — jour ou — nuit, 
towetoutbifiiaifornightf mourir — 
faim ou — froid, to etarve with hun- 
ger or cold,' mourir — chaud* to be 
extremetff hot ; mourir — aoif* to be 
parched with thirtt t sauter — joie, to 
leap for joy i voir — loin» to am q/br 

— bon matin, early 

— ce que, becauee that 

— la sorte, thue, $9 

— par,yVom, in the name of 

— par le roi, in the king** ttame 
*— plus, moreover 
De, un. d^, thimble; —e, pL dice 
D^bAclage, cm. act ofeleartng a have/i 

. D^bAcle, af. breaktngup qficeina rieer 
Ddb&clement, sm. breakimr qf the ice 
D^b&cler, va. to clear a harbour, open a 

door or window, remove to another 
— . vn. to break up a» ice dnee Ihouee 
Debftcleur* tm. water^U\ff' 
D^ballage, sou act ofunpacking 
D^baller, va. to unpack 
D^bandade, (^ la) adv. eot^fueedltf, heUer- 

ekeUer, in a hurry; vivre Jila — > to 

lead a disorderly lifi 
DAbandement, am. act cfditfoanding 
D^Muadcr, va. to ^ntie, relajc, loOsen 
<— des troupes, to disband troops 

— ou are, to unbend a bow 
■e — , vr. to slacken, ret loose, disperse 

<fD^banquer. va. to break or ruin the 

banker of a gaming-house 
D^barbouiUer, va. to dean, make clean 

— un enfant, to wash a child's Jbce 
D^barcad^re, sm. wharf, storehouse, ter- 
D^bardage, sin. act of unlading Iminus 
D^barder, va. to tuUoad wood 
D^bardeur, sm. lighterman, porter 
Debarquement, sm. dinembarking 
D^barquer, vn. to disembark, land 

•DetMUras, sm. disencumbrance Ibering 
Debamusement, sm. act of disettcum' 
D^barra-ser, va. to disembarrais, clear 
Ddbarrer, va. to unbar, unfasten, open 
IMbat, sm. debate, strife, cfmteH 
D6bAt«n>, va. to take tffftbe pack saddle 
D6battre, va. to debate, dispute, examine 
■e — , vr. to struggle, fight, combat 
Debauche, sf. debauch', debauchery 

— d'esprit. excess of wit 
Debauch^, sm. debauchee, libertine 
D^bauch^, sf. lewd woman, prostitute 
D^bauchcr, va. to debrtu<^, corrupt, en- 
tice away, bribe, eeduce, ruii^ 

•e — , vr. to follow eoil courses [rupter 
Debaucheiir, euse, smf. 'seducer, eor- 
Debenture, sm. receipt, debenture 
--«, pL drawback on goods 
Detiec, sm. debt, balance of an mecount 
Mbiffer, va. to disorder, enfieble 
D6hile,adJ. debile, languid, weak, /hint 
IMbtlemeot,aav.>M^|f, weak^tMtMv 


I mbUitatlon, if. MMtaikm 
D^bilit^, tf.debaitu,fteblenese 
D^biliter, va. to ddtilitate, weaken 
se — , vr. to grow weak [attee 

D^bit, sm. sale, traffic, delivery, utter- 
D^bitant, e, smt. dealer, retailer 
D^biter, va. to sell, vend, distrUm^, 
utter, spread, propagate, narrate 

— des nouvelies, to relate news 

— an bruit, to spread a report 

— en banqoe, to set down af debtor 

— en gros, to seU by wholesale 

— en detail, to sell by retaU 
Debiteur, euse, smf. newsmonger 
— , trice, imf. debtor 
D^blai, sm. riddance, act ofclearin/r 
' D^lat^r, vn. to speak severel/f agmnst 

a person, give vent to spleen 
D^Mayer, va. to rid, fi^ee from, dear 
D^bloquer, va. to raise a otodnde 
D^boire, sm. unpleasant afier4aste, bad 

Jlavour, sorrow, griff, mortifioetion 
D^boltement, sm. dMooatian, luxation 
D^bolter, va. toputomt ofjointtdielocate 
D^bonder, va. to unbung, open a dam 
—, vn. to break out, burst forth 
Debondonner, va. to take out the bung \ 
D6bonn«ire, adj. eiffhble, gentle, meek 
D^bonnaircmcnt, adv. kindly , gently 
Ddbord, sm. de/iuxion, flow qf bad hu- 

meurs, edge Jutting over 
D^borde, e, adj. dissolute, ddtaudted 
D^bordement, sno. overflowing, imsttda- 

tbm, irruption, ddMudtery, looae i^fe 
D^border, va. to take qj^the hem 
—, vn. to onerfiow,jut out, lap ovar 
Sf —, vr. to overspread, break oaer 
D^'.totter, va. to pullt^on^s boots 
D^t^uch^ ou Deboucber, sm. oponisw-. 

mart, expedient, opportuniOf, masRv 
Ddi)ouchement, sm. ac^ ofopenmg, ufOff, 

expedient, seUingqjf, getting i^ 
Ddboucher, va. to unstop, uncork, open 

— les chemins, to dear the roade 
—, vn. to go out, escape, march throutfh 
D6bo\xc\er,vtLtounbuckle,%Uicurl [.in fir 
D^booilli, sm. trying of coloure in «(.ve- 
D^boulUir, va. to try colours in difming- 
D^bouquement, sm. sailing out off a 

strait or ehannd, defile, narrow paaa 
D^bouquer, vn. to saU out of a streut 
D^boyrber, va. to take the mud out «t^a 

pofid, remoM a wheel from the ssur« 
Dftbourrer, va. to unstop 

— un jeune homme,#o polish the i wi a- 
ners of a young man {/n^rt 

— un fusil, to take the wadding ouFqr' a 
D^bours, sm. outlay, money paid in ast- 
IMbourtement, sm. disbursement [vantrtr 
Debourscr, va.todM&Mrs0, layout 

Debout, adv. up, standing, headtoufin <t 
IMbouter, va. to nomsuit, dismiss, r^fect^ 
D^bootoaner, va. to unbuttes^, amt or 

laugh immoderately 
te — , vr. to unbutton oneself 
IMbrider, va. to unbridle, stop, eUaeowm- 

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D6brif, sm. wret'k, remaina, fragments 
D^brouillement, sm. explatiatitmy act of 
extricating^ dearingt or unravelling 
D^brouillcr, va. to clear, unfdd, urtravei 
DebTUtlr, va. to palish, smooth, chip off 
D^brutitsennent, sm. dvt of polishing i 
Dibucher, va. tu start or dislodge game 
— , vi). to fly from cover or shelter 
D^busquemenC, sm. act of driving out 
D^busqucr, va. to drive out, breaJc cover, 

supplant, displace, turn out 
D^but, am. first appearance, beginning 
Debutant, v, smf. beginner, novice 
D6buter, va. et vn. to begin, plajf fint, 

hit or knock a botvl away 
"D^cn, sf. Greek word placed before the 
name* of French weights and mea- 
sures, atgnifyuig ten times 
De9^, adv. on this side 
Decacheter, va. 'to unseal, open 
D^-adaire, adj. having ten days 
D^ade, sf. decade, sum or number of 
ten, term of ten days, used in the 
French republican kalendar of 1793 
Decadence, sf. decay, decline, fait, ruin 
Decarii, sm. tenth day of a decade 
Deca^tme, sm. figure often equal sides 
JD^caKramme. sm. ten grammes, ab<mt 

one-third of an ounce 
D^caisaer, va. to take out of a chest 
Decalitre, sm. ten litres, a French mea- 
sure, answering nearly to a peck 
T>6ctL\ogne, sm. decaloifue 
D^calquer, va. to eounterdraw 
D^cam^ron, sm. derameron, a volume 

dividend into ten books 
D^camdtre, j-m. ten mett^s, me€uure of 

length, nearly eleven pards 
D^axnpement, sm. decampment 
D^camper, vn. to decamp, march <4f 
D^canat, sm. deanery, deanship 
D^cantation, sf. decantation , pourivit off 
D4ca.nter, va. to decant, pour qff gently 
D^cander, va. to unrig, take the rigging 
off the nuut-head [mvper 

D^per* va. to part the verdigris from 
—, vn. to dear or weather a cape 
D^pttatioa , lif. decapitation , beh eading 
D4capicer, va. to decapitate, behead 
Diaarc, sm. ten ares, a Frenck square 

meature, neaHj/ equtU to a rood 
Dtoirreler, va. to unpave 
D^ctstkret sm. ten stores, a French solid 

meaeure, nearly eleven cubic yards 
D^c^er, vn. to die a natural death 
D^"«rindre, va. to ungird, loose a girdle • 
IWt^leroent, sm. detection, di»:li>sure 
D^c^Icri va. to detect, discover, disclose 
TMcemhte, sm. December 
D^oemment, adv. decently, becomingly 
Decemvir, sm. decemvir, one of the' ten 

Ronmn magistrates 
D^cemvlral, e, adj. deeemviral 
D^onxiTirat, sm. decemvitate 
D6cence« sm. decency, decorum, modesty 
D^eDfiaI> e, adj. decennial 
Decent, e, adj. decent, becoming, modest 
IMcepdon, at. theeptUm, deceit, fraud 

DAcerrter, va. to decree, ordain, order 
D^c^, sm. decease, demise, death 
D^evable, adj. deceivaUe, fraudulent 
D^vant, e, a<lj. deceitful, ciafty, false 
D^tvoir, va. to deceive, cheat, beguile 
D^chalnement, sm. outrtigetius uonis 
D^halner, va. to unchain, let loose, in- 
cense, exasperate, provoke 
EC — , vr. to break louse, inveigh bi Vrly 
against one, use outrageiiua laiif,nurge 
D^halander, va. to fill with prejudice, 

injure, make one lose his cuatvmrrs 
D^halasser, va. to remove vine projut 
D^chanter, vn. to alter one's o/.inion, 

sing another tune, rtcant, retract 
D^harge, sf. diachurge, at quittance, 
release, unloading, ruimitig out 

— dt roups de b&ton, bastinado 

— d'armcs k leu, volley of musketry 
Dechargemcnt.&m. art tfjtniadinga tihip 
D^har^trt va- to uttload, diMcharge, r»- 

lease, di/teticutul'ff't lif.'hU'n, set free 

— sa Cdnscieiice, to clear one s cunsciei ce 

— son coeur a qutlqu'un, toutibosumotie- 

— un arbre, to lop a tree [selt 

— Taccus^, to exculpate the accused 

— sa colfere, to vent one's anger 

se — , vr. to disembogue or empty itself, 

as a river; fade or change, as a colour 

D^harKtur, sm. lighterman, ship porter 

D^harnrr, va. to tiick off the flesh, make 

lean, thin, lank, or meagre 
D&'haus!!^. e, adj. barefooted; mur— , 

undermined u all 
D^hauss«ment, %n\. act of hoeing up 
D^L-hauss«r, va. to pull iffonex shoesand 

stockings, cut or scarifjj the gums 
D6> hass<»ir, sm. dentist's instiument 
D^h^ance, af. forfeiture, loxs 
Dechet, am. d^'oy, waste, falling away 

diminution, los-i 
D^heveler, va. to dishevel 
D^chiffrable, adj. that can be decipfiered 
Dechiffrcment, sm. interpretation 
D^h'ffrer, va. to decipher, interpret 
D^'liiffreur, sm. exptmnder, int'Tpreter 
D^'biqueCtr. va. to slash, mangle, pink 
D^hiquetnw, sm. one who cuts or pinks 
D^c-hiqueture, sf. act of Ashing 
D^hiiatse, sm. art of breaking up old 

ships or boats 
D^-hirant, e, adj. heartrending 
Dfchimi.ent, am. act of tearing, rend- 
ing, or breaking 

— de coeur* anguish of heart 
D^chirer, va. to tear, lacerate, defa'ne 
D^hireur, sm. ripper, ship breaker 
Dd« hirure, sf. rent, split, oack 
D^thoir, vn. to decay, fall rUf', shrink 
D^houer, vn, to float a stranded ship 
D&i, sm. particle prefixed to the name 

of French weights and measuVes to 

signify a tenth part 
D^iare, sm. the tenth part of an are, a 

French measure of turf ace 
DMdi, e, arij. derided, determined, re^ 

solute, firm, clear, uneguivocal 
Diddiment, adv. deeidedfy, positively 

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Di&:ider, va. to decide^ retolve, determine 
—, vn. to order, diepose of, be positite i 
«e — , vr. to come to a reaoiutiot} ' 

D^ddeur, sni. one who decider or eettlee ' 

matters in a peremptory manner \ 
D&igratnme, im. the tenth part of a 

gramme, a Frenchmeature of weight , 
Ddcillerou Ut»A\\«r, open one*8 eyes ■ 
Decilhre, am. the tenth part of a litre, a 

French measure nf capacity [tithes ' 
D^mable, a^^. tlthable, liable to pay 
D^ima], e, adj. decimal, numbered ajf 
D^imateur, wa.cntlectorcf tithes [tens 
D^mation, af. decimation . 

D^me, If. tithe, the tenth part 
— , sm. the tenth part of a franc 
D^clmer, va. todfcimate, take the tenth 
D^mes, if. pi. the tenths 
D^m^ire, sm. the tenth part of a metre, 

a French lineal measure 
D^ntrert vtu to remove the wooden 

framework upon which an arch A| 
Decirer, va. to free from was [built 
D^sif, hve, atij. decisive, dear, positive 
D^ision, at. decision, determination 
D^dtivement, adv. decisively, positively 
D6dso\n:, adj. dtciHve, terminating 
Ddcistire, s;n. the tenth part of a stire, 

the French measure of solidity 
D^lamateur, sm. declaimer, orator 
D^lamatlon, sf. dtclamation, harangue 
D^lamatoirv, adj. declamatory 
D^lamc r, va. to declaim, rhetoricate 
D^claratif, ive, adj. declarative 
D^laration* sf. declaration, ordinance 
D^laratoirr, adj. dedlaratory, expressive 
Declarer, va. to declare, show, proclaim 
>e — , vr. to declare oneself 
D^lasser, va. to take away from a class 
Declin, sm. decline, decay 
D^Iinable, a<lj. declinable 
D^iinaison* at. declension, declination , 
Z>&)inaiiC, e, acJj. detiining, decaying; 

cadran — , dial not facing a cardinal 
D&:liner, va. to decline a verb [point 
--, vn. to decline, decay, ebb, ^un 
D^livit^, sf. declivity, slope 
D^douer, va. to draw out vails 
Ddcochemenc, sm. shooting an arrow 
D^cocher, x-a. to shoot an arrow 
Decoction, If. decoct iof), act of boiling 
D^iffer, va. to put the hair in disorder 

— une boutdlle, to uncork a bottle 
Decollation, sf. net of beheading 
D^coller, \'a. to behead, separate, ungiue 

— une bIHe, to disengage a ball at bil- 
se — , vr. to be unglued [tiards 
D^collet^. e, part, living thePreast b<ire 
D6co\\eter, \%. to uncover the breast 
ly&xloT^, e, a4j. tarnished, discoloured 
D^colorer, va. to discolour, tarnish, fade 
D^mbrer» va. to d^arfrom rubbish 
Decombret, sm. rubbish, ruins, refuse 
Decommatider, va.* to stop, contradict, or 

repeal an order, countermand 
D6cnmposer» va. to dissolve, analyze, de- 
compound, separate, disunite, unmix \ 
D^mposUion, s£ decomposition I 

D^mpte, SOI. discount, abattmuta 
D^compter, va. to(iiseount,deduet, abat9 
D^noerter. va. to disconcert, cof^/bund 
se — , vr. to be abashed, dismayed 
D^conAre, va. to discon{ftt, vanquish 
D^nfiture, sf. discomjiture, difeat 
D^conseiller, va. to dissuaSe 
D^Qonsid^rr, va. to uecmutt worMess, 

have no regard for one 
D^nstruire. va. to dismen^>er 
D^contenancer* va. to put out of eo«»> 

tenanee, confound, abash 
se — , vr. confounded 
D^nvenue, sf. misfortune, disaster 
D^cor* sm. art ofenibellishing, adominjt 
D&»rateur, sm. decorator, scene-painter 
Deration, sf. decoration, ornament 
—8, pU scenes of a theatre 
DTCorder, va. to untwist, untwine 
D^-orer, va. to d< oorate, adorn, beautify 
D&x>rtication, sf. decortication, act ^ 

stripping t^the bark of trees 
Decorum, sm. decorum, decency 
D^coucher, va. to put one out nfbed 
—, vn. to sleep firum home 
Ddcoudre, va. to unsew, unstittA, rip 

up, wound with a sharp inurumeai^ 
— » vn. to chatter, prattle 
se — , vr. to decline, take a bad turn 
Ddcoulant, e, aiij. flowing 
D^ulement, sm. trickling, dropping, 

or running af water 
D^uler, vn. to run down, flow, drop 
D^uper, va. to cut, pink, canae metU 
D^ooupeur, eu&e, smr. pinker of doth, 

figure cutter, carver of meat 
D^oupie, e, ad}, welleet, wetl-shaped 
Decoupler* va. to uncoupltf, let loose 
iHkoupoir, sm. a small punch, seiesore 
D4(-oupure, if. actof pinking or cutting 

figures and flowers in dn'th or paper 
D^u raiment, sm. discouragement 
D^cuuniKer, va. to discourage, dispirit^ 
se — , vr. to despond, be dis/teartened 
D^coun, sm. decrease, dt^cline, wane 
D6cou%u, «, acU. unsewed, unconnected, 

-loose, disjointed, unmecminff 
D^usure* sf. rent seam, place uneetved 
Decouvert, e, adj. discovered, revealed 
k —, adv. openly, plainly 
D^couveite, sf. discovery, invention 

— d'un crime, detection 
D^uvrlr, va. to disctnser, pereeioe, r^ 

veal, uncover, unveil, divulge, detect 

— Tennemi. to descry the enemy 
*— la frondere, to expose tlte frontier 

— le bots, to chisd tiff wood 

— le potaux roses, to discover the ntffeterp 
se — , vr. to make oneadf known 
D^asser, va. to scour, rub (iff the dirt 

or rust, clean, wash clean, poiieh 
se —, vr. to gruw polite 
D^r^itement, sni. discredit, disrepute 
D^rMiter, va. to discredit, disgrace 
se—, vr. to lose one's credit orreputatien 
Decrepit, e, adj. decrepit, worn Ay mge 
IMer^pitation, sf. decrepitation 

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DEC 8 

Ddd^tade, if. decrepitude, tatt Htu^f 
Decree, gm. decree, ordttumce [aeoa^ 
]>^crdctT> VB. to decree, order, enact 
B^ri, tm. prehibitinn, crying down 
Dweller, va. io prohUrit, cry down 
Deciire, va. to deeeribe, depict, point 
])&.*nx-heme»t> sm. ad o/unhookinfc 
D^roclier* va. to unhook, dieemgage 
Dieroiaaeinent,na. decrease, diminution 
n^roltre* vn. to decrenee, diminish 
D^erotter, va. to rub qj^the dirt 
D^-rotteur, sm. boot or »hce polieher • 
D^croecoire, sf. ehoe-brtuh, acraper 
D^mw, tf. decreaee, diminutien 
'McnuT, va. to ecour, deanee thread or 

eiik beftre dyeing 
D^crftment, tm. act of eeouring, w€uh- 

ing^or eleanting thread bejore dj/eing 
D^upeler, va. to decant liquor tlouly 
Dimple, vau et adj. tenjhld 
D^cupler, va. to increase tenfiM 
D^carknit sm. commander often soldim-s 
D^cursif, ive, arii. decureive 
D^cnver. va. to draw trine from the tub 
D^daigner, va. to disdain, despise, scorn 
0^d«igiieuaeinent» ad\'. disdainfully 
JMdaifiieux> evue, adj. disdainful 
D^clain, sm. disdain, scorn, coniempi 
D^dale, sm. labyrinth, maze 
Dedanst sm. inside, interior, internal 
— , prep, in, within, not beyond fpart 
— , adv. inwardljn, in the inner part 
iMdlcaoe, sf. tiediCation, consecration 
VidHoitcAit, adi. dedicatory 
D^dier, va. to dedieate, devote, tfffer 
Dddire, va. to dAsoum, renounce, deny 
tte —, vr. to recant, retract 
DMU* tm.^feit,Jbr/riture, penalty 
iMkknnmagement, sm. damage* indem- 

nUy, compensation, recompense 
D^dommager, va. to make amends 
jyiAwet, va. to rub agTgUding 
D^douMo', va. to takiB out lining 
DMuction, sf. deduction, abatement 
DMuIre, va. to deduct, subtract, abate 
"D^dxAt, sm. diversion, sport, recreation 
Dieses. sf. goddess, female heathen dinin- 
ae DMelier, vr^tobe pacified [ity 

D^ftdllaaoe, ef,fiiintingJU, mocon 
D^falllanty e, smf. person failing to an- 

ewer a eujpsmons to appear in court 
•— , siAi, ftUttng^, declining, decaying 
IMftdlUr, vn. toJhint,fxU, decay 
DMdi«« va. to undo, defi-at, edipse, con- 

founid, nenjOus, emaciate, reduce 

— UB noBud, to untie a knot 

— un Uc, to unmake a bed 

— one arm&, to dt^eat an army 

— dc ia toile, to unravel linen yam 

se — 6e, vr. to get rid of, leave off, be 

dismayed, despatdi, kill, part with 
D^ait, e, adi. wasted, pale, haggard 
iJ^falte, if. defKKt, subterfutee, evasion 
DMUcation} sf. dejki^-ation, dimintUion 
D6fskioer, ra. to defhleate, abridge 
JHftxeur, sf. disgrace, discredit 
D^avorablr» ad). unfasourtMe, hurtful 
~" nc»adv. " 


D^aut, sm. defect, fiiUing, JbtUt, !«• 

perftfctinn, blemish, Jtaw, vmieeion 
>- l^cr, tapse, small error or mvttake 

— dc la cuirasse, estrt mity oft he armoUr 

— de la lune, change of the moon 

aa — dc, prepi for want of, instead of 
D^fectif, ive, adj. defective, faulty 
Defection , sf. defection, revolt, apostasy 
Mteciueusement, adv. impetfectiy 
Defectueux, ic, adj. defectivf, impcrfsct 
I^j^fectuosite* sf. defect, iwper/ectiin 
Dcfondable, adj. dejvnnable, defeasible 
Dc'endeur, enssc, smf. deftmiunt 
D^fendrv, va. to defend, pn>tect, pre- 

serve, maintain, prohibit, hinder 
se — , vr. to defend, dear, shelter, or ex- 
cuse oneseit [bitiun 
Detense, sf. defence, proteetinn, prohi' 
— », pi. reply in lair,firtiflfatioiis 
D^feiisfur, sm. defender, protector 
Di'fensif, ive, a«lj, defenrire 
D«5(^rant, c, ailj. comp/j/ing, yielding 
Deference, sf. fteference, regard, rrsjtect 
D^t^rer, va. to decree, oi-der, n/'point 
—, vn. to yield, condescend, pay regard 
D^ferlir, va. to unfurl, loosen the sails 
D^fermer, va. to aer ar liberty, unlock 
D^ferrer, va. to unshoe a horse, nonplus 
s** — , vr. to lose a shoe, be nonplussed 
D^R, am. defiance, ehuUenge, bravado 
Oiitiance, &t. distrt'st, mistru*t,jeatuu^ 
Defiant, e, adj. diffident, dixtruHful 
Deficit, sm. de/icu, want, dtjicieney 
D^^erj va. to defy, ehallenue, brave 
se — , vr. to mistrust, Muspect 
Defi^urer, va. to disfigure, deform 
DeHl^, sm. defile, lung narrow pass 
Di§tiler, va. to unstring, untwist, Jilet^ 
fe — , vr. to get unjitrung 
D^finir, va. to define, p«)int out, settle 
Dtfinitlf, Ive, adj. definitive, peremptory 
D(^Hnition» sf. definition, derisitm 
Detinitivemeiit, adv. definitiv Ij/, poei- 
IX-flaffration, sf. defiagnttion Ittvdy 
DeDeurir. va. to blight the btosaom ^f 

trees, nip t\ffthe bl> om orjiower 
— , vn. to lose or shed blossoms 
D^flfxion, at. defiet-tion, deviation 
Defloration, sf. defioi-ation, rape 
D^florer, va. to drftnur, ravish 
D^ronorment. sm. act of stacinffa eaik 
D^foncrr, va. to Have a cask 
—, vn. to be staved, broken in pieces 
D^fnrmer, va. to put out qffitrm 
D^'numer, va. fo draw out of the ooen 
Defrayer, va. todefray, pay, beat charges 
Defrirhement, sm. act of grubbing up ' 

or clearing land 
Ddfricher, va. to grub up or dear land 
Defricheur, sm. one who dears untitled 
D^friser. va. to uncurl [fcround 

Defroncer, va. to undo folds 
D^froqur, sC moveable^ and money of a 

deceased monk or other person 
D^froquer, va. to niake a monk leave 
. his monastery, strip one of his artnids 
se ~, vr. to renounce a numk's order 
D^uner, va. to unrig a ship 


DBF « 

D^funt. e. adj. deeecued, dead 
B^gage* e, adj. disengaged, free: air—, 
etuy carriage t taille —e, eHeqant shape 
Ddgagementf am. disengagement 
Difffig^t va. to disengage, extricatet re- 
lease, free, redeem, lighten, recall 
•- uhe ville assi^gee, to relieve a besieged 

— un VMSseau, to rescue a ship \toum 

— rancre* to clear the anchor 
se — , vr. to disengage oneself 
D^galnei sf. awkward manner oxgai^ 
D^;?alner, va. to draw one's sword 
D^gancer, va. to pftll off one's gloves 

•e —, vr. to pull offonis own gloves 
D^garniri va. to unfumish, strip, unrig 
•e — , vr. to he thinly clothed 
D^g&t, sm. havoc, waste, devastation 
D^auchir, va. to plane, make smooth 
D^gauchissement, sm. tict qf planing, 

smoothing, levelling 
D^gel, sm. thaw, act of thawing 
D^gele^ va. to thaw, melt, dissolve 
D^gdn^ratlon, sf. degeneration [virtue 
D^gendrer, vn. to degenerate, deoajf in 
D^g^ndrescenoe, sf. tendency to degen- 
eration, act of degenerating 
IMgingand^, e, adj. shaking, swinging, 
unsteady t d-marche — e, tottering 
gait ; style —, unconnected style 
Degluer^ va. to unglue, clear away 
se — , Vr. to c/eor ont^s eyelids of gum 
DeKlutition, sf. act of swallowing 
D^gobiller, va. to vomit 
D^iser, va. to blab^ chat, babble, chirp 
D^gommer, va. to wash out gum 
D^gommage,8in. actofionshingout gum 
DigondeTtVtutotakeadooroffits hxnges 
Degonfler. va. to reduce a swelling 
— , vn. to be reduced, grow less 
K — , Vr. to become less in size 
Ddnrorgement, sm. act of overflowing, 

disemboguing of a river 
D^rger, va. to disgorge, potsr out with 
force, burst out, clear, open, cleanse 
te — , vr. to overflow, disembogue 
P^goter, va. to displace, remove 
D^gourdi, e, adj. sharp, acute, keen 
D^gourdir, va. totuicken, revive, warm, 
remove numbnesf 

— I'eau, to take the chill qg^ water 
D6(ourdi8>emeDt, sm. recovery from eold 

and numbness 

■e — , vr. to grow sharp, improve 

DejroUt, am. disrelish, nauseousness, 

distaste, aversion, loathing, distrust I 

D^gnQtant, e, adj. disgusting, loathsome , 

DCKoQte. e, aiij. squeamish, Jtutidious,' 

6tre — de la vie, to be weary of life ,• 

n en est -, he is sick of it; faire le — , 

to show discontent > 

DegoQter, va.. to disgust, offend the 

taste, excite aversion 
Ddgouttant, e, adj. dropping, trickling , 
D^goutter, vn. to drop, trickle. distU 
Degradation, sf. degradation, baseness 
Degrader, va. to degrade, debase, dis- 
parage, lou'^r in degree, " ' 
w -^, vr. to debase oneseif 

I DE^ ^ 

D^greOer, va. to unclasp, unbuekU 
D<^rai!>8age, >m. act of taking out spots 

of oil or grease from cloth, ^c. 
D^raissement, am. act of scouring 
D^KraU^er, va. to scour, dean, remove 

or skim ffffat, impoieerith 
D^raisseur, sna. scourer [mai^ine 

Degraiaeoir, am. wringing or scouring 
Degravoiement, sm. act of undermining 

a wall, washing away 
D^gravoyer, va. to undermine a waU 
Dt^rd, sm. degree, stair, staircase i les 

— s, steps of a staircase / par — «, adv. 

insensibly, by degrees i de — ca — « 

step by step 
D^gr^emeiii, sm. actofunrigginga ship 
D^KT^^, va. to unrig a sliip 
D^<idvement, am. partial exentpOon 

from a tax 
Degrt- ver, va. to lessen a tax, grant par^ 

tial relief from any impost 
D^grinKol&iie, af. tumbling down, act qf 

running down sUiirs 
D^gringaler, vn. to tumble down, run 

down stairs [cation 

De^risement, am. recovery from intosi- 
Ddgriser, va. to recover from intosivor- 

tion, become sober 
De^rosser, va. to wiredrqw gold 
D^rossir, va. to chip, shapf^ prepare 
Dd/ueniU^, e, adj. tattered, ragged 
D^guerpir, va. to yield, give up, quit 
—, vn. to go iff, scamper away 
n^urrpisstfioent, am. acta/ quitting 
Ddgueuler, vn. to vomit, eject 
D^guisement, am. disguise, pretence 
Deguiser, va. to disgiiise, dissimulate 
sc^, vr. to disguise one's fee/inge 
Degustateur, am. tastrr of wines 
D^gustittion, sf. trial of wines by tasting 
D^guster, va. to taste, ascertain Hu 

qualities of wines or other liquore 
Deh Aler, va. to remove tan-colour or eust- 

freckles from the skin 
se —, vr. to recover omfs comt^exion 
D^hanch^, e, adj. hipshot, having the 

hip dislocated J ing a horee 

D^amaclvsmcnt, sm. act afunh/ameee' 
D(>han>acher, va. to ttUee iffhamees 
D^hont^, adj. unabashed, shameieee 
Dehors, am. pageantry, outside ehow 

— d'une place, outworks 

—, adv. estemally, outwardly 
Deification; sf. deification, act n/deif^fisig 
jyi\&er,vaL.todeify,adore, makeaftodaf 
Deisnie, sm. deism, creed of a deiet 
D^iste, sm. deist, one who dis/bdievee 

revealed religion 
D^it^, sf. dritff, the divine nature, the 

Divine Bfing 
D^ja, adv. already, bejbre, at that tnne 
Dejection, sf. excremr^t, evacuation 

— d'unt plandu*, depression of a planet 
se Ddiecter, vr. to warp, contrcwt ' 
D^jvuner ou D^jean^, am. breakfaU 
D^jeOner, vn. to breakfast 

D^jeQner dtner oti D^jeiiner4iiuiU>ins 
un. luncheon 

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PEJ « 

D^joindre, va. to di^foin, p&ri atundgr \ 
t—,rr.tobe dit^ined \ 

D^jouer, va. to thwart , hajgle, eon/bund , 
— , TO. tojtutter, plap badljf a* a gamq \ 
JMjucher, va. 0^ vn. to unreott, drive 
one away from a plaett Itiavt the rooet 
JkAk, i»«ib on the other aide, bepond 
— , adv. from thence, from that times 

&ech et — , up and doom 
Pdlabr^ e, adj. impaired, dtattered 
D^labrement, >m. ruinow eendition 
D^labrer, va. to rend, impair, ruin, tear 
se — , vr. to go to pieces, teoome a ntln 
J}6\aeer, va. to unlape, unlaoee 
D^lai, un. deie^/, adifournment, retpite 
D^liUMeinent, im. abandonment, deser- 
tion, eummone eent to an ineurer 
D^kainer, va. to faraake, coat qgT, desert 
D^laMement, son. refreshment, ease, rest 
DM»Ma, va. to refreOt, rskut, recreate 
M — , vr. to amttaeoneaelf 
D^lateur, m. euxuaer, informer 
Delation, b£ delation, infmnation, ac- 
cusation, charge, indictment 
IMlatter, va. to unfath 
D^iayant, sm. a dilumt, dihtter 
D^layement> un. act of diluting 
B^lay^, e, adj. dUuted, attenuated 
DilSLjer, va. to dilute, make thin 
Delectable, adj. delectable, delightful 
Delectation* af. dafeetotton. pleaaure 
Deleccer, va. to delUfht, affords pleasure 
M — . vr. to take delight «n 
D^l^iracioo, »f. delegation, commission 
D^ie^e* smi delegate, deputv 
Y)6l^gwsr, va. to delegate, appoint 
DeieslBge, sm. unbaitasting 
Deie*tcr, va. to utOtallast 
D^l^^re, adj. deleterious, deadly 
Deiit>^rant,e,adj. delU)erating, irresolute 
D4\itiinA\t, ive, adj. deliberoHve, bold 
Deliberation, at; deliberation, resolution 
Deiib^. e, adj. eaajf, free, cool, firm; 
avoir 1 air ~, to put on a reaolution / 
', adv.onpurpow 

;, adv. eaailptftsselp 

D^b^nr, vn. to deliberate, determine 
Deiioat, e, adj. delicate, delicious, svru- 
puloua, weak, exquisite, tender, fine 
Dellcacemcnt, adv. d^icatdp, daintiiy, 
tonderlp, genOy, asfttpi pen—, ruddy 
neiicatcr, va. to pamper, fimdle, cocker 
we — ^» rr. to me^e mudh ofoneatif 
D^HoateHe^sf. delieacjf, nicety, softness, 
alegtsnee, neatness, politeness, danger 
Deiicc, tm. delight, pleasure, luxunr 
D^iicea, sf. pi. delights, charms, comforts 
D^lideiueaient, aJdv. deli^^^uitf, daintily 
Deiideax, euae, adj. delicious, sensual 
D6iii6, e, ad|j. slender, acute, fine, small, 
eulitilei loose, untied; avoir la langu« 
->e, to express oneself with fiadUty 
DeUer, va. to loose, undo, abaolve 
Deiinfiataon, aS. delineation, drdbght 
DeUaquant, e, amt delinquent, qffbnder 
D^liquiom, sm. the state of being liquid 
naiimnt, e, adj. cWirJouff 


Deiire, sm. dOirium, lightheadednest " 
Deiirer, vn. to rave, be detirioua 
Deiit, sm. fault, crime, outragtk q^bfiot 
Deiivranoe, sf. deliveranee, releaae 
Delivre, sm. aecundine, afterbirth 
DeUvrtT, va. to deliver, gioe, reaign, set 

at liberty, surrender, retcue, save 
•e — , vr. to free or deliver oneseff 
Deiivreur, sm. deliverer, bearer 
Deio(cemeiit, sm. act of removing 
Deioi^er, va. to remove, dislodge 
— , vn. to move, fwK a lodging, mardi f^ 
Deioya), e, adj. diaioyal, treacheroue 
Deioyalement, ad%'. rtislot/al^y 
Detoyaute, %f.disloytUty, treason, perfidy 
Deiugc, sm. deluge, inundation, fiood 
Deiustrer, va. to deprive of lustre 
Deiutsr, va. to vnlute a diistilling vessel 
DemaRogie, »t demagogy 
Demagogiqae, adj.belungingtodemagcgy 
Demaeoyue, sm. demagogue 
Demafllotter, va. to unswathe 
Demain, am. to-morrow 
— matin, adv. to-morrow morning 
D&oaancher, va. to unhnft, MJt in mueie 
se — , vr. to be <iffthe hinges 
Demand^, tt demand, question t ti'M 
detmute de sa — , he has been nonsuited 
Demander. va. to ask, dematid, rtquire, 

beg, wiah, deaire, interrogate 
ae — , to queation each other or oneae^f 
Demandear, euae, «nf. a^cer, dun 
—, crease, amf. plaintiff 
Demangeaison, at itthing, great deaire 
Demaiifer, vn. to iMi 
Demani^lement, sm. aef ofdiamantHng 
Demanteler, va. to diamantle, null down 
Demantibuler, va. to pull to piecea 
Demarcation, af. demiarcation 
Demarche, af. gait, atep, manner 
Demarier, va. to unmarry 
Demarqaer, va. to unmark 
Demarnge, am. unmooring 
Demarrer, va. to stir, move, undo 
— , vn. to unmoor, put to sea, set sail 
Demaaquer, va. to unmask, diadoae 
ae — , to ahow oneaelfaa one ia 
Dem&tage, am. act ofeUanuuting 
DemAter, va. to diamaat 
Demdie, am. d^tate, quarrel, contest 
Demdler, vn. to aeparate, diaeover, dis- 
entangle, unravel, conteat, deb<ite 
se — , vr. to get dear qff, extricate oneae\f 
Demeioir, sno. large comb 
Demembrement, axcuactof dismembering 
Demembrer, va. todiamamher 
Demenairement, sm. act of removing 
Demenager, va. to remove, march awnp 
Demence, af. madneaa, lunacy t inaaniti 
se Demener, vr. to atruggte, atrive, cun- 

tend, eonteat, labour, atir 
Dementi, am. imputation offtilsehood, 
diaappointment s donner le — , to eive 
the lie i voui en aures ie — , you ahull 
be diaappf^ted 
Dementir, va. to challenge the truth af 

ow^a atatement, contradict, belie 
M — , vr. to 6« ineonaittant 



,DBM t 

D^mdrite, Mn. demerit, Ui-deaert, Jhult 
Ddin^iiter, rn. to deeerve ceneure 
D^mesur^» e, adj. eteeeeive, itnmetue, 

intmodnrate, huge, etuirmotu 
D^mcsur^iuent, adv. immeaeuriMjf 
D^mettre* va. to di^oitu, discard 
M — , resign, abdicate, didocate • 
— , le genoa, to put the knee out of Joint 
DemeuUementy sm. tmfumishing 
D^meubler, va. to unfumish 
Demeurant, im. residue, remainder 
—, e, adj. living, abiding, dwelling 
aa •— , adv. asjixr the rest 
Demeure, tf» dwellingi etaif, abode 
Demeaicr, vn. to live, todge, staff, dweO, 

remain, inherit, abide, belong, tarry 

— d'accord, to agree, grant 

— en arri^re, to be in an 

— confus, to be aborted 

— sur la place, to be left dead upon the 

— en mte, to be behind'hand [spot 

— intend It, to, remain speechless 

— it ne rien faire, to stand idle 

— moet, to be struck dumb 

— garant, to be a surety 

Demi, e, adj. half; faire lea choses k —, 

to do tMngs by halves 
k —, adv. amost 
Demi-an, >m. half a year 
Demi-aune, af. half a yard 
Demi-cercle, sm. semi-circle 
Deml^diam^cre, im. semi-diameter 
Demi-dieu, sm. demi-god 
Deml-douzaine, sf. halfa dozen 
Bemi-fortune, si ane-itorse chaise 
Demi-heure, sf. half an hour 
Demi-lieu, if. halfa league 
Demi-Utue, nn. ht^fa pint 
Demi-Iivre, tf. heUfa pound 
Demi-Iune, sL crescent, half moon 
Demi-m^tal, sm. semi-metal 
Demi-meture, vLhaifa measure 
Demi-oncei sf. half an ounce 
Demi-rand, sm. semi-circular kn{fii 
Demi<4ecier, sm. twelve bushels, gallon 
Demi-solde, sf. half-pay 
Demi-souplr, sm. ha{fa rest in musie 
Demi*teince, sf. mezzotinto 
Demission, sf. demission, resignation, 

abdication, degradation, depresrion 
D^issionnaire, sm. one who designs or 

one whoaceejastheoffieeofaresigner 
Dtoocrate, sm. democrat 
D^mocratie, sf. demoeraey 
D&nocratique, adj. democratic 
Deoiocratiquement, adw democratically 
Demoiselle, sf. miss, young lady,damsd 
Demolir, va. to demolish, break down 
D^moHseur, sm. one who demolishes 
Deinolicion, sf. demolition 
D^mon, tut. demon, devil, evil spirit 
O^mon^clsation, sf. act ^ stopping the 

^rcutation of coin or paper-money 
D^tnon^eiser, va.' to stop the circulation 

of coin or paper-money 
Demoniaqae, adj. demoniacal, deviUsh 
Demonstrateur, sm. demonstrator 
Demonstiatlf, ivc, adj. demonstrative 

I DBir 

Demonstration, sf. demonstration {^ 
D^monstrativement.adv. demonstration' 
D^tnonter, va. to dismount, unhorse, 

undo, take to pieces, puzzle, eefi/buml 
se ->, vr. to 60 dashed, confbundoa 
D^montrable, adj. demtmstrable 
D^montrer, va. to demonstrate 
Demoralisation, sf. demonditatUm 
D^moraliser, va. to demoralize 
D^moraliseur, smf. person who corrupts 

mMic morals 
Demordre, vn. to let go one's hold, obon- 

don,,desist, depart firom 
D^munir, va. to withdraw ammtmUiest 
Demurer, va. to lay open, open a watt 
D^naire, adj. denary, relating to ten 
se D^nandr, vr. to abandon securities 
D^nasaler, va. to take away the naaat 

sound of a vowel leharacter 

D^naCionaliser, vs. to deprive of notiosusi 
D^naccer. va. to disentangle, untwist 
Denature, e, a4j. unnatural, cruet 
D^naturaliser. va. totake away natUmai 

rights,deprivea nativeefhisprioUeges 
D^naturer, va. to change the nature of 

a thing, pervert, distort, mislead 
D^n^gatioD, sf. denial, act ofdonyirtg 
D^i, sm. denial, re/tiseU 
D^niais^, sm. eunntng fellow 
D^niaisement, sm. trick of a sharper 
D^niaiser, va. to teach wit, trick ana 
se — , vr. to learn wit, grow sharp 
D^niaiseur, sm. sharper, witty person 
Ddnicher, va. to unnestle, dislodge 
—, vn. to march away, run «j/f ' r*".* 
Miiichear, sm. onewhojfoesa'birdnest' 
Denier, va. to deny, refuse, disaHow 
Denier, sm. French farthing, being-haif 

an En0ish fitrthing, money, interest 
— k Dieu , earnest-penny, deposit-money 

— de poids, pennyweight 

— de Saint Pierre, St Petet^s pence 

— vingt'«inq,>b«'' PW c***** 

— vingt,^0e per cenL 

—* d^octroi, toll or passage-penny 
— « da rai, king's treasure 
D^nigrement, sm. aspersion, Lanier 
D^nigrer, va. to asperse, slander 
D^igreur, sm. revUer, defitmer 
U^nombremeni, sm. enumeration 
D^nombrer, va. to number, takeacenens 
D^nominateur, sm. denominator 
D^nominatif, Ive, adj. denominatioo 
Denomination, sf. denomittationt title 
D^nommer, va. to name, denomnuste 
D^nonoer, va. to denounce, accuee, in- 
form against, point out, give notice 
D6nontiateur, sm. denunciator, ocru^er 
D^nondation, sf. denunciation 
Denotation, sf. denotation, infbrmation 
Denoter, vn. to denote, mark out 
Denoftment, sm. eondusien, act of am- 

ravelling, catastrophe of a pUxy 
Ddnou^, va. to untie, loosen, esplatn 
■e — , vr. to grow hose, become apt 
Denr^e, sf. commodity, ware, prooision 
Dense, adj. denes, thidc, close, » 

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Dent; If. fooCA, notcA or ^np / le nwl de 
-^, Me toothache; amwhcr mie —i 
<o cffvtv a tooth ; faire aes —%t to cut 
teeth f purler entre aea —•, lo mitftor 

— de chfen» tlogtooth, a plant 

— de lait, yoMfi^or milk tooth 

— qui branle, looee tooth 

— • d'unc roue, co/rt of a wheel 

— • Incisivct. finroteeth 

— • mftchelt^ra, Jaw-te^h, grinder* 

— s oeill^rcs, effe-teeth 

Denude, adj. dental, belonginffto teeth 

Dent^, e, adj. indented, noshed, toothed 

Dent^ s£ bite from a hmmd 

Deniel^* e. adj. denticulated, ragged 

Denteler, va. to indent , notch, jag 

Dentelle, %L hux, bonelaee 

Dentrlure* tf . notched or indented work 

Deater, ra. to iftdent, nog 

Deader, im. ou Denture, tfl eet of teeth 

Dentifnee, tan. deniifirUx, tooth-powder 

Dentitte, an. dentiet 

DencMon, wLfirtt cutting of teeth 

D^midftiion, tf. naked attUe of a bone 

Ddnudor* va. to «f rip one 

D6nu4. e. adj. deetitute, atript, naked 

D^nuemenc, on. bereaoementt want 

D^uer> va. to bereaoe, leave deetitute 

D^fiaqueter, vm- to unpack a bundle 

D^p«eiU6, e, adj. odd, incomplete 

D^piOciUcr, va. to wtmalcfc, rpoil 

D^parer, va. to etrip, undeck, disfigure 

D^parier, va* to take one from a pair 

D^parler, vn. to ceaee to epeak 

D^>p(ut, am. departure, act ofgoingaway 

D^parM^er, va. to give the canting vote 

Depaitement, sm. office, duitru.-t, ghire 

D^partemcnta}, e, adj. relating toade- 

Depaitie^ U. act of parting [ partmen t 

D^partir, vn. to depart, diatribute, ahare 

96 — , vr. to deaitt, give up, recede 

D^pasKT, va. togofiuter, puU out 

— nn bfttimenCy to run paat a ahip 
Depavcr, va. to unpaoe 

D^payker, va. to earrp one into another 

countrjf, cofTif one out of hie depth 
D^p^ocmeottsm. aetofcarotngot cutting 
D^p^cer» va. to nut i<p* dtamenUntr, carve 
D^p^ccur, am. breaker up of old boate 
D^p^be, sf. deepoMi, etpreaa, letter 
Depdcber, va. to deapateh, huaten, kill 
se — , vr. to fight without triving quarter 
D^pcindie. va. to repreaent, expreea 
D^penaille, e, adj. Ul-dad, ragged 
D^penatllcinent, am. raggedneaa 
D^peodamment, adv. dependent^ 
D^pendance, it dependence, aub^ectien 
— s, pL apptireettancM, premiaea 
D^pvndanC, e, adj. dependent, alaviah 
D^Ddre, va. to hang down, take down 
— , vn. to depend on, proceed, follow, be 
subject to or under, hold by a tenure 
D^na, tea. pL eapenaea, damagea 
Depenae, af. eoat, bill, charge, pantry 
D^penacr, va. to «p0ttd, ejtpend,diabtarae 
^, vn. to eouaume, wtute, exhauat 

— mal-4-propoi, to miaepend 

D^peniter, hte, smf. apentWtnft 

—, adj. CMtravagant, prodigal, ejtpenelve 

— d'un vaisseau, ateward of a ahip 
D^perriition, sf. loaa, deatruetion, waate 
D^p^rir, vn. to oanaume away, wither 
D^pc'risaement, sm. act of falling intod^ 

cay, declining, decaying, withering 
D^penuader, va. to diaauade, divert firum 

a nurpoae, undeceive one 
D^pecrer, va. to get f^jfot out, disengage 
K — , vr. to diaengage oneadf, get free 
D^ pea piemen t, am. depopulation 
I D^peupler, va. to depopulate, lay waate 

— un vivier, to drag a pond Ihouee 

— an ptgeonnier, to unatock a pigeon- 

— «ne fordt, to jW/ the treea ofafireet 
D^pi6%r, va. to cut to piecea 
D^piiatioh, sf. pulling out otqffthe haiir 
D^pilatoire, sm.* depilatory, applieatioH 

ftn- removing hatr 
D^piler, va. to pull out or qffthe hatr 
Depiqui'r, va. to appeaae, allay anger 
se — , vr. to become tranquil, leea grieved 
Ddpi^ter, va. to apy or trace out, dodge, 

diacover a peraon'a aim, uae craft 
D^pit, sm. vesation, pet, anger, apite'i 
taire quelque cboae par — , to do aome- 
thing out of apite; en — de» in apite 
or despite of 
D^piter, va. to vex, provoke, firet 
se — , vr. to be fretful, vexed 
D^placement, sm. displacement, removal 
D^placer, va. to displaee, remove 
se — , vr. to put in a wrong place 
D^plaire> vn. to displease, qffend, vex 
se — , vr. to be displeased with 
D^laisance, «C dislike, aversion [able 
D^plaisant, e, adj. unjdeasant, disagree- 
D^plaisir, sm. displeasure, grief, trouble 
D^planter, va. to displant, transpkuit 
D^plantoir, sm. tO(tl for diaplanting 
D^plier, va. to unfiAd, open, display 
se — -, vr. to come out of plait 
Deplisser, va. to unplait, untwist 
se — , vr. to beanne unplaited, untwisted 
D^loiementou D^pioyement, sm. act of 

unfolding, display, exhibition 
Deplorable, adj. deplorable, hopeleaa,aad 
Depiorablement, adv. deplorably 
Ddplorer, va. to deplore, lament, bewail 
Deploy e, e, part, et adj. displayed, un- 
folded, exhibited ; chanter ji goife — e» 
to aing with foil power t rire a goiige 
— e, to laugh immoderately 
Ddployer, va. to display, unfold, ^ow 

— uue voile, to hoaen a aail 

— )es voiles, to aet the anila 

— le pavilion, to let thejiag or ensign fly 
D^plum^e, adj. deplumed, unfeathered 
D^plumer, va. to atrip qjf the feathei^ 
re — , vr. to moult, ahed or c^anjfefoathera 
De-pius, adv. beaides [burse 
Depocher, %-a. to take from a pocket, die- 
D^polir, va. to take qtfpoHah 
Deponent, adj. deponent {aaid of a verft) 
D^pointer, va. to unplait ' 
D^populariser, va. to render uhjm 
w —> vr. to l0M pofiftfartty 

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Disport, tm.4eittih^nSfirtSuofa IMng 
Importation, tt deportation, exile 
miftati, sm. convtcf , erimimU 
— • e» adj. traneported, baniahed 
iMinrtement, sm. deportment, demean- 

our, behaviour, manner, earriage 
D^parter, va. to tran^ort, bani^, esiie 

-, vr. to withdraw one^s daime 

IMpoier, va. 
, vn. 

D^poiaDt, e, adj. deponent, untrteee an 

to depone, ' 
— , vn. aepoee, reeign, aepot 
Depodtaire, smf. dgpotitary, truetee 

... depoee [oai 

reeign, depoeit, eettte 

-" d'un UKMiMcire* treaaurer , 
IMpoiitk>n»Mn. depoeUion, evidence 
D^poiwMer, va. to diepoaeeea, deprive 
D^potlession, sf. aet ^diepoeaeeeing 
DrnttUr, va. to drive from a poet 
— rennemi, to di^odge the enemy 
Di^, tm. depot, etorehoitae, ware- 
haute, depoeit, charge, truet,«(Bdittient 

Dl^pouille, sf. i^eete qf a deceaeed per- 
eon, epoil, plunder, bootff, crop 

— d'un lion» lian'e skin 

— morteUe* dead carcaee 
D^uiUement, «n. renunciation, eelf- 

denial, privation, eummary, abttract 
D^poulller, va. to atrip, undothe, reap 
the crop, bereave, deprive, diveat 

— un lapin, to akin a rabbit [tuxount 

— un compte, to give an abatract of an 
t —, vr. topuU ftff' one's cktthea, divest 

oneeel/ofprejisdicea, coat the akin 
IMpourvoir, va. to unfiimiah, leave dea- 

tittae, atrip, deprive, bereave 
•e — , vr. to leave Of teaelf without meana 
D^pounrUfC, aiAj.unprovided, deatUute; 
un homme — de boo aeiis, a man void 
of good aenae ; une place — e, a place 
unfortified, wanting ammunitiom 
au — , adv. unawarea, taken by aur- 
priae, unprepared s prendre qudqu'un 
• SM—, to find one napping 
Depravation, sf. depravity, corruption 
Dipnyi, 9, adj. deprhved, corrupt, baae 
Depraver, va. Urdeprave, pervert, vitiate 
IMiH'^tif, ive, adj. deprecative, tend- 
ing to avert evil by prayer 
Deprecation, sf. deprecation [lt4aHon 
Depreciation, sf. depreciation, underva- 
Depredateur, sm. one who undervalues 
DejNrecier, va. to depreciate, undervalue 
Depredateur, am. depredator, robber 
Depredation, sf. depredation, plunder 
Deprendre, va. to part, diaengage, de- 
tach, looaen, free, aeparate 
se — , vr. to diaengage or extricate oneaelf 
Depression* sf. depreaaion, abaaement 

— de I'horison, dip of the horizon 
Deprevenir, va. to remove prejudice, free 

fhtm partiality or prepoaaeaaion 
se — , vr. todo away withone'a prejudieea 
Deprier, va. to recall an invitation 
Deprimer, va. to depreaa, debaae, humble 
Depri«er, va. to undervalue, underrtUe 
se ~, vr. to underrate oneadf 
Depuceler, va. to deflour, ravuA 
De-praCondia, am. prayer fur the dead 


Depuis* adv. atnce, from the Mum <tat 
—, prep, after, fi^eome timepaat 

— que, couj. aiiice 

— quand? how kmgf 

— deux ans, these two y aa ra 

peu, tatdy, not bmg eitiee 
loQflr-teiopB, thia great while 
— ee temps-u, ever aisiee, evtr o/ler 

— la cv^^ion du numde, from the crea- 
tion of 'the uwrid f to toeat 

— Ic levant J usqu'au ooudiant, /rom 001^ 
Depurattf, ive, adj. depurate, purified 
Depuration, sf. depuration, the aet 0/ 

making pure or etoor, darifyfing 
Depuratoire, a4j. depuratory 
Depurer, va. to depurate, purify, purge 
D6puUtion, sf. deputation, ddegaiien 
Depute, sm. deputy, delegate 
Deputcr, va. to depute, delegate 
Deractnement, am. act of rooting up se 

out, extirpation, eracUeation [caia 
Deraciner, va. to roof up or out, erad&- 
Derader, vn. to be driven out to eea 
Deraison, sf nonaenae, want of reason 
Deraiaonnabie, adj. tmreaaonabfe 
Deraison nablement, adv. unreaaontMy 
Deralsonner, vn.' to rave, apeak nonaenas 
Derange, e, adj. dttranged, out of order, 

eonfuaed, unateady, diaorderiy, mad 
Derangement, sm. derangement, diaor- 

der, conyWJon, trouble, perplextty 
Deranger, va. to put out of order, diaturb 
se — , vr. to live a disorderly lift 
Deraper, va. to raise the ttnchor 
Derate, e, adj. dunning, sharp. Jovial 
Derater, va. to take the milt out 
Derecbef, oAv. again, anew, onee more 
Deregie, e, adj. diaorderly, unruly 
Dereglement, sm. irr^^uktrity, exceasy 

riot, diaoiiter, cenfuaion, dd>aucherif 
Deregiement, adv. diaorderly, loosely 
De> ejjier, va. to put outof order, unsettle 
se — , vr. to follow evil couraea 
Derider, va. to amooth, dear up tito 

countenance, laugh, look cheerftU 
se — , vr. to grow jovial, merry 
Derlnon,sf.dert«Mm, modeery,eontempt 
Derisoire, adj. derwiM 
Derivatir, ive, adj. derivative, diverting 
Derivation, sf. derivation, origin 
Derive, sf. drift, a ahiffa leeway g beUe 

— , a good oj^ng or aea-room 
Derive, sm. derivative 
Deriver, va. to undendi, unrveet a staH, 

put qif or get dear from the ^sore 
—, vn. to deviate from the eottree, fall 

to leeward, derive, proceedfnjen 
Dernier, ^re, a4j. laat, latter, utmoat 

— drs hommes, toorat of men 
Derni^rement, adv. lately, not long ago 
Derobe, e, adj. private, aecret, concealeii 
— e, (it la) adv. privately, by eteaUh 
Derober, va. to rob, ateal, thieve, pilfftr, 

purloin, deprive, dive^, hide, eoneeai 
se — , yr. to ateal away, oaniaA 
Derocher, va. to throw down from a rode 

— le metal* to aoour the me&U 
Derogation, sf. dertigatien, dsffiimatian 

Digitized by <^OOgie 

DBR « 

XH n g U ol M , mii, dmtMtotVt dagndinfc 
DerqgHUioek if. 4egraiing aetidh at law 
D^rogouit, ^ adi. derogating, detraet- 
D^roff^r, va. to aeregaie, detract ^tng 
D^roidir otf Mi»idir» va. to bend, make 

pliant or supple, unat\ff^, eoften 
K — , vr. to grow pliant, aoft, eupple* 

beeeme tree eeremmknte or affected 
JUxontAr, va. to take awap r^aneee 

— vn. tofiidet loae eokmr 

we — , rr. to loee redneee or colour, fade 
D^nxi iilemeni* im. act ofpoliaMng, rub- 

bing thrust 
D^rouiller, va. to md effrwA 
D^rouler, va. to unroll, epread out 
D^rouce, if. rout, overthrow, defeat 
D^roucrr, va. to betoildert puzzle 

— un voyagcur, to lead a traveller aatray 
Deniere> sm. hreeeh, buttock, back part 
— , prep, etndv, behind, badcward, after 
Dervis ou Derviche, sm. dereiee 

Dea, art. of, of the, from the 
D^s, prep.fivm, Hnee, at, on 

— le berconu, fiinn the cradle 

— a pr^Bt,from this time forward 

— dMudn, to morrow 

•> aujourd'bui, this verp dap 
-> Ion, from that time 
-^ que* Gonj. when, as soon as, since 
D^ttbowmcnc, nii. act of undeceiving 
D^aabiucr, va. to disabuse, undeceive 
D^aaeeorder, y*. to put out of tune 
D^saocottpler, va. to uncouple, unnuttch 
D^'acooutumanoe, if. disusage 
D^iacooucumcr, va. to disaccustom, cor- 
rect, dkede or wean from a htdtit 
se — , vr. to leetve <^ doing anpthitig 
D^sachAlAodcr, \^ to hurt the trade of 

'a shop, make one lose customers 
D^aaABCtkmncr, va. to lose affection for 
u — , vr. to become disaffected ■ lone 
D^iaflbufcher, va. to unmoor 
D^saffubler, vn. to unmuffle [fuse 

D^sagencer, I'a* to jtut out tif order, con- 
Dengrdable* adj. disfigreeable,»dull 
D^sa^rdableoaeotf sdv. disagreeably 
D^ngr^r* vil to ui»rig a ship 

— vn. to disagree, displease 
D^aaffr^ment, lai. disagreement, vexa- 
tion, unpleasantness, tffensivenesa 

THasAMHUtT, v^ to discompose, spoil 
D^sall^rer, va. to fueneh thirst 
9e — , vr. to quench one's thirst 
D^Aacrer» vo. to weigh anchor 
D^sapparriller ou D^Mpparier, va. to un- 

match, lower' and fasten the sails 
Des^ppointeoienty am. disappointment 
D^ppointer^ va. to disappoint, cashier 
Ddsapprendre, va. to unlearn, fwget 
Diiaamobatear, xtioe, smf. blamer 
~, adj. tiiaappriaving, disliking 
D^pprabatioo./f' aisapprobiainn 
Disappropriation, sf. disavpropriation 
K De'sappropricr, vr. to divett onjesOfof 

any r<fM or property, abandtpt 
D^ppiouver, va. to dist^ipreve, blame 
D^saroonner, va. to unhorse, eor^bund 
DteDpeaiar* va. to Muor ^<te laAwr 

D^nnrmcnt, no, ^e act ^fdisarming, 
unrigging, and laying up of ships 

Desarmer, va. to disarm, appease, c«Im» 
allay, dismiss, puU iff armour 

— la cale, to unetow the hold 

— les aviroos, to boat the oars 

— VII. to lay down eirms 
D^sanimer* va. to aUer stowage 
D^rroi» im. disorder, confusion 
DesaMemblcr, va. to take to pieces 
Desassoeier, va. to dissolve partnership 
se — , vr. to separate oneself from others 
Dentsorti, ««adj. ill matehea,unsuitnbl§ 
D^sassortir, va. to unmateh, take away 
D^s«scre« am. disaster, mi^ortune 
D^sastreusement, adv. dreadfully 
D^sastreux, eusis, adj. disastrous, fittai 
De«avaiicage, sm. dtsadvantage, lose 
D^savantaffeawmentf adv. tSsadvatUm' 

geously t se nuuricr — , to marry iU 
Desavantageux, euse, adj. disadvantst- 

geous,itiConvenient, detrimental [ing 
D^saveu, sm. disavowial, actofdisduini- 
D^veugler, va. to open the eyes of one, 

undeceive, remove blindness 
D^vouer, va. to disavow, disown 
Desceller, va. to unfasten, detach, unseas 
Descendance, sf. descent, lineage, race 
Descendant, sm. descendant, ^spring 
—%, pL posterity, progeny 
—, e, adj. desceniitng, deseeytdent, bom 

from, coming from, coming down 
Descendre, va. to take down, bringdown 

— la garde, to come (ff guard 

— , vn. to descend, fau, Innd, comedown 

— de cheval, to alight qff horseback 
Deseente, s£ descent, deditnty, irrup- 
tion, invasions tuyau de — , gutter, 

' soil-pipe ; faire ane — , to make a visit 

by police 
Descripteur, sm. desrriber, narrator 
Descriptif, ive, adj. descri^ve, grapMe 
Description, sf. description, definition 
D^mhallage, sm. act of unpacking 
D^mballer, va. to unpack, unroll 
D^mbarquamenc, sm. disembarking 
D^sembarquer, va. to land, unload 
D^mbourber, va. to taUe out of the mirt 
D^scmfArer, vn. to quit a place 

— un vaisseau, to disable a ship, lay it up 
Di^sempeser, va. to unstarch 
D^^empiir, va. to empty in part or en- 
se — , vr. to grow empty [tirdy 
D^mpiiaonner, va. to let out of prison 
D^enchalner, va. to unchain 
D^nchantemenc, im. dis>nvhantmeni 
D^nchantcr, va, to free from charms 
D^ndormi, e,.adj. half-awake 
D^nfler, va. to take away swelling 
— , vn. to a&o/e, lessen, decrease ■ 

se — , vr. to flatten, beirome less swollen 
D^senflure; sf. assuagement of swelling 
D^ngager, va. to break an engagement 
Danger, va. to destroy vermin 
D^sengrener, va. to disentangle a wheel 
D^senivrer, va. to make sober 
ac—tvr. to grow sober, sober aiuaeif 

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Di^senlacement, mn. act o/cUtentangling 
Deienlacer, va. to disentanglet unravel 
at —, vr. to disentangle oneae'f 
D^nnuyer, va. Ut divert, amtue 
se -^, vr. to divert or amuse oneself 
D^nrayer, va. to unlock a wheel 
D^seoi humer, va. to cure a cold 
99 — , vr. to get rid of a cold 
D^niOlement, toi. militarif discharge 
D^nrdler, va. to discharge a soldier « 
D^nrouer, va. to cure hoarseness 
•e — , vr. to get rid of hoarseness 
D^useigner, va. to unteach, lose or for- 
get what has been taught \ter 
Dei%nsevelir,'va. to strip the dead, disin- 
D^nsorceler, va. to free from enchant- 

ment, disenchant, unbewitch 
D^nsoroellement, sm. act of disen- 
chanting, breaking a i^uirm 
D^ntfiter, va. to bring one to reason, 

to free from conceit, undeceive 
D^ntortiller, va. to untwist, untwine 
D^ntraver, va. to uruhackle, unfetter 
D^nvenimer, va. to remove venom 
D^nvergruer, va. to take the sails fivm 

the yard arms 
D&i^uiper* va. to unrig a ship 
D^rt, sm. desert, wilderness 
— , e, aHj. wild, solitary, unfrequented 
Deserter, va. to depopulate, lay waste 
— , vn. to desert, abandon, leave,forsake 
D^>rteur» sm. deserter, fugitive 
D^rtion, sf. desertion, apostasy 
— cTappel, withdrawing an appeal 
D^sesperade (k la), adv. desperately 
D^esp^rantf e, adj. causing despair 
D^iesp^r^, sm. desperada^Jitrious man 
•—, e, adj. desperate, furious, rash, Jbr- 
lorn, despaired of, having no hope ; 
en —. adv. desperately, furiously 
D^sesperee, »{. desperate or furious wo- 
man, prostitute, strumpet 
D^8esp^r«ment, adv. furiously, madly 
D^se^p^rer, va. to drive to despair, pro- 
voke;- vous avei lort de tant — votre 
ami, you are wrong to ojgUct your 
friend so deeply 
— , vn. to'despair, despond, he past hope 
•e — , vr. to be frantic, outrasceous, mad 
D^spoir, sm. despair, grief, hopeless- 
ness, despondence, vesation.anguvih, 
trouble: de — , adv. through despair 
D^habill^, sm. dishabille, undress 
IMshabiller, va. to disrobe, undress, strip 
se —, vr. to undress or disn^ oneself 
D^shabit^, e, adj. unin?Mbited, deeerted 
D^jbabituer, va. to disaccustom 
•se — , vr. to break vffany habit 
D^'h^rcnce, rf. want of lawful heirs 
I>^h6riter, va. to disinherit 
D^^heurer. va. to derange or unsettle the 

hours of occupation 
«e — , vr. to become unpunetual 
Deshonndte, adj. dishonest, dishonour- 
able, indecent, obscene, disgrace/Ui 
D^honnAtement, adv. dishonestly 
Deshonn<etet6, sf. dishonesty, lewdness 
Dohonflcur, sm. dishonour, disgrace 

iMshonorabtef adj. dishonourafde 
D^bonorablement, adv. dishonourably 
D^honorant, e, adj. shameful 
D^bonorer, va. to dishonour, disgrace 
se — , vr. to bring disgrace upon oneself 
D^bumaniser, va. to render inhuman 
Ddsignatif, ive, adj. Reifying 
Designation, at designation, description 
D^siKner, va. to destftn, describe, uumi* 

nate, express, appoint, assign 
D^sincorporert va. to separate, disunite 
D^inence» sf. desinence, termination 
D^sinfatuer, va. to disabuse, undtsceive 
se — , vr. to rid oneself qf a whim 
D^sinfecter, va. to renwoe infection 
De>infcction, sf. disinfection, purifica- 
tion from infection 
D^dnt^ress^, e, adj. disinterested 
D^int^ressement, sm. disinterestedness 
D^siiitdress^'r, va. to indemnify 
se — , vr. to indemnify oneself 
D^ir, sm. desire, wish, ardent longing 
D&iralile, adj. desirable, pleasing 
D^irer, va. to desire, wish or long for 

— ardemment, to pant after 
_ : — :<,^,-^i. fp »T|^ after 

D< tirous, ansioue 

— ■ . \. .-lis of honours 
D^ i-H'L-ni.Tit, !iii4. /it'ni^tanee, cessation 
se iHifi Hit, t-f. Ut dtmii^, abandon, leave 

i;tf\ ^'I't oeer, cuojiT-, stop 
Dt,-.">s, artv./njjw fir since that time^-'j-^ in. tadiMtb'-y^beundutifui 
Di-sfHti['i»!winL-e* at. di^tbedience 
D^-ii.tisji^nL, e, flti_f, tf'isobeiient 
Df^Li'MitfL'^tuiiliLtr t, nJv. disobligingly 
D6.1 1 h h«j t?:t mt, if. dim '4iging disposit inn 
Df ^i iJOL.jfRni', p, nii\. diaobligitig,uttkind 
D^-, .i.ii rr.f _ I-., t< 'i' 'f}lige, displeojie' 
Di^>^wy.i u.<-i..: uu D4:;^;jStruani, sm. deoU' 

struent, any aperient medicine 
D^nbscruer, va. to remove obstruction 
D^soccupation, sf. inaction, leisure 
D^Mx^up^, e, adj. unemployed 
se D^soccuper, vr. to retire from business 
D^soeuvr^, e, adj. idle, unoccupied 
D<^oeuvreinent, sm. idleness, inaction 
D^solant, e, adj. grievotu, afflicting 
D^lateur, trice, smf. destrt^/er, ravager 
— , adj. destructive, ruinous, wasteful 
Desolation, sf. desolation, destruction 
TUsoli, e, adj. desolate, solitary, offiicted 
D^soler, va. to desolate, lay waste, de- 
stroy, grieve, oMict, make gloomy 
D^ordonn^, e, adj. disordinate, vicums 
Desonlonnement, adv. immoderately 
Ddsordre, sm. disorder, tumult, riot 
D^sorganisateur, sm. disturber of order 
Descrganisacion, sf. disorganization 
D^sorganiser, va. to destroy order 
se — , vr. to become disorderly 
Desorienter, va. to turn from the east, 

put out of countenance, disconcert 
D^sormais, adv. henceforth, heren/ttrr 
D^sossement, %m. act of takin stout bones 
D^sosser, va. tptake out bones 
petpote, sm. despot, absolute sovereign 
Dcspotique, aty. despetic, arbiti^ru 

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Decpotinne, stn. deg[ 
K DeBMuiir, vr. to di8po»9es9one$e{f 
Desaaiswuicnt, tm. dUpoMession 
0essaisonn«r, vtu to manure, tow, or crop 

land out of the proper weaeon 
Dessaie, e, smt. cHftnififfor efutrp person 
— , e, adj. et part, unenited 
JDessaler, va. to take aalt/rom, eoak salt 

be^orjuh infreeh tiater 
Denangler, va. to ttn^itxl, unbind 
Dess&rnani, « -'* ^ ' '^' " 

. e, aflj. drvwif. «»«;.„ „.„ 
Dessechement, sm. act of draining, dry 

inr up, withering 
Dess^her, va. to drain, 4rp up, wither 
Dnxin, sm. de^gn, intention, purpoeet 

a — ; adv. designediy, on purpoite; 

k — dm, prep, in order to; k — que, 

con j. that, to the end that 

— pr^m^ite, eet orfixea purpose 

— secret, secret purpose, plot 
Deaseller, va. to unsaMlSi 

Dcsserre, st act of opening or loosening 

a purse, • dur a la— , etose-fisied 
DeK-errer, va. to loosen, relax, separate 

— let dent*, to pronounce [speak 
■— ks dents k quelqu'un, to force one to 

— un soujflec, to give a slap on the ear 
Dessert, sm. dessert, Jhtit after meat 
Desserte, sf. viands left at a table 

— d'une egliae, parochial dutjf . 
JDetsortir. va. to take a pearl or stono out 

of the metal with which it Is set 
Denervanc, sm. cttrete, pastor [qffice 
Desscnir, va. to clear the table, do an ill 

— one cure, to perform parot^ial duty 
Dessiccatif, ire, adj. dedccative, having 

the power of drying [ing up , 

Dessiocation, sf. desiccation, act of dry- 
Deanller, va. to open one's eyes 
Dessin, snr. art of drawing, draught, de- 

*«,S^» pl«n, sketch, pattern, model 

— au trair, drawing in lines 

— lav^, shadowed drawing 

— colori^, iUuminated drawing 

— estonnpi^, rulri>ed drawing {detter 
Dessfaiaceur, sm. drawer, designer, mo- 
Dessiner, va. to draw, sketch, delinemte 
Beasoudcr, va. to unsolder 

«e — , vr. to become unsoldered 
Desiiodler, va. to sober, nutke sober 
—, vn. to be sfjber,' 11 ne se desaoaie ja- 
mais, he is never stAer 
Dessotts, tm. under part, inferiority,' 
donner du — , to overpower; le -- 
du pied, the sole of the Jbot; ie — des 
cartes, the secret of an qjffhir 
— , ad»'. beneath, b*4ow, under, 

au — , 
•, under- 
sens des- 

beyond; ci ~, above ; par 

neath : de — , from undeii 

sus — , topsytirivy 
— , prep, bektw, beneath^ unworthy of 
— la tab.e, under the table 
~-\e lit, under the bed 
Dessos, sm. top, snperknity, advantage; 


; Destus d'una letttc, address, superseri*- 
I — de la t*te, top of the head [tion 

— de porte, frieze or pannel <^a door 
—, adv. et prep. eU)ove, overhead, upon t 
par —, besides, over; au —, bey<mdt 
d -~, a6ove, more than ; 11 est au — de 
ses affaires, he is beforehand with the 
world ; elle demeure au ~ de moi, she 
lives above me; 11 a des aflaires par ~ 
les yeux et la tite, he is over head and 
ears in business 
Destiu, sm. destiny, ftue, doum 
Destination, sf. domination , purpose, end 
Destine, sf. destiny, final event, doom' 
Destlner, va. to destinate, destine, fix» 

appoint, ordain, devote, propose 
—, vn. to design, intend, purpose 
,Destituable, adj. that may be deposed^ 

removed or turned out of place 
Deftltu6, e, adj. deposed, aismissed 
Destituer, va. to depose, dismiss 
Destitution, sf. deposition, dismissal 
Destrier, sm. Heed, chawer, war-horse 
Destructeur, trloe, smf. destroytr 
— , trice, arij. destructine, ruinous 
Destructibilit^, sf. destruetiveness 
Dfstructif, ive, adj. destroying, waet^kd 
De&tructson, sf. destruction, 'demolition 
D^su^tude, *t.desuetude, disuse of a cus- 
Disunion, sf. disunion, separation [torn 
Desunir, va. to disunite, ditfjoin, sever 
se — , vr. to 6e at variance, fiU out 
Detachement, sm. disengagement, f re $• 
dom, renunciation, tteutal 

— de soldats, detachment oj soldiers 

— de tout int^r^. impartiality 
Detacher, va. to detach, disengage, un 

— une epingle, to unpin 

— un ruban, to untie a ribbon 

— une agraffe, to un^asp 

— un ctaien, to loosen a dog 

se — , vr. tofive oneself from the world, 
breiue tiff' acquaintance, grow loose 

Decacheur, sm. scourer 

Detail, tm. detail, particular dccout^ ; 
vendre en — , to retail; eotrer dans 
un — , to be minute ; II entend le —• , 
he omits no account 

Detainer, va. to tell particulars, retail 

Detalileur, sm. retailer 

Deialage, sm. removing or taking dotcn 
goods from a stall, packing up 

Detaier, va. et vn. to remove goods Jhm 
a stall, shut ^top, scamper awe^f 

D^talinguer, va. to unbend 

— Ie cftble, to take qfTthe cable 
D^teindre, va. to tarnish, discolour 
se — , vr. to fade, lose colour 
D^reler, va. to unyoks, unharness 
Detendre, va. to unbend, unstring 

son esprit, to rdax one's mind 
une corde, to slacken a rope 

— une tatrisaerie, to take down tapestrp 
Derenir, va. to detain, withhold, retam 
Detente, sf. trigger of a gun 

ayo\r]er-» to get the advantage ivenir.DiventtuTt trice, smf. one that keeps 

au —, to bring about; prendn: le —, wrongfuUy the property of another 

to take place aftotw Ddtentloa, sf. detention, imprisonmeist 



~,e, adj. AesiMrf.iiivru 

Dteticr, ▼■. to deterge, eUatue, rmr§e 

— uoc pUie, te timnm a wound 
DMnanXMrn, A deterioration 
D^t^fiorcr, ra. tomimpttir, make worm 
se — • yr. to hteome imp^red_ 
D^tcnninant, e, adj. deeieioe, condumce 
D^tenninadf, ive, adj. determmmtiv* 
D^cenainacion. eL determination 
D^nmin^, im. deeperado, remdute man 
—, e, adj. determinate, reaolute, bold, 

undaunted, intrepid, deeperate 
D^tennin^mcnt, adv. reeelutei)f, boldiif 
D^trrmincr, va. to det erm t in e, reaoive, 

decide, fix, eonelude, aeeertain 
ae — , vr. to make up on^e mtind 
iMtarcr, vm. to exhume, disinter 

— untttoor,tofindMitatreanire 
D^tenir, hre. adj. d e t a ei ve, deaneinfr 
D^tctuble, adj. deteelabte, abominaUe 
D^tMtablement, adr. detetltMsf, hate- 
D^cscatkm, at. deteelation [fully 
D^tectcr, va. to deteet, tete, abhor 
DMrer, va. to draw out linen, ifc. 

— ks cuin, to etretek hidee [tnfr 
DtoMutkm, Adetonation, aetofesplod- 
IMeoDer, va. to detonate, expli>de 
D^nne^, vn. toyair, ting out of tune 
Diuadn, va. to untwiet, untwine; ae 

— le vcAgneU le bni, le \Aefi,to»prain 

on^etorist, arm. m/hot 
D^rquer, va. to dtetort, nOerepreeent 
D^ton, e, adj. unwrung, untwisted 
D6torM» iL eprain 
D^cortiller. va. to untufisi, unlink 
Detour, sm. uHnding, turnings bv-wajfj 

aimer nna — » to love sineerel» 

— d'une mae, Vte comer of a nreet 
Drummer, va. to Cum cwtde, divert, dis- 
suade, direet wrong, embezzle 

— Yea hameiin» to repel the humours 

— qael4|u'uo de Km cfacniio» to put one 
out of his road \course 

— le coun de reau. to turn water t^its 
— • vn. to tum,go back 

— quelqu'un de aoo devoir» to make one 
swerve from Ms duty 

w — • vr. to deviate, go out of one's way 
D^tourn^, e> adJ. diverted or turned 
Viinciertva, to aetraet, slander [away 
D^tracteur, sm. detracter, traducer 
D^raction, A detraction, calumny ' 
D^iraqueTf va. to detract, corrupt, lead 

astray, put out of order, dentate 
ae —, vr. to gft out of order 
■ D^rempe* tf. water-colours, distemper 
D^cremper, va. to temper, dilute, mis 
.— de racier, to soften steel 
D^crene, tf. distress, anguish, sorrow 
IMcrlment, im. detriment, loss, wrong 
Detroit, tin. strait, frUh, sound, defile 
JMuoaiper, vl to undeceive, disabuse 
■e — , vr. to 6e undeceived 
IMtrteement, sm. act of dethroning 
D^trAoer, va. to dethrone, depose 
D^uoasaer, VM. to unpin, loose a gown 
' — an voyageur, to rob a traveller 


D^ruin. va. to destroy, demolish, eniee 

— an t^moignaite, toutMi/Matoeiwteiice 
ae — , vr. to aeeay,faa to ruin 

Deite, i£ deid, obligation, duty,- fain 
dtt-%, to run into debt 

— aeiivc* debt due to us 

— pudvc, debt due to others 

— « cnanln, pLemalldMs 

Dcuil, im. wuuming, gri^, lamenta' 
fioft, sorrow ; haUt de --, mottrRtii^ 
dothesi grand —, deep aaourmngj 
pedt — , ha^meurningi prendre le —, 
to go into mourning i Barter le — , to 
be in m em rnin gs aurte du — , the 
time ofmutumins 

Deui6p>nQmc, im. J 

Deux, aiij. two; t 
nous — , betaoeen ust cntre — • ao, so, 

— fois, twice [tn^ffler^tOiy 

— fois aucant» twice as ■ ^ 

— a — , two by t 

— de carreau, del 
Dzruxi^me, a4j' toeond 
Deuxi^memenVadv. secon dl y 
Devaiiaer, va. to reb, plunder, piBage 
Devanoer, va. to yreoede, go b^finre, cad' 

strip, outrun, outwalk, eurpaee 
Devancier, kre, smf. p'edfcesaor 
— s, pL ancestore 
Dewnt, »in.Jbre-piutt aUerau — , to go 

to meet, prevent, obvieae, anticipate; 

avoir le — » to ftave the precedency 
—, adv. brfiire, overagainstt ci — , Jbr- 

merly, late, hereti^pjre 
—, prepb before, against/ aller — qud- 

qu'un, to precede one 
Devantier, sm. ooorte apron • 
DwVancure, sf. front i^a shop, fbra- uf oHt 

— de boutique, winiow-^uttere 
D^vastateur, trice, smf. destroyer 

—, iisl'}.destructive,ruinous,misiAievou$ 
D^vasiationy sf. deoaJtotion, desoleOion 
Devaslrr, va. to lay waste, destroy 
D^veloppement, sm. deratopmeitf , efuet> 

dation, exposition, act ofunlUding 
D^velopper, va. to devdop, us^fitUL 
Devenir. vn. to become, grow, be anode 

— ffrand, to grow tall 

— RTOs et ffras, to become plumpandftU 

— k rien, to come to nothing 
D^venter, va. to ahun the wind at eea 

— les voiles, to shiver or broee the sails 
I>^%'ergonde* e» smf. lewd pereon 

—, t, a^j. Okameless, impudent, tmOuute 
Devers, prep, towards, about 
Ddverser, vn. to bend towards, incline 
D4l^v6tir, va. to Mndrese, unclothe 
se — , vr. to tmdrecs oneself 
D^vdtissement, sm. renunetottoii, restg- 

nation or surrender of an qffiee 
D^iable, a^i. deoioue , erring 
Deviation, sr. deviation, p0(enee 
D^^er, va. to wind into a dtein, red 

thread or Utie 
D^videiar, ease* smf. eotnder 

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D^rier* va. to deviate, ffo aatray, err 
— , Tn. to divide, part, separate 
se — , vr. to depart from the right path 
Dtvin, sm. conjuror, sorcerer, wizard 
Devination, sU divination, act of divin- 

ing, joretelttng future events 
Dcviiier, va. to divine, guess, foretell 
D-viner^sse, sf. sorceress, enchantress 
Deviiieur, euse, sinf. diviner, conjurer 
Dtv'irer, vu. tofiiil back, recoil, shrink 
I>ev'is, sm. estimate of a building 
D^visager, vh. to di^gure the face 
Dt:vise, sf. device, motto, emblem 

t){kblet sm. devil, demon, Satan; bm 
— , good-natured fellow; in^hanl— , 
mischievous person ,• \^\ivte — , poor 
^llowi faire le — , to t>e very boister- 
ous, noisy, turbulent; U a 1« — au 
corps, tht deuce is in him ; il fait le 
— a quatre, he i^jiaying the deuct 

— de cabart't, miserable fn re 

— , adv. deoiliahly, in a di-vilish manner 

— , interj. the devil taki' it I 

Oiableinent, adv. dcvilishl,i/, erressively 

Diablerie, sf. witchcraft, deviiish trick 

Dialilesse, sf. shrew, devilUh uuman 

Deviser, vr\. to talk, discourse together , Diablotin, sm. imp, mizzen topmast 

Devi-ser, va. to unscrew 

pi. chocolate lozentfes 

Devoiement, m. flux, looseness, lasness Diabolique, adj. diabolic, dtmoniiteal 

— par haul «t par bas, cholera motbits 
rKSvoilement, sm. act ofwveiling 
U^voiWr, va. to unveil, reveal, discover 
se — • vr. to unveil oneself 
Devoir, sm. duty, charge, employment, 

task, function, oNigation 

son — , to do one i duty 

Diaboliquemeiic, adv. dinbolimlly 
Diat hj Ion, sm. mollifyinsr plaster 
Uiaconat, sm. deacohry, deuconship 
Diacre, sm. deacon, sec'ondvrder of clergy 
. 'D'\ii<\^iiw,&m. diadem, croivn, royalty 
lemplir Diagnostique, adj. diavnostic 

l)i;ii?onal, e, adj. oppositf uiiffle 

— , va. to owe, bn in debt, be bound Dianonalemenii adv. duiKoHully 

— , vn. to be obliged, be indebted Diagramme, sm. dia pram, fii^ are 

Devoirs, sm. pi. devoirs, services, cont' D.alectt;, sm. diulert, lanpuutfe, idiom 
pliments, allegiance, obsequiousness ; Diaicclicien, sin. disputant, i-eician 
rendre st-g — a quelqu'un, to salute or Dialeciique, sf. dialectics, lufpc 
pa}/ a visit tn one; leudre les derniers Dialiciiqueroent, adv. dinlecticcdly 
— b, une pc-rsonne, to attend afunrrul Dialoxique, adj. di'ilotrical Imore 

Ddvolu, sm. devolution, act of rolling Diairii;>sme, sm. spt^rrh between two or 
doton, a lining which falls to one by Dialogiste, sm. omjivser of dialogues 
succession or lapse of right D aloj?ue, sm. coilo<p/y, confererice 

— , e. adj. escheatable, transferable Dialoguer, va. to tonipftse dialogues 

D^vohitaire, sm. pers'>n who receives a iJiamaut, sm. diuin'oid, adatnant 
ben^ce fallen through lapse of right Diamantaire, sm. diamond cutter 
Df^volutit, jve, adj. devolutive, devolving Dikmeiue, e. ailj. onuimentcd, cut 
DcH'olution, sf. devolution, actofdevolv- ; Diametral, fe, adj. diametrical 

ing, passing from one to another 1 Diam^tralement, adv. diametrically 
D^vorant, e, adj. devouring, rapacious, Diatu^tre, sm. diametfr 

consuming, ravenpus, voracious i Diaoc, sf. morning watch; coup decannn 

D^vorer, va- todevdur, consume, absorb, ^ de — , rftoming watch gun; Itatiie ia 
" glut, eat greedily, covet, destroy } — , f beat the drum at break of day 

— tout son bien, to squander one's for- \ Diantre, sm. the deuce! the devil! 

— un affront, to brook an insult [tune Dia^iason, sm. diapason, musical term 

— ses larmes, to repress otte's tears i Diapliar.e, aiij. diaphanous, transparent 

— les livre<, to pore.over books Diaphor^tique,adj.diap,'iortYi<-,v»M ior>rir 

— sa douleur, to s^tppress sotrow I Diaphragmc, sm. diaphragm, midriff 

— quelqu'un dts ycux, to gaze upon one \ Diajr^, e, adj. diapered, variegated 
Devoreur, sm. devourer, hook-worm i Diaprure, sf. variety ofcokiurinv 
D^vot, e, smf. devotee, zealot, bigot | Diarrh^e, sf. diarrhoea, flujt, purgitp 

, e, adj. devout, pious, religious, godly i Diatonique, adj. diatonic 

D6\'oteraent, adv. devoutly, piously 
Dihrotieu^ement, adv. most devoutly 
Devotion, sf. devotion, worship, piety, 

prayer, ardour, strong affection, zeal 
Devoucmeni, sm. devotedness 
D^vouer, va. to devote, dedicate, addict 
he — • vr. to devote or, addict oneself 
Devoyer, va. to mislead, lead astray 
se — , vr. to deviate, wandei; go-astray 
Dext^rit^, sf. dexterity, cleverness,' ex- 

pertness, activity, readiness, skill * 
Dextre, sf. (he right hand 

Drntremetit, ttdv. dexterott^y Ihorses ^ , 

Dia, !nterj. gee-ho! exclamation ustd to Di^r^se, sf. di4Bresis, mark ofdivisio 
Iyuih6t^^ua.ixce8sivediseharge<ifurin§ I Di6se ou Diesis, sm. sharp in muA-ir 
I>iabMque« adj. diabiftie I Di^ser, va. to sharpen a note in music 

Diatribe, sf. dissertation, sharp remark 
Dictamen, sm. dictate, supgestiim 
Dictateur, sm. dictator, first magistrate 
Dictatorial, e, adj. relatiuK to a uictator 
Dictature, sf. (ifflce of a dictator 
Dictie, sf. dictation 
Dieter, va. to dictate, indite, prompt 
Dicifon, sf. style, word, term,€xy>ics<inii 
Dictionnaire, sm. dictionary, Iciicon 
Dicton^ sm. proverb, maxim 
Didactique, sf. art or scienc ■ of tear?. inf( 
— , adj. didactic, instructive, doctrinal 
Didactiquement, adv. didacticall/f 

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Dliee, tt diet, abstinence, aeeembiy I 
Dl^t^ique, sf. dietetics, treatise onjbod ' 
—f adj. dietetic, relating to food 
Dieu, sm. (rod. Supreme Being, Creator, 
Eternal/ la Fete —, Corpus Christi 
Day: I'Hdtel — , hospital j^r side per- 
sons at Paris; aa nom de — « /or GocCs 
sakes s'il plait ji — , God willing: k — 
ne plaise, Godfi>rbidi plftt A — ! would 
to God' 
Ditnitnant, e, adj. defamatory, abusive 
Diffamateur, am. defamer, slanderer 
Diffamation, sf. defamation, calumny 
Diffamatoiref adj. defamatory 
Diffamer, va. to defame, slander 
Diff^remment, adj. differently, diversely 
Difference, sf. difference, disproportion 
Diffdrencier, va. to make a difference 
Diflrirend ou Different, sm. difference, 
dispute, quarrel, debate, coutroveray 
/Different, e, adj. different, unlike, ba- 

rious, diverse, unequal, opposite 
ilMffi^rentie:, le, adj. differential 
tDvSinr, va. to defer, delay, retard 
— » vn. to differ, be unlike, be different 
rw — , vr. to be pftstponed, delayed 
iDifflcile, afl i. difficult, painful, danger- 
ous, perilous, thorny: temps—, fund 
times: ouvra^c —■, troublesome work ; 
une iKfrdonne — k contenter, a person 
hard to please oc to be pleased 
?Difficileni«n t," ad v. with difficulty, hardly 
.Difflcuie, St; difficulty, doubt, labour 
— (sans), adv. undoubtedly, with rase 
DiniL-uitueux, euse, adj. that raises dif, 

fieulties, whimsical, capricious 
Dtfficultueusement, adv. with difficulty 
Diffornie, adj. deformed, ugly, disfigured 
Difformer, va. to deform, spoil 
Diffortnit^, sf. defi/rmity, unsightliness 
•Oiffus, e, adj. diffuse, prolix, verbose 
Aiffus^nieot, adv. diffusely, copiously 
JMfusion, sf. fiiffusedness, exuberance ; 
Dig^rer, va. to digest, discuss, reflect 
Digeste, sm. digest, collection of laws 
.Digesteur, sm. digester, one that digests 
.Digestif, sm. a digestive 
—, ive, adj. thftt which aids digestion 
.Digestion, sf. di.sreition, concoctUm 
JDiKitale, st. the plant digitaiis^ foxglove 
.Digne, arlj. worthy: dtre — d'un meil- 

leur sort, to deserve a better fote 
(Dignemenc, adv. worthily, deservedly 
Dignitaire, sin. dignitary 
Dignit^, St. dignity, honour, rank 
Digression, st. digression, episode 
Digue, sf. difte, bank, pier, causeway 
Dilac^ration, st. act of tearing 
Dilac^rer, \'a. to lacerate, tear to pieces 
.Dil«pidat«ar, trice, smf. dUapidator 
.Dilapidation, sr. waste, ruin, decaff 
.Dilapider, va. to waste, spend carelessly 
.Dilatabilit^. sf. dilatabiHty 
Diliuable, adj. capable of being stretdied 
Dilatation, st. act of dilating, ' " 

DUatatoire, siti. dilator, surgit 
mentfor widening a wound 
JKlat(rfrement, udv.Jn a dilatory Manner 

Dilater, va. to dilate, extend, i 
■e — f vr. to become rarefied 
Dilatolre, adj. dilatory, tardy, Mteristg 
Dilectioii, sf. dileetion, charity, tocw 
Dilemme, tin. dilemma ' 
Diligemment, adv. diligently, aesiditoue- 
Diligence, tf. diligence, asriduity \ly 
Diligent, e, a^j. d&ligent, pereevmng 
Diligenter, vn. to hasten, make haxtt 
Diluvien, ne, adj. diluviqn 
Dimaoche, sm. Sunday ' 

— de Piques, Easter Sundisy . 

— del Kameaux, Palm Sunday 

— de U Fentecdie, fFhitsuntida 

— Gru, Shrove Sunday 
Dime, s£ tithe, tenth part 

I )imension, sf. dimension, bulkp extent 
Dliuer, va. to decimate, exact tUhe 
DImeur, sm. tithe-gatherer 
Daninuer, va. to diminish, /wgtfw, im- 
pair, weaken, decrease, eurtaU 
se — , vr. to decrease in value 
Diminutif, ive, stn. dimitiutive, dwarf 
— , adj. diminutive, small, dwasfieh 
Diminution, sf. diminution, deenase 
Dinde, sf. turkey hen 
Dindon, sm. turkey cock 
Diiidonne-au, &uu young turkey- 
Dtner ou Dine, km. dinner 
— , vn. to dine 

DIneur, im. glutton, gornfond 
Dioc^in, sm. diocesan 
—, e, adj. diocesan, pertaining to a die- 
Diocese, sm. diocese [cess 

Dio|<trique, sf. dioptrics 
Diorama, sm. diorama, eiOiibition qf per- 
spective views, constructed so tu to 
receive various shades of light 
Diphtbongue, sf. diphthong 
Diplomate, sm. diplomatist, enstop 
Diplotnatie, sf. diplomacy, forms of ns- 

gotiation, body of envoys 
Diplomatique, sf. diplomatic science 
—, adj. diplomatic, negotiating 
Diplome, sm. diploma, charter, patent 
Diptdre, sm. edifice surrounded fiy two 
rows of columns [Wee flies 

— s, pi. insects having two naked tcings 
Dire, sm. a saying, opinion, what one 
says : k votre — , by what you say 

— des t6moins, deposition of witnesses 
— , va. to tell, say, speak, explain, re- 
port, assert, relate, suggest, foreteU, 
trouver a — , tofindfopult Withf cesi- 
4-dire, that is to sQy { pour ainsi —, 
if I may say so: que veut — cela.' 
what signifies thatf qu'est^oe que ceia 
veut —Twhat is the meeting elf that f 
cela va sans — , that wants no expla- 
nation or that is of course 

— d'avance, to premise I 
— veA public, to pronounce 

-^ du blen eu du mal, to praise or blaHU 
—■ mal, to express ill . 

~ sa lepon, to recite i 

— des injures, to nickname 

— la bonne aventure, to teO one's fbrtwt$ ' 
le —, vr. to caU oneself, be said 

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Direct, c, adj. direct, straight, cpen 
Directe, if. btrdship, dominiont manor 
Directement, adV. directlyt immediata^ 
Directeur, trice, stnf. director, manager 
I>irectioD, sf. direction, conduct, goven^ 

ment, adminietratUm, aim 
-^ d« erteiciers, meeting ofereditore 
Pirectoire, tin. directory, eJtecutive body 

of the French republic in 1195, rubric 
Dirigvr, va. to direct, rule, govern, guide 

— mal, to misguide 

se — , vr. to govern on^e own temper 
Discemement, sm. diacemment 
J>isccnier. va. to discern, penetrate 

— les coaleun Tune de I'autre, to disHn- 
ruish colours [fromftUeehobd 

— le vrai du faux, to diacriminaie truth 
IMsclpIe, nn. disciple, pupU, scholar 
X)isciplinable,adj. disciplinable, tractable 
Discipline, if. discipline, 'regulation , 
I>iscjpliner, va. to discipline, instruct, 
regulate, keep in order, reprimand 

— UD ^l^ve, to chastise a pupil 
IMseontinuation, sf. discontinuation 
Diaoontinuer, va. to discontinue, cease 

— un Mcimcnt, to suspend a building 
— , vn. to leave off, give over 
Disconvenance, >f. inconvenience, dtsa- 

grrpement, inequality, disproportion 
Disconvenlr, vn. to disagree, disown 
Discord, sm. discord. See Discorde 
— . e» adj. discordant, incongruous 
Discordance, sf. discordance, dissonance 
Discordant, e, adj. discordant. Jarring 
Discorde, sm. veiriance, dissension, strife 
Discorder, vn. to jar, be out of tune 
Disooureur, euse, sm. talker, prattler 
Diacowir, vn. to discourse, descant ,• ne 

faire que — , to talk idlp 
IMsoours, sm. discourse, speecfi, lecture 
Discredit, sm. discredit, disrepute 
Discredit*, e, adi. discreditable, di^nraee- 
D««^et, e, a4j- aiscreet, prudent [ftii 
Discr^tement, adv. discreetly, prudently 
Discretion, sf. discretion, prudence; Age 
de — , mature age ; vivre It ->, to have 
free quarters or lodging; pain k — , 
ae much bread as you please 
Discr^ionnaire, adj. discretionary 
Disculpation, sf. exculpation, justifica- 
tion, vindication, clearing from Name 
J>tscu1per, exculpate, vindicate 
Be — * vr. to vindicate oneself 
Di^cursif, ive, adj. discursive, progres- 
D'Scus^sif, ive, adj. discussive isive 

Discussion, sf. diseussum, strict exami- 
ntUionofa question, debate, wrangle 
Diseutcr, va. to discuss, examine, debate 

— le Itien de d^biteur, to distrain and 
self the property of a debtor [ful 

Disert, e, adj. copious, eloquent, plenti- 
Disertemcnt, adv. copiously, d\ffuse4ly 
Disette, sf. want, scarcity, dearth, need 
Diaeur, euse, smf. talker, speaker, jester 

— de nouvelles, newsmonger 

— de bonne Knnture, fartunert^er 
IXsigrrAce, sf. tUsgraee, dishonour; down- 

Jbl, lose nf favour, qffUction 

\ • DIS 

Dlsgrad^i e, tM, deformed, di^gureiL 
. ugiy, crooked, deserving nixfcrace 
Dis^racier, va. to disgrace, dishonour 
Disgracleusement, adv. ditgracefultif 
Disgracieux, euse, ad), ungraceful 
Disjoiodre, va. to disjoin, part, separate 
Dls^onctif, ive, aiM. disjunctive, dlvidi$tg 
Disjonction, sf. dtsjunctiuu, separatiom 
Dislocation, if, duilocation, luxation 
Disloquer, va. to dislocate, put out ofjoifti 
Disparaitre, vn. to aisappear, vanidi^ 

run away, be lost to view 
Disparate, sf. extravaganre, oddity,. <«•• 

pertinence, anomaly, rudefindea 
— > adj. dissimilar, unseajnmnble 
Disparity, sf. disparity, difference 
Disparition ou Dispanit iun, kf. disappear^ 

ance, absence, flight 
Dispendieux, euse, adj. expensive, eosH^ 
Dispensaire, sm. dispensatory 
Dispensateur, trice, snif. diff tenser 
Dispensation, sf. dispenfatioti 

— g^n^reuse, liberal management 
Dispense, sf. relinquishment of a rig^ 
Dispenser, va. to dispense with, excusa 
•e — , vr. to cease frvm 

Dispener, va. to disperse, scatter, dispel 
Dispersion, sf. act of stattering abroad 
Disponibilit^, sf. disposal, alienation, act 
• of transferring, placing, making over 
Disponiblc, adj. disposablf, transferable 
Dispos, adj. m. active, nimble, cheerfui 
Disposd, e, adj. disposed of, bestowed 
Disposer, va. to dispose, prepare, incline 
—, vn. to make over, alienate 
« — , vr. to prepare, get ready 
Dispositif, ive, adj. preparatory 
Disposition, sf. disposition, order, pos^ 
tton, situation, inclination, disposal 

— testamentaire, last will 
Disproportion, sf. disproportion 

— d'iiiie, disparity of age • 
Disproportion n^. e, adj. diopreportionate 
Dispniporiionner, va. to make unequal 
Disputalile, adj. dixputabl ■, doubtful 
Disputailler, vn. to wrangle, quarrel 

se — , vr. to dispute long about trifles 
Dispute, if. dispute, quarrel, altei'cation 
Disputer, va. to dishute, oppose, argue 
— le vent, to strive fir the tvcather gn uge 
—, vn. to dispute, quarrel, squabble 
se — , vr. to wrangle, contend 
Disputeur, sm. rtisputer, wrar.gier 
Disque, U9. disk, tare of the tun, quoit 
Disquisition, sf. disquisition, disfn.sgion 
Dissection, sf. dissevtivn, anatonj/ 
Dissemblable, wij. dissimilnr, different 
Dissemhlince,sf, dissimilitudi',rtisixirity 
Dissemination, sf. act ufsi'rft.jn-g 
Diss^miner, va. to disseniitate, f,pread 
Dissentlment, tm.disst'nt, disagreement 
Dissention, sf. dissension, lii.ti'ord 
Diss^uer, va. to dissect, anatomize 
Diss^ueur, sm. dissector, anatomixt 
Visaertateur, sm. author q/* a treatise at 

dissertation, expositor, erpounder 
Dissertatif, ive, adj. like a dis^ertatiam 
Dissertation, sf. discourse, treatise ^ 

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Diiserter, vn. to discusst examine 
Dissidence, sf. dlisidence, want of una- 
nimity, discord, disagreement 
Dissident, sm. dissenter 
— , c, adj. dissident, varj/int^, disajp-eeing 
Dissimilaire, adj. dissimilar, unlike 
Dissimilitude, sf. dissimilarity 
Dissimulateur.'sm. dissembler, hypocrite 
Dissimulation, sf. dissimiclatiun 
Dissimuld, e, smf, dissembled, pretender 

— , e, adj. dissembline, dec itful, false 
Dissimuler, va. to dissemhle, disguise, 

play the hypocrite, relate falsel.i/ 
Dissipateur, trice, smtl spendthrift 
Dissipation, sf. dissipation, prodigality 
Dissiper, va, to dissipate, lavish, waste 
se —, vr. to relax on self 
Dissolu, e, a ij. dissolute, unrestrained 
DIsscriuble, adj. dissoluble, caprible of se- 
rration, that maj/ be dissolved 
Dissolument, adv. diswluteli/, loosely 
Dissolutif, ive, adj. dissolvent 
Dissolution, st. dissolution, separation, 
debauchery, dissoluteness, lewdness 
Dissolvant, sm. dissolvent, that which 

has power to dissolve 
— , e, adj. dissolving, capable of melting 
Dissonance, sf. dissonance, disagreement 
iKssonant, e, adj. dissonant, discoriapf 
Dissoudre, va. to dissolve, mdt, separate 
se — , vr. to be dissolved, melted, broken 
Dissuader, va. to dissuade, advise or ex- 
hort against 
Dissuasion, sf. dissunslon, advice against 
Dissyllabe, sf. dissyllable 
— , adj. consisting of two syllables 
Distance, sf. distance, interval 
Distant, e, adj. distant, remiite,fifr qff 
Dlstendre, va. to distend,- stretch out 
Distension, sf. distension, stretching out 
Distil lateur, sni. distiller 
Distillation, sf. act of distilling 
DIstillatoire, adj. Jit fur distillation 
Distiller, va. to distil, drop 
— deux fois, to rectify 
Diitillerie, sf. distillery 
Distinct, e, arij. distinct, dijft'rent, clear 
Distinctement, adv. distinctly, clearly 
Distinctif, ive, adj. disHnt-tiV'', judicious 
Distinction, sf. distinction, difference! 
un oflBcier de — , an officer of ranks 
atfir sa!is — , to act indijfereiitly 
• 'G^\n^\x^,t,dn\].distinguishe i, eminent 
Distinguer, va. to distinguish, discern 
se — , vr. to distinguish oneself 
Distique, sm. dittuh, couplet 
Distorsion, sf. distortion, perversion 
Distraction, sf. distractwn, confusion, 
" perplexity, absence of mind, madness 
DistrSire, va. to distract, divide, vex 
te — , vr. to forego a desitrn 
Distrait, e, aij. distracted^ inattentive 
Distribuer, va. to distribute, divide 
se — , vr. to be set in order 
Distributeur, trice, smf. distributer, dis- 
penser, divide.' 
Dfstributif, ive, adj. distributive 
Diitijbution, s£ distribution, share 

Distributivement, adv. distributivefy 
District, sm. district, province, region 
Dit, sm'. saying, apophthegm, maxim 
—, part, sumamed, said, spoken ; aus- 
' sitoc — que fait, no sooner said than 
Dito, adv. ditto, the same '[done 

Diur^tiquc, sm. diuretic, medicine ftir 

promoting urine 
— , adj. diuretical 

Diurnal, sm. diurnal day book, journal 
Diiirne, adj. diurnal, daily 
' Divagation, sf. divagation, incoherence, 

act of going astray 
Divaguer, vn. to rambfe, be incoherent 

in writing or speaking 
Divan, sm.' divan, the Turkish grand 
Divergence, sf. divtvg'ince {council 

Divergent, e, adj. divergent 
Diverger, vn. to bend from on^ point 
Divers, e, adj. diverse, opposite, unlike, 

different, many, various, sundry 
Diversement, adv. divrrsdt/, differently 
Diversifial>le, i^dj. that mat/ be diversified 
Diversifier, va. to dioers'fr/, vary, mix 

— I'entretien, to chans^e the con versa ti^n 
Diversion, sf. diversion, turning asiiie, 

recreation, sport, pi .y 
Diversity, *sf. diversity, cariety 
Diveriir, va. to divtfrt, turn asid ; em- 
bezzle, misapply, draw airay, amui>e 
se — , vr. to amutic oneself 
Divenissant, e, adj. dliwrting, amusing 
Divertissemeit, sm, diLwti.sement, diver- 
sion, recreation, amusement 

— de fonds, embezzlement 
Dividendc, sm. dioidcu ', shnre 
Divin, e, adj. divine, fsodlike, heavenly 
Divinatiofi, sf. 'tivination, act ofjvre- 

Divinatoirc, adj. divinatory, professing 

Divinement, adv. divinely, heavenly 
Diviniser, va. to deif/, ariore, worship 
Uivinitd, sf. diointti/, D ity, essence oj 
God, science ofdivi e things, theotosy 
Diviser, va. to divide, pa>-t, distribute' 
se — , vr. to be disunited 
D'viseur, sm. divisor, arithmeti'xil term 
Divisibility, sf. divisibility, divisiblenesa 
Divisible, adj. divisible 
Division, sf. division, disunion, discard 
Divorce, sm. divorce, sfpfiratittn : faire 
— avec les plaisirs, to bid adieu to plea- 
sures; fhire — avec I'^glise, tofitrsaks 
thb church 
Divorcer, va. to divorce, repudiate 
Divulgation, sf. act of divulgintr ' 
Divulguer, va. to divulge, public, blab 
Dix, adj. ten; un — , the figure often 
Dix-huft, adj. eighteen 
Dix huiti^me, adj. eigtiteenth 
D.isi^noe, sm. tenth part 
—, adj. tenth; le —jour, the tenffk da)f 
Dixidmement, adv. tenthly 
Dix-neuf, adj. nineteen 
Dix-nQuvi^ine, adj. nineteenth 
Dix-sept, wlj. seventeen 
Dix-septiimcj adj. seventeenffk 

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Diaalo, im. stanza of tin verset 
Dixaine. tf. ten» tithwfr 
Dizenler, fm. tithirfi^man 
Docile, adj. tractable^ ens}/t mbnUitiot 
Docilement, adv. with docilitif 
Pocilit^, »f. docility, obedience 
Docte, sm. etate of being learned . 
— , a;lj. learned, literate, erudite* expert 
Doctemenr, ad\'. learnedly * 

"DocUviT, tm. doctor, scholar, professor 
Doctoral, e, adj. relating to a doctor 
Doctoralement, adv. learnedly 
Doctoral, sm. doctorahip, doctor's degree 
Doctriiviire, sin. dpctrtnary, doctrinist 
Doctrinal, e, adj. contain inj^'dodrine 
Doctrine, if. tenet, learning, principle 
Document, sm. title, charter, certrjicate 
"Dodicagone, sm. solid with twelve aides 
Dodo, km. sleep ; faire — , to sleep 
Dodu, e, adi. plump, in good condition 
Dofpr, sm. ehi^majristrateof the former 

republics oj Veritce and Genoa 
Dotgmatique, adj. doginatic, instntetive 
Dogmatlquement, adv. dogmatically 
Do^matlser, vn. to dogmatize, teach 
Doifmatiseur, sm. dogmatizer 
Do^matiste, sm. dogmatist, reasoner 
Dogrme, sm. dogma, tenet, doctrine 
Dogue, sm. mastiff, bull-dog, chess-tree 
D<vtuin, e, smf. whelp, puppy 
Doigt, tm./inger, haJfan-inch, finger's 

breadth, digit ; le gros — , the thumb 
Doigtfer, va. tofi>gerin music 
Doijftier, sm. rag covering a aore finger 
Dol, sm. fraud, deceit, cheat 
Dol^nce, sf. htoumful complaint 
Dolemment, adv. mournfully, wofuUy 
Doleut, e, adj. dolffdl, woful, mournful 
Doler, va. to plane, sn\ooih 
Doliman; sm. Turkiah undercoat 
Dom ou Don, sm. lorii, mn«ter 
Doaifine,«m. domain, eatate, land 
Don^aniai, e, arlj. belonging to a domain 
D&vav, ft:n. dome, cupola 
Domesticity, sf. atate qfa servant 
— , adj. domestic, menial, tame 
Domestique, smt. man or maid aervant 
Domestiquement, adv. servUely, at home 
Domicile, sm. dwelling-house, fibode 
Domidliaire, adj. domiciliary 
se Domicilier, vr. to aettle in a place 
Dominant, e, adi. reigning, ruling 
Dominante, st dominant in muai'c 
Dotninateur, trice, smf. dominator,ruler 
Domination, sf. dominion, away, power 
Dominer, vn. to domineer, predominate 
Dominic^in, t, smf. Duminioan, white 

friar, or Dominican nun 
Dominical.' e, adj. relating to Sunday 
Dominicale, sf. Sunday sermons ' 
Domino, sm. priest s hood, ball or fiMw- 

querade dress, marbled paper, a gajne 
Dominoterit', sf. paper staining 

"DoiaAao^er, %va. paper s'ainer -m . ,^ ^- 

Dommage, sm. damage, loss, prejudice! \ Dossier, sm. back of a seat, bundle of 

causer un — , to hurt, injure^ wrong , law-papers, Jile, head-board of a bed 
DomnMtfeable, adj. damageable. Hurtful , Dot, sf. dowry; donner une — , to portion 
Domtable ou Dompuble, adj. tameable ; X>otal, e, adj. pertaining to a dowrp 

Domter ou Domptcr, va- to aubdue, com 

quer, subject, rule, tame, overaime 
Domteurou Dompteur, sut. nnqunot 
Don, im. gift, present, donation, talent 
Donataire, smt. donee, n ceivcr 
Donateur, trice, smf. doi>ur, giver 
Donation, sf. grant, deed of gift 
Done, LQui.then, therefure,avcordinffif 
Dontion, if. fat, plump, jully woman 
Donjon, sin. turret, tuwfr, fitrtresM 
Donjonn^, e, atlj. hating towers 
Donnant, e, a4j. generous, libeAtl ,"*• 
Donne, sf. deal at carda • / 

Donn^, sf. pi. dotn, baaiaofan inquHIg 
Donner, \'a. to give, bestow, eauae, m- 
spire, pay, grant, uttrifjute, hit, deal 

— le ton. to set the fash inn 

— de la foie, to cause joy 

— du d^goOt, to create'riiaguet 

— caution, to put in Mil 

— la vie, to lay down one's life 

— la morf, to break one's heart 

— de boDS exempley, to aet goodeswmplte 

— les mains, to consent 

— avis, to inform 

— conaeil, to advise 

— de I'amour, to inspire lone 

— le branle, to set a-going 

— , vn. to cast, strike, produce, charge 

— dans le pi^e, to be caught 

— au but, to succeed in an enterprise 

— k penser, to puzzle 

— k deviner, to defy one to guess , 
~~ bien k penser, to make one unea^ 
se — , vr. to give oneself up * 
Dorineur, eu»e, smf. givef. adviser 
Dont, pr. whose, whereof, of whom, of 

which, of what/ la personne — jt 
parle, the person of whom I speak 
Donselle, sf. damsel, lass, gentlewoman 
Dorade, tt goldfish, constellation 
Dorage, sm. gilding, colour in pastry 
Dord, e, part. gUt; jaune — , golden < 
Dor^navant, adv. henceforth, hereafter 
Dorer, va. to gild, soften, disguise 
—. vr. to get ripe, begin to look yellow 
Doreur, euse, smt. one who gilds 
Dorique, sm. et adj. Doric order, Doric 
Dorloter, va. to fondle, pamper, coeH^r 
se — , tr. to make much of oneself 
Dormant, e, adj. sleeping, stagnant 
Dormeur, euse, smf. sleeper, sluggard 
Dormeuse, sf. carriut^ to s>eep in 
Donnir, sm. sleep, sleeping, rest 
— , vn. to sleep, neglect, spin, be still 
Dormitif, ive, adi. causing sleep 
Dorsal, e, adj. relating to the back 
Dortoir, im.' dormitory, bedroom 
Dorure, sf. gilding, coating fur hats 
Dos, sm. back, ridge 

— d'ane, shelving on both sides 

— de montaKne, eilge of a hill 
Dose, sf. doae; — le^'er"e, pittance 
Doser, va. to dose, proportion medicine 

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. DOT 7» 

Dotation, >f. endowment, portion 
Uoter, va. to endow, portion, found 
Tfoix, adv. whence, from whence 
Doualre, sou jointure, dower, eettlement 
IX>uairier«, st dowager 
Douane, sf. cttatomhouee, duty, cuetom 
. Douaner, va. to stamp with customhouse 
' Douanier, sm. customhouse-officer [seal 
Doublage, sm. sheathing of a ship 
Double, sm. theduttbie, duplicate 
—, tf. pmunch of ruminating animals 
— , adji twofold, deceitful, treacherous 
Double-croche, sf. semiquaver 
Dovblement, adv. doubly, twnjbld, twice 
Doubler, va. to double, increase, multi- 

plUf put lining in a garment 
Doublet, jm. doublet, waistcoat, pair, 

counterfeit stone made of crystals 
— s, pi. doublets, twice two at backtram- 
Doublure, »t„lining Imon 

Douce&tre, adj. sweetish, luscious 
Doacement, adv. softly, gently, quitly 
Dottcereux, euse, adj. sweetish, ajfect'^d 
Doucet, te, adj. dulcet, precise, Jinical 
Doucette, sf. corns ilad 
Douceur, sf. sweetness, mildness, meek- 
. nesst advantage, pr<iftt, bribe 

— de la peau, smoothnvss of the skin 

— du temps, serenity of the weather 
— «» pi. blandishinents, soft sp^ch es, flat- 
tering expressions, favours 

— « de la Boci6t^, delights qf society 

— • de la liberty, sweets of liberty 

Douche, sf. shower-bath 

JDoucher, va. tggive a shower-bath 

Doucin, sm. brackish water 

Douelle, sf. inside of a mult 

Dou^, e, part, et adj. endowed, enriched 

Doner, va. to endow, bestow a portion 

Douille, af. socket, hollow which receives 
tomething inserted 

Douillet, te, adj. delicate, soft, tenders 
c'est un — , he loves to indulge h imself 

DouiUettement. adv. tenderly, softly 

Douleur, sf. dolour, anguish, affliction, 
grief, pain, sorrow, lamentation 

Douloureusement, adv. dolorously, too' 
fully, sorrowfully, mournfully 

Douloureux, euse, adj. doleful, painful 

Doute, sm. ditubt, fear, suspense, per- 
plexity, scruple, difficulty, suspicion f 
sans — , adv. doubtless, undoubtedly/ 
sans — que, conj. no doubt that 

Douter, vn. to doubt, hesitate, scruple, 
question, be uncertain, pause 

•e — , vr. to suspectp^distrust 

Doutetasement, adv. doubtfully, in an 
uncertain manner, dubiously 

Douteiix, euse, adj. doubtful, dubious 

Douve,^f. stave of a cask 

Doux, Douce, adj. sweet, fragrant, me- 
lodious, agreeable, soft, mild, charm- 
ing, calm, gentle, smooth, easy; via 
— , unfermented wine; un billet — , i 
love letter.iit\\e—, flowing styles un i 
temps — , miW weathers laille — ce, 
copper-plate engraving; tout — , adv. | 
i»nltf,g«tMyt filer —> to b« submissive \ 


Douzaine, sf. dozen j k la — , of trifling 
-value ; pofete ^ la — , pcdtry poet/ 
Douze. adj. twelve 
Douzieme, sm. twelfth part 
—, adj. twelfth 

Douzi^memeist, adv. tu^elftMy 
Doyen, sm. dean, seniirr, elder 
Doyerin^, sm. deanery, deanahip 
Drachme, sf. dram, drachm, eighth peart 

of an ounce 
Draj^ante, sf. thorny plant yiehiing gum 
Drag^, sf. sugar plum, small shut 
Dra^feoir, im. comfit box 
Drageon, sm. sucker,' shoot 
Drageonner, vn. to send forth suckers 
Dragon, sm. dragon, winged serpents 

dragoon, hor^e sol'tier ; termammt 

— de vent, violent squall ofwina 
Dragonnade, sf. dragoimide, a ravaging 

by soldiers, plundering, pillaging 
Dragonne, sf. swoi-dknot 
Dra«ue, »f. draff, refuse, husks of malt 

after brewing; drag, a net or hook 
Dramatiqu^, adj. dramatic, dramatical 
Dramatiquement, a^lv. dramatically 
Dramatiste, sm. dramatist 
Dramaturge, sm. insipid drcunatist 
Drame, sm. drama, a play 
Drap, sm. woollen cloth, bed-sheets gnu 

— , coarse or second cloth 

— mortuaire, pall, cover for the dead 
Drapeau, sm. set of colours, standard, 

flag, ensign, bannfi7', rag 
Drapcaux, sm. pi. douts, patties 
Draper, va. to cover with black doth, 

banter, jeer, s&ff 

— des bds, to mill stockings [cloth 

— un carros e, tocoeer a coach with black 

— une figure, to make the drapery of a 
Draperie, sfc drapery, rloth trade [figure 
Drapier, sm. woollen-draper, clothier 
Drfeche, sf. rhalt, malt mill 
Dresser, va. to'raise, set up, erect, make 

straight, train up, instruct, draw up 

— la tfite, to set the head upright 

— un (fcrlt, to draw up a writing 

— un cheva], to break a horse 
— » du llnge, to smooth or iron out linen 

— des embfiches, to lay snares 

— une pierre, to square a stone 

— un camp, to pitch a camp [wind 

— les vergues, to brace the yards to the 
—, vn. to stand on end, become erect 
se — , vr. to rise or stand up 
Dressoir, sm. siiieUnird, kitchen dresser 
Drille, sm. brisk yttung fellow , hard oak 
— , sf. old rag 

Driller, vn. to scour away, runftut 
Drissis, sf. pi. halliards, ropes or tackle 

for hoistingnr lowering asails grandet 
— , main gear, itt rigging 

— des basses vergues, gear 
Drogman, sm. dragoman, interpreter 
Drogue, sf. drug, thing withoxtt value 
Droguer, va. to physic too mwA, give 

spurious remedies, adulterate any- 
se — , vr. to physic oneself [thing 

Droguerie, sf. drugs, ingredients 

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Drogiwt, itn. drufgett wooUen ttuff 
Droffueur, km. empirie, quack 
Droguier, im. madicine-ehett 
DroHuiMe, am. druffffist, apothecary 
Droit, sm, right, jttstiee, trnpartiaiitp. 

\ DYS 

Duelliste, im. duellist 
Duire, vn. to fit, please, suit 
Dulcification, sf. ths act of au^eetening 
Dulciq^, si. sweetheart, looer, mistress 
DQmenC, axlv. duly, properly, regularly 

authority, privHege, reason, tax, fee, • Duaes, sf. pi. downs, heights on the sea- 
claim, law ; de — , adv. right^ly, by ' Dunette, sf. poop of a ship [coast 

ri^tsi k bon — , ^dv. Justly, reason- Duo, sm. duet, song or air in two parts 

ttoly ; faire son — , to study law / ^lu 
diant en — , law student; docteuren 
— , doctor in law / faire — k chacuu, 
to do Justice to every one 

— divin, divine law 

— naturet, law of nature 

— canoo, canon law 

— Avi\,cieUlaw 

— commun, common law 

— de timbre, stamp-duty 

— des gens, law of nations 

— a'alncsse, birth-right 
— 8 d'entr^, import duties 
— fi de aortie, etport duties 

—s self neuiiaux, manorial rights 

— s de repr^aailles, reprisals 

Droit, e, adj. rigM, straight, direct, up- 
right, honest, perpendicular 

— , adv. rightly, straightly, directly, up- 
rightly, honestly, ptrpendicukarly i 
alles tout — , go straight along 

Drolte« if. right hand ; k -^t adv. on the 
right J donner la — ji quelqa'un, to 
give one the upper hand 

Droitement, adv. uorightly, honestly 

Draitier, e, adj. right-handed 

Droiture, sf. uprightness, integrity 

— d'esprit, soundness of reason 

— de caear, righteotCsness 

Drdle^ am. wag, bt^Jffbon, Jester, sharper 

— de oom, queer or merry fellow 

— , td}.'tm)lt,Jiicetious, comical, merry 
DrOlement, adv. comically, facetiously 
Drdierle, cf. drollery. Jest, bi{ffbonery 
DrdlesK, af. brisk wench, strumpet 
Dromadaire, sm. dromedary 
Dm, e, adj. fledged, pert, bri^k, thick; 

des enfants — s, lively children 
—, adv. thick, in great quantity 
Druide, am. druid, ancienfCeltie priest 
Druidwne, sm. religion ofthfi druids 
Dryade, sf. dryad, wood nymph 
Du, arc o/the,fivm the, any, some 
Dd, sm. duty, due,obligatum 
— , e, adj. due, owing, owed, fit, proper, 

exact, that ought to be paul or done 
Dabitatif, ive, adj. dubitable, uncertain 
Dubitation, af. act of doubting 
Dubitacivement, adv. dubiously, doubt- 
Duc, am. duke, homed <^wl [fully 

Ducal« e, adj. ducal, pertaining to a duke 
Ducat, sm. ducat, a coin 
Dticaton, sm. haO'a ducat 
Duch^, cm. duchy, dukedom 
Dochcne, sf. duchess 
Ductile, adj. ductile, maUedble, pliable 
DuctiUt^, iC 4uctUity,flexibUity 
Duivne, nt. duenna, governess 
Duel, am. duel, fight between two per- 

eons with dmdty weapottt 

Duodenum, sm. duodenum, the first of 

the small intestines 
Dupe, sf. dupe, credulous person, feel 
Duper, va. to dupe, cheat, impose on 
Duperie, vL fraud, imposition 
Dupeur, sm. cheat, impostor # 

Duplicata, sm. duplicate, exact copy 
Duplication, sf. act of doubling 
Dttplicature, »f. duplicatufe,fuld 
Duplicity, sf. duplicity, double dealing 
Du}jlique, sf. rejoinder, reply 
Dupliquer, va. to rrjuin, answer a reply 
DuqueU pr. of which, of whom 
Dur, e, ailj. hard, firm, tougti, harsh, 
rigid, inflexible, crufl, remorseless f 
esprit — , dull understanding f vln — > 
sour wine; tfite— e, blockhead; un 
pire — , hard-hearted father;'\xxvtTDkre 
— e, unnatural mother ; viande — e, 
tough meat ; style — , st\ff style 

— a la desserrc, close fisted 

— a la fatiKue, inured to fatigue 
Durable, adj. durable, lasting, strong, 

permanent, chiding, firm, solid, hard 
Duracine, sf. stirt of peach 
Durant, prep, during 

— tout I'hiver, all the winter long 

— que, adv. whilst, when 

Durdr, Va. to harden, make firm, endue 
with constancy 

—, vn. to harden.become hard 

se — , vr. U>grownard 

Dure> af. ground, the floor; couchersur 
la — , to lie upon the bare ground 

Dux^ af. duration, durability, perpe- 
tuity, continuance, length of time 

Durement, adv. rigidly, harshly, rudely 

Durer, vn. to last, hold out, abide, con- 
tinue, endure; le tempa — a celui qui 
attend, time appears long to one who 
is ufaiting; il ne peut — en place, he 
is uneasy wherever he is 

Duret^,>af. hardness, harshness, rough- 
ness, cruelty, severity, inflexUMi^ 

— d'oreiUe, dtUness of hearing 
— «» pL hard words, injuries 
Dunllon, am. hard skin, cnllosify 
-!• au pied, com on the foot 
Duvet, sm. doton, feathers, soft hair 
Duveteux,^ttse, adj. downy- 
Dynamiquc, «f. dynamics, sciettee of 

mechanical powers 
Dynaate, am. ayneutt, ruler, governor 
Dy naatie, sf. dynasty, government 
Dynastiqae, adj. dynastic [gestion 

Dyspepsie, sf. dyspepsy, difliculty of di- 
Dyspneei AdyspnQia,difficultyaf breath- 
Dynenterie, sf. dysentery [ing 

Dysaent^rique, adj. dysenteric 
DyiHiie, A d^ficuUy in passing urine 

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K* ma.Jl/th letter of the aijkabei 
Eiiu» vxu. water, rain / k fleur d'*— , be- 
tween wind and water / faire de 1*—, 
to put freeh water on boards ce na- 
vire fait — , tha ehip it leakf/t paiser 
ou tirer de 1'—, to draw water / laitMr 
couler r—, to let things run their own 
I courte; cela ne sent que IV— » that has 
no manner of relish / suer sang et — , 
$0 suffer greatly i faIre venir 1'— au 
movJin, to bring grist to the millf vi vet 
— X, spring tides i mortes — x^ neap 
tides; les—xaonc basses ches lui» Ae 
ha^little money in his purse / les — x 
UMtgmndei^he water is out; les— x« 
mineral waters/ preitdre les >-x» to 
drink the waters at a spa; aller aux 
—X, to go to a bathingplaee 

— benite, holy water 

— b^nite de cour, fruitless promises 

— de souroe eu de fontame, spring water 
— de puits, pumpujoter' 

— de mer, seLlt water 

— dovtct, fresh water 

— de nee* rose-water 

— de saronnage, soapsuds 

— de vie, aqtui vitat, brandjf 

— de vie de sucre» tafia 

— de vie de riz, arrack 

— forte, aquorjortis 

— pante, toast and water 

— r^gUe, aqua-regulis 
Eaux-et-forets, sm. pi. circuit justices, 

jurisdiction over woods and rivers 
^Ebahir, vr. to 60 amazed, surprised 
Ebahissemeiit, sm. amazement, wonder 
Ebarber, v^. to cut or plough' the edges 

of a book, strip quills 
Ebat, Ebattement, am. diversion,eport, 

pastime, pleasure, amusement 
—^, sm. pi. pastimes, sports 
a^Ebattre, vr. to make or be merry 
Ebaubi, e, adj. amazed, astonished 
Ebauche, at rounh draught, sketch 
Ebaucfaer, va. to sketch, trace the out- 
lines, design, delineate 

— une statue, to rough-hew a statue 
Ebaudioir, sm. chid used in rough- 
hewing, small hatchet 

EMudir, va. to cheer, exhilarate, carol 
Ebe* sf. ebb, low Wflter, flowing back 
Ebine, sL ebony, valuable black wood, 
Ebdnier, sm. ebony tree 
Eb^niste, sm. eabinetmakst [work 
Eo^nftterie, sf. cabinet-maker's trade or 
Bblouir, va. to dazzle, fascinate, seduce 
EMouissant, e, a^ij. dazzling, seducing 
Eblouisaement, sm. act offascimUing 
Eboi|||Dcr, va. to put out an eye 
EbouiUir, vn. to boU too much [down 
Eboulement, sm. land-sUp, a tumbling 
rEbouler, vr. to tumble, shrink, crumble 
' Ebouiigeonnement, sm. pruning, thin- 
nts^, or nipping qjy the buds of a tree 


Ebouneonner, va. to prune, nip, thin 
Ebouriff^, e, ac^. di^evelled, duordenA 
Ebranchement, sm. act of pruning 
Ebmncher, va. to lop, ptune, thin 
Ebranlement, nti.'cu:t of shaking or tot' 

tering, fear, trouble of mind 
Ebranler, va. to ^ake, tremble, stagger 
t'—, vr. to move, be ({ffrighted, give way 
Ebrecher, va. to notch [tooth 

s'— une dent, vr. to break the edge of a 
Ebruiter, va. to divulge, proclahn, reveal 
»'—, vr. to be divulged, be talked of 
Ebullition, sf. ebutiitittn, t^erveaeenee 
Ecaillage, sm. act ttf'openuig oysters 
Rrachement, sm. act ofbrutsifig 
Ecaille, sf. scale, shell, tortoise-shea 
—*, v\. flakes, peelings, scales 
Ecaill^, e, adj. scaly, rough 
EcaHler, va. to scale, unseate, peel 
»'—, vr. to peel qff 

Elcailler, dre, sm£ oyster man or uwman 
EcaiUeux, se, adj. sealy, sealed, plated 
Ek»le, if. «lke//, skin, pea-pod 
•Ecaler, va. to sheU 
s'^, vr. to peel {(ff, lose the skbt 
Ecarlate, sf. ecdrlet [feeet 

Ecarlatine, adj. scarlet, said of a ktnd of 
EcarquiUemeat, sm. act of opening or 

spretuling wide 
EcarquiHer, va. to widen, straddle 
Ecart, sm. act of deviating from the sub- 
ject of a discourse f step in dancings 
a 1'—, adv. in h lonely place, aeide 
Ecart^, 801. game at earns 
— , e, adj. lonely, remote 
Ecartel^, e, adj. quartered • 
EJcarteler, va. to quarter, divide into^mr 

parts, division of an escutcheon 
Ecartement, sm. putting asunder, 
Ecarter, va. to disperse, scatter, (irioff 
away, remove, nnslead, discard 

— les malheurs, to avert miefintunee 

— les cartes, to lay out one's cards 
s*—, vr. to ramble, go out of the vooff 
Ecci^siaste, sm. Ecdesiastes 
Elcd^iastique, sm. clergyman 

—, «(ij. ecclesiastical, clerical 
Eccl^iafltiqttemepc, uUv. eccleeiaetieaOif 
Ecervel^, e, adj. harebrained, gUU/f 
E^hafaud, sm. sce^ffbld, stage 
Echafaudage, sm. sanffUdinir 
Echafauder, va. to erecl* 
Echalas, sm. vine-prop 
Kchalasser, va. to prop a vine [of trees 
Kchalier,^ sm. fencn made with branches 
Echalotte, sf. shalot, kind of onion 
Echancrer, va. to cut a slope or slant 
Echancrure, sf. slope^ (fedaity 
I'A:hange, sm. exchange,barter,eoimntu- 
Ecjiangoable, adj. exchangeable [tatian 
Echanger, vt^ to exrhan^, barter 
Kchanson, sm. cup-bearer 
E<;hanUllon, sm. sample, pattern [size 
—, sm. scantling, timber cut to a small 
EcbanciUonner, va. to examine a tveight 

or measure by a standard, to cut pat' 

terns or give samples 
Echappade* if. slip, mistake 

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Echappatoire, »f. evasion, tubterfiige 
fichapp^f sm. Hotm of a mixed breed 
— , c, adj. inconsiderate, thoughtless 
Echappee, A prank, frolic, whim, sallg 
Echappetnent, am. escapement 
Ecbapper, va. to escape, Jlee from 
— , vn. to escape, aouid, shun; i\ Ta — 
belle, he escaped narrowly: laisser — 
1 'occasion, to lose the opportunity , 
laisser — un mot, to ust unguarded 
i — , vr. to run awajf, forget oneself 
i^charde, si splinter, prickle 
Ecliamer, va. to scrape ot prepare hides 
for tanning^ [sci-nper 

Echamoir, sm.' tanner's paring Jenife or 
Echarnure, sf. parings of hides 
Echarpe, sf. scarf, sting for the arm 
Echarper, va to slash, cut in pifces 
Echars, e, adj. niggardly, variable 
F:chasse, sf. long-legged plover 
Echasses, sm. p). stilts 

— d'^faafaud, upper scaffolding poles 
F^chaud^, sm. biscuit, folding stool 
Echauder, va. to scald 

■» — , vr. to bum one's fingers 
Echauffaison, sf. fever, eruption ^ disease 

caused by overheating oneself 
Echauffant, e, adj. heating 
Echauffi^, e, adj. heatedrtuamfed 
Eehauffement, sm. act ofheativg 
Echauifer, va. to heat, warm, animatCt 

enliven, inflame, incense, ftir vp 

— une maison, to be the first inhabitant 
of a house 

— , vn. to grote hot, get u-arm 

s' — , vr. to overheat oneself 

Echailbar^,sf. disturbance, trouble, un- 
foreseen accident, rash enterprise 

Echaffare, sf. pustule, red iiimyle 

Echaoguette, sf. watch-tower 

EclM^nce, st; expiration, day appointed 
forptiyment; payer it I'—, to pay when 
the appointed time is expired 

Echec, sm. check, loss, defeat, blow 

— et mat, check-mate 

£checs,sm. pi. game of chess ; joueranx 
— , to play at chess; pieces avec les- 
queltes on joue aux — , chess-meti : da- 
mier pour louer aux — , chessboard 

Ecbelle, st. ladder, sf:ale ; les— sduLe- 
vane, seaport in the Levant 

— de si^e, scaling ladder 

— de meunier, trap-ladder 

— de la dunette, ptioih ladder 

— de poApe, stem-ladder 

— d'ane carte tr^graphique, map-scale 

— mobile, riiding scale ' 
Echekm, $m. step of a ladder 
Echelon ner, va. to marshal or arrange 

militarp in the fitrm of steps 
Echereau, sm. skein, hank of thread 
Ectieveld, e, adi. dishevelled, disordered 
Echcvin, sm. sheriff, alderman 
Eahevfaiage, sm. onire of sheriff 
Echine, sf. chine, backbone, spine 
Echiner, va. to break the backbone 
Edai^tiet^, e, adj. chequered 

I Echiquier, sm. chess-board, exchequer% 
net for fishei-men ; nuvrage en — , 
I chequer-work ; Clhanci !icr de 1'—, 
I Chancellor of the E-ichequfr 
I Echo, sm. echo; fitrt !'— trim autre, to 

repeat what another xap/i 
I Echoir, vn. to expire, hnp]>en . fall rft/ff ; 
I l;i rente duit — a la S.iiiit Martin, the 
I rent falls due at Martinwns 
lEclioppe, sf. stall, flat « r rou^d graver 
Echouage, sm. pliice where a i'hip vsay 

be stranded 
Echouement, sm. running aground 
Echouer, strand, run oi^round 

— vn. to miscarry, fail; laire — , to dis- 
comfit ; taire — une vaisseau, to drive 
ship ashore 

Echu, e, adj. expired, happened 
Kcitner, va. to cut the tup of a tree 
Eclaljousser, va. to iesfxittr-r, spiash 
Ecl«il)ou9«ure, sf. sflash of dirt or u-€Uer 

— d'cau de nier, sea spray 

E--lair, sm. liphtning,fiir.\h of lightning 
K.L'.H.UHfi'i, sm. liglitm^: the sirrets 
Eciaircie, sf. clear s/aA in a vU.utly sky 
EcUJrcir, va to clear, bright f», clarify, 
make thin, unfold, est iDj.liff/ 

— un plant, to thin a btd I'fj.lnnts 

— son l>ien, to reduce une'n uptime 

— uu doute, to rcsvlve a douht 

— une difficult^, tii ch nr up a difficulty 
s' — , vr. to beivwe dear 
Eclaircisscnicjit, sm. clrnring or making 
' clear, explanation, hint, exilica'ion 

Elclair^, e, adj. eulightmrd, knowing/ 
un es|iiil fort — , u ell-inftrmed tuiiid 

Eclairer, va. to light, give light to, ob- 
serve, watch, s)y, instruct, enlighten 

— , vn. to shine, flitter, sjmrkle, lighten 

— , v. imp. it lightens 

8* — , vr. to inquire, set infvrmntinn 

Eclaircur, sm. shar'ishooter, rifiuman 

Eclanche, sf. leg oj mutton 

Eclat, sm. sj>linter, Jrap-ment, pomp^ 
eplendovr, upro/ir, crash, clap, clash 

— de ore, burst oflaushter 

— de tonncrre, pe'il of thunder 

— de voix, loud talk 

— des haliits, magnificence cf attire 

— des ycu^, glare nrfire if the eyes 

— du soleil, orightnvss o} the sun 

— d'une bombe, burntihgvfa bomb 
Eclataut, e, adj. shinim:, .sfnrkling, il 

lustriouti, transcmdoit, briglit. loud, 

noisy, piercing, craiklim:. < rashing 
Eclat er, vn. fo glitter, s/arldc, break, 

burst out, spilt, shive,-, craik 
s* — , vr. to cleave, shiver, burst ,fi>rth 
Eclectique, stn. one of the sect of Eclectics 
— , adj. eclectic, chottsiof^'. sHicting 
Eclectisme, sm. eclectic / hi!( sophy 
Eclipse, sf. eclipse, dai kncsi,nh''rin-atwn 
Eclipser, va to ecliftse, clouif, obsrure 
s'— , vr. to be darkened, di^ij.penr 
Ecliptique, sf. ecliitic, a)wse of the sun 
— , adj. described by the ecHjtic line 
Eclisse, sf. Sj^int, splinter, u-^ed by sttr- 

geoM in binding up fractures 

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EcllsaeryVa. to bind upor tecure by gjdinU 
Edopp^, e, adj. lame, limping 
Ecloie, vn. to be hatched, come to light 
Ecluse, it sluice, dam^ floodgate 
EclusSer, sm. iUuh-e keeper 
Ecolitre, sm. pro/eMor of divinity 
Eco\e,Bf.Khool,8ernincirift malired' — , 
echoolmaster s tenips de 1'—, school- 
time; grande— , high school; petite 
— , day^hool; camarade <i*— , schnol- 
fellow i dire les nouvel les de 1'—, to (ell 
tales, disclose scftool affairs ; faire 1 — 
buisKonnidre, to play the truant; faire 
une — , to blunder 

— de droit, inns of court 

— d,'ensei(rnement mvtiue], school up(m 
Dr Bell's system 

— de jeunes gens, young gentlemen's 
hoarding academy or school 

— d« jeunes demoiselles, school or semi- 
Wiry for young ladies 

'-^ de meiecine, medical school 

— normale, school Jbr teachers , 
~ priauiire« in^nt school 

— r^t^in&ire, veterinari/ school 
EcoUet^, e, adj. cut out, rounded^ 
EcoUeter. va. to cut out, round rdSr 
Ecolier, 6re, imf. scholar, pupil; faute 

d*— , blunder, solecixm; en — , scholar- 
like i titre d'— , scholarship; faire de 
bona —>, to make g6od scholars • 
—• en droit, en th^logie, &c. a student in 
law, divinity, i^c. 

— qui fait ses etudes, probationer 
Econduire, va. to shift or put otfft refuse 
Economat, sm. stewardship 
Ecortome, smf. steward, housekeeper 
—t adj. economical, saving, frugal 
Economie» if. economy, frugality 

— rurale, husbandry (management 
Economise, sf. economics, household 
— , adj. economical, careful, frugal 
Economiquement, adv. economically 
Economiaer, va. to economize, be frugal 
Economiste, smf. economist, thrifty per- 
son, writer on politicnl economy 

Ccorce, sf. bark, rind, shell, peel 
fioorcement, sim. decortication, act of 

stripping' (\ff the bark 
Ecorcer, va. to pare off the rind, strip off 

the bark, take off the peel 
Eoorch^, im. skinned carcass 
— , e, adj. skinned, flayed, torn 
Ecorcber, va. to skin, flw- peel qff, an- 
noy, gall, fleece, extort, wrest from 

— une anKUille p^r la queUe, to begin 
where one should end [rectly 

— le yran9ais, to speak French incor- 
8*—, vr. to tear off one's skin, be galled 
Eoorclierie, sf. slaughter-house 
Ecorcheur, sm. flayer, extortioner 
Eoorchure, sf. excoriation, loss of skin 
"Ecoxe, sf. steep shore or coast 
Eporner, va. to brenk the horns of ani- 
mals, chip rffthe comers of a thing, 
diminish, curtail, pare off 

■ Ecomifler, va. to sponge, line by mean 
EcomUlerije* sf. act cf sponging larts 

Ecomifleur* euae, smf. sponger, one Uffte 

lives by mean arts, parasite 
Ecornure, sf. splinter qfa stone, oroJcem 

edges of earthettware 
Ecossais, e, adj. Si^-ottish, Seote^. 
Elcosser, va. to shell pease or benne 
Ecosseur, ease, smf. one whoeheUeneaee 
ISxol, sm. reckoning, bill For oeans 
Ecoucr, va. to shorten or cut qffthe taU 
Ecoufle, sm. buzzard, hawk, paper kite 
Ecouiepient, um. flowing, runmng 

— de la lumi^i-e, enuination of light 
Ecouier, va. to let off 

— I'eau, to draw t^^ water 

—, vn. to run or flaw out ; lidsser — la 
foule,' to let the crowd disperse 

s'— , vr. to flow from one place to an- . 
other, slide or steal away, pass, elapse 

Ecoupe ou Ecou()^, s£ ^ip stvab or mop 

Ek»urgeon, sm. winter barley 

Ecourter, va. to crop, cut short 

Ecoutant, e, arlj. listening, hearkening 

Ecoute, sf. place for listening, sheet-rope 

— de bonnette, tack of a 9t%$ddi*w-saU 

— du vent, weather-sheet yioom 

— de la grande voile, main-sheet 
Ecouter, va. to listen, hearken, hear pa- 
tiently, attend or pay regard to 

— la raison, to yield to reason 

s'— , vr. to like to hear on^s own voiet 
Ecouteur, eu&e, smr. listener 
Rcoutille, sf. hatchway 
Ecouvillon, sm. drag, mop, gun-spunge 
Ecouvillonner, va. to sweep, 'spunge si 
Ecraigne, sf. village wake LfiTun 

Ecran, sm. screen, hatid screen 
Ecrasant, e, adj. exorbitant, extranagoM 
Ecrasement, sm. act if enuring 
Ecraser, va. to crtish, bruise, bneak, de- 
stroy, undo, ruin, overwhelm, grind 

— une araigiiee, to kill a spider 
Ecrfimer, va. tn a-eam or skim milk 

— un auteur, to take the best paascfget 
Ecrevisse, sf. crawfish \fifan auMor 

— de mer, lobster 

s' Eerier, vr. to cry out, exclaim 
Ecrin, sm. casket, Jtiwelcaie 
E>:rire, vtu to write, compose, speli 
•— mal, to scrawl, spell badly 

— k un ami, to s^a u ord to a friend 

— de bonne eiicro, to write strongiu 
Elcrit, sm. writing, contract, eertincatet 

testimonial, ditcharge, pamjMet 
-rs, pi. literary pn duction* 
Ecriteau, sm. bill, label 

— de boutiaue, Hgn bocflrd 

Ecritoire, if. ink stand ' {ing master 
Ecriture, sf. writing; mal (red —, writ- 
— s, pi. writings of a law pleas les 

saintes— s, the^lble. Holy ScrijOures 
Ecrivailler, va. to write or compoUe much 

without success 
Ecriuailleur, sm. scribbler, bad writer 
Ecrivain, sm. tcriter, author, scribe 

— de vaisseau, purser of a ship * 
Ecrivassier, sm. scribbler [ter 
Ecrou, sm. nut of a screw, prtson^^l^ 
EcroueUes, sf. scrofula, Mng^s esS 

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' £CR 

, »V va. to entfir a eommitment in 
the priton-rfgUter ' [fjrpen^a 

Ecrouea, if. pL lUt qf royal hout^oU 
Ecrottleuient, km. act of falling 
Ecrouler, va. to shake down 
— * vn. tojhll dftwn, crumble, give toatf 
»'—, vr. to tumble down 
Ecnrater, va. to cut t^the cruet 
Ecru, e, adj. unbfeaehed, raw [eenee 
Ec3arcon>e> sm. aanroma, fleshy excree- 
£cu, tm. shieldt buckler, escutcheon ' 

— de six francs, crown-piece 

— de trois francs, hulf-a-crown 
£cubien» sm. pi. anchor hawse-hoiee 
Ecueil, sixL quick'sand, rock, shoal 
Bcuelle, tit. porringer i basin 
Ecuell^, sf. porriiigerfvl, basinfUl 
Eculer, va. to tread tiown at the hed 
t' — , vr. to run down at the heel ' 
Ecunuuit. e, tu\}. /taming, frpthy 
Ecume, af.scum, froth, fiMrn, spume 
Ecumer, va. to skim, take qffthe scum 

— les xners, to scuur the sects 
— , vn. tofiiam,fnith, spume 
Ecumeur, eus«, smf. person who skims 

— de mer, pirate, rooer, cotsair 
Ecumeux, euse, h(i}. frothy, nappy 
Ecumoire, sf. skim ning spoon, ladle 
Ecarage, sm. act of scouring or cleansing 
Ecnrer, va. to scour, cleanse 
Ecureuil> sm. squirrel 

Ecureur, euse, Miif. scourer, deaner 
Ecurie, sf. stable, equipage 
— s, pi. mews, stabling 
Ecusson, sm. escutc eon, shield 
Ecussonner, vh- to- in graft in the form 

of an escutcheon ycnif^ 

Ecusqnnoir, s n. grafting or budding 
Ecuyer, sm. eqtierj^ groom, horseman, 

rider, riding-master, esquire 

— d'un selgnt- ur, master of the horse 

— d'une dame, gentleman-usher 

— de cuisine, he>.d awk ' fprince 

— tranchant, carver at the table of a 
Eden, sm. Bdert, eaithly paradise 
Edent^, e, adj. tooth/ess 

Edenter, va. to pulLout teeth, break the 

teeth of a &tmb, saw, ^. 
Ediftant, e, adj. edif/ing, exemplary 
Edificateur, sm. builder, edifier, one who 

loves to build or trho improves another 
Kdificadon^ st. edijication, improvement 
EdiAce, sm. edifice, building, structure 
Edifier, va. to runstruct, build, erect, 

improve, edif/, set a good example 

— par sa cotidiii. r , to p/ea«9 

Edile, im.edHe, Roman maeistratewho 

had charge tfthe public buildings 
Edit, «m. edict, ordinance, decree 
Ediceur, sm. editor, publisher 
Edition, sf. edition, impression 
Edredon, sm. eidfr down 
Education, sf. e'lunatinn, instruction 
Eduleoration, sf. act of sweetening 
E4ttlcortfr, va. to edulcorate, sweeten 
Eduquer, »'a. to educate, rear or bringup 
EfaufUer, va. to pull out threads at the 
end ofeUk stuff or riMwn 

8 EFV 

Bffa^able, adj. that may be effheed 
•ElfAcer, va. to efface, bint out, erase, dU9' 
I figure, defacs, strike otit, vbscure 
.| — le c«)rp.<i, to cover one's txtdy 
I — les ^paules, to keep in the shouldere 
I Eff8ur6, e, adj. terror struck, beuitdered 
Eftuer, va. to terrify, affright, alarm 
s'— , vr. to stand aghast, li»k wild 
I Ef&rouclier, va. to startle, fright away, 

terrify, disgust, excite aversion 
s'— , vr. to grow wild, be affrighted 
Effectif, sm. number, actual state 
— , ive, adi. 0'ective, >ffectual, retdi 
homme — , p man of his word Ifully 
Effect! vtnient, adv. effectively, power- 
Effectuer, va. to effect, perfitrm, produce 
EU^mind, sin. weak or imb'icile person 
—, e, adj. effeminate, delicate, tender 
Eff6mincr, va. to effeminate, enfbebte 

— Tesprit, to sensualize the mind , 
EflFenui, s.n. effemii, Turkish lawyer. 
Effer\'e8otnct;, sf. 'ffsrva.sccnce 

— deTesprit, violence of temper 
EflFer\'escerit, e, adj. ifferveacent 

Effet, sm. effect, product, consequence, 
pei'formance, deed, execution, design, 
bill of exchange pnjjable at sigiit ,• a 
cet — , fort 'lis purpose; faire — , toope- 
rate ; produire de 1'—, to make an im- 
pression; en — , adv. really, in faett 
pour cet — to that end; k 1'— de, fit 
order to; c'^CAic en — raon dessdn^ 
t* wai actually my design 
— s, pi. moveablct, furniture, goods 
Effeuillcr, va. to strip off leaves 
Efficace, >f. efficacy, p'^f^erto (ffect 
—', aflj. efficacious, effectual, salukujf 
Efflcactuicnt, aHv. efficaciously 
Kfficacit^, St. rffi-;;cii, f>rce, influence 
Eftificiit, e, a 'j. efficient, productive 
EffiKie. sf. effiiry, liko^ess, image 
Kffi^'ier, va. fo hung or bwn an ^gjf 
Effjid', sin. fringeil stx{ff; 11 est ea — > 

he is in m our) dug 
—, e, adj. slender, slim, meagre, thin 
Effiler, va. to mtnivel, disentangle 
Effilure, sf. act of un race! ling 
'Kffioler, va. to ftrip q^f leave's 
Efflanque, e, adj. lean, thin, emaciated 
I Efflafiquer, va. to emaciate, work the 

fiesh qffa horse, make lean 
Etfleurer, va- to touch lightly, graie 

— une peau, to sn-ape a skin 
Kffondrer, va. to breajc open, dig deep 

— des terres, to dig and manure the 

— unevolaille, to (imw a ^u;/ [ground 
s'— r, vr. to sink down 

Effondrilles, sf. pi. dregs, sediment, leee 
i^FTffbrcer, vr. to strive, endeavour 
Effort, sm. ^ort, endeavour; faire un 

~, to act with might and main 
Effraction, sf. burghiry, house breaking 
Effravant, e, adj. frightful, dreadful 
Eflfrayer, va. to frighten, terrify, etttrtie 
s' — , vr. to be scared, startled 
Effr^n^, e, adj. unruly, ungovernable 
Effriter, va. to exhaust afield 
I Effroi, nm. fright, fisar, terror, d 

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Eibont^t e, smf. thameless person * 
— , adj. imptidentfinmlent, brazen-faeed 
Effront^inenc, adv. impudently. 
Eifrontt:rie, sf. ^ffronteryt impudence 
EffroyabU, ajd}. fnghtful, hideoue 
Effroyableimtic, Adv. /rightfully 
Effusion, sf. ^usioHt overflowing 
Egal, e, smf. equal, fellow, match i c'est 
mon — ou mon — e, he orjthe is equal 
to me: a 1' — de, prep, in companaon 
of; d'— it — , between equals 
— , e, adj. equai, alike, even, unifbrm : 
style —, sm*H)th.ot montttonous styles 
humeur — e, even temper i sans — , 
incomptirnhle, matchless; cela m'est 
-— , that is indifferent to me 
Egalement, adv. equal///, uniformly 
Egaler, va. to equal, match, make even 
s* — I vr. to compare oneself 
Egalisatlon, sf. eqtializatitm, equality 
"EgtRyser, va. to equalize, make even 
Egalitaire, adj. equal, uniform, free 
Egalitd, sf. equality, uniformity 
Egard, sin. retiani, respect, reverence; 
avoir — a quelque chose, to consider a 
thing; avoir des — s pour quelqu'un, 
torenpectone; kmon— , for n^ sake: 
homme sans — , a man who regard* 
nobody ; eu — , prep, considering; k 
r — de, in comptirison of, as for, as 
to : k cet — , adv. in this respect 
Egar^, c, adj. wandering, misled, wild 
Egarement, sin. going out of the way, 

a departure from virtue, error 
Egarer, va. to mislead, lead astray, mis- 
lay or /o*e a thing 
«'— , vr. to wander, lose on^a way 
Egayer, va. to rejoice, make cheerful or 

merry, enliven, gladden, animate 
s'f-y vr. to amuse or make oneself merry 
Egide, sf. protection, shield, defence 
Eglantier, sm. et^lantine, sweet-brier 
Eglantin , sf. wild rose 
Eglise, sf. church, chapel, religion 
Eglogue, sf. eclogue, pastural poem 
Egoisme, sin. rgiitism, self-praise 
Ego'i^tf, smf. eirotist, conceited person 
— adj. egotistical, self -conceited » • 

Egorger, va. to cut the throat, slaughter 
E^orgeur, sin. murderer, assassin 
■•Egosiller, vr. to make ont^s throat tore 

with loud tqfking 
Egout, sm. common sewer, kouse-eaves, 

sink, drain, water-pipe 
Egouiter, vn. to drain, make dry 
a*—, vr. to drain q/f 
EljjouUtiir, sm. drainer 
Egouttures, sf. pi. dregs, drippings 
Egrapper, va. to take off the grapes from 

a bunch 
EgratigncT, va. to scratch, claw 
t^gratignure, sf. scratch 
Egrener, va. to shake out grain 
s'— , vr. to shed or let seed fill 
Egrillard, e, adj. sprightly, brisk 
Egris^e, sf. diamond dust 
^riser, va. to grind diamonds or glass 
Egrugeoir* sm. mortar for poy^ndingwU 

\ ELE 

Egniger. va. to grate, pound, eermpo 
Egueuler, va. to break tht ntck qfa jug 

bottle, pot, ^c. 
Egypti«n, nc, smd et adj. Sgjfptian 
Eb I interj. ah / akut 

— bien! welii what I 
Ehanch^, adj. hipshot 

Ehont6» e, aqj. enamdest, impudent 
Ebouper. va. to lop a tree 
Ejacttlaaon* sf. ejaculation, short prajftr 
Elaborer, va. to produce with Udiur 
s'—, vr. to get 'prepared, be Improved 
Elabor^, e, adj. elaborate, studiod 
Elaguer* va. to lop, pfune, cut off 
Elagueur* sm. one who prunes treee 
Elan, sm. elk, kind qfdag; sudden nto- 

tion,jerk, spring, leap,Jk, buret 
—*, pi. transports, sallies 
— 8 de devotion* pious ejaculations 
—8 de douleur, sudden Jits of grief 
Elanc^, e, adj. shrunk in the /tank, 

persiane — e^ lank thin person 
Elancement, sm. pungency, shooting q^ 

a pain, ejaculation, piaue rapture 
Elanoer, vn. to feel a shooting pain s le 

doigt m Glance, mj//tyi^er«hooto/ un 

cbeval ^lanci, a hollow:ftanked and 
^wom-olit horee 
s'— » vr. to spring fiurward, fall upon 

— sur quelqu'un, to ruth upwi one 
Elargissement, sm. enlargement, reieaae 

— de prison, discharge from prison 
ElaTfcissure, sf. uidening-pxecs 
Elasticity, sf. elasticity, the property of 

springing back to its originatjitrm 
EUistique, adj. elastic, elaMicai 
Electeur, sm. elector 
Eieccif, ive, adj. elective , 

Election, if. election, power ^chooting 
Electoral, e, adj. electoral 
Electorat, snu electorate, territory t^ an 
Electricity, sf. electricity {^lector 

Electrique, adj. Metric, electrical 
Electrisable, adj. electr^able 
Electrisation, sf. electrization, electrifi- 
Electriser, va. to ele<Arify {cation 

Electrom^tre, im. electrometer 
Electuaire, snj. electuary, toft medicine 
El^gamment, adv. elegantly 
Ei^ance, sf. elegance, grace, beauty 
Elegant, e, adi. elegant, pleating, neat 
Elegiaque, adj. elegiac, moufnfiU 
Eldgie, if. elegy, mournful poem, dirge 
Element, sm. element, prindule 
— s. pi. elements, first pfineiplea, rudi' 
El6ment'aire, adj. elementary Jmanfi 
Elephant, «m. elephant 
Elevation, sf. elevation, height, rising 

ground, preferment, exaltation 

— de ccsur, gtiatness of mind 

— de style, nobleness of^xpreetion 

— du pOle, the height of the pole 

— du pouls, the riting of the pulae 
El^ve, sm. pupil, disciple, apprentice 
Elev^, e, acy. bred, educated, elevated 
Elever, va. to raUMt, exalt, educate, pre^ 

J^, lift up, erect, build up, extol 
8 — , vr. to grow proud, rite in bli$tert 

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Elevure, $fl Mister, pimple, bloiOi 
Elkter« va. to elide, cut ffffa ayllable 
if—, vr. to^wffer an elieum 
Eligibility, st. eligibility, eligibleneae 
Eligible, adj. elii(iljle,fit to be choten 
s'Elimer, vr. to wear or rt<6 out 
Elioiinaiion, sf. expuleion, actof driving 
Eliminer, va. to expel, drive out [out 
Klipgae, sf. sling, a ship rope 

— a pattes, can-hook, in rigging 
Elinguer, va. to ttling a cask or package 
Klire, va. to elect, choose, prefer, select 
Elision, sf. elision, separation 
Elite, St. choice, selection, best part 
Elixir, s n. elisir, liquid extract, cordial 
£lle, pron. she, her, it 
— s, pL thej/, them 
E 1 1 dbore, sin . the plan t hellebore . 
Ellipae, sf. ellipsis, oval figure, cHuism, 

omission, defect 
EUiptigue, adj. elliptic, elliptical 
Elocution, sf. elocution, utterance 
Eloge, stn. eulogy, praise, panegprie 
Elogistp, sm. eulogist, commender 
Eloi^n^^ e, ad}, remote, distant, foreign 
Eluigneinent, sm. remoteness, distance 
Eloi^Ar, A'a. to remove, send abrocui, 

delay, dispel, alienate, estrange, exile 
t — , vr. to remove oneself, forsake 

— de son de\oir, to be wanting in duty 

— de son suje», to wander from d subject^ 
Elongation, sf. elongation ^ 
Eloquemment, adv. eloquently 
El::qi>enoe, sf. eloquence, oratory 
Eloquent, e, adj. eloquent, fluent . 
Elu, sm. elect, chosen one, person ap- 
pointed, successful candidate 

— , e, adj. elect, elected, chosen 
Elucidation, %i. elucidation, exposition 
^\\xcra\)TK\ktr,,itlucubration, night study 
Eluder, va. to elude, evade, frustrate 
Eljrs^, sm. Elysium; les champs — s, 
adj. Elynan fields, promenades at Paris 
Email, sm. enamel; pi. Eroaux, colours 

in hemidry 
Emailler, va. to enamel, inlay, variegate 

with colours, ft/rm a glossy surface 
Emailleur, stn. enameller 
Emaillure, sf. act of enamelling 
Emanation, sf. emtitiation, effiuence 
Emancipation, sf. emancipation 
Emanciper, va. to emancipate, set free 
8*—, vr. to take too much liberty, become 

too familiar, grow licentious 
Emaner, vn. to emanate, proceed from 
Emarger, va. to write on the margin 
Emballage, sm. act of packing up goods, 

packers salary or charge . 

Emballer, va- to pack up goods 
Emballetir, sm. packer of goods [bank 
s'EmbanqutT, vr. to come on ajishing- 
Emliarcard^re, sm. lafiding-place, pier, 

railway station or terminus 
Embarcation, sf. small craft, cutter 
Embard^, sf. lurch, lee-lurch 
Embanier, vn. to go from, steer widely 
Embaaxo, sm. embargo, inhUHHon 
Kmfcininemept, sm. embarkation 

j Embarquer, va. to embark, en^ttge in «fi 
} «'— , vr. to go on ship-board [fljElaie 

Embarras, sm. embarrassment 

— d'esprit, perj^xity of mind 
Embarraasant, e, adj. embarrasstng 
Embarrasscr, va. to embarrass 

— une route, to stop a road 

—• quelqu'un, to give one uneasiness 
' — une affaire, to perplex on affair 
s'— , vr. to trouble oneself, get puzzled 
Em basement, sm. basement, foundation 
EmbStcr, va. to put on a pack-saddle 
Emb&tonner, va. to arm with cudgels 
Embattuge, sm. act of covering the cir- • 

eumference of a wheel with iron 
Embaitre, va. to cover thn felloe or rifn 

(fa wheel with an iron bahd 
EmbauchaKe, sm. act of decoi/ing or en- 
ticing away, hirittg of workmen 
Embaacher, va'. to decoy, hire workmen 
Embaurbeur, sm. a person employed to 

hire workmen, kidnapptx * 

Embauraement, sm. act of embalming 
Embauiner, va. to embalm, perfume 
Embaumeur, sm. one who embalms 
Embauiner, va. to mw^ up, bewitch 
s'— , vr. to muffle up oneself, be infatu- 
ated with 
Embellir, va. to embeUish, adorn, enrith ' 
— , vn. to grow handsome [bcautifiU 
s't-, vr. to improve in appearance, look 
Embellissement, sm. embellishment 
Emblaver, va. to sow corn 
Emblavure, sf. corn-field 
Emble, sm. amble, pace 
d'Embl«e, adv. at the first Oneet; em- 
porter une affaire — , to carry a qwe§- 
tion without opposition 
Embl^iuatique, adv. emblematical 
Eml>16me, sm. embhrn, symbol, sign • 
s'Emboirc, vr. to imbibe, drifik in 
Emboiser, va. to coax, vj-efair words 
Emboitement, tm. jointing, setting in 
Embotter, va. to set or fit in, to joint 
s'— , vr. to fit well in a fame 
Eml)o)cure, sf. joint, hinge, juncture 

— des OS, socket of the bones 
Embonpoint, sm. good case, plumpness, 

corpulence; pcrdre son — , tofiUlawayj 
recouvrer son — , to become fat 

— excessif, obesity, morbid fatness 
Embordurer, va. to put into a frame 
Embosser, va.> to moor, anchor, bring a 

ship to bear upon a-fort 
Embouchement, sm. mouthifig, blowing 
Emboueher, va. to soutid a wtndinstru- 

ment, to fit a bridle-bit, give a hint 

— quelqu'un, to prompt-one 

— une botte^ to stretch a boot on the last 
s'-— , vr. to disembogue, run into 
Embouchoir, sm. boot-tree, boot-last 
Embouchure, sm. mouth of a river, har- 

bour, cannon, furnace, ppt, bottle 

— d'un instrument, mouthpiece of a iwt*- 
sical instrument 

Eoibouer, va. to bemire, soil with mud 
Embouquement, sm. act of entering 9 
Embonquer, va. to enter a strait letrait 

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Etnbourb^t e, adj. bemired 
Embouriter, va. to)iut in the mire 
if—, vr. to get entangled in a difficulty 
Emliourrer, va. to ttvff, swell out 
Etnboursetnent, sm. act o/pocketing 
Embourser, va. to pocket up, put money 

in a purse 
Embranchement, sm. act of framlngt 
. solder ingf crossing of a- high way, 

railway junction 
Embraquer, va. to haul or hoist up 
Elmbrastitnunt, sm. cnnftagratUm, hum- 
ing, commotion, disorder, confusion 
Embraser, va. to set onjire, inflame 
i—t vr. to catch Jire, hum 
Embrassade, sf. embrace, hug, clasp 
Embrassement, sm. embracement, caress 
Eznbrasser, va. to embrace, hold fnndly 

in the arms, compri-te,. comprehend 
^ — * vr. to emhrace each other 
Embrasure, sf. embrasure, battlement 
Enibrocation, if. fomentation, lotion 
Embrocher, va. to put upon a spit 
Embrouiliement, sm. confusion, intri- 
cacy, perplexitif, entantilement 
Embrouiller, va. to embroi', perplex 
tf^— , vr. to perplex oneself 
Embrouilleur, eust-, smf. one who con- 
fuses the offnrS of another 
Embruin6, e, ai j. blasted, said of com 
T^Tabr\\a\^,e,a>\}.fog,s^, misty 
Embrunir, va. to make brown, darken 
Embryon, sm. embryo, foetus 
Emhu, c, aiij. imbibed, soaked 
EmbQche, sf. ambnuh, snare 
Embuscatle, sf. ambuscade 
^Erabusquer, vr. to lie in ambush 
Emender, va. to amend, reform 
»-^» vr. to improve, become better 
Eraeraude, sf. emerald Zden 

Emergent, e, adj. emergent i casual, sud- 
Emeri, sm. emery 
Em^rilloti, 8in. merlin, ropemarker's 

whirl, small cannon, Jiahing-hook 
Em^rillonn^, e, adj. sprightly, brisk 
Em^rite, a^l j. said of a professor whq 
. has retired from theduttes of office [of 
Emersion, sf. emersion, act of rising out 
Emervelller, va# to surprise, astonish, 

cause admiration or wonder 
i—, vr. to marvel, be astovished at 
Em^tique, sm. emeticf vomit 
— , Hi\'). emetic, emetical,causingto vomit 
Em^tiser, va, to give or mix an emetic 
Emettre, va. to produce, publish, emit, 

put in circulation, send forth 
Emeute, sf. Uproar, commotion, riot, 
tumult, confusion, mutiny, sedition 
Emftutier^ sm. rioter 
Emietter, va. to crumble, break small 
■'— , vr. to fall into small pieces 
Emiettemegt, sm. act of picking Up 
Emig^rant, sm. emigrant 
Emigration, sf. emigration 
Emigr^, e, smf. emigrant 
Emigrer, vn. to emigrate 
Emincer, va. to mince, cut very small 
Smincmment, adv. eminently 

Eminence, s£ eminence, summit 
Eminent, e, adj. emiuerit, dignified, es- 

cellentf lofty, conspicuous, illustrious 
Eminentissime, adj. moi^t eminent, title 

of honour given to cardinals 
Emir, sm. emir, title of dignity among 
Emissaire, sm. emissaiy [the Turks 
Emission, sf. emission, ejection 
Emmagasinage, sm. act qC warehousing 
Emmagasiner, va. to store or lay up, put 

in a Magazine, Huarehouse, or granary 
Emmaigrir, va. to make lean 
%'—, vr. to gtvw tMiitfaU away 
Emmaillottement, sm. act of swaddling 
Emmaillotter, va. to swathe [on infant 
Emmancti^, e, anj. ill-devised 
Emmanchement, sm. joint 
Emmancher, va. to helve, set in a handle 
s>'— ,vr. to enter the Channel; celanes'em- 

manche pas cumme vous penaes, the 

matter is ndt so easy as you imagine 
Emmanchure, sf. handle, helve, heift 
Emmancheur, sm. hafter, one who put* 

a handle on anything , 
Emmannequiner, va. to put in hampers 
Kmmantele, e, adj. mantled 
Emmantcl^e, sf. water-crow 
Bmmarin^, e, adj. inured to aea-eerviee 
himmariner, va. to man a ship 
Emm^iagcment, sm. the furnishing^ 

a house, setting furniture in order 
— s, pL convenietices on ship-board 
s'Emm^natfer, vr. to provide ones^/wiOi 

househiM furniture or goods 
Emmener, va. to carry or lead aw<^/ 

— du>b<Sui], to drive away cattle 
Emmenotteri va. to handcifff^ manade 
Emmeubler, va. to hire furnUure 
Emmiell^, e, tuij.Jtattering, sweetening 
Emmieller, va. to sweeten with honey; 

jsaroles emxti\e\\ies,Jlttttering words 

— un ^tai, to wortn a stay, in rig^ng 
Emmiellure, sf. ointment for horses 
Emmitoufler, va. to muffle up 

s'— , vr. to muffle up oneself 
Emmortaiser, va. to mortise 
Emmuseler, va. to muzzle 
Ernoi, sm. care, trouble, anxietj/ 
Emollient, e, adj. emillient, sqf'tening 
Eanolument, sm. emolument, prqfit 
— s, pi. emoluments, gains, salary 
Emolumentaire, adj. proceeding from 

emoluments or salary 
Emolumenter, vn. to gain, to prqfit 
Rmonctoire, sm. emunctory, seton, issue 
Emonde, sf. dung of birds 
Emond^, e, adj. pruned, cleaned 
Emonder, va. to prune, lop, cut qff' 
Emondes, sf. pi. slip; lopped branches 
F^motion, sf. emotion, passion, agitation 
Emoteer, va. to break clo'ls 
iCmoucher, va. to drive owayfiiee 
Emouchet, sm. tarsel, musket-hawk 
Emouchf tte, st; net-work to keeptiff files 
Kmouchoir, sin. fly ^ap [from horsei 
Emoudre, v&. to ftrind, sharpen, tcAef 
Emouleur, tm, grinder 
Emoulu, e, adj. sharpened, wh^ed 

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Smooiser* va. to blunt, make duUt re- 
freet, weaken^ take the moae qff'trees 
V— , vr. to grow blunt or duU • 
£au>uatiUcr, va. to etimulate, excite 
EmoaToir, va. to move, qffect, eitcite, 

provoke, stir up,itnimate, rottee 
/*-, vr. to be atirrea up, moved 
Empailiage* nm. act o/ett^ffing 
Empailler, va. t6 bottom chairs, Mtuff 

birds or animals, pack with stfaw 
EmpaUleur, euK» soif. chair bottomer 
£inpa]ement, am. act of empaling 
Empaler,'va. to empale, enclose, ftnee 
. with a paler fix of* a stake 
Emiwii, am. sfjfin, handbreadth 
Empanacb^* e* adj. plumed 
Empanacher, va. to adorn with feathers 
£mpanner» va. to bring the sails of a 

mipfore and aft, lie to 
Empaqucterj va. to pade up 
fl'Emparer, vr. to seize upon, take posses- 
sion of, usurp, domineer, govern 
Empasme, am. perfume 
Empatemene, %m,^undation of a wall 
Emp&temein, sm. act of making gluti- 
nous, sticky, viscous, clammy 
Emp&ter, va. to make sticky, clammy 

— de U volaille, to fatten poultry 
Empaamer, va. to strike with the palm 

of the hand, gnvrp, enclose in the hand 

— la rdie, to get on the scent or track 
■— la parole, to engross conversation 
Empechement, sm. hinderance, obstade 
Empteher, y^ to hinder, prevent, stttp 
8* — , vr. tofbrbear, help, refrain 
Empeignef U. vamp, upper-leather 
Empellcment, sm. duice, dam {chor 
Empennelage, sm. act of backing an ar^- 
Empennelcr, va. to bade atn anchor 
Empennelle, af. little anchor 
Empenner, va* to feather 
Empereur, sm. emperor, snoord-fvih 
—a, pL the first and second dux of a das^ 
Empesage, sm. act of starching 
Empes^, e, adj. st\ff', effected, starched 
Empeaar, va. to starch, stiffim 

— une voUe» to wet a sail 
Empeaeur, euse, smf. starcher 
£:mpe8ter».va. to infect, eommtmicate 

disease, corrupt, pollute 
Enip£trer« va. to entangle, encumber, 

engage, ensnare, fetter, dog 
t* — , vr. to ensnare or entangle onesdf 
Emphase, sf. emphasis, fitrce, energy 
Empiiacique, adj. emf^atic, Energetic 
EmpAatiquementy adv. emphatically 
Empbyt^oae* sf. long lease 
Emphyt^te, smf. one having a long lease 
—, a^. holding a long lease [leasn 

Emphrt^ique, adj. belonging to a long 
Empiecement, sm. encroachment 
Empi^ter* va* to encroach upon, usurp 
Empiib«nent, am. gluttony, voracity . 
Empiibcr, va. to overfeed, guztle. cram 
^—, rr» to become fat, corptUent Iming 
ErapiiCrerie* af. act of guzzling, cram- 
Empileiiicnt, «m. act of piling up 
£m^ler, va. to pile or heap up 

Empire* am. empire, imperial e 
Empirer, va. to make worse 
— , vn. to grow worse 
Empirique, sm. emjjiric, quack 
— • adj. empiric, empirical 
Empirismtr, sm. empiricism, quaekerjf 
Empiat-ement, sm. place, seat, ground 
Empl&tre, am. plaster; mettre un — 

k une affaire, to patch up a businest 
Empl&trer, va. to /ay on a plaster 
Empretie, sf. bargain, purdtase 
Emplir, va. toJil},Jill up 
»'—, vr. to grow or become full 
Emploi, apo. employment, station, potl§ 

occupatiun, work, business 

— d'ar^^eiit. laying out of money 

— des inateriaux, use oj materials 
Employ^, sill, clerk, puWc servant 

— des ternies, ejcise qfficer 

— de 1a douane, customhouse officer 
Employer, va. to employ, use, fay out 

— le vert ec le sec, to leave no stone ur^ 
s'— , vr. to apply oneself Itumtd 
EmphuDcr, va. to feather 

a'—, vr. to grow rich, ff other one's nest 
Empocher, va. to pocket, put in a purse 
Empoigner, va. fo gripe, grasp, seize 
Empois, sm. stardi 
EmpoisonnemenC, siq* act of poisoning 
Empoisonner, va. to poison, corrupt 
Empmaonneur, euse, sihf. poisoner 
Empoisser, va. to cover over with pitch 
Empoissonnement, sm. the act of stock- 
ing a pond tvith fiah [fish 
Emi'oisMHiner, va. to stock a pond with 
Emport^, e, adj. passionate, hasty 
Emportement, sm. passion, rage, fury 
Emporte-pi^ce, sm. shoemaker s nippers 
or punch, bitter satire : c'est un — , 
• he IS a sarcastic or cutting person . 
Emportcr, va. to Jktch, get, or take out, 
carry, snatch, or take away, remove 

— la .balance, to turn the scale, prevail 

— une place, to take a town ; !'->-, to ex- 
od, have the superjoHty 

a'—, vr. tojly into a passion, tret violetU 
Empoter, va. to put preserves in pots 
Empouilie, af. standing crop 
Empourpre, e, adj. ernpurpled, purple 
Empourprer, va. to empuri'le, make red 
EmpKindre, \s»to imprint, stamp, mark 

by pressure, impress uptm the mind 
Empreinte, tt impress, print, stamp 
V— de Dieu se voit partout, the hand 

of God is visible everywhere 
Empres.«^, e, adj. eager, forward,^nxi- 

ous, active: aoins — s, zealous atten- 
. tion; fajre If—, to afffct activity t 

avoir I'air — , to look anxious 
Emj^eaaement, anu eagerness, haste, 

officidusness, zeal, ardour, bustle 
s'Empresser, vr. to be eager', lose no time 

in doing a thing, to inU-rmeddle 
Empriaonnement, sm. imprisonment 
Emprisonner. va. to imprison, confine 
Bmprunt, am. act of borrowing, a loan 
Eaiprunte, e, adj. borrowed, ({ffected 
Erapmatcr, va. to borrow 

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■mpn^nteur, eusc, tm£ borrower 
Empaantir, ^-a. to catue em iil smeO 
Empuantissrment, sm. trteneh 
£minrr^, im. empyrean, hi ffhest heaven 
— ^ adj. empyreal, /ormed of fire or light 
Emu, e, adj. moredt affected 

— de colore, angry, enrnged 
Emulateur, sin. emulator, competitor 
Emulation, sf. emttlatiun, rivalry 
Emule, sw. rival, competitor, anttiffoniet 
Emulgent, e, H<ij. emulgent, milking or 

draining out 
Emulsion, st. oily lubricating HMdieine 
En* pron. of him, of her, of them, of it, 

from it, on it, ftr it, to it, tome, any 

— vouloir k qvielqu'un, to have a grudge 
against aume one 

— voulez-vous? tviU you have any f 
En, adv. frotn hence 

-—tLVKnt, forward labove 

— hauc, above, upgtairs; d'— hunt, from 
— \iM,belou',down; d'— bas,//-om below 
En, prep, to, in, into, for, by, of, like; de 
rue — rue, from street to street ; 6ire 
— vie, to be alive ; vivre — To\,to live 
Hke a king ; agir — furieux, to act 
like a madman , 

s' — aller, to go away 
if— retoumi-r, to return 
, En tant que, cx>i^. as, asfitr as, because 
Enarrhement, sin. act of giving earnest 
Enarrber, va. to give earnest 
'Encablure,9f. cable's length, liOfithonu 
Encadr^, e, adj. framed, united, fitted 
Encadrement, sm. act of puttinsr in a 
Encadrer, va. to put in a frame Iframe 
Enca^er. va. to put in a cage 
Encaisse, t, adj. encased, enclosed, re- 
ceived, packed up 
Encaissem^nt, sm. curt of packing up in 
eases or bfnes, putting monejf in the 
eash-box, receiving money [box 

Encaisser, va. to encase or pack up in a 
Encan, sm. public sate, auction 
s'Encanailler, vr. (o keep low company 
Elncapel^, e, adj. bounii, fastened 
Eucapuchonnd, e, hdj.capuched, hooded, 

cowled, covered with a hood 
s'Encapuchoiiner, vr. to cover with a 

hood or cowl, become a monk 
Encaquer, va. to barrel tip 
I'Encaateler, vr.' to be hoof bound, nar- 
row-heekd {said of horses) [hoof 

Encastelurc, sf. hmf-bound, dry in the 
Encascilla^, sm. elevation of the fore- 

cattle and quarterdeck 
Encastrement, sm. act of fitting into a 
Encastrer, va. to fit into a groove [groove 
Encavement, »m. act of putting goods 
or wines into a cdlar [into a cellar 
Encadrer, va. to place or lay wines or goods 
Encaveur, sm. wine-porter, cellarer 
Enceindre, va. to. enclose, encircle 
Enceinte, if. enclosure, circumference, 

compose, precinct 
Etioeint, e, adj. pregnant, eiarreunded; 

une femme — e, wotfian with child 
Edccus, sm. intense, fkutery, praite 


Encenaement, am. act ofoerfuming wcA 
Encenaer, va. to cente, jiatter [ineense 
Eocenseur, %m. flatterer, fawner 
Encenaoir, am. center, perfumin/fp an 
Enchalnement, ann. eonnexUn, chain, 
coneatenatum, series ofHnke 

— d'aventures, train ofakventure* 
Enchalner, vm. to chain f connect 
Enchalnure, af. chain, links 
Enchantement, sm. enchantment, ^Mrm 
ErfchanCer> va. to enchant, charm [eeress 
Knchantereaae, sf. beautipjU -woman, sor- 
Enchanteur, sm. enchanter, magiaan 
— , teresse, adj. enchanting, charming 
Enchasaer, va. to enchase, set in, infix, 

enclose, adorn, enshrine 

— une pierre pricieuse, to set a gem 
Enchassure, it act ofenchaaipg- 
Ench^re, sL auction, outbidding ,- paver 

la folle — , to pay dear for one'e whistle 
Ench^rir, va. to outbid another, excel 
— , ^Ti. to exceed, surpass, raieetiie price 
Ench^rissement, sm. act o/risingin price 
Enchdrisseur, sm. outbidder f le dernier 

— , the highest bidder 
Enchevdtrer, va. to put on a halter 
s'— , vr. to entangle oneself 
EnchevAtrure, sf. pain in a horetfa foot, 

chimney-joist, well-hole, trimmers 
Ekrhifren^, e, adj. stopped, stt^fiHsd, said 

of one who has got cold in hts head 
Enchifr^nement, sm. cold in the head, 

stoppage or stuffing in the noee 
Enchifrener, va. to occasion or give cold 

in the head, stop or stuff on^e noee 
Enclave, sf. boundary, limit, enclosure 
Knclav^, e, adj. enclave, in heraldry 
Enclavement.^m. act of enclosing, eet- 

ting Hmits or bounds, fastening one 

thing in another 
Enclaver, v&. to enclose, eonfine, mortise 
Enclin, e, adj. inclined, prone* apt 
Encloltrer, va. to cloister up, confine in 

a monastery 
Enclore, va. to enclose, to fence 
Enclos, sm. enclosure 
Enclouer, va.4o hail up, spike a piece of 

ordnance, prirk a horse in the ehoeing 
Ettclouure, sf. prick in a horse's foot; 

voWkoii est 1'—, there lies the mischief 
Enclume, sf. anvil, smith's iron block 
P'nclumeauou Enclumot,sm. hcmd-anml 
Encochement, sm. art of notching 
Kncocher, va. to notch, cut small hollows 
Encoffrer, iva. to lay up in a chest m 
Encoignure, sf. comer, angle 
Encolure, sf. the chest or shoulders of a 

horse, air, mien, look, appearance 
Encombre, sm. obstacle, hinderance 
— s, pi. impediments, obstacles, rubbi^ 
Encombrement, sm. encumbraneeplaad, 

eumbrance, hinderance, impediment 
Encombrer, va. to encumber, dor* load, 

impede, hinder, embarrass, burden 
Encontre, sf. eticounter, fight, contests 

k l'— , prep. aKoinst, contrary, in op- 
position to; aller k T— de quelque 

choae, to oppose or eonlradict a thing 

Digitized by V^OOQIC 

ENC 8 

Bdcok, adr. again, once man, ytt^ al»t 
beMe», evey. moret stUit howwer, at 
least, and pet, over and above, only 

— que« conj. though, although 

— qu'U M>it pauvre il ne faut pM le m^ 
priaer. although he be poor he ought 
not to be despised 

Exieom^, e, adj. homed 
Uncouragemeot, tin. encouragement 
Eacoarager, va. to encourage, animate, 

eheer, incite, embolden, stimulate 
£ncoiuir, vn. to incur, run into, deserve 
Encrasaer, va» to ainl, make greasy 
— , vn, to grow griasy or dirty [pany 
iT— » vr. to lower oneself, ke^ badcomr 
£ncre, tf. wk; &rrife de bonoto i—, to 

write in strong terms 

— de la Chine, Indian ink 
Encrer, va. to ink a /brm, in printing 
Encrier, sm. inkstand, inkhom 
Eneroiie* e, adj. entana^led 
Enerotkii, e, adj.. covered with a crust 
Eocrofiter, va. to cover with crust 
sT— , vr. to be filled with prejudices 
s'EncuirasKr, .vr. to grow rusty or dirty 
Encuvement, sm. act of putting into a 
Eocuver, va. to put into a tub [tub 
Encyclique. adj. encyclical, circular 
Encyclop^ie, s£ encyclopedia 
Encyclop^iquc, adj. encyclopeedian 
Encydop^iste. sm. encychpadist 
End^mi^ue, adj. endemic, endemieai 
Endcnte, sm. act of indenting, notching 
Endcnt^, e, adj. Indented, notched 
Eisdenter, va. to indent, dovitail, notch 
EiMlettcr, va. to make one run into debt 
i—, vt.teget into d^t, become indebted 
Eod^'^y e, adj. mad, otUrageous 
Knd^vcr, vn. to 60 mad or enraged 
Endiab16. e, adj. deoUiA, furious, mad 
£ndi«blcr, vn. to be mad, outrageous 
■'Endlmancher, vr. to put on one's Sun- 
Endive* if. endive [day clothes 
EndocCriner. va. to indoctrinate, instruct 
Eadmnmage, e, adj. damaged, spoiled 
Endommagement, sm. deterioration 
Endomma^r, va. to damage, spoilt hurt 
Endonneur, no.fltaterer 
Endormi, e, ndj^ drowsy, tieepy, heavy 
Endonnir, va. to lull asleep, coas, decoy 
if — , vr. to be sleepy, fsUl atieep 
EndoMe, sf. trouble, tot/, burden, care 
EndoMement, sm. endorsement 
Endoswr, va. to endorse, write on the 

back of a biU 

EndoMeur, sm. endorser 

Eodmlty sm. place, spia, deed, action s 
xoaotKT quelque chose par le bel — » to 
show a thing to the best advantage ; 
prendre qnelqu'un par son — sensible, 
to attack one on the weak side/ V— 
da w dxap, the right side of that doth / 
c'est le plas bel — de sa vie, it is the 
finest thinghedid,' lemeilkur — d'uoe 
perdrlx, the best bit of a partridge 

Kaduin, va. to do over, lay ober, daub 

— Qse moraille de pi Aire, to pteff 0r a ccoff 
" * \.aeti^plaeterhig,etueeo \ 


Endurant, e, adj. patient, passives ttn 

peu — , touchy, full of (^ijectione 
Endurcir, va. to harden, inure 
if—, vr. to grfiw hard, become hardened 
Endarciaseuient, sm. httrdrwss ofheaHy 
obduracy, stubbornness, impetiitenee 
Endurer, vn. to endure, staffer, bear 
En^de, sf. Mneid, a poem by VirgU 
Energie, sf. energy, fvrce, vigour, spirit 
Ener$ique« adj. energetic, forcible, active 
Energiquement, adv. energetically 
Energum^ne, smf. demoniac, frantic or 

mad person, fanatic, enthusiast 
Enervation, «r. enervation, debility 
Enerver, va. to enervate, weaken 
Enfalcement, sm. leaden covering on tht 

roof or ridge of a hou3ie 
Enfalter, va. to cover a roof or ridge 
Enfai'ice, sf. infancy, childhood 
Enfant, smf. infant, child, babe i fairs 
1'—, to act .as a child s c'est 1'— de sa 
m^re, he inherits that from hie mother 
>- de.famille, young gentleman 
— de choear, singingboy, young dwrisier 

— troavi, foundling 

— 4 la mamelle, sucking ^Ud 
—a de France, the r^tU family cfFranee 
— « perdus, fUrlom hope 
Entantement, sm. chudbirth, ddivery 
Enfantcr, va. to bring fi>rth or give birVt 

to a dkild, be delivered • 
Enfantillage, sm. childishneee, puerility 
En£uitin, e, adj. childish, puerile 
Enfariner, va. to make white with flour 
Enfer, am. hellt let peines de V—, the tor- 
ments of hell,' let — «, the infernal re- 
gions, the^buhus abode of the dead 
Enfermer, va. to shut up, enclose, hem 

in, surround, confine, imprieon 
s*— , vr. to shut onemfup 
Enfioeler, va. to tie doee with' a string 
Enfilade, sf. suite cfapartmente ' 
Enfller, va. to thread a needle, file let- 
ters or accounts 

— des perlcs, to string pearls at beads t 
to trvfle one's time away 

— an oiscours, to eomm^ice a long story 

— an cbemin, to enter upon a road 
" ighas' ' 

— une rue, togothroug 

— la venelle, to take to one's heete 
8*—, vr. to run upon an enemy's sword 
Enfin, adv. in fine, at last, in shf>rt 
Enliammer, va. to inflame, rouse, set in 

aflame, incense, put in a passion 
if—, vr. to 6* inflamed, kindled ■ 
Enfl^, e, adj. swollen, pmffed up/ U est 

— ,heis bloated or dropsical 

— d'orRueail, proud, vain 
Bnfltehurvs, st; pL rattlings or ratlines, 

ropes belonging to the shrouds of a ship 
Enfler, va. to swell, PHff'up, inflate 

— le-counge, to raise one's courage 
s'— , vr. to swell with pride 
Enflure, sf. swelling, tumour, pride 

— de style, bombast, turgid style 
EnAmfagc sm. act ofbottomwg tubs or 
Enfonc^, e, adj. sunk [barrels 
JCnfonouncnc, am. act ofeinking, bottom 

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Enfoncer, va, to drive or thrutt in, sink, 

plutifre, break open or throuffh 
—, Vn. to dive, sink 
•'—, vr. to piutige into debawhery 
iCnfonceur, sm. one that breaks open 
— de ported oavertes, vain boaster 
Enfon9ure, sf. bottom of a cask, boarded 

bottom of a bddstead, back of drawers 
Enforcir. va. to strengthen 
— , vn. «) gather strength 
ff—, vr. to grow stronger 
Enfouir« va. to hide in the ground 
Enfourcher, va. to bestride, stride 
Enfourner, va. to put in4he oven 
Enfreindre, va. to infringe, trespass 
Enftoquer, vr. to make one turn nwnk 
8*—, vr. to turn monk 
i'Eafuir) vr. to run awa^, escape, evade 
Enfumer, va. to besmoke anything, fill 

with smoke, dung a piece of ground 
Enga^eanty e, adj. engaging, alluring 
Engag^ e, adj. engagct, pledged 
Engagement, im. engagement, contract, 

promise, mortgage^ enlittment 
Engager, va. to engage, induce, prevail 

upon, pawn, mortgage, enlist 
i^— , vr. to engage or hire oneself, run 

tn dd>t, be surety, entangle oneself 
Engagiate, im. mortgagee 
Enga!ner» va. to sheath 
Eogeance, if. breed, qffspring, progeny t 

mauvaiae — , had set, cursed race 
Engeancer, va. to plague, embarrass 
Engelure, dL chilblain 
Engendrer, va. to engender, generate, 

produce, propagate, beget 
if—, vr. to be bred, engendered 
Engvr, va. to encumber, pester 
Engerber* va. to sheaf, make leaves, 

bring together, collect, bind or pil>i up 
EngiD, am. engine, tmlT instrument 
Englober, va. to unite, mis. Join 
Engloutir, \-a. to swaUew up, squander 

away, absorb 
Engloer, va. to daub with birdlime 
Engonccr, va. to cramp, confine 
EngoiKement, am. obstruction, a chok- 

*ng or stopping up 
Engorgei^ va. to choke up, obstruct 
Engouetnrat, sm. obstacle, obstruction 

in the throat, injbtuation, fondness 
Engouer, va. to obstruct the throat 
•'— , vr. to-ehoke oneself, be infatwAed 
Engouffrer, vn. to engitlf, swallow up 
s*— , vr. to be engulfed, swallowed up 
Engouler, va. to swallow hastily, gobble 
Engourrii, e, adj. benumbed, torpid [up 
Engourdir, va. to benumb, make stiff 

or duU, stupify, blunt 
a*—, vr. to grow stupid or (orptd 
Engourdisaement, am. nunU>ness, st^ 

ness, dulness, torpor, inactivity 
Bugrais, sm. pasture, fbod Jbr poultry, 

manure, dung [manuring 

Eograisaement, am. act of fattening or 
Engrainer, va. to fatten, manure, dupg 
~, vn. to growjbt nr fleshy 
ff", vr. to beeomefiu, enarUh vnestif 

Engranger, va. to house cam ' 
Engravement, sm. act qfetranding, run 

ning aground 
Engraver, va. to run aground 
a'—, vr. to get aground 
Engr6l6, e, adj. engrailed, said of in- 
dented or curved lines in heraldry 
Engrfilure, sf. purl, edging of lace 
Engtenage, am. cogs or teeth of a wheei, 
the catching of the teeth <^two wheels 
into one another 
Engrener, va. to put com in the mill- 
hopper, to feed with com 
—, vn. to catch with the cog of a wheel 
Engrenur^ af. the act of wheeU catch- 
ing each other 
s'Engrumeler, vr. to clot, coagulate 
Enhardir, va. to embotdtn, encourage 
s*^, vr. to grow bold, take courage 
Enharnachement, sm. tut ef harnessing 
a horse, strapping [ness 

Enhamacher, va. to put a horse in har- 
Enigmatique, adj. entgmatioal, obscure 
Enigmatiquement, adv. enigmatically 
Enigme, sf. eni^a, cbseure question 
Eni^'ranc, e, adj. intoricating, inebriat- 
KnixTement, sm. intoxication [ing 

Enivrer,'va. to inebriate, intosieate, in- 

fiituate, make the head giddy 
8*—, vr. to get inebriated, giut onete^ 
Enjamb^, af. stride, wide step 
Enjambement, sm. running of- a verse 

into the next to complete the sense 
Enjamber, va. to stride over 
—, vn, to stride or step wide, pntject, 

jut or stand out, encroach upon 
Enjaveler, va. to bind <nto sTteavea 
Enjeu, am. stake at play 
Enjoindre, va. to enioin, direct, order, 

command, prescribe, give charge 
EnjOler, va. to wheedle, cajole, coax 
Enjdleur, cuae, smf. wheedler, cajder 
Enjolivement, sm. embelli^ment 
Enjolhrer, va. to embellish, beautify 
En^oliveur, am. embellisher, beautifier 
Enjolivure, af. trifling embeUishtnent 
Enjo%d, e, adj. cheerful, gay, Jocund, 
mirthful, sprightly: conversation — «, 
■ lively conversation ; air — , agreeable 
courUenance t humcur —e, merry di^ 
position; ttyxit^-,fbcetiousmmd 
Enjouement, sm. cheerfulness, gayety 
Enlacement, am. act of entangling 
Eolaoer, va. to entangle, twist, perplesr 

— dec papiera, to file papers 
Enlaidir, va. to make ugly, disfigure 
—, vn. to groUf ugly, become plain 
Enlevement, im. «d>ductum, act <tf cetr- 

Tying qff forcibly 

— avec violence, ravishment, defloration 

— des Sabines, rape of the SAine women 
Enlever, va. to lift or raise ffp* emrry 

aujoy fijrcibly, charm, done wUh 

— la peau, to take off the «fcm 

— des taches, to take out spate 
s'— , vr. to rise in blisters 
Enlevure, sf. pustule, blister, ] 
—a, pL shreds, flragment9 

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E'liier, ^-a. to bind, fasten to, gird 
Enluminer, va. to colour, illuminate 
Enlumineur, euscj smf. map or picture 

eolourer [or picturee 

Enluminure, af. act nf cofottring mapt 
Ennemi, e, smf. enemy, foe, adversary 
— , t, adj. unfriendly, hostile, inimical 
Ennoblir, va. to ennoble, dignifi/, elevate 
Ennui, »m. tediousness, latitude, heatfi- 

nesa, weariness, dulness, disgust 
Ennuyant, e, adj. tedious, tiresome 
Ennuyer, va. to weary, tire, be tedious 
»' — , vr. to be wearied or tired • 
Ennuyeusement, adv. tediously 
Ennuyeux, euse, adj. wearisome, tire- 
some, tedious, troublesome, ^trolijt 
Enoncer, va. to express, declare • 
»*— , vr. to express oneself 
Enondatif, ive, adj. enunciative, deela- 

rative, expressive, emphatic 
Enonciation, sf. enunciation, utterance, 

delivery, expression, declaration 
Enofigudnir, va. to elate, make proud 
•'— , vr. to grow proud, be puffed up 
Enorme, adj. enormous^ huge, excessive 
Ehorm^ment, adv. enormously 
Enormity, sf. enormity, atrocity, hei- 

nouxnees, vUlany, great itnckedness 
I'EnqaMr, vr. to inquire, make inquiry 
Enqu^te, sf. inquiry , 8earch,Jnquest 
s'Enqudter, vr. to inquire, to'carefor 
Enqudteur, sin. tnquisitor,vxaminator 
s'EnrRciner, vr. to take root, grow strong 

in the root, grow inveterate 
Enrag^/ sm. madman, luhatic 
— , e, adj. mad, outrageous, furious ' 
Enrageant, e, adj. provoking, vexatious 
Enrager* va. to become mad, be frantic 

or matt with rage, to fume [one 

— tfbntre quelqu'un, to hatfk spite against 
Enrayexnent, sm. act of putting spokes 

to or locking a wheel, Jirst^rrow 
Enrayer, va. to put spokes to a wheel, 

to plough the first fiirrow 
Enrayure, sf. chain to lodfia wheel, first ^ 

furrow in afield, platfi>rm of a rocf 
Enr^gtoienter, va. to enrol, embody 
Enregiatrement, sm. act of registering 

or recording; droit d'— , stomp duty 
Enr^strer, va. to register, record 
Enrhumf r, va. to cause a cold 
s'— , vr. to catch cold 
Enrichir, va. to enrich, adorn, emheflish 
s"— , vr. to grow rich, th>'ive [copious 

— unelangue, to render a language more 
Enriehissement, sm. act of enriching, 

embellishment, ornament 

EnrAlenoent, sm. aet of enroitting or en- 
listing soldiers 

Em^ler, va. to enrol, enlist 

i'~, vr. to enlist or become a soMier 

Enrooement, sm. hoarseness 

Enroaei^ va. to make one hoarse 

s'— , vr. to grow hoarse 

Enroulller,' va. to make rutty 

«•— , VT. to grow rusty 

Ermmkr, va. to roll,wrapup 

Ensabkment, sm. aecumuUttion tftand 

I Ensabler, va. to run on a sand-bank . 
j s' — , vr. to get aground 
* Ensacher, va. to put in a bag or sack 
Ensaisinement, sm. seizin, investiture, 

act of taking or giving possession 
Ensanglanter, va. to make bloody, stain 

or imbrue with blood 
Enseigne, sf. sign, sign-post, standard, 
, colours, flag, token, ma^ 
— , Sin. ensigh in the army, standard- 
bearer, midshipman 
Enseignement, sm. instruction, precept, 

education, act of teaching, title, ^roof 
Eneeigner, va. to teach, instruct, direct, 

demonstrate, show, recommend 
Ensemble, sm. the whole 
—, adv. together 

Ensemencement, sm. act of sowing seed 
Ensemencer, va. to sow seed [gotten 
Enaeveli, e, adj. buried, absorbea, for- 
Ensevelir, va. to put in a winding-sheet 

or shroud, to inter, bury 
^—, vr. to hide otfeselfin solitude 
Ensevelissement, sm*. act of putting in a 

shroud or burying the dead 
Ensorceler, va. to bewitch, charm 
Ensorceleur, euse, smf. sorcerer, chtirmer 
Ensorcellemeiit, sm. witchcraft, sorcery 
Ensuite, adv. afterwards, then 

— de cela, after that 

— de quoi, after which 

— de, prepi qfter, behind, according to 
s'Ensuivre, vr. imp. to follow, ensue 
Entablement, sm. entablature 
Entacher, va. to taint, infect, pollute 
Entaille ou Entaillure, si; notch^ jag 
Entailler, va. to notch, hollow, jag 
En tamer, va. to nfake the first cut 

— la peau, to scratch the skin 

— un discours, to enter upon a subject 
Entamure, sf. first cut, small incision 
En tantque, conj. as, because, as muchas 
Entassement, sm. heap, accumulation 

— d'affaires, multiplicity of affairs 
Entasser, va. to heap up, accumulate 
Ente, sf. grafi, shoot, scion * 

Ent^, e, adj. grafted, insei-ted, united 

Entendement^ sm. understanding pijudg' 
ment, intellect, faculty oftfiinking 

Entendre, va. to hear, comprehend, un- 
derstand ; ais^ & — , clear, perspicu- 
ous: donner ji — , to explain, make 
plain ; faire— , to represent, setfbrth 

— malioe,to take something in a badsense 

— raison, to listen fo reason 

— raillerie, to take a joke kindly 

— en passant, to overhear 

—, vn. to mean, intend, approve, consent 
8*—, vr. to be skilful, have secret intelli- 
Entendu, e, smf. conceited person [gence . 
—,c,Sidi. heard, understood, expert t un » 

mal. — , a mistake ; bien — , by all 

means i bien — que, on condition that 
Entente, sf. meaning, skill, judgment s 

an mot ii double — , a u)ord thai has a 
, dou^e meaning! 1'— de ce tableau est 

admirable, the disposition of this pl^ 

ture is very fine 

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ENT 9^ 


Kntar. v». to graft, ingraft 

'— enecusson, to im.culute planU 

Entirineroent, sm. grantt reaifieatUm 

of an act, juridical approval 
Ent^riner, va. to grant, confirm in law 
Enterretnent, sm. burial, funeral 
Enterrer, va. to inter, burif, entomb 

— son secret, to keep one^s secret 

— se« Xalents, to conceal one's talent* 
«•— , vr. to tee no company 

£nt6t£, sm. obgtiruite or conceited man, 
— >e*aclj. injdtuatedtjbndipreposseeeed, 

conceited, positive, aelf-willed 
Entdtement, sm. obstinacy, infatuation 
Ent6cer, va. 4o' effect the head, cause 

headache, prepossess, infatuate 
i—, vr. to be conceited, be prepossessed 
• or pr*futliced in favour of a person 
Enthousiasine, sm. enthusiasm, trans- 

port, rapture, ecstasy 
Entliousiasmer, va. to enrapture, trans- 
t'—, vr. to be enraptured Iport 

Enthousiaste, sm. enthusiast 
Enticher, va. to taint, imbue, corrupt 
Entier, sm. unit, integer,whole number 
— > e, adi. ^}xtire, whole, complete, full,' 

cbeval ~, stallion ; en '>— , adv. oiut- 

right, totally 
Entierement, adv. entirely, wholly 
Entitd, sf. entity, being, substance 
Entoilage, sm. act of joining lace with 

linen or cambric 
Kntoiler, va. to join lace to linen 
Entoir, sm. gardener's grafting Jetiifs 
Entomologie, sf. entomology 
Entomologiste, sm. entomologist 
Enton6r, va. to begin a tune or to sing 
Elatonnement, sm. act of barrelling up, 
• or putting liquor into a auk 
Entonner, va. to ban-el up, drink har^ 
s — , vr. to rush or blow into 
Entonooir, »m, funnel, pipe 
Entorse, sf. sprain, wrench'; donner line 

— a un passage, to misquote a passage 
Entortill^. e, adj. twined, wound about 
Entortillement, sm. act of twisting * 
EntortilleTf va. to wind, wrap, perplex 
it—, vr. to twihe, entwine, wreath 
Entour (&!'). at? v. round, round about 
Entoun^, tm, frame, ^ficquaintaneet 

— de diamants, frame of diamonds 
Entonrer, va. to surround, encompass 
Entoun, am. pL compass, adjacent parts 
s'Entr'accorder, v. wcipk to e^ee with 

one another 
«'J£ntr'accuser« v. recip. to accuse one 

Entr'acte, sm. itUerlude 
I'Entr'adinirer, v. redp. to admire one 

a^Rntr'alder, v. redp. to help one another 
Entrailles, sf. pi. entrails, bowels, heart 
s'Entr'aimer, v. recip^ to love one another 
Entralnant, e, ailj. attractive, seducing 
Entralnement, sm. act of dragging along 
E^tralner, va. to carry away, animate, 

excite, persuade, carry qff' humours 
Enciant, e, aAy./brwara, ineinuatiftg 

a^Entr'appeller, v. redp. to call one an^ 

Entraver, va. to shackle, embarrass, stop 
s'Entr'avertir, v. redp. to give one an- 
other notice ' 
Entraves, sf. pL chains, obstacles 
Entre, prep^ between, among, in, into 
Entre-b&ill<&, e, ad), half-open 
Entre-bAiliar, va. to open halfwt^f 
a^Entre-baiser.v.redp. to kissone another 
Entrechat, soi. caper, cross-caper, in 
dancing i faire des -**, to cut capers 
Entre^ouper, va. to traverse, interrupt; 
d'une voix entre-coup6;, in broken ac- 
s'— , vr. to interfere [cent* 

Entre-deux, sm. middle space, partition 
Entr^, sf. entrpjti'ay, door, passiif^e, 
first course' of dishes; avbir 1*—, to 
have the privilege of admieeion t d— , 
adv. atftrst, at once 
Entrefaites (sur ces), adv. meanwhile, in 

the interim; dans — , thereupon 
s'Entr'^orger, v. recip. to cut oru an- 

others throats 
Entrelacement. sm. interlacing, tUfitf 
Entrelacer, va. to interlace, intermix 
Entrelacs, sm. pU knot, twine in ardU- 

ticture, Jove-knot, threads, cipher 
Entrelarde, e, adj. ftit and lean meat 

mixed, interlarded, inserted 
Entrelarder, va. to interlard, irUermix 
Entre-lign^, sf. irUerlineation 
Entre-luire, vn. to glimmer 
Entre-m^ler, va. to intermingle, mix 
s'— , vr. to interfere, n^ onesdfwith 
Entremets, sm. pi. side dishes, dainties, 
second course, kickshaws, by-dishes 
Entrem^tunt, e, adj. intermeddling 
Entremetteur, euse, smf.- a^thbetween, 

intermeddler, mediator, mediatrix 
s'Entremettre, v. recip. to interpose 
Entremise, sf. meddling, help, ateency 
—s, sm. pU cartings in shipbuilding 
s'Entre-percer, v. redp. to run threiugh 

one another 
Entrepont, sm. between deck* 
Entreposer, v/i. to store wares, leaf up 
Entrcposeur, sm. storehouse tierk 
Entrepot, sm. staple, mart,Jiiet*ny 
Entreprenant, e, adj. bold, assuming 
Ent^prendre, va. to undertake, enaeaw- 

our, attempt, embarrass, encroach 
Entrepreneur, euse, smf. undeMaker, 

contractor, architect, builder 
Entrepris, e, adj. cripple, impotent, dis- 
concerted, embarrassed, awkward 
Entreprise, tf. enterprise, finderMeing 
s'Entre^uereller, v. redp. to quarrel to- 
Entrer, vn. to enter, go in, come in, get 
in, step in, meet, share, embraee, fail 

— bien avant; to penetrate 

— en colore, tofiUl into a paesUm 

— en Age, to be qfage 

— en defiance, to mistrust 

— en composition, to cofke to terms 

— en condition, to get into ser ' 

— en gdat, to begin toreli^ 

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Entra^aabonls, sxn. the intervaia between 
the ports in the side of a atip [floors 

Entresol, tin. low room hetweett two 

Entretaille, sf. interiine, stroke m en- , 
gravingt change of step indonetnfr j 

Emretenfr, va. to hold together, keep, \ 
preserve, maintain, defray , converse. 

- les chtmins, to keep the roads in good 
order- UTtW; 

-sa dotdeur, to cherish, indulge ones 
%'—, vr. to keep oneself in the same state | 
Entreteneur, euse, smf. one who enter- 
tainsanother at hH or her own expense 
Entretenu, e, ^dj. kept, maintained 
Etitretien, sm. act of keeping tn repair, 
maintenunee^ dimrdurse, conver»atwn 
Entrevoir, va. to have a ghmpseof, dis- 
cover imperfbrtty, have a conference 
p'— , vr. to see or visit each other 
Entrevue, sf. interview, conference 
F.i tr'ouir, va. to hear imperfectljf 
Entr'ouvert, e, adj. partiatij/Hpen 
Entrott^Tir, va. to open parttally 

— une porte, to put a door ajar 
s*— , vr. to open a little, to gape 
Enum^raiif, ive, adj. enumerattve 
Enum^rafion, »f. enumerattitn 
Enum^rer, vs. to enumerate^ count 
Envahir, va. to invade, take by force 
Envahissement, sm. invasion 
Envahisseur, sm. invader, usurper 
Enveloppe, sf. envelope, cover, veil 

Enletoppeiient, sm. act of wrappinff or 

Ei^ito?^?A«- to wrap or fi>ld up, sur- 

ro^hem in, hide, q/ver, perplex 
s'_ vr. to mvffie up oneself 
Enveninier, va. to tnvenom, poison, en- 
rage, exasperate, irritate, provoke 
s'lf fr^ tojSter or rankle, grow angry 
Enm«€r, va. to twist or cross a twtg 
Envereuer, va. tofiisten or bend satis 
En^re sf. att of ftuAming^ or bandr 
in^l, »pan of a birds unngs I 

Envfre. sm. the wrong side of a ptecejf 
shfjfi hV-,thewrongsideoutw^; 
avSrVcsFrit k \'~, to be cross-grained, 
wayward, contrary ' 
— , pi«p. towards, to j,.^^^ 

En.i7& n sAv. emulouay, wt«» rfewre 

ofexceHing, vytngunth f»^other 
Envic, sf. envy, longing, deHre,fiincy , 

avoir -, to wv'h, want, ^w**^ 
Envier, va. to. envy, grudge, grieve at . 
another's excellence or success | 

Envleux, euse, adj. «"]'«"'«• "»^rJ?!!L* 
Environ, prep, about, thereabout, alimst 
Environner. va. 'otfwtron. wrrMiig 
Environ*, sm. pi. o^^''.'^fP^''^^J!^ 
Envisager, va. to eye, look at, consider 
EnvoT^wn. act. of sending persons or 

things, lot of goods sent, message 

i'KnvoiUr.v^ to bend, tvarp , ..^^^ 

En>'oWn6, e, Rdj. ■ hhving neighbours, 

surrounded, encompassed ; men — , 

having good and kind neighbiturs 

iEjmAet, \'v. to fiy away, escape 

Envoys, am. envoy, public messengtr 
Envoyer, va. to send, despatch, emii 

— qu^r, to send for 

— en I'autre monde, to kilt 
Epacte, sf.. epacf» 
Epagneul, e, smf. spaniel 
Epaillcr, va. to clean gold or silver 
Epais, sm. density, thidkness 
-V aiise, adj. thick, dull, obtuse, stupid 
Epaisteur, af. *^it*«e*v, densit.v 
Epaissir, va. to thicken, condense 
s*— , \r. to grow or become thick 
Epaississement, sm. act of thickening 
Epamprement, sm. act of lopping or 

takingaway leaves from the vine 
Epamprer, va. tdlop leaves f^a »»«« ^ 
Epanchement, sm. eJfusuM, shedding, 

overflowing, pouring out 
Epancher, Va. to shed or pour out . 
s'—, vr. to overflow, wibosom oneself 
Epanchoir, sm. drain, grating of a drain 
or sewer j i ^ -«-« 

Epandre, va. to scatter, spread, shed, sow 

j' vr. to spread or scatter itself _ 

Epanoui, e, adj. blossoming, blooming 
-Epanouir, va. to cheer, gladden, rejoice 
— la rate, to chase away the spleen 
g' vr. to blow, bloom, blossom, open , 
Epanouissemint, sm. the blossoming ot 

blowing of flowers, cheerfulness 
Epargnant, e, adj. saving, parstmoMOHM 
Epargne, sf. frttgnlity, ^^**'?«^'' ^^ 
EpRTKn^, e, adj. npiirtng, saving, scanty 
Elpargner, va. et vn. to spare, save, re- 
trench, lay up, amass, reserve 
8'—, vr. to be sparing of one < exertion* 
EparplUement, sm. act of dispersing ex 
I scattering . ^ .. 

Eparpiller, va. to scatter, spread, disperse^ 
1 Epars, e, adj. scattered, disj>ersed 
Eparvin, Epervin, sm. f>pavin, tumour 
I Epat^,- e, adj. broad footed: verre — , 
I glass without a foot; net —, woaa 

Eoater?vau to break thefl>ot of a glass 
Epaule, sf. Shoulder; bow, of a shts 
Epaulee, sf. act of striving or pushing 
with the shoulders, ehouldenng,fore- 
quarter of mutton L!i"W 

Epaukment, sm. epaulment, in fortifi- 
Epauler, va. to dislocate the shoulder of 

a quadruped, to support, prop up 
Epaulette, sf. epaulet, shoulder-pieee 
I Epaulifere, sf. armour fur the shoulder 
' Epave, sf. weft, woof of cloth 
— . adj. strfiyed, wandered, lost 
Epaves, sf. p\. fragments of a wreck 

— de mer, sea-weeds 
Ep^, »f. «co»"d „ 
Epeler, va. to spell 

Epe\\KXion,s{. spelling ^ .^^^^ 

Epeniii, e, adj. dtmiayed, f'2^^«**^* 

distracted, terrified, duordered 
Epeiriument, a.iv. desperately 
Eperlan, sm. smelt, w"*"-^". .^ju,. 
EperoB, sm. spur, gt'jBUe, eye-wHnkle 
-id'un vaisaeau, head of a shtv 

— tf un pont, buttress of a bridge 

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Eperonn^, e, adj. spurred, initigated 
Eperonnier. sm. apur-imker 
Epervier, son. sparrow-hawk » sweep^et 
Eph^mdre, adj. ephemn-al, shortlived 
Eph6m6rides, sf. pi. ephemerUies 
Ephod, sm. ephod, girdle used by Hebrew. 
Ephores, sm. epPiori , \firietits 

Epi, sm. ear of corn 

— du vent, winits eye, in navigation 
Epicct sf. spive : i^in d'— , sm. ginger- 
—a, sf. pL lawyer's fees, profits \bread 
Epicene, adj. epicene, common to both 
Epicer, va. to spice, season [sexes 
Epicene, sf. spices, grocery goods 
Epicier, e, smf. grocer 

Epicuiien, ne, smf a fr^hwer of Epicu- 
rus, epicure, Iwrurinus person 
— , ne, adj. epicurean, luxurious [ness 
Epicurisme, sm. epicurism, voluptuous- 
f4>id^mie,sf . epidemic^ prevailing disease 
Epid^mique, adj. epidemic, epiaemieal • 
Epklerme, sm. epidermis, outer skin 
Epier, va. to watch, spy, pry into 
— , vn. to ear, shoot into ears 
Epierrer, va. to clear away stones 
Epieu, sm. spear, javelin 

' EpigrammAtique, a<lj. eplgramnuiticat 
Epi(frammatiste. sm. epigrammatist 
Epigramme, sf. epigram 
Epig raphe, sf. epigraph, inscription 
Epilatoire, adj. depilatory, taking aunty 
Epilepsie, sf. epilepsy, convulsion [hair 
Epileptique, snit. one c^fflicted with epi- 
— , adj. epileptic, convulsed [lepsy 

Epiler, va. to depil> te, take qfFhair 

« Epikigue, sm. epilogue, conclusion 
EpiloKuer, vn. to carp at, censure, cavil 
Epilogueur, sm. ci-itic, censor, caviller 
Epinards, sm. pL spinage 
Epine, sf. thorn, pHvkle, pain, difficulty 

— vinette, barbern/tiee 

— blanche, hawthorn 

— noinr, blackthorn 

— du dos, backbone, spine 
Epinette, &f. spinnet 

Epineux, euse, adj. thorny, intricate 
Epingtepsf. pin ; — s, pi. pin-money 
Epinglier. sm. pin maker or seller 
Epingler, va. to pin. fasten with pins 
Epinjjiette, sf. tMrtridge or priming-pin 
Epiniers, sm. f' ' ' f, . ':-^f rroc-rf, copse 
Epiphanie, sf. 

Epique, adj. e. •_■ ■ .. ■itniih-e 
Episcopal, e, ii, J. f.iditi'^td 
Episcopal, snu episrttj<fty 
Episcopaux, sin. pt. rji'j'i,tipoliftriM 
Episode, sm. e • '■'• iif, fffififm^'ti 
Episodique, a('.i. ■ i iR«if{m{, ii^t^t/fntal 
Episser, va. tt ■>i i:-**\ji>itt by inlet weav- 
Epissure, sf. a vpiur [ing 

Epistolaire, adj. epistolary [scription 
Epitaphe, sf. epitaph, monumental in- 
Epitbalame, sm. nuptial song | 

Epith^te, sf. epithet, dei'Oting a quality 
Epitome, sm. epitonte, abridgment \ 

Epitomcr, va. to epitomize, abridge 
Epltre, sf. epistle, letter ^cattle 

Epiiootie, sf. contagious disease among 

Epizootique, adj. epitoeticg relating (• 

animal remains 
Explore, e, adj. all in tears, sorrowful 
Epiuchage ou Epluchelhenc, sm. act qf 

picking, cleaning, or cutting t0 
Eplucher, va. to pick,' cull, sijtt cut q/f 
Eplucheur, euse, smf. one who picks or 

examines, critic, faultfinder 
Epluchoir, sm. basket maker's knife 
Epluchures, sf. pi. pickings, parings 
Epoint^, e, adj. bluntrd • 
Epointer, va. to blunt, take qj^ the point 
Eponge, sf. sponge; il buit comme une 
— , he drinks like a fish / presser 1'—, 
to make one refund f "passer T— sur 
une action, to Efface the memory of 
an action 
Eponger, va. to wash tvith a sponge 
Epongier, sm. sponge-vender 
Epontil)e« sf. stanchion, prop [poem 
Epop^, sf. epopee, subject qf an epic 
Epoque, tf. epoch, era [the dust 

Epoudrer, va. to dust, beat or hru^ off 
s'Epouffer, vr. to steal away 
Epouiller, va. to cleanse 
s'— , vr. to cleanse oneself 
Epoymonner, va. to tire the lunge, speak 

or cry aloud 
%'—, vr. to put out cf breath 
Epousailles, sf. pL espousals, marriage 
Epouse, sf. spouse, consort, wife 
Epous^, sf. bride 

Epouser, va. to espouse, wed, marry 
Epouseur, sm. one that makes love wiVt 

a design to marry 
Epousseter, va. to dust, brush, bang 
Epoussetoir, sm- soft brush, duster 
Epoussette, sf. brush for dothes 
Epouvantable, adj. dreadful, terrible 
Epouvantablement, adv. dn^adfuUy 
Epouvanuil, sm. bugbear, scarecrow 
Epouvante,, terror, alarm 
Kpouvanter, va. to frighten, terrify 
Epoux, ouse, smf. spouse 
s'Eprendre, vr. to be smitten, fall in love 
Epreuve, A irial, proofs experiment; 
k toute — , proof against everything ; 
mettle quelqu'un k 1'—, to put one to 
the test; eUe est k V— de la m^isauce, 
she is beyond the reach of slander 
— dlmpriuteur, printer's proof sheet 
£pri5, e, adj. smitten, captivated, sub- 
dued, enamoured, farmed 
Eprouver, va^ to try. prove, evince 
Eprouvette, sf. probe, surgical instru- 
Kpugone, sm. heptagon [ment 

Epucer, va. to destroy fl^tu 
Epuisable, adj. exhaustible 
Epuisement. sm. faintness, weakness 
Epuiser, vn. to drain, waste, exhaust 
F.puratif, ive, adj. cleansing, purifying 
Epuration, sf. r^nemeTit, act ofpurify- 
Epurtf, sf. plan of a building [ing 

Epurement, sm. purijivati<m * 
Epun:r, va. to r^ne\ clarify, purge 
*'—, vr. to be purified, powjmer 
Equanimity, sf. equammity 
EquarriTj va. to square, make square 

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Equaniasa^e, sm. tqtiareneM 
Equarrisaement, vn. act ofsqtiamng 
Eqiurriaeur, sm. hor*e-}nHert knacker 
i^<|uatcur, sm. e<iuator, equinoctial line 
Equation* sf. equation, proportion 
£quatoria], sm. ingtrument deecribing 

the dhtrnal mtnfemint qfthe etan 
— » adj. equatorial 
Equeire, sf. square, rule 
Equestre, a^j. equestrian 
Equiangle, adj. equiantfular 
Equidistant, e, m'u equidietant 
Equilateral, e, adj. equiUtteral 
E'luilat^re, adj. having equal sidee 
lE'iuilibre, sm. equilibrium 
Xquinoxe, sm. equinox, equality 
Equinoxial* e, adj. t^tuinoctial 
Equipage, ^m. equipage, accoutrement, 

attendance, drete, ihip*M crew, gear 
Equipde, tf. foolish design, prank ' 
Equipement* sm. equipment 
Equiper, va. to equip, accoutre, fit out 
Equipollenoe, sf. equality ofpowar 
EquipoUenr* sm. equivalence in power 
—, e, adj. t^ equal power or force; k 1'—, 

adv. as mttch, in proportion 
Equipoller, vd. to be of equal ^fiaree * 
Equitable, adj. equittMe, Just 
Equitablement, adv. eguitablp, justly 
Equitation, sf. riding, horsemanship 
Equity, sf. equity, justice, uprif^tneeg 
Equivalent, sm. equal value 
—, e, adj. equivalent, equal [value 
Equivaloir, vn. to be equivalent ft^f equal 
Equivoque, sf. equivocation, mistake 
—, adj. equivocal, dubious, ambiguous 
Equivoquer, va. to equivocate 
k'—, vr. to mistake one word fitr another 
Erable, sm. mapietree 
Eradicatif, ive, adj. eradicative 
Eradication, sf. eradication, rooting out 
Erafler, va. to scratch slightly 
Erafluie, sf. riight scratch 
Eraillement, sm. having blood-shot eyes 
Erailler, va. to fray, unweave, rub 
«•— , vr. to wear out by rubbing 
ErtuUare, sf. fraying, sign of wearing 
Erat^, e, adj. gap, merry, brisk, lively 
Erater, va. to cut the nMt or spleen 
"Ere, sf. era, epoch, date of time 
ErKtion, sH erection, institution 
Ereinter. va. to break one's back 
s'— , vr. to break ont^s own back 
Er^mitlque, ai^j. lonely, solitary, retired 
Er^ip^le ou Erysipdle, ff. erysipelas 
EfRot. sm. cockspur, blis^t 
Ergotd, adj. spurred, blv^hted' 
Ergotef; va. to cavil, ujrangie 
Ergoterie, sf. cavil, ifrangle, dispute, 

act of cavilling , 
Ei);oteur, ease, smt Javiller, wrangler 
Ergotisme, sm. syittfm or hcmit of cavil- 
ling or wrannlifg 
Erii^er, va. to ereif,' raise, rear, eet %tp 
. iT — , vr. to set on4telfup 
Erminettc, sf. a&ze, hatchet 
Ennkage, sm. ihrmitage 
Ermite, tm. A«rmit> anchorite, reeteae 

Erotlque, adj. ervtic, amorous 
Errant, e, aoj. wandering, fugitlm 
Errata, sm. errata, list of errors 
Erratique, adj. erratic, irregular 
Erratum, tm. erratum. See Brra 
Erre, sf. rate, step, course, pace 
— s, pL traces of a stag 
Errer, \'a. to wander, roam, rove, ahmy 
Erreur, sf. error, mistake, slip,Jb.uU 
—8, pL long and -painful travels 
Erron^, c, adj. erroneous, false [kuf 
Eructation I 6f.* ertutatinn, act i^beMS- 

Eruditf e, tuij. erudite, learned 
Erudition, si. eruditiotf, learning 
Eruption, if. eruptii n, breaking out 
" " •■ St jOpoI, 


Eruptlc . . 

Escabeau, sm. ou Escabelle, 

bench, form 
'Escadre, sf. squaAronqf ships t cbstd'^-g 

Escadron, sm. squadron ef cavalry 
Escadronner, vn. to form intoasmuttlrom 
Esca'ale, sf. escalade, scaling of walls 
Escalader, ra. to mount or scale a wall 
Escalier, sm. staircase, stair , 

— d6rob^, private staircase 
Escalin, sm. Dutch shilling 
Eacamotage, sm. act of juggling 
Escamoter, va. to jvpgle,fil^, pilfbr 
Escamoteur, sm. juggler, conjuror 
tUcampette, %f. flight, escape 
Escapade, sf. prank, jting of a horse 
Escape, sf. escape, shnft of a eohim» 
Eacarbilles, sf. pL cold cinders 
E<sc»rbot, sm. black beetle 
Esoirboucle, sf. earOuncle 
Escarcelle, sf. large purse 
EscarKot, sm. snail, ill thaped man 
Escarmouche, sf. skirmish, contest 
Escarmoucher, va. to nkirmish 
Escarmoucheur, sm. ^irmisher {dUdi 
E<'carpe^ sf. scarp, inward wait of « 
Elscarpe, e, adj. steep, precipitous, rug- 
ged, rough, unevim, inaccessible « 
Est arpement, sm. steepnrss, dedivity 
E&carptr, va. to cut steep down, eutm 

rode perpendicularly 
Eacarpin, sm. pump, thin-soled shoe/ 

donner les — », pi. to put the/set in the 

stocks, a kind of torture 
Escarpolette, s^ swing, seesaw 
Escarre, Escharre, sf. scar, scab, gape 
Escavessade, sf. check, jerk with the 

cavesson or bridle in riding 
Esdent, sm. knouledge ; k bon — , adv. 

wiUingly. in good earnest; k aon — , 

Esdandre, sm. disaster, scandal, noisi, 

uproar, disturbance 
Esctavage, sm. slavery, bondage 
Esclave, smf. slave, captive, prisoner 
EscoftVilfe, sm. sptmger, shark, dtarper, 

gaunt, lank, or ill-looking ftilow 
Escompte, sm. discount, Hedurtion 
Escompter. va. to rtiseiiunt, deduct 
Esoopette, fct sort of carbine [Mum 

Escopetteric, sf. vtUry, discharge ofeer* 
Escortc, sf. escort, guard, convoy 
Escorter, va. f 

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Eioouade, sL detachment, squad, tcouta 
Escrime* sf. fencinfir, tilting; £ire hors 

d'— , to he put off one 8 fiuard 
Eacrimer, va. to fence, tilt, disptde 
. t*— , vr. to defend oneself ardendj/, dia- 
euM with enei'ffy, dabble, intermeddle 
EKcrimeur, sin. fencer, fencing-master 
Elacroc, sm. sharper, pilferer, Icnave . 
Es.-roqucr, va. to cheat, pilfer, sponge 
Escroquerie, sf. net of sharping, cheating 
Escroqueur, euse, sint sharper, swind- 
ler, pilferer, sponger 
Espaoe, sm. space, dvttance, extent 
Es(Mictment, sm. distance or space be- 
tween two pillars 
Espacer, va. to distance, separate [fish 
Espadon, sm. twofifinded sword, sword- 
Espadonncr, va. to fight with the back- 
Espagnol, e, sinf. Spaniard [sword 

—».«•» adj. Spanish; I'—, the Spanish 

Espagnoiette, sf. fine ratteen, window- 
sash fastening 
, Espale, sf. first seat of rowers in a galley 
EipaUer, sm. wall-tree, galley-rower 
Esp^ce, sf. sjiccies, nature, kind, sort 
— 8, pi. specie, money, coin, goods 
Esperance, st. hope, expectation, trust 
Exp^rer, va. et vn. to hupe, expect, trust 
Espifegle, smf. wag, frolic, prank [in 

— adj. waegish, froUcvitne, artful , 
Espieglerie, af. frolic, waggish trick' 
Espingolle, sf. blunderbuss 
Espion, sm. spy, infitrmer 
EspionnaKt', sm. espiortage, act of spying 
Espionner, va. to npy^ watch close 
Esplanade, sf. esplanade, glacis 
Kspoir, sm. hope, expectation, trust 
Esponton, sm. spontoon, half pike ' 
Esprit, sm. spirit, soul, mind, breath, 

life, intelltvt, meaning, sense, wit, 
talent, angel, goblin, ghost ; ;ustesse 
^'— , discrimination ; mediocni6 d'— , 
dtificiency : Saint — , Holy Ghost 

— ddux, gmtle disposition 

— de contradiction, cross temper 

— tAcheux, turbulent temper , 

— fort, freethinker, scei>tic 

— born^, narrow uninformed mind 

— \if, clear-headed person 

— bouch^, dunce, blockhead 

— de parti, party spirit 

— remnant, seditious fellow 
• — double, deceitful man 

Esprits, sm. pi. ftjHrituous liquors, senses 
_ Esquif, sm. sk'Jf, ship-boat, sloop 
Esquille, sm. splinter of a broken bone 
Esquinancie, st. quinsy, sore throat 
Esquine, sf. back of a horse, China root 
Esquis>e, sf. sketch, rough drawing 
Esquisstfr, va. to sketch, chalk out ' 
Esquiver, vk. to shun, eschew, avoid 
■* — , vr. to steal away, run away 
Essai, sm. essay, trial, attempt, proqf, 

experiment; coup d' — , first essay 
Eosaim, »ni. swarm, crowd, multitude 
Essaimer, va. to swarm rff " 
Enangcr, va. to wetfoullinen 

Eteayer, va. to try, pro^e 
— , vn.'ifo attempt, endeavour g 

s'— , vr. to try one's strength and cM'.tv l 
Essayerie, sf. the act of trying foetak 
Essayeur, sm. assayer, trier of metaU> 
Esse, »f. linch-pin, tn»;» brace in tha 

shape of an S used in buildings 
Essence, sf. essence, nature, gul}stanre 
Essentiel, le, adj. essential, necessary 
Essentiellement, adv. efsentially 
Essieu, sm. axle-tree 

— de poulie, pin qfa block 
Essor, ita. flight, soaring up, range 
Essorer* va.* to soar, air or ary linen 
s'— , vr. tq take flight, soar up 
EssoriHer, va. to cut i\ffthe ears, crop or 

cut the hair short 
Esaoaflitmtrnt, sm. act of panting or 

losing breath 
Essou filer, va. to put out of breath, pant 
Elssuie-main, sm. towel 
Essuyer, Va. to wipe, wipe off or a»/aw, 

dean, dry up, endure, be exposed tit J 

— un affront, to pocket an affront J 
s' — , vr. to wipe oneself [frffj'f I 
Est, sm. the East ; vent d'— , easter'.y \ 
Kstacade, sf. stockade, cross-boom \ 
Estafel te, sfl courier, express, messenger ] 
Estafier, srtu footman, valet i 
Estxfilade, sf. slash, cut, rent \ 
Kstafi lader, va. to cut deep, make a enth 
Ehtame, sf. worsted : des las d*— , kn itt-^ 
KXAwet, sm, wmllen stuff [sto<-kifiuf 
F^stiminet, sm. divan, low publicfioii,<j>: 
Estanipe, sf. stamp, engraving, impjers 
Estamper, va. to stamp, embitss 
Estampt-ur, sm. stamper [stnmp 
Estampille, sf. excise or custom hi "if; 
Estampiller, va. to stamp paprrs con- 

nected with the customs or excise 
Est-est-nord, sm. north-east by east 
Esterlin, sm. sterling 
Estimable, adj. estimable, valuable 
Estimation, st. estimation, estimate, va- 
luation, appraisement 
♦Estimc, sfc esteem, regard, value 
Estimer, va. to esteem, regard, honour, 

respect, value, reckon, estimate 
—, vn. to believe, think 
»'— , vr. to value oneself [inh i :• 

Estive, if. act of stowing, tritnminu ufa 
Estoo, sm. long rapier, stocTc, litieafrr, 

pedigree, descent, extraction 
Estoeade, sf. thrust made with a etvord 
Estocader, va^tatiltf thrust, dun 
E>tomac, sm. stomach, breast 
s'Estomaquer, vr. to stomach, be qffbfitlt'd 
F^stornpt", sf. stump for rrnpons 
Estomper, va. to use the stump in drau- 

ing toith croffohs 
Estrade, %trais-d floor firr a Ktate bed ; 

tatteurd— , sm. j«rot/f; battre 1' — , tn 

go about the country 
Estragoo, tm.tarragf^, odorifkrotte herf 
Estramacon, sm. ha<-k-staff, quarter- 

stqff, the edge of a Sithrf 
Estrama^nnrr, va. to strike tvitH tfic 

edge of a sabre 

.• Digitized byAjOOgle 




Estrapade, sf. strappado, a mode ofpuri' 
i^ment or torture [the *trappado 
£»trapader, va. hi torture, punuih with 
Estnipasser, va. to fatigue, tire* over- 
ride or over-work a horse 
Enrop f)U Estrnpe, sm. etrop 
Kiitropid, e, adj. maimed, lame, crippled 
E tropier, va. to lame, maim, bungle 
Ksc-sud-est, «m. eoiiaoutheast 
Ksturgeon, sm. sturgeon, a fish 
¥a, conj. and, both 
Etaf ]age, sm. stabling, stallatre 
Etahie, sf. stable for cattle, cowhouse 
EtHi.ler, va. to put in a stable 
KthhW, sm. shopboard, joiner's bench 
Etublir, vb to establish, fix, settle, set 
up, found, institute, appoifU 

— (ies lois, to make laws [idea 

— une nouvelle opinion, to broach a new 

— un fait, to state a case 

— des imp6ts, to impose tases 

— par des exemples, to prove by instances 
s'— , ^T. to settle, get married 
Ktablissement, sm. establishment 
F.tnf^, sm. story, floor, rank, degree 
Eraser, va. to taper the hair 

Eta.\, sm. stay, prop, support 

— <Ju grand mftt, the matn stay 

— du mAt d'artimon, the mizzen stay 

— de mac de misaine, the fore stay 
Etaie, sf. prop, support, stay, buttress 
Etaiement* sm. act ^f propping, A€^ing 
Etaim, sm. carded wool 

Etain, sm. pewter, tin 

Etal, sm. stall or stand for the sale of 

meat, fisht S^ [sale 

EtHlage, sm. act of laying out goods fot 
Etaler, va. to hang (tut or up Air stiltf', 

show, display, make a paraae-of 

— son esprit, to make a show of one's wit 
Euleur, ense, smf. street huckster, one 

ti ho sells gnods ih the street 
Etalier, sm. market-butcher 
Ktalingue, sf. clinch of a cable 
Etalinguer, va. to bend, clinch a cable 
Etalon, sm. stallion, standard measure 

or weight 
Etalonna.^, Etalonnrment, sm. net of 

stamping by the standard 
Etalonner. va. to stamp toith a public 

mark or standard [stamp measures 
Etalonneur, sm. tifficer appointed to 
f^tamage, sm. act of tinning [ship 

Etamttordy Etembot, sm. stern-post of u 
Eiambraie, sm. the partner for securing 

the masi and capstan 
Etamer, va. to tin over, cover with tin 
V.tATDtva, sm. tinsmith, petit erer 
Etamioe, ff. bolter, boltingcloth 
—*, rl. stamina, threads or filaments 

growing in the centre of flowers 
Etamue, s£ stamp, an instrument fbr 

making an impression 
Etamper, va. to stamp, emboss, impress 
Ktamure, a£ act oftmning, nutted tin 
Eunchement, wow act of stanching or 

stopping liood 
Etaocher, y%, to ttanch, stop, quench 

Ccangon, sm. stanchion, prop, support 
—9, pL stanchions uned in ship-f>uildi>g 
Etan9onDer, va. to prop, stay, sujjjti>rt 
Etang, sm. ptmd, jiftol, take,fiith-poud 
Etape, snu staple, storehotlse, mart 
Etat, sm. state, cast', conditum, plight, 
circumstahce, account, sttttemcut, 
estimate, inventory, rank, Ktathm, 
quality ; coup d'— , mastfri>ir,-f of 
state policy, ' hommed'— , cu'iinet or 
state minister i ^ire en — , tu bf in 
readiness or have the power; se 
mettre en — de, to prepare otteaelffor 

— major, staff of an army 

— de d^pense, bill of fine 

■— des blesses ct des tuds, return of the 

killed and wounded 
Buu, sm. vice, tool used by tradesmen 

— k main, hand-vire 

— X, pi. butcher's shambles 

Etayement, sm. act of stftfring, prop- 
ping, supporting, or shoring up 

Etayer, va. to prop, stay, support 

FAi, sm. summer 

Eteign'oir, sm. extinguisher 

Eteindre, va. to extinguish, quench 

s'— , vr. to go out, die away 

Eteint^, e, adj. extinguished, extinct 

Etf ndage, sm. drying-lines 

Etendard, sm. standard, banner, flag 

Etendre, va. to extnid, spread, ttrc'tch 
explain, prolong, lengthen out, widen 

8*—, vr. to stretch oneself 

Etendu, e', ailj. spread, large, long, pro- 
lix, tedious, sprawling 

Etendue, sf. extent, extension, tract, 
space, duration, capacity, jn-n-tratittn 

— de voix, pitch or compass of voice 

— d'c»prit, comjirehensire f^enius 
Eterf el, sm. the Eternal, Gi)d 

— , Ic, ailj. eternal, everlasting, eniiless 
Eternellement, aflv. eternnlli/, fi)r ever 
Eteniiser, va. toeternizi; immortalize. 
Eternity, sf. etemitf/, immortality 
Kternuer, vn. to sneeze . • 

Ku:rnueur, euB«, smf. sneezer 
EternOment, sm. act of sneezing 
Eteuf, sm. tennis-ball 
Kteule OK Ej>teuble, sf. stubble 
Et^tement, sm. act of lopping qjy the 

top of a tree ' 

Etfiter, va. to lop effthe top of a tree 
Father, <m. ether, pure air, volatile liquid 
Etli^rd, e, adj. ethereal, celestial, pure, 

refined, subtile, p>'netrati,,i: 
Ethique, sf. ethic, ethical, uuiral 
—9, pi. ethics, doctrines of morality 
Etincelant, e, nAj.spfirkling, bright 
Etinceld, e, adj. sdnti'lant, sparkling 
Etinceler, vn. to sparkle, shine 
El incelle, sf. spark, small particle of fire 
Etincellement, sm. scintillation 
Etiol^, c, adj. weak,feef>le, long, lank 
Eiiolement, sm. long and feehle plant, 

act of growing long and tviry 
s'Rtioler, vr. to draw up,grotv long 
Etique, wi}.heetie,hectical, consumptive 
Edqaetcr, va. to ticket, put on a Uibel 

Digitized by V^OOQIC 




Etiquette, sf. etiquette, forme of cere- 
mony or decorum, note, iahel, ticket 
Etisie, %t phthisia, consumption, decajf 
Etoffe, sf. sttfff", cloth, condition, rank 
Etoffig, e, wijTstiiff'ed, fail; un horame 
bieti — , a man in good cireumstancee 
Etnffer, va. to tttujf, garnish, furnish 
■ Etoile, sf. star, orb, astttrisk, fate, lot, 
fortune, destiny, crack ; coucher a 
la belle — , to lie in the open air [stars 
Etnil^, e, adj. starry, abounding with 
iTEtoiler, vr. to crank, said of glass ' 
Etole, sf. stulst long vest, royal robe 
Eton nam ment, adv. wonderfully, prodi- 
giously, astonishingly, excessively & 
Etonnant, e, adj. wonderful, surprising 
Etonnement,sm.a«^(mJ«/imenf, surprise 
Etonner, va. to astonish, surprise, stun 
n'—, vr. to wonder at, marvel 
KtoufiPant, e, adj. sultry, hot and dose 
Etouifement,''8m. difficulty of breaching 
Etouffer. va. to st'ijle, smother, suffbcdte 

— la col ere, to conceal one's anger 
Etouifoir, sin. extiniruisher for hemp 
Etoupe, sf. tow, the coarser parts'ofjiax 
Etouper, va. to stop with tow 
Etoupille, sf. quick match for artillery 
Etoupin,8m. wadding for loading a gun 
Etourderie, sf. blundet imprudence 
Etou'rdi, e, smf. blunderer, indiscreet or 

giddy person ; k V—, adv. heedlessly 
— , e, adi, thoughtless, giddy, hare- 
Etounliment, adv. rash/y, giddily 
Etourdir, va. to stun, niake giddy, he- 
wilder, hUl, discourage, astonish 

— la vlande, to parboil meat 

■— de Teau, to take the chill off water 
«*— , vr. to djioert one's mind from any- 

thintr, lull oneself, be ififatuated 
^ Etouraissant, e, adj. stunning 
Etdardisiement, sm. act of stunning 
Etoumeau, fern, starling, a bird 
Etrange, tAystrange, sUly, singular, odd 
Etrangement, adv. strangely, oddiy 
Etranger, 6re, smf. stranger, foreigner 
—, fere, adj. strange, remote,extraneoui 
Stranger, va. to estrange, drive tnway 
t—, VF. to keep away from 
Etranglement, sm. strangulation, oofi- 

traction, constriction, force 
Etraneler, va. ta strangle, choke, stifle 

— un aisoours, to compress a speech • 

— une affaire, <o slur over a business 

— rartimnn, to balance themizzen-mast 
— ; vn. to be stifled or stiffiicated 

— de soif, to be parched with thirst 
•'— , vr. to strangle oneself 
Etranguillon, sm. disease among horses 
Etrape, st. small sickle 

Etraper, va. to mow stubble 
Etrave, ou Etablure, sf.<«rf m of a ship 
Etre, va. to be, exist, subsist, remain, 
dwell, belong, go, comefivm 

— de moici^, to go ly halves 

— debout, to stand 

—• entrain^, to be ted astray 

— pour quelqu'un, to defend a person 

Etre, tm.'being, enti^, existenegf )'— 
Supreme, Supreme Being, God t le 
tiien —, weljare, conveniences ofisfe 

— de raison, an imaginary 6eing' 
—8, pi. the sevetrtl parts of a houao 
Etr&ir, va. to straiten, make narrow 
s' — , vr. to grow strait, to shrink 
Ecr^issemvnt, sm. act qfstraitening 
Etr^issure, st; straitness, narromtiess 
Etreindre, va. tobind, toringnard, clasp 
Etreinte, sf. act of binding, pressing, 

wringing hard, dasptng 

Etrenne, St. Christmas box, new years 

gift, handset / avoir I'— d'une chos^, 

to TO the first to make use of anything 

Etrisnner, vh. to give a Christmas-box or 

new pear's gift, make a present 
Ecr^sillon, sm. prop, statf, support 
Rcrdsillonner, va. to prop, stay, support 
Etrier, sm. stirrup ; vin de 1' — , parting- 
cup, stirrup-cup 
Etrieux, sm. pi. ironstirrups 
Etrille, sf. currycomb, spunging-house 
Ecriller, va. to curry ahorse, thrash 
Etriper, va. to gut, embowel, rip up 
Ktrique, adj. not st{fficiently wide, nar- 
row, scanty, limited 
Etrlviere, st stirrup-leather 
— s,pl. horse-whipping i donnerlei— , 

to whip or lash soundly 
Etroit, e, adj. strait, narrow, dosci i 
r— , adv. narrowly, straitljf i vivrei 
— , to live sparingly 
Etroitement, adv. straitly, narrowly 
Etroitesse, sf. narrowness, straitness 
Etronconner, va. to lop branches off a 
Erruff^, e, adj. limping, halting » [tree 
Etruffure, sf. lameness of a dog 
Etrusques, sm. pi. Etruscan, belonging 

to the ancient people ofEtruria 
Etude, sf. study, learning, application, 

dosetfbr study, writers qffiee 
—s, pi. studies, sketches, drawingg 
Etudiant, sm. student, scholar 

— en droit, law-student 

•— en mMecine, medical student 
Etudi^, e, a^j. studied, qffected, elabo- 

rat9, well written 
Etudier, va. to study, apply the mind, 

think closely, consider attentively 

— un discours, to gef a speech'by heart 
n'—, vr. to endeavour, make ^ortx 
Etui, sm. ease, sheath, box 

Etuve, sf. hothouse, stove, dryinff-houat 
EtuvM, sf. stew, act of stewing 
Etuvement, sm. bath, fomentation, act 

of bathing or fomenting 
Etuver, va. to bathe, fitment, stew 
Etuviste, sm. bath-keeper 
Etymnlc^e, sf. etyraology, origin, roet 
Ety mologique, adj. etymological 
Etymologiste, sm. etymologist 
Eucharistie, sf. eueharist 
Eulogies, sf. pi. eulogies, holy ot^aett 
Eunuque, sm. eunuch 
Euphemisme, sm. euphemism 
Euphonic, tf. euphony 
Euphomque, adj. eti i ^ nk ai 

Digitized by <^OOg-ie 


Hiuofiienf ne, ou European, ne, a4J« -Bw- 

ropean, relatirtfrto Europe 
Eusucbe« am. smait unekuped knifb 
. Edx, pron. pi. thej/t them 
Evacuant, ou Eracuatif, sm. evaevantt 

remedy causinai evacuation 
—, e» lulj. evacuattvct evacuating 
Evacuauon, sf. the act c^ voiding 
Evacucr, va. to evacuate, diacharge 
s'Evader* vr. to make oiuft escape, run 
away, steal away, evade ; faire Evader 
quelqu'un, tofitvour the escape of one 
Evaluation, sf. valuatioHt rating 
Evaluer, va. to value, appraise, estimate 
Evang^Hque, adj. evangelical 
Evang^liquement, adv. evangelically 
Evang^User, va. to evangelize, preach 
Evangdiste, sm. evangelist, scrutineer 
Evangile, sm. gospel 
s'Evanouir, vr. to swoon^ vanish 
Evanouissement, in\.swoon, faintingfit 
Evaporatiob, sf. vapour, foolishness 
Evapor^, e, smf. rash person 
— , e, adj. giddy, thot^ghtiesft, caress 
Evaporer* va. to evaporate, vfnt 
if — , vr. to exhale, grow whimsical 
Ex'asement, sm. w idth, breadth, opening 
Evaaer» va. to widen, open 
Evasif, Jvi', adj. evasive, elusive 
Evasion* &f. escape, shift, excuse, flight 
Evasure, sf. act of opening, widening 
Cv£cfa^, sm. bishopric, episcopacy, bish- 
op's palace 
Breily sm. hint, warning 
Ewill^, e, smf. lirely or pert person 
— , e, adj. sprightly, diligent, sharp 
f veiUer, va. to waken, rouse, excite 
g* — . vr. to wake, be roused from sleep 
Evfinement, sm. event, end, issues ^ 

tout — , ade. at all events 
Event, sm. smack, open air, vent-hcte s 

avoir de 1'—, to be a'little spoiled 
Eventall,, screen 
EventailUste, sm. j^in maker or seller 
Eventaire, sm. flat basket carried bjf 

Evente, sf. shopkeeper's show-boxm 
Evente, e, aAj. fiat, giddy, rash, fiiolish 
Eventer, va. to fan, air, divulge 

— le grain, to winnow corn 
€—, vr. to grow fiat, take vint, take 

wind, fan oneself, lose one's spirit 
fl^EventiHer, vr. to move the wings 
Eventoir, sm. fire fan, adit or opening 

in a coalmine, entrance 
Eventrer, va. to embowel, paunch 

— nn li^vre« to draw a hare 

— du pois^cn, to gut fish 
Eventuel. le, adj. eventual, accidental 
Eventudlement, adv. eventually, acci- 

Ev^oe, s;n. bishop, prelate, pontiff 
Evener, va. to worm a dog 

— In puxibus, bishop in Joreign parts 
Everdon, sf. evorsion, ruin, destructtMt 
s'Everiuer, vr. to exert oneself 
Eviction, sf. dispossession, law term 
Evldemment, adv. evident^, elearlv 

g EX C 

Evidence, sf. demonstration, proof 
Evident, e, adj. evident, rl>vr, man^ 

feKt t naturellement — , self-evident 
Evider, va. to unstarch^ cut htJlow br 
sloping, make grooves, inarchiteeture 
Evier, sm. sink, drain, laver 
Evincer, va. to evict, dixpossesa 
Evilable, adj. avoidable 
Evit^e, sf. swing of a ship round her 

anchor at the length of her cable 
Eviter, va. to avoid, ^un, escape 
— Ii la mar^, vn. to stem the ttde • 
I s'— , vr. to avoid one another 
Evocable, adj. that may be brought be- 

fore a higher court ■ 
Evocation, sf. evocntion, covjurr.tion 
Evocatoire, adj. summons to appear be- 
fore another c/urt 
Evoluer, va. to mahoeutre, uork, or per- 
fi)rm the several evolutions practised 
at sea by fleets 
Evolution, sf. eeolution, actofunfitld- 

ing, manoeuvring of trovps, ^. 
Evoqvitrr, va. to cot jure up, raise Up, 

bring befhre a higher court 
Ex, prep, late, once, bef re, formerly 
' F.xact, e, adj. exact, votrect, methodical 
' Kxactemenc, adv. exactly, accurately 
i Exacteur, sm. exactor, extortioner 
Exaction, sf. exaction, extortion 
I Exactitude, St. exactness, arcuracy 
Exai;6 -ateur, sm, amplifier, mmaneer 
I Kxa(;^riitif, ive, adj. exaggerating 
I Exag^ration, sf. exaggeration 
I ExaK^rer, va. to exng~erate, aggravate 
\ Exaltatioo, i-f, exaltation, advancement 
Kxalt^, e, adj. warm, hot, bvmbastie 
' F'xalier, va. to exalt, extol, praise 
Examen, sm. examination, inspection { 

passer k Y—, to stand the test 
Examinateur, r>'m. examiner, inquirer 
Examiner, va. to examine, weign 
s' — , vr. to intei-rtigate tmeself 
Exarchat, sm. exarchate, exarchy 
Exarque, sm. exart^, lieutenant, viceroif 
Exasperation, sf. exasfjcration 
Exasp^reri va. toetairpeiate, irritate 
Exaucer^ va. to hear fitvourably, grant 
. Excavation, sf. excavation, hole, cavity 
I Excaver, va. to excam/to, make hollow 
Exc^ant, sm. exttss, oveip{us 
—, e, adj. exceeding, great in extent 
Exc6icr, va. to exceed, abttse, in laib 
»'—, vr. to ueary or tire onexalf 
Exce]lemment,adv. excellently, perfectly 
Excellence, sf. excellence, perfection g 

par — , adv. excellently 
Excellent, e, atij. excellent, perfect 
Kxcellentissimc, at'j. nwst excellent 
Excel ler, va. to excel, surpass, outdo 
Excentricit^, sf. eccentricity 
Excentrique, adj. eccetitnc 
Except^, prep, except, save, but 
Excepter, va. to except, exempt, exclude 
Exct-ption, sf. exception, reserve, salvo; 
k 1 — de, prep, except / snns — , with- 
out regard to or exception 
Exceptionncl, le, adj. exceptional 


Digitized by <^OOgie 


Exc^ snw MCMr» intemperante, riot { Exeroplaire, sm. pattern, model, copy 

k r— , *vec — , jusqu'k i'— , adv. to an —, a«lj. exemplary, deseroine if tmitor 

• e<ce«v, ejee«ftt>e/y/ porter tout k I'—f Exetiiplaircimnt,adr.emnj)2art/jr [rfott 

to run into extremes Exempie, sm. example, pattern, model/ 
Vxctsini,\vt,ad'}.exce*rive,bei/ondmeaa- , k V — , in imitation; par — , as Jar 

ure; d^penie — ive, pr»Am«*n/ froid instance s celaest^ana — , that has no 

— , on chaleur — Ive, intense cold or , precedent / donner 1' — , to shotv an 

heat; ^ire— en tout, to be extravartmt example; prendre — »af guelqu'un, 

£xcet8iveinent, adv. excessively \jlaw to copy or/bllntc one 

Exciper, vn. to allege an exception, in Exempt, sm. t>fficer of police 

Excise, sf. excise, tax on merchandise ' — , e, adj. exempt, free, not subject to 

Excitatif, i\ e, adj. excitative, excitiu^ Exeinpt«r, va. to exempt, free, excuse 

Excitation , sf. excitation , dct of exciting s'— de, vr. to be dispensed from 

Excitement, sm. stimulation, agitation Exemptioo, sL exemption, privilege; ae- 

Excit<T, v»i. to ex'iite, incite, stir up,sti- cordiT une — » to grant an immunity 

mulate, provoke, rouse, animate Exercer, va. to exercise, employ, prae- 

Exclamation, at. exrlamativn \ tise, exert, train up, instruct 

Exclurf , va. to exclude, shut out, debar — son corps, to uk exercise [patience 

Exelusif, ive, adj.cxc/w*«t'f, debarring — la patitntede quelqu'un, to try one** 

Exclusion, St. exclusion, rejection, shut- — la mddecine, to practise medicine 

ting out ; k 1*— (Ic, a'lv. to the exelu- s'-—, vr. to exercise oneself 

sion of, in an exclusire manner < Excrcice, sm. exei-cisr, practice, trade 

Excluiivemt-nt, afiv. exclusively — *, pi. riding, feiicintr, dancing, ^c 

Excommunii atkon, sf. excommunication ExcrKue, sm. exergue, the ptaii't circular 

Excominuni^, e, >mf. an excommuni- sjKice within the edtc^: of a medal 

eated person , Exfoliatit, ive, adj. taftliatioe, tending 

Excumuiunicr, va. to excommunicate i to make carious f>oties fcale itff 

KxGoriaiiofi, sf. excoriation, loss of skin Exfoliation, sf. ejcfi>liation,act of scaling 

Excorier, va. to excoriate, strip ojf the s'F'.xfolier, vr. to exfdiate, shell off" [oj^ 

Excrement, sm. excrement [skin Exhalaison, sf. exhalation, evaporatioa 

Excr^menteux, euse, Excr^mentiel, le, — s fulminant(s,*/rr« Wamur 

ou Excr^inenritiel, le, 9dj. excremen- Kxha.]ntion,sf. exhalation, fUme, vapour 

titinus, ext-rement'il, feculent, foul Exhaler, va. ta exhale, to evaporate 

Excrescence, sf. See Excroi sanoe — sa douleur, togioe vent to one's grief 

Excr^teur, trice, adj. See Excr^toire s'— , vr. to breathe or steam out 

Excretion, ti. excretion, separation at Exhaussemenr, sm. act o/romriF AiVA, 

ef^ion of animai substance ' hmght, elevation 

Excr^ilre, adj, excretory, excretive, se- Exhausstr, va. to raise, exalt, elevate 

parating, ejecting ExL<^r^ lation, st act of disinheriting^ 

ExcroissaiK-e, «f. excrescenc«» tunutur F.xh^r^ier, va. to disinherit 

Excursion, sf. excursion, ramble, expe- Exhibvr, \'a. to exhibit, show, qffisr to 

dition, digression, inroad, invasion , view, disphiy, 

Excusahie; adj. excusable, pardonable — ses litres, to prodnce on^s title* 

Excusation, sf. excusation, apologi/, plea Exhibition, sf . exhibition, display, public 

Excuse, St. excuse, apology, plea show, act of exhibiting or pH-odueing 

Excuser, va. to excuse, jxtrdon, extenth Exhortation, sf. exhortation, incitement 

ate, forgive, free, diseneage, remit to good, advice 

»'—t vr. to desire to be excused, decline, Exhorter, va. to exhort, stir up, incite 

excuse or Justify oneself Exhumationj sf. exhumation, dct qfdie- 

— »ur quelqu'un, to lay the blame upon interring, removing out of the grave 
Ex6at, 8m,,a ^ss to go out lone Exhumer, va. to disinter, unbury 
Execrable, a<ij. execrable, detestable Exl^cant, e, adj. exacting ho much, in- 
Execratilement, adv. execrably, cutsedly discreet, ill to' please 

Flxdcration, sf. execration, obhorrenre Exigence, sf. exigence, urgency, demand 

Ex^rer, vb. to execrate, detest, abhor F-xi^i r, va. to exact, require, demand 

Executable, adj. practicable, feasible Ex<i?ible, adj. denuindable 

Executer, vh. to execute, perform, carry Exigu, e, adj. exigtxous, diminutive 

into effect, accfrntplish, put to death Exiguity, sf. exiguity,, diminutivene** 

— quelqu'un, to distrain one's goods Exil, sm. exile, banishment 
Exdcuteur, sm. executer, one who exe- Exile, e, smf. exile, banished person 

cutes or perfirms ; execytor, one in- Exiler, va. to exile, banish 
trusted to fterform the will of a testa- s'—, vr. to remove, absent oneself 
tor; public executioner or hangman , Existant, e, adj. existent, existing 
Executif, ive, a«ij. ezertUive , Existence, sf. existence, state of Being 

Execution, sf. execution, performance \ Exister, vn. to exist, to be, have a being 
Executoire, sm. writ 0/ execution 1 Exode, sm. Eftodus, seaondbook of Moses 

— , adj. executive, having power to exe- 1 Exoi>6rer, va. to exonerate, unload, dis- 
Executrice. »f. executris leute I burden, ft ee fivm a charge, relieoe 





Esonble, i^Mforable, ^at maif h« gre- 

9aUed upon or ripoved by entreaty 
ExorbicanujiebC, adv. exarbitantty 
Exorbitant, e, a^j. exorbitant, excessive 
£xorciaer, ra. to exorcise, adjure, expel r 
evU spirits^ divine, ffactise magic ! 
Exordsine* sm. exorcism, adjuration, ' 
expulsion of evil spirits I' 

£xorcUte, un. exorcist tone who exorcises 
Exorfie, sm. exordium, the beginning, 

introduction, preface 
Exotique, aii|. exotic,. fbreifrn 
Expansibilite. sf. expansibiiUy, eapaeity 

of extension 
Expansible, uij.capableqfbeingextended 
Expansif, ive, aiij. expansive, spreading . 
Expansion, sf. expansion, extent, act qjf 

xpreading or stretching out 
ExpatriAtion, sf. expatriation, exile 
Expatri^, e, smf. expatriated ot baniOted 

person, voluntary exile 
—, e, adj. expatriated, banished, exiled 
Expatrier, va. to expatriate, banish 
^ — , vr. to quit one's country, exile or 

banish oneself 

Kxpectant, e, smf. expectant, one who 

toaits in expeettUion Ition 

>-, e, adj. expectant, waitingfn expecta- 

BLcpeeCatif, ive, adj. expectative, looking 

or tpoitingfar 
ExpectadoD, sf. expeetationi act of ex- 
pecting, prospect of good to atme 
Expectative, sf. survivorship, reversion, 

succession, theological disputation 
Expectorant, e, adj. expectorative 
Expectoration, sf. expectoration - 
Expectorer, va. to expectorate, to eject 

from the breast by coughing 
Expedient, sm. expedient, method, way 
— , adj. expedient, proper, convenient 
£xp6dier, va. to expedite, htuten, facili- 
tate, despatch, send, draw up 
Exp^lteur, sm. person who fbruards 
goods consigned to his care, one who 
executes orders 
Exp^ditif, ive, adj. expeditive, perform- 
ing toith speed, expeditious, nimble 
Expedition, sf. expedition, despatdh, ae- 

tivi^, alertness, quickness 
— ipUitaire, military enterprise • 
— ^, pL letters, orders, despatches 
Exp&lition^Aire, tm^jeopying clerk 
Exjp^enoe, sf. experience, trial, exper- 
iment, practical knowledge, pronf 
E!xp^menCal, e, ad), experimental 
Experiments, o, adj. experienced, skil- 
ful, tried, learned 
Exp^oientef, va. to experience, make 

experiment, search out by trial 
E^xpert, snu Wilful person, experienced 

valuator or appraiser 
—, e, a4}. expert, skilfuU dexterous 
Expertise, sf. judicial examination 
Experts, nn.|M. examinators, special jury 
ExpiatioD, tf. atonejnent, act o/expiat- 
Exidatoire, atJIj. ^piatory.atomng ling 
&ciner, va. to erjrtar«, atone An" 
E^^innt, e, adj. expMnfrt 9mling,dying 

Expiration, st expiration, end, death 

Expirer, va. to exhale, breathe out 

— » vn. to expire, end, dies il aexpir^^ 

he has breathed hUt laet't son bail est 

expirS, his lease is out 
Expl^tif, ive, arij. expletive,supplemental 
ExplicAble, adj. explicable [^fry 

Explicaiif, ive, adj. explicative, explana- 
Explication, sF. ex/jlicatiot^ explanation, 

interpretation f avoir une— avecquel- 

qu'un, to call one to account 
Explicite, adj. explicit, distinct, p/ain 
Explicitement, adv. explicitly, plainly 
Expliquer, va. to explain, expound 
8*—, vr. to explain oneself • 

Exploit, sm. exploit, deeit, achievement 

— d'assignatvon, writ, subpaana 
Exploitable, adj. that may be distrained, 

bois — , wood Jit to be filled 
Exploitant, sm. tifflcer who serves war- 
rants, summonses, i[c. 
Exploiution, sf. at^ of improving lands, 
working mines, conveying persons or 
property, commercial enterprise 
Exploiter, va. to perform on exploit or 
adtievement, do fiats, cultivate land, 
■ serve wpmrants, <$«. 

— une mine, to work a mine 

— une for6t, to fill the trees qfajbrest 
Exploiteur, sm. cultivator, miner 
Explorateur, sm. explorator, searcher 
Exploration, sf. search, examination 
Explorer, va. to explore, search into 
Explpsion, sf. explosion, discharge 
Exportateur, sm. exporter 
Exporution, sf. exportation, act qf send- 
ing goods (Aroad [country 

Expoiter, va. to export, send o%U of a 
Exposant, e, smf. petitioner, exponent 
ExposS, sm. suggestion or recital of the. 
object ofajHstttion, preamble, reason, 
summary statement, disclosure 
Exposer, va. to expose, lay open, dispisty, 

OiCfw, discover, explain, set forth 
s'— , vr. to make oneself ridiculous * 
Expositif, ive, a4j. rsxpositive, explana- 
tory, laying open, disclosing 
Exposition, sf. exposition, exposure, act 
of exposing, explication, interpreta- 
tion, situation, aspect, declaration 

— de tableaux, exhibition tf pictures 
Expres, am. express, courier, messenger 
—, adv. puriioeely, on purpose- 

— sc, a4). express, plain, dear, manifest 
Expressement, adv. expressly, plainly 
Expressif, ive, adj. expressive, energetic 
Expression, sf. expression, word, strain, 

term, act of representing anything, 
or straining and squeezing out ' 
Exprinuible, adj. efpresaible 
Exprimer, va. to express, squeeze out 
Expropriation, sf. expropriation 
Exproj^lcr, va. to expropriate lout 
Elxpulser, va. to expel, turn out, drive 
Expuldf, ive, adj. expulsive, drivingout 
Expulsion, sf. expulsion, act of expelling , 
Exquis, e, adj. exquisite, excellent, JIne 
Exaudatton, sf. exudation, perspiration 

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Kmidcr, vn. to exudet tweat, perspire 
Extant, e, adj. extant ^ noto in beirtfr 
£ztaae» %C, ecstasy, rapture, enthusiasm 
Extasier, va. to enrapture ^ charm 
i?— , vr. to/aU into an eestasjfor rapture 
Extatique, aidj. ecstatic, enrapturing^ 
Extenseur, «in. extensttr, a mt4scie that 
Extensibility, sf. extensibility [extends 
Extensible, aAj. extensible 
Exicension, sf. extension, act of extending 
Extenuation, sf. extenuation 
Ext^nuer, vo. to extenuate, palliate 
Ext^rieur, sm. exterior, outside, oti^- 

toard surface or appearances k r--»* 

adv. outu-ard/y 
—, adj. exterior, external, outward 
Ext^neurement, adv. outwardly 
Exterminateur, sm. exterminator 
— , trice, adj. exterminating, destrttetive 
Extermination, sf. extermtnation 
Exterm'inf r, va. to exterminate, put an 

end to, destroy, extirpate, root out 
External, sf. day-school 
Exteme, smf. day.scholar 
— , adj. external, exterior, outward 
Extinction, af. extinction, act ^f putting 

out or quenching 

— de vol?, suppression of the wice 

— d'une famine, end of a dynasty 

— d*un pays, entire ruin of a country 

— d'une rente, redemption of an annuity 
Extirpateur, snnu extirpator, destroyer 
Extirpation, sf. extirpatUm, excision 
Extirper, va. to extirpate, root out 
Extorouer, va. to extort, wrest 
Extorsion, ■£ extortion, oppression 
Extraetif, ive, adj. extractive 
Extraction, sf. extraction, origin 
Extradition, sf. the delivering up of a 
-• criminal to the country to which he 

is naturally a subject [of a bridge 
Extrados, sfl ext&nalside of the ceiling 
Extraire, va. to extract, abstract 

— un livre, to abridge a book 
Extrait, sm. extract, abstract, summary 

— baptistaire, certificate of baptism 
Extrajudidaire, adj. extrajudicial 
Extraj udidairement,adv. extrajudicially 
Extraordinaire, sm. extraordinary per- 
son orthing 

— , adj. extraordinary, uncommon, un- 
usual, singular, strange, eminent [ly 
Extraoniinairement, adv. extraordinari- 
Extravaijramment, adv. extravagantly 
Extravaj^ance, sf. extravagance 
Extravagant, e, adj. extravagant 
'Extravaguer, va. to talk wildly, rave 
Extravasation, st extravasation, the act 

ofybreing out of the proper vessels 
s'Extravaser, vr. to be extravamied 
Extravasion, sf. See Extr&vasation 
Extreme, sm. extremity, contrary 
—, luAj. extreme, utmost, excessive 
Extrdmement, adv. extremely 
Extrftme-onctioii, sf. extreme unction 
Extr^mit^^sf. extremity, remotest part, 
necessity, rigour, emergency, misery 
Extriaa^ae* i^ extristsie, external 

Exuberance, sf. exuberance, overgroteitK 
Exuberant, e, adj. exuberant, superfhi^ 

ous, overabundant, luxurums 
Exule^ration, >f. exulceration, fregin- 

niiyr of an ulcer 
Exulcerer, vat to exuleerate, make sore, 

irritate with virulence, corrode 
Exultation, sf. exultatifm, joy,transp(»rt 
Exulter, va. to exult, to leap far Jog^ 
£x-Voto, sm. offering promised by a sol- 
emn vow 

F, sm. sixth letter of the alphabet 

Fa, sm. fa or F, fourth sound of the 

scale of music 
Fable, sf. fable, an instructive fiction 
Fabliau, sm. an ancient tale in verse 
Fablier, sm. See Fabuliste 
Fabricant, sm. manuiacturer 
Fabricateur, sm. fabricator, coiner of 

base money, Jbrger, inventor, maker 

— de nouvelies, firrger of news 

— de calomnies, slanderer 
Fabrication, *m. fabrication, act of com- 
ing, framing, constructing, Jbrging 

Fabncien, $m. church-warden 
Fabrique, af.Jhbric, building, structure, 
manufacture, property of a church 

— de la monnaie, coinage ♦ 

— s, pi. fitbrics, manufactures, mine or 

edifices in the background of a picture 

Fahriquer, va. to Jabricatf, nutnujac- 

ture, coin, forge, invent, cfmstruct 
Fabuleusement, iHav. fabulouriy 
Kabuleux, euse, lidi. fiibulous, false 
Fabuliste, tm. fabulist, composer oj^fitblet 
Facade, sf . fiice, front, frontispiece 
Face, sf. face, visage, surfizce, superfi- 
cies, appearance, bearing/ faire — , 
to 'fulfil one^s engagement / ,ea — , 
adv. to one's face, opvositei de prime 
— . prepL at first, at first sight 

— rejouie, jolty countenance 

~ des affaires, posture of (affairs 

Fac6, e, adj. faced; un homme bien — , 

jolly or full faced man 
Facer, va. to fitee or turn up a card eittU- 

lar to that on wfiieh a stake is put 
FacincfSf. facetioftsness, drollery 
Fac^tieusement, wdv.facetioua^, unttUy 
Fac^tieax, euse, adj. ficetious, Oieerful 
Facette, if. facet, small irregular surjttce 
Facetter, va. to cut facet-ways 
Fftch6, e, adj. angry, sorry, offended 
F&cher, va. to vex, grieve, tease, anger 
M — , vr. to be angry, quarrel 
F&cberie, sf. vexation, grief, che^frin 
FflcheuxyeuseFadj. grievous, distuyee- 

able, sorrowful, cross, hard, di{ffieult 
Facial, e, adj. belonging to the face 
Facile, adj. facile, easy, condescending, 

indulgent, sociable, docile, weak 
Facilement, adv. easily, with ease 
Facility, ttLfaciJ^ty, easiness, rmdinem 

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FftdBter, va. iofiuHHtate, make eaty 
Fufon , sf. Jbuhwrtf manner, way, fbrm^ 
make, method, tvork, look, ttUage, 
ceremony, luoffe, workmanship f sans 
— , adv. without ceremony.' en au- 
cane — ,byno means ; de ~ que. conj. 
90 that, ineomuch that 
— de jitirler, form of speech 
Faconde, st. eloquence, used in poetry 
Fa^onner, va. to form, fashion, make 

gracef ul , figure, potieh, civilize 
— , vn. to be ceremonious, firmal 
Fa9onnier, trnf. precise person 
— , e, adj. ceremonious, formal. 
Fac-simil^, am. facsimile, exact copy or 

likeness, representation, imitatum 
Facteur, sm. factor, ofcent, postman 
Factice, sudf. factitious, artificial 
Factieux, eu>e, tmf. ringlertder [otie 
— , euae, tAy fhctioiu, seditious, mutin- 
Faccioo, sf. /action, cabal, intrigue 
Facttonnaire, sm. sentinel, sentry 
V&ctorene, sf. factory 
Factoton, sm. .fbctotum, one employed 

to do all kinds of work 
Factum, sm. statement ofaoause in lata 
Facture, sf. invoice, bill of parcels [ness 
Facale, sf. faeuience, brightness, clear- 
Facultatif, ive, adj. granting a right, 
leave, or license ; bref — , the Pope's 
brief or Hcense 
Faculty, af. faculty, power, quality, tal- 
ent, ability, rif^t, degree, means 
— s, I&. fortune, ontfs own jtroperty 
Fadaiw, stftnlery, trifle, silly thing 
Fade, adj. tasteless, insipid, unmeanint^ 
Fadeur* sf. tasteiessness, insipidity 
FAfcot, sm. fagot, bundle cf wood for fuel 
FagotJ^re, sm. act of making fagots 
FafTOtulles, sf. tmall branches or twigs 

for nuUeing fagots 
Fagoter, va. to make into fagotSg ar- 
range in an awkward manner 
Fa^oteur, sm.jitgot'maker 
Fafotin, sm. monkey dressed in dnthes, 
merry-andrew, clown, punster. Jester 
Fuble^ tnLjbible, weakness, failing 
— , ndj. J^eble, weak, faint, puny 
Faibkisae* tf. weakness,, fiaintness 
Faiblement, BAy.fstibty, weakly, faintly 
Faience, «f. kind of glazed earthenware 
FaieDcene, if. manufacture of earthett- 
Faiencier, e,*smt.ehina-merchant [ware 
Failli, sm. bankrupt, step in dancing 
FaiUibilit^, *S.faUibHity 
Faillible, sA).Jklible, liable to err 
Faillir, vn. to fail, come short, mistake, 
offend, be near, be ready, be bankrupt 
Faihite, sf. bankruptcy, failure 
FHim.iBf. hunger, stomach / avoir ^, to 
be hungry; mourir de — , to starve ; 
— canine, cynmtxy, a disease durittg 
which hunger never ceases 
Faine, af. bee^-mast, a nut 
FataMJit, e,'smf. liuggard, shit 
—. e, adj. la^f, idle, sluggish, slothful 
¥&in4mptet, vn. to loiter . be idle 
¥ainfiam$ine, at ekth, idtenets, kaimst 

Faire, va. to make, do, create, prodmae, 
constiitct, ct>mpoMe, invent, eaecute, 
practise, aceumplith. arrange} c'esi 
un horn me k tnut — , he is a man ear 
pable of doing every sort ofmiaehiefi 
c'est une nouvelle faite k plaisir, it t« 
a piece of news got up for some pur- 

* pose : un melon taite, a ripe mtekm 

— part, to impart, acquatnt 

— peur, to frighten 

— tort, to wrong 

— mal, to hurt 

— honte, to shame, disfftnee 

— pitie, to moce pity 

— plaisir, te give pleasure 

— K^as, to eat flesh ^ 

— mnJKre, to abstain from flesh 

— diete, to diet sparingly 

— aiguade, to take infnA watfsr 

— eifet, to operate 

— semblant, to pretend, Jtign 

— \'oile, to sail, bear up . 

— eau, to be leaky 

— iiaufra(?e, to wreck 

— banqiien.ute, to become bankntpt 

— teu, tejire 

— achat, to buy, purchase 

— raison, to give satisfaction 

— floras, to do wonders 

— faux hoi), tofiiU, be guilty of a riif 

— t*te, to welcome 

— t6tc k, to cope with 

— fond sOr, to rely 

— main basse, tofatl upon 

— minede, to feign 

— - le grand, to catry it high 

— le proems k quelqu'un, to try one 

— le savant, to set up for a learned man 

— le diable k quatre, to plat/ the devil 

— le bon ap6tre, tn put on a good appear- 

— le fendant, to bully, hector (anoe 

— le fin, to act it cunningly 
— .le malade, to sham illness 

— le badin, to play the wag 

— la barbe, to shave 

— le ctiien couchant, tocringe likeadog 

— la couverture, to turn dow ft the bed 
-^ la mnisscn, fo reap the harvest 

— la b^te, to be looed at cards 

— I'enrendu, to pretend to great matter* 

— I'office, to perform divine service 

— les cheveux, to cut hair 

— les eartex, to deal 

— un ben dln6, to eat a good dinner 

— un conte, to tell a story 

— un tour de promenade, to take a walk 

— une chambre, to dean a room 

— une sottiae, to act foolishly 

— de la peinet <b make umasy, give pain 

— dfs mal-bonn^tetes, to behave unman- 

— des lytssesaes, to behave me^nltt [nerljf 

— des civilit^, to receive one civilly 

— des all^ et des venues, to go back- 
ward and forward 

— des sicnnes, to play pranks 

— des frais, to be at some charge 

— des vlvres, to take in fresh proviakns 

— son ooura. to finish its oouree 

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rUre MD apprentisnget to serve oiu^e 

— Mm coup, to meeeed 

— aes adieux, to bid adieu 

— beauooup de cfaemin, to go a great way 

— bien ws aflbires, to thrive weU 

— , vn. to fitt eutti ne — que, to do no- 
Oiing 6ttl ; ne — que de, to have jttst 
^bonet avoir & — de, to want; n'avolr 
que — de, not to tcanf , to have no occa- 
ftMmfars j'ai & — devous, I want you 
' ~ en aorte, to contrioe, manage mattere 

• — taire, to eilenee a battery 

— faiie, to betpeak, <A-der 

— croire eu accroire, to make one brieve 

— avgir, to let one know 
—. venir, to eaUt eendfbr 

— voir, to ^ow, exhiimt 

— entrer, to call in 

— aglr, to emptoy people 
— > paraltre, to produce 

— lire, pk'urer, to make one lentsh, cry 
M — » vr. to fri? (/ontf or made, happen, 

tnure onetelf, become, turn, uee\ im- 
prove; ae — mal ou tort, to hurt or 

• wrong onesel/s e'en — aovroire, to 
be conceited ; s'en — un devoir, to 
make a point of it f se — passer pour, 
iopaea for, fng^ *o be, call oneself, ' 
w — fort de quelque chow, to under- 
take a thing, to take it upon oneself 

— , v. imp. il fait, itisf H fait bon ou 
mauvau, it is good or bad weather ; 
il fait ctiaud ou froid, it is warm or 
cold; il fait beau, it is fair or fine 
weattier; il fiUt soldi ou clair de lune, 
it is eun^ine or moonlight 
Faisable, adj. feasible, easy, practiceMe 
Faisan, ne, smf. pheasant 
Faisanofes, sf.pLdufte^, manorialeervices 
FMsandeau, sm. young pheasant 
FMsander, va. to give a taste ofienison 
se —, vr. to get a taste of venison 
Faisanderie, sf. pheaeant-walk, cover 
Fidsandier, sm. one who breeds or eells 

Fusoeau, sm. bundle, bunrh, truss 
—X, p].ftuees, among the Romans 
Faiselle, s£ cheese form or frame 
Faiaeur, euse, smf. maker, doer 
Fait, sm. fact, act, ease, feat, power, 
jMrpose, crime ,- voies die — , unlawful 
means, harsh measures/ en venir au 
'-p to come to the point; 6tre au — , 
tobeanadepti mettre oti poser en —, 
to take fir granted; 6tre sCbr de son 
— , to go upon sure grounds 
—«, pi. events; haut — s, achievemente 
—, adv. tout-a—, quite, entirely ;—k—, 
iit proportion; de— , in reality; dans 
1ft — , in fiuA ; prendre quelqi^'un sur 
le — , to eofefr one in the act 
—, e, a4). doue, made, ripe, fuUgrown i 
cfest —, it is over; e'en est — de lui, 
he is undone; ausrit6t dit auidt6t —, 
no eooner said thMi done 

Faltc, am. ridge of a house, summit, top 
~ de la gloiie, height ef glory 

Fait-expr^, sm. eet purpoee 
Falti^f«, sf. ridge-tile, guUe 
Faix, sm.J>tfnum, load, weight 


Fakir ou Faquir, sm. fakir, sort of wan 

dering monk or dervis in Indki 
Falaise, s£ steep beach or shore 
Falalser, vn. to break upon the coast, 

said of the sea when agitated 
Falarique, sf. an ancient weapon used 

by the Gauls and Spaniards^ 
Falbala, sm./%<r6e/ot<;, fur or trimming 
round the tower part ofafiimale dre** 
Falcade, st. curvet, leap, bound, frolic 
Fallace, tS. fallacy, fcUlaeioumess 
Fallacieusement, adv. fiMaiAoudy 
Faliacieux,euse, adj./a//actt/iM,<iecn(Ai' 
Falloir, vn. to be need,ful, must, o.ight 
Faiot, sm. sort of lantern, torch, flam- 
beau, beacon-light 
—, e, adj. ridiculous, grotesque, odd 
Falourde, sf. large fhgot of wood 
Falauer, vn. to curvet, leap, play pranks 

Falsiflcateur, vca. falsifier 
Falsification, sf. act of falsifying 
Falsifier, va. to falmfy, forge, aauiterate 

Falun, sm. manure ofsea-weed andshells 
Faluner,. va. to manure with eea-weed 
Faluni^re, sm. stratum of broken ehellM 
Fftme, it, fame, reputation 
F&md, e, »A).fitmed; bien eu mal — , of 

good or badfyme 
Fam^Uqufc, adj. starved, fami^ed 
Fameux, euse, ad}, famous, renowned 
ae Famillariser. vr. to familiarize onese^ 
Familiarity, st familutrity, intimaty 
Familicr, idre, adj.>bmt/tar, intimate 
Familiirement, adv. familiarly 
FamUlc, af. family, houeehold, kindred, 

progeny, stock, race, dynasty 
Famine, sf. famine, dearth, eearei^ 
Fanarn, sm. hay-making 
Fanaison, sf. mowing season 
Fanal, sm. ship's lantern, Ughthevee. 

watch-light, beacon 
Fanatique, aAl.fanatio, visionary 
Fanatiser, va. to render fanatic 
—, \n. to act a fanatical part [nasm 
Fanatisme, am.JiMnaticism, wild enthu 
Fandango, am. fandango, S^tanish dance 
Fane, st^ grass ofbulbHaus pteuits 
Fan^, e, ndj. withered, dried, faded 
Faner, ua. to eatM« to fade, wither, dry 

grass, make or spread hay 
se — , vr. to be faded, withered 
Faneur, euse, smf. haumaker 
Fanfan, sm. dear child, darUt 

loved btd)y, favourite 
Fanfare, iS. flourish of a trumpet 
Fanfaron, sm. buUy, braggart, swasj- 
^.gerer, vain boaster; faire le — » to look 

very bold or Very great 
— , ne, ailj. hn^fging, vain, presumptu- 
ous, boasting, insolent, botfd)cwtic 
Fanfaronnade, sf. brag, boast, vain show 
Fanfaronncrie, sf. act of bragging- 
Ftafodttche, Agewgaao, bastbfe, trijte 

, darKng or be- 





Fange, if. mfev, mud, glinie, dirt, filth \ Fatigant, e, tuA^./ittiffuinfr, tirestmn 
Fan^^eux, eu«e, adj. mirj/f muddy , dirty . ¥Al'i%ue, sf. weariness, hardship ; 9ei»\re^ 
Famon» sm. sort of military standard J ou s'^ndurcir a la —, vr. to inure one- 

Fanon, sm. dewlap, fi^lpvk, whiskers of' self to fatigue 

a tahate, beard, priest s funnel \ Fatigu^, e, a^i^atigued, tired,' meuMes 

Fantaisle, if. fancy , caprice, whim, ima- — s, worn-out fum iture 
ginutUmt taste, humour, opinion \ Fati^uer, va. to fatigue, tire, tease 

Faatasmat;orie, sf. phantasmagoria, an — vn. to toU, drudge, work, take paint 
optical illusion Fatras, sm. trash, trifles, rhapsody 

FaDtasmagorique,adj.pAanto«mo^nrtca/ Fatuaire, tm.fatuist, enthusiast 

F'ancasque, adj. fimtasticcd, capricious Fatuity, sf. fatuity, silliness, foppery 

Fanta^quement, adv. wMmsically, oddly Faium, sm. fite, destiny 

Fantasgin, sm. foot-soldier, infimtry i Fau, sf. beech-tree 

Fantastique, adj. fantastic, chimerical \ Fauber, sm. swab, mop to clgan afdeek 

Fantoccini, am. pi. puppet-show \ Fauherter, va. to swab, mop a deck 

FAnt6ine,sm. phantom, chimera, image Faubourg, sm.8Uburb; lavilleetli 

— s, pL images of sensible things " ^ - .- 

Fiion, tm.fawn, young deer 

Faquin, sm. scoundrel, rascal, fop 

Faquinerie. sf. meanness 

Fa rail Ion, am. small sandbank 

Farce, sf. farce, stuffing, force-meat 

Farcer, vn- to play the hujfiton 

Farceur, sm. comical fellow, buffi/on 

Farci, e, adj. stt^ff'ed, filled 

Farcin, %m.fiircy, leprosy of horses 

Farci r, va. to stuff, cram 

Fard, sm. paint, tinsel, disguise, dissi- 
mulation, fhtse ornaments 

Fardaj^e, sm. dunnage 

Fard^, e, adj. painted, glossed over 

Fardeau,' snr. Burden, load, weight 

FanJer, va. to paint, disguise, gloss over 

Farfadet, sm. hobgoblin, silly fellow 

Farfouiller, vn. to rummage, search fbr 

Furibole, sf. id/tf talk, trifle 

Farin&ce, e, adi'}. farinaceous, like meal 

Farine, sf. meal, flour, grist, pollen 

Farmer, va. to besprinkle uHh flour . 

Farinenx, euse, sA]. farinaceous, mealy 

Farinier,9m. mealman, one who supplies Faiilx, sf. See Faux 

or *»tf* meal j Faune, sm./aton, youngdeer, butterfiy, 

Tfir\niire, sf. meal-tfth rural deity [ing\iche,idj. w^d, fierce, savage, stem Faurrade, sm. enclosure of nets fur Jish- 

Fascicale, sm. small bundle of grass,] Ftn^is%a\ie,tm. fitrger of ttritiugs 
bunch of herbs, bntuptet of flowers "-•-.. 

Fasciculi, e, adj. collected in bundles 

, a vast concourse of people 
j Fauchage, sm. act ofmowivg 
j Fauchaison, sf. mowing time 

Fauchard, sm. small sickle 
I Fauche, sf. act of tfiowing 
I Fauch^, sf. mowf-r's day's-work 

Fancher, va. to mow, cut with a scy^ 

— le grand prd, to be a galley-slave 

— vn. to race on horselwck 
Fauch^re, sf. a crupper put on mules 
Fauchet, sm. mower's rake, hay-rake 
Faucheur, sm. mower, spider 
Faucheux, sm. field-spider 
Fauchon, sm. small scathe to cut stubble 
Faucille, sf. sickle, renpivg-liook 
Faucillon, sm. small sickle 

Faucon, sm. falcon, hawk, cannon 
Fauconneau, sm. falconet, sort of cannon 
Fauconnerie, sf. falconry, art of train- 
ing hawks 
Faucon nier, sm. falconer, hawk-trainer 
Fauconni^re, sf. hauking bag 
Faufiler, va. to bfiste, sew with long 
, vr. to introduce oneself 1st itches 

Faibcination^ sf. fascination 

Fascine, sf. fascine, fhgot 

Fasciner, va. to fascinate, bewitch, en- 
chant, charm, captivate, dazzle 

Fa>ierf vn. to shiver, flap, sa'id of sails 

Faste, sm. pagiantry, pomp, pride, vain 
show, dispiay, magnificence 

Fasces, sm. pi. calendar, annate, records 

Ffistidleasenient, HfW.Jbstidiously 

Fastidieux, euse, aA\.Jnstidiotts,disdain' 
fill, squeamish, nice, difficult to please 

Fastueusement, hdv.proudly, pompously 

Fastueux, se, adj.fastuous, ostentatious 
Fat, sm. eoTcomb, impertinent fellow 

—, t', adj. sottish, favpish, insipid, fouled 

Fntal, e, adj. unlucky, unfoHunate 
Fatalement, kAv. fatally, unfortunately 
FataUsme, vm. fatalism 

VAXaXiste,«m. fatalist . „ 

Fatalit^,sf.^to/t7j/,de*fi«y,mi^rfti»ie j Fauteur, trice, smf. favourer^ 
Faddiqae, adj. fatidinalt prophetic I ^ice, partisan, foUoitim^ abettot 

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Fauss<!ment, adv. falsely, wrongfully 
Fausse-monnaie, sf. base coin 
Fausse-porte, sf. sham door 
Fausse-position, sf. unnatural position 
Fausser, va. to bend 

— compagnie, to flinch or shrink from 

— sa paiiole, to break one's word 

— une serrure, to spoil a lock 
Fausset, sm. fiiucet. vent-pi f>€ of a cask, 

artificial treble, falsetto, fii:med voice 
Fausset^, sf. falsehj^, double dealing, 

duplicity, imposture, fitrgrry 
Faute, sf. fiiult, error, mi^takf., defect, 
blunder, omvision, want, crithei qui 
faic la — la boit, as you make your 
bed. so you must lie ; sans — , adv- 
without fail; ne vousfkites — decela« 
do not spare it 

— de, prep. ybr want of 
. Fauteuil, sm. elbow-chair 
I — k roulettes^ easy chair on whede 




yiuitif, ive, nA'yJitulty, defective 
Fauve, adj. fallow, paie red; vtmn — , 
plain calf (in bttokbinding) s bfites 
— «, fallow deer 
F«ttvette> sf. tam-Ht or linnet 
Faux, sf. tcyttUt reaping-hook 
^•t nm. Jbrgerpt error, falsehood 
Faux, I'auiw, adj. falee, wnfriM. oo«»- 
terfrit, fareed, treachervue, deceitful, 
unfaithful, diacordanti faire — bond. 
to JuU, deal unjiutly; chanter — , to 
eintf out xf tune; k — . adv. ftU^ety, 
uryuetljf; ce fusil a fait — feu, that 
gun haefleufied in the pan 

— coup, bad hit or stroke, miea 

— Mk\e, misguided zeal 

-~ trn!a, idle expeneea • 

— monnayeur, coiner of bate money 

— aetnblant, deceitful appearance 

— pU, wrong fM 

— «M, Stumbling 

— fuyant, shift, evasion 
— ipur, dim or filse Ught 
— fbipioi, frUse entry 

— brillanc, tinsel 

— bourdon, sort of church mtw<« 

— fr6re, tf^aitor 

— K couche, miscarriage 

— ae inarch e, feigned march 

— M porte, back-door 

Ysk\'mxT,if. favttur, kindness, credits en 
-- de, in behalf of, on tu'count off hf 
la — de, bp the means or help of 
Favears,sf. pi. benefits, prtynfkqf ardent 

attachment or strong affectum 
Favorable, adj. favourable, propitious, 

kind, indulgent, advantageous 
Favorablement, adv. favourably, kindly 
Favori, W, vcRf. favourite, darting 
—, tuA'j. Juvoured, loved, e)ierished 
Favoriseri va. to favour, support, coun- 
tenance, assist, befriend, dtfend 
Fayence, sf. See Faience 
Fayencerie, sf. See Faiencerie 
Fayencier, smf. See Faiencier 
F^age, sm. feoffment, act ttfgrttnting 

possession, freehold 
Fe&l, e, adj. trusty, loyal, liege 
— , smf. vassal, subject, liege person 
Febridunt, e, adj. feverish 
— , smf. one who has the ague 
Febrifuge, sm. medicine to allay fkver 
Febrile, sd\. febrile, indicating jiver 
Fdcale, adj. excremental; mati^re — , 

ordure, animal dung, excrement 
Fdces, sf. pi. feces, drcffs, excrenient 
Fddal, sm. Roman priest or herald 
F^nd, e, adj. fecund, fruitful, prol^c 
F^-ondant, e, adj. prolific, fertile, rich 
F^ondateur, trice, adj. having the power 

Fto>ndation, sf. act of fertilizing 
F^onder, va. to fecundate, malceprdli' 

fie or fruitful, render fertile 
Fecondit^, 8f fecundity, fertility, abun- 
dance, fruit fulness, proliftcness 
Fecule, st'. fkeula, the green matter of 
plants, 09dim9nt, leei 

Feculence, sf. 'faculenei, feeuleney, leea, 

sediment, dregs, muddiness 
F^-ulenc, e, hd). feculent, foul, dreggy 
F^d^ral, e, adj. federal, leagued 
FM^ralUer, va. to eonfkderate, unite 
F^^ralitme, no. fMeralism, league 
F^i^raJiste, sm.,^derali^ 
F^l^tlf, ive, •Aj.fUderaHve, federal 
F^^ration, »f. federation, union, leogua 
Fed^r^, sm. member ofaf deration 
— . e, kdj. confederated, allied, united 
Fee, %f. fairy, magician, gbrceress 
Vitr, va. fo enchant, charm 

Feindre, va. to feign, dissenMe,di^tise 
—, vn. to scruf^e, hesitate, limp 
Feint, e, adj. feigned, dissembling 
Feinte, sf. ^eint, disguise, dissimulatior. 
FeintJse, »:. feint, act lif dissembling 
Feldspath, imiftildspar, hard granite 
F«ie, sf. pipe far blowing glass 
F6Ier, va. to crack, split {tior 

Felicitation, gf, felicitation, congratula 
F^licit^, tX. felicity, bliss, hapjnness 
F^lidter, viutojblicitate, congtatutate 
se —, vr. to applaud, congratulate 
F^lon, ne, tmt.Jblon, thief, rebel, traitor 
—, ne, adj. felonious, cruel, inhuman, 

rebellious, wicked, pei^ioue 
F^lonie, sf. filony, rebellion, treason 
F^Iouque,!lucca, smalt open-boat 
Ffeluroj sf. cfaek, chink 
Kemelle, sf. et adj. femoie 
K^minin, e, adj.^mtntne, soft, tender 
Feminiser,va. to makefhninine, delicate 
Fern me, sf. woman, wife 

— de charge, housekeeper 
,Femmel(;tte, sf. small weak woman 
Femoral, e, adj. belonging to the thigh 
F^mur, sm, the thigh-bone 
Fenaison, sf. hay-harvest \ 
Fendant, sm. cutting blowf fidre le — , 

to bully, assume l>oldness 
Fendeur, sm. cleaver, splitter 

— de naseaux, bull^, quarrelsome fellow 
Fend re, va. to cleave, split, crdck 

— ks airs, to skim through the air 

— la presse, to squeeze thivugh the crowd 

— le ventre, to rip up 

se — , vr. to break euunder. rend 

Fending, e/adj. cracked, split 

se Fendiller;vr. to chap, erode, split 

V6ne, sf. See Faine 

Fendtre, sf. uHndow ; 11 faut passer par 

Ik ou par la — , there is no other way 

Fenil, sm. hay-loft 

Fenouil , sm. fennel, a plan t lopp/e 
Fenouillette, sf. fennel-water, a kind of 
Fente, sf. deft, think, slit, crack, crevice 
F^odal, e, tuAj. feudal 
F^odalit^, if. feudality, fiiudal farm 
Fer. sm. iron, sword, sabre, dagger 

— k cheval, horse-shoe 

— doux, malleable iron 

— algre, cast-inm 

— a friser, curling-irons 

— d'unc lance, head ^a ; 

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Pen, sm. pLfgttert, «kain$t aUnerp 
Fer blanc, am. tin, iron tinned over 
FerbUntier, sm. tinman 
Vina), e, adj. Jtriai, rdatingto all da^ 

but Sunday 
FWr, va- to strike ; sans ooap — , with- 
out strikinff a blow [»fiip 
Ferlt^t, sm. act offurlinr the eaile qfa 
Ferler. va. to furl the eaile of a ehip 
Fermage, sm. rent otafiirm 
Fermant, e, adj. chudnfr, ehuttinff,' k 
jour — , at the dote of day i k portcs 
-— es, at the shuttintr qffhe gates 
Ferme, af.fiwm, manor 
—t aAyfirm, ttable, tteadif, reaolvte 
—, tidv.firmlift reaolutO^t obetinately 
Fermemrtit, vAy. firmly, 8trongly,ttead- 

Uy, constantlff, immovably 
Ferment, sm./erment, ebullition, tumult 
Fermentatif, ive, a.Aj. /^mentative 
Fermentation, tf. fermentation 
Fermenter, va. to ferment, excite tefer- 

nal motion, to work, ^erveace 
Farmer, va^ to ehut, atop, close 

— kla clef, to lock with a key 

— la maio, to clinch ona^afiat 

«~ la porte ftu verrou, to bolt the door 

— une ville de murailles, to wall a town 

— ]a. pone auz abus, to prevent abuaee 

— les rideaux, to draw the curtaine 

— la boucbe, to impoae tilenee 

— les yetix k quelqu'un, to doae the eyee 
of a dying friend 

—, vn. to aoae up 

se — , vr. to ahut up oneeeif 

FenneT^, tf.Jirmneaa, hardneae, aolUUty, 

eonatanqf, courage 
Fennecure, sS. faetening, bolt, bar 

— d'une boutique, ahuttera qfa ahop 
Fermier, sm.ftn-mer 

—, i6re, st./brmei'a wife 

Ft rmoir, sni. daap 

Ferwe, luii. fh-ocioua, fierce, aavage 

F^rocit^. tU ferocity, aavageneaa 

Ferrail • 6, at. old iron 

Ferrailler, vn. to fisnce, tilt, wrangle, 

fight badly with a aword 
Ferrailleur, sm. tilter, quarretaome or 

fighting fellow, dealer in old iron 
Ferranc, aiij. pertaining to horaeahoe- 

ing; maJr^hvX—, farrier 
Ferr^ e^ adj. ahod, bound with iron ,• 

chemin — , railway 
Ferrer, va. to bind with iron, strengthen, 

arm, at fit ftp with iron 

— un chevHl, to ahne a horae 

— k glace, to rough-shoe a horae 

— la mule, to cheat one 
Ferret, sm. tagfiir a lace 
Ferreur, euse, smf. tagger of laces 
FerronDeriCf sf. iron-warehouae 
Kerronnier, i^re, smf. ironmonger 
Fcmigiheux, eu9r,adj.y!frrmitnotM,par- 

Ferrore. sf. iron work 
Fertile, bA^. fertile, produetioe^firuHM 
>erti]cmene, adv.fruitfirily 
' ^fsrtUisOng 

Fertilisatioo« aC.oct liffi 

Fertiliser, va. tpMtUize, makefi^ritfkd 

Fertility, sL fertility, fruitfiUneaa 
Ferule, sf. ferula, instrument fitr ptm" 

iahing children at school 
Fervemment, adv. fervently, arden^ 
Fervent, e, arij. fikvent, ardent, earnest 
Ferveur, af. fervency, jirtfour, turdoyr 
F«sse, tf. buttock, hmd-part, rump 
—a, pi. tuika 

Fesse-cahier, sm. hackney-writer 
Fesse-mathieu, sm. uattrer, miaer 
Fess^, sf. ac^offtogging, whipping 
Fesser, va. toftog, whip 
Fesseur, euse, smtfiogger, whippet 
Fessier, sm. breech^ buttocks, bnck-part 
Festin, »m./eaat, banquet, faatival 
Festivity, at. festivity, gttiety, mirth 
Feston, tni.featoi<n, giirlanii, wreath 
Ffsionner, va. tofaatoim, acoUop 
F6re, sf. feast, festival, holiday 

— Dieu, Corpus Christi day 

— des morts, All Situls day 
— s du palais, vacation-time 

Fdter, va. to keen holiday, to weleomg 
K^tide, ad^^fetia, stinking, runeid ' 
Fdtiditd, at. fetidness, stevch 
F*^tu, sm. straw, mote,rush,fig 
F^ius, axn. foBlus, embryo 
Feu, am. fire, light, fiame, sjpark, heat, 
passion, anger, ardour, brtakness; un 
— , set of fire-irons i un — d'artiAce, 
fire-work i un coup de — , a gunshot: 
chambre k~,a room with a cliimneyt 
j'en mettrais ma maip au — , J would 
ventttre my life upon it; jettr de rhuile 
dans le — , to aggravate, excite, irri- 
tate i altlser le — , to stir the fire 

— sur les cdtes, lighted beacon 

— du ciel, thunder and lightning 

— de jdie, bonfire 

— follet. Wilt o'^ the- fF,isp, fiery vapoaw 
KT^Keois, wildfire 

— Saint Elme, ignis fatuue 

— de paille, sudden blaze 
Feu, e, adj. late, deceased 
Fcudataire, sm. feudatory, vassal 
FeuHiste, sm. et adj. feudist, writer on 

fitud* or tenures 
Feuillaxe, sva. fiiliafte, leaves of a tree 
Feuillantine, sf. ptttf-puatry 
Feuille, sf. leaf, blade, aheet, foiluaed 

for lodkinfi-giasKa or p/reciout atonee 

— d'impressioii, prnofaheet 

— roorte, dead or faded leaf 

— volante, loose sheet, pamphlet, fiyAeaf 
— s, pi. fidiage; k la chute dts — s, in 

autumn ; via de drux — s, loine two 

years old 
Fcuilld, e, adj. leemed, leafy 
Feu il ) ^, sf. bower, arbour, shady retreat 
Feuiller, vn. to draw the teavea 
Feuiller, am. foliage 
Feuillft, sm. leaf of a book 
Fenillctage, sm. pi^ffpaste 
Feuilleter, va. to turn over the leavee af 

a book, prruae cursoriiy or haatUy 

— la pAte, to makf pt^ paste 
FeuiUetoD, sm. smM lea^ or ivory ftn^ 

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Fbdllette, sf. haif-hogthmd 
Feuilla, e> adj. leafy t full of leaves 
Feutrai?e, sm. act -of felting, uniting 

etmS^without weaving [hats 

■ Feutre, sm. felt, MtvW used in making 
Feutrer, va. to felt, thiite cloth or gttfff' 

wUhout weaving 
Feutrler, sm. manufiicturer of felt 
Faulnkre, »t felt-cloth 
Vkve, sf. bean 
-r- tie cat^, eqffbe bean 

— d'Espaane, scarlet bean 

— de haricot, French bean 

— de marais, Windsor bean 
F6verole; sfc horse bean, dried bean 
F^vrier, sm, February 

• Fi, vaX£r}.f)ft'fyupon! fyfixrthamel 
Fiacrt', 803. hackney-coach 
Fianpailles, sf. pi. act of betrothing 
Fianc^, e, niif. bridegroom, bride 
Fiancer, va. to betroth, qffiimee 
Fibre, Bt^re, filament 
Fibreux, euse, BiAj.fUtrous, stringy 
Fibril Je, sf. fibril, small slender fibre 
Ficeler, va. (o tie or bind with pack- 
9\fx\\e,%i. 'packthread, cord {thread 
Ficelleurt euse, smf. packer 
Ficellier, «n. packthread-reel ' 
Fichant, e; adj. darting," c'est— , that is- 

very annoywg. His a pity 
Fiche, 8f. hook for hinges, counter or 
fish at cards Ithmst in 

Ficher, va. <o stick, fasten, fix, dritte, or 

— malheur, to bring bad luck [carefof 
se — de, vr. to lattf^ ed one you do not 
Fichet, sm. smalt woodeu or ivory peg 
Ficha> sm. woman's neckerchief 

Fifevre Intermirtente, intermlttmt f^vtr 
•^ iaune, ytiUkJu fever 

— iente, hectic or ^ow fever 

— maligne, malignant fever 

— pourpr^!* spotted fever 

— r^Ke, settled fever 

— scarlatine, soariet fsver 

— tieroe, tertian ague • 

— quarte. quartan ague 

— qui vient par acote, ague 
Fi^vreux, euse, adj. feverish, aguiOt 
Fi^vrotte, sf. slight fever 

Vif re, »m. fife, ^er • 
Figement, sm. act of congealing 
Figer. va. to congeal, eoagulette, curdle 
se — , vr. to thicken, congetU 
FigDoler, vn. to mince, qffect refinemt-nt 
Figue, sf, fig; faire la —, to snap the 
fingers at one, to defy, challenge, 
brave, dare; fafre la — kquelqu'unj 
to laugh and makemouOts ca one 
Figuerie, sf. fig-ground, orchard of fig- 
Figuier, sm. Jig, fig-tree [tre« 


e, iidj pitiful, sorry „awkuMrd 
' ', $uA}.fi4:titiotis, supposed ^ 

Fictif, ive, Sidj. fictive,fictitious,feigned 
Fiction, »f. fiction, faole, device, cheat, 

lie,fisigned or invented story 
Fictivement, adv.fictitiously 
Fid^icommis, im.ftf\ffment in trust 
Fid^icommissaire, sm. et Adj. fiduciary 
Fiddle, wi). faithful, loyal,true,- sincere 
— s, sm< pL the faithful, believers 
Fiddlement, adv. faithfully, sincerely 
Fid^licd, at fidelity, fniihfulness 
Fief, am, fief, tenure, fee, an estate held 

on coridition of military service 
Fieffd, e, adj. arrant, downright, mere 
Fieffer, va. to in feoff ^ surrender 
Fiel, %m.gaU, rancour, hatred, ver^m 
Fiente, %f. dung of animals, muck 
Kicnter, vn. to dung, manure 
Fler, va. to intrust, confide 
le ■—, vr. to rely upon, trust to 
Fier, idre, adj. proud, lofty, haughty 
Jn^retnent, adv. haughtily, arrogantly 
Fiert^, sf. pride, haughtiness, vanity . 
FiAvre, sf. fever ; donner la — . to put in 
a fright: I'inoertitudede I'^v^nement 
lui doime la ~-, the uncertainty of the 
event gives him great uneasiness 

— ardeiite, burning fever 

— certbrale, brain fever 

— cMode, Holetafbver 

Figurant, e, smf. 
Figoratif, tve, ad}, figurative 
Figurativement, aAv, figuratively 
Figure, sf. figure, form, shape, visage,- 
(Strange — * odd form or appeamnce ; 
faire — , to cut or make a good figure 
Figurd, e, adj. emf^matieal, symbolical 
Figur^ment, adv. figuratively • 
Figurer, va. to figure, express, repre- 
sent, typify,ime^cine, he distmguinhed 
—, vn. to mat(^, suit, rank 
Sf. — , vr. to suppose, fancy, precenceiv 
Fil, sm. thread, continuity, serie*; de 
droit — , directly; aller de — en ai- 
guille, to pass insensibly firvm orte 

— caret, rope-yam {thing to another 

— de I'eau, stream of water 

— d'un jtuoir, edge of a raeor 

— d'or ou d'argent, gold or silver wire 

— des min^ux, vein or crack in stones 

— de la bonne vierge, air threads, gossa 

— de retors, twine, twisted thread {mer 

— d'eataLttit,.wof»ted 

— d'nn discours, conne^rion of a speech 

— de la vie, eourse'oflifk 
Filage, sm. act of spinning 
Filagramme, an. yoaieiMmtrh m paper 

I Filament, sm. filament, :^bre, thread 

Filamenteux, euact adj.>!/ae«oiM 
I Filandi^re, sf. spinster, spinner 
j Fllandre8,>oMafii«roru;Mf«aert(t.' 
threads, sea weed, etrfhgy eubetanas 

Filandreuxi euse, adj. stringy,'filaeeoU' 

Filarecs, sm. rails 

Filasst , sf.>7«ur or hemp for spinning 

— de montagne* plume<duin, asbestos 
Filassier, idre, smt fia»dreseer 
Filature, sf. eottonr4wist manufisrture 
~ - - - - riu — 

File, s£ jfUe, row, rank, line ; i _ 

Fil^, e, adj. spun {a rott 

Filer, va. to spin, wiredraw 

—, vn. to file, march in a filar to run 

thit^ or ropy {said eflifUiere) I to pur 

{said of a oea) 
Filerie,i7.. ' 

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nkt, SIB. ttrintrt mf* filament, fibre ; 
petit — , reiUnUe s an beaa coup de — , 
a ffWid eateh / tenir aueiqu'un an — , 
to Irwp <m<r at bap or m euapetue 

— dewie, n/ArrtTMf , 
-- de vinaiffrc, dmp ofvineftar 

— d'ane vis, thread of a screw [a <o<i} 

— d'unc pi^dc monnaie* edging round 

— de la lan^ue, ligament 

Fileur, euse. tnif. epifmer, wire-drawer 
Filial, «• AAj.fitial, befitting a ehiid 
Filiaimrtmt adv; JUicdly, aa ba»mee a 

g^n or daufebter 
FiliAtioD, sf. filiation, deeeeiH, depend- 
ence, reiathm qf a ehiid to afiUher 
FiU^re, sf. drau^ag-piaie, eerewplate 
F\\\gAnef%m.fiiirra»e, filigree-work 
FiMe, sf. girl, mdidTiattghter / belle — , 
daughUT-inlaw or etep daughter { 
viciUe — , oM tmaid or epinater 
ri\]eue^tt. little giH 
Filleui, t, smf. godeon, god-daughter 
Filoselle, tX.fioieriik, mrt ofeoarae ailk 
Filotter, i^rr, smf. dealer in thread 
Filoq^ sm. sharper, pickpocket, thief 
Filouter, ra, to pilfer, cheat, impote on 
Filouterie, sf. act of pilfering, cheatinar 
Fils, SID. aon, bog, child t ptAt-^tgrand- 
aoni beau ^» son-m-foM'j* ilest — de 
son pktc, he ia a chip of the old block 
Fiitration, sf. filtration, actofatraining 
Filtre. am. filter, atrainer, percolator 
— , ii6}» filtered, percolated, atrained 
Filtrer, \'a. to filter, atrain, percolate 
Fiture, sf. aatofapinning, wiredrawing 
Fin» wf» end, eonduaion, termination, 
aeope, intention, tendency, aim, pur- 
poeep deeign'f telle vie, telle —« aa 
thev live an they dies k ia — , adv. at 
laat, at length 
—, sm. nutin point, the cream or beat of 
tha Joke, quinteaaenee of anything,' 
fiure le — d'une chose, to earryitcunr 

—, e, adj. fine, tMn, dear, refined, pure, 

true* perf^t, right, cunning, aharp 
— contiv ~> diamrmd cut diamond 
Finale, *f. finale, the cloae, the laat piece 
Final, e, iii. final, laat, eonduaive 
FinaUxnent, iuiv, finally, lastly « 
Finance, vi.finat'ce, caah, ready money 
—9, pl.finaneea, eahiquer, treaaure 
Finanoer, va. to pay or procure money 
Financier, am. financier, monied man 
Fiunasserie* sf. er«^fi, low cunning 
Fmasscvr, eu«e, smf. artful or aly person 
Finaud, e, adj. art^ in trlfiing matters 
Fin«neBta adv. finely, beautifully, deli- 

eatekft cunningkf, ingenioualy 
Finene, sf. fineaae, artifice, atraXagem, 

ingenuity, ddUxwy, wU, cunning 
-H» da n^KOce, pL mysteriea ^f trade 
—a d'une latij^ue, nieeriss of a language 
Tinex, te, smf. auirtle or aiy person 
>■, te» adj» aly, aubtie, artfiih cunning 
Tun, am. thefiniA, laat atroke, ending 
—, e, tud^finiahed, perjtot, done, ended t 

voil4 qui eit->,iM» mora 4/<A«if ■ 

Finimene, sm. highfiniahtng^apmtmm 
Finir, va. tofiniah, end, terminate 
Finiaseur, tm^finiMher 
Fiole, sf. vial or phial, email bottle 
Fion, am. the finishing touch 
Firroamcot, sm. firmament, sky 
Fisc, sm. exchequer, public treaawjf 
Fiscal, tm. fiacfil, treasurer, revenue 
— , e, a4j' pertaining to the treasury 
Fissure, »t. fissure, cleft, crack 
Fistule, ^.fistula, deep narrowulcer 
Fistuleux, euse, Sf\'). fistulous 
Fixation, sm.>ua/ir/», stability ,fimm9aa 
Fixe, sAj. fixed, ateady, aettled 
Fixeinent, tiAv.fixetUp, steadfiutly 
Fixer, va. to fix, make firm or aura, ap- 
point, settle, establish 
56 — , vr. to be fixed or settled 
Fixit^, ii. fixity, coherence of parts 
Flacon, tm. fingon, decanter, smelling- 
FlageUacion, sf. act ofsaturging ibottte 
Flageller,va' tofiairellate, scourge, whip 
Flageolet, saufiageolet, pipe iupon 
Flagorner. vn. to flatter meanly, fitwn 
Flagornerie, sf. selfiHtereatetlfiattery 
FlaKorneur, euse, smf. pickthank, syco- 
phant, parasite 
Flagrant, e, sAj.fiafirant, notorious/ £tie 
pris en — d^lit, to be caught in the ott 
Flair, am. scent, power ofsnielHng, sniu 

of hunting-dogs 
FUirsr, va. to seen t or smell out, perceive 
Flaireur, sm. parasite, spunger 
Flamand, e, adj. Flemish 
Flaii»bant, e, arij. blazing, flaming 
Flambart, sm. lambent flame 
Flambe, sf. yellow waterfiag, a flower- 
Flamb^, e, hij.- fiaming, ruined, ktsti 

il est — , he is undone 
Flambeau, sm. flambeau, link, torcK, 
candlei candlestick, light, firebrenO' 

— de la raison, lifcht of reason 
Flamber, va. to singe, baste 

— , vn. to blaze, fidme, burn dear 
Flairiberge, sf. rapier, switrd 
Flamboyant, e, adj. glistening, shining, 

bright, briUiant, sparkling, bkizing 
Flamtiojrer, glisten, sparkle, shme 
Flamme, sf. fiame, blaze, glow, tore, 

nassionf brfiller d'une secrete — , to 

ourn with a secret passion i jettr fm 

«C — . to fret andfufM 

— d'ordre, ship's pendant 
FlammMie, sf. spark 

Flan, sm. custard, metal piat^ 

Flano, tm, flank, aider se battre les — s, 

to beat triwut, make great ef/^rta- 
F\anAm\^sm. long-backed fellow 
Flanelle, at. flannel 
Fl&ner, va. to lounge, loiter, linger 
FlAneur, euse, smf. i-nfirr, loiterer % idlet 
Flanquant, e, sAl-finnking 
Flanquer, va. tofumk, stren/eHten 

— un soofHet, to give a slap en the ear 
se~, vr. to intrude vneself 

Flaque, tf. puddle, small marsh, awamj^ 
Flaquee, sf. <fa«A or splash ctf water 
Flaquer, va. to ^laA or daahasm t er • 

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Ftauuc, sf.>f<Mfc, pouMitfr^om 
— , mii.Jbint,Jlabbtf»fBebie, languid 
in«tter, va. to Jkuter, raise Jbhe hopa, 
e€treM,MOthe with ftraite* enfole 

— I'oreille, to. tickle the ear 

— le d^, to glide the dice, to nUnce the 

— sa doiileur, to soothe one's ^rief 

— - deft d^plaisirs, to appease displeasure 
ae — , vr. to flatter oneselA hope, expect 
Fl«tterie» st. flattery, adulation, act of 

bestowing false pnuse^fawning 
FUuteur, tune, smt.fleOterer, fawner 
— , euse, w\}. flattering, obse^ious 
Fl^teusementr sdv. flatteringly 
Flacueux, eune, ad}.flatulent, windy 
Flatuosite, if. fulness of air, windiness 
Flavescent, e, adj. yellowish 
Fl^u, sm. scourge, plague, famine, 

flaU, beam of a balance 
Flecbe, cf. arrow, dart, javelin, point 

of a backgammon table, spire of a 

church, beam of a coach 
.— de ItLtfi, flitch of bacon 
— s. nl. fan-sticks 
Flechir, va. to bend, soften, obey, move, 

appease, subdue, prevail with 
— , va, to relent, bow, submit, buckle to 
Fl6chiauLh\e, adj. flexible, pliant, yield- 
ing, that may be bent, tractable 
. n^-hissement, sm. act of bendittg the 

knee, gentfflexion 
Fl^bisseur, too. flexor musde 
Flegmagogue, adj. relating to phlegm 
FlegmaKie, sf. local Oiflammation <{ff'ect- 

ing the skin 
;Flegauiuque, smf. serious or dull person 
— , adj. phlegmatic, grave, cold, dull 
Tlegme, sm. phlegm, gravity, patience, 

coolness, moderation, good temper 
Fleigmon, stn. phlegmon, an inflamed 

iFkq^moneux, euse» adj. phlatmonou*, 

inflammatory, burning [mer 

•Flertoir ou Fiestoir* tm. chisellinmham- 
Fi^trir, va. to fade, dry up, blemish, 

brand, dishonour, stain, disgrace 
-se — , vr. to wither, tarnish, doeay 
Fl^trissure, sf. stain, reproach, blemish, 

act of fading or withering away 
!Fleur, sf. flower, blossom, bloom, lustre, 

brightness, choOee, sdectlon, prime 

— de f&nne, fine flour 

^, adv. close to, near the edge t k^ 
d'eau, bfitwixt wind and waters k — 
de terrev even with the ground 

'Fleuraisnn, sf. blowing time of flowers 

Fleur-de-lis, sf. flower-de-luce, the but- 
bous or flowering plant iris 

>Fleur-de-li86» e, adj. adorned with the 

Fleurdelis«r, va. to adorn or deck with 
flower-deluce, to brand a erUmini^ 

Fieunr, vn. to smell fragrantly, exhale, 
send forth a perfume, to promise well 

rieuret, itn.fencing-/bil,flos silk, ferret 

jFleurette, tf. floweret, mall flower 

%>s, fL flattering expreetions 

Fkttri, e, adj. blossomed, rudd^ JhHds 
style — , flowery st^f tdnt->-»MooNi- 
ing complexion 
Fleurir, vn. toblossom, flourish, hi t om , 

hlow^ to be flourishing, prospereieta 
FleurissantfC, adj. blooming,flomr%siung 
Flcuriste, wntfloriiA,floiwercuUi»ater 
—» ad}» floral, relating toflmoes* 
Fleuron, am. flowernvork, ornament ; 
c'est le plus beau — de aa oouronne, 
it is the brightest gem in hi» eresv n 
Fleuve* sm. river, largi river 
Flexibility, ti. flexibility, jOUmey 
Fle&ibie, sA}. flexible, pliant, pieltUstff 
Flexion, tf, flexion, act ofberuHng 
Fiexueux, ease, aidi.flexuous, ttHttding, 
bending, wavering [being eaeU» bent 
Flexuosite, ni. fleHbilUy, the qmUi^ nf 
Flibustier, sm. buceeeneer, frethooitar 
Flocon, %m. flake, Uxyer, lock of hair 
Floconneux, euse, adj. resenMing flakes 
Floruson, af. budding-time 
Floral, e, adj. floral, relating to JUnoere 
Flordal, am. the eighth month in the 

Frendk republican kaiendar 
Florence, am. taffeta, kind of thin xiik 
Florin, inuflorin, Dutch or GoitmoH «Dtn 
Florir, vn. to flourish, used in a flg ^§ r a- 

tive sense only 
Florissant, e, ad}, flourishing, thriving 
Flot, sm. billow, wave, surge, fidm, raft 
Flottable, adj. -floating, swimming on 

the surface, buoyant 
Floitage, sm. buoyaw^,floatintrti)miber 
Flottant, e, adj. floating, watminfr 
Hotte, st fleets --«, pi. net^eorh^oats 
Flott^, e, adj. buoyant, floating 
Flottement, sm. undulation, waving 

motion cfan army 
Flotter, vn. to float, buoy tip, baleme^ 

fluctuate, hesitate, be irreeohtte 
FlotiUe, ttflotUla, squadron ofshipe 
Fluctuation, ^fluctuation, irrmoiu ti on 
Fiuctueux, euse, adj. fluetueUing, agi- 
tated, boisterous,uncertain, tvaverSig 
Fluer, vn. to flow, run, secrHe 

— et refluer, to ebb and flow 

Fluet, te, adj. puny, tender, meagra 
Fluide, am. fluid, flowing body, UqaHd 
— -I ad\. fluent, liquid, flowing, eopioste 
Fluidity, sf. fluidity, quality nf flosoing 
Fiate, af. flute, small ship \raadiiy 

—•, pU spindle-shanks ; ajuster aes —» 

to prepare for an enterprise 
FIAk, e, adj. soft, sweet, hamumiems 
FlAter, vn. to pipe, play on the flute 
FlAteur, am. piper 
Fluvial, e, adj. relating to rivers 
Fluit,am,flux,floed, Hde, aetofflttuing 

— de ventre, laxity, laxness, looseness 

— d'uiine, diabetes, ^excessive diechewge 

— de bouctie,>loe9 of words [o/urmc 

— de larmesk copious flow of tears 
Fluxion, tf, fluxion, the act offloufingi 

defluxion, rheum, inflammaikm 
Fluxionnaire, axii' rheunuUie 
Foe, Bm.it6, staysail 

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FocMw wm. /hew, eenire 
fatbBo, MD. fiatuf, endnyo 
Fai, A JhUh, eredii, belief, tettimtmp, 
jiWii^r, proof i bonne — , plain deal- 
iBff, henettp; OMUvaiae —, falsehood, 
dMtonertpf agir dm bonne — « to act 
fmH^s doniMT la — , to pledgo ontf* 

vior^s n'Avoirni — niloi^to " 

no Uker taw nor ffOHpei • de 
adr. oine e rel^, fruip 

Fdhte) im. Sse FUbte 

Foie, am. <A« /ttwr 

Foin, am. hop, dried gvau t meule de —, 
hOtttaeUf boctcde>-, 6oMtf orftwfitfto 
of hap i obercher une aiguille dans une 
booe de — , to look for a noodle in a 
htj^fetOfcki mectredu— daziSKsboctaa, 

Faint interj, fy upon f 

Foiie, A JMr, mart, market, loooenete, 
laaUpi dMincr la — i qudqu'on, to 

Foirer, vn. to be las, looee 

Fdunmx, euse, a4i. troubled with hoeo- 
neee ot diarrhoM 

Foi«, if. tanei une— •» oneej deux — , 
twieet trtOM ^, thrieg, three times; 
kiM—,9dv. altogether f tout 4 U—, 
aU at once / par •— , now and then ; 
une — axktant,a»muehafrain/ toutes 
les — qnetoef^ftenaef toute — >oonj. 
notwithetaading, yetf^ aU that 

Foison^'Sf. plentp, abundance i k— , adv. 


Foisonncmen^ nn. €ua of abounding 
Foistmncr, vn. to abound, inereaee 
FoU adj. See Fou 

FoiAtre, adj. piaj/ful, sportive, wanton 
FolfttRnM»ic» adv. wantonly 
Fol&trer, vn. to plap,froUe, tof, daily 
Foi tovne, •£. wanton trick, fMufulness 
FnlicMn, ne, adj. waggish, plapfUl 
Folictaonoer, \'a. to be waggMi, plemfiti 
FoUe, eL faUp, madness, insanity, im- 
prudence, rwhnese, passion t e'en sa 
^, U ie his hobby f Aire une — , to 
commit an imprudent action ; k la — , 
adv. ejtceeeiedy, madly / aimer it la — , 
to bee to distraction 
FoB^, e, aai.ft4iate, foUous, leafy, thkn, 

Folio* sou folio, a leaf or page, a theet 

tf paper folded into two leaves 
Follement, adv. madly, foolishly 
Follec, tc, adj.^M><tM, wantons poll—, 
am. 4owny beard i feu — . sm. ignis 
fietemas esprit —, am. hv^goMin 
Foilieulairet nn. pamphleteer, a writer 

^r periodical jmblieations 
—, adU relating' to the publieation qf 

periodical works 
FoUienIr, st/Mide, pod, seedvAsel 
FoUiettlcux, euw, adj. foUiculous, foUi- 

eulated, having seedwessele 
FameutMtion, »f. jiimentation 
Fomcnfecr. va. to fi>ment,cherishorbathe 
with wdhn lotions, instigate, promote 
Fooo^ wadi. mouied, rich, Oeilled, deep 

. Foncei; va. to 6oMom a cask 

, — ^»vn. to rtMA or dart upon, supply cash 

I Fonder, i^, adj. thorough, full, een^ 

plete, well sktUed in anything 
I Fonci^rement, adv. thoroughly, fuUy 
Fonction, A function, empUtyment, oe- 

cupationf <ffiee, power 
Fonctionnaire* smf. functionary, one 

Fonctionner, vn. to perform on^s duty 
FonA, sm. bottom, ground, main point, 
depth f d^jeOner ou diner k —, to 
breakfast or dine plentifully i faire 
— sur qnelqu'unt to r^ upon ones 
eouler i -> un vaisseau, to sink a shipt 
donner — , to cast anchors au -^ dan* 
• hi —tinthemain, in reality s de— en 
oomblct adv. utterly, wholly 

— du c«Bur, inmost recessea of the heart 

— d'un tableau, groundwork of a picture 

— d'un tonneau, head <tfa cank 

— d'un miroir, back of a looking-glass 

— de lit, lath or canvass bottom of a bed 

— d'un carroase, backseat of a ooadt 

— de cale, hold of a ship 
Fondamental, e, adj. fundamental 
Fondameutalement, adv.fundamentally 
Fondant, sm. dissolvent, that which haa 

power to disaolve * 

— , e, adj. dissolving, melting 
Fondateur, trice, smt. founder, fiiundress 
Fondation, sf. /iunda^ton endowment 
Fond^, e, adj. that which has a founda- 
tions 6tre — en droit, to have a just 

or righteous cause 
Fondement, sm. foundation, baxis, fun- 

dament, cause, prittciple, motive, root 
Fonder, va. tofitund, lay the foundation 

of, originate at esttMish anything 
se — , vT. to be grounded or to rest upon 
Fondene, sS, foundry • 

Fondeur, saa.ybttnder, ca^er 
Pondoir, sm. enndlemaker's workshop 
Fondis, sm. sinking of ground under a 

Fondue, va. ef vn. to melt, dissolve, turn 

liquid, aink,fitll away, tterish, rot 

— une clociie, to east a bell 

— det actions, to sell out stocks 

— la cloche, to make an end of an affair 

— en pteurs, to me// into tears 

— k vuc d'oril, tofaU away visibly 
se — , vr. to melt away, diimilve 
Fondri^re, sf. quagmire, bog 
Fonds, sm. land, soil, ground, funds 

— d'amortissement, sinking-fund 

— perdns, annuity 

Fondu, e,.adj. melted, liquid s jouerau 

cheval — , to play at leap frog 
Fonguenx, euse, »dj. funtfonx, spungy 
Fongus, sm, fungus, proud Jiesh 
Fontaine, tH.Jituntain, spring, well 
Fontunier, sm. waterbaUiff 
Foncange, sf. top-knot, tower {rasting 
Fonte, sf. oast-iron, act of melting or 
Korain, e, a4}. alien, foreign 
Forban, am. pirate, corsair, sea-robber 
Forf a{{e, am, above weight, said ofcoim 

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Porfat, tin. fftUtey-riave I 

Vorce, flf. Jbree, strength » caurafv, ftr^ \ 
tUude, power, energy, misht, con-\ 
etraintf violence, mngnanimity ; avec ; 
— t ffhcibii/, preeeingty; une maison ! 
de— , kauee ofcorrectum; k — de bras, 
fiy main Hrength; k toute — , 8<lv. 
ly ati posaible means; k — de boire, 
by hard drinking; ae —,againet one's 
will; k — , abundance, plenty 

— du boJs, sap of a tree [friends 
—I, pi. shears, farces, troops 
Force, e, nd). forced, obliged, constrained 
Forc^ment, nAv. forcibly, powerfully 
Voreexii, e, aHj. mad, furious 
Vonef»,9m.fbrceps, surgical instrument 
Forcer, va. to force, break open, compel j 

— un cheval, to over-ride a horse , 

— ttn li^vre, to hunt down a hare | 

— une clef, to bend a key ' i 

— tine serrure, to spoH a lock [sten \ 
Forclusion, af. art of debarring, eJtclu- 
Forer, va. to bore, drill, perforate 
Forestler, arrufbrester, ranger' 
Foret, «m. drill, piercer, gimlet 
Forftt, sf. fbrest, untod [fcress 
Forfaire, vii. {o Jbrfeit, trespass, tran^ 
Forfait, am. crime, transgression, fitult 
Fdrfaiture, if. forfeiture, forfeit, a fine 

■ Forfante, »m. quack, charlatan, cheat 
Forfanterie, sf. quackery, boasting 
Forjre, «f. fi>rge, smithy [the hammer 
Forgeable, adj. that may be firmed by 
JKorger, va. to form by the hammer, beat 

into shape, eounterfisit, falsify I 

— , vn. to oveiTeach, as horses' do 
m — » vr. to be whimsical, imagine . | 
Forgeron, tm. blacksmith j 

Tormtixr, iim.Jbrger, contriver, inventor 
m Formalicet, vr. to take offence | 

Formalistei sm.firmalist 
— , wAu formal, ceremonious, precise, re- 

gtuar, exact, methodical, ettemal : 
Formality, sf. formality, order, method I 
Format, cm. size of a book \ger 

Formateur, trice, smf. contriver, arran- 
Formatlon, ^./brmatlon, production 
Forme, >f. form, figure, shape, beauty, 

order, method, ceremony, long seat ; 

■ani autre — de proves, unceremoni- 

outly, without warning; pour la — , 

Jbr ftrm's sake, out of politeness, to 

keep up appearances 

— de rromagc, cheese scoop 

— de aoulier, shoemaker's last 

— de cbapeau, crown of a hat 

— de procedure, law proceeding 
Formel. le, a>\i. formal, affected, explicit 
Formellement, oAv. fyrmaily, precisely 
Former, va. to form, fuhion, construct, 

frame, make, train up, instruct 
m —, vr. to bejbrmed or meuie, be bred 
Formidablr, iiAj, formidable, dreadful, 

JHghtful, terrible, tremendous, bookoffhrms i 
fbrmule, tf. formula, prescribed Jbrm, I 

rule, model, preaeriptUm I 

Formuler, vn. to write out a yy VtiCy - 

FormuUste, »m,fbrmmist [tioo 

Fornicateur, vea.fbmient*ir 

Fornication, ttfbrnieatiitn, lewdneee 

Kornfquer, vn. to commit lewdneee 

Yon, prep, save, except, but 

Fort, sm. fitrt, fortress, stmnghold, cita- 
del, strength, main point, middle, the 
thing in which one rreels, hdeht ; 
un — de la balle, marketrpitrteri au 
— de la temp^le, a( the height of the 
storm t c'est un peu — , that ien guud 
one, it is rather surprising; esprit — , 
freethinker ; de Teau — e, aquafMit 

— d'une affaire, main point of n businett 
^ de r^t^, hottest part of the enmmer 

— de I'hiver, middle tfthe trinter 

— de la ^erre, the hf^t of the ttmr 

— dv sa colore, Me height of hie anger 

— d'uDc lance, thick jturt of a lamee 

— , e, adj. strong, stout, viinsrowt, impetu- 
ous, violent, coumgenus, thick, copi- 
ous, plentipU, skilful, clever, expert; 
vent — , htgh wtndi brnrre — , rancid 
batter; r9iUex\e —e, biti*'g J&tt ; nne 
expivtsion >-c, an emphatic expres- 
sion; que peut-on dire de plus — ? 
what can be said morn to the purpose f 

— , adv. very, xferymudi, strongly, reso- 
lutely; frapper — , to strike hard 

Fortement, aav. strongtf/, stoutly 

Fart^, adv. loud, strong {in « 

Fort^piano, »m. pkino-ftrte 

Foiterease, %Ufbrtress, cttadel {_ening 

Fortifiant, e, adj. ^rtif/ting, strength- 

Fortification, sf. fortification 

— laneg^n, field fbrtifictttion • 
Fortifier, va- to firtlf^.strengOten, eon- 
firm, corrfiborate, encourage, fix 

fe —, vr. to gather strength 
Kortin, sm. small fbrt to defend a tamp 
Forcrait, adj. exhausted {sriid of A horse) 
Fortnlt, e, aHj. /brf i«t/r«tM, casual 
Fortuitement, adv. fnrtuitoue^, aeei' 

dentally, casualty, by chance 
Fortune, sf. fortune, hazard, de s t in y, 
luck, chance, success, estate, peetion: 
courlr la — ilu |iOt, to take pet ludc; 
•e contenter de sa — , fn 6e ennttmt with 
one's condition ; il e«t I'artiaan de n 
—,heis the architect qf hi* awn fiir- 
tune; contre — bnn roeur, one should 
bear up against odoersity ; de — , adv. 
accidentally, asftrtune wuuMhave it 

— de mcr, disasters or accident* at sea 
Fortune, e, adj. fitrtu^afe, snrtm»efal 
Forum, tm. >t>i-um, Roman trHtunal 
Forure, sf. key hole, bored hole 

Fosse, sf. grave, pit, hole ; b«me — « dun- 
* geont 4tre sur le Ntrd de m — , to 

naot one foot in the grave 
FoM^, sm.^««, ditch, moat, treuek 
Foe-ette, sf. boys d»uck hitl- for pletyiniF 

marbles, dimple on the ehneM 
Fossile, sm. el nA^. fossil: stHietatteedujr 

out of the earth \grame dvkgi fur 

Foesojraxe, sm. act of dttchbs^ rvufso* 
Fowojrer, va. to eneloae with dUekee 

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Foo, Fol, Folle, «dj. mad, in 


eredMotu, imprudent,fi-antic,Ji)olish 
F<m» Moujoffl, Jester t bishop at cfteu 
FouMe, if. kind ufcdke, bun 
Fouaxe, sob. hearth-nwnty,fir&-d%f^ 
FoiulUer, va. to kuhtjtog, whip 
Foudre, sf. thunderboft 
~« aoo. large wine tun or vat 
Foadi«ianent> sm. the ac# ef striking 

with a thunderbolt 
Foudroyanc* e* adj. thunderinf(, terrible 
Foudroyaate. sf. equU>t rocket 
Foudroy*^, e» adj. etrudc bp thunder, aleo 

bjf anathema 
Foudraycr, va. to thunderttriket batfer 

unth cannon, fulminate 
— , vn* to storm, clatter, make a noise 
Fou^oe, sf. See Faine 
Fouet* im. whip, rod, whip-cord, twine; 

coup de — » lash i dotiner le — , to whip 
FoueCt^* sm. ajling, highland fiing 
— » «, adj. whipped « 

Fouetter* va. to whip, scourge, lash,fiog 

— vn- to cut (said qfthe wtnd) 
Fouetteor, eiue, txoi. /logger, whipper 
Fouger, vL «r> root out, dtg 

Fovkgaa, sm. cooking-room in a ship 
Founae* sf. heat, impetuosity, passiom 

— d%in cheval, the mettle of a horse 
FoMfftteux. euse, adj.^'j;^, hot, hasty 
Fouille, sL act oftrenohinft, raking up 
Foiuller, va. to trench, dtg, rummage, 

retouch, sink {said of painting and 
Foaioe* sf. polecat / spear to catch fish 
Fouir, va. to dig 
Fouiaaement, sin. act of digging 
Fouiaacor* «m, insect which diKS 
FouUice, im. act of fulling cloth 
FottlaBt, e, adj. pressing down 
Foular ou Foulard, -sm. silk neckcloth 
FouJfty st crowd, throng, multitude, op- 
pression s a la — » adv. in a crowd 
FouI^eSf sf. pi. traces left by wild beeuts 
Fooler* va. to tread, trample ont cruth . 

— lA vendanKC, to press the grapes 
Foulerie* %L fuller y, hatter's workshop 
Fooleur, nm. fuller, wine presser 
YoaUsix^vn. instrument usedas rammer 

and eponge for cannon ; hatter's tool 
FouloiiCr u. hatter's working-board 
Foulon, am. fuller s ierrek—, fuller's 

earth; taoaUn k —, fuller's mill 
Foulonnier» sm. one who prepares the 

eloth for the fuller 
Foalure* sL strain, contusion, sprain 
— ■» pL thefoiUng of a stag 
Four, am. openf lieu oil est le — , bake" 

house ; /aire cuire au — , va. to bake 

— a biique, 4 chaux, ou k pl&tre, brick, 
timet or parget kiln 

Fourl>e« smt cheat, double-dealer, trick 
— , adj. cheating, deceitful, crafty 
Fourber. va. to cheat, gull, deceive 
FoorlMrief tf. cheat f imposture, delusion 
Fourblrjtva. toJurUsh, clean, brighten 

FourUsKur, sm. furnisher, swordeutttf 
FoyrbiHUie, sf. act of furbishing 
Fosirbu, e» uAs^fbundisred (said of horses) 
Fourbuie, sf. act of foundering 
Fourcbe, AJbrk^ piteh/brk 
-4 pacibuliOres, gibbet 
Fourch^, e, adj. forked, cloven, split 
Fourcber, vn. to grow forked ,• ^es d»- 

veux commencent kae—, vr. his hair 

begins to split 
Fourchette. sf. Jbrk, table-fork, tittle 

pitch/brki rest for a musket 
Fourchon, sm. prong of a fork 
Fourchu, e, tdj, forked, cloven, cross 
Fourgon* sm. wagon, wain ; poker 
Fourgonner* va. to stir the fire, poke 
Fourmi, sf. ant, pismire 
Kourmili^re* sf. ant-htH, swarm, throng . 
Fourmi-lion, sm. arU-lion 
Fourmilleraent, sm. tingling sensation 
Fourmiller, va. to swarm or abound 
Fournaise, »f. furnace, kiln 
Fourncau. sm. stove, kiln,- small minsi 

bowl of a tobacco-pipe 
Fourn^, sf batch of bread, ove^fut 
Fouinette, sf. small stove 
Fourni, e, adj./Mrnu/ied, supplied 
Foumier, e, smf. baker, coutitry baker 
Foiirni], sm. bakehouse 
Fourniment, sm. powder horn or flask ' 
Foumir, va. to fumtsh, garnish, fit asA 

— la carri^re, to run the race 

—, vn. to serve the turn, hold out 
Fournisaement, sm. ^are in a business 
Fournisseuri am. provider, contractor 
Fourniture* sf. act of furnishing, pro^ 
viding, supplying; vrovision 

— de salade* sweet herbs 
Fourrage, sm. forage, straw, hay 
Fourrager* va. to ravage, spoil 
—, vjn. to forage 
Fourrageur, aaujbrages 

Fourr^, e, adj. furred: paix — -e, peace 

suddenly made; pi^ce d'or — e, piece 

of money plated i langue —e, nea^e 

tongue; fsy* -^, woody country 

Fourreau, am. case, child's frock, s^ath, 

cover, scabbard, holster, gown 
Fourrer, va. tq thrust in, introduce, give 

privately, insert, fbist in 
se — , vr. to intrtdde oneself; engage 
Fourreur, sm. /wirier, skinner 
Fourrier, sm. harbinger, quartermaster 
Fourri^re, sf. wood^fard; mettre en — » 
va. to seize a hor^efor debt, impound 
Fourrure, sf. Huffing, fur, fUr-lining, 

furred gown or robe 
Fourvoiement, sm. act qf going astray 
Fourvoyer, va. to mislead 
se — , vr. to go out of one's way, err 
Foyer, am. fireside, hearth, heat, focus, 
tiring-room, green-room, lighthouse 
-r-s, pL house, habitation 
Frac ou Fraque, sm. ^frock-coat 
Fracas, sm. a-ash, crack, clatter, noise 
Fracass^, e, adj. broken, shivered 
Fracasser* va. to break in pieces, shatter 
Fiacdon, »f. fraction, act of breaking 

Digitized by <^OOgie 




ffhtetionnaire, wi^.fi-aetional i 

Vifictlonner,va. toredttcetoaliqUiftpcu-ts 
Wnetxae,%f.ff€u:ture, rupture, breach I 
Fnctur^, e, adj. broJc^, fractured 
Pragile, wij./rofrile, frail, brittle, weak 
FnLgi]iU,a£. fragility, frailtv, weaknest 
Vngvaeat, %m. fragment, piece, 9crap 
Fru, am. spawn qffish, young fish 
Fralcbement, adv. coolly, lately, newly 
Fralc^eur, qf. coolness, freahnese 

— do fleurs, Uoom 

Fralcbir, vii. to freshen j le vent tnX- 
chit, the wind freshens 

IMrie, 8f. a merry-making 

Wna.%, uehe,adj. cool,fresh, recent, new; 
hareng —, fresh herring t oeufs — , 
new laid eggs; argent — , money 
newly received t vent — , fresh gale: 
pain — , new bread; temps — , cool 
weather; tAnt —, fair compiexitm 

~ , adv. newly, coolly 

— , am. cool, coolness, fresh air 

— •, pi. charjres,expensfs, cost, ditAurw- 
ments; umx —, incidental expenses ; 
tous — faits, clear of all charges; k 
grands — , very expensivly ; recom- 
mencer «ur non veau — , to begin afresh 

Wnix, tt. strawberry, rtijf, drUl 

— de boia, wood-strawberry 

— de veau, calfs pluck , 
Ftmlaer, va. to plait, countersink, drill 

— de la pftte^ to knead or work dough 

— des ffeves, to blanch beans 
Fralaette, sf. small ruff 
Fraisler, am. strawberry plant 
Fraisil, am. coal-cinders, charcoal dust 
Framboise, sf. raspberry 
F^amboiser, va. to give a raspberry taste 
FtamboiaieT) sm. raspberry-bush 
Fnmc, 9m. franc, livre, piece of French 

money worth about ninepence half- 
penny En^^ish 

->-, che» adj. frank, true, open, sincere, 
candid, free; homme--, dotjimright 
person; roeur — , open heart; vaia 
seau -- d'eau, a ship free of water; 
avoir part — che, to get share of any- 
thing without being at expense 

— de port, post-paid 

— arbitre,yVtfe-ti;i// 

— menteur, arrant liar 

— che v^te. naked truth 
— , aAv. freely, plainly, entirely 
Flnufaia, e, adj. French 
—, tmf. native of France; k la — e, adv. 

t^fter the French fashion 

Franchement, adv. frankly, freely, sin- 
cerely, plainly, openly, liberally 

Fhinchir, va. to leap over, pass across 

— des difficult^, to surmount obstacles 

— les llmites, to go beyond bounds . 
Franchisaable, adj. anything that may 

be crossed or leaped over 

FimQchiie, sC franchise, exemption, im- 
munity, freedom, privilege, right 

Frandaer, va. to Frenchify 

se— , vr. to adopt French manners 

Fhuic-mapoD, sm. freemamm 

Franc-ma^omierie, sf free-mamMirg 
F rancolin, sm. heath-cock, pout 
Franc-parler, sm. liberty ofspee^ 
Frangc, sf. fringe, trimmittg, tontSsTt 

edge, margin 
Frange, e, adj. frjnged,fringy 
Franker, va. to fringe, trim 
Frangrr, Frangier, tm. fringe-fnnker 
Franque (langue), adj. lingua-Franea, 
a language compiuiett of French, Ita- 
lian, and SpaniOi, used in the Levctnt 
Franquette ik la), adv. frankly, openly , 

plainly, stnceiely, simply 
Frappant,'e, adj. striking,f^eeHng,9ur^ 

prising, astonishing 
Frappe, sf. stamp, act of stamping 
Frapp^, «, adj. struck, stamped, iced 
-— d etonnemi^nt, amazed, astonished 

— de mort, afJUcted with mortntdieeaee 
Frappement, am. act of striking, le — du 

rocher par Moise, Moites smiting^ the 

— de mains, trapping of hands \rocit 
Frap()er,va. to strike, smite fk)ioek, beat^ 

make an impression, astonieh, eur- 
prise, move, affect, vlap, hit, coin 

— dans la main, to lihake hands 
Frappeur, etiw, smf- one u/ho strikee 
Fr»/»ue ou Frac, sm. cttat, frock coat 
Frasque, sf. fivlic, pronk, mad triOf 

Frtlternel, le, wij. fraternal, br&therfy 
Fratcmellement, adv. fraterfaitff 
Fraterniaer, vn. to fraternize, live in a 

brotherly and l&eing manner 
Fraternity, sf. fraternity, brotherhood^ 

society, union, brotherly love 
Fratricide, tm. .ftvtricide 
Fraude, tf. fraud, deceit, impostttre 
Frauder, va. to defraud, cheat 

— les droits, to smuggle 
Fraudeur, euse, »mf, d^finud^, cheat 
•— de douane, smuggler [deeelt/itlly 
Fraud uleusement, adv. fraudulently, 

,Frauduleux,euse, n.6]. fraudulent [pense 
''Frafant, e, adj. occdsioning nnteh ex- 
Fr&yi, e, adj. marked out, paved t un 

diemin — , beaten track 
Frajrer, va. to open, show, cut, mark 

out, rub (urainst, ^epare, graze 
—, vn. to spawn, said ofiishes » 
Frayeur, tf. fright, dread, fear, terror 
Fredaine, sf. prank, fn^c, fooliehness 
Fredon, sm. trUl, quaver, shake, hum 
Fredonnement, sm. act of trilling, quor 

vering, shaking, or humming 
Fredonner, va. et vn. to trillt quaver, 

shake, hum 
Fr^ate, sf. frigate, sea-swallow 
Frein, sm. bit, bridle, curb, chedk 
^Frelater, Va. to adulterate, sophistleate 
Frelat4, e, adj. adulteratrd, corrupted 
Frelaterie, sf. adulteration 
Fr61e, sAj. frail, fi-agUe, brittle 

— comme un roseau, weak as a maA 
Frelon. sm. hornet, drone, sort cfwcup 
Freluche, sf. ti^ft, tassel 

Frela<}uet, sm. prig, coxcomb, puppif 
Ft^mir, vn. to shudder, tremble, quakt 
— > dc colore, to shake wUh ang^r 

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FrAsiiMcment, sm. imitation, act af 
Juddering, trembling 

— de la nier, roaring of the tea 
FrAott, sm. a^i-tree 
Kreo^ie. %Ufrenzift madnen 
Fr^ndtique, ad}. frenetiCf frantic, mad 
Fr^uem{n«nt, hAv. frequently, <^en 
Fr^uence, tf. frequency, often repeated 

— du pouls, qwcknees of the pulse 
Frequent, e, aA'y frequent, often done 
Fr^ueotatif, sm. frt^menUitlme 

— , ve, adj. denoting frequency 
Fr^uentation* s£ act ofreebrting to 
Fr&)uent^ e, adj. frequented, much re- 

Fr&iucnter, va. to frequent, vitit t(ften, 

h€Ute intercourse with 
—, viv to reetfrt frequently to a place 
Fr^re, tm. brother, friar, numk 

— de Uiit, faster-brother 

— s juxneaux, pi. twin-brothers 
Fresque, sf. Jresco, coolness, shade, 

painting on fresh plaster 
Freuure, sf. plude, purtenanee 

— de veau, calf* P^uck 

— de oocboDj, hogs harslet 

Fret, sm. freight, hire or lading q/'o ship 
Fr^cement, stn. act offreightimc a ship 
Fr6u!T, va. to freight, load a ship 
Fr^teur, vm. freighter 
Fretillant, t, »dj. frisking, fluttering 
Fr^ciHement, sm. act of frisking 
Fr^tiller, va. to frisk, flutter, leap, skip 
Fretin, sm. fry, young fish, trash 
Frette, si. ferrule, cramp, iron-hoop 
Freux« sm. kind of crow, rook 
FruU^t^. s£ friubUity, the quality q/* 

beirtg ecuUy reduced to powder 
Friable, adj. friable, easily crumbled 
Friimdy e, ailj. dainty, nice, delicate 

— de Umangea, greedy of praise 

— de nouvA\t!f, fond ofnewf. 
— , ami. person fond of dainties, epicure 
Friandise, sf. dainty, delicacy 

— s, pi. dainties, titbits, sweetmeats 
Fiioandeau, sm. stewed veal 
Fricaas^, U.frieassee 
Frica»er, va. to make a fricassee 

— des pOulets, to stew chickens 

— son argent, to squander one's money 
Fricasaeor, sm. bad cook 

Friefae. tt untUled land, heath 
Fricoc, sm. sort of stew, ready made dish 
Fticoter, va. to eat abundantly 
Friccioa, sS. friction, effect of rubbing 
Frktionner, vm. to ruo 
Frisidit^, si. frigidity f coldness, dulness 
Frigorific, adj. frigorific, causing aUd 
FrU^«,«use, adj. chUly, sensible of cold 
Frimairc, sm. the third autumnal month 

of the French republican year 
FrioE^s, sm. rime, hoar-frost 
Frime, sf. show, mere pretence 
TA^gaat, e, 1S4. gameaome, airy, brisk 
Fringuer, va. tojrisk, skip, 
— un verre, to wash and rinse a glass 
Friper. va. to fumble, spoU, rumple 
Fnpa&h A broker^e trade, old chthei 

Fripier, e, •mt broker, dealer in old 

— d'^ciits, plagiarist {clothet 
Fripon, ne, sint'. knave, rogue, Oteat 
—, ne, ad), dishonest, knaoish, roguish 
Friponneau, sm. little rogue 
Friponner, va. to cheat, pUjkr, swindie 
— , vn. to cheat at cards 
Friponnerie, sf. knavish trick, roguery 
Friie, va. tofrjf, squander 

Frise, sf. frieze, a term in ornamental 

architecture, citarse woollen cloth 
Friser, va. to curl, crifp, fizzle, grase 

— du drap, to nap doth 

—', vn. to curl, turn crumpled 
Friseur, euse, smf. person who curls hair 

or naps cloth 
Friaotter, va. to frizzle, crisp, curt 
Frisquette, sX.frisket, in printing 
Frlsion, sm. shivering, cold fit, quaking 
Frisonnement, sm. feverish nhivering • 
Fricure,sf. act of frying Jnedfisfi or meat 
Frivole, adj. frivolous, vain, futile 
Frivolity, nf. frivolity, trifiitifcness 
Froc, sin. monks habit, clunk, cowl/ 

Jeter le ~- aux orties, to apitstatize 
Froid, e, adj. cold, frigid, unconcerned/ 

de ^ang — , adv. in cold blood, cooUy 
— •, sm. cold, coldness,- biittre —, to re- 

ceive or treat one coldly 
Froidemett, adv. coldly, frigidly 
Froideur, sf. coldness, indifference 
Froidir, vn. to grow cold 
se — , vr. to become cold 
Froidure, sf. cold w-ather, winter 
Froidureux, euse, adj. chilly, cold 
Froissement, sm. coUinion, act ofdad^ 

ing against, bruising, rumpling 
Froisser. va. to bruise, break, cru^ 

— une etoffe, to rumple a piece of doth 
Froissure, sf. a bruise, act of bruising 
Frdlement, sm. act of grazing, touching 

Fr6ler, va. to graze, ioudt siif^y 
Fromage, sm. cheese 
Fromager^ ^bl smf. cheesemonger 
Fromagerie, if. place where cheeee is 

made, cheese-market 
Froment, sm. wheat 
Fromentacd, e, adj. relating to wheat 
Fronoemeni^ sm. act offr^tuming 
Froncer, va. tp gather folds, plaU or 

pucker clothes, knU one's brow 

— leaourcil, to frown 

Fronds, sm. pucker, fold, plait, act of 

puckering, gathering folds together 
Fronde, sf. ^ing, sort (jf bandage 
Fronder, va. to cast with a sling. Jeer, 

blame, censure, turn into ridicule 
Frondeur, sm. slinger, critic, censurer 
Front, sm. front, fiice, forehead, cotin- 

ienance, boldness, impudence; de—, 

adv. abreast, in the front 

— d'aira'm, brazen-face 
Frontal, %m. frontal, frontlet 

—, e, adj. belon^ng to theforOieai 
Fronteau, tm. frontlet 
Frontiere, sf. frontier, border 
—, tdj.frimtter, bordering 






it, tC Uow i don iter ov recevoir une 
— , to give or receive a thr ashing 
Froct^, c» adj. rufrfretf, poiished 
Frottemetit, ani. actofrubbingt friction 
FrolUr, va. <0 rub, dean, acour, scrub 

— les oreilles k, to box the eara of 

•», vn. to chafe^ aaid ofa/tiptj to dreg, 

aaiit ofdoora 
n — k, vr. to meddle with / se faire — , 

to get a drubbing [who rubs 

Frotteur, euse, wnf. floor-scrtMer, one 
FrolUAr, sm. rubbing-cloth 
Fnictidor, sm. thedwelfth month of the 

French republican calendar 
Fnictlrtre, ndj. fructiferow, bearing 
Fructification, %f. fructification \fruU 
Fructifier, VD. tofructify^ muke fruitful 
' Fructifonne,adj. havingthefttrmoffruit 
Fructueusemeiit, adv. succasifuUy, pro- 

fitahly, prosperous, with fruit 
Fnactueux, eus«» adi. fructuous, fertile, 

lucrative, profitable, fruitful 
Frugalt e, adj. frugal, thrifty, sparing, 

economical, modtrate, temperate 
Frugalement, adv. fr%u(aUy, sparingly, 

thriftily, economically, temperately 
Frugality, ai. frugality, thrift, economy 
FruKivore»adj frugiverous,hearing fruit 
Fruit, ata. fruit, product, advantage 
—a, ^.fruits, revenue, income 
Fruitage, am. fruitage, various fruits 
Fruit^, e, adj. loaded with fruit , 

Pruiterie, sf. fruitery, place for fruit 
Fruitier, i^e, aAu fruit-bearing ; jardin 

— , fruit-garden,, orchard; arbre — , 

gm. fruit-tree [grocer 

Fruitier, ifere, sm£ fruiterer, green- 
Fruiquin, sin. all that one has 
Fruate, adj. defijced, dtpfigurvd 
Fruatre, e, adj. deprived, disappointed 
Fi\istrcr,-va. to frustrate, disappoint 
Fuicitif,ive, »f\}.fiigitn'e,milatUe, aptto 

jty away, wandering, wnstable 
— , asat fugitive, runaway, deserter 
Fugue, af. fugue, rejaetition cfpar(s in 

« musical composition 
Fuir, va. to shun,flyfiom, delay, escape 

— la foule, to shrink from the crowd 

— vent arri^rr, to scud before tfte wind 

— devant le temps, to bear up 

*-> vn. to fly or ruwaway from, avoid ; 

le teoips fuit, time flies away t le pot 

fuit, the pot leaks or runs out 
Fuite, sU flight, escape, evasion, act of 

avoiding, ahunning; prendre la—, to 

run auay 
Fulminant, e, a<y. fulminant, thunder- 
Fulmlnation, af.fulmination [ing 

Fulminer, va. to thunder, make a loud 

noise, explode, denounce ling 

Fumage, am. act of lackering, ,fun 
Fumant. e, adj. smoking, fuming 

— de colere, in a great passion 
Fum^, sf. smoke, steam, vapour 
•~«t ^ fumes, clouds cf steam 

Fumer. va. to smoke, steam^ drg cotti 
' smoke, fkmigate, perfume ^ 

— de colore, to fret. and fume 
Fumeron, sm. half burnt c/»areoal 
Fuoaet, am.flawtur, agreeable smell 
Fumeterre, at, fumatoty, a plant 
Fumeur, tiin. smoker [fumes 
Fumeux, euse, ,a4j* fumous, producing 
Fumier, sm. dung, nianure, dunghill 
Fumigation, af. fumigation, act of per- 

fuming hy. smoke [smoke 

Fumiger, va. to fumigate, perfume l^ 
Fumiirte, tm. smoke-curer 
Funambule, sm. rope-dancer 
Fun^bre, adj. funereal, sad, dismal t 

oreison — , am. funeral sermon ' 
Funer, va. to rt^ a mast 
Fun^railles, tt. pi. funeral rUes, oiM- 

quies, interment solemnities 
Fun^ralre, adj. funereal, mournful 
Fuifeste, adj. Jatal, deadly, mortal, de- 
structive, unfortunate, wretched 
Funestement, ativ. fatally, destructive 
Puneur, sm. one who rig* ships 
Fungus, am. fungus, mushroom 
Punu), sm. rigging of a vessel, a repe 
Fur, adv. a law term. Au — ec ji mc- 

sure, as fast as, in proportion as 
Furet, am. ferret 
Fureter, vn. to drive out of htrkifg 

plares, search out, examine 
Fureteur, sm. ferreter, one who pries 

into another s matter 
Fureur, hf.fury, rage, madness, frenzy 
Furibond, e, smf. furious person, one 

who is apt to get into a passion 
—I Ci tiA'^jurioux, mad, raging 
Fiirie, St. fury, madness, passion, rage 
Furieusement, aiiv. furioun/y, outrttge- 

ously, madly, violently, vehemently 
Furieux, euse, adj. furiuus, mad, impe- 
tuous, violent, passionate, raging 
Furin, sm. tiffing, deep water out cSsea 
Furolles, sf. nH. fiery exhalations 
Furoncle, am. a boil, ar gry ptutttle 
Furtif, Ive, adyfitrtive, stolen 
Furtivement, adv.furtivelf/, by stealth 
Fuseau, sm. spindle, bobbin 
Fusde, af. fusee, musket, pipeflnrfbrtng 
a bomb, spindleful, chain-barrei of a 
watch, squib, rocket 
Fuser, \-a. et vi.. to slake, spread, run 
Fusibility, tf. fusibility 
Fusible, a^. fusible, that majf be n 
Fusil, sm. musiket, butcher's steel 

— k doux coii'pi, double-barrelled gun 

— k piston, percussion-gun 

— k vent, air-gun 

— de clMtae, fowling-piece 

Fusililer, sm. fusileer, a soldier eatmed 

with a musket 
Fusillade, sf. act of shooting, die ^ targe 

Fusilkr, va. to shoot, kftt 
— un mldat, to sho<a a condemned eotdier 
Fusion , af. fusUm, fluidity, act of melt- 
Fustigation, sf. act of flogging [ji^^ 
Fustiger, va. to scourge, J0sft» tr-"- 

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Fftt» tm. ceukt orfanetue for pUM 

— de foAX ou de pistotet, gtock c/ a gun 

— d^iine colon ne, afMft of a piliar 

— (fton tambour, barrel of a drum 

— de cirouette, vane etoac of a ^ip 

— de balebarde, the etoffofa hatVert 

— de rabot, the stock of a plane 
Futale* sL/brest oflof^ treee 
FutaiJIe, sf. eaek, wine vessel 

— s. pL urater and provision cades en 

board qfship 
Futaine, sf. fiistian, kind of eMh, in- 

fUUed style of wntinif^, bombast 
Fate, e, a<0' ctkiflj/, cunning 

— matois ou compare, sip dog 
Fut^, sf. Joiner's or glazier's puttp 
Futile. wVyfutUCt vain, trifhng 
Futility, sf. futility, want of solidity ot 

tveigf*tt vanity t silliness, frivolity 
Futur, »m,ftUurity, event to come 
— , e, adj. future, the time to conm 
Futarition, sf. the state of future exist- 
FuyaBt, e, tu\j. flying [ence 

Fujrardf sm. runaway, coward 
— g e, adj. cowardly, apt to run aujoy 

G, nn. seventh letter of the alphabet 
Gahare. sf. lighter, coasting vessel, hoy 
Gabanr, va. to rtno a bofU with one f>ar 
Gabari ou Gnbarit, sm. drat^t, model, 

frame timberpofa ship 
Gabaiier, sn>. lighterman, shipporter 
—, v*. to model a frame timber of a ship 
Gabeler. va. to dry salt in a storehouse 
Gab^eur, sm. gabeler, tax-ctttlector 
Gabellc, sf. gabel, tax, excise duty on salt 
Gabier, sm. topman, sailbr on watch at 

the top of the mast 
Gabion, sm. gabion, basket filled with 

earth, used in fortification 
Gabion ner, va. to cover vith giAiona 
Gftcbe, s& «top/« of a lock 
G&chcr, va. to mix mortar, sell at low 

prices, work slovenly or hastily 
.— du lin^, to rinse linen 
Ojlchelte, sf. staple, trigger ufaaun 
G&cheur, sm. tmderseller, bungler 
G4ch«ux, eu»e, ndj. slobby, plashy, miry 
G&cbis, sm. plash, puddle oif water 
Gadouardt^m. nightman 
Gadoue, sf. ordure, filth, animal dung 
GblOc, sf. gtrfi^, boat-hook 
GafCer, va. to draw with a boat-hook 
Gage, sm. token, piedgn, pawn, deposit 
— s, pi* wages, salary, stipend 
Gager, va- to bet, hire, give wagee 
Gageur, eu9e, spif. one who bets 
Gageure, sf. bet, wager 

Gagiste, sm. hired assistant, under- 
etrapper, inferior agent 

Gagnable, adj. that may be gained 

Gagnafte, sm. pasture ground 

Gagaant* sm. wUtner 

Gagn^, e* adj. gained, aetpOred, gotten 

GagncMlenier, sm. porter, ltd»ttrm 

Ga|{tie-pain, sm. livelihood 
Gagne-peiit, sm. knifb-grinder 
Gagner, va. to gain, win, carry, eam, 
deserve, captivate, corrupt, brtbe 

— quelqu'un, to prevail upon one 

— pays, to gain ground or advantage 
'— la fi^vre, to catch a fever 

— le dessus, to get the better of 

— le logi9, to reach home 

— les devants, to be tfCforehand 

— tm port, to get into harbotw 

— son proces, to carry fme's cause 

— du rbume, to catch cold 

— , vn. to get, reach, increase, spread 
ff — , vr. to be catching 
Gai, e, adj. gay, merry, cheerful, Hvelg 
Gaiac, sm. Itgnum-vitcs, a tree 
Gaiement ou Ghiment, adv. gaUy, cheer^ 

fvUy, merrily 
Gaieie ou Ga! 6, sf. gayetp, mirth, live- 
liness, cheerfulness ; d« — de cceur« 
wantonly, in thoughtless sport 
Gaillard, sm. merry companion 
— . e, adj. merry, brisk, cheerful, gal- 
lant, bold, courageousi wanton, tipsy 
Ga.\\\Krde,ntgttuuoman,sp>ight/i/ dance 
Gaillardemeiit,\dv. mrmly, boldly 
Gaillardise, sf. merry frolic, gnyety 
Gain, sm. gain, profit, emolument, suc- 
cess, victory, advantage 
Galne, sf. sheath, case, pedestal 
Galni«r, sm. sheath or case maker 
Gala, »m. gala, feast, entertainment 
Galamment, artv. handsomely, grave' 

fully, genteelly, gallantly, lolitely * 
Galant, sm. gallant, brisk spark, lover 

— homme, honest sprightly man 

— , e, eA}. gallant, courteous, agreeable, 
polite, high-spirited, civil, brave 

Galanterie, sf. gnllanti-y, sfiouu bravery, 
nobleness, politeness, hwdness 

Galant)s«r, va. to court, flatter, endea- 
vour to please 

Galautians, sm. pi. Jbarkstays, ropee 
which fasten the masts of a ship 

Galaxie, sf. galaxy, the milki, way, a 
^splendid assemblage ' ' 

Gale, sf. itch, scab, ringworm, mange 

Oal^, sf. a printer's galley 

Galore, sf. galley, a vessel navigated 
with sails atxfoars ; c'est 6ire en — , 
ft is downright slavery / \OKiie la — , 
come what may, happen what will 

Galeric, sf. gallery, lobby, balcony 

— de faux pon t, gangway of a sfiip 
Gal^rien, sm. galley-sl^tre 

Galet, sm. iame of shuffle board, pebble 
Galetas, sm. garret, hovel 
Galeite, sf. crumpet, thin cake, bannock 
Galen X, ense, smf. a scurvy, shabby, or 
mean person t hrebis galeuse, block 
siheep, said of vicious versons 
—, euse, adj. Uchy, scfibhy, mangy 
Gallimafr^, sf. gallimaufry, hotO^ 

potch, hash, medley 
Galimatias, sm. l^mbast, nonsense 
GaUoa, sm. gaiteon, large Spanish «A^ 

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GalloUh tf. gallUtt, br^w^tine, bark 
Galipot, Bin. rosin 

Oalle, Bf. eail, an ejtcreacence on the ooA 
tree, bUe, rancour ^ taalignitp^ anger 
Gallicao, e, «4j. Oailicant French 
GalUcisme, sm. GalUeum, French idiom 
Gallinac^, e, adj. giiUinaceous, denotingr 

birds of the pheasant kind 
Gallon, sm. mUon, liquid me<tsure nf 

four E^ultsh quarts 
Galoche, st. guioshof, galosh, clog 
Galon, sm. gailoon i grocer's round bos 
Galonner, va. to lace 
Galonnier, sm. lace-tnaker 
Galop, sm. ffotlop ; grand -', full gaUop 
Galopade, st. act of galloping 
Galoper, vn. to gallop , 

Galopin, sm. errand-boy, cooWsbojf 
Galvanique, adj. gnlvanic ' 
Galvanisme, sm. ffolvanism 
Galvandm^ire ou Galvanoscope, sm. in- 
strument to measw0 or find the 
strength of galvanism 
Galvauder, va. tosvold, reprimand, teaze 
Gambade, sf. gambol, caper, fiisk* jest 
Gambadcr, vn*to gaiftbol, skip, romp 
OambiUer, vn. to tvag ones legs, kick 
Gamdle, sf. wooden bowl ; mess of sol' 
diers or sailors ; manyer a la -^« to 
eat out of the same dish 
Gamin, sm. errand-bop, apprentice 
Gamme, sf. gamut, scale; chancer la — , 
to reprimand, rattle : 6tre hors de — , 
to be disconcerted / metCre quelqu'un 
bon de — , to put one qff his cue ; 
• changer de — , to alter one's mind 
Ganache, sf. lower jaw of ahorse: thick- 
skulled fellow 
Oauer, vn. to let aboard pass inplaping 
Gangrene, it gangrene, Tfortification 
Gangren^, e, adj. mortified 
ae Gangrener, vr. to gavgrene, mortify 
Ganyreneux, eu^e, adj. gangrenvus 
Ganivet, sm. small knife 
Oanse, sf. /oop; biaidUtgi —dun cha- 
peau, the string of a hat [one 

Gant, sm. ^ve: jeier le,— » to challenge 
Gantelde, st. campanule, a plant 
Gantelec, am. gauntlet { bandage for the 
Ganter, va. to put on gloves [ftand 

Ganterie, sf. glove making or selling 
Gantier, i^re, smf. glover 
Garanfage, sm. a dye made qf madder 
Garance, sf. madder ' 
Garanoer, va. to dye with madder 
Garant, e, smf. warranter, cautioner, 
voucher, guarantee, surety, author- 
ity { j'en suis — , / answer fur it 
Garantle, sf. warranty, security 
Garantir, va. to guarantee, vouch, war- 
rant t se — , vr. to guard against 
Garoe, sf. a loose wotnan 
Garcette, sf. ga^et, knittle, sea terms 
Gar^on, sm. btty, bachelor f journeyman, 

groom t — de la noce, bridesman 
Garponni^re, sf. romp, tomboy, mM of> 
Garde-hois, ^m, forest keeper [girls 
Chudfrteurgeoise, •£ tobn or civicguard I 

Garde, vmt. guards sentry, wvritn, pr6* 
ta^ion, tare; ooi pi de— , fuardhouasi 
avant — , vanguard t arriere— ^ wgar- 
guard ! fruit de "t fruit that keeps t 
6tn de — , to be in waiting ; avoir en 
— , to hope in ones custody / £airc U 
— , mooter la — , <lc«orn<lr« la — , to &« 
upon, to mount, to cotne «^ guard t 
le donner de — , vr. to b^Wara 

— d'eofants,/iur«0fy-JMitd 

-<- det Mcsua, keeper efthe eeale 

— malade* Hcknurse 
Garde-boutique, sm. a commodUy that 

lies long on hand 
Gaijle<a)|dn;s« txa. fender 
Garde-champ^tre« sm. an officer charged 

with the care of rural pt oductione 
Garde-chaste, sm. gamekeeper 
Garde<lu«corps, sm. kfe-gwtrds 
Gani»cdte, sm. coastguard, cruiser 
Garde-foUt sm. raUs along bridges, 4^ 
Gftrde-magasin, sin. storekeeper 
Ganic>maDger, sm. larder i buttery, safe 
Oarde-marine, sm. midshipman {room 
Garde-otkuble, sm. wardrobe, tumUter- 
Uarde-national, sm. armed citizen 
~, e, s^ guard composed of citizens 
Ganle-rote, sf. wardrobe ; water-doset 
Garder, va. to keep, lay up or 6y, look 

to or after, defiind, take core, eaee 

— des mesures, to be eautittus 

— la chambre, to keep at home 

— les gages ou eojcux, $ft be stakehiMer 

— une poire pour la soif, to lay up some- 
thing for a rainy day 

Ganle-r6le, sm. the metster of the rolls 
Gardeur* euse, smf. herd-keeper 
Gardien, ne, sm£ guqrdian, g ov drnes* 
Gardon» sm. roach, a fish 
Gare, zf. smalt dock, wet dock 

— , interj. make way J take oarei 
Garenne, sf. warren 
Gareimier, sm. warrener 
Garer, va. to moor 

se — , vr. to stand out of the way 
Gargarlser, va. tognrgfe, gargeiiee 
Gargarisme, sm. ggrgarism 
Gargotage, tm. iU-dreseed fbod 
Gargote, sf. paltry eatiffg house 
Garftoter, vn. to haunt low aiehoueee 
Gargotier, ifere, smf. keeper of a potfry 

entine-house s bad cook t eot, tippler 
Gargouille, sf. gutter-spout 
GafgouiUement, sni, grumbling or rat- 

tttng in the bowels 
Gaigouiller, vn. /o doM/e, paddle 
Gargouiliis, sm. act of gargling 
Gargous4e, sf. eannon cartridge 
Gargoussi^rC) »L pouch far cartridges 
Garaemene, sm. pruflitpate, rake 
Gsmi^e, ltd), furnished , 
Garnir, va. to garnish, trim, store 
-^ une maiion, to/wm<«A a house 
•e -^ vr. to seize, accommodate oneself 
Gamison, sf. garrison i those wha are 

put inahouee on on e«0eta<oM 

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_ _ ir, sm. 0*te who fUrn Uhe» 
Gmmiture, at* gamUwe, trintmiii^ 
Oaivu* aiu. tpurte-iavrel 
Gwrrat, sm. withers of et horae 
Ganocter, va. t» tie fastt bind with eords 
Cu»t Mm. iiui,btv,Hripiitig • ' 

Gascon* ue, tmf. boaatert ^rindker 
Gaaoonismc, sm. vteUme espreoriom 
Gasconnade, tt gtueonade 
Gascon ner, va* tu fpneonade, hoeut 
Gaspillaifr, tm. act ofepoiiing, wasting 
Gaspilier, va.«o w€ute, apoil, lavieh 
GaspiUeur, eiiset iinf. wastert htoieher 
Gastrique, adj. /rastrie 
Gascronoine» sm. one/and of good cheer 
Gat^, ^ adj. gpinled. contaminated » to-. 

font — » spoiled ehUdy fbndting 
Gftteau, sm. caks t partaker le — , to fo 
anaeHcti tnmvfr la ffeve au — , to hit 
the naU on the head f avoir partau>-* 
to have* a Hand in the bueineea, or 
share in the bootff 

— aux raisins de CoHntlie« pltimcake 

— de mie), houejfcomb 
GAte-m^tder, sui. one who worksore^U 

too cheap 
Gaur, va. to spoil, waste, dama/pe, soil 
se — » vT. to taint, be spoiled 
Gauche, sf. teft handt ^ft side 
— » a<iy. left, awkward, dumsif , 
Gauchemenc, adv. Hwkwardly 
Gaucher, ^re, adj. left-handed 
Gaucherie, st. klunder, sillp action 
Gattchir, vn. to shrink back, shift 
Gauchissemcnt ,sin. actt^shrinkingback 
Gaude, if. weld, wood, dyer's weld 
se Gaudir, vr. to be merry 
Gaufre. »t. guufre, pancake, wafer 
Gautrer, va. to ,Kaufer,Jigure stiiffs 
Gaufreur, sm. one ^ofiguresattfjys 
Gaufrier, sm. gaurer-iron, wajbr-iron 
G&ufrure, sf, art of figuring on stmS^s 
Gaule» si. pole, switch 
Gauler, va. tu betit down with a pole 
GauloM, e, adj. belonging to GatU 
Gaupe* sf. slut, tntUop 
se Gau»aer, vr. toj.-^er, banter 
Gaussehe, !if.actofjr^ering,Jest,raiUery 
Gausseur, euse, >^mu jeerer, banterer 
Ga\-acbf , ani. country down, scoundrel 
G avion, sm. throat 
Gavotce, sf- ga^t, a gay dance 
GaZy 4|D. gas. elastic fluid 
Gaze, sf. gauze, silk gauze 
Gazelle, sr. gaztst, antelope 
Ghuct, va. to totter with gauze, conceal 
Gasetier, sm. gazetteer, hawker qfnews 
Garetin, sin. littlf gazette 
Gaz-tte, St. gazette, journal i \Aab 
Gazeux, eu«e, ndj. gaseous 
Gazicr, stn. gauz'"inaker 
Gazoaidire, stit. gasometer, an instru- 

mentfitr m^'o^uring gas 
Gason« un. turf green turf, grass t pup* 

tcrre de -', green plot 
Gaaofineni<-iii, stn. cuoeringofturf 
(kaooaer. v.*. ^» turf, cover with turf 
Gazomwux, euie, sti}» turfy 

GaiouilleflMnt, sm. warding, thkrpkng 
Oazouiller, \ii. to warble, chirps soif 
Grai, 9ai.ja!^,Jadedaw 
Gdant, e, sint. giaiU, giantess 
Geindre, sfn. bakers foreman 
— , vn. to whine, whimper, moan 
Gel, sm. act of freezing 
G^lable, a<ii. that which may befrcaen 
Gelatine, if. gelatine, sort of idly 
G^latineux; euse, adj. gelatinous 
Gel6, e, adj. frozen ; \l » Is bee —, He is 

Gclie, sf. frost t jelly 
—. Ijlancbe, hoar-frost 

— da groseilles* currant jellp^ 

— de pied de veau , mlf-fitot jdly «| 
Geler, va. t» freeze, chill ^ 
— ., vu. tofreeias, be starved with eofd 
—, V. imp it freezes, it will freeze 

se — , vr. tofreeie, be frozen 

Geline, sf. hen 

Gelinotte, sf. wood hen t water-qtuM 

G^meaux, sm. pi. ttvins, Gemini 

G^mioe, e, adj. iterated, doubled 

G^mir, vd. to groan, lament, sigh / coo 

G^Dissant, e, adj. groaning, lamenting 

G^missement, sm. act of groaning 

G^aui.t, e, adj. troublesome, difficult 

Gencivtf, sf. gum 

Gendarme, sm. a horse policeman 

se Gendarmer, vr. to blusttr, take pet 

Gendarmerie, sm. horse police 

Gendre, sm. sonin-law 

G6ae, sf. rack, torture, pain, torment, 

• coustrair. t,' san s — , freely, famUiar^ 
t ly ; se mettre I'espht k la — , to put 

one's brains to the rack 
Gdn6, e, adj. constrained^ straitened 
G^n^alogie, if. genealogy, pedigree' 
G6r)^alogique, adj. gettealogicai 
G^n^logi&te, sm. genealogist 
Gfioer, va. to cramp, straiten, restrain 
se — , vr. to constrain oneself 
G^n^Mil, sm. general, chief, commandos 
— , e, adj. general, universal, publie 
G^neraiat, sm. generalship 
G^n^rale, sf. €wt of beating to arms 
(i^n^ralement, auv. generally 
G^^ralisation, sm. generalization . 
G^n^raliaer, va. to generalize 
Gdn^rallssime, sm. generalissimo 

G^n^ralit^, sf. generalitf/, precinct 
—», pi. general discourses 
G^n^rateur, trice, adj. generating 

G^ndratif, ive, adj. generative, /tvntof 
G^n^tion, sf. generation, progeny 
G^n^vusement, adv. generously, nobly 
G^n^reux, euse, &'ij. generous, liberal 
G^niirique, adj. generic, genericnl, be- 
kmging to gender in gramtnar, and 
to species in natural historif 
G^n^rosi'.^, sf. generositf/, liberality 
Gen^se, sf. Genesis, first bmtk of the Bible 
Gendt, sm. genet, small Spanish horse t 

, broamffitrze / genista, a plant 
G^neti^re,sf. ground coveredwith broom 
Genette, sf. wild cat; kind of bridle i k 
la —, adv. wWt short stirrups 

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Gcnevois, e* adj. from or ttf Otneva 

Gen^rier, »m. Sw G.-nievre 

Gillie, sin. geniua, demon, tpMt, parts 

Gcni^vre» %m,Junip9r-tree, gin 

Gteiase, tt heifer 

G^niul, e, aij. feeneratine 

Genitif, un. genitive m grammar 

G^nitun, sf. offspring 

GenoUt sm. knee; se mettre ii -— x, to 
kneei down : t«nir un enfant aor les 
-^x, to hold a child in ontfs tap 

— , de vaissfau, lower futtoek (jjf timber 
in shipbuilding 

GenouUl^rf , sf. top of a boott knee'pieee 

Genre, sm. kind, ntUure, manner f je 

«'aime pas ton — dc vie, / do not like 
is way of living 

— d'^rire, style oftoriting 

— en boUnique, genus 

— en gracnmaire, gender 

— nutnain» mankind 

Gens, smf. pi. people, persons, folk, ser- 
vants, soldiers, teamen, workmen,- le 
droit det — , the littv of nations t vous 
vous moques des — , you take us Ar 
idiots i beaucoup de — many people 

— de letters, men of letters 
Gent, sf. nation, tribe, people 
— , e, »lj. neat, spruce, elegant 
Gentiane, sf. gentian, bitterwort 
Gentil, e, smf. gentUe, heathen, pagan 
—, le, adj. genteel, pretty, ogreetAle 
Gentilhommr, sm. nobleman, gentleman 
Gentil horn merie, sf. gentry 
Oentiiit^, sf. gentiles or heathens 

.GentlUAire, sm. a petty country squire 
Gentillesse. sf. genteelness, grace, gen- 
teel earriage, pretty saying, toy 
Gentiment, adv. genteelly, neatly 
Genuflexion, sf. genuflexion 
G^od^sie, sf. geodasiai act cf surveying 
G&)f raphe, sm. geographer 
G^raphie, sf. geography 
G^raphtque, adj. geographical 
Oedlage, mt. prison fees, gaoler's fees 
Gedle, if. gnd, primn 
Ge6ii«r, iere, smf. gaoler / gaoler's wifs 
G^logie, sf. geolofcy 
Gtelogique, adj. belonging to geology 
G^logue, sm. gealoger, geologist 
G^m^trai, e, a<ij geometral 
O^om^ralement, a<iv. geometrically 
G^metre, sm« geometer, geometrician 
Gdom^trie, tf. jfreometry 
Gdom^crique, adj. geometrical 
G^m^triquemeni, adv. geometrically 
G^rgique, sf. georgie 
Geranium ou Uec de xrue, sm. geranium 
G^rant, e, smf. manager, editor 
Gerbe, sf. ^eaf 

— d'eau, water-spout 

— de feu, Chinese tree, rocket 
Gerb^, sf. bundle of straw 
Gerber, va. to make up in sheaves 
Gercer, va. to cfutp, rack, chink, erode 
se — , vr. to chop, ^ink, erode, flour 
Ger^ujc, sf. chop, crevice, cUft,flaw 
Qixer, va. to manage, administer, ruie 

Germain, e. a/IJ. Oermam , 

firet cousin on the male^eide t oounne 

—e, first cousin on theftmate side 
Germanique, adj. Germain 
GcnMUiMxic, sm. GermpUsm 
GeroM, anu bud, shoot, cause, sovree 
Gemter, va. to shoot, bud, spring up 
Germinal, sm. the seventh month of the 

French republican calendar, lUgirt- 

ning in the middle of March and etui- 

ingln the middle of AprU 
Germination, s£ germination 
G^rondif, am. gerund in grammar 
Gereeau, sm. tare 
G^sier, am. gizzard, gittem 
G^ir, vn. 8M Glter 
Gease, sf. ehU^ling MtoA, chick peaee 
Gestation, sf. gestation, pregnancy 
Geste, sm. gesture, action, gesticulation 
— s, vILgests, deeds, exploits 
GesllculateQr, sm. gestieulator 
Gesticulation, sf. gesticulation 
Gesticukr, vn. to gesticulate 
Gestion, sf. admini^ration 
Glbbeux, euse, adj. gibbous, prottiberant 
Gibbosity, sf. gibbosUy, bunch 
Gibecidre, sf. jpottcA, game4>ag, scrip 
Gibelet, sm. gimlet 
Gibelin8,8m. pL Gibeline, partitaneof 

the Bmperor qf Germany againet the 

Gibelotte, sf, firicaesee of diickene 
Gibeme, sf. pouch, cartridge-box 
Gibet, sm. gibbet, gaSotos 
Gibier. sm. game, venison 
Giboul4e, sf. shower of rain etnd hait 
Glboyer, vn. tojbwl, hunt game 
Gibojreur, waufiiwler, hunter 
Gihoyenx, cuae, adj. full of game 
Giganteaque, adj. gigantie,-coiossai 
Gigot, am. leg of mutton 
Gigocter, vn. to kidc about 
GiKue, sf. jig,' taU frisky gift, romp 
Glider, vn. to dance a jig. Jump about 
Gilet, am. waistcoat, ^ket 
Gille, am. fsfotm / large fiahis^f-net 
Gimttlette, A pastry work in the fbrm 

of a ring 
Gingembre, sm. ginger 
Gingeole, sf. binnacle, a sea term 
Ginguet, te, adj. poor, aony, tnwlt 
Girafe, sf.girafi, eamelopard 
Girande, sf. t<»totf tff water-epostte or 

rockets forming various shapes in the 

Girandole, £f. chandelier 
Girofle, am. cloves f clou de—,a clove 
Girnfl^, af. stock giUyflower 
Giroilier, sm. clove-tree 
Giron, sm. lap ,* giron tn heraldry 
Girouette, sf. weathereoek, vane 
Gisant, e, a4). lying, failed, lopped 
Gisement. am. thebfnring of a aeae _ 
Glte, am. hare's fbrm or ceeerti lodging 
Glter, vn. to lie, lodge,- ti^t, here lies 
Givre, amt rime ; snake in herahtrp 
Glacant, e, ^y. freezing, coM 

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GlM^ tt. icei toindow-gkm, mlmrs 
JUtto in a precious stone i duuidclle 
de — t ieieie ; avoir un coeur de — , #9 
havp a firosen or hard heart i ferrar 
des cbev&ux k —, to rough-ekoe koreee 
— 4 la crftoK, icecream 
Glkfer, va. to congead or turn ifUo <O0 
— , VQ. to freeze, chill 
se — > vr. to befrotent chilled 
Glacial, •, adj. glacial, frozen, u^ 
Glader, sm. tee maker 
Giabi^re, if. ice house or wetf 
Glaciers, sin. pi. glaciers, masses of ice 
Glads, sm. giacis, slope in fortification 
Glacon, %m' piece of ice 
Gladiateur, sm. gladiator, priufif^ter 
GUieul, im. iris, spurgewort 
Glaire, A giair, slime, liimif matter 
Glairer, va. to glair or smear with the 

tohite efan egg * 

Glaireux, euse, adj. «/in^, rofiy, mMcid 
Glaiae, st. clay, pottet's earth 
GlAiacr, va. to do over with day 
GUiseax, euse. adj. clayey, clayish 
Glaiai^re, sf. day-pit 
Glaive, «n. sword, sabre s war 
Glana£;e, fin. act of gleaning 
Gland, sm. acorn ; mastj tassel 
Glandr, sf. gland, kernel .- mumps 
Gland^, e, adj. that has the glanders 
Gland^, aL mast or mastage ofafbreit 
Glandule, sf. glandule, email gland 
Glandttleux, euse, sAi- glandmloue 
Glane, sL handful of com eleaned 
Glaner, va. to glean, lease, pick up 
Glanenr, euse* vat- gleaner, leaser 
Glapir, vn. to yelp, bark, howl, squeak 
Glapiaaaot, e, adj. squeaking, yelping 
Glapisaementy sm. act ofye^ng 
Glas ou aisa, tm. kneif . 
Gidbe, s£ giebe, land, property, ore 
Gl^ne, sf. giene, socket, said of bones 
Glissadei if. <2tp, act of sliding 
Giissant, e, adj. slippery, glib,.lubrieous 
Gliss^, sm. act of sliding, step in dancing 
Glissement, sm. act ofslippmg * 
GUiaer, va. to dip, convey secretly 
—, vn. to slip, glide, glance upon 
se — , vr. to slip, crawl, creep into 
Glissoln, s£ slide 
Globe, sm. gM>e, sphere, orb 
GlobuUure, af. giitbularia, French dainy 
Globule, eau (flobule, spherule 
Globulcux, euse, adj. ir/o6u/o«s, globular 
Gloire, sf. glory, honour, reputation 
Glorleuaement, adv. giofiousiy 
Gloricux, cusi;. sm£ proud person 
—, euse, adj. Jtlorioti0, illuatrioue 
GloriftcaUon, sf. gtorifioation 
Gk>nficr, va. io^or\fy, praiee, honour 
se — , vr. to glory in, Imig, boaet 
Close, sf. i^ose, comment, parody 
Oloeer, va. to gloss, comment, expMn 
GkMeur, euse, sm£ eenaurer. carper 
Gloss^n, sm. gUmary, dictionary 
Glossateor, sm. jnfoaMr, com m e nt aier 
Glocce, sf. ghttQ 
Glooaaemcnc, sm. aet ^fcaekUng 

Glousser, vn. to cluck, cackle 
Glouton, smf. glutton, greedU'gui 
—, ne, adj. gluttonous, greedy 
Gluutonnement, adv. gluttonously 
Oloutonneric, e(. gluttony, greediness 
Cila, sf. birdlime 

Gluaat, «>, a<^. glutinous, vis^, gluey 
Gliiatt, sm. It me twig 
Gluer, va. to make clammy or viscid 
Gluten, sm. gluten, glue 
Gludneux, euse, adj. glutinous, gluey 
Gnome, sm. gnome, briefrtfiectionor 

maxim, an imaginary being 
Gnomlque, adj. gnomical, containing 

nuurifHs, sententious 
Gnomon, sm. gnomon, hoAd or pin of a 

Gnomoniqae, sf. art of dialling 
GoaiUeur, euse, smf. banterer, raiter 
Gobelei, sm. goblet, bowl, (Mnking'cup 
Gobelotter, vn. to guzzle, tipple 

— le morceau, to 6e dujoed . 

— des mouches, to be idle 
Gobeimonche, smf. idler, news-hunter 
Gober, va. to gulp or aualtow down, ar- 

I rest unexpectedly, take by surprise 

I se Gobergfr, vr. to banter, make much 

I of oneself, laugh at takers ' 
GobeC, sm. goibet, dainty bit, moutf^ • 

I Gobin. sm. hunchback 
Godaille, sf. act of guzzling or tippling 
Godailler, vn. to guzzle or tipple 
Godallleur, sm. one who is fond of gutt- 
ling or tippling 
Coder, vn. to pucker, fit ill 
Oodet, sm. small cup, mugf &Uix 
— s, pi. buckets 

Godiche, adj. simple, easily duped 
Godiclion, sm. nmpleton 
Godiveau, sm. veal trie, fiireemeat 
Godron, sm. tort of plait, tuffle,friU 
Godronner, va. to make plaits with th$ 

hand round a rt/fffie * 

Go^lette, sf. s^tooner 
GogaUle, sf. merry-making 

I Gogo, sf. plentiful living,' vivre ii ->, 

lo/<ve in dover; k —, adv. luxuriously 

GoRuenard, e, smf. one who jeers or 

—, e, adj. jocose, dteerful 
Goguenarder. vn. tofoke, banter, jeer 
Gdguenarderie, sf. ^ke, jeer, banter t 

aet ef jeering at piking 
Goouettes, sf. pi merry stories 
Golnfre, sm.^t<«r/er, guzzler, glutton 
Goinfrer, vn. to guttle, guzzle 
Goiafreric, sf. act of guttling, guzzling 
Goitre, sm. wen, swelling on the neck 
Goltreux, euse, adj. stibject to swellings 

on the neck, liable to have wens' 
Golfe, sm. sru{f, bay 
Gomme, sf. gum 

— ^lastiqne, Indian rubber 

— gutte, gamboge 

— tiAab,-resino%ts gum 
Gommer, va. to gum over 
Gommeux, euse, adj. gvmr^, fuU of 
GoauBier,wauptmrtree t^m 

Digitized by V^OOQIC 




Gond, sm. hinge; mcttrequekin'un bora 

des — t, tu put one into a ./iirjoiw pat- 

— de ubord, jiort-hook of a ship [tion 

— k bois, Mcrewed hinge 
Gondolts if. gondtUa, drinkinr-eup 
Goiidole, e, adj. round-^eerea 
Gondolier, tin. gnndoiier, boatman 
GonAement, sm. Awelling, act ofpvffkng 
Gonfler* va. to eweUt V^up 

tt — , vr. to ewellt be puffed up [pride 

— d'oi]gut'>U to be elated or Jillea with 
Gonin Imaltre), «in. cunning fax ^ sljf dug 
Gonorrh^, sf. gonorrhcen I 
Gordien (noeu(i), sm. Gordian knotfin- ' 

ntrmountable obetae^e, intricacy 

—, ne» a/lj. iotdUtnt inextrieabie, intri- 

Oorc, sf. a eow [eate 

Ooret, sm. jfoung hog, thip'e mop, ewab 

Gorge, sf. throat ,' gullet, neck, breast, 

. d^e, narrow pass ; nial de — , sore 

throat i tnur de — , tucker ; rou^e —, 

r^in redbreast,' avoir mal • la — , 

to have a sore throat ; prendre qiiel- 

qu'uD jl U — t to collar or throttle, one i 

rendre — . to refund, vomit; rire k 

-«• deploy ee, to laugh immttderateljf 

— d'un pot, mouth and neck of a pot 

— cbaude, the hawk's fee, banter 
Gcorgde, tf.gulp, draugfit, mouthful 
Qorgtr, va. to gorge, glut, cram, overload 
ae — , vr. to glut oneself t s« — d'or ou 

d'argent, to heap up gttld or silver 
Corgtret, sm. gorget, surgical instru- 
• ment, breastplate, piece of armour 
Oorgentte, sf. neckerchief, tucker 
Gorverin, sm. armour for the neck 
Gosler, sm. gullet, throat, weasand 
Gotbiaiie, aaj. gtithic, old, antique 
Gouache, sf. painting in water colours 
Goudroiii sm. tar, pitch arid tir 
Oottdronner, va. tocover with tar or pitch 
Oouffre, sm. gulf, abt/ss, whirlpool, pit 
Geuge, sf. gouge, chisel tf irA a round 
GougeKe, sf. small gouge ledge 

Gouine, tf. trull, wench 
'Goujat, sm. soldier's boy, blackguard 

— de mapon, mason's la^tourer, hodman 
Oouion, sm. gudgeon, grf Ming, iron pin 
Ooul^, sf. large mouthful, gulp 
Goulet, sm. narrow entrance of a har- 
Gouliafre, smf. glutton [bour 
Goulot, sm. neck of a bottle or Jug 
Ooulotte, sf. gutter, snuill chrmnel 
Gottlu, e, smf. guttler » greedy eater 

— de mer, a shark 

— , e, adj. gluttonous, greedy, voracious 
Goulument, a<lv. gluttonously, greedily 
GouBille, sf. watch pin, peg, fktrelock iff 

a holt,' in ship-building 
Goupiller, va. to pin,fiirelock a bolt 
Goupilloti, sm. sprinkler, bottle-^trush 
Gourd, e, adj. numb, stiff with ertld 
Gourde, sf. gourd, hf/d'ocele, watery 

tumour, leaf hern' bottle 
Goitrdin, sm. cudgel, club, truncheon 
Goureur, sm. one 0ho adulterates drugs 
GourKandioe, sf. trull, low strumpet 
Gourmade, sf. evff,fisty-cuff 

Gourmand, e, smf. gormand, glutton 
—, e, mAy gluttonous, greedy, iforacious 
Gourmander, va. to scold, curb, restretbi 
— ses passions, to ov/rcome one's passims 

— un cheval, to check a horse 
Gourmandise. sf. gluttony, greediness, 

voracity, kind of pear 
Gourme,sf. the strangles g Hajct^sa— , 

he has sown his wild oats 
Gourmer, va. toeurb a horse, fight, bet 
fs—,Yt,to strike or cuff one attather 
Gourmet, sm. got td judge of liquors 
Gourmette, sf. curb, check, restmtnt 
Gousse, sf. cod, husk, shell 

— d'all, dove^of garlic 

Goussec, sm. gusset, fbbi, small pocket 
Gottc, sm. tasie, savour^ relieh, smeO, 

palate, discernment, indinatien 
GoQt^, e. adj. gustable, relishtsbte 
G.oCiter, Im. luncheon, collation 
—, va. to taste, approre, relieh, enjo^ 
—, vn. to try, eat luncheon, take tea 
Goutte, tf. gout, drop, smaU quantity t 

ne voir — , not to see at aUg nVn- 

t^ndre —,tobe deaf 

— k—, a»iv. drop by drop 
Gouttelette, s^. email drop 
Goulteux, eu«e, smf. gouty pereen 

~, euse. adj. gouty, afflicted urtth gout 
GoutMre, sf. gutter, passage for water 
Oouvtmail, sm. rudder, heUn 
Gouvernance, sf. government, gfuidanee 
Gouvemante, rf. governess, housekeeper 
Gouverne, sm. one under subjection 
Gouvemement, sm. govermn^.nt, admin- 
istration, executive power, rule 

— d'un vaisseau, steerage of a ship 
Gouverner, vsl to govern, rule, control, 

command, managr, direct, regulate 
se — , vr. to hehave'oneself 
Gouverneur, sm. govrtior, tutor 
Grabat, sm. truck le-^ted, pallet, miser- 
able couch ; ftre sur le — , to 6e bed- 
ridden; 6tre sur un — , to ife in a de- 
plorable situation . 
Grabkuire, adj. bedridden 
Grabuge, sm. /squabble, quarrel 
Gtkcv, hf. javour, kindness, ekganee, 
agi-eeableness, thanks, pardon, grace; 
bonne — , gracefulness ; mauvaiae — , 
awkwardness; bjins —, graceless: 
avec -, graceful ; coup de — , IMsh- 
tng stroke ; tairo —- a quelqu^in, to 
forgive, excuse, or spare one/ de — , 
adv. ptxty 
—9, \A. Graces, mythological goddesses 
Oraclable, arlj. remisstbie,. pardonable 
Gracieusement. adv. kindly, genteMy 
Gradeuiier, vn. to treat kindly 
Oracieuset^, sf. kindness^ cwility, gift 
Gracieux, euse, adj. graceful, agitable 
Gradation, sf. gradation, climax, degree 
Grade, sm. degree, dignity, post, reutk 
Gradin, tm. step, form, bench 
— s, pi seats raised over each ether 
Graitttation, sf. graduation 
Gradual sm. graduate iff a UTUoersiliy 
—,^•0^. graduated, gradual 

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Ondod, tm. Otoir-book 
—, lep a4j. gradiuU 
GiadufiUeiuent, adv. f(radiialijf 
Graducr, va. to frradwU§ or marie with 

defpreea, gradnatt or eonfar degreef 
GimiUon, am. remnant, scrap 
Giaillonneur, euse, ani gttthertrqfrem' 

natUt or rubbiah 
Gnun* sm. eomf grain, geed, berrg 
GnUoetier, sm. See Gr^netier. 
Gnine, sf. eeed t iniLuvAiae —, good-Jbr- 

Gmissuffe. sm. act of greasing 
Graisse, sf. fat» grease, drippmg 
— s, pi. kitchen-sttjf 
Uraiwcrj va. to grease 
<— des aoulicrs ou d«s bottcs, to dean 

shoes ox boots 
Gxsiseux*. ease, adj, greagy 
Gramen^ soi. cuw grass, quick-grass 
Grvnine, e» adj. gfominsous 
Gnuaamaire, tL grammar 
Gxamuiairien, sux. grammarian 
Gnuncnaiica], e, adj. gratnmaticeU 
Grammaticalement, adv. grammatia^j/ 
Grammatute, sm. grammatist 
Gramme* sm. Fre/nA weight oftwenty- 

thre9 English grains 
Grand, soo. grandees nobleness » subli- 

mity i s attach«r it un — , to court a 

person of high rank ; trancher du ou 

faire le — « to carry it hig^ s du petit 

au — , to comparu great things with 

smaU i ca — , adv. atfttil length 
—, e, a4j. great f grand, high, long, vast, 

large / — chemin, highway 
GnuM'mdre, sf. See M^re. 
Graod'mesae, sf. high mass 
Grand-oncle, sm. See Oncle 
Grand-pire, sm. See •Fire 
Orand'rue. sf. principal street of a town 
Grand'tante, sf. See Tante 
Graod-Tuic, sm. sovereign of Turkey 
Grandelet, te, adj. pretty big, pretty tall 
Grandcmenc, adv. largely, extremely 
Grandesse, sf. the quality of a grtmdee 

of Spain s highness 
Gnu>dear» sf. size, bulk, tallness, exten- 

sUtenesa, greatness, grandeur 
Graodiose, sm. grandeur, majesty 
— • adi. grand, imposing, stU>lime 
Gnmdir, vn. to grow, grow tall at big 
Graodissiooe, adj. very great 
Gnnge, wait barn, mow i batteur en — , 

Granit, Grantee, sm. granite, moor-stvne 
Granivi^, adj. granivorous » 
Graoula^n, sf. granulation 
Granttler, va. to granutate ' 
Gtapbie, sf. description . 
Graphiqiie» adj. graphical 
Oiapfaiquement, adv. graphteatty 
Gtaime, at. bunch of grapes, duster 
—e, pi. sand or small stones foutfd among 

iron or«» scratches 
Gmpiullage, sm. act qf gleaning tn a 

vineyard t scraping, waste 
GrappUlcr« vn. to ^toan after vintage 

Grappilleur, euse, smf. aprape-glenner 
Grappillon, sm« a little bunch <jf grapes 
Grappin, sm. grapnel, creeper, scraper 
Gras, ata. fat, fatness , 

— de 1* jam be, the valfofthe leg 

— double, doiUile tripe 

— fondu, molten grease 

—, se, adj.y&t, greasy, full of Ait, oHy 
Grassemenc, adv. plentifully, largely- 
Grassec, tc, adj. fatty, plumpiah 
GrasMCte, sf. grassette, butterwort 
Grasseyement, sm. act of lisping, lisp 
Grassesrer, vn. to lisp, speak thick 
> Orasseyeur, euse, smf. lisper 
(irass<»uillet, te, adj. plump, pretty fht 
Gratification, sf. gratijication, pleasure, 

delight, gratuity, gift, liberality 
GfAtifler, va. to gratify, indulsre, pleeue, 

recompense, make a present 
Gratin, sm. burnt stt^ff which sticks to 

the bottom of any cooking utensil 
Gratis, adv. gratis, without reward 
Gratitude, sf. gratitude, thankfulnese 
Gratter, va. to scratch, scrape, pilfer 

— le papier, to be a scribbler fur hire 
Grattoir, sm. scraper 

Gratuit, e, adj. gratuitous, voluntary 
Gratuity, sf. gratuity, free gift 
Gratuitement, adv. gratuitously 
Graven sm. gravity, solemnity 

— a4j. grave, serious, solemn, sober, not 
showy, important, weighty 

Gravid, e, adj. engraved / visage '~-,faee 

marked with the smallpox 
Gra\'eieux, euse,. adj. gravelly, obscene 
Gravelle ou Gravile, s^ gravel, stone 
Gravement, adv. gravely, seriously 
Graver, va. to grave, engrave, trace, cut 

out, etch, impress on the mind 
Graveur, sm. engraver, graver 

— en bois, carver on wood 

— en cachet, seal-engraver 

— en pierres fines, stone-engraver 

— en taille douci', eopperplate-engraver 
Gravier, sm. gravel 

Oravir, vn. to clamber, climb up, ascend 

Gravitation, sf. gravitatUm, force b^ 
which bodies are attracted 

Gravity, sf. gravity, importance, serious- 
ness, solemnity, weight ; centre de — , 

• eentreof gravity or Attraction 

— de son, deepness of sound [wards 
Graviter, vn. to gravitate, press douM^ ■ 
Gravois, sm. coarse plaster, rubbish 
Gravure, sf. engraving, print 

— k I'eau forte, etching 

— sur bois, wood-cut 

— sur {Merre, lith(tgi-aphy 

Gr^, sm. accord, will, inclination : bon 

— mal — , whether one will. or not; 

en savoir bon — , to te grateful, take 

a thing kindly 

Grec, sm. Greek language, native of 

Greece t c'est un — , /»« w a sharper t 

c'esC du — pour vous, that is Hebreto 

— , que, adj. Greek, Grecian [to you 

Oradin, t, smf. beggar, ragged person 

—, ^dj. beggfiflv* shabby, scurvy, mean 

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Oredlnerie, sfl beg/forUnem, thabbineM 
Ordement, sm. rififtingofa ship 
Gr^r, va. to rig a thip 
^ ]es avirons, to get the oArs to ptus 
Greffe, sm. th« riJis, a register 
— , sf. graftt graff, young shoot, eeian 
Greffer, vaMo graft, engraft 
Greflfiear, sm. grafter 
Greffier, sm. registrar, recorder, master, 
of the roUs 

— a peau, engrosser 
Gretfblr, sm. graftint(4et^e 
Gr^gr, adj. raw, said ofsiik 
Gr^gcois, sm. et adj. Cfireek s du iSm — , 

wild fire, Greek fire 

Gr^gonen, knne, aHj. Gregorian, he- 
Idnging to the method of computation 
instUuted by Pope Gregory XllL 

Gr61e, sf. hail; gralD de — , hailstone 

— de fishes, ehower ofarrowe • 

— , adj. slim^ lank, delioaitei voix — , 

shriU voice 
Or6i^, e, a4j. pitted with the small-pox, 
beat down by hail, said of crop* s avoir 
I'air — , to look very poor 
Gr6ler, v. impi to had, it hails 
•i-tva. to spoil or ruin by hail, lay waste 
'" sur le persil, vtu'to wreak one's ven- 
geance upon inferiors 
Greion, sm. large hailstone; trembler 
le — , to shake till one's teeth chatter 
Grclot, sm. smalt bell 
Grelotcer, va. to shiver, quake with cold 
Gr^ment, sf. See (ir^ment 
Grenade, sf. grenade, pomegranate 
Grenadier, sm. grenadier, soldier, pome- 
Grettadi^re, sf. grenade poueh 
Grenadin, sm. stewed meat 
Grenaille, sf. small shot 
Grenailler, vat to pound, granulate 
Grenasse, tf.^nall grains of any sort * 
Grenat, sm. f^amet, a precious stone 
Greneier, va. to rough grain leather 
Grener, va. to grind, pound 
— , vn. to run to seed 
Greneterie, sf. cum or seed trade 
Greneti«r, i^re, smf. cornmerdumt, 

Grepier, sm. granary, bam, storehouse 

— k foln, hayloft 

— k sel, magazine ofsait 
GrenouiUe, sf. frog 
Grenouiller, vn. to tipple, get tip^f 
Grenouillire, sf. place full offrog»,fiBn 
Grenu, e, adj. full of com, grained 
Gr^s, sm. sort of brown freestone 
Gr^sll, sm. rime, hoar-frost 
Gr^llement, sm. act of^trivelling 
Gr^Uler, va. to shrivel, wrinkle 

— , V. Imp. to cover with hoar-frost 
Grftve, sf. strand, sandy shore, beath 
—8, pL greaves, armour for the les(S 
Qrwi d'impots, anj. heaviljt taxed 
Grever, •'a. to aggrieve, oJfUd, wrong 

— un ville, to oppress a city 
Oriblette, sf. sliee of pork, veal, mfiwl 
OribouUlage, sm. eerawl, daub 

Gribouille^ im. 

GrfbouiUer, va. to scrawl 
Gribouilletie, sf. seranMe, 

act of climbing 
OriAche, adj. speckled, spotted 
Grief, sm. grievance, injury, t 
—, live, adj. grievous, painful, eitroeious 
Grievement, adv. grievously, painfully 
Gri6vft^, sf. grievousnsss, ptmi, sorrow 
Gritfe, s£ claw, dutch, paw 
Griffer, va. to dawt^, seratdi 
Griffon, sm. griffon or iniffin 
Griffonnage, sm. scrawi, act of scrawling 
Griflfonner»<vm to scrawl, serUMe 
Griifoneur, euse, smt serawler, seribbier 
Grignon, sm. crusty piece ofbreetd 
Grignoter, va. to nibble, eat stMoKy 
Gri\, gm. gridiron 
Griilade, sf. griUed or broiled memt 

— de bceuf, beefsteak * 

— de chAtaigne, roasted chestnuts 
Grillage, sm. firing or roasting metal, 

wire-lattice, treUis, woodenfirame 
Grille, sf. grate, iron grate or raHing 
Griller, va. A> broil, dose up withgnatlkir 
— d'impatience, to bum wUh impatience 
Grillon, sm. cricket, deathioatch 
Grillotter, va. to chirp like a erieket 
Grimace, sf. grimace, distortion nfjkee, 

i^cted air, dissimulation 
Gnmacer, vn. to make wry faces, grin 
Grimacerie, sf. act of grinning or dlia- 

torting the countenance 
Grimacier, i^iv, smt; grinner, one uho 

assumes qffected airs, hypocrite 
Grimaud, sm. raw scholar 
Ghmoire, sm. eonjuriug book, woritinff 

difficult to read or understand 
Griuipant, e, ailj. dimbing, creeping 
Grimper, vn. to tlimb, clamber up 
Grinoemenc, sm. act of gnaiMng or 

grinding the teeth 
Grincer, va. tofcrind or gnash the teeth - 
Grippe, sf. whtm, fancy ; prendre qun- 

qu'un en — , to find fault with one; 

c'est th—,itis his hobby 
se Grippeler, shrink, said of doth 
Gripper, va. to gripe, ctUch eagerly, rvS 
se — , vr. to take crotchets intoemtfs head 
Grippe-sou, sm. petty Hgent, broker 
Gris, sm. gray colour 

— de fer, iron-gray 

— , e, adj. gray, tipsy; papier —, brown 

paper; lempa— , raw or eold weather 
Gris&tre, adj. grayish, grizzly , 
Griser, va. to make tivsi/, fuddOe 
Grisetk sm. young goldfind* . • 
Gx\aex\jt,ii.grayguum, mean arloosegirl 
Grison, sm. gray-haired man, ass 
—, ne, adj. gray-headed, hoary 
Grisonner, vn. to grow groy-halred 
Grive, sf. thrush ; fei(k) coinme uim —t 

as drunk as Davids sow 
Onvois, am. jovial fsllow 
Grivoise, sf. Jbmale sutler, boki uHmmm 
Grog, sm. grog, liquor mixed udth water 
Grognard, sm. grumbler 
GrogDement, im. act ^fgrumkUmg 

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Greener* rtu to grunt, fprowl, grumble 
6rognear» euse, tmf. grumbler^ mur- 

tammtt tUteontented permn 
Groin, wm, tnout of a hog 
Grammeler, rn. to grumble, murmuf, 

muiter, growl, snarl 
Grandemenc, ini. rumbling ndse 
GitHider, vn. to grtault grumble, roar 
— 1 ra. to ehfde, seold, reprimand 
Gronderie, sf. reprimand, acto/ecolding 
Grondeur, etise, unf. ecold, acolder, da- 

moreus rude person, vixen 
— , emte, adj. fond of scolding 
Grot, sin. bodj/, mass, main or ohi^part, 

draehnu eighth part of an ounce 

— de Y»xm6t, body of the army 

— de Naples, grogram ' 

— , adv. much, by few. often i gagntx—, 
to gain a great deals en—, by the 
lump, wholesale ; tout en —, fn all ; 
maiehnnd en -"tnuholesale dealer 

— , se, a4j. big, large, thick, coarse, fat 

— bourgf extensive borough 

— bomme, etout or corpulent man. 
— umnrcluuid, wealthy merchant 

— pi^b^* great sin 

— rhume, btui eold 

— temps, stormy weather 
— se, viande, butcher-meat 
Groseiile, st. currant 

— verte ou k maquereau, gooseberry 

— noire ou*cattis, black currant 
GroscUler, soi. currant tree, gooseberry- 
Grosil, nm. broken green glass Ibush 
Grosse, af. gross, twelve dozen, copy of a 

legal writing 
Grosaerie, af. iron-ware, smith's toole, 

wholesale trade 
Groweasc, af. pregnant^ 
Grosseor, aL bigness, bulkbtess, thick- 

neea, largeness, size, bulk, swelling 
Groaster, tbre, adj. coarse, thick, dense, 
rough, raw, rude, unpoli^ed, mean 
GnMskeresneDC, adv. coarsely, unman- 

narhr, tiawniMy, uncivilly, ruddy 
GxosaiereU* "f* coarseness, downish- 
• neas, ebeaenity, roughness 
Groamr, rm, to make bigger, greater, en- 
large, magni/y, increase 
—, vn, et vr. to gfow large, swell 
Grossissemcnr, sm. act of magnifying 
Grosrisseur, sm. magnifier, microscope 
Gvoemofer, va. to engross legal writings 
Grocesitne, adj. grotesque, odd, fantastic 
Grotesques* sm. fL fantastic figures 
Grotesqueroent, adv. grotesquely, oddly 
Grotte, A grotto, cave, cavern 
Orouillant, e, adj. crawling, stirring 
G/DuiUeoient* sou rumbling, low con- 
tinued noise • 
Groaaier, vn. to stir, crawl, turn, moee 
Gjoape, nn. group, duster, collection 
Grouper, va. to group, collect twether 
Gman, sm* oatmeal, water-pud, young 
' e burder ' 

\e, machine to raise burdens 
—a, pL toooden vestde 
GnM, sf. crane, silly feoow t je ne mis 
pas ii •—• 1 am not nicA a/oo< 

Grader, va. to grind, pound, bray wUh 
a pestle, crunch in the mouth, dewmr 

— son tait, to spertd on^s all 

— quelqu'un, to live up(m some one, eat 
one out of house and home 

Gmmeau, am. clod, lump, small mass 
Be Grumeler, vr. to vlot,fiirm dots 
Grumeleux, euse, adj. grumous, dotted 
Gruy^re, %ixu, Gruyere or Swiss cheese 
Giuno, son. guano, rich manure 
Gui, »m.f[trd, shallow part of a river 
Gudable, adj. fardable, easily crossed . 
Guide, sf. woad, plant used in dyeing 
Gudder, v«. to cram, surfeit, gorge 

— une <^toffe, to dye stifffblue 
Gu^r, va. tofbrd iir wash in a river 
— ' du Unge, to rinse linen 

— an cheval, to water a horse 
Guenille, sf. rag, tattered garment 
—a, pi. rags, old dothes at furniture 
Guenillon, snt. small rag 
Guenipe, af. slut, dirty woman 
Guenon, aL female monkey, bad woman 
Guenuche, sf. young ape or monkey 
Gu£pe, sf. wasp 

Gu£pier, sm. wasjfs hive or nest 
Ouire ou Gu^rei. adv. but little, not 
much, not very, not long, but fiw, 
very few, scarcdy any, hardly ever 
Garret, tm. fallow ground 
—a, pL arable lands 
Gu^ridon, sm. stand, small table 
Gu^r, v« to cure, heal, remedy, unde- 
ceive, palliate, mitiftate, assuage 
—, vn. to reeover^from trouble, amend 
se — , vr. to cure oneself, be healed 
Gu^riaon, sf. cure, recovery, act of heal- 
Gu^rissable, adj. curable ling 

Gu^rite, sf. sentry-box, watch-tower 
Guerre, sf. war, uarfare, conflict ,' de 
bonne — , adv. fairly, by fair means/ 
faire la — it Voa\, to watdk fbr an op- 
portunity i k]a. — commeli la — , one 
must suit oneself to the times 
Guerrier, ikn, amf. warlike person 
—, lire, adj. martial, warlike 
Guerroyer, vn. to wage war 
Guerroyeur, sm. warrior, soldier 
Gu6t, sm. watchman, sentry f motdn 

— , watchword 
Gu6t-jt-pens, sm. ambush, ambuscade 
Gu^tre, sf. spatterdaah, gaiter 
Guitri, e, adj. having gaiters on 
se Guitrer, vr. to put on g€Mers 
Guetter, va. to watdi, lay wait for 
Guetteur, euse, smf. spy, one who is on 

the watch or who lies in wait 
Gueulard, soA. bawler, prater, mouth oj 

a foundry fwnace 
Gueulck sf. mouth of beasts nr fishes ,• & 
est fort en — , he is a talkative JeUow / 
11 n'a que de la.—, he is all talk 

— d*an sac, d*un four, ou d'une cruch^ 
Ow mouOi of a bag, oven^ or pitcher ' 

— ftalche, sheirpeBt person 

— droite, 4»v0, sort at moulding 
Gueulde, sf. huge nunUhful 

-«,pu* • - --' 





Gueukr, vn. to bawl, damour, mouth 
—, va. to take up, taid of hounds seizin ff 
their prey [aidri/ 

Gueulet, sm. gul^s, red colour, in her- 
Gueux, euse« srnf. beg^far, sooundrei 
— , SMM, a4i. poor, befcgarlu, needy 
Gui, sin. mistletoe : main-hoom 
Gttichetr >m* wicket, shutter, postern 
Guicfaetier. sm. turnkey 
Guide, smf. guide, leader, director, rein 
Guider, va. to guide, lead, conduct, steer 
Guidon* sm. standard, standard-bearer j 

caret or reference in writinr 
Guigne, sf. black or white hearted cherry 
Guiffner, vn. to leer, peep, peer 
Guignorif im. ill lucks jouer de •>» ow 

6tre en — , to play with ill luck 
Guilkmets, sm. pL inver^d commas 
Gutlleret» te, adj. sprif[htly, gay 
GuUlocher, va. to engtne-tum, utaoe 
GuiUochis, sm. waved work 
Guillotine, tf. guillotine 
GuiUotiner, va. to guillotine or behead 
Guimauve, sf. marshmaUdw 
Guimbarde, sf. waggon ; Jeu^s harp 
Guimpe, sd stomacher of a nun, wimple 
Guincne, sm. a public-house 
Guindage, sm. act of hoisting or lading 
Gulnde, e, adj. hoisted, starched, stiff 
Gulnder, va. to Aout up, pull up 
■e — , vr. to soar, overstrain 
Guinde, sf. guinea 
Guingan, sm. gingham 
Guingois, sm. ci-ookedness j de -~, adv. 

awry, crookedly * 
Guinguette, at, country publio-house 
Giiirlande. sf. garland^ coronal, wreath 
•— k bordd un vaiBseau*ybr0-/koofc, breast- 
—• du premier pont, lower deck breast- 

— d'amarrage, snacking of a seizure 

Guisarme, sf. hatchet 

Guise, sf. way,fhncy, humour t chacun 
▼it a sa — , every one lives as he likes / 
en — , adv. like, as, instead of 

Gultare, sf. guitar 

Gustation, sf. gustation, taste 

Guttural, e, adj. guttural 

Gymnaie. sm. gymnasium 

Gymnastiaue, sf. gymnastics 

—, adj. belonging to a gymnasium • 

Gypse, sm. gypsum, parget, chalk 

Gypteux, euse, •djC gypsous, chalky 


H, sm. eighth letter of the alphabet 

Ha! inteij. »a/ ho/ 

Habeas corpus, sm. habeas corpus, right 

of bringing on ontfs trial 
Habile, adj. able. At, dever, ingenious, 

skUful, learned, diligent, active 
Habilement, adv. skUfiilly, deverfy 
Hahiletd, sf. abUity, skUl, knowledge 
Hftllisslme, adj. very ablo, ekUfuT 

Habilitadon, sf. habUitation 
Habilit^ sf. abUity, faculty 
Habiliter, va. to habtlitate in law 
Habillage, sm. dressing of tmeat,^ 
HabiUement, sm. apparel, dothoe, drees 
Habiller, va. to dress, clothe, attire 
se — , vr.- to dress oneself 
Habillear, sm. skin-dresser 
Habit, sm. suit ofdothes, coat, garb 

— dcchuae, fivek 

— de deuil, mourning clothes 

— d'ordonnanoe, regimentals, wHfitrm 
Habitable, adj. habitable, irUtabitabie 
Habiade, sm. habiteUion, binnacle 
Habiunt, sm. inhabitant, eititen 

—, e. adj. inhabiting, living, dwdling 
Habitation, sf. habitation, house, abode 
Habiter, va/to inhabit, live, dwell 
Habitude, sf. habit, custom, t 
Habituel, le, adj. habitual, c« 
Habituellement, advf habUuaUy 
Habituer, va. to habituate, accud 
se — , vr. to use one^lf, settle in a place 
H&bl«r, vn. to speak much and vaOUy 
H&blerie, sf. act of speaking mticA 
Hftbleur, etue, smf. one who speaks os- 
tentatiously and much, romasteer 
Hache, sf. hatchet 

— d'armes, battlease 

Hacher, va. to hash, mince, hack, hew 
Hacbette, sf. small axe or hatdtet 
Hachis, sm. hash, minced meat arfldk 
Hadioir, sm. chopping board • ' 
Hachure, sf. act of hatching in eitgrao- 

ing, shading t cross-engriatedlinee 
Hagard, e, adj. haggard, wild,fgroeious 
Haba, im. offening in a wttllfira dUeh 
Hahd ! interj. 'ware there/ 
Hai ! interj. hey/ hoy/ 
Haie, sf. hedge,»fence, hedge-row 

— moTte, fence of branches 

Haie ! interj. gee-ho / a earter*» erjf 
^— au bout, adv. over and above 
Haillon, sm. rag, tatter t en —, ragged 
Haine, sf. hatred, ill-uAU, spite, grudgei 

en — , adv. out of spite 
Haineux, euse, adj. hateful, i 
Hair, va. fo hate, detest, aMor 
Haire, sf. haireUah, hairdtirt, « 
Haissable, adj. hateful, odious 
Halage, sm. towage 
H&le, sm. act of sun-burning 
Hftl^, a4j. sun-burnt, tcmny 
Hal^ne, sf. breath, wind, resplratkm : 

en — , adv. in esercise, in plajf, at bay 
Haler, Va. to draw with a rope^ trade 
H&ler, va. to tan or make U^np 
se •~, vr. to be sun-burr^ 
Haletant, e, adj. out sf breath, painting 
Haleter, vn. to pant, breathe diort 
Haleur, in}, one who hauls a bomi 
Hallage, sm. market-duty, toU 
Halle, sf. markd, market-haU, plmt^ 

tiassfbundry s langsge dca —■%, BU- 

Halllbani^sf. ISSSd, spear 

Hallebardier, «rl halberdier, m 

Hauler, ton. thicket i koeper^m ka» 

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HAL 137 


HaIo» sm. hah, lumiMmt eir^ 
Halte« sf. f»ait, refreshment, re»t 
-, inter). Ao/// Hop/ aiUsMel hold/ 
Hamac, sm. hammoiA 
Hamcau, sm. hamlet 
Hamepon, sm. hook, fish-hook, bait 
HamjK, sf. tiaffofa halberd, hctndte 
Hanip, sm. large dHnkinff-eup 
Hancne, sf. hip, haufich, ehip'g quarter 
Hangar, sm. cart-house, coach-house 
Hanneton, sm. Majfbug, cockchafer 
Hanorrien, m, adj. relating to Hanover 
Hanacrit, Sanskrec, Shandacrit, sm. &>»- 

scrii, a language Sfthe Indians 
Hanse, Hanse-TAitonique, sf. an asso- 
ciation ofceirtain German towns 
Hans^tique, adj. Hanseatie 
Ha|nta*, vn. to haunt, resort to, frequent 
H^tise, sf. act of keeping eompanj/ 
Ibk^ya, va. to snap, catch, snatch 
Haquende, sf. pad, ambling hag 

Haquet, sm. dray 
Haqaetier, s 

» sm. drapman 
Harangue, sf. harangue, speedt, oration 
Haranguer, va. & vn. to harangue 
Hamngueur, smi speech-maker 
Haras, sm. stud, breed of horses 
Harassement, sm. act of harassing 
Harasaer* va. to harass, tire, weary 
Haroeler, va. to tease, ve*t torment 
Hardes, sf. pi. attire, dothes, luggage 
Hardi, e, adj. bold, daring, brave 
Hardiose, sf. boldness, courage 
Hapdimem, adv. boldly, daringly 
Harem, sm. part of the seraglio devoted 

to tpomen ' 

Hareoff, sm. herring; la caque sent 

toujours le —, a bad educcUion goes 

through life 
Harengiiiaon, sf. herring4ime 
Hareng^re, tf. fish-woman, siold 
Harengerie, sf. herring-market 
HarKoeuac, ease, adj. morose, peevish 
Hanooty sm. kidney4>ean, harieot 
Haridelle, if. jade, sorry horse 
Harmonica* sm. a musical instrument 
Harmonie, sf. harmony, union, concord 
Harmonieusement, adv. harmoniously 
Hanaonleax, euse, adj. AarmontotM 
Harmoniqoe, adj. harmfmieal* 
Harmoniqoement, adv. harmonioally 
HarmoDiste, sm. harmoniste 
Harnachement, sm. act of harnessing 
Hamacber, va. to harness 
HanMudieur, sm. harness-maker 
Hamals, sm. armour, harness; blaaddr 

sous \e--, to be an old sotdior 
Haro, sou htie and cry in law 
Harngon, sm. a miser 
te HsurpsAOtx, vr. to scuffle, grapple 
Harpe, sf* harp, fyre,jutting-Hon9 
Harper, va. to gripe, grapple, halt 
Harpie, sf. harpy, scold, shrew 
Harpia, sm. bebt-hook 
Harpiste* im. pk^er on theharp 
Harpon, sm. harpoon, grapple 
HarpoBser, va. to harpoon, grapple 
Harponnear, r— "^ 

Hart, sf. band of a fiigot, halter 
Hasard, stn. hazard, chance, danger t 

cboiede — , a secondhand thing; s*c»- 

poier au — , to expose oh^s life 
Hasarder, va. to hazard, ri»k 
se — , vr. to venture or expose oneself 
Ha^ardeusement, adv. hazardously 
Hasardeux, euse, adj. hazardous, bold 
HAte, sf. haste, speed, hurry; & la — , 

adv. in haste 
H&ter, va. to hasten, forward, quidten 
se — , vr. to make haste 
HAtier, snow spit-rack 
HAtif, ive, adj. hasty, early, premature 
HAtivement, adv. forwardly, early 
H&tivet6, sf. f&rwardness 
Haubans, sm. |^ shrouds, rigging 
Haa6ei]geon, sm. habergeon, coat of maU 
Hausse, sf. lift, rise in the stocks 
Hausse-col, sm. gorget, neckpiece 
Haussement, sm. ad of raising ' 
hausser, va. to raise, lift, hold up 
— 'Un VMsseau, to outsail a ship 
— , vn. to rise, swell, be raised 
se — , vr. to stand a tiptoe 
Haussler, sm. stockjobber 
Hausti^re, sm. hawser 
Haut, sm. height, elevation, altitude t 

tomber de son — , to be amaifid 
—, V, adj. high, tall, eminent, sublime 
—, adv. high ; en — , above, up 
Haut-j^bas, sm. pedler 
Hautain, e, adj. haughty, proud 
Hautainement, adv. proudly, hat/^ti^ 
Hautbois, sm. hautboy ; pi. lofty trees 
Haut-bord, sm. man-of-war, large ship 
Haut-de-chauBse, sm. breeches 
Haute<ontre, sf. counter-tenor in musie 
Haute-lice, sf. tapestry, hangings 
Haute-lutte, sf. authority 
Hautement, adv. haughtihf, openly 
Hante-paye, sf. high pay, full pay 
Haucesse, tt highness, the Sultan's tiUe 
Haute-taille, sf.' upper tenor in musie 
Hauteur, sf. heif^t, eminence, hilloeit, 

haughtiness, pride, freatness 
Hauturier, sm. expert pilot 
H&ve, adj. pale, shastfy, wan, dismal 
Haveron, sm. wiU oats ■ 
Havir, va. to scorch 
->, vn. to 6e scorched 
Havre, sm. haven, harbour, port 
Haviesac, im. knapsack 
H6 1 interi. eht hot —hienl weUl 
Hebdomadaire, adj. weekly 
H^berver, va. to harbour, lodge 
H^b^te, e, smf. dunce, simpleton 
—, e, adj. dull, stupid, besotted 
H^b6Cer, va. to stupify, dull, besot 
H^breu, sm. Hebrew tongue 
— , adj. Jewirh, Hebrew 
lleetaxe,WD.onehundredares, twoaeret 
Hectogramme, sm. 100 grammes 
Hectolitre, sm. 100 litres 
Hectomtoe, sm. lOQ metres 
H^re, sf hegira, flight ofi&OUmet 
Heiduque, sm. Hun,— '— ' -" - "" - 
H^lM i ittterj. alasi 

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H^ler. viu to haU a ship 
H^liotropCf sm. heUotrum, sun-Jknoer 
— « sf. oriental JtupeTt Oioodstone 
Hellenes, tin. pU the Greek people 
Hell^nique, aiij. Hell^w, Greetan 
HeU^olsuM!, tui. HellenistHt Greek idiom 
HeWiaUu, nin. Ueiieniet, uneakiUed in 

the Greek language 
Helviitique, «cij. Helvetic, of or relatitig 

to the SwiM people 
Heinl inusrj. hemi 
U^mAtuide. adj. of a blood-eolour 
H^micycle, sin. hemic^et half^trde 
Wmispb^re, sm. hemiepherot half-gM>o 

or sphere ^ 

H^muph^ricjuei adj. hemiapherieal 
H^misph^roide, sm. hemiepheroid 
H^misiicbisj sm. hemiitieht half-eene 
H^morraj^ie, sf. hemorrhage 
U^morroKlai, adj. hemorrhoidal 
H^morrpides, at', pi. hemorrkoide, pUee 
H^mosuAe, sf. ^agnation o/blood 
Hennir* vn. to neif^ • 

Hennissement, sm. act of neighing 
Hepcarchie, st; heptarehjft a.eevenfold 

Heptarcbique, adj. rioting to heptarchjf 
H^raMique; ac^. heraldic 
Htraut, sm. herald^ prodaimer, fore- 
Herbac^, e« adj. herbaceoue ^runner 
Herbage, sm. herbage, grace, paeture 
Herbe, sf. herb, geaeei mauvaiaes — s, 

pL weedc ; manger son bled en ^, to 

o« a cpendthiifts oouper 1'— aous le 

pied k quel ,u'ao, to supplant one 
Herber, va. to cpread doth on thegraea 
«- de la toile, to bleach linen 
Hcrberie, tf. Uead^field, grace or green 

Herbetle, sf. gnuc, tender grace 
HerbeuXt euse, adj. herbaceoue, graces 
HerUer, sm. herbcU, treatise on herbs 
Herbivore, adj. heriiioorauc, feeding on 

herbs, graminioorow 
Herboriaer, vn. toherbarize, gather ha-bs 
Herboriseur, sm. one who gathers herbs 
Uerborkte, sm. herbalij*t, one skilled in 

herbs, seller of medicinal plantc 
Herbu, r, a<lj.jiritM«^, herbaceoue 
Hercule, sin. Hercules, powerful man 
Here, sm. poor wretch, game at cards 
Her^ditalre, adj. hereditarp 
Her^itairemein. adv. hereditarily 
Httiiiti, sf. heirship, heritage, suoees- 

sion, inheritance, eetdte 
H^r^ie, sf. heresp, furtdamental error 

in religion, unsound opinion 
H^resiok«ue, sm. utriter on hereeiee 
H^r6ciciC6, s£ heretical meaning 
Hdr^tique, sm. heretic, one who enter- 

taine erroneous opinions in religion 
~, adj. heretical, containing hereej/ 
HAtmi, €, adj. brietlp, rough, angry 
Heriaaer, va. to pkuter with mortar 
— . vn. et vr. to brittle up, etand ered 
Heriason, sm. hedgehog 
Hwitage, sm. inherUanee, estate 
U4iiter, va. to inherit 

Hdritler, i^, smf. kea-, mmsreee 

— prisomptif, ive, heir apparent 
Henanaphiodicet am; hermaphrodite 
Uermeline, s& cable, black eohyr, in 

Herm^ique,-adj. hermetic, hermetieal, 

perfectly tiose, air-tight 
Herin^iiquement, adv. hermeticallp, er 

aetlp, chemically, closely 
Hermine, »L ermine, species of animal, 
fUr qf the ermine [ermine 

Hermine. e, a^j. ermineii^ dothed with 
Herminette, st adse, earpenter'e tool 
Hermitage, sm. hermitage 
Hftmie, sf. hernia, mpture • 
H^ruine, sf. heroine, female hero 
H^rolque, adj. heroic, magnanimous 
Heroiqueraent, alv. heroically 
H^roismt Kn.heroism, qualitieeqfahero 
H6ros, sm. hero, great weurior 
H«r^«, sf. harrow, portcullis 
HeraemeAt, sm. act of harrowing Iqnd 
Herter« va. to harrow . 

Herseur, sm. ham»wer 
Her»illon, sm. small htarow 
H^itation, sf. hesitation, dotOft, uncer- 
tainty, stammering 
H Waiter, vn. to hesitate, be doubtful 
H^c^rocllte, adj. irr^(ular, whimeieal 
HiUroioxc, adj. heterodnx, erroneous 
H^^rodoxie, st. heterodoxy, heresy 
H^t^rogftne, adj. heterogenooue, diait- 

milar, of a different nature 
Hdt^rog^n^it^, sf. heterogeneity, differ- 

enee of nature, dissimiiitude 
HfttrCf sm. beech-tree 
Ueu, sm. Aoy, small enacting vessel 
— , interj. A«tt/ good lack f aloe! 
Heur, sm. luck, good fortune 
Heure, sf. hour, time; de bonne — , adv. 
betimei, early; tout k Y ^, present- 
ly! k\a.)ionne,eAv. well and good, so 
much the better, fitrtunatety / it toute 
—, at every turn, constantly; k f— 
m^mcf at the very instant 
Heureuaementt adv. happily, hsekily, 

Heureux, euse, adj. hapm, ludey 
Heurt, sm. hU, muhap, knock 
Heurter, va. to hU, knock, qffitnd; il a 
— ^ k toutes leaportes, he hoe l^ no 
stone unturned 
Heurtoir, sm. knocker of a door 
Hexagone, sm. hexagon 
—, e, adj. hexagonal, hexangular 
Hexamftire, sm. hexameter, a •era* of 

eix metrical /set 
—, adj. hexametric, hesametrieat, eon 

sisting of hexameters 
Hiatus, sm. hiatus, gap, chaem 
Hibou, sm. owl, peeoish man 
Hie, im. knot, principal difficult 
Hideusement, adv. hideouely, horribly 
Hideux, euse, adj. hideo%u, gheutfy 
H\er, iAv.yesterik^; d'—,einee9eeter- 

— Mir, laet night [day 

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• HIB 

m * 


Hidtmrehl^iMk adj. Mer&nMeal 
Hi^rucbkiuciiient, adv. hierardti^aUtf 
Hi^nsljrphe, tin. hien^flinpMe, symboU' 

Hi^ioffhrphique, adj. hieroffiifphieai 
HilaiM, If. Mter«y, cH^fulneu 
Hippooentaure, »m. hippoeenttmr 
Hippocraa, itn. hippoenu, n^fUM 
Hippoer&ne, wf. Hippoerene 
Hippodrome, sm. hippodrome 
Hippopotame, sm. hippoipotnmu* 
HirondeUe» sf. twatiota, swalipW'-^Hl 
Hirant^* e, adj. ruffK^dLt poug^, brUtly 
Hispanisme, sm. SpanUh grammatical 

Hispide, adj. roughs bristly, ohargw 
Hispidit^, sf. mtalitp of being M»tfy 
Hisser, va. to Aoi<t, tivajf 
Hiatoire, sf. hiHaru, «tory,a««vunf ,Vest 

une aacre — , that it another thing ; 

voilk bien des — «, how trnMiy diffieul- 

tie* »tm otart 
Historial, e, adj. hietorie, hietoricat 
Histoiien, sm. historian, recorder 
Historier, yn. to endMitHeh, adorn 
Histoiiette* sf. etorp, novel 
Historiographe, snv hiHorioffrapher 
Hiscorique, adj. historic, historical 
Historiquenicnt, adv. historieallp 
Histiion, sm. stroller, buffoon 
Hiver, sm. winter ; fort — , bad winter 
Hivcmal, e« adj. winterly, hiberwU 
Hivemer* vn, to winter 
8*—, vr. to inure oneself to coU 
Hoi iiitei:j.*o/ hip! 
Hobereau, »m.hobby, poor country squire 
Uoche* sf. notch / faire une —, Yo cut a 

Hodiement, sm. act ofjofrging, wagging 
Hocfaepied, sm. haggnrd jklcon 
Hocbepot, sm. hotch piitch 
Hoclic(|ueue, smf. uagtail, a bird 
Hocber, va. toj(^, ^ak«, wag 
Hochet. sm. chiUfii coral, rattle 
Holik! interj.AoM/ peace! ho there/ 
Hollandais, e, adj. Dutch 
Hollandaise, sf. machine Jhr drawing tff 

Hollajider, va. to pass through hot asihes 
Hdocanste, sm. holocoMUt, saeriHee 
Horn*! inUrj. hum! 
Homard, sm. Mtster 
Hombre« sm. ombre, game ai cards 
Horn^lie, sf. homily, explanation of the 

Bible, sermon- 
HomJcidc, sm. hondeide, murdererros- 

sassin, murder ; regards eu feox -^^t 

kilOngr leaks or eyes 
— im-okmuire, manslaughter 

— adj. nutrd 

Homicider, va. to murder, kill 
Hommaice, nn. homage, duty, respect 
Hommag^ e, adj. held by homage 
Hommagcr, sm. one who pays homage 
Homoaasse^adj. manfy * 

Uomme, sm. man, rsankind, mortal, 
being f bon — , old mant Bons — s, 
pL Minims, an order effrioTS 

Homme de Men oti d'honneur, 
able or upri^t man 

— d'6p^ OM d'^lise, mtfitofy or 

— de gQcrre* soldier 

— de lettrcf, man of letters 

— fait, grown man 
Homogene, adj. homogeneous 
Homoff^neit^t sf. homogeneousness 
Homoiogue, adj. homdl'ugous, similar 
Homologucr, va. to allow, confirm 
Homonyme, adj. homonj/moun, said ef 

toords having several meanings 
HMnonymie, sf. resemblance of sound 

from two or more words 
Hongre, adj. geltf cheval — , a gelding 
Hongrer, va. to geld, said f>fa horse 
Hongrois, e, smf. Hungarian. 
—, e, adj. relating to Hangars/ 
Honn6te, sm. thai which is creditable 
—, adj. honest, virtuous, civil, decent, 
genteel, obliging, kind,' excu<e — , 
fair excuse: prix — , moderate price/ 
U estd'une nalssance — , he is of credit- 
able /bmUy 
Honndtement, adv. 'honesf/y, decently. 

pretty fair, kindly 
Honn«tei«, sf. honesty, civility, virtue, 

modesty, decencf/, chastity 
Honneur, sm. honour, modesty, credit, 
respect, homage, virttte, post, dignity 
~-* fun^bres, pi. funeral solemnities 
Honni, part, confounded, abashed 

— soft qui mal y pense, evil to him wha 
evU thinks 

Hnnnir, va. to revile, disho^wur, curse 
Honnisement, sm. act of reviling 
Honorable* adj. honourable, splehdid, 
noble/ faire amende — , to acknow- 
ledge a^utt and make reparation 
Honorablementt adv. honourably 
Honoraire, »m.fee, salary, stipend 
—, adj. honorary, titular 
Honorer, va. to honour, respect, esteem 
Honorifiqae, adj. honorary, titular 
Honte, sf. shitme, disgrace, infitmy, op- 
probrium, dishonour, scandal/ mau- 
vuse — , bashfulness, timidity 
Honteuaement, ady. shamefully 
HonteuXf ease* adJ. shameful 
Hdpitalf sm. hospital, alms-house 
Hoqaet, sm. hiccough, hiccup 
HoquetoHt sm. castock, peoman 
Horaire,adj. hordrp, relating toihe hour 
Horde, sf. horde, dan, tribe 
Horiion, sm. horizon 
Horisontal, e,«dj. horizontai 
Horisontalcment, adv. horitontaUy 
Horlage« sf. doek 

Horlogtr, sm. dock or watch maker 
Horlogciie, sf. trade of a watch-maker 
Hormis, prepu except, but;saving 
UoitMCOpet sm. horotcop", a prophecy 
fbunded on the situation of the stars 
Horrenr, sf. horror, abhorrence, fright, 
dread, detestation, abomination, de- 
struction, dishonourable action / c'est 
nne — , it is shocking or disgraceful 

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Bonrib^, adj. horrible, hideoiu ; U fait 

on froid —tUi$ intenteiy cold 
Horriblement, a4|. hwrribly, frightfully 
Hon, prep, oitf , vtcept, aave ; etxe — de 
pa^e^ to 60 une'9 own matter 

— ceia, except this 

— de M&me, fitte from blamtf 
•— de doute, without question 

— de la viUe, ouioftotim 

— de prix, extremelj/ dear 

— d« raison, tanreaaonably 

— de saisoii, vruefuonabie 

— d'auvre, otUwork, digt-eaHon 

— d'oeuvres, pi. ndfs-dishes, kickekawe 

— de oour. nonsuited • 
Hoiticulteur, im. gardener 

Hospice, sm. small convent or hospital 
for entertaining strangers 

— pour les maUdes, hospital for the sick 
•— pour les puuvre?, a/gw housSt a^lum 

jbr the poor, Charity workhouse 
Hospiuiier, \kn, arij. hMpitaNe - 
— *, im. pi. kniiehts of a religious order 
Hospiti^t^, if. hospitality 
Hostie, A hos*, consecrated wafer 
HoiUle, adj. hostile, adoerse, opposite 
Hottilemeiit, adv. in a hostile manner 
Hosdiit^, sf. hostility, state of war 
HOle« am. host, landlord, innkeeper 
HAiel, tauhtttel, extensive inner lodging- 
house, nobleman's ttiwn mansion f un 
malire d'— , a house-steward 

— de la compaKnie <ies Indes Orientates 
, ou Oeddentales, Bast or West India 


— des monnaiet, the mint 

— de uilley guUdhtdl, town^hatt • 
HAtel-Dtcu, sm. hospital for the sick 
H6teUiert i^re, smt; host, hostess, inn- 

Hdtellerie, nf. inn for travellers 

Hdtesse, sf. hostess, landlady 

Hotte, sf. dorsel, dorser, scuttle, pannier 

— de chemin^, chimney-funnel 
Hott^, sf. dorser or seuttlpful 
Hotteur, euse, t^tnt one who carries a 

dorser or scuttle 
Houblon, sm. https 
Houbloniier, vsl. to put hops into beef 
Houblonni^re, «f. hop field or garden 
Houe, sf. hoe. weedinstrumtnt 
Houer, va. to hrte, cut weeds with a hoe 
Houilie, sf. roalfrom the pit 
Houill^re, sf cftal mine or pit 
Houillenr, sm. collier 
Houle, sf. swell of the sea 
Houlette, sf. shepherds crook 
Hoiileux, ense, adj. turgid, sweiling, 

billowy, rouaii, rolling 
Houp, interj. hoUa, hi>Bo, hollia, word 

used in callinr, huntsman's call 
Houpcr, va. to shout, cry out 
Houppe, sf. tuft, knot, duster, bunch 
^ k pf>udrt>r, wwder-mff 
Houppe, e, adj. tuftmf, crested 
Houppeiaiide, sf. riding coat 
Uoupper, va. to adorn with a tuft 

— de la laine, to oum6 wool 

Houra, intoj. hurrah, shout oftx 
Hourdace, am. roi<^ mason-wor^^ 
HourSer, va. to rough-wall, buUdcoewse- 
Houri. sf. Mohammi dan nymph ^f va- 
House, e, adj. dirty, wet ( radise 

Housplller, va. to tugor puU onefitreibly 
sit "-, vr. to beat or treat one another ill, 

ineeigh against each other 
Houssage, sm. act of dusting daum, etk- 

dosure of a windmill 
Houssaie,8f. hoUy grove, place planted 

uHth hoUies 
Housae, sf. horse-doth 
Housser, va. to sweep, dust down 
Housseur, euse, smf. sweeper 
Houssi^re, sf. plantation of or nw<i8ry 

ftr ^oujtg trees or shrubs 
Houssinct sf. switch, small twig 
Houssiner, va. to beat with a swlteh 
Houssoir, sm. hair-broom, whiek 
Houx* sm. holly, a tree 

— panach^, yellow blotched hoU^ 
Hojrau, sm. mattotk, pieknse 
Huaxd, sm. ospray, sea-eagle 

Hucbe, sf. hnUch, kneading-trough, bin 

— de moulin, meal-tub, mill-hopper 
Hucher» va. to hatlon, cry wthemently 
Hutchec, sm. postbtiy, huntsman's horn 
Hue. Hue^hOf interj. gee, gee-ho 
Hu^, sf. act of flouting, hootinff, Asw> 

Huer, va. to shout, whoop, hoot, hise sU 
Huxuenot, e, smf. Huguenot, French 

—, adj. relating to the P/otestantdiurdi 
Hui, adv. to-day, to mark the drng, kua 

term,' ce iourd'huit Mt^dtq/ 
Huile. sf. oil; jeierde >'— dans 

stir up a quarrel ; c'est one tAcha d ~« 

it is an indelible stain 

— vSvrgt, pure oil 

— ranee, rancid oU 

— d'olive, salad oil 

Huiler, va. tootY, grease, 6nolntwoUkaa 
Huileux, euse, adj. oUy, greasy 
Huilerie, sf. oil-shop or warehouee 
Huilier, sm. oil-bottle or flask 
Huis, sm. the door of a room / 4 — dos, 

privately, with closed doors 
Huissicr, sm. doorkeeper 

— priseur, auctioneer 

Huit, sm. the eighth day of the month 
— , adj. eight J tTaujourd'hui en — » this 
day stfennight 

— de chiffre, sort of compass 
Huitain, sm, stanza of eight verees 
Huitaine, sf. eight days 
Huiti^me,8m. the eighth part of m thing 
-, hdi. eighth -^ '^ -^ « 
Huidftmemvnt* adj. eighthly 

Hultre, sf. oyster ; c'est uoe -, A r^cafilK, 

he is a mere booby 
Humain, sm. man ,- le ff«nre ~-,mankind 
—, e, adj. human, humane, kind 
Humaknement, adv. humanly, ,' 

ly, gently, kindly 
Humaniscr. va. to humanize, cieilize 
St — « vr. to grow gentle, trmetaUe 

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Humwiiste, im* humanigt, aeholar 
UamajBtt4» sf. Atiman nature, human- 

Ujft kindnett, mitdneu 
-"«, jA, e l as si ia t teaming, philoloffy 
Hnmble, a^j. humbie, wl^miMipe, mo- 

dett, lowly, nut proud 
HumtaleaieDC, adv. humbly, modestly 
Huoaectanty e* a4j. humect^, having 

power to moisten 
Humcctation, sf. the act of moistening 
Homeeter, va. to humect, wet, moisten 
Uumer, va. to sip, drink in small quan- 
tities, suek, imbibe 
Humeur, sf. humour, moistursi Juice, 
any fluid of the animal body, caprice, 
temper, tUsposition, ■ faeetiottsness s 
£cre en — de faire quelque chose« to be 
inclined to dota thing 
Haaade, ma. moisture 
—, ad), humid, damp, moist, w^ 
Humidemeot, ariv. xn a damp place 
Humldic^, if. humidity, dampness 
Humiliant, e, adj. humbling, mortifying 
Humiliation* sf. humUiatitm, abasement 
HumUitfy va. to humiliate, humble, de- 

preea, abase, lower in amdUion 
a* — , vr. to humble onesel/ 
Humility, sf. humility, humbleness, mo- 

destpf tbwliness, meekness 
HuxDocute, sra. humorist, wag 
— , ad> humorsttme, odd, petulant 
Hune, A beam for suspending a hell, 
bn» at the top of a mast, the top , 

— d'artimon, mizzen-top 

— de m\Ma.iiiej .fitre-top 

Uiuncr« tm.flshing-net, top-saU or mast 
— s, pi. top-sails 
Uuppe, s£ crest, tuft, lapwing 
Hu|»p^ey adj. tufted, crested, cunning 
Hure, s£ head of a wild hoar or pike 

— d'un saumon, >ou;/ or Jole of a salmon 
Hurtaaat, interj. gee-ho, driver's ety 
Hurlementt sm. howl, roar, shriek, yell, 

act e^ howling, yelling, or shrieking 
Hurler, va. to howl, roar, shriek, yell 

— avec ks knips, to do as others'do 
Hurluberiu* sm. ineoasidertUe or hair. 

— , adv. abrujitly, inconsiderately 
—, adj. blunt, abrupt, giddy 
Haasazd« sm. hussar 
Hutte, «. hut, cot, cottage [hut 

ae Hatter, vr. to make a hut, lodge <n a 
Hyacintbe, >f. hyacinth, a flower g gem 
Hf bride, adj. hybridous, mongrel, of a 

Hydatides, sf. pi. hydatides, little trans- 

I Hydrograpbique, arij. hydrographiml 
Hydromel, »oa. hydromel, mead 
Hydrom^tre; sm. hydrometer 
Hydrom^crie, sf. hydrometry 
Hydrophobie, sf. hydrophobia [,4ropsy 

^ . fders of water, blisters 

Hydrauliquet sf. hydraulics 
—, adj. hydnculic, hydraulical 
Hydre, sf. hydra, water-serpentp fabu- 
lous monster with many heads 
Hydsoe^le, sf. hydrocele, watery tumour 
Hydroo^phale, sf. dropsy in the tiead 
Hydsogene, sm. hydrogen 
Hydrog^ne, e, adj. relating to hydrogat 
Hydrogmphe, sm. hydrographer 
Uydropaphk^ sf. hydrography 

Hydropique, sm. person offiiaed t 
~,adj.^Wr -- t - - • — 
Hydropisie, i 

—, adj. pydropie, ht/dropicul, dropsical 
Hydropisie, sf. dropsy 
Hydrostalique, sf. ht/dnutatics 

—, adj. hydrostatical 
Hy^ne, sf. hyena, fierce animal 
Hygiene, sf. preservation of health 
Hygi^t^qae, adj. hygeian, relating to 

HyKrom^tre ou Hygrofcope, sm. an in- 
strument to ^uiw the moisture of the 
Hygrom^rie» »f. hygrometry lait 

Hygrom^trique, adj. hygrometrieal 
Hymen, Hymenee, sm. hymen 
Hymae, smf. hymn, divine song 
Hyperbole, sf. hyperbole, exaggeration 
HyperboUque, adj. hyperbolical 
Hyperboliqueiuent, adv. hyperboHcally 
Hypercritique, sm. one who is critical 
■ beyond measure or reason 
Hypocondre. sm. one of the two spaeee 

which captain the liver and spleen 
Hypocondriaque, smf. a hj/pochondriae 
— , adj. hypochondriac, hypochondria 

cal, splenetic 
Hypocondrie, sf. hypochondriacism, met' 
' ancholy, spleen 

Hypocrisie, %f. hypocrisy, dissimulation 
Hypocrite, smf. hypocrite, dissembler 
-I, adj. hypocritic, hypocritical 
Hypocb&oire, adj. belonging to a mart' 
Hypotenuse, sf. hypotenuse Lftog* 

Hypoth^que, yf. mortgage, pledge 
Hypoth^quer, va. to hypothecate, pledge 
Hypoth&se, sf. hypothesis, supposition 
Hypoth^tique, 4<Q. hy/iothetic, hypothe- 
tical, supposed, conditional 
Hypoth^iquement, adv. hypotheticaOy 
Hysope, sf. hyssop, an aromatic plant 
Hysterie, sf. hysteiUxU qjf'ection 
Uyst^rique, adj* hysterical, nervous 

I» sitw the ninth letter of the alphsAet/ 
droit commc un —, as straight aeon 
7/ a met les points sur let — , he 

is scrupulously exact • 

lambe, sm. iambus 

lambique, adj. iambic 

IbiSfSm. ibis, Egyptian btrd 

Icelui, Icelle, proo. he, him, she, her, it 

Ichneumon, srn. ichneumon 

Ichnographie, sf. iehftography, ground- 
plot, base, platjoi-m 

IcbDO^nipbique, ildj. ichnographicdl 

id, adv. here, hither, in this place/ il a 
pass^ par — , he came through this 
place, this ways d'— , hence, fl-egm 
hence ! d'— Vh, thither t jusqa' — , 

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ici in 


Id bM, here bamo, in this world 

Id pr^, hard Ay 

leonoclaste, smf. ieonocbut, ahreakeri^ 

loonagraphie, sf. iconografOtif 
Iconoffraphique, adj. iconoifraphieal 
leonoUUre, tmf. unmhipper ofimagee 
Id^l, e, adj. idecU^ oatn, imaginary 
Id^alement, adv. ideally 
Id^Ksme, sm. idealiem {Urn 

Id^alistes, sm. pi. tho»e who adopt ideal- 
Id^» sf. ideat notion, fimey, aketeh 
Idem, pron. particle aignijying the same 
Identifier, va. to identify or comprehend 

two things under the tame idea 
Identique, adj. identical, the tame 
Ideruiquement, adv. identically 
Identity, sf. identity, aameneee 
Id^logie, sf. ideology, a treatiee on ideas 
Id^ologue,sm. ideologiet, one who studies 

the science of ideas 
Ides, tt. pi. Ides, the fifteenth o/Marc^, 
May, July, and October, or the thir- 
teenth of all the other months, among 
the Romans 
IdlAme, >m. idiom, dialect, language 
Idiot, smf. idiot, 'ninny,Ji>ot 
— , adj. idiotic^ siUy, stupid, JMiOi 
Idiolisme, sm. manner of speaking pe- 
culiar to a language 
IdolAtre, smf. idolater 
—, adj. idolatrous, ejcessively fi>nd 
Idolfttrer, va. to idolize, worship idols 
Idoldtrie, sf. idolatry, paganism 
Idol&trique, adj. belonging to idolatry 
•Idole, sf. id<A, statue 
Idylle, sf. idyl, rural poem 
If, sm. yew, yeUf-tree 
Ignare, adj. illiterate, Ipiorant 
Ignd, e, adj. igneous, fiery 
Ignicole, sm. worshipper of fire 
Ignition, sf. ig^nition 
Ignoble, adj. ignoUe, base, despicable 
Ignoblement, adv. ignobly, meanly 
Ignominie, sf. ignominy, infamy 
IgnominieusemeDt, a^lv. ignnminiou^y 
Ignominieux, euse, adj. ignominious 
Ignoramment, adv. ignorantly 
Ignorance, sf. ignorance, unskilfuiness 
Ignorant, e, smf. ignorant person 
--, e, adj. ignorant, illiterate 
Ignorantisame, adv. most ignorant 
Ignorer, va. to be ignorant of 
11, pron. he, it 
He, sf. island, isle 
Iliaque, sm. muscle connected with the 

htp-bone • 
--, adi. iliac f passion — , iliac passion 
Ill^ai, e, adj. Wegal, contrary to law 
Ill^ffalement, adv. illegally, unlawfully 
ni^KftUt^, sf. UlefMity 
lU^itime, adj. illegitimate, illegal 
Ill6gitlm«ment, adv. illegitimately 
Ill^timit^, sf. illegitimacy 
Illetti^, e, adj. iUiterate, unlettered 
lUidte, adj. iOieit, unlawful 
IlHdtement, adv. unUswfiMy, HHdtty 
immiU, e, a4|. iUimited, wiMmifwi 

lUisible, adj. illegible 
inuminatenr, sm. Uluminater 
lUuminatif, ive, adi. Uluminettiee 
Illumination, sf. Ulumination, light 
Illuming, e, ad\,. lightsome, /itnatic 
— s, smf. pL viswnary politiciane 
Illuminer, va. to illuminate, lighten 
Illusion, s£ illusion, fiiJlaey, delusion 
Illusoire, adj. illusive, illusory, delusite 
lUusoirement, adv. deceitfully 
Illustntion, sf. illurtration 
Illustre, adj. illustrious, famous, noble 
lUustrer, va. to illustrate, adorn, sett^ 
Illustrissime, adj. right reverend 
Hot, sm. small island f islft 
Ilote, smt Lacedemonian slave 
lis, pron. they 

Image, sf. imagfi, print ,jncture, idea 
Imager, ^re, smf. print-seller 
laiaginable, adj. imaginable, probable 
Imaginalre, adj. imaginary, chimerical 
Imaginatif, ive, adj. tmaginative 
Imaginatioii, sf. imagination, fancy 
Imaglner, va. to imagine, conceive, Uni 
s*— , vr. to fancy, ime^ne, think 
I man, sm. Mahometan pHesit 
Imb^le, smf. imbedte, ninny, idiot 
—, adj. weak, silly, stupid, crazy 
Imb^illement, adv. stupidly, sUfUy 
Imb^lUi^, sf. imbecUity, stupidity 
Imbert)e, adj. beardless, inexperieneed 
Imbiber, va. to imbibe, soak, steep 
s*-*-, vr. to soak, be imbibed 
Imbu, e, adi. imbtted, possessed with 
Imifable, adj. imitabte 
Imitateur, trice, smf. imitater, JbOower 
Imitatif, ive, adj. imitative, mimical 
Imitation, sf. imitation, copy 
Imiter, va. to imitate, copy, repre s ent 
Immacul^, e, adj. immaculate 

Immanent, e, adj. immanent 
Immangeabie, adi. uneatable 
Immanquable, adj. infalltble, secure 

Immanguablement, adv. infiilKbly 
Immaterialisme, sm. a system opposed 

to mdteriedism 
Immat^atit^, sf. imr/MterialUy 
Immat^riel, le, adj. immaterial 
ImmatMellement, adv. immaterially 
Immatriculation, sf. matriculation 
Immatricule, sf. act qf registering 
Immatriculer,'va. to matriculate, enrol 
Immddlat, e, adj. immediate, instant 
Imm^iatement, adv. immediately 
Immemorial, e, adj. immemorial 
Immense, iulj. immense, vast, huge 
Immens^ment, adv. immensely 
Immensity, sf. immensity, vastness 
Immersif, ive, adj. immersitfe, immersed 
Immersion, sf. immersion 
Immeuble, adj. imtwwable 
—8, sm. pL lands, houses 
Imminence, sf. imminence, nearness 
Imminent, e, adj. imminent, apparent 
s'Immiscer, vr. fo fntermeddle 
Immlsdble, adj. not susceptible of mix- 
ing with any other subaiasue 
Immobile, a^j. immosabh, HtMe, Jim 

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IJilM 13 

f mindbilier* iire» adj. tmmovvUe i 

Immobiliaer, va. to rendt;r property im- \ 


ImmobUiaatioo, >f. act itf converting 

Immobility U, immobility 
Imvaod^r^, e, adj. immoderate 
Immoddr^menty adv. immoderately 
Inimodcste* adj. immodeat, indecent 
ImmndcMement, adv. immedeetly 
Immodesde» s^. immodettyt indecency 
Immolation* tf. immoiation, eacriftce 
Iiumoler, va. to immolatet sacrifice 
s'— k, vr. to hazard one'e life for 
ImmoDde, adj* unclean, foui 
Immondic?* %f.JUth, dirt, ntud» rubbish 
I m mora), c, adj. immoral 
Immorality, sf. immorality 
linmortalicer, va. to immortalize 
ImrooKtatic^, »i.\ immortality , eternity 
Immortcly Ic, adj. immortal, eternal 
Immortelle, »C eateidony or eudioeed 
Immortifivation, st. immortifteation 
Inunortifie, e, a<ij. unnwrtifieri 
Immuabie* adj. immutable, fixed 
ImmuablemenC, adv. immutably 
Immuait^, tf.immuni^,prieilege,fi'ee- 

dom, exemption. 
Immatabiiic^, sf. immutability 
Impair, adi. odd, not even; un nombre 

—, €tn odd number 
Impalpable, adj. impalpable 
ImpanAtioti, sf. impanatiom, euppoeed 

eubais^nce of the body of Chriet in 

eacramental bread 
Impardonnable, adj. unpardonable 
Imparfait, am. imperfect, grammatical 
— , c, adj. imper/eet, defntive Iterm 
Imparftitemcnt, adv. imperfectly 
Impartial, e, adj. impartial, equitable 
ImparCialemcnt, adv. impartially 
Impartiality, tf. impartiality, juatice 
Impaanbilite, sf. impaeeibUity, exemp- 
tion^ from pain or et^ering 
Impassible, adj. impaseible, btcapable of 

Mt^ffTsring, exemvtfrom pain 
Impa,tkmment» adv. impatiently 
Impatience, ti. impatience, reetlofeneee 
Impacknt, e, adj. impatient, not able to 

endure,fretful, hasty, eager 
Impatienter, va. to tire out on^a pa- 

i — a yx*tabe impatient, grow angry 
■'Impatntniaer, vr. to get authority 
Impayable, adj. invaluable, ineatimable 
Impeccabilic^* sf. impeeeabilUy, exemp- 
tion from ein 
Impeonble, adj. not aubj 'ct to ain 
loap^n^nibiUte, sf. impenetrability 
Imp^^trable, adj. impenetrable 
Impdinteablement, adv. impenetrably 
Imp^aitettce, sf. impettitence, obduracy 
Impenitent, e, adj. impeniterU, obdurate 
ImpAatif, sm. imperative mood 
— a ive, adj. imperative, commanding 
Imp^tativemcnt, adv. imperatively 
jopixvaAiae, A enmreta, female invested 

ImpenepciMe, adj. impereepHble 
Imperceptiblement, adv. impettxptiNy 
Impcrdabie, adj. imperdible, not to be 

deatroyed or loat 
Imperfection, sH imperfection, defect, 

fiilure, fault 
Imp^ria), e, adj* imperial, royal 

Imp^riale, sf. roof <>/ a coaehf imperial 

lily, game at cards, finest serge, 
ImperieQsement, adv. imperious, or- 

roeantly, haughtily 
Imp^rieux, ease, adj. imperioun,haughty 
Impdrissable, adj. imperiduible 
Imp^ritie, sf. ignorance, unakilfulneaa 
Imperm^bilit^, sf. impermeability 
Imperm^ble. adj. impermeable, that 

cannot be passed throuKh \ 

Impermutabilii^, sf. unchangeoblenesa 
Impermutable, adj. impermutable, un- 

changeable, m4 subject to change 
Impersonnel, le, adj. impersonal 
ImpersoneUeiment, adv. imperstmally 
Impertinemment, adv. impeitinently 
Imperii neoce, sf. impertinence, imperti- 

nency, rudeness, of no weight 
Impertinent, e, adj. impertinent, rude 
Imperturbability, sf. impetturbation, intr 

mobility, calmness, tranquillity 
Imperturbable, adj. imperturbable, im^ 

movable, that cannot be disturbed 
Impertarbablement, adv. steadily, im- 
movably, calmly, tranquilly 
Irap^traMe, adj. impOrable, poeaibleio 

be obtained 
Imp^trant, sm. urantee, patentee 
—, e. adj. obtained by entreaty [treaty 
Impetration, sf. act of obtaining byen- 
Imp6crer, va. to impetrate, obtain by en- 
treaty • 
Imp^iueusement, adv. impetuoualy, vio- 
lently, vehemently 
Imp^iueux, euse, adj. impetuoua, pas- 

aionate, violent, fjrcible, vehement 
Impetuosity, sf. impetuttaity, violence 
i in pie, adj. tmpiotM, ungodly, profime 
Impi^t^, sf. impiety, ungodliness 
Impitoyable, adj. unmerciful, relentteta 
Impitoyablement, adv. unmercifully 
Implacable, adj. implacable, not to be 

appeaaed, irreeoncilaUe, infxorable 
ImpiacHbilit^, sf. implaeability, ur^for- 

ghaing nr irreconcilable enmity 
Implacableroent, adv. implacably 
Implantation, sf. implantation 
Implanter, va. to implant, infix, inaert, 

ingraft, set, sow 
Implexe, adj. implex, intricate, compli- 

eated, entangled 
Impllable, sA\.that cannot be folded 
Implidte» adj. implicit, abaolute 
Implicitement, tuiv.imptieitly, tacitly 
Impliquer, va. to implicate, imply ' 
Implorer, va. to implore, beg, request 
Implovable, adj. unpliable, ir^fieJrible 
Impoli, e, adj. unpMite, uncourteous 
ImpoHment, adv. unpotitely, rudely 
Impolttesse, if. unpoUteri^ss, rudenaae 
I Impolitlqiie, af. want efpoiiey 

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ImpoUtiqne, mdj.impoliHe, tmpoliHeca 
Impoliciquement, adv. impolittcallif 
Impopulaire, adj. unpoptUar 
Impopularite, sf. unpopularity 
Importance, sf. impvrtance, corueqtience 
A'—, adv. at a fine rate, very much 
Imporunt, e, adj. important, material; 

{aire V—, to take much upon oneedf 
Importation, it. importation 
Importer, va. to import, brinpr floods 
—, vn. to concern, be of moment 
Importun, e, adj. importunate, troubte- 

aome, tireeome ; demandeur — , smf. 

dun,dunner; cVst un — , he ie a bore 
Importun^meiYt, adv. importunately 
Importuner, vh. to importune, trouble 
Imfortunitfi, sf. importunity 
Imposable, adj. taxitble, liable to be taxed 
Imposant, e, adj. imposing, awfid 
Imposer, va. to lay hands on, prescribe ; 

en — , vn. to imptiee on one, deceive 
Imposition, sf. imporition, tax, impost 
Impossibility, sf. imposeibUity 
Impossible, adj. impoeeible 
Imposteur, sni. impostor, cheat, liar 
Imposture, sf. imposture, imposition 
Impdt, sm. impost, tax, tribute, custom 
Impotent, e, adj. impotent, maimed 
Impracticable, adj. impracticable 
Imprecation, sf. imprecation, curse 
Impr^catoire, adj. imprecatory 
Impr^nation, sf. impreffnation 
Impr^ner, va. to impregnate, imbibe 
8* — , vr. to be impre/fnated 
Imprenable, adj. impreffnable 
Imprescriptible, adj\ imprescriptible 
Impressif, ve, aiij. impressive 
Impression, sf. impression, persuasion 
Impr^voyance, sf. improvidence 
Impr^voyaiit, e, adj. improvident 
Impr^u, e, adj. unforeseen, unexpected 
Impriihd, sm. any thing printed 
Imprimer, va. to print, impress, stamp 
Imprlmerie, sf. oc* of printing, press, 

printing house or office 
Imprlmeur, sm. printer, pressman 
Improbability, sf. imprchability 
Improbable, adj. improbable, unlikely 
Improbablement, adv. improbably 
Improbateur, trice, adj. reproachful 
ImprobaUon, sf. improbation 
Improbity, sf. imprvbity, dishonesty 
Improduciible, adj. unproductible 
Impromptu, sm. impromptu, extempore 
Impropre, adj. improper, unfit 
Improprement, adv. improperly 
Impropri^t*^, sf. impropriety 
Improuver, va. to disapprove, cor^emn 
Improvisatenr, trice, nxxi. improvistUor, 

ImpTDVisatlnn, sf. tret of talking extem- 
pore, said in speaking of Parliament 
Improvise, e, adj. rxtemporized 
Impmviser, vn. to extemporize 
Improvigii (& >'), adv. unawares 
Imprudemment, adv. imprudently 
Imprudent, e, adj. imprudent g vous Ctct 

an — , sm. you areafoolith man 

[mprudence, A imprttdenee, 
mpudemment, adv. impudent^ 
mpudence, sf. impudence, insotemee 
mpudent, sm. ^tameless person 

-, e, adj. impudent, brasen-fiieed 
mpudeur, sf. want of shame or modesty 

[mpudicit6, sf. lewdnees, laseieieuenesM 
mpudique, adi. immodest, lewd; e'est 

une — , sf. she is a wanton girl 
mpudiquement, adv. lewdly 
ir-;yuissanfe, sf. impoiency, inttbiiity 
mpuissant, e, adj. impotent, infjjfectuai 

[mpulsif, ive, adj. impulsive 
mpulsion, sf. impulsion, impulse 
mpun^ment, adv. with impuni^ 

impuni, e, adj. unpunished, excused 

impunit^, sf. impunity, pardon 
mpur, e. adj. impure, fiul, filthy 

[mpurete, sn impurity, lewdneee 
mputation, sf. imputation, charge 
mputer, va. to impute, charge with 

— une tomme pay^ sur ie principal, to 
deduct a payment from the principal 

nabordable, adj. unattainable, ruie 
Inaliorde, e, atij. that has net been seen 

or reai^ed 
inaccessiDle. adj. inaccessMe 

— aux remedes, incurable 

— aux soUidtations, deaf to a 
naccommodabie, adj. Viat < 

made up 
naccordahle, adj. not to be granted 
naceostahle, adj. inaceessibte, ummc ' 

cet bom me est — , no person oott c 

near that man 
naccoutume, e, adj. t 

^ eannai be 

nachevd, e, adj. unfini^ted v 
nactif, ive, adj. inaetiee>M»dolent 
naction, sf. inaction, indola»ee 
naciivite, sf. inactivity, slugrishneee 
nailmissible, ud^: inadmissible 
nadvertenoe. sf°. inadvertency 
nalieiiabiliie, sf. inalienabUity 
nalienable, adi. inalienable 
nauerable, adj. unalterable 
namendable, adj. that eannet bemended 
namissibilite, sf. inamissibUitp 
namissibie. adj* inamisstiile 
namovihilite, sf. immobility 
namovible, a4j. unremovable 
nanime, e, adj. inanimate, lifelese 
nanition, sf. inanition, emptiness 
naperrevable, adj. unp e reeiv a ble 
[napercu, e, adj. unpereeived, unnoUeed 
napplicable, adj. inapplicable, %u^ 
InapplicHtion, st. inapplieatitm 
[nappliqu^, e, aiij. inapplicable, eatress 
Inappreciable, adj. inappreeiabie» that 

eannot be appreciated 
;naptitude, sf. inaptitude, unjitneee 
narticuie, e, adj. inartiL-ulate, noi wl* 

tered with distinctness 
[natUquable, adi. unassaUalOe 
[nattendu, e, adj. unexpected, s* 
nattcntif, ive, adj. inattentise 
Inattention, b£, intOtention, neg^tgrnsc^ 

enrelessnesSf heedlesenese 

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Inau^liinil, e^ adj. inaugvtvl, rioting 

InaogBntion, sf. ittaugunaion, investi- 
ture with ifffice, antaeeration 
. Intiaganr,^taiifrtuvt0,ef>Mecrate 
Incalcalable, adj. incaleuiabie 
IiKaoution* sf. ineantationt tJtarm 
Incapably adj. incapabie, unable, vnfit 
Incapadte* si. incapacity , inability 
locarc^nuion, ȣ incarceration 
Incaiv^ivr» va. to incarcerate^ imprieon 
Incaraat* am. carnation fJteA coiour 
~, e, adj. incamatCt embodied withJUith 
Incarnaiif, sf. a n^didne whidi gene- 

—, ivt, adj. iaeamatioe, generating ftesh 
Incaraation, sf. tncomatiim, the act of 

Incarn^f e,adj. incarnate, clothed infieth 
8'Incarner« vr. to auume humanity 
Incartade, ti. quarreit freak, intuit 
Inceodiain, sm. incendiary, one who eete 

property on fire, aower-tiletiifb 
—, adj. infiammator^, eedittoue 
\t\(xndK,tm.'greatJire, eonHatrration 
Incendier, va. to aet on fire, inflttme 
Incertain, sm. uncertainty, doubtfulness 
— , e, adj. uncertain, doubtful, not sure 
Iiifertainement, adv. uncertainly 
Incerdtnde, sf. incertitude, doubt 
Incessamcnt, adv. incessantly, without 

intermission, continually, forthwith; 

il doit iiarcir — ,heieto set out imme- 
diately g oo I'attend —, he ie expected 

Incessible, adj. incessable, unceasing, 
continual, not to be given up/ droits 
— s, pi. unalienable rights 
Inceste, sm. inceet, unnatural and crim i- 
nal connexion of pereona too nearly 
Incestueoaement, adv. incestuously 
Incestiieux, ease, adj< incestuous 
IncidemmenCy adv. incidentally, without 

dengn, eaeualiy, occasionally 
Incidenoe* *f. incidence, the direction in 

which one body strikes another 
Incident, sm* incident, caeualty 
~, e, adj. incidental, casual 
Incidenier, vn. to eavU, start difficulties 
Incirconds, e, smf. hard-hearted person 
—, e, sAj. unelreumeised ■ 
IncircoDdslon, sC uncireumeision 
Inciser, va. to cut, make an incision 
Incisif, Ive, adj. incisive, ineisaory 
Incision, sf. inciaUm, cut, wound, gtuh 
Incitation. xf. incitation, incentive, mo- 
tive, impulse 
Inciter, va. to incite, stir up, rouse 
— a bien faire, to encourage to do well 
Inciril.e, adj. uncivU, rude, uncourteous 
Indviiement, adv. uncivilly, impolitely, 

rudely, uncourteously 
Indvllisd, e, adj. uncivilized, barbarous 
Incivili}^, st incivility, rudeness 
Ind^menoe, sf. inclemency, severity 
udinaiaim, eg. inelination, tendency to 

Inclinant, e, adj. inclining, inclined 
Inclination, sf. inclination, bent, lean- 
ing, tendency, disposition, propensity 
Incliner, va. to incline, bend, lean, give 

tendency, efiite, move 
—, vn. to tend towards, be disposed to 
s'>-, vr. to bend or bow down b^vre one 
Indus, e, adj. enclosed, shut in, inclusive 
Incluse, sf. the enclosed Ittter 
Inclusl\ ement, adv. inclusively 
Incognito, adv. incognito, in disguise, 
in private, unknown Iconneeion 
Incoherence, sf. incoherence, want of 
Incoherent, e, adj. incoherent, wanting 

cohKsion, loose, inconsistent 
Incombustible, adj. incombustible 
Incominensurabitite, sf. incommensu$xi' 
bUity, beyond any common standard 
.of measurement 
Incommensu ruble, adj. incommensurable 
Incommotiant, e, acij. incommoding, em- 
barrassing, troubi s*>nie 
Incommode, adi. incommodious, inconf 

venient, troublesome 
Incommode, e, adj. indisposed, sick, oitt 

of order, in bad circumntances 
Incommodemenc, adv. incommodiously 
Incommoder, va. to incttmmode, annoy, 

trouble, fatigue, disturb, injure 
Incommodite, sf. incommodity, inconve- 
nience, trouble 
Incommunicable, adj. incommunicable 
Ineommutabilite, st. the quality of being 

Incommutable, adj. incommutable 
~, adj. having a legal claim by length 

of possession 
Incommutablemcnt, adv. incommutably 
Incomparable, adj. incomparable 
Incomparablement, adv. incomparably 
Incompatibilite, sf. incompatibility 
Incompatible, adj. incompatible, incon- 
sistent, toanting agreement 
Incompetemment, adv. i/i competently 
Incompetence, a£. incompetence, inconh 

petency, want of adequate ability 
Incompetent, e, acij. incompetent, ina- 
dequate, unequal, insufficient, unfit 
Incomplet, ^te, Mj. incomplete, imperfect 
Incomplexe, adj. incomplet, simple 
Incomprebensibiiite, sf. incomprehensi^ 
bility, quality of being inconceivable 
Incomprenenaible, adj. incomprehensible 
Incompressible, adj. incompt essible 
Inconcevable, adj. inconceivable 
IncoDcevablement, adv. inconceivably, 

beyond comprehension 
Incondliable, adj. irreconcilable 
Inconduite, sf. misconduct 
Incongru, e, adj. incongrttous, unsuit- 
able, inconsistent, not fitting 
Incongrfiment, adv. incongrttnusly 
Incon^ruite, sf. incongruity, unfitness 
Inconnu, e, smf. obscure person, adven- 
turer, stranger 
— , e, adj. unknown, undiwovered 
Inconsequence, sf. inconsequence, want 
of Just if^ference 

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Inoons^Dcnt, e, adj. incontequent 
Ineonsld^ration, tf. inconMeration 
Incnnaid6r<^, e, adj. ifHWuidertUe' 
Inooiiiid^r^iKent, adv. incnngideratdv 
Inconaolablp, adj. inemmlabte 
Incunsolahlement, adv. incontolablif 
InconsUmment, adv. ineonatantiff 
Inconxtance, tt incongtattci/tAuklenea^ 
— du temps, uncertainty of thfi weather 
Inconttatit, e, adj. inconetantt unsteady 
Incqnsompiiblc. adj. unconsumable 
Incontestablr, adj. incontestable, sure 
Incontcstablement, indv. incontestabljf 
Incontest^, e» adj. uncontested 
Jncontlneoce, if. inamtinence 
Incontinent* e, ailj. incontinent 
—, adv. incontinently, immediately 
Inconvenant, e, adj. unbecominft 
Inconvenient, sm. inconvenience 
Incon^'ertiblc, Inconvertinable, adj. in- 

convertible, fixed 
.ncorpotation, if. incorporation, union 
Incorporel, )e, adj. incorporeal, bodiless 
Incorporer, va. to incorporate, annet 
f—, vr. to be mixed, united, embodied 
Incorrect, e, adj. incorrect, Jiiultp 
Ineorrectinn, sf. incorrectness, fault 
Incorrigihilii^, nf. incitrriiiibleness 
IncorriKihIe, a/M. incorrigible, obstinate 
Incorrupt ihilitd, sf. incorrujOibUity 
IncorniptibU-, adj. incorruptible, upright 
Incorrupiion, tf. iticorruption 
Incredibility, sf. inrredibUitf/ 
Incr^dule, adj incredulous, unbelieving 
Incr^'lulite, st. incredulity, unbelief 
Incr^e, e, adj. uncreated, eternal 
Inrroyable, lutj. incredible, exaggerated 
Incroyablement, adv. incredibly 
Incrustation, sf. ineruftation, covering 
Incmtter, va. to ircrust, cover, inlay 
Incubation, sf. incubation 
Incube, sm. nightmare, incubus 
Inculpation, n. examination, charge 
Inculper, va. ttt criminate, accuse 
Inculquer, va. to inculcate, impress 
Inculte, adj. uncultivated, wild 
Incuttuiv, sf. uncultivatifm 
Incurabilite, sf. incurability 
Incurable, Rdj. incuraMe, past remedy 
Incurie, sf. mrelessness, negligenoe 
Incursio», sf. incursion, inroad 
Inde, sm. indigo blue 
Indehrouillablf , adj. unravelled 
Inriecemment, adv. indecently 
Ind^cencpy sf. indecency, immodesty 
Inddcrnt, e, adj. indecent, indecorous 
Indechiffrable, Hdi. that cannot be de- 
ciphered, undefi»nble, intricate 
Indecis, p, adj. undecided, irresolute 
Indecision, sf. indecision, doubt 
Indeclinable, a<ij. indeclinable 
IniietrutUble, adj. unpoliAed, rude 
Indeflni, e, adj. indtfinitt, unlimited 
Indeflniment, adv. indefinitely 
Iiid<!>fliiissable, adj. unaixountable 
Indeiebile, adj. indelible 
Indeiebilite, sf. imteUbiUty 
Indeilbere, e, adj. indeliberate, eudden 

ideiicat, tdj. indelicate, indeemt 
ndemniser, va. to indenmijy 
* — , vr. to retrieve one's loss 
ndemnite, sf. indemnity 
miependaoiment, adv. independently 

idependAnce, sf. independence, Ubaty 

idependant, e, adj. independent, free 
ndestructibilite, sf. indestruetibiHty 
ndeatructibie, adj. indestruetibie 
ndeiermlnation, sf. indetermwtettion 
ndetermine, e, adj. indeterminate 
ndeterminement, adv. indeterminately 
nderat, e, adj. undevout, irreligioue 
ndevotement, adv. irreltgiousty 
ndevotion, sf. indevoHon, irreUgion 
ndex. sm. index, cantentsofa book 
ndicaceur, sm. indicator 
ndicatif, sm. indicative mood 
-, ive, adj. indicative, pointing out 
ndieailon, sf. indication, sign, mark 
!nd>ce, sm. sign, symptom, appearance 
ndicible, adj. unspeakable 
ndtction, sf. indiction, period t^f^een 

years, convocation 
ndicuie, sm. smaU index 
i:dienne, sf. printed calico 
ndi<?nneur, %m.ccUico manufartmrer 
ndiffercmment, adv. inriifferentiy 
ndifference, sf. indifference, apathy 
ndifferent, e, ad^. indifferent, eoU 
ndi|;enat, sm. rurht of a native 
'ndiitence, sf. indigence, want, p o v e rty 
ndii(dne, adj. indigewtus, native 
ridiKent, e, adj. indigent, poor, n 
iiditceste, adj. indigestible, raw 
ndigestion, »f. indigeatum, surfUt 
ndi|f nation, sf. indignation, wrn^ 
ndiKne, adj. unworthy, undeeerving 
ndiyne, e, adj. indignant, irritnted 
ndiKnement, adv. basely, simmefuUif 
ndigner, va. to raise indignation 
'—, vr. to be, tilled with indignation 
ndignite, if. indignity, enormia 
ndigo, sm. indigo, aidant 
ndigoterie, sf. indigo manu^aetorjf 
ndiquer, va. to indicate, it\fbrm 
- d avance, to presage 
Indire, sm. double Jhe exacted from tht 

lord of the manor 
Indiirct, e, adj. indirect, oblique 
[ndirectement, adv. indirectly, obC' 
ndisoemable,*adj. indiscemibte 
ndisdptinable, a^j. indocile, tmr 
ndiicipline, sf. insubordination 
ndiscipltrie, e, adj. undisciplined 
Indiscret, kte, smf. a giddy or Jbolisk 

; ete, adj. indiscreet, imprudent, rask 
ndlscr^tement, adv. indiscreetly 
ndiscretion, sf. indiscretion, fhHy 
Indispensable, adj. indispensable 
indispensablement, adv. indispeneaiiff 
ndisponible, ailj. that cannot be disponed 

tfor bequeathed 

idispos^ e, adj. indisposed, out of order 
ndisposer, va. to disincline, set agautst 
^disposition, sL indlspositton, il&esm 
Indlsimtable, adj. indisputable, evident 

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IndlMhiMIit^, sf. inditBOlubUU^ 

Indinoluble, adj. indiMoiuble 

Indinolablemenc, adv. indittolublif 

Indistinct, t, adj. indistinet, confused 

Indlstinctement, adv. indigtinctlv 
Individu, sm. indtvidual, single person 

or thinar 
Individuaiisation, tf. indioiduaKsation 
lndiiridual!td> sf. separate existence 
Iiidividuel', le, adj. iniUviduatt sinffle 
Indiriduetlement, adv. individwdlp 
Indivis, e, adj. that ought to be, but is 
nta yet divided, a law terms par—, 
tidy. Jointly 
Xndivis^, e^ adj. undivided, not divided 
Indivia^ment, adv. insjparablu 
IndivisibUit^, sf. indivisibUity, indivisi- 

bleness, inseparablenets 
Indtvi«ibi«, adj. indivisible, inneparable 
Indivisiblement, adv. indivisible 
Indiviaion, sf. state of beime undivided 
In-dix-huic, sm. 18mb, said of books that 

have ei/fhteen leaves in each theet 
Indodle, adj. indocile, unteaehable, un- 

traetable, unruly, unffooernable 
Indocilit^.sf. inducility, untraetabteness 
Indolemment, adv. indolently, lazily 
Indolence, af. indigence, supineness, list- 

lessness, slua^gishness, laziness 
Indolent, e, adj. indolent, supine, lazy 
Indomptable, adj. untamable, unruly 
Indompt^, e, adj. untamed, unsubdued 
In-douze, sm. i^mo, said of books that 

have twelve leaves in each sheet 
ladu, e, adj. undue, illegal, improper, 

unsecuonable, excessive 
Indubitable, adj. indubitable, certain, 

unquestionable, not to be doubted 
Indubitablement, adv. un^ues^nab/y 
InductiCHi. sf. induction, introduction, 

mode o/reasoning by inj^ence 
Induiie, va. to induce, lead, persuade 
Indulgemment, adv. indulgently 
Indulgence, sf. indulgence, jfitndness,Jbr- 

bearance, compliance, gratiJUxaion 
Indulgent, e, adj. indulgent, compliant 
Inddment, adv. unduly, excessively 
Industrie, sf. industry, diligence; une 

chevalier d*— , a sharper, cheating 

fellow t user d'~-, to use cunnings 

vitTe d' — , to live by one's wits 
Industrlel, sin. mechanic 
— , le, adj. produced by dexterity or skUl 
I'lndostrier, vr. to exert one's utmost 
Industrii&Mment, adv. industriously 
Indastrieax, euse, adj. industrious 
In^bmnUble, adj. immovable, firm, fixed 
In^branUblement, adv. immowMy 
InMit, e, adj. unpublished [ness 

Ineffidiint^,sf. in^ffiUtility,unsp^kable- 
Inefhble, adj. ineffable, unspeakable 
Ineflhfable, adj. umriterable, indelible 
IneiTeciif, Ive, adj. iwsffeetive, useless 
laemcaee, adj. inefficacious, inactive 
InrfBcaeit^, tf. in^ficacy, urant of power 
Inteal, e, adj. unequal, not even, unjust 
u>egalement, adv. unequally 
In^am^ tf. inequality, dispropartion 

n^l^mment, adv. inelegttntli^ 
n^l^nce, sf. inelegance 
n^l^fcant, e, adj. inelegant 
n6ligibilit^, sm. unfitness to be dumn 
n^ligible, adj. not fit to be chosen 
Inepce, adj. inept, unfit, useless 
neptenicnc, adv. ineptly, uselessly 
nepcie, bU foolishness, impertinenee 
nepuisable, aiij. inexhaustible 
n^puisablement, adv. inexhaustibly 
[ni^quivoque, adj. plain, open, artless, 

honest, not doubtful 
:nerce, adj. inert, dull, motionless 
nertie, sf. inertness, indtdeuee, dulness 
nerudit, e, adj. unlettered, unlearned 
nesp^i-e, e, ailj. unexpected, unlookedfor 
[nesp^r^ment, adv. unexpectedly 
nescimabie, adj. inestimable 
n^tendu, e, aut. unextendod 
oevident, e, adj. inevid'tit, obscure 
Inevitable, adj. inevUable, that cannot 

be avoided, not to be esi-aped 
ne\iublement, adv. inevitably 
nexact, e, adj. inaccurate, incorrect 
nexaccement, adv. inacvurtUely 
nexaciitude, sf. inaccuracy 
inexcusable, adi. inexcusable, unjusti- 
nex^utaUe, adj. impracticable ffiable 
inex&nition, sf. non performance 
nexorable, adj. inexurtme, inflexible 
nexorablement, arlv. inexorably 
nexp^rience, sf. inexperience 
inexp^riment^, e, adj. inexperienced 
nexpiable, adj. inexpiable, unatonable 
nexplicable, adj. inexplicable 
nexpressible, adj. inexpressible 
nexprimable, adj. unutterable, inex- 
pressible, ineffable 
Inexpugnable, adj. inexpugnable, im- 

preifnable, proftf against assault 
Inext)nguible,.adj. unextinguiti»able 
Inextricable, adj. inextricable 
Infallibility, sf. intallibUity 
Infallible, adj. infitllible, not liable to err 
Infalliblement, adv^ infallibly, fxrtainly 
Infamant, e, adj. defttmatory 
Infamation, s£ defamation, disgrace 
— , adj. inftimous, odious, betse, vile 
InfAme, sm. shameless or infymous pet' 

son s c'est un —,heisa villain 
— , adj. infamous, shameful, vUlanous 
Infamie, sf. infitmy, public disgrace 
InfHut, e, smf. infitnt, ii^anta, title of 

Spanish princes 
Infanterie, sf. infantry, fbot soldiers 
Infanticide, sm. irtfanticide 
lut^tigable, adj. indefatigable 
Infatigablement, adv. inaefatigably 
In&tuacion, sf. in/btuation, deprivation 

of reason, insensibility 
lufatuer, va. to it\fittuate, make foolish 
s'— , vr. to be prepossessed 
Infecond, e, adj. in^eund, barren 
Inf^condit^, sf. infecundity, batrenness 
Infect, e, a4). infsetious, contagious 
Infecter, va. to infect, corrupt, pollute, 
taint with disease [mind 

— Tcfprit du public, to poison the pubtw 

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Infection, sf. inJMiont eontoffUm 
Inf^oder, va. to enfaqif, invest with pot- 

getawn, give property in fief 
Inf^licit^, sf. infelicity, unhappinew 
Infi&nr, va. to infer, (teduce, imply 
Inf^rieur, e, adj. inferior, lower 
Infdriearement, adv. infiariorly 
Infdrioricd, if. injbriortty, lower state 
Infernal, e, adj. infernal, diaMical 
..ifertile, adj. infertile, unfrUitfijU 
Infertilite, sf. infertility, barrenness 
Infester, va. to infest, harass, plague, 

disturb, annoy, trouble 
Infiddle, smf. infidel, unbeliever 
—, adj. unfiiithftU, faithless, petfidious 
Infiditetnent, a<iv. UnfiiithftMy 
Infid^litd, sf. infifielity, unbelief 
Infiltration, sf. infiltration 
s'infiltrer, vr. to infiltrate 
Infime, adj. the l€ut, lowest 
Infini, sm. infinite quantity 
—, e, adj. infinite, innumerable 
Infiniment, adv. infinitely, immensely 
Infinite, si; infinity, endiess nun^)er 
Infinitdiimal, e, adj. infinitesimal 
Infinitif, sm. infinitive mood 
Infirmatif, ive, adj. anniMing 
Infirme, smf. a sickly person 
■—, adj. infirm, valetudinarian 
Infirmer, va. to annul, invalideUe 
— une sentence, to reverse a sentence 
Inflrmerie, sf. infirmary 
Infirmier, i^re, smf. superintendent in 

an infirmary, matron, nurse 
Iniirmit^, st. infirmity, sickliness 
Inflammability, sf. inflammability 
Inflammable, adj. infiamnutble 
Inflammation, st. it^flammatUm, stoell- 

ing with heat,' -> & la paupi&re, stye 

in the «3fe 
Inflammatoire, adj. inflammatory 
Inflexibility, st inflexibility, stress 
inflexible, adj. inflexible, hard, unre- 
lenting! homme — , hard-hearted 

man s juge — , severe judge 
Inflexiblement, adv. inflexibly 
Inflection, sf. inflexion, modulation of 

voice, variation of nouns and verbs, 

dyfraetion in optics 
Infiictif, ive, adj. inflictive, penal in law 
Infliction, sf. infliction, punishment 
Infliger, va. to inflict, punish, chastise 
Influence, sf. influence, power,' avoir 

de 1'—, to have ascendency 
Influencer, va. to ir^fiuence 
Influer, va. to ittfluence, move 
Information, if. infitrmatian, inquest { 

aller aux ~s, to begin proceedings 
Informe, adj. ur^fiprmed, tiMpeless, rude 
Informer, va. to inform, tell, acquaitU 
— , vn. to seanA, inquire after 
s*— , vr. to (M^, inquire ^>out 
Infortun^ sf. misfitrtune, adversity 
Infortune, e, smf. unfinrtunate person 
— , adj. unfortunate, unlucky 
Infracteur, euse, smf. transgressor 
Infraction, sf. infiraetion, violation 
Infructttcaieoicat, adv. utynr^taUp 

Infhictueux, ease, adj. u^fruitftd 
Iiifus, e, adj. infkised, inspired 
Infuser, va. to infuse, ^etp, instil 
Infusible, adj. infusible 
Infusion, sf. ii\fusion, inspiration 
s'lnx^nier, vr. to bend one's wUe to «M»> 

trioe anything 
Ing^nieur, sm. engineer . 
— constructeur, mip-buUder 
Ingenieusement, adv. ingenumsitf 
Ing^iiieux, euse, adj. ingenious% loMtir 
Ing^RU, e, adj. ingenuous, frank 
Ing^uit^, sf. ingenuity, candour 
Inif^niimeiit, adv. ingeniously, franMt 
s'lng^rer, vr. to intermeddle wuk. 
Inglorieux, ease, adj. inglorious 
Ingouvcmable, adj. ungovernable 
Ingrat, e, smf. an ungrateful Pf MM 
— , e, adj. ungrateful, unminqful 
Ingratement, adv. ungrat^ully 
Ingratitude, 'st ingratitude 
Ingr^ient, sol ingredient 
Ingu^rissable, adj. incunMe 
Inhabile, adj. unqualified, Uu 
Inbabilet^, sf. unskilfulness 
IntiabUit^ sf. incapacity in law 
Inhabitable, adi. uninhabitable 
Inhabit^, e, adj. uninhabited, de 
Inhabitude, sf. toant of habit 
Inhospitalier, i^re, adj. inhospit€U4e 
Inhospitalii^, sf. inhospitatity 
Inbumain, e, smf. a cru^ person 
—, e, adj. inhuman, cruel, barbarous 
Inhumatnemeot, adv. inhuistanly 
Inhumanity, sf. inhumanity, eru^tif 
Inhumation, sf. act of burying 
Inbumer, va. to inhume, bury 
Inimaginable, adj. unimagiTiaUe 
InimiEable, adj. inimitable 
Inimitl^, sf. enmity, hatred, avereioit 
Inintelligibilitd, sf. tminteUiribUitp 
Ininteliigible, a4j. uninteUipble 
Inique, adj. iniquitous, ui^ust 
Iniquement, adv. partially, unjusttp 
Iniquitd, sf. iniquity, wickedness 
Initial, e, adj. initial, placed at the b^- 

ginning f leitn —c, capital letter 
Initiation, sf. initiation 
Initiative, sf. privil^fe (^fbeginmbtg, <»• 

troducing, or entering upon / ftvolr 

ou prendre 1'—, to have or take the 

—, adj. that begins or introduces 
Initio, e, adj. initiated; 6ire — &%m 

une M)ci^t6, to be irOroduced in9» a 

Initier, va. to initiate, admit, ti 
Injecter, va. to inject, convey inte 
Injection, sf. injection, immission 
Ii^onction, sf. mjunetion, commemd 
Injure, A injury, abusiee langumge 
Injurler, va. to insult, revile, qfflrmt 
Iniurieuaement, adv. iniuriouM]f 
Ii^urieux, euse, adj. injurious, « ' 
'- utte, a^j. unjust, ^/rannioel 

ustement, adv. unjustly, iniqmUomsfg 

Injustice, sLinjustice, 
Innavigable, aOj, unnavigable 

Digitized by <^OOgie 




inn^, t, adj. innttte, inborn, m 
Innacemment, adv. htnoeenttp, irutffbn- 

sivetif, tmth timpUeity, harmlesify 
fnnocence, it innoeefiM, purity 
iaflocenc, e, smf. idwt ; Muvre ou pe- 
tit —, e^Ud or tefrtf/ Ici — t, Iftno- 
eenta' day; il est — , A« w not f(Uiity 
«-, e, ad|. innoemt, pure, Hmple, ffvUt- 

leut hamdeta, tawfkl, innoxUm* 
Innombrable, aiij. innumenMo 
Innoinbrablement, adv. irmumeralUjf 
Inoovateur. sm. innov€aor, introducer 

looomion, sf. innoeatUm, introduction 

ofnoocltioa or new cuatome 
Innover, va. to innovate 
Inobservance* vL inobeervanee, want of 

Inscripckm, sf. i$taeription,tUle,atUrtm 
Inscrire, va. to ineeribe, write on, im* 

print, engrave, mark, addreae 
9'—, vr. to enter on^a name, unAtrtahe 

a Otarge, get one'a name inaeribod 

— en faux contre unc ^bce, to prooethat 
a writing ia forged 

Inscrutable, a'ij> unaear^tabte 

Ifis^u, sm. {k men) without my know- 
ledge t k son ou a x-otre — , unknow^^ 
to him or you / k 1'— de la compacnie, 
without the knowledge of the com- 
pany t k Y— de, prep, unknown to 

Insecte, sm. inaeet 

In-sdset sm. IGmo, aaid of a book that 
haa aixteen ieavea in each aheet 

Insens^, e, smf. peraon deprived of rtor 
aon, madman, fitol, viatonary 

— , e, aril, mad, aenaeieaa, fitoliah 

Insensibility, sf. inaenaibilitp, want of 
emotitm orqffeetiwt, atupidity, torpor 
j Insensible, adj. inaenaible, not felt or per- 
eeived, void offreling or qfffction 

— i la rue, imperceptible to the eye 

— aux pri^res, deaf to entreat tea 
Insensibleinent, adv. inaenaibly 

Inobservation, sf. inebeereation 
Inoccup^, Cy adj. unemployed 
In-ocUvo, sm. 890, aaid of booka ffutt 

have eif^t leaoea in each aheet 
Inoculateur, trice, smf. inoaUa:Mr 
Inoculation, if. inoculation 
Inoculer, va. M inoculate 

Inodore, adj. inodorBiua,freefrom amett , 

InofFensif, fve, adj. iwtffenaive \ Iivseparable, adj. inaeparaUe 

Inofficicax,euse,adj. <nf>j0lc<ou«, unkind , Ins^parablemenc, adv. inaeparably 
Inondation,sf. inundation,flood, deluge ' Insurer, vnJ^o ineert, thruat in, plaeem 
Inond^, e, adj. inundated, overwhelmed , or among other thinga 

Inonder, va. to imtndate, overflow, over- 
run, oeerwhelm 
looping, e, adj. un/breaeen, audden, un- 
expected, unhokedfbr 
fno^n^ent* adv. unawarea, auddeniy 
Inoppnrtnn, e, adj. inttpportune, incon- 
venient, unaeaaonable 
Inomoiqae, adj. inorganic 
Inoui, e, adj. unheard o/, eurpriaing 

Insertion, sf. inaertion, thing inaerted 
— de la petite v^role, amallpos inocula- 
Iniidicusement, adv. inaidioualy 1 Hon 
Isidieux, euse, adj. inaidlouM, crafty, aly 
Indgne, adj. eminent, fgregious, extra- 

ordinary, notable, notorUtua; una in- 

jnstice — , a aignal injury 

Insignifiance, s£ inaigntfieance 

Insignifljuit, e, adj. inttignifieant 

In quarto, sm. 4to, aatd of booka that 1 Insinuant, e, adj. inainuant, having 

have four Ieavea in ea/Oi aheet - I power to gain finour 
Inquiet, l^te, adj. unquiet, uneaay, reat- Insinuatif, ive, adj. inainuetive, inatn- 

leaa, disturbed, perplexed uatintr, atealing on the t^ectiona 

Inqultont, e^adj. which cauaeadia^iet Insinuation, sf. ittainuation, hint 
Inqui^ter, va. to diaturb, make uneaay Insinuer, va. to inainuate, inatil, Mnt 
f—, vr. to fret, be vexed, be diaquieted artfully, introduce gently, wheedle 
Inqui^nde, af. diaquiet, reatleaaneaa, un- s'— » vr. to inHnuate oneaelf, creep into 
eaaineaa, anxiety: 6tre sans — , to reat, ' fhvour, gain on the affie^iona ahwiy 
be eaay t avoir det — s, to fret within \ In«ipide, adj. inaipid, taateleaa, wanting 
onvtHfi avoir des — s aux jambes, to ej^rit, vapid, Jlat, dull, heavy 
have paina in one*a le§a I Insipidement, adv. inaipidly 

Inquiriteur, sm. inquiaitor, peraon who , Insipidity, at. inaiiridity, want ofapMt 
examinee ffjBMatly 

Inquisltif,~ivel adj. inquiaitive, curioua 
laquMtlon, sf. inqtiiattion. Judicial in- 
quiry, examination, eceleaiaatical tri- 
bunal far the detection and puniah- 
Inquisitorial, c, a4j. inquiaitorial 
Insaisiasable, adj. unaeizable, that can- 
not be e&laed 
Inahibre, adj. insdltdtrieuf, unhetUthy 
Insalubrity, sf. inaahibrUy, unheaUhi- 

Inslster, vn. to inaiat upon, urge 
Insociabilit^, sf. unaodableneaa 
Insodable, adj. unaoetable, aullen 
Insolemment, adv. inaolently, haughtily 
Insolence, $L ineolence, haughtineaa 
InaoleAt, e, adj. inaolent, overbear in g, 

proud, haughty, impudent 
Insolubility, sf. inaolnbleneai 
Insoluble, adj. inaoluble, indiaaolvaUe 
Insolvablllt^, sfl. inaolaency 
Insolvable, adj. inaoloent, unaUf to pay 

InsatlaMlM, sf . inaatiableneaa [neaa Insomnie, si want of aleep, wakeAOneea 
Inaatjabte, adj. inaatiablef greedy beyond Insoudance, sC careleaaneaf, neglect 

meaaure, that cannot be aatiftfied \ Insouciant, e, adj. eareleaa, negleetful 
IniatlaMMiicnt, adv. inaatiably \ Insoumfc*, e, adj. unaubdued 

InsciemiiMnt, adr. unknowing^ I InaotttcMble, adj. ind^fmaible 





Inspeeter, vb. to intpeett etamme 
kupectcur, trice, neat. i$upector, oper^ 

90^ t tttpfiyVUOT 

Inspectbn, sf. inspection, examination 
Inspiration, tf. inspireOion, suggeMion 
Innpirer, va. to inspire^ gu/f/feei, infuee 
IntubiUt^» sf. inetabilitjf, inconstaney 
Instable, adj. un^^tle, uncertain 
InttallatioDy sf. instailation 
Installer, va. to inetal, inaufntrate 
Instamment, adv. instantlj/, urfrentlj/ 
Instance* sf. instance, eoticitation, en- 
treaty, new proof in arfftunent 
Instant, sm. instant, moment, tmnuies 

a r— , adv. instantij/, immediat^y 
— , e, adj. urgent, pressing, earnest 
Instantan^, e, adj. instanianmtts 
Instigateur, trice, smf. instigator 
Instigation, sf. instigation, incitement 
InstiKuer, va. to instigate, impel, incite 
Instillation, sf. instiiitUion, act of pour" 

InstiUer, va. to instU, insinuate 
Instinct, sm. instinct, presentiment 
Instinctif, ive, a^j. instinctive 
Instinctivement, adv. instinctioetpt 
Instituer, va. to institute, estahlish 

— un officier, to appoint an qfSlker 
Institut, sm. institute, rules of lifet 

V— de France, the French Institute 
InatitQteur, trice, smf. institutor, tutor, 

firttnder, governor, governess 
Institution, sf. institution, instruction, 

estaidishmerit, seminary, sOiool 
-~ d'un b^ritier, the appointment of an 

Instructeur, sm. instructor, teaser 
Instructif, ive, adj. instructive 
Instruction, if. instruction, order, infor- 
mation, knowledge j avoir de T— , to 
be well instructed 
Instruire, va. to instruct, infitrm, teach 

— un procte, to prepare a lawsuit 
Instruiaant, e, adj. instructive 
Instruit, e, a4j- learned, privy 
Instrument, sm. instrument, means 
Instrumental, e, adj. instrumental 
Instrumenter, vn. to preparejdeeds 
Inaubordination, sf. instdwrdination 
Insubordonn^, e, adj. insnibnrdinate 
Intuifisamment, adv. insufficiently 
InsufBsance, sf. insuffidertcy 
Insuifisant, e,a4i. instffficient 
Insulaire, smf. an islander 

— , adj. insukar, belonging to an isiand 
Insttlunt, c, adj. insulting, outrageous 
Innulte, sf. insult, qffront, abuse 
Insttlter, va. to instUt, abuse, outrage 

— une place, to storm a place 
Insupportable, adj. insupportable 
Insupfwrtablement. adv. xnsupportably 
Insurgens, Insurges, sm. pL ituurgents 
s'Insurger, vr. to rise c^inst, rwisl 
Insurmonuble, adj. insurmountable 
Insurrection, sf. insurrection 
Insurrectionnel, le, adj. insurrectional 
Intact, e, adj. whole, pure, untouched 
IntarisiaWe, a^j. that never dries up 

Int^fral, e, a4j. integral, 
Int^rale, sf- an int^frai, a whole 
Int^Kralement, adv. entirely^ whoUy 
Ini^Krant, e, adj. integrant, inipgrat 
Int^f^ration, sf. integration 
Int^gre, adj. incorruptible, honest 
Int^ffrit^, sf. integrity, honestv, honour 
intellect, sm. intellect, understanding 
Intellectif, ive, adj. intellecHve 
Intellection, sf: intellectien 
Intellectoe), k, adj. intellectual 
Intelligemment, adv. knouHnglp 
iDteUigvnce, s£ intelligcnee, skiR, Ufa> 
derstanding, penetration, correspond- 
ence f lea — « c^estes, the heaeeniy 
spirits! bonne — , union, harmonit 
Intelligent, e, adj. intelligent, learned 
Intelligibility, fiil intelligibUity 
lDtem«rible, adj. intelligible, audible 
Intelligiblement, adv. intelligibly 
Intemp^rnmenc, adv. intemperatelM 
Intemp^rwe, sf. intempetance, e»eess 
I n temp^rant, e, adj. intenspentte [tite 
Intemp^r^, e, adj. imsnoderate in appe- 
Intemp^rie, sf. intemperature 
Intendance, sf. management, direction, 

qffke of a superintendent 
Intendant, sm. intendani, steward 

— d'une province, lord-lieutenant 
I Intense, adj. intense, vehement 

I Intension, sf. intension, actofstraimug 
I Intensity, sf. intensity, intentestese, 4<!^ 
I gree of strength in physics 
t Intensivement, adv. intensely 
Inr enter, ra. to commence 

— une action, to institute a lawsuit 
Intention, sf. intention^ purpose,deeigti, 

meaning i il la dit ji bonne — , he 

meant well when he said it 
Intentionn^, e, adj. affiKied, 
Intention nel, le, adj. intentUi 
Inlercalaire, adj. intercalary, added 
Intercalation, ttintercaiatiun, addition 
Intercaler, va. to intercalate, insert 
IntercMer, va. to intercede, solicit 
Intereepcer, va. to intercept, stop 
Interception, sf. interception 
Interceaseur, sm. intercessor, me^ater 
Intercession, sf. intercession, mediation 
Interdiction, sf. interdiction 
Interdire, va. to interdict, prohibit 

— la cbaire k un pr^licateur, to s 
a per vm from preaching 

— une ^glise, to shut up a a 

Interdit, sm. interdietwn, eMommwnt- 

cation, church censure 
— , e, adj. amazed, conibunded 
Int^ressHUt, e, adj. interesting, efffixting 
Int^ress^, sm. a party co n ce r ned, pro- 
prietor, partner 
—, e, adj. selfish, covetous, intereeted 
Int^resser, va. to intemt, engage 
8*—, vr. to be concerned, moved 
Inter6t, sm. interest, advantage, profit, 
utUityi r— de 1'-, compound inter- 
est i prendre — a qudqu^un, to take 
a liking to one ; propn •— , seW-end 
Int^zieur, un. intener, soul, eoneeiange 

Digitized by V^OOQIC 




Int^itttr, e» adj. Uutde, inner 
iDt^riearement, adr. inwardtp 
Interim, «tn. interim t pv — « adv. in 

&u meantime 
Interjection, vf. interjection 
Iiiteriifne, tm. inteiHne, interOneation 
Interiigncr, va. to interline 
InterlinMre, adj. interlinear t interlined 
Interlocuteur, son. intertoeutor, one who 

talk* with another, dialogiet 
Interlocution* sf. interloeutiont inter- 

chanffe ef speeds, dialotiue 
Interiocutoire, ua. interlocutory judg- 
~, adj. interlocutortf, intermediate, pre- 
paratory to decieion 
Interlope, tm. interloper f unetuthmized 
intruder, emufftrler, tmug/rlin/r veseel 
— , adj. relating to the emuga^ing trade 
IntennMiaire, adj. intermeduU 
Interm6)iat, e, adj. intermediate 
Interanlnable, adj. interminable 
IniermMsion, Bf. cessation fir a time 
Intermittence, sf. intei-ruptktn, cessation 
Intermittent, e, arfj. ceasing at intervals 
Interne, adj. intemeil, inward 
Internonoe, sm. internuncio, messenger 

between two parties 
Interpellation, sf. interpellation, infer' 

ruption, summons, earnest address 
Interpeiler, va. to interpeal or interpel, 

interrupt, summon, call upon 
Interpolat«ar, sm. interpolator 
Interpolation, sf. interpolatirm 
Interpoler, va. to interpolate, fAstin, 

add or insert somethinff spurinus 
Interpoier, va. to interpose, mediate 
— un acheceur, to bup in the name of 

«•— , vr. to intermeddle in a business 
Interposition, sf. interposition 
Interprf^ateur, sm. interpreter, transkh 

tor, expounder, expositor 
Interpr^tif, ive, adj. interpretative, ex- 

planatorjf, expositive 

Interpr^tativement, adv. interpretative- 
ly, by interpretation 

Interprtotion, sf. interpretation, expo- 
sitiont explanation 

Intcrprftte, smf. interpreter, translator 

Interpreter, va. to interpret, explain, ex- 
pound, translate, decipher 

— en bien, to take in good part 

— en rtmS, to take qffence, put a wrong 
construction upon, misinterpret 

Interr^gne, sm. interregnum, vacancy 

of the throne 
IntenrogHnt, e, adj. interrogatory, con- 
taining a question ; point — , point 
of interrogation ( ? ) 
Intewogaiif, Sve, adi. interrogative 
Interrogation, sf. interrogation, question 
Interrogauvement, adv. interrogatively 
Interrogatoire, na. interrogatory, ques- 
tion, inquiry 
Interroger, va. to interrogate, examine, 

<uk, piut qiueetions 
Intcrtompre, va. <o interrmpt, break eff 

interrupteur, trice, smf. interrupter 
Interruption, sf. interrupttien, kntervem^ 

tion, interposition, hinderance 
Intenection, sf. intersection 
Insterstice, sm. insterstice, interval, tim^ 

bfttween acts, space between things 
Intervalle, sm. interval, space, dietanee, 
sans — , adv. centinuatty; fou qui a 
dc bons — t, insane person who heu 
lucid intervals,' par — s, bfJUe 
Intervenant, e, adi. intervening 
Intervenir, intervene, interpose 
Intervention, sf. intervention, mediation 
Interf-ersion, sf. interversion, act of turn- 
ing to another eouree or use 
Intervertir, va. to turn another utay 
Inteivertifseroent, im.act of upsetting 
Intestat, adj. intestate, dying without a 
Inteatin, sm. intestine, gut bowel [wilt 
— , e, adj. inward, internai, domestic 
Intestinal, e, adi. intestinal 
Intimation, sf. intimation, notice, hint 
Intime, adj. intimate, near, Jiimiliar 
Intimement, adv. inttmatdy 
Intimer, va. to intimate, give notice 
intimidation, sf. act ofthreateninir 
Intimi«ier, va. to intimidate, terrify, die- 
hearten, overawe, threaten 
s'—, vr. to grow timid, be intimidated 
In limits, sf. intimacy, doee fellowship 
IntltuI^, e, adj. entitled, called, namm 
Intituler, va. to entitle, give a title to 
*■'—, vr. to give oneself a title 
Intol^able, adj. intfderable, inetfjff^urable 
I II tolerance, sf. infoferonec 
Intolerant, sm. one averse to tolenaion 
—, e, adj. intolerant, not enduring 
Iiitol^rantisme, im^ tntoleration 
Intonation, sf. intonatiijn, manner t^f 
' sounding, modulation of the vitice 
Intraduisible, adj. that cannot be trans- 
Intraitabie, arlj. untractable ilated 

Intransitif, ive, adj. intransitive 
Intr^pide, adj. intrepid, brare, fbariese 
Intr^pidement, adv. intrepidly, brave^ 
Intrepidity, sf. intrepidity, courage 
Intriguant, e, smf. intritfuer, plotter 
—, e, adj. intriguing, ftfrming plots 
IntrifHie* bC intrigue, plot, stratagem 
Intriguer, va. to form plots, perplex 
Intrins^que, adj. intrinsic, solid, real 
Intrins^uement, adv. intrinsically 
Introducteur, trice, smf. introducer 
Introductif, ive, adj. intrtiductory 
Introduction, sf. introduction, preanMe 
Introduire, va. to introduce, bring in 
— par violence, to obtrtide 
%'—, vr. to gain adtnittance 
Introit, sm. introit, beginning of mate 
Intromission, sf. intromission 
Intronisatlon, sf. act tf enthroning 
Introniser, va. to enthrone, inetal 
Intmuvable, adj. not to bemund 
Intras, e, smf. intr%tder, obtruder 
—, e, aiij. intruded, iUegaUy chosen 
Intrusion, sf. intrusion, obtrusion 
Inuilte, e, adj. unusual, nof >f» tiw 

Digitized by <^OOgie 




Inutile, »dj. tuelesa, vnprofitabh 
InutileoMnt, adv. uje/eM/y, in vain 
Inuciliser, va. to nvUi/jf, render ueeteee 
Inutility, flf. inutUitv, ueeleeeneee 
Invaincuy e, ad>. unmmquithed 
Invalide, tnif. an invalid or peneiener 
— , adj. invalid, dieabiedt infirm, void 
Invalidcment, adv. withouijbree 
Invalider, iiu to invalidate, annui 
Invmlidittf, sf. invaliditv, nttUity 
Invariability, sf. invariabilitj/, etabUity 
Invariable, adj. invariable, immutable 
Invariablement, adv. invariabljf 
Invasion, sf. invasion, descent, inroad 
Invective, sf. invective 
—a, pL railing lanfcuttge 
Invrctiver, vn. to invni^h, rail, censure 
Inventairet sm. inventiint, roll 
ln\*enter, va. to invent, imasine 
Inventeur, trice, smf. inventor, invent- 

resa, author, authoress, forffer 
Invcntif, ivr, adj. inventivff, infpenious 
Invention, st. invention, fiction, trick i 

vivre d'— , to five by on^s wits 
Inventorier, va. to draw upon inventory 
Inverse, ailj. inverse, inverted, reverse 
Inversion, sf. inversion, transptrntion 
Investifcateur, sm. inoestigator, searcher 
Investigation, sf. investigation, research 
Investir, va. to invest, bestow a title 
Investissement, nin. a^:i of investing 
Investiture, sf investiture 
Inv^t^r^, e, adj. inveterate, old 
t'lnv^rer, vr. to arrow inveterate 
Invincibility, sf. quality of being invin- 
cible or unconquerable 
Invincible, adj. unconquerable 
Invinciblement, adv. invincibly 
InvioUbilit^, st. inviolability 
Inviolable, adj. inniolable ^sacred 
Inviolablement, adv. inviolably 
Invisibility, sf. inviaibility 
Invisible, adj. invisible, imperceptible 
Invisiblement, adv. invisibly 
Invitation, sf. invitniion, call 
Invlter, va. to invite, bid, call, eacite 
Invocation, sf. invocation, prayer 
Involootaire, adj. involuntary, forced 
Involontairt-ment. adv. involuntarily 
Invoqutr, vo. to invoke, call upon 
Invraisemblable, aiij. unlikely 
Invraisemblablement, adv. improbably 
Invraisemblance, sf. uulikelihood 
Invulnerable, arij- invulnerable 
lonlen, ne, adj. Ionian 
lonique, adj. Ionic, said of a Greek or- 
der in architecture 
Iota, sm. iota, the ninth letter of the 

Greek alphabet, a jot, a tittle 
Irascible, adj. irascible, apt to be angry 
Ire, sf. wrath, anger 
Iris, sm. iris, a flower, meteor, rain- 
bow t sf. mythUogical goddess 
Irlandais, e, a<lj. Irish, belonging to Ire- 

land or connected unth the Irish 
Ironie, sf. irony, sarcasm, raillery 
Ironique, adj. ironical, sarcastic 
Ironi^iument. adv. irestiealiy 

Irradiation, sf. irradkmce, rmdiatkm 
Irraisonnable, adj. irrational 
Irrationnel, le, adj. irrational, having 

no proportion in geometry 
Irr^nciliable, adj. irreconciUMe 
Irr^concHi«blem«Dt, sin. irreconcilable 
Irr^usable, adj. unejteeptionable 
IrrMuctibilit^, rf. quality of being irre- 
Irr^ductible, adi. irreducible 
lrr<^fl^cfai, «• a4). thoughtless, indiscreet 
Irr^formable, adj. trredaimabie 
Irrefragable, adj. irrefragable 
Irregularity, sf. irregularity, defect 
Irr^gulier, itee, adj. irregular, defective 
Irr^^uli^rement, adv. irr^fularly 
Irreligieuseqocnt, adv. irreligiuu^y 
Irr^ligieux, cuse, a«)>. irreliittous 
Irr^ltgion, sf. irreligion, piofanatisn 
Irremediable, atlj. irreimediaJble 
Irremediablement, atlv. irremediably 
In-etnissible, adj. irremissible 
liremissiblemenC, adv. irrrmiseibly 
Irreparable, adj. irreparable 
IrrepNrablement, adv. irreparably 
Irreprehennble, anij. irreprehcnsible 
Irreprebentfiblenaent, adv. irreprthen 

Irreprochable, a4j* trreproaehoJUe, free 
from blame i teinoin, — , unexcep- 
tioneUile witness 
Irreprochabkment, art v. irreproachablf 
Irredslibilite, sf. irresistibility 
Irresistible, adj. irresistible 
Irresistiblement, aiv. irresistMy 
Irresolu, e, adj. irresolute, undecided 

esprit —tjluetuating temper 
Irre«)luincnt» adv. irresolutely 
Irre^ilution, st. irreei^tion^ doubt 
Irrevereminent, adv. irreverently 
Irreverence, sf. tiTeverence, rudeneu 
Irreverent, e. aitj. irreverent, rude 
Irrevucabilite, sf. irrevocability 
Irrevocable, adj. irrevocable, permanent 
Irrevocablement, adv. inevocttbly 
IrriKation»sf. irrigation 
Irriuble, adj. irritable, easily provoked 
Irritabilite, sf. irritability llaw 

Irritant, e, adi. irritating, annulling i" 
Irritation, »f, irritation, exasperation 
Irrite, e, adj. irritated 
Irritcr, va. to irritate, eaasperate 
— I'appetit, to Parpen the appetite 
s*— , vr. to grow angry, or fall into a 

Irruption, sf. irruption, inroad 
Islamisme, sm. Itiamism 
Isoc^le, adj. isosceles, having two equai 
sides, said qfa triangle in geometry 
Isoie, e, adj. insulate, independent ,• un 
horn me — , a man wttfiout connexions 
laolement, sm. quality of being insu- 
lated or detached, retirement 
Isoler, va. to insulate, separate, detach 
s'— , vr. to be separated, retired 
Isoiement, adv. alone, solitarily, sin/ily 
Isometrie, sf. reduction ^f fractions 
lu\x, e» adj. bom, strung, descended 

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Itsae, «r. JMiw, erit, parage, event, end 
—8 d'une viJle, aoettueeo/a town 
btlHBe, sm. iaehmtUt f*eek of land 
Ita^ue* lUu)Cle, tf. tie in rigging 
Itaiien, ik>, adj. /Co/ton 
Italique, «m. ec adj. itaOct ineiined hi- 

tere among printere 
Item, sm. <f«m, am artieie 
*-, adv. item, aitut, moreover f voiU 1'—, 

that is the main point 
Ic^tif, Ive, adj. tteraMe, that may be 

It^ratireinent, ail v. repeatedly 
Idn^raire, adj. itinerary, guide for tra- 

veiting, took oftravele 
Ivoire* sm. ieorp 
Ivraie, sr. darnel, weed, tare 
Ivre, adj. drunk, intojnoated t k moiti^ 
— , htdfeetu over, tipey - 

— de fureur, furUnie, mad, or f^^uUie 
with iMtoxieating drink 

— d'ambicion, replete with anUtltion 
Ivrease, tL drunkennese, tntonoEUion / 

la docte — , the enthusuum of poetry 
Ivnmne, sm. drunkard 
—, adj. drunken, given to drink 
Irra^er, viu to fuddle, drink to eseeee 
Ivroj^ntne, si. inebriety, drunkenneee 
Ivrogneme, st drwtken womam 

J, tm. the tenth tetter of the ttpkabet 

Jk, adr. already, to toon 

Jable, tm. netOt, eaid of barrel etavea ; 

faire le — dea douvM, to notch the stave 
Jabicr, va. to notch the staves of a cask 
Jabot, sm. birtta crop or etomach 
— d'une chemise, bosom or frill of a «*ir< 
Jahocer ou Jxboccer, vn. to prattle, talk 

idly. Jabber, chatter, mutter 
Jtuxnt, e, adj. in abeyance 
Jachcre, Ajhtlow ground or field • 
Jachenr, va. to give the first ploughing 
Jaciache ou Hvacinthe, sf. hyacinth 
Jacobiiif KO. bominiean or white friar, 

member of one of the revolutionary 

fictions in France, jackdaw 
Jacob! nisme, sm. jaeobiniem, prineiplen 

Jacobite, sm. Jacobite, oneefm sect qf 

heretire, partisan of the Pretender 
—, adj. holding the principles of the Ja- 

Jactancc, rf. act of boasting, bragging 
Jaculatuire, adj. ejaeulatory 
Jadis* adv. ofold,firHwrly 
Jailiir, vn. to spout oir spurt out 
Jailliaaane, e, adj. spouting out 
JailUssement, sm. act of spouting imt 
Jais, sm.^, black fossil 
Jalage, sin. duty on wine 
Jalap, em, Jalap, purgative drug 
Jale, sf. bowl, vessel to hold tiiuid 
Jalec, sm. pebble 

Jalonner, vn. to place polee or etaket §n 

the ground 
Jaiouser, va. to bejealoite 
Jalousie, tf.Jt-alou^, suepicion 

— tie m«cier, competition in trade 
Jaloax, ouae, smt. jealous penon g e^est 

un vieux — , he is a jealous oMfgUow 
», adj. jealous, suspicious; poste —, 

place or post of danger t 11 est — d« 

vou8plaire» he isdesirowi to please you 
Jamais, adv. never, at no time ,* pour —, 

Jitr evert u—, if ever; k—,Jbrever 

and ever, always 
Jambage, f^aujamb, stroke 

— de porte, door post 

Jambe, sf. leg, shank ,• os de la ~, ehin 
bone; gras de la — , ea(f of the leg: 
fitre haucen — «, to be long legged; 
courir ou aller k toutes — s, to run ae 
fast as one can ; prendre lea -« a son 
cou, to take to one'n heels 

Jambe de fa, jambe de 111, adv. astride 

Jamb^, e, adj. legged, bien — , u>ell- 
legged; vasX — , iU legged 

Jambette, sf. daspknife 

Jambon, sm. ffimmon, ham 

Jambonneau, sm. small ham 

Janissaire, tm^Janizary, furmerly a sot* 
dier of the Turkish foot-guards 

Jante, sf. jaunt or ^loe of a wheel 

Jantiller, va. to Jis jaunts round a wheel 

Janvier, sm. January 

J«poa, sra« J pan. Japanned ware 

Japonoer, va. to japan 

Jappement, sm. yelping, barking 

Japper, vn. to yelp, bark 

Jaque, sf. jacket 

— de malltes, coat of mail 
Jaquemart, sm.jack that etrikesthe hour 
Jaquette, sf. child^s jacket or coat 
Jardin, sm. gai^en 

— poca^er, kitchen-garden 

— de plaisance, pleasure-garden 
Jardiita^e, sm. act of gardening, garden' 

stMiff^, gardens 
Jardiner, va. to cultivate a garden 
Jardinec, sm. little garden 
Jardineuae, adj. epotty. full of specks 
Jarilinier, i^re, smt. jrord<fn«r, garden- 
er's wife, low rt^gU 
Jardons, sm. pi. tumours that grow en 

the hind legs of horses 
Ja.rgon, sm. jargon, yellow diamond 
Jargonnelle, sf, jargonelle, a pear 
Jai^onner, vn. to jabber, talk gibberish 
Jargonneiir, euse, smf. a person wha 

jabbers or talks gibberish 
Jarnac, sm. small dageer 
Jarre, sf. jar, large pitcher 
Jerri, e, adj. having long and hard hair 
Jarret, sin. ham, hough, unevennessi 
un coupe — , a ruffian or viUaiH 

— de boeuf, shin of beef 

— dc veau, knuckle of veal 
Jarrcter, va. fa tie one's garter 
—, vn. to make an angle or curve in m. 


id, gutter 

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JAR 144 


Jan, tm. gander, male of the goose 
Jas> tm. »tock, anchor-etock 
Jaser, VB. to prate, prattle, chatter 
Jaaerie, sf. tut pf prating or prattling 
Jaseur, euse, mf. ^prater, prattler 
Jasmin, am. jaamtne, jessamine 
Jaspe, sm. Jasper, variegated mineral 
Jasp^, e, adj. marbled, veined, streaked, 

Jasper, va. to marble, variegate, paint 

or sprinkle with various colours 
Jatte, af. buwl, porringer, wooden dish ; 

cul de — , sm. cripple withottt thighs 
J4t^, sf. bowlful 
Jau(fe, sf. gauge, standard- 
Jauiceage. sm. act of gauging 
Jauger, va. to gauge, measure capacity 

or power 
Jaugeur, sm. gmiger 
JaunAtre. a4j. jfellowish 
Jaune, sm. et adj. v^low, saffron colour 

— d'oeuf, yolk of an egg 

— commc un coin, as yellow as a guinea 
Jaunet, sm. buttercup, a: flower 
Jaunir, va. & vn. to dye or grow yellow 
Jaunissant. e, adj. tumingyellow, ripen- 
Jaunisse, »f. Jaundice ling 
Javeau, txxusmall island in a river . 
Javeler, va. to gather com in bundles, 

bind into leaves 
Javeleur, sm. sheave-binder, reaper 
Javeline, if. Javelin, spear 
Javelle, sfc sheaf of corn, ftigot of vines 
Javelot, sm. short spear, dart 
Je, pens. pron. I 
Jehovah, sm. Jehovah, Hebrew name of 

the Supreme Being 
Je ne saU quoi, sm. an idea or thing that 

cannot be difined 
J^iuite, sm. Jesuit, crafty person 
J^suitique, adj. belonging to a Jesuit, 

crafty, artful, dvceitfiu 
J^suitisme, sm. principles of the Jesuits 
J^us, sm. Jeeus, See Christ 
Jet, sin. Jet, cast, throw, sprig, shoot 

— d'vau, water-spout 

— de lumi^re, ray of light 

— de filet, casting of a net 

— d'abeilles, swarm of young bees 
Jet6, sm. step in dancing 
Jetie, tf. Jetty, bank, mole, pier 
Jeter, va. to throw, cast, Jltng, swarm, 

shoot, shed 
-> & la \'oirie, to throw to the dogs 

— lies ^tincelles, to sparkle 

— de ia poudre aux veux de qnelqu'un, 
to dazsle one by false appearances 

— des larmes, to shed tears 

— de profondes radnes, to take deep root 

— des pierres dans le jardin de quelqu'un, 
to give hints, attack one indirectly 

— des soupirs, tofi:tch sighs 

— feu et flaniiDc, to fret and fume 

•— la pierre li quelqu'un, to aixuae one 

— les yeux sur quelqu'un, to design or 
make choice ofonefbr a place 

— I'ancre, to cast anchor [one 

— qudqu^iui dans rcmbanu, to didrese 

Jeter son bien pwr les feniCitt« to he er 

— son feu, to vent on^s ptaeien 

— sa gourme, to soto onffs wild oats 

— un cri, to cry out 

— un gnnd 6c)Mt, to ihed a great lustre 
—, vn. to shoot, suppurate, spout 

— au sort, to east kis 

se — , vr. toftUl or rush upon, throw one- 
self in the way of, run, get into 

Jeton, snd. a counter 

Jeu, sm. game, sport, play, method, jest, 
performance of an actor or musician ; 
de bon — , adv. by fbir play; msttre 
au — , to stake i jouer de franc — , to 
jUay the game; jouer gros — , to play 
high t iouer k — sur, to go upon sure 
grounds; 6tre k deux de — , to &e upun 
even terms i tirer son ^pinffle du — , 
to riip one^s neck out of the collnr; 
mettre quelqu'un en — , to draw one in 
without his knowledge : donncr beau 
— k quelqu'un, to give one a fatr op- 
portunity ; jouer bien son —, to act 
one's part skUfuUy ; cacber ou cou vzir 
son — , to conceal on^s designs 

— de billaid, a bUliard table 

— de boule, bowling'gre-in 

— de cartes, a pack of cards 

— d'^hecs, chess-board, gante o/cftecr 

— d'esprit, witty tr\fle, witticism 

— de main, rough play 

— de mots, quVAtle, pun 

— d'orgues, row of pipes in an organ 

— de paume, tennis-court 

— de quilles, set of nine-pin* 
—X. pi. games, sports 
Jeudi, sm. Thursday 

— saint, Maundi^-Thurtday* Thmredajf 
before Good Friday 

Jeun, {k) adv. justing, bejbre breetkjiist 
Jeune, a4j. young, younger, J (tnior 
Jeflne, sui. fast, act of fasting 
Jeunement, adv. maturely, rxpeljf^ eamt 

to full growth 
Je(lncr,vn. tofast,dbstainfromfood,mtfr 

tify the btjdy by religious abftinencf 
Jeunesse, sf. youth, youthfutdayog want 

of experience, folly ofyputh 
Jeuneur, ease, smf. faster, one who alh 

stains from fbod 
Joaiilerie, »t Jeweller's trade, Jeuf^ 
JoaiUier, i^re, waf. Jeweller 
Jockey, sm. poetUion, racer, horeo-daaler 
Jocrisse, sm. simpleton 
Jole, sf. Joy, gladness, delight, exulta- 

tion, gaiety, merriment, happinats 
JoiKnani, e, adj. at(Joining, next to 
Joindre, va. to Join, cou/ffe, unite, com- 
bine, connect, dose, overtake 
—, vn. to Join, dose, adhere 
se — , vr. to Join dose, unite with 
Joint. sm.>olitf, a Joining, articulation 

of limbs, hinge 
— , e, adj.iotfMd. united, combined 

— que, ooQj. besides ffuU 

Joints, sf. what both hands can AbU 
Jointif, ive, sOj. Joined, c ' ~ 

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Jointejrer, va. to^eement,jUl*up Joint* * 

Joiatare* tX. j'lint, jttnetttre, sr. 

Joli, e, adj. pretty » ffenteelt neat, agree- 

ablet phusinfi, «ietrant 
Jolirt, te« a.-^'i. /renteel, rather pretiv 
Jolimtrnc, adv-^eatlif, pleaaingly * 
Jolivetes»' tf. pi. ttiya, trinket*, pretty 

doinfra or aayinare ofchUdren 
Jombaxde, sf . kind of flute 
Jonc, sen. ru^, bulrush 
Joiici)^, ftf. ttrewed fiowere or herbe, 

Joncher, va. to etrew, ecatter looeefy 
Jonchets.sin. pi. eliiaUivorypegefw play- 
ing at the smme ofepiUiken* 
Jonction, sf. junction, union 
JnoKlcrie, «f. offt ofJu{(t;ling 
Jon({l«ur, sm. jutrgitr, quack, chattt 
Jonqui>, rf. Chi n'eee Junk 
JonquUl«, if.Jtmquii, <k flower 
Joseph, (papier) sm. eUver, Hatting, or 

ti$3ue paper 
Jouaillcr, vn. to pHayfor a trifie ' 
Joubarhe, sf. houee4eek 
Joik;, tf. cheek; coucher en — , to a^ 

at t donner sur Ui — , to give a elap on 

Jouer, va. to play, act, eport 

— gros jeu, to play high 

— partte doutile ou bred<mille» to play 

-T Quelqu'un, to ridicule one 

— & tout perdre, vn. to venture ail 

— k l'acquit» to play who 0utU pgy the 

— de la griffe, to tteal, eerateh 

— (ie 1^ pruntrlle, to o^e 

— de son reste, to make on^e leut pueh 
'- sur son ancre, to be tossed about at sea 
se — , vr. to play, sport, divert eneaeff 
K — de quelqu nn/ to jeer or banter on€ 
Jouet, «tn. plaything, tqy ; Acre le — de 

la soei^te, to be the laughingstock of 
society ; 6tre le — de la fortune, to lie 
the sport of fortune 
Joueur, euso, smf. gamester, pkty&r : 
c^est ttn iieau — , he is an open dealer 
or honfSt plftffer 

— de g^bclets, jugrier 

JonflUj e, adj. chubby, buxom, fttt 
Jnvkff, am. yoke, slavery, subjection 
Jouir, vn. to enjoy, possess 

— d'une terre, to have an estate 
Joutssance, at. en joy ment, fruition 
Jouissant,' e, adj. enj^tying, in possession 
Joajou, sm. plaything, toy {of 
Joar, Km. d-ty, light, daylight, Kfe, clear 

space, nteahs; ^perdn le —, to diet 
IVTcer k — , to bore through / mettre 
au — , fo publish, exposes fttre de — , 
to bf upon duty J un —, adv. once 

— de Ci .ri;„'^, play4ay 

— delaTiamanoedufv^l, King's&rthdt^ 

— delHri, New Year's Day 

— des f endws, A^-Wednesde^ 
'^ dti moTts, All Souls Day . 
—des rois. Twelfth Day 

— OQvnble, working ^aty^ httofm day 

Jours degrAce, m. pi. days qf grate, mM 

of bills of exchange 
Journal, am. journal, newspaper, diary, 

gazette, daybook, acre of land 
— , adj. diurnal, daUy, changeiMe 
Journalies, sin. jowneyman 
—, i^re, «lj. dailf/, uncertain 
Jo\irna\\sie,sm. journalist, reviewer • 
Journ^, 8f. day, day's journey, da^fe 

worki gem de — , pL labourite people 
Journellement, adv. daily, every dsty 
Jottte, »i. joust, tilt, tournament 
Jouter, va. to joust, tUt, fight 
Jouteur, cnu one who jousts or tilts 
JoviVence, »{. youth 
Joy vcnceau, etle, smf. lad, lass 
Jovial, e, ad], jovial, gay, jocund, m«rry 
Jorau, sm. jewel, locket 
Jox«Uflem«nt, sAv.jopfully, gladly 
Joyeuset^, sf. joke, jest 
Joyeux, euse, adj. joyfid, merry, glad 
JuM, sm. loMy, ambo, pulpit, gallery 
Jttbilaire, oAi.jttbilous, having been fifty 

years in a situation 
Jubilation, sf. merry-mAking, rejoicing 
Jubil^, sm. jubilee, general indulgence 
Jucher, vn. to roost 

ae — , vr. to place oneself or be piacedhigh 
Jucboir, sov a roost for birdt 
Juda.ique,aii}. Jewish, Judfiiealt k\it—,. 

adv. i^fter the Jewish manner 
Judalser, Vn. to J^aizfi, fallow the cus- 
toms ^if the Jews 
Judaasme, sm. Judaism, the religion of 
Judas, sm. Judas, a traitor \ the Jews 
Judicature, tt. judicature, law, the b-^r 
Judidaire, s(. judgment, sagacity 
—, sAy judiciary, judicial, legal 
Judlciairement, adv. judicially 
Judicieusement, sAv. judiciously 
Judideux, eiAe, adj. ^udtetoM, wise 
Jvtge, sm. judge, arbiter, magistrhttff 

etre — des chuses, to have some skttt' 

in things 

— de psix; justice of the peace 
Jugemenc, sm. judgment, intelligence,. 

commpn sense, opinion, sentiment, 
reason, sentence, decree, trial / jour 
du — , doomsday : avec — , adv. ra- 
tionally : sans — , injudiciously 
J\xger, va. to judge, conjecture, think 

— d'Hvance, to prejudge or forjudge 
Juffulaire, adj. jugular, said of a vein 

in anatomy 
Juif, Ive, smf. Jew, Jewess/ c^est nn — , 

hei^a usurer 
~, ive, B^j. Jewish, Judaicdl * 
JuHlet, sm. July, the seventh nunrnth 
Jttin, »m. June, the sixth month 
Juiverie, sf. the Jews, usurious bargain 
Jujube, $f. conserved fruit 
Juiep, vm. julep ox jalap 
Julienne, sf. rocket or dame's violet 
Jumcau, elle, smf. twin brother or sister 
Jumeler, va. to strengthen with side^ 

Jumelles, el* pl» tiweks or stde-beams ef^ 

a press, two smalt bars in h — '-^ 

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SuatMat* if. « m«v 
ante ou JoaU, *f. Junta, eabal, council 
Jupe, tt. petticoat .- corps de — , *taif* 

— piqu^. «iii/r<N< petticoat 
JupoQ, am. under-petticoat 
Jur^, txa, juryman 
— , e, adj. ewom; cnnemi — , irreeon- 

eUable enemy 

Jarement, sm. act of ewearing, oath, 
eolemn declaration, blasphemy 

Juiier, va. to woear, utter an oath, bind 
byorputtoan oath, promise upon oath 

—, vn. to curse, blaspheme, resolve 

Jureur, euse, smf. swearer, person who 
uses impious asaeverations 

•Juri ou Jury, cm. jury 

JuridictioD, »t jurisdiction, legal au- 
thority, district, estent of power 

JuridicUoniifel, le, adj. pertaining to ju- 
risdiction, according to law 

JanAiqttcaiA'i.juridictU, legal, law fid 

■Juridiauement, adv. juridically, ibith 
legei authority 

Juruconsulte, %ta. jurisconstdt, counsel- 
lor stt law, lawyer 

.furUpradence, tf. jurisprudence 

■iur|tce, sm. jurist, one versed in civil 
law, eioiHan 

JuroQt tm. affected method of swearing 
or administering an oath 

Jut, sm. juice, Jluid in animals, sap m 

— de r^Usse, Spanish liquorice 
■Jusant, sm. ebb, rpflwt of the sea, decay 
Jusque ou Jasques, prep, to, asfaras, un- 

tik tills jusqu'o*? *OM»/a»*y jusqu'i 
demain, till to-morrow ; iosi^u'ttu uiois 
prochain, tUl next months nre — aux 
larmes, to laugh till onecries 

— 14, ad V. so far, thither, to that place 

— s4quand? sAv. how lotig f 
' J\utsaicorp»,€U, close coat . 

Juste, sm. righteous man, the blessed 

■—, adj. just, equUable, Upright, true, 
honest, exact, accurate^ virtuous, pro- 
per, right, legal f habit trop — , coat 
rather tightly modes chapeau trop — , 
'hat rather narrow s tout— , it is tfie 
very thing; au — , adv* exactly 

— , adv. justly, rightly, as it should be s 
parler — , to speak to the point t dites 
moi au — ce que vous voulcs, tell me 
exactly what you wishs chanter—, 
to sing in tune 

Justement, adv. justl!f, uprightly, JUkr- 

ly, exactly, honestly, properly 
—, je m'en rappelle k present, 9ut^« right, 
1 remember it now 

.Justesae. sf. justness, exactness g parier 
avec — , to speak with propriety 

— de la volx, regularity of the voice 

— de Tor^nie, accuracy of the ear 

— de l>prit,>!McM of the mknd 
4l«iitice, sf. justice, equity, right ,\ rendxe 

ki — , to administer justice ; drinaander 
—.to ask redress; rendre — a quel- 
qu^un; to give one his due; appetar 
.^iidau'un en — , to eueone at law 

Juatidable, a4j. amenable, ras jmulM i 
Justkrier, sm.fustieiary,ji^lge, admsasf 

trator of justice 
— , va. toexecute,it^ictthe puniAment 

JvMt\6a.b]e, sAj, justifiable, i m^f i uma bh 

Justiflant, e, idii.justifi/ing 

Justiflcacif, ivc, mi'i. justificative, hearing 
power to justify 

Justification, sf. justification, mndieop 
tion, absolution, remission r/«te 

Justifier, va. tojustifi/, ciear from guUt 

se •— » vr. to dear onaelf 

Juteuifi ease, sA), juicy, aboundistgwith 
juice, succulent, moist 

Juxta-poritioB, if . juxtOrpositian, appo- 
sition, a placing by or near each other 

K, sm. eleventh letter of the alphabet 
Kabali, sm. public-house in Muscovy 
Kabin, sm. Turkish marriage 
Kakato^s, sm. cockatoo, kind of parrot 
KaleidoBcoperSin. an optical instrument 

which produces an endless variety^ 

beaiutifUl figures from objectx piaeei 

in it 
Kali, sm. kali, sea-weed 
Kan, sm. khan, chief, governor 
Kermis, sm* kermes, gianules produced 

by an insect, used m dyeing crimson 
Kilo, pr^lxed to the name of the Frendt 

measures, and denoting a thousand 

times tfte value 
Kilofcramme, sm. a thousand grmumes 
Kilolitre, sin. a thousand litres 
Kllomitre, sm. a thmsand metre* 
KJlost^re, sm. a thousand stereo 
Kiosque, sm. Turkish pleasure-house 
Kinch-wasser, sm. brandy dixtUicdfirom 

wild cherries 
Klste, sm. bladder full of humour 
Knout, am. a Russian punishment 
Kufiqt^, Cufique, sm. ancient Arable 

wilting ' 

, adj. relating tb Arabic writinge 
Kurtchis, sm. pi. Persian horsemen 
. chosen fi^mamong the noblee 
Ku&sk, sm. Turkish mustoal instrur^ 

ment consisting of five stringt 
Kynancie, sf. qmnsy, a tumul wfiantr 

matUm in the throat 
Kyrielie, U. long and tedwus xeneo of 

things in a story, litany, legend 
Kyst^tomie, Kystiotomie, sm. operation 


L, smf. the twelfth letter oj 
Lo,,^ie sixth note 


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I^ pMB. her, it 

hk, aihr. <ft«re, yrinder, tkair d» — « 
pnp. thtnee, frwm theneet aa d« — , 
par de — , bejfondt mor« fhang qni 
va — ? whogoettheKpf 

^ bM. below 

^ dedaiM, wUhirkt in that plaet 

— deaoas, under th^e, thi*, or thai 

— daosai* ttpon that, up thert 

— haat, above 

— li^ JO eo^eomteeeme, aofUjf 

— meme, in that very plaee 
Labaram, tin, Conttantin^e imjMrla/ 

Labenr, 9t labour, work 
Labearer» vn. to operate, toork 
Labial, e, adj. taMal, oftheUpe 
LabmMolTe, «ai. lawmatwy 
lAborieuMmcnt, adv. laboTioudy 
Laborieux, fxae, adj. laberioue, hmuif 
Labour, sm. tiUage, aet ofplouffhing 
Laboanblc, adj. manurable, arable 
Laboumge, sm. tUloffe, huHtandrjf 

Jjua, ena. etrin/f, nooee, enare, ne9 

, u to pioufih, aa, 

JLaboorear, nn. ploughman, tiller 
Labre* tntu a kind offith 
Labttna, Auboon, sm. UiJbiumum 
Labjrrhithe, nn. labyrinth, maze 
Lar» raw lake, Housrh, eeoFpeol 
Lacatane, tf. epeeiee of the banana4ree 
Laocique, adj. relating to latter 
Lac^, rat. braid, a eort oflaee, knot 
Ijuxt, va. to laee, tug 
Laceration, sf. laceration, aetof tearing 
Lae^rer, va. toiaeerate, tear 
LaceAtf Lasseret* nn. small auger 
Laoemc, s£ overall worn by the Romane 
Lacertiens, tm. pi. reptilee of the lizard 
epeeiee lords 

Lacertoidct, im. pi. general daee ^ li»- 
Laoet, sm. laee, braid, stajhlaee, enare 
— s, pL eea-tceede that entangle ehhte 
Laceor, etise, unt a pereon who laeee 

or makee braid 
Laoeore ou Lapute, %t the aet if lacing, 

aet of making braid 
LAche, sm. poltroon, scoundrel 
— , adj. 9oote, stack, sloth^tl, base/ ac- 
tion — , dastardly action/ avoir le 
ventra — , to have a looseness or/ltus 
tAdiement, adv. beuely, slackly 
Lftchenale, sf. plant of the Hly species « 
Ldeber, va. to slack, loosen, reUa, «m»> 
bend, let loose, let go, go qfT 

— )e pled, to give ground, ntn awoff 

— unc bonide, to pour a broadside into 
a ship 

— , vn. to ga-offas a musketdoes, revolt 

se — , rr. to slaeken, grew loose, siip 
LAcbet^, sf. cou;ardto0( shth, baseneee ' 
Lscini^, e, adj. laeiniated, eaid t^fpUftOs 

that have their leaves cut out 
Laos, sm. network 
LMoniqtie, a^j. laconic, concise 
LaeMiiqttement, adv. laeoniaaOy, skerUy 
Laeooisaie, stn. laeeniemt oondee eti^e 

Lsetii, e, adi. laeteous, milky, nfthe col^ 

o«r of milk / vole — e, milky-umy • 
Lattesoeot, e, adi. q;ffijfrmrig a sap of • 

milky hue, said of plants 
Laeune, sf. gap in a book, empty 
Lacustral, e, adj. growing m et etear 

lakes or ponds, in botany 
Labdanum, Ladannm, sm. gumn^f «n&. 

stance/lowing from the rock'rose 
Ladre, adj. leprous, inseneible^ ^tingu 
Ladrerle, sf. leprosy, lazaretto, avarice 
Lague, sf. tratde of a ship 
Lagune, sf. channel, kennel 
— s, pL marries on which Venice etanie 
Lai, smf. a lay person, plaintive poetry 
—, e, adj. lay, sector, underical 
LaScbe, sf. horse-tongue, eword-graeot 

Laid, e, adj. ugly, homely, d^fimaed 
Laideron, sf. a homely puss 
Laideur, sf. ugliftest, de/tn-mity 
Laie, sf. wild sow, lane throu/^ afbreet 
Lainsge, sm. woollen goods 
Lainc, sf. wooi,fleeee 
•~ d'une biebir morte, pelt-woei 
Lainer, Laner, va.- to nap, eaid of west 
Laineric, sf. woollen trade 
Laineur, sm. napper 
Laineux, ease, adj. unolly,fleeey 
Lainier, itee, smf. woolmonger 
Lalque, sm. layman t les — s, pi. the laity 
Laisse, sf. leash /br keeping dot(S togd' 

ther or leading them 

— de cfaapeau, hat-band 
Lalsser-courre, sm. the place or time 

where the dogs are cast tffat the stag 
Laisser, va. to leave, abandon, deeerit 
remove, allow, bequeath 

— aller, to let go, let loose 
~ sortir, to let out 

— tomber Ignore, to drop the anchor 
se — aller, vr. to yirdd 

ire, ton^/f^fronasel/to be taken 

Lait, sm. miOc/ petic -.-, whey/ frii« 

de — , fbstehbrother / vache ii — , 

mUchcowj coehon de — , rvcMn^rp^ 

— caill^. esiriif 

>- oouM, milk and water 

— de cbaux, whiting site 

— de Uuu,Jtower of silver 
Laitage» sm. /bod prepared with milk 
Laite ou Laitance, sf. milt qfafish 
Lah^, c/adj. having a miU, said o/fiehea 
Laiterie, sf. dairy, milk-house 
Laiteroo ou Jjsceron, sm. sowthistle, a 

Laite, sf. breadth efdoih or Huff 
Lamantin ou Lamentin, sm. a sea-cow 
Laltetix, euse, adj. nH^Ay, like milk 
Laicier, sm. milkman 
Laiti^, sf. mUk-uwtnan 
Laiton, sm. latten, iron plate e omr ed 

with tins fll de — , hroeeeoire 
Laitue, af. lettuce 

coasting, pilotage 





. mark vn a coat «tf 

emu a^rni^ng if^/Miority 
Lam bin, lne««nit; tloto penmit loufiger 
LuaMuer, va. to 60 stow and tediottt in 

doinfr anything 
Lambourde, if. joUt, «qft ttons Jbund 

fMw Bsrif • 
JLambrist tm. ceiling, wainteot 
lAmbrinagr, im. act ofeeUingt mfcrlatr- 

ingt or covering the inner-rvo/t 9oain- 

eeoUng or boarding a room 
JUmbriiaer, va. to cetl, overlajf, or cover 

the inner-roof, wainevot a room 
Lambruche ou Lambruaque* ti. wHd vine 
Lame, sf. biade, thin plate ofmeUU » 
— • de la mcr, the wavea of the sea 
Lam6, e, adj. piated, overlaid with fiate 
LaaaeDtatile, adi. lamentable, moumfiU, 

4*pUmMe, jntiful, to be lamented 
Lamentablement, adv. lamentably 
LamenUtlon, sf. lamentation, Uiment, 

eapreetAon ofaorrow 
Lamenter, va. to lament, mourn, bewail 
— U mort, to mourn the lose of a friend 
w — , vr. to be lamenting, bewailing 
Lamlnage, ttn. act ofjiattening or form- 
ing metaie into fhin plates 
Laminer, va. to laminate, flatten, fbrm 

metals into thin pUUee 
Laminoir, «n.flnttener 
Lampc, tf. lamp, any kindStf Hghi, a 

vessel for containing a light 
Lampion, sm. small lamp 
Lamproie, »f. lamprey, a fish like the eel 
Lamproyoa ou Lamprillon, am. young 

Lance, if. lance, long spear, lancet 
Lancer, va* to dart, throw with fbree 

— un cerf, to turn a stag out of shelter 

— un Vaineau, to lawu^ a ship 
•e — , vr. to rush upon, shoot at 
Lanoetier, tin. lancet- case 
Lancctte, ti^ lancet 

Lander, un. lancer, horseman 
Lanciire, if. sluice, floodgate, vent Jbr 

Lanooir, am. mill-dam 

Landau, sm. landau, a dose carriage 
which ovens at the top 

Lande, if. heath, moor, Darren waste 

•—9, Dl. dry uniting 

Landmve, im. landgrave, German title 
ofdominitm, prince or count 

Landfraviat, am. knutgraviate, territory 
to or <i0U}e of a landufrave 

LandflTftvlne, if. coi/« of a landgrave 

Landler, im. large kitchen grate, range 

Langage, am. language, human speet^, 
style, manner of expression / changer 
de — , to sing another tune; ces m«a- 
Mean tiennent le mAme — , these gen- 
ilemen harp upon the same string 

Langei, im. pi. swaddling-clothes 

Langoiireusemcnt, aiiv. tnngiffshingly, 
weakly, softly, feeblv, droopingly 

Langoureux, euae, adj. languid, tan- 
gui eh tn g, Hngering, drooping, faini 

Langouste, sf. large Mmter, eruet&eeoue 
dSeU-fuh* kind qf grasshopper 

Langottstta, im. prau/n, email crueta- 

Languc, if. UMgue, speech, JIuency of 
language, anything that has the re- 
semblance of a Umguci cbut> dc — , 
baekbitingi mauvaise — , slanderer, 
backbiter,' prtndre — , to get inteUi- 
genee t avoir la — lii6e, tongue tacked 

— de terre, an isthmus, node of land 
Languette, af. languet, anything cut 

like a tonnue 
— s, pL wedgee, used in ship4>uiiding 
Langueur, sf. languor, weakneo»,Jkunt' 

nessffsebleneee, sitftness 
Languir, vn^ to languish, grow fkeble, 

pane away, grow dull, wither, Jtde 
Languiiaamment, adv. lan^ut^ringty 
Langidaiant, e, adi. Iangul<hing,jiunt 
Lanioe (bourre), adj. flocks qfwool 
Lanito, A narrow etrapof leather, lash 
Lantcme, af. lantern, transparent case 
Jbratandle,gkus dome Ufa lighthouse 

— k gargDuaaes, cartridget-aee, Jhr guna 

— k mitraille, canister, caee-ehot 

— de mouttn. trundie-head pfa ntiU 

— magique, magu>lantem • 

— aourde, dark4antem 

—a, pi. fooleries, actsoffiiliy, nonsense 
Lantemer, va. to talk nonsense^ tire om 

with idle stories, deceive, cheat 
—, vn. to trifle, dally, amuse, deiay 
Lanternerie, sf. nonsense, eiily sti^jy 
Lanteruier, i^re, amf. Utm te m -nhnker, in- 
coherent or torftoiM talker, tr^fier 
Lanugioeux, ^uae, adj. lanuginima, cos- 

erw with soft hair, d*tumy 
Laper, vn. to lap, lick up, wrap round 
Lapereau, am. young rabbit, eone^ 
Lapidaire, am. lapidary, one utho cuts 

precious stones, dealer in gema 
Lapidation, at ldpidatian,€u:t i^f atoning 

to death 
Lapider, va. fo at(me to death 
LiPidificatlon, sf. kapid^fioation, act iff 

forming atonea 
LapidiAer, va. to lapidify, turn ittto er 

become atone 
Lafddifique. aAjJapldiftftfiirmingatonea 
Lapin, im. rabbit, coney * 

Lapioe, af. doe^bbU 
Lapis-lasali. inu ature atone, copper ore 
Lapa, sm. letpae, tract, smooth eeurae, 

flow, fiUl, error, mutnke 

— de temps, length of time 

— , e, a4j. lapaed, faUen, let slip, hat 
Laqiiaia, sm. lackey, fbotmmn 
lAqae, sm. lacker, kindofvamiah 
LaqueUe, Le^iuellea, pi. pmn. who, whidi 
Lardn, sm. karcei^, 'theft, robbery 
Laid, sm. lard, bacon, fiii ofawine 
Larder, va. to lard, att/^toiih bateom, 
fatten, run through ' 

— quelqu'un de coups d'^pee, to run one 
through with a award 

—, Vn. to gothrough.theufarp,aaiai^f 

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LAB m 

JjuAobtt'f' lardinffpin 


, gibe t reproof 

lArge. tm. brecuithj wideneut an — , 
adv. Vt ittrffSf au long ct au — , fitr 
and widet to and fro / du long ct da 
—^ hip and thigh f 6tre au — , lo Amw 
eibow-roomt be at eaee, be at liber^ 

—, adj. for/re* wide, broad 

Largement, adv. largely, widelif, amply 

Largeswy A. targets, gift, prewnt 

Largeur, sf. laigeneM, breadth 

Largo, Larghetto, adv. terme in mwie 
deflating a slow movement 

lATigue* «m. sea-room, <^fing 

->, ad]. Uu, loose, ^ade, not exact / aller 
vent — , to shU with a sida-uHndt ear- 
dase — , vntii^ rope 

— , sAv.entataea 

lATcacr, va. to relax, free, looeen, let go 

LAx^got* mh. lute, pipe 

L,arix,fliD. larch tree 

I«annC| if. tear, moisture in drops 

— de vuit'dropofwine 

—», pi. dbrops, in arehiteeture 
— s am inco^ie,fMgned sorrow 
Lannkr«nn. cepingof awaUr eaioeof 
a house, washing board of a door 

— de cbemin^, top of a ehimnep 
lAimojrcnt, t, adj. weeping, in tears 
Laxraofet, vn. to weep, shed tears 
IxLTTon, mesne, smf. thi^, rogue f Toeca- 

sion Ikit le — , opportuni^ makes the 

— dm plume, pith of a qititt ' [(M</ 
Laronneau, sm. pilferer, petty thief 
JjkTTt, sf> larva, an insect in the pri- 
mitive state 

— u, sm* pi. hobgoblins, fairiee 
Larynx, am. larynx, windpipe 
Las! iater^.€UasI 
Laa, ae, adj. weary, tired, disgusted 
Lascif* ive, adj. lascivious, lewd, lustful, 

umnton, luxurious 
Laaclvement, adv. UxseivUmtiy, toostiy, 

voluptuously, lewdly, wanton^ 
Laacivit^y tf. laseioiousness, lewdness 
Laamnt,je, a4j. tiresome, tedious 
' ir, va. to tire, fat^fue, weary 
— to grow or be tired 

t, n. lassitude, ufeariness 

Lsate, sm. a last, two tons weight 
Latanier, im. kind ofpaltn-tree 
Latent, a, adj. latent, hidden, concealed 
Lat^ml* e. adj. lateral, belonging to the 

side, proceeding from the Hde 
Lat^ralement, adv. laterally, sideways 
Latin, am. Latin, the Latin tongue: 

il est au bout Ae ton —,heisat his 

toifsendf il y h petAu mm ^, he has 

lost hi* labour 

— de cntaine, dog Latin 

—« e» adj. Latin, pertaining to the La- 
tittx, JUnnan 

latiniacr, va. to Latinize, use Latin 
werda and phrases, give names a La- 
tin termination 

Tatinhme, am. Latin idiom 

Latlatete, am. one well vtrsed in Latin 

Latlnit^ sf. purity of the Latin style . 
Latitude, cf. latitude, breadth, extent 
Latitudinaire, im. latitudinaritm, one 

who is free in religious soinions. 
—, adj. UOitudinarian, notrestraUied 
Latrines, sf pi. privy, place of reti r e m ent 
Latte, if lath, thin slip of wood 
Latter, ra. to lath, cover with laths 
Lattia, sm. act of putting on lath 
Ibaudanum, tm. laudanum 
Laudcs, if. pL lauds, morning prMftre 
Laur^t, adj. decked or invested with 

laurel/ potts —, poet-laureate 
Lauricr, sm. laurel, an evergreen tree 
Lavabo, sm. washing»statia, wathing 
Lavage, sm. act of washing, puddle 
Larande, sf. lavender, a plant ; eau d« 

Lavanderie, sf. laundry, wasMngh^usd 
Lavandi^rt; sf. laundress, washeru^o* 
Lave, sL lava, vitrified matter {man 
Lav^ e, adj. washe-l 
Lavement, sm. dyster, injection 

— des pieds, the ceremony ofwaMtyt 

Laver, Va. to lave, wash, bathe, clean 

— des verres, to dean glasses 

— la t6te j^ quelquhm, to reprove one 

— un desiin, to shadow a drawii^ 

— un plan, to colour a plan 

— nne barbe, to lather a beard 

M — , vr. toufash or dean oneself 
Laveton, sm. short wool 
LavMte, sf. dish^tut 
Laveur, cuae, amf. waiher, securer 

— 4'ecuellea, seulHon, dish-cleaner 
~ de cendrei, mdal-r^ner 

Lavis, sm. wadi, colouring, act of e»- 

louringmaps, plans, Ac • 
Lavoir, sm. lover, wash-house, sink 
Lavure, if. dish-water, hog-wash 
^s, fH/weepings of a goldsmith's shop 
Laxatif, sm. a medwine that rdaxes me 

— , Ive, adj. kumtive, loosening 
Laxlt^, nf. laxity, looseness, wuknets 
Layeticr, sm. boxmaker 
Lajrette, if. drawer, box, diUdbed^tneio 
Lasarett sm. lazarhouse, hospital 
LixA, im. by-play, dundhdww, tridt 
he, la, les, art. the 
Le, la, les, pron. him, it, her, them 
he, sm. breadth of linen, ^ 
L^he, sf. thin slicf, coUop 
L^chefrite, sf. dripping-pan 
L6ch^, e, adj. highly finished, licked 
JL6cbcr,va. to Iwk, lap,- ItlicbedoigV 

adv. sparingly, very little 

— I'ours, to spin out a law process 
Le^on, i£ lem^, lecture, reading 
LecCeur, trice, smf. reader ^ lecturer 
Lecture, s£ lecture, discourse on anyi 

subied, reading, Merusal, reproof 
L^l, e, acij. legaL,lawful 
L^lement, adv. legally, lawfully 
L^lisation, af. act of legalizing or 

nuMng authentic 
I^^aer, va. to legalize, makeauthentie 

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Jb^alit^, If. leifttlHVf ktw/Ulne»9 
L^t. tno. legate,ambastadort deptUif, 

tanotuMUlcr fi-om the pope 
LdgaUire* m^tegatee, letrattuv 
' ' Uion, sf. ngation, deputoHon 

„j&daiie, sni. writer of legend* 

It^ende, sf. legend, dironicle, incredible 

narrative, tneeription round a medal 
lAger, irt, adj. tight, nimble, fiekle, inn 

conetant, frivototu, ntperfletal ,• de —f 
htly, eaeUv, nimblp, giddUp 

„.-. {k la) adv. tnconeidercUeltf 

L^g^Fement, adv. Iwhtly, nimblu 
L6f»ret6, sf. lightnete, nimbleneee 

— d'un ccrf, ewifineu <^fa etag « . 

— d'esprit, levity of mind 
' ^ pan, »(. legion, vaat number, mUiteujf 

vrce, body t^ftoldiere, multitude 
lonnaire, sm. legionary 
— ^islateur, ira. legtetator, latvgiver 
Ii^latif. ive, aAj, legislaHne 
L^islation; sf. act of making lawe 
L^sJatiue, sf. legislaiwe 
Jj6gi»U, am, eivittan, lawyer 
Intimation, sf. legUimtUion 
L^ttme, sf. legUim, ehiUFe pofUonin 

a paternal eetate 
-^. adi. legiHmate,lawful,juit, right fUl 
Legfcimemeat, adv. legiHmatety, justly 
L^dmer, va. to legUimate,make legal 
L^tlmit6, sf. legitimacy, lawful bit-th 
Lm, sou legacy, bequeet made by will 
L^ueTf va. to bequeath, leave by wiU 
JUgume, sou legume, pulee, pease,any 

plant with node 
— «, pL vegetable*, potherbs, root* 
I^BTUmin^ux, euse, adj. leguminou* 
JOBdemain, sm. the next day 
Lendore, sn. slow or lazy pereen 
L^nitif, sm. on emollient medidne 
— , ive, adj. lenitive, mitigating 
Lnt, c, adj. *low, sluggisk, dilatory 
I>ntc^ s£ nit, an in*ect 
J>nifement, adv. elowly, slugginhty 
Lenteur, sf. slowness, dulness, heaviness 
LenticuliUre, adj. lenticular, like a lens 
LentUle, sf. lentil, sort of pulse or pea 
JJiouiti, e» adj. leonine, belonging to a Uon 
Leopard, sm. leopard, beast t^fprey 
Lfepre, sf. leprosy, a loathsome diLsease • 
L^picux, euse, smf. leper 
— ) euse, adj. lemOu*, having lepro^ 
Leproserie, sf. lazaretto, hospital 
Lequel, Lesquels, Le^uelles, pL pronT. 

which, who, that 
Ln, art. et pron. the, them 
Jjbae, adj. offended t crime de — majesty, 

Ubter, va. to wrong, p0nd, hurt 
L&iDe, sf. niggaralinesst parsimony 
JAsiner, vn, tq be sordid, parsimontou* 
L^dnerie, s£ sordidness, eovetousness 
"iAAon, sf. hurt, injury, damage 
Lesslve, sf. lye to wa^ wtth 
Lessiv«r, va. to mnm% with lye 
Lest, sm. last, lead, ballast 
Lestage, sm. kutage, freigh^^e, act of 

Leste, adj. neat, clever, agile 
Lestement* adv. sprucely, eleverfg 
Lester, va. to take in ballast 
Lesteur, sm. lighter, ballast boat 
L^hargie, sfL Mhargy, morbid dulnese 
L^thargique. ac^* lethargic, drowsy, dttA 
Lean, nt letter, epistle, type t rendreil 
la — > to report literally, or word Jbr 
wordi ajouter^ 1*-^, to eaaggsrate 
in reporting 

— €ircvda.m,eircular, notice odtbreeeed 
to a nunAer qf persons 

— de diaage, bill (^exchange 

— de mer, seorbrief, passport 

— de cr^nce, letters of credit 

— 4e r^oision* writ to annul a eonirae^ 

— d'aboUtion, a pardon 

—9, pL literature t bcUc* —, polite learn' 
ing; hommc do —, literary charaater 
Leur, iHron. to them, their 
Le leur, la leur, les leura, i»on. theirw 
Leurre, sm. lure, entieement^ decoy 
Leurrer, va. to Usre. entice, doroy 
Levain, sm. leanen, remains : pain aans 
— , unlaavened bread 

— de bi&re, yeatt, barm 

Levant, am, Levant, the. eastern coast* 
of the Mediterranean *ea 

Levantin, e, adj. levantine, gtertabuttg 
to the Levant 

Lev6, ' , adj. raised, risen, lified up 

iisv(», s£ bank of earth, causewoff, ter- 
race, arofp, breaking up, risings recem 

— des oernKrs publics, gathering ^teuses 

— aux cartes, trick <rf cards 

— de terre, mound of earth 

— en mer, swell of the sea 

— de soldats ou matelots, recrtd^stg qf 
soldiers or seamen 

Lever, sm. levee, getting up 

— du soldi, sun-rising 

— d'un plan, ac< o/'«t«rv0V«;>g' 

— , va. to lift, lift up, raise, devote, get 
up, remove, collect, take up or qj^ 

— la t6te, to hold up one's head 

— un alovau, to cut uffa sirloin . 

— uoe aik de poulet, to carve qffa wing 
of a chicken 

— une main, to take up a tridt at « 

— manage* to begin housekeepistg 

— boutique, to set up a shop 

— le camp, to decama, break up 

— le piouet, retire from a militargnori 

— un plan, to draw a pU/k (tion 

— les oreilles, to prick up one's ear* 

— la crftie, to be barefaced 

— obstacle, to remove a hindrmsoe 
•^ Vamure* to shift the tack 

— I'ancre, to weigh the anchor 

— , vn. to grow, ferment i fain —^ to 

spring t faire — la pAtc, to miM (lh« 

dough t faire — un lievxc^ to i' 


se — , vr. to rise, 1»reak ua 

Levier, sm. lever, beam, Udaswe 

Le\'i8 (pont), sm. drawbnage 

Uvite, sm. LevUe, Jewish prieat 

L^vitique^ sm. LmNMcim 






UviOvu, adj. LemUhal 
Lcvnuc, 9m. ieverct, young han 

— rop^Heare* upp^r lip 

— infirtmitc under lip 
-*t pl* Hpt, mM t^flowert 
Levrecte. A ftmale greykouttd 
LevRtt^ e, adj. ha»btg the -farv^ ef a 

levTieTf am. ^reyAownd, Harriet 
LevTon, am. yc wig or liWe greyhmmd 
Levure, sf. lieastt rind cut ^j^baeon 
Lexidognphe* tm. leaieographer 
Lexique, hh. lexicon. d^etUmarp 
Uiiad»wm,H%KFd ' 
JUiude» sf. cAtnJir or ereeite in a weU 
Lials, sou hard freefone 
Liaison, at hindingt eonnetion, eohe- 

mofi, aeguaintance,,fifndneee, frknd- 

thipt tmte, eorreenonienee, etlHemee 
Ltaisonner, va. to bend etonee 
Liancf Li^ae, sf. Mndweedt a plant • 
Liant, t, adj. Maf ineorperatee eaailp, 

■ miUt eapric -^ eomp^ng tender 
Lianl, stn. Frenek fiirthirur 
Liaale, at bundle oeJUeofpapere 
Libatioa, sS MtortoM, ^Mr^ 
Libelle, sm. iiM, 6t//, tampoen 
Libeller, ra. <o declare upon mt action 

oftreepaee, debt^ Aa, in law - 
Libetiiste, atiif. hkeUer 
lAhimf am. praprrfar the dead 
UMiral, e, ai^. tibend, generinte 
— k )'e»-^s, pro/Uee, tovMk ' 
Lib^leoient,adi'. liberaUjt»heunteeetelp 
Lib^raliame, sm. doctrine fiatndedonlUh 

end prineipleet tolerant epirit 
LiMrafiKT, va. to inculcate hberalitp 
Lib^raUt^, at liberalitp, aeneroeitp 
Lib^ratcnr, firfoe, smf. detteerer, aaver 
Lib^raUou, sf. liberation, diecharge 
Lib^icr, va. to free, exempt, dear 
se — , vr. <o dear offtum^e (te6te 
Liberty* sf. libert», freednm, fticUitps 


tropKian^e », totake too great a la- 


In, e, smf. libertine, lewd pereen 
—, e, adj; Hcentteue, dhtbrntehed, lewd 
Libertina^y an. lUtert int tn^, lewdneee 
Ubcrtlner, im.tobea Hbettirtb 
K — , vr. to grow lewd 
Ubidineax, aiae, adi; liMdinoue, lewd 
Libraire, am. beoksdler, etaHener 
Librairte. sf. trade ofbookeemng 
Libre, ta^,free, independent, open, hold, 
lootet avoi'.' la parole ->, to have an 
ea^ utterance I was Met — de faire 
ce one voas voulec, pom mra at Ubertp 
, todourhatpeupleaee 
LibfWEient, adv. fredp, eatXtg, hddlys 

en uaor — , to makefiret 
Iwe, s& Het J^ eombate, arena, etreue, 
famdehoundt hemttoulma—, topee- 
^trp, hangingw 

UottM) s£ heenee, lieentiat^e degree 

Lioenciemcnt, am. oef 0/ dMondb^f 

troepe • . 
Lioencter, va. to disband troepe 
ae — , vr. to take too mudk lioertp 
LicendcuMm«nt, adv. lieentuiuelp 
LicendeuXf «ase, 9AJ. licentioue, lewd . 
Lieet, am. jMrifiMirion 
Lidien, am^ Uehen, liverwort, moee 
Lidtatloii, af. sale by auction 
Licitc, ad), lawful, leettl, legitimate 

., ady. law^ly, legaUy 
Llciter,.va. toeeUby auction in law 
Lioome, sf. unieom 
Lioou, Licol, am. halter, bridle, bit 
JMttnr, am. liethr, attendant on a eoneul 
Lie, af. leee, drege, droaa, firounde 

— du peaple, the Iqfveet dage-of people 
Lid, e, adj. United,' diiteottrs bien — , o»- 

herent speech 
Li^, am. cork, cark'tree 
Lien, am. string, tie, band, ligament 
—8, pL trona, chains, bondage, servitude 
Lier, va. to tie, knot, bind, fasten, unite 

— une saucti, to thidcen a sauce 
se — , vr. to bind oneself, league 
Lierre, am. ivy 

Lieu, sm. place, room, spot, passaget 
'evii^ect, reason, extradion, birth t all 
»- de, instead of, jkrfrom / au — <iae> 
whereas, while j en tout — , tfWty* 
where ; en quelque — que ce aoit, any- 
where { en quelque — que, whereeerg 
en premier ~i.<n the first place 

— de plalaailce,>lne set^ \ 
—X, pi. priey 

Lleue, CI. league, three milee * 
Lieur, sm. one who binds eom-dteeutee 
Ueutenance, sf. lieutenancy 
Lieutenant, sm. lieutenant . 
Li^vre, sm. hare ,' mdmoire de — , eheei 
memory/ bee de — , hare lip t fntoe 
d'un — , print of a hare's foot on the 
Ugament, am. ligament, in anatomy 
Ltgamentenx, euse, adj. iigamentoue 
Ligature, af. ligature, band, bandage 
Lige, sm. duty paid by the liege man to 

the Uege lord ' 

—, adj. Itegej flef — , vasealage 
Ligement, adv. in a li^e manner 
Lfgcnoe, af. all^ri«nce 
Lignage, am. lineage, ifffipring, fianUy 
Lignager, sm. on« qfthe saMejtimily 
Ligne, sf. line, race, family, the tweU^h 
part of an indh, small cord used fiy 
masons t p^(Aicr kin. -^i to angle 

— d'amarrage, lashing 

— d'cau, water-line 

— de irodt. Hue of battle 
-> ^ulnoxiide, e^irator 
Ltgnsr, vtu to draw a line 
Lign^, af. Uneage, itsue, race 
Ligneux, euae, adj. hgn^eue, woet^ 
Ligue,-sf. lee^rue, ftietion, confederacy 

Ta -—, the league whidi took jdaee at 
Farie to eadude Henry IV. fnm the 
throng af France 
Xigncr> va. to league, unite, oon^fi/rd 

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vr. to join, flOMMi 
ntse, smf. toaguett 

Ucunir, CUM, 

ItUnaMf sf. 
Lfanaooo, sm. «natf» toJMt, oerooo 
LInui&le, a£ filing; M&^iutt 
Ununde, sf. burt,jl<mnder, or hretfith 
Limtw, cm. /ifii6; bordor, te tutronomg 
—o, pL /itate, «*e a6M<0 o^ <^ «alit«f c/ 
#*« Old Tutament, hold by CathoUco ' 
Umt, 9LJUe t lemon, timo, or oitrom 

. toftU,filotfff, ariiah, perfaat 

UquoiciDC, < 

• Ltmitatir, ivc, adj. limUanf^ 
JJmiUitkiii, tf. HnUtatUm, moaauro ' 
XJmltcr, vo. to limit, eonflno, restrain 
Lknltet, tf. pL limits boundt, bordoro 
Limitrophe, adj. bordering on 
JJmoD, im. mud, slime, lemon, eht^ft 
JUmonade, sf. lemonade 
Umenadier; i^re, smf. lemonade^maker 
litBoneux, eiue» anU- mwldg, elimjf 
Umonicr, sm. thiller, lemon-tree 
Limoniiie, sf . Jij^/t /braei 
Llmpids^ adj. limpid, dear 

Umpidit^, St: limoidn 
Xtanun, ni. net offilin^ 
lin«}tf»>lajr/9rain«d« , . 

toile de — , Urnn-aUiQn flkr du — « to 


— pr^par^, dreseed/la» 
Linaire, sf: toadflax, ajilant 
Llneeuj, sm. shroud for the dead « 
Lin^aire, adj. linear, relating to Hnee 
Lin^, e. |idj. lineal, in a rfftht line 
Uo^ment, sm. lineament, faeOure 
Iilnfe, sm. linen / morceau da —, rag 
linger* brt, tmU person who makes or 

sMs linen, linen-draper, sempstress 
Lingerie^ sf. lifun trade or Ufarekt 
Unfoc, sm. ingot qfgoU or silver 
Liagotidre, sf. ingot-mould 
LiDgual, e, wA}. lingual 
Ununent, sm. tinimsnt, ointtnent 
Linon, sm. laum, cambric, vtfine linen 
Linott sm. eock-linnet 
Linottc, sf. hen-linnet 
Linteau, sm. lintel 
lAnx, sm. Ijfne 
Llon,.Lionne, smf. lien, ttoness, Jjto, 

one of the signs of the zodiac 
UoDoeau. sm. poung Hon, atb 
Lipp^, s£ moutHAti 
JUqnation. sf. eliquation, in metaUurgy 
Llqutfactioo. A\iqut^faetion,fUsion 
Liqudfier, va. to /(ou</Vf nwttf diasolM 
■e — t va. to grow limUd 
Uqueur, sf. /touor, lUmid, drink, Jtiiee 
—Of pK cordials, drams, wines, spirits 
Liqoldateur, sm. regulator ^accounts 
Liquidation, sf. act o f settling aeaounts 
Liquide, sm. a liquid or fitdd 
", adj. liquid, clear, JIutd 
LIqtiidcment, adv. dearly, plaMy 
Liqaidcr, va. to liquidnte ox settle in law 

— ses dettes, vr. to dear ane'e debts 
Utuidii^ si; liquiditg, Uqnidnese 

sells Uquore, dietitler, spieit-deakr 

lieo, va. to rend, stmdy, penetrate, 1st 

psret continucrda— ktoreatfan 

— loui h tone, taaead by turns 
Lis,8m.M<r/ fleorde— . ' ' 

Imee in heraldry i brasu. 

— dea vall^ li^ of the valley 
limar, m»es, ami. « remder, one tf IM 

LisiNe^ adj. letibto. readable 
Lisibkmaoc, a^. legibly 
Lisi^ie, tC net, lem&tg-etring, b 

are tied to thf warp, rmUieiekifS 
— , adj. desk, smooth, gtoeeyi pafkr-i 

glaked paper 
Lisseu, aoa. tntnOe efpadk'thread 
iMser, va. to sleek, imio^ glees 
lieto, if. list, roU, catalogue, echeMs 
ListeHdvUe, sL eum qf money allewsd t» 

lastd, am. list, eineturc, band 
Lbton, law ite or emaU bandon idkiek 
the mottos on coats s/e»me are teiit- 
LkL, tm. bed, ehannd of n riser, mar- 
riage, stratum ,• boktde—ibedstesis 
enfknc du premier — , chOd by theird 
wifet semcttivaa— » to go tehsii 
mourir au — d'teonear, to ^ in 
batHet teoirle — davenc»to^dsii 
•luf the wind, in nmrigation 

— ft la ducbesse, fbur-post bed 

— ji roulettes, truckle-bed 

— d'aiwet angd-ked 

— de camp, Jleld'^ad 
— da boiam,flodo-bed 

— da durst, down4>ed 

— de justice, bed of justice 

— de panuie,«teto^0d 
--> de piume, ftather-bed 
— de repos, coimA 

— de vciUe, bed for a nurse, far paSet-hti 
^ nuptial, bridal-bed 

LItanie, tf.Mto%, ajbrm of prayer 
—o, pL /itoMito«, orders t^ten repeetei 
Litaau, am. emiul wooden lath 
—X, pL blue streaks in napkins 
Lithaige,%f. litharge, leadwHrified 
Lilbographe, am. Itthogn^fher, one Ufko 

writee or draeue upon stone, or pritdi 

from it 
Lithogimphie, sf. Uthsgraphy, the art qf 

printvurfhm dune, treatieeonstoaa 
LitlMgrapoier, val to write or draw on 
> atoiM, to print from stone 
Lithographi«ue, adj. UthogrdphU, litho- 

the stone Aom the bladder 
Lithotomie, sf . Uthotomy, estraetiom tf 

the done from the bladder 
Ltohotomiste^am. fwaon whA 

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Wkt^ 9t HtUrt Unw Md tindM'afii- 
miak, mnia/n with a bed, brood of 
ymatgi chevsl sur U -^ Vam« nr «dk:iv 
hone f tt est sur \m—;hei*ona riek* 
bedf 6ue snr U — » to keep one'e bed 

Litif ant, o* adj. UHeant, euitor, in law 

Lttif^ tm. omt at iaw» HtiffatUm 

Litifian, ease, adj. litigious, quarrel- 
eome, diumtttbU 

Litre, tm. litre, French liquid meueure 
about an Engtieh quart 

Litron, tm. dfy fnetuure eontainit^ the 
tisteenth part of a French bu^tel, or 
about m pint and a haU Enffiieh 

Litt^raire, mU. Hterarv, teamed 

Litt^nUr «, ad). Uteral, exact 

Litt^ralement, adv. iitertdl^ 

Litt^ndM, oK, HteralUp, original or Me- 
ral meaniitg 

Litterateor, am. jeAolsr, philologist 

Litt^raturc, cf. Hterature, learning 

LittonlfUn. part «/ a eountnf situated 
near Ma eoaet or eeashore (thore 

—, t, adj. littortU, belonging to the tea- 

Liturgie, st liturhf»/brm qfprayere 

L1toirgl<|iic, uij. Murgic, Uturgieai 

Liure, tt rope, cord 

Livide, a4j. lieid, black and blue, of a 
lead colour, dimMloured aa with a blow 

Lividicd, 9S.tioidiev, diec(doration 

LivmitoA, if. detioerjf of good* 

Livre, aim book, volume, register ; tra- 
daiiv k — oilvert, to translate readUy / 
mettle un — a^ jour, to publish a 
hooki gnmd -de compce. ledgers k 
— onvtrc, adv. at first sight 

— dcaaaoOfCaah'book 

Livre, sf. pound, a Frftnch weighteqiud 
to eighteen ouncas Englishi Here or 
franc, value abot^ tenf fence sterling 

livrie, af. liverjf, livertheeroante, 

— de U ndoe, wedding jUvour • 
Livwr, va. to deliver up, surrender • 

— una vlHeftu piUkffe, to give up or ate>»> 
don a town to ptttnder 

M ~, vr. to place eonfidenee in, to give 

up OS surrender oneself 
Livret, tm. timtf book, pou^ook 
lixiviatloii, af. HsioifjtUm, proeese ofe»- 

traeting aOMine salts from ashes 
Lixtviel, )e, adj. lixMd, impregnated 

with eatts 
Lobe, sin. lobe, part of the hmge, diol- 

eion, distinct prtrt, pod ofpulee 
Lobale, tm. email lobe 
Local, am. loeaHty, place, situatisn 
—, t, adj. local, relating to a place 
LoeaUt^ af. locality, position 
Locataiiv, am. lodger, reeidenter, tenant 
Loeatir, Ive, ad/, belonging to a tenant 
Location, iif» sttuation, atd of placing, 

letting out or teaeingfor rent 
Locatia, am. Al/vd horse 
Loch, tmi log, btdkff piece of woodt-ist- 

el imm e n t ftr measuring the progreee 
, or velacitj/ of the sailing of a chip 
Ladle, tf. g^wsndling, a fish [aftee 

Lodiar, va. tahe loose, sold of a hantfe 

Locomoteur, tricct smf. on engine 

— , trice, adj. tMed to change of position 

Locomotif, ive, adj. locomotive, ableta 

change place 
Looomocion, tf. Ittcomolion, the power ^ 

changing place 
Locution, St. locution, eapression, die- 

eoUr»e,form or manner of speech 
Lodler, sm. quilted counterpane 
Lof, tm. loof, t^ff, weather eideofa skip, 

part towards the wind 

— pour — , to tadc about 
Logarithmet, tm. p\. logenithms 
Logaritbmique, acq. logarithmic 
Lodge, tf. lodge, ceil, hut 
Logeable, adj. tenan table, inhabit^^e 
LoaemeQt, tm. lodgement, apartmentt 

lodging, encampment, accumulation 
Loger, va. to lodge, harbour, place, ftst 

lay fiat 
— , vn. to dwell, resvte 

— kla helie^nnlc, to lie under the eastopir 
tf heaven 

te — , vr. to take a lodging 
Lo|;eur, tm. lodger, one who lodges 
Logicien, tm. to/ftdan, oneekitled inlogid 
Logic, tf. discourse, treats 
LoKioue, if. logic, art of reasoning 
— , a4j. logical, pertaining to logic 
Logiquement, adv. logieuUu 

LoKis, tm. lodging, home, duelling pHaee 
.01, sf. law, decree, ordinance, rule 

Loin, adv. far, Jhr ojf, renu>telyt jele 
voit venir de—,lseehi8 drift 

— k—,ata great dintance 

Lointaln, tm. background, distattee, 
. perspective of a picture 

—, e, artj. rem*tte,Mr distant 

Loir, tm. dormottse, small animal 

Loisible, adj. lawful, allowable 

Loisir, tm. leisure, vacant time 

—%, p}. apore mttnumts; k —, adv. de- 
'liberally, leisurely, slowly/ d'faeu- 
reux — t, sweet enjoyments 

JU>mt>anl, vaupawnbroker, public penonf 
broker^s i^ffice, demy, a kind (yf paper 

—, e, a4j. belonging to Li*mbar<fy 

Lombei, tm. pL loins, reins 

Londret, tm. London 

Londrin, tm. Londun cbtth 

Long, tm. Itmg, length : an — , at large/ 
le — , aiontts tout du — , all along f 
le — de la cdte. along the coast s tool 
du — de I'ann4e, all the year round 

—, xte, adj. long, extended, not short, 
dilatory i iedititts; il en tait —,heisa 
knowing one,* k la ~-ue, in timet de 
-ejniJn. longwhife ago, long since 
,^.M^^ -, . ^^ity, fiirbear' 

LongaaimUd, tf. longanimity,. 

ance, patienee 
LoDffe, tf. loin, bade of an animal, strap 

ef leather, thong 
Longer, ra. to go, walk, or coast edging 

Longer, ra. to go, walk, or coast along 
Long^vit^, t<: longevity, length ofl^ 
Longimdtrie, af. Ivngimetry, art ofmet^ 

euring distances 
Longitude, tf. longitude^ length 
LonsiMdlnal, e> adj. longitudinal 





I^mgicvdiuleaicnt, adv. hngitudinatbf 
Laaj twnpt, «dv. km/rtattngwhiht u 

y a ~, a /oti/r Hme o^ 
LoDSuanent, adv. /o»vr> o f ''M< while 
Longttcc. le, atU* totv^* pro^y 'otv» V 

Looguaur, tf. iength of time, dOan: la 
cucrre tire en ~, the war wiil Uut a 
Lopiiif tm. bitf merael, piece * 
JUtquadC^, sf. loquaeitjft talkat i v enem 
Loque, %f. rag, tatter, roffged doth 
Loquec, sin. Utteh, faetentng 
—•, fL,fiakee of wool 
Loqueteau, tm. emeUt latth 
Loquetcr, va. to lift the latch of a door 
Lo^sner, va. to leer, ogle, glance at 
— • une charge, to have on^e eye upon a 
eituation or <^lce 
. Lorgnette, tf. sma{t spy-glaM 
1/Mgnenr, euae, tmf. oi^, «/y gazer 
LoiVDon, tm. epy-gkue, ehort teleeoope 
Jjan de» prep, at the time of; dte — , adv. 
from that, time, from that mometU, 
ever eintx ; pour — , at that time, then 
Lortque* oonj. when, at the time when 
Losange, sf. lozenge, rhomb 
Lot, sm. lot, portion, ehare, prize 
Loterie, i£ lottery 

Loticr, tm. lotue,.eweet trefoO, a plant 
Lotion, tf. lotion, a medicinal waeh 
Lotir, va. to divide into lota 
Loto, tm. game ofnumbere 
Lotte, sf. eel pout, a fish 
Lotut, tm. aquatic plant, lotue-tree 
Louable, adj. laudable, praieeworthp 
Louablement, adv. laudixb^ 
Looage, sm. hire, reward, wages [ric 
Louange, tf. praise, encomium, pnnqaf- 
Louanger, va. to pnaiee, trumpet Jbrth 
Louangeur, e\xai, umf. flatterer 
Louche, adj. squint-^ed, ambiguous 
Loucher, vn. to squint, look awry 
Louer, va. to hire, let, praise, applaud 

— Diau, to praise God 

le — , vr. to befiM or tMitn of oneself 
Loueur, euae, tmf. hirer, flatterer 
Lougre ou Lougher, tm. smuggling ves- 
sel* fufrger 
Louit d'or, sm. louis ifor, fi-ench gold 
coin, value about twenty shillings 
Loop, tm. wolf, ulcer in the legs, black 
velvet mask ; entre chien et — , in the 
dusk of the evening / la titim chatte le 
— du bois, famine wiU pierce through 
a stone wall / enfermer le — dant la 
beigerie, to patdi up or close a toouttd 
befwe the disease is removed t II a vu 
\s—,he has seen the toorld 

— cervier, tm. sort of lynx 

Loupe, tf. wen, mieroscope» magnifying 

Ijltass, knob on the outside of a tree 

-./p-garou, tm. were^aoif, hobgoblin, 

l^xiociable man 

Uquuparin, sm. sea-welf 

— aet dt* Adj. heavy, dull, slow, stupid 

I^ ^ HItJn e, tad, awkward person 

Loordtmeiit, adv. awkwardly, ett^uOyt 

Looiderie, ik. gross fttult, bluftder 
Loonleur, tf. heaviness, dukneee 
Lounttie, if. awkwaniness 
Loure, sf. duU or unsprightly danoe 
Lourer, va. to unite or t/Mr the nates te 

Loutre, tC otter, amphiMaus animal 
—,Mm.hatoTmtijymadewithattet^shair I 
Louvat, tm. young wolf 
L^ve, sf. she-wolf, termeigatU, iron- 
pincers, slinrs of a crane 
Louvet, te. a4)> wolfrlikei cheval —, 

deep yellow dun horse 
Louveceau, tm. cub of a wolf, iron wedge 
Louveter, vn. to whelp, bring fitrth emte 
Louvoyer, vn. to ply to the wtndward 
Louvre, tm. ancient palace at Maoris 
Lover » va- ta cnUf mtt tipt wind round 

— un i4«»Jt, ftf n\U Mji a aibh 

Loyalj I , aiij. Ufif^h faithffti to « «o«e- 
rffi^r.i .r i.Tim;H, Irlin to ftligftt'^ Juith, 
truitin-itrtbifj itfSt, hdfUiftt diHV'ai —, 
hoTifl trmf vOt^fiUt rider 
LoyaU . i h i l r , # i v. iuvally, faUhfvJlff 
Loyauit-. i\. iuj^ttHiffjiti^iitjt^ hunt^y 
Lojrer, ^uu tenty fiiUitpt rcufttjii^ hire 
Lubrii:iLi;^ if, iuitr-u-.iiiff snitKAhneet^ slip- 

peritutse, wantonuestt 
Lttbrifier, va. to lubricate, makaamaoth 
' w slippery 
^ubrique, adj. lubricous,*slippery, un- 
steady, wanton, lewd, lasclototte 
Lubriauement, adv. laseiviouslif, umus- 

tonty, lewdly, loosely 
Lucarne, tf. domtar-window, eky-Hgkt 
Lucide^adj. IwM, shining, bright, damr 
Lucidement, adv. lucidly, c/ear(|r 
Lucidity, sfl lucidity, splendour^ dear- 

ness, brinhfness 
Lucifer, tm. iMcifer, devil, prince of 

darkness, monungstar 
Lucratif, ive, adj. lucrative, prefiuMm 
Lucre, tm. lucre, gain, pnflt 
Luette, tf. uvula, red epungy flash sesa- 
» pendedfrom the palate 
Lueur, tt. glimmer, glimpse, weak or 
feeble light, faint or transitory vieso 

— d'erp6nnat,f3eble ray of hope 
Lugubre, a4|. lugubrious, mourn/ktl 
Luffubrement, adv. dol^uUy, 

fully, sorrowfully . 

Lui, pron. he, him, to him, to her 

Luire, vn. to glitter, shine, give light 

Luitant, tm. floss, artifleial 'lustre,poh 

—, e, adj. bnf^t, giitterinf, shining 

Lumi^re, tm. light, flame, an^ tMt^ 

that gives light, day, open vi^sf, totta- 

dow, instructiiM, mental knowledgiag 

c'ettla — de son ti^le, heistheeea^ 

lightener or luminary of his age 

Lumignon, tm. snuff of a candle 

Luminaire* sm. luminary, one who «■•• 

lightens, any body which gives Ugh* 
Lumlneusement, adv. luminously, in e^ 

briffht manner 

euse, adi, lumimme, dear 

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Liuain, A moonwort, aaiittJUwer, a 
plant Imoim 

—, adj. lunar, hmary, rioting to the 

Lunaison, tt lunation, the revohttion ^ 
the moon 

Luoatiqae, smf. lunatic, ineauepereon 

—, adj. lunatic, mad, inscfne 

Landi, sm. Monday 

Lane, i£ moon i ciaire de — , moonshine ; 
11 a fkie ttn n-ou khk—fhe ha* left hit 
ereditore in the lurch ; aboycr It la — i 
to cry vut to no purpaee : vouloir 
prendre la — avec lesfdeuto, to try or 
axm at impoMibilitiea 

Lunette sf. /[iam, /(liue-caee of a toatch, 
merrythought of a Jbwl, weat ^fa wo- 

— d'approche, perepeetioe-gkue 

— d'opera, opera glaea 
- k facetces, multiplyin 

— poly^dre. ma/. 
—», pi. epeetactes, gfaeeeeio aid the eight 
Lunettier ou Lunetier* am. optician 
Lnpercales, sf. pi. lupertalia, andent 

Roman festivale 

Lupin, am. lupine, a plant 

Lupaline* sf. lupulin, yellow powder of 
nope, black ekwer 

Lumn, am. active or acute pereon, clever 
fellow, one who excels in doing a thing 

LuacftUf am, eainfethrine 

Lustniftr, s n. Oct of putting, onaghu, 
glaztng, calendering, potiOiing . 

Luatral, e, «dj. luetral, purifying 

Lutration, sf. lustration, purylcation 
by water 

Lustre, sm. lustre, br^htneee, splen- 
dour, renown, sconce with Hghie, lus- 
trum, a space of five yeare 

Lastrer, vs. to put a ^oss or ffiate upon 
anythinfi, make smooth or shining 

Lustreur* sm. one who givee anything a 
gloss or glaze, calenderer, politer 

Lustrine, sf. lustring, shining silk cl-Ah 

Lut, sm. lute, clay used hy chemists 

LatatioR, sf. lutatum, method of cement- 
ing ehymteat tfessels closely together 

luter, va. to close with lute or ckty 

Luth, am. iute, musical instrument 

Lutb^ranisme, sm. LuthMrunism 

Luth^rien, ne, »inf. followers qf iMther 

LuthA", adj. like a lute 

Luthier, sm. lute-maker 

LutiD, sm. imfj, hobgoblin, noisy cftfM 

Lutiner, va. to plague, torment, tease 

~, vn. to make a great noise 

Luirin, sm. chorister's desk 

Lotte, tf. ad of wrestling 

Lutter, vn. to wrestle, struggle with 

— oootneles pasioos, to strive againti 
the passions 

Lotteur, sm. urestler 

Luxation, sr. luxation, act ofdisfointing 

Luxe, nn. luxury, delieiousfare, volup- 

twueness, profueeness, superfluity 
Luxer, va. to luxate, to put out ofjohu, 

dislocate, dittjtnnt , 
Loxoic, s£ luxury, huurkmmese, hut 

Luxurkttsemenc, adv. luxurimtely, Ml> 

' ciousfy, voluptuously 

LuxurieuXf euse, adj. luxurious, velmp> 

tuoue, exubeirant, enervating, hutni 
Luwrne, sf. lucem, herb used^fadmtr, 

trefoil, three-bladed grass, dover 
Lttscrni^re^ sf. field oftrefijU or dovrnr ' 
Lyc^, sm. lyeeum, academy, esUega 
Lymphatique, adj* lymphatic, watery 
Lympbe, sf. lymph, colourless fluid • 
Lynx, sm. lynx, sharp-sighted epotUA 
' beaetttfprey 

Lyre, sf. lyre, musical instrument 
Lyrique, fuij. lyric, lyrical 


M, am. thirteenth letter of thealpMbei 

Ma, pron. poss. my 

Macaron, sm. macaroon, sort Qf peutry, 

low fellow, comb 
Macaroni, sf. sort of mock-heraie or 

burlesque poem, rude ipoetry ' 
Macaroni, sm. macaroni, ediMtf paete, 

vermuxUi, fop, coxcomb 
Macaronique, adj. macaronic, eompoaed 

cf dissimilar parts, mock, burlesque 
Macddoine, sf. hotchpotch, mixture t^f 

ingredients, medley, eonfktsed maee 
Maceration, sf. maceration, steeping, 

making lean, mortification 
Mac^rer, va, to nuicerate, make lean, 

steep, mortify 
MAche, sf. corn-salad 
Mftchecoulis, sm. piece of andetU flnrti' 

Mfichefer, sm. iron droaf 
Mflchefi^res, (dents) sf. cheek-teeth, the 

MObher, va. fa masticate, chew 
M Acheur. euse, smf. gitUton, great eater 
Macbiavelique, acij. machiaveUan, re- 

lating to Madiiaoel, crafty, subtle 
Machiav^isme, sm. machiaveHsm, piM- 

tical craft, subtly 
Machiavdliste, im. Machiavelian, fol- 
lower of the opiniotut c/Machiavel 
Machinal, e, adj. machinal, relating to 

Machlnalement, adv. in a machinal cat 

mechanical manner 
Machinateur, sm. mocAtnafor, on« who 

plots or eon^tt^M 
Machination, tf. machination, brtiflee 
Machine, sf. machine, engine, sly tridt 

— a vapeur, steam-engine 
Machiifer, va. to machinate, plan, eoftf 

trive, Jbrm a scheme, devise, plot 
Machinisce, am. machini^, engineer 
MAcholre, %t. jaw, jaw-bone 

— de fusil, chop ufa musket 
•— pcsante, dull pefson 

— s ^'^tau, pi. chops of a iffce * 

Macis, sm. mace, kind of spice 
Mapon, sm. mason, bricklayer 
Maponnage, am. moaon-tiMirk 

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llapinner, va. to buUd 

— una poite ou un« fendtre* to waU up 
« door or window 

Ibfonnerie, sf. nuuowy^mtuon'Work 
Macque* tf. inttrument to break hemp 
Macquer, va. to break hemp » 
Maculature, tf^ maeuiation, epoi, ettUn, 
bluTt taint, prir^er'ewaite-eheet 

— friHe, coarae brown paper 
Macule, tf. inacutet maeida, epot, etain 
Macttlcr, va. to maeutate, epot, etain 
Madame, sf. madam, mietreee, mp Utd^ 
MademoiMlle. «f. Mies 
Mad^re, Btn. Madura wine 
Madras, stn. Indian eilk handkerchief 
Madone, wf. Madima, picture fif the Vir- 
gin Mary 

Madr^, e, adj. epeckled, ^y, cunnin/f 
Madrepore, sm. submarine eubetanee re- 

eemblinfc coral, toophyte worm 
Madner, sm. thick board or plank 
Madrigal, sm. paetorai air or eontf 
Madnire, sf. epeckle, epot, 0019 in wood 

Mafistttl, sm. narth'weet wind 
Matfistraiiser, vn. to turn westward 
Maffld, e, ndj. ehubfaced, hamnga plump 

round face 
Masasin, sm. maga9^e, warehauw, 

etorehotue, perU/dicai pamphlet 
Magadnage, sm. tvarehouea rent cat hire 
Magaaincr, va. to store upin a war^unue 
Magasiiiier, sm. warehouse^ceeper 
Mages, sm. magi, eastern priests and 

Magicien, sm. magician, conjurer, «n> 

chanter, sorcerer 
Magidenne, st; ent^iantress, sorceress 
Magie, sf. magic, enchantment, sorcery 
-^ blanche, natural magic 
Magique, adj. magic, mofrieal * 
Magister, sm. country seno*tlmaster ' 
Magiat^re, sm. magistery,fine powder 
Magistiml, e, a4j. magisterial, imperi- 
ous, arrogant, pedantic, proud 
Magiscratemeat, adj. magisterialtv 
MagUtraCf sm. magistrate, cipie Judge 
Magiicrature, sf. magistracy 
Magnanlme, adj. magnanimous, brave 
Magnauimement, adv. magnanimously 
Magnanlmite, if, magnanimity, great- 
ness 0/ mind, braoery 
Magnat, sm. magnate, person 0/ rank, 

opulence, fa^ion, and influence 
Magn^sie, %t. magnesia, alkaline earth 
Magn^tique, adj. magnetic, attractive 
Magn^user, va. to communicate magne- 
tic properties to, become magnette 
Magn^Cisme, im. magnehsm, power of 

MagnUiaence,»t magnificence, grandeur | 
Magnifier, va. to magnify, exalt, extol 1 
Magnifique, a4j* magn^ieent, splendid \ 
MagniAquement, adv. magnificently 
Magoc, sm. baboon, ugly feiUtw, hidden 
, treasure, grotesque c/Una figure ! 

Mahometan, e, emU Mohammedan [mod ' 
MahomtonM, am. religion of Moham- j 

Mai. tm. May, May-pole 
Maigre, sm. fbod of any kind except fMh 
— . adj. meagre, lean, thin # . joar — , 
htt$vfan or Juh da^ f homme — ^ acrtq^ 
of muttons errre — , barren soil 
"- ch^re, tad cheer, scanty fare 
Maigrelec, te, a4)> homing a toiMlaMcy to 

Maigrement, adv. meagrely, tMniy 
Maigict, te, adj. lean, thin, elender 
Maigreur, sf. eniaciatior\, leanneee 
Maigrir, vn. to grow lean, fbU atoay 
Mail, sm. malljstvooden hammer 
Maille, sf. mesh or space between the 
threads of a net, stiteh, coat qf mad, 
epeek on the wtnge ofpartHdgre, wed 
in the human eye, link, ancient email 
. coin in Vrance, in value about the 
e^th part of' a farthing 1 un pince 
—,an aearieunte or niggardly fiuow ; 
it n'a nl soa M •>, Atf im not umrih e 
penny, he ie very poor 
—^, pi. intervale or spaces l^ between 

the timbers of a ship « 

Mailler, va. to weave a net, arm with « 
coat of mail 

— un cuir, to beat a hide with a moBet 

— les ehiens, to send the doge to bunt 
—, vn. to bud,.said of plants 
se — , vr. to be epedeled, grow spedtled 
Maillet, sm. mallet, wooden hammer 
Mailloche, st; wooden mOUet 
MilPloo, stti. sHteh in knitting, ring 9/ 

a chain 
MalUot, sm. swaddling dotkee 
Main, sf. hand, paw, trick mt earAs, 
handwriting, handle i^f a drawer,' en 
un tour de — , adv. in a trice t homme 
dc — , ooNvff man / doancr la ~, u 
favour onet alter kride «a-— .f to act 
s9tlA eonndarorion/ gagnerquelqu'un 
deXh—, to get the start ^fosws fun 
un coup de — , to strike a bold stroke ; 
sous — , underhand f de loaguc — . 
long since f de — en-*, from hand rr> 
hand ; j'en mettraii la — au fen. 1 eomd 
give my oath on its U a la — croefaur, 
he is pimUe-Jhtgered t oela esc aoos 
votre—fthett is under your nose 

— de justice, hand of Jukice, the mace, 
ensign or badffe 0/ authority 

— de papier, outre ^ paper 
—a, pi. hands, tendrils of a pkmt: A 

plelnct —a, adv. liberal&,'plm^ifulif, 
targely; Ufs —a lui d^tnaDgctkc, his 
fingers itch to be at U 1 

Main-chaude, sf. game of hoteeckles, 
chUd splay ' 

Main-d'oeuvK, if. uierkm^nehip 

Main-forte, sf. aseistanee given to pub» 
lie officers in keeping order 

.Main-iev^, sf. repmy, aet ^ oetHngst 
liberty on security or bail 

Maln-mue, tf. aeimtre, anyOiIng seized 

Mainmonable* a4|. in 

Mainmorte, af. mortmain, 

whidi cannot be alienated 




1«7 MAL. 

Uaiale-fiib, adv. nuang a tkm» ttfim 
llaislMumt, adv. ttow, mt frumi 
Sfaiatcnir* va. to matntmin, prmtr9»» 

ketp, upKoidt de/^nd, JuHi/^, suatmln 
M — , Tr. to Amp m/>» hoU out 
Maintenue, sC maintenanet, f om t a tim 

mdifitdgwd upm ufuU truU 
Ifidntien, sm. eounttitanee, MjqMrf* de- 

ptartmentt d^/ignee, protection 
- dea lob, oftaanw w cn <ffthe Imn 

Mairie, ■!. moiywtiKy 
llals, am. niaiu, Indian wm 
If ais» ooiv* fru^t ««c6]rf* AacMMT 
Jfaisoa* 9L haute, hatuehM, home* tut- 
hUtMon, /unity, neo, ^^ftiaotifi lenlr 
—, tohoahouoehoidert carder la—, to 
rffmate a$ home when eick ; fain — , 
to/peieereanies flure — iiette»toltim 
ofM** eervante out ^dnore 

— ^Wtt^t militarp prison 
» d'anembl^, aeiemkly haU 

— deenMapkifae,eountrp-eoat^ 

— de eorracCion, house ^eorrectioii 
~ de cui4» parmmage 

~ de plaiwnce, wuntrp-hauee 
"— iia Mifieuty tptmging'heUee 

— do vUla, toMw AMM0, eoM)>ei/<eAaiM&«r« 

— del Champa* Jitrm 

— dtt i«i, kingehoueAold 

— reUfieiue, e WM W itf , mena t tarp 

— Tonio, paiaee 

— aclgncarlale, mafMiim or man o r h on ee 
MiQwnDeete, at. email houee 

Malu*, am. ameter, owner, eM^, aow> 
reign, director, lord, superior, head, 
Kouemor, raier, tutor i petit — , fon, 
oeaui main d^— * masterlp handt 
affiroit puXetea— ,Ui act ot speak in 
an imperious numner; cd— tdvakt, 
like master tike man 

•^ aUboron, buspbod^ 

— antcl* Mffh altar 

— cierc, Aead derk 

— d'armcf, fan d nfrmaeter 
'— d'ieaike, echootmaeter 

— d'dcviauK, writing-maeter 

— dr^utle, aesistant teacher 

— d'bOtel. steward, man^ook 

— de dMue, dancing-master 

— de FraiiGaii* French master 

— dc U muKo, landlord 

— de iMiguca, tooefter e/kmguagee 
•— de mwiqtte, m^fsie-maeter 

— des taantea oeu^ret, eoecutkmer 

— des iNUsc* eeuvres, night-wor kmam 

— doe aru, master of arts 

— fripon, arrant knave 

— fcoT^ont foreman, ooerseer 
Usitretm, at mietress, sweetheart t pa> 

me -',JHeok0US or t^ffKted woman 
— dakffls^&MdtodV 
^ d'^le. echoolmietrem 

— eaatemho, dressmaker 

jikvL, cfiit/piace 
Malorfac. ai. freedom^ frotmmis r^gM 
MaltviMr» ymmtodmeimmrt soMue 

, at maieetpf greatnem, dignUg 

hut, adr. ma^ietMy 

\, adj. moiedie, grand 

utofor pn^osition ef a 

Ifj^or, sm. a major i tait — , *tq^<(ffieer 

—, ad|. NM^- 

MaJoiat, ua. eAfarMtp, perpetual entail 

MaSonlome, sm. eteward, midor-domo 

Middilti, at moforitp, full age 

Uu, sm. eoil, ill, harm,iain, adae. 

— eaAue,J!alHngaieknem 

— d'enUnt, diUdbed 

— de dents, teothaehe 

— de gorge, sore throat 

— de mcr, setheidtnem 
^detito, headache 

— dc venue, pain in the stomach 

~-, adv. badlp, ill, unwdl t chanter — , 
to sing ooorlgi ^rire — , to toHtoa 
hadhandi se trouver — , to faint at 
he side i do — en yia, worse and worm 

— , e, adj. wicked, bad 

Mal-appris, sm. iU-bredfithw 

Ifalade, sraC ddc person, a 
lea — «, pL the sick 

~, adj. sick, ill, infirm t air — , aalfow- 
nessi paitte —. afficted parti toin* 

MaJadie, sf. motody, diseaee, aickiwaa 

— dtt pays, homesickness 
Ualadlf, ive, adj. tidetp, infirm 
Maladrerie, sf. lazaretto, hospital 
Maladmse, if. awkwardness 
Maladroit, smf.«fu»t<A(lper«o» . 
— > «, ad^ awkward, unhandp 

M aladrottcment, adv. awkwwdig 
Malaga, sift. Malaga wine 
Malagoette, Maniguette, Oralne de P». 

ladls, sf. eardamam, a sort of pepper 
Maiai, sm. Matap, an Eastern language 
Malaise, sm. uneasiness, wearinem 
Malaise, e. o^uneaep, difficult, trouN^ 

somet je aws qull est — , / know that 

Malais^ment, adv. wUh mueh ado 
Malavisi, e, adj. imprrnhnt. indieereet 
MalMU, e, adj. iU^Omped, {knsighttp 

Malebte, sf a dangerous mof 

MaMdiction, sf. nudedietion, c 
MeieU^, at great h\ 

. c, adj. ei^klp, languishing 

-iua,edi. malignant 

MalehcMW (Ula), adv. amhappi^ 
Maleamt, sf. UIJMe 
Malencontn, st ill tudt, mi^fhrtune 
llaknpontnux, euse, adj. unludtp 

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lif aK 

Ifiri-cntendu, un. Mistake, mUutuler- 

ttanding, miteonceptUm, qwirrel 
Matepeste! interj. zound*/ plague t 
Mal-etre, tm. unetuineee 
Mal^vple, adj. maiewflent, iUdiepoied 
Malfaire, vn. to d9 mitchief, harm, iU 
Malfaiaancc, af. maievotence 
Malfaisant, e. adj. misehieoow, maiiei- 
^ otw; huineur — e, trtc*0d (emtwr 
Ifaitait, e, adj. iU-made, iU-ehaved 
Afalfaiteur, sm. nuUttjitetor, erim^at 
Mal£un£. e, adj. Ui-famed, defamed 
Malgracieusement, adv. unciviUy 
Malgradeux, ease, a>)j. uncivU, rude 
Jlalgre» prep, in epite oft notwithatand' 
ing, agatntt the wUtqf/ bon gr^ —, 
whether he wHi or not 
Malbabile, adj. unskiUed, umkUful 
Malhabilement, adv. undeUfuUp 
Malhabile<6, sf. Untkitfulneu 
Malherbe, sf. spurge Jlax, a plant 
Malheur, sm. miefiMrtune, disgrace, dis- 
aster, HI or bad luck ; fiire en — , to 
be unlucky i par — , adv. unfirrtu-] 
— , interj. wo to I 

Malbeureiitemcnt, adv. uniutkiiy j 

Malheureux, euse, smf. an unjwtunate 

person, an outcast 
--, euse, adj. unhappy, unfortunate, un- 
lucky, disagreettide, fatal, pitiful \ 
Jlalhonn£t«,adj. indecent, rude.diOum' 
est I homme — , undoU man j 

Malhonndcement, adv. dishonestly ' 

Halhoimfitct^, sf; rudmass, indvUity, 

dishonesty, indecency 
Malice, sf. malice, maliciousness, wide- 

ednessi petite — , roguiOi trick 
MaUcieuaement, adv. maliciously 
Malicieax, euse, adj. malicious, wicked 
MaUgDeinent, adv. malignantly 
Malin, sm. devil 

--, ipne, adj. malign, moHetotM, evil 
Maline, sf. st-ring tide, a kind of lace 
Mallngrt, adj. lingering, sickly, puny 
Malmtentionn^, e, sinra malecontent 
--, e, adj. m-dffected, diseotaented 
Malle, St. trunk, portmanteau, pack 
— poste, mail 

Malldabilic^, sf. maUeability 
Mailable, adj. malleable, ductile 
MalleCier, sm. trunk-maker 
Maliette, sf. lUtle trunk or box, scrip 
Mallier, sm. pack horse, sumpter-horse 
Malmener, va. to use ill, abuse 
Malonionn^, e, acU. Ul-dispoeed, in her- 

Malocru, e, smf. a mean pUiful person 
— , e, adj. wretched, ill-shaped, htw-bred 
Malplaisant, e, adj. vvpleattattt 
Malpropre, adj. riowenhi, iuttuh, hasty 
Malproprement, ad%'. ' .iMlv.tindmhly 
Malpropret^,sf. «/(*»?•.' '!»»?*». dirti. ess 
Malsain, e, adj. unhralthv, ihkiy 
Malfl^nt, ^ adj. unieajn.ini.' 
Maisonnant, e, adj. iU soundwg 

Maltraher, va. to use iU, insu», tdfMi 
Malvdllance, sf. malevolenee, tmuigniif 
Malveillant, e, smf. malevolent person 
Malversation, s£ malversation 
Malverser, va. to misbehave in a sUuar 

tion, en^>eztle 
Malvoisie, sf. Mtdmsey, a kind i^wint 
Maman, sf. mama, mother 
Mamelle, sf. breast, bosom 
Mamelon, sm. nipple 
—%, pi. knobs, small tubercles in botany 
Mamelu, e, mAu full-breasted 
M'amie t Intei}. dear I lovet «%r dear I 
Mammlfhv, iO^. manan^erous, having 

breasts > • 

M'amour I inteij. love I dear I my lo*^ ' 
Manant, sm. clown, countryman 
Manchcsmf. handle, sleeve, ehannti; 

il branle dans le — , he begins to totter: 

avoir quelqu'un dans sa — , to have a 

person at one's disposed 

— k eau, hose, sed term 

— d'Angleterre, British Channei 

— de ia charrue, tail of a plotugh 

— d'un couteau, he^ t^fa kny^ 
Manchette, sf. rt^ffte 
Manchon, wA. mt4ff 
llanchonnier, sm. a person who oeBsm 

makes mt^ 
Maiichot, e, sm£ onehanded person 
—, e, a4j. maimed, lame : U nW pn — , 

he is no foot 
Mancle, Mance, sf. didnation 
Mandarin, am. mandarin, Chinese lord 
Mandkt» sm. mandamus or mandate 
Mandataire, sm* mandatory, proxy 
Mandement, sm. mandate, but or note 
Mander, va. to aequttint one by writing 

— quelau'on, to send for somebody 
Mandoline, sf. mandoline, a guitar 
Mandore, sf. mandore, a lute 
Mandraifore, sf. mandrake, a pkast 
Mandrin. sm. a punch, numdrel, pari 

of a lathe, probe, mould, robber 
Manducationi sf. mandueation, act i/ 

Manage, sm. work which setOors art 

bound to perform without pay 
Man^e, sm. riding-huuse, horseman- 
ship, intrigue i faire bien le — , to ride 

M&nes, sm. pi. manes, ghost, shade 
Manganesf^sf. manganese, iron &re 
Mangeable, adj. eatable 
Mangeaille, ttt.fbod, vtetuale 
Mangeant, e, adj. eating, who eon eat 
Mangeoire, st. manger, crib 
Manger, sm. meat,Jbod, victmedsi saRs 

k —, dining room t garde — , « se^ 
—, va. to eat, chew, gnaw, eettewns, 

destroy, eat a meal 

— k I'auberge, to eat at the ordkmry 

— k petits moroeaux, to pick 

-~ son bien, to spend ones estetta 

— son bl4 en herbe, to eat the eaffim the 
cow's belly 

— dtt sable, to dteat the glase, em term 
M«n«tflQ, St aet ideating, oxtmtien 

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MAW 1 

llftiifeiir, eiue, smL eater, f^vUw, es- 

UiBfeuie, tf, act ofnibbUng, gnawing, 

fiedingybr wUd boara, ttattt ^. 
Ibaiabte, adj. nipple, tractable, wietd^i 

bAtiment — , manageabie veetel 
MuiiBque« smf. maniac, lunatic 
->, adj. MMuf,- insanCtfUriotu 
Manidi^isine, sm. ManiOteiem, dodrtne 
of Manea, a eeetarian among the 
eariv Chrietiane 
Utuadat, s£ pi. manadee 
Manie, tf. mania, madneee, ragcftitty 
ManieawBt, sm. act cf feeling, hand- 
Un/i^, or meving, government p conduct 
Uanier, va. to handle, fiel, towA, go- 
vern t an — , adv. bjf the filing 
Uani^re* sC manner, wmf,Jbshion, art, 
kind, ueagCt cuetom, Sehaoiour, style 
qfpainting or writing; t'Hireune chose 
par — d'acquil, to do a thing fbrfbrnCe 
takes de — que, to thai, then 
—%, pL conduct, carriage, gait, habite 
idhmM, e, adj. effected, mannered 
Manifestauon, sf. manifestation, sign 
Ifanifeste, sm. manifesto, public electa- 

ration, proclamation, outbreak 
~, adj. manifiist, cUar, evident, public 
Ifanifcfteroent, adv. manifestly, clearly 
Manifester, va. io manifest, dedare 
86 — , vr. to ehow or declare oneself 
Hani|fthce» sf. underhand or riy denling 
Manigancer, va. to brew mischief, plot 
Manioc, sis. ctusava or ca»sado, a plant 
ManipiilAtion^ tf. manipulation 
Manipule, sf. maniple, part of a priesfs 

vesture, handjitl in chemistry 
Manipokr, va. to manipulate, operate 
Manivelle, sf. handle, winch 
Manne, tf. nutnna, large baOcet, cradle 
Mannequin, am. hamper, mannUein 
Mannette, sf. small hamper 
Manoeuvre, Btnt mrwoeuvre, labourer, 
mason** man, intrigue, military ma- 
noeuvre, act of tacking a ship 
— s, Bl. rigging I chanffer de —, to deal 

with people in another way 
Manorovrer, vn. to manoeuvre, intrigue 
Manoeuvrier, sm. ski^ naval or mili- 

MaiM9lr» sin. manor, mansion-house 
Maoouvzier, sm. labourer, workman 
Manque, sm. want, need, penury 

— de, adv. for want of 
Manquement, *Tn.JUult, slip,ftiilure 

— de parole, breach of one's word 
Manquer, va. to miss, lose, qffknd, want 
~ ToccasioD, to let the opportunity slip 

— ta traverse, to lose one's passage 
—fVn. to fixil, do aniiss, become bank' 

rupt, miscarry, decay, be out 

— k quelqu- tin, to be disrespectful to one 
Mansaide, sC iurved roof of a house 
Mansodtude, sf. gentleness, meekness 
Mante, sf. mourning mantle, black veil 
MantcMi, SO), mantutt, cloak, mantle, 

pretence t sous le — , adv. private^ 
" de chcmin^ maradpiece or tree 

m MAft 

f Mantel^ c, •^ mantled, in heraldry 
I Mantelet, sno. doak, small mantle 
Mantellne, sf. riding-hood for ladies 
If antille, sf. mantle without a hood 
Manture, sL high uave of the sea 
Manuel, sm. manual, handbook 
— » le, adj. manual, done by the hand 
Manuellement, adv. manitally 
Manufacture, sf. manu/udure, numUt 

factory, worktop 
Manufacturer, va. to manufacture 
Manufacturier, sm. mant^facturer 
Manumission, sf. manumission, freedom 
Manosciit, sm. manuscriptga writing 
— , e, adj. written, unprinted 
Manutentfen, st. act of upholding 
Mappemonde, sf. map of the world 
I Maquereau, sm. mackerel 
\ Maqui(Don^sm.i(N;/c«]^, horse dealer 
, MaquignonnaKc, sm. trade of a jockey « 
Maquign< inner, va. to pamper a horse . 

for sale, trim merchnndise 
Marabout, sm. a Mohammedan priest, 

ttglu fellow, boiler, affee-pot, kettle 
Maralcher, sm. market gardener 
Marais, sm. marth, ptorass, swamp 
Marasme, sm. mqrasmus, consumption 
Marfttre, sf. stepmother, mother-in-law, 

barbarous or cruel mother 
Maritud, sm. rascal, villain, kiiave 
Maraude, &£ act of marauding, plun^ 

dering, pillaging 
Marauder, vn. to maraud, lay waste, 

plunder, rove in quest uf plunder 
Maradeur, sm. marauder, vlunderer 
Marav^is, sm. maravedi, a SpaniA 

small copper coin 
Marbrc, sm. marble 
Marbrer, va. to marble, paint in imita^ 

tion tf marble 
Marbrerie, sf. art of cutting and polish- 
ing marble 
Marbreur, euse, smf. papermarbler 
Marbrier, sm. marble-cutter 
Marbriire, sf. marble quarry 
Marbrure, sf. act of colouring or paint- 
ing in imitation of marble 
Marc, sm. mark, eight ounces of silver, 
thick substance remaining after the 
juice is extracted firom fruits 
Marcassin, sm. young wild boar 
Marcassite, sf. marcasite, hard bright 
Jbssil or mineral 
Ifarchand, snu merchant, trader, dealer 

— d'huile, oilman 

— de fer, irm> monger • 

— de soie, silk-mercer 

— de toile. linen draper 

— drapier, woollen draper 

— en adtail, retailer 

— en gros, wholesale dealer 

— fripier, salesman 

— Ubraire, bookseller 

— qui perd ne peut rlre, let hlM laugh 
that wine ling 

— , e, adj. mercantile, commercial, trad' 
Marchandailler, va. to bargain hard 
Marchaudc, tt female trader 

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llMrinnia da-mede«, st milUttmr 
Muchander, va. to cheapen, to hag/^ 

or be d^lkMlt in making a bargain 
Marchanaiac, sf. moraAaiidwe, traffie, 

eommeree, tmde, wane, good* 
llarcbe, tf. march, act nf mar^Ung, 

Uf€^,ttep,eonfinetbounaanf t !«§->•( 

the marchet, oordere, or Umite 
If arcM, am. market, mart, bargain 

— a la vitLade,Jleth'markgt 

-> 4 la volaiUe. pouitr^markei 

— au foii)» hatf-market 
-> au fraln, corn-market 

— aux herb*, gre e n-market 

— aux voiwaonM, fish-market 
Ifaichcpied, cm. Jbotetoot, foot^ioard, 

carrioifeetepe, eailor'e/bot-rope 
llarcheff ten. gait, manner uf walking 
Marcher, vn. to march, walk, tread 

— 4 tAtons, to be in the dark 

— droit, to act straight /brwardl^ 
-— en enicmble, to fo together 

— rar let pas de quelqu'un, toJbUow one's 

— Bur quelque cboie, to tread upon some- 
Marcfaeur, euae, smt walker \thing 
If arcocte, sf. layer, shout, sprig 
Maicottcr, va. to set lasers in the em^ 
Mardl, sm. Tuesday 

Mare, >f. pond, pool, puddle 
Marosge, am. marsh, swamp, morass 
Mar^cageux, eu!«, adj. marshy, swampy 
Mar^cha), am. marshal, field marshal 

— de camp, am. adjutant-general 
— > de logit, am. qttarter-master 
Marshal ferrant, am. farrier 
Mar^halerie, tLJarriery 
Mar&;hauas^, %C horse-patroi or Freneh 

police cavalry 
Marte, af. tide,freA seorfiAt haute — , 
high-waters baase — , low waters 
morte — , neap tide,' ceci arrive comme 
— en car6me, that comes in times 
contra vent ec — , in spite of eUl oppo- 
sition; gran (lea — %, spring^tides f ven- 
deur de —, fishmonger 
Marge, af. margin, eSge, border 
Margelle, tt brink, parapet, curb-stone 
Marger, va. to>tr the margin,in printing 
Maiginal, e, adj. marginal, plaeed or 

written on the margtn 
Margin^, e, adj. having a border 
Margo, af. popular ttame qfthe magpie 
Maig«mlllia, am. puddle, dirt.v pla£ 
Margrave, am. margrave, Oerman tiOe 

^fsovereignty or nihility 
Margraviat, am. margraviate, thd terri- 
tory of a margrave 
Margravine, af. wifa of a margrave 
Marguerite, af. datay, pearl 
Margttillerie, af. ehurchwarden^ip 
MftKuiUter, am, churchwarden 
Mail, am. husband, spouse 
Mariable, adj. marriageable 
Mariage, am. marriaf(e, matrhnoiw 
Mari^T c, amf. newly married, bride- 
groom, bride s U te ^aint que la —« eat 
crop belle, thejttult is on the right eUe 

Marie-ealopa, tCiaKr^oat 
Marier, va. to marry, unite in wadleek 
at ^^fW, to get married, join, match 
Marieur, cuae, amf. matchmaker, person 

who contrives marriages 
Marin, am. mariner, seaman, sailor 
—, e, adj. marine, belonging to the sea 
Marinade, af. pickled or lott meatJHed 
Marine, i£ navy, navigatiwi, saaeoast. 

e0aArs, taste or emelt of the 
\€,e, adj. marine 
' oUedbyUmg 

—, pidjcted salmon 

Marint , . ^ 
goods spoiled by long detenti 

wy. tnarine or sea-JUwoured, 
'ton at seas 

Miuincr, va.'to jndlrte, marinate 
Marinicr,am. mariner, navigator, sailor 
MarionneCte, af. puppet, dancing doll, 
litUe giddy or jHvolous womans dea 
—a, puppet'show, mock-play by images 
Mariul, e, adj. marital, pertaining to a 

Maritalement, adv. like a husband 
Maritime, adj. maritime, relating to or 

bordering on the sea 
Marivaudage, im. tfffected style, mast 

nerism, et^ness of manner 
Maiijolalne, £ mar joram, fragrant heth 
Maijolet, am. cojreomb,fop, conceited faU 
Marmaille, af. brats, oontempguous ex- 
pression used in speaking of chiidren 
Marmelade, af. marmalade 
Marmite, af. porridge-pot, gobleUpan 
Marmiteux, euse, amf. wretehedffermm 
— , euae. adj. pitif^, wqfitl, beggarly 
Marmiton, am. eeuUwn, kitchen-drudge 
Marmonner, va. to mutter, grunMa 
Marmot, am. lor^e monkeyt puppet, gro- 

Marmottage, anu act tffmumkling, mut- 
tering, grumbling 
Marmotte, af. marmot, mountain-rat 
Marrootter, va. to mutter, grumble 
Marmotteur, euae, amf. grumbler 
Marmouaaet, am. marmoset, email kind 

of monkey, ill-shaped figure 
Mame, af. marl, chalk, clay, loam 
Marner, va. to manure land with marl 
Marni^re, af. marl pit 
Maroquin, am. Morocco leather 

— du Levant, Turkey leather 
Maroquin^. e, adj. dressed like or in imir 

latum of Morocco leather 
Maroquiner, va. to imitate Morbecoar 

Russia leather 
Uuoq\xineTie,gr, art of dressing Mos-oceo , 

leather, place where dressed 
Maroquinler,am. Morocoo/ea#Aer<b'»gaer ' 
Marotique, adj. duggerrl, ludicrous at i 

Huddtraetie style tf writing verae 
Marotte, af. hobby horse, fi>*>rs can, ef»> ' 

blem or symbol qf folly, whim,^ney 
Maroufle, sm. scoundrel, (ioo6y. nanny 
— , af. Mud qf paste 
Marquant, e, adj. remarkMe, notabktg, 

eminent, respectable 
Marque, af. mark, token, stamp, proi^^ 

print, evidence, sign, anything- em 

whiA a missile weapon is directed 

- d'honnar f, badge itfdietinctim 

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MaiviA c» wdj. marktd, atamptd 

— dc yetlte v^rote, jritted with •matt'paa 
Htrqucr, va. to tmark, ttamp, notOf hewd 
Bfanjuitcr. r*. to »peckle, 4pot, inkif 

If arqueterie, sf. inlaid work, mo$aie 
Maniueur, eute, imf. marker, stamptt 
Marqnit, am. marqu«t8 
IfarquiMC, sm. marquiMtt 
If arqaue, sf. marchii.noM, tent 
Marnine* if. Kodmottter 
Morri, e, adj. sorry, grieved, vexed 
MantNii NB. large chestnut, ermeker, 
curl qfhair, runaway slave 

— d'Inde. horsechestnut 

— , nt, adj. o/a chestnut colour 
Marronner, va. to put up hair in large 

curie, print dandestinely 
Harronaler, am. swe^ cheetnui-4ree 

— d'Inde, koreeehestnut-tree 

Man, sm. March, the planet Mare; oela 
vieoteomme — en cardme* U comes 
4tery opportune or seaeontMy; gi- 
\nitt\6ea de — , AprU showere 
llanoain, am. porpoise, si'a-hog 
Martagon, am. mountain-lUy 
liaxusxk, am. hammer, door-knodcer 
lfart«l, am. hammer, uneasiness f avuir 

— en t£ie, to bejeahfue 
lUxtder, va. to hammer, plague, make 

Ifaiteki, am. small hammer 
Hartlal, e, adj. martial, warlike 
Martinet, ann. martinet, swallow, Aat 

candlestick, eat-o'-nine-taiis, a torn 
Manfaigale, sf. martingai, girth-etrap 
Maitre, bH marten, kind of weasel 
— BbeUae, eablet prendre — pour re- 

nard, to take one thing fir another 
Martyr, e. amf. martyr, one who ev^fers 

death Jer conscience sake 
UanjTt, am. martyrdom, martyr'sdeaih 
Mar^mer» va* to make one sif^ mar' 

tyrdom, to put to death unSueOff 
MartyrolQge» aou martyrology 
Martyrolo^ate* anu martyrologiet, one 

who writee on martynUogy 
Mascaiade, af. masquerade, fttney batt 
MascoUn, •» adj. masculine, male 
Maaquc* mi. mask, visor, maequerader, 

pretence, cover to di^fuiee the flaee / 

hxe toujoors en — , to &e alwaye die- 

guieing ime's eenHmemte 
— , at an ugty woman 
Maaqmi* e, adj. mtuftiad, hidden 
Maaquer, va. to mask, dieguiee with a 

visor, cover, revel 
ae -., vr. to disguise oneself 
Maaaacre» am. mtMaacre, murder 
Maaaaeicr, va. to murder, ^augflxler 
Maancrcur, am. murderer 
Mane* vf» m ats , heap, lump, vast bedg 

Maaair, am. maeon-werk, a wood 
--, Ive, •4). maesy, buOcy, eidid, heavy 
MaaaivemcRt, adv. heavUy, eolidly 
Maaaue, tf. dub, bat, move 

I MA0 

Maatlquer, va. to cemetU wWk maeth 

Haaiuie, af. ruins ufa house 

MAt, am. hmmI, stick qf an umbreUmi 

le grand — , the main-mast 
-» d'artimaa,*]Niaeen-iiMMi 

— de miialne,fi*-9-maet 

— de cocagne, pole 

Mat, sm. mate,- Mkee et — ., ^eekmatt 
—, to, adj. unwrought, unpttlished 
Matador, amf. matador, said of eards 

and dancing, an influential person 
Matamore, am. buUy, bravo, dungeon 
Matelaa, am. mattress, pad, wadding 
Matelaaaer, va. to cover with a mattreee 
Matelaakier, sm. mattress maker 
Matdot, am. eaUoTf Seaman, mariner 
Matelotage, am. aafifor'e pay 
Matelote. A saUor^e dance, stew qffUh 
M&ter, va. to maet, fiimish with maete 
Mater, va. to checkmate, mortify, curb 
Mat^rialisme, am. materiaHem 
Mat^rialiate, am. materialist 
Materiality, ail materiality, corporeity 
Mat^riaux, am. pi. materials, stuJB^ 
Materiel, Ic, a4). materiat. corporeal t 

un esprit — » a duU stupid fiUow 
Mat^rielkmcnt, adv. materially 
Maternd, k, adj. maternal, nwtherlyi 

langue — , mether4ongue 
Matemellement,i«dv. mother^ 
Maternity, af. maternity, motherhood 
Machtoaticien, am. mathenuitieian 
Matb^matiquet adj> mathematical 
Math^matiquemmtfadv. mathematical' 
Matb^matiqnca, af. pL ma^ShnoHes [ly 
Mati^re, s£ matter, eut^eet, cause ; en 
de, inpeint qf,i!nthe maUer of 
m. morning, fbremoon t dc> 

matn .-, to-moiTOM> momifia' 
MAtin, am. moari^, lubberly fiOow 
Matinal, e, amf. earlif rieer 
Matinde, wtfirenoon, whole momistg 
Matinea, af. ^. matine,mwndngwerA{p 
Matinicr, ihn, vmt early riser 
Matir, va. to deaden gold or eilver 
Mauris, amf. a sharper 
—, e, adj. cunning, Outrp, roguish 
Matou, am. tomcat 
Matma, am. a matrass, in ekendstry 
Matricaire, ^,feverfbw or motherwort 
Matrice, af. matrijr, matrice, wenA 
—, adj. primitive, nettive / oouleun ->«» 

pL unmixed eoleure in painting 
Matricide, vmt matricide 
Matricule, sf. matrieulation-bo<^ 
MatiimoniaU e» adj. matrimonial 
Matrane, sf. matron, midsvifs, lady - 
Matoiattf, ive, adj. ripeanigig, maturing 
Maturation, a£ maturation 
MAtttRf af. masteige, toasts of a ship 
Maturity, sfl maturity, ripenees 
Macutioal, e, a4j. belonging to morning 
Maudire* va. to euree, rue, abandon 
MaiMUt. e, adj. curaarf* occMraad 
Maugreer, va. to ea«r«e, ewear 
MauaoMe, am. maiMoleum, stately tomb 
HitnsmAtj adU* slovenly, stuttishi clumsy 

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mt, adv. danei^, UMMUif 

MauiMderie, sr. riootnlinem, eltmui»e$$ 
Ifaavais, sm. tad/ Uin le--» tobequar' 

— , e, adi. 6<mI, «*</, loiejlmil, darvwrolM, 

hurt/ul, iU, amitiout/ prendre en —c 

part, to tak9 Ul 
— cmploit minuage 
"- temps, ttormif wtather 
~, adv. bad / U fait -^ tt ii 

ttouver — , to find fault with 
Ifauvaiae grAce, tf. unamthn»$»i de — , 

with a Bad 

•— oonduitc, tnueondiUet 

— Mtfiuuduteneif 

•— humcur, peeoithneot, iUitmatr 
Mauve, sf. mtiliow or mar^ n u Uh w 
Mauviette, AfiM or efty iork 
llauvis, tm. mavitr thrv^ 
MaxUlaiie, adj. magiUanf 
Maxime, sf. mavtm * agiomt vrineipU 
If aximum, em. tnortimim, hi§fiutt point 
Macettc, tf. sorry horae, novice at plaif 
Me, pron. m^, to me 
Mtendre, sm. tneundor, maUt wbkU$»g 
M^anlcien, sm. meehaniH, ongin^tr 
Mtonique, sf. meeAoftice 

— adj. mechanie, meeAanioa/, low 
M^cuiiquement, adv. meefuutiad^ 
Mdcanismecsm. meetaiiifm 
M^^hamment, adv. wMcedljf 
M^hanoet^f sf. wiekodnemt pervertity 
M^bant, e> adj. wicked, bad, spiteful i 

faire le — , (o buUjft be obetreperotu 

— ^rivain, paUrp writer 
Mbcbe, sf. wiek of a candle, match 
— .d'un Ure.boachon, screw 

— d'un viMirequin, centreAfit 
VicbmfU, sm. misreekoninfr, error 
se^M^mpter, vr. to misreefom 
Mto>nnaissable, a4j. not easily to he 

ktwwn oMwtfi 
Mtonnaisiance, sf. ttnthankfiUness 
M^oonnalssant, e, adj. unthankftU 
MAconnaltre^ va. not (•fcfious tojifrget, 

to be ungrateful, to disown 
M —, vr. to forget oneself, tofiirget ontfs 

Jbrmer condition 
Mtamtcnc, sm. nuUecontent 
— , c, adj. discontented, dissatisfied 
Meoomentement, sm. diseontetU 
M^oontenter, va. to displease 
M^evdanc, sm. miscreant, hifidel 
Mdcroire, va. to disbelieoe 
M^dallle, sf. medal, medallion i figVK 

d'une— »I||!M/ suite de —s, «8rie» 
M^dallller, sm. cabinet qf medals 
M^daiUiatc, sm. medaUist, antiquary 
MMaiUon, sm. medaUion, large medal 
MMecin, sm. physician, doctor ef physic 
Medceiuet sf. medicine, physic, purge 
— s oul relicbent, cathartics 
Mddeciner, va. to physic, gim 

M«dUl. e» adi. media/, in the 

Mddiat, e, adj. mediate, intervenittg \ 
UMiatement, adv. mediately ' 

ilddiateur, trice, smf. mediator, mcdbhi 

trijt, arbiter, m game at eatde i 

MMlacion, tf. medfoffon. InHtmnhn 
MMical, e, adj. meUieal, m edlelml 
M^icament, sm. R " 

M^icamentcr. va. to physic, drug 

MMicamenteux, euse, adj. n 

M^icinal, c, adj. medicinal, healing 
MMiocre, adj. middling, modarete 
MMiocrement, adv. modera te ly 
Mcdiocrits, sf. mediocri^, mecNimi 
— de fortune ou d'csprit, slender share 

of fin-tune or %»U 
U6Att, va. to detract, slander, reeSe 
Mddisance, sf. eoUspeaking, skatdar 
M^disant, e, smf. sUutderer, taelMvr 

MMiUtif, ive, smf. meditatmr 
— , adj. meditatice, thougklfiti 
MMitation, sf. meditaticn, fnrayer 
Matter, va. to meditate, thinlt, eefied 
MMtemm^ sf. Mediterranean tea 
-, adj. Mediterranean, midlsmd 
MMIum, sm. medJtfm, middle, m«m 
M^alre, vn. to mt«to. hurt in law 
M^ait, sm. misdeed, crime, bad aeUtn 
M^ance, sL mistrust, suspMotr 
M^Aant, e, a^j. mistrustM* euspickmt 
se M^er, vr. to mistrust, suepeet 
M^gaide, A nufiect, inadeertenee t pv 

— . adv. inadvertently 
M^^re, A shrew, bitter scold 
M^isserle, sf. oof eftauHnr ekim 
M^issier, sm. dresser qf white leather 
Meilleur, e, adj. (oompi<t^1xm better; 

]e —, the bests le — du caste, <to 

cream of the Joke 
M^iancotie, sf. mdaneholy, gloomy elett 

of mind, eadness, pensieenaes 
MeiancoUquc, a4i. meteneAo/ie. gloomy, 

dismal,hypochondriaeal, defected, ca- 

M^labooUqucment, adv. melsmetef^r 
M^lange^ sm* mirficrtf, medl eff 
M^laniger, va. to mingle, mi*, blemd 
M^lasse, sf. molaeses, treade 
M«l^. sC >hMr, fight, cos^fiicl, dehate, 

seuffie; se jeter daos la — , r* "^ '-^ 


>— le vin, to adulterate wine 

— ' du fU, to entangle Mreod 

— ks cartes, to sht\fie thecmrde 

— une mmire, <o j|wff a hck 
m'—de,yr. to meddle with, be a . 

or have a hand in, interfbre toic/h 
M<lfeie est larte, sm. k uthr t r o e 
M^Usse on Citionelk, A balm mksi 
M^Iodle, sf. melody, air of a tuna 
M^lodieusement, adv. matodiosM^ 
M^lodieux, euse, adj. melodieiie, mweki 
Melodnme, sm. m e l ed ram t h 
M Aoraane, smt mueieal enthurimwt 
MAomanie, st « ' 

Mtmhrans^ at, jne«t»tw» wA 


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ra E M 



Hembnuii, e, a4j. tike a membrohe 
Uembraneax. eiiae, adj. nwin^ranottt, 

contisHnfc nf membrttne* 
*' I. mem^jeTt /<mfr, part, davte 

, adj. menOiered, \n huraUby 

Membrtt» e, adj. ttrofig-llmhedf naueuiar 

Membr^, e, adi. i . 

Membrtt» e, adj. ttrofig-llmhedf 

MemUrure, tf. pantief-muarB 

Mtooe, adj. samet ie(f, Ute^ 
— , adv. evetit varif, alto; bolre k —, to 
drink at one't features mettre k —, 
to enabteon« to gratify Ms with / vout 
dtes k—,itis inpour powtr to do tf / 
de — . in like manner » thu$i de — 
qite,Ju9t €Ut even a«, tike ae 
Mtoemait, adv. Hkewiee 
Mteiento, am. memorial, hint, not lee 
M^indre,«£ memoiy. remembrance i lea 
fillea de — , the Museef le temple de 
—, the temple of/ame ' 

>- de Hdvre, Aort mentory [6ttf 

—f am. memorial, memonmdumbook, 

— ^<pothica!re. a heavy aceottnt 
Memorable, adj. memorable, worthy of 


M^momlf, ive, adj. memerative, tend- 
ing to preserve memory 

Memorial^ am. memorial, somHMngto 
preserve memory, petition, address 

— de B^gociaot, mercantile waste-book 
Memorialiace, am. petitioner 
Meoapant, e« adj. menacing, threaten- 
Menace, sf. threatt menace [ing 
Menacer, va. to menace, threaten 
M^nage^am. household, Jamify, goods, 

housekeeping f toUe dP^-, homespun 
doth • pain d« — , housOutld bread/ 
vivre de —, to Uve sparingly f faire 
bon — , to live well together; elle en- 
tend \Aen \e—,sheisa good housewife 

M^naffement, sm. regard, attenOott, dis- 
creaon, prudence, conduct, care ' 

Manager, va. to husband, manage, pro- 
cure, conduct, treat with care 

— let termen, to weigh what one says ...-^- 

- I'occaalon , to improve the opportunity Mer , s 

- n lant^, to take care of ones health \ qfflt 

— une eottevne, to proewean interview 
^te» amis, to forbear beingtroublesome i/f 

to ontfsfHends 
■e — , vr. to take care <^enese(f 
Manager* kre, tf.housekeeper,heusewi/fi 
—, hn, adj. thrifty, provident, saving t 

on — de tottu de chandeUea, penny 

wise and pound foolish 
Mhiogede, aH menagery, collection ef 

wUd animals 
M enfant, e, amf. mendicant, beggar 
—, b adj. mendicant, begeing 
Me^ldt^, af. mendieity, beggaru 
Mendicr, va. tobeg, crave, ask alms 
Ulenie, st undeiltand dealing, plot 
Mener, va. to lead, drive, introduce 
" one barque, to tf eer a boat 
— Je denil, to be ehi^moumer 
" Quetqu'ciD k la baguette, to govern one 

»«ncatrel, am. minstrel, musictan 
Htetetar, cm. fiddler, violin-player 

Menrar, am. gentleman uOier, leader 

— dr^lectioii, eteetio ne ering agent 
M^nii, am. manor, JurisdietUtn efaktri 
Menin, am. mtni(fn,fitvourUe, dmrUng 
MenoCCe, af. small hand 

— u, pL manacles, handc%ffi 
Menaonge, am. lie,^tisehood, error 
Menaonger, ^le, iA).fiUse, illusory 
Menauel, le, a^. monthly 
Mental, e, adj. mental, intellectual 
Mentakment, adv. mentally, ittt^leO' 

tval^, in the mind 
Mentrrie, ttfib, lie, an untruth 
Menteur. euae, am£ liar 
—, adj. lying, fiUse, deeei^fiit 
Menttte, af. mint, a plant 
Mention, af. mofttion, notice, remark 
Mentlonncr, va. to mention 
Mentir, vn. to lie.Jlb, utter ftdsd^ood 
Menton, am. the chin 
Mentomii^re, af. chin-doth • 

Mentor, am. nwntor, guidt, tutor 
Menu, am. billoffitre 
—; e, adj. slender, thin, smatt 

— peuple, the common people 

— bofa, brushwood 

— plomb, email shot 
— , adv. very smaH or thin 
Menuet, am. minuet, kind ^ donee 
Menuiser, va. to work at joiner's work 
Menuiserie, af. fitter's work, carpentry 
Menulaier, sm.^oiner 
M^phitique, adj. mphitieal, norious 
M^phitlame, am. noxious eshalatioH 
a^M^prendre, vr. to mistake 
Mtpria, am. contempt, scorn, disdain / 

avoir du — pour auelqu'un, to slight 
or despise one: temotgner du — , to 

disrespect i au — dca tola, in 

spite of the laws 
M^riaable, adj. contemptible, vile, low 
M^priaant. e, {fij. disdainful, scornful 
M^prise, af. mistake, blunder, overH^kt 
M^priaer, va. to despise, seem, slis^ 
Mer, sf. sea, deep, ocean, tides plelne — , 
^ng or h^h sea t braa de — , bay or 
„ Ift hommede—isetObringmant 
alter sur •— , to ^ to mo / porter da 
I'eau k la — , to carry coals to New- 
castle! la — Mit, the sea is smooth 

— haute, high water 

— baaae, low water 
Mercantile, adj. fn«reanf</«, trading 
Mercantille, s£ small trade 
Mercenalre, tmf. uwrkman, hireling 
--, adj. mercenary, donefbr money 
Wercenalrement, adv. mureenearUy 
Meroerie, af. mercery, haberdashery 
Merd, aC mercy, pityf power t Bleu — , 

thank God; grand?^--, thank you 
Mcrdcr, i^re, amf. mercer, hiti)erda 
Mereredl, Mteedl, am. Wednesday 
Mercure, am. mercury, fuieksiloer 
Mercurkl, le, adj. mercurial 
UkrOf af. mother, prcfessed nun t bellt 

— k r^rd d'un gendxt on d'una bnit 

M^re, «dj. prineipal, first 

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IMiidien, am. fneHdiaUf a eirda 

—I ne, «4i. m&ridian, relating to aftro- 

nomioat lines 
Meridional, e, adj. meridianat, south 
Merinos* tm. Spani^ ^leep, wool of the 

Merino sheep, kind cf cloth 
Merise, if small or wild dierry 
Meri^r, sm. wild cherry-tree 
. If ^unt, e, a4i. meriWile, worthy, de- 
serving reward 
If^rite, am. meritt desert, worthy excel' 

Umee deserving reward, claim, right 
M&ricer, va. to merit, deserve, earn 
— une punition, to incur punishment 
M&itoire, adj. meritorious, deserving 
M^ritoiremeDt, arlv. meritoriously 
Mcrlan, im. whiting, kind of sea-fish 
Merle, sm. merle, blackbird; un fia — , 

knowing one, cunning fellow ^ 

Merlesae, sf. hen blaekbird 
Merlin, tm. merlin, kind of hawk/ mar- 


vole-axe, butcher's hammer 
Meriiner, va. to fasten a sail 
Merlon, sm. part qf the parapet of a 

fortification between two embrasures 
MerlucHe, tf. stockfish 
Merrain, sm. timber sawed into planks 
Mervcille, sf. marvel, wonder 
Menretlieuaement, adv. marvellously 
Mervcdlleux, euae, adj. marvellous 
Mes (plural o/Mon), pit>n. my 
M^siUse, sm. troubltu^nconvenience 
Mesalliance, sf. uneMal match, alliance 

with one ofinfirwr rank 
M^sallier, va. to join any person or thhkg 

to another (tf inferior rank or vaiue 
ie ~, vr. to marry behw one's station in 

society, to undermatch 
M^sange, sf. tomtit, titmoiue 
Mesarriver^vn. to be unprosperoue, suc- 
ceed ill, receive harm 
Mesavenir, vn. to succeed ill 
M^saventure, sf. misfortune, ill success 
Mesdames (jjfura/o/ Madame), sf. ladies 
Meseatimer, va. to disregard, despise, 

Mesintdl'iKence, at misunderstanding 
Mesinterpreter, va. to misinterpret, put 

a unrong construction upon anything 
Mesmerisme, am. animal magnetiem, 

doctrine propound^ by Dr Mesmer 
Mesollrir, vn. to give a small qffer, bid 

much less than a thing is worth 
Mcs<iuiu, e, adj. niggard^, stingy, meim 
Mesquinement, adv. sordidly, meanly 
Mesquinerie, s£ avarice, niggardlineeit 
IXeange, sm. message, errand 
"Meu^geTf kre, smf. messenger, carrier 
Messagerie, sf. post-<0ce, stage-coat^, 

Mease, sf. mass Ihecoming 

Messeanoe, uf. indecency, any thing un- 

Mess^ant, e, adj. unbecoming, indecent 
Measeianettrs, sm. pU my lords 
Mesaedr, vn. to behave unseemly 

Measidor. sm. tenth month of the WrenOi 
republican calendar 

Mcssie, sm. Meestah 

Messier, am. keeper qfa vineyard 

Messieurs, tm. pi. gentlemen 

Messire, sm. my lord, a title qfhutour 

Mtisurable, acy. measurable 

Mesura«e, sm. meaeurement, Memum* 
titm, surveying 

Mesure, sf. measure, metre, size, time, 
degree, quantity, moderation, Unuti 
U a combie la — . he has gone beythd 
all bounds / il fait tout avec poids ec ~, 
he is extremely cautious t aufaret 
k — , by little and little t outre — , im- 
modertUelyj saus — , viv. exceedingly,' 
k — que, even as, aceordifug ai, in 
proportion as 

Mesure, e, adj. circumspect, cautious 

Mesuier, va. to measure, tveigh, com- 
pare, exaMine, consider, proportion 

— ses discours eC ses actions, to be cau- 
tious with one's words and actions 

— son ep^e avec quelqu'un^ to fif^ a 
duel with one 

se — avoc, vr. to enter into competition 

with, contend with, fight wiM 
Mesureur, sm. meter, measurer 
M^suaer, vn. to misuse, use improperly, 

treat m 
Metail, tm. metallic composition 
Metairie, *(.fiwm,farmrhoiue 
Metal, pi. aux, sm. metal, an opaque or 

compact body capable offktsion 
Mecallique, acy. metallic, pertaining to 

metals Imetals 

Metallisationii sf. natural Jbrmation of 
«,^..,.. .. . *~- into metal 

Metalllser, va. to turn dire ti 

Metallurgie, sf. metallurgy, the art of 

working metals 
Metatnorphose, sf. metamorphoeli 
Metamorphoser, va. to transform 
se — , vr. to transform oneself 
Metaphore, sf. metaphor, a rAotoHcol 

figure ascribing the name and Prop*T- 

ties of one ob)fect to another Jrative 
Metaphorique, adj. metaphorical figu- 
Mecaphoriquement, adv. metaphaneally 
Metaphysiden, sm. metavhysunan 
Metaphysique, sf. metaphysics 
— , adj. metaj^ysical, tU>struee 
Metapbynquement, adv. metaphyeiealbf 
Meiayer, kie,vcaS.fixrmer,ftxrmer'sunfi 
Meteore,,sm. meteor, luminous body 
Meteorologie, sf. meteorologjf 
Meteoroli^que, adj. meteorclcgteai 
Meteorolqgiste, sm. meteorologlet 
Methode, sf. method, regular ordier, way 
Methodique, a4j> methodical, in ottUr • 
Methodiqucment, adv. methtHtiealfy 
Mettiodiste, sm. Methodist, one oja seat 

ofChristians, observer of method 
Meticuleux,euse, adj. tinUd, timorous 
Metier, sm. trade, occupation, empttuh 

ment, calling, profession, handicraft 
Metis, e. adj> el smf. mongr^, anything 

of a mixed breed 
M&tre, sm. metre, harmonic meaeur* 

poetical cadence, a French measure, 

about VUriy-nine inOiee Bngliah 

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M^rologie, tf. art <tf nwanirinf 

If ^tromanie, sf. me^romanJa, rd^ >br 

M^tropofe, if./netrepolitf dO^fdty 
M^ropoliuin, sm. metropolian, bUhop 

of a mother diurch, archbUhop 
—t e, adj. beionging to a metropoHt 
Mets, tm. mew, dun with oiondt 
Kettable, adj. wearable, paeeable 
Metteur en oeuvre, sm. working Jeweller 
Mettre, va. to put, eet, latf, ptace 

— k bordj to mip, p%a on board 

— 4 la voile ou sous voile, to eet eatl or 
get under weigh 

— bas, to bring forth or b^ down 

— da sien, to contribute ofon^e o/um 

— en avane, to moite, propoee 

— en colore, tn provoke or make angrg 

— en doutc, to question . 

— en droit, to entitle 

— en oubU, tofirget 

— en pieces, to cut, putt, tear in piece* 

— en sang, to maJee one bleed 

— en train, to lead the dance 

— en vente, to expose to acUe \hand 

— la main k la ^ume, to take pen in 

— ordre, to settle 

— par dcrit, to set down in writing 

— quelqu'un enipeine, to make one un> 

— sous les pleds, to tread under Jbot 

— une chose au jour, to divulge a thing 

— une chfMe en iait, to suppose a thing 

— un homme en justice, to prosecute a 

— nn livre aa jour, to public a book 
•e — iu vr. to b^fin 

se — Men, to dress well 

se — devant. to stand befbre 

se — en devoir, to prepare oneself 

«e — CD frais, to put oneself to espensee 

se — en m&aatfie, to go to housekeeping 

Meublc, sm. housetuM goodn, furniture 

—.adj. movable, easy to tiUi biens— a, 

movable pos^etsions 
Meubler, va. 'to furnish, stock, enriOt 
Mettle, sf. mUlsttmt!, grindstone 
-~ de loin, hap code 

— de pallle, stack of straw 
Meulier, sm. miUstonemaker 
MeuHftre, sf. millstone, millstone quarry 
Meunier, sm. miller, pollard, afim 
Meuni&re, sf. a wHlet's wife 
Meiirtre* sm. murder, assassination 
Heurtrler, i^re, vcat. murderer, murder- 

— , adj. murderous, deadSy* bloody 
Meurtri^re, it loophole to (Ire through 
Meunrir, va. to bruise, kult se — le vi- 

sage, vr. to disfigure one's face 
Ueurtrissurr, s£. bruise, contusion 
M«ite/sf. pack nf hounds, a hunt 
Mdveodre, va. to undersell ' 
Mevente, sf. sale at an under price 
Mazo-terrali)^, sm. middle course 
Meoo-tinto. sm. mezziotinto, dark en- 
Mi, sm. nU, a nof« inmntie [graeing 

Mi, a<U. half, mid, middle t portrait k -^ 

carte, haJf4Bnj(th picture 
Mi-Car6me, sf. Mid-Lent 
Miasmatiquc, adj. miasikatietd [tion 
Miasme, sm. miasma, noxious «Mh«Uth 
Miaulant, e, adj. mewing 
Miaulenient. sm. act ^f mewing 
Miauler, va.lo mew 
Mica, soQ. miw, a brUliant stone 
Micbe, sf. a small loaf, roll of bread 
Micmac. sm. ««cre( practice, knack 
Micrometre, Im. micrometer, an instru» 

mentjbr measuring short distance* 
Microscope, sm. microscope . 
Microtcoplque, adj. mieroscopieal 
Mi-denier, sm. htUf-exoense 
Midi, sm. noon, mid day, the south 
Mie, sf. crumb,,blister, said qf earthen' 

ware t ma — , my dear , 
— , adv. not, a particle of negation 
Miel, sm, honey; mouche k—, honeybee 
Mielleux,euse, a'lj. Ittseious, metii/fuout 
Mien, ne, pron. mine, my own 
Miettc, sf. little crumb or bit 
Mieux, adv. ftetter, best, rather / le — 

que je pourrai, as well as 1 can 
Mignard, e, adj. pmtty, nice, delicate 
Mignardement; adv. delicately, niee^ 
Mignarder, va. to eitcker,findle 
Mignardise, sf. delicacy ttfjbatures 
—s, fil. beauties, endearments, carestee 
Mignon, ne, smf. minion, favourite 
— . ne, a4j. delicate, pretty, darU 
Mignonne, sf. minion, a printing 
Mignonnemenc, tiAv.- delicately, t 
Mignonnette, sf. mignonette, ujlotver 
Mignoter, va. to cocker, caress, pamper 
Mignotise, sf. act o/Jluvning,fiindling 
Migraine, sf. mt-grtm, a disorder of m# 

head, vertigo, headadie 
Migration, sf. migration, removal 
Mijaarfc, sf. an ajffvcted woman 
Mnoter, \'a. to simmer, Jimdle 
Mil, Millet, sm. miUet, a small grain 
Milan, sm. kite, sort of vulture 
Miliaire, adj. miliary, said of a fever 
Millce, sf. art and exercise of war 
Milidcn, sm. militiaman 
Milieu, am. middle, centre, midst, me- 
dium, temper, expedient i au » d« 

lltiver, in the depth of winter 
UmUMCKn. a soldier 
— , adj. military, warlike, martial . 
Militairement, adv. militarily, martial^ 
MiUunte, adj. et sf. militant i I'^lise 

— , the ^ureh miUtant 
Millter, vn. to militate, make fir or 
Mille, sm. mUe [against 

— , adj. thousand 

Mille-feuilie, sf. mil/bil, yarrow, a plant 
Mille-fleurs (eau de), sf. aUfiower water 
Milltoaire, sm. mUlenary, space of a 

thousand years 
—, adj. consisting efa thousand 
—a, am. pL mittenariems, those who e»- 

peet the millennium 
MiU^siine, am. date of a coin or medal 





muiatae, am. miie-gtone 
— • a4j. miliary t reMtiMing miUet-teedt 
Milliard, sm. a ttunuand mUHoru 
Uilliare, un. thnuandth part of an an 
IfilliaMe, sf. a vast number, a world 
MiUi^me, sm. a thoutandth part • 
—, wU. thotuarkUh Iftue^ 

MHlier* tm. a thoUaand; k —», Adv. pro- 
MUliffnunme, im. thousandth part of a 

gramme, a French weight 
Mulilitre, sm. thoueandth part of a litre 
VilUm^tre, am. thousandth part of a 

fuetre, a French measure 
Million, sm. a miUion 
MillioDaire, sm. a verj/ rich man 
— t adj. extremely rich 
Millioni^me, tiAymUlionth 
MilUst^re, sm. thousandth part qfa stere 
Mime, sm. mime, a comed.v, mimic 
Mimique, adj. mimic, mimical 
Mlmology, st. mimicry, imitation 
Mimologue, sm. a mimic, imitator 
— , adj. concerning inimiay 
Minaret, sm. minaret, a spire or tower 
Minauder, vn. to prim, mtnce 
Minauderie, sf. act of primming 
Minaudier, i^re, sint. a/i qjlfected person 
Mince» adj. thin, slender, small, weak 
Mine, sf. mien, look, phpaiognomy, gri- 
mace, show, mine, pit, ore, a weight, 
a measure; un honime da tionne ou 
mauvaise — , a good or t7/ Imtking 
man ; faire la — , to pout, make faces; 
Center la — , to discover or baffle a 
design ; faire froide — , to receive one 
coldly; faire jouer une —, to spring a 

— de charbon de terre, a coalpit 

— de plomb, black-lead 

Miner, va. to mine,excavate,undermine, 

prey on, wastff, amsume, weaken 
Mineral, sm. mineral ore 
Mineral, sm. mineral ore, delf 
— { e, adj. mineral, metallic 
Mmeralogle, sf. mineralogy 
Min^ralogique, adj. mineralogical 
Min^alogtste, sm. mineralogist 
Minet, ette, smf. a little cat, kitten 
Mlneur, sm. a miner, one who digs for 

metals or makes military mines 
— , e, smf. minor, a person under age, 

minor key in music 
— , e, adj. under age, less, lesser 
Mineure, sf. minor proposition of a syl- 
Mlneux, euse, arlj. sensitive 
Miniacure, sf. a miniature 
Miniire, sf. a mine containing minerals 
Mlnlme, sra. one of an order of monks 

a adj. of a dark brown colour 
nimum, sm. minimum, the imaUest 
defrree in mathematics 
Minist^re, sm. i>fftce, agency, ministry, 

ministers, cuiministration 
Minist^rialisme, sm. devotedness to ttie 
* ministry or government 
Ministdriel, le, adj. ministerial 
Minist^rieUementj adv. ministeflaHy 

Mlnlstre, sm. ministerj, parson, redpr, 
pastor; Guillaumt: Pitt a ^c6 jiremicr 
— , ffilUam put has been prime mia- 
ister; un — d'dtat, a minister c/itate 
Minlam, sm. minium, red lead 
Minois, sm. a pretty face ' 
Minon, sm. a kitten 
Minoratif, sm. gentle purgative 
Minorite, s£ minority , under age 
Minot, sm. a measure ^ three buAek 
Minotauie, sm. Minotaur, a fabuloiu 

monster, half man and ha^buU 
Minult, sm. muinight 
Minute, sf. a minute, smatt writing 
Minuter, va. to make a rough dra^gfit 
Minutie, tf. minuteness, trifle 
Minutieux, euse, adj. trifling, ft,, 
Mlnutieusement, adv. trtjtiugty 
Miquelet, sm. a robber in the Pyrenees 
Miquelot, sm. young begging pilgrim 
Mirabelle, sf. a plum, buUace 
Miracle, sm. mtracle, wonder, prodigy 
Miraculeusement, adv. mirucuiously 
Mlraculeux, euse, adj. miraculoue 
Mirage, sm. looming, an ovtical illudon 
observed at sea and in Lower Kgjntt 
Mire, sf. aim or level ofauun,frotUtet 
Mirer, va. to aim at or take ontfs aim at 
se ~, vr. to viepo oneself in a glass 
Mirmidon, sm. myrmidon, rt^ffian 
Mirolr, sm. mirror, looking ^lass 
— de toilette, swing or dressing gta*t 
Miroiterie, &£ looking glass trade 
Mlroitier, sm. seller or maker of mirrort 
Mis, e, adj. set, put, dressed i itn Men 

— , to be in a very gnodgaih 
Mlsaine, tf. foresail; m&t nt—,JbremaMt 
Misanthrope, sm. misanthrope 
Misanthropic, sf. misanthropy 
MLsanthropique, tuij. misanthropleaj 
Miscellan^, sm. pi. miscellanies 
Misciblr, adi. miicible, that can bemized 
Miae, sf. dimursement, expense, cwrren- 
cy, stake at play, mouth of a muetard- 
mill ; horn me de — , agreeable man 
Miserable, smf. a wretch, a scoundra 
—, adj. miserable, unfitrtunate 
Mi&irablement, adv. miserably 
Misere. sf. misery, calamity, diatrase, 
poverty; prendre le collier de — , to 
resume exi^ssive labours 
—8, pi. tr\fles, things of no importance 
Miserere, sm. iliac passion, a violent 
colic; dans nn — , in a trice or moment 
Mis^ricorde, sf. mercy, pity, clemanqf, 

pardon, seat qfa stcdl in a choir 
-—, interj. bless met mercy on me I 
Misericord ieusement, adv. mercifUlfy 
Mis^ricordieax, euse, adj. mercifkii 
Missel, sm. missfil, mass book 
Mission, sf. mission, despatch, order 
Mission nuire, sm. misHitnary 
\IIssive, sf. missive, epistle, lettef 
—, mij. missive, such as may be tent 
Mitaine, ff, mitten, a coarse glove 
Mite, sf. fhite, cheese-mite, copper-worm 
Mitigation, sf. mitigation, abatement 
MlUgaCive, a^j./U to mitigate 

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Mtiger, va. to ndtUiute, mMmi 
Micon, sm. a long gkme wUhomt hand§ 
Mitonner. va. to CKdter, ,fimiUe, mn$» 

— (Tudqa'un, to humour ono 

— uoe ufaire, to let a businetg ripen 
—,vn.tolet soak or stow 

llitofen, ne, adj. middle, intermediate 
Mitraille,^ tf. irmt or braes ware, cop- 
pers, pence, eanister or ease shot 
MitraUler, va. to shoot wUh grape or 

Mitre, tL mitre, episeopai erown 
Mitr^, Ct adj. mitred, wearing a mitr0 
Mixte, sm. mixed bttdp, metUep 
— , adj. mixed, blended, compounded 
Mn^moniquCf af. mnemonics 
— , adj. mnemomeal, assisting memorp 
Mobile, 8UU mover, proposer, principal, 

moving power, spring, excitement ; 

premier — , ringleader : ^chrile — , sf. 

riiditig-scale/ fAce — , movabtp feast 
—, adj. movable, unsteadjf, changing 

from one place or time to anot?ker 
Mobiliaire, adj. movable, that map be 

moved i \nent -^e, persottal goods 
Mobilier, sm. movtmes, ftsmiture 
— . ikn, fdj. moveMe 
MoHltsatioiit sf. act qf making movable 
Mobiliser, va. to make movabie 
Mobility, sf. mtibUitp, the power of being 

moved, aetivitp, Jickteness, populace 
Mode, sf. nnide, JMnUm, wav, whim ; 

a la — » fiu^iontMe t «tre a la — , to 

be in the fh^ion ; vivre & sa — » to 

live as one has a mind 
~, sm. mood, grammatical term 
Module, sm. model, pattern, example, 

mould, eopif, representation, standard 
~ parfait, perfeet model, paragon 
Modeler, va. & vn. to model, mouki, 

fashion, shape 
K — , vr. to imitate, eopp, counterjkit 
«e— sur quelqn'un, to copp another, 

take some onejhr a pattern 
Mod^rantisin«» am. moderate system 
Mod^teur, am. moderator, one who 

presides, ruler 

— de la jeunesse, director cfpouth 
Mod^mtion, sf. moderation, frugalitp, 

abatement, diminution 
Moder^, e, adj. moderate, gentle, tem- 
perate, prudent, mild, sober • 
Mdd^r^ment, adv. moderate^, soberly 
Moderer, ra. to moderate, regulate, re- 
strain, repress, abate, pacify, lessen, 
decide as a moderator, preside 

— les passions, to enol oners passions 

— son bumeur, to curb ones temper 

— sa d^nse, to retrench ont^s expenses 
K — , Tr. to restrain or moderate oneself 
Modeme, adj. modem, recent, latei k la 

— , adv. e^er the umdemfasfiion 
Modemer, va. to modtmize, render mo- 
Modemes, sm. pi the moderns [dem 
Modaste, adj. irnxfaxf , grave, diffident 
Mndestement, adr. modestlff, decently 
Modestie, sf. modestv, pudieity, decency 
Uodkini, iC smaliness, smaU fuantity 

Modicit4 du prix, lowness t^the pHee 
Modicatif, un. modUieative, quainter 
— , ive, adj. modifying, qualifying 
Modification, sf. modification^ /uHiteMan 
llodifter, va. to modify, qualify, varp, 

moderate, extenuate, HmU, mit^gata 
Modillon, sm. moiiUlkm, bracket^ am 

omamertt in architectural columns 
Modiquc, adj. moderate, not extreme 
Modiquement, adv. moderately 
Modiste, sf. milliner, bonnet-maker 
Modulation, sf. f»o«fu/a<um, agreealUe 

harmony or variation of sound 
Module, sm. module, model or r e pre s e»- 
Moduler, va. to meduiate \tation 

Moelle, sf. marrow, pith, strength, tap 

— des plantcs, pith of plants 

— foini^re, spwal marrow 
Moelleuaement, adv. in a pithy manner 
Moelleux, euse, adj. marrowy, fuM ^ 

marrow, pUhptfyUf^f strength t yln 
— , strong ami pleasant wine ; drap 
— , substantial doth that Jbds safti 
discours ~, fyrdbie and energetic die- 
course ; votx — e^se, m/^odwus and 
fuli voice 
Moelleux, sm. softness tff colouring in m 
painting or driawing 

— dans la touche, smooth and blended 
tint or hue 

— dans le coloris, agreeable eohmrbsg 
Moellon, sm. roufflt stons 

Mceurs, sH pL morals, manners^ ccoyt, 
behaviour, customs, usages/ ceniilcat 
de vie et .— , urittt-n character/ avoir 
des — , to 6e e/ good morals/ homuM 
sans — , an immoral man 

— d une nation, habits of a nation 

— des animaux, <nc/tnaCton« of animals 
Moi, proo. me, to me^Ii de vous It —, 

between you and me 

Moi-m6me, pton. myself/ ua Uvre k —, 
a book qfmine [limb 

Moignon, sm. stump of an ampmated 

Moinaille, sf. the monks, used in derision 

Moindre, adj. minor, less, lesser/ au^- 
petit bruit, at the least noise / le —, 
sm. the least Imonks 

Moiudres, sm. pL an infisrior order of 

Moine, sm. monk, friar, wooden toorm- 
ing pan / I'habit ne fait pas le — , ap* 
pearances are deceitfyl 

Moineau, sm. sparrow / cbeval — , crop* 
ved horse/ urer sa poudre aux — x, to 
be at great trouble or expense to Httle 
purpose, to labour useless^ 

Moinerie, sf. motmchism, monastie life 

Moinesse, sf. petty nun 

Moinillon, sm. petty monk 

Moins, sm. the least / c'est I9 —que voui 
puissfes faiie, t( is the least thing you 
can do 

— , adv. less, except, but/ k — , fbr 
less i du — , at least .• poor le — , hoW' 
ever / ni plus ni — , neither more nor 
less/ en — dr rien, in a trice; Ji — de, 
prep, for less than : k — que, unless/ 
aa — , int. remember f don't forget/ 

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Molret ■£ mohair, the hair qfa ffottt 
Moii^t e« adj. doudtd or watered 
If oirer, va. to water eiik or wvoUen ^nfft 
Mois, sin. momtht space o/four week^ 
ilme, tf. bindinff'pigaein carpentry 
Moiwr, viutobind pieces oj wood together 
Mold, sm. mould, hoariness 
— * e, adj. mouUkfp monMed, hoary 
lioitlr* va. to mouidt make mouldy 
M — . vr. to frrow mouldy 
Iloiaaiure, «f. moutdiness, hoariness 
UoiMODt s£ harvest, harvest-time, crop 
Mobsonner, va. to reap, mow, /father 
Moluonneur, euae, tmr. reaper 
MoitCf adj. moist, damp 
Moiteur» >f. moietness, moisture 
Uoitii, sf. moiety, ha^, wife 
->-, adv. halfi k ->» by haif, by haives / 

la — dtt cemps, most commonly 
lloitir, va. to wet 

— le papier, to wet the paper 
Moka* ■m. Miteha cqffee 

Moiaire, adj. mohir / les dents — -, pL the 

molar teeth, jaw-teeth, grinders 
MAle, sm. mole, pier, mound, dike 
Moldiule, sf. particle <^f matter or air 
Molester, va. to molest, m*, persecute 
Moletie, sf. ntwd ufa spur, windftatl, a 

disease in horses, painter's muller 
MoUas-e, KA^.Jlabby,Jlimay 
Mollemcnt, adv. sq/tly, faintly 
MoUesse, sf. softness, ^ffiemina^ 
Molletk sm. calf of the teg, short fringe 
—a, pi. nippers used by goldsmiths 
—, te, a4j. a little soft, downy 
MoHeton, sm. swanskin, a wooUen atuff 
Mollification, sf. act of mollifying 
Moltllier, va. to mollify or render soft 
MoUir, vn. to grow soft, slacken, fiag 

— Its haubaiis, to ease the shrouds 
Moment, sm. moment, minute, instant, 

momentum in mechanics t dans le— , 
presently t d'un — k I'autre, from 
time to time,- k tout — . at every 
turn, ever and anon i avoir de bons 
— «• to have luciti intervals 
Momentan^, e, adj. momtmtary 
Morociitan^aient, adv.>&ra moment 
Momcrie, sf. mummery, hypocrisy 
Momie, sf. mummy 
Momon, sm. money to AicA nMskers4^er 

to pay when playing at dice 
Mon, pron. my 

Monacal, c, adj. monachal, monastic 
Monacalemcnt, adv. like a monk 
Monarchie, sfl monanOty 
Monarehique, adj. monardtical 
Monarcbiqnement, ailv. monarchkaUy 
Moaarchiate, sm. a partisan qfmonarehv 
Monarque, sm. numurch 
Mooastere, sm. monastery, consent 
Monastique, adj. moi, attic, conventual 
Monaul, sm. bird ofthe gallinaceous sort 
Monaut, adj. having only one ear 
Monctau, sm. heap, mass, pile 
Mondain, e, s. worldling, sensualist 
•», e, adj. worlds, proud, hutttrious 
Mondainanedt, adv. in a worldly veoff 

Mondanit^, tf. warUUnme^ 

Moode, sm. toorW, uniuerm, snnnkind, 
peopletearth,terre9irialgiebei I'autn 
— , thefUtureHfet le nouvcau •«» neu I 
continent of America / le bean — , 
people of faihion t tout Ic — , essi% 
body; ieaiier ie —, to etudy men 
Monde, c, a(^. cleansed, peeled 
Monder, va. to eJRMiM, ped 
Mon^taire, tm. moeCer i^a mint 
Mon^dseiV va* to convert an oiboeet imla 

a coin or legal tender 
Moniteur, sin. monitor, aneutmsmishsr 
Monition, sf. monition, infbrmuMtiam 
Monitoiiv, sm. a monitory, admonitiea 
Monitorial, e. adj. admoniiory 
Monnaie, rf. miatey, coin, change f fausse 

— , base or counterfeit eidn ■ 
Monnayagc, sm. act nf coining «omv 

Konnayer, va. to mint, coin * 
onnaveur, sm. mtnicr, mtn<'iias(«r 
Moooeeros, sm. unieum in astrommy 
Monodie, if. monody, music or poetry ia 

honour ofthe dead 
Monogamie, sf. monog am y 
Monogramme, sm. monogram 
Monologue, sm. monologue areolilegiiy 
Monomanie, sf. monomania 
Monop^tale, adj. monopetaloue 
Monopole, sm. monopoly, tax, dsdy 
Monopoler, va. to monopolize 
Mon<HMleur, sm. meswpoliet 
Monosyllabe, sm. monoeyUMa 
—k adj. relating to a mono^fUeibile 
Monosyllabique, arij. monoeyUalnesl 
Monotone, a^j. mumotonoste 
Monotonia, at monotony 
MonseiirneOr, sm. title of lord, my kid 
Monseigneuriscr, va. toname ona my fera 
Monsieur, sm. sir, master, titlefarmerisf 

given to the French king s eUer bi^ 

thert devenir gros — , ' 

great man I comment aj 

— \k ? how do you eali „ 

man f \-dci un — qui vous dcmantfci 

here is a gentleman who dastns to 

speak with you 
Monstre, sm. monster, prodigy 
Monstrueusemcnt* adi*. prodtgiemdy 
Monstrucux, euse, a4j. monstrems 
Monstnioslt^, tS, monstrosity 
Mont, sm. mount, ntoutUain, hitt 

— de pl^c^, pawn ^ce 

— paKnote, sitfe plane frmm whssk a bst- 
tle may be seen 

Montage, sm. act qf coming up 
Montagnard, e, s. mountameer 
—, a4). relating to a highkander 
Montague, sf. mountain, high hill 
Montagncux, euse, adj. mosmf^iisaia 
Montant, sm. any thing that etsmds vjh 

ri/^t if a building, tmwunt, totai, 

upright in heraldiyi prendR Ic — , f o 

soar high, infiUeonry 
Mont^, sf. staircase, step, acdbdty 
-^ d'un* otrionnc, height stfa pUlar 
Monttf, e, adj. ases$»ded, wowid mpik 

Idad eat -> <Jke com te jfTKiv <*F 

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Monter, va. to eany or l(/T up* nifoff 
— ua eheval foimueux, to ridt a fivry 

— k gaidc* to mount rvard 

— an bouquet, to mtute up a nooega^ 
•^ un ch«vmt, to mount a horoe, got on 

— on dlftouim, toaota diamond 

— nnnt, to oot up a bodotoad 

— un 1ttlb« to otrtng « lute 

— on vaisMan, to cormnand a «Mp 
~ une ^p^, to mount « tword 

— une horioge, to wind up a tOoek 

— une montre, to wind up a watoh 

—, vn. to ao e end, motmtt come, go, or 
get up, grew up, ineroaee, rise i le 
vin lui monte k la t6ce, tike eotnoJUee 
•> 4 un arbre, to dJmfr frftf 
~ en voituiv, to step into a oarriage 

— wsx mie^ to/lg intoapmoiion 

— engmln, ton«fi tooeod 

— mr le tx6oe, toaoeendffw throne 

— lur mar oir sur un vaissean, to emtarA 

— lur eeotrgaiu, to epeak haughtU^ 
te — , vr. to amount or eome to 
Montlettle, wn. Httle hUt, emtnenee 
]yioBt-)8fe» infenj. oMeiettf worery 
MoQtoir,Ma. AortoMocsk 

Monti«» If. wutek, pocket timepiece, 
mmpie, ekow-gia», mutter f faire — 
d'^rudUioiit to make a parade ofone^e 

— k r^ptotSoD, reaeath^fwati^ 
" cPofigues, cMftome c/on orfun 
Montrrr, va. to «Aoic>, ««ic^, point out, 

dteptag, demenatnOe 

— 1m dentf h quelqu'un, to roeiet one 

— let taton*, to run awe^ 
•e — , vr. to ehow oneeeif 
Moateax, enae, adj. mountainoue 
Ifohture. sf. riding-horee, mounting of 

any kmi of work 

— d'arlialdie, roe* 6fa eroee-bow 

— de foiil, etoek of a gun 

— dc Kie» frame of a taw 
Monnmenty gtn. monument, memorial, 

tomb, piOar 
Monumental, e, oA)* monumentai 
Moque» if. doad-^fe or bhtk in rigging; 

la pelle ee — du fouiffon, «Mr of me one 

and hatfa doaen of the other 
ot Moqacr de, vr. to laugh at, ridicule, 

deapite, eeem, jeer, deride 
lioquerie, af. modeerv, raiUery, acorn, 

apart, ridicule, derition, vain ahow 
Moqaeite, sf. ^uig, rough wooUy habr, 

Moqneur, eose, % derider, eeoM^or 

, cam, adj. moOcing, deriding, ridi- 
euRng, Jeering, OB^ng 
Moqnilter, md. a tree <^Guiana 

—, e, adj. moral, vtrtuoua, honeet, juai 
Uotale, A moratity, practice of moral 
du tiea, atntte^ doctrMoe efmoraHty 

Moralnn«nt, adv. morally, in a mora, 

manner, honeatly, juatiy, probtMy 
Moraliser, vn. to mOraUze [caUy 

Moraliieur, im. moraliaer, ueed ironic 
MoralistCfina. moraHat, teacher of morale 
MoraHti, tf. moralUy, doctrine of the 

dutiea of l\f^ 
Morbide. adj. moebidt diaeaaed, aickly 

liorMfiqutf, adj. morbifie, morbijieal 

MorMeu, Into}, toundal 

Morceau, am. morael, email piet^t frag- 
ment f manger te — booieux, to ieaee 
no mannera in the diah 

— de la Murit, veniaon bit 

— d^Hcat, nics bU, tidbit 

— dc papier, alip or aerap of paper 
Morceaux (par), adv. piece meal 
Moroeler, va. to parcel out, dit*ide, cantlt 
Mordacity, sf. mordacity, biting <fuali^ 
Mordant, im. giUer^a pigment, atse 

—, e, a^j. biting, aerimonioua, aeeere 

ahmp, aatiriced, anap/ii^ 
M ordicant, e, adj. mordlcant, pungent, 

acrid, biting, aoHrieal 
Mordicuf, adv. tenaciitualy, obatinately 
Mordiller, va. to nibble, cat alowly, carp 

at, find fimlt with 
Mordor^, e, ac^. reddiah broum coloured 
Monlre, va. ft vn. to bUe, pierce with 

the teeth, gnaw, corrode, eat away 

— Ji la grappe, to hke a thing 

-^ h Thame^on, to ewaHow a bait, be 
taken in or i -* 

— dans un vii6, to rdiM and eat a pie 

— la poussiere, to be kilted Iheartily 
Mordu, e, a4J. bitten tOT 

More, sm. Afoor, black man, negro / de 

l\irc k ■— , cruelly, without mercy, • 

cheval cap de — oti cavas.s^ de — , a 

gray horae with a Moor'a head 

Moreau, adj. Oiining-black, jet black 

Morelle, sf. morel. Kind of cherry, the 

poiaonoua plant nightahade 
Moresque, sf. w^fe or daughter of a 
Moor, Mooriah fathion, morria-danee 
—, adj. moreak, done like the Moore 
Morfil ou Marlll, sm. wire-edge or rouf^ 
edge of a razoi^, ^c, elephanfa teeth 
Mortondre. va. to cauee one to catch cold 

after being warm or overheated 
sc — , vr. to catOt cold after being over' 
heated, donee attendance, wait in vain 
Morfondure, sf. cold after heat 
Morane, sf. pride, haughtineaa, diadain- 
fMoraurqflook, place in Paria where 
unknown dead bodice are expoaeds 
amaU grated room at a priaon gale 
Morvuer, va. to bully, brave, defy, dare 
MorTbond, ^ adj. in a dying condition 
Moricaud, e, smf. tawny or yeUowiah 

dark ooloured pereon 
Morfgtoer, va. to tutor, educate, repri- 

ntand, correct 
Mmllle, st moril, poroua miuhroom 
Moiillon, sm. moriilon, kind of water* 

finvUfine black grane 

Ji>wi,jtne biacH grape 
— s, ji. rough emoralda [jpuniahment 
llorlm, sm. hOmeiteaeguef a mUitary 

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MOR m 

Morne, »m. hittt cap*, promontory 

— » wA):tuUen, moro»e, aad, dull, dark 

JHornifte, »f; bns on tfu ear 

Moroae, adj. mr«r(M^ peevMft, ««8en 

MorosiK, at. moroseneu 

Morphine, sf. morphia, tUkali axtraeted 

from opium 
Horpion, tm. crab-huse 
Mors, sin. hone-bit, curb / l«s dievsux 
prirent le — Aux dents, the hortet ran 
Morse, im. »ea cow or aea-elephant 
Moraure, sC bite, act ofbitirtff 
Mort, sf. derith, decease, demiecf mou- 
rir de «a belle —, to die a natuttU 
death; £tre k I'article de la—, to be 
at the point of death .* II a la — sur les 
l^vres, he totiJct half dead i blesscr Ji 
— , to wound mortaSif 
— ^ternelle, perdition, eternal death 
— , im. corptte, dead person, dead body 
—, e, adj. dendf decnased, defunct i un 

enfant — n^, n utili-bom child 
Mortadelle, it. Italian eauaage 
Mortalse, sf. mortise, cut or hoUmv to 

receive a tenon 
Mortality, sf. mortality, subifection to 

death, human nature 
Mort-aux ntts, sf. arsenic, ratsbane 
Mort bftis, sm. underwood, shrtlbs 
Morte-eau, sf. neap-tide, lo'v- water 
Morte], le, adj. mortal, deadfy, human i 
coup—, fatal blow/ froid — , bitter 
cotdf c'est un heureux —,heisa -for- 
tunate fUttw 
Mortellement, adv. mortally, to death 
Morte-paye, sf. allowance given to a re- 
tired servant or soldier, pension 
Morte saison, sf. dead or dull season of 

the year 
Mort-gage, sm, mortga^, pledge 
Mortier, stn. mortar 
Mortif^re, adj. d*wlly,fiital 
Mortiflant, e, a<<j. mortifying, vexing 
Mortification, sf. mortification 
Mortifler, va. to mortify, vex, subdue 
Mort-n^, adj. stUi borp 
Mort-ivre, a-lj. dead drunk 
Mortuaire, a«ij. fUnereal, relating to a 
funeral, mourttfiil ; drap —, pall, 
morteloths retfi^tre — • burietl-book { 
extrait — , burial certificate 
Morue, sf. co(\fi»h; dried cod, stockfish 
Morve, sf. ipucous or slimy fluid, the 

glanders, a disease among horses 
Mor\'eau, sm. mucilage, slimy or viscous 
mass or bttdy, mucus of the nose, snot 
Morveux, euw, adi. murous, slimy, vis- 
cous, sntttty,fuU of the nasal mucus j 
petit — , sm. ytmng brat ; petite — euse, 
sf. young Hint: qui sesent — se mouche, 
let him' wear the cap whom it fits 
Mosalque, sf. mosaic or inlaid work 
—, adj. mtpsaic, relating to variegated in- 
laid work : Mitsaic, MosaiccU, per- 
taining to Moses 
Moscatehue, sf. musk-weed 
Mofloouade, sf, lytw sugar 


Mosqu^, if. mosque, iMiammedm « 
Turkish temple 

Mot, sm. motto, uford, aaying, mte, 
bon — , Jest, witty saying: en un >-, 
in short i avoir le — , fo fte in (to 
secret f prendre quelqu'un an — , to 
take one at his wordt qui ne dit » 
consent, silence gives consort t ^» 
sont donn^ le — , they understand em 
another: compter ses — s, to spedksbw 

— k—, adv. literally, word far Mwrd 

— it double entente, pun, quUMe 

— du gttet. toa dk word 

— pour rire,ioA;e. Jest 
Motet, sm. sacred music, anthem 
Moteur, trice, amf. mover, authtr, pro- 

— , trice, adj. moving, impelling, ruHng 
Motif, sm; motive, the reason of an 

action, that which moves the wUl 
Motion, sf. motion, action, agi^atioa 
Motiver, va. to move, advise, propoM* 

relate the motive, Justijjran act 
Motte, sf. clod, turf, peat, lumptfearA 
se Motter, vr. to lurk behind turf « 

clod, said ofpartridieee 
Motus, inter). AiMft / not a loordl 
Mou, sm. calfs or lamVe lights 
— , MoUe, adj. mellow, »oft,^ffiminttte, 

loose, u}«ak, slut^h, indolent 

Mouchard, sm. it^rmer, spy 

Moucharder, va. to search or tjy ovt, 

explore, examine, give injbrmati^ V 

Mouche, sf. Jly, patch upon the face, a 

game at cards, spy : dei pieds de --> 

scrawl, bad penmanship / fine — i «v 

or cunning fitltow j prendre In — > (< 

take the pet ,- quelle — vous a fAqvAs 

what whim has got into your hetdf 

— k miel, bee 
Moucber, va. to blow th^t nose 

— une chandelle, to snt{fya canMe 
•e — , vr. to blow or wipe one's nose 
Mouchcron, sm.gnat, snt/fffofa eandk 
Mouchet^, e, adj. spotted, pinked 
Moudieter, va. pink, spot 

— de I'berminr, to black sp<a ermine 
Mouchette. sf. uHxter^able,inmrMlte- 
. tare : Joiner's plane 
—i, pi. snujffers 

Moucheur, sm. snt/fflbr tftxmdlet 
Mouchoir, sm. handkerchtef 
Moudre, va. to grind, bruiie 
Moue, sf. vory Jhce, grimace : Aire b 

— , to look displeased or euiky 
Mouette, sf. sea-gull 
Mouflard, e, smf. person hearinga Jbul 

or bloated face 
Muufle, sf. mitten 
—, sm. thdtle ofpull<T^ 
Mouillagc, am. anchorage 
Moulller,^8. to wet, soak 
se — , vr. to get wet 

— la lettre L. to prenounea fkaltttef L 
with a liquid sound 

— en mer, to east anchor 
Mouilletce, sf. slice or finger ^brmi to 

dip in an «y/r boiled soft 





. je» «f. watering, act ofwettb^ 

Monlage, •m. mouUg, momldbtg, that 
gart ^famiU which sets t& mUl- 

Moul^ am. mould, model, pattern 
—, A muscle, a ahattjuh 
M oakr, ts. to mould, east, pile up 
Mouleur, sm. moulder, wsodeUer 
lioultn. ra. miU t f>ire venir Teaa ma 
•^, to hrin/r grist to the mitt 

— i cafi, adfee-mill . 

— k dr6cbc matt-miU 

— a ten, wertermUl , 

— a huil«. oUmiU 

— k marches* tread'mlU 

— k papfer, paper-mill 

— k pUer. grindinjp-mia 
-> k poudn, pewihr- mill 

— k van OH k vanner, dressing-moAine 

— k vapcur, steam-mill 

Ifoolinet, im. capstan, hand-mUI,tum- 

stUe* tAoeotate-mUl, turnpike 
Moullidar, tm. miller 
Moult, adv. much, verp much 
Moulme, iC a moulding, arch 
Mounuit, c, adj. dping, pale,flttwt 
Mourir* vn. to die, expire, decease 

— d« cbaaprin, to grieve oneself to death 

— de dooieur, to die hreken-heartid 

— de fldm* to starve with hunger 

— de frold, to starve with cold 
m-~^vr. to be dpingi la lampe ou la 

diandelle ae meun, the lamp or candle 

is gluing out 
HottTon* am. chickweed, a plant 
llouaquec, am. musket, gun, firelock 
llouaquetade* af. musket shot 
Mouaq«>euirc, am. musketeer 
Mouaquetertek af. vt^lep ofmusketrp 
Moasqucton, am. musketoon, little gun 
Hoaaaache. af . starch extraetedfiwn the 

eaeeada plant 
Mouaacy amf. moss, froth, cabin-bop 
MonaaeUne, af. ntuslin 
lIouaaer» vn. to froth, ^m, lather 
Mouaaeron. am. small uhite mushroom 
Uottaaeux, euae, aA].frothp, sparkling 
Mo o a ao o , af. numsoon 
—a, pL monsoons, trade-winds 
Mouasuf e, adj. mnssp 
Moaataphok n. hair on the upper lip 
Hoasdque, af. moa^uifo* a stinging Jlp 
Mofit, am. must^ new wine, wort 
Montarde, tL mustard • 
Moutaxdier, am. mustard seller or maker 
Moutier, am. monasterp, convent 
lIoQioni^am. wether, ^eep, rammer 
— «, pLJbaming waves 
Moutonntrr, va. to curl, foam, firoth 
Mouconnierj idre* smf. imitator 
—, lire, adj. sheeplike 
Moutnre, af. act of grinding, misedeom 
llouvance, af. dependence <^ a ffo upon 

another tenure 
Mouvant, e, adj. mooing, that can move 
IfouTemenc, am. nudUm, emotion, tu- 

nsuft, impulse, measure in mune 
— a, pL trow* eomtaoliofw • 

Mouvolr, v& to mttve, stir, incite 
Moyeo* am. means, pnwer, help / au -* 

de, adv. in consideration of 
—, lie, adj. middling, middle, mediate 
— fe, pL richee, argumentt 
—a sourda, underhand methods 
Mojrennant, prepi Jktr, bp the m^ans of 
Mojreonemenc, adv. jo so, indifferentlp 
Moyeoner, va. to procure, get, mediate 
Moyeu, am. atoeXr of a wheel, a plum 
Muable* ad), mutable, changeable 
Muance, u, division in mitsic 
Mudtage, am. mucitafte, viwous matter 
Mucilagincux* euae. aiij. mueilfiginous 
Muooait^, af. mucus, a slimp/lnid 
Mue, af. mouU, mew, care, shtugh, skin 
Mu^, e, adj. moulted, edged, aioped up 
Maer, vn. to mouU, ehanre feathern 
Muet, xc, adj. mute, dumb, speechless 
Muccte. af. a place Jbr keeping- atagif 
horns that are cast, or putting up 
hawks when thep moult, hunting-bos 
Mufle, am. muzzle, the mouth in animals 
Mugir, vn. to belUiw^ low, roar 
Mugiaaant, e, adj. htwing, roaring 
Mu^aemenC, am. belhwinfr, lowing 
MuirueC, am. /i/y efthe vallep,Jitp 
Muffueter, va. to coUrt, aim at, wheedle 

hogshead, a liquid n 
Mulitrvi cm. mulatto, a mongrel 
— , adj. bom ofdifferent-ctloured parents 
Mule, af. mule, woman's slipper i ferrer 

la ~, to pilfer in buying 
— s, pi. kmes, dkaps, cracks 
Mulet, am. mulf., mullet, ship 
Muletier, am. mule-driver, muleteer 
Mulette, tUgizzard of a hawk 
Muloc, am.)ieA/-motM« 
Multiple, am. multiple in arithmetic 
— , adj. containing a number several 

times without a fraction 
MultiplUble, adj. multipliable 
Multipliant, am. multiplpine-glass 
Mttltiplicande, am. muUiplicnnd 
MultipUcateur, am. mumpHer 
MuUiplicadon, at. muMfdieation 
Multiplicity, af. multiplicitp. mulHtude 
Multiplier, va. to multipl.v, increase 
Multitude, af. multitude, the vulgar 
Municipal, e, adj. municipal, corporate 
Municipality, sf. municipality 
Munificence, af. munijieeriee, bounty 
Munir, va. to supply, provide, fitrtify 
ae — , vr. to furnish oneself 
ae — de patience, to arm oneself with 
Munition, af. ammunition Ipatience 
Munitionnairif, am. atmrnismry qf stores 
Muquettx, euae, adj. mucous 
Mur, am. a wall 

— mitojren ou de refend, partition-wait 
Miir, e, adj. ripe, meUoiv, mature 

— e deliberation, grave deliberation 

Mnraille, af. watli fttrk entre quatre —a, 
to be in Jqil / il n'y a que lea quatre 
— a, there is nothing but the bare walls 

Mural, e, a t j. mural, said of a crown 

Mftre, af. mulberry 

— aauvagc, btaekberrp 

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MtHrement, idv. maturetp, dMberatelif 

If firer, vm. to wall mp^ immure 

— une porte, to block up a door 

Mftiier, «in. mulberry-trte 

'llClrir, va. to ripen, mature 

— , vn. to grow ripe 

Murmure, sm. mwrmtir, hummittfcnoiee 

Murmurer» vn. to murmur, whiepeTf 

warble, purl, said qfetreame 
Musard, smf. Mterer, act of loitering 
>-, e, ailj. loitering, lingering, diltmrp 
Muse, Bin. mu*k, civet or muek ea* 
Muscade, sf. nutmeg 
Muscadelle, sf. miutH-petar 
Muscadet, sm. muaeadineatmueeadtiie, 

a eweet grape and titine 
Muscadier, sm. nutmertree 
Muscadin, »m. a muek vrep 

sweetettinfi the breath, a beau orjbp 
MuKanUn, sm. a tpeeiee ofdormouee 
Muscle, sm. muscle in anatomy, the^^ 
Muscle, e, adj. hoeing muedee 
Mttsculaire, a<(j. mxuctUar 
Xluscule, sf. mueeular vein 
Musculeux, euae, adj. mueculoua 
Muse, sf. muse, rutting time cf etage 
Museau, sm. muzzle, enout, note 
Mus^, Museum, sm. museum 
Museli^iY, sf. mu%zle, nose-band 
Muser, vn. to loiter, trifle, go to rut 
. Muserolle, sf. nose-band of a bridle 
Musette, sf. bagpipe i jouer de la — , to 

play on the bagpipe 
Musical, e. adj. musical, harmonious 
Musfcalement, adv. musically 
Mustden, ne, smf. musician 
Musique, sf. music, melody, harmony, 

band! cx6niter ou faire de la — , to 

per/brm music; mettre en — , to set 

to musie 
Musquer, va. toperfitme wiith musk 
te Musser, vr. to lurk in a comer 
MuUbilitd, sf. mutability 
Mutation, sf. mutatiun, change 
Mutilation, sf. mutilatiun 
Mutil^, e, adj. mutilated, torn 
Mutiier, va. to mutilate, maim, disfigure 
Mutin, e, smf. mutineer, rioter 
— , c, arij. muti'ious, headstrong 
te lbfutin«r, vr. to mutirty, rise in arms 
. Mutinerie, sf. mtitiny, revolt, aeditvm 
Muttsme, sm. dumbness, muteness 
Mutuality, sf. mutuality, interchange 
Mutuel, le, adj. mutual, reriprocal 
Mutuellement, adv. mutually, in return 
Myope, smf. shortsighted person 
Myopie, stl shortsigntedness 
Mynade, sf; myritid, ten thousand 
Myriaf ramme, sm. 1(),00<) grammee 
Myrialicre, sm. 10.000 litres 
Myrianidtra, sm. 10,000 niefre« 
Myriare, sm. 10.000 are« 
Myrrhe. sf. myrrh, an aromatic gum 
Myrte, sm. myrtle, a fragrant tree 
Myst^re,4cm. mystery, secret, enigma 
Myst^rieuscment, adv. mysteriously 
Myst^ritux, euse, adj. mytterious 
Myseldsme, im. doctrine nfthe Mystics 

Mystidt^, bT. mystieaineee 
M)-stificatenr, am. one who outjeote 
Mystification, &£. act ofbatttorwg 
Mystifier, va. to mystify, ou^eet^ btmUr 
Mystique, smf. person Jhnd efmyeterim 
—, adj. myotic, mystioai, mysterious 
Mystiquement, adv. myetioaUy 
Mytholofde, af. mythobagy 
Mythologique, adj. mytkohgieml 
Mythologiqucment, adv. mythoiogicoBy 
Mytbol«sri>te, Mytholoyue, sm. n^fthotth 
gist, one versed in mythology 


N, »m. the Jburteenth letter t^f the ah 

Nabab, sm. nabob, an Indian prinee 
Nabot, e, smf. dwarf, «ftrimp 
Nacanit, adj. <ifa lively orange red 
Nacelle, sf. /small boat, wherry 

— de St Piem, St Petals bark 
Nacre, sf. mother-of-pearl, coarse pearl 
KtLcrt, »m. butterfly 

—t f, adj. peeaiea, like mother-of-pearl 

Nadir, sm. nadir, the point in the lower 
hemisj^iere o/mosite to the zenith 

'Na^, sf. row-lock of a boatf donner un« 
— , to give a stroke in rowing t £tre 
en — , to be in a sweat or perepiratumf 
it la — , adv. in or by swimming 

Nageoire, sf. fin of a fish, cork or biai- 
ders to swim wUh, thin wooden fUato 
which water-carriers have floating 
in their paU • 

Nager, vn. to swim, float, sail, row 

— dims I'opulence, to live in clover 

— dans son sang, to welter in one's blood 

— debout, torowstandini^with tliefao* 
towards the prow of the boat 

— en arri^re, to back astern with theoart 
Nageur, euse, smf. one who can eufim, 

waterman, ro%oer, floater 
Nagu^re, adv. not long ago, but lately 
Naif, ive, adj. artiest, downright^ «ts»- 

cere, plain, natural, Umocent^ air 

—, une^eeted air 
Nain, e, smf. dwarf 
— , e, tOj. dwarfish, stunted 
Naissance, sf. Ott-^A, rise, deecont» nth 

tittity, time of birth, beginning, e»r 

traction, lineage ; le pays de ma — » 

my native country 
Naissant, e, adj. newUl bom, grouting, 

rising i propre — , aeq^ired proper^ 
Nattre, vn. to be bom, ariee, spring, 

grow, be produced ; tajire —, to otarit 

suggest, give rise to, breed, produoa 
Naivement, adv. plainly, fraukfy 
Naivety sf. ingenuousness, aimpSfCity 
Nanan, sm. dainties, sweetmeats 
Nankin, sm. nankeen, kind of cotton 

cloth, originally /ram ffankin 
Nantaise, sf. saUw's jacket at great-€0O^ 
Nandr, va. to ensure, give security 
>e — , vr. to secure to aneseff 

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Napbce^ i£ mopktha, bitumen 

Nappe, if. tabie<toth , dttr^Mn / nettre 

to — , to Idif Me e/otA ; levnroti 6ter 

-> (Tcsa, «Aee( ofuaiwrJktUing 
Naidise, hd. diiffbdil, a plant 
Narcotique, ad^ naroUic, eauHng tor- 
por or ttupefaetian 
Nard, am. nard, tpikenard, on aromatic 

plant, ointment 
Nargue, Interi. pohawl 
— deluH a Jig M him t 
Nar«u«r, 9%.tomtat d^kmeo, buUy 
Narfne, tS. nottrU 

Narmteur, cm. narrator, reJater, tetter 
Narratif, ivc, adj. narrative, relating 
NanatioQ* if. account, act of rotating 
NaiT^» mh. narraUve, etorj/, relation 
Nanor, vk to narrate, relate Inou 
Nasft), e, a^K naeal, pertaining to the 
fiaaklMBoit* adv. with a naeal eound 
Nanki, if. pL naeal eoweie 

of the naeal eound, 
, . - , , fealoowele 

Smemrd, e, oil NaaiUeur, euae, imf. et 
■d j. one who epeake through the noee; 
epeaJting through the noee 
NaMTde, ef, fillip or Jerk on the noee 
Naaarder, va. fo ^ark one on the note, 

oeuktOT, Moew, jeer 
NaaeAn, nn. rutetrii ttfa beaet 
NaiUlard, e, unf. et a<ij. enngler, epeak- 

ing trough thi noee 
Nailller ou Naalllonner, vn. to enfuffie, 

apaak through the twee 
Yfueot eL bow-net or baeket to catch fieh 
Natal* e, adj. natal, native 
Natatkm, if. natation, act ofewimmhtg 
Nadr, We, adj. native, co nf erred bp birth 
Natioa, s£ nation, bedp i^people 
National, e, ftilj. wOkmal 
Nattooalemcnt, adr. nationaSp 
NatioimliHT, va. to render national 
NatioaalM, tf. national character 
Nationanx, im. pL the nativee 
Nativity af. nestMtp, birth 
Natte, U. mat, haeaodt, braid, twiet 
Natter, va. to mat, twiet, plait, braid 
Nattltf, im. mat-maker 
NatunUiiation, at. naturalization 
Nactumliier, va. to naturaUte, adopt 
NatnimHime, im. mere etate ofnt^ure 
Naturalbte, im. naturaliet 
Natumilt^. if. naturalneee 
NatQR, iC nature, the.univeree, vieible 
ereatioM, natural t^jffkction, conttitu- 
tkm, diepoeitUm^ eort, epeelee, birth 
Natnrd, em, nature, eonetitution, ge- 
nuine temper, fidloW'/teHng, diepoei- 
tion efmind, qffixtkm, geniue 
—, le, adj. natural, produced btf nature, 

not acquired, tender, unaffected 
Natuiellcmciit. adv. natunulp 
Naafiagv, am. ehlpwretit 
Nmfiaji^, e, a^j. ehipevreeked 
NaaflMfer, vn. to beeMpwredced 
" ' Uefpaeaengcre 

Naumachle* if. mock eea-fy^ 
Nausee, tL naueea, eiekntae, loathing 
Naucile, sm. navtUtia, a ehel0eh 
Nautiquc, adj. tiautic, nauttcat, r^at^ 

ing to ahipe or eailore 
Nautonnier, sm. mariner, boatman 
Naval, e, adj. naval, relating to Mi|W 
Nav6e, sf. bargefUl 
Navet, im. turnip 

Navetu, sf. rape-teed, weavet'e afcwMto 
Navigable, ed). navitrable 
Navigateur, sm. navigator, tailor 
Navigation, sf. navifpition 
Naviguer »w Navi){er, vn. to navigate 

— en pleine oner, to taU on the high teat 

— k vue de terre, to tail aUtf^ the coatt 
Navire, am. aAip, vettel 

Navrer, va. to wound the heart s avoir 
le cceur navr^> to be extremelp tarry / 
ccla me navre le cvur, that breake mp 
heart, woundt me to the heart 

Naxar6(o, sm. Nazarile, a Jew who 
profttud extraordinarp purity of Ufa 

-4, pL Nazarenet, Nazaritet 

Ne, adv. no, not 

N^, e, pare bOm / U ert — coilM, hewae 
bom with a tilver tpoon in hit mouth 

N^nmoins, adv. nevertheleet, yet 

N^nt, sm. nothingneee, nou^, non- 
entity, emptineet 

N^bdleux, euae, adj. nrimloua 

N^cesaalre, sm. that whif^ it requitite 
or necettary, a competency, tea at 
ef0be equipage, neceeeariea,dreeeing- 
cote, workboe 

—, adj. neeeetary, neeifiil, ettential 

N^ceaialrement, adv. ncee«Mr<2v 

N^ceasiU, sf. necettity, compuleion, ir-^ 
reaittible power, want, need, poverty 

N^ceaiiter, va. to necettitate,/urce 

N^cessiceux, euie, adi. neeetntotu 

N^crologe, am. neenilogy 

N^crologie, af. obituary 

N^crologiqae, adj. necrohgical 

K^cromance, Kdcromande, if. fMcro- 
mancy, divinatifM by the appear- 
ance if the dead 

N^oromaiiden, Negromanciea, ne« imC 
necromancer, conjurer 

Nectar, am. ne^ar, good wine 

tiff, sf. nave or body of a churO^, thip, 
boat, arch t moulin k ~, miU kuiU 
on a boat 

Ntfaste, adi. unlucky, fatal, inautpi- 
ciout, ill-boding, eaid of dayt devoted 
to resttfettieait, or mourning 

N^fle, sf. medlar, a epeciee of fruit 

N^flier, sm. medtar-tree> 

N^tif, ive, adj. negative 

N^ation, af. negatton, denial 

Ndfpttive, sf. negative, refutdl 

N^ativement, adv. negatively 

N^lig^, sm. uftdreet or loote drett 
-,e, a4j. ttighted/ atjrle — . incorrect 
etylei en — , adv. in diehabilte 

N^ll«anmeDt, adv. negligently, lazily 

N^ligence, sf. negligence, n^deet, iet 
peeuraept Ituslnem, careleetneet 

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N^Ugut, mf. hettUem ptnon 
— , e, ad}. nagHgmt, negleetful, fasy 
N^)ig«r, V*. to negitett paw over, gli/iht 
m — » tt. fiot to taJee eon tfonete^ 
N^oce, tm. tradst eo mm eree, trafie 
N^godAbte, a4j. negotiable 
Negociant/stii. merehantt dealer 
Ndgociateur, trice, smf. negotiator, am> 

bastadoTf anUtauadreee, mediator 
N^gociaeiont tf. negotitUitmt metfiodon 
N%>cier, va. to negotiate, trade 
— une intrtKOe* to cany on an intrigue 
N^gre, N^gresM, unf. negro, negreee 
VegnXkon, n«, smf. negro chUd 
Kegvu, tm. negue, a mixture efwine, 

water, and eugar * 

Neige, sf. anoWtWhiteneetf pelotede — , 

enowbail t bd hooMM de ~ 1 « fime 

•^ (il), r. imp«ri. itenowe 
Neiger, \'u. to enoio 
Neigeux, eute, adj. enowp 
Ncnnl, adr. no indeed, notataU 
N^logle, sf. neohtgy, a eyetem of new 

words or doctrinee 
Ntelogique, adj. neohgieal 
N4(rtogue, no. neologtet, one who intrO' 

dueee new werde or doctrinee 
NMpbytCf MBf. neephjfte, a new eoneert 
N^podsme, lou nepotism, fmdnese far 

nephewe, famouritism torel atione 
fw0ff f sm. nerve, einew, strength, sfMr* 

gjftfimmese, band of a book 
Neireuz, earn, aiU. nervous, brawnif 
Net, adv. clean, deverip, aionee 
— » ie, adj. tteat, dean, eie&r, spottees, 

pure, plain, downright, perspieuous t 

faire malton — te, to send awatt all 

on^e eervante 
Nettemcot, adv. neaUy, rOainly, foMif 
Nette«^, •& deanness, phinnees 
Nettokmentt ■m. acC ^f cleaning 
Nettoyef, va. to dMn, scour, sweep 
.— la tranche, to drive off'the besiegers 
Neuf, am. nine 
—, euve, adj. nine, new, firesh, poung, 

inesperieneed ; k —, adv. anew 
NeatnOcmeBt, adv. neutnUly 
Netttimlisatlon> if. neutroHaation 
Netttraliter, va. to neutralize, mod^ 
Mcntralic^, if. neutraUip 
Neatre, adj. neuUtr, neutral 
Neuvalne, sf. a devotion of nine dajfe 
Neavi^me, im. the ninth, ninth pari 
— , adj. ninth 

Neuviememtnt* adv. niwthip 
Vnm, am. nephew 
"Nivroee, at. dieeaee of the nerves 
Nei, Kn. nose, beak or head efa sMp 
— aquiUn, Aamoii noee 
Ni, oonj. neither, nor 
Niable, a^f. dmteUff 
NUdt, 0, imf. tMnpleton, bird i^ pregt 

cesc un — d« S(dogiM» he ie a pre- 

^, e, a4ji siUif, simple, creduleme 
Miaiaement, adv. eMUptJbolishfy 
Niaiacr, m. to slundtr^^Untt 

NIaiaerie, af. elKinem, /Merp, mmm 
Niche, sf. niehe, trick, basket, bed 
NUMep af. whole nest of birds 
^"'" iktoplmee,i " 


Niober, vtutop 

— , VD. to nesne 

ae — , vr. to hide oneself 

Nlchec am. nr' 

Niehair, am. h .„ 

Ni^, sf. nieces V 

Nielle, af. mildew, ,.„, 

NlelW, va. to blai^, miUew, bUgkt 
Nier, va. to dfnjf, disown, disavow 
Nigaud, e, amf.MMpleton,Jiioi, t 
-, e, adj. Mify, simple, fboUsh 
Nigaudcr, vn. to pkof thejbei 
Nigauderie, af. eiffp or JMuh aeH 
Nipper, va. to rig out, fit up, fU mi sh 

with clothes 
Nippea, sfl pL gonds, clothes, apparel 
Nique, sf. contempt/ faire 1* -^ ii qu^ 

qu'un, to scorn or make jest of one 
Nitre, am. nitre, saltpetre, minerai salt 
Nitreux, euae, arlj. nUrous, nitric, niirp 
Niveau* am. a level, plummet 

— d'eau dmioe, insect which rune e^^on 
the eurfaee of the water-; de -^ adv. ■ 
on a level, even, straight 

Niveler, va. to level, make even 
Niveieur, am. levelier, triMer 
Nivellemene, am* aet t^f levelling 
Nivoae, tm.jlburth menthofthe Frendk 
republiean calendar, firom tlM De- 
cember to sue Januarp 
Noble, amf. a noble, nobleman, lord, 

ladMt ka — a, tte nobUity 
—, a<Q. noble, generoue, illuetrioue 
Noblement* adv. noblp, honourably 
Nobleaae, at. nobUUp, neOlenese 
Nooe, af. marriage, nuptials, eotmpofi^ 

at a wedding f lea -^, (A« acradtHHir 
Nocher, am. pUot, steersman 
Noceambule, am£ eomnambulisi 
Noctambaiiane, am. sleep-walking 
Nocturne, am. noofwm, an egioe ef de- 
votion bp night, song at anthem 
->, adj. noetumal, nig^ly 
Noctumement, adv. noetumally 
Nott, am. Chrletmae, Chrietmae tang 
Noeud, am. knot, stress, tie, knuckle, 
knob, love-knot, intrigue, digieuHw 

— coulanty fMOM, slip-knot 

— d'uoe com^die^ plot efa play 

— d'unc plao^, node 

— en mer, marine mile or knot 
Noir, am. blaek, a n^iro, a bladk 

— ortvoire. tvory-oueit 

— de famie, lamp-bkuk 

-, e, atU. black, dark, base, fbuJU dis- 
mal f tcmpa— > ci{o«M(yioaa<*«r/ bteti 
— «B. large wild beasts t nndn — ^ to 
blacken, defames vendndn -*. teguU 
NoiriUre. aiy. biadtish, deuky 
Noiraud* t, vntdaek person 
—, e, a4}. efa blaek eompleaiast 
Noirceur, af. bkudeneee, atrocity 
Nolrdr, va. to blacken, aeperee 
ae — , vr. to grow blaek 
NoiRimK, vLbiaek^poi, biuelbmtlmg 

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Kwcwflf. entaktt, noiB in miMJe 
Noue. if: tri^, brawl, squabble, dU- 

ptUe : chMcher — * to fide a quarrel 
Noisetier, im. huaeUree 
Nouette, »f. hazel-nut, filbert ; voilJi un 

drap d'un faoui ^9 thie doth it cf a 

fine brown or haial colour 
Noix, af. walnut i brou de ~» green 

ehtilqf a walnut/ coquQle de — , nut- 

— confites, pi. preeerved tualnute lehtll 

— de galle, ggU-nuS [ton 

— d'uB siffoc* pop^e eye in a leg^ pfmut- 
Nolb» NoBaaeDCicnt, vakj[re^^ 
NolUer, v«. to freight a ehip 

Noin« sm. name, title, Jame, nowk 

— de liftptfime, ^ri^ian name 

— de gtiene. travelling name 
Nomade, aflj. nomade, wandering 
Nomtennt, a4)« numbering 
Nombse, «n. number, mtutitude, fuan- 

titif^ poetical meaeure 

— carrtt eu6« 

— pair ou impair, epeH or odd number 

— d'or, golden number « 
Nombrer, va. to number, eount, reckon 
Noaibreax» euae» adj. numetvus 
Nombril* ■nu navel 

Nome, am. jjeem* hymn, law 
Nomendateur, sm. nomenehOor 
Nomendature, sf. nwnendature, tablet 

Hat, trdtabularp 
Nomie, sf. mM, law 
Nominal* e, ftdj. nominal, not real 
Nominafiidre, tm. nominee, preeentee 
Nominatcur, im. advowee, patron 
Nomiaatif, am. nominative ease 
Nominadoii» «f. nomination, advoweon 
Nominativement, adv. nominallif 
Nomna^, e, a^j. named, called 
Nominraient, adv. namefy, epecially, 

partieularfy, b§f name 
Nommcr, va. to name^ nominate, call 

— ton autenr, to mention or give up 
on^M auUieHttf 

ae — , vr. to be called by name 
Nompareil* Ic, »i§. nuUchlees, having no 

equal, incomparable, unparaVelw 
NomnamUe>a£. nonpareil, kind qfapple^ 

crimp riband, email tugar^um 
Non* adv* no, not; pair oa — , odd or 

event ni md — plvu, nor I neither 

— pitti, no mere 

— pas, i'il vous plait, not ee, if you pleaee 
NooAge, am. nonage, minori^ in age 
Nonafi^iMtire, adj. ninety years qfage 
NonaffCsime, adj. nonagtsimeil, noting 

the tfOTA degree of the ecliptic 
Nooante. adj. ninety . 
Nonaoii^mc, adj* ninetieth 
NoQce, am. nu$ieio, meuenger, ambets- 

sadorfrom the pope 
NonchalammcDC, adv. supinely, negli- 

gently, carelessly, indolently 
Aoncbalano^.B& supinenesa, earelese- 

nets, heedfusness, negHgenix 
NOflcbalaat, e, adj. supine, negligent, 

careless, heedless, inattentive 
nendfunn ^t me$ttigt/rom the pope 

Nonoonfwmlate, amf. noneoufbrmUst 
Nonconformity sL noneonfin-nufy 
None, tf. a^moon prayer 
—%, pi. certain days in each nwnOk ^ 

the old Roman calendar • 
Non-£cre, sf. nonentity, noneeistenee 
Nonidi, sm. ninth dayqfa decade, nu- 
merical term in the Trench repubtt- 

Nonnain, Nonne* sf. nun [gerbread 
Nonnettc, sf. young nun, kind nf gin' 
Nonobstant, prep. notwithHanding 
Non-pair, c, adj. odd, not even, unequal 
Nonpareil, le, amf. See Nomiwreil 
Non>pajrement,HD. nonpaymetU, nsf^beet 

of payment 
Non-sens, am. nonsense 
Non-aculement, adv. not only 
Nonuple, adj. ninefM 
Nonupler, va. to repeal nine timee 
Non-usa^e, am. disuse, neglect of use 
Non-valeur, sf. waste, deficiency 
Non-vuc, %(.fog, misty weather 
Nord, am. the north 
Nonl-etc, sm. north-east 
Nord-ouest, am. north-west 
Normaod, e, amf. Norman .• r^ndre m. 

—, to give an evasive answer 
—, e, «dj. Ntjrman, cunning, crqftu 
Normal, e, adJ. normal, according to 

square or rule, perpendic%iUn; teach' 

ing first pHnciplesi icole — , normal 

or fnodefsdtod, seminary fitr training 

Nos, prpQ. pL our [ness 

Noubilitii, sf. notableness, remarkable- 
Notable, smf.per«>n 4^fdistinction,note, 

infiuence, or rank 
-^, adj. notable, remarkable, eminent, 

memortMe, ear«JkU, bustling 
Noublement, adv. notably, memorably 
Notables, sm. pL nobles^ ehi^mmt 
Notaire, am. notary, person who attests 
Noummcat, adv. especially Iwritings 
Notariat, am. business of a noXary • 
Notail^, e, adj. notarial 
Note, at; note, mark, token, remark, 

annotatiwi, short hint, reputation, 

bri^letter, tune, character in mueie 
Noter, va. to note, mark, observe, set 

down, remark, teks notice 

— d'infamie, to brand, disgrace 

— un air, to ti;rtto the notes of a tune 
Noteur, am. one who copies musie 
Notice, sf. notice, remark, obserwUisn, 

ir^/brmation, intelligenee, account 

— de la Grande Bretaane, present etate 
Hf Great Britain 

Notification, sf. notiHeation,declaratien 
Notifier, va. to notify, make known 
Notion, tt. notion, thought, idea, opfi» 

eeption, sentimetU, opinion 
Noioire, adj. notorious, evident to the 

world, publieUf known 
Nocoiremcnt, adv. notorioutly, openly 

publicly, manifestly 
Notori^tft, af. notoriety, public know. 

isdge or ei^osttre 

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Iffltre, pron. ourg le — * U >-» let — •, 

<nm, Atfr own, our people 
Notiedame* sf. the Virgin Mwnf 
Noue^ sf. pantUCf tile, peuture-gromnd 
Nou^, «, adj. tied; enfant —, rieketjf 
chiU i pitee <le tb^Aone bi«n — c, a dra- 
matic piece well plotted 
Nouemenw >(n. act oftping- 
Noucr, va. to tie, knit, join, knot 
te — , vr. to-set, knit, grow knotty 
Noueux, euw, artj. knottp,JuUofknot» 
Noulei, sm. gutter, channel 
Nourissan, am. act offieding, rearing 

Ofoatne, grazing 
NottrisNur, am. cow-keeper \iM 

Nourrain, tin. young fry, fiih for breed- 
Nourrice, sf. nuree, wetnuree 
Nourricier, smf. nouriahir, foster father 
^, \kn, adj. nutritive, nourishing 
Nounrir, ra. to nouriat,feed, suckle, in- 
struct, rear, maintain, bring up 
St —, vr. to live or food upon 
NourrUsant, e, adi. nourishing 
Nourriason, smt fi}ster-child 
Nourriture, sf. nourishment, food 
Nous, pron. we, us, to ue 
liovkveBu, Nouvel, le, a^j. new, recent 
— , adv. new, newty t de — , again 
Nouv«aut^, sf. newness, novelty, inno- 
vation f des —8, netv books, fashions 
Nouvelle, sf. news, tidings, a novel 
Nouvellement, adv. newly, recently 
NouveUiste, sm. novelist, newsmonger 
Novalct sf. land newly ploughed 
—8, pi. tithes taken of new-ploughed land 
Novateur, cm. innovator 
•Novation, sf. noiMi^tW, change qf title 
Novembrc, sm. November 
Kovke, smf. novice, probationer 
— , adj. raw, inexperienced, unskitted 
Novicut, sm. novitiate, pn^HOion 
Noyade, sf. act of drowning 
Nojrale, sf. hemp-ehthfin' making saUs 
Novau, sm. stone of a fruit, mould, core 
— d'uD escaUer, Me spindle of a winding 

Voji, e, a4). drowned i un homme — 
de dcties, a man over head and ears 
in debt/ yeux .— s de larmes, eyes 
swimming in tears 
Noyer, sm. walnut-tree 
— , va. to drown, put underwater, ruin 
•— les couleun, to mix the colours 
— UD hAtiment, to lose sight of a vessel 

by degrees 
te — , vr. to be drowned, droton oneself 
Ntt» sm. naked part in sculpture, ar- 

diiteeture, and painting 
—, e, adi. naked, plain i ep6e —, drawn 

sword f k — > adv. openly, bare 
Ntt-pleds, adj. bar^fi)oted 
Nu-t6te, adj. bar^eaded 
Nuaice, sm. doud, mist, dcwkness 
Noageux, euse, adj. cloudy, muddy, dull 
NuauoD, sf. trade wind, monsoon 
Nuance, A shade, gradation of colours 
Noanc^, e, «dj' thtSed, variegated 
Vnasteer, va. to shadow, blend colours 

NttUle, adj. ntMle, marrtagealblo 
Nubility, sm.stateofbeingmarriageiMe 
NudH^, sf. nudity, nakedness 
Nue, sf. doud, sky, heaven f fkhreaauter 

aux —*, to provoke beyond patience 
Nu^, ;f. cloud, crowd, multitude; une 

— de fldches, a shower of arrowe 
— de barbares, swarm of barbarians 
Nuer, va. to shadow, doud, darken 
Nuire, vn. to hurt, annoy, wrong, pre- 
judice, injure, offisnd 
Nuisible, adj. hurtfM, prejudirial 
Nuit, sf. n^fht, night-time, darkneut 
bonnet de — , ni^ttap t il se tidt — , 
night common; de — , adv. bp night; 
k — ferm^-, at the dose of night; k 
— fermante, at night-fall 
Nttitamment, adv. in the night 
Nuit^, sf. a nighfs expense at an inn, 

a nighfs work 
Nul, le, smf. et pron. none, not one, no- 
body; un homme—, a fool, nonentity 
— , le, adj. no, null, void, useless 
Nulle, sf. cipher {0), an arithmetieal 

figure, something that has nofbrce 
Nuliement, adv. 5y no means, not at att 
NuHe-part, adv. nowhere 
Nullum, sf. nullity, error, flaw 
NikmenC, adv. plainly, wUhout disguise 
Numeraire, sm. spede, ouft, nsotiey 
— , adj. numerary 
Numeral, e, adj. numeral 
Num^rateur, sm. numerator 
Num^ratiou, sf. numeration 
Nnmdrique, adj. numerical, ntanerat 
Num^riquement, adv. numerieoBf, ex- 

adbf, in precise number 
Numero, sm. number, mark 
Num^rouge, sm. act of ticketing, by 
numbertng or putting en the number 
Num^roter, va. to mark with a mtntber 
Numismate, sm. ant^uary, or one who 

is versed in medals and coins 
Numismaiique, adj. f>simt«fiw(fe, con- 
cerning medals and coins 
Nuptial, e. adj. nuptial, bridal 
Nuque, sf. nape of the neck 
Nutation, sf. nutation; movemeni of the 

axis of the earth 
Nutritif, ive, adj. nutritive, nutritiaws 
Nutrition, sf. nutrition, nouri^mwni 
Nympbe, sf. nymph, chrysalis 
—e, pi. nymphes, in onotomir 


O, sm. the fifteenth letter ef tha mUha 

bet; cipher, a eharaeterhk numb*Ts; 

€?est un — en chiffire, heis a meredpher 
01 inter;. 0/ oht s^ oftha woeotlve 

ease, tn grammar 
Oasis, sm. oasis, fisrtile spot in « desert 
Ob^ienoe, sf. tMdienee, ssOmiissien 
Ob^ientid, le, a^j. obediential, rebttng 

to obedience 
Obfir, vn. to sftuKtaM^tiiW 

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ObHrk-i^iane, i9 mdtmk to atiftriar 

Ob&sMDce, if. obtdienee, wmpUatim 

Ob^iMttie, e, adjr ahedient, mtbmiaaino 
Ob^9qiie» MO. ubetUk, jiyramtd 
Gb6rer,vm.tofunintotMt I 

Oh^^si^mf.9bt$Uif»fiUti«**fCorp$U»ne0 i 
Obier 9U Autrier, md. $nouhmUt, tap, mjj^ 

nOuiUme^behomnutree and U» bark 
Qbic, im. iibit^fimumltoiKmtniv 
Obituairc, im. obitiMMy, regittgr of the 

dead, person entiUedtou eiiuation on 

the death of another 
Objccter, va. to obfeet, urge againatt re- 

Obsenratoln, im. obeero at ertf 
Obsorer, va. fo oheeroot wtOeht netot 
take notice, regard, remark, prao' 

proaeh, oppote, i^firr in oppoeiiion 
bjectifp tm. Meet-tdaee, glaeo in a 

Objectify , ^ „ 

optieal imetnOHeta neartet the ^eet 
—, ive, mdj. otieetime, ideal 
Objectadu, sf. otifeetionpfiuiitjimnd, ad- 

veroe argument 
Ob)ec, Kn. obfoet, aim, atotioe, design 
— de ris^» iaughing^oek, ot^ct ofri- 
QtilaMionr*ryobitttion, altering Idtetffe 
Ob\ig»sion, af. obtigationf (iuty, bond 
(>bli«a»oirc, a4i. obligatorp, binding 
Ob1i«^, ■m. bondof indemnity, indettture 
Ublurnunnent* adr. obtigintf^, cieUijf 
Obliireancc, sf. obliging dispoiition 
Obligeanc, c, arij. obiiginf, kind, civil 
Obli^er, va. to oblige, bind, conetrain 
i'— , vr. to help one another 
Obliqae, adi. oblique, indirect, deviating 

from a nghi Une, immarai, Uf^uet 
Obtiqucai^it, ai4v. oblique^, aekint 
Obliqolu^ sf. obiiquitif, deviation from a 

rijght Hne orfwm moral rectitude 
Oblk^rer, va. to obliterate, rffdce, erase 
Oblong ncadj. oblong, longer than broad 
Obole. s£ ottUue, ancient Athenian coin 
Obacine, adj. obeeene, indecent, fiUhy 
Gb&cixaiU, sf. ebuenity, indeeenty 
Obscur, e, adj. (Retire, dark, gloomjf* 

abstruee» unknown, uninteHigible 
OtMcurmnc, •m. onetoho oppose* inatrue- 

tion or the dieeemination of knowledge 
ObacuFai»ciatne» am. act of oopomng the 

dieaeminntUm of knowledge 
Obscurcir, va. to ebeeure, darken, dim, 

oueteaet» eoneeal, perple* 
«*— , vr. togroto dark, gloomp 
Obscurcissemeot, sm. obeeuration, act 

Obscur^menc, adv. obeiurefy, darkly 
Obscart^ rf. obeeurittf, darkneee 
06s^crmtion» sf. entreaty, eupplieation 
ObsMer, vm. to beeetf cneod (Mbout one, 

anfw/ft haraee, plague, be troubleeome 
Oba^qucs, sf. pi. iAeequiee,fiinerai ritee 

and eolemnitiee 
Obs^uimix* suae, adj. obeequieue, obe- 

dUintt eomjriiant, eomplaieant, enrvile 
Observable, mL obaerv(Ale, remarkable 
Observance, A ebeervanee, respect, at- 
tention, reeerenee, religious rite 
Observ»ceur, crioe, smfc observer 
Observation, sf. obeervatien, note, ani- 

->, vr. to 6e upon on^s guard, be watd^' 

fill of oneself, eircumepeet, cautious 

Obsidkmal. e, adj. obsidwnal, belonging 

Obstacle, sm. obetaele, hinderanee, bar 
Obstinatlon, sf. obstinacy, contumacy 
Obstin^, e, adj. obstinate, stwMMrn 
Obscio^ment, adv. obetinately, inAi'xibly 
Obstiner, va. to make or render eostinoH 
t'—, vr. to persist, be eb/dinate 
I Obstructif, ive, adj. ebstruetive, hinder^ 
I ing, stopping 
Obstruction, sf. tibstruction, hinderanee, 

etoppage, obstacle 
Obstrad, e, ttjj. ebfdrueted 
Obsiruer, va. to obstruct, hinder, btoek 

up, stop, impede, retard, bar 
Obtcmp^rvr, vn. to ftbtemper, obey, sulh 

mit to a decision, used in law 
Obtenir, va. to obtain, gain, procure, 

reach, acquire, get, prevail 
Obtention, sf. getting, obtaining 
Obcas, e, adj. obtuse, dull, etupid 
Obus, sm. howitzer, enuUt bond) 
Obasier, sm. kind of mortar, howltter 
Obvers, sm. obv»'se side of a coin 
Obvier, vn. to obviater prevent, remove 
Occasion, sf. occasion, opportunity, in- 
cident, eaeualty, reeurrencn, need 
Oocasionnel, Ic, adj. occasional, casual 
Occasionnellement, adv. occasionally 
Ocoasionner, va. to occasion, cause 
Occident, sm. accident, the west 
Occfitentai, e, adj. eeevie >tal, western 
Occipital, e, edy occipital, in the hinder 
part of the head Ihead 

Occiput, sm. oeeiput, hinder part of the 
Occirtf, va. to slay, kill, murder 
Ocdsion, sf. murder 
Oeciaeur, sm. slayer, killer, murderer 
OccuteatioD, sf. oceuitation, hiding, the 
time a star or planet is hid from sight 
Occulte, adj. oeeult, secret, hidden, un- 
known, undieeuvered 
Oocupaat, e, smf. occupant, posseieor 
— , e, adi. occupying, possessing 
Occupation, sf. oc^tpation, business, em- 
plMfment, trade, possttssion ; avoir 
de 1 — , to be busy, haof uork 
Oceuptf, e, adj. busy, taken up 
Oocuper, va. to occupy, take up, employ, 

poseeee, hold, inhahit, attend 
— , rru to plead 

if—, vr. to 6My oneeelf, pay attention 
Ooeurrsnoe, sf. oeeurrenee, emergency 
Occunrent, e, adj. oceurrintr, incidental 
Oc^u, sm. ocean, the main, the sna 
Ocre, sm. ochre^ ferruginous earth 
Octant, sm. quadrant 
Octante, adj. eighty 
Octantiime, adj. etghtieth 
Octave, sf. octave, an interval of etght 
eounde, the eighth day after a flsetivat 
—, a4}. oe tam, demUngef ' ^ 


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OcUvine, sf. trnaU spinet 

Ocuvo, sm. octavo, mid of book* hminff 

eight leave* in each aheet 
Octidi, sm. eighth day of a decode <n the 

Vteneh republican calendar 
Octobrr, »m. October [age 

OctOK^naire, tmf. pereon eighty yeare of 
—« adj. octogenarvt eighty year* e^age 
Octogonc, im. odagong a fyure qfe^ht 

angiea and eidee 
-^t «4). octagontUiOctangular 
Octroi, Mn. grant, city-ttM, excite 
Octroyer, r*. to grant, bestow 
. Octuple, adj. octuple, e^tjbld 
Octupier, va. to repeat eight time* 
Oculuire, adj. ocular i temoin — > eye- 

wOneees vcnc —,eyegUue 
Oculaiiement, adv. ocularly, 1^ the eye 
Oculiste, sm. oculist, on fekiUed in tU»' 

ease* of the eye 
Ode. tf. ode, lyric poem, song 
Odcur, sf. odour t scent, perfume 
Odieusement, adv. odiou*fy, hatefully 
Qdiouz, ctise, adj. odiuu*, hateful 
CMomitre ou Compte-pas, sm. nutriner^* 

Odoutalgict sf. odonta^fia, toothache 
Odontalitique. if. odontay[ic, a remedy 
far toothache [ache 

— , adj. odontalgic, pertaminff to tooth- 
Odontologie, sf. odontology, the breeding 

of the teeth 
Odorant, c, adj. odorou*. firagant 
Odorat, sm. smeU, act of smelling 
Odorer. ya. to smell 
Odoriferanft, e, adj. odoriferous, sweet- 

smelling, fragrant 
Odyai^, sf. the Odyssey, a poem 
OScum^otque, adj. CKumenical, general 
CEil« sm. eye, eyesight, bud, ghssi vin 
— de pCTdrix. pale wine; cnupd'^, 
glance, prospect, view, outwaM ap- 
pearances beau coup d'—, fine pros- 
■ pect f k vue d'— , adv. by the sight, 
visibly s d'un premier coup d'— •• at 
first sight; avoir 1'— sur quelqu un, 
to watch one ; avoir bon pied, bon — , 
to be vigoroiu, healthy, strong; cela 
ae voit a i'— , it is obeiotu to every- 
body; il lui a pocli^ 1'—, he gave him 
a black eye 

— de veme» artUicial or g^a*a eye 

— ^raill^, bloodehot eye 

» (yeux, pi., eyes) ; tenner \e% yeux k 
quelqu'un, to attend one'* deathbed ; 
yeux d'aigic, piercing eyes ; oouver les 

Jreux, to cast, tender -and pasrionate 
ooket divortr une chose des yeux, to 

look upon a thing with greedy eyes f 

d^vorer quelqu'un des yeux, to lotie 
, one through and through ; pour vos 

beaux yeux, for your sake 
CEillade, sf. look, ogle, leer, glanee 
>- ftfrtiv^, aly look or glance 
(Eillader, va. to glance at, took with a 

rapid or ^UUiue cast of the eye, ogle 
CBiXU, e| anij. having circles like ^es, 

mid nf various kinds efstena 

OSUl^, tf. eye-flap efa hares, «•« jbr 
^bathing the eyee/ dents — s, pi. adj. 
CEillet, sm. carttation, pink, eyelet-hole 

— poite, eweet'Wiltiam, garden-Jlowcr 
(Ewphagc* am. eesophagus, gullet 
(EXit, im. ^fff, spawn, roe ; jaune d*— « 

yolk of an egg; U tondrait sur lui — , 
he would skm a flint 

— k]aiOaq\ie,aeft-hti4led egg origin the 

— couvi, rotten or oAdie egg [iAatt 

— dor, hard-boiled egg 

— frais, new4aid egg 
(Eufa i/^), sm. pi. egge 

— au miroir,>HerieA/|i» 

— brouili^, buttered eggs 

— d'esturffeon aai^ eanare 

— de poissun, spawn offish, hard ree 

— potb^s, poached eggs 

(Eix\i, e. aiy. aatct e/ fishes having a 

hard roe 
(Euwe, sf. work, action, deed, produo' 
.tiun, worhmanehips chef d'— , mas' 
terpiece ; mettre tout en — , to leave 
no stone unturned 
—, sm. a colledion of works qf art, 
lead cotUaining eiiver i Uavaiilerao 
grand — , to seardi fiar the phUosv 
pher's stone 
Ofl^nsant. e, aiij. t^ensive, ipjurious 
OfTense, sf. qffence, abuse, outrage, sin 
Oflen*^, sm. the offended party 
OfFensery va. to qj^end, hurt, injure 
s'~, vr. to be angry, take qffettce 
Offenseur, sm. qifender, transgren*or ' 
Uficnsir, ive, vtj. t^ensivet disfdeaeing, 

disagreeable, injurious, assailant 
Offensiive, sf. qffknstveness, assault 
Offensivement, adv. offitttsively, i>ijurt- 

ouriy, displeasingly 
OfiFerte, sf. ffffering, sacrifice, obkttitin 
Offertiiire, sin. qffertory, act ofqg^ing, 
part of the cAuroft serviae chanted or 
read while the alms are collected 
Office, sm. nffiee, public charge or em- 
ploynient, busines*, duty, act of good 
or iU, ^mulary of devotion, act of 
worship, place of bueineasj foaaiat 
— ,.the inquisition 
— , sf. pantry, larder, butler^s rttam 
Official, sm. official, one who kaUe an 

office, ecdeenuticalMfdge 
OfflciaiiU, sf. qfficialty, the charge or 

wtst qfan t^ficial 
Officiant, sm. person who<ifficiatae 
—, aclj. fMeiating^ perfi^-mmg 
OAdel, le, adj. iffficial, f^rtaining to an 

office, done by autboi-ity, oondttcsiie 
Offimliemeot, adv. tffieitUly 
Offider, sm. officer, person authorized 
or commiestoned to perfbrm onjp pu^ 
lie duty, butler, upper *enmnt 
Officicr, vn. to officiate, pe^rm or dis- 
charge the duties of an tffica 
Dfficieusement. adv. tffie'oualy, kindly, 
/ obligingly, busif^, fin-ward^ 
Offlcieux, euse, adj. iffidous, kin^ «^ 
ligingtfitnmird, taeddling 

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OffhuNle, «t _ „. 
Offirant, smf. bichter : au piut — ct der- 
nier ench^rlMeur, (o the highest bidder 

Ottn, af. fj^Kfr* nnt^Srr, tender ^ propoaal \ 
Offirir, VB. to qferftender, btd, yrttfets 
Offuc^ucr, VA. to darAren, dim, dnzzte 
Qf^ve, sf. ogive or ogeet ari^ <lf a ceiling 
Ch<Te» MK* offyVt MonjtoTt gtuttan 
Ob! iat«rj. cA/ •rAv/ 
Oie, if. ^ooto, trimminge e/apparel 
— », pU^fWW 

Oignon, sm. on<on, 6W6, caUoeitp 
Oifrnonet, sm. onien-petw 
Oie^noDittc, im. onUm-plei 
Oille, sf. fl^io, o/iO, a kind i^f pottage 
Oindrr, va. to awtint, rub with oit 
Oing, *in. eart-greaee 
Oint, sm. on« coAo Ao« 6mii aiMtntod 
Oisean, no. bird,ftMol, hod 
Oiaekr, vm. Urgo a-fbwUng 
CMadeur, am. Mni<ttt^er,Jbwler 
OiseKcr, am. bird-eeUer ■ 
OiarUcric, at. act tfbird-eelling 
Oiaeux, euae, adj. idle» indolent, cardeae 
Oistf, iw, adj. idle, leieiare, Utsjf 
Oi&illoti, Bin. ponmg or httie bird 
Oiiivement, adv. <d^, indotentlg 
Oisirec^, af. idleneae, hzinee$» eloth 
Otson, am. goehngt young geoee, ninny 
OldagineuXf euse, adj. oleeufinoue, oily 
Olf^ecif, ive, Olfactofre, adj. olfieetury 
Olilian, am. ol^banumt/rmhkineenee- 
Oiibrins, am. conceited jbolt pedant 
Olff^rchie, af. oligarchy 
Oligatchlqae, adj. oligarchical 
Oliganiae, sm. partiean of an oligarchy 
Ollm, ndw formerty, in law 
OHnde, sf. Kind ofewordbiude 
Ollndcr, ra. to dmccr a eword 
Olindear, am. bully, hector 
01ivalaon» af. crop tfoiieee 
OlivAtre, ad), ulioe-coloured, tawny 
Olive, at. oUve, a fruit 
— , aai. ofine, olive green or brown 
>-s, pL oUve-beade tn architecture 
diwc, am. etive-groee 
Olivier, sm. oliw-tree 
Ologmphc, sf. wiU in the teetaier'e own 

Oiympe, rm. the sky, in poetryt.hea9en 
Oiympiade, if. Olympiad, the tpace ^ 

four ycare 
Oljmpicns. adl..m. ri. (Hympimnt relat- 

ingr f A f^e Qtyntpic gamea 
Olympfqur» adi. Olympic 
Ombetiiffere, aoj. irm6e//(/brow«, hearing 

floeoere cfthe ehape i^an umbrella 
Ointrtlic, »m. navel ti/the human body 
OmMIJea), e, a^i. umbilioal, rehttingto 

the navel 
Omtaraite, am. ahade, umbragCt euepicion 
Offlbrager, va. toehadCt awakt mietruet 
Ombraitcux* euse, adj. ^itti*h, eaid of a 

horee, euepieioue, dietruetful 
Omferai af. "hade, darkneeet tlhoet, pre- 

Ombrcp sm. game at carde, aJUk 
—%, pi. shades, in antiquity 
Ombrelic, sf. small parasol 
to shade, si 

Ombrer, va. * 

Om^a, sm. omegat last letter sf tke 

Greek alphabet, the lowest, the last 
Omelette, sf. ome^af , fried eggs 
Omcttrr, va. to omii, leave outtf)rg^ 
Omission, sf. emissUm, vefftect 
Omnlpoceucr, at, omnipotence 
OmniM:ience, at o$nniscience 
Omnivore, adU. omftivoroiM, eating ail 

torts of food, ail-devouring 
Omoplate, af. ehoulder blade 
On, rOn, pron. it, one, we, they, some- 
' body, the people 

— die, it is said, it is reported, they aay 
~ emit, it is thought, it is believed 
Onagre, smf. war-engine, wild aaa 
One, Onques, adv. neMr 
Once, smf. ounce, a wild animal of Ae 

panther kind, an ounce-weif^t 
Onodle, af. tiger from Barbary 
Oncialcs, sf. pi. kurge lettera used fir ittr 

seriptions and epitaphs in anti^Uy 
Oncle, sm. tinc(a 
Onction, sf. unction, grace f excrAmc-.* 

extreme unction, a sacrament admin' 

istered to dying persons 
OnctueuaemcDi, adv. unctuously 
Ooctueux, euse, adj. unctuvua, oUy 
Onctuosit6, sf. unctuosity 
Ondt, sf. wave, surge, bUhw, watat sea 
Ond6, e, adj. watered, wavrd, grained 
Ond^cagone, sm. undecagon, eleven a»- 

gles, in geometry 
Ond^, sf. shower, a/blt of rain 
Oodojrant, c, adj. unduiaiing, waving 
Ondojrcr, vn. to undulate, wave 
—, va. to christen in a private numner 
Ondulant, e, aii j. une^tal, said of the 

beating of the pulse * 

Ondulation, at undulation 
Onduiatoire, adj. undulatory, waving 
Ondiiler, vn. to undulate, wave 
On^reux,euse,adj.«n«r9iM, 6urdffMonM 
Ongle, sm. naU, claw, hoof of a horse t 

avoir bee et —a, to kmiw how to de- 

fend oneself ti W a de I'esprit jusqu'au 

bout d«s — s, he ie very uHttffi ropner 

Ics »« k queiqu'uD» to deprive one </ 

part nfhie peiwer, credit, or richat 
Ongl^, e, adj. armed, in hrraldry 
Ongl^, sf. numbness at the finger^ ends 
Onffict, sm. sUp of paper in books called 

a guard, sharp graver, reprinted page 
Onglecta, at email graver , 
Oniuent, am. eulve, oiMmentf c'cat da 

1^— mima mitaine, it is a chip in tte 

Ongnl^, a, adj. hoofbd, clawed 
Onomatop^, af. onomo^ope, rheUrteal 
fiarure in which the sound corr es ponds 
' with the thing spoken qf 
Ouiologfe, St. ontoingy, metanhyeles,the 

edenee of beings or ideaa in eenerat 
Ontologiqiie, adj. ontohgic, entolorieai 
Onjrx, an. onya, dear and v a luab l e gem 

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Onie. sm. the eleventh, number eleven 

— , adj. efcwin 

Onsldme, toi. the Seventh part 

— , arlj. eleventh 

^ten^memcnt, adv. in the eleventh plaee 

OfMuit^* sf. opacity t darkneet, t^eeure- 

neut want o/tranmareney 
Opslc, %t opal, a preeioue atone 
Opaque, aoj* opav*^t dark, cbecure 
Op^a* tm. opera, opera-hoiue, difficult 

thin/r, moaterpieee 
Op^mteur, trice, »vnf. operator, quack 
Operation, sf. operation, a/rencp, ^ct 
Op^rer, v«. et vn. to operate, act, work, 

mana/re, do, produce iiffiBcte 
Ophite, sm. ophites, stone resembling a 

serpent, porphury marble 
— , adj. ophite, serpentine 
Ophthiilmle,sf. ophthalmia, ophthatmp, 

a disease tffthe eyes 
Ophtfaalmiiiue, a^. ophthalmic 
Ophthalmographie, tf. nphthalmograwiy 
Opiac^t c, adj. containinff opium [sleep 
Opiat, stn. opiate, medicine that muses 
0|>ilacir, ivc, a'lj. oppilative, obstruetioe, 

apt to obstruct 
Ofdiatlon, sf. opfMatim, obstruction 
Opiler, va. to oppiMe, obstruct, heap up 

Opinanc, sm. voter, ophuttor 
Opiner, vn, to vtde, give one's opinion 
— da bonnet, to vote as others do 
Opinifttre, smf. opiniator, opinionatist, 
person stiff in obstinate in an opinion 
— , adj. opitJlative, nbuHnate, stiff, stub 
bom, inflexible, wedtM to an opinion 
OpIniAtrmient. adv. opinionately, obsti- 
nately, stubbornly, conceited^ 
OpiniAtrer, va. to ttpiniate, 

stinately or inflexibly 
^—, vr. to be obstinate or show obsti- 
naOf in any matter, be bent upon it 
Oplniiiret^, sf. opiMonativeness, obsti- 
nacy, stubbornness 
Opinion, St. opinitm, vote, belief, judg 
ment, notion, pereuasion, sentiments 
prrndre les — s, to take the sense sf a 
meeting, put it to the vote 
Opium, sm. opium, Juiee o/poppies 
Opponun, e, adj. opportune, seasonable 
Opportunity, St. opportunity, fit time 
Opfiosant, e, adj. opposing, inverse 
Oppose, e, smf opposite, adversary, an- 
tagonist, enemy, reverse side 
— , e, adj. opposite, flieing, contrary 
Opposer, va. to oppose, hinder, resist, 

act against, obstruct, objttct 
sf— , vr. to be against, be contrary to 
Opposite, smf. opposite, antagonist 
— , a4j. opposite, fiieing each other/ k 

1'—. adv. opposUe, over against 
Opposition, St. opposition, hostile reslst- 

aneSf eonttfinety, contradiction 
Opprcsser, va. tooi^^ress, crush by hard- 
^fhi p or severity, overpower 
Oppnissaur, sm. oppressor, tyrant 
Oppitssif, fve, adj. oppressive, cruel, ty 
nmnieal,grlevous, lmnUnMom0,lwaivy 

I Oppression, vf.oppressbm, s ev e r It jf, hart- 
I ship, cruelty, dulness, lassitude 
! — de poicrine, suffitcation 
! Opprim^, e, adj. upprdssei, overpowered 
Opprimer, va. to oppress, persecute 
I Opprobre, sm. ttpprebfium, disgrace, re 

proaeh, infitmVf shame, ignominy 
Optatif, sm. optative mood, in grammar 
—i ive, ady. optative, expressive ofdaekte 
' Opter. va. to optate, ckuoee, vouthjor 
Opiicien, sm. optician 
Optimisme, sm. optimi»m, the doctrine 
that every thing in nature is ordered 
Jor the best iHmiem 

Optimiste, sm. optimist, beliener tft op- 
Option, sf. option, choice, wieh 
Optique, sf. optic, organ <^ vieicn, opti- 
cal instrument ^tr aiding the sight 
— , adj. optic, optical, visual, reSuing 

to sight or the science ef optics 
Opulemment, adv. opulently, riddy 
Opulence, sf. opulence, opulency, riches, 

wealth, affluence, abundance 
Opulent, e, adj. opulent, ridk, affluent 
Opuntia, sf. opuntia, cochineal plants 

Opuscule, sm. gpuscule, a small soork 
Or, conj. but, now, and 

— 9a, now, well now 

— sus, come on, come tnoay 

Or, sm. gold,' d'—, a'H. of gold, golden ,• 
il parted'—, he talks ftnelys tfest de 
V— en barre, it is as good ms ready 
money t acheter au polds de 1'—, to bny 
very dear ; %txt tout couso' d'— , to be 
very rich s tout ce qui reluit o'eat p%s 
— , all is nut gold that gKtterss da 
Jours fil^ d*— et de sole, a very happy 
"Ml cnqui I le, fi*ater or sheU gold {fife 

— trait, gt. Id-wire 

— vierge, native gold 
Oracle, sm. oracle, eage 

Orage, sm. storm, tempest, fnmrieune, 

broil, tumult, quarrel 
Oraseux, euse, adj. stormy, 
Oralson, sf. oration, public speech 

— dominicale, the tiaras prayer 

— fvknbyxn, funeral oreOwn • 
Oral, sm. veil used by the pope 
— , e, adj. oral, spoken, verbal, .. 

unwritten, traditional, literal 
Orange, sf. orange 
Orangd, sm. oramr 
— , e, a/ij. orange-coloured 
Orangeade, sf. or at ^ g vOie t bet 
Orangeat, sm. canmed orange peel 
Oranger, sm. orange-tree 
Orangerie, sf. orangery, plantailon ef 

orangetrees, orange-house 
OrangK>utang,.sm. emrangouiang 
Orateur, sm. orator, spokesman 
Oratoire, sm. oratory, private ehapei 
—, ad t. oratosical, etoquent, dignglad 
Oratotrement, adv. like an erater 
Oratmien, sm. OratoHan, a member ^ 

the religious order of ike Orofpry 
Oratorio, sm. r^l^me dtmma or uiiihui t 

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{ktbt,tm*orb,j^t^,eirde,9ph0r0i coup 

— , heavtf blowt hruUe, eonttuiun 
—, adj. bniiaed, Mured 
OrbicuUire, a4i- •r&tcufar, rcund 
OrbicuIaiKinent, adv. apherictUly 
Orbite, sf. wbUt toeket of the eye 
Orcbestiqur, st; art t^f dancing 
—t adj. b^limging to dancing 
Orchestre, sm. orchettrat mtteic-roem 
Ord, e, »ii. nasty, filthy ' 
Ordalie, sf. ordeal^ trial by j^ or water 
Ordinaire, sm. piet, eourieri an ordi- 
nary , daily fare t common u'oy , aUow- 
ariee of wine or oate; kV—t adv. as 
usual i u'->, pourl'— , usually » mostly 
— , adj. ordinary t eomnum, vultcar 
Ordinairement, adv. ordinarily, us^alfy 
Ordinal, ai(j. ordinal, denoting order 
Ordina.nd, sm. candidate ftr holy orders 
Ordinatioii, sf. ordination, act ftf ordain- 
Ordo, tm. directory, service-book Jing 
Onlonnance, sf. ordinanee, law, rule, 

warrant, appointment 
Ordonaancer, va. to give an order 
Ordonnateur, tm. director, disposer 
Ordonner, va.-toorder» preseru/e, enjoin 
Ordre, am. order, method, regular die- 
poeiiidn, proper state, mandate, pre- 
cept, doss, system o/verchitet^ure / en 
•oos — , adv. in subordination to an- 
other i mettre «n — , to set to rights 
Ordure, sf. ordure, dung, fiUh 
— i, pi. lewdness, loj-dviousnese 
Ordurier, i^re, smf. indecent talker 
—, situ dust basket or pan 
—, e, mdj,full of ribaldry or obscen&y 
Or^, sf. s^rts of a wood 
OreilUurd, t, adj. wide-eared, lap-eared 
Oreille, sf. ear; avoir li— dure, to be hard 
of hearing t prater 1*—, to listen, give 
heed to, give ears faire la sourde — , 
to turn adeafeart avoir la ^mce a !'->, 
fo frH, be jpeeoitft, be uneasy / il se 
flt un peu tirer V—, he was somewhat 
shy : chatouiller l'~, to tickle the ear 
—a, pi. ears ; Ics mundUes ont dea — s, 
tpetlle have earss f rotter Ics — s a 
quelqu'un. to give one a s&und drtib- 
bing i &rhauiFer lea — >, to provoke 
Or^leHl'ours, sf. the plant auriettla 
Orelller, tm.j»Hlow 

Orefllette, n. tturiele pf the heart, ring 
or taire for the ears [cation 

Oreillon eei Orillon, un. species of fin^flr 
— s, pL parts of leaves, in botarw. 
Or^ua, am. prayer, eoUect, oHaon 
Oritvre, %tti,j(ousmilh 
Orf^vrerie, at trade or wares cf a goid- 

sntiVi emd silversmith 
Ortrale, tf. screech-owl 
Orfroi, am. broad welts <\fgoId 
Organe, an), organ, natural instrument 

of action, musical instrument 
Orgaaique, adj. organic, organicai 
OrgardaathHi, af. organisation,struett 
Organiaer, va. to organize, construct 
^— • vr. to become settled or fixed 
Qyyantoi^ am. organieaA stru^wt 

(^rganiste, am. organist 
Organsin, sm. sort of twisted sUk 
Ortransioer, vn. to twist silk 
Oivasme, sm. orgasm, 4 

ment, strong emotion 
QiTje, sf. baHey 
— mondd, peart barley 
Orgeat, sui. orgeat, liquor extracted flvm 

arley and sweet cUmonds 
Orgks, sf. pL orgies, frantic revels 
Or^e, am. s^ng. ou Orgues, sf. pL organ, 

musical instrument, portcuuis , 
Orgueil, sm. pride, Iq/iy look, arrogance 
OrgueilteUsement, adv. proudly, loftily 
Oijpieilleux, cuse, adj. proud ,.haughty 
Oncnt, sm. the east 

—, adj. orient, rising, as theetin, east- 
ern, bright 
Oriental, e, adj. oriental, eastern 
Orientalist«, sm. ori^talist, native of the 

east, one'versed tn oriental learning 
Orientaux, sm. pi. eastern nations 
Oiisnt^, e, i^^, facing the east 
Orienter, va. to set towards the east 
s'— , vr. to consider or endeavour to find 

out where one is ' 

Orifice, sm. orifice^ an opening 
Oriflamme. sf. onfiamb, ancient roffol 

standard of France 
Origan,.sm. u^ild marjoram, a plant 
Originaire, adj. originary, primitive 
—a, sm. pi. natives 

Originairement, adv. originally, at first 
Original, smi original, beginning, fijst 

copy, source, archetype, oddjiltow 
—, e, adj. original, primitive,*new 
Originalemcnt, adv. originedl^, primu- 
Ori^nalit^, sf. originality \rity 

Origine, sf. origin, beginning, fimntain, 

source, descent, cause 
Ori£:\ncI, le, adj. original, primitive 
Originellemenw ikdv.^primmvely 
Orin, sm. buoy-rope of an anchor 
Orion, sm. Orion, a constellation 
Orlc, sm. orle, kind of fillet round an 

heraUHe shield 
Oxme, am. elrh-tree 
Ormeau, tm. young dm 
Ormille, am. nursery fbr elms 
Ormoie, sf. grove or plantation cfebes 
Ome, sm. wild ash-tree 
Ornement, sm. ornament, -decoration, 

embellishment , 
Onier, va. fo adorn, embellish, decorate 
s'— , vr. to adorn oneself 
Omi^re, sf. rut of a wheel 
Omithologie, sf. ornithology 
Omitbologiste ou Ornithblogne, sm. or- 

nitholt^t, one versed in omitholo/ai 
Oraithomance ou Omithomande, sf. or- 

nithomancy, divination by birds 
Orobe, St. heath or wood pease 
Orpailleur, sm. goU searcher 
Orphelin, c, smf. orphan 
— , e, adj. orphan, oer^ of parents 
Orphan, sm. fiuirdy-gurdy, musical in- 
strument with keys 
Qr|dmento« Orpin, am. orpiflMft^ ■ 

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Orque, •£ ore, »«a-fi9ht tpteie* i^fmhak I 

Oneillei sf. white mau 

Oiteil, im. toe 

Orthodoxe, smt |Mr«on towtd in religi- 

• otM opinum ar doctrine I 

— , a4j. orthodos, tound'in doctrine, 4e. 

Orthodoxie, if. orthodoxy » soundneet cf ^ 

doctrine or fv/MrioM optnjon 
Orthodromie, sf. orthodron^, art qfeaii- ' 

tn/r w a atmiffht couree 
Orthoepfe, sf. orthoepy, correct pronun- 

eiation of words 
Ortho^piste, sm. orthoepiH [ing 

Ortbographe, sf. orthography, art ofapeU- 
Onbogrdjphie, sf. orthography, the eutffa- 

tion of a building delineated 
Ortbognphier, va. to epell correct^ 
Orthographique« adj. orthographical I 
Ortbographistc, smr. orth<^(raphiet 
Ortbop^ie> sf. orthopedia, art of curing 

natural defurmitiee 
Ortie, «f. nettle, a plant ; rowel, iatuet 

Jeter le froc aux •—%, to renounce one's 

profeeaion, throw <iJf one's gown 
Ortive, adj. ortive, rising of a star 
Ortolan, im. ortolan, delicate small bird 
Orvi^n,8aa. orvietan, antidote against 

poisons marchand d*— , un. qitack, 

vender of spurious drugs 
O*, sm. bone ,* laisser un — a ronxer k 

auelqu'un, ^o let one have a goodj^tb; 

il ne tera pas de vieux.— # he wilt not 

die in an otd skin 

— de la cuisse, huckle or hip bone 

— de la jambe, shin, fare part of the leg 

— de r^paule, shoulder-blade 
OKiUatioo, 9X,,oscillation, vibration 
Oidllatoire, adj. oscillatory, swinging, 

vibratory, nuwing to and fro 
Osciller, vn. to oscillate, vibrate 
Oxltante, adj. oscitanty yawning.slug- 

gish, sleepy [twean given curoes 

Oieulateur, sm. mculatum, contact, be- 
€hi, e, adj. daring, bold, rash 
OseiUc, sf. sorrel, a vlant < 

OKr, vn. to dare, defy, challenge, have 

courage for any purpose 
Oseraie, sf. plantation of osiers 
Osier, sm. osier, water willow 
Oiselet, sni. "oatelet,, small bone, callus, 

inside of a horse's knee 
Osscmens, sin. pi. bones of the dead 
Osseux, euse, adj. ossfoua, bony [bMM 
QssiAcatiou, sf. ossification, change into 
Ossifier, vn. to ossify, become bone 
Ossifique, adj. osstfic, having pouter to 

change into or become bone 
Ossifjrague, sf. ossifrage, kind of eagle 
OssiUon, sm. ossicle, small bone 
Ossivore, adj. ossivorous, devouringbonee 
On, sm. host, army, multitude 
Ostensible, adj. ostensible, apparent 
Ostensibleraen t.adv. ostenpMy, plausibly 
Ostensoir ou Ostensoire, sm. the remote 

Hrance, silver utensil in Roman Oct- 

tholie churches 
Ostentation, .vf. ostentation, ambitious 

display, vain parade, WLtward show 

Ott4oo(Ae, st o^eoeoUa, kinda/Murmmi 

Jbr bringing on a callus in Jrmetuswd 
Ost^ooope, sm. pain in the bostee [possm 
OstdolMie, sf. osteology 
Ostrac6, e, adj. ostraceoue 
Ostradsme, sm. ostracism, oaseingMat- 

tence by ballot or votes marked esisheU* 
Ostradte, sf. ostracites, the cysUar m it* 

Jbseil state 
Ostrogoth, sm. Osfro^A, barbmrloH, 

igmraut pers<m, fifOlishfiUow 
Otage, sm. hostage, one given inpledK» 
Oialgie, sf. otalgia, earache .[mAe 

Otalgique, adj. otalgia, relatittg t» oar- 
Ot^, prepi except, save, but'. 
Oter, VA. to take away, remove, deprive, 

cut or puU vff 

— la peau, to strip or peel q^ the ettin, 
pare qffthe rind 

— de force, to extort, take byjbree 
s*— , vr. to remove, get away 
Ottoman, e, adj. Ottoman, balongis^g te 

the Turks or the Grand Seignior 
Ottonoane, sf. st^fa, couch, ' * 

Ou, ooQJ. or, either 
Oil, adv. else, where, whither, 

in which, to what 
Ouaicbe, sm. track of a ship 
Ouailles, sf. pit Christian congregation, 

parishioners, pastnr's charge, Jkteki 

chores — , dearly beloved brethrem 
Ouias! interj, heyday I lack-a dagi 
Ouate, %L wadding 
Ouater, va. to line with wadding 
Oubier, sm. sort of falcon 
Oubli, tnufotgetjfiilness, oblivion 
Oubliimce, sf. amnesty, rer ' 

punishment, forgetfkUness 
Oublie, sf. wafer, Jhin cake 

Oobli^, e, aiij. neglected, fori, 

Oublier, va. to firget, leave ttnt, omit, 

pass by, neglect 
s'— , vr. to forget oneself, neglect on^s 

own concerns, fait in on&s duty 
Oubliettes, sf. pi. dungeons t^ demA 
Oublieur, sm. w^^fiar-maker or 
Oublieux, euse, mj, ,fitvgetj\tl, 
Ouest, sm. west 

Oufl intcrj.O/ phoi humph i 
Oui, adv. yes, ay 
Oui^ik, adv. yes indeed, yes, pee 
Oui dire, sm. hearsay, rumour, 
Ouie, si the sense of hearing 
— s, pi. the gills, organs ofre^s ir a t inn 
Ouir, va. to hear, listen to, overhear 
Ouragan, sm. hunicane, tempest, afan 
Ourdir, va. fo uarp, contrive, plot 
Ottrdissage, sm. act of warping yam 
Ourdisaoir, sm. weaver's beam 
Ourdissure, sf. warp, act t^f warping 
Ourler, va. to hem 
Ourlet* sm. hem, border ofa^ 
Ours, sm. betw, rude fellow 
Ourae, sf. she-bean la grande — , the 

great bear, ursa majors c vn vteB v t imn 
Oursio, sm. seahed^ehog 
Oursine» e, adj. prickly, thonw 
Ouninios, tm. pL a tpeeiee t/hemm 


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4hnriDB. Mn. bear's etd>, potmg bear 
Cktfvwi, sm. a ery*oecJibaek the doge 
Osottd^ sf. bkutard Iwhen hunUng 
OxtudmM, inv pnung bustard 
OutU, sm. tool, implement 
Oatill^, e, mi^.Jumiehed with toole 
Oatiller, va. ta furnish with tools 
Otttnge^'mL outrage, atrocious injury 
OutrageaQt, e, wi j. outrageous, abusive 
Outngcr* va. to affront m the g rosse s t 

manner, ahuee, outrage, injure 
OHtr^lBim mcHt, adv. outrageosuiif 
Otttn^«ux» CUM, adj. outrageous 
Ootnnoe, adv. extreme, to the utmost 
Oatre, sf. leather bottle or budget 
-r, *tT. further, anyjitrther ■ 
— , prepi besides, beyond, moreover; d'>- 

en — » throu^ and through 
■— et ^pajde^us, over and at^oe 

— que^ con'u'besides that 

Oacjr^ e, eOi. incensed, vexed, fin-ious, 
extravagant, excessive, overstrained 

— d« doaleur, grieved to the very heart 

— deeoi^re, stung with passidn [tremes 

— en tout, he carries every thing to ex- 
Oatneiriiance, sf. presumption, pride 
OutrecuJkbint, e* adL presumptuous 
Oatrecuid^, e, adj. firrogant, haughty 
Outr^meat, adv. eseessivdyi ^rious^ 
Outremer, spu uttramarine, sea green 
OuQvHtDcnire, adv. bffyq^d measure 
Outra pasae, sf. trespasst transgression 
Outre-passer, va. to exceedf transgress 
Outrer»va. to overwork, incense, run 

into extremes, override, fatigue 
Ouvert, e. iiA}.open,Jrfmk,free: etxnpte 
— , Tunning account; jifarce— <.adv. 
with open Jbree; chanter li livre — , 
' * -nuto etngat sight 
Ouvcrtcment, adv. openly, freely 
Oavwkore, sf. overture, opening, hole, 

aperture, opportunity, proposal 
OnvmMe <)our)» adj. working day 
Ouvnic«, am. urork, operation, produc- 
tion, eompoeition, writing 
Oavra«^ c» ad^. wrought, eSomed 
Oa^rrant, e, sA], opening; k joiur— > adv. 

by break of day . 
Ouvr^, e, adj. diapered ; linge — » dia- 
per s cuivre •— , wrought copper 
Ovkvrer,yn. to work, labour Itheatre 
Oartenr, case, stnf. box keeper at the 
Ouvrfer, i^, smf. artificer, labourer, 

toarkmani author, maker 
—e, pL artificers in ditek yards, riggers 
Ouvrir, va. to open, begin, spend 

— I'aiip^t, to give an appetite 

— lea jneox, to be undeceived or ttndeceive 

— nn avis, to move or start an opinion 
— , Til. to open, disdmse • 
a'—, vr. to open, bud, diseJoswqneself 
Owmir, sm. working-plaee, worksfwp 
Ovaire, sm. ovary, in anatomy 
Ovale; sm. an oval 

~, adf. ooai, ov^ftfrm, Otaped like an ^g 
Ovation, sf. ovtUion, Rflman triumph 
Ore, woo. egg, ornament of an ooal shape. 
OvipMPib «dj. ovifMtraui 

09h*es,9Ba,jiL those who pretend A Wh 

tlerstand the generating of eggs 
Ovivore, adj. Hvmg upon egge 
OvDviviparesi sf. pi. oviparous animals 

whose eggs hati^ Hi their bodies 
Ovule, sm. part of an ovary in botany 
OxidabiMti, A liability to be a ' ^ 
Oxidation, sf.oe^o. 
Oxide, sm. «* .. 

eonMned with oxygen 
Oxig^ne, sm. oxygen or vital air 
Oxycrat, no. oxyerate, mixtureefwater 

and vinegar 
Oxygone, adj. oxigon, having all Us 

angles acute, M geometry 
Oxymel, sm. oxymel, mixture efhrn^ey 

and vinegar 
Oyant, e, smf^ hearer, in Una 
OMDe, sm. putrid ulcer of the nose 

P. sm. sixteenth lettei^ofthe alphabet 
Pacage, sm. pasture, pasture-ground 
Pacager, va. to graze, pasture, m Iomp 
Pacant, sm. eOrub, a mean person 
Pacd <in), adv. in prison for ^fit 
PachtL, sm. padta, a Turkish title 
Pachalick, sm. district under a padla 
Pacificateur, cm. pac^ictUor, pacifier 
Pacification, at pac^ffeation 
Fadfler, va. to pacify, appease 
Pacifiqcil, adj. pacific, peaceable, peace* 

fUl; la Mer -, the South Sea ^^ 
Pacifiquement, adv. peoceabi^, quietly 
Pacotille, sf. eeamans venture 
Facte, sm. pact, compact, treaty 
Paction, vL paction, agreement 
Pactiaer, vn. to covenant, in law 
Padou, sm. riband, half thread and ha^ 
Padouane, sf. antiifae medal \sim 

Pagai, Pagay, sf. paddle for a canoe 
Paganisme, sm. paganism, heathenism 
Pagayer, vn. to row a boat* paddle wi&t 

an oar 
Page, sm. page of a prince, attendant 
— , sf. page, one side of the leaf of a book 
Pagination, sf^ act of paging a book 
Pigne, sf. covering for part tjfthe body, 

used Ay negroes 
PKgnon, sm. sort of superfine doth 
PagnoCe, sm. coward, pottroon 
Pagnoterie, s£ cowardice 
Pagode, sf. pagoda, Indian temple or 

iaol$ Indian gol^and silver coin 
Paien, ne, smf. pagan, worAipper of 

false gods, heathen 
— , ne, adj. pagan, heathen, heathenish 
Paillardi e, smf.' laseivtouf person 
— , e, adj. lascwitfus, lustjktt, lewd 
Pailiardar, vn. to be wanton, iust/ktl 
BsiUjudye, sf. Ufantonness, lewdness^ 
P^Uasse, sf. straw mattress 
—, sm. buffoon, cknim, jester 
PidUasud; sm. JfroKP mat 





ftine, sf. ttrawt ehqfi^, flaw or dafa^ 
in metal and preewtu ttanea s un • 
homme de — . an intienijkant and \ 

. ieaa pertn, man wttraw 
HaUl^, §t bam /kU of grain | 

Rulkr» Mn. farmjfardi poule da — , ' 

t^llcc, adj. pale, want whites vin ~, I 

tm. pale wine 
Pulletce, Bf. epan/ele, email boat ofeMn- 
• ine metal, anjfthinff that eparklee 
Pallteur, euae, ttnf. eeUer qf straw 
Pftilleux, CUM, adj. ftawj/* defective 
Paillon, sm. link, thtn pieee of solder 
J^Oysm. bread, loafof bread, livelihood 

or daily bread^i pi4it -^;breah;fiut or 

dinner rolls promeUrc plus de beurre 
■ que de — , to promise more than one 

can or will ffivet avoir du — aisur^, 

to home a competency 

— k cacheter, wafer • 

— aqrme, unlt^vened bread 

— \j6n\%,'hdUowed or eaeramentai oread 

— bis, brown or coarse bread 

— blanc, white or fine bread 

— elwland, eomttton bread 

— chapel^, rasped bread 

— d' ^pice, gingerbread 

»• de mtoafre, household bread 
' — de proposition, show-bread 

— de Sucre, sugar loaf 

— lev^, leavened bread 

— moliet, French roll 

— rassis, stale bread 
>- tendre, new bread 

Pair, sm. peer, equal, one of 'the same 

rank, noMeman, eompeer, tnate 
-~, adi. egual, even, uni/brm 
—a, pi. eauals 
Faire, if. pair, couple, two of a sort 

— de lunettes, pair of spectacles 

— de perdrix, brace of partridges 
ndremcnt, adv. even, exactly, equally 
Pairesse, sf. peeress, wife of a peer 
Pairie, sf. peerage, rank oj a peer 
PaisiMe, adj. peaceable, quiet, tranquil 
Fsisibkincnt, adv. quietly, tranquilly 
Paissant, e, adj. grazing, pasturing 
PaiMon, stn. mast, acorns. 4rc., pasture 
— , sf. stretcher for skins 
Paissonner, va. to stretch skins 
Paltra, va. to feed, eat, pasture, graze 
$e — , vr. to jited upon 

Pmz, sf. peace, qttiet, reel, tranquUiUp 
—, interx. peace/ hush! silence/ 
Palade, sf. etroke of the oars 
Paladin, sm. paladin, knight-errant 
Palais, sm. palace, foyal house, court of 
Justice, pakite f gentd\i—,lawyer»; 
terme de — , law term 
Palan, Mva, tackle of a thip 
Palancbc, sf. yokejfbr carrying peUe 
IHiianque, tf. fence, palisade, indosure 
nilanquer, va. to hotet, raise up 
Palanquin, sm. palanquin, covered car- 
riage used in eastern countries, kind 
of sedan borne on men*s shoulders 
Patestre, sm. maini>late of a loek 

Palatin, si 

regmlp ^ _ 

—, adj. palatine, possessing nnml pHvi- 
Palatinat, sm. paiatiMUe, onut^r where 

the count palatine resides 
Palatine, sf. tippet 
Pale, sf. dam, uuice,Jloodgiite 
Pftic, adj. p€Ue, wan, oja whttieh hue 
Pal^, sf. paling, fence ^fitrmed with a 

row ofetakee, broad end of an oar 
Paleftenier, »m.ffroom 
Palflfroi, sm. palfrey^ small riding'horee 
Patoron, sm. shoulderbtade 
Adestre, sf. pateestra, jdaeefbr the*per- 
formanee qf athletic cMireises IquoUs 
nilet, sm. quoit: juuer au — , to piay at 
Palcter, vn. to play often at quoits 
l^etot, sm. pwitcoat 
Palette, sf. battledore, painter's pallet, 

printer's sfiee, sureewn's bOLsm, bat 

veedfitr the cork in buttling liauor 
P&!eur, sf. paleness. Wanness 
Palier, sm. landing-place 
Palin|(6nCiie, sf. regeneration, bir^ by 

grace, new birth 
P<ttini>die, sf. palinode, recantdtien 
P&lir, VII. to grow or turn pale 
Palis, sm. pale,fetice of poire 
Palis»ad^, %t palisade, paHeado, pedes 

set for inclosure - [Itaodes 

Palissader, va. (o make a fence with pa- 
Palladium, sm. palittdium, protection, 

security, the statue of Initios 
Palliatif, sm. palliative, that whiiA ex- 
tenuates or mitigatee 
— , ive, adj. palHativ, mitigating 
Pailiationy sf. palliatutn, extenuat^n 
Pallier, va. to palliate, excuse 
Pallium, sm.patt, aidtbishop's Mantle 
Pdlme, sf. palm, branch qfa palm-tree ; 

la -^ du marty re, the palm of$nartyr- 
— , sm. palm, hand breadth Idom 

Prtlmier, sm. palm-tree 
Palmtste, sm. palmnttn, epeciee efpabn 
Pdl mite, sm. sap of palm-treet 
Palo, sm. plant used a* a candle 
Palombe, sf. palunUnts, a bird 
Palon, sm. smak shovel • 
Palonnier, sm. spring*tree bar qfa eooeA 
Palot, am. eiUy clown 
P&lot, e, adj. pale, palish, rather pale 
Palpable, adj. palpable, dear, viefhie 
Palpablement, adv. pat/JtMy, pUhntif 
Palper, vn. to teudi, feel, handle 
Pdlpitant, c, adj. palpitating, pemting 
PalpiUtion, sf. palpitation 
Palpitcr, vn. to palpitate, pant, throb 
Paitoqtwt, sm. down, downieh fellow 
Paludier, sm. one who works in salt 
Palusf sm. a marsh {mines 

se PAm^, vr. to swoon, fkint Uau^ter 
se — de rire. to split one*s eidm with 
Pftmoison, sl swoon, fainting^ 
Pampe, sm. ledfof wheat or tarleff 
Pamphlet, sm. pamphli-t', small book 
Pampblccier, am. pamfMeteur 
Piunpre, sm. vine-lnnnvh with iteleavee 
Pampr^, e, adij. detked with 9iim4$ams 

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PnQ» ■» gKhttfrtntt tappet, Jlap 
~- d'an mur,>bo0 efa umi 
Panac^t if. fMwacea, univenal rmnedif 
P«naeb^ tm. bmicA itffatUhera, plumet 

streaks o/co/our«» capfifa tamp 
Panach^, e» adj. havin/e teverai eatoun 
te Fanadier, vr. to 6e ttreaked with mo- 

Panackure, >f. variety of colours 
Panade».sL tMUNida» cotip nunte fly tetf- 

ing bread i» u;a<er 
•e Panadcr, vr. to etrtU with a vnmd'alfr 
Panape» un. pannage, the Jooa of twine 

PantMre, if. jMnfAtfr 
Panti^rc, tf. droMhnet 

Panais, sm. jaaifnip ' [ia 

Panard,adj. crooked, eaid ofhorm^feet 
Panara> ^m. whitlfjm* a sweiHng on the 

Pancalien, tm. pi. Savoy cabbage* 
Pancarpe, sort, games at R»ma in toAicA 

man fought with beasta 
Pancarte, ^f. Ust of toUe or dutiee, biU 

potted upt oid writing 
Pancreas, un. pancreas, the sweetbread 
PaadooKf sm. Mw^garian hussar 
Pao^f^yrique, im. panegyric, eulogy 
Pan^yriste, sm. panegyrist, encomiast 
Pantoort, sm. miU which turns with 

every wind* 
Pancr» va. to da meat over with entmbs 

qf bread, toast and water ' 
Puacn^ sf. a basketful 
PaneUrie, tt pantry, pantry-sufB 
Panetier* sm. mast^ qf the pantry « 
PaneUire, sf. bag, shepherdrs scrip 
Panharmonicon, sm. musical instru- 
ment hamng thei'JBfect of an orchestra 
Pankule, am. paniete, panic, a plant 
Panicu}^, c, adj. shaped like a panicle 
PK»kr» sm. basket, hoop-petticoat 
— d'unc diligcoce, boot of a coach 
Panifieation, sf. act of making bread 
Panique, sf. panic, fear, chimera 
Panne, «f. hogs eauf, kind of vAvet, 

pluehg shag, purkn in carpentry i 

vsisnau ca — , ship lying to 
Panncau* sm.'j9an«/, pane, trap, enare, 

panel of a saddle, scuttle if a ship, 

hatch, cover of a hatchway; tlDnDer 

(|pna Ic >-, to be entrapped or 6tf f «i 
Panner» va. to Aotfotsr a piece of metal 

with m hammer 
PanoiMxaa* sm. escutcheon, arms 
Panoiama» unvpemorama , 
Panoramique, adj. panoram^, drvMUw 
Pansage, sm. act of cleaning a hwse 
Panae, sf. paunch, belly 
PanMcncnt, sm. act t^f dressing wounds 
Panser, va. to dress a wound, take care 

of a horse 
Pansv, c« adj. pauneh^dHed 
Pantal^Ot sm. large psaltery 
Pantakwi* sm. pantaloon, b^oon 
PaotaloniMde, tf.dwoli donee, btfffiwmv 
Pantelant, c, acU. gatiting, throbbptg 
Pantder, vn. totMM, heave, throb . 
Pantenna (eo^ ^'v. hanging doeoh 

n Jjfretofcer 

), pantheon 


Pantin, sm. puppet, pasteboard figttra 
Pantographe, sm. ponto^re^, an in- 

Mtrument/ijr copying dmwingt ^ 
Pantois, e, adj. short-winded, ftrMdUn* 
Pantom^lre, nolom^ue, sm. fwntoBM* 
ter or holometer, an instr u me nt /br 
meaturing angles 
Pantomime, sm. mimic, an actor 
— • sf. pantomime, scene in dumh-ekeio 
IVmtouflfl* sf. slipper 
—, adv. e^hod, at ease 
Peuaa, ne, smf. peacock, peahett 
Paonneau^ sm. peachiek, young peg a ee k 
Papa, sm; papa, father 
Papal, e, adj. papal 
Papa^ sm. Eastern priest 
Papaut^, sf. papacy, popedom 
PapCf sm. the rojtf, holy father, ^ponHjf 
PapeKai, sm. popinjay, wooden btrd 
Papclard, sm. hypocrite, dissembler 
Papelardiset sf. hypocrisy, dissimulation 
Papeline, sf. poplin, ttuj^' made of sUM 

and worsted 
Papelond, a^j. entered with scales ' 
Papcrasa^. sf. old writings, UHUte paper 
Paperaaser, vn. to rummage one s papers 
Paperassier, sm* 0*10 who is fond nf pre- 
serving old and usetets papers 
nipeterie, sf. paper-mill, paper-trade 
Papetier, sm. paper-maker, stationer 
PSapier, sm. paper, manuscript, writing 

— a ^rire, writing-paper 

— brouUlard, blotting-papei' 

— monnaiet bank-note 
7- ^fcliaxlt,fty>^heet 
— s da nouvsUes, newspapers, Jtm 
Papille, st small protuberances 
Papillon,.sm. butterjtv IdHn 
Papillonac^, e, adj. Hke buttsrfUee 
PapiUonner, vn. to flutter about 
PapilloQida, sf. pi. class of buttoMee 
PairfUotase, sm. act tf winking A« ega 
Papillote, St; euri paper 

Papiiloter, viv to twinkle, datzle 

—, va. to put the hair in papere 

Paplsme. sm. papism 

Papiste^ sm. papist 

Papyrac^f e, adj. thin, like paper 

Pftque, sf. the passover 

PAque, Pftques, sm. Easter, J 

— s fleuiies, PcUm Sunday 

—t doses, Loao Sunday 

—» (les), Easter-week 

— > pL Easter devotion* 

Paquer, va. to cure fish 

P&querettc. sf. Batter-daley 

Faquet, sm. packet, small buwOe, maU 

^letters, vessel employed in carrying 

utters and paeeengers 
Paqnet-l)osoMPaquehot,sm.fMC^«t-6oaf • 
Paquetier, sm. compositor, tjfpo-setter 
linear, sm^fish-curer 
Paquis, sm. pa^urage 
Par, prep, by, through, out of, with, in, 

eaer, about, at, for 
Paisic^k, pMp. thU elde, on this side 

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p. A ft 

BuHlcdAiit, prep, et adv. within, in lft« 
inner part: inwardlif 

ion. prep, et «dv. withoittt not 
with or hy s o»t <tfdoort, extemaliif 
PWTjddii, prep, et adv. on the other eiOe 
Jhuslcrriinc, prep, et adv. behind \neath 
P«»le«wui, prep, et adv. «nd0r» uncter- 
PAr-dcttot, prrp. et adv. i«p» upon, omer 
Par-devant/ prep, e/ adv. b^re 
~- en bat, adv. tiownwarda 
. •— en haut, adv. upwarde \wardg 

— haut et par bat, upward* and downr 
Par-ci par-Ill, adv. here and there 
Par-ici, adv. this wap 

Par>)4, adv. that way 
Par-trop, adv. too mudt 

— tout oil, adv. wherever 

— oik ? prep^ et adv. uj/ktcA wap f 
Parabole, U. pan^la, one of the eonie 

eeetione; partMe,Hmiiitude, allegory 
ParaboUquc, ad), parabolic, partUwHcal, 
honing the Jbrm of a parabola; para- 
bolical, eepreseed by parable 
PanboUqueiaenc, adv. paraboHeally 
Paraboloide, %f. paraboloid, geometrieal 
Barach^vetDcnt, tm. finishing Icurve 
Pluachever, va. to finish, ena, comj^lete 
Parachute, tm. partichute, ki/id of um- 
brella by which an aeronautdescertde 
upon the earth in ease of accidents 
FannAei, tm. paraclete. Holy Spirit, in- 
tercessor, comforter 
Parade, if. parade, show, ostentation / 

lit de — , state-bed 
Parader, va. to sail in quest of an enemy 

— un cheval, to show off a horse 
PaFadigaae, tm. paraaigm, model, ex- 
Pandl^ tm. paradise, heaven lample 
Paradoxal, e, adj. paradoxical 
nuadoxe, sm. parados, an assertion 

eontrary to appearance 
Parafe oh Parapbe, tea, flourish added to 

Puafer ou Parapher, va. *f o write en^s 

signature with a flourish 
Parage, tm. deseeu t, extraction, lineage, 

latitude, certain extent of sea 
Paraffraphc, tm. paragra^ 
Paralire, va. to appear, hok, seem, be 

pubH^ted, come out, make a figure 
Panlt, (il) V. imp. it appears,' u me — 

qa'U a raiton, 1 think he is in the 

right; 11 y — , it is plain, it seems so 
Parailactlquc, adj. parallactic, pertatn- 

ing to a parallax 
Parallaxe, sf. parallax, the difference 

betioeen the true and apparent place 

qfa heavenly body ' 
Parallile, if. parallel, line equidistant 

fifom another line 
— , Ida. comparison, resemblance 
— , adU. perailet, in the same directiori, 

like, stmilar, equal 
Parall^lement, adv. parallelly, in a pa- 
rallel manner 
Parall^litme, tm. parattriiem 
Parall^logramroe, tm. paraUeiogram 
PtoUflsiime, ua.fiiieb argument 

Paraljaer, va. to paralyae, deati eif HU 

power t\f actum, deadun 
Paralyse, tt. paralynis, pal^ 
Paralyilque, tml. parvUytic, pereone^ 
fected withjaalsy 

-, adj. paralytic, parafytical, palsied 
Parangon, tm. «node/, pattern, ooaqKuv 
Parangonner, va. to eompdrp [son 

Parant, e, adj. gd/wsnug, decking 
Paranympfae, tm. bndsman, eulogy, en- 
comium, panegyric, praise 
Parapet, ini. parapet, rampart or waU 

breast high, breastwork . 
Paraphernaux, uu. pL paraphernalia. 

—, adj. pa 

, . paraphertHtl, relating to pero- 
phertialiai bieni— , goods which re- 
main at a wife's disposal 
Paraphratc, if. paraphrase 
Paraphraser, va. to pa$aphraee, inter- 
pret, explain, tratisiate loosely 
Paraphraieur, euse, in it. one Ufho para- 

phrases,'commentator, interpreter 
Paraphratte, tm. paraphraet, ias or best 

Parapluie, tm. umbrella 
Paras^l^ne, tf . paraseiene, mocft moM 
Paratite, tm. pareuite, speophmnt 
—, adj. parasUic, parasitical, pattering 
Parasol, im. parasol, small umbrella 
Faratonnerre, tm. electrical conductor, 

Para vent, tm. screen, fblding-sereen 
Parbleu, Interj. toundsf to be sure I 
Pak-boamir, va. to patboU, half boil 
Pare, tm. park, inclosed field, fiM 

— k moutons, eheepjt Id 

— d'artillcrie, inckmurr fbr cannon 

— de construction . dock yard [pasture 
Parcage, tm. the time sheep remain et 
ParceUe, if. partide, minute ptset 
Pafce que, oonj. beeaueq, fitr this reason 
Par&baner, va. to hunt without dsM 
Parchemin, tm. parchment itory 
Parcheminerie* tf. pardtment-manu/ae- 
Parchemlnier, tm. pttreltmentmaker 
Parcimonie, tf. parsimony, frugality, 

eoeetoueness, niggardUnees, avarice 
Pardmonieux, eute, adj. poreimonioiu 
Par-OQikit^uciit, adv. consequently 
Paroourir, va. to traoel mrer, survey, 

■glance over, read over cureorily 
Paroourt, im. riflht of pasturing oattk 
Pardon, tm. pardon, fitrgiaenese 

— 1 Interj. pardon me ' 
Pardtmnable, adj. pardonable, exeuealble 
Pardonner, va. to pardon, fbtirive, remit 
Pareau, tm. large Malabar boat 

— X, pi. weights attached toafishingiiet 
Par^gorique, if. i/ttedicine for mitigating 

or assuaging pain 

—, adj« paregorw, mitigating, abating 

Pardl, le, smf. equal, match f taomme 

d'une {nobit^ tan'* — le. man q< ttnpa- 

rallied integrity f if est, un JiomflM 

lani — , he has not Ms nuttch 

—, le, adj. like, similar, eqr"' 

PaiclUement, adv. in like a 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




Rtfifite, sm. parhelion, or mock 0Wi 
Puvment, tm. faeinK ofgarmenttt t^ff 

of a sleeve, curbttune, ornament 
Fuvut, e* tmf. parent, relation, kin 
—, pL parents, Jather and mothet 
Pftrmuge, tm. pitrentare^ kinefalk 
Farent^r^f'^i'Mi'-^^'lt relationship 
Fmrentble, sf. a relative, connexum 
Parenth&e, if. parenthesis 
f iviar), b» the by, as 1 think of it 
Pkrer, va. to Sf:t off, adorn, emoelH^ 
-t rn. to keep off, parrp, stop in riding 
ae — , vr. to adorn onesel/, boast 
Par^re, im. ttdvice, invoice, in cofttmeree 
Paresae, tf. sloth, idleness, lazinees 
Pucuer, vn. to give oneself up to idleness 
Paresiettx, en%e, amf. drone, sluggard 
—, ease, adj. slothfiil, idle, latp 
Pipeur, am. purer, finisher Ufa work 
Parfaire, va. to perfect, complete, finish 
Parftiitf am. perfi^ or preterite in gram- 
/ plusque — , preter-pluperfect 

•^, e».adj. perfect, compete, finished 
Plarfalteiseiic, adv. p9r/eitlp, compteteii 
Parfois, adv. so'metimcs, now and then 

Parfondre, va. to melt 
Parfaanir, va. to make up 
Parfum, am. perfume, scent, fragrancy 
Parfumer* va. to perfume, scent 
paiAtmenr, ease, amf. perfumer 
Parfumoir, am. perfiimingdish * 
Pari, Bin. wttgffr, bet 
Parier, va. to bet, lay a wager 
Pari^taire* af. parietary, an herb 
Parietal, adj. parietal, said of the bones 

of the head! relating to a wall 
Paricttr, am. a better, a wagerer 
PariaicD, nc, amf. a Parisian 
•— , BC» adj. of Oft from Paris 
Pmsvienne, S^danolse, af. peari, a small 

printing type 
Pairiaia, am. parisis, small Parisian coin 
Parity •£ parity, eqwdity. resemblance 
Faxjure* am. perjury, peryured person 
~-> adj. perjured, /brsworn, perfidious 
■e PSujurer, vr. to Jbrswear oneself 
Farlage, im. empty talk, idle discourse 
Parlant, e, adj. speaking, striking 
Pazlement, am. parliament 
ParlemcDttfre; am. cartel, Jlag of truce 
—, aiQ. parliamentary 
Parlementer* vn. to parley 
Farier» am. epeedt, talk, convefsation 
— , vn. to J'peak, talk, make aspeeeh 

— k I'orellle, to wMsper 

— dea sTDaiea dcnta, to threaten 
~- lUafcuictcmeoc, to speak out 

— en l'air» to speak at»random 
Pftriarie* af. loquacity 
FlBXiear»'«uae, amf. talker, pratUer 
Parker, am. parlour 

^MxaA, pttp. among, amidst, between 
FiacDaaae, im. PamassuSt poetry 
Fandfef af. parvdy 
Farodicr» va. to pafody 
Parodiate, am. parodist 
FBffoi» 8& umlitpartitim 

Paroir, am. purer, scraper 
Parol^, af. parish, parish-ehureh 
Paroiaaial, e, adj. parochial 
Paroiaslen, ne, amf. parishioner 
Paroic, st parole, word, cxptessUmf pr^ 

mise I tcnir —, to be as good as ona'a 
' word/ donncr aa ->» to mm* one's 

word; rctirer aa — » to call in one*^ 

word J coupcr la — , to interrupt 
Paroli, am. double stake 
Parotide, af. parotis, aland below the ear 
Parotid^, e, adj. concerning the gUmds 

below the ear 
Parotidieti, ne, adj. relating to a $ 

duet, in an^omy 

Paroxisme, am. paroxysm 
Paroximiq'M, adj. relating to paromsm 
Parpainfff am. large stone in a building 

as thick as the wall 
Parque, si.fiite, destiny 
—a, p). the Fates 

Parquer, va. to park, enclose, pen Up 
Parquet, am. bar of a court ofjusnee, 

fioer, inlaid fioor, ehimneyjrame 
ParqueUffe, am. inlaid work 
Parqueter, va. to inlay a floor 
Parquier, am. one who has charge 
Parrain, am. godfather 
Parricide, am. parricide 
'—, adj. parricidal, murderous 
Ptrntmer, vauta spread, be*prinkle 
Panimonie, af. parsimony, thrift 
Part, af. part, concern, share, side 
— (a), adv. (uide, apart i quelque — , 
somewhere t untre—tsometohereelset 
nulle, nowhere; de toutea ~-», on aU 
'Sides I de ~ f t d'autrr. from all ffiar- 
tersj mettre k — , to lay up 
Partage, am. lot, share, 'division, quaUty 
Partai^eable, adj. partible 
PartAicer, va. to sharri take part with, 

divide, part, partakeof 
Partance, af. €u:t of sailing, departure 
Partant, ooni. therefore, wherefore 
Psavk (4). adv. aside, said of delivery en 

the stage Ithen 

Parumant, am. a ehijfe departure from 
Par^naire, am. partner, comrade 
Parterre, am. parterre, flower-garden, 

grass plot, pit of a theatre 
Parthtoon, am, Parthenon 
Partly am. party, side, faction, eabai, 

resolution, means, terme, matdi 
—, adj. divided, ifc., in botany { party, 

in heraldry 
Partial, e, adj. partial, effecting es^ 

one part, not general, not just 
Partialement,.adv. partially, in part 
ae Partlaliaer, vr. to make partial { ment 
Partiality, af. partiality, unequal judg- 
Partidpant, e, adj. participant, sharing 
PartiolfNition, af. participation, share 
Partkipc, am. participle 
Parcidper, vn. to participate, partake 
Partiealariaer, va. to detail, metitiendie- 

tinetly, epee^ minutely 
Particularity, af. particularity 
Partlenle* at partiele, minute part 





Ftotieii1ier( i^rep nnd pHMrtv pawn 
-^ i^ff a4}. particMlart tinffiUar, odd 
Particoli^rvmeni, adv. particularlif 
Partie, sf. furt, portion, di»i*ion, ^tare 
— •• pL aeeompiighmentt, fitrfBiiurea 
ftniel, le, adj. partM, indiiwd to favour 

ont party more than another 
FtttieOcment, adir. partiaUifj in part, 

with unjust finour 
Pardr, vn. to aet out, go awaif, depart, 

aet off, proceed, flow or iaauefirom 
—, va. divide, part aaunder 
Partiiaa, •m. partiaan, an adherent to 

party, kind ofhalbert, pike 
Partitif, ive, adj. partitive, diatributive 
Fkrtition, tf. partition, dieiaion 
Partout, adv. everywhere : de »« from 

every quarter / en tout et —, entirely 

— oil, wherever 

Parure, sf. dreaa, attire, trimming, or*- 
nament, decoration, finery, paring 

— de dianaantt, aet of diamuttda 
l?arrea\r, vn. to arrive at, reach, attain, 

'aueeeed, come to prefkhnent 
Parvenu, e, unf. upatdrt, one auddenly 

raiaed to power, honour, or wealth 
— g e, a4j. fortunate, arrwed at diatine- 
Parvis, im. court, aquare itidn 

Pas, im. atep, pace, footatep, dafUe, nar- 
row paaa, atrait, atep in dancing/ 
de oe — ', adv. atraigktway, 'immedi- 
ately,, directly, preaently ; k grandi 
— , with great atrideat avoir le — , lo 
have the precedency/ franchir le— , 
to revolve t aller k — metur^, to pro- 
ceed with eircumapeetionj fain un 
ibujr ~-, to commit a blunder / douMcr 
le ~, to go faater; retoumer tur ms 
— , to go 6ae« / se tirer dun nutuvaia 
— , to get out of a aerape 

— de Calais, Straita nfDooer 

— de clerc, blunder, groaa erihr 

— defas^, apiral turn ofthefttaee of a 

— d'nne vis, worm of a acrew [wtUch 
•^, adv. no, not, none; nen — que je 

saehe* not that I know 

— 4 — , atep by atep. * 

Pascal, e, adj. paachal, relating to the 

paaaover or Easter iplant 

Pas-d'&ne, sm. colfs-foot, a flowering 

Pasquin, sm. paa0tin, ^atiret antiriat, 

Pasquinade, sf. paaquinade, Umpoon 
Pasquiniser, va. to lampoon, ofttMe with 
. peraoncU satire 
Passable, adj. paasable, tolerable 
Passablement, adv. paaaably, tolerably, 

mbderately well • 

Passade, sf. passing or going through 
Passage, sm. paaaage, road, act of paaa- 

ing, incident, part of a writing 
Paesager, ^re, smf. paaaenger, traveller 
— , 6re, a<j j. paaaing, tranaient, moment- 
ary, supreme,, eminent, exceeding 
Ftesaht, sm. paaaenger, way/tirer 
"-, e, kA^. frequented! un chemin — , a 

Paasavane, sui. paaa, permit 

Passe, if. paaa or thruat in feneiiy[, «tf 

mtmey, overplua, atake at play 
—, im. paat time 
—, e, hoj. past, over, gone by, faded, 

spent, loat, outoffluhion 
— , preA. beyond, <xbove, after 
Passe-droit, sRVr^vour, injustice dont 
to m peraon oygibintr what belongajto 
him ofrigfit to oMotKbtfr, great wrong 
P^uAe, sf. paaaage or flight qf birds 
Pasaemcnt, sm. laee, trinovRng 
Passemeater, va. to trim wtttMee 
Passementerie, sf. laeemaking 
Passeiqentier, i^re, smf. lace-weaver 
Passe-farumt, sm. latch-key, master-key 
Puse-pasie, sm. legerdemain,' jugglery 
Passe-poil, sm. chain lace, et^ag 
Passeport, sm, passport, pass 
Paaaer, va. to pass, go or q/vsa over, e» 
ceed, go beyond, aurpaaa, employ 

— au &1 de r^pde» to put to the award 
—■ clicz, to 00^2 on one 

— de la farine, to aift meal 

— en revue, to review, inspect, esdmina 

— d^ rasoirs sur la pierre, to aftarpen 
or whet razors 

— en fcompte, to make allowauce in m 
ealculatiog or reckoning 

— la riviire, to cross the water 

— par le tamis, to stxain through daieve 

— le pas, to make one'« exit 

— l^g^rement sur ^ne chose, to gkmea 
upon a thing 

— son en vie, to gratify ontfadeeira 

— son chemin, to go one'a way 

•— sous silence, to nifrain from or omit 

— un contrac to draw a deed 

— une obligation, to make out a bond 
— , vn. to Mon, proceed, happen, ^ 

elapse, 6« admitted, tanUft 

— au delji* to go beyond 

— outre, to go forward 

— pour, to Oe looked upon, pasafbr 

se ~, vr. to run away, be contented, die- 

pense with, fade away, decay 
Passcreau, sm. sparrow 
Passe-temps, sm. pastime, apart 
PasaibUic6, sL pasaibiiity, paaaibleneat 
Passible, ad), paaaibie, able to aujfer 
Pa'ssif, ive, adj. paaaive, suffering 
Passion, ti. paaaum,aj^ection,fotadneaa, 
wearmthj fleurde la—, paaaton^umr 

— del' ammu, love . 
Pasaonnaire, sm. 6oofc of the paaeitma 
Passionn^ e, adj. pafaio7wt«,Jyg^eetioi^ 

ate, fond, pathetic, eager, ardent 

Paisionntoient, adv. paaaiotUMte^ 

Passionner, va. to humour or give ani- 
mation to whatever ia aung or ep6keaa 

se — , vr. to have' a .alrong deaire, JbM 

Passivement, adv, paanvdy 

Passivity, St; paeaivity 

Passoire, PasiettK, sf. cullender, a^. . 

Pastel, sm. paatil, an Aer6, ^ead 

Past^que, sf. toator-meton 

Faiceur; tuu paator, aktpherd, miniattr 





PastlUagc, un. trad« ofpattiit 
Pastille* sf. poMtUf a ruU qfpatte, lo»mg9 
FastonU, c, adj. ptutoraf, mrai 
Pastorale, if. a paatoral, rural tong 
Pastoralemcnt* adv. like a good potior 
Pascorelle, sf. an air in the pationU atyle 
Pastoureau, die, tin£ evMkinyeountrjfkua 
Pac, sm. ettUe-mate at ^eheae 
Patache, af. adoiee-bout, pinnace 
Patason* tauSpanieh half crown 
Pataraftf ifc aerenal, doth in uniting 
Pataid, sm. the ema/lest coin 
I*acate. sf. kidn$ihpotato 
Pataud, sm. thick-Jboted jfoung eur 
Patanfer, vn. to toaUe in mvd^ water 
P&tc, sf. paatet taught eonetitution 

— d'amaode, almond-paete 

— de fonrneanx, dajf or lute Jbralembiee 

— fealUeC^. pt^H^iKute 

P&t^, sm. jrie, pa^tWt blot, pate, a round 
Jitrtifiedepott un — d« vcau, vealpie 
f — , adj. mid of a eroM having the endt 
in thejbrm of a paw 
PAt£e, A paste. fi*r poultry 
Pacelin, sm. traftyfdUino, wheediar 
PaCeliniige, sm. aet of wheedling 
Paceiiner, vn. to gull, wheedle, coas 
Patelineur, ease, smf. wheedler, eajoler 
Pat^ne» sf. paten ^ ehttiiee-coeer 
Paten6tre, sf. the horde 'Prayer, beads 
Pntent, c, adj. patsnt, licensed, evident 
Patenie, e« sinr. on^ whohaea patent 
— , e, adj. having obtained a patent 
Paten te, sf. patttnt, brevet, privilege 
Patenter, ra. to grant a patent 
Pater, sm. the Lordte Prayer, great bead 
Pat^re, sf. kind of broad cup 
Patem«l, le, ni^,' paternal, Jiitherly 
PatemellemenCf adv. paternally 
Pacernit^f ai. paternity, fatherhood 
Patenx, cuse, adj. elammy, meally 
Pach^cique, adj. paretic, tiding 
Patb^tiqntaient, adv. patiMtieaily 
Path^Uiime, sm. patheiiealness 
Pathologie* sf. pathology 
Pachologique, mij. pathological 
Pathos, im. pathos, passion, energy 
Patlbuldre.-adj. belonging to the gallows 
Patiemment, adv. patiently, gently • - 
Pacienec wf, patience, constancy 
— , adv. good and u ell, never mind 
Fa^ent, sm. a patient, nuU^fitetor who 

is condemned to si{0tr death 
—, e, adj. patient, constant, enduring 
Patlenter, vn. to have paHenee 
Patln, sm. patten, dog, skate, sole 
Patlocr, va. tofUmble, paw, handle 
— , vn. to skate 

Patineur, euae, eaitftin^ler, skater 
PAtir, vn. to pine away, suffier 
Pftda, sm. pasture,Jleld for grazing 
PfttisBcr. vn.-to make pastry-work • 
P4tisMrle, A pastry 
F%am», i«re. smf. pattry-cook 
PatisMie, it Chinese silk sttug^ 
PAteolre, sf. pastry-table 
ftnoisy vn, eeemtry uaeent$ gtbbertth 

P&ton, sm. poultry-paste, ineide leather 
Patsiuchat, sm. pcUriarchate \ofa shoe 
Patriarch, sm. patriarch, head ofafiun- 

Uy or church 
Patrice, sm. patrician, Rfiman lord 
Patricien, ne, adj. patrician, noble, de- 
scended of RsiVMin senatore 
Patrie, sf . one's native country or home 
Patrimoine, tca.pntrinwny, inheritance 
: Patrimoniait.e, a4i. patrimonial 
I Patriote, sm. patriot 
I Pathotique, adj. patriotic 
I Patriotiqutment, adv. like a patriot 
Patriotisme, sm. patriotism 
\ Patron, sm. patron, one who has the do* 
I nation qfa living, protector, advocate 
'■ Patronavcjm. patronage, advowson 
; PiXronal, e, adj. patranal 
Patrbniaer, va. to patronize, encourage 
Patroiijrmique, adj. patronymic 
Paironne, tf. patroness, proteetrese 
Patronner, vn, to pattern, handle 
Patronneur, sm. modeUer, oncwhotra* 

ees drawings far ribands 
Patrouillage, sm. act of getting soiled Ay 

wfUking amongst m ud 
PatrojLiiUe, sf. patrol, rounds, waMi 
Ptetrouiller, vn. to walk in mud, paddle 
— , va. to clean a brush 
Pacrouillis, sm. puddle, muddy ground 
Pktce, s£ paw, foot, flap, holilfltst 
Pattu, e, adj. rough-fiioted 
Pftturage, sm. pasturage, meadow 
PAture, sf. provender, meat, herbage 
Patureaux, sm. pi. fallow grounds or 

Aeldsfbr grazing 
P&turer, vn. tograzt, feed, browse 
Pftcureur, sm.>««der ofhoraee 
PAturon, tm. pattern of a horse 
Paucity, sf. paucity, siinallness, f^wneee 
Paulette, sf. tor paid byt^ffieers qf Judi- 
cature and exchequer 
Paame,sf. palm <tfone*8 hand, htmd, 
a horse measure, the gamfi t^ tennis 
Paamelle, sf. sort nf barley 
Paumer, va. to give a slap on thefaoe 
Paumier, sm. master of the tennijt court 
Paammne, sLpalmedtop, palm, orerown 
Paup^rinne, sm. pauperism [of a stag 
Paupidre, st eyeHd 

— «* pi. eyelashes ; farmer la — , to sUep 
Pause, sr. pause, stop, rest in music 
Pauscr, vn. to pause, make a pause 
Pauvie, sm. pauper, beggar 
—, adj. poor, indigent, despicable ; una 

langue —, a meagre language 
Pauvremcnt, sd.y- poorly, meanly 
Pauyxtise, A female beggar 
Paovrec, te; smf. a poor little creature 
Fauvret^, A poverty, indigence 
Favage, sm. pavier e wm k 
Pavane, sf. iwMfi, a dance 
we Pavaner, vr. to strut, flaunt 
Pav^t sm. pavement t haut du — , wail ; 

batteur de — . idle fellow, rambler 
X, e, a(U. p«P«d / ctivmn-—, high road: 
avoir le gosier — , to be odto to «uw 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 




Bftvement, sm. met ofpoming 

Paver, va. to paoot ktif uith ttanM > . 

Faveur, >m. paveriptniwr 

Pavie, tm. nectarine, a firuit 

Pavier* Kn. raiU of a ahip 

JPavillon, tm. pavxHon, tentbed, taber^ 
naele, bell, broad end of a trumpet or 
hiom, standard, cofoiir« / vaisseau — , 
Jlag^ip I amener le — , to etrike tht 
flag; faire Miisser —, to overthrow, 
defeat, eauee to aubmit or yield 

— de beaupr^, uoton^acA 
IP de poupe, ehijfe enaifrn 
—s de signauxy signal flofre 

Pavoia, sm. paeeee, large kind of shield 
Pavokd, e, adj. ornamented with flags 
and riltbons, said of a ship^ [ribbons 
Pavoiaer, va. to deck a ship withftageaafid 
Pavot, sm. poppy, a narcotic plant 
— s, pi. balmy Ueep 
Payable* adj< payable, due 
Payant, e, smf. payer, one who pays 
«-, a4j. paying, relatinsr to one who pays 
Paye, Paie, sf. pay, salary: bonne — , 
good payment i \a»\xvsMe —, bad pay- 
ment { une haut '-t something more 
than,usual payment 
Payement, sm. payment, reward, act of 

meting payment 
Playen» ne» smf. See Palen 
Payer, va. & vn. to pay, give payment, 
pay i\ff, oontribute 

— argent comptant, to pay down 

— d'ingratitude, to be ungrateful 

— de mine, to make a fair show 

— de laiaon, to give food reasons 

— de aa personne, to show ones/Afa man 
~ en meme monnue, to give Jit for tat 
~ le tribut a la nature, to die 

— les vlolons, to pay the piper 

— xiek Tic, to pay the last farthing 
Payeur, euse, smf. payer, one who pays 
Payt, im. country, region, native land/ 

plat —, open or flat country ; tirer — , 
to run away; hue en — de connais- 
sanoe, to be among ac<maintanc9*» 
fisel mtite at home ; de quel — vene8> 
voui 7 where have you been that you 
^tould not know such a thing? 

—, e, tmf. native of the same country 

Payiage, sm. landscape 

Paysagiste, sm. landscape-painter 

Paysan, ne, smf. countryman, country' 
woman, peasant, rustic, hind, down 

P^age, sm. toll, turnpike,- custom-house 

Pdager, sm. toll-gatherer 

Peau, tf. skin, hide, peU, ri$»d, peel i il 
ne saurait durer dant sa ~, he cannot 
stay one motnent in the same posture 

— de fruit ou de loMrrage, rind of fruit 
or dieese 

— d'oignon, peel of an onion 

— de laptn, rabbit skin 
Peautserie, tf. skinner's trade 
Peaussier, sm. skinner, dealer in hides 
Pec^bareng), sm. pickled herring 
Peccable, adj. peccable, liable to sin 
PeceadUk, tf. peoeadillo, j^yfauU 

Pecoant, t, m^ peceaM, gtOlltr, mnmft 

Peocavi, tm. repentance, eoniritiest 
Pfiefae, tf. peodk,fi^ery, 

Plch6, tm. ein,kiuU, ^ 

Pdcber, vn. tasin, trespass, offend 

wraerjF, oet cffi/islng 
tUt, ^iS^nee* erimm 

— , va. to angle, fi^ with a rodand h 

— au filet, to fish with a net 

— ua ^uagi to draw a pond 
Pdeber, sm. peat^-tree 
P^<Aerie,»f. fishery 
PScheur, tm. ./laAerman / 

kingfisher, beautiful emetU bird 
P^beur, sm. P^cheretse, c£ s 
P&»re, if. stupid creature, b 
Pecque, s£ fboHeh and pert » 
Pectoral, sm. brea^plate warm {gr Cite 

high-priest of the Jews 
—, e.adj. peetoral,belaMgingtothebreaat 
P^ttlat, sm. peculation, thrift of | 

P^ule, sm. stock, substanee [m 
P^une, tf. money 
P^uniaire, adj. pecuniary 
P^unieux* euse, adj. manied^ ufeeithy 
P^agogie, tf. pedagogy, prepanUarp 

discipline, edueatwn ofchildrem. 
P^dagogique, adj. pedagogical 
PMagogue, tm. sdioolmaster, tuiee^ 
P&lale, if. pedal, one of the iaree pipes 

of an organ played with the fiat 
Praant, tm. pedant, one wha maiem mm 

ostentatious display of teaming 
— J e, adj. petUmtie, pedantUaml 
P6danter, vn. to be conceited, pimtf the 
P6AttnX/ene,tt, pedantry - {pmdmM 

P^lanteique, adj. pedantieal, pMmniie 
Pddantesquement, mdv. pedamieid^ 
P^aatUei:, va. to act a pedantepeart 
P^aniisme, im. pedantry 
P^ettre, tm. e( adj. pOinstrian 
P^estrement, adv. ort fitat - 
PMicale, »(, pedicle, fbet-etmlk qf fruit 
P^icure, tm. cem-eutter 
P^oocle, tm. peduncle, ^ it et t m 
P^aae, tm. Pegasue, unnged harmm 
Peigne, tm. comb, card far wool 

— 4 di^mdler, wide^oothed comb 

— fln, small-toothed eomb 

— k itixT, frizzing comb 

— de cbeval, curry-eoti^ 
Peigocr, va. to comb, toeeard wool 

se — , vr. to eomb one'ehead, tojlg^ 
Peigneur, sm. carder 
Peigoiei^ tm. eombmaker 
Peignoir, tm, eombing-doth 
Peignurct, tf. pi. hair eombed off 
Peindre. va. to paint* draw, deliSL^ 
describst pqurtray, adorn, unitm 

— k I'huile, 4 paint In oil 

— au naturel, to paint to the Ufs represent onessif 


Peine, tf. ; 

ithmemt, torment, torture, sugltHs^f 
aeipt kgmMHio 

• k — , adv. hardly, • , 

— , unth mudt ados prendre de l« ~» 
to labour g Atre dant la — • 1» 6« «ft 
trouble i avoir de la ~- 4 iiavlcr. f 
have an impedimeftt in one'^ "Tfnfc 

Pein^. e, wy. troubled, dialreeeod 





— , VB. f» tcmk hmrtlt toii tmdmoil 
ae — • vr. <o take grtat pama 
FeittCn (toiM* •'• P>* eaiieoet 
PeinCre, nn. painter, limner 
^eintttngr* mi. saiirtm^on t0oa»» <l 
Peinturc* sf. patntingt piet%irt» eobmr 
Peinturer, va» to pabti with m 
Pelade, sm. eolourefthe kair 
Pekunide. sf. pHehardt eprat 
Pel«rd» AdL barked, taid i^wed 
Pel^, am; beM^keaded^mmn 
Pdle-m^te, »iv. peUmOlt eon^ktaeHy 
Peler, vs. to make bald, pare, ; 
P^lerin, e, sro. pilgrim, ^ 
P^IerliMKe, %ro. pUffrimoffe 
Pelican. Kn. pidieon 
PetiMe. If. fmrred robe or ehak 
Ftelle, A ehevel 

Pell^e, Peltet^, Pellel^, ft «JboM(/Uf 
PrtleUTie, af. petfrv, «Mnfi«r'« or yiir- 

rier^stradf, /ursine • 

Pdktfer* i^re^ tmt. furrier, tkinner 

PelflCBge, am. elmv ofepvn wtM 
Pelote, tf. eteur o/tkreiul, pineuOtien 
Feloter, vn. la tow toi/*, Mroio enmo- 

baile, throw baiting pellete for ft$h 
_, vs. «» bamitr, beat, tMff 
PeloCon, am. c/no of thread, pineu^ion, 

baU ofieoreted, ehuter, knot of people 
Peloomner, va. to run into hea^, u/fnd 

PelousF, «f. a down, lawn, graeeflot 
Pette* b£ ancient «kidd, kind ofinteet 
Pelu, e, adj. Aa'ty 
Pelorbe, sr. »hng, tuft, phuh, rug 
Pducb^, e, art), ehargjf, hairy 
Pelnrr, af. « paring, peel 
P^nafllon, im. rag, monk 
P^nal, «* ailj. peFMt/ 
P^nam6» af. penalty, puniakment 
I'^nartl, aiM. rtotari 
P6n«aa (dknix>, am. pL h&ueehold gods 
Penatid, e, adj. *-utofoeurkenanee 
Pencbaac* am. rinelioitv, eteepnoM, pro- 
peneion, brink, decline, proneneee 


Pendiie,vn. tofaU, come down 
»e — , vr. to hang oneevlf 
Peildu, am. one that ie hanged 
I Pcndulc, af. clock 
I — , am. pendulum 
I Pdne, sm. bolt of a lock 
P^nderabilk^, sf. penetrability 
Pto^niblf, adj. penetrable 
P^n^rant, e, adj. penetrating, 

otM, quick, sharp, effecting 
P^n^tratif, we, arij. penetrative 
Pin^tratioD, sf. penetration, 
acuteneee, understanding 
Pinitvi, e, adj. penetrated, 
Pte^trer, va. et vn. *o penetrate, go, get, 
pierce or soak through, imbibe, u»> 
derstand, dive into, affect, search 
Pinlhle, adj. laborious, hard, painful 
P^niblement, adv. painfully, Ictboriously 
P^niche, sf. pinnace, smalt boat 
P^ninsule, sf. peninsula 
Penitence, sf. penitence, repentance 
P#Mltencerie, af. penitentiary court at 
P^nitencier, am. penitentiary [JtDnM 
Penitent; e, adj. penitunt^ repentant 
P^nitentiel, am. penitential 
Petinage, am. plumage, wing fsaXhert 
Penne, sf. beam-feathers of a hawk 
Pennon, sm. pennon, standard, Aag 
P^nombre, ^f. penumbra, thefemleliffltt 

before and after an eclipse 
Penon, sm. dog-vane 

Ptnsant, e, adj. cogitative, thinking • 
Pense*, sf. thnutrht, cnre, notion, con- 
eeptitm, opinion, pansy, heartsease, 
kind of violet, sketch, design, idea 
Penwr* tm. thought, reflection 
—, vn. to think, imagine, suppose, be* 
lieve, reflect; sans y — , unthitikingly 
Penseur, euse, a. a thoughtful person 
Pensif, ive, adj. pensir^, thoughtful 
Pension, sf. pension, board, boarding- 
house, half board, school, anmtity 
Pensionnaire, smf. pensioner, boarder 
Pensionnat, sm. boarding-school 
Pension ner, va. to give a pension 
Pensum, sm. taskffiven as a punishment 
Pentadto4ronei tu)\. havinghfteenangke 

-^,e, adj. leanings bending, declining . „ , , ., , 
Penchemerit, an', act t^f leaning, bowmg ' Penta^ire, am. o oodf/ with Jive sides 
lyncher, va. to bend, incline, be inclined \ PentaKlocte, adj. in Jive languages 
— , vn. <o eltipe, impend, recline Pentaffone» sm. pentagim 
—, vr. te stoop, lean, loll [hanging • —, m]]. pentagonal, having five anglee 
' ' g, that deserves Ptntt^y me, nf.fiower having five piatilt 

Pfendablr, adj. flanging, that deserves PtnUgyn\e,nf.fiower ha\ 
Penda&mn,tf.€ictofhnngingon a gibbet "^ ' 

Pendant, am. pendant, earring, any 

-„. ..anging^ „. , ^. -.- 

"Pcndaiaiunttif.aetofhnngingonagil^tet Pentamdtre, sm. petttameter, said of 

^nging ornament, small flag 
— a d'ornlKs, sm. pU earrings 
—, ppep. during, in the time ef 
—, e, adj. pending, hanging, standing 
—, coDJ. Whilst, while 
Fendai^ r, smf. villain, rdsesa,jade 
PewMoou*, af. eardroprklinging crystal 
Pendanat, am. arch, vault, outside 
Pendeor, am. one who hangs, pennant 

poetical lines composed of five feet 
Fentateuqoe, am. Pentateuch, the five 

books of Moses • 
Pbnte, af. declivity, proneness, valance 
Ptntec6te, sf. Pentecost, Whitsunday 
Fientiire, it. iron-work of a door or win' 
. dow, hinge in naval conatruction 
Pinultiferoe.sf. penultimate, last but on€ 
P^nurie, sf. penurj/, indigence, Ufant 
PijAe, sf. pip, a disease of Jowls, thirst 

Ptecdtller, vn to dangle, swtngto and fro Papier, vn. to pip, chirp 

Pendoir, am. whatever is used for hang- P^pin , am. kernel, stone, seed, gntin 

things upoti 
va. to hang, hang i»p, eaepend 

P^plniire, af. nursery, seed-plot 
P^pini^rlstCf am. nurserygardenar 





Fer^a^e, m. act i^borinr, piercing 

Peicale, if. cambric miMtfi 

Pnpuit, e, a4}* piercing, sharp, actte, 

keen, shrill, guide, penetrating 
Perec (en^, adv. broached 
Pen.-^, e, adj. pierced, bared 
Pefc^, if. opening in « wood or garden 
Pcrce-feuille, sf. perfoliata, a plnnt 
Pcrae-forAty im. ken sportswan 
Feroemenc, sm. opening in mountains 

to allow the waters tofttnv 
PeroMieiKe, sf. snowdrop, a flower • 
Percroreille, sm. earwig 
Perccpteur, sm. tax-gatherer 
PenxptibtHt^, sf. perceptibility 
Pexoepcihlet adj. perceptible 
Pcrceiition, *L perception, receipt 
Perccr* va. to pierce, bore, cut open 

— Tavenir, to foresee the future 
— « rn. to peep, break, begin 
Perceur, sm. borer 

Peroevittr. va. to gather, receive, in law 
Perdne, u. perch, a fish, a measure, long 

stick or pole, rod, head 
Peivbcr, vo. to perch, roost 
Pcicboir, sm. perehingstiek, roost 
PcicliM, e, adj. lame, impotent, disabled 
Perpoir, tm. piercer 
Per9Ut e, adj. receioedi gathered 
Percusiion, sf. percussion, stroke 
Perdable, adj. perishable. 
Perdant, e, smf. laser, one who loses 
• Perditiott, sf. perdition, ruin 
IVn^re, va. to lose, ruin, undo, let slipf 
perdu de dettes* over heafi and eare in 

— courage, to be discouraged Idebt 

— la t£te, to become insane, Idse pre- 
sence of mind, be beheaded 

— pied ou unc, to find no bottom 

w — , vr. to lose oneself, be cast awajf 
Perdnaa, sm. poung partridge 
Perdriflfon, tm. a sort of plum 
Perdrix, tf. partridge ' 
Perdu, e, adj. lost, undone 
P^re, sm. father, head ofafltmify 

— novLTnaer,foster-Jather 
P^r^natlon, sf. peregrination 
PAr^rinit^, sf. state of being foreign 
P^mpcion, sf. act of nonsuiting 
Pdreroptoire, adj. peremptory, decisive 
P^remptoirement, adv. per'emptorUy 
Perfectibility, sf. perfectibUity 
Perfectible, adj. perfectible 
Perfection, sf. perfection 

— (en), adv. perfectly 
Perfectionnemenc, sm. act of perfecting 
Perfection ner, va. to perfect, achieve 

le — t vr. to improve, make progvess 
Perfide, tmf. wretch, perfidious person 
—, adj. perfidious, treacherous, disloyal 
Perfidement, adv. perfidiously 
PerfiUie, if. perfidy, treachery 
Pe -f oration, sf. perfixration 
Perforer, vs. to bore, pierce, prrforate 
P^bole, sf. peribole, motion of the Ru- 
mours on the surface of the body 
P^ricarde, im. pericardium, membrane 
currmtnding the heart 

PWcarpe. on. jMrfeofptaaii dNn Mi^' 
roundUtg the fruit er eeeitfa plant 

Pdficiiter, m. to be in demget 

P^iicrAne, sm. peric rani um , m ssebreme 
covering the skuU • 

PMff^ im. perigee, Cto w —r a f place 


P^rib^lie, am. perihelion, the 

place to fA« stun occupied by a planet 
Peril, am. perU, danger, risk, havud 
P^rilleusement, adv. dangenmsly 
Pertlleax, euK, a4j< perilous, d^asgerous 
Primer, vo. to let Ml a suit in ktw i 
P4nmkire,Kn. perimfter,eireun\fbrenet 1 
P^riode, if. periodi reeelutitn, return \ 
— , sm. piteh, summit, space of time ' 
P^iodidt^. U. periodieal state \ 

P^riodique, adj. periodical, harmonieus \ 
PModiquemcDt. adv. periodically 
P^iioate» MD. periosteum, « meuibrant ' 

surrounding the bones. 
P^ripat^dcien, nc, smf, peripatetic, o 

fiUkwer of the doctrine ofArietotle 
Peripat^Uime, sm. doctrine of Aristotle 
P^pdtie^ st sudden turn of fortune 
Mriphdne, sf. periphery, dr^tn^^renet 
PMpfanset tt. pertphraee 
P^riphraier, vn. to hmm Umg unmean' 
• ingeentenees * 

Vhivit, UMU ad of coasting, navigation 
P^pneumonie, sm. peripneumony 
PMr, vn. to perish, decay, die, be ship- 
wrecked or castaway 
P^risiablc, adj. periehable 
PfristalUque, »id\.. perietaltie, vermieu- 
kirarwarmMKe . [pyfagaltery 
Mriatvle, im. peristyle, eoltumne Jorvs^ 
Ptetotne, am. peritoneum, membrane 
or rim ce/rering the belly [ftmeum 
P^riton^, e, adjT belonging to the pen- 
Perle, vL pearl, a gem, white speck 
Pemumeace, if. perma „ _ 

rvmesaAiite, tf. etate of oatng pemu^ 
Perm^ble. adj. permetMe lable 

Permcttre, va. to permU, m^er, let, ul- 

tew, give leave, tolerate, wink at 
Permis^ e, adj. lawfUl, permitted 
Permission, if. permiseion, leave, power 
Psrmutant, sm. permuter, eachanger 
Ptfmulatioo, af. permutation,e»eSemge 
Petmuter, va. to exchange a lidnr 
Pemicicosement, adv. pemidfiuu^ 
Pemideax. euw, adj. pemicioue 
P^ron^, sm. ddn^tone 
P^nnelie, ifl gammer, HOy womois 
Peraniion, if. peroration, co ndve iaet 
P^rorer, vn. to harangue 
P^rot, sm. an oak twice lopped 
Pirou, sm. PerUt state of South A meri cm 

Perpendiculaire, sm. pernendietUar 
Perpendicuiairement, adv. perpendi eoe- 
larly, in a straight line «v and 4oum 
Perpendicularity, af. perpeniiaUmrita^ 
Perpendicule, am. parpendidet j 

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PeriMftiul, k» a^j. perpetual, continual 
Ptf Mt uff i kmm t, m|t. perpetuallp 
Perpetuer. va. to perpetuate, make per- 
BeamioM, tt. perpeiuitif {ji)etual 

— (a^ e^r. for eeer attd ever 
Perpleze, adj. p er p teaed, een^ued, irre- 

' kngue 

', etttmnffiai, amsioue 

PerplexiU, mL perplesitif,iHtrieai^, en- 

tantgiemant, tUfficuUv* dietraetion 
FierqixiaiUon, •£. perquieitknh dUiffent or 
eiaeurate inquiry . la^umaee 

V»st aiht e, sf. vornft iron rod fir opening 
Peivoa, am. etepeh^fitre a kouee 
Pemoqiict* ua. parrot/ voile da —, top- 

eail t mit d« — , toj^yaflwrtimirt 
Perruchc, tL Aen-^arro' 
Pienraque» at wig, peruke, periwig 
Perruqnjar, am. perukemaker 
Peiv, e, »4}. bluieh, 4^f a gra^ ee' — 
Penftne, adj. Pereian, Fenie 

— ^ IWaian language 
Perot, af. chintz ^ 

Peni4ettCai>t» a, adj. pereeeuOng 
Pen4&8Wtcr« va. to poraecule, oppreee, vet 
Pen^Seatcur* tricc» tiaf. j ier a eci rt or- 
Pen^cuUan, sC peraMrtMTiofi, oppreu 
Per a^ e , am. BPTMia, a eaiwtaflatton 
Pcra^v^ramment, adv. pereeeeHngly 
Peiaa v 6aoce, if. jMrMearancia 
Penevoant* e» adj. pereeoerani 
Pen^v4rar« vo. to peraeoeret be eteadftut 
Peralooc, am. kind of epbrituaue Uquor 
Penrieir* ne, adj. «aid ^ dreaeee manu- 
tdin Pereia 
, af. Firnetian Mtod 
_ ^ am. /rite, ririicuZs, irong, in- 
naea$H banter, act of quizzing 
Peraillcr, ra. «f vn. to #^6«. iaar* tantor, 

ridieuia, aetf tris^* ajocoA noneenee 
PterrifleuTi am. rtter, jaerer, dertder 
PtxM, maa. pareteif 
PonUade, af. Wtcea <i^ ooJd meirt gar- 

nieAed with paral^ 
Penill^ e» adj. «std tfeheeee with eebu 

a/jpien mould 
FerawUnoe, at, aet ofpereiating 
PentecaiM* e, adyperoieting, pereeeering 
Perslater. m. to pereiet, continue firm^ 
pareevere, not togiee ooer, be eanetant 
Peraonnage, sm. pereonage, peraon, part 
oir€haraeteraeeumedbifanaetori aot 
— , eiUif fellow g jooer Men wan '—, to 
eurt one^e part well/ gnad "-, pereon 
of considerable eminence or note 
PeTOomoMiiaer, va. to pereeni/y 
Peraonnalit^r cf. pereonaUtif 
Penooaat* aai. astt efbenmce 
Penonne, af. oaraon, indieidutd, 

being, the bodv, eharaetet 
~ de eooditimi,faehionable 
— <cnl. adv. peraenai^, in peraon 
— » maik repreeenting part ^ «n am/t' 

d. M, adi.pereonal 

toBMotf MT. pereonaJkf 

PiarawnWrafinn, at — Ti/pawBwi^^iiy 


Penoonifler, va. to jparaon^ 
Pefvpeecif, ive, adj. perapective, opHeai 
Perspective, at perepective, eftfingiff^ee, 

view, vieta, proepeet 
Ftruifaudti, el, perapieaeitjf, quiekneee 

t^f eight, dieeemment 
PenpicuM, if. perepieuity, deameae to 

the mind, tranepareneg 
PerqiiraiioD, if. oarapiroMon, eaeretion 

by the poree iff the akin 
Perauadant, e, adj. pereuaeive 
Persuader, va. to perauade, convinoe, <ii- 

^liMiiea by argument or entreaty 
se — , vr. to imagine or believe onee^to 

be right, be pereuaded 
Perauauble, ed).pereua*ible 
Persuaaif , ive» a4lj. peretiaeive 
Persuasioa, sf. perauaeion, eonvtetien 

— de sanr, bioodyjtue 

Parte, sf. loae, damage, ruin, fmfeitw §, 

waatet k ~, adv. with loeat en pure 
. — , adr. without any advantage/ k 

— de vue, aajar eu the eye can rea«h 
Pertinemmcnt, adv. pertinently 
Pertinent, e, ailj. pertinent, appoeite,ftt 
Pertuis, sm. narrow paee, defile 
Pertuisape, sf. parttum. kind of haXbert 
Pertarbateur, trice, un£ perturber, per- 

turbator, dieturber 
Penurbatkni, if. perturbation, dieorder 
Pervenche, if. peritoinkle, email eheU- 

fiah : JUnvenng plant 
Perven, e, imf. wretch, ttubbom ptreon 
—, ed}. perverae, obeti$uite, Uldiapoaed 
Perversion, sf. pervereion, corruption 
Perversity, at. pervereity, evil^iipoeition 
Pervertir, va. to pervert, corrupt, turn 

flrom the rif^t, mialead, diatort 
Pervertissable, adj. liable to be perverted 
Pervertinement, sm. perveraioit, turt^ 

ing to a wrong eenee 
Pervertisseur, sm. perverter, corrupter 
Pesade, si motion of a horee in rearing 
Pasace, sm. toll, act of weeing 
Pesammant, adv. heavily, elunuily 
Petant, am. weight / il vaut son — d'or, 

he is worth hie weight in gold 
—, e, adj. heavy, dtM, weighty, burden' 

eome,indolent, alow, eluggieh, etupid 
PeiaDteur, af. AMomata, w^ght 

— d'eipilt, dulneae ofepirit, etupidity 
VeaAe, sf. all that h weighed at once, 

aet of weighing 
Pese-liqueur, sm. areometer, inetrument 

to meaeure the deneity of any liquid 
Peaer, va. to weigh, poise, ponder 
— , vn. to dwell upon 
Peiaary am. wrigker \ ing 

PeaoD, sm. afae^iofxi, balance fbr weigh- 
Pessimisme, am. doctrine cf thoee who 

think every thing wrong 
PCasimist^ sm. tmivereal compkiiner 
Paste, if. plague, peetilenee, vesntiont 

trouble, mischief 
Pester, vn. to rail at, inveigh against 
Pettiffere, a^j. peetl^fiaroue, deadly, mo- 

H g mmt, eontagieiue, infeetioue 
Pt3dkse,wnS. one iU with the plague 

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Pncilcnoe» A putUenee 

Pnttleilty Ct adj. pestilent, ntaKgnaHt 

PestUentiel. le, «dj. peetUentiat 

P^tal, sm. p^cii, flower-leaf 

P^l£, e» mU> petaloue, having petaU 

P^uliime, sm. peMUimt mode of ban- 

Miment by votai written on leaves 
P6carade, s. pecwiar noiee made by the 
mouth in scorn and vontempt, crack- i 
Unfr report nf fireworks 
Petard, am. petard, cfucker, engine of, 

war fiir blowing doton barriers 
P^tarder, va. to biuw up with a petard, 

break down barriers Iw explosion 
P^rdier, tni. one who fires off petards 
P^tase, »m. petasut. Mercury's winged ' 
T^MA\kn,*t disorderly compc^ty \cap\ 
P^t&:htal, e, adj. petechial, covered with \ 

pestilential or malignant spots 
Piter, vn. to bounce, make a sudden or 

crackling noise 
PdeillaoC, e, adj. sparkling, crackling 
P^tillemeut, am. act of crackling I 

P^tiller, vn. to crackle, sparkle,be eager i 
P^tioiaire. adj. petiolar, pertaining to a 

footstalk offiuit or staOt of a leaf 
Petiole, nm,^t-stalk, teajstalk 
P^tiol^, e, aiij. petioled, petiolate, grow- 
ing on a petiole 
Petit, tm. little one, young one f en — , 
adv. shortly, summari^, compendi- 
ously, on a small scale t peindre en —, 
to paint or draw a head i faire dee —a, 
to bring forth young \ 

—%, pL young ones \ 

—a d un aiff le» carets, youngqfan eagle 
—a d'une cbieone, whelps, puppies i 

—a d'une poule, brood of a hen 
-HI d'une truie, litter of a sow 
Petit, ej adj. small, short, little, diminu- 
tive, petty, young! il est — devant ; 
elle, he is very humble bejbre her / ils I 
aont r^uiu au — pieda, they are in \ 
low circumstances 
— ■ oanoD, twoline Snglish, large type 

— collet, young clergyman 

— esprit, low or nanvw mind 

— feu, slow fire 

— front, low forehead 

— genie, meagre genius, shallow wit ' 

— Jait, whey 

— metier, kind ef wafer ' 

— people, common people, lower class 

— romun, long-primer type 

— texte, brevier type 
^k—, adv. by dqrrees. 
Petit-fils, am. grandson 
Petit-maltre, am. coxeonA, fop, dandy 
Petit-neveu, am. grandnephew 
Petite-flUe, af. granddaughter i 
Petite-guerre, it sham fight ! 
Petite maltresse,af.co9tte/re,/!U|^u>oinan t 
Petite-niece, sf. grand-niece \ 
Pctite-oie, giblets I 
Petite-rue, af. bystreet I 
Petite-v^role, af. small-pox I 
Pememeot, adv. little, in a smaU degree : 
Petiteaae, af. littleness, meanness I 

PMdoB, af. petition, reoueet, pre^u' 
P^itionnaire, «mf. petitumer 
P^titdre, am. petition, in law 
— , adj. petitory, petitioning, ekiiming 
Peton, sm. little foot 
P^ncle, af. cockle, shellfish 
P^tr^; e, adj. petrous, stony, hard 
P^treux, euae, adj. <tfUie nature af stone 
P^tri, e, adj. kneaded, pressed together 
•— dlgoorance, full of ignorant 

— de menaoD^, made up of lies 
P^trifiant, e, adj. petrifying 
Petrification, sf. petrification 
Peirifier, va. to petrify, beeomd stone 
P^trin, am. kneading trough 
P^rir, va. to knead, work dough 
P^trisaage, am. a<^ of kneading 
P^trole, sm.petrol, liquid bitumen 
P^tulamment, adj. petulantly 
Petulance, af. petulance, saueittese 
Petulant, e, adj. petulant, sattey 
P6tun, am. 0«stingiy) tofyacoo 
P^tuner, va. (jestingly) to «fnoifc» toteeo* 

— k—, adv. by degrees 

Peu, adv. tittle, few,' k — pr^, abnott, 
nearly,' tant soit — , ever ao little ; 
ai — que rien, very little; en — de 
mota, in a Jbw u^rds, with brevity,' 
paix et — , a smafl income with peace 
to enjoy it 

— de chose, a small matter 

— nouvent, seldom, not qften ' 

— e'en faut que, there wants but UMe e^ 

— et bon, little but good 
Peuplade, sf. colony, race, tribe 
Peuple, sm. people, nation ,* bas -^ nwb 
Peupl^, e, adj. populous 

Peupler, va. to people, etoek with <»■ 

hubitanU, supply a pond withftOi 
Peuplior, am. poplar 
Peur, sf. /bar, dread, fright, dismay 
i'eureux, euae, sA).fearfitl, timorous 
Peut-£tre, adv. perhaps, perchance 
Phaeton, sm. phaeton, open corrinv 
Phalange, sf. phalanx, horde 
Phaleoe, am. night-fly, moth 
Phantaamagorie, sf. j^antasmaioHa 
Phare, am. pharos, lighthouse 
Pharillon, sm. small lighthotiee 
Pharisaique, adj. pharisaiceU 
Pharlsaisme, sm. Pharisaism 
Phariaien, sm. Pharisee 
Pharmaceutiqutf, adj. pharmaeeuHe 
Pfaarmacie, sf. pAormaey ' 
Pharmacien, sm. pharmacologist 
Pharmacop^L', sf. dispensatory 
Pharynx, sm. orifice of the throat 
Phase, sf. phase, aspect 
Ph^bus, sm. Fheebus, the sun, bombeui 
Pb^nix, sm. phoenix, a fabulous bird 
Ph^nmn^ne, sm. j^enomenon 
Philai^trope, sm. philanthropist 
Philantropie, .^f. philanthropy 
Pbilantropique, adj. philanthreple 
Philippique, adj. philippic, satire 
Philolofpe, sf. phttotogy, erudition 
Philologique, adj. philologioal 
Philologue, am. phUologist, Ungttm 

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PhiloHiilie, RB. phUomphert m^V 
Philosopb«rf vn. to phuo*ophie0 
Pbilosophii!, >r. phiiowphu 
PbUosophiquet adj. ptiUosopMfXil 
Philowpbiquemcnt, adv. phUoaophicaUy 
PbilowphJame* sm. phUoaitphitm • 
Phl^botomle« tL phlebotomy 
Pbl^bocomber, vn. to open a vein 
Ph}^bottunute« im. one who bleed* 
Phlegmacique, aiij. phlegnuitic, cool 
PhltgtD9, tm. phlegm^ dulnestt eoldneee 
Phoqur, sm. «ra/, amphibioug animal 
Phosphate, un. kind o/chemiecU eait 
PhoephoK, im. phoephorue [ phorue 
Phosphor^, e, a^lj. confined with phot- 
Pho»phor«aoenc,*e* aiij. phoephoreeeent 
Phocphorique, adj. phoejAoric 
Photom^trc, tm. tnttrument to measure 
Pbotophore, sm. a t Rector llight 

Phnae, af. phrase, sentence 
Pbraaraogie, tt. phrasrologjf 
Phraseur, »ca.fulmme taileer 
Pbtbiiic, A phthisis, consumption 
Pfathidque, a4j> phthisical, consumptive 
Fbysideni sm. natural or mechcmical 

Fbysiolo^, sf. phpsiologyi principles <^f 

artimai economy 
Physiologique, atij. phpsiolMfictU 
Pbysiologisce, sm. j^psiolofrtst 
Pbysiooomie, sm. jSiysiofcnomp, look; 

bonne — ,jhi>ourable countenance 
Physionombte, no. phpsioffnomist 
Pbyaque, tf. physics, natural or me- 
chanical philttsophy 
—f sm. constitution of the human body 
-■* adj. physical, natural 
Physiqufemcnt, adv. physically 
^aculwe, adj. piaculur, expiatory 
Pia£fe, sf. parade, *how, ostentation 
Pialler, vn. to atrut, make a vain »how 

ofenaself, strive to go on in riding 
Piaflieur (cneval), sm. mettlesome horse 
PiaiUer, vn. to bawl, squall, scold 
Piaillftie, sf. act nf scolding, bawling 
Piailleur, ease, smf. a setM, brawler 
I^aakte* am, teacher of the piano 
P^no, adv. gently, slowly, softly 
Piano-fon^, sm. piano-furte 
««tre, sf. piaster, dollar • 
Piauler, vn. to pip, pipe, whine 
Pjalleur, euse, smf. soualler, a scold 
Pic, sm. piekage, peiik, woodpecker, gqff 
•- (a), adv. perpendicularly 
Pea. sm. act of longing for what is bad 
Picard, e, smf. a native ofPicardy 
Pication, af. pitvh plaster 
Picboline, sf. smalt olive 
^cor^, sf. act of plundering 
Rcoiw, vn. tofiuntier, rob, steal 
P'coreur, tvn.firt'ebooter, plunderer 
Pwot, sm. little knob left on wood, purl 
Picot^, e, adj. poek-maiked 
Picottmcnt, sm. a prickling or itching 
Pjcoter. v%. to prick, peck, tease 
^coterie, sf. act nf bickering, teasing • 
Picotin, sm. pedc, a measure 
Pidaoc«« a. great mattet, t 

Pi«, tf. magpie, broiled blade bone sf 
mutton,' cbeval — , pi^ald horse i 
« fromage 4 la — , new cheese 

—.adj. pious, charitable, piebald 

Piece, sf. piece, fragment, document, 
^uunber, gun, tragedy, comedy, triei 

Ri^ttc, St. small coin 

Pied. sm. /bot, track, 'set, eonditUm / 
offlcier en — , <0eer in full pa^ / coup 
de — , a kick; un valet — , footnuaig 
le oou de — -, the instep ** sens de — , 
f\. Jiiotsoldiers i feuts-^, small fowls 

— cornier, tree left as a boundary 

— d'alouette, larkspur 

— de aakt, heel of a mast 

— de mowcbe, pothooks and hangers 

— d'une uble, leg qfa table 

— fourcb^, a duty on cattle 

— poudieuZf vagtUtond 

— {k), adv. on jbot s de flaia— # on flk« 
same floor t de — en jap, eap-d-pief 
au — de la lettre, strict^ speaking, 
literally ; 4 — sec, dry-footed ,• at> 
tendre de — ferme, vn. to wait with- 
out stirring; combattre de — fermet 
to fight with firmness : marcher sur 
la pomte du — , to walk upon tiptoe 

Pied*li-terre, sm. place of rest 

Pied-boc, sm. clubfoot 

Pied 4e-biche, sm. an iron bar to fasten 

doors or gates, a kind of hammer 
Pied-de-boeuf, sm. childish pldy 
Pied-de^ii6vre, sm. handspike, lever 
Pied-de-lidvre, sm. hare's foot, tr^oU 
PieU-de-rol, tm, fi)Ot-rule 
Pied-droit, sm. post of a door or window 
Pied-fort, sm. standard piece of money 
Pi^esUl, sm. pedestal 
Pi^ouche, tin. little pedestal 
Pi^, sm. intake, net, noose, decoy 
Pie-gn6che, if. speckled magpie, shrew 
Pierraille, »f. pi. pebbles, small stones 
Pierre, sf. stone, pebble; faire dune — 
deux coups, to kilt two birds with one 
stone ,*> I'mt^r^t est la — de toucbe de 
I'amiti^, money is the trial nf friend' 

— k chaux, limestone f«Mp 

— k detacher, day, chalk 

— k {\xal, flint 

— alectorienne, eockstone 

— apyre, incombustible stone 

— d attente, comer stone 

— de scandale, stumWng4>loek 

— de toucbe, touchstone 

— infemale, caustic stone 

— ponce, pumicestone 
Pierr^, sf. water course, drain 
Herrerks, sf. p\. Jewels, precious stones 
Pierrette, sf. little stone; jouer k la — , 

to j^ay at marbles 
nerrrux, euse, adj. stony, fUn^ 
Pierrier, sm. stoivel-gun 
Pierrot, sm. sparrow, stage-down 
Fiiti, sf. piety, godliness, filial (nffMion 
Pi^r, vn. to stand fair at play 
Pi^inement, sm. act of stamj^g tvith 

Pi^tiner, ym. to dangle the lege 




Piston, ne, nnf. a walker, Jbot-aohUer 
Pifttre. adj. paltry, ahabby 
Pibtnmeat, Bdv. fritiJiUly, thabbOif • 
Pi^trerie, if. trcuh, inferior good* * 
Pleu* sm. a etake, pale, poet 
Pieuiement, adv. piouely, religious^ 
Heux» euse, adj. piotte, godty, religiowe 
Piffre, esse, smt. pereon who ie too fat 

from high living 
M Piffrer, vr. to glut oneeelf 
Pigeon, tm. pigeon, bubble or deception 

— biset, etoek-dove or wood-pigeon 

— raoiier, ring-doee 

— Hiuvage, pigeon-carrier 
P^tooiieau, sm. young pigeon 
Pigeonnier, sm. pigeonhouee 
Pigme, sm. pigmy, shrimp, dwarf 
Pij^on, sm. gnbU-end, kernel, pinion 
Piffnoratif, ive, adj. having power to 

huy again, in law 

Pilastre, sm. pilaater, arch 

Pilau, sm. etewed rice 

Pile, sf. a pile or heap, jOer of an arch, 
grindttone, one side of a coin / jotier 
k croix ou — , to play at pitehfarthing 

— de volta, voltaic pile in galvanic bat- 
Filer, va. to pound, bruise [teriee 
Pil^, sf. quantity bruised at once 
Pilier, sm. pillar, post, column, pilaster 

— de cabaret, a frequenter of taverns 
Pillage,'/2a/?^e, plunder, booty; tout 

est au — dans ceice maison, everything 
is at sixes and sevens in that house 
Pillard, e, smf. plunderer, freebooter 
— , e. adj. thievish, filching, pilfering 
Piller, va. to plunder, steal, sack 
PlUerie, sf. pillage, extortwn, rtMtery 
Pilleur, sm. plunderer, pirate 
Pilon, sm. pestle, drumsticlf 
Pilorl, sm. the pillory 
Pilorier, va. to set on the pillory 
Piloris, sm. musk-rat 
Pilotage, tm. pilotage, pile-work 
Pilote, sm. pilot, steersman, guide 
•-- c^ticT, coasting pilot 
Piloter, va. to drive in pUee 
Pilotis, tm. pile or stake 
Pilule, af. pill, bolus I dorer la — , to 
coojr, gild the pill / faire avaler la — , 
to force one to a disagreeable action 
Plmb^che, tf. effected silly woman 
Piment, too. pimento, alUpiee, pepper 
Pimpant, e, w^. flaunting, gaudy 
Pimprenelle, tf. pimpernel, an herb 
Pin, am. pine-tree 
Pinacle, am. pinnade 
mnaste, tf. pinnace, eloop 
Pince, tf. pincers, crow, lever 
— t, pi. foreteeth of a horse, eugar-tenge 
— t d'^revisse, clawe of a crawfish 
Plnc^, e, aiij. qffeded, etiff, format 
Pinceau, tm. pencil, brush 

— baxdi, bold style if painting 
Pinc6e, sf. a pinch, aqueete, diffieuUy 
Pincclier, tm. painter's wash-box 
Pince-mallle, sm. pinch-penny 
Pincement, tm. act of pinching qff (he 

emaU htide of a tree, a pinching 

Plncer, ttt. act ofpinddng 
— , va. to pinch. Jeer, ridin 

— det deux, to spur hard 
Pinceter, va. to nip eff omtfa teani ir 

hair with tweeurt 
Piiloette, tf. a surgical inetrummU 
—, pi. tongs, tweezers, pineure 
Pinceur, euse, tmf. one who pinches 
Pinchina, tm. ooaree woollen dMH 
Pinpon, sm. mark ef a pinch 
Pincure, tf. crease, wrtnkle 
Pindarique, acy. pindarie 
Pindariter, vn. to e^ffeetfine langimge 
Pindariteur, sm. one who has an qjputei 

manner of speaking . 
Pinde, tm. Pindus, a mountain eomr 

crated to Apollo and the Muoee • 
Pingoln, Pingouin, sm. penguin 
Pinne-tnarine, sf. sea-shell 
Pioque. sf. traneport or mereheuitwessel 
Pinsbeck, tm. pinchbeck, goU-toUmei 
Pinson, tC thejfbuch [mM 

Pintadet tt epeckled hen 
Pinte, tf. pint, a measure 
Pinter, va. to tipple, guzzle 
Piochtge, tm. act afdigiHng 
Pioche, V. pickaxe, mattodc 
Piocher, va. to dig with a mattodc 
Piochon, tpi. small pickaxe [draugkb 
Pion, tm. a pawn at chese, a menet 
Pionner, vn. to take several pawn* sue- 
Pionnier, tm.pio)t«8r [ceAeivelyatdum 
Piot, Piotte, tf. kindof gondola 
Pipe, tf. pipe, butt, t(A)acco-pipe 
Pipeau, tm. a birdcall, musical pipe 
— t, pL i^uey sticks for catching birdt 
Pipee, %S. act of catching birds with 
Piper, va. to catch birds [bird4is>e 

Piperie, sf. act ofcheatinsr at pUm, tnek 
Pipeur, eute, tmf. sharper, cheat 
Piqtuuit, tm. a prickle 
—, e, adj. pricking, tart, keen, priddt, 

poignant, sharp, cutting, satbrieal 
Pique, sm. spade, at cards 
—, tf. pike, spear, pique, aninumly 
Pique, e, adj. larded 
^que^haise, tm. awl used bu artifieen 
Pique-ni^ue, tm. pic-nic, dubbimg 
Piquer, va. to prick, sting, esaspemte, 

anger, goad, encourage, aminuBte 

— la euriocitd, to excite curiositiy 

— let tables, to be a parasite 

— un matelas, to quilt a maf 
—, vn. to be rather tainted 
se — , vr. to take pet, value oneee{fupen 
Piquet, sm. peg, stake, piquet, a game 

at cards, picket in the armtf 
Piquettc, tf. inferior wine 
Piqueur, tm. huntsman, mierseer,eut 

rider. Jockey, one who larde meet 
Piqnier, tm. pikeman 
PiqOre, tf. puncture, sting, wound 
I^rate, am. pirate, corsair, bueomneer 
I^rater, va. to pirate, infest the sens 
Piraterie, if. piracy, Hterary M<|t 
Pire, ailj. worse/ Ie —fjhe worst 
Pirifbrme, acH. pyrammal, in kettnm 
Pirogue, itc^ --^, _T-?!^ 

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Pirouette, if. pirovette, a turning upon 

one leg in dancing t whirligig 
Pirouetter, vn. to whirl on oho log 
¥xh ouk. udder t dug, breaot 
— > adv. worse, worst £ de mal en —, 
woom and tvotee f au — aller, lot the 
tooret come to the worst j qui — est, 
tohttt is worse ,• le — qui puine arri- 
ver, the worst thot can happen 
^ slier, the last sfiijt 
— que jamais, worse than ever 
Pisasphalte, snu pisasphaUum» misture 

ofpiMk and bitumen 
Piscine* sL pool, ptmd, small lake 
Plson, sm. large mallet to beat cla^ 
Piuat« un. ttrtiiA 

Plssenlit, Dent de-lion. sm. dandelion 
Pisaotc^ t£. faucet, rpigot 
Pissotidre, sf. spout that throws out Utile 
Pisticbe, sf. pistaehio-nut [water 

Pistadiler, sm. pistachut-tree 
Piste, sf. tracks trace, footstep 
Pistil, sm. pistil, female organ of firue- 
Fistole, sf. pinole, a coin [tijication, to 
Pistolct, sm. pistol Ibotanff 

Piston, sm. piston, sucker of a pump 
Piunce, st monies allowance offtwd 
Pitaud, e, sm£ clown, rustic, lubber 
Pite* St mite, sort of aloes 
Piteuseosent, adv. pitifUllv, wretchedly 
Kteux, euae, adj. piteous, wofitt 
fitii, sf. pUp, compassion, mercv, die- 
dain^ digne de— , adv. pitiable i re- 
garder en — , vn. to despise 
Pitoo, sen. pin with a round eye, screw 
Pitcjrable, adj. compassionate, pitiful 
Pitoyableinent, adv. pitifully 
PiUv^te, sm. strong spirit 
PittoRsque, adj. picturesque ^manner 
Pittoresqueroent, adv. in a picturesque 
Pituitaire, adj. connected with phlegm 
Pitnite, af.pA/e^m 
Piiuitcux, euae, td). phlegmatic 
Pivert, sm, woftdpecUer . 
Rvoinc, ata. jrnat snapper, a bird 
I^vot, sm. ptvitt, spindle, axis, support 
Phroter, vn. to tap, in botany 
Placafpe, sm« veneering* inlaying 
Placard, sm. panel, bitt posted up 
Pia c a ni cr , va. to post up, libel one 
Place, sf. piaee, room, office, epot, post, 
square, fortress, theesiAangef ren- 
dre U — f to surrender the town 
— , inteij. make room/ clear the way I 
Placement, sm. act ofpiaeing, laying 
Placenta, sm. placenta 
Placer, va. to place, put, lay, set, dis- 
pose f ilplaoeb!encequ'ildit,A«ipeaA;« 
with fpretU judgment i il a la coeur 
Uey pfac^, he is a good and honest man 
Placet, am. low stool, petition 
Pladde, adj. placid, meek, calm 
Placidity if. placidity, meekness 
PUddement, adv. placidly, meekly 
Plafond, sm. the ceiling, tnner roof, &o#- 

tom, floor, among mariners 
ndemnsTi va. to eeit, make a ceiUng 
PlafiMuwur, sm. one who ceils 

Plage, at flat shore, region, climate 
Plagiaire, sm. plagiary, a literary thi^f 
Plagiat, sm. plagiarism^ literary th^ 
plaid, sm. speech of a pleader, plea 
Plaidable, ailj. what may bn pleaded 
Plaidant, e, am. act of pleading 

' Plaider, vn. to plead, litigate, defend 

' sc — , vr. to be tried 
Plaidcur, euie, smf. pleader, one who l» 
at law, litigious person, a wrangler. 
Plaidoirle, tt. a pleading, laweuit 

' Plaidoyable, sm. court-day, in law 

I Plaidoyer, sm. plea, pleading, bri^ ■ 
Plaids, sm. pi. court-leet 
Plaie, tt a sore, wound, plague 
Plaignant, e,'smf. plaintiff, in law 

I i^aia, sm* lime-pit, flat, shoal 
—, e, adj. ptetn, Oat, even, level do — 

I pi«d, adv. on the same floor 
I'lain-chant, sm. kind of chureh-musie 

I Plaindre, va. to pity, compassionate 
— sa peine, son temps, to gi'udge on^t 

I trouble ot time 

se — , vr. to complain, groan, lam^t 
Plaine, sf. a plain, field, meadow / la — 
liquide ou numide, the main, the sea 
Plainte, sf. complaint, lamentation, e*- 

postulation, gioan, deep sigh 
Plaintif, ive, adj. plaintive, dtUeful 

■ Plaintivemeiit, aiiv. mournfully 
Plaire, vn. to please, be agreeable, touch 
se — , vr. to love, delight in, thrive 
Piusamment, adv. pleasantly, comically 
Plaisance, sf. pleasure i maison de — , 
country seat, summer residence, villa 
Plalsant, sm. ^eter, buffoon • 

— , e, adj. pleasant, delightful, sweet, 
merry, dtverting,comical, ridiculous, 
good-humoured, impertinent 

Plaisir, sm. pleasure, joy, delight, di- 
version, sport., wilt, fimcy, fawtur t 
un conte tait k —, a fiction, story i 
menus — s, pocket expenses i par->-, 
by way of trial ; faire — , to oblige 
Plam^, sf slack lime used by tannirs 
Plamer, va. to take the hair qff 
Plao, sm. plan, ground plan, plane, 

draught, scheme, project, plot 
— , e, adi. plain, even, level, smooth 
Plaache, tt. plank, shelf, board, plate» 

copperplate, print, garden-bed 
Planch^ier, va. to plank, lay a floor . 
Planch^ieur, nm. Joiner who lays floors 
Plancher, sin.^Ioor, pla^/brm, ceiling 
Planchette. sf. lUtle board, shelf 
Planfon, Plantard, sm. twig, shoot 
Plane, st. plane, plan^ree 
Planer, vn. to hover, jut, flutter 
— , va. to plane, smttoth, lernA 
Plan^tdre, sm. an orrery 
~, adj. i^netaty 
PiaxikU, a. planet 

Planeur, sm. polisher of metals [/aces 
Planlm6txie» U, art ef measuring eur- 

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planisphere* sm. pUmi»pfiere 
Planoir, sm. gmalttMaelttsed by chaters 
Plant, sm. plant, tet, twig, tHp, nuraertf 
Plant^e, im. plantation 
Plantain, sm. plantain, an herb, a tree 
Plantation, sf. plantation, colony 
PUtnte, tf. plant, tole of the Jbot, vine- 
yard newly set 

Planter, va., to plant, 8et,fix, drive in 
des ffraines, to aow eeeas 
queique chose an nea ( 
to be olunt and uncitHl 

— des ffraines, to eow set 

— queique chose an nea de quelqu'un. 

se — , vr. to place or put oneself 
Planteur, sm. planter, setter 
Plantoir, sm. dibble or setting-stick 
Plantureusement, adv. plentifully 
Planturenx, euse, adj. plentiful 
Planure, sf. chip, shavings 
Plaque, sf. plate of metal, a back for a 
Plaqu^ (du), am. ptatfid goods Ichimney 
—, e, adj. plated, overlaid, wrought 
Plaquer, va. to clap or lay on, inhy 
Haquette, sf. farthing, small coin * 
Plaqueur, »m. one who lays on metal or 
Plasme, tf. plasm, a mould [mortar 
Plastique, sf. art of modelling 
— , adj. plastic, giving form 
Plastron, sm. pfastron, breastplate 
Plastronner, va. to wear a plastron 
se — , vr. 10 put on a plastron 
Plat, sm. plate, platter, dish, mess 
—, e, mij. Jlat, insipid, low, common 
~ (k), adv. flat, flatly, plainly 
Platane, sm. planetree, rail of a bridge 
Plate, sf. long flat boat, copperplate 
Plateau, sm. wooden scale of a balcmee, 

teaboard, piatjbrm, email table 
Plate-bande, sf. flat square moulding, 

in architecture t flower-border 
Plate-forme, sf. platform, flat roof 

Placement, adv. flatly; tout— | sincerely 
Plateurp, sf. horizontal vein in a mine 
Platine, sf. round copperplate, gunloek 

plate, scutcheon of a lock, ptatten 
— , Or blanc, sm. platina, a metal 
Platitude, *f. flatness, insipidity 
Platole, sf. milk-pan 
Platonicien, ne, adj. platonic 
Platonique, adj. relating to Plato 
Platonisme, sm. platonism, Ptattf* sys- 
Pl&trage, sm. plasterwork Item 

PlAtras, sm. rubbish, bit of planter 
PlAtre, sm. plaster, paint, parget g die 

se — , she uses rouge 
Pl&trer, va. to plaster, daub over 
Pl&creux, euse, adj. limy 
Hl&trier, sm. plasterer 
PlAtri^re, sf. lime or chalk pit 
PlAtronftir, sm. trowel, a mason*s toof 
Plausibility, sf. plattsibihty 
Plausible, adj. plausible, seeming right 
Plauslblement, adv. plausibly 
Pl^be, sf. plebeiance, common people 
Pl^bdien, ne, adj. plebeian, of infMor 

rank, belonging to the common people 
Pleiades, sf. PteSades, a oonstellatwn 
Pieige, sm. pledge, bail, pawn 

Pleiger, vft. to bail 

Plein, sm. the full, said ^ the MoM 

— de hi plume, scope of the pen 

— , e, aAi. full, filled, who^, replete tv!a 
honime — de lui-m6me, a comeeHed 
person; on trouve tout — de gm, 
we find many people ; en — « mer, in 
open sea ; en — e rue, in the middle 
of the street ; €tre — d'une cfaow, to 
be entirely taken up with one thing 

— ii^, adv. fully, entirely 
Pleinement, adv. fully, entirely, fvttff 
Pl^nier, i^re, adj. plemtry, free, entire 
Pl^ni^, sf. plenary court, eead of so- 
lemn assemblies infbrmer times 

Pl^nipotentiaire, sm. j^enipotentiaty 
Plenitude, sf. plenitude, fulneee 
Pleonasme, sm. pleonasm, redundaneg 
Plet, sm. coil of a rope 
Pl^teux, sm. pinnuiker's tool 
Fl^hore, sf. plethora, fiilneee of habit 
Pl^thorique, adj. plethoric 
Pleurant, e, adj. weeping, m 
Pleurard, e, smf. bivAberer 
Plenrer, vn. to weep, cry, bewail 
Pleures, sf. pi. wool taken ofiT dead sheef 
Pleurisie, sf. pleurisy, inffammatiom of 

the membrane u/AteA hnes the sides 
Pleur^tique, adj. relating to pleurisy 
Pleureur, euse, smf. weeper, mourner 
Pieureuses, sf. pi. weepere 
Pleureux, euse, sm. <Kt ttf crying 
— , euse, adj. crying, weepinjg 
Pleurnicher, vn. to shed feigned tears 
Pleurs. sm. pL tears; vener des — , to 

— d« 1 Aurore, dew [j^ted tears 
Pleut (il), V. imp. it rains; il ~ des hal- 

lebardes, it rains eats and dt^ 
Pleutre, sm. person of no dapaetty 
Pleuvoir, v. impers. to rain 
Pidvre, sf. pleura, inner membrane sf 
Pleyon, sm. twig, osier [the sides 

Pli, sm. plait, fold, wrinkle, crease, ito^ 

t:ow, custom, habit, cover, envelope ; 

il a pris son — , he never willOtange 
-— du bras, bending of the arm 
Pliable, adj. pliable, flexible 
Pliage, sm. act of folding up 
Pliant, tm. folding chair 
—, e, ad}, pliant, ftesibte, bending 
Pile, sf. p&iee, a kind af/l«h 
Pliement, sm. act offM<nng 
Plier, va. to plait, fbld, bend, yUUkfitrf 

— kla bande, to Aeef a vessel 

— un eheval, to break a horse 

se — -, vr« to bend, eor^/brm onese^ 

Fiiear, am, a folder 

Plinthe, sf. plinth, the flat squetre mem- 

ber under the base of a eolumn, «Mt- 
P\io\r,tvi. a /blding-knife . [ing 

Plique, sf. pOca, a disease in the haur 
Plisiement, sm. act of plaiting 
Plisser, va. to plait, Md, erimete 
Plissure, sf. act of plaiting, foUOng 
Ploo, sm. hair and tar put fc e ft u — n fht 

bottom boards of a Himl 
Plocace, SDL (tfoof entaa^fiad mm tt rnf H 

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Pk>mb, sm. leadt plummett lev^, huUet 

— de Mmdc; tend lead in navigation 

— des ^cubien, fuuote^ipe, a sea term 

— (k), adv. perpendicularly, level 
Plombage, sm. iKt ofeooerfng with lead 
PlomtMigine, t& plumbago, black lead 
Flomber, vn. to tap over with lead 
Plomlner, sbb. plum&er 

PloDgeant, e, adj. going downwarde 
nongeon, am. jiongeon, a tea bird 
Plonger, va. to dip, immerae, duck 
— » va. to dive, plunge 
Plonfeur, sm. a diver, aea turtle-dove ' 
Ploutre, sm. rMer to smooth the ground 
Ploutrer, va. to smooth the ground 
Ployable, adj. easjf to bend 
Ployer, va. to bend, bow,/Url 
PloyoD, UB. twig used to make baskets 
Pluie, tt rain 

Plumage, sm. plumage, feathers 
Plamasseau, sm. harpsieord-quill, end 

of a feather, pledget for a wound 
Plumasaerie, tt feather trade 
Plumasaier, ua. feather dealpr 
Plume^ tt feather, quill, plume 
— Ssxaet, steel pen 
Plameaa, sf. dusting brusA 
Plum^ si penfiil, pen dipped in ink 
namer, ya. to pluck a fowl, strip or 

pick qfff^thers,fleeee, cHp qff^ 
Plumet, sm. hat-fixither, bonnet plume 
Plumenx, ease,'iAj.feath^rsii, downy 
PlamiUf, sm. minute-book 
PlnmpotttUng', sm. plum-pudding 
Plupait, sf. most, most part 
Ptanlite, sf. plurality, more than one, 

greater nunUfer, majority 
Pluriel* sm. o/ura/ nunOter 
—, le, adj. plural {ber 

Plos, sm. mare, greaterquantityac num- 
— , adr. more, item, over, dit^ : tant — , 
the more ; le — , the most ; au tout —, 
at most,' de — en — , moreand more ; 
iljn—, more than that t de— , again, 
besides, moreover f sans — , without 
more,' au — tOt, «u soon as possible, • 
ni — ni moins, notwithstanding g sans 
— difD^rer, without Jiir^er delay 
~de larmes, — de chagrin, no more tears. 

— loin,>brtA«r qjf ■ 

— prte, nearer, ntore intimate 
*" tOt^ sooner, earlier 

— tard, later, aAer the proper season 

— voos lui en dtres. moins il en fen, the 
more you epeak, the less he wiU do 

Plusietirs, adj. pL many, divers, several 
-T f<ds, repeated^f 

PluMue-parfait, sm. pluperfect tenee 
PlutOt, adr. rather, before, sooner 
Pluvial, sm. pluvial, prtesfs vestment 
r;> e, adj. pluvial, rainy, wet 
Plavlale <eao), st rain-water 
Plu^ier, sm. plover, the lapwing 
PnvhMDtere, sm. pluviometer, an in- 
strument fbr measuring the quantity 
Jifrain thatfaOs 
Ptuvieux, euae, adj. rainy, skowery 

Pluviose, sm. the fifth month of ffke re- 
publican calendar, beginning with 
the td of January, and ending on the 
list of February 

Pneumstique, adj. pneumatic, pneunuh 
tical, relating to or consisting of air 

Pneumatologie, sf. pneumatoktgy, doe- 
trine of spiritual existence 

Pneumatose, sf. pneumatosis, swUHng 
of the stomach 

Pneumonique, adj. pneumonic, perfytin- 
■ ing to the lungs 

— s, sf. pi. pneumonies, medicines used 
far diseases of the lungs 

Poeumonie, sf. affection of the lungs 

Pochade, %t sketch 

Poaillier, sm. socket, in mechanism 

Foche, sf. pocket, purse-net, craw of a 
bird, pouch, bag, sack, crease in a 
garment, small violin 

Poch«, e, adj. black, bruised 

Pocher, va. to bruise 

— les yeux k quelqu'un, to give a person 
a biaek eye 

— une letcre, to make a round top or bet' 
torn to a letter 

Pochet^, e, adi. carried in the podeet 
Pocbeter, va. ro pocket \orufs pocket 

— des fruits, to mellow or ripen fruit in 
Pochette, sf. smeUl purse or pocket 
Podagre, sm. person having the gout 

— , ad[j. pifdagricdl, qfflieted with gout 

Poftle, 8f. frying-pan 

— , sm. gtove, pall, canopy 

Podl^, sf. contents ofafiying-pan 

PoAlette, sf. small frying-pan 

Po^lier, sm. stoeemaker 

Po§lon, sm. deillet, saucepan 

Po«lonn^, sf. skiUetful 

Pofeme, sm. poem, metrical oomposWan ' 

Po^sie, sf. poetry, poesy 

Po^te, sm. poet, versifier, r/iymer 

Po^tereau, sm. poetaster, petty poet 

Po^ttsse, sf. poetess, female poet 

Podtique, sf. poetics, theory qf poetry 

— , adj. poetical, poetic 

Po^iquement, adv. poetically 

Po^tiser, vn. to write like a poet, versi/U 

Poge, sm. starboard, right side of a Mp 

Poids, sm. weight, gravity, burden 

— de marc, amirdupois weight 

— remain, troy weight 

— k peser I'eau, water-poise 
Poignant, e, adj. poignant, sharp, acute 
Poignard, sm. poniard, dagger, stiletto 
Pdgnarder, va. to stab, wound, kill 

Poign^, sf. handful, grasp, handle 
Poignet, sm. wrtst, wristband 
Foil, sm. "hair, colour of a beasf, human 
beard : faSre le — , to shave / monter 
un cheval h—,to ride a horse with- 
out a saddle 
— follet, soft hair, downy beard 
Poilu, a4J> hairy 

Poiloux. sm. wretch, miserable person 
Potn^on, sm. bodkin, punch, pundteon 
JPoindre, vn. to dawn, shoot fbrth 
Pdng, nn, fist, handy ev^ 

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POI 9 

Pbint, am. point, degrwt mark, condi- 
tion, cote, pitch, needie-Mitdi, mb- 
j€et, matter, sfwemakor** sizo-ruie ; 
venir k — noinm^, to come at pud- 
dUy^time i «ei lunetta toot k man — j 
theee epmiaciee Jit my eyet/ de — en 
—, adv. puttetualijf, completely s de 
tout — , adv. totally, uttorlyi k — , adv. 
in time i it— noinin^,adv.«0a«>na64f, 

<— (fapfHii* /u^crum, support, baria 

— de vue, aim, prospect 

— du jour, daton, break of day \Me 

— de c6t^, griping pain or stitch in omfs 
— » adv. no, nut, mme/ n'avoir — d'ar- 

Kent, to be penniless 

Pointo, tf. potnt, full stop, sharp end, 
promontory, fieadlatid, graving tool, 
peck, printer's bodkin, pun, quibblet 

—■ d'herbe, Jirst shoot of' a plant 

<— d'c*Dric,>ta«/4 tifwit 

— de vinaignr, tartness, sharpnees 

— d'une plume, pen-nib 
P^nt4, c, adj. pointed, striking 
Polnteau, sm. hard steel point 
Pointement, am. act of pointing a gun 
Pointer, va. to thrust in a pointed in- 

ttrument, stitch, dot at prick with a 
•harp steel point 
'—, soar, fly high, said tf birds 
-<- un canon, to level a cannon, take aim 
Polnteur, tm. one who levels a cannon 
Pointiliage, soi. act of making dots, dot- 
ting, pricking, puncturing 
Pointing, e, adj. punctuluted 
PointiUer, va. to dot, prick, puncture 
— , vn. to cavil, dispute about a trifle 
PointiHerie, tf. frivolous dispute, tr\fiing 
otdectUm, cavilliUion, false argument 
■ Pdntilleux, euie. adj. punctilious, very 
nice in behaviour, ceremonious 
Pointu, e, adj. pointed, sharp ling 

Pointure, sf. iron point, used in print- 
}^>ire, if. pear, powder-horn 
Poir^, tin. perry, drink made qf pears 
Poireau oui>orreau, sin. ietk, wen, wart 
Poir^, tf. beet, garden vegetable 
Poirier, tm. pear-tree 
Poll, sm. pea, a plant, also its fruit 

— carr^, marrowfats, large pease 

— chiches, gray pease 

— de lenteur, sweet pease 

— hAiits, hastings, early pease 
•— ram^, talL pease 

Poison, sm. poison, venom 

Poisiard, e, adj. vulgar, low 

Poiuanle, sf. Ji^woman, low at vulgar 
woman i chanson — , BHiingagate 

Paiawr^ va. to pitch | song 

PdUson, »m.ftsh, liquid measure t U est 
oomme le — dans IVau, he lives in 
clover i les gros — t mangent les petits, 
great people devour poor Mks 

^d'Avrl\, April fool 

T-*» pi. Pisees, a sign of the todiae 
Pi^nnaUle, sf. fry, pwarm of email 
lie, stfishmarket [fisfus 

inallle, sf. fry, pwarm of 
' stfishmarket I 
ease, a4|. Jlshy, fUa cffiah 


Poissonnier, iire, smf./bftiMMir 
Poissonni^re, %tjiahrpan,fish-ktak 
Poitrall, sm. breast itf'a hvree 
Poitrinjdre, tmf. asthmeuic person 
—, adj. as^unatic, consumptive 
Poiuine, st breast, chest, lungs t cet 

orateur n'a point de — , that sfiaker 

has a weak voice 
Poiviade, tt. pepper andyrlnegar sauce 
Poivre, sm. pepper, aromatic spice 

— entier, round or whole pepper 

— pil^, ground pepper 
Poivier, va. to season with ^jriee 
Poivrier, sm. pepper-pleaU 
Poivriire, sfl spice-box, pepper-boM 
Pmx, af. pitch/ de la — r^sme, rosin 
Poiacre ou Polaque, tf. Levantine veml 
Polalre, adj. polar, near the pole 
Polarisation, sf. polarization 
Polariaer, va. tp communicate pciarity 
Pblarit^, sf. polarity, tendency to tht 
Pdle, tm. pole [yilt 
Pol^mique, a^j. pofeniic, poUmiottl,du- 

putative, controversial 
Poll, sm. polish, gloss, brightness 
^-, adj. polite, civil, mannerly, elegant 
Police, tf. police, polity, policy 

— de chargement, bUl e^ lading 

— d'asturanoe, insurance-policy 
Policer, va. to polish, govern, dvilise 
Pollcbinel, sm. punchineUo, bt^ffiton 
Poliment, sm. act tif polishing 

—, adv. politely, civilly, genteelly 
Polir, va../o poHi^, burnish, brighten, 

elviliae, improve, correct 
Pollatage, tm. act of policing 
Politaeur, sm. polisher 
Polistoir, tm. poiiAing-iron or ftruA 
Politaoire, tf. sqft shoe-brush 
Polisson, tm. blackguard, wag 
—, ne, adj. indeeetit, lascivious, leuid 
Polissonner, vn. to pkty wanton tridtt,- 

crack foolish jukes, be waggish 
Polissonnerie, sf. blaekgtUMrdtritk 
Poliuure, st act t^f poUshing 
PoUtetie. sf. politeness, eourteey 
Politique, sm. politician 
—, sf. politics, science ofpovern m ent 
—, a4j. political, politic, artfUl 
Politlquement, sAv. politically 
Poiiiiquer, vn. to talk politics 
Pollen, tm. pollen, fine powder 
PoUuer, va. to pollute, d^e, corrupt 
Pollution, tf. pollution, undeanness 
Poltcon, ne, smf. coward 
—, ne, adj. cowardly, chidten-hearted 
Poltronnerie, sf. poltroonery, eowardice 
Polygame, smf. pofygamiet 
Polygamic, sX. polygamy 
Polygarcfaie, tf. po^fgarOty, when the 

authority is in thehande ttfmany 
Polyglotte, tf. polyglot, in several Ian- 

fhiages [tioa 

Polyiione, sm. mode battery or fbrttfica- 

— adj. polygon, having several atu^ 
Polype, tm. polypus, a sea animal 
Polytyilabe, tm. po 
Pblytyilabique, tid). 

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i^lTtcdinlqiie, mU. polyt«flft«le 
Pomnuide, tt pomatum 
PommmUr, va. <a tue pomatum 
Ponum, 9t apph 
•- de canne, de chou, ou de UXtat, a 

eane, cabbage, or tottuee Head 
'- de tern, potato 

— aauvage, crab 
Pomm^, tm. eider 
— , e, adj. headed 

Pom mean, sm. pommA?, kruA 
Pommel^, e» adj. dappled with email 

cloud9,eaidof^uekus chevalgilt— » 

a dapple-grt^ huree 
X Pommeler, vr. to eunUe, grow dapple 
Pommellet sf. jAate of lead tcitt holee 

fixed to the head ttfa pipe 
Pommer, vn. to grow to a round head 
Pommcraie, sf. orchard o/apple-treee 
Pommecte, if. b<tU, dieek bone 
Pooimier. tm. apple-tree, apple-roaeter 
Pompe, tf. pomp, tplendour, a pump 

— a feu, eteam-engine 

— pour les Uteendiet, fire-engine 
Poinpor, va. to pump, tuck up 
Pooipeusement, alv. etateljf, pomjMuaiy 
Potnpeux* euse, adj. pompous, majestic 
Pompier, tm. pamper, fireman 
Pompoiif un. trinket, ornamenM trifle 
Pomponner, va. to adorn with trifling 
Be — , vr. to deck onese(f {articles 
Ponant, tm. the west, Atlantic Ocean 
PoD^age, sm. act nf r%M>ing with pu^ 
Ponoe, sf. pounce [miceetone 
Ponceau, sm. red poppy, deep ecarlet 
Poncer, va. to rub with pumtcestone 
Poncbe, tm. pun^ a mixed liquor 
Poocire* am. large lemon 

Poacis, am. print pricked and rubbed 

over with eharcoal'dust [names 

Ponctwateur, sm. one who catia over 

PoQpcion, tf. puncture, act oftapRing, 

insurgerjff faire la — , to top 
Ponctualit^, %S. punctualitjf, exactneee 
Ponctoation, sf. punctuation 
Ponctuel. le, adj. punctual, exact 
Ponctuellemeac, adv. punctuallp 
PoDccaer, va. to point, make stops 
Ponda^, sm. Hratum ofeoal 
Ponderable, adj. that can be weighed 
Pond^ratioQ, tS. ponderation 
Ponderer, va. to weigh, balanee 
Poodeoae, cf. Uqrer of eggs 
Pondre, va. to ia/f em 
Pont, am. bridge, deck of a ^ip,fktp 

— de bateaax, bridge qf boats 

— et ctoaasa^, highroads 

— levia, drawbrie^ 

— saapendu, suspeni ^ 

Panttu» am. depth of a vessel 
Poatop am. punter, ttt cards 
— , af. act eif taping eggs 

Pont^, e,* adj. decked, said of a thip 
Ponter^ Vfa. to 6« the punter at cards 
PDntifei sm. pontiff', high-priest 
Pontifical, e, adj, poniifieal 
PoBtiAcalement, aiS v. i>ontifieallp 
PootiAeat, ua. pontifieate, popadom 


tmttm, am. pontoon, brU 
finrpboat, fighter, hulk 

bridge ^boats. 

Pbntonaffe» sm. pontage, bridg9-4»a 
Poatonier, am. pontageifatherer^ Hgki' 

Pope, am. Russuin priest 1st 

PoplitA, e. adj. poplttie, connected m 

the back part qfthe knee 
Populace, A populace, mob, roMte 
Populaire, adj. popular, fassiUar 
Popttlairement, wlv. popuJarlp 
Populariser, va. to render popular 
Popularity, sf. popularitp 
Po|Ml8tioD, sf. population 
Populeux, ease, adj. poput 
Pore, sm. hog, boar, pijg, l 
Porc-^pic, am. porcupine 
Pbrcmario, sm. seahog 
Porcelaine, sf. porcetatn, ^ina 
Ponchaison, tf. the season fit (br eaMfur 
Porche, sm. porch (the wild bos' 

Porcherie, n. pig-stif 
Pore, Bm.|N»na 
Poreux, eu«e, a4}. porous 
Potoakxi, sf. porositp 
Porphjrre, sm. porphjfrp, marbls 
Porfite, si kind tf worm 
Porrace, «, adj. leek'green 
POrrigo, tm. acuif, a disease of the aMi 
Port, sm. port, harbour, haven, wharf, 

carriage, gait, mien, postage, portiun 
Portable, adj. that ma^be carried 
Portage, am. portage, carriage 
Portail, tm. portal, j^ront gate 
Portant, sm. handle of a truck 
— , adj. hearing,' bien — , well, in good 

heaUhi mal — , iff, indisposed {Vun 

— I'autre, adv. on tm average 
Portatif, ive, adj. jiortoMe 
Porte, sf. door, gate, Turkish court 

— a deux battans, >bMtn/r-door« 

— de derri^re, back-door, stAtetfUgt 

— de devant, street-door 

— vicryl glass door 
Pbrte^arquebuse, sm. king's gunbearar 
Porte-assi^te, sm. table-stand 
Porte-ballr, sm. pedler 
Porte-balance, sm. scalfbearer 
Porte-barres, sm. pi. polerings 
Purte-choux, sm. small nag 
Porte-clef, Ktx,jaUor, ring for Ar^fsr 
Porte-collec, sm. cottar, etiffimer 
Porte-crayon, sm. pencilease 
Porte-croix, am. cross-bearer 
Forte-Dieu, sm. the priest who earriU 

the host to the sick 

Portedrapeau, sm. ensignl 
Porte^enseigne, un. tfnnign, come* 
Porte-ep^, sm. sword-bearer, belt 
Pbrte-^ndard, sm. standard-bearer 
Porte-faix, sm. street-porter 
Porte^feuillc, sm. portfolio, poeketbook 
Airta-lettre, sm. lettercase 
Porte-manteau, sm. portmanteau, row 

of pegs to hang clothes on 
Porte-mouciwttes, tm. sn^ff^reHand 
Porte-moutqueton, am. swivel 
Porte-respect, tm. anp weapon carried 

for dtfisnee, exterior mark of dignitp 

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FMrte-vnige, sm. verger , beadle 
Porte-voix, sm. speaking-trumpet 
Port^, sf. brood f litter t reach, capacity i 

tength, range i k-^ at handi k la 

->■ du' fusil, within guwthnt 
••^ pi. boughM which a deer bruiee* 
Pbrter, va. to carry, wear, induce, eon- 

veift bear, endure, enact, fiuour 

— le dernier coup, to give the Jiniehing 

— le deuil, to be in mourning Ibiow 

— malheur, to bring iU luek 

— Mil jugement, to give ontfa opinion 

— une saDce* to drink to one a health 
—, vn. to reet, lean, bear, reach 

»t —, VT. to do, be intkealth, behave one- 

e^, be indtned, repair to, declare 
Portereau, «m. dam 

Portear, euse, smf. porter, basketwoman 
Portier, iire, unf. houee-porter, door- 
keeper [a door 
Portiere, sf. coach-door, curtain bejure 
Portion, sf. portion, allowance, share 
Portique, sm. jtortico, piazsa 
Portor. sm. marble wUh yellow veins 
Poitnure, va. to portray, draw 
Portrait, sm. portrait, picture, descrip- 
tion, likeness, representation, image 
Portraiture, sf. portraiture, picture 
Portulan, sm. book on seaports 
Posage, sm. tict of laying or setting 
Pose, sf. act ^f laying a stone 
Pos^, e, adj. staid, grave, sober, sedate 
Posdmcnt, adv. softly, gently, mildly 
Poser, va. to set, lay, inutgine, admtt 
— , vn. to 6edr, rest, Iran, lie 
se -^, vr. to lay, rest, alight 
Poseur, sm. layer of stones 
Positif, sm. the positive degree 
—, ive, adj. positive, sure, absolute 
Position, s£ position, situation, maxim 
Positivemeiit, adv. positively, assuredly 
Pospolite, &f. armed Polish nubility 
Foss^d, sm. one potsessed by the devil 
Poas^er, va. to possess, enjjoy, have 
se — , vr. to control otte's temper 
Possesseur, sm. possessor, owner 
Possessif, ive, adj. possessive 
Possession, sti. possession, enjoyment 
Pbssessoire, siiu possession, in law 
Possibility, sf. possibility, likelihood 
Possible, sm. possible/ i« terai tout mon 

— , i will do ail that J can 
—, adj. possible, that may be done 
— • adv. perhaps, may be 
Postoommunion, st. postoommunion 
Postdate, sf. postdate 
Postdater, va. to date q/Vtfr 
PMtc, sm. poet, statuin, employnunti 
ornament Hffarchitei^utal sculpture 

— deschiruri(iens,«tti-^etm'«-mato'«6erfA 
— , sf. post, posthouse,' maU, postboy, 

hailshuti irrande — , general post/ 
petite—, sub-post f tain tout en — , 
to do every thing in a hurry; k—, 
adv. to en^s liking; k — leuante, to ! 
be left at tne postidfice till called for 
Poster, va. to post, ptuce, station, rttn 
m—,YT.totakeapost \ 

» FOB 

Post^ricur, sm. breech, hinder put 
Post^rieur, e, adj. po^erior, latter, after 
Post^rieurement, adv. c^er, since 
Posteriority, sf. posteriority 
Post^it^, sf. posterity, «tffspring 
Postbume, adj. posthumous, after ieatk 
Postiche, adj. sham, false, done after 
Postilion, sm. postilion, letter-carrier 
Postposer, va. to place aftar 
Postscript, sf. postscript 
Postulant, c, smf. 
Postulatton, a jmm 
Postuler, va. to be a candidate, to sue 

— en justice, to jUead, advocate 
Posture, sf. posture, way, attitude 
Pot, sm. pot, a vessel for boiling, jug 

— k feu, hand-grenade 

— k&»u%, flowerpot 

— aux roses, mystery, secret 

— de viu, a present, good will 
—> pourrl, hotchpotch, medl^ 
Pouble, adj. potable, that may hi dfmk 
Potage, sm. potage, porridge, soup 
Potager, sm. etovefor ewking, pothen, 
■Poiaase, Mt. potashes ikiiaien-gerd» 
Potafts6, e, adj. connected with potaA 
Pole, adj. sore, swollen, pMjfed, sbrufik 
Poteau, sm. post, stake, pillar 
Pot^, sf. po^l, putttt 

Potele. e, itdi. plump, fat, chuily 

Potelot, sm. black lead 

Potence, sf. gallows, gibbet, timber or 

iitMi in the form of a gibbet, crutA 
Pbteitc^, e, adj. potency, ir^fluence 
Poteotat, sivk. pUenttjUe, monarch 
Poteniiel, le, adj. potential, eauetk 
Poterie, s£ pottery, earthenware 
Poternc, sf. postern iate, badt dear 
Potier, lire, smf. potter 

— d'^Cain, sm. pewterer 
Pbtin, sm. brittle brass 
Potion, it, potion, draught 
Potfroa, sm. pumpkin, afindt 
Pou, sm. louse, vermin 

— aquatiquc, gadfly 

Pouacre, vxif. filthy or slovenly peresh 
—, sAi. filthy, slovenly 
Pouab r in lerj. fie upon it / 
Pouoe, sm. thumb, inch 
Pouding, sm. puddin/f 
Poudingue, sm*^^uddt;>^«toiM 
Poudre, sm. powder, dust, gt empasei m 

— de senteur, sweet powder 
Poudrer, va. to powder 

se — ^ vr. to powder on^s hair 
Poudrette, sf. dung reduced to j 

for manuring land 
Pottdreux, euse, adj. duety 
Poudrier, sm. sandbox, maker ^ gun 

powder, half hour watchglaes et eta 
Poudhire, sf. powdermill 
Pouf, sm. kind ofhead-drteefor ladit't 
—, adv. plump, bang, with a smdden fall 
Puufferderire,va. toburst intmlaughter 
Pouille, sf. railing name: chanter — s 

k quelqu'un, to rail at someboay 
Pouiue, sm. registry q/' livings with 

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Pbuiller* v«. te raii at one, eotf 
PooiUeux, euae, adj. imuift tt^fuied with 

PouiUier «w Pouiliis, tm. mtan tanem, 

low pubUc-hemte 
PouiaiJaer, sm. poulterer, hen^houm 
Pouiain, tm,fiUy,/balt coU 
Pottlaine, if. ftritw orfitrepart qfa ehip 
Foularde, if. puUet, veung hen 
Poule, if. hen; pool or etake at earde ,• 
tAte — » eotquean, man who buHee 
himself with women's affaitei £ure 
la — moaill^, to be fmnthf-artedt 
faire venir la chair de — » to make one's 

— d^eau, n»oor-/ten 

— d'lade, turkey^ien 

Poulet, tm. ehUat, ehideen, loeOetter 
. Poulctte, if. poung hen 
Poulevrin, un. gunpowder Jbr priming 
large gune or pieoee qf ordnance 

Pouiie, s£ puMv, bioek 

— k capon, eat'hiock 

— k eiac, hook-bioek 

— a foact, taU-bUxk 

— k dent, enatch'bloek 

— k moqu^ daadblock 

— k toamiqucc, ewivei-btoek 

— de balancine, lift-block 

— de oonduU ou dc reumr, leading block 

— de KuindereHe, top block 

— de paJan* taekte-block 

— de toumevire, viol block 
^nmfila,eingle block 
Poulierie, if. place where puUey* are 

made, ehip-taekle manufactory 
Poulicur, MS. ehip-taeklemaker 
Pouliner, va. tojbal, bring Jitrth ajbat 
Poulioi^re, if. Imtod-mare 
Poulioc, BOO. pennyroyal, a plant 
Poulot, o. Mat a much esteemed person, 

darling and belovedjriend 
—, c, adj. darling, favourite, beloved 
Poutpe, af. pulp, soft part offruss 
Pouli, hh. the puUe 
Pouown, im. lungs, lights 
Poupard, im. babe, baby 
PuupaA, im. kind of crab [a ahip 

Poupe; if. poop, stem, hindmost part of 
Poup^, at doU, puppk,JingerstaU 
Poupelin, no. sort cf pastry work 
Poupeton, MD. kind of stew or haOt 
Poupin, a, adj. beax^sh, spruce, trim 
Poupan,ne, mnf. pretty ehtld, plumpbaby 
Poor, pron. for, to, ^utead of, consider- 
ing, aafor, in order to 
'-Hkisk^dre,asitwere, iflmaysayso 
-~ eee efBet, thar^fin-e {port 

— ce qai eat de moi, as fbr me, for my 

— ie mmn»,4tt least 

— kirs, adv. then, at that time, tufter^ 

— pea que, oonj. if ever so little {ward 
^qae, tolheer.athat * 
Pourboire, im. gratuity, smaUgift 
Poarceau, x, am. hog, sow, trig 

— de inert porpoise 

Pourchaswr, va. to pursue, chaee, Jbi» 

low, prosecute, continue 
Pourfendeur, im. splitter, cutter, butfy 
Poarfendre, va. to split, cut in two 
Pourparler, im. parley, oral treaty, talk 
Pourpler, im. purslain, a*plant 
Pourpoinc, sm. doublet, waistcoat 

— de pierre de tailte, «fone dotUtlet, jeM 
Pourpointerie, if. art of making donMets 
Pburpoincier, im. doubletmaker 
Pourpre, sin. purple 

— <diitcaiper), im. purples, spotted fever 
— , if. puf^ dye, regal dignity 
Pourpr^, e, adj. of a purple colour 
Pourpris, am. pur prise, indosure, §lose, 

whole compass qf'a manor , 

, Pourquoi, adv. why, Jbr what reason/ 
c'ett — , thert(fbre, then; ditei'm'oi 
le —.tell me the cause of it 

— celaf why to f 

Pourri, un. rotten part of anythiw 
->, e, adj. rotten, unsound, putrid, cor- 
rupted, not firm, deeeitfitit pot — , 
medley, vase far hoiding^ower-leavee 
Pourrir, roT, putrefy f faire — la 

viaode dc cuire, to boil meat to rags 
Poarriture, if. rottenness, putrefacwn 
Pounuice, i^ pursuit, prosecution, en- 
. deavour to attain, chase, search 
Pourtuivant, un. pursuivant, messe»' 

ger of state, attendant on heralds 
—M, pL process, course of law 
Pounuivre, va. to pursue, proseeute,Jbl- 
low, chase, continue, proceed 

— une deinuisellc, to court apoung lady 

— it cor et it cri, to pursue dosety ling 
Pourtant, adv. however „not withstand- 
Pourtour, si». eircutnfitrence, compass, 

periphery or limit of a circle 
Pourvoir, vn. to provide, look to 
—, vsl. to supply, furnish, give, bestow 

— une boutiqu«, to store a shop 

— da enfants, to make provision for 
M — , vr. to make appUcatum [children 
Pourvoirie, sS. mercantile warMouse 
Pourvoyeur, am. purveyor 

Pourvu que, oodj. provided that 
Pousae. at <^oo< of a tree 
~~ dea dents, breeding or cutting teeth 
Pouss^, e, arlj. pushed, urged on, thrust 
Pousa^, it bulging or Jutting out 
Pousser, va. to pu^, shove, tnrust, per- 
suade, excite, provoke 

— dea aoupira, to fetch sighs 

— la voix, to raise up otitis voice 

— le d^, to throw the dice 
•— des oris, to scream out 

— dea crii de joie, to shout aloud Jbr ^y 

— la raillerii! trop loin, to carry the Jest 

— millecrii, to rend the air with Quicks 

— le tempi avec I'^paule, to gain time 

— ar.e.boite, to insult, give abuse 
•<~ quciqu un k bout, to provoke one 

--, vn. to shoot, bud, germinate. Jut out 
ae — ', vr. to rear oneself up 
Pouaaeur, euae, amf. pusher, shaver 
Pousaier, am. cosU or charcoal dust 

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tiin moidn fat —, to make 

an enemifitnit th» duti 
PouMlf, ive, adj. broker^uriitdod ,- i^cat 

an gtm ^,h0itmbiif tnwrigMlf rmm 
PooMin, cm. ^outig duek, dtiekUng 
PoujM^, Bin. dri»er 
Poatre. mL beam, girder 
Poutrdle, tLsiftaJibeam 
Pouvoir, am. power, inierett, credit 
— » vn. to be cMe 
FnirfaU. tds. ninth menth ef the French 

— , e, adj. growing in meadows 
Pmiric, sf. meadow, eaeannah 
Praline, sf. burnt or eriep almond 
Prime, sf. prame, a/iat-bottomed boat 
Pnticafalc.adi. practicable, feasibie,poe 

eibte ; les chemina nc aoat pas —t, the 

roade are impaeeable {jkh^eie 

Pratiden, sm. practitioner in law or 
P»Uque, sf. practice, cuetom, ekiUt cue- 

tomer, eottr-ie ^pleading 
— •, pJ. devisee, ctOfolat termede—jlaw 
>--, adj. practical, eki^ul (term 

Pratiquement, adv. practically 
Fhttiquer, vn. to practice, eserciee, keep 

company with, tamper with, plot, 

cororieet have a free tntereouree with 

the inhabitante of a country 
m --, vr. tobeinueeor practice 
Pre, sm. meadow, green field, pasture 
Pr^labie (k), tm. the previous things 

au —, adv. previouely, bcforOiand 
— , a<iy. previous, going before 
Preaoibule, sou preamble, preface 
Pr^u, sm. a green, yard, doee 
Pr6bcode, sf. pr^>end, cananry 
Pr^bcode, sm. act ofen joying a prebend- 
Pr^bendier* sm. prebendary [^euy 

Pr6cdire, adj. preeari^ue, uncertain 
Precaireinent, adv. precariously 
Pr^ution, sf. preenution, foresight 
Prtoiutionner, va. to warn, advise 
■e ■--, vr. to be eatttious, provide 
PrficAlemment, uAy.foimerly, before 
PrecAleat, t, adj. precedent, Jornter 
Prec6der, va. to precede, gofiret 
Preudnte, sf. wale, part of a vessel 
Preccnteur, sm. precentor | 

Prteepte, sm. precept, rule, majtim 
Pr«cepteur, sm. preceptor t tutor 
Preceptoral, e, adj. relating to a tutor 
Preceptorat. sm. tutorship, tutorage 
Pr6cepiarial, e, adj. belonging to a tutor 
I'r^ssion, st. precession, in astronon^ 
Prechanire, sm. See Prticenteur 
Preohanererie, sf. Office of precentor 
Prdehe, sm. protestant churjph, sermon 
P»6cher, va. to preach, instruct, estoi 
^ mUire, tooomplain that timesare bad 
;- tur le vendange, to preach over one^s 
Pncl^wt, sm. sorry preacher lUquor 
mciease, sf. conceited Jinical woman 
Prack'usement, adv. choicely, earefuUy 
Pi^cux, euse, adj. pi-odotM. cosUy 
E|"fgpj«. sm. precipiee, e^byest ruin 
Praapitamqwat, adv; frcdpitatel^ 



Prtopit^ nL nc^iitoto.m 
r »/! '^y P^mnpitatml, over^m^ 
PrtaiHter, va. to preeipitsde, rush, hur- 
ry, threw or hurt hemiUeng,walk/asf 
ae--, rr. to threw emeeeif, tmshdeum 
Pr^dpat, usLJeistturi^ law 
Precis, sm. s MiMscrr, MMonte 
— , c, adj. preeiae,JiMd, bmiMw, ooneiw 
Pr^eis^aieBt, adv. precisely, esaetly 
Pr&jser, va. toJiM, determine 
PiedaoD, tf, praeieion, eaaetnessi aree 

--, ajdv. preeiaeiy, eeaetly 
Pr^t^, e, adj. quoted brfore 
Pr^oooe, adj. preeocioue, forward, hatts 
~«. «f. pU the earlieet Oierries 
Prtesdt^, sf. precocity 
Pr6»mpter, va. to deduct, dimxmt 
Preoonlnuion, sf. precognition 
Pr^coniaer, va. to pneeoyt^iw, extsl 
Pr«cuneujr, am. preeureor,forermoier 
Pr6d6ceaseur, sm. predeceemr 
Pr^estinacion, sf. predestination 
■ Pr^estin^, e, amf. one who isdeeted 
I — , e, adj. predaetined, elected, ekotsn 
I Predestincr, va. to predeetinmte, ^let 
! Pr^^termination, sf. predeterminaiiak 
' Pr^termiaer, va. to predetemins 
Predicable, hdj. predieaNe 
Predicament, am. predicament, order 
Pr«riicani. sm. preacher 
Pr&licateur« sm. preacher, apostle 
Pi^riication* sf. a^ of preaching 
Pr^iction, sf. predtctkm, prophecy 
Predilection, tt. prediiectum, jMr^ftrenee 
Pr^dire, va. toforeteU, prophesy 
Predominant, e, adj. predominant 
Predominer, va. to predominate, pmsk 
Preeminenoe, af. pre-eminence 
Preeminent, e, adj. pre-eminent 
Preetablir, va. to pre-eetabHeh 
Preexisunt, e, adj. pre-exieteat 
Precxistence, »f pre-earistenee 
Preexister, preexist 
Preface, sf. preface, preamble 
Prefecture, sf. prefecture, office or reri- 

denes of a govermr, juriedietion 
Preferable, adj. preferable, better 
Preferablemeni, adv. prcforably, ratiier 
Preference, sf. preference, seleetness 
Preterer, va. to prefer, choose, e^eem 
Prefet, «m. prefotU, governor of a de- 
partment, inspector of studies in re- 
ligious and literary institutions 
Prefinir, va. to set down, appoint 
Preax, e, adj. pressed, settled, in km 
Preiixion, sf. settled time, in law 
Pi-ehension, iU act of seising 
Preiadice, sm. prejudice, detriment 
PfOttdteiable; adj. prejudicial, hwtful 
Prejudicle), le, atij. prtaudicial ' 
Pre(udieler» vn. to prejudice, damage 
'^uge, am. prcftkUee, precedent 
ei\xger, va. to prejudge, coi^eeture 
eiart* am. tarpauHn, tarred eenvet 

l4^lart* am. tarpauHn, tarrea canvass 
m Pr^laiaer, vr. to strut* walk with of 
feeted dignity, to suMll 

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ftUt, am. prtiate, high ecdetiaaiiet 

Aigmliie-', prelacy 
Pr^Utioo» sf. prelatwn, preference 
I'r^lUuR, sf. pretature, preiaieehivt ef- 

fiet or $tat9 emd digni^ tufa prwUe 
Pr^iivement, im. act oj Iffvyinfc 
Ptikver, vs. t» take bt^forehand, levy 

prematvreiyt take by antteipation 
Prdlimioain, sm. preparatory act 

— adj. prtiiminaryt introductory 
?ii\\ttt va. to read a prmtei'e procf, 

mark eorreetUme on a pmof 

— une oo|iie, to repiee copy 

Pr^lurie, im. preliuUf eomethinff intro- 
ductory, mueieai .^ourieh played ae 
an intreductiMi to a piece or concert 

Pr^luder, vn. tO'prdude, play bt^firre a 

ritfcuUa^ piece, orefitce, introduce 
Pr^ofMture, c» adj. vretnatttre» too early 
Prcimatur^incDC, adv. prematurely 
Prematurity, st prematurity 
Pr^midiution. tf. premeditation 
PtiaiMiter, va. to premeditate, think 

or contrive b^fbrmand 
Pr^mioes, if. pi. premieee,firet'firuite 
Premier, tm. Jlretjhor Imer ' 

-, i^re, adj. Jiret, chi^, principal, far- 1 
Pttmier, sm. premier, firiA minister of 
state f an — ^ta«e, first floor/ en — | 
lieu, at first, in the first place \ 

— ni, firstborn, firstlinff 

— d'an eoavent, prior <^a convent 
Premiteement, adr. in the first place 
Pr^misaeit ■& pi* premises, hffieal term • 
Pr^rootkm, sf. predetermination . 
Premunir, va. te>t>r<</^, strengthen \ 
K — , vr. fo fortify oneself, make provU 
_non bsfitrOusnd, guard against 
Prenable, adj. that may be taken 
Prenant, t, adj. taking, engaging 
Prendre, va. to take, catch, seize, lay 

hold of, receive, accept, captivate, em- 
ploy, admit, etaet, swallow, choose 

— a int^rAi, to borrow on interest 

— a la gorge, to seite by the throat 

— it partie, to prosecute a party 

— k t^moiii, to call to witness 

— biea son temps, to hit the time 

— chair, to grow/dt 

— oaogt, to take leave 

— (I'oMaat, to take l^ storm 

— duDiacdeux nottturei, to take double 

— du tabac, to take smuff {tees 

— del airs, to t»ssume atrs 

— en amlti^, to conceive Mendahip fi)r \ 

— eo main le droit ou lei tnt^r£ude queir 
qu'an, to eepemse a man's cause or , 

— exemple sur une peraonne, to square 
one's conduct by that of another 

-~ fait ec cause pour quelqu'un, to under- 
take ontfs defsnce 
- ie\;. to kindSs, catOkfire, turn angry 

Prendre la virie du mesiager, to go with 
the carrier [carriage 

— I'air en voitave, to take an airing in a 

— le bonnet, to commence doctor 

— le deull, to go into mourning 

— le large, to sail into the main s^a 

— le li^vre au collet, to hit the difficulty 

— le mors aux dents, to make a good re- 
solution and adhere to it faithfully 

— le Vhi, to drink tea 

— le vent, to sail near the wind 

— let avis, to collect the votes 

— les devans, to get $he start 

— m&lednc, to take physic 

— naissance, to be b<M^ 

— bmbrage, to tolre umbrage 

— pard, to enlist oneself 
-> qudqu'un au pied lev^, to oblige aria 

to do a thing instantly 

— quelqu'un sans vert, to catch one un- 
provided, take one unatoares 

— son mal eo patience, to 6ear mi«/br* 
tunes patientlf/ 

— son pairti, to make up one^s mind 

— sur le fait, to catch in the very act 

— sur son neceasaire, to curtail onesel 
of needful things 

— sur son aonninefT, to abridge on^s sleep 

— un dolgt de vin, to drink half o gl^** 
of wine 

— un bomme poor une autre, to mistake 
one man for another 

— un mc, to fail in imtfs aim 

— goOt k, to begin to like 
—, vn. to freeze, coagulate, seize on 
se — , vr. to 60 taken, thicken, congeal, 

come upon, catch at 
ae — d'amiti^ pour quelqu'un, to take 
a liking /br one 
- de vin, to get fiddled, get drunk 

-garde, to toAreAeed 

- la bonne vole, tofoUew good courses 

- la fnlie, to run away [poeeUtUiHes 

- ia lune «vac les dents, to aim at <m- 
-^fnU, to begin to speak 

Preneur, cuse, smf. 

Pr^noin, sm. yrenomen. Christian name 
Pr^notion, sf. prenotion, fiireknowledge 
Preoccupation, sf. preoccupation, pre- 

possession, pr^udic^ 
Pr^occuper, va. to seize befbre another 
Pr^pinant, sm.^sf vt>ter, mover Ition 
Pr^piner, vn. to vote first, make a mo- 
Pr^paratif, sm. tfutt which prepares 
— , ive, adj. preparative, serving to pre- 
Preparation, if. preparation [pare 

Pr^paratoire, adj. preparatory 
Preparer, va. to prrpare, make ready 
M — , vr. to get oneself ready 
Preponderance, sfl prepottderancy 
Preponderant, e, adj. outweighing 
Propose, sm. overseer 
Proposer, va. to appoint an overseer 
Preposition, sf. preposition, an unvnrt- 

able part of speech in grammar 
Prerogative, sf. prerogative, jirivilege 
Trht, pron. & adv. neetr, hard by, al- 
most i k cela — , that escepted, except 
that, fbr all that/ de — , near at 
hand, doeet bien — , very near 
Presage, sm. presage, sign, omen, au»- 

piee ; de mauvais — , ominous 
Preaager, va. to preaage, augur 






Fresby t^ral , e, adj. prituUif [distance 
Ptctbyt^re, •m. partonage. martM 
Presbyt^rianisnne, Presbyteranitme* am. 

Pretbyterien, ne, sm. e/adj. pmbyterian 
Pretbvtiet sf. longgi/fhtedneu 
Preaclence, it,pre9eience,Jbreknowlaig9 
Preacripiible, adj. preteriptiblet in law 
PrescripcioD* sf. pretcription 
Preacriret va. to prtterihe, order 
—t vn* to get by preeeriptitmt in law 
le — , vr. to loee by prescription 
Pr^&nce, sf. precedence, rank 
Prince, sf. presence, existence 

— d'esprit, presence qf mind, ready wit 
Pr^nt, sm. present, gift, Christmas- 
bos, present time, present tense 

—, e, adj. present / £tre — , to stand by 

— lk)t adv. now, at present 
Presentable, adj. presentable 
Fr^ntatcur, trice, smf. one who has 

the gift of a benefice or lioing 
Pr^ntatioD, »,i, presentatUm 
Pr^Dtement, aav. presenthf, now 
Pr^enter, va. to present, qffer, give 
se ^, vr. to appear, call on one 
Prdservateur, sm. preserver 
Pr^servatir, ive, saif. preventive 
—, ivc, adj. preservative, conservative 
Preserver, va. to preserve, fhrbid, avert 
Pr^idence, sf. presidency 
Prdsidenti sm. president, j^airman 
Pr^sidente, sf. presidents lady 
Pr^sider, va. to preside, overrUls 

— k une compainiie o« une soci^^, to be 
chairman cfa company or society 

Pnisidial, am. an inferior cottt^ 
Pr^dialemcnt, adv. without appeal 
Pr^mpcif, ive, adj. presumptive 
Pr^mption, sf. presumption, vanity 
Pr^somptueusement, adv. haughtily 
Prdsomptaeux, eu<e, smf. amceited per- 
son { jeune — , afitp or co^mb 
— , adj. presumptuous, vain, arrogant 
Presque, adv. almost, very near, nearly 
Presqu'iie, tf. peninsula 
Pressamtnent, adv. pressingly, earnestly 
Pmessant, e, adj. pressing, urgent 
Presse, sf. press, multitudu, hurry; faire 

la — , to increase the eroufd 
Press^. e> adj: in haste, ih a hurry; 6tre 
— par le besoln, to be poor or in want 
ofeverVthing; aller au plus — , to do 
what ts ntost needful 
Presseneimcnt, sm. presentiment 
Presscnttr, va. to foresee, foreknow 

— quelqu'un, to sound one 

Presser, va. to press,Jbllow, urge, hasten 

— r^criture, to write close 

—, vn. to be urgent, to rnptire heute 
ae — , vr. to be in haste, lie dose 
Presaier* sin. pressman 
Pressloa, tf. pressure, gripe 
Pressoir. sm. press, winepress 
Pressurai^t sm. wine expressed, press-fse 
Prescurer. va. to press, squeeus, wring 
PreMureur* aoa. pressman 

Prastanoe, sf. ntAle carriage, i 

Prestant, sm. chief stop of an 

Prestet a^j. quidc, nimble 

—, laterj. ^uiek I 

Prestement, adv. bluntly, hastily 

Prestesse, s£. nimbleness, agility 

Prestige, sm. prestige, illusion. 

Presto, adv. ^ickly 

Prestolct, sm. priest withoUt a lisbsg 

Pr^umable, adj. presunuMe . 

Pr^tumer, va. to presume, think 

Pr^supposer, va. to presuppose 

Pi-^uppositlon, sf. presuppositiom 

Pi^ure, sf. runnet or rennet 

Pr6c, sm, loan, money lent 

—, e, adj. reat^, at hand, fitted, wiBbif 

Pretentaine, Precentine (courir ia), it 

act cfranAHng or gadding atom 
Pr^tendant, e, smf. pretender, suitsr 
Pr^tcndre, va. to pretend, claim, med» 

tain, design, intend, mean 

— k une place, to stand fitr a a ' 
Pr^Cendu, c, smf. lover, swe ' 
—, e, adj. pretended, sham 
Prdte-nom, sm. one who lends e^ 
Pretention , sf. pretension [Ms n 
Prater, va. to lend, assist, tfffSrd 

— le collet it, not tofsar 

— I'oreiile, to fixten 

— aerment, to taJte en oath 

— sur gage, to give monry on eeeuritt 
—, vn. to stretdi as leather, extend 

ite — , vr. to to aeeessory, eommly, fit- 
Pr^tmt, sm. preterite [vour, humsmr 
Pr^t^rition, %U pretention, in rhetoric 
Prdteur, eiise, sm£ lender, creditor 
Pr^teur, sm. prestor, a Boman judge 
Pi^texte, sm. pretext, excuse, dieguiss 
Pr^texter, va. to pretend, doak, allegs 
i*retintaille, sf. pi. trimming9,Jbiery 
Pr^coire, sm. hall of judgment 
Pr^rien* ne, adj. prestorian 
PtAiraille, sf. churchmen €f daubtfii 
Pr6ire, sm. priest, minieter irepets 
Pr^tresse, st. priestess 
Prdtrise, sf. priesthtntd 
Pr^ture, sf. fffiee or dignity efpemtee 
Preui-e, sf. proof, mark, testimony 
Preux. adj. brave, eourageoue 
Pr^valoir, vn. to prevail, excel, want 
Pr^varicateur, tm. pixvarieator 
Prevarication, sf. prevaricatiMk 
Pr^variquer, vn. to prevariettte 
Provenance, sL readiness to oblige 
PrOvenant, e, adj. anxious to oenge 
Piinnir, va. to prevent, hinder 
Prevention, sf. preveraien, p